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SUPPOSING Dt, Jolwson had Uwd during the bit three 
uontha^ 1 wonder if be woold lutvc ch&ngoJ hia opinioa 
o m i Lc tptng the effect of atmospliciic influcncci on xhc 
miiKl U^wll IcIU Lft ihAt Mr. C^tve't timoiu eoatributor 
tBOeAvith comcni|]t the opiniorL thM our menu) lacuttica depend 
ilMGicdcgrce upOD l]ic wcaiImi, " He tlul ilioll raolutely excite 
bbcukia,'' aid the doctoc, ''or exert bU virtue*, trill &oon nuke 
Vndf uperior to tbe veuoof, and rruiy tei ai delbnce tbc mnming 
^ add tbe cvcittR^ damp, llie bluti; or the eati iitd the cloudi 
if Ibe tooth:" BosvcU m-u a »hrcwcl, tbou^hitfd. Ofid clever man. 
He nude a lerj ae&uL)^ re^ty to the doctor- He ini^^ht luve 
macrrd faana oV«t dinner ai (he Mitre, but Kc lAniird iinlil hU guide, 
fUtocophcr, aiw) ^cnd w^ Ij^j? ondLTthc ];irge blue flagstone m 
InMitmiter Abbey. Then he wrote, •■ Jolinion niiyht as well have 
Ui dc&Ance 10 the a^ne. ike pftlAy. and other hodily di^ordtm; 
ttdiboaMini; of die intnd hU}K dcvatioii/' Botwcil vii ri^!it 
TW Arpmaing tntliimce or die HA«on through which we Jire now 
pMo^ mxj be seen in our titerauure. jourtialUtie md othcnrUc. A 
pUoiopher mi^t find in the nun on historical text, pregnant wvth 
<vioui ipecuUticn. In my memory there hau been no aach seuon 
c( Doisiare ui thi». Tbe Litt few mimth^ mi^hi h;ivc almtiti done 
^ fiv a niity «eaaiD In Certnl AnrHcx Wtth Jotmsonrt note of 
^dkince in isy memory 1 have fought the min and mist, day after day, 
Inib the reekinc twins with mind and bojy, but not victoriousJy- 
£*ca the Uu^uig gejuus of Joy could not hive held lua D»n for 
4veek(mder die dim drifting rlmidK thni hivt- cnvelnjwd Uf. I 
b*T teen giaoti cf inicltea and phyiioJ AlreDglli suceumb to the 
Qrhncboly inSucncei of the time, mclling under them oi completely 
4 JolinsODls U^ phitcMsphy in thU ca4C disappear before lh« 
fnciiad commoD wxttx vt Bomttrl]. _ 

'^^ 1^^ 

L«t it not he tnrcired UiAt Ibc latt ttro or thr?e numbers of my 
acw voliimt; call for cvcusc on account of ihc wcaUitr. The arrange 
menu of It mnitlhly nuiga^mc Arc tioi siilgca iv the? i^u^criicitshof th<* 
hour. l''i>r my hlteT tiuint>er>4, a* well us ior ihcir {-T&hcenon. 1 
claim fL [josution of liccnary wor.U iikI currcni v2l;]c> T;Lk]rgmy 
inspiration direct from the eorlinl il*ijs of Svlvas^t* Um&an, 1 have 
cndurciiTcO, while niodcrrii^mc: tlic Ci^thman's Afax^uif^^. to qijui]- 
tflin for It ih^l iitcciiii jiLicc ^vhich li hAx ^Uways IicIlI :imcng Us 
<;ontem|v>r7)tin. Just jit I fi-cl fitire Cave ^voiild h^vc done ht 
connocuon witli :tucb a wi^tk ojt "'I'hc Impeachment of the House of 
Brunswick/ I hitvc hmi Mr. Uridhu^h's y>cwj duly considered and 
cipoftcd, iVhcilicr Dr. Jofin*iO(L ^tould IijhVc coii»cntc4 to tny pre 
decruor gnuiting to the: RepublLOLn thr. privilege of replying I ani 
liot pre|iared to siy; Imt in ihcae day* wp do not care to Igri' 
tlJHCUKtnn upon any ;jviblic<iuetttr^)i; and for my own part 1 ho 
my rc^p^:C for "the lishi of rep^y " i%, of iHc s^, just, and true t^ 
that Spirit of io<iuiry vrhxh canmit be hurtful to ;l gooil cjukc. I 
my nex: volume, ihrrcforr, wfll he furind Mr, Ch^rlr*! llradTftngh'i 
'AOsver lo Eny conttibiUor« Kiricturei in tills. Meanwhile let 
'Commerd to the CKciEed frcquertEcm of the Hull of Science, 01 
btrcct. the remark of Dr. Johnson to Sir Adam Ferguson l— " W 
fill ihh thildiih JL'jlou.iy of die power uf the: Cruwn ? The CrnMni 
Iia4 taot ^lower enoujjh, Wh^i I sr;y thai all tlovtmment* are aJike^ 
1 conaidor that in no Government can power be abused long — 
nmukind will not bear it If a Sovereign oppresses his people lo a 
^^cil dci^icc, ibcy will rise :tnJ tui rjff hU liirad. Hail uul the people 
of Franr 'thought thcmtclvcshnnotircd in sharing the btiTlbnt anion* 
o* Louu XIV., they would no: Ivaw endured hLm ; ajid ^^■e may say 
the Ktme of the Kin^ of Prussia's pcopljr-" 

Whatever doubt I may entertain concerning Dr. J ohnion'.'^ toleration 
isf Mr, iJiadhug^i, I have nunc ab;;ut bi^ ;,ppECiJaI]on of "A H;inij> 
shiie GhoBi Stor>','' whicb it has been ray |jrivilege to publish from 
the onp^inal letters and documents referred to in the Life of the Kcr. 
Richard Uarham» Not 0Qly^va3 Johnson upcrsiitious, but t-«v« 
believed in ghost*. Wbuithadow- ihciie men arc lo mc Mttlnghett 
in die lirdighi and trying to keep up lliis gtxxl old uu^toni of 



Itf karw Di»(r fiKD'A ivhu ir?i« cut boncti iiuii, nnd a acnvbk m^ 
vIh>I6U hnn bclu^i ■ ^ ■'■'- — cTcl Mr. Kdih'^ Ca>c, rtic pnntei 

at 3t JoSin'4 Gate ii- . It. Cdvi^ ijjd a^t likr t^ f^lk of It. ani 
ftcvianl to be in jgpcXt Jwrroc vhctt«rer it <ru-tnenliOfted-" 

Jn ]ife»coc« of thai vul sjrajr of ^-olumti titiich dam tnct lo 
IJJi, I. tcKi, somctunca believe in f^lioiid. 'JTwy connc and no, the 
<lwIovy 5'cflrt ; ibcy counc aiwl ^ in lf*e faclighl, wiih vhiipcra oT^ 
greai mm«<, and low idmbiuss of tlirtfiil rfct-dv On itwi twj' paj 
«f hiAton- whicti r«cordt iho bwih oT th<r Cf^tie.'Muft Afa^^uAe 
\\ "The ]*rio« koyo! <rf Pru^^ idll kepi in phccD ; lieuttnanl 

bltic, one cf his fa\^unCc^ beheaded before his &ce, lite Frinci 
beitif obtrfed to numl al the [V^^^o^ windoir ood vce the cxeculii 
A ^ung U;ty of (iHeen wliuni t!ie FfUiee »ecii»cil to be (o^^\^ oC i^.t 
fh:ppr-J ihrotijh thrto"vn, for noothrrc^rimr than bcrjtisr I hr- Prince 1 

led ber." 1 :ilciQ£ up the long chain, year aUer year, to forge ix^\ 
liAk^ in like nabrolien line — fttrftchiot; bock to that cxecuivca and 
lltr i^j% di Derkcley, Hcime. FieldJi^;, Richardicn, and u^ the dcatTi| 
r' V -' - 1 find in it a tlran^e vibration of living btitcL); i cviving 
t .1 aie hip^jiily loftened and toned down by the ^<H>rhirt2 

nriiluenc«f of 'I'liDc Luteniitg for the tf%t floundx of ihc Cbri&tii 

" JUiT«i (a«h *d«r iii the mti</' 

I seem lo JCKA liands vith the men ««ho built up ihc vooderru 
hhiory i!ut xs r&thnoed in the Euniliar volumes <\i my ilki^uic 
\ >T*. I (it *nd mus? over the slutlowiL, hmJ ii i'OCtjis to 

i ^^ii toin^ideocefthc only circum«uncc,by the waT,in ecramt 

with invwlf and »o leamcda many that Dr. Johnson ean^e oi>to Londt 
frwn the Iklldbjul counliei to ifopiove thiti |icnodi<^l It was siy If 
ilvoot vnc tnuxJred aod tlijtty yeji^ jA(Ta«irdKio nul^eajoumcyfroi 
'ihf ixoe diiitntt for a tonibr |)-jfptMr, But I irii^i lEed :ind cuinrtl cji 
cJuni;c& *>bkh only a young vtitn wo<tld luve dared to undertolceL 
bAdrottk-ilalcdMr. UerrowjheoklestiirDvincul jo«rna1ul,uid 

Tir; why ^honld I not be e<|iu1lv tueersa^il w>ih SvLvast" 

I Under my ^v-i.^ the £ilJief i>f all maguiacs wa^ |(OtA 

tvo^gh so bsj Aaift ha bucUcd thocs and mfflcR, and aday^ li\m»\fi 



in dress and manners, to these modern days. I'he time had anived 
whcQ it was absolutely necessary that he should bow to the practical 
spirit of bis fouDder, and acknowledge the existence of steam engines, 
telegraphs, and penny newspapers. Representative in the past, be 
became representative in the present, and thousands of bis fiiends — 
new and old^have endorsed the wisdom of the change. However 
much of the G^ithman's continued prosperity is derived from a senti- 
mental regard for old associations^ it would be affectation to deny that 
] feel proud as well as grateful in acknowledging the distinguished 
consideration which has been extended to the work since I had the 
honour of introducing lo the world the present *' entirely new series " 

of the world^s oldest magazine- 
Jos eph Hatton. 


iljitn as It Is. By EDWAItT> FlRVRV VlJtKTKT.LV .,..^58 

Ballad oC ZcphadcF* The 81 

Biithdap, Our. By Mrs. G. Ljnn.kus Banks . . , . . . 31 

Bretcb-Loadcr and its Origiu, The Spoiting. By C.vuvvallai>kr Waddy. 429 

Bridil Eve. By Peijlli-Bocrre Marston . ■ .... 14& 

Clujles Lsver. By RicnAKr> Gowi^ti - - 77 

Coal Cellar, Our Nalional. By Phillips BtLV.vrf , F.ti-S. - . - >68 

Corral, The 149 

Deccnmlimiion, The Duty of. By M. BETHAM-ErnvARDS ' '79 

Escape, My . , , - - 694 

Fmcy, A, ByMrs. M. A. BAiNtL<i JiS 

Fuhiog and FUhen- By Piafes!»or Li<:tbOi>v - . ... 45 

Fishing on Danmoor, Trout. By "SiKiis" ...,., 150 

GujlcT, The Carder of the 645 

Ghost Sior\, A Hampshire ........ S47i *^ 

GUsp>"- AnLienl, By E. Walfokd, Jt.A S'S 

Heligol.ttid. A \'i5it to. By Mr*. Fdrrestkr, Author of " Fair Women,'* 

"MyHero/'Sfc 196 

Irish Songs, Two. By Alfred PercevalGkwk-* . , _ . . 265 
Itlaof Lhti Amuons. By JoAQm\ Millkr: — 

Pan 1 14" 

ir. 361 

III 489 

IV Cr? 

Islfof Wigbi. A PeUeitTian Tour in Ihc. By Lieut.- Colonel Copisger . 65 

Libftty anJ I jbd- By John Baker HoPKLns 185 

life in I^ondon. By JOSEPH Hatton :— 

I On the Threshold of the Hoiton Mybtet}' . . . . S^^ 

JI.^Lttemj 9^d Artistic Society (iSi 

X Contents. 

Love or Money, A Novelette m Four ParU. Bj Stephen J, Mackenna, 
Anlhor of " Off Piuadc ":— 

Part I A Garden Parly at Ryde 505 

IL — Pity a Poor Prisoner - sn 

III,— Captaia I&lebart's Mancenvres . , . . . 631^ 

IV.— AJmosl Lost *i35 

Midsmnraet Stoiy, A. ByEmvARp CapeIn -,.... 41S 

Nicuagua N. WaLkcTp His Adventures and Opinions . - . 301, 4;' 

Novel Writing, the Art of 384 

Old Loves and Old Letter?- A Remarkable Family Histoiy. By a La]>v 

or QuAJ-lTv ......... 212,285, 394 

FvaQel and A Contnkst, A- By the Rev. J. M. Capes, M.A- . , . ^\ 

Pheaiant Shooting, BySiRius" Sj5 

Post Office, A Tale of the. By the Rev, F. Arnold iTjz 

PUycrt of ouj Day: — 

XVI,— Mr. Complon Sr 

XVII Mrs, Scolt'Siddons 5*> 

XVIIL— Mr. Boucicault 62 

Costtejits. XI 

SiranjfT Ihm Fiction, By the Aulhot of " The Tilbrns of Barton," 
"The VaUey of Poppies." ic.:— 

Cbap. DL — Jacob (^ts Qp varly and makes ihe ac[|UdiDtancc of Spcnzonian 

Whiffler 85 

X^— Mr, Gregory Spawling as an EUucaloi 91 

Xf.— Iq which Jacob makes a Itli^bfLi] Discovery - - . , 97 
XII,— In which Sundry Stray Threads of the Slorj' are galhcred up, 

aod some Comin;; £vi:als Cast LhcirShaJows Before. . J05 

Xlil ABoy's Wooing Til 

XIV.— Of Lucy's History 126 

XV A Man's Troubles 130 

XVI,— Tiie Last of Jacob's Happy D^ys at Carlown ; upon which 
Notable Occasion he receives Bad Xcws and Good Advice, 
• and Kipenencra the Sweet Sorrow of Pjiting . . . Ij6 
XVII.— " Whither goest thou, Misfortune !- To where there is more" 144. 
XVIII,— In the Hands of the Philistines ..... 319 

XIX. — In which Jacob makes the Ac-^uainlance of Mn Windgate 

Williams ......... jiG 

XX.— Describes the Siege of the ^:.i> VnxiXxw'^ t)ifice ; and 
ji^-nales all the Iliimotuu> r-iid MLbnclic^ly Incidents 

thereof 329 

XXI. — Homeless, Hopeie^^^ Pcnui'C-'^ ...... 340 

XXtl.— Hoiv a Famous Banquet was bnm^lji \\\ ,1 SuJeIcm and 

Startling End .....,.., 345 

XXni."In wliich Susan tells her Teirible Stoiy 448 

XXLV. — Footprints b the Snow 45J 

XXV, — A Strange AdrenlurL- ....... 459 

XXVI, — Reiurns to the lliiiory \..\ \m\\., (.iLiii.;i.;; UjlL Io ilie 
Days of her Father; ai:d DcscHUis the Content!! of an 
Important Packet which credited a Profuiind .SL^nsaliun 

ill Park Lane 4G4 

XXVII.*-^hnws how l!]e Ciitn^e jli J-uc_^'-. I'^oriuficf adci^ied the 

couiseofTnie Love .,,,.., 470 

XXVi:;.-Tlicl!<neofaLnii,!.-jy S,-,ixn,i . - . .475 

XXIX-— Will Tunslcr Vi-ii* v!ic nrLL.i NJfln-i olS . . . \^\ 

XXX. — Djrothy and Miss ThLiinlirn ciiin;i.Mi- X< k"5 . . . ^-J 

xii CoHttnts. 

Chap. XXXT.— DcKribes a Famous Fau-f its Pleaaores, Peculiarities, and 
Pastimtt; but i^ more particnlariy noteworthy on accoaiil 

of the Uneipected Meeting of Two TraveUers . . 571 

XXXII.— lie Grove . ^ 583 

XXXIIL— Jacob's A$pfjations and "Willianis's Advenlures . . 590 

XXXIV— "WcighedinthcBBlancc"' 597 

XXXV.—*' Found Wanting" G04 

XXXVl, — In which a New Era Dawns upon the House of Titsy . . 607 

XXXVIL-In which Rclribulion Oi-ertakes the Wicked ... 708 

XXXVIII.— Mrs. Smick gives Jacob a Pnwf of het Friendly Regard . 711 

XXXIX,— "Under an Obligation to a Qaack'* , . . 71S 

XL. — Jacob stands on tlie Threshold qI his Future . . . 724 

XLI.^Retums once more I0 the Grove, where Jacob narrates his 

London Adventures to Mt. Windgale Williams 73Z 

Tabic Talk. By Sylvan rs Urbane Gentleman 113, 236, 355, 485, 612. 7^8 

Theatricals in Ireland. By T. F. O'DoNXELL G54 

** Tnrf," Origin of the, in England, By Cadwalladkr Waddv , , 566 

Yatmoutb, Great 279 


Gentleman^s Magazine 

July, 1872. 





IKE the fm» of Afddai, thai dinner Jtt the I^oikIoii 
Tivcra w« i>rolfac[eO to aix t^ummcloitaUr IcriKih^ 

^trvetl an Koinref ami wiifaoui *' gnnii^h " biU Uic 

Wan 100 1h«n ■*!¥ thit would Kav« dun roahg Amoian ; 

4Qil oAiL rmnundca sctclom part undtr «ucih coadiliors uiiluiul the 
couunaptioa of much ioImc^o in the umalL hour^ Nevcrthdos, Si. 
jM«])ht roM n«xi morning frr«h and hopcfnl lu; a Iwy. He ortlerM 
fail hone for an early tenter in i)ic ]urk, nml sbnred ihe Rob- wiih 
Arm yoiiiic l^es of tender ycnn but dauntlcn coaragc, who 
OuuBcd tbor pomci along ut a fiftce that cauAcd nianea OAd bub 
ttlfobSen haAr to float boriionLtl on ihc b^eeKl^, defiant even of the 
aDtMBd tn^fVCfOTt vhote hrart, though [jrofrtvjiirully ininilrriinl of 
"Cidoctt tBdifti,**ollcacd lo a pi^my with snub ncae and ro&y checks, 
tti t bnf quddfu|>ed as round, na lat, and a4 uury-lijokinj^ :ts itscit 

Sl Jocephi felt in chahrj with alt mnnfcincl, 9T;d n^tnnted to 
bnlcGui » Ught oT hcAd ihnt he niight iti have known, tinder tlie 
ttuniblc law of compefiJOtiOQi some great mbfortuoc was m store. 

Kc had little appetite i happioefift, tiko lorrow, when exce^v've, 
QTrcr safttt lo edi; hut he dsttscd himself ;tgitn with the u\moul 
tw, IX, /•r.S. a/j^ s 


ff *■; //- '/l C."; TAi CmiUtnans Mn^ti^it^' 

Ctrc. and after cxhau^inj; every cxpcdicni to white away ihc dra^n^l 
hours surtc<l at hj-lf-patt dc^-cn for the abode of hii; ladyoJovc- 

Do fthat he woald. it was icnrccly twelve u-hcn he arrived at her 
door, where hit» »uiiim&iiA remained ao )ua^ tinuii»wercd llut he hsdi 
leisure to spccitbtc on the fK^esibihEy of Mis4 DcujElne bt^inK IndJi 
pcHed and cot ycC awake. So he rang n<il time slcalchily, and, 
\\ were, under prl>te^t. hut [n \Si\j\. 

The Gcncwl then aiii>licd liliiudf to the area-bell. '* They'll (xrai 
dircGll/ now," he argued; "Uicy']) LhJnk it's the h«9rl" And fiurd' 
Chough the suect-door wm cjuktlj uti&sieneJ, wiih more luming of 
keys, clicking ufdiirmv and vubi3i:iwd of IkiIts th;m U usual dtmng 
the middle of the iicason. in the middle of the diiy. 

A very gruny *^ltl woman nict hurt on itie ihuehold, and pttring 
Suapii:iovi*<ly out r>r her keen, deep-^et eyes, demanded hi& hui^ine«9 
in a hoaric vciit^Ct wiggewLivr nf ^ii. 

'■MJ3i Douglas baint hcre>" w.u the »LirtIing answer to hisj 
inq^jine^H "Sho be gone away tor good. Hofl thin niomrngf t\ 
»liouldn't wonder, afore you wi* ciu of bed." 

"Cont!"' he ^a^iied- *'Tliis momiog! Did she leave no.^ 
mc^^A^e V 

'^ None that I kmnvT; of. The fien'ants didn^t uy nothink about 
U ; leailwaj-*, not to mf" ^ 

" But 4bL-'& coming back?" .fl 

'^ Not likely I The inaid tUd suppose aa tliey wu a>{i}iag forgood 
and all lt'« no buiinesK of mine. I'm noE Miaa DougUjIfl scrraat. 
rm a taking care of ihe 'i>u«e for the loodlonj, 1 am. Itt time i ww 
dn-tiil^mg of U up now. " H 

Hiih Ukin l>road hint, ^hc proceeded (o ihut tlic dooi m hht Ciccv^ 
when thcGencni, recovering hii; presence of mind, made uae of the 
only art;uiuent blft exjieiienct? h:id uught him 'v^ iinivcnial andH 
c(;nduf>ive- '^ 

Her frown reirutcrf wiih ihc touch of money on her p.ilm. ** You"ic 
a gcntlcnun, you are," *bc obstctved approvingly, " Wcoj't ye atcp^ 
b, sIrP It'ibatl ralking with ihedoor in yoitr *and.'' ^| 

He t:(jLEiptlciJ, and *,(l <lowii ijn ojie uf thi? Inrc haH-chair*!, fMing 
09 he had felt once before, when l»ndly hit. in the I\injjiib. 

She went on wich her dinting, ulking aIL the tira^ "^ You dm 
they seTit round for me fiisi thing in ihe morrhg ■ and I says to MrSL 
Jonea — thal'a my landlady, sii "^-fJrjpiniig a curi&cy) — '""Mrs, 
Jonct,' *«>'* 1. 'whatever Ihcy can be up to,' aaya I, * njdking aiich on 
early llitcinp?' ujti 1 *' 

^'Pi/i ilfiymi ine:iii ihcyVc left nti letter?** he interrupted, siortiDg 


finn hit seal ; " na ilir^i^rinns — na ittHma ? Are all ihc ftrrvnnts 
|Oic? Itu Mttci Dottglu UkcQ much lu^Eafc Kiih bet ? DkJ bbc 
^ jmy m « cU)^ Oh, wottuin T vrocnan T tcU mc nil joj know ! 
Ie*! 1 nacicf of life and (kaih I" 

2I« !cc4;c(l ^ hiiu askanC'C, prmterlj' opining <hai, early as {| vu, 
lbefcni}<nun hod been t^iiaking, ood vyppAthuini; vriih him oifac 
Ifae in& for that mkprtsti^n. 

*Tl*y'w olf *ajij the ■tubbomly; ^and they've took every 
itiftLalottj vtdi ihcm — 1j3^ aikI botes ^ihI what noL Thtrrt; »iis 
AIMB fOttnd jdUr llie 1cej> — oot hiilf An Itour uont. 1 ahouM tuy oa 
Afywftfli't cocnuijc bock, none of 'em aomorc^" 

Tliit icdnodiQiiy of oegBdves ToKibly expreised her hopeletsTiefs 
of theii return, ami die Gf nenl^ gi>o(l ^t\st^ ruld htm ir wns time 
vvtoi 1o axn*K(tie*tioa lilw Irroniuut iuiy furditr. Summaiiirig 
iii efttT|9cit he relle^'tcd ih^il the post-othce ^oufd be the bol 
fbc* vhercAt to proitectite" ifif[«irie*, i^o he bade Ihc old woman 
faitwrll, vrdi all ibe fotlittide he i-uuld ini»<Ter, Iriving her much 
a^^rcool by liu nunnery be^iin^ and prnfu-v^ IJbcraTily. 

Althe p09it-o4lice, )Kiwcvcr(3]3 luJiajiwtrchouAe round the comer), 
U»T kiiev fMPihing. 'JTie General, at hit wiia" end, bethcught him of 
ioBelltFpry-rtflbte* whfreSatjm^m kepi her n.imeAake, ihe re<!oubt- 

UcK hb plight evdied the utmost interest And commi.wntion- 
"CcrtiiDly, The (Jeoerul should bave aI! the iKsiitu&ce in their 
}*^rt. Of awrse. iPir bdy ha<l foi^oiien ut leayr hf^r ^uldrei:!, no 
Acutt Ladies AMb' cArdc», socnctunc^ iu »jjdi mpiLtci&. A ^<ivii- 
JV'ortc-woinnD," the Hvery^itJibic keeper uadcr^iood, '**n' kcp' two 
■RMiljLbly clerer onu for h«x cwrn riding. Had on idea ihey u-ent 
a^^ very m^jnting. Mt^i Henrntiken. Johr w>ulclfdL John 
^4c larnd-o^Tkr- II wia John's buiinesa to knaw." Sc u b^II 
Qi^ tnd John* in a for^'tlccvcd viificoal, alcekinjc & dcee-crcppcd 
^t Appeared forthtnith- 

" fibtk Qure and chrmnl 'on," «aut Jolm decidrdly. " C^ni? thin 
■un&ng ; gnxmi took with him loddlta, dothmg, and everything. 
^ up ID the end of their week. I.ookcd like imvetlini^- hA J their 
boF^apsoo. Grocm 1 dctae chap ; wouldn't uiy xvbere. Wuh hu 
0^) oi^ild And <iiii. Iffi .1 netting' mu/xle bchii^d. ntn\ would like 
lOKoliixftcr bim," 

"Ibcrc tcenetl nothing to be done hac, and the General waa tiin 
■ninncohi^uepA, hutt^inuo«t,.iiigry, &Tid murf^ [Aiiilcdwhcn he 
n^htd home dun fcr hsd ever t>rfore Lce«i in his lift:. 

fvtaaLoui ormv/Ae trhaJs ihiog seemed so mpoa^Xt:, :vud l^« 

Th€ GtniiartoHi Ma^azinf. 


AbsLirdiiy of ihc situaiion »U\Lck Inm »% »ci ridiculouAi thai lie $ai i 
in hb c-liair :■> ^q-ait for bdin^ ]n thi» nineteenth ccniur>\ \k< told 
himself, peuplif could D0( disappear from Uie itirtice of socttiy. ahd 
l«ivt* no siign, Rattier, like t}»v st^-bird diving id the waves if (h*y 
^ down in one place, they must come up in aiiutlicr. There were 
no kidnappings now, no !<cndinp( o& Co the Plantationr^ no rDrot>lG 
abduction* of ludiei, young or old Then hi* heart turned nick, and 
hii btocMl ran colij. while lic rf c^^llfrd mot^ thin one insuince in hEA 
o»Ti cspciiciicc where individaaU had suddenly vanished from their 
honncfl and nc%'cr been heard of iifcain. 

Stung to ECtion by «iieh thutightc, he collected hifi ideas to orpniM 
A fomjirehenwvt *ysieni of piir>uil. liiat ^himld t^mlirjue iii(|mnes At 
all tile ntil»u> -^ta|ionft» calj-blandTii ALEid lumpikcs in and ahout tha 
ineUrupolifi, wiiH the ^wift^nce cf Scotland Vnrd in tlie b.ick^Toiindi'' 
Then he remembered how .in old brgiUct-ol^CGT had lold him, onljP 
ihc other d,iy, of a Mmil^ir le-nrrb imiili^ \\y himsrir, ami aiK-nrTrd 
wiih 91ICCGM, &j he TCAolvcd to consult ihai comMde without dcUy, 
II tvaa now two o'cloclc. Ho would find him CAiing hinchcon at hi« 
cluh. In fivtf mimn^ the Cunorol was in ft Hansom cab. and in 
Ips* ihnn irn k'jipcd our on dir Rieps of thai miliiary mnrt- 

lUd he gone there an hour ago it would hive spared him 
a good ddl of mental optaiioii, though perhaps any amount of 
4ntiety wuufd li^ve Ix^fn preferable to the dull, sickening resignition 
whir-h siieccedrd \ 1}U'W thai could ro longer be modified, parried, 
nor cfCApcdp fn aAciHinica die General looked back lo thoie icn 
minute« in tiic Hansom cab as the dose of an em in bis life. Hcnco- 
forth every objeet in nature leeined to have lost something oJ its. 
colouring, and the sun nvvvt shone ho bright a^ajn. 

In the hall an obaeqiiioua potter handed him a letter. H 
ilajrKcrcd n^hcn he rcco};c>iised the fnmiiijLr handwriting on the 
envelope, and drew hit breach hard for the effort before he lor« tc 

There were sevcial pa^es* aome of them uosswl. lie retiretl to 
the atrangert' room, and aat doim to pcniBO the death-warrant of 1u> 

"Vou will rorgivc me," it began, " beeaitne you arc the kindc«t,j 
the bcsl, the most gcn^rroua of men ; but 1 shoold ncrcr forgii 
mjwXi the btow 1 feel 1 am now inthcting, were it not that 1 regard] 
your pride, your ehnracirr, your high senw of hoiioiir, brfore- yoi 
hftppbcss. General, I am unfit to be your wife i not becAiWc Diy 
rtecedents ate somewhat obscure — y&H know my h;&tory, and ihat I 



kiw nn ratton in he ai^uinwi] of it ; tioi bf ou^ I urricnjikip the 

^ppiatst of M> 1l^l> iui^ Gbvublc A tot — iiu/ vroniin, Aa I hjtvc toM 

m meet tlua once, ncM W proud of j^ur choice ; but beouwc 

■w i!<»vrv«, and oould »o ircll nf^prcriaxc, ihp unallovcd aiToctit>r>, 

4k cunifilclc dcTotiufi, that nm HiX inin<f to gtv^r. Kinr wifr ihmtid 

lift on Uujughi bm for yoii. no bopcA iuilcpcodcikt of jrou, ik» 

wvcrua in «^ich you do not form ft part She Uioulcl be viapficd 

Kp n jmit OLUtcncc, identified uith you, body and «ouU All Uiia 1 

»3«f/, I ne«T hii*t lu-en— I revet ccm lie now. Had I cnlcr* 

ttJDod a lower tiplaioa ot yiMj mcnU. -idmircd aud toftJfi^ )'0U leu. 

1 iioDld have kcpl mjr prooisc 6ulli^ll:r. ind wc Ri%;ht have ji^cd 

«a Sk« Kusy ui^iiicT ooupk, eomlorUbly enough. iCut j«w ous^i ^■^ 

«tt mote ilun mere cmforf in tnarricd life. Vou tjachu ^^ itould 

oped. 43^>Krf. How ixiuk\ I Lesr io sec my heio duappotatcd? 

Fof joa tre my hcfw—my t>c:«u4deil of a gciutcrtian— »nd noy 

oniianl u n ^eiy liij^h one, or ytAJ irtd 1 had never been >jo unhappjr 

u I ArmJjr bcHct< vc boih arr 4)t this mnment. h is in vain lu 

and murmur, and ipctubse iin what might hare been. IT ovry' 

I uiclodintf t>ne'» ovn idcniiiy, were diffcrenL There » but one 

be to take nor, even at the eleventh hour Some day yoii will 

'4iMmled£e that 1 wm ii^h:. We mint never nseet *gam, 1 hnv* 

uWd nuth (iie«aulto:>« ju can li:idlc. I do believe, even )x>ur eoetgy 

nltsottrcc Vmi )uve often siid Hobod> v«.i% »o dcciTmincd nbcn 

Ifliif u^ my ii^iind- J ajii rciol^cd that you iJiall Dever hod ouL 

il» tsK bca»i« of me - aad I entreat you— I adjure yini — if )tiu 

Ine OK— nay. u jmi lore me— not to try ^ So iiuw, fjre'ivell — 4 

b^brettcU, that it poii>» mc lore to »y. J *h*ll never iaract you, 

ball my conflict of fcclinga, \m ^Uoiy Mirrc]>ro4eh and biuer torrow, 

*bn t thi&k of youT piln, I eannoi bring myst-lf io wiiih we h^d 

BTicr neL I sni proud of your noiice and j-uur rc^mO^-proud lo 

K>nB under oblieJlioni to you — proud to have loved you so hr ax 

*J fabc, wicked nature had the power. Kven now I cin my. though 

)D] pitf me oat oT yovr heart, ck> not let me |m« entirely from your 

numy, Thiiik racnecines and not unkindly, of )OUf wUluJ, 


"(I'ligotKl letier/mumuTuil tbeG«iera1 ^ 'Mmtlpfefer the one 
Jdft note ID Juiu." Then be fead il through again, and found, oa 
i) ««blly the eutc, tlut iKe sccovid pcrustl revcuwd hU impretaion of 
ik fint IimI «hc I'^/v n>c-an he was to abfiani ftnom all niicmpi i<i 
Httn hn? He raaiBinaJ /Pre cvjtr/pfje; it boiv the vtam^i ut Uie 


The Gmtlffnan's Magazine, 

\ clu<^^ 



General Pose Oflice; Ae contents caUunly CLlTordcd him no 
yet, judging by analogy, he ugued Ibat no woman would by luch 
Atrc-fes on Olc iirecautiona she hxl takirn if sh<? (IkI \\\A niah tlicir^ 
cfHcacy lo tc proved. WticD he fcund. however, that Dothiug ahoiCfl 
of police (dctcctivcfi and newspaper advertise men it would nvjil liim, 
he look a juMcr view of her itittniions, and in the chivalry of hii 
imlure roulveil t!i;tt uudc^r tl:u great ;dnictk}i], aa in every otlit 
condition of tlielr acquuinuncc. tie wouU yield implicitly to hi 

So he wcni back into the v^orUI, gmvcT kindly', and couilcouit as 
befurtf. There wcrr a few more grey li^irrs in hi* whisVtrs, snd he 
avoided bdiea' society altogether ; oihciwisc, to the unolnicrvant eye, 
he was little altert^d ; but a. d<sir old frund ^Jii>ni ht" li:id nurtcd 
ihrgugh rhoJcra at Viima, and drj^od IVoni under a dead horaot 
LibdincWf look him into n hay-wlndtjw of the elub librjuy, aiid clnui 
oddreascd bim — 

"My good I'tLlow, you're locking shamefully seedy. Idlenes 
rcvrr stilted you. Nothing like work to keep old horses sound. 
Why doo'i you Apply for employment ^ Tli^^a-'n Alwuya aomethinis to; 
do in ihe Ea*!,** 


BiFT great nations do not plunge reckleanly irto vrar, nor even 
mountnin tribes riae suddenly tn lebelLion, bec^uisc an elderly gent!* 
man it siifTenng like snmc ^ schnnl-girl from a diupj>r»int- 
uicnC ol tlkc hcail i^C- jLJi^qihh c^TortE.'d, indeed, finin a great 
pcnonnge the promise that if anyihinf; turned up be would not 
forgottetv, and wnu Tuld to concent him»eir, for the tini«, with a pled; 
in which he knew lie coufd place implicit tniit. 5o the weary, h< 
inuLilhH dragged on* ^iid Ite it'iu^iiied in London, bchlfjryt Mlent« pr^ 
occupied, wandering ftlx'Ut the sccnw of his former happines» like 
a ffhosL lie went yachting, indeed, with one Iricnd, and agreed on 
A pedestrian «xair»i<jn through SwiuerUnd with another : but the 
"iod sea wive* " were luo sad for him lo endure, and the «ieTBy 
tiut should have taken him over a mountain or up a glndcr ttccmed 
to lail with the pureha^o of a knapsuck nnd the prmi<xl of a foreigQ 
firadihaw, «o ihc walking icur wa& ahordoned, and the friend rather 
eungiatulaird him«rlf on escaping T^nrh a moumfu) companion, ^| 

When autumn came round widi itn many tcmptationa to ScotlandJ^ 
whttn ihc n^tur-lowj were crowu;g about thetr buulhery knolU, and 


iW trd-dcCT Minnn^g ihett ht faarlu cm the Icrwnrd uilc of ilte 
eoCTw, k« did iwlecd avail himself of tcrUln invititioni- lo ihc 
botpitabU north ; and ihc Gcn^mt, who could \e\ei r;t1« tyi fowling' 
pKcc^brevt a hill, or plunge through a mons with hU Junicr% by 
t»coly ycsn. strove hard in Euiguc uf l^ody tv um lupo^c far ihc 
B<j1 he did not siay Icn^ ; the grand, t;ra«T beauty <}f those 
It hJU oppro^cd uid lorluiccJ hinin He pitied the v'ild old 
cock, Aafipiog iu life out ttti Itx own piirpir he:ithrT, ftfiy y:indi; olT, 
moved down lijr hii deadly ImucI, even u il rote. When he had 
IC>ll«d Um ''inwkle led h^rl. " with nnilt^red &oni of FLryaUy. and 
dircc irichct of Hi on lho»e portly side*, up th« burn, xnd under the 
araierfal], and ihmtigh ihr hti(>r ^ry houIfErr^ of rrrk, lo «Iglil 
Ibe nobtc bctm fairly from ^ »indw.\rd hLmhujth, And brmg it down, 
pwced tJinMgh the bean widi a lortg and '^ kittle " shot, hui triumph 
•at aU mcfgtd ifi vocrow for ihe dead monarch Lying «o calm and 
miely in tbr i^uiet ^n> not p^rliaps without a 4i.inioihlDg of envy, 
for a crromre iliui inientiMc, and at re*t for crcrruof c- 

The Jore9lev3 wondered to %cc him m na way triumphant, and 
«hcn thfy h»rd next niornirg he v-as gone, ithook their beada, 
eptning Out " It was a f)eeiyl She wan a jinuty ihat, and a fery 
t|hc ahenilciEiuu on a IjtIL " 

Itvai ftvntthcCeticnil r&c|uired, notamu^cmem ; 30 he joiimcycd 
HtSBtf bock, u> avail in London the comnnand he hoped would crc 
knjTTCill hiiD to a profetijoii he had nlwayt loved, ihfli *ecmed now 
10 «fo ihe fymfiAiHy and >obcc of a home, 

SetnetiaaM^ tui t^iii only b momenia of which he wasaBham«d» 
be mmhl apecubte oa tin; |MJv&ibiticy uf meeting Mikst 1)in]j^h<t by 
udjent in the ^rat d^, and it soothed him to ffincj the expUna' 
Oou diat would cosua He never drcAm^d of ihuir resuming ihi^ir 
Cid foonag ; for the Cencnt*t forbcamnce hitherto had «pnmg from 
ike ■utn^lh, nnl ihe mejtknrts cf hit chflrarlrr, and ihc kainc 
Aa6om gallantry that held hi> position «ui aviiUblc lo cover Ma 
Uni; bul It would he a kwn pleaaufVb hff ch[>u^ht» tliwi|;h a sad 
OiMnlook irt h«T face JH«( once tnor«. After that he might nirn 
Mkntedly F-utward, go bock ixiio hArnux, and never come to 
&Dtlud again. 

In Ae fii«jintLm«^ th« da)3 that draped to wearily wiih Sl Jc«oph4 
^iiRcd like va^ei in the sun«hine through rmny of thoiie other l\ve% 
tsk which he had been a^uxsaci-d in his liaiir Hislt>ry, Atnoiigst all 
ficgthotu oninulait b the cusiorn for a ni^k or wounded heaM to 
aWklmw from the henl. who in uo way concf n: iht^^uMjlirc;^ ab^Lit its 
iw, bit coDlinuf ilicir hrowio;^ baski;igs, c/opi>iIlg^ wileninjji. 



7ht Gt^tilanans Maga^ne. 

and rri«kingft, wlih a well-br«i1 reftlgDaiion to nnoihcr's plighr worthy 
Qf Uic huLiiAD lacc^ [f ill*: (icncmla Crit'iitb uiid ac 1411^ usance A^cii 
c*ch other whcii hctd become of liim, ard veiled for on anawcr, they 
were «alit6cd with Ihc cnnicntion^ sumiii^c — 

" Cionc 10 Scxittand, I nMicy. llaey itll nie ii^ a wondcrfiiJ year j 

Mn< Lu^hmglon, yadninj: aL Cowcn, «nd icmnmin^ a fjood dcdlj 
2t anchor, bcrauAc it wm '* hlowutg fresh ouuidc^ " thought i>f him 
|irfrlii]M moTr thin Ai^ybody else. Xoi that she Mt iItc Iciil rcnion^" 
fill Jur the? br&ik'Up *Ejc Iwlitted lo have tirij^iriutcJ solcJjf in her 
own xnonccuvriit. She was pcr^uAdcd that her iufontiAUon conveyed 
through Ui« >nnnymoufi I^tur h4d ajrouKcd mi;|iicioni; vhii 
becoming rt-ruiinttp« on inquiry, detached him frcm Satanelli, aiii 
completely miiukin^ hU chatacicr, oumidcred it iini^aaiblc but thai 
their di^8olJticti of i^j^rineralup oripmLtcd with the ttencicmao* Hoir 
the Udy fAJ'cd interested her bui litlEe* and in oonverKfition with other 
ile.iieit ftirnds the mmaKy summed up Ihc late *rt" tins unc by 
cxpUmiii^ — ^k 

" U WM im^ss&U to keep ptwr BloAchc stmight- Always oxcit^ 
able, and unlike oihcr people, you know. Lxttterlyj 1 ajn ofraLd, 
tnof^ iWaw fliyhty, my »Irjf. ant! miirt tluii oiU.'' 

EEcbidea, Mm l^xhington, i» luuili hod a ^c^t deal of buwnc*!' 
On hand. For hei«elf and hci set Ccwe« wit nolhin^; in the world] 
"LhH Tendon ^iwic <3own to the sea. Shonrr pcuironw, and hai 
iittlead of boiiTiet*. nmde the whulc tli^crcnee. There were the Mni«1 
ftttrac:lionijj the drae miercRU, the ^rav intri^es. Kven tho Aoirnfl 
bote* wetil !o flod fill, Jind htircH, a* they hrraihrd, more frrrly^ 
in ihe sufl Ch.inncl :ur. Allogeihcr, it weia Ircdiei and ijuictct", bul^i 
ifpooaible, stupider thnn V&\\ MolL 

NtvanhelcssT Mr^' Lu^UtrgtiOQ, bein^K in herQMural elcuientt^i 
c\%Pi\ her imIitdI funrtioni;, Shr* v^nA hnH ni work, irying to mate 
l^cssic Gordon, noLhJrcK foth, ^itb a ci^ty widower, who seen'tcd aa 
shy cf the bait a» on old ^dg^gn under Kcw Urid^e. She hid 
uiatlertftken, in conipimcy \t\\X\ other fr»ky mitront, to apoil poor 
Ri?»ie BikTiOD's ^-ime with young W]J<fni.-nr^, thr catch of the ec:iaoii 
aJid tliey hkrd csdi ciUici s^ wdl that this Job alone kept \\a 
COn«tAikt employment, ^e hsd picaiCA 10 orji:aniKc, yachtini(-partic|4 
toomnge, and Knink to lc«ep in good-humoui ; the Litter no eiiy^ 
WiV, forCoww bored him extremely, and. lo Uiu hia own word^ 
"lie wifthed l?ie ttbule pUce 4l the dcvH 3*^ She felt <il&c vexed and 
di^ppomlcii ifmt the Gcner^il bad whhJniwn himself no emircly ftixn 
Ihe sphere of her sttraciions, re'Hecting that fihc taw a great dcaJ 




Saian€ila. 9 

urcrhc^nnt fccc. Addri! 10 hrr nihrt tTiViMt^v unq 
Uc defection of tidier Bill. Thai voUlilc Ia^I 
UnHOcn lud twrvr 1>««q near her since Duitj^ mamoffc— a ccfc- 
nanf in whidl ht took ihc most lively intcrtvi, oomporting himsrlf 
u^beuniaa* wiib jin uo^iuAilrliiJ .imiiuiiy, jind u jG>mi^ llnK of 
ipbla. that LMMicucd, for a ^ihcring compOKd of lively Hibti- 
nuiii the ^nuttfti attnciioni. l*«oplc »i<l. indeed, ilui Bill hod 
tiuwn hinncir noi cDiirvl)- uoxffe^'icd by i?l« <rhjr&is of a lovdjr 
hklpf^iiUMU thr- rUlr^l of I^'t} Mary s iljiightcn ; «tid il was iin|Ka* 
dile lo ovcr-otimaic ihc danger of hii po^itior Uftdcr sucli AU(i;cttirc h 
onvnrtRDce* as roiut An:ie frcm a wcKlding m tlic home. H 

Thvn a j^rey hjiif or (wo hid l^lety ihowii tbrintdrfc in tier 
liuoduil bftiwn \KH\ri ; vhik of thcr pL-o{i1cr shif <huar tti llirl vilh, 
wic iici|lcc<c4 kcr wcictj tof * cruJM, otbcn horded h<T more of 
Ac etdlemctit pfodu«:cd by rivAlry than j^he rcluhcd. None paid 
brf tbf devoied iiu-ation iHf tuid leonied to fOiuiUvr her due. 
Alinprthcr, Urs. Luahiu^Eoa bcg^in lu ^iid life leu Au/f^r d'<r ni^ ■ 
tbn the cadd nt^, jii>d to nuapcct ihc cnrrcr aHc had udopicd wai 
moxidacivc I0 h^Tipiitc^i, or even comfort, Mnry people make 
ik uDie discQverf wbcn ic h loo L-uc to atvifidon ibc groove in vhich 
ttc; bte riecied t» run, 

ttoy, tn thr meartime* Inic to K\s cxprcued intcrtion of Inrchig 
fa I ncv leaf, found do rt^ison to be clti^tiitied wuh hia lot. Vou 
>^ Starch Irclofid ihrong^ — »nd it 19 upng » goud deal — without 
fttJ^f a inore {oyoin couple ih^n CjipUin and Mrt, WnJier^. Tbc 
Mcd'Ica pmmoiiofi nirivcd at IjjI* and tbc bridegroom bnd (be 
■Uirfictxm of jeeipg himself £:i<cUe(l to a Uoo|> on the very mommg 
to pfotidet] bim with a «ife- OW Ma^rofniiL- wai pleaied, l^idj 
Kv^via plFa.*«rd, evcrjbodf trsA picsscxi. Tbc C'.istle bUj«tl nith 
^ tad rcrdr>', ihc tcoanta dr&nk, dnnccd, and fiboiitcd. The 
■|<'p"t«nil tbcmountamwilbaftcorcof hoiit]TC5,rcHtT;umingwhiKkf 
ml (rnklng cacb othtr'i bends to their own unbounded i^ti^rariion. 
laihwt, to use ibe y<\*t vf Peter Corngan, ibc oldest KcJvenI 
Uttni on tt>e otatc, " The mtfther'a ncddin^ va* a foul lo't ! Mny 
1 tcF<r e(c (tlory av It wMfi't belther di>iu«tOTi than a wnke I" 

B11 Norab* gcBtle heart, cvcfi in ber cwn new^tovind Ivnppinesf, 
M 1 thn^|(ht fnr the bcWLiiful and italdy I-ln^li»]iAui:Mii whom, 
if lU Kimcivhat feaied her a» a rival, ^hc -jcK loved dearly ati a 

■What'* 0Ooe *fih bcr, DaiFyf" «he asked brr young bu«bJi>d 

Kt ihfy had been mamrd a formipbt, '*SuTe she utiuld Hcv^ 
up widi lh< nkc old gcotknuat a jrrnemJ lie w3l&, thAl tiutitd 


The Gmilemans Maganm, 

Ihe nce^aidfi for ua at Punthestomi. Oh, Daifijr ! how I cried 
ni^hi, bccansf jou didn't win 1 " 

They ffc(c walking by ilic rivrf^idcwht'rc ihcy lATt»k<] the big ft»h 
at oa early period of ihcif acquaiiitJirKC. and Noroh brought ihe goff 
10 bear in more waj-e than she sLispe<:ted ; where they pflfird so 
hopelettly, wturo, becmisp of his wry dosobLion, llio irvje :ind 
generous ^irl had cuiibciiUxl ic plight liiiii her tiolh ; ^\\^ when: they 
bad hardly dared to hope they would mccl agniin in soch a glovf of 
happlnest as thone rflund thcco to-day. It was bngUt spring weather 
when they wished cjch other tluit uorrowful goodbye, Now^ Hi^ 
de^d tc^ve?t wfric fjiUia^ thick j-mJ fu^t In iJie ^rt'y uuluniii ^Iouijl 
Ncvcrthclcjfl, this wm the real venial scaacm of joy ajvd promise for 
both those lormg heatt^i. 

"What a goo*ie you were lo Imelc mel* observed Daiiyv with a 
prcsauit of the arm tliat clung so tightly tuutid IiJw own. " It ^enml 
you liK^t, ftnd> 1 h^pc, cured )ou of belting; oi^cc for all I" 

"That's no answer to loy qoeMJon," peniislcd Mra. Waliert " Tna 
jisltmg ynn to tdl me ahoi^l my benutiHil Bla.nchc Dougtaa, and why 
wouldn't the dd (Sencml many hci if shed have him, " 

"That's it, dear," replied her husband ; '*shc ^ffvtdit'i hAvchimt 
Sh^'-ahf ftce^pted htm, i ftrtf^ji; and thea she threw him over." 

"What a ^harne!" errUimed \'orah- "Though, \o he sure, h* 
mjfhl have been her ffllhcr" Tlien a ahadow parsed over hct fair 
young brow, end ihc added wistfully, "AJj, Daisy 1 I'm thinking t 
kQ:>vr who she wanted all the time." 

"Meaning «/^" sold Daisy, wiTh a frank^ saucy smile, that 
tirOD^ht the mitlh baclt to her faj.e, a^id lIlc suiibhine to htrr licuit^ 

"Mcining jv«, air!'" ahe repeated playlully. "Hut it's very 
conceited of you ro thinlc it, and very wrong to let it out. Its not so 
woiiderfiili after ^ill," she added, looking ptmidly in his handsome 
young ^c ; '' I lupfiusc Tm nut the voly ^iil that liked yciu, dear, 
by a many. 1 oughtn't to expect it!" 

"llic only one that's landtd Lhc luh T' laughed Daif^y, stoppi&j 
in the most eflrt^tual manner a little sigh, with which she was ahouc 
to conclude her |jeiuralicjn- " Vuu'rc itiialakeu abouL M[» Dougla:^ 
though," he added. ** I ^ve yuu my wcrd. She htidn'i yt?ur good 
lajtie, my dear, ^nd didftt AV Hi lJ>ok, Norah, thcre'£ the very 
place r left Snlhran's fshmg-rod- He'll rrver get it again, ao it'i 
hicky [ boughi hiA Hide br»wn horte, I wonder who found it. 
What a day that wu ! NcwnJi. do you remember?" 

.^ rW convcTUtion turned on that men interesting of (opics-— 




iknadgW r and did nol revert to Satanelli qt her dcTngsL If Norsh 

ndixrcct concerning hu svcccaics. 1 tl^tnk when a man tui:i been 
icfMd bx «aoUK7 l«d)r, bo m/b noiliuig about ii lo his wile. 



Tm lite ftammn vu merging into early winter, tlui pi 
cf tU K»tinH for lha>e i|Hirisnirn tvhci exult in ihe xiridr of n ^^ood 
Ikncudth^ »timiiginusk of the huund- Even in i^^ll M:ill uue 
lonti of the cbi^e kit ttcnlmg avt^ ti-iem the onfiuiti cp^iicmic, 
«yi:h«icccr aftet winrer rage* with unAtixtr<l virulence, meuraUlc by 
U} uown remedy. A wifTriirr — it woixlil be a misonmsT lo caII liim 
% fiitiati-^fiijKa thia Noieratxr raolody iv^ gaping at A (jriai-«hop 
«tKi««, ii«ir the boitom of St. Jamcts'a Str*<t, wholly rnt;rotse<l m 
4f prrfiymancn of a very bright bay horse, iviih a tii^h-coloured 
tUd, 0>in2 an impouiblc fcncvk ftinoundctl by happy hunciii^- 
fTOuxli, wbcie perspective seemed ualwown. 

"l/ye Ihink he'll £ci over, BUI }" sditl n famttmr voie«v thai could 
oriy beloBg lo D>i^ Wilicrtr who bad stolen tmperttivcd behind 

"Niii if tbc fool on his bttcL cxn pull him into it." aiuwcrcd die 
ddv tndignoAtly. And thciie comndcs, linking airnu, tumcd 
onirard. in the direction of tbeir dub. 

''ttoir'a the niLuia?" vaid liill, uhtue boamt U wix that he never 
^Af^ hij nunnen. 

'Fii AS a &ULk." replied the happy husband. " Had a \on^ Idler 
fifct Molly lltift niorflicg. Scni her hc« love — no^ scratched ihai 
Cu^Jntl ik?iirrrl m be kindly rrrntrmbrtcd u^ you*' 

UcCy, cklled aflcr Lady NUry, wa:i tbc eldest, and. in BiU*i 
tramttbe haikbomeoi daugfitcr, » bo charged die bubjcct wiih 
lite 1 ncd face. 

'^Aboui to-morrow, now," said Bill " I've goi ^fartingale to do 
■j ocdeity. .Arc you jEame for a d^y with the slag ?" 

"WiU a ditclcswim f wm the acawer, '*Norjh ifl comiog too. 
f ihill tsouvt ber oo 8on«en- H€t own broihcr to the kittle hone 
lblt«it u^at Puuthrsiawn." 

"Cciulda'l do better tn thai cotinEry." a-ueried hi> fricndp " Kc'li 
C3ny her ble a bird, if she'll htnl^c him up a bit, and i\'% »tmplf 
■B^nnMrto ^ biro dowj. iiy Jove, Dai*y, there's Sx. Jowptfi 

I a The Gmtlet^taris Magazine. 

going into the dub. How seedy he looks, and how old ! Hang me, 
if 1 won't offer him a mount Co-moTTow. I wonder if he'll come. " 

So this kind-hearted youag sportsman, in whose opinion a day's 
hunting was the panacea for all ills, mental or bodily, followed his 
senior into the moming-room, and proffered his best horse, with the 
winning frankness of manner that his friends found it impossible to 

'* He's good enough to cany the Commander-in-Chief, " said BilL 
** I've more than I can ride till 1 get my long leave. I sliould be 
so proud if you'd have a day on him \ and if he makes a mistake, 
I'll give him to you. There 1" 

St Josephs was now on the eve of departure for the employment 
he had solicited. While his outfit was preparing, the time hung 
heavy on his hands, and he had done so many kindnesses by this 
young subaltern that he felt tt would be only graceful and friendly to 
accept a fa^vour in return, so he assented willingly, and Bill's face 
glowed with pleasure. 

*' Don't be late," said he. "Nine o'clock train from Euston. 
Mind you get into the drop-carriage, or they'll take you on to the 
Shires. I'll join you at Willesden. And if we don't have a real 
clinker, I'll make a vow never to go hunting again. " 

Then he departed on certain errands of his own connected with 
the pugilistic art, and the General reflected sadly how it was a 
quarter of a century since he used to feel as keen as that reckless, 
light-hearted boy. 

He waited on high authorities at the War Office, dined with a field- 
marshal, and through a restless night dreamed of Satanella, for the 
first time since her disappearance. 

A foggy November morning, and a lame horse in the cab that took 
him to Euston Station, did not serve to raise his spirits. But for Bill's 
anticipations of a '*clinker," and the disappointment he knew it 
would cause that enthusiast, the General might have turned back to 
spend one more day in vain brooding and regreL Arrived on the 
platform, however, he got into a large saloon-carriage, according to 
directions, and found himself at once in the midst of so cheerful a party 
that he felt it impossible to resist the fun and merriment of the hour. 

St. Josephs was too well kno\^Tl in general society not to find 
acquaintances even here, though he was hardly prepared to meet 
representatives of so many pursuits and professions, booted and 
spurred for the chase, and, judging by the ceaseless banter they 

AU detennined U> ride, each TCK)\vcd to be &nt. 




sailors, ^iploiwiliib, bankers^ Uwircrs, ArtuEs, aiulion, mcu 
Vf |ltawiuv, and iscn oc htuiocw, holding d^ilf pnpCra Ihcy ocvci 
bokod U, mv€ «11 ullttog acniu cAnh other, nnd iMoghing iocviKuuly, 
while cntbroocd at osie cud of ihc uumgc %M ihc bcM ^porimiaii 
and moH popular member of the aMcmbta^, whoic opinioDt, Ij'kc 
Im bonsc?!, csrricd pcj^t «ci^M, ai^ n-«ro ol ^ LQlliudun^ a tuiiurc 
a> lu» rnling, «» riun Kc uras cici-tii^il a son of j>T«sliJ(Vii iq jack- 
booto. Ojjpoiitc bim inu pUccd prctiy Imh NljciJi, ugw Mn. 
UoJtm, intcnavly «xcired \>y ha firti ai>\>v^aatx at fvhjit she uUci 
*'a& £agliah bunt." while iht impjLitvd tv DaUj, ic a mcUowcr 
brogue lh«a usual, ^tiy oc^^ti'ai idfjii un lEiiii^i in ^em-rul^ anil 
oapecuUy oa tbc country thitiu^h whicb thty were Hymg tl Uic r:utc 
itf forty sniei an hcur. 

*' Ii'h like J {^(Icn wli0c iri in lillige, eind u fTiiq»et>1awn whcr? 
it^ in piuiuvc." taWl Nunl^ nAcr a ^rodijia rcccjguiLiun of the 
General, tnd ccvdial tict:iins lo Bill, who wju bundled in :it ^V'iUei- 
ilco, iNuiiuijt with h]« q^urs in lii» hand. "^Ahl ncu-j Dauy, it's 
link of the vtii[i poor Bonrcn nill b<^ wnnting for ensy leapt Uke 

"Wait till you get mio the Vale,* nid I>aisy; '*and niuitcvcr you 
do, Irt his h«id akK>& Follow nM clwe, and if I'm don^, lidc over 
sac ; u'fr Ihe c&nocn of tlxr country /' 

The CcncnO infiQcd. 

*'! havcD*! been ihcrc for twcniy yean," uid he; **bul I can 
rancanbec in my lintc wc were not very p!mi<:ulir. 1 «iia]L follow tny 
iilrj triead^" he ail<1(?d, nodrling ti) the prt-^iikri, vhri^o ntrthcr 
prmctitl were of the stron^ai ind mo^t ^rotkinanlike mniciiala; 
" when a snao ha^ no regular hunting ihiJ3g\ he w^uiu a l^^dcr to 
Am the ibonit. Ami fntfb lU J licar, if 1 con only »iick ti> mine, I 
>ban be iu Ji very j£oo^l tiUcc.** 

Ev-cnbody Agreed to ibis, «unninjt the speaker witb approving 
iccf the whUc. St. Joivfitis, though wearing troui-cr^ and a 
ID mui&ing coiL, hid Kowething in hit appeoriuice that denoted 
ibc |K»ct>9eil bor^enuin. aod nbeu lie tidkcd of " IweuLy jtai» ago ' 
lu Intencrn i^ivc hiio credit tor ihotc aucocasea which, in oil tunce. 
ate itCribuKd to the mai cl tbc psL 

^ Mrt. Walkra icutt be a littk carcfu] at ih« douMei," haurdcd x 
qukt Bood-lcoking nun who had not )ci spoken, but whow luuurc 
it W3» to be ejDCeeduit^ly courtcoust where ladies were concerned. 
" A wifte bwse that kauir« lU owti rider ii ereryiliing in the Vaie." 

Konh looked m ihr 4|K^ker'« darlc eyes vith a quaint nnt\c. 

The Cittikmatis Magasine. 

" il'* noi many kyips any of ii& would take "filbLnil a £ill I " and i 
the ficntral bushier prov<Acd by thia incontc^tjiLW aiscrtion, ;x »Ue^lt 
jctk announced thiL their carriage wo^ dciached from ihc ir.iin, and 
ItuT ihi^y tiafi arrivTM.!. 

Tliuugh il roiuirus a long tfrnc lo settle a lady in the ^atltWe for 
hurtlm^* even vhca in the rt^^ulrir swing of t*kc or tliricc it wcck» 
ftnd IhoLigh Norsih was about 10 enjoy hvr lint gallop oi l\\t £«qkh\ 
in ft rrw hahii, on a new horse, ihe -irtd Daisj' hjwl ampir Idsur* fw 
A Kober ride to tbc pliice of meeting, ^rnviii^ cool .inc] t^itm, [ilciscd 
wich the weather, the scenery^ the company, and, above oil, delighted 
with Hone en. 

Thir/ were arroirpanicd by thf General on a firstclaw hunt 
belonging ii> Rill, and iiOL>n ovrruken by tts ovsnef^ whr>j having 
linger:^ behind ifi JLtrop a four-yeAT'Old over a icmpuni: iitilc for 
cduoitLona] purposes, had crushed a new hiu, besides daubing hii 
coat, in the proccsi. 

" Dowxi ojieidy 1" ^aid Sl Joncpha. " Wliat hap^icuctl lo lum 
What did he do?" 

•' Rnf.-ped very tiord, " answered Bill 5 " foutid his friend 
hornct and went in without u^itmj; to be announeed/' but h 
patted ihe young pupil on ils ncrk, snd promised to leach ttl 
trade beftjre ChriMni^^, ncvrrtKelet*, Crruinty, tf [rr;ji.lrec nial; 
perfect, no mm shouUl have po^iiessed a atud of cleverer fcoccn 
Soldier Bill. 

And now, at ^he readied the summit of a grosiy accent there 
bnAc on North's vUiuu k) exicu^lvc ^id bmutiTuI a landir^pc- m 
cHeitod jjx c»:clamation of amazement and deliEhi- 

M lie ailcr mile, to the grey hcrixon, ftiretebcd a sweep of ano 
wide pastures, laterieeted by ma)i*ive hedjet, not yei bare of Ihd 
AUnHuer luxumncTH ilotied by lofty ?it:iiiclaiil tref"t, rif.b ifi ihc S"ndy 
hncB of dutunm. lit up by llaahei of a. winding stream, that gleamed 
htfc rttid Ihcrv under Ehc willows with which iis bank* were frjn^d. 
Knelo^ire* varying from fitty Ut .1 htmdrM acres g-ive promise of aJ 
n]Ui.h ^Helping oi (be heart cf mnin^ or rwu wimiJ^n, conlil desire, 
And scanning those fencca^ the Iriih lady admiEicd to herself, ihnay 
not CO tier coiup;inionH| Uiat Iroma diAtance they looked ns formidable 
obccarles as any (he had confronted in KilJare- 

" fl'a licautiful 1*' (aid Norah, "* ]i s m.ule on purpose for a hunL 
Look, Daisy, there ore :hc bounda ! Oh, the darllQ^ I And lild« 
Boneen. he H^ee them, too !" 

G:\tliered ro^md rheir himumiin, a wiry, sportbg-Toolttng man on a 
ihomt^tihrcti bay Jimsr, they were [uoveii^ into ir^ht from behind A 



^ytate\ th;^! %xond in a ccmrr nf ihr nrifhbnTinng tM. Rirh fti 
ootwr, bcaaiifUl m shape* A:id nith a family likcnc«4 pervading llK 
lai« if the)r were all on« litter, a Cux-hunicr would have grudged 
Ibsn for ihe sune they "ere alxmt to [lur^Uti— 4 nobk rcddevr, in 
w Ctf Lttnc ihxi tic V3A frd ill s (Kiiddock^ ai^d brduj^bl lu a f:oiuLiitoii 
lb« covkl lAX Uic tpccd ijid cndiiritDcc ct«ii of ihu fauaous pack. 
Btt tninial had ahrckdy anivinJ in a larffc vui on vvhccb, drawn bf 
• fa«T af horMt, and fturroiUMled by :i kvce of giptng rustics, wHoft« 
Ofcmci^ and love for ilie spurt icminded Norah of her cokitiiryiQEn 
m ihc otbrr Mc <rf the Chiincl, 

"Will tiiey tci bim out here, D^sy}" uiij she, in iieccJUa ol 
bvtoig excitemcmt " I vmh thev'd begin. What are we waiting 


-Tour pjLtieocc vnti not be Iricil much longer." fiiid liic Gciicral, 
Ig^iing a ci^r *' Here coiiks \hir Mn^lcr, at a pace that \ooksi as 
ir Cbe mflfc thai landed bim the Thoui;:ind Guin^^j the Oak*, and 
Ac ^ larger had tiees nmk a caver^hor-k for ihe CK-£ftiiion r" 

'^tVith tbe Lkrb/ wtancr of ihc uinc year for second horfc !" 
utM h^ busb«nd. " If jou want a piicl, Nomh, r^ja couldn't do 
brtiCT than nit k ttJ */«, heivy a» he is 1" 

'1 anil 10 follow j\tti^ «tr," na^ tJie rcjoind^rr. "If you don't 
Ab>l, lAiby. Jiuybc I'll be brf^re >c" 

bc&vMc«hc>pDtea ^tir ihTou^houi ihc whole caralcide, and 
irantkercd shout Irom Ilic fooli>eopLc, announceO that the deer had 

Willi a ikild leap in ihc air. m lliuu^li rejoldu^ in reirmrri-'fl 
4i>!>rr, iltc acinul jiiaiied off at speed, biit in Uic Igaflt fdvourAbic 
^ikrmioQ it could have taken, heading to«-ardi the OKct^l on the vide 
iilyh tlie huncinm and a few orriagei were drawn up. Then it 
iicd il» (AKC to i jcrkiQ^p apni>£iu|; uul — jiitu^ied — th^iged iu 
lowered iti brad— da&hod w-Hdiy down the IjiIIi to<iiMppear 
a hi^h thick trulUhnch, and after a (ew teconds eame agiin 
virr, iravcUing svitt nad straight ncroti the Vjile. 
;Cicneial atnuketl i^uieily, but hid eye brightened, and he 
lea yeaj^ founK<=^ ior the s«^t 
b'tall nghi now, '*aid ho^ "tho sooner thef lay thetn oo the 

1^11, cUanin^ hat giulis, lookcii up wllb a beaming ^mile. 
'They oy thcn:% a My, a mystenous unkoowi^ in a thick veil, 
M iKits everybody Kilh thoe homuUr" he obien-ed. " 1 wowler 
tj the'4 r}oi out bMlay." 
I thiak abc ii," f^vO Uali/, ^iuoilaj^ a inutrhievoviK ^ancc ^\ 




his wife. " I fiukcied 1 caught Ihc Butter of a hatlMt jiKt now behind 
lb<f liaj-iUck. I luppow ftJie"* (loUjrmiiicd W get a good iisirt 
ail Nc^rjJi ilcfwu 1" 

Ere ihc Uticv coiild rcplyi ihc hound« dashed acri»§ the lined 
iU^ deer. Iliro^n^ their longucs in fuil imisical taoXcs, ihcy «pK^d 
like a ta.Ti, with nt>tci in ttie air^ then, stooping to the vccntj 
ctrnwigcd, in unc inelud{oii» cni^ and chtmu, ck ihcy tonic tf^^ 
tuumitg with a jpim, silent dcicrmin^ilion that Elciioicd the cxitcmitf 
of po«- tvcry man set his hor&e Romg at tf^ecdn NcAilf « dozen 
tel«K:tcd ihdr pikCd in the fint fence — % fonnidible bulJ-finch, Th« 
re^U luruJn^ r;LUicr ufva> ttvm iks huundSr tliundem) wildly down lo 
un open i;itc. 

Aniotigst tboRc who meant riding strni^lu* it is nccdk-ss to tay, 
were Mn- Waltcrt ind her three cavaliers, ThoKc Lindod tn the,— 
second field ainKJAt toj^cther^Daisy, cki»]y fiui^iird hj his wiCe^H 
atoilinK through n ivcftk pljuc under a Irce; the Gencnl sjkilbf 
fairly over a!1, and Bifl, unable to rciist the tcmpiation of ;l gap, 
made uji with Tout *iTt.>iig rail*, $tn\ng to the fight iidc with a 
scjamble ihat waited vetj little ufa tij^ty fall. 

The houndji were alixady a i|ii!irlcr uf a mile ahead, with nobodjr 
near Ihctn bat a lady on a bbck hunter, who waa well nlonjisidCi 
gning, irt all apjiturjnrr, |>prfec[ly itt her ease ; while hCT grooin^ on 
a chcxnui hor^c, IcA hopelessly bcliind, rode in the vtRVr of the 
U^neml, and wisJied he w^ .Lt home- 
Daisy, whoe« ^tevpTeclLuirLg trxperience had taught him iicv'cr 
[Mf his h^arl, W3i the orly one of our piUly who did not fee-l i litil 
bewildered by tl)C pace. Taking i» cverydim)!: at u gluiLcr, h^ 
obaen'cd cJ)e bl^ck hunter in from ini) eo-^il)' over & feiKc tliat few 
horcei would have looked at. There was no Tniitakin||r iJ;e style an4H 
form of the animal "Uf course it it I" he nmliered ; "SaianeLla« b^ 
dlt iliat'ft inexplitiilflc 1 We slmJi not Latdi them at i/tis pace^ 
however I" Thcti, pulling his hnrse to Ici his wife come up, be 
shouted m her ear, *' Norah, that's Mu>£ Douj^^las [" 

"Wliether *he heard him or not, the only answer Mre, W 
vcudi^ed was Uj lean back m her uddle and give Bonecn 
relrcaher with the whip. 

Unlike A tb;c, whoeercafJonR one U^caJand well considered, a 
will Kometime« tiim ar right anglcc for no conceivable ciuse, punuiag 
the new line with a^ miith %;)eed iiid dedsjoji as the old. 

In the present instanee the animal a^cr le^iiping a high thofnj 
fence with two dit^'hes, ]>roice short ofi inalaieraJ dirccljon, under the 
vjfty ^hadovr of the hedge it had ji;si cleared, and «t the pace they 



Pf DC 





Um DongUs pulled up her KotaCk And did not intcifcrc- There 

teing^ fortu&fticlf, no one 1o utiat ihcm, lb«y fTunf^ themselves 

totfilhny, ivinging back lo ihc Jin? ind itikinf^ it u{> Again with 

sacdj Ihc lou of a rninutr Thr Pmidc^^T, two Tiddi off, 

OWting bud to get nearer, wu pcrlupK ihe on!/ nijui out wIie* 

gfcw niJy Appreciated their stc^idmtss. Like ColcridRc*!^ Aiiciciu 

HtfVkcr, ""he ble«M<d ihcm un.iwir^. " Bill, 1 fear, did ihc filA^ 

ihkg; for Ihc fcnrr w.iii «i high lir ncvcf ww iliem turn, and 

piped well into tlieir midM, hiippily without dom); dJiy daiitugr- 

Tllk alight deUy, hovrcvci^ hod the efleet of brinpn^ Dabx. hi^ 

*if% Soldier Bil^ And the Gcneml into the ame tield with Miss 

Dg^gba. She HeaRl the fcxrtf^LlL of thnr hune*;, luokcd round, and 

Ml the bUek mvc fotnc Jj^tcr than bcfurc. If— as» indeed, ivccmed 

pBobobie-— ^« «n« Reived nol to be overla1<cn, the pack, strcuning 

twij at ipecd oacv ntore, lened her pur|>oKc admirabl}', i\o horec 

dive cotilil catch Ihein ; and SatanclU henelf icctned dnln^ her best 

to\eepoa lolcrable Xctuu nt thai tenitic pace. The iikAJomy of thi- 

bdd had alrcajdy been hopdeaaly distanced. The General found tbc 

npcrior animal he rode fail somewhat in the deep holding mcadowA, 

KD nt in diflnaiUtrs although h? had r?li|fioi.iiiIy idlicred to the 

ikcuu way^ Kvcn Dmy br£an lo wish for a pull, and only Utile 

BaoocB, quite ihoraughbred, and a» good At he v^xt blLi^L->h. kc[Jt 

plrtj^kij on, ilfDng and u fuQ of running at at the .'^laTi. For raorv 

ihm X mile out friends proceeded with but a slight oltcntion in ihdr 

ohlire pOik«m> — SaUiielLi. pcihaj^s, yiailuidty leading her fc^llowert, 

*4 Ihcbowidft dfiwii*; aivay fjom all five. In tim order Uu or 

tlKe flying ftncsi were negotiated; and a fair brook cleared. Poi^y, 

liQ&iiig baek in tome anxiety, could not but admire the fcim in which 

BUiib rocAei) aiHl handled Baaeau Th;it g^nid lilEle ZiotAe, tirrd 

»i trained in Irebnd, lecmed to combine the activity of a cat with 

&t cagacioiis inttincU of a dog. Like all of hia bloody he only Jcfl 

^ bdng laiy when hk companions began to feel liicd ; and Mn. 

Wdim. romirig tip wilh hi-r husband, xi they roue ihc hill from tlji- 

■venidc, declared, though he did not hear her> '' 1 could lead the 

hm now, Hai^i ^ you'd let me. Little ijonecn'^ as pleated ax 

fiatibJ He'd like to puU hard, only he'» such fi good boy he 

dmft know how r 

Bill's bor9c dropped lU luDd ]c^^ in the brook, Jind fell, but wa» 
■HkQ op Jigaia with it> rider. The (/encrj] ^ot over succc^^(u\\^ -, 
«TcnhckM^ fci* wvifbt w* b^gianing to tcIJ, aod the ciound buna 




The CctUl^moKi Mag^azine, 

now \ja Uic diKCCLl. lie ftjuiid UimsclT tbc la^t uf Uic iivc people villi 
the liounds- 

At the crut cf the hill ^wncd .1 bindc, forbidding-lookinjE tiuU- 
finch ; on thU side 3 strong rail ; on ihe other, if a horse ever got 
llicrc;, the tiin:/riai/ii}i,Vi]\\fX\ niigbl ox tiiiglil juj/ iiilniinalE^ in a tatltln^ 
&!]. Djiay gUntcd aoxiously to Eight and Icf^ ou bis wife's bclulf^ 
but there w^ DO lorgivcaess. They mu^t haw it, or go hoin<! 
TJiCQ he watched how the fimous black mare wcnild acquit hertdf s 
liiiDdccd yufds ^K'^ uf him, aud fL'lt litili^ rcj^Auncd ii) detect 
■uch a struggle in tiic jiu' while ohc topped the fence, ^ by no nacu^B 
iarerred :k pleasant lojidiog wbere she disajipearcd on its £u ^dc. 

He w,ivc.Ted, he hesitared, and pulled his lior^e off for a stride; 
Lui Norfth's im[4iiiicDL '* Ah, Diisy 1 go 011 now ;" urjjcd htm to the 
axUiDpl* And he ^Jiatwid it, wiih his ])c:u'L in his mouth, for her ukcr 
DOt hU own. 

Titlng fast lioM ofjila horde's he;Ld, be got over with a scramble, 
tiuuii]]^ aAerwittdu 1x1 the ;»addl(: to (va-Ich how it tared wiil^ hlx 
wife And Little Boncen. Hex subsequent account described the 
porionooccc better than could ^vty words of mine, 

" When 1 [ooKcd him ol^ tx it," slid she, "* 1 just touched him oe 
the »h(}u1der witfi the whip to ]et him know he wa^ra't in Kildvc^ 
lie understood well cnongl^, the little darling \ for he pricked his 
cars, aod cojiil- back to a ilywcoiitcr; but I'd Idte ye to bavc felt tbe 
boimd he made when he rose to it \ Siieli a i>tace beyond I T^Wi 
as thick iis 3 c;ibbagi>gatdeii™dDg-ro*cSj hciicj'siicklcs, I'm not *ure 
there woso'e caulillowcis and ilU, tw^i&ted op logcilicr to coticciJ m 
deep, lA'ide, block -looking hole, like a borecn.* Well, 1 just felt hijn 
give a sort of x kick, while he left llie eaiire peqJeiity ten feel 
behind fiiiiij and whtrn lie ktidL-J, as light a& a Ciiry, JJUiay, I'm ituxt 
I lieird him h^i^h !" 

Mrs, Walten, tike most of her ontiom abounded in eEilhusiMQi- 
She could no: forbear a little cry of delight at the ponorAnia th^t 
opened before her, when ihe hail efTected thtr a-bovc-memiancd feat, 
To Uic very hori/oii Uy Atcetdied u JiiognifTccnl yalc of postUTi^ 
brightened by the Kbatin^ nys of a November 3un. Fir ahead, fleetins 
acrotci the kvd bcto^r, sped a dark object, which bhe rocogoifted for 
the deer \ a field nenicr were tlic hoiu^s^ running ihetr haidest, in a 
StTiDi; iha: showed they too had c^i^ht hlght of their game. HaJf- 
«iy down the hill she wa^ hcrfclf duccnding the other lady w» 
lining the black mare (o headlong ^peed, very dangerous on sudi a 

* "Ssreerv '*— Idib tn % d««p, iioDo-pjiiiDd ine. 

tKp kidine. Fil^ jard« IwHind Satan^IU aunt Duty, artd close 
m\i% liceb, Kcaaii, wild with dcLi^Ui, /c^cliu}^ i %mjrig ^odination fo 
ihcBoocca lua bc^ ami £o hy tbcni all. Ttic litUc hone, bnv- 
o^wmlc^ed hii nabk-compAn^on narrovljr^ while \m rldcfs tycf 
mv meted on the hocatk. Suddenly the fctt hitn shonen hU stride 
itti ttup, with i jerk, iJiu nurly shot l;cr irut tif Oir f^.iddfp. 
ukkaog M Daisy fw aa cxplination. she bcrcamcid Aloud, oiul 
mteed bcT &CC with btr liande. 

Wte ftlw (oolccd igain^ the va^ awnr^ crf tier hntb^nd'c horre 
nntg vddly ahant %ith cht? bridle ova in hev! ; uf Djii«y himsdf 
n liici ; JDtl m fcr )iiirds off ibc good bbck more probtraie, iDotioi^ 
t^nOod np a A confused and bideoos nuss with her haplcsa rider. 

J^pvn hiflr at mdog pace, SatonelJa hid pui her rotc-r<«t throogh 
lo/ered drsin, with the int'vi[:]blF resiili— the surface gave WJiy^ 
kOta^ fas ai to tHc: hlaouIJcis, Mid a few yjtnl% faitfier on fJic by 
lOMi her mntRsi, with her neck broken, never to Mir those rtroo^ 
lea firabt *(!tia. 

••Oh! Djusy, thcfK both killetll" wht*pefcd Nor»h, with at 
dtiva. while fjix, while hci hmbondr Inii^ing huD»clf lo Mndo the 
pilha, md thus exincjLtc tltot limp, helpless figure from beneath the 
vtjgta thai <Tuahed tt so soieJy, £houi«d for assitiance to Soldier Bill 
ad ihe Gefteml. who at thsit moment entcr^ the field together. 

"I tnut in hr;\ven fw//"* lie rejiUed aloud; and, bHon htsbrMth, 
nebvhikhiihcvt »inotc him for the tliou^ht, "It might luivc been 
vmc^ Hy darlings il mi^t have bceo^u^" 

CHArrivR XXX. 


If ym iodccd ;i ud tight foi those joyous ti^ct%. eAtlLmg hut a 
micitf bcfoffe ID all the triumph and excitement of their gallop. 
SaAkn »d movl pitiable for the- General, thua to find and reeogniee 
Aewmon be had loved anil lL>st. Wliile they took hLT gently out 
bia omkr t}jc deid m;irc'» caicasc, alic poancd fccbW, and Uwy 
ai^ ■ "PiinV Cod i" for al l<ia*t there seemed left a faint spark of 
Ifc. A3sistan<o, too, w;i8 near at hand As Norih olitervct!, 
"Twwa'i hkc Kildare, where ye wniildn't have wvii a sl-je:ding or 
Mjbe so aiiich as a potato guides fi^r nulc?^. But cvciy liinn heic 
■u kept !ikc a domoia, and die^U buili a dwdhn^ h^'ii^i-- Almo6t in 
no^fidd.* Within a iliort diicarce noodihccoin[V>nat>tcm.i.n&iOTk, 
anocioded by its wel'«i>rkpd fofd-yjirrls, of n sub«(antial yeoman; 
ttfl^W vMb w» Jftil^ tno jAcre m nvo roinules I A few ot ihtt 

c X 



TIu GmtUmatLS Mapxzine, 

seoond flight alto, pene^'^r^ rpsoltti^^y on thr line t1i€ hauoi 
]£One, MiAtiglcd up and did good scnncf. Whit becm 
tic(d, and where th« dcct vros Ukcn, none of thne h;ul cpportunUy 
to a^ceriaiu. All iheir ^ncrgi^-t, all their tyniprithin, wrrc crgitncd 
by th.ic tiflp[c:^8» motJoiilt-^ form, thAt bc-auijfal rigid ffti:c, ki 
ftad nhitCi bcnnLtb tia folds of glossy raven luir. 

CiLrr>ing her «cfUy fiiid nrcfiiUy on i giie to Ji piice of thclli 
11 Icokcd a« if they formed a funeral |iroce»ioi\ of which 
Genenl seemed chicf-mournLT. 

111b bearing wu sum and composed, Ins »tcp never faltered, 
did hift hjiocl shake j but h9 vho wrestled with the angel of old, 
prei/.iiletl agaiiMr Him, conld uarrcly havi? outdone thist loraif, 
lon^ijiu l^cA't i^ eAmcatnesA of purpoie And pAssioiulc ploidii^ of 

'' Bvit oice more !" vt-as his petition. " Only lliai ^w may Ickov 
me, :Lnd looic on me once more '" Afid it wa< gr.-inled. 

For two days BUikIic Douj;laa neither spoke nor stirred Mn> 
Walter? conslLUitcd bcriclf head nurae, and never left her pillow- 
The General remained the Avholc time at tl:e threshold of hi 

le mrgcon, a oouotry practitioner of high repute irho 
tin An hoof of her accident, committed hin^seU lo DO OpAnlOD 
void or fign, but nhook hifl head dctpondingly the mcimfrnt be 
found hlmficlf iilQiir. The latncxift L<jn<lo[i diK-tor, telegfa|}hed far it 
once» preserved nn ominou:t s^ilerce. lie, too^ geitirg into the 6y 
that took hini bick to the tuition, looked gnvc nnd Uiook hi» htMA. 
The hoipitftblc yroman, who plarcd his house ancl all he hod frrtly 
at the buffeJei's disposal, p;ii;kin]£ o^ t]ic veiy chlldieca to their aum^i. 
flt the ncKi firm, felt, a« he described it, *' Downhearted tincctn 
mon." Hh kindly wife went about voHly and in teanL Daisy nod 
Bill hurried lo and IVo, in every direction, as required, by night and 
day; wHilc Norali. iviitching In die daikcncd ro<jni, tried lo bo|« 
a^zLinbt hope, on^ pray for that which she dared net even think 
poisible could be granted. 

The nf-niT^I liiokecl the i^uielcit and nioit cotnputcd of afl, 
and itili, he acemcd Ic^tt tu watch than to woiL Pcrhipl 
EubiTer intiinct Uian theirs taught him tJie diBkUrous cvrtamty, 
tcveflTcd to him the inrvii:ihle ttiiih. 

Towards evening of the iccond day dora^i came into the potstgc 
and bid her hnnd on his shoulder, na be sat g»^nj; vacantly front 
t/3<^ window, ever the fields and orchards about the fann. Tbcy 




ink ^1 


avhidi he looked iru clear enough — a bright sunnfilopctAgoMcn 
gtmn in the *ty aborc, and on cuth a dirk heap, with a trailing 
habJL anil ;) iicsdcr ridin^whip cWnche<l in a ^m^ll gloved hiad, 

*'Shc has Just &£kH for yoii," whi'iijcrod Noral). "Co lo licr — 
qukk ! Cod blc0 yoo, Ocncnd ! I'ry nnd hcvtr it lilcc a man '*' 

IW room wiu very d4rk, tic sioU soft!/ 10 hei Icdaidc, and fcU 
bit lingert duped fn ih« rimiljar dingicig coach once more. 

"My dsriirg?" he nnurtnurcnl, and the nroo^ man's team weTIcd 
Qp, ihidk and lioE, like a child's. 

Her voice cine, rcry weak and }ov. " The poor mure 1 " she 
Mid ; " i* she much htirt ? U v^s bo fauU of her*. " 

He miftt Ittve aoswerttl uid told her the Irulh wiihotii kiiuwin^f 
ft^fof she proceeded* moic feebly ihAr\ before: 

* Hoih of w ] Then it's ao iis»:- J ww goinp to pre her lo yoia, 
dar, ind uk yoii 10 tike care of her for nay tak^. Hnve you— have 

" f orfiiven !" His fjulin; Jicccnl* Vp-ctc even k« atcidy ih/ctx her 

"I vexed vo'J drcadftiHy," vlii- ««nTiniied. "I va* not good 
ood^ for yo». I kt it all ; Jinri, if it rnuld f<>mr :ig^in. T \vnLild 
tcver \tiivc you — neixi ! B(;t 1 did 11 for ihc IjckL I look grc^u 
pu» lo hndc tnyidf away dovn hcrc^ hut I'm ^lad — yes, I'm very 
gbd you foaitd me out at U^t. How d:ifk ii W \ Pont let go my 
hmd KiiH n^r, nty own T I know now thai I r/itf love yon dc«rly 
-^bcUd ilian L itiouehL" 

The feeble 03Kp tightened, fftronjcer. stronger yel, 'Hie sludowt 
Wl, the night cacne ticwn, and a pnk raoon lhrL*w its ghoitly light 
iaiD the rhvraber^ Put ihiir Tare hfr Vivt'd u-iH fixf^t ;ind grey now, 
Ae bocd he cluped was uifT and cold In dc^ih [ 

'riieCenenJ cairriod to India a [cs« sore hoart, pcrlmpn, than h« 
lid cipected^ There wu no room IcC^ for the gnawing; anxieiy* the 
Ittieraeiw* nf humiliation^ the prriiittnl iiniggltf jigxiinst irlf, th.ii 
dbbnaied and trouUcd him in hia prc\ioiiH rcUtloin with her he had 
^9fv\ so ddfly, ami lost so cmclly c*^n in Ihc hoar she became hit 
ova. He waj^ gmtvand uleni no douU ; infi^'clings and :Lppe:ir;ince, 
aniT yrini 1^'ond hu real age; Ijiit cvi-ry frcah grey liair, every 
addinorul 9ytiit>toni of decay, seemed only a Diitefiione nearer home. 
It'iChout spcculntini; much rn its loality, he ihcnahed an tirdent 
bepc that w>oa he might foDow 10 the ptaee where uhe hatl gonr 
bcArn. HoM fihonld roone beiween ihem there, he thought, mid 
ibfy need never ^rl *^'in. 

S«ldkr Bil) Att' IMitf suH- tlN^ last of U'lm when he kfl Eii^l^ri^ : 



The CetUloHaHs Magazine. 

the former rather envied every one who van bound for i sphere in 
which ihi-rc stemt'd a possiliiliiy of sct^inEj rcil ncmce; ihe latter, 
compjiiA^ hli scnioi^s londy life and blighted hopc3 wjdi huom 
hnpp)' bt, fell a liumbtcr» i wbcr, and a hetlcr man for xhc contauL 

Mi>. U'^l:ct%, ihoLigh losing none of hrt goud-iuture and gtfibi 
Irihh himiour, lircamc mofr sLiid In mannjrr, ali'^^^rther morr 
m^uujjly ; and Lhouj^h she went out liuuuug ua vccmiiHit ccrCuolf 
icdc Ic^ boldly iban Lcforc d)c cAtasirophc^ Her nttXct WMft 
however, v^iii>>^me over to sUy wuh her abtmt diia liruc. kept up the 
(tmily crcdii for dinn^, .-ind tvct^ld have taken Hill's heart hy florm 
(if slie Eud not wun it already) with ihe fearlessness she displ;j,ycd k 
foUowing him oitr the imost formtdaljlc obslAclcs. After a ruinous 
d:iy on Boitei^iit when Eh« btistled tZi;il b/y liltli* gentleman ilong A 
9. manner tliar perfeetly cLecirified him, Bill cot^ld hold ontno Tonger, 
but plj^incd hijn&c^lf^ hii fortunes, CaiAiDuunt, diyd Benjamin, at hcf 
dispo^LiL All these »he was good enough to accept hut (he badger ; 
and that odcrc^uii aninao] wua compelled to evacuate his quarter in 
the w.irdrobe for a more suitable residence onl of barrack*, ai a 
livery -sia hie. So they ivere nianied in I^ndon, and inauguraled the 
first day of llicir honeymoon ty a quitk thiug widi the Windsor 

Of Mn. Luthingtcpn there is Utile more to be taid. The vad £ite 
of her former friend she arcr^piwl with ihc rr^^igtulioii i»im% 
dbplaycd by thuac of het joniculoi set. hi the face of snicb a:Q9icdaaft 
afl do not ijnmcdiately affect themselves and their pIcftAirct. She 
vowed it was very sad, talked of wearing bbck^bnt didn't 1 and 
went out TO dinner much as usual- Even B<'s^ir Gordon showed 
moic feeling, for ahc t/iJ cry when she hr^d the ncws^ and appeared 
thai night at a ball wiih swollen eyelids and a red pbcc under he 
aose. Many people asked what bad become of Misft Dou^a^ 
The aniwer wa» uvu^ly something lo this effect — 

"Do«*t yon tcmenjbcr? Pauiful business; shocking aocidcnt 
Killed out hnntii3g. Odd story; odd ^l Ye*— handsome, boi 
v^ry peculiar sly k." 

They buried ihc good tlick mare where she fell- T,ong before the 
graM was gri^ea over her grave rider and hnrwr had been very 
gCQCUdly IbrgoEten. Ycl in their own circle both had aealod oo 
UioIL fiCDsation in their lime. iJut life ia lo far like the ehodc that 
it admitfi of but Utik' leiiLire Ibr hesitation ; none whatever for rcgrvt 
Hon should Ae ever get to the finish if wc n^usc needs slop lo l^c^^ 
up Ehc failcrL^ or to luourn for Llic dead ? ^| 

Ja cffrtaia kiad and faithful hcart^i howewt it is but justice to say 



the memory of thnt hapless pair remains fresh and vivid as on the 
da^ of their fatal downfall. 

There is a stem, grey-headed soldier in the East who sees Blanche 
DoogUs nightly in his dreams ; and Daisy Walters, in his highest 
stue of exultation^ when he has been well carried, as often happens, 
diroagb a run, heaves a sigh, and feels something aching at his heart, 
diit recalls the black mare and her loveiy wayward rider, while it 
raunds him in a ghostly whisper that " there never waji one jet like 

THE nta 

Rip Van Winkle in the 


HERE are l^c parliamentary omlors of i88a ,tnd 
of 1S9J ? The GhdGioncs, the Bright!;, the Duracli§, 
Ihc Lowes of tUe next ten yoirs — and of Ihe next? 
Tliuniliing I.idti ami Oark kiiions ;tl WeHUnmsicr^ 
Elcn, or Harrow ; working hard for FclIow^Jiips At Oxford and 
Cflmbridgc ; taking their first Icwon* in parlbmcntary oTMory by 
lElcfng qiiwiioiifl now and then from ihe Kirt benches of ilie Hmise 
nf Cftmmneis, cr poring over thr blvic books in the Temple and 
Lincoln's Inn, and keeping their eyes upon ^h^: ni:\v5ii^]>c:n for a 
vacant scat ? Vou can h.irdly spend a couple of hours in ihc giUlcry 
c>f the Houne of Common<i nnw anti then, as it h my prii-ilege to do 
once in icn or firtccn years, without asking yourself this quc^lion; 
and without the prophetical eye you vrill be pu^idcd in K^^ncing along 
the Twiki of the Opposilifin and ih* Mmiftlry to spot th« head of tins 
Governni«Qt and tlie kader of ihc Oppodtlor in iSSiand 1S93. Vet 
you hflvt only 10 turn to /^jt/ 10 sec how improbabte It i* that any 
of the parliamentary dncfi of t(M)ay will be in ihcif ^cits ICtt, 
fi^cen, or twenty ye/irs Hence. There arc hardly half a do7cn men of 
hi^li parU;ini*fnt^ry mark under fifty, DisraeU i^ sixty-sevep, Gbd- 
Moae 18 *i\tythi'ee. I^rtglit i* fci.vly-i.>ne. l.o^vc, Hijiiy, Mr. Brace, 
fifty-sCT'cn. Mr, Caidwcll, fifty-five. Mr, Stannfeld, Mr. Fot*ter, Mr. 
Gosichen, Mr. Chichciiter Fortcscxte, and the Marquis of HartingtOQ 
are the youngest men ofCjibinetmarknmvoniheMim!itLTt;ilbendie* t 
Mr. Gaihorne Hardy and Mr. Hunt on the front row uf iTte OpptKi* 
lion. These arc ill »ttU under fifty, and Mr C>wdiai and the 
Mlirquifl of Hartinjitcm arc o:>ly jtisc foKy, Most of the under 
HcretaricB arc, n* it hnppcnfi, itill in the first hhish of iheir m-inhood; 
and Mr. CrLul.stonc. it ii as^d, like Sir Kobert Peel, is partinilArly 
amxious to pieia the flower of the House of Commons into the service 
of the Slate and ti> lonnd ;i school of statesmen- But this of course 
i« and mu« ahvay? be a work of time, antl Lhe pfe<ent nice of under- 
secretaries i* not, t am sorry 10 ^y, (Kinicularly dislinginslK'd l>y \\t 
skill or elotiucnce in debate, or even, as far a« it is |>cimiltcd to us 
outEiders to judge^ by itrr aptitude for the work of admini»tration. 
Afr. GmtJt D/jiT is peHiJips the most brilliant &nd iirilcing repre»n-, 


Htfi Van Winkli in i&e Galtery. is 

blive of lh« class ; and wlnt is Mr, Grant Ditlf biJt ihc pcrfi^clion cf 
nifi5»<Tity, a man who hii pored over blut bookc, »nd the *pecch<fi 
Aul Hiilin^ of CoMcn «n<l Bn^lil, till lir lia*i coluuml bin mind 
«tth dtcu ideas u n polypii* talccx the colour of iHc ruck on wliidi it 
feedv? He has not a cpirk of native cloqiicrcc, no power apparcnUx 
iT ^>oinun«ou« tboiiglit, w)ieo upon hix leg« in Ihe House of Com- 
IIKID& He cui und uftcn <Iocti write ilitJiLglitfiil ^ijul sLj^t^iive cffiay^ 
ibr Utc perplexity cf ihc ^roup of ^hcptKrda, fialivnncii, ^ljiU Jt>^I'=n 
of the El^n burghii. But this, ippor&ntly, is ftU ; and Mr. Grant 
thjITb the only undcrsccrcury who posucisirs even ihi< gift Take 
(itaibu>i>er, Eri^hl* .niid nitueli rnit of [ht'ir !«?4]-\, cuid who is Idt to 
ffctcTvc the tradition) of our porliamcnury eloc^uence, 10 keep the 
AAdca of PaJmcrstoD, of Feci, CjiEiniii^ i^iii, and Fox tiilJ Jiogciuif; 
iboa; the Speaker'^ cluir %% they nov linger to listen 10 ihc tpeechcc 
of the men vho by (heir lhoi.ixl»^ wit. and dofjiiciKe %\x\\ iffcscfvc 
ibc mcmofy of the dayi when ihe 1 louse of CommonA ivu the Areni 
tf all tlw proijdfttt sptnts of the I^mpire ? 

niv^ 10 my thinking, ii with nio^t of otir porlivacntaiy veteranc 

Am quoiion of qucititms ; and \\ i* :i ^ur^|ir>n ihai may well perplex 

Ihcmoat BOiaciousofus. Yel, oiler oli it U not Anew question. It ■ 

hu been «aked t^oien limci within my nreoTlccticn -, \ expect to 

bear it atlccd three or fc>ur limei; yet again before the century \% oiiL 

ll «u ukiMt in 1701, and a*ked without an antwer. It will, 1 have 

BQithc !di;^lite3t doubt, be aiked in 1901, And asked then lui it w^n in 

ifci, and v it ii a^ked today, witJiout An ans'vcr Vet if any of the 

6^ M-P/s vho were ih^n peermg ihrtiugh the curtain which hangf 

faoitcn nt a^il lO'inoiTOtt hiid known ^low and where to lixik for a 

•w*^*"" and A& oraenT, he nii^ht have been found on the bneJt 

tadtea of the House, ns the Premier of 1 Sfij is pcrl-nps ti> he fcnind 

Mij, if we only knew how to di^dnguish d statcrmin and an orator 

ban a chairman of <|iiatter tettfont, a' colotual governor, or a 

piiukc jvdlc in ihe aowd of bquia'H. Q.C-'h, Yorkifhlic cotton 

^Ders, Ijondon b;%wera, nJtd half*pAy colonels who make up the 

fnik uid l»lc of the Houte of Commonn- and d in 1701 n |K)Hlicnl 

eritir with Ihe gjf% of «econd^iight bad set hia mark on "the sturdy, 

hjltoeckeid, rcd'£M-td >T:iing memlier for Castle Ritling, who looked 

^ tke aoft of o «mall iarraer, and nccmcd liy his gait u if he had 

Imcq tfvwghl up to foUow the plough," .tT)d pronounced him the 

Trimc Utnuier of 1730, wh^t would the House of Ccmmonft havi? 

'bugFbt flf (he sc^cctioTi? Tliit pl.iiii Norfolk u^iiirr rrmld hanlly 

rn ten frord* together in gmmmaticoJ ordi-r, and aiuttcred Alvd 

till ihvUouMf (^ CcfnmojTJC /du;fhcd in hta face u \t^iu 




The Gentlemfiyt s McgoL^nf. 

buigted in Ae £ica of a doicn PrcmiGn on tl>e back benches before 
BOW, and wilt yet laugh in the Iack oT x dcurri more bdbrr Sir 
Qurlcs Hariy's p-ilnicc Js 33 giey as Weslminslct Abbc-y. Bni Sir 
Robert WaJ^uIc tncw hm* to lead Ihc House of CoinmonJ> how to 
foii the oppoaitioTi of a PuUrne^, n C'littrrvt, ^lod a ho<t of fo«* ia 
and oitf of the Hmi-io. hrw to govern a Conn with fl jwrvrnw flnd 
CSAULnkrrous kiug, witli ^r \\t'\t AppftrciU in op]iOMtlnn, And how Ci(^ 
nilc ;in empire linglc-hanrlcd, ocn whcri, ic<''OrijLii^ to the oldl 
epjgnuu, KugUiid had to 1>c niled by ^'bod [-jitin." Skip l)v&«nd- 
thirty y»Ts, Aod tlien kike your scat on The Treuury bench wti^ 
lbisstui:iIypbuli'U<.\J(C'd Norlblk kjliIic. lL>uk loitndJif; Huu^C.^cdatk 
him quietly vybo i« to take tlic rcin^ out of }m huida when he ihaket 
handa with the Speaker, and quiu Uie Bccne to ftroll off to die 
House of Lorrfv, to hkle hi^ hr-id Jn a coronet, -ind to lake his «Ctt 
wiih a Hictr mcurig iJie junitir boraiu as uner uf the mtiit inaigiii- 
ficAAC men ic the country- 1'hc Tories fumuihctj Hide more iliaa 
rows of jionderous Tok hiuitere, fat with Staffordshire or Devotislsire 
sle^ men who drank 10 the king over the water, and b[?]ieved ihit ^U 
thefund-hokl^rMvere JcWTi; iiitn vhose religion cods i^i^ in ludii|t 
tiic Diasventcrt, and wbosc poUtic^ lescuchca liad led tliem to Ibu; 
like Squire W'e-ttcni, that their land mi^t be sent over 10 HAnorer 
to be put in the Hinting fund. The eloquence of these kkiJou* 
■quires, the reninaiu of die ono4^ roTmidable Oc-tciilicr Club, i^eldont 
vcat beyond a hc^Lity ije or do; and the only man with the 
tdightciit touch of cloffi-icricc among the Wl^ig^i was a comet in tbe 
Blues, with ihe dowm itiH upon bis lip, who had h^'cn cashiered for 
one aatiey sjireth, and n^^idc Gftiom of ihe Redf^htniljer to the Priii e r 
of Wale* for ^\ziothcf. lie was the leader of what ^V,^! pole chilled the 
boyt, and Sir Robert turned hi« heels upon thorn ivhen they ajikcd 
ftjT a place or two for iheimKclvcs in the lower ranks of his Miniclry^ 
in return for iheir volni- Vet in Ie5s than ten years this lerribJr ■ 



comet of hora^ a& pbin Willion] Pitt, was a more powerful and 
popular Mlnbter than air Kobert Walpolc hod beea at the time <tf j 
hi« palest po«<r and populanty. 

In the early days cf this ccntHry the Hon^p nf Cnrnmon* conrajni 
SO many groups of able and distiiiifuiihcd men tluil it wai inipostiblc 
(bt fttiy one :o sit out a single debate and then ^o home to a^k whcr« 
die orators ;ind statesmen of the next generatton :vere to he found. A 
Yet I hrtird \\\\\ L[imlion askwl in the gall*Ty onlr a few week* ■ 
before I^fOrd Uockini-luin senc his private teeietary into tlie Hoiue 
upon the strenj^h of n tliin octavo volume on the "Sublime and 
j fe«rf £ f a^ "juh/ / sdVL \\q.^^ x vivid recollection of a tall^ handsome 

Rip Van Win^ciit th£ Gallery. 17 

fvag Tn^intiiv yn^h a jfarkliiiff c^c And x B^rdulyl; now. itrallin^- 
^>iiito llies>UcTy tcottlsoDe of the rqiorier? whae he Utouftlil oflii^ 
ttUta ^*ecfaL " Noihio^ it all, ^Ir Shcndan," ^uunvcrcd the 
VpcncT, iti Ita blulT, downri^t way. '* You ir? Tnaitng a mklak^ 
Tte u not io your line. Stick to yoor cotnccUci ; they tnll briag 
jroi &jne. Tike my word Tor it, your i>pccchcfl in the House of 
CoMDMnu never wUL" l'hi!& wi« honoi criticiKm of WoodMl't^ ind, 
tike all cricififra vrlth a IjiiIl- bKrcrnci-i iri it. vii, I h;(ve no doubc, 
■cHoic^nL It brotii^t&doudovcr the brow of the Lessee of Dniry 
Linc^ fl&d be rested his head on his h.ind Dioufthcfaily for a nnosQ«iii. 
Bat it iru only for a moment. " You xze wrong, " he «ud, lookiog 
nrad ibe Hoax and brudnng Ixick Iiit h^lr ^' Ymi arc wroDfc- It 
b io mc Ofkil by God it bholl tomc cut 1 " It did not conic out tin 
kn yean ^tCTvardi ; but when it did corai; it cune with dAnlin^ 
ifihndouT 10 the B^im tpecch, a tpccch vrhio h carried Uie KouM off 
iu feel, ami pbcnl thcatrdiot [jr**ThcSi'hool for Sranthl •* vn the front 
onlt cf poHuunecttary oraUnx PiU was marked auc foe hi^h ofiicc 
IfOtt Che hrvi. " llv will be one of Ihc firtt mcti io i'lrlitmcnt, " sijd 
a ttend 10 Fox as Pin ut down ^er hiii tint v-peech. *" Ue is to 
atnaxly.** aiHwcred P^ucr, with chmctemtic geiierosiiy. Bui Fitt b 
the only otatoi wiilita my iccolkctioii wht> Iiiu uot ui^tlr 
If at Uic cKpcDsc of hia audicace. Th\A wu jiaiticularly the 
cue with Fox, He entered tlic Houm vcty young, nnd with liuk to 
icecniKBcod ham — x ihon, thick-«ei youth, with ;t head :uid shf^iildcn 
like lfN»r of a cxhI5%}i, a Lack-Uiatrc rjf'. uud -1 huiky voico — and did 
little cl»c for five or nx sessions but nak questions* otfer sugs^tions 
vfeich had p^hapt bttn aniidpakd, or make obnCTvatioiu which 
Ac UbiKtcT^ Rircly ccndetcended to anrvcTr " Durtrg Ave 
abate Kwnos*' u be ii^ed id tcU hi« fiimda over a lioUle of 
Bfadcifa, '' I spoke cttry lught but one. and oil 1 teicret ia dial I did 
Dtt ipeak on that night too. " 11ns was the secret of Kox's success 
Ka parlum^ntaiy omtor ; »nd tt vaa by pntticr of thiit <tnrT thit 
he nMC viih Buikc and Pitt and Sheridan 10 the first [ilacc in 
tte raak of pailJaiDcnUry leaden, die DcmoiilbcKCS of the House of 

The Hoitse ^ CcMnmons attained the meridian splendour of ita 
doqoeace onder Oic^e men ; and when they puird aw.iy ihc! Hau«e 
tf Commoas, aa aft arena of d]c hit^heit eloquence. :iufTcrcd eclipse; 
igx had 6xed i^)on Lord Henry I'ctty :u hia political heir, find Pitt 
^nn a tall handsome you*«h, wtUx an equivocal pedigree, balanced by 
bdDiuu wii, hi^^ ^mu ar>d an Oiftird nrpitiaiion, over^ooV™^ ^ 
^Bui^ donnre "ZwA ** jfxaA iroo Ciia^rid^f;, who sHi with Cinrnc^, 




s8 The Cmtlmmns Magadm. 

Petty, Grey. PcrcJval. and RomJUy, on the fifth row of ihc HouaCr 
hardly knowd beyond his o^th circle, ani not to be known till thirty 
years afteroajda out of Ihe House as Viscoitnt Palmcttlon. Piirt 
pr&tigt alone ro?ic^ xa onyiliiog like political duiinclion, and fdr a fc^ 
y&a^ he kept alirc ihc pfldiamenUry tmditions of the cightet-ntli 
centuty by hiE wit and ^laqtience, reUni:[Lti£hing puwer in the «h(l LO 
a jen'es of sfraich-MinUtrle?, whose perversity, diilne^*, and raedioor^ 
a1>iUtie^ inuj^t have made Pict and F()i itim in iheir FiliToiids in Xht 
Abbey. I^ord Heriry Pclty soon disappeared in liic scramble for 
power, hid his hi^od in ti coronet, ond was hardly heard of ngjin till 
the dayicf the Reform Bill, wheti '* all ilie fiddle-faddles of ihe Cabinet* 
wiu allotted t<> biui a^ the rno^i c^iutjous and [jraclicjil man at tlic 

The di«eUK«ion« iifwri the Keform Bill revived a6rrah nil the fddin|r 
rccoMcctioni; of pwlijimcntary oratory, and brought many men of 
fluent UiHK"*^* and hritlumr p:ins lo Lhe front, nien like T.ard John 
Riisicil, l^rci Linf:f)ln, afterwards Uiikc of Newcastle, Sydney 
HcriJcrt. Hiriiry liruu^liaTn ; and aJl cy«s were fixed upon the^e fi>en 
aft the future chi4;f* of Ih^- Hou«e of Commons. But one hj' one they 
all diftjjjipran^d from [he were : one. and only nne, iht Faymastpr of 
the Foit.e^H and that one pcrh,ij's personally the least striking of imy 
c£ them, nittit; to lhe ftrat poMtion in the House — Lord John. 
Even in 11^31 and 1^3^ I^otd Palnienion was ah-no^t as dL^ep in the 
shade as he had heen at five-aiid'twcmy, whtii he wa.s coi^ufiing 
PJtjmcr W^id ;ts to ivhelhef lie w,i» Ukcl/ to prove competent for — 
cither of the offices tvhich the Duke cf Portland had oHercd hiin» I 
the ofEeev of Secretary at War and of Chancellor of the Exchequer, 
and he y/^ heiiiLitinj^ uhetliif he hiil nerve enough to fare lhe 
Uouac. or wit enough to lake part in a Cahincl convcrialion ; and he 
was the Ia*t man in die Honac Ihdt any t>:\c hai Ca.i:iQndra would hare 
prtelccd for the ['remienhT|x GladEtone was upon the back bench«a 
of tlic fippoiiiion wiih the proof* of his fir^i volume, that on the 
ndatioUK tjf Church iuid SiaIc, in his |>otkct— one of die stctncsi 
'fonea in the House : and Disraeli was upon the plains of Troy, 
BUTTOUiided by the tombs of hj^roL-fi, watching the lighimti^ play upon 
lhe CTiMf of MoTini Ida, and. planning hk revohiiionnTy epin The 
hope of the House of Cotnirtonit centred in iSjj upon Lord SiAitley 
AOd a Chancery barrister who \\rA recently been hrotighl into the 
HouKe hythe Martjtiis of i^rsdowne for a closi- borougii in \Vdt£, 
upon the strength of a brace of keen and plrntre^qne articles in 
\\\t E'finbutxU Rrvirtv upon Miilon .ind Machijvclli and a apceeh 
at H/J/i^s Ji^jom.-s; mid pcrJwps iiiid any one then ventured to Uy 


Rip Van WinkU in ike Gallery, 

ktf bv>d upon Uic author of " Church and State," who »aL scowUii); 
bchiod Sir Robert Feel, luudly fiptaking three tlmcf; in the course of 
ihcMBEks^ itfiduponUte Auihof of " Vvvian Grey " and "Aitoy/'imd 
ideOrd theni xi ili:.- |iar]iatiii.-ntary leaders anil ooii>n of th<^ nexi 
\m or fi/tccD yean, he would have been »ci down ii a lun^tiu You 
eu ice by luminal to MacauIq/k Kssay on Church vn^ l^utc what 
vas thought of Glodtion^ even in 1839 ; and here you have his portnii 
diawn m tin; brightest coJmire of i[nj.ginaiicjn a* " j ytjung man of 
anlilenabbcJ cliaractcr and of dbtbguiahed paxlUnicnlaiy talcnU, the 
liflinghopc oJ tJioiO stem arid ufibcndinic ToriL-«whf> fallow rctuctantly 
ukd nMUmootly a Icidcr whoftc cxpeiiunee and eloquence are indU- 
penuhle tc ihcriu, but wluiie caiitiouft temper and inodetale opiniunii 
they aljhor.** \Vbal waa thougljt of " Vi>'ian Grey " 4t dut lime all the 
wocld lu)ow5* He wa4 a dever adveoEurcT, over head and earft in 
debt, and that was all, out of J^dy Ble^^ingicn'^ dr.ming-rooTii ; and 
when, after tontetcing hnlf a dttren bornu[j1i« tinder ihr aU5|ncrs iif 
Joteph Hume and Daniel O'ConneU, coquetting now widi l<;;dicai!i,now 
with Toripe^ and using both in tumri, he attostro^e. pale and nervouf, 
«itfi his Bpeech in htK tliroat, and avked leave to «ay a few wordK in reply 
10 O'CocinelL he was tooled down. He could not get in ten word* 
iMhoat an intemtpliun, a Uiigh, or a int-E^r, nr a ?khcuL " f litdown 
liairr'*aaki the pale spectre at la^t, ^ihakiiig hia Ambrcifiial lock» and 
dawin^ himMU' up to make hia voice heard above the din. **but 
ibe day shall come when you mil henr me." 7~hu wa£ in 1^(36; 
and three <>? fi^in yeai\ Litrr, wbeti Sir Robert Pccl »« farming; his 
AdnunisCnuion, the member for Maidstone in a modest note offered 
hb tcnrjccs tothe Minister, tbinkin}; perhaps of nothint; mure than an 
iBder-cecreLuyfhap of X,^,Y^^ a year. He had been mjirked out lor 
tilia by tlie clubs and the ncws]>Hii)cri, and Dougl:u Jcrrokl in on^- of 
fcti"QP»pcr»"in Aw^ bits olTtiic general expectation in sketching 
iHA |>n>bnb]c Peel Adminiatrati^m thus : — "Of course J)en IMvmeli 
viUget a bUcc of lecrecaryihip, m:iy be allowed to nib a Sltte quill ff 
fce msM not u^e oue^. " Hut Sir Robert Peel did not llilnk »o- The 
bt of his Administration cunc oui with GlAdstoncU name, but 
tidioot U^ancli's. But Disraeh', aUhough thrown back 6ve or six 
!«», ^mkA not eitioguisihed, and mthin the next tern yrar; he wan 
<qtuil wuk "the htuidMinie C-hd^tune," and i« today hia only lival 
br the Premocr^ip. 

1 take only the Di05t conspicuous coses that occur to me ia 
Isokin^ through ottr parlamenury annilK \ but theie annals are, rn 
Uctp Diidc up all through of ihe failurrA of ^irilEi;nu men tuxd iW 
MKCavc» <4isKn apou the back bciiclKs — of VVal jiolea. Phis Ca-nnw-g^ 
A/3M»nwi^ and DisfntUs ; and when men aak, as Sir Geot^e lAiiia 






^kI ft tcrnf yatre a^^, ^Vlicre Jirc ibc nacn to loij lJi? House ot 
Coomonr* when Pcltncrsion oud Rns^ll ore gone? and as critics 
arc ukmg now, whtai tilidaione and UisncU are gont, ihe aacw«r 
ift— 'Upon ihe fifth row of Ihe Miiiistirrial and OjjpnilTion bebvhrf, 
whctc CfbcbtoQc and DlsmlIi liicnisclvca £at for ycAf^ and nlicic 
FaJmcr»tc>a ;Liid RvtssclJ si><-ni ihc ^E&t pftrt of ihcir paTJbmcntaiy 
cmen. The hour will bring Uie men ; and if ihe )ja^ k m index 
to rKe furure, I should say that the Prrmier of tSgs is noirfirtmg 
bciuw tJlc^ ^ngnu), taVmg anydiing buL a. cansinaumn patl in the 
discuuicnifi upon the kiUot, but perhAp^ pondcriQg dcqiJy over soaie 
of thoce tborny queationH which blanch the chtirks of men upon 
the TwasMy bench — f|H<!5iions of Church and St^Tf, qtieitiom of 
Isjid Itrnuri", and quwLiorte of Uiaiiou ; tlu( ihc Iffldcr of H« 
Majesty's Opposition is trying hi^ ^prentice hand upon a novel cr 
a political scEUib, the Chancellor of ihe Kxchcqvicr vitiiing Icodiog 
ftrticl«s ia Sergemti" Inn for the Tirri^r or the J'alJ Afaf/ Gtrcrfff^ tfie 
Lord Chancdloi cuacbiuy Wtaiiijlers al Oxfurd, and ibc ablest juhI _ 
most powcfAd orjtoi of Sl Stephen's, the "Tribune of ilic People," I 
making his firet speech from a lombslone in the churL-hynrd of n 
Horthcni boroUfih upon the 35th clause of Ihc Kdutation Act, 
Looking back, ii seems but ycRterday that tnost of the men in the 
pre»cni j^ilnnni&ti^tion were in these positions : Mr. BdghL ntaking 
bis first speech uptm church rates from a toDsbstonc in the old 
churchyard of RochdalcT Mr. Lowe n-riting for the Tuwr. Mr, 
CLidstonc sitting below the gangway mrtlirg his mark by te-inng the 
Divojcc Lill TO pieces, and Mr. Diftvaeli iv^itbi; ''Coning^bj^," — uid 
that which has been is that whieli fthall he. Mm tum up in the 
Uou*c of Commons u& they turn up hardly anywhere cbe— men 
who h'Avv bc!en the omcles uf coEeties from ibeir birth, who have gone 
ihrougli die regulu proce&s uf ^old medals, senior wian^lerships, and 
double fintfl, who htvc nightly nai down amid tumultuous cheering &n 
debating bodetiec, And cui harangue with unruffled forehead a,nd 
unfaltering voice from one end of a dinner table to the other, who 
on oil occasions have MJincthing to say, and c^i spe^ wid^ fluency 
OD what they know nothing iibout, collapsing the Lujbint they 6nd ■ 
theDnMlveft upon thftr feet with the Speaker and the ropoiten before " 
them ; And on the other hand^ felloK'S whom the women have long 
dciilored, ^md tlic mi^ii long i>Lded, js ]\.iving " no luanocr," who blaah 
■hen you spcafc to them and blunder when they speak to you, 
Hidden iy jumpinfi up in the House, with a self confidence which is 
only squ^led by their cousnmmatc nbiUiy : and in this fact Licft all 


Our Birthdays. 


S dfa^ons comr ard Homns go 
W< mark tliclr pisu^c lliu^ — 
Kirsi buiJs, thc^ ]cdfjfcc» fmita^'C. a&ow; 
Aod lo ihe C5r:lc( TouAd and grow, 
An<) nutk thdr mim on iii>. 

Aj, aJI the Ag» tliat have flown 

Since AcJ;iiD ^w Uie nm 
Have Ui<) i!idr imprcis on oar otm. 
And 1^0 wher b»tv«s arc- Itiiln gravin 

Than be when liri; fcomcd done. 

A&d, — bom JDtoin oldci tvorld, 

A phHo!i;ophir rare, 
Wc hftvc Time's coilcd-up scroll uQcurlcd, 
Rent £&rth'K greca veil, with tern impeulcdi 

To tcm her wrmkled tKe, 

We say Ihoie wrinkles represent 

JExm or ages ^oac ; 
And til our wiMloni sdC^^ntentr 
FrocUioi how simU rdl dnd rent 

Are bmhdays ^uiopcd in aujiic. 

And, — biiMrd ir^rinii Iiick tht* growth 

OrthiH IcTThiciKctju?! sphcn: — 
Is It rorsetfuUtcta, or aloth, 
ThaX makni us ywrfy grow mure loth 

To couTit oi\T bifilid.ij-s here ? 

At^ no ! In 3^oulh wc ipracg to greet 

Each brrthdiy as !i came, 
UDtil.— inaEuiitj" complete^ 
Vcaff »ccnicd to run with ll/mg feet 

And bcu J ocuv offiatuc. 


The Gentleman's Magazine, 

We feel Dot, while fresh seasons pass^ 

Their footstepa on our brow, 

Undl some clear, unflatteriag glass 

Reveals the wrinkles, which, alas ! 

Arc furrowed by their plough. 

And as these furrows indicate 
The throes of strife or pain, 
The heart that was in youth date 
In age bends 'neath too sad a we^ht 
Its birthdays lo sustain. 

What marvel we pass mournfully 

Remembrancers of care. 
Epochs of mutability. 
Of passioD, strife, or agony. 

If such our birthdays were ! 

A Parallel and a Contrast* 


;HEN 1 was a young man, 1 used to be surprised to 
hear it said by those who were older and wiser 
than myself, that it is impossible to tt-rite a good 
life of any eminent person unless one sympathises 
vdih his opinions and admires his character. 1 imagined that 
ihf history of a human heart and understanding can be studied 
solely from without, like the wheels and cranks of a steam-engine ; 
^thai ^U that Ls necessary for its comprehension is an intelligent 
candour and a determination Eo be just 2nd true. As 1 grew older^ 
Icame to see that s.ich a view is, on the whole, or at least in nearly 
fveiy case, untenable, I leaml to recognise Che infinite complexities 
of emotion, thought, and habit, which go to make up the individu- 
ality of all but the most trivial and commonplace minds; and the 
ira possibility of getting at the hidden secrets of a man's life without 
somt measure of affection and respect. We cannot coolly take one 
^^h^r to pieces like an ingenious puzzle, and analyse each element 
in our brother's nature, ^ith the impassive deliberation of a surgical 
i^tQTnist, without doing grievous injustice Co the tmth. Every one 
*to is good for anything is many sided in his external aspects, and 
^e aspects can only be rightly interpreted by entering into that 
^^"ler life of which they are the outer manifestation, and which is 
<^05ed 10 ali but those who to a considerable extent feel as he felt 
^ Ihint as he thought. 

And this sincere agreement is all Che more necessary when the 
subject of a biography or biographical sketch has played an important 
V'^ in the course of the lives we are ourselves leading. When we 
*^te about one whom we have known personally, or who has been 
ajdmaiely concerned in the political or religious movement in which 
*tbve ourselves felt a keen interest^ it Is more than ever important 
^Giiier into the inner life of any mind of whose outward workings 
*f wish Co form an adequate estimate. Unless we substantially take 
^e same views of things, and approach the solution of the problems 

' ''EHays, Critical and Historical," by J, H. Newman» formerly Fellow of 
^College, Oiford, London ; Pickering. "A Funeral Sermon for tht \alt 
^■Tt.jinna^" bf t&e Rev, S. A^ Btooke. London; H- E- King and Co. 

The Gcfiii0nan's Magasim. 

oi life from the same a:de, it ift often hard to know what a 
wriii^ TvaWy mcan^ hy what he *fly^ To m his words ma^ be darit 
or dnml/, when in iE:.iIt[y Itk himicir ihcy arc full of inr.tnlng, His 
thcoric:^ may t^ccm to be bojrclesA fancicni when in truth, to his 
3]jpreheb£ion, they may have hceri retting upon stjmc »urc Iwwis ol 
innh or raci, if onl/ wi* could see with hi* eyi^s *nd share his tnodes 
nf ihought. Every mnn witjj luboitTf Li> claHitfy hi» klou jiriJ mluczc 
hit conviction): to a syitcm iriuat ncccssftnly have o^lojiicd some «Ott 
of mvta|]hyiic:il theory as 10 the bwt of belief and knowledge^ He 
msy h^ve dono this unconsciously. Just at a student may bccone a 
gOo4 ULiathciD.LtiLku Krlhojt rAajiiiTitnt: tfic iiicutJit !iLl-{j.h hy which 
we first LRain to Lhc abiiiriict concci>uaii^ o( ^^lic nnd nurnbcr. But 
inthemidittof thecoDfltctcofargumenlandthe agitation* of dciubc he 
TTLiii^t \iiivv praciEC^iHy adojjicd sonie fin:i] It-St or othrfr as to ihc onty 
possible ^voiifccrt of hunLin ceil^ioty. tu wliich he wUI n^in and ngain 
betake himridfin (he secrecy oriiia own rf flections. 

When, then, wc crilidte the wrltingt of sny profound of eatneet 
Chinks, with whom wt* wem to dit.igrrp on thcsr very furdAmcitta] 
UwK, we iirc txinH^ious of .i iprcial difTjculty in our cndcAvours lo do 
full justice to his woKia;. 1 My wc seem to disagree, becjuic, afia 
all, in every such toKCance thediMgreem^ntDnay bemore vcrbd than 
real, and tlic rcwli of dcfertive knowledge rather than of r^kal 
■JiflTcrence of idrAn If it is haril lo get ni the secTCts of one's own 
naCurCi how much hAt^ci ii is lo pierce throujch the shadows whkh 
shroud the dept-hc of other n^inds. If in one's own cjuc wc art 
peTpetu:i3!y in peril of mi^cnking visions for rcalitiw^and the tnek« of 
rh^Corit:al k^errleLiutn (^tr the rigorous logic of llir jwvnr /mtnt. wiih 
what camion and charily should we dcddeos to arc the uliimaic 
lawft of thinkjng which axe adopted by oUien^ of whom, with atl oirr 
common humiioily. we can at thi? hpq know so Irttle. 

It \s wjih the fullest Lun^ciouboebs of tlic^c OitFRultiea tbsl I 
attempting on outline of the parallel and the contrast presented 
th« two niott inlliacnti,ii ihccbgical tenchen of the lost half century 
in Fn(|lM»d The moinem ^etms opjiurtunf^ fcr f\ich a ikclch. The^ 
gmve has Init lately lIiul-J oh all thai is uiui lal of f'nifrtic^r hfsirrie«;fl 
anj in republiihing his old Analican KRvtys Dr. Newman has com-^ 
plctc<J thjit Riory of his own life which hcjtave to the world in hts 
btilli*nt and louchrng *' Apologia," Circumttant'et appraf to have 
induced him lo widjdiaw dtogcthcr frurn the urgent coQtrovenic* o( 
the <iay, and hii career as a thinker and a rcli>:iL3us leader may be 
conitidtred a» p<TsonaIly complelrj. He U alw the laM maji to 
contpiaiti of any honen edori to |uuni him at he is and alway 



A ParaiM and a C^HirAst* 


been ; am, of coutk, isorallyv or wiih eren Hkt ^igHint mvoKion nf 
tb« prwACf of horac life; tui aoldv ns a slut3> of pftjuholcglciil 
miireii to M» cootomporBrice and to a11 itbo have come vtihin the 
[«aC«Df huinfbicDcc. Hb"Apologb'*wuiheworkof one who lortgii 
fer liiAt honua sjmpalhy ubirJi dcpcitds upon a corrcri ^jjprcn'jjion 
^ ooc^ pcrwoil hudory. Aa n. ptcitc of autobiognph^ ii sund» 
akvur »Dong moderc meaiein. Hi» recent ooUccbon of ** Vcnes on 
Jtdigicita f^t^mt," a^aln, was a fjrih^r proof of ht« in^ility to 
ivnaia sluii up in a coM isoluiun fitjui lii:^ gcucraiiuu ; wlulc Uii» 
tatt itpcUrfiCBtion of kU old rcvic*-*, chic*!)' from the BrirUA Crifii, 
fomuiicv X fi&il pvoof of hU deiiitv to be undct^tood ty All who 
rcttia him in dwit rcraonbmrict, their feitprf t, or their affoction. A 
nuu vlio dnuliv^iupLiflowii portniit for aJI puativljy to cxmnmc 
■ill be tke fint lo vdcnll iho ri^ of thv Apoclolor lo waJyaic oa ircU 
at lo ifttdy II 

On Gm Uiongbt) it may be isufpiuv! thai ch<* rhiinu^rn of th^^^ 
X'^o K^c3t kfldcn of a GT^ncracton now punng awAy prcatnt mcjcly 
pocnis of COQiTUt, 4itd iJui they ^i; lite one nnother ouly m Ihf con ' 
uui>iK!jr iritb «fudi Uicy \xxwi qicnt their live* in promoting, each 
Aci3Wilutg lo bift own view, ihc catuK of Intc rclfgii^n^ And if ilicir 
pvnotui bistories ate to be citimitted v>ielT from the itudr of ihcir 
detailed optnioBs, cenaioly it would be difliotit lo cooccii^ aoytbiitg 
usoec abtoloidy unlike than tbe nAtures of Prof^iunr Maurice iind 
Dr- NevTRdii. Vet wilJi 4II dii£ divcrxcDuc of tendency, ihcre wu 
aJv^y? a ttiagniar idcniii) m (he modes io which they sought 10 
aspjain the m^iny of human life in harmony with a bdief in the 
floacaiaiy «ika» of Ctrl^iitiui)- BuU: In IhUiuicc and Newinun 
Oiriliaa ttvtfa prcicQicd k^-lf hi LnuiKxbAic c^n&ccuon with a belief 
ID ibe bnng peesoicc of Cbrui io n vatt oiK^i^cd insiilntiom^ by 
irtntie of whirrh presence it became thr diriju-ly Appomled inntru- 
notf Jbf the conveyance of ftpiiitual life lo Ihe humui 4onl, And it 
M anlf by tcoofinuin^ tfab clencotary oooccptioc) in ihcir isindn that 
we can find a key lo lb* lUelon^ procewM of tbdr thotighta, or do 
Ituiice m ibr nngnbr unjlbrmity of iiiea oncl cunduct whictt haa 
diMuapiiWicd each of tbcm alike. 

Aod dw t^aractcrittie of the two men tt all the more renurkable 
became in thi4 nspeit ihej- wete bo onlikc the rc<l of the world, ni 
tbr world M'aj when th ^ ^ — r 'rr write. Fottj yc^x% a^ the whole 
kndettiT of the pre^;L: 41 thcofiht mifl toHaaxls jui abwliue 

r -n. Tbni ftaAc mdnidLuliftrti nhich it the cbanirl eristic 

IL4 .. ; ,- i.ival uid fodaJ Uwone^ l^d ukcn posse^^oii ^ our 
tUvbab Jfai4^ ic/w 73kc Dwiiib'oaai Hi^b Church schoo^ piesoNcd 

« 1 


The Ccti(Uman*s Magnstn*. 

indeed a setabblice or the oI<Jer living Cburch thcorr; bttt in th 
h^ds it hfld btcome a dr^ nnd lifeless tiypothesli upon piapcT, an 
WA» £s dilTeTcnt from tlirmr idcns whJch c^piitatcd Ncwuwn a 
Maurice ttlikc* as a nurbic sintuc u diffcrcoi ^^om the WArm 
broxifaing realitj of a livbg man. With the old £ifihioned Hi^ 
Cburctimm, the CKri^tun Chtircli «ns nothing more i.hia the hisi 
ik»\ dc])o«LlorY ofn bodjp od" traditional ductiine, lulnl hy a body 
bi^hopi tKo were RcncHilogically descended from ihc AjkwIIci. 
combined in itielf cl:e rvnclionsi of the Kceord Office :tnd the 
Henkl'i Collcg« In «ocl«l and literary life. The notion or the 
Chmch iu» the tpiriluaJ tiody of CliiiAi. Ijviti^* her ui>-alic life ffuta 
401 to net throuidi the presence of Chrisi Hini^ulf n-ftlib her, liad 
Tiniihed from the Knglith Church. She hod got rid of tnccfdotilisai 
altoge!thtTt execpi thai she rt^ininrd iis indent initilerance, nod 
repealed a few fr.i^mcnLs uf lU cli^uctCTLDtic phT^ex 

To the Evanprlicjil party, who^c ccclesiaaiical theory wm bucd 
uf>on the purest individiaAliKmr this form of High Churt^h docttuic 
was ulteriy rqml*ive- In their eyes, the ChriwiiaTV Church ju \ 
coiporate body d^nd m ihc channel of ^t&ct and knoiirled£:e hitd no 
etistenee at oil. It was m^e up of a iculuiude of nngle bebev-er^ 
jmd wa^ In ^lCI, invisibl'?. The Chnrch, according to their idci, 
had no lejnl fiinr.lmn al aII to fidt^T in the re^cnentlioit of the 
world, lliitoricjilly npcAklng* it hod vonuhedoltosether out of «ightk 
Whoa individiiiU hwlicvere were fortunate enough to know one 
another scd to be able to awocbte together, they <:ould unite for th 
purposes of picfiching and devotion, And c^tll ihemAcNes a Church 
and in the li^ht of God the only tcaX Church conMritcd of the niui 
tude oi these unknown believers in oU pans of the world. 

Now uid then, indeed, wome new or nrvised theory was put P 
which %eeiJKd tu %ub?iltlulc d pnictii^dl rcaluv fur llic vi&iuuB uT lh 
Evan^cli(:al and ihc Iffclcat formftUsm of the Hl^h Church party ; bu' 
such »chcCTe« were totally unlike the great spiritual conccptioQS 
Maurice and Newman. In tho?e days Arnold was a living power (a 
ihc Churr.h. How far the praciitiil revival of religious life which wc 
now witness is rc^illy due to bra worlc And his writinfis^ it ia not eity 
to aay. Hi^ fnllitence « a nchool reformer i& not easy lo ovct- 
•totnaic- In ihii respect he vrxn i^inpliiaic^lly the tme great man of 
his age ; and he wai M^^tjined \sy tlutt gil^ uf tnoul coui^c vhkh 
upheld Dr. Newman in hij va-rlicr amities with Ultra- l^roteBtantiam, 
and which va^ even more strilEtngly mAnifest in Mr- Maurice^c whole 
life- A» a religious Teformer, Arnold's pciwer w^% far lews- Ho dift- 
J^Jted crju^fJoalata wfih a genuine areraion ; but oaXo the 



A Paralld and a Cunirasi. 

%\*?orj of ikc C1i«Tc1i. It U Dol too much lo nj' that he birtcrlf 

dcieai'^ : ^' ^Ving apptoaching id myiliciitn he I«d not the 

hb futurr. WIS nubcr ihc gT\-)«ih of acid<m[c cnlturc ihan iny well- 
•Itaqg uf lli«okq|icd n&d 9|>irituxil sug^tions 3i* lo ilir Tmrrpri^urioD 
at il>« tvifBCvry of Life Uc toadied tbc mccncDtoLj^ nillknl aad 
doamiAj t^aafbons vhich tuve qqcc* ogiUlcd ihc Church wiiJi a 
ivnuiii-v hind, nnd m a ettuJD spirit cf ccleciicitm n^hid) hA« 
ouAhmg m cumi&oa w\\ ibc intmsc " ^a^onality " whiUi ia liiarat^ 
tcrklk of NeirnvLR »nd c^ Maurkc; 

So br tt J COD judge, th<; one happy chnn^^c in Rn^ish Chiuch 
fife tt) tvkicli Amold spfCtttly tonrnbntit^ u the abolition of cnri (n 
canrcnalion aimI Meriting on rc]j(;iou» tajiia. Acul thit chfliiKc is 
mDf tt<OfHkKul. \Mi«n Amo!<l Iirr^i bt^ui hb voik ai Ru^by it 
wv the rvtfi thiikg in tbc wiodd to hear rcligioui sul>)«ctt diMruiecd 
with >cnuu« cvnevincse^ ciaacii:o7npani«l vith M>mr nniftrial solrmniiy 
of ininncT aitd Icchaicafity ol bsGuagc. The frcalom, Uk ftiuipliclty* 
Aad ihe dirrcir^«68 *iUi nhich all kmiU of iheologiCLiI matter* ast 
ftam talkrd ^lw)iii in aU kinds of comp^ii); with no it-nt^ of mcon- 
gnuty and wiihoui any PIviLrink^] R«Aumptio;i of bupcrior pii-iy, were 
mJnwwn two ficncrvciom aico> The cmirc chiU'Ltctcr of periodic:^! 
Ulcrantre u in tiijs rv^cl euUcoII)* ahcred, Rcltgiotn was a thiog 
that mi fjtNXwd tn good lorirty, and fhe parliain«fitary ami nc«^- 
I I i^^ionauo Uicolo^y mtd tJic ClLmiiLizi vltwufa^uniK nhkh 

»:: I ^i^t ^fccdy natural ood ri^ht, would have been £imp}y 

fan^QVibk. Towvic the in^todnctioQ of thcce new habtis no mnn 
cmtTibitlM Ml iDixh m( AnwkL In fact, for ;i time be Klrrnd Almoti 
alooc- Ccruialy he va^ at fint cjuite aIorc amoot; ihc jjrumLi^cnt 
fooi of hi^ (by. If religion, he ai^ed, u i thing vbich enien into 
the whotc fioitTM of our dadjr lives, nhy should rftigfon nlon« be 
baAishrdl &ani ocduiary ooDvervition, or only made a subject, both in 
x't 't of it, for ndkolouri convccdonalitit* of phm»c and 

a '—... .,, .'...- '.^gtavity of manner and unauou^ntEU of voiee? 

Whrrv himttwf^ be boioolc bimcelf lo the ^mtng of some de^fre 
Ibcory ^ to the otfaau: &ct»on of iIk OirUiiAn Cbun}], a» opposed 
Ut the mdfviduabaiiof thcEvaoxelicnljandlhe na^cni uccrttotolinn 
of OifcmL Amcid ii:u not in advance of hw time, nor vas he capable 
of tbcAc a^mtiom w)udi ltd Newman and Iklaurfor to dirir »tet'0^ 
OODcJuflwOfl. Ecclnuttlmlly, \\< waa cecnually a potitician. When 
be idcnb&cd ih.? Chwch widi (he State, it wa* cm n conception totally 
tSiSeretil Eiri<fD that ttictiry of cc«nf^irHieruivef)e(svbidi is Tiov^\ruT^^ 
jppnad iu iAc CAoft^ mhJ •^icL it bcixi^ put fomfd as the ot^^ 



The G€niU7ftan s Afagasxne. 


bflsin ii[kon which ihr Anglican KKinhlixhment caji he logiailly upheld.' 
Tlul. view uhjch would, oi) i^rindplc; rcUin the Rituatiats. tibc 
Liberals, and EvangclicAlrf wiihm the ample lotd of th« n&uoiuJ 
Church, dots noi app*;ar to ^ave entered Arnold's iicigiQaiion. So 
fat AS Oie (hen living Oifnrtl school ww conccmed, he h/ imjilun-tion 
fiercely denounced ihccoinprdicnaivc principle- He wiX3> as nearly aa ^ 
U noiv po&siblc. on Krutiaa of the fitiv«nttciith century p^itl^m, ^| 

One Olhw put attempt to form a theory of the Chiu-ch de*eT\e*i a 
pftssi]]^ notice, on account of ns utl^ unaiiraLtKenrf^ lo minds like 
iboK of Maurice and Ncwmjin. ThU inveniiou waj first put into 
shape, or rather into epifEraromatic words, by Biahup Uaniel 
WibtOii of Ctlcmta, at dmi dme Kector or It^lington, iuyd ihe 
rrcogiii^cd clnef of tlic EvMngulicdl party lil Londor, if not in aU 
England. He clainied lo be the upholder of whai he e^lcd 
** Evangelical truth and Apo^toiioi] order," and the phrnre bcenine 
ihe A'attrhworrl of [orgr numberii of hit school, ^nd the btif^litny ttodc 
of thi>sc whu M* bio ill piciculioui aliallowncss- llier*: waa some- 
thi)>£ verginic on the ludicrous in this notion of diiiding CtirbiiAn 
doctrine from the institution of bii^hops, railing the one Evon^Ucal 
Utd the other ApodohcaL, u if Goipel truiii required to be fhul up, 
ta^ it were, b a bi^x, la prevent the vuguiies in whitiEi it would inc^-it- 
ably Ic^d ihoftc who embraced it, unless held iji olieck by aomc force 
cxteriul Lo ii^elX The flcheme wju, m iruiii, noiitiiig but a dcT^ce 
for making r good r-a«c againiit the ni^Hirnten of ihr lime. In whil 
Wity were RvnngcliLuli wiihin the C^huith better than the iMungcli' 
cals of noneoinfbrmity, rnUeaa there could be aet up 5ome ion of 
Scriptural authority for cpiscopaJ orders ? " tlvnngeJiciil inith " was, 
thfiet'ore, to bo preserved ini;ict, apAn fmm all tsim of High Church 
superatitionB on sacr^tment and on the priesthood, nnd il wns to be 
guarded by thU ** Apo^tolic^ '' institution of bi»hopi. Thus the 
Gocpcl wofi 10 be kept m order by a species of afterthought of ibe 
Apoitleiy when llietr Divine Master had left ihem ro arrange for th« 
preaching of the tnillw wUk]\ he luul ijivcn into their chiirge, Hcnce^ 
forth, "the Bible and the Bible only" was to continue to be the 
Tclijcion of Protestants, /,f., ol all re-il Chnbiians, but it wns to be 
placed in the keeping of a iuece4*ion of buliop*, under whom alone 
It vu iHBKibte that its preaihiTig nil^ht not dej^i-'MCrate into rxtn- 
Taganc:e3 and jircr^ularitica. The idea vas at \cas\ new ; bi^t iii the 
eyes of men wtio valued the Church at the divinely orduned organ 
for th« salvation of a miserable humanity, it did not rite even to the 
digniiy nf B cariiVHurc, 

7f7 nfrac respects, on the other hand, the ccnditioa of 

ParalM imd a CcttirasL 

wa pfofiitifyjc for a t«\^val of rtligiuus life. Hr. Stopfofd 
hu 3Ll[richr<l thut cn^daiidn «iih miK-h rniih and force In the 
•oiMs vbosc tii^ I hai'c pUccd ac ihc head of ihii pft^icr. Ttie 
«kb MnDOO, indeed, deserves to be nudicd^ u a cnrcful and well 
vAxn ftorount of Matinee'* general cIulticIct, frotu the pomi of licvr 
dftMvhci dfnvrd no linlc Wp fpon» hk (rti^hin^, withuul ibno- 
Wdradopcing ii in oil ictpccu. To a (uuin c^tcnE, I thiok ihai 
Mfh Brooke rcfisnis the dogmxtk identity bclvccn Mauiicc and 
llfVBAn u havmg be«n inorf tea) thati 1 concdvc CO hav« b««ji the 
cat Bai, on ibc whok, ihe Hermoa Is one of hk happiest afld 

SEnrottoded, then, by phjuatom IheoJogici, NeinnoD and MAUriee 
btgniWIaboiitor their diyiL Nemoao, being tlie elder oT the two 
hfM AciT jru^ bjid alri.'ady i«ulrd (be fDUtrdaTioi^^ of h» fiiich, and 
lil bcfmn tlkc foniud prapd«kiicn of thai f^th. vhilc M^uncc wa» 
iC^cbcohnfi up bi» own doubts, and Ascertaminf; whether he couU 
hofteMly enter ihe miniiiry of ihe Church of England. For tc is very 
DKkiaibtc iluil ireitlier the oitc nor tlie oilier wii<h brou^^ht up lO ibobe 
ik«i of ChastianJiy to the development of which he finally devoicd 
^ todi of hia li^c 'n>ou{;h (rom hia carlieal yciLni Ncwnaan held 
tn. cifxtly orthodox tdcnx on vicarioua atoncmcttt, on ctcnul piiinith- 
>MXtiadoth<vkindted(lorir[Drs,yei,aKherrlUtjtinhi!i** Apotopta,* 
lew ia no acQso of the word an Anjtticjrt Churchman, accepiin; 
thi Eiin(elka] framework of ortbodoxy, with all itv potU^ve indi' 
^iiAttlaan. It vraft afier hi^ onlirution that he learitt to believe in the 
Clniaa Church ns a Clitrrh, rhi/fly ihmiigh the intSuencv of Kt-h^ 
^HvTtU Ftoude. Maurice was Lri^ughc up a« a Unilariait, And it 
*VBttBly, I imjfirtc, iJiro<^:h the in^tiencc of CoJcridgc ihnt he 
^U^wA tlK doc1rin<!t of the Church jn Ihe peculiar forrtis vrhjcb 
lhc7 KiitnTKd tn b» miniL And it sefriiu to mr nndenuhir tfuit die 
ftfccDn: ul hi% caily tniuiri^ uevcr left M:Lmi4:e> Rather il waa 
ttniith Ikb profbttnd conviction of thai cicrniLl TcbEion^hip bciKcvii 
Gal lad «>sn, in which Unitamntim differ* ^m orthodoxy, that he 
*ttM Input fcnnud a bdief in the nnnYTial f:iihertiood of God aa 
tliChuHOf hu thedogkal vyueip. He engrafted thia idea upon the 
OntBft phraacotogy, ^< crced^ and the sacnmcnul belief of ibc 
pMt- Bat " orthodox, " in any exact F^se, he never wa«. 

^Mi the foomFm. howcvvr, thai he be^n to tcm± aa a clorgy- 
M^hoa «ho£e mijid waa fitlr^l vrith the ccjtict^piidn of tluit ^reat 
MtoiioB wbicb Newnun called the Church CaEhtiEiQ and he hinaAcIf 
^Imgdocn of ChnaL And in both cues thia coneqition dilTer^d 
ihtt aM nitfuis popular Enjfljab /lorioD^, in rhai it boVed upotv Inc 


The GtniUmafls Magasins, 

living pivacncc of Chrisl lo thi* body « ihc one source of it» rcolityi 
08 a >piritu;U in^thution, All otber jdcda of tliu Church being ^ypo~ 
criiic* Of harrcti morkcrics- Frpm ilic first, llii* rvcogniuon of ihc 
caieniuiL miluic uf the Chuich scant lo h^vc 1>i;cn |£ni*iXHi b> rfeir- 
iQ^Ei in itn full tigutliauicc. Exccpl in its ap[)]icatioii to ihc Romiui 
dcvtflopmi*nt ot tli« Church idei, liicrc i» no s^bbuaml diif^-rence 
bL'tnfcu ihr opininns wliirh hr nnw hnMt nnri those irilh whJrh he 
nx »tii:c iLM>uscil, ujpuictl, Auil (JiamicJ his followers in the first 
period of tiU work. Hi» cirl> writings abound with pasdj^cs of 
«com sDcJ lorouiic ilivteciion alike of the old dry Anglican theory 
and of thi^ lj>» Churrh Jind the ciurem e4trtllishm<ni«ianiamof th€ 
time The Cliurcli. he cxdainii la hj& icvicw of P^hiict's cilcc «xU 
known trcAiiac, i«^ in the judtcmcnt of Uic ^aj* nol ''die Cadiolic 
Church," t>ut the mere ** Church of Ktigbnd," cr *'thc National 
KrIigionH" or '* ihe rcli^bn of ihe majoriiy :" nol Apustolic^ bat 
"by law cuLablishcd \' wlalt. in jilace of uaiiy aiid tiajicliiy, eveii 
orthodox divines have been full of ** our vcncmblc c4iflbli>Jimcnt," 
'*pir( and jarccl of the Uw of the bod," '*lhe EpiBCopal Chureh,' 
" PrJieiTimiism/" "the gloriou* mfrmiry," " Marlin Lnihcr," and 
*' civil and relj^iuua libeiiy all ovt?r the world *" In ithon, he winds 
up ia one of lii» moat cuttiii^ cpip^mih the age "hu t^dtcn lAVcm 
toun for th« notes of the Chur^" hiom another asaay, v^-niivii not 
long aftenvard<ii I am temf^cd lo qiioic some singularly fofcdble 
pjiA^ifSes. in whir-ii lie points Lhc viLnlisin^ cffecLt »f (he superiuiiunl 
imlwcllioji; of Chrisi xw the Church, in word* whieh are identical with 
komnn thcoT); but nani of fcpace forbidi iL It \% enough, however, 
ID reft'f lu ihc^iiiH OS exhibiting the clr;knieKS with ^hliii fftmi ihr ^m 
he iiiaaiercJ lhc %x^X rtiiidtuncutil idea upon wlueli hi!» imAgination 
ha8 fed iudf in unbroken iq>otc up to his Utest years. 

With Mnuricc ihe fonn of the eone«prion wm r^fcally disdnct. 
Willi Ncwnum, the Cliurdi Caihuliu atoinl alone In the tnidn of ft 
world lying in wickcJ&t:»» ; and whatever m^t be Aaid of good mca 
outaide iU pale, it could have no CKiuteiicc BS tlw Church beyond 
ihc limiiii of a iiuni<niiited Apc^tolidt fiuceewbn of bmhopc 
Mjuri<c, to Hu iLA I r^in iiuderhland him, idcniifu<dj organ fc^^lly. the 
Church with the wliole human race. All humanity, in his view, 
coceiituted tlie kingdom of Chnet; and from Cluitit, ait its kiti^j 
arc perpetually flowing out ttrcams of grace and truth, often through 
dogmatic creedt, ucramenis, and odier ordinances* but nor ^xdu- 
fivcly eonfiacd to them, '* The Cliurch, " he says, in his " Theolo- 
gicaj K&sayE. '" '' \% human society in itr^ normal slate ; tJie world, that 
ume society rrrgulai and abaom^al The world it the Cborch 

A Paraltd and a Cmtrasi. 41 

wiUHMit Cod i the Church b Ibe worh! rcstuiwl tu its rrlutwn wiih 
Uod, ukcn bock b^ Him into ihc mic f^r which He cr<rAicci Jt."^ 

1b this ^lew iherv u, of coti»c hftrdi>- anything ih^ \\ tww or 
pmiliAi. fvgnnl^l as a dociriiuJ ihs^ory. WaMrice's pcmliarity Uy in 
the ap|>liciUwQ t>f iJie Icna "Clmtdi" to the world, whether ms 
tmajfonnod into ft multitude of gouU Chrutian». or ui A mixiurt or 
the bod ind the good logctticr. Kicn ih« lunici ri^d of Konxui 
Citholki MDuld bold ilut Clhiitt it liy divine n^hl Icinj; <>f all ihe 
«orkU and tlut the trkkal, nheiher within m witluiut l3i? Kuokhi 
Chorcb, are sinpljr HtbjcOi rvbcliing o^ain^t their bu-lul maiicr. 
Indeed, this is the voiy «aiei>oc of exucnw L'ltramoniiinUnt. A« to 
the fnmewnrk which Romr holds m hii\f hrrn nHainrd l>y Chtxm 
for the ot^iniuiion of hiA kingdom, inchtJinK dit ifcipctunl preacncc 
of h«a Vjcecercmtf i£ not mly i« Abiciil from the system of Mauncc, 
bet it doe* fioi •et-m ever to have t^xertod tkwt tliami i»pon hi* 
im^gtiiarion by whirh bo idui*)* de\«ui mind^ ha^t hren iflwiitiicd- 
WhcdkCT thii v>4i from a dcfi^icnc^ la ihc uuc hiftioric und poetic 
dcmcnU in bin nAturc^ ot from die intlucncc of his c&rly creed, or 
from a distinct thcologicnJ rejection of ihc Ronum and llie Anglo- 
Cuholk ideu, I cannot [>retcrul lu dett-rmine, OnniTrly ii b 
ma|irUifig thstl with hU Kimng t-unWuiii^ii ot the euvnli^ ofgimJc 
naity of Chtiftcndom in Christ, he ncxr »ccin« lo t^u^x; been ftllnctcd. 
cvca ifi Uncy, by the Kon^^ daino. 

like Vewnan. again, hlAurice lived in an idt^X world- It crmid 
mit be othctwihc in n^ciy jttcin^it to bhit^ Im ihcofy into harmony 
w^lh exiiting facta. But there ix this difEcrcncc between the two, 
ihAt Ntruioin has always live^d lo an ideaJ world c[ the: p^i^E^ .Mid 
Maurice In an ideal wor'^l of ihe fxitiire. Newman never felt any 
hca/ty ayin|Mlhy with tlte cba^rcteristic life of hii; nwn day, except 
uwler its raore rctiticd btcnry a4pc<:ui> In hit ntimAic, the world 
U 001 moving onward by any of its orrn nAtive forcct towArdit a 
gradual abaurption into ihe Chitrch of Chrat- He hns always loobrd 
upon its |ulklicir its economies ite jihyslcal science, ics enj|(incenng 
triunipli*, iU nuntiiacttinnfi and corpmercial cnicrpriitc, with a cold 
aad critical and oltnoA unfriendly eye. To him it has alnuys bttn 
**tbe kiag'a daughter,** a&d her alone, vrha "ii all glorious wKhia" 
AVhirre Chrst is frtoguJsed and obeyed, there is life Mid tc^uly ; and 
an eke lK4rs en itj f^cc £ud in its heart the i^iut of crijciiLii] sir; and 
of aJieiutioji frcm (.Jod. Hence the deli^l^t wiEh which he alwuys 
dwelt upon the patriotic period, when the imnginilion ui «:iMly 
miMflgiim Ihe fnrms <jf iirdiiiary bL*Jiopa ^nd diviriCH iulu ^Eu|>c!i i^f 
attiicn; and taially lovcline»L JJcncc that union of v^^^*^^^ 



The Gmilemans Ma^sini^ 

truth md itlifolutc tirrcafiCy vhirh ch«mcccn«C3 »tid) vrorlcs u 
"* Church of th^ F.ithcrt." The living prelAlei of the Englarid aad 
of ihp Kuinf? nf to-day may l»e mm of ihe mMi earthly mould, and 
only the tfioat lobuM Cilth oin detect anyttiin^ in them oxiij in their 
DJHctal proccciTingg which approaches the hlj-h Christian lypc. But 
it is e:Lty to cIokc one's cyc« to thetc dif^tiirbing rcalitiL-fi, to the 
iulrigaes anil violence cif a Yattr^n Co»ndl, and to h*t the fancy revel 
in pictures of ihose " aacieni, holy, and happy limes, " as Newman 
called them in c^nc of his c^hur dedications ; and bo lo Hnd rest for 
the tiouhlcd soul 

Mmrirr, on the cnnwaty, ^ man kr^nly in tyTtip;tlhy with tlic 
movctncnta of his own contemporaries, ihough he was often bittertjr 
conscious of the Far-off distance vhert hii thcoq' woi-ild Ijccomc iUi 
ftctua] tnuh of fact. It was not ooly ae a natural conclusion frgia 
hU view of the worM aa A sorl of dormMni Clujrrh, hut vm a 
^necessity of hi^ tcmpcrjimcnt* tlukl he should natrh the whole present 
■€Our«« of human thought and action^ &» exhibiting the ^raduaJ, 
tiioiigh dilatory and ipa^mixlic, return of the world to Its normal 
condition a?i ^\c ktngdom of ^^'lirist. Thence Npran^ his nuirked 
power over those who uiiEie wjlhiii hiu pcfM^iiul circle, who veic 
disgusted with the undif^Kui^ed KcdlesifTicSiS of the ordinary enet^ei 
of theve bu.iy and «clf'taciifi6ed timei. He did not attempt U> 
enlijfhrcD ihf^ir iimlfTHundingt with definite rher^logir^il doctrineiy ai 
.indeed he 4ci little value upon dear dcfmitcticia of doctrine in hi< 
own CMC But he showed them the reli^ous idea iti practioU netton ; 
and even tho«e who verc tittle aUIc to enter into hia intencctual 
char-LCteristits were im[irrsa?d wi(h The grand cunceplion that 
Chtiaiianit) is a religion muc]> more than a treed- They took up 
his peculiar phrziscs* and rcficated them wilTi much comfort to them* 
selves, rot caring very mnch whether these phr^sea reprcfccntod any 
eiaci thnnphtis in ihcir own minds, nr whether sicch vngiie thriughts 
%A they mijfht suggcsi toircsponded to ihc objective facts of ln;ruaA 
history, both past and present- 
In one remarkithle respect the personal careen of both Nevmun 
and Maimec hai^e b«en strikingly Ah'tce. Foch of them ha« led on 
ha followciB to a goal fur wluth Uc whh at first but lilde prqxtm^ 
and from which he would probably have &hnink ta terror had 
first pietentpd ifi-otf in aU ift naked reality before his eyes. 
Iheir practiral pnwcr in their pencrationwa* most material ly inerttt 
by these (xinditions tinder which ihej" wnrkct). IfnJike rrformcw 
general, they had no preconceived, fully developed a>4tem gf coo* 
y^aai&n^ which they might prca« m all \\.% completeneas upon tlaoM 




Jt Paratlil and a Contrast. 43 

«iM»i ^ty wished to convert. Whrn Ncwhuld wroi* hit " Ariom of 
tbr Founli Ccniarj/ tnd Joined io the pubUc;ttion of the '*Tnu:ti 
foe the Tunes," the tlwu^ht ihal ihcsc vpci^iibiiifriv would li-ad him 
ID Rooae ud lo on occepuiKc of ibc figmc^m of Va^ IiifilliLriliiy. 
iMvev croMffd ttti miodt even as 1 tjEpicit^n. He nuulc &iirc of 
hiH prcfnvtc^, attri left ihe ccnclus/ont 10 take care of ihrm9«h<es. 
And thus ibcy did ukc a mcni urmpccicU ^hatic liy nTuir f|L-grtrx> 
¥rbtlc he hirccMtf tndcd by brinicinK a ciowd of proacljtcn to the feci 
oi \h€ V^^. Maurioc, in like tnnnaer, uught a modihcttlion of Che 
orthodox bni^uagf, from which, quite unwitrmgly^ he hid exmeiod 
ail oidioOox ineuim^ wiihout the faiiilcKt fbreihoo^ht of » diy vIiol 
his followcn wDuU cbjoct to Use bnpja^c 05 well jd the iotctpreta- 
tion, or it leut would w\*t upon n ddinueDoav of i&icrprctaticin 
^iD which hii whole nature «hmnk wiih diiitatic find dread. In 
boch ca^iA E-^Uj^iuh Churdimc^i would b;ivc vdiemcnlly rcbcltixJ 
■^i39t the tcadiing of ti)cir ksdcn, if tho»c Ictdcn thcnuelvcv hid 
prcmitureLj pbccd bdore them the condutioim to wbidi they were 
in rra)iiy, thniif^h n nromrioui;ty, proni|^iiLng chcm. 

When^ ilitti, jn ihcir Advancing yc-jjs, Ncwiiiji was brought face 
to bcc with the dogma of P&rol InfjJIibility, »nd hfAuiicc widi 
the wlTUced views on Uiblicai mspiracion and <TitiL;i£m, how 
m we to account for the tict ibat, both alike, ihey iccmod 
UDal4c to appreciate thi- force of tbe Leaching^ of their whole 
tiTcs? Newnum has s^jbmiUcd to the tyr^nnicjil impo^tioo of ao 
arlKle of belief which dcvuxiyi; the vciy foundation of that bictorirftl 
Church In which ht hji hitherto recogniied the perpetual indwelling 
pitscDicc vf jeisaH Cbriat Maurice r«iiii1kriM;dtuiuH'lf wiili tli<: laloL 
iCAcaichc* of the cntxil apirit into the old lerniory of orthodoxy. 
With dw Argument of those who altogcllicr deny the Iruth of the 
oW viewc of Scripture inaptrsttion, ami jet he nevt-r fi-lt the force of 
their condauoni, (jt seemed to tuipeci that liii own ^yatt:Il1 miut 
either lead logically to their iceo^ition. or muM be set aside aa a 
mere play upon worda and a formtvbs vibion. 

11k amwtr 10 the dilKiruliy njipeani to me 10 be found in the 
rsKnti^lly i(u1i]<^iive rhNfJicirr i»f thr ultim^ire jirtMxuci of thnugbt 
by whicb both Newnun ajid M;iurice attained their persona) eon- 
vktiona oa spiritaol thicfp- Atuunee ict nearly aJwayft subjective lU 
hii treatment of thedilAculliei which he iet himself to sclve. It 19 tfic 
correipondence of one ijanicukr iaterpici-iEicn of theoloKicaJ or 
Ehbiical tea^n; wtih bit own morn! nMurc, which ivccms to him to bo 
4ccisiiT M to its truth. HiA teats ore within himself and witlun <Ahx.\ 
ttcn's t>rea£ls aJa«v Af he re^h the humanity common 10 tixtosiSS 



The GentUjftan's Magazine. 

and the rest of mankind. Whatever* Oierefore, be the fomiidiibk 
nature of the hard, logical arguments of the modem school^ they do 
not BfTeci hh belief^ because they do not reach down to that inner 
sjjjrilual life of which his own past teaehing was (he oiitwaid 
expression. Newman has been far less subjective in his expositions 
of the superstructure of his beliefs, Yet even in them it is not 
difficult to detect an occasional reference to his pereonal history, as 
that of a human soul, living under the immediate Pio\idcoLjal action 
of Divine powcr^ and as furnishing him with tests oftmth with which 
no logical or philosophical difficulties can interfere. In his *' Gram'- 
mar of Assent" he ha*! formulated his theory of certainty with 
careful elaboration and with an exquisite fertillt)' of illustration. 
Yetj unless his words have a meanitig entirely beyond my compre- 
hension, he ^eems to rest his sole ultimate cenainCy upon pure 
emoiiun, and to be aa subjective as Maurice ever was. And thus he 
has brought himself to actjuiescc in the Vatican violation of historical 
truth, and to subn^it to the scandalous intrigues and despotism by 
which it has been forced upon the Roman Catholic worid. He 
abhors* but he submits, because jfter all he has ever been in the habit 
of testirij:" outw^ard truths by inward feelings, and of accepting what 

Fishing and Fishers, 


[E axe well aware thai we venture on a somewhat 
hazardous undertakiog when we attempt to write a 
few pages on fishing and fishers. Can anything new 
possibly be said about angling 7 is a question which 
may fairly be asked. Has not Izaak Walton^ of immortal memory, 
dilated on its poetry and sentiment in a manner which leaves nothing 
to be desired ; and have not dozens of writers of a more practical 
turn told us how^ v)hm^ and 'mher£ to fish with praiseworthy minute- 
ness? Has not, in fact, everything been said on the subject which 
can be said, and everything been explained of which an explanation 
is possible. We admit that no writer can hope to follow old Izaak, 
even ion^ intervaHo, in his own special department, and that Stoddart, 
Francis, Stewart, and Pennell have given us practical treatises which 
are all but exhaustive. But angling has become a branch of scientific 
art, and like all branches of modem scientific art is now rapidly pro- 
gressive. There ought, then, to be always something new to be said 
on the subject at the commencement of a new angling season. 

We have designated modem angling a branch of scientific art, and 
some people may be disposed to smite at our enthusiasm. Our 
language, however, is not misapplied. A scientific art is one that 
gains the majority of its improvements from scientific investigation 
of die principles on which its methods are founded. It is almost 
needless for us to give illustrations. Electric telegraphy is a scientific 
art. Its greatest improvements of late years have not arisen from 
the operators in the telegraph offices stumbling accidentally on better 
methods of doing their work than those actually employed. They 
have been arrived at by a careful study of the scientific principles 
applied in the constmcrion of an eleciric telegraph. And of late 
years the higher class of anglers have shown themselves no longer 
content to note the fact that trout will take one fly and reject another — 
will be captured by one kind of tackle and be only scared by a 
different kind — and thus, by slow degrees, to arrive at a knowledge of 
what to use and what to avoid. A careful study of ihe reason why 
has been made in regard to the phenomena which perplex the an^d, 
aod valuable improYGmcnts in the Bshei's Siit have resulted. 


Tfu Genflctnans Magazine. 

Recent advanccit in tlic ui cf ftii^lin^ jhc ^Ituodi cxchiHivd/ 
filled to one special bnnch of it^ — trout'fithm^. Salmon rods 
better made now than fortrCTly, nnd ^mcn guc is Aiipcnor to twisted 
hoifte lijiir. Yet vtc think tt likety, if the rompctitinn were j>ouil>l«r 
thftt the ulinon-nhlier of the lajit gfucniifjii would kill TitiI) for fish 

"wJlh the salmon fisher oi lO-Jay, But were the great Iro^k WaJtoo, 
and hi« pupil Cotton, the father Gf fly'^&hing, to betake thcmcic-Ives 
tD one of our iniich<(ishrE| trouimg ^ireams ihty wnulU ttion 6nd that 
the ED&rch of intdlctt in luo^lcra Jj^ s wa.s nul t-julincd to ttrrajirma. 
The angles who would tisc, for clear water wona-fiahing in i river 
inhdihed by educated trout^ old Izuk'n eaiiting-line would be e<]U3Jly 
auttcsMrul if he sutatitmed for il a jKirUcin (►f the Atljiink ciblc. 

Of ihc Iwo Iczicling briHtlie* cf Uuul'fiihiiig — fly-fjshing and 
worm-fishing -Ihc Utter is thnt which of laic years hos been most 
improved Indeed fishing with ihc worm i(i a branch of tlie angler* 
art which lias only recently bcpii jimprdy ruliivilcdj and whirh by 
KSSmy good aportimcn h. ^ yet, bm imperfectly understood. It b no 
uncoinnion thing, even at prcaeiit, to mett with vcienm fbhen who, 
fonning their idea^t from bait-Iishing in ^ood«d viieanu, tnccr at 
wnrm-fifihing jw tu[<*rly k-neaih the rorice of the practii<fd aogLer. 
To each one of our uncling bicilireu who m a proficient in thut art, 
and who therefore knows ita difficulty, we say, "Never ujSiJC with 
mny mere fly-hshcr who dwpiccs the worm-fiiher'* craft. Ask him td 

iftooompony ytiu tc n wetlli^heil aiream for a t\-Ay'it lUhiiig on n wamt 
•Old suimy day. He will teqiicil yuu lo lend hiiu a few wonna befiire 
you have been An hoor at the n>-er, when he sees your basket begin* 
ling to eil Give them lo hiniT and leave hxm to his own devices^ 
he tr^Mii will be in little dnngcr. Do nc« press the contrast between 
ycni weU-filUd urel and his empty one on your homeward luutc. for 

Jiumu] nature ia human nature, and he will be in no hutnour for 
joking for that evening at least Vou may, howevett recur to tlid 
KEibjrc^t when ytm meet hitn a ftw d^y^ after, and you will find him 
pruparcd to «dnul that clcir water noiin-fbhtug U a wordiy (jcandi of 
the angkr'B ait." 

For ihc general introduvriion of a icicntifie method of worm-fishing 
we are inairTy inilrbced iti Mr, Studdiir and Mr. 5tewjirL Cotioo^ 
in the second port of ihc '* Complete Angler," published in 16751 
ihat he understood and practiicd the art. Uic it never aeo&t 
hive become popular. Until comparatively recent yean, worai- 
ftihing WHS only prsetned when the rivcre were swollen, and any 
novice could make o» good a basket by means of it as die ^XUIeil 

jujgftrr^ 77ie spartsTtion {}) used a short thick rod and a eAsting-luiC 



Fiihtng- and Fiskirs^ 

c( uU» totnc ^ut »»1 valLet] cluvn thv hxnk of tl>f rvrr, hauling 
out by owm Ibrcc every mromtrjitc ful» thut mi^ht g^or^c hia bait, 
Hr. Stoddnt and >tr, Sctr^t-Art Ivi\% Uugtit (i« thai rhc proper ijidv 
to me the wonn u whm ilie w^lcr u dAir, ami that Th« ^mi tackle 
«ul tlic moot ftkilftt) liiiKl ate rcijuucJ ia employ it !(uci:cufu|ly. 
The vrortn-n«her now uses a lonx li>;ht rod ind « ca«t[njc4inc of the 
finm ^t- He K^ilkfif or if pMnUle w«let, cup Ktream, throwing hi« 
boil Ifghllf l-efoiv htm iniu evetj *twt which is ih^ likely haunt of « 
DouL Tlic ^ ia mo«L »ucccMfuUy pmcbAcil in the deai warm 
ir«^«« or )iUKf July, ind Au^tut, when By-A»hir3jr i« very tmccruin 

To Mr. Sleimn belnpp the crctlit of ihi; inventiim nf the worm 

t&ckk, which ccnabu of tDOre ttun one liouk. ^Ii. Stewun uiex 

ifarce or four unall hookf tied one «bove the other on the wjdc 

IhlVid of ^1. Mr, Pcnnell A^vixn; the ute of only iwn^ KxccUcDt 

fpoR suty be hiul with either L-iiinnv;ince, uid each ha.% nrlvnntaigcfi 

wtecb tl>c other doc^ not poiict^- Mr, Penncll's tndck expcocs 

fewer hook« ttum Mr Slewnn'*, but doc* doi hold ihc worm no 

DOtly. Mr. Siew^LTis holdfi the worm m a very natural poution, 

but the bi!gc oiunbcr of hoakx rxpoted not iLnfreiitieiilty rH^hlcn* 

«vy l/ouL H*c believe ilial with shy |]«h better fixjrt may be liaci 

vilb ft siojilc hook than with cither contrivance. We venture wjtli 

^fiffideooe to roccmm^nd to the notice of aoglcn & method which wc 

hftTC for a lon^- tinie most 9uci:e?»f\ill/ ciiiployeil. Ii diflm but 

digbtly &tm inetlicd» in general itse, but alijfht ditTcrcdcci in mc^ihod 

<Acn BUike the difference l>etn^:c[: ft full Ijuskct and on empty one. 

VTv «nploy a caaing'linc of the very Qnext gut — lo long that no part 

g(lW wiccJiline can come in ciMiuct with the uatcr— iayri*eWe feet 

Ud| foe a foortecn feel rod. V/c employ a mcdejatcly i-muM single 

took fcaitcd vriih two womiit a suali brapdlioK ^nd a small red 

viCL Hie brandling we put qc 6m, a* it is apt to slide down on 

the bend uf the bL^iL Tbe reel u^d ii light, and runa out btr frfeJy 

fc>l a trou: dbpooixl to carry ibe bait to itA luiiinK place can do 

» tIruoQt wiibcut feeling rciiilAnce. Wc use no tmker, or at moot 

^^iimll &hot, M> thni the v-omu ctvme rcdlin^i down at the axme 

au Ja the «rram. The twu wunns cover the h'jok mj jJerfeiiUy thai 

>boii ADT iroot vrbich runa out the line will, partially at Leuit 

<**• the bdt wilhovt detecting it* decepuvc character. A little 

a^vheactf leacbei the proper time to gn« a geniTe atroki^ and the 

IfWI orelj tail* to tc well hooked- This mcOiotl of fiihir>g wr h-jvc 

fa»ad deadly for whiu innK. as wdJ as bwwn, jind wc may rcnia,ik iv^ 

pouDg tto the vaJu^ of the Hxtnn is ft bait for ica-Uwil Vv&.% Vy 



Tkt CmilmiarCs Mag^sin€. 

nuny of our t>c(i -tn^kn been mber und«tRu«L Mn Pimndl, in. 
hilt *' Mic!em PrartirnT Arglcr^" «pra1cing nf ihc while cronr, Kiyt' 
^'BotJi i1lI% ti^ ninJ the bull UDLII wiEl ocr.tsJonany uIlc ihc 
but It Li It btst but an uncertain bail." Thi> rcm*ijk docs not 
true for i[l lociiliurt, afc in xsaxxif Insh riv«ni w< have found llw wisnn 
» killiTvg tmir for soa trniir iti .ttl suK-s of the wa(^r The beit spon 
will Tjc h:i<3 whcTi ihc «itcr is lili^hEly broirn jiftcr ii flotid, bul rvcn 
vrhcn it wu at thi: clcoml wc hnvc n^adc jfood bfukclA ^y u^^in^ the 
tncktc we h;ive rcff^rrcd lex Cootidcnble time muiii be allowed to a 
white tfcnft to gorgo t^ifr ba)i befoTe striking, and lh« direction! gtrcn 
ill iitu^t 1rrjLi:?c'4 1JM taliiiuu'fihUlii^ widt ibc wumi slitnjM iii iliis 
respect be at [ended ta Clear water worm-fLfhin^ fur while trout la 
ikboul tho mcirt exciting brjinch of the on^lcr'i nit To pUf fiurrtn 
fully with fine trotiting giit a two i^oimd white trcwt, that for a 
tninulc ur twu tunv a» hacd ;l3 a guuJ ttizi^d vjlinut^ and ihit dJlcr- 
natc^^^ttitlka/' " son:itr&iLilt£t* wd "mshcs," id a nuumcr thit so 
othor ^h will attempt, recLuin^confiidcriibU coolne^f And sldH. 

tn rcgnrd to fly-^iishinj; we hare to chronicle what *ome roiuidcr 
only (hanse^ \i\xX wli>it wc rc^^d a» impf-^^'etfifnt \Vr; arc apparently 
on tlic brink of A rcwlution in t}ic Jirt. The opinion scciiks lo be 
(Quaing ground that ^Uhtju^h the trout undoubtedly in one of the 
devereft fish that swims, still Ic ha« been hitherto credii«d with £v 
loo great a knowk-dge of enioinolo^cil science- Theold theoEjr that 
every kkc and rivo' required a (JifFcrent lly, and that »OQnc Special 
imitation wa& specially luited to cuch day in tl^e ytor, i» being mpedly 
explode. Mr Stewart was the Ant di«iingi(ibhed Angler who nuun- 
fully pro^t^inied lite uilrr wcn{hlessne»s of tiiuelc-uii-IWL-nlieilLH of tlv 
contrivance* of our ^thinK-taclklc manuficturcrs. Mr, rciiDcll. who 
i« a veritable red republii:4n in thi£ reqicec, reccmmcDds Ihc uh^ o4 
only three flie* fc* trout all the y«ir round — t £7^^ a yeUow, and a 
brcwn, die *i^e of the lly alone bdn^; varied. We are intiincd to 
believe diat if Mr Fcondl would add two more lUca to his list, a 
bbck and Vk dun^ bis ^icw woald be «ub«tAniia]ly correct For die 
angler 10 imUnre nny p.'iitLLul:ir n.imral f!y i« in geneni uiiele^K- tf 
trnm be ob»crved feeding liiey will nut be seen to evince u Kjimal 
ti*tc for wiy particubr msecL Of course there arc rime* wbcn the 
great tnajonty of the fli« which the trout see for d;*)-* are of 
one species, wiih marked rhar^ct eristic:*, and an imiwtioi> of thtfl 
may for n lime l>i: spcciiUJy killings At i pariicukr period of the 
jc*r more trout can be killed with the green-drake than wiih any 
otficr Hy V-wi taking an Average of all the da>^ of the angling 
jtexfoo^ ws nrs ^nvinced licm cxpcncQC« tlut more fiflh Dxay be 

HSfcd by 

Pishing apid Pishffrs, 


fclltrd by MioptfDg (be general principlr*: of Mr. STcwarr and Mr 
Pcnxkdl, And ctnplciying ooljr ti\t or u\ OJilcic&i ilics^ lli^u liy luiti^ 
oIL the LAKduous combmabont t^ fun, silks, m)d fcAlbcn to whicii 
Kime angJeri of Ihc old tchool »till pin their iuth. Whatcv'cr difli^ 
mice* of Opinirm th?frc ni:ty be wiihirgard lo ihc ideas which ^txnon 
hare ftmuod ;il>U(^l Llic tiii|;kr's )ufc, UuMe cto be qq doubt thai 
irout mistolLC ihc artificial fly for A nitura] one, \i la ihc an^lcr'^ 
ioicTMl to keep up thU dclUEion, Anything which goes lo keep ii up 
u iiitfcl, anjthing which do» net i* ihe revcwe. The tmc theory of 
trout fljr-fishiiij^ acccos to us to depend on nmple pnndplcs. The 
iasX rcquiiiLc for an onlor b audibility, and die Gx»l rcqui^ilc for ;i 
trout Hy is vixibaLiiy. JE the trmic f^iEn lo «ce the tly ii nvuulcslly 
cattDoc be dnght by mcsin* tS it- tfcnce ihe sixe and bHUi.incy of 
coknT of flics nlu^t tic incrcued for deep waien, dAfk wAteni> Hud 
dd/k days, to such tm extent 03 will ensure their bcin^ seen by the 
fish, iQ the second pliee, the trout should not be able to Aee the 
fly dittiiuily enough to deleft ii« nnificia] nature. Itn sixo And 
colour iium, ihtn, l>c so selected *w lo fn^kc \\jiii,t visible. Thiidly, 
the fiy ahccid be as fly-hke as poN.iiblc. U should tlicrefoic be 
drcned on fine tt<inspareGt guL No natural tly hu a lonjc white 
appqida^e reiettibling thL* thread of gut by which some would-be 
aiigLtfn attacU Ilieii (lies lu ttic uuituj^'li^ic. Kir much fTshf^d riven 
flics ticJ on toimic e^t arc useless, And wofAc. TJic wymx who enjploys 
ihcsn wdl cateh nol^injc himscir, and will largely tpoil the aport of 
dbOM who in.e pmpcr tackle, Founhly, the body of the fly should be 
cftsli ; thr great majority of in»t(Li are ijf ^It-nclcr, (inrefHl m.^ke, 
Fiiully, ihc nmnba of hiickleA should net be too grc^t, and ihey 
ihonld be 4o soft as to move readily vi^ch the piotiOQ of Uie water. 
The trout doubdeis euppotes ihe angler's imiiiiion to be a drowning 
nweei, and the hacVkn should, by llicir ouiutwr and niovenicnis, 
mmililei a» far m pouLblc, dtc quivering legs and ninths of a drowQ- 
ingfly. Atieniion to minutice of forci and colour, and attempted 
ailalioflfl ol panicalar iiucets, ar& perfectly uaeleu. If you caii 
pcnnade a trout to riae at your jly At all. it will be bcfort^ it hn^ got 
more than an imUitiiKt icbncc of it. The trout that scruluusea your 
Ay 10 closely as to perceive dearly your tasteful coiubiiuitions of dyed 
loitbeTt aod tintel, in their finer effects, nuy Admire your ingenuity, 
l«t will i!ko< help tc fill your basket. 

Bm although Mr. Fcnndl aad tliose who Agree with him may iioon. 
»C be^icve^ count on numcroufl converts to the p:cneni] princii^ki of 
to iheocy of trout flics, we fear that it will be a considerable ti;u<; 
bdbce they mwoer many adherej?Us to hk saJmon>fly theory, ttora ft« 

7%0 G^nflematis Magasine. 

nL[ik* of salmon-fish (ra. Mr. PwineU prop04« to subtiimtc for i 
great variety of flica uow m ut^c llircc Hies for all snauQi, wcaihcri, 
&nd wAici^. There J8| u cvcty &jilinoD-fi&hcr Imowa, ui clement of 
ccccntnctty about the dunctcr of th« salmon which nilititM 
ij^iilit llie atltjpLion of tiiii i»Lin- Every angler waltrng for the firai 
tliuc llu^r^l u Atiaiigc rlvcr uui tdl tlie hext castti for troul, but 
no angler, liowcvcr experienced, cam chooac the bc»i cA3ts for 
salmon. And, n* far m. our experience goes, ff-**/ to <iah with in lU 
unknown river i* m indettnninaic nx trrj^iw lo fish. Yon mny throw 
ihrcc ur frjur iliea uvcr u ulinoo, Any one of which would kill in 
iTiotlicr river, withou[ his deigning to notice ihem, and yet, t& soon 
a& the fly which you rcocivc from a t0c.1l ongtrr is brought ovfr hun* 
up he cotnc; at il ns if he were ihot ho\a r cat^f ult. 

\Vr kive only referred to tront ^nd ^Ahno^'Il^hi£lg in the jireccding 
rcmukSf as the moat worthy [>ranchcr» of the Liifilers Art. and thote 
to which the majority of inglere ai« <Ie^ote(L in loct, the man who 
hu enjoyed si favourable o|>portuDny for proteentlng the«e il 
Lni:n]JuciEAtcd for cnjoyinfi Any tjlhcr Pilcc-fuililng U, no tluubl, 
gcod ^port, and a \^t%z |nkc nukes u hud a fight u a salmon. 
But then tht fiihnon 11 far more lightly hooked than the ihike, hia 
cbonceft of escape are f^r greater, and the exciiement of playing him 
ift murc! iiitcriJie. And wlio wuul J LuiuiKire llie silvcry-sidwl, grruTfully- 
nhapcd %iLuion. \fhcQ gli^tci^in^ od tlic bank, with the viUainou»< 
looking piko— ugi/ whcnhvinfiT^nd ughcr Hill when dead? Howwtr» 
thcrciirc many people who can gel xi rm:ch plen^iire from watehinga 
hohhing Hoal, vi^e^iive of Uie hnpcndin^ i'^Lpmrv of gudgeon, 
roach, or pcreh. as the sahnon-fi^hcr can get Jrom the rise of & 
twenty ' |K5iindcr, and wc can synipathise with their cnjajrincnt, 
fllthongh unable 10 ^hare it. 

Hiihcrto oe have been iminly addre^MCg thoie of pi»catoriaJ 
proclivities OQ subjcclA in which they alone iltc interested !kt the 
iaiiabitants of the Eritiah I&Lmds are divided into two section ^^thoae 
who fiah, and tliotc who do ool We freely admit that the laiief aro^ 
numenrally nt Ica^t, the moat iniporUiit, and that it would be in- 
proper to write even a abort paper cnx angliug witi:out intrcdudog 
tome remarks for their Hpccial benefit. 

AUhcnigh an^Ierv nnd libctal cipiiiiont havr hr^ly increued oi 
bie ycai^ iherc ii too oi\en, t\-tix yet, a soit »r half i;i»ntcTnptuoua piC]f 
cxpreiacd for the nuinwho m seen leaving town by an early traio with 
jL cast of Itiet round his haL Shooting and hummg are popularly con- 
sidered manly and icnwbleinpnrtK, and it is generally admitted that the 
man who pur«;ict thcni may poucu niim sajta m mw ufr/irrc. Bat the 


FisAing and FisAcrs. 

angtrr it by maiiy t^^P'*^ coniiidertd a «or( of h^trm^ett* ^iWy fellow, 
•ho hu lifidier the Iwio* nor ihr phj-wral enfrg)' to cnabl** him to 
liuni or Uioot- Mtiw, with «1L dtir ilffcrciKc lo jmblLi: o|Nrtiuii> dmi 
wub ftll doc JipprccidUOQ of the fportt i& question, wc imist xtntX 
tkxl w« ilo not lee th« iwe of bniiiu lo a nan either in buntii^ or 
fthoocing. To be v\tt, if h« Ii^ft got A considenble quantity of tbeiD 
ifccjr may liclp to Uing hu ccQlit of gravity nraii-T lu the ccatre of 
pcrcttuion in the event of hia takiajc x '* header" front his hoTKll 
bld^ iiid ftid him in brrakiog bii nccL with mathcnuxiicil ctTUiotr* 
Or hf bJovii^ ih^tn ont with x buncirg breech'loadcr he majr 
uiciiwAi hi) Iriemli by hi^ [Mici'nti;i] miclleciuul aLfaciiics. Bui, 
aAcr fill, ihcsc £K' acoondary u^c^ of the oipuu of thought. 'I'he 
lagfter ro<|utrc« hniiua to prooocute his %^t% wccotiluny, tnd 
he wiU oevtr be & go'K] jinglcr wiihoiu thetn. A simpleton, or 
% sun of deficient phyKic^ mcr^, nuy Fcam to rjiich (i\\\ bm he 
win Dcrer attiin 10 cmicciice in the ingler's att. To smdy the 
pecutior lobtioAT of wUxf, water, ami w^ trout squires some 
nuooing cipaciiy, &nd to loO for icvcral mi[c3 along 4 rocky riv^, 
hradling a ulmon hmI. miuircs a wclMnii frame. The exiraoidinary 
citthdtttsm vrliSch am aif^lcr feeb for hSi Jltvouritc p«Klmo iiecT&fl, vc 
know, to tbc9ipcTlidiloh««n'cr ft proof of an unevenly hc^aaccdmifldp 
Moct people can tintlentand th;it it iii net un;i1ea^±iiit to cpend foir 
or fiw houn cm u tovdy <l:iy in May wnmlrrirtf{ ilofig ihe buDki of a 
beaxuifd streaiu. unidu ihc Bounds, aijthts, &nd odoun which render 
ibe eoiintry 10 delightful io the KpriEi^H But when a man \a &e«ii 
«Kpo«od to tlic trhifi^ir^ wind :ind peltJng hail of February, itnmcTt«d 
10 the vcjdf^ iti K-r-rold ftiEev, wielding a weigltty rod and whiHing a 
drdc of gut round bji hcjul a^ if Inn life depended on each ^t, 
keepsn^ it Ujii pi»iticworthy undcrtakiog for two at thret hour* wiih- 
out fttim:^ » Ao, and calling hia ocoipation xf^rt^ gnv* doubu as Ij> 
his sanity Miggctl thcin«rlxT« to the untnittntrd. We do nol InbEnd 
to gi^e die dcUHed pro^s of the rcuonablencis of the conduct of \ 
ihc FebiTj.ijy soltnon-fii^Lcr ; anglcn do not rci^uirc ihcm, and bf 
Hon 3ii^]^rf they would not be undentood Bui we may rcfi<r 10 % 
lew £ict« wbich «)>ow tltai a KvLnury fly-A«her i« nnt rereij^^rily « 
fotiL Knihutiajdu in angjin^ iulead of indicating ttut a man lias no 
bcunft, proves ntlier th^t he poucivr^ irtipcTior mental gifb. Wc 
have nei'cr koovo an instance of a tnan of high ability beginning to 
fall nho did not become pcfccionately Cbnd of the i|>ort Sir 
DsLvy WhIs one of the bat ui^lcn uf hii day. Df. Wollaoton, wh 
gifts and labours arc more fully .ipprociaEcd ai science advances, wsal 
above fifty befot« he ever cA/OTji /ioc^yet when he bccunc it\ an^Vet 

It t 





he thought ihe craft worlhy of Uie exercise of hU highest mltllcctual 
ptjwcis, aJiO before he Ji:i(I Ijcren fiihing a week ht? JiJvistU Jsume mi- 
pfovcmciiti in gut caating'lincs. As might have been cA.pci:tcd, iic 
0OOD took a high nuik in the angling ftalemity. Paley, when pressed 
by fln English bishop to hurry forward the publicntion of one of hk 
btraks, tqilied fh:it he would vtuik steadily ai it n^ soon as the fly- 
fiahing season was ovci. And amongst our present icadtra in science 
ProftfiEor Qwen, whom no one can accuse of braiiilessness, nay be 
referred to as one of the besi carp-fishers in ihe tingrtom. ISiit it t< 
unnecessary to qiiole further names lo show llut a man may be in 
the highest ranka of the ^ttocracy of intellect, and yet unc of the 
nao5t enthii&t^LStic of anglers. 

An interesting c««ay might be written on the social effecU of thd 
ariof anyling. *' Next lo cleaili," says a rcireM writer, '* angling 10 
ihc great ICYclIer of casic/' All fishery meet oa equal terms at the 
river's side. The duke's son will exchange a fly with a weaver lad, 
and this will be done without supers: itiousne^i on the one &idL>, or 
oinging on idc oiher- -Sports in which the differeni ranks of socleiy 
can meet together, and feel thai ihey are one flesh and blood, without 
Mjy violence being done to those social dialinctions which arc a 
necessity in every civilbed and orderly community, are of real 
natioiidl value. Crickt^L is such an amusenienL A fanner's Tum 
irfll cry *'Buticr-fingeis'' at the young lordwlio inbscs a "ca'cU" 
ita freely as at one of hiH own brothers ; tul he would be one of the 
la« men in the country to join in any communistic conspiracy for all 
liial, or lo "s;>cak evil of dignities. " And the young lord will Iw 
no tnic-bom Briton if he feels offended at llie rebuke of the fj^iraeA 
lad. The free association of patrician and plebcLau is in the highevt 
degree beneficial to both panics, when that assficiaiion takes place 
ncdci siich condi(ioas as obiain ^I the river's brink or in the cricket- 

Jt IS needle^i to diJiite on ihu ca|oynieniE of anglirg to those who 
love the ipon. But to a certain cla*s of the community angling it 
Dot only enjoynble, hut also highly beneficial. It h a re&l blessing 
to the hard'wrotight professional m»\n to have a taste for ^Jihijig and 
OD occasional opporlvinity of indulging in the pastime. You arc, wc 
sball iuppose, a clergyman, and you are wearied with the incecuntH 
roiind of pr&icl'ki]ig, visiting, a.iid coTuniii tee- work, and sick at heart 
from the uitcr depra^ty of aoinc of the poorer mcmbeTS of your 
flodt, and the thorough sham of some of the respectable "goody 
goodies," Or yoj are a lawyer with a sensitive conscience — a rare, 
J>iifffitt ujjkaovrji, phenomenon — and you arc worried with work aod 




Fishmg ami lushtrs. 

dbgjued with tS«c«it^ Or you ;uy a phyticijin in a kborious praclic«, 
md yoax cDcripvithftvc for a immili or Iwd httcn xuhjrcicd to An ^iini 
sOab. Oi jou arc a prorciwr, or icachcr, UuuLlctricd m\h vjJn 
cndcAVOurt to oiaJcc brich^ witliout ttnw, r>., to ^upiily inloniution 
xxibniEU to i^itipid ttudctiUn liuc you arc i keen s-ilQion-hBhcr ; 
you huve goi u ACtk'i hwIiiUy ; yr»a h;ivr hurrinl from iiwn by ihc 
earliest Mct^diy morning train; j-ou luivc rcArhct) Lhc UmV^ uf a 
fldnon river, and have put op your rod. Wind and wjitcr jrc both 
all ihat could be detirtd, and as yen walk down the nrcjuii to lake 
■ caa 4>vi?r a f:ivrA:tirc pool you feci thsi ih« cobwebft are already 
bang dcArcd away fioni your brain. A circful ui&t uvci tbc likely 
>poi — no nav. Another and another, itnd ntill ncthin^ ttirrinff. 
Aaochcr — ba \ a lilvery gleam in the water, and x pJiuigc u, cither 
from your ncrvoas Kiste or M* own eice«i or eaycme^ft, thr lalmon 
miued )oui lly. \V1itTC arc your troubles i/id 0|)pre»&ivc fcellug uf 
pded ttcMfll powcn now ? Utterly passed iJilo cblivion. The aolc 
object now before your mind \% to land that fish. Etock from the 
riTcr bank anJoutnith your fy-bcok, to select a fly of the mme make 
as ihdt at which lie tusc, only ;l tXic Mii^lct. Ten niinulcs' lime 
pawed by your watch, and now for a throw over him again* A ci«t — 
toriiw^at^ooad— «pluh, whirrr ; he has it; and he i» a" bouncer!" 
One TV«h CO the b'>itom ; a da^h to ibc opposite Iwink ; another to the 
bonk neat ynu, lUck quick ! or be will sS.tct yovir line. Aooiher 
rush to the opponte bank, and ufi into the air, a Komcrrault of Are 
feet hifih. Hold htm fiently, cr you are done for. Steady, nnd 
peTha|M the hook, if re«ttng on o. bone, wiri fix ir^etf 5rmer. Spbsh, 
pluDgCa nhk-E ' do»n he ^ckta lo the bottom, ;ind you rnivy be nure he 
u BOW wci hooked, and thaE he hA« only !ihortcncd his )eLise of life 
fire minota by hlft exin activity. Steady now, for he is gathering his 
itmtglh for a ni*h. There he goes ; give him tiiie ; up stream, do«-n 
ttieatn, a<:rosa sUciuel He i?i tiiiu^ fantn There ( lir ^iliuwed lii^ tide 
Ott the top of iKe water ; reel od him gciiLly, and sJww him ilic bull. 
Bring the giiif. Now yon have him on the bank, a real bcauLy, and 
tvtirc ponnth if he »t an ounce-. A hnlf-hutir"i rest, nnd a health 
1u all good frteiuls m hcnne, ujhI then on to llie next tuLlmcjn csHt, 
Ur a isik down the ri\xi. I'hc day fa yourc its yet, and with this 
Stenmu vcMterly brecw you lurc sure of another splendid iclJov, if 
not two or three, before right A vrwrk of thi\ i|ion, and yon go 
bici to tonn f>n Saturday evening having the Mine fcaturei, »Lirding 
iIk nnic number of inehc» high, and wcii;)unK about the lamc 
luunber of pownd*, aj; the man who Jcft Io^ti \y^ the Wotv4o.*j 
motaokg inia. Jkn ytm have no rcjJ reicmbUcoe, p\^yl\ca.V ca 



Th^ GcrtJIoftan's M&gazinc. 

mental, to that poor wcmout^ spiritless crcjiurc You could dbpOM 
of three such m«n as he m a pugilislio cooounter, and you couM do 
aA amount of mfiiLtl work In one hour Uiat v^ould hav^ occupied 
ktm !iix. aitd do ii better Into the bai^iin, 'V\\m it ji s^irini^rttrsR id 
jOiu filrp ^d a {hccilneaa in yojr voice ifhicli jou have not been 
able to oomiatnd for the last sii months. It was rer^Ily your miftd 
that needed rest, or raih^^r utfvr change of inteiLecttial ]>oitiiTf, and 
you now rciurr lo ivcirk w!iicli ls llioroii^hly vi]joy:i1>)L\ a4 u^ful work 
evci i^ Co a Uuc man in ihc full possciAion of bodily loU mcnUd 

" But where can a mtin get good fishing nour?" is a <|uc«]on put 
by every putcntbl xu^tt or p^Al pfoficiait. "Ki^h arc unqucs- 
lioD3kLly bccominjc scarcer every year and an^lcra more plentiful, and 
* laJtcfl ' have now lo be counted by the brace from riveni wiicre they 
were formerly counted by llie doien." It ii vvry tfvic that tlie diftv 
culty of milking a (^uoU baakec tuLii grraily incrcciac^l of late yran, tnit 
to the ninMcr m the ''gentle cruf^" thitt Is litilc n>at(cr for rci^rcL 
I'rout arc tli[l pleniiful, and aUhnilgh Jar hnrder to <'atch than their 
anceiton, still they r,in be catight. And the increased diflicutty of 
the apurt only ;iddi ^rcuUr rest to llic? pK-n-suri: of ihi? skilful on^lcr- 
Thoae, hovcvcr, ivho only li»h indiflcrcntly, oc tnodcmtelr well, have 
no reckon to fed dcopondent. 'there are utili in the ittitioli lalandi 
lakei and iircamfl on which the th.'idow of the :ing!er'i; rod rarely 
CilK In die Scotch highlands a Ashing laturnAlia mnvyet be enjoyed; 
and in the north'Wcst of IiclAod in the highlands of Doacgat thcct 
are irout lak«s and «alnion iliat lor bi.^'Luty of »oeneiy and 
abLindAnceof fiiih arc iiniiuipAtificd. Some of tlic^e are dilRcult of 
aci:e«^, but oihcTK arc noL The angler who inakct fiweedorc (where 
there ii atv admirable and rot too expcn^tivc hotel) his head'<luartcn 
ixy good fishing weather had better abjure angling if he cannot kilt 
almo&t his own wcij^ht of trout in i week. FirNt'C]a>it t;aiuion and 
sea trom'fjshing ni^y also be had In ilic- same locjility. 

The trout in motit of the Donc|c-il lakes Arc loo numerous to be 
loige (averaging from lialf a pound to a pound), but they are gaine 
hth on the Une, t^cautilul fi^h in the basket, and moxt ai^tiung on 
Ujc laljle. We used formerly, in our it^nuMJice of Ihc Irish character^ 
10 Lc halfafnid t;? wimdex about the Dojtcyal hiJIi, .u ihcy were, in 
some diKEriecj)> fretiucnleil by sportsmen who woiild tijiiik notlnng of 
baggiag a bailiff or two and a UndLord of a morning- '^ Rory of the 
Hills" haVphoweverrOlmoKl duapiKared in ihr nortii'WeAl of Ireland; 
even were he '* to the fore," to use an lri>h cx|.>rr>iion. he would be 
d by tlie tportttnon a roLtieking, pviol fellow, wiib an intense 


FisAing anet pisAfrs, 

batred of rent-cfiicc officials and on cnlKutiojitic admimtioti 
••p^hirm," In no pan «f ihic kingdom wHI ihc vota^ of vod or|pn 
■itetvith A mere; polite ^nd Kiji<ITy ^nrrLinK Trom Uic pcuantry than 
ID Norttieni Donegal^ Wc look bick nith plcosarc to niiny a 

,«pkadid <bi^ tpcn imid tic grcmdl/ benuiiFul scenery of the In: 
hi^dfliidt. One such dny we 5^a1] long remeii^ber (and doubtleit 
Abo will tfldi of the t^^^e or fi>ir anglers who enjoyed it) for di 
escdlcncc of the fiAhinic- the vcild bcMtl/ of tIk moimwin-lake, And 
tlu wicked joke vhidi, (|utte tmdeKignt^il/ in the tint uutance, wc 
pvrpetnied at the expense of a sm&ll party of that mate eftLmnble 
face tbc Ro>'&t IiiaIi CoDsUibuUrx- Tlie time wui iieoily mid- 
VOUBicr, the vcoth^ wa« somewhat wllry, And of coiimc the trout 
were luing tenguidly in the middle of the day. All our party had 
coUetned, with wel[-filJ*d K-uketi for luncTiecin. ind an hour at two's 
rest io a lovdy heaOici-ilLided qooW iu a nxHty gkn- One of ouj 
number who was an adept in culinary science, had csUbli^hed his 
laboratory at a fihon disuncc, and the smoke from a lire, by means ofj 
irfiicfi he vat dcveli>pmg the cc^ible quiUniet of lake-troiu, wns floabflj 
lAg giBcctully up the mounuui side- Out .Lticniiijn wju acddcnblly 
attrftcted to some dark object viaibic throu^ the cLcot air on a a.^ 
opposite moimtdLtn 4t a dt^tonee of two or three milc«4 A fo^H 

[^ninttte&' icnitioy with a livld-^la^s convinced U!^ ihat our curHng 
cdumii of tmoke wa^ an objrrf of mtciiM iniercil to a party of tbc < 
"Royal Itiih'on a ''stiH-humins ' expedition. (Illicit dUtilbtioi^H 
ia qtite of all preventive mcoKUicif is, even yet, vigorously carried OQ 
in Donegal.) Our green-coiied friends were manifestly impie^cd 
intl) the idr-i itint their |>atR-ii<^ wafc about to he lewatdcd by tbc 
capture of a ttil] in iwW vrorlbi: order. Smoke in a loi^cly mouatain 
glca lar away from human habitation mcaiit «omcthing. VisIonB of 
protnotioD, or at leail honourable nientif^n, wtre doubilew floadng 
bdbre the mnnd of the ily old acigEMiU wliu, rillc iie hand, w.u 
■dipping Irom rock to rock and teaclung hb Ibllowcra how to get 
along unobKncd. Jounteying o\cr heather, f^orsc, and stones on a 
rough mo<intain'« tide it no joke at the Tir?«r ; and ^ liair-crceping, 
half'<TOtichipg mode of [jrtJgreHKon docs liol inakc it aDycaflicr. We 
had an idea that our would-be captors were gelling a gr>od deal of 
caooR, and I am aUraid wtr.tthcr enjoyed it. We ke^^E clo&c in 
om coocciJmect, and c^ould sec rheokl ^lerj^e-^nl hah from time to 
tiiDC, ami direct hui m::n uj as to sporruund out lurking placc^ It 
required all oor ponxrs to refrain from exploding wuh laughter a< 
tbey neared the scene o( their expected triumph. When at last tlicy 
ihved within about Afcy jardn of us "t a signal from ilir li^ailti L]iei« 



The Gentleni&tis Magazine. 

TTos a rapid nish^ and the potheen makers and their ''pknt'* were 
captured. Our penE-up memment foand vent in a roar. The old 
sergeant look in the situation at a glance. There was no use in 
charging us with attempting (o play ofT a laik on the police and 
obstruct them in the execution of their duty, for we obviously had a 
right to boil a tetile if we cho«e, and there was no evidence that wc 
had boiled it for his special benefit. For a moment he glared at us 
]ike a tiger, and something which was not an cjaculatory prayer 
escaped from his lips. But his Irish love of fun conquered. He 
burst into a laugh, in which his followers he.irtily joined, and 
exclaiming ^' Begona, boys, we'll head back to the barracks ; the 
captain would niver expect tis to make two saizures m the same 
day/' he marched off his parly, wiping the perspiration from their 
brows. We resumed our fishing, but our demeanour for the nexi half 
hour would have been unseemly at a funeral. 

Players of Our Day. 


R, COMPTON would have bonowrabl> filled in im^ 
|:ii>runc place in GAirick or bhchd^trt'i compnuy at 
Dniry l-ino, W^cau ruicyhim, wichhEsfangeoftioclc 
1 .irAiLtcrK A|i|>cailR>j uy iwicc in l!ic wci-k. figuring 
of Ihc cliicr, Hcadtcy^ Arthur Murjihy, 
Cunck, Sh^duv ^nd Mn, Cowley ; viih the Baddelcyt, 
AftriDstr>n*(, PalmCT*. WeMora, Valewi, and otherr^ hU i>owc« would 
lave dcvcJup(Ml~liLs iktylc :ijul tliy huiutjur luvt? lipcnLiL We 
shoold hiLVc now noble mct^otinu of him tiy McArdIc And Smith, 
**Mr,Compian aitd MUi Pop* in 'Ih* Cl;indeslmc Mirriago. '" 
Look at Hm photograph in ihc ihop windows — ihc exceeding drynrs*, 
ihc tnK "ciabbcd'' rltinncr, the w^Tnuny inOimtaiions ilic 
1ttf1un$ »)yticv(, ih< olhc flavour in rcscnc ttic ion of face wc 
bad m th« nink« of the ^mclasa French conicdiflns — it 
belonged to a phytidan or clerk in an office, or to a privite gentle- 
QUO with mi^insof his own, li ^vould havcthown r mere tranquil intel- 
L^cfkcc ard nothiiijf more ; htit ihc constant cxprctsion of bumorgu* 
thngs has liierally '^whetted" it into sharpneu and anglcfy and 
draudrd it of alL th:it ia potntli^s*^ or Bupeffluout. Mr. Thelps 
pcKJcawa o«e of thctc vjiliMbk- pliyiiif^notiiic-a ; ^oclutrv Mr. Buck- 
none, thou^ of ancthcr kind. With thcin ii is the coini'Uiaa'fl 
msme power tittt lujt told on the inieJItgcni oe and facial n^usclc. 
Bat they lund almcsst alone; were wc to cill a review of niofit of our 
"fomny" own, a ijicctadc of faces ningutaily vnmni in rharacicr 
wi>u)d be presented. Sometimes our eminent bur]c%c|uc ch^tmctcn 
an eooovmicTed in the atrcet, oTid we arr noi imprcwed by their dull 
and ordJaafy exprexiior. The truth is whereihtrt is merely exercise 
of the facial rmutlcdi the light of inicllrci wltlKlrawt more ;tn(l more 
lAwacd, aa though not condcsccn^Ung to work with an ally that 
wiflfcjes to be imimeiliKent. All mimics ^nd do^na i^bo une their faces 
and Hmbs after purely mechanicul principles cxhibii tfiift absence of 
light and imeltrct. But the pottraiti oif the clJ actors And adrenps 
aic <1etighifut to took un ; Uicir faces bcoiik m Itli the hij^l^cat cx[xcutt)B 
«Bd icndliceDCc ; ihey acem a company of the lineal and tt^qsX 


The GcntUman's Magazine. 

Mr Coiitplon dunn;;: the best yeira of his canwr bek>Dged 
the llaymwkrt compui/, Alniosi evciy part ihat he filled ihcre h* 
contrivtfl to ntlorn. He |io?»«c&S(-t] tho ^ift of lIic okl regulated 
liumoLir. liclO in control, nicafliircd out by nlc, culmini^ting a\ the 
|>rt>pcr lime ; ^[tonuncoiia, yet duly crJctvd His voice ^-^ti likfi An 
iiutrumtntT whncc nocct be could produce after the |miper lone uid 
tune. Hence ihevc wai a r^utrt neighl im] bnm Jlh iii nW he did aLad 
iiid. Hence tliat hutuour ill iaflcciWH— altitude, air even, /fr «•# 
/'^r fJurM/cr^ oA he ^tood, Jusi 08 an ccco^itric in re^l life revcolc bis 
oddity even 4a Jie sits or Atnnd^ He ihoE brought a chArm or value 
to LhoKe "old H;t)'nuirkct ramrdicSr" vh\ch na (nie vl-*ie 3,1 preMlil 
an the Fnglivh iLtgc could. In cctt;Lin ehoijictcrs he ivia wilhoul a 
nvaL Even to that fcrcicftl ovation of Dr. Ollaiiod lu " The Poor 
Goncleman" lie imparled a brcAdih and digaity which Hftcd it ittto 
the <!r)niiAin of pjire comccly. The lijiecUlor frli there wsjt a rrttrrt 
of humour behind his most extmva^int flights, a feeling that 
always increases the sense of enpymenE. ^Vuh ^w eccentric in real 
life Uiere ii the lame : we do not kno^i what iiupfiiie nuj' be in sieve 
for u(. A nifisUchy m>ii who Ih fund of dii|i!aying hit tTc:tSLin:??(«^ 
caLiliiiiu^ rings and jewellery l»u hts pei^oii* in proof of ha ridicn — 
<ioe» not iiiiprctti u> ncavly so nucii aa the Bobcr and vinof^tcntaltoua 
penonofje who, tve Utiow, ctn nil in hU cheque for a xub^iantiiJ 
ninaiint No l*etlcr illu^trJtion cf different iKhrHik of humoitf could 
be gLVca ilian the "rendering*' of Dr. Olbpod hj both Mr* 
CUrkc and Mr. Couiplcni The fonuer made it a rollicking, cxubctuA 
dijir^cttrr; one complete in iuclf, and independent of the dnnui. 
\\A chancteDi and titu-xn'orit ; and highly Uughirr moving. But Mr. 
CoEii])tan'% rendering wjji of aiiodier order ahogcthcr— he relied ona 
ccTloan gravity and lotcmnily, always freat cIcnicniA in comedy. There 
woiA Malvoho air ohout him, and one rould not help thinking of 
lamb's descripiion of Bcnsley ; whirh, iudewl, comrs nrjti only to 
Ecdng tiM; pby ilhclf ackd. Ag^ln, mjuk Lhc im[jrcukion left by 
tbc*c lwE> dil^ercni model of reading a character. Where there i> thb 
roUickin^ fun and ^jverruiining humour ol glnnte and getture it will 
be found that there is a vimeness in the pbyer's chaiacten, and 
lli;it LEj auiue new p:uL he » compelled lo empty hv^ wallet of 
preclady tlic Mtnc niovca. NoL so with the placer who kcc^M hia 
cjLlcmal £Ltt( under regulation^ and trutti to a more intcllecuial 
rending^ For, ai the imfilett i*( the* inokt ineilmuftiiblv and varied 
tiling in tlic wuild, the player who truilf to tt uid never be nccwted , 
of latcencAb, i^t^^ haa alwuyi » hand^iome IxiUncc at hia buik. 

^or some csuiCf not known to the public, Hr.Compton dcsened 


Piay^rs of Our Day. 

the llaTmajket Theatre a ytAx or 90 njca This unfonunitc slq) hAf 
HOI been Titboul proAt Jn aoother direction, for it ptovct ihe ilirsct 
fnSuence oa individual acting by the atm«|)htre of a Ic^itmute 
lh«airt and mJacd conicUians^ Any one who boi kcti Mr. Co^npton 
uftdtf tbcM ncv coftditionfi will mourn the dwtnj-c. The \i\vctt and 
cbanctov Dov allotted I0 him ire vrholly imvoTth)* of hin powcit \ 
and. Inving poiMsd him 10 hearEily, we miy brr miiilcfl to ta/ 
that bb octkig in "Paitocrs for l.iie" w^ wholljr itMrtuLc, ovcr- 
dtfft 10 a d^K^i «Bd &bc to liumoQ n^Uvin:. Ko«^ he could havi* 
ccpdootndtd w exhibit such a piece of sheer fmcc it a marrcl 
Hie Gardener in a more recent (liccr it» ■r»nrzhifij£ of a f^ir higher 
onier- It may, hofrc^'cr. be truly aHIhq^ thai an acior of hii 
■tno|th hvinxs lut aid to such piecea beyond the presti^ of hia 
HUM, mad that an tntarior ocior would make more of th« buatncsa. 
In vain may thoc things be cDm|)l]icent1y «tylf?d ** comedy drunai" 
^-tbal will not liJi dther cLe laAguagc or itie actois into the 
rqpooa of oomcdy. It is remarkable, too, that by i1k conditiona 
of the catfe llie chaiacten ollocted to Mr. L'omplcn arc of the most 
tnfliog and inalgniftcanT kind — rjuiie tiniutii-d to the dignity of the 
^■^■^ coniBdiEU) ctf a tlieuice- WiJit of pnictice ^uid ;i series at 
jn^crior ports vill brin^ a dclcnonUon in hii playini;. tk ahould 
Atw bavt quitted ih4 Hayioarkel, where in tho \u\ two pieces of 
JCr> Gilben, " Thic Palace wf Trnth *' and " Pygmalion," a hvimoKKw 
cLmcter wo^ have been foimd for him tlmt would liavc .iclded to 
kia rcputatJon* 

It may bo added ihattlui actor hia tome oddilltc of manner which, 
w» nojr prcwnw, it is too hte for him to think of gpinng rid of. 
One of ibcfte u a ccruin ''gulphg '* <^ hii WfjnU. aucntlcd by a 
ttechaincal docintf of hi* nouth^bard to describe, but cerulnlf 
tabliar to ail pUyp»rs. Another U a kind of " diftping " motion of 
Ui Ag&re. Roth add a decidedly gro(e!ique efTcn 10 whrtt br nny^^ 
ihry ^1: oativ^ and genuine, and not tiicka of (he tr.idc: whidi many 
« coibcdian Icanu by heaii and r^lls to hia aniatoncc rc^^larly^ In 
Mr. Ccnnp^o's case tht«e oddities betoken an interior cildity of 
mind } but he ii wm too much und^^r their domlnioTi. 


Some fcan ago the tistuil periodical rumour wns sent round of the 
GoniAf; nctrcas — a young creature of extraordinary beauty, who wnn A 
doceDdant of the gra: ^fn. Siddoou^ And h:3d inherited much of 
talent. In a Aars tintr Mn. ScotbSidiioaB wa* " travcUiTig t<Wt 

Tfu GtntUfptatis Magaztsu. 

the provincp^j" appearing chiefly in "As Vou TjVe Tl/' The pet- 
Jbimannc wo^ not vc:y rcniarkablc. being more like on cUboraic 
tioaitionary cxctci,ic, every inflection having been Inhoriouity ?ituc1i<d 
BJid Ihe '* busintfs* '■ carefully prepared. Stiil her gractrul and reined 
appearanrej cfunbined wilh a fhce of singular intelligtTiL-e awA bt^avty^ 
WA& no mean lecommcndation, anj po^^^bly on Ujc falUi of this iL 
was prophesied, in ihc favoimtc language of sUtgc criiiq\iC3, ihot "* 
hi^h future was before her." Yet the present writer rccAlU cnc rhicf 
defect — n faifiirf? lo excitt symjtithy or interf^sl in hCT aiidi^nccL 
Thb was loanifcAicd in a iiio*t rcmarltablc degr<:c. On her side 
tliCTc nas an earn csincas thai ^vas almost painful— a ncvcr-fla^^nu 
laboriousneas, an eagerness to malcc (he moit of every '^poiai^" 
yet somehow ihe audience remained respecrftilly cold from brginning 
to end. This is a fatal defect in actor or actress, because it is gene- 
rally eonstitutionsl. With the greatest girts, and this one Abftertt, 
fiiiccess *:^x\ never be aiLiined ; for success means tt>uching the lym- 
juthies ofan audience, who return toh:ive their fcehngs again oi>cra[«I 
on, And wlio, igaii;, imi^art theli jsensattons to others. The absence 
of this valuable <iiLdity is owing to a cerlain con&ciousne;^ end this 
again to a cenain vanity* The player in thinhing too much d him or 
her self True genius atwj^ys eneouragea a snn of fihafiiUn^ and mlltt 
itself lo at least a partial inspir^ition and fcrgeifulnrvi of jiclf- NaluTe, 
Mmplicily, and truth ttre the nnost precious <]ua1tties en the &lagc, lU 
in every other siniJilion, no matter how siijj and irtifidal socie^ 
may grow. Once, when one or" our tamons queens of If a^edy was 
playing (he snJTeTing MiSh Haller, e\hibiiiiig tl'te deprcaaing sorrows 
of that cmng but repentant lady to a hrge audience in the DubUn 
Theatre Koyal, the moment arnved when the batUd " 1 have a siLcDt 
sorrow bene" was to be delivered. Singing wa^ out of the srcnt 
actress's walk, iind the diriy yfd& iia^eriiously delegated [o some 
altcnd^nl villager A poor &hrcd, a timid, halfffighicncd crcttarc, 
some £oenc-shifter'£ daughter on probation, come funrard oa the 
orehe^Ltra struck up ihe sj-niphony. An ancient mu!jin dreu from the 
properiy'ioura- flcL ofT willi Home tawdry pinW bows, pinned on- no' 
doubt, by trembling fin^cnt nn old tv^-^itx in her luir— i)iesc were 
her me^tgre decorations, while her mother, liolding a bhawl, co^ld be 
i«n .1: ihe wingt Tliii did noi promise welL But when, offcc* 
commencing in iremblbg tones, she gathered courage, ;Jie sang the 
whole 30 simply and even tenderly, with such a simple purpose 
of doing X\\c U£k set doun for her, without hope of favour, or at b«t 
more thjin Toleration, thai sueh a bnrst of honest applauic bunt 
fif^ as had not nutg titrough the old theatre lliat nigliL She shrank 





Play in of Our Day. 

1)ack in a sort of dclijchtcd ftknn, but hod to rcp&xt her aon^ to a 
twuUiKMu; house: The audkncc, with its ntivcr-falting iruclnct, 
unckmood ih?^ tuiitraM with the arlifi^iul dgfinici \x had bccti IJEiening 
lo* Here ir&3 tonictbi&g »irnplc, AnJ unpretciviling, and natural, 
SomcLbow tf]< gr»t lady did not seem t>Jeascd. 

la the caAc of Mr^ Scott-Siddi>n«, ncute dramatic jiidgci ventured 
to ptopbAfi^r ihAt ihiK drfrrt trrts in inost c^rs innir^bU'. rtther ibaE 
ilWQuld trov more intcntc wiih praclicc \ it vis pLut of rhar:irlcT- In 
due time tbe lady come tc the lUymorkct, with every udvaata^e, but 
after ji round of perfornunc^t the unie imprefi^ioii fteemed to be \th 
— thai of a lalxfiirrd and rontH-trnuonR pcrtbnnflnce. The beauiy, 
the lefiiKincnl wm praised, as it deferred lo bci but the clcctiic »pack 
hod not flashed from iiiogc to ludicncc ; (leoplc came away eold and 
mitouched, much as they woulcl <[o from on inteUigenc " reading '' at 
a Ircnuv hill, til u ibort time she h^d pasHtd frum the l^nduri 
bamb» and entered on ihe i^er piidiurci of the provinces. 

CooKtcntiousnctt always iclU^ Jind Alw^iys ejcrorts rcjpcct* In oU 
thai she did there ^rii ir: air of ttudy and catefiil preparation- The 
great name which xheliore wa« in iiseif :m incrudunic^n, llerKc »he 
ohrayv prcvnlcd ho^etf under condiLuins that commHinded reipecE. 
She went to America* "read* a vait deal, aiid, we b<:!icve, n«nt 
thriMgh much pracbco and irLdusthoits trainLiig, Knowiii^ of this 
really honc«i labour and diligence, the pubUe was ghd to hear of her 
rrtura to l-ondou^ and ii ^vos concluded tliat a ni;trked iiiEprovemeni 
would be the resuh, 

A new play, called "Ordeal by i'ouch, " by an unpractiatd writer, 
«« c}>o«en tor this d^f. The rapciiroiis namre of Jhe tcccpiion 
oceorded to every scene in lbi& piece ^'a^ in ilscif a iihenonicnon, and 
the *'6iccd*" •© lea laptUTOUsly^frectcd every speech of the actrcsJ- 
It iBMt becoid that thii play vat of a poor, weak kind, Khowing 
Ihtle knowledge of the stage. Play* of thi« pattern have been pre- 
sented Kl 6ei|ueutly tliat ihe fatit wlhjM auL seeui to deserve notice 
hexe, but for \\A ti\^vC\x\g the capacity of our crillr^ \ a wiiicr in 
the Satttrd^y Rn^itU; seeing in it " a work of great and varied power,' 
and thftt '*the pro^^pecu of the Englji;h stage brighten by ^tidi 
1 conedy.*' But> whatever were ita merits, it did iiul bhuw ilic 
relutned acirens to adrantage. The Acvcrc coinilry IntinioK had 
indeed produeed a d^ange. and it could not be catled an improve- 
menL The rather luetic grace had packed away ; the nervotis anxiety 
10 please »aK gnne, and \xxA Ixrrn re|>bi:cil by J huxd, ouuteU Eiianner^ 
l^cre «ta before at the buatling, Ltiak matron of low coTaedy^ 
wbo«c vctce and nottona recalied Hn, Chippendale or Mrs. tiiUu^^lQTU 


TXtf Genil^matis Mag;iZ^Hr, 

ThfTcwuc .1 (lerpinuiil mctfesKiiFS^ in eEtmal tncilion of head 

wiih ihat fivouHic miction of incspcricnrcd pUycra, a raiju^ 
flttng off across the stage ttficr »Qm<: spi-cch suppoAcd to contjuo 
'' point " has t>«eD dcUirered The conscious lir had lacreaiwd 
alnrniingly: ihi.- voice Minted mtiuc arid melody. The hodatta'8 
ttciifk In ilic piovinocs !iad rubbed aw&y all the fine luHilces. OAcQ 
t mnnLc litttc tnAc in acting proves oa loRicnlly as a whole play dwt 
theoctar'^ conccplioLi ofiiTariUic effect U Attny. Here two pervona 
in ft garden wi*re pursuing a ridiculous maiefttf^tiu, while Mnt. Scot^ 
Std^lans. [jarlially conceiltd behind a gardrn vaae, uverhcais the 
convcrsjiiion. The mtximU'idu look a lorig timi; 1c develop, aad tta 
tucccAtfjl Rligc« produced lAQghtet and sulTicicntly intoTpitted ihem- 
iclvcc liut, with a Inborioiii! panfomire that hct^flmc ;>lmofii painful, 
the lijitrjiei mu&t interpret all afre^ tu the ludicncc by a tchcs of 
"nods and becks imd wreithed smiles" — now hiding, now revealing 
hcr«cU \ now tuning to the speaker on the hght wtih an ^Ir of Lnviu- 
lion, now to him on rhc left with n<iridiiig spprnkinon ; then lowing 
the ingAt overpowi'iing rcltKh of the T^Itu.ition And Lhe keenci^t enjoy- 
ment Now aM this was fjLl», .ind Aclu.'^JIy hid the clToct ofin^pair- 
ing whatever effect wiu in the situation, which was doinjf very wcti of 
ilieif To a really great acirew such an ide* would never have 
occurred. The uullj is tlie bdy i» noi u uimedian. She has no trae 
^cty, £t was the suae with h& great idattvc, of whom several 
alccropCs a^t comedy nre recorded, nil of the moat depressing Idud 

PoraiUly tragedy may be her 'Mine/' though she sccmi loo Cn^Qe 
and pdiif for iTie scibtnn burden. Her lieKt fricnds^and she h;ij( 
many — sbould offer no well-meaning Batiericx to induce her to affect 
piquancy or cmartncw, save, of course, in downnghi farce. In n good 
eniiTdefou^i tragedy nhc would be infinitely more at home, Thtrc h«r 
refined aiid rulli^';iie<i dn-'liini^iiGns and j^owers of elocution would in 
sotnc degree '* aland " to her. 


Thackeray, \i\ ime of his moif ngrecsbic pimw^*, eKpreor^ fcw 
gnttifudc to those wha introduced him to certain characters of ficdon, 
protesting that Squire Western and Anwliu, the good Ur, l^rimrose. 
and odien^ were to all mirnct as real for him a« joqr historical 
chaiactcn. A person with a real dnmaiic instinct has die Mine IB- 
pn^oR with rei,*ard to s. gcouindy dnmaiic play at which he haa 
aiekted- It ni:a.kes paitcf thetreaauryof ht3ree?olIcction3; the story, 
thr Ag^irr^, become as real for him as incidents in his own life. Tbi* 



PUytrs of Our Day. 


Is t]b« Ticv vc w&nid uke oT th« frcili, ftfmpl^ utuial, ant! powcrTuI 
drniu of ■■ T"hr iTnlirt-n R*wn,"' ai pTr^rnicd by Ife Ahd Mr%. Dion 
BoocicaulL Tbc wh«lc, indeed, must be ukcn as on insrmUt^ arid ii 
B> vicf7 nifdir that 4 piece u pui bdbrc ui in w^ich ihc pUy and the 
acton w inipiivd by ihc oae vmgic influeuci-. The effect thus 
pfodttced h» a ^irmglh (lijt omnor ;ig»iri lie kioted fur 

Abool this |»Uy iberc is an Uklcacri bible ^mcc ^nd irfidernevi, 
nikply 1>rcauEC ihc author bu g^« to vrotk vrith a tiuc kncvJc^ ^ 
banuti nAUve ud & tnu knowiedg^ of xulional chjimcter. It \s. not 
too ki^ A cocnplLmeni m> ay ihu the impression ]v{t is akin to thjit 
produced by "ThcVicirofWalieficId" Wc uioitview !(, of cdhrac, 
by the lijcht od" our first imprcuion^ Tor the charnckD hxv^ bees »mcc 
Fepeited and copied by the henvy-hindcd jourricyincn of the rUI|;«i 
until those lyj'c?* have become tediowi, and offenKivc, Rut there 
wja in the Drigicui] pecfommnce iuelf a bl^joxa of true romance (the 
tiiic dtttm Uut iniq;^irGft micrest and sympailix), and a delicate humour, 
vlucb make* it the rno«i remarkable l%ng]Uh pby ot iti ^neration. 
At for ibr ithnre of Gerald Grffin In the rn:iiier ir i( t^carrvly appred- 
aUe, atid the inic kjuitc of the pUy 1% the local hiKlcry whkJi Gerald 
Gaffia lued for his oovcl, and vhich the nuthor worked up xnto '* The 
Colleen Bawn." Superficta] critics talked of the w^xxtr cave and the 
*'bcader" ic bit< or '* seiuilion," hui the mo^tri^idpumi would have 
to aidmit that Uie M^ene foUowcd Irgldniulcly fiuiri ilir roime of ihe 
iJQcidcms, «ik] that with the Jaat/c chosen, on the hanka cf the Ul:e, 
vithboatmri) posting toand fro, it was themost natiiril and pieliircsque 
mode of bnngtng about the attempted murder of Eily. 

It h easy in set- wlxal ii tlie st-L-rei uf Mr, Buucicaulfi -iclmimhlr 

actng in Milea Ka CoppaJecn, It b the power of sitiking hii own 

ndividuulity. nnd putting himxelf in tlic pbce of the chamctcr that 

bett playing. la this^ of eoun<, he i^ maierlilly os^sted by being 

Ihr .ii]Th«r of xhi' parr, and aliin hy his tlvmnigh knowh-:lKr of the 

inbcn^l piindpic» of die natiooal character Any one who h^?i seen 

^ part in OEber lundv wdl have been suuck by the want ol apoa* 

luiiOJjiaess,MdtHear1irida) jnd AlmcciC unmeanii^gnlr of buil^ooncry 

Hidi it »ajrne&. Our sciot U thorouglily r.irj', ^iniijle, nAliir.iI, and 

*iA a Ikcc bcaniingjwith i^Iy humour can combine a vant deal of 

^DB snd tci^demess. 

Usdyhe hat been appearing lA a little piece caUcd ''Nlghtand 
Mcntiug," the chief Hinuiioti in rtliich — ilir breaking of (he news to a 
"^WOicd widoA of her huibaud being alive— is foLindcd on Madame 
^ ^TuSa't wyaiaic " La Joic fail Pcnr." tliia, indeed, is one of 
t^QK coothbQtioiis to the stage which become the common pTopeiV^f oi 


The Gentleniafis Magasifie. 

nfltiont, and Ar« the best proof of Ihe vast dignity and imporbince 
true (Irsmaric arL Sucli a situation, once set off with an nnd genius, 
bccomi^s cryslciiliacd, ^ il were — passes from stage tD stige, end from 
country to countiy, tn a liu^drcd shapes. It is a part cif the hwtory 
of human nature, and a pursoa who had " assisied " at such a scene 
in real life would never to the day of his de*th be able tn fbrgrt 
it It may be fairly said tliat iltcic is no more original and njuitfol 
]»ece of acting cf its kiod to l3c seen on the English stage at present 
than the old stfrvant's emotion on Gccing the tnostcr vvhom he thought 
to be dead^ We know the hacldieyed start and accomjianying roar, 
'* MycM nujitcr reluntcd !" with which, accordiii]^ lu tlte convent Lonat 
mlcs of ilic stage, this surpriac ivould have been attended. Here, the 
idea of a $hock npon tlte nerves of an old man wa;; conveyed in 1h« 
most natural way — a b(ow ; a fright; a mixture of joy. alami, and 
tcndemesa. Tlittc is no logic in such Biluadons, and those who in 
real Ufc hflvc wiintsscd situations of eorccntratcd cmofioa, discovcf 
that the pjienoinena ato most nncotiventional »nd irregular, the 
deepest grief not being majiifesied by cri« and lean ; terror and joy 
beiig iiiaiiifesitd by anything biu the ordinaiy ^yiiiplaiiis of terror and 
joy. The <]uenj1ous '* crooning " and whimpering, the stunned look, 
the cramped attitude of his arms and fini^ets, the air of suffering as he 
littt in die chair and aik4 for a j^lasi of br;)ndy — all Lhis *how5 art of 
the higliest sort, and fLitiih of the mo^t legitimate kind. This litilc 
bit of acting alone would show the tmc artist. 



A Pbdustrian Tour in the 
ISLH OF Wight. 


F the dirtLTcnt bathing phoes and iiaimner r«oni some- 
time* cnllcd "watorifig places" m Kn^tLiiuI, there is 
^\ ^ ^ V *^^^ rcmntk thai I \\\n\k applies iic:tity tu all; they 
\^-J^ ^'ooi ihi: mckt or liie w.itTo!dinK whicli switDrncn 
mott cspecxxlly pn/e. and. tnd«(^, iviihout which a bathe lo9;c« more 
than hilf ils chif[n and reffffshrrwrw. "ntui, m that very irnxh 
Irci^cvitcd Olid ilcitnxxlly pri/cil summer resort, tlic l^lc vf Wx^hl» 
th« only places that k>^ yo^i an opportunity for jttitipizig ai cnee 
inu> deep water arc Vcntnor and Sea View-. Jn rnc^t other ecV- 
\tan% dclJghlftd M tlie sci air is, and chnrminp av tli<* urenrs Jirr tn 
the ujtnmer* ycu vc olilit'txl t^j uae a bjl^iing [luchjiitr > jtcid in place 
of Ihe cxhiUrating plunge inio the dcc^ blue aca, and the cnjov- 
nent ^ the purest e^ereiw^ you are forced lo walk into cwn- 
panivvcly »lullf>w wajcr. Ilur if yon wnnt the enj'syment of a 
■Kimoier you miKt hire a boat, and udc^b it Le a tulcrtUy bi^e one, 
the luiittnoc of climbing up its side when you have Huinlied your 
«««n u AS much agairat a pkOMant exit aic it the wsaii of a. drc^Ain); 
room, hwrerer humble. Vet, «etilng a*ide the aitraciion of bathing, 
hiM deli^tfu) iS an cxturaton lo suc:h .1 foLaliiy as (he hie of Wight ! 
To iraUc round it, i*> see the varied phages of >iecner>'i to c:>tcr 
ttunughljr into a uavellcr"* mode of ^jccommj? acquuinttd wiUi the 
<AjttW of interest, lo n^ite ctowt; i>n jiiur LiMcr* yoMr own views 
irflbr KChtrnl tpntK which iihanzi you^-lo do nil iliis, dir pc-dr>[n;iii 
^ in advanLigc ovi-r e^CTy other travdler. Contrasit the freedom 
Qd«9c vh:ch m;irk ;; wvi ot (his di;«rr]f>l]rm with the wi-nri^iomc 
^■ngDor of a railway Journey ; or, to Like an extreme east-, cofiipare il 
*wi ftc sbouiA of rlnmour whirh meet .i prince, or even a rroblcnian 
^ hi* eju;ar«ion« fi /rintr. 'llic prcuing of admiring crowds* the 
I'nihjdc of aen^i that han^ over the revelry of a populflr reeirption, 
^^c hreathing of ftikome aduEadon so att reTtetntvd might well make 
^ envy thr condition of ihme who Travel iW'xrtiM I 4rr out on my 
P^^eaBUi cwnunion (font Sandofrn 10 ShanVlIn, From the former tvnrn 
t popcadicukr line of cji^i, eneirdmfc tlK n-bole space for a dJstnntc 
^ ^ milef, an far aA Shankhn, forms a vast aniphithcriliCH 'VW 
*>l irfieo the tidr w rmtf A' ^/m .iriif chstk ; diere can be uo Tftwc 
Ibc XT, A'-5. /^JL ^ 


The Cenilcmafis Masrasuu, 

agreeable fooiiiig tliao lIjis, t^xwrpl k be the lutf uf a wril-kciJl puL 
The bay eit nil limrs during (^<^ <1<(>' i* crowded with RToups — Iftdica 
in loo^e irc5.<;cfi Emcf negligent but becoming Attire ; tl^c young on«« 
drher iKvtliingor abfjut to Im^ie, or sKired wilb their books or nffcdle- 
work f )t>uiig gcinlcuicii ivho liavc just come out uf the walcf, and 
gentlemen uf every u^c lo whom the completely tfV/tv /^r ff^rpf/f style 
of the scens is a change ilut mak^a them feci, And indeed look, like 
fish out of w.iirr; children of all ngci, from five to fifteen, the 
bvLisieit i^i U)e busy, ili^:;g in ihe suijd wil]:i wo<k1c:i apsdu— (the 
Ap:idc is All arEidc uhtch linn^^a in a small fortuac to toy sellers 
here, from Wv: \ibiquitouB demand for it) — wadmg in th*; watwr, or 
building finle fabrirs of iwnrl, such as rbUdren even in thr dny^ of 
Homer Tucrc fjinixl for bLiikb'ug, JtisL before rcii'hing Slianltlin is 
a Iiugc partition in the cbif ^th a road nmring ihrc^gb it \ but, 
getting up t]w elilT on tbc otber side, you pass inlontl a series of 
very handsomely built villus, fupi^fior lo any th:iE you see at Sanilown. 
!ii[i.i;j1cd on tbe hiijk ground. Bctow, ou llie bcai^U -uc only two or 
three cotta^ti, But uni>thc;r grand gnp serves at a t!iorou|^fim for 
thoie who yo from the vilbs tobaihe; and pu^iiog ibis, following 
tJie high patb on ibc cliff, joti soonHimVe at thcentnncc to the Chine 
— & dia^ui wtilch CAtend^ for aboul hdf a mile inlaitd. Ii AeeoiK 
like a glen \Qt^ from the mounuiin^ side by n convuUion of nature — ' 
diirk, craggy^ comparatively narrow, planted on each side mo*t 
luKuri;:Lntly wiih fem?^ Iiclie:!?, bmshwood, and jiUo vfry ibii-kly wilh 
foreit trees. Tbcre is a line of rcjaJ. broad and well foruitU, t-'ut in 
t!]c £Oiilhi:rn aide of ilic glen, wlio»e sides are fully joo feet high. 
The roafl is sleep, and |jarLed by steps, iidon', almtwit out of *ight, 
i* a fttimuti wbich hai its sovtrre in a ra?t:ide -it The rrt'st of the 
Cliine. The clifjsm Is crowed by some narn^w wuodeu bridges^ and 
at bUTvds there are seals ^lituatc^d under a delit^l^tfuE sliadc durinji; 
the time of summer beats. Shortly before reaching the inlasd 
entrance your path is f-ni oui of ihc suHd rort, and nc the last of ihe 
bridges you liLxve a fine viciv of Lhe cascade. After leaving the 
Chine \ bad to walk by the margin of ibc ctiff for about two miles, 
and reacbtug a ratm-lioubc I cro^^ed a held, ^vhero 1 wa& Khown » 
UarfDw causeway, which I went ibmiigh, and rame then wddenly 
upun ibe very Atccp iliglit of Mcps leading W the Ijosc of LutiJMiibc 
ChinC' All herein ojv^n and, exccpi at its rfc^t, iinplanEed ; but 
there is a sort ot wild grandeur in the glen ^hich is cnaincntiy 
pictures^iuc. Leann{; thi& And pa<iting by a gentleman's rcAidence^ 
wbidi is kept siritlly privalf. you come lo a lauc leadiiiii by a 
drcuiious ir^/ to the LondsJip. Uae, a^ia^ bixppy ia liic vbUor 


ji P&ics/rian Tour in the hit of WighL 

who mn walk, fbtjut ihk long winding l^ntTM wTinTljr iTnpncUrnble 
Cor ridmg. luuch tcsa dririnft to none bat a pcdc-sirinn U it pu*i;iiMe 
to cntcT into tfie enjoiprent of the posA^c thrcMic;h the landslip, 
which i* a »c*tic whoHy tinique : a wood more thickl/ pkntcd 
thui :^Y othCT to be tn>rl witli m Ihl^ ukhd, <^r iiid<^d tH:in ti dEC- 
ittccrc lo be met witb, L-xtciidln^ for a dibi^incc <A aboui fijur miles 
frona oonh to wnitb^ tnd two from co«t to west, the outer margin of 
vbicb ovcrivngs the sc;:, the whole interaccicd ^th ^thiv:vy«^ and &t 
werslpsm fpringx and four tnin* of hiict; ihp imths ihmnghoui 
mrc dirk, ?iaiTOflr, inlnc^tte, and rocky; tlic w^kmI ulmost wholly 
hud and bnuhwood. oak uid fcrru. The principal wonder about 
it >> the vtgeruiion ind vigour of the trees, bein^ so li^ixiiriant when 
cloM to the leii- tn the summer hcat^ so very Tcfmhing i* the thade 
and comparative rtjolncs^ of ihw srxnc, tljnt I wis not ?*urprised in 
nj wiSk. through it to come upon numerous parties of plcntfiifc. 

The phenomenon ol ihi:) i^ndshph related m all the ^idcbook*, 
to 1 need cot comment upon IL On the souihem sLde^ when you get 
near Boochurclt, the scene becomr.i open end yon Icsc the woods, but 
are preheated intli theimmense concave of ru^cd mountAin from which 
Aia ma» of Und had been formerly torn. By A 5tcep path >'0U rcadi 
tike roAd leading to fionchufdi. There are ipo» ta ^hia isknd which 
mjght be idcctnl :w pifluics ofpcrrp^^t rural w^rtiery. biiT adju^cnt to 
■Iniait all of Lhcm you anr forcibly reminded tliut tlic raihuadi and 
ateojucn have brought thronge of vLaicors. Thiu, when I ^t on 
high road which led Rtrai^fht dov-n to Oonchtirth, 1 came to an 
vnineMce which rrraindrd mc of tarh a «rrrr ns ymi would mt c intro- 
duced in a poindag by Sdvator Rona, but on turning a few yard:( to 
die rillht 1 $aw a palatial hotel, which, with itf numcrooi occupants 
and acccvorin, showed me that London and iu plutocracy had icnt 
pUnty of rcpfe^cniaitvcs hrri*. Ai\cT nil, \\ <YmM rni he niherwise ; 
tbougli I W18 told by travellers itliom I met on iliU c?(i:ui-sioD diat 
Jcrwy i»> for beauty of winery, M far superior to ihc isle ofWigtila* 
the bticrifilo the Isle of Man, Still very many indeed have hxed on 
Ihe 1«]p of Wight u u luiiHrirr n^vidtrrce. A preripirmtt descent from 
Ihc einineiKe kudu to BondiuiLli, bui I luijk a laivaie loail lowanh 
6ie diK and on aay nay parsed whttt 'y^ duly dcsctibcd in nil the ^ide 
looktnbciBgthcoldeftNcmaanchuTch in Great Btiiainj hnvin^t been 
haill in the tiTu^ of Eht* Con*njcror. It i< the OTnA|lc*r one I have 
evirr vcen. Fiom thia to llie cliff \& nol Cir, and here the ^ea is 
^utkufady lovely. On the low bcacli arc wmc rociks whidi made 
toe envy the inliabibLnts of Bonchuich and Ventnor, who \^£^ 

F X 


Thi Genllanafis Afagastne. 

during summer ihix primitive; bathing place. The Approach to it is 
sheltered by tticf hi^h pit^cijAtuus cIjE f wc^nt then by the high- 
road to Vcamor- Tin* h called the rocky VcnUwr, A* to the 
locahty, it is, from tlie air and its vicinity to the sea, of course a 
dc&irable residence; yet there is a sod want of trees. The 
houfics are all Uuill uf the grey gr.inile ihiit .ib^junds h<rre; and m> 
large arc they, and so spacious are tlie :^trccis, that ih<>jgh the 
dcsceiil of the highest towards the sea. and the inlctmediate one* 
&Hq, fcrm^ ii grand panorama as viewed from a vessel, EtiU the 
e.v|KTsurc ro the sun mwn render the tonvn ciireinely hoi. I 
have omilicd to speak of the sights al Boncharch, the troK on Ihc 
Pulpit Rock, and the L'ndcir Ljkc or i'ood, because ihese thing* aic 
all noted -it length in the guide hoots, it may be said 10 be part of 
Veninor; but al the entrance to IkinchuR'h commences that remark- 
able part of the inland called the L'ndercltfTi whl^h varies from 60 h. 
to 1 00 ft, high, so well planted, »o extremely well sheltered from any 
harsh winds, as to render it a mo^l eligible locality for consumptive 
patients ; in fact, it is called by lome the I^ritish Madeira. The whole 
yrny from ttoDcliurch lo Rochcfi Kiid, a distance of about twc-lvc 
niile*^, is traversed by an excellent road, vfliich on the right has St. 
UoniCace Cliff, and at about three quariere of a n^ilc diitanee the sea. 
The place which struck me as the finest that T pnssL'd wns Steep Cliff 
Castle. On llie ri|^ht side tite IoicIl iila[;taUciDE, the fountains 
berc and there, and on the left the bright view of the se&, uc 
conlinued ttSl you get to St. Laivrence. Shortly afierwardt there 
is an iibnenco of trees tilJ you anive x\ thtr road leading to Ulackgang 
Chine; neaxly opfM^sJte tu this is St. Callifrine':* Mount, whose 
summit ia the hifihcsi point in ihc island, 600 ft, above the level of 
the sea- ll is by a gnidLml descent over grassy hillocks smooth as a 
lawn that you reach this point, on which is a granite lighlhouRCT 
whose history is very interesting- When I had satisfied my%clf with 
seeing one of the finest prospects which one <;2n have in pjigland, 
including Poniard, the Needles, the whole coast of Dorse isliirt, and 
Hampshire, 1 found it comparatively easy lo get down to the load 
leading to Blackgang Chini-. By n narrow way, jinking some 
cott^cs — which are, as ustial heren built w'xih a view of accommo 
dating summer rtsidentj — you arrive after a walk of two nulcs at a 
very stupendous cliff, aX the exirL»mity of which i£ what may he 
called a huge yawning fissure in (he moiuihtin side — gloomy, bleak, 
precip it oiis^-dc%c ended by a sleep flight of slcps- Jl baa cvci> 
ieaturc of sublimity about iL But the icfi below, with its pebbly 


ji Ptdeifrian Tour in the hU of Wight. 

dhot^ contrasis with this En fts innqui! dntrnnv. Shorrl/al^fr 
left the descent darit cIoulK wMdi had bccu iiiificnJing over ihft 
KouQL burst upon the cirtli in an almost tcmfic shower of hail, o&d 
tovcred ihc ground Tor & dcptli of two feet wiih hailitonci;. 

[ had ju« time lo rench a kitiaU vilLif^ ^^.tK-d Chair, near 
the cntmncr oX thr Chine road, and get huuacd in a vtty youd 
hotel, where I WAS fiUd to have a litllc rcat after the day's wilk. 
v^ notwitlj^tAndrng Jls &ijLv and grand nfipcomncc, jind the sc^on 
the year, quite 2 jirimitive one, and cxccpl one or tu'n other men who. 
Ilk*; mjKrl'^ Kid f^ougbt n-roRc frtim the ^iclUiLg <if the pitilcis storm, 
llicrc were no occupjinin of the Ltrgc room, though some drcssnukcn 
OQ their holiday trip hud tiken up their abode in the kiteh«n otticea, 
J wxicunied Tot its emptiness by the eircumstance of there taring no 
ficiliTi» Tor baihJng near It, 1 was deiemtincd to t.ikc ^X\c mgriimg^ 
for proceed!^ to Freshwater and Alhim 13ay, b^ic before going owajr, 
J «tni over to Me the very andent church ^rhich » opposite th 
bote). It 11 wid lo be of tht iJmc of the Normans, and ii & 
mottive Atone struf-iure. 'itu.- [lilckncHs of the wnlls and tha 
tt^lity of the mtimons, the jintiquky of Ok painted ^Iua wludowB, 
make mcclaart \\ alon^ with two others whidi J saw on this island. 
€sic at Newport and the other ai CirUbtooke. Ai the rood u'.oi: now 
my only mcsans of trivdliiij^ there being na riilway, in [ilace tjf 
VAlking 60m thb phce to Fieahwater Hay, Ibr the nic»E p 
iJwou^ an open coiinlT>- and inUind. I thought it better 10 take 
iOCU on ihtOcinibuB, which left at icn in the morning, and I for ra/ 
pan consider 11, oldiough nn htimble conveyance, a much more 
one th^n the lanuriouK railway cArriagc on a fine nummcr't 
ly, oj it givct yoL] more opportunity of seeing the country, ^md \m 
j.wholly ddfercnt ftoin the vehicle which bears the umc name i&' 

The couQiry which we passed ihioiigh to Brl\loDc was hilly bat 
>OpeB, ai>d fbf the nvo^ p^rt by in poKtura^e and orchard:!, In whi 
appW-erecs were m»t abundant Wc nw at Ihc distance of about 
Ih* miW from Chate ihe large coIuttih which wai raided on the ocea* 
i^ponoflhe pevetif 1814; it is a very promincul ^bjt-Ll, Wc did 
^bol reach the hotel at Freshit^ti:r untillatc in the Afternoon, ondfounji 
thcroihe grtiulctir of a London hotel and its concomitant charges, 
toon afler a ha«fy luncheon ! went out on the iluwn which lifodi 
ihif lo ihe Nredlci;, anil rVuni ihe nide of wTiidi one lia:t an oniple 
view of Allum iUy. The \s>x cliff which lurrounds the whole of 
lAUun Bay is one half of it eomposed oi chalk, wUh minu\<£ ^oli^- 
of fiint %h^wmgthwM^h - and the opposite segment tno^l itnjit'^^l 






Tkc GcrUicfnojis Mafosint. 


taiit^atcd wllh cliy and btgitcs of vjuicd Lolauift, ajid pjirily pkoicd 
Tho chalk k« of a pTirc LUiUh white. The down tcnnmaica obniptly, 
and you ^o by a bye-path tovrjird^ the sco, where is a tmoli fori. On 
the left of this fan :Tie five chalk rocks, on the nearest of which ij a 
Liglithou^c; the ullicr^ stattd out iiitUe sc^ Wiethexil La lluit Eh e con* 
Stout beating oFtbc sea his reduced ttic lidj^ht of these rock^ and filed 
down tticir syuunotr^'i I cannot say, but they do noi now resemble 
what they srecftUcd—thcNetN^efi. Onmy way back, across the down, 
which was comijoaed of die &orL of vdvety turf ihai cilc c^n ncircT 
tire of walking over, 1 was shown the entrance to Tennyson's honu^ 
which, as ail know, be has l^Et some tuae> tliouyb he yet holds Ac 
property. I fancy the tide of evctirtioni^ts mast havo be<rii luuch too 
Btrong for Ills la^tr, and aU say hirrc Uiat lie a mn of the tuoit 
rclircd habits. In the evening I wcot to Frc&hwatcr B.iy, find Aaiv 
the huge rock like x Large cromlech that \i on the iiorLh i>idc of the 
bay, 4Uid which looms like a grand archway. It h a favourite subject 
for palnicra iind iihotographers. 

Bm 1 regret J did uot sec the cave itsdf — il on only be entered 
at low water^ und the tide on this ocauion did not serve ; it ij 
lao It. inland The watei la exceedingly clear. The entry to 
the cave is (hrough a small archway. Tlie highest chalk dilf* in the 
vodd, 600 ft. hifli, arc said 10 be tho^e froiu FECbbwaicr to 
Scifttchcll'^ Bay- In the intctior, rreshwater coo&iats of a atn^liiig 
line of b-tcecls — separated by spaces at long intervals— containing for 
tiie most part houses ftw lodging summer viiiton, and a ft-w shops; 



but I Mjppose ihj^t soon the Jnlcrvals will be filled up, and it will cnm- ■ 


pose one prodigious town, I stayed here at a smaU inn, and finding- 
cboice between walking Ibrotigl^ Calboumc to Consbrookct uul 
taking the van in the ntomii^g thither, I pTeferred the latter. Tht van 
vlart[?d at nine, nnd we went tltraugh a pleasantly wooded conniry, till 
wc arrived opposite the fort which waa consliucEcd by Henry VUI-, 
and is now tenanted by a small body of criiUcty. 1 was struck with 
an instance of the pnmiiive simphciiy wluch marks tlie habits of the 
inhabiianc^hcre : when we arrived at a narrow Ixno which bram^hed 
out of die road, the van diivcr took up Into his vehicle a tiunk wUkb 
hod been lying about ^ve yards from the road in i1k lane, find went 
OD with it He said it was quite enough to lee the direction on it, 
and he would take charge of it. The confiding nattrre of the owner 
and the freedom from any ^apprehension of robbery shuwed mc that 
wc were remote from cities and their villainy- \Vc soon reached 
Yarmouih) which ia by no means an attractive loi^ii, and when the 
Tjdr is oijF the sWrac in place of sand wliidi covers its be^eh mtu^ 


W P€dcs4ri<m Tour in the /sic of WighL 71 

lid thiok, iDJikc i( rciy uolicaTUiy. 'The siict-U .tri- ii:irrow, and 
vc cri>»cd the ^nuJl tivcr wub its m&nhy bonkH by a wcodcn bridge, 
and KKm aftennnU got tnto a jk^coftani wooded coumfiy. llie 
pasturage gPOUixU iLlioitnd vrr}' much m ifae Ulc* ^ Wt^x^xtxti wc 
Ittd dloe aP Ihc wjiy 10 Sli^aloue, when u a large intone ctu;irJi_ 
vhick llw a>u:Iiiiun uild mc Ihcrc mxrc vena written al>ouL II 
has no bdU, but a t^cry high stccpl 

SeAA tb«ir btD and bull x ttvrpl*. 

yrana thi«. all Ihc waf to Consbrooke^ the rood wu very norrovr, 
l«l it wii like dfiv'irg throuLfh a beautiful e*tale : the cornfield* wen; 
not imuiv, bill llicrtr wrrcr ruLiutrruiiH j^knnrrft goin^f through thenL 
The orchtf db ircrc richly laden witli applet The country was open 
b«t widololtng^ 1 do noi know .iny nnpcct of mral Iifv cnorc f>]ea£eiiig 
Ihaa thit whkh meeU the view throughout the Ifilc of VVIghi. 1 
hailed Jti Carisbn^kct, whidi u simply one 1<^ kitcti, and id tn 
cttilM in the lai^ caihcdnL Th:\ aimJIor to iievcral other churches 
mtbe iftland, » very eld, and ditC9 Irom tlie times of t}ic Normans, 
My lint object W3* lo i« the cistltf it Cvisbrooke. Tiiia stand* on 
a hiU tbcfut a mJfc from the town, nnd all around it in vetW wooded* 
A |ath lluuu^Ii tlic wood leads to the cniTiLncc, wklli Sta iiid^ivc 
Novman archw.iy, ;:n^t ^iic, and adjacent chnmbcri, all of the 
buxMUAl si)']c, which IS. shown also in the thickness <A the itonc waJl% 
a walk found vrhich i« (rvellerl at the Inp ; the ipacicni* court within 
having in rK centre Ihc Huusc ji pioicul iulubitcj by die kucpi'i. and 
near it the cndorurc of ihc timouj well, i aUycd some time looking 
at ihcftet and lAw the keep in the back part of the butlcling, v^hich is 
oov being newly f>r>n^irurml, 1 think with quetiiioii.'iblc Vixxc. I 
taw the wdl, and dr^nk of the water, whicli is trrou^ht up 
ia a bucket Irom a depth or, I think, 360 1:, The patient 
donkey tiiai goei inatde the Urge wheel which winds up thr bucket 
rape soeincd^ notwithtitanding the heat of the day, 10 l^c none 
the wonf fcv ht« Sbyphii^ltle bbour, ahbovigh tbr poor biutc^ 
energies oiusi be vcrypcjtly taxed by the number of viaiEorji who 
emctc here during a long ti.immer't day. For a sped men of an old 
btiDiual cnsOfi thh cne is cm.tirly worthy nf \ visir VUiron arr 
4Ni«n the trtodow frvm which ibc unbappy Cbaile^ rndc.tvoured to 
escape, and see the chamber where he linKcrc^l out some few 
■veidied months in this, his halTway hou^e bctwi-en the throne and 
ibe ■eallbld. It iCf perbapt, from tti stren^h and alttiost perfect ccix< 
4(dosms well cnlculatrd lo hmi); the mixk c)f life in (eui^A\ utnc% 


Tkc Gmikntans Magasine. 

home to the mind ai any building ia ihc United Kb^om, and I 
t^ry much dcubt it, wiEh ^il the npp[iAiicc& and Aids tif ihe$e 
Cdliglitf ncd linit-K to hclii iIjciti, ihcbuildcm wh<> afc now engaged lo 
xwfiXy tonitliuclitig the kercrii at the rcAr of the Ijuihljii^ will ever 
cement ^ struclvrc uliich, like thu, will be able to ^tItnd, oa though 
II were:i reck, the- ncor and icfir ol ctrmunc*^. U( coura^ thcrcaTe 
very many photopviphs and tnodtls of the ca^llc s^r\A of all the points 
of iiitcitsLj ard mimcraus ari^ ihc itinerant ^cndurs of ihcit I 
urderstocxJ that it is to Her Majesty wc arc indebted for th£ 
afrangt-ment that a 'very sm:iil dmrRC, 1 thick fovirpcncc, in nil that 
the visitor i« ia\cd with on gnirig over the castle. Thi' walk round 
the walt& oik i!L clc^r day givcft^ou a fioc view of tlic wHok island — 
Cowci. Rydc, pArk hurst, an d» 1 think, mo%i proiLiJncnt fnid tiHcre»ting 
of allf Otbomc Castle. There ts MiJl, however^ CarUbrookc 
Casile anoilirr relir of antii-piiiy wlut'h must liavc liccn liiiili Romc 
rcnrtiriea before it. and ycL is not spokt^n of in any of the pndc 
booka ; I mean the Rom^n \"itla, the approach to whith is entered by 
a nanow road ncniHy op|>osi!c drisbrfpokt- Llnirth. J'hw waa 
discovered by die wcrkmen of the prctcot inciimb^^nl, who were 
digglitg deep 10 make the foundAlioa foi' M>Toe ootlioiiM^, sod caime to 
thai portion of the vilU tkit had teen used fur a baih. When the 
owner of the ground was infurnicd of this, he caused ditrm to make 
fiirthcr excavations, and ibe restiU wai die oKhuining a large halt, 
whose walk wtri- ^laniJifig to half llii-ir original hciglit. To make 
tl>c truth of lie discovery undcniabEc, the tcs^clUted marble II tjur, 
which H'as uncovered with due cjirc« showed thjxt ibc workmen of 
anciernt Rome had here constructed their bc^mtiful inouic work. 
which is now, boiJi ai to tlie toloiir of the stone* and pre5er\'atioa of 
tlicir netting. \x\ a jjcrfcct »LitG. 'J^hey arc laid in die usual foiiii of 
mouie:*! bcin^ oi varied colour* : white, yellow, b1ack« and purple. 
A glafld fnun»n'ork has been Axed ovt-r th« hall similar to tho«e Kcn 
En a grccnhonse to jtrorrvl it, and the whole is well worthy of ad 
antiquary's jitudy. 1 walked from ihia place tC} NcnpoH. whi(:!i u 
quite A city j but we ere told that Cioi&brooke woi originally ihc 
capital of the inland. J>o far i\% fashionable housee and general resort 
go, Kyde and Cowt-s niigtit vie with Newport, hiii, tndrert, it W the 
)-aclm[]^ ibat lia^ Loiitributcd to iheir grandeur. The principal ^i^ht 
vhlth in Newport i* worthy of a visit b the cathedral, ivh ere ua 
marbJc mcnuTnctit creeled by Her Majesty Ic the; memory of Princess 
Elualx'thj the daughter of Charles I- She is urulptured as lying with 
a bciuk under hei lie:id, and biAloiy letla kva tliat dii> Fii^icru 
dicii with her head lytTy^ ofl 4 Bible Thia took pUcc in Cariabiooke 



j4 Ptdatrinn Tour in ihe Ish of IVi^kL 731 

Cistk- 1 *Viil for th« li«l time \i\ my lift in i'JiK^^rf ti> on oftJinaty, 
vhcrr ihc gmticmm of ihr town and n€ighbourhoi)J Jihoiii NVwpon 
ut tlown 10 dinner, in the iL(tcTn<.>ofi, 

TIk ccrtivciMtion W4* a^^E>1c, and the Cue wi* vciy KO»d, and 
E Icoovr not if I ever ut dowTi to a dinner ornoup, veaL ham, apple 
pic, atxl pirmy nf vrry goorl aT^*, for so smaK a chdigt; nw two-ind- 
Ibrecpencc ^ not in Gnut Ilriuin, ceminly, whcfL- livui^ 1^ [jcitttps ilic 
bci^ but the price or livinf; rcfjuirci a fortLinc to dcrr:iy ii. Ncvcr- 
tbdc«f» in every reipect life in KngUmd, whvtiicr in the dtiet 
cr m. the cotinDy. ta pnrrerjUler to lift? aliroad, in :my muntiy 
that J hire vifliicd. 1 luvc Itvvd luucti abroad, xnt! ijuAt 
opccMlly do I notice the >elf-conirol and «Gnsi1>lc hcjirmg of 
the En^i'sh in oQ fonlcs of life, u etij^urtng the ri^tpeci of those 
who meet^hem in Iravelling, Amongst the inh^iliitiiniii cif manjroiher J 
couiUnoimy be fuund mure d^rcciblc und lively jind even more 
uitellifEcQt i:oiapixmorL&, but in the cklm ftclfpojiscasioiL of the men 
wboftAsen their o^inioni mhouc etcitemctit, and who ora ncxthcf 
tuhjecl to Kp^irehpiuiion from the mcripire of cspfonage^ nor lHin)'('d «p 
by the raiilt> of rharUuni^m, r^ni mii^Li^e tht inhabitAnte of a free 
couiktty, u)d the ciiiicuj moat ciriloed Amonpit the aon« of tncn. 
In the evening 1 took the coach which leaves Newport for sS^indown, 
add noticed, «Hih regard Eothif corveyin^e, how much iirefrMbft- the 
leats U ihc top were tc thDSc: in the InHJde. From l)ietii you c:m vee 
ihc fields Asd hcdicciowv, And brc.itlie the pure Air of ^ most ]L;ctiial 
sununcr; cicn KOfoe of the Ictdiei had taken £e-its on the loof. 
Etot jtm a& n« were tlvuut lo itArt^ quite a throng of bdiei 
mme 10 Like thcfii neula inside^ IVu, who might have Kit 
09 pBcttkcs re]fre3cnUng Sophia Western and her cxnnpainon, 
CMM Ust ; aad onev hav^in^ taken her Beat, proposed to her 
ooDipmion ilut «he should <\\ on htrr Up, ^ there W3« not 
ninro iniitkv and they must travel onvardt. Upon thi«, onr of thi? 
gicntlcniea inside gave up hli scat there, nrd went on the roof. 
We <kovc on piat ParkhunE, nhcre tiicrc » Jin eKcelkiit hanock.and 
through an open fOimtry, Hh'ghtJy hilly, to Arret on. a nn.ill village. 
Here \s ihr rhiircltyanl \\\ whJrh \\ ihe lomli of thr *' i}airymnn's 
Uuj^tCT." It ii only X »hoLl di^t^mrc from where the coAeh flopped 
to ibc church on the hiH, m> I went to nee the tomh. No more 
iiiicfCKliitf choncter amon^t the devoted and earnc'ct tleTgymtn who 
hnn laboared in the came of rehgfon i« recorded [he uurhor of 
'''file DaxiynunS Daughlcr,' *nd hi» trai-is wcie, I Iclicvf. ihe very 
firu that appeared m Kngland, where now, hafipjly, there iirc milUona 
ijf such publicaliont in dtTcnUuon^ ji well as Leigh RicHraoad* 



The CaUUmads Magazine. 


"Lutle Jauc"uml "TJic DuIiymiuiS D;iughltfi." AUUicwjy 
Newport I wajAC«tcdod t1icTOofwiLb& uavdlcr who kindly ixapoitcd 
ft good dcfti of his experience in cLJficrcnt cxcurf>ions to the coiialiy 
pnns of England, I, for one^ quicc agree with Sir Wallet Scoit, whcii 
he ^ilvisci [jeniOJia [ravelling lu enter iuto cunvtrsiLJon frcfly viLli 
those wbom ihcy mct-c ; hii rcj^on for doing so being thit you arc 
C^iiJi to eUcEt ^inc novel pict:? of information from f:vr;ry one you 
nccl with in this way, even from ihfjsc who are apparently ihe duUeO- 
Wc ri^idicvt SjUiiiowit aboiil Iwo hours after leaving Arrclon, Sui- 
do^'n \s one ^ the places that have sprung ipio CJ^i^tcncc QiUtC 
Ulciy, aiid nheu you cpriTiider its ddightful bay and sea flir^ you on 
HOI 8jrpri§ed ;lc so many [locking ic h in shimmer. Tlic railway makCft 
IE, aj> it wca*, cktt;r lo RyUc:, whitjii last [>kce is rhc ^rind reaon of 
Tisilors fiom En^hiid. I have ofien gone Co Cowca in a ynchc frcnt 
Fortsinioi^di, biic in thi« viAtt X avoided both pi.tccAt ^ reminding 
one of a segicent of mighty London brought beside the fte;i. 1 knov 
tliat Urighturtf ufij-U pliccs, cniinentlydesctvtTi ihr n^init uf " IjinJuo* 
aiipa-M^ireH" tnit dicsc odici lwu jdsu Lt^iu i sUong ;iifiintx to It. I 
thought, however, tl^^t thcrt? would be much of interest in « visit to 
Culv^irr Ulilf, Y<%vcrljindr nrd i^nxliEig. The Vilbge Lake, nesriy 
0]>poiii|r m SAndriwrij on ihi* oiher side of The railw.iy Irnm ir, \% a 
very agreeable wjlk .ilso> In i>rocecdtn£ lo Ctdvcr Clifi", after leaving 
the hotel ftituAtei(i al the northern eitremity of SondoTk-n, the fint 
ob)eet you meei. ai about half a mi3? di^lanc:?, is the coastguard 
bAnacU^ on thi- other nidi- of the rjlsed ro,i<l; oiJ]""*ito to «rhjcli, 
aIon£ the %ea-be«ich, \ bigc number of rsitui^n fifteen feet dccp« are 
fixedf for the (jurpobe of jiroteciing the margin of the rood Jiom the 
violence of tlie ijurge ; and about a mile on, nortJi of iht- ie, a Bwre 
pemunent barrier \\\ tlie way of a stone tevciincni is raised. As the 
lower bciLcli, clII tl^ way lo a wide fjap that Icula near to the dift 
adjoining Ct^lvcr ClilTrLs«o cotn[>letdy covered with pebbles a^lo 
tender it diihcull to wjJk, the bc« wiy to Culver Cliff is by the 
high palb on \\\r. iip|>fr t:lifl- Taking this way. you arrive at a luge 
new kEorc fori, wiih cnonnous cnibra»nrcs, ealcuUled for monndsg 
Ihc gigjutic pieces of ordnance at i^^rc^ent in lUte ; this i^ m an up- 
fiaiUicd state. Vou then ascend a high clitr', till you nrach another 
large fon of brirknotk, tnurh morr.' ancient, whjrh crrininTy has n fl 
complete coLUii^nnd of the Hra; but llir ciumbltiis naiutc of the <Ji£r ^ 
leJtds you lo conclnde that this fort witl in t^me. situated bo dose as 
itis to the mar^^in, have lo succumb lo the inevitable lindermining 
whtcb all the hiyh tliffi on this %idc of ihi* island have been subject 
m Goim^ /oujid Llic fbit, ihc path which lcad» to the culmi* 



jI Pidcslrian Tour in iht IsU of Wight 

point cm thb lidc or ilic i&lind ia<ivitc precipitous. akIrdDg 
^OomlicUlK, uhI ko cIoi9 lo tbo odg^ of tbe precipicv. overlooking; 
tbtf Kci, u to tiokc ii ]U:dy to icrrify ntfrroiit pcO|>tc. At tbe 
end of ttic comficUi:^ jrou tcjuic to duiwits conifilctrly r.orcrMl widi 
dttlk, ^d i;o for a quarter of a mile through iIhtii, it bdn;; very 
ciccp titc whole WAV, till yt>u com* to a «ij]c whicJ? 6vput»tc« you 
finm Uie fTAisy tinwn rMtrt\ Ciilvrr ClifT, nn cTrv^iinn Hhi< h you 
find b tbc tcnnuiiuut^ lNJun<Ury of ihih |>Art tjf llic i^bml. In the 
centre of ihU down b a krsc gnuutc monumcot to the memory of 
Lord Voflorotigh. Ilio view fr^m thit point of the Ch»imtl — Sea 
View, Hclcrr's Kay, W'hUo'fi H:iy, ^\\A Bradmg Harbour — ia rcrtninly 
t^eiy 6nc. After tM} a p^ilh, by jl |;irnLlc dncciii, IcadA you to Dem^ 
bbdgc Fort, vhich is, I think, the best itpccimcn offorti^cUion in the 
ulojid. 1 p4itic(ilaily noticed ihe ivay in which the ditch i» com- 
nundMl, lo a< tQ rruke it fa!i»l for -iny force to attempt uvjUding 
h 1)}' pA^ing ucEucif- Over ihc \^\\% duwiis ^{^jiu, d'tti a iiutc loul 
a hole you Ciomc to the turn which Icadi to VAvcr^and, Tlib ia ft 
KguJor specimen of r hamlet of b}-K*^nc d.i>s, Hic very old fimill 
diiirclk, nuaor house, And «h:itiy elm trcrt in front of them, :ire uil 
VCty iniercMing. 1 do nnl feel at nil oirc tluil iIuk plACc will Itmg 
let^'A the cutioat quaint apjiedrmcc which it tir^w presents, but meh 
u ii b, it in one of the few iipols m the n[)okA aud c:orQun of England 
mkch^Ogcd by bmc. After this, my visit wa* to auothct old world 
Locality, ihc iowd of Brading, il lorig street of rdthcr diliLj>idjiLcd 
houses. T^c bull Kn^ in its centre le^di you i):tc.k to former timcit ^nd 
^ stodt« vdjiiocnt to t]ic m-issivc sttonc cluirch at the foot of the 
lull vhSch terminntei the town are another remnant of antique u^tgea. 
] 6uicy thai tliesi? arc prvserved ua rurioaitiex 1:1 the churchyard ! 
iav tbe monumcjil and coyicd tl^e cpjuiph over tJie tomb of liLtlc 
Jsac: Whea L went in^dc the apmcious Norman chtirch I thouflht I 
Ahoold have *ccn, amongfit the monumcnia 1o the memory of many of 
the <!lgiandrrv, nnc rnmtncmocitinj; Grnmt nglandcr as galUiU uud 
ft* good A JioUUrr oa ocr liorc lank in the ntTvicc . avIlo had pAAAcd 
the wtiole of hi» life in the army, loftt An nrtn at St> }>cbjLStian, and 
been wounded wTerely elsewhere. He died on active service in 
Chuu, ROd, certJtiii'y, in p&twing the tomtit of iho>^r whom hrr^ildry 
pKi6suci lu lK>ld In csUQiatloc, J could not but think of the words 
of die poet : — 

Ceuoi mf^thowonlywbti are food *nJ fircai^ 

M tbe tDAD I tpeak of wja not only a j{ood and j^i^LlIatit loldicr, Uul & 
ttjy n«iou» and piouj \:htiwi:ii, and J do not think thai atvy 




The GEHtleniajCs Magazine. 

Ihe soldiers or officers who sen-ed under him, especially those 
who had Letn in his regiment, ever mentioned his name eitcept with 
esteem and regard. The circumstance of much of the I;ind in ihia 
p^irt of the country having been planted with oaks at tlie time of the 
Conquest gjve rise tct his ancestors (who were given a large estate 
by the Norman Conqueror) gelling the name of Oaklander, or 
Ogkndcr, aa it became afterwords. Forests of oak even now 
compose most part of the family estate, ard the railway from 
Brading to Ryde runs thrmigh theni. Nnnwell is the name of this 
family plaee, and the avenue up to it, though much neglected, leads 
you thTou]rh many fine woodland seenes. Al the end you see the 
hou^e, a large brick mansion, standing on a high kncli, with gardens 
in its rear which extend To Ihc level. I returiied afl:er ray trip to 
Sand own, 

'I'he approach to Sea View is by an exceedingly preily drive from 
the Ryde Road. But you are, besides being stopped by turnpikes, 
forcibly reminded of the ineouventence aciending a re*iidence in a 
place which has no public conveyance plying between it and any 
other lottTi. The road^ thoiigh jficturesi^ue, is ver>" hilly, and il took 
me nearly two hours to go oA-er the fiisf miles from Ryde railway 

Charlhs Li-:viiR, 

^fii^T wa-s ihc rtrrifo cif Charlo* Lcvct'a h«irt to hxttt hht literary 
"■-^ rcpuuii«n on his later novclfi j but ihcwt^rM iji ils pervrrsiry 
will, ]>crhaf4, insisi upon rancmbcrinE him railicr upon the 
^uenglh of "Th« Confeuions of Hdrry I.<onc(iiicr ** uid 

llitw juc 11100O& of crllkinni ujifavoimiljle lu llic ctisi* of ntivrls 
trlur«of "ThcConfcsaions of HAtry Lorrcqucr" isftiypc, TKc Ad- 
ToitUKfl of the practical jckcr amj the crrtnicmin^ncs ol hih nuracrou,! 
ficiimfi »rc noi, it imm lie a^linitTcd, xhe mxtcn:t\% of thw highest 
fijmu af ;uL The fktnn)- Mde of i^ccnc^ In whkh the rJiit^f pcrformcrjt 
Vul>itiuJly <lnnk 1 grc4t clcol toi} much, tlic imu&irg aspect of gcUio^ 
bto delit on undll means. thtiltt«ft£t\««e liom a nitOTy point of view, 
the ooru^ly of diirc^^rtling it any cost ihc feelings of all the chamcterH 
«)to irc not loiluig tn n wiili aDtmal spiriLs, Including the r«|)ectablt 
itshei jund the aD-^biu i^ioilicr'-tliCK «rc not ilclislil^i in litcniiirir 
altOffCthcT wrtlhoui Alloy ; but, before ihcy arc condemned, ihc qiicsiion 
an>M whether Ihc aulhor hnK prchcni^d n Ihithfljl ]iicii[re of certain 
fturcn oT the life of ihe time. ?cthap« It h too tioon yet to npply this 
ICsHOthcc-itlLrr wcrluof Clurlcfcl^vcr; Uit it mu^t be f^rifcssi.iJ thai 
loQCfO'ii^pi^i'i^ iTQ^. indwoH shared in^pparcndy by the ^udior 
hiin£«lf, that ^'ChirksCrMflllev. ' " J ai:lt Hinton, ihi! Guardsman," i\nd 
tbere*loflhenQwerenoiworV4of,iriiTirhc high scnscofTfie lerxn. To 
ftwlylifc in any aspect and to (imcnt it coiucionliouHly in fiction lit 
a labOfioua U*k ; but to t^kc up c(.-rLalrt manner:^ and lial>il4 of parti* 
coUrd^netorincn, andfiom that point loab.^ndon observation nod 
nly upon Ingentiity for the confiEruction of xn enteriAining story, in 
mi>rh racier. The elements nf which dte " Hiury I.iirrciprer " st-ricn 
of dovcIa :itc compQied arc trur enough to life- Ttic ^uonjuiua, tl^ 
dngoon, th« pri««tt ihi* hiird drinker, th^ yoimj^ \^4y, nn ihcy may be 
M«a in IrcUncl arc immcdLiEely recognised ; htti the flrnmitic movc- 
mwitofthrnovrlit purr invrntion, ttistht-fonddreiimuftheprariirfll 
joker, and not hi» actual c:ipcrience. If the t Tarry l^ireqiLcr of real life 
cDtild ttijipc a few years oi hi^ yrung time in ELCcordailcc with hia fancy, 
he would go throiighjusi such ficen^astsihOAercbicd in the novel ; but, 
as a nuitcT of fact, he doe* rot enjoy hinisHf tti any grejn rxtj^nt in 
that £&liivn. Tl»c Mory, in tpitc of its nccming le^liRin, i^ as tnad\ 
arantttccutbc '^Arabiojt Xi^hts Kricrtammcnta," It U noi q]iiL\c 




The GcfUkmatis Magazine, 



thu» Willi "Gi! Bhs.'* " Tain Jones," and ^'BiirryLjnilijrL" In ihoc, 
constniction and movciuctit, as well as character und manner arc 
typicaJ md, Rth lo speak, jiiciorial They ore *fclion& cut o«i of Ihc 
real -ictbn of the lime- Wc remember them ik rcprir^cnuiionft b/ 

iiUic lijnd (jf ^1 ortlsl ; wc look \'m\. uimn ibc dcimt:* of Con 
'Crcgac and Charles O'Mallcy^u clever contrivances of die au^ior 
to dUford us «o many hours' omUAoment Aut in ihis dass tiwy 
are of very ^iipcHoT wortrranship, nnd talccn alon^* they irouM be 
mau^h lt> indic.iic :hc high iniclUgcncc und cuhiiri; of the AiiUior. 

It waslhchnlfsLTiiiicuil diaucter cf his work in ihut line which fl 
led, no doiitu, to that remarkable change in Lcvcr'ji r-irccr u a 
novelist begun by ihe publicalion of '*The Fortunes of Gicncort*' 
" Harry t-oirequer," hi* firei vt'iturir, vas not a fn'riwus litrmiy riTori. 
He did not put his lK:irl into tL It was the mere cJBucnce of h 
animnJ sptrir^ Had \\ failed he vonld. moat hkcly have attempted ^ 
Soinvti)itig higher at once ; for he was a bom wriCcr, and vi'as certain 
to grow imo litenity wink, Ttic success of his firei novel w« not 
wholly a fc^rlunatc thing for lorn. Tbe worki hat, upon the wholes 
not much reason to rci^t it ; foe when the worst is said it would be 
hard to i^irare the tibr:iiy of rollicking stones on whtch he was em- 
ployed (luring the Jir^x eighteen years ; but the anther might perhapt ^| 
have won r<il>k'r lauieli^ if he had not been tempted lo teniain in the 
current into which he (drifted in the produciion of h\% frnt tale. 
He was ftJly yean old when he bega.n lo write seriously. Hi5 best 
wjrldag day* were past whcr he set hims*lf the la^k of doing ^ 
htin^elf jn^tIi.T. ^ 

There u nothing in tlic biator}' of literature exactly lo correspond 
with the suddcii and complete ehftnjce in l^vcr'n novels iniroducod 
by "The ForrAine* of Glencore." Most authon: change jt« ttmt 
movM on, *ind in;Lny have .it citrinin ]ieriods nf thrir lives nhn^cn 
lie* fields of Ultcrur ; hut Lever, half a century old, ticlibcnvlely 
»ct himaclf to begin a £rcah earecr. During twenty yew 6£\ 
bnlliont ftucceifl he had been irorking a vein discovered almoti 
by accident: but in his be-irl all the time wjt*i an idcsd oil 
liter^y Ubdur Lo which he had given no pmciicil bood. 
He had won bir: laurels, as it were, by el eight oT hand, but his 
tiative ambition had never been satieficd. While he had been 
amuiing the public with farce, he had been atvdy^g life and 
dioracter with a ptofound longing for a higher order of art, aod 
when once he listened to the inward voice and followed it be sever 
tURied buck into hi« old eounes. His earcer ok a noveliGl u m two 

trJral/y dtsrinct chnptcni ihc first begins mih '*Hany Lonei^t 

Ckarifi Levtr. 

Kid roth wiih "Thfi Mxnbt of Cm'M»irtin;" Ihe la« opmiiwith 
"The FoTlu&cs of (jlcDcotc^^ind concludes vilh " Lord Kilgobbin." 
There » Uiik reblion^p between Ihc two wrics. 'I'hcir aliped to 
s dUereDt cbu of readers, iird Eo >irrothrT tribunal of Jud^menL 
Tbet^ ATt" iiifrni atlmir<-r% frf ''flurry Ti^irrnjurr'* wlio rciid the 
book Aff^n «dJ A^in And kcci> it t^ilh dicm as a con^Unt Lom- 
piaion. To tboc 'Glcncore'' wiu & difiappomimcnt, and all the 
cubMiqveQt oovct« in sooie sofi & calamicy; while thokc »ho knew 
hawtoen5>f "Sir Brook Kc^rake"1ind "CharJcs O'Mallcy" profit- 
lOi uiil AlmoM dr»fy t ctdi&g. 

Tltcptc£ioc i<* *'Ck«corc" isACOafcnion Lhft the author did not 
with to itakc hit name on the novdc which had eTnployed him 
for rightcew y«irs. "If 1 hnve in^ver di-tgiiiw-i] rrom myself," he 
£1^ "the e^Einds of iny humUe succcm I h^ic aiulncd to ax a 
wnitT of fiction ; \i J Ii.'lvc alwuffl hod before me the f^iet th;tt to 
BOv«inctit and action, the (tir of incident, and a f^crt^in light heart < 
•dnrv« ^ml i^afcty nf Irmpcoment, mor^ c;iKy ti> imjt.-irc to others 
ifaui to iTprc» i& oneie!£p 1 hove owed muJi if not all nf wliAtcvcr 
pOpuUnty I bxvc enjoyed, X have yet felt* or fancied thai I felt, thai 
it would be m the delineation of very diflerent sceries and the por- 
u:>trure of very dtlTereni emoiicms T should renp w!ui 1 would 

fcckon u a icJil su«c«« YcAri have ii]i|juni-Or and 

imw Ittt Wt conlinncd me in, the notion, that any skill I pa>^e?a lica 
ia ihv detection of character and the utiravclm^ni nf that tangled 
ilEezik which makM up hiiraan motives." In rhai 6ii!h he be^n a 
jkenry )i(t^ arii tlM^uyli Uic Liiticfi tuld tim lir had made a 
C he persevered, aad hu bcco a hf^thly fucce^aCal no^cl-miler 
ttie sense of thAt preface for fifteen yean. 
Theiwnu never miicb self'dcct^irtion :iboiit Mr T.cver, He was 
X XtAXi nf d»e ouiid, a stcliolar, and a liiiiiltrr. ;is melt .li a firrton- 
writer, snd nas not oft tu be the tiport of dcKj»iotis^ Dcyond iliiev 
tioo the novcb ol hU later ttyic aic marked by great 5kiU in Hie 
detection oT cltajsctcr and in the iinraTelmcnt ctf hiiman motives. 
Bat hn akill » lliai of a kei-n observer «nd an ^cctjr.ue tbjrtker; he 
percdrc» cluLriictcT, but he ho^ not the in^tinaivc feeltci^ for 
rhanK<fT wiiieli is to be ^cn in the wurkr^ of many great novcHttt^ 
AatlKtoy 'Hoflope for in&t^ce. T ^e two men :ire exAcnpleft of the 
two «ebooEf^ Tro!Io[ic \% so lilLic sitccc&&nU as a mere abserrtr of 
duuacter that when he introduces people of a da^s of acclety in 
wh^ be doee iK>t move Ihcy arc puppets. l\\n hnsnien and hti 
dtopfceeperv haw no real riulhy, but his orchdcic-orfi, hi^ \iw\\o^^, 
hb tec geoilerni-ti h'a lading uiovt; ;ind spcnk with a pcrfcciion 

The GentUviasis Magazine. 

ratiinlncw anii Mse re\'t'r wholly rcaoheJ liy Mr. T.cvcr's hf«t. 
lirawn pcr^onage^ — 'food and lifL'-lilcc as tLicy often *xrc : but Mr. 
Lever, f>n the other land, is aa yuctcsaFul with ojic cl:i3a a^ with 
aroihcT- U nu-tters not wht*iher lit has lived among lliem, be ihejr 
be^irs or pocr^ ; if ho had an oppariimiiy of waichmg them he 
Laii ddijicjlc lliL'in all wJth ,iWui cqtul success. This was nol, 
howcvcT, enough for a high silcccss in fiction, and Mr. Lever brouK^t 
other and not leis important quEilificatiuns to hu work. He had 
grt-Hii knowledge of Hfc in aspects not revea^td to many writeTi^ Jind 
he h;id wit aud ran; blt^Ilciiiuai jjilLs, and a fine manly tviic of clia- 
racl<:r. With all tliis he w.-l^ by imturc a story-loUtr In any aj;c 
and nt a»y stage in the de^'clopment of literature he Mould havir 
Tiiarle Inri mark in the namtive f[>rrti ci invention. In incident antl 
jLiiecflolc he wa& itiexhiiustible. l.AXrkcd at duscl) his fictions arc >t 
fiiLccc^sioD of anecdotes* inudcnta, and scenes. Ills conaiructivc 
powers •vatx^ nol remarkable, lliere is no profovindi spoiiiAne<>u«t 
comprehensive movement of the whole story, each passage and 
paragTjph [jcrfoiming iis jiatj. The ]*lot i:s loose, with a tendenqr 
to fall to picr.cs towards the end- "The Fortunes of Ctcncorc^" 
on which he o&ked his readers to determine thnt he ivos eapolife 
of the higher clasi cf fiction, wa< in this respect particuhuly 
defeelive- 'V\\e persona^ei and ei[?nt!i are bitE indiffeTenlly 
wrought into ihc bcxiy of the story, and ihey shuffle off the auigc h 
towards the cIobc in a'vcry unsatisfactory fashion, ^| 

Ae ari c^f^yiRi Charlcft Lever \m>a bid no foundation for ati 
enduring faint, luainly bcuuse lie has been content lo treat of 
pa»in^ events. Hii '^Q'Dowd" papers are clever, witty, and 
Ihoaghiful. 'the range of subjects on which he touched during so 
many je--ira are the finef*t iiroof* he h;ui left of his rare vcT«atilit)'. 
Not since llie deatli uf Profcsior Wibon has so great ii loss hefhllrn 
the old Etlinhurgh mat;a£ine. Ir fiction of the order of his Utio 
style he has left no man of mark behind hini except die vetcnui 
author of ''Pelham.'* 

Richard Co wise;. 


The Ballad of Zephadee. 

HE baron sat among his guests — 
They drank the ruby wine. 
While ember light showed faces bright, 
And made the goblets shme, 

Witch-cries rode rampant on the wind, 
Down came the drenching rain ; 

The guests drank on, and every one 
Filled full his cup again. 

The baron had his daughter there — 

She sal at hb right hand, 
And bosoms swelled when eyes beheld 

The love of all the land. 

Her face was as a lady-smock. 

Red fainting in the white ; 
Ay, she was fair and debonnair — 

Thrice worthy any knight 

No lips had ever won her heart, 

Though lips had often said, 
" Sweet Angeline, wilt thou be mine ? " 

And she had turned her head 

Now while loud laughter drowned the jest, 
And brown beer drowned despight, 

A minstrel came in Jesus* name 
For shelter from the night, 

" What b thy name ? " the baron ssld j 

" A minstrel seemest thou ; 
An' thou dost bring a song to sing. 

Thou shall be served, I trow." 

"Good master of the festal throng, 

I come from Paynim strand. 
And I will sj;;i^ of our bmve king 
Who £ghts in Holyland " 
vot- h* Ms. iS/^ 

Tlie GeitilcntafCs Magazine. 

"Wlai is thvname?*' the baron rrirrt. 

**I ciiiiie: fruLu (ar-ofT AtrjiEid.'^ 
"Now, fire and Hume, whot » Hvf name?" 

''I come from Fair>'Iaad.' 

Fierce anger lit ilic bamn*s lirow ; 

He stioulcd, sn-ord in hand, 
With Rcoffins lircalh, " Take \\xm to death ' 

He comes from F^Uiybnt),'* 

The Tninsircl moved nor eye nor limb, 

rtut sAid as he did stand, 
'^ Drot> down ihy sword upon the board : 

I come friotr F.iiryland " 

" Take him lo death ! " the Ijaion cried. 

The mijistitl ojic word spake : 
Dowti dropj*ed the sivcrd upon ihc board. 

And all but one did fjimkc. 

Tlicn joy waj in tlic lolnsirel's eye ; 

"Come hilhcr, Angdinc ; 
M}< name to thcc \% Zcpliadcc \ 

X wuuld thai thou wert mint 

" Dear maid, I've -■icardjcd Ihroi-igh Fairyland 

For one as fmr aa ihcc, 
And none but (hou* and this I vow, 

Haih oh^trmcd Zephadec," 

She looked into liis £icc and saw 

The lover of her dreanis : 
*' V CO-, t am Ihme, thy AngelinCj 
H^CU lover of i»y drezims. 

" I leoew that ihoii wuuld'st come for mc 

In awcci lovc^-lajid ttj raaio. 
Wicrc fairies play by night and day 

About thy paJ^^e heme,'* 

Tlic piicsts were bcundca by a sjiell ; 

They could not lnu>:h nor fro^ii 
If one held up a bnniming eap 

He could nm tay \i <Uiwn. 

The Ballad of Z^hadee. 83 

The minstrel turned him to the guests. 

And took away the charm : 
" I came not here to bring ye fear, 

Or work ye any harm. 

" I came to seek a maiden's smile. 

And find my wonder joy — 
Fair Angeline for aye is mine. 

And our love may not ctoy, 

" Now let the wine go round ag^n. 

And to this festal band 
I straight will tell what thing befel 

That won me Fairyland- 

*' I journeyed long from Palestine, 

And came to Britain's shore. 
(Sit, love, by me, thy Zephadee^ 

And I will tell thee more.) 

" I sang of deeds in Holyland — 

I sang of Richard's fame, 
And by the sea there came to me 

A gT'ey man, old and lame. 

" That old grey-bearded man came close, 

And took me by the hand : 
*Wilt sing a^ain to me that strain. 

And win thee Fairyland ? ' 

** I laughed because his words seemed strange. 

And laughing loosed his hand : 
I sang again to him that strain, 

And won me Fairyland 

*' Give me thy child, and I will give 

Whate'er thou mayst demand ; 
At dawn of day we'll sail away 

Unto the Summer land. 

" There all that is, is surely best. 

There love is love indeed. 
And care is not in that fair spot, 

And sorrows do not bJeed. 

Q 1 


Th€ GmitmmfCs Magazine. 

'* All that ar« in the lile of b(is«, 

Delight In cvfry dny. 
All I jc who n'c--iLl in diily dTc-id 

Know not how blcsl Eire Ihey.'* 

The hamti hk jmung daughiirr give 

Unto th.ic Mmngcr guest, 
" And now," raid he, '' give thou to tn< 

Iht thing Uiat la the best." 

*' UlicLi shines the full moon on the earth, 

Sha3I be vrhut ia ih« best : 
Sweet Angelina, now tho\i an mkie, 

And Joy Is niih my c|ii«t." 

Proud Zephadfc and Angelina 

Wfliched for rhr [figging rlay ; 
Tile LnDn^iog cjintc viih sun aHiuiaei 

And gold WAS on the buy. 

A mhy tjjttk with silken &a[la 

U^uLced Kgliily in llic wind ; 
The lovers two went o'er the bUic, 

And \<h the land bdiind. 

Upon ihc c.-wlle's batilcmcnts 
The tmron's guests did stand, 

And wjiifhtKl tht^in glide upon the tidd 
Avtay 10 Fajiylaud. 

Aw^y ! aw.iy I in ilie golden mora ! 

Toward ibc west awjty : 
The b.tfk *wcpl on and they were giTiic 

For ever and for aye 1 

The baron w;iiccd for the moon, 

Th< fijTl moon in the slty ; 
llie sun set thnoc, and then his eyes 

Beheld Uic moon on high. 

He looked th^eon with anxi<}nfi fece^ 
Now \ now hi- would b^ bJcst I 

He fdl away from dnrlc ami day. 
For death n b tho bcA 

Stranger than Fiction. 






,ARJpY ihc next morning Jacob was avrakcncd hy a 
ndise oi thumping, and plunguig, and Jmocktn^ and 
_ Hcnjlibing, and icoimng, l\'hm he hnd dre«8od, and 
(ii,_^-T^* W31 tloLCbding ibc lUiin, hr ft-oK «Iutc^ with a rough 
;iiub Ircm a MtJc door, And «d ^tdormLtioQ of; ''Now, you air, 
tan't yon kttp <o iKc H^ht wh«rt you see ttut ihe Ctlier Kide'f wet ? *' 
On (uroiftg round he tnr* lh:r gare of Dorothy CnntriK, ^Tapped vtp 
la ihe Deck in i coarse ^|>to4i, and wiih hrr arms Llack and hire. 
She gUrcd at him furigudy for a momcnl* and tlien vrrnt on 
nitibing ihc hnm roa;nd a bedroom key hole w\th an cticncy qkittc 
oniieDeKar)- upon sudi a trifle of meul A boy, coming iiptijtira, 
in contnroy elt^ihei (ornamented with br^^s tjuLiuns iind mndc 
•ocoelhuiK aJic-r the fAbhioa of Hnrlcij^imb »uti), a)Jiio»t oti^odcd, in 
ipfiarcntly dcspcraic c^ont lo keep down a ^on>r C3icrci«c of )iiB 
oabU fiuuhin ; and Looking tiK Jacob Kevcral litnts, over hii 
ihotildec, blei« out liiii «.~licek.i« he\d hiii sidctn untl stooped, ax if 
vidi ^rcai cfibtt, to intiinaic diat be wj:* very LnucU tkkkd and 
dd^hCcd oLi lLX>roih/R cnndnct 

"Now then, you Spen, have you brought thai brush?'" mcd 
Dnrmhy^tiaabinf; out u|Hjn \MiifE1cr, uheu hir had readic^d Lhe lamliiig, 
Md aeuing the bni^i in qucalion ; " ouvr fetch me a pall ;" wherc- 
tipoo Wlitlficr, leaping dotvn six suir^ Hi a. time and turning a ftomcr- 
aiih at ihc boitoni, divti3fic--ifiHi .ii the l^iirl; of ihe IionKc- 

Rdow stair* Ja4:ob ftiunil his nirw jibudc in exiniimlin^ diwirdcr. 
El wu JDSt as thoui;h the ithotc of the fumituic, hav^in;; iiftd a midnight 
revel with Hans Chn^uan Ander««n, hcid bct^n tron^fixod in tlieir 
uiUawf^t p<Hiiio»fi by tome angry magician, C]>air« were locked b 
fttod emtirnen, or «t:iadtn^ <iUE^ki^]y uii-viilir down. Tables w^^re 
atking Icive to arm-cLiirs. Urnamcnti c( L'vcty dcacripdon h<id 
been ronpinfc oa the boSl A Jitde jjuoty card tabic was pettYicd 
^pon A ride^cun^ petnikd a& dvttbt in ihe voy act oi iVvom^atu;; 

** humh 1*' and croiving over the rttt of its lets nimble companions 
There was a grcai paich of Llnck on xhc hearth, and the pottr vid 
tongs h-Ltl iLimL-tl Lvhitc with r^gc (or whitening) at llic conilncl of n 
lea keltic which wai- tiuietly ctnplpiig iisetf upon ihcm^ having tipped 
fonrarj in consequence of the iaX\ of a few ii^d cindt»rs, which, 
in The water beneath, hissj-d an jii3dition!il in?nl[ lo the hrc-ironii. 

Jacob had liaidly linie to note lU this, ere Doroihy, with i female 
lieutenant, entered llie room. Her first inrjuify was* hod Jacob any 
eyes. J^cob said he hud, And so he Uiought had somebody eUe, for 
WhiEtitr w:is |><^epiny roimcl the doi>f ,it him ivith an unmi^taVAble 
pair, tthich twinkled aoU llashed like litAis. 

•' Well, and couldn't you sec that kcille, younft ^ir ? " said Dorothy, 
seizing the ollending vessel and thni&ting it deep dovn among the 
dn<leTS. " Its wrh l.tds should corie to Hhool to learn loineilimg; 
it's precious liltle sense or nianaers thijy arc bora with ; ^eltiu^ up ai 
five o'clock on a ckiining raoming. without why or wherefore, or by 
your leave or warning. Here, Whitdt^r take this young genilemflQ 
out into the fields till I vr dont, and don'i sund grinntng thi^rc, cc 
I'll polish yoLir hutlons till the limas sJiamea yaiir htaicn fane" 

'"Now. Master Jacob, this scrvca yoo right," said a atill snwil 
voice cm Einatif}^ froni Jacob's coiist:ience. ^' U was only yeslcrciay 
lliat you Ici&sed Susan Harley, and promised never Co forget her, and 
it was only l^^c eve^ilng diat yon did scimctliing worie di^D forgetTirig 
her; you only remembered her to think how bcky you vrcrc in 
haxing so soon pariially reploccd her by anolhi;r kuid-hearted woman, 
who would, yod Tell sure, be a second Susan lo you. Now be warned. 
Jarob ; niAkc new friends if you like, and as many as you can, bat 
pn7.e the old and tried ones, Acd ntvcr let the new onen thniA them 
from their plat^pa id the deepecE rcccs;c5 of your hcJiri." 

'•Here, don't stand surinjj there," said Whiffler, handing Jacob 
Ills cap, "uiLi't you a^^oiti' in for a run? I'll bet a. aluucy fov 
eye and a Inmbo to thirty oonimoniei that I bcAt you ai a hofi, bkip, 
and Jump ;" and away went Whittler hrom the l>a£k door, nf^ the 
gjrden puili, and over the railings ai the end. Into the open mcsulom. 
Bui Jacob wai tou mudi jinrptiAod iindbewddcrcdalthecvejiw of the 
preceding ten mbiuics to run atut him ; ao W'hitHer came back igatn. 

"Don't gel a minding her, bles6 you; s^ie'U be a£ good u pie 
afler the hT%i round of xoaiitf and tetter than duck and green peM 
when llie M'hnol Itcll rin^T; : now, «ln'l you in for a kirk? — up, tip, np. 
up, up, up," went on thiis vobtilc youth, and every time he said "up" 
}>c Jcapt ^«r hh own head, conchtding b)' etnkiDg a cinms attitude 
ojui Jtixsing the tfps of his fingers i\rei to Jatcfe^ ard ihct: to a couple 

Stmngtr ^an ficticn. 



popkr trees aiuI to six f:(xiwljcn7 liuihcs ; after whid; dfWBtic 
ho asaumed a qmctvr n^ooner and conducted 
vich A lacirt of mixot>,tl ronRidcr^tioQ. 
*' Aoil wc jou one oC ihc boarJcrs ? " ini|ii!reil Jacob, 
« Am I ? ftin'i I > iKai* oil." answered W'tiifflcr. 
"Bui ore you reallv?" wiid JicoK doulitmKly. 
"You're anochrr,' wx\ all the socacrtiult-ihrower "id, bul he 
looked up irito Jueobo ficr with •^uch a thotouglily j^oud-iutured 
ttnilc ihat Jnoob could not foel ofTcnclcd- 
'*A boarder. Mister— I hcg your pai\lon, *ho have I the honour 

\ — frhjiT rnme, »ir?" aid the nimble youth, throwing hii 
aaidc. biickiii); \iU -Aj}ia jLJtntKr. and luciking I'xccNUVc^ly funn)'. 
"Jacob M.irtyn, ' Mvi JjojIj ijiu^hing. 

*^ WcIL, Mbicr Monyr, now I'll tclJ you the tort or bonn^ing tliij 

wookl like. I should lilcc, ihis ere werry itiomcni, id be v 

'faoBiding of ft [^mtc ihip w^ili iwu brLLid-twurdfi — a ph^niiitn hark nt 

the bftck. and fivc-andHweniy UaUy gda in buck mulling, luminatcd 

with Woe li«— ihaf* j'our lime of day." said WhifHer, with ^uitlt»le 

ijUJilOfnime ^ concluding his bficf sketch of the height to which hia 

unbilictia hoE>fs ho^rI bj coiidTidin^ an iiTiaj^in^ry sword «ii:^o(Lntf-r S 

vith AD inuj^inajy foe, and CA;.Uiniiiig, when iht- Sn^ld foe woi ' 

. Aippo^ed to have Ikllcn, weltering in hiji blootl, ^* Dc^th to the 

Omiton — OM England for ever!" which pitrioti*; and \^<p\ icniimcnt 

be foUoved xiji by whipilliri^ "God saw the Qurrn " in th(? highest 

key <yxx attempted by vhbtlcr, or Wbillkr. before ut since. Thco. 

u if he had done and «ud nothing ai all unub^laI. he bccunc somo- 

tloog Ifte A ncuuntl tpccimcn cf juvenik humeri nature Again, and 

covimeiued thut upon ihcf uutlinr uf famr nnd K^ary which he 

bod dravn: "Etui there Aio't no mdi luck at prcacni^ mister- 1 

Butf l>e conceal lo IcarrL my vcitxi aj^d ad]e<:iivc« — bnglit^h gr^nMnarj 

B ibe art of Epciklng;and wn(:ng ih< Knjtifth languagi; with propriety- 

[lilt tk^vt mind, wait :< wr*% as Sroichy Faflanr, dir Alhcpian 

HeiculcSt Died to ay when SoiIlIi JcM^ie. the Zephyr of the ArcDftiJ 

wiua-fcichinf; of him home from ihc * Arena's Relreal— hcun»od t*i 

be drunk on the premUei ' — wail x wee I " 

" VcoVe <t very i^nccr fellow,'' mid Jacob ; " 1 ran'! nuikc you out 
But HEcc yiTu have AAkcd mc my nAmc» tell me youn." 

"Spetitt»kiui WhiiHvT -thty used to call me Spcn Whill l< 
(bcM, aod Spvn for ihorter/ replied Uie boy. 

" Why, yoar raoie \s 3a fuiuiy as yourself,* said Jacob* 
" Well, Lt bciodised to a funny fellow, you ace. \ was chrlstci 
■fut my ^rcai i:r9Adfaihcf. vrho turned ^vc<ind-foriy 5onii:rs3iviV\s ^\ % 

The Gentlcmatis Magastne. 

stretch and died at Drcwry Lane, through n-swalloving of a rcd-hoi 
pokct when OL-pLiybg f anutoon, wltich he ^vu oNigcd la take iip 
with in his o\6 age," rcjjlrcd Whiffles, 

*' Wliy, he nmil have hern inatl to havr done mch a lliinj^* 

"What, as i^ky ranuloon?" iiit|uiref! ihc dt^ccndant of the 
unforhinate p^Lnioinimist, 

"N<^ nc3 — mnd Eo put a r«I-hot pokcr into his mouih," cnid 

" Nonscnac ; it iraaii't real, of course. Don't you know ?— poker 
wooden property, painted redatihc^Qd,somctiinc< used in conjuring 
trick, made like 3 telescope." 

"How long hove you been here, llicn ?" mqitircd J«ob. 

'MVcU, I'm a-^ing in nixlccn now/* said U'hifflcf, knitrinR his 
browu and losing htinaell i<n i nioiiivni apparently in deep tiiought — 
" and I matte iriy fir^t j)oi-hook whf^n 1 was ahotti rourtecn-" 

" WIk'IC did yoLi iiutkc k ? " asked Jacob, 

" In the hsl dt^-ik hui oncJ' 

■*^\'hal, here, Bl Canotrn?" 

'* Rather/' iaiti Wliiffler; "I never made any nowhere ehe." 

" VrTiCTC rioea your father live ? '' aakcil Jacob, 

'*T don'i think I have onc—al Icaac Pciio*ki said I hadcX ooj 
mother neither," 

"And who's Pccroski ? ' 

"Ah, Pel; he w<^ the JndiAruhUcr Woudrr, and n wunder and 
4 wonncr he was too; ht* cuuld do everything — Ihc dagger uick, 
the globes, i\^ stilla. the Liyht rope, the Loitic feit ; tml he left the 
drcas and came here jw rbwn in the " Kairy l)iamon<I», or the 
DenKm!^ uf Domin^oe/a coinic Chriatnioa pantomime perfottDcd at 
Cnrtown for a whole week, iwo Chnsiniaaes ago; h^'s deaxl— poor 
Pet poor old fellow!" said Spen Whifflt^r, with emotion; but h« 
WAR TOO fiilt of m<iihrr wit and good humour for aodn^at to \tvrt 
more th^ a momcntiry impr^Aion upon his fc^titreii— sorrow glided 
over hi* face like a cloud tiiliine across a sunny landscape, Icarmg 
no trace bchii>d it 

"How did he die? VVIiai was the mfliiri with him?" Jnt|uired 
Jacob, lie);juti£i^ to (eel very much interested tn his new and sii^iu^e 

*' He died chiefly through want of breath, after playing for a week 
and getting no walary, the treasury bein^; done up, Btin^j nnnble to 
get cither beef or bronily, poor Pet won lost hJa breath. It didn't 
matter to much about mc. he u«cd to say, 1 should live la be the 
pride oi the j>rofeKaion ; anij here I am A-Icorning of noune, u if ie> 


S/raugtr iKan Ficiwn^ 

Dudc anj <iif?crcnct to mc nrhdficr a ch;tir i^ n noun or a prononn. 
or Aiaythm' eUe, for Ihc nwlti^ of that- Bui ni li>% ill Cry ; for poor 
old I'trt cried with d<;liglit wIi«d Kr. S^jLtuling »;iij lie would lake me 
Oiui Icndi inc — Pet <licln'l 1)\c the- Ick-n of r\\v a-t^cirnm^ lo grid" as he 
had doac So fit Um kc i^d I vvji^n'i lo be ihc pritic of the profo* 
tttOQ ua sprite or nothmj^of thuit :iort, but u on oniiuncnt to «ockty. 
Poor old Pet ' — X pteity oraimcnt I i?i:ill 1*^-" 

"TbcD )XHi have do fliL-ntl^" said J^cob, with much tym|u(hy in 
the 10DC of bis voices 

** No \ Uut's tt, you ftcc, only AfiKicr Syiiwltng ; luid 1 ^m't 6nd it 
(s Wf hciH 10 lun *«^iy when he is lo kind to me. And ihtre'f 
ftouvclliing cb c do yuu Tielieve in {jhuhiK, Mi>lcr Jacob ? " 

** C«U Die J^cob^Dot Miatcr. and I'll uiU jou Spco^" s;^d JacoK 

*Wcll, iheOt Jsioob, do you hclicvo in ghotu?" 

"Nol 1 Devct tiw o«ie, ' Jarob rei>lipd, 

*Well. I have/" i^cm on WTiifflcr- '* TH tell you; iiit il h a 
woct. foo know, I started lo run awtiy one nighl — I cculdo't help 
it— I druppi-d a little tHindlc of cIcUics out of the window, ucd Uicn 
dicppcd mysfir alter them* 'ihe moon vns a&hlning bright, aAd 
whto r gi« to ibc chiirchyjird, yomlrr, I wv Poiro^ki"* gbosL" 

"Nol** ?«id j4Cobi looking round ai if I>g cxpcclcd lo tec Che 
ixidianbbcr man bounding aUinjc behind him. 

''l did, rigbt over his gmve, at&ignifying with its hands ch2C 1 vas 
to go bAck, and not bir :lti ungratrf il r.iscal. 1 iTioitghE \\ ^rjs a y^rt 
of mooobcun at ftrat ; but no— Ht w.t» poor old Pet \ uml I ncnl 
bttJc, and |!0l inio ihc Hol;^ n^.iin withciui diKturbin^ anilsody." 

For more than two hours the two boys walked ami ulkwL Spen 
IfrimmiDg Dvei »ilh fori and frolic, and taking an esp«ijt[ ^Iclighl in 
tdlitij the woudcring loy &oin Middlclon 4ll tlic inudeau of 

" you oiait kno«- the governor, Mr. Sjuwlin^ id a bii of jm actor 
fcimsflf — hr rjll* it holnrujlron," Mid Siitn ; " ^e was a rrgl-ir ^latron 
of die drniu ffhen we ulqiic dijwn hert: afcrc ikkjt Pel died/' 

''Tell cne all about it,'* utid Jaicob. 

"Well, j«u we, wc wcs -'L-playing in ih« coi]T;:r>' — a thief of a 
nufiager tna/le up a uirt of HrraTch ron)|L'iny — h;ilf dntrnaur, lialf 
orcuH — A leic^"^ mintuit Wlien wc come here he bt>lted; the ^osE 
kida't walkcdf a^ ihcy say, for a Icng time. Mr. Spnwllog was our 
prindpal patron ; he uited to brir^ the boys and give iK'spcaks, and 
Iieast8<4-d the lreas»r>' \w otbiT n^ys, 'Ihr jiarson looW rn ab<iut 
Ml- S. a-duiag of ihU, Uit* bow^evcr, tticic was no time for a tovi, 
Poor old P« wna tooJ; awilj^Jj' i/J. Mr» £<» ihc (jtAcrnoT, 




The Gm/femttn's Magazittt. 



soon hMTd ihis, and he come to see him ; Pet u»?d to «bg tt 

Iffr S-* ibc £;<>vcrnor, you know, comes, the [Hjor old boy be 


A ffl«n4 MTQC u UaCp 

Who hud h»rO oC JVL'v fair ; 
\\t approAchcd hh ttmw pallet, 
Hdl ahT 'tPUtoolole. 

■ It vns, poor dear old boy, and Mr S., ihe governor, he 
fe doWQ. ard Ik- rrg'Iar crit^t, ami iL-^ina;] liu head on his 
'lt-«9bbing i but Pct he wi* ^ t:ht'crfiil as tould be. aoJ he tty». ' Oh I 
sir, if you would bin piil Spcn in ihc wav of gcttint' his living awoy 
from the saw-dust, nnd out of the glare cf the foothghls 1' And Mr. 
S-, he says, 'I will, Prfroski, I wilt ;' and ihen rild Pct he smg* til' 
his dry way, lU if lie were iwliiiiKtiug, he ^in^s tliul 4 fricitd com«j 
ft! bst, ctnd he ^vaso'l too btc, and Lhcn by'in^by he \\\\\'a out hu 
hand lo thank Mr. S-, anri thtn be gnes olf lo sleeji^ and he wji 
de*[l; leaving me x worse tirjilian than ever, .inda bhihbcring uqihi 
oA was nigh a brvkcn heated" 

" What a sad sCury ! " said Jacob through hifi tears ; " how goi 
Mr< Spawling must be I '' 

•'.Should ihick he was,"said Sjien. " Now, no blubbering — it sin"! 
no good — hcfc you go up — up — ii[i — "Ufi— uj"— /* 

Spcn would h;ive asttxii^hcd ihc little arob lumhlcn of the tx>ndon 
streets ; he boiuided along ihe matU as If he were in a well saw-durted 
cirtus. At ihe \'ety edge of Caftown Hale he pulled up to Tell Jaeob 
that this valley ri^miiided lujn of niithlng ^o much as a scene Ifi ft 
London pjintomii-n^*, in whi-rli Jic played a ispritc for so nuny 
rnghu running that he could not tell how many. 

But never in any theatre, e»cep! in Nature's play-house, had there 
bet-n such a ^lUL'rie •as Ui;it valley of Caiitmn wIiilIi u|J<.'ijed vi|j at ihCi 
feet of Jacob and Whifflcr \ a vulky Bttiddt^d with aUba»lcr tocW 
}utimg out from clumps of green foliage, wi:h a Hppling river tucnir^ 
down the eentne, and a white TO!id vicnt winding away by the 
side of the bni^ik till bodi wt^it lohl in ^ wttod. 

" ThU is what 1 like/' said Jacob ; " la it not ^rand ? Don^ you 
feel a* if you could leap with joy and fly over tt> the other side, o*j 
roll dcwu into the broolc below ? *• 

••Ah, that woLtId Ijc a irick ! Vou would m^ike a fonunc in 
twelveiunnth if you could do that. Mr. Spawling should ride 
hia carriage, and I'd btiifcl a monument to Pet as high ac the c}iui 
arid I'd pay for no end of people to go into no end of drcuves 

Stntnj^r ihan Fiction^ 

jKob thereupon fell A va^iic bOfl of conBcJouA vupcHority to Spcn, 
ttho did not ftpprccinic hit cnLhii^sui^ittc adirifntion or ihc i^oi^cous 
•cerat; I^eforc them, WTiilc Jjcob *-ju up in the »ky of wonder, 
IHttllfcr mas in Ihe ring among iht- k:hv-<!uiiT. AI leait some luch 
ihoLi^t |3iu»«d thnmi;h Jaoub'i mbJ ; 4iid yet Uic tw'O l>c^s luutu^jr 
felt, u onJy lioys ci>uld feci on fto i^OEt am ncignniiiiiincc, a dc^ 
tlinpoithy with cflch oiticr. Bc/orc they rcftched home agatio Ihey^ 
mm fasi fri^uK 

And wlicQ Uic/ dul reach liomc Agzitx, ob thcj now cillcd Spavr- 
Hng"* Sciiool? Well, cvcrylliine wtis in a^tcjnishjn;; onJcr. The 
wraihtul magicUn h-id rcleaRoil the chaini and ubiiiif and brought 
ifcnrs tbe biimptinuK little e^rd tnblr Ircjin ihe vidrlitxinl ; imd m fjict 
otrytbirtg u-u tlie (iiiik cjf neatnciv. (Z\ip» s^ud »i]ccn »lL^nc OD a 
Luge quAnt;t>' ut white tabic doth > Mr. Spawtinj^ w:l4 fitting in hi« 
Ara^hiir rending a I)Oo1: ; And Uorothy wse cuitiiig a pflc of white 
lirrid and Initi^r, ^nd warrhing ai ihe ^rar titTii* .in honr-^list, fri^m 
the top toihc Wiloiii of^hkh ihc &and w.i« nanning in a litUc golden 

WhiAltr (alter changing hts Hirlei^uin jnckd for a lootc blouse} 
loolc bi» arat mrclly ai the* btitiom <\t th<^ CiNc, Dorathy re- 
quested Jacob to ait on Ihc other »idc. At Ihc comei near Mr. 
Spavling, wbo looked up ojid uid ho hoped Spenny hiixl fthown 
Bijurer M-utyn ih« beauiiea of the country* Jind thai he hnd not hecn 
^tiy of Hny ab«Lird tikkA. Jacob taid his comiu^nion h^d been 
vcfy kiixl. AccoiDpftnJtd by sonic other ccmmon-plncc icmuks, 
btcftklkst mii 6niahed ; shortly aller w-hi<--h \^'hilHer itviiclly dbap- 
poircdt and almo&t imtnedutely the school'bell bcg^n to ring^ m» 
fiirioiudy at finl thai lI wnn (^uitt? ^rardiri^ ; but ^i^Eliian)- it became 
skiver and slower, and aoAcr and acflcr, uutil at last ii died out in a 
qu»et marmLtr ; whcrettpH^n Mr- Spawlin^ put down hif book, and the 
Riaster and ihc new pupil went to lichccb 






!k the days of The itnX public school at Cartown ediicabon wa» 
fCDCcatly regarded i^ a privik^jc only intendt:d foi th^Fte who i^ouSd 
SlSxd the time and money nt'CeKury lu be txf>i.-n<li.-d upon iL The 
Fdnraiioa Aa hnd been (ireamod of by x few tniiii^iL^ who concnded 
Am erciy duld was the rightful heir to XnowLcdt-c ; but \\ie^c ^m\ 
gerousjwnpjv Aad Stth or ncj Jnfjuencc, though they wu«: 1ii^v\i 


thp thin i-nd of llic wedge irto the coDsiiTution hy mfAim of Bftthh 
a.n^ National Schucls, vrhicK proincjcd cheap lemming in some of the 
lari;i: manufacturing towns. The Cartowft sclwol, started Iv Mr, 
Spi^wlingi vilxh tlic aid nf a \ocn\ comriiilteej was a wonderful advanoc 
for the nofihcin division of ihe Midland mining roiimy, tbou^ 
many of the people tifCanavn regarded Mr, Spawling n^ a mild kind 
of lunatic, who could do Ijltl? harta or good, and who wiii at the w&tne 
tJiuif :i kmd'iK'aried man ^nd lov^d the poor. 

As niitny oihtr ^jt^t^ims iTiancrs, ajid things are crowding into my 
canvAA, and presenting IhcmAclvcs for rccogxiltion. 1 must leave Ibc 
reader lo imap'nc the ch.iracter iind capacity of the public school at 
Cartoivn, premising hy the way thar Jacob v-'-m Mr S[rjLw]ing'i onTy 
Ltojinler, and th-it the .idvt^rtisinnenC wh:(:h The si^ln'iolfimFLter ^eni lo 
Middlccon was die Jiisi ahiiounonncitL Mr- Spawlln^ h^ul nwdc of his 
intention to receive honrvlcr^. 

The pupiis were x happy family. Mr. Sp^wlinf^ tr:e<l to leich ihem 
tf> think ;lk Atll !/is 1(1 re^d tukI write nnd wiirk cnit rklidt^Le arith- 
tnclii^l prLjStciti^. lie m:tdc hinuclf the pcrtonal &iem3 of cveiy 
individual hoy ; he was an excellent judfic; of chiiracttr; he gauged 
the capacities of his schoUrc soiuraUly; and in his way was a 
mndcl srhnnlmmiier. 

Spen WhifltcT was the low comedy boy. the raemman, the Touch* 
stone of the achooL He couJd draw its many funny thmss on his 
sbie as he could cut queer copter* in the pUy-j^Touiid- Unce he hWJ 
hnd it fight with the tail hriy who cajne from a long diflt.iilC€ evi?ry day 
to «choolft in comp^iny wiib a hag of books and a p^iumxiAt^y pUin 
luncheon ; during the encourtler the id! boy had not once becQ able 
lt> hit Spen, whde Spen, on tlie other hand, eontrivcd to knock his 
man tjomi ; and when \m iirnn vroA down, Spen turned a winenaxLlt 
over Ills prObtraLe fonii,dind then|>o>i[n^ hiniselT di'LUUatluully with one 
foot upon Ihe tiill boy'» body, crowed loudly like a cock, upon 
which the tall boy from the country could not restrain hi£ bu^htcri 
and a lusting friendship wa.*i Iher^u^xin eemtnieiL Jacob hail thw 
story ftoiH the Lill bci>''a tousin. 

One day at achuol wns very much IHec ^noiUcr. All the 
year round the reading, and writing and ciphering, and flpelling, 
and dictation went on with liltle ^-ariety, save now and thea 
wlieii tlu; iiuuter delivered s. \hatt lecture Crnxn hix deak, or lli« 
■< mapping dny " cume rouad, as it did every finrt and Lut Friday 
in every monUi. 

One tif the most agreeable things for thrpiipiU on mapping d,»y wa« 
'^i;f«vv/^L'/u/;s3roi] togoiniothcyudionvUlnduLttink ^t dieiTun; 



Siratig^r ihan Fkthn, 

THerfwit ^ my^tcrioTj^ rhnnn -ittf m!mg these brief momcrts of Wku 
uubUic lIic bLhool ju^t bccoic ihc bell laii^ fur <l(;|;culurc. 'J'hc? hum 
of ihc school coning this:nish EhcTindowaificrcascdthcacnacorijuict' 
without. Aitd t^cmrd lo enhance the fte«Iom of the time. Mapping 
WW 1 bruiirh of iriljt-ntiun in ftrhith twily a fi^w of ilic d<lcr boy< were 
ta^inif-ltid, juid il wu cvrtcJ on iu a >iJcudl liltic ruom bchintl the 
SMAtcr'ft d«3k. 

This room comrotinicatiMi with the yarcl, in which there wt* 
iramp wiih a lencten i|.xmi. The wnter wns nlw^yx turned oru I^i 
mwk a oxilinuil pltu^b^inl i^tcnng muAic u it fcU uitoa tmufih. 
When Jacob and Spcn were here together, the Indian ink, tiacd for 
mjikiag ihc inoumoinn and fiver* in *'71i« l^nd of PAl«dLine'' and 
** Tlu Itritiih lid;!^^!,'' >ti<l the pRiMJon blue for colouring the sea to 
the extent of half an inch alt round thcKc uid couauio, requlicd 
more vuing Ih^ip usual, the operation bcifig vAricd by SpcnV Irirki 
And ^tty eayings. l^uc if $pcQ L«gan these ten minutes as zncrnnnaa 
or To'irfjsionr, he frrqiirntly bcramc more like JnC(]u«A !han th 
;r of the dp .tn<i 1>cIU bcfarc the inlc wax ron^di-rcd (unfi<:icnt1y 
for the Liltic wavy nvers, and the blue became saffir.icclJy blue 
for the half EDch kcx More thim once ht? ut on the cdffe of tht 
'Iromgh. and wondered Khere everybody v^ould be in ten ycun, and 
|eipeEuIly iflhctlier, ttfLei audi a bpec of tiJtie, hi; would be niimiig ink 
||0 iiKii> the Nile on a «hcct of omridgc paper, or whcthci he <«ould 
llw niuQg colour to blacks his own eyebrow* and lo redden lus owa 

Afbcr Khoo] hour^, >fr- Gregory Sjjciwlmg fmiucTiily mniU' Imig 
excnnMHia with Jacob inio the ounatry. He would iCirnLilAte tlic 
bor'i oaLunl love of the bcaulifu) by evpUnattor^ of form and colour, 
nnurks upon the jiicturetqtic in natiire And in ,iri. 1^hc 4chool- 
'f ovn licn^t were uften Kup^jned with apt qiinLnion^ froia 

tkopeaic and the old drnmatutt- The incom parable bard always 
ckrer, ingcnioiii. and loving mtcrpretcr Lu Mr, S>pawI]Dg, who 
ly knew Mm a]mo«l by hntn. 

The schooIjnnAler> vei^' e-itly duiiiit; the fiieitdwhi^> which was 
CMabliihcd betttten himself and Jacob, gate bin pupd a gUmp»e into 
hictory, m cue to Ihe reHeciivv character of \m mind, and his com* 
fonttvrly htimlde po^H^on in C^trrown, 

" How IB it now," Mid the wlioohnasicr, " tliat Rmnke. which it 
tmaUy oflTenuvc (y»Xi will have noted it at Middlcton), should be 
iOOOuQied «i pictKre»qu« and beaatiful addition to a land»cape oi wo 


" It hu a beautiful ^iipeariJice Ticn^ &ir." &iid Jacob* 



*'Wlih wl^at a gr^ice £c mounu up^^^ardt, and spircAds l£ke an 
ethereal fltmi over the hWn^c T' 

** And ihc colour, *ir, U almosl like ihc slty yonder— smoke is vety 
diflercniai MiddJcton." 

"U na\ an\y jil&n« the eye, Jacob j it induce* a wnsarion of, 
quid, Mlisfiet! i.tciuun?, vthidx ihr Uindsoipc wtmlJ jhjI jlotie iuvuke^ 
Do you perceive ihat. Jacob ?" 

'' 1 lliiiik 1 Jo, sir; t luirdly know why. 1 hlcc lo gcc the smoke 
amnng the irccs." 

*' 1>^ LI nnt IrccaiExff yon (xmnc^ it m your nund uith iIlc <:oE»g« 
below ?^ 

*• I do not know, sir.'* 

" Nor I, Jacob ; but I ihink wc are on ihc right track in that ihoughl 
atleaM ; iMul I wjiil you torfmenilirr this luiU'imidi'nlssan riample 
for the fiiliirc lo inquire into ihc rcuon> why *ny piuticulAr thing 
givtifi you pleuiUTC. Look below the (urToce; it xvilJ accustcm yoa 
Eo Analyse j'oui fe<rUng4. and give you as much ple;i^ure a* profit 
Now, my opinion about this wnriUh of smoke on rhc irr^e tops is thai 
there is tnorc of the praLlital tKiii llie poetical about it- — moic of the' 
physical than ihc apiriiual, 'J'hcrc h fln iTihcrcni love of home unong 
u« FjighiJi ; And I think ihat, in ad'tiiion to the picttjrc<>iLic hit of 
arfour whiLih it waves almvc tliL- ircr*, we nssociate the Kmi>k« 
with tlie comfortable hearlli at tlie ibot of Uk chiinney uhcncc 
it nsc4; wc link with it, if 1 may so spejik, thnt traditional 
idea of the puretc tovc, the mo^c complete hnpplnv^, being 
found in n coLiag{-» where thc^n- i% no -imbiiion beyond the pn^sr^ 
ion of the commoQ nccesaancs of life .'tnd in honest name. Dcwiltq; 

lunhiLioTi, Jaci>l> ; beware of building your hopes t>n one ol:jcct, bfr' 
t^at object wh^il ii may ; anJ remc^nibcr that the blessing* ct content- 
menE^chr greatest blessings m ihik Vkoili! — art- mote frequently foutid ^m 
in ft humble cottage such as that ajnong ibc If cc* below ti?. Hvm m ^ 
themansionn of thtt''«il and wealthy. This is not itn;rc b<>ok philo- 
iOphy, Jacob. 1 have seen the world; I know every irick of it. Moot 
ofuahfEve our troubles Jacob, sooner or bter. I have had ouDej:] 
BOmc day 'wc may talk rf thcni for youi own bcin^t," 

From these cvtnmg walks Sf>cn was for ^otdc time cxdddtd 
WhtrthtT it vmi out of deference to Jacob, who was to be looked 
upon Willi more cor^ideraiion than Spen, or vhcTbtT Dorothy 
vraiitci] Speo lu mii errand?*, I taiuiot Kiy ; but whai Jinnb asked 
thaiSpen niJKhl nccompany ihcni the sthooUnas(er ?ic«ued jilewetl 
at the re^ueit and complied nith it inimedialely. And so ihcic three 
A:i(/ laa^ ts^ppy walk» together in the evenings, aad upoA thcM 


S/rangfr than Futiitn^ 

occainos Sikh condnctixl funvMlf with ^cat propriety, never ^tm 
Aijlhtng in the tumbling wa^^, bcyoiul tAmkinf^ of the ring, the 
dun, ftod the theair^ 

One evening, lii>Ic^I of a nitEiUr. Mr, Spiwling InvitL-d ihc two 
bor* into his own room, a ni^irk of tlit? vizry grcalcat cuTi>tt'1cmli4jn, 
The SchoolnuslCT's wnomm adjoined Mr, SpawHng* l>edr,->om, .ind 
vu rrKnrdcd liy DoitiihyAA .ill Inti lacrcH. The Hchoolrna^iii^r dimed 
hs OKU tnwks. and oirangcrd fu:i u#n (laj^ers ; ^u that DcioUiy Ahooild 
hftrc no cicusc (br lou<JkmK anyihins- IcyonJ the ordinfuy fumilurc 
whea dtie ongagcd in htr periodica! hoii^e-cJc-iiiing. Thrroom tonkcid 
OnJetly and romfijiralilp, neypnliclrw- Thr fiirniturr raintisird, vn 
cUcT of A ubic, on wKich Liytcwr^ilboDlu aad nunu^cripu; a wd 
6lki(I fct of book-shelvc» ; a stujiII slanii flocred to a bust of Shak 
pe^re ; a £it mn-f^hoir ; two oiliet chain from the bodraom-— oiM fi 
^Jaeob aiKl oue Tor Spcn ; and An oM'f^uhinnird sofA. Srvcral ivaier^l 
<cok)ui <Ira<im|£^ nnd cnjcravini;^ jdorncd the vtaIU. There 
|Kie1fwt» of thfcc scvcml ^{ctLtlcmcn in the three AcveniL chomclers 
Hostlet, Coriohuitii, and Romeo. Near ilieae hiing the jiicttirw of X\^ 
ladieCr one n* Doidemona nnd ihe cllwr as Rtimlliul. Jactili did not 
kar>vr who di<-«^ pciMJU? wnc, jriJ iiidccJ did Qui liiu* whciJicf the 
last iDCDtJoocd wu inicnJoJ for a boy or n youtijc lady, und he did not 
uk, Mr Gregory S|>aiHvlingkr;cv, and Spcn^onian WtHttkr knew— had ^ 
not Spen seen miny lidint <lTc«rd :tft buyi^ both in ihc drttis and tn fl 
like theatre? But even S|;«n WliiiBcT. nlo wxi au Icmieil iii dii:^ 
Doatten, did not know thai the water-colour dfawinj{ was a ponraii of 
Mr. Gregory Spawling^ and that when he pbyed Romeo he was lo 
Iwtfc bem irumpd lo ihr young U-uly whii phjrd Jiilirt, and ibac J 
she diet) two iLiy> liefuie ihe une X\x<Ai^x the wedding. Indeed, V 
nobody in Cartcwn. or Middkton, ur all through the Midland 
Coiuttici^ north and soLLtlr, knew thin, Bven the «rhoo] conimittee 
Ijmw voihing of ir, tiec";ni*e Nfr Grrgorj- Sii;i.wlm^ hud W-^w rorom- 
lomdcd lo iheirt by a loid, a real hvc Inrd, who had uid nodiing 
4bOti1 Mr.S?attrlingh^vinghccnan;ictor, but had ipokcn of him in the 
h^cHett tcvm» in i^kti cue tiuin could ipeak of another, eHjjeiiiL 
when the on^ speaking i)i >t lord and the nrher .in nrdinnn' mo 
Bui (l it tuudly ri^t to c^l Mr. Spawlin^ (there wa.^ /e diiTcrcnt nam 
tmdcT the porlTajt of the aclor ns Romeo} an ordinary monal He 
lad b«cn fl leader in hi» pmfi^iinon. Adaiired, datieret^T followed, 
he bad AIki a huge ^ipaL-e in dT« world's estf^t^iu He )i;id been the 
olitcned dfall o1»erveia. U wa^ no oidmnry lu^irUl ilial (.ukU<l xiqi 
down ftcro this r*^*3e*ul and finder a new name acitlc down iu vViC 
<apauty of x country s^hociimafrcr at CuiowQ. 

1 the — 


Tki GmtfefnatCs Magashte. 

Jacob and Spen had a delightful ex-eiiing with ihrir nuui«r, "^ 
read to them (Vom hia fhoicpsi lnviWs, TTip germ of some 
|im^e work* having Ix-un disiusscd, ihc srhoolmflRtcr lotJt ujiihc 
BibLcp and rend From the Piolms, but with a loiicliinH pAthoA ind A 
pcrfcci ifracc of docutiou ^hich made the Song of Solomon a xtrf 
diiJ'crcnt thinij to what Jacob hail bten Accu^torncd lo coHsider il; 
while *' ProvciLiTj " \n ihc iiK^ulli uf Mr. Spd^'liiii; wa* ;xji:Uj indr«d. 
Speu allcrwafdi flskcd if Mr. S^'awlioK Mfnild tc kind ciKiu^h to read 
from Sh[ikf?5p«irc, whcfcujion Ihc Kr-hoolmatkr brcnii^l forth a tliick 
vohiinc, the pages of which were marked wiih manjr uoie*. He read 
firm "As Vol] l.ike It," calliug Jacob's aUt'mionloihcptifect liemity 
of its dcacripLionfi of sccncoi and mstancinK '^'^^ ^'^ P^'ct had oftea 
said mort' in on*^^ line ihac they Iiad Bnid in aJl their cor^tersaitons. 
To Spcn he pointed oiu the humour of Toiich%lonc, diownog hin 
thai fun did not (X)[i:itst m sunding EipAide'dcjwQ oi in iiiaLing queer 
griniaccs. And then he read the famous solilinivtyofjiciiiic^and ihc 
Boog of Amiens in ih** sanitf act, Ahereiipon Spcm remeixibercd I'etroilu, 
and Jacob thought of Susan^ a traveller on ihe broad ocean. 

ThoHgh <bcm the iraicr^ y^t^\ 
Tby FititLL' if ii"! »f» ihiiirt>. 
As Intfnil temtmln^fpd nnt. 

Dorothy , -ic- 

iwo knitting 

P "There is another friend whom f have not rtmcmbLTcd,'' said 

[ Jacob when he wa>» taking off his boots in ih« kitcheo. 
"Oh, intWd, and whn may th^t be^' in^^iiirrd 
cumpattyliig licr intetrogutlDn with ihc music d* 


" Who may who be ? " aslced Jacob, 

*■ The other fiicnd you have fotgoitcn/' 

" Did I Sdy 1 had forgotkn one?" 

" Of course you did." 

*'I did not intend lo say so/' said Jacob. 

•'Only a-rehcaraing of yaar own ihoughlt, Jacobs 

" That was all," Jacob replied. 

*' Well, good night; the best of fdends rmist sever— I cannot alwayt 
be vilh you— iijoo I ajoo!" s.-iul Spen, his lefi '^\::^v*Ai ibeairioilly 
covering lib cyca. and hU H^ht gmiTiug a k>ng candlciiick with a 
short sii in it "Good right -csit WTiiffJer/' 

" Yon>e a strange boy, Ma&ter Jacob," sud Dorothy as Spen dis- 
appc?ircd, " to be talking ;ilioi3t somcboily and not rn knnw ynii was."* 

But i did know, '' said Jacob, *^ and ycl L do not know die friend 



Stranger t/iOH Ficihn. 

— uADi thit odd? 
know hcf." 

*' Her, Ar— oh, iluis ii, ih ii, Nfaiicr Jacob ? 
llic £nt fi0{(er of her tight lund aii^ bushed, 

•' Vci, ber, iw, Dorothy — oh, if you only knew her 

I hiivc seen her maTiy liiucs, and yet I do 

Dorothy vlcvatt 

Tbr "t^ii); i* iKJt hJ «liArm 
A* iHmi! »nien»[>rt«l not ;" 

^and av^iy ];iO0b nurchvd to the vtalrciue. 

" HTiy, I dc<:Lirc you will won he as bad as Whfffler Well, J toll 
inaMcrhe'dcont4r]iirulC4L]iyl>ojin3cr«a«rLXiiclieEe, with Xva nomieuHCJ 
Uhjt Uilkinij; offricndt. Jdicob, and A^/*/, 1 am goin^ or hope co £0, K 
«e« Kone on J»iturdAy ^nd Biay till Monday. And if 1 might malti 
so bold ss lo ask you home with mi- for two day^ " — * 

"* Whil, «nion^lhe' trees yonder, Ooroiliy?" 

" Yc*, wlitrrc Will Tunstef took mc up/' 

** J »hcu1(l like it amii'iiigly/' uid Ji;:ij1x 

"I Ibivc took the IJbcriy to ask irnksic-r already, and you see f 

go better with t^kin^ you tlidn if you stayed behind, btaiu«c 

W (be work. You won't mmd IccivinK Spcn ft^r two days, ch f I. 

|iroaihe }'ou a nice companion/' 

^ \ «l(f upoI (.sue rji & eoui|Mi]ion," uid JauiL 

"Oh! of courtc Dou" Mid Dofothy, " You Aren't old enough to be, 
•n love, or I ih^nld think you was. ' 

" Lovcf «ajd Jacob, laughing; "good-night, Dorothy i' and lh» 
'image oTa beautiful face tuoktii^ uut uf u fjcluTy window ftonlcd \ 
sKicnod time toio Jacob's memory with the bcng of Amiens. 



Wkkk Saturrlay momin^ nrhicd Spen vohimcered CO walk a little 
way vnth Jacob ami Mr, Spawling'i^ housekeeper, *'Just lo »ec tliem 
on liwU way," an he wid. Doroibys home iva-i only i few miles oil 
the road. Jacob remanbcrvd it well- Nuthin^ in that lirtt memomblc 
jourMy Ifom Middldon cnn ever be bbtied Ihun his memory. 

It mut a grey aummn niomfng. The l^r«t leaves had dilleit. 
They wen ^l^S *^^ ^^ road, with biG dtopi cf dew upon them, Kkc 
teua. There was a Kttfed cAlm in the nir, n death-like ndlncss* 
The yeAf waft tw|finriing to die. Vou could not help getun^ t]tvv& 
ilux^C inio yOQr mind on 5uc?7 a momjn^. 

Vol IX, KS. /^a ^ 

TAc GcftilcmaKs Mixga£in€. 

" Why, wluEmolcmiilut wi; *re,* »ii! Spcn ; "wcmlghlljcaipmg 
to a fuDcral ; vrc ihoitld juit be Lhc sort to conic on whli ihc coffin ia 
'Rkhud the Third."" 

"Wcd'i iccm doll," said Dorothy, ■*Mir lomerthing was going lo 

*^SomctUiD«; i»," »id JocoU 

" Whitt ?" anted iJoroihy, (Coppini^ in ihc middle of ihc road, 

•* The yrw is going 10 die," said Jacoti. 

*' I^j* bican (lie ! Vm'k you do sLirUc one !'' Mid DoiDlli)'. 

*^ ItH the tiort of n^oniing Uiai i^Lvca )-ou the «hi>'CD, like the slow 
dithering musk before the villain emera, or when be't gropiag about 
ihc Ktagc with a d^rk Untcm and a d:iggcT,'' KAid Spcn^ 

The of ihe Cnrtown mUiuoI illui^trAted hb mn:uLj^ He 
l^ect hn hcrid, and felt his way about the rood in imagmoT)- 

Jafoli w/i*; nnjitsird ai Sprn> arting, bxit he pulled hrm »ip tooo 
AflcLwafd« by telling hiia ihftt il 'vratou an ^ummn day i^licn \\a 
mother died. 

"Ohf JTifttlikcio-^aaypWMkP'nidSpcn. "Tell us about it; I ceT«r 
liad a rauLber exctrpt itld Pecn»k.L thr cluwi:, and he wax faUier and 
mother iuid a whole family 10 mc/ 

" No ; lei it& tallc of 40m«lhing tlAe," fiSiid Jacob. " 1 dtongfat all 
Ihc world w-ii; di-Md whrn my tnoiher died ; the fiun »el ctirLy in ihc 
day, and iheie were no Mant, and the neat moniin^ ihc Icnvcs acre 
lying in ihc road-" 

" Bravo r' said Spen, solen^nly ; ^* you would do for leading bufinttt 
— Hamlci, nr rhr frllciwwho has nm tt'vny from his wrifr, her nuTi« 
wax Hatler/' uid Spcn. 

*<WcII, you arc a rum pair," »uid Dorothy, contemplating tlic two 
boys with wonderirg astonithnral. 

" \.cx 11* i-i]k nf something liTcly,'* wkl Jacob. "CAxt tis a «om*^r- 
luittU or tcL OK a buck, Ppcn." 

** J crould'lt do iLf a» die i;edltnaan in the slocka siid> when thc> 
told hiiu (0 blov hu doze," replied Sptn* suddeoly tuSericg front a 
vcty sever** cold in tlic he^id. 

" Then give us a reciudont'' wid jKob. 

Spen, pulling a loclc of hair over hlA forehead, and auuming a 
serio-comie attitude, laid Y^% dabewai Dorbid on die Urambiaji hiik, 
Uld that if 'tnreTC done u were weU it were done quickly ■ for there 
stood Eliza oa the wood ciowit'd height, and ^ die woild «^ a 
stage, the men find women n:iercly il uoilc device of Ihc caccDy ; aad 
after he had said many oilier limilaily exuacrdioaiy thingi^ nu^^jng 

S/fUM^r than Fiction. 99 

Doroihf Uu£h untit tfi« was red in tlbc £icc, he iJiought It wu (iuic 
h« Khoukl return ; vhcrcupon be ihook h.indf with J^rob imd i>orodiy. 
Taking oiti h^ kimfikcrdiid' jmd wiping vcty dry ccuv &om each 
cjc; he lK|^«d Ui«in 10 remember tliat if ciuc) fnnunc should! i^an 
Ihom, it mifihi be for ynis &nj it ntT^fit be for ocvcr« hii hc«rl iroold 
*tiU be breaking for the love cf Bcuj- Jant, ind his wiU nt)iild be 
fuunil ID Mifi4 Dnroihy't ihcmic: im-pot^ Among ih^t respectable 
tiouMkeci^cr'b aiH-paprrs. 

Tb<tifloicm»lyexieQdkng hiflntntRlowardu liUenthuaiastJc audience 
of two, Spcn ctdiimcd, **B1e«fi yc. my children; blest ye I* and 
iliMjipauer! ihraii^ ;ui adj^iccnt hedge- 
Dorothy £i>d Jai:ob continued their walk post comfieldi umJ 
thfoogh meadows, b)- wexHls irtJ by rivcni. On Uic bigbwiy th«y 
io«f |i4rtto3 of rcarptn, chidly IrL^^hmen, dn^mg n^iping hooks tied 
u|) in Kinvw-tuiAitt ; country proplr going oit vilUgr enaiiidfi ; tnmps 
viio had footed it over nearly e^ery turnpike rotid in Tnel^md -. ^d 
oiherineinbenof the great army of atroUera which b f^irc^'cr journey- 
iag hither «nd ihliher on the highways and byewiyc of BritAin, -^f 

In an otMcure 4!riM)-roAd tliey ptssed a gipsy encitrnprnr^ntj xna^ 
Jacob tbUQgkt of Ilia sinoke lesson u a while wTcalJi UKcmded 
from oce of the canvas lenU and went uiliriK nwny o^xt a tGi of 
pMn and inaber Idvec Jacob wait destined to know something 
norr than the- mere pictiiroque sldt of gi^ksy life ; bitt he recked 
not <]f hia deiiiiiy a> he pii^rcd on adrouing the landscape^ Near 
tfac ^p%y tcat> the ro&d waa cfoned by a shallow brook wbkh 
came out of the wood And neflocted the thi^gy dogt and dark e 
driUicn who ffood on thi* bank nnd watcheri D()n>fhy nni Jac 
cnm the bridge:. 

A ptcssont walk of half an hour brought the visitor? in sight of 
Dorothy's eottaee- 

"1 fhouldn^t be 4urpri*ed if jrmir iticrnory wsh laved )nsl now, 
»d DotoUiy. ftfeiTing to Jiroh's my*lfriou* reference to the 
of Amiens after hb evening; in hlr- Sp:rwling's room. 

•■Howr asked Jacob. 

*• £Mdn*t jott lay her hair was like the yellow silk M the ftetory?* 


"And her face wu round and laughing hkc a fairy's, though 
never sw a fiiirj my«clC" 


''And nrhen vdm fint saw Iter abe was like a tionge] ?" 

"Wdl? Ye*, yes." cootirmed Jacob. 

"And die looked O'Jt 0* the faclor>- window ? • 



The Cmilcfnafis Magazint. 

" Ah, but we are ,a )on|; :vay irom M iddic to niti-ilic- Water," Raid 

" And mayn*i romtrlKxly rhc be n long vj^ from MiddkUin T nid 
Dorothy, wiih tanialisjni; cmphaftin. 

" J fear not," Kiid jiicol. " Wlttt do you niv^in, DoToihy ? " 

"And ynii «id ^hr wng— oh, I (lon'r Itnow bow hi*niiiiAjlly you 
^aid ahc could »ing." 

■* Well," said Jacob, "what arc you going to lay?'' 

"Whai im I goiHg ic *;)>? Listen. 1* fhat u good aa the 
f^cioiy angt-r* "fnging Y' A* Doftithy oiwnf^d llic lildc garc ai ihir 
cntfajLcc of lIig ^tdcn UcIiinO iZic bouHv tHc btjundA of a sweet 
voice cAmc througli lite open doorway. 

*' It IK I it i» 1' exclaimed Jatcb, iming iJorotliy by the arm, 

" Ijor", how yoti piiitli \ for j^oodnt^HH' s^kt.', 1i?;ivl* go/' 

Jacob, howcvcTt dctamcd Mr. SpawUug^ housekeepa, an tlic mu?iic 
tnigbc h&vc done had she noi been ftnxio()« to ^cc her couaJn. But 
thoir voices had already been heard. The jrinfiing ceased and the 
fectory angel amc to the door. That moment J ;jwib frit at if all his 
dearest hopn were le^lbcd. All the longing ^enk^tionx cif that last 
tnoining m hi^ falher'a gjirdcn tame bcick to him* Thia boy of 
««vont«(fn lia<l i<f\ y^ars been unwlitrngiy dntEing into Ic^e with 
somebody'^ voice, and hrrc va^^ ihe Komcbrvdy before him far more 
IwautifLiI tkir bit ontt ideal creauuiu 

'*Tbi> t» Master Mariyn, hnty," said Dorothy, whercnpon lh« 
faiiy put oiu ber hand and Jacob floated into the hoiise. He cet- 
t^ly did ttoi walk in. It aa« all a tlrewn. He should tralc 
iBUAcdiatcly and find him»eir at Cartown in bed, or lying on ihc 
bank of the river picturing tlic big towns on its banka. milu away 
from Middkton and Cariown, 

** And bow % faihrr?" n.iid Dorolliy, siuiiig down oppo^i[e an old 
woiLiau who wi* scatL-d »bcn ibey cntcredH 

*'Wcll, John bnint owcr vvell lo-day- hcs dbed, and has bccfl 
thefic two days," said Uorotliy's motlier, an old woman of seventy, 

DoTolhy must go up-siairs 10 sec him, and Mrs. Canirill. after 
\f^\i;^^ Jaccib to make Lim«df ^\ home* and raying bow pioud »he 
waa to Bee bini, followed her daughter, leaving Jacob and Lucy 

"Po you like Cartown, MaMer Martyrt?" s;iid r-ii^y, in a toft 
voice, after ;i rather awkward fiiiusc. 

"1 do, mv&'iy' ^lid Jacobi bis \oicc Ircmbling. 

"Better than Middlcton?" imjuired Lucy, as she bujied herwlf 
abO^t some household duties- 

" In some rcspcet*»" Mid Jflcob, \tt a nervous whisper^ 

" You seem tired," said Lucy ; " shall 1 get you » liltic ale f" 

"ThanV )'uu," ftiid Jit^oli, and Jarob'* goddcct, hh drcftra* 
»dcd of aIL that WA& b\el)-, <li?up|]r;tml bcliind n foniry di>ot, and' 
pmcnily came bock with a rooming ju^ of brotvn jJc. Jacob held 
hii glut while the coitAgc bcattly lulled iu 

" I am lure you arr very tired/' uid I^ucj, noticing Jtcol 
onauwJy hand. 

" Not >ety, lliank you" Jiid Jacob, his face aJl o^lovr. 

" The beer »ill do jovi good," Mid the *airy, frcithing the bf>j 
ghu^ ajutihoiring cifT lo prriVcrion n «hiic tmind arm iluit migl 
hATc been jnudelCnl for j .sltjdy cjf <1ju»i<; bc^ii^ty. 

Poof Jacob! htt bciitt beat wild ly> Lucy, od the contrary, wiw 

'[uito teiJ-pocieMed^ &he did tiut knon- ihut Jacob was Iht* little 

lelUiw nhc had noticed w>ireiim« ir> the garden thi* Miridlctaftj 

bctOTT* SIic knew nothini; of the selection l;e hjd made nmoi 

Ibe fiutorx voices, tickctiAX it m hii mctnoT)' ^^^^ ^ tnoiio from 

fivouhte hynn— 

llieie It ft hftppykrid. 

"Witt you excukcmc?" uid Lucy. "^ I uu i^ala^ into the 
to fcftther 2 few Apples." 

" Certomly," taid Jacob, 

Mr tried lo jay, '* May I coine with you ?" hwi found hijn*clf idi< 
gcthcr iiiici(|Liil to stidi ii coufj^cou» flight of fdmilLirity. 

JttCob Ktw [Aicy liO ohIh Hi" eyes never strayed awny from hi 
H« node np hii mioti more than once to rukh out and assist her, bi 
he flW *ac in The cottiijc lipring The ftaming ale. 

Juai budding into Attinan hood, Lucy n'o^iudeed a modrtof healtliy^ 
bcuity. She mi^hl liavc sat for Hcbc. or any other lovely creaMrc, 
Kiir Twtttd armft, with dLmples at ihe etbost^, -nnd x slight dimple 
<veryivhc<c »hcrc There i* generally i projecTion on the h.-ind, it might 
hiw been the arm of our limt mother that Juccb watched pluddng 
iht Apples and droppinif them into a unall woclEcn apri^Ei. The 
pnny foot and ankle, itx gwyhoie and rather thick shoen, pecpin^( 
l^m l>eiwath a white pctti^'oa*, ^^-crc not to he disguised by homd|jgH 
frontnt o* leather. And ihr ^vcalrh of w.\vy liair thai would come™ 
tiDdooe «od £iU in golden ripples crcr ?houldcr^ which. dcT^ice the 
dajfc pnnt drcAS that co^-ere<> them, you might be »utc were white a» 
tib« are ; and [he white and nt\, vyir](i fi>r ihe'ina^tteiy in that sweet 
fob Chcc, and ihe bright gicy eyes, sparkling with health! — whit 
wooM not grand city bdiei have given to cany such rosy colovti 


Tk$ CaUtamuCs Magasftic 



such naTuml bri^lncu into their bftUroonis? Why, Lticj Cftntrilli 
tfoultl ]tav« drirea a whole city full of T^ung fdtowi nud, Ivt alon«' 
Jacob M^iityn, nrho haJ lieani ha blng for >cars, and w\u id Iotv 
vith her bdbrc he mw her Ikcc 

" All, blc^t her, there ^c be '" aiid Mrs. OJitrill, her aunt, as sbc 
entered the roum ni^aio wnth Dorothy, and cb*crvcd Lucj' in tl*e 
garden. "She f^mvn noic Lwauiiful every liour uf ihe<lay. Lanl 
ba' mercy oq her I" ■ 

** You make too much ofhtTp DOOtbcr i you'll spoil her if yoM don't 
mind/' said Dorothy; but JlC^ llicughl othcrviKc, and uhcn the 
a|)plcx wt-rc <lj»l]«! up ui diimcr in thr shape of ihutiplinj{^ an round 
and hard au ihc dc>tjda la Aomc of the old rautcn^ Jacob Mimmoncd. 
courage enough to pay Lucy a coin[>limunt. 

" I did not make the dumplings," said Lut^y ; '* I ciinnoi cooV' 

" Vuu ^:idicii:il liio itiJplvV' ^d Jucub, m vrhinh. fur ilie lir>1 tiuK,. 

cy bluahcd. wluk Dorijthy and the oM woniau bughed heartily* 

In ^he :iftemoon Jacob, and Lucy, and Dorothy walked in tho 
wood, and Dproihy lold Liiry abwic Jacob liilcning lo hw siDging in 

e £u:(oTy, and how ihr had learnl Irnm hiin the p^ultrnlsirq of hit 

ing Lucy on the morning when he \ctx home, £^hc even tM la^cy 
bdr Jaeob bad deienbed h«r; and although Lucy lauded and jirc- 
dcd 10 m;Lkc fun of il, and aithough Jacob treated Dorothy* 
gosTiip fi^hdy, iind prcicndrd tliai ht wUhed her nut to ^ny any more, 
foccb felt that Dorothy wm placing him under an ciernal obUs^lioon 
for tolling; Ijacy hovr he Zud fallen in leve with her^ and Lu^ 
not 4liiiplirjicJ either. AVhal ]irctty gir! eould have been dk- 
ed at sULh an in|;em]tnia narraliou? 

*■ Hoif do you get oh with Durothy ; dcin't yt?u find her very crou 
■omttimM^' said Luey, clun^in^ i\w subject and putting her 
through her couEJn'a. 

" Wc gel <in very well indeed/' s-iiil Janub, 

" On cleaning days?" aakcd Luey, laughing. 

*'Ko« none of your impudcncei Ihi&ay," said Dorothy; 
body hat their vre^kneu, haven't ihey, Jacob ?" 

Jacoh bf^hed, and E;iid he m^jpoKcd he* had his ^nd th« little 
nrulct that ran by hj^ ,^ide seemed to uy it aXso had in wc^nea* 
vhich viiA to ff> on foir ever chaticiins o%'cr vtones and |[liding 
ov*r mossrt. 'ihen the pati: became loo narrow for three to waft 
lo^th«T: iii> Donjtiiyfcli behind JacobandUicy, and thought ** wbai 
a nice pair ihey woLtld mA)kc!" 

There wa» sjomclhin^ noble in Jacob's appGaraiicCt boy tA he via 
a hifl iUnet& he had ^rown rapidly. i£e wai dighily taller tfaiii 

Siranffir /Aan FuOeft, 

JjEicy.thoafEh or dcndcr build. There «»» a niarkcd contrast between 
hiiiUrk, thoughtfikl feaiurct, And the f^tir, hopeful, dud merry f^ice ol' 
Incjr- Slie wcsvr 4 tmit hcit. and a «phaw1 himg narcUmly over one 
alloulOcT, Tbc can^crutioti IkIhcch hci ^k1 J.ux>1j u.xt very limil^L 
«) much M> thit OoroLhj eoid xhty acoocd alraid of each other, snd 
«isbcd Sfwn bad eocnc aU ihc u-jiy ^itli thvm, wh^rvupon Jacob 
cjrQcd hii hcniJ «nd med to be ratrriioiut upon riorotSy*ii wnkncis 
fcr dcaning And ulkin^- B)^and-ty he felt more al home, und 
«t kv^th be told Lucy how he had loin in the wn Ibtcning to the 
tkdovf tnuuc, And how ho hid olton wished he had been conipelied 
to *orti in ihr Ciriory; for i: irrmtHl tn him ihar ihrrc wjis siirh a 
fbry in tJie rnattlirkg whodi, such n. freedom about the ^loce^ such 
4 ploKurc in watching Uxc »ilk grow into yardA And >-Ard« oT flccqr 

*Ah, ]foci AU' ntUtalen, Mr. Martyn/" snid l.iicy; "you Tnlghi 

Hke the ioctory on cold winter aTiernqom, nhen the &now [» on the 

gMiDd] but ia the c^trly morning, in the diuk, before the sUri irc 


Ijicy ilmigged her pretiy ihouldeni and loi^keil m J:icob- 

** Aod thco," she couLuiued, " lq the Hu^mner. wljeii the birth 4nr 

ihc hc:it And Qoisc. the «tiflui& dreadful licat !— noi th&t I 

■M «Oinpclkd to vt*y tci it tl«^y«, but 1 t^w ihoKc who were." 

" Aad yet yo*i nng lut if yon wer*? vrry hnp^jy," <aid JacoI>, 

"Lajkk Mm^ in iJtgea. bui 1 dun'l thuik they ;ac happy." 

' Voo oAon nuidc me hapjiy/' laid Jacob ; ** but if j Imd thoi 

!■* WBTf not happy I should ha\'e been vpry miurabJe." 

* 1 wax nor iinh:ippy/~ uid Lucy ; *' I did nlmcn: vhac 1 plcflstcd ; 
^ pruprieiar of the laidory wja very kiiiil ^ he in a son of rcUtititi of 

*And h^ve yoiL lelt Middlcton for good ?" Jacob afikcd. 
'Idunb «>,'fjidKury. 
*Yaa wereghul to come away ?'^ 

*ye(| I think so ; but vomeiinkei I feel ju if [ were ^orry/' 
*Flow <lraji-^e that you diould hii/e left io ioon nfier 1 left, and 
^r should come here I" 

Then JjKob looked baek into the wood, and Uorothy wu nowhere 
**bt icen- The goodmtured creattire, muttering to hereelf thai 
'W b company and three tion^r," hml tiuieily clipped home- Jacob 
ttilca peal efluit to uae his ujijioitunity hravely^ 

** ll »ccmt x« if it hdd happened purpuMly,'* taid Jacobs 

* Do jou thick *o ? '^ said Lucy, - Wby ? " 



The GtniUnmns Afagnzltu:, 

" BefiaiTse 1 feci an if T tiAcl Icnciwn you ever nnrc I wax 

"You are not «o btuhful *u fim were an hour or Iwo tigo/' said 
Lucy, EniiLiT)^. 

''Voit (hoiigTit me very sHiy, 1 1(iio»'/>aid Jarob ; "and dn iiokohJ 
I dare say." 

'*! du not, I oovure you,'' said Lury* f^ihering her sJinwl rmmdl 
her, as they «tej>iJed fortli into tiie open riie^doAs. 

"ShoLkUl ynii 1k' dtettd fully urTendetJ »f I wen- to call j«u Lucy?' 
uid Jacob, tAkini£ fier liftnd. 

Lucy vittidrew her hand 

•■ 1 knew you wyuld ; I am vety 40rry 1 asked yoii ; p'ay fors*^ 
Like if I hftvir oiTcntltd you," ^id Jacob. 

"1 un noi offend^," Lucy replied; 'Mkic Lh Covimq Dftrcihfj 
coming to mccl ua.'*; 

It wai ittjlighl M'hen they retiinied lo the cottage mnong the trei 
'Iliey chatietl toi^flhtr iimtl it yixs. nt-irly dirk- Mrv fantriil sat 
licr autj-thair ntJi the fire. Dorulliy occu|)JcJ 4 acjl near tbe open 
door, and Jacob aat ncdr Uity jt^amM llic wMidow. The firelight 
ILick<7cd on the while vuthed welIIs, 'I iicte i^o? a wholcsontt udHI 
of UiT ftnm ihc rircnTly blarkcuetl fire-gralt% which made the place ^ 
Mem very hanidy. A few bright llan^ himg over a while UrcHcr,fl 
oind an oldfiwhioned clock, in an cfik cane, ticked solemnly nud 
peacefully m a comer behind Mrs, C^tntnlL OutMdc the home ih« 
itrrs lookfd (iim and sh.idcwy. The cry of the landrail cime in 
the open dt>ofT»-.\); almost keeping lime with the clotk. Tlic ivj 
tripped ai the di^imoftid %haped t^-indow paaei- A cat purred on tht 
heanh. you could hear ilie drowsy hum of the beetle, and a robi 
»iJH ringing on iht' ji;jiTdrn wall. 

Lucy knew tl^i Jicob loved her. When bhe went tnto In 
little room thai nighi, !>hc looked into her ^la^s with a amilc of 
HAtiifiiction, and jpttJ^crcd hirr hair up and tried the cHcet of ve^n^ 
itin a band- Then ilie let it Gill in a cluster down her back, bruKhed 
It iHT liei lace entirely, finally f^<ittuinK 't tip with a cuinl> ; anil, 
however !ibc drcA»G<i those ^oLdi^n ircMC^^, slie looked like ooc ol 
whom the poet could not clioo&e but feel thai she had rcaaon to 
her own cieeeding beauly. 

IttAvon thicM thee for thUie ull«r Ic^oUdou. 

Simngrr than Fkii&H. 



Whr^ Jau>l> rcEiEm«l to CarUmn, Iw rcmnil a Ic^lkr and j aevtv 
^M0cr for hbiv Khich. br tlic way, wa.n n<il an <:\lnordin;inr drcum< 
^^Bbc«^ w«ing that he haiJ nxvivci many toiTimnnkatioEt^ trirni hbi 
r father coniaimnp fto«ict« of pnT^Rral kinrftic» snd RoHHiiidc, bciidcf 
I J Midditt^N Siijr every week. Ttui mamin^ both Letter d.nd 
|j Qtnspiper were more luu^l. 'fhc tclter infi:)TTncd 
f«t>ob ihAt liH h\V\tt wo^ilil call fiir him thai day, on hia w.ty i<> 
Clumtxnidc, vi\]di wst thr »cac of Mr Konvill, M^I' > wh<ihAd l^een 
r«lBrncd in the Cominon« Hqiw r>f ?»rlUinent fm the borough or 
MiilcUcloii, ibrough th« tuinimcnMlity of Mr, M.inyn, of the Star. 
In the ne«-spjipvr then w«rt M*veral rieni-i of local rrw!^ interesting 
boili to JSKoh and 10 ihc readers of ttiia buior^'. Poiliaivf a brW 
ddcnption of llic foitrn^ iljclf m.iy nni lie oiiC of jrlarc here- 

II wu a loiffe fotio piper, the front t>.^^e chicHy ocaipied viih 

advcnu>em«iit». i^«veral BUtdonecri^ fnotiopolised the firci two 

cohimcat, with nnnounoem^ntt of forUitoming sx\v% of ill manner 

^ ejiuaorduui; thiii^v ficiin kiubcii tlijiia [i> nm^nlfiLenlly 

orrctl AfthoiciLny sidcUxirda, from (oct4£c:« to ixxiC\\y nian»on»> And 

frttin cotlMfioRft of poultry to herds tit £it sLock. 1'tiere tfu a 

ili|jhi errtw^ ealkcl by jirinitr* "a liwrnJ," in the iletcriptiDn of the 

podtry, " twenty-five tarVcyi " being |inntcj *' iweiiljfui^ tuinlej's ; "' 

Wl llib wa^ a rnisuke trv\l ini^hi wlui m the best rc|;uljited printing;' 

4cei. In the third coliunn M^«ral grocery a couple of txiilora, amI 

>nm or eight dniperii fitnimtlrit m\h enrh other for mipreinAry, And 

''■mnJirjg 10 their announixxnejili, tm>s mi;{.iia. ilre%»<oit3(, »ilks, 

woni, bocicct). 3hA^Tb, ^nd do:ik3v ai Middletoii in the -Water, hid 

'vhed the niivwuni ol cheapness, toEiibineU with the Kiy mAxi- 

'^ini of tficuliiy. In the fourth roluEtin ^ bn<^e of enterpiriKin^ 

''Ottiitx announced thcnucKtit a\ the Hole flficni^ A>r reTlain 

""^dofiil medietcies; and, beneath ihe^c. Ut. Horatio johnaon, 

^■mi«^ with ill* quotation, "Throw jihjtic to Uw dogs," And 

^dm^ wiih ** Mi'^tii mffNH'n i/^mjmur," informed the »fflt<ied of x\\ 

*&< tliAl he vi^itetl t:f3tiiir tiiwn-i on lertain days and lliat the 

l^CDtAl remedy hAd prott^ it» efficacy by the mo« convindnf- ami 

'itEHnliiUTy totA, In th< 6fth column scveml per»on« who wanted 

'JMdona etbowcd sundry oihert w)io h:ij vliu^udhs iMt.:in( ; whHc 

UfAd&ueii dimouziceincntb lie^ideil *'Thi lie Sold" iiiaile dopctatc 

<lbm to ccb[»e in AltrACtivenc^s An c^imaI niunber of other* iindec 



TAe GerUUniafis Afaguswf, 

Ibetiilt of "To1je l-et;' and ilie page fmklifd irich a cfillmimj 
inisL-clhucou^ InicUiijcnLC- Li ilic itcood p.igc commenced ■ 
lading jtriiclc«^ in ific prqwntion of which it wxi cridciK, eren 
Jacob, Uint Mr Manj-n had procured some litcnuy asiiiiaiiee. 
fir*i anide wjn a seven; crilLcUm of ihe Mit/eifftofi GwrjnVftjfl, ftoio 
wlikli Jl a^jjcucd lliiii like tJTgun cf tlic Red i^aitx li^d fLU social 
ycnrs devoied ita apccji] ntEcuiLOu to a con^idcmilcn cf the errors 
the Sridsli cunency fiyfitem, the hcini>Ltft crime comiuUted by 
penoM who dii-jied and mutUnteil tlie iioin of the rpjhn, aiul 
coiidiljcin uf iIlc SATdge iilbc^ of Africa and Aiiicritji. The 
ariJcle— 1 dtscripiion of ihc mineral wcalih of the eountrj' w^" 
rounding Middleior — co:ictiidcid by welcoiumg Ihc adveikC of n acv 
cOLiipnny purled to ^cl lead ni a thon dislnricc from the toim ; 
ihc Lui uM.s one:, the brevity of wltkh inducn me to cxUacL it is 
example of tlic indciKndcnt charaacr of llic jou.mal And 
sUiccplLbiltty ol ilic Middlefon<JorT>oration;T— 



*' FiiAiii'Ui- Cmjmjti t TtiK ' SrAU ' im D*sriitif. — We ean bonlljr 
find word!4 lu describe the calamity ttliicJi bu bef^tUen ut. The 
rciu^rk^ wrc mjidc l.tM week ropcclinjc the cudos iiid disftraee 
man.iKcmrnr — nt riihtr mistiuitut^/rnrtft — of ihr rnr|if>r,aUiJii j>ro^(en 
And t^e culpbk neglect of our corpcnic liody irt rcipect ih 
liM hrowjCm dowii upon us the thunderinK anaihemaa of che Council' 
But tl^i» \t> mit (he nor^pt. ()UT very eiiipLcncc is liueatencuL The 
liftt (hnt U to :inniliiJaTe us has gone forth- The writing U mi the 
ttttll. Twelve Town Coundlloni huvc stopped oiir piper! Tirchv 
rcprc^enintivcs cf the burgtuci of ihe free tonn of Muldlcton have 
^ven un roiiie tlut we ore no luuBer to ixnim ihrm xs Mil)«:ritieT5 to 
thi* joumall Twelve fourpennks per week are banished from oat 
exchequer !1 If we am survive thut cxprcnenun ot the opimoa of 
Councddom for onothci treek. uu; cirt:uIatiQa may poudbly be lesh 
iicKt Saturday by five iJum if is :ii the present i«ue 3 : ! <*ppre»eJ 
by tlii,i dreaJfu] wtfij^lit, this aludow of ihe Cydopi, ihis co upccnted 
cnnd cm nation, wc fcir the Star will ccoac to »hine an<l thai wc nwi»t 
hidr tiiir iliminrh}ied henJ fur ever. An aggrey^iie uf four %hi]linpi 
|wr week frvin civ^fjvi; 'lown CoiTntillon \ U iii a deadly blow, trnlf. 
. . . B^l (j'>^i'>f> iip^rt) nx may inlorm our readers, ia cotitidc 
ihal tlie Stiti wdl be printed oi uaijal nc\C weel; notwitliAtiiKlin^ 
that the prtifii?* of the e^tri s-^l*, which will be fronted by 
corupiraey w« now chroniele. ^vill Lc giv<^n to a (und whieh 
editor suggest* should be ralftcd lo pay the expenses of a pnbl" 
etamm^i-iuii of the <.ur(Kjrailork atcouiiis by a piiLilic ucl-ouiiuiul 

Foltowtng the leaileri came ttie Tiw^al new% begmoing wLlh 
lOTJ^raplia. and ctiilb^' with ^rry liuig unea. Aniujig tbuaeof luediuiil 
%xzc the following attracted Jacob's attcnltou :— 

'' Tji/j: A'fii' JfAViOiL--It is now gcncTLUv^ii^niioad thitEpl^^ 

S/raftgcr iAan Fkihn. 

Uo^r, I^^ will be cbiMrn Cfaicf Mi^iiiiriir rtf ^V\A\c\^n .ni ihr 
Bcxt election. Thouf^ wi* arc oppoRi;rl to Mr, Ma^^r crt polititnt 
pounds, ft'c cminol withhold ah cii>rc;t)ioJ> ot cur .^]>jiro>'n] cjf ihw 
clcc|io*L So iotda .\1t- M4£Ar% coniLcciioi) Aviiii itiv Coimril i» con* 
ccn:rd he b companindy only i )-nnnji mrmbrf ; liur hr h.i* 
oLhibiied a <lC4ii« to |4Ximotc itK w<:liArc of the toit-n, and he iu 
xmoog thoac of our cnhghtcncd lonnitincn wlio desire to tcforiti 
ihcigcthcT the i^cardi iijnjtigrnipni *if the rarpta^tc |>mijrnj'. It is 
odf oa this wxotiDt, hovtcvcrf that Mr. Miif^ x-t to be i-lcctvd Mafor. 
But more in comi deration cf tbc Ai^intcd and liberal irar in whidi he 

fulfilled hi!* dulW^ iis a <jjii(Kill(ii, hridlQg muTiiri^icntly ctcry 
riptkxi raacd for bentvi^I^nt jjiirijoscv and shewing, in a ^'aricty 

irsp IhH lianng the mean* lo be bcne^olcu* he has aJio ihc mtIL 
BIr. MJ^;l^ is ooc of Ihoac men who :3 the fkiundcr of bii onn fortune, 
uld K MTch il H lifj*?]!}' (Tr^liMhle to hit col|e;igiii'^ in fffTifT that ilify 
should tfiett JiiHi for the high an*I hcntninhk jioiitioik of Chtef 
tte, Wc hear that Mr. Mi^ar ii a large ibarchoktcr in thtr 

"kmX milting umlciukiny, tkit liu- i» al»(i a j»Ue|jiii|; (jailiii't \\x 

ttvcfal local KOiloi, and lh<iE lie iuutidi rrtiriii^^ Troin ilx- bu^ii^ew 
iridl vilACh he ha* »o many y-ears been ccnnectcd^ nnd enjoyiJ}|u lor 
t!hc itnuindcT of Im life. Utjii rcpoae which he ku »o urdl euncd." 

Another pam^graph nui at ^ollo^vs t — 

''Gjunrvivc TtarmoxiAi-,— Wc arc glad to flnnoTince U^il 
Thmu 'nt»y, who our readers vHit remember u'as i^)ptI^vned on 
At^iqe of hj.ving iiiEimidjlcd cerLiin voiera (bring the ld»t cicctiu:] 
if Mddleron, h.-iK bt-m iirmrnirtl with ^ ^^wnc of fifty iover(!i^[iH Tiy 
Wftal geiktlcfnea who wt-re irmlru mental iri obtiiining hi* relcue, art 
» ctfrcoscct of their »vm^uiJiy, and in token of ihcir confidence in 
faikocnj a^O iiitc^;iity. Mr- Thfiinit TiLiy, who hu .M-r^xtl hli 
lyi^Ukcship in tliii office, desires us to Ji-xi-Tf t* his »en*e of the 
, ^lidaa* and sympaihr exhiluCed IrwirdH Inm \ iiid we nuy add our 
*i laiiiix>nijl lo the suhaianlial unc he la* njLCJvtd. v itli rq^aid Im 
■itirhriiln«-t« and j-ood condncf. The stihMTT|»ri[ni wa* n^iriiiRTicrd 
™^|aflcr ThorHJt Tituy i leleise : its jireseni^tjon hiii hten dc- 
^Biihfll it mi^ht in no way smicl: of inytliing like ^xjhtii'iil |ru»ti- 
^C4u, The ttatimuniiil luu been (;rc»Miied ou purely phil^iiiliicpk 

X Ak nal pa|C<' there w3k an accormt of m inleri^dng dUcuMJoii, 
''loccunii of the CommiMoncn of Lighting and Paving, reipccl- 
^ ^ Midth of one of the puUic «tre«tft, the reHj^ectiTO merita of 
*tei and oj>cn dnint. ai opposed to no dmins ai .ill, .'ind thi* pricr 
^V\ vfaicli 0l>e tpalL^rr Loniended h.u higher i^lui the i^oM of oil 

"'Hv fbr one voudd i^ot uiy an^hing rigjin^t the- ilhJtninathiR 
p*m«f ^n; but he TOidd &ty rhi8, OmI wft^-n tht^ ^;ood old Oil 
■^ »tne in w*e, tlietr was an»<:li lcf>» inunL-y to iiay for ihctu, a.nd 
!^ Ina fu&i about the inality o^fhf %iH and the number ol ^to- 
^hMii^ }ic »« «ic 0/ the old ichoot, aiid ahhuu^U \\t VvVcA 


The Gtnilemaits Magazine. 

more, ^1 

progtesE, he did not lite humbug— (Hear, heat)— and wlmiwas 
he wi>uL<] noi h.ive hiimbiig ; ni^d he jmpoiicd that ibcy should have 
no inon- to do wiib diit n^u-tanglcii b^Iii. bui onirr forth ihc old 
oil lamps— (biighipf)— ami defy ihe ghastly innovAiion altogether. 
(Hear, and hughter)' J he motion wajt not agreed to." 

Fcllo>vinj£ this. <:£nic ilic foreign ncwH of the vcclc. ftnd II 
"General InielJigonce." 'll)e loflt page began with a ihoR i^oeiH' 
extnurlnl from rhc worl; of n wellfcnoivn poei. ;ind ib*n <.'a.niB| 
homcruUK Ij^nt^plja uiiilcr the; tulv uf '^ Varieties ;" f^Uutviti^ whEckj 
wjts a dcacription of "A T<;tiT Oul^iUlc Middkton," A:id ft condcnsci 
nccouni ot a Lecuirc on raineraU; tbc vvbolc ending yfxxh the pul 
lUhrr\ im]>rint, iimil thry -irrivrd :]l which, il is vml. tn;iny rrajlrrt] 
never halted in the [leniiuil of dicir fu\ourite [uiier. 

During tbat pleasant pan of tlie dn>; the interval aFter dinner ai 
before thkc rommenr.emcni of Kcbool, S[ie)] Whiter, vho h:id wel 
cnmed Ja<'cjb liack A^in, pjirly in ibc morning, \vi[h J^reai mnnifrKii 
Xvyna of delight, intiicd hin friciid lo ji/m him In a short ivalk. that 
might b.ive an op|Mjrtunily cjI' tcllir^ liim an impi^nant avcrct- 

" If it i* fl very greai Ketret, Sptii, yovi had belter iiol tell me, 
vitd Jacoli, *' beeau^e I really rannoi pronii>^e Ih^t I t^n keep iV 

'*0\\ buihcr. buE yoLi inithL keci^ II You uiu'l a. ivoman. Il 
only women thai can't keep iccrcta,' 


^'Veii; A seerct co a womnn it Kueh nn Awful iu>rt fif ibin^,that ftl 
Kublitjed to [let thr nssist:iin-f nf every other woman ihe knows ir» 
help her lo keep k, and Mich a pack of fcTnioint:s ax laat gel hold o^^ 
it lliat At Ia&C tlic secret iii as common a8 ULA'^dusL" ^| 

■•Yoii don't seem to have a V(?ry h^h opinion of women, Speft,"^^ 
said Jai:<ik 

"Oh, havcn'i I though, jiciihcr? When iovcly woman stoops lo 
foUy, uneertoin, coy, :md bard to pleatie ; kindness m worieia, not 
their Leauieous It^t^k^ lihall vin iny love — ShakL-speare, elc^." &aid 
S|jcn, Tjiikint' ^ilofi his rt^ht »rm, and ej^clatming. *'Xot a hij 
opinion ? Wljy, I loves cm all" 

"What n queer fellow you arc. Spcn." 

" r think yon have made Ihtf obxLT%'atton afore. Bui let ufl 
IjLtaincts. Prtmiplcr, ring up. Now fur ihrr setrtL Shall I 

*' Yea, go on — I n-ill keep your scttci'" 

"You sweiiT?" haidSpen. "S^iy, f i/wenr" 

*' i ftwear/' said Jacob, laughing ; whcrcu]3on Spcn, in ^ Mpulchi 
rofcr, rvpeaitd '^ S<u^-ft-r^" and stalked solemnly m front of Jacol 
ia iaiitMioti of the ghost in '* liainUt." 



S/roM^cr (h^H Fidwn. 

"Coroc. Spcn, oo n>ofe nonsense ; ticgin." Mid Jacob, who was 
becoeningft litilc imtiouR, vranitcring if i^pcn had Kcn some pretty 
£v« throtigh :i wirdow. Momi^tiiaT-ilv ihc thoughi <:t<iv(cd hrc mind 
llut Spen hid accn Lucj*. and ihcn the blood nithcd into hii faf.e. 
And be reputed impoticmlv* *' Now Spcn, begin." 

*' Well ih^n. J iflsf to be ibc i^ridc of the piofeivicn. J djv lo be a 
|ibvcr. 'Ilie dfjima if in tir riiy )^tii^, nnd [ am a-fltudytng of 
Shikct|>c3n; with Mr Siuwlin^," vxcUimi^l Spcn. hi& eyes flasliing 
vtih exultation, '*]'U tell )ou all about it The nLght you went 
awiy, Mr Spavlin^ a«ked me inio hi« room, antl reod to me out of 
the big boT'l; : ^nd when he cin thai I liked fi a^ well ns Scotchy 
FvUjic uftcd to nic IiIa ^m-jnd^ivAtei, lie »aya. hays lie, ' Nuvr, SpeJl 
\Hii0crt J">i™ soinfi *<> ]^vc a little Tnlk eo yoii/ ' Yc*, *ir' says J. 
' \^eil,' «ay» he, ' you are fond of acting. ' ^^ery, *ir/ Mys I. * And 
you frri a*^ ihuu^h ytiu (Mrt^d :i1ioiii no other proftmion ? ' * 1 nm 
MjfTj ta say I do, sir/ &iys 1. ' Well,* says he, ' I h;vve tbuti^ht alxjut 
aJL iJin for a long lime, and I have come to dtc conchision to instnicl 
JI3U in dw aft' ' Jw^ 5ir.'' \txs\ I. ' Me,' wiy* he. ' Wc will rend 
tngelhcr/ vi)it he. 'nnd if. niihm a rti*or>;tbilc lim*-, you continue in 
llir ttme mind, ami 1 think ymi (^a|ia1>leT of noKininiog a juirt with 
credit^ ] wilt t'ct you an coga^^emcm/ ' Oh, nr/ »ay» 1, ' hoir nbal! 1 
thanik you, how ft?iatl J return yuMr ktndnesfp' 'Jly paying p;trttcular 
attVUiotfi (O all 1 eel) voli/ (ays he, - and above all, Sfwn, by keepini; 
ihw cnnvrr^:ion arwl m}' inicuiionit rrgnnlini^ you, a jm^roLind secret. 
by neT^o' mentioning them to a vjuI.' *' 

" And the Jirtt gmteful thing you do i^ to tell a itoul immedlatcTy,*' 
»akl Jacob. 

" I oocild not help it,' sakl .Spen ; " [ wa« wj dtrltghtetl (hat T wan 
u^i^ eo tcU yoa~I nhould have bnral if I hadn't ; but Jacob, you 
viU nether repeat it }" 
** I will not ; you m»y depeml oil me, Spen/' 
** Well, aiict lic'd uTkeil in iwc like tliai. he ^^veme my tir*lle*sini, 
llaalcc'j admire to the plAyers. ^nd he c.iplaincd il Alltomc jiiatax if 
lie mvtc an actor himitclf ; omt [ can «ay every line of n ;'' in iLliis- 
■ iradon of which Spen recited ibe paoj^e for Jacob's edilicfltion ; al^cr 
I whkh the)' icUimed. and jjcd) found UW faiher waitini; iar tiim. 
I 'Dii* was the fourth or ftfib limr Thjii Mr. MartvTi h^d chilled siocc 
^^^Ul son had l>een at C^LilLran, now attoikt iva ycan^ On the last ocea* 
^^f(oa Mr. Tklartyn cxprei^cd hims^ as thorouK^Iy «ad»6ed with Jacob's 
W propeu, aiKl arran^^cd tliat hift ion should remain with Mr. ^pawling 
P fot two ymn ]on|;er, tiLll rontinuLng at tchool during the holidays, iA 
lie wai anuouB that Jacob should fuAc no time in completing Viiv^ 



I to 77/tf Gmii^Haus Magatine. 

Htudici On the lirtt xa\\ Mr. Mortyn was on )\m. wjL)r to CI 
Adc } luid Jacob hivtn^ imiiro^-^l «o nucli En hL« IntCT-nTitiAg, 
hxving gTOvii Lnio ji fiiic luiulauiiir Uil. Iiih f^illin liail <1tn:iil«l tlut 
Ml, ]Soii»^ «]iould «cc htm, s<jcrctl> hoping; ihal if luch a misJbttuM 
hhou]d uccur ha thai of Jftcob being kft on orphan, before the 
MuidULm Si-ir wu a ii3;ignL'iceat proi>cr1)r, ilic member for tbc 
bomugh wouUi flu Titjmcthing fur him. \\ wuuld Ih.-. ea\y cuongH, 
thoughl Mr, Mat1yn» for Mi. BoiisaH to f;ct JacoU ^n ji|>poialincni ii^^ 
»omc of th« Oo^cmmcnt oIGccsp, though he ncvvr for a inamc3^| 
fcAffd thil Jacob uouU! rpt|mfc sitrh x<ti«ianc^- ^^ 

JathIj iiiuiabiwii)' iciuihIuuxI Spciuumiii Whifflcx to h» tiibtrr; 
but Mt^ M.irtyi) ^v^ too mucli cr^nxMcJ iq hb a<)D bo ukc any porti- 
cuUr ibOUcc of Spen, *ho coi^diictcd luiEt«cU *illi pcrfca propriclf, 
disapp^anng shortly oiW the inmtdiiction, ^nd etatung himself bj 
SAyin^ ihjii it n.i* liTnc for stbool. Slionly AfTCTWJtrdi Mr. SpairitnG; 
alto left en 9 ftimilor p>tca, And Jacob and hU father «ai toi^ctber, wliAc 
UcTotliy pre|»!irtd luncheon for Mr, Mariyn, and Tom 'Vx'O.y took the 
horse to tht- " Hint' Postt " for a refresher of meal and water. 

Ai length, Tom fcUimctl wiib a handsome carnage dnvn liy two 
bones and by this time Jacob utA hi^ h^\t% wnc Tcac!y to iitut 
Jaoob went up to Tom and »hook him heArtil)' b)' die tur:(i, tboiigfa ai 
tirst Tom dkd not intend lh:it Lh^re should be luch 3 dUpby of fimi- 
IbriLj bctoern dicin. J^cob looknJ to much mcir like a gentleman 
tliati irbca he Icfi Middli;ion,and the dignity of d^e M anyti« had aljo 
increaj^ed «a greatly, that I'om was a little bashful (notwithslmdki^ 
that he n^os now a journeyman) in approaehing Jacob, hie roafter'* 
only Miu. Mott-uvci, Toni Iiiiil not been hi ligbi-hrtnrd and oab^ 
npokcn a fellow since liu impriBCiiincnt and the departure of Suso^H 
na he ^as previooUy. Koih theses events hud exercised a ^j^^x 
influence npon him. At one time his mother had cause to ik'-xt chat 
be wAfi mdeiivaimiig to drin^n libi iroiiblet in drink, and but for 
the iulrkc and companion ship of Dr. Johnson, Tom would nO' 
doubteillr have fullen. It nou tlie doctor who hod projc<1cd the 
icstimoniul in hit l.tmllody's son, and thit liod done much to re^^fU^ 
bluh Ton/h omii mimaiinn of hlm^irlf and to restore an Jvwca 
piide iQ his own good name- With regaid to Su&an. he kept all 
he felt to himself, iUd the deleter known how much Tom rcaDy 
loved that voiiun he would have almont deafpoircd of tuoceodiog 
in aay atitinjti to rtstorc hi« peace of mind. 

*' Jaoob luia grown a fine boy, bju he not. Tons?^ aajd^Hr. Mojij 
talcing Die reins. 

"i#f ba^V ^'t ^^ &^ ^^ ^c ^^ looking M weU.' 

Sltwtfffr /Jian Futi^a* 1 1 r 

"Wc nxiti aoon have litm back jjeaIa At MMdkton ; ch* Tom ?' 

"I should tc^bd if hcwcfc, sir. He* a fiftc vounR fccnUcnun 
BOw> C«»ar 11 hanlW knon' him-' 

■Oh^jT*, he w'\%'^ wjd Jacob, "ntwcrcalwajs lur.hguotl friends. 
Hc irfli not objctrt to hbokc IuihIs vrlih mc." 

Tori said he hoped Cacur would not be nich nn ill niinncrcd dog 

TlMn Mr^ 34^11)7] r-n{pged hiit -ton't itt^nlion bydetnibing 1o him 
tbe dungn be had nude Jtc home ^ how he lud built a printing-unTicu 
in il^ i^snlen ; ho^ he lud cnUr^cd the tthoi> and turned it into tt 
dOM^iiiB^omtc? ; and how he had odicrwitc expended a loigc stitn of 
nontj^ H« ])oiitticiJ out to Jaeob the grcil JulvrinLigP^ of it gnod 
cdDCfttion, and begged htni to |ju) ntritt ^ittcndiji] iu hia ^iiudiex, and 
pRpdure liKiMelf (*»■ ilie daj' when Manjn S: Stra should be die 
(mcipftl piililihhing firm m Middleton— 4y, and in ihc whoLe cotincy. 

Thw* ihm limp ui.i grr-n ntlrnT wj» omjpird until rheyarrii-fyl ar 
CluckbcrHde. The lodge gatca flew open ai Mi. Miriyo'i approach, 
Md vitb u) extra Qourish of ui exceedingly hindtomc whi|\ Mr, 
ttMlfii incroued tfce fp««d of the honet along a brund nnd well 
ktpi carrugf? ^Mve, and sit lenglli pulled up in front of a noble 
CMDtif resilience. Mr Maityii was rwcivtil hy Mr. BuhmU himwlf, 
vbocoiDcout It the aanc lime ^ his servant, and <xjndi]otcd JAcah 
ttd hia tiiber into the library, vrhite Tom 'Htsy drov^ round to the 

" 1 im vrty gUd to nee ymi, Mr. Martyn," said \U. (IcinuTl, *' and 
J«l— !kU«cf Jinoh, I prcaumf." 

^ThsiLk yon, jir," s»id Jneob, whoie m^dentc imotnt cf lelf poa 
*atevaa a litdc thikcn by (he unieetinomcd gnndeuruf the room 
^ <^ich h^ »aa iltsircd lo be noted. 

Br«ad-bj hinchcoQ vu .nnoounccd, after which Jacob wia allowed 
l^go into the fpirden while iherevipipcr proprietoyand ihcmenaber 
*hrtiament dwcutted local and imperial |V3Utif^i- Ntr. Martyn's 
l*Wrliail brtn etpreMty stnned in thi= inrtrtst of \he Velhw party, 
^*4 tud pnjtciacd air. Manjit ihcir sub^Lwtial lupfjod- Mr, 
^*W» cUclion WW the firtt polilioit fmit of the S/^r. which had 
■•OrtiaJ tbe whole of Mr. Maityn't Knull foriTine. 

Jtcohhxd noi rxplored mftnyBCTrt of Mr. Roniull's nttnir when he 
"W^oMcied Totn. 

'Hurrah! Im glad I haxi; met you; now Tom, come under ihia 
^i">i uLI m* the n^wi," 

^Ttec'* no! mtirfi to tell/" wrd Tom, who, yielding to Jacob'* 
"^^BcKe, sat down on a acM under .in old c^lm. 



Tiu CatiUmaris Afagasiaa. 

''Oh, crott-iiety, cr«ch«ty/" 
^'An*] Mrs, Til*/?" 

'* MiJdliixfi," ^i<l 'J\nn ; " not (}iii(c so fresh a^ -she uacd to be." 
".\nd Mr, Jnhnson?" 
'*Hc's lively CTuugh: he <mokcs his pijw, and in^cb Kpcechc^ 
the «nio ii* ever" 
"And the pi^iLinn*?'' 
^*J doo't di> mudi in ihAt way now; IVc a few fantulai oad 

"Hav(r yoTi one fn y<Hir jiockct now, Tomp" Jacob dskcd, iTnilin 
oiuJ byliig liiti liaiid un lum'si Lnxid uliuuldcff* 

'* No," *ai4 Tom» r\\ii\c seriously, " 1 had one a bil sinrc, lliou|^ ; 
let him go from ilicsiablcs yoiidtrr: but 1 doubt it hell gvt homey 
I've no lurrt wilh Ihc Urds nii\i.' 

^'Ncvtr ;nu)di Toitu if Uie 1u<.L un3y i.umca in oUkt niuic u^r 

"Ah, l\-c no Luck rtl ill," ^oid lorn, shaking hU head, 
"Nolnct !*— what wa« ihni I wad ahoui thi? fift)' sovcrcign% ? '* 
*MVdl, that was luck iifA -wri. 1 had to gn to piison tlio;igh, an 

rd rathn ho>\< t;ivcQ a hundred wivercigns, JiiGob. not to have d 


'*Hov \\^ it Tom? It \% strange I did not notice it ja 

"Ycs» it ^tt ttnirge. Well, you see, yoiir fflthcr. when first 
stoned the 5^^, a« yuu know, dul it lor the soke of hut Vullow p 
cipln — lilieny, and freedom, and nil that/' 

"And to pronioir lUr rettirn of hU frJend, Mi. BonsaU," J 
rejoined- "At Icosl thni is ^hni I tmder^tood." 

" Well, our lidc lovC the ckH:tion, four ycax% aj^o, u you know," god- 
ilnucd Tom, puihing hit handi^ deeply into hiv trouieN pockets, "and 
Mr. Martyii tiaU been ^voiking tuud to j^et over l}mi. ;uh1 nuke it right 
for tlie wcxX time -, anti, by i;uni \ when iliat liiiie ta.tiie we'd a great 
light. Talk aboLU vork, by >£iini ! wc were M it night .^nd day. Of 
eour&e I »"flnted the Vdlowi to win, and ihcfc niit a row lotnchow or 
othrr, 3nd the dot-'tcht kmnkcil a Red dmtnmt'r into his own t!mmfar 
callm^ htm ' Blue pillk,'aud yoii sec somehow it rt^i^ nearly four o' 
and a cab fitll of Red votcrt o;im<: np ^i the lime, and they were si 
and my blood got up, and I *nppose 1 said <!omeihing a^ fhghten 
ihiMn ilKJui thr 1 (iiiM'i|'U'[ii i-^ of v{>tin}; for iht Reds. Hoircvcr, they 
«cicwcd it ii^tc inEimid^linj; cin, and the doctor was fined for uauilt^ 
bttt my ofkticv was a niL«deiuoAnour, I thinlc they i:alied iL But 


Siranffcr than FidiotL 

«s$al tbc boUcim &f it Th^it lljicf Mi^^r ^cit luc took up, brcjiriRo 
he wiBtcd to make Suun Hurley liia muirc?ii, ^d he was ilraid I 
should be in the way-" 

•■ Poor SuEAn ! " exdaimed JicoK " What jui ungrateftil twggar I 
tm M>l lo have ukcd af:cr hct licforc! Hdw u she? Haw yoip 
hctrd from her ? I often thitili about her. " 

■*Ajid so 4o I," said loni, sighing. '■ Well, the's been away all 
LhiA lon^ (im<-, and we've never heard trom her iiot a word. Mother 
haa expected letters over and over again ; h\x\ all vrc have goi is hi^r 
love, and ihats only accondhand — ic cornea through Jcnninsa* He 
uid aa Mr. CollLn^un wat: a coming over, but that'ji a year ago, and 
aolhing hai tic«o heard of him since It makea me very uneaiy in 
my mind,"* 

Tonri felt in hl» pocket for a pigeon as some relief to lus Ccdii;^ 
tut ihe bird had i^one. 
" But I douLi if it »ill get honw," he said. 

" Oh, yea, it will. Tom ; you arc tliapiflled ; the bird will soon be in 
&c dovecote, ard Susan !» ^11 light loo. depend on it," ft^d JacoU- 
** May be, nuy be/' said Tom rcScctivdy ; ''* yoa see we don't «veii 
Wir whether ihc'fi married or not ; I'm turc Collituan would trtat 

baffrll; I wi%h Irtjuldgnovcrand wr, andbygum! if hcdido't ■" 

"*Whcfc did she sail from?" asked J*cob, mtcnu^tidf Tom is 
^ (Yiidst <A an an^y fchako uf tlic head. 

■■ Liverpool," Tom replied; "1 mKxm to have seen her aiTe off, but 
Iwu in c^und, lorkrd uji by that inrcrnal M-^gar. 1 wi^h ibat t'k'Ctton 
bad been a lorig way off Middklon. Nfagnir was anfiil bard again 
^ twore my very Ijfe away, and bed. Mister Jacob — lied like ft 
bUck^rd, though he iii going tc be a magivtrate." 
"It M-jA utry hard," Kiid Jacob, " but it will all conne right." 
"Hope it wilVaaid Torn. 
**HQm do yeujcet ori with lyiKS'fteltinj;^ Tom?" 
** hctty middling,"' said Tom, "but I don't do much in that way 
**- I'm a ion of heud devil, you aee, aud I'm tjften out with the 
^'vtn u 1 am today, driving him to sec some awctl or other ; but 
"^^ ooe to me ; V'n\ a reg'Iar miserable be^'^Ar, ain" 
Allonvel Mr. Boeu;lU's vtaiEon left Clumberside, 
7^ would havt' ^utlpd pirlirr, only Mr. Martyn had diricrmTned 
'I^Majring at CrotAlcy all nighl, ao that lus liutac should net be over- 
**ke4 Mr, Bonsddl,M-F», offered Mr, Martyncveryaccommodatton 
^nhcmgbi, bitt Jacobs father urged hnportant busiocsa at Croesley 
»*Irin the morning au a reajson Tor not partaking further of ViX. 
BobUl'a bospitality. 


TXtf Genilcmatis Magazine^ 

Mr. Mflityn mftde no remarks cF impotUiicc on tlic ivay home- 
words. He iimokcd His cigar in evident enjOTinei^t 'Ilie ni^ 
being chill)-, ht- drew a rug over Jacob's kneea, and told Tom to 
WTap hiniTfdf up^ The hor«i<'& Tioofs resounflcd iilong the htrd road- 
Ticcs, and cotUges* and «loiic w&Us, zind fields^ and brooks, uid 
rood-iidc imis seemed to nice by them in thcaunnet. Now and theo 
*tiay ]eav» deadened iJie scutid <]f the <amage wheels, aad the 
autumn wind moaned in tht* irert. Th^ hEp* and hawswer^ red 
ou the licdgcSp ^nd the pli^vcv utrcrcd ita '^ weak complaining note " 
to the sky. The wind rirplcd the bending com m wave* like 
RijmmeT seas. ^k 

TliL* spirit of anlumn, which had touched Donjihy ;And Jacob aaoB 
Spcn. iiifluejiccd the thoughts of Jacob and hia fiitlier and Torn- ll 
aof^cncd nnd idealised J oj^ob's dreamy ideo^ of love. It led Mr. 
Martyn ftom m^iey c;ilml.i'.i<:Tn5 [nto va^we and eiiadowy thoughts, 
upon ihc vajtity of humaji hopt:a and wiJies, until he could not help 
feeling that, since ainumn waa but typical of the close of niati's own 
exiE1encc,)>eThaps contentment and a pipe in theg:irden atMiddleton 
woiildhxive brought him more rcnl happinewi than was to begot orJt of 
Jotimah'sm and county influenre- The wnving tcjrn, the selting ntii, 
the yellow hedgerows, the evening diime^ and all the tender inBucncea 
of tlic time also found iheir way into Tom's dull mind- As he crj^ikcd 
his whip he tlioughi how happily he might have ended hi9 day* 
with ^san when the autumn of liis life came if fortune had beer 
kind to him. 

At Cirtown Tom lighted the catriaEe latnpe. Jacob watched 
them nndl ihey glEmmercdfainilyon the hill, and disappeared behind 
tfic wood which sheltered the cottage home of Lucy CannriD. 

conotrr ? I ilk ihc question icrioualy ; for till now wc Enstiih have hod 

iV iTputwHnti of hfiTig ihr- harflr*t 4w«rtra in Enrnjip, itni\ a\\ (ho world 

knovi ho* homhly our rtiai ivttu: Sn Fl*fidcrs. Ilul ft friend of mine 

vtkA it prcibufidly vm«d In the Rngliih dialrcTEi iHli mc ifaAi nD the 

OqidHivc* «&d objui^lions now in us« wilhin the fcur scas liavc bccQ in 

UK »tocc ihe A^yt of ihc French nnd American Warn^ th*t in*ny of the 

apt«ll«eft TkAl vvre in v^ then an row hoTdly crcr heard except from 

tKTf oW men, and ihat noi 2 irngfc ftirih form has been added since the 

FTfum o* the Penin^uLir hcroc*. Of couno there ii plenty of Bxvearing 

Kill jn jiQ paiti of the country, c^pcc^ftlly In the Eo^^'ns upon the banlu of 

the Tycc ; bat il it dull, dead, coRimonplace, «tercot)-pc;d svcorirtg, witb- 

•ct an Alotn of fresbncni vivacity, or piquancy : llie sott otswe^nnz that 

milwt Toar bto^ t{n£l« and your faco fluth ai it f^llG u^mn your car from 

ihc I5p« oi men, of wcirnen, and even of children, &tAnilin£ At iht cpmeiv 

tf the ftrceti And playing in the smitten of the busy nr^rthcm and midland 

Wmi. You may di&tJTieui^ a Sommct p1oui:1imdJi frum a Durhiun 

tibier OTftyoricvtilfe cOMon hnnd, if ynu nn vemod ^n iho art and myflcry 

of Tirvarin^. as dislincdy by hia <u>cvci>itton» oi you can by hii dkolccl, 

«rt my rrimd'K ear i» trAlned to *UL-h a ric;?»y fhwt h llic NoTih h<^ can 

Aii^npab ihc iron vorkers and shipwrights of the north ei« from their 

tofa|i*nkin» [a induMry in ilu' south and wrM, Tills i^ tw his ear^ thdr 

"If* chuBctenttk mjuk of distinction- They have ncntly all the rest of 

^^1 pfCLlluliici in common ; but the only Jiaik thai d^:&iiriguiahe» Uieir 

I'^'umif in coinmon it itc bJdeouonenf and tt( bidecusness is a sort of 

*»i>l ^d incnMl (nJIutioji. There has bee" no ajli*tk swc-iHng la 

^■riwd rinee the day* &f bir Luciui tXTrfiger^ and Sif Lucius OTrigger 

■*l»nr artiii In compaiison with the heroes of Fattiuhar and Conjioc 

■*! lS'y'^**^*fT' Moit of th* oath* in use th*n wore vifld, plriuresqne, 

^"^49 cluu>bcteii»tic 41 aozcnt o-uil i]rim : biti all ihh h £one>a^ vrefl o 

^ CfiUh* of ih*- Bfgtncj-, and the sooner ihe test ^'o. Too, Thr bmcT. 

^ffKMc th« pobcc of our laiKC lowiu were to take the matter ia hoadl 


AftKlheladie* in search of on epigram td»et At the head of the Charter 
^iVonicn'f Ri^hlK? If ihry are, prrhspt jhry *itl allow Svi,VA>niS 
^faUf 10 prcdcnt them with a Iv/t mei from one of the wittiest ixod 
OQK diatiacuislicd chnmploni af tbdr cauie^ " Man in.-iti/u>-s a bidy la 
<Mof VolUiie'* pUy>» ft'hen vctlinK up a claim to cquahty of nghts m * 

Tftt Ginthmatis Maga^ne. 

delicate little ni;i[terofdnme5:ic life, '*T*pllquc qu'H e^i mon ^u|>a^cuTCt 
mon chef, iju'il cft plus haat que moi de plus d'un pauce ; qci'U est vdu 
commc tin ours : gurr^ piir cuii^fqutnE. jir lui {JdI^ lout tt qu'il nt< mr iHt 
ricu/' J'erh3p5 the author of " La fucdic '* is hardlv the man «hosc 
aim Lsd^ AniljciK-y, M[Ba Ashwurth, ur Mi^t Sluncc might like \o lAc 
for a itroll ilirougli Hyde Park under the banrcr of Mr- tJtight- Bui here 
arc all ihdr arsumcn ta upon ibc subjcctioa of women in an cpixram, and 
Vcipasinn's obs^rvaiioji upon money — "Noo old '"—applies <:^uiie ai »cU 
lo epigraiTia. 

B]RM1>JCHAM is equal lo mo«t thin^B, but it is not yet equal to meu^ 
pho[&. It can invent » fresh ConiiUiuliDri for uii ^E Icn mlnuics' nc>tkA 
v-itb a* mueh precision of detail at ihc Al>be StcyOt, iay down a syatem of' 
education foe all of u& upon lialf a fhcct of nolc paper, perhaps atioti&h 
the Houic of Lonis, and yet prove how the Constitution i« to wort wilh- 
out iu petidulum; but UiCre b n limiLaiian lo iU poweri, and dt (hE 
rnomeaf perhaps the ^e:iies[ dil^culty that its M.P.'s hiive loftceU 
metaphor. Mr. Dciglil, with dU bis im^iginution aivd svjt, hnrdljr ever 
wtempis a mctaphoi \ but hU colleagues me alwa/s ir>"^ng iheir hand* ai 
it, ind the n;suli, as far as my obsen-alion goes^ is nt»t (luitc as luccasftd 
as it is meant to be. Hete is nn e^imple of the sort of ineUphon that 
Birmingham is apt lo turn out ;— *' Gentlemen, ttic lime has come when 
we musr ground our arms >n\tl srand shoulder to !ilioiiTder lo repel th 
attack that U being mode upon us^" {Ii isi 1 need hardly say, the pcfora 
lion cif a speech.) " Victory \\ wi^biti our ^tasp ; bui if we jtc ic cutjr 
the day we •atww act ni> one man. We hai'c been Ubounn^ at the oaf 
now for >cars, and pur reward 16 <xl hand. But our enemies know uur 
weakncsE, and ihey mean to ten us in llie fire. Ihey have ihicwn the 
apple of dJEcord into our i^nks* Spurn it. Be men. -ind act as one man- 
pal your shoulders lo tlit wheel one Eind all, stand firm, and I vvill an«\(^ef. 
for it tha£ wc will atcm the lisJL^g tide of—" 1 need not lay what, be<au 
1 do not wish [0 teeall the nnme of ibtr speaker or the Mtbjeci of th 
4pC6ch| for it is a subject which in ilacif deserves all the eloquence th 
Birmingham caa conjuTe. "Tom," said Ciirrm to Moore, "when I can 
talk sense I dways talk mciflphor \ " and sinless the oralom of Birmins- 
ham can l«am lo eschew nietnphor I atn afraid itiom of u? will be Apt lo 
jump to the conclusion thnt Ihey taik metaphor because this is the 
brilliani foim uf Ijlkrng nonsense. 




I wisii acme one with a taste for statistics would take the reports 
our charities, of cur religious and benevolent societies in hand, tabnbi 
iheii accounts, and leU wi wb^il thdr income is to n penny year by ycxtfi 
how ihej' spend it, whni their working and office enpeniet are, and whjl 
proportion ihcic cupcnscs bear to the incomcn Perhaps ibc rc»ull» ma] 
tiot be what many of us ar« <;it5pieii:)u« rnough to :imieipnie. and if these 
reports VfiU bcai criticism like that which Sir Charies Dilkc recently 

TaiU Talk. 


broufht to bear upon the Ci«I Lbu th< sccKtan^fl of the societies wKl I 
lutT no dovbi, he the f^rti ia »a«iM Jtn ntiti^ry in IrU invr«rijt*ArLnrii ; but 
tbc public has A lif^hi to know the beat antl the worii. The E^jEor of the 
A^uKuf^AffTiijj' pmi'med tis miih one iirlc of the aecourii— the Ct *id<^— 
» few d2/fi iLfo, the amount ratLiing upias Mr. HumcuKd to Bfiy,laclo«D 
vpon s inillkiit a ycir ; bat pffiplEwlU br Inquklilve^ And in thli>rateihfr 
Ur, «ido of the aecounl Is, &s Jt happens^ the tide in wtitch people of a 
criik^ |ufa«Jintnii IjXc the keetini inu-reM. How lk ihi» milliun ^ yi^iir 
^ct ? And whiit propofi^on of Elie nmount adheres 10 the hnitda that it 
puiea ibtouK^ ? These 4re (he quesiicins ihat present llieinsehci Lo me ] 
ind [ hope Kxcicr HaU will not nte m re^'olt nt m/ atking ihvm. 

Perhaps » ihe GtntltmatCs Magazine i& one of the nmnhnenta of 

Lngtiih hiilory, it mity be vorth while to pvt the mcomc of the princjpol 

of ibcae rtljftous «odcll« on fccoid, Tlic loul ^mouni i*, <ik I sAid in & 

pm^out tioEft nbout a miJlion a year, ^nd two thirds of this amount \\ 

ipprti^rlilcd by (lie Foreii;n and Culcmial M i^tioii jiiy Sociclies. Mote 

than balf the uhole turn tpent by Uieftc societies is spent under the 

wipico of ihe Engli^ Chtiixh ; iu exact aniQunt la ^440«£jo. But 

Ibc Xonc^nfonuLit or Free Churchei, at tPiey prrfcr to eull thrin^elveft, 

ttt prctalnf dote trpon ihe hccU of Muthei Ctiureli, vrhh a roJI <^r »ub- 

tciiptioDK acnOfnttng to ncarty ^jbij^ooa At prescnlt however^ the 

^^Mraiwl Giurcb stands 6rsE ^ and the income of ttie Church MiuloniirT 

Sodcty )« this y«r on a p^i *Uh the incorne of wir wenlthicii pecf*. Ii 

'"^'"inu to /i53»^' "^c Wolcyana come next tilth a subscriplioii 

tqH of ^t4S,5Si, and :he Lotidcn third wiih an ineomt- uf/i 14.306. 

^Socieif Ibr the riopa^ration of the Gospel hn? not yoi -in [nconie of 

jflOlVlOO ; hut Ie U only nhmil ^7^400 «liorT of thl:4 sum. 'Ilie BnptUt 

Wtfoutfy Society i» the poorest. Its revenue ii only nbout ^27,000. 

^ Colonial aiHl Coniinctitil h« ^^33*77*- The incomr of Ihc liilrfe 

^^. the s*^^ neutral society, the imermeJIatc link between Church 

^ Diu^nCi is £9^%^ 1"^^ incomes fif thr Homt Miulonafy SocLeties 

^tnuflinocmtrftsi with these- the Church i'astomi Aid, for iiistnnce, 

"P^enlinj CV^^% ! Ltwidon City Mbaiun. /jo-soS : Church Sciiptuie 

*^l<n, /Mr=3*i 'f*'h Chitrch Minions £'%\^^\ Jtyligtous Tract 

***^*-tf'J«U7 ; Rj^rgcd School Union, /"Spjj ; Homt Mi:»4i<jn,;£6-590; 

''^ T«t 1 believe these socielies nre doio^ more tt^ work, and doing it 

**e Kooomically, than all tlic icu. 

Hr M. pKRALTi has diseovered a nr^b' Innd for eTni^:tnt4. Ho ba^ 
^ the stoiy of Coiu Rica in Ihc Trench GMt^ a Jaurnal c/ 
Gi^ntfiAjf. His description U full of n strange nitrachon. Of course 
(vcutody ki^ouvs lKjii Cosu Rica is the name of a niodel republic 
linitMl in Centra] Ameriea ; but it will hr rtw to mn*it of my readers 
1^ iot caorc tban half the yc:ir CotU Kica ii n perfect par^disc^ The 
pvTmnwM is coc of the most liberal utidcr the* sun ; edLicacbn Is free ; 



The GctUlctitans Mair^zine> 

the soil is iTcli beyond 4;omp4riwa : ihc pUms of the ioieiioir crow ccm, 
flcp, mni/r, hi^f It)', potai[>i**, Iwan?, binafiiis ; th* hor part* of tht cDtiniry 
yield <ocoa, ^ZLniiT.i, mgAr, cauon, CoboccCt 'n^ mdigo ; tbc fotcM» wc 
tUlnl wi[h chp grand««c and chojofsi titnbi^r : rhe fruii'itrs tncludr Lbr 
Dtan|^, ciLr<ifit Idoon, s^iple, peach, quince, pomci^ra^nalc, smA pineapple ; 
the Hon oi ihc country is cjiTLuisitriy hmiTl^il .ind varied ; and thr coast 
is fuU of Mlv^r and gold. Here U A land fcr ih« rmJETi^ni t Hcrv z» aa 
oa&tA lu ilic i^cucr^ dcscft '. ^Vhc)l i Hrsl tr-tu! Nf* Pt^tali^'s p^mphlvt, tlic 
ihoughioccurfcdiomcforamomcnlof mmiiiginybackon St J ohn's-jiie, 
and (cckijiK tli-iL gloiiuus coonirr wlicfc- " in thv month af Ayiil, when Ihc 
rains have rc-lnvigo rated the carih, the Haciendu pre(«nt the mott 
enchanting apcdadc. The imnicDsc pUnt-ilicjii^ discover ic^ulAr rowicf 
eeffbe plami, a mctr* di^ianT frnm «ch oiher, shHierrd from thewiad 
and protected ffom ihc auq b^banAiiA trcc^, whidi rine over them ; and 
the speeiaior, overcome by rhe dplicloui pcrTiiTnei which escape froin 
Ihc flowers <ff uiDwy whiicncis, rccallinf; the blosoom of the orniv^e, ailows 
his Eeme?, to wander with ddighr over thi* paradise of verdtireembosompd 
in pc.iris " My F/ench ififonn^int says it is certain thnt were Eumpean 
culgnUis \*^ c^i^iblbh lUcm^dvca in thr; country, tlic^Ir knowled^ of 
sdeniJfiG eullivaiiou would le^d to the most splendid r^sult^ '* Lei than 
eol" hcctcLiEnis -. *' CostA Rrta has its tttxirs widcopirn la rrcLi^'ethcnu* 
The claims of my friends whc look for the Gtttifemait's every month 
CDAbic mc to re»bi tLc tempting inviuiJoti ; but 1 cEimmcnd iliis land 
•■flowing with raiik and honey" to overcrowded London i to Ihc 
aj;ricuUim4t, the mi^jcf, the udvcnlnrei : bm mi^rc cipetuHy lo the tiller 
of the tiCiilj who, in jddil:i>n to unequnlled opportunities of ptoQUble 
labDUr, would fjnd Lhcie Uiosc prctloua pcrsoneji AdrnilAgci tvhS^ 
oaTjf EngUihmcn rlioroughly tmdcrstand and appreciate. 


TllKltC ixre a few cdueniionj] Cuts m M- Pcialu^s pnmpblct wb^ch uilt 
!tnttn?si rduciiJonE^ts and S':hool Bonrdt^. In Costal RJc^i, he ^ys, ptiTraty 
LUtrLtcLion ji ^rjtluitaua (obligatory from ^cvcn to fourteen), and paid (or 
by the StsEc, The next .ulv jnce on tlie nund Lo knowltdi^c ii also paid for 
by ihe Slate. The superior in&truclion is given at 5anJos4, the capital of 
ihcccpLtLiliL^; iLc ^cLUodikry inMirut^lion in the i^bief Lown^of the ptovmco ; 
Ibc prmary instruction everywhere. Mrs, Crawihoy, Mi*s WalUngtOfi, 
And Eiuiay ether hidy fri^rnda of eduviUon will be glad to learn tlut croy 
town ind vill-igc hj« Its «choo| for girl^, and the iiaend/Lnee of Ihirty^ 
pupils ia fujTicicnt for the dj^tnct tc cUim tlie ri^hi of ^i ics^dcm teacher. 
There ii ^ normal tolie^e for teachers a\ S^n Jo's*. The Cont^ Rieani are 
Catholiei, but they hjx^c &lvAyi reaiBted the Admission of Jeacuta. FuU 
Sherry U ^nnii^d far the publjr ererd^e of alt denominnfLoni, AmoBf 
the city buildinKsaic a Provcsiani church and two inaEonie h»ili^ I ad^ie 
Mr. HepwonTi Diiun to go oni and lell us iZie histtjq' or Ccata Ricn. The 
tobjeci offCTv admiTable points for lua graphic pen- Meanwhile, let the 
Londuu School Board \s.\x heari from ibis forzigo ei^mple, and havt do 
-fiuthcr hcAiULion About doing thtrirduLy by pauper children. 

Tabic Talk. 

HidtorEKF F'AiRrifiiJ>.aKcntlcniinevkJcrtlyinudiinter«»dtothe 
<?rani>, >n a Scticr L^c »ihcr da^ «Jdr«sscrl io th« BirmtKt^ham Momitig 
AVaij, coirpLuns of ihc inadequate manner in uiiicli pUyK and SRO^c 
performance* ar« fr«quf ntly notiocd In th« n^wfpapcrt, I «ni not g^inj; 
Jjti DOW 10 llirow myulf ini» the £ontrt>vcny, but I vlouM Ukc lu know 
■hcihrr Mr. Fair^eld md ih<nf vrho thrnfc with him havtr thorauglil^ wvU 
CWwdcTcdlhc point >K'hcnthcycontcndlhatthccTCAtfKu!t JBth;v1tlic critics 
bnv no *'fAcrf oinoii* of Jmlgmfiit.* 1 have qutitvd Ws OftTi pifpirwion, 

ttd 1 fnkl fcim ]&sisiins upon (he widc idcn vhoi he dcplom "tie 
ibsotau wsfti of any fixcU pdndples tn critklfdnif dr)un«t1c pnsdnc- 
iii>fts." Thb view of current dr^^malic crilicism and iiv dcfccia nJU be 
reco^Ucil ns Omt of a »*ij laigc numLtr of educated and tnttlLigcni 
pCCfilr; bui»Ttbotit plun^n^ dck'-^kly into an inquiry which would be a 
bcttci sub^t for A lonji And ^irticlc llviii for in cvanosccni 
[acngc of "TabJc Talk/' I am 1onipti.HJ lo rhnllcn^H' iKii cpmionn lE hai 
cf;cn vccurrcii to okc to auapoct tliat Lu liECTaijrc, i» inij^ic, ill art, nnd in 
the drama, cuion« of <rkici«m have tnuch mischief lo jntwc-r tof, T!if>Ee 
who arc tfu>st addicted |[> thcw nxcd nJci of judj;mcm nrc usually suHlv 
tif the nta] faiilf (if con^rmRiFi^ nil rral novi^liy^ of telling a mxao upon 
etiftrufiiyr And of nuddng tliomy tlic path of scniui. All mica Arc 
Bfbiirary, and ihey Are liable to be unjair. I agree w{th ihott^ who nrc 
dbsati>fi[:d irith (he tcnour of a j^rcat deal of ctrnvnt crUicinn aod cf 
mirli ihai K miflC'ilIri! rritlriam : but T am Inrllned tf> tliink iliAt w<* mu^t 
laok in quite onotlicr dircctton for the remedy. The province of ihc critic 
waatsbiriterdeAning. There are very ftrw rasei iiJivd In which a writer 
tho<Jdprctvjncto"pJuajudjcnie&t"on;ivork— ukiniElhetcwordainthcir 
^Ici incanJJijt A crJL^uc thai docs not ovcnicp lu leeitiinaie puipafti; 
iboiild be capable of bein^rcciotved mt<> tbi« fonmil-t :— ^*' J like thUwork 
ui thb re»j>cc1, <iiKt I ^U»UkL' \\ \\\ lli<Lt> for the fti]1uwji;j£ icjLtons . . - . 
h picatcs Rtc here, and it otlendv nie there, becaute my eapeticnec, my 
iediniEs, m^ loauxKU pri;qnpL mi; thuaor ihiu .-..'* Svchctilkum 
Cvnilbei \ht ivncki niih x\\t mntc^rialt for becoming acquainted with tht^ 
fcnl qvalctk* of the woik, whciUcr they .ixe mcnts or defects. It enable* 
one to take into accodnt the competence, the culture, the sensibility and 
i«fiM>nenc — oirlhetackoftbcicqualitic*— Inthccntic, aadthuAiociLimatc 
llie i'alue of m'hai he nyi. Thete are bui half ron^idrred su^(^tion>i on 
a great subject, whxch I vril] not puivuc ^rther hero. 


Is Jl tilt h^cu <an it he the fici, thnt the IcAden of the Conscrrative 
party ha*"e lakep anoiher gentleman of tbe prtis inio ilirif acrxjcef 
It tooka impoavlblc. And yci the Btrminf^ham Ga^efU* announces in 
all ibecloqueiK« of*' bourgeois" iTiat it Is publlxhing '^^ scries of special 
kttCTT^ tMo oc three times a week," upon the pcliticii and club go^^ip of 
ibe day, and ibai itene letters arc "wriiicn by gtutlcnn.'ii rcink-ijt in 
LoodoOf 'a^d closely comnceted wilU the le.idcrs of the Con«!rv;i[ive 
Ijt ivd comi^ii fcijcdal Lafinmaiiiw relative to poLtital movcnienLa," 


Tfu GmtUmofis Ma^uitu, 

HilbcrEo ibe ludcn of die Gtfuenruive puty hive done linJc or fiothlaf 
bai flout th< prcwt and dM Im Lord Derbf kUkd ihc />hftf, i1i« d»r«n«t 
paper ever set vp io the icter^it of ConxTTftiaiD* by a aacer. Bui pcrh&pe 
ibc potthtfaiion ctf thc«c "Lecnm" mii^ a mm tn lh» lidc; When 
Edinuad Kc*a wu osot nu&pg against the pTCii ami i;s cmicisnito 
Mn^ Garrick, ch^ oU lu!; apcmed her e^vs in ^istnoithn^rrir. "Th? 
Bewspapen^ oiy dear! why do joa littdiloTOwscIf about the ncwipjipcr* ? 
Wky dan*! foa wnie jrour ovrn criiknan? David ah^ys did.*' And 
tltia sppwxnily n v^at lb« Ivadcn of tiie Conservstirc paity mean to do in 
fbtve. 1« It lA act of coadcsceasim or v-hat ^ And who t& ihc Minittcr 
^ the Pt»« But^o of die CuUoa? 

hlar ^1 

Inflfows ddaks that die inltuciice of tb« pics» in nutters of *bl^ 

polkka* i« OB tkr vano in tb^i Mmatr)', let him call lo mind the part 
whidi dK kadinc utkk^ in the TlliifJ have pUycd b the ncEotUtiwis 
«poo tfecTRa^of Wubingloa. The niiion has never quite knoun ittovn 
Kind upoa the dUcttk points aa they h^tvc anscn, untJ it hs-s digested the 
Vorntn^ fdUoriil rnblk opJak^ has been trd mainl/ by the leading 
Jesmai Of coune «c all bto Erem die 6m that v< would not pay the 
Ifidtfoa DcBiiu^n ; hM vniil the * Thunderer " spoke, the reprriemaEive 
EicKahaian waa iitirficd vrth ^e n»Lmrvc? thai ihoac clajm^ <vcrc 
CKCludrtl bj (he Treaty. Govrmmrnt an^ the RngU^h CnmmUsionm 
vcre dear dut ibose duns had t*^ chnccc withm the tcrma 
oi the T)<vni]r and iW pnNoccls. Lord GmnvJUe'* arguments 
to diat cftxt bare be<n anaaiwcredr manswetnble, and ov«rwheliiknf. 
Tbuvfifiv* boi for tbc ocv^papcn, and e«pccia1l/ the Timt^t 
Eilgiuid would hare been reiy veil pleased if our Minister for Torci^ 
Afiiirv had oddrcstcd ^Ir- TaU rn aontc such (cmib Ay tlic^c : *' Tbotc 
ladiMet Ctiimi ate net pro^ndHl fbr m the Treaty ; yod may f»o to Iho 
arbitialOTV '■ith them if j-ou like, but «e uivc you noiicc beforehand that 
•d (he Cotn AH-ird Indir^rt D;imigra wc will not piy th<m," The onv» 
of «ithdmving from the Trta;y would then have been thrown upon the 
Anniean C<iv<Tninrnt. I do noE say that ihl« i« the caurie whieh ought 
to have been adopted; bat t am mtixned that my fellow countrymen 
voijld hive been coiittitt that such ui ulEirincum should go f4>rth from 
Dovninf StreH, i"(*ere it no( for the refinements of the ^uilemcn who 
viiie tbe leading ^rtJclea. 


Gentleman's Magazine 

August, 1872. 

Stranger than Fiction. 




^K^r if a good thing in give voit li> ymir fcrJingit in int The 

?lJaH j'-tiiTihua afftirdcd to a heart overcharged either with love or 

"I'lpf '"'^ ^^ imroNiac. But ii ia ii niitukt to poat the r«uh of 

IgJ^ yoiiT liicnbnaiiofu. Write lovrlcltcn.ttTilcaogry letter*— and 

l^rn ihom. Thi* Ik worldly wi?Hlom, It *as not, however, for 

uin^non rcjUBOfi» that }B.coh tore u[> -i do9:en Icltct^ which he hix6 

*nucn to I-ucy CuninlL Hu could not fcutficitfoUy express hin 

fnUa^i, hit pen rcfit«jed 10 ititerprct hh iljcughtf, cv4?n the Muscii 

Eulcd to WAAl him ; lie cofii* * 1V>1» Mijore'i :tiiLorou4 lin^v* " [ love 

Vji ito," And bumi ihcm because he v^^n loo proud io scad 

BGcoDJ^aiid vcnen iu iJie girl v/ho liud vrElavfd him. At lost he 

Didvii|ihis miftd. Jikea man. lo icli Lucy he loved her. nnd nhcn 

Usiirher hr only blushed. Ukca wonwii It was aLoui a week 

^)ie Jmd lint ST'<'^d ^^ Liicy th;;t he xiole JWjiy from Cortoirii lo 

■po^hi^ h^f holiday in a pilg^matfc lo the shrine of t)ic (a/cxory 

■TJiJS ]« fl turpme," said Lucy, »» ihc opened ihe cotttge door in 
ibftDOK to Jacob's luiocL 

*^lictofy«CgGL looked more cliamiinfi tkiar ever. She wore A 
^ priit ditM ^d ft black nljhon round hcT full fjur neck. 
■^»a%a blonde of thr healthy kind You rouVl sec ihe 1>\ocjA va 
•"dieetx. She ww Jiof wAiW, JjJkc *ort»c Uo/ide^ but tc«\ guvi 



The GeniifiimHi Afagazim, 



irhit^ Ihd red a bluiiliing rtmy red ihai l>?came vermtUon wheo 
rcachc^l her lipv, whtc.h wcrt- ptJEitiiig chfny liji:^ She? stood firmi 
upon licr foci AmJ earned leer huid ptoudlj after the nuuincr of 

Jacob ibotighE [here v^ x Utile tarcifim m her rocoption or him, 

** Wf Are filxil lo K(H- jnw," ^^Itl thi? old wornaa p o rop ll )^, a^ if kI 
thottght «t> (CO. 

*' Thank you,'* aaij Jat-ob. 

" Tray 8)1 down." said iht- old nxmwo; -how is Dorothy?" 

"She ifl vK-ry wpH," wid Jaifib. 

" ThAlK nitlu ; it vrould he :i nd job if lomcbody didn't kcrji 
well," the old womiva rc^licdp 

"How iri Mr Cimrill?";i«ked JiKOlK A 

** Ahoiti the Mmc — no wane, and no bcutT," siid iho old wonun, 
"and lic:*i i^t'iting c:ri>ft»» [imicuhir ah ihii ii the ftcflsou thlitui he 
ou^ht \o he out J gnmcktrcpini; as a buaintMS w at ib bc»t when Ihkij,-) 
have 10 be shot." 

■* Ves" said Jiicoix 

'*LiLty, iry Juld. driv\ Mr. Martyn boine beer lifter hu ii'a]k»" 
the oTd vrom^n. 

" No, tlujik yon," said jAcob, feeling that it vu a d^gndllkm 
br Lncy tn wail upon hin>. 

'^Oh, ycft."*aid Lucy, ''ccrtiinJ>." 

Luqr trippc-d tiiIo the pantry, snd poiiiod out tlic beer for 
oith th« gnce of a jodt^cu. 

Then they E-ilkcd aboiu*('j<niiwn, abooi Middlctoo, about the 
•■eaihcr, ilxial Mr. ConcriUS i[hu»s, about the vdnom dulif^ of a 
JtUhckcepcr, and about a hundred other mbjcos. Xxny laid yxry 
htUc, hut she looked hi^r hcsin and in order that >he miglit do thk 
fucct-'^t^dlj, the teA the rciom n^nrc lo eianTint hersHf in her tMi 
gbui and v!e Lhjit her liair kept iu l>ci;oiiung foldk A Cvbionrtle 
bdy would have done the nffne, with the addiiioo of 4 IttUe ftob 
nniKcupon her cheeks, a gcucfnJ pmv'deria^ and a touch or Cvo of the 

JtuxAi wu vtvf ity utid neivouB^ Lucy> I 'cakr. did not coaipn- 
lionalc him ju:it ihcn- ?^1ie v^ll^ cjiioyi'n^ her triumph over bun, 
llkOi^ ho fm» only 4l sciioolhoy, he wa« not an unaorUiy GOB<|aeEl. 
Ht WM A manly looking fdUiw, and a blurule generally hkei a dark 
lover. Jacoi> waa dark eiicsugK KOodttesK knoKn; he oiiglahai-e had 
j^psj blood in hii vein» tor lliat maitcr- 

'*The wood it wry jv^ity to day, ' wid Jacob, sunroomnx xo his 

bit?" u«I Lac^. '*] Iwvtiuit bvuA uut n^^d;^." 
** Aa- 3-ttd p>i^ ovt y nid J<-toots mcnUlly patting lumtcV oa lite 
Ittck for hit lioldocuw 
■•I don't know*' Ij^y rqjIit^tJ. " Pcrh.ip* I tnaiy by-uad-by.' 

"It aJnoat sccni* a pity to any tudcron an such a d^ At dixs,* 

^PCffcipt JCTJ wonW Itkr ift go for nnoilicr wiTt ?•■ uid Luc>', 
looka^ archly mind .11 JhcqU :b:( ^hc wound n ^«orctcd bait for ihr 
gild vomon, itIiq wit knitting. 

*- ] should v«ry mucb,' uid Ja<ob, *■ if Mn. Conltill coutd sptrc 


'*^e virrvcilkJngor>«ii,"MiKl l4i<y,;i litr1cfiiTiimffd,"iialaf me.** 
" 1 cu Bport bcT," ttid ^Irs. CATilrm. " Co, Lticy ; ii vrDl do jou 


"Very well," did T nt-y, and »hc wcm again to her glxis, bdoNr 
dndi the onangMi a (iroty ligfU sluKurl muiid her atiuuhlcrs. 

lUiraa fauur jiftcvwanb Jacob and t^cy n^crc in the wuud. woIkinK 

Wneuh clou, cbeUnimt and beech ta^cc* from wblch the karci were 

UlQg j tmO UKfv wcro many crce« yet onshdkcn, the oak^ nuikitsg a 

■mrifluiil ihnv vith ihrir yellow tcuvui. A« jei thcrr wns none of 

MtoQli% liiunuliiy it) the air. The atinotpherc ms dry and dear. 

tier *^ Jacob walked Iun& and lolkod Knle. Jac^ pAcfcd 

UjcUiemet lor \jy<y, Jind pmcntcri ihcm to her in burdock leaver. 

Ob* the wai W^irnod by r %mk*', whjrh liuiud at her vwy feift, 

*qJ flidrcd over the palh Kkc 1 gleam of W^X. Jacob uid h\^ 

^'au^ Liicy was used lo the wood* and lieid^. laicy rcpEicd that 

^itu MC, flsd n^vrr -ihoaJd fc«- Thfa little incident induced thc 

^ l> offer her liia am. 9k look iL l^htrt wan a grvac deal of 

^ViMD in dial— «t any nic ao flu u Jacob wa» coni^acd. tlie 

^*m Ulmg had tu> sod inAiiaiioe on hi« fe«l[iHC( uponi thii memorable 

^°=i4ca. Mule Lscy wu witii htia, his thojgliu were of her and 

^ tee. l4lcy fcttatnly dkJ iiul disliki* tirt t-mnpanionthip, bni 

^'^ it save bcr the pkawrc that Jacob uUhcd U> bspue it k 

^iWibhj to lay. Wovncn arc niynlciiet from thvir childhood. 

{■cob «n<«rtaned Lucy with an account of hUvisut toQomberaide'. 
*Wi iie rclaied to her thcr cvspeL-tn-F hj>tiuric:t ^jf Tom and Susan, 
^Kofbcr how poor Vuni w^a dcsfvcratcly in love with Sinan, and 
^the had uuiricd lomebody cUi., Ln wltich episode Lucy aecasod 
^^ Ouch intorv«lcd' 

"And now f am going to axk ynn a f^ivnur,* uid JsiCOb, U liKc^ 
Rncdntoan UTitnoal// jiba<fy rcrr^s oTtheu-cod. 

1. % 


Th€ Cmtltfnans Magasinf. 

"[ndccd; whSLtiftit?" Lucy inqutrod. 
"Win ynn gram il>'* 

"Wil] >-ouli7lo lio so?" 

"Ycfi)"ftai(J Lut-y, btfginmnB to ihmk th^it Jacob wis aouoftchoot 
boyifJt ^s she h;%c] ihonghT. 

"Wdl tlicn. t yi>ii 10 call mc J*coIjh'* 

"Ja Ihol nil?'' inquiKd 1-ucy, ami Jncob fell a txific leu h«p 
thui htf liod dozitf a fe^v miimtcs before llu hod cukcd wtint £««in 
to be thequ?ition of his life. 

" 1 ililnlt it iii .1 ^ic^i dc^U" !^i(l J:icob. 

" jf you particularly wiah il>" said Luc>, ** 1 will^Jncob— "• asd 
her voice ^oitencd a« »hc spoke hu njune, to which Jacob re^poodcil 
by ail nlrntwt iinj»er<:tntiblt' iirra*urif of thi- arm hf loved «Q dcarty. 

"And uow ;i.Mul1ici luvom ?" b^d Jucub, ^kurprLiEiig himurlf not 
more Lhftn he ^un^riicd ^^\<:y. 

" Yoii may aj;k too miuiy faxours ; I Ihoiighi you wore \'et>' buhfdL* 
fuid Lucy, 

"J At^" viid J^icob^ 

"1 don't think \o," ;i;iid Lucy- 

Jacob'tt t>utiluffi(.'stt watt giving way befoT(!l]^cwannth of hlfl fcclxilgi. 
Moi«over, he lud liecn rcw^nded for his previous act of counfc; 
Lucjrjiad »iil *^jos" tn his first qucsiioz^ Hcw»s dctt-miinrd to go 
on, thf>i]gh hi« checks were lumtng and hi^ hniidn were on fire, 

"J want 1o ask you to let inc call you Lucy," isaid the intrepid yoath. 

Lucy did iio( ij^eal. 

"Yo[i aie utigi)! with iiic/' sa^id J^icob, ht>t vincc Ircznblirfg. 

" No,'* Mid Lucy, ■' it la lime wc retrtnicd." 

"May I rot call you Lucy?" smid Jacob n(Fim, In >hccr desperation. 

Hcpreiucdhcrhaad; fherctttmedCupid'i Cimtlinr signaL jAcob's 
hcArt bcai wit!) joy. He cljuU nut ^pcNiL 

Al thia moment jl girl from the gipsy encAnipmcnt crosed tlic 
path and cudaeycd to Uicy. The ro^^nml wns Ihc bo^iuiy of h^t tribe. 
She WW tt-ell dreMcd, though her f^cl were barr. After she pOflttd 
ii\em, rhcy Sriw her mttidiing them .11 the bend cf the rcud, where 
they croucd tlie brook to go out of the wood. There wu somcthinj; 
in the girl'} manner which JOiCoL did not likc- 

" Do the gij>atts «tay here all the ye^it round V he a&kcd. 

" I ihlnk ho/' hald Lucy. 

"Aie >ou afraid of them?" 

''No, I thiiik not; 1 often meet that K^rl ; Idon'tthiok 1 like her: 
ihc is coDside»d ver>' beautiful." 


S/raugtr than Futton. 


** 9)c ift following uk," %saA Jacpb, luraing ronnd on the bridge. 
*ahc U;ilwaysvt'fy riWI whtn l ipcti her; never forgets to curtsey, 

>■ 1>0C8 the bcK ^'' Jacob asked, 

" Ekg \" luiij l^ry ; " ■:h<^ t« u hAiighiy u n queen ; T Ihtnlc her 
mrHlier k the Queen of tUe Ni>nh." 

•'Then t«u arc oot frijihuncd a( gipj^ci," said Jitob, miulDg, at 
Ehey cjoniinticd their walk home. 

"No; there iu no reason why 1 thoxiUI be fnghteneii. They are 
not ittirrferetl niih oti thU e^Ute ; n^y lurd, I ha\i^ dlwfljFK liCAid, ift 
most kind lo them/' 

" Yixtr houfle ik veiy tooety^'* ciid Jacob, and J^c thought of tho 
omagc in the d-irt nights of w-'intcr. 

''Yc« ; htu ihe nAlt:hi-rK aie .ibaul aII Ttijfhi/' »atd I-ucy. 

"TTie waichen?" sikI Jacob, 

■* y«* ; unde'« men. you kntm-— llw keepers there arc several cf 

" To pniiccl ibe game ? " said Jacob, 

" I wh \ were one of them," mid Jacob. 

""nui 1 mifjhi be neur to guard yuu,** »ud tUe buy, drawing liim- 
hV up 10 his fuU height 

^TufB ihoy re.'vchcd the cottage. Ic^ on the table- It WM Sunset, 
■U)d Jjcob liod several miles :o u-;ilk, Diit he tliotigbt nothing of tlic 
joumty, :Tnil winild not hive hurried to lr*ve hsii! mil Lncy lipokett 
(»f the diiunce, ft!r». CanlriU. loo, >aid Master Mirtyn muat ju*£ 
^^^ one cup of lea. wliic^ wouhl refresh Iiiin for his walk to Car- 
^*n- Jiccib bad one orp, and w^ig still in no liiirty to go; he 
''**' anmhrr, su^d *nll mitkinrd ^oisijiin^ with old Mrs. CAntrill 
^'^ JE^nj at Lucy- At length Lucy uid It wu growing Uce, and as 
'''^ ^Ld so she locLcd M JneoU s:iyij% a^ plainly ;ifi pcjasible with her 
^1 " Don't j-ou think )ou had better leave ui? yoo liave a long 
**J logft" So Jacob ro*c IVoin his wat, shook hand* with Mrs. 
^Wl and eaid "Good riabt'* 

t^loue to ffie roy love u? Dorothy/' uid the old woman. 

^cy opened the duor, and vben Jacob «bool: hands with her, he 
**"^ "Good ni^jhi " in a tower voice than that in whirh he had pre* 
^^^If ipokcn. and finding thai Lacy'a hand waa Liot withdrawn (Vom 
Vi^vheahe^^etAincditforafcwmoTnentimorethan wns ncecwary, ho 
iflJ "dear Lucj\" and hurried away down Hie |;arden and ovvr thtf 
TCidw iuio the wmid. 


Ti€ C^nitfman's Ma^swf. 

or i.ixv'» iierromir* 

!t iv2^ d^ik vhcn Jacob rcichcd Cictown ; » very dark Uiat in 
poMiDg the cburchrard he began to whiftiLe^as if whisUmg vrouki 
hive Iflid f(tro4ki'« ghosi shoi^ld Jt ^iavc had n mind to ip|>eaj. U 
wwi late iTQOiiith Un Mr -SpctwUn^ tolook for on npLuutioD Jroin 
j4Cob^ who gitvc il with tolerable fairncv, undtr Ihc iHrcuiivizaKx& 
He hjuS walked as far os Canlnirs cottigu it wai a long way— bgt 
he hod hoped lo be hoaue vooner. fl 

" We were biHtfritiiig alamifil on your accounl* Jacob," s-iid Ur. 
SpawUog, "Then: h^ been a ^nnd sunset 1 foi^vcyou." 

Dorothy', who pa^ed llircui^h the foom ni Mr. Spau-ling v» 
tpeaking, looked sundij- nieaDing iliio^i at Jicob, as lie replied to^ 
Mr ^jawlju^ in Mitni' ^rrtrsl tcrmb fdatlvc lu a.uimnrii! llnU. ^| 

** SpctinyJia'* been wishing for you. Wt lu« been rciidiiii; (ojfcthcr, 
and he ia now busily engnpcd with Shakespeare in my room, where i 
flh^tll begLid Eo Koe yo\\, J.icoli, for :l quarter of an hour after /otthat^ 
Mipl^cd ; IT will lioon he brdtimr;" wyirtg whicht Mr. S|iaiir]ii|g tcA 
the room. 

" Auivtnnal tints f iiaid DoroUi^. when the ftclioolEruisLcf bad0Qa& 
*' BcAUiiful utnici : Uh, Jjicob, Ja«ob : Uid yo^ iox^x to ask bovr 
my jmor Culirr witi?" 

" Noi 1 did not, Dorolh). lie Qj»linac» aboui the umc/* 

'' Ah, poor !i-oul 1 ttuUH what I heard by Ihe poat thU momiiig. 
Well, and hour's lAiey? Uid i>be like ihc aulumn tinu ind the 
fine scenery ? " 

" Don^ *necr, Dow)thj\" 

"I'm pot sneering Jaeob. I onljr oskcij n civil questioev* 
Dorothy, laughing. '^ tVo* sJie r^^ much iklighted with the treca 
che lenvei iolliitg? Dtd }t<u &iy soiin' jiotrtiy lo her?" 

*'DoroUiy, I sJiall Ic sjLvag;c with jrou." 

** Oh. yoij'll be Miva^c, will you ? Waa l.ucy savn^e ihcn ? ^Vouldnt 
she dng to you ? " 

"DoioUiy, DouTthy.'siidJaml;. "don't/ M 

"Well, 1 won't llietK liul, Jncob. mind wlul you arc about; ywi'™ 
muiln^t gp n^onderiog of) to moUicr'fj iviihout tciling inc and you arc 
ovrr 3-oung to be Iovc^making, and so it Ijicy " 

*' 1 wu» ubli^ed lo ^u^ UoioUiy. Vuu will not tdl, will ynu ? 



Sirw^er titan Fidwm. 


" Arc v^j^i ;isliimcd of Uury thcD ? " Aiikcil Docoti^ ahupljr. 

>xm vac IwbI^iis «t tnc jlwl now/* 

" TfccD 1 *ont do h oyiiu . Dik hov omkl Miyliot^ htlp Uu^t 
M}Ou L>ikio£ of autumn lintjkt u iflJ^t? iva» mMunnlinU?" 

" Lucy is ererylhinp to mt," said Jacobn " 1 friab you would tel|;l 
licrjci^ DoToibiy;' 

"No. nc^ Jncob ; dn yoiir oun ^oLiniitg ; [11 tir no gO'betwosBl 
But whjl "till yfjiiT fothcT ^ay ?" 

**i doaL C4.r«irhat anybody sJtys. 1 would give A tbouHuxipoundj 
if I were ri*o « Hire* ycir* olckr.'' 

*' You'll get over i?uu, Jattib. Yuini niirjij of ifaftt, Iftd, evoy diy/ 

*'Dorothy» I feci (hat xm arc my tricutl," asid J«ooK miog Croi 
hU teal jjid Eabinit ber hand ; *^ wilt you A«!^i»t mc } will you lind out 
if Ijicy luvet UK ^ wilt j-oii «ay Komc^thii^ for mc } ' h 

*'Wdlt yunarc n&uly uf on a){r. oiul I realty (liink you troiikl mift^ 
udi «tb<t, and if you can'c hctcw >xnir ^ijuns,'^ ^\k 1^ ill tdl her & 
kmtyo«1] doU. And do v^ think aKe<io<^n'lkfiow' lor blew you 1* 

"lliank yw), Dorothy, thank ^'ou ; and now k-t nic tcil yi>ii whAt I 
nwvn tn df]* Dorothy, I ih,ill midy Ii^nlrr ihan rvrr, -^nd 1 will £0 
inlo t}kcworld| and wcrk, untd 1 ^li^vn- her that I am r>ot a hoy. O^ 
Dorothy, if you only knew whaE I feci, if you c«>uld but tell what \ 
i\mk ^tbo«t Lucy, I am mire you would help tne. If I rarM nothiit|rj 
/:h)ui hiT E rniiM ulk lo hrr tiy ihi: hour, Almost ttk fftvi as S|)rnr ifj 
I wanted Ilut slic irt difecnt to everybody dw ; 1 can't udk to 
■icr. J love hcf so much that I Am loo happy to iptak. l<lon't knovr 
"That J aoi laying when she i« there, and t wa&i to uy no nbuch. £ 
ihaik <tf a ibutHand lliingv lt> fuiy lo hvt, And vievi?r Kiy urtt- of ihcm." 

" That*! tl ^ oh jcv I kiunv ii ; you're in love; bd ^ yuti'rc m li>v^ 
sofv caouffbt" ttkl Pofothy excitedly, 'M can Tccl for you, 1 cai 
fed for you ^ I dcchrc 1 feel ciiriter overcome/' 

Jncob ma dehghted at Ihiei uuimfeilacion of Doroiliy'^ inlcrrftC in 
tiis leeTuip. 

^Ut diclnt lay it ao well i but ih^l h {mU iHwr Jim vied to fed 
%btn I knew him ftnL^ 

**Why, Dornthy, ihrn )-ou Jutc— *" 

"Don't uk mcalraut ii^ dim't nay juiythiit£ ahoLii tL He's doftd 
and goDC now, 1 know h^ b ; si?i f-dora M ten, aiid tW bad m» i<tt«r 

" Ob, thn, that w v^at ihr vnoil mrant/' mid Jacnlk 

OocoJir could not rcstnin a few tca/^ and Jaoob Inod hb Axi <£\ 

The dnileniafiz Maga^ne, 

soothing in ^ variety of t^cncle admon^tiofu and anatch«t of idvice, 
nnd a variety of hopeful tp^ " Don'l fret, Dorothy. He will come 
back ; 1 h.ivc liwrd of proplc l)dng away ji great ileal longtr" 

" N<3, no, Jacob ; he would hivcwrittcn ; and I've »ccn shrouds m 
l)ie camlle, and coffins htxxc popped out of the fire. Oh, no, na" 

rioroihy Torkod liL^ttdf [o :\ml fto for a fifw momeiU*^ OHd ihcn 
Ijudually recovered. 

'* VouVc nct-cr ji^kcd ahoiti Lucy's fftthcr iind morher," the md li 
lcrgil\ wiping her eye*. 

■' I midrr\tood ihvy rtvredcnd/' said Jicob. 

" Her tiLOllicr Jicd an hoiir after she was Luni, and hn lather usa 
ordered lo India wiih lii* Tc^^ifncnt a week aftcrwarJ*." 

"Tell me all nboiit il, Uomthy," said Jacob. 

"HtT mother was my mf^rher^'i youngest sister, nnd an ennign in 
the army fell in love willi hcf. He was vety yaun^ ftl ihe lime: ii 
WAS in this way. The rcj^Imcn! wm In Midcllcton for a fortnight, and 
my grand f;itber was af-irmcT; motlier'syoungesi twsterv-'a* very pretty, 
and was staying on a vitit ai Middleion. The young officer followed 
her several limcu, anj at liint went into the lioust- whr:tf she »3* 
stoj^jiing, and witi right out he loved her, and ai^kcd for her fathcT- 
Aftcr ihai he went ixnd miv her father, and got his consent to ^ and 
see her, and they u'erc n%\iV.\t\y engaged, When the regimeni went 
to other ([uartrrs tlic oflkcr wrnie lo Lucy's mother ticry week, and 
a year aftcr^-ard^ ni^nicd her ; hut hi* £ithcr disowned him for it/' 

■*How hardhearted !" said Jacob. 

"Yes, hard-hearttd ii was. Well, she lived happily enough willi 
him for^bottta year^ and then lauic houie fur a EiLiIcwIiile. when l.ncy 
w,xi horn, and her poor deAr mother died, is [ lifivc told you. TliC 
father was nearly broken- hearted, and more so that he was ordered 
to IniMx IVe heari itioiher tell rhe story many a time, and cried ai 
it till my eyes have hi^en a^unul ni). When he went, he left as mmih 
money as He could for the Ritpport of ihc child*" 

" Toor Lucy, ti^ar Lucy 1" mid Jacob, deeply interested in Dorothy's 
Linetpected and ron^aniic narrative:, 

** But liiiic wore oii| and as he never come ba<-k, the ctioney vroi 
spent; and Kmndf&tlier getting old and itifirtn, ihmga went ^ATong 
with him, and at la«t he foMowed grandmother to the flnivci Spon 
there l^•s\ nubody left but mother, who ivas married to father before 
the youngeat sister wa» wed, of course ; so Lucy went t" live with 
thcdi, Wlicn ihc was about ten tlic houscteepcr of Mr, Btadforth. 
who ovxit, the fiiciory, took a lancy lo lier, and got Mr- Itradlorth 
1X1 lei her come and live in the hon»c with her, and he in the fiirtory- 


Stranger than FkHtm, 

The genElcniiin hcin^ kind» and hiring a bit about T,if^'"5 history,. 
coiuciilciJt jlihI ihc Loii&tkccpcr IcvdI licr lu tcail ad^ wtSic »u well 
ihu \jOL<^y got n price for Scripture rc^diae Jit the Siinday-Khool* 
About thi« time, fnilier, who wtu groam for S<|iijrc NorlhcotcK, g<jt 
(he Bttiiation as h*ail teej^r at nHni>vofH!, an^l ijii^n vhtrn Pie tuok 

ihcy iticti^hi LA)i:3r \x\\^\ come and keep hcuHc for Ihcin; And I 
Ihoughi «o Ukj, l>ocAtu^; Mr. bradfonhii housekeeper, the Litter part 
■of I^iicy'* time at the factoTy, u«d to let her work more than I tliriught 
Wii E""'l f*^' '"'^T -iT"! ^vbfil WTL1 moie%^hc waafirttingtci inagr when 
alie would l>c better Away &om siich^nckdety a» there Ib in a factory, 
ihoi^h ahv it qa good as vhe J4 beuutil'ul 1 hat'e her history, aa £)f 
35 I know. I've loUl you ^11 mother ha* told mc, and I ought to 
Inow it, ill the tiin*.-s l\c heard \\. So you scl' T-tiry* got good blood 
in ber sxint, Montrr Jacob. Her father y^As, an oRicer in the army, and 
hcT mother nr&t the daughter of parents who ^^'ere honut enough, if 
Ihey U'vtc nut io rich at thery mit^hc liave bcfen." 

"You ama/c niel*' naid Jacob: "why It LSf|Wiic a ronuuioe, the 
history of Lucy's life i hut a very Horroftful one. Poor Lucy ! What 
vaa hcff father^} name, then "^^ 

*' Oh. J forgoi to tell )X)u that," I loroihy tepliedn ** HU name waa 

"Then I.ucy'* proper nnine w Thornion I*' 

•' Ves. it is ; l«il wc\'c alwayf called her Canlrill." 

''W^ll, you area gofisiping coTi]>1c/ taicl 2Spen, entering the room« 
"Mr Spawling has Ireen waiitn^ fr>T ymi thii; half hmir. Jaroh. and 
DOW ]icS gone to bed." 

" 1 am aonyhc waited, xSpen, bitl Dorothy and f have been hating 
a long chat, and the time hat gorie ^vr)- quickly,'* 

"Time travels in divtrs plu-^s ttiili divi»ra |nTionv,*' v.*id S|rt"n, 
■*ni fell you whu Time Jjublr* wiih,tl. who Time Uor> willial, who 
Time >:a)?op« witl^nl, .ind who he ?;t.indfl withal. But no, 'tis ttrtttnt; 
late. ^Ve niuxt l<> bfd^ to M, friend Jacob." 

"Always Ih-ely, Speo, alwayi funny," said Jacub. 

" Tm bticii/iil uf ^bakeape^iEc Co-oi^bt, J^Loh : but \i'f- ticl j11 fun* 
Its ^^uid« Jacol>. If learning Shakc^iJcnrc A'lin Icamins grammar, 1 
»hould aoon be .-i schotar," 

"I don'i think ym: could Icom belter grammar. Spen,"' said' 

" 1 dedarc the boy's head's itirncd with Sh.iltCspCitre — one hears 
About nothmg elu; now— i ehall go to bed;" whereupon, IJorothy 
jwi a Ijundlc of ^lickf irno thi; kirrhcn oven, removed the ehaiw \ 



SKJt TKtllinVKI 

hitle ilibUnc« (rom the fire, •ktcwucI do^'n the wind:>w cotter^ lighted 
candles for JaroK Spen. nnd hcr^cir, and thai the ihrce tnde each 

■ A MU^ Pchrwy morning Mr. M^t>n had jtJAt brciV&«tcd at a 

I ftbUttBjE t^iMTcUblc in ihc ^c^nirr^il Tconiof ihc new HmminumsHolcl, 
I Covc&l C'lrdcti. Hi: li^hlcd .1 < ignr, aiuI ttccd at l^c rivor of the 
liciiuc Uj limpkc- There was a cold, %atn\ire cluud hon^^iiig otrer Uic 
^jinlcu; ihv itiooapbcrc luumuniaed iritli Mt. MatIj^iiS thoui^hl?- 
Thc htnc fiofit still dun^ to «oim: wus;ti» lo^i Jet of wioicr i^Tccna. Ur, 
Moftyn prcwrUy strolled into tljc nurlce:, \iv Luokixl vncJintly it 
the fiuitft and tlowcTv I It- VIS ininking af iW ]ast eiifitt he wu aI>uui 
tn m^Wc to v.i\c himself from tunkniptcy- .\ tmy of *iolcb canied 
hia mtiul U^Kk lot a moment to c-iu'ty d^if-B, but Itc could nol afford to 
indttlftc iu;t rtTveiwonOuwcrv. Uverlirmk-faitht'lmdreid a letter (ram 
Jacob, in which tiurht^ro lud ex|irtsv;d a desire* Ui go into the wqrUl 
n&d r^>i3ittieut« tJit^ lutllc uf lift', jnujb ttiud bchad wuiL^ril luud for 
nnanjrmunthi; ihutho had Aiudicdnix^taoiJdaytiindtluit Mr.&puwJiDic 
vi'un more X^an tMisf^ed with Jii^ pro^crciWj tlut he hod imulc op in 
ih«-«c bucr d.ip fcir ;vn7 early neglect of hi* ediu'ajion. }aa>h *»kl 
noUiinit oliouL Luc/, tlidii^li he hid ilicjiightof her ^11 tlic time he wi< 
wHling. Wlixt pretty secrete, wluit pleasant myi»U:ricA Ldvc pcrinit> 
10 hb votaries. 

Mr- MsLttyn imlkM and itnokcd ind f-ilculatcd h^ chiuv«« of 

yticces^ .mil lUiliirc. uiUil W tiloott before the liOmkut Uunibcn of Ur. 

iJouiall> \iA*.^ in Tk^adjlly. It wu eleven o'clffck, and the icrvftnt 

d the hon, memExr hid not yet tjeeakfiuted, 

'* Therv v,-3a st very lace silting of the Hoiisc Inst rright.'' tatd iht 

'*1 have ptrtictilAr hUAuic^n with Mr, Boo^all, and «dl wnit, 
Mr Mojlyn. 

'* I will take up your cord,*' uid the man^ 

Thf- provimi^il journdist fulluuLd die ituin iiitu a handsome litdt 
ruoin, where a hochdor's brc^fjst wj^ waiting for die lising tncmbci 
Tot Middlcton- 

PnAcntiy Mt- Bonsalt entered. EK' :i:i^ n tail, v^iuiTe-Uult Bun. 
with finH feaiuTc^ though dir^ trinuih bf^iujke th.ii periiJior povKt of 
ulk whkh belong* tfj a certain ilLow of mcxi who come to the Iront 



Siraffgrr than Fuiion. 



It puhbc meetings of ^ lEtnds. Vou could «w u onc^ ttuu therr 
u;tK ni> Krniimrnt in Mr ttnn^ir< i~^onsiiTiiTion He wjij a builnVH 
iia% m \ iootct] Al life Utnn n ]ir;Ktloi |)oirit uT \\vm ■ lit rrdunod 
<lcdiQG* to 6p;uresT luiid IjoLuiccd ihcm up *» he Oid his »trvrBrd*s 
,book- He looked nt hi» watch as he vriLcredihc room, and nude op 
hii Riind to^ct rid cf Mr. M^nyn tvithia hair an hunr. 

"Alii Ui. HofEjo," he uuj, *'I jiij gUd lo iicc )tNi. Chirks 
fGifliag 10 Imi fcrvamt). Mr. >[,irtyn will kivc brciik^at*' 

'" No, ihuk yyju/' u^ Mr. Marn-n, " 1 ha«v Itrcttkliuled." 

" Mr. Afmrtyn bas brralfiutcd,'* said liie niembrr lo Chorio, »lia 
4t ODCG kfl tlic locjui witti the .Ld<liliuiul pUto wliiUi iitr vaa uliout 
to place cn ihc uiblc. 

** I hope j-oa are wdJ. ' Mid Mr, Marl>n, '■' Vms ate rranpcllcd lo 
ktcp later hoiin tn tciwa thni) arr uh%(.-^^'«.t u^t CUimlxnid?/' 

'Vc«t'* vul M), BanxdU "Tliou Uic siuinga «c notr-nndumi! 
lo HcilTeIi ; 1 am i>Ot ao well &» 1 man ; you will lake n cup of COffi:e 
Bl all cvcnti,* 

"Thanic ynii, ytt^ \ will/' «did Mr. Martyu. 

''Chirlci. Mr. Mflrtjrn nmiolc *<)nic cnflVc,*' wid (lif mfmW. 

'* How u Middldnn ifciungon?-' o&kccl the member, chipiiint: his 
I'^^'niinfE <f^' " 1 am told trade le bod there, and I Mippote that nns 
^10 be vxp«cied; the dqves«ion i« perfectly naturJ; inooey b to9 
dicap — iiaide rrquirrt the- stimulus of a rismg d'ucotint ; the niMiey 
i&toikcC ii ibc Hirut barometcT of the coninnercuJ Atroospbcrc," 

" 1 npposc Jt \%" (aid Mr, Mart/n, "though I do not And money 
dieop 10 the common accfputian of the it-rm %i ftll ev(.-Dt!( x the iron 
le k in A mttcnble atate. aud uc have tmi tlicjuuml colltei?( ciut 


" ThftC it bod, thokiffh I hold that ihc cotUcr hju n perfect ri;:ht i» 
MrAc; hb labour rcprcienti cipital, ;ind ri 14 for hau lo am«» the 
ivabe of lluU eipilal." 

' There* hlr. Uontall. yo^ know nv diATi^r ; but we vvili dLuniss Lhc 

(«int ftt wcne other ctioo ; i dare nay yoLi have itvporUnt bu&inesa to 

nnend to ibix moraiDg* and 1 ha\« enme to town especially in txlk 

wkb you a vnattrr that Eonccmi ynu imiirr^ctly And my^df m a 

'voy hnportaot dici:rcc.*' 

-" Vm,** «wd Ur- bonulL " i'ake a btdc more co^ee (tvfiJling Mr. 
Im^'k c-ip) I should like to .ir^i4< thai <|iiettioTi of the- relation or 
■tafiLUl U> kiijour anil rice vena ; Iml wl- nill tciovc iu a:v you »y, 
for a more convenient opportunity- ^^^bat i« our bmoacs* togcihct 
tiM Dionuie /—nothing Ute te«ifi£ a nun on buviiMi* and doing 
pronqxly, '* 



Tke Gcuilcntafis Afagnztue, 

iltlc. f 

'"Tlie newspaper." siul Mr. Mjttlyn, hi* voice fallcnng a liltlc 

'*Yci, I cungnit^Iflle you ujjon it, Mr Martyn, U U admimbly 
comlnniiftl nuA well ^rilti-n, ihongli I doubt wht-thcr you vc not 
just n ififlc loo in your ticntmciil of our oiJ]>oncutv I'or my 
own frflrl, I ihink iincomproiuismR enmity the puhcy iii politics. U an 
oppoTicnl van known |>n\'atfly io be an an^t^i. I should iiuiir on 
cslbiig bim a <levi], sir," ^^liil Mr. HofiHall, 'Hji^T the other sMc 
credit foi no^lliil^^ sir, but lyiaany, sclfi»bncw»> and Jtnavcry/' 

"I know your vic^vs upon that subject,*' Siiii3 Mr, Manyn, '^Vou 
rrmcmln^rHhrn fir?vl you iiiggestcd tlwL I sluiuld ^urt thiH nevrv 
paper ?'' 

*^ No, not exactly," laid ih? hoa. iTvvmbcr, tho\;^)i he tcmctxibcrtd 
the cir>:urastwice portcctly wHI. "' LJid I suggest it f" 

**Mo*l ccnninly," j^nid Mr, M;triyn. '*! rrmrmtitr inir tilking 
abo»l it, before ibc first election when you were dcrcalcd. " 

".Some ycartiagu. Jt tnu^t be a very lan^ tinit ago," 

•■'I'he party ivnniE^I n pflpcr, yon wanted a paper, I vv.-us cntbu- 
siasric for a fiuprt, wt^ all M'^nicfd an organ,^ uid Mr. M;inyii. 

" VcSi I icuicaibiT someilunji of ii." 

'* Mr, Bonsjib/'jnidthcjocimalistT rising, "why thin pretended ivmit 
of memory? li it bcc:itL^ you b;tve heard th«it the paper is hi 
dLfTicLiliieH ?" 

" No, my UeUT fklr ; 1 fiiinply do not cjuite remember the drcum- 
alance ; pray don't excite yoursclfn" 

*' llieD of cnune yoti <ittitc forget the promiiiCit which you and 
ynur ;i^<?nt ni;u1c' in mc when 1 ctmienled to cnier u|Kin lbi« 

*' Pronnaca!" said Mr. UonbaM, looking up wich an expression of 
great surprise. " Pmy «\pUiin, ] do not quite undcniiand jxvu," 

"The Mjddlriim Star wn\ projected anil st^rt*?il in the irti-res! nf 
the pitty," AAid Mr. M»iriyiv "' I believed then, nnd ] do now, that 
Ihe party represented ihosi.' principles which intan llie national good 
»nd the naric>nnl welfarv; I felt that apart ln:im iis i^oliricJil vievrv« 
a well rTondneted and indoprndent jfiumol would be ^ticccsiifH? ; jvsii 
and yuu[ agents promiied m^: subtUniUl ,iid if 1 refjiiired il. *We arc 
not ponienloxtoacouplc cfthoti^nd pounds ifyou want ii,' you mid: 

ly reply was that I should put all my own money inio it before I 

^atked lor the \y.iTty\ aHHJsianee. I tooted for a fair ifu'ard for my 

capiul and energy. I bavebevii di»ppoin1ed. The duvr&ucceta lias 

beer in electing you, and thus malnttLining the nupremaey of the partv 

&t Middleton aftera ttr\iggle of many years. Not only have I spent all 


Slran^rT than FUtwn. 


my ovm money, I have borrowed of othcn, and tlic prcfiCAc stagna' 
titJii <jf uadc <.<>iiiiJi:b int.' lu (tniiinl you of your i)Toml%e : diAi iv the 
€X|iAnaiion of (»j aihii ihjs luorQliig." 

"And to be bujiinv««-ltkc nnd to the |>omi, you linve come lo ulc 
niie foraUr^i? mm of money?" «;i:d Mr, TSon«il!. 

** Twu thuuuiid poirntl?!,*" nid IVfr. M:myii- '' I have alrpftdy tunic 
in the pai>cr four thouMnd of my onn^ I am nowthrrAtcncd in 
TCipcci of A aum borrowed \ tlircatunccl "Atth almottt in^mcdiati: cxccu< 
! --im nicK" Ihan Kol\cnr : J hnvc more llicm twcrjy ^hillmgt iQ 
the pihiml jf the projicrty ntrt- At~4L]u!ihv A tliDuunil iirxindh wvmld 
|ntt my iffain in a comparatively healthy po^iEicn, Ivro ihouuiid 
would make ihe pap^r/' 

"* Who \% pros»mg )OU ?" 

■* A mrmbiT of <«ir owr jiany." 

"He U a gii >hAreho]d«r to a large atnovmt. and » lotcrciCcd ui 
other tcheme« whicli 1 h:iv-i.' not always iup^jorted/' 
*'Ahp you UkOLkUl always btick toyoitr party." 
'^ I have done ao. a^ a paity. '^ 
" Alt yoj iihotild jlIso ;4dhcri; to individual Members of >l. When 
man go«« iit for ^jolitict he reduce* the thing to a limplc xnnitcr of 

"I know your theory," said Mr. Murtyn. iiitcitiipting Uie member; 
"yott uMd 10 uy thai I rttumcd f-ou to I'arlufneiiC \ you said so on 
tbt httltingi.'' 

*'That ftiu iimrHc on my pan ; for nnrc fn my Ufc my feelingf 
oi^ercjunc my judGmcttt ; it ivfu not icRpcctTul to my conatltucou. 
But who U the fjcncni who ij prcismg you for this monty?" 

"Ma^/" wid Mr, Mwtyn. " 1 niusi have been hard up indeed 
to hftve borroiAivl fri^mi him/^ 

" A very rising nian«" :uid ihc member ; " cacr^ciii:, pLijn-apokcii, 

thorough pony roan- And how is Mr. Mcigar? He was a millcrt 


" He i» a scoundrel,' said the journalist ; "a deep, dc^igiiin^p vul^r 

"Really. Mr. Mnrt^ i" wild tl»c member, laying down hi« knife 
and fork and leanin^i back in hii; chair. 

*' PUiD'^iealcini^," Mid the juuni;tliftt : *'! ihor^ht you admired 

Mr. BonaaU mriK l^c l>c]J< 

'*Charie<, if Lord Fajtbalc call^ dct:iin him ; I am very anxious 
to %eie him," 

T!i4 Gentleman s Ma^asine. 

" Yes, sir," sani Civtrica, tc^viiq; thv room u »oft1)r as ho 

" 1 arn wuiuig yout time, and my o«n I r«nr," nid Mr. Vtftyc ^; 
" a my micsioii xucnssfiif ? " 

"In rcipcct pf the money?'" Ai<J tBc mcmLcr, with tmOdtiicx 


*'Wdl, yna!H^r, Mr MAnjn,**£ik! ihcmfmbet, ri^'ng and pluiling' 
ht!i feet ftmjtyupod ihc hcuth<nt|t ftndgfWnf hbl>dck thcfuU bcMfil 
of the fire; "ihe quesiton is ftvery delicate one. PriortomydectiOT: 
1 ^ould haire had no difficulty \ then I was not pltdgod to the 
nalioruU w<.>rJi oa il were ; then 1 vr:i-s noi in tlie Hnunt. bound \o itA 
(ttttLini of honour -tnd tE3jcjKridcii<:c \ iiuw- in niyprc»cnt posicioQa.-v 
a mcinlrer of PariiamL'nt, .1% t. \<:^^X^ h-tving taken ecftain oathi ^ 
Hid cntcrud ii|ian cot^iin dultcsi, it would ill L>ccoroe roe to avlwDce ^| 
imirry \n ihr ititCTt%t of prirty jfn]ni;ilism. A* t n]:iUtfr of irtEmtiun 
I should like \,'i s^tc yuni -1 cheque for iin> thi^mnd pounds ; u 1 
ijUCHtion of (July I cannct*' 

"Thai is your anitwcr. i don't UBd<r«amJ the prrtcnded philo- 
itnphy of Ir, hiu k menu* No " 

-I few «>." 

''In spile of your «wii irords, -Wc rol be particular to > 
cMipIc of tliouxand if evt^ yon TtT|iiiri' ihe moiwy/ * 

•'I don't rFnJL-mber the wnrtK" wd ihc honest, ptAtti-4{30lten. 
Ubcf^-mindcd, aiiO (;]tHiitcjjL rtivnibu iui MiddlctOQ- 

•■Yoti rcmcml^CT bcrnx returned?™ 

*'Ye»,''«»id Mr Uoniull, ■'--ind 1 kKiII nlway's acknowledge RTfMlf' 
nindi indcrUffd tc yoii, hfr. Martyn, for thrtt honour, and I itgrtt 
that jou and 1 In this jnracnt bu:iine»i cannot qotie a^rcc with cidi 
other'* views," 

*' There w Ml oU Kn^udi proi'wbt'' said the joamtHsT, ^ * ! taught 
ytni tr> <wCm and jtiti dmwTi me,' " 

■■ I doii'E believe in iimverl>5i" Mid Mr, DmiwIL "^ If you reduce 
them 10 facta and figim:^ you find the balance of experience t^aioM 
them ; they arc tho aphofiMUtt 0) dir^nppointTncnt." 

-Good momini;" said Mr. Mnnjn. 

■• Good tnoming, Mr, Martyn," wkI the nicmlwT, * I liopc we »hill 
meet on t. nibj^t in whicli we muTudJly aifrec the next time T have 
the pleasure of «cuing }ou," 

Mr M^nyn hnil played Imrnfit card, Wheti Don Quixote rtscocd 
ihe plle)b«tavc9 tlicy rcw.inled hiin irillt vtonei and stole hia aqtdre'n 
as3. The jinjvii-ida.1 jkjarck.ilUt found iX/t^doXi a desert. Bc BCTtiT 


Sirmg^ iMaK Fi€iwn. 

a^ he fdi wliilc Hulking *km% Waicrioo Ftec, 
W td«etod lo jp> iu tliAt direction ithcn he left rkxradillr- lie pn&Kil 
the fine club-houAc ^vhc^c He tud once di»od irtUi Mr< DoiUBJt and 
hsif adoico othct mrmlicm of lh<- Ununc cif Cf^mmons, Arrived ai 
1Vaiftlg»r Sitiiitti% he w^ijltccl ron^kJ the r«uiiuiiix iherr— rnuml ^m) 
'round, untJ be thought a policxinaii Juakcd cuiioiuly at him ^ ihcn be 
vent mio Iho National Gallery and a^t down oppcMili; a. luriKT, h 
.mind, hoivrviT, being Ut nvjy frritii tlir cunny mbu of ih« luMJsa 
belijTc hioi. '^ Poor JaxwU," he uiM lo himftelC " Poor Jacolx* 

Prc*entfy Mr. Mflftyn returned lo his hotd. 

"Lcl mc hdvtf m/bJI," hr aajtl, »illiD£ down at an empty uUe 
it«ar llie? lire. 

"Itighu VT," WIS l>»c qnirk rc*i|<inM-, 

''VcrycoldaorunjL'nid A crufT^^K^ce m the opposite ndc of the 

Hf, Manyn n»ognted :i soiUfm^n «liofrx he lud cmr in the 
'iMDkc^niiim iJfi the iirrnuvs uighL 

**lta,'-u»lKfr. Mirtjft. 

"Exoue mc, you look as if »c i*^erc IwUi i» the moie box.* Wiid 

'^ I don't iindoniLsii!," uiil rb^- joom^livi. 

"You looJi diuppoinied." 

*'I«n,"uIdMr. Mutyn. 

"CoHuarfitee buuncu?' takl Uf:- «ir^n^. 

*'Ko,'nfdMr Manyn, 

" ] tun iiccii you bcTorc," aid the ^Tranger. 

**ldiiaklcAa»ythcwmcwit!i rcin^tovoui9cff,*fa>d Mv^MnilyTk. 

•T<»," Mid the sinarper- " Vw ban up now every >cjMi>n for nx 
yean ; for five ycont I h.ivc ojjjjmi-il i nilwiy coming tfiroagh my 
CstMe; and for fire yein* [ have biratcti ilte fnanutlcn tn <ioe \ny nr- 
Aoollicr ; ihia time ibey h&i c l]cn Kn me." 

"Indftd." <wd Mr. Mnrtyn. wonderiiifc for a tiimiKiit how wurJi 
^iM vonef' had been wnttcd m the litipdon. 

'*Yc^; lhi> bcxsiim I cimc v\i Ui oppose the line tf>i"g in a todi 
drrcOion, uisic*iil of ihroiigh my tind ; they actually, sir, had th<f 
■Ddncity to make rrc«1i plftc^ and t^ve me out of (hctr eakulaticnn 
altogether I ind, by tJie Lord H.ttry ? they haFc Lirk«d me^ lir I and 
it hai cuHi IDC-, one %ay iLnd acioihi.?, not less tluu tnmty thcxisnnd fl 
poandk" ■ 

Tkeobatiwiteohlfnanio&sedulTttie Iaci slasa of n bottle of ahe3T>\ 
and MMCkhig Ufc bps, tald '* But lit be even vith the beggstfi yt1» il 
it oMtt QIC laoAer iwcMy." 

13* T^f Gmikma'iis Magazine. 

And yv\ Mr. Mattyn's tttix ^d hoDeat }ic»|)ea wtire to be bligbud, 

bis^ood nam^ mUicfl, hu con's future madcr mUcrable |icriup«, for 
the want or;t (X}iiplc of thoiii^tnd |>oiinds 1 


THE LA^r OF jAUUl/a \iKY\"^ UAVS AV tARTilWN ; LfON WlflCM 

WnKN he wrote the letter mentioned in the previous chaptCTi 
Jiicob M-inyn luile ihuM^^hi ht woidJ ht siiddrnly Kumrnonod 
iLome a few months aJier^vonb : and never fcr \\ luoiiiL'ntH in all hi» 
drcama and spccuIiUions tclaiive lo the futurt» <Jid he caltuUlc upon 
sudi events i!i those which were then progrejisin^i lu«-ardh connim 
maiion. So ^ir as he '^it^ cuncemed, dmi short >tp.icc of imie had 
been full of hippineu. lie had frequently aeen I>iicy^ ibey had 
vAlked h;ind in hand, fuU cf hope, through the dead leaves of 
antnmnj and Jaeob bLid written l« Lucy, iind l-ucy had ivrittcn to 
Jacob, when u^inwr set iry barriera and very i»arly sui^seit between 
llie yuunj; lover ;iml \\\s h-ilf- holiday walks to the hou^c iinii>[ig Oa- 
irccs, Mr. Spafl'lms had once or twice been on the poijit of 
writing lo Mr- MarijTi upon the aul>jeet of the lender rcbtionfihip 
between Jacob .nnd Lury; btit he h^id c;ich lime diniiiivted it 04^ 
LinwiJtiliy uf ^eriotia Allcntiun. Boy& will be boys, he thought to 
biniflelft and prls will bcgLtts with ihi:^ addicion in ihi: present cAAc, 
liowcver^ ntn on Mr, bpawEing's dioughU, that there ore few gh'Es so 
fair » Dorothy'* twusin. 

"I ani Tiottj'/* began Mr. Spawbng, at b[eiilf:i?il on a March 
momint't wHidi Jacoh M^trtyn h^d c^usc long to rcmcnibcr. ''i am 
CKCCCdingly sony 10 leam, Jacob, thac you rnust leave tjs to-day 
on a Journey of n sorrowfttl chnmeEer, Vou hnv-e had A letMi ihll 
inomiii£ ?" 

" I have, au, ** said ] acob, sadly^ 

Spcn gaacd stedfawlly mio his cofftro aiji, and Uorothy, iootirji nt 
Jacob with tcflfs in her eyes, said she "* hoped things would Eiirn Otit 
better than was ihoiighu" 

" 1 tniKt ihcy will And yon muat be hopeful too, Jacob, nny boy ; 
but never forget that we dl have our cares and troLiblcft, and that 
there are times when adversily i* n blessing, eoming to uk a« the 
forerunner of real and kstinit peace/* Jiaid Mr, Sp^iwling, 



Siratigrr ifutn Fktion. 


Span still loob«(l at his coffee, and team trlcUod slowly dowi 
Doroth)'*! m Jdy cheefei^ 

"Yoti h'tVL- my heartiest sympilbj, Jacobi 1 ^all fvel yoi 
trouble as if \\ were my own, Wc have been acquainlcd witli cach^j 
other A long time now ; and for my dwn pan, Jacob, Ehc more \ bava, 
known of yoit the higher }Oii have risen in my estimation. Do not 
ihkik I ftttter; 1 wu iiol given tu mtrn; IJp uniipliments ; you 
«ill have the good bcnse to re^Jtrd vrhat I £ny in the [Jrufxr light. 
PnUM And comm^ndntion, faiil/ Citrncd, represent a \\i\\ debCr and 1 
pay it willingly and with utis&ctian.'' 

"You :iic vrry kind, sir/* slid Jacal^ a beam uf gmiitndc lighting 
up hi* expronTc features. 

"Whatever may be mif ros]X!ciivc derfiiiics, Jaeob, J am sure w< 
iholl always rcmfoiber e^ch other aiih esteem and T(«peeL'* 

"Yei^ sir," said Jarok 

"Wc uiimoc say wh^i the future may h.iTc in store for us. WLett] 
a^lull^n tinges the leaf it:^ Aurc decay has begun. The fruit fitJls with,] 
iUown ripenett. Bui true affection live« on totheUst; and memory ^ 
hat conEoling pleasuns, sad lliongh they iomeiiines be, for thosa 
u^olux'c lived ti* wear grey hiiiibn Old uicii look fur Oidr plenxurrs 
JD memory. It ia youth whidi looks hopefully into the future. May 
yours bo a bright one, ]a<x>bl Mo not c^ect il to be without] 
cloudJ, and tform;;, and temiie«ts. Aflli^'tion will lurcly come to you, 
sooner or Ulrr. Alrrady yuu hiivc tasted tjf the bitter n^p, Whon 
neat it is presented to your lips, take ll meekly, aubmiiisivcl/. <ind 
Tdij^iously. We oie tho ereatnros of an all powerful and beneficent 
Bdng who ordains everything in a good and wise end. He puts ut 
ihrough thi' Ore of -idversily tluit wc inay be made the purt-r for d:e 
bsrain^. ai^d our olHJctions^Arc the o^pring of His mercy. If ever I 
yon (nd il difficuU to realise this, my dtar boy, ^'o down upon your 
knee* and seek irutmotlort and consolation at th<^ hands of iiim who 
vUI never dpstil you so Itjng .is yoti seek Www ; drjd whose luvr it on ^| 
infinite a^ llis wi*tIom, and whose mercy cnd«Tcth for ever," ™ 

Mr- !:>pawUng spoke thefc word:f ^q tolemnly, wiih an cloeu- 
lion w touching, and \x^ a voice to rich jiod musical, thai his hcarets 
were no le^ ;uii>nia]ied Oiau ihcy weie ofTcclcd. And when Mn 
SpAwliag, alter a short pause, said, ''Let us f>my/' they fell upon 
their knees and jobed the schoolmaster in his «upp!icitions with true 
leligious fervour 

Kamily prayers hod not foruied puit of tlie domestic ommgements 
,of Bir. Spiwling's household, thoujch ^ blessing wa^ ^kcd upon every 

odt ood Mr Spawling frcciuenily closed Che day by reading a 
Vot.DC,N.3. J87T. 1. 

Tli€ GrfUUmaits Afagasinf:. 

diapltf from the Bible; so \Yz\ there- vas ^omdhbg unusual Id 
jKcaeiit ^rucccdm^^ nhich would Imvc bcco impicftaiic fiom Ua 
novclly bod il not been touchinfc ficm itn eankcstncsM. 

Tbe truth ij,the letter nhich Mr Spauling Imd received prepared the 
schoolmuti^r for the e^enl of Mr. Mnrtyn^^ de^ttH, vrhicli it vjis feared 
HXiuld Uikc pidce widtiii a few da>N I'hJ:) s^ tivhb cuuld liarclly be 
aaU to have been unc:ipGctc(i> though Ihc in formal lion did ai hbi accm 
to conic wit]i terrible suddenness Un \\m lo^t. journey to Jxindon 
Mr, Manyn harl takt-n a severe cold. wUkh htd settlrd upon ItU 
liiiig^, in nfldiiion to uhicb lie had foi some time put lieeii sufltdng 
from di&ciuc of the htfttL Foot M?. M&rtyn WlI^ dyio^ of di»p- 
pomuiic^nt ujid iroutile. If his joiLrtey tol^ndon hj:id b««n BocooatuJ, 
he would tLoi Kftve Laketi cold, Mencftl juxiet/ and vony predtS- 
jwsc men to all die oiLnenis undet dte »un. 

'^ And now, good-b) c for the present. Jacob," uid Mi. S])awiing, 
puttink^ out his iiind, " Kcmttnber my word*, and God blew you." 

"Good'bye, sir," said Jacob " Yoii h^ivc l>cen vei^ kiod to me, 
and L fctudl never fiK^I it/' 

Hr. Spawling here kft the room, juat oa SpcEi began to give sole 
of (he conmoiccment of another schohutic day. The bcU loUcd 
lEowly thU morning, from fini to latst. Speit ailer^'ards told Dorothy 
iliat he frit as if lie weiL- upiTdting al a fufiecuL 

■'How flulcum Hurler wto ! It's cnou>;h to upset ajiybody— I 
wonder he did so," t.iid Dorothy, when she was alone with Jacob- 
'* But he hoj changed of Uie. He gets drcamiag up in that focm, 
and re4iling uniil he U quite strange sometime*. Tlic Erltrr yau got 
did not»y Mr. MarE}!! was danf-crouily til, Jacob, did it?" 

*' No, Dorothy. Aunt Keibh says thai futhcr has been tmwvU finr 
sonoe weeks, thic he ift wone touring ihe hut few d.tyf^nnd wishes loe 
:o come an*} sei- hini. I am rot hi much iilirmed at it, Dofwthy, u 
i othcrni»c might bc« l>ccAU»e 1 hare ai^kcd him to let me leave 
icbLxal, and Aunt Kc^c^ aaySv m a postscript, that it \a posubJc J Ufty 
not return to Cariown ag;Lin." 

" Vou don't ^ay so, Jaiob I" 

'' [ do ; yoo know why I wUh to leave bcre, Doiolliy '" 

*' Weill yes ; and I bkc you for it, nir. But stdl 1 am sony,** 

"VounnuG take cart: of Lucy for me» Doroiliy," 

** Ah ! heaven blnti hei. You will go and ^> i^ciod-bye to lier?'' 

*' Of course 1 aMI. Doioihy." 

^ Yoa can %t> on there now ; Will TLmstcr can taW up your box 
here, and caU for you on his way.*' 

" Ttuuik ygt^ Dorothy ^ how kind and considerate you are-" 


Spen entered the house at thU juncture, with a ttnall vctteL ia one 

liaott juid « piece uT Imium ink ui utiother. Tl itik innpfitTig'dajrr 

ihc mcninuQ hM) bcca flUia^ in iJic wary siukiith wnggliag 

iv'tttutK lincc* indicating rtvcrs aroumi the wt^pm hcmbp^erc- 

** I Jim nut otf [o bitj ycu ffood^lsyc^ Jicot^'* »kl Sprn. " Cbecr 
up; duu^l lje fti^hlrticil n Mr Spawliiig bdag ttj tia|[k: itiu fDoming;. 
Iw KM auricd t^ny by Im fcdinp taid bis doqucnce.'* 

" 1 am &ot tfi^htcncd, ^pea," *oid Jacob, i^hoking his fticrtd by Die 

"Thai'8 right ; good byr, Jflcol:^" «id Sppn, rriuming the grup, 
*' Wc iIiaJI aoon race! iiiain h U:l li[* mc i IcUcr." 

Tben their eyes met ; they looked sadly :it each other, and ^'Good* 
t^-c " WW repeated m 2 low whisper- 

"ir 1 Khuiid nui come l>iick, Spcit," uid Jacob, fulloning ttie 
mappa ii Jiv dowly lcf> the house *' i-oii will " 

" WiiK Co yo» every day," said Spcn, tinifrhmi; the scntE^ncc 

"Yej, but that it not whai 1 ^-Js going to %ay. You will 1 * 
said Jncob ]MUiieft a netoncl timi^ 

Never fargct you. oud take llie fir^t Oi>]iQrtunity of Kcing 
A^na.'* Mid Spcn. 

**¥«% y«fl, my dear fellow," uid Jacob, "and you 1^ have on ty^ 
MOtt LaCf foicetiniot ; and watch uvrr her for roc in my flbscnce.** 

'*LiKy1 ah, blcKi her, won't J, though? But J;ti:olik iHi)»pasc / 
«u to Call in love with her.** 

Jacob smiJed at Ibe renurk, «od Mr, S^pa^ing*! two boarden Hhook 
once moK. a&d parted. 

"Now I l}iiiik I will |{c, Dortilhy/'^aid Jacob, iC'Cntcnng ilichouac. 

" Dcu mc. Iiow one thinks oT-dl sortf ofibin^^whcn folks is goiiijE 
airty like this," «aid Dorothy. '*'J here it oiie thing I wa&t to uk, 
10 that nothing «hal] be on nay mind, Vou'll never think nbr^til (hat 
ntaming 1 v^is id r>ugb with yau^ Jatob — (he very 6rsi mormiig yoti. 
came? Lot', how time does lly. tu be Aurcf " 

"i ahaU icmemlxr ELOthiDi* but your kindncs^t bec^tuse, indcdd, I' 
Fhive oc other TOcmori«« of you, HoTothy," latdjjtcroh. 

Id Urm than half an hour J;^mh wiw walking tii the )vmtiC ainoitg 
,tlie iree^H A M^rch wind rollicked by him on hii way. Ilit tinkling 
Icfahecj^bcIU cARic over hedges that were swelling witli the carbnt 
[junimaiuig iniluencct of tprieg- FleldlabouranverecAningiocach 
Other; and ihvre wu a Ckvah eartliy smell fnnn the ncwly-iuTTicd 
Ciinuwis iliit wcic bejiinning to inakc ton^ linen on the brown soil, m 
lif Nature had lumcd Miioohnastcr and were ruhng giant co]>y book:«, 
Kooks were cawing in the uttst and holding great meeiiDgs OLbouL 




7)i# GentUmatis Ma^azin^. 

fAinily rigbu uf buil<i]njE on ccrtua branches, Suntjiy other bircits, 
which had nuced in the previous month, lu-^e g^tthcring wool 
and Micks ^nJ Uiy Tor making nosts in mit-of'iJic-wiiy places, Tlic 
world which had bccri dcjd w.>s coming to life again, Jacob w*^ 
almost shocked at his own wnnt of seDsibthty. Hefdt happy in spite 
of his father'n illness >ind notwilh standing hisscl^mn paningwith Mr. 
Spawling- Soimwsr^i^mtrd lohim at that lime an imposfihlcsmsacion. 
The long of birds, the chattcnag of roolts, the labouKr whJsiUng \i\ 
the fii:Ids, the hnght sunshine, the bursting bud^^ and the hoi 
pulsation of first love in his heatt — Jacob's fetlingi were in »tn>rg 
symiwihy with nam it 

" How yo^ frightened nic J" Lucy exclaimed* a§ Jacob cntcfcd the 
cottage unperceived, 

"Is the siiqirise :igreeablc?" ^aid Jacob, stealing huE um round 
Lucy and kissing her before she coald reply, 

"Jacob!" said Lucy, starting from hiii side, '^you arc positively 

Lucy's eye* fU&hcd. She picked tip hot back-conib and looked 
almost angry. 

** I ftra very aorry," said Jacob. " You arc angiy," 

''No, indeed lam not," said Lucy; **bul you stirphscd me iit finti 
and then to tako that sudden itdv.'Lntage of my confusion \ " 

Jacol* conld not telT whether Lucy tva* -iii^iy or not. 

" And you have caught racio the middle of housc-clcaDing," she soiiL 

That was the grievance. Lucy did not object to Jftcob kisnngher ; 
i>ut «he could not endure his i^ring her with dirty hand^ Her &ec 
was not tlt;in cithL-r, and slie h:id a grimy iipt^jn on. Fancy Hebe 
cleaning the hcaitlt witli n disiy face find her hair falling down ! 
Jacob thought Lucy all the prettier for this domestic laint. Her 
checks vrcTc red, and her print dres( showed to perfection the round 
ronTour of her iigurc. There arc tadies in Mayfair who would look 
very drabs in sucb attite uud with dirty ticcs (if such a coniingenqr 
were po&aibic), but Lucy would have looked bdyhke^uid Hebc-Iikc 
under any circiini stances, 

'' Ah, yon will forgive me when ymi know why I have ronie^' said 

^'1 do forgive you; I should not have objceted even to yoar 
rudeneM if 1 had been dressed/' «aid Lucy, 

" ! am going to leave Canown/ *flid Jacob. 


"Very soon." 

"Next week?" 

Sirmigtr than Ficihn. 

" Eirlicf thw tliAL" 

**0h# Jacob, you shouJ<l have told me bfifofc," sAid h^cy. witli 
kxA of reai leodemcid, 
"Vou are aonjr," said jAt-ob> 

" It 13 vcr> sudden, in ii noi ? " sdjd Lucy^ not quite willuif; to say" 
thu ahe *M very sony, 

■■ Vou will think it tuddcn and x liitic Rid," said Jacob, " wUtn you 
ImovaU about it," lowering; hh voii^cr -tnd prctKiTt^ the hand that 
vnndiow or other )j«l fuund ila. vcay into his nvrn. 

" Tell mc at once," said Lucy, " or I shall think ;tomething very 
dreadful has occurred/' ^m 

" To^fly, drar, lo<iLi>%" »id jAcob. ^| 

Lucy did not m>w iiltemj>L to dUguisc ht:r sorrow. Her nalure ifr^ 
euthusLastie thun Jacob '^h She was not eeuiJy moved from the 
lenour of her way. To her. Lift wa* a calm river, with none of Ihe 
g over precipices and Ira ping over stone* wlikh wrre chflr:icieT- 
isuc of Jacob's tctupcrjLmciiL Lucy's was a itulet, luvm^ nature timt 
lOon bent to circumstances. She liked a bit of finery, as lici aoot 
would truly sxy — vhat pretiy girl docR not ? And she liked adniira- 
tion. When some of the gentlemen who came to ihoot over rny 
lord\ »ttte called at the coltugc. Lucy zdwayH JEHilced her bent and 
vrzs u haughty a^ a queen. Slic niadc fun cf Jacob when fir.-^t he 
came to the cotioi^c, mimicked his voice and minncr when he left ; 
U« by degrees he gained a higher plnce in her thoughts • IiU com- 
jnnionahip lud Umken down ihc iiKiiiolciij «f her eiu«ene<'- When 
ihe found that he was goinj; to leave Cartown her voice tdkred, her 
^^^ heart boat convulaivety, .^nd u'lien ghe wciit u[«tair« to wruiK Iivt tice 
^^V md change her dre« there were tears in her eyes. She forgot her 
W uioni5cation at being diiicovercd cleaning the house, and she c^me 

I domi again with x bright blue ribbon In her hair, and a cIcjji, pretty 

I (kent and coctuetCish httle apron ^ and while Jacob sat ^dinuin^ 

I her the took a litElo hand-bru^h and gave the f nishing touches lo the 

I (xJished and shining liearth, nhich )uid l.jeen cleaned and liiightcned 

I by her own fair handjL 

I Jacob told her he woi facing to begin the world for her sake, and 

^^_ win a name for both, when nothing but dctth could pitrt ihem. He 
^^H naa not likely tu relurrv lo Curtown again lo live^ Midilletoo uvu no 
^^^ dittamff uxily, but stiti tlicrc mtos the panin^; under suci: diJTercni 
I dicumstanee^ to thofic M'hich ha^ hitherto marked their partings, 

I ■ Heretofore they had only said "Good night" Now ihey would say 
I ** GcNKl-byc."' When they mcl again wcnild aii/diiitg have occurred 

^^^ to cbugc their love } 

31*1* Gsnfianan*s Magastue, 

*' How silent you ire, Lucy/' said Jacob, leaning ov« her chiir, 
k Xm^y wiu ^^f quicc all tlie chy lung ; all licr movcoicau wcfc 
more Kittle ih^n usiiaI, When ^c did apoxic it vji-s ^mcmt in i 
whisper. Jacob wcis content to sit vuti her hand in hu, littcniog 
LD (he birds singing, and wilh hi* brain full of bright picture* of ihc 
fiiluie- Wht-i ihty u-alkcd mil toj^cthur sin: Jeaiicd inorv liCiivtly 
•fill hii atm than ever h!ic had dene before* and the scehc of the firtl 
real porting seemed Eo dccpeit into ft tt^cred fefliogi aoonlidinj^ Xt^Vt- 
fiilne^s, fh:3i \K•^^ br^ inicrpfMir^ by Kilenire- t Jjq^ lud not Icrkown 
h(jw much idic loved Jacob ifntil notr, and tbr coni(^iouiai(f^?i that hiK 
love was rtciproc.iltd heightened Jacob'n hopes oi days to come, and 
if pOKRtble jiiade \x\cy beL'm lo hin? more beaulilul l^ian over^ 

Mn. Canmll and h?r husband bad gone oni to sec a nnghbonr 
zt Cioxdcy wbnin thtry tmd not vUitni for nuny ycAr^ The old 
mait had only left his bed about :i week previously, and the chaDgc. 
it was ihought, would be benc6cud to hwa. 'Ilie squires steward 
had oScredt the day bi^for«^ to lee a con^^anee (which wa« going 
dtfOUjEb CnNHleyand would Trcum in thr- evening) (^11 for them, uid 
ihc poor old couple had made holiday— ihc fmc foi a good roiukd 
number of ft:ai%. 

So tlw bvcn were alonC' The time fHimcd very rapidly. Th«ir 
talk wail ehwily ihi; language of the- eyt and thr pr&ttirT of ibe i^and. 
And alill the dock ticked ajid bcit out the time vitli man cUoua 
■peed. The IlUIo apritcs that ewung upon the pciidufum tent it to 
and fro with a Evifi perveraiiy ; a malicioiis hand tiirned the JingcTT 
round ajid mund, in pmvnking h.innnny wth thr ^wjiyinH iirnduh^m. 
Tbe Axe in the ahiaing graEc bumed ijuiddy, and soon be^^me 
white and duiLy, as thuiL^^h night were conun^ before the aAcmoon 
wftsover; vhilc a orickct began to nng loug before iH ciistotnirX 

Al Lcngih Ijjcy placed cups <tad sauccn uijon the laUe and made 
the ttL Hoir dcli^lful it wa« to >cc l.ucy cutting bread and btiRor 
and tiUicg at Uie head ol the table; 

"Sunie flay wl' Hi:iy hiT in our own hou<(C and havr lea logeHieT,* 
laid Jacob- 

" Wc mu^t not Ihinlc of it ; ftnt love is never ■ucccsirul, Doraiby 
eajl,'* lAicy replies], inth a toueb of her former archness. 

" DonMhy doe* not think 10 in bcr havt, tbougti she may say so," 
«avMrercd Jacok 

** 1 hope Ic earn a houK reiy Mon ; -voukt you not ItVc to lire in 
Ion, Lucy ^ Mr. Spawling aays i^ndoo la the place for enter 

ling spirits." 

** I dm\ know," uld Lucy ; " it b -my UaU Ucrc." 

" Yc«t v«ry ; B it not P J wiali >-<ki lived in a tovm, Lucv." 


"I doo't IcDoir; 1 ■l«a)H ihinlt samebody wJiJ be nianiog 
wiiU yoii <Uwn hctc" 

l^cykui(hcd .xt thU, and r.oid Jacobwtm tLsiWyYtoy. 

'• U" I wotc a lord, or a gitat nun's son, and came here to shoot, 
and had plcniy of moiiry. I should ury and ran atray wiiii )'ou," itaid 
Jacobk lufiding Iaicjt her own bread and barter. 

" Ye% but other people nrc not so wily a* you arc, Jacob ; yotii 
think K> ranch of mc, you *ec." 

'' I <lo, in*IrvJ ; )uu are all the wofW lo mc, I^ucy j yoti ihall 
»onci« day I vriU do wonderful thtnp ; It U d pity tJiis a not the age 
of hnight^mmry." 

" Voti would go to the wav« th«n and be killed, and a gmt 
oTjixid that would do/' taid Xmcj. 

And tbcy went on ulkin; loven' Lilk unlil lime fircmnl 10 be m a 
conspntcy against them. The wind birRin to rise; the evening 
ihadows lell upon the :vkndov'; the clock ticlted fiuitf than eTCT,> 
JaiCob^ after a great dtnl of p^miasion, induced Lncy to *ing the' 
&ctory hytiLQ, tn whkh die Uukc do*n ami bum im« tears, artd' 
then, for the fint time, J-icob wished ihc last ([*e minutes were uver. 
Hit sweet torrowfi of parting; were giving way to the bittcmeu o< ^ 
laying farnidl. ■ 

"My dear, dor I^ucy^" mad Jacob at hul, both hu ann« nrand the 
ivvernog ||:irV "good-bye: God1>k» jon'" 

nm TuEutcr's horn mounded Khrilj And clem throtigh ttei 
ksflen iTCti «f March. Before the echo pafitajitt! of "Toad 
Moody" iioid icached the la>t ciuivcrmg v^alioii, nhidi m-a\ Wtll^ 
cipccbl pride and kIot)'. [aeob was at the cottage door. lie went 
airay with the picture of ii in his memory, to cany it about with « 
him, tn All inio htft dreams — (he home n( ha love, the «ccne of bScfl 
hippicit hour.-L Jacob Ltd rjften l^lkctl uf ihc battle of liCc ; he Tiad 
picttired faimaclf a riclor in die condicU coromg home in triumph to ^ 
■taod beside Lucy at tli« alttt. From this time— this last dayatfl 
OfiCrin'ft— hw fiDldicr«hi[\ hit rouragr, hn prowen, hfs ^nduTMDCC^ 
lia Ibiih in love and <iut>' were 10 luidergo pr^x oials of warfare., 
\r-ll TtuMer'a bom was sonndinjc the f tut tJann of die battle- 




Mioi>lilto^i-in-t»i:-WaT£V. I bcHcvc, rcUiiia many oIJ customs 
^vcn in ihc (iresem day. NeiElicr badger- b.ii ting ncr cock Aghting it 
quite extinct in the North Midbncl liorougli. Wife healing U looked 
upon as die cxvidsc of u manly tight, llie provrrli of a sj>anidr a 
ivoman, and a walnul Ircc iKin^ the better for beating lud its origui 
at MiddkTon. Jn the €,iH>' days of Jacob Martyn llicre vert 
trapper girls in the [^is and >voineo-«Lnves ori the hsnk;;. Middleton 
foiighL lurd lo rcuin ihL'iic glorious tiiivili.'ges when FarlJaiucQt ittitt' 
feted with tlic local rights of propcitj'. Liltlc sweeps were forced up the 
Middletcn ^ucs long after tJic* Actof I'&rliAinent ^^-^iuBt this particuhr 
kind of cruelty wa^ p35sed. In the old days ihcy used to dirck 
shrews, burn ivitches, drive stakes through suicides, and a^wxitble 
tofctW in joyoois cro^^dii to sec riiminal't whipped or hanged. 

The Middktonions clung to everything old, ivhethet it was bad or 
good. The moit harmless of thdr ancient customs ^a& tku of the 
curTcw belb It wa^ totllng its Jacob :]]id the mail driv-irr ntram] the 
town, tolling jii^t as it always had done fiom the i\i^i. and the sound 
broiight back to Jacobs remembrance many strange lecollcctionii, 
including that most memorable incident cf all, the arrival of his Aum 
Keiiali, U'fl] Tunstcr answeted the bdi wiili a solemn l>u^lc 
performance of "Tom Moody/' after which he resumed a somcwkit 
higubricnis attempt at convct^iion, which had not by any means ticcn 
surpcisful on the road. Now that they were entering the town. 
however, Will iliout'lit it was necessary Ui come to the i)oiiil at vhkli 
he had long been aiming* 

" Hope you won't be down licartcd, ' be aaid in his strong nc»rihcni 

"1 do not know that I have- any particular cause to be so,'* said 
Jacob, wF:o had received a very ditfercni letter to that wliich Aunt 
K^^toh hod written to Mr. Spawhng. 

'* I'm afearvd tliou has, Mctter JhcoIj, but thou won't be bo anick 
ai Arht OA stdt^t \Micn a r^hap falln down and is hadiy huri^ \if 
doein't feel it tto itmah at the tinic aa after, thou ^cci>." 

Will Dickcd hit hom« with the whip by way of cniplia«[% jjid 
Jflcob made no repl)'. 

"I had a talk with Dorothy, ihou ^eea," went oti tlie driver, 

Siran^r iJmit FUtit>n, 



'' before I took up thy box At S^jawtin^^i ftnd I'^c hcArd flummnt o' 
irhai'a bocn going on in these f artt latch . Had Uick ^-n^ys, runs hi* 
c^tilc in pftif%. ^' 

Will flicked hia ht^rac moin^ and diag^cJ at the icinfl u if hi» 
wUling Meed were dtae of the <lcnaoiis ill bc^tlen cattle. 

" I <Jon't tindtmUnd yoti, 1 am nol prepared for ihc ill ncn* which 
yon seem lo suggest," said Jacoli, drawing nt-arcr to the ilriver. unci 
trying lo look u^) inirj hiKfuc, vhkh n'as impofaibk-, aecing thit iJiC 
night was d-irk, and that the town kunp^ were iht^rclbn: cot lighted. 

TTiey mrere ju» entering ttw toivn of MiildJctctn, Jacob could hear 
the vater nishing over the milt^wcir liy ihr brid^fi'. "Wtll, It's ■ jiitj- 
thou hut not be«n more prcpJLied, Jit:ob, " said llic driver, with a 
finulur e;\pK«ion of aymiwthy. " Kccf> hij ihy fipirita. It'a no 
good nice&ng a wmivr Btorra vitji ones jacket olf, as tf it va« 

"You aUriii nic, Wlll^" suid Jacob. 

" Noiy, dorrt be alarmed ; set thy Icctli, dcncli thy iaX^ and 
tuznraon thy courage/' 

'* Whftt is it, Will P ten me before we flop ; why this \a out house 
— we arc at hnmc-" 

" Hush, Ud ; don^t uty no mmc junt now ; \MLit a bit ; Lecp up (h> 
couEage ufld tmii m Uod," said Will, pulling hiK horse into a wiilk, 

llie curfew belt ha<l ceased, making thei^urldcnly noiicrlesit motion 
of the mail can mure tm^iicuive than the uncxj^cctcd silencu would 
otherwise have been. They were travelling over a muSlcd roadvray. 
Birk cutunt;a» from tlie tonnen-, had been Uid upon th« strccL So 
strong are local ^issoctAEicnn, That Jacob hji*; ni nnre rominied of the 
iiuartcr AC^ioa^ and the drj^li of an cmineni townknuui- Tun iiod 
beta chiefly lined, in ht» mcmorj. when the magistrate, '' in quarter 
sessions oiffumbled,** met to try prisoners at the old Town Hall; and 
on these occasions it is qucitionable whether ihe boy^, who rolled 
themselves in the aufr brokL'ri h^Lrk. and [>eUcd CikIi ol];ei niLh the 
uuuc did not moke more noIie than the coaches and coal carts 
«'Ould have done over the ordinary flj^s and boulders; wiih which the 
itreetsi were jxivcd. But when the bark w:is atrcwett before a house 
ill whidi dcotli wus busy, tu kLtt> the i^icK diaijiljct quieici than feai 
tad love could keep it. the &ign vraa a'Si)cctcd> even in Middlcton, 
oad the knocker might have been left unmulftcd. 

*'Swrely my father it not «eriously ill?" ni length saul Juicob to 
himself. Ele woai afraid t(j o^tk [he ijuestiun uloud. 

Tom Tjtey was standing in the street waiting to carry Jacob's 
boK into ihe hou4e. When the carl atofjped he canie forward and 


The GfHtUnians Magazine. 

aiii«ed Jacob to oTfglji, ncvfT mtcritig n wiir*!, but rctuming thi 
preaituic: i)f Jacob's lutid in a very <iiJTcrt:nl mirinrr to his grctiitig at 
CartOtvn when he nccomponicd Jilco1> and Mr. Martyn to Clum- 

Will Tunitcr very 'luictly moi-od on tii^ xvay, wlicn Jarob ^ni! Hs 
luggage wecL' in Tuin Tilly's oustixly. Tuni ttir^v tbc box ovci liJs 
5hoi:ildcr, and preceded jAcob into the Koiuc. 

"This <rtiy, Bir/ said a prim domrstiq and Jacob was ushered iaio 
a comfoftablf tlining-rofirn, which in iTw oUl lime had bren in 
fordinitry |i;irlour, Al Jatub's rcqucsU Tlhu look a scat Mid Jacob 
bcgar to question him, 

" How is my father, I'om?" 

•* Bad, Jacob ; very iJad, '" kii<1 Tom. 

"Biit — btit, TtJtn, thetc Is no danger?" «.ul Jacob, tn a EJlcr* 
inj toicc. 

Toiu held down liit huad, 

•■ Uoni be AiVaid. Tmri ; irlJ me mily, Tom, he hoTiwt with me,"' 

But Tom uiajniained .1 miserable silence, broken only by a n^ 
aud more ihniti JiroliS »roT:st fear? had predicicd since the mnil- 
rollcd softly on the bark caqjcl without. 

'* Illniev U cot the wont," laX last Mid Tom, rising and striding 
the apanmcnt. Ktlh tiin \\\}n compirssixl :3iiO Ilih hund^ dendied . 

*'For God'ji ttakct Jou'e drive mc mad V exclaimed Jacob, 
grasping Tom by tlic .trin. " [f yon care anyiliinii about my friend- 
shi|>, tcH me cv^ylhing. Am [ a foolj or a b^^by, or an idiot, that 
ymi h»ni .ind liyi. ami nod and sigb xind inflc uiih me Ihtnt?" 
JacfiV» eyes fla-ihcd with indignation. 'MS'iU Tunater lioitod tiw 
juA as ytm are Ircntin^ me. It ifl monstrous ; it is oitcl." 

Tom turned upon Jacob a surprised look, and etjopptng hi<. 
indignant proresc against funber silcnrc by a mt^Ton mf hialiand, 
add, **WelI then, Meatcr Jacob, you ^hall knoi^ .^11, Pull yonradf 
together, for you will need all >'our strcngih if you were a* old aft 
MethuveUh, Follow me; tilcady, steady/* 

'I'ijm led the way K> the kin lirn llie door being ajar, be re<inesicd 
Jacob to walk on tiptoe and peep in loward* the firc-placc. Jacob 
did ao, and aaw a dwTiHith looking man s^ttittg in the choir which 
Jacobs moChcr bad been aeensiomed to vue, and in whIcJi Atuil 
Ketlah sat on the firet night when she made her appearance '^fl 
Widdlclon. " 

TTjc simngcT waa by ro mcana prcposscwitijc iti appeanuiee- He 
>jvikfd lite a combination of *cverd people- The head was thai of 
tir m;m, and it wa* tccfe\'L 

Slran^^cr than Fkthn. 

|Im1>«1 dtvaif, wiih the Icp of & mlacr, who had Lcm tliciii out of 
their DJUura] shjipc dunnj; yn^.m of iaboar in harow nnd milling 
hcddiogv. TIuc combination n^« evidently oj^kcp vrith iti^ legs sn 
the frndPT, 

J^Lcub giicd in as^oiiialiiucHt for a few minutes, and ibcu locked 
C3£crly II Torn for ^n cxpLinatioo. 
'* Don't you know him Y^ Tom inquired, 
" Ni\ • laid J:u:obj following Tcini into the dining-room, 

* What : liot know itomabj Uu: ' 

* Yes. yea," &aid Jacob ; but «tUI he did oot »ccm to uad<T«Und 
what vnu the maUor- 

"Baraaby the bnm-hailifT, " wid Tom in a whisper, "He'* in 
jiOMCHioii of the pUcc." 

Jacob nlig^red tovruds i chair, u Mn, Gontpson cDtercd the rooa , 

"Your£alhcr would like lo ^tfe you, Jacob- Uear me, hour yoaVij 

Aunt KcaioK could iwA rewit t]ii* cafFrcwion of surprihc on firiding 
the weekly boy of a Ccw ycsn a^o a fine handMiDc fellow on the 
veigo of nanhoodK She lu<l a ba^n in one hand, and a lupkm \^^ 
Che other, which the had picked up a« an excuse for not thakirig 
hAnd« viih her nrphcw. She fcU for a nximenl half indined to biy 
them doitn, on looking at him ts^in. But the old antijiatby stom: 
when Jacob trcotcd her with quid, MlZ-pOfticsfteti itidiflercnce. 

*'|acob,"Tep<aicdMn.GoiDp*on, "yomr Cither wiahmo Me you" 

JatT-ob tiarcvl into viienncyt and remfttnrri idlrnn 

"Well : it \% hardly a time to try to make diaturbanccs." »id Mrs. 
Gdmpson, touuiK her bead, and nnlkmg away, " I vjU in hopr;^ we 
toiglit have b«Mi oa bciier Cennt than bttfore. " 

*'Stiy, «uy ; so n-c will be," naid Jacob, riuiig. "I am not well; 
I have beard tnudi wonte newA llum \ cxpccicdj indeed, I did nol 
d^cc Diirf»rtime of any kind/' 

•'Oh' <rf coune^" »id Auui Kejfiah, gloreing angrily ai pcor 
Tom; *'ihere'* alwnyH balililers to lell bad riL-w**" 

Tom wait butt ai thb cruel [aunt, but he waa compensated by a 
kind. sympAlIiiiinjc, A'^icful ulanee from Jacob, who said — 

" Tom did not ""ith tc tell mc/' 

"Of eoimc noti making it apptar all the worae by a little 
tnyiTcry,^ Aaid Aitnt Ke^lah- 

'*WdI,wclli tay no more about il," said Jacflh, son-owfullyH "I 
will go Co my lather'* room;" and he followed Mr Martyn's erratic 
ttfier K> ihe itair^^ue. 


ALF robed, with gold Iwir dioojjed o'er sliouldera 
She sits a* one entranced with eye* tliac gaic 
Upoti tht minotcd IJt'aiilics cf her fiCc ; 
And o'er tht^ dislnnces of dark and light 
She bears famt [itu5ic oflhc coming night. 
She heats the murmur of receding days i 
Her future life is veiled in such a baxc, 
A* hidn on sulliy moms tlic sun from sight 
Upon the brink of imminent change £Ke roands, 
Gbdf yet afraid to look bcj'ond the ver^i' ; 
She sluts, sLi at the touch of unseen hands 
Ijovc'i music sn^ndi lialf anihem .ind lialf dirge ; 
Strange sounds and shadows round her spirit fall ; 
But stranger lo her^irlf jA^ seeing llisn al3 I 

The Corral. 

REVIOUSLY to llie year 1S3T, up to which period ti>c 
fctiilal wTvfimk'v rtrniaincd m force in thy inland of 
Sin^Ii^l^ the roydl fiaalimc of the corral, wlih all JU 
ittracrions, v-'^r. di.itnjtdul to the mijorily of the 
Europcm rvitJentt^ The knu^vlcdge that from fifteen hundred to 
t«x> thuuKud tutivo lud liei-ii cuitipi^Ueil ai ihcir own coj&r lo 
provide ihe itakca ind tx^nli^c fur the cnclosuic, ojid were labouriog 
iiiipud to QtArk down and ir.iclc the elcphonu, intruded at times an 
imponunate reflection, which marred the enjoyment of the sport. 
Thrrr wrrr» mnfpovcr ^'i^iML■ \ignn among the Indiair* irf !<iip|irp«icd 
cage and rankling discontent. ThciT h]a<k looks and hulky »ub- 
imtBton yUTCd painfidly ^vith Ihc joyous Uunoour of the paid altendonta, 
and (ow i^cQUtort were fiufticicnily inicnAible 10 be entirely mioflrttcd 
hy the ronmat. 

The aboliliotKif vialulclabouj in the ihl«n0 ;>roduecd oii immediate 
and thorough chance. The native, paid for service? the pcrfonninec 
of which is aEtc^Chcr in jccord^nee with hit propenjtiiieA, findi 
hiniAcrtf in the fottiinale \i<n'\{\on of the fameJ Hradilith matron, juttd 
by Fhu-rooh'^ dau^htet ftjt iioiiii»]iiii^ her Qvrii Muit The tribes 
en^Io)^ are the Fitnikl^ or native huntsmen inhabitinjE* the Moorish 
vilbigcs of the north and north-i^'eiiccm diviftiorm of the inland, and 
ai tbrse are principally distitigiii.ihed by their p.-isiiifin for (he 
chose of the elqihant, it niay be unogbed widi nhal abnily they 
olwy the Governor's Atinmorki to a^bcmble for the criuipmcnt of the 

Once in iwd ycar^, ,it thcr md of the rice harvoft^ ihe Jungle 
becomes the ficcni: of wbjit nuy be aluiosl dcH!rit>cfI as a njilional 
!iolcmnEty. All dosses arc interested in it^ institution and reauit ; 
the priceis eocounge it ou tho ground of the ele[jhant's impiety >n 
caring the leaves of ihc/ri/M, a tree sarrcd to the ancient Ruddhi&i 
divinilten; Jiey also rctiuire elephants for the icrviec of their teiDpte«- 
The rich vie vith atch other in the number and ma^^nificcncc of their 
contingent of retainer*, -is well as in the caste and quality of the 
tme elephams dlspbtycd on ihe ocrAfiioa The middle dasiesy in 
addition to the enjoyntent of ihc^i't ore pcnanAlly inicmted iu 
the dimttiution of herd? of wild elephants, which ravngc the studing 


The CsrUkntans Magazine, 

Ctopa to fin extent mfl^ciimC at times lo raise the price of proviritons;, 
,The pcunnt, cinpbyed to help Uie hiint^iiiien, beside the recreation 
Of the; ipon^ hus die advantage of tc^'ular |^/ and rjiiJons for y 
moi^llu ill Micccaaionn 

The coiral, of which the nanne scrs'cs to dk^KiRiiatc the ennve 
proceeding, ii; in icscif an ininn^iisc amphiiheairp destined !<> receive 
thiT rJqihiintK drivfrn or rulicr couducletl into ti ty the jnUKtavrei 

the buDbn^cn. Thclar^ treoatc preserved witlun the eacto&iirc. 

'■Iteing recjuircd for Attaching the captive eleph^nit during the |>roce^tf 

of laming The smaller rrees Arc cleared from the ground, wiih Che 

l^nderwood and biuhes, except tov^;irU» the ^ppriu^li fiuL;j Uie jungle, . 

tbcit prcKjacc bcLng there indt^pcriMblc to oijuk tLic cniraDcc of the 

At a convcment dittance from the corral, under the shade of iDtrT' 
Liciu^ branr^hcs, rUes a oDi^slcvried Ijui Kpario]jLbuildin)>,<'on)iiriiciad 
CQlIfcly of bacnbooi^ and p<ilin4eAVc»t^iid bcoiiog the unspjlvAH NIDC 
of the '^Spcctatory htfliV \\tt< arv coniinodiou& dmingrooco^ 
befiroomft without ertd, and stores of provLaioiu for a mOQth't 
cicrupaiLon. The chiini1>er lluon ure earpeU-d vriili the M>ftnt pui^ 
frt^^h-dried ^nd frat^TLLiu fiuui llie bJv^miab uf Cu1oiiiIm\ dJid iitviling 
to Lhc bAlmicfft rest all those whotc pror^pccta for the ni^ht arc noihins 
troubled by the certain companion^ip of vampires and rnoiiqiiitofi of 
SEcrpenifi ani) tnormous spiddx. A wint^-eclhf and baih-nKTro coco- 
l^tc tlii» inijirDinpiu bungidow. the bath-room being nut la this aiw 
an in)pr;iciicable tiction, hut a positive and rcfrabmg fact, the ctoM 
ticiQity cf water bL'ing one of the conditioDi <A tht elephavtl'e 
choice of an enrumpmeni, 

A pLufDn^i r^itd fioiti the cjnerior, bui resting chidljf on the 
cusii^'C poftis of the encloaure, ovcrlooka the corral, and enables 
the Uovcroor and his (lierids to command the entire iicene- Ttkti 
posts are planted suffictendj' reor to cicli other tm prevent an 
clepluutt fiom |iftViiii|^ belwren tlieni, but ^ir wide enirij|:h *|Anigifl 
odmii the postaf^ of t. man. Solid as they arc the ffncinics nrc Icis ^ 
cfiectuxJ froio their strength thut from their imposing appcamncc -, 
an elephant eaertUig tl» power could easily breal; through ihern, and 
iiuttanco bate occurred wherj^ ;t !»iu(sle breach thua eifei-ned ba» 
cnabicd the whole herd to return to the jim^le. to the incoMtJible 
disappouitmcni both of the hontsmtn afid spcclatorti. The r<«iatan<ic 
of ibc palUadet is, however far lets relied on than the tin^idiiy cf the 
eleiihnnls, which seem tt) lie tinaware of dieir own iiupcndDUA wei^^ 
and whinh regard all onrtnuhor objects ^th nuimiiti and terror. 

Ab £oon a£ the ccml u com])leted, the tmckcn begm thdrp: 


Jt U »cm«Ui&c& i]i.-i.'Uful 10 fonn « circk of inaay taUcs 
tn ovdrr to cotnpriiic itithin ir two or aioro h^rds of cl^honu. Tbc 
Uackeit, adcctcd mliut/ from the iribes of iIlc Pnnikt^, liav^ hen? 
lo cxot tbcit utmost tkill and patience. The least abrnii tht 
iliglklcn ground for dttqui^udc wcvldc^iutethvdcphaniE toakindon 
thb mdc and depon lirei'orjbl/. At iIk- laine tiruc Ihcy ha\ r to Ixj 
kept in nictiou. mil gcnily urged in tlic diicLiioij uf ilie L-urraL For 
this purpoK tKcy ni\itX be ju^l cnoii^i disturbed, ^td no more. The 
cnckcn keep to Iccu^aid, and cons^untfy .ipply to their feet a 
aoditcncd sponge- The Indbn «ceni mi^hc oihetwiKc be ulccit up 
by the etepli^mts whkli ^^tnild inf:iUibly ptodui^e im init^nunnius 
and probably iatal pEuiic. Krom time to time the men trlii^per la 
CSncot, or whT&tlc thmly, if fit h^xk distaitcc Eind s^j^citntly coo- 
ctaled. On ihu, the hei<] fii;c in 3 body, jigiutc their iru&Li tnd 
cat^ and Icmlt with nniicty limards ihe Rpnl whrnre the tound 
IVDoecda^ till. rdMuied by the perfect stillneM ^hich succeed*-, lljcy 
by th«ir Cnink^ together and utm to agree tluit (he ckutn was IhUe. 
lie/ then (quietly resume thdr posmrcs 0Otn« brovrsif^komulonDing 
tbauMlvt^ >«iLh 1>i3nche« or bathing in the duit, yet ntt muving aft 
iDMmibly fioio die !iu&pecieii ijiL^itcr. 

Thn Hune nunosiivn; b repeated l)y the tr:ickcn for day& and 
n^jhCfl losether, till by degree the herd get tairiy within the hinilt of 
deration dcfinird by x spacwjus jinthw^iy leailing 10 the coml, Th* 
tatk of the trackds i^, buwcvcr. by no nicans ;iEk'viated ^ Lhe line u 
imaeinary for all preventive jjurpoacs, oiid formed dc:ilf;aedly of wood 
VsUuked, and di«gui»od lo the Jtixiost with leaves and branches, 
Sliould ilic wind T^iry and rtrnder nrrcf^Ary a ch-Tnge nf -imhiuh, or 
211) ca:(ikiliy txcuT^ i:ic]ier Lo caiiH: confus-ion ox thwon the i.anduct 
cf the elephants, the trackers hnve no alternative but Co lie quiescent 
and await ntith patience the ntum ot order. It n vldotn, liou'ev^r, 
that th^' nmd vatlcs at ih^ii «c»on of the yi^ir, and the pree^imicma 
of the htiauiiici) arc usually too well taken to be fnisttdHled by 
u&forc»Den occurrencea. 

Meanvhilc the Incken relieve each other with concerted regnlaritj, 
rmming bf parties for food and water, and kt«ping in daily cooi- 
nwmcjukni wiUjaM^tuni line uT tiackei% posted In the opposing 
direction, but too diJUant to need the same dcicrce of watchlulncss, 
or 10 riak betrayal by revealing scene I'his second Line is le&« aeleet 
in cocBposiuoQ than the fint, the ofikt? of iis nieiiibr.-r^ biding lubor* 
dinaie and the bt>otir cotnparalivdy ineapcinaiblr. 

ll tonctin^es h^ppciu that w. spite of all precautions the troop 
tafeci pEcraatu^ alann* lix such ca&c extreme mcaaurcs aic rc&orlcd 



TkeGmUcmaus Magazine. 

10. Aroclt«t fiignul makc;^ known the iSangcr to the second Hnct 
who, riglu and left, lomi livle rapidJv, with the first, lij;Htuig hufjc 
fire* between the inicnaUofThe iwlings, iiU ihe emtrc dicumfercnctf 
becomes rcpri'sunlL^il l^> 4 humin^ \\\v^. The depJjaiit* rush madly 
lo the froniicf limi^n. nhcrc the fii« arrest iheir flight, and ihcy one 
and all iitc]i );uddcn])\ Evrror-stnick and iremblinf;^ At the some 
momon ihi." hunicfs start up with shouts from iJieit conceilmem, 
waving n-d flag* ant! cliscliarg'ing pistols in the air On this ihc 
tlcphanis turn tuck anrl ninkc ^lirectly for the opposing l>oandaT>'i 
where the some friglits aAail thtni, until, driven from side to aide, 
and breathless wirh fxhaiisrion, they ixi lenyth reJi^^emble in th« 
renlre, ^hjtkln^ \\\\\\ vloEent ^.-mutluii, nilwijijng ihtlr Ininlt 
togcdicr, as if soJicitmg mLUiial auccair. and imparting to each other 
ihcir afflicting aiul nnactountable impulsions. 

The result ofsudi a turn of events U. however, not alu'ays in favour 
of the hiiiiL Soiiieliiiits the elephants. j,Town des|jer;itc and unron- 
sdoM, brc^ Llindly iUro«|{li the barriers in spite of flumts and 
scarecrows, and disappear far ever in the depths of some iii^troddcn 
fore£L And even when sticcesiful, the end is very often disappoirrt- 
ing. Affet a friglu so terrifying, it is usiiaUy found hopdess to 
attempt to restore ronftdcnci: to the demoralised elephants. And it 
becomoi absolutely necessary 10 force tlinn to advance. It follows 
too often that the; imconscions actors are driven on the stage prt' 
maturely, and the siicctatots thereby miss Ihc most exdting scene of 
the pcrfonoftnce. 

It is otherwise when tlie chose proceedG in the instructed order 
Tlw daily progrew of the herd towards ibe corral is iheo tegularly 
and distinctly gr,!^"!] ; (he tra^ier^ coni|»ute Ok- rcamess or remoic- 
nc33 of die cri-sis n-ilh surprising nicety, and announce dicir conclu- 
sions to the authorities with ndmirable assurance. A week or tai 
days before the term predicted, two scouts are despatched 10 an agent 
of the Governor, who ihcreii-pon iniraediarcly sends round lo die 
friends invited, and enjoins the oftlcLiI stalT to hold itadf in rcadincM, 
Neither staff nor viiiiori require pressing- Long before ihc appointed 
little, the platform and all available supports and fcotings are crowded 
to escas. Tins c.i^ti'iici*s, liowevcr, on tht? part of the |>ubUc by no 
means inflncncca the niorch of the elephants, whose ^val Is not 
always as a* the spectatora could <leslrcH The whole 
assembly have lomcltnies to keep their 4«cs, after the ojicning. for 
days and lu^^hts lugt'iher, merely lasting to anil fn>m the Iwilel wht-n 
positively necessary for rcfrcslimcnt. None, however, seem to flag , 
the biennial institution of the corral has l>ccoiac a veritable popular 

The Corral. 

pttttidn, and all regaid ihr su^prn^i- nni] wcnnuotfi of uniting a* 
rcdecibcd by Ihe exciicmcnt of the cvcnL 

TVk Gfluic of thc»c uutbrctiecn dsriays is xurious; n wild boor. 
CTMiing the patliway before th»; leader of the van, hu been known 
10 cause the enitrc herd to turn kick with j>rt^cipilJiiiun and atfnghi. 
A( oibci times £L ircop of Tiionkey^, ^pyJri^ out a bciiUnirl in hix 
ftmbnsh, have chattered inceuarLt naming to the c]c]>}tnnt3, .iTlCT the 
TTonacr ol nugpi^i m the cc^vers tn KngEand, Ihc clcpliontH, per- 
cdving nothing bitl drciding niiicb. have thereupon hahetj naddenly, 
ajiid TGEniuucd huddled m\i lo^clhcr in cuun^^l uiid pci]>1^xily 1<jr 
inany bourt in suceession; and on one occasion & wuuadcd iicrpcnt, 
struggling to quit the pntH before the advancing outpo^tc, produced % 
pinic, Hhich well nigh endL^il in the dispersion of the elephants And 
the t^Ld fnijtr»iion of tlic liLinteri' pavn^. 

At LengUi a eouad in th« distance of Ifampled ucderwood and 
cmcking branches announce« to the breath1e«8 aaecnibly the Long 
lonbnL for apjirtttch of the dejihanis. Prescnily the Icfider of The 
band posies tL[>j:4ck^sl/ tlirough tite cntr;ince of the cnclosLirc. \K 
fir^l he Looki otound with limid euriovil}'. tuminft his hcud from side 
10 tide wiiJi a cautious and uncAsy movement ; but finding nolhin^^ lu 
jfet 10 Coaflrm \i\% Mii^pirioim, hr conDnnc^ his way through \\e Iktal 
pu»a^, and at IjuI proceeds inio the coiraL Imniedixtcty the 
others follow, and Tioon afterward* the entire band ho-t entered the 
arena- The pas&a^e of the lost elephant in the s^ai for the com' 
mencnnent uf Lhr Kitife, A trrxip of it[jie» «iart up frozti their con- 
ceoJmcJiL tlia^ otTihc loose br.mcho which di^);ui&c the iJurulitf and 
•tlhc some moment let fall Iwom^sivc beams, which effectually dose 
the^Msing. Tlie noise of ihis ma];o?uvre, and the Kuddcn npp^ritjon 
oT the t^piet, stiike terror and dismay into the rfqtants. They tremble 
in oil their Kmbi, and then rcniain for lome moincnls moiitiiilrxs 
and par«l>'«c<^. A shout from the spectators recalls Uiem to a 
Miuc of their potkion^ and they nil rush off to the oppc^te side of 
the eoeloiure, with their taila And trunks in the air, fln<l uttering n 
pUinlJvc Olid shrill cry. On the other »idc the some frights awatt 
them. Indians start up from ftimbush with aliotjta and gesticulations, 
ftcahng tben: Ifom ptist \o piElaTf till fmally the poor beastj;, d«&pair]ng 
of escape and lilinded wich floods <>f tears, take refuge in the centre 
ol the arena, crowding t^getliei iu a body, and inicrlwimng ihetr 
trunks in hopclc^ consultatiun- 

TTiB pause i« the moiccni chosen to complete the preparations for 
the proee^ of taming. The barriers farthest from tlie entrance are 
biiniedly ihiown open, And as hurriedly closed again u^jon a detach- 


■54 '^^ GcH/ZemoM's Magazine* 

jnrni cf umc dt^iitunU atlDiiuei] tu assist Thr hmti'ciu Tlic aid 
fUiCtc irai^cxl Jomcatica i» indbpccisable to Ihe racccu of the pro- 
^ccedm^ It would, irdc<:d, be imposiablf without a to vubjugUc or 
-«vien to cidni the wild once, 

Tcanr-ut ^^ycs n plciurcw|uc iJrsiiplinii of a rA|)tiTrc <»r Ht'iitnuiis, 
where Lhc number enclosed in the corral wa.^ limited 10 oLnc^ tliftc uT 
f«hichiverc of the vt^ryhisevt lise, and two were yooDf ores oTonlya 
iflGW rnoochi' growth. Of the thm^ I&rge«t. oncwu u4ut i« tiylcd iit 
En^lafaa "vagabond" or "s<;1iLiry," and m l)icn:ifiveCini;a]rEeafiin- 
^frA. AKund&huBik elephant whom the othcrah&TCflciLt to Coventty. 
Each fiu&ity keeps to it:; own inc^beTn,And if an indl^idLintl, froinooe 
CftBseor iDOtfaer, gets teparal<xl from hu o«n Cimil/, he cannot gaio 
fldmi«sii>n into any other. So long ua he kei^pi « s rMpcctful di*- 
tjuicc he lb uI]owc<i to bfo>v5c md dlecj^ iQ lhc ntine ndghhourhocxlr 
Aud to lave and drink At the Nunc waccrin^-plaec^ ; but all hit 
advances tow^diA a eloper rebtioniihi|i are received on tl)c tusks of 
ihr repudiiiling c!an, Coiiipellfd Uiiut tD Idil a noliury life, the 
.^itnfbh tecoiuci moioic :uid vicIouk. He is espcciaUy fc^ued by Uic 
hor^t^^, whom he \\^ bevn Icnovm to Qitack on si^Ut, in«tcul of 
^log with the other eLeph^ntt, or rcvcf^iing only t\ the liist extremity. 
An iiKtano? u ti-Uted of An Indian trapper be^n; punued by x 
gondAb £rom the forc»t to the town, and there c/ushed tu dotli 
bcTorc the gitea of the hussar, 

Bvt to T«uim to the oomL In the caikr dted by Tenncnt two 
trained elcphanw only wrrr ^-mployrd in ihe uiTitng. At i gjven 
Kgcal the tMO aninuU entered the enclosure sk3c by bujc, with aikpt 
jlcpct fttid with fill tlic iipiieariinceti of tmcon>Tcm- Kach one bore on 
his neck his comae. And a «(TvAnt ch.u:ged nub vtnps ood cordage. 
Between theni, and complciely hidden bjr their van bodies, entered 
tHorn the chief of the Poaiki*. a irno^vDcd t;iLmer, who duiri-'d, llioo^h 
tcvcAEy ycAts of age^ to repent the oft camod hnnoui of vonqubhing 
the fiEct elephAnt The younger of the two tntned cLephAnti, a wctl- 
grown mik or fifty year** of age, h:id bci^n vn long a cnccndbt 
jiltura^ into diHLvit/ of hia ivild relations th&t he had acquired the 
<o^omcn of Strtn. The other, upwards of a hundred )<ara old* was 
ao andent cont^ucsi of the Hutcli original oer^uptiion ; from thence 
.he wat tTanaTerred tti tlie Rritish l}ovcmiacni in iSoj, and had ever 
<ABoe letnoined tn their dependence as an gft-uied auid In^nliiAble 
coadjutor, \li% rool name. ;ifi consigned on the rcgblcr, was 
J&riitdiit, but he had gone for lime out of mind by that od the Q/J 

in Approaching ttie wikl elephant^ Sticn aifccied to be qaite 



Miffitrnii to nuking ihdr acqiiaint^iiff'. Kow ht vwctved asidc^ as 
itunigh he lu<l duin^oJ hh |jur|io%c , now he stopped hiiari to gntlicr 
1 tftri^ or hhdc of (TUB, or (ad \\iitvKli v^ili n branch of |>&1n ; and 
wnr he enaittcd lotinds of pitcouimcn m raocic i^f>alhctic imiLiticn 
of tlboftc vhidi proceeded from the faptive troop. At lul, on 
approaching inlhin ihlrty \nux% of thr UiiiJ, tlif Icaila taints Totwird 
to nKct hiiu, t<nidic<l him goMly with tiia livmk, and then tcluriioJ to 
hn corapantons. 

SEren foltowrd him slovl^, twtncJ mirb« with hrm nmrcibty, 
and drrTraingly pfmrd a{{nmst hiin iti ^trh u mannr-r xa ti> covrr his 
ri^ ndc This ^vc the old tamer a naomcnt^ opportunity to glide 
wscen tindo' the Icado^e body, Aiid npidjy fasten the U&io on 
hit iwar hind leg. Sirvn mciinwhilc rcrioubkd hJs tntcoroui 
altcntions ; Uil in ^i)iir of ihc dislnciioii ihe Icsdci pciccii^cd the 
duiger, shook oT the Lluo violently, and tLjmcd on tlic old tjunei, 
Hfao itoutd have paid dearly for his temerity hod not Siren pro- 
tected him ttith his inink, iiid given him lime to take refuge urider 
theCMd ntiithnian, viho !ilooii in rr^dinex^ x fc-'w nlqi^ofT 

The nett attempt woa midc en tfie I^est of the troo|\ wTio stood 
KtmHiDdcd by i!k eight others. The two Lime ones of ihcir o^s'ii 
accord v-ent tniraiihi up to him, «cpnraicci him from the olticrs, ajul 
deuined him l>etw--en them by preying iheir sidrf Ag>inM him ax the 
Amc inomeiil The gigmtic piinoner iTude no TeriiaLiiiicej t^ioiigli he 
ocoinonilly evinocd impaticnec hy liAing hZn four feet fiom the 
ground alt«rraic^y :md uttering from xiuw to tinu A fetble wail. 
Dnrln^ lit thh Vtme ihc oM lamer was rm thr watch, and, profidng by 
the volonLary movements of the j-nimal, adroitly passed the hllp-knot 
around one of iLn hind le^^T drew it llx'hl with a. jerk, and Red. The 
Kra Utne cleph^inls then wtlhdrrw. Siren took the ecrd in hii trunk 
and stretched it to it* length, whilit the Dutchman kept comrtonlly 
pnang between Uie i^riiouef ^nd hU coiupuilou:!, und IntErceptit]^ 
aH coinm\in]cition& 

Hie grcaE difficulty wot riow lo iu£ure the conqucit by making the 
aptivc elephant securely fiut to a tree. For this purpoic it wa* 
nercMiarylouivrigle him to a tJmit dUtamre fjj:hei uii,hut;uthe now 
be^m lo foT!y comprehend hia peril, he obitirwlcly refused to move- 
By degrees, lio^rci cr. and In spite of his increjising ragc^ his two IoIrc 
friecdi luccccdcd in clre^mvrniing him. The tree witt nttjzmed, and 
ifie cord fastcnpil lound il- The noose wit idjuatecJ by Siren with- 
out any help from the old Umcr, biit it required llic Oulehmon's aid 
to wind the end rotjnd the tree. In passing between the tree and 

156 The Gentlsmatis Magazine. 

the wild clc|>binl, it become impossible at the same time lo cootinnff 
moving aiul Iti iiiuiiiuiiti tlie liglttiiesi ur Ihc corJ. llie DuLclinian 
saw the cliflicully, and advAntim; quickly, placed liis f<JOt un the (;ord» 
and thus j^n^sct^cd ilie »trairi \\\\\\\ his compjxnion parsed. B/ 
TVpcahng thiA manteuvric the cord wis wound and tlie el«phuit 
gradually dmwn dose lo (he tree, without Imving been once lE^mpEcd 
lo recede by feeling the atlntcticn Icsaeticd. TKis done, the two 
deceivers resumed ihcir odious .issiduiEJes ; but thc^^ wild friend had 
by liiis lime come lo understand ihem, and began loo laie to deplore 
hia mSsjilaced confidence. In vnin they oflrnrd hitn thtir tninks, ntid 
sidled up agajnit bjm ; he now re|K;Ucd all their ^dv^ince^, stirtcd, 
snorled, shook Ins c[iru inenacingJy, lud did blfi ulmost to )el them 
know he considered ihcm n pair of humbugs, Tliey succeeded, 
neveriheli^KSr in keeping him nulTit^iendy (tulcl lo enable thi.- old Umet^ 
who dodged about under their stom^i-chs in Sifclyn lo icoirc, one 
arter the other, his thrive ri^maiiiing k|js» ;tnd then lie ull four li^ht 
together, uning cordage molbtied with a prepaniion of aviiogc, li> 
prevcril wotmds and suppuration. 

The luckless savage being nosv fjsl in his bonds, the two igiioblc 
trimmers unecremoniou.^ly desi^etl him, walldng off with triumphant 
tails imi laughing eyes, like the fOK la the fable, adding irony V> 
WKUi^, aud amply justifying their ovlliscd ediicalion, 

Aiiollier effort was then niadc lo secure the leader of the bondt 
whof^e conquest it was hoped (and a% indeed, usually happens) wotild 
render ciisy the subjugaiion of the rest. The titk was diflicult, but 
ttt Usl actompliihH lluough ihc inicllii^ciU pciBCieiance of the 
tamcr'tt two incomparable .lid^. Tlie victim grew furious, and rcnl 
the trees like laths \ his plunging shook the earth, his roaring stirred 
Ihe jutigle, Fai out, ihe royal tiger^s answer, heard faintly but dift- 
tincdy, set the horses tri^mbllng with instinctive friglir, and fxactcd 
even from ibc hflbiluol BpcctatOrt ihc involuntary homage of 

Utit these mighty fitniggles were of brief dumtimi. ^ent with hll 
efforts, and hopelc^ of dctivcruicct the poor leader scon siiTfcndend 
to IkiK faic, kneeling mul? and moiionlcss before die spoilen of his 
hberly, hia headdioopmg 10 the ground, and hui whole being tfic 
picture of exhausiion and despair. 

The securing of the gundah, or ^'solitary," was elTecied wltliCNH 
resistance. lie regarded with unconcern what pflsficd around «Dd 
about him. He even tent himself to the <Icsigns of hi.s pcrsecoton 
by lifting hfs feet at the will of die tamer, like a dooiesiie boree 




Tlu Ccrral. 


vhen lapped on tKc fetlock. He vcemcd u sr>u1'«ck animaJ, cardc«Ji 
f cl" wimi became of him, aiul disposed lo jcccj>1 any change as ncccs- 
ly an improvement. Ab<>Lit nn lioitr jificr he woa secured Ke 
^begin ta lean agninvt his tree, whieh the tnmert look si^s a sign that 
"^^SO^ng t« die. Shortly aAcnvjjil a he by ilciwij, %trrU:lied M^ 

Lolc on the fcrcund at fiill length before \\i\\\ und appeared to alccp. 
His tleep wafi that vhich has no awnkcning ^ a «warnn ot' bbek flics 

inounred if> the ipccrialor* thnt ihr jioor linlitiTy was de^I, and his 
))' ViAs fgithwilU Uniff^cd out uf ihc eiicltjMin: b/ n tniiJi of iitiileK. 

The two inUnt clc|»haftb were at ftr*i left to themselves. The/ 
IcepL by the trocpp so long oa their rcepoctivc dnnis remained at Jibcrty, 
Tmii whilst these were being m^c fast lo the irrr**^ ihry scampered 
round and round like huge pcl'lomb^, continually prcJifting up :i£Ain8t 
ibtir liamfli and f;rav4;Zy impeding the operations of the capture* 
They were equally friendly with the tamerAi but ua they usually 
knocked i!own ^omfbody with each caress, it wa^ fciind ncopiinrj' to 
attach them in their turn, in .^pitc of their plcAding looks and cvinic 

When one* convinced of ihe uselessnesa of rcsittanrej the <'-^p!^vc 
«?epbsnr \^ noE long refractory fo education. Three monihs of skilful 

imuijt suffice* to leducc the wildcat aininaK Ici Ucfine^tldty. At tht? 

id of two or three dav* ihcy iJcRin tn take their food without rcpug- 
aatl lame elephants ^iru then givun Lhem an companions. Two 
Vakts »land hy. cominuiilly ^irokirg iheiT X^cVa and ears, and speak- 
ing 10 ihcm in soft tones Tor hoinc slicrt time the elephpjics rontiniir; 
flilkftUid aJlerwordn fict angry, ntriking ri^ht and lc(\ with their 
Ounks and uttering shrill cries; but watcht^ i^tnnd ready lo receive 
Ihetr blows on the points of iheir lanee^ till nt last the inmks become 
so toro ^uid wo<u:ic1ed thit itxty can serve r:o longer as olfensivc arms. 
T>-e wild clephanta leam thus to dread the power of their aubdccrs, 
and Ihere.ifter tlie unic oika «ufhce to complete cI^jt edueaiion. in 
case of mnmenttry rclicliinn, tlir ^ighi of the comae's iron spike 
produocn an immedutc rcliim to submission, and they arc iiometimrs 
brought, btiore the end of Ihc seeond month's training, to lie down 
Jo the water, ivhtch is regarded aa Uie blallible fiign of their definite 
acceptance:- of ihr nilr of man. 

The tenderness of theif «kin, and e^^pninlly tliat of the ferT, ifl 
frequently on obst^tcle to the rccUimcd antmals being immcfUttely 
nuide nse of aa domestic servants. In «pite of tlie lubricity of th« 
«ords, the outermticle gets often wonndcd, and proiidness of flesh 
in\-;iriabty follows. Months somcllmes &rc needed to Aubdiie the 


Tkc GcHileruans Magazine. 



iiilljuiiiti4lii»a, mill llic aiiiniiil ivniuiiis tuc-Jiivlutt; u lid^leu dnqt<^ 
upoti the owncr'a haiidii. The wcuiHli of Uic tnmk hcAlcuily, but ihc 
dcAlrkcfi diE^K^irc the aniniaU for life Or Ehc avcr.igc, Uic ftuifttance 
of the tanw* dephfliiw mny bt-dUpcrscrf wiih ^ii the end of rh« first cellar. 
Ici^ tnimog^ The coinjt ituy thca roouAt the ncrw act^uisition^ and 
tM^lhcirpiaclicaluid fiQ:«l cduoitioii, Froprittoraordcphantsarc 
Mrtrthclcsa rcct^mcncndcd 10 be ic«s in haste to fnictiTy tht^ir bulky 
otptia), initancGS hAiing occurred wh^c valuable clc|^jhants have 
luccumbcd under their fot dutrgcr. AvtyX dlc^ oi grief ai tEie remem^ 
bnncc oT ihctr Igo recent lois of liberty. Such aX least may be the 

u«e afisigjifd to their dcc«»e, from the laconic wording oX the 
oie in lh<: oHkial regiiter: "Died of broken h«in; <:auficof 
kggc unViLowa." 

The RCCOimta of the dcphajit tranamiitcd by the .wicicni-i «rc 
suiKulorly defective^ rc^rd bi:inK had 10 the oppoHimil^cs tEiat have 

iBlcd, from Ihecorlieit timt^s, of ititdyiog thif liviog iitbjt^ct. But 
the fuct ifl ^tilJ more reuiaikitUlc iliat up to a coiupoialively rccetil 
date ihe credence h4» been malntaiiic4l inviolate which was fomicriy 
ed bo the OJicient Cables. JlJ^onlyof lue y»r» thxt dccurutc 
e» hAre been printed of ihc life in freedom of ibetc i^iicrctting 
quatliupcd^ anJ it luu been weu fiopi the>e dmt at least lwn-ihird« 
of wh:Lt vaa formerly believed and taught to children i& 6iT>u1oux 
The rcAl clcptmnl it, noi the feiirJul beft^t he ba» been sc CAEumEiioualy 
reprdenird ^ he in mild and peaedul; be attacks no living tiling, 
nnlc--«K driven to rxirfmid« by fear nr by jifjETcisioTi ; he mrcfuUy 
Jivoids the society cf Other animals, cien of the moit nniitute. 'Hie 

; ML)^ Tv^nncni, vi the most teml^lc enemy of the clcrhanL The 

, ;iddi Cuvier, afbighti The dephant to such a de^-ree ;ik to 

htm 10 tremble. All the sioriev, writA Bii-bn:, uf cointjics 

tveen the clcpliiini and the rltinuerrus. ihe llun. and dic^ l^iE^i <>r[f 

be eonsifp^cd cxcUi&ivciy to the domain of liction, lleasi* of prey 
dure not attack the dephani, and the elephant |^ve« no ouiM to fl 
Ik^p»Iv of prey for wraili or v^ngeitiet Siurh meeting* do not lake 
pkcc^ 'IIk ciicumitpeel herd i^void lU li&k of bruil or chouuc 

Certain birde, nevcrtbde^fl, both in Afnca and India, mide per> 
manemty wtih ihc elephants on TcrmE of a^hnitied iniimacy, the 
contract bei^tg groiitLded. aw in all social lelaiionalups, on motive* of 
recipfocAl advantage. In Ihts cue, the bcrme rendered b to relicre 
the elcpliunu of the vermin that torment them, and the rcconipeiiMV 
thr* sustenance thereby fiirniihrd to the bfnjs. One of theKOblidl; the 



The CarraL 

Ardt^d Bmtakus^ mtj be tten perpetually fTpl&rios ili« vavt ikn>« 
foldi of llic ciioiiiiL-us pudL^dniu, iua\ ihcticc fujui lijut.' to tiuic 
wiUidr^wtng ft nulignani bojt-tick, or a Icccli ifa&l m^y hare dung li> 
it vhiltl bathinjt 

1i] iJic Uiach, again »Tiic:i Tt-oncrt, where the iipbnd siunniilif^ 
arc aU but covered willi pcri^nivi:!! huiufiOJii, t}x elcpliaali arc fonnd 
at 41) Altitude of upvraid) c*f sia thousand icct ; whiht tt irould b« in 
Lo seek Tor them ia the jucgtaof liM plain. No dcruion f^eem* 
nue or cold for theirv or too ezpcued to the wind, provided wfttCT* 
be proeur^le in almmlBne& Conmry li> tbe vulgMT belitf, Ibe 
^dephant Livca clcnr of ihc ^ob^ ra>3 as fbr u poinble. In the fby- 
he JiL's close in the thickeM rec«»e< of the forcs^ chooiing the 
tot &nd darkest ni^lati^ to accomplish h]« peregrine CTonn;. Like 
II ihe pacfijdcTRiaioiK iribcis hl« ba^itii Afc mhcr nrpritimal rhAQ 
icmisc. It is tnic lie sometimes grucs aUo diiring the dnytimc, 
tod it b ckieBj due to that bet that the hiMory of bis Ufc and 
chiT^cterttlics ha« been acqvtucd to modem s^rienw. 

ShoTild the travirller Kurprfie.c]tirtn§; l)ie daytime a troop of unkft 
lb. lie bvoiubly &nJA thou brovsiu^ tnuK^tiilly, ur rC|yMin^ 
CCthCT m the ahttdc- Their mere aspect refutes to his twiisfactiM' 
the t<ilc tales of tbcirferociCy and love of vengeance. They are thwe^. 
lef cover of ibc rirnw fijfi^t^ mtnr plucking mih fhrtr tnmVs the 
Lvo and bcirici irotn ihr hu^hn, some faaning their Mtia with 
faille btaochcs torn ejti^rcsaly from the trees, some doiing, and oth«n 
fast nfileep, The aged i«niincl oi\hfr band Eefm« alone ciiAT^dvritb 
the iJ^l cf thfMigh(ltiln«i fnr all ; hr Milnda hy, flwskr and immov- 
lie, bis |Era\c tfC4td prndiLliting alowly from sttlc tn sidr:. and h)» 
fIm^c person prcsentio^ the Irving symbol of sciiou.t tmnquUlity. 
The yoong one*, on the other hand, otfer the contrasting but charming 
imsf^ of innocfflce at play ; thry form n sportive and Joyoim grmip 
-■IMrl, But iLk tntvell^r wlio would luok loii^ imibl breathe softly jjid 
fados the wind Sliould the quick or^uis of the sertiinci eitb<T" 
the human iccnt or detect «tr:inge lounds^ in an iniLtnnt the 
tuod would diiapp^jir in ilic fureii, and probubly rtliim nc^ 
mome to the scene of their viobiteO rcptnt^ 

But if the elephant, lo wrTclht; ends of the rccounter* ofmnrvcls, 
ban been long nultj^ncd in char:icter, his intelligence, with aJl tliat 
been sud of it^ cannot be d^flaretl to hnve limi overrated, ll 
luld be icdioiLs to multiply in^tuncei of the mrc &a|:acity of 
IcpbantSt or lastiA ca\ the bculiica they uiurcdV pceNss for erca 
eompICK rcaaoninfp Tt\vy can be taught to retetve particular modefti 



The Gent!tntafis Magasine. 

ct operation for exc?ptSona1 diffici^Uies, and are then»elvc^ 
Dncirii^ judges of (Ik&c t^Actrpliuiis. l\ ia not |:o»ii|jIi; to rcTuK 
the gift of reasoning to an inlclligcnrc ihus dcmonsimtcJ. The 
elqjhani's good wiU is a. iaci no less c&taljbshcd j he renders volwn* 
tary srrvice lo atrjnger!t, and conducts himself towaitb other animnli 
wJdi mi otlife'in^ seif-consliainL A sUange horse, fearing l*i p;i« an 
elephant employed at hcjivy stonework on a bridge unc1c;fgoiQg tcpairt, 
the rider dismountedT flnd endeavoiir^d lo Teassiire him* The home 
continued resiivc, and refused to advflnce. On this (he elephant 
crouched down behind llie paiapet uf Ihe bridge, and rrmnired' 
invisible till the horse was oui of sight. He then resumed his work 
as thougli no intermplion had occurred. 

The pa^encc^ kindness, and obedience of domcsdc e3e]>h>t]its arc 
nevertheless not rcgaidcd by ihose wlio have mofcl to do with 
them as qualities jnsuiccptiblc of change. The mildest and most 
tried ai^ong them are liable to imaecountable revolutions, and 
eihJbii, during the continuarce of the parcvysm, dtfcci* and vieet 
Ihe most opposed to their habittial eicdlcnccs. Hence die Indian 
proverb, ^* You should never rcty on an elephant," ap^slicd vilh audi 
Cfiiislic meonmg by the native |>rince±; to their ambitious and «elf- 
constituted neighhour^ . 

FtJtracrJy the African chiefs wurounded their ilwellings with raiV 
ings of elephant's lusVs, the curves projeclinK outwards, and offering 
the points to the exterior by way oJ a defensive fottre*£. Such coaiiy 
paliijidei are now become rare, the greater part of the ruA^ com- 
poking ihcm having found their way to EttropcH Africa sijli sup]ilie» 
Europe with the largest portion of the ivory employed in commerce; 
Siberia oomes next, the I'o&sil deposits there found in abiindanci 
being *carccly inferior in cinality to the proiluce from the living 
auiimal India provides the least \n quantity, bui the moi^l cnieemed 
for grmn and colour. The negroes of the Upper Nile exchange 
yearly va«t numbers of entire tu^ka, but considerably Less thus 
formerly, the siipply diminlfihing sensibly each yew. The inoflC 
frer]uciitcd ivory niarkcU arc Chartount, Obeltl, and ihe potts of the 
Red Sea- From Charloum and Obeld coravana atari yearly for the 
upper basin of the White Nile, whence the ivory h transported' 
to Kgypi, From Massoura \stt^ (pjanriiies procured in Aby^sinU 
MIC Cdiricd to India on i]ir tiacks of camels. It is thus tliat so mt)ch' 
AtCTC ivory is exported from Indi^ than could be i!Ui>phed by the 
native elephants. A large traflfic in ivory is also carried on at 
BerbeTB, a private mart facing Aden, inhabited only at the time ofi 



The Corral. 


the ycariy assembling of the merchants, and abandooed to the 
hytenas dunng the rest of the year. 

Of late years, Zanzibar has also become a resort for dealers in 
ivory, and quite recently the hunters of elephants have commenced 
an active chase along the whole line of the western coast of Africa, 
IdTge troops of these noble animals still inhabit the vii^n forests of 
the interior ; but man pursues Ihem without rest or respite. They 
have disappeared from the Cape, have been exterminated in the north 
of Africa, and doubtless the same fate awaits them in their last refine 
in the West 


A Tale of the Post Office. 


tUlC story whith 1 kivc to tifll haa wtnt refcrcnw to Uit 
CKtrnortlinaiy conduce of tlie pnncijial oiricial »l oar 

attention of (he authorities of St Munin'»4c- Grand ta 
il, t>tiE is ihi: result it vtci^ thought unnecessary, and the matter wju 
fondoncd. In tlie pr<fi<;nt day we live in thtf fall glare of publicity, 
and our po^Uiia^teni ;iiid po^EinisCir^at'^ aw WL^II-nigTi siirft-ited \wh 
the niipcralxuidancc of iirivalc Lufomiaiioi]. I Imvc rcuoa to bcKcvc 
that 5Qmc of them i<^lai't>' go tltro^t^lt :hc post cxrdA a^ a matLcr of 
duty. 1 telegraphed for ^ mnn's chnneter the other day^ and the 
];>OMni^»lei — die mjn who <tutcec^ki) the im-4]>ad tilled Miii Midgc^ 
— smilingly infoimed mv tlial he tUoii^lit I had ^ui hM of the rig!itS 
mai-i. Kvoa llic postman toud^'H hia hat und hopc» that I have 
better newt about my auai, conccrniJ'ig vvho^c precious health he 
regiiUdy hring?; mc some tdrgr-iphir mr**a^ or othrr. 1 KmrncHmcj^B 
think ic pro5iimptuou> of telegr^iph dcika tn xcmind [me of their ^^ 
intimacy witli my privaL< affairs. These things would, of course* be 
nothing in London, liut in ^ riU[«t n^iglihourhuud llicy aSoti} a 
vahi.ihir ainoTtnt of forxl lor that gre:il resource of country place*, a 
good jtOf^ip. At the present time we do neaily oil our concerns la 
tl^e full ii^hl of day^ but in the old da>% when country pusl-officcs 
did not poiiKetxtlie ttunie ticiJitie& of inibrmation, a good deal was 
Murrvptilioiiily obtainod ; and ilie famous post-ofticv scene in SimMI'c 
•*A]Uiiiuar> " wa^i proliably oftcu cniClcd. 

[ ain the ciiraic t>f Ash lon'On- Water ; 1 lodge at Mim Midjfc'a. 
Miw Mid^c labc>un under the hallucination titat «he lets fumiiihc4 
apftftmcntiL For these apLirrment* *he chirge* me sixteen shtUings 
a wreL I liave leaaon to believe that tUia U ;l good hebdomadal 
haifctown hcyond the ttcognbed tariff of our coiiniTy nctghbout- 
hood, wliere lodgers are s^rcc ; bin in the ftrn instance I wa* taktn^ 
In, and I bave never hr.d the murO courage tcj Tcctify the mistake.'^H 
Hut if Mi^s Midge tliink^ that nhe lets fu^]i^hed upaiimcntvp that 
Li merely a delusion, ^Vhen I firdt oune there wa:f aomc Htiff liiTni- 
ture of the horsehair difsenptionr and ih« wall wan decorated with a 
/K»rtrait of one of Mias Midge'5 ancesior?;;^ in ihr drew nf the period, 
aitd n AiivplcT woven by M.hiy Midgets own. (air ^ngera. [ fiaitcr 



A Tale of the Posi O^ice. 


ntynV tfcjU ]N}ti tec noihuig tA that sort now. If I hare ft 
ii U Tor my pnoDf KMNDDft 1 brougfat inj book« jind piauru fk»n 
< oUcfc Dov Kt nianjr fan s^d— Ifair Mow ihr hodron of life, 1 luvr- 
no more oov than [ hod tlicn, but I hope my books hive jcrown Ui 
•cquftintftACC^ aod tlini the qvility hiu improved. I hare renovated 
MiM Midffrli val^nper. 1 ibOliihi'd Miss Mid^c^'t nrpcl at an e^ly 
period of mjr reaidcntia] Ki^toi^-. I ajii puiiaLlu in tlitr iiaii of 
lablo^ ftod haw round tnbin and ^tntJii^ tables Qititc beyond ihc 
|<locttl nnid StniJUrty MUt Midi^c'v chiin trere innimntcoU of 
^torture, Urf thosr wh^ch I hsne introduced Are at comToruble 2* anjrS 
En A Weil Knd club. 1 ilaUcr mpclf ihit if I r*-ri inirtiduor 4 Mne" 
Btalbvth to ihe suitkxl soacly of Aihtion<tfi-V^Alcr. nhc will be 
pcrfccUy CQBtcoC with jft$ lodgings until circumstances may render it 
Mo^Bvy that wc thmbl |to into a house of onir owr. In my brd- 
foom I luvc doa<? aumy with thn hidnnix four'pmnr vhtdi ilwayi; 
JU gg mcd tome disa^recabk apccuktionn rcipcctinc the ftncutnl 
lidgcf thu had bceo bom nnd diod thfr«in. Aa 1 look ammd my 
fooim there it not a rtirk of any description thai Misc Midge CAtt 
dain u her own^ Yci hCtis Mldgr Tor yean t^tbotiTS under tlit- 
nipraion that ahc lets fumJ^hcd apajlincnis and I am <:unicDi to 
ifcqr for Ihem ft« Fucb- 

MUs Uidge keep! the village podoftee — at lea:ct, the did nt the 
time of my Cal^. fi had lE* disncW:infases; itill, ill the biisiuett 
Book place on the intend I!ooti lud [ tru ihirly <iut of the nay. 
JUto, as I bare a chronar wcnkocn for puEling ofl' thin^-s to the IW 
Biinixte, the position hu had other cont^cniencefL I cannot say hovfl 
often UcT Hajeiiy'i niaib have bn^n drbyrrl hiHsni^- I wantci] lo 
finiib & cigaf before 1 wrot? a nucc. 'Hic G^ivemmenl niuie llum 
oa£c look the matter to hu^irt and addcTKied a :terious rcmOMtnnett 
to Mic* Midgeon my Bccciini. In my poauion 08 Inoal parton, \ 
fribnned; I tmh I rnuld Ksy as much for MUs Mtdgr I rcnmtf 
that Mus Midge was nccrcdiEcd irilh .i gkKM^ deal of cavcMlmpping 
ID the pohkh. One of \\<n neij^hboiin. indeed, once puahed into her 
hoikdt a cmd pnrpanirtg to emarjitc from an Ami poking yoiiT-aoi«> 
ifilO'Othrf-propli?VhiitinrT«i Sndrry, mi-iting her to a membci^ip with 
tbU aocicty ; but, ni the wAfm ini^u^ce of Min Midgc, I rebuked Uiat 
makrokntlymuided neighbour for her muccmly inaiouation. Stdl 
dure waa a good cle^ of go«rip vprend nl>ouE, wortc than goastp 
gnenlly £a, much of wtiich u-as traced to ihr ]>oiil-oaTte. Ii vns 
oxercnteil that ic wxs not an iincuiiiniori thing to lee Uiu Midge 
teibUng up a pape^ for pbtpnf<« of inspection, as if &Uwa&Vvf>^ 
pmrtbat *» not seilflcf doon, and oiicc ov liiicc V Yvod icnMKk «i 




Tlu GadUmatis Magnzint. 

Kusjipci thai safely envplopes haci proved iirsafc, ami had pitrmiUrtt 
QQc of ihc folds \Q be temporarily withdrawn. And a very queer 
ator/ came to my ears, but ai it «Lmc on the doubtful AUlhonty of X 
discarded servant. 1 did not fiay much aEtencion to ii. This diniEel 
aasevrrated i^iat iltirlitg iht sacceJ hotirs of Sunday iflenioon Mbs 
Midgc subjected >U1 scIf-se^ling Letters that she hul to ihc fiolAcing 
Muencc of a teakettle «pmU, and then leisurely penjsed the corre- 
spondence of the nation, t did not attcrud to the in;iCter, or if I did, 
I <:Iiiefly ihoiight of the heinous conduct of Miss MiiJ^e in tiegleciiog 
Afternoon diumh, and f^liglidng tuc In vay double Ciipjtclly cf lodger 
and eiiraic- 

Thc cice*t house in our purish was The Cedar*, and it belonged to 
the nlce&t woman in the iian5h, Mrs, Leslie. She wat the Ijidy 
Bouniiful to all the poor, <Lnd fict the tone to all our nciglibouThood. 
She WAS the widow of a gcrt-ra! officer, infinilely iiscfid m our place, 
and greatly beloved. 1 remember dining there one sumnter day 
itJiorlly afler lirr datxglitcr Kdiih h;id cotnc hume frtitn h^IicjoI fijr 
£Ood. 1 remember a C^imbcidge nun was tlicre, Weston of I'rintty. 
I had never seen her since she was a little ^rl ; Weaion. though IM> 
stranger to the place, had never seen her before. This was accounted 
for by ihp fact that Mrs, T.cslie generally speni her winter holidays in 
town, and her ^iminicr holidays at die ata f^a^l. Slie was a prcltyt 
enga^n^ girl, hut 1 thoitghttliat Mrs. Leslie, wise in most things^ was not 
very wise in taking her away fronn school so early. 1 could very wcU 
nnderstand, however, liow greatly she desired Edith's companionships 
and what a lesource %hc found in her only chi]d> 1 waA ladicT 
aiDUScd, jx) ^Vcbton and 1 took, oar long walk home that night, and tn 
one or two long subfierjuent walks, to observe the different pointi oE 
vieTv which we tooW of the yonng lady. 

My vieu-K Slie was a prelly girl, and [>osscssed a certain aiu^Junt 
both oFabihty and amiability — her manners were good, butslie erred 
on the aide of showinesfi. At swe«t aeventeen I should like to hJLV» 
seen her a little more subdued and retiring, A mind unform<^ and 
of rnurse tUo^cal, fall of the inational rnthiisiasms. anlipaEhieiii 
and prejudices of girlhood. She sang, but it was chiefly the silly 
trotthy fashionable songs of the day ; of Beethoven, Moxart, 
MendcUaohii she had the merest notions. She read, but it w« 
chiefly the average rirrul at ing library stories; of Walter .Scott she 
knew nothing, and even of ThAckeray very little- She talked French, 
even volubly, wiih a pure accent^ but of the treasures of French litent- 
lure *he knew no more than of ihoie of her own country. She w« 
^lui'tJiatK Utile bit efli^hi and nuluui. I aduntted ?t]ie had notlu 



A Tah of the Post OJ^ti. 



U> djutngubh het from the average boarding school mits, except per- ^ 
luijib a ;icculuii ihiill m llie voitc which aJwayi afftilcd tiir. Still T 
thought tluil the Ifot thing th4i could happen lo licr wuulU he that 
the ihoQld be scot to 1 good and nthcr ttrict school for the ocjit 
Ihrctf y^ar*. 

//ij tram*. She wiui the very iJerftction of beauty, %uch 31 might 
lUit the tm^inution of An IiaIijui painter in a summer dream. She had 
every ch^rm of jcrAcioLiKncts and goodncM ; was full of &c»ble fcelingft, 
ooblc cnthusU^nt!;. She wa« elrg^uit and Accomplish ed^ a Lady evcf/ 
inch 4nd a txim |ipclc»!t. Never luiMcr locil gWmnl Lhrmigh morr 
bxillU&t eyes ; in mu»ic, \*\\^\. a touch aind what .1 tone ! in liteiaturc. 
wliAt tasld and AccompLbhmonIs for her a^e \ 'I'hus^ Mr Woton^ 
with much lanpnagr of an rsplclivc ard MLpcrUti\« kind which 1 need 
not put down ^ tiilt cgnsidcriiLg tluil WciitrLn ivuk not LouHy dmituie 
of 1 ditical Scully, and thinking Ji always a ^ood th'mg to check a 
blind, ttttreiuonmg admirjtion« i pointed out to him, oa wc rcitcd 
beneath one of thf^ twt> noblo <:cclnrB from which the pl:ice derived 
its Dame, that wliatcvcr might be her c;LjMb[1iiic\ sliir had lutherru 
moved in a very iverAge j^roovc. Mr Wc^tvii 4tdinJttcd that she 
tni^l h&vc looked for a IJIElc cukivation and some useful hint:( from 
a Cuit»b of 1 «upericr ordcrj he certainly lent her the bc^t kind of 
book) and helpctl her wiiJi all the resnurccK of a pn^crfnl :ind u'dl- 
aorcd ntind. 

The yoririg fcUow wu loafing a ^c^oU deal about the vvllojfc in 
those c£iy% He wujt a. relatLoa of some people wlio hod once lived 
here — ^ former rector, I thmk— and nnc^d Hiill 10 come a good deal, 
(KLidy for Ijkliin^, partly for prcEty scenery, and 1 ^uapccl iituat of jiU 
for the ij^ke of the pretty girl at The Ccdon, He stayed jlL a little 
<[uict inn, where he h;icL litt rooms. Sometimes 1 iL«e(i to go rmd f^ee 
him, Ibr in thiii vilbge w all knew unc another^ and }uid no hjird 
thuvjfhl& of toich other ; I was not afr&id of an houe&L public-h; 
iwr yet of on honcM uinltard. Qfttimcn, howcverj^c cftmctotnc. He 
Siid, and said tmly, that h? wanted to read quietly, and he certainly 
wad a good dcd. He bad a fair ch^nre i>f ncatIcmkre|mt:uion, for he 
had come up frt^m -1 pulflLcichuol Iidcn wLlh cnhiLiEicii^i oiid Ivulgnt 
a adiolanhip at Trinity. But he was evidently very dciuUory tu his 
fcadmg, increaai&glydccultory ; and 1, who knew Cambridge and hotr 
JmIoubI/ Cambridge requires the wholt? cnrrgiei: of a who wlbhct 
10 gvn kcr hoiioi^rK, tiinught my young tVicrid wa.% raihci miKldling 
ha chuices. It did not very much hi^lp him that he had fallen 
violently in love with Edith, and rc,id all the love poetry in i.V\ ^is 
Ibnguogei be k/)ev; bcs/(fcs consuming a good dtpl ol K^m^ ^iiA 



Tlte Gttttlentat^s Afafoztm. 

j>aper in efTiwiona of hi* own. Hr ikw n mnvt iirttrertitig r 
I iirvci knew a young fcHow of hi.i Age who hod a fallcr and txactcr 
knowledge of history, and of the history of literature ojid philosophy. 
He was a bit of n dreamy vjsion^, iHth schemes of KOd<iy, 
with [>hiJosophif':il iIiefiriL-i o( fHiyion, wiih .t vrry rnpions yiHd 
of pocCiy and theology^ He wn.^ the kind of man of whom you 
might c:q>cct to hear something; conffidcnble in after life if he entered 
the Church cr eoLiLd gti into Parli:unent. But Wcvton had no taste 
for ttn? one and no chan** of itic otbtt. All hfs chances were M 
Cafubridge, aad aUhoiigh there was a vnguc high cxpccUlion cfwhst 
)ie might do, I did not (or my own port think fit oil hij;h1f of his 
chance?^ I often weiii up to Cambridge in those days, and I found 
my opinion fuHyshflred both by Wt^ton's coach and the tutor of h« 
college, Consc^iucntly I was fully able to ahire Mra. Lethe's anxiety, 
when she informed me, in one of those confidcnlial taT>c» which good 
WODen blvc with thdr unnorthy p^ton:, Edith had vt^lantarily 
eonfi^fitM? that the yoim^ Caniab bad l>een making fierce love to hrr 
And the felt obliged to love hlni Ycry raudi in return. Mc Leilie 
felt it very keenly, for hcT liappine?™ was hound up with that of her 
dKUghter She had only jl IiL* income ; ihi^ j'oung peoj?le could not 
live upon air Mw. I^slie v^s smsiblr .nnd drnded. Ther^ was i» 
be no cn^aRcmeni and liLlle intcrcouisc untiT Weston liad inken bii 
dc^irec and shown what he wji .nblc to do. Then one f.ttcfid Janoary 
day [ went up to Cambridge and met Weston, the picture of blanlc 
d^pnir, in Tnimpbglon StrwL " It is all u|j with mc " he «id— 
^' fiulphecl," 

**Gu!phcd*— awful word to the Camlridgc man of that time In 
those dayii a man could not go in for doAtical honours unless he had 
attained mathemntical hononrs. ?*0W) AVcftnn was nothing if not 
clasaital, antl he bad faitcJ in take tlie nuitbpmalir^ honoiirt whirh 
would cnahle him to coniE»:tc (or cla^istcil Iionours. I did noT my^tcTf 
think he had lo»t Mieh very 'great chninccs. Ht read Urcek and 
Latin as fluently as h^ rend Trf^nch And Cerman, but he was ao 
^tlhi1oloF;i«t» no exact scholar, and could not wijie vemea- The 
Cantab^ arc plurisaical scholars, and a man of that stamp could DOt 
earn high honour*, Itiit [ pitied Weuton &otn my soub It was tod h 
to disappoint the g«ier:tl e^pecntnons of University (nendit thai he | 
to do something very creditable. It wa^ isd that he should 

- -* '*dwgTaccd," aft he not nnjaatly called it, in the eyes of lib lady- ^ 
iova and her mother. But, mo«t of all, his modest scheme of life fl 
vAS entirely frustrated. He had hoped by a pood decree to (fet 

^ jpmd naaienhip, which would eimbWhwnto loair^ Edith, 




A Tat€ cfik^ Post Office. 




'* And ikov dU thflt has been knocked on the Iteail. My :icholar- 
fthipshave nin Ctit ~Xhtftv \t noiliing now to come tt> me- ll » 
^nud to tlkink Qt inirrpii^ Alt it is I xhill hav« 10 *il.-irve T 

1 fcasoncd iritli WcsIi>d. I pointed out ili^t ^ miui lilc liiin never 
Aeod aUrvc, \f he liked he co<ild Rct.. doubtleKi, a coramisnoti in 
1 militii reginicDt, 3i^d cxciumge into the line. 'l~beic were the e^il 
dajv of the Onmcaii Wv. aiid tliir (turcriiuicitl inuitctl nicn. 

" And irtiy not I17 for tlic Induui Civtl Scrricc, occfrrdm^ to tbc 
aeir rc^U£ion« *hicii M^io.iiiLij' and those otlicr fellows luvc Et)ade ? 
Itldt you could ttuny. Then you would hire ui fiisurcd tQCOtDC 

Wcstort hod heard rioin^lliiDg about iu but he had never Applied Im 
mind to ii>c ULbjcct. 

** 'fltefc are loti of fdlow*, And 1 should never luve a chaocc. I 
Ihvc newT wDikrd up to it" 

" I ihiiik roj hni-c A fir?it'Tatc <Jiance, VTciton. TU^ tbe fifit 
ycafthat nidi >m <;KamiiLatioTi Ima ever been hckL Byondlif Ibe 
viJuc of the*c ap]>0i&iment9 w»]] be tlK>roLighly undervtood ; tbi; eom- 
petrtion will be itnmeiue ; llic i.-X3iniiijriom will btr ayitematucif ; thr 
nutller will be one of cram ULd toni^-[jUiit]cJ picpiiillon." 

I dxick the experience of years put in tlioc ocorainAtions has 
amply viodicated Ibic obcerralion. 

" Bui thii l>eing the first tinw," I cotiiinuedr " and tlic new *t«e of 

ofBun tjot bciog thoroughly rcalisnl bj the piiblJc, men wll Qll baiJc 

OG their nw tbLtc of knowledge without the poculur truning thai will 

ccriAinljr foUow very won. Now few men^ Weiioix, in thdr cuelccK, 

bjcy W4y, hi-vi: uiirfcd bui.Ti wide, IiitcIlccUttl groujid ju yuii havi- 

dooc. VoLi had bctici g-jt?n.T your shcflvcv togcUicr, and get your 

knowledge into ship-vhapc form, Mid you will do extremely well- 

If you f;ct thii Appointmeat you will be able to irv^xrf ; yoti m\\ 

be wtirth threr hundred ayeJir, livijig or d^Mcl, in your wife; your 

income and aUowq^cca will increusc ; y^M w:JI be on the fuTI shoot 

for the cba.ncc of ten thcunnd a year 'I'his h ftlruost the only opeii- 

faig to Ijfc on which a man m.iy nurry at oncei It i« tlmoii thr only 

praftvnoti, lijo. tJiai will give a man a great rareL-r, The chnnrt^ nf ^ 

great career in Eaglanjuc, After all, iofinttcBinuJlyamAU; but in ladix 

yoii may cccne to b« the bo-ndiceni niEer 0I a v:ut tract of countty. 

Voo may colonise and dvilisc, and govern like a Roman prowjnsxil, 

[ only wish I wa^ a yoiir^ man with your djaJiccs, ^V<;«ton. Cain- 

bridcc ■■ alter all, ouly ;l petty (ilacc What a man doca ihcfc b 

not hb only c^Ace, noi lu» te»t chance." 

So i exhorted and Wman Ibteflcd. There «%t a. f\c\tntti?E\:»Ju:nk 

l£8 Tfi€ Cmllanan's Magazine. 

and aa cxprc&alon of energy about him thctt I had never jccn l>cfor& 
He went m fcr ihc Jrdian Civil Service ex:tmtnatioi^. ?>ix montha 

After the LifiC of rtamct cimc out. 1 tookcd .11 ihc hoiiom lo 9ce ir he 
had sLmmbkd into ji place. My eye had to travd upw^trd^i and 
upwards. He had a veiy gowJ posiiion nearer the top thiiti half wnjr. 
He described the examination as being renilly vev? deii^htfuL It 
^vc fLill scope to all hr Icncw. Every shrtrd nf infamiAiioii ihac hft 
had auiic into play. Not a ai^iglc author thai he \\\\{ lotred And 
studied but ^ave him a helping liand. So a bright summer come out 
of lliat winter of aEtliction. Weston h;^d far l>ctter prospects now than 
if he lind been a wrangler. His was one of the first jnd bH^hEC&t Of 
Conipeiilion WalUlis. 

Mri. Leslie could not vcrj- well make any objection now. Thb 
brilliaiU bit of sLiecesa had smoothed over oil diftieuUies. 1 wojl not 
snrpriscd lo find rhat he and Edith were soon on the fooling 
bcliothcti lovers- A widow may wish lo keep her only dLtu^htcr lo 
herself ; but ahe must look beyond her own day. And after Jill, what 
better lot can die averse woman's mind shadow out thoci a. 
parous marriigc? I met the pair waiting hand in hnnd along 
g^dcn-jjaih, as if it had been m Paradise itself. Onec again, when 
colled, Mrj^ Leslie gave her vp'ondrou» twinkle of the eye, and told nae 
that xhe hod no doubt I bhoLild E^nd the lovers in the garden \ and 
there, on the seat licneath ihe cedars, was Edith, and Wcstofi 
stretched on Uie lawn at her feci ti:adiiig Tcnnywti Lo her. It wd 
pleasant to see the uDr<^sisitng hand claisped o^Knly beneath the 
mother's loving, approving glance. She was weleoming the younf 
man lo hrr heart as a ^A^n of her own. Western wanted to get mnrHed 
before he went ouL After all it mii^ht have bi^^n the wiser plan. 
Bat IndLt was a terra ineagnifa to Mrs Leslie. Wciton muat go out 
first and eec wbwt it was like, and then eome over as soon as be could- 
to marry Kdith, In case he coufd not come over^ Kdhh would, if 
nceessaiy, go out 10 be married to hJm ] but Mrs. Leslie ioiihlcil that 
Edilh was loo young, and that Weston ma,^l be out there for at least 
a year lo prepare a home fur her. 

He was gone at lii^t. after staying in England for *ome period 
uf prcklution lo make headway in OiieEital ^ludie^, in wliich 1 
learned without aurprisc that he had exhibited lemarkable proficiency. 

CI nrely went to The Cedar* willioul hearing something about Hcniy 
Weeton. l^hosc were lovely prcEcnts ihat he sent — coral, antJ gcnss^ 
and Cashrneic sliawl. ^Ve thought he wa^ gcnertjuv, tuo unsparing in 
hid glfis- I'hcii [ was plca^d to hear lon^ extract:^ from his lettera 
— clever, iutcrc&tmg leitcrSj inio v^-hidi be had tl^own all hu keeanesK 







A Tak ofik€ Pcsi Office, 


itnd Jibility — all sboui ibe ovrrUnd joiimcy, the hitmoitrs ol Suc£, ihc 
halt or' the Red Sci, th? joll^ liic of the t\ oad 0. itcamo't toachini{ 
at Point dv Llinc, ih* v:>yagc up lh« Hooglcr. CalcotU and iU 
piljicrt^ tHt* Hill^ imd chnr gaiety — all were ^ktrtclirJ in the skilful 
literacy Tiay dial dora nuL ufLcn manjfi:*! ibtlf in the Brillili love- 
letter, \ hfljd no doiibt hut Kdiih poured out trcMUTcs of love and 
feeling in onvwcting ihciu- Site had ^vcn her whole heari to hiiti^ 
amrt h icttn^ to me thai love h;id rpeiio^l her lnl(> wi3ni:«Tiliood, and 
rnxdc her trhok iiitcUigcm-x kccu ^uid bright. Society voted her 
moat intcrcMir)^; .ind clurming, Thi-rc wila ,1 hjilo of romance sbout 
hrt engng<Tncni. W'q knew nil ,il*out ti along the coiiniiy side. Wu 
had our litlle jokes un iht- ^luhjt'tt. ;md made *ly inquiries about ihc 
Civiluin. Kdlth Answered with iiuidcii boUnevt, triuinphaai m un 
AckDowledgLx^ bvc of which she mij^ht be proud. The Civilian vaa 
<|Uite an wttitiJtion iinong her wide drdc of friends. 

Bdi 9omchcw tnditm ilirkc^necl over. When 1 went up u> the 
cottage there kjii a cefuution of quotJtionit from the r-ApluI Idlers, 
l^icrc vjii A nadncni* a dcq> .tnAictyi a deep care about mother 
ind datifihtcr. I felt that somehow ihings Httt going wrong. A 
nulign *hadow *cemi*d to settle on rhf linppy home. One night I 
heani it all, heaxd it in ihc tu^Uj^hi toH by a mothcr*?i tiet^kLlcJig 
tokf^ ihc naffiaiivc broken by one or two deep $oba from Ediili, 
cliQgiag to her mother'i heart. The girl had been jilted in a most 
cniel ani heanle** way. One leller hjid been brief, another had been 
h^ng in rornm^ and w:i^ mrL. theik the (Otie^^x^jideuLc had ^ciddf^nly 
«94Cd. Might he Dot be dir^d ? was the firit in<|uiry ihaE r.iolied to 
WPg 1^ Ohp no? Indian Civil «er\-iuit« did not die olf and leave 
m«^ tmcc- Hi« r-ime was floiiri<dnTif; on the litt<, Kverybody ha* 
IriL-nd.^ in Indu, and Mtx Leslie caiiscd 5onic cauiiou:^ inLiiiirics to 
be made reipcclirg him. He wa.-^ well ; he waa getting i>n j lie wa* 
^>cDding tnoney f!M-, he was flirting vigorotisly. W\& lettem had 
erased, Mticrly, int:illy ceasted, for a whtile twelvemonth, She sent 
liar^ the Indian jncncnti— coral, getns, anLl shawl, Tlioy were 
returned to him in a roimdivbout kind cf way. pj^Mng from one hand 
to another, and dl th^l enmc bnek wa« a bu&ines«-]ike ^ort of receipt^ 
that had been asked for and given when finally pl.irtYl in Weston's 
haild& If t cQLtld have met that inaii^ parson ihougft I Ih:^ I think T 
could have l^own al hii throatf aod brcx^ghi the hound to h\^ haunchcf 
to plead for mercyn 

So Edith wore the willow. There may have been »omc poor- 
bcaitcd jxiiurc-^ who jeered and smiled, bill Edith was cardeja or 
noconscioiu of thio. Vcars jxis^cd on, and Edith ripened^ as I 

Vol IX, N.S. i8;(. ^ 




Tlu GtnilanoHs Magaune. 

expecffd* into a vcfy tmtidKomc woman. $h« had mlTertd <leepl}' 
;uul ituCTuti]^ had t^tvcn d kind of spiritual rdinrrtjcnt lu licr bmuty. 
I tould ucvcT have expected thai Tourid'ticcd, flcsliy jfirl to become 
go ctlicrcniiscd. She did not <Ai<:n tfnilc, hut vhen she lunilcdt th-'kt 
«nik Wi» worth ibe ^cL'ing. Smiirgtw ihotight her ct>!d and proLid> 
If aii> iiijiu AduiiicU hci u^iid ^ougliL tu hiu hd luve, iosuiiuriruuvly 
there CARic over her a TcpcJlcnL ilUlam ieudoct tluit would frecic 
bucli trcLing!» ami forbid oU o%'cr:urck nf artuel)on. Jt wOtt]<i tecrD la 
if moutilains rojte :iTid (x^fi'm* rolled IwrWcen her 5>nd any kindly 
luitmn love. If ever sJic w^a ^\y miil ^jleu^uat it wu in her imithrr's 
l^rencucc — thai modicr for mIkjiu ;i]i<. ^. . imd lo live, *uid nKom she 
[iouj;htlo hetp iind comfort. i:ii'l e u^iti In*.!— 1 caiav to Lffim tiut 
science of waiching ueell — the drooping eye, the hoElowvd chc«k, md 
thai fihfLip cxi-JCAiticin of p*ui] that uould ilit ;u:rQE( b^ ckiscd lips. 
At liAi I longed to gather the poor aUickcn deer to toy bonm. I 
Ihoiii^ht that pcrhapfa i conld heal dui woutid* wipe a«ray tho« snd 
teari, iind give b-irls somr Joy .ind colour lo ih,il faded lift 
I fcU tlutl my pity and adiuitilion feu thr ic^ii were ri[ inio a 
kind of honest love ; nfid thou^'h I knew th^i «he could no kmgti 
g^vc rn^ the frc^h .i^etzticji] OJ tht hcu^ there wna »till Lovctltav 
that might be won far trarsccndini; ray poor deseret 

Bui l>cLl>rc sucb thoughts hod olit&itred ji;iy tiuutery over ax^ — 
bdurc I aiiid tAQMitSQS to her, or h^d e^ en distinctly slu^ed them to 
Oiy o*n uticnnce — one day 1 bad a talk with her, iQ which fcr the 
isr^\ and laJit tinic she opened up all her soul to n^c 

"Yr^ Mr S«ifiitth," she said, ''1 felt vi^ry miHih what ycm aid 
kik your sermon about the li^es and the rujblene^ of life. In my 
poor wny L try to bli up m)' tune m doing sumc uort Oif ^od ia liic 
d'odd, in drtwiiig, in ttudyingv in looking sAer deaiefit EaoChtfTt (a 
pottering alwuir, xs joii r,i!l i:, .ifier the old nnmcn, when yon tell 
uic diJt dicy want any nisitinif, 1 have ciy grief*— yoi* know tbcm 
all," :uid that lixttc hind rc^ng on my arm sent a momentary thiill 
Through me, "but I con^uur tkfm, and 1 dij not Lvt them con<|u«r 

"AU ycSfe" I said, brightening up» ''and tlut uchappy old love 
aflEiIr with that worthies Wcatoo ia aJl posnmf! away now. Von do 
not care for him riow ? " 

"YcK," she said, " but in a son of vf:iy. Ht^ i« do mailer of care 

lo me, 1333 no human mteiesl for ntc- He la buiicd oat of s>|£Kl I 

nukhitavdL PerbAps he is Bkartied tiow^ I wiah Um happy in 

has It"^- Hut oh 1 somehow/* ihc cxcbiiucd^ " I ft'cl ihit 1 do and 

mssi iovc £iwa fuid ahoJl Iotc ^ c:^^^ t>By by daj he is aiy £nt 






my liuH- I jJwayA «c-c?m to scr him mavLng nlwut the 
pfttfu^ «id rcsdns bcQcUli tfcc ccdai^ Moroixii; A&er mommg, when 
1 aw&kr, kis iauige rushes into my nunJ even bclt^re my pntyera, 
l\l)cii I clc«c icy cyffs I «cc him ; whcir 1 lif^cn to music f B<cm bo 
hotx hjV voice, lie \% IJcndcd vtiili dl ihc bclLirT part of my XS\£* 
Jlc bis oiddc inc what I Am ; he foiuid mu a :iiily, ttimjglitLcu ^irl, 
MUi he Ixu rcuxde me a wotrLiin, He htx^ Luij^lit mo wlut U^e wijrki u 
la the highcsi wayiL Hi: lonk in« away from cra^hy «lcHc« and a 
coavcniionaJ cduuUioii to q^cii up a bi^cr world- I Altould I3«*ci 
tiATc rcftd German and ltnli>in but for ham. I sJiouLd never kvce 
onad Toff poetry or Jur thmlLm|- but lor bin. He mode mc Ipve 
boc ut and the Tciutvn' mit&ic. ;i&d giw up my ^Llly v:hool-gut 
eaaU!!- 1 lud elck a thougltt* a dreanw & hope*, diat did uoi l>c](}iig u> 
hwL I iKiuii fuJIoiv him to Indu \ 1 would folbtf htm uil aver tbv 
w(xi<L I wQuM have died for him \ I wouLI die for bim ddw.' And 
Ibcn the luitd w;u ht-ld to tbr fic^. ind the Ceari cimr through th« 
slender linifrnk 

''Ohibol)'" £ thought to iQy»cIf. ''Oh lukBicuuubLy more thaa fool* 
ID havt thro«D awfty the tnta^urc of i love like tht£. Could &U the 
wnllfa of yond«i India give ihe tceuurci; of luch Lgve V I lutfeoedt 
ateOK horril^fd, to thlM derpira nutbiirnt of frrlmjf thni 1 hfld cvcF 
heud in my life. 

*BuC Cod is s^*^" ^^ *^ "and grtut* Jind mcrci^l Olhei^ 
vis« 1 should hiuMi bfiolun any hG:Ln. Though my days »re du-kmed^ 
1 bcfictr in Cod, Thou^ my ^itch U dliu, I IiuIicve' in CtoJ. 
11lO«$lt [il> hcsut H bccoXicg, I bdjcnc in God. Somchov 1 tiust 
Hit tovc. \\k u so mighty th:it I birl He wiEl oijdce me hcltcr 
far this butd«B.'* 

Ak t poor iiar?ion that \ tn^ I bod never spckcn si: pim-ly ind so 
dotiHenLljr aa thii. 

We ocver if'oke oa the subject ^igoua. Aa long u 1 am a air&U^ 
I expect 1 dull be ux icfonnal kind oC moak. A cumtc hxt vows 
<if povertjTr oibedienet, and. c:cUbacy imijcised uj>oa hlui uhL-ther he 
likca k o£ nuL If evcc I cone b Ibf a living, I aluU pcrlupa 
Bttoycn the auliject fiv i^HuidCDitioii, I cniicht hA>^c done so if I 
CQd4^W*Ma«DgrQV=*^ ^'^^ leelin^on tdith^psut; butoonff 
vere M> be diicemiril, and I ihiJik 1 i:nn hotusdy ny t>ut I ;uii jfliid 
of il Qov. Mj9. Seofbrtlft tuotiauci te be a purciy unaginuj 
^oaob^ U> Ijc evolved b^t my uuacr cuiuciou^cKS, but not olherwicc 

U>sv Midg<'"L tMS Imx ptfdon lor loting xiglit of her 4o long— 
^ts old) aitd c-imK, ;tnd drnf, an^l rhcuni;Llicul- Shr wo.^ ^'vn?^ 
iKa»«ikd lMclt^ She ikfid ^lIht a^ of micrancg^ i^\u:^\^ t£ 

H 9 


The GfnfUman's Magazine. 

Tcligloiu duuacCCT, but ollen lavished on inAdcquaic occasions. For 
LiDCC, if [ asked Miss Midge for a sruillr of coAla, she would 
quickly cxpr^s a wisli that *'d btc»tng " might rat upon iL I 
wondered ho^v Mjss Midge could ^vith a qui«t conscience invoke this 
blcsi^ing on the cail-sciittlc, far \\ w:u a subject of gr^at interest 
lo me noticing 10 wliflt mitnertnisdodgesandchcaicrics the insiinition 
of the cooi-aculllc gave rise Latterly, Misa Midge's old bones were 
yielding to the inriucnct of rhciunatbm, OccasionnlJy from her 
o1)ic« a series cf sliort howEs would emanate, iodicattve of much 
bodiJy discomfnn. As she moveri about from one pigeon-hole to 
a]tolhci> from licr seal to ihc counter^ and llicni:e lo ilic ingeuji- holes, 
her oilleas old bcncs crucklcd in their sockets nnd produced shrieks. 
Tlic local proceedings of Her Majesty's Govenrmenl were hardly 
wuTied en lo ihe satisfaction of Htrr Majesty':^ hegtf subjcets, and 
Mi^ Midge i^ituviJcd an aij^lstAnt, lest she should be poainiiMre-ifi no 
longer- Then she retreated to hci chamber, where her pccuUir 
idiosyncrasy had a fine field. She did not care for coals henjcit, as 
f^he prefrTT^d ihi? wanndi of the bliiiikeia, Sliir did luit rend, and «a 
ihe blew t>ui tier candles. She retcivcd no vi^iloIs, and went to no 
cipcnscn She was as completely cut off ftym my notice and ct»cr* 
T&iion a» if 1 wa^ not only living in another n'ing of the building, but 
in aroiher part of ihe lown, or of the rounTry, 

Chronic rheuEiialisiu may not be very bad, although ihrrc are ligly 
fotms of it ; but acute rheumatism comes upon you like sl cUp of 
thunder. The rheumatism did the worst that rheamatisnt could 
do — it touched the heart ; nut that there wiis much jiain, but there 
was great danger. I had c^Ucd upon her once 01 iwicc, as I 
shotild call upon any other sick parishioner, but there wai somcthiftjt 
fio cold, ariiticiil, and metallic in het line of t^tlk, that 1 found the 
visit very unsacisfacTory. I^tti^rly, whenever I sr^it up word that I 
was going lo call on her, I had some message llwi convijiccdmc 
my call woa altogether undc^si^ed. She showed her wonted aUcrity 
when i sent ep my tittle cheque now and then, when my current 
account reached a figure vonhy of a chojvje. But incirung the 
doctor one day, who told me that she really was In a very queer 
slate of health, I the same dny simply Wftlkcd into het room 
unannounced. The doctor had told me that I had better tell 
her thai she wis in some danger, a duty oft[?n delegated by 
the doctois to tlic dotl^ and always {lainful. I got through tt 
somehow, and fiaw that the poor old soul trembled ojid woa much 
' She did not improvcj ftod things looked more and Tnorc venous. 


A Tale of i/i^ Post Office. 

Shtf withdrew any objections to my vuutfi, and, iadccd, s«em«d 
lather gtad of thcni. 1 though i it my dmy^ arcciriling lo the good 
old fonnubry, lo ask her whcthtr rIk- IhuI ;tnyihing ou her mind, aiid 
wbetficr «hc had settled \\\ her nfTjiim. She trjid mc it w^ all rit;ht» 
Lut in a tone that convinced mc it was all wrong. Evidently there 
was iOEtkr*lfiing Ihnt tnad« her Tineasy, for once or twlrpshc l>rg-iT) 
oddly, ^nd Irl lin va^iK' (^K[jrL>Hiui i> die ;iwiy. At Lint I sLippn^r 
that fiiilinx nature hcnelf coni-inccd her that she was in great bodily 
pdil. One day, being now abk tnamfestly to Kce that there wnji an 
uaAvc»«d troubTe on her aowl, 4he asked me whether I [hcnigbc it 
abAOlutdj' Dcce^uary tci cunfc^a Lliat bhc luid diiiie an^Elitu^ rcjlly 
wicked. This wax a hrge quc^^uon, but I ih^uglit I ^hoikld be safely 
within the hnes if 1 replied tliat if she owed lestitution or redre»» 
nnywh^-TC, she mint make aniciid^t. 

"Then it cnu^t be d^ne, iitr/'&1ic JKud; "but I am iiol »0 wiokctJ iK 
jrou will think mc" 

1 lat cxpccunt- 

" Would you have the goodncM, sir, to »hul Ihedootand tum 

I i^J not much like thiN, but I compiled. 

Miu Midge was not an ini«rcecing penon, and her room wa£ no: 
3 mvoury room. Her heavy ciiriatnfi wprc sviggcsiive of Norfolk 
IIowATd^, tiie duitt lay heavy au ihc flonr .\nd on tvcry olijrcL on 
the floor, and the cmTy light was from a tallow dip stuck in an empty 
blacking bottle. I did not very much appreciite an interview of 
wrh elf»o inrim-iry ^viih thii* arricrit bcdridJen crone, Lut :ifteT a 
moment's hesitation 1 arose and mined the key, 

"And now, kind ^x" continued ML^k Midjcc. wiilioiil the least 
petcepdble eoucli oT ^rim hivnour, '* would you kindly get under the 
bed, and bring mo ^ liTile tin box from under the niicldJe of the 

I thought it rather indecorous that the Reverend ChArlc^ ScoTorth 
>houM CTvep under the bed in kind of hurRloHouA b^hion which 
old bdiefl lUpjioitr to br the con^tt^int ot'i^upilicin of men of unlaw* 
ful iims. Ml^tcovci, Olc position vra*( fniughl viiih some duin^tge, 
both to my dignity and my raiment. Nevcrtliclca^ the ra;ucat was 
repeated with wch urgency that 1 thouglit it bc'^t to comply, 

■* Are you (juile sure, sir," ini^viircd Mi« Midge, with a running 
twinkk in her eye *" that the doUor Kiy» that there be a rcj.1 danger 
that I may die?" 

*' Mis^ Midge," 1 aaJd> *' \ only Itnow what llic doctor tells rue, 
and he tells me ihai the rheumansm has seized )x>iit heart once or 


Tjitf G€7i£lmians Magxiztne. 

twice, »kJ when il atbtcks ynu UiL-r« w^wx. ioa it prulwbljr will, it 

be ffttal- Ycu arc 3tj]l hUxinni^ uncicr the hst hcATi in-ick, ihhidi 

aiA7 kin you." 

•*Oh then/ said Mira Midge, in a iDmewhar lju«fit«11:c ton*, 
•"then pt'fhiiiisi ytni }uul licUi^r Imik inro the tm Iki*.. Hiii I wwh lo 
-iq^ Miaethxn^ liT^L Mr Sc^ifurth, [ ami ^ttv horR-^r wonuiTK and 
■VoA f««p«Oted in the nciKhbourhood, Vou have been iii my house 
many yeanif sir, hut I hivc never ukeo a halfpenny oni of yoiir 
roo^iu, atlhouEb you kDt>w, ;iit, ihAl yotj b;ivc bt^^n v(.-(y carclcsi vilh 
your coppcta," 

The oW harriilaji had never lonehtd a corn, tiiu I tne^ Ihai she 
hui difOiteJ mr -is long aK flhc cdiiUI gel abont^ 

"Bui dtxjut them Ir^llcTK, »Er, T am aiiaiil ihitt t didi't iIq the ijiuig 
thai i}4 ri>;ht, but wt^ post office people arc ptn viodcr ^cai lempCi- 
lions, nt, and i \to\^ ihcy will mak<^ an allowance ti>r u« Uf) th«T<. 
Woultl ye please open the box, *ir, and bring mil ihe pBpm: that are 
tied up in a paper with blue ^iiirtK^ ^^ ^'^^ very vron£ of mc, ain 
ti>opc^ that liiBt letter of Mr, Wc^onV sir, Imt the people said 
all surtJ^ cl tliing'4 aboui he and MiAf Kdiih, and 1 ihought iX tnigbl 
be beit ir I knew rhi; rt^h» of thing*, becimee then yoa -^ee, air, I 
nnft^il j»eveiit any i^u^ca being Ujld." 

'^Vou wrcEched vom^vi \" 1 cxdatmed ; " d& you mean to n>' that 
jvujAole mriy UUcn bdongmf! to Mr. Wenion or Mies Leilie?" 

**! don'c tail it scteaiing^ ihr," iht^ nruiwered, "for 1 never made' 
avAy wtdi uii^ iH^rap of any one of tbeiiL" 

■*Voii do:i't <4»I1 it itcoJin^T" 1 reiterated, almost with a shou^ 
andwithavehemcncclictlc nuiccd for uhe chojnber of nicknc^i. "Y^yi-. 
litlle know the frightful, thr irrepQTiit>le TTiistliief you havp done; 
1*i:0[j1c have bccu lumf^il btforc now for aiealinii; Jcllcr*/' 

•^ Bios yc sir, donH ftey '^^^' ^ui^ ^Js" MidRc, now airparcntly 
under the impreiiiion thai 1 v^■^ aboat Co hand her over to the 

'Uotenu that by her diabolUal ^t& — 1 mean the appljuitton oT hot 
m ft et^ a hc had oijoncd one of Weston's letters, Hy sonie in&dveik 
lencG, ahc bad Vsm the mvt^ope across ; the ie*iJi of thti ww th« 
fbr did not Hke to deliver tii6 letter, and so it wn>; k'ft unileliff^ed. 
She dien ibou^bi i\ be>.l lo open 4im^ of ICdich'^lo Weatoti, to iicc if 
there woa any allusion to a missing letter. 'Iliere tvae audi on 
aUvujnn, and Kdilh'fi loiter was uip^refst^. 'I'hyn rame a V»t, 
showing, as 1 was afterward* given tn uni lerstand^ all the htin filling, 
bui full of LiiLdneM aud furbuaraacc- Mi'ss ^Iidgc» after giring it 
in attcniire perusal, thought it best to put it in her Tin boft> One 


two rmhcr short Oirt notes ahc dclireted, beinK (inxiow to deliver 
th«« cATbrr thnn oiheruite, It sbt tlid ntA thtnk hemV In^fietHMl 
1 laidrtvtoDd all Uiis b>^aiid-Li>\ w}i<.-ii ili« juninitai brw^ mad 
tffect oT each kttct Icfl iindcUtxrcd were <^itj>Uint<i lo mc- And 
here w^i* the letteK^ xlto|;ctticr tome seven or dght in vumber, the 
nibj«ri of An Atroc-ioiiv crtnie, vhicti h^d CMlMd ra^-jJicion, unliAftpl 
lioft. And ^^aixtion Lirlwct'ii I^«u |»ci»uiiik dcvotcUljr 4Ettt:1icd to c«ch 
odKf, and to cnicfly *<^'Crcd, 

It VM ycry aorrr comfort ibnl [ advninifiUTCiJt 10 M'n^ Mid^e. t 
iried, xntl T hope not qtiitc iiit«icc«Kfullj', to Witc her up rnHy to I'le 
wickcthmct uf the «Lt idut:h shr hml conuntttFif- I tuU her tfmt I 
m«fli restore tl»c Icttcrt to tbcir otracra, but touI^ intercede for her, 
ji die liiw! dtmr an nrt of confc«eion and rcstJCnlion^ t'^vcn then, t 
lielievr ihe old woniun had an idea ihii hsving conr«i«l her irt. ilie 
matlcr &i^C ciiuji, *ncl *l>c hi-TJ-clf be Irt off lUl foriher oonscqucntes, 
I b*d th<4C letter*. aekJ 1 alac had to consider Iujv ihey mittht be 
tuned to accobai. TUt most impcanant thing, to mjr mind, ^ras that 
Wccica should Icsm the miih. I kurv ihai Ftlith ^ms; tn:ie tu htm> 
fani in cGuJi iiullors you tah alw.iyf^ rriy mnre ujmri tlie noman than 
on Uic nuiTi, He 1111^111 have bccri m^uricd, Kc migfit have bocn 
efigogod, he nujht have become tobdJy cEtntngcd in fecling^ Ol 
cwusc, 1 expljuncd the vrhnle numcr tii Mn. Lcstu% ^nd ^e wuijld 
do wlut she Lhuught bebt m refercnoc tohcr J^u^htet. I mm not 
mjmi( ifi favour of tearing or>eii the old wotind. Mn. I-e«1ie had no 
hcsiution, hOTPei-er, in telling hci' <ULightcr all about it She coo- 
ddt^n] dull ta do sa w&t in act of Imit! justice t(iw;mh WchIlxl 
She thMitfbt that il would at ^aai eonsok her doaghtcx lo know th« 
abc iiod ncE IhrLn^n aviy h^r iillV.'elions on on QQvrotth)' icamp. 
wtio had tmiied tier wah (he indignity she ^cip^i^ed^ 1 u-aa gbd 
tci liirr thxi Fjliifa, tbuLigh Agtuncd nml rMJtod by ihc comnitniksi- 
don bei mother mode her, v.ia murh hftpfdct and caiicr, moving 
about with a ,hghter trvod, and with the lif;ht 01 hope rdbindlcd m 

I itiougJiT llkut the grcAi ll^Jiig nccc^fiiiy was to vcGUn a meeting 
betvee^i Wcf*lou and Ediths 1 muM Am £Cl my nun to l^^l^md, 
o&d then i muit ^et him \o ^ee hit; old love. 1 had only been a 
short time in 31 vlite of inoertilnde, when I snw In ant of the papm 
in a Iha of hurnr pi^scngon — 1 iru aJwiy^ looldng out ifor BDok— tnc 
lumc 05 hiAuc uu furiou^lii and I liod ao difficnl^ in Incing 
hkn 10 ihc l^nghojn. ] vu fTevoatod by a good denl of fikktie^Kin 
the vilU^ &om nmnlng vp 10 cuwn ai I bid wiihed, but ( vn>tr- 10 
bin AT lengU^ Idling hiiu t^fibe cxtraoidiiuuycoairchugia tnddel^/dic 



The GfnilmiQtis Magazine, 

wfetdjcd woman Midge, I saidlwovild stnd him l>wk hklciiersif 
wbhcd, lul then I hopi;d lie wuuld l>c LOiniii^i ilcwa inio our nciglibour- 
hoed, and would receive llicm froiH niyow n bandn For some vccks tlicra 
^r^% no Answer, IVcston had gone down to Brightc« or Chcllcniiam 
or fconic Anglican A^ia MiiiOT ihat irrt'^istiLTy aiiracls iill Indians. 
Then he AViolc it* say ihaL he dcrsigntd lu sptiid a week ui so in hii* 
old t|Uirlcra at the little fishing ioti. Then \ legan vct>' busily to 
beat out the problem how 1 should brirp these two people together 
who liad oni:e loved each other so tt-ndrrly. It ocnirred to mc that 
I would ^ivc a litUe dinner jmriy, the wily dlmicr parly lo which I had 
ever invited ladies during my prolon^^ed icsidi-^ncc at A^hlciKin- 
Water. It to happened tlial Uie opportune absence of aootber 
lod^^er tnabkd me lo add a drawing'TOom Xq my own three room*. 
The Uij^h tonlmcling pailies agrctd lo i:omc, Wcjtoii [iromi^tiL 
Ladies are always ready to come to bachelors' diwiers. but periiBf» 
some deeper feeling in^uenced Mrs, and Miss Leslie. I only told 
Ihcm a feiv hour* hcfore who my guesi would be. I need hardly aay 
llml J had ordered in |iiano, fiowrrSi wijies. and die beht dinner our 
little inn tonid furrjish. lo the scnoua detriment of the \\>X quarter of 
my slcndei clericaE incomc. 

As I looVi^d upon Weston and Miss Leslie on that eventful day I 
could utJl bui feel tluil if Uiey made a veiy pretty couple in the t>lcl 
<ioya, they niadc a very noble pair now. She had lost the wipplc-' 
ccfSi the full rounded ci>ntOLir, the hi>£h sparkling animal health and 
»piriii. But the liMaomc form and graecful movement were thcie ; llie 
Eicc; hadf^ainrd excjuiitiEe mohiliiy, indeed there t^a^'t SLimeih^ng too 
■cnsitivc, almost quivering about the Up, and there was a dcliejtcy, a 
rcfinemcnti a j'/f^fJWfV/f expression « that Edith had not known in bright J 
youih. Her eyea had gained iniiniiely in depih and lendemess, her 
voice was deeper, more lender, more miisirjil. There was juftt n gleam 
of a few ailver hatts, just ^ clcarncsa and dcd^ion abo\iT her tonc^ that 
reminded one how thoro(»i;hly ihe girl hud become a woman. But 
for all purposes of compuiiork^liip and sympath); of comfort and cul< 
tivaiion, Fdith «eomcd as a very help of God meet for any manii 
And be — well, )k ^aa a noble fellow too > bronzed* brooder, almost 
cvetwhclmingly manly m his phyHienl health- 'the old talk of art 
find litemlure and poetry had well-nigh left hlrn : he was evidently^ 
tveighted with ac^iive mterests and Tespouhibili[ies thai Left him Iitrl«< 
room for the old tiulcl books^ Uut it n^^a a plca^iitrc lo hcAr that man 
taikT to hear his descriptions, in a vein of learning which very 
few Civilians possess, about ancient races and bygone civili>a1ions, 
o!ti forms iffreltgiQU and rnotality, the life of the foital, llie jun^lej^i 

W Talt of (he Pott OJfut, 


ind tl^e hil]s, Uic vjutnet* and th:; cqiu plications of our ini|>crtal 
iulcrc^U- llicn^ W4i ^ ftirtie ;in(l x MjUcici! gryulcur alitmt liim 11% if 
ihc EuElEad^^cu Liiiipblc fvmi Lonll lib iiiiJcdnitc vi&Lg[]4, I lave 
heird ofsudi men an Hurkc rm<l M^icauLiy being quite tiunbfonucd 
by Oriciiui] hTc; andWcitnn, witlioui being llie out or Ih-? other, had 
hail hia whole nature- Mririn^llicntil ;ind ikvtbpf<J- Ht b^d prtj- 
pesaed ntpadly in the scrvirc, "tvs higli up no*, was making a very 
hifs^ income, and hud .1 liner <:axccr before him than I had cvvi thou^lit 
would Have Iwrn [>os*iblc- S^% J sat in ihe long cvenings^-Oicn and 
aftrrw;trd» — with him, I had Midi a flntid nfli^hi ihrciwri on thr whole 
cyck of Indian .subjects ds all the multifarious corrcs;jondcncc of ihc 
peDii) ijapets liod never produced. I'here was one thing, however, 
in the ^ronvcnaiicrr tl^at I did nol <|i.i[te like. He always ttj^oke a^ IT 
ihere vk<u -1 ^e^L rhji«ii lieiWL'cn his past and pTe*tni Lift^jandit 
seemed 10 me a.<i if I-;dith had been embivkcd on thut fr«£tncfit,ftnd 
totn asunder^ and li-id drifted AAiiy from [jrerscnC mind and memory. 

He told me thsi he li.iil been veiy loneJy in Iiidi^, very soncwfuJ, 
ofttimca very wild >f e hnd tnkrn onre 10 drinking. He had always 
Anted hani. Thcic were niA^iy thii^g^ for whluh he woa ^ony and 
ashamed, lie had curbed womankind, ,tiid formed the lowest of 
Icwnolion* al>out them. Ah, thiti* just the diliVenee between man 
oodwuuuii! All Ihtuugh, however, he h'ld dung wiih dtsprntr 
icoaeil/ to hiii vui^iiun m life* It \a in thU ^eak, guilty way thit a 
man octH imJcr the prcasure of a deep Bonrow, while a ^^ocd woman 
lakes lo sclf-rcjiroiAictn and lo |>rsiyer ^nd .v:iive goodness, and 
tiiubrining wcnr poor worthlrK« image in her heart of hcam, And 
lltcre lA nothing that ahc will noi forgive — the desertion, the world- 
Kac«», the sir^ful despair. J fell sure, na J listened 10 his aiory, 
that ii consoled Mict txslic 10 heflrih,it ihrough all We«on had trvily 
lijvr<l none but her. 

I handed WcsEon the old letters, 1 le took theni eaicle»sly, and X 
thonght luperdliou&ly. Hit eye ^'lanced down them at 6rst hastily, 
Mid then dwell upon ihem. *' By Jove, I wua Awfully spoony in 
ibosc ddiys." ThiA was ihe commonplace cxctatiiation wliich I wii 
expecting, and yet wai afriiil lo hear^ "' Dear mc," be said, " I had 
foigatien all about the«c people^ thcrrc placet; end how stmiif^ty 
lhe»e leiter^i read now." There were some of hers among them. I 
hfld intended 10 Imve separated them, but on 9e<:ond thoughts I had 
left a few there. "Yes," he said, "* 1 remember how ivild J tsj« when 
I KOt ihis curt, cold note from Kdith. 1 thotif^ht 1 wonid be cold 
ukI curl myself, jind I see that 1 iucceedcd. After a time I "wva^ts 
one more letter, h\imhV\t\j^ aJI my pride, and oa\y *:n\Teaw^^«i wjvwt 



Th£ Gmilcntans Magazine, 

love; bul no (inawcr ever came. • He ^crncd to ibrfcct my pmcnce* 
Presently I saw him levcrccdy take up one of Edith^ii Ictim Aftd 
Vws i[. Whtm \w. \\c\\ ^jrakc IkM voic^ wii Iremildus nnd Irs t-yes 
vrcTC fdl uf tc^ra. TlicJi he pul Uic IcUcis togclhcr und moved off 
to the diuwioe-TOom. 

Edith was at the pkno, ttriktng a few rotes here and thert with Ji 
inuKrr'*! luiich ihnt irrmLi3 lu trrll Iheri uwn siury Tier niui}iCT bad 

u'a]kcd out inic the giutlcii. 

"it ifi n very odd ihmg ;il>i^iii rli^isir letters. That wicked old 
h'oman has c3Ui;cd n great (it : < i^ i ri;>ieafianinesia- 'Die poct'Oflke 
pciijji? might teal!)' in Iiavt a \\\i\\ litjw- uniniiiwiTiiJiy she has been.*' 

" Vea, " said Kdith, with in inJinilc coolntra. "She did a ptflt 
deal of h'Xnn. We bolli l^ccamc K'^'i ^njusin Wc were vcty Toolitb in 
thoftt dayi, bm ihnt wa^ all. And ii Imppened lo long ngo, and the 
^joatiiiurtu^sa 1.1 T»u ill now, iJiai 1 iliink W(^ may forget all alnna iL 1 
am«n old wotnaii now, aiid tnii^t not think of dioic ehlldinh d^ys." 

^e roitC up tolat^e him aft he sto^ on the htjrth in Ihe tirctifiliL 
Hp looked ni her vcrry calmly, and then he extended ha arm* and 
vrlmpded the one word, ■' Edith,'* 

Her Bicc l3uahc<l like crimson, ^he drew ncir 1o him timidly, 
glowingly. She ECoppcd» she bOH-^Ll her heid Still tbe arms wv 
extended lovingly, hk eyes eloquent with aH Oie pa^ion of nppcftli 
Slit is within liiii amts, she i» refuting on Uih t^nr-ksL 

" Oh, ray Jove, my darling I " (he cried. " At Imt, at 1a*t I God 
ift very good to me. All those woiryf heavy yeii», in which I ought 
have beer so happy, have con^ brick lo rrie nj^nin. I f^E you wiprc 
mat lo^t iLi rue. J have ali*nys Lovetl yoi» iir&t to Cod \ liave (oved 
none other, and viH love yovt Tot ever," 

Ko \ tboMT yexn were not lout I 1'hey had made of boy and ^rl 
noble man and nohle WL5Ln:m, whose union iJiowed to what me 
beif^htB or purity uritl felicity true inaiiiaK*^ <^^*^ be taisted. They 
were not lost, ss^ cleric-tike, 1 i}iouf;ht how ihofic who go forth weep- 
ing, bearing good seed, arc to return ngnin with joy tienring Uieir 
shenvts with ihcfin. That wretchE^d uld paEtmiiiur<M ^eiI] 1ing[.*n on 
in ■.< kind of tit-ing dcflUiH TliDne iiuble lulurci liavc Uken tiie 
orly revenue of which ihcv arc capaLle, Tliey hive viiited. com- 
forted, hc;lped the wicked woman who cnttAed ihcm siieh mUemUc 
ycjiis. Thus did they heap conh of fffe on her hnd. 


OF Df.chntralisa- 

IHAT d text is licrc for a acnnoQ ! Yet to ihc Vest ol 
«vr recollection vrc ncv\r Kcj^ uny <ltACixanc, vJicthcf 
I :. tiL-don wccJC'ibytorSundnyCiihnttouchcd upon 
TAT^^ u. aJl'uIUix U'U us ubju tu ilci :inil iu Itavr Diidanc 
ki ii:ci3t nuilcn pcrtAinuig lo duly life, btit ibcy do ncrl go deeply 
into those nice dislinclion^ between ri^ht and wron^ which on; an\f 
apparent to Ihc inM^injiiu;, Cut and dry «lfaiix iridoc<J« Bcctn lo 
luu"c litllc in comiruot wilb |iroviiK.i]il operas, iu\ coIleoEianx, and 
ihc locdiuiion of cullnrc gcnetidly , ihough in ihc fftct )t i» not 
Mk DidiKSs demoroLKctt ; tuipidity docs more harm in aiai: caMt 
tfiat of t<ft Uun actirc flDfulnAV ; abd at th« pr«ft«tit day i^e vc 
rosifnii^ dnlncm ojid ^ttipidily tilth ihr TPci^it pcTvene ftctivit)'. 

Cumpftic fur ruitcplct [Ll' .iEjtiuiiiidl aclivfty of sucb n 4.Lty u 
London widi the ^xo^Alion ofnomc of oiir krec iicilcrir^ |>lAcc.t ^^nd 
couQCry u^iptie. l'h« mrtkoc of the hsabilcd ijlobc o3fr:ri no moirc 
bc«dld«nn£ spcciade iliar ih*r fir*i- 'ITie «ning*^T vho vl«L< our 
ca|nttil £br a tew wcckn fmds liitntctf surfeited vhh ihc uitdlccUud 
binqoGO apiotd before him. What with picturE: pillcnot. inuiic, 
fiOCiGty, ktimed lodetict' ancotirigB, and other oppof uinLtic^i ot amofio- 
mrni c^r inffimuitinn, hr muAt hivr n ca^ACldiiS npprtitc indf^r^d who 
m tujt nxnc t]un KiuitfiaL The ch;innes titc tlut he |;oc% ^nay with 
A vipie fccluig of depression at the litdc he ha» been abk Ic achieve 
in spite of the JibenUity of occatit>n. He hu wished Iu mnke the 
Mi'^iuuniA nre of rhifi or thflt m.-krk or U'c^mftn of note, nnd pcrhj^pa 
n<9 ioTc ifol five minute*' ulk ^itli L>kc orn.- At t <30wdcid .insccnbly, 
Aflt! led the ether down lo a laic, lonj:, ovcr-hKhicd dinner. He hw 
done u dozeti thingt a day simfily bet:jtUKc none could be pai <yfi, and 
hti thtiv CTOW<kd into a few hcun iTiLpn^ynioni whidi niigbl well 
hiive UcCD JuipcrAcd ofu ii> Btaijy Ua>'s ui vret^L Filially, he inikLcs 
ap ha mind thai AAcTADcojutrylifc in iItc moHt r^tioniiU Aitd beL^kea 
hiiRflclf to it llrCiti, with rcs^ign.aiiort if rtot wiLh rc^L Hut is country 
tile the most mtioaud? The rlcr^^yman, vurroimdtrtj by wifr and 
cinUren, Juviag iriaidly. niUui afTeclianaic, rt^latioim with his jiaruib- 
kMka^ amd, u generally hnpfrcn-N. titorary tAStca vvl «. Uj-k. ci^ AuKato^ 
Ift liU trntk i^o^ rn-iH cetUuniy And il so ; equally^ v^c co>ak\rj 


Tki Gmflfman's Magazine. 

<i(-vtit<:d to agricultuFC and ii;K>Ttiiig hufi little time that hangs hcary 
on hi« hindB. But a Ur^c class <loe4 not come under thii caiegocy. 
Wliai \i\AX ni^mbcTS <jf rirn and women conipcKcd to lead a Tciircd 
life in country towns and villng» find life a bore I If boredom irerc 
no more noxious than chimney-pot hats or chignoni wc might leave 
It nione without conapnnciion ; but under such locial slime are cure 
lu Wti Mj^ly tilings which are hrxiiij^ht to [h:.'siiHai:e DowAiidlhc-n. Sin^ 
*iC.iin*t temperance, trutbfulncis, chastity, and so on» ore especially 
attributable to the discontent which grows out of inanitioDr and K^^cat 
tragedies as well as smaM mi^e« may be equally laid to the morbid- 
ne^ of a Etiiud preyln)^ li]Kjii kiicir 

Anyihing worthy ihcramcofphiUmhropy^Tbercforc* must deal with 
those Lirger qnestions in which the itmallcr intercfitft of humanity are 
involved ; and here we are hTciighi face tri fiirt with the duty of de- 
centralisation. If a maiiy-Mdctl culitirc, widely-extended .lympalliio, 
varied studies and rccrcaiions fire undeniably the foundations of a 
cheerful and rational cjiiMence, then it clearly follows that we are 
boitnd lo upread the*e bcnrftt^i as hr a* possible, A field to work 
n^Kin lies Ecady to hand. It is the gicatc;*! iiiJsiakc in ilie world lo 
suppose that all the bc^t people arc collected in l^odon or in any 
other Largediy. In almost every country town you tind the materials 
out of which The mo&i important soci'etyof large cities is formed, only 
wiih this difTerencc, that in the latter case there ts nothing to bring 
people together- They assemble to cat, drink, play croquet, and 
dance ] but that is all 'i'hui it happens that many educated men 
and women live as cotnplettly separated ^s if they were in minneri» 
and coinrnis ; and one of tl^e thief reasons for difTuMug iiilcKeelual 
activity in the province* is the present abnormal isoktion cf the 
£exe«; onee asioctatcd in any kind of work, study, or digniJicd 
recreation, easy and pleiiant reLUion* are kufl- to gro* up between 
tljcm. Bui how liillc opportunity i*i tJiere citlicr for Aoik, study, ur 
TccrcfLtion in most country places \ ^Ve Arc familiar with an Hngliah 
watering place of sixty thousand inhahitiniJi which has not the 
resources of ;i little tierman tnwn equally familial to u* of one^Mh 
ita hiic- 111 the one there jh nij opera-houae vf eouriie. no good 
public library, no School of Art, no museum, no picture i;al)cry, no 
plcaiufe s^rdcns, no musical union; wl)ilat the latter boasts of oil 
the*e, iinil far more. 

Why iibuuld it be so? Why do not men antl women of wealth, 

position, and energy iiy tp divert the main stream of activity into 

\oca\ chonnek? Nothing ia needed btLt quuhties we see in laEl 

Jiftttr crrrjf day-^mmc^y^ counge^ fiber&lii^, wvii ^\£-dQVQtion. For 


The Duty of Daentraiisaihu. 

ouradvcs, Kc do not regard ci good pro^-mciAl opcm u chuncikftl 
acooaagst a p^plu whose mimtcaJ tufiiei arc dcvclo[>ing is rapidly 
as our own. KrjiLilly, iho^c mii^icil societies of which my Gcmuo 
lown ciui boaAt niighi be sci nn fool wiih vciy liUlc *wlt at trouble. 
Scientific and literary so^ticiicn jvlno. of which there are embryos io 
mo5t ctnjntry townUf if affilutifd \vuh ilie larK*r bodi«B in London 
woutd soon become impon^nt. A^in, of what incalailnble vaUic 
itfould be choice loan collcrdons, not only of |)irlurc?i, bu( of woiks 
of ftrl f[cncn]1y \ ^Vhc:l wc come lo mere ami:Acmcnt, a hui^drcd 
schemes occur to us i^ch would break the goKsiping, half-craxy 
innnidon nrtd mmenctts of couniiy town life. 

IkxX. tpiui THuUa t TI]cioilort:hariiywlikli begins at lioinc begins 
Lui of ill- Nobody ever doubts tlut k Is a benevolent aci to wtiic a 
cheque for the sUrving Persians ; but to put our hindR into our 
pockcu for the tpmcunl benefit of friends und ndghbours u'«?m* quite 
anodiec tiling. The groiiiet wivnta cif the fir^t umat be :»ui>pUcd or wc 
should not rest in our btdii, bm the Uut muy starve and sliivcr to the 
end of their dfl>« for .nil we care. 

M, B En UM- Edwards, 

At Sea. 

r^^HE swccC htcctc frahcocd. the mooi> ihonc brighl;, 
S ^^*^ V^i-^vd cnil Cr> seii i\r tlio (lead of nighl ; 

Ac ihp rftric! of ni^jht, wh«i the hcan beats free. 
My Luvc ami I wc puahcil out lo aiSL 

And woud, oxu) trjUcy, iiul bil), Jjid Ktrrnna, 
Aji the woiUQi; tantxi ufj broken dmm, 
Qt ihc dyinji toJl cf d tnournJiU ixy, 
Afax m the moonJiglii C^dcd away. 

And apcrding 5«-ifi from the haunts of men, 
Otir light bviLt liore our light Jtcaits then ; 
Swanllkc, sailing with ynagt outspread 
Under the arcli oT the stars overhead 

Tht^ moon, and the fimal! staia caiiglu m her nyn, 
Strug^tin^ ]:)a1<; througli llic liiinliiQus hoTit, 
Saw liow fnir wo^ my Love, 3.nd came 
Wandering to wed her in night-bleached ftam*. 

The flca, and the wavcj; in their fall and riact 
Bovomlike lic^^ving with languid aighi, 
lifit-d, and rumbled, iiml broke with deiirc, 
LickeJ iirwl fawned on her with icd tongues nffiic 

For *hflt 00 ihc earth, die sea, or ihc nir, 
Could with my bciutifiit Love cofuparc? 
So delicate, *nbtl«^ pure, -ind intense. 
The rich world's honey :ind qninie*senee. 

Her eyes, where love like a great lighi shone^ 
Thrilled lo their depihs as ihey tact my own ; 
Thrilled, ;Lnd kJndkd. and fl^hed in mine^ 
LriiminouB tremors of love divine^ 

As Ihe fierce hot nhock of cloud upon cloud, 
When their iighlnmgs leap through each aultjy sbfoud 
Till the deep sky reddens, thus friine to frame 
I'laag convuhivc, aod mixtd la flame. 

V«A, hn wtioio liJc swooned iiUD iKUO«^ as &vo9n« 

The aiBMt itaa the brmd Ingnnas ; 

Rllddf Tied tadio&cc cf sunset that Uuu-s 

To the sea, bil the 3C£L blcuoiuB out el» i rcac. 

Low Ittpcd ihc light wind, low Liughed the nave, 
lite sleek Bta rocked aa mtck as a. slave ; 
Id illvcr Unvn xhe diood ub laid, 
And sleep o^cilapped us with ciiftla\ lUg thadc. 


}i it the tiigbE wind 5ighn in ^ drcun ? 

Shnlh lima ihfough my aEuniber the sea-gull^ ftCrGSnit 

Willing 3£kr villi 3 hotoclcu cry? 

Djink on my licii^in the nighl clews Wc 

Blun«d U the moonlfghi, the «tariighc is qiwodked, 
Tlie lunbtighc toclu of lay Iajtc ;ut: drtncbed 
With Ji Umber mi»t* that hjj «cAlthDy crept 
Over her limbs while xhe lay and i^Icpt 

Her fervid llmba und her flower like &cc. 
They fee! Bt> chiH in my focd cmhr^cc ; 
Yd itill ihe iliimberi» ;i*i dL'ep and mild 
[a her occ^a ne^t aa a cradled cliild. 

Awake thim, ilcarot ! See, yoinler ihr white 

Brighi moon, the nidi*m Ouccn Lily of Night, 

^cmina thToii;;li Ar\(iA to j^a^^e down pn the «e-i t 

Thus break ihrfiYigh ihydreHim, T-ove, and itro-im loveo^ermc, 

Lo, the moon bunu fotih in «aTm sptenrffflrr and fnighl, 
The *irry smnll stars HW^rming after her light, 
AIL at once* all together, ahine straight fiom above. 
Awfully clciT on the face of my Love. 

Ilie fjice of my Love ! My faint body qitakcs 

Uke a nUtling ]i^\ the vintcr wind ahakL^; 

A curdling fear (jccrns to ihicken my breath - 

God I In my T-ovc's fiire — I mccl — that of death. 

Idly beautiful 1 1 crnbly tur I 
Her eyci with a wide, bl-'^nkr lu&trelcss stsre 
Are Axed upon mine, and the vfrangling gold 
Of her hair cqHs ovci mc fold a^ion f;j\d> 

184 '^f^^ GeniUtnan's ATagaiiJte. 

Htfr snov-aaft arms Trccic nuiiid me like diiiiiw 
Whose itrangc cold cats through my burning vcma> 
Till iho sick heart fCAja and its pnlaea moan 
'Gaintt 3 heari th.-it is as ,t heart of monc. 

Hic^f, hide thy light, goiifth moon, lest 1 ttt 

Tlic dull froKf put^ionl^ia cyir^s ii[joi] inc- 

Ccmc, tUrkucsB, cngttlf us ; blatk Nlonn*, come and hide 

The glitieru^ marble thAt once waa a bride. 

I^Agc round ii^i Old Occ^n : nilh primal i^in 
Roll ovtft, ironfosing the forms ot the hiaiti ; 
Roll found will! large roiinngs, twtnplo my head, 
Bury die (juitik lluL h ch^iiied tc tbt^ dead. 

Bury [he de:id ;iiid the *]idck xx\ one jjlonm. 
One ebbing and tloH'ing, and carLh-girdlirg tomb : 
Ever for ever quench lighu that is shed 
As in derblon, od the sveet Love dead 


Liberty and Libeu 

NEWSPAPKK l^ryijntfloT kid y remark nl to tnc 

all tbc profiu of mi honest jounial yvctc tlcitincd lo imd 
thc'a vay inio the poclccU of Ihc lawyers. " Well," he 
added, "pcrhap^thjitiEgoinga little too for, hur iii^afjiCE 
that I must siibinit la a fme of sevcfavl himdiciJs -i ynr or chc cpjuc 
tct fmrly And £ilt1y comment en tlic public vrordi, public acJa, and^ 
public writings of public men." i rcniiiidcil m^ friend tKcit only in 
those cojotri«s *licre th? Uw of Libel is sovcrc Q.n*i compreh«niwc ii 
lUcTT Any lihrrty cpf the pttts. 

" Oil," he replied, " I do not ohject to a severe And coraprchcn- 
luve law of libel, but 1 do object to the prer^s being gafCRed by An 
oppresrive Iaw. On an at^erage for every vrit that i« mued a doies 
artlofii Ate thrtaXvnctL Out ofa do/t^ actions iI):lI .ircr coTrmifncEd 
lH>t more ih^n four ^c tried. Of dic:^' four iu:livu:i lTlc paper wijiK 
two, KiA lo pay a fojthiriK daniaKc^ in the third c&ac, and »ubsULDU:U 
danufies in the fourth ca«e. Think of the liaran; incident to lhe«t 
Ihreiu, of tlic lawyw't bill for consul tin ioni, of the expenses thai dc» not 
appcu m ihc bill of cu>Ljt . und fuilliirr. rcltt;c:l llmt in ntnc ui>ca out 
often when the paper wins it K-ls to pay its ovn costs. What u the 
inevitAbk icndency of thin tyt tern f Why, that public wKten iuid cnticA 
arc to far iniimiditetl thai they piefer lo conceal ihc truth miher tlion 
nin the ribk of le^l proceeding:^ I rei>eat I dn not objecl to llic prcsg 
being punished for tiults, and having to [my for miAtake*, but believe 
mc it is inimical to the liberty of the i^recu to worry and fine ncvipapers 
for £iir criiioisms written and published ir the publi*: interest/' 

f Mipi>o«c th^U mo^i newspaper ir^ivdcrs inu8t Imve been siiiick 
inlh ilic increase of flciions for libel. Twenty ycara ago they m 
vne few and far between, but now they are an everyday occurrence* fl 
Ttoetkty fern ago hhe! suit* were To some exieni injurious to the 
icputation of u. papct, lui [luw no unc icgards them as in any degree 
<li9cicdit«blc. And when wc consider Ihnt ihc Aaiona tried do not 
tCfiresent oiorc than a tithe of the ^tctions commenced, and tliat tho 
actions commenced do nf)C represent nearly a lithe of the .leiiong^ 
lhr?4[med, 1 cumol help feuting that the Uw i;f Ulid dae% unduly,,] 
and therefore to the detriment of the public intcrcTiV it%Vni\Ti ^^ 
bberty ol tliv prru, i propo&e to shortly diKua^ tiH^ Ti\cm\ \t&v^xUXiX 
Vol. IX.P X^ iSji. tk 




Tht GenilcmGus Magazine. 

£ubj<ct. I r<mi2mber ihe sajing of J^i:ke — that do theui is free from 
prejudice, yet I irusc ihdt I shall deal uith thi« matter, not as a 
p^uiisaji of the jiic'ss, hat as our wh(.i Is above all d^- anxiuus tu 
uphold tltai freedom of diiicuAsioa whicli h&* s&vclI us botli Jrom 
despotism and from anarchy, ucd made us a Hiq^pT, fm^spcrou^ tmd 
^lorioLii commuTifty. 

Oar Taw <;f lilirl f-rroiK, and iii<3trd ts based on a wik^ vlulary, 
Attd aafc: principle The pmtccrion of the Tighta of live lodividuitL 
(tnd the defence of the liberty of the press nre conhdcd to the dosi' 
munily at Urge, as repr*;sem«l by a jiiry, WTiat bellcr plan can be 
mgguted ? Will noi. a jury !«; tart'ftil lo imJiecl llic rig>ils of l>ir 
jndiridual^ Will noi jx jun' be careful to defoid ihc liberty of dtic 
prees? For it is th« nnturnJ bter^^t ofa jury to do both onesml 
ihe othc^, II may be snid thai the 'yd\p\ mid not ibe jury, is ibe 
.imhority in ;jclbtis for libd, ami it is true ibat some jTidges hare 
thoufihi i^KJpcr to direct ibc jnTy an to i^liai does or docs not con- 
stitute a libel ; but if we examine even these exceptional dircciiom, 
we shall penwivc ihiir tliey ,ire of n gcricnd chatacterj and thai Uie 
(pieKtio[i of liM or qo libel is tTi::ati-d a^ a qiieHticm of Eiet and left 
tiu the deuaton of t!tcJLLr>. 

.Mthoiijfh ihjR plan is ri^ht irt principle and ouchi not to be ile- 
P^rted from, yet from the indefinitcnts'i of Oie law and the tiiffieuliic* 
inriclent t(J the subject, it result* in seriom praciiciil iticonveTiiciire- 
No one kiaow?! what is or what is not a libd- IE the (juestion tffwlut 
conpthntcs a libel ]iad been lc(\ to the }udp:s wc ±honid have had 
seme tmstwOTtby and understand nble Juiit for ottr gvidAncc, in spitu 
of the »nhcreni dlfTirulty of the stibjeci. As ii is, ihe verdicis of Jurlit 
;Me so conflicting Jial whm a counsel givM ^n opininn us lo vhethcT 
A ptiblictttioT in or is not lihtUou* he is obliged X^ do so under great 
Tff tu fve, X Khali be lolJ there Lire judieiat diiia which me quoted 
both ix\ nhi prim and before the fiiHI roiTTt, \a\\ I repejjl tliat prac- 
tieally \\ is left to the jtiiy To deicrmiTK: whether the iinpugned pub- 
lication do«» or doci not come within ihc undefined, nnd per- 
h.ipA undcEinabIc, limits flhadovT-ed forth in the ^idn of the jtidKC«. If 
our law of librf *iud any shape and eoniiKleney I should d:escribe il 
as jury iiiaile law. 

Nor ciu wc blame the /nrics for Ac incijnaislency of their ven^cts. 
The hinotion of die jury i» to wi-i^h evidence, but in libel actrom it 
M colled ujion to inteqiret and even to make law. In other neiiotff 
^ jury hits to dec-idc whether this i>rthai avermtni is nr is nntpmvrd, 
Tji-f the case of a claim against a railway company for damages for 
pcrsotisk m}\ity. The jury has to say Itotn \l^t *;v\dence Addiieed- 

Li&er/y and Libd. 





I. Whether ilic pJamlll^ Jim Iiccd injiixcd by the- act ol' the nJtnay. 
%. U'h^1hcTt^c^in)ut; wosdiif: 10 .1 prrvmnldc tauKc — ihaii^ tvbother 
ML* ihcicmll uf Ticgligcrcc. 3, iriJjc?bc ijucxtujiiK ar? oiiswernl in 
fiffimuuvc, to otinuEc the amount of compciuatioB that the plairiLJfT 
anight I0 pecme. But xa. an adioQ for lihd no vudi clear iuuei ore 
p>ui beforo the |iiry. 'ITir^ sEnicmom which is alleged to be litwUout 
may lie Ifur, ycl s UIkL The L:iw f j^1no<;)UH)y dcdsots tlut you niM^l 
pubtuit the txuih slioLtt ;t riJLn to \\\^ injury unlcn for tJic pubtic 
'food. If a IllMfUcui fLLUccBcni » fjii» tbc tJUsity iavolvci ui tncrO' 
cienC of ifac oflenar liiai ought to weigh with the juiy in the coa- 
^emljuii af daraagifa^ but if tlie HUtcnimt ia [nii? auit yiri liljdluwi 
Ibc CLTTTcUccflS of the AUtcmoit tloct^ not cxnusc the Lihcl. It ift th£ 
with die proved or probflbk- n^alic^ of the libel If tiic plaintiff 
on convince <hc jijry iliit chc libel mtx inKligareij bymaJice thr 
jury will mniidrr the rnnhi.-e in in RVirO Af dfunngrti. But the 
f.^hmtifi' need not prefer jt liur^ of mj^Ucc^ 1^he dcfent^xnt may 
«idace the rooctt unqu<st»onali1e cvideiicti that the publicsUon of the 
libel wBi wuhotit mjilkcr buL that will not nve him from an Advevte 
>eiillet I'bc plaiiiiilT bjts aalfcmil a wrong And he ijt eniitTiHl to fl 
tedrcis, tlKni^h tlic ddendatu ^««» not aciiEAtctl by nudiLc. But wliat ' 
^bsU vc oiy of the chminal pimiAhmcnl of a mftii for n libel lor which 
^ u in no <Irf^^e momlly Fe£pontir>le? A recent cnjie, which will 
br nattmtbeivil wiiliout mining the partin, itlLixtratet ihii aniiriuly 
W tbc Eiigliflh lav. The cUitoi amJ proprietor of a newspaper was 
c^ninnd 10 hit lioine \>f aidEncM. Hit »Lib-cditcr iui[>ropL^1y la- 
a pftngnph injuHoiMly rellocong upon the chancier of ft 
<eruin peruin. It ^vjr ruled, and the nUing 11 in v^^cnnl wiih ihe 
.hvt t^ tboii^KHjaJiy ianocent, the editor and jjtoiincUir viq,^ leifallj 
tibl«^ «ad iibbk U^ unpnsoomcm for the olTencc, I only cite 
this ra«c 10 show tkit, ^ /^rtu-ri^ la riviJ nctjons the jury cannot be 
guided ju lr> it« vctdici hj^ ihe question oS rnoiivCi etcept, indeed, as 
In the onuni Eit of diunagcs> Wdl, ihe^ we come to another anomaly, 
i do not ttay an impftapcr onf^nuly, but ^til] a peq>]cung anom&ly, ni 
die law of libel. Tlie jury is called tiptui to award compcnsuion to 
the iiUimilT if ii devnvi be has been libelled, but the plaintidTlB not 
boaod to »hoHr that lie Im^ Kuffcrcd CLlUcr io \m esialc ur icpLitalluu. 
In other aaioiia for danuL^cs tlic plajntilT boa to give evidence as to 
ihe tunount of danuge he han fust.iinccL Kven m breach of promiK 
uises the ptuniilT addat^Q evEdencr of theflumtion nf the cngagcncB^ 
'ibe p<Of>eity of tlic defimdaiit, atul of any other ncmiidenuiona thnt 
hvc indHaiivic of the evtent of the injury she tio^ «u^ctc^ \ri «.\Av^ 
~uk tbe pUiMiff may prove clama|;c, aoid by ?to djiim^ ii^cieac0t ^iaat 


TV/ff Ggnileittans Magamne* 

amount uf llic jwanl. Imt hr nfcd not |frove any ?iprdil injury ; ;mil 
yet if ihc jury determines ihat he is libelled it will have 1<J com- 
pciitattr lum, rot for the d;tm.i^c done, but for the damaj^c iK^il iJi 
il3 opinion the libel w:is calcalaicd to inflict. Efenc^ we have 
Ihc utic fiinhingf ihc one shilling, and thr fony %hilling vmlir_ti> to 
which I shall prc»cndy refer 

I'hus the jury in an action for libel may have to relum a ^'crdid 
for the phintjfi and award him damsgt^s for ^ viatement al>io- 
lutdy and i-rtlircl)' irLic, iho.i wns [lubltfth^fd wlLhoai malice, ami (hat. 
so far jia ihc jufy Is informed, li^ not in any Wiiy injuicd the plainliff. 
I nm not suggesting any change in the Inw in rcR]Kct to tho pnH' 
ciples u-e have birea considering. I admit that the publication of an 
injurious s [attain <rnt. even though it is f ruc^ i« not jiiHtifiiilile unK^si; the 
publicatLOLi is Tvr the pi.Lblic weal, 1 udniit L^uit kvhcn -a man ts 
libelled he ought not to be debarred from rcdfesa bccjxisc his libdlcr 
WAG not in&tigmcd by maliec. J admit Chitt it is both jiut ind expe- 
dient to ccinip<in*iatt- a man fjr tl»e I).^in, nnmiyance, nnd /owiiMf 
injuiy of a libel cv^eu diongb no actual injury \\^^ resulted from ihc 
publication of the Ubcl. But these fU3t and expedient principles 
devolve upon tlie jury tlic performance of a difl!tcult duty. 

Above all and bcforr^ all the juiy has to dptemiinc wbciheT the 
alleged Utel i^ or is not a liheb The directions cf die jud^c arc of 
inety little service. Ml>at is the use of telling a jury that n pul>1ic 
writer must not exceed the limits of fair criticism? What is lair 
crilicism ? Or what is the iLse of telling jhe jury that ir i^ iinljiwl^l 
to hold up & mitn to lidiailc or contempt ? Tlie icrdcncy of tiA- 
vcrsc cnticiani is ncc^iahly, lo a degree, calculated to bvinjt the 
subject of it into ridicul* or contempt, I may, at least i presume so^ 
lawfully assert ihjtl the novel written by Mr. A. is, childiTth, 
and trashy. Weil, but aurely such a ciillcisiii ib caJeulaled, »u far a^ 
it has any influence, to nuke Mr. A., ^ a novelist, appear ridicuToua^ 
Or 1 suppose 1 nuiy lawfully say of a novel by Mr. Jj. that it bclu 
origin.iliiy, thai it is a mere hash of rom iron pi -ice fiction, and that 
tl is more tiktly to injure than lo impmve the time of the reader':! 
mind^ WcU. bill surely such a criticism la calculiilcd, so far as it hoA 
any mflueace, lo bring Mr. B.,asa novelist, into contempt. A public 
writer may bold up a man to ridicule and conlempt wiih limits and 
an conditions lell to the jury to prejicrlbc and to set forth. I do 
not wonder that the verdicts of juries in libel caac:i are conHicting. 
Every JLiry in every cose has to interpret the law, perhaps 1 should 
s»jrto D^ktf Jbe law, for ilmt p-irtictilar case. The profession and 
/Ac pubh'c were siiTpnsed at a jury findrng a verditl for ihc iilainiifli 

iJbnly and Libd. 

in on actbn afioinM a no^iipopcr for cnlUne a Indc-marlc came 
ivlgaf. I am ture thai bdbrc thai docfuon no one tuKl im^'ncd 
ihii the qtErh^i " vulgar " waH Hhellmit There i* rn criminfllitj' in 
vul^rity. Tlicrc ia noiliiit); itnmorul In viilj^riiy. Still it is uiku- 
Lucd lo bnii^f .1 person or thin^ iiiio conicmpt to suiy of him or it 
that he or ii U not genteel, U noi aristocratic,^* prcb«, is vuJgar. 
If thff jury erreJ, ns I t.-£inccivL" ii did, iti error was not an error of 
pnocipk but of di:^«. 

I have fto tl^hirc lo relieve the jufy from the rcapomihility of 
^Udding vhcthcr the allcgcfl bbel td or ie not a 1il>eU U is, u 1 
have viid. ;! f[nesrion of df^gTcc. and therefore a <i"eM[OTi of fiict. and 
J hold thai in triaU by jury t-vcjj' i|ac:Mion of fact ^houUJ be left 
to tlie jury. Nor do 1 dMJtc — for the thinje i» impossible— to have 
precice and binding definiiiuri; of libd ; but whilst leaving to the 
)»ry a v<ty wide and very onerous dte-etioiv 1 submit tlut the 
l^iblfttmc lui^hi do buiiiethini; to )j;iiide jiinth iu libel (juacst. and by 
*o doinfz: prevent verdicts whicli offend the con»cif ncc of the com- 
murity. Ami jiIko puE a «(o|> to a vofit amotint of vckiiMolia and 
fritttlouK, yet costly arid oppre«(i^'e, liti^HEion. ^H 

We kntiw, for trxamjifr^ ihat the publir rritk Ik nnt, nave in rar^^ 
exceptions, and then only indirectly, eoitccmed with ilic private 
dc«d* of men. In tliii country we, aa a ntle, respect the ri^ht of the 
individual to be noldy accoornable to hi« conscience and to Ood for 
Inuugressiona of the nigral \s^k- A Frerch ]oiini:ilt£t has no concep- 
tion of 9itd] a [jflnciplc ; but bdicvcJi himiselfjiifiined inuMilingihe 
private charaqier lu Order to injure the public inAuvncc (jf his fo& 
tn ihifi country the private charaeter of a miin. tmlesit he happeru to 
be 3 prince vS the Btoiid, is nsiially protected from criticinm. But 
there ire cKctplionj; to the rale, for now and then ivc meet ^iih ccin* 
menu and cntjci^m? thatf by manifest inference, if not dirtctly, paitn 
judgment r>n the character of the individual fn wliat, for bctc of a 
hcncT phnue, wc may call hit perf^cn^al. doincfiic, and niorat n^iationa. 
Nov, it would be a suidc both to crinci and juries if dic Le;ris1-tture 
«KpTCiftly decJored CTiticbim of or even reference to the private 
and domestic acts of individual* to bea lihel, except *vhen such private 
and diitiiettot acts invtih-cd a public Hr^nda] ot dFtfiincrit tt» thr 
jjuMi<^ weal. If a clcri^yiDaiit or a MhoDlniuicr, or a achuoliuiitrcfa 
violates the moral laweither byuncha^tityor bybahittiatdrunlccnnL-sa, 
the public VTiirr it jiuti^ed in dcnrunring thai conduct, hecauKe it '\% 
a lublk (candal ;iih[ is iletrimenul u> tlie? public inteccKL But if a 
ncrchani, or a statdm^in, or a lawyer thoosicft lo v'wUx*; OpLCWvotaW*."* 
by uiKiuf ^V/ <jr fcj' dni/jfrenncsjj that ia ao coutctr^ o^ vV»c v^Vw^ 


Tlic GcnticmQUi Jl/agytzinc^ 

WQicr, and any rcfcrcDCC to «»cIl failiu^ ou^'ht lu be dcslc vriih as 
libcllcuji. If a buEchcr, or bakcT« or dni^icr is a Jrunkard Ili-tC u Bo 
concern c* Ihc public ; and thtrurfbrc to ^mblnii the fact of his 
ilmnktfimir^H ought lu he ireiErd as :t Lihi?l. Ilur if a di'cpL'nsing 
diL*[iLi!it \t a dmnkjiriil tlic pubHuiiuu of tZic &ct ouKhi noi qixci- 
jArilr to be treated ru a libel, b«4iuAc tlic dmnkcmtc^a of a Jtt- 
penstio}; chcmiit xi ^ nutltci uf public concern. Jl :i ^^cer f^ils 
tiifcrior te-t al an L-xorbiunr iirirc il would be a tibel to pubUth anil 
commcul on the &ct; but tf the grot^cr samla hit ii^-ur that b a 
rntud, ard it lA not 4k libel in law to dcQOuncc A friud. Id 3 vvgtd, 
^vhiUt ]jL»blie wivd^ and public .-tctsi nre justly lubjeet to public cnti< 
ciwn, an^ fefer^nrr to [JtivJie i hnracirr — that Ui to my, pc-noml, 
Jomcstic, and u>cia1 relaUuiuc — (Ji^^bt to bciLcAlt with ns liljdloiu un- 
IcH il c-^n be clearly Ahuwn tliat the ri^fcrcnee is made in the iittere^ of 
the pubbc, What L am now signing aru, 1 approheod, the i^nciplctof 
theconktnon law, but 1 c!ortend that ic would be bighlv betieScuil 
to have tlieni irmbodicd m A siAUitc. The pul^k witU'' wuuUI iheii 
dculy undcntund dmt ooy reference to imvotc ch;ir.ic(cr would, by a 
lireaumplion of b^^, be regarded as libeUous, and upon the public 
tfrticer vroald be east the tfflMr/rrAw*// tliiC the iinpuuiion* ii^ainn 
die ]iEivatEf cbamcWi wen? iruc iu fatL ;irid funlict, iliat the imptigiirti 
TTT^^f HU abaululcly ;tnd directly a public ftCdodal ur dcEritdCQlai 
ordieevronA to the pttblie >^«il. 

It Lfi Tioleworihy hovr in the public ioter^t we tJterilice the Hghn 
of the individual. Take itic rxlienic t"ase ijf a tnaci (onvirred of a 
crimct for whtch he vn, sentenced Jo a ItTTn of imptispnmctiL fhc 
theory of the Ulv b lluit the |iutU4timcnt enputgatci the guilt, 
.-md that when ttw ofTcnder leaves priwn he isno longer tob«ireal<d 
an i guilty man. ^^^ tbcrrftjrr there nrc no manj- dejirees of 
imiii^buieiiL It is in Uw 3. Iil>el to teciLc afler the bpsc of yeiin 
the Oxct that X mnn wfut at one time a felon. But ia praL-tice the 
offender is bnmkd for lite. His trial and can^'iction are recorded 
in the new>f[iaptr^ and he rinnoi liloi out the record, All tie ran 
:tay \% tli^t the publication i^ ncLcMary la the iuLemc of die ctun* 
tminity, Keports of the procecdinfiN of police couns Are alM> 
p>iri]«gecL| and 1 mui falsely ac^c^iifjcd. and irho \% not pnt upom hit 
ttial for lade of evcn/rfuM/JrAfeviderte, isMilijeLt roEhcannoyancT, 
the fttLQ, .-uid the injury of luivin^ ibc ia\x itccuxition ^i^aJEUt hkn 
IHibtiahcd in the ncw^jjapcn- Hut it ia fur the iotercst of the public 
tbatsudi publication nhould be privileged, l^caLiLcil intbobv>(t meaaft 
*j/ ohFsin'ing evidence against the guilty. I ihinh, hiiiffr\rr, that 4nf 
jPu^Ar applK^jtions showld Lc heard J7 aiJitcr^ ^'^en 3Ji ap^Licsiicin 



Liberty and LtbeL 

n luxlc Iw sirLke »n aienrrwy off At- mlb* tlie nami" of dir *Wi"ndai 
H DQi publj^licd, uod Uic same rci^irj ahouLd be paid to iht repal 
Don of odicr psrvoA*. 

We hnvc «iig;»fm1 ilm iriiiioiK iiny infringtmctit of rtcogDifwT 
priDcnptd the Lcgiiloiurr miglit d^ 5np llir EnwAi] limtli of rrirrribTn. 
ia rc»p<ct to conuncnts <m private diameter. Tlic I^Tilaturc iiu^ht 
aUo wiih MjvsAta^v set forth tliu privilcffw of the public wriler. Any 
cricidimi^ l«itfTtYcr »hajr,cam[ig, or uncopapfoinlfing, of public utter- 
docc^ fRiblii; act*, ^ind fniMUlu-d wrmn^, ought lo h« in fici, ha ihqr 
4rc ia th«oi7, pHvilqccd, provided llicic i» oo toiputatJon of raoCiw ^ 
tfat iK,Dot Apcfsofiiill^ comjpl or immoro-l moiivc If ji critic nys 
dm A boolt is grossly immoril, Ihat ouglit to be privilc^^d. wfacihcr 
the Judgment bimr orfilse; bul if Ihr cntir vi)'\ " Ebr ^tithor of Ihii 
wofi «c^kA to lower tlic iiiur;il' lone of Ills rcudcis" that <ju^l:t Cu br 
ircaled u a libcJ, (ilibouKli Ibc book is vile And the inputKlton \% 
nonifcsdy true. If Ihc I^giftbcurc embodied Ehnc wrllknown doc- 
nrinesiu aatttnrc the jury wiiuli! Ik- ^e? Io nflRch a deAmir Tnr:ining 
lo the tcna **the Utniti of fair crittdam." If Ehcrc is any nnputirion 
%iti privAle diameter thit nt^old be ^t- jt 3 libel, and the ddcrnd^tnf 
woiikl ht ouil i[i d;tmAf;i*B UQlctt he fueccrdcd en rtbuKing the pre- 
vmptioo of law by maJnttining a pltfJL ihnt the iinputniion on private- 
dmatlcr vas publiabnl in llir dirrct rnlcnrst vA ilir puT^Lti:. On itir 
«lbcr hHid, if the dlcKcd Ubcl <lcall otily vilb public uttcnncc^ 
pobUc acts, ot p^ibli3ih<d wt^fct, then the jury wotild aiffumc that the 
pnblionicn vxs privib^ied, snd It vouid devolve upcn the plairtitf to 
pnvr thjt in tonftr ivsiy or 4itber the :ilIrt'Ci! libel rrHecfed upon hU 
pctWMMl cbnnetcr by tbc imputatioo of corrupt or other impriipcr 
add dUwBOuabk nioiivca» 

Tbff one &rthing, onv »lul]injf, and even the fortf ihillifig: 
wtnficts cniph! to h** jihnlfchnl What ifi the meairing of such a ver 
dSct^ So far frorn bcncliting, it injures the ilunicicr of tlic plafntilT 
It Bieonzt "The plainliff hns Irecn Kbcllcd, and he de^cr^^ lo be 
libeled, Us% his ehoncter is wonhles*;** dr^ '^Thc defendant hEts 
cmnnittlrd i teehniraJ error, (mt the plamTiflT d^ftcrrei no sympilh^ 
fpe briOKUiS iJie aiction.* I ibail be ColJ ihat here at the dwtTrelior ijf 
the court the Tetdictt do aot earry co^U, anJ that therefore the fury 
pfidicftly lim boHi Ktip^is. 'I hai aeems to me nioiC ol>jecrionnl>LGL 
It is the bitsme*i of the JTiry tn find for one nide ftr t^1r *ithrr, fnr % 
lurjinan is not and oo^ht nuL to Iv- ^n .iTbilniinr. T am Jiurr lh<it it 
vovid be more just uid alio roore silutarj if the juiy were iSrcctcil 
to give tb« deCfndfeal fht; heneftt of any dovifel, lT\d fem^etett "'i 
it ma Jior of ^nhn thxt the case jviitAol \fet 


The Ctnilefnan's Mag(mHt. 

of substantial djimagcs, ihat it shouM find a verdici for the d«- 

The ilicory o^ ^^c commoD law is thai ;l man has an inherent nghl 
to hje good repiLlalion, a:id so if his character ke xissailed he is entitted- 
to redr<^s» ihough lie carmot prove aoy special damage. But surely a. 
man oitglit ool to nwkc u, iiurktl of his gtjod reputation. If Uic 
plaintiff lias sustainctl special damaj^c let him be rccompcaacd. In 
coses ^vhcrc there is nc proof of epecial damage let the damages 
flfrarded by the JTiry be a fine payable into Ihc public eTtchetiuer tl 
vf. prepuster^us and Jinmural far u cnan lo ask fnr rrnd to receive 
aum cf money as a salve for hin wounded honour. If a roia » 
dainagcd in his estate by a hbcl let him be recompenAod. If hie 
honour only is hurt let him have the redress o1 public viudicattoDi 
and lei the <ii:famer be puni&hed liy 9 tine. 

J now come to [xiinis of prjcikc, or rjilhet llic application of the 
piinciples of the Law (if liEjcL, £iiid this part of the subject is of ^c^ 
highest ioiportance^ for it brings ub to the consideraliou of ihOi« 
^Icfecu in the kw whicli ^cr oi>pTes&iv<? to tht? joumaU^i and thprefoTC 
arc a restraint on [he just and wholesome liberty of tlie press. 

The proprietor, publisher, and primer cf a newspaper are ecvervlly 
and conjoiutly liable for libels. It i^ no doubt hard that more than- 
one perjioTi should be !c^lly responsible, but it is *o imponatit thai- 
the public should be protected that no change would be expedient. 
Bcaidcfii wlien one of these parties proves his means to meet the case, 
even Uioiigh several actions are ccmimeuced, they are congolidaicd 
by ihr iinderiakings of ihc panics who are sevcially UablCj »tid na' 
ndditioiul cc^ts are incurred. Somelinir^t whrn the pnrter is s. maQn 
of mciinn and the proprietor is without rciources, the printer has t( 
^y a heavy penalty fur a fault fur which he is tu no degrt^ rmpon- 
Kible, and which he could not by the inmost vigilance have pre- 
VGUIcdi There la ho remedy for this, except ilial the tjfTt-ndlng 
Dcwspapcr should he primarily rcspoDsiblc for the costs and damages. 
Iliat tfi to say, if the |>roprietor faiU to pay the damages and cottt, 
die copyright of the pflp^r, in spite of any mortgage, should be liable 
Iti be sold cither by auction or by advertiseinenl to the hifhcit bidder, 
and the proceeds of such ^k ahotitd be applied In the tirst Inftancc 
to the payment of the damages and costs of the libel suit. Bui lhi< 
IS a matter which does not concern the public, but the parties tcve-i 
tally and conjointly Ecsponsible for libel. 

ll very rarely happens that tbc successful plaintilT in a libel saiti 

i^puiut a newspaper does not reeover his darnageK and cobt% 

iftxxasc WQnhic^ newspapers are not ofua m^d, \^\ unfortunate^! 

Lii^erty and LtM. 


COTmnoii occurrence tor ihc siicccnful newspaper to have 
pay its own cOfiU- The jufl^'ct nlmost alwayt refuse, nnd very 
propoiy, to n^c an crder lor xht; ^J^imiifT 10 F^d icf:ijrity for cotiU, 
If they ilid «o Ii would Ul- cquiv^k-ni to debarnng a poor man from 
rcdtcii for a wroni^, B^it tlicrc 11 fi middle coLir»c that would 
juit to both portLCA, nnd would put ji stop to ^hat I do noC 
h»itat« 10 oUl a tyslem of extortion and oppreuioix 

I proposr? th.iE wtirn \\\c pliiintiffin ^11 jiLliun Tor libd h:i9 dHivertrd 
Ida declaration tlic dcfccid^mt ^h&ll be enutled to np^ly 10 2 jiid^c ia 
chflcnbcn lo ^tny the accinn unices the plaintiff finds nccuiiiy for fl 
coitf. Tbis application thall be on the groiird th;il the action \% ^ 
Fhvoli^ua, or tltit the tlcfcmbru hiu* offeriTl suc:Ii -ipoUjgy and com- 
penULion a) uu^bt to aatiafy ihc L>laii3lilt Nuw in no c^uc wbAt<^ver 
would the pljuiicilf be compclkU to jtop hia action provided bo boei 
the xocartK of pj^ying the co»ta of the dcfcndimt if be loses. The de- 
ifrndjf^l iroulcl h.ivr \o satisfy ihr Jjiilgr ib-tt thr arnor w:i* frivoloun cr 
he had rc;»dcrcd fair npolojjy and rc-vwnable coinpcnMtion before 
he could claim an order for security for costs. Surely when x judge 
Ibftt an action b: frivolouN, or that the defendant haa rendered 
b vEtrIng 10 render full rtdiesft for the wrong, there can be na 
iGJUAtkc \v\ cciiiii^ellirig tlie pl:uiiLLir lu fmtJ iK^curily fur co»t» if he 
Ksolvcii, iri oppoftiiior to the opiniz-jn of the jud^. to go on with the 
action, buch a rcgulatcon wnuld b? a ^rcit boon to newspaper pro- 
prieaira, and ii would not infcrfprc with the rrght of the Eubject lo 
vo^ a irrnedy for tlie wruJi^ that be ba^ suJTered- 

\V]ih rcg:trd to tliieatA of action for libel, Any one who by the 
■gvftcy of a lawyer's Jetter threaiens a newspaper with an action (dt 
ibel, and though the newiqinper derline« in apologise, docs not 
begin and go un wiib tlic acLiun, ihouM be liable la be i^ummcjiied 
before a nagLatratc on the charge of intimidation, and be liable loalin*; 
DOl exceeding (aay) xen pounds provided he cannot ttali&fythc magie- 
trate that (hough he h.i* not rommcncod or proceeded wifh ;Ln action 
yet he had reasonable ground for ihrcaicnirig 10 sue ibe new^paptr. 
I'hose who Are anarc how newspaper* are annoyed and haraued 
with threats of actions for bbcl wiU nf^ce wnh me chat tl i^ an evil 
ihai ooghl to he checked- Soni<:tiine* these Itticri arc tent for the 
i9Crc purpose of icitiiuidjtiur. aind ifiey often ut:svrcr the purposrr. 
An editor is naturfiUy loib to continue to (criticise the conduct of a 
itun who hOA thrcaiened legal proceedin^^ for a late criticifinx If 
the threat is carried out and the case is tric!<l it may tell against the 
ncw^pavcr that whilst ihefL' was notiite of an action iW 3l\c^e^\^w\i 
wtn rcpcdied Thrcdtj of action for UUe! are lU^xi ca\cu\AVeA 


7jS* GeHilemntis Atagasinc. 

^^ the Jinn*. The?) vriu atc iekuccI^ cot with th« lar^niiun a\ 
|cing on vritU Ibc actiun, but in Ihc hci|>e of a campnimis?, ** lastcrt 
an apologetic pd.i;i|^pl3, p;iy my lavrycr*^ bill, pvc mc a tnfllug com- 
pcnszilipri as a aubfllAntiAl Acknowledgment ol' your lAulc, and 1 wdl 
l«£ thti nutter drop-" ActJou for Ubd art- frvqocncly ihrodttcncd and 
ronitnt^nced with a virw to MtrL'-mailinjf iVir nciviipAprr. If ihe 
;Lc:ti(jn goes oTj wh.itcvcr n»y be ilic verdict of ihc jrirj* tii£ 
newspaper is sure m !oml If there b a verdict for tlie defendant 
the oevspaprr wiU probably have lo jxiy all iu own coisti^ 
a&d ffv«n if ilie taxecl co«is are paid by th« pLLintifT tti^rc viU 
be :lic rxtru einili tu <xiuic uiil uf llie till of ibr iicwbjiiper. 
The tcmpniion, then, la very atron^jE, :tnd often jtraraiK to >cUi>e 
the nuuier for ^lo or ^£15- 1'hc pbrntitr aad hii attorney are 
delighted- The «penilaTive aril Hm ttiixtcd«l, though the platntrff 
hid no gfouml of acucjti and would not \xx\t; fc-ime <tii to uiaL 
Leading pjpen are rot the Titlitns of thi* systcnv—they arc ftoc 
imJmidatvd by thre^tt, und Lhey cm\ aKt^rd to tvply to a s\iit by giving 
ihi^ n:!mc of a solicitor (oaccrpt fcn'icff ort ilieir behalf, I4ut there 
-irr hundreds of honest :ind ik^fitl org:tns of jiublir opinion not neb 
enoiii^h tD defy speculalive thre-tL» and vtviis, and ihcy oiighl to lie 
protected by law. The attempt to present Ihc free expressina oC 
opinlori, and the ittetnpt to employ the machinury of ihe lair far 
erlortion^ are «enou>i olTirn<^« aiitl oii^t to l>e punialied. 

A ratBuni baa lately been iiuixn&cd on tlic pre^ which 1 hold Co be 
altogether unju«lifi;Ll>le. h haa been astKned that nbrn an action hna 
ticen CDDHnenced it \n a conicmpc of co\^rt for the ncv.^p^per to crmi' 
ment on ihcchajnctcr or acts of the plaimifT The ftinher tiDitinieniii 
Jie puli^iiheil at tlic peril of die ne^A^paper. and the pbiati^ cjuc iin> 
duec themalthetnol; or,if he chooses, commence another action, ihit 
I liopv and belitjve that scich furlher eonim«nt% are not unlawliil^ and 
ih&t they will not be regnnded and dealt t%'ith -tK a coTitempt nf coatL 
^■ppWT ihal A- \% dcfritidin^ ihc }i]ii>lic Tliree or fbvtr of the 
leadinfE ncT**papeni comment on his condvict. A- servo them with 
writ* ] and if the doctnnc we refer lo is sanctioned by the cmrt^ 
then A. covld for many months contimre bi^ foul pniriim wiihrmi 
the riiL of exjMMurc, 1 wiab lliat one of the judges would take an 
uppoitanicir eif Jedaring tb.ii a num cannoC gag the press by nminft 

In ofTennfT these obscrvaiicnii T tni\t I have nci nuinxfi-^trd an ^%- 

duyivror FVL-n an unclne irgard for ihi^ lllicrty of the pic^a* He who 

sappofc^ fh«r liberty ^^n abjdc and tlocH^th without the rcaCrwita of 

JAfi'/jorrJOJirad, arha* not understood, \hcVeaBOTfttA tLiotory, Libenf 



Liberty and IMiL 

CRD oaty cxiai t^'hcn it ta oa Tar removed fnm licc»e «• it ii 6«D 
(Iccpoiism- An unUMmmclUd prc^-thai i^ r i>rtti'ffliiEb n^lb' 
ir:Mnf>1e on the ri^hu of the indiviilti.i) vvldi IickpLEinly — would roi bi- 
a &ce i^fcaa, btU s aucE» h^lcful, jind dcntli-jftrickcn t>TaQE)y- For 
ihc w3tc of |ircscn'in>r the Itbcrry of ihc prcn-i wc mLWt have a 
mcngeni^ ficuThin^i ^^d com^irchtrnu^'e Uiv oC Ubcl- If any oni? 
ronttfidi that il^e jiTuiecliciii of iht' ri^hE of llit; iu<lvvi<Iual is muf« lo 
1)C cofindetcd Uian tlic liberty af ihc prCM I ain not pic|)Vcid DCk 
Atxtf the f/ropcaiEioii -ni loa^t n<»t without rnKSVCi But happily &• 
hbvrC/ uf the pie«ii n compatible with Che due proteciioa of ttv 
right* oT thr mrlividiul, and it %Tuiuld he our aiutoai* deme no 
upbold the letter wtiVniul doing dccmncat to the fottncn I mAmtiur» 
jnd t think i have jurtiiied the opinion, that the present \sm of libe! 
— that w» the oppUortLoa of th^ dixtrinri of the law m res|]ect to 
In>e4 — i* ncedlewly opprf«ivp lo the pwss and i1ow nndHly, nnd 
(.oiuiequendy to the p^ildic injury, militate a^^nsl uid curtail ihe 
irlkolcsomc liberty of the prciv. TKc nation n now cnisngcd rn the 
akcrad vrorl: of education We oru ^Xrivint; to cmnncifuCe the mmils 
«f ill men and women from the bondage of ignomnct Wc are ciJ- 
dtnvoiartp^ ta tiBifrt to every man and ivoninn the bhrsiirrs of 
free thought, whieh is the iikuat prrcicTL:^ of htrman biuhnght:*- 
Sx fiueli A tune we ouj^ht Co Cake heed that the <;Tpre«sion of choti^ht 
« frvr, fbr noibinf[ k mtirr dn-nxToii-t rhan fnrcr thotij[hr and a 
flMiuK^ird tongur. ttV lihouhl ^n^i-1t ii^icn thr utmost liberty of 
ciiEadfcni vhi(^ ii compatible ititli respect for the ri^ht of the in- 
dividual to ha:xT his repjlaliun |>totetted by lav; but unJess therv 
are ionie ehangei in the law c^f lili«l I am pcmi;ided that the jitKt 
an! bcoefin.'ni libcny of the English press will be srriotisly and 
hiBk^y iv paired. 



A Visit to Heligoland, 


ELIGOI^ND ! The iianie tilLs with a sort of vagiic 
fimilicrity upon Briti&li cars. 'Two ideas nrc connected 
with It by the gcrvvr^l public — *' It belongs lo us, and Uic 
Girrmiin^ want it," or " U is an isLmd somewhere in the 
middle of ibe se^ llial is bcin^ ^rntluaUy Hndcrmintd by rshWiis ; there 
were tcttcTB ill the 7if'i€j about it," But after all there is not a lubbQl 
in the tslcnd at Icjiit, 1 never siw or hcnrd of one. fjf German)- 
coveting it I will say a lUile mc>re by-jnd-by. Meantime, as v«ry 
few people really know where Heligoland is, I may mention that it 
ii in the North Sea. ;iboul tbrcc hours from the mouths of the Elbe 
,-uid Wcsen six hours by steamer Tiom Himburg, and fi%'e JrOfQ 
Uronien, or rather UreraeDlufcn. 

T lefi J^ndon on a broiling .Vugust day, and my desiiration was 
HcligoloTLd, whither 1 was going on a visit to the Governor. At the 
lost moment I abandoncfi my intention of iravcllinfi ovcrlarid rta 
Bnicfiels, Cobgne, Hano^^r, an<I itretncn, for the thought of railway 
journeys and coniinenral town? In »Qch he-at wa.^ unbeanble, more 
jwrLicuWly wlicii the -iwrful word **cholcra" was in eveiy uoe* 
mouth. .So having l.iben my c^bin on the previous nighl, I found 
myself thii Serce AugtiKt morning on board a fine iteamcr bound 
for nremmhafen, which h two hours by rail distant from the free ciiy 
of firemen. Two of the moul dclightJlil days im.iffinablc 1 Apent on 
board the Sperbcc. An we Ktearned down the ITiomcs n gentle 
bree/e iiprang up. the ^un seemed to lose its heat and tietcene^A nfm 
our backs were turned upon ii, and tlic cool air fanned our faces. We 
vorkcd our way down to tJic sea slowly byl sorely, the river wddcning, 
wideniti](r until the banlcs ^-ere but indislinetly visible on either udc. 
" U thiK the sea?" I aiked the pilot at last^ for never a ripple stirred 
the mhouIIi waters, '* Vcs, mum, lUEs h sea sure enough, and you'll 
have it mueh the same all the way now 1 rc*.kon." And I blessed 
that Ancient Manner fur hth jolly, beany assurance (I am not the 
beKt liailot in ihe world)^ stid was itorry when a boat f ickecj him up 
olT Harwirb ntul conveyed him to the shore to find his way back to 
London and wait until another IJoyd'a North Creiman steamer 
waatc'd piloting down old Tathcr 'I'hamc!!. Utv v.-t lAcamcd itoat 




A Visil io Iltligoland, 

liGKt'hoiuci and light-ihip^ — a gallant Trinity boat »liot put And 

poiii a^ain. ^ing £rL>m one to another on a tunr of inspection, At 

U)L the min wrm down lik? a ball of ftrc, the gIak came out, V)cl vok 

dUT good ^ip sped oJitt-irds »lic Id^ behind a long inick of sflvcr, 

tiicugh Ihcrc was no moon. ThU wok the Mfffftnthim — or, an wc cftU 

it, phosphoric lights. The iir wju ^c-tun^ ^\^\\x: cooL J ^vrapped 

nyMflf lip fn a fir cloak ; f^r t when on shor^ a muslin wntpppr hiid 

Hic-mcd unbKiraWf, And I pitied iht.- dwclkrv oii bnd. ll^cn to bed 

in my tiny crib, v^licfc I rcMly skpl till raorning- Another heavenly 

cby KFcclcd me — blue sky, unnifHcd r>c^ dclicioiir air and at G p^m. 

wc inf:hofed in sight of Heligoland, with iw bcncon glittt^ring bnghily 

in the distant t^ *' Oh!" I thau^ht, "ifilie (^ivt-mui uuly kiiL'w I was 

bcrcAcd would ACiidofTIn^ licxic for mc 1" hut I WhI^ not discontented 

si ihc idn of spending another night at sea. Wc were at the mouth 

of the M'»«r ; ihc capuiin, a cmtious individual, thought it not well 

to vcntijnr up the rivrr in thr d.irk wiihcmt a pilot, »o tht-re ne 

rcBuunod itctil 5 i,m., when, nith a noise ^ though every pbnk of 

tlic good &hip were parLini; asunder, the anchor wa!^ dm^n in and wq 

ttcamcd up the Wetter At «ix tlie ruthl(.*e!t steward disturbed our 

slumbers^we "were in," we " ftcrc there "^whirh wa^ not qijlte the 

ca«c» but up we scmmbled, pattooL of tTcakfAsi (by courtesy), and 

then really and truly wo were in. I muiit par parenthhc 'tcvtn^x^xi that 

tJie tvUifu on board was inconceivably bad — cheap enough, ten 

ihvlliiifjM a httvd tot ihf.* ivhultr voyage : Imt if ^i.)U h;id given i'tffy 

pcuncb jou could hiite oliLiuJcd no better f^fc. Thxi w^is the only 

drawback to my otherwise cham^ng voynjce. I could get nothing to 

ttL On fthore— oh, iron^' of Vaic [—1 hod becii fiunotmdcd with 

every delicacy, hut wiihoui apprtiie to enjfjy it. Now ! w;ts raveit- 

ouidy hungry, and all offered me wa» raw aauugc, raw hcrrin|;% 

cold potato u]ad, and Spies^kier, othcrA-ise fried epga, which do not 

suil my digesiK^n, We amted in UremenfioJcnat 7a.m. The moment 

ibt tfaip Stopped we fotmd the hc.ii unbe;irnblc; then landing*, we 

took a carriage and drove to another part of the harbotir lo lind thff 

lleligolacd boat 

We were the lint patsenger^ en board, and had our choice of scatfi. 
Precendy the train came in, and ihi' bom wai flooded from end t<*^ 
end wiih the new arrivaU, for il vvaa Saturday, and the Bremen folkfl 
take iheir trip to HcUgolnnd from Saturday until Monday aa 
Cockrcj-5 go to Mai>;aie or Brighton, ticiide* the^o were groups of 
Bad/ga^ffr or bathing fiueit*, with a good deal of luggage, going for »J 
fOTTfiight or three werk-s. to wlioui Helij^ul:ind i:s ^ Wmd o( ^ui^j^OOA^ 
on a tniull tcjtk^ The moment wc wcic urkdci w*^ c^crf ta^z Wi^K 



The GaitlimoKS Magazine. 

4lisEraccion by bralcl^siiiig. j\ luiA'tcuiin! Ilrilr vaiicT, with a junuir 
^mlcllitc; liuriicd lo and fro, Ijciring cuUcu, bi£lcck(, bcci. wine, mA 
coHcc- w^tli untiogging xcal, until he seemed faut to mdt wiih lerratt 
lieftt I thought b/ the quantity of provisions 1 uw di^>o««(l of «^veiy 
paK«(nigm niiiM liaic liroikraslf^d twice over, but k> f ^ onr o'clocL 
Liblri wc^ri' bill tlic wlicjlc lcU£th of Qic dct-k — the Ultlc wiilci imd 
\%\& ConyiiKdc niJ^hcd abcnit inorc rr^tmicollf Ihan ever, Aod it w» 
cvjckni ihit n brgc majority ^t'lrc t^ontcmplatrng th« itehoui buiancst; 
nf the clny. Abuiit thii tiiTir tht^e? w^u an eager luuking uul jihe:uL 
Th^ii r;uui^ the jiiuouj:i{:ci]icnl- — 'ildi^liind w^^ m hi^'bt, uid cvct}i' 
budy became btcrucly crohod ^ind flocked to ihc nj>oi vhcocc tkc 
best vW 11^ to be obtained. " Ach Cott I Elic Uulc uJcuid, ho« 
<l<ijr! how prciiy, bowlavtij' !*■ Tlicrt could lit no doubt flboirt ont' 
Lltin^— HclLgoUind uoa vci) dear tc the Gciujun hca^rt, and I fck 
myjscir fwclling with ft certain prcde of po»cssion » bcin^ the onl]^ 
" Bnti:Lhcr" en board. 1 asi tmdvd the bttle etavnaific to Uie autnoui 
cf tlie prtddlc-ho* — the captain lent me hi* glass- Far awiy throqifh 
a thin white misi of hcil stjinelliing red dnd ^liinir;g ro>c wil of ihc 
JIC4. Fiir>'likc \\ looked in the di^tjLiiCL^ far aw:tT acrosA the KTOcn 
unrippkd WD« And a% wc c^unt- Duircr and nearer J ihou^bc it one ctf 
the ptctirc^t pictures ) h^ fver Jj£^en ia: luiute't sketch book, Thu 
Htllr iU^ml ! Imw tiny it luoked risiiijf uut of the v-4:il cxpunifc uf 
water — to tinuk ttiat wuhin aii hour 1 ahouki be UindcJ and LIvuig 
everyday Ufc on thi^ rock, AUfTOuridcd on ^dJ aidei by the grool wwir 
of waters. There w:lk a ccrt^un iwe in Ute lini thought oT being cbi 
olT from the rej^t uT the world — of lu-in^ hf-mmrd fn by the amu of 
'^our gre^ ^ mother the Sco,'' »a plodd aad ^icodly now, but ia 
a few hount perhaps to be Lafihe^l into wJd, fierce tttomu 

NcArer we ^^onu' to the red rotk.^ dood«d with flunUnnc, ^md uim- 
litik" while s[i(Tks itTo vihiUej :ind then Iho tjreeo, graw-cowciwl 
jfUniD)k. Gr^diLiIly lIjl^ it^Und i^ow:> hrgcr — vrc d Jsiiu^iufiJi die lighi* 
^lloiisc. the church, ihc hviusea, the bwiL% even the expectant crowd 
<on the shore, A gun huonu through the ur, presctitly auothcr, nnd 
nt the third tLdutf! we eome to anchor, and everything \% dktiiictly 
\i>iblc. Aflciull now we Jre Iherr \\ doei iiui Uiok :l^ ;ill iUanj^e. 
I am reminded a hitk of Scarhorough by the rcd-tdcti houses of Ihc 
[lower tovn, and the row of wJute houses above on the cli0, aumkirly 
tuiiiziled lo the Crown Hotel and CrcRcenL 7'Jiere U do pier, ao liottf 
|jvil L»iT trj land die j i^tioien^ers, ,i.nd there 18 a ^ood deal of crowding 
In iccL oET lint, for thi» i» die hcighi of the Jleltfioland KaKiD« md it 
\& a matcer of iniportance to he trsx. to neeurc fiood ajxutmcnt^ 
'riiank he.i>cu 1 dieac carc^ do not as^ad ine. 1 am taken on bouU 


A VisU ic Heligoland. 


the Governor'* boat, luided, and civoTted to 'Uovamactit HovM^ 
wlxft^I nm nf« ^Tp<^n«l rjiiiTrso sooo, ^s Uic Ir-tTtr and td<:jrai» 
Mii^ng lOy durigc e>1~ ^ilniih nfjtly Arrive- |>y ihc Kunc bou ,11 mytflf 

It b J. 30 on a day only tit for 1 xAbmkin^cr;bui hot or cold, olive 
-«f dend, one msftt mount the two handled ttqu that lead to 
the Ob^ind wiih oii«\ ovm l<-^ for no quadmpeda but cows, 
blu:C|j. <io^i and uiU ^m Viuntu u:i ihc uhind ; urLiuy an iii^cUci 
bj.^ no cr vcl cycA on a hcnc, and anlcsi indeed you bad one t^t 
lud been in ifae babqfof wnll^uig up ooint from jl circus^ 1 do not Icnov 
whit ai« u conld btr ]jul tu, for ihu Oberland u tbE^ cM tlui litc? 
ahoer jiliovc ibc IttLlc tuvrn buiit on Oic icQ-Sibuifc, uml u n^miiied by 
loorfligbto oTfifty i1c?fr cadin VV'oodcn ore they and co^y. and T^urtly 
Khodcd t>f trcci: ; ai inten^alG you uIlc tbc opporliinity oi bcnchct to 
•-rca and be thinViiiL" /kWiw^r rv^Tu, yout molto miiat En? Exir/sifr^ 
for Jiftvuig pLuitipJ jrtiui fwii <m Ihc: two hundtrdth s^tcp, Uicrr it nliU 
Anemic tiac in the grontttl all the vi^y to Covenuncnt Hou:tc. Onrt^ 
tttrc^jroutre^waplytvpaid for your cDcertJotu; the Ire&h tircoxe, puir, 
cmbraxdied bdorr, meett yoa, and yon look down over iho Litti« 
lD«n be^ow cm Ehcbluc iFntcnamI pif lurrtiinc f^iuly labod zt mSi- 
ma in Ihc kcj. Ilc^vcn ]>c {>r;Liscd ilu: the broiling suij ha* tkivcn 
cMoy one lodoon sa\x- a Eev ilvli^oland bdatmrn, for it \s the usuaI 
ovitom of the ilsilcra. rtrmbrnng scene hiii^dfcd&,''to uLe up their 
KaiiciQ on eiiher side of the ropct dmwn to ]»cp (heir from ptcmng 
too clofldy on the ncn* arrivnls, and itarc» with u relcT>llcu curiosity, 
too often bunting; iniu chouti of (Empire Jm^hlcr at the oppecLrancc 
ctf some woc^begone face thnt bearu etident tmeci cf the ''sad tea 
w»-caL" I iInHild hcrt: Lounur^t wjtli JiMch acvcrily on ^' ye nuinnefK 
Mnd custom " uf funcjgncis liad I Qut a «^uc rcuien^Wuce tliiUAxJi 
BccQus liAvo bcm >hitno»ni on our own diores ere noiv> Ma|>fjdiy 
loniay wo have had a fiir pajtsia^ce, and ifaofe ari; but few curious eye» 
to lakr iTof-k cif UK ; 10 I f^UEiw the gnlLint ur wh(j is my nirrvw*' 
wubftshcd up the foincipdt 9trei:t towarils the tfcjo. A liufc /uikxr- 
rttHilOT on eilbcr x;dt c^rmrni^occA Rvi;cut SCrr^ct (a^ wt^ uaod laughingly 
to call it) from the sea-vide ; then a fow linJr 'ihops, prmcijjally 
devoted to views of Hrhgnhnd (\t\ {'.iper^ wood^ china, gla», &r.« »vl 
coDeclionB of «liclU ; then il^c CoDvcrht/tom^ J Iouse» a Uigc buildiog, 
wuitu to the KtabtKnement at Boubsnc. inhere until this year 
gnmbUrig table* Mdnced the JtaJt^^^kr. Now roore^innocenl ncrea- 
tioDK Invc su^ieoeded rouleile and ru.Lge-ei-noir ; (he Tiaiten gi> 
thcie to leail ifac ucivk, to dine, 10 flirti to d-tnce, to hcuf ouaccrta ; 
br life in Hdigolaad i* very much the some as at any other iratcrinj: 
|4%cc 1 to bithc, to/<v-r nuuU, to mike Love is the order of ihiiLgi, the 

200 Tkc Gentleman s Ala^asine. 

mfrir fl 


bUtr coutlucled witli great wanntli aiu) orOour. The- icdinfrnl imn 
it in German is " frcica," and a* one of ihc coastguard's wivc* ii>- 
formcd my raawi, '*iliere ^x-a^ nolhing but fryir' f:<>mg oft ntl over the 

Bill lirforc pmce^iiig nny furllici, I will pnu«r fur a monifni to 
!iay <i fc^' M^jrdif about the Hcligobnd of old times, for ihc antKiuU)' 
of the uland is not ib smulleat LfOcut, Adam of Bremen in the 
(.'Lev(>tithc«iituryK-roEtf un account of itr deflcnbiogit very much ak h i« 
now, ivllh rhfcirt.']itioii <:^ t\\t^ Biidf^iuttt i hcsurmbr« itentimctohave 
bcei) originally ITciliglind, for ii vraa held in great c&lioifttiga by iJl 
sailors, and more panlculorly bypimlcSi whohodmupcrfltiEionaj^lnat 
robbing il^ b?Ii^Lng thai tb<" small t*t booty stolen trom the iiLind 
vL^(iT<[ tiifnllibly (.-nT.iil vhipwrock or dc^th u|>on Ihrm. Writings from 
ihc Actviitb century h;ivc Jilao bccii found relating to Hcli^oUnd, and 
aomekccn liistorianshAVc endeavoured to prove That a rr^ mentioned 
tjy Pliny- Many arc the kgciidfi connected with it ; in one wc find 
chat 5l Ursula. Undcd here with her ii^ooo vfrgrns, bm met 
A'lth »uch godlcf» irejtmcnt at tlie hands of the Hcligolandcrs that 
to puniHh them 1-Icavcn caused the greater port of the ishnd lo he 
bH'jkfowod u]> by the ^^' CertiUnly it mutit have dumnibhed consider- 
ably Sinro it was big enough to accommodate ti^ooo visitor^ for 
now, at the height (if tlic sc-uion, only 1,000 (jne^W cii l*c rcueived 
in nddition to the population of 2,000. Many arc the Icj^ndary Ltlc* 
of the origin of lldigoUnd as a name ; tbe moKt romantic and 
inierestli^, pe-rhnpt the [nost jirob-ibk, v^ the following^ 

III the ii^ltcriLli tvnluiy K-iuji Hclgu lamlcd on the Saauji coast in 
ihe dommioTis of die haughty flnd war-loving Princew Olufn, and 
deniandcd her hand in marriftge. This flattcrinj; projiosai mis 
touched in stich terms as made it evident the suitor h^d no id^i of 
being refused, and, ^ lilLlc iaiimidaitd liy diicaisof tlieconveituencct 
ofa rejection, the proud Pfincesscooicnicd- But <in the happy day that 
WJU to unite her to King Helgo, she caused him to be dragged, h$A 
hii head shaven, lanred ^nd feaihered him, anrl iri ihifi pliffht had 
htm conveyed on bu^d hfs ow[i ship. It inay be Imagined liii 
soiMlions en waking were none of the picasantest, but as he wni 
thimdertng for revenge the Princess appeared on the Bliorc with snch 
a host thiLt he had no choice bvti lo d«fer his vengeance until a more 
favcinable opportunity, r.uming with fury, lie jiui oIT to sea, but not 
long aftcr>vard& appeared .Lgaln on the coati, Thia time he bad 
recouiac to itiaugem- In the forest, not far from Qlura^fl Cii*t1ci he 
Jaidfome treasure, and bribed oncofhcrsenAnU lo confide toheritt 


yisit ic Ifeligoland. 

at midnight on her qttcti, was Rcucd^ and cnrricd oif lo King Hdgo'f 
ship. . . - . A fbughicr WiW htjm lo her, wlioici *he n-imcri 
Urs, and gave to a pcoaonl on ihc <t(:;i-^liuic \o bring up. Twelve 
yean later the Kiog rctummi once more to this p^rt of the ccoflt, and 
findiDg a lovdy maiden wandering on the shoro, carried her oft and 
vnovncd her, Olnfa"^ vengrancc was nearly complete — she spiit at 
©ncc to licf daughter, wliom she look fiom Helgo and married iti the 
KirtR of Sweden, wlicrcupcn the former^ hortor-alricfcco, stabbed 
biiTUclf. Uvru from him tlie lEliinU toolc its name. 

We have heard 'a great drill bttl/ About the Gcrnv^ris w!i.niing 
Heligoland, and lliouj^b \ have iLC.iid several scout the idta, t)ie ful- 
towinK ()uoCfKtion fiom n book published in 1S5;; wilf, 1 thinki show 
th^t the nish to pf^seis the Uland has occasionally been present to ' 
the mind of Clrrmrtny -. — 

In tJifJt the i(1« wh! moDLffdof nvUiloj; IIcU^uiJ the prtndpa] hirltniiF k\t 
1|]« (Urman flHl. The lubjecl wnt icnoutly handfoi by Ihff newipjpon- llig 
GcnnAa A^**/ <SAvfte aifcJ lis* thtmc wiJdy in its coluafUh " llcUtrcUnJ/' it 
ulil. "mtuit be falncil fioni llxc Eaifliblk by 4 itral^ufui w»x( il uirptut Uj ibc 
PlHlJimMt and JUllon. Then a dam mint he marie round the i*LiTiil, tlial. *t any 
priot owt wli&I mniidDfi jr might— a hurbaur For ' tlirf v-Jcckcn' nhuuld be en- 
mvda TUe rccfi itnUluiii; f'U iiiLo lUc ^c-i wnulil uruutiiluiic ciicju;:ti fur tlic 

pnjjio**." r doTint kno* wticiher Knglom! w-u *ven awirp r.fllir 

«i(<nt 10 vbkh 1b1« Idn wu camviT, but X brieve the W4>u[i] Ai iood I«i4 her 
Amaicu or AailnlUa colonfcs iu tund by (hcm>clvcn u lu /itr ami/ Hc1iK»- 
land- ThAt a Mfe liarboui Toi niep<of-vitr lljuIiI Z?c lujtdt thrrrc jiiljii^lt Lif tu> 
diwbc, bnf Ihc coii would he lo PDomiflui thni 111 valtie to (iennany wouU m no 
d(Ct<cbc commeiUiLtitLc wtib the DEittay> Tm«, the island uofirrcal inipai(ciiic«, 
Ijut luuic vu uccuoitL uf i[ bclut: bi l^iiricn h4tid» in Imic uf wu ihun uf IS indi- 
nlail impnrtanceir) Gennany- - , , HclJ^hnJ !» inn imall ind tmmiiof 
llid «y to tK«rt<a3atc aii a harbour b Anrtime. It J« Eiol enough to cimnrc 
ttfctf ic^Bit *(orm, bat ihcte miut al>o be no iluij(Fr or Rdjutc. How \<m^ 
ccn1(3H<il0CiUiKlha[douiatalaHaik^e? Id Ehc UiLccnih cf nlitiy lit^iu-£c Brncck 
v»of opiaion that the Uverinml or upper p9r1, va« QDinviMtable- But no Ulu i>f 
hn^am hive ?vu bevn told of Heltgolrnid, onJ never vill bcn for in a very abort 
Enuc ibc iubjbiL4tit> ifiLol p?ri«h.luA aidn^ cf hun^rci. Tlircc linic& ilieuily ii h4Di 
bfni laken-^Ki^f, I'M- ■'"'^ iMo7> Ami If for Itt piotpfTinn h.iirrrirt vtre 
biull oat Inl* the »tt, the COIt bwOQDM *luppudou(. Hie A'ujj/ Ciibe.'tr propoied 
to mjJu UK of ifciff rceb. poulUy boC4iue die vmtcr nai uitcily ij[00iaaL oti tbc 
Hb)a![. for the xtch Are (ompoted of stone 10 brltile, of «iicb nuivei OT chiJk 
aaii eby, that you fonM not build a ttibte out ol 11, Jet ilone n (ortiJied butoor. 
At the nci^hboimae c^Uti dc not alToriJ (he nei^easary mateiiJ, ntcne ^auld hftre 
to be tnuu^bt from QeTmaay. SatUand. orllonfa)< Whii aumi that woald run 
BHay vilh may eailly be conjtctared. Whytlbemalcitig of a harrMior for mer' 
eJUAtmen and brlp would oAm vtry great dilbeulli?*, and befoFe even iha( »maU 
uoiETiakinf the ineahauidble pane of Gnat BfiUin has biibalo iei.vJf>I, llu;uj;h 
tfatadnnages of ii nouldbe crbI. and ibe lleligoUndeni LuLV(icifienTOa\\fiu^Taa 
RpnacftliMMB Ob the oihje^t. When In lUu S£LbokotitOlU^*<^^.\A^<^^V 
Vm. «. JV:& fJ7J. » 


The Genllmians Maj^aziTU. 

of maltmj; \ fDrliH«d luFboiu on itiv (rcrntui Xortb Sea Coait, Kn^jlanJ tu^an 
conntfcT Lhc cxiicJiciHi}' of impicniQf lUe dcfcufo of !1cti|;o1ai]d. But it etiH«4 
in hiit^kr. Kajjulcujt fell, uiiJ nii^T,miJ fitcjuit fuHl witlioiit fottiT^tof Hdi^Imd, 
Tdcw wu*» nnEy on? niifly otft pin on Ihe UlAnd, bui ll strred w miintiin tthct 
Mtitr^l^ly thtoUi^hout lIec DsDiib-GcTTDui war, 

IT «c uuly luJ a ujiitcd Ciatn^Ljr. b rcHolutc PioMiA! buWmt «4 
lJit«-(lccli(Ts *L»iili] vi^ijii lie fiirthc^min^, wiid fwrlui^* (he fli^port unity 
of wiacing Heliu''l""J «wiuld aal be wiaTing if btniuuv bul kiw^ how l*) 
lutn ]:c( slrcnglli lu iLWuuat. Ea^nJ ouXy lopecti |>rflcliai] people ad^ 

How ilie writer musl rejoice now Uiai his longing* foe Gemun 
uuifitaliou an; actumj^li^icd. anil ihai bejoiul his nitdc^l diesim! 
At:ccir[lliit- lo him v/c mu3t hKpn to quaik? for our Utile bbfid, of 
which I am certain we imder^Mlue the impoitancc. 'I'hc grcit 
argiimrnt for ii it not so much \x% iniTiTisif vaJuc 10 tie, but the 
cnorinoux mlvnntagc it might give to another Po^t'rr, And having 
spent some very* pTcosant tkj-s under Engluh rule upon the linlc 
«ed gLit rock, 1 Tor oiie s!iould be «on^' to thjcik of it& beic^ ceded 
to Gfrmm)' or an)' other counny. 

Tlic Hdigolandcrs are vt-ry *d! aficafd lowinfs Ki^^land, mudi 
better llun loGcrmanyj but their Mronrcst sympathies 1 ajn told are 
iJonith, The language used by thetn is a -luccr com|fcouad of 
Frisian, Englith and (Icrman. Now that Colonel Maxtc, Uw 
Govemor. Iixt iniiLtuifd schools on iho fslind, m^oy of ihtt cbildreit 
«pCAk ind UDdcr^ttnd our Uri^iagc vrcll. Not the Icoflt curious 
ficnturc on the \9\^xvl iz. the chnrchf though it boontit no \'cry great 
flotiqultj'- In the middle of the nave, su^iJcndcd from the roo^ ii a 
^hiJ) in full ris^ The piilpll rcitm** tlit ctntrepicve uf the dLinirlj and 
!iij3 (jn cJLhcE side a huge alvcT cackdlc^Uck prcaculed by tlie King i^t 
Svi'cden- Ail rpiind the j^allenes painted in ponoU arc a terics of 
pktureE rqjfcseniing sacred subjectSj from Adam in Pinidt^c to the 
s^ifrirfcck of St. Paul The GuvcniDr*s prw is aji ctJinfottalile as it \% 
curious, reminding one of somctliing lietwccn ^n openi-b^jx and & 
railway comfi^e— it hasu-indows on three sides, and h/urnixAai vHA 
amfo9i. The men cxnrtipy the gaUeriei, the pew« betov an all 
appropriatr^! tij the wnttirn. artd in frotir of Pirh sent the ornipi^n 
name is inscribed with many floniishcs and in lively colours. Five 
pounds ptirchases a fitting in perpetuity. 'I'he font itt of brass vcij 
aneieni^-d;Lie Linknown. A eurious ctJstom prevalU at dmitetungi. 
As noon fls the sermon is over, word fs sent 10 ihc chriEt^ing 1WV7> 
vho immediately form then-inclvei mto proceniioQ. A ttumber of 
little gtrfe from aix to twfeht ytam of age go firtJ, carrying n little 
wlver or china mi»g wiilj warm u-ater, wliieh they poiir into the font. 


Visii io IhUgolAftd. 


tbK i»l wf (Iir i^ujtjr — di)Hl> ^txl -parent*, ftiemls — gv in by uiudio 
dot^r, and the ceremony conuncncoL 

In fonEicr da)^ the Hdigoluidcrt bor« no suniAnics^Thc nunc 
of ibe child (gmmUly rjillcd After it« }C^nflf;il)icr) wns rAckrd on 10 
iB Citlvr'n with on jxlflilinn of S or !"ji-%- If ihp falhcr ftiw niUcrl 
JdJpcT, and the fton Pii, the ftiU name of the Uucr wia rai )ajpeTo — 
ih« ^tbORi gandson was Jasper t^iivnt, ;i&d tbf f^rrat gnndtEon 
Paf 1i«pm >g3iun, «o itut ^ncM';tibcr nnd gnndson otteo had the 
Kunc riAmc In 1 7A3 1 new onlcrr of diLogs wM intuium). Bin ii 
vu Toydifficuk to cany the :u]optionof aficd name lAtocxccuiioci. 
It oHcn bftppimed ttut ide hnptismal rume of the lather vu mode 
the sumime. tbottgh the- Tmi vra« retained, so one often Findi both 
tcfreiher, sndi as Jasptr Jasften, Klaas Klaasen, &c. Very near 
reUiioDs even broiheni, often had different ^unmmei, Nacm of 
meu fttiU retained nvm old times are Nnmmclt Had, Nan- -sinfiular 
irD«n«!Q*» 0iinei are Dulke, Bogge, Wcntjc. Moike^ Pontje, Anke, 
Majuke, WiUkt Pcrke. 

UliDc wc ve at the church, I mt^f u well ny a little abiml the 
GODrtihtp ukd nioniage of the HeLigolondera, which nay rUo be 
CWtfidtnd ^aOkumiitk. Aod here 1 muat not tail to adtrTow[cdgc 
any ifidebirdnnM 10 Mr, Ocikrr for a good denl of the following I 

UAfrmge u preceded by a courtship which frequently Ivu for 
yeiA. Ai »oon as the young v*eople who uHend to manj' have 
obuined the consCTiT of their pirentv, they live in what we muM enll 
a prcBupliaJ »Utc- The man from Ui;tt time becumca u Fteict (wcnier),. 
wfaicfa worti has a Mjtnewhai brccul wgnificanrc. In former time* the 
knrct, tfamigh pemtilCed to visit hii Ijetrathcd twice or thnre a wcet 
ol her puenUT hnute, was not allowed to go out walking wiih her, 
but all i&uiciJun& Iia^e been douc aw^iy uiili, ;ifid the i^nga^i^d jiair 
not only vi^t dancing pbcc» and walk out lo^cthcr, but the bride- 
poovn dect mokcA hi4 visiu to hi« lady love as often and s^ long a« 
he ohooccii without any harm being thought of it, Ac a. nile the 
couitdup only comes to oii end vthen circumstances moke it eKijedicnt 
ihai the wedding should tike pUce^ Then preparations for the 
CetefDony ore uia<ie in all liaste. and the intended hunband \% not 
aUowcd 10 go to if^ le<t the bride be nude a widow before her 
■BTTU^c. I[ is ahnofiT unhcoid of that je mm bri^iks his eng^igcmciu 
10 a sii)— ^ would be pointed M with acorn by every finger in the 

The wedding bmldasttdceK place at the home of the bridegTooEn'* 
parcai^ A ycniag gid vtnnda at the Uuur with a bowl of worm winsr 


V I 


Tkt CcKiUman's Magazine, 

ajad gives a Udlcfiil to every gucat wKo cntcn. Only when ihia 
ceremony ii ^ in end docc the bride mnkc her appc^iTanoc. 

The day Iwfore the ivec!c!mg the bride elect has pcrBonatly to 
tavicc her two sjtp^ri^ri^ ilic chunhgimi^ and ihc prindpa] gtM-sts, in 
coropAiiy wiOi her inEcndcJ* The supporters (Biseitfrs) arc mairied 
women, her ne^t of km, who conduct her to church and afford h«T 
the nci^ciiaiy Mippori and contilen;ince^lhe churchgoers ^fC^r^- 
gtin^frs)nic men who nirc fMiticulorly invited to go lo the church with< 
out ncccswrily participcitmg in Iht? 8ubscquc-nt festivities, llicy pre- 
aCQt themselvee m the monuiig at the house oi the bridegroom aiod 
accoinpflTiy ^im to (hpresidenceof the bride, where ihe proccvion to 
tlie Lliiirrh iriOinmenccs. After ihc ceremony ihe happy pair ^Sjoutn 
lo tlic house where the brcalcfast h held, followed by the fdihers And 
the supporters, Tlie l^ou^c has meanwhile been decorated with flagt 
and llowor* l*y friendly haridt Tlieo begin? llie TTtther arduoiii l^V 
fur lIjc bridegrooni of fecching tlic invited gticat^ Irorii theii own 
dweUingi, The young people may perhaps c\eusc this fomwihty, but 
fill the elderly ind married folk would consider themselves groatly 
slighted if ihe young man omiifed the ceremory- HTien all are 
assembled, ihc feasting begins — in which, as usual, l]ie wedding atkc 
holds a prominent parE. Towfirdj^ the end of the "breakfast'' the 
woman who haa made the cake comes into the room ^\'ith a piece of 
burning rag, atTccting to complain bitrerly that the hx% hnmi her — 
well — <ht:miii. A subicrlption is at once made, and the money i» put 
into a dish of salt. The fcaat over, every one goes for a wnllc, arm- 
inarm, and bad indexed mu8t l>e the weath«r that prevents the 
promenade ever the i^bnd and through the streets customary v»pon 
such occasions. Olhci aiiiu5cmcnt& follow, until about midnight 
all adjourn to the daneing -place, where a particular dance in honour 
of the bnde takes place, a^er which tJ^e happy ^aiz ore eficciled to 
their own house. 

I wa§ tempted oue night by curiosity to see a Heligoland dance, 
and went in for half an hour to tlic *'Sonocn UntcrgAng," a sort 
of pubhc'houitc, where it was being held. Some fifty people were 
assembled— the girls neat and respcciable-looTtiog, but none of them 
dc^crvi:lg in niy eyes the iippclbLiun *' Die Schiine Helgolandcrinn," 
whith is frequently bestowed on them. The men were as rough a 
looking lot as one could wclE see — some islanders and a sprinkling 
of Englishmen from the fishing s[nacks lying off the inland' The 
music was a vciy bad barrel oigan, called a " Nuddkasirn^" let itJto 
the w&)), which played at a furioui rale polkoa^ waliies, s^lops, and 
JUuDcIandcn C*omcthing bcti»veen u waUi mi^ ^ ^olkaV Tiropencea 



A Visit io Hdi^land. 

d&ncc U choTKcd xa tAch man, and the ^rgao stops in Uic m]<il<llc of 
the ckncc while the mft«tcr of the ceremonies coilccts the money. So 
it becoir« a very <f tjjensh'c .-trnusemooi lo a " d:4Dr[ng mnn," and the 
licdlord tnu:it re^ip em^mioUA pii>ritA, hIi Itis only outlay i» a A:w uil 
knips; und the men who do not dince, drink at hb Ur, while 
tr^' one who enters p:iyfi ^n admiftHion fee of twopence — stroAgera, 
burpcncr, ladies are doe called upon to pay ; but ihoiigh thin piece 
of gallaniiy \i ^hown them, (hey h;Lve to make up for \\ hy doing all 
the rcfll Hird work of the iskndp The men arc a very \AVf %^\, and 
high pay I* no incentive to them to work. "Hicy are good fll sea ; 
but on land I For initance, vhen I arrived T w:^^ highly amuiicd 
lowccny Injnk — wlncEi, irHuiiic-whdt br^e, Isrol ,11^11 \\trA\y — carried 
on poles nnd ropes by /far brawny Hcligolandcra. It took ten men 
to cairy up myjt]gg:ige, which weu by no mc^ins unrcaitonable or 
exCfssive. The iibcders are for the rnosi pari a peAccfbl nt^t— 
tbcrc b iieiy tittle bjawUng amangst theui, and inuidcr la auunkoovn 

Wbctk I wa« a chiJd I reinembcr reading of »otne heathen 
SjiVagefi who prayed for wrecks. Bui '' hurtling suns must shine and 
ir,iny w^itrn; roll," I chocighl, between ihat and our " Christian Itnd." 
However, this dreadful thing happened no r.ulhcr diivtont than 
UcligoUndi where prayers w-crc rcfiulafly offered in church for 
lhJpwr«ck£ For the natives lived by tuch floTaam and jctAamae the 
mvefl cjk&t up, and co tbtfm it wa& no more lin to pray for wrecks, 
than it is to ua lo lie&cech a,y we do for our dailj bfcad. Happily aJI 
llitt ii changed now —when I aitcndcd divine service the clergyman 
prayed impre^ively for tho«e abroad on the deep waters, and there 
are talea of gallant mctiei of drownrng marinern by the Heligolaiiden 
and our BrilitU cx^aatifLiatd- Everything on the inland hai vastly 
improved And cominucs to improve under the judidoLLi and liberal 
rule of Colonel Maxte^ He has done away with the old admmisna' 
tion of jnMice, which wai rank corfupiion nnd favour! r ism, and taken 
the bw mlu ha uwn haiid^. ITic captain uf the coast^^uurd settles 
all minor diffcTcnces— tlic CJovernor, the more iirporlani rm*is \ jud 
there i^ alwaya power of appeal from the lower court to the higher 

It K a piiy thaf the filii rnstumc* are giving way here, as in mosif 
libera, to llie rulhleaa tiand of ugly modern failiion ; aiill you may 
yet aee the scarlet petticoat with its yellow border, the kercljief 
pinned aerow the brca*t, and the curious sun bonnet and vcW of 
black silk edged with larf ; ;he men nearly all wear blouses instead 
oTtbccorduroyj, b]ucshiii,and50uwe«crsof fonuct i\:i^s. Y^^ivm^'Cft^ 
K«JOfX the iifAifJcn rmkc considerable profit o\il ot vi5\\ot^— \x^' 



Tk& Gmd^mans Afaga^rn^. 

wintcTTr wh<rn th<; Ubnd ii fttDtm-locked and boat* CJtmoi coroc Tiew. 
tltey Inc ou vt^ry Eillltf, ptindpilly un &ili jiimJtAScid (foul English 
smackft and diicd 

Nov 9. word about the life ol tbc visitor. Th« greai event of the 
day u the bitbm^ind ac thuukcs pl:icc 6om theDuD^^a smdbiDk 
ill the Sd. 1 miJe? av:iy, thcuc who hnvr. not chsrtercd tfaor owa 
luaU wdit llicir luta to be piiUcd Atiuu by tlic ommbos boats. A 
very prcily iaghl ii wa£ from my window on a ^ne moming to watch 
the boats, some fjfteen or twenty, eicb with four rowers and x brown 
mil, ricud^iliHg iicross dir blue rippling walrrs, 0« ilic jhMcadu»dy 
packed cTOH'd st^iod patiently in the hot sim w^tini; lor their lum, 
£m<i corisukd for the ills of thv pr^cot by a dcllciotis hope of tbc 
future, when [hey ^haU be swimming :ind diving in ihe coal, freih, 
sCroiig Tvaltr. y<»r ihc sr-i in thi^ jiart Iu5 jfeculiAT jjropeides — Jl is 
more lilcc strong »pinc ih^ui water, and for the imwaty who rcm^ id 
too long Jtt really djng<jous. The hadi ovtr, peopJe walk about, ot 
sit OTi the tflotl u'iih iheir boobes — the ladies of ronr^e wiih hair 
unboand — then rbey rj^cross^ pui on fresh JiWiie, itnd the japeis, and 
at three the dlaner comnienccs and lasts Iwg hours. If yon happen 
to pjus the ConveraojioQs HoLtsc at lhj:3 hour you wiU see tlirou|^ 
the open winJows sijinc Uitee or four hunjred persons dintog 
togelhtTn and yoiiir eajs will be assailed liy a peift^cE BabL'l of voices. 
There are aevi:t-al other iai/e^ d'h^ie un die Obcrlaad uid UDtcrload, 
.ijid no V8c*5>i seal! ar any of the ubics- The afternoon \s, occupied 
by dipping co**ee x^ liiLcniug to the Imnd. t>r watching the arrival oC 
the l-l^mbiiig tir Bremen sic-itncrs — if it is not Ttie^day or Fridiy. 
when no bout «;oi[ic& in, Aflct two or three rottgh days, when llic 
^teamvrs have not been able; to cook, there is a very keen aiuiety, 
for pnovifiion* ^11 sliori, and |)eoplc tlo not finite like the Itiought of 
being tut off from the outer world, and gfi^tting no Iclten or papeK> 
At seven the tlieatre, buiJt and supported by the Governor, commcnioci 
— a fairly £ood company from Berlin perform fire nt^^ts a week ; and 
hesLdci that amLisetnent, there is the Coavenaiioms Hou»e, vrbere 
there is dancing ar a tont'ert aJmost rvery tiighl, So Jt wtll be welt 
lliat hie uti a litUe uldjid iu die middle of die m& can be made AJ 
cheery an in a big dly. The Governor cntcrlainn with much KOOd 
ta£tc and ho«piUdity— not fi few members of royalty and nobility arc 
Hb gue«t!; — and with picnic*, yachting, impnuni^u dancen. private 
thesiiictli. ^iTid plr^unt <1innei J:id puppet [urliea, time weai^ swi^y 
away, and leavri only a grateful aud cheery memory of die daya 
spent oa the bright little island o^ Hchgohind^ 





out of our cDnuderaiion, except an oti ftctrcts of one 
i'harancr, ihc h.-ni tiken the town by itonn, AlmoEt-Jtt 
wcocs«fu1ly as she cJicl In tlit' pan of LeuJi. Difvjijie 
our vcsniniftccnco of Uib rcmArk^blc pcrfbnnancc wc 
wrrc hq^iininA to trtkc Mi» Haicman aI her own 
e^timUiL Already in lh*ic papcn wc rcrcrrcd to 
one JuipoitiAt lest by wludi cvtm ihc miKt MipttJirial 
otvovcr cui jc^cifcc the atpoxily of an i^of or actress juuncty. by 
ukini; the ftinplc fttic^>tion, " Is hb or her nam? associated with a 
tisgk chcmctcr cr with nmny ^'^ Wlicn vc think of Mn. Siddons a 
nnmbrr of ulnking dunurcrri rvtc up bdbn- tut — Qurcn CAtharinc^ 
Coutoncc^ Jarc Sborc Iut>cLb. The ^ntc itith Rxchd ; and, 
indttd^ vilh all our ^r^-^ttcu pb>'cr^ It b true thit in thcio cbp 
meh oppornmitiM fc^r acting do nnt ofTirr ^! pmfrnted th€inf«lv«B 
tD the Qi»(-m uf the ^u^c in ihc d^iy^ thai arr |^nr< KxpcnKivc 
accessories, the nimou coat of adtxrtiung. ind the absolute nccessitj 
ot tnaJEJng o&e piece mo lor huiMfredi of nights; do not cncc^ura^ 
vmatttlity; and the tendency cf nuuuigcntent u we have known it 
for tome tioiCt both Here uid m Amciics, ie to make one-jnn ftctort 
And actrcMci. Wc may inttarux }cfTcr»oa'» Rip Van Winkle, 
Muss Bolccua's l,cah, Scthcm'ft l^nl l^indrcAty. FortunajclyT how 
ever, for h«T repuU1*9D, aod hi|^ily for ait, MiA« Biliiiuui toui 
i«ceail)r Blepped out into Ris tori's gT^i««t pAri. and nfch wch luv 
doiibtcd power ai eotltlca her McdcA to be r-uiked iviih that of the 
Xreat Italian. 

Bel ve pfopoite fii«t to deal with Mia Baterain's earlier liiiiory^ 
We liaiF«r ooly until r(.-crudy nrrn her m two tir lliree ^leut part», and 
ha oaoK ift aawciaicd ia the public mind onty vrith these rcpresenia- 
uon. Most people consider Mary Warner to be Mtuft Baieman's 
iDoosd best dtaractcr. The acting had high meriu; undoubtedly far 
'tis realiua, vhkli is nuj&t suuf^ after in tlieae day^; bu\. ^u mi. 



The Gatftemans Magasine. 

thinking Hhe rcUicr bwercd thao uiscd cr ennobled a picture ol 
squalid misery and milTeiing. There was lirtlc or none of that rcfioing 
j;nd h|>irllu.^1ibiTkg whii:h in 3.11 such scenes should Uk« uh oui of the 
region of miserable gnrrcts, uttered raga, and broken^iown forULltiK, 
find show us the noble soul in iis dignity that pitrce* ihroygh alL 
Miss BaT emails aim was the dlrert contrary — to level her own rAnrnl 
icclirnj Id the scenic sijvt-ilor about bcr,and \\\ asrealialicaway an pos- 
sible present ihc picture of a workwonmn of ihe lower class reduced 
to straits and privition^, and such ^ ^hi' might be ma by some 
casual visitor who had come to reli^^e her w-ants- This effect, t 
rcadci nei^d not be renimdcd, l:^ oulsJdc the IcgJtimiitc circle of th 
drainfii and belongs to the realism th.^t mcludis cabs, houses on fire..' 
Uc., thougli il belongs to a popular style of modem playt 
One of the aims at le-ist of fine acting i^ to bring before tin the 
milJcr and more heroic side of our nature, and the aim of ]jrcsciiliug 
it in a theatre is to fumisli such a spectacle to those w!jo may not 
have an opporlonity of seeii»g il in real hie, or may be under a false 
imprefi^itin a* to such matters. As Mr. Crbdstone reminded an 
aiidieutjc recently, tlie search for and illusirating of bmuty Is die true 
»im of all Art; and every actor and actress should keep well before 
their mind that the most faithful imttaUon of nature is utterly stupt 
and vatueles^ auve as an exhibition of mere mechanical power. 

It is, bowevLT, very different in the wse of l^oli ^ ^uid it tna 
be fairly said thai any one who had seen Miss Ikicman in the pert 
would never foi;gel his impressions. The play it*elf is written on 
true principlirs — the same that guided The greai masters, viz,, the 
choice of home grjind pof^ular emotion or passion, and It; tegitiinatc 
rcfrulti. This ift^pcakin^ in El tongue intelligible to aliases and nations. 
The play is brood, simple, powerful, and rattomUly charac:eriiitic; And 
it may be *aid to consist of a seriw of emotions, not of a mere nar- 
mlive. Sudi is that winch lives and maki^s the deepest impression ; 
and with such a piece ihe figure -of Miss IJaicnuin will always be 
aasociiiied. Nothing nore pjctnreiniuff can be conceived, and thvrc 
is in it an air of truth and hrtadih which is captivating. One of the 
most dramaii(!, because the simplest, situations on the stige it; i 
conclusion of the fint acL where the hunted Jewess is seen rtishi 
in, pursued by the crowd, and the viilage priest inierposcs to pfOt 
her. The whole story is here told in the most effective way; andf 
in fact, In tlie only elective way, for a <|uaricr of an hour':^ descrip- 
tion of persecution, given in the most liig^jbitctvis manner, wmtld not 
convey the idea dramatical Jy, The tender bituations, capecially 




Play^s 0/ Our Day. 


the one at the cIoac of Oic fccnc where abc relents, is of the highest 
order Miu Batcman bvi^hcft quite a wtdth of elaborate irt on 
.^Ti dumctrr. It it finiiht'd likt a MciMont« painting — gcsrure, 
ill, Altilude^ She li^ ^Ucj u TitniEigc, Jro^my t>l'i^><^^' ^^^^ 
seeoAA to look beyond the audience, nrid >vhich insparts 1 wonderful 
lltpth, of i>opir)' and sentiment to ihc whole. The oxnt: whirh she 
!hurU at her wcilc lovcf will nlw^ys br a dram-ilic mpmory. Old men 
and iromen will tell the hckC gcncutiun ot it with uiulitiimed admini* 
lioii ; while lh:it moaning, wailinfi iol> cif rccogoilcon and repentance, 
whidi u the kading feMtire ol the la^t act. will dwell in the hcartB of 
ibII play-gpers who hnvr ha^ ihe pri^iTcg^ ol sining Ehrough Mi» 
fft cirarnitic story of ihc p.isstonatc, loving, tender, jjcrsccutcd 

It must lijive been the peculiar poBsion ind tctideme&s of Mibs 
Batcm^in** Leali which rnarked hfr do*n in the mind of Mr, 
Villi for », hun^nibcd vcision of Mcdcj. The wonder i» th;it this 
_jctrcas hod not already been fuminhecl with n Acnct of i^troni; 
liod parlsi. Mr. Tom Taylor would have shown fat greattfT 
in&ight intc ch^rtcTer and rap:i<rity if lit^ h:id gwcw hi^ p:irl of fl 
Juan to Mias Baleuiaii. SLe is the oul;r Udy upon llie iUgc ™ 
at the present lime w!io could reAlJAe the iiild, dreamy^ fihnAticaJ 
.Ttlour iiDd single minded piirpoiiC of the M^id ol Orleans, Whoi^e 
ttU \% ii thai Mi^i Batcm.m iu kriown cinly :iit I-cah? Wr have' 
be^ inirlincd tn bythcdtor^ at her own door. Mctica uuMvem 
A 1ulf<cmm[tte(! injustice^ It may be uid that the tenour and 
peuMion ol '* WtUs'B Medr^ia" is tiiore Goth;<: tkm classic ; but tl^e 
ly elastic i& imsuiied :o our age and mLjnnert. It needs 
I vcfy ewcare of humanity which Mr. Wills put into 
version of the story, and which Misi Batctnan inii^rprcta with 
force of pathos whieh comes within Ihe highest order ol tho 
fit art. Her enirance ii in iisell a splendid sitii.iuon, and she iff 
equal 10 It- The mceiing at Corinth lictwecn Mcdca and Jasott 
brinffi out a peculiar luhile power which reflects bock from nc(rcs» 
lo audience full confidence in her capacity to interpret iJtmion. 
Iwleed, ftom the opening scene you mnnot help feeling that Miss 
liuld^ lier slicn^th in tncrt'c ; ^nd whcjk It dues burit furdi 
b BO Mrain, Do e6oa; the pofenon in nntuml^ it hoN smouldered 
throujfh ; that it lightji up :ind liccomeit a blate i^ in the n^titrc 
of iJtingTC- There ii no itiiring of pnttion, no scretdnog, no wild 
actioo of ihe armi. tio u^^lj^ conloiiion of the Her ngc 
iaarc^ tcni&c ouibunCi the IcltmK loose cf pent up passion. iu)t 


The GtntUntans Ma^gazitie. 

tJic paisiuu tjf a, dull, but tht' r:^c of 4 slranf-'niUciI, wydlj-kmng, 
£uill)r <]uccn, who ti^ H&cnficcd kiUx ud kin, coDtctcocCi vinuct 
home— cvcr/thin^T l<> a borbattc: admiralioQ lor a .i;rc^ wsnior. 
JSIncvr Uie r^iime in " Ixah" fir»t hci^hiencd ihc pulup* of Addphi 
^tudlcLicch uulliiiyf lucin; icrrihl^- imprrtsivc hu Ixmi h^cil tlian die 
biacftntalbn »ccnc at t^ic Lyccnoi, in which the iacc oi the accrcst 
' the lurid U^htol a Cluc stage effect, entirely ch*n|ECs. It is 
motber fiicc, as if ihc kouI of the woinan po^^eoiM of :t fotrlUI Hpdl 
looWed out from its windon^ the ryes, ^nd ^owcd the ludcous 
dv-trftcter of the hi>usc iviihin. Here xi fadal acting mdccd- 
lUr. Fbmche in hjs iong looked foT boalc of TecoUectioAE tells luc 
how Liblache used to gi\*e a uiost eEtraordinniy igpfgsrtitation cif 
a thundcniTOMii vimply hy Ciual cqjrcsMon; — "The gloom that 
[^itdually overspread lu» countcnAQcc appc^ircd to deepen iDto ACtulJ 
dariuiaSf oad the tcmhc Itown indicated the ^ingry Icrvermg of the 
leanpeftt. The Ughtr^iog conuneuced by winks of the eyn^ and 
twitching of Elie Liiu«i.tcH of the f^it-r. sui.i_erdcd by rapid uddoog 
m^vcmcaU of dtc moJtlL whicK wonderfully recalled to yon ibc 
forked fbihcs that seem ti> rend tlie &ky, the nouon of thijDder 
b«ing conveyed by the i^baking of hi&bcad- By degrtetihr lightning 
became lc» viiml, die fronn re];i.iccd, che gUiiiiu dci^iiitcd, afui« 
bruul iQulc tUuni]ii4li]i^ hi:* cip^n&i\r f^ce aa-iuicd u^ chAt the 
sun hod broken through the clouds and the fttonn wat over. He 
tr>ld me the idea occurred to him in the Champ-i fel^Tkh^ where 
cne tby, in company uiih Signer de Begni^. he H-itiu-tied -i 
^unt thimdcrslorm ibo^c the Mc dc Tnoniphc." Arty ore 
but a tnie utUt would stmijly maiu: a inouniclkflnk of him- 
•elf in such a performance as this, and it is dil^ctdi lo inru^ne 
Ldiblache bring rcaMj imjjres*H'L' in il The idcj hj* only occuncd 
to Li» in illafrtintion of Xhsti extiaordinfiry change which takes pUcc In 
lAits, Bftlemftn's fcanlures during her imprecaiion over the channcd 
Vdl, which is the instnifnent of vengeance iigsunst her rivjJ- 
Therc i« no ivilcliing, no ncrvou* spa^ni of ihe fcjiurcs oo 
trcJcy rtiotlon of eyes or mouthy but the hoi^ hiuing, tnurdcrans^ 
witch like word» have iheii countcrpojt m thctaee, which receiver aiHt 
..^ves bacLc, like a lanJacape^ the lowering clouds and the wild witerj 
flaiheii [>f the i^un. Whai n cuntmsEistlmiotfargcntTe motherly s^m- 
pAthy of the wuman in the ihini act whac she appcjils for her children ifl 
Mi; Wills hjis shown considetfLbIc Ability and judfp^er^l in his odapto- 
tioQ of the itofy to suit the vety spcdal power of MiKi Baienun in 
ptirtTAjit^ emolion. Fnvn the point whcrt ihc mother uic» 


attempt ti> 
tojiy tlicm vf^ caJiTiji wjtli llicir JcaUi i und llic ^nd figure uf Jht 
murderess, 3rd Her pcJLting monotone reply to Jasod — '*Who slew 
ihtm?" "Thou!" (upon which the <:umui goes down) — Miat 
Bilrm;in giTcs us a surt of dtauuTic stnnn, beginning wilh nutilight 
looking tJowa upon floircn thnni^ a teuftti sky. a.nd ending wish a 
blimlint; hurTii.^nc tluu h^ iu fiiulc in a Doling, cntshing, «corchinK 

UniJrT yXv- R-ucnunV maiugemrnl ihr Lyrcum has c^mrxl i 
dctdvcdlj bigh reputation for the manner in which pieces arc 
moimtod. "FaocJiette" wu Tull of exiiuuiie seemc jiu:ti:[Tes; "The 
Bdli" WW put on the sta^e »iLli siudious Mtcntion to deU^ of 
lioie and |ikcf ; " T^eali " had iievL-r tj^en so ru:c:11eDtly nounicd i 
tad Ihc ^icccMories and dr<»« in " Medea " uc pccfcct II My* 
evcvTtbiQic for on actress that m the fjre^ncc of A triuieph of «cenic 
art she ii toperior u> accetsorie^, th^it the towers abo\-e them, that 
the standi out alone, ih^t Bhe fcevps jrour c^yi3 ;md your niiTid ffom 
nandering to clat»ic temple Or purple hllb. Mln Bfitcmau lilU the 
l^Kom lUgc with a prcaencc tliat ortnhadoM^ oJ] surrodndii^j^t. 

Id conclusior, it may be fairiy uid that ** Medea in Corinth'' 
pVi A irv^ giuiTTinlrr of Lyceum iiroKperity, and i?Klab1iKhr« the 
repnution of Mias Dotcnuin aa a. claxuc actress of ihc hiflliot 

Old Lovhs and Old Letters. 



■N ihc year iSi6, when this grcy-lic.irdcd century waa young, 
a lady and gentleman met in London at tlie Pitheucy Hotel, 
a house then in r;Lvotir with the fashionable wudj- The 
mcctbg was one of llwsc events ihat wc call a<xidcnl3 for 
vi'ont of a belter naTnc^ but which none ihe less often leave a. nuuk 
on the sands of our lives thai no after tide* can wash away. 

The lady w^5 young, caiilivating, closely connected with scvcnl 
members oj' the aristocracy, and destined to be the mother of the 
present Duchess of B^ickingham and Si» Robert H-trvey of I^dngky 
Park, Bncki, by her wrinhge with the eldest sfjn of the late Sir Kobcrt 
Harvey of Ijn^ley and Black Park, tvhose estalw fell to his son liy 
will, ahhoagh for obvious reasons the baronetcy passed to Sir Robcrtfa 
nephew, Mth BatcBOn.' The gentleman, on the other hand, was the 
son of a inenrhant to whom fonune had been adverse, and at the 
time of h!& inirDcbKiion to Miss CoUint he w.i^ reading for the bar, 
through ubich. ^ilh the buoyajicy of youth, he hoped to redeem his 
fallea fortunes^ 
The introdnciLon took place through a mutual frit-nd— a Mis* 

C tie R 1 (anearr<'lali\eof the late l^dylV-d), ;i tadyat that 

time intimate with Mr. Rot^. Some say ihlfi lady, who vru ciAny 
^X^T9 older than Mr, Kotch, brought about the acrivininuncc with a 
view to the aggriindiiemeni of her friend by a marriage with Mi** 
Collins, who^e money and connections would h^vir m:]de her a nue 
prifc for n poor embryo banister. ^\'hcthcr ihis was »o or not 
remains in obscurity, X\] wc hear of hct through the correspondence 
ivhich gives the main links of this unhappy story casts no hght upon 
it. Thai she ,uid Mr. RotchnltimHitcly qiiarrclledand evenceased to 
speak Rotdi himself telh in a letter vrritten long ^fler hi» Introduction 
to Mbs Collins ; and that despite her gradoys office, he held her in 
I'ety *Iighi regard before that final breach is eiiirally dear from a 
leltrrhe wrote to the writers grandmother in the year 1*17, wherein 



Old Lava and Old LcHers, 

he cfttrott her tf> warn Misfl Colimg agaimi trusting Miss R- — t, in 

thrtc wofdR :— " C c R 1 * \% now xi Cheltenham, She had 

not »e<!n injr brlovtd vphtfi *hi; wroic lo me, but she tclU me C «e 

hisbcentoldcvcrylhing b/ Mr. S . I am sonyforit, for I know 

C lie to be d// trf^KJtffy. She h^s introdticcd ihal little spy 

AUrutintoS s Jamily, and to icll yen ihc truth, I mtidi tear 

ihe conicqiit-nrr«j nnlewi ycrn will raniion niir Utile pei on Thf£ ficorcv 
Pray dc\ my dear Mrs. Reilly. Ihc finht time you write to Highn^iin, 
both on your own account us ivcll na oun." 

n^ * ^t^. S " (Miss CuHius's «tep&ther^ mentioned in the letter 

r have (jnuted was my grandiindc Mr 9hcil» <jne af the Gentletncn 
of the Privy Chamber to llic Prince Regent a«d brother o/ ihe Mra- 
Keilly to whom Mr. Rotch's letter v-^ addressed. 

Tliis meeting by "chance*' r<siilied in a lovmtTflir, secret in its 
opening, ralamitonc anH iliMijiiiointing in its do»L-. Any one- with 
common preidcncc might have foreseen the end, bat when hare 
lovera prescience or worldly wisdom ? and when Uiey have, it ttkea 
the tilvcry dov^ off Cupid's vings. 

Between these two who«e history 1 eiaay to wnte love %&'% riad- 
Deu ; birt rkcvcrihclcts t)icy ventured to mdulge in It and to keep it 
wami by whUpcR and stolen wordj fmd atolcn looki, by notes alJppcd 
islo bouquets, and luch chances ai daring lovers delight to grasp. At 
ihe tiin<f the atzijimintanc^f commenced Misi Collins was on a vicit 
Wjth her aunt and unclci Sir Tlioiii;!:!! ;iiid Liidy dc Tiafford, in whose 
rooms at the Pultcncy she first met her lover. To thc^e kind bvit 
obtuse relatives the young genilem,in made himself t-Q very Agree.iblCf 
so ennningly pleasant indeed, that he was admitted as a frequent 
visitor without being suspected oi uny deeper objctt in hit calli ilian 
to moke bim^ctr i^racious m the cye^ of an elderly [ady and gentle- 
muL But there were pairts and pcnaEiies foUowijig his sncceishil 
/w/r^«^pTOalrira snch as Imving to Talk more lo Sir H^hnniJi^ than to 
his yoLinf nie<:e , pains &udi as seeing li^r tunoniiticd liy other men 
more eligible than himsalf, with whom the young lady made no 
scnjpie to amuse herseU, even under the eyes of her lover. 

She Wis a very darling when [hey wcie alone — a mirror of love and 
cOQHtancy m the bficf tnomeni^ tl^ey suaidicd fiom under her aunt's 
suTvctlUiiee i but when other fldn:vircTs were by-— and being a girl of 
more tJian ordinary attractions those admirers were not a few — she 
WAS prone to indulge in fiirfationi which tritd i)\*i teirper of her lover, 
Jralonsy found \cnt in remonstrance, to whidi tlie lady replied by 



AX* R 1^ rtde^i luttfr, t A unaot ibe had rccoiniPenr!ed. 


The GoUlmtans Maga^nf. 

;ah vowv of coDsUncy ; by dccloniioTLS thnt he and he cilone hod 
her beftTt, while witU others sho only amtiitd her idle houn ; and *!:« 
wound 1^ the interview by enmr.Ltiiig him iioi ti> judge hex by pre^citt 
appt;uaiicc». To tlus Uttic mlaundcr^laiidu^; the fijUowIng Uncs 
Allude; — 

Too itcll I k-uow how olt lilt hcJit 

Will ihiTi^bfi in repcue. 
While wc in garcil Hxues ukr ;i«rl, 

Orwbidi SttiuLliinf lumw»- 

XVU well 1 kjlDW how HJITOw'k LlOBtll, 

I> choacd away i» u]]« mx>ti1&. 
To t^rocL KLvnic rlan'rei nigh. 

Tu(J well I Ilium hav oH Uie smile 

nf courrrsy I* foond 
Xo ch*ck Lhff teflr-Uiop'i sweHinj" coune. 

Ttat die hilt 5oa);ht the gnnind. 

No : I will Jud^ bjr «11 I lijim 

Of vh4t Ibou nn&t bi^larc ; 
i'U jmJgc by all Eli^l WiiJii my hCkUl— 

WhJC ahoultl t Jadfp by more .' 

15. SodUa Uolton Stncc, 

^invf l6^A. lElCi. 

Thoc KHwlI qtuTT^icH this poetry and love-making under the row, 
bud just IIijU dash aiid novelty about il which gave test lo the rtijoy- 
ment To itiis ^irl, hiEhcrlo bred \i\ the vUudnen of h^mie, there 
V&3 a pU[UAjkt tomoitce in rccdiinff her Icvcr't secret TeCtet«— ftA 
dclinoiiK danger of dctccxion in hearkening to his Btolen whiirp«rB'-4 
mt^ iifteft nm prthnpi fnr ihe relish of the thing, ;iml hrranse the 
flavour W33 ^ttaagcly sweet S 

Into the decorous dalness of Mis^ Collinii'B circle this young ^ 
bvTuter c^inied ihc llghc nnd ihc lit^ of hiii own world- He huA ai 
lensr the superficial gifrs which brin^: sori.i] iriniuphs- He wat 
IrcshcT nnd swi^cr cf thought and wtiid Iharj ihe Hc^iritd or inaLe 
men who sanxiuiKled her. He hsA thai dangerous vjgour of 
per^nieni to which naiurcf slower and Dofterthan his own were Ukd] 
10 HJCCLLMib. Ill bis eaily lciter% we tan tmcc the fire of the nssn^ 
lututc. and one which I transcribe below^ and whir.h was written to 
MisiE ColLint ax the Paltency in the cnrly dfty« of thcii oifzageiBcnl, 
aUhougli a iriHe exnggtriEed in style, is pcrha^^ as pasd^matc at MM 

Old Loves OJtd Old Lcif^rs, 215 

lotcT Icttcn in my poftsctuon wliidi compiifc the hiitor)' of 
iKif i)l-ican«d iort ttory. 

*'VcmiHi:pncdvehy ihedaieof ihU. my beloved Jcmitn-i, iMt I 
luvr but jiiiit Icfl yoii ; and, wiih j/^ wounricd Ittiing^, I addtvM 
yoa to jipolo^e (or having loo tboughllccily ui^ccl you a ^rw^f/ 
/jw to fio that which yoiir rc6ncd nature rccoiltid from when 
Ant ntg^eited. 

'* Do noi ihitik ihai my atJimg you to ivrit? to me fr^nf' wa^ con^tT' 
qucnt on youf iiAving Addressed mc before- Oli, no I — bat 1 con^ 
sidcred th«t, &mce cur last icivrvien'^ we tiood m a different It^ht 
tomutls one anoihijr thiin i^c had c^'cr done before, and that *w»p out 
placed love lULgltt fc.uictioji (Jut which ^^r^ rcrguJred tlie excuse 
joa fOJf to juAiily iL Be this u it may. 1 rcnpcct that dclicAcy, 
wliich refused my request this momiog, to(» highly to woh that my 
iip^ntfniit iiuy H-oo yon to a dttwnt Bense of feeling on that pobil, 
io I will plead guilty u once, «nd wiiH mure wiUin^cu perhaps faxn 
bdng ccTbOA of your foi^ivcncM.'" 

Then the letter goes on to bemoaji with loveHy inten^ty the 
swiAneM nf ihov siden tnunicjiL^ vliidi were no douU siuittlictl in 
fen and trcmbUng- a conijiliuut he icp^^tJi aiicntriirda in a letter 
wnttcn in aatidpation of aa hour's interview with his '* beloved, " in 
wtdch he tdls uc that iwib aa opportunity never but once occumrd 
chroagh ihe whnle enumc nf their fti:<|uaini;utce,althcjugh a fewweeluj 
kid «< come cin daring trynti canied on thruugh the fevered heat 
of a London season, whcii their \ijvK was at ita worm merdian, and 
>'eE periloruly near its clo&e. 

But at lilt" lime ihc letter f am ^jucpdng from wa* prnrrd no 
douce of iliu^c lull aj)d >ecict meetings vi3.% po>-<iibli:, a inisft>rumc 
Mr. Rotch j^ocs on cotnpkiningly to deplore. 

"It itaemel Uun|^ Jemima* that I can only enjoy your society in 
mcb hjX fleeiiui; isumcuia a^i llio^e T h:ttc juM 3[>ent »ith you* Jind 
the imceftAlOty of vrhicli muAl wound yoiir honest nalurc I am ^ure, 
u it d<ws my own ; but let u« hope the lime may come when 1 may 
lirM*ht? ftith you among friemU who do not ini^ine thai all good' 
il0t fie» m Av/i<^^ gie^inen, or ikit it \t a &iu to love tor virtue's 
nkc aloinc. 

" li in tfic love I be^r jou, Jemima. )'0U would atrivc to trace one 
beam ilui \s n<K rrHrctd) mim jtnir n-AW inherent vinues^ you striTe 


The GeiUtcuians Afagtv^ine. 

in vain. No, n^y love, ii Uwhat I know of /^^iw that wins my hcfln, 
tior can the knowledge of Ar\y rank in life to which you may cl«im 

alliance ever odd oac ray to my aflectioiw. " 


" When r rcflcoT, my tielovcd girl^ rr ilic prKjr pennrlev* honn T h;ive 
<fflcicd yOii in ihe tender of my hcan, T can but bUsh a.t my own 
temerity ; nnd when I think on the kind reception you gave to it I 
nra left in wonder ai your itiibounded contidenc*. Ii i& thai 
4.011 fijcnce, Ji-mijna, which il shall ev*fr Ije my deaicst tare to 
vrcMrrvc unshaken , and in so doing, 1 shall hope to make a baibour 
of peace for my future happiness to ride in, which no jjrtrudinff 
Kti>rm ^hall niffle, and the calm surface of which the chill breath of 
dkcnnti'Mt ^hall never vcniute l"> disiurh- 

" Though A penniless youtli, lam yet fortune's child — yes, my love, 
I am possessed of a better fortune than raciny of the richest can boast 
— a ho^t of Tft^if frUiuis ! With rhe^e for my supjiori, and rny own 
talciiLft (6uch AS ihey naay be) for the foundation of herpes, ] have 
commenced the study of the law — but nlai! live lon^ ycoiSi or 
nearly that lime, must elapse before my abilities^ if 1 thould prove to 
possess aa/n tan eiilitl*" mt- {in the «yea of your friend* I mean) to 
Llain) that h^rl which your geneiobityhasalrvaJy IjcstowwJ uiKin me." 


And here, with a [over's wihness, peeps out the half concealed 
wish for an elopement or a private marriage, which hlrr otl wiB 
iii:ide with ll bold insi^tancc i3iat almost tarried auttevi. 

"And art we to be separated all that titne V he asks. " Must wc 
for so long stgh over the remembrance only of the few swjfi-winB'''^ 
hours of joy which are t^ast, and pine in s^rd five years for their 
return? "Tis a cruel thought, and yet Ibc tA*k were easici far for 
;m^ than yi>u: for J have known what il was to have all my hopcA 
<3esiroyed, and to live en in sad despair. Then A^'as the jeJfish 
ibaiight of niy own wclJiire hateful to ine, IjtJl now that I may live on 
hope again I can almost be hapjjy ; and the thought that I am not 
labouring ffnfjf fir mysfi/^, but for one far dearer to my heart, will 
lighten every i^sk, and so smoodt the nigged path of duty thai 1 
shall no longer pcrcei/c it to be a ihoiny way. Hut for yoo, 
Jemima, the case is difTcrciit. You will have no rcllcclions of tina 
nature to cheer your solitary hours ; yet stiU xi the knowledge that 
you live in all my waking; nnd mingle in all my sleeping hour« can 
rtcum^jensc: ^o lonii; a inaJdeulicxxl (oi vrhcie the hean \% pTedge^I^ I 
would Jilmo&t call it fc'jif'<?r^/;i^/) still you may be happy j ^nd if to 

Old LifVCi a»ui Old iMfci'S. 


kntnr timl llic hciit yuu have wou naj ncvirr vroii btfori-, Jidil.'v ^-alut- 
lo the victory, IA^1^ ^lil] you may llic mote enjoy your con<|iici1. 
N0| Jemima, 1 nc^cr loved before ; nor, while vou lire for mci vlIII 1 
eniRt btit for yo[i. Evrry iboiight of my fmurt lifr shall circle yoii 
ir iu ctnlintr. Kvciy deed siiall cUim )'du for its nlijcdi nnd if T 
am worthy of your love ihiv hour, lime ahill render mc doiibly so in 
proportion to tu lapse — under itic cue of that divin« Frov^deni^E- 
vbo is our rnuiujd pjtrent, and of ih,it wonhinc^f^ whirli ,iIot^c muse 
entitle us to Hi^ fuiiLTc Jove ^nd l>lc^Mrig, iind in lliin by ifflioni vc 
Inist to perfect that union which your guardiana would seem to d(.-n^\ 

" Adieu 1 m^ beti beimed Kemembcr the liog I i;iive you 

wjut in plei^e of ihat hwrr, yonr accein.incc cf wbich ha* lealcd my 
h:Lppine§a in thi» world; and, thovtgh years «ho^dd roll away Lefort' 
wc meet ac^ic, let die look \i\\\^\\ yon oist upon it bring to yovir 
rccotlcciion ihdt vow which folloncd, nnd which no time nor 
eircumfitance« con ever ilur. 

*'Th-Lt kind heaven may blcvs you n you deKcrve, ik and will cvrr 
be the constant [Ji^ytr of yonrsi lienceforlli, for ever, 
^^ " a ROTCH. ■ 

[ Tlic nng 10 which ihU ^rttr-r alUules waic n ^ifl from the gr*nt[«- 
BMH^M ;hc Iddy After their moat t^fih engj^amcnc, jind wc find it 
^I^^Bg up more than once: during the t^oiirsc of ihcir i:nh4pt>> 
courtihip, U ^'a& a iniall Moc^ha ring, whose nnrrow band of fpjld 
wa» fiMCJurcd bt^^oic \\ w^it long \w the pos*ii?ssion of Miss Collins^ 
ji pre»icuL of the pledged and broken uotli of whldi It tvis a 

Over thAt nag jiromivo i^'ere n^ked and given, ,tnd vou'ii of 
fcfilty rdicmicd, whi::h found no echo in Churrham f^hiirrh. when 
less than three yc^n laict Ihc lady swore tho»e 6lhcr v^w^ to a 
huftbuid cf her motlier'u ctioottnit;^ 

It w« very CMiy to vow *ad iwear iToih in those holcyoii dny* 01 
the Pulieney, all stolen thciigh ilu- rhanccs were, \\\\\ the timtr vut 
(oming when ihc*c ddi^ht« were to bct if not tui slujii alioEciher, 
at least intcTTLipled by Lhc .irrival of Mr, Shci! to tJiVc his daiighicr 
bock 10 Gloucc*tcrthite- Wliat the loven s^id at paiticg, or xvlicther 
fliey managed to have -x fj.rL-«ell inlrrvicw ut uTI, i^ not recorded ; but 
crruin ii xs tliat Mu^ Collins adiciily induijcd her Mcpfiihcr 10 
invite her lover to join their ChristniM party nt Highnam Court, a 
cotinci>' V^^^^ within r*'o miloi of Glouccitcr, where Mr. and Mra. 
Sbcil then resided. 
Thb tiutf^ctted invituion, however, appem to liave routed n 
Vov. IX.. K.S. i»7*- Q 

Tht Gmtlimatis Magazine. 

momcTitiiry suspicion in my gruidimclc an lu how cMltrn rcally 
stood, for he mc( Miw Collins^ request wiUi Oic remark, " 1 hope y«B 
*re not jioirg lO get wp a tlirKition aitl» iliiq ywmif num, Jenums-* 
To which she rcplicci wirh H-nm eo a^jpiircnrly real as to all^iy iB 
doubt, "If he ha<l thrwenhh nf the Indit^^ I would ntir nrarr^ a 
ir^evchdtttS son." 

That onawei wu but mother step on the road o( wrong* whicli 
4hiEi inBit(i:il«d jjirl i^ftcmr:irds deeply repented of and bitietfy 
'Cx[icitn] \if A lordejd rnarnage- ind an vii\y ilf^lh, for whirh in 4 
jriotEicfli of rash and misenibCe ex<hcincnE she piiiyrd oti her ktieciiH 

BetwccD the time oi !*ifi3« Collini leaving [^nndot^ ^rtd CUralmaSf 
^en RoEch wiu lo arrive at Highnam, nothing n-onh nAirathiK 
ocirartpd, *ave ihai the lady frartiTWrd hrr lover* j^ift rtng, whith, m:. 
deep diatrcta at the accident and it^ duiL omen, -^hc tail lo Mr. 
Roich lo have repaired, who rctttrrcd h ix\onj^ with iJic f^Uowi&S 

UfMlfae not COIF KnTDVing ugli, ived mflihl. 
llLQi' '^mrtf^ thy loTCfe'a lint pIcJtE<<^ tokcu, 

Kor \iA ihc buoii i^ldc Ic luid. 

Allho^ ibc i^llttFTin^ bfLiiil be brokrrn. 

'Tu bu( jh cmblvm oFlhc <;Lcun 

Tlut ibiiik.} [u bLii*l oui fdlci fbi Cta . 
Bot ob, — the h'KltiF hope, haw mn ?^ 

Tia nud? criLnJu tbai uHnmuiA 


Then ti^to^ tie rin£t anj 'if a ijj^h 

Shuuld i(«1 upon iliy hoan or ^dttqv. 
Oh, (hink ^i» but tAe tmaih of joy 

ThU bills ihce wait a li/ippicr mumnr. 

Mr. RoEdi reached Hi^^hnam aI CTirinmai, where ynllicf n 

ptrvy were attemblcd, ^imongst whom was my grandmother, M 
ReHly. All ihnf CTiriKim.T* prty nrc dciid and gone now— the h 

And hosttcs^, the lover and liis rru^llcu, the ^ticats who ^Ihered 
round the ho^LUblc board, have vnnrahcd into [he »had(jv and the 
ftileoce which mutt Ca[l upon ui all ; new faca nre in the dnwin^' 
room snd lihrjify or Highnam Court ; other feet ircad the Liw« and 

^fHdfos where, in ihjit CliriatmaH tiiuc of i3i6, the Invrrt rmrw 
Ac-TCwa ihcy had sworn in London, and whivpcred jnew ill t 
had wmi in tho«c invifd)' tweeting motncnts so pathetically rcgiett 
in Mr, Rotch't letter. 

SttU while sijeniliTiE every monictit nhich rovdd he^peiil «Hih 

'ColbnK TTJihout cxciung sunijicion. Roich contrived to make hi 

ae agreeable to Mhe Collins^ relatives in tAc oountry as he hjid 

miultf htmtelf flgree.-ible lo them in London. He was not «XAClly 

OULfi^ amd Old Lfii^s. 




id the siaic sUndmg a:i they were bul what ibeit ? There *irc plciuy 

iOCi^ OuUuJerf in tiocicty who stiaro the gliUi^r of iB jcwd* 

'"iriibCMl bciog tu&icd to w^ax ihem l zoeD vho ire clever At UILahIs 

«r ruiMiiiUiM. wbo sing of pUjr cbcsi of rdaie aii«ccloL« btrticv 

ottwf people ; men i*ho fire mvhctl rron lo^n to ailnrtn 

ttiy hoiuOi nnd arc Inkcn up and dropf>cd doivn ac&m ftt tbc 

whim of thor invitcrc. 

Tlif furro of viy Itul- roouace was one of tkue. Hu Cnciub beU 
A UidTcrtiit )>t.ii-'r Lu (he Ui\y\ a dmmMJJKt wbidi fomcwbit niflU 
[Jlcr pride ft fcor or two laur, when the K^ldint; wu bt^imunjc to wcat 
Botjoic llwn cvciythinK«-;u ttrukanit rvsr. Mi. Rotrh mui agrce- 
fahle fjj the Mrp-pBpdi f;L moox pleaxuit anil v^'iily sodal oDtapaoion 
^baudO, j^;rc«l>k to the Udy mother, and, ^bovc jill, Mill dormsly 
and dm g wotiw ly j^eenblc to the ^ovng bdy hoTKcir. He m-oft a 
nun of rrnny ulmt^ He hv\ the pift of ijikitiK wt:U, h^ ilctchcd, 
he look likencMC*, he wrote reraen in jlburai or on ^iray ihccla uf 
|3q»0, ^e pbyvd dclighlJully on :i *< en'^itd Hutc," he adored the kdy fl 
ef hiidioieer aitdbeioklhcrio behind the backerho^l and hoAtns 
»Bd fidJov gnettf whemoever or nhercaocver opporiamty scrv^cd ; 
wink ftboi-c buwd be p«id mock ^mcatioiifl to li youug bdy vokar, 
rbidi yeuof Udy, IiowicTOt wm quite m thArp u ihu mart young 
himdf} in coittc^iaencc of which the wu promoted from a 
bTind tn .1 ion^SdoMir — arilhi^dsmgeraiuposilianwhrnthi^fAwiuafvar/ 
e;ttar which PKiTt coxnr aumt linu?. 

At bat it did come. A wHupcr. a look, or some other of those 
gm b>' wHnc^ keen eyoi cam tnck cot loven' «ecieh) 
lyed lh« tiaie of af&irv 10 the young tody's gwkdraiher, ihn a 

gncn in the bmue- The discorcry wu folluwcid by a ■ 
'fltofny *ccBe. which took pbue Utc aX mghi. between Miu Collinss 
■tepiitlis' and her torcr, ^I'heir sepuauon wxs tc tJc fia:U; they 
voeteblddeii to m^et og^n— forbfdden to eorreepond. 'llw hotpU- fl 
g]tta which TkmI oi^etied so wide for him on tus eotimnre were 10 
btrred og^uniit himfur^tll Lime I0 come; the pleaMiU liiit, with all 
enEnncing \<yyt iryati, ibcnomcnts tniuchcd for a w^ord m the 
'»M»ningbe(orchiteiioe[>rt»we«nfrir,the«-mtty walks ingrotmdsor _ 
girden, with s dicctrcl a^nfi^anie who knew when ft> bi|; behind — H 
ibcsc and A tboBNind other dangerous delightt woe to be kid aside 
fi» eter* Aod tbc whiloa welcome guenl wia dusuMcd i& ai^cr 

In ihe dtill of a wjntc/* monung he btokcd ludc his laaC 
cbiDce aa the "oU red bnck bouK,*' which he never wu 

*1 » 

The CiiiHanans Magazine. 

ctcfttincd to enter ageun save once, and that once waa in »tcalt1t 
And ^eacL 

All the tUy ifter his dcpartiiT^ Mira Collms s:it in her own rooin a 
coniujLiaciuu:^ rebel, wccpm^ over and bemoaning her vutiishtd X^rtt, 
against whom hard llungs were Uttered and liard decree* made, i^hilc 
aside in a prtv^iic coTner of her wardrobe, fts s.'wl aouvenir* cf his bflt 
hours at Kighu.-im, l.iy the pink silk dresa she warn ai diimcr^ 
jicver a.g^in Lo \it. desecrated try tise^ and beside dtc drcM a ^pri^ ^^ 
myrtle whith she hod worn in her hair 

From London, despite my grandiincli;'a desire lo the eontrary, 
Reich wrote to Mis? Collins, and wrote more Than once before his 
danrig disobedience aos discovered; but here again foitunc wa* 
agitrat the lovcrt. Their concspondencc was SLupcctedt and the 
su&picton brought on an anyr^ iniervjew Ueiween Misfi Collins and 
her parents, in H'hiol> *he wag peremptorily ordered to deliver owft 
hia leltere lo ihc powers ih^c wcic. The yijuny ladj', driven to buy, 
first resisted, tl^en temporised, and finally wrote lo Kotch for advice. 
Thnt appeal, 'w-ritten, as her lover describe* it^ under the '* sudden 
cbuKicion of cruel despair/" he dare not answerdirect lo herself. Any 
Irtter coming from KotcK or even addressed to ber in a siraDgr hnnd, 
would be suspected and withheld, ilic ilighnam post-bag being -"mb- 
jectcd 10 the scrutinising eyes of Mr. bheil \ but as Love laughs at 
loeksmiihs, so did he on ihts occasion laugh at ,ind chide die ti-fttch- 
fuhicsa of the lady's relatives. Amungtst the Christiua^ gue»Cs st-' 
Highnam was my p-andmodicr, Mr*. ReiUy» Mr. Shells sister, of 
whom mention has been made belbre. This hdy, whose subsequent 
prominence ir oiTr sad romance will brtng her ofien before the reader, 
wa^ one uT tliose kind-hcoited women who have always a warm 
sympathy with unfortunate Covers, Of the cixrly part of ihcir un- 
toward eourt>ibip iilie knew nothing, but in its later stages she woi 
always the firm friend and wise adviser of Miss Cotlids, and lo her 
calm counscb it wiis owing that no rasheloperaenior privaiemairiage 
VM retried to after Rotch'2 CKpiilsion from Hi^hnam to cm ihfr, 
' Cordian knot of opposition. 

To Mrs. Reilly MEss Collins was much attached, and out of her 
afftjclion for htr aUnost always endearingly nailed her " aurl." or her 
"beat bdoved aunl," although she v^'as aunt hy blood oidy lo her 
biiby brother" and sister, and under that title we find her IxctiucDtlf 
addressed e\ienby Mr, Rotch, on the loverly assumptioi that she w 
was aunt to his ^' bdoved " must stand iu die same relationship to hi 


* No« Mr. Sbcil, Qf Bcu Foitsi, nnr Mallov, cii- Coik. 

Old Lmm and Old Lf4tfrs. 


To this bdy Mr. Rotch wrote in his <]istrc«s and pcrpkiiiy on 
ftcdring Mbt OoUini's dfsjjiiiiirig note. The Irtfcr, which brarK nn 
<iltc wa&lorwaiUcd to Mm, Rcilly lo DuljJin, whiilict ahc 1i:td ju»l 
gone, wd where soon after Mr. Rauh paid her a x-iailn 

"My dj£a*e Mrs, Rni.tA"^ — With feelings »o much agitatwl that I 
can vtth difficulty hold my pen, I am ideated to pen tlic fallowing lines 
for you 10 [mn»init to my poor distracted Uitlc Jcmiina. In a moment 
of ^i^Tiy she hfts lurncd to mc for connwl, aoJ may heaven iospjie 
me td yield hef sudi advice as will ft^svrt hfr hn^nas ! TI)Lt(^ 
my deir Mrs. Reilly, titc iole end to whiJi jill iiiy^tcLicjiis tcndn Vca ~ 
Ivcan have ;io thought - no wish — that Is not intlnuitcly connected 
with it. 

"The hcnrt'ChUUng mwery that ui^iiled ray fFOj:en uenses on the 
^/■j/pemul of my iwecl JcMiHua'i huriicilnoteum tmlybettmcchttl 
L>' her dear acir who hju, I, so often felt the aamc aincc the 
irrelched hoor that lore me from her presence \ but on ft sccotid 
reading, when my idcn* were more collected ^nd my mind more 
composed, 1 was c^nvinixd il iva* the suddr:) elullLiion of cruel 
deapiir, Jind Uut the propositions it contained were not for die 
hnpfiinea of my beJoved, Oh ho; Jar, vfyfa^^fr^m tti 

"That she should ftjt4 rhif^mty is most nAturil to «o good, to 
dia^te, to viftuoLL« A ntiixl us hen^, and I revere and hortuur her 
leelioits on this point Herci then, U M^'/iiM (tf tandcttr to pursue. 
Git'f K^ aJI Mich note« of mine e^ «he hu received since I left 
Highojim, but »he need not reiiirn ludi m Sljeil has taxed her with 
recetvin]^ and uhidi blic lijts iiol dcuied — ilie note 1 gave her in 
London td;c may keep," [Thai already Ir^nscriLcdt wfiidi Abe received 
at th« Pultency Hotel.] "S-hcmaylLecpf^ri^-i/ifJAtrri/ij;/ Oh, 
yM 1 if she knew how much of hiippineu to my heart it contained 
irk iu magw. dide vhe would value it trwn marc th;Lii anything else 
fitie lu^ of nui^e. Yea, iJ^c rmg ahe may kce|>, f«jr it w;ia given her 
before I watt to Highnftm- My UkcnesJi she muztc x'r^ ''A ^^ ^t 
■full one day be iriTored to her." |Thi< hkenew rover wxis restored, 
and mcnib^ after her marriage io Mr. Harvey it is alluded to in a 
no4c of Rotd)*» A4 having been torn up in 2, III of anger ; but botr 
little did he foruee all this then !) " Clandcstmc communications of 
etcfy kind must be under Uie control of neteisiiy and not of pleasure 
c« mcltikition. All i\\\^muiilfgitrnttf; but oh \ she cruelty mUtakes 
her own haptHneu if she thinks ic depends on £;ivin£ up her dearest 
incXi^ — hfr /uttdr< prift^i*^, No^no; this would atill bc'/j'//uvy>'. She 
ttnnai gtx^ u%M/i. It is imposiible, and to say 10 would be duplicity. 


The Gcftttanans Magazine. 

She is unhappy tinder the impfctsion thiil *he k nnderfl dfiKdntiur 
dgftgentnito mr. Frum ihis enga^jcmmi 1 ha*r nrlcavd lirr. 1-ct 
hcf mothci be lolcl of t!ii» amiable alcp ihut her diUfj:l»tcr 1i^ LiXcn, 
Lui never let Miss Collins for one tn» dtrtrf^ /ser mffSher afrfth by 
ti^LLing ^x^r ihc has gtrm tn/ u^i 'HiiK [ ^yagiin iknot in theiutarc 
rf piKsrlTHities- — shr mntiot givr frtf ly, ,Tr*d *hp mu^ tm! pnrf™ tinlo 
H}. Jcmiuui niu^Et ticNilinne LO ixrrn.'tt in (be tIed;ii3tioii »he h^ 3o 
often mode (o her motlier ihat she loves me slill, while she ooeitiaiKS 
to Tcirrjjer (hi* declaj^Tlon with a rvasstiTaneL^ to her moThrr ihat the 
will noi iimf bcTfielf to me wltbotit her mothrrV ronsmt. THl thr 
ft^nted spirit of tbit dtjliful clJId thai «1ic c-in oivc no dotj to her 
mother^ undutifiil dcmfiiidA f ;iTnmount to that the ow^ to /^ ttfdaroi 
man cf htr hfuft. I neetl not led her where lo refer for Ihis sicred 
Inw. Not TO Hnifc heiMrlf with mc wiibtnjt twr mother'* runsrnl ii 
all Out Uut)' <iin require of any chHil ; but to asli a child lo gitc bcr 
hand to one tnan Tc^t/f ^<r ^vi/V it atimfdfy another's is n sin li^lklt 
both God -ind niiin thit no m'c of blood can authorise, much tcv 
wnciion. J^irim.i mvst draw ihc linr wh^c her diity to her porcitt 
cncb iinfl to bcTscIf and her hmband dcci begins. Slir will find 
on a cardb) exankination that her duty to God is ;dike intem oven 
with each," 

T\m tetter was duly fonvaided to Hif^lmam. suen^eocd bynaay 
lints of coitrL»cl from iry f^mndniother idmtng patience and nbmif- 
nOD, to Whirh MiiM Colh'rK yielded iki C«r as m drlK-rr nrrr ihr 
dcBundcd ODrrc^pondcnce, retaining on1y«ucb IcUer^ j^ *he Itad 
recffved wbcn staying irith Lady de TnHcird and that " dear linfE* 
vhieh fthe ni.'ver panrd with unli! the tent it to tut gmndiiKsther a 
liltlt l>cfr)nr her inarn:ige viixh Mr Harvey. 

Aflci llic 1crl[cis wcrc^ dctivirrrd up. and to al! oiiLwdid appi^araotc 
d« loTcra wcTC finally parted, a corresponJcnte brote oui ulreslL 
AiroQS^t ih««ervaritiin ^1r. Shcil's household wac c fie Mn. t^rotberoe, 
who h4^1d the j>o*f of houseVerpcr ThiK woman, i«f!]om, notwiih' 
t^Undiiit; ihc staunch heJpihc gave the loirri» Mr- Rotch. aA ii ?>erTn» 
Co me TiiAcT un^rateTuUy, called *' the fuU moon&ced AbiEajl." lod 
been in Mr«, ^^heil's service before frier second marrt^e, ajid, Um 
every ortc who came b cCfntJicl T^iih Miss Colling bore her ifitmg 
affection. By a tiTvrorcrrtf^ aTTangani^nt, Roteh wrote Ictten to 
GlouoCBter. addressed to n (iippo»ed '* Mrs. Nillors/' which Ihc render 
mil fee at a glance is Cdlioa spell backwards. I'hdc letlersi 
directrd In the **p(wOmt>e»Gloiice«T#r, to he kept tin called for," Mfi. 
rralticnje carried to Hi^nsm Hrd put into the hands of her yvmiig 



Oid iMm find Old iMttri. 

auUrcML It tt-u Tcrj irToiigt yc4 tttlL whim thcrt is much to blame 
there is aka mud to ricii^r- Mtu CciHitik was vciy ynunt^^ and— 
lU agiiiut bci Aicaid*' irii^hcn ttiough lE v-u — ^hc «'ua vciy dircplj in 
love, vkI complcUly wkIct ^ thmll of her ci^cr and poiuotafite 
suitor, ^ho hiditcl/ doclanc long After, "thit cvtryihmg she <-t(t did' 
stir did !4t His df«irr, ' fhat (if rvcry r.ish ihlnj; (lonr hr was in rffrct 
ibc doer. To llii:s NiHocs coTTCT[>CJndmcc "« find Mr, Rotch< 
olkiJing in & Ictxct to Mn. Redly, Addn,<s»cd from iJcith m Miuch, 

Prior to tin: writing; of thai k'UCT kukli had Iir^n ifi 1reM)id on ihc 
^ctcxt oTbuainciA. but ui icaTity with tluit rc!>ilcfi!i goinj: 10 and fro 
vhich ?*cins to have taken liold of him from the bqpnnhiK of hb 
nnliftckf wooinp to i» do»c^ In I>:ibl:n he hud ncini Mn. Knflf 
^Qd««d, he hiul dtiefly gone lo TreL-md for the purpose frf" seeing ^"^^ 
with whom he had a long c:onveiaiitii>n tDuchinE Min C<illiTii and ibc 
Hillocs ktlcn, which Mn. RciHj Btrong^y dqircratcd. On h« return 
from Irehind Ik' w^'m to Baih, ukmg the wsy of Gloncdrtcr, and 
nding p>^ the ^loiisc wKch held hh: lady troe, -n-ithoui darinjjto 

"Wrcitui M»s- UtTLLVT— Here I am at length arrived at ray 
de?(GiKitiun. 1 Kiuk tlie isHlrst (ippiTTlunily of i:4]li]ijt on Jjuie* and 
dcli<rcnii£ your rj^t^u^e. And yc^icrdAy 1 tooV my friends the 
TrilkiiMons to udl on hcTn Sbc is looJtJng very wcU^ and, wt 1 Khali 
scod iliii in a fiank, 1 desired licr to have a letter ready for in« to 
rnc1rH<' lo^ay, 

"Aiid coir to ibe iu1>3cct of your Tetter. 1 pcifcctly atTCC with 
you ihat the i^ooacr the NiUoc:i commuiucaiioiift arc drL^ppcd nov the 
better, I trust in heaven wc a« as strongty impressed with fire 
homuiabi^ity of ottr atuchmeni as cm* be n^r^waTy frir nnr fomre 
ba^iiieia ^ aiid, Lhls bclu(; llic c^ibCi I uii wfc it ivill be foi the in>- 
pvovcxnestofourlttlc friends health if the coiutant a^idition wtiidi 
the uncertainly of such n coTT^t])ondeiice xcn'sX. occwion be reciovcd. 

Ic^kdcin Ihelt bat ClicliL-iiham^ and Trom Charlotiet 1 Jeamed 

ihai she had been in CluJtvuliaii] (Jiily three day^ beforc to consult 
Dt Borregan, who. T ain ha^i^^ to tuiy, pronounced the pain in her 
ftidc to bcittCtdy a ositsculiir alicction, and deprecated the violent 
remodic« fche had used in the appUraiion of Ijlisrrtrv' * • • 

"" lku0D»s obliged iw^ to write Eo ^vil hduic I idl liom^" Ac 


• A dvAeltriYnJ MfT^ Kr4%\ tlvoi n rMil jt BdiiMlin But, 
f TLii lady is iii« C Ut duuilnd L^ur «t *'all inadl a y.*' 


The Genilanans Magasine. 

tetter gac:i oil, '*and in speaking of Dublin 1 moely uld, 'SiTice I 
Ti\%' you, uiicxpcrtcf! btj^ine;^ cnllei] mr to Trim. On passioa tlirwugli 
Uiilitiu J called on Mrs. Rcilly, who cipo^tulatcd with nic on ihc 
foll^ of my ntisthmctil, and no doaU did it with the beat tatcntions, 
but with how much success I do not pietend to i^y'" 

From tlic Dcxt i^aragmph it Is cTi;ai tli^t Mr. Rotcb hnd to1<i my 
undccfhi^ intended poking ihroughClouccAicraftd that he hod oovnc 
hope of seeing him, Gloucester being only l*'o mile* from Highnann. 

" I Ibund a aoie fiuui Slicit on aiy omviLl, which I answered* but \ 
did not 3CC hita The little cluldrcn* were playitifi wiUi their nurses 
on Ihc lawn before the houic, and yoii wilJ giiess my heart wtmt pit-a- 
paL as I rode by ihe lodgi? g^te. I did not see even a servant frimi 
the liousc while at Glouccilcr. 

^* 1 arrived ^ibouL four uVlock and amui^cd mysetf foi the rctnoindv 
of the evening in making ^p Lhe package for Nilioca ; and AOiw, Icct 
you should be at a loss when she write* to you, 1 mn«t lell ycu that 
1 addressed a sccoud letter lo you which ! insulted in tlie cover- I 
should not liavc taken this liberty had you not offered to insert ar^-- 
thing ^smlrd 3/ i lAnshed) when \n Dublin. It was not any commtini 
cation thar 1 could object to your seeing, It bein^ only a repetition of 
die seniiniciiLs I expressed to yoij on the subject of religion^ and had 
no reference to ji^rc^cnt occurrence* more than as il cni)TCSscd a hopi' 
that the litde difference in opinion which existed between U3 on ihif 
point would not affeci otxr futrtrf ftappiftess. I arrived on a Friday, 
and on the foIlDwiiig morning comuiiu^d the lilMt package to the 
letter boA, hopiuy iJial, il being Saluiday. tlie full mooii-faccd Atj^lj^iil 
would be in town for the marketing. 

"And nowj my dear Mrs. Rcilly, let me cxprcs-i a hope thai 1 
shall hear fimn you oniasbnally when ibe Nillocs h dropjied, and 
that you will keep me informed of the movemcnta of my beloved- 

Miss C- R 1 told me iliat Siieil aiili had a trip to Ireland in view 

about June, ind that he hud promised to take cur little friend with 
him. 1 hope rr) Fate he will ! It would rejoice her henn to dec 
you again. And now adicUi and bdievc b the unfeigned gratitude 
of your very sincere friend^ 

"B, RoTCH, Jun." 

This poelcoge, which he spcakh of droppiiig mto the Gloueceter 
Post Office with h^£ own hands, was probably the last of the cariy 

Old Lovca and Old Leila's. 


pait oC ihe Nilloo currc^pcmttr^nr-r, wliit^h wit <!rt>]jp«l a! Mrs, 
Rally's wi^hi although it wu rcadcpkd later in a difTcTLrnt form, 
for ic his next Icucr, written ai the clouc of April. 1817, ^Jicn he woi; 
again in Bich^ h« complains of hnving " no newt of the Highncim 

" Math, Apri! ^Uh, iBj:. 

"Mv VKKV i>ejir FkiI'.nd, — T hy.\'t dtrft^rrcd wilmig to jou iTuit 
long 113 hopc3 of bciri^ i\h\c. when I did t^ikc up my pi^n, to kivc you 
scfRC account of Jane \ but n« Mtu: Coolcc onJ>' atlown licr ycung 
Udics to go out on the f\r%X Tuctday in Ihe month, we have la yet 
been prrvcnir:*! iht plcaMirt uf iriflii^ hce m Burlmglui] Street 

"She b to dint here next Tuciday ; but, oa my ill Bun will have it, 
1 am obliged 10 be oti^ for London on Sunday (to^mcrrow], to keep 
lh« April temi^ io thai I i^h:t]l not have An opportunity of vec^ng thc- 
Irltlc gifi again." 

'*J aent you i^vo letters by private huiid« Intely* which informed 
yoti of how nuiiera now «and between Sheil and I. Since our 

meeting 10 Bath 1 have not heard anything of ihc H m pi'ty — 

iictil I uy how ill this agrees «iih the lover?" 

Then followi the part already i]UOted in reference to Miss R 1. 

UQ — , — ^ n^ 1 js j,(>^ ^i Cheltenham — ahc had not accn my 

beloved when the wrote to me ; but 3:he tells tne that Charlotte 
hoi been told everything by Mr. Shcil — I am sorry for it, for 
r know Cljorlolte to Ue all l/nn/ffr^; She has ininjduccd ihil little 
Apy M^rid in SUcU'ft family j ajid> to tell you the truth, 1 much 
fcir the consequences, unlesA ymi *^lll eaution our little Pet on this 
score. ?ray do, my dear Mni, Reilly, the first time yoii write to 
H m, both on yrjur own accmint oh well ;is onnt — " 

" AdicUi my dear Mm. Reilly ; and, if 1 do not atall timea cxpreaa 

my gntitude for all I owe yon, believe me it is never forgotten by 

yom vvry iinccrely aiiathctl atui gTaceful Iriend, 

"E. R. 

*My aiddrc»3 for Ihc fiHtirc will be ftt 15, South Molton Street, 
GroAvcDor S<|uarc, London." 

Between Mi. RoicVa Ictlci of April a6th, iSi;^ and the September 
of ibc «atiK year, there ift ^ brcEik in the correspondence, many inter- 
ivning Idten; having been Infit, In that mcnth of Stpiember the 
Highnsm l>artr were projcctiJig a visit 10 Bath at ChiiiitinjiS prubably 


liu Gcnticmans Alag^ae, 

m lieu of the rammer caxanion to Irdood, which iru ncv^r caniicd 

lA A lciC47 Qi' Mr. Rou:h'«, tbc neail oT Itu nant, dated Si^mnbcr 
atod, iiti7r he £pcak» of (liis fiaih JDiunty, &r>U ho^icf i^cfebjr 10 
otich -iElimp?c ofhi^ 'M>c1ovci^/' l>utlhc Icttct iLlsonliiidcs to jcolbcr 
circuttislantt whicli it forces mc xo cspUin, n circumstuice ihnt had 
just set all CtkCitenliani lalkiiig ;l idoqA or :wo t^ore, and wlo 
whacU Ui^i ColIim'« riainr wj^ as 1 bcdirvt^ in aII innodcncf!, and b/ 
CO fruit cDicr own, loWi^d. 

In Uic siuiunct of iSi6j wbcti Chcltcnliam t>-a^ full of notnbiLitic*^ 
*i jjnnelball iraigix'cn, oa the opening of tlienrwAtscniblyRoomt^ in 
tLUJiuur or tile; IieIe: Duke of WdlLr,gtont U1CI1 lu tli4^ llii^h uf laia ^niir- 
At ttiis lu.?!, jat wliicU lUc ni^luiain FNLrt>, tompnaui^ Mr. u>d Mix 
bbvil a&d my f^nudiuotJia'* wore jjrcscnt, sip^H-^Lnid u very lovdy girl, 
:t Miss , thill ficnson the bcrlle of CL^eUi^hain, Duiing tbc 

ttnirvi? of the ensuing year, tSi7, rlik young lndy hccamr rn£;igcd u> 

A Mr^C '^d^cntlcDunofgood fortune, living in or ncATChcltcQloci, 

It was OEM of tboau nutclies wu1i n^ch the friends on both «des 
vere satisfied, aitd it wan progre^ng in the smooth way tnch woOJDg 
does |irogfi-ss, whea Mt, C — - — S tvU sLir W liiai on a week's vi^l 
to Higlmjm. 

ThicfC be met Miai CoUim, wbo, if kn lo«dy than hi« inittkdcd 
wife, waK much more cipiivalJng, 'Hic scciuel of the visit wa* that 

Mr. C forgot his jjledgrd troth to far an to fc|] in Ictw ■■ilh 

ihe daitghler of \v\ hostess, 

^VhciheT Miu Collins knew of his crigB^cmcnt, or whether (flic crer 
sufipectod his aitadimeni to liL-rsvll ^x'hcn he k-ll tiighnnrrtr 1% iincti- 
tain, l«il certda \\ is thai he did Icav? h in hi>nanr»hle silence; 
iDtcndni^ as he solemnly dedajt^l £ub»^pently, loTHBrry the i:itI be 
had pTomiscd (q mokehis wife. Up to the day before hl> wedding V 
fidhercd to \\\^ tcsoK^e, which would hare been more tc be con 
mended if it h^td bMed a IJltJe longer ; but on ih^it day, when th« 
pen vu In his hand to ^ign his seitlemeT^Ts he ^ww% \l from him in 
d-is^ii^L, and declared to an uionibhcd cronp of hearers dud he 

could "not mnny Miaa because he w» in love vridi Mist 


The nrnrriage of coime nevpr toedt pUer, and Mi» CoBimi, 
wilhtJiLl, I am ccTt;iin, a siispicigu of her povrci, or an cffori to C3«tl 
it, idt Ihe trade of her &u:U fasuiiatii,init ori two ramcd Jivew 

llie UDwvIcome iievrs ot ttus incidcot readied Kotch in Londoc 
tbnjttgh ojie of those rourjjal frit^ndfi ixho Icvr in sri i;unponticr 
fUJ^, Attd i»itt »ubaci|ucntly ujiu&imf:i] ly oihciv Amougvi the lo^ 



£W loKs and Old LcH^rs. 

lcCun» vlikfa luvc nfldc ilighc ^X" I'^'c ^^<1 ^^^crt m die come- 
fpotfidcBCC, wss one to Mn. Kcjilycn that eubjoa, to wtuch th&t bdy 
tepKeil cither bjr difotring a douU on the Accunacy of Rotch's infor* 
nuiliCi or tiy trying to cxciuc AlisCtjUiDL TbiiappcaiKcvidcni fraro 
?h£x. Rotdi's next letter of Scpl. ; 5, 1 S l 7, whidi » oddpencd (roin 
15, Soutb MoUon 5irei:C, :uul commcnc«^ "Mj^«rydair fhoad,'' 
and ftfi^ rqfrctung bu inabTliiy t» olxyNimr 1}rha;tDf MnLKoIiyc, 
lakc3 up a JAtuv <Ji'^^ ^bc bail in^itlf jgniiud Mid of beuxnun^ 
famish or faahionnbic, of ■mh}ch he sar^, '* 1 must revert to tbat )Art 
<ri^ycur kisl which itylcs mc :i nam of la&hion. Hcn^^n forbid that I 
Eliotlld f vcr b*r di*grar<id ^J■ iluc e[iithct ' Oh T no, Mn. RciHy; «i;rc})r 
{ am no ruhionist, I dccWc Uuk cxprcuion of you» vritl niniplc 
ajr cOQib fe^tbcts for ihc next week at Icort- 1 cannot suidy be 
ciMMd nmong tliosc ' Trrf-^ng tiplt^ animakula ef /^ ttm^s* ox 
Stepbeoft dI1> then. No, no ; m^;* fiiti^ p^l wonkl not lovr dip if il 
WBCBO I y*fit wuuld DLJt tatic fuf mc "if it wcitmv No, uu ; I liarc 
decided jroii oftJy JoliI Li to lunticut dui And uow my comb fcalher» 

Tikeii, ifi tht feaiT^cn fill, he dropi dotixi from the loverly cndear- 
mcfU of'roy Uitir jjct/' by whirh lir li;i:( Cix:^\^\\a^icA hb lscly4<jvc a 
jiac or two above, to tbc cold idcconici of^Mi^K CoUina," whci; be 

becirts lo touch on the ttoryof her flirtation with Mr. U , for 

wUeb, one gUtei^ At «Qdd h^> btarn(^d her. 

" Do not fiu;jposc," lie says, ■' ihai what I heard of WJw O^cw 
came froiu Any iicrjou prejudiced ci&ccpt in her fAvoUTn It was from 
A iBirTicd DULD who ofteu sees her that 1 had the 5r5l hint, o&d the 
GDBcitrrii^ testimony of one or two ^tncc th^t peiiod excited my 
alttm fbr the tmth of tlie aatailon. 1 «^n ctmcdve tliat you have 
Dol hod on opporiunity of judgic^ for youQdX* &ad. tbcnrrore, let ibc 
■Htter rest ; hnd yon been able fron:i your own obscrvaifou to have 
given heraZuif-wxjrd of idvice, I might have uithcd you, i>cThapi<, to<!o 
EO, ItioKinH hew ^cry eagerly il would h^vL- been fci!!owed by her; bnt 
3s it is KJ let II iTAlf and sty no moti: about iu A:i tt) uiy writuig to 

Jifiu R 1 about % all inicrtouTsc bciircen us hu long iimce 

ccoMd; and, moreover, 1 couJJ not n^me it to Any other linog 

eiiMture btit yourself or Miss C ; yoii wrong my rnEmdship Ibr 

yon if yciu ibink 1 coold." 

About thiK Itrne Mr and Mr^. SEidl were thinking of Ppmding the 
ooirting Lbribtm^iif ::il L^^illi (»n \6^x. buvover, never carried out), where 
Mr, Rotclv '< would scern, also designed going. He nppc-in, how- 


Tie GcHflrmans Magazine. 


«v«r, a Httle perplt-Md wlitiher Mis9 Collins wou1<I rejoice at even 
a chance ^liiiip^c ^Hiiu), or whether. ;i3 the sUite uf <jppo!iiticiii 1 
iriciidi were lo ihcir meeting, a rcncoutfc would cmhajraM hct- 
thU diiSailty the next p,iragraph of his letter points : — 

"I scarcely know what to say with regard to your telling Miss 
ColliiU thai 1 .tni going to Ifath at Christmas ^ and yet, on tlie whole, 
I thmk you had better tell her. If, on koo^^ng that J shall be thett-, 
»hc still wialies her paierls 10 visl Balh, the certainty of my bdi 
there wilt increase her (ileasure ii> Ihv antici^>atioQ of tbat visit ; ani 
if, on itie cctacraiy^ my being there ^v'ould make her mih to reliiK^uii 
the jaimr, she eerFAlnly onght to know it, that she may have 
opporciiniiy uf muklng otlicr artangemcnta ; or of conununiutting wit!J 
roe ttirojgh you, thai / injiy alter my arrangcmcHts for ihe winter. 
Yesy U certainly would In- ]>roper foi her to know th.ii J purpose 
being ibere, even if my presence would make no alltTilion in their^ 
pUns, because ihen she would at least be jirepared to uieci inc. ^| 

" 1 am delighted to find that Shed ha^ made an amicable arrange- 
t will] Guise*; for the time ift fast slipping away wiiich shall 

tne on the luE of barrUleri^ gn that circuit, :tnd I insist eonfe: 
reinfj^al of the jrpc^cni infiAbitant^ from Htghn^m wuuld great] 
damp my ardour on the otitset." 


TIlcu follows an alluaton to one of the tnarvch of fiAy years >&<^ 
tilt steam engine. 

*' Vou will, I am sure, be glad to la-iu/' he coDtinues. " ll^ai 
^;radua]ly icetiing into n tittk profitable practice, and that I ycst 
took a /S/Zftw f^tmea fif. You must know 1 have kiely made iJic 
Law of PjiientH my prinf^ii»al 5iiidy, and this, logether with i gentra^H 
knowledge of meclianica, wintli l practised in my e^ly youth [he™ 
was bot twcaly-four lhcn| gives me a superiority m the drawing of 
flpecili cat ions, which fiOine OJigincei's, wlio are concerned in a new 
Steam engine, ycstrrd.iy .irknowledged by the fee I have just men- 
tioned. I tell you this bei'^uxe I tltmk it wtll give you pleasitre 
know of my sikccm in any ^zy, and trust to your efficiently unde 
flianding my motive to save me from the Imputation of conceit. 

The letter close* with a rather amusing paragraph about stocku 
which twy ^andmother had evidently commissioned him to buy, 
vfiih which it would neem *he was not satisfied. 

'* Vou »««in to lliink that yotir atockings are no 

* TtiE Ule Sif WUliun GuIk. fjvm whom nay udcI? rented JltghcAm Court, 

Old Loves and Old Leiicrs. 


SaihirjkftnJ aa fiev fay in Iceland, bvit 1 fUfturc you I had ihc oiiiQion 
of ^omc Icnmcd stocking couniel, wliow judgment (ihough tJnr/ 
n'ffc not thcrcrorc flttuall)' Mar f^rockfny*) T[i:iy, I Ihink. ])^^ rciicd on- 
Tbc Uc< ihcy i^tonounccd to be tt'OmJfr/n/fy iJieafi, ojjd the utocktn^ 
\try exctillcnl oo«. All I cjm aay i* if they are not well purchased 
you miiit be more explicit in your next otdcfy for it iii hardly fair lo 
i;ivc ;i Irdthcfur ,111 order ih:i[ in hj miicili mic of his line Jis lliat 
irblch you £er)t rue, cciuihed m iU[;h ^ciieiul woid^ ;u youf^ vn^ To 
wU— 'So many good eboitp Blockings luid the rent ia thread Ucc' 
"AdieUj my very dear friend, Present my kindest regorcb to 

Misi , of whom I liojie most eamesily yiTiur siitipictons are well 

founded. — iidicvc tnc, yours as ever, most grhilefull/ and aflec- 
tionauly, "B. Rorcii." 

A month later he nfilcs ftgiin^ still very c*gcr lo know if the Balb 
journey XA yet determined on : — 

•' IJ. ,S"-wM J/-ii/ffn Arr/^A NffP. 3<Vh6, iSi;. 

"Mv i>CAK Mks. Reillv,^! vu abo\it to write to you the 
btgiiinu^C cf ihia weelc, but reracrahcnnK thai lo-day vrould be the 
birtlidfty of my beloved Jeniini:i, I deferred ihat ptcnsurc for the 
iskc of i>roving lyi her ;il «ame futitri- ppriod thni T w;i^ not iin* 
mindful of die day that frrat Uicjitbcd life intf> \\\c bo»om of that 
bein^ 10 whose dcBtinics t have now linked my os^-n for ever. I need 
Dot tay how long it Is since 1 bjive hearii of her Vours is my only 
chnnnnl of commitriir-iTirfn, Nnr nrrd I :%t\6, \ am %\xtv. that my 
impatieTice to know haw ahe \^ w/ifrr she iA, and u^ithrr j^ is £tf^>& 
incTcaacs with ycut sdcnce: I h^pe the Queen's going to Hath Dgaia 
wiU be an additional inducement for iliem to decider en thrir pro- 
posed Journey- Vou inoiniscd 10 write 10 me when yoi: should hear 
from Hi^inacn, and I lio|>e you Mtll not forget yotir (jrumiac, indeed 
I knov yoii wlU noL I am svtc it will dclishi yavi lo hear th<it I 
have already commenced to pmrtiae in one of IIk- minor bmnchcs of 
my profession with ^ery great huil-l'si: it Li Ihe Sprtt/yin^ of PatfTtts, 
6r, in odict ivorda, ihe dca^riblng of idl new inventions in those pre- 
Knbed by law to secure the inventor fiom piracy. This braneh of 
law, hein,LC closely connected with mecharii:fi, \% very entertaining, at 
ihc sftme time that it is very profitable-' a • ■ 

" Wbicberer way 1 turn, fortune seetni to ^itnle ui>on me, and you 
depend npon it the time wilt not be longer th^n you may fairly 
fbrn^Lld to ice that will place me on the woolsack. 

"What %iwH and nonsctise I am filling my leltrr with, but the fart 
is I do not iutcnd to conimcncL' busine^it till I cumc to the other «idc 


The C^ntlatsoHS A/apictH^ 


T?in Both jovnwf, aboat which Mr. Rotdf was m tsxiotti^ nertr 
took place. Retch went down 10 BaUi fiinufdf ti Oirutiau, and 
w.itchcd in nun xnvmgsit th*? gijr ^i^itiir* who ihrungnl tb«c in 
ijviccn CbaHottc^ wake for the lace hv yearned to sft " The <fcD 
little fccr,* of vhich he tcHn us biter on in « jNUtiflfliatt cioriaD 
penned afttr n glimfisp cairg^ of hrf in Bond Sir«l VTrd«r swrn 
wairh and w^ird, wm: ntit *rcn tri^.-uling -Tmongsl the pirsraenadtrs in 
the then g^y town, ivhidi th:; Court party of the <hy dehghted Id 

Ov«r the splendours of Hal li, and orer the fevered thiobbn»gT of 
the lover's iestts and Ijopc*, Tinic hjs di~jwi] liU tfT^ng lund. 
ThousAodfi of cAjEcr feet luvc iroddcn the vane load uacc ihcAi 
thousands of eager hciuu have ancii^pcd find ported— tl:cir story is old 
and Cided, Iftie ihe le^vec on which iti record!^ 'ak transcrjbed ; yel 
in (to ye»r, 1S17, new so far ;iwiy in ih* jKut, their heMK beat ai 
tttrong and mzrm .<c? )-aiiiH or name bcsl^ nuw, and the tide of diei] 
Imres tao as b^ And I u'lc'i. ^ 

In Afl enrL) p.trt oL [ ^iS Koteh iru hack in London^ attd itafl 
RfilTy wsis xt Mighnam f^n ,1 vlhEi niih her Htrle girl, ivf]0 hid came 
there to vpoTid her IratiiLi)^ Near lii^hnam w^ a place caBed 

Hciiichamp, the property of inav«l officer, a CapImiiG , which niy 

^nndmathcr had some ide:L of renting^ aUKsq^i tte iiminji iiinri w» 
never earried ihroagli. lliis ^rnilnnJtn «fl9 3m UMM i LM^ I toiior Of 
Kin Collins, And was Becking 10 kf the pkce he had ctesertol npon 
Im rejection hy the hdj — a rtjcclioA he re^enied IttCiUj foi Int' 
Mtf by joising the hitc l,ord Codmnc'x Spanish expedicton, thfOQ^i^ 
which Tvh proceeding he n^xa oUiged to quit Ihe BriiUh serricc. ^M 
iiVL Highmim Mra. Ri: illy wrote U> Rotth. whom hci Trtirrfoiiaif 
fij|] lidcof UisincH. Lcijig c7igif;ed in itidios some mcmbcn 
to get :t PrLrliin^entJtr)- Hill jiLis^ed* ind in hia an^vver vre find him MI 
of i«lbtkin a.nd hurry. Hii^ l^tcr, t?bich n l^e^ded *' Hoiae of 
C^omBions^ FritUy P.vr,'' ^hnw markt of haste b blurry uid eAcoJ 


"Ht vKKr niux Kiiiit.%iji, — My head in lo confused bjr 
mentaiy bindncu at this moment that £ camial answer youf kttCf-' 
1 h.ive been to pvcsaed for time Xlat week r)ast« that 1 ba.v^ defieoed 
weiiirg tilt the lui monMni, and ncv I an lo bewildered by m «onl 
»o«c car, and two wor^t in the other* and a (mil uf tte snn on thb 

Otd Lores and Old Lcfiers. 

nifr, «id a licdUiu of llu? finger an llic other, llui I can onlj uy I 
vtU tmic to you thn f}ay neck a NQIocv. 

hAnjIrdd/clO nfit« thuwh^a I know nij pasv* it^ QM«t Ac 
ryv at DCie whose anxiom loot ^vtll trtle in v;irn for ncvthmg to 
rrst Fid l]:i|>pini;^ ai3il hoi>et iiport. Iml I rt^alV/ c:(iu!(! ncA wrkc a S 

letter such at slic voiild wish novr^ and; 

th^rtfure. T mu&l not wntc 

Then, .i« tf lie fcnri^ hifl bniftque hft«tc mny oftiend Miv 
Collins^ for whose eye, as wt %ee, tiic letter U realty meant, he odds 
bcseei^ingly : — 

■■ For heaven'* sakp do nnt let her mppow I cm be thoughdo* 
nf lid fedji]^-*^ ill lhc^c inonieni-i, hut bid lici lemember iLuit oJl pif 
hopes of pa±iie«»ing her ticpcnd on my Etcady attention to biuincB 

'•riood'ljye. Hod lifc» her tx 1 lovchet, and prc»etvcyour ftietid- 
aiip for us both. '^IJ. R.' 

It makd one nurvcl now tn think what iroponibk amount of 
immxr he meant tn atuin, or by what aag\c he meant to attain it, 
to ««hlie him to demand the hand he corti«d Snrctjitiiaialovef^ 
muliirii tu thjidc be cojkl vMmlb (he ^egak faulder so ft.-n)y m ta 
toudi ftontc of lis best fir'tucA while hi^ jotitli was in lU early bmnincr 
time. Thni her friends would give Miss Colhns to him, even if he 
did, w:ks b«! irtothcr deltKior of hii leniei. They had high itnw for 
hvT, iiul hi^'h MnlniioiB, the dirami of whieh xh^ EhwarTed by a 
ttoblMro rchj^d to ouaitj where the iwghfi hare mimrd much better, 
faoih aa to birth and forliiiie, than «he vllimatefy did 
Thifi 1a«t letter, n*ikh in the hrtt of Roich'i that nnelted Hiebnoni 
a rofwiderablp time, was *mf in thr way hrfrrr rondrnnnj^d and 
sdoncd. being addrcvtirdto ■* Mjs. Nilloi.=i» Post OiTice, fJlo^ur, — 
To be kept liD eaJIcd for." The postroMk I>otrs the ycir i*iS, 
bnt Ae month and d.iy of the niontb :tre illegible. Soon after Ita 
"eipl by Mrv RpiFjr whiil w:n a ticnvy rrouble To a ycimg Tady m 
kve bcfeC Miss Crvflina. .Sbe broke anew, and for the ihiid [imc, the 
'-preci«a« gift rmg of her lover ; and from the sentimental wiah that 
he alone should have the faeicr? repaired, she fent it to lovni^ 
■togdlier with a prodle ll:mri«s cf Mr^ krilly, nhirh she whhnt hrni 
co|)>; To these twD commissions Mr, Rotch's ntut letter rcfcn, 
which, like the lut, is written in much hAste, accoitmed for by the 
plEBiqfb oi «ie p> to wHch eien anf eat lovers: rmistsomettmef;tv7«. 




Th* Gentieman's Afapi^ne. 

"The profile t ically cannot conirivc lo Ao yet aft-hilt, for it must 
bti done by daylight, and really from nine o'clock in the morning till 
dnsk Ti\y hoii'te is one SL'i^fie uf ctfiifunion. My brother ind Dr. 

W " [a Kaih friend] **4rc loilj witli me. aad M,r/> arc popping 

in every niintiEc About the siiid Ifill, or the C<nol&ph, or jtcmcthing or 
other. Nc^t week I thuc my dooT^ agiirtsc iM tntnidcn, for thm X 
begin reading f-if ibe h\m\ Tcrcn, ncid iti some of ihc4c secluded 
moincDIa 1 vtU iz^icc Uic lincanieats of my kiiid fiicud for my 
beloved Jecnima,'* 

■ ***••• 

•' Vou \k\\\ find mj little pets ring in the enclosed pipof. Totl h«t 
its brcikinji was only ominoua in the way l named in the few line* I 
wrote on die otxitsion. Bid licr remember that she wis more u cmc 
aJter its fii^t lireakirij? rhao before it broke, and more composed ind 
happy after iis second than irs fir^l fracture." 

"n* hut aa emblem of the cbsin 

Which LhJnI(5 tL> hmil us ahvci fur ctcr. 
Bat 6b ! the hosiili* hope, hmr vain ' 

T^ mact« <ti link« th^t ja^m mui' »fvffr. 

In the paper nlong with Miss Collinss ring came a letter to her, 
obediently siibmiited lo my grjndinothcr for ;ipprovAl, through wh«e 
(ETOCC jUonc die lovcn could gomniunicalCp for in the next paragraph of 
hiH letter Mr. Rotch allows her to return it tor altvmlioo if ahe oeca 


^' I hope you will approve of my letter," he proceeds ; '* if no!, piay 
*<'nd it back and I will aUer it as you plea?;e, Good'hye, my kind 
friend. It ii witli grcJL difficulty I have been able l« MLalch a few 
moments to pen these badly-written lines, and now i nrost iway to 
Wefttmlnatcr, having n cause to come on Hm morning. 

" Cod blrw you and Afr as yoii desm-e T " B, R.'" 

This eventful year iM& was designed to uimes* the most stirring 
incidents of tlils fculurn love iloty. Through jW the letters foMowing 
the one I hxvc lost qviotcd there Howj a more f^uiekencd longli^ foi 
the cod thjia the patient waiting characterising the earlier correspond- 
ence- Immured in Gloucestershire on the one side, and separated 
by long distance and the tedious travelling fadliiie^ of those daya on 
ihc other, hope ^cw pale iind patient k^hile waiti^ig and waiching ^ 
but the time was last moving on when over aEl this there came i 
fttATtllng chfinge. 

In the nioi;th of March, iSid, Miss Collina tame to London, the 



Old Loves (rnd Old L€ii^s. 


tint Tuii she hod p^i^l tlic dipjuil »[r;cc »hc met Ntr- Ro(tli ificrc 
ncAriy Iwo y*a« before, Atlcr all ihcir long parting even a jinnee ox 
tfach other mnst have been adtlirioui joy, ami a day or two after hct 
^iirival wc have a very long and noi very colicrtni leiier fnun her 
lover 10 Mrt- Rci!ly> a note ftom whom had told him of ilic piujixlcd 

In tha letter, lovtr-Jikt;, he rave* o^-er her *' plaintive smile " and 
" IDclani^holy lilLlcr figiirr/' ;iitfl j^retrily fmr more tlian Ktolrn glin^fiKc^ 
iQ ihc street — aotncliinc* Ocu, as he booab, religjoualy ahilubaJ 
from — be wtldly implores my f^inndmolher lo aid him in oUaining aji 
intcrvicv^. To Ihiii end he l>eg^ her to join her brother and sifter m- 
Uw in r«wn anti lei lutn sec !hs darliHB under the ?.hadnw of her 
mxk^, Hl^ almost tUtcatciis tu ilic if the bcoa be denied; and 
the boon waa denied hJm. Had it been granted the history of 
those two livcH might have had a diiferent clo£e, 

*' Tuetdty Miming, Ui^h %',ih. 

" Mv VKKY i>f-Ak MiL?i, Rriu-V,^! hnvc hct-n so very nervoii« and 
kll for the l-u^t two t.\^yy m consei^uetice of pariiiif^ with fry liruther, 
as I have every reason to fear, roa r.vf.w! that 1 have been 
wholly unnble to mke tip my pen in .iny servici^, wen to lA-ntc to you, 
my dear friend, who .ire in this moment nf di-^ir^4< my be^( comfort. 

"Thai beloved fellow has been the companion of all my early days, 
the friend of all my matured ye^is, and the cottfidont of all any 
dCAfcrt secrclft, 

'■Till my separation from my fiinily m iSi6 I hod never twcn 
nqianted rruiii him more lliai: two or ttirec months at a limr. The 
lundeai of broLhcrs, the ^ayc^t of compsnion^, lovbg me far Letter 
thoa himtelf,— judge— judge, my dcnrcAt Mr*. Keilly, what I muM 
njffeT for hu los^ 

'* But r muil not indulge in this atrain, for it tiuite unmans me. On<^ 

b1c53C(J thought 1 have to console me — he saw my beloved J a! 

YcSk be stw that ble^ed creature to whom my happy dcsttmeft are 
bound for ever, and she saw htm ; but whether she will remember the 
pervin whtKr rnriosiiy wii offended her or not 1 c.innot say. J vjll 
tell how k was> The day your letter acrivcd we were out ufluwn, 
jind did not return till it wofi too late to go to Wimpole Street to sec the 

anivol. I met S ' in Bond Strv'ei about six o'cloet. I was K^it^A 

in a great hurry to ll^e Hou^c of Lords, and could tjnly vh^ike hands 
and ctpras my mrpiise at seeing him. He w^ttvillia jKirly ofmcn. 


Voi. DC, N<S. ii7t. 

The GcfUiojuuts A/agusitu, 


and noilitng morr psxxet}. The following day I w^^ vnlkii 
Bond SirccC nitli Kf uik, ^nd nos Limcjinnje that he hod not seen 
4>t;u ]-i:t', when spiriE-Jikc she appviucd bc/ouc m& Aa you uxn 
udl imagine, I v^na tOQvaiv«d nidi ^ ihcusuud lUDUtiuiu at Ibc 
monimr^ atrt^ nty hriin. uid Iie^ sei:iiic[l ihn^bbm)^ Tor ihr hnfdrft. 
I Weill ijuo .L aIio|j 10 recover myself ict .t uiomciu,aiiUlhcti followed 
than u|> the kUcci, but at a loicg dtstiuicc behind ihcm and on the 
^pdurtjdf ui the way. Oil, Mr^, KeiUvrtb^n — (hen— indeed did 1 fled' 
ihe tail lioriuTTi of ny silujiuoik Tu stL' the girt 1 ^dorr— tbp ^itl 
who ttwfl*, n^ MUST OLie d«y be iny nrifc, and yet not daic jppnjvcfc-; 
hct— i:ood Cod I **s t/aittwrfa fim fffitnt a ikaijc ^o fitnUtL* '* 

• « « d * « « 

"^1 hnnc a clAim upon that g\rW hearl, mdecd I liave, iYmX I 
kniVvv^ry Ic^t meii bdecd c;ir boait Ves, dear Mn. KdiJy, and' 

she must lif minp. Oh yt** f and vijtJ m^n ghf/ her fa im 

" BuL [ liave w^iideicd ffom nn> i;.\nHitinn. In fact, my head b K> 
confuacd 1 :>carcc know ^v\^at I cm wntuig, 1 have !aici in f^o hij^Jl d 
fever for the lost Ivto nights Ihal I 4*1 my mind is not <|u[te « oom 
pwed :is it -.hoiild he ; hut yoii wilT^ I know, like to heir my Lile, 
ootrhiiiei] a* it wiU be, so I will c'cii jjroLtrcd. 

" When I went into the shop to rccorcr a little the first shock of so 
URCXpected a rm.'&rtirtt Fr^nk falltm'cd Ehcm -for [ f^hoiiid have taid 
ibat ih*y W(*re goitig the same \v^.y wiili ti* whrti we fint saw them- 
Hi: took n i^;icfLil »unrey of her tack, looked at hci dear lilllc fed 
and anklcsi and pronounced her lo be ii ' neaf dmsir' and to hare 
'*» t7i*fti mtit figf'rt* He tlion paired her. She vra* holding Mr. 

S 'a * H^f aim and Mre. S- -- I his left. They were uulking on 

Ihff r^'^^Kleof the 'Street, so that J— —a was on the inside, F 

pMScd thrni some di^itincc, and then turned into a pTUitscllcr*! ihop 
that he knew, and Btandjng in ihu doorway wailod their approach- 
^4 beinj on the insidp, he h,i/l aa good a view of her fiice as a \^il 
woald jitnrit. He looked stc^adfa&ily ^t her, &nd be fanciest vhe 
cao^ht his C|c vi:b a Utth emotion, aa though the liktnru to mc 
fftTiEck hrr. He then passed her itg^in fome drsLance, and hoviog 
tamed at the top of the strcei c?(jietTed to meet ihem once more, but 
they hfttl disnppiMred. At four o'clock lie nciit lulu WiuipoJe Street 

to BCc a friend, arid when |>a^njC (he hoiiic beheld J a atindins 

in ft prrtsrvf cftittusc at an upper window. He payj5 his heart fiuHy 
lamk within him when he looked up at lier little meUnchoty fignre. 
'Fhcn, for the first lime, he says, he felt the perfbn minery of our 


Old Loves and Old Ltlhrs. 


liTtiinliQn, He bntrd ai hrc till shr ppftcUTjl hrm ; .inri, not in ili^ 
Icitt rccogiiLimg him, tiimcd i^uddcnl^r iwiy fiani ihc window a^ 
if offended at ihc iinpmini:nc:c of his stare, 

" loi-e, how litile did she krov the deqi interest the wa?^ 
at ihfli mompnt cidting in ihc pnor ohject of Tier indignniJon, He- 
^\^ not recover his spirits j^tn for tJic dtf, and I wm hAlf craxcd." 

K<J* for the firei time he idoj^ti towards Mrs. Rcilly tlie btic of 
*' Auitl/' kmg before coefetred on Kit by M in Cof I ins. und 10 vhich 
«t finJ him adhcnng in caony of hi^ sub&cqucui IcticrL 

Thitt you «C, my btliffoS aunt^ hcflveo has *o far fa%'Oured my 
^^■MVt by giving my broLhe^ an opporttmify of xmng ni finy mtc* 
^^Bngli not of knowing, (lie Ocu (jbjt:i:i <if .l1] my Iwwwti vicwt in life, 
" And new, my d«ar M13. RciUy, do give me ihc credit due to aiy 
forboirancc, when I onurc you that I have carefully avoided throw- 
myself in Ilieir nuy on :i[L oi^^iuonSr ^^ hive not even keen 
1 tiiMre &Iurd^y. I naji obliged to i^atis >i yeKlenby, but 
I was on honcbuJc and trotted qoicl^ly by, it> that 1 lio not think 
Ot;i[ Pirr would have knowa mc even \i she hiid 9ecn me. I met 
Joseph* y*>teTday : he »earccly knew me, J am sore. He left yoor 
note the day after he arrived, but I was miL J Told him ye^trrdajr to 
call die diy before be lefl tovm And I would give him a jpuict 
lot 70a.* 

(7) ^epmiim^id^ 

Wc ha%v 4[l iMcn tJilting ftnd writing ibout Charlet Lever and th« 1om 
ihai Cnglish litcrjilurc iuauins In the death of ihit brJlliAnt and dikh^iiti^ 
Iri^, I strppote wc %U^\^ have ;i biography of him in time, ;i1thoiigh 
the factis of lib hft^y like Ilic fiicis in the Ufc of ni[:>rft mcii of Icucrs, lie in 
,1 nutihcli i iind his corvcrsiiticm, "' a* generous m liutgimdy," at one of 
bis friends cncc pronounced it, "and aa »parklin^ as Champa^c*' ii will, 
] mipposc, simp])' Ix" impos*iible to preserve- ^'ci in all ihe tkcichcs 1 
have seen of Lever ^o far 1 hnve seen no iLCcoum of the origin of bis dot 
novel anil of 'n^ publitaiion, hi gertn-lbuu^lit is, 1 believe, to be fouiid 
in a series of skuiehes of \Ue " KUnjsh Petty Sesaioni " wli^ch appeared 
In the A/ttrntfig Hcraid ^wUcn Charles Lcvrr vrai fllnmt; ;iboui in ihc 
barrack yardt ctnd turf cabint of Clare in 1S33 as aehotcn^urgecm ; and 
jt wa» in Attempting to preserve his own reedlct; lions of CUre and its 
fr«niry, in imJiAlion of these ncwsp.iper sketches, th^tt the fnsli Scoti 
scribbled *' Marr^ Luircqucr," He ^^ted Luvcr to look thruu^lt hU MS. 
and to recommend it (0 1 publisher. Lcivorrecom.mviided the young Iriib 
auri;eon 10 try bia tntn publi^ber> buL these j,-ciLtk men refused even lolooik 
at " Harry Lorrcquer" " Charlea I.ever— whofs Charles Lever ?" thicwat 
their qutstion ; and as Lover could only say thai he has a surgeon fi^^b 
fror^i Goftiniirn, wiih ^ second degree and a Coverntru^nt flppointtneni in 
Clare, ihey declined lo publiih his rov^l except upon OT^e ecrtditjoa- thai 
Loversboiild Jillowhi^nameToflppraf onibe liile-pagr. Lover^ of eaune. 
could not iigree 10 this, nnd the MSh of " Harry Lorrcqucr* was toned 
about from one pubb^her lo anurhcr, like " Vanity K.iiT,** tJU ix fell inio 
the bonds of the editor of the Dublin Utitvcrsiiy MttgtsztKc, and tiimed 
out almost as brilljatii a sucei.^ss a& *' FJckwkkJ* 

N<w that Ch.irtM Lever U fioni*, IrclnndH I believe, has not a singly 
representative of mark left In tbc mnks of Engliab literature, How it 
Ihlfi ? The Irish armospher^ Is an afmoiphere of poetry, of elonuenre. 
and of ramoncep and yet Ireland hardly produees a poet or a novcUil 
once in a genemtion, where England ;ind Scurland produce a dcifen eich. 
All Irishmen of Rcrius who \\avc crossed St George's Channel since the 
days of QucL-n Anne you may count upon thL' finders cf \ simple Wand— 
Coldemith, Sieme, Tom Moore, and Charles Lever— and Chnrks Lever 
cxbauatfc ihc lisu Irish omtofs, Irish statesmen, Iriali «oLdieii, and 
Infih Joumaliits are to be met with all over ihe tvortd ; but poets, novel- 
ists, historians, and metaph^'sJcians are as rare as the Ilirec-Ica 


Tabic Talk. 

liliamroclc, nnrt even Chnrlr^ Levir, Uk** Tom Mofnv, wa* fln Irii^hmnn 
onl/ by biixh, H» cducotton and ready all hi» nswctJtiions were 

The Provii CAAC wa4 dcflcnbcd in th«^o P>f»^< some iiionEhs^i^asa 
LTbil tlut to son-Lc riLcnt ;ci?nkt>IcJ, if nu( in loullk ii( Ic^ta^ in imcic^L aj;d 

importuicc, ihc Tichborae romance. Some luppkmenury iirms ihat 
nr? curicLis reach luc ihK>U|;h "AnccduU(;C|" n Kiilc vulaiiic of tcoum' 
scencp* hy Mr, K, Auniin, a writ countr}' r^poricrarnl *' I'lmes Hmiolcor- 
mpoadcnt" in the day» when such a poiition was one of d)f:nity and 
mpon«ibiti(^ Mr Auiiin rcponrd ihc Tml of "ThP Smyth Claimant *" 
at the Ctouccatt^r A»icc>> Like ^c-rjcnnC lUlbntync:* clJcntt the p^in- 
bff'* orthography was vrry defective ; hr hnd been in rrouble aboui a 
bcnoi ^d he bad been Bhipwrccked^ Mr. Provi* aJ»o chafed ondcr 
C70S«-cxaniinaUati^ In rt'ply to ^n r^iTy qiicftlion he answered with much 
intokncet " 1 think vout question irrelcvani nnd improper-" Soon after 
vrtnJ^ beini; prcaatdiuto howufitu lie »ii* Sir Johoor Sir HunhSmylli, 
tic Old m a pauion, *' Don'^ bother me, mr ; I can't Kiy whether kl ivaK 
Sir John or Sir Huc^i-^ On funhei pie:hiLjre he uid, ''I can't cxpUin 
what I ineartn 1 Oon't know what I mean on this luhject." The dvil 
Action waa ended by ilic judj-e ordering Smyth, uiias ProrJa, into cus- 
tody on a charge ol forgery ^t\A pei^ury^ and the next day he waE com- 
taiticd ibc trial at tlic .^asjiies. Among the most impoituit wiinc»ci for 
the prospcucion was "the Cliimimt's" sister, In croM-eia mining her 
the prUoner, lookine fixedly Al the woman, atkcd, " Do you mean to My 
I am your hrothcT ?* "Yes, I do» Thomni," i.iid Ihc wiincii, "Had 
yoi^r brother Thomaa ever anythirvg hke this ?" .-ukcd ihe prj»orcr, pro- 
ttuelng, amidi^t (homt of latrghicr. n pigtail ffom ihr luck cif hU cnat. 
• No, Tfaomoa," said the sisier ; " when you vcrc nt home with u* you 
neier hjd anything IJki? iliaL*" Tlie Smyth family worcr th<r pi^tnil, niid 
Proritt h^d eultlvated one during his long curetn^ as "ClaJnuni/* 
I'rovls, \\ «h] 1>c remembered, wis sditeoced to twenty yeur^' iranspotto- 
1i4Ci. 1 &av it &i;^;ti*d Lomcwh^re Ehal he is still alive ; but he died within 
two joua of hib tii-i]. 

Mr. Al'STIS rucn[lh| in tome notes on "The Bar ;md the Press," liow 
ihon a time It i« ilncc the prc« really entered upon \\^ pitai^nt position 
of dignity and independence- M^ny ye^irs iigo rL-sotvitDtis wen: pasted 
by the inejnbcr) of the Oxford Jintl Western CiicLiiis ^]cLl.^rin^ it lo be 
incompatible with the statu* of a bamsier to report proceedings for the 
pvbli^^ preis- The rc^oCutiivn on the Oxford Cir<:ult w.ii aitucd at Mi. 
Cooke KYan*T *ho thpfi reprijuenied the Timer, ftnd on the Western 
Ciicujt nt Mi. IL T. Cole (uoi^ a Queen^s Counsel), who then lepoitcd for 
Ae M*>rtttHg C/intniflf. The dictum of the UxTord and Wewem Ctr- 
euita w«» warrnly rcientcd by Ihc prcis. Hy way of retaliation the Times 
adopted a pliin thai wat followed hy many other Joomalii, and wt 



Th€ Cattlrmans Mc^asinr. 

loon kcl to i\\e rescuidins or ibc obniOivious Tnolutioni- Ihc Ic^tik 
iourn.-il stilled thu ii wai of no impoctnocc to the ircacraJ public hov^^cvcr 
imj^iruni il mk'^hl 1>p li* fhf legal grntlomcn thcmtrlvc4, to Lnnw what 
piirucuUr counicl ivppcarcd in any ti»c, A^crdi^lgly m«tucii"rit »cr^ 
given t*i ihc J'trrm' tr'prr.'trntiitivps <*o ihv Oxfoni wid Wrwcrn Circut"* 
U>»Lipprc«bllicnanic«of all ihc barrintAji whoappcArctL iki ca^>D rcptfJlcd 
lit tlu: popL^r. Hence for lumc tinie in the n-paru oT ihrw drcujis ihr 
jjublic rcAil ttul '^ ihu cpuriKl U>t ^Ik pbintiiT," ^ ihc GOUAt«] for die dcfieS' 
dLini " " ihe ccKinitr] for ilic |injkecuLton," und " tbc coumcl f<ir thr prikoos;" 
^d or did to jLiid ia. Tlaii* u^b fi senou* mattvr fur t\\e b»r» &nit cm 
doubi nuicriallf huicncd ihc ivididr-iwul of the o1:ijccu(inalilc stt^vu 
n>uSht to be cut oppa tlvc prcst. 


I'kitFiAn all ihe readers of the Gtni/emaa's hnw nnr fDmeseroai ibe- 
biunsibg Jitilc volume of Carlylc's Icticn irhicrh is juji oow in p*iv«c 
circutirinn^ :fcrid maynoi, thcrcfnTr?, linii^ »r*n the plft^^sM -mc! rharanrr- 
Mtic »k«tCib vliich the PhilMopUcr of Chelsea gives of hii habits and 
uu)u» in a note to Sir Georjit; Smtlair, atCTiitrng nn jnvitaTtaEi to Thvrw 
CamIc in iS6o fisr n few weeks* rut und i^iiiel nftcr hU hard fpdl nt nock 
upon llie" KlMofjrnf Frederick the GnrJt." The r^rlwny is Mr- CMiflc^ 
avenion, and si^a- voyaging, he uys, i^ at all cimca much more luppon- 
abk tb;in ih<: hoirofs uf railwuyiiii; — v^ahily ailc'inplin^ ilecT* ID iJHtip ftp,, 
fiic- "KortJic n?H/' Mr, Carl^lj t-oos on In My, "mj' donwsiic hnbltB 
iirt' all for ^impUuiiy and compotuir, an J I livtr with clear prclrrencr, 
vhere posuble. on rutlic farni protltitc^' nulk and meai," eggs, chieknM, 
poovvnutlon, 4]ii»[ifr1i {tHiLTion, real, bml] — thr«c tEiinK» uboocd to mc) : 
reckkjo an innocf^nt bread puddrng ihe v«Ty acme of culinary pit : Mb 
accustomed to nr 'Can all the iidcs in Nature, with all tbe ktnff* 
irv.isufiL'* lo barW thrnir mit^ .inything so £Bod n^ g:ooc1 rrmm V 3Ad 
likewise that * the covr is llie fnend of man and the French cook ho* 
cn^iny ;" itnd pot one? ilay m ten drink lic/mJ ;i single glass of wine." 
This i> Curiylc all over— llic CjirJylc of our f.tuc:y— C;iriyb at hna own 
lireddc— but when, to flatter his host, iht author of ••fiarror Rccint«" 
IcIU £ir C^orgc Sinclair that his ^ocxety and that of his wife »s aH he 
w;inls, will! " the j^fcit sony "^"f ^^i*^ Kverhisling Sea -irid the Silmoe* of 
Earth n»d ^ky/' we feel onii niori? that wc are m the aimokphL'rc of the 
workshop, ijud iluL ToufcluJi ock muat be cIoac at liond bdiind ibo 

Ix Lhi> pr^L^ticid A£e, when pcoplr kiwvr vlicn; U) luuk fiir the i^ 
tOUrccB of prosperity and weallli, a |*oi>d d«al of honour is be^^owedf in 
woidaivL icakt. upun tlic sbJkd Ijtbuurcr. Everyone Is picparcd loadiui;i 
wiihotit a moment's hesitation, that to be in mduitriotiu Mwkniaa n to 
occupy !t hii^Iy woitliy and respcCEable posiircii in aocteiy* Tiie jejiilc- 
men who supply Ihr public with iic-jv%p:ijirr.rc^ing art unong the fow- 
most in iroprouing this tmib upon the world, Ji U for theac rcjuooi, I 



Table Talk. 

», (ha: no one hus >riv;a to challenge a ataicmcnt recently made 
l)y Mr. Justice <-rr>vr, fti addfruui]* ^ Jtin-. 'Pic ptJaruiff in tlicr caiv w%i 
d rcposTcr* vho dAuiicil U.utu£» ;i|£^iLiii the Nrw>pniK'r !*trcu AuocEa- 
fiei!] tor latongfuJ Hitmimri and thr jiid^ av^ijeij himtdiof the oppor- 
taDi4y 10 lic^nc rvpuitint; as " u rrrr \\v^ c^ia& of sIsilTcd libour" Bfr- 
Cfovv ift a nun of ECicnc« as well a* « lAivycr. Hit inmtn^ b:i> been 
«dciU«(cd tofiondcr him apt oi ^dinilioiu. 1 Lrusi ibc cdLicJtcd 4nd 
lai^lligmt bottyctf jtcniErmni whn wipjily thrir ftllow cottntn^incn wjib 
rcKiipu mhI condcnvetl pmcniation;^ ^^f i^pctfchcs ire conitnt wiih chi» 
d«cripiiott of thrlr cnft^ Doiibtt h3^« sntn^limn nritFn as rn the 
cor rect prorcaaionil daasiAcaCioa of the art of rcpon ini;. A pliyiicioa i» 
A profc«cieA''Ll iTiiTi, Had uiririy ngTi?p« to recognigc Ihr Jiothor, the r^iior, 
4ml Ibc artist u bcJongihg 10 ibc same category. Stiopkcepcr^ nod 
inerchtAifi are tntden. €itrp«mtT^. prrmcr^ und rhr l%<r ;tn:? iniiant. 
Wlwl arc rtporlert? Tlip uauilI w;ty of ftnlviag Ehc dif^culty h^U bccn 10 
spcsUc of ihc ncivipHpcr prcn in gccjcral terms as Jt pinfL'tiicnj. tn w Tddi 
Ihe stcnc^raplktr iA attached, H< is a "jdnfnaJi«,"niiing lit* place ni 
Ibc ninkfr of ilini profmiun a %ta;:t: or iwu bclo*^ iX\k cdUor. Diit if, aa 
>1f. justice i'TOvc inliitmb him, lie ih » "stkiHcd Labourer,' iben m tnith, 
tfiou|[b he isy no dou1>[, a juunuliti, he it w only in die aetiic in which 
the t^pc-settcr i« a joumaliil. Lik^ the compciiior, the ihonhnnd writer 
b a skillL-J Libuuivr, urtly uf a hi^^ber Lld^%. 1 >tiii iLeiilKi apptuviiL^ jiur 
fliipuimj^ tho U'itrn^l Jui:f|;t'« dchiuDon— I timply Ull Mlcniion t6 it* tvon- 
ilcriiijt * LliUc tlt'iL iIlc icporLci^ have not spoken on tlic subji^ci^ and 
trying 10 attribute thetr reticence to Iho mpcci which they feel (or the 
whole order of skilled Uboufcrr with whom the iuilgc hu cjbu»ccl them. 

CeStexah\, l>iccnii;]iarj'» .in J KTtentiJnary cdebraimiiH are now com- 
i\^x\ uuuj jeiJCo. One of (liete oenl^ ^iheljr lo in^Ic ilu>[c noj»c in lb? 
world than .tny other which ihtt generauon will cxpcrienci-. li (liir coming 
tlorifkCAlJon of the ccnIeiLar> of American Independence, on Ihcitdi of 
Jtdy, 1S76. Th» Will happen (Juiinjj the forthcoming pretldiTJiial term. 
"Hic faU i^* h^irjly r.iil (u mlliiujcv the .ispir*itiu"Mjf the candidftte^ 
now tn the field- Jhe one hundredth flnnivcmfy ol the ireedom of thai 
{Ecat eounity tiLuit be a protid day for him whoie fortune it miy be to 
<icnipy Wiuihinj^on't (:h.'i]r nt the time. 

I \%K\r- a nigeestinn t) m^ke to Canon KJiigillcyf wMdi nay be valu- 
able lo hrjn the next time Cli^i hi* .ippcafttO cHpwpleof Engluid in 
favour of AusLrjIiaci pii'scrved meat. TblTt rnHJiuf.iLtLijiiiu ii^tEloj* 1m4» not 
bten mfAeicntly :iwakcni:d to ccttaia collateral .idvant-iffcs attending the 
consuinjition of iliose vluids fiom the auiipudcs. 1 avlU quote a few 
A^rei ftorn the mott recent Board of Tmdc statUtict, In the fimt pUc? 
it muit be noted Ih^i wc tuivc itupoticd Au^tmhan beef atid tnuEion 
dario^ iZic latt &tv momhi to the v^dtie of n'.'irly hnlf a Trillion iierlmg ; 
and ihU is j£3i5iOOO more tbau we apent upon the umc nrticlc 



The CmtlcmaTCs Magasim^ 

merchandise in tbc fixtx half oX l;m year, XJow vh^l have the colonJnc 
done vriih this ino hundred and iw«niy'6vc ihouaandi? I find that ihty 
have eomc into the Briiith market! and spent more than ihat amount id 
auticlcj of cotloLi manufaclutcs and lion nunufjicturc^ alone m rxcioa of 
their sppeiilniions in the tjme wares in the corresponding sli mortth* of 
1871. and ihcir increased expendiEuie m the ijxme perod ha^ hrzti as 
niicli as ^[oo,coo in worsTed goods, ^4opTo ip linen grxxN. £jc,oon in 
silk mnnufeclLircst and upwards of ^10,000 in c^ch ca^C in booU nnd 
5hoes, itationcry, saddlety and hameis, and cnrpet^ and n.if^ So, if 
we ^i\\ find employment fot our New- World kindred in growing meal 
and preparing it for consumpiion in ti^e old country vi^ may count upon 
themj it seems, at the very lease to square Ihe accouni by large orders 
on Ihc productions of Briii}>|j inanufatturc- It may be taken for granted 
thai Ehe Australian sttltcTs, vrith all their vast possL's-^ioas of uneulEured 
IiHid&i will [iQt betake theniaelv-cs 10 factory work io long iH ihe/ can 
find buyers for .t^rlcuktimr produce. Jf, therefore, thi^ great iTir;it-eatin|* 
country of ours caa persuade JL^clf to dc'il lai^cly njEh iht A^ilraliao 
butcher, ii will by the vrry act be raiding up beyond the seas an iasatiablf 
market for British mcrehandbe. 


Gentleman's Magazine 

Septkmber, 1872, 

Isles of the Amazons. 



Primevil foreiti 1 Vlfglo wt>d I 

That SAiLon hit not ntflgtff yet ! 

Lo ' Peak oE puk in coIuiqd scti 
In ilcppliii: Hiajn that wcah to God 1 
HdTC wc arc int it m or wiml, 

Far Ticrt nre piif hfvl iht iBCwy tfnU 

In vvtiUiliiJj; bdlLlcmcnli, 
Afiuoii lit march cf Sojiod aiad. 

'AR up in llie Hubli ufthc Amazon Rivci, 
And hid n the heart of ihe deep Andes, 
There ire isles as grand as the isles of wa»; 
TUe waves siiikc stroplics, and lie keen rccdt quivcTt 
As the sudderi canoe shooU past thctn and cvCT 
The stroogf siUl iJde to the opjiosife iTinr^, 
Where ih* bliie-eycd men by ihc sytamort 
SH mtndirg tiicir tela in Ihc vmc-mncd cover, 
ToL. JX. N.S. iZjx, 

141 Tht Gtntlimafis Magazine, 

And QfC weaving their thrcoda of buk and of gmses. 
They wind and ilicy «pin, on chc clumsy wheel, 
Tnio liammockx huerJ with llic cuchhiculi 

To trade with ihc one white sliip tlint p^iMcs. 
Abcvc and idown in the sh^e of the vlicre. 

Atid the bluc-cfcd people that are mild es the dawns^ 
O, delicate dawns of the grand Andes ! — 
IJft uji ioft eyes tliil a-Tc deep like seoi, 
And mild, yet wild, ii iJit rcd-whitu faivcs', 
And they g^:ie Inco youriL, then they weave, ihca listen, 
And look uv in wonder, then ji^aiu weave on, 
ThcD a^n look and wonder that you arc not gOQc, 
While the keen reeds quiver ind Ehe bent waves glisleo \ 
Bui they say no words wliilc chey weave and wonder, 
Though they sometimes sing, voiced kw like the dove^ 
And as deep ftnd a$ rich as their tjopiol love, 
Ait they weave iheix DcVtlueads tjifough and under. 

\<^ a pure, true people you may trust are these ; 

And this U their tile of tl^c Jdes of the river, 
And the why thai their eyes are all blue like sew, 
That U told you bclimcs ty a quaint old aonc. 
Who £Lt9 on the rixn of an bland alone. 
As she holds in her hands a strange green stone, 

To the boatinui Lclow wlierc the long tecd^ i|tiivE-r. 

And the quaiAC old erane has a finguUr WAy 

Of holding her venerable head a^kew^ 
And smoothing the sionc ia her pahns all day. 


I^4S of the Afna£0as. 

As fo)'!!]^ '* I've nothing at ;iU lo ^y/ 
Till jwi liiivr li;^Jnl licr |ttlni, uTiJ yott 

Haic touched qh the dcliutc spnn^ o/ Ji door 

That svlvi^ hu opened pc-rtiipe Ut;^orl^ 
Tbi« m,iy be? foliic; and ic m-iy bt mic — 

Igirc us I gut it, and aIio con inorc? 

iri have piiTdLi«cd a beatuifttl lie, 

Have bought and paid for h, so have you, 

And have done it a iliouaaaJ iIiul-s before 

And have been content, and 50 have I. 



^Ind &h^ tcUs, in h«r ulci of a tn^ubidaiir knight — 
Of B^gfT and knight of most singular worth- — 
Aback Lft the dailingnt days of earth, 
In the dear old days thai ore lost to sight- 
When lovers could love, when maidens could dl« 

B;il never dcceiviCt aod die song-m^kCT s^mg 
To the clawing of swor^ls for a maiden's sweet sigh, 
NoriBtiuured for gold as if mensuring tape 
In ih? shelter of naH, in the shadow of grapp» 
^H In a lejsapcratc place irherc the lame fhiic? haAg. 

0, modem sweet dinger I Bhrewd merekaac of song \ 
Get gold and he- glad, btty> tell, and be Kirong ! 
SfTtrl Cyt«iao, I Ina ycij. I pay you, we i^arl : 
Lol you Have my (cold, hut who ho.^ tny heart? 
So ting you of battles, with nei^r a tear, 
So toOig yon of hwvcn, wiih never a i>niyrr, 
^JLnd of bcatti that ajx achtugi with never a heai^ 

\ 1 

244 ^'S^ Gmtlemaris Magastne. 

And of suntighti with never a soul for the nooc* 
C0| splendid made singer, so linishcd, ^o fiiirt 

Move cold and fllnre like a broken, bright moot*. 
And shimmer AEid bhmCi like a Iat, ct>ld sur. 

Now \\\'\s knighl, you inu&t know — Kiys the fiuaini old croni 
With her head side^isct as &hc smooths at the stone — 

Had a splendid slced; he had gotdeti spurv, 
And Wood that Iiad come from <Tusaders down, 
Vet a ^vomanly face in a manly ffo^vn. 

And a heart u tender and as true as hen. 

And the truest in love and the b^a^^est in war 
Was \\\e fair yoimg knight of the brave ofd days, 
01" all uf die kmghu ivlih Oicir JtJii^jluIy ways 

That had journeyed away to (he world afcr 

In the name of Spain ; of the i^plendid few 
Who had bomc her banner in the new-lx>rti worl^ 
From the aca-rim up where the clouds are curled ; 

And to Cross and to King how faithfully true E 

And blown from the banks of the Guadalquivir 
And yet blue-eyed, witli the Cclt^* soft hair. 
With never a drop of the daik, deep river 
Of Moorish blood that had swept through Spain^ 
And plaslied the world with its lawny stain. 
To the far Sierras, so ^hitc at noon, 

And to Y^hitc at night, and so silvery fair. 
And AS pure forei'er a^ a new'bom mooo^ 


hies o/fhe Amascns. 

He m OA his ixevd, lod his EML-ord w!ts bloody 
With heathen blood, for the bank vs.% dour. 
Delow oa the phuii, all wreathed and nidd/ 
Afld crowned in fire, lay the hcauiiful dly, 

W^th its antique temples built up to the sun; 
And his hcut rcl>el[cil and arose in pit)r, 
As the hcathca poured, in a helpless food, 
Through their gittcwsys^ tvet with the pagaji blood, 
WiOiDiit one wail *-ind wilhoifT one blow, 
At the hsif to even provoke a foe 

"Ho, forward I smite!" but the minstrel lingered, 
^K Nor lifted a &hic^id to lEie front again. 
^H lie rc«Lchcd htfl baud and he touched the reln» 
^■And he hummed on air as he toyed and fingered 
^^ The ;irrhing neclc and tlic glossy mane. 
He rcitcd the heel and he rented the: hind, 
Not hcdkd at all to the hot commnnd, 
Though (he thing ^vas death to the m:xn to dare 
To i^nention, to doubl, or to falter llierc. 


Ic vipcd hla atecl on his bkck Meed's vnone, 
id be sheathed it deep in its place again, 
And he countei] his co[a[adc&, one by uiie, 
Leturobg ngixn from the i>a@in plain, 

laden vith booty of gemA and gold. 
He lifted hln shield of liietl to tlie sun, 
And be flung it away till it clanged ,ind rang 
I On the gramie rocks in the plain below ; 
^_ Then lifted hh £ice— as ihe saints have doni 
^H Jo his Likjglnly pride to the kiogly aun, 

34£ Tiu Geniirman's Afagasine. 

And lifted hu voacc Jind »uig uid Aug — 

Sing load And long iu lIk- long ago. 

When a ](;ve eoiEmeJ iliougli lUr days gfcur olcL 

And they heard Ins song» antl ihe chief on ihc plaia 
Stood up In hia slimips, and, aword in hand. 
He cuT&ed and he called with ;t loud comniaad 
To Ihe bluc-oycd boy to return again. 
To lift his shield again to Lhc Klty, 
And tome and surrtrndcr Hie sword or die. 
But he wove liis hnnd in the stormy mane. 
He leaned !um forwunl, he Itftcd ihe rein, 
He struck the donh, ^od lie svltcelcd and ai;>rui]e. 

And goify rode in the face or the nurit 
As he bared his su-ord and he bnvely sung, 

" Ho 1 come and take it ;" but there came not one. 

And so he wng with hfs face to the aoiith: 
"Now where, O where arc the Inc-in Isles? 

Now whcrv. O wlicrc ii the Amiion shore, 

IVherc the curses of mnn they arc heard no nrorc, 
Aiid die kla&cft alone and the jjctceful m^xXkh 

Shall embalm ihebmvc.tnd embrace the rooiithp 

"Now vhere, O where b that favoured land. 
Where The mihlcss fool and lhc rerllcus hand 

Of man has never de^ptu'Ied ttor tiod ; 
Where a wonutnV h-Tnd with a women's heart 
Has fashioned an Edco from apart. 

And hIic wiilkB in licr gatden atouc wJtb God? 

Isl€S cf ih€ Antazons. 

" 1 sliatU strck llial tUe:i, -irwl all my yeam 
I (ball lit and rcAt» I aliall &ing in the Aim ; 
ADd t.]l« bdcA msy rest or the tides may run, 

AntI iKr yr^ir\ may comt and tlii? yeais miy gc^ 
And men nuke war, may aby and be ^Uin, 

Hay giihct in gold ard may pve out tears j 

Bel I not circ, (br ! never shall know 
Of croia 01 gf ucttl, or of wrong or of pain, 
QfmjkD, or of iLU£hi that is man's again. 

"Thv mcUow ndi moons they m:iy ripen oad JoU, 
The season? of gnid ihf7 may g;tihrr or go^ 

Tlic parlric]|;c may whistle, ttic mirfv may coll, 

And who thall tilcc heed, or take note, or shall knoi 

Ifthe Kat(*» befriend, ot if ill bef:ill, 

or the woilU witliDul, or of worlds At aU ?" 

T^vu the aoikg of a dream and the dream of a singer^ 
Dnwn fir^c b iu delicxte librc« of gold, 

And bmke:i in tKo by die touch of a tegcr. 
And bloTTC aa the vrind^ blow, rcoL ajid rblled 
In dust, nod spent as a tale that ia told. 


And dax ! for hi» dreams and the sonp he iTing : 
The dunce lay rcad>' ; die Il^t. avrake, 
And, block a« the right and liche like a snake, 

Slood oiu before liim ; the scrr^trnrs huiig. 
Red-tongucd and cciribJe, over Ma head. 

He dove and he thrust tvith his keen, quick fito«lj 

He coaxf'cl ivith hiK voice arul urged vith hi* hcrl. 

The Gmtl^fnafiS Magasint, 

Till Ills hands ^cie toni and Tiis raiment irnt, 
Tjllinut and body were wcllmgh spcn^ 
Till his etevl was bcoKcn and hia steed li^ detd. 

But he toiled \xs tlic river, and lum and drear, 
He filcod all faini, wiili the wild beasts near. 
And !ocik«d for out through the fringes of trees, 
Wirh ar arm arched over, as one on seas, 
For A i;]gn ; qu &igii ^r sound, and iIlc knees 
'J'hcy imotc together, and the thin lips preyed, 
And the thin hinds crossed on the helpless breatt. 

Twa& the king of river?, and he knew at last 
That the Isles were near nnd the wild^ were pjuacd \ 
Yet It moved so strange, so still, so strong, 
So decpi so dreadful \ wide like on ocean, 

And much Ukc a river, but more like a sea, 
Save that there was naught of the turbulent motion 
or tides, norau^htof ilie sea-birds' song, 

Or of sca-winda blowing abaft or a-lcc, 

Yea^ strangely strong was the wave and i^tow, 
And lialf-way hid in the dark, deep tide ; 

Great turtles ihey paddled them to and fro, 
And away to the I&lc^ and the opposite &Ldc> 

Vea, stately it moved it, mile on mile, 
Above and below ;ind as siiil as The air. 
The Utnk made slipfjeiy here and there 

By the sliishmg slide of the crocodile. 

/slcs of iht Amazons^ 

The »iTon£ trea Ic^nt «nd bent to the ti^e. 
And all seemed borac with it<4 watcnvidc, 
A* though the great, liwlnii, unsaiisticd seis 
JidfJ tlirusc Lip un arm thrtni^li tlie tangle of tircit, 

And clutched at the citron!^ ihnt hxtng in the Kun, 
And di]tch«d at the di;imotid£ tli;Lt hid vx fh« ^nd, 
An<^ laid hc^LVy h^inil un ihc j^oM, iind a h,tnd 
On the rtiddy red grapes, ou the rubks-likt wine. 
And on t^cones !ik& the sLirt when the stArs are divinej 
Had thnibC throLLgh the rock.; of th? rilib'd An<!es, 
Hod plotighcd through the pampna and torn throitgh the trccfit 

And had ^'rested Itiem terribly, tvcry onf, 
AwTiy from it* pUcr, ,ind hiid bf^ .1 wnste, 
Atitl a way all strewn tn prccijjiUilc hiatc, 
A« he bore them away to the Uicomccr »ciu. 

(T*i U t^n^m9f4.) 

ROUT Fishing on Dartmoor. 


RINCE TOWN, since llie tcsuscilalion of ilic old 
prir;OTi, so mcmonMe diaring the Peniasubr wir acid 
brfrre Waterloo, has brnomc a flnurithing colony, 
thtrc being now a kun; there in the pcoon of (be 
goTcmoT, and orticcTit cf jill ^rts, in the sbnpc oi ol^dalfk There 
is X barrack, morcovcf, for the acconmiodatioci of such toldicr* 
as may be on duty iii die cimrict Imr, nnd ihcrr arc nun\'> 
mils shops C(K the supjjly of prt^vuion^. Hut there L^ only one 
good hotel (ihe Duchj) where any tpoTlsman can put ii\> wilh a 
[.fros^iijet of tolerable comfort and uttcntion. The Duchy, «o nnnicd 
in cnin(ilimcnt to iht' Duki: of Cornwall, bcttrr ki^mu in more 
civilised parts as the Prince of Walts, b a very lotcrablc aJTair for 
the di&trict, ihou^h it must be admitled tliat some of its TOcm^ arc 
ril]ifr raftety and mnny of h% freq^ontfr* very noNy, But ll wiH 
do Wf^ll enough for sll bur butterfly snonsnicn, and the less ihw rUu 
has to do with norimoor the better. The landlord at the time of om 
viuil wiLs very obhgiiiy, always rjady to lend his puny and trap to 
any rcojionablc cuatoim^r ; \m wife ^'3s a good cook ^ind an ctpeeuil 
arti^l in tilt' pft|^ii^([nn of roast dmk :ind j^rct-n i.ieas : and the 
celJAi boa&lcd JiaiciK \tnU^ca and fjtrnaj:i liHi;idA. Wli^t inoic 
could a man dciire— except, indeed, lobieco? Huti of eounc, your 
old aporisman never aeglccis to carry his own mih him when on an 
t'xpffdituin into fon-ign parte, Dartmoor muitcn \s a ihmg upon 
wliich tlic mind delights to dvreU, and the elder -lOnietiracs to Uc hod 
ia of a very excellent order, brought generaJiy from Tavistock or 
m orctonhampiitej d. 

Our party coniisred of ihree. but wc wcrr not cqn nil y adepts in the 
pwuiloruil ;Lrt» one of our number bei:t^ in fact a rienchmiui- Wc 
cngoged a mberoble dog-cart cit l*lj"moutl\ and were favoured with fl 
very notorrous hack which wan kno^^n far and wide for his prodigious 
perfonnfinees, an<1 ginned in the nime of "'Stniining Joe Rankt" 
This rerckArk.ihte ittiadrupcil liad pcifoimcd a. long journey ll;c d^ 
before our cnsoscmcni of him, and ought ecnsequemly never lo have 
been permitted to leave his stable wtn if lt« had enJurcd fatigue 
Cttily, But ii nppcnrs lie hfid stifTered very diHgusring it*nge, and had 
90rcc 013 eadi «ht^uldcr, Having hciinJ of Sluiumh^ Joe Banks's 
£icat cxcdlencc we thought ouraclvcs in )uck*« way to ^ct bim at 



Trout Fishing on Darimoor. 

sn/ prir?, a&d npver drcamrcl of looking ar hit ^diould^mar of Jitl^inj; 
ADf (luc&licrns icg.irding his gcncrAl >iaic of hc^cb. The cooacquciicc 
of thb neglect w;ts timi on a^ccnJin^ Ihc fint hiU icadirig oat of 
Plymouth, anJ the birn[;^v geuing out cf ordfT, the iotcs became 
^xpo^fd to ll*!!^ «raTe:hing gbince of an IntHlt^cnl oHirrir of ihc p»Ucc 
furte, wLo hod icnJcicd hiniAdf c^pcciftlly mcriloriniH in various 
transactions in ccnncciion witl^ the Society for the i'rwi-nlioa of 
Cruelly 10 Aninulft. The oitkr hjut h;u] the mupidity to mb 
i!tni|> btick ^ryvi thfr putiflJIy hea-led sores, and it being a dnaip 
marEiinp ihe " cAlAbliPihtnciit of a raw" vu soon ciTccicd. The 
ftoliccmnzi tTa.n horrified on bchoMinjf ^hac met hui viirw when he 
lifted up ihe collar, and hit high iicn*e of duly wouM not allow 
him 10 vriine>» any fLLrlhn cLtinj^uNory progre&iion on the pan of 
Stunning Joe Binkn. 

"Very sorry, fiemlcrrtcn, '* aaid he. '*btit 1 c*nt allow this horse 
t;> be driven nny farther, aod must take him and the driver to the 
KUiirm hiiuie, " ^_ 

"But what b to become of the tmp?*' ■ 

" Oh, I have nothing 10 <Id with the trap ; I don't want lliat," 
And the trap accordm^jly woh bid np by ihff Mde ol the roatj, WJth 
all ciir fi^^l-iing App.iriEui and other artielee expnpd to the vulgar ^tare 
and lidttulc or«t(ect mt.hi)iA, Tlieit- wa^ nothing fijir it but to leave 
a man in diArsc -ind proceed to the rtftticn house. The majcistrateft 
had neit }'ct anembkdj and tvc had to ^ail their arrivnl for ihrt^e or 
four houn before our interesting cue could be imiuireJ inio. Hie 
iiuj;btr:iteA* clerk being an(jHif;ing jjeniujiage, and ictiirj; at a^bnic 
how m&ttcn btood. had our aflair postponed for a week ; and i^cn, 
frndinjt thAi the OJitler at the hvcry stable wan the real delinquent, 
fined that funcitnnnr)' in the miiigjiied penalty of ten ihiliings. We 
Tiad no dinii.:iilly in procuring a ficsh hunr, bLiL our tiufuituiidlc di;lay 
did nut allow us to ATTire at Prince Town until late in the cvenm£, 
whoa fiahtng for that day at lenai was not to be thought of. 

The n»chy was in high fealher in the epwiinp u-ay, there being 
three or four Ily-t*hiug gcniVmt-n of c:m]Mdciablc renown lu their 
counties sojourning there, and enjoying a reputation of no me-in 
Icr aiTtong the experienced i^ebvdeeu ot the rnoor. One of diem, 
a f^Uuu captain and a line stalwart fellow to hiwt, Avns what the? 
nativcf designnited "*Ji mm 'un to look auhiil a pjod 'un to gu, " 
sUndinK indeed 4 good six fc^t two in his stocking' feel, and able to 
ttaik ever Ae heather hkc a fiimfle. With tiic ^diuoa of our parly 
the laodlcnl wa* tn:iblcd to start a sort of tuhl^ iTh^r on The " first 
come fir»t iinve " jilaa, ividi a strict though iniplii^ rule that no one 

The GmtlcmarCs Magasine. 

was to be kept woitirtg whjiecvcr trrij^ht be upon the tablff. A-od no 
Tii;kiter how many gueits might be behind (iine. Tins was a very 
tomforlabTt arrangemem. which siiitf^d (he vifws of all ijam&s and lis 
rules were <nbc)'cd in a manner lIi^I reflected honour Ctjually upon 
the appetite and punctuality of all. Not a man during <jur brief visit 
but fell to work with % will the momcni dinner was ready, and with 
a (cmblance of forgcttlilness of absent friends that proved lo us all 2 
subject of conwialory conlcmplatioo. My friends had laboriously 
ct>nflultcd atl tlic piscatory aiilhonties from Jtaak Walton downwajda, 
but not with very satisfactory result^r and they had laid in a stocJt cf 
flies from Farlow's ihar one might have im^iued suflideni 10 ensure 
success in any district where trout were ordinarily plentiful. There 
an some Bics, such as Palmers and Carpenters^ that will generally 
prove good on any trouc streams, btit Uartmoor trout *re proverbltlly 
cipHcious, and it is always best to consult aii experieni^d native as 
lo the moat killing flics in particular weather and on various ri vera. 
Mr. G. W. SoJtao published a little treatise on fly-fishing some years 
ago, and the flies he recommends from i^ long experience on 
wcstetn waters will be ftJUnU highly scr^itcablc to ihc sLiangcr. 
Except an old moorland fisherman himself, no belter guide> philo- 
sopher, and friend can be had than thi« practical little book. It is % 
singular fact ihat a little smoky bltii= gnat is a deadly killer on such 
lajjld streams as arc to be found on Dartmoor, but it is tnie- A dy 
vre used to call the Soldier Spinner, too. wa3 another famous bait 
ifter a flood and when the waters were <lisco]oured> The captain 
was well up \\\ most of the '^wrinkfef;" of ilie moor, and was noi 
above resorting to ground bAil rather llian go home with an empty 
creel. He was an adept in the use of the fern web, for instance, but 
that most deadly of all Devonshire baits was tiot lo be had al the 
seison of which I am writing- The brr^ndhng, however, was, and he 
bad not studied W. C- Stewarts admirable inslnictions for making 
AQ effective use of that worm in dear water with stained gut, and 
when artjhcial baits were of no use whatever, to rto purpose. But in 
a general way we were supposed to scom the use of anything but the 
artificial fly, whether of our own manufacture or of some Ixindon 
professional maker. 

Years ago there used to live on the moor an old fisherman 
uamcd Tom French, ihar* whom n better sportsman never threw % 
fly or followed a patk of foxl^ounds. It was his habit in his old age 
to maintain hiin^clf by t1y-fj&li!r^g during the summer months and — all 
honour to the Nimrods and Zcbedccs of the neighbourhood — to go 
into the workhouse duriiif ihc winter. It u-as well known lhat Ton 

Treut Fishing on Dar!moor, 253 

alwayi fiihcd with nothing but flicfl of his own mftfiafactutCi mid lltat 
he hod A celebrated one of hia own "mixing;," as he called it, 
which w^K X ceruirt kill^ In all w<fatht*rs. It hid Lccn the .imhi- 
lion uf all friH[Hemtfi of the nioor for ytflfs to become jiosae^sej 
c^ llic oritti^Al ic<:ipc for the composition of this IrcmcndfXia dy ; but 
it wAd reserved for the writer of this article to (iiaci^ver the not vcry 
iRKcrutat^le cecrct by means which, if not strictly honouT;ihlc, were 
deciiletlly cheap- Mr, Frtnth h:i(l left Itthind him, to »|)hold the 
aiicieuL huDours uf hia house, tiarne, And £iniCp an uunorth^ and 
43cgcnct:\te »on, whom I found one day cutting turficiMcaU of fullon-ing 
til« tnnobling avocatioQE of his ffLiher. Hifi *' mug " wa« not to be 
nutAken, and hlv l;iugh wns of a kind c;ikiilaied la Ecrrify mihcr thAfi 
CKhLlafalc 1 |»lL,^hcd victor to t!ic tnoor — Tor, an Darby McKcowd 
remarked, ''there wus a screceh in it might |>L'we on owL" The 
scene of this gentleman's Ut>our* wis near "i'wo Bridges, and he 
eipr^sscd his willingness for a Irmpnrary withdrawal to the Saraecn's 
KcAd in that halting phice — by no effort of imagination or alraln of 
civility can Jt bi; eom'crled into a village- in order 10 disotsstt quAtl 
or so of cider. Under the influence of thfj beverage he proudly 
acknowledged his pareniage — iind. what wa* much more tt> the 
purpose, coofciftcd lo hiv^ln^ in hia ijosacsiion st^rae tjf his fatlier'* 
''mixmjf " rtT>paralHR cmplnycd in fly-making, 

•' You lie iiies yourself, X *up|]Ose ? " aaid I. 

'"Never could make a \\y noholn^ My vingerji be too thick 
and dumsy ; I could never manage one viity," 

"Should you know ilie fly your fftlhcr used lo kill so many fish 
with if you taw ii?" 

" I should think *o- I'll Bteji down home and ferch the dubbing 
And feftlhei5S and yonr hont>ur ihall lie a vly or two if yoa liki^" 

I liked \ 'I*om stepped down home, returned, and a *' vly " was 
monufftctured ''in a brace of shakeG," as he ptirai^cd it. J I wait a 
very primiLive looking affair, and was composed of nothing more 
than & body of co^/s or mt'is fur with a wing of (he wild mallard and 
nithout «ny hackle- No douht It was intended to lepre^cnt the 
grey ^'borteHy," that pestiferous blood-sucker so troublesome to 
hone« during hot weather. 

" How will that do for the article ? ' 

"ThAl's the very thiD^, Father hiMclf couldn't make a better. 
IF 1 could tie A vly like unto that Td never do a day'^ work no 

B/ thct detlarjtion Mr. Frencli probably mejint to assert ihar, if 
he could be perfected in the oit of fly-tying, he would eschew tu^'ct:^ 


The GiiUUinans Magazine. 

cutting and »hec|>iheAru3g for the future, mid ininuc the more 
iefLn«d vocation of profesdond tTout-tt^ purveyor lo "thu Etnti;u 
viflitccl the moor. " In consideration of my prffsvnting hint WLlh hall^ 
s doecn flics wlikli I iftt-^cniLy iiuuivifLK-EiEr(.-cI, Mr. Kcvnch had the 
generosity to hand me over the colJiG collection of fui, fe-iUierai 
"hnre'a-Iug" and di^bbmg, and 1 ivjs rrom that hai>py mofneut, to 
use his own exprrssive phraseology, "i m^m a-made," It is true he 
somcwlial s|.>oiled the iru^nnnEniiTy of the Trazi&a,i:doii by rernarkipg 
aficr the condu^ion of business: ^'That's nght] you might so ucll 
have giren '^m to cue at onst, tor il" you hadn't J itliouid have 
Rtokn Vm " 

The tribuUry rilTcams ai^ «lw&)'h hc-Uci rifiliinft than the niAin 
rWer early in the icAson, and llii^ for die mait obvious of rciuoos* 
Clierrybrook i( About the best tributary on the mcor. If you follow 
It 10 il!A soiir^^fj yo(] may alinott alnays kiJl a dish of liih, and Tnore 
CMLiecially likely aic >tm lo do fco if yon try the worai, or leauil to 
" dapping" with naliird llica when throwing an attifkctal one becomes 
on impoKsibility. In fa^t, \i killmg trout be your object on Dartnioori 
yoii had belter dKtrird your liyT«n, and prefer the wiser precepts of 
Suliau- I do not think ihril Byr<m ever uridersiond Ay-fishing, and I 
dL shrewd aiupicion that he had attempted the mort: vulgar 
method ot entrapping; tlic *'wuy trout" before penning that vicioua 
iia in '* Don J(i;»n '' i — 

And iBBling, im. that aoliltry lice, 

Whnicvcr Ifjmlt Wallow h"B5 or my* : 
TIjc ipjAJiif, uld, tjud cdfumb, in hit^Uct 
Stiuuld have « hook, anU « smftll iiout lo pnU U. 

In a footnote to this atanxa Byron further rftlgmntLses t^aak : " li 
U'ould haic tALtght him liumanily at least. This ncntimcntfti nvnjT^i 
whom il is a mode to quote (aitiongsi the novelist*), to ^how thdp' 
sympathy ftir innocent sport* aiiiL old song*, leaches how lo sew Up 
frug^ aiad break dicii Itj;* by Wiiy c-f cApcrijuenl, In aJJilion to the 
art of anj^ling, ihe cttiellett. tl)ceoy«^st, and the^tupuleit of pretended 
spona. They may talk nbout the beauties of nftture, but the nngUtf 
rnerrly ihinks nf his disli uf fi%h ; he has no IdMirc lu take his *?yes 
from off the MrcantN, aud a. single hit€ is worili to hiiu mun: than all 
the scenery around BeAidc^^ some Bsb bite but on a rainy day. The 
whnic, tbe shirk, and the tunny fishery have sonKwh^t of nobl© aodj 
peril cHts in thcni ; even ncM^nhingj trawling, &c., are morchumant 
unefii I No angler can be a good man,'^ Qoc might fairly JmA^tnc 
bank this remarkable and fortuaatclyhitle Lnown passage that Byron'ft 

7rout FUking on Dartmotn'n 

cxpcneiKx uf ^mgliiig wu» gained from waiching Ihe pCTTormerx in 
thai iin upon the Scrpcntinc- 

Tom FrcJich's lly naa i leaL nonpnrni, and one Jny uii Clicrrybrook 
I m.ifi3tgcd 10 kill six dorea tine lish with it, alVr t^o disiinguished 
ftishrrmrn hnri pfwsed up arteam bcfoff mc. When ai ih^ powdtr 
workj, *i the lop, t tried the n.tiuul (Jy of wl^idi Tcm French'* wa3 
tm imperfect reprc--Fcniatzi>n, and by that mcatiA discovered how 
knowingly llie old ftHow Jiad studii^d his businco. One day, having 
octiMon to cross I?ie mocir, intfrndin^ to wend my viy fo PovE Hridgv^ 
J atoppod to ic\t ilic vlrivicii of ^ vciy ^niill ^iiti^iiu eiu;>L>']ii]^ iL^cU" 
into Cherrylrook, *rnj there I killed flome trf" the kr^-cst fiah <:aught 
during oitr vUit, 'rhyslrenm — or nthcr, fuller — though very narrow, 
v\t very drej>, and wa< :is full of trout n* tts hank* of nishes were of 
moke*. It n^u fiuliury wnrk. 

Xolhinn that hu Lis 
Ii ttidbic I'^Do wZtiary Hock, 
Al will wide ijiiuin^ iIiiuil^Il Llic iillfiil niuor* 
Bmka thr (Iftfp.rrli niflnoinny ; tnd all 
Ipi moiirMilcsGKi ta¥c itrfaerc Ihc j^ant khqdei, 
FhiOi: Iry (Uc (id^iJiiK ckm J. ^i Je thiwly v'cr 
Tht pey aril!] tlwi^ny wild, 

^captain and I hod been aIkjiii ct|ually laccet^/ul in oui cHbits 
some days, and h^id come to rcf^aid one another aj4 burn rivals 
wboin notl)^ &hon of ducUrud ruijeriority in fjvoijr of one or ihe 
oihet would ^lati^if/. On our last day of fchjng n^r rival claims wew 
to he dei.ided, .knJ cacJj felt, though neither of u^ :ickn owl edged it» 
iKai *'fbr one or l>oth of us the time v^u come. " The landlord hod 
been bcintenng the captain upon his unvriUingness to boclc himeeir 
a^invt me, and titry luiH amingeil that if die Ltsl iliy [imved an 
a«frj>icious one. wc should tc&t oui powers in x competition worthy 
<lf being recorded. 

The kuidlonl woa to pit me Jgaintt the caplaJa foi a siim of money 
to be laid ouE in tlic promotion of the gc-ncral convivialiiy of the paity. 
The voly iDltnution I received of ihi« rciuiLrluLble w:i£er w.-ia a whis- 
pered cocnnuniiciition from the landlord, tliroiJ|;h the keyhole of my 
bodrocm door, " to be snjre ;tnd do my best to-moiruw, aa l^c capinJn 
vos Belting hDmptLuus. " I relurnt^l fur answer that I would take 
the shine out of hiuj if poiaiUc. " Ri^hi y<?a arc," sava the land- 
lord, which \% a Cxfniliar form cf cxpicssing iJcrfcci approbation 
comnion ainonj* the ialiabhants of Prince T<fwn, 

On our ttarc in the murning, to cjur general dlsgu^it-'^u lutne 





Th& Gentlenmpis Magazine. 

^r DO 

specially, The landlord so fxir forgot the dfgnity of hi^postEion and 
duritctcr of hbi Iiou&e: iis lu thiow up the bar ivinduw acd cicluicit, 
in a moment of ftrcprcssible cnihunia^m, '^l'[1 bj^k that gcnilctiifin to 
lick the lot. " No fi&hermanT J :un %\\xi^ utter such a fl.ittcring 
dUtinciion, could fail to do his ultemiost, cuid J fell nerved for 
**df?t?ds of dcrring do.'* wliakvtr ihil may lotan. In pa&^ing the 
grounds at the back of the prison J had observed soiuc ^nc trout 
porting ill eniii(^ Ives in x stream known as Blackabrook^ attd saw 
DO hfltm in fltU'inpling their ir^in^ferenre to my cred tf [ couki manage 
it. 1 had often fished the spot hi my school-twy days, and hod never 
met with any hindrance or molestation. On this oecasioD I entirely 
failed to sec a large board cotitjtminganintiinaiJon thai ^11 trespasser) 
on tVis conficcraEcd ground would be prosecuted wilh the ntmott 
rigour of the law, and coEiunenned my att;ti:k upon the ttoLit witZi ihc 
fcchii£l and coungc of a very Bayard, sanspatr ct sa/ts rtprocht. The 
wily trciiLt had dLr^covored that a ^^uantity of ofl'al fiom the prison 
bak«l»ou*e fount! its way into ihia portion of Blackabrook, anij 

lEcned accordingly. I did not walk more than three or four mile^ 
the whole time of fishing, and filled my creel lo overflowing with the 
finest kill ol the whole week. On my return to the Duchy, [be litst 
Arrival of ibe entire party. I called for the latgest dish in the etlA' 
Ijli.shmerrt. Itimed out luy capture, and tniiniphanlly awailed the result 
of die captain's adventures. That warrior arrived late For d."uincr, but 
with a rare catch of lishr in number fairly outrivalling mine. 

*' Put em in the scales, *' inys ibe landlord. This done, the weight 
of my kill told wuh undeniable effect, aud I was gloriously hailed a< 
the undisputed victor of the fisliing tournament, and the captain 
declared mulcted of the expense of iJie cveninga enlertaiument. 

'■Where did you kill them, now ? " I was asked, sxiA'-^i^m^mn^nt 
horis ujpity and espeeiully is rhis the case after a day s fishing and a 
good diuncr^in scornful repudiation of the insinuation that I had 
resorted to the "siK'a hook, "1 very injudiciously divulged the secret 
of roy sueeeKs. 

'MVhat I eau^hi those fisli 3n jiriBon ground*?" 

" At die back of the pnson, and on the stieam Dlickabrook- ^ 

''Brought back vour rod and your clothes, loo, sirl Well, I'm not 
iLfraid of most things and men, but blow me," exclaimed the Land 
loTil, "if rd 'a m[*irrd myself where you have been lonlay wilh any- 
thing valuable for the best tS\y pound note ibat oer was manu- 
fccturcd " 

Here wag a pretty kciile of fish J 1 had had abundant cxpcnencc 
of the ]oc|uadty of a Dartmoor populace in other marten than mere 

Trout Fishing on Daritiwar. 

recitalv of convict convcnsUion, and «ag«]y opmed that the l^c of m/ 
^Ldvcnbut; wuuld \ivi ^ill ever the vilU^c by ihc morulu^. Sll^plii^ 
EtuicLly awny from my coiupanioDs, thctcrorc, 1 packed the trcut 
carefully irp in the l-irgett creel 1 coiild find, and having written 2 
polilc riotc» in which 1 acknowledged my deliuqucncy and begged 
his iiujL'ptaiu.- of tliein^ look ilicm ovci lo the governor cf tlic 
pruon. TbH official wiis graciously pleased to accept my prcscnc, 
and to corarnvnicalc to mc, in the niJ>riiing, the gratiiying infomw- 
tiun that I was the only gefitlemjn who had ever had ihc civility to 
aend hjjti a dixh t>ftrmir,1ishofwhidihcwaspaniajUrly fund, and ihxt 
Ii individtuilly, was at Ubcrty to whip tlliickabrook whenever 1 liked, 
trefpiue boaide uoiw it li^ Landing, This piece of generalship on my 
put WAS not undiicndcd with beneficial rciults, snch ns nn acquaint- 
-incc with (he ^ovrmor, ,inLl a view of tlic prison and prisoners after- 
wards* altogether making ^ grand wiad-tip to »i fisliing tgur on 


Voi.IX,W.S. iS;i- 

Algiers as it is. 

jfr^O the mnti wlio i» lired Qi Bond Strttit aiid the Psak, 
of ihe I'aris Bcwlcvarda, of ihc Corso « Ron^^ of tbe 
PrJtloai Mftdrkl»tJtc rTonienaclcdesAngljisjtiNic^aiiiJ 
ttiookhci fftshioDablc Europcinbungcsi 1o him who hs* 
,C(]atcnipiatcd tltc artistic beauties aod picturesque si^tft of every 
"tOuriBt resort III Europt» &oni ihe Highlands of S:oilrud to thetoe 
of the luUan lx>Qt» iLnd w^io si^ts out (br Algrriu in §carrJi «if ftvdT' 
sigbis jjid sccncj, the Jiifti iiujircssiQU of Algicta will convey myUibij^ 
but fccimfe-5 of plcAJvirc or .idinu'^ition. 

The tourist who has never visited Africa previously often Ixndfi 
in a feverish state cf excitement He is eager to see a living Moor, 
3J1 AraT>, a. Moorish wom£U)> a Jewess ; to visit the toiouB lOtshih, 
the moaqucn, to penetrate withJn a Moomh house, aod lose himself 
in the labyrinth o( quiLint old slretis which hv hais so often seen 
reprL'St-'i-jted OQ paper and canvas, but which a* ytc he has never 
btrhtid in tiricka und mortir. On reaching Kis hiAi'\ he takt-s a Ualh, 
cbongCB his dress, and, after satisfying ihc cravings of the inner man, 
eathes fonli into tlie streets^ Great is his surprise ^nd considerable 
his disappoininieQi on fielding himself in a miiuaLur« Rue de RivolJ, 
bortiercd by colounades and houses four atones hij^h- He has hardly 
taken half a dozai sic\is oulside his hotel before he i» surrounded 
by a gung of ragged Arab shoeblacks, who pumic liim with their 
blacking boxes and r.;iper round him, pestering him with greittf 
persevenince to luvc ht-s freshly potlslied shoes bl:i<ked l!i,'in would 
the red bloustd /nri^h of the Margub Townshend in the Sinmd. 
He passes by shops where the various artidcs of attire, xad the 
thotuind and one superfluities which are considered neccesaiy 10 
'civilised lil^e, are laid out in us tableful aud Irrmjiiin^ a manner as 
they would be on the DoLilevArd dc^ Itoliens or la J]ond SiiccL lie 
reaches the Place du Gouvememenl, once the nite of the PoJocc 
Djenina, or Uule Garden, which was inhabited by the pachas and 
deys of At^cT^ during a period of 300 years, uniil Ali-Len-Ahmed 
left for the Kasbah fa rtrcas on ."v certain nighl in Kovcmberj i8i7» 
carrying olon^ with hnn ihc treasures of the IJeylik under the CKort 
of a faithful guard, in order to escape the resentment of hi* subjects, 
whom he iiad eKua^erutcd by his cruchiri and his exacdoo*; but 





h^i^'— in Vitra of ih<r pnlan? ind i» jani^CLiH^St hi miitt>9 anil eunuch*, 
it£ krvHy frinate ?4iLvo( l»Tnr<l Littutiyl ihr Inclines of » hAnnii. its 
ouublc couris antt coiriiion* Jr^T^mnt ^«n~th the perfume of wiCi and jos- 
piiac n>i&f;M vnth omngcand Itsmon ircc^, and ib cryi^:U fotintiin* 
Kho^Tcring forth continual jfft£ ofuparidmg watcrt amongit all kinds 
of'cxodc plants, — air Eunji>ran hniisM, qj/Tj, cab?, tjmaibiisi^*, kiosltt 
far ihe sade of ocwy^jjijc^n, youiij; Jcvs with tuakcls of A\gcvxixn 
kmtk-kn^<ikst bcgynn, French aotdicra. and ^c faraooa marx^nds sif 
inv imnortall^ed byOavamt. TIiltj i- Tiardly a dei'OTee shiifTtrng Izi jjly 
10 ih< mosar|np, nr i Jrwrs^ itii h.T ^'ay to ihc batc'housc, or -^ 
Moorish wam.-in hunying ro ihc bathi fnlTcwcd hy n ncgrcs* aCTvnnC; 
bQl, flf /TffWrtc4<; Ihcrc arc UicLittt ailircd in the mont novci PansiftH 

of ^^r a&i! ntth^t, with /vJWf> Qt/i'nsr slior^ pro(CT Mng ihs? tradi- 
dooal hiailII (ooi, and cIcgAnc c/tapcaax s^l^tccd daintily upon the 
luiiionablc ftma of chignon j there arc /a*iVj tf^rrir dr«sed as ihcy 
would b« by ?Dole or DuuutoyT looking xt if ih«y had ju»t be«fi 
carefully reantwal ftcrni M many liand-ljom ; but tliL- only irwtlye* 
that rrmain cf bygone TuiKiah splendour, and b fact l!lc only tfaiug!i 
thai remind the w^indcrcr that he i« in Africa, .ipc the whiicurtuhed 
walls cf a mosque and * duster of lickly looltjug palm trccfi whidi 
ODoe flonrinhcd in ihe gstclcn? of the Djemna, The viiiitor |>a-t*e< 
fUong the Boulcranl dc la K^publiquc, but onty lo find bouncs 
nnilaT lo thow on the Bouieviini de ^<JbasrL^>ol in Purisorin Victoria 
Street in London- There is a pfWE office thai nv>ii!d place thni of 
llic Rur Jrflti Jarqiir* RoEi^gcRti in th*' iharlr, ;i tnnk whirh, in nrrhi- 
tccmisl beauty if not i« ^xtjc, wtnild bear ctimpariaon with that of the 
mother rounu^', jmd an hotel which mii-ht rtnnd in the firtrt rank in 
any capital m Eompc. After the hmt few dnya, however, hew'iilgei re- 
ccpnciledtoiheideathat wherrveraFrcTTchmangoos it isnerec^aiy that 
tctooe b(i[li)ui{{S six Mories high and cajh shoitld follotr him - he will 
giKc wiilMur bein; shocked upon the still of \ E;iri.-}pcan fifihmonj^cr 
SOnding be«idc a mosque, £>dng in itK liirti the i;hop if a Mwf'/jfiMf^ 
dfjStt; his ti^ht wUI become fimiliur with Jcavs drttiied hfllflike 
MnoTE and h.ilf like Kuropeauji, with Aiab shucbluLka and MuhoinC' 
<hu» itttred in blue French cotton stulfe, l^^lh Mi>t>rish ^j/fr whore 
the cup;( vid Day? ore of European inanutjicturci and ^th >vometi 
vmring lilks otid sairns thinned by Parisian dre««mak«r^ 
urhilr otIwT* arc in OrirnCil ^jarmnit* ; and whrn he i* used la 
ihs a^itlonictittion of Eastern and tCurcpcan life he will lind 
tbttt although AlsieiB is no longer an Oriental tavn, and bes 
cwuequeat^ 1c»t many of ita attrsciionCr aUhough itt old ^&Xft^ 


The Gentief^api-s Mag(t:dii€. 

its f>:ird6c£it]on!i, and a gr&ac maay of its cuiious MoorUh buildinga 
have bcftn replaced by modem conElructioDs, Although its native 

jiO|HiTiLti<jri has in a rrrL-iin measure become Kiimpcaniiicd, h \% 
iitvcilliclcis one of l!ic ini^sl dcUglilful places in tlic worlJ, ciJici 
aa a Tcaidcncc or ^ a tourbt resort. 

At the foot of the hill upon the slope of which Algiers is btiilt Ji« 
the modt'm or EiiropeAH pnnJon of the roviT . li presents nothJag of 
any jj;Lrticiibr iiiLe;ctt — spaLioixs, wdl-p^ived, luicidauiistd sliocis, 
bordered with houses rnooy stories high \ liirgc open sciuarcSi a 
public garden, inosi|u<*s turned into Rotdoii C^ttliobc churches or 
barracTt?, oihers sC\\\ used fcr ihe Mussulman creed ; here and theic 
a portion of an old waII or iin iincicut Moorish buiWinj^ diminishal 
on one side, tnnde Lirger on Another, with European windows »u1>- 
stituted for the smaJI iron-barred casements, and sometimes wiih a 
sJatwl roof occiipyir^g the place ci the terrace where the women came 
of an cveniug lo inhale ihc fresli sea bicczc. A stnitture which 
TXjrliaps in days gone by belonged to tlie Beylik, cr mtiyhc it was 
ihe pnlace ofa wealthy pirate diiefj but which has since been patched 
up and altered so a* to accoinmodare a branch of the French 
GoveriitnciTl wltlioui die slightest attention liaving bern |iaid ;o the 
style of its architecture. Wandering through the streets one OCCA* 
fiionally cornea across an hotel, and can hardly w,ilk ten yards 
without pasting a. fitfi swarming with French officers and sotdlerSr 
lounstt from all luids of tlic worlds colonisib Irom the interior of the 
country, and the polyglot population of the town ; then ihcic arc 
ordinary European shops intennixed with open tobacco stores, kcpl 
for the most part by Moors and Jews, Old curiosity shops, too, 
may occasional y be found, generally hidden away in the liack streeis- 
Xlicrc is one of them opposite the Mosque DjcdJi. at the corner of 
the l*Uec Mahon, where, previous lo the French invasion, the 
Europeans captured by the Algerian galley* and the negroes brought 
from the interior by the caravans were exposed for sale. Here, 
completely covering the walls and window*, arc samples of 
tUmost every article thnt is manufactured by Mahonicdans in 
Northern Africa, from Morocco to Tunis. There are the long 
flint-lock rifles and pistols from these towns, as well as those from 
Kabylia — some so frail, with the tbln biincla fastened lo the wood 
by tin bandB, lliat they look almost like toys; others more stoutly 
constructed, with the woodwork richly encnisied with gold and lilver 
and precious stoncs-^there ;irc mus.'iive brJar-ruoi pipe-hwds, inlaid 
wlib bmsi, from Mostagiocm, and branches of coral from La Callc, 
lOUghly-faihioDCd jewellery from Kabyha, and costly wearing apporcl 


Pipers as it is. 

from Tuuia ; Moorish looJcmg-gbsucs and many-coloured glass Umpi, 
tQUdiCfil mbtrum<;fits, and the vanous implements And virapDoa 
ijsed by tlic tnb^s la ilic interior, from Ihe K^byle's lerriblc 
Aissijy hk ploLi^jhsharc 3nd crock cry-warf, lo ihe rkhly-cinhroidcrcd 
xujdic and harness, the long^poinlciJ :(purx, the turioualy-ahAped 
Bttrrjpa. ihe nfie, the earner^ aoddlc and homcfs, the shields and 
long 3]JCArs of th« d^f^e^e^t uibea of the S;th^a. 

Not far ffom ihc Mc>«(;u(t Djfdid. on the f^astem side of i\\t Place 
du Gouvcrncmci^t, is the f:ulu ffovtrcr. and vcgcublc market held 
ditiiy from cnrly nioming until within on hour of noon, St^tnding At 
seven o'dock in mmmer at the top of the flight of steps leading from 
|]ie Rue bib-Ar/c*im to iht- Plarc de Charlres — beside the house 
which is huib on the spot fonncrly occupied by the priaon vrhcre tlic 
European slaves were lodged— the scene before ug is most pic- 
hiresune. A Urge squue, crowded with temporary stalls trembling 
bcnraib heavy loiids of almost every kind tjf fnnt and vegetable die 
GDuntfy i;^ruduteb \ the many &liade$ of green blended will) purple 
and fjoldr the diflerc nt colours of the vagcUblcs and the varied h\ies 
of the bouquets of flowers, the whole broken up by the fiRurea of Ihe 
Mdlte£# 3ind Sp^mi&h rif\rkei-wonten — ea^kfy distinguished by the 
lirit;hE red And yellow ha.tLdkcix:Jiiefs btruud round thcU heJids-^-oud 
the croivdA of early customers, boih Chri^liAn and Mussuhn^D, who 
come trooping in on every side. A stranger would be .in exceed' 
togly bad pun^haser to send to murket there ; for to him or her, m 
ihe C4ie uiifiht he, everylhiog would appca* clieup. When yon arc 
ukcd five sous A ]^ourd for beautiful bunches of Mascarra grap^ n 
penny tor hili a do^en large green tigs, a few sous for a melonf ind 
thncepenoe or fourpenec for ji boucjiiei which wouJd cost you five 
ilulling:! In Covcnt Ganlcn, yoii dare nut baig^in- I h^ve often 
visatcd the market on ihe Pbcc de Chartren* and hare purchased for 
a fic-inc as much fruit and n^ many tlowers as 1 could carry, and it has 
u often happened to mc on reaching home to learn thai 1 had 
been <haTgc<l s.f^ix d'Aa^fitis. 

Any of llic directs a,^cendLngOicljill from the Place de Chwtrc*^ 
whjch may almo^l be considered aa the extreme limil of the Euro- 
pMA town — will [eiid iramedblely to the Mahomedan quarter. Herd 
will bt found obscure and fTequently v^iulted narrow ihoroughfan^S, 
resembling alleys, bordered by hounes, wlicic ihc mcnoionyof the 
boiG pJottcT wallK \i only broken At wide intervals by sniAll casements 
<Toaed with iron ban, jind low arched doorways, I'here are no 
gamkc;;( ur verdtire, and hardly x foot af even Mckly laoking vine or 
lig tree dying mnltbt tlic rubbish of jt» crotaways ; thctc aic cnt;r&e(^u^ 



Thi G&iilema^s Ma^asim^ 

aosmromidod by bmldings that tbejcaalmMUy b&secn, vapourbailiB 
u'ltitltcr people go inysivrioiLsly, cbie imch tioighi, iht' uorijcn in thi' 
(ib^ limc'- In Q vr>rd, ihc MahonK-dan i;ii:it1(T of Algfcn k a con- 
porC md confuted inu» of icn«oiu>, where tknoM every voti^of 
hit! v& hidden, and where ii. seems lu^ if it were forbidden that ^^uttXf 
iljould be hcarJ. The tltusn of ihe house* are never q>eQed bm 
half w;Ly, and ihcry then do*c ug^m by their oirn weif;ht. Ewiy- 
thing [co1u su4piciou« ixbout Lfacac cunoiii biuldiup. whicl) Art 
Adrairnbly odiipted for ttieir masters' love cf «ccrcsy^ The vmAll 
<:;tEemenu lookiiig on to ihe sircet are birred, aikd every kicid <tf 
tircciuiion in lakeii ngjin^i curiosity fmm without mm\ indiicretkia 
from withia. Inside llicsc hare, di^iiuil-itiokiiij;; A^lln ;iiid nmnvc 
doon^ refl<:mb]hig the i;ales of cit^ulcU, ory die two g^'"* mj-itcricB 
of tiw coaniry — namely, the peisorral fortimc^ ot iu inhabitanis, 
nnd its women, of ntJLher of which much is kn^im. Money 
hardly circulates. It is only seen pA^^ing from the iuind of AR 
Arob 10 nn Arab hnod, txid is only u^ed to purchaie the ordhutTy 
doily Decesstties of life, and jenellery. Tiie women go out but vd- 
dom. In public ihty are invariably closely veiled, and tiie bftfto 
ivhicli arc iheir usual places cf riraort arr: invLolabliL Paju^ittg alon|j; 
these lonely alleys, beside tiic»c ailcnt d well Inics. one hc^ivnoBC* 
which are almost imperceptible to the human ear, and ^vhiKpcn nhsda 
i^i^ht he mi^siaken forsi^hs- At time* it iK the tound of a voice 
*ximinfi through aa aperiuie m tiie w^Il, ur daccnding from the Icr- 
nee OD th< roof of the house i xi othus it is the whimpering of a 
child, complaicing in a strange Eon^e, whoi^c lisp inin^Ud with tobfi 
has nc signifioption for it foreign ear ; ai other* a^gAir i[ is lh? slrain of 
oc imLiiiUicnt, wliose muipie note, slowly nj^iking the mcuiue of tt) 
unhcnird song, seems to nccojni^Lny n drcAm- It i£ thus that the Cft|K 
live cousclod heruelfi dreaming of a tjbeny vrhieh %\\t has never had, osd 
which fihe r^nnoi iirderetand. There ift an Aiab proverb which tays : 
*-Wlieij a A'oniaii Ii^ts actn the giitst ihe caree ro mtffc for her hut- 
hand/' and upon this precept the whole syMem of conjusi^ life Among 
.MAhomcdans i^ bused. 1 heir hotises, whether they be aj;rccabk or 
not to tlio^e by whom they are inhabited, whether their intedoiE bf 
lujtuiious or |jDtJi, iLie prisurjL They arc like iron a:ifc%, uf which ihe 
avsjicisub niasLer« h^vi: the key:^, and within which ihey luck up all 
their tecr^tSj ao tlifll no oiie mjiy know wlial tJiey powers. 

At limei you come u|>on a Moorish eafi, idiere Arabi: Are i(]ualtcd 
ou ttoudeii benches resembling shelves, smi^iii^ kmg pil>9B oi 
Gi0vc1tC3 and sipping coffee, while others ore engaged ir games of 
<lr&ughts or iic iJeeping on the floor; or a burbcr'b ihop with lit 



Algiers as U i>. a5$ 

MnoU looluDg-gliusct in fumes of many colourt, %hcrc oiic of ibc 
"EuthJul" is having his hgad shaved. Icitvmf; i>nly b oift od the 
CTovn^ vhich la for tiic I'rophet lo hold him by wlu^n uJun^ him to 
Psradise; or j^ou liiiJ yuttnctf ^uiii^ inEo am a[im) shciii^ nkhmt the 
goods arc piled up in dinCHUcrly Iicaps aa if tl^c s^rila, wlib k tkuLuig 
in ihdr midtti were ftDiiid of iJicir bcin^ >(^cn ; or, where ft couple of 
meft, »qu£Llted on the ground b from of a little «tovc, are cogOfiod in 
MUio£ pTccujua 4ionc* into mdcly fiuhiancd jcwcllrry. A frw ttcpe 
Imlio on the wjuUuig of Jiifjliuii^o* cuiilincd in little [joraipinc- 
qtull cflgcs hutgin^ frota tUc sUniin^ loof, Ucxks the dcsEh like 
dUricc of the neighbourhood, while bunc^tli Ihvni, Bc:itod &jetc by 
ndc en j[r3K« mait^ arc Mooiith yoiiihs^ with pieces of c^kluDidercd 
laiJier dii ihcir kjiccs and %kcins of gokl Ehre;Ld ^ud silk of vjuio^rfi 
[ffavtBn^occtipied in embroider ring thoae costly uiddlc* 
of hinust Whicli ue iht admiruiiou of every foreignei who 
viffltt ihc counrry. These youths have Ati exceedingly efterninat^ look 
About tlirn^ Ai;d wctT' il jtot for their niMCutine attire (uj^ht easily be 
miatAk^ for womi:n, with their Unpiid Jookmg cyTfl, their pcDcilled 
eyC'browK otid la-shc!^ and their round benrdlcK? faces, showinjj h.'ind- 
fiOme but perftf*:Uy inexpressive features, without a. sh:xdow of any- 
diiag leaciEiUiu^L lc^olutLuu iu ihctti, Theyaie ^Ifced with x kind 
ofbaby beauty whiUi in never in^^id^ until llicy reach <ui A^e when 
yoath iuclf iiM become cflhced by the gnvity oi^ years. I'lun ihcrc 
are the dejileT« in pan and p^xniL, H^ih their many kinde of curiously 
%ha[)ed jioUt-jy'W;ire gr«u[jril icHtthcr on the gmimd- There arc 
pduu nrlicrcin a French took wouU boJl licr/tf/iiv-/™, piithcts which 
«ro used by ;ho Ant> women to fetch water from the public founULics, 
anii^ie looking Kabyle jart, IkiTe rh^rconl and incen^t^ bnmerc^ 
Ulcmil> for cooking amsiuuimtt, tcrrjt-cotia waiter ccjoh^rs, and the 
botlonless urthenware vascn over one cad of which the Aritbl 
stretch :l skm and thus muke the /arfj^v^v, an instrument which is 
aometluji^ b^iween a drum and a tambourine, and u]>oq which 
Musiuliruui mtudcianb beat the men«urr; with ihdr Hn^crs ai every 
>Bfr or rdigiouj ceremony, producing that pcrtiliAi tum-tum which 
acyCT £ul« to Attract one's attention while tlrollin^ through the 
town in the cool of the evening. Vou inny stand in front of any of 
the*e open Khci|}S — which are never itiori? thiiri Iwelve feet deep hy 
m feet brood, with tlic whitewashed waU« cither bare or paitially 
covered with die tenant's produce— and waidi what is going on 
within without any fcnr of being diKlurbed, for unless you h-ippen to 
b^ (landing in the lij^ht of any of The inmates nut one of them wiU 
c^'cn laise his head. They appear, and pojiaibly ore, fgnciant of 



your jwestBce, Tliry work tti an mdolem lind of manner, without 
any attonjit aL rapidity^ di^mting {tout IJmir to lime n verse oi twt} 
from the Koran, watching the cvo1utii>n3 of the j^old fish in a glojs 
gtobr; before Ihetn, or listening to Ihv warbling of tlie Dightlngaln 
jihove their head?. 

Such is Algiers of tlic prcifcnt d,\y] aplaccHhcic the invalid, 
or the man who is fond of a wandering life, may for a time live 
cheaper and more agreeably than on the uorthcm shore of the 
Mj^dileTTanean : a spot wbert* the (ounsE vAW find 3 di^al to amiiw 
4md interest him; bat if he wishes Lu study the nidve away fjoui dJI 
the luMirics of European civiGsation, he must lake tip hia abode tn 
the hiUs of Kabylia and wander amidsc the oases of the Sahara. 

Two Irish Songs. 

CHONK! P:xtriclc Blalte, 
Vou'iL- afTup ta Dublin, 
And sure fur yuur sikc 
I'm the terrible trouble In ; 
For 1 thought thAt [ kncvr 

What my " Yes. " and my " No *' meant. 
Till 1 icicd it on ytju 
That miifortuniiic momcnl, 
JJui Bomehovv 1 find, 

Since 1 s«ni T'at am^aj, 
Musi be in niy mind 

J WBA wbhful lie'd 5UlJ. 

Whik ago the young rojue 

CiLine and si^fHy ^(coped over, 
And gave mc a poguc 

Ae I itTctchcd in the clover; 
How 1 boxed his two cars, 

And 3Xrd him " How dan: he ?" 
Now r 'd let him for yean — 

'Tis the way women vMiy ; 

For somehow I find, ^c* 

Oh, why wouldn't he wail. 

To put his fomethfT 
Upon [lie curEiplcte. 

WhcD wc boih were together? 
But no I PAtncl:, no ; 

Vmr must \viivc mc ccinsentuig 
Too early, and ao 

Kitty's late for repccting- 
For somehow I find, 

Sinre I 've stnt Pnt away. 
Must be in my mind 
I wu wi^lul he 'd 4Uiy. 


The GentUma^is Alagazim, 

Ob \ KiUy OTIca, 

I'm [he terrible trouble in, 
For you're at Rosibch 

And myself is in Dublin, 
Through misUtin^, bctE:id ! 

Your b[usli» oud that iiick 
Of ^gliing you h^ 
Showed ;i iofbiess for Patrick ; 
And yci ffoifi my mititJ 

A voice Bccms to apca^: — 

That sfit's /ifsid iff yau^ Slatf t" 

Oil ! Dubliti U grand. 

As all must fldcaowktlgc. 
With the JJanlt on one hand, 
0« the oiliet tlie Colle^jc. 
I'd bo proud ;o lie Mayor 

Of so splaidid Ji cily, 
Ijui I'd far sooQcr shAie 
A c;tbiu Aviili KiUy; 

And i may ho noime day. 

Fur llutt vuiec lq my uiiad 
Keeps seeming lo say ; — 
•■ Aftfr iUi sh/U bt Mtd." 

Oh 1 Dublin is fine 

With ber Eliijjg on ihe river, 
And !ier dcgaoi linr 

Of bridges for cvci. 
Bui, Kilty, my d-eitr, 

I'd cKcl^mge them this minute 
For our small little pier 

And ujy bout, and you ia !l 

And t mny ao some dftfj &C. 

Here youVe beuitifdl squares 

For n^ io be ^y in, 
Piumciiaidin^ in ^ai\% 

With the band muaic playing; 

UR National Coal Cellar. 

HERE <x3iild scarcely he tt more oUrming drcomsUnM, 
even in these sensaiional tinncs, ih-in for Briianni:! lo 
wnkt up some fine day ind discover tlut her i^oaX ccUar 
was empty, and that she hid worked a^^-ay at il so rx^ck- 
lessly and cnrd««sly ihaX th^re were i\o\ enctigh '^bhck diamonds" to 
lighuhe fire with, much less tosethcrfacioriesandrsulway? going. Itii ^ 
bad enough for ihe h{»aseholder lo be luM when he comes down ^^| 
ihc morning thAt the coala arc out, and that he will, con:^c*-jucntly, 
have lo hrealibst without a fire, even if he should be lucky eooJijh to oDtf in the kitchec wherewith lo boil the witer and make the 
toasl ; but it would be inf nitely worse For the millowner to find thil 
Ilia mil! cannot be ataj^tcd — for ihc travdlei to db^:avcr tliat no mla' 
or steamboat wiH tike its departure— for the miJhona of bauds wiucH 
earn their bread by mamifactimng and mcc-hanical industry I o hen 
ihflt there will he no bread Tot ihcm chat day, — all for the lark of, 
coab. Peu|jlc seldom think liow utterly England de]>eud5 upon 
primeval forests for everything that makes up national life; nnd! 
that if the alarm whicli has becfn raised of latti years wstv a tlMfi 
one, it wnuld be equivalent lo wying that her sta.T was set for ever; 
that [kot aU ihe jjatiioiism or the CTLpedicricy of the wisest st^lcsm^ 
that ever livcd^-not all the gctiius of the greatest inventor — ^not oil 
the talk of the most garrulous reformers could ever sel ber right 
again, or be worth to her as much as a tingle acre of liknk, 
smudgy coal. There can Le no doubt about it iJiat EngUnd'h truCj 
greatness Kcf, like Daniel Lnmbcrt's, in her inside; and once ti 
vacuum is there, she may take her nanic off the roll of naticna. 

When we come «o think of the interests involved in such a paa.i' 
bility, we caimct lie surprised lo find thai the subjett more or lert 
occupied the attention of scientific men for several years paat. oH 
thai the results of their ealculjLtions have not alio^ciher (allied with! 
each other. Stilt, though the inconsistencies have been so great a<j 
to cause people lo [looh-pooh the whole ihing, everybody lias con« 
to the same conclusion — that wc arc working away at our coal in an 
tKCOcdingly M'astelui fa&liion, that unless we alter our ways the dura- 
lion of oui coal Hmjplies will be very considerably eonailed^ and tl 
we may cvea feci the restriction in our own generation. It niay^, 


Our Naiwnal Coal Cdlar. 

indeed, be said thAi when Londoners arc paying nearly 408. per ICR 
forth^r co.ila in ihc summer seasoi the restriction has atrdcly com- 
menced; but as th^c unprecedented pritL-s do not arisi: *c much 
£r(»n any n^ Karcity. as from tlie di^tucbcd ^Litc uf the hbour 
mnrket, it dot-a not apply to the prest'nt Artuk. When we 
on gone, too, tliere ir« our Jicir^ to bi; thought c\ \ and wu are 
bound JU fln hnnett nation 10 remember gut posleniy^ although thrrc 
are, unfonLinAtcly, too many people whose motto is ^^ After uie, the 

Although this cool quwtion htuj bei'n a favouril* subject with 
many giXJlogkr* .nnd physioisi*, k waTcely cook \ dc?rtnit(^ shape 
LDlIt Mr, Hull, []jc prvficiil Director cf the Iiish Gcolo^l*^ Suivcy, 
vrocchij very intcrcMin;; ItUlcworkonihcCooItiddiofGrcEU BriuiiT), 
in which be hxcd thc! probable diirilton of our iuppliet at 45&yc;irt. 

Sir Wm. Anniiiroflg, the l^rwident of the Kriiiih Astociadon, 
duriui; 11* sc^ioQ at NewCiisdoHJU'Tyae, in i3Gj, made « great point 
of thia qucatioi). And argued it at considerable length in hb opening 
addicts \ luid thia wm followed up two yc^rs afterwards in an 
cthaiKrive trtafUe by Prof Jcvons, of Owen* College, Manrhestcr. 
So fir the mlijitl h;id only rca[;hcij the stige of nrdin.iry sciL-ntific 
ducu>:tion, in which each man thought and spoke as was right io hit 
own eye* ; »nd a» there were no strtcdy elaborated data upon which 
emulations could bo founded, it is no wonder ih:it the hgure« 
dilTeic^ from tMch odier n»ost ^ma^ingly, as we sec by the following 
ubic of the Jesuits of various observers i — 




DunilvB 'ii Siipplj. 






























Soon udtt the dare of tlib last author, it speedily bee^iiTie of 
lUlMiaal importance for U5 to know as definitely aa poarsibEe how 
much coal wa-i left in the cellar, and the rate at which wc could 
afiOTd to take it iway 3 and a Royal Commitsiou was appointed in 
1S66, with powers 10 ftilly icvestignte Uic stibject in all its beiu-iri^, 
and Ic Ulic such ullcrlot skps as might seem best. 

Bhic Booki ftTc unfottunateZy so v^bose and di^usive, acd indeed 

The GetttlemofCs Magazine. 


inoBi scieatffic wrilinp of Ihia class are ao technicil, that (Tie yeaerU 
reader is seldom ilik' or wHIi^jg li> |iick ijut the practi<::il and mlcrraU^I 
iag points from whal m.i> be ciUcd the prarcA^icnd portion ; xcd T 
pn^ioac lo sho'w in (his article ^& pEainly as possible the working and 
IVSqIig of this momentous irjrjuir}-, so thai we mtiy oaecrtiin, rth 
same dcgtcc of f»peci>iEon, how long we inny cxpca to ciijtiy th«t 
cmincndy Btitiah mstimtitm — ourfirwide. 

The Commi^l^[on, 'A'kit dtae regard to the im^ny collateral poistfl 
that WCTC certain to rrop up, commenced their iafjuirics under 
prinHp^l hrads, wbirh were :— 

-i^x. Ilfiw much cc^al doei the United Kingdom contiiln all 
and how much oi it ig avaiJuble ? 

vnd. Does ooaI exi«t under other strata, where we may reaiootbly 
cxp^et TO ger at it? 

jjd. At wliuil /Ale aic we nsmg our coal? 

4ih. How can we improve otir mode or woridnjc, and thujt ccono*^^ 
[disc it? 

Eac^ one or the&e qupiTlonft o]wned up s Inrge and iiuereitEBf] 
£eld in the various racnco of geology, [jolilical econoiuy, mcduuucK 
and slfitiBiicA, and ticccSAUaied tKc most ckboraLc orraDi^sicnt of 
divuiona] labour; for mih regard to tlie tirst q^iesiion olone^ there 
were thirry^evert eoalfitlds to Iw exntnincd, S^me of these, it xt 
tnie, were insgnlficiint in atea and. geologically ccjnndcrcd, were 
tucre onlliers of other larger busins. The lattvr, however, were » 
LDport^nt (hnt ih'.-y denunded c;irelal ^ub-di^'isioD, asststed by tlie 
pnid ^en"irc5 of professional experts. 

Before s^ing into die rrsulla of these inquiries^ my leaders may 
like to know how the process is arrived at of estimaung the quaotity 
of coal which is hidden in the bowels of the earth, and which wc 
cannot of course measure by actus.! niTe and line. Land can easily 
l^e measured, and the puu^ha^rr can Nciir> for himself the alateme^iU 
of the seller \ but it if quite diflcicnt with a coal property, which. ToTJ 
the time it lostii, is even more valuabie. But in reality il \^ a msitcr of 
very simple calculation, in which the area under whidi the coal* lie 
is first of al! computed — an easy laik, seeing lliat the progren of] 
geolo^cal knowledge enables \i% to define with the utmost cxictacsa 
tLie lioimdaries of oil our coalfield?, 'I'he nent [x>int is to OGt 
the number of seims of coal and their rL'speciive thicknesses ; ai 
here we may meet with a dif^cally, for il sdduin happens thai l) 
aame acam maintains catactly the same thiekncv in its tiourjc throvigh- 
fjjt> Tv-bo)e basm^somciimes it thins away to alrnoat nothing. whiJ« 
UJ3 ih^ cihct h^a^ it may become tqt^ indict t\ucker. Bu( the 


Our N'oHonal Coat Cellar. 



dlffuTiilhr i* mrt \ff tntmg omir Krnm wirh .infifhff and averagbg 
Uicm. Given, therefore, a ccrtAjn nnca *J^r pound and bu many 
scana ^<to. ic w caay lo compute how inony ocnrs of coal thcnr arc, 
and 10 rrijtjce iheni to tons nccording to the avem^ ihickne«i 
nf ihc seains- 0<"r:wifinaH)p it liiif |»m9 that the calculation is 
ibruptlj bteTfcrrd with hy what li known u a (^uIl, in whidir 
owing to certain physical diKturhances, the itcnni of coal may be (Hf- 
ftoced. Sooietim^ 3 seam -which ic all n^ht on one !ii<]t: the f^^iilt is 
UK to bf found At alt tipon thr oilier, while che {Iiip1;iremFmt puy 
wyfroina yardur two to t.oooft But, foituoately, aU these firnlts 
>fc noBTflo wcU krown b^-ouf mining cnginecm thai no firactica! 
Afficnlty iimci on thit score, Wliat, thcfcfcffe, i» done every day on 
t nnall cml propcny wa.% appTied li\ the whole country hy ihe Com- 
miaaion. snd ttie client of the hhtiur m^iy lie imagined when I 
tocniion t!iai the South Wales coaSficM (one of oar largest) roquired 
tvrfatj^m «epartie pJanv or sub-di^'bions, which, with th^ occozr- 
panyrng veninil sections and summarie!i, repr[>^cntefl a pile offigiot'^ 
sufficient 10 have diivcji even ihc calciiUting boy into a paroxysm of 

II1C ves^X of the eombincd inqniries on qne^tion 1 was that 
Grot Britain poiwvse^, mcireor les«, 146,430^000.000 tons of coal, of 
wfin:h 90,:f07,UDO,wjo tunn are iinineriLitely uvailablLV 1 will de^i! ituh 
this latter amount first, bcciuse it iatbciuatcnaUhati^actiidlE) It) hand, 
and at which we arc now working- Theoretically, howevci, we may 
add to it 7,330^40,733 10D1, which arc known to esiiEt in the i^amo 
collieiies, but tmi deep far ii* tii reac:h them in oiir prrM'ni sl^ir nf 
uiniiig knoTr]ed(;c ;and thijfaet opciu upadiacunionof the grcateist 
pvnable interest— vie,, how Uccp can we work ? — or, in oiIkt nordj^ 
what \% the greatest depih at which human life can etigt for at cert^un 
tfiglh nf riinc* \i i^ hHipvrd thai 4,000 ft, may be reached, ihough 
*kt present there i» ng colhcry in Dritain deeper ih,\Ti j,lj58 ft. (at 
Uldcio^eM in Cheshire f, and no mctitUiferous mine deeper than that 
ofGwconap in Cornwall, which ig 1^740 It^ so that evun on this point 
wcarefltin rather thL-orctical, and lire founding onrcalcidniiions com- 
pkcdy on pail experience. 

Ttw diffteully it almost entirely one of tcmperaiurc, which at 
30 (t deep is utually 50' Fihrenheitr hut after ti»ai puin! incnsua 
attliCf^eof r* CO every <5o ft. Tlie depth at which the tempe* 
nrtUTc would be irt blood heat, or <j8'', ia nearly 3,000 ft., and 
Dr. Sanderson, who heu paid much attcnritm to these maticrs, is of 
opinion that ii is not practicable to work at a tcrft\icnL\vrt^ ^tooxt 
blood heat, vttept ar vciy rfaon intervals. Al ^o«)tt.,^^ri^'iT^i 



tlic Ecmpcraturc would be i i<i% at whJcli work would Lc uupossiblc. 
It is iruc that men c^n cx&\ And work, under ccruin condmons, XX. 
even greater hc^t, such lu i^ found in gli^f hoiutcs, stokeholes, ct in 
tropic.Tl courtrit'Ti ; b>iL the ilir in these cases is <iry, and Gin be boiniC 
much moie rc^iUily tliiiii nlicn « is humid or mobt. It Is Uuc, aba, 
thai in a copper n^mc in Cornwall of ^cat dcpth> ivlicrc also a hot 
£pnng existed, the temperature near the spring was 1 1 7", and Ul9 AJft 
moreover, was m&iii; but in rhis particular iottance the workmen 
could Tctiic ifi!iUnt1y into fresh air, though cv«n with tliu sdvonui^e 
Ihcy could only work for three hours out i>f the twcnty'four Kvctt 
supposing a parallel case to eitlst In a coal mine of thU depth, I 
shoiiltl like to know wx whol jirice we should get our f^oak, if the 
colliers could only work for lliis hiicf spell of lime. Again, when 
pits arc not of very j^at depth, it b eonamon to find two or more 
sliafis sunk on the same property, by v/hich a better gystcni of vtnii' 
Uuuii is set-urtd ; bui in a c.T_sci of a depth of 3.000 or more feet, the 
expense would forbid more than one shaft, and coflscijucntly a large 
coal arcn, wlucb from the increased depth and («nipcrature dciitandfi 
the maximum of ventilalion, would be inore likely on accouat of thil 
cxptnie In obtain the niinimmn, F very colliery owner know^ Thai 
ihc deeper is hi* pit and ihc more extensive are the workings, the 
gre^ti^r :tre tli« ribkfi of danger and ihe coat of brtn^-hig out the coa]9. 
There \% certainly Uiia 10 tic said, that iii general we find that the 
deepest pits arc tlie drir^t, and therefore Uje high teniperature ca& be 
better put lip with in them than in shallower piL^, where ihe-air U 
tDoister; but even making allowance for tliis, I fear that we must far 
the present dismiss ihc 7,330,840,73? tons whioVi lie bdow 4,000 fi., 
as utterly itnpraclicable, and also ft good^share of thai which lii^ 
between 3,000 ft and 4,000 ft 

Still it was by no means unreasonable of the Coimnis^on to 
Include these depth* within rt practicable possibility, for our scientific 
mearis of ajjplitation incrcj.*e so fast Ihal there is no saying whether, 
by the time that wc w^ni these coaK we £^al] nol be In a position to 
work them economically, and with due regard to lite. It »ecm» 10 
me that the coal-cutting machine will he the princiiml means to this 
end, by doing away with the nttessily of cmployiun so niany rollirn, 
and by introducing the n^oet complete form of vcndbtion, through 
the compressed air with which the marhlne i% worked, He would 
indeed be a rash man who would dare to predict what the neit 
hundred years may bring forth in the way of technical inventions j 
iind, fortunately for us, ilut date comes within the period during whidi 
^v^n the greatest aiarmists allow ua t^iil use of our present supplies. 

Our Natwnal Coal Cellar. 


To i<»lvc the dit&culty of ascertaining that thctc wcne 56,275,^00,00^ 
tons of coal lying muJer {fihtrtVnXA than thoicc of the coal-bc^u'cnifGnL, 
w;u cdiiuiihI ld four of our tiiost entuirni geologists ^ rraranon 
lUroM)'. Jukes *CL<i Gcikic, and Mth Prcftlwich — Mr Hull l&kiiig 
Mr Jukcs^s pUceat hin duMlh-this pari of thctiucfition ht\r\^ one 
of pUTo ftcicncc rather than of minittg cxpcricm^, ThcTc tis no 
cccaidan fcir mc in the jircsent artldc: tri gi> into ihr many throiic^ 
About the deposition of coal (on whii^h, al^ct all, geobgiKl^ arc 
tolerablj wcU AgnKd), but it wlII kuI&cc to state bricBy thai when tbc 
coalBeL<Ja wv*onginai1/fonncd, cad) scam was t:^d liori^odt^lyover 
its prrdrreuor, «F^rntal by a vriryini^ masr« of wh:iT ik^\ afEcrwards 
und^toDc '"Lod j^l^tc. Disturbancci eventually ar\Mc ia tbc interior 
(jf the canh, and the once imooih andhcTUoncal bedswerrrnhnkcnup 
in ail Mrtx of cun'fA and rolJM, Like a scrip's oC billows at \ttxi. Then, 
in courve <A a{^e«», anoilK.-r dcmenr cam^ inio pby^ ivhicb badly mier- 
l^d witb ihc ic^ultft sliapc <uid oullioc of wlui I iidy call thcic 
coal w«>cft, vi^,, the cicmcot of dcnudalion, by wl^ich tbc bi>chc»t and 
tnoat exposed portion of the licamR, which were of courvc the topA of 
the wave^, wrrc wiUcd^ ground dciwn, and carried aw^y by the action 
of wain or ire Ie) }ipI[) fitmi iht niatrrial for the wf^ mmX^ that 
were lo luccced; and the result of oil thid nanuaJiy was that a 
■* solution of continuity " (tn medical lanjpiaj^e) occurrwl by the 
destruction of tb^; top of the curve, leaving the tower or prot?ct4d 
l>0Tiion uiiioached; cncb of these portions, therefore, bccAmc a 
nqMiatc Loal b*Hik. 

In the eounc of j^eologicol ages the ^ata of the nenr worlds 
OdJod the rcrmiin and Ntw Red Sandstone were afterward* de- 
pooled hon/oiiuilty 011 tbc uptiirtkcd L*dgL-6 of the cixtl buain, 
or, OS gcolo(;i!»U c:xLt it. unconfeirmably. Some of these newer focla 
tivc dicnuGlvcf been carried away by dcnLidaiinn, while others have 
bveo Left, and it is therefore easy to «ee how a considerable tract of 
Pf rmian or Kew Red Sanditune may overlie and coticml > volume 

ll hecocaes, therefore, a aimptc qucaiioti of f^eolo^cal mca^uTv- 
ment as to ttie thidtntts of l})esc supcriicml coverings, and oJ calcu- 
latiofk a* to whether the game is worth rhc candle — or, in other 
vtirdB, wlict^ier il will pity to sink through them to the coal beneath. 
It ist 04" cotinc, an expensive proceeding, according to the amount of 
rode to b« bored through ; but it has already be«n dont fiuccecalully 
by the Duke of Xewca^Ele at !?bireoak5 in Notringhnnislme, where 
the top hanl measure of coal was icadicd ui 515 yiiiU', Awi visiJ Xs"^ 
Eail Granville on bin cooJ piropcrty m SLuropshirc 'the va^e. <A '^x'^ 
Vat JOL, N^ iS^l. V 

Tie GmtlmtafCs Afagastn^. 

£cologic;il knawledge is therefore completely t!emoti«tra£ed by 
aakwuming ihat there are 51^,2 73, ooOhOOO toua lying midef tin 
newer rocks, lo be won some day or other. Professor fUuisajt 
in a recent address 10 the Dudley Geological Society, declared ih^ 
more coal by xl workable depths ihan appcarttl in the fields. The 
Souih Slaffordsbire fitld was SLipposed to contain 3,201,673^31^ ton*, 
bui bcni^alh the Permian beds adjoining were 10,380,000^000 lona^H 
the Warwickshire field contained ^%%^6^z^^ii, tons, bat the con*^ 
cealed ar^Ji 1,4 9 4, 000,000 tons; the Ltice^ter^hire l^cld heU 
^J*^*799'734 ^**'*^» while beneath thL- P*fmiij*n wt'r<_' 1,7^)0,000,000 
tons. Cut gcologlsls have been bolder iIjuil even tlil5, and LivCh 
nrgucd from collateral signs And appenranci^s in other places th4d| 
coal may exist in districts whkh have hitherto been considered 
perfei-'tly guiltless uf it. What should we say if we were told 
that .a productive coalpit might possibly be »unk near tendon? 
And yel this is held out to us in sober earnest by Mt 
Godwen Auiten^ who, reasoning from the (act ihat coal is ioiind 
under the chullc in Francej wtihin thirty mile* cf Calais, argue* 
that the ieuns probably set in again nearer Calais, *" J arc prolonged 
up the line of the Thamci valley parallel with llic Norlli Downs — b 
fact, thnl the Belgian, French, and Knglish conlfitJds were all oncc 
4^0Dtinuoits, and that our presetit basins are mere fragments of them. 
Mr Pfestwich also Agrees with Lhis view, and believes thai coal may 
be found in ihc south of England at a depth of from 1,000 to j.aoo 
feet it is fair to statc^ on the other hand, that tlic late Sir Roderick.^ 
MuTchison dissented from this view; but the statements of tb^| 
eminent geologist-* lo whom I have referred are 5[> wdl reasoned mrt, 
Uiat I consider ibcm to be at least possible, if not altogether 
probabk; and if there ever was a ease where a ecvtain sum of 
national money might be devoted to a speculation in consideration of 
the possible cnotnious value to be rcalisefJ, t think we have one here, 
in the fihftpe of half a dofcn trial shafts in ccitaiik localities to be 
indicated by those geologists, f t,Thaps llic Ciuuinel tunnel scheme 
may give us sotnethlog more than a tunnel — it tnny give us indi- 
cations of a coalfield^ ahhough, as the rninngq :9rc to be rnadff 
entirely ttirougb the grey cha1k> they are nut likely to be dci'iJ Plough 
foa any other purpose. What a godsend to I,ondoncr» would a coal- 
pit be within tliirty or forty miles of l^ndon 1 and what a thrill of 
tenor il would strike into the hearts of the coal owners and oojil 
merch,^ni&, who at t>Fc:»cut havL- us citlirely at their juercy and faltafl 
upon ua ! ^^ 

Qtje&iiou 3 is A most important one, vis. — At vrhat tAXt are irfi 
vorJcing dut coal ? or, in other words, the ^ncftiion of wine. Hui, 

Our National Coal Cellar. 575 

^igain, nccci?iiutcs a division of inquiry : into the waste of working 
And the wfliie in ming, Tl>e former of rhuic two pointK Ir airi<:tly pro- 
fcviiurial, and I hIeuII rherrfure Iff brief witli ii j but in ihr oihir wc 
arc all imtrcslcd, and must of us have lo try Vcuavi: froin !bc 
great Tnillio]i:Lirc %vho f mploy^ ten thousand men in lib iron furnitceit, 
tiown 10 P:tlcr^miJia6, who dftennines^ come whAt will, that he wslt 
hn%-c a ffiiod fittr oft^r dinner iind mjike himself comforuhle. With 
reguxl to wiutc in wurking, ^1 ccliicrics arc nut v^'orked on the sjnie 
method, but the djff^-rcnt cc-vlficlds have diftcrcnt systems, and ao 
mradirnK have neighbouring cnllitries in the sinn; field, according 
to the thickness and character of the cu^b. Speaking hrnndl/^ fhc 
two systems mo^t commooly in use in Great Biiuir Arc thoHC of ihc 
'^ pillar and stall" and Ihc 'MongAvalL" In the pillir and sIaII 
method, the coaJ is eitcavated from a certiin area, piUATs or props of 
eorti ^M.'ing left preriy freely lo keep the rocf from falling in, thus 
^ocuiiiig die ^et>' of the t.olHeis, ^Lnd prevcnun^ ihc eod ilsdr ftuiu 
bcinfi crushed. This system is prevalent mostly iii ihc NewuifttU 
and tht northern basins. On the longwaU tyctem the coal in worked 
ay^l^maiically in one open face, with litlfe gallcrie* or '^hciidtngs" 
nm into it, the propping up of the roof Lcnig pcrfaoncd Ijy limTier, 
JO thit no coal 15 obliged to be lcl\ behind^ I'lm is considered the 
meet cconomifialard safest method of working, as the task of extract- 
ing the coal thnit fnmis the pillare is *o eTreedingty dangerous that 
It U generaUy a Hobaon's choice to leave tliein wIkic tlicy ore, ihus 
creating *** unavoidable n-asle, Agi-tin, in consci^ncnee of neglect 
O* sullicieni propping, whether it be by ci:ii!A or timber, an immense 
quntlty of i^mall r<:al is made nndcrgroimd Jnd left ihere; while, 
Above K^ound, the waste in small by careless handpicking nnd 
screeninic is something enormous. At the mouths of most pits small 
coaI was until \-cry lately a perfect nuisance, and was scarcely 
thought wonh the loading; bui colliery owner* have begun to find 
out dial there are meaits of utULiing it and makin];' ll [^y, jusl aii 
llicjr do the larf,"c coal, V,iriou* plans ire nov in U5C for nii\in^ die 
BOaJl vidi some bimminouE substanc.o and then ccmiiressini; it by 
irabchincry into blocks, by which it \^ made portable and worth its 
CAfriagr. This Is the origin of most of the '* patent fuels " now 
in the market There aie also other technical reasons for the waste 
of cod in the working Sometimes two colliery owners cannot a^rce 
upon a joiDieourse of action lo keep the ivater out of thrirrMpcciive 
pfOperties, a'* ha* latrly l^i-n the case ui a great culcnt in North Siaf* 
iurdaliiiCt Here ihccoal owners have been such jCnilouit idiotn thatthry 
liArc ^owcd ocrcA upon acres ot coal lo be flooded and pit afler pit 
to be stopped rather than put their hands in their pockeu a^t<^;cvtj& 


The Gmilefnaris Magazine, 

And cfttibli^b a B^tcmatic process of pumping und druBinjf;. The 
ftubacnption of a, inf hundreds irom each coaL owner involved would 
have prevented ihc !css of some hunclrMt of ihoiitand^ of ftouodt, thai 
ibhA m^ibly Like place befoit: lite Nojth Su^rd^jhirc field is dry 
Agun. Ii \i nol re-iuUitc Jbr n^c to p^inuc this cmbjcct ol wsuW m 
working, but i}ie value of the question is evident Iroin the rqxwtol 
Ihe CcHtimisiion, ivhich says :*—" At prewni, under fnvoiinihln Kyttrnm 
of working tlic oidinary and imavoid^blc loss \i. n)>ot]t U-n i>cr eenL* 
vhilfil, in d Urgcr nutnbcr of Jostancca, when the sy^Xctn of woftnog 
practised is not tailed to the pecuLLarit]«!& of Uie seam*, tlte ordiauy 
w;iste and loss amount (o ^omcrLTncs a» rnurh as foTty por fern." 

Waste in llic u^c of clmI is, unliiippily, aluio^t uiiivcnAl ; and licfc 

it would sccci thai Lbcory i« very far in fldvAnce of pntnicc* fcf, 

t)iedretkc:]diyr n pound of pure coal U equal to the power of liimiS lb. one foot high, and sliuuld ev.iponr*' ij \\x oi water; 

whcreit» ttx practkc it b.-u never llftrd ^bovc i,joo,ccjo lU, ov cvi- 

pomted^llx of w^ttr. and ihbuitder ih« most tivounblecoodiinnft, 

At ngauds OUT Qunu faeuiring waste, the ironmasters until reccnily hive 

been the greatest defaulters, and from ignorance of Ibe ccooiomjr of 

fuel, and ctitkdSDcaa eDgcndcicd by having auch iramcnse suppfia 

«t their diapofiol, they have wasted znilUons and millions of tcviu Bui 

tiw science ot mecaJltirgy is now bettt^r undeniood, and great reloniu 

b;;ve Iitken jjlLtrt- wiihin Ihi? \asl U.'w )e;iT^ Hot air h,u been tDlny 

duced bio the blast furnacci iuatcad of cold air, und, :»tiU tttort 

leccntly^ the waste gas^s t^hich ^ciped from the lop of the fumuc 

and lighted up the country for miles roimd have been inCercepl«d by 

ftliind cf eitit;£ubher and conveyeii henraEh Ehr lioiirr, where thfj 

arc mode to do duty instead of coid m heating It, Most of the for 

iuLce« in Souib Wales arc now htvLiod in ibis manner, but in SotithStaf^ 

fordflhire the old s}-;iem issiill mu<:h in vogue, and tbe bbck Cctiotiyt 

which tfi to intensely dmry T>y day, i^ lighted iip gni&dly at aigh^ 

though it a very conoid ct^iblc expense The iivic aud sJmpe 4jf ilic 

fuTTioccs, too, aire matters which are belter uiider>toGd, and it is 

stated Hat within the lui tefi years a. taving of twenty |>cr cCTt is 

tTiv eoti4jm|>[iQn of rtat] hita t:)l(en phce, eombined, too, wiih as 

incicj^ m the nmke of iron. Id lJic puddliii)' for|;e?t utid mlHni 

millr; there i,'; 4till much room for imprcvetnet^l. fur Mr. McnddM^ 

the mgjijjicr of the UowhU ^Vorks iq South WsJe«, tetis o« that by 

ailowing ttu? heMed ^ic% to leave the furnaces at ne^trly the tcnpe- 

ntuic of melting Jion, ttuffiiienl hc^tting power i» waatcd lo prndure 

all the steam rc^tuircd, without any additional cool, and thai in this 

diMiict :Joau a quoitcrof a milJiortof tons ia annually iBcd in Ihcse 

fef^es whidi ou^t all to Ik vivcd. CoiUtdciijDg, thcrafon;, that 


Ohk Natwnal Coai Cf/Jar, 

^ht 6,743 pu^dLm^ fumacci; at work in 1S69, a very few ocl/ had 
adO|Hc^l aiiy uraiig<--mi;ni (or tttilJ^tin j this heat, it will be at oticc 
st€a Uut A l«iTL&c ironic is httc icprtsc&tcd. MeclunioJ invcnUon* 
however, is oow fully ;i( work, and what with the improvemcnta la 
fufittCM, to A8 CO secure tuoro perfect combustion, nwd th« adoption 
of Dxnk'« Of Dormo/s nrw mrchanicjJ puddling foTgrs which ii likely 
I0 uke pUicc, iJic whole of lliia bnuidi of t1i<^ lion Uadc m^y be Mid to 
be in A aUtc of trausilion for the better. The same may be aaid of the 
Mttl nHUUiliicuirei in which Slchlvii^'s rc^gen^jtiiif; ^ub furn^c is play- 
ing on imporuni pit ; or Elic ffii.K and poiicry trader, u'^iere ^reM 
economy \& inLioduccd by Jloflki&ii'ft kilos, a rkxIcI of whiJi wu in 
luc years exhibition at ^outh KcnjiinjctoD. On our rftilwaya, looh, 
gre&tt&ving Ins been cfi'cctcd by the i»e of coil ifistcad of coke, utd 
k if toad thai iht tonl bill of thtf Souih Wtrsteni CoiQpnny i« ^30,000 
a JVM lc3» LU coQHeqLicnci; i>f ihb- 1 bclit-'vc^. by ihc way, that the 
Ad which cblixcA ruilwuy compAniea to bum ct^kc only in ttiU in 
force, although io tuch a casi; a« this one would scarcely wish the Uw 
to be respected- The ii6n rude alone cnnEumes jiboul ^5,000,090 
rooift flf okU cYcry yc;iT, and tbc ^liaiitiiy usctl in tlom(:siic hikI other 
ttttAuIoc curing {lurpo^i is upU'atd^ of 60,000,000 toos; jnd if we cut 
tave 35 Of 30 per cent^ wiihout iaterferiAg with the retiuliSi, the 
lurioiuj iniponaocc of thii investigation c^n sctrcely be ovennted. 
To cotne neiuor humr, nearly t-very Ruj;li*h hoiischolJer Jk u coal 
wjBicrr And will continue to be »o imiil he \s freed Irom the thj^dom 
of the iiEnoAoAt builder, and ic' himself educated to know that the 
ofdinjjy ope» firtpbcc i% wroni* in prindple, as a maitcr of health, 
and utterly waitirful in ii^ con unci ion. Dr. ArtiulL showed long 
ago lluit the true way W44 10 liijlit the fiic at the top, and gradually 
raiM ihe co*l aa it buni& down, »o thnt the con! below, bcio>( heated 
by the lighted eoalabove, diBtiU itt v^tpour through it, and thus adda 
M> the best inttcfld of giving forth ^mokt-- — forKmiikrj it niintioE lie too 
widely known, is heat and ponei in tlie wrong pl^ce. But an 
BngliBhWD ha« been broui^ht up to believe ihiii unless he hu a 
broad. Ofien lutplace, witb plenty of smoke going up tite chimnvy, 
aud suflkicnt room for him to ttard in his f^voijriic Mntudc and boak 
id the lieat « itrj^ be ic deprived of hLi birthright, and it will lake 
agrcM fmay Dr- Amotts to convince him thai he b wrong, and 
douUe chat munbcr to induce him to alter hm ways even aJtcr 

Id cooduiun, I must brlclly loucTi on the JuiaLiuu of time wluch 
n^y ponifaly clapic before that f^tal day arrivcn when cur coal 
cellaia uc dedarod to be empty. Profe»or Jcvota'^ cATCH^'iuxvyE^ 
of tio y9»n itf happily discarded as That of an alu.tTe^^, ^i:v\ nxw 



Th£ Gmtlimatis Magasme. 

clabomte cmcs has been consmicled for the Commii&km by 
Price Williams, on the principle of dimmishing rateft of increase in 
tlie consumplion ;tccontiiig fo thr |joputatiuii» for he considers ihjU 
during tlic 1^^ few yt^iis ilic annual incrcA^C has pavscd through a 
maximum point, and that it i^ tow diminishing, and is hkely to do vx 
On this calculation he is en.abled to tx the daEc of exhaustion al j6o 
years. According to another or arithmetical com piHa lion the coal will 
on]>ljut ^76 years, though it may c^iually happen ihat the poptiUuott 
and the consumption of coal may remain constant, or onty 0«<ilUtC^ 
aud ii] this case we have coiil enough for 1,273 y^^^- The Commic- 
sioners very properly observe thai *' whatever view^ mny be I4iccn oT 
the <]uestion of duration of coal, the results will be subject to 
tirjgcncics wKich cannot in any decree be foreseen. On the 
hand the tale of eousuniptti^n may be thrown back to any extent 
adverse circumstances afTecting our ration^kl ptofpetiiy ; and, 00 di 
other band, new disLOvericji and dcvelojimenls in new direcDofif 
^ac to produce a comr^Liy effect upon the coiuunnplion of coiL 
Every hypothesis must be speculative, but it ig cectain that if the 
present rale of increase in the consumption be indefinitely continued, 
even in an approximaie degree, the progress ti^wanls tljc rxliatj^tictn 
of our coal i^ill be very rapid, though ihQ ahtiplait exhaustion 
A stage wbicli will probably never be reached." Jn one sense tbf' 
"adverse circumstances" have already happened, ahhough they 
cannot be said to be as yet affecting onr nalionnl pfospctiiy; hut in 
the month of July la^l so ^mall woti the output of our northere 
collieries, from strikes and disinctination of the highly-paid collien 
work, tliai the traffic on the Soi.ith Durham and Norib Yorkihi 
lines was less by 14,000 tons a week chun in the corresjion 
«8dk of the year before • Now, dioogh the sentence jusi q;>otcd 
ftom the Report of the Commission is only another way ci 
saying scientihcnlly that we know very little of what is going 
to happen, no one can deny that a great national diLty lus beCR 
perfomtcd in drawing alteatiou to the subji'cl. even a^ a prcvcnii 
mcaauFc. It ia not likely that we shall ever come to grief for 
of coal, for when out own is done there arc the inexhaustible 
ofNova Scotia acd North America to fall back upon, even suppwi 
we have not learnt to do without coal by substituting dectricitfi 
magnetism, psychic force, or, more simple siill. abstracting some 
gloinng hydrogen vapour &om the aun. AVTio knows? 

Phillips Bktax, F.O.S. 




* S« ZVflwr. JnJy JO. T*;a- 


Great Yarmouth • 

HERE is, perhap*, in all the caKtcm couni 

of l^nglftndr no placf^ Tnort- wotil^y of a vii 

from the cliLnsic antiquary tiion Varmoutlu Ila 

ccttntric growth :intl formation upon a aindy 

dclMat ilie mouTh of three rivers — the Wiveney, 

the WanNutn. fmd tlte Biirc s its connection in 

turn with Roman, Danifih, and SfUton history; 

the curious disposition of it* narrow strceti or " rows,'* as ihcy arc 

lermtd, at right aiif^Iri Lo each tjthcr, with the hoLi^ei plaittcd so 

closely that in many of ihcm It u ahi^ost possible to ihnkc hands out 

of the upper winilo*^ ; ha Jiemng fisliery, its heiring curing iuduBtiy, 

ond :he quaint old habits nnd customs which still eurvive in these 

oncK-m " rowi" — aU conilpiiic :o invest the fair toftii of '' Ycrmuthc " 

with an interest peculiarly iu own, And to render it woriliy of a 

Btcmn "penetration" by n local aatiquixry of high uttaanmcats, such 

w 11 lua found in Mr. Palmer. 

We arc not iliout to give an epitome of the hiitcry and antiquities 
of Yanntjuth, ftjr wliith, indeed, we have neither spate nor liinc ; but, 
taking Mr. ralracr'a *' Perlusiration " as our piidc, wc will endeavour 
to give our read<i^ a brief <lescript ion of this ancient place, and of 

The Ihia^ ctdvnt 

Oiir readeiH will see at oner thai the historical associations of 
Great Yarmouth mc ndthtr few nor pooN 

Mr. Pdiner, following the best auihoriticsi identities Burgh Castle 
viiVti the Gariononum of the Romans, who had also their tssfiva, or 
mmmGTCitTnp, at Ctifitor. Almojit h--vlfway between ih^ two plarea, 
aj >^ca[s rolled on, the three rivets began to deposit krge lieups of 
aand and other tifirss at the entrance of the estuary wlicre they 
debouched ; and a* itiese ridges of sand formed a convenient spot for 
ihc hardy fishermen to dry their nets upon^ there gradu.illy spring tip 
;l town, whoite tJihatiitantb were of the old Saxcii stotik. planted there 
by Ccrdic and hiit followent, with a strong infusion of the Danish 
element also. It wajf not very long before the date of tlie Norman 

■ Tht PolHKirftifon of Great Yannotich. wkth Gedcitoo arul Soutbtown. Bt 
C J. Palmer, F.S.A. (G^at VdRnnith: &. Ndl, lS7J,| 

^^ ^ ^ 

The Gejitlcntitns Magazine. 



Conquett that ilii: firsi houses came to bt eiecioJ ou ihe fcxntly sirip 
vri>ca(h beitvei.'n the Hvc^rx :ilreiidy ineit1roni.'cl :eii(I thcr sra ; luuI t!ic 
result was lliat in tlic i]^y« of Edward ttic Confcuor the town 
reckoned '^sev'enty burgesses, * In tJic next century Herbert dt 
Loinng;:k, Bishop of Norvrich, built, for the bcodit of the ^1 
mm .inc] liurgesses. a chttTch dcilicait-d to their paircin Kiiiit* St! 
Nicholas ; aJid sliortly ;iftenv4i£ds the teb^ious grdera of the duty 
to settle thcrcp They appear to have divided the town b^vet 
them : the Uominicans or Blocle Fiiajs taking the ^outh, tT 
Franchcan! ot Grey Fnara the centre, the CisTcrci.ins or ^Vhi(r Fn'rii 
ihciioiili, while ihc Auguiiimans settled in the suburbs of GorlcjlOE 
And Soiithiown. 

Jb con*cqueoce of the coiicourBB of fishermen from difftrent part* 
of Rngliinil— e^ipt'ckilly, a.i st:itt'(] fn thr records of the 1»oruiigh. fkmi 
the CiLiquc' Furia — the baronii of Ihe latter tuuna )^iadu^ly coQtmcd 
to establish and to exercise a jumdiciion cf their own, sending thdv 
*'baihff£" ro fltletid the fishery for forty dctys in each year during ifitf 
herring sc;ison. The good tcwn of Yjirmouth, howL-ver, w»t too 
spirited nnd indcpiMidcni to '^pbiy sctxind fiddle*' to thr mc^ nf Kcirf^| 
and Sussex ; and. at the requc&t of its inhabitontA. flenry 1. in& 
KTicioualy pleased to invest one of the reitdirnta with the authority 
of provoftt or mayor, the choice of the officer lying with ilic bui^en«t. 
Under rliis ri^tme ihe town rominnrd to cAi*t .ind (n llrjarish vinttl 
the reign of King John, ^ho, nith afl hi!> follies. wa» wi:ic enough to 
sec :hc advaniagc of incorporating the rising towni in hii dumimMiti 
,nnd especially ihe se^iports. He acoordingly gTiimcd to the buf^gcwe* 
of Yumioutb a charter, the ortgmal of which is sttll kept id the 
Guildhall, ^ind exhibited nitb pHdc. A» an immcdifttc consequence 
of this charter, the good town speedily roite in the tonnage of ilt, 
vesselB and in independence of charactei, *o that \n the course of 
thirlecnlh and fourletnth cculuiic^ it Ixrt^nue llic inobt Inipoit^&itt 
port between the ThjHic* and the Humbcr, 

ITic next step in the history ot' the to^vn ir the Uccncc which iU 
bufgessr^ obfainecl fx&m Hcniy fJI. to fortify it with uratti and 
towcf-H and a moaL The n)oalhiis long since been filled up \ buiufiis 
ten gates and sixteen to^vc^3, and j.joo yards of walls, Ac^<nJ 
portions arc standing, n^ore or less entire- Upon ihc interveiting 
space between the easieni aiill and the sea — a piece of gmiffld 
nboitt a <jii;irier of a mile in width, rendered lure by the rct:rding of 
tlic waves — the modem 1ot\n of Yannouth i^ built, its noble nuri&i 
drive stretching for &onic mile and a half pleiiaoUy along by 




Crmi Yai^mcuth. 

28 r 

Ia iIlc middle of ihc town, os i^Hjr author tcUa, upon IbfiUkUiflrily 
gf 51lDshi|9| there vstt formerly *' :i cutic cr luilttiiry rorvteic^" It 
<lood tic-ir Row No. 99 (which *ei11 Lein ilie name af I'he Castle 
Rcjv), iiul consiMol uT a sqii;iri: Uiiltliug or kcc|^ having: a lurid or 
wifich'tovrcT at cich comer, of wliicb tJic tubjobcd la an illustriiuon. 

Thccintlciratt in avcryniin-^ 
oils cAndidoii tDWArth the 
middle uf the autecutlj urn- 
turj^ when it was ccmrcycd 
to the corporaiLon, who wtra 
do^irow* of mnvming ic 
into a gJid, und jiri-jj)Ohcd 
holding thcif cotiriK there* 
To thi4 end it wui putiaU/ 
rebuiit jAt\ strength f Tied, 
but il &ucnib ti> luivt htrcn 
.3- in too rvilaoos & Jitatc to be 
converted to the purpottes 
TAWiouTH CAmt. (itTH ctwfivj, intended; and, after t-civba 

for w>Tnc time Sl->; .1 beiron'toAer^ it vis finally ilcFncifklied About 

Prior to the introdiiction of gunpowder, the waliii of the town, aa 
they then f^iooJ, wt^rr diTzned a mfBcitiiL |iroteciL(jn 10 Lhi* 
inh2bit;inti fhJtii Ai iibaulca lEuU were likely lu befall theiu ; bul 
vpoQ the dcclanitioa of wir o^^inat France iuid ScotUnd by 
H«My Vlll., il WU4 considered Advisable 10 litrengthen the foitihcA- 
lum by the er<x:tion of ncver^I iddirionnl outworki, the wnll* of the 
ca>t vde being tavnparted up, A11J bucked with eirth. ThcM workit 
were brought to a state of completion by Queen Eiirabctli ^ligrily 
before the conung oi th^ Spanish Amuda. After thti jiLarm ocoi- 
fliOncd by the SpnniRli AitnAd:i inibinded, the btirgcsses cf 
Vaimouth raised a huije moimd of caitii ouliide ilic souJhcrD gjic to 
cMimAnd the rircr jLnd the Souih Dcnen, crowning it with brgc 
pieces of ordoxncc : the place is still known as South Mciiut. U wa» 
by this (OuEhem gute iIlie Willfam IIL entered, when he Innded at 
Vmniuiuh in x^t}!^ on Hrbidt oixAsioalicU'issuinptuou&ly ciilerLuncd 
by ihe ntunicipal authoiiEJci- 

AJong the brosid csplAnod^ known as the South QuAy stand 
mtny of the m^Lniioni of the more wealthy inliabft^nu, and among 
them one formerly tenunled by Ireton or BraJ!»li:iw, whi(:]i ha» x 
tp«cin] inscrtst on account of it> Urge dmwing room \\^s\i\% been the 
rootn in which the execution of Charles 1. was ti:^Wi:jii ^^^ivv- 'WvA 


TA£ CintlHHs^t Magazine. 

house, which w&s restored to its oHginid condition a few years ^cc, 
wa* untji Utdy occupied by Mr, Chaikt J. Palmer, ES,A., thcaccom- 
pUsheil iiuthor af ihe Look whuh fimis ihe subject of ihrs notice?, who 
is well krowu 33 an sntL<)i.i[try» and as a man of }^eat Liste dcd public 
spiril ; nnd lo whose inl3uerce is mainly due the pTCierv.icioD of 
many antiquities reUting to Ih« borough and its imtneduie oeigh- 
bourhooi. Another bmldingworlhy of menliun on the South Quay 
is llie Stiir HolcU whicli contains some reiy tine tr^kcA^vb^, affordirg 
evidence— if any were wanted — of thtf wealth of the town a century 
or so ago, when ihe5;e m.ansions ivere occupied by the merchant 
princes of Yarmoiith- 

Tlic Town Udll, which also sUiiids upon the South Quay, yi^A built 
iQ 1716, and the Naval Hospitoi 0>*>^ occupied aa a Naval Lunatic 
Asylum) was erected tn i3o9>ii, :it a cost of ^[20,000^ Among llit' 
oihor fithJic bmldirg? of YaTmmitli we may mfntiar the AmioiiTy 
anij Na-vil Arsenal, built under Wyau fn 1806, when YHimiouih 
Roads were the head-quartan of the British Reel The place wu cnl' 
ciUated to hold stores for six Khips and six sbop^, and to,ooo £tnnd 
of arms; but the establishment was broken up about ten yeaw ago, 
when the place was turned into a militia barraiilc- Tlien there are Ihc 
Theatre, t>uilt in 177S ^ the Baths and Public Rooms adjoining; and 
the Cufitom House, a handsome building on iheSouih QvjaVr formeriy 
the residence of the Sayers family. 

The pariih dntruh, dedicated to St. Nicholas, \% a fine ctcsK' 
shaped buiMing, of nnusiully laigc dimensions, and formerly con- 
tained sixteen chai)els. Before the ReFormation th\G diureh wu 
rich in its decorations, and celebrated for the '* Miride Plays" 
peifoimed withiii its walls; but judging bmn the items enleitid in the 
church munimcnta still preserved, the chief glotj- of St. NichoLa*'! 
Chgrcli seemed to hn a a-rtain '^ Miraculous Star." One of the item* 
in these accounts menrions the '* leading in " of the Mimculous Star, 
and the inaking of a new one ; and another, the mnkfng of a *'- thread 
line '' and a new *' forelock " for the '^ Paschal," This church la said 
to have been formerly rich in monumental brasses ; but these relics of 
ether days were all removed in 1551, ^"d *' sent ctp to London to be 
cast into wei(^hL* for the use of the town.'* Within tlic last few yean 
the church has been lo a very great cjtteni restored. 

The vestry of the old unreatoted Church of St Nicholas waa 

removed in rS^tS ; it stood at the north-west comer of the north 

aisle, and was -(p|>roaclicd b^ staii^ as in the annexed engraving. 

The libmiy belonging to tlie church was kept 'v\ this vestry. 

tm^ H-.T* 3 vefj- £:(ieDsive and valuable one. The garden ground 

Gr€ai Yarm&titk. 

adjoining the diurch-yard of St, NichoUi once formc-3 part of ^t 
morufilic dcmcmc — a prioxy and church for monkR of Ehc ilcAcdictbc 

order, founded here tn iioo by Bishop 
Hcibcit dc IjoiingiL Jii iht-st gmunrfs 
iirc still standing many a pear aiid 
niulbcny tree planted by the monks of 
old, — atid one of The latter is said 10 
be ihe largest in the easi of F.ngland. 
'i'o<wArd:( the cDd of the last ^d bc£ii> 
HJng of the present century a conBidcr 
able jiddiTiijn <vi»s mJide to the importtnce 
nf Virmoiilh : for JE bcranif the chirf 
rcndezvoua for ihc flcti, *od Ndson 
(himself a Norfolk nmn) was frequently 
^tiying there. Jn honour of the grcAt 
iijv:il hero a tolumci wa^ eretted on 
the South Denes in i8i ?-i8, by a public subsoiplion in ibc county 
of Norfolk, 

The narrow lanes, or '* rows," whidi form the gicater part of 

Vflnnouth, Jtnr upwards of 150 in niimbrr, and very many of them 

iuvci pArti<:uktly foidgn appcoTAncc, They ate mostly impavedr 

j and >o nurow that common waggons and cart^ oinnot go up or 

j down tlicm ; but ^t people lut instead n cunous vehicle, called a 

Yjimiouih cait, consistiJi^ ofd ourrow frame, of whlcK the front p^ri 
cosiiilutcs t!ie thafts, while the hinder ]Jcirt rests upon a single pair 
of «1ieck One of these vehicles ia here represented; the cut bein% 
Ickdly Lent to ua by Mr. Palmer, 

Thi GiniUnmjis Maffasim, 

Mr PoJm-er tdls us in a feot-notc to bit notice of the mcrdiani 
priacet of Vinnouth thai it wm the I)^:lctic^^ iliiring Ihc foitrte^nilT 
and fifteenth c^nEmtc;^ for the principal tacri:liaJiu tu idupi a pcLuliar 
loark. by which their rcapcclivc |;co<l> were distiapiiilkcd. and with 
which they «e:ttc() thcfii, ^^ with tt com of' arrti*. 4ifttr the manacr of tfic 
tradC'inarlE^ cf mir ot^u time. These devico were (frticmlly B com' 
iMnalion of.i cmsa .'Uid ih^ itscr'^ iiiiLi;!^^ thus ^o^'ing ai monc^atia- 
Amonpt othpcra, Mr TAlmer f^tv^-i rcprc^icnliitioni cf the merduiAb' 
nurks utwd by the ^milies of JIOLrtiLmc^i^r Smith, Ellts, uitd i-'ca, 
which we here Tq)TOi:Ey<rf. 

Sftfnc of the merchants' marks appear to have been mere eltbo- 

mtely worked out, a* the accoripAnjing c!<'vic« vfUl , 

show; It is tngmvcd on ii Ting found ai Vanuouih^ /j 

jind biMis the lucrchani's nvirk, with the mirials, 

'^ C C-t" uid is »uppo9ed to have been the signet of 

Cha.rleB Gooch. who <Iied in 1650. The raonogrvn ^ 

w^tA by Gi'orge W;iri:J, anolher mcrchLtnl, itnd jij- '^ 

paieiiily a nuLU of some note in Vannouih, has also cngiaved and 

liAcd OA a seal : n representation of it b here given. 

It is unneccsuary in this brief notice of tlie town of 
Ynrmouth 10 do more than ^vl' a passii^g alluhion Eo 
iu haheiies, whiVh ask of ani^icnt celebrity; aoffice it 
10 say t!iat the mackerel fishery reahses mnny thou- 
sands ^nnn.tlly, ^md employs a large number of 
ves^ekj whilii ihc hetriug fishery it e»en 1 grraicr liOiirrc of pro5t 
to the towD, OS nculy double lUe Dtunbec of Loats ind hands are 
ertgiLgcd in it, 

jvoA, nowf when people are trying to make up their mind-i where la 
go, let one who knowq the Yarmouth water* advise a tour throng 
this moM inu-iesting di&tritL 


IHEN folIawK ihc patiionate piaycr 1 hav? TcfciTcd to, 
for on inierview with his **|jclnvpil,'* nml to ihar md 
he Inrokcj my grand niothcr'a prt-*cacc in lAinilon. This 
4.)ii^tion or her cumiag m iowti hai} bi'cn mi>i>(cd before, 
sinpl}' for ihc vnrieiy of the trip, and not in Any w*y Sn (Connection 
wiih Miss ColTins ; btir now RalrJi nol onlj *ccks lo kiiten her 
mOTcmcnt^. but to turn them to Uh own a^icoarki. 

"Bot now, my dear aum/ he proccedii, "about your visit to 
X^cmlon, Vou miwt ciwnr brforc my beloved leavM I^ndon. If 1 
do not 9<c bcr to have koitc liltlc fonvcnation nilli Iicr before fidic 
leaves tvondon I ^ni certain my TcclingTi will prove HiUlI to ay 

" IndL^etl 1 am lenoiis vh^ I ^ay ao — I knew not how suKceptiblc 
they were till 1 saw my pel in Rond Stieet hai SAtunlay ; and the 
pcHccI dcnngcmcnE cf i»y id&ts followed on thai cllmp«e (for 1 
can call it no more) ccm^inccA me that 1 dknnol lonjf contJimc itl the 
«lale I am at present 

" CouUI I havF Imt one bouA ttnin/tm/^eii arvfrtsn/im with 

J a (ail oppoitiinicy which ha* never but once occurred through 

the whole courts: of our acquaintance) 1 feci confident nekChcr Atr 
health nor miru vcnild be aiTccted of; it now \% ; buc if m:itiet« arc 
«i]IT«7rd t£i nmtimir as ihey now arc-j icithout errr hafiti^ such an 
f/tUrrttTTf, utsr^A inJ^rif have you ia drtadf^r noiit or t.v If nt could 
ooly hAVesuchaa mu-rvtcwevcrythui^mij^htatandas ii now docs;, and 
vc should vtill be happy and in ht^hf To vou, mytitar, titar attnt^ I 
look ftit ihis Hfffsuiry /'/I'tt ' I have not ihe hc*i(*prhing rnimtroanre 
of my adoicd Jciiunia to pkcc bcfoic you ; Lut, if llxcrc bt juiy 
hs^ogc of entreaty more urgent than another, let me uae it for ths 
(Oil There ire a IhoLiond channelft of appeal open to a tender 
bcart like youn, L>ut I will refriiin from usic^ ihein lo your dLntreM if 
ycu will cnly iS^^Mil elic tlii:* uiic re^ue^t HilLout it— im iniert-in' wUA 
my *jaitima f Tbts 1 muAt have \ indeed I must ! and if ^vOl 4i» ttf^ 
a«itt me to it I thall tealiy dread the cQEi&e<.\uin^cxv V !a& VA r«^ \ 


The CcittlcmarCs Magazine. 

I uzn not tlioughtlcsa -, but at Uies mt^mcnt I stc it 30 very poKsiblc 
thai 1 must entreat it from you agAin add iigaiti. 

"She hjj* pemiission lo sjicali to me if she mods mc. 1 vriJ] care- 
fully avoid this meeting Lill il can occur uudcr your Mc^^ctJ atispice^ 
and then indeed I A'ill promise to profit by il only under your dircC' 
tion for the happtncas of nil purlieb:. 

"1 (To noi wish (i> propose any alteraTirjn in present plans, but 
only 10 conuuuiic with tlml wntcd spirit— iodttd, / caAmi far with' 
out it i 

^' Frank tells mc she is looking very pile and unliRppy, God bnoivs 
she may weil look thus i But Gcd know?! also =hc would rot look 
ifius could $hc but Imvc one ^liorL hour's confiib wIUl iht; man of her 
choice- Ob. no, n9. no I Wc must mcctt dear Mn. Rcilly. indeed 
we must ; and il only renmina for }'ou to say hovr I '' 

This meeting* however. Mrs. RcillyptisistcnLiy dfclicitd lo fuitliCFi 
To com^ to London and escort Mis^ Collins, under the guise of Jl 
shopping c-xptditioo or some other such device, to a rcndej%'oiiji 
with thU p;issiunaie young luver — to wliti^e urdcnlly eipicssed de- 
sire for an clopenic^iil she almost yielded tluet or fc^ur manths bur 
— would have been, to say the least of it< a very hazardous adventure ; 
I so Mra. Reillj remained at Highnam, and the meeting— like ihai &o 

cageriy hoped-for liath eiccursion — never took place, 
I In Mr. Rotth's next letter, which is poaliua.rked ihe 6ih of April, 

t i8i8, be aJludca to a scolding he rcecived from his correspond cat. 
mo3t probably in nnstvcr to his liaring dem^tiid* and \ii\h of how he 
had nearly, but noi altogether, succeeded in snat*:hing stolen convcrte 
wiih his Udy-love ; but the chauce eludfid him. 

AiiLs for thc^c lovcTs ! Friends were ^tem and vigilant, and oppor- 
tunities were scarce. 

" SmiiLiy Swm'nf. 

" Mv vERV DEAR AuMT, — 1 bave just seen my beloved in the 
park- 1 scarcely dared to meet her eyes lis she sat in the i!aTmg«; 
but wc saw each other, xnd I know this was a mutual delight- After 
they bad left the park, 1 rode home by Ihvir hotel. She w» 
standing in the window, and blessed me as i passed with one of those 

plaintive smiles which have so ofien beamed upon mc at H m. 

She is, iAani Hraven ! [.ooKiNt; wfl'/, and God knou-s 1 hope she is 

I' so ! I had a long confab with S 1 on Friday nftcmoon, and he 

told me ihe was better in health than «he had Ijecn for a long; lime, 
I h\t\ J cannot place much relianci? on hU report. Oh, how anxioudy 
I if o / wnk 3 hcct from you, wbkh L liy^ic I iball iccdve very soon 

Old Loves and Old Ldters. 287 

afttr their zinivol nt home. Again and again have J seen my 
beloved since I Imt wroie to yoi), but never yet hj\ve r^iti lier in such 
ji iranncT as (o be ft?4c tf) speak 10 her Slie has I'vi.-/ bet-n in 1 
Cimisc and I on foot, or vice vena, 1 on honcbnck and «1ic on Tool 
AmOKt cnicl occurrence look ptace one day t)iit week, 1 wan on 
borsebAck and mw her drive in a carriage 10 ihe hold door with 
LiuutlicT lailj, I did not Liiow iX it nua her luullii^r or not, but al my 
»le her companion got out. find the carnage door was bhut o^n 
vnth her alone in it- Thinkijij^ «he wor of courf^c going to Wimpolc 
SlEcct* and not likmg to be seen wajilng a(joui in ko coni|>icuouA A 
aptrt, I iJfDccedcd b> some liack sln^rts vfhicb led to a diiit;ini j«n uf 
Wimpolc SEkcE, meaning to meet ihe carriage bcibn: it reached 
sif iind slop it, 1 walked my horse ebwly to ihc end of the atreet, 
and when I agiin reached the hoiel could see nothing cf tJic 
rarriagc. I thougtit it might have gnnc down Bund Street 1 btfit 
my waythichcr.andhad the inexpressible mpit ideation. juMa^ TngAin 
arrived x^itbin si^^ht of the hotel, to see her dear Tom ju?it ctepping 
IVoni ihe euTiage- Now* w!i« not this too much for any iiiljh in love, 
my dear a»mt, to benr patiently? It wju the only opportunity I had 
ever had widilii my power ofknowiiig ^}ie vvaii alone, iinJ yi^t I i:ould 
Dot embrace It, Oh, dear E oh, dc^ \ Mortified, disappointed, and 
hcifC-«Eck, I went home and wrote to you, but on Tepeniting my 
letter the following morning \ (bought I should get amrtht-r srokiing 
JffDm ycju if I sent it> and therefore committed it to tbe Ihunc^i instead 
of to thcpOAt otikc" 

The n«(t paragroph ipeaks of a letter of Mjm Collins to her, 
vrhkh Mrv Reitly hid sent on for the ptmisal of die disippointed 
knrerr probably to aoftca her refusal tv obey bis rjsh dciirc for 
kkd interview; which letter, ii would seem, raised one of ihcEC 
tormenting hopc«, routed only to be fnuttated^ no frequently Ihe 
hxc. of *rp-ir.ited lovers. He even seems, des|H[e the iifijhiliiliori of 
hct fricnd^T to have ^ent letlcis for bet soniewbcrG, wbicli by aomc 
nufltakc or roiichoncc ahc did not or could not ctdl for, 

*■ Every morning for % week after I got her note to you \ paced 
Wimiwlc Slreel from half-past ten till balf-jjasi eleven in ibc hope of 
Meinj: her, but b ^^in- Oh, yes, you may scold me if you plcAflC 1 
CGidd not help it, and as I did not see her oiier all there i$ no harm 
doneM any rate, \ wrnider how il waJt she never weni for letter* 
after wiiting iliat note. But I must riot Iiegin to *^oujetiviie, lir 1 bliall 
vnie volumes to seek cxplanationa of all the ictmLW^ ^'oj^^a^vftr 
obiUtica y^hich ha^vc atfeoded their stay here," 


Then, u if the glioipsca he had Itod of her, though licqucm. w 

not enough, he goes on — 

*■! should JuLVc hod nuny mote ojiporMnitics of seeing aad 
meetinK niy lieluved girl hid I uoi bf-fn moat deejily cng»g«J in 
vr-ry imjiuruul bus'ujcss U^ring her whole May in town, ind I would 
not pay cither licr love or her good aensc ao poor a compliment 4.1 
to ocgitfct It on her accotini. Ji h hy the sioadineas with whkh a 
yoimg man pursiies the hmine«s he ha* in h.ind Ui.^t he mAkcfl new 
fiirnds Aiid i«iiircs the cuminuaiicc of old friend shi^j* in inofissionJil 
pursuits ; luid. 4s iM our liupcfi of AiIutc h&ppiiicss mu»t depend on 
my present aucc<?»s in the&e, I am fiure i shall etand fof^iveo bj her 
for all my apparent want of ;ittPU[ion- 

"S 1 lold nic on Fiidiiy Ihey ^hou1d Inv? lowD on TuewlSf. 
SO I have dcfcnrcd nrLtint: 10 you tUL the kit momcot. in order dut 
you may recetie U^« Ut«<( po«sit>to intellig^CQ oJ me that I could 
send 10 n m \" 

In April Mias CoUidS Idt town. Accompanied only by her inoth<9, 
n/ithoutKotcbbomgLtljletogoJnovenainomenLsapeKhof her. The 
day of iier dep-imtir hrr 1ov(t fell \]}, it might hr nf disappointitient 
j.ud Uiagiin, He spc^s of hi» illness in lui rc)(1 letter, in tvliich he 
tells th*il it brought liim alraost lo the point of dcAlh, although this 
c^lremc «t^tc of things was probably a tover's hctioD. 

"27ih April. iStS. 

*' It is always hajaridoLis to lernl iiic a kllei rctiuirlni^ an an^^cr 
by return of post. " he writes, *' as I am often out of icwu fijt a day 
or two oA a lime \ in the present instance you are mo»t particularly 
fortunate, for a earriagc was at the door to take me itiio the country 
for fl TVeek, iind had ihe i-oslaiao ilehiyctl five ininii:n longrr, 1 
should have been off. 

" Vou must know tiic day i< x * »t « i: left town— [Here conic in 
Eix crosses, signifying the ^it letters of th« Christian name of Mitf 
Collins, with, as it seems ti:> me, most imneceswy my^ti^ry]— I ms 
uien ill and confined to niy bed- The fjrat ^cvk no hopes iwrc 
entertained of my recovery, and 1 wa£ obliged to send for my fctbcf* 
who stayed with me until t was pronounced out of dango'. 

■* Ir is a lietk siu^iliir that my comjilaint sliould have been ^MlW 
*/ iUt htari / 

"J look the au- three days apo fw the first lime and was thU day 
fo ^tc gojiQ mio the Gotmtry Eot a^ vti^k, bui have dtifcncd w 



Old Lcvcs afui Old Ldisrs. 

jjnini tin to-morrow, having bccc loo riiuth ^lUlcd b/ llic receipt v\ 
your lellcf XO undergo the faiigtic to-day," 

The ogiUtioD in iiucslian was oiuscd by tlie intclli^'ciicc that Mn. 
KcUlyoi^d Mi£5 CoUins would piobably come lo London to);cthci 
ihortJy — lh« former to pay her projected vi*i(; ihc Jatlcr under htr 
chaise for saic drpoailjng ;ii Harringt<jn House, where nhc wns 
aagngcd to pay a viajt c»rlj ia ihc accison- TliU uncxpttled chatice 
of (c«ing his djulukg again so soon, and under guard taji>thiT> which 
gave him tx least a chance of the longed for interview, appears in hts 
weak state Itj Imve thrown him ufl" his balance couipltldy. Sull, with 
loverly mconaistcncy, he say* m the next sentence ; — 

"Do not tuppose J stm veiy ill now, for my recovery has been oa 
rapid ax Tny declincr, and thoitgli as pale as a ghori( and thin as a 
skeleton, I Am in good ftpiriu and quite free from nXi paic. 

" I should not have told you of tliit hod I not feared the effect it 
might have on a certLim person if «he should by accident ftee me thus 
altered, though hyihe lime you arrive 1 hope I shall be myself agab. 
" Vuu ttill uf course lc[ \t\c hca; from you wht'Li yuj arrive, *' Atid 
then he adds obediently, *'jLa 1 ^h^ll do noliiing without your cod- 
eurrcnce- I chall be at libckheach on Thun^d^yand the following 
I djiyt in thisi week, s(i if yon write to me niake a + in one comer of 
■^4VV4ttf u>d I will £ivc mynervaut ordc;^ Lu bring incittKih a letter 
FfiiflMhtd^; but then you muat calculate for Aomc delay in the 
tep^. Remember, 1 can return to town at a day'^ notice any lime, but 
pcrhapaitwiU lie a^ well ihallaliould bcouLuf (•jwiitillS- — -i* leave* 
towTS. J understand ill your liicroglyphica- My kindest love ^hcrc tt 
belongs, tJid believe me moft Kincerely your nephew „ » ^» 

Id due lime the trnvdlen^ reached London. Mr«. Ketlly took up 
her quartern in Chapel Place, Vere Streec* then a nrxore fjishionable 
locality than if i* now ; Miss Collins went to H.^riiii^^ion House; 
wtiiJc Mr, Shell remained where he was when they came up — oX 
I'OG^f Hotd. Bond Street 

Rovch was back from Ulackheath, watching for the advent of his 
lady-lore in hiK old ro(im& in Sdiiih Molton Smret, but closely on his 
guard while Mr- Sheil remAined in town. 

During the month of May no incident of any moment occurred, 
and ve hear only of the courtEhip of the Duke of Lemstcr and Mi«8 



Tk4 Gentleman s Afagazim. 

CoUio^s coosiiir Ijidf Chorloilc Au£U3ta Stanhope (the second of l^f 
Horringiou's dflui^htcfs destined to war ehc airowbeny Icavt-s), and 
at vrho3^« vrvdi:Iin|j she \/^% ;l guf^t tlie full(^wing m^Qth of Juni; ; una 
■ern/Z^Jn^wmral Knighl^biidge Hairacki^ f^irrntrd by ihefulJ bind of-j 

the Life Cu:tnJs, ^i^cn bj Colonel C , Ukdr coQtfutiding officer. 

tD compliment to my gnrndrarrthcr. 

Thisi Ccloncl C was an indnutc friend of Tom Moore, and it H 

wxt when on « visit with him in ihe county Wicktow Ihnt the poet 
■wrote liU cckhtaicil lines, *' Tlic Mccliug of llie Watcis^" 

The it^jatrur Has gircn oti a Sunday, which, &tmn£c fts k may ftccm 
to uSi w^ then ihe foshionahle diiy Tot ImiDging sind dKnng in the 
Park i ard from ihc vit^dov^!^ of Knighisbridgc Karraclts, now so sfson 
destined to dcnjoIilioHf thotc guy but vanished guesL'i looked out oil^| 
the moving diommi beneath them. ^^ 

But from dqftintr and i^romenude Rotch wa« aJways abseni — alvajt 
iCunnirigly sway from the Ven cf Mr. Shcirs ohienration, whosr 
Vigilance musl have been Mrangdy lulled to deer> by (he loro*! ^^ 
cunning, for he clearly left no injunetton o^nit him or gave i^v^l 
fcint wh,-ilever to l-ady Harrington, who later otj, when the iheepdof 
bad *Jcpirted, illcjwi^d hi% calk upon Jilt young visitor without fear or 
susjHCZOtL At tlic OpuTA Only the lovers met, if th^t con be chilled ^ 
mcdiiig which wu but a glance from box to f U. Here Mr- Roddt 
stole to get 3 glimpse of his darling, ^ho in her visiiu to the Opcia — 
sometimes aecompnnied by !,ady Harrington, finttietimeft by my un6t 
snd ETandttiDlhcr — always oncupit^il the bcjx of the Duke <jf B. — d, 
whoseson,lhe Martjuiiof T^^ — h. was marrlwi lo Lady HomogtOfiT* 
eldest daughter, :md in this hrMi one x\\'^x one of those iwMydiai^ 
which sometimes rutflc the course of tnie love almost occutred ^^ 

la the Duki^'s boH] accomjianying Miss Colliiu's pnrty, w^ a Mr. ^^ 

M o, heir to between thiity And forty thousand a yeat, wilh 

vhom, afler ter rftshion. Miss Collins omuBcd hcnclf by flirUtioti-' 
very serious oo his p:irt, and tioi in the lea^t degree camcia upM 
hers. In the T>e» with her that nigh I were Mr. Shdl, Mk Reilly, 
and 3 young bdy who had accompanied her to town. Rotch was to 
all appearances not in the house, and unrest rjiincd by hts prcKOCC 
Mies Collins wai about to resi^ herself to her favoaritl^ paj;t]in«^ lo 
fll up the viicnncy caus.-d by his absence^ when her friend, ihuper 
of vision than herself, copied RoUili aniiJEi^t the »ca of laces bcknr. 
In an infttnnl ahe threw a significant look at Miiiti CoUim^ and 
rubbing her fan with scenting carelessness <igainst her cheek, poi&led 
6t in the diruciion in which he satj and from ihenrrforih Miss 
Collin^i SAvc when she glanced ^teallhily at her lover, fixed her eyci 


Old Ijmts and Old Uiiers. 


viUi A dcriQure idtcalnras <ili Ch^ stig'^i wbich Mr. M a iii vsiin 

That was in May. iSi^, but m Jiiiu;, tStS, we &nd this Mf: 

M o't name appcAnn^ in a letter of Kotcli'a (0 Mrs, K<;Jly as 

one- whnm in fiomr fit nf mprice m* dciipair Mi^ Collirs hjid pro- 
fuocd herself dclcnALOcd \Q marry. 

At Ihc crid of May Mrs. Kully and hcf Eirothcr JcfL town, a.nd inc^ 
the siv wocks which rolJoured their iltpariiLre were crowded ^\ tbe 
closing %ciws of lW\^ lODj and n^li caungltrmt-nL A dujr or tircr 
ofccr Mr, ShciL quitted London, Mr, Roirh SiU^ Mi»» Co11iu» ieicI ai 
a review. 'ITic mceiinK, one of choncc upon her purt, was ua- 
d6libL«dEy one of design upon his. They met under the eyes of 
Lidy HarrTnglon. md ti> all u]);v:tniuntf the meciing wa* a tnott 
OTxIinAry and imtucciit all&if ; Uiat wlndi lay bcnc^lli the aur£]t:t; (jf k 
the you D£ JAdy'fl tinautpktous {/taf^rrtfrte never ^u^^scd. Ailcr ihc 
iwicw Rotch ventured to write to Mict CoUinx, and after writing ht 
called II H.-imnRton HnuBr. By ihc 4ih of June — so swiftly did tha« 
duing yoting iii.m [lut^uc: Uic adrantiq^c i^ivcti him hy Mr. Sticil's 
absence — they had met twice, and at least tis many letters had poated 
betwee n tisem, Hjr under that date vrc find him wniing Jo Mm. KeiUy 
ti iboagfa it Bfre a marvd tlioy hnd noi he;trd of ejich other sincn 
llie prmoQs diy. j 

"We hiive twd m mmmumVjitinn of any intpartance rinoe \ wrote 
tc you yesterday. By the bye, I had better aay that a NillocB b 
vajting for you witli thu rinj; in it, or perhaps yoa will not think of 
sending tt> loot for it, wppoeing [ ish^ll, of eoiinic, have ceased this 
method oTtmding lo jou ; I>li( iIkt fuel i?^ I liad r>ot your IttteF 1^ 
m^ aad could not, tficrcforc, rccncmb<i Daviea'i address " 

(A new mode of romTniTtiieatiOi? prc^^nd by Mr, RoFch ; wliieh 
Un. ReJUy nibstqucntly objects Iol) 

"I have only time to repeat those a^sur^neef of niTertTon aod 
gnititiiHr which 1 am Kute yoLt kuuw my be;irt iii too sincere not 
to feel on the present occa^uoQ. 

"Adieu, ffiy dear creature ! Give my Wlndesl lovclo Eli»i, and 
tcU bcr t wished much for her the other night, nt a iwiny where a 
teeoe occurred ihar wr should have enjoyed amaiingly together- 
Once iikurc aJicir, Aod believe the tloccrc regard of your 

fi^a The Gentkmads Magaztm. 

*/4tM V 

Then ro]lt>ws a raiher Incoherent posfsiTipl, in which he bMcMi^t 
Mrs. Rcilly to write lo his "distracted PcL" who was sorely agiLtlcij 
by her disobedience in fieeing Rotch without iicr mother's knowledge, 
although the strength of the temptttion made her admit the 1«mpter. 

"Do, for Heaven's sake wnte something tft mylJIt'cdistractetlPct, 

to niiike her Gatished v^ith ihe step she haa takt:n, and to soothe her 
more agiraied ^oiiL 

•' Oh, Mrs, R , how much T shall ov^e her for all this. 




Between the 4th ardthe i;chof June, which is the date of Retch's 
next letter to CSIoiicester, Ratcli continued lo call at iiileTV3l& of % ^ 
few days at Hairlngtoa Houses but these visit;; brought but smaU ^| 
gain to «illicr party» tlicy being mere afternoon culld, paid tinder ihc 
eyes of such of Lord Harrington's family as might chance to b< ia 
ihc drawing-rcom. Once only were they fortunate enough to sec eadi^^ 
other alone, and ivith sitth greed did they acite upon the opportunity ^^ 
that RotdVa horse was kept walking before Lord Harrington's door 
for an hour, while the lovers enjoyed the dangctous delrriiim of thcil 
long desired interview. More meetings followed. Having broken 
the ice once, they went on breaking it with a vengeance. latcrvicwfl 
alone, impossible of rcpvtili on burcath the dceorous toof of ILiiring- 
ton House, were bad eJsewhere, Guided by Kotch's eager couniel, 
Miss Collins drove om lo »ee an imagirary ^icquaintance. Rotch 

uilTodiiced her to a friend of his own, one Mrs, E y, a Udy of 

some wealth and a great deal of good nature ; but whose brofld 
vulgarities and ]o«t h's shocked the elegant, high-bred girl, whom he 
most unwisely inlroduced into her society. At Mrs. E y's house 
Ihcy met often. Having once given the rein to these mccEing>, ihe 
desire for Ihem increased with their facility. 

Oh, these dead and gone loves of tifiy years ago I How many 
passionate vows, how many passionate enres^c^ were exchanged in 
those nnwilncsscd iiiterviews in Mrs. E y's drawing-room \ 

Looking over die yellow lines of these old letters, turning over the 
faded records of these dead lovers, it seems strange to think that over 
all this passion and pathos, all the going to and fm, the eager meet- 
rugs, the unwilling partings, die grave has closed in silence long 4£ii, 
She niarricd, and died at nine-and -twenty. He went out into the 
world and married likewise; but, no doubt, to the woman he mode his 
wife his lips were sealed concerning the fire and the f*ver of this sad 

During that month of June Mr. Rotch's mind was torn byAltcnulc 


Old Loves and Old Letters. 


promises of marriage, :ind whut he calls the capnciousness and 
indecisiDn ofhis hdy luvc. On the 4th of June we fuid him enireal' 
ing Mm. RciUy lo soothe hia *' Pet" for the step she haa taken ui 
seeing him at aLI, nlthough a week or so later he writes again on 
ardent, iriumpbant letter, in which he telU that Miss CoUIrts hu 
eooscnled to be hja wife. Ti> Ibis letter we And oti dlciaioa in 
Roteh'^ next, written uodcr date of the 17th of June. 

" Mv VERV DE/ft Aunt,— With what different feelings do I sii down 
to pen ihi» letter to wliat agftat<d m^ wh*n last I nddressed you. I 
ihcQ thouglu tlie die of v&y futuie happLne&5 wu cast We had mttf 
wc hfld been togcihei three hours, and the rcaull of thai three hour*" 
inten-itfw wis an earnest and most impressive promise to we mink. 
*Tts (rue no lime was fwtiA. She wrote |o you to that efFecL To 
}Ax^ E y she owned that &iie wa3 to be mine* and had thtu 
abandoned her duty Eo her raoEW to her love. Neither her con- 
fession 10 you or Mr^. E y was made at the moment she gave me 

ihat pfotnisc, in which J then thought centred all my happine<«. 
Days elapsed and nv disbelieved her, no doubt. Heaven kitows I 
did. Heaven only knows how welcome to my worn spirits was that 
doar belief;' 

Then the letter goes on to tell of another mcctinj;. at which, with 
girlish vanablene^s^ che talks of retracting' her prouiisij and mairyin^ 
Mr M, her admirer of iheOpera. 

*• Again we met," he continues, " to decide the po^nt next dearecc 
to onr inlerr^ts (ihe time of our union). All premises forgiuten, she 
talked of becoming the wife of another. Spoke with horror of 

M w, as though she had already fixed upon him as the shrine on 

winch CO immolate her virtue. For in such a light £ must cotuider 
Afr union with attolher while she professts to ttrne me. She then told mc 
wciuuat n'jt tlnuk ofmania^c. and, what was mote cxtiaordinaty than 
all, refused to make nny effort whatever to gain her mothers consent, 
cvea with yotir assistance Sdll she vowed she loved me, and still I 
beUe-vtHi her^ 

'^Vcv Mr*, ReUly. ahc loves mc — I know she does — but she is 
dclcnnjncd never to become my wife. Why, God only knows I 
She tsyt she would if her parents would conseni, but Itow can I 
believe this when she rcfiiJies to obtain thai ctjnsent ?*" 

,At the close of hix strong complaining peeps out the then unseen 

TA^ Cfff^lcmans Mag-ajin&. 

con- H 

cnuc which a few days later virtiuJLx> iT nol M the moment, 

\[y brought this old, oJd tov« story ic an end. Micft CoUint 
wan to 1>e of igc the foLlowiog November, and in aUiution lo it be 
b^b; — 

'' "'Union vt many the mooieat sh« conws of age our iocorae viD 
be bill jC^><^'^ ixmnnum, for the disposition her ^ardiani wiJl malEe 
oT Jicr money will only produce ^3^^ ['<^'' ^°^' income ; vrhcft«S tf 
I hod ihc dJ»Fio»l of it I ahouid place it cmt in snudl aimuitiea in 
(uch a way as Xo bring in ^480 pel aon, with ^4,00, r««cr^in£ 
jQi^oQo for 4?(nr?rg*?ncici, futaUuEe, &l, &a., aaJ thu& »€ mi^t limt 

rai the raLc iff X?^^ P<^ ^■J'^ ^ Lhc IcoaL" 
, Then, havini; let it slip thiU the vajm lover, like to go to doth'i 
door olioui a debited interview, it xuflidenUy cool lo contemplatf 
waiUnif fur a iaafTi;]^c till NoverEiber, vihca llic lady w^uld be of age 
4iul Bufficicady alive to hia Own intcECHt to plan the irrespoosilik 
control <ii ber foriujic, he t^kca up the next pu.igraph as 
he h^ never uid anything of th« wost^ and ta/a; — 

" In your letter to J a you say thai on imincdiftle unm would 

involve XD< in difhculties which it vouLd be a long tunc befoit L 
could recover, but you ore mifitaken." 

TliLs letter of Mi5. Reilly's W2s written ^er fits of the 4tf> of 
June aslting my grxndmotlicr to console his '' distracted PeL" 

'* I have ^300 coming W mc the day /am aarr£eif^ whidi vaubl 
aardy keep ua liU Ni^vcmbcr. IIowcvci, jil ihis iridic talk if shtt 
be determined to forsake mc- I only name it to yoti to atoure yon 
t^t I am doing noiixing mconaid^ratfly to involve cither ber or 
xaytflf — I had even cTflaged a hou^e of a friend fnr three ye*«, 
ready fiiraishcd wtih clc^jnt furniture, in Haitey Street, Ibr ootr 
paying the gfound rent — ^jo per annum, if 1 had run oil with littk 
Pet ; GO that 1 thould at once have put her into a house of her oani; 
and this low rei^t (m three years would lL;ive st't U-% iLpon our legs 
ca^Htally. 1 know you will uuilc at all this now ; but ) love to write 
tt nbat might have been. Oh, ye» I she luiglit h:ivc been hapf>y if 
dw vould, iin>E£D mm uicut I " 

The letter then dludcn lo a »isll lo Iliehnam tTiat had bcca 
f^anoed to lake pkce after Miss ColJins's return home, tmi w^ch. 



Oid Lcves and Old Lc£Urs, 


OnginAtlr dcsigaed, Mr. Roiciv d«cliii«i to cjtrry ont -, uad goes on ai 
though he wished despairingly to avoid a Ereh rcncxintrc wiJihic 
ddij^tful but waveriog ladylove, 

" Vou t&Ik of our aii mcctliii:. No, bo 1 1 shall go to Balh m % 
i:w d«y^ filler Jemima rcivmit, ofid roofti gladly vill 1 jio by the w^y 
of Glo^tcr, for the %^tc of tcdng you, my beloved auni \ but U muil 

only be on the <.^r<l[rion that } ;i knom not of our mcnir^g till 

it is ovcv, fvr I toiuitit Again be tnadc the ^tml of her rsprico. 
Letters arc moat unaatisfaciory mcdi:i of conimLinic4lion on those 
oocaiioaS| and i will ^iv4> yoLi 'a meeting how and wh^ you plv;i»e, 
^TCn if il be at ndJvi^ht under the mJ: trtr." 

The oak uec wii one of the oM iryntin^ plocea of the lovers 
during Mr. Hotch'i ;ihofl slay at Highaura, 

"Gcxl blesK you, m> dear (Tcaluic How 1 love your warm 

Then hia letter goee on to evprets a fear that ecmehow or other a 
fO^lcion of rhe lover** proceedings niny reach Higlinam befon? Miss 
CoIllEiCk a fear very likely lu be fulfilled^ aji Mi. SUfil witu cxiicLied 
ID town to earry her back to Glonccstcnhirc ; oJlhou^h, tjllimitcly, 
at the eviK^vt ri?qu«!(t of X^dy Hojrington, she remAincd aX lI:uT]ng- 
toQ House imiil f^ir into July, 

**I slitH, of cotine, be most anxious to hear hovr the poor dear 

gift ifi received at U m on her return ; and for this purpose* f.haJI 

make 1 point of giving you a meeimg in Tilo'itter, on my way to 


« • • o • o 

" 1 Khali licnd you a pnrt^cl by J- — -x, which will contiin what yoft 
lo cimeMly wish for. Slit-, of corirne, shnll not know what it it, for 
fcai licr lefincil notions an these m^ttter^t should be ^thocked beyond 
the knowledge lliat *he was the Lcarcr of such a naroe- 
Of drefl*.* 1 shall send llie ' For:gei me mt ' by her aEao^ 
ai^d a l^rg^ parket of leitets for your future govern ance^of, raihCf 1 
should i^y, a long tetter fot your Jiiiurc governance. 

•• I^xccpt when excels of sorrow or sudden agitalion overtake* her, 
the little Jemima looktf remarkably weli 1 van ot the Opera with 
her kut week." 

Tlic Gentl&nMS Magasmi, 

And then he s,dds, as if wtuLt paucd between them vu too iktt 
to him Eo name to anoUier: — 


" I dare not teR you of our tntcrvie^vs. Hnd she mtrnded to 
keep her late promise to me aacrcd— ind which, God knova, I 
thought she did — there could have been no impropriety in oor 
meeting, 33 wl' ha^'e done twice since I last vrrot« to you ; but I 
know jou will blame het for having placed herself so unreservedly as 
she ha« done in the power of arty ntui whom she did not intend for 
her future prelector." 

Here the masTc drops off again, and the sympalliy which followed 

hiui Lliro;>gb tliis, \k\^ fottom love story* aceius to shrink from a nuA 
who, even imder bitter anger or disflppoinlment, could give a stab tO 
the womin who trusted him so wholly and loved him so long, 

" I own I led her Into the error, for she conSdcd <Ut to me ; but li 
ever ^]:e sliould tell you the history of our advctitures, I muGi beg 
you to btf3r in mind thai I inditced her to act ^% «he did in tho fuU 
conviction that in the eye of HeavEn and her own heart she was my 
wife. \i 1 was to blame under thU conviction, then be the bUme 
mine and only mine, for I induced her to do what she did, knowing 
I had hfr /uil cmjiiimrt. 

"Idonol like the parcel plan of sen ding leuersto Dav In at all, and 

wish you would still let NIllocs be the ctionneh Vou &h^ll fnid a 

Iter from me to that address every Saturday till we meet if yoii 
wisli, and no other days, which will secure you against duapp^t- 
meni ; but of course 1 shati w*lt yotir orders before 1 proceed. 

" I had a nolc from iWt dear little sou] dated three o'clock this 
morning, telling mc she Bhatl send me a letter to forward to you ; ACi 
I thall keep my parcel open as late a* I can in holies of gettmg il 

"She made mc promise the other night that I would not leave 
London while she remained, or I should be in Bu-th now — tlial ia why 
I say J shall be in Bath soon after she leaves London. 

'^ 1 have sent to her to<day to aslc her to let me go to Balli directly* 
and if she wilt 1 shall not lose a clay, for I am horribly ner^ou^ and 
wish mudi to get out of town. In thiii cu3»c 1 will come over from 
Bath a1 nny time to see you, and very probably may do so while 

Shdl is in town waiting for J a, who telh me she shall not quit 

H House before ihe ist of July," 


Then, when her eaprice and denial seem lo have driven him ill 

Old Lovfs and Old LetUrs. 


AQd 10 be driHrg him from Lordon^ he btirsts out j.freih about his 

Oh I Mre. Rcilly. 1 

Ulile pel chose she miglit 

certain ir 

obtain her mother's consent, and never so wdl as with your assist 
once -, but if she lets you leave Hi^nam without moving heaven ajid 
earth to get it, I &hil] beg 2nd entr<^al timi you will never agAin be 
the means of bringing my name bcforv her. Your interests shall 
not indeed be cnd^n^crcd any longer oa they have been. Say what 
you wiU — i.0Vft HEU I mu^t! but you 1 mual love dcariy— yei, 
mo«t dearly too, ind you mu^t not Eacrilice more to your devoted 
and gnUeful nepliew for the sake of yuur capricious nicct:." 

It is more than prol>ahle llml Rotch liad no reiil desiTL" to leave tovrn, 
but thai Jic wisli to <lo so was merely expressed to bring liis capii- 
cioas miatrcsa to her sc^nses. Certain it is he did not leave, and 
between the 17th of June and the d^le of his next letter, the i&th of 

the same months the lovers met again ai Mrs, E y\. Of the iwu 

who met together for that almost last interview neither remains alive 
to record what took place, ^r)d there is no precise account of it cxtaoL 
But certain it is^ out of Etrong love on the one side and the eoJt 
voic« of the tempter on tiie other, this poor bewildered girl corsentcd 
to fly northwards with her lover, and dare, for his sake, the 
sorrowing anger of her luoihcr and the diiunaycd surprise orher 

About eleven o'clock one night somewhere about the soth of June, 
tSiS, a plain hackney coach with a pair of tlef^E horse; took MliB 
CoUind up from a htFuse in — - Square, the residence of Mr. 

M n's ffllher, wher^ she had dined in the ball dress in which she 

VTAS to join Lady Harrington at an assembly at the Duche^is of 'a. 

Voiing M n htmself broughi her out ujion his arm and put her 

into the carriage, winch had no occupant save herself The carriage 
whirled round the corner to a confectioner's shop close at hand, 
nrhtrc Rotch, who was ert r^ppert with the driver, whose conveyance 
he had hirrwrif engaged, «n!y waltt^cl it^ appearance to spring In 
beside ihc Ircinblin^ girl, who no doubt uwuiicd hini half in joy, half 
ia fear- They had sometliing to say yet before ^tartin^ on that 
notthem journey, and the man was desired to drive round the fiquare 
tinti] further order*. For two hours no orders came, and the patient 
Jehu, no doubt wondering within himself what it was all about, went 

round and round, now ^ind a^ain passing Mr. K n's houaCi where 

Ihc lights were still bumjng brightly. 

Th€ GsfUkmaris Magasme. 


At the end of lhoa« two boars uneifp^cted orders rVAchcfl him. 
H<; wi4 desiTcd lo drive 10 — ■■ Hoiise^ Thtr lad/ was about to 
rqoin htr foend*, and ihc journey nordisvards was givro op. The 
while ^tgonc wjirm 1o>^cr h^d com& to his tryst wiib cooler oouiucls, 
and instejid of canyiog out the dashing exploit which would have set 
Harririgton Hcuit afi-imi.', wlkod of tJie nt'arneis of Nov(*mt)eT, wtirn 
ihf Lidy would t>e her own inisrress, and lier money in Jjcr own 
power, Whether the loTc wm alt his ^md the wisdom some one 
else's oWct and colder than himself matters bui liltle now. He 
misled his chwice, and tlie tide which he hesitated to Utc aitho 
flood ne/er rose fui hiin a^aui. 

Kclcli's next ktlcr. written immcdialdy after the elopement -mi 
aljiLLidfjnL'd, liaiL been tusi, buLin the SLiceeedtng one, dated " Lcndoti, 
June i6ch, iSiS, Frida)'/' he sdludei to an ''inronsisietit " letter he 
hnd wiitltn, in whirJi it would irctn he laid alE the blante (jf change 
fuid defection up^m his bdy-lore, and to have cut some donbu 
w]ir.-th>;r intended or tioi, on Mr«. Keilly'A good faith, for h« 
writes : — 

"My vehy dear Aunt,— Your kst, thoiish dated on a Wcdne^ 
day.dtd noi r^ach me imiil Monday morning. Thi« dcby, I sitpfsose, 
arose rrom some diffteuity In forwarding ti, but of course precltnled 
the ponibiUty of my writing to yon on SaturdA/ TasL 

"1 am more than 1 can tell you dUlTC»;cd and mcrtihcd that you 
should for a moment suppose I eould doubt your iincerity or think 
tliat if 1 did I should adopt any uudrrhand mcinn of trying it. 
Indeed, indeed, my dear aunt, yoti gieatty wrong me; but I DnBt 
not wocd^i at your tliinking anything from my iaat letter, which I 
frankly confess wa<^ as inconsistent as the fair object of its principal 

He tlicR £oe£ on to express ao comcsl wish to see her before ibc 
}cav^ Highnam, hoping perltaps thai ^he would ^efmaitcrs stiail^ 
widi his iidy-lovc, acd ^ciue the pri/c foi hinii in November. 

" My pri^£f3iL motive for writmg^ is lo s-iy thai T mu^-h wi^i lo voe 
you before you leave Ilighnam. 1 undci^tai^d from }^- — « thnt 
3^oiir dcpartUT? is fixed for the tith> Now, the only time I can span 
tor an interviev is the beginning of next week, on liicwlay, Wed- 
nesday, or Tlmnttlay, I couhl leave town and run 4lown lo Gltfttrr 
if you will o»lysayhow yovi will ace nac Had 1 not better «-nd« 
public ktter to you lo e&y I iLm goinf^ to Wales, and should with 


t> v«« you 01 pATiant t 
*nd ihcn »cnd over lo H -m .1 noic to that purpow? 

" I iliiiik .1 |mblir, mcfliig won\d he ihc- l>tit. for I ,ini sure all 
ihnt hits been gping on in tovrn muKt ^oon be fbund ouL 

^'Why^ wlvit di> you think of Flcminij'E met-tiiig ua <juietly walking 
AjiD-En-OLrm ihrough Hanovfr Square?" 

This " rirmtng" wx* ^ Major Fleming, ita Iniitnatc fiiend of my 
gjand uncle's. 

*' Stic JucA iiui Luotv iL vuA Flvrttii)^ tv^ho bowed to irtc, Ibr he vus 
in a cAJTidgc, end I would not distress her by teUing her. 

** At aJJ events^ my clcarciit aimt, 1 mu3i st'c yon. You know wtwt 
lime t ctn comiii:inil, and will 1 know arrangi' fur thf? haslf only 
let roe hcox from yon M loou ju po&aiblc ; for jV iJimkit I am out of 
town at ihiA niomaiti (uid I dread her juecllng me whenever I am 
obliged CO go Oiit^ You said you thought it would be better for i4^ 
7aJ^ if I nrcrc out of lovn ; and, m I thought iiO myi(cir x]so, T gnve 
her lo undenianrl I wiks lo liMircr town yextL-nls), which, in fart, I liidt 
biit ictumcd this mornmg, TUh Lat:cf incvcEiieut she knowji not oX, 
and rs now /iiruyinj; herEctf laiserublc because 1 am out of town. 

*' She u a dear, afireciion:ite» undecided^ provoking liitie pet. and if 
T woTfld let her would posilLvely kill iritr villi frL-ttmg; but I aiQ 
rc^y ;i pLilu»uplicr uua, and nm dcicrriiiiKd not to be tormented by 
her. Hci happiness i^critircly in hcrown hands -she Jkft&vt itiJi ; but 
•fc« will not make any ia^ifice far iru. Sbe miut be actually j^rt:^/ 
inta marrying me by thc^ xoiiciiafimu of her mauma, or I am Kure she 
never will. 

"She pretendfl (o love me Tin belter than cither hcrmammn or Ml, 
Shell, and yet she will not sacrifice Uieir happiness for mine. One 
mofnenr ^he sa^^ ^he confides all to me. jirnj that I shall decide for 
her how it\yc shall acl^ ami ihc next momeiil abc rcji^ct^ all my pro- 
poCktloafi' In fact, vtth her happiness and mine entirely m her own 
IlKkH|i ibe chooser to be miserable and to make me uo^ W^hai, then, 
ODD 1 to iliink of hf r lov^^ for me P 

" I liave by tlib :i4;rt of irasonijij; at U^t woke up ta lite tiutb d^l 
her »onowi arc the acme of roniaace, and under tliiA eonviction t 
have been able to resign her to their ii:Huent:e witlioui killing myielf 
by sharing them with her." 

Tben, after Lhiv bitter tinde againit a woman whose OTily fault was 
ihai «hr Ix^gnn to ilouljt where oiuie she hud Ini^ted wholly, awl his 
iufliteacc with whom he felt in hid soul to be on the wane* K<: W\c^^ 



Tht GmiUmafis Magasttu. 

a little, perhaps lest he should lose his friend a£ he had almost loAt 
his love, and :iUds: — 

"She thinks me very unkind. I know she docs, but time will 
remove thie i:itpre££iori I am convinced, ^nd she will respect me the 
more hereafter for this line of condnctj which she has ai List forced 
me to punuc-" 

And h^re flgain comes in the cloven foot, the burden of his 
in their midnight drive ^ ihc one thing which ruined his <^use 
left his ambition stranded on the be^ch : — 

" Heretofore, when her bicome 1 thought was only half what I 
find it will be on her coming of ^e, and when 1 wlls not quite xo 
well knoAvn ^a prorct^torLi] m^io us I now am, prudcnec forbade oar 
nnion ; but now that she might possess an income of seveo or evea 
eight himdreJ jl year \yy uniting our fortunes in November, ani 
nothing lull. Iier consent is necessary to its being cfletted, it is foil/ 
to talk of being wTetched and being sepaiaicd for a longer lime. 

" The fact is, perfectly scoirc la my consuincy and love, she kno^is 
not what real misery is, and, while she talk* of her pale cheeks tnd 
altered countenance, she is positively looking in Lffttcr health. 1ms a 
sweeter bloom on her dear countenance, and looks mote satnt-likc 
than ever t 

"God only knows how dearly 1 love her. Blkss wei? ! ! 

"Adieu, my beloved .iLinL I must not scribble any more. Do 
write to me without delay, if you con. 

" your very affectionate 

'■ Nkphkw." 

'T*t bf fondwifd nt^ fHortth. 

DOQ g^ng. 


lY fitlvpntiirp* fix themselves m aJI pant of the world, 
My opinions are ctiaally numcroiis. ! have iiidutctl 
Mr- Urban, who is the oldest Literary Min Vmag, to 
let me give him some of thv newest styles of compod' 
I have overcome his scruples by rc-ferences lo the 
Ifiumphs of Bret Harte. Mjik Twain, Josh Billin^jSj and other tntnit- 
atlfinlic cusses not to omii my bosora friend in life, .V Ward, I 
hope to be as successful as iheie in my various writings ; if not 
more so. 

Vou are not obligf^d to rearf these opiuxnns and adventures, ^VTiat 
is p&in 10 one m^tn is bughtcr to «u;o(hcr, cjtpccicdiy if thai other be 
a wonraan. Vou have paid your money— you caji take your choice. 
1 am independent, though poor If you donbl me, I refer you 10 
my fonntfliofi wUh The Sierras Bu^ic, which is the inimp of free- 
dona to this djLy among the miners of the refulgent West- I uy I 
am independent and free. I have a vote* It is a grand thing to 
havt a voice in the govemineni of yonr countfy— ^fi, I ani a grand 
Ihing^ I hjtve ako a voice ; \\^\^ oh Ilm, to its melodious arnLtns \ 

My n^nc !» Walker. You have heard the name before, no doubt, 
I heard thai name behind when 1 Left the bnd of the bugle and the 
bowie-kcife. They shouted it as I ran, with man/ opprobrious 
epiEheU- It ts a common name; «d It Sinilk When I first went 
to the Sl;ite5 1 gave sound and character lo my name by a prefix of 
pctvcr. Nicaragua is sonorous ; so am 1 at night, when the evening 
fiirn is low. 

America is a free cojntry. You can do what you please in 
AmeiicA. I do not like to do what I please. I therefore left the 
mighty land of the Indirect^. Whenever I do what 1 p tease 1 get 
into troLtble. 1 do not, thtTefore^ do what I please. 

That is my reason for writing this work, which is edited by an 
EogUth autlior. He has an ragle eye ; I love him. He has a 
voice to threaten and command -, his cdgle eye will un^ bad 



TJie Genllffnan's Magazine. 

spelling and Amenc^nisins. "How doth ih^ little »gte eye icnpTOve 
racli shining Imur/* Hi« opinion is Ihat lliere vs no liuinciiu 
m vulgariC/, and no fun m b:td ^pclline. He undcrulics lo correct 
tlii^ preface and to sec the reniainder tkrough the press. I hope to 
see it chrough the shop-windows; ajto -it SiriTth'* booVstalls. Ifnoi 
more so. Josh Billings *as an auciionetr ilown WesL I liavc ^ 
hifihcc descent ; why then shall I not become famous ? 

1 irii not ai/aritious. \i I make my fortuno by this work 1 ahall 
write another. I am happiest vhcn I am rich ; I prefer to be happy ; 
therefore 1 sirivL- lo be rich. Some people are rirh and not happy — 
that is the consoUtioo or the poor. I reprciicnt the pooc Wbot 
Ihey reium me to Pa.rh:imenl 1 shall give the weallh of tbc mhfl^y 
rich to the uEih:kppy poor. 1 ahall gire myself Che suramest Utge^l 
ineaii the lar^csl }^urn. 1 am a paitiot. And something more ; my 
name a^toll be great in ihc universe, and nothing tc^. 

My fiial aJrcTiturc vriW make you hufih. It made me kugh when 
I saw it through the pre««. When the potter puts ld« plates ta the 
kiln tht^y sometimes itMWC out ttaueers. :^ch v\ prjttfngl I once 
«w ^ pUtc tcjttic out widi A i;rin on ila rini. I wrule my first adrco- 
turc acrioua. It haa come cut comic— -ihcrc U a grm in XL I kocw 
it noL 

Tj;E usiatigb *. 

Let us hold (7ur side? I 

Tlicre is a time to laush* Hie time is when you can do iL 
nertr laugh, i wiJl hold your &idest however, if you wish iL 

I ani Hnglish \^ ttie hflckhone, ihrrngh slightly Welsh on wy 
motTier'i^ side. My n-itive pl«r-e is Tii>t Amcrici, Tl>c A>w Ifcftt 
flera/d sayi the States arc indebted to mc for \\. If they we, let 
them pay the same to my bankers in l^ndon. 

t AH Callkd to the Bail 

It mif X lovely eveninc; in June, The sun was in hs vnmtiis 
xplendour* So vas I - if nal inore ^o. All naluie smiJed. For 
once in my life 1 nearly hugbcd. 

" Wliat are you grinning at me for ? " a poUceraaa asked. 

"I am not,' I said- 

" Yoj are," said he. 



Nicaragua N, Waller. 

The 5iin tint^cd lie c^iIj wSlli ib gloriou* cajw. The Kp-ir-ow? 
twittered io die rjivG& 

Whet) wildenly oh ihc liphtnin^ flash I fouTid myBclf hurried 
through iht he:irL<d t;lnri?K nmid^t ihwits and yells thii awoke the 
Gvcnmg echoes iud ilicd .i h^lo on ihe dyiag day. 

Nif[hccaoKiipon mc in a drcar> cell. No tnAtia thai I said I kid 
a TOlft. 1 WAS a prisoner in tJi« knd of the bntve arwJ the free. 

On the mfirraiv T was rolled lo the Bar. 

'' On duly last iilghl," laicC ihc Oflicer of the Iaw, '* met iHis pcnoei 
vciy dfunkn Etc uid I iviu a scoundrel And then he nA&dulicd 
me. Mwr a desperate Btnigglc I took him to the Station House." 

"Sir,' r wid, "iiisHiIsc,' 

*' Vciy likely/" wid Uic magistrate. " Yoti are fined Two Pound*, 
or a month- '^ 

The audience laughed I did not ; I never dc> J paid tiic 
aeApy. Never ugue with die paliee: there ii a moral u> sU my 


IVfacn I Uvod in Dublin — it is now many years ago — I wa« scii^ 
nitll a& iiloeas My tloctt^r nintX I noi^dcd Ibr a s^xovX Cime a hot and 
Mmi lempCTanirt '* Keep yoiii shop at a high rate," he ^aid. If 1 
ludbeena hLrmoumlJikc Mr J- L> Toole, I should have madeii joke 
nbout the high rates whidi t alrc&dy paid. I was nt^t n professed 
homoumt ; I was only on egg mcrchoni. I kept my place very worn 
according xo the doctor's suggestion. One mornii^g e^riy i was 
LanuKd by a ^tiangt nt:'i5c in the warcboiue. 1 arose. Tl^e first 
P^cy streaks of the day were resdcg dim and sliodowy upon the 
iiaiturcs of the wocden Scotchman at the tobocconUt's over the 'A'ay. 
] likened. There uere itniD^jt* nm>«r_-<( in the wareliouiie; whisperings 
tafpiQ^, auatcliing, "'Tliicvci!" I SiiJd, I crept back id my room. 
A blunderbjsi ii un eld (aahioncd instruments and the ^hot it holds — 
well, I'woan's frog was a foot to it. I cAutiou^&ly slid over ihe upper 
|uift of the warehOLifie door, I said " Speak and surrender " (hrct- 
timcx. Theft" was net ?ipt:ikUiE, .ind no surrcodeiiiij;. The thieve* 
were e^ing on packing :il1 the lime. 1 (ircd [ A dead ndcncc ! ! X 
listened. J llmif; open the door; morning with her orieni tmtle 
JIuDg a riy of light into the warehouse ;it the i:mn? moment 
What did I sec? No thieves lying weltering in ihcir gore. 
C3U|;lil led handed aX their cnmc. 'llircc chickens hopping .ibout 
opened thdr mouths at me u 1 entered Two hundred others by 
dead upoD tile floor ^Lmoiig a litter of eggshells. 1 had slain them. 





The GentUntarCs Afagasine. 

How cam^ they there ? The high r^te of tempemure had hatched 

two lLuiidr(,<dcggsT 

Soke of hv Political Opimior^ 


Self is ihc first lawof Politics. Ask Mr. Dbraeli. He will trTF jtiu 

tt IS the Asian myslcrr; but you crc wb?, and w:lL tiDder&UiKl thU 
Mply. Ask Mr. Glad^tone^ He will refer you lo Homer, bni it ii 
^11 thrf satin?. Self is the flfst law. 1 liave slndi^d die subject 

Ptttt^/t drawa Pa.kingtOEi vilK a big nose ; J^uJy dnws Gtodaionic 
with a bigger. The Sianiiard sees a rowd/ bandit in Bright ; the 
TeligPitph sees round his head the radiaiing glory of an angel. 1 ua 
above the flattery or salire of all. Even Fxm raiinot influence mp. 
" I cannot put off t»y opinions bo easily/' J luntli with Hamlier i 

I dine with Godfrey T ; 1 sup at tlie Saville, dine at ihu Sa^'agCi 

get my leltcis at the Junior ; 1 have been bbckballed at the 

Reform and |ulkdnt theCirlton. Thus is my imiiaitiabtyestablwhiH. 

I know the world, ^'Nicaragua N. Walker for ibe ptople,* when 
N. N- W, » poor, •' N. N, W. imd the Constitution " when N. N. 
W, Is rich. Such is my platform. 

T sball gel Into the Hoiise of Commons, Ii is the thing to Iw 
there i Jeminut sajs so. She wants to gi> lato Society; she shalL 
I wiJ] buy a borough. The ballot wiH mate this easy. So much to 
load agent if I win, so little if 1 don't. 1 will buy the borough, the 
whip sh.ill buy me— arrording to the first law : " tf nor more m," 
J. I., Toole can have tliis new phrase foi a eon^i delation, fn the 
mcantin^C il is copyright. 

It is a mislike to be true to your party. \ knew a man who did 
so. He t!:irne lo grief. There U no gratitude in potiticf . 

Go with the age and stick to the winner. That is die ninctecnih 
century motto. 

Church and Queen is a sentiment of the /jjj'; tiradlaugh for 
President ts a sentiment of the iasi, 

" Native land, my native land " is the chorus lo a ballad Hung a£ 
Evacs's, It is an example of on early period. Thai era dimd 
when they gilded the old Bupper-rooms and wiped out ihc ipoi 
where Thackeray played " Pendennis, " 

If you wish to know the strongholds of political prejudice teek out 
lemole provincii! towns. Dependence on one hand, assumption on 
the other, I have lived in Devonshire, The labourer b worthy of 
his hire ; but what about h\& shire? 

l.cgislaiionj like 4team, h in its infancy; T wish 1 were. Der^nn 
upset legiftlatioir They swallow up piindplca. Exeepi the itnt Uw, 

Nicaragua N. Walker, 


VtTjcn I am a omaidAtc \\ will be "Vote for N. N. W," "IVhcn I 
am A member I shall foltovr the example of those who elected ma 

The House of Commoiis is n club. (Sc^^cwl modcni writers have 
raac]f the same ol«er\'jidun^ but no m.iEtcr) You liave dinner in ihe 
dinifig-Toomi smoke m the smokc-ioom , loun^ (/a the tcnacc; 
votfi when the bell rings. And gel your son into the Post Office. 
Sometimes into the Cu^oms. Sometimes it \z the War OHiee. IC 
all depend* if the diviston \% xtk imjiortant one. l^ook out for 
Nicaiagua N, Walker. Esq, MP, 

The present Govcrnmcrit is whatever my coiistitucnt* jjleaac to 
cornmond- If it U iheir wish 10 chLUge them with the small pox, the 
cattle pUgue, .incE the price of co.ils. so be w \ providing ihai Tiins my 
election. On [he other hand, if Ayrton i^ to be ccnsidcred a high- 
falutia' creAture of an and scmimcnt ; Lo^ve a hcavcn-born Chan- 
cellor too good for thia Bjbbnar/ iphere and only ht to dwell "mong 
Kden'« roses, let them sLird at thai ; my otjeci is 10 nit with my hat 
on under the lllumiddlcd roof of llic gte^it and ^lorliijus, the ^rjLnd 
and inimitable IcgiaUturc of this my native land. Oh, my covmtrj', 
■rry country \ whnl would I not sacrifice fcr ihec! 

I iluU tt'atch that magitinite who fired 1 ct-rlain independent 
(Toming smte^maij cne lovely tnoraing In June. When I tike my 
»cal under the icfulisciit dome of St, Ste|»he[i'jt that magistrate will 
bear ogatQ cf N^ N. ^V. TJiat m^Lgistrcte will fmd that nfter all Che 
otily penon he has oommiiied is hiniRelf. What \% tive pounds com- 
pared 10 diiri-uperi? Nothing? Wh^ii is fifty? I have accepted 
iJiUa for fifty linici Miii ; but I will not accept Ui&honour- 

Amoho ifiz FoEra. 

Some modem wriieni -nccrn in tlilnk il a great achieveTiipm when 

diey have unitaCcd some one cbc- I do not- All kin^a of litcratLire 

come cAA}' to a man of genius. (I call myscli oDt.) Aa per ex- 
ample: — 

FiU«t of a p#on)r make 

C^tnc ind ciL yuiir cDrmnt cuke, 

Fillci of a i*mty sTuk*.— Jfla*tf-F/«fT- 

Queca uid buntiu?, cluiale and (ait. 

IVhcTi the luu Lac3 goiLt ld >(]ec;p 
In hii now c^nc-bolloved thatt 

Duwn he tumble J in ihi i^ccp ; 
But yon ncpl nut wt-cp fui him, 

Koiiliefunk&uwihoivlotwiRi, — {JoCjiiXha}—£tMjiru»m. 
Vol DC., i«r»- ^ 


Tlit G€nita»mti $ lifagazhu^ 


)'«]IOW aDii KfV, 

Ttie IcAvei All! 4owit 

B^ihe londy mcrct 
And ftcvpT 1 vottI 
%a^y% iJu niilnifht bird 
In tlif nimM buU li.iEd by, 

LJAt \ To llic .Icjclmui'i ciT- 

Vclluvr nnd tert^ 
Tlic tcuvci fall iffjwn 
Bj tlic lonely mcrr,— Trim Mvif^ 

To tie « EEOt to t>e, 
I ean ftni iflj- thii prafrttatinn over. 
F^F D«alh he it a EtiTlui thing 
Tliat h«th .-I miai i>r phmc* in hi« bmin ; 
And cnUfp]»s oT fiirui \u\\\ uid iiLomcntp 
D£> ha-n^ > purl in ew^ comU:^* ru, 
It3Jin£ t]ic groianevji vitb fur cniBmcat, 
Which, like tb? t^.iJ. Uifly anil tfilveiiuu?*. 
Findi loagus m tn^s. baak« in ihp nmnin; bmnfci^ 
And thunder wfaen the cloLiJb in sulumn frrack 
Like mndimc i^j^ttt newly vuTiChl viih dew. 
Mhtal^e mi^ iii>t, I ?pah ^uc as I Hnd. 
Per 1 bave Been iflitfn after exccuttan 
Ttil coirants in a pi* jffOTc irKli^cstinn tour 
AJid Iwc the Ei'iEnc of action. But wEtiL of l]hat f 
Tluev« Tgt theit fobhrrv h&vc aulhonly 
WtcQ gfCJii !■« jff« trilh 4aints^ and J h-ivc Koa 
A tihtk a toy wiilut. a kj|L:Adi?d dud 
Safr in ihp oHice arnl jrflairt fif lot*. 
And blown uith r«BLTe4« violence rDVnd ^Ot|£ 
TKc iawi ofdukMiBt whcjcchc dvci fcvtcoi 
Crept tnio actitn cupi nnd Ijirl thvm tbeie. , 

Life it d!» UdiouB as a Ewjlx-(cKI InLc, 
Bui iie ih.^t srinfl-n upon a ilfjti>rry pUr* 
To seek out Hinflw Ulit JiveU^ «veryvli«T« 
Ib jl double djinuicd and ji focil, 
A fnjlhlera cdvwl. a d]slij]iii.'9t wret^b ; 
GJTc rae^ a mafi vho« buit lc tn hji mmlh 
To vhiHpffr niiad< in mine cate, and plair 
SomcilLin^ like iJic inunlcr ^r my rniticr. 
And take avay ety tlmnarli that I Inrv miw 
TK&n C^'cnty xat if all (hair undi wrrv p«Brl, 
Hiir water nctur. and :hc loda putt cold* 

O thai X hid a Ha^nvt ot the Tiimil. 

T]» tlinp and nrrowh v£ cutrg^fcou^ fortUM, 

Tlic oi^picuoiNi wmufv the ptum} flijui'n caatuncljr, 

TJiv undlKmiDcil fonairy* wlicnc bnnnae 

!■ kickli^ii! tt'er witlt t palo caul of thought, 

Whcnrljy to inde tn curionitiot 

1^1011 »iu!il I umi-e ujhjii ilic Hutt, 

TnnlMp, iwrfMtiPB Ji> (In^tn. xy, thnt'n ill* rob- 

f~»r lh«ii (1 tnvflllcr ini£hl r«Eiim, 

Am! mill -aWtkLi my<]uiciUH niAke 

Tn hike iw%y Ihf mrsn^ wh«i*hy T liTf, 

AoJ 1«BV> DiA poor iiiil««c|, ancl lilu to on* 

But th« adventure to which I alluded jn the prel^oe cannot be 
pu1>livh<rd xhW iiiontli JjooV for tt in my neaiL Mt-unwhtle it 
(tt»y be rtt'll liJ slaLc fur lliL- benefit of iulvcrliseis who ilt^c 
to Uricg tficir iinDounccnjcnU before the inlclligenr Jiad wcU- 
to4o middle clones of a great cind opulent district, that I shall 
dcTOie ibe bade of my clecEion address 10 their fieTvicc. T am a]>va}^ 
fifadjr :o narrilice myself on the coniTncrciaT altar of ihis entfryirising 
wd mdvcitifiing Age- The cliLtrge wLil be at the rate of ^2 per lucJl 
Sp«CuJ positions by onAngetnt^nL 

\ \ 


NGLISH acWrs have vuicd merit) ^nd ^JilTcrcnt ilj-lw, 
2.ail li mi^lit $^<Tn itrtposs^iblc^ oiv^in^ lo the want of oa/ 
riirntncn swndard of compi^rison^ lo dct^idc who is 
itic btsi |iU^cr now cxisiing. Unforluiuielj, fttun Ihc 
BhifLing conijiiions of .all things ihcatiic^, and (torn ihc prccAiious 
footing of actors ai theatres— each being obliged to prove hinuclT 
fiomeihing cf a "lunjy man" (iviuicss Mf. Comjitfin) — ihcre is no 
such tommon fpeciudc as 'is seen tin the French siage, of one 
Atrtking and complete character being entirely identified wilh one 
iLclor and with no other. Actor and dtar.ictcr in such a cusc bcccme 
inseparatOe and make one whole. They fit together by some happy 
coincidence like two broken fragments ihai have been joined again. 
Another may ^licmpl the part, and with success ; but the fecoltcctiun 
of the first corifuscs and jars upon u.i, Yo those, as Lamb sayt. who 
saw the first east of "The gctiool for Scandal," the mfcrior suo 
ce«M>rs would have been intolerable. Tf would be another ** School 
ftjr Scandal" aliogclhcr, Wchavc none of these liappy uniun?i. An 
aglot, indeed, will y*lay some tnimpcry piece, soy n coi.ipIc of hundred 
nights, and then ^* take it into the country," as it is called in etagt 
slang ; bm here ihere is no *' cliaracter" properly speaking — he has 
bcca tncrdy successful in the pwt, and his name is "up." Here, by 
the way, occurs a rcilcction» in reply to what is urged, that theic 
runs of two hundred nights, now so common, prove thai at present 
pieces arc mcire keenly enjoyed t?ian the vaunted o!d comedies which -■ 
only*' ran "for thirty oi ftnty nights at most. I: it tmiijus how these 
cxtrflvagantl^r succesiful modern pieces literally *^ run until they drop " 
— until all life and substance is worn out of th;;m in the process, ll 
H-i)l be noted that when it is attempted lo revive them, as in the case 
of "'Black'Eycd Susan," which was styled ''the most Ruocesftfiil 
burlesque of modem Umcs," they fall perfecUyllat — thehumouiof the 
thing has flt^d, and people listen with a stupid ationi^hment So 
wiih the famous " Grimtle Duchesse," which, with all the Attnctioai 
of Lhe"Gicat Schneider " and all her antics, was li&tcncti to last 
season with vacant car^. But one of '* the good old ccmodics," OT 

Players ^f Our Day^ 

one of ihe srock pieces of ibr Tlii?Afre Fmn^iiii, hnH its fixed, stwdy, 
honoiiiaIj!e place i« the ripertoitfT it was alxjvc tJii? overdone 
CDthusbam of " a tiiii»" iind ^ciirc against the contempt of nt:gL<:ct. 
Evtry 4i'a<toii iC was certoin of being played a great many times, and 
sltoriLit 111** Victor* on whose lives it stvmed to depend for iis int«e*t 
disappcir fjuiii the: scene, Ihcrc were otiicis in [r^inbg liLoiing up the 
imdition and ready 10 step inio ihcir places. The part thas lives 
by the letor : the actor by the paTt, And as we think of this healthy 
state of ihirgs^ which ii really the fotindaiion of nil projipcrity for 
ihc sLagr, our iliougbts at once revert to Mr. Phelps, who, in connect 
lion with his one character, alone answers these happy conditions of 
the Thtflire Ftanv^'^is, and may be accepted as the most satisfactory 
if not the best aelor on the English 4t.ige, 

When he controlled Sadler's WcUs Theatre, and drew, as if from 
some stiff and creaking pump, the hard utterances of '* Ingomar, die 
KxTbaruin," and of viiiJons Shakespearian heroes, wc must own to 
having *mall sympathy with him. His dry, unmuiical accent — 
highly Tieasmied with his native provinclalisin^ — Tiis Crunnnle*'like 
tKuniiciisjn, hJs thoroughly si^ey style, whicti copied a corruptioEi of 
the Kcmblc adiool, the absence of true feeling and nature^ made 
those various performance? uninviting- He evidently had all the 
old u-hoal traditions at fifth or sixth hand. The license a manager- 
actor can extend to hinifielf dcpiives him of the advantage of a sound 
and wholesome eriiicism. Mr. Phelps comcjs back on u^ as tlK most 
painstaking but the most iminteresting of actors, latterly, when 
tolerably aLlvanttd in life, he linds a humc ul Dniry I^nc Theatre, 
where he fitcuie* inv.iijably in Mr. lialliilay's pieces as the old Jew, or 
Ihcold dnvelhng Parent of somc|iattern, e?cposed lothcbufTetmgs and 
fipotixtions of unpHndpled men. These presentations are invariably 
of the same kind — qiiavpring voice, bent head, shmntcn shoulder^ 
and tottering steps. Such arc wholly unworthy of his powers, but 
stiU in ccuy haven \t wclccmi?, and the maxim " Solve senescentem, 
&c,,"inay apply. But the applause that greeted these rather indif- 
ferent c\t-nions seemed worthy of the peciiliar levH of an average 
audience of Dfury Line, though it iniglii have been diiccicd mote to 
tke mstn than to the character. 

Bui it is very ditfcrent when we come to speak of Sir Pcrtinax 
Maciyeopkini, '" the man of the world ; " that wonderful performance^ 
really unique CI) iltc En^h^h aUgc at present- There \& of couRoe 
on enormous advantAiCic in the part itself, which is amacing as a 
picture <A human cliaractcr worked out with the profoundt'^t skill 
Bjul knowledge of hunmn nature. There is no ^U^,v> \t> ^^ea^L^ 

TA0 CcHilffoa^s Mags^n^. 

An<3aIaMftiu>ston\l>»t the prosrcai of Uui one chimcter ; itsnuni- 
fc-iutioo, iu ;ulvancc Jicd repuU^ it a ctorj and hac 3}\ Lho incenst 
dTthn?- Macklia's wu a ru<lcf am! jKivrerfLil mJnd, but to icmI hia 
li(c DO one wuulU ffuppuac iluc he »«a cajuUc of such a pcrronniACc. 
There arc i^itclica m ii» d&ilin^ iriiii the mcac Aide of bi:nun nature, 
worthy of I^ Kochci'oucAukl, aind ihc variwy utd vix-atity and jgfcw- 
/offAtt/fl/tfx of the v.-MiouB turns and changes roal;^ it like a piec« of 
real life; Mr. ThcliJx ii vorihj^ mt this diaradcT, uid it fiU him Like 
the old'Ja&hjoned Ccorgutn suit which he wam, Frtxn tort' prnctke 
and a Dal;ve iftblLOCt he hai ewfled to Lhiut of a u a thing got by 
heart — ii is kimtfJ/, and for the tlnw bring he » ihc r^haraacf. ffii 
Ucc, ftlwAys ifarewi and emincnily QJcdontaiiv hts liecn tniocd liy 
the cxcrcL5c of cAHAy Scotch cxprcuiona to becone pnfiuiK widi 
" laf^cdouK " msoiiinx ; hi^ moiiont, urriage, lU are upiiScaitt. 
TJie cnergjv DnSag^ng »eal with wliicli the whol« is cutcatbed 
is pcifculy moivclbuk; bdced, it may lie ^id that ihc oftljr 
time ^hcn the atccntion of ihc audience flafi» at x\\ i^ when he ii 
ntAecit from the $tngc ll would ukc lor^ to »um up the jioinu of 
iJik adiiiLTahk ]}crfomi:incc, l>ut it may tw ^d llicrc nrc jNUtAfOf lo 
be iJid'tirt'J tvtn tcf that Onnoiji 4EEnimi *rf the nieann by whitJi he 
ro»c in the world ^ind dfei^tcd ;l Buiuhlc momagc. One ni \\\<v\ ii 
the MCDc where lio tries to wheedle the <Jers>"™An into a vety dit- 
reput:tble plati by which he hoped to save hi« fion, iirwl the ftnaiHng^ 
m^c^ fur/, atitl ci>u1enLi»l vtiEh whirh lie \\\xi\% on him uhm he rcjectt 
l;hcftc propoul-t ^ith scorn. This is really line, ^nd worthy, at iikdeed 
it tlj« whole performance, of the l''nirn;t"»- -"^y 0*^ ""ho has k0C 
U\ih in the stu^-who from many w^^ry nighii »pertt at the ibeMre 
ha.'sroine Il> Mit-vcf ihi? bU^c thediiUtf&t of existing eatertainmmti^ 
would inlallibly luvc his old iuih tc^iorcd by witnettiiifc the pcf' 
forniiince of Mr. Phelps. Look tony he coniinue to repeat H, 
dtH^hting miny ^zn audience- It m;ty he Laid that proviMni 
fliidit.'[]c*;!i show a t:ir more rary appreciation of this ]iait than do 
lAiudou oneri, and tJic present wnter hu£ sever Acen it ^reeled mdi 
0uch 10^1% uf bui^croas dcIJghi as in the New (Uidy 'Elieaire M 
XJublm — one cf lh« pretiiest of the new theatres of th« ki&gdonif 


Tlic apccia^lc of a foreign actor on the Kn(;I]ah 3t>ge, ipeaiini; the 
Ungtia^G with dif^ciilty and with a fttr^nge acceni, haa lately bcooiae 
fto coiHTnnr th^t even ike mott unlVerjueni playgoer liods bbntelf 
I'tJtcning ni;Ji all gravity 10 ihc curious eeries of tooongruiiio 

Players of Our Day^ 

crolicd by tlic pndloc* Slik« tlie rcM^ii of upcra buufTc Ik^ui 
& ntinalKT of French acton and acttoKs hjivc coinc l>dorc 
111, wh;>, thoUK^ ^^ many cjaca unin tellable in vhnt they wen 
Ktying, JtiH Euinjlicd mcanitig hy -t certain native vivaciry or p-into- 
iu]:nc wliicli b nerei wujituig la iJic ibcci^ti uniiit 'IIk; iiractke 
b ximpljr ndicuLott* and uodiatmatic. uid a litllc rclkction htlU ahf7«r 
that thon w no histrionic proftt in the matter. Iq the cu-k oI cxm- 
«vdnaiy ability, lite that nf 3 KiAUiri or of nornc? of the great 
Gcraioa oniita, thi'ie a ramcHhing lo be ^»crl in the iIui^k: of a 
Icaaoo, or adAixt^UoQ aii<l cunooity ore to Ijc gratiEicxI, but oa a 
dEimatic tpcct^cle ibc i«suh it faulty, diBcord^Lit, aiid Li&iiitrjkmiag. 
^ucli exbiUiiocs as tJic loAdtng diiLToctcn pbymg in one language 
and ihc minor oacs in Another arc simp!y KroK«r[iJc, aod ically 
Amount to noihinf more lli^n a show— some (hi njc people £0 to 
ice and «njoy as Lhcy would tnc prodi^ I'um Ilmmb. But to nse, 
AS we bare lately seen, M. Herv^ aod M, Marxu*, MdUe. Chj>' and 
MdUe- ComeJii.* d'Anka, nodding and snuUng aotl cahlhiltng 
gocgcoua drcucs, " tigZiti," »panclca. &^ Doay be coi»lucive to the 
naieriil buaincaa of burlc«qiLC. where aco^e and meaning ore not 
adccd (oTi but docs not help lorward intclligecict. 

Id rrtprri to Mr, rrrlnrr» Mr. Ilaiulmann, and Mdllr. Rc^oitie 
tlw ca^e b d;ClcrcLil. Kr, rcchlci waa one of tJie furcnio^t James 
fremurt in i^aiU^ ^^nd created the hero in the notorious '* Uame aux 
Camellias. " Five-oud-twcnty jears ago fae was one of the mo«i 
gpaccial and btcrcidng of young ictoiTB, hu fif^e and bearing were 
dc^inf, \m vnji <i VI ir r >]irn Uin^ Touythattb«8operfec-tioa«arenot 
so strong as tJicy were i» (o tay lliat cvciy ani«t, likt.' every c>rte elic 
on cnrtb, muKt advance* ir XSs And Idvc bc^und ^i he goi^ some of 
like choke trcuurci that belong to yuudi alone, Hx^ figure: i:^ now a 
Jktk tini^uited to character? vhcrc love or love«iakiii^ n conceinedi 
and hb i^tCLtlbr ^lyXv^ which lie brought wtih him from Pjiria, Kac 
loog UDce lo^L the t;l(io[]i (liat n^odc it 40 atiraciive and has become 
bud And dry. It ia curious to look bftck m the excitement, the 
ditcouions, the cUbonte disAedioQ and criUqucc wKidi hcra)di:d hit 
firtt appeariuio& The critics themtelvcs mviX read wfili wonder 
tJjeir Bultinn dl<^c:L]x>h]D(is an every turn ami inflt^-tuu of the new 
actor, and voLirica of plcuuie will recall witli auiptiie the Cicilcd 
"foifif to see Fechcer," the eager dinner-table oivd b:UI diacusAiooi 
on his mpritt. The inith is, urder the direction of the penny news- 
pq«n we have broome .in im|ni].sire and ardent v^xcc Thoe 
ocgana, foraome my»terioui jiarpoac. work Lp a subject And ^tinau- 
laie tbc |>ubiic as the bull ftghicm d\^ the bull ^Vhax thouuuuU of 


Tke Gt'Tiihman\ Magashu. 


Ihesc nine days' wonders have we had during the Ust twcnt/ ye^isV 
What malchlcts singers, aciorx, d-inciL-rs, liglit-rojie ibnctre ariJ 
walken>, speakers, beauties, pictures, poems, novels— what not ? 
The nc^vs thai the great Frcntli actor wei3 iiboul to i>lay Haflit«t _ 
aRer quite ^ new lashion aroused the greatest cxcilemcnL Afl 
Bill 10 be introduced imo rhe House of Commons did not pmdtice ' * 
nearly the fcnncnL A cloud (if runmurs went forth bcforch^^d; 
speculation wita rife. Tt ^vas to be such a Hnmtc^t as no one htul yclfl 
iften, and was to be jjlayed on new pHucipltis, AVTiat is the poiiH 
best r<?membeied of thai jieribnnance ? Pcrhnps ih€ Jinx^n ^'ig! 
It i& realljr iuniLsing now to turn over ihc regular e»ay» that vrcrc 
written on "the Scandinavian aif" and "the fair-haired Prince ofj 
Denmark"— the truly ■* Uanith figvire." Numbers wtnt to sec thii 
figure mL*rdy. The peifornnnce itself excited crjiial nplure — tl w; 
so Jit:vi. There was abund^tLict: of ''icadtoi^'s*' anO poinls, wlu< 
tbe critics gravely noted and discussed ; and the corclu^ion 
which s,T\y one liiming over the old crititjucE would now arrive at, u 
that :i remarkable Shakespe;iriau inieriircuticii h;id beer added to] 
the fcwalreaily ciifiting of the gfcat play. Nay, sotnc seemed 
hint llial the okl pedantic reading of the Kcmblc and tiairick school 
had been overlhrown for ever, mid that this free and natural inter' 
pretation would in future be che only one tolerable. Yet the whokv 
it is plain, was but one of tliose Sis or ^* spuit& " of entlnisiAsm to 
which the English jmbhc is as periodically subject as it is to ihi>se filB 
of moraltty so anmsingly described by Macaulay. A calm and tuidfl 
criticism would now dismiss the reading a^i a mere ingenious exercise' 
— one that owesits effect to mere suqjriac — thai i>i, to violent coo Una*. 
Expecting the old gravity and scholastic dcclamftiion. the audicnce 
were greeted with an almost c^'efyday familiarity and a cODVcrs»'^ 
tion^il ULiency. This, it may be said, is a wholly false idc* 4i^| 
Shakespeare, whu^e thought and |>hilosop!iy require a statel)? dcria* 
mation to give ihcm effect and dignity. Above all, the chotacta 
of Hamlet and the almost awful events of whicli he is tlie ceni 
to have their proper effect must be placed in an atmosphere beyor 
the tonventional tone of everyday life:. As for ihc " flaxen wig," 
only futrislics one more curious illustration of the danger of gliji^ 
undue promincQce to the maleriLtl element on the stage. Ilut apart 
from thi* "rendering" — to use ihc legitimate word— being unaatift' 
factory, there is always a eurioun blemish observed when ihr natii 
of one country speaks or declaims in the language of ^notha* 
lie imports the inHcctions of h\A ovm conguci which belong 
^m\vt\j to it. In tlie ease of Frencli they seem to be aln» 


Players ef Our Day. 3:3 

rcvrnrcd tvhrn comj-ared with those of EtiglUh — ascending wlit-n 
the Utlcr dciccnd. and vUc vernj. This failing Mr, Fcchtcr 
(vvhosc pfonundiition of his own nanit, by ihc way, va rjol 
'•Fcyhtcr/" bui roundly " ^"<ldltec") h;is found it impQaaible 10 
gn rid of, though his knowledge of English is wondcrfu!. The 
French cadence d/nsi^U m a ^ori of cjipo&Eiilaling »lr;iin of cino> 
lional patAOgcs— a hurried burst of trotds, with a ^liarp rise and 
^1 at the e&d. Ttiu i« very ditfcient from ili« sober And dchbcrAlo 
notes of Tn^li^h tleclEirtiatiur, and tlii^s when farel^n tones and 
£ii^hhh woid> ;Lje piesentcd Cu^cllici llie cffcci is tomcthins uii< 
n:Llnra.l| odd, And faDta^Lic No amount of clabotnTc cxincii-m or 
pnise can ex;ilc this IrLapproprlatc jonctlon of dUcordant eteDienti, 
and iluvefore a French iLt[(}r reeiliTi^ Kn^linh ur an Kii}^]ish actor 
rceiting Frcncli will jiiway^i be nu more llian 1 dfur tfe /irrcf. Mr, 
Toole ocf-iflwnally gives a very ckvcr ftcrjv^ of imiltlions, m which 
he reprcfpcnu Mf. Ijiiclcttoi^e, Mr. Corapion, Mr. Webiicr, and Mf. 
Fcdilcr, feciiing ihe |issipgc, •'S?etn*; good mother, nny il in; 'li* 
not my mky duaV/' whicli is really uf a high older, ftjr he^ of 
coane, hasi never heard thi; facetious actor ^lerfonning liamlct, but 
the hearer feels i]\al it must be after liome such fathioii that Uie 
rtcir-iiion of the passo^je woald lake place. The imhation of Mr. 
Fecluer brings into a biirlcwpc laoint the ubjcciioiTh thu'i made 10 
forcifTi pronunciatEon, und the hearer cannot Ikil to be .itnidt with 
iti grotesque ch;;r;ictcr. 

But it is in piece? lik^ "Ruy Bias" — pieces ofa romantic, clashing, 
chivaJfuiis t-ompkiion, that Mr Fecbtcf txrels, cjt, perhaps, used to 
(Xicci ; for of course the daa]i and freedom muic wear off froin 
Euniliaxily and repetition, 'I'he actor, after a number of years play- 
ing in the tame chnr^ictcr, mii« find his energies chilled by the I'eehng 
tliut Ml nmjiy in thtf audience have seen what he is doing, and 
kn^w what iieombg. In a romantic ardour and dcvoijon, m the 
proccsUiiororfideiiiy. and in self sacrifice, no one on the Engluh 
stage ApproAfhefi him, And in thia view Kuy DLai ih perhaps hix 
bcM duiraclct- This lort of romaniie devoiion i^ common enough 
In French real life, and is genuine^ perhaps, foribetlnic; buL It is 
Itoi V4;ry dte[> or tasting. For thir; rca^^on il ha?^ olwnyn accmcd that 
there was a want of truth in Mr. Fcehter's pasworate passaj^es. 
and thai with gre^l intensity of tone and fervency uf gesture real 
fGCting wiu wAniinjc, lli» ^cLin^, in »hijft, tedccied the traditional 
chamcter of his countrymen. There can h^ no donbl, however, that 
hfii example ha« clone good, and that hi« love-making scenes have 
had grat elTeci in forming the style of same of out promisin^j ^cwk^ 


Th€ Gatilifftims Ma^aziM, 


Jov«TC- Over aU be flung a tone of npturoMs d«votioa, a 
lively grace, a* ea^ and fif«luciive enthnsiMm— a fapuirc cv*»i, 
which »a* pcrfcclly nciv in ilie Kiiglish ^\iigc. The play itself, cren 
wilh the cmaacuk lion undcrgi>nc to tit il for llic Kn^Iitii audience, 
wofi wonderful for it& romance ^uid true di*umtk situations. Wc ojc 
boni(^ alOD^, in ^ome (I«^fiiiice or probobilily, hy the putioditt 

It rjf berth acior nad pby. 
On ihc other hand, »cc Mr. Feebler b several saccc«ivc partt 
oT this d^ACtiplion. a^nd a scnee of monoloriy nn:;c«. He vtlM 
originality and vurie^. Thia alto nri&ct Irom lii> French trunnig ai 
romantic mdoilrama, where the dnvairous lov^i*a]wayi dr»wnoB 
L-lhc aoinc pattern, and whcnf an exciting ?»lory bcitjg the nuB^ 
>jct:t, loven and other chjrictcps ore generally of a conventiOBll 
tort. Th^ Kiigltfch pubtic it last began to find this onr, ^ind o/lrr llic 
"Dukc'i Mouci," though piece after piece was trird, brp^n to Aug in 
their BtEcndancc^ All the romantic and chivalroi-is pAit-s Ukit he 
attempted were Ruy Bias or Henri de Lagardtre over oj^in. Hb 
absence in America has given hiin a new lea»e of pQ|>ubtitf ; to 
one of the mont ludtcicus features in sioge aflbirs ia \\\vt reneira] of 
hbtriook ^'oulli liy tdng ""Loiltd dtjwn." f>., going on a forct^pi 
tour for a year, to be welcomed like a bran new nnd aiicces^ful actd 
on retviminj;. To know Mr- Feehter ia a prinkRc, and col 
the lea*t of his titles to rwpecc waa the enthusiastic friendship and 
affac:ti<jn entertained fcir hiiu liy Charles Didienx. 



Mr. Buckstone has pcrhai^s the moat expretiively hnmoroua Cacr 
ihflT actor has evercnjrjyed since Liston'sday. This giiH is. of oomii 
one of N'<tture'» ; but Lhe liue actxrr can upervttevrith budi btdligCDCC 
and indit^cr)' cu ihU llttic cApical fia to make it worth nt Icaxt doable 
«hat LI woji when n cnmc to him. Seen in the shop ^nd^wa, thM 
roguLnh coimteoance attracii irrciisiibly ; the eyt?i twtiikle with a 
l«nuidlc3B slyncsi, whxJe :iIjout che mouth lurk in untluoui atoliua- 
cade lU the laiighing uIjts. Hia race, too. at playcoera need oot 
be reminded, i;lidea ^th acnaoing flexibility through all the cadcooc^ 
high Mbd low, cf fun and frollr ; it ha« queer ti^'ists and tnnu of ill 
o«n, and hoa a f^p<^( ul i|uain[ncs& and oddity when projected ficRA 
that conuca] comer on the Icfc hand »ide of the muuth — a kkid fiC 
homy, half natal tiiang, Mouih, eyes, voiee. imisdet, ali have ibt' 

OBt omaiing mobitiiy, and »«rlc at tinoothty oa tboirgh 

mth oQ. Pasting htm in the ctrcrt every one rniitt W aitncied by 
ihot rjUAiat :iir of luscious enjojTBcnt of tome inw:inl joke. This 
Uuc t;L4ncdun':i tuc ii Tc]y nuc ; noDc of tl^c cutting loiv cfimcdians 
arc forluAAic ciM>U|;1i U> potdcaa iL Mr. Lusxid iirough is icrive itfid 
rcflfClivD ; Mr TooJ* briglu ar»ij uilctiigra^ but busine^like. Mr. 
Jtdtnorc hx^ x qinri ripTt«;ir>n. Mr. Ihivid Jnmcs nwl Mr 'jliomc 
have an xlmcKsi tail ciini.'^tiiCKt.' Mr. Conii^loii, iik]cl-i1, Ivm the true 
twi^k, but bii cxprcwLOQ is of the dry and arid ion. Hlxco Mr. 
Buck^tone ^dU have poued away the vUflc v";!! have susttuned a 
£iri>iiiii« to«f. and the public ctock of pteasm« he aerioualy impo- 
vcfabcd — lor lie rcprnteuib ii Kirt-uTdRUiaalic iinnctple — aEipKinuf 
luti&our iluLi ti>mcbow Ti;adics bcyorti the bouAcb &S ihe Hayiuailcct 
TbcAlrc, ihe recol Lections nf hm cl<j humcor have bttoomc pOtft cf 
ihedramaiif pcrtionrifouriidvcfi, ,-ind dioxigh thcdAytof ht« tnumfihs 
ue long posiieil by. vre fed tli^t at atiy mooient we hare jiower to 
nrify and ickintllc oui own old maooria, even hy wilncwin^ imdi 
funt repiodiKiioi^ ot thob: older poivcn. So long ch t^c ioapira of 
iht E^ cnuTUinmcnt is \a the i^eth lil£ powen, even ^d c3eOEy» 
wHI bsve 1 strange paloicy for the old admirer And it is tliil 
cunotis feeling thu helpt lo nuikc ^elcnnB tolerable on the st^^c 
ioQg after tlieir povcn have depnrted^ and who, when iccn by those 
«bo have never vten them in their hey-day, woaLd have no effcct- 
II ts only in iI^lik view thiti much cuuld bt uid of hi« iriing, 
whieh haji lc»t iQ uld 4[jirit jnd variety, liut uliicb has atill left a 
peeuliai ITavouf irhJch pvea ii pi<tua.ney. This h one of the ind- 
dextls of genLiit ; as Kyron e.'^id of Shcridm, (he very iven of his 
wh were latpcrior lo ihc sprightly mnnings of more pretcntif>tj9 
ineriL Mr. Ihickiuinc hiu Kn^y gond huiivijui — unlike the forced 
and labonou^ly extorted arddc— ^jfr/'/ftw/»if upwardt— which wc 
tod in KO many of otir psinsUkin^ js^/V^am/ ''funny" actori, but 
who have in tnilh no fun a\ xlwra^ Indeed, a< w-n thown in pre* 
vioGi RTtide^ the avrtuy^- low comeYlian h :i rcwte in<'ch;i nist — the 
vwtt hardAo^ing ofKia pr<»fca4io]i — who "*Uvr*" miniaiely lo<iiny 
aU chrGuj;ht and, with prodi|0~ouft industry, makes up ^ind copies with 
great iceivaey all the (riclu and dcncet of the moRt pojHiljir <j>me- 
dianK. Hii arquiNidon fjf these ara is vrrytniirh Aktu lo the iimncisa 
qS •* giinding " ft univeraiticx Aiiy one wh« has attended provincial 
the^trei wili recall the eomedicvn who doc« chartLcter; of the " Box and 
Cost" pAtifm — the dapper cockney you n^; m.-kn, vho raakcs smart, 
perx (peechci ic a glih Taj^i manner ThJi; is a nw*Tf knark, whi-rh 
u acQLured b>' pr.iaicc, and it ik utterly foreicn to teenuiiiie tdent 
How Mnnden, or Suett, or Itanttixtcr, or Harley, or an^ oC \b& cA& 



The- GeniUnkJiis Magazine. 


Cfmiciibtis would sur^, if pbc«d in a ^iitll lo listen to some of these^ 
funny mm in jjiecf* like " Slasher and Crasher/' ''Done on Boili^ 
Sidea,-'' repealing in a pert fashion a monologue oflhis kind ; — **Aa 
I look my scat in the on^nibua who r^houLd I see stEling opposite but 
a raviihing red and blue petucoaC on n charming young creimit 
Nu \ \ iiicun a ravishing young prtiicojit on 4 clijimiing red jnd blue] 
crcaiitrc. Cut ncit her was a dragon \ Yes \ positively, and 
tinctlyj and emphaiicjilly a drag-on I Her eyes were deC'Cidedly 
Ihe gemis gimlet ; her nose belongetl to the large humsn famtly, 
snub," Tliisscrt of n.irralivc goes on flir, siy ten minut^'i. delivered 
in a fK'c. rapid, and familiiir style, and is consiJercd highly comic. 
But there is no humour in cither matter or dchvcry, and, fls wtj 
have said, Suett or Mundeii would state ro hear such a ihing aCyledj 
acLing» or actiug ai alL 
has been Mr. Buckatonc^s lot to pby in m&ny pieces of Utifj 
characitr; but he always irapnrled lo thetn a certain unctuoulj 
htimoLtr of his own. One of his best pans In this style was th« »*1 
known Mr. Golightly in " Lend Mc FiveShillin^>-" PlaygoerawiS^ 
recall the extraordinary vivacity, spirit, and humoui^ the helplcun<Ur 
And persecuted helplessness, with which he Invested the part — the 
restlt"S*inc*i-s and rhc orrrtagging eni."rgy of the whole, '['ho picrwr* of 
the actor riii^hing wildly in the nigged old gieai coal and tjaiiered hat 
— the only ones left after Lhc guests had departed — wc will venture^™ 
to say still lingers in the memory of all who have seen him. EveniiH 
his iireseni treatment of this farcical incident shows what a difiereot 
style of humour ohlained twenty or lliiriy yeara ago. The cumic 
man of our day wouM probably have devised aorac extraordinary «Adj 
IJint^tie gaimcnt, like a harlequin's, out of which he wculd havo' 
eximcted endless "businesti/' getting it on wrong ^ide out, cr npside! 
down. But Mr. BiiE^k^tonc with true instinct went tlirough thftj 
situation as if unconscious of, or carelcsit about, the ridiculous figwa' 
he presented. Hi^eniotjon ^nd eveitcincnt arising from the awkwari 
and perp!eiirg fcimation were loo serious to allow him to think 
such a thing ; and his arr of indignation and conscious dignity, while 
arrayed in such garnicnia, imparted an irresistibly ludicrous clTecL 
This surely is the true and the natural principle — and the actor who 
turns aside for grotesque antics, though he may produce laughter, 
ceases for the moment lo be an actor, and becnmi?* a clown. \ 

The piece itat^lf it an escdlenl one. and though cjitiavugantlf 
iurcieali la not iniproljablc^ and has indecU a very natural air. As A 
WI8 cast at the Haymarket many ycan:^o, nothing more cntertaioing 
tould t>c conceive^!, Therr,^ was a gathering absurdity, or dcepeoiDg 

Players of Our £)ay. 


complication, without l>eing loo far fltmincd, that wx<: most amuAing. 
Ti*; HiiymirktfC h sjidly changed. There arc too many vtlcmtis. 
wliu \\Ay^ lust at T( spirit iliough noc Uieir old ciirtti iiig. Bui itiU 
ihis ctucl icpruath sLigetsts it5»;lf^ 

Supcffluou^ IftGi the t«I*fan on tlw 9UjE«. 

W<iree ihflii this i« t^e peni^tent dinging to c^tain motrldy pieces, 
which h'lvc nolbing to recommend them but ihcxr old fiuhlont And 
whose cflfcct b pretty iruch that of entcricg the dining-room of some 
ODcicDt and diSLitfied country hous«, whcrv w« sec lank)' sideboards on 
spiky limbs, hone-hfiir chjiirs, flrd iwist^ old <^ndlesiifks. Some 
ytais dgo " No Song, no Supper '' was revived, and iia feehlt lustic 
mcrrimcnti anti<iiiatcd and laborious humoLi^ joined to produce the 
inoftt dismal cvcTiinj^« thai could be conceived. 

Mr, Gilbert's pieces, however, liave restored the waning foriunetof 
the hcju^c In ibcinij^t iriumpliinl fashion. Though Mr. Itutksiime 
i« »ufficicni]y comic in *' King Phanor'* and ihc " Axt Ciilic" Mill \t 
isxnOTt ihc old •*Bi:ckslonian" flavour iKat ''arriiit* the midriH" 
And, indeed, that quaint countenance and more quaint voice would 
impian a r^trfum dr[>llcry to any \r.\n ihal he would iindenflkf Bat 
A3 woj before hinted, it is the old recollection — ^old choid^ of huraour 
retouched when we i^ec him play — thaE evokes the lanjfh. Hifl 
" Box and Cox '* i* not rer}' tIroU now, and cannot be compared with 
the minuLr and highly comic inU'r['rt!tationH of Mr German Rved, an 
jLdmlr^Lilc fictoi in Ki^ way. 

But on ihc whole the memory of Buckstonc ^^ill always be held in 
e^tecm^ and hJa humour will be looked bnck to with somcttiing of the 
sjLine reeling with which old phygoers talk of Liston. 



A Fancy. 


^^^^IIKRE 19 A keen pcrcepiiOD in K/tae mindi, 
^J^ 'Ihm cAich at tfirtcj, ligliier itUl ihoii air; 
And fiiiry faticica woave by magic touch 
From vcTieai flimsy iroihings as they fly ; 
I\iic essences of ihought. llwsc suUIc thJna*. 
Which comber minds pass by, oJid never heed. 

I j^npK' tioi that ihy feci hid toiicbed these shores, 

To gladJcn with thy presence all :traurMt t 

And yet, tlioiigh tcciiig noU I TcU thcc 

So near th&t 1 could fancy ihou did'st spcsk. 

Twas thus :— as J went forth, the cv'aingiur 

Sccni'd prrliim'd with thy hreaih. and fann'd my rhttk 

More AWcetiy* iiuftly^ ih^n it dul Lcfoic^ 

The ^tjirs with borrow'd brijjhlncss from thine cyct 

Looked twmkling do»ii, to toll me thou wcrt near. 

TV^ile the shmhi jiqc! flmreis with liKom ticms 

Obedient lo iiic breath of Ileav'u did bow 

Thcii fir,ic;ful heads at thy approach thai night. 

To do thy presence hotnag« like ihv reat 

Thi- moon, too, which h^d Jiid lior face iTIl then 

BehiEtd a nualy va\ <i&])^iniai to show 

Her siidden'd looks while thou wert sEill avray. 

Shone forth again, with all her wonted light ; 

And \en\ her iWv'ry beams to dieer thy i>aih. 

T/ir£t moons have fuU'd and waned since thou wctt bcn^ 

And e;ach one kept a gloomy aspect still 

"i'ill ihy relLLrc ; but now the ndsts have ^out. 

And with bright smiles the Quoeu or Ni^ht comei forth, 

To bid tljce welcome ; — mark tlicac omens well I 

All nature teems with wiadom from on hJsh< 

When next thou tbink'st lo give a sweet surprisej 
KememLer frr^i that "tell tales" are aiound; 
For /cf»Iiy;s waft love's tidiQi'& ou their wings 
To those whose minds are Co such things ftLluncd- 

ACOB had n long atui uul imerviev with hw Cilher, who 
w*a icntjualy ajiiI dangcroiiily ilU Aunt Kedah cam^ in 
iir.d out of ihe iitJc room while J^cob w^ Uicrct Hb 
Futli^r laidtlic had been very good dii<] very tonsidcrxtc* 
" 1 ujoL cold in London,' siid Jacob's father. '* But I 
kIuII soon btr well ; I am gettitig on nicely now." 

JucuU's IlcuiU ^nk. ax ^i^hl of tliif iluti h.tnrlfl, ihc 

pxic checks, juid the lusucics) eyes* 

** I tm not iKi ill aa you wcrt,"* said Ihc sick man ; "not bo ill as you 

wer*; no^ oct so ill us yon were when I carried you into the 

^anlL-a I ctintJ not do li uovr, JelcoIi; you Iiavc i^own a Gae 

Dunly fdJow now/' 

"Aucit aaJd you vfvr^ not to talk much, father dear" said 

'* i am otJy ulking vay cjcietly," txid Mr. Mnrtyri ; " only vtny 
^ietly. Come dcocri ruj boy. J have bccu tbinkiiig a K'cat deal 
about youx IcttcrA, Jacob. Vou ore a good follow, and 1 will ace 
what can b# done in Ihe way of stoxtiJig you in life, f^ul 1 ahall sell 
thi« ncwv]ia[ier li h killirg troik, Jacob, Don'i br afraid of my 
taBui^ I am <?i]Iy vthiipcrin^; come doscr." 

Jacob took his father'? hand. It fl-as very thin. Me laid hi* head 
oo iht piUow by h^ tiLJiifr, wbo contiiiucd in & low whisker to 
tinbiiithm hie poor breaking heart io hh only ^d. 

''Have ncrtbiog Io <Io nith nc^tpitpefs, Jacob, It is the (icod- 
whccl in another <hapc You art alvvny^ tciling upwardi, bui you 
dcn^c profiicaa; yourworlc ia never nmshcd. And as for the influence 
of the preti, it in net worth luvinj;; it ia only i perpetual worry ;you 
nuke eaemii> undct any drtiutusuuitca ; if you an- imlcpcudnit anJ 
honest you loae your money } if you beloog to a polltica] paity your 

T!u GmtUmaiis M&^azmc. 

owik fiicnds doiiH support you. W1icn I am nbout ogiin. JacoK wi; 
will live at our ca«c, and culiivaie ihc garden. Voti wiJl not grov 
tired of Kuch a life qtl tbat.'^ 

"Tireit, father- No I" saiil Jacub. 
Thenymi must tbmk. aboui U, iixy boy; wc will talk tl over 

lo-morrovr; we irill ULik ," and the aick man dropped into x 

iroublod sleep, 

Mrs. Gom[ison cuplahcd lo Jactib in rifhard, niattCT-CifftMl 
rrunner, tlicrc wctc Bcrne pi)>cri under her brotlici*!s jiillow 
which she thought he wbhcd lo apeak about. 

" He had thctn m his hrind one day," she said ; '* btit lie put them 
cut of the way hurriedly, as if he did not wish me lo see them ; thcjf 
are under his pillow/^ 

'* 1 will not disturb ihcm/' said Jacob, 

Mr. Mftftyo cuniinued to sleep during the greater part of the da7> 
which was regpirded by Mrs. Tiuy as a vety hopef»l and good sign of 


In the evening Jacob went inEo the little counting-hou&c, And aaw 
Mr. Jidius Jennmgs. 

Wiping his j]cn upon his coat-skeve^ ard descending from a high 
stool. Jcriniugs looked rouiid iis if to satisfy himscir ih;iT J^-ob wast 
aloae- Widiout any further greeting ihon a nod, he motioned Jacob 
to a chiLir, 

Jenniiigs was greatly changed. Hl« hair was grey. He had X 
iir;iichful, suspicious Itfok. His %hotildcrs were getting up in if> hisnccltT 
Hih cliiti bad elongated. His elbows were more pointed tlian usual, 
and hi) hair had grown lower down upon hi^ wrinkled forehead. Hi* 
voiee, whieh hnd onc:e had a little of the roundness of the canting 
IjreachtT in it, was now baish and gvating. He was like a man In 
continual fear of some threatened danger- 

'' Vou have heard all?" said Julius, nibbing his handa Qcrvcualy- 

" I have," 

" Vou know who the fellow in die kitchen fa?'' 

'■ Vei" 

'* Good," said JuUus promptly, as if ansiioua to clear the ground 
and come to the point which he had in his mind. 

"Vou are iirepared lo look inio things in a business-like way?' 

"I am." 

" Good — you have grown into a man, sir, since we last tnct-" 

Jacob nodded- He had never liked Jenmn^p, and hid pride 
tcsentc*^ (he power which Jennings seemed to wield. 

" You know wc are entirely done up ?*' 

Stranger than Fiction, 


*'Pray tell me all Ihcre it lo tdl, 111," said Jacob. 

|criiiiiTi|pi took u|i aahcrl orni)ti:-pn|JcrfrDm hii dt-vk, And looking 
ai ftomc tough fijurca, fruwncd at the pupcr, ihrunt Li^t lony hands 
deep into his pocVcca, aud in ,1 »ciiiciiiiu^i^ manner gave Jacob x 
4lcficriptioQ of th? finandft] poKicion of the housc- 

■* Debts ;^3,S0O,assrW ^3,500; Assets not -ivflilflblc^conaisriiigof 
money spear in buildings, alterations, machinery', jiml c(g4m>;tlion. 
Yoiii fjihcr hnd ^3*000 in ca»h when he began ihU new bmincM. 
Mccling of rrediior* on Mr- jVlariyn's r^itum from London, 
Ol!erod to araign pvrr)'ihing on rendition that the i'M/' should be 
e^tne<! om for another six inontli^i with option of ic puiLliaac to 
t^endor. 1 advised t^oing into txxnkruptcy ; father would not ; con- 
cern went on. ^i,5co of debts secured by bill of sole; there's tbc 
rub. Mra. tJompson has toM you, no douljl, of the pa|wrj under 
)Our f^Lhci's j>il[ow^coj'y of bill of sale, that's atl^ — ii i^ killing him* 
v«iriii>[ his life out. Worst of ii is, Mimar hn.i the bill of aate, Magor 
hiU been puffed in the paper for \\\% benevolence, biit lately has been 
tcyin^ ?o awindip the puhlicn itnd \^c hai lieen piltlied into — honcEt but 
bod i>ollt^ \ he an<l aumc tjtiier corpcjraiiou awelU have ^worn Lo Wis^ 
the pofcr. Vour £athcr hod on editor from Jirighton.orsonicvvhcrc — a 
«offt of half and Imlf Londoner, clever no doubt, but indiscreet \ 
has taken a mortal hatr^^d to Magar, nnd vowed h(? vmiLd expose the 
schciucs of Magar ami a lilile cliijuc of iprculatora who are in [>ower 
bcfc Moj^.tr has scixcd— the man in poucsMon is Magar^s man, and 
before the week is over we shall ali go to tl^e walL" 

II WW a brief «ory, but no irtm wai lefl out. Jennings expressed 
no reject ; uur did he extik. He omitted to use a tingle scriptiira.! 
(;uouition. He treated the maEtcr in a bii^^incvi light. When be liad 
concluded he looked ai Jacob curiou!>ly, withdrew his* hands Imm his 
pockets, took a pinch of innlT, and Te«i^uiied hi* leal at the dctk. 

"Arc )tiu not a fciciid of Mi. Magai?" ajikcd Jacob calmly. 

•Not particularly/* swdjetmings; **why?" 

"Have you no influence over him?" 

•• A little,' said Jenningi, looking .straight at Jacob. 

"Not mffident tn ptit an i^nit to thissci^urir?" 

" I fear not.*' said JennbgH, 

"You would if you could?" 

" 1 mould ; your father hai always been good to me. Nfagar ii a 
•itubborn man. He has lisen twifily ro wealth and ponitiou. When 
men shoot u[j like tfiac they arc apt to forget old fricndy Ii it an 
tofcmal nofid, nr ; ameabng, blcod-suckmg, fool of a woild; Ablind, 
time^cning wotld> but no matter-— every dog; hAS his day." 



Tlu GintlaiiaiCs Magasim^ 

Jennfng! TCcTced liiniself to and fro as bt qiokc, and seemed 
Uliiix^ to himself. 

'*And yOH ihink l^cte ia no chance of sctilinfi ihis affjur?" tuid 
J.icob, withancEcrt at buKmeibfj^»;-<^4'/i];^v^butwilhaa;icldy itCDuU^oa 
£ti hU lieoxt, ^1 

"1 fear cqL BotuaU has bthavcd !ike ii thief. Wm iirntniiwd" 
j£i,ooo whenever jl waa rc<|tiircd That waa Icforc he became 
W.P. No^*- be is A swell ; they say he u to be a Cibinet Minuter; 
he lias kicked the Ladder down ; he gut up thfough your Ctihtl'B 
energy nnd hard work ; he does not answer our kllerrt ncnr ; he n sj 
Ibol A^ veil 2S a knave." 

*' iieavea's wiil b^ done/ said Jicob. 

"Amen," said Jennings. '" Vou had l>cttet go and look roiuid 
|)lac<% if you have ntn ilouc so. Have you seen the dcw office J" 


" 1 wish I never liad, " 

"Where kii?" 

*'Al ihc lot> of Ihc^irden. The men work laic lo-nighc; 
-aot have anotlicT OfjportuEiity. MconwIuJc if It U possible to inftui 
^lEiffiT I will do iV 

"Tbmk you," satd Jacob, And as be let) the couniing hou«e liM,\ 
Kphniiiti M:ig:tr was tisliered into it. 

" 1 began tQ think you wcce not coauug/' s&id JcniiJnffly can^EiiUjr 
€loiuii£ ihc door. I 

*'Whatl rot keqi tny promise?" " 

"Promises lire easily made and brokeit tlo^v:ul:lys," wiid Jennin^ 

^•Oh, Ihafs the game, is it? You ai« in one of your growliif^ 
moods, eh ? " 

'• No," said Jennings. " I don't fed over well saiisficd with mj 

ihat is an:' 

"OhfiC'sall Tighti then, so for as 1 am concerned?" Kaid SkUgir, 
ttanding with his back to the fire. " You're only out of tcmt>cr widLJ 

"Yoii know what twant>"jaidjcuiun^1jdgclin^wiiii his soLffJj 

"McoEid my friends to dear out of this?" 

"Yei; it h tioi ver)- miidi to otk, eooi-idcring all things," sud 

"Whftt do you mean by oU thii3{a?"a9kcd Magar, hia an^cr 
f-cptibly risiog< 

" 1 leave thai to yoitr iiDoginalioii,'' «aid Jeouiug^ with iniatmg 



iS/rofigrr ihati F'icli&n, 


'-l^Ahrays sorar (Jamned ThTest in yovir mcunh, Jenmng? — sometldiig 
tpnBlfiand ; ytju don*t £i>cal out and give il IwtJtK." 

" VoQ ought lo b<; gTAtcfu) to mc on tfuii aixoont," said JcTifiicgi. 

MiLcor clenched his big hcird fiit^ and grouitd his teeth with 
rage. J*QCiirags glanred to ice where ihf^ mkr wa* lying, Tlie nilei 
wu a rcirirmliblc weapon. Jcnnini^^ never used a ruler, csx>«cully 
one wiih 1 string llirough it, like an officer's staff; but lie kept such 
a& msETiimcrit conAlanily on his desk. 

'■'Say yon will do what ! winh in thii matter, and wc ire friends for 
ever; I will ask no more lavojus*' MJd Jcnjiings, lu a Londlialory 
tone, • 

" 1 tcU you I can't do It," exclaimed Magir, «trditig across the 
room. '* If it were my ovm aflhir I would give way at once. They 
arc dctcnnuicU ttj wipe ihc p^pcr out, and i Uiink the town wUl be 
the better for it. When a fellow's lost his monc^ he shouldn't uet 
Cthcis at defiance, Thej'Ve never forgiven that atucfc aLiout the 
account*, and ihcrc's lots of other scores to settle ; and what is morc^ 
there is nodunci-, I hear, of M^rtyn's gelling better, and wt don't 
mean his partj lo buy the p,ipcr, and wc don'l want it ourselves, 
bccauj^c wc have one — so that's the straightforft-ard tniih j and as I 
always like to be fkir and ubove board— — " 

"Veiy well^^ftaid Jennings, leaving fafs stool and confronting fail 
Cricnd* '^ Now, licir what 1 have to say. You arc aware l!ial I never 
h«d much money, and that what 1 had i put into this business vrhcQ 
it WA4 much needed, on the understanding that at Mr. Martyn'9 
dca-th T «tood joint Iiwr with his sun. Now I know that ihe <^nnr_em 
^U pay, and yiju knuw tliat tlietc is mote tlian twenty ahiilinga in the 
pound now, if the property were fairly realised, to say nothing of 
Marlyn'a original capital, which we will regard as altogether gone. 
Nov, if ynii sell hastily, as you contemplate, you will make ihat 
twenty Joinings no more than five, and destroy the copyright, which, 
in my opinion, would make the twenty shillings forty. Il is against 
my inteieit that you should do thLs." 

" I sAid yoii vhoLiId find ^(,ooo put to your credit at the Canown 

"It ismlAO Again^ my wish," continued Jennings, without noticing 
MAgu^fi vemark. ^'Martyn has suffered undeservedly, and Bpmall 
bis behaved like a ^eak and a Ihtef.'* 

■*Thi» is something new," siiil Magar. "Gctilnt' ayiupitljelic in 
yCForoId ^^c^ ch? Why, Jennings, you are a very queer fcUow," 

M agar thought it b«BC to try and meet hi^ friend's aitock with 
baatCTp though he ivas boiling over witli rage^ 


The Gejtllcmaris Magazine. 

" I owe a little gratitude to Manyn," said Jennings 

"Grjliludr/' f^^Lid Ma^Jf, whli a SDccr ; " huitibu^; 

*'lt is cot humbug,'' said Jennings, fiercely, And a: ihe vunc 
momcni softening l]uvoiceandrepe:itmg *^ it is not humbug, Mogor,'* 
m a more dercrcntlil tone, " I am in e^iraest" 

^' And so am I," said Majjar, EjuUoning liis sbintiig hlaclt ctiil <»rCT 
hU chest And looking defiance at bis fmcxid^ "And so am I. Let 
us drop Ihts palaver axid talk business, I've g^Wen wjiy to your 
whims loo often ; I ma\e a stnnd here, so there, ctamu mc T ** 

" Veiy well/' said Jennbgs, putting his (all stool hpiwcen himitrlf 
and MiigAr. " to buslnc^, then. I forbid thia forcible removal 

JenniDgs spoLe with 1 threatening delibefAiioQ, And his thin fu( 
vas piiilid- 

Mogai received the reply as if it were a blow. He shook himself 
together, and hia eye thshvd ^tngiiLy, 

*' 1 comm:ind yon to diamiss ihe bailtlf to^nighi ; I have pleidedi 
and IjL'Egcdf iLud humbled myself i 1 now cooiiiwinl , I say you bliall 
do it, Ephr&im Mogar; you nhali do it'' 

Jennings sEamped his foot, and hissed hia commands, Jtnd croudhod 
as he hissed. 

Magar dehhrrately^ walked to the door, opened it, looked ohc, and 
then, locking the door on the inside, put llic key in hi* potkeL 
Jccuidfis looked on witli a sudden expression of fcur. 

"We want no eavesdroppers," said Magar, " [Jut's all— no wit- 
nesses. Now, vha.[ do you nie:Ln? Once for ail, what do you 

Jennings shuddered as Magai approached him, and looked At the 

**! mean I say/ said Jennings. 

" It can't be done. What then ? " said Magv* 

« Jt must. ' 

" it won't," shouted Magar, striting the desk with his clenched 

''Tlien Ic wire," hiwcd Jennings, bis liuJc eyes flushing fire, hit 
nostrils distended, hia long fingers stretched out ; " bcwarct Kphraim 
the honest and outspoken." 

"You damned villain," sfmek^d Magar, unable to control his 

In a [no:Qcni he Had seized Jcanings by the throat, and pinned 
him up, choking, against the desk. The ruler dropped upon the 


ireaten, ytrn 
shaking liim like a do^ ; " VH j>iii ya 
night h over" 

He tiu&g Jt^nningi from him with a cunCf and walk^ About the 
roam like a raged hyena. Jennings crouched and uemUed on the 
lloDr. (Ic )).id been <Litdcked too ficicdy Jbi rcluliiUui^ Tlicrti for 
A motticnt there wax a dead silence. 

*■ Get up, you fool," ai length said Uagar ; " vhat on ass you must 
be to aggravate me ; you know what a pmiiinate devil I am," 

Jcimmg> made no reply. He ;ulju*t[ed his eolhr. 

"Il*» all over. Don't be urraid. I'm sorry I did it. But you 
flhouldn't have e^ged me on- Give me a pen>"' 

Jcnningi; h.inded hi; friend a pen, and &al3<ced himself with R pinch 
of i^nutT, 

Magoi took a chc^iuc'book horn his pocket and wrote out Ji 
ch«qiie for five hundred pounds. 

"Th*r*, »-hen you have cashed ihai I i«ll give you another; it ii 
payable a week from ihis/' 

Mdg^r kid the cheque upon the desk. 

"\rill that do?" he asked. 

Jennings nodded. 

" Come, we mnsl be friends, you and me, Jennings ; ii is damned 
DODjcQAi; to Uiink wc arc not to be. I ask yoiir pardtjn and offer 
you my hand. Come* no more sulks." 

Jennings put his hand in Magafs, and said/'All right — good oight, 

"Ate vsc friends?" aaked Magar. 

" We arc," said J ennings. 

"Then good nigh'/snid Magar, taking the key from hi* pocket, 
unlorlcing ihe door, and disappearing. 

'' Friends 1" said Jennings, when he was once more atone, "friends! 
yc^ u tificn in a cage arc friends when the weaker of the two is 
aJraid to »how hit teeth. Bat there shall be a setllm^ for ihisj'' he 
continued, shaking hi'i fiM ai the door. "Phyiital sutnglh is 
nowhere gainst cuuiun^. yv» hornd \flutc, you slull see." 

J<cniuf:s pa<cd the room, crouching in his nnger, shaking his list, 
and ntuitcring curses. He went on apostrophi^mg Magur as he 
walked 10 and fro, 

'■Vcitj evributiiig Hcoimdrcl ! 1 wiah you could have H/cd the 
life I have endured. VVhjit fl punishment !— what a punishment 1 
Look at my grey hair, my Kimkcn eyes, my bone» ready to come 
through my flkinn J sulTer the tortures of the djimned before nvj 

hi^ m 


Tkc GenikfiULtts Magastm, 

time You ! — you \ Ycfu gro**, thick, rhiaoccros^ludcd bcift 1 
Oiil/ physical pam touches you, and tliat mu^t be soniEnhinff more 
than ordinaiy pain. But tlie day will come, Magar llwiU comet 
<lt[iciid on \\ \ Tlicit- muM be r rvcJtoning," 

Jennings uc down bcTorc the fire ^nd cook several pinches of 

''Why do I st-iy hi*re? I am a fool. My place Is beyond iht 
seas, with A new i^anic. Faience, patience? Always on the watdi 
— I shall be picpftTcdi'* 

He li^ot up and went to his desk, stored vacantly about the ofHce^ 
folded up Mag;ir*s cheque, put ii into his pocket, cloied hi* ledgers 
irnd plumed t]iem in hia drsk ; lookcHJ bi^ de^k, li^hltd a cindlev 
chAugcJ liU coat for one that hmx^ on a ect of pC4;», extinguished 
the £UH, and went ont at the door ivhtch h;ui jusl closc-d upon Ihe 
burly form of Ephraim IVlagat, twice Mayor of Middlcton-in-ihc- 
Water, and ;i i»CTm;ini:nt mogUnatcr of duiC notorious boruugh. 



\% garden di^roy^d. jAc(rb did noi requite daylight 
this. It wnj dirk everywhere cicepl ncfli (he old EiiTi»rfte' 
Qowei bvd«, and there stood his l^ther'e printmg ofhce glaring at 
him through a dcwen lighied windows. Thp viMers were gone, fcia 
moihci'^ &cat £lI>io ; he atjs gbd he hiuJ uct come licfc in tl^c daj- 
tim(> He heard the di^unt roar of the river as it rolled over the 
weir, and he thought of the days when he went imaginaiy vo}'age4 to 
the Indies. What changes had Oi:cUTred since ihen» aiMl were occur- 
ring I Tbcy would iioL bcoj lliinkijj{^ of. He went i^p to the piiuliog 
office. Tlie door was open. He ascended n flight of steps, nnd 
found hin^sclf in a iip;i.ciou£ rDom, the a:mo5[}herc of which reminded 
him of one of Mr. Bon^^ir^ pine houses. A number uf men in thciT 
sfaut-»lecvc!( were actively engaged in setting up type, from copy of 
various JeacripiJona. Tom Tit^y was not in tlie room. A boyaakcd 
Jacob if he wanted the editor. Jacob, replying in the ncgatiTO, 
entered an adjoining .ipiirtment, which was utrewn with scraps of 
paper and muilbtcd iieiV'spjLH^ts. There wu a tabic in the ccntic of 
the room, upon wh^ch the litlcr on the floor was rq>eateJ, with the 
variation ot^ a (ew stray bookt, several <iukU pens, a bottU-, and a jar. 
A shaded gn&light hnrnr dim^y over the table, and left in shadow 
busts which occupied biac:kcts, one ut; ejch side of tlic firc-placc 

Stranger than Fiction. 


TVli3c }aoob whb ccntcmpUting ihU jouinaljaiic cliaof, aorac one 
nishcd in and tiimud ou the gaa. lIc1or« Jjici>b IW time lu [oolc 
round ft voice said, 

"GuoiJ rvenirg, wr — good cvrtiin^; ; whfll cin T i^o for yoii ^" 

The speaker ajswatcd a somcwhai thcaErical ailittitJc, throwing 
his hnd back, clashinB aside the collar of a looae cDat» and disciosing 
A ligh; waiucoal, a low coUat, ^nd x l^^cne neckerchief It was 
alUigcLhcr a curious and ^irl king Agurc; ithadfilm^l covered i^ih 
A profuaion of dark Iinir, ewo piercing cycSi and ft wide mouib, 
indKauve of connid^Tsllc hLurtoiir. 

Jacob bowed to the straoger and said, "Good *T«ihg" 

*Who have ! die plcas^irp of addressing?" asked the stranger^ 
consoas down from the laiagjuary pcdcat^l upon vrhich he had poned 
himself; comtnK down and laking frain his pocket an c^'c^lasG, 
which he rubbed carefully widi sn old silk handkerchief and thca 
jilaiiLtd in hi> Irft eye. 

"I am Jacob Marijii/' aald Jacub ; "I tnerdy caint in to »cc 
the place/' 

" Oh I iridced^-ddiglited to tee you^I am Mr. NEartyn's editor — 
take a leaT, sir, \ pr:"y- — mrher in roTifiifiiori to-nighi^d.iy bcfnpo 
publication — yoii feel the heat — I am soriy you foaod poor Mr< 
Martjrn ao ill— good man, ^x — kind-natTircd* independent, ncblc- 
qibited man, sir," rattkd on Mr. Windgatc Williams, "Thetv"* my 
caid» sir— a little soiled, like it* owner; ah 1 all I n^^ver mind ; wc Alt 
gtt soikd io thid world-" 

Jaicob took the card, lead the name, and sat down, up to th« 
knees in old newspapers ; but Mr. WiUimns gave him no opportunity 
to a^ent or di^ient 10 hiv remarks, which he ullerrd in a rapid, 
jerky. dt!sjcjinled TjiahiDn, looking fixedly ^t Jai:ob all the lime 

"1 hoT>c Mr, Martyn wiJl be enabled to mannge hbalEiirB — fine 
property, the Stiir — double itself in a few yenni — great ptty if such a 
caLimity should occur as a sto[>pTge ; but wi? mii%t birnd to th« 
dcciccaof Fate. 1 have ihoutjlii of gclimg up a company to cany ic 
on, nith Mr. Martyu as chairman \ ino^t perfect establishment, yoa 
aee — captLil offices — birauliful situation — factory itilber a nuisance 
ffloietunn; ; Imi we musi Take the a^eeablc with the disagiceablc — » 
noiliintj \> pctfeciion in this world ; eiciise tny green blind [adjusting 
a green ahade orer hb eves] — disfigyres and makes one look strringe, 1 
know, bm the eyei get weak witli bl:> much work by gas'lisht — wiU 
you Ukc a drink of ttout ? obliged to have aomeihing on these hu*y 


I Jdr. Wndgatc Williams poured out a gluaful of stout, a.i\d \\^M^<\ 

The Gmil^mans Maga:nn€, 

At thU moment a bo/ come into the room And disked for jii 
wht^rcujjoii Mr. Williams bcj^n to injikc hii dunk in a grtatcr .iiate 
confusioi than ever, and Jacob thought u a good opportuniiy to 
csc-ipe, which, he did, saying ihai he would noi detain Mr U'tlliiint 
ftr J Igngcr. 

''Vovi arc ver^ kind/' laid that Kentlcman; "busincw* murt be 
attended to, ceruinJy — very coiisiderate^l shall have Uic ;>lcain]rG 
of scc'n^ you agaiii," and th(' edllur followed Jjcob up with 3 
niQnmg fire of wordv, tinlil bolh were out on the sicpa^ and Jacob 
gmdikally gol beyoi^.d the sound of liic cdiioriai voice. 

The d<»cior hid just left Mr, Martyn when Jacob Te-entercd (he 
house, Jacob went upstaiis, and sttxMl by his fither's brd^^dr, .ind 
held hU hand. M(, Matlyii did not ^pcak, but he looked alTccLinTi- 
aiciy upon Jiis son. 

L^>ng arter hts fath« had dozed off to sleep again, Jac^b sat there, 
hol:!iti£j the clammy hand, and trying lo collect hi^ faculties for 
tnecUDg (he troubles which ^iecmed lo be hemming him in on All 
side;- Mt3, Titsy looked en, with her heart too fdi to speak, md 
her eyes too misly to see more than tht; form of Jacob. 

*'\Vill you not go lo bed?" at lengih asked Mrs, Titsy^ in m 
whimper, when the candle had burnt ilsclf alinosL ijilu lice soc::ket, 
and a loiig black tottering wick, like a sniatl buTrush, btood ztbore IL 

*' No, thank you," said Jacob; "no, thaak you; 1 would ntlhtf 
sit here/' 

When you iind I are ill, my friend^ may we have by onr pillow rno 
souls as careful oFout ever)' want, and as solicitous for our recovcrvi 
as ihcse two before: us. And may ^v'c be as patient as poor Mr. 
Martyn. He knew that the nature of his disease re^inlred 6ubtni«ioil 
and calmness ; and for Jacob'i^ &ike he wished to lie f^|>arcd. 
Happily he knew riolhing of Debt's policeman who sal iu the 
kitchen bcJow. But he Wnii fully awwe of ihe fact that ycaTs of hard- 
earned savings, the fruits of incessant toil, had been scattered to the 
winds. All hrf now looked forv^id to was a small competency, 
though he had no really definite reuiton for hoping li? ubtain even- 
that. Il was a hard lot : somctimea he could no: help thinking ao^a&d' 
then he remembered the injunction of the doctors not to let anything 
trouble him, zn^ he dismissed ihe disagreeable thimghti. Hope 
raised up the linking ^oul and gave it gUinpses of a ahaduwy fuiLire^ 
with gleams of sunshine in it; but there was a ncrpent und<mcalh 
the tick mnn's pillow, and a fell disease at his heart. 

S/raHg£-r ikan Fklion. 



It c»meds« though ihe morning would n«VCT romp. D^iyltght 
lingered bcZiiiid tlitr c)oud» of night, u if the twii liad !i:<isULd 
together CO keep M .<]([ cton in pcrpvUinl daiknciA, Ja<:ob hod do^ed 
occuion^tly, and Mra- Thsy h^d cnce or lwlcc falEvn asleep ; but 
Ijorh f[nickly awoke ag-iin .ind nicnt;dl)' rh'irl ihrTiTinvci for want 
ofrhought ivnd attcniion. Mr. Mjn^ii ?i1r[H liut lUllc dunng 
the night. He had bin awnke and heard the diurch dock strike 
hour after hour, without Ih* knowledge! oFliis walehcrs. Jacob went 
10 the ttindow iiud gently drew ih*? blind nside when the dock 
sceukcd to u)i[toiincc iliut llie long datk uij^hi w^lb really ovci \ but a 
few itjin wi:rc stitl shining upon black piles of doudri, nnd the ni^ 
of llic '* Durham Ok" va* swaying to and fro inlhcwind. Jacob 
wondered if the wind was "ihjiking die tri*eii round Lucy"* dwelling ; 
And il g-ive liini a pang of ^oiruw tu tliink liow ^ric^cd Lucy wodd 
be to hcnr ol' clic misfortunes which hod bcHillcQ him. And the 
wind j^rcw more boisterous still. It hod come fnrmilcE ani miles 
ovirr sci and Utid, nnd wjs gathering it* forcr^ in the MidE^uid 
counclca. It had rulled into fofun the deep waters, and hod 
awakened eehoinj; voiecs In many ii ACJ^-awcpt Cjivcrn. Driving 
Ihc clouds of night Ijefore, it had Idt shivcrcfl majits .ind sink' 
ing «hip« behind. Wise m.trinerv, who had oitighi the ^\x\\ loundfi 
of its ho^trse voice, h^d sought shelter in creeks and bayi^. !t wa:« 
loo proud ^nd hnughty to seek them ont, thouj;h they tosncd and 
IrentbUd as the t^unt pa&ecd by \\\ hill iry, vvith douds ol ecn-^uUs 
icreaming ovt-rliead. Morning iicg^n m show grfy strf.iks it) the 
ea:&t as the tpjiid came asliore. The clouds were rent in rcJ and 
jpcy ahrcJ'i and bUcjk pitlcho* On land nothing w,is too trivial for the 
BOlicc of this mighty wind. It cArriecl tiles oft hour^er^. It blew 
^own Atrav lUeks, It ban^ced duors open^ and frightened children 
into fitv Jishnok new buildings to pieces, and ihil- ircts up liy the 
Toola, Now and ihcn there was a rough rollicking huinoui In its 
ilorn^ It lifted watdimcn off their feet, And. %t\ ihem dijwn agoini 
Jt shouted down chimneys, li bellowed round rorncrt, -ind it roiued 
tlprppTA from difir b<*dfi wi[h ihc smn,shtng of glass iind the juriiiig of 
window fnmc:^. When it readied Middklon it rested Hiwhilc, and 
took a survey of the place, feeling its way about the narrow streets 


T/i£ GotiUman's Majptsine. 

and round l!kc cjriou« gnbles, anil over lh« rcd-ril^d point«l houAe 
lopK ; and then it so^ttered rhc remnanjis of nigbi's dark manilc, blew 
QUE iTiL' twu or \h\ec nrin^ining sLirs, and Toorcd and }^hnutcd and 
raved, :ind lore up jind down the streets and over ihc hcu^tcs whh 
niaddfnt?d gltfc. 

Mr Murryn gr«w ffstloss, nnd roripbincd th.'»t ihc wmd aflfened 
hLi head, VVIiat caicd ilie wmd for thai? Tf Ten llitmvind hcad» 
had ached it ^\'ould noi have bated & joi of its rmish humour. It 
shook 31r- 34aTt}'Q'5 house, banged at the t>cdnx>m windont, 
whooped up the p^is^age by {\\t side of the corintifTg houF^, nibbed 
llii^kt^h tile i^Ocn, bkiiV thi; ^uoke Doiu tlie fuctuiy Lhiimie/ awjiy 
iriliO the liddfl> bounded oiT over the n^cadows, made tlic ini]lcf 
tremble for his house, threw the water over ihc weir m white doucb 
of sprij", returned, atxxe rip the street* of Middleton again^ mn away 
Willi ilie caps of mcu uii llieJr way tu wurk, blew llie CiHoiy giri»' 
pctticoalg o*er their Heads, knocked down boyi who were opcaiQ^ 
their masters' shopt^ und made sX\ ^uch ^igns ax those of the 
"DiiThnin Ox,*" which hcing upon hinge*, creak Ard^roinaiuL 
and ^trc^iti as though ihej were in pam. 

Thi»5 wa* a stormy day stormily ushered ii\. It was in the 
of the moM relcniletg and maJJL-ious of iMr, Manyn's creditors on tint 
day to remove hi'i grtods and chattels nod types and maehin«y 10 
a t:onvciiieni jilacc: uf &ale, oi to seU ihem on the Kp(>t, if \>t\ox And 
proper notice had been given. But no sale had bcxn aunoimccd. 
The Te^ oiifciided pubhe men who ivislicd to piti out the MMtftnt 
.S'/iir' had no rlesire rhat iheir dc"^i^s nhoidd be irade public too 
soon. Their ]irL>ceei1ings had been orgaoEsed and mana^ifd t^ 
Zebidce Gripjis, s lawyer of Middkton, whose mcJifcbcrthip of tbc 
Zion Chape], arid whose preaching t^'ice a week, and whose it-lii^out 
whining every day, had not •rhielded liJm from the ceruuTC of the 
Star^ VhlKn he h^d been fahe to his public tru&L, Lhou^h \\\f^ rhapd 
£eal had assisted him to guide the greater portion of the Charity 
Tnisleei" fund* into hi* own pocket Grip|>s war; dctcraiincd W 
make a clean swre(j of the Sttjr offices en this stcnny day, the more 
60 that Mr. Maityuwas in bed, and Lould not intin^fere. Ax text 
o'clock wiw ^trikinf;, he ascended the pritiliitg offiec atairs, vrith a 
compositor ^m on adjacent to^vn and on auctioneer. Nolintti- 
standJng a nuthirg torrent of indignant remonrtranec and in<{u1ry 
from Mr, Wmdgaie U^iliams, the aucllonctr bcK^m im tnaVfa note of 
what he sJivv, aided by the iccluiical cx]jlaniition? of iIil- strange covn- 
potitor, Mr. Manyn'« men permitted ihi^ to go on untU % couple Of 
stout labourers inaUi^ their Appearance, tnd were ini^tnictcd by Crfpp* 

Strang<r ihan Fiction. 

to bc^n the removal of ^ndry ^rtidcs, I'non^n ns chA^c^ and cohimc 

"Ohl this will not (loT the law »ill not permit it — i he thing's 
iUcgkl— )x?u ore bcrtt upon dcimuction, not upon rcoJi^iinK the ainr>itnt 
OfyOcirjuAt claim, what* vtfr lliat may be —put down those chaaLi," 
exclaimed Mr. Willbmii, wTiri \\z\A ahufflijd and jumped upon th« 
jacene, with a liuniLe of proofs jusi ukci u[i for corrccTioa 

Upon this, Tom Ht^y ajid several other persona put down thor 
irorlc, and uuntercd up to the ^wt where ihc editor wai diiputing 
with tlie mflii of law- 

*'This is ciur iLutlicrHl.y» " 's^\^ Mr. Ciripp<i, cxIdbMu^ uu ufTieutl- 
looking; roll of paper. 

" 1 earc neither for you nor your authority, " »id Mr. Willianu^ 
donng thcr olTiE-r door and locking iL "Vou ^hnll not tinji lh« 
pablitAtion of this papri lo-diy—yuu mil deslioy iht; copyiight— 
destroy a valuable property— it sliall not be, " 

"Quite riphtl" "Hear, he-ir!" "Just Bo," cried the print en; j 
wtule Tom Titty Utd his hand upon the shoulder of one of the *toui 

" Remove those articles," said Mr. Onpp», 

" Printt-r* I " e*c:Iitimod U'indgafe Williams; "and you more 
especially. Mr, Overseer." addTctsmg a roiddte-aged gentletnan, who 
looked exceedingly bewildered : *"ii is your duly and mine lopvihTish 
Mr- MariynS newspaper to-dny— no Inw will sanction the dcitruclion 
of the cop)Tight of this journal, n* these men tnalieiously contemplate 
— lavrt ftrtre noi nude to mini&ter to the bud puiiLona of human 
itttsre, nor to aid a c-jntln^ h)ipocrite in Btlififying his de^ll^ 
praj-era. If you allow thia wickcdncas to proceed, you are the 
vcrie^i lot of chicken hcartii that ever stood at cues and foliovcd the 
gloriouit ppofessioo of Caxion, who wore a Gword and W3^ a brave mon,'' 

" Put doftii tliem iraps." ^dd T«m Titi^y lo one of the stuut jnjntfis, 
whikdic editor w^s running \\\a fiuger^ wildly tlirou^jh his ha[r,ai tbo 
ek>W of hia addrc^A . '* put down them traps;." 

Tlw poncT h«qiuied, which wag nnfortuaite for him. 

"■Thcri pi down ihynrlf/* snid Tom, seizing the diuscs'with one 
hand, and felling the de[>jly'bailifr\^'ith the other. 

"No blow^! no blDWiT* exclaimed Mr. Wiliinma; "let upkeep 
«lthi>i the ]aw ;" but Like many a Tyvolutionary onior, Mr. Windfjate 
WSIunu hai'in^ misctl the stonti, fouikd ihe tmipest beyond his 

When «(out porter No. \ i^^u down, No. s showed fight, and there 
ift general attack in coniequence^ 

The GfiiitTruitis Maoasine. 

The iirongi' compositor wa^ rarried lo a trough nnij hrid ihert, 
wliHc Jk ]ci of iratcr was turned playfully upon his face. 

The mir.lionccT closed hiit book ^md stnigglcd m tbc arms of a. 
couple of men^ who quickly deposited Urn outi^idc th« door, and told 
hiin lo i]i:ink hi^ ^ritrs ihnc Ik* had nol gonir ihroujjh The windovr. 

Pojtff NtJ. a sofjn succumbed, and was ^1^"^ «itli No. i lo 
scrmnble after the auctiooecr. TIlc alrnnge composiior w»s cAmcd 
wei And limp to the f;tairc;ise, and wj^ .allowed to ^]tdeto the bottom 
thereof, on K\^ hack. Mr (iripps gesticiilated, and roared, and 
threatened Mr. Williiims ivuli transjKjrtaiion for life j and tlie printers 
Rccmcd ico much delifihicd with the wordy encounter between the 
two chiefs to interfere, beyond applauding the tallies of Mr Wiimms, 
and hissing ihe threats of Gripps ihe lawyer, 

^^Sir." at length shouted tlic editor* throwing liLick hi-% loose coat, 
taking' a sort of a hop skip and jump towards Mr. Grrppa, and 
erteajnin^ vi'itli eit^iEemenl, " leave this room, sir ; leavu this tWMty 
or I will not answer for the conseijuenccs." 

" ril hive vou pirt in tlie darke&l cell in Middleton lodmif^ 
breaker of the Queen's peace ! murderer of the Queen's Erifihsh !" 
shouted Uripps m replyi and JlouriEhing his roll of olhcial paper, 2S 
if it were a mar^har^ baton. 

This was loo mucli — **niuriicrer of the CjurcnS English I "-^Mr- 
WiUiatns coukl |jut up with a great dcd^ but there arc bounds to the 
pacience of tlie most pabent and unaisuming of men, 

"You canting rascal," ^honteil \\-\c tditor, nishtri^ upon Mr. Crippi, 
ajid sliaking tun by the eolbr, until liie marshal^ Uilou Ilew over 
his head, while the legal watch, leaping from ilic legal pocket* 
dofihcd LtseJf a^insl a heavy eye-glas^ until both were brckcn. 

"Vou blaspheming imp of darkness; you parchment -\-iGifcd 
cacklcr — you robjjcr of the tirphan and plunderer of the poor — jxhi 
beostt you bcost I " went on die inaddcoed edilcr, shaking the lawjeVp 
until both were paDting for breath. 

'^Heir, he;if;" "Bravo, bravoi" '^Eneore;" '*Give U him,* 
shouted the |>rLDteTs. At lenglli, by some mUMlfaaiiCC^ 
Glipps fastened his lingers in the ediloiial hair* and the edturol 
lecih chattered with ilie violent motion of the bewildered cranium. 

Tlieir sympathies beiny of course more en the ftidc of the editor 
than wit!i jhe lawyer, :he tinnier* no* Ihoiiglit it wj^i* liine lu part 
the combatants^ for just then Mi. William.s wa3 decidedly getting the 
wor«l of the encounter. They scued Mr. Crippn, and a.-! he was not 
mcViJirA lo loown his grip of the editorial locks, Tom Titay gave him 
<d A%/tf irjt[n];j|JonthAt he mii^u T\^e\uQ^.w1^&^^.v^^vl forcibly imder the 


Sirangar than Ficiion^ 


fifth liK upon wliich the lawyer released hi« po»*c«siion of llic licad, 
but not without removing th^relrom a large quantity of the hireutc 
grovfh which had chncchecl that incrfllectuLil locality, 

" Now, be off, >iir/' saitl sewrtal voice*- '* Hook it while you can f 
** Take ihc steps in prcfereaicc lo llic window." 

Mr. Crippt was wise enough to accept ihc warning. 

"'And uke your authority with you, you pouncc-bosc, dt>," shouted 
Mr. Willi.imh, (ossing The marsh.-irs b^iton after hinv 

Thai a couucil wf war was held on both sideHn llie liml command 
of Mt. Windgak Willifims was : " Secure the outer doorfl t Fasten the 
windows I l^ec one man cease work and keep gwarj thai he mny 
give w.iming of d.ingcr They may come in farce now— if we CAT\ 
hold ULU mill! sundovvr, wc coti conuive to get to prcu, Atal dicn 
the copyright will be secure for another week, by which time fresh 
aiTangcnitinu may Ijemnde." 

In the offircfi of Mr. Oripps were assembled Wr. Magar and a 
wronged cahiiirt -maker, who had vii^hcd, us & inwii r.oiinallor, to 
purchflsc a piece of corporate land for a mere song ; a fioits curricrt 
who WAS in tlic hibit of attending the mini^tmiiciiR of the pious 
lawyer; and several oUitr niemhers of the clique which objected lo 
the lidlc ray of light ihal radiated from ihr Sinr [niuim^ oRire. 
GripiiiS dc^^ribcvt the murderous attack lo whiuh he Lad bcca aub' 
jccicdt and detnanded that the whole o^air should now be J eft entirely 
in his hands. The meeting cordially «ttmied lo thiii, nnd hrofce up, 
lo talk j-ibout the Munge octiurrenccs of the motiunt!, and to satisfy 
ihcir sroail consciences by saying to themselves, " Wet!f we have left 
the iftfttr ia the liands of our lawyer, and of course we cannot be 
blsmed for whai may take place." 

An hour afterwards Mr. Gripps, followed by a iLlclenrmy of ilie 
»Ciim of Middlcton — tlog stealers, repvited thieves, deputy-bailiff*, 
ftad cuds of all kindf and classes— enT«r<:d the counting house of Mr. 
Martyn and demanded free adiiiLKKion fnio thi^ prii^ting oitice. 

Mr. Jennings referred fidpps lo Mr. Wlndgjic VViiliams, and 
followed it ui> by hoping ihac Mr. Gripps had not suffered much 
Crom the strikm^; remarks of the editor- 
Seeing Iha! lie i."oiil<l obtain no assi^iance here, the lawyer pro- 
f^eeded with bi^ ragged army lo renew the siege of ihc lypographical 

"It is a daUBtroufi game you're playing — have a care ; stop this 
seizure," Jcemingt wrote on a scrap of paper, and sent it in an 
envelope to Magnr. 

^HcanwhiJe Ja^cob left his f^ilhcr for ,t slioil umc ai\i \^tQt£^^^^ ^O 
acek oal Mr Hontio /ohnsoiL 



334 ^^ GmfiernaK's Maga^nnc 

1 he people stfit^ fit Mr. MAttyn's £on as he pAu<d aJooig 
acivfti. Some knrw him aod thought be kui grown wonitctfullj 
fjrt>ud since he had Idt ilie old lown. These uid " Ah ! t^ruk irouU 
have d faJL" Others pitied him, said he was a fine tcUow. and Ihat 
it waA a aad thit^g a young man's prospects should be bti^hied ^ hJs 
were likclj' to be. Jacob passed along unconscious of Ihcse ohscrva- 
lioLU, \>v\\ nc^'crihelcss cogniA-^iDl of the £lcL tlmt he waa being itarcd 
at 2nd criticised. 

Half ^ doztfa pigeons were Uo>n^g about like tmndles o( featbert 
over the ihaichcd cottage of ihc Titsy* as Jacob entered it, WhcQ 
lie opened die fract door another ai the h^'ik was shinmed widlJi' 
shcck that sccioGd to mnkc the litde house ^hakc to ita fooindatunL 
The doctor was takijig a momtag piE^e, ind blowing the tmoke 
ag.iin« the chimney oTuanicnts as usual. He rose whi^a Jjcob entered^ 
nnd looked to^Ta^d5 him^ 2^ If awaiun^^ jin eiplAuaLlon of Uic iuttusioa. 
Then all of a sudden he knew Jiicob, and hia face lighted up witSia 
smile of interisc^ satiGf^iction. ^ 

"The tirn-^s :ire out of joint, as the saying is/* Jtaid Mr Johnsoa,<H 
ah£X sundry cordial greetings, and inquiries and good w]^hc3 ami 
Admiring cxprc^ions rc^ardbg Jjtcob's improvcmcal, '^ the t;mcs arc 
out of joint, Master Jacob. W< 4ihall need all our phiio&ophy — I 
say nothing of our tobacco— to the changes that seem 10 
coming u|iou ua ; bul change is a moral law — a. law uf nALUTC, ft 
of society— and we must learn to take things as they come, tnd vndi 

Mr. Johnson seated himself :i9 he gave fbtth ihtac liiile &aapa Of 
pliilobophy, and tiieJ to look exceedingly contented ; but Jaodb 
could sec ihat he was feigning, 

"1 have encountered too immy troubles in thu vale of tcan to 
quirrcl with the happiness siiil left; and yon, Mailer Jacob^ mutt 
apljly youmclf to philosuphy. It will triumph over all difficuitie* and 
dbiappojutiucnts. And don't forget, tfcver you hluouJd come to 
a friend, that Horatio Johnson will deem it an honour and a pit 
to be eotnmanded by yon." 

" I am already under an eternal obligation to ymi, Mr Johnson, if 
Mrs. Tilay stopped the professional draughts and Kcrctly rcpUiocd 
thtm ^tli yOLir o^vd, as she now avowa, when 1 lay dying years 050/* 
said Jacob, greatly moved at the doclor'a earnest and delicate pioffir 
ofaML«tano& ^^ 

''No, no, Jacob; dcn't thank me» Nature i-cironned llic ctu^^ 
and yo\lt lime wa^ not come. There is n di\-injty doth ibape OV 
eatiSt Jdcoi>j and I was but Fall's uuro^xti. Vl\^a^icvetbe«a hciv^_ 



o vaitt^H 

Siramgtr i/tan FkfhH, 

ready to Im Imndj the deiticy you have to filial would hav« found 
ar.other ^^cnu TLiuit^:! inu-il be done rrgul^irly and prn|)rrly, :tnd in 
A tULtural manner ; bitl £ltc, 311, iWtc ^ilt luvc itst oivn wiy." 

" Do yoj Dot thiok ^tc i& a Jiard masicr aoixtciim«s ? " mquired 

"Tnily, traly," said the diirtOT; '*but itn no! tn mnrLiU to «y 
when fxtc U hard, ;ind when ic in kind and mcrcifol ; ivc XiWxA uot 
look al cvcilla u liicy ]jti-:n^nt ihcmsdvc* at llic moment, but keqi 
OUT «yc ^o^^(-Ll^d inio t!ic future, Vou tnow tvhAt th« gld song 


FcpT Ihcre't mftny l<lark and [:loudy momlDG 

While they were oonvenbg Gr(pp» And hu ngamuffin aimy 
pa^Md tliL* liuusi-. Th« doctor went forih to iiu|ujn! thL< tc^usou qT 
the coiiuiiouou. ^\*]icii he opened the dooi Llicy li^ul Lurucd the 
comer of the ttrccC, and the wind was howhrii; After than. A amAJI 
t>oy woG running in the woke of the mt^b and the guKt of wind ', to 
tliu juvcndc p'n-ce of human iialurer the doclor iddiesKcd him^eclf. 

"Halhi, hoy ! what's dicnuLtcr?" 

" The MidMdaii St<ti%" aliouted the youlb^ ruontog on, ojid then ui 
a go^, which a new gucit of wiod cut Khorr, he ejocuLued, ■* Kov at 

Jdcub, following the doctor, heard thi«. and wiJioiU another word 
duhcd out inio the street, and speedily oaistrippcd tlie urehm> 
while the doctor hubly followed, bethinking himitelf to carry with 
him X wolkiajj'Mick which had hang beneath the cloek<ase for many 
a long ytmu Another liiTpott^iit actor in the dnntA went \ii thc- 
wake cf tttc doctor. TKi» wm orjr old friend Ccinr. who» leu nimble 
than of yore, lain beneath the stAits without condescending even 
to i»y his compliment* to Jicob, but lia<I aitifltd mischief in the 
docifjr^s Ijascy dc|urii]nr xxvX was soon barking al his heels* 

The)' TKLthcd Mr. Marlyn's csLibliAlimciit just u Crippa had left 
the counting hou&c. Jennings informed them of the situation of 
Aftiin, AJid Jaeob and the doctor and Juliusi Jennii^u went lifter the* 
be^'eging arniy. 

And now, for the first time Jacob &aw the chanf^c vrliicU had been 
wrcm^ht in hi» gordcnn Ihc fsivounte seit had gone; the Qowci- 
beds iud been replaced with gras^ ; x wide, hard, stony path led up 
U> the j>fiuliug i:>ffioe^the whcle scene so totally di^etent to wlint it 
lud been ilut ibc di&D^e only strengthened Jacob's memory of ICf 
fbrincr bcaulies. 

Mr- Windjaie WiJiijms was hAranguing \V\<: \j^ve;g*n^ fe^n. 


Tht Gtniltntai^s Magazine. 

window eif tbe editond room. He was appealing to the minions 
Gri|>ii!i Ji% wr^king men nnJ lover* of freetlom, in whose ^ix^ml 
btcruts ihi; 5/^r hud bt^cn triiLiblislicd ; lie ciijc-incd Lhcin lo be 
patient nod respect the law. He was tlirowii:g back his lootc coot, 
atid ninning his ftngiifft through tiis liaJr, and poumg out & vottune of 
words that secmt-d to rf>ll over tach other and fflll in ihowoTS upon 
the hc;tds of those helow. 

Biack^ards as they were, the hired mob who had been bcllowjuj; 
for admission into the printing' ohice evidently did not like the work 
in which ihey n^r^ f^n^iged, .and (hey did nor atieinpt lo mtcmipt 
ihe eloquence of Mr, Windgrilc Williams* 

^^This is wa?itc of time," said Chpps at length, llourishing liia 
paper baton, '* waste of time. 1 summon you to open these dootc in 
the [iatne of ihir Inwaiid of iB powtiswhiih I now hold m my band." 

" If ^oti wiM give me yuur word in wrtLirg ihal nothing %|]aj[ be 
removed for one week you shall be admitted imniedialcly," Mid Mr. 
Willi ams. 

"T will do roibing of rhe sort, and you may think younelf 
fortUTiaie if I do not give you iclo the hands of the police," replied 
Grippe in a har^h, crackling voice. 

"Tho object of this atfick ~-" 

** I'El hear no more. sir. *' 

"Theobjeti, [ &fl>, of this " 

" Open the door, sir," demanded Gripps. 

" Ueor whet he has to sn)', '' said Dr. J ohnson, cominp forvord. 

"Aye. aye," said several voices. "X^l's he-ir what he* gotten lo 

**T]k objecl of (liis attack is not fairly lo satiify a Ic^al claiii^ but 
to ruin Mr Martyn and destroy his paper'* 

" Mr. Martyn, who at thit moment lies dangerously ill I" raid Ur. 
John-son, while Jat^Db held his bend down in sorrow ami htimilbiiion. 

"Whfithavewc todowiththat?" said a brutal Mow with a bbck 
eye. " What have we to do wi' illness or out else ? law's law, and 
when a man wants his money, let it be paid ; and if it can\ why let's 
have the traps — Th;il's law \" 

" You wretch!" exclaimed the editor. 

"That is law," croaked Gripps, "'iind here \t our authority. 
There are tive shilUngs for each of you witen the work is doDC, Now 
then, burst ojit-n thohL- doors V 

" Wftll ! wait [ wait a momcDt,^ exclaimed the doctor, facl^ig lulf 

« dozen of ihe most brulnl of the mob who were pressing forward to 

cJfccufc xhk conimond ; '* i( iv'* i uuLU^rt ol tgqti^sy, I'll give you tea 


shillirgs Mith lo do nothing of the son, and a trifle Into the baigun 
if you'll tlirow Hih gi-ksplitg Lwyci into the uiiLl^d^ui yonder^ " 

''Hurrah!" shouted ihe mobi "hurrah!" Several siicb and 
luts flew up into the air, and so ficltk wtre the retainers of Clrippa 
thai hii'X it not bttn for die arrival of twu constables and ihe police 
supciinkudcnl ihcjc is no kDowing what might have become ot the 
bcaic^ng chief. 

'* Here's th' constables," said the brute with the blacl: eye, '■ ttx 
themt ax ihem '." 

Mr. Giipps sicjjped up la the sujjeriiiLcnJeiit and explained tlie 
<5Ue, finally esking if ihc docuineni he held in his band did not give 
hLRi the power to fotcc an entrance into chc buLlding and remove its 

The 5U|>eiuitendeiil Sixd he believed it did. whereupon Mr. Giipps 
demanded the assbtancc of the police ; bul ihe superintendent ex- 
plained th.nt iJ^^y had no power unlirss a breach of the pe:ice should 
be comniiiicd ; and being satisfipd that such would be the case, and 
having more r{?^ard for \»s own nr^k and the safety of his men than 
anything else, the chief of police marched from ihc scene of tJK 
cQCOuDtcT, after giving the mob a general caution not to commit a 
breach of the peace, and requesting Mr. Gripps to do what he h:id 
ta do lawfiElly. 

" Uut you inusl sUy, sir, you must slay." said Cripps. 

•■That ta ny business/' said ihe superintendent; ** I give my 
COUDtonaLTce to neither side, and my presence h best di^ipensed wiih- 
So men — atTcnivon 1 right ;ibont face ! inardi !'' and the police dis- 
appeared - 

*' Hurrah V* shouted the mob agaia 

*' Now, my men," said Gripps, " bailiffs lo the ftoni, and esp^i- 
alljf those who ^'hh lo keep their situations," 

"Aye> aye. LhaL'& it>" said ihe scoundrel with tlic black eye, 
placing hiniscif at the head of a few resolute-looking fellows who 
prepared to adv^Lnee. 

** One lut word, one la^t word," touted the editor from his high 
pkcc, and liy this time sundry other ia^e* appeared at other windows. 

" Hear him, hca.r him," said some of ihe mob. 

"All I have to 6ay is this," began Mr, Williams, delibemtely 
flinging back his coil, as if he were a Kirri^ier pleading al the bar, 
and then raiting lua rigTit aim as if he were a warrior about to 
conainand ^ charge ; " I gtvc you fair warning, I caution you in the 
nante of Ood and the law, not lo enter here, fot>\JY \\ta.^tvffi\ V 
svcar thai ihe first head which comes throuj^Vi yon door^^^ m\^v ^ 

Vm. IX., iV.S. i$/x- K fc. 



The Cm/h'man'i Afiigaztnt. 


wcU be on the block 3 Cante't lafcmo has no nx>re {inciful (cmn 
Ihiui the rc^.iljty !&Iu]l lie fiii the first nun whtj cruvM.-^ (he |)cn^ of 
the oJTicca uf the Jf^^^i^kfvH Start* wiili whith llncjt -Mr, Willbtiu 
bacf;«d dowu Wm wiadov^ and the head^ which lud bc«ii tteen in tb« 
coraposLngroom KLtnuluneoualy «]ifl»ppsarod. 

For a few miiiinr« there w^ a du^ nilrncf- 

Mr. JcTinson looked at Jacob, who had gradu^ly cnicrcd into 
'Cxcitcmcnt of the raoment and could not rcsut a cry of fLdiuirktioB 
and approviiJ ;ii ihtf [-alEaiii bciiiing of ilic g^ntlernaA whom be favi 
■CDUttidered rjiih^t a bo'e an ihc v^itv^^Lji ni^lu, 

'' Ke dcficn yoa, he defies you,^' a^id Gnppi at Icu^thi *' 
here's » young puppy applnuding him/' tuminx lo Ja<^b, 

*' Uridlc Th^t tongue," tiid Dr, John&on to C^ripj^ *'of \% 
il froai yoxir tliioat, yoii pt-Lliftjjjgiiig riscaj^" 

Jacob felt his blot^d IkuIlq^. 

" Hcjir thai \ hear tliat [ a pretty *cl of CQw^rdb you »rc,* 
Ciipps* turning hl:^ sm;t]l cye^ upon lh< motley crcv^; *'buUied<Kl 
both sides — :i sovercLgn for the first man yf)\Q putt hiK fool Ihroof^ 
yon door," 

The bhck-cyed vilkiu leaped forward nt the ofier, folLoweiJ tqr 
■aevoral ot]iers. Jacobs hean heat ^ though it would lumt, 
ringing knocks on ihc door rose above the chnjour of dl*c 

Then there vv^s a crash and a cry, and the bcsicgnn^ Ivosl fell 
>^Uing, down llic slt^ne ^teps before a ciiat^i^ frcni ab^ve. 

Windg^te WiUiam^ liad been au good js his uvomL Bhelta)^ 
Heeding from ;i iintmd in the lie^id. 

1'he door waE jL^^ain skmmod to. ^d 5ounds were heiU<d » if the 
printers were nAiiiru! U tip. 

Cffsar, hearing Tom's voice, grew lcmt»!y cxciicd, barke<^ 
ruiUed up the step.'i, ^ind forced iuelf Lhrou^ii the- ;iprnuTe which 
boen made by the hrst ossauh. that had proved >o diutuaua lo 
Grippe's principjiL \ill.tin. 

There was ani^th^r juuae, and if Mr. ^^~iDdgate ^V'iU;aIl13l had been 
discreet as wrll ns hvAxe he vl-ouM not ha^Y^ inrcTnTj^ted it ; bathe 
hnd received jn ugly blgw on the nofe, and the ti^ht of hi* 
-blood overthrew all \m self control 

*^ V4>u infernal nscilf I you scum of a bbck and uit^piMicAil, 
,ycni cow:trdly miscrennm \'" he shouted, le.iniiig half way out of Al 
vrisKtuw, " I'll iKjund you Uke corn betwceo miH^tonctr if you doo'i 

"iJcsj- XhAl^ you oowud&V ihOMlcd Utvvv«i "hv1l pouod you 



Stranger titan Fiction^ 


like Hour; yon, the &cuni of Middlcton \ mfciu^ rascab he cjtUi 

This jraa ineiiatible. Gripp* knew h&w to in^ucncc -i mob, A 
second duigc was maJc, and ihetfr was a Jeaperale (ighi— iliis lime 
within the compofting'EOoni, vhidir b/ sheer force of nuiaben, the 
bcMCSen cnlcrcd- 

Mr. JohDflon ard Jicob foJJowe4* and wccccdcd m gctimg inside 
the Toom, where they found the priaterfif headed by WiUiajns, coa- 
testing every ilcp of gtuunJ, and uaiiit; ill iiwuncr of weapous. 

Blood \tt% dowing ^dy. cases cjf t>pc were ovcrUrnicd, and m 
a few momenu 9evend persons ivere pUccd h^rs tU n>mM^ 

Ai Ipfigrh the printers ^j-ivi: w;iy. The fighrmg gr.idvi^tfly became 
leu funwis* 2nd tlicn mutu^y cc^ucd ; whereupon Gfifjps, who 
bod kept in the back^ound, cxirc to the front, And no sooner did be 
tLhow hioueir Chan Mr. AViUiams lc:tpcd upoD hini> There wu a 
ifaoui of '* Fair play/* and " Let thorn fight it oi«," aad the battk of 
the two Lii^U buddciily bccAmc aii cscouutcf Lciwcui tlie twu diids. 

WUIknu -and Gripps luggcd at each other aod rolled on tbc floor, 
and £01 U|> and fell down ^igain, tiniil Crippa refused to rise, and cried 
for oiCTey, whcrei]^>an tl^c vicl^riotiit editor, cxcUinung, " Print«ii| 
ghv ml you are an htmour tc) your country! " minjgled Among the 
ifaroDgi and diuppcared. 

Nobody Bcetnod dcsirona of fighting any longer, and when peace 
ms Rttored ihe poli<^o once tn^^ic appeared- 

Several p^r^ons were seriously hurt, Oni^ mfln'is leg was se\erely 
liccratcd by djc blEc of a dog. Bb<;lt-cye fud :iDught the Lolirniaiy, 
after ihc first aitack- The componlor from an ^jacenl town, who 
had been under the pump an hour or two previously, was o^irried, 
iaevnnhle, to IH, Smyihc'a. Three deputy-ball ifTt^ were nmch brui&tfd, 
and bladt eyea aad bleeding noses were gunerjJ. Tuui Tiliy wm 
aimng the latlcri and c%cn Dr Johnson had a conuacd eye. 

The vupcnntendcnt of pohce Coolc a note of all this; but, a^ he 
there secrae*! a legal <{uibhk — a tjijt'stion whethtr Grippe wm 
jL trespasser — he could noi comply with the lawyer's request lo 
apprehend scvxral of Mr. MMtyn's men ; neither could he take any 
of Iho olh<>r lid* into custody. Those who choae to do so might 
apply for summonses or w^immts to the tnogistrates. He would 
adrbe all tbotic who wished foi tUlcriur pttjceediiigia to see Squire 

^lica he found his adveraar>^ gone, Cripp^ began to give otden 
fef tbc removal of Uie lype, direciliig liis Arst attcntitJD U> ^^fi ^^>^ 

die paper wtuth y<t=tc n-adjr fot picM. 

X \ * 



The GetUhmaiCs Afagasin^ 

** Thcs? first, these first, you raw^al,'' he exclaimed w one of his 
leading iiLc-u \ "give A Iiand here, give 9. hmd, And od Co your hejds 
with ihcm." 

*'NoE no T for goodness sake," said Jat^ob, who had some know- 
ledge ori'rinttn^, "you will dt-stn^y them." ^H 

" SiiujU aside, young prater ; Tin master here." ^^ 

" Fair words, Gripps," wid Jacoh» clenching his teeth sod hi^ fei 
nt the Kame time, *^or I'll ttnish the work which Mr. IViUiMU 

''Braggart! puppy I son of a banknipl 1" cAclaiiiicd Grit)pa ii: 
repl> , anxiws to have a clear case of assault io the presence of the 

Jaeob had suffered loo mtich iUreadj' to put tip with thi* c^ien 
insull. His eyes blamed vbilh fuiy and indigndtLoti ; hi^ right atm 
struck out, foUowtd Ly his Icfl, n-ith pugilistic vigour; and ncrcr »n 
more complexly "floored" than Zebidee UripjK, who lay w 

leily nfier it a* if it weie plCASaut to be knocked down. A coti- 
stable raised him irp, ^xv\ by signs and gaajjs Giipp^ endcivourtd 
lo impress everybody with the information that he was very bftd^ 
huTt, as no doubt he was, taking into con^idcrat:on ail he liad uadc- 
gone during the morning. Hit fir^t words were a request that Ibe 
policeirLim wotild Lak<f Jacob into (custody- 

Tile olfitcr ^aiU he was sorry to dei^lioe. but he must ncvcrtheleaa 
—it was a case for a suniinous ; at the same time, he Adriflcd Mf- 
Grippe not Eo call namc«. ^m 

" Come, then, on in your heads with that stuff," said Gripps to fl| 
two men who had each nised a page of the M'ttidid*}n Siar whidi 
was to have been printed that afternoon, Jacob found that it wm 
nselets to remtin&lratej and the two men putting theii he^ilt beneatii 
the locted-rip lype, imt^jediarely hod il ill bre.iklng and Trifling over 
their sboulilcrs. leaving tlie Iron fiames round [heir necks. Fn 
that moment the MhidlOQu Star was dcfuncL 



Ths passing-beM swung to and fro in the chnrrh steeple. It (r« 

eventng. Tlic wind hjid ^one down the river and had tmveUcd 

mile» and unlet away out to sea, Middlcton was calm and still 

Fcop]c paused at their suppens to ask wlio wan dead. Tbtf bdi 

knocked al Jacob Maitynt heaiu W^ V^ai ct^I^j one cooftcl 

Sirang'c^ ikan Fuii<m. 

11:3 Ekher had died utterly obUrlouft of the humiliAtlng sccqc wluch 
had been enacted on llie previous day- 
Jacob coii!d nfit r<:\\ in The hoi.»fte. The silence appalled him. 
He could hfl-fdly brcftihc. Hf went mio iKt- ^^anlvn. 'I'lie faifory 
WS3 a blaze of hght. Half s doicn voices were drauiD^ ftrnti ibe 
old hymn — 

Thnv f>i a happy }aiid, 
Fat, for ivay. 

Il w« like a dirge — ii wailed, The voicet seemed tired. The girl« 
h:i(J been at work itl day. Thty had begun wiih rhe eaily morning. 
They sang ihc words '* Far, far away " ULc a complaint, a protest, a 
erf, a regret, a£ if there were do hope in it, but only a moclccry, a 
^luAion, and n & Th^ wheeU and straps and shafts and 
spindlfs *c:eini^ to ciiXi^ up the wntds and whirl them PDitnd and 
found, hurling ihcm finally among the great plunging machines to 
be cruithed and ground out of alJ thapc^ The whirling and spinning 
iitenned to get into Jaicoh's head ; hU ihoitgM^ went round and 
roitnil with tl)e tlyJng and flashiiTg wlicels. A remimsci^jire of a 
ce:tatn c^lm evening Midi a niillcf aiEiokin^ hi^ pipe got miicd up io 
the general con fusion, and he hurried back again into die housed 
ih« dead, tindtng no consolation, no relief, out in the world annoog 
the hving, 

*' Thb is foi you/' ^id Mr», Titsy, handing hira a letter and >siping 
4wAy her tcfLrSp 

" Did it come bj* the post ? " Jacob asked. 

*■ Xo, and the boy said that it was very importariL" 

Il wai a brief note. Jt simply slated that Squire Norlhcntc* had 
important busings with Jacob Martyn, whom he would cxpctt at his 
■ceidtnce at eleven o'ciock the nvKt day, 

Squire NorrlicQTea was nnc of the notabiliiiesi of Middlctoiv He 
was a rfion ^untlnnan, wiih a red face, bushy grey hair nnd whij-tera. 
He usaatly wore a brown dress-coat ivith brass buttons, a canaiy- 
«>loured naiKicoat, and grey trousei?. Out-ofdoort, he generally 
cajried a riding whip. When he went without this emblem of the 
static he (juried liis hand^ in hi; pockets, in a swaj^gemig manner, 
He W41 alwaj't dwnly stmvcn, and his boots were brib^ht and creaky. 
He wore a ponderous hunting watch, indicated by n large gotd seal, 
which drew panicular attention to the owner's rotundiiy cf person. 
Meeting him in the High Street of Mlddleton-in-lhe-Water, a stranger 
mi^hc eaiily have imagined that the Squire had iribaAfiid \W cvlXmCi 
town from a l0(^ line of dj^rin^xished anccsiois. \x\ \via mBLgvsvcrcfcV 




The Gmili>Hans Magashu, 

capacity ho wat a torror to evil-doen ; tn hit |)nv:jite GA|kftCiqFji 
bfca one of Mr. Martyn's fierrest oppovtonts. 

*' YoLi'rv a fme youDg felltfv lo assauh a gwitlcraan, are 

fine fdlow," hA\^ ihc Squire, *ddrcaMng Jo^cob on ibe d*y 
dl^ointtfd far Uic iiiicrricw. '^ ^Vhot have you to »y for yiyursElf?" 

The liillc m-Tgi*lrttic put hi* double glatsts over hi* now, »J 
1e!dJiC(t Iruf^k in ]ii& c}i3ir to oblniin Ji full view of ihc drlliK^umL 

'' AiiL I cii my ijlal, ihen ? " inquired Jaci>b> a sl^ht Vlush un^nf 
bis olhcni'ise pale cheeks, ^_ 

"On your trial, \\t 1 I fhould ttiink you art on your tri»L" ^H 

'■I hope jc»u ivill Tidt trifl'^ with me," ?ciiil Jacob, ihinktfig he 
dctettcd something in SqLiire Norfhcolcs* manner less earnest than i 
magi^ttatc would be ivhen fuIAEling ts^y ponion of a justice^ dubra. 

^*T>i'fle ^i^h you ] tHfftt net at .iJl," ^.litl the nu^Utraier 
and rin^rtg -t hHl 

"When clid Mr, Gripp* say he irould eall again abo^it 
mirnini5 ? ' he inquired, when hU »uramons *■»« answered, 

"At half-pasi eleven/' said an apopleciie fliinke}\ 

"Very welt ; whun he comes, Icl him Wiiil." 

*"And whj am 1 called hetc, sir? Puy do not ]tcq) nie 
5ttspen«t, whatever the bu^incff:^ niny be,** i«aid Jaeoh, ta the min 

'*Suipense — ii will be sutpensum for yoii (the Squire chiickM M 
his iTini joke) if you go on attacking gentlemen in tlie \>afanxma 
of thciT duty. Suspense indeed," and then the Squire pal \Ai hoadl 
into hia ^'ockets, and n^tticd his gold and aiK-er nnttl ii trctsnl M_ 
repeal aji pisiinly a» poMil>!e, •' Suspense} raked '" 

*" GfTitttmm r* i^\ie^xt^ JacoK coniemptuoiisTy. ''But 1 do 
wi»h to have 3ny i^scussioni If yoti cannot infoim mc, at 
what your buumcuB is vrith me I must po home." 

Jacob fipoke witli .i ^nd, hopdess expre^on. diat totiehed 
Squire despite his bnisqiic nature. 

"Well then, be seated, Mr. Vahant," «aid the maKJsuMfi 
have nn appiication from Mr. Zebidee Gripps for Rvrronts 
yourtclf and othrrt for astnults." 

'* Yw, nh," said Jiiroti, w.-i.iliii£ PTr furthrr infoTnuitlori. 

"Well docs not that make yon feel fHehicned^ doesn't itatm 
you— <fi ? " said the Squire, evidently surprised ni Jae^^ coolncn^ 

" N'o/* *aid Jacob, in de5p«^fion ; " w it to frighten mc IhiT yo^ 
Save been g^od mough to send for me here?" ^| 

'*ffTiy, what a fierce young fetlow you arc ! Rfttlly 1 bc^nU 
Ehink J shall do wrong W>"DeatTfttV ^wtc*\ ^,»(<iu might 


S/rtangifr iAan Ficiim. 


3 ]iMclicr cir n biir^br, tnAtMd or you a^^poar to bd, wiih )'Our 
cun answcts xnt^ di^iVint betring," said Sf|uirc Nonhcoie*, annoyed 
ttui he lad not iuc;cccdc<] in iwing Jirub inio a tumble flight 

" J alira)'a Isid rvxton lo cntcrtJiin a poor opinion of yo\\, sir,'* 
■aid jACObi riniog ^d (;ik\ng up his hit, " but now ^^oli sink lowet 
than rvrr in my c^^timaiion/' ' 

" Si( " cvUiiiiucd the StjuLrc. " Vou mpwffnt ra^caJ \ 1 »mply- 
GDca^nt to frighten you : but by Jove \ I don^l know but what Crippv 
iA nghiafl«raEl!" 

"A brave ihing." Ci:'nnnired Jacob, u^ihouc noTktng the Squire't 
rcOMilcfl, " u u i\qu tu ukc part ^itli ncuundfch iii the ^treck uid 
dcstniction of ad honest mftn'» hoinc, And then lo ttiumph over hb 
soi^ ftnd try to frifrhicn Mm vhilc his fMhcr bo« dead ^" 

"Stop! STop ; Dear, d«3r me I dear inc ! poor fdlow 1 there, 
tlicrr, sit diMn,' The Squiit' stiecd Jat^ub by \hv ami, and ihmsc 
iuiD mto the cl;atr which he luid just vacated. 

" Vou u-rr>nf; mc ; yoa do, indeed. Dear mc ! Tvhat a sfkt thing I 
Deid. do jou s^y ? How is it 1 did not know ? Aa if ii wrere not 
•ndiigli to have ibe beiilifff iQ th« pbtee» Jet alontr — Dear me I 
ttTiy. 9.}\A\ nn JuferriAl hard-bcflntd dtvil !— ahem J— 1 must be, to 
wmirc the lAd in ihift nxoiTker. Dctr^ dc&rl why, tt'n cruelcr ^O 
inimaU, Damme t [ tkienc a month on the trcndwhccE/' Wiih 
vfiieti emphaTir romm^'nt w\\nr\ his own rondurt, the Sfimrc w:i]lced 
shnul the foom. aiiUi^iiikd hia gtihl and ^ilvt^, whirh rrjwjiinl hi* 
k»t pungent remark a^ plai&ly ai gold and stiver oould pohsibly do. 

Jacot> looked tip m ^s(oui«hment» and t^hen there was n flight 
pum in ^c $([iLire'« movements, he essayed 10 iip^ak. 

■* Don't * J^ii ; ti*>i j. word, not ji word- I'm a bomiride, sir, 
A homicide— ii niurt^crer of the inno^nts ; I'm ft wretch," went on 
tlie Sqt]ire> twricliing ox his coat eolkr, and throwing; hi» little head 
about m the wildi'st state of excitement 

Indvrd. iht-re ii no fciimving to wJuii exteQi his t'ontempt for 
himself niigbt not haire {fonc had not t)ic ccr^ulcnt individual before 
mentioned knocked at the door, ^ruftt his head injide, ^d eiaculatcd 


Tlie Squire ^-^ught at rhe word n-fth ih;? e«g^me« with which it \% 
ftid diriM ning men il^^ite to sciieiijion stinii's. *'nrft]i>s, nripp*!" 
The maiEiAtrate daricd out of chc room; and immediately after* 
WAftit, Jftcobheatd a ^rcat deal of talking in thu Tiall. The convetwtiiojtt 
««* very noiiy, and all on one i^de, Tlierc were few words, how^vc, 
thu he a>uW delect mvc "deamte" and **d4TKTOt"," «^ ^i?* 
Squire maA- m<h tecqnt^i use Of both, i\iai \\ 'WftiS'i \w(t ^i.i>«& 


Th< GaitUmans Magasine. 

^. much cleverer r-llow than J^cob to decide when the Squires 
exclamation was '"deame" and when it ^ras somclhiag else, the 
words were 30 singttlarly blended, and were used so frequenll/. 

By'flncl'by ihe Squire returned, somewhal consoled by his inlcrview 
with Gnppii, 10 whom he hod tfansfcired ^1 thcepiihct^indTepioachd 
which he had hitherto apphcd to himselF. 

" Dti^LT me, I t1atl(Ted inyseir I knew something ; 1 thought I was 
uilier a man of the AorkK" 

Tl^c dbcovery t}uiC he had somehow or other made jl nii^IaJie iu 
thifi va£ a blow to the Squitc'fl vanity, which fretted him &1mo«t as 
ranch :if it did to rhink that he had been arling cruelly towards one 
wlio had to iDuch riglil to find sympathy and ktitdnir^. 

'* Weill sir," he said al length, " you need fear no trouble fro« 
Gripps '. VW see that j'^'v are safe fit any rate.'' 

" Thank you, sir/' said Jaeob. 

*' DtJn'i thank me ; nu words about thai ; but tell me what you Are- 
going to do ! what are your prospecls in life ? " 

" 1 do not tn^w," said Jacob. 

" No, no— of course not ; cannot think about it uoiil ihe Hinenl If 
over: that's the feeling of a good son ; well, well — I know, I knnir. 
But look here, now'' (the gold and silver rattled, and then ic^'cnl 
gold pieces came forth), " Look here, now, you may luvc use for 
this ; tliere, take it ; it isn't a gift ; I'll lead it lo you ; I've no lue fi 
it ; J shall only ilirow it away — come, come." 

But Jacob declined. "1 do not need it at prcscDIt sir; I 
greatly obliged to yotj/' said Jacob, 

The Squire was hurt at the refufial, but nothing would induce 
Jacob to lake the money, 

*' Very well, I regard it as fj-lsc pnde ; but never mind/' said th' 
Squire \ ** perhaps you arc rlghi ; tliis, liowever, you must do — let me 
know when you do ret^uire it, that's all." 

Jacob thanked the Squire, and was shown to the doer by ihi 
magistrate himself. 

'* Humijh ] he's a proud young fellow— like his lather." anid the 
Squire, ringing the bell for his sherry and biscuits. " Aa it happened. 
It turned out well for a lime, but IVe been sorry ever since for ihftt 
row I had wiili poor Hariyn : dear me, it's a fjity he w^n't 4 

" Dear me, It'i a pity he wasn't a red," said the agitated jfold 
silver. There was no mistake about iL Whenever tlie Squire wt»!i 
to be very emphatic he shook up sundij coins of the Tcalui. incluiling 
two eld guineas which were always domiciled iD those ample pockety 



Simng;€r than Ficiicn, 

iictil thcjr rcpc&lcd, a.» jjliluly ,t& paraitlc. the words upon which he 
Uid the ^Id uid tilvcr emphasis. 

A w«ek nfEcr this interview between Jacob and the mngistxate, a 
vaull in ihc Middlr^ton Churehynrd wm opened th:it (he body of 
Alfivd MarLyn might rt'&l in cotr]p:iiiy with ihc ii:iiiains of his wife 
jind Jacob's llulc brother. The establishment of ihc laic Mt> Marlyn 
was closed ; grent plnotrd^ were posted upon the shutters announo 
ing \ s-nle by aucrjinn. The windows in the tipper rof^mii wt-re dirty, 
ihc blinds had iWppcarrd attogctht^r, and ''To I-(^I '* wji djuLed 
cn the panes, in while ktlcrsn The garden was strewn wJth scrapi 
cf paper, Irigments of slmw, broken packitig-ca5«&, and pJccM of 
rope, A]I that remamed to remind those who knew Jacr>h's pandijic 
in its sunny A\ySy was the factiiiy music, the noise of llie distant river, 
and voices from over the wall. But of thc^ only the river woji un* 
changed Joy, nor sorrow, ror death altered the gurfilinK, nppHng, 
fumbling river, iis it fell from the miU-pooI, tumbling over the stones, 
leaping, and splashing, and nishtng through gtilleys, and then going 
■on quietly 1o the &ea. 

Jacob Mariyn wan iilonc in the world, fricndlcfia, homclcJi^^ and &o 
OrphuL He had received only one letter from Lucy- It was % 
idiort, sweet, aJmpk letter. In reply, Jacob told her he was loiL 
He loved l>« with all his licait, but he would not btnd her to her 
vows. He released litr ; for he was a beggar, a brokcn-heattod, 
helpless, pennJltfts b<.'ggar. Fortune was atTiinsi him. The world 
was ?i delusion^ life a curse, hope a. Enare. He should a1wa>'4 lov# 
h« neierthelcas. but he would not darken her life with Ific iliadow 
of his. If ever he should he liucceitsful ; if ever fortune did Amile 
upon him ; and she were free to bu his and stdl cared for him, hft 
wc>uld ie al her feet. LJniil tiben he would wait, and fight, and 
etiivCp even without hope to conquer the demon misforLuae who 
waj in full possession of him. He wrote ct|ually desponding letters 
to Spcn ; and then slipped away from Middleton-in ihe-Water; 
slipped away over that Ijridgc in the shadow of which we found him 
al play in (luf upeninK ["^uiptL-r; sli|jijcil aw;iy entirely, and for 1.1 
long time wju nol heard of again. 



S'lAklLiNG \iSO. 

W>iv» ne are gone the world soon forgets ns. The nmka dt»&; 
tip ind wc uc not inissedi If wc could not console QUi^t:Vix%'w\*iGh 



^4^ ^1^^ Genilanans Ma^asitu. 

ihoiighift nfihr world bfTond, thr iiti-;]. or dmih vrould be enough 

Middle tort- in -thc-Wdtcr Khowcct no change on nccovmt of the 
remot-al oC Mr. Marij^i. A row name was cot on the old lomb- 
stdoe thflt «rond lip flirong ihc hard, format-loolcirtg monumntTs in 
the diurchy.ifd, Tlui was all. Middlcion eren cxi&lcd ^thwit 
Mr- M.iriyn'j ncwspnpcr It went on buying and sellinir and cursing; 
,ind (M-eanng -ind robbing' jurt the sam*. Tlie cinokc dnggc4 ioeH" 
up ainl dowr ib<^ ittrei^cs and (he nvi-r rolled under the bridge Afl of 
yun:. WliciL Mt. WlndgjLc Williams ^liook the accurKd dtt«t of tiic 
towo from off hia feet, and tnxvcUcd fourth cIom by train to uioAcr 
dt>% no startling phenomenon marked the incident. Jjtcob Mutyii 
WOK ncii: mi&^i^d, Tht old Squire^ jifigling Iilh money, tiad thought of 
hini ontc and the Titsy household ltc|A bw mrmorj gretn; tan 
Middlcion put fU shutti:n up at ni^ht mid turned down its nts 
oi>l a thought of the wnnderer- 

Soon after the eclipse of tbc Siar^ the opiJnidnon joarmil, now 
uridiftliirbcd j*r>sseisian of iht field, w-,i5 ''glud to 1 cam/' in n ret}' 
jobihint paragraph, " thnt arrargcments were at loAt f^orapletcd for the 
proposed banquet to his Woraliip the Mayor. Ephraim Magar, Eftl-, 
who \\^% for thr^ ^ucce^^lve year« ^itf^l^vd th« oiiCTmi? and ImporiMii 
diiijc-a of ihc rhirt" m-igisirary. On Titcsday next the burgesses irill 
testify iheir jppr«miEoD of hii Rrcai service* to the town by cnWtv 
tfiining the retiring Mayor al a publk dinner, to be provided by out 
'ffortliy townsman^ the landlord of the ' I>urliatn Ox,' and wr doiibt 
not ih.iE The dcmonsifuuikn will br^ p<jii;il lo the (jcrxiion. Wiiho«i 
for one moment desiring to introduce politics iuto ihiti mutter, wc 
cannot cloic ouf rcnnrk* without 'ron^atubtinK tht; reds that the 
retiring Mayor is <in iKe righi «itic, and we hope this fact will be <iuly 

I do .1 section of the inhalutants aonie injustice. The " yellows*' 
liad ncl qi-iitt fargoiton Mr, Mnrtyn. When ihoy read the dewre of 
the Canryttfii ihai politic* should not be iniroducod into the Magai 
demons! ratiort, ihc yellow* gave a un.tnlmotifi si^h for ih<- Sittr ihai 
had ceased lo shine. ITiey little ihoughl how complclrfy thty 
would be revenged before the banquet was ended Kate ia always at 
our elbows. 

At tJie eventful Tuesday approached, the btisdc and excitement of 

the cbicF hotel grew loud and noisy. The landlord had er^oged a 

numerous stiff of supernumcfary wnitcrs- The corpj bad been 

/'ospected by their chief and lecmned uyon their duties. A green- 

^octr, s scavenger, an oailer, a baVer, aiv^i a w«t d c^Vak u^tt 


» inn 

m m 


Sircmgtr ikan J^ittion. 


had bcggcKl Anil borrowed black coats nnd whUe neckties for tho 
occMon, They were suHnty cn)oincd noi lo hand diihoK over the 
badi of giiolA ntJT lo Icavc ilic T>o«a xcvcraliy Af^gned to ihcnu 
esccpt to aiisist in the removal of the vitrioiu counc$^ They were 
not lo [jocktfl ihc tart* nor to cany awcy the wine until th< dirncr 
vtt over. Cue nutR to oigin gue<ftt wat the prci[>onion or u':iiting 
pcnrcr decided upon by tfic cljid". who was to be ;i5sj\i4^d by thc^ 
Ibotnum altAChcd to the uUblbhmcnt of Squire Northcoies ^ w'TiDiH 
the Middlcion bcUmunT done up iit red ^ind blue, ivilh bnut bi^tcons, 
ueii TO pby tfic f-uit of tomtmnitcr and Jtiand behind the MayofM 
chAiT imtil Iht tunclLtaion of Uit? Innr^iict, ^^ 

Before sunrise on ilic mombg of ilic fciit dw ^^CDia of Squirt^ 
NonJicoccs And other genlkmoii in Ihc nciKtibourhood were, with ihc 
fiill pormisMon of ihrir several owtictr, nnticked for tlip piirposet of 
dccomrion. The? dinini^-room was wrc^thH) u'illi holly, fir, ami 
burcL Shrubs ojid blanches of trcci were crcFwded into every 
coraer of the room, relieved by paper rosettes flnd ribbons^ Some 
bcal e^pen, whose name wm ever remembered by the decoratOR ii 
dw author of a great achfevvmenc, planned and Arranged i<nd formt^ 
"Wdtoti^e All" widi laun;l leavn, everlasting Aowcria and liolly 
bctne». Tlic mo^c words were stretched ocrois the Toom behind 
the choimuin'ft cchI. ^'llic Town and T^de of Middlcion/' in 
white letters poHteil upon red gh/ed ritlico, gleamed forth at the 
o^Muite end rroni l>eni^lh \ ponJcrEJua wreath of Middleton foJi^e^ 

When Utc tables vere \\\A to the tatiafection of the heiod wniter a 
ftw lortunate persons were permitted to itupect the roonn. The 
bmaJc »ervanu of the citablishmcnt, the wive* of »it of the saper- 
miincnLr>' wai^ec»^ the bclUnan^ dntifilucf^ the baibej from r^iund rite 
comer, and Mr, Ma^ara chief domcatic went iiUi> nLpturcit ovt-T lhe^_ 
diaplay of pbtte ord gla^-s And flap and mottoea. ■ 

The rcom ccnainly lookrxl feMivc and inviitng^ Tiro lorig lablef 
occupied the cemrc of ihe Aivirmient, crrwrd at one end by another 
alj^btly raaed above the ncvc, nnd on i^\^ txble were dl^plAycd ihc 
beat plate niid izla»- The borrowed knivcft and forkn were placed 
vpon the lod^ table*. On the upper table there woi no mixture of 
dsmcr servifeJL ThepUtesaridctiiiredisbes wereallof one|ialterii. 
and so wcie the lumblen ^Jid wine-|:luaci- Tbi» wjs considered to 
be a great Iriun^ph of arran^mcnt- Thewniiin^ siafT At die hnid 
taUe had 1>wti doublertt while ihe nine fcr the ehicf Riicidii who wwe 
10 m (here wiis miefxilly seleclril The next K^tat cxhibxliatv fas i3wt 
silbiscerK waa certain nttiatic models cf floi?ccsW\\\v^niVeiOn v*c&*^ 
the dialled inrre to be adorned. 

The Gmilemafis Magazim, 

"This w;iy, " saltl ibt thief vaiter, who "^^s, siouu lulil, and hou 
The admiring gKA^p followed him dovm slain, all marvelling ut hie 
fine bbck suit, cxccjit Ihc barber, w^ho was iost in calouL'iling the 
proportions of a wig u'hich had been erhibilcd on a wooden bloLk in 
bis window !kin<'e the ftrd duy when he [lut mit hfs pnk with llie gilt 
tcnuinadon. He felt sure thai a little maoipuklioa would adapt ihc 
wi^ lo the bald head before hLm, and resoJvod to w^it upon his friend 
on the foUoiiving day with a view to business. Meanwhile iho chief 
waller li;d ihe wiy iiilo a paiiliy^ close i»y liie kitthen^ aiul there 
produced two dishes full of bird:^, roses, stars, diamonds, aiid leaves, 
cut cut of turnips and eanots, and covered with 'n'ater to keep them 

'* BL-aiitiful T" said a chorus ofvotccB. 

■'Like wax, " wid Mr. Norihcoics' houscltcepcr- 

" like natiir")" said the charwoman. 

Th^jy all agreed that the chief waiier wa? a wonderful man, 

" Bill to lUinlc of ihfin Lein' •►tutJi on Ijoiled miiw'n an' citpcr Siirst 
— I cuda't cat for lookin' at 'cm/' said t!ic ^vifc of one of the super*. 

And then each woman (except the servants ia the house, who had 
onty time '*jiist to have one peep") went and lold every other 
woman she knew all she had seen ; and ihe barber, after another 
mental cakulatLon, went stiaight to hi:i old wig-block and wondered 
if it really ^t'ould fit the waiter's head. 

When the guests arrived tliey were ushered into the smoke-room, 
the bar and commercial TOom, imtil tlie announ^emeni of dmner. 

For ten minutes two *' commcrdals " looked inkstands and d^geis 
and firc-ironsat the head of every fresh comer, and thai disap|>carcd, 
denouncing this intrusion upon their sacred apanmenl. The bar, I 
mu5[ not foTgtt to say, was occupied by those who considered theflv 
selves the leading buq^esses; and here Ihe most proficient waitcn 
relieved every gentleman of hia hat and overcoat, which were eX' 
changed for small round tickets, numbered with very btoaicd figures. 

At length there was a sound of cirriage wheels, followed soon 
afterwards by a louil shorn, Tbe iiiitohIt was 6tsI r;iised by a crowd 
of shivering men and boys, who stood outside the hoiel sniiiing the 
odour? of tlic kitchen, 'ITiree waiters took up the cry, which was 
immediately repeiiied by t)ie smoke-room and echoed by the cora- 
mcncial, reaching its climai with ihc liar. Thtr reason for thi* 
jubilation was the arrival of his Worship the Mayor (Ejfhrriiat 
Magar^ K^'lO* ]*aniiig on the arm cf Scjuirc Northcotca, who ac- 
t^ptud \hc ovation with becoming grace, the Squire looting through 
]fivcTyhody 3& if occupied with *ome imiiotiattt. ^^MVitv^'aitt^ off. 

Stranger iftatt Fiction, 349 



Tlw Ma)oi boftfd bis Immlile acknowlrcJgtneutTi for ihiii kinHnr^ 
ivhich, he said, as pl^ly u looks could speak, "i* really more than 
I deserve. I xn\ a phin outspoken man, and 1 have only done my 
duly." But his admiring fd low-town amen would not permit this 
sclT-iIepicciation, Ttie more his Worship shook his head 3nd 
bowed the louder they shouted -, aj;d if during a brief lull in Uic 
lumuk of npplsLuse dinner had not been announced, ihcrc jk no 
knowing whether speech-m-iking might not have begun before the 

Squire Northcote) ^nd the Mayor led the wiy to the diniag-toonirf 
followed by no lirwer than Mie hundred of the ^enuy and tradesmen 
of the town, in order, Aceording to their [joahion or conceit The 
tradesmen permitted professional people and geniltrfulkfi to pass 
fim i then came the nvmutwrturcrs and wholesale trader*, w!]o 
elbowed each other fiercely, while the stnifiglc for precedence^ 
amonj; the retail people was tremendous- ^| 

On aU Mdei th<f aJr wa:« filled witlt (he uduur of boiling :ind 
baking &nd ruj^LLDg, and the scorching of japanned plate wArjiicn^. 
Anybody could have 3Wom to the latter. And ihtTc wm no mis- 
Uking the odoriferoui breezeii that came down the yard from ihc 
sublet, and held Jt comest with the «team from the kitrhen The 
Tcsult wa!f hy ito mean^ appetiiting. The scent wais ahogether a 
peculiar blend* os peculiar a:i that mixture which wu known at the 
** Durham Ok " a^ therty. 

These giaironomic and horsey vapours were to *ome extent di«- 
pdlcd by the muaii:^! brec^e^ of the Middlcton l>ra&s band, which 
stationed ui the yard to give n classical aen,iation to the dinner. 
They were to play a selection <f pieces appropriate to the occation, 
They began with the " Nation.ll Amhem," in whith the loyally of the 
drummer was made sCiitioBly manifest ; while the powers of a comet 
pbycr. and one who blew out his cheeks and fnj<icncd Ins lip* deep 
into the mouthpiece of an ophielctde, were exempUtied in a rivalry for 
the lead, which was peeuiiarly effective. Oerasionally the cornet 
iWoiJd give *iitn^ of weakness dial were not lo be resisted by the 

hiclcidc, which upon thcac occasicna mode a dash at the air, and 
coined it OlT into a high discordant warble that excited the drummer 
into *ucll " pitche?) in,' and worried the cothpI so mccessfuNy, that 
noting could c*cced ihc energy of ilicsc three inMrumcnts. '■ The 

tRout Beef of Old Kngland " awoke the eclioea of the stables, and 
Mt acvcrsJ of the crowd of lookers on dancing, while i;reat dishes of 
totftt were earned out, steaming hot. Just an iVlh \ to\\ ^i>l?,\^\\\^ 
bo&vc^ed in gre-M (Life past the musician*, ^e X.TOTO\jOTvt cs.^sj*\^4. > 




Tii€ GtnlUmmi's Magatine. 

muvemcat wliich, tliou^li iiuL »ct danru fur liluu i>rovod ki^lily 
cntciiaLning to the crovd Kvcrybody kciowi that Ui6 trombow! 
rcijuirt^ imLch more space ibojii other in&tiujnc»u, the pvpcoul 
dnwiiig la :ljiO pusliiii^ out of a poriiun of the machine rtrrivitriDg 
\ conaidrr^Uc uta. The MiddUion tromboiic Mfa» a xtvf cdc- 
bntlod one, ukI the pUytfr Kail been originally selected bccmuc 
of his long Amc. The pcrfonnur priUeU luiiivdf apcn i cenain 
lower noie whkh u-as jjrtKluced ai ami* k-iiyili, and lie wf*a juit 
on ilie point of iiJdijig to the eficcl of the gciKi.:il hamiony by the 
pncxiuctioi) of ihia fundAmcnml rtckui, when Master Super it«itgtfCid 
a tittle OLit of hiK coune, and cocight the t^nd of the bn»t iTuttniment 
in a very nensitive part of his Ixidy— namcl), the funny bone of hk 
right arm— and down went a huge joint of beef, in a glorunia vpluh 
cf ^avy. thut spoili-d the bearer's t>0Rowed troittera, And ioi th« ttOK 
being brouj^ht \\\t n^usic to an end, wlijlc the hungrjr populieo 
niih maliriDiu Uiighier. 

Hut ihc ^/iit<tt the neighbourhood and the gentry ortd tT&dcmt 
cf MidtUcton, CIS llie local reporter wyled the ai>cinblagc in the 
tiinin^ Toon^, n^ver missed this trifle of beef, tUotish they dnnk and 
ate ev(fr)'ihiii^ before them» one gentli^min t:iking caper iducc widi 
upple urL And another Iu^Iok conimenced dijinci with llie (oi^tsnLi 
Rjxd jellies. So much mcAt and so many dean platos had never 
before been seen ill at one time by many of the MiddlctonuDs. 

One oHen heurs about the heat of battle; the heal of % public 
Uiuii^r ia a tx]Linlr>' town is something equally jialpahlc. Of roume 
every window wa* kept carefully dosed. Indeed it vai impooRble 
to open them. They were covered with llagf and flowers* vidt 
mottoex in ealkii am! tendmenCt in leaves. Cloudfl of candles made 
the tilt luminous, ;ind ^ dozen gas }z\.'s> burnt ii. The hcAt condensed 
Itself and covered Ehe decorations witli tiickly f^trcamii of water. It 
gtowed and darc^d on the ceiling ; it ftred tbv blood of the |^e*t% 
i>eilling on their f^ref, making their eyes spaikle. The door was 
opened, bill without relief. The hc.ii was a >ireil fiuccen. 

£;^raim Magar vu) ubiquLtous. He took irincvilli everybody. 
Scjuire Northcotes was nev«r more condescendjng. He rattled ^ 
money, and even went sn .is lo patronise a retail fiour dealer, who 
l<W in such a hi^iry Lo re&iioud to the Siiuirr's rhallengr, and wit W 
IRKVOttU and excitocU that he Ailed hx% ^Iam with a piquant aauce from 
fl bottle that stood in dangerous proximity lo the Bherry ; and detei- 
mined thai ht- wmild do full honour to ih« Situire, he toi^d oil the 
pungent drauj-lit and at once made such vxtmordinary face* at 
his opposite neiglibours, ntcon^panied with so many dau^eroua 

^fr»|»iom]| of choking, th&l he vnts canwd out into Ihvopon slit to 


'^ Ctcnttcmciu" ^Mii the Sqiiire, niing hchinti it iTtuiJI.itcd haumrh 
cf venison. '^Mr. Magai <icf^rc& mc lo sjiy that he wishes to invite 
you to take champaycc with him— (hunah and cheer*]— «»d lo 
cn^hlc yoTi t»> lio *<i, he ha» giv<n order* for ar anipte «\ipp}y — 
(IiuitaTi) — to be bnQuglit mo the room iratwilcr "*— (tremciniouii 

When the cheese had been removed, And the Isui tctunching 
of celery *rts be:ird, u tuJl gentlcin:an in a while neckcloth ro^e 
for llio puipuftc, it waa gcocTjally believed, or*'»Jtyuig ^r^wc/' He 
opened hiA moath iwlcc and nodded liia head sij^nLfiii^mly ,M three 
wju c^ndJcs; hut being younjt, nervous, nnd thin, he comld da no 
mnrtf. Hijjpily, the .issembli^e w.ns con^idcmte. Taking the will 
for the cloed, evcrjlmdy wv> jJt-ifcttly aiili»fn-(l with ilie (linu?* aiid 
ptopei L'xc^<^ises of the basbfal curdle. The Moyor of Middlcton 
sarjd '^AmvD" ia n loud voice ftnd cfMked the fir«t woUmc of 

"And now^ gentlemen, we f oine to tht ian*l of the rvemng/' wid 
the Squire, .ifter halving duly pf<>t)05cd those tOA*t* vihich, )n every 
mssembliifc of Kngliitl^mcni as every propoftcr^ Ijcforc nnd :iiTicc Sqviirc 
Northc<>te«, has said, are always drunk wilh loyal enthusiasm— '' Th« 
toasi of xhc evening." (Tremendous dit'tTS.) 

I'hu leading toast was« of coime^ the health of Kr. Ephnum 
MogjiXi ^liiyor of the cuicient borouj^h of Midcllccon'ln-thc- Water. 
Tine Squire said aH that coiikd be uud :Lbout Mr, btagnf and hii 
offce, and the toast woi; dnink wiih miniici] honoEin : 

Wblcb nobatHy con deny. 
Which nobody cua dny. 
For h«*« a Ixeuty ^od Mflyor. 

And uiay all oTm. 

Th« town crier Imd & p&nlctOAr forttula U toutnufiter vften 

iiiusieal honours wiTe ULlrodueed, The AtkI " lttp> 1i^ buj nh " nt 

. «A end, the aicr, nulng his hdJid lor silence^ desired to tuk the 

.attCfobU^ ao impoitani question. ElvL^rybody knew wh^t the 

,<)i|0Siioix would be. They tmtlcd uid nodded -tt each other and 


" Gentlemen/' (aid i^icoier, in ^lo<f, lokmn tones; '*^l]y do wc 


ibundered out i]ie Middletonlans. 

Ti \iAs one of die chief iuddcnU o(3L moiy evening to licnr the 
loastraasler propound this question. 

When N[r. Mu^^ir rose to r«|)ty, the shouts and cheers wtn 
ic^L-.tttd, iiiid by a preconccncd signal ihc band staiioned in (he 
yard slri-iiii up, '*Scc tlie conqjenng hero comes/' so lliai the 
M;iyar was compelled to resume his aeat, and submit to '^mort 
musicnL honours." 

Only a few han of ihe stimng timsic had, however, teen performed, 
when It was intcnupled by 3. tlii^LurbAncc on the :i(^i£^. The cun^ 
qucriiiK licro ffv" coming, with a vengeance ! A woman's voice ins 
heard, in remcnsirance with persons who were evidently trjing to 
prei/ent hcT entrance into Che room, 

" T innst I I will t it is life ami deaih 1 " 

Then the waiters could be heard thrusting the woman back. 

*'Areyou men?" she shrieked. *' Murder has been done ! Let 
me pasEv I say l " 

The nexc moinent she had h Dkcn ihroiigh those who resisted her 
ajid W.1S in the room. Her appcaiancc seemed to aU like a spell on 
the company. Pale, hnggardj defiant, her eyes glarinR, she walked 
to the head of ilie table. No on« attempted to ipterfere with her. 
She cjirned aLJtIumty in her gait. The Mayor wa.* observed 10 
dutch ihc tabic cloth and gasp for Ln;ath. In a moment, however, 
he had recovered hiniTidf 

" Ephratm Magat," said the woman, in the midst of a dead silence ; 
" I denoTmc^? you a* the murderer of Silas Collirson." 

^" Remove thi* woman/' said the Mayor, addrcaaiug llic town cricr 
and the Squire's footman, who stood aghast at her clhootcry- 

" H&ud^ o%" said ihe woman, 

" Remove her — she is mad," ssud the Mayor^ who had n'Mn 10 hffl 
icet at her lint attack. 

" Gertlemen, x moment ; hear roe a moment,'^ she said with touch- 
ing earnestness ; " most of you knew Silas CoUinson— he hat been 
foully murdered, and hy [h^t mun. I am Sii*ian Hariey, who went to 
America to m<iiry a man who lay mujJeird al Magar's Mill.*" 

At thia moment scleral persons left llicir scats and crowded about 

Siranger ikan Ficiion. 



ihp Mayor. One man, howcvrr, rfcpt aw^y into ihc strtct. Thnt 

**Sa«in Harlcy :s dead," shouted the Mayor. "Th;a woman in a 
lunAtic G«nt(«mtf&, will you perma your chief mAgittrate Co be 
inftuked, and at \ moment like ihc present 7 " 

"Tunillcr oui," shouicJ scvti^l voices; "Liltc hci bauk lo tlic 
jisylum-" The lowri crier bid hia hand on Siwctn's shoulder. 

" Silence," cried Squire Northcotes, who up to this moment had 
been an iiTonislied spftt.iTor of the scene ; ** I commnnd silenc*." 

"Away wiih her," rojitfl Magir, Ids face livU wiiU rage; 
"away with tlic cnry hujay," 

He nishcd towirds her, with ihe evident intent ton of himadfcjoci- 
ing her from the room, * 

" EfandH o!T," ^\A a stout youn^ fellowi who had forced hirt Wi^y 
wuh nomc othcn into the room^ on hearing the commotion from the 
«wel '■ Til Uktf Ciirc of tliee, laas, again all comer*," 

It was Tom Tiuy, at the »ound of who** voice Susan uttered a cry 
◦r joy and flm^ hci^elf into his Arms. Tom held her bravely, and 
pAtted her hcnd with hi« ^icAt rough hand* 

" MiAtcr Ma;;ar doc«i'l treat the charge as ifit wcr^such a lie, your 
Honour/' 4aid Tom, iddresiing th« Squire, 

'* Hold your longurT" add die St^iiiie, ihrouj[h wlio^e mind the 
Bomc ibougUl was passing. 

'^Gcnilcmen, gcmlemen !" cxclai^d the Squire i "pardotimc a 
rioment. Mr Migar, pray be quiet an instant" 

"Ordrrl orderl" cried twcniy vdces. 

"This woman hcu placed a pa[>cr b my luuida ; alloir me a 
moment to read it ; the print is small." 

The Squirtf examined the paper through hi^ glass darJng continued 
cries of 'Order, order f" 

" I will not AuhniLE to ihiK inrcrnal humbug any longer," »4id Magv; 

"Pmyhc calm/' said the Squire, "the affitiT will soon bcfttui 
end. Here is the SuperinEendent" 

A* thi^ ehief of the borough police entered the fooin, Susan 
l^^ley, ovi^rtumc by the fatigue and cacilcmcnt, fainted. Tooi 
earned her into the ynrd- 

^' Mr, Su pen n ten dent," tatd the Squire, in n loud magixCenaJ voice, 
whach hashed the byitanden, " Ephraim Magar is your prisoner, on 
the chaiK"^ of mutdct/' 

The oHicer looked from one to ihc other in amn^etncnt 
" Montlrous I " eiccla^mod Miigar, his voice trembling- *^I Eun 
chief magisintc of Middkton — arrest me at your peril" 

VoL-IS., N.S.i»;i, %« 


Tk£ GeiUl^ma^is Afagttzine, 

As the officer advanced towards Ma^sir, there wfrc indicAtfoftS 
dUapprobalioii amcng ihe company, 

" No, DO \ " siiid scTcriL voices. 

'^Uentlemea, fcUotv townsman!'* £aid the Squire, vith on authoc^ 
tativff wave of ht% liglit h^md, "Ici us ohey the law sis hoEiett 
EnglUhmcii - never let it be said there ib a !aw for the ri(± ;md 
another foi ihc poor- If Mr. lA^Ax is innocent he lias hJs remedyv 
aod we Uuiti be nil detighied to see him come out of thi^ dear, dod 
ja a mannet worthy of his office." 

*'Hear» hear," said the Midtiletonians, "that is tnie," 

The Mayor had loai His sclf-posscBsion by this lime. He wm 
trembling in every bmb. His hps were white- He leaned against 
the lable for support 

"Officer, do ypur duly/' add t)ic Squire. " I will hold fou hsim- 

" Vou ore my prisoner," said the chief, laying hiii hand ovt M^gn^ 

'*Vou shall pay for ihis/' wh^ all Mngar could say^ h\% tttlh 
chattering yt\i\\ ic^. 

Half aft hour afterwards Ephralm Magar, Eaquirc, thrice ^fayo« 
j €f Middleton, WIS a prisoner in the strongest cell of tlie local 
I lodc-up. 

{T^U eontiraud.) 



Dk, CaRFXHi'£K hzi plunged itic BHliah A»>0(i>L£iQn ideo a »ca of 
m^rapfiy^Jr:!- 5dffnr:e and ontology usuAlly move ilong scparaic pathfi. 
Th« student of phciioincTia and the pure speculator do not odcn work In 
th^* iamt field. The memheri tif the greai aodciy which has just h^ld 
its meeting at Brighton but very mrely occupy ihcmsdvcs vdh such 
qui:«ions as thu5f which <;ngJii^cfI tlic rnjnds of Thales and Plato, Spin ur.i, 
lldmCf Hc^l, Bcid, and Kant. But Ptofoasor Huslcy has recently broken 
the Eround by announcing and explaining his adhesion lo the Ideal 
Theory of ilerfccloy, itrnl now, for the first time, a Preiideni of the British 
Af^ocUtion ilr1iv:;r.i an innu^ral titldrr:^^^ which is m^ly mcUphysical. 
If Ibc old question of ijLieEtions— the problt^m of the c^iu^es nnd etuitics 
of tilings — Hhicli 111) ciLtptoycd ibi; brains of the prafuundi^st thinker* for 
thrc« thousand ycart^ ^verc not almo&t due of fashion noH', Dr- Carpent^r'G 
addreu would sjousc n wildci: «Ionn of coibtrL>vcr±y than \fas ever pn>- 
VQlEDd by ^ paper read hrfore The society since il* foandatlon forty years 
■go. For he has throirn down the gauntlet once A£ainas lo the iclaiton of 
Can^r and EfTeci, as to The nntur^of Force^ihc ttoarine of Self- Evident 
Propoaitionft, the theory of Intuitioiir ihe chof^ctcr of Humeri Instincti cuul 
thephHavipV of Common Sense. U this a challenge to Umley and 
Kin^pfi the modom disciples of Berkeley? U it the beginniog of the 
rerivAl of mctftphpic^? I confi^t^ Though T do nnt txpcct a soluiron of 
the eternal problem, that t shoutd not rt:gret Ihc reopening of the onoe 
otQimg conirovcrsy. In the present stalt^ of clvxUwd inlcUigencc moi 
ivoiild not Iw liktby to drift into unwholcsornc mutaphysical belielsi and a 
goud mvmy ctioncous notions inli;hl Ih; icmovcj by rcsUlL-mcnta of the 
Gonditloni of those inquiries, Unii! toankind has lenmcd romark the 
llfnit> of the '* knowable," we are not ripe for the eoniplctc abandonment 
of pure tp«>culation, nml I think the most advancci^ Po4ltW]:st would not 
omtcml that the wuiM h^* advanced to the t>ijini whence may be per- 
cetved tho!Ee Umm. People entertain inL'taphysicM btliHi which ar<? not 
ihc TC5uU of study or thotii:bc on the subject. Many meu^hysicjil € r ro j » 
oocupT thf- minda of people who tcarccTy comprehend the meaning of the 
icnti. The irapcninK of the quertJon would, 1 think, ^ more good than 

I cATtsct itMtX the temptaiivn lo dispute with Dr. Carpenter two or 
three pointi in hit addrvet, thougfi m this pl^cc I c»n scarcely do more 
tJua indicate objections. When he dccbircs, on \he (^uet\\ovi dl ^'Cbfti 


356 The GmtlemaniMagasini. 

\^\\t cf our b^ltcf in the e}Listei\<^c of % world (^Ktcm^l 1o ouraeK'csT'' thit 
*" the commoiL ^cnic i>( inA^ikJnd hai anivcd :u a decision tho^t is pricti- 
CoUy worth :ill the argiiTTn?iils of :i]l th*^ philosophL»rs who liiivc fo'aght 
apUQ and a£ain over this balllc gfO^nd." he certainly f^^gcln 4 vciy 
|fnpOTi:mt foct^ tvhi^ti by ihe whole tc nour of his nddir^^ I tnuii ci>iicludc 
is pcrfi:tll>' well known 10 liim*-ihfli t^hcthcr the philosophers art ri(!u 
or wronjj on rhia aubjcft, the ^'common sense of mi^Tikind" i^ mnir 

- ccttainly wrong. The concluabn of common tense is that the '* e>iicni«I 
wnrld" is ju^l ivliiLt itst^fj-ns to us to lie; andiifj actounr isl.iki^ oflhepArt 
played by our organs of &cn±e- Nothing is more de^if V> the man who 
has reflected on thcic subjects Uian tliat colour, fomi, tcxturt, bardneu, 
SO^etSf smoothness, rowgliness, .ind ail ihu oihar nuiiJilie* which »f 
prrccivc in objects arc aciia-xtionb \\\ the making of ivlitch our hoiijly 
OTgjiru perf<>nn an etscncitil pnn- Common ^^nsr? r^g^rds the Zion as an 
anJiTUil which loars, but ihcrc would be nL> roaring if ihcrc were no 
t)'mp3num^ for ibe vibrations of the sir to play upon \ and tf we contidcv 
jn ibc same wa/ ill the other manifestations of the lion bv which ii Js 
re^ealed to U5» w* must conclude that, in The absence of any scns« to 
perceive it, wha^tcvcr might remain in Ihc place of ihc lion tl^cic would 
«ttJtJnly be no lion m an/ way corrrsponding with our nntioi^s and 
dciinilions of the animAl. Common sensi^ insists th^it ihc creaiute would 
be There ex;icily as wc see ir, whether or not any sentient being were nn' 
lltc »pot to perceive il \ and, with all deference to Dr. Carpenter, 
common sense \^ imfiuc5iionabI> in error in ihat decision, Thnt portion 
of the address relatinj; lu the hereditary trartsmjssion of aptitudes— 
impcoving from gcnerition lo generation — is veij' fme iind fiti-reachini;, 
but the argument is somewhat vjijaied by the ftecjuent use of the word 
"inluilion," which, 1 ihmk, confiiacs the learned President hlnuclf 
Ji* well as his hearer*. If he bad kept constantly before his mind Ihft 
truth which he in one place aditiils, tliat nothing whatever tn the 
nature of /rttawiedge can be inherited, some v«ry dubious pasngef 
would have been diflerently wotdcd. To say that "the jmellectul 
irlui'ions of any one gcneraiion ari? the (?mhodied experiences Ol Ibe 
previous race " is cither to be f^uilty of a hctcsy in psychology or to uae 4 
very faiihy form df expressing a imth. The cipedcncesof our fo«ftlh«» 
do not come to us by intuition, but we arc bom with aptitudes \a ]e«m 
with great facilliy that wliieh they acquired with much diflienlry. The 
confusion culmlnnte^ in the passage [n which he talks of "tracini; 
Ihc t'raduil B<'"t'sis of some of these ideas which we now accept a* 
■self-evident/" so a£ to ''recognise them as the expressions of certain 
intcIleUua! tendencies which have progressively auj-meitied jn force in 
luceeasivc generations and now manifest themselves as mental initincit 
ihfit penetrate and direct our ordinaiy course of ttiouehl." Now id^ttf 
eome of eiperience only, and are neither " mental mstincts" nor ti« 
"expressions of Intellectual tendencies.'* The only *' inlelJectual •»- 
dracics" stnd " m*?nta1 instinct*" Oia\ can \ift\aftde4 down lo u« by Ufth 

are ihc apritudcitoundct^landquAdd^'vitaiaafi.^itt^itttjeA'Wir^ 



Table Talk. 

ijifiicult of cornprch?n«3on to th« minds of our Anccitcn. On colour 
bTiiutriCHS Di. C;it|nrr»tfj'* ji»liiiii^ do not appt-ar (o iiii; ui \x >ou»J. He 
(ays "there moj! even be no po^vcrof diitmgn ashing any colour whatever." 
Now, wft« Ihc eye ace* nodiing bu: cdoui, a person who ImJ " no p<jwer 
of tlittmijuiAhm): Liny CisIquf wh:Ucvei" vociJd be pnclically blind. The 
intu who i;ou1l| isci; jnothinjj^ but black would be tn CAaclly Ihc poaiiion of 
the man atierly deprived of the org^n of vision ; and if the one colour 
perceived Acre anr other thin bh&k iTie parent's condition wonid hardly 
be improvod. All nature would be one Icvd pinnc befofc the eyes. The 
uce could not be aeparaicd from the bacVKround of the skyn The line of 
Th* horijon wouJtl be im[«rrceptiblr- M*^! nnd wofneii would appear 
•mftlptrriAtcd into one iinhrolccn atrfiLCc, Jkjid neither motion nor dj^tuicc 
WOuU be dlfiCf^mibb, The man to whom ntt hu« Trsolvcd ihem^elvr-s 
into one or other of two colours might raaxuigc to piide himself by »ib-hl \ 
but [u perceive only one colour is equivalent to bllnchiefis. 

GHF-*r ffftvrllet? *eem to peneirale The dJvinr* mysfery. They g*t 
closer lo Cod than other m^n. Wc ^^ho live in Louden and tike our 
hone e>erci&L- tn the Row ;i[c jpt to forget the country and Him that 
ntaJe iL 'J ^'rc is too much of raaii's work :iboul us. You coine upon 
IhcUu.^r-t.'^iabkllAndinforeatBi-itidbyiiijjthiyHvcrs. Inaniiecof seep- 
lldnn such 3s the present, when philosopher are found inveighiTig a^ntt 
the eflicacy of pnycr, and sc^entiiic men place themselves on an c<;uality 
with the ApoH^e^ of clil, it is consoling lo hear Mr, Stanley, who dia- 
covcred LivinKtlonc, Cfdlc of out fellow countiyrmii m one who ^' In his 
tn^ny wandrrin^i had b^en loiiched by rhe hand of God." Thii wns 
said in a speech the other dny 9\. the Garrlck Club« a few of whose 
members emrrtained [he f^mou; press man At a Urtle dinni?? in honour of 
kimwUv hA% misci^n. And bis cdling. 


Im my eirly days the stocks were rcgnided as a useful and wholesome 
mode of punrUimeni for vagraney and other ofFcncpi. Some cf the 
country justices ftrc, 1 learn, reviving this old method for the benefit of 
dninkiirdL The effect, C hear, is good — even better ihan the presi-pillory 
of Liverpool- There arc other olftnccs which deaerve the public dv^i^diL* 
lion of ihe stocks — nnc in particular, namely, the vending of diM^wd 
mcnt. M^gistiales do now And then Ica^e out of their judgments ihe 
option of A fine ; ihcy vtC\^\\., in iprcial cases, ute a lesson from the pa»i, 
oven lo f&r baek us KdwArd 1 1, In tht- Latin records of that reign 1 find 
thai on the J5tb of Jul), 13^0, William Ic Clerk, of Htehjm Ferrrrs, wa« 
brought bclbre the Mjiyor*! Court charged with sclimg fiesh-meat unbt 
for human food* The award of the mn^islrales wat thai Clerk should bo 
pax upon the ptUory and the meat burnt beneath him. 

SEEJNCi tbut we do punish penom whi? sell i3Uedsed tivcit, vv& TectfiXK.t 
how li§;htJy, justice is unfairly dealt when the olher ve.ndo's^ ^l ^\iwwj^>* 
lood escape. The mAnufMCfurers of xwcetnteit^, (or eTivro\Y\e- V^* 



T!i€ Geniiofuuis Magazine. 

been shovTi over and over s^ain ihaE, ftv a nUe, cheap confcciicccrr if 
poiiojiDUt. My youn^ c:4jniciiipciE:i'>'. llic Pall MttU. cvtn ^oc^boftf 
BE to suggest that ChritlJjui Etiiuundtj provvii her msanity by Ukaog the 
uoubk ici LX^LSon swccimciu which were Alrcsuiy opcnljr ^old AnisiioUf 
c<Mi<:d With tn^ioUic k^itL In 1S5] the Ltti^ti cornniDssion^ (ipoicd 
tUc vholc ^y^lcui uf Britisli atJuJEciuiiun. L^tL-r on, PrufcuuE (iam^c^ 
in the Mill y<turna/. bias done yiiod wtvice ; and nO'W ihaT g»n 
is rcprcsciiltxi U> lljc foud yaurna!. the Kni/t *inii IWk, Pii 
y^ar-Jui^it, and other public:! tiofi^^ " the iigony at adult^ru^tion" ni^rt 
be "piled up" la 5uch a height •■» iq compel rii;orous CoverninctHat 

The "lasWM train in tlie vgrJd"— the jj,4S am. ftom PaddincWn— 
irhich dnes the Ar&t scvency-cighi miles every day w^th dock-JJu 
cx4clncs& ill ^i^liiy'^uvcn inirLuccs* «nd le^ches Plymouth in sit hoofi 
and n quitter, 'dmi^ the great body of political theonata, in lb* 
accuEid t%vck ill Uic present moitlbk to ilic lirsl Social Sciviec Coq^Tcm 
ever bdd la the big Wcfiiem town. }'hy&cai ccieace and «ociol«gT 
Yfoik tOKCthcr In the production or audi a result as ihAC AccooipliiM 
In Ihit m,ir\'dJovis ^ptcd i>f traPic, My £Cod frirtu! tit. JohB*Ml 
would hAi-c put no Uiih in a band of iheofiais who should cnnaent 
to alknv themselves to be waflcd over the land at the rate of more than 
fifty mifcs an hoav, and Oliver Gold^mlEh would have been delisted 
At (he Ulrn (if ti. ] do not think it wfiuld haxc beer pos«bIc ta Induce 
the CAiccllcrLt but pondi^rous lexicographer to betake himself to PI 
Diuuth Tor the »kE of disrupting the quosiinn nf mtcrrational arfatt 
lion wiih these political economists, bnt iht aiiihor of "TiiO Ciliten 
the W01I1I " would have glofied in those advanced sprcuUii cm*, aiJ 
tV'Quld Imvc been nmong the niosi Amiabli* and popular of the guHis ef 
llif hu^pii.ililL- ii.iiiv(S—lMlf- Devon and bjtlf-Corni'ih— -nn Ihr b(»ilr:* <rf 
the Sound, TJk world hs.s been wont to look on with a mkctura 
lokiance and di^rision ai the apo&de» of arbitration and univctvil peace 
buE tho (imr^ has perhapa come when the discuGSion of ihiit »ub)c<4 
o1>tain fiji ii^elf a heaiin^ ^tnung even the nio»t »c«pL!cAb Wliile 
gentlemen of the National Assocmtion for Ihe Promotion of Social SckiOT 
arc cndt-nvouiijig 10 amve at ad answer to the gueMlom, " Can 4 Cotul 
ilonational Arbitration be dirmcd wtch a view to Avoid ^icf and. If 
In >vhAL way ?" Count !?clopis wiJl be rcvcILnf in the half TcftliaMikiL 
of thit drenm of pobticnl philamhr^iftf- A glowing me>rtA^, nlmoAt m 
full of Siinguin^: and ctb^rcAliscd ima^^ry at a letter from Caribftldj 0? iff 
oration bythi^ httn Joeepli M.inim, will proh.ibly arrive frum the Prr^iideni 
of the Court at Geneva to the Chairman of the Section of Munidpd Lanr 
ftt Plymouib, jinfJ the St-ciion will voif: in rtply a deliicluful revdmioA 
touching the procecdinji of the Court of Arbitration and the hS»tOiy of 
lluil wtinilnfu] Treaty of NV^ishingtop, Most sincerely do 1 hope tluC 
neither Count Sclopis rior th* f^ctiotv (rf Municipal Law of Hi* Social 
Sc/eacc Cowgress will h*t diwppovMeA. \ \iavc\v!^ Va^t trnm^Jt to 



mUrmit the efficacy of wai as the l»eat«T of wroni;! or the final tcitlcr oT 
qvAirelv, And if there ts a streak xq be leen in the <ky— the token cf a 
Cicini)n£ <lAy of h^ppkr mli^rnauniul ri^Ulton^— 1 stj>tU1>c^t^ If chrhr xkUL 
pUUotophcn wilJ point il out to n\t. Thv i'cm:iTiicln of the prognunme 
of the Pl>-LHO«lli Cgt>i:rcss *ip|>CHtB lu mc iv W syml:w^at dtficicnt m 
fr^Lurcfl of micmt. I cin took for not mjch benefit Itom a clchite on 
ihc old qtiotion wbtthcr ihc p«ni»h.mttYt of <rrimc ahouU be dctcricnt or 
nfbmv^tory. and I do nut b«Jicve i\>c ^^ction of Kconomy »ml Trade will 
tbrtnv AAV new Light on the problem of direct and Indirect t-UAtion. 
From The DfpiRmrmti of EducniJon und Heiilth vom^rThing ti^efut m the 
shape of 8uggc»liona oui^bl to eomc, which mi^iht render it deiir^ibEe for 
the Chiiirmen of School lio^rd^, of Uoardi of Gu-inli-ins, -ind of Lor^l 
Boanls of Health to attcndn If they have a tt^ikneis for ihc grandeiE 
and the mr-si ch-irmin^ of Fnyiisli StptL-mbcr scenery they will not regret 
ft trip by the ** fastest trriifi in the world. * 

Cmakij!?; Lamu ww con^iimTiotially "rusceptible of noise* ; in are we 
all, more or less, ** Elia " dcscrjbei his ffClfulncss under the inflietion of 
a carpenit^A hirntncr nil's ihe " m^'asureri malkc of jT\\i5icy Happily, 
PvUameni has <lonc somcChmg (o rid m% of the oif^n nuisance i but 
Londciitrra suffer more and more every tiny fmm die cries of street 
ha«kers^ My friend Mr- M^iyhew has I hope proved a benefactor to 
his neighliourhood by bc^vlitt the liocn^ed pat and meeting IE bulJIy ;it 
the poljce courL ; but we are not all so coijrageoEis ^i he- J nm myself 
of A ictmn£ iliapoattion i I ivould luthf^r gruwl aiid stamp abciut m my 
room tinder the infljciion of ■■ cMtJ mem," " scissors lo grind,' " ft«h 
Sathrted Biiawbcjiiei " ''giccn pcaa cjghrjjcncc per peck," than go out- 
side ftnd eject trespassers from tny garden ; but Oh, for a legal hand lo 
fall upon thcic disturbers of suhurbjin peace ! Ndsr U the f^tXAt bafie of 
London life; U Irei^ nrd worric;? many of lis into premature gnive*. 
AsphAlie pavemcnti and tmmway cara arc modem blessings NUy they 
grr on increasing at forty liinei iheir prcsrtii r;«e of dcvcltipmcnr ] The 
Metropolitan Railway dincciois ought lo ute a lesson ftum these 
advances in the march of i|uiet. I diire lay ihousiinds arc infliiencrd 
aa I im against (he Underground Railway, h U the noiac, not ibe 
sulphur, that hurts me ^—nat the noiie of ihc train, hut the fiendinh 
batipnn; of the door^ and tne impish ^cUt of the newsboys. Imagine 
for a mnmcni ihe fine tMccry of the nervous structure, v'nh iis nianifbTd 
tender £bm, h&it\g subject lo a hundred shocks of dr>ar-bangjng on a 
ftliort journey uf half a doren miles ! Let ihc diirctoia look to thi*. Tlicy 
Hill find Jt an important elemeni in making or tmmaking dividends. 


Ip the day should ever come when this smull islond ii found 
too nirmw for agriculture, 1 triisr rhat witli Ihai advanced €CaT\cvft\c 
Coadition of things will eo-exist such mnrvcWoui t^ti^ ba ^«\ ^t\eat^ 
ceived Cacititief of cominuaicaeron between one couTAt^ aivA aT^^AVti »* 


TAt Gertt/sman^s Magasim. 

will bring the ^mi continents pnctlcalJy to oar doort. For Xht 
Engli^tinuut'} rulurc — ^tjraii and 9ca-booiid a» a hi% kiomc — pUcn jcat 
b/ ynr (or the sjj^hl nf t:oin-ti(.-lT|3. Never ;i harrvu coiaet roUMl but 
& hundred jnodcnts convjncc mc of ibc deep* naqucnclublc lOtCTOtvf 
wy couniT^moi in tbc nimral hisior}-, the ch^ractcntDcs and iici£«auda 
of the ciops ihftt ar« pithcnd in at tbi& ^Ason. The Cockney iiko nin^ 
down Into Kmi or Sumry on i Sunday rtfjii^on in July or AujfUit wdl 
not report Ticty mudk of |K)£iure» and trrc>, bui be vill be komcd in tlie 
aip^cts of whtat ^nd borlry fcr ihi? mnAindrr of ihc mrnmrr, and mil 
speak of Lhe <ointLnuou£ uteres of iv-bjtcniA£ eoan, of ttie dptiisaty of thv 
growth* of tXit drpih of auIfcpCif tbc long lmc¥ of sheam; with an 
enthuMKsm not UKU^ti with him. It %% the Bsie with aU cf (»$. 
Wc tisJL tiotkyaiik and fotinilipes, t^i^il fiaories, ^n^u cihibjtiO«» of 
iDAchm&ry, picture gaAenes utd indunml fthovc— tm alaioM every mia 
fuid womAa of us will a<knovln)ec vhcn tbc lime cotars i^Tvnid that 
tew sjghis sxtidy us bke ihit of tbe flourts^ng eorri'licld, kod wo aauM 
be vciy young iodccd *f wc bivc >oi to^y tbc impulse to grieve bccMkC 
AAOtlief "bamesiUpasi" aad anocber ^ ftunnwr it ended,* 


Gentleman's Magazine 

OCTOOl-K. 1S72, 

Isles of the Amazons- 



Fon.-U« (Kb flXy. Follcw mc 
To wl^crc lIlc while cnp^ of a wa 
fit miiinlaiikv hrtak ind hreik again 

Ak bIfiH-fi jp rodJQ agajiiivt a ^tar — 
As breO(4 fhc /ury of* n»in, 

And iTictr n^mjiiti^. , , 4^ iiif^, . > «■ fiir. 

ratMkc thr ppoptr. What ^itp ittcy 

T]i4l Jjiigh, ttiai liv? and tw? b^ nUe ? 
FoHakc the Sosun^ VTliai arc thoc 
Thm nhna (he ihnJow* of the tfcm : 
The Draifl lor^tU? . . . fio Ihy vay, 
Wc arc not <nie. I mil not picvc 
Vuu. . . . F4fi: you wdfi O vjjicj' FdoJ! 

BuE you who lave mc- • • Ycivholov* 
The 4ha3!jy romln. firrcp 'ErhghU 
Of fiaamling wsEerfalU, of lidi^hlii 

ThAL ^lAii^ like bruketi jtioviiH abovCr 

BpUr^rt HTiil fiklloA. Wi' utr onE ; 

'iTw^iiM m;m sh^ill lo ii"! be time; 
Tlic woods sbo!] jridd their myilcrics ; 

Tlie vitith >1m1I an^wci lu -t ndinc, 
Asd In? M birdt sboTB eJv f ree«. 

N ihc dtys when my mtflher, the cutli, was V^f^^^ 

And yoj all were noi, nor the likeness cf >*<w. 
She w:dkcd in her maidenly pnm^ ;imon^ 
The tfjooDlli suti in the b(nin(Jlc^s b\uc. 

*Xi c 

Tk^ GdrUieinait-i AffJiTiz^inr, 


Ther the great sun lifted Ms shining jthidd, 
And lie flashed his sword aj ihc »oldi<Ts do, 

And he moved like a king tuU over the held. 
And h« looked, :knd he lovrd h^r bmvc .vid true. 

And IriokiJig ahr from the ultimc rim, 

Ai he lay at r«€t in a reftch of %ht, 

Hv btheld her walking alone at night, 
Where the bntlcrirup stars in their bcaoiir svini. 

So he rose up Pushed in his lo^e, and he nn, 

And h^ readied his anns, and around her wniit 
lie woun^ il*c»i strong lilic .1 tovc->lnick mA.ii. 
And he ki&sed and vtuLr^iced her bn^e and cha^te- 

So he nursed Ha love like a babe at it4 Mrth. 

Ard he wnmied in his love a< the su'in yenrt no. 
Then embMced !ier agivin, and sweet mfjthcr enjlh 

Was .1 laoLhcr indeed, And her cluld was ataa. 

The sun is the sire, the mother is earth ! 

VVhac more do yoa know ? what more do I need ? 
The one he l>cgQt, and die other gi^c birth, 

And I love them loth, and I laiigl^ :ti yovtr creed. 

And who shall pronounce that the child of tire sua 
With his u-arm rich wor»?iip was utterly ti"mt^. 
In the tii' new yens when die jtU^ kept song ? . . . 

But jiid^G, and be judged ■ . . eondcnn And have doo^- 

Lo I Isles or the Incas ! Amaiton Isles 
The 4un he has loved yoti, cloUied and cromied. 
And loucheil you tenderly, prt you round 

WiiJi a aunacl wave ^n a *u.\0\ *A saoitt. 

/sl€s of the Ar/iazciis. 

Islc6 of ft wave ill ail ucc^ia cf wood ! 

Q white waves lost in the wilds E love ! 

Let the red suire rest on your breast tsom above. 
And ;itig CO the sun, far his love it i« good- 

He has made you his heirs, he has given yoii gold. 
And wrought for you gnrmcnLi of limitleitR gfeeti, 
With beautiTut bars Of the iicarlcl Liciwceu, 

And of lUver i^eotns frettiDg ymi fold on fold. 



He h^ kbsi^d and c^irES^d you, lovnl you tnie, 
Yei. toved u a god lovc», loved a^ 1 
Shall learn to love when the sttrs shall lie 

Like blooms at my feel in a field of blue. 

Ii !s iwifi^ ii is ttnect when l>t>ro «f a kf**, 
And who siiall marvel, and who alull dlidc 
That the sun-loved chiLdrcn nhould turn aside 

To the to<vc of the sun for a love like this ? 

And who shnll say thut iticy were not niM 
In iJteir greac warm FAith? Thne inswcn ns nought 

The quick fool fiuestions; but ft ho rqjlics? 
The ^\i5C man hesitates hushed in thought 

O heavea*, the eloquent song of the silence ! 
Asastep by tlicxUTi nci Uie vines and Lhe KMJ; 

And asleep in the aim lay ihc green girdled idonda, 
4\^ tccltcd to thesT rest in U^c cndle ot 0<^ 

c ^ » 

364 The Gatfleman's Magasinf^ 

God's poet \% Siknce \ His ^ong is itnspokrra, 
And yet so proftJUiid, and so loud, and so Cir, 

That it thrilli you and fiib you tn measures unbrokcD, 
And bright, and :u; light, ajid fu; far it« a star, 

Thp shallow sca4 niu^n. As a rlilld (hey have muttered 
And mourned, and hive fretted and wept nt their wiLlf 
But the poem of God is Eoo grand 10 be ottered : 

The dreatlful dcc-p smx they Jire IcmdesI when stiJL 

" I eholl die/ he said, "by the iicid, deep river. 

By the King of Rjvers Aiid the Mother of 3ea£, 
Far, au All from niy Ouadak|uivii, 
Near, so near to the dark Andes, 

" Let rae stng one song by the giund old Hver, 

And die \** :tTid he reached and he brake hUa a lecU 

i'rom the rim of the river, where they lift and quiver; 
And he trimmed it and fashioned it well to his need. 

^\lih his treadieroLLs blad^ in the sweep of the trees. 
As he stood widi his head bent law on his breast. 

With the vines in his luJr and the wave to his Icnces, 
And bowed like to one who would die to rc«, 

" 1 shaJl fold my hnnds, for this is the river 
Of death," he said, "and the sea-green Islc 

Is an Eden set by lite gTacLi;iL)» G\^cx 
Wherein to rcat.'* He listed the wh^Ie, 

Then lifted his head, then lifted a hand 

Arclied over his brow, and leaned und listened — 

*Twas only the bird on the border of sand. 
/"/»€■ darfc stream eddied, and ^\earatd, mv4 %Us^cnod. 

fsla of ike Amazatts. 

rA* stately atid fttUl as ihc nurcTi of a. inoon» 
And the mnrtial notes oi tlic Itlc- wcr& ^n* — 
Gone as a idre^mi dies out with ibc d^wn, 
And so:ic a« f«r aj the nighl ftom the QOi^n. 

'Trras only a bird <>i\ x rt^h cf aand. 

Slow pi|)mg, aiLd diving it bcic Jind (Ikk^ 
Crcy and shadowing, li^ht aia air. 

That di|]ped below from a [xrint of land* 

And die flaslniig swords the/ bitnk In the air 
When the notes were K^ie, And M, aaddcr nov 
He iwept hi« hand to hi« bended brow 

And crossed his breau m a plaintivF prayer. 




" Unto Cod a prayer und to love x tear, 

And I die." he *aid. "in a desert here 

So deep tliAi never 2 noie \i heard 

lint d^e liitlns itong of thai stxiUei!!* biid." 

He moved 10 the burthen of blo§>om3 Iherca 
And iitiood in Ehe r^-whice swceu to his knec^ 

The pink and the purple that lillcd the air 
With fragrstnce awed o^ a brccxe of bees. 

.Vi^d he ctuslied the bloom« to the sod untrod — 
The matclc«K roan, in sin linden fair 
A« the on« of old, in hijf fierce despir, 

And hidden from man by the hand of God— 

And hidden and hung by the vines and mo^^c^i, 
And thadowed about by tttc dark Andes, 
And ciin;jined jiItouj by ihc Hndrn trees, 

WcU %vxjvcs,tid mwovc \n dclicatt^ croMts-. 

Th€ GatikiH&ns Magasine. 

The great trees Ib^ineil in tlitfir luvcs unto irees. 
Were locked m ihcir loves nnd ao made ttrong. 

Stronger liun armies, aye, stronger thuQ seas 
That rush from their cave? a storm of sod^ 

"A miser of old tus iast great ireasore 

Flung far in the sea, and he fell and he died ; 
And so shaU 1 give, O icirible tide, 

To you my song and my iaa: sod measure." 

He blew on hi^ r^ed by the still, sitting river, 

Blew low At fu^E, like & dove, then long* 
Then loud, then loud as the keys that quiver, 

And fret, and loss with thor freight of song. 

And he sang and he sssg with a resolute wilt. 
Till the ftiGtiG tested above on his hanchcs, 

And hcid his head to tlie side and was still, 
Till a bird flew out o^ the right of branches, 

And aSit on a reed^ and with delicaie skill 
Sang sadder thnn lovc^ so sivccter than sad, 

'J'itl the boughs did burden and the reeds <lid lill 
With bertutifnl birds, and the boy was glad. 

Our loves ihcy arc told by the mynad eyed stars, 
And yet love ii is well in a reasonalile way. 
And fame it is f^r in its way for a day» 

Born dvisty from booka nnd bloody from wan j 

And death I say is a delicate need, 

And a catnn delight ^t\A the darltngest good, 
But a sang that is blown from a watery reed 
B/ a soundless ileqi troin a\>^J^iM\t»'«<rtA^ 

I sits of llu Amazofts, 

W|[b never an cAf to bear or lo pri^c 
but Cod and the bLr<ia and the hairy wild bcasu. 
Is swifter tJian Io^lt^ than f^inc, or ihon feasEa, 

Or anything ctsc t]i»l is under the skies. 

The quick leaves quivered as to dance with desire. 
As the boy saiig sweet, and the bfnls said ''Swcel;** 
And the dgcr crept dose and lay low at his feet, 

And he «heaih«d his clan's and his eyes of Arc. 

The serj^cnt that hung frum the sycamore bough, 
And svraycd hi» liead in a crescent abovc^ 

Hod folded his neck to the white Umb now, 
And fondled it cloae like a great bUck love. 

Bui the sweet bird* eclioed no more, "O iweet," 
And the tiger arose and unsheathed hi» cbws. 
And the serpent extended lib iron jaws, 

When the reed all shii'ered fell down at hia feet. 


A tplash in the tide, md he turned and he cried, 

" Oh, give God ihanks, for they come [ they come ! " 
'i'hcn clomped his hund&t ^tnd hia Itpa were dumb 

Aft he looked out fdx on the opilinc tide 

In a twceping crescent of sudden cnrtoes 
A» Hght as the sun, and as swift and soon 
And true and ^ Mill as a «weel half moon 

That leans from the heaveiu, and loves and woos^ 

The .Vnu£onit came in their martial pridCi 
As full on the river as 31 studding of stars, 
All gkried in Armour as girded in v;ai^, 

Aad in ^Moiy furroira dividing the Udc 

The GentUmans Magazine. 

Mith a £icc as brown so, the boatmcn'a arc, 
Or ilic l^nivi!^ brown IvilkI of a b^iTveater; 
And giidlcd iJi goldr and crowned in haji, 
In o sionn of night all studded with lurc 

Rich 5t?ir& thnt freilfd ihe %\m ai noon, 
'rtic Queca qci a prou' ^lood s|4cnd]d and uJI* 
As the pcttiknc waters would hft and fnll 
Add leal ind Uibbic fl wntefy nint : 

Stood forih for ihf sung. h;Lirkam;d io ^uipnic. 

5U>od fhir to behold, and yet grand to behold. 

And severe in lier fare -nnd ^ntiirninc soulcd. 
Vet sad and aiibdiicd ic her eloquent cjo. 

And nad were they ail, yet toll ^uid serene 
Ofprtscncc, but silcntj .ind htowd licvcrc 

A?> £jL souic tlibgft lo^t, (fr for some fair gretin 
And beautiful place to ihc memory dear* 

That ihcy mi(;lu not mention nor no more recall 
In ttowdt, apart, in xett or in )«!» 
In lliLiu^hL or \\\ ini:i^tr, In rLst ur unreal. 

But with pain lo ^k oiK and a peril to Ml. 

*' O mother of God ! Tlu-icc mere iful siint ! 

1 am saved ! " hu said, and he wcpl outright ; 

Aye, wcpl m even n woman mighi. 
For the xouL wax full oiid the hnrt was EoiiiL 

" Stay J Ktny I " cried the Queen, and she l«ii)t to the land 
And confruiitcd the beasts till tliey lied &oia her locc. 
'llicn hirned to her braves as she atood in Ikt pbf^ 

And bade them approach u-irh th« beck of h«T band — 

/stCJi of ih€ AfiiazQJts* 369 

" A i^ttman ! A woro^in ! fie, level your spun ! 
Nor mar now xt this nor mon»tcr of prey, 
Hut ,1 »i«tcT iliiU «eck« us AnJ lost of her wajr ; 

A worodD I A womaa ! wc know tiy the Icare." 

I'hcn tender :md true :i* the touch of a womfto, 

The/ li/ted him tip front il^c euih a>i hf* fifll, 

And intc the boat, with a, h.ilf-hiddcn ?iwcH 
Of the heart, thni wlw holy and humaiiJy huni;ui. 

They hoic huii and laiil him rnoM tendL-rly then.' ; 
;\Qd th^ pillowc-d hia head ns only the hartd 
or a woman can pillow, nnd pushed from the land, 

Ab the (juttn ahc sit ihreadling tht- goltl of his h.iif. 

"rhen away wkh the wjtve, and away to Uie Ittlet, 

In \ song of the oara of the crcKcnt ficct, 
Thut timcct toj^eihcr 111 musical wiles. 

And a buhUk of melodies swifl and sweet 

A)i «lrong as a love, and as swift at a dove 

Wtieu ihc ]oi«a uf licr Utile une^ ha^teo her Ttome, 
They awcpt to the Ulei Ihrouj^h the funoWK of foun. 

They alii on tho Lmd as \\ blo^^n from above. 

And betow the banana, wiih leaf like a tent. 
They terdeily l;vid him, ihty badr him tike i*«; 
They biouglii \\\x\\ siriingc fi^hc^ and fruit.'s of ihc be»l. 

And he ate and took reit udb a |jatient conie&L 

'J'hcy witched with him well-he arose up alrong, 

Aad he «tood tit their midst^ and chcy caidT *^ How lair \ " 
And tijey n^hi, " Hitvi tall J " And they toyed with his hah. 

.\nd dicy lovichcd of hi:^ limb*, .ind ihcy iM, ^* How long! 

ijo The Geniiimans Magashu^ 

*' And how strong chcy a«, rtnd how travc she is. 
Thai sZie made ber way throu^jh the wtLee of tn^ii, 
ThAi she brji^c^d his vi'ralh^ lliat &1ie bcolte ihc 1>ail 

Of his dcaotatc life for the blisses cftlib I" 

And they wov^ for him garmenis of delicaie pbn, 
Bui he pui ihcui away vritEi a feeling of ^liamc 
Thai llie sexes were rot— man, womiHi— the s«n?, 

The man as a woman and Ihc maid as a man. 

And thry wioughc fat him armour of cunning attire. 
And they brought him A sword and a great shell shield, 
And implored him to shiver \\\t Unce on the field 

Wlicfe they folluwed their Queen m her beAUtiful ire> 

For ever in battle the browa Queen led. 
With her cry for freedom and her wave-washed land. 

Until far and wid? was her great &une spread. 
And ihe terror of man upon every hand, 

With a Gensc of shame and a singalu- pride. 
And a sharp reproach and a qoick distres* 
Al the sight or thought of the scxie&s drrbS, 

He pursed his brow a^ he pushed them aside. 

Then he took him apjirt, and the Ama£on» came 
And entreated or him with tlieir eloquent eyes 

And their ciEriiest and p^sionftle smih of flame, 
And the soft, swe^t words that arL^ broken of sighs; 

To be one of thcJr own, but he still denied 

And be ^varred with htmselfr and liis chivalrous heart 
Arose and rebelled al Uie duplicate pari. 
And bowed and abwibcii Vc ^icAt ^Mii\w oaA^ 

IsUs of the Amazons, 

And he stood by the palms and he leased in unres^ 
Then he stood out alone, and he looked out aiar, 

For his own fair land where the castles are. 
With irresolute arms on a restless breast. 

He relived his loves, he recalled his wars. 
He gazed and he gazed like a soul distressed, 
Or a far sweet star that is lost in the west, 

Till the day was broken to a dust of stai^ 



Pkksident Making in America. 

MOXGST the mvinonbk inciJcnis ia iht hiaiory of ibe 
RtiiUh P:ir!Jd(n(riiL« the laat ujipfrarantr of the Ettrl of 
Ch^lliam is pcT\iH]f\ the grunJcst, the moSi 6nauinc, 
and llie mobx pnllictLc. I'hc tllLLstrious sutL-^ouiit 
totUTJng nniJ visibly dcath-£trickcn, wai» led into the Houu; otLotili^ 
anri was Tr^ptri fully, ;ilnK«t a-vcti-nily, fm-ivf-il by ihe jsbcriubkd 
pccrt. lie who»c t'brion voice hod thrilled mid inspired tlic liken- 
ing Senate, 4Uid whobc Uiming ivordb had quickcQcd and MisiaJncd 
,lhe naiion-il hope iind faith of the people in the day of rtTretneti 
^pcril, h:irt, TTTgafHUt-i nl" warning aiid pnircflry^ rivn from a atk 
bed to proicfhi with hii dying bix-ilh ng^uni^i thi; di^incTnl^ctrocnl ol 
the i^mpirv in which he gloried, aiid which he ioxed with an un- 
iBpcaksblc afrcction, The Duke of Kichmond ^rotiv and disctijirgcd 
a more [haiiifti! diiij than w-is ever before or h,xs ever tinci- been im- 
posed U|>oii:l[i l-![[i^lish ^t'lilkman. Heinvvedan uddrc^ato ihcCiown 
in favour of coix':ludinK a peace nith the rcvolic-d colonics, UTii^-mhc 
Duke iai down the Enrl of Chaih^n^ »Hpokc Amids^t a dread, impn»- 
sive \il<;ncc"- Hi* spcceh was halting, and (inly now and then wa* 
there a iliL^K and a tunc thai trmiiided hin hcareia of thu^e witliunt* 
.od* clof]Licn(X' that had shaken thronca abrond and quelled the ffoni 
of rebeUioEi at home. Vet with vuch strength a» waa Icit to hitn h« 
oppoied (he mo(mT» before the House, With beAliing grntlcncH 
and Loutteiy the Duke of RKlirnond replini Tlicn for (he Luc time 
WiShain I'iu, Karl of Chathmn, msc to speak. Again there wa5 the 
drend, opjirtritivc Silence. But instead of f:peaktng, Chatham presu>d 
his hnnd an hiv hi'an^ jintl ^tnk i;eTi^cles« inio the jniw ofbiii ftie^^ 

The great ntaievirtan tia* been blamed for o^ijiosing the conrf 

of peace with the I'nitcd Sbiteii. ILuing more once decUral 

lliftl Wf^ e<JUkl not comiucr America, why did he plead for the 

limiaiion of ihe war? Sonie assert that hi* mild had become 

enfeebled; ami ulTier^ that he would uoL iiiuke |}cui.e 'nith AiQClxai 

bcciiLine it would be a triumijb for Franco. Uui when he procUiBwd 

I ihaC we coukl not corf|uer the men of ICnglish blood who were 

I fiyliliTi^ fitr!ibi?rty, did he hold thnt the indr|)rndenre of the colonics 

I WiJLS the ojtiy way of i^Mcling thif xln;^i;h;? Aud if he did, still when 

f lAc hour was at hand for ibc confcsaion of defeat he iiii^ht wtl 

I sbfiak iTom ihi: act of nationtdl\^iWA^:j.\\oft,«^tpaAicftvkU*fde£paif^ 


Presfdffii AFtiktng in AmerkcL 

prefer for awhilo to wage :l liopelesi wurrnre. I.op|>ing off a liint* 
ia ai) CA»y Ai\t\. Mir^Lu-tlly x^ji^dkin^. a ^ff ojit-i'jiilioii. Tlir lo^fi of 
« limb doc^ noi inicrtctc wiili ihc v\vi\ fimtfiorj* of the body, yti ihc 
pitUcni rcccili: frnm the nmputntion of arm or Irg. and Ritlfen :t 
nervOLtit ihoct, and is iftlictt-d with x nervous: dt-pre^iion often Citfll. 
So vvUh ;[ ii:jlio]i. Thv luaa of outlying lerritury may not h^ injurious, 
yet HO Hatioiiiil cAlamily b fell SO bltlcrty -ind so luliri|;ty &s dis- 
in<nib«Tmcrit> When, in 1856, Ihc news reached us of the muEiny in 
Indu, and when those who hile lis glonrcd over ih<j jiTOsjicri of Eng- 
land losing htr Kasicm EmpirCj men ofull uptmonsind afull tondi* 
liors rvsolvcd Ihat at least vfc would pour forth our tfca^urc and mir 
blood wtiliout stint to dcknd or to restore our ina^nilicL-nt dominion. 
The lo*s of the ihincen colonic? mtiKI have appeared a still greater 
dUtnity to our oncc&Ior^ The men y,'\\o hj.d renounced piitit teal 
anion with l^nglond Avere fvngUKhmcn, 1'he <:o[onic3 of Amciif^i 
were our pride ind our boasL They were not onlya souict of wealth, 
but they rcndcTL*d die ficeplre of England supreme In the Ne*' World. 
VVlieit the United 8liile* Ijecime an Indepfiident Power. l)ie loss 
Mcmcd irrepjLrablc; for wc bad not tlicQ won a vast Empire in the 
EflSlj and the ftfih ^luartcr of die woild, the Auntmlias, war, not then 
an object of liope And amhition, Yei^ the victory of America 
was X terrible blow, sufficient to break the stout heart of Ch:ilhani. 

But the ctucial tn:il was bravely borne by cur Cilhers. 'l"Uc King 
did not seek 10 hide the mn^iiude of the misfortiire- Jn rif^ht 
kingly wordft he fia^td Itut the brighterit jewel had been phiclicd frxj^ 
hi« crown. George HI. has been sneered .ir becinse lie cotild not 
Gvgct what hftd happened, and uiJuLd not allow a liglilnvng con-- 
doctor to be affijied to his paliici: because it was the invention of an 
Am^rkAn — of an Amtrican who had been a trader in the eonlcsi 
agkinst the mntlier country. 3it<:h stolid, implarjilile ^nger ;ih this \% 
noi ignoble. The King i^rcfcrTcd to brave the risk of the lightning 
rather than to owe his sdKiy to the devices of * man who had rebelled 
against his sovereignty, and who, with his colleagues, had bereft 
Eagland of her fairest possessions beyond the acas. The attitude of 
tbc people wu also gallant and noble. The^ did not rise against 
their King or overthrow the Constitution, Though they were not con- 
soled by a provision of the uasnrpasjed Imperial gri^atncss that w** 
adikved m ihc next h^ilf century. A people dial has the strength 
«Ad the vinuc 10 be thus temperate and heroic in the ddy of ailamiCy 
will be vidoriotis in the days to come, 

Whdtt we bore otir defeat with manty forut?nl<s, \>ic Mriedoiavi 
made s wise aird wcnhy nsc of their tTium\:hh, TVc sV&iWIwr '**i 



The Gentleman s Magasins. 

difficult and even perilous. The colonists had not gone to war ibr 
idea. They had ooly follo^v«tJ iFie example of ihcir roro^thtts, wh. 
ratlier ihan i:my taxes not sanctioned by their elct'Ted reprcucntaiive^ 
1111 furlrd the l1ag of rebellion :imlUiL.ik LhellA: of their kiu^ The warv^ 
not an anii-monaTchicil war. The men of Virginia, who were devoted 
loytiJists, ood whose ancestors had been the firtt to rejoice in the 

CResioratioii of the SULarte, and the men of Massachusetts, die children 
of the Pilgrim FifcllittSf ;»rM] who likwJ no incnaichy sate the chime- 
rical Fifth Monarchy, were united in the defence of the principle 
tlmt no tax^ition ^ lawful in b, free community uniesei it b decreed bf 
tliu btt-Tuily elected represeiitttives of the taxpayers. No doubt a* 
the war «riil vn oilier seEiliinenta were begcttrn- Tlic bIood»bed 
'CnxcBdcred a haired of the mother country, and when vc stignuuMd 
the cokmi£t£ ^^ rebels it n-^is natural that they should denouaoe 
monarcliy. But ibt war being over, it becnrae neeeswry for theteufen 
to cuiisliuci a Kj-:iUiu uf i^ovenunent that wtJuld be acceptable bolli to 
tlic Pariiann of New England find to the Episcopalinna of VitpnkL 
h J£ impOii^iUEe ncit to admire their patriotic dirxretion and their 
exeeeding modmtion. Save in the preamble, the CoitEtiluiion ifcej" 
;i^Teed upon wjs not tainted by the cvajuple and le^uJiing of rrralu- 
lioniif)- France. They did not dciwrt from the English Conatitm>on 
more llian wa'i needful, and the Consiitutioii of ihe Unittd SUtci ba 
enpycf onts ada]Jted to .1 federation of States, save that the Senateif 
not u chamber of hcrcdit^uy legi.stakrrs, aiLd that the Chief Ma^pstzaie 
ia iioi an hereditary monarcli. hut a President elected for a term. 

Public writers toughty sei forlh ihraj torts of ^'OVkTrnment — 

T>es{Tutifiin, ConHlituiJoral Monarchy^ and Rt^pubtieaaitTD* If 

ciuancipate our minds froni the bondage of nord^ we perceive 

th^e we in effect only xwo kinds of govcrmnenl ; the one being 

govetnment legally inde|xrndent of piibbc opinion, and the other 

government whit;h represL-iits and 15 dependent on the will of the 

people. Tl»crc haie been despotic repubUcan govrmnrteiui, iind 

Iheru hfLvc been fii;e monarchical governments. Now, IhjiJi in 

England and in America the wili cl the people is supreme \ and our 

GovemmenE would he c^ed a RepuWie if the Chief ?hl^£traej 

vcre a periodie^ly el^tive ofHcc. aod the Uullul Sutea GovennacBt 

would be clashed as monarchical if the Chief Ma^tiacy were an 

hereditary office entailed to a pi-irticular family* If the AnicricaM 

I hod been al>Ie, d:ere Ia Kcile doubt that in the msttlcr of the Ch*tf 

I M^iainicy they would hivc follerHcd die ca^irnplc of the bit F.n(&h 

r TcvoUxUon ; and ivhiUl discarding the Kin^ of England, would hue 

L -idopied ihe hereditary phud^tk. ^^x u. "nu \^:v«^^w3^lc ; 



PrtMtnt Making in Amtrictu 375 

you cannot have m herediUry niler without you have an herc^itaty 
clAK!i— *thnc ii^ a ficcn^f ; ^m<l 1 pvcr^c x*, nn iniidniiioa of slow 
jfrowth, and connut be cicaicd ty :t brcalli or be tnaturcil in a ||giiC' 
tntiori or a century. So Ihc Aniciic-in^ were compdicti lo h-ivc an 
elected PwsiderU, and no ]xin of the Cons linition gave the framcrr- 
thetcof ^«rh trrmhlc ;iji the ('iiicf Afajp^imi ry. 

tn llie ConittLtutional Ccnventioc ((/-S;) ^f^ H^Linilloix witu was 
w favour of a Preaidont iuid aenatora holding their places f<x life, 
(aid that "the briiish Covcrnmrni wis the best in the world ; oad 
h« <U»ubt<'d mttrh wbrthcr anything jJinri of fl would do in America. 

The Oritish House of Lc>rdx » a most noble insiiiuiaui 

Let the K:iecittive be for life. On the plan of aj>poiniiiig Uim for 
•even y<arK he would be :iinbiuous, with the mcanft of making 
cre.imres; and as the objert of his ambJiion would be to ]>ro1ong 
bb jiuwL-i, It Is probabk that ia cue of a war he vnulct 
avail hiuiacU of the emergoicy to evade or refuse a dc^radaiioa from 
b.v£ ofiicv. An Executive for life hat not this motive lor forleiting 
hi« fidelity, and would ilierdbre be li sufer defKinUory of power." In 
all^c tempemte tnanuer llic i^ueitJon of the rre^idenr.y was diaciisijed 
1fi\ >eveial da>'3i for when it had been a|;rccd that the President 
ihould hold office for a fixed temi^ then thefe was a eonllicc of 
f>|nTiion as 10 ihe mndc of clwtin^ the Chitf of ?he ExetTrtivc. One 
party prDjwsed tliat We sliould bcdioicn by the National Ltgislainrc, 
ami ojioOiur pirtj' that he should be elected by the dirci:t vote of the 
people^ Mr. Sheimaa. of Connecticut, thou^'ht that the sense of the 
pcopk- would be btitcr expressed by ihe Legi*lniuro than by the 
people, 1>f<cau^r llie ialter would never be Hillkieucly inrormed of the 
Gharai:lcr of the candidate- Mr, Shcrnian \fis aupijotted by Mr 
IHckDcy. of South Carolina, and by Colonel Mason of Virginia- 
Mr, GouvemeLtr Morris and othert considered that ih« President 
otigbt lu be tlie elect uf iIlc (icople, aa he wnuld oThGrwisp be the 
mere creature of the L^Aliture. Finally a onnproinise [jIaii w^ 
adopted which acema thcorctirivlly perfect- 

ITie President wtik 10 hold ofiicc for four yean, and he was lo be 
chosen 1iy A Kp:?ri-Ll Elwitonl College. "Eaeh State ihall appoint, 
in »ucb manner as the f^cgiiibturc thereof m^y direci, a number 01 
clenton equal to the whole niiniber cJ senators and rcprcscntatirea 
to wluch the Stale may lie entitled in CongTMs." If the iUcclctal 
College does not ^\\'^ the needful tnajoriiy for one penon, then the 
decision b left to the flouao of Reprc^cnlaiivcs. who, "from the 
penOQA ha^"mg the highest number, not exceqd«v^\t\TCC^**ii'Crvc\"tf^ 
of Iho** voted for af Presideoi shall vote the PicMdtiA ^y; X»ii«ft-,"^»^ 



I a(U^ :i»: 

Th€ Ccrtiiemarts Afcifoctn^ 

ia Lhoonnjf ihc Pmidcnt the vote U to be iAkcn by Stales, the rc[iu 
acriiativc from each Slat« h^vin^ one vote." Tl^c hat proviAton i» 
noEcwcrthy as ;lii t^viUcncc tliat iri mAUers r«denil the Con»tiCtitioTu1 
Assembly fTc':iltt! llii- Std(LS a* rij*i,il 'lOVcreign Suit'K, itrL*vj*eetiti? 
of Blue or population, I may here rcii><xrk that in all iht Suiic» 
except Sauth Carolina the I'rrstdcnlLil clecCon have been cbo^cn 
by the popular vo(e. In South Coroiioa ihc PreRidcniial clcctOK 
were chosen hy thv Slate Legishlure. Krom a careful vtiidj-or 
Ms* MadiBon'i rc]30rt5 oC the Comiiluiional Convention, of the h 
Fa^^m/ijlt Jind other records of the period, T hold ihai Sijuih Carolina ^| 
viokicd tht spciit if nut the letter of ihc Coniitiiulioit Thua, 
a.mi3loii, wriiing in the Fnltntiht^ My», "li wns duirablc 
c of the pcQph: should operate ia the UtcIcc of a pcraoR lO' 

otn ao >fnport:^n1 a ini^t ^n ihc Presidency w&» 10 be confided. 
This cad will W an^n-cred by committing the right of workii^g \\, not 
10 any prt>csi;rhlished luidy, btit to men eliosen by ihe people for rhe^ 
special purpose and at the particular juncture.*' The wording of the 
Consiimiion does not wy iliat the Stitc Lo^isbiurc shall appoint the 
elector^ but th;tt the State — that t«, the people of the Slate — ahotil 
appoint in a manner to bedireried hy the 7 .pgislamre. 

It is ncc^t^ATy 10 pj^is this ob»e;vdilon uixiii thccxccptioDal action 
of South t'orolma, in order to appreciate the object of the Consti- 
tutional Conventton. The people were ]>riniarily though not 
direeily to choose the President, and inasmuch as ihe repretentation 
of ibc Staler ID llie House of R^preseniati^es depemled iiptjnpupU' 
lation, aUhoiigh ihe people voted by States, yet the total popular vote 
would indirectly tell upon the resulL The provision giving power to^ 
the l^isLiliire to prescrilK" the modes in u-hich the Preridential' 
electors were to be elected did tiot in efleuC intedetc willi die rijilil 
of the people. If llie mode adopted by ihc Legislature ww 
unpopul^ir the people could elect a LegisLiturc that woitld prtscril>e 
the mode they dt'sired- 

iJuL liLnv could tlic pi:Qple, dispersed over ^iich a uide area, a^icC 
upon the choice of a Pre&ideul ? As Colond Mason said in the Con- 
stitutiooal Convenlioo : "The ej£tent of the country render) il 
impossible that the jienple can have the reipiisiie rapariiy (n judge 
the respective prcleosions of the candidiilcs-" llicreforc the Coi^- 
^dtntional Convention devised the theorctieallydeverpldnof an Kit 
toral College, The people of every State were to choose truicworthy* 
men for Vrcsidi'-ntial elector*, iind the repre*entalive» of the levenl 
A't^fci were 10 meet and to <..]iuuie the f*re»ideui. If ihia ny^temj 
^vorJLed at all, it could hardly i;\\\ \o *mV 'nc'Ou. TVt ^ii\Jft ^oul 

PrtsidcfU Afaktng in America. 


elect n»en in whom thty had conf d^nce, %xA the mo&t irusUiJ men of 
the RocrAl Suics woEild d.ftcr d\jc dditifiJitioii dccx ihf Prcsidtfiit. 
Unforturuttd}% from ihc outset the FiccioraJ CoUcirc has been no 
more Ihao l court for the record of the choice of n lYcsidcnt Th« 
Enumt of the fh<mcr«of the Co(i*iiiuticjn, and the Constiiution iisd^ 
luvi: Ikcii iitlcil^ cunlcJiiiicd and >ct axidc. 

Ucforc ftlnncing &t the aciu*l tiiodc of cIccUQg a Prwidcnt. it wUl be 
well to otMcrve ihnt for a lon^ period— fiom the election of Guoifpa 
Wafthingion in (7aStmtil the deciion of 1824, when the Elpciorai 
CoUtrge net luiving givi^n a nuijoniy fur a cindidati^ die Hmis*^ of 
Rcprt4cnlAtivcs elected Jolin Quincy Adorns — the contests were com- 
pwtivcL}- unimpoitinE, .ind 'x\ vaa of little pmetieal cotiBcquencc that 
the Electoral College disch^ir^ed n mere dcfegDte, not tJ> say j> mere 
cJcrkI/ function, JuttEMd of tfic iTii[K>r:dnt and responsible ftiTicilon 
which wa5 ^uugncd to it b> the Ccniililution, Wnshinglon was rrc«i- 
deTit for two tcrcnc: without opj^ouiion in the iCIectorol College. 'l~homu 
J«ffer«on> jAm«H M^idiaor, and J.iine« Monroe each held the high 
office for eight yi-;u^. Jt^hn Adanjs, wTio sticteeded Wa^hlii^ttjn, wa» 
dcfeAtcd OQ bia cindidhture for \ second Lenu of office by tlie 
SoiJthcm vote being cast for his rival JelTcrson, 'i^i« was il^c election 
of f 800, and in the Electoral College Jefferson had seventy -tJtrce votes, 
of which twenty wptp Northern and fifty-three Southern votes. Adams 
hAi] ixixy-iu^ votc% ;md of thcni: fifly-lhrcc wctc Norihcni jnd iwche 
Soathirm votes, iiui the Southern vctc was not c^ist for JcFK:rson, on 
account of sffction-^l diHerciireR which did no! come into flay until 
a much lairr period In li^oo the Dcmocraiic Jiarty, which was of 
SouEhern inception mid devch>pinenE, took the Icid, and hdd il 
vithout JA inten^al until 1640, wh4:n Van ilurcn woi defeated by 

Americvn President! are elected by a bodyof which no mention Is 
tnuUe in the Cc^nbtiluliijn, ^tid whiuh wj/t uikknuun and uridiou^ht oT 
by the frAmcrs of the Consiilulion- The Trcsidents ore ihc choice of 
puiy Conventions, caUed Nationnl tronvcnlions, and lhe*c Conven- 
tions ire the delegates of the rannaijert, or wire-jiuIIerK, of the 
ieb|«xliire |iuttie;i. 

The work of die election bc|;jna about oighkcn months before the 
time vhcn tJ^e people arc v> elect the Electoral College. No 
cmdtdatet are put forward, but \\>s man^er^ of the revpeetive parde« 
jirqiore for vhai they arr? ple.tJicd iti call the National C^^nvenlions 
Ute bbour is very great, and the org;uiiaatton \% wonderfully perfect. 
In every eiectonit diMrict of every Suite liaU have \o \% i^x«;^w«& cfc 
men irf>0 "aw so\m<l on t/ic goose ' — that ift» m^a •ff'c^ '*i^'^ ^ 

378 The GcnficffiaHS AlagaziPU^ 

tlic bidding of the managers of the party. In the Fcbniaiy or M«/cli 
preceding the Xcvcmbcr clectto^i of Ihe Electoral CoJc^c the pcopU 
arc^invil«d by a'lvcrtiseini-nc lo meet ii their circicral districti to cboo«e 
fkl^'giiivs for i!ir StAti; CoiivcmioD. Ac thfrse disirki meciuij^ the 
picpared \i&\& aic piU forwjLrdt OAd arc aa A nutter of couiK roted- 
Now tlicsc informed election:^ rio not attmct much allcntion. though 
ihcy arc in fact, so far as tJic pojnilaf vote ii concerned, ihe mo^l 
irnporlnnt- These eleclonl districi <l(rleg:tte*, v'hi> :ire thu* choacn 
vritliout any coHViss, and gcucrjlly wkhotit any ullicr TOtit;g thui a 
nhov of li-'kii(is, n^ct in a Sutc ConvcnCJoo, and fiom thcmadvn Ihcj 
fidcci ddi^tci for the N.UtonsI C-onvcniion, I'hc rival NatJonaJ 
ConvL-ntiuni incci. ojid each one noniiniUcs :i <mndid:iie- Nov, ^^ 
it observed tlut ihe^e nomin^itionK arc made about four raonthjH 
before the people are ciillcJ upon to choose ihc Electoral Concfe^ 
yet tJtc PTcsidentlal election ja so Ur Actiled tl'uit one or other of 
the nominees will be drricd President Until November ii irill MM 
be known whether A or B vill be elected, but tt is known ihjit cilhct 
OIK- or the other will be eUcted. It is only a question of porty 
fiCrtngth, partj' tliacipline, and parly or^anisationn Jn Novejnbcr, 
inqie^d of rhoo*jing I'rirsi den rial eleciors, the people will elect one W 
tJie oiher of ihc cundld-^tes nomiixaicd by the riv^l Coavc[iiJt/n^« Aod 
when the Electoral College is elcrcied^ the President ii ciceicd. Tlic 
mceCinjf of the l^lector;iI College i& a farce, a senseltfu fomulitf. 
The Electoral College does not meet to deliberate, but only to vote 
for A or for Bh cath member bctKtg sent to the Colle^^ to vole lor J^H 
or B, The Ele^.tc-ral College ha^ no moie to do with the cbolcc«(S 
President llion hnve the Eelegniph wires which carry the ncw£ of Uw 
November elcriinns. 

It i% woTili M'hik to dnxU for a moment on this singuhr vloluim 
oftonsiitutitjnfil law by a Uw-abidrng people. I'hat the fuhert of the 
Kepublie intended the Electoral Lolkge to be a represenlaiive ocod 
delibcradx'c botly U beyonfl doubt, for otherwise tlie EteetonJ 
Collq^c would bc^ ittcleri^ Boidctr. we hjivc evidence llut itv 
fromcrs of the CoiiAliiuiion did not intend that the I'rcaideDt »ho«U 
be ei(?cted by a direct popular vote. When it ww proposed in the 
Consiitiuional Onnveniion thaT fhr President should be eleotd 
by tlic people, every Sijvic CM^pi PcnnsySvanin voi4-d agauM the 
motion. Further, die plm adopted of the Kverol $t«tca bm 
represented in the KlectoraS College ace-ordlng lo ^e ntimbeJ 
reprc^cnt.irives they are ftuitled to return to Cougrc^E cnat>tc« 
c^jfdrJal:; win: b^s a uuuoiivy t>{ tlif popuUr vote to ha\« a nuj 
ia the filcctoral CoUeijc. ^*vQ*cv\\<:ttTit:xii'i^^ttS\aX)tt,each 

President Mci:i-ng in America, 379 

leaving loa^ooo electors ^'j^ caLli one tbcicfuic L'tiutlcd to Ujc sAinc* 
numl>er of vout (^y ten) Iri elic Elcctoml CoUckrc. Suppose the 
result of the pcpulat election v,^^ u tblioAv^ :— 

^uUl r*!-"!* RlnbiBl KledDAl 

'^"' VotttmA, Vi««i«rH- VooforA. VdAbrH. 

X .„ 99iOOO ... 1,;wr> ... 10 ._ *— 

Y ,,. 49iO0O ,» 51-000 ,,, — „. 10 

V, ... 4g><W> .„ 5l,COO .„ -^ ... 10 

PopDlarVate ror A , .«.«».<., i^ 

Psptjilar Vni« for B .,....,, 

MjiJdtIi/ far A 94pOOD 

Yet B 1^'oiLld liave a iiifljoriiy in tlic College, and would Ijc 
dettrrl Pre'^idcriL BmJ I ntvd noi ]inl llic ca^e hyjHjrbcliLMtly. 
Mt, Liicoln w»i3 Or ininorily Vrcwdcnt, In llic Elcctunl UoUcge 
Mr. Ltnokln hod iSo vote:;, nhii^h wni> a iTLnjrtrily of the whole 
dectonl vote, in ihe North he had on the popular vote 1,831,180 
voles A^diiisl 1.^54.191 vote>. In ilic South \\\v majuriiy uguia%l hiin 
urdj t,277,C4(> votcSp Therefore on the popular vote Mr- Llacoln 
ven in a miiaority of 1,000,^60 votet- 

Tlie frnfrcTfi of the Conxtituibn did not intend the President to l>i; 
^lifrrtly elrrlrd liy ihr- popiihr viiic, but they dui inTrn*! thr 
I'rcndcnt should bt elected b>' the independent choice of iJic 
KlcctoigJ Cclkge, rcprtseniatWc* of the inajoriiiea in the Suica, Uiu 
Oiviug 10 the >iy«teni of \txtif Contentions .ini the- virctnl .^bro^llon 
t%i xhc J^lertoTfll Ccllege, the Prciitlcul is the noiTiim-c* of ihr p-irty 
m.-uiogen. Every foitnli yc^r the inillion-* vote for A or B, A and 
B are the nominees of the leaders of the contending pattief^ Ench 
party has hundreds, ^Lud indeed thousands of jigents, for every irait 
who iTAniA a pla<;e w an iu;iive agent ; but pfivttirjlly tlie numiiiiiiioit 
i* Kttlcd by leu thfin a score of ihc pArty chicf^. Titc Preiidcnt of 
the United States^ I ^y, 'x% not the elect of the people, b^ of the 
leaders of hii pjirly — of a diqu<? ofii doaen 01 iwttity men. Thf* h 
noE an eu^eratioii \ and rtcry inielligenl mid |i»trJoilc; American 
will vouch for the n'eid truth of the ft^icincTTl. 

Wc come xo the important quc^jtion as to the vorkinf; of the exhX- 
ing system of Prewdeniblde^^Uona. Auiincon*tituiionaltitatoin--lhat 
tt, a mutuin not fomwlly nijoined or sancEitjned by the letter of 
ihc Comtituiion — ia not of ncteasity an evil. The Government of 
England is a C'jibincL (iovcrnmcnt Now mir Conslilntion does not 
reoognificihe fxiiience of a Cabinet; yet it uould be impontihlcto 
mggrKt a Tjctter \i\^x\ for r-irryiiiK "Ji the piiblit Ini-^iness oC Vwi 
eovntry- I^C5 the practice of the rrc^ident \}^ti \Vlv: ^ce\ <A %i^ 
coiutiurfed psriy Conrentionn worfc T^H in Aiftcnes.^ ^^ *^» 


Ths Gsttilfmcm's Magastm, 

[mice t^^^^ 

viobtion of the Can^lituuon is nrly Kcnhy of notice OS A 
aistimcc of the impcrfi-cticn of pohiical Constinitioiu. 

llifi* men or America, in politict, tocial philotopliT', and 
iFgion, are El Avonderritlly riiviilrd peopTc ; but there a at least 
niAttcr in ropccl to which :bcic \i a i^cnurkablc un^nuuity. 
Soitih, Hast, and West, Republicans, Democmbf New Republican. 
the little rcmncmt of the ^Vh^p, the K;KliciiJ^, and all other putttt 
aj^m* fh:il ihff Preiittli^rLliul rLrcliun U an un mi Tinted eviL It It a 
aource of chronic poliiic*! agiiatioti ; it lowers iJic tone of pablk 
moRtla ; it fofrtcr» jobbery and pUce hDnting ; it ;s a hindmicc 
social advancement of the c^ommumty. 

The Pr«ii(lcnt of the Utiitcd St^itei has x limiied 
He hjiA DO tngrc political jiower th^n a Btitisli monotcli, Init he hu 
At his diapo&il an unprecedented patronage, ThoEi&uitbi of appoinl< 
mcnis Are in his gifc, and it has become n rale for ihc IVevideni IC^^h 
exercise his pjittonugr fcjr the benefit of his pflfty snpponm, and^ 
when a new President is InsUUcd oil tlie ofilcc^ uf the Cjovenv 
inent arc Itllcd with new men. So for as the actual dccto» of the 
president arc concerned — diat is, the leaders and wire pullers of 
pnrtips — it is a. fighi for p],ict and ^sy, The conte*.! i( conducted 
with an utter disr^-gard of dcconini or the iiilcmta of ihL- Republic. 
I'he prcsi tcenia niih fulsome eulogy and with xcandAloua aboK- 
No pndse is too extrmva^mt and no slander is too infamoits. At the 
day of flection trpproaclits iho ronntry is fonvulstd from cojkit to 
coa&U Tl^c LiAT-rooins £jc tliionged wilh alcolmlically excited 
patriots, Quarrcllmg and rioting arc prcvalcni. The darkness cf 
the evening is illumined by torchlight proceuionfl, nnd the V3£t 
commurity jippffiir* l[> l>c riniler the influence of a childish delirioa 

(t has been suid dial the best uicn of the counliy will not ceime 
forward as candidatcA, but thnt o-^ertion is not true. To be elected 
President, to be the (!hief MA^strate of the United States, to be Ihe 
equal of ihe kings of the earth, \s an object of nmbifioR to lh« bctf 
incil. Uut the eminent MAtesinan hnsnocli^^ceof election. Ilcivight 
Miccced if the election ^^-crc left to the EJcctoral College or k> ihc vote ; but the party managers ^■ari a tool, and not a leader, 
;ind su ilicy set nsitk Ihi? m^w of iioie and fitrength arid cSookc 
uakuowii luen. In 1S40 Mr. Clay was the leader of the Wbi^ and 
it HeCRicd possible that the VYhigf, vrouM carry the election «2aiMt 
the I><.*TnocT:iiic parly, w!nch was repretenJcd by Mr> Van Buren. the 
|j;cn PKiidcut, U pIc^Liril ihr UTiig Conveniioffi to poK over 
Sir. CltL}\ cue of the Tno%l em^ricnt «tAtc«nicii of Aineik^ and 
nomiiisxic General Harrviaon. >vo one Vvie<4r ^x^'^^'ilicacvL ^bSmpA' 

HAmsoa, wTio liod nc^ef irtcrfcrcd in poKiict^ Noonc lincw nny^ 
thing aboct hi» \xt^% or his prini^iplctf or hin capucjty. tlcu':iii very 
old, and ycam Ijeforc Ivicl ToHgHt ihe Iiutinn* ui a |iUl'p tflllcd Tiiijiis 
c^ioc, 'I'hc Qoinination ^vu UcatcJ with tnctilcil ridicule, but it 
waa suocc^gfLil. The HiirriaC'i arid Tyler ticket ^-aa carried- Stwuc 
<mc uiid or nroic lluit (>cncr:L] H^rriRon wnji only qunlilicd IC live in 
a log-cabin and drirk li^ird cider. The Whig mtmagcrt .adopted the 
stucann as a cry. In ihcir clcclion pri^cc^bna they carried dder 
ItaticU and modub oTlog cabiotu They itang — 

U|)| TijipccanoF, ^Jid Xylci log ^ 
And (iowa ULtK Ihr Loco-fo^u acw. 

HitfTflhi hnTTahf for HflTTtton «id Tylpf] 
A goad log'CublQ anJ b haiitX of bard ci<ler. 

G<n«nJ H&rri&on died a. mgnth ultr^i hi« hnugii ration, and he W 
succeeded by VicoPrL-sident Tyltr, u gentleman with no more 
prcleii^iiun lo be Pioideiit ih.iii a fiftli-nte sileni boroiigl) iiicinlx-r 
tn the iloa^c of Commons ha« to l>c Prime Minister* To be ^iirc 
Mr. Tyler hod as great a public nUim to the Prei^idcncy A£ General 

Hic present Gr^nt and Grectcy cvntc^t afTords cniphAttc evidence 
of the dapotijcm of the Convention «yitctn. It might be mpposcd 
ihAt tlie wi^htffl and (tentjment& of th« pxrly would he consaltvd by 
the paMy initnitgef*j Ijiit tliiU U not th* fact. Wr n^-rrd not dehatc 
the l^uicss of 'SU. Grcclcy for the FrciidciKy. We rujiy fttsumc ilut 
be IS u good or even st better candidate thjui hit tivol. Vet it can- 
ttot l>e denied that Mr. Greeley was forced oil the UcmocnU a^aiiiKC 
their will. Tfie pariy nianagirrs wtfr»? of ojiinion thai tliffy t'oiild win 
on the Greeley ticket, and m> they nomijuied Mr. Giceley. iind 
cofnnuindcd the Democrats to vote for a man vho hns been their 
Ufe-Jong potttica.! foe. 

VArioin rcniediet have been T&ngge^rt^d for the univtrtally admitted 
evil of rte^dcikti;;! elections^ It lias been piopo&ed to decrease the 
pftttcnacc of the I'rciident by rendering civj ofiiccs. except the 
htadKif dep^nment&i (triable cUirJng good behaviour- This vciuld 
be a wiifc rhange; but the Preddcni would ^lill have iiufhdcnt 
pOtvODAXe in whet (he appetite of the jiotty vrire-puilers and 
Iheir adherents, ^ome »u^cst that the PrcMdcnt slionld be elected 
for life, but the leaehmg of hittor)- i» eonclusivcly aguuist an 
elecn*c monarchy, and a Presidenry for life would be O&aA 
viitMlly. Tlie ^u^^pitlon of ini&iing the uW^cc c^ "^c ^edmV 
Proi^dciir to the Fcdcrst^ Congrc:» ia obje(^na\i\c, X^cc^wiac'iA. 1? 


38a The Gaiilmt<m*^ Magazine 


Ihe Chr^r 5fagi£tratc under :tn obligation lo CovigrcxK^ aod forther,' 
men truuld \w ua\\ |o Coiigre^ as dcrlrgatn lu toti? fur cx^tlii:] 
PrcsiLdcnli:il ijin^iiJatcs. The proi>o&iljon to consntiitc the acnAtoc^ 
Presidents in rolilicn is rot fcivourabl^ received, since ihe Chief of x great Republic should be som^thicg more than a 
metiibci of ihc LegislBHirr, Nalit>nal Conventions cziim<il be 
abolished wiUioiif an infringement of ihe libcriy of speech and ^,^ 
n|ht of public mealing. It would be it boon to Anierioi if «ffc<^| 
could be given to the Jntentionfi cf rhe Fathcn of the Republic. *t»1^ 
if tlxe FJecioial Colle^jc were elected lo l'ho^l^e iJie President ; 4ml if 
the people willed it. if tlicy icfu^ed to be bound hy the Conrention 
^_ [lommattons, ^intl sent to Uk tJcetoral ColIeiJ^e Va^//<* PmidefitialH 
^^P e^eclorti. the desired refonn would be :iecoiiiptished^ But sinoe IC Jt^^ 
iniprob^ble^ not (o siiy impF^ssible, lli:tl the people will b[e3)L tll^H 
povrer of the Coiiveniions it ix expedient ihit the Electoral CoUcg^V 
Hhould be aboEisiied. It ls tnanifcsCJy of nu service, iind a sham k 
.ilway« dangerous, 

TJie Presidenii;il election Is the wcjiIc point in ihc Ainertcsii 
political ayBtem. It has been injunou&. and uuIcm there U a 
change may Lc fatal, to the Republic, Bnl who e-in doubt t}i«t a 
better plan for Ihe election of the Chief Ntagittnte will be devwd? 
So v:i5t (s the power of the United Sl:ile5 that we are apt to foiBei 
the Republic is Jiot yet a hundred >eaT3 oid. It needed ccnttinc* IST 
toil and Btm^gtc ^Mid revolutions and eivil war to form and Tcfonn 
oar institutions, and we ought not to hi- surprincd that the Constitu- 
tion cf the United StaTe^i is not yet devoid of serious 6uda. 

The diacoveiy of tlie New World i& a cbftpier of history that itcrer 
faib to excite the ima^nation cf the student. It eh a romance tb«l 
cannot be read witliout a qiiickc<-nlng of the pulse, because ihc end 
i^ foreknntm, we are not 1es« o^itated by the rental of the wondtnn 
storj'. W'c follow CoUiiKbuj from Court to Coiirt while he i* icckins 
(he rncuns to carry out the greatest cnicrpri&c ever tinderUikeit 
by niatj, 1V« rejoice Avbenhisdaimtleas perseverance is rewarded, loJ 
Isabellii prnmises to find die needful money. We accompany hlin 
and his cretv& to tlic monastery of Kabida, where they reccUv tfac 
Sacrament and the Wessine of the Chtirch- Wc sec the three fnJ 
ships set aail : th« Canaries are passed, ondday after day and nightafTtr 
night the flobtla is ploughing ihr wavec of unknown seas. We aiv 
not surprised at the muiiuy of the followcrt, while wc feci an bci- 
prest^illc -adn^jVation for the exalted bctoi^ni of the leader. Wc COme to 
the rJirjJitng cri»A when Q^e«f% awd tuqg revolt, wlicn Coluoibctt 
^taodf aJonu and has lo vtoto\w 0\^v'\1 CTt.Vi\t "erMti ^^>anliloa 

= =^^^^^^ 

Presideni Making in A mcrica. 

not ippcir he will retiim to Spain. Though upheld by a mighty 
£iilh, even CoUiiubns might have known fear; for ihc sironget: laiih 
his ill mommts of ciucbl tslaL 

Suppose thai, overcome wich anxiety and watching, Columbus , 
iJept, antl, Bleeping, is f^tvour^jd w:lh one of those vitrions vnlh 
which the hiogiaphits of ihc sainw almiind A niesscngerj -in angpl, 
Appears liefoic hini, and liids him bt.- of good chixr Her bhaM hnd 
lojid, but not the Und he anticipates. He will not diitcover a pul 
of India, bat n Nciv World. Then the anRcl, lakinK him in hijK 
a^rms, and bearing him high ::l>ov« the ^ca, ^liou'i him iIil- v:i^t con- 
tiociiL Aud if ttic auge[ bad revciUed lo huii the fvitLue of 
the New World — ha^l told liim that it was not to be the apintuAl 
kingdc>ra cf the ChiircJi of Rome or to be un^lcr the (cmpora^l 
rule of Sjiainj but thai it was to become the hcrir.igc of thf Engliih 
cacc — the ihougin wuuld have arou.sed Coluinlui from \m »Eeej>r 
and made hnn despise the whole Tiiion^ 

Kut we h.ive set-n jcrenter wonders ihiui wouM liavc been revealed 
in iXich a visioti, We have seen America in less than a hundred 
years become one of ihe fonemosi Powers of the eiwrb, Ainerien i«j 
indeed, in ;^l] things a tuodd of mArveh winch tnuMccnd the cuuce^^- 
tions of The mo^t healed and prohlic imapnation. The aiory of bcr 
dueovery is the romaoce of history. Her vorioLu climaCec, her 
^^TUid geographical feaiiirtfs, &rn\ her riches are marvels thai inEiniTdy 
exceed the most extrava^iaot creations of Oricntiil fiction. Modern 
comincrr^e, the Tiourcc of modern civiliNAtion and the T>ioncer of 
Christianity^ it to a great extent the offspring of the New World- 
Tjake aw:iy tlie cotron, the tob.icco. nnd the sugar uf America — only 
take away theAc three e»U|>1c9, aod how couip^itaiively inaignilii^nt 
wDttld be the proportions of modern commerce, and how com|>aia- 
lively ^oor would be maiikind I Eui there is nothing in America go 
wnnclmus as the jn^titicnl history of the United Srates. There arff 
men yzt in the Hcnb wtio were olive wIlcr Gc^jt^c Washington vat 
president. U'he handful of colonifiCs has become a mighly people. 
'Jlie record of the pa«t is a gnarantae for the future. The people 
whn have dniie so much will be able lo perfert rhc'ir inaiimtions, 
I »dmil that the present system of Prcildcnti-ti elections is perilous. 
I admit tlmt if continued it may be fatil to the Republic. But 
Americnns ate aware of the evil and of the peril, and therefore 1 
am confident that ibcy witl gfap[»l<f with {\\v diiN.nhy, :ind ih;it ere 
loiD^ the election of the First M«igibiiatc of ibc Kepnblic will not be 
left to greedy ofliee ftceken or be the source o£ n:iUi»^3.V v^vwaX 



The Art of Novel Writing. 

oil linicches cf literaiurc, many and multiform it th«j 
^Ct none perhxp^ hu gained so fxiany vouh^« as the 
.-jri cjf wiii'mg fiction ; :Lnd \hh Cu^t nrcil be the f^u*c 
gf ao 3uii>r»e. TIk uork of ilic oovdiat i> cucntiaSjr 
a pleaaani and ^ntcful work, tind one of cndlcu variety arid intercut 
He jjipcala to x u-idcr chat of rtadtrs ihaii any otlicr writrr. His 
sympiihifs mn^i he more gczi<.'ULl, hi^ (.'XjxricDCc Urgrr, than that of 
other men. The subject of hU pon is do Abstract question of piilo- 
sophy<~Di:> ihfory of mciaphy^ics to be argued ind proved vilh 
logical precision ; but he hxi to deal Ax-jih tli^; world around hioL 
His subjects nn- ihe tnen and women who croia hht daily t^atli. His 
study is the human heuu the founbib source of the iciioiu dutj 
compose hh $tory. If he is to atloiu any cmiccfico io hi» pi 
he itiust be; a man of quick perception and fearless hngua^; bv] 
must have an mrimate knowli^dgc of tnen and nii^EincTK, foLinded oo 
personal cjk[jejicncc. The cynic will g>tiji bat few listeners. SitirE^i 
however pointed, if it proceed from :iuii|>lc misanthropy and poinH^ 
to no practical result will be a dead letter. The pfovioc^ of th< 
^B IIOv«tlftt IS itrktly social: he deals with human fharacter not a&^_ 
^^fbing seU'fonncd and ^elf-cxIsLenti bijt m being dependent upon thCj^| 
bearing and intercoi;rsc of othcn for iCa nalunU growth nnd develop- 
ment- He does not confine himself to one cloitt of society, b«l 
shows each in its relation to the other. He stand* upon the vantj^ 
ground of a common liumaniiy, and lakes an iiupaitial vie* of och, 
wh rcK[K;ct to its opporiviniiica iind its capabilities. His socceaSi 
therefore, will mamly depend upon his experience and hiG ability tO 
trai^e llie virtues ;ind vices of scx;ial life ta their producing csusen 
His triumph isill be the upholding of the one ^nd the auppiciHOa of 
the other. H 

It would indeed be dilhcult to overestimate the influence o( hclioa'^' 
as a motive power for good or evil The standud of a aatiofl'* 
inorAlity is seen in In liicrJiure ; And In proportion us the effect of 
fiction is more ^vid, and. a5 vc have already shown, the circle of iB^— 
reoden u; more extended, so wiU its responsibility be greater^ andfiH 
since its maivfe*! object is to present under the form of a narrative 
the tiutlis and fealjiln that Aflect social life, the novelist becomes sL 

T!tc Art of Novd Wriiing, 


once iJie CTcjion^ ni ^xv\ ini-tiTigitor of puLlic motaliiy. . HU work, 
likOic^vcTt Ui Djicciiilly iiii^imLittl \\\ llir puwcf t]i;^l Uc lub of 
iqiplyinjC ihc rulc^ and Jixioms of this mor^Llily lo iiidividuiil^, Rhowlng 
its bearing upon society boih severally 3iid collectively ; aad .here it 
teke* precedence of a mere nlethodic^l essay, which from ihe nature 
uf I1& compos I lion is haixJcr to bt^ uudcralooO. TUl' bucr dc^la wilh 
5rfti princi;>]» in themselves, while the fotiitcr, by iUc^ilifymfi them 
with come poniciihr charactcTT shovs them m their ap|>hcatLon and 
active excrcist- 

Aod since this U ihe case, it necessarily follows that tlic ptiwer of 
6ctioQ wiU Ijc fTcalcT, and its standard of niontlity more ctnineotly 
productive or practioAl tcsuUji. It pervades cvciy clais of aoeicty, 
tofting brondcasi si^eds whiich will irrilljhly expand and ripca, 
Sarton and crintc^ irulccd, luivf been Iihj tifiea cngciLdercd by it, 
TiLic waters, poironcd by the deadly iircam of pcrvcitcd truth, have 
pointed to It u the fountain head from whence the pollution come. 
Heme drawn away by the Insidious uitmctions of vkc delicately 
hiodlcd and can-fully glossed ovr^r have owed 10 it thdi llrsi 
propciisty. But \\v.^ is cjuly one ttide of the picture, and there iB 
nnotJicr, we trust paramoLtnlt at fill cvcnta qo leu true. Studio of 
bunun life, vith its inhnite capahLlilies lor good, And niorics of noble 
and devoted lives, by suggesting the glorious possibilities ih-it .itil) lie 
within our reach, luve formed the »oil frc^ni whence have spring 
fprncroLis o^ipimtions and heroic deeds. Using this means curn<:sl 
men hive plciaded for the eternal laws of truth and jutu<^«; philin- 
thropiatji have urged the claims of particular clatstK for <<diii:;tiinu And 
AdvaiKCtncDt ; practical pliilosophcis have striven fbr the dontestic 
improvement of tlic poor — have proved the impossibility i>f even 
Hocial decency with crowded dwelling;K oiid vicjuiia intlUL'tice^— calling 
upon the higher classes, witli tlieir superior advaniage.Si to as^si iik 
promoting x speedy and uigemly needed reform. Appealing to 
l&OUvc&of sdf-mtcrest, if :ill others fail, they have pointed out how 
the ccmipt morals of ozi individual clavs atleci society at Urge, 
making loturn thi^ ^t^cy foundatirin on which \\ ^iiandi^. Others liavo 
directed their attack J^alri^t the higher and better educated do^tcs 
thdDKtva, in»i£ting upon their responsible position m respect to 
their fellow men, boring the hypocrisy of conventional forme, and 
btriking ftoiueliines a well-aimed Uow at popular vices which lurk 
behind the screen of aociuI indulgence. 

Now, these ojc l^^ciblc and well dc5ncd rc!wli«, and they may be 
Attempted and have been already attained by the novelist Only he 
must Grtt acquire hU materiok by his own penonal ciijerience., and 


The Grntltmufis Magazine. 



llien tnow hfiw to mfiulrf them sVilfuUy. Fnr, as vc hnvr ctidca* 
voiircil lo [>oiiil out, fjctian is a. <keldi ; bui if Lt » to av^il Anything 
it must be ft sketch taken from lifc-n 

H.ivcn^, thcrdbre, thus Ldefly siinimed up x\% nAlurt and scopc^ 
and hnving slioH'n ii5 imponai^ce as affecting [niWir moraliiy, 
have nc*w in llit; sctoiid place lo consider fiction in il» conKimccii 
and treatment. And to thi^ end we ma/ perhaps be pcnnittcd 
doss novels roughly under lhTe« prominent h»df. Kiret wf will 
take into cunsidcTation tho8e which nre wmien wIlIi «oidc panicuUr 
practical object in view — such, for example, m the fuithcruicc of 
cducalion» or ihc coTrectiort of any 5odil nbui^c. Now, with reganl 
10 a tL-oik or this sort it may be briefly said that its inOuefice and 
»ucc*fs? will depend ujjon the spirit iDvhkh it i* written- Torcnder 
it enVciivc, the aiiihot mu&t be a mnn of scrici tropartifllity 4Bd 
iinifonn jniiticc- If his object be the ndvanceraent or the r cfen na - 
lioD of a certain cla^s of people, he mutt regard their errors and 
ddimiticncH^ fmm Iheir da^ stand-pornL He must adapt himftdl 
10 ihctr cifcumataacea. Liking into accouDl thdr oppofftuiuiici and 
becoming, as it were, one of them. If he wish to iinpro%'e them he 
mutt coriRult thetr temponil interest as well as their moral obligaiJoa^ 
and miisi show how thi? two are rssmiially bciurnl i^p lagt-lher and 
depend upon one another for tlicir y^iy cxisieiice- And this is more 
especially imixirtant with respect to the lower or less cducaied 
elatees. The ^linst ruay and has wiih good effect launched Ui 

'OLtcasmiAgain^ the pitiful anomalies and fiirriv? ^-iccs that di«flgnrc 
Ab^erand more jjlificial suic of socicly- Bui in dealing with the 
ITeat working clasa, whose daily labour 15 the wurce from wheoe^H 
lb«y derive their sustenance, and whote life ii in many case* an um 
mnitong snuggle to suppoit ihcit families and them^lves, he«fu> 
would do a public service mu^t go upon a diHcrcnt lack. Satire &II1 
blunted. Merc schctnet of philanthropy do not even gam a h«aniift 
The autlior mutft take the world as he tinds it, and, making ad:iiow> 
Itdged ht%s the (ul>;ect moiro- i>r his woric. can 6rst >ih<nr (heir 
praccica] bcann}: and their tendency, and then bow Jar tbcy admtt of 
altemtion. (^ne well drawn sketch framed on this nwiel will at once 
commeml itself to those for whofic benelit it ii intended. The ex- 
posnre of a vicious custom in its origin and eflWrt wiD (wobably leid 
to a desire for its eradication. The exemplification of true 
tinuM in the e^crci&c of their powers will endue exislenee with 
nobler and lea 9c\f»h ainx Only tec ihe author be irac to bis 01 
raprrvenrr, and trar to the human tkatnne which he profefitca lo 

iFJustnie* ami tbc beauty o( a pUKcBniiu3ln2AUCQ^^^'«l'-^^^<soc^^ 

The Art cfN&vH Writing. 


itself lo the wot1<1. no lc»?i b^ the digniiy it conrem upon the 
pcM^cttsors, th*a by the lifjht which it rcflccia upon all who come 
vithin th« rang^ of its infIu«Tice> 

Rut in all aiti^mpts aftt't * rcfnrm the writf t mvisi bt-carclVil 
la dutinguish bch*^ai the accidc^aUl qualities of a tbs^i and their 
v^sentt^ chamctcnetics. U on evil be inherent in iiid irmepanbly 
coiiTiccted with a syftem, he will niriLe w (he root of lJ^<■ system 
itself. The corrupt Ihiil is the pfodiici of the corrupt tree, hut the 
fruii t)t3t ii allowed to dc£eacr.ilc Of grovi' roUcn, lliough coming 
from a good stock, owes its worthlcssnc^ not to the parent tree, but 
Do the ivant of proper care and culture. And IhU, ^though it really 
involves a fniitm, would seeni to he an a\iom ronstnnt!y (HtTegawlefl 
by niodcni phiiiintliropisla. Ho* v-, it, on the one hand, ihiU 
ecbemes charitably devised jnd perhaps weU earned out for the 
locial ind moral improvement of the humanity that centre* and 
crowds in the heart of ovit niir^, iKiN^inj: ;in f.\iftipnrr ,it whirh 
the dvliisaliun of llic ninirLeenih century bJuahei for veiy shame, 
have been »o ofien fnistmtcd, or at \t\k\ have bulcd to rcaluie the 
expeCLiitions which they held out? The reason is plain- Simply 
because they havt not pj*neirated to the origin of the disease whirh 
tliey ^i(jfi:!)^ed ttr cuiv^ Ucutu&e tlii^y regarded tlie cviT lu iibclfoiily, 
flod rcglcctcd the pricLcipIc 10 which it owed its binh. They 
uRcmpced x parti^il rcformotion where the whole thing wuk Tunda- 
mentally and ndicilly wrong. On ibe other h/mJ, errjr in ihe 
oji^Kjsift direcliiJn lias prcimolcd Yild and impractiutble pruiju^iliou^ 
such AS ihc fusion of cluAHe^i the ^feneral distribution of lands, and 
o^er ctiuolly Quixotic devices for the well-being and contentment of 
nmnkindai Lirge, 

'Hie mithnt must ^teer cle-ir between tbae tsvo Cauils^ and 
in proportion as he cffcf ti this, and in proportion as he la Able to 
prove tht* inlluence of (!\t«mal circumatancea in ihe formation of 
character, and to show the co-extension of mor:tl respond ibitiiy wUh 
the irairing necrtsary for its coniplete realis^ition, f*o will the practical 
value of his uoik be great or imall- 

Wiihout, then, entering (iirthor into this subject, whieh would 
perhaps lead us somewhat ;isir3y from our main purpose, we will 
now pais on 10 a second (I>lh> of novels, entirely different to the 
last both in ilicir nature And in ihcir object, "ITieae arc book^ 
whose theme i^ the dclincAiion and development of one particular 
character. They arc, in fact, biographies, although this 4je«ij£i\:^\k^ 
la iiGuilly applied to nnrmrives nf facts, whereas vc "Ait svOL\\M*fe* 
pvonuce cf Action. New, this class is numcrka% ^maW, wi4"i;&t^^ 


The Gcntlanani Magazine 

vctrlc luLve autJion more gencr^ly foiled \ And thit tt chkfly owing 
the loct thai llie aiain mterest of Ui« book does not <lc|>cE>d up 
ortj plot or combination of exCraordinAiy clrcunutancet, btxi U 
Ccntr^ UjMiii one pron^lnent figure — drcunisuncn arr bui ihc 
backgiounJi acccssoiy cluractcn fvc gionptd &rouiKl x\ oidj 10 
throw it into gic-iicr relier In the p(MTra>-(Ll, therefore, of Ihii 
centre figxire the greateil c>re muit be obtervc^L The rcatkr'fi 
^ntepe^l in il must be cherislied and increii*fd 3!^ the story |»rocecdi. 
uid never be allourcd lu Qo^ 01 <ItiA aw:ty into ^ly aide UuudcL A 
work of tkid kind, well <X)ncci^cd and ^\'clJ written, poaacnes grau 
literuy value ajtd itoTnancls a very higti order of talei^r^ \x cxftcitt 
morcavcr^ the very cloicvt Bitcncion, not only from the niTihor, boi 
from the reader alttk II is, in tict, oa abAmcl study of himun 
nature — an analy^s of chiracier in iu fonnation. it« gradual growtli, 
^uid fcub<te<jUf nt inuturity, depeitdcnt to st greater or lev eaeUot 
thr eittemjil drciimstance; by which it Is mrrotinded^ 

^VhaL, then, wc irtotctd to ask, is neteisjuy 10 make a work 

In the first place, il is nt^iniiesi that the nibjeci mnf^t ciiW 
l>e one taken from the e\ erydjiy ^rcirid with which we arc cogniaant, 
<ir be a pccUire uf die pcrsoaili^tion of ionie peifettiun iif whtdi the 
«tith9t bdicvca humanxty to be capable. If it be dx former, the 
usk ia comparatively eacy, a ueccfslul con&tiuctKtfi depcitding move 
than an}iliing chc upon the wrticr's experience and power of 
drHTi]iEi(m and the t^-nrr^t analogy of his Kkctcii In nattiTir ; bat 
where the character la ideal the author must to a gre^it cateat Ul 
back upon himiielC l^miAing U^at he wnhca to ftho* the capadty 
of human Kaivre for the aitammcnc of a certain nioral devadknii kif 
iovoitioa will tc»i upon ihc Kroiindwork of hJsovn pgao na lgwh 
cepdon with respect 10 maiL In other worda, he Hftx up a »Luuland 
of UMMili^ which* be it lugh or low, worthy or unworthy, b blaaoncd 
tfarou^ At worid for good or evil. It ia important, beca«se intended 
to command retpeci and Mtnorukja. Tbe chancier it xka a mere 
■peculatioiv iwr ia it Rin|ily iMginaiy. It hai a poceotial fT^^mrr, 
and may therrloee be nnaated. Hence the autboc ia hiiudf 
w i yo nri blf for th« caaviple wfakh be has let up and the Mnprtinan 
n M tipoci tbe rcBdcr. 
Now, if a work of ihia kind is to CKitasc aa^ uiducxic« at att 
Ibe lamdiof men it mutt be dittingnkbed by certm gcneaJ 
misiics. IC for initaDcc. the conception of the author be ooe alu^ 
£Hktt ibcGiBpatible with bumaQ Cillibiliiy, or if it be vooMiguoi 
ui itscK or if ica poauon in ^Ax. wttfU W ^a ^Ai^wftfttM^ 

The Art of Navtt Writing. 


endrrly iinusun), rniirh, \f not all, of i\\t dTcct will be lost ; for 
ii is evident ihjii ihu widci a WfktT wijilifh llic mugt of his influence 
lo extend, the monc nnivcrsfifly rccojiriiacd muM be the virtues .ind 
orTeciioni the perftoaification of xvhich in tbdr combinAiior and 
rerfrrtion malEeqiip his ideal diameter 

In the first place, tlicii, il a Drtessury tlial thrsc vrriurs shonlrf 
recommend iHcmadve* by ihcir i^nictital re?mHa. In uther words, 
the^ miut be Kuch as m^nire«l themselves in ^ociul life and inter- 
coitrtc. The lofty mcdiLtiinn'i of ihe Tcc?iiqe, inspired by soJitade 
;uul rerxrcmeri fnim Illi^ world, po«ess liltte inferest and still Ie*s 
practical ralue to the bu^y m-in of the world, who lias to battle ki& 
waf a^cnat bard facta and .tlubOom re^ilitie^. He is not in a 
position to imdo^T^nd (hem, nor has he time even to (:ike them into 
coniiidefation. 'I'Ik- biljilu uorlil cif ihe cuthiiiiiast is an unknown 
koii 10 him, and the ^ound^i ihat ccinc from it awakea nu le^poubJve 
echo in bin heart. But mkc a picture that h^ its origin in the world 
that suntamda him draw something that he may compare with his 
own experienre of mankind — :irid he \s immediately inicrtsred Lot 
him once lecnsnine che outlinn of ix familiar fimc, and lite f r^t point 
la gaine<I — hi;* attention U orow^cd. Then let the dctoib be carefully 
l^ilvel in and (he uttribLtCe« most held up for admiration be thrcwn 
into pfonftinenrc, cithef by enhilming them ngiimst the dark Uack- 
^>^nd of iht-ir o]»po*ite vic^is, or by shdwir^f their value in their 
mkiaL ajid pcrKoncil application, and we hare at once a practical 
result Such * work, well prribrmed, is a complete picture of what a 
man in hia own poaiiion, and with the same opportimitiei, tnay 
attain to. 

Seoondly, lbe«c virtiica must rcconimcnd ihcm^clves by their possi- 
bility of jcencnil appropriation. Thetc arc certain qnahtics often 
called virtue*, though not perhapi rightly indnded imdcr this clani- 
fir::Lti(jn, whuih arcpiThrf die idKi*ym:rdi:ieti ofadassior lie only widiin 
the reach of a superior incTiut (jaliiv.tiicii. Without particularinag 
ftuther it is sufficient to s'^y that these, Ihoufih valuable in themgeivct, 
are practically useless to orclinary men. They presuppose a state of 
mind which i* nnt natLjrally but anifit:ially obtained. Tliey umit lo 
mention the steps by which it is gained, or if dicy do so it h only to 
show that Ihcy arc not attainQllc |jy mankind at large ; hence they 
mt less imponant because no essential virtue can be the monopoly 
of a class, but tmist in jn^tir^ lie opni to die accrptince of all. 

Thirdly, and la*lly. they must iccommend ihemaelvca by thek 
intrinaic value. Important ox wc have ahowrt \X V> Viti \?naX ^Smt^ 
thould tnuAif^i thtmi^ivcs in the various pVi&Btft 0^ wcvoX ^"A^t^ 

Ths Gen/Umasis Magazhu. 

tx\\i more impoctut Umt they «ho«kI be fubjeoiivdy fptA. Id 
word*, they must liavc thcu urii^in ia ami Ukc ihcir sU&d apoo tbe 
cBcm^ Una <}f ri^t And mtoo{ — ld»> tKu aic laaicctcd by 
in the world, or by circ«inftt»noc*i or by time— bat reoMift tfac«ia« i» 
:lU and for ever. 1 f, iiul««d, ihe ^luthor fhune H% vock vjcb respect 
lo ihne he has hi^ piivilc^c^ aud a uubic ujJiHjctoaiiy. Bat i£, on 
the other hand, hb conccplkin have no mtriasic ckim to nccit, bm 
R3t its prciouioxifl lo respect and ndtnintion npoo tlw AffBCttDOfttf 
a tpurknu^ tinic-«crving oxk- cf <?i|>tdiencj, fiiiwly called woffifty, 
he will have incurral a rciipufiMbiltty that re»ts cpoa hinsneiralane^ 

Tliui Cij-r therefore, wc ha«< endeavoured to abow ^ migc tad 
importAoee of ^LCtitious biography, and have nKighly pointed oat ooe 
or tnu gcDcral characieriiitiefi needed 10 tnake ti iiscfut no the world 
SiX laj|(e. We vil] now paxt on xxi the tliird cIalm iniD which v« have 
vemuird lo divide oui -subjeci. It hiu to do mth whit wc ouy pcf^ 
ha|3« call ihe ordijury novel, a kind of Uteralore with wfn^ tbc prcn 
iv ovi-rcliarf^ed. it is found everywhere, and lies w^ihin tbc reach cf 
all who ate able to read None so ignorani a^ not to f nd a bocft 
of tliit son lo suit hi« capacity ; none ^o poor u not to be able lo 
Afford bitn»clf thia amtuemcDL i'rotn the penny nufpudnc. with tt» 
weddy or monUily quantum, to tlie three \olun}e« at onc-and-twiefity 
ahiUingv^ tht^re is a lilirary lo accoinmL^ ji II- exery Lutr ^md incliru- 
tiotL Here Diay be found the matter of-fjxl ranaiitx of daily life, 
with it* joyKand lorrewt, or the romantic love ulc, the serious or 
oinunng «tory« horrible tragedies, strange compheaiionj; of eveocii 
tnexplica1>le myHlcrie;^, oU mingled iu|;eLbci in uild cfinfiifUon, and 
offering ix iboicc And variety »itdi aa a^uiedly no other bnuKb of 
lit^ntiu'e r>cr can. 

Now in dealing wiih tMcW ;i wMe clau u ihU ii \% oin'ioui that the 
renurk* whicli we have in irake must be very general, and must be 
accepted a^ such. In the tirst plate it dicfcn from the two others of 
whicli we \\A\x tpokcn in this et^cntial poilicular : the micrc»t of the 
ordinitry novel utiijlly depends rnore []|>on the «lOTy or combination 
ofevciiUt, fuUowed bya suiuble dbamcmaii, SIxaix ii^ioir ihi? Hucxisdul 
delineation of character. It b not ncces^rily vkrlucn wiib any 
philanthropic objccti nor doe^ it coafme itsdf to the study ol 
oae life- But it dea1?i n'ith bets of common experience and dravkl 
a j^cnerjd Aclcli of wfiat is lasting in the world around itt. lite 
talent required for a work of this sort js more conunou bccatoc loB 
inteUectual. For it la catJer to take a general and ecmprchensiv 
yicvi tif Ml- lh.xn to take cire eKirartrT from l^e throng ai>d analjTw 
iU a^tutv and develop U> C4^^v\iuc». \\ % \vMtv^^ ^x^m^ a picture 



T&6 Art 0/ Novel Wriiins;. 391 

tmbncing diflcrcJit aubjcctiw vc arc disposed to be conicntcd xi the 
ctfcci ot the whcl? u good ; but if ti« £tve us a portrait of a singlff 
figure wc arc hyjicr^ritical wth regard to the Icnst dcfoct. And so in 
the ca-^c of llic nuvdisf. PrnviJ*^ Uiat lie Lake ws from plice to 
place, that he afford uji rapid changes .and constant cxciicmcnt, ve 
are intcrt^ted lor thv time being, cvco (hgugh \m work possess no 
inirinsic literary menL In short, whi^c the former depends upon the 
detail of its <:u[niio»itioii, the \aXi^x resE^ u|ion it« general effeiLL 

Here, however, we mu^t dra^t- a line and m^e a very important dis- 
tinction; for it ifi not Lincommon m workf ol this aorl« and e^pecully 
jjTti-alent in The niorc cardes* compositions of the preterit day, to 
iiviLc ihcanois in a sto(/ cvidendy *ub»crvlcm lo llie plot. Widi it 
\lcvf to orif^nality cvcntx arc made lo take an unusual if not aa 
unnatural <.ODrEc% tind lh« eharacters ore fitted in to bring about the 
d*iired reiiilt; hence there Is tio concqjiion of ch.iracier at all. 
Cauae aud ciTcli i^hjiigc places.. Iliiiiiaji i:aiuic is Oiiiortcd and 
twiaicd into funtailie shapes In mnkc -i startling /iMvj^, and the pro- 
duct of all thtK ii s. tissue of absurdity and contritdictioni involving 
sitch an obviouii inconststenry as hjirtlly to cTiliilc it to a paj;«ing 
AlluKJon. It [a, hukvevci, owin^ lo tlie elem^iit^ uf thii itlogiral cun- 
atnicdon that novels :ts c rule possets a literary tatue comparatively 
jcm-, undare, with ^oineeMceptiona, net ranked amon^ btajidard work£. 

trom what has been Snaid, then, we may draw this gcncriil conclu- 
uon ^ that in tlic fomiatioji of a &t(jry the conception inur^C Ant be ot 
human nature: that cvent.i nhich are tlic result of human action 
muit harmonite with //, aUhoit^h upon tlic&e «venu, ut their con 
nection and eCTect, viiiW still depend the chief imrreat of the book. 

A second remark tlul wc have to make is especially applic-ibic to 
ihii claas- In all novela there arc one or more prominent Bgurcs to 
which the attention of the reader is parlicutarly drawn. Round theaie 
arc grouped acceuoryor subordinate charaners ; and ti \a with regard 
to iheiie that we wlsli 10 make one NUtcmeni- 

In (he hwmonic an it ha^ alwa^if been the custom to give the 
least importorLt r^ifs to inferior artist;;, who play a mirior and 
Uierefore I c*i influential part in the play. But it has always been 
found ncccMiary, in order lo ensure_a rx:^l'aiid Icjiltijualc siiciciia, 
that the acton thui i:lio»cn, though le^s gifted th^n those who icpic- 
5ent the chief charaelcrsT should fitill render their parts, however 
anuU, U nearly perfect as possible. A really fine pUy has often been 
niln^d fcy iiuiimiion tcj iliis poIiiL Dramailc writers Itave seen their 
eumpofritiou tiil, and good artJHt? have been. tlliKcaiX^^-atft. '\v» *fe«iM 
perfonfiance by iJic n-.ant of inieliigcW aclots^Vo tt\ ^3^^ ^*:fWii4M»*t 



TAe Gmlleman's Magaztne. 


f tvMH 

pirti. Kdw the mic that A|>plic« to the acted dronu ii rdmat 
to ihe ^ticn «tory. And prcciiely *i we call a pby genenlly |;<iod 
or b:ic), according a« ih«r difTtenfiii charjct^rs luck up and mj^iort 
one anothvi. ^q \\\z skilful cr cjLid«&A dcluiciUOQ of the «ixxSai&il 
or Acccsftoty characters tluit nrc needed lo nuke u^ the ticrvd win 
^JcicTminc i\ to he the worlc of x genius or that of An ovdinAvy wmtct. 
How &T ihcy arc to l>c Jpv^lapctl. and lo whit pcnni their peniHv 
traiu nuiy be tjnjuglil out. ukI yet not dirert the natonl cuncnt of 
the nairati\x, roust be left to the £Ood ftcnac ai>d the taci of t]i& 

To mirr intn funher deull ihout wnfV^ of this sort would i 
too long a Ubouc I'hc subject, indeed, admits of too mxny 
tiona in its treaiment, AJid rules which mieht be npplicAUc in 
ovw pUc« would not be adiriniblc in Another. U'e nny, bow- 
«ttff» h«n* pLtt in a TAvitioti a^iTui ji bxAx nnromiiuitely prcvaleoc 
among suthon at the present time — B^mely, thiu of wrttini; with « 
^c«r to gntify the ustcs and indinabons of n poiticuUr dm. 
Henee the puUicAtkn of boofcs thj^ pojider to a mottkl deftiglit ia 
|Soenes of crime and gtiill, irhidi «eem to have a s;jedal attraction CO 
vnedttcalfd and delxiMrd micds. Hence; too, tbe apjicanuice and 
the toleration of what b comtaonly eilkd the scn^tioia] noret 
wrinen to gratify a craving afbv excUeinerit ; a itoty abounding in 
luir^ifTadth aMtveaiuits and comtani itaMnur, the iggic^ate liiemjr 
and practical voloe of Thi>di b inagnificant to the las degree. 
,nH ivdi caaca tbe antbor can never bare a real or laating reward 

tiOttbk wbidi be baa taken. Innead of endeavoaring to 
tivBc for wbom he wntei, be ActtuDmodiln hnoscV to their lower 
JaclinaiKDs. Instead of tiyiog to derate tbdr tntes, Se unki faioDdf 
to thdr levd* He starts with an ignobk objcctt -'uxi 6>in:s an ignoble 
Old Nor*ilt bia pttifid wort gyar pm a p gnmwrt ny uiion, bat 
hanng at the iumm ovcnm a tranmni popclariijr, wfll dnlE buo Che 
oUidon dvc it nddy dcxrvea. 

That hMTC w^ in rough and m p cifect ogtline, attempted to ^low 
tbe nora |«onincni fanaa tbat ficdon li able to wmam^ We a» 
|voMt to tbtak ftiat onr nvn cooniry can boiQ a Ot g ann e seoxid 
in ibe whole hymML and tbtf in dni bnndt rfw eapecal^ 
from Her ha«« ipnng lu^Hamded and niMnial BUtbtfi 
rf Iktion, the hrilliaiKy of vbose wrilnig i« no less consfnciMtts than 
tbe paricy of ibeir monl lenc^iing — ibac by tbii iistmmenQltty 
cituiMtka bas bcoa nde at wt aocU a b nJt rectified, and vtn 
\Uy dKomgcd Tvnc it a tbat aaaeng o^ aa wtD as amD>« 
thert is«daiksiAct6l!bt^HaaE^ TteR't^wr^9«allTlear, 

'-. liiemy 
Tee. lafl 
ward tbrfl 

present day a tendency lo shift the stindard of \j\iih in order 
to wit the position Uiat we have taken up— to accommudatc mornlity 
to society— and tlieii to Enake the exiyt'n{:j" of its demands an txcme 
ttyr tvliAl la cucniialV ^^ong. Tlicrc is a want of upcnacss and 
cuidour in some of cur modem novcb— they aic either JmUifint and 
axtilicul, or they lack life and onginality. Others, fu worse, ^JC 
invotted with n Talse and pernicious chann ; they refiise to speak 
pbinlyr but 9U£ge«l the: corrupt thL>ugbt aad by on insidious inuendo 
do tDcslcutablc mischicr. Wc read them with a. half apprehension ol 
their drift and meaning. Wc arc fascinated for n moTnent, liut we 
nervously put ihcm out of ihc re^ich of our children. The influence 
of these is fairly (iangcioiiK. They involve a gre-^t and vilfll error^ 
uul one which bos aZrecidy contaminated the popular literature of a 
de^'Cr and polished people. Let us b<;ware of it, for it is a deadJy 
socirtl poison, the mnre to be dreaded beraust' k\ Ibvour w for the 
moment ple^^nt, though ii: leaves on ^tcT4<ts[e lUtci a» i;a1l- Let 
in check the incipient growth of it in the com^ionEion of our woii* 
of fiction^ or ic will gradudly pollute the source from v^hcncc wc 
derive some of our best and tnost innocent pkasurcs. Let it be our 
cue to preserve that high reputation which our ijn;ig(nntivr litrmture 
hu always had» not only for disiint'uishcd authorship and eminent 
abihiy, but aUo for impartial di^crinunntLuD and pure and abiding 

And in bringing ihis subject to a close, we cannt»l do less than 
pay OUT liihiitc of griteiul respect to the memory of one who 
perhaps more than any other has contributed to thi^ end. and who 
not long Ktnce was still imong ue. holding ns to the v<^t)' iaat entranced 
by the fudnation of his wonderful genius. The namr uf Lhailes 
DickcnA recalls an inepj^r^blc loss. Ha y/oiks arc cnihriucd no less 
ftmoflljc the must precious^ archives of English htcnttuTc than ajnon^ 
the hoiuehold treasure?; of every