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5 'i t % 



^■entlemaTds Magazine 




EdiUd hy SYLVANUS URBAN. Gtnthman 




fAboot Do^m-^and Homc^, »y lUftliAnA ClAY FlKCM , < 4*^ 
rAdvCDlaTei, The, of j r«t f jturenit. «y Mahv K. Orrsos , , 473 
;<Ai^5onu KfxeoE Rcvcafrtic? cm the- H^ ^- M- AiKUA^r, aSc . 14^^ 

r'Aldv«nh. TmnrtOQ a;. liyKG. Kirros Ji 

~ I] far Honour. Bf O.Atto' Ll:VP:U I 

Anvdbi>m : Ju Oncio and OrsanAiiton, Hy C B. Rovlaxck- 

Kknt - - - 349 

tAoctttiT^Mvaeofthe. B7J011N BucitAN 60 

■nie,onm>«. By KcT. L>. GAiJt Whmlev , .618 

id, FjTihcr Tr^vtU m. Ky P:^itcv h iif (;i:iULi^ M.A, . ti^ 

Er^wne, Sir Tliomas. byH.\V. Ai»flMS \%% 

iDCttrcupC. Hy £. HAiruiriT U^KaiUN PS 

AaOldBordv. ByC.Hiri, Dk^ 15^ 

rConccrr^S Beards. By Ku<:kK H, Imji^en S04 

Cndluhank Outrat'ivA. i^y Giu>ki,]': Sompj* LavakD , . . 3^3 
Cttdioo, The. ind ihc Myth of March, By G. W, Muni^OCH . J3j 
LCwnbwiftnd Di^lpfl.Tlir- IW Tkl»vhv H- H- Ghamam . ji3 

rev,The: It* Originand lliiiory. Hy Uo?«r,i.CRrA*WM.|, . vm 

Cyriuiu dc |tFi}cciAL. By V. ]. HtDt tJTc5« ^j 

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RtM> 41 

How to l-i*t on Noililnif a Vir4r, By ^!IS, E, T. CooK . , - 433 
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JUDie. By ilKXftV ViNfTMT BpoWN - . , . , 54I 

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London^ A 5U Uay:' Tour m, witZi a ['relty Couiin. By Bencv 

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■ y** 


iv CifttUrUs. 


Moorish Caff. A& Eivniai: in a. By J. £. Bvx>GSn M£AKIX . 41H 

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Semi-Jubil«/[ he, of ^lnieTel*>K''*P^)' ...... pa 

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Sumur<?s, En^Ush, and Heredh.iry Genim. By S. O. Airf'Y , . S6 
Tabic Talk. Uy Svt.vA.Ni^^ Ukius ; - 

Thfl liirdK :f3 L^vbourers Tht \V;n,'tB of thfl Pird— Thp Society 
for the l'Toi«i:iion of Birds— Ways of Helping (fic Society 
^-Mf, -SwmbuniK'i E'ro«fl— Mr, S^winburne's '* Studies tn 
ProbC unJ I'oelry*— Mr. Swinburne an Web&fcf — On 
Ueauitionc uiU rjeicher— Om Herrtck .... lOj 
Ouidii *iti Birds— [III ty* Menace to Kmotie— Benirvclion of 
Life in High nuiattwi— Civic An ana Li [enuuTC— Civic 
Comniemaialion — CiLy Uiidgo* of Lo[idun — Thfl Rise in 
ihr Vricp of Novels .--..... Hi 
Posilifni rtf Our Army—lnflilcnr^ lafthc Crimean Campaign— 
Prnripert m rA^t "f V^ ar— P rmrs of l']nsli^h (.ontmander* 
m the Crimea— The Lcssfln—Bihliogmphy in England and 
Prance^ M. Utinnc's Talcs for liibliophileB^Biblio- 
BTiphioil Wbim9]cahtic5 .,,.,.. 315 
Curi&aiiy oonceininp Human infirmity - Piquani Memoirs — 
'Ihe Latest Indiscretion Ihe LimiU of Editorial Kespon- 
sibiliiy— Mcdupval View's on Sc^uat Kclatiana— Trouba- 
dour Ethics - The Courts of Lose A Ueci^ion in a t-ourl 

of Love |37 

"iiooks FaiflE totheir Authors "--Calamities of Authon -The 
PurRaiorv of Writers— What is the First Book printed in 
Engiand?— The Oxford Tvrannii!* KuHnns Claim of 
Ociord to be the Home of Pritmni^ m England— Is the 
Date Erroneous? -Arsmnents ai^i.iin&T the J'oailion daimcd 
for Oiiloid— Tim Claim Iti* lobe Hbnndancd . . 53; 

The Pi^ Academy — Senility mi AcatTeinv Wnlli- Strife after 
On^inaH^y^Thc same Korrtriai Wwrk In Art imd Lit<?ra- 
tufe— PfednininriTue nf Poilruil-rainlinR^]' imdoess of 

the World for Sciindul . - 641 

Telfsropcsf f^ianl, Hy J. Fj.i.fltin HoitF, K P.A.S, ... 343 
Tmny^on at Aldwortb. Hy F. El, Kitton . - . . « 

ibft, Tht AtTaekori. By Kcv. D. GaTh WKtn.RV h - .618 
eilcd i*crsoni*icalions in Literature, Ily E, H, noMKIW . JI3 

When Memory is no moie," lly Wru.iAM T^vnuke , . foi 

■fid Flora, The, of Scotland. By Rev, J, H. CitAwroKn, F-US. . 397 






Bv IMxcv L?.rEii. 

DURING a Lons Vacation ramble In Brittany, tome j-can Ago, 
A friend and I tpcnc « week ftt Lc Crolslc— a Itttic lovm ac 
the Mr cttd of ibc E^TTDvr icineuc of Innd wlilch Jub cut into ihc 
Ailiniic. "here ils *5jik-frc<n w*vcs may he necn, al lum of ndc, 
botUicg wiih Iht bo&cl lUtncd wjuct* of th*: hcadlang l^vtc One 
■noming a doj^lns tky anJ a rcfrcibing brrc^c templed ui fodU, 
Aod «c strolled *lons Ihe bcAch towards ih« distant Birutg dc Hni/ 
fill Uw roob and toffcra of J-c Croi^ic faded lo a fikint broKn-blue uti 
the hcri;roni and the onl/ livir^g i:rfaiure* m si^hl were the acamc^VE 
circHiif hjgh above our hcad^^i and ilerpcnioij our bcnce of solitude 
bj theif nwunaful criv-i. 

Soddcnljr, on rounding a botd granite bluH That blocked our view 
fthodj wc ^kd a human (iijur? on ih« tands -that of a man barc' 
foot and cUd iQ ratg^, w? perceived, as he di^w ncu. A A^hern^in, 
uid the f/cih <:aut,'ht lohsitr and si-a urt?im that dangled frofri the 
suing in his rinht hand. J*itying hb softy plJgbl, my friend ankcd 
hun : " When? are you going to«l! your fitih?" 

•• In yonder town," he refilled, poiotine towards 1-c Croiaic 

■ And at »hai price? " 

" HaJf a ftwtc the lobiter. a franc for the urchin." 

"Then if 1 gilt you ihn:c ftancs for the pair—?"' 

The i>oof fellow stared, bu£, coniincetJ by ihc louch of ihe coin 
riaat my frii^nd ipoke m gocni faith, be ipat nn the money- for luek, 
1 picnunc— pocketed it, and Torthwith a^crcd to pilot us to the 
Bourg de Batr, and thence back to Le CroiKLC by a short rut knoivn 
ni ihc natives only. Wc jumped al hii offer, and as vre fared a\ou4 

rot. ocuxxvtjt. -VA /(W^ Lt 



*i /:^; : . : iJi/^^titf&^drfi Magazine. 

he lold U( hii life-aigry — t^boit, simple, w J, Ijut whoicsoine toln-nr^ 
ihc nlory <jf a ton win* had foreworn tvfn comfort of the pooi's 
life--homc, wife, and children of hia own^fdr (he SAkc of .1 Mind 
old father i-iasl work. 

Lan^ c\c we ifMchcd the Bonrg rlc H:itr Jhe iiimmtT ^un hiid 
gained iW noonday ht(g;ht, and drove us Lo seek Ihf fELCnilEy *bii(Iow 
of a gLint rock wliidi reared m head a. ErtlLe lo thr left of our trACk. 
But a» we nc^ired the rock our guide Ti:iltcd, and, pomiing tn il, «iid : 
'^There's J t'lifi yotnlcf. Nigh every soul a& otiinc* Ihis way (^ocs 
half a mile Qiil of liis waylo simn lha( rock," 

"Bui why Bbun il?" I anted. "Is ihc man a lobbcr or a 
murderer ? " 

The raf;t;?d f^Tieinian answered only with A fhuddtJ"' 

*'WiU he meddle vriEh us if ivc go near himF*' I continued. 

"Oh, no, not he!" 

" Will you come wirh us ? " 

** Not ], 31% craving your pudon I ^ 

" Well, then, we'll go Tiithout you, since you miutc ua wc run no 

" Nay, I don't lay that- 1 say only m Ihc mart himself wont 
budgc^ nor open hii hps," 

We^ were now wiibn twenty yards of thcroek, and our pilot strnck 
Into ft hy'paih, leaving us to make our way towAidi .1 hollon in the 
Tock, which he hod pointed out. After a Miff dimb, wt found 
selves oil a aotl of plaifoTm m ffoni o( the civc, some fifty 
above ica-levcl. And lo I hard by the yawning mouth of ihe cave, 
on a dclaehcfJ blor.k of granite, sai a marj of hcnf nican bmid, with 
targe h.niry hands and witd bloodiihot eyes. They glared at U4 for a 
moment as we hove in sight, then wandered ba.i:k to the suifner of 
the sea, on which tliey rcmamed riveied during the brief remnant 
of our slay. To judge solely from his sturdy and iinewy frame, no 
one would have taken him Ti> lie more than iifly ; hut hi^ hair^ whitv 
3^ the diixen Jinnw, and his deeply furrowi^d fjice — the very picture 
of despair — might have belonged to .t mnn of c':((;!iiy. Thus niuch 
we noted ; ihcn, feeling; that we were intruding on some sorrow too 
deep for words, we hurried awny^ Ec^tving him seemingly glued to hi« 
granite seat, and ga^'ing intently scanard.^. What was it that he saw 

»'Well, gentlemen, did you catch aTghi of him?" asked our 
guide when we rejoined him Dflcr a five minutes' |>,irEing. 
" Ay ; hut who and what 13 he? " rephed my friend. 
"They call him 'The Man o'the Oath"; and many** the ta!e 

All fo^ //ommr. 

it|Bsr^ iboiit hinu Some folk my hr'« dning pcrunre Tor «o«nc frimc. 
Ijf h(T «om<^ Uf At }lcndu^--roT Ihat'i his nghl nAmr— Iiri Ihc ■ fuH 
tyt ' ; 4n(! ^o ihey iJwtys give ihnt rnck a wide hc»h. Otlicr fi^lk 
holdtlut hc'dxvjndhinaaclf by an onih— hcnoc hb nicltnamfr. And 
KTtain »iire he rcrci *t.n from thai rocfc, nor <pc*kft to bouI aKvt— 
nc< CTcn to thL'- little La:^ of a niece u hrtn^ him hti duly dole of 
bread aikd urattr.'* 

"Bui, tny Ihcnd,'* t.-iid I, *t>mcwhfli ira[iaricnt[y, "on'E you ttH 
iu stilt l«d him to cut htnueir ofl^ from .nil hit ti^llovcreAlurrs?" ' 

** Ah ! Ihal't fl <tu^tTon nobody biiF m(^ and fAThcr <r4ri ,-tniiwer- 
My molher-^od rert her soul r— was «fV3ni to ihe juiudc av 
Brndsca conff^icd to. by order of the pric&t : and being in iht 
kitcVrr. with naught but n lath -and -piaster i^all 'twrii ii jnd L<rf 
maitn^3 (jflrlour. she couldn't be off hearing what licndsci mid to 
him. Weil, she's dead and gone: rind the justice he's rtwd iinil 
gtioc- And iforc my poi-'f moiha would tell mc nnrt hthrr nhM 
tbe'd heard, she made ua awcar wc"<l ncrtr wag tongue flbnn! ii to 
toij loni in thc*e ram. But you, gentlemen* comci from ftmm p.iiN. 
Scr >xH] I jwfiy teU. WelL Peter Bond^ita- himcis you «^^ ujjyomt<fr 
— b the head of hii family - scnFtiriiiE folk from father to snn, lime 
out o' mind. Theii nameahowt; Ay, they wiled thc*ca;flnd 
Peter he owned three lidy smacks and went sardinc-hshmg- He'd 
hiTc 6ttcd ot« a big boat and gone cod lishing hut for his wife - a. 
cotndy lo^ she wai when he niarrtcd her, and a kind hearted. But 
«hc couldn't abeor hio) oui of hec light not a mom^ ni longer thnin 
w&sJQfc needful for him to be nway aftcnhc ^ardine^. So, for her 
mkc» he thoughc no more o' going cod-fiahing, They lived in fhar 
litilc houfc there on yotider itbnd- And the)'d one child-^a boy- 
VoQ may guesi they just tvonhlppt^d him. 1 don't know nhat they 
trooldn't bAre done for him. Xaught wan too good Id; him^ they 
tttOVght. And flfegubrTurk hemmed out— olwaya in hot water 
tA seme kiad. But his fithcr only btighed when ncigtibours ejime 
and complained aa how Jim had ' half murdered our Molly/ or 
'(inen otjf Jark ft pair of black cyca.' And so things went on. Nor 
Pciet nor I'dcr** wife eoukl see any fault in their Jim. Whatever 
he did was bound to be right- Well, by the time ht was sixteen, 
Ifce lad lake* to fiisking on* to Ou<^rande whenever he'd a mind, 
Konntos the girLs and drinking* and billiard-playing. Vou need 
Guh to cvrr on that kind o' ^ain& So Jim takes to helping him^Jt-IT 
ocft tf his moEher'i old stocking She, poor soul, knew of it iibHi 
enough, but dunnt breathe a word of it lo her good man- Why, 
bleas yoti: hearti, gentlemen, Peter was the man to go twenty m\\cu 

n 1 

The Ct^ntkuuiKs Magazine, 

*foot »o pay hack 1 Unhing htA b«n overpaid at a reckonir^ff | 

*M:", whiTii MatlCT Jim had «ripppd hii mother of htr Inst pcniiy 
whai m(j,; he do. one fine day whm her back w;i6 lurncd. but hell 
UWcA, ( haiis. Jintn, i^loie-a'fnosi aJI he c/>uld lay handa on JcawJns 
Ijltlc hul ih. bar* ^alk And then off h. jor* <o Naric*. to m.kc 
Jluck* and drakes o" :hc money, Weil, no keqnn^ what he'd rtonc 
from hii failicr this time : M'hen Pctcf rarrd home iiftcr ihc sardine* 
wawii, he muii be lold nr. sure n> fute. But ihc poor aoul IrU 
moniilly feared Co tell him— not for her own sake, you may dq^c-nd 
btit Uii JiniY Wdl, back comes Vcvcr, and set?, iht house a niovj 
nt'W'furnUhod wuh things lent by ihc HL-j^hbour*. *^^'hat* the 
weaning o' ihu?" ^ay? ho. 'We've hccn robl>cd» Peier/ say* hj-& 
Hlfc, more dead than ahvc. 'Whai'^ become o' Jim, then?' m>?i 
ftrer. 'Oh ! he'^ofl on one of hl8Ri>recs/ saysahr. ' Hc'b a deal 
too fond of hji iptctx,' wy* Pcicr- And Ihcre the matu-r ended for 

^-Utc titnc. 

fl "Sji! months aficm-v<1s I'ctcr heard ihaE ihe Nanlei police were 
on Jirij** track. St> ibtJlitT he tramps afoot, ferrets Jim out, and 
iTiiigi him home by ihe strulVof his nt:ck. He never axed him what 
he'd done amiue; but wyt he, • l.ook'ce heie I Vou stay and live 
spbur and seemly wlih yi>ui mnthcf and me for two yean -, else yoi 
and mc'll have a crow to pluck/ Bur, ihink you ihe scamp wouh 
be staid?— not he I He ihoufthl ht^ coulJ iwisi the uUl folks rouni 
hifrlitflefmger. So he u]* ftnd pulK a f»cc al In* faihi-r I>< 
gives hmi a i-uff" as by? him on his beam-ends for bc^t [>:li| of n 
months. Hi* p<ior mcihcr mi^h brake her heart over ti^ > 
one night, as ^.hc iny sound by her Rood man s side, whc hcs 
a noise as wak^ her. Up she jumps, and first thing Jie feels is 
\t stab i!i the jmti. She screums. Peter watei, »trikes a light, and 
Mcs her bleeding, A thief ; thinks he— j"*t as if ihcrc nan such a 
thine in these parts, wlicre yi>u might tarry a bag c' ^uld in your 
hand from Cioisic to St, Nazaire, and noi a soul a* jvu, ^ IVhai's 
thit?' Well, tiffKoes ['clcr and hums for J(m. Trust him to bcoui 
o' (he way \ Bui ne\t mDrninji in he waits as ruol at a cucumber, 
and has ihc face to tell Vm hc^d sptin ihc niglit at Uau. 

" No need to say ai nil tl»b white hi* mother had been at her 
fixU end 10 fmd a sife hiding place fot her money. .\* lur Pti«\ 
he always lodged it^tth Uwycr Dj^onid, of CroisJc. Dui Jim"^ 
riranks had cost t!ie old folk* a pretty penny by this ume. In fact, 
Ihey «us n^gh rumed- Hard foT fulk^ ^u hnJ been hUEih— home 
jnd all— a matter of four or live hundred pound* ; No one ever 
kne« how much ii wet JV.ct \q get Jim out of tliai mck^ ai^Nantct; 


All for I/osw7fK 5 

»f^ and ii nifttnfA tt% if Ihe wholif rjmiFy W4« Ooom«ij lo bad iuck; 
FW jJI hw! poitf A*ylr*ir ulf^ IVrfft"^ broTher. Arid *c to hearten him, 
Vtitx s^\% *Mj^ Jiiaand jour Pi»y muit make a m»uW of it oncoi 
Ihr^rdap.' And. tni"ar«im<% to kc^p him from itaiviJUL Peitfgiv« 
hErnab^rlhin tiDfiihing-inucfc ; and Pciei\«irr, sh* taken »nJ btw* 
a i>panith doubloon in a bit of* bag, and wriw* on it, ■ i'oi J'aiiy,' 
as Lirgc a-H lifr, in b^r own handwrtiin^ fof the if.i« n fiTsi-raN! 
vcholai, iftu IV:tt^ wife, 

''M>ll, hour en «inh Jim time fo noic thot hit o' sold rione 'W 
<;%'«r knon : iwt t\Qif. ii hr: di(f» and ofT ivith ii to Criii><ic on Uic 
apTtc. But it HI bcfdl that b,ick coniu IVit-r from the fnh^n^ tluit 
vcrf night. And whal »hoiild he «f, floating a^opo' rhe water, Imrd 
by ihe Undxng'pUce, buL « saap o' pfipcr' Up he picU ir, ;mrl 
hnmc «tth it lo bin wifc. She wr» " J'or Pjiry ' m her own hand- 
writii^f. iinrirtg her in rhr Jncc ; and dofl'n she fa!!* in a i^kviion, 
fcier hn^ her roimd, ^tnii ihr.i, wiiliout \ ^ord, away he Matki to 
Croitic And hcuri thai hi>]im a in thebillurd^rnomnttliemn. He 
got* «tnijihr to [he inn-door, raits the Eandl.idy, and ^.lyg, say* he; 
■ 1 "amc Mowi'f*, 1 focbadt oui Jim to part wiLh -i crrlam hit tt gold 
hdl be pft>in( >on tfith by-and-by. >iow 111 bide hen.', and wT^en 
he KiTd it jrou, juM bring \\ to ntt^ and L'tl f^kve yoti thi^ worth of M 
tn liltcf/ Affer a itliilc 'he brm^'i him the donbioon, swops it Ibr 
ftilver, and honLc hr irudge« wirh it. 

■■ Kvcry Kitil tn 1-c l.'fOiM0 knows lliat niucbi Bat Ihey on only 
sive a gtre&« at what I'm now going io tcU you. On rc^iching home, 
Ptter bid» bie wife tidy Ihc ^arluur. then Ik pikfl up iho Hic, lit;ht« ;v 
pair of canidlet, hct& two chairs on irnc ^iidc- of the hesnh and u 
thrre-^rggcd mooI a' t'ottirt, and bidi hit *LfL' tnk« anj hmOi rhr<r 
weddmf^ «ttii4 a^ vrait Uid np I'^nrhil \i\ the i-oiTcr Thrnhedons 
hu o«Q wedding luh, iralki off to his ttnather't houie. and bc^ him 
IO keep a look out, and gitx him ^r-irning if he hilars anyone a- 
Uikdiiig on ihe EsI^ndH Thtm, judging his «ifc would have drcwcd 
hertctf by ihj£ lime in herweddrng^lothei, he goes backhomf, loada 
hU gun, And hid» it \v\ the ingte-nook. 

■• After A while, home comes Jim— late enough ; for he'd EUy«d 
AE ijt Ooiiic till icn, drinking and i;ambUng. As soon as he shows 
hiA £acc his father uys ' Sje you down r^n yonder stool ; for you're 
bcAore your father and rnother. whom you've wionged, and who must 
judge fou/ ThereuE>on Jim began to whine ; for there wasa Tiiar- 
MHBc look rn hia faihi^r^ face^ while h\% mulher ^E Uii?re bull uprLghE 
Aod KlifT as a num. I'hen encs rcicr, * Unless yuu m on thuL stool 
A£ itiLl A3 ft mots^e. Ill ^hoot you hkcA dog/ So there JimsaX^ 

ft Tlu GeniUmatis Magasim- 

dunifi nit A fish. And hie Either polla ovt the tcrap of paper and 
jayx *Thii hclj a Sjmnish <Ioul>li>on, M vrjc ac^n in your niothcr'a 
nuttrefiH ; and no one bul h<^i- knew Hwn llufrti, 1 r^und thii bit of 
pap«r nAo^t nigh ihe Undine: placr, and you paid a doublooa Co 
Danic Klowere this very ni'Eht, and >our moiha & ib gvnt from hcf 
bed! rf\>Tr\wbji have you to *ay for yvui^df?' Jim ^vrcan he 
never touched hiG mother's doubloon, juiiJ that the coin be gave 
]>;iiue FIow«ra wa^ one he brought from Kantvi after his tost spree. 
'Good :' Hiys Peter ' Bui how can you ytfjyt ihe truth cJfour 
words? W/ll you take your wcri'd oalh you didn't steal your 
mother's doubloon?' Jira wafi n^dy with hiio^tK Bm up spoke 
hib mothtT : *Jmi, my boy^ uk« heed leu you rontwvai younelf. 
You may turn uut a good Lad )~eL if ^uu rqicntand mend yourway^* 
And *]ih \\\^\ she bum out cryiag- ^ You're an old this, and an old 
tbati as always wanted li^ bring me to ruin T cries ]im. Petenturra 
A^h'iiolL-, ind fiiys, 'Tho&c «ordi to yuur mother will ^i> xa swelj mf 
5CL»re a^ain&l you. But, come 1 Aie you rvady to bweair? * ' Ve*,' 
says JmK 'Slop a moment/ ^ys hj$ faihcr. ' Wasjrwr doubloon 
marked with -^ ceo&b like this doubloon as I hold in my hand, a£ wax 
maikcd wiih a cio&s by ihe sardine 'dealer uho gave it me before 1 
gave ii to your Liiolher ? " This po*er siaggetB and sobers Jim a bit ; 
and he bejons lo Uubber- ' Enough t' sitys his father. 'I'm noc 
going to cast your old misdeeds in your face. But, murk me \ til 
see DO BL-nd«;a swinging in front of Croisk gaol. So down on your 
kaees ! A pjic^t will btr here in a mJnkEing lu sbriic you-' 

" Ere this, Jin/smoihi^r had «Lip|H^l oiit-o*-<iooi& chat :ihe mighta^ 
witoera hcf son's doom. ^^'h^Ie she was outside in came Peier'i 
brother with ihc |>aiish priest. But Jim was far too ciafty to confess. 
Wx made sure ihjt his father would ne^rt kill him ujishrivcn. SO| 
ais he stubboirily refused to confess, Fetcr tlianked and dismissed 
the priest, and sent Jim to bed wuh Lhis warning: 'Next time I 
catch you trijiping, your fate is scaled, confcsi&iun or none 1 ^ 

"Never doLibtijig that his faihirr raejinc to let him oH^ Jim soori 
fell fast B«1ee[i. But his father sat up, and when he heats Jim 
snoring he takes and ^gs him with a ^trip of &itKc!o1h, and binds 
him hand and fool- The i»oor mother ihrowfc lierself at her good 
man's feet and bc^ him lo spare her only child, ' He's doomed I * 
say» EVtei- ' Come, help me carry him to the bijat ' ' Not she, you 
may be turc. So Felei carries the lad without help, ties a big stone 
4i> hii neck, and rows hiin out to sea as far ^s yondrr rock, deaf to 
hii moilicr'» prayers for nierc>- as she follo**ed m a boai with Peter'* 
Iwoihcf. 'Xtivi a bright moonlighl nighl, and presently the poor 


All for Honour. 

creature se«s her husband lift the lad from the bottom of the boat 
and f LDg him overboard. One sullen plunge — then dead silence] 
For the mother lay in a dead swoon. Ay, and she died within a 
week, begging her husband with her last breath Eo bum the cuised 
boat He burnt it, and then he seemed like one clean daft He 
knew no more than it madman what he was about, and when be 
walked he reeled and staggered like a drunken tnan^ Then he went 
away for a foTtnight» none knows whithei ; came back, confessed the 
deed Co the justice, and gat him straight to yonder rock where you 
gentlefolk saw him. The lest you know." 

A shocking story ! Ay, but we heard it from the lips of a SOTI 
who had given up all for a father. And the thought of his pure and 
unpretending piety— to use that word in its old and strictly human 
%nsc^^blended into and softened the picture of the fathei who had 
fQiestalled the hand of justice by sacrificing his son. 


The Genlkmatis Ma^azme. 


TWM faiiicus bln4tty, or loroKm^ double M«i, known to aslrono- 
mcr* a» Gflimnn Vi^ini*, Xvn clostf tu the c<^lc»tial tquntor — 
about I dcgicc lo ihc »otiih— niid about 15 dt^cf^ to ihc tiotlh- 
wcstof die brighl star S|HCT (Aljilia ufthciamc const?;lfiilioiOj wiih 
ivhiLh it fiirni* the sicrn of a Y'*^^*^pcd llflujc, formed by the briglilcsl 
stivs of the comtdlftriciJ^ Virgo, or ihe Viigin, lijimni-T bcingai ihe juni^- 
liOM of ihf: [HO Hpjic( brflnche?!. Ttie brit-htnL'** of llflmma Vir^mi* i^a 
lUllcjiTcaLei ihananavcf^j^c iUr of llie third mflgnitudc, Phiilomciiio 
mcaaurt!* iiiade ;il 0%forrf and H'^rv^rd Obscrv^iloitcs flgfce iluscly, 
a^d EiiiLkc il^ Ln^litnm nlioiit ^'7 iLiflgniludc, \\t:^X ib Iu»jy, rattier 
ncanr i\\v llurtt t]t:in ihe second mj^MUudt, Va^i^hon of light lio^ 
hijwevi^r, been tuajiecLed in one 01 boLh compuneiiU, and llii^ rjues- 
tion of light ^arLalion i*!)! be toiisidereil further yn. The Peiiiiui 
tf»ilToni>iT;er, AI-SuH, m lits debcriinion ol ihe Eie.itt^ir^ vrrilLen \x\ ihe 
Ti^nEh CL'fiturv, raid's ituf Lh^ third niLigniltidr, and describes i\ as*' the 
rhird of t]ie ttars of fi/-nui-ii^ whi<:h b a mantion of fhe mrton/' the 
first ^nd second *1ar*, of thit *' manaic"Fn " bcuig Hela and K'a Virgini% 
the fnuilh Mnir Helta, and the fiTth Kpstlim, lhe«t five 4lar^ foTminf* 
ihc two tipper hraitchcp; of the Y-*hflpcd ^ficuTc nhovc rr^fcrrcd to. 
(>nmma wM called /.auiy-sh ai-irut,% '^ the corner of the barkers ! -' 
Trom \x* pOfiiion in the (iGure which formed the thirteenth Lunar 
Mansion of the old oatrologera. It wni also called IWrima and 
PestiGtta in the old mlendflr*, "l'he*c anciem rumc? for the stftr» 
nre curious and their origin dotihtfLil. 

The faei that Gamnin VirgmiM re.iMy ennsiil* of two start tlo« 
together stcni^ 10 have hccn discovered hy the famou-i ,isironomcr 
hradley, in 171^?. He rti-nrdort the jiosition of the component!! by 
Malmg lh,il the line joining them W'as thcl^ eicaetljr [uirallct [o a line 
joinmjf the stars Alpha anrt Dclift in the same conAtcllflrjoUp Thi* 
waSj of <'Oiu*r^» only ji rou^hiiicthod uf niiasuremenl^ :ind the ^Kiftition 
tound by Hradleyi heing ptobahly iiunt: or lew* crroneou*, hni given 
much troLihlc to eompuicra \A the ortwt described by the comj>onent 
Mars round r-irh olhet^ or, rather, lound their common centre of 

l^hs Si4^ of Gamma Virgints, 

IE). Rradlcv doct TiOX itSvc tho Api>arciitftiaunce bcto'ccn Ihe 
coraponcni f:ar<, t>a( ^ve nuy conclude (rum tfic orbit— which ii hcmt 
tf*Il ddcrmincJ—tl^at they were then nciiiyai Ihcirgrcaioc possible 
dicuncc npul. I| ii cuiiout ihut Uetuccn ItrniJlc/s time And 171)4, 
iht iur was on gcvcra^ occa^iuns qicciilci'd b>- ibc moon, but none of 
lh« Dbacrrcr* rdrt (« iu doplidty- Ii wjih ayain mcosutod by 
Ousiai i& 17JC. l>y Tybias May^i in 17^6, and by Sir Williim 
Hcnchd ini;So. These mfasureBbtiowciJtbAC ih^dbtancc between 
tbe cooipcmeDU «U «lta<liEy dimEnihhinjj; and tbnt the poiilion 
Utglv of the t«9 VttTA wa6 a^tiu ^TecTcatinj;. Thie decrti^e in the 
populiun angk— tnvA.Bured fruiii ttio nuilh ruiniJ by easit touth and 
weU< from o 10 ^0 Jf]j^ct'»— ttlio^H th:ii thr luuiiun Jrt what ik called 
nutifildei or m the drrcciion of the li^indf; of a xvatch, /jnv/, or 
"p^eiary motion " bcin^ in \ht oppoiiiEe tlircction. Thettarwai: 
aigKinnivasured by Sit John Hcisdiel and South jn the yeari iSjv 
10 jSjS ; by W. Siru^»e in the lame yeAni, and by Dswei and uther 
ob^rvcrt fro«n 1S31 to tht prrtcnl time. The rtrcofdvd mc.iHures 
are \Krf numeromi and have enabled computvii lo d*:tetmine the 
otbi^ "ith <^niider;ible accuracy. Tht' rapid dccTcn^c in the 
■pporcftt dUtance fium 1780 la \%^ indicoit^d that ihc apiKLrcnt 
otbit i» vcrj' donsati-d, and ihiLt possibly the two sian itii^ht '^dose 
Dp " altogether, and appciir Jis a single star ev*iJi in Lelt»<:ojiu-B of ton- 
^enble pouer. ThtB ariually otcurreJ in the year iS,;6, yr ut 
Icut the iLut were ihcn to do&e tu^t^thcr that the best teleico]Wi of 
thx dOF failed to ihon (Minuia Vjrginii ji oiiylhinf; but n »mj(Le «ai. 
Of ojune it tTDiild not K^be been bc>and the rca^h uf th^ gMDl 
iclc^copcs of our diiy. Fioni vhe year iSj^i the pair began to open 
out iftain, and At pment the distance is again 3ppro;ichirg a 
ttjximuin- Ii is now within tbe reach of a mwaW Et:leico[>e, and formt 
a fine idttcopk objeti with moderate inft[tunn--m. 

'Ibe geneml chjiat-ler of the orbiuL nialion may be described aa 
Mlo«f- In i7iS>a1 the time of Brodlcy'ioU^ivFaiion* the companion 
uat to the nDnh'wesl of the pnmaiy atat ; it then ^iTadually 
ted towards the ue^C and souiFi. and in 1336, when at Jta 
nibiinum diatiTicp, ii nas to tlic ^ouEh'cast- Trom (hut dale Jt 
apiii tiittied toivaTdt the noirh, xwd ai present jt i« north-Kcil of the 
fminiiy tfar, and noi £ir fjom the pusnion lotrnd by Ilradlcy in lyrS. 

The fiint to allemi^l a cikiibnoii of Ehc orbit dcscnbcd hy this 
tnt^ksblr pair gf *iin* was Sir John lltriibd, who in ihe year VA^\ 
^Hinda period of iibout 1^13 yc-^n. In 1 835 he iccalculAteJ [lic orbit 
^dfaunda i>ciio(i oT nearly 6jlv year^, Buch tlit'^i;' pciiods were much 
long, but the data then flv^illabJe vtiiz not aulUticnC fui the 


10 Tfu Genikmmis Magazine. 

cakulabcn ol an occuule otbiL Front thoe results he pftdictctS 
that ** the bRcr end of the year 1S33, or the bcgioaing of the j^ear 
1S5I, «il iritncss one of the matt strikiiiG phenooKU which ladcreal 
Mij onoM y liM yet tiTbfidedi vie-* O^c pcrihdion passage or one viar 
TOtmd aaother, vfththc immcntcan^larTClociiy of between fia*iiMl 
70'' ptr iimtim, ttijii m to uy, of n degree m fli« diya. As the two 
Eton vriU then, ))o«(Ycr, be vpiihLn liiilc more than hntf a second of 
uLi^ other, and as thc) arc both Urge and nearly c^uoi, none but the 
wry Jiiicit tdc*COi»e» will hAVC any chance of dutwing this magnli* 
cent pho&omenon. Thc fiTOApcci, ho#evert of ivirnc££mg a vmtbfc 
and racnsEirablC chjin^ \n the 8tttc of a/v objeei »> ten^mc, In a time 
SD ihorf. nifty rcfttonaEiIy be expected to call into Acdnn the moM 
jrowefful ifi'ctmmcnui meons whtrh e*n be broui^hi in bear on it/^ 
'I'hi} |irvdicLion wa5 not vt-rtlied unrrL the yccir 1856, when Ihe pair 
"clfFacd up out of txW telescopic re^b," acept at ihe Do^iat Obscntt- 
toty, whcr(^ a nioenifying power of 848 siilJ showed an tloDgatfon m 
thc disc of the fitar. The orbit found by Sir John Hcr«ehcl was a 
tolerably donned dHpsc with its Ioniser aiii lyin^< nonh-cut and 
Vouih-WML Thla waa not quite correct, for vrc now know that Ihts 
OxiiliMnoilb-wL'tEand^OuLh-euE. and thai the ap]}art:nl orbit hmucb 
more e1ongau*d than Sir John HciachcJ at first aupixtecd. Thi» u-a» 
Hoon recognL^ed by Hcrschel himself, and he came to Ihc conclusion 
t»iat he and other cotnpuicn had been muled by Bradky'j ohser- 
vaiion in 1715. He then Tejcetcd Ihii early and evidently rougb 
obeervation, and using thc measure:! up lo 1845 he found a period of 
about z£z years, whieb wc now know lo be very near the iruih. 

The orbiE was al^o eonipuied by ihc fainoua licnnan AstTonomer 
M^idkr, who found periods of 145, 157 *nd ifii> yeara ; by Hmd, 
i4iycaiA; by Hendcrwn, 14,; years: by JacoK '33j, 'Sri. »*>d 
171 ycnrs : by Adama, 174 ycar^ ; by Harmnarion, 175 years ; and 
by AdniiM] Smyth, who found i4Sandi7SyeaT^H All these periodv 
wc now Lnow, nrctoosmalL Mcteher found ilfj| ycart and Tbicle 
1S5 ycaw, 'I'wo orbitK were com|iuEed by Vtt. Itoberck in recent 
years. Thc first of iheie grvcs a period of 180-54 year*. ;ind the 
second iJ9"65 years. J have carefully rom]jan;d these oTbiis with 
rcecnt mwisurcs— measures nude iincc thc orbits were computetl - 
and find that the first orbii represent* Ihe meisurcs very aatiafaeiorily, 
and 1 think thai the true period mtl prove to be about tSi years. 

The ftppaa-nl firbii of ihc pair — that is, the oihit visible to us 
ond whidi 11 a pmjeetion uf rhc rtjil orhil on the barkEroiind of the 
iky— is a very eiongMed ellji*c, and, as Admiral Smyth said, "moie 
like aeomciK than n planet's. " Tl.e real ellipse hu a v«ry high 

Tk€ Sivry €>/ Gamma Virginis, 


tcctotHcilT, n«arir 1x9— iiid<i«d, llie MK^cst of all tlic knovrn binary 
vtan, a^d nut much l«tt Lban diiit of HuUcy''} i;c:in»rt ' 

A> I Wild in the bvf;irr;mg uf thiv inOpcr, ili« va;iAbt1ity t^f tho 
light u^ unv or of both of the cornponcoLis of C'tammA Vtrginis hu 
bnn tiron^lir ^ipri:l(d. So far back :ls 1S51 and 1H5J U. Siruve 
paid loniriLlnir LiIEcotiori to ihti ^unt. ]lt<f obvtn;itiun« m Ihoir 
fcan )Huw th.-it wincLimn Ihcr cgmpun^hE iint^ were cwdly rc]ijijtl 
hi bntlbnc;, and tcmclimc* thv Souibirdi bt^ir^he cnr i;enrrAlly 
taLtfnJa ihc primary star — wjii from c-? lo 07 nugmtudc brighter 
than the other, Thcrr iccehb to be liltk doubl lliM lome vari.ilLLin 
realty L-ilcei pbcie in the Rlotivc brigl^incu of the p^it. TJili i« 
clearty indicated by the mciturirs of potiitoik angle. Fur cxAtnple, 
an the year 1 S3fi, Profcaor HaK recorded ihcpctwiion angle as 154*^, 
evidently mcfiiuiin^ from Ihe Northern *tnr av il^e bnghtci of llie 
two; tthiEciniSfi; Srhia^urclli given jj4''^ (or ftbout i?io* moTc), 
Uioi indicaTmj{ ihJt he funijdcreii ihc Scjiiihern itar u ihc primary 
Of brighter of the pnir. Ilumhani found ri.r^4 ^^ tSA^, and llr. S« 
fyvc* 3ji"'5o in 1891. Thit [> ntt[> tliotrn b)' earlier mtaiurci, for 
Oembowilti found 3SJ*"fi in »H5^ and i/i^'a in 1355- The perlfid 
vtf v^JtrraEivn w<h^1d«e^ni 10 bc»hurlt for O. ^tiuvt; fouitdlhu Southern 
*rar halfa iiusriiiude biighlcr than thcoihcr on April ^, 185a, white 
on Apitl 21) <i\ ihp lime vc^r he fnimd Micm "ptrfecdy cqunL" Jl« 
thought thai the viruijon wa« AbDut d p of a mJgnLiude, but that 
ibc elinVLfe of Poulknra, where he observed, iras not suitable for 
«och ob^err^iiiori^. Thia r.itjdtinn i« vef^' interL-&ung, and the quc9< 
tion thould be thotoiJghly inve^n^aicd wjtK a good iclcsfOpe. 

As the di^tanre iif { kI mma \'jrgini» from The e^rth hait noi bt^er\ 
determined^ it is not pnuibJc- lo oilcubtc the actual dimenjniv)i cif 
the oibir and the matt of the ^slfm. If we aaaun^e Ihnil the COm> 
hised nnflat of the rompont nis is ci|U jE tn the sun'^ inasi, 1 find from 
I»», I)i9ben:^'» firti orbit Ihar the " hyiK^thclicjil jfamlbi/ M it il 
termed, would be o^'iaS, implying a diatancr of i,fti 1,415 <in^cs the 
»un's diihlancc from ihr {r.nrlh, If. hoivevcr, we suppose Ehat ihi^ m;1^K 
of oirA of Ihc rrimpimtnti n e<|u,nl to the ^un'i mivw. or ihc m,i%i of 
the syslem duitblr that of the sun— |icrh;i [.« ,1 more pKib;thlc ^uppo- 
aldon-^l find that the parallax would be about o '~i, dcnoUn^ a 
ducance of r, 061,650 timt^t the lun^ distance from tho cjtiK 
Placed at ihu great distance, thf^ snw would, 1 find, be reduced in 
brightnesi to a stir of only the suth magniwdc, or ^'j magnitudci 
Uiter th«n Camtna \^irginis ap|:eara to ui. This difoenee impltct 
that, luppoaing each of ihc eomponenl *Ur* of tlie bmfiry to have 
a ma» eqwl to the lun's ma»f ibeir combined light \^ i\ timet 



and as 


lii GcitUtmafCi Magazine. 

sun wq'ild emit if ('loccJ %\ the ainie (]jiiunc« 
ihenrw^iMM ,*^^^I'^'^'=t* !^« '^"f'V equal m brit-htoc», each « 
^'oed, the , '**^ ^'"'^ brishlcf than ihg «un 1 Acci>rilm« t< 

'*"l>e hut '''"'* ^^^^^ ^^*^** * ^P*'^*™"^ i^' i^v first or Si,mi 
''''=ap*'.;ini'**'^^'^^"'^ "^ ^''"^ ^^^"^^"^^ CataWftuc of Sldlar .Spcata 
"'criTMivT!!^ '^^^ 4cccnd Of wlftt type. If the fpcrirum in o 
sliow., -1/ .'^ ^*^'" brilliancy i» ctoity CApbirKtl. for, as 1 Tmvj 

I"onottic.,, "^^ <hc Sinan *tflri a»e jntnn*i*^aMy much hrighlct ti 
*l":<^lnnn i ''" ^^'^" "^^^^ ^^^ ^^"^ "^ 'h= *»'" ^Vpe^ iSut if ii 
TClaiivc briir ^^^ ^'^'^^^ ^-^** ^^ " ""^ *° *^** '^ explain its ^,^3 
^'* fclfttivc h "?'■ ^"*^^"l'"*'"fi ^^ ^ «^cll-Uo^n fLjri.mla, I U\xA tha 

fif ihc fc *"'ammft Vir^inis lo be tonwdcuiljly less ihin ihc niii* 

'hit foi*"^! "'*'^ ''" 'JifcUiKC ffotn (he c.-iiih would be much Icsi rhu 
'^^ We I ■ *^^'*< wlivii wc asvumtil lU infls*c([u,il to thni of ihc «un 
*iiftUn **^'* ^*»yvc, doubling ihe sup^rfftcd mass inrrcnscd tbi 

"iitnm" k' '^' *^" '^*^ "^t^cr hand iTwt tltiniiriih the mass, >vc niui 
Viririnf ' ' ^^'''T-intc .-ilso. Thus, if we suppose ihe mass orOflninn 

Par4l * f^ **° **'' °^ '^'^ ^"^^ "'^"" ''^*^ "^^ ^^^*=^ niyhiply ih4 

fTid ^H **** ''»l»3vc by Ihc cube root **f fi or j. which gives o'"j56 

luass *"** '^'^ <*>«on« to onc'lifllf^ A mass of ^»-lh of thir Him^ 

^-, *^^l*i a"c fi parallai of o"'3Sj, and a mass of „\ a paraU.n o 

SI', or a tvduciion of the distance to one fourth. To rcdticc ih< 

sun to Ihc iamc brightness as Cainuia CEtjiauri. it should be placd 

al a dtnt.incc ip,dknred by n parallax of o'l oiuhiplittl by the s<iua« 

lOOl uf ai^ Qj o"'4s^, and ihebinnry pair at this di^-iatitc wnuld h-iv( 

a mairt aboui ,\<ih of the sun's mass. If, however, thcsrat'a paralln; 

were V5 largv as ihis, or even amounted 10 a quarter of n second, ji 

i I probable Ihai it would have been detected and measured bclon 

ibis. In the eA*e of ihf bmary^ star Cnritorr I find frnm the oibii and 

a innail p^iailat found by Johnson Ijtbout onL:-fjfih of u second) iliai 

its mass is only ,'„Lh of tlicsun'i mass, but m Thiieiisc the tpfctrutn 

ll of (be Sirian type, and star* of this type are ^try hfighl in propor< 

lion to their mais. If the spectrum of Camma Virginis is icjiliy ol 

the sofar upe. w it tJifliciilt to understand why the stai ihould be as 

bright a5 il i'» 1^. however. \\ is of the Sithn type, fls found bj 

Voj^cl, '\\% brifihiness is easily explitmed, jis in the case of Oistur, foi 

stars of this lyP^ *"^ probably nmch boiiet auO mrhfc iununom than 

Ihc sun Tht' "dolours oflhy coiiiixxicm* of Oamma V»rj^inis. ivhkh 

a,e ,-^j„ j'^^itai 10 dioae of C^isiur— white or iKitc ycllow-^wou^d 

^^fififst that j= ""^^ ^^^^"^ '** ^"^^ ^^"^^ '^^' ''■ "^' ^'**'^' 


1\\hNK\ alvrajn found it rvftcthii-ic to mm mjr back for a time 
vpan ihc liitlc KxrLiI circle in an Indfan moruMil iCtlJon i^x ft 
dicrjci louf- The cirly ri^ in ihf d^wy mom, ihc fM^nt odourv 
cFlheflovcnng tniUcti m Ihc ftdds,<>f of ihc while bean nowen. the 
Rturiircak* in ihe ca?ncm nkjr, and the faini breath of thr dying 
bud hrrcv^c, combine to lUggcK idr4s thac lifE nnf oul of thi^ pcliy 
dtujlt of dftily hfc in a contracted cnvnannicnL li hnt »]#;ty« 
■ttmcd to inc ihaT when one la aJonc noble thaughlx hctt have ihrir 
nif, and Ihc ccanpanioiuhip of most <nho never iikc bc^nitd 
JB*dioenE|r hut \ct\t^% to mar ihclr influence upon the 
kThtn, a^Ln, lo he imubl scen^? of Indian iiaiive \\ic whose 
chaacicTtMit^ bcir Ihc cotoum of Nature, and to Mc.ific from fhv 
Uni[cncd moLtei of Weittcrn riviJi^aiion \\ <i TcZicf to ihow wIki hnve 
Jcirnrd ihai the naiurjil tmpiihcK oF m^tn, tfnij^K.-Tcii by liij;h jdealti 
■Iff tlif imr jurJcit to fcposcof nund, i he vmplitjJyof h;ibU of the 

lodian pcd»m, \\\c ^tngle-mindcdncM lA^hich c1iJir^ctcriw<p hii 

dotncacic reblioni, nnd his featgnjitioii in all tifcumstincen lo the 

DmnL' Will, rcvMl a con4JilLori of Jifc whicli bears IbCimprenof 

iTue nobi1il>\ brought into ftircing relief hy the iik^otucncM and 

UflriTyin^ manotony of bin daily iccurring loH, Whetlicr brCAVing 

iiptJ>e harti ixin-Jiicd clods of Nark eartk on ihe vast tcorchcd 

plum of Lhc l>ei^can, pbntin^ out ihc young licc pbm^ Itiicc deep in 

tJuih in tlic delta n( ihc lianges, or painruMy raising ffi>m Jidccp writ 

the priccTcti tic^ujd which ^a to rendc^r verdant iltc sandy wastes of 

Ihe £Tc«t dcitcri of Ihc iinrih-wcaT. you s^c humanity in htm at iLi 

belt, and finding ilt bc*l cspte*iion in the rulfilmcm of wnrk and of 

dontesiic duliCJL Take from him the i^ntksfacEion that these beger, 

and he would tndccd have Utile lo nffitrd happiness- for in Ehai mud 

hui »ilh roof of ijraas in which be dwells are but a couple of 

biJUkkcti and a few c^iiChcn cookmg pois— not much wherewith lo 

Unuriatc h is a pleasure lo see the btighiening eyes of the little 

naked childien, and the grateful smiles of the mothetr as the passer- 

by^ves Ihcm a few coppers i mid ihc gr:itLiude with which «omc 


r4 7~^ O^Hf/^mau's Afa^azim, 

suficf^r, with nought to rclicre h» poin^ receivcj some JiCAling 

h teems to mc that in the motintaiiu and fomtt one f^ndt mott 

to ]ifi tip The ihoughti. One rauj I have ttiwn wittkM m tbc 
M'citftn Ghat? comet vividly lo mind. The mighty irre* arc mo^ly 
cvtTgrecn ; Tmssac!! and ferns dui^tct thickly upon the hr^nghv \ here 
And there a giant hi)ntfycoml> in some high fork let* ilowiy dr«p iIiq 
rich juitc from its ovcrrtowinj; ctlis j in the sprinE-time on iSc »h.idy 
lude The oichids ore gay with hlosaoma ; the woodpi^ckcr up* 
bu«i]y on the hoUaw trunki, and the tungur monkeys rotnp from 
bough 10 bough. Such trees arc not single, but in lhnuwn*In, and 
bcnc.iih sometimes m enticing gUde lends jwaj chroTigh the drnte 
Undrr^Lm-ih in spots ivhcPC man's foot but mrdy if ever trcadf. 

HcrCi by immg quiet on a fflKcnstump* ibc prafnn] may be watche<d 
pieUmg up thcgrniES 5cc^ds, the agate Iiucd snitkc creeping stealthily 
pMl your UtU and the timid ravjnc deer trotting from one coven 
to another. Drowning mn^t other riounds, a tnrrcnt Ifom some h\^% 
peak romei spTashtng and leaping down the ravine, where, nuriunn) 
in its Bpray and in the rtch leaf moulrt Af the forc«. ihc niajcsiic 
tr« fern rcar> it* feathery top. Kvcn when The tropic rains an; 
falling the sense of Natures bcauries m tlnr^e forests assuages the 
discomfoits arising frT>m the damp and the lurking mianr.i. Then 
the sambur and ihr luson may be traekcil with noiteleis ircad by 
the hjntcr over the wfr ujrf, ihc white cl'.iijd^ are rushing up the 
valleys and tearing ihemsvlvcs to rag? through the trce-topi, and 
forming wfltcrfHiiia 3'>[jut out tn nunibcrloa placet from the denvr 
foliage on the mountain's aide. Right away on the edge of a ctiff 
overlooking the lofrlanda lying like a billowy scci below, from whence 
at sun«i the gtimmer of ihe distant ocean could he seen, I used to 
meet the Political Agent of Sangumpuiia. Frnm hts window he 
could dn:ip A sione down a precipice of some two thoiisjind Icet in 
depih, Nn oui^ else cared to live at this spot. Across the valley 
on another sptir was the old Mahratta fort, long Titnce deiieited *nth 
the downfall of ihat power. The Rajah did not YiV^ the vJolwit 
wind; and drivtrg mi&ta that llung themselves agatnst the mountain 
cdsic, flr-d prererrcd the wannih and fragrance of his icnana in hi* 
little cuy of &ingunipucr3» nestling in the valley fnr below. So the 
PoUliea] Agent was moMly alone, and would have grown weary of 
ennui but th^t he was a painter and a poet, and had Nature in all 
her a^pecii to study and to admire. He would rcscrrc his c«Rver. 
Mlion for tht^e who happened to be tnivclhng past, when he gave 
the vnyfarer a feast, with the music of an organettt, and would *tC up 

In the JttHgU. 



to ci Ulk of an th*t wa* pawing in ihc grtfltcc world lying beyond 
Ibr fonfincs of ihifc lAiland tiJciH rtirc*t- WifL- nnd cliiMfcn were far 
ainf tnoit uvtiil *c4t, ami cvtn with hrilt cngrortlnt; puriLdii 
3Ed Ju|^ &ims ll^ «ol:tM(lt ivftt Mich ni to call foftfi much 
nduckt^ty. 'Jo 4nrac men tl incfln:i a ipmi of ticmism. but to 
ocbm dr^vncraiH^ii. In ilir one Sdiiirc bcf nmei rcfm^fl, but in tlic 
otkr fdji|:c Ifiiiii The thought* chgcntlctcd by u^licudc is taken in 
KMulit), ORi^il voik laTfly lo cngraviri onc'ii inifTCit ar^l tinic 
in f^-idii M In rc^nrilc n^n iniliTidiut to a lonrEy lift^ even in iht? 
Mfhialing MCncv of the »Micfn (iioiml-nn«. In Ihc Sl-ilc of 
Sin|74mpu im the ii.i|ircnie liovfrntn^nt withrtl ihc I'olincal Agent 
to nct(4fc ihc aathoriiy whjlr lecmmg to t^Avc cvcrj-lhmg in 
thr hvid» of Ihr young knjnh, nhich wAfi & ta«k ronatjintly opposed 
by U« intngue? of a UrahnutnJwl pBriy. ^fhe day"* work olicn 
wtmt-il lo leave a bad ta»tc hkcanrnji^rfliblo meal in consequence. 
Btit a* the evening cIoacs in, when the office books arc sh^iF. the 
dtECndinli withdrawn^ and tho 4h<^(i twdight (tiekprs out in the wcit, 
bnr soothing lit ihf b^tlm whir:h XsEiirc f;iv» lo the irmiblcd loul 
in ihii dharnii ng tpo'. The moonlight it throwing inro strong lights 
ind shades the old baitioni on the neighbouring peak ; thr lofi iiea 
hrecfe gcitUy roitlei ihr broad ftond« of the wild pfantain which 
ihooti up among the lurrDEinding rocki^and waftitothe windows ihc 
cdounof wild jasninc and ehampa ; fmm fardotwn the cliff* comes 
6e miiMC of the cattle belU at the herd* ihmly uke thnr way to 
(heir nighily ihcltri in ihc vilUge itoekAdc. Suicly t^\ Ihc anMctiesi 
and a*peni>r* o1 lifc link lo initgmn^ninc when the noni yfclds 
ititelf to ihe gcnitc intiucnrcs which are jTways working m and round 
01, and Arc oi^Ey nurrcd by man E 

SomelidDCt my Iricnd would join th« Raph's «f]ioys m a hiinCing 
tv*»n. jnd many a benr, a jmnthcr, and a |io:ir iictc lirnfiT!;hE in. 
iL>n.iMy tl «tr,)«i (o rtd th^ di^Irjrt of :i marriudin^ I'K*^'- '-'nc 
maniEy frllow hoen the death from fir^l lo h*t (if Two hundred 
pcci|ilc- An amijihjni^ slory wjl:^ currL'tit aboot the hatritii t^f Ihc hn:m- 
I'lvcri'One ai'(|UAtnrrd wilh i-he ,ini»i;i| knows how he '^Ecctt the 
muddml ^art> of ihe fnre*! lor hiis x*allow nnd tdIE. Thc>' air nlso 
easily invc^iigaled with his snout for tooii. The people here ^y 
Ihatthe boar covers himself wrih mud and allows it to tlry upon him, 
Uiai when [n comh.-il wiih a Hger \\ may serve 15 a piolerlion, ilic 
ligci must first ttfip it off before he can claw rhe boar in a vulnerable 
paft Meantime the boar n^ei his tuski lo advantage, 

\ eurious and lamentable accident had h;ippeneJ in thi4 neigh- 
bourhood to a young iporting fnend of the A^ent- ] n the pan of 


l6 Tkt OtKtUmani MagasiKi. 

the Ibrot wlKre titc liuni for gime vac bcinj: coodoctrd, tbe vnd«T< 
grcnnh mu •» tfakk thM ihove «uryi;ig tbt gun« bad necessarily v> 
be pbocd in ireet it kiu tireire H^ from ih« ^rowul Hit l%er 
riMr np at a watk co«?rdt ihe Lr«« in which the roong oActr wk 
po«ted, Bitd wiK rccrived with the dvcharg« of bodi faftrrdt. Bat 
only flighily dinbfed. ihe bmte sprang at the tree, managing to cUv 
the ^Mrism^in's galteiK, io v|>«e< hia tixloncc and bring him to the 
ground. The dioutf of thuw near u baud frighccncd away the 
attiiniAl brfi^rc he could m^ul hii vicLimv buE ohhoagh the yoiuff 
nian recjcjvf^l but a slight icnilch on li;e leg, (he siozk :LCilng upon 
sh we.lL h:;aft h;id mtTiccd lo kill him, ami be ncvei moved ;ig3in - 
one of mmy fjiaht^o jUcndant upon thit faicinjiing but dangerous 
ttpott. Canihcn fire in this loctdlir more numerous than tig^rs^ cmd 
ar« boM«r in venturing near human dwelbngi^ My friend :ind I 
v^e valkEns one afietnoon dovn a paih in:he forest slopes towardi* 
^Jifsuniputta. hit dog, a fo\ terrier, tome humirett y^^ls ahcod, 
vrhen % tianther sprang from ibe juntjle And bciited the dut; by the 
back of Lhe nt^ck. We bolh ihouied out and ran to iElc »pot, when 
tb? panthLT drcipi'ed rhe U-irier and iri^tili^ ofT. The dog ifra« found 
to have rcctivcij <jn!y ikin mmnd^, hot had a vr^ndeifuj escnfK-, 
«ncc the fir»l j^rip by a p;xnihcf's jaw siiflices gciicially lo brtak % 
doRs back. It is of tioursc oc^-cr safe Ju |terinil: dog* lo run loOM! 
afttrdark. They hjuc been known Xa Ijc carried :iii'tLy?ven from tho 
♦etandab gf a houM-. Tn une of my ramp^ ii punlher appruachcd 
neartu tht 5crvanu' fifcin-iucsi of the dng, but was put tuHiyljl with 
blank carrridge- 

A BriUsh repre^tnlflLive in a native slate may do much barm or 
much good dependent ujxjh bifi individucil characteiikiics^ A miplj 
nmn ivho carrJea out orders faiihfuhy is a safe man, but does not 
altf^yh condbale ibe ruii^es. A devcr man, who ^ill act on ht£ own 
initiaiia-T mijsi be careful. He rnu^^t nut ,^sieii himself bui must 
make himself an insiruonent- Naiives aie prone lo admiration Ckf 
the individual but Government d<H^& noi like individualism ; it hkts 
i» servants to be all ca^t in one n^oukl- Sliikinj^ novehies mu»t 
originate only Jn the ?^ecrel:irb[&. When an aJniim&crsior becont«tt 
too independent of (iovcmmt^nt minutes it is time he should be 
ttoveJ (;l4euhcre. He muat lIius biggin his methods a]t u;ieu' and 
rely, for a time fit IcJ-si, upon rnBiruclions from b^.■a^]-<^oan<n. My 
1'tlentl in San(;uniputra Otd admirablvp Ha never on the one hand 
told Government anything ihcy did not like to hear. Hi* oAicbl 
teimru oivrflowcd with detiiL and v^iih sentiment likclv to cause a 
Xlow of intiKfaction in the coui:ciLbr at M^bbai Hill tvho was 


In ike JuH^k. 

lappf pro£Tei« %r\A nofi unciurt^d with buoyant hope. -He had 
Vhanre in %iaiin£ thfti hii Tchiiorii wiih th? Kjjah And the dowager 
to» continucil to be vibccllcni/ ^':hc recent order of (tovcrmiient 
f^iding (he colkciioft oi cusicm duc« at VijLlapurum had been 
touaton^atod to cho Kafah, who bad cvpre&scd appro^al ^^ ihv 
)>npaB&t CO AuJRiilatc ptoCk-durc. &:c./ " and he hfid every ci:<nrjdc»c« 
Ihiiihcnctr fytMcn vould work wdl." "The Kajiih had (Joclnrcd 
hii livfiy gniii^c lo the Iforob^T CfOVcrnmeiii foi (heir inicrvpTition 
in zhc boundaE7 dl^p^^e '^ith the neighbouring French siaEc of 
Sctftiabdquc. ' AH thK aflcr twenty yea ri* experience, h^d bccouic 
u tiif thtt the -\(C[^V» or^eul eorrcipondence never caiifiL'd hjni any 
trouble. If tfl m^Htflnt were lem lo him, as somctimca happened, 
*^eiisomc younfisicr wiih K^d tnierut bui in pectmiar^difficullies 
''> TiJt ie^in>tni liadtobc [rrovidcd fur, il might he iniLirivenJi-iii lo 
coucateh^in in this i>arliciitar hiytc of police leut-i wijiitic, ^u he^va;} 
^loiT«d to jj;n out ih<ioiinK, on focAt di^niarcjition wuik, ur vunC to 
dtrll (he Rajah"* b»Uliont, iri any one of which pursuni Un* nub- 
*it^r^ believed he was dorna jmpoaani scivite. 

Dn ihtf other hnnd, \\ fuu«l bv confESicd that t))v KajaJi wat a 
■ulkj little fellow. iJiblilicd to b« dictated to, and oruuld not alwci)^^ 
^e ihe AgenL Hue the latier hr^J li; deal mo&lly ivilh Ur^hmans 
Ihe Dcwon. or first mlniHier, antl other* wJiu had all the real influence 
At ihe native court, and he found he best promoted the interest,^ of 
1^ own Gorermneni in the end by »wming to agree wiih Ihcm in 
thin^Jt There ^^dk never more th^n a triUJng objecuon lo any 
ilJon they in;ide. and he wutild neter even by stress npon 
\ : but vphtiO the rnAtler i;a[pe u> be discussed by them in prlvaic 
they grew to feel th;itthe [rij^jng objection might end fn becoming 
40 obtiade. ^nd thvir arran^emenii muai be modJiied accordingJy. 

Aga:D, ihe curt ^nd pc re m pi uiyjmt ructions f*om Govcinmcnt Jicnd 
qoanen were conveyed Eu the native court at *'^iJ^gcBtioni,''Eoinetkn)cs 
dtrown om in the coune of ^onvtfrEnuion : litne wok allowed for them 
10 Ukc root ; to be regjidcd in all aspects ; to become faniiJinr lo the 
ruitive pitate ; and finally to be wdcomcda^ addinicto the/rvj/.^^'rof 
the Rajah'» govcmmcnr. AddcdtohU cap;tciLy for ]K>l[UeaJ fmesve 
wu a Kracioui, t^mpaihctic manner^ to which a natire iA lndi;i> and 
Cipecally an educated one, i^ill always respond, add vhiiJi thcru is 
no other who bcEur appicciaui, Ci^jpaii Kam, the J^ewan, in the 
bosom of his family, uK-d to speak affeciionacely of the A^ent: 
he tJJted the freitucm incjDuie» by the Tatter after his health, ;j|)(J that 
of hb wife and chjldjen ; fur die naii^e famJy (^ noi kepL sc nuii-h 
voucOAirrjr. >o. 19^9- ^ 


|8 S'Aa GetUiemoHS Atafosin^. 

beUhdtti«t4llte-4v a« li woa romtcrty, when St was tmpolite t^ 
nUDtJon the <xiit«B» of the wif^. 

Noxt CO Suni^inputrct w^s the French Sutc of Seltfabi<|ne, and 
DA aiiibi^ou« frontier Uoa kavv much trouble tu both Goreroincnu 
^ni ihu iisHViXy il o^«r»d lo tht escape of <liuccJC«. A bullock-catt 
wouiU t)t- Moppcdt the driver tlintbed, and pjunvngeri robbed in tbe 
dead of ni|iUE, «riihin ihc KiijAb'ft ttrncoryi bui vrbcn on the track 
0f the onendora \i would be foand that 1be>- had hopped opcr 
the bou&Jjry 9xA wure concealed In the Jungles or ihe diccUiC palm 
groves of Si'lambiijiic- Then would follow pmrparUrt vsiih iho 
Governor of that Cobi;y, who would aw^iit tht^ rv|)ort of the difiricE 
o6iCL^ of the lucility concerned, Tht' inijuiry aliiraTS C[>o1l limCt 
because oflice hour*, in the colony wt-re fron» *) a.m, :o a p-w, only, 
iind tuipt^ndcd on Saints" ilaj'*. Beside*, on principle, nothing was 
cwf done in a \\mxv^. Tbc dacgit by dcxtccuus dodging often _ 
etcapcd- If he were cauj^bi. however* or An^ other man^ he wa^ I 
clapped Inio pni.on. and liiid tu remain there until he pnjved himsdf 
irnoccnt^ The Political A^i^nf had (lcnlint;ii wjib the Governur jn 
rcipcci of coUectki; the ux on mH aaaigned lo Ehc BrLtUh Go«^em< 
iDenCt which led in the Trench t'olony to unplcasoni feeling, but wai 
ekilful enough lo Be! on wcli with his Excellency, whorcilly ]jtefL!ned 
hiitociety to that of the Chief Secretary and the Archbishop, the only 
two otffciairi with whom his poticton allowed hini lo be inUmatc. It 
WOA a plcaf^ant chanf^c froni tlic rugged escarpment of the Chats to 
ft few da>'« in the Governor'^ bar^e c^n thi* placid and n>jnantic 
CSttmHeH which seem lo fierce the very [it\m of \\\^ hills; The 
palms for niiliM fringe the banlu, vtiih here and there the denser 
foliage of mango and other fruit creeci, and .imon^ them gleam the 
lehiie waLU of neat cUiages, the honie^ \A many tmall landed pro- 
prietor!. A« the evening f;iIU, the lights shine through the UlLlc 
coseroenti of pe;^'! fihdl&r and the ^ound of th? i^iuifar or violin it 
borne upon Ehe brci^^e : thv bell of the cathedral tolls fgr vespers, 
and the ^-tileJ figures of the women <;m be seen on the shore (locking 
lo [he sacred edifiLc* It w;t& ht:rc ihat Sl Krancis X a viei preached ; 
hia memory is yet fragrant throut;h the land, and moat of the people 
sliU are C^itliolic; J'lestntly ihe moon rises over the Gh^tn and 
lights up the dist:int ruins of the robber furtre>s« un a lufi^r ^nd 
seemingly inaccessible buttress, and ihrofts ati evci-wiJening beam 
of silver U[wti the silent tide of the river. Soon the town is in repose 
and free from all sound save the chalUi}g(? of the lentinels each hour, 
or the bark of th^: wietchcd dijgi that turn over the refuse he:ips for 
honvfi and (ith ofial- The friendship of the trench Governor for the 

In tk€ Jm^/s, 


A^BtATOflBc out of an adventure wiih i panther which haunted cho 
pdriieot of tbcold monuLcryoci ihc hcadbnd wliK-h 6cr>cd OS & 
oouniiy resiliences r^r the former. The brute n^t ibo terror 
of ibc household And ilL-ttro>«d all tlicir pi:L ariinmla, but no oni.< 
wai fotmd bnTv enough to cnccrumcr it umll ihv Arcoi LintJtTEook 
lo*'«kui>'*nj;&rthc cJiTcatcof the la^t "kill," aiul, villi the moon 
in bit fiiour, f^^v' the ctuictua to the pamhcr wiih an cxprvsa bullet. 
Thu Govcmoi L'OulJ ncvi^r be too uraterul, 4LmJ lii4 pretty liiilu 
bnioeilQ tfciughtcf > in ibcvhit^inuiiUndfetsandbroijOfliaw hat,whu 
had lost her pet ribbiu through the tI«prDdation», tmuiLcJ Bnt^i'il/ nnd 
odnuriDgly upon the l^nKtifrhm^m. Th^rfMAvr he vrat alwayii a 
/inmrif pv;^ and a hero hi Ihu small aocml circle of ^cUmbtque: 
vdoomed to the cidutive ** At homo " of the njf<; of the colonel 
«f in^tiy, and inviicd to participate in ihc arrangement of ihc 
cereaaontaU and fportfi of the annual /dl& 

In ihcEprniGtinicthe Arabian Sea lici phrid and Mfcly navi' 
gibZc b^ the smjltcsl bcxiU in front of Scl amhiquc. So quiet is the 
W3ict ihat ai njghi time the nhoaU of liihh ^^n be traced from the 
halhadc above the ^horc by the pbospho re licence accomparying their 
iDOTcmcnu. And in the nunlisht, deep down among the rockb* you 
Oil *ec Eiiartfc cel-H^c Ath ttrtjltcd gold ^md brown like ecrperis ; 
i}UC on the lorfi Mody fiu that border the fivei'* mouth mc fiockfl 
cf dotterel thickly c^tus;tj-rcdt and the gulU n^akc frequcni daebcA for 
the (lilterifie tudinc^ which incauunutly come near ihc flurJJacc. On 
thia ua ia the ^pimg «L-asoE) y<)ij ca» ^jfi-l^' driri :iloni^ the ccjast in 
aa open boat : iW l^tnd breeze after midtiigk until trariy inurnEn^-. 
aad that from tliu «ea in the aflcrnouii iu\*\ evening, suAkij to (ill the 
sail and keet> a liciitlc way ijn thi; uaft, Thu savitnt^ are, of 
eoufio, all t.ict and li'i"S |>tuou in the bow ; aTid wrapi in 4 blLinket 
LQ tlic Item, the mooter mu^t be content lo in:Lke hU luea]:^ of tinned 
Kijp or bread jmd cocoa heated over the boatmau^s imoiitdetiii;; 
T^^*f^ But bow charming '» ihe natural beauty of the aur- 
nrandiflRt I Such as to conipcnute ihe Lravelk-r for all jihyBlcul 
dAcoiinfi>r1x. Close by the cEjfTii drop abruptly inio tlie water. 
ck>cl)ed in some places with the fe:it}K'ry bamboo : tbc wavelets 
«|iLjdi ihr tocIli with blue Ijjtht ; jttjove, bc^re .^[id iherc on the cum. 
irundinic bc-adl»«idt> .^le ilic old fotls xihiuh oni:c cchutd with the 
kwmJ oI camion, bui now the home of Lbe p^itnber and hyeii:j. 
paH-jcTOBn arid di&Hj^Etd m their oullinet by the Li»auUs of 
«co(v« of ruontoon mns; in the devp ravines belovr their ranges 
•c«lc ihc Jmitlct* of [lit cultivairjT* who now, uiidi&turbcd by the 
bec^ovtvi^ puJMC tJiffir husbandry beneath the grateful tbade of 


Tkt dniUman's Maga^ne. 

Um plwituf jk] »bkm tnrt. Sooorttmn the it<ctt open <mc And 
pcw^ a •tivtdi ol *Imc Mod backed bj dfftte povB of cecvnaut, 
aai] dooed *idi ^ h ut fanti : btttt Ihc boid eiw g i<di|k mag tbe 
wciril 07 of ihcjifial, Jtuvted by tb« odour cT tl»c suft.drM fith, 
mBTTcd hj ikt faofkft of ibe CT^-vaichful ri£b^ <^^fl*^ Bdmd 
aic Uic frcnrtiof height* of tbc Ghtt^ clothed si nigfei vidi 
mtfona iini otptj- 

Morolnic Itfuhft lo itr«flk< of stiver abo^« the derk |>raJ» il 
boynd ihe Caitcrn hohxon, and firdi m uftder itic li)^ be»con 
Pottuoder ; the licUc bong^Wv of the "^ uh " oftcer dinp to 
•hdf on the htUude ; on ibe vh tif i» a crowd of bdlixh-cwtt bi 
vtth coiio;) bafci « ma* to Bonhajr, the tacd aniimk Uovty 
chevtng, aa ihef redine mi ibe dcnk, their hhon riimw of pjdd^' 
ftlnv, nhtlr bcncaih fbe r«ii ihe (y)iLill]r iirnl Jnteri lie tbroudnl 
from head to fi>o« ia dirty rotion ihcfU ; n fcv Iran aod »cjuvd dof^s 
|iao*l arouiKJ ind c|iujve] otet ihc drj- &\h bcadi or reoviAnu vf 
(joikd rkr Ibai arr leariercd abo:it^ The bloe vood-tmokc 1^ csrr 
ing nil frotn the pikn^thitlrhcd viltj^r, and the diifepoublc-looking 
|Hgt M<e toiffim; about, viih an occulonal gnint, foi oddt ud tnds 
of iefa*e- A Milivy tirltnnt frerub, tat M ibit eiilj hour ocather 
the btfid nor Ihc »&> breen ri istir, ;Liid ihe odour from th« h^t 
wad \tt the maogroTc K«imfn is he^vv :;nd opprettivt. A few 
n^ike* tic 00 ibeir hauncbet it the 6*Min of ihclr huutOOOillect their 
ihoujthiK on HnilEiAg hom ihc veciorout fc&nrp induix^ by ih? dank 
uLcito^pt^crc , they yaiao, and »pH i*enril|' ujit>ci ilie *imj_ £ver)-o»t 
fccli oul t>f huiTio»r, and inn^f^inattcin rrfiii>r« (o pjclure nnv lienutici 
in tl^f primitive life afound on^ Uut the ^un ihciui isKlf. iilra a 
ilislit air, llie ikin moibEeni Aficr a driU|t1iL of liol (ea or coffee, and 
thinisi bt-;^i'H(.» wear fl different fls^ct and II* Took Ulorc attrJCCivc. 
A ^fJuniit in Oic dcji water |u*t instdr; ihe Lw, wlietc the tliarlii do 
not |n:neir:itcj ii:[rc^Ut* one for ilir ijjy» -ind, i^Xfinfurtably arrayed io 
vViile Haniielv, one Htt bent^:LLh (]t« hludt; of a denw manE^o iret^ 
and bicatf:nU wumpluuLmW olTilie Indian \o]c or pomH>ct. the jnott 
delicious full in Eauiern i^atet.., wiili o\-iicr «uc«h Then down 
come* ihe '* uh " officer lo inveiligile the new amvat, and to hate 
a dial with one of hit om tiHinirj'nien, an ojiportnniiy ihat happens 
about once a monih. Hii ii :i lonely Nfc. and his re»urcr9 Art: 
coiely laied in thcendcavooi to drive av^ay ranm. HehoscolLccEcd, 
prepared, and mounted »cvcniy-one Kpccimeiia of anu trhkh live in 
hj4 distiici ; And rn punuji of hit Haiiic, a common sighl !£ that of 
his LiruadfiuarterA and Jc)(A draped in while drill, slicking out of & 
hollow ticG (Lump while ihc 101 of liim i» buried in ihe interior. 

In ihf Jnn^Un 



•ei ordoplicaiciiinow in (he Bckbh Muicum, K«Ie making 
aotologiicof the w^tcr-birdi ih;it frequent i^v. nui>hcs where Iw 
hur tth ^nt. He Cndt ditlriciion in ir^vcllinK ciVT the mvlan" 
ctiuly lliit od hU di*rncT, lixtWrn^ lo the i»ali, and invc-Ltic;ttini; jk- 
l>oi^cd C4ic« oF ilbcir mjniuftiiufc. Jn the vtcmtii^ he pbyi u^^on 
Che listinciiituni, reacl« ihe it<n_{ni Daily Matt. Iwicc <Jr Ehri(« \?^mvk^ 
/\mth afiii Ihc Liil O'r^Ai.; xttd i(Oc\ to tied wuli j\ " lunkii " crfinr 
to htt mouih- Hit room hji<* two ubick, a boul&vhdf. four i^-ane 
dimns-cttiuis jnd Oh? <^ lun;t Ioumkc thaii, Sijmc photuht^aphs of 
l>«:^iuUi ittrcwrt— fjicruU u/ hi^i »ilti yutJih \u U/ndun— wiih 
auloicr3|ih», one pkturc of \u* c-»oth«r, ami ani^ilicr of hh EnfcLiaU 
hvTTif, bani; u|K>fi the wjTK, [t J!« sijiLc^ciL ye^rs ^inct' thi* |ja»ri| 
|i«r hiQil fornd^y ovfi 1ir& t.utly hdir, Amljitiun i^ dead, hut the 
v<»olvr Id tlTC J marly Uf^ U «iistainrd, Eitif ar^rt mohfion arvr 
kfcnlf frU, hrit th^sttayglv »ffim*.\ Ihe rvll prfimpriniti Ihjil make 
(heir tnAucncf ko nftm Tiii};hTy m thfic CMcLimAlamcr^i is Jt htai-e 
fine. A lype ot the life of man) a man in Ibf wc^iry &>]ttudo of 

There ii 1 perpetual mriely of ihajie and colour in ihe wwiern 
mouctaui*, whether ti^Lveltinj; by ihc roudh \rhkb cvind up tbc dc«p 
UTiftea, ^Htrt ih« unuc )iu bv«n cleft by torrents, lo the brefjiy 
upbndf, or aloniz the broken ground and in and out of ihe lidal 
calwie^ ii^fiK^h lie ai iheir ftcr, Ii aUv^ys st^vmc'd to mc iltat 
in the xnoumiin« of Indi^, nuh the Li6pec:s tiroughi by <.'1i;]n(:Jji^ 
•enoni, ifiere ari: iH the ve^va thaE ^-n lo iiuke up t)ie ^rfiic pctem 
of Kitvre. Kot ihii the tint pbioi are ttidmui btjuiyn but the 
vDUflOin «ccn«iy in lit wriciy of dk-tc vxhilaniiei, intipircft fttih 
hope, matc« ihe hcan [jLd> vhik Ehi^ ttt^minglv cndUtt ^jHuvial 
lereb nuke one iccious, often ud. In ihc sandy d^^^erts of the 
nonh, where journe)'ii are m^ide lo nwch by nigln, the feclJnt; of 
melancboly is often found ti; ptcvid. On horatUic^k or by mail 
Kan oo ibe long iir^'j^hL imcU cbrough th^ sand one iceu\5 lo be 
(crpcttally followmg »mc star in ihc hcavi-ns iq which one gets 
«o nearer. If oi^c iiQps lo rest no (ound falU upon :he ejtr save 
pcrtofH ihe groans of n cnmcl being lauded for ihe nighi mtirch, 
or the creak of a rerbion whet:! Eaj^in^ ih*^ v^met oil ilie river's 
brink. It n a rtlief :o [ijss the tirjngs of L-imvU bearing their rich 
hordtM or ftilk, a^^afLUida, and K'a|>i:i from dismnE Cabul to the 
Mbn cUivs of the gdains, In j long string, led by ihe t>c4rdcd 
mi tfivrl-ttained driver, who ii woll fornfied by opium Tor iht 
■ory uid mour^tainoui journey, they cmeige suddenly and tilcnily 
like phxntooai from the nocturnal ([looni, and glidm;- notwlciiilY by. 


22 Tkf GcHtitmatix XfagaztHl. 

quickly dittpf^MT ftgiin. But they nflbrd, if In a ^all 6tptt', the 
armc etf cot»pany in oor^s midnigfit nandcangs. Some of Lbfr 
irafkt »eTO« this »cird dc^tn iro, for the convenience erf wheeled 
eonvejarec*. covered with ru£bcs in dcfauU of any ivihet meani of 
prrTcsUng ihc ^hccU ifom being btiricd in the tand. Such iracki 
are used nthcn the rivtn Arc tow ctkongh to pcnnit of brid^oi o| 
hoau bdn}i; bid ncroM ihcm. by which caiu cm itcb^ But in the 
flood! Mirh trnflk: t» Mo\t\ic^ Sfi the Cravcllcr may m^^kc a cold, 
■YJthcT iTiji ovCT the desert hy niail cart. His $eat by the <Jrivcr 
midc of old brandy cfL»e-v a ^liff iron rail ^'Jiipons bis bnclr, uid a. 
ipMt erf unbrDken fdUi* arc h-irncwcd to the t«>le by ropes. "I hey 
will not fttart «ith ordinary pcrr^ti^i^ion. A tuble auendani knots ;i 
cord round iho car* and .inoilier round ihe puiem^ goes in froni 
nnd pullt it the anlmaU. while the driver ihouu and ila^hcs «'ilhi 
his whip from the box. If the ponlct do not lie doicn out of per- 
vi.'nUy* Ibcy generally yield to :hc trc^iinieni and boU, Lceplrtg up :i 
furious (tilloi^ Tor miici. pulling the cart ^^ith jerks jnd bounds <x\-tt 
the rut» and piu in the track, and hurting ihc <xcup:inEi^ ^gninsi ihe 
bAck fall, A frosty nighi makes it^lf felt, even through ihc wadded 
quik in which ihc tnivelkr is wrapped up, and the rough :rcatm^t, 
coupled *ith (he cold, mnkcs a night's journey a preity good test of 
pZ^yaical cnduQncen The rising $iin showij ihe imposing dome of a 
\nfs lomb mtles Away in the duBt clouds of the plAm ; it will he 
two hours 5Ti before we shall arrive at our balling plate fyr the dfly> 
Wc feel cut in h-x\i in \hv ^\xa\\ of th>? back, and would fain h^ve ihc 
coachman tickle up the tats, when bang goes the nxle, off rolls one 
of ihe wheels, nnd we lie prone in the du5t. We muse walk itr 
And wc i^rrivu at the gtcen oiuis of Uung on foot, throwing; our- 
selves c^ibaui^tcd on the charpoy in the mud bungalow, while the 
*^ mrtsman " gcti n^rndy A warm lub and a " muctin " curry. Tlieac 
are unfomnniic features of the plains, but serve lo render brighter 
the colours r-f the Hifjre adrseiive piriTircs of Indian hft I 
rccolkn arriving al Hung in Ihia way about twenty ytars ^gt>. 
There was to be a wedding in the English communily. The chap- 
tain and hi^sl man had arrived from Mulian by ■* special '' cort thctt 
morning, silling on ihe box conjoining the wedding-cake, The 
ceremony had been put off for a week, owing to ihc noivarrival by 
parcel post of Ihc bride's dress. With the usubI hospiljility showrt 
in OUt-of-thC'rtay places in India, 1, thnugh a traveller and 3 stranger, 
was included among rhe ruc^i*, jnd w,is one of (how who rose 
early in the mommg lo compose a hoiri^ml lor the bride of the few 
while flowers procur*bltf in the gardens of Bung, rianicly, champa. 

In i&€ JnngU. 


^ moi 

jftnamc, ud some merit priu'tl rijrhjtri«l IlIcm- A nniivi- chle! 
Icflt a ctnWge ARd pftirof (frcy^ lor ihc htidc lo <^tnc And gOj and 
Ihc ^ciU trifmllrd to Charcot in bullock liandJcs. Thr brld? vrati 
ir^lUcinknl And hcautlftil in ivor/ wiEin, but wn^ thr only imdrt 
chiiBcKr ; hdict' Mnivmcs Jirc a Eitllcuui of dat( in plucrt lihr 
Bunc, Men's black co^U al«a]r* '<^ uncomlbrL-tbk m ln<^ia, and 
cvcnthcbffidc^room't ccn-njpcc|;T«y hat from Chund<^r L)cy's» of ibc 
ChtAi Bjuur, CaIcuiu, did not |;ivc him an aJr or diitindion, We 
aU iciVDcd to drink champagne at Ihe M^rrowing father'^ ; it had 
bcAcooTcd in ihc itl' chnc of thf K^ions judgir^ th? tnic poaeKuor 
of tK«t Ititory, tl wai ibc bevt '^dry"froin Bombay, al seventy* 
f«o llie docen. and really tta.K not bad. Cak^, ^pct^thci. hutried 
change of couume of thf? prmd^Al actors, and d«p.irturc m the 
Rjjab'i arria^c by dik fof the hills follow, and wiihmg (he two 
bappinoi in ibc wect short dream of ncwlymarrkd livo, wc Tciracc 
our BUi» to the dull coune of out diily dutin. Mine took me at 
this p^od to the bTuc hill? lying -.omc fifty milen away, rsing gaunt 
from the wndy plana, and scLming lo frown upon the coming 
imaden who «ome yean lubtequentiy threaded their vay through 
the iiominuA detilct in pursuit of war, S\ thai time out foremost 
pcdke ptw ofciipied ihcstimmil of a hilt whirh cnmmnnded a far 
view of foreign tcrritoTy. Range upon Tongc of (orL-M- covered 
mooittaifti bounded the horizon, and the jungle wa^ cJe.ircd but 
A itM bundfrd yardi from ihestocknde which contained the hut^ 
of the pimson. Here a F'oUtical and n lV»]ice Oitircr 
vUled a«V ^^c time as be^i they could, nnd were eontcn; to 
know thai the luoral effect of their presence itptin thi: vrild mhcs 
about Ihcm fra* good- It was dlf^eult always to be in gmod teuipcf 
With each oitiCT, for even the be^t frjenda can ste too much of 
tmt another. On bad day* tbcy ncp-iratcil lo aiudy tbi? Inn^agc 
cr to thoot jungle fowl. Kor the former puri>o,Hc thi^ Police Offircr 
had a lady Tiaitor from a nci(hboufing tribe- She had been carried 
away CA]:ithf tn her chihlhood from the plams, and was able fitill lo 
Ittp HmduAtam, and by thM "pntoia " lo make her pupil conversant 
*itb the language of her matters- >jhe had that charming pensive^ 
<A countcnancv and those fathomk^"^ dark eyes whtch are not 
ninon in the East Through rhe Iriend&hip which exUted 
between the Police Officer and liiu chief of ihe tribe to which she 
belonged, the marriage of the former lo the girl by tlic rude riles 
then in force had been arranged. So she could freely speak all lier 
thonghtt to the young man» and he Itemed better [he sense and 
mode of speech of this atrangc langiiage than a student would 


24 The Gentkma^is Magazine^ 

Acquire from a hundred vulumcs. Thus be was able 10 ditcusi with 
bis ndi^bbaurs all (bclr necdi snd dif^culcic^ afid hU in^ucnce 
reached far iiug the hill trAca. SomccmtTt ^'hcn hp wu sinirtg In 
hU ca>7'Cbair «iih ibc girls head retiinG upon his knee, fti tha aiu 
upon ihc cafpec with her handi clasped round her ittLles. and sun; 
10 him the wild sOEigt of the hiUmcn, bu would redden with tharnc 
as he ihouflhi of wh.ii hi* mother would fi'el could ^hc but look 
upon iIlc Rcenc. But such llioughi^ uere quickly put nslde. Tor woa 
not his whole toul wrapped up in his advancement Ln the servjcQ in 
iho first place, and secondly in what mmiscercd Lo hi«^ COliifort^? 
The gitl iikcd the distinction tbai this alliance brought hcf among 
Ihc rude peaple, and bcheved it durnble- 

As for the Poliucal O^cer, he spent all hj$ unite ir^ making nups 
and mu^ng over yurnnu/i4 ix\A ^ocabubrics, save; when he mas 
itceivmi; vihiU iroin cbicf^i arnmging r^w irv'^iJe^, or cbaEling; as 
best he could to [het^J<Jt^r^ nhucaine frum lon^ disEanct^ across 
the mnuiuains to the weekly nurkei. It woe n slower WTiy this to 
learn to know tht- cjrcutiiBLiiKv* of the coumrj-, bm across the ocean 
there was a farr Cnglinh eirf who htld his love, and he cculd not go 
counter to hii love and pridt; rn folding in hi& Jtms a daughter of 
the coumr)\ however soft and dmipled she might br. So he should 
plod un and make a name wiihout blctni^h in bis service. 

The position which these men occiipiL'd was one nf t^foai tntcrcM, 
eTenofrom:ince. TheadvaneeU j^u^id of the Britjah power, making 
IJimsh infiutnctf felt in a wav over five ihousnnd miles of 
raouniainoui coumry, inhabiltd b>' scattered ind uvnge tribes, 
mttirficctcd by dwi' ravine^ and clothed largely by tangled foresEa. 
It u all fn all loGovernmem tu feel trust In Its representative in 
Kuch circuni stances, and rarvly it it in India that iE is misptaecd. 
The sense of rc»fonjibiliiy ia present in the Brjiish ofticer^ and this 
he cannot violate, 

Thoie were, indeed, delightful iunglcs to roam in : teeming with 
subjects of interest fur the natursli^i as well as ihe sportsman, and 
where it would seem Katurc miisi have for centuries revelled in wdd 
luKurismfiu, The mouniams tiaihed with lirgm fort&l right tip to 
their frowning escarfmenis ; gay orchids c^luslering on the moss- 
grown bou^he of the irei'! ; fiendant crt^-ptre forming a inngled mass 
iiom branch 10 bram:h. Wvxh :ind there a cascade half hidden b)r 
the gigantic ferns that draw their nourishment from the rith Icof 
mould, and bordered with begoniai on its shaded banks ; theaiream- 
let dasbijig ;>ver mossy boulders to join the emctnld- tinted river, thai 
fretted thousands of feet below in lis tortuous channel through the 



In ikt JftgU, as 

widitfYic locks. Biiin jind c-inu rlin^biiift anc] tiriAlnfl on ihc 
\t9itx »tope*, ;in^ barring all pen^^rrn mvv w1ic;i recount vaA Kjtd lo 
Ihc curved kriifc vtiich u tEi« indiipcntaM? comp^nimi tt\ thr Fm- 
rdftn in thcic r«c«tL Do'sn by the rin-r tliick dcpHant ^^M, 
wbkb ihroutM jif mj-stcTioui depths, and cluitns of "hiM pUn[j>ins 
Here one could Wkc ihe *poor of the rhinocefo*. and, by cauiiously 
peering through the lon^ g'a»t on the nian^in uf the sirc^m* vic*thc 
■naluccr UjLiting for ihc fly on ihc lurficc of the crjvtJ.1 waters. Tliis 
mu a rcsoft of the " PoUiic«L" who. with hii rod. pined hen: many 
a mediuinr evening. In default ofj bnding net :i [^Jke orderly 
would Bcrnneliaiei go inin the water up lo hJA waiit, and cany ashore 
Ibt hogc fish like in infant. On the sunny sh;iltow* where the mud 
aod rabbit hrooghc down by ihc tiier were thrown U[<, the (1js]iing 
coloun — buff, bloc red, whire, Jind Krecn— of numhertru buiteTAic* 
cangbl the eye. liounrfmg ffoni hr-inch to branch ir% (he deniet 
Akfccti. and up the *tem» vf the fc-iiEirry bai«boo m ncnirh oi the 
yonng f^wen thooii vei-e (roop^ of the br^olnok monkey— an Aniniitt 
that fna the mo« pan ihjiy tonreali ittcU in the foliage, but thecriei 
cif 1 pack of whom rewound lliioii^h th^ tort-&t like ihebjikofhuunds. 
The hush CAcklc of the bL>rnbiM keemi^d Lu muck x\\c luM-^lint'is tjf 
Ihe Iravelleff Jind \% the Iivilij^hl l]ii:k<:ii:d out in ihe we^ocn sky^the 
meUncholy note of the "took-loo" IkzarJ chanted frurn 3 Ir^C'top 
would mtpire in him J feelinu o!' xiulnru dcqicnc^^ !iy the ^ntwiug 
iihddowi. Still ntf(hts brmg out tlic briThjEU lircrUi^h iei iw;inE]s^ bul 
Ihe radjnnce is «U<^h Xi, th^I of iip.irkliiig p^ti\t. jnri ^ives noguiH-innp 
lothft wayfArer. So thrit, unle^lhcrc in a biight inncjn, t\a mardi 
t«n be made in the fofexT, Kvfn then %X is rfanj^rrou?, fnr ^nnkciiaie 
p u mrrOiw; and Ihf ifihnmcn, whrti 5u?i]rei:lin^ ihii ajipTcmi^h of ,in 
enemyi protect *iiCh piths as ihcri; ,irc wiili ^harp b:iml;cm stakes 
ooace^led jt, 1h« B"*S| ^f"d Ciipnblr of penelratinj; the foot. Then 
brian and root* often be :irrD*L» \hr wjif^ arnj raiiir the ir.ivcMer frc- 
qucntSy to Inp- ^o thnt the bc^t thrn^ to do twhrEi ckvcitikcn hy 
nighttitl IB to make a ntde «l>eJreTOf branthe^^ mofed 'Atlh plntitain 
InTTSi with a floor of rlry ckph^nt gmss or rushes, pnt oni the lire as 
Booii »<:ooking Udonc, ftOiU nut to atintct attention, take off yotir 
damp clothes **i*l yoi^r*clfm .i hlnnkct^ tuck youi revolver beiwath 
mch pdiowas yoia have, and go to *lcep. 'I'hc merry little Ghoorka 
otderty wiIlboilaUnofsoopindMesf ar"creof ihcmahseeTforhis 
lutlcr, elean and load ihc nflc^, oil "he hoots, dry the doihes over 
Ifae6<c, then 1:00k hi» :ntn"'ho|aHi " orgrrdlo cake of brown flour, 
■»d having'duty dispoied of it, inrtt* himseif snug \n his own impro- 
vaod ibehet. For a lime evcf}tbir g ii sutl ; but wild animals aic 

*■ ' 

±6 The CcntUmans Magazine. 

on the nkoiti; A lijYna citcio ruund ihe camp, amactcd hy ibc imcl) 
of cooked vkiualfr and the refuse of the tih. He nukes « bimiccl 
^naJrh ai uhai he ran, and reueal* into ihc thJdiei. The fUpofttiQ 
bT|cc vrihex uf llie ^-ampirv bait \% frequently heard as tbfy da«(cr 
onihcbranchcsjn search of wild Traits. Then- U the bark or the 
vimbur sUfi u he calts logfthcf :he h^rd, cropping ihc Icarci in ihe 
fining tree jnngl^ nnd ahrouiJod in the grata in waiting; for hit con»iag 
if his fehnc enemy, visible only by two bright entcMld c^c*. 'J'hc 
hum of a ihou^tnd smoU Hies blends wiih the murmtir of the Hver 
and the n)«lc of the leaves as ihey iire genily stirred by ihc iiight 
breej(u and combine to lull ihe tra^lleno ilecix 

These are Ihe <julcter Aspects of Nature in thci<^ wild hJU uacw ; 
but the life of the oHficen of the outposts was rendered w limev 
eventful by Ihc ravatc< of the tribes who frfien nuncd fcodi hetvr^n 
ihenuelvci. and who were always mcdiuiine raids upon thr helpless 
and ttnafmcd rillajifi under Bmt^h protection- \Vhcn the harvest 
was gathctt'tl in. and enforced idkno** encouraged deep drinking 
tht men began Xtt gel danjM?roiiB ; ihc love of adventure combined 
with the craving for blcwdshcd took {losaeiflion of these rude inmds. 
The wamnrs of a Iribc* of of ^e^cral iribta, unitrd in one raid would 
al way 1 endeavour W uurpriic an enemy. They rr^vcNcd by night, 
and during ihc day layeonetalcd in the di^n^c undcrj^invrrh of the 
tomi. No fire was lighted lest the sniokc should bt-tray thdr 
wliercabnuMi. and cofjkcd victuals were cafrii^^J, A village wi» 
attached in the grey light of early dawn, Should [he iiirpriie be 
connpleic, all tlie inhabitnnis were cm down except such women and 
rhtldrcn a« iserc valued as captives; the villngc wa* fired, and the 
head* of the ilain carried ofl' as irophie*. The value of the lailcr 
wai much enhanced by the notion current thnil human sncriiicct were 
necesiaiy to Ihc ^ucMasofagricuItuffll operations. The rettimofa 
mccesifiil raiding party wai celebrated with shouts by the womcTi 
and ehildien, an ample feast of bed and spirits partaken of, -tnd u 
ge«cra! car ouiaJ followed. The bloody heads were piled in a hcip 
aUhe pfoudert spoil of war. On such a night Ihe waichful seniry in 
the itocl-ide of our froniipr posi nia^ sec in ihe far distance flaino 
shooting upwarfi frnm ihe burning thatch and hamboo of rhc village 
hull. Should the direction lie outside the sphere of Dritish goucm- 
ment. Ihe assailant and vanquished are left to actrlc maricrs in ihcir 
own faihion, but if it be a case for mtcrrerenec the bugle i« sounded, 
lillc'i and UankcTi hastily sIud^ on the nhouFdcrs, and away in the 
Jarkncss 'A the early morning marches ihc Police tlflicer and a half 


in ik£ JttHgle. 





fompiir.y lfitMi|^ Ihc devious tracks in thr: forc^C noir «hrOUded In 
ihc white n^^t mut. "Wcf tnti^t durry if th(^ rjidcraarc Eobc later* 
cxpled, bat Uie <IoCy 11 an imperative one. and no rot can \yc 
ollowtd ufktil A pftii;irai h%^ hcfn tAkm up on the path hy which the 
■rioUmi will probably rttum to ihcir o^n village- This means a 
forced oanh of perhaps lifti^m mile* through hrioT!^ bamboo 
thidtelB, long gn», impcdc^d hy many Jin iniidiouA pariuuc and 
tendidthdt Uttmmp the ErAVcllrrr under kovan^hciAfdens^^ under- 
gVQVth, nod <wtt tillen stumps often wilhoui water lo dtmlc or (nnd 
to renovAie Ihe fait laJins ph>iLtai.l povcrt. To he > few mtniites 
too bee \% 10 incui loiaJ fajlufe m ihe eipediuon, tinre the wary I'ock 
in fall ftght to ihrtf own fttroiit-hnM* ^\ell finltirip ihcir purtfjem. 
Are they m lime an nmbiuh ik lomieii, .ind -iv iho >viUI men, hhiody 
flod c^nltant, dngiglng a.i>n| iheir captive?, appro^dit (hq- an? 
rec ei ved with ihe fin: c>f rifli.-^, followed by a rapid nisJi ; tht^ koobri 
or oorvcd knife i^ ai work, but none of The nragcs wiJl itand to tight. 
\1<M yet away into the dense jungle, loine fall dcadj ar>d the eaptivei, 
ntosilf women ind chdjlren, arc left trembhng and erouehing on the 
Add. The siin IB now <ihooTing his giEdcd rayi uprrtt the ireei that 
crowa the mountain Rvmirnit; ihe white misc ■« riMng out of the 
Tailep^ and the bulbub, heedlo* of the seene of e-irnflge, prune their 
fcalbfA and chirp their opening nol» upon the mo»y bought. 
ARer a retl and a waih in \\\<i nf^areM Mrr.nm, the ojficf r and bib 
men. with the s]toils of war, «art off to the lite of the previoiia 
nigkie^s fovl work, A Jong cltmh up the neighbouring mountain, 
w ptc ciro ea ty the bed of loma impetuom torrent, painfully Khppin^ 
oref iU walerwom toekn and grasping for luppori nt the gnnrlcd 
roots or lunging cteepcra that almoni concenied \ts cour^e^ or foretng 
their muf through bambfio thicket* the p^irty eomci upon the imoul- 
derng embers of the hamhoo hubtand ntnekadc of the village which 
ha* been phmderrd. I'onb of blood here and rhcn: redden ihc 
poundt iliU led hy the trieklmg veins of hendle^H corpact. 
Stsughteted babes even lie among Ihc ^lain, and Iho^e few of the 
liung who manafiod to sccrde themselves in the forest during the 
anault arc crouched aniongthe burning Tiiinswith iheir heads buried 
in Ihcir hands or lending up si wail 10 ihc unknovrn g^^i. There is 
rmtbing (or the Fohcc Officer to do hut to rcleaa^ the captives and 
CtilM the Aid of 1 friendly trilx- for rt^building the village. The dead 
mutt he forgotten- Vcnj^eame mu^t stand over until Gm'emmi^nt 
can »cnd a miliTAiy ojpcdUJon x^'■•^ these hill tracts to seilk the 
ai-conitf of several yean' oulraKc, At ihis juncture arrives the 


38 Tht Ctntkntans Afagazint. 

Pollikal with rciBroTCCincdb ind »upplic« by inoibcr p»t&. A con* 
fcrcnce b held ^d needful fiaod uken ^ the nt^ht powvd jimid ih^ 
Urucvoniie «urrniinding\ md ihe »ho1c force fi^ta <7a the 
luxrrtt, nu»d-i£^infd and bedra^^lcd, bAck lo headqwttn, l& 0|)ci 
a Trtsih chapter in their usu;ilE) uncvt-nlfu) Wie. 

A hundred miles siwuy the rotting «urF brtali upon ihc taoda M 
Pillai>«UiL It mx\ pkasfln! Tu ci.»frir a*-iy from ihc lavaffc people (A 
lhebili»i and tie jn»oiig i!ie vmptt- toiler* uftht'wa : lo lie Iwncfltli 
the sliadvof Ihc w->vin^ p£m> «nd unch ihc Lisher bunch Jm mdi: 
rarfcorthfec rough logs liound (ugclltei and «U|th% cur>cd at Ihr 
tn^ He pushes ihe crafl llinjugU the creMed biBo*;, jumpinj; 
aith*Vl of il 3Lii It rides mto thr (Icc]«r irater, and hoisiing Ih<.- Ehrcy^- 
cornetcJ linnrd sail lo l^c hrec-r, stands out br ihc oi^jig for hit 
daily talk. One or (*o oiam-ir^ns unite wilb his to UUwl iviLh ji 
draa net tow.-irdi Ihe sliorc- ^V}iai vondeiful denuent of the sea he 
vicwk a» he swings hi* legs in the luLcnarm «Aler 1 He mj-* that MI 
Lhi: tanetic:: of colour thjil ordinary morub ^cc in \)u: bca&Es of the 
field and foTcsi can be viuieised ia the creatures whidi move in 
deep vaUT& \ many ivhich never ccme to the euifaci-, but whn U 
glide blindly in and <>m\ ^mon^ the fein. rccd, and v^pong«-likc corat^ 
which form thcjr habhijal shelter Tionk ihcir llcrce ^ncicies. After 
dragpng the i>t-ls a\\ day, \hf: Uulc aaft comu one by one throitgh 
(Jie ct:iling eurf to Und» snd throw ihcir s^iotl into the boskets which 
the txpecLani Acomen imd thildren have lirvught to the water's edge. 
The bcCling £un rvddcuu tht; broii££4 bci? to a line akitt loihe 
garments thrown looteEy round the ^^urc^ Ghtlne^s brightens the 
eyes if the day have b»;cn a i^uod one, and soine of ihe ]jTinit:r fiih 
have been netted which will fetch a few rupet-s among ihe Engtish 
TC&identE m Pitupctia. Away gD sonie of the women and children 
wiih basket intys upon their hcad.^ lo liuivk the dcheacks among 
ihc bungalows perched upon ihe i.mdhills here and thoic, juat in 
tiini: for the cvcnmg meal ; and later chey troop back vilh silent 
iTCad lo ihtir grass thatched liut^ to count their money and to plan 
hovr it i^io be s[>entH atbctt small pities. Th& moonlight Hecks ^Tilh 
hilvt^r ihe bhining fronds of the ikdiu a^ tc vravo« restless lo ihe 
evening bre we H and Ibc bats tlil fuirncdly after the insect* tthich 
Ihc tropical waniUh brings fonh in Biyiiads, The melancholy cry 
of the jackal goes up from the thorny acacias that Mtid ihc sandy 
pEain, and heralds the long night II k lime to go home. Home ! 
the wofd leems strange sometime* ; the wanderer's thoughts revert 
nithhghlning 3pccd to scenes of early IKc, loan ivycovercd hou^ 


In ike Jungle. 


set in t:1ms and oaks* to gambols on tlie green lawn with a fond 
father, (o where be sat st his mothers ftet and spelt out the old 
Bible stories, and where he learnt all that is good and true ere be 
wenc forth to play a man's part alone. Still there is a home even in this 
far-ofr land \ for here is duty, and for him who strives to do it the 
love and kindly ministrations of those with whom he lives and works, 
(lark-hued and of a stranger race although they be. Here is repose 
which the busy cities of the West have forgotten. Let us lie down 
and sleep, lulled by the ceaseless plash of the waves and the fragrance 
of the ja^niine that clusters round the open casement. 



Tkt CentUmmit Ma^asim. 


"F«ncks"iK>l«> 1^1^ Sonnei« ami ull^r |Jo?iuti|it will btr found 

thm L^iir vtidnfj^ uf Sb^kcsLJC^rc cutiljiii &qijic ton tefcTCncci and 
jillubiuiiB to fmh :tnd (laFim^^ si>mL< i[xidiEil, ^ninc in%liuci(vv, oLlicra 

tbcoriet ; bui .ill tc> bv trc^ito'i] >vilh thai rgvciicncc wliich will be in- 
tended ihrQUghoui this p,kjicr, i-urri atonal unbcndings on Ihc pan of 
the vritcr noiuUli^t<indin^ 

And fii»I, 35 bcsJ.*ctiis l!ic iinporlAnirc of Ihc atl piscutorial, tiitd 
because jnailcr pcilaining to il i« lU Abund^ini, th^ nubject is 6LCingfy 
iiilrtiduccdin thewgrdiof Ancicnl I'istol f " s Henry IV.," ii, 4): 
"Iluldhook ;iTid line, sny l»"a acnlimcnl ^^bkh wiH be evctlieatljly 
echoed by biethrcn of the angle, n brotherhood so firm and united 
tliai oftu thinks of rolonJus's adviue to Iiii ion ; ** The f;jcnds iIidu 
hjti, and their adoption tried, gfapple ihem lo thy loul with hook* of 
stecL" A Idcf Uiweilation eonfernJng this trenibte* upon the pen, 
bill the lure liAs to be rejected, seeing ihjl some icidin^s giirc 
"Attj>jof stcd/' 

An tally eitample of the sliTTing effect the stjlijeci of 5&Il i« api 
I0 tiercise upon the imiiginalioTi (of which we do not nhsohiicly btk 
modem Jn^Limes), U furnished by the rem.irk of AutolycuSf in ttie 
" Winter* T.iIl- " Thataich rogue — whoeould not have beena member 
of ihe ^in^ting fiaternily, which fi confessedly composed <rf "^ hoiietl, 
civil, quiet men '*— tcIU the gullible biiLupUms to whom he was 
cxhibilini^ hih uarcs of *' a 1)«h that ajrpcan^d ujion the coatt on 
Wedneaday, ihc fouisDOre of April, 40,000 fathom above water, and 
sun^ iT fiaihd." It muat be adintucd, however^ that the sLLlement 
was somewhat giinrJcd. 

Another instance of circn:nspcclion is lo be found m the 
'* Tern pest,*' the piscatorial fiavour bcmj;, however, fniinl -nd allusJre. 
Gonulo isaya (Act ii. sccfio i): *' Is not, Sir. my doublet at 
frefth as the first djy I wr>re it? 1 mean in a sort/' AnlonJo replies: 
'*Thal SOTL wai well fish'd for." Truly, seeing (hnl some lime liad 
<lapied, plus the cynsc^uenccs of their ceceni shipwreck, thai •'wii " 

veil fisfaod for ; th« Eninculom inUrvcnUon of PrcfxpcTo notwith' 

lite vcnDicvlar tncihcHl isnu: ttj? liif(lu-it fgrcauf (bi:anKl^ii3rt> 
l>L3t it It Uic matt GmilipU and ptubibEy the moil ancie^r. Thcfc ia 
tiul« Ooubt the Boidf who spcaki ol^m of " lunninf^ brcolcji/' " iinall 
btooks,* i^i^ ^c Irtct not <-'nly lovral " to poic upon ihc brook ( 
babbles by,'* bot nlu^ in hit yomh at Icajk, i^racLitcd iifion (roue oi 
jiCTcli or TWLcb with bGndi-tl hook and wdl-tcourcd worm, tnosmuch 
Bb h<; fre^jucntly bciiayu conudciablc rimUlwiiy with tiiu icclMiic;oli' 
tie> of liiO iJifitCf '* fyncm. Tatc^ for tusuricui, tin; words ]ji« into 
tbv mouth of Hamk: (iv. j); when morjlj^ng upon the Jwih uf 
PdotuuH bt t8y«, v«ty apily : '' A man m:ty f^^h wuh xUk worm Ihai 
faotbCaUaakine, ttndcaLofthcHhb th^i h^th M oflhiLi vrorm." 

Ha* ate wm* bmilur i>awai(r* in lUu dr.ima of " Anlony and 
Cleopatra,^' «bkh bein^; :ii)puftjlc tL> my ^ubjuct in gmcral and ihl» 
Mcdofi ia puiictihr, 1 vrnturo to quoti*, Say% Ocuiviiis Cxtat, t>( 
Aniony: ** He fishi'V, drjnkKaiiiJ "a^lit* the bin]* of night in Tcvclry" 
(L 4V From thii *« kam that llic trimmii Marcus AninninG w^* 
(icitJ!Kt airorLhy noi^iicgitimaCL- follower of the '*gdnilc art/' AlUlk- 
cooteaic dtiiUcin;; docs ntjt mJBb^unjc uny fiih^rman, but w^iMin^ 
UicU&p of nighi in revcliy is tnjt only fncanwiaicnt with the conduct 
ofatnic Rjiortiman, but aiw t-^lculAted to unfit hfni f>jr the due 
pn»ccutioc^ of his craft. Ifl the «umc pby (il 5), wc i^nd U^;; 

Clta (f(iv ov mmff iniJe j ik«']] In ihi^nvcr : therp^ 
Vy niMile plojlufi; ^1 cilT, 1 will U'liAy 
Tawnv ftnn'J fiihn i mif hendod hcjok thai] riti« 
TTicii iJiTiiy fivr* . ami ns J itn-* ihciTi u[i 
ril iliiiik thciH tT*viy our hto Ar>ionij, 
Aiidkay, ''Ah. ah ! ydu're (Ziunlil," 

CluaMlUt. T«a* mmy whtn 

Vou wj^n'il on yuui iBiflinc -. *\ivti your ditcr 
Dvl hiiif^ > kill-fjih un 7ii> hauii. whklj fii: 

CUO. ThiL Un» 1 L>h Umf« 1 

The notice* of the lubjcct of nnglmg, whether allusively in %iirc 
Of (iinilc, fir in direct reference, are miiny ; it lends iwcif prettily to 
fnct>;^ricjil Ircaimcnr ; the Bard laWing due advantage thcref>r, as 
nijmy notable TnnUnrci iUusfTaic M'hai ean be aw^ti^r than 
tlnula'; lino <"Mijrh Ado")? In reipon'ie ihcrcio, do not ihc 
bcaiu ai all Father Ia,ik'( diidplcs ay " Amen ? " — 

Tlic [ttrLLhiiil'tt tr^j-Ttni; I* 1o kc tliR ri«Ii 
Cue wUh bi^r [2'jTi3cn uan (h« liktj hTrniiii, 

ja Tic G€niiem4xn$ Magazitic. 

ObriciutlyH the reference here n nol to bottoiu-fithing ; certainly 

it it not !□ Hy riitiing. The genenlty «nJji1icg ajccuracy and truih 
t>r the fKirt'i language and obvnraiion itould x^m ici indic^ic ifut 
which Ch^irltf CotE<)n detignates ":ingUng in ihc middle with a 
minnow c»r ground baji ;■" for, of couf*e, any kind of bair with liijo*t 
pllarhed might very ptoperly be termed *' KeiW^hcroui-' fcrlajii the 
incihod fjlled "*(nkiog and drairiag" or ''linking and roving** iit 
touched upon, 

A|puTi, Ilcrtfam, in '*A\\'^ Well,'' \. 3, wyi^ "She knc*f her 
distance, -ind did angle for me," And I'&lixeno, in the '"^Vinter'* 
T*l«,*' iv- 1 , "1 fear ihc angle that pluckn our mn tliilhcr'*— 
Pciiiilft, (owit^ And in the moving uene -il the dfooucmcm \A lh« 
mmc pUy "One of the pretlirsi louthe* of nil, ani3 ikit *hich 
.iiiglcd for mine eye* (caught ihtr water, though nni the fi^h), ^a* 
. , , ," There \%u quibble or double meaning in thr i/*r of Ihe word 
^*#fiter"m the faregoing pni^e nhich u qmre in Shake«j>ca;c^« 
t>unning vem^ 

Also we find Hoispur saying of King Henry IV. (iv- ^;}, " lly thq 
AecmJng brow of justL^c did he wiri the hearts ol d1 %h\\ hv did angle 
for . . - ; " and Cfe^sida, lo Troilin, " To angle for your Ihoughts." 
TlanilcE, of ClAodius, sO}?!, " He has Ihrown out hi* angle for ray 
pm^jet hfc," whirh, Jii we hnve iTrcady ohicrved, \% nol the tinlj 
in.M^ncc of the Prince of Iienraark'i borrowing a Hguie from l!ic 
rc^hn piscatorial. Edgar's .'jllu^ion (" Lear," \\\. 4) \s .-tn uj^plcj^ij^ 
one, when he saya, "Nero is on tingler in ihc lake of darkoeii." 

Kei-urrinji; inomcniaTily lo the "Winter's ■Iaie"{i. 3), one t!i*, 
cci^Tfc (hat Lccintes soJiloquiscs aficr a manner that gives rise in u& 
to iwo thoughts. Wc ihink of euher the pl.iying of a fish after it i* 
hookc J, or ihc humourinE of one after ii hai taken bu( not pouchcj 
a dead gorge bail, and nliij of ihc rcprchensiblr practice of poaching, 
when hr dcdArcs : "■ I am angling now, ihmigh you perceive not how 
1 yve line . , . many a man there is . . . (hat Ntde thrnks , . . 
^m pond fiah'd by bis tiext neighbour." Truly, an unneighbourly and 
un^ponamanlikc action. 

There ii much philosophy and food for rcllcelion in the followmg 
pasaagc from '* Pericles," the wisdom of which is not at alJ our of 
djlc now : 
JDU J' L3MCIl»A^- MDTiEcf, I nurvcl how iht fahc$ live m (he ko. 

I'TT FiBH. tt hy, u men do i-linJ— ihc greai anet nc u{i ibf l^iiW 


Pkk. (M^iff). How from <be finnv lutjcct t>f the h« lhe*c Fiihcn tdl ibc 
jn&rTnilio uf men . and fi«Qi ilicjr wtirry tmpir* 
letallcct ftU ihiu nuny (dcq i.pproTP, or ir.cD dtitci I 

SAai^s/^arcx Piscine Lore. 


TtL I fttrcTpMftiiU Lt. 
ixr> ?ITii. ^Uj, ibf^D iliuii will hUriii:. kure : fur i1mc** RJlhing io 1i« 

|/|r'l"iWJ4i ^riti/t up 4 »j/i ] 

mi Itw. Iktp, oiuttii belp I Hfic^ a fith hui£i ill i|t« nd like • 

yVM DianS 'i^hl in Ehr ]■» j '(will hu*!]/ CQUic uul. 

Tlitf <]1a?tt31 ion of PnirlcH, " I ncvfrprairii^'d it,''KemH to impl/ 
that be utKlcttaltril the diffif:'3lric« fH-rMining Xa ihr nrl of catching 
6iiMs ; and tugg^^u compariioti mth the reply, " I ncvor tiwd,"* of 
the oun who vu ukvd H he cuuU pby the fiddtc. 

The fotf^goins eiwnjjks will be found fuUy luSicient to i1h«Uate 
tbe nuny'iidcd ShokespeJie'i futntli.iriE/ with the nni^le aniJ ill utc. 
oj iho with ochci permi»iib1e methgdi of catching or emnating botii 
■ah-w3tcr and ffcirU-w«lcr Ash. Thftt ho wai not ignrriMnl of nt Icail 
<ine m^itiniAte iuckW it to be friThercd by the attentive itiidcnl of hit 
«Dti\. Mvrt of u« wiUmgly knd ear lo suggciition* that ,i ictlaiu 
tloer-ucJihng .iilvcmurc in Squire l^u^y'i park U ;i[M3crypha1 ; tl i« 
«qualiy \o be hoped— pftrTiculjirly by thoij ilionMnds of adflter* who 
loic lo hiU a irooi in ipoflimanlite manrn:r— that ihc fetvencyof 
jctinit WiU of Strjifcffd'* tpiri^s never induced the glorious lad lo 
kkdclgc ta that which our eou«in% north of the iVeed term " gud' 
^ing.* Ia *' M«uurc for Mcjtiure " (i, t) it ta written : *' Gropinji 
ibr uo«i* in > jiceulicu river;" and in *'Twelfth Night" (li, 5), 
JiUriii fcjji, '■ Here comet the trotit Ih^it muil be t.iughf by lirklini^" 
-Wbrthev Of not thf h^xA indulged va gro^in^ or lickting fot truui m 
hticAflfdayi i» unknown: joy bitty we give him ih<^ benefit of ihe 
«kiutjL Uul It 11 only too evident rhat the ncfuriou^ pMfiioc was 
eommnn even *o br bnclc ,15 the day* of " Liood" (JucL-n Kh/abcih. 

In ii(>caLtng crtiwhde of (he pocf'& f^mihanty with Ihc mgle, vvo 
itvrd Ihe terra ".ingle *" in in comprehensive and diciinrun-y *tcnw — 
■* 9 5^ihj*'r(vl with a line and a hook." As an enbrncnicnt of our 
nihirei, and pri(ectly germane ihercio, let in regard thjl which ib »o 
oMiall^ an aitnhcitc of (he angle — the neecifuiry, nomcEimt-s luath^cme 
fa*4. Oi tbii word^ and of rhat wliic'h it implies, Shakespeare makcv 
Jrcqu«nt and, of coufv, *ki|ful use- "She loudi'd tio unknovrn 
bailc, nor fcar'd no hooks "" I'M.ucfece," 15). "That bet ear Imp 
DoChingof ihe (altc iwect ball Ehat we by for li" (Hero, of HeaErice, 
■1 ■'Much Ado,** iti, 1). " Past rca&on hated, aa a swallowed hoil'* 
(Sonnet la^J- "The lender nihblcr would not touch the hail" 
^■* Paiatonate Pilgrtm ") \ ct Ovid : 

Tbf fah cvn prickM avi^ilii die Ic^r^ki] Ijuokt 

And vpi^% the ipoTl of -jSX ih? n«ighli'(iiig brook. » . - 


-34 The Otniltmans A/agaziut. 

All thcAC «pcak Tor thcimdvca and Trqulrc no coiTin>ent. 

"Sc« you now ; your bait of falicbood rakca this ciip nl truth;" 
which would seem to imply \.\\ai your carp was a gullible rmturc ; 
auch^ however, and abi I not being the casev at any xsixr m ihctc 
<kya, Nor wii ihi^ Ash tc^anJcd as an caiy ptcy hy ih^ i-kiHcd 
«nglcnori5oytirsat;a Whlinic about thirty ycati afttrthr de^Uh of 
oat immoTial aubjud. Master l^aak Walton aayi : " I'hc <arp i& iho 
queen of river? ^ . . a vcrysubtk iiah . > . if yi^u ivitl r^h for a 
cjiTp you muit pat on a very largo mcaauro of poitcncc , , ," El»». 
where, with pain one nalct unflaEtcrLng lefctertfc in Cy/riims which 
Vanittc budi thu( : "Of all the 5ah that awim ihcwAicry iii«ad, not 
ore in cunmng tan the carf* exi:ccdH* BulTon was so mii»rt^^r(J niih 
Its e:itrcmc ciimion and u'llme^j that he dt^igitntcd it '' ihc frc^h* 
water foK"; as for Walton, to that which wc have already ()iioted«Thric 
i% appended the remark, '' He is hard to be raughL" Now, wh^ii- 
«vtT may he ihoughl of old Ij^oak r.s a raiurndiBl, it mu»t be ad- 
■nitEcd that a« regards dchiditig roaiAC A»h he wa; deddedly "all 

Iht pOWiee 10 which wc were proposing to *lirect the rctder's 
attention before the preeedmg diiagation tomewhai diverted the 
cuiTient. i< from '* All* Wdl," v. i, wherein the t^loim speak* as fd- 
lon : " Here a a pur of fortune's, sa, or of fortune's cat, t^iat haa 
fallen into the uncFean Jiahpond of her dinpleoaiire, and, a^ he siy^ 
is mud dyed witlml : pray you, air* use the carp a* you may ■ for he 
looks like a i>oor, deeay'd, mgenioui, foolish, msr^Uy knave." Not 
very flaiicnog lo I'arollc?, to whom ihey were addressed— full tif 
Ihofie \inns the bjird delighted lo put into the mouths or hi« inimit- 
able fools, iot the pleasuring of the groundhngs— these ih(ird»« with 
the single exrcpti^n of "inHCnious," are a diitinrl librl upon the 
whole mee of Cy/ririiJtf, with this a^Kiiagcment, tliat thvy arc only a 
pornon of the fuohng of a prefeasionaJ jester, finite atm was rather 
to .isionbh tirA amuse than to defmcand m^trur^t- 

Hhakesiicnre seems ever In une ihc word Mnf in jt« derivative or 
secondary sense, lo wit, as food toemice oraltorc— ai i^rt/f /jf /.irf, 
and never as I ta it for travellers, whieh jaa/rrf by way of refresh men i 
taken in paRsmg (Sav^-n, batan^ lo l>;iit ot feed). Thu^, for inslAni:r, 
with true pr^atorinl signilleonce doc) Imogen use it in her loeta* 
phor when *hc wys (" Cymhellnc," iii, 4} -. " Dul worn, a bait For 
ladies," vi/., good seeming. Again, Gmliano ("Mciehant of 
Venioc, " i. \) ihus rfpTOVes the grave and silent demeanour nf his 
friend the mcrchat^t: "iiut h^h not with thj« mclinchoty bait for 

SJiai^Jpeare's Pisame L^re. 


aft % Suifif type oT vfinplidtr. In the ai^^Jt of \h<^ Stock IlLxchanec 
lbclievc,iheua«nry prey oftbe "bucket-shop ' ktt't>cra, and oihcf 
•■iharptt," or '^fcbwki'* (oi "pake"), the "flats "arc wninjij '*gud- 
>i».' ConunentiQg on Sir J- Hawkins's riotifs lo Wiilign'a brief 
Tiintt upon fishing for gutlgccn, " EpTufmrra," atylinj; thv Hanie " im- 
pcrfcci and obecmTe,'^ conWmptuou^Iy uutn* up \hi: sport of gudgeon- 
angUng as a sort of ft't'iiU^r piscaiorial putimo* It is, nathlcts, 
prcity pmctice for the trnbryonic fly-fieher A wdl known modtrn 
atiihoiriiy irriics, "The (i»h is a bold biter» so bold, indeed, oa to 
warrant Shokcsprtictt epithet* '^j/gudgcon,' and, unless some 
electric^ or thermal influence up>ci iheir appetiEvs they are more 
cm}j luu^ npidlyukcn than any other 6sh/' Save only parr ax 
cttuin i4^uons vhcn you ^vijit troutlets. The lAte David FoEier, 
the ombcm nacumliKi^inglcr of the Peak^ well fumu up the sLJbj[;ct 
by SMxmtig that *' ihcir chief lue lo the singler h for bait for the 

]n ihi& conneecion no follower of acert;'in branch of (he anglei^s 
srt rt^iuir<4 lo be told of the wen .ind mpnts oi a nice briifht lively 
d*C<> Shakc«pcarc "^iVi evidently aware ^^f rhe aiiracLivcnca: of ihcM 
iKtIC bcWlticciaaccrt3inquartc!LforFaUta(TiiayK(ur Justice Shallow), 
"If the younjE dace be a baic for ihc oU! yjikc* I j^ca no ncniion, in \\\9 
kvr of naEurCi btitl may snap at him {'*: Henry IV./' iii. i). 

Other InbtanccK incEude the fallowing, iaJer alia : 
Utlkt^ 't an ItchUy ... your tor will be auj^bt tiy cAutclc^i h^\\f. 

CAQtdous, or imidious. baits have not yet gone out of fa^shign, 
traong anglers or Philiaiinc^- 

SAUtl. Tboii wilr nrtX ukv hn flah : vhai't ihm (^ood fiarf 
SHV. To lAit li*h wiEhal.'— .VfV<ArifFi)/~ ymut, iii. I. 

CVOAI^I (or JtTLitT). AnJ she >t(Al lovers nvect ball (foiQ rcarrul hooki, 

I^oiiiM ami y»tUtf i, j. 

By icflsoti, that u^ of the feud between ihc nVal houiics. 

Vfiili uinlt <1o5l bajt rhy \*^\. Mtinure for Aftamrt, iL I. 
Cu^MO fiiJ''<«^). IWii th« hook mil . Lhi< ftih [iVncclklLj ttWl Mk- 

TaVOKAh I win rnchuii the old AnJfonicut 

WLrh •»'jt\\ iDurt ihWPTi, cnrl yet njrjit ilukger JU( 
Than l*n> tc» fish, ot honejiinllis (a ibcep ; 
Whca JA t^ anc is wounded with 1h? be^l, 
Tlie other iol[«! viih lipllclw* fr*J. 


36 The- GeHtternnn i Afagasittt, 

I'au, f^niiHiitng- Af^cr shoving how she cin smooth »nd utility 
^ndroniciu a% ft bait, and no i^vrjy hia son— 
Now will I tn ibiL oM AfulrDntfuc^ 
And ttfnpcE him u^lh *ll lh« in J h4<c 

To pluck i>[nurl LikJu* fidd) tlic VAillkc Cut^ik.-^/iiY. 

Some do2cn limu doctShakapcire speak of cerujn of the riv^is 
or his And our hind 1: b, however, n?tewgrthy thai not once docs 
he refer tu <he lovely ^Varwiclcshitc Avon by naioc. 1'h«t it musi 
ofien have been in hfi ihoughts one doubc« not, nor that he lias 
repeatedly limned U 'vhtin dn^wing ^ome of his lovely waicrjide 
«kcKhei ; lUch oi, fot inisUuiu?, irhen he aayi ; 

Vi'Iiich v|ijn^ Aj^nl u[ Ihy Imi bcKiiiii, 

MorcQvtr^ one likca lo think Lhai the f^tron of Avon vas thinking 
of his own^ doub:lct^ly inuch-loscd, river when he penned Ihc lino 
alrciily quoted, beginning wllh : 

T]ie pli^ikftntV pn^lifig i* Id ■*« ihc A«h 
Cut with ber i-oMib uara rhv liLvfi alrracn. 

Here, morcyver, is a jjiciuie ftg ftam<; in Memory's inmost 
■anctuory) of 4 Sitivuiii <nrlieri;in dwdi Jiiany dupj^lcd troui. 

Tht ciitrem diiii MliHgcmle iikLhrinar uliife*. 

Thmi knciiml, L>rlftG *'°PP~^i ^fiipdrLently duih nfc ; 

Qjt trhcn hik fairojunc b ool hindered | 

lU mmka ikw«rt inuaic wJlh |1ii^ tntJiieltM ttoiiFi. 

LU ovtnak«th in his pUgrimoc? i i 

J^nd ao Ly miny wijidmi: tiuoh> bcklrayi, 

Wilb (rilljiit; hjKjrt, t<» llic wild ncc-in, — 7l»v G-uft'itun, It. 7 

Then there is tangled foliage bard by, in which Queen Mab tnight 
glory ; ihe background i^ ihtr btrautiful bli:e heavt^n filled i^ilh Its 
proper ladlant bndscaps uf cloud and sunshine. What \i the 
glimmer of gemmy regalia to ihis cvcrlaaiing splendour ? 

Surely the poet's eye must often have noted such alluring sights 
as he sale or Ifune-jd beside ihe ^satcr between Stratford and 
Warwickp That he was not an angler is hard to believe ; seeing thai 
he ^'a£ a manly man, fond of the air and Nature's moods; one in 
whom the sound aiind assuredly mliabitcd the sound body ; one in 
whom tht; placid pasiime ;vodd Ic so MUguiarly ad;ipied -wc 
presume to think- And tlien, see wh^t a number of ^ limes he 
touches upon the great topic, and vriih <ft-hat obvious knowledge \ 

He never mentions the silver^' Stratford Avon by name; bul 
four limes he speaJta of the 'lieni, which was a ncithbour of his, 
probably known and held dear ; neighbours also, ^Vyc and 5evcni. 

S^akesp^ar^'i Pistiac L^rf. 


licer — whi.-h ^Icrivr* iK n^n^t dth^r from ihc fnti that ihijty 
'ftf tilH* ir*- lOMnd in i'. (ri^ff WalionT, or because ihai 
[DOmbev erf Ureamv gmi and ftiiiall, ITf>v into it, <ir for Kojjteoihct 
ra»n*-^the Trent we find u ^ntwn : 

, , , , ffom TicTiT anil Sfverfi hnbnlik . . . 
JIffv ihf tmuifcfl^t tlhcr lf«m t^a^ nn. -JV#A 

B«cUc» the rcfvrcACG 10 Sn-ctn prcvii>nUy ^aoEcd, in ihc same 

Afkc i& ihc ^Vye mcniioncd —once in conjuciciion ^kU " sandy- 
ibociom'd SCTtrn,*' and tvlcc by (he Uiyn], vatlanr, di^puiivo, and 
pauiock Ca^Jiai'^ HuYlLcn- To kLny Henry Vh ht^ &a>h; "AIT this 
«aicr jn Wy«c»»not vtaeh ^our Maj^iy'e U'd»h ]>loui o^Jl of }-our 
IxmSti 1 ^<i tell 7t)u ihai ; ' vil^Jtii u> hiK fiicttd, C^afiiain C^owcr, hu 
ctptiins ihaE Macnion anO Munmouih arc much of a inuLhn^>;s, 
ilh baiiAg riven (" Jt i» oiled "^Vyfs at Maoniouth. and there aie 

Ourchiefoi fiver. EhaCU!K>n which Modem Babylon sund^> is once 

iced : ** I believe, as eold a ni|jlu a^'iiE, htj could vriah him^^dr 

ihe Thames uii lo the neck/' says i;;iUtj ihc honest loWicr, of his 

soraeign ("Henry \V iv. <?■ 
So much for rivent Of tho*e fascjoatiry waier- counsel yclept 
iks, wc read mjny ihin^'v Kur nami>]c, very true lo Nalure is 
the remark— often mLv|uoLed—('' 2 Henry VL.^ilL i): 
SnKWth tuT« Ihff w^lcl whtTc [ht biook U dcejV 

The niclancholy Jaiucs^ a man of lastc ond sentiment, was wont 
10 hie him to 3 " brook thac brawls abng ihc vood," there to dream 
tnoraTis^ as msny An ::nglcr right gfadly would upon occasions 

}|dden by the tieia decrees of this work .i day cemur}' end 

There h another i^rercficc to ihai ^^hich is ^ynonymoii^ ^iih 
'vtiYsmttt. Maiter Brook (".Merry Wivcf^" il a) sends up lo Sir 
John Kalitaff a morning's draught of sack. Quoth the knighi {wuh 
the bard'fc fond irlck of pari>nomaiia)i " Such Brooks are welcome lo 
oie that o'crnow such tiiguofp ' 

La Xt% direct out aucniton to «ome of the occasions upon which 
Sbakopcaft q)i3akc of cerUtn lish^s by name, as ako tho^e ^\hun 
filfa an G^^*^^')' l^^^t^ c^i (ojs^iber with ^Jbse^^;ltfo^fi iheK:it|K;M^ 

At the inn ai R^jchestcr, the second earner says lo hts fi^'llow, " I 
think tlus be the moil viltainom hojse in all London road fui (Ica^ ; 



TA£ CeNtkman's Mag^stme. 

1 ita «.« tte t t«fh " (;■ ' "«rT 1V„" a, ty The phiIo« 
phioil rwon acK-u^d fOT ihi* A«A pbpxd roixlitioti of giOun ne* 
^ bw be «t down. Tbe «ipr«n»«, how^m. » c^iaemf 
appfPprbEc ; doiibtlc» ihc carUr iru - «t«,,j - (^^ ^^- ^^ ■ 

unch. "l^ich liih dcrivo jw n*m< fiom the UUei Air^ ; ^^ ^^^jw 

Cvprinui iimfi, ttc pa« <o ihc lavcooui, kingly pike MasS 
Slender lelS «^i thai Kobert Shallow. E*q«ir,^ j,p,^ quar?«s a ^lowc 
while luce* in hi* i^ont, &ir Hugh Evans plays upon /^*/^,, arwl tiieti 
SquiTC Shjtlu* cma» the ^luable piece of mfomaarir^n that *■ ihe luof 
islhcfnshfi>h''C'*Merfy^Viv»,"L i). 

The ciudirc Dr- Brcwcf says : "Luce, ^^jfty^ ^ /^^^_ ^^ 
corruplion of flcur de lis." The rteuK-dc-Ijs ax, ^i cour^t, ih* fimed 
hliesofFmnce-lhefhoacnWoMOfusofl^ui, Vn, M^e ardently 
people wrote A^™ *//-^s, Ihac a lucy or luce is the maiure pifc^' 
cvef>' pi6f3t<«bl BtKoolboy knows. Thus, Jusiice Shallow .iforefoJd 
»mpli(ii;« ihe phrase jli^^dy quoted, aayine. *'The luce n the frc^h 
fiah, the salt fibh is an old *:o3t '— 1>. Lucy is a new name, the old 
one wot Chstrlcoie. Shakespcat^!, of course (^or^^jURgltng, as 
usual), is gibing ui Sir Thomii* Lucy, of Cliarlcoie. a gnidfte a^inst 
whom, in the mailer ^if thm dccf buiineis lie has magrijitiiniousty 
rcpJiid by JmmorlahsinB ihjl country squire under the guise of Justice 

Cihban ni^kw a remark ('^Tempest/' u. 3) which shMs a side. 
Jjflhi upon a custom of ihc Klitabeihan and Jacobean eta. Throwing 
off all nllcfiinncc 10 his lOiUiltr, the monster sings, "No more 
dams ni make for fish ..." Compare the prologue to the 
•*Cantcibury Tale*": 

Fui mflny a fal r'**""^^ haiUle he jo ffiewe, 
And mmf A bjffm jind mfiny & lucc in 6tc*rt 

Thw unsporismanlike person, iiccording to our noibns, vr^ the 
Fnnkclcyn, of whon* chancer tells us expressively, *' Hit snewede in 
hjlhOtll of mt.'(e snd ilrinke." 

We find that Sh^ikespcarc thrice uses the uroid "oy£ler>" In 
reply to KaUlaifs stem " 1 will not lend thee a penny," Pistol crie^ 
"•Why thtfn all the world's mint' oyster, whi Mi I with sword will 
open." Of BulinKbroke, Kinp Richard IL 5.13 s/' Off goe^ his bonnet 
to an oynier wench." Then theie is thai piece of ^\isdom of the most 
philosophic and lovable fool in " I^eac " <i. ^ ) : 

t'uni^ Cantt Icil mc Low an ujrftcr mqkffhii thell? 

LrAR. Nti, 

IfooL, Nor I cLEhei. 


SAai^sfiforts Pisfint L&re. 


The tOOthMitte cd rcccitci a fnir ^moiinr of notice : both the 

nnmr end Oie more dclirir^ nnj^uilid. ^'Vou mudrly oonger,'* 

ACiUf»s TcJunhcL-I disparagingly dubs Sir John ralstJLfTj yet «Jth 

■one Auji^cnctf, having regard in ihc conrciti. " He cais crm^tt 

^f^d fciiDdi'* ocean in the *amc play (" Henry JV-"J. In *' Penile* ' 

(i«^, ;X HouU obicrvci; "1 ninant you^ misire^a, Lhundcr %\\a\\ noC 

*** MoLc ihc bed ofecU . . . '-a prcgiinnt rcmaffc. The Fool in 

i"* Xetr" (i 4) »dWftc« : " Cry to it, tsnncle, na the cockney Jid to the 

^^*tefa,»hcnshcpui thcmmthc]>astcnlivc-" Mnrh, in '* lj>vr'i tnbour 

* -<rtj" innanco the r]iiicl4n<:« of Ihctcl; whilst Pctnji"hio, in the 

_ ^ "Timing of the Shrc*," a»t> bw frnward wife ; " Is the adder bcMer 

V»>nihe ccl l)C»UAC hinpaimc^l ifcmconlenisthecye?" 

Coming 10 ea»uAl rctcrcnccR to raiioiis kinds of wll-wairrand 

cih woicr tfibhcs, ii ia to be noted that the Bnrd thncc alludes 

^^tl)e lcvutlun>and icn times directly to the whale; twiec loihfi 

^'"hrimp, and some tight \i\vxi to the henlng— (" Here come* Romeo 

'^'triihout hit roe> like a dried henlng^—nndi therefort.-, lucking ihc 

^taer port) ; ivti^e to miiuiowa ; once to mackerel ; once to the anle 

■'^-Hftih % pun ; and to fish generlcally, many Eime<t Once ve hear 

^M mussel s— differently spelt— 10 wll, when Pro3i>en> wys, "Thy 

46od shall be thf frcah brook muscles." In ih:; same play raliba 11 

^DBctakpi : TU firfi for thee ... I'll gel thcc young scamela (limpets) 

fern the rock ^ 

We have already noticed how Sir John FalsTciff was mmpoied hy 
m damsel to a conger* by reason of the muddlnc^ uf his cnnvcraa- 
liOQ. The fat knight hkened himself to a choicer lish : ** i am a 
looted E^met,*' nys h& This gurnet, or gurnard {trigfa\ supposed 
be so ealkd on ji:counE of the ^ound it in:ikc5 when taken out of 
the water {}~.i:rHttHi&). is highly esteemed for the tabic, whether of 
iW red, the grey* or the sapphire variety ; as Sir John doubtlessly 
vtJI knew— pJinicularly if wine (sa^k, in his case) tfc nddcd- 

Several timet do wc read of ^tock-fish, wliich x^crc wiuii to prove 
lavfol in I eni nnrt fin yndayji ; hnkc dnod Jnd Hjilredi aimUarly eon- 
lenienA, seem to hive been held in lesser e^^tcem ; for Tuncub gays, 
"What haie «c here? . ■ . a fi^ : be smelb like a fish ^ a kind of 
n£*t of the ncireAt Poor JohiL. A strange fish ! " And (iregory thus 
iddr^Hoi the valiant Sampson ; " 'Tis well thou art nol fish ; if thou 
hadtf, thou hfldsj been Toor Jnhn." Other fi,^h, or parts thereof. 
Uiui^eomc *fl for attention :" If Eike a crabyrHi eould go ba*:kwards'' 
<'*ILimlcf."ii. J); "To change Ihc cod's head for the saltnun's lalK' 
<"Olhet1o." li. 1) ; '' 'Twai cavian: to Ihe general " (" Hamlet." ii. j) \ 
" Colplaiw or dog-fish '^(-1 Henry VI-, M. 4). 



Tk4 G<ntitman$ Afa^azitu, 

Tin^ ttcll nigh ionumcrablc our poet kpcal* of th« Ay ; bat not 
oner, al» ? of " flies " m llic angler'a xnw thfteoC How ink-reiiinK 
■ociIJ bavc be«A ihc inrorviauon coqtcjmI as lo ih« kDO«W>^ tit 
the ity^ti&hcT'i vt in (he d^y% of Eluabcth md Junes Ih^l *' loncii 
foot," had but Shileifirare betii muved loglmccthetcai ! How- 
ever, il is httrdly lo be expcded^ Codon Mas not bom until fouitoen 
ycanjifEfT ihc death oTthc Bofd ; » for U'llion, Ihough that pii»cc 
of pi*faiori WM iirentj-thrcc years of nge at the time wben the body 
of the £retie«E of F.ngUnd't kitcfarr sons wu Uld to rev: ; though he 
van at that lime probably an anknt afid dLitfbl angler ; j«t «e know 
trhai ire know alioul the ic^Mcr't protieifncy in ih^ higher branch of 
"(he conieoipLitive mant reertaiton : ' and therefore perhapfi it it 
fioE vk wnnder/ul ihat (be great national storehouse of knovplcdgc 
r.ontAins nothing iboui (!y-5shirjfi^ llo^cvei; dirme WWX ki nni far 
OoC when he ftss«t»/*r Imogen <"'Cymbclioc,"iff. a) ; "'llie imj>eriou* 
Km hrced pnon*ler^ ; for Ihc di»h, poor iiibut*ry river* iis iwccl 
fjjih." [n Kuch mnrier^ ^% d:d come wlthtn Ihc tcopc of his prcicienl 
obvrvfttiofi he nai ^lingularly tmpired, 

Finany, reloctnUidy doting n fascinating toplr. let nn mU the Tol- 
towing gem (rom " Venus ftnd Adonic t ' " No iishcr but ihc ungmva 
fry foibcan." On ihe i<:\tx of the venniic youih who giveft uttctan* 
10 it, a very budab^c and «|jort&m£n]ikt rcmnrkt which deserves bot^ 
only to Jie iw^cd alongside The famous I'tsciTDRmrs SaCRvm by 
the tiank of i^ncct and tlucnt IJovc^ but also to be vividly dcpicti 
or othcrwiic eallcd to arrcniion ivhctcver and whenever ihc acglerl 
and ihc water arc brought mlo juxtaposition, 




The miuiivmcnla of 1!if couDTi-|r drmnncTrd llipt Ihr cnrmyV tTrrit n^niiM bo 
mitaU»l«i<a, adJ it ii only mmbcD which cun viniltifiUc.— Ar^'w. 

Wc hiK no dtfflirf. or hop* of Jc fcim< cv'^it In oi» Arcii ^W^lii^ff^pt^ 

tl vu faad policy to wicoutflCf ih* miliiory EimnJa iniUflH of fdckinf to yonf 
MtrioF, whirb li tV ir^l EVwt« of joui cmniij. unil oci? i4hleh. If jou jircvrw 
|i, '■iU iltti)* i*niJ*r you pow*rfiil —A'fl^ttfw rt/ Creat ^H £jr£fvrJ. 

Wf hiitf l«m |iTn)in£ vthtTi ihr kM"vr finmlnii rvrr liniY ihc flLi'jlilion of 
t»p<liiinli( ffih]*.' om na^y to fr«rfii|]y yrtttl. In /v'tftrtH^ u CQUipQKd uhh tha 
FrtttfiL W« hikvc litcnl^y tad Inilj ao rcKivc cjf th^it adJ nito.-—^ifwijAi 

THr recent contro^crvy (hat has bi;tn cAificd on in (ht Timet 
bctwccfi Mr, llowlby, l]ic prop'icii;r of Knoyd^n, and ccrujn 
iM-iiibcrs of the Hi^shbud F^nd Law Kcform A«»oiiaUoti has 
indiKcd m» 10 nikc uji arjiumcnu \v\ favour of tht croflvr syatcm^ 
f]i>-h1.imlcn arv biflic knuwn ait wlUii^rt ih^in u« &:>Jlors jUhgugh 
iScrc ■» QOI a family in i)ic ^Veii Hi^hbnde nhidi hiEsn-Jthadoncor 
ivo oJia ton> membvn of (he mtrnuniiLc inarms vt in \\\t Royal 
Na^, and lean cvmtfmlx'r tli? time wl)t!ii it w;l!> common cnuuj^h lo 
Beet HiftdUdd tailors hho Imd bti'ii e.i^ aW \y3n\% of tliv it;l<ibt: ^ and 
■nod in£(Tc%tjnf; cbaraclvn iTiry ^crt- Among the earliet^t reuollec- 
lio«t« of my boyhood ixm two oil-paiiumys repreaeniinE a br^e Eail 
Indnnun, the M&ffjuetn. ^rhitb ^hjs t:iUviE ijftcr and EoniLUatidcd 
by ix Hcbndean. a ^lant^Tion of ihtf Rev. Dt, Muuiueer. iW fric:rid of 
]>r- Jolinior;. 'llic Afatpircn in u cyclone, and die Afai^uecn enwi- 
ing Madw roddi with all taila vet in fmc weather, evcited my 
>tHilliluJ imagination \o %uch a dc^ict^ ih^t i^ inapirrd mc vrich a 

LloapDg fcff fldicnlurc Jt a very c^rly age, nnd I remember being 
ixnomi niou (ly caplurcd by an alarmed and agitated nurie, A^ho du' 
CQvtivd me In A bocLi cndcavouiing m set lail for Chitu widt the 
aTo#td inicniJon ofmslcinflmy fortune like; ihe great tnerchiint-prrncc 
Mathctoni vihoihcn lived at Inveimatv, on tbe apptii^lr shore of Loch 
Duich, Th« oiUpaifi tings weie CNCcutcd by ;l petty oJftcer of the 


^j Tb^ GfmSlcman's Af4t^nH€. 

«hip^ ft Hi^lMto, Mid lhc>' are to ihU diy a* good 44 tvtc lo prow 

Wlicn ] f nt went to Inttii, in 1859, 1 mlcd ttoen GLufc^ir ia 
Ofw of ihf cJippcr ship* belonging to ihc *■ City - line, and m^e the 
VD^^gr round tbe C^r^ Qtxiit one halT of the men tn the ship Mrcrc 
WcM iiighlandcn. the mcrduiiK women In ihOK d^i^i being vpleodid 
ipceimai* of their taco In every nspccL Tho* were only two 
ftts^fngcn bf?adcs mysclA but the voyage wax itevcr dull, owing 10 
Oie fxri thai [ miied li^y with the apprcntieci uid able tttuncn, 
«f1k> were most entertaining comp^Lni^ni. l^be ihip'H cupcnter hftd 
a tovely tenor mcc; whicb »iJI lives in %i\y memory ; he never cimi* 
descended 10 proBlilutc it hy stn^iog infurior and ciuc^ionaUe iQOA 
and ci'Cty one or his baTlads might h:irG been sung b^an: \ktc qmm 
tlratl-i^cd matron without offending; her cars— m fcti, I do not 
rcmt-inbt.r hcahnp a 5Uggcsli%-e or vulgar duty at any of the ihw- 
v-ing» dunng ihc whole four months of fh^ 10(^^ and happy vayt#e, 
although there «as not a wom-in on boird to keep tn in order. I 
may mtnlionihar (lirring my boyhood 1 mixed frtcXy ^jth wldicn 
tailors, and fi^henncn, and I aiscrt with pride and plcLi^itfc that I 
benefited consdeiably Trom inteceoursc with thoe tncn, I'hia u 
not the ^nei^lly accepted of^mion of thoar good iieopW who look 
upon loldicrt And tailoin m the uium of the coutxiry \ but both my 
hrothtr and 1, who were in a g^e^E mca^ire banack children, landed 
in lni:!ia iis innocent m thfiught and de^d j« ;iny youth who hftd 
Jjec" tifd to his molhef^a apron-stringi The conse<]Uence U that I 
have a very tender pJsce in my heart fnr those who have braved 
'^thc batitc arid the broej^e,'' and to see ^n old soldier l>vjcgiiie ha 
bread in Ehe streets is to me iht- saddest f^ii^ht imaginable. TI)C 
other day I walked down riceadilly, and by the liurhngion Arcade I 
uw a vetenn kcUing boolIaccK with four reicdalb on lu& breast— on 
one of hiA nicdaU were four clasps ; walking en a little farther, tn 
Oxford 2Jtievt f came across an old hussar p1;iying the p^niiy whisilt 
for t'oppers. These luen were tiut-bom Biitons ; and it is not sur-' 
pniiLTig to me thiit, >^ilh tmch living ckiimples to damp the atdour of 
you"g men, wc fall to secure recruits of tlie prviwr itimp for the 
army. I hcive a strong suspicion ihdl the paliiotisai of tlm wcll-to. 
du Krglishman \^ hidden a^ay in his buoU ot at the bottom of hia 
iiioney-bijiEH Xudprd Kiphng has (irivcn hard 10 touch the hurt 
of the naikon with his borrack-room halbds and stories ; but in my 
o|»iuion he ha» failed owing to the fact that he is not Bullidently 
i'i euTncAt^ Jjavir^ saoiliccd everything to making ■ tflricatnrc nf 

HciriAajej as Pairicts and //aval /tfjtrvis/s^ 43 

the soldxiT- With all hji elcvttncit and ivrnntirity hr don not 
know the Bririih widler, although, actordiAg to ihc Ulc Mr. ^'land* 
AilAmi in ihc J^^rfm^At/i Ra^w, he sfnnrii high on n pcduUI u 
**lbenTCCipnUnuit or Jingoism Jind Adutlery," 

The iftco of \\\c yXtsi Highfnndi »nd rhe Hchridrt hare nlway« 
been ctcdieni »ailOM» and ^nst ycjt in JUvrc 1 had the pl*Mmirc of 
meeting a youn^ man of the crofter rb» frcim ScomnwAy, who wat 
thcfi m ootfnmctnd of one of the hr^sl Kogliah ^iC3mcr\ in the 
hjrhoiir In Ihe l/Mt^ ^rtra Afir/^titi/re (en M.irch 1893 a moit 
inlf rt«itng Aerouitt in giren of the Re*crifc m Ihe tlcbride^ 
by rnmmandct ihc Hon, Henry N. ,SSore, R N,, in ithieh rt in %ta\ed 
Uui "when ihe l)ukr nf Kdmbiitgh vHiiei Sfmnnitfpj* m the 
ctpMitf of Adtniral Suiicrhrcndent of Naval Kescrvcn^ His Koyol 
H%hneM «M smyiJHcd tnd gnitifietl lo finJ * niagnilircnt h[.>'Jj' of 
I, too Ricix OUT Of an enrolled force of ncjirly J,jof^. drawn up to 
rerei^c him. It wa* jl t>ody of men. moTCOvcr, whidi, in rc(;prd lo 
phpiqnCj coTDjivtred fivnuTaWy with pnj forec ctirollcd in *he regular 
tcTTfCc of the Crown, the avcr,ige height of (he mtrn being 5 f«| 
ft iachci ; while in iiteAilme^ under armi and profirienry nt drill 
IheK llcfandcAnt would hare more than hehl their own with any 
■hip^« eompany in ihe fleet" 

NavaT efdocticy in one of the qneilioni of the day^ as on it 
defends the 5iabilT»y of the Bribih ICmpirc, and ihii In my exeunc 
for vffgtng the Onimn of crofrcr fiihermeii br consideration in 
mcrefimng the Njir^l R«eTyc- the l/itif^J Sfr^-nt Maf^ntitu ' 

ocvcf puhNshcd A more wlimble -ind micie^iing article Lhan Ihe one 
by Commnndcr Shore, ^t%A it iconid tiL- -i good idea i-> Imvc it re- I 

priDlcd in pKnphtel form and widely ctrciiI-iTed. HighlanrttfTs have 
nlviyii proved ihemmcK-es to he eiitemejy inielLij^cnt and p.iiiiitaking | 

III tetroing their drill, nnd the advanra^f? of this cnn only be ftiUy | 

apprrci3tcd when it n ^l.-itcd (h^iT under ordinary cireiimMjnccs it 
tiko a si* or wven year* to become n perfect fig'^^i^K sailor in ' 

the navy, I'hift, howcvc, i* what CoTmn;indcr Shore sPys of the ^ 

Hcbridenm : "The citfflotdin.iry aptiludc displayed by tho l,cwl» 
isen in k^uning their <ttt11% and the high standArd of cf^cicncy 
aEEatncd—beoring m mind the shotirics^ of the n*ming. twcniy-L-jgbt 
d»y* a year— ha« exHtcd the Jinfonishmcnt of every competent 
otufTTCf. A naval ofS^r of high r,ink, toifllly unconns^cteJ with the 
RwcTTCt, who Yniicd Sornoway 'iub»r^i]iicniJy lo the Duke <jf ICdin- 
buf^h'ii jmpertinn, told the tottery oHiect that when he tonuniuadcd 
4 Navil Reseirc dr^ll-ship lomc yc;tn tn^forc he used H> i^jdc biin- 
Mlf on ihtc men's gun-dziJi; bat tk-it After what he bad izv^ 3A 

The GctdUmani Magasinr, 

Kiomtvnx he could bowl po longcr^thai, in facf, he Bitot idnlt 
he hAd ncwT iccti m« tihll »Kh iwh prrcUJon, stncliacn, 
^virAKn; »hik at itK»d* laying •«■ i»ofnim^ the foaa, in 
Ofriiuon no »e»meni:uftnCT» tooW hate dont ii bvttCT.' 

The »bote meniwicd t^pinioftft of ^mpcteni ftbtlioa-itin tfif^ 
vduna in fairow of iht Trtef«*on of Ihe Naval Reserve «pinn in 
lh< W«t Hi);hLuiiJs ,11 il ii vrry n«feuary ta secure ihc >VTvirc« <A 
ini-n iiho i>U(»CM a high otilcr of inidljgtncc, u> ihpt ihcj my 
quickly masUr ihc mnking o! all nt* apph.incc*. Poff inttcuicr, a 
Uikciain from Mdboumc »taie* that a Mr. Srymour Allan, j r«M- 
deatof5>-cIn'C>T his inrcnir*1 ^ submniinc lorpcdo-boai whtth vill 
lei'otuiioniw naval v^jtfcrc. 'I'h*? iniricatc mochanism Of thcv^ nev 
i»vcaliun« will surely ii«<»iUtc the cmpZry^-nif^ni t>f a supnior datt 
of ratn to w^lclhcm, Morcor^r, our blue jftck«is must be enihu. 
tiatU; and thik U wTial CommaiMTer Shore 5iiys of tfae OMhtuiaim 
prevailinit anionfl ihc men of the l^wi? : " U wa^ .^ cooimori occur. 
jCTCc when apoTly of Reserve men ^ot lORethcr in the vilUtgc^ out 
of iht dTiJI icasort, for one of theni lo stand out ;uid put ihc oihcn 
ihTOngh thcti dtilK. and if he made a roislAkc to fall back inio the 
nmki while another tuck his pioce, Agaiti, the men -wodid ofmt 
a>»cTnbIc m the village schoolroom wllh ihciT dnll^Ujoks and ^Uckt 
«nd praciiic the encrciw for a couple of hours a x stretch, ^\^lc■n 
nway at the fishing, Ijing by iheir neis ai night, ihc men w^rc in ,h« 
habit of dLi<:u*aing iheir diilla, lestmnc any iJisputcd point for 
ihc chief nftfcr* decision on their return to port 'Questions of ihn 
sort were ennManily being referred to the officer, vhowine that iho 
men arc nni w thoughilcss as fome people consnier. 

" Not the Icosl curious part of the matter is ih;it wh^n the ^^une 
men Join the force ihcy almost always displayed sgme rudiniertturr 
knowledge of Hie gon-drili. which waa cjcplained by ihe discmery o( 
'he fiict Ihal the older hands wtrc in Ihe habit of co^^chlng op the 
juung^tcrs when away on ihe fishing-grounds. " 

i'Vanec has a Naval Reser\e of r 1^,000 men, whHat ihe N'aval 

pscrvc of hnglandonly nuinbeis 23.0001 "'^ny cf ihiGnumha ol 

-■^elish Keiervists may, or may not. vulunieer lu serve *lwri w^f 

alT*"*' **" '''"'* '^'^ remembtred that most of ihem arerc^uerccl 

*cr the world in various mercham vessels. Morcovcrj ilitre j* 

nowT '^^'^^"'^ lo draw upon, as hundreds of out merchoni aieamcr^ ate 

'■^"«h h""^** by i^aicais instead ofby English seamen. IndceO,tlic 

T'VCd* ,?^''""*'^ of the present day is a very (ii-gcnerate bcinK com- 

*''h ^vhfli he ^vas in i)ie good old time vfhcn frcightt from 

N^^ndeans as PafmUs and Nax/ai Racrvuis. 45 

OkntUTO l^n^on commAndcd ai much as ^5 to X<t per x<yn. 
UlUnforcftUndfito rcAton th«t an odccjuaTc Naval Rvitivi^ slioul^ 
btcrtKCd from our croftcffishcrmcnandoihersvho have devetoE^ed 
v^much fcatiinc cnthosEovr for the work. 

Tfi? eugcnclcs of the public service compel m« 10 suggest that 
ibe Hebrides uid iho We&l Highbixlfi nhoutd be turned into a 
ttaErf« home fof croftcr-ft^ermen by making over to them the land 
line L( now DCCUjHcd by dcei fuie^ii imd bige ^hcepfaTms. The 
I'uW cf Suthcrtaitd ia scumg a mosi eicelleni Gxamptt^ in (hU 
'npea EO prophcton of targe estates by hk& ij^tiemes for i^nabting his 
snail naams 10 become uwncis of ihcir holdinp. ('ii-o|>t;ia:ive 
diirfugand stock- brctfdmg arc ccnairv 10 revolutbnUc farming in 
c^aibe mosl remote comtfti of ihc United Kinydoin, and now is 
telime for crofEeii to prove that they can rise 10 the oircuion. 
^t^ whit the French can do they can imit;ilc. They should 
■hodon Alt aiURiptt at rjiiin^ iiotatoen and i^orn, and confmc ihL'ir 
^nioiLji oiK'fAiLonA csiduitivdy to daiFying, ^huopt and tiaEtk'-bru^injj;. 
^^>Cre sf many quick^rgwing %\xi.UiA of bar}ey which would bu 
l*tftibW to Grow in thir Ktjjhland^ a^ fodder crope- If frown on an 
cixranve »cal4 en^ila^e of txcdkni i^Liahiy could Ix; mAd« from 
P*ca barley, Oais> too, whidi so oficn break ihe hearts of 
^f^ai by nrfvflinj; to ti|wn in onpTOpitlouh aoasoc^K, t^uuld bo turntfd 
^ nBtbg« for DM in ihv wlnttr monlhTi whtn fuddtr is: scarce 
Oap concern rated fcvdini^-suET^ fn>ni Indiu i<nd lh« UW Coaat ol' 
MiL^ niij^ht aI>o be uitcd (o adtnucnj^c m (ht* Hij^hlandfii AH this 
*ojld cnjbk the iiotiliern counties to niAmtam .1 yniy much latter 
^uULion tha/i they do ai prr^cnl. 

Ettn inihc ddy« whm iJr Juhnson paidhi; tuemorablc'VEiil to the 

fUjvidn, LuEui^c: *:ia hLtiJ^rliL'J widi H^ih ftom th« VV'tsl Highlands; 

^>l ain convinced Ibal if an im^ovcd dietary were introduced 

in»ng ihe bbouimK iib^wk intW rural dj^icrkrB of En^lind ie would 

d» mvth 10 jcuiove the tamt cf drunki'nncks frum the pcopk\ 

Richard Jcfferin, in hi» delightful books, " Thu Toilers of thi? I'itid '* 

and "The Open Air,* has ihrunn a flood of li^^hl on ihe way in 

vhjch tbe ;igricu1lUTa] kbourtr and bis family live, :ind under tht- 

cipcumuaticct there icem* to be cvtry encuw for Hodge rcsoriiuR to 

(he pgblic'houtc to allay the ciavinpi of a diicj.*^cl a]>petite. At 

■ be*i bk mcali consul of bitcon and Ascak kji, uiih sodden uabba^^ 

^LqAjdJifaer i^iccnt. Thit b juit the food CidriiTarcd to develop an 

Httinna) thiru in the r»m-bbour^r, and we accordingly find him 

vSltin^i hiii tiibstancc Jt the btcr shop. Fiih ;ind ^iifad oil aii^ ^h 

I wduiovn luKurica to Hodge, :Llihou[;h 1 am c^itain ihoi if they ^H 

■ 9 



46 Ti€ CtHtienians Ma^tuiM^ 

foiincJ part of hii tlaiJy fowl ihcy vooU hdp Eo rcgtiUtc hb dlfics^ 
^oLi und IciKi) ibc Linbtahh)r B|>pvtiie for beer. Tht nuvt 
obtEcniio^ji people on the iicc of |hi« eirth jUc I)hm« «Jio m l»ft 
tontumcn of ai1 vith ttierr food^ And jtl-f I qonUoe -rery mudl 
ir one nun in x ihftvaand amortg our Kn^bln fitim-ljboun-rs kcwif 
Ihc uttc of ti. Noir, the labounrr tnha grui intcic^i in hi« garden 
and atlotmcnl* ai h? d<r<ndi bxgrlj tipon (cgctiMLi. and the 
Judicious uipc oi 6i[ would be of gn^ bem^fit in An mi|j<uvud dicur}. 
A« rt nould picvcni tibe fcrmenution cjused in die >luiiki<i] by ihc 
prcKitcc of vcgciabr««. and would corrFCi fij[iilc;Fii.-e. Jnvitlid» 
«lio ivc unable (o Uke (od-livfr oil find xh:ti t.tbd oil H just 
oouiitbiog, xnd they gel vay fand of ii «hen ukcn in alodl asd 
with Uih. An improved dieui; for the hoiking ciuicti should 
ihercfore fi^gnge the ALiention of a painnnl f.a\trtnmtnt Mid i>hUui- 
Ihnipittn jf ihcy wjnr to imptcwc the [Condition of the pooplc. It b 
no Ti^e preaching the ethics of ChriUdnLiy to ficople who fcDd like 
pig^JH If Kt^hsrd JclferLcs'dcscriplion of ihc d.iilyliff: of the Englisii 
larm-UbnufCT is cof tcc^ Ihc Imi thing nrcc^viry li toJmprui^ihe 
lemjili.' uf htK bor]y with nutrJE.101)^ nnd en^ily- digested fioud. The 
>'lVT)rh 31C Ur And away ahcnd of the UngEiih in this r^jwtt. and 
the i^AnBrqiicnte is thaE we Und their pcaianTry frug«|, vjbcr. ;ii>d 
industrious — a. model mcc, m fact— .ind 'Jws m iiwU shou> sh»l an 
impTOted diftflry hus supreme niflui^ntt' in dc\elc»ping ihc moral AikI 
ni^teruil wdfjirc or A naiton- Ihc lYcncli tcuur ibc m^rk^ti oS the 
world for otl-secfla (rora K-hu^K oil is cMpreissed for ahmeouiTy 
piirfjosci. A Mar^citlca was [he hfst who esf«nmeotcd 
with the earlh-mitojl as a isubsiiCiJEc for olive oil, .md now ihcrc it a 
very extenuvc trade in eanh-nutK from India nod thv West Coast of 
AfjicA to France. The priee of eanhnuts (j4nT*-ftij Av/vgita) jotic 
from 15 rupees 10 30 rupee* per cnndy (= tlire rwl.J owing lo tb« 
j-icnch demand, ^nd every available h»g of vhn valuihl*: oil-sccd b 
now bought and shipped from Ehe Madras and Bmnlay presidencies 
to Fr.incc. I oj^in say thai what Ehe Krcnch cun do we could 
imitJttc, ah we may le^t a^ured thai a jicoplc xvho have reduc-Cil 
the «dence of cookery to a hnc art would not use carlh-nut oil 
so wicnsivcly. for alimentary purposes jf thty were not thorouj^ly 
eonvinccd of lU excellence ; and I linve entered into details to prore 
how wc have ^legleclcd our oppnrtiimlie*- 

A captious critic may nsk. What has this lo do *'Jlh Ihc 
Naval Reserve? 1 will enlighten him, H^hing t^ at best a f^re- 
carious occupaliooi and if an aticmpt were niadt; to increase the 
number of fishtrmcn in the United Kingdom without dcvelopini- 

Hibruieams as PaiHots and Nai^i /Reservists. 47 

nev nurkcti Tor ihcli produce ^t v^oM end m ditaijtrousi failure; 
Moitoxtr, iiifl vcrynvccdsAryforihccroncre locomblncrirminf wltli 
Sihing, so a.4 lo mjkc both end^ niJ>vi ; und Lf uU mllh ^T«reereaed 
In the Hi^hlamlB^ the all-caki; made liom cfirLhnuiA wouU bcanov- 
cclWnt faticttintc qc*ni Cot ihcj r t]ici;p irtil caiilc ^n wimcr. ^Vit^ proper 
managcinoti on ibvir pin the farmers of Creai Qriuiin and Ireland 
ought to he Mk to keep ihc inarkcu o( thu UrtJied Kinf^doiu wcU 
»u:i>|ilieii vitth bfcf) mutton^ and all the proJucu of ilio dnuy, in ^^piEc 
of tfordAncompciJliun- When L-vei> bbouret and »mall iiadc^man i^haTI 
ItAire fall Allot mcnc And, an iiLcrc«Hi\l dcm^ind Vftii be crcfttvd 
for lhe«e vtry neocasary Ahd nourithii^ir jiiti(-lt> of foud— Uitier and 
wJad ofL I am aware of the LiLt ihai ;i very foali^h tjrcjudicc cxkbi 
ta Eaglaiul apinit the u«i: of ^bd ^tl, but this will ztoun woar off 
«bcn it bqi^jnfc to Cnlcr tnto Kcntrrul uonsumptiudH 

The revival of auiKulturi: and the cleveTuptn^-nt of ihu fishing 
iodiiBlry iire ctut^btioni c»f the Hftt im^Krttaiic?, which dfTi^ct the tafety 
oehI vdfarc of the oountry, as our ractf quickly dcf^enentcA ivhen the 
people are forced to live in hrge towns, cnyigcd in utihcnlthy occu- 
IMliom. Ttie prevent toiiditiun ot Londtrn h ^uf^dent m iitJcK to 
pnwQ to pauujiic men ho« much better it is id give the pcopk- 
a permanem imervht in the land and in open cur punuicE, iniitcad of 
«ncouiaf:ing theui Jn Ihe vain endeavour ly " bclftr'* ihdt cDndiiion 
■n Ae laj(te towns of the lingdom. Thc^y arc much healthier, 
happier, mote moral an;l [utriuui.- in the country than in townn, 

TtB hmititiating to our national pride to think of the way Lou. 
donefi b»c latcJy eiposed to the vrorld the puerility of their \\\*:s 
by gocikS<'i^ hyitcritiovcr the action of the l-ondon Counly Cuuncjl 
tttdounftdir promenade of the Empire Music-hall- Fure^iid healthy 
varroutidinfjs arc worth all ihi: glider and tin^ol of these hented 
p&lion of public entertainment, at ihcyhavc a bracing clTc^t on the 
■wr a l »y(tcEn, which a viii.^tcd atmosphere he]|r^i 10 tirtJt^nmne^ and 
anyone vho knovt the HigMands of ScoiTand wlH rcadity undtTbland 
ami appreciate the Kreai love thai the people have for their country'. 
Theglorioua,cver'Changine lights on our West Highland hills are not 
totwrnaichcd for subU^neness of eflV-cf in any other i|uari6r of the 
gJob^ and Ruikin, vrho adverts that the tro^l beauuful thhig un 
vafih B Hjmhine on a bunk of living f;rass, musL have forgotten thr 
vfTect of ftunslune w\ our We^t Hjghbnd hills. Can anyone who has 
leen it and drank ft into his soul fail to appreciate the passionate 
lo\x that the croHen have for thctr country ? 

The cnpHoui critic may n^ain nski What has all this to d) 

^8 Tk^ Cgnficman's Afaj^aziftf. 

vith the sUbiLity of the British Empire? My niunrer iit, thai ii 
hiu everything \o <lo with the quc^iion, u the ^cntimcQUI, ^\m^, 
country folk arc a thousand times more pacrioito xh^tk Habbr, 
tn on ey -grabbing. vJduus, city men> If Jt u necessary to pruerre 
the sEftbility of ihe Jiriiish Kmpirj; it is alio nectiQary lo prtwrve 
the aiahiliiy of the agriculmral and fishermen duscj. vho oi^ ibc 
backbone of the nationn 

I remembff onte gelling vtry an^ry with ibc tenant ftf .1 tliooting 
lodge in Ihc We^i Highlands. We lud strolled down \o \\\t pier 
before brejikfost (o see the (ishing-boais come in. The herrings had 
<:vidi^t'iE]y left [he Inch, as (he catch on ih'ifi particular occasion was 
ver)' small, and gave my friend the opportunity lo »« his scniimenti 
on what he smiled the \^i\\ thriftlt^n characier of the West High' 
lander. *'J.ook :il them," he said, ''wutirig ibclr lives in aoonniry 
like lh[| \ Why, ihey do not evi^n develop into energeiic fisher- 
men." Now, ihis is the mistaken idea tlut people hive who are 
only CUpiible of judging in a narrow, ihallcjw, sort of ray. 
At the scimc time 1 fully acknowledge iliat my countryjuen require 
TQUsing, in much ihe lame way that ihoroughbred Arab horses doi, 
An Arab horse iti a dangerous and carder walker^ buE over rou^h 
and broken country, when going at fuU *pci,"d, there is no safer 
mount in the v:ortd, as \$, well known lo every experienced hi:^- 
Jiniicer in India, And I commend Commander Shore's article in 
the Uitited Serpscf Magacj lit lo ihoie ^shooireio see how the training 
for the Naval Kewrvc has tini^ovcd the joung men t^f the l^wi*. 
It is the fashion in many inilocntia! quitters to decry and b«liltl« 
tht efficiency of the Nav^l Reserve, thercfon- it ii ]u*t as well that 
the public should knc^n something about the splendid material of 
which the foict: is compowd \t\ the Hebrides. 

There would bi: no dilTicuiiy inin(:rc-a>ingihi« magninccnt }^eserve 
if the land eoloniMtion srhcme ia properJy devclojwd in conjunc 
tion wiih the fishing induslry. The two induwrio combined would 
be sufficient lo keep the jicople m coiiifurL An arnmgcmeni might 
easily become to with steamship and railway tompanies to carry 
fi&h al rednctij and special rattp* on bei^g subsidised by C'ovtm- 
nicni -, aod jn rctmn for thcie privileges all onr ablc-budi*:d iJ&her- 
nitn shojld join the Naval Reserve, With ;j large fiirce of disciplined 
men to fall back upon Kngland may fed secuie ffoni oultide aggrcfi- 
£ioUt more particularly if these men are at h-ind and not scallered all 
over the world in merchant vessels ; and most KngUsh people will 
3gr«ethaC ihiy scnsf of sec »r it}* is worth pa^inj^ for- 

'I'here is an escclleni suggestion made by Mr» Ficderick Grecn^^ 




Hibridi^KS a£ Patrwls and N^^al RturvuH. 49 

voo^ta ihc Fail Mt^f C^etu, to ihc died thai <:ttch ot the ptax 
nui^i^£lc;utin^ corninci of Gmx Kritain f^hnuld build a w»nhi|» M 
it^ Onm coK »ftd ciirry lc«* prcopcroua COuniy A s^ift cnii-^cr or 
gaaboM. The country i» lurcly rich «noujch eo c:Hrry out thw 
«ch«nic in iiB cntinnr* It i^ no new idia, na even ho fjir b^Lck au the 
dajrs of L^ke &nd Frobb^hcr the prKatccn of Bntilarid ^<vC[)t the 
seas. AJl lh*1 i» novr wanted \<t fuflhcr ihc mi>voiiicnt ]-i piadical 
palriotiMB OA th<; pArl of the moneyed da^c^. The poor are already 
ihv firit tn |h« Civld ai pncitcal i»au-jol4, by contributing: their share 
for tht deftiM.^ or iht Lmpire in br;Lve hcarii and bloul limbo, tu wc 
6i>d n rtoiote ithnd like Om Lt:w'is furniahing 1.700 ibic bodied 
men %t> Uw Niial Keserve, compeieni obscrvcrj at-Bcriing that 
tboc cioAcr-fiiheimea are capable of iioiJins thn^ir own og^iinai 
our regi^OT blue pcVtts. And what ii juBC as iinf)ortin1 Trom 
oftocber point oC vicir 1£ the fact ihai the local maEiiirrJtc aiid 
mitlMct^ nil Agree in aflirmm^tliat the tnLiningho^ a bcnclidci] clfeci 
on tbe 4ik»ictcf and intdligence of the tnen, as )c hclpi mAicrially 
to nuke ihcm bencr and more active fishermen. 

To proic hon ftuLuMc Highlander;: are for the re^ponsibfe ivorlE 
on boArd a rnodcm w-irshi^ allow nie id compare ihcm wUh 
EngliUimen of the tt^tnc daiiA. Tn dotng so I do nni wish lo be 
o(r<nvi^ in my remarici nhoui Hodge, who. I acknowledge, has hb 
own Ktlid, ilolid viriuct, nkhntigh hh natural intcttjgcncc hna been 
bluni«d by a diiCAJicd itomnch and an overweening love (at hccr, 
ibc result bcinj; that JcfTcries dccE^rea that the mo^ prominent 
character iM)': of the Kngli^h hnn Eabourer j^ cKireme Molidiiy, ^ith 
appnrendj no ambitiim 10 better himself. The maiked contrast 
to this MOlld kidiffcrcncc which is disphyed by the patijotic and 
inttBiEent crofter f^thcnn en k iu:!ieient to justify the most sanguine 
«xpociaiiont bdnfi entctiained tor iheEr future, if they are only given, 
a cbnct of bettennfi their condition. I believe thai the territr-riAl 
fystem of rccmitiniE for the army ha^ brought out iit the various regl- 
nvats the chuacteriaEics of ihe men of each district : for insifincCi I 
«u infotmed some yea^^ a^o thm there was a most decided contract 
tictrecn the men of t^jc ^scafyrth Highlandei's and the ^Vilishire 
Kegiment. When they wcie tiatii^ncLl together m Indi^, ihe men of 
the WiltSihJre Regiment presenud iheir stolid indiCTi^reTLi'e lo every- 
Oking, (fliing linle for he^hhyamusemi^niE- On the ocher hand< lh« 
Senfonh HigKlander^i were very livdy and ^rtal dancers, induTting 
AOt only in re<!U and ttiaihspeys. but in every known English 
'dance. Dancing ha^ a1wa>-B been a favourite pusnmu witbi 

ttitondcrsi and the old Hi^^hland solUieiA used 10 a^ir^nialt 
101.CCU1XVML no^ f^ L 


Tif G<xiUman£ Afagatint, 

thctr English oomradet by inditlging m a ^t>d rfrcl. to th« tnusif tf 
tljc pipes, ir ihc end of a long day'* a.irch, nhcn the rc« of Uk 
lioopa vrcrc hrcd ftnd fn()t!U^rc^ 1 can imagine the SmcnAdi 
puLtinjj liw tifigprj ta his cjn wfcen 1 meminn the fact that the \cnt 
of music 14 another siiong charftctcrtitic of tlie Highbnd tv:c ; a&d 
«tcn Englishmen muil jif^knoivledj^e that thue it nothing «obiipititiii| 
&i the bflgpi^ 3t Ihe head of a rt^mefil : the men marching to in 
strAini with Thar free And eb^lkc liVing in iheintcn whii^h is prcuibs 
1o Hjghl^ndr^rji, lloiwell remarked on ihegrjeeful vt»lV. nfthe FJigh- 
landrrs m hi* hdl-knovn tiook on the HcKridt*, jtml he dc^cribtl 
a tijill lh»T WAS given a1 K;i^siiy m honiirif of Dr. J nhn^on^ at iriiich 
old M>lcotm Madcod (a innn of fij years) '' hnunded like f 
¥f*c"; Ut-Johnaon being dclighlcd with the «ho!r^ *ecnc. In Ihf 
iDomLng of that d»y Malcolm Moeiood had walked with "grvccM 
agility " olUhe way from Carrie hatun to the boat, while Botwell And 
Dr, Johnson rode the dJsunce On ihc jouttiey lo Raa«ay Gaelvc 
songs v^cTc sung, Molcolm smsing " Tha tighinn Fodham eirlgh,'* 
the Rev, Mi, Macqucen and ihcwholeercwjoimng in the chorus. The 
boaimL^n also s^ing wich great spirit, and when they tandcd. the itngiAj 
of ihe fowcrs was taken up by the rcopcrs on shore, who " were work- 
ing with a bounding aetivity.'^ Now contrast this dcscrtpt:on of the 
Hcbridca&a, given by Eoswcll more than a hundred ymrs ap^, viilk 
Jeffencs" reecntdeseription of the English f^rm [ahaurcrinhii "TOiitcrt 
of the Field," and you will be able id judge of the dlffcronee bcween 
the two r^ccs- Another hci lo be remembered is that you cnn 
alwap appeal with success to the Highlander's love of country 
Andpridi^ of mcc. They arc very proud of their pcdi^a^c^ and there 
i?4c;ircely a man in the West Highlands who cannot clum rcbt^ofi' 
ship with some of our most distmgui^hcd men of iLrms and Icticn. 
The great ambition of even the poorest Highlander is to hare 
his ehildrcn properly oducaEed^ and, if posaiblc, to see one of them a 
minister of the Free Kirk, This lauduble desire having done more 
than anything else to develop the sicrh'ng qualities of thecrofter dau. 
Many readers of this article who have been to Stroma Ferry, the 
terminus of the Skye and Dingwall Railway, will probably lemcmbcr 
the little fisherman's hut on the bench below the hotel, which was 
inhabited by John Murchison^ or John "Sally "as he was commoiUy 
called, laking his mother't Christian name at a surname, a custom 
which is common in the Highlands. Perh-'ips my readers will tz- 
member John "Sally" himself, a funny little man, who maiJe a 
livmg by taking English tourists from the hotel to (ish in the loch. 
Sly nei^hbotira insinuated ihsi unless Ihc "ijps" were good John 

Htbruhans as Pat Hots <tnd Navai R^srn'ists. 51 


Hovcv«T thji (lUT Ijc, xWn poor hanncr^un M a. \h^\\:\ui\ vx-Wwiy 
■aft utaii a nrar r^b^imi nf t\\< |*!c Sir Kodcnck Miirrdiscin, anj Ijc 
(«^*Sc>d himnrlf Oa (he facl. 

KjcfunJ Jrffrhri *crH*c» ihc? Rngliftli fflim-lfibourcr* of bcisg 
oltoutand nn^.tr^fiiT- Htrr^igAtn, Hrgtibmlrrihavcaeic;;! vtwi- 
tigie ow ^DglithnKni » they arr ^^rifruIjErly nfrcciLijnjtc 4nd great 
henj'ironhippera Living nt l-^tinj;. v/'\ih an 3unt of The wnier, 
w% & Hi{tiUn<) xaAxA, who U t moit ilcvmcd ^<!riiirci of Mr, Gbd< 
slonc ; hrr f<«lift^t hcinj; n^iUKfil tA such -t dc^rfc hy .iriy advene 
mtJCHm of tlic |^rjt stmcinuin Ihni her mi^lrc^s nntl FnUitily dare 
fiO< or<ti EhiTU Up* in hCT prc^cnrc to uiAkr even a hannlcw 
jolK-ae the t^i'Tiic ol (he l-ile rrcmipr Mr Gl^dilonc, if liconly 
knew bCTi vouU be jiroud of hi« humble ch.impion, as vhc it a 
ffwecF, IhoToughhrfd'lciokmR yir], alE hough unly a pailour-mard^in 
fact, *hc 11 a dntant rcl.itivrr of hJs oft-n, 'Ihctc Two iniTftEiCc* wlH 
ibom hoir many of the eroficr c]a« arc dowly rcbted lo cvch »onic 
of the moic illuKiiou.^ men of ihc pT»eni century. M.ii^uUy is 
soother diMin^itithcd man who hftd a large amount of Ht-bridcan 
blood in hit tcint- 

Hi^hbndcit dii^pUy their intelligence by a kiiowlcdj^eof many 
dinineni indet. ^Vticn I ^\nt went out 10 India .1 fpCH'Chcit wai miide 
tml (vtvetiEcd to me by Ihc loving handt of JjichLan Mclnnes, 
tJie nnUer uf Stmh, whovrat a wondftrfuFly clever J.ick'Cif-all-cntdci. 
In fort, ihe^e men are oliUged to know a litLle of everyihinft and 
tliH in itwlf giVM ihem an advantage oi'cr lownimcn and Cni^lwh 
OgnciilluraL bhoi^reii^ In former jears the Jlij^jhljiiduT^ manufac* 
tured Dearly all thtit own cIoThing, and they ysctc c<Uc\n<\y skilful 
m blmd)n|ECi''loiir\ whlcb were all made from n^iCive cjyt^, 

One of the soundest argumenis in favour oi developing ihc 
Kival Re*et*c in the HighUind* of Scotbnd is ibc fjci ibai m Cji»c of 
vtf (be men cou^ JQjn ihcir «hi[j£ wichout cju&inji any d)bl<;cation 
<jt Ind^ As dairy-faimcn and li^hermcrL tlicir absence in line of 
war would not be fch by the community. 

This LB a ETcai con^Jeniiion In .t m^mufaciurfng and commcrdnZ 
COUOUT likcOrcM Briuifi, where the utif entire hdplesB a% ehildient 
uhI ue codscqueotly obttjccd t^ h^vc tUiMr ri>;hLing done by pruxy. 
In coondering ihis view of the <|uchUjii let anyone [lictuic to him- 
•df ibclon wid harOihip tb^t would be incuncd byihe whole nation 
if tbenineni for toaU'^cCj betook thcnt&ehc^ to the- nar^. 


Tbcre H a rcry interesting old book. *'An Economical History of 

The GsuiUmafis Magasin^^ 

the Hebrldct and Hij;hbndt of ScoiK'^d," by Df. Walto. whldi 
dcKHbct ihc important v^ait pbycd by the Hebridcuu in the wan 
of the lut century. Waikc-r «:unu:a HithbQO«r,nor diN&b« i«en 
lo hive held a bficT \i> wtj\^ \hc\t piauet ; thcicfcue l^t ut^imon^ itt 
their fftvour It all ihc mote ^iluabLc^ 

Dcer-foresis tn (lio&c da^'s were uctkfiovB evifi, bui Walker 
bmertis ttie extension <t{ Ljirge ^Seep- funis owing to ibe d^foljLtinjE 
c^L'<:ithii th^-y hskil on the country. The Lcwit, bovre^vr, kvpc Jl> 
crofEer^ to a gtoaier ciL«nt Jan the jKi;Uhes on the nutnland, c<ni- 
Kdiuently wc find llial itwjw :i f;irouriie recruiting-flTOund, WalkCR 
meniloniiig ;he r«cE ibal in one year {i;6i) i;o men wcr« drawn 
from iht: I.c^mh to ih« army, ^Lndcvcii more than (bat number i 
the rtavy, Thw iuiall ^cai>uri of C-impbeUor, ifi Ar^jylcsJiij*, su 
pt»!d ^co sufort to Ibf- n»i-y cluTjng ihe Tifticf And Sitlics of th« 
cinlitrtnlh centurv, itid upivjrds of j|Ooo rnet^ «tnt Unxa Port 
(.•iasgow and f^-rcL'nuck to uut urdi»hjp>( during; Ih^t period, 6oo of 
thi« number lieiti^ Iiliadcri. Jn all, ji.iS? able'bodicd men ^re1lt 
foreign wrvitc from tbc Hebrides at «oldkis and tailot^ during 
ihc wiji f»f (756*6.1- A tuunuy whidi toiild aHord hikIi ji large 
numbtr nf tiien from a small ^nd K^aikrvd pijpul.iiivn » ofgn-al 
i Ell [10 HA nee to En^tacJ. and \\ vill be ^'Athcred fiotn \\\\% nrtid« thtE 
iht? Hebrides are thoroughly wirll suited for rearing a h:irdy and 
tclligciii rate of men, who uill be iccond 10 none in dc^'otion 
their duty and in robutt patriuciim. 






N the bdicf itiai thorc Is a biographical value attaching to a 
■ X record <d the timplcsc iiicidrnt in the life of a remnrkabEe per- 
^LMiattC^ I htv« vcncurcil lo n^caU the dkjuils of An ifitere^ting visit 
^^^Wdk Jl *ru my privilv^e lu cr.jijy, i^lcvcn ycafs ago, \<i Tennj^on's 
Flicca* at Hatltrtierc, in Surrty. 

W A wHI known illusirattfJ paptr had lnjen publishing a series of 
portr^u of diiunguidicd men "At Home*" each In his favounie 
TOOBk Of iiod>% and »tJTround;;d Ly Iiia /*i;m and feKoffi. The 

>tiai« had airivtij Mien ii wai Jccidcd by (he editor to ^ivi; audi a 
ptctenimcnt of the Poet Laurv.iK'i and as a member of (hi; uiistic 
suJTi 1 «3b eunimJBLiiuncd lu pmr.ticd to Aldworllj without delay, for 
tbo purpo^ of blci-tchtn^ Ulc ^[Uily, as \t^11 jg oEb^r inLerc^iJn^' filatures 
ciflhe hou^e untl ^undi. It is a fan-iili^rfaci thatTenny&on (espifci- 
aU| in btei life) was t^ientiatly unohinisivc ; as one who knew him 
»A)d. "hts retired Ijfe. hia pruudthyne^s ibc repugnance htr aWay* 
Call io puUitfiy, kcpE hJni out of the ^a^ even of hh own eounlry- 

Like a tnie poti, he hated noiorieiy, and vigort^ubly reiented smj 
sab(erfuKc un the jaa of siratiget* irh^j ctideavoureU to force ibeir 
lift^rnee ujKJt] him. RemembcriEig Lhisn^iEUriil trail of the Laurejle'e 
CtiP|icriiiKnl, il waft eor^rderaiely arranged (jfier permi^n^ioTi had been 
<Dufieou%]y granted) that xny vwi: should be timed ^o a* to riiuse 
the W-jm |)M«ible incoaecnicncf, and wlien jin iiftitt's pri."si:ncc 
n the poet*> sanctum wt>uEd not be considered an iniEii^ion. 
FortUDOtely, in of^poaunJly qiikkly ptewnicd iiself, f*it jtisi at the 
pctkid leferrcd ti> it ww anuounecd h\ the daily pre»s Tennyson 
had acccjited Mr. Gbditont-'s invitation lo arrnmixiny him on a 

tfschtinj enijeduion for the hencllJ of his sc^mewhal rlerlining health. 
As toon lu the dale wob lined Cor ihi* inemorabk- vny^i^ my plans 
■ere ipccdHy laid, and an iniirHaiii>n forffiiUed to Aldforih that I 
thourd iiriivc ibcre on thi: fvlluvkjn^ day- 
K llwuabnght morning In ihei^arly autumn of the year iS^^in^ilt 


54 T^fi GrniUmans Magazine. 



dcp.irtC4l, armed wish fk«t^h book and pcnciEi from U'aictloo Smitccn, 
tit roufei<if the quaim IliiIo town of Hukmcrc. where I Arrived 
cftcr fl <imck run ihrough somv of cur iirullicm Engliih BC<3icry. 
HafilcmcTC rflllsay-RLiuion ix the nearest 10 Tennyton'a charming 
aumnier rcir^nt* and on alighting from the irain my fjrsi proceeding 
was CO explore the old fcuhioncd, sleepy co^'n (ko siiangcly pca^^uL 
it seemed afici ihc roar and rattle of l-onOon stnecm) in tcarch of 
■tillable lodH^flgi* the phjbabiliiy btinp th-ii \\ would be necessary I 
fthou)d abide \n (he neighbourhood for a couple of dnys ai IcASt, An 
otiraciivc looking ii-jscelry cjjlcd the "White Hofse'* appeared likely 
to aflofd commonable accommodation, Ati^. having made satisfactoiy 
icrma with the bndlord, I inquired the way 10 Aldwortik 

I may bere memlon inddeni.illy that h.ilf-accniuty agi\ in Oic 
days of corrupt bgrouj^hs, IJiisftmcrc (thoo ijnly a vilUi^v) returned 
two incinbcrs to P^rli^imcm ; also, [hai one of its n;pn-ttcntatjve£ in 
the House of Commons wits Uutitrul Ogkihorpe, who (it will be 
remembered) was ati olJ friciiiJ of Dr. Johnson, and who induced 
the brolhcfi John ami Charles Wesley lo ninke ihetr Enemovablc 
visit to Georgia, for ihe purpose of carryiii;^ on tli^jr evangelicnl work 
amon^t (Tie Indians- The house in which the General resided still 
sLande, I believE.-, in the pkiuresqut^ Hi^h Slreelp 

II is a pleaa:int waik of abotit lEirce miles lo .Mdworih, and ihc 
road for some distoncc is bordered by lofty irce^, these affording 
a nekome shade on a summer's day nben the ftun's Tflyft potir 
rclenilessly upon the hoi and dusty wavfarer, The poci'ft hcu»r, 
emb<^dded h\ foliage, stands under the Fpur of iho lofty Doiyns, 
which are nearly a thounnd feel abo%^c the sea, so that there is a 
gentle climb all the w.iy from tlaslemer<:. From the road I emerged 
on a beautiful common <'ovt?red with ^orsc, bracki^^n, and brambtr^ 
— a welcome change from the more prosaic hij^hway— and I still 
remember Iiow grateful 10 my somewhat parched tongue were the early 
ripening blackberries \ihich I gathered while strolling leisurely o3ong- 
It was a glorious day; the sun ihone brightly, hghring up the 
eommon and bringing into prominence the gokJcn bloom that 
Linnmus loved so wdl ; while the singing of birds and humming of 
bees enhan<rcd one's enjoymcni of the scene, and made one loth li> 
leave it. Aldworih^ however, wa^ my destination, I looked around 
for a sign of its presence, but not a vestige of a human babitation 
vas visible. Assuming tbat the precise situ^Liton of ihe home of so 
famous a man would be known 10 everyone in the locality, and mi& 
Lrusting for the nonce the truth of the old adage having reference 
to a prophet in his own country, I approached a labourer nvhom 

a£ yl/if7c'or£i. 



opiMl in ihc <liiUne«; and dci^Jrct) him to tavftiyt mc mh ibc 
TcqaaUcinfonnMlon, which, much to my deUght, was iRimcditld; 
rothraniing, ^Viihorjl Cvptl4l direction, I df^^ An oiAintry i^imnjccr 
»n the ncishboufbood to discover ihc private raad which Iwrta tn the 
^Uc opcBir; knui the avamc tha: winds up to Tcnnyson'R KClud^ 
Aldirocth wns specially built by Ihc poet as A i^iiict residence for 
rniralid wife; ihcrcibrcic b not surpriiinjE that he should h«vc 
Kiccicd t Eput 50 fir removed from the bcfllcn inick, which, it n 
wd, he wTu anions ^^ ^i^* <<> diacovcr. On approKhing the houae 
I oto e rrcd it to be quite unpretentioua te ita Gothic afchitccctiru, 
but thM the sunounding lawn, niiK its bcde of brightly coloured 
fUmcr^ aipinit a. ricb background of trees, piye a sumptuoufi 
tppeancfoe to the plain but Mibat^inttJil edifice, I entered tFie 
poreti, when, tn ropoiiAe to a modest ling at the Ml ft nci^Hint 
appcmd; to whom i explained ihe object of my viiii. h mtij 
be iarmcined it was with a tluttcrmg hiart that I IcATn^d thai 
the LnfeMc ma at hame. £or I had not gone preparcct fo *' bratd 
the l>Ofi to hit den " -, mdced, I felt raihcr inchncd, under the cir- 
camtunecs, to beat a hoat^r retreat* and defer 0[»cTations Lintil a inorc 
&*otirtbtc opportunity. But the %ervant snid she would fell Mr. 
Tcftnyron 1 had come, and^ while anxiously awnitin^ him. T gbnccd 
sniitnd the hall, pnni'^ularly noting the poet's famJliaTbrcad-hriEnnicd, 
klouebing hat and the cciually familiar cloak which the Author of 
■' la Memoriam * ipcdally favoured as outdooi gariTientn. 

Prcscnily I delected the -<^oiind of ajipronching foot^teji^, and The 
^ot man hjmaetr .ippcarcd. Photoginphy ha.6 .ilrcjkdy mmL; hf* phy- 
dofiwfnj idf^ututr, 10 thai it was easy to recognise ihe finely-cut 
franiro and Aowing ha^i lonee nven blacky but then, qIo^ \ rapidly 
l^nmg grty) which con«tiiuicd «o noble a head. I waa im- 
ii«di>Bdy ttnick by the fact 1h.1t he looked tniich more innrm 
thm I cipccicd to i^nd him. h'n bent shoulders and an obvioub ileM* 
tcndirig to increase thceJTcctoruLd ugc. After customary satuta- 
I TCDlurcda wilb BOmc cmbanaumcnti to explain tJic reason of 
my iotrasion upun hvs privacy- -namely, that I bad been fttnt. vnih his 
kiod permis«mn, 10 make a drawing of his itudy, that paniculai day 
being aeLeoed becsiusc it waia understood he would be absent from 
\iotatt *nd would not thtrefflre be disturbed by my presence, 
AkboufEli 1 mggcited a temporary rjostponement of my work, the 
tone dl hi* reply indirjited that he experienced some annoyancCn He 
MiquliCd, rather brvsrjocly, why people were always warning to sketch 
bit bOttKr X^ ^dded, '*Only the other day there was a man here 



The Gentleman s Magazine. 

Gikcichinjt fyf Harptr't Mazatint ; ' wasn't thai vuRIcicm ? " Afttr 1 
had explain i:d ihM E ho jijumul I rc|>r»ente<l was innoway conncc(«d 
ivuli ihsi L'Xtdl^iii petiinltcj^]) hU iiunnm changed, and ni a Kcma^ 
cuurlty nunncr, k> c1iur;ii:ie]iT^ijc of Ihc Ruirit h^ cKujtcd mc at 

Deeming ic Jcirubk lo cofnmence ihe dia.wing wlihout fuiihcr 
ddaVi my pencil was immediaK^ly biought inio actioor As Trrrny- 
sgil's Bcnialriy incrrJsedf the construintj characU-r of my posunjn 
decrc^ased, and espcciiiny no when the poel beyan \a ^how a per^unal 
interest in iwy wort by &umies'LJng Ihe best point of tiew for iJie 
sLelch ; eo admirable, by ilie w^y^ ujtshiE ariiuic jud^^mi^nt ihat I im- 
hctitiAticrfEly adopted tliv )>ugg(!stiuti. The acce^soiiei of ihtit chucD' 
ing njom ^^ere itidi at one nalurnlty e^pccie tu fjnd in a poct'c 
atudy^ l^ooks And iniii;A'irie$, cou'nng ^hclvc^i and Ubtc% ffcre 
abundanc. and, br^idtf^ antiijue chairs and tsM^^ ihcr? was a piair 
■oria»K<?6^"'j^*(^*^^'f*"^'i'^'^<^ c^kslial), mounUd onitand*, Imcne- 
diaiely in front of one of ihe livo oriel windows wa« the LaurcRie^ 
4vritriig-Ubtc of rancd oak, Cdmaining wrking t]i:il<;riaK and booitt, 
and oci winch «crc plated loine viici uf frca; lily cut Howen and a 
iQOuple of silver caQdlcBlicki ; the poei'i cane-buitomrd arm^duur— 
a modem French lype of furniture— ilgcd near. I^'rom my poitw 
^r TiinUfte not only could a comprcbctijive view of all thnc dctaik 
be obtained, but une could catch a gUnipie through the op|>o«itc 
windovf of a iHagEiiflccnt sireteh of unduUtina country- So resifui 
and pleasant wne iJui apartment and '\\\ lurrounding*, ihc 
quietude imdi^tutbed except Viy the uiumc of ftithi^red *ong- 
ateri m th<? tTees and the legularly-rtfurring mutes of the 
cucktxi-clock in the haM below^ ihat I Hondr.Tcd wlieilier il v^uld 
be paitible 10 di^over a i&iaie inore bappiiy situated th-in lliis hib- 
toiie room at Aldwoilh. SutoJy nothjiij^couM be moic conducivi: 
to poclic ihoLi^ius and in^^ir^lions than «uch a delightful environ- 
ment as rhai cUjO)ed by the I-autcaie in hii t^aircy home. 

In coniulting lennyson's desire for privacy it was --uranged that 
I should be permitted to remain two hoiTrs in the Vildy, alter which 
it became sacred to the pod. During the progress of my work, he sa| 
inr themo«I prtrt in an eajiy-ehaif oppoKiie the hcf^, with feet rtsiing on 
the fender and elbow* on kncM ; mayhap, he waji turning orrr in 
hi» mind v>me poem or delicate vei§e as, wUh hiftfAvouriie clay 
between hi« lipSj he j^uflicd axi.ty vigorously, the smfhltc escaping 

■ TMi wni, <louklciw, Mr. Alfred ri^rM-ine, *ihnw ffcarmint JlluiliatloDi 
pptar in Mr^ Ktclmond Ktrtliic'i intcreatinc crildc on TcbDjion. iVrdt 


Trnnj-iiw al AMworih* 




up tTic chimney. On a «bdf just bifhtnd me »lood a brgc pared of 
tabwco, wtiiW on Ihc floor clofi? by was tlcpwitcd 4 box of pipci, of 
wtdcbhc ui«da lir^ nurnbcr, for, htchii friend Thomw Cirlylc, he 
mnaci im^enie *oi*hip[icr of the fragianL weed, picfcrring pipct to 
dsuv, «nd scmeE'inei mAdc nperLmenti onothei ^cifativet ba>jdcs 
tobftccOh Thui ffere «c qiuf tly abioibcd bjr oui tcparate occapaiionv. 
Presently, afiei I hjd louglily and liiiluly sketched my picture and 
ludbe^n to eUbonte the lieUihwitha iinjnget touch, he rij« fioni 
b<* chai( in order lo ?« how ihe drawing piogre^i^d, ;Lnd, his failinft 
tight r>ol decectmj the raintcf line*, inquired wh*:thcr Jt would not 
\kx\k been pieferabk (o block in the *boic subject before ilud&iiti. I 
pomied out ibic I had alrcid^ done tlii*. but that ibc pteKmmaiy lines 
TCTc DQt, pcihspi, ciBiIy duiterncd by him^ I mention ihis inetdciU 
««an ill miration of TcrtnyionH artistic perceptions And inaiincts, 

[ ibcrnld bfTe itlfe thi< the poet cxprnily dcMncd mc no! to 
■n^ke attcich o* lumtclf. He did not give a icisonfLu \\\^ olijci-tiiin^ 
but itrQAThAt« been ihtlhe did not approve ofihc iirudiiccion ofun- 
avihorfneij jiortt^L^v Of ci^unct I rei-pecErd liii» nihh. jllhou^h Ihe 
^pporlTHtil^airordnlineof ob[;tinJng a iifeicrifincnioflhc fsmijus poet 
m an utKOn^l'Jtncd and unconientlonal jjiuiudc uj^ .iUiki^I irrc«j«- 
tiU& The p-oliibiliL^n, Low^tei, did n^t c:«lend to hia r;ivininLc do|;^ a 
■ipletMjtd drcihfund <narned, if my memory «ervc« cnCi aftcT Sir 
Vr'^ier Scolt'i •* Matda "J, whkh ii*":illy ;'cconii»inkd \\\s m^iitcr iii 
bis daily valEu- Tennyson, in fuct, trithcd me (o ^kcLch his oniiie 
Itiend, u) operation which 1 ptrfnrmed wiih some dUTiculiy, ?.% the 
3og«>s not X piLienc liiler. nnd h;id lobe mLr<iEncd by LA-oUdie*! of 
the hotue while I attempied to ^rore hi« poittnii. 

Once, when Tenn^»"ii ^in ^j^esking to a friend t>f Rogers, 
lti« banker poet, he f^id impmMvcly. '^ 1 have dined ^iTonc viEh 
fate,** SimiLarifi 1 can proudly remaik concerning Tcnnyion, 
"I Kjic had the pjiukge of tikinjt tea jdone with him ' " A*tcr 
U]« expiration of ihc mo houra allotted fgr sketching, a ^crvjnt 
^a liTcry brouuht into ihc study a iny conumiiift hght Tcfreshmcnt, 
cf which Eh«- poet invited me lo partake. 1 gbdly did so, .-ind at the 
COCdunon of (he mttl T rose tn leiivc, iniendin^ t« complilc my 
dranrifC: On thcmotfuw I adviat'dlyrefiaincd from "'vcvngthc iiocrs 
soul 'by "tniall taik/'or tindnetonvimjiioriofany kind, and T fnncy 
thrsKtcneilnc^ii MiatiricdToy host and predupcned him in my favour. 
At t\\ evcnti, he «oi *w\y comfeouily accompinicd nic lo the haH, 
but, after donning hUh:il and cloak, honoured mp with hU company 
ihnnigb tbogvouridi toiheentrantcftfttci, Onlhc wfty thilhcr l%cn- 
twed to reiuvl; tipoti the ^tand siiuation of the home iind ihc bcau^ 


The Gtntkman^ Magazine. 


of the nirroundJn? scener}^. ood, cr propo% of thlSp he faiJ thai ut 
c«diaglycxten&ivc ^ic^w could be ubt:iini-d frotn ihc loof of the btuld* 

ing,whei]ce.onade:irday,Portsn]u[iihcuuldbvd;9<cTnc(3— AdisLi&co 
of jLl>out forty mi]e«. The puci funbcr informed me thdi he tcldoiAi 
vkiied London in thmc dayi. preferring ihe quici scduaan of counby 
life : IS a moner uf focip he could not endurt the Hurry and nimoJI 
of ihc meifupolls- On anJviri); at ihc edge of the common he 
cndeavi^ured lo expE;un (he newest way to the town \vj rougbl/ 
ddmcaung on iTic gnjund with the ferrule of his v^lklng stick thO'i 
<lirection I should liike. 

Tennyson urjs never "at hutne " except to £uch chcrithcd friends 
as hii; ncJBhbour. the bie Prufes&or Tyndall. Access lo bis etody' 
itfoi c;oniv<|uenl]y dvnic-d to civurly nil calkr&, and even the presence;' 
of ilic's? who obloincd the privilege of rtilnt there v^is wmetidLeS 
irksome to the poet, vrhoie patt m the converettion usually corjtiated 
of monoiyllablct, as I icLiiemU-'r lo have once happenoi iluhn^ my 
»iav> but he could be very gracious lo calleii when in [he mood 

On the other hand, Sir Edwin Arnold, in hit "* Reminiscence*" of 
the poet, i*yi : "■ Aibeh you *.iw * Priuic Road^ jjainicd on ihfl 
finftiodofhiK domain, and 'Private Grounds' inscribed upon the 
lirvt bouudajy of hi? fence, he did noC like country people to pott 
him on the ruud withoui ctrco^iu^ing hixii." 

At the condm^ion of my BUcond d.iy's work in the study (for my' 
drawing of it required much elaboration befi>re it was completed), [ 
wus inviit^d by Mr, Halljuu TL-nnysuti ' to join tlic family at luncheon, 
{[e sat at the he^d of the table, with the; po^t on hjs left hand and| 
me on his righL Mr^, Tennyaun occupied a position directly 
opposite her son, while the remaining placet were taken by two 
young bdy gues^t?. Notwithstanding her chroniL- ill-healih, Mrs. 
Tennyson most gcniul, and chaili^d with me in a \ ery trierKlly 
manner, thus encouraging me to converge more freely than I sbouhl < 
otherwise have dons. It uas all eo kind and chaughtfut that 
I did not enperience the embarra^smem whiizh, as a guest at that 
honoured board, the occasion would ^usiify. The poet hardly 
ventured a riinark, Jinsworing quesuans by mtrc negatives or 
-ilhrmativeSi and abruptly lefi the table as soon as he concluded 
hiF; mealp the act being anticipated by Ihe footman who Aood ia 
rtadincss to open the door for his revered master- 

AAcr luncheon, Mr. Hallam Tennyson offered to show me the 
house and grounds, mcluding his father's favourite nooks, An oOer 

' Nfiw LurJ TtDfiywii. Th? ptrijige **a5 ddE bnEowrd upon ihp poe[ until 
lionJy ftQer mf visit \*> Atdwofih. 

Tetmysffn ai A/dwori/u 


vbich I dkgetly flcccpitd A!^«onfa vu buJIi aboot a quartet of a 
ccnmry i^o, vh<a Mr^ Tennyson h.-id been or^tf^ ^ cK.ingf^ 
FrediMucr (die ffimily rufi<Ic"cc in ihc hie of Wlj^hi) (jroving 
iinbonbl« in Ibc mnuncr nionili^ uvvin;; im the tTQ^iOij of viotU'rA. 
1l b a whiKdonc houb^ with mu-ny bru:id wintlunti facing; a gr^at 
irftw ukdalui^ t^mcc, "iifcc,"a!; Mrs. Ritchie rtmark^ ''aomconc 
of thoM a£ i>Jciia or P«rugia, idth i low psrap&i uf Lions, whtrc ivies; 
and ro«cs ue troiocd, malting a forcsround to chc lovdy husc of the 
distance.* In one of ihc tnany hancL-.omcEy-fumiEihcd roomti 1 uw 
■omc loIaaiiDg Cimily pnrtraitn, inrltidiiig thoac of M rs. Tennyson 
and her two ^onSt tlitbni nnd UoncJ, by [J. F. Waits, FLA. VV^hcn 
cxplonrig the grounds, Mr. Hallam 'Icnnyson pointed out (he apots 
■uocAicd with his father, one of the most f^^cinaimg hcmg a simple 
fUKlkficai under ftnoAk irct, in a Accludod part of the Uwn, wlience one 
may aec through j^.tpa in the foliage, pretty bits oi Surrey woodinnd^ 
Here ilic r>Oi;t nafl fond ofalttinj: b (ino weather, hj» rncdiiatiotu 
|ilGa«int1y varied by the niutFotl riotci of the bEackbird, Ihru&h, and 
othcf feathered songsicri. AUhcuj;h an aLsoluto stranger, I could not 
hate e»;jcrienccd greater kiodncfis than I reccivod ai the hand£ of 
X\u HaJIan) Tennyson, who c^'cn exprefiacd rc^et thai he hud not 
3mft|;od for me to have the use of a bedroom at Aldwrjrih instead of 
cnipfinjc one et&cwhere^ 

It vras on tbc ihiid day of my \iaii thai Tennyson left home to 
Y>m Mt- Gbdstonc, Ilic ydchtin^ irj[j having bucn dd:Lycd by the 
icnporary indiipmition of the dkimguished politician. On the 
ncnivn^ of Ihtt day. vhiEi; talking from Haslemere to complete my 
fkttchinif, I met the canJa^e conveying the Itostcr of Aldworth to 
th« railway 'itatin-.-n. He VpTxi aceompanied by his wife and sQi\ and 
other members of the fomily, by whom my salute "^as eraciausly 
murocd. I tfien regretfully aniicipaced chat thi.'^ wouEd be my last 
0vp«e of the Laureate— the greatest poet of the Victorian age — 
ind tbui it proved, 

I oevcr ^w him air^in, but the rccoJlection of my visit to 
Aldirorlh wtU ever remain a cherished memory. 

F, Gh KtTTOH. 



flMtf brad vw b^UTo4 opoD. Tbvj voc ^ ■• the 
dtdt ^fri^wi'maybt At him M rM of faoa^, jBd ihn a«a- ^ 
tatoifac UK cat their ooid scat oo ihe l««h«f,aftd cane faotnc 
M e*cn vi* die <ml WT of caScr ttutt^ and 1^ chna lo Ibeir 
dtnaa, ^od tlvir qtMt co^w of aI^ md tfadr dnp fwiL, ukd «vn 
Ml npBg ihdr casdko and ^tc% at Aey caM tbo^ tiD tea v'ckid:. 
ndthcBiAbe4vfGodbk» rr-«id«hMfarao?- Tlib vdl^ 
■«%fc(d coocvMkm of ihe boatnt oT the Ccou K«)i bu bcca 
fluicbed bf l»h« pniac from ibe aoaM ^bi t ttertt-r^^ Moch«f of 
Poetry. To the »^ct*» wt tbe poe» bwe added tbcir niches ini 
^feOf vuJ lomctioid i^do vid rmvc mcaanrrd ttti«. DoubUeto 
ibc ftiUcDduit pltas«m lute cbAimed iheaa— the brr green AApfCt 
oTlbe bckK tbe rmiDinK ntcF, the tfiDbcA of tomoirr ■cAthcf^^ 
Ikoodicl craft Ku locb <4iiBcljmiiuitnnti Be tl ai itiiu^, iic hat« 
our uiflliDK *onp dod prai>ct in the (real Lilcr>hire of oui bod, jokd 
we are July ihaok/uL 

Tbai anglifiB it reBixded as eipecullr iq the dcmiairt of liiera 
ll dM In great xneaturc to i tna^lcc t?( both itti who bu rcn 
cUvicaL There were writm *jn tingling before lojik W^lIecii, u 
tbtic were pocli brfurc Homer : but. Like Ibete p^l't ■■« Likiw and 
liulc about ihcit), It hiled the true Utcraiy flnvi>iii in thoie 
1^ inmctrrig niuto of the iiitluMrj thxn the art. Hie Greeks, 
w]y enough tvi a M^faring i^ioplr^ hod hiile love Tn the occu- 
lt And even 1e» fvr Ihc piuduct, Tbe HomenE: henjes have i.n 
" 'ifcc ftff miiKglinK fi^ln:». ami the much-endumig, p^i-heaUed 
|B»eK, hardened ii* lie was by much jough living, talks 
tk vftth disimte, and excuses himself and his companions. 


The Mme of i/u j^ft^U. 



'<>'*' Ml Iiunsv HjlJ ftciieJ ui,*' Though l}tc laltr Aihcnian and 

Konun cpcvn^ thciuK^I much tA ceibin fiah is dainty fond, ihcv . 

^Uighl nothing ofthciratchlnggf thum, ri)Iii;rmeJI arc chsscd wilh 

^H^oit; in ?buiua they »rc poar. liiiverin^ creatures, wretched ind 

^li^aj with tca-HJiUr. To the Roman mind ihc c^itchlng of fiah 

'°f plnKwe miui have secincd labodoui trilling ; and no l^\\n poot 

VmisiohJii<e Ivokcd on ant^UngLtnot the leave c^fcounuyptcik^Lircs. 

^e <:tiuld vish that Horace had done «o, and ^vcn lu Kcmc idyllic 

picture of the *(>ai1 la hU Sabine countr)'- But it wat noE to b« ; 

^"^ l>7-and'l*y came wars and funioui* of wjr. and ihc Mmic dwell 

^On^ baule» and cjmpt., jn CLiurtt and gay r\utiy or in asd cluibtorK, 

*^ buiicd hcnclf with things Uio high or too low Tor plain cownir^r 

^ tid the come ni h«r tmvclt to Ihit b'ngliih bnd, where the 

"■AcvhM chaof^ed her tiuict^ 

Although the love of n.iCiirr, without wlijch we cannot have 
"•ft^iig *ei>c of .injF n'^rllcntv, »a^ r;v»1y !ip|>:irrnt m Ivn^liih poeiry, 
''la loo^ bHiort *ic find any pWlry Ofriipirfl f^rlijftivtly with th? 
'^^iilin and vtondm of ihr n:iT:irjLt wndd. At lit^t it was u^d by 
'^*> poda a* nicn^Ij a track^rou;!*! a^flin*t wliiili ihc an* nf \\\^ 
^"rnan comrdjr might he pbycd. Aftcrw»nJi an ariiliciai nature 
"■^Hie ift £andful Arcadim and fatrjhnd^, whkh were as far removed 
''^f* the homely *^enefy of the founlty a* the nymphu and fatne* 
• n \t\\ ffoplrd them wcfc from Tnc people of rhe lime, Slawly men's 
^C3 Mttc opened to lee the beauty of the world around thcii door^i 
**H) kith ihit nc* kvc of eoumey lift: e:imc the love cif country 

The Tm\\ piirt of any renown wh-l has wrincn much un nnj^ling 
** Fhintsf n<r:c Lcr. Hm *' Pi*C»lory IC* lujtut*,'' modtlleU on llie 
Eclof(ix«« of SjnnajuriLiK, vhich Pope iran^lQEcd, have m^iny pWaaanl 
fVdiet of *^i^% and paasages oF RfiTural de^rFipiion in the Hurid and 
iKhljr colOHU-d sUlc (il the E.lirlhe[hans. The fishermen wl^o form 
lV charA^'tert hji^^ rurii^ui name^ Myrtiliis^ Damon^ Thonulin 
f>h»ch !a*ie» *1r«kl for Ihc unf>Qe[ic name of Tonikjns)— :jnd their 
laJk n ftiEl of many odd conceits aii:J manncTiiima. One ver&e from 
Tfv r>n1 rcFo^Lic i; worth quntmg, lioEh as in pr4iAc of Ihe ait and for 
tie take of Itir mui^ical sound — 

Ah ! ivould ibdii Liivw\l hiiw mtich il Iwllrr were 

To bill* Bw<ui£ Lhv >im^l' rith^r-^wjilni t 

Ki> tbrifChmi; ow t. ii>> ntcl^l <rr>h J<xl|;rlh hcTC | 

Ndji !« ciir iink[jlc |<lFL«urr hitil Willi [ipiliiti 

Our «pnft« l>r]fiiL wjili llic tip^*(iiitiit; jriri:^ 

lacilmk U pull Uie k.iplrri: fitli t > IilfiJ, 

lo l9U£li4 l>> »n£ air : blihCf i!diij lh« Hllkl. 

Tk€ Muse 9/ tie Angle. 63 

UiMttl loved. Re wan man of a nrc tum of roind^ oad^^^tt 
kit tts aL tare p(«cc of vriting. 1c ktoo l^uc in ihcday ts tmUDpttD 
idd fresh praiMK 10 ihat in^monsl book : but Ici one ^«Ho has wrry 
ti9tc as<j an Mif^re^i MW record 1 ilcbt of infinity pleasure. 
AnMng the ctuny %!>cd <tuaLttie« the anther tH mid to hAvo pjEG«es4«d 
ibcrctH cnuencntcda '*^«ry ci:}rrect jud][Liicnt in poeuy." jud^rnt 
he ccrUsnly bad, but whcchci correct or not u 1 in»l«r of opinion.- 
H« loTvd all VKKtry, but liv hid an opcci^l rcliah for that nhkh 
saTOnrtd of hit Ikvounto ipovt- Ha can d«ci:oi En ilie dry [mgo.i of 
■n AoMOtiA a pkcaioml ftftfrcncv^ and from th; wotIca of the 
"•diTioe Du Danas " ho i>rt«cnt4 uu wiih tromc facts abgut the habiU 
«f Aibcs B5 intWfttiniraA ihv^y arc without auihorliy* lie includes 
complete poem) hy Dr, Donntf. and Ihjl **undcrvft]ucr of nioncy.ihc 
late pTOToat of T-ton, Sir Henry Wotton." '* All of >^hich," aaya 
Walton, " I love the Letter, bttause tUey allude 10 rjvcrs. and fl^» 
and fishing^'* Sal it muitbc conrc«>vd even by his wnmicsi parti- 
fUM tbat hu caite ^vas nuE alwjyt dlKriminating, He -nnd loo 
unJVtn^ and liberal !□ hit lympath^E:-!, ^nd thui it iiithnuxc Hndirt 
hi&boolt a. medley of G™Jd« bad* and indilTcrcm. The commendatory 
vcran to the author deieivc liitle notke ; iht f-ailn nrc, if pomSIe, 
vonc than the Cnglith* nod both ate artificial and absurd in an extra* 
oidlnofy degree It m wa till wc get away from hi8hoi>3 and lu^adt 
of con«fci and tiresome FlemingiA, and cortic lo the time ^Thcn 
Corydon and PitcatCfT »ng against one another tn the inn bciidc (he 
lUtam. ihn wefict the true [Jtainc of the iift, I'he song hc^inninf^ 
"A* inward love brortU outward laU " was niade, iis wc know from 
Walton himwlff by William Bafc«, a noiud BOng-wiaer in his day, Jr 
Eifiillflflhat Bprnt of tnhmWon to authority whi^h Leigh HituE 
4ctcw;d in Walton Jnd ht» friends : 

t car* c« I to fi>h in wii , 

t'rah ilvtn b«l my imoJ <la plnie : 

Whuftc iwcci calm <oi[i5c i C[>nteEii|ikk, 

Ami w-k ill Kfe la imfrilF ; 

In civij boDiufi 1 rdn would kMp^ 

And fof my put gHeneci w(i;[>. 

The most b^utifdl fishing-song in Walton, to oitr thinking, i* llial 
fling on the fourth day by Ptacaior, aitrtbutcd to John Chatliliil], but 
pcobably ■ntttrn m part by Uaok himself- It hi? n iilt about ie, an 
inhnUbk quaintncis* which keeps humming; in a man's he;id wbon 
bcbaipaTcr things to think about ; for no matter when one lieaisi»,i| 
bririKa back to him the fresh, brcEzy life of the rivcnidc. Kvrry 
ftngter \vtxrm% it ; but perhaps the: Latin vcnion of Ur> Johnson is noi 


The Muse of (kc AngU, 


ajfi plowui: fancy, tht tn^ler m:ky have buen Watton 

Ie ij 1 ffti cry from ^I'MCCnih century divinH v> iht' limes of 
iiwl bi>od " 4ad Ml, John G*y, Yet in ihc lime* Ijciwccn wc 
no an£:TinfC tvr*e of any kindWur tlic aiicncion of Uic poci» 
il;buacu'd by tvnouk ifvcnU-vtart, icvoluiit^n^, 2niJ the like. 
su^oT of t lie on^ famQUtt " BeyvAr')» Ofivra"«M> born near 
^Kaplv; Jn thit mou ikh and bvaudful county (if Devon. Hl- 
viijArrirvxb -L tttik iD«n:cr ill London, from uhid] ropui^blk.- Uadu 
fethificd to the muiu plcaaing vn« <jf puvt und iibywrJj^^L Wc 
wofoi to likirig lijs " Kural Spom," wrilieu ^\\<\\ he naa scarct 
ivcniyf Tc, betid th^n inythbK in his kicr lucdlt^y of play» and 
bblts. He b CO ihomughly iind hon::slly Artificial : eo primvd up 
*«Lthe poetic stuff tfien in r;i&hion- In pure bambast over trifle* 
he Ilt outstrips any of \\\\ tgmempurarict. Vet there seem to be 
|fiB(«cs now amd then of a rarer sort, reveatling u poet vrilh u 
fcww eye for country lights ih»in m<jst men of ins limc. I>r. 
}afcttoni with tlie airs of a Liclphian oTa".-k. jjiunouncea him *' never 
ccfilmpiible, nwr ci'er ticellum." Other people may jutlge him 
JMc Imiently : but indeed wc raiJiei /i*^ th-iii appreuiaie hi» work, 
Hiiune inj;Iiiii; rcfervnce- iti its own way one of the best in the 
*Wt liKruurc gf ;hc ail —is to be found in hi» '■ Rural Sports," 
rteh ihi author caLli u ''Gtfur|{ic"and dedicitet to Pope, h open* 

H Whtn AeatEn^ eloiuH thair ipon([|hi1ncfv dnin, 

H And »il?i>(un*LJifl|;iloKa rFic orkounrftm iiilc^ 

^1 Srir ltic luuw bill iii[" cIif ii*elli(L}; lmIf ; 

H Ttita, twn 3' vrnrnl i^tlci Ejcijifi iu T>«e» 

H And cliiirf llKir \v\&\iA biar<lfi] LhraucK thd KLidt, 

^■■lIplnilMln ^^'^ ^' ^''^ lulling bcri^ri;, fiir lie knew and 

^^'•Wtf wiftt, l!c fif^l m S'snunnj* vciit describi!^ fishing 

*"ilhc wu(in« and ici^L'H t3|:e direclion* for the clioiue of bjiit, in 

^*hkh aitf p'uiRjUJy uneiiuaJIcd a^ 9\\ exampltr of the [flJ^er in 

rvfudi huTfliin nature u capatile of ; 
ThoK bthf m\'A l*»t rpavmil lit? ntLer't imint 
VTHmc iMluTir<4 uiLi a thiiiin|z yellow v.i,\\\\ \ 
Clonw rlim l^ii> Ahtji in (ivt % (cD^piiig gku 
iJJUti-St rb itiHint **pt*lt i-i" 'vtfft Ki^it i 
Amid (he »<ril4H-l fiM iTi^y iwine. Ihpy loil, 
And ricm Eh?ir Iroditf ^lipc ihcir naiivc »□;[, 

^ fa^d beeii tdlini; of thi^ labi aiuid cf the ihrct- hiirdied at 
VOL ctuaTiii, siu. 19A9, y 


T^t Gcntiemans Mapizint. 


Thcrm&pvlae he could not hAvc used ni<ire sounding words. The 
whob pnhiiaRp i? too ItJOjt lor qnoiation. I'fom woiui-rishing he 
pMsrt m angling with the iifltiitfll fly; ihcntc to sslmon-fbhing i 
find fonHndci w«h fln eTiborinjion TOotlcr-humifig, and a dcclaifltion 

of hi» own parn*::ular laatc* ; 

I np^nr waiiJti wheic the bDitlc^iiriE ff?nJl 
0'<*lio^ ^^= rmiJrJj' %L(«iri, wliuw unglJnE imdi 
PcniJe* Ihfl rtfchtr i r, nor rhooK t* lK*f 
Thff (hiiYiih Biflilly li*(< Xiiji lutljn] »|>«>f. 

No hJcKiil of Uviii^ ionocL itiln my Jloc ; 
htV fflc Icn cnicL cixt ihe fcnthci^d huuk, 
With ^TtiATil red a[hw4rl ihc iirbblc^t li^wl^ 
Silent sWr Ibt' infi-y [WMem *tr«y, 
And wllh the fur-influfibt (Ty iJchidc the picy, 

in the declining ¥<Tais of Gay'* hfc» another jkwi of JnA 
greater powers wtis rising to fame. Thomson's "' Sfasons," 
what some hypti-taquisite modem critks may say to die con 
will dlwoys be read and enjoyed. He pti^sessed all, or ne.-itly 
ihc pccuUoi virtues of his age and ichuol, with many that wnt 
entirely his own. His destfijiiions of nature have oficn a grate, 
a fchciiy of epithet, piii;uliiir in the liicnitore of the ihntr. We 
should expect the fion of ihc mioihrer of Ednum lo be well skilirf 
in the angler's ari» for the Eden, which comes down lo Tweed and 
refreshes the traveller on the dusty Berwick Road v?»h jN dart 
pooh ajid shadows, i& a well-Lno^n iirearn foi trout He spent, tooL 
many days of his boyhood at SouthdeLtn, high up among ihe hilb in 
the cradle of die Jed. His yi^ars of literary life in London did not 
a|>6il his relish for the apori, far ''Spring," which was published 
Ihird of the *' Seasons/' coninins a most delightful account of fly- 
lishing. It diiTbrs frum Gay's in having a certain Scotch accent 
about \% which we can feel though powerless to explain- The dark 
brown watf r, the rocky channel of ihe burn, tlic swirl of iho current 
at its meeting with theriva— all have u North coumry sound* antt- 
evcry angler who knows Tweedsidc has seen them a score of limes. 
He knows ihe besi day for the fly — gleamy, wjih clouds |>ass(r:g over^ 
the stim He I* a seubible man, and doe* noL cart lo fiU his bostci^ 
i*ith woflhlefes try ; Utii \m\\ wjrricthing like real force he describc*- 
Ihe capture of the monarch of the poo], " who d^sp'rate lakes hi^ 
death with suilen plunge." Chatfey Lamb loved to see this hoo^ 
"a little lorn :ind di^V.e3ri:;d." If he had fi^hcdjie nught bav^ 
seen it to hia heart's content ; formany an angler carries iiahoui with* 
him in his pockcl, and keeps his fliw among the pages of '* Spring" 

Tfu Mnst of ihc Aff^U. 


Arrmlroffg, the Crieod uid conMciporary of Thoim^n, born ui ihc 
iunv thltr. »nd a member c*f the samo literary cljque, hu «omo 
lisa on jn^Ung. whieli, like most of thac author's vruik, arc; tnairc d 
by many ixvCxy :ind ibtiird exprrGsionE. The curious may Hiul chcm 
in ihe third bcwk of hit "An of Frctcriing Ht^^Uli." Smollctr, 
«ho «gLS A Putabononshire nan, has i^omc llncA on ih'a tubji-ci in 
hn "Ode 10 I^c^'cn ^Vatc^" vhich arc io plcuant ;ind miuic^l that 
we could VTLKh ihc FOs-J^e longtr, 

A wty diCdcnc nun vra& th:bt vif^oious, (>outerou]> pcftonagpT 
Dr. John Wolcot, who ;kr;ictibcJ nicdicii^Ct divlnhy, and [jigcoiv- 
■hoQting in (he Wc^ Indies, and then rcturnctl io London and K^^c 
suefauDublc Ki ihottc in amhoncylhat it is ta\d hv wm biibcd into 
tikficc He mote ill lorii of puliiiul parnphkis, i^quibii, and bin- 
poou under the name of '^ Peter Pindar." There ire m:iny objeclion* 
10 hit writings on the grounds of unneccsury coanenet^ biit> whftt- 
ew be sud, ue mutt aIIow him immense pcHerti of satire and m 

ivc, uhJ a ^.ill and lasic Jn the ludjiiroua whioh femind vnc 
fvcrlcy. He haa left u£ an adLlieg^ to a [foui, \vhidi i<i uir 
pvallclcd in its Ymd- One of its chatms h we do nut lenovr 
bos to regard it- If >ve Ukc iL seiiouity it i& the UlckEna Thuk of 
q|Qtioines*t otherwite it i^ the peifection of paiudy, We m^iy be 
pordOEkCd tf ve r^uciEc it vuUre ; fur Lhe [i^a^rncd PeLer's works n;i- ngl 

(00 well knonn : 

Vi'ri; firai thuu awBy ibfi^ foAi > 

TnKt mc, tfacff'i (iflua^i of tio^agtv htie i 

1 have Do wickfd hvak. 
All tnHml wirli a rrmprin^ IhIi, 
Alu I IV ifCnpi tliH (<j <hy fite, 

And fine ihdc fiam ihc brquU. 
Oh bvmZeu tcnjini of I be ll^Kxt* 
I Jq not <rihl] lu tpill Ihy LUioJ ^ 

Fat nnturff iinto thee 
PiKhuite ha< |^v?n a itndn wtfp, 
And <hijdreri il»r. lo chann thy Ursi 

Ai lAc hicJi ilDiic ta Dic- 
l^ojr Ehy itnmaif uli hunku fiihi 
Anil nfliTfi in iinglpE for 9 diih^ 

ThiDugTi jlimoiiy"* vile ih, 
AtternplK- thf WE?Tch— to pitll tTiee out, 
God giFT ih« Vipnglli. oh pcnrlc Truui, 

To [lut] ite meat m>- * 

"Uh Wolcot vf leave ihc eighteenth century and comt; to thiii 
™i bmd of ixjctt which has made the uiienins years of the nin*- 

^dl memorable id our Uieuture. One ra^uu cliiuiict^rittrt' of 
^•0 *fl— ^ love of the freshneis of oi>cn-air life — would lead a niift 


68' Tht GenilcmaKs Ma^a^ixt. 

Ui evficct from tlivm Jingling x^nK oF tare cxcelk^oe. In the Souib 
he i« diMppuiiUcd. B>rvii h^iv nothing but ill natufnl fiibn u 

iVbAitt^r IfiAk \^,iiu-iii tmt,T fir m»i. 
I'hc <iul1nl, (H^fl, cnKl cohtmnb In lik* £ti1Irl 

Such lin«s hare i fttEii^g pbcc anong Ihc tirdome obtufdiiicv of 
"Don Juan"; but one can wish tha Cotiou, ihai ntvrdjf olil 
Ropljii. had bc^n *it liand to hc;i.T hL<& m^lci ihuii iiutiKticU. Hv 
«Au]d, clrpi]btl»«* have haJ ivord* wi;h Ihc *u[hor on ihin maiLvr. 
Then *c: have iho lament.iblc iiroducrion of I jigh lliini, who »ji lo 
fer Wi ij hn own cU-victT as lo vrijc a miledn-iory cttajr cm t!i« an. 
With [hr great hearted Komanticisct of the North, lifmrv^r, ihe catc 
iji oihcnriic^ ScoHj Ho^-, WUion— lUch men hod ihc tc\ie tiunlr 
love of outdoor spori, and cared lltUc lor the pJca* of m kly ind 
fooliah ix'tjpic:. Sir ^^'illt« hiinaelf was a weil'wiiher in ihc jtrnw,^ 
hut no angkr : but, ntvttlhclcai, he wrote a fi^hinR *nn^ in !in old 
Tomatuic manner The ftong. "On E^Einck foreii mnnni^im duo," 
hv in it alllhc Hccreiofthe writci^s mngic— rhc wild hor^ ^illoii 
Af the vene^and thai arc in wurds which Unone thr Ichi r!^>|ci»uc kr 
hdng uncomdous, No>v^day<. pahapsn vrc nre inHmrd lu sctn 
hjghf^r value on Scott^i lyrica than the author hifi^iiHf d^a ; nnd ihii 
it errtaiitly^ in our vyii. one of the be^L WH^ion. thai lug;, t*|u;iTc- 
flhouldtrcd man of letCc». whose work ia so *ing«br]>- negle^ir^l 
to-day. was a keen fiRhcrman, There were few stream) in the Jiot Jer 
CAEiniiy (hat Hogg did not knosv,' but espedally he loved the Lurnn 
Mound Sl, Maty's Lodi^ He \\ts one ddightful, if more xhttn 
apocryphal, tale of filing a cart with Mc^gei Lroui^nll the »irc iif 
a herring or ihereabouE. 

The bcRt writing of these aiiglcj^ on their 9pnr- iT«H not d»ne ^n 
verse, Wilson, indeed, in one poem, "The .Angler'* Tent," ha* m^iIi 
a passage, but it is of indifferent merit. \n pmar, in the cailr 
"Blnekwood^/' we find the best woik of Chriwn[»hcr Nonh, (be 
" KccreacionC ^o boisterous and gallant, Titled wtrh the high «pfritft 
of the author- Hogg has some good fishing ckctchei. wriltfo in h\% 
nddly unequ.Al tijle, but no verse, ,Sull, nUhough these wrJEcr* hjvc 
left ui ftw direct literary irtbuies to angling, ihcy have pcrforin^^ tlic 
great bCTvlcc of making the jpori in ihii North emmtrj'. 
They have done for the art in the Borderland what Wainn and hi* 
follower* did for it by the Lea and Dove— they have gificd '%\ wjili a 
tenth muse^ 
,. IJnkcd to lhl» coicrte of Licrary men by time and plai-c and 

^h Mmt of thf AngU. 


t^mpnilij^, Tb^Tiiai T<>U Sioddfljt niAy njiWiIy Iw regarded as the 
pocc-UmcAle »^^L»^](1K ii^ti Llic thrcf i)f Utriermpiu No oih^r cvfr 
dcTOtcd ihc i;Tcalcf prt oT his lifi: to (he jir:ir;ici\ and h» bciT ^fls 
ID thr c^lf brt'ii^ of II in lOng, Nrt ftifnf misn, un^i^i T vcre the 
laird Of Ahhoeifordt lorcd TiKi?ii wt^ti *rii h 3 fviiAiouaLCf rpuianlic 
Iftv^ To Ttica ii w» not only the moie brautiful oF sircumi^ but a 
RifUi^^ irl|h whom Kiv hr^ liA^r-% nnd hii|~ic^ ^rrt hotinJ up^ 
•■ Thiit'* l^C Konh," Mj^ R.iilx Nifol J:it*ji.- <st\ unc oc^.uion, wLlh 
an A-t cyi rctpcct ; ^iml Mr^ Kinm i<i nvMMiaTiirie goes on lo ob^criiV 
«H1 |l»e " lOCtTOrc nhkh 1 h-ive obsrivi^tj ihc Si<Mf h usually |>ay to 
ibrir i5i4ingiii«ht-d Jjreie> 'J>"" Cl><lc, lite Twrcd, (he Kijith^ llw 
I^pry arc imiallj- nimiHl br thi>*c whfi tl«cll tiit ihcir bandi nifh n 
tofi Qd (rfiKrI AEid pride, and [ have L»i>*[i dwN im i'n'iitinrd by 
any wfrrd of fliipirsgcmenl/' Surely thii is a gccai unii nir>«E honoui- 
able Uiingi that ruEun? th one .iHptrtl can oammand the love and 
lioniage o^ a raci^ of mfn, I<>om a man who made an^Iin^ ihe 
binrncn of ha tifcuK ihould (;vp<:<:' mure hCRLjtiful praise than ftoin 
OIK vrho tikes it mereLy aa a f>Fea»nnt <(|ion frir hti k'ifiure. The 
characienitie story told in the publi'^hcd vtiUim<^ of his poemn shovs 
the tcopcrament of the man. Chaneing in one dny upon Ilrnry 
(jbufoTd Hell, he «M greeted by him wuh, *' Well, Tom, rny man, 
what aic you doin^ noi»?'' "^^ Iloing t" he replied in a lone o* 
iBitmJngfed sarprine, "man, I'm an angkT." 

tlf the many pocrmi that he wrote ^omi: thirty are perfect jeffCH 
of Iheir kind. He had caught, as all men i7>u5t who Uvc much with 
oattire, some of that ifliUI muaie which jn aJI too rare in our lilemture. 
The •'Vellow Finsof Vajrow 'has the true linlliid note, ihai magical 
chaim which is found only in the finrtt of old aeon pociry, "When. 
1^ Sircami Rbc ' may vie mth ihe be^r longs in the '^Connilctc 
j^Dgler,** lie had humour of that quaint, pa^^'ty kind thet Charles 
lamb had. full of luddcrt surprises ; for ^^ho ean forget the abturd 
■fnage of the finl terse c»f the " Flee"?— 

A*a*tri'y<i Ijnsty uc Ijraw, 

Ou' mxiii winnn (h-atp jr iti, 

Th«y'i^ grciAii ue ctpilcioiit. *■ 

SiDiufl urn] viciciui - • 

A» vrrcl nay we lifh «J' a criw. 

<lfie great sceret of hin succeas ifl his whmisieal and happy etioice 
or«ftetTes,as in "The Angkr»l*ays*'"'Vhe AngTer'5rhoice/'and'*"T"hc 
Anglers Invnation/ About *tn:ic of hia ^ungs there is a charming 
fcmmitcenec of Hcniclt, which is enfirdy sua cssful The " Angler's 
Cfsve" has pathcn and an atmost faultless mu&ic ; 

7» TAe GentUmoH^s Magasim. 

HtCTC bti! lio ivIhuc limrE wu iwinnJ 
WUh wikl iiitivflnL and inind«riii|2 bora, 

Watcher fif Uic A|<Til morn. 

Indeed, rcmly ftIL liU pocmi are «u bcaulifvi! In some w.if oc 
olhcr llial U IK h;ird to diuo&c ; Lut, ir ont^ oiay have a fivuumc 
above olhcrs, let Jl be *'The Ikmnie TwetrJ." Siif dy {t\\ risers KjtT 
ever had mure noUe Ifibutcs ; an(3 it is worthy lo be placed aiuiong 
the bett of t^cxourUle^K odcTi und tyrica Lo (lie Burdt^r rivir, II liai 
(he i^ound and suggf^siiuii of aujne bright, fiesh mumiitg In Maf : 
!>,« Holylcc to ClortpfufiT, 

So cId ye uk an nnglei't urnrdi 

Vfi'd ihroLiGti th« whkn?i and ow«r ihc liroe ; 

An* w«ft ■»■' wi" tufiniii' haiiil 
V«f tiinrjf hvilci biftck apd rrid ; 

The ^oft bough o' a tlvntlci wand 

He died in the .autumn of litSd^ fuM of ^cars and honoLir. And 
that wisdom ^hiLh falls oiily to ihe toL of ihosc^ who arc inueh abfoud 
]>y the \\\\\^ Liiid ^-Qlera, 

AVilh Thuiii.1% Tud Sloddart i»^ cx»mc lu the \i\&i deludes of ibe 
tcnluiy- Somtofthe gieai wnLc^Ts who are dead wrolcangluig vc»c, 
ImjK in f^w ca&Ci were ihry alio keen spoitsmen, so their wniing 
latks the fire and eolhusinsm of (he older mer. Wordsworth ha» 
one htauMfiil sonnet, ^' Written upon a Blank Leaf ]ii ' The Cotnplclc 
Aiigtcf/" which has all the best i]uaJL(ie« of his sonnets — strength, 
iiijje^ty, g'"'"*. ^"d higl] ■sounding melody. But we canngpl conceive 
of W'cfid^worth 3s an cnthu^aiastic angler ; for instead of minding hu 
flics, he would probahly be engaged in that *' reverend wjtching" of 
nature which he edcbrales. Thomas Hood liis one poem, "Ao 
Angler's FaiewcH/' which is full of biJUiant punnbg ; and Getnge 
Ouiriim, who was it kind of Scots Calvcdcy, and whoat book of 
" l^w Lyrits " » le&s widely known than its worth deserves, has some 
hu I noTwus verses, "The Sautnon." Kingiley wasanea^er fibficrntan, 
a.s was right fr>r one brought Up among the brown I rout -si reams of 
Devon, He has several lishmg sohrs, notably the one beginning 
*'Oh, Mr I-mude, how wise and good" , hut he is itoi at his beH 
here, for Ihcy nil approach perilously near to di^geiel. Apart from 
the great wriieib Ihcrc have heen many local and dialect verses, Cif 
which the coUecnon known aa the '" Coquet -Dale Fishing Songi " k 
a good ciarfple- 

To our thinking the best angling poet of late yeais is Mr, Andre* 

Thi Muse of iAe /htg/e. 



Lug, wbx> Mld& jrci another uanic to tht list of the dcvoice£ of the 
IVeedi Mr. L^n^'i po^ry 11 like hi^ [iroAi!, on many subjocts und 
in nnmj njrk*. He ha^ published a volume of " Angling SkctchcSi" 
Ibn &f pkasinl ntDioisccfioen Eold in hk inimitabk manner- Hi> 
ug&ng poems Bra Kfiliered up and dovrn hk sitiaXl poetry hoaltn— 
'^ Rentes h la moac," "BoISadc^ in Blue Chin^/' and ■■GniKS of 
Pamasntt.'* Their main characif:riAii<^^ art: ^diolarly grace, a plca^ani 
buinctir, and oocuIcuialEy a puihos nnd simpticiiy which remind anc 
of Arnold cr iVoTdtworLh. In '*Thc \jtH Osi" he approaches more 
bCftr TO ihc pregnant MmpUcily of M'ordsworth than nny nriier of lo- 
4liy ; and amon){ all the ih^j^tsoily and sound nnd fury with v^hich 
our cin Arc Ailed thin in a thing to he thankful for. T]\r '• Ualladc 
of Uic'l vr«ed/'iiTiticn in good Selkirkshire Scots, a ui eiccUcnt piece 
of vorki Tiih ihc pious with ciprc&scd in ihe "Envoy.* *' April on 
TflCcd' isifilTnore serious vein, viih a singularly pleoA^int niUKic : 

Thv uiDW li» >ci tin KiMun HUl 
1^31 Mifl the l)r«m l/Foiv. 

VVr iiulliing Pmd thr tnow* 
Bm yt Jiiii« up anrl laku on vrill— 

*■ The Lnsi Chance " i« almost perfect In its way. The poet 
qUOKi Pautaniu in support of his theory thai there arc flj^hcji In the 
io^rcr vortd, and a«ks Peisephone 10 grTint that his sluidc may land 
tbe vpccira] fonns of tiouL 

Ax jt% OUT Mu6e, like the nnustid In the old bjillads, lias dweU 

cbiefliT In itte North {.ounin-, but now she- h^ come down to the &!du 

<4 lliaaaeib Mr Robert lludf^c:^ whu^^ smsXl, privately Pointed 

botiiHave bvcn fong in metaling with ihi^ir recognition, has among 

ki* shorter pocn» one beautiful tritmie co the ddighu of the Thames 

^^ Jl It wtitWti in a atylc v]u(ilt recjMs Million and the lyribU of 

'^^rwQtetmh century— lull of fjuami turns and stiangCj eM|uii>iie 

^^\ and at freshness whitli belongs more tu the dawn of song ihon 

'"t decadence- [l contains one verae. the picture of the conlcni' 

'^JTt fiihenuan : 

SocADtifnrii an aes^]tr tama, and dro^ his boott 
Wlihln li» hidden deplbt. at»i 'gt\\i\x a Kirt 
LEtpinc hU fodi reMti in lome pleunnc book, 
yori^tijnf wou hix pride of Fit^fij' ^ 

V/hilccLtT-liiUi li»}ir^ pcr^} 
Abom itift niL)U1t<] luii, ar KurarLilly 
Uvt gtr Ui4 tisc hd J Jcap, 

72 Tke Genikmans Magazine. 

Tt \% curious to note how in Ihe diflereni cemuries angling i 
mvcsied wUh the fashions of ihe limes. Certain ihings, it is tnn 
are common lo all anghng verse — Ihe esciiemeni of the sport an 
ihe pleasure of being abroart in Ihe open air; but many of tfc 
oddities of thought and feeling which characterise poets of differei 
schools may be found aLso. In the seventeenth century \\ wj 
essentially a homely art, to be pursued among the quiet fields ne: 
the homestead, and not among dangerous and difficult place 
I'ranclc, the Cromwell i an soldier, who wandered as far as the lochs 
Sutherland, is the only notable exception. Angling m these da 
was attended with comfort and quiet and meditation ; it had a lit 
raiy flavour, too, which it has ncrer quite regained to such a fi 
degree, for when an angler was wearied with his sport he had got 
books with him to read below the trees. In the days of Anne ar 
the Cleot^es angling was a fine sport to be followed for the spor 
sake, but the enjoyment derived from nature does not bulk so large 
in their estimation as before. When they describe the face of tl 
country in spring or summer they do it in a conventional and unsyt 
pathetic manner. In our own century the state of affairs is change 
Our poets love angling for the sport's sake, but more because it tabi 
ihemout at all times and in all weathers to the fields and hills. Tl 
vast advance which we have made in our knowledge of naiure bea 
fruit in their verse ; for whereas the old followers of ^\'aUon sougl 
only her milder and sunnier side, they love both slorm and sunshin 
the grey as well as the green. 



II^RIv xttL few fnr:r« infliuciive mriliods q\ meniUTiA^ Ihc 
iid:h of the fijip whicli dividn uv frnm any «n in llic pnil 
ibott cafcpfltrwon of ihc Uvouri^c Look* of Ihis particular urc wilh 
tbo\<; .^j jej^jijj ^pi^ij o*o- Timesiit— Thouflh U in a iiiymghaicj ta 
'^''^vt— when ilic noidr ;th ^< kuu^v it, ^h:i& iuil . tvhei) [iroijk- uiih 
^'IclinuiOAtobcicuik iheii kliiirrc *jih oihr^f pur&uiiiihan humingi 
'^^^'MiiBii, "*^ iiamblniKi UmLwur ^urL, baviiCl^ or<»cjndj1. were Ibiced 
10 t^l^ op luch lxK)k> MM '' The CJ^ajiil C] rus," ur the mgrc enter- 
^^'^init ^"^ l"^** dtcottmu taki u/ Mn, A|"hra ilclin, 'J hr ta^tc for 
tie trvubtion uf tfie luluiii h'^rtitt^ sm \}\^vA<vX a cvnUiry bi;foTe, 
^^ dtrd out and Rich;itrJion and Frddin;; were kibies m ;irin». or 
At mcnt ichoullKAv Siill, thrre hcic a few houk« extiinl vhicb 
*<t~vtdto divert the leisure cjflhc lettered id^cii uf ihuse day*, and o( 
*Cjw John BuDcle is cetiainry one of llie mcHl noieworiliy, 

"THt people who knov John Bucclc by iiaino fl^c not vcty 

NDinooui, &nd of U;c»e the great nt^jgriiy wJU oiily knov him rrom 

^ lacni^on luadc of hJni by Lamb in hii '* Evoy or^ Imperfect 

^y^t«lliic^* in tha; celcbraicd f<3(»j;e tvhere he aunotincct that he 

^ Ucn i^mly tn'i)^U ^^' ''^^ 1''*^ ^*^ ^^^^ ScoEchmt^rk, lie nho hus 

i^fiogtagC lo attack the liook ittetf )^ toon Eiiade auaic thai he it 

^fuing Lo bo kl o(T «ith gcnc.-ialj[i^ he bai got i[j knr/w hi* hero 

■^tbe oottR uf h^n hi'jid to tlie sole o( his fciot. We arc» indeed, 

T^'Cdthe^lCiJ)! o( hi« cluldhond . ihe ^enotji work doii nol begin liH 

^Bt*»[o the L'rmtmty of I >ubliii, where ht falU (onhnHh m the itudy 

'^ Phi]M0|>hv, totiiiugiaphy, maiherktBEies, and the Linguagri, only 

'™'*TteI:ng hiinrt^f by walking and pracii*mg on the (icrmaji flute. 

™ lui lon^ h^'fi^rc lie gj lies his tender* a tasic ol hU <iuality by 

/' '**jioT p4*iic after [tij^c 0/ hi* (lotjccin of thf abovr nomcd it^bjectt, 

, he iloei not ^row i«:aUy drjiiuritt till he ieU& of the ddighCa of 

' *tLdy of ^Igehrat' " I have often sat LilL morning over ihc engag- 

/• ^ork vitbout a notion of iis being day till I opened the windows 

***7flo»ei- I recommend ihis Mudy in pattieulat lo young fc'cntk-- 

^t and am Mtitficd if (hey would Ukc lome poini to undCTbiand 




74 The G€ntl£ntan5 Mix^atin4. 

il, They woiiM have »a great a relish for ti3 oper«tion» a^ to prdcr 
then la damoroua pleasure^/' In iccsLLling the memory of line 
summtr afternoons speni in a duaiy schoolroom over thai icrtiblc 
manual of Colen^o's. one is inclined tq question Mr, buncle't 
Btneerilf on this point, but then in hia day both jilgehia. and Mouic 
cosmogony ivcrc untioTihlcd by tlic biahop m qiic^iion. 

Whtthcrthc author one John Amory^cvcr inicoded to pcrSUAdc 
hi* readers thfll such a person na Ktindc ever walked the earth, or 
whdhcr he fj>acly designed him a^ n tjilliing inarionetie who should 
gire forlh Vo the world the odd jvtmblc of learning he had got 
togrlhcrundfrhrs own brainpan, ISii'[ijeition which need not be here 
discu«cd. One easily become* wtary of a book in whtch the sAmc 
cjnsodc is rcprodjccd about every fivcand- twenty pages, but the 
very gufilo WLlh wliich John Bunck rcUtca his favouriie advoiture 
maiccs one paidcn the offence' It usually lalcei the form of the djs- 
coTcry of aoinc e hiirming lady or ladies dwelling in a sort of earthly 
parftdise, set in nome vaJky of the horfi<l rocky wlldcmesi on Ihc 
confinea of Cumberland and Richmondahire and "Ihe Bishopda" 
These "glorious creatures ''Eire always wd! posted in theology and 
the higher meilhcmatics^ and ready or even eager to diseuss them 
with (he stranger wuhin their gatca. Where there ts any diflercncc 
of opinion Ihe contention often waxes strong, but Bunele x\ invp-riahly 
victor in the end. lie is evidently supposed to be a man with a 
Strang religious bias, but this does noc prevent hun from dropping 
novT and then into a vein which almost JMiTrfiea the dcicr^ptlon of 
him as Ihe Engbsh Rabelais, and telling stones hkc Ihifln "Aa 1 
irarclled once in the county of Kerry in Ireland, ^xith the While 
Knight ond The Knighinf the niin, wc called at Tcrdah OX'rohanc'*, 
an old Irish gentleman, our common friend, who kept up chc hos' 
pitalily of bis ancestors, and sho^'cd how Ihcy lived when Cormac 
Mae Gudlcnan, the Ceneroiis, was fcmg of Mun^ler and Archbishop 
of ( ashcl in 913, There was no end of eating and drinking there, 
and the famous Uorne Falvey played on the harp. I^br a day and a 
night we sat to it by candlelight without shirts or clothe* on, nalccd 
except that we had our bieeehes and shoes and blockings on, and I 
drank so much burgundy in th:ii iime ihc sweai ran of a red colour 
down niy body, and my senses were so disordered that when wc agreed 
lo ride out for a couple of hours to take a httle air. I leaped my 
horac into a dreadful quarry, and in the licscenc was thrown into a 
large deep water that was in a part of the frightful boimm/* 

The experiences he relates are as niflrvcllouH as Smbad's ; ihc 
regions he trwcrses are like certain described in Pomponius Mela- 

J^n BitmU. 


The prciplc he in«M arc tfjudly miponiblc, bui none of iht-m seem 
out ofdraBtng, taken in romifviion niih Liundc hinitcir. AihlelJcs 
were IMH ibcn eullivatrcl ir iJublin arter the prcMrnt xtandard, bin 
Jotin BuncJc ww* nCTcrthflfB, a bit of a iportiinan. He wiilei : 
"On Ibc ^OTMMs fint of AiJgii«, before Ihc bp>iMi wcfc rouicci ffom 
(heir ]o<f£u OT ihf bird* had irpiitcd opwnid tn pour forth Iherr 
momfaig huTXiony, uhilc the mtiunraim and grove* were over- 
ihadcrtiml b>- a dim obocurilj', And thr dawn iiill dappkd ihc drowny 
cast with q>ot3 of grry, in shorty bt^lbrc ihc lun wt» up, or wiih hi« 
au^kious presence began lo anrtn.iic inf?-rioi nitturc, I tpd my 
chambrr, and with my dog and gun went oui to wander over n plca- 
feant ccQatTTH** Many mountain^i did our huntef climh in ihe course 
of the morning. Ik doeinoi xtW x\^ whai ftame fell to Lis sun, but 
like sequel wjU ibow \h^\ hi« qtieit was tiot a bootlon^ one- After 
httnng been 6*e bout; cront, he bei^jn, nnUir^U/ enough, lo feel 
ban|^, And looking round for a ho^pjLible toof» be pcrcftved in Ihe 
dbuiKie A 6ne mansion, divided friim hnn '* by Kornd prccipifea and 
^Qoeay ■oodi" Having irn verged lhcsc> he arrive at n garden door, 
kmsnjilely open, and tnaide, *-' \\\ a votive leinple of (be Ionic order/' 
he ftAf1« iuninjt the charming llanioL Nod. 

Tn a man of John Bonrle'ii ealibre U made no dJnbTeni:e, but an 

ordinary monal would have been emltatfaaaed in mlroductng biich .1 

fOClunnapfaee »(ib)ect ^^ hrcalsfa^l to a you^i^ lady " siltmg in a 

lAlOif, filled w>(b the fmcfl Krok^and J vjLit vaiirry o£ninIhcnialical 

^A^menls, and raismg her cji-'s now And then from fit-r ^sfiting 10 

fil*Dc< It a Hebrvw ISiblc/' Thr lovdy Harriot was n;vturalJy not a 

Inte tUoaiihcd at Mr Buncle'a appenranre, and at hi^ request, but 

^''Wt ihf had time lo an*wcr, her father e^ime upon the scene, a 

*^ old gf nileman who at onec rtahwd Ihe lifuation, " Mr. Noel 

***(!« me into hi* bouic and Ihe lovely Hamo! made tea for mCk 

*** had aneh plenty of fine eream and extraordinary brcud and 

^''^r *tl before me, that 1 bTcakfa!itcd wiih imcommon pkanure/' 

|^*ftg the meal the sportsman seems to have been f omplelcly sub- 

^^^t<dbylhe eharmaofhis hostel, and diunclmedtn bring forth any 

^^ phibwphy or theology thH was aimmering tn bis brain \ but^ 

**^*' the rep Jill, Mr. Nod g.ivcour ihat be had business to attend 

^* *ndihcyooftg people were left tt* Ihcai&elve*. .md then Hunelc 

"• tiinuelf again, for he utilised the opporfundy by talking for fifty 

^Jft^Jind mote on the language of Adam and the pnmavUy of ibe 

H'shtfe* race, Misa Nod did not »ecm in the least hnrcd, for sht: kept 

^^ *kilfuUy pmiins pi^nng <iuciiiDn-n to htr gucur, whidi be, jusi as 

^''■JJijr, uta«ticd. Uuttheiote bcfdlhlm which befdll'hilommon, 

and which ttill befall ever <>nc "Ho ntiy talk ihcdlofy with pfc«T 
vomcn ; for, after a lm» ** And hin» cxdiimuig : ■* lUumtruTc mr 
ihcn, gloTious Kill, tn ihi* dafk atklc. ^nd |]« tn/ Uachcr m Hvbicv 
Jcarnjny, it* I ihnor m>*df you uill be ihc guide and dirigcu Of A 
my Kttoiu and [»y da>>. Ytri. channing Hanioi, my [ite Li b pvr 
Itandfc* Afiw chiding his lendtncylo romance, HatTwi replied ihn 
t\tc eluddauon of luth poinU « they had touched on VQ^ld be A 
irty uigiftg Hiaim to hci, but a|.iwienU> the *as of opinion I'm 
hrt admirer had taken Jn a» tnu*:U ^ratnic ion; as he could diecu !ni 
Ihc prirtcm, w she carried ham ort n> admire hur grmto adorned »J4 
t«»helh. Umide. of oa:iw, knrw the nLitii^s or them, and ddi 
vtrcd a di»coui*e whkh m^ghi be rtad before the Concbolosifii 
Socjcty, \l one exifiCi^ "iS"* 

The oM gcntteman srcnu lo hfli^ followed a more hghi and *itt 
couneof xcjji»^5 tlian hb l^illa^-Iikc d:.t,glner ; for, after drintinij 
a bottle apictt of «j1J Ali^nte ac ijini>er, hy and hu gucn fcU lo 
nuoiing CatuUo* and Tbulhts. and dtscutoing Uic Lcabiat and 
Caminai Cfleljiaicd by ihojc mtTr>- bflida. titlmaicly Mr, Noel 
became a Imle dtgniy, and went off for a nap ; the old Alicante to 
\h^ te-iutl will ^ho«^ affected John Htinclc in diRcreni fojhi'on 
What thisiiequel was mu^t bt told in his own iwordi '*Tt> Hamol 
then, my life and my \>X\^\ I turned, and over a poi of t^;i vfjig a| 
hnppy, 1 am siire, as even « ith his buitra s.ii the conijucror of ihe 
world. I began lo rtlatc once more the story of a |ij&Mori that a^-* 
to form one doy, I hoped, my sole felicity in ihis wuiij^ and kuH 
voi\-s and pTotesiaiion* alfirmj;d that 1 loved fronv my *oul 'Chano- 
ing angc!/ 1 *idd, ' tlic bcautie* af lotir mind hi^yc intpirud rnc inth 
a pjttion must incrt-ase every ume I behold ihc harmony d 
your fact, and hy the powers divine t swcnr lo love }ou so lont a* 
Hciven shall [>tfiniiL me to breathe the vital air. Bid me, t"her>- 
eiihcr live or dic» and while I do live be aBsured ihat my Ijfc mjl trf? 
dtvotcd to you only,' Uui in vam ^^a* alt ihis waunih. MU> Xoc* 
f-at as unmoved as Erydna on a moniinieiii, and only una werrd withs*. 
iinilc : ' Sinee your dfiys, ^r, are at my disposal, I doirc j-ou will 
change to some other subject* and some article that is rational xss^ - 
^*elu], othti«)*e 1 must leave the room.'" 

There was no need lor Mis* Noel lo carry out her threat, for 
^r Buncle, puccivmg Ihai he was hurrying ih<^ paec, appealed her 
^y lalking for an hour or so on the Hutchineonian theory t«f ihe 
^"nfusion of tongues. Thb djsquishion Miss Nod capped by one 
*•' het tuvn, at the same lime more lengthy and more teamed, and , 
**^ereby in-l^mcd her listener's admi rat ton even more than the oU J 

J^ist liurtcie. ^^^p 77 

>e; for ^MT broke out: '^My pai^ion bAii risen lo 
uncommon kmal? intclligmcr that 1 cou!J not help 
natdang thii br^tiiyto my anni, ind^ vithout ihfnking of whni I 
4hdf itnpieuing on hct balmy mouih h.iU a dorcn ki««*. Thii w.ii 
*'«^& >nd K*ve \tty gmt offence; but she wa» too good to be 
iQCihutik-, and oo my bcRK^r^g l^*»" paidon end ptoCfrrtinE thai it was 
ttt a tilling ludcntw, bui llic nugtt nf her ftlarioui r>'ei and the 
W(ht po»«rc f jf hci "lirtd rh*t h,id [r.insportcd me beyond myself, 
^ Vtf rrronrilH, a,r\f\ atkrd mic iJ I Mould (iTay * game of card*. 
'^"fch ddipht/ I rr[slicd, and imm^di;»e1y a ^rk wan hrrtiighc in. 
"f ur cfmfirn tO riibbagf, -ind had plnyeil ji Frw g:»mei when hy 
Ktidifir Mil* Norl Ww the he;id of my ncrmim llulr, which 1 
'^l^ brouc^hl out with me in my walEt4, ' You pLtv. sir, F fuppriar, 
ttlltel LmlTiimrnl?' Che lady «iai(| ^ 'and a^ of all horic of musir 
tUlffenn mp moAt. 1 tert^Er^t yoir irjll obfi^e tne widi nnylhmg )0n 
[^•l,'' M(- Itiifirle "ohli^ed " at once fn mirh moiing s(raini 
ttfl before ht ien he wa< atile lo secunn The hand of the lovely 
IIJUtuCH A'^d Ihe <on«cnt of her merry otd rather. Now we are firtt 
^t^LUnt of Ih* wd fATC hhidi wjutrJ on All Che Udtfs on uhom 
M^ Kiinrlc looked with favnur— an<l they were many, and all of 
~I "liSorioUA ercaturct "^fbr Iho benuteoiis Mii* Noel fell a 
*i*<n tti »mAU'poK before a week h,id e]sp«cd, and our hero ag^iin 
^^fcnb m que«i cf adifnttfrei. 

' On hii felum from college ro his falhcrV roof he foimtl the 
^S^iiLlcman had taken a iceond vife— -a low pcrnon. Relations' 
™ttn father and son soon became vtrained. ancL ufbmitely the 
™W''Hi turned out-of-rioonL He attributed hi* eipiil''ion lo the 
^"^K of hi? Htcp-morhcr. hut hU narrative rei'cnis another po«ib|e 
^^^—tio wit, iheologjcal dilfcrencpt. "i'he son, after being trained 
*4etTraiie»t orthoiicucyat home. came baekfromcollcgtat'hriirian 
™t- He fives ihc aubitancc of hi* areumenls with iheold gentle- 
•t^ifBunienla which Jeft hia progenitor without a Teg to stand on ; 
*^ia(c»ng through them one is forced to admit Ihar a son who 
•"^dwoBrjc in such wiic aivd at such tcngth deserved all he gra, 
"^'Ww, He croiscci over into England, nnd waiidtred off mt" 
**€ifljihii«i motiQtams m search of o.n old college friend ; hm he 
•*'^«iined at Whitehaven through meeting a certain Mias Melmolh, 
****F»iiha liite (or belle* Icltrcs nnd thcnli'tgyn ani with het he 
^^^oiiicd at the Taltioi for three wceki, during which time they 
"Vl IniakJasied, dined, and iiijipeii together. " Exeept diini^^ 
** Wm eif %lcep we Wire rarely frot^i each ocher" — a Tcmark whieh 
*™i Ibat John Htnelc^ in upcc of Lk taste for Iwly thb^s, was not 


jS The GsntUmans Atagasme. 

disposed to view ibtf prf'iJTied^i in an uUra puriianical lighL Ob 
Ittving Miu Mdmoih he mvL-IkO "inEo a vjse valTey enclosed by 
mounULins, whose top* were in lh« cloudti. and »oon came iMo a 
country that ii wilder ihan ihc Catrip^tiu of Rome, or *hc uncolti 
V91<d vale* iii ih« Alpi ur ihe Apcnume^'* llic pongi of hunger 
«ocin AtiailcU him. :ind by goud Tuitune he i-ipied a hosf4iab1e funi 
m which an old coUe^t dium, oim; Jatk Price— not ih<s panicubr 
chum he was in ^^^rdL of— wjs »euk-iJ. The welcome &iul ibe 
luppcr were admirable, but ntiihing in compJii^on with the iacx that 
Mri. Prkc wat able oiid willjr^ lo diu:uia (he opcrAtiont of the 
tpjfii and the ;&liitruise^i j^ioblcnu of iliviait/ at ten times the length 
cf Min Knel und Mlh MeTmoch ixtmbioed^ On quining thc«c 
fricnd« he Trjvt;f^ed n regron ^vhioh, from the lctni& he ujw£ in 
describing it, mutt hnf c ritiillcd the Pjinin in midwinter in elemcfii^l 
lionori. Posting through tbii ufely he oomct U[wn a qtoUo in the 
fo<il of 3 inurUc mountain, in which d»elt a Kort of C^lyp^^ called 
jri the Buncic tongue Aiom. Ajora tived ociendcd only by womcn^ 
;l GOJt of *' pnnccu^" She was hospitable 3ad alto theological, ftodt 
after the Irjvcllcr's hunger ytsji satisfied, the two talked of "the 
ineomprelien^iblc *' and " the Uw of rcni&on" to the end of the ftrst 
volume. AfEe^^v,iid«, by uuy of lel^nation, he set the young lai^/ 
divers problems in algebra, and the way in which they dirJilE vt\\\\ the 
lenipiocil ruUciijn^ of pibtoEet and motdoie^ ^Lud ih:; fraciions therijof 
mtilcea one wonder whether, afttr all, Girlon rej^resenlB any gceat 
advance un Ihc educ^uonal ^ichicvcmt^nt^ of \ik,h\ ccntuiy. 

OiL leaving thi!i congcnjjtl ijtul J<>hn Uunde i^i. fotlh aj^iti od hb 
travels^ iind plunged inLi:i a rct;ion " behind Jatk Railton* tb<; Quako^ 
huu^ 3l Bowc!-^,^' in which W coii^e^ acrobs Alpb tu ]]iatL:h those of 
^wLTreilond, jad caiELractii i>f thi; volumr^ of Kj;;gat;i, In this homd 
region he met with various advi^niures, such a» going into a cave on 
one side of u mountain und vmergini; on the other, laving croncedt 
mei^nume, subterranean lonenis .^nd tcidcd picdpice* by the light of 
u tallow candTe. Nehi he found a de&eited huu^e with the skeleton 
of the late owner, one John Orion, lying in a bed, Mr Orton* 
though dead, spoke fiom a in::\nu!>ctipt be«idc him, and ga^c a long 
history of his religious opinions and triors. After ii. long commen- 
tary on this document John Buncic deliver* a solilorjuy over ibe 
mouldering bone^, shoots a bu^^taid, off which, washed down bysonw 
of Aiora'i admirable ale, he diJies, and tukes po^csaion of the real 
and pert^nal etiJte of ih« deceased, with the v:cw of !>eiUing down at 
Orton Lodge with Miss Mehnolh for a companion. But hit wander< 
ings dte not yet ever. A Ictile firthcr on he came upon a place 



GiQed Ukbcik a wulcnicrrt of philoiophcrv— male this lime— who 

cultitnUid tikcir gndcn and tht tnalhcniotici wiih grmi fis&idnily. 

Tbej hac^ like Bunc1«, ditoovered a new method of dcreimmmg lli; 

tangent* of curved ]]ne% And they pnmcucd « mkroicope powcrfiil 

enough lo show htna a ^ea and a li^iiie in mortal combni, ihe 

nimilesl deciib being enhibitcd clearly enough to dcmoiiaciatc Ihc 

poverful emolicin of ihc former when he found hinisdl in Ihc UllM't 

cltMches. On hh in^di Uimclc icklum f-tilcd lo atiivc >itiout dmner- 

limc at xmtc hcMpitable roof, general]/ one ofeonittdcmlion and wcU 

5>mUbcd yr\ih booki, philosophical mflrumcnrif and frmalc thco- 

toguni^ ^V"hM occnrred on Mnndny n m> tcty much like nhat 

oomrrcd on Tnenlajr sad Wednc^ay, Ihat ii would be monalohoiu 

10 give 3 entalogiie of hh doing*. Onec when he cjime upon a 

Mr BefTi»ford «nd hii uKTer^ ardcni fox-hunters, ii seemed Jis if a 

nev lap m^ghr be Turned on; bu!, Afier the deicnpiion oE a run, 

xWich rradi hkojinamictpotirhn of Ijidy Gay Spanker, liuncle LJi^kled 

Ml, Rcnifdttrd on the dee^y or Chmh^uiityp jnd found thai uoTlhy 

a»good at pdlcmLfM a\ :il «tone u-alJs and limber fences 

After n month or bo il o^cuTicd to our hem Ihat U mjghr he well 

to return to OrtOn l^ge, leM *oine other wanderer should ^'jump 

1«cbim,*' but on his way ibitbcr he went in KCAreh of MtKs 

Htlmoth, lo whom, in spite of the many ehaTmcn nf similar ty|x; he 

^idjnft, hishfarl was 5lUI true. On tnrjuirin^ mC the nddrc^ she 

hidjiwn, he find* hcrgonc, leaving no clue, For wimc weeks he 

*vdcrcd abuut in de^ipair^ buE at laJl, one day when he wu sitting 

"**ti to dinner aC f/reta Hrid^'e, the yoiin^ ]ady herself rode up li> 

'^ ^tt. He wi licfure h'-r .ill the attracuons of Orton J.-xIgc, and 

"^^U|;ht bet to shire them: an ap[)ral which tiroughl the answer 

*^ ihe would go «ith him lo IJud4on'n Hay if he wished, A 

^^'Jtiscan friar- of all unlikely people in the world— htipix^ning to 

'** by, Mr- Buncic, in spile of hU hatred Co Popery, enlisted his 

^*cei to condua the marriage rite^ and ihe wtddt^d lovers at onee 

^*^ pQSieaiion «f the dcielici inheiitanecof the defunct John nun, 

Here Ihcy cultivated thdr j^aidcns, fiahcd the siTcams, and shot 

iDOora for ihc means of subsi»Lencc ; and, oflcr two yeatu of 

^^icd blisa, a fever carried off the fajr Charlotte, friaf hk-inmg 

agiin called in to the ol^ec of bcpulUfve^ and Buncte once 

r*^^ BCI forth in ficareh of "another good country girl for a wife, and 

tttna Little money." Aa usual, after ttavershig a region full o 

^^y physical and clcmcmal horror, he fell upon a son of earthly 

'^^^^ii*^ pbnned and planted u^ if C-ipabilUy Brown h;id bten at 

^It Vfm IL In the midst was a fair builUmg full of books, glob<.'&i 

8o Th4 GfHtbmaHs Magasint, 

and til]i1o>o]ihJCft1 irutrumcnU, And in tltc mjdtc tA thftf, ulling in a 
c1uir, h'lu another bkctclon. The hi&tory uf thji t^rillr hotl vm 
vrritUrn nn i fi^-irchmcnl somll on (he desk hcr^f^ iT^ fjnLibmg with in 
exhOTlalion to Ihe readier in pfi^prc fur hja iMWr Cftil, Sortn Ihff 
Uvlng tltnia^i* oE EhU rcTreat r.,imc npon tVie scrnr, Ihr Idlh^r attd 
the daughter of tltt An«iomy in Lh« chair Tht old g^Mif^maA, Mr, 
John Fltnlry, gtvc; ;i lohg nficotint of hU gificd Eiui eccenitic son 
Oiarlev and Ao takch m\^s ho ti\\\\ xh^ 4}m[Mthcijc bcanng o^ lui 
^ii»t, ih:ii ht rotthiviih ofTr^in him hit grjtndd:ii3£h:cr, Ihc fiir 
Statia, tn mariiftgt l!y ill fate Mr Hcnky died bcf^r* ihe afljjr 
JK ^(^Utcd, and SrJli^i thmkin^ ajtpdFcnlly ahe mi^ht do h^lEcr, mfldr 
*oti^f demur ; hut lici suitor, tiy di-^^rnursin^ lo Tirr M ^n^T^i On ihc 
dilTcreti'.f^ l:»c(wccii ctrcumcision (ind tKijitism, i^iiitc ovfrfAmt htr 
scmp1») called in Friir I'lcmiciig onrt mnrc. And cnrricd his bride 
olT to Orion I^od^^t only to losir hor by small'pov a fc months 

John nuncio wm<> soon afi«1d agnin, »nd as n mnlt^r ofo^tirae 
dincov^rcd another vale in the Cumbrian »ild«ncM. Thi* lime it 
tinned oiii to be a *onciy of mjirried \%\At\ a sort of Proieiunt 
Ki Ti-^ippe. Me found the life therie so happy and delighiful, that 
he nai quite ready to become a nn>nk himielf. 'J'hc ncit plenuun^^ff^ 
hede«cribet fi«'^a jurlout m a ^ove.** A pcaiarit whom he mect^a 
tells him it belongs to Ihe lovely Mi^s Anionia Crammer, and goe J 
on to d»i:nbe this bdy in termt whToh inflame ItunrTc wiih dciir^^ 
lo make her his third ttnfo. Unluckily ihe it frnm home, and fi 
twcnjy days the Tesolule sinTor wails for her, btguilmg the time 
holding ari^Limcnt* wiih one Wat^nn, a neighbouring teolust, 
Jitllarmtne's Apology for the Catholic Church, At last M 
Cnnmcr came back, and again Uunetc could e.fy, Vtm^ ttdi, pt- 
For «iit tfceks he ohodf with MiM Cranmcr ^ind her eou^n, 
then I'nnr Fleming was Mimmoned tn lie (ht knot. Tho hajipy pft 
sci off for Of ton I-odge, where they lived for ihrce )*-in. Then tV — ^ 
small'poTt once more Tobt>ed John Unnclc of his wife We mu ^ 
lament these frequent hcrcavemein^ hut wc must ^oniMier that, b^^ 
for thciHj we ahouJd have no fresh jidvcntiiTe*. neiiher wou^CB 
Bunr.le have had occadon to deliver himself af th^t mnst ori^m ^^ 
apoiogy for his frequcnc stalls on H^mco- ""Our moralist/ il-^ 
criticn will lay, ' hai burled three wives running, and th^ i ^ 
hardly eold in ihdr prflvcs before ht li dancing liko a buck al l^^' 
Welband plightmg hia vow lo j fourth, the lovely Mim Spcn^c* '^I^^ 
These I Tcply thai a dccenr jnd pfnpcr tribute of lorrov humai^- • 
requires, but A\hcn that d"ly has been paid we mu« lemembci-t 

' J&kn BumU. %\ 

IB bmcAi a deid voman U noi to lim^nt a uifc. A vifc muit be a 

Itvins woenjwi,' T*J dit&ipatc hfs nfwf he bcMok hjmtdr lo Hatro- 

t>Hi^ Here Iw cnsBgcd himulf to lh« MihL Spcncc iilluJcd [^J 

Abort. Mid abo fell i» mih ^ 1c>t uF lolIiiLif.x c^iriitiit]ioiaiic*< 

from TCIX l^c fuco of llivio youihk hciuh to luivc btvn ^ 

Mnk loo niwli for him, l'<jr he w^nl ofT inlu l^tf Lvoniry to recruit, 

and ikinual'y (aac acrou a fair Jady IJvu^^ vn a sylvan tciTcaL 

This duav proved lo be un old :iix)ii3imjnce- ** Wtji," he cried, on 

teeing bot *'Miu Wolf of B£il)nc^3>% O my Jmomda ; and, 

uMuKhiotf hcf :o mf- arms, I almost suflvd her >vjih kistci.** But 

Uia WoK in ipitv of hcT veajth xnJ hct lovely hou»C'-ic ':oniamcd 

UM^nift <»tber vondcr* two artititiat %ur<^ ^hich pbycd th? 

Gemxm Aole-'tfsu not dcititied 10 diipUcc Miu ^pcnrc^ Alkr 

fttsiaf; !t^ veett feuttng and Jandn^ wi:h the merry company in 

HIm Woirh af^^jdc he moved on lo the Uumbki clicvr g( ihc *"Ot 

»ad Bdftyjipet,'' nc»r Krkarciboto\ 

^_ Od hf4 v^iy thithcf, pauing thri>ugh a gloomy ^sooO, he noLcd a 

^1 ^Ltary hou»c of foibiJding niLpeci, which he gci Jowfk— noE without 

H "^attn— *( a lost of tobbtrt'don. Hit landlord inftirTued liim llvat 

P ^ hdiewff <rvrc mowed u£i m Lhit foitAlke by one Jeremiah Coch. 

^ rually lawyer who hsid ihcir aflbir^ in liatid. Httu na» a veri- 

^le chv>0« for 1 Vnight cr rum, and Bunik- Aoon thouvd t'lC meillo 

^^1 v» in him by rctcuinjE the bruc of daiiivcK :iTid hiding them 

« a lonely ina i« Sirjvtrei Vjdv, wIiltc he cmtrtiimcd ihcm 

^pilibly for a fortniftht or vo. Jri Iuh eitrfy ripiures about Lhe 

fciv€*ly Mi(i 3p<nee, now ti^l^ forlorn at Harrot^air. he hnd described 

^' « pOHDe^ing '*lbe head of Arisioilc. the heart of a primitive 

^risiiin* and lhe foini of the VeuuH de Medici." but, in spite of 

*^*»« charms, bi> loyalty teciui lo have wavered aomcwha: in 

*• 'Ocieiy of the beautiful Mi»s Tikton >ind llie more bcautifuJ 

^y^** Uandvoy. Second ihoLt>»hi»ci»nic lu t'le rescue, for he tcmailcs. 

*J* as ihcyu'cre both nimorB, if such j wifi: died under age I 

^^ be no gainer, and might liain; children lo mointain wiihout 

I ^ fortune' However, there ht «a* with lhe lwt> ch;irniers on hii- 

r/****. He fell ;t nc-teiiaty to tarry them lo icmic lelilcd home, *o 

i 'Ook thcfa off to Orton Lodge, where ygain his fjiih inoii hiivt 

Si^f** sorely Wicd, foi fie write*, "-If I had not been engaged to Mbs 

j^'n^;^! *bodd certainly have ut down in jjcjce \*\\\\ ibcw vwo 

tj^'^g ladies, arid *iih ibeni conneeied have looked upon Orton 

jjlr^^te at rhc Garden of Kden. 'Jlicy were both most charming 

^ ^cn. Mi» I.landfoy «aia perre<:l divinliy. " On re-iding thii one 

^Htt ubether ilie writer could ha»< bceti a convmecd luonogamiM. 

Vol eeUEXViii, aicu 19^^ c 

$2 TAt Ccniitman'i Magazine, 

fiin ihc Afistoieliflfl, primljive Chrittiatj, and Cyihcrcan cho^ro^ 
Mi« Spencc onoe more jwnytJ in* bncj', and he M^ncil for Cl»lor 
whtfc he found ihc lady Itvmg with her uncle, a clcr^-mao. Ui 
lold her ihe Ktary of hb strange ahrtdc at Orton l>odftc, ooiJttlnral 
icfctcnoe lo ils present bcaiUc^ua 'I'^tuiJanu, and aitct Mia Spcn<^ 
had ggnc to bed he dr^nk t«o hotilcs of uinc with the old Ecwlemar 
Mtbey diitusted the bwfutncw of it^Utance lo a ronivri kiiw / 
day or t«v afUrwBfd* the wwcr and hit lady wt forth lo Londoii « 
hurwb^tt. The journey, which was altogeihet dchnfitful, lajj^ 
niufr dayi. and iiuuclc ^flimu he isHhe* London had liccn ten tiQQ 
ihc diiLince. The only advcniure ihey had was to Iokc ihcir irai 
*ria to lake refuge at ;* viUrtRC ion- Thcro, after sup|»cr, ihcy caUe^ 
for caids, bui ihi^ nol being fjilhcomin^, they divcUvd thcmietna 
wilhadi^cour^e on Fluxion*, Ml« Spcnce bemg a niath^jnatidwi 
BupctiQf cvtn 10 ihe fail Atorj. Alter the wedding Mr. and lh( 
fourth Mrs- Hunck journeyed noTlh lo ihe lady's <icai in We^imofc 
land, but «KJn a inalignani (ever [iiads? Butide ontc more a widmrer. 
Hegiyc&n hurrpwinK account of the illness, and or ihc fuiuiivofehc 
fuui doclom he called in, Dt, Sharp aaid thit allcah was ih'c t^m 
ofhtr r-iahi^Iy, and at once do^^ed lier with oTWige and vmcgirln 
whuy. Dt. llough Eaid all the blame on acida, And |weacribcd pca^ 
and coral nnd ciab's cjes. Dr. Pym affirmed th;ii the only wartE 
conquer the poison was to bra^e u|i ibc anim.»l spirits by alc^ 
pharmics and vcsicaioricB, but he was no more nurccssfu] than lb 
others- Dr, Frost, a niH?chanichn, he!d ihiit ihc iolid p^ji ^f ^ 
body W.1S roniroHed by geonietry, i^Tid the fluid by hydrostatics, ani 
ihallhtonly Ihing to be done was to restore the machine to ai 
cquilibrnim, but before ibis could be aircomplishcd the patient Efli^ 
up Iht Kho*t. Medicine in these days apparently had not advance 
far beyond ihc teaching of I'hny and Cardan. 

Hftving buried the ii-daant Miss Spcnc<^, John Bunclc ag«i) 
Hoddl'.d his horsq and rode torth, and almost Jmrneduicly met at at 
inn Miis Turner, tbe sister q\ the college fticnd he had originilli 
come lo seek In the^ parts. Turner hmiself was in Iialj', so Uuneli 
promi-tly proposed to the sister, and. afiei a »hon [uricy, wai 
acccjjtcd, For about sis wetb he lived a life of aUnosi detinoui 
happiness Vp'ilh his new wife, when the ovcilurning of a carri^ 
dewed the way for n aiitth Mra Buncle. 

For a icason now we have a respite from marryinp and giving {\ 
maniage- Biinclc adjourned to London, and there fell in ivuh tlu 
notorious Edmund CurM, whom he describes in terms of ihc strongesi 
obrium. In person he must have been hideous, and hia moraJs 


"^« 10 cuitch ; a litewf twcalcr, a fceqticnicr of brothcit, »f not 
'pro:%rcfT«ndn gambliAitlouL It is 10 be ftMTcd ih^i under hi« 

ffiJdwec Wf- ItuncTe w* « I((l1c lOO much of ihra Sfimy t-dc oT 

•f^'^^ He prow* eloquent ove( the chami« uf tlif luvdy CiioLi 

Bffinfi, lc?l( thcibtorycir her b;lfay;tl Mml luin, anJ of lii;r :«tibi»e< tucii E 

fflSCOlCry, fevUiie^I to vtrL^^Qiit jiath^ anil lUf wir<; t>f ^1 yoimg rler^- 

■Wl, Mr, ix\ linhiniiu of tbJivay. *^h(j hiiJ ;» fine seat i« 

Derooalilri;, Thi*, licj^cvcr. v*',!^ nul iV- wont, While hv bdj^ed 

irtUiCuill he mti l»a Iti«h gentleman, anJ ivj.s j^fnu^Kli^i^ xm accom- 

T^'T ^H«n to a gamblinj; hou^e, where, lo give hi» own notd^, ■* 1 

lonoLl I WM wtiri}i in ihc woild, the ttn>iis^"d» ] had jpincd by my 

•s^iJ «JTCT- 1 S'M tbeif esUtL-Ti and lodged ihc money in my 

I'^^^r'i hand^ The TiHaini round the inbl? got it air' Cuiil 

**^ to liaic lympalliiicrf *iih hi* lodjijcr^* miiforturie — wliplhcr or 

""^y of the plunder went to him, ibe victim duci n<jt hint— atar^y 

"*Bhe put Bunde in the way of retrieving hi* fonunei by firing 

''^ Mi introduction to one PunW, a m\vtt, »'Ua lived in a wood 

^^'^X twenty tnilc» off! Dunk had a dau^^btef, "the fincil creature 

"**t»ctinh'«sc, and who muiu mccccd to hiK gTcar eit-iie whether 

°^ *iL or ncL* So, natuctlly, John Buncle wi* off it(ter her hkc 

* *hot. He effected an entTanec to ihc home in the chttracier 

^ Otftl':^ khapnL^ but lie <oon found ;&n i>|ifiotUinily of de- 

^tog hn Kil purp«r, \\t drew a acductive picuirc of hfc in 

J^ Country, and. mindful no doubt of hli Intc trankiciioni with the 

^*h eentlemcn, enUigtdein the vanity and peril* of hfein the great 

^'^'Id, Mil* Dunk »»* ilighily coj-, but Ouncic wa* irreiinihl**, af 

^^'''al. ft->d in a vcn short time enrried her off to Foley Fnrm, a Te^i- 

*^cc «c now heat of foi the fir»l time. Arrived here the bride 

"^^^ atmon iromediatcly of a strange norl of fever. For six manih« 

'^'noumed her, and, having wmained unmoved ihis unpreircdcnted 

*P'<iC of ttmr, he deicrmintd to set out for Urli^n Lodge to sci^ ho* 

*^ 1^0 vTiung Indies ttcje faring, hut Ihc lares h:id nijny slnngc 

**^«tuurt» in Vf^re for him before he should get to his journey's end. 

""^ very f\x\i m^ht be was all hnt lijst tn a snowsform nii ihc fell*, 

^^'*ftOnly prcv.'»/rd 1hmU|;h ivjming to a hospilahlc huu-^e 111 svhidi 

^■*3li icertflin l*r. Sunvil. While he wjs (his j-cnlleman'j gijc« 

ff^^tt befeM him the (trangf^T adventure he had cvcf entnunlcted M\ 

B^* ^tftiTige-lT adveti til rout life, for i*hcn ihc ivift of hi^ hnst entered 

, '^am he mai thundcr^tr'H'k ,il Ihc si^hl fif his " blc cspou^d 

^^*'* whom he had lu recciiHy r'onM,'^ncd lr> the tomh^ cji of -tome 

""^ *ho wii her veritable doLihlc- Tbk: la.Jy, having ^^iven no sign 

''■^^Ognilion, he was almoil disjxjscd to doubt the truth nf hs« 



Th G^ntitmafis Afagasine, 

imprciBion, whffii a *lory picked up by his t<n'a,nt cxp1j)inf<l tlic 

my*ter>'> Ur, l^unvtl, \\ jippr:i:cd, wii ah at^atotniil on a \up: 

icale, Uepirijt ii rcRular nfniy of l>ody-ui^tcberfc in hlft pay ; and oii« 

nighi his jirlily ciiiivticic* brought to hini the Iwdy wf a l^jvrly ycung 

woman, fL^flfivm JLhuKliprd ashoTl n.^yofr At the fim IoikJ» 

of thcUiHCftin;;k.[ii[i; Lhc lubjcct Opened her ty« hrd KJ^hed- The 

doctor, bdn^ boLb a nun of rciourtc And modesty, at once clothed 

hcf in )icr slirnui ibi; onty *vaitablc garmenl, and »(jon brought her 

round; and i" a few d,iys acfording ro IJuiirlt, ''sho spiwkl*dj 

t>cforc her jfreiorvor in ihi; bnghlnca oC an K*it<frii princuK-" Tho 

doctor wan uThinQmcd, so «he bctAme ^flL SlunvH intLcod of Mri*l 

Bunclep and all ihc ttmtr ofticr gixzsi^ &lay — a trifle of l^ra months — 

ihey burc thirmtdv^^b mutually »« strangura* and iccmcd lo haw 

pancd a pleavint time ; llionj^h ir h evident Hut tho «i>c-ctAele ot 

Dr. Sumvili married happmrs* mnde lluiicK" curse bitterly his own 

biftle in comi>ouiidii>j; his chiimcr ^viih the cky. But iln-re she 

wa*, anolhcr mans wife, sw he agam he^an hi* quest, whkh led him 1 

flK u»ual iiiiu ::l haiiid deiert vexed with thunder»totni«. Overtaken * 

by one of vhcrti, he look rcfiifie in 3. humble inn, and vaE informed 

by ihcr landlord dut a llule fitrihcr on leiiJcd unc Dt' Fitp^gibbonn 

vJLh onu f-itf dau^Lucr, for wham he w3k anxious li> Ond a husband 

of the ri^ht «□][. John Etunde had m> d<^tibE as lo hi^ owr; fitncn 

fur (he poi^C. and ihc hcquci proved that hit coiiricltnce was juM-- 

Iloih Tilhcf .ind Jiiutihler ;i|jp«ov«d v>f hiiti, and Miti l''Jt^pbbon.'» ia 

time became ihc tixth or scvemh Mis. iJunclc: — lie narmtor at 

this iKtinl s«min^ly having lost couni— and very soon the rioctor 

died, leaving his foriune and hie: practice to his i^on-in-law. At this 

[H>[jit cme hope!^ that fortune ha^ di>ne her wurst, wd that the itiAiri* 

nionial ml^dvcniures of [he[]ucktet« iSuncle ate at an end. but it is' 

not so, br the unhappy juL:a fell out of a buai and viui drovrucd* 

After the customary penod of despair II uncle suddenly Temembcred 

Ofton l-odge and ihc iwo hcirefis« Icf^ in charge, and saddled hf* 

hoiTic and rode off thithor only lo fmd Ihc place shut up and a. note 

nn Ihc door saying the young ladie?, despairing of ever seeing 

iheir brnefacior again, had determined to dtrpari, Thti disapi»omi- 

ment w.w a cruel one, in spite of The fact that the house was left in 

admirable order, full of provision, pickled, potted, and preserved, fijr Huncle returned to his norihern home on poly> 

gflmoua srhcnx?? injcnt In spite of the heauty of the place, the 

abundant frnil in the garden, and the discovery of a lovely lady 

named Leonora, living in a lonely ple.^saunce hard by, wkh ■whom he 

discoursed lung on the cLiae of Toper)', Buncie coutd not tolcntc 


Jchn fiufitk. 


lhc«6lil(idemnrc thdn ToLirwcck^ HcrodcofTiigam "lo nsk Dr. 
Slaovil howbcdtd, and lo bok once more nt that 1lt;c curiouty, 
Mbs Dunk ihai 1^1" 

He w±j moist ho«piubI/ rc^civoJ, ani], in considi^ratbn of hiit 
having act op as a <loctor, ihe ^oiwcriaLiun be^Auic scv^n^ly rucdic^L 
OiM day. Ur SiainiL haTt^g concluded a long eulogy on the 
cathartic prppcrtici of camhiridci wjih IliC wordri : ** Vait t* our 
cbbf^ation (o God for nil Jlis provident blcBimgi, gTcai arc the 
wooden tluc He dtwrth for the children of nKn," dmppcd off hi^ 
chair a dcAd m-in ; hU dieolution having' been taustd by ihc hlow- 
tf»g tip of tfcc siomach. Il b ntcdlcw 10 ai^y (hat ihc n^nttftt ^\ii^ 
Uttnk now oci^rimplLihcd her mamfi^^t dt:stmy by b^neninp Mr;*. 
BttnUe the scixmh or righlh> Ihc wedded jwr set mit for 
It^nd 10 risii Wx^ Bunde wnior. and any grief ihar ihc son may 
have fell ai Anding hcsffuher " paralytic all over and ac^irdy Able 10 
lfhc«l(, ' w.t4 ncuii»:i]»cfl hy the faci thai the old gcmlcman h^d 
become a ncrici L'niinriani and apokc with abhorrence of the 
Atbftnatkn fd^gion. Of the howilc «lC]i.moihct :ve h^nr nuthing, so 
*rc leay conclude thai f^hc waa t^onc to her jici:oiinL 

Wc arf declined in kflvi-; ISnnclc a? we frmnLl liim — ininus n 
wife Aft^r a yc;"'» happiness the dmnll pox otir r tnorc inicrvcncd, 
and eoT3\i^cd ihc f^Lirmcr Mih* Dunk to ibc tnmb^for |;ood lhi< 
lime — and to dircrt h-n miml, Rundc act forth on a ninrc citcndcd 
<rojagr> If his rrarnilivc be (rue, he cirnimn.iviptcd the k'°^i 
vailiog Terra dd Fuego, Cbinsi, Braiil, Borneo, and oihcr remote 
landiv Here and there one b inclined lo be ^cpLical ; but we come 
upon one episode which tnu^t be aet down unbtsi latin ;;ly ns fable. 
It b Uie stocy of Ihe di^cowr^' of ji ^olitar^' ialantl, ruled by a young 
and kwelyijueen, whom the drcumnavi^ior left in i^eace, without 
^ranting to mjkf her Mr?. Buncle the eighth or ninth. 

Wh u «atck&- 

88 Thc Oi!nihma9is Afa^azin^, 


H h nweworthy ihai tlit sumimes of the only EnglMaian »i„ 
dCJichcd ihc Pnpal chair, irid of the ffrr«(«it KhkUOi fmrt ^f IctunT 
should prove iheir descent Irom fln^sion «ndawi;d «iih c'wi 
physical vici>uT- Wc knuw ihdf an(<^An only at y,^ ^j,^^ 
''foricnuiucciynn.foricmnurdoanihum." Hm n ica^t wcatc*me 
that ihcy were ttronfi men and brave: 

Amonf;^ ^mlncni hinoriflns 1 may merMinn Mt. Frt*u<lt mUnt 
numamc: rcprc^nts the OU! N'ornc froftr — IramcO, ^i%c j\n 
amongif [>ocii I may rcfcf to Kcftis, a name wNi^h ii derived frw 
tlie Old EngliiK ^i^w-sirong, l>ra*c with a f^tva , a<Wc<L There i 
no djffifulty in this final i, which soeim m hat« been bMuvnel 
iiJclcd ifi an arbiirary wi»y. Thm wc have »ud> noirivd oji Jenkin am, 
, .Jcnkini, M;L|j|e and Maplci. aji<l John Taftc, Uifhiiji of Sihtburf 
"^nd flUfhor {>r ■' Mkrocu'iniogriiphit'," was iho aon of Thomas tUifle 
cf EartcJ. The difficuhy rather iii in TfUppMmg th,it ibc iiu;»lii, of 
bnivtry or cniiroge in a K-niute ancestor should iJfjJucc that huhlv 
nervoijii nrpitiiarjon whkh Itads |g eminence m li:craiure and «i 
ti waH) prove* the old adage i\ux tt pnct la bom, not made ; bom 
that i% ^iih fjualilics which would lead to diaiinetion ti any ntofb 
mon or f illin^^ flccordm^ ai ihey were rtindrficd liy vMcrnal eircimi' 
fltancci, or by inicrmniWrc wiih othi:r qnaliticB derived from various 
,iiicc«Ukn^ It ii Iroe that Kwt* is said to have been a man of d*|i, 
caie phytii^uc , at all event* he died of coniumpiion ni ihe aae oC 
tMreniyli^. Hut bis sister lived to a grc^t age. and ihcic a nu 
reason for bclicviiiE that he did not spring from a caee of Strang 
nnd bravr men. 

The vjTtumc Kennedy, long aswnnted vnh Knrfi^h scliobr^bip, 
may lje e\|ib"nrd by comjjarisun Willi tlic Old Kuiac -iff*rt*-mtfflf, a 
leather, I'lom ihib word, and ffoni ihi^ fltirname itself, we may infer 
the fornicr eii*tcnce nf a id'ord J^-jja/^jJ, also mcamrif- a rcicher, or 
Jitemlly, a kathing acn^nt- Tuti^rs kn<i*n as '^&enjnii,"' iJcie 
ptiiched ti> ooblemcii'% houses in lingland in Iht siMecmh and 
sevenkeolh eentune*, and probably much earlier. For in^ilaoci:, 
Randle Col;irave, wlin published a I'renth- English DlctitJnary m 
ifiii, s[itjU of himiL'if in ihe |^r*lace to ih.n boot as ihe " servant ' 
ofSii ^Villi^ini Cecil, in who^c household he cmploj^. W* 
£iiajr, h<iwL-»er, derive Ihi^ word directly frorn the Old Not^ 
/.y/imirii/i. a tt-athcr, the third ri bring l'j*i j*ecgidirii;£ to a well- 
fcnoivn |ihwML'iic l.iw- I'or die purpose of oor inquity this by no 
mcjn» i:uiniiiyii surname \s very inii>orum, for the *' dictionary of 
National Bioi^raphy " gives account! of no fewer than thirry-lour 
jjmintni men, flnd one unniarricd wfunan, ^vho have borne it. The 
sajnt auilKiJiy givL-s ^lirnt biogiaplncs of ju*i one hundred pcrnoai 


Iin^/isA Sur/fttmrs ami Utrtdiiafy GtntHi. S9 

^^^lled Cbrk, Cbrkc, Clerk, And Clerks. A ptetiimplion ^ l|iu4 

^^jbcd Ih3t K person bc^nng nnc of Ihc^^r KttmAmex niJl be a man cf 

' aiWic^ mrnfnl p*>wer, 1 wi» amHitd m find in the fifiil dinpr(f»ry to 

vU«^h 1 itimo:! ihit the loiilAfy Kcnncily whtdi the liit CDnumed 

«jm <inichtKd ai n '* fbr^n-iftn/' He w:is n^ hut he hjd 

i»&r%3l»v«^ hit fdiown J. Home Tookp inherited Jircmrx power 

ln>T%^ Ehf infcrprcrei or *pokr'man (Old Norst- tulkr)^ from whom he 

«■« docrniJf^l- In time r««c^ wc hnte evidence of ihe l^ng and 

W^r^<t tnnAmlMion of unmodiAcd hcrEditnry qualiiic,^ 

■ ^ fCfttIv dt^i:n«ition may h^Lvc been indicated hy sut^h A Miimamc 

» X^^nib : 4 h>Mfi one \\y \\\t xuinamc Woif. Goldsmirh mn^ have 

ckcr^uifvd b»» fine touc^h in fiEer*ry art from a quality wliicli enabled 

In* ancestor to wort eiinningly in ^old. 

3 nt*)r fcfcr to a few oLhcr c?c.iniplc5 of aurnjmes which dcnorc 

|^>^f3l or mcnLnl ^trcn^th in ihe persons who fii^i horc ihcm. 

Stritun^ inttAnccs are : S'cfac, ilic Old nn^ltsh ikct^ svlfi ; SneM, ihc 

Ol<4 Enf Tiih /Bc//, Old Norse iniaUr^ 5wi["r, sirong ; Minc^], mcmfng 

f*«><B|y; Swift. .ShflTp, Quick: MAftinn, pnnbobly ffom the Old 

^"r*ci^^>iflj^ btfon£- A rcmwkable Noi'thern nnme ia Cileg^ or 

*^'»^»ai fihich rcpiownw the Old Nor^c iV-'j;p-, S:oich i'/^f^', menning 

*l^'c^, rJcvcr. ud occurring in ibc I rancai^hirc dialect uf tk^s- In 

*^^'h Vortsihjre they wy that a ijuk k wiucd Tn,in is *"as a 

»uni[j|t_- thai if. at ^-harp aA a pimU'l, Every one of ihc&c surnames 

'*'*d ihtie arc more of the same kmd) it ccrialnly derivt^d /rom the 

■••ftlal or physJcil good (lualitie* of an ancctlor, Kn doubt there 

^^ niaoy pcnons e<(ually clever or itrong, who were not so 

™ttiriai<j aa to obuin surnames ^^hich earmarked or bbelled th;lr 

^'"■^nJjatB for the cxitminaiion of fuTurc ajSk-S' Kux enough of tlie^e 

^'k^ of j*r^nal e\cellenre havtr desi^cndcd to our limc to enable 

H A^ **ic>j;tiphcr or ihu aiudent v^ s^y that ihe man of ^'eiiJus, or the 

V 7^r»|^i»>nrid manj often lje;iri a nunianic which in itself h a sure 

^*Caiion of htfrtdiUry «\cdlvnce, 

Ab a nitce»ur>' corollary tu the nami-s implying; ^wr^onal 

>Z?^*t> there Ape name* implying worihli^stifss^ folly, or intapadiyn 
^^^ rumet we not now su numcroiis as tho^e whirh denote 
^^i 'l^itin. The r*at<^ it, that iht Elrons ^^^ ^r the clever 
T"'* wouTd be much mon; likely to GUceutd in ihe world, and 
, ^^ore (o mftrry and TtavL' dchctndiinti, than ilic weak or 

'^^ man- And it is i^robablv thai ni.iny of Ihe^e uncompti- 

, '^utynamQfl hai« been purpuhtf[y thanjiULl, or 6o disguised in 

**^ »lobe unn:cuKnfsaTjle. A few jears ago a bathing- mnrhlne 

^*^ it Wliiihy bore the BUftiaim; of Ari;;;nienE, .uid a turiout 

^Htiffitof ofhis ptdi^nv himd th^ii hk real natnc wa* EpcmorA 

— A plAre near Uhitby. Charges of this land »« nrjl^jjiy Qp^ 
fMclbty made; ihcy arc usually mlcndod to b« inierpvcuuiv^ ot 
te«1ur overcome ill tuundJni- word. In this case I'V^'OKim oiay 
have had an tincanny tound, ^uggcstm^ ,in a-^tr, <m ^cft^roblin. 
Anthony >Vood, who. .inliquiry as he ww, mu« hiu: Icoovn tht 
fncjiningofmoiiy old worOs appearing in uufnamc*, «'jMilwuy* car(fij[ 
u» dnrribc himself as A \Vood, to obi-iaTt? nny doubt ur the poani 
vhcihcr a'ttoj/mt^anl mad, uf tho toUtciion of growini; irc« ocar 
which hi5 annstort livcJ. It would be cwy to mmtion a Qimibcr of 
mixlem EnglUh suroamct winch imply infcnonry of chiimctcr or (rf 
lioriy in iht: onoesioi* uf ihosQ who bearihem, I abiiiuii Umu doing 
VI from ihc fc-ar of K^ving undeacTVcd offence. Jlui it nay b? 
rciin:irkcd that one or iwo of tli^itc uricoiDplimfntary %uriumc« hus^ 
bcronic fashionable /r^np'^/flii, or baptUmal T^amc^ artionssi thtK- 
who think in add dignity tti th^'ir families by ibc «»o i>r uncommofl 
words, or 10 suggest rebtionslitij lo notnc noble houK. This ia on< 
of the caacs in which Ignoranct; he him, or in which the unknown ^4 
taken for the tnayniflcenr, for a parent would noi knowingly chnvtei 
hb child by a name which, for inntanrc, meant good .ft}! 'nought, Owr 
tnewtois, in the plain laneu:tgc of their own times, delighted in 
desaibing their neighbouni by all [;om of facetious njioe*, and Jl 
was became they used the tkng wotJ^ of their own time for this 
ymrpo-ne thai many surfi,inK'5 iiaitnot novr be KaiiAfactDiily eKpl^iinfd. 
They seem lo have been us happy in the choice of mtknarnts u h 
ihe tnodt'tn schoolboy who, by a swift instinct, at onoc choose* llie 
Tight r^^me for hi^ new companion, especially if his appearance or 
manners be at :i]l pcaifirtr. 

It need haidly be syid ihaL surnames ejihibiling boih good and 
had qualities may be found in other languages besides Knshyh, nnJ 
thai a wide senpc for inquiry on this subject h ofTctcd, If « 
approiuh the subject from (he motive of curiosity there i& a j^ood 
dewl to interest ond amuse ui. Butwe moyalso npptoachii fotiinolhrt" 
njahon, nnimcly, wTlh a view to determine whether gcnhi!* h:i4 in 1^ 
cises been [mnsniitlid from icmote nnd dJMiniiui^hed anceMt»r^ 
either male 01 lenmle, or whether that quality may rcsuli, in nion? 
recent lime», from happy intermarriages, or fiom hcippy irkicrniairiiftC^ 
combined with the accidents of foTtunCn Whatever opi mon may W 
ultimnrcly formed on this gTc:ir question of heredity, it does a^ 
least seem clear that there ate, and have been, a con&Ideribl^ 
number of famous nu-n who*e very surnames der:lare, vriih ttO 
uncertain voice, their dc&cent from di^tini^uiahed anccHors. 

&. o. AMir. 



WHATfcVKR opinion may be hdd as to tlie late Profcaor 
Frouik » an kisloriiiii* it can hardly be ni0Jnumcd thai Iti 
, ^n "WA nxxnt vofk he hai not gone i^uflidvriLly to Ljrlftiniit ^uihor- 
it«t The Hibjcct of the "I-caurc« on the Life arul Ixttert of 
Fiwnui '(ihe faii^tie r:iuicd hy ibc dcUvcry nf which w.Ti tooscv'Cfc 
A ciairi on Froudc'« conttttui ion) speaks foi him^lf, .\i\ii ^Mndii 
t^fcteub viiitlly repicvnicti by hit own utterxncci and lht>v of hit 
<Hiirrripo(ane« and fritudn There i* no appcariincc of an .utlcinpl 
ivduvj hijtbly.oolouicd picture, tew vt\\\ ^^umi^ty ihe ><t:[tcmcnt 
jnWic pftfjcc thai " (he bcii description of ihe sti^it of lHurope in 
*"*ti^ miiHcdialely precedmi; Ihe kefommtion will be fuutid in (he 
""C^lonJvncc of l'.fft*"m* Inm^pclf. I cjn [jromisc my own reiidcr'* 
™l Jf (hfy will arcqiE Mrafcrnu-i lui a _t[iiide tn onlan^j^ls^J pcrioJ 
"*T »(ll not winder far oui 'ti the w.ty," The interesting vDlumc 
I^HJ^hcd unLy a few wcck« hci^tv \\vc Fri^resbui's Jt:ith fully 
■Wctprn i|„, prtjmbf. This vnlmmnout^ curre'vjwjndeinic lia» been 
^ Lir^ly tiTid*^ ronlrihiuiitin, no less tlijin 1G4 of (he Ictk'fs being 
'^''aied or abnrtged ; hul Ihe I'rofc^sor does not nndrHaUc I0 
*^ any summary of This rcniarLible c huracUr. Il hhi* been his 
^^^\ ■ rather \o lead hislnrical reoder^lo Mudy of Ei.isitiuss uwn 
/^ '^p than to prnviJe an alihrevi.iLcd huhstitiitt' forlhrm " ; and in 
. **« paragrapiL he *:iys : *' 1 hjve kf( itiywlf no liine fijr cancliid- 
7* '■^HcctionSi, and I *\o nol fctiow Ihal any re(lcciton» arc neccsary. 
^Vc code,-ivoLirPd tt> put bcforr you Jhr cbamrtct and iTiuughl* of 
r^_^*rtJaoidinaiy msn At the mo^l irKriting pi^nod of modijin history. 
** a period of whicli Ihc story is still disfigured by passion and 
.Indite, ] bdicTc ihat you will b«t nee what u f rally was if you 
^ loot at it through the eyes of Kr-ismufl,' 

\\'e tciay jmm briefly ovct the b&yhooil, the ynulh, and caily man- 
J^*«3 of Krjsmui, hii bciHE p^a^cd ai nine year* old ai a school .it 
^venler, whither hi* mother rcni&ved him froiii Kollerdam, and 
*h«rc "it Wii eariy recognised that he wai no conrnkon ladj though 

r "LicAOJ LcElcnof HjABinLinH" IfyJ- A^ FroLidr. I.f»n^<]n 1 Longmjinb. 

he ^oul^ tkrttt hav« bf«a Ike laodd good hof of tlorj-boob, vM 
lonKhMkncmsud never did inonf : hovafia hubUiet^iteih 
IwrniOtKntedbrhnthnc gsinSttB^ who deluded hifloTki* 
pi fri Mo o y and pbccd hifti for l«4> jrtao tn a booK of CdUtiovafy 
FJIbm (who Ihrv profile nfrc vc dc^ not lAqoife, jm Kromk cob' 
Uui cKcpc Irom Emcnus's accmiol of tfacn be neve* bofd of 
ibtn, iMfCCHiU knni jnf roorr ibou: tSefn); horn oa tin muTT* 
fM«w c*cfy AnriiK*>< Jad Aiti^cc vu lucd lo iaducc htm and \a^ 
litodkcr CO cater a nkOiutlcf]r- The brocUff fielded, but oot 19 
Riucmn. Enunglctl, boiicvcr, bf a comfMnion Cantcliutt as »^ 
CompvumbM he ligncd lor a few nnontlw to enlff an Au^icrtiDJaiv 
nxMunlcrf, And aubmatlcd, after a hard ftruggtc, 10 bcuine a no«k«* 
" For % \\mi b« iira^ allowed %*> f omlbil hiimeif in the liLmryf bui ^ 
waft found nconnry 10 teach hioi the lesson of holy nhcdiencv, aiuft 
the boofti were Ijken .ivray. He found ihit h« Migbi jgei dmnk j^ 
efUA and ai optnlj .ih he pleawd, bu? aimt/ vat a fHOtbiddcfv 

from the pmpcci of Ibit lif^loni; ^Larrry he was f6rtun>ir1^ 
rnmed by the prior, vrhu h:id oTi^cnixi h't^ nii«itry and felt Knn«^ 
l«inges of tontcienne. He procured hiin an appointmcAE 1^ 
*rtT<rtary 10 Ih*^ Bis^K'p of Ciiiibrar, *ho ji]lhor>«<d him to go I*^ 
Parii, which had lung {kkw ihti go;il of his arnUillon, ind coniicio^ 
hu «tijdic» chcie- He had already bein ordainvd )irrcti oc Ct/i.-cbr . 
bill be was pc^imirtcd (o modify bii* monastic dirt^and hit life i<xn^ ' 
In hAve been more tecuhi than efclabuical, Ai Vaf\> hv Iju^tv * 
him>df tjTiTk, ixnil cfirned 3 pi-ecanoiii, *ubiiiEence, c>iin]( out Ifv*^ 
nmall allow;:iKc in^do him by iht llishofi, b^ i:ikinj^ pu|>il«. Thtr^ 
he made the actual nianci: of Lauicnuut VaUj, and thc^ it Ka« th^* * 
he attached to hnnifliri amdrj; iboiK' whf* aiicniJed hi* ]Jup(l-roun~* • 
the Mm tif Lord Mount jo>'i and Mf/['boiiiJs Grey, the uik Ic L>f Lid ^-'i 
Juno Grey ; ihc former of whom becumu the art:hili;c;l of his funuat^-T] 
It nu on hifl mviimion thai Erasmus, ai tht agi; of ihtrty, wa* «»- 'l 
trictnd from the adventuroui, unbeukd, and unnaliBfattory life h ^^ 
wan IcaiSinK ni Pani^, .tnd accumpfimcd hit pupil to EngUt:d :)t th-^^ 
cmL of Ihc year J^g;, 

I'Vom ihih point thi' life of Emsmua falls imo ihicc divUbn* tli^ ^ 
can be niarkeJ with loftrablc di-arncss, L Theie are the ^cvcniee *^ 
ycfl« from 1497 lo \i\^. when he finaUy k-ft Eni^land after hd ^ 
fotirth vl«Ie. 11. There is the peric^d from 1514 (o is^i;, durriv tf 
hkh he lived sotnciime* va iht Netherlandi, sotnciimci at Basl*^^ 
1 licrc [» the la:*i portion of his life, marked by hie removal fr^j* ""^ 
lo Troyborg on the .isncndcnoy of the Reformed party, and h • ^ 



i Rtum £0 BMk ibc jtat btfore hie dvath, whi<:h look pl^ce thirre on 
/dy [J, 1536. 

Tlio Arst of tbcttc perioJ&rnut.T, iv«caT)riot <]ou!j1, luvc compiled 

iW happiest day«in Iiii hU. For thr^uuti Ihcrc via*> orkc year hi ic, 

tL<m h««cittto Italy 3£ travel! J.n^ cjini^aiuon lo Dr- Kaptitta's bOR«, 

(c ^%'hkli he ay% il wtu tht niH;Eii di^^ATrc^btc he cvvr tpvm, yet as 

] IV Hole thk Buii havi: beuia a m'^^iii Oi^tiulilfut lime la looL 1>ack 

fpon, ud eipetiallj thv Tirit "f hit Tcjur vi^iih to Eni^bnd. Ri'tidev 

iKir^K itttroduced at ohlc t^ ihu muic cukivHi^d uTid iia>:'lU'«:iiiJtl 

ftOcictrof the liiDe, he trained eitiicrience of Kn^-liili Ufe m n w,ih in 

eoumi7 houiei. ^uofi atlKt h\% nrriv^il m LvnUon hi: vtja invilcd to 

Oicfu^. whcic he TJs ilic '4Vt^\ of Chtimoc'k, tbt Priur uf Sl Mail's 

ColltEt, on the bic of «hac is nun^ LaLled rVi-^vi'ii HjII Hv hid 

<omttoOifcad 001 l^JUiitK iJUt tu \enn\. *'I bavc f;iveti u]j my 

9lKik»o*il loCretrk learning 'Vaute ac[|ui»iii<^n,w(-mu*lfcmtfmber, 

'n ihc fiftcenih o-nturyK "mil at luun ui I ^ci any monn' I ^Fulf 

Imt Cr^vk bf^ki— and ilien E ili^LI buy fo^iie cloihri." 5» hi; had 

•riiiTO in Parity where he bad made a bare brglnninfe", bul lie coitw 

[he iimaure under liapyicr aukijn:(;s at ihe feet of Grocyn — 

irw7|)ri ^IiQ Iijd hini»clf c<o*icd ihc Alpi to iluJy under ilie Greek 

iieOuluTid^lu^ ^Vhat he girnc^ milio^cleciutes.ivhichlbrm an 

r^achinout liicfary hiitory, amply re|>aid Efumtisfot noi laving 

^"^^ JB he bad *i»lieJ lo do, 10 luly. A wdlknown posiBge 

i^P'ow Bhai he Tell : '* When I hsicn lu my friend Colct ]l i>«nis 

liutning lo Pbto himi^ir ^Vho dac-<L not wonder .nt the w^de 

'^'^ of Gfocyn'i knowledge ? Wliat can be tnoie scaxchin^r, deeiv 

*"^i£fined llian the judj^ment of Unatn^?" 

'n connection »iih EraHnui'i wjourn at Oxford, il is inicre«ing 

' 'Jljihc Ur^uj^e which he uic^d of one of it* Colleges — Corpus 

"'^^1— founded a few jcar& bier, piediciing that it will ,imung 

■ .^^iK Ktckfict of Kn;itbnd, and th-^I its lri!iof{im1 library {i.e. in 

^'^ <:rcv^, and Mehftn ) wjll ailTa^l niorc iHn-ihis to Oilurd 

^'^ (orjticrly a|tfaf(e*:[ to Konie, hli ho]K^ lliat ifia little Cullirgc 

7^"^ b« 10 0^eac Hiiiam vhjtt the ^faii^lruin wahtu Caria, and 

the Pyramid* "etc to Ek>P'' Th\^ l.itiguijyt may aeeni lotj 


J^y to ntv b»t it inu^l he i 11 tcriJ rifled in iht^ ^g^t of the gR:at 
'^^ctjiions formed Uy ihc junmnivrs of tht New l.taming from the 
* dejiariur? Ukcn by the institution ai fjurpus, (or llic firsl. 

_^* in ejthvr Unrveikity, of * Pfufc^sor^hip of Cirtek, He rtsJdeit 
^xfii^d foi jbotit ti^O j«^"r*, arrJ while ihi^re he enloycd swcd 

^^Vcne "w«h lK«l *»iall, tMnifiguicd Ijand/ lo whicK he himself 

^^'^Uibuic-J >Q muKh be«tdc« learning \'y fiis g^iefy, liis crisc, and 


The Ctnikwwms Maga^w. 

Ilkfiqfol \soKf, He <lid ih< aSr^n ijrt« with Cold, bTio ton- 
vcTtcd tunt to bis t7«ii cpiokM u to 1^>c nveriu of Thtxaa 
A'luuiAt. Afwr a more c»cti Asdr of the ** Sumnti ThtJb^iiE" 
dnn he had » fd V*^ to k, be vu bvo<igbi round lo ice tbl 
CokcmrifEirt fca bk low «Mi«i:c of dw vdhoUHk ihcokisj-. rioai 
the trana el i of «bkb be was thcs bber^ted, m> aa beinitr tt 
«wSone the advk* "to beep ftm^io the Biblcihn'J iheApocilet' 
Owd, tfkd let dtnmt* if tb«r Bl« disfititc obom ihc rr«L" 

Tlic picave of this Kbobtly group voold ttoc be <-otfnplctc vlA- 
Mtt the Itpve ctf ^o» lwf> other tikiaD( fticndft— llvoinat Morc^ 
then A lid of twenty, to wbom he was ioitodvced hf UountjOTi^ 
and Wilhant Waihnni, vbo thfee fcfln After Enumm^ arrivsJ ta 
Kn;:Und vj^ mjdc PrnuAlc, ood sftennrds Chantrvrllof. On Morr, 
Bratmuv add^ lo the wo** abotc nulled : " When ercr did \jliifc 
vnooM n temper more s^nUe. Cftdttrin^ and hap:>x ^'^^^v ^hit oT 
Thonuu Mc^ ? " Bijl, Indeed. 10 atteiviit to describe ihe domrH'C 
hapi^incn of Lho: hom« at Chcltctt the care cf the faiher for hla 
rhaidren, thdr pets, the monkcj that Sgurca in Holbetn't pinLinf*^ 
the wi^ the genuine pictjr of HofVk or, a(*aia, he uiuficnnf brlt^biuiEr 
at Court, « impouiblc here It Is tn^ravcd for ever in Kra^isiEfs- 
Icmg letter (No. 447) to Ulrich von Huttcn, Of souU son^afly^ 
allied lu were Ihcf evro, Dry^Scn 1 Imc; are inic : 

Ond fOmmcn iiAlc tm fiiboi lyre did ilnlte, 

His rcblions with Warham were e^'cn more remarkable, for, at 

sight, they sc-cm difficrdt to ri:condIe whh sdf-rcApcct and inE 
pendence on ihc side of Era^mtis. But he li>vd dwayii more or 
upon other pc^plc^t purses, '-fl litctflry Bohemian," ^\ the litesi 
LtographcT cif Colct has tcnncd hln>. was hi* niort monifiH 
tent hcncfartof, Ihc pension eliargcd on :he rectory of Aiding 
in Kent, settled on Krosmus by the Archbishop, conlimKd 
be paid him for the reiTiaindci of hia life- Krasmu* wm full 
gratitude lo his p.itcon, and never n-cnricd of ftiugmg hi? prair*"- 
The character of Warham in I'.cdt^iinfii is a gem jn MscM, huM'l 
should be read in txtfnsa, as it would be spoilt by quotation. J 

Of the rcsr of Rraf^mui's sojourn in England, the chief int*ie*^ 
ecntfrt round lua two tcij [fences at rambricl^. where he bil^ ** 
<Jueen's Colh'gF on \\\n invitation o( fisher, the Prei^ident, afienviir**" 
ihe Hiihop of kiKlieitct.and where "Era?rou^^ Walk " h stilUhfl*"^ 
noL tothu^ja^iir -khout the Ciimbridgc Society, and gmmhl^ * 
about Ids discoinfotis— the fogs, the sour beer, and ^ 



UQo^iic? of having t ea$k of Greek v^lnc he hnd f^cni hfcn ri^om 
ha iitak li^llth b? was aJwcys parilciibr n^bout Ivik wine) nj^^ncd on 
i)c way aod waiCKd. Tht; tr»uh was an aiuck or Monc. but 
throi^fh, all di'a hv vza ^<ev\t\y «nji*a[;vd on jccuiiKf. and on his if/jrr 
»VAii* bb n;lcbratc(l <?duicrti of iho Nrw' TcsUrncni in thK original 
Gnek>«ilh a new and frcv Latin iraiulaEion of hli own, and re- 
caukhk Dotes atracbcd to special pa^aages^ The might>' inllucncc 
ui this work we on hariSly OT'ercTiiiinatc ; and llie wwda in which 
be fiprcssed hU wish for a Kihlv opi^n and imdlisiblc to all. though 
•ooftm ffjotcd, maj bcai to be quotct] once more ; " 1 long for ihtf 
4u«tcnthc hu&bftndman shall ting ponign:; of the Goi^pelsand 
Kpwidof St. Paul lo himtclf X"* he follows ihc plough, vrhcn :hc 
KGvrrhbLil ham ihcni tn the nine ol' IiJi shittilc. wh«n Lho tr.ivol[r,T 
itailtfhiic *way with their «ofir.yi ihc wciri'icj;s of hts journoy.'* 

llicooca^on of ihc la^ vJsti (o England wan a prc^^jng invitation 

l^WmtofClurntin in cxircmdy intcrc&tine letter from Henry VI 11,, 

'^■'h ?rofo«^^^ l-'touiie jivc» at IvTi^th, It was or»e of the flrgt actn 

"'U King on hit accctRion, Kr^tumiit had hcen imrotluccd X*^ him 

*<«f ?rori before, whm he wa-i n boy oi nmt yoars old, bemg taken 

trMw* to ihc Royal Nursery a; i:ith:iiii. and be met liin> oi;, at 

*cw, ow other prcvjous occiyon. Henr> ptoiiosf^H ihaE hi* should 

'^hiis icitled home in Kngbnd. t^rasmuf^alone van %tcp the tide 

^'Ivof and Kopiety, He k assured of a welcome, and shall 

I" •toe bis own tKimi. Considering the ver)* flnitering language of 

^'ciitr. and ih<T oflVr [e holds outof tiimcd^riUnuuiFihcd iru^nion as 

'™*erig ilic Kinjj in Church reform, wl' an: soinuwbai sdrprind at 

*^*Km rv»olving lo l«avo the eoumry $o soon- iiut Henr>' vary 

•*" Mother work to Jo, tviih a rebellious Irtljml and li JY^nch 

^w hi» liands, aitd ETasuauh w-ih dUa[>]K>inicd of his hupes of 

'^Mption, His <?i]^niic* at ibi« time wen* hea^y, Tc^icTimg the 

*^rnu of Greek to scl^Liolboy^ (for hJs U'ctun^ iiniouiitL'd |q this) 

^^^«e itksome. aind fieedoui of action amJ bEtrary leii^ure vrerc 

^T* his firit objett. U w-ib our that he dislik^jd i^igland far 

^^ iL but a^ Fioude »»a>'ft: '* He hiid hr^jhcr ambiiiunB, which, IE 

'*'^«d, w«rc not lo be rolieed for hin in England, and bis iboughts 

^^"W once more to hi* friends ihe Cardinals ut Rome. At Rome 

f**li|hl hwc to submit to hardeas, and ihc 5jcrifi<:c would be a 

^^ cmt But ihc hnrncsa would Uc better gilded ihm at C^m- 

^^^(tt" Thus it canic about ibat he finally sailed from Dover on 

^y Sf iS>4- ^^d thu$ ended the sc^'cnrcen years of ihii yjcriod of 

I^ailug ikcm vcrc composed some of hjs most important woiks : 

ffa=« ait « 7^>od of o^m ^ 

- ?£«« t .fsfaiac --die Kine» of f nKe iftd Cm^Md, LMte 

Cti»irij sovlffl ofl by Ulfidi vott Hcn«n and hb ftiefl 

j«owyoai jotttt aocten of ike - Et«Kola^ ON fiwiLm ^^ 
dM^tfayjaddm^ttt TTCiw^; po«a of ilie (vtoCn^ prw, i 
ferdi brter ud Imcct rop^ of dw Ncr Tmaaem-^bff 
«aAck« QMArnik fer itrik. The RcfornuCKv »a» incriul 
the nwUiod of da ooloOoo va« dfplonblc. ]l b kud fo 
note vhai the diiptwnnml of anlhontjr, Ac dedvottcBcnl 
l^pttrr Aooi it* held ttpMi viea'i mindly n ftAcr ftfv^ of ^ 
loiftcd ivj--raiac)r. Sekhcr the finning Pope, jnliu 1 F,, sor ! 
wofWIf ^u of cflliurc, <oDld ihake tbe oltct^mcc of fi 

fertvonent, ''You may assure yoaraelf ihaC Eravoiuft TiAfi bvcn, 
»iJ iln^yj will bt a fixtthful Bvrvant of !h<j Roman Stc.'' So be 
•mai&Cardinftl Campcgio. "Death will not paii me from the 
Rwun (tiurch till (he Church depart* from Christ" The one con 
"ncDttooi Fo|»e of his time, his old nchootfelluw Adrian VI., of 
t'trwh; ihe tutor of Charlet V., *ho had accejiEE^d the IVipacy with 
^ ^on«t intendon of reforming the Roman Curia, and Ir.vked 
Eramni:! to help him in hh diflSculties* died ulthin link more than 
*J*4PiftCT his election. '*The world <m rLinginj, and the Church 
S^^J iwild not li ndcitund it." 

^umu« coutd rtid the t-igjin of the limK. After the norm 

■'*«tdby Teuclafid hit lale of indulgence?, he saw how Konic 

wnijijiianapcd lhc*holc busincii, H^A the Pope Inicrfjrcd ut 

*^ <^ljal momcnC. and condomn'^d the gro^snc^s of TciiCl and his 

™^*, Luiher, much at he duhkcd rhc teaching and practice of the 

*^"^h in ^neral, VfO\i\d have sfiid no more. He had nol mean! to 

***** fcuch a lempeil. He had merely pro:tslcd ayain^l a wandil— 

*** Iwt think* Fraude. As it was, the blame of what happened 

*** *hro*n upon Era^muti, and not altogether without jqaiietn For 

'he »a^ng wai indeed iTL:e, that "he laid the egg, and Lmhcr 


*Vhtn EmmuK left our shores at the age of forty-seven a ludi 
^^^% attempt w« made by the Au^u^linianE to recapture him. He 
V the icnith of hi« {jinc. Henry iricd at (be l^t mumtnt to 
. - bim loilty by theo(fL-r of a house and a [icnsion of ^00 florins. 
^hc Continent ^1 the great powcn, FrTiiiciK I., Leo, the Aichduke 
^"*»lc*» and hi* brother I-'eidinand^ were contendbs fot his po&aes- 
^**- The poiiiion he occupied wa» unique- 
lit vab ea^cTly courted and «oughl after for his opinion, while he 
^^ the be« hated man m Euroiic- 

^\> the religious ordcn, especially Ihe Carmcble^ and Dominicans, 

**llribuieJ ilie whote njnvuKion preceding ihe Uiet of Wonn«- 

"■r irii r:iilcd ai m letiur^-ioomi, msullrd in the pulpi^a, cursed 

^** libelled lu the pre**.*' The virulence of the dociurs of Lourain 

^^ *0 cicettWe that a\ la^t the plate became intoleyablt lo hinj» and 

*53' he selLled at lU&k-, bving Hith Kk fj^enJ and poblisher 

V^lw*. where itx years before he had brought out his ^' Jeroine "and 

*** Ne« Testament- 

The sctr^l of I-uther's concealmeni in (he Casile of Wartburg, 

*^i ^c *r« spirited ;*W3y by the Kleclot of Sanony, on his way hornc 

^'itlenberg, waa kept hj well that Erasmus remained rnr some lime 

'**elctihe*tetuwon that he ira^ dead, "Luther ig done withal [rust 

*Qt. ecuuivtii. no- 1$^. it 



*****«» c* hi, «.. book* br ihe 



bctvcm die Empov 

^o*"* <th* anger, bs*^ 

dont tn^'h ** *** "*'*^ *^' ^'^ ''^^ '^'^ ^ ='PPw-e whu » 
he inade Jl *'^^ *l» be It the mercy of the mbblc. A<x«din# 
(v*Junbl« ^S^mtfua for ihc KCttl doptlth of hi* booka, to pte« 
P'opcny li'p*^'"'* ^' ''*'^'^*^ ^"^ *"^ consumij rccrUine^ md ti* 
>«Oxovid« n/*^^ '*"'*'' ■'^^"'*^^'^ Aortrian fromicr. He w;^ ctrdtf* 
tried iin,!^*'' ^*^^ * wfc-conduct Iforo the Aichauke Ft-rdirund- 

1 ***** **lu» Uufc b;i»k *■* fiM for everyone lo ' 


/irasmus, ^I^F 99 

Ca Aivelook doi«Ganthc rushing Rhine from the hridgo, 

can imogine we «ee the pah feaiur^i the fi^rc worn bytiudy* as 

unbarks with a few friends* and looks anxiouely n^und in fear of 

y nwrfT/on/j Ai iht: bil moment. 

Thui CTidi ihe second ^leritKl of hitt crireer. 

I IL Tbe few rcmLiining yeare of EmeiiiUB'K life have nal much to 

^«ain ui. He wa.» now tiKiyiwo years old» broken down by the 

I and none, "rshotaifrom atl ddca,'' haraim-d beyond mtaaure 

\ ihencv? broughl lo hit nick bed of ihe lum thitigs were ukmg 

U the Dtei of Augsburg. He had alsu to bear of ttie death of WoirhLim, 

*nd the execQlion of Fi*her and More, whith at firsi he rtfused to 

Wievt Blii chc ewning of hit doyi; was thct-reU bv several plc^ms 

cflighL Hi5 opinion was ,u caflcrly sought as ever. He received 

cBcnof hljE^ pramoiion from Prince Ferdinand and Clemcm, and 

c^n thcdcaEh of the htlerandihe ctr-'Ctton of Paul III. lo the Paptt 

fl^ucc, the pro*pccH of conciliatory rtieiisuris seemed more hopefuh 

*IH« en(X however, waa very ncnr. Once more he relumed to Basic 

^ *535i meaning only lo stny till \\h shnttered health wai set up by 

ti dimitti which luitcd htm. He had lo be carried in a woitian'o 

I'tin. and died there in the foliowiot; summer, 

*^t letters of Erasmus are ^ rich mine h\\\ of materials for A 

*^Tflf rtie BLKteenth «nmr>', in man>' asperts, and not only in its 

'*^t«w conirot-erBJes, We have an insight Into charily, social, and 

^^''vj Idt, The paid tutor m the |>rince'B house had now become 

■ *<(idar inititution, Wc see tht? value of a dedication to a wealthy 

P^"^ We have a vivid picture of what travelling muet have been, 

** djfScnitj- ai procuring cnrriaKc^. the slow pace by horscbark, 

r^ *reichcd lavemt How wo pity poor Erasmus in tha*. journey 

T^ Basle to Lonrain, with his rmil constiiution, arriving at Aix 

^^ ttfcflrftil shaking on had road*, and bein^j refialed wiili cold 

^^ HyUie precenii^r, and next day at the vice provost's with nothing 

Ir'^^Uand "hacaNio," wfi rod almost mwl Thoogh suffering much 

7^* illness aggravated by ihe journey, he managed to reach Lou\-ain, 

j/^*^ hit miseries culminated in an atcick of what was sup]>nsed to 

■*« pl«gue. and hardly any one would come near himn He can- 

^^^ ho*cvcr, (hu* ; "I acnd dofJioi^ to the devil, commend 

^''^If to ChT'«t, and am well in ihree days." Mosc of the personages 

^* Ixriod femtc io gre^t men are brought before U9 In these leiiere, 

T^ we can fotm a good idea of two of its most remarkable 

^^^^etert. The eonrraal between Erasmus and Luther ia the 

7r***al contravl bsjlween the moderate reformer and the enihu^iaat, 


^* thai between ihe Whig and the Radical in poliiics, beiween the 



■■■•o^aftcl tbc irancd f laJttl 

**fc^ ^ « ta »^^»»e» fcc ■IhT'^ the tfugUc4 wav 

**to^ pwpoaKrf lb, S3 rf 

—tfwJ tlhaijjkrrcd upon the 

vpng Uui hv thould be 

111 * loi^ and (itirx>rran: 

■a> w^ttslJcc t^moi^Ss ha, 

• CTtr nn »>i in addienm^ 
ihe OKK povctTdI Churchona 

■■■ IbUM of tijamui, bcl]!l£ 

- 1 1^ 8fci»a at to books, Ui have hid 
-ii« tt *c k«i drfciaibki p»n of bis a«m 
te h« wmH te afcltf to U5 ihai he hjd r» 

- ;^ ^'5'9toUithcr'BHiaj^til- 

fcjwl a^ gc^iariy ^»t h Hf U* tofcimttnkei «dc at fimaft 
ft1i«k«oU««i«M^ It pOMCBM^ honvTcr, Uic "**cin cbinwdftr 

T*» iw«« «f*» feco^ wadrt whifi aisc w*i, be fciL to devote 
1liMMlf»oibet<eMta]of|oodlraK«fC,tocliHKnic6m and forctno** 
lhtteiFne%. )«%ed ii lUi Htbcilw hnerio ) mhcr b not th<= 
h^ncevf acovHibiMcf on* vho knew tbe liiniutiona of >ii» 
o^ povcn, tad rj« ikMtmia«d to Dttkc tbe bemuse of ihcm itn'*'! 
becovkL > 

Aft<f oU bis b«a a^ of Eiamoiu ihAi csn be sai'J lo hit di**4 
<«diu on bis c^otiijttaAea, he tunidi^.kt «ini of ftrfigious fctvo***^ 
it rcmii&s uuc ihn be never ihmitk from putting cicirly bcffkir t* *' 
agetbepktureof Christ 10 a linng Pcnon, amJ 0)ri«»anity >, * 
*lwuUI be, in fearlesi contrail witb the Oiriationity of ihe ^'atic» ** 
" J/'rt W/i c/ Aeniy and •.^rrMi\xy, i^t «iw sft^ ,/ C**»i/," J-^S 
»U not a hfrro ; he was noi a sajnt. He wa» veiy far ffon, h.iTitf'^ 
Ihe tpirit of a martyr, as he him^!f ci^nf»^. But he waa a miuT^ * 
"" ■ imtntin '■oikinjgout the evolution of iht New Lcomini- ^r^* 
rew Age. He stood up for light and uuth aenmit ignoian^^ 
fbf moderation atid coRccnion .igamst violence and pcn*'^ 

I02 Tk£ GtmtUwiaMi M^^^zimg, 


THEV bismc me tha: c*er 1 m<r. too, 
Tlui CO* ZLT ^oDC bea^ loood bliss ; 
TbfT nr that I iii::ft forget too. 

Be tDTQ from yoiir «^'**p, vckit kiss ! 
As if yio more to rcmanber. 

To quench the one joy life ^tc, 
Were jii^t lo ire^d ou: an ember, 
Or irample a rose s pave \ 

To l&ve you, ihey sar, [s madne&s t 

1 rcdt not of aught the;- siy ; 
Too deep h^ve I drunk i'^ gladness, 

To ihrus: Loves chalice away: 
No ! better not ev'n to regret you. 

By Death's dark eddy to part. 
Than suffer my heart to forget you 

And find it a broken heart ! 

^Vhat is the vorld to divide us^ 

To rob us of Love's free sun ? 
Heaven it was that allied us. 

And Heaven shall keep us one ! 
In the shrine of my heart I set you, 

More hallowed than e'er before, 
To forget, if I must forget you, 

When memory is no more ! 




THK BlftDB AS LABOUll£lt». 

^HTS tiltc I tike from a tract trritlcn by Mrs, Aplin for the 

Society for the Ptotcctbn of Birds, an organisation for ihc 

>lahmcnt of whkh I was in a denser lo some dcL;rcc rcspoE^sLblc. 

podDphUt »n qucttian \% more sensible and I^sa e^iravngnni limit 
Ibui LilcntiirCf wen ^rheii lls subjeri is Jjud^'ibLe^ is apt to ^o^ 
r. It ovms thjii lomc birds arc murauden, and chat iranyspociM 
og ccmln monihii inflic; boeuc djinsge upon I'ruiCf am] ccroila, 
si^^etBht birdt in all ;itc included in (he bl.i<:k LiiL Of Ihcvo 
ring-dove, at m<Kt know^ is ihe moiiC serious offcntScr. being* Jt !s 
, "» inotE dotrucEire bird-" The fltoclt dove la Ic6& harmfhi. 
QOncsmlng the turtle tlovi: comi>lainE is %'tfry rarely heard. Song 
s,thrj3hc«,Iaik>t,finchetBimd the like, do lomc damage to famict« 

gankntfr^ "but only ot eeriain ijcriodaof the year. " MHispici, 
'^yr%^ and rooks arc all liablL^ to be minchicvous at tJmcj, and 
T»en i» knovn Icodjr lo aiUck young lamb^, and so i^ a vt^ritablc 
Ictf prey. In all ows but ihc laKt named— and ihc ravL^n is now^ 
Bcuce in England that he does not come into compuiatLoo^ibc 
rkvrendcr^ by the bird^ Js w far in advance of the injury com- 
<^ by them that they are hcncroctors to ilic farmer raihcr than 
iioits. Perpetually in the llcMs dcatroying the grubs and lar\.^of 
C^ flugt, snails, oterf'tlla:?!, end the likct and seeking by [tre^ 
-nee the seeds of vccd^ racher ihan those us^d for the production 
"^QBAM food, they confer on us incsEimahic benefits v^hich ihey 
le CO bc«ow. 


Tmk Waisks 01' THK Brno, 

^ ii ai ivagev Mr». Aplin rboosci lo regard the toll of fruit 

and cercala uken t^our winged woikmt-n and benef-iclors. 

' WTjik of clearing the Und of weed iccdi and imecl* must be 

^ and the birds alone can do it. The be^k of the bird is (lie 

img that can deal with field pesta— iliwart ibc injnnrjiw effects 



104 The CtntUm^ns Magazim. 

or insect And KL-ed, and iminUtn the balance on which nuut irittxi. 
Oaj^hl wc, then, (osiAivc or deslroy^ UeJs oul vfexl'tlcncCi Of fitnW 
gtuiif^t^ Ihcm during i i^f uin *A\<3\X icatoni j "minulv fraction of itiotf 
crops wliifh they havf prcicncd fur ouruHC?" The proC<S0 of V 
^mg is r»u[] as France found Lu her coat when ihc Qoblctt nnc' 
y^rdt of Byrgundy mJ ihc South Khcine ^tfe nvi^cd by A< 
pbyllOKcro. i'jirlhrr Ihun Thit ^nci the laint udvocuc o/ GOntii^:^- 
licjn »(i'i t.^wlcrness for (he bird*. She would hivc Ut, la prolonged 
*p(rll5 of hard wcathL-r, " when work And w^gei Alike lie burled und^^ 
the snow," tH'Stoff somt L'Iccmo.\yreLry ccjnUibijUom Upon ihofcwhon^ 
WC hive tu 'ong misjudc;fd find prrsctulcd. 

The Soc:iErv for the PftOTECTiON or Bimm, 

MRS. APLIN, from whom 1 have (luotcd, U a mccnbcr of tfm* 
Htciciy riJined above, itrid ii the author of " The Birds ^^ 
Ohfoidshirc." lu the woik of the society 1 have previously difccce*^ 
AUvntion, Coiutant Itcralion Is, howevcrfiEi indisfscnsible preliminary 
(u (he accomplishment of any uskofirpor.nion or reform. Idfa^" 
liltentLun once mort, accnrdm^ly^to the work Tor ihe AccomplithmcnE 
of ^hicb it ^as formed, Thta work ii only sccondaTiljr ;hc enlighten* 
[□ent of fanners as Eo rthoarcCheiifrtrndband who iheir encmie^, }n*i 
i«pTiinan]y [urcpreu the pitilc^ destruction of birds, ■;% pec (ally dufi OjC 
the nesting st.ison, to supply the demands uf ;t bwbarou^ fashion i** 
dreis and di'cor.itiOTi, " J-or lhi5 ignoble purjiosc (unny spcdtt *^^ 
beautiful, u&ijfu!, and uiclodioj& 1jird& aie being maiutcred ainiutf 
umo eiletmrnaUon." That [he woild can ill spuru the bri]»b(nirbS 
ind^ongall thinking pcrsoiii vrilE concede- *' Only one «ui;)9n* ' 
say*Df- TuhuEige, 'Miaa b*^en found powerful enotigh to wage swc- 
cc^iful war on the whgle species of unJinakulaf, and that it a W^^ 
beak.** This weapon the wcicty seeks to preserve, and it ujhis al**> 
AE diniini<ihinA the vvanton »nd rccklc» skitighcer of bird«, and *^ 
protest agalnit the murderous '^millinery'" fw which the freed *»* 
lT»dt:!iLneM and t!ie ignorance of womanhood are leiipf^n^iblc- 


THE subscription to the iotiely is but a shillinfiyearlv* which n*^ 
bo sent to Mre. Y R. Lemon, Hillcrcsi, ReJhill. Surrey. T*'*'^ 
president is the Uurhess <jf Poribnd, andothL-r duchesses and pct^P* 
of distinction, lic*ide* author* 50ch a* the R»?v Au^usm-t TessOpP* 
D.D,, and Sir Herbert ^1J^wol^ are on it^ bo-ifd. Apart frum S^^ 

TahU Talk. 

vntwi^, hawnrcr. if scbrcripLjon il an he CA!E«d, laiders \j^ 

vi|tl lo induce l^indlortU to preveni birdoichmfi and nciit-TobbcTy 

on Their Ftlsfci, to th^mwlvet ahrtiin fioiii the use of fcithtT* 

(blincil from bird* not killcJ for fo^d, \ht ostrich alone excepted, 

tt> procoic Ihc enaci(Mot and enforcement in country place* of 

fclrn for the protection of birdi ai public properly, and, perhftpji 

■wiof all, b7 pronioUng tlie ttncly of the uie and beauty of frcc- 

IrinibirdSiloqukkCQth^ interest l*;lc for iheir pioteeibn in all 

dmofwcict>'. To alt which I «jr"Amen," ndding only th« 

ipecdytctkia iv necci«ry. Tbc tvrj cmcllcit thing* in ihe world - 

^aonweandvandy— arc cnliiCcd agfljni:thi*cfu*adc.flnd mnolfnce 

*o wpotfnl influence l<i prevent rhc 5uccc» of scheme* cilflhlishc-.d 

U ihe TOctciftaK thu huininc, *nd the enlightened. 

Mr, SwiN III' Haft's Piif>w. 

THERK are few way* of •jicndin;; hour*- in a library more plea- 
unT and edifying Ihan thit of Mudjin^ Mr. Smnhumc'a prose, 
"^*nw! of ibc wm; *riier may be rcfld anywh<!rc " I'ocmi and 
"bdi' iml* ciioally wtH ihc ]»crfumccl air oJ a boudoir and ^he 
■■■lijjad baliny Riimtntt of ihc vimmtT hills. " ALilanta in 1 jly* 
^* ^ t« be within roniilflnT reach and aE hmd wherever Ihc hand 
*^ht. "Chatlclard " i* lo W fiJEhcd over by youth equally with 
'^^rt ind Julifl/' "Son^ hti^rc Sunn*ic " may be dreamed 
•^n m sonne modem Thehaid. I mighL somc*hat fantaaiieally 
Mupt^ de«l in like fashion wiih each Auccei&ive golden gift of 
F*Hrj, Ml. Swinhtime"* prase suggests, howcvei, *n old fashioned 
fcnj^iTith ihelvei gro:inmg under massive folios of Shakeipcarc 
■■iBonmonl and rkieher,otagIcam «nh golden bound dtjodetimos 
** fa)iopi Mid Hemcls, and rontfljntng even solemn crypia in 
*Qicft xrny lurk the ucbloshmg qu*r(o^ of Mrs. Echn. Not m the 
**< doet it doaf [ ftom the fiineai of a hounl such ai this that 
^Pottioaof the t'^teniA of the latesi collection, ''Studies in Prose 
*■ rarfrv/* ' haft piciioiiily been pcru^fd in ATagi/mc or 
''^'tw tn the favourite club corner, or ui some dainty volume of 
* Afji^n* l.ibrary uf Wesirs, J a^/rencc A Itullcn, in the qunrtct 
*■**! hour^t attendance ?nd expectation in it drawing-ioom- 

Mft, fiwTvnuRst'fi "STi'tiir:'! in Pfto,^c Awn Foetrv.* 

Y^ kOM loiircn fturh as 1 have indicated corue the eontenl^ 
of Mr Swinburnv's latent volume- V^'tih mo^t of ihcm 1 was 
They belong, hoftwcr, to the order of ihingn of 
■ Cl:ail:& Windui. 


'^t^ ^miliar 



106 Th^ G^ntlemaus MagAsine^ 


vrhirVi onr no tnoic iirc^ than one tirc<i of Ihc ihingi wiih vrhjch 
arc 'VniffTiicd, The new css-iys, for Mich in Ihctr n>I|?ciAl font 
at Icut ihcry arc, have a\\ ihc character of tiic otd, 'l~h« unbhdtei 
impctoo^lty and fervour, the rapture of eub^j which in thwi 
"f;i[iit viUaUr" days almost take away ihc breath, Ihc outspokfo 
rcis o( (Ondcmnaiion always strongty inoiivcd *iid worthy, bu 
fringing at time? recklessness and severity, the intcrprciafirc a& 
UluminalEvc in^ii^ht, the amrcM of vAficd kno^lc^l^c, the tiofailia 
inMiJiei, the firm gtfl3[i, all to which Mr. Swinburne haa ac^uitom^ 
lis, and all from whieh wt have icccivrd eoniinuoui dclighi, » 
here. Thai cTcry opinion should carry conviction, 4nd«veTy«K 
mate win immcdiak' acceptance, ^vas not rcibc anticipated. Noncth 
]c<», 1 know not where to turn in order tu find an i^.\v\jA body t 
ctiliciam ao juat in judginctit* so ovcrmailcring in inl^ucnec, no indi 
pendent, $0 e1oquL:ntp ao true. One Is disposed di times tomirvd I 
the chance that hc^tovrs on one man aupronc and immortAl Gula|] 
while Etnothcr. all but his f:qua) in jns;jiration, tang^imheK tn com 
yiarativc coldness and ncgkcL Upnn looking, however, ihroqft 
Mr. Snlnhumca pro^c mificdlanies one finds, ao far as Knglaikd U 
least is concerned, few worthies on whom he has not bcsiowtd rt< 
aeroladc- If 1 were to pick out the few coses in »vhich, m «? 
opinion^ lie has been unjust, they arc so few, and in a scnic *d (M- 
impoilant, as tioX to come practically into ciinsideration. 

Mk, Swlxiiukiiiic om Wcr^rEk. 

DEALING with the EngH&h portion of the volume - the poftiwi, 
that is, whicb ia not occu[ned with the posthumoua vorhi ol 
Victor Hugo— one isnds three ariidee wholly criclcal, and dcafiaj 
with three, or, in s. »:nse, four, English pueta. To these I will COR' 
^\\Q rnyseLf, pu^&ing over others v.-hich are personal as much u 
crJEJcal, satirical, or purpo^ly fatitascic. John Webster, the draitutia 
!£ ibe most potcut spirited with whom >1t. Swinburne dii^ctty dctli 
**The White Devil," or *'Vittorja Corombona." revealed \Vei»tcrK 
the world then eKifatiiit;, Mr. Swiubmnv unht^^ttaiingly declare^ '^^ 
n tr.igLL poiJi and draiu^lifct of the very foremost rank in Ihc W] 
highest cla&&/' Of Webster's other great work, "The Duchesi 
Maify," he adds thai all the great qLiHfclititb apparent in "TheWhili 
DevH " reapi^ai '' With a ytt mure perfect e-\ecution and uiiliic 
with a yet more consummate skQl," " The I>ucbes3 of Mflify " Sb 
Swinburne calls '' the most tragic of aII tragedies save ^ King l^u 

TalfU Talk. ic; 

ud fir jpjiji tliAl i< " VJn<l« out among i(« cctm^crs 4« oni^ ^f ihe 
Ji^ilsaUt auid JncnuJitaLfc btulnUTtt of htcrati^ie-" To ihotfi 
luiftDiliJi witli titi: lH(j iiiimufUl woikii ufihc clerk of St- Andrew f^ 
H^^bcfn, th» [HAiwr may ^?r]Tt tTjidm^. I( i«^ \\\ tdCl, no more rhfin 
iVrfjtttr'i iltjc. Iluci air iti^t, J-iowcv», r>ft(^E) fviid in flimiLnr Tuhuin, 
ind (hr i^hid^ of Wchv^r, m.jpffO<tinf; tt lo h:ivc mourned i^vrr Ihc 
V£kTi[» irj-iLch fni -t cnuplf? of (^ntuiE£» hifi >«otke were mbjt^Ct, 
Wf ttf conKnl Willi it:^ lin-il npi'iihci^&ra, Mr Sw-inhiitnc r-onfh)dci 
Lkfioiirc wttib X9 iHief.mcc of WchiTer, wlicnre drnvcd 1 knosf 
ttf, boi «iK^ |iu;gnJirit, and *ouI-*aIi*f)m^', '* 1 tcsI silent in my own 

1^ ] miy intrudfT gncr tnore my own pcrio^aliiy 1 wril ^y that^ 
vnotig ihingi o(ioi< rcgaitjcd u mnforignci, bill «ince ict-n (o 
be blmin^ ill dirguiie, <ras a long it1ne» in ilic |>ciiod of adolet- 
•hich, removing mc it an icriportini epoch from oEhci cduca- 
bjfiucncei* enabled lue lo revel in iJxe works of Beaumont and 
; with every play of which w/iten I wm fdiniliu 1>efoTe I 
nun't etUCe^ Noihing Mr. Safinbtirne Ii4* wmttjn has 
nic more delight than hi* jiuiT)'ie* ^inU prjise of thesis work*, 
'tut ur^oble to ijiiDle the whgle of Mr, S^inbufne'i article, and 
■uhinji leu wou^d sutitiy my aipinton, 1 m-iy an weTl eonteni 
to fiT ai I am able, with a f;?w iihiuca. 1 will premiGc; that 
difTTeiKC tictwccn the two piier«, which wd» irnpa-lpabk to 
^^^(tiid^ h4Aalvft/t been Ei> me^ ^% \f r. Swinburne find^ tU unEtiis- 
^bt^lc Heaumoni'i inltucnce i« x li-iuntinj^ ineiicncc niEhet than a 
^IsLion, Oni: hardly *ect, one feci* (hatiMi ihcre, Mr, S^vlnburnu 
^Ji mull tic jdmiiied " thai Ile^iimont w^!t the t a in of heavenlit^r 
^^'aaiJ he holdi that " few ihjn^i an? iif;tnk:er (bjtn tiie avowal 
^Mp«il and eiqtiitiie a critic ;« Coleridge^ lh;it he could tuce no 
'■tealine of dcmafr-;itioti between Ihe play* whJoh we owe mainly 
^Bcxnnont and the ]»Uys which wc owe solely to FJeichcr" To 
"''vn ihc line hxi ^luayi ap^jirjied \w almost every cost; tinmi^- 
"Mk. To aupply Mi, Swinburne's critical obiiervations on the 
*'fr*!ic* between the two \^ nccdlra* to *tudf-n[5 of the old 
^^'^Tii who arc, or will he, Himiliflt with lei every iiitis^L^e, and is 
"^WuoUft ^nd idle, 4o fat a« Ihnse arc concerned who know not 
7* *ofl» with which he deals. More than ever does Mr. 
*'^i^bu(ne'» piaiw make Ui long for the new and final edition of 
'^'Jffwini and FkHicr, uhirh one of the line*l of editors ha» 
P^otDiicd, bill of vhich Few signs arc as yet perceptible. 


B tD be ktt 10 B^V^ iTff Tf'g, BOvrvrT, OTCfflOM 

ibMtfac wottof AepottOaac-mttT— uncvlf uSblcvpdKJi 
ifcrfiirif f a iliMiilia 1 iifhrninirnflMtini 1 " Having Ecptftf 
itee lev insf JKd natnaca «€ our pcket^oiijc; 1 *^ hit booL t 
■boold like to 6c^ «iib bb betttjr tnd wonh? tnbiAv of alfcac* 
usd jiilcnirujiw lo Scoi^ Mb hi* fSdigblTu! itrollcclion^ of J^nrctt 
Ii)> titimaic ol Wilhie CoIih^ and other niAttrn of mt^rrn in 1 
TOlumc thai hu nol o&c dull p^- 1 ha\c done cnou^. hoitvcf- 
to tend rcidcii of lure tt> iht bcy>k. wh^rc (hqr ru^F ^t'> '^ ^ 
tnuiic, inbicad of Imrniag ton bruitfd ind lOTlurvdiliK'ngbdiyaffn 
"Kranncl pipe/' Jn ao doing [ am rendering Ihtm MghMtsens^ 



:ntleman's magazine 

Feuroarv 1S95. 


Bv Jomr Ksxr 

7i«iv Kut ike ^'tAOtrt y j\»i* *yMtf)«Aij«(T, Milt //eUv^ anJ 
'^tkr/ait ^ pmw Ht'ims "in tkefurpitri of Dorset;^ I Jt/rtfU' no 
'ntfjtnr oJJrtiS tAail ihit supfFicripHon ftmi/^s. Jint shouU 

Mi/aim Aaft Mtf/ rf* memtiilary rta^piamn^t cj ^""Jargr Vatt-ife '' 
Ut Jkfitffm t^j^tir irtJtrtAi majf win/rum^ifk " the Jiantni tri^utt 

E •at trulnjjE OQ the ch^k< pondered gr^us by ihc side of th« 
^talioad* fctLftklng out an unclean sock just peelird from 1 hut 
InoHcD foot- Tho aliadow of ihu soliiocy tree a^in±t wlilch hU 
&i*ai piopped fcLI av^y Uwa hini and by like a bUck cloak 
Pped m the middle of the blinding highway. The group itru 
Dd ig&intt a backf^iound of dult gQld, a ]e^gue'^v[d<; munglony of 
'nng Cdm* baking in th« lomd heac of ^m August aftcrn^jon and 
ued by that strip of bluing whiter 
I vu gcong on without a second glance. He hailed me; 
' Hi T Mister ! Be I right fur Wayshara ? " 
tbe voice v^ a£ mellow ai nn April cuckoo. No professional 
19 hftd ever a call like ^L 

Se vQi a (lurdy young felloiv, with brown face varnished like a 
le *ith tun and ewcie* unned hair cropped close to a biown nut 
3. and iwth thai thawed, when he opened a wide, honest mouth, 
the inside of an October walnuc- " He was a countryman, there 
00 mbtukins thit if you looked," as Theocricua said of hie gotf- 
X *'forhc wa« ;h« very picture of a coiintryman,'' Beside himUY 

1<>U cc;axviil JiA if'/a I 


TAr Gtfusis of a Dotker. tii 

" 1 vjsh \ hadni no furidcr^ I'm t»ound for LoniJuEi, t Lfn " 
He ttilAcd hii buntUc And ftiepped out wUh fociuore rvaoLuiion, 
''^^Uacfiy K«mG4facLiLiou&;. The cxhnaraiftJn ihe word ought 
•o h«iie ddKd wmchow hung firc- 

H "^Outo'ihchirtJirc o' DonCL ) be Lrnvctling afoot ecu llihought 
^H^^H^ut yi\ A hit o' work Along the road as woult) holp me oui 

SlIoioc on my part. M'c (urncd over n low, wooden fititc, highly 
V^i<hedutheimddkbythc;LiLriiion of a ccniuiyOTtoofcorduroj^. 
^'or A inomcnt the vrheat looked alinosi bbck after ihc while bcAt of 

"^c lii^hiBflys, 

-Mim dtwty thtfy roatU be," aaiO my companbn, lakinj; off hia 
^UMitfy rctpcdKhle hat, and mopping his £acc with what had 
^oiUcn ft red coiioa handkcrchict ''In Lcndon th^ do vraicr 
*^, J've hcrrd lay." 

"Some iifocQ Ihcy da" 

"Ah, therc'« A dad goes on in London, I do suppose. , . . Vou 
^|«iae hkidi. Lhcn?" 
"Www luck;* 

■No* 1 be gwlnc for to get ludi. Seems lilie aa if It wafit't 
cwy Lin ^ London did %sx\V' 

Hii lone Hug^stcd an unoftiy stirring of curiosity Jift to the non- 
^FtorenE cause* of my nunifcil want of kucccsh. ^<l went on in 
U^t filr, dragging h^tavy frcE Ihroujjh bindweed and couch gtai^ 
(hithiiPfhokcdthe irack. Not ■ breach of air now, * hoi redolence 
<* ripening ^rain thai mad* breathing a labour. Even Ihc scarlci 
l*f [iifi »e«mcd CO feci ihc heat. 

"Caming on line, hain't it?" uid my follower, who had picked 
■*aranrf w*» le.VJng JU qnalLTy between his square whke lecth, 
"tilk goniri o( jin cjipcrt, " There hain't none o'lhai m London." 

"Bnckiand r.hjmncy-pors," 

I <(]|»|x»ie my nnnwct set up a slow process of fcrmcnlaliui] m hU 
Wr, whjth'by swelled to speech, but x\. look jboui a Geld 
■nil half to do V), 

" iJwnc now T you b* has seed ii, don't you be baek'ud tospeakT 
^■^1 fine place, baJnl it no* ?" 

hJing anticipation beKgcd for ^encouragement. I almost wi&li J 
^''Igirai li with more liberaliiy. 

"Noi bad— for ihoic who like it." 

"I Ken picture* ou ii, mofl beautiful ; aod smnmui going on 





in 'OP do o& » ivK^ wx f^ »i» Hcia A^ 

Oft 'cm- Ko« themia ocr vAg^ be Wte ao 
H^ lOAed ih£ C>ci ««fa p«rfea ui^lidtjr. 


TJu G€twis of a Decker. 113 

'W«ll, if Aicbtinf ulviTOu. urby ^on'l you list?' 

""Cot I tceti ihom a» lui," with finalur^ 

Hk opinion or my iot«]]i^ciiG« was tvidsntly ihakcn by the KUg- 
tcMioe. Hu WAS filcnl fur ;i hun<Jr«cl yarda — I nckon by dihuncc 
lOE 1 *» U»o litod CO th;nk of ti[ii«- \Vlien we had got oat of the 
•Idi. beirevtr, hu nngtd alongside and vrjjni oo. The 
laeof expnnon wu 100 strong, 1 suppose, 

"Bui you be 1 <}cccnt man, nind I'll lell ee the rgbu on it. 
Twwtttilong o'thc paper, nor yci o' the yaUer books, but a young 
*<nniQU vcre pailour-maid ai the VjcVagc The old gtnilemati 
*«»ould »*y to I| when 1 wtrc b^ginmng to ^y;i ruunU, 'JaiK'^.' * 
•autd«y, "loo JLi*; wcif you Cio't hop dgwn on ihcici trLl;:h(!» o' 
T<»rt] iu fur u my kitcheo.* And ihcrc Td be so uflvn ua Lhrt-« 
*itt< * nTck. Twcfe most is ibough 1 did belong to the place, as 
roa mij;ht tay, being as I'd been one o* the lingers and sung reglar 
■^■heqyire, OS Mia Helen she brned me herscLH And if work 
vGreilick. he'd use to nnd mu u job in Lhe garden, cos Jamet 
^W^hebe getting 1 bit elderty. And ] be main fond 0^ brcod- 
'*-t]irirEr cut u ihc gentlcfollu do Ltlcv it- And the cook, as «he 
^^'^AgDod un lobiEj|j;h, vh^'d Hiy, ''Liza/ ^ht:'d say, cob htT name 
*'^ liu, und bbc'd been at thi; Vic'ragc ^oing un vower yvari 

ttirwtmlcut bread' an' 'butltr ftjr Jtirge Vo*dtf,' and ahw'd i«jur 
nEihcica. and thwr I'd bi' wi'thu leg up oa a chair and thv paif 
* cms'icn/inf; of me- And acter 1 uere fit to e<> *o ^'ork, Td 
■Ul be tlwer nor »nd again, and alius kindly welcome, and a 
•** &uni Mitt Helen whenever she did chance to come in. as 
"^ ^^ fttcioenu along o' cook as had knovcd her from a bab^< 
^luyou, as Uaknonledgeablc man, were there aught out o' 

''fjgtwfiu, certainly." 

"Koh and no more there warn't," indignantly. "And 'twere ihe 
^ifind no ways difTcrcnt till ihi& here h:iy harvesi, ^ matter o' 
*■* *tda gone. And Td jusi looked m, when we'd done up the 
"^^ioihc Vic'ftflC field, being tliai the weather was catchy like. 
** ftttt I were, a standing wi' 'Lwa nej(t the back kitchen door, as 
"'^tbc'd stepped in fcirto fetch lummut ; and we was a-loukinK at 
Ip "loon, as was like a hayiiack afire, ^hc were thai red. And 
"«ihc rcauis up u> h comeying hkc, and she says, 'And when be 
''^ t»ire to put our names np, Jarge?' I wen; that struck as you 
J^ui t look and shook mc And [ dta^'cd back from her and 1 snyi, 

'Bin\&j ihoughl^o' marrying,' I saya, * nor I never give you Li> 
^^"oad diflcrttt.' " 

ti4 7Xr Gemfiem^MMS Magtmm^ 

piLiybnl the liiiuIioD dn- 

boots?" 1 a^ed ninocvDiK 
k delkaie like, lu goa n ' 

■ m4 viias 1 were ft vifliin, arkd 'l^itr 
flffhCMDc, bur cocJe fhciiy^ 
«el bar wbu Mm Helm do »r 
IUb dM Goinc, for 'lixi Uic'd u7 

of fQ«. HkAb*— M k were cook'9 Rimc- >^' 
Uv^/' Al^ttlf rd becA A fo« px into ihr bCDhousf . Airf 
tbm TOt lio. ft^Mbtfii« wm scandkloai. behind her.* 
" WdL / voadct 7«« Ate"! pvi tbt boiiBs up," 
*l!^ r^ay am n j«« ifai't Tc»d then filler books. Tbefe'i I 
6eil o* dVev bervea liA a&d tbm jw^ vonen, mnt! I routriaX 
BtMOMb bcf. 10 t0 apcU. I did AM on k ki tbe night, alonfi n' 
iteM Ui k ^ MfaaHdcB; bK k wimt no m—ncr o' uaei. Anil I %m 
MsqneUl 'I be dose fcr bene, and dteveS Lonkdo^u t« full u* iH 
xro; MMininOCTlftMnko'DDnetBOBOR.**' 

He Hopped for ■ uM Mwa vid t«QBo««d the lump in Ixif 

'Attd "tvere UAm hud, t tdl ee. AtmI vhcn morning cocne 
pott ntr bk£ o* ihkici tt ito hiA\eKhcr— «> 1 hMln'i but twe 
iMIHds— And 1 were fer S«tli&g od vhiic the mt oF 'em -^as in th« 
field, kfcirc breaUui ; lad if jtnH bdim me, a£ 1 come for tu pvf 
the W'raf:c ptc, Lhecr «ete die old gto ik nian w' V stick, uid M 
Hcleo ji}oA£ of him, » thej did i»£ to be ^bottt earty of a tuiEiiiici 
norning, Ihc pitr on 'etn. ariJ I Oups^ I tefl ee, but there warn' 
but the (me nod. so pft» 'em 1 mtzst^ ukd fiarion be kUinds in 
he wiri, sdemn like: 

"■Jirge YovAe. TiK) he priftc ■Vft^-* 

" * 1 be/ I *jjii, "Jind the Lord tavc mercy upon ane,' for I w, 
thai oddM u I couIeIqI ihink on snoCher wonj, 

>^'Go^' be «air\ 'uid don't jou eome back no iDOte not »h^ 
/do Uve^' Atid Mtss Helei\ the were looking over field, an 
'Good* bye. ^a&^ 1 sajr^ ard the never to much as turned hcrei^i. 
And iherc wae a *^oii along of "em—* Viearige Jack * they did call 
^n in the parisb, 4» lie wete white, vi' a «hup nose, and a tail u 

T^ dnais oj a DocktK 


eibrrud UfccA«qutrtcl^ Aivd he knowed mcirtli, i\nA you'll not 
rvc il, but lh*1 dog he come at mc m fierce as il I were the po»t' 

I ti he ncTcr a>u]d abide the pcHtnun along of a horn he clrd 

"l4ni£dAg«jtniiiiii/ Mid r 

' Nos ihcrc wjrn^ but one cm 'tm. And thccr were the tovcTt 
he lun a-Ahining oa it— AB I'd bcm a ringer ever unne I dono 
^hnoiing<~ind BUEig m the <jitiie^ had — and Mi5a Hctrn — she 

tnrd mf * 

The liUle dog had brcn nearly loo much for J^Tgr, but ni thin 

II be gave \t\ and choked^ llie c6bit of keeping dori^n litii 4ob4 
cd the lean DUE of hit eyci in pitiful fashion, I wat getting 
Krnted, and drd nut Took mimd whrn I he^rd wheels bclnnd ui. 
Lhid juiE comr out upon \hz Wa^iham Road. 

■Well, jou art dirty!" uid a voice I knew. '*nCTe, gel IQ 

id{r/' It WJU my couim in her Utile pony carnttg^ 

I watcdmy hw to Jargeat wc liotiod piul him. Ilf was trying 

lee the old red nt^ of cotton oui of hii pocket* ;tnd the tciut wert 

untTig doMn hk« distorted face^ 

Oh, Miv Helen ! Miifr Helen 1 



O HE of the tndai ipintci) and AVNiic |uas4S» i& D>a«E#'' 
mnHaf^ It the moDOVBbte panak by Bmdut «d £Mbc=^ 
Sa wmera oDofllKuiihippy Udy Dcdlodt.ui "Ble^ Hoia^." tU^ 
cu]r eo itt that it ma wriu«D m ilaoK tlK Mn^ famihlra cuil«' 
ncT^ cf &n aciujI duK— Ibe AOtltor w«s hnDMir m ii^ curuf^ 
rtying ihrcRigh the nighL The Ute George Leircs, m% wt haie seen* 
ikeliTed thtt Dickers " had fcilftiCiMtioBi "; and tn this icnsc i 
aa%h< he true, for no oac gui write in iIm right spent unlcw he b^ 
ivaMftof "ci^tftt* «atc — vttcfilhefigweiwifl vcn« before lunm 
ad and ipealL, M tboDfb he verekiokjp^OAai Mcne wnw io real U 
In ihftt Kece* of huvned nunttAeHi D-<kuu mi adminblc bui 
baa done nothing berta ihaa this, which mntt cetUinty bav« bM 
wriuenat one "beat," or, al most, in a couple of ''bcact.* He had*' 
perhaps, bcfotehiier^ a headlong scebeoCtbe same kiod — Turpttt** 
ride to Vorfc, in his (ricnd Ainiworth's " Rioofcwood." Tli* btter »»t 
on through the whole nighi^ liding with the highinymant and vitb 
bim rode inio Votk al ihc dawn of day. In hi« cnthuuuni an<i 
liMte, however, oui aiirhor nude hU chjiraCEeis pcifbim |irodigic$ ^^H 
moTcmi^nt tli3t were well nigh mperhunian. fl 

ll mi^bt puzjcle ua to identify the towrt residence of hu Lacj]' 
Dcd^odt. whence she took her flighL It was a '*du!J tired.* *>* 
wbjch the iwo cows of bouses seamed to buve ''scared eachoiHcr 
into stone," rather iban co have been buill of ibai material. T^^ 
dnori and windows wore '' black paim :iiid du&L" There was twist^^ 
lianwoik at the doors, extinguishers— loops lot ihe old oU Ump*-'^^ 
»nd even an oil lamp itself. Where is there a slreei in LoniJ*^^ 
wjjb half a dozen itone mansions? In Berkeley Square ibt^^^ 
were then some three or four together, with the fina twi»ied irO**' 
work and cxtinguisbefs, so it may have been ibat, afier hh favour"** 
method, he disguised the place. Bui ihe house is likely enough ^ 
hflvt been in Eaion Place, which has ibis gloomy, " utonjr * aii^ aaiA 
though noi of atone, has the look of ttone. 

' St4 &lw " Bcfluid," fTn^AivuH'j J/^i^dHiM, Nor. ift^. 

Further Travels in Bo^iand. 117 

£ciher wj« touted from her sleep about midnight, and ukcn bf 

Budict 10 ^'ariouB places— to « police office (at Bow Street, perhaps) 

"Vialf.pui one ia the morning "—which was close 10 their lodgmgs 

■n a ndtod sncci. They ihen started in a chaise lor a waier- 

lide pbcG, which, IVom the dracripiioa, seemed co be in the St. 

^thuine'a Podt quarter^ for h^rc were HWin;;: tLrid^cs aad rnosts, 

doelcs and bulD^ And a ItcUc alimy lummg ; ihc aaya al&o ihat 

"rhcy croaMd *nd rtcrosbcd the river," why it is not clcir. Thejr 

Lhni look the nonh«ra road out of Ixindan> post Darnet, stopping 

^n. Bucket entering the public houses to make inquiries, and 

""Icnne ^irinka and putting queilions, "Between five and six 

f clo^fc," we are told, they were doae to St. Albanj?. Yet they could 

*^t hive feri before three o'dock. All that stoppingat publJc-house6, 

rttinE: dnwn to qiicscion, &c, must have taken nearly an hourn ao 

^t ihcrc was ftcarccty about an hour and a half (o get over the 

^m ncc between l^ndon and St. Alhrms— a prodigy of good going. 

Ilut here wc ^nd b m\\ more niitonishing thing, The fugilivc 

^d left her home — on the name night thnc they did, about four or f^ve 

•-Aad by the time the ptirtucrs had sinived near St. Albans they 

>>ccnt]ned thatsbc »raf on before ihcoi. "having passed through 

fcCTr on foot thU fining a^ut n£hi a'iS&ck," This was a wonderful 

peifomiancc for a woman— a walk from Eaton Placu lo St. Albans 

peifccincd in two or thr«c hours 1 Ic ta odd, too, that Bucket 

^^<>u]d use ihc words " this evening *" when he waa speaking at tive or 

"^ tfelock in the morning. 

"The day was nf>w breaking," and after visiting Bleak House, 

>nd making further invesligationsT they set off again, piirauing tlieir 

"^^mey. They seem lo have tiBvcUcd the whole day, for " ilic sleet 

*" *y thai day unceasingly," Uy evening they had stopped at an 

^•hcreE«hcr fimted Then Buckj^t annnunced That he had lost 

**tl»ckj barinj^i.* wc know, followed the wrong woman. Lady 

^Wk had changed clothea with another. They determined Co 

^% Xi W14 three o'clock next morning before they began to draw 

?**■ to town. This again seems conlueed, as the time for the return 

'^'"ley doM not fit with the ootgoing ont Ey "itireeot four o'clock 

** lot to Ifthngton " " Wc slopped in a Hi^h Stteet," of that place, 

^ ^^CMitMf u)dj strange to lay, at that hour found a hackney coach 

^ 1h( Auid. They drove about " the nurowe&t and wor^l stiecit in 

"^^doD," and at last came lo Chancery Lone oi '* the dotks were 

'nVing hilf-pftit fiv»/' and bete, by a luarvellous coincidence, they 

*** itit iovcrn Woodcourt. Then caiin? the visit to "Joe's bury- 

^ b'li^ur.d, and the discovery. Such i^ this spirited, briUiatit 



aocouTii. Itt slight incongroUics, »hi<h do not mxtriat wA tu 

dramatic power and ocdon, arc merely a sort of curio. 

Some of th*i moil eiTccuvc pu£igc4 in Dickcni't wrilinsi wt. u 
wc all knuw, directed apaimt ciTing public abuser He hw jawdf 
bc«n given sufficient cicdU C:>t hiswork in ihri ditccttOAftsifcfomcr 
but It ift reaUy extraordinary hov mu<fa he haf done He CCTtainiT 
«n]9y«d the U«k, ud his "flaying" nas the more ACCcpubJe to 1il% 
as it sujjplieJ Mm wiha certain dramaiic stiioulu^ or motive powtr. 
Once siaitedn ami furnibhcd wiih something na/ot Itvinn to^orlton. 
his imagination kindled : fancin rushed tipon hina, and he pul ite 
topic in all Bom of formti. It supplied hrm with chanctcn md 
situatiotu. Il would be idle to say thai there fra^ no eiameralion; 
but he generally succeeded in his purpose. We need only poi« » 
the Flccii and imprisonment for debt, in "Pickt»iclt"; to the Vo/fcilmt; 
schools in "Nickleby'*^ to the American abtL'iCi, «lawi>', tec 
" Chii/r!e«il '' ; to the workhouse system and lynuinrirK mAgiitmi 
in " Oliver Twist " ; to iheChrisimas book character*, Mr, Kangmi^ 
Alderman Cuic ; to the law's dcUy in " Bleak Houw " i to <apiiil 
punishment in " Bamaby Rudi^c" ; and to the nuTWs and nurainj 
in "'Chuwlcwit," "Bleak House." of course, was an entire bmT 
drawn up flgBtnsl the abuses of the Court of Chancery, ° Hijd 
Timea" gibbeted the strikes and the opprea^on oJ (he ntanufe-^ 
turen ; " Little Donit," the abu5ea of the Government offices ^n^fl 
their ^ysteniT In all these cases he was succcssfiil In bringing about 
reform, or in rousmg ihc public feeling- 
No doubt, as we read the scenes vith the Tit* Hamac^s, their 
answers and puttings-off, *e are conscious of tome earicjiart 
We feel thai the thrng as described ia impossible and too fofnial ft>r^ 
the Tcalily, Hut Dickens merely presented ihr reality under th^^ 
conditions required hy a humorous ^tory, Even m the present di^ 
wc see enough of (he official methods of dealing with a t:omplun^ 
when you are " referred " to *' the proper department," and are oiT^— 
whelmed with "forms" to be "filled up." The '* circutnlocunw^ 
of^ce '^ seems a title Ucking in prohability, as it is not uid that tl^ 
was a nickname ; and yet even the Tite Barnacles would Kirrilt H*^ 
adopted 50 grotesque a term. It was odd that it was hii friend Si * 
Et L- Bulwer, shortly after Ihe publicoiiofj, who furnished a sTnkia^ 
instance of the abuses of the department. He was Miniatet 0^ 
ihe Colonial Office, and, being wailed on by a deputation, Jt «--* 
found that their memorial had been \oK. or lost sight of And h^ 
explained to them that " in t^c public offices papers of importance 
passed through leveral departments, and requ«ed time for in»p«tif 

Ftrmt Lbvy wrc Mmitclte Enuffiatii^n Board* thence loJnuiht-r^it^Q, 
vQtl ItvD lo Itic StfcnUry t^f Suitf, wbu Tiiif;bl refer it to anuiher 
Klrp^rtiDcnc." So«. thin v«b ihtf ufUda] jiUusibW suin^nu-iil. , but it 
Jilinott :Liiiijur]tt lo ih< tune UibiiE ^^ the faiiciful jTiclliui.]f i-y uhiih 
Ckvtnum and hi* frivnd J^jyce were obBtiucieU- HdU Dick«OB 
fiwvaied jl u hift frivnd did» ft mi^ht have p.-i&ied and seemed 1:0 
Ctyit^ giicvafio;- He liacl l« biiii^ i\ home to li^hl novel rv^tders. 

Iln lKJMn»t *o<l tao^x cbbi^r^Ie of Ihc^e aiUtki^t were Lhose in 

"Bltik Houtc " and " l-itlfc Jlorri:," u\ whirh, with much ait, he 

maka the alorie* ihem^eitT* turn on th? abu!«ct which he gjhheted. 

tn "JirnJyre r<. Jinidyt't," *S ifl wtl! known, he had in vitw a 

"•WaiTOu* Oianctiy *ijii rdnfing to the JenningV pro|Vfty, whii:h 

wj dragged on >n the Courtn for yran. And in the end left nothing 

™ tic cbimint*. In hi* " Houwhold Wordv" where there »tc 

**5y fxfcsh of abutei, he had attacked the Coutl of Chancery on 

'**»co«c of the abuse* of "conlmipt of Ccrnn," Thi* ortidc was 

^td " Majiyti \ti Chancery," and wai replied to in the Ti^fi of 

jVins^rj *, 1851, by no Icsk apenon th^in Sir Edwaid Sugden^ who 

P^fctl ihac ihc account wa* cxafljiciated^ if noi incorrtcL 

" lllcak Houw " WM not metdy stored with these familiar 

■^■•itie*, but at«o prcsenied j number of portrjila. The sketch of 

**^(5* l^indor wjut faithful (tt\d jdntirsbEcr, and its " \i<.nslacu^ne^ " 

**^ r^COjpni^Vd by All, IVnyhATii ItAdgcr^ noL lit^iny %o ^vell knovim, 

"" 90K«l]r noticed- It w.i% recognisi::d by friends, Liul 1 duubt if il 

*** oj him*clf. The Teuipesluoiii ^yle \vjs ndmirjbJy given, Mr*. 

J"'*l>y *ja a»«iEMied !« be dr;l^^I fmm Mis^ Mnrtmemi, who boldly 

*^**<iV*d thr authof for his oncaiure of Rofiboola Cha. Chadband 

SbjsK'n* reviwdi bui wiih mfertur effecL The case of "spontn- 

^U* corobuBtion" c veiled coiitroveny and denials — notably from 

Ccorge H- I-ewc». and the author was able to quote several 

, '*^niic cases; bul phenomena w rnre became Miiprubable and 

7^^»i^uou» in a 6ciion. A painter may really have seen a cJoud 

, ^*^pc lilce PoloniiuV camd, hut it would hardly be accepted if 

^^oced into hit picture. 

^Tori*nK<, I-ady DcdluvkS Krvnch maid, it is known, wu» 

^r^^oMd by the notorious Mrt. Matinmg (the murderess of Mr 

^^^<*oot). whote trial and execuiion Djcketis had witneaaed. She 

^^•^ I think, a Frenclvwoni&ji, 100. Her manneT and phrases are 

7T*<3^ itproduccd In the story. His letter on the execution con- 

^tttid to the reform of their being performed in pritaie. 

In ilu» »itpry the author Introdutcd graphic ponrails of two 
^11 Frieadi— Ldgh Hunt and Landor— who are exhibited u 



Oaatj Wold, a *-Bb4 Hcoie,' 

RMkoy' i«M the 
waatiot im Soflolk. It A^jh* ^fita a 
■VitlkavcffemctL B«l the bet i% ^ facfan 

tmdowntoVafMOMAo«J«MMn7,'»48v''onaai ^ ^^ 

^■oo.' iMl «aa»g crcr to LtTacstoA xcuafir lav the tu^ 
dirwiioo pott, baU wajr bci«e«i the 1*0 plM:«i. His cj.ti* Uj 
C^)4i icfqu 10 ^^^ ■ii||wim1 to bim toae ttTtaee coucidi 
™|y^^*^ BhMdetstonc »iKh Wmckhim " of tU the odd 41 
■•■J^**eThctfd,to be lh« oddett." Someihiog r«a, no doi 
J«a Iftc th^ jj^^ (j^ hippcned, but ii is iapos&ibAe tow lo difica 

Mt. Aibbjr Siory Eui taken great piint to dxiCiytcr Hiai Trot«4^ 
'*" " Dova, and believes that he hu done so. Bus 





^ ""^^ »* almoftt too gcneiiL At the nuirkeC^tilace a hadfl 
^ , "**" P'^mitd <Moir&Tdsthe heights,'* bidding ihe inquirer* 

■eaL" ^Tk*"** ^^^ "^^^ *^" *^^^ *^" ^^^ '** **^*^ >Kiuses facing 1 
^ **aliiedDn "^^ good distance " without tomiog to I 
* "nd itiqiiir^^ agiin at a ahcp. He then cam© lo a neat lil 

Fnriker Travels in Bozhnd, i7\ 

coUa^e ' vtth cheerTut bow windows " And a gjtrden in Troni, wJlh a 
liltle^nece of green in fi^nt- AU which must have be^n aomenhere 
on Oie rood leading up lo Ebe barracks on tlie M'e&E ClilTa. 

Mi. Wjcldicld'i hijuiv ui Canterbury is veiy minutely d«ccrjbedi 
>nd might be recogcivcU mnr- Commg from Dover you go throuKh 
^v nurket, find come lo " a vety old huuse. bulging out over Ihe 
[m4 niih long hiticc windo^t bulging out still Tunhej, uid bcami 
wilhcBncd hwla on ibe ends bulging out too, so thuE 1 landed ihe 
thole hoaw vru leaning for^^ttd/ &c- The "low s^rched door" was 
C'^mnivd ni:h cured gatbnd:^ of fiuks and flowers ; there wcie 
E*oic«pe,ttek«, CDmeis^ can'icigs, mouldings, tiuaini Tittle panei, and 
^^t« windows A iiiUji round lowej formed one side of the Louae. 

Cupula Jorgan, in the *' Me«aige from the Sca,'^ was taken Troia 
w Anjimcan Ecaman to whom Dickeria was ver^ pariia), Captain 
^JfTgafl. In " Liiile Dornl," MerJle was, of course, rucognised as a 
^'^xwi of John SodEeir. The dining out doctor aud barn&ttr were 
■Iw uken from life. 

U ii curious what a ptnchant Dickens had for certain melo- 
^Wltlc flniations. irhich seetned to his fancy so telling that he 
VpeUcdfiDd reproduced them nuiny times over He had a lively 
dv&nk itiin, and I always thought would have had cxin- 

[^\ tuccesc sx a dtamatisL I once a^ked him why he had 
PWtJtcn t:pihJK "line" seriously, and 1 think he made the excuse— 
■Vftlorg agOi many year^ before his death— that he had not tlmc> 
*■<*,« patience. The real reason, no doubr, was. that he could not 
^*^ tkhoQt expanding, and could not " carve heads upon a cherry 
•*>•»■ A lltcrftry friend, who has his " Boa " at his iinec:rs' ends, 
^vilb great actitcncss pointed out to mc that Nicholas Nkklcby 
*■■ » genuine ''Adclphi walking gentleman"^ his mannCT, heroic 
''"b, prcrtociion of his EiEier^ bearding of Ralph. &c., were all 
^Eaio^is In the Adelphi mclodcama- Raljrh was a regular stage 
*™a. That his works ate all dramatic and conceived in the irue 
*P*^'^of the stage is plain from the vast list of adaptations. Each 
""^ hai been adapted again and again, and will beai ihc proceis 

Oae method f&r winding tip his plot, to which he wa* ex- 
^'•''vHljr partial, was the unmasking of the villain owing to the 
"^^>il of some confederate; The parties are generally brought 
''^sCil.ff iTj a room by the more virtuous members ; the confederate 
^ enrrgea from his concealment, and tells a long story of villainy, 
^^latiethiirfMoBj-w^fl!/ first In "OUverTwist," where Monks makes 
^* tcttiatioDt. In " Nickleby " Ralph is confronted wUh " the man 


doebC Bo> iD :*-"W vtt 

ifafll oor UirtlV 

r vf tft Ac fom bclM 

bj wle— tbt" (kofge Jtf 

»ck»ed ■ 

mAU— tot I hid n 

cttvio cU. and a^fOtO 
bai I laicaAce dbcovtr 
iti adghboar, ti 

Furt/ur Travch in Bosland. 


^BbckJ&dc" Th«diiefdJfGcu]()' wits, u'at it likely tiMt huth 4 "public- 

Wtfc'— n>iiaiu»l have bec^n— oould have bwti ubttl by reaper ubic 

c^rU 11 1 dub Qt pUcnc vf coDvivuJ metaling? A ^AEtuious and 

n(bii aucnuining soUcitof, Mt. Jay, ton uf a wcU-tnciwn Djeseming 

il«9iDan, hu Kiiut?n hi« rcminitcencci, and auppUtv ciucUy iliti 

loinniuuiOA ilui nc n-xnL " I belonged iq a club/' he vny^ '' held 

cvtrySAundAy at the 'Old Black J^ck Tavcm/ m Pc^rtsmouch Street, 

Ijiicdn't Inn Fields. U coiULSicd for the mof<L part pf banutcn 

and jiiorncy*.'* He dcicribcs how htr met Lhcru Currui^ tla- liihh 

onror, who** h««ltli wa* proposed ; iV'arton, on<f uf iht pr^jciois ; 

VTilicjmmon councilm«n» ^iiid mhcr«, Curran, f\\\} wns^j tut^cf[ like 

Wr, Fjclvick* owrdy thanked Lhenit instead of imikine the expected 

"The room was a lur^e one." be adde. " and a number of 

urti of old acuirs *ere hung on ihe wails. The dinneu were 

|4<iii ind the wine good." This must have been about the year 

>^o< He viilud ihe pbce again some seven And- twcniy yeara ago, 

jUB« and found the room, as migh; be expected, quite altered — 

pLcnucs gone, the tavern become a public -house— there was 

I noubl^ diiiinction betiveen a lavem and a public-h^usc — 

«erc huiging Arom one end of the room to ihe oiher^ on which 

<^t( «erc dryirig. At thii momcm, as [ uijd^ the ** £3nck Jack " is 

<Wi and only awaits destruction— ,7 i^ombre, desolate-looking place* 

AttumcalmotJ faded out; the wallt caked and t'^imed wuh Ihe dm 

ctn'juiu ; the old "huteb" even is still there* True, it docs bOt 

dkeojuDc of the "Magpie and Stump/' which is, however, to be 

doit by m Feuer Line. Thii^ was part ol Hojt'i system ; hu 

ihc ihmg accwfLiely enough and ibc locality, bu^ Hhifted or 

ihc name— gcnerully by de^i^n, often by accident 

l^hu ofc^n been said that Dickenii'e earlier works will be in- 

™b]f u a record of the manners and customs of l.ondon in the 

^ put of tlie coniury. Even this btile sketch Bhows us a faihion 

wtlim obloioed, and which hoa passed away. The iivern in (he 

**^ ■>! a marked and dramatic feMure of social life, and a great 

**' of the buiinri* of his siories wos trana;cicd there, W^irni^ss 

"^fcuriouitccnci in" Nicholas Nieklcby." It was rather bold of our 

'f^orio ielect 04 the titleof another book "Dombey andSon," con- 

"^^ that there wo; in Fenchurch Street *' Uombcy i^ Son, high 

^'^ UiloTii, American and Colonial outfiiteri" This was a 

^^us coincidence? perhaps the "high class firm" in r]ue3Eion, 

^ before were Icaa well known, eagerly sctied on the chance for 

j'l4i4vertiicmcni, and perhaps emphasised "and Son" lo make it 

« iht title of the novelp 

1^4 ^^ GsnUfmans Mt$gasm4, 

The iiiagigintics in Dickens^ youth mualiiT«b«en terrible tynnti^ 
tnd he ktd his lash on iheir bttclia with cremt^ndouB force. As \% well 
known, there was i Mi^ l-air^ who Ib described wiEh cxcnordinai^ 
dramalic etTect a» Mi- Faitg— hilf-dtfBpoL, whole bully — utd hit trctf- 
mont of the witnr:v^c& is b ke^ijlng. It ha^btfcn potiuedotii bf Ur- 
Theodvre Ti>'Ior ihuE lu this ikcich we owe Hood's "Song ofclta 
Shirt," wh]c:h is connected aNo with amxher magratraic, Sir PtfEf 
Lauiie— introduced inio the ^' Chimes" as Alderman Cute, nho ns 
dvlcrmined, hke Sir Petor, lu ^'puc down" all offenccA in gcnenU 
and Kuicidc in partkuUr- In a kEter to '^Hood's Ua^uJiie * BoeoDfiV 
hiM Atttntion to the caj;e of a.n unfortunate ^mpnicSB " makin{;s1i[i9 
at three htdfpence apiece," who, being robbed of her wrcCchcA 
caminff^i aciempied Id drown herself, and w told from the Becdv 
that khc hod " no hope of mercy '* m this world ; and hi^ miite* HccA 
to look in the papers of Wednesday. April 17, 1844. In the wns- 
numbt;rof" Hood's Magiuine" we find the calobratedsong- Thcwijrf 
magi^triLL^ took occasion to ridicule Boc's descrtptTon of locAltlK^ i^m 
"Oliver," rieclving thaE there were no snch places aa Jtcob*t hIaaA 
or the FollT Ditch. 

Many a reader has aniu£ed himself by noting Roe'& lapses ui^ 
oversights. Some of Ihem are atnusmg enough^ but we do not thiols 
the tesa of him on this account. As when the " rough and Ecugh 
Btig4tocksU3 down to play piquet with Mrs, Shenton w« h^ve: "D^ 
you ftnjpf>5g7" which, of course, belunfis 10 ifarff So when Dt"— 
Bhmbcr direcrs thai Sl Paul's "/«/ Epistle to the Eplieuui 
should be written out as a laak— there bein^- only one. \Vc 1 
have smiled at the next instance- A dt-rk in '"Viz. Maiijiold^ S 
described as bcmgin charge of, and taking about with him, a 14 
of a million in spede. This, someone (in "Notes and QuerT($" 
calculated would weigh one ton and seventeen hundred- weight ! 
thief makes off wiEh " a carpet-hag full of lovcrcignj," whjch wool 
weigh five cwt. And Tnity Coram enters with an iron box " 
feet square," which no girl could carry. 

A pleasant oversight, too, i» found in Lord Dccimtis TtC^ 
Bamacfe's speech, which he was always repeaiitig, '* My Lord^ ^ 
have yel Eo he trild," iVc. Being an EarJ'^son, as his name shoi^^ 
he could not have addreiied the House of Lords. In the '* Haunr«?^ 
Man " the prayer which he quotes, ■* Lord, keep my memory gre^ri ' " 
properly refers to the pTcscning of one's facLjIlit^— not to t-li^ 
having a good reputation. 

Anyihrng associiitcd with the illustrations of Dickens'sstoriesno*' 
be interesting TTom the personal i/is/i/yifwn which the gifted writ*' 

Fnrtkfr Tfmfh tn Bczhnd. 

cottrihuE^, Tlioo^h he conJd not «kclch hiruulf, hekncwwhjrn ttic 
itocH did not cotr^ipgnd lu tn* intention ; lie rmilj disfcm whM 
*v vuiubli? cr the irtTrif. Our IcAdini; «ctor Ii3« much of thta 
vsticict. and thoLigfa not i itrifntific muaidan, <an decide whether ii 
[onicuUi pasugc suppUes whnt he dciito- The pain^ that wcry 
Sikcft by both ftulhoi and arlisl lo sjpply correet adommcnti lo the 
t»ia taki, *'Thc OM Cuiiouty ^ihop" and '■ Uamaby Rudgc," b 
^b^n by a tcrie« oftlieortjtinaldrnw^ii^byCaUcnnolcUtclyofrcrcd 
(uiftlc: "llitfint idt^ofthc * MnypoJc Ina ' ;" "The Four-poil 
ficdste;>d in the 'Mbt[«1c*/' •* Mr- Cbetlcr at Ibc "Mnyp^lc"* 
|Ais sketch rcpriacntt Mi, Chcilcr loi>kmg out dl a b^y.nitutitw, but 
iHk Waa ftfterward* ftUcrcd Jn Ihe imbh^hed vcrsjun. Se«: '^ UaEnaby 
Ri>dge/ finA cdilivii, ps^^e sg i ) ; " Ruu^4h D(;&iKn& of I'lrt-pUce in 
'Wiyiiol^ Inn';" "' E,nieTior of the Churdj ; " 'Mntcttor of diUo : " 
"UtU^ Nell STeeiung;-' "Quito's Wharf " (*wo sketches) ; and 
^*MHiK$mal] designs forelocks, chairs, figuiet, &c , Including imtialled 
FOOf of Ihe froniiipieoe of Ihc "Old Curiosity Sho|>," and acobured 
iwing of "Little S'dl" 

^Vc arc niturally intctcslcd in Pceksniif and all thai conccmi 

^*< Hie (Kdtnib cemialy suggest Sir Robert Feel, and ihi» idci 

**■ ft>f a time accepted by the public. JJickens, liuwevcf, had ihia 

™i tOi Bould luvc acted ai he did in the cabS <A Mi. I'uit^i in 

"Ckvicki" who originally pTC9<ented a slarilii^g hlcntiMS to Lord 

■■•tighim- Inltmplalc* the faccwasaJtei^d. AriDihcr original hat 

™^ named in the |iersoti of the late S, C Half, who, uhen hu went 

^keturc \\i Ihe UniUid Sute^i iv;4« ^^kw^rdly hr^ra Id cd by American 

PH*r»a>''ihe otigLnal uf Pt'ckiuifT," Hjviei^ heard the naveUsi 

^'•k oflhi^wrUcr, I ntighl be inclined lo think (he theory is not lo 

"'tiched. It i» Mid that lher<r i^ j houst- t>omted out a: Aldcrabuty, 

'■^ t»o mila from Salisbury, which wai the Pctkaniffian residence. 

^ bete can be seen the turret ffom which hia young men were 

''Ppowd to prepare his " elevauotis *' of the cithedriln 

. y^^ lociJiile* Iiave been described so jccutately and with aueh 

"*'<lntw u Ooldcn Square, where was Ralph NJckleby'a mansion. 

'^ UaJ9 hour these touch Lngs hulp us to reco^nite lE, so little changed 

*'*- Ck« OS it is to Regent Street and that great tide of Etaffic. il 

8H| be far away En Bloumsbury, or be taken for Red l-ioTi Square, 

T''^*»c tone and complexion of otd fashion it almost exactly suggests. 

'^3ie persoQSi however, do not novr seetn to dwell there, and the 

J^^ous houses are given up to offices, agencies, and places of 

^inciS, Xoi long after Rdlph Xickleby's time the laic Cardinal 

^vefnin vtt living here in a substantial old mansion. We c%t\niA 

^ 10U oGUEXViri. NO. 197^ \. 


Furiher TravAi in J)ozJaud. 127 

k^"" bcitq; " iJoinklFtfil in iht nviglibouihuyJ " Jud lo i^o w«h (he 

■ **Oi. There wa* probably kuiiic pjifcau- uf pergonal fillithiun 
'**^^<Jtd, otherwise the Old ihnt persons who did iiol livi' in X\\c 
[^^»t ihuuld tiTc foT il ic» ihan one who did was scaiocly worth 
■>»ic recording. 

I'^titlowing ihe auihov's directions, ve ^hill certainly find no 

|***»ru of *uch a kind between Thrcadncedle Sireet and Comhill. 

^^ cxpIOTcn 3.1wtyt for^t that, while the author would be thus 

M^Ubr in hit dircctiono^ he did noi, aw it were, hold hiniavlf boimd 

f tlicm. Hift account of Dodiori and Fogg's otiice, in the ^n)c 

I^Arter, ia KiniL^Airly mUleadmg, He would &ceni it> hav^ d^cribed 

b*^ Tyute (iiiouKlyi but selccied for the place Ji*elf whaitvef seemed 

po«t cff«et I vc— provided it were near u hand, I have little doubt 

f™t I>ickcn«had in hta vyeunL' i>f the most e^Ttcltve and pktureeque 

** Ciljr »qaarvt^I<aurencc Pountney Hill— whrch slitkes out of 

l^nncn Sued, and i» no n^ore than a few hundred yards .iway from 

*^ pbce he had just described. Thb enclosure, apua from 

•^■^klrby a.i£ocuit:onEi ts tniere&ting and picturesque. There is a 

^*aU Initial ground aE one side, which, I ihink, is alluded to tome- 

^l^rc jn the text, though I c^noi pojnt out the placc^ " The City 

^Riian,*' vc an told* has nn incloiiurc tave •' ihe lamp^posi \v\ the 

^ddlci and no grut but the weeds which spring up round lis base- 

^ It a quiet, little ^quemed, reared spot, favojrable to nvebncholy 

''■d cofltempkuon/' People m^ke appoinEments under the shadow 

*^ '^ibetall, tilcnt houscfi-" Thcrt.^ is a distant hum— of coaches, 

W of insects— but no other souncl disturb? tht; silence of the 

*lWtt. The otd udl Queen Anne or Gcorgijin houses on the nglu, 

*»*ttrter from Conoon Street, arc fine stibatantial specimens, and 

*< sinking from iheir stately and claborarcly carved doornayi. It 

*'^Q»fancifuUo identify one of tb^^seaa the Cheetyble residence, 

* "biy ftfc the moal important m the enclosure ; and, indeed, when 

'^ Unkinwater"! tider wa£ looking OTit cagetiyt eK]»etting her cap 

'*'«rivc, wc nfc told that the porter might be considered lo be 

^'Mi "W ihc distance to the corner was not quile five yards ' ; and 

'""> odd 10 «ay, and a tittle more, a about the present distance of 

^ ^ouNa from Cannon Street corner. Facing these mansians arc 

*^^ rather mouldering houses— in one of who^ windows we might 

'^If place Ihe pocr crippled hoy who fostered hyacinths in ihe 

™^in| bottles- Not, however, so much from these details, which 

"•wjo often fanciful, as from the very striking character of the pUce, 

**^li ffc be inclined to fix oa 11 as the residence of the immoral 

Chtf^l,!^ Tlrothcrt 

|«tte hiBfeBM iom^ uratpaa faitee ft co anJtt ecwid^e 
IptriA i CT th g^i* bMMM ft MR of mndil. Al the ftohoiC 
Jratpn, '-^^ -f of votenk ■ p a cch i of cwwfco in pcodi. w«c^ 
pp do^C, i^BOrtMl CO Dkkem t? Hie rta&r- tt «m iboogk, boo. 
aad aoc wiirwiij: ttkV Bw tad uikeo sovc dUfte lo Ibe Umi 
«^h bv nArd to write dcwn. Ii mftjbeMldedtlMthcpiQfriet<^ 
n bi«T Cooad his «af to Huir, wboe be »ed to tell Au tt>c 

«bo hftd oycrcd «noiSeT roon b>' misake^ to ;bc Alns ^ 

Ipg^cfi at ihia moment tfuuti n^V7 taack vbcrt It did (i^^ 
f^ and »« rniy ^uU vender, u Mr. Pickwick did^ ibraiR0^ 

Iftf flTTTf f"*l ^ '*" ^'^"^ "'^ S<3^rTtin(thevelaMt)r,jnd 

F^rtAtr Trape/s w Bojiiand, 

up till midiiighi, I rAncilulljr Tclt a% Mr Pidcwick hod done, when I 
ftought tny chtmbef, ird pat^d thf boou and shoci at each door ; 
not lc» potently did it revive the Imojc of nur old friend, the 
amiable fcnlal, antl ever »prightly Hof. 

It rauftt be Mid ih«i, conttuied with ihc punhmfi finn in t'rce- 

nttn*» Couvf^ Pdcr showed him«cKAn inciliacm \^.\i^\ ndvixcr. He 

was fceUc ind otd-bshioncd m hi& opentionA, In hih Tint dcahn^ 

with Jtf^lc 4^r ihe elopement he w&a dum&y, and his nikir^ the 

advcnttircf how mueh he vrould tike to give up the lady wai tania» 

ntotinl to in Annountctnent Ihat hcivA!i in Ihnt gcntlcman'i power, 

'l"hie line taken ought in h^w bctn whii w tilled " the high hand." 

Iluit wc«ll>), indeed, mu«t hdive been ^^ i^tkmislied :it his oirn 

moderaLiom * when he could accept so mtiiog a Mitn m a hundred 

poiind« or an. lor tkiii n^ej^c Amount he re^^^gncd ihc h^nd nr ft bdy 

of K^^od connc<^ion^ vriih a " few hundreds " in hand and the proA< 

pect of tnherjtir^ moneyi on the de^th ot her moihcr, Tcrker, ri witi 

) b« wwembeted- remon^i ruled with Mf> Pickwick for offering S*m 

hftlTs lovcrei^ it> ihowthc rw>in, Anordinaty aoliciior wouid have 

md, ''Beilei Icnve the Ihmg to mo, my dear aii ; HI manni;? lI"; 

instead or which thji odd advjVr rainbk-^i on in this style: "Now, 

my dcsr *ir, the Tcry 6rrt principle in these cases i^ — if you place a 

tnOittet in ihe hands of a |:aDfeuiunri] nian» yovi niiiKt in no way 

leivrfiBre in the progictt of the buiincss— >ii/* mufi tr^oif impUtii 

atifidtfut in krm. ... My dear ijr, excuse mc. I shall be happy 

10 iQceive any privare msgetiiom of yours j« amt'ci^ (itri>r. but you 

■MttlM the impropricCy of your mEerfcring vith my eondnct in the 

*>H «iib «uch Hti di/ mfiienJtim "-^and »\\ this shorn the number of 

Atixicn, dod ft fcv lu » BooiA. 

Mr. Lockiroud decline* to accept the u«Ty slory of the filinft thi- 

*^J«lJOii in the case uf '' Hulluitn i/', Ramaey.*' Thi* incldrnl is 

' 9bc»n«n of Boii art ; loi, ciuel and Louching us \[ n. it [% 

T^'^pcd iwX redctmed by the vivid vay in which Ji Ih put before u*. 

■/"*' all, lays M^ |,ockwood, *' it i* onts' ^ *t'J'^y told by the clerk 

'^^^ fl/inf u-Aem I do net think iff .'nn phft muth rtfiamt" Why 

** He was telling hi* fellow-clviti of what had occurred only 

very njotming. But could better latimonjr be found for the 


'^f; realism of " Pickwick," wbich alone of all books actually fools 

^ 'llo believing tlut these wen; perfions who hiuJ lived and talked ? 

■tens, of course, intended thai tlie sloiy should be acctpted afi 

^ ; the novel itself suggests that it wa& iiuc ; but here wc have 

^ %1r. Lockwood dreuuing :hut he is jn CouiE, and not inclined 

^ (dice much reliance *^ on the statement of a chofocMi thiil A 




Tht GffttUntan's Magazine, 

piu« fiction. It i« Ihe umc everywhere t ihft 'rtvy liotd-kcvpcn 
^«dttjc^ hi idvcriit«menb, ihni " it w>b at ibb Iiou»c Mr. Pickvia 

A muterly louch of smooth hypocritical vindicfltiotit— ivhkh 

»p]>CfL]| Lo fomcrbing and yet lignifics nothing — is Dod40n'l dUlcs 
for '*lhc fraipt book,'' to piove ihai all has Uen done fAirlr and 
"above boaid." "Here i« the rntry," he 5»ys : *'■ Middlco* 
nf/ffff. Marlhu Burdrll, Widow, f. Samuel Pickwick, dai&ftgC9jCt,;«^ 
DodKinand Fogs Tot the riaintuT, August a^. 1837/ All rtguiv. it* 
pcrftctly." Comic m this is, il was really all thai the BollctUT 0^ 
Appeal to, for il wa% all that had been don(^. A solicitor, onoe wmor- 
etAttdwith ftn havingwnt us -lion heavy bill of costfi, answered in ihji 
Itnin : "'To Kitiify yrtUT *cnipl« and my own, I put Ihc bill ofcoitl 
jnco llw hands of my ^irttur, who himwif went f.arcfuUy threi^ 
efwy Item, fttid finiJ^ ii j\!l perfcttly curreci." ThU apptal fium 
Dodion to FogR -was a practice At Freeman's Court. It mjty be 
said here that thctc i* no Krceman's Court in Comhill. though tt 
find it ii^ Cheapside, and every one would Rk on the old house ai lit 
bottoi^i as the residence of the pracii Lionets 

Latei, Sam wos despatched to *'pum^]'" Mrs. Bordell For, a* to 
pa*ler rather cunningly imprcMed on Sam, " I have no objealon to 
yotic endeavouring to aseeriam how Mrs. Baidell herself seemi dti' 
pOfied lovraids mc, and whether it is ivaliy probable thisvileand 
groundle*!* aclion is 10 be carrred to eiiremiiy. t say, / da mf/ j^faf 
if, yniir liiffnx Mu. Sum, if yam %vt\h if." Ny wonder Terker shook tiU 
head over this injudicious tinssiun. and declared thai it would ha^ 
ihc look of an attempt at cumpjounse, which it certainly h»d. A, 
faffias^ by the way, seem? a niysieriou* wrt of writ wherewith lo CWO' 
n^enee an action for breach of promise. We usuftMy assodlli » 
^a//fj with aeiiLiie of Ihe person — tophi aJ iaris/acitndsim. The? 
truth is, BL."fxwai rather al wa. in the^e matien, and confused the 
various processes* in an odd way, Almott bewildering toalflWj«flB^ 
the proceedings that took place on Mr, Pickwick's arrest. When b^' 
insisted on going to the Fleet Prison his solit^i tor declared, ^'IVtmtr^^ 
iimt a Nabias Cerpus,^' which writ, it seems, had to he obtained* 
ffom a judge sitting nt Serjeants' Inn, No counsel was tr^stnjrted- — 
indeed, \i appeared that only attorneys' clerks were engaged in tJ>^ 
business before ihcac functionancs- I: seems cviraordinary ih« =■ 
person should apply for this writ as part of the formahiics of goifi^ 
t(* prison. But it may have been some ficiinn for tranafemng t*»* 
custody of Mr- Tickwick from the shetiflTa officer to the custody o' 
\ht tipsuifli who fonve^i^d hiia to the Rcot. Wc have had, by xh€ 



Jmrikir Travels in Bosiofsa, 


CCq «hcn be vru in Mv^arih Blackmanc'K ofTtcc 
jOckwDod uiyt of ihc famous tfial ihai it was inicnUi^iJ for 
un. amciuniinf; lo burlcv.fuc. ^t*^ notbm|£ moTe, Had ihv 
an been micnded 31 a scaious picture iA the procct-ding^ in a 
juttide J: would have been open to much seiious dieseciiyn 
niiution/' This i» niher a narrt>w view. Albwing fqt j&omcr 
sof deail— which is of an ephcmemi sort— U may be said 
7 touch m the picture is of die best ^lirical kind, :uid sug- 
y profound obtervauon of human characcer. The tnEeniion 
kc a lau^ \^ only tecondaiy. The treatment U solargeand 
hat wf f^nd the vnrioufi craus— wnnesaea under cwminrttion, 
:0 of coun&cl, &C.- reproduced in out own day, 
of Judge SiAreki^h*^ Jirtti is acltjnUy quuted in the profound 
ttbc "T»yIwon EridetKe"; and we find the desfripttoiT of 
irto in -'Oliv*,-? Twist" adopted in such icxi booksi a; 

•Prindples of M«dicinc," and in Miller's "Principles of 
' 1c is yit^l known chat Mr, Justice Gaielec sal for Stare- 
At. Crabb Robinson mentions an instance of his recetving 
ndcnce t^ conviiri a prisoner. On a ihfcDi to lay ihc caae 
he Scfrctary of State, the judge rdea&cd ihc pnsoner. 
■nn » now with ua In the person of Mr- Bompaa, Q,C A 
y 10 ihc difpih of Bok'} obseniLlicn in hi^ gr^t book i:^ not 
ic Almoat daily atluaions or quotaLions, but the rerurrf n^'O in 
of pftsatfios almost cvactly atinftar. Not Jon^ sincCi in a 
)f promi&c caaf in Mr. Justice Lawrence's court, the late 

Buzfuz icappeari-d in the flesh, and began his speech by 
[ that " not merely in ' the whole courn; of his professional 
cc> but never at any time, hod facia tiiote painful been 
before a jury/ The plaintiff, gentlemen, the plaintiff vras a 
dy, the dftiightcT ol a gcmlcman deceased, who was at one 
the War OfHce. She lived with her mother and her ivro 
Late and Jcaie, in the peaceful and innocent atmosphere 
all ptepftratory school isl Thornton Heath. Gentlemen/' 
i»l went Ofi in tender accents, "ihe was a young giil ; she 
thing of I^ndon hfc ; she had been dirlieateiy and tenderly 

by a loving mother, and h»d lived a qniet country life at 
:10VCd of her two younit ii^teni. Virtuous, poor^ but, gi^ntte- 
ngh poor, h.^ppy, knowing nothing and suspeumg nothing 
md dc^iE, gentlemen, Hhc^ got in the tratn for London 
not knowing that in the tame carriage was n person whom, 
iiy, t mtl ittti a mun." We have seen in country pi^xs 

134 7**^ GatffemaH's Afa/i^aztHe. 

poss^es Lhai alinosi se«mfd buvlcsquc when pm boide die ladn - 
the "F-iianswiH ClaiCiic/' A iJulilin p,ipcr once hkoitd »iac o(Eac\ 
stal«m«nE5 to " venomous re|>til^ diif^rting fAtrntei^ts im a rani if 

Nothing n motv extfaordirary ihan The intetcii (rhich lo lla 
wt> hour iR cicucd by " Pickwick." uid all ihai is conDcocO ^Jii 
'* E'ickwick.'* Ihc ftlluiions, ihe phruo. have act^ulred » «1 J 
archaic flavour, and Ihdr meaning in sought and hotly debaud. i 
canffti ttiHc ricVivickian dcbatcshavcagrcaicharo}— alldflsviiic 
attracted by them- 'Hic ctintancc is 90 cnluKtn^— h is n^ghso! 
year* jmoc— [hat ihc book ha* become atintut a classic IJtE]tfi 
ihc wclUltiJown schoolmaalcr, Mt. Uiltcr Wren, siartcd & liulff 
conlfovfrsy in one of the evening pnipcrs, on the meaning of uac o' 
Jinglc'i odd phfasd- Mr. Wien wtote with due fffty\iy, "thl 
Jingie had 4i>d, " Bottle standi ; pai.% it round ; way of the tun • 
t/iri'ii£^ the buft&f"h.ifc ; no hccl-raps.' W'c all of uk kno*' ttU 
*Wfly of Ihe jgo -. "o heel-taps/ bui 1 can find no «vidtfUC of 
' through the buiton-hnic ' having ^^ve^ been current hlan^ ; it ii not 
in Murray, not in Rir.hard^on. ni>t ifi HaUiwell, Naicft, or WedgwOOd- 
It IE noi in any ^laiig dictionaty- 1 Iiavc arc^s to. Tli^ button ho)f 
of our coats aro al^*a}s madtvn /^ i^ftsidt^ vhich wvinuio ^ovtbcr 
origin of the phfait" I can fanry ihu ilude of the j^cnial Dicksi* 
laughing luudly over ll^i* spetubiion— ihou^h, a« Blia aiks, -*l>oc^ 
a Rho*l Utu«h ? " " Nares, Rich.iidion," &<,, is good, js well U ikF 
theory drawn — and tine^drawn loo—fioiii laflonhip, Sornc ^P^ 
folk joined in the discusiion, one uiyinj^ that 1 " With reference K^ 
Mr. WTcn's 'Pickwick Puzzle/ an eipUnation which srems toUco>* 
the face oF it (to to speak) is that the word *bu(ion-hole' la c*^ 
meuphor, coitied by Mr, Jingle on the »pur of the momenu ai^ai- 
fyin^ the well-known fissuie, or gap« in the human countcntfo^ 
commonly called "the mouth/ The meaning would thus be "PiP* 
it round -way of ihe sun— loss the liquor — and leave 00 hwl- 
tAps,' Forty greats ago it was common cnough^ii may be 10 mil ; 
ftUs I I know not— for children to allude to anything jwallovcd »=^ 
hivfng gone down 'the r^-Ianc'; a metaphor for the thniflinc^* 
TDOrc lar-fecched than 'button-hole "for the momh. Mr. Jinjlth^^ 
all thf tine itnaginatiDLi, no less than all the tine careLcasne^ of ' 
child— \V. H/ 

But Mr, Uren gravely argued against this theory 1 " f am iftii^ 
the word* of ihc whole sentence arc against * W, H/ ' " B<^ yuta^ 
rdon, ijr/ ^aid the stranger inglcj, " bottle stands — paai it rouf"" 
*iay 01 the sun— through the buKOh'holc— no hecl'tapa," ind ta< 

fuH/itr Travtii in Boi/anJ^ 


^^ lii< |(1u«, which \k 1i><1 nilcd jtboui twu rainuLC« bi.'fort*, anO 
Atd out Uimtwr^ ttilfi lHc jiTf of u muii wlm vru unE^U IV it' 
pioan vat to pciu tfat bi^^tl^— tioi to drink lU cgnlcnti. The 
Tdft*no K«I"Upi*»ccni lo fefet lo the five wonli whith follow." 

But prciciitljr ' "1^ vho termed to knov Kn subject^ paisibly 
profti«oc of folk-loTc, jpptMrcd on the «L:cnc- Hi» sbow of 
ning W3« [JiodigiouK : " Mr, WjUcr ^Vren^ jjrpfMsed loluiion h 
I fiicnl 'Throut^h (he buRon-holc ^ \t> a Aguic, anJ hat noihin^ 
do nith ibc ci^iim,- ukvn by tlic boulc. 'The butLon<ho1c« of our 
Uxaroalwayb mad^ uii the ittt tide, which seeina io show the 
■t^of ih« phra&i^/ [nil«td tX <I<>ca not- This ]it«rahc8« i« '^utCQ 
iMonlan. li iKCOnntctc<d wicb ^nohcel up«,' not rvjih iho 'way 

ihc tuc/ It iwniii to iDvaD ^Oub)?t fair drinking, iind U pro- 
>bl; lUni; fur the mouUi of the dxmkf^r or ihc nioutii of the 

*Nf- Wren tctli ux thai he hu turnv-d tu hh Murruy*:, Rich^dioni, 
Bb^ bc^ wtthoui rctutt. lie ie;Lc;h?i yi^LjiiK [<Jcu^ ihrlr »hooimg, 
nticonnot rccflH m hi* *Tom Jones' Thwackum'B ipeedi, 'Vat 
FWr liquor down tMrvush ike ^Httva-hoitJ Itni he rend, iti his 
S*nll«tt, TtUQtiion's bout. * I can ^ui a U>ll1e through iny button- 
«* "it!! Einy man ' ? As for his Murray. Narc», and Co., I would 
'ajrnj Mr, U'rcn of a curious U»le work ivhich he may not have 
"^ ' Pro*<ibia1 Phrue«/by one Jones^a Welsh parsofi, dna 1780, 
"^t* quoi«* Ihii \^Ty f./rm, * Thiough (he "button-hole"— /#. 
''''*J|li the mouth. Top«r"* ph:a*c.' Hid hu- ihtiik* mo. cjf eon- 
""^ihiii Profiwsot Sk«al— be« of all modi'm amhurili«*^ In a 
**%btfuT paper comributcd to the * Etymological Journal' (July, 
7?) 1^ lind 'Through the button-holv: a |x>pubr phiusu fur 
"''■Jflji fairly — /v. taking; in the? wine through ihe mouth,' This 
"^fwite. It ia curious that the French should be familiar with 
'■toe fortii of dtpreEsion, DumouUn {DicL dts Prmtr^s) has 
*^^ ^cuffiiit mr ^ffutortmirr. i.4. boift. Mot iS'h'rv^n*' \ an 
"^miion ivhich 1 tioie Littr^quot^ withapptobation. iJunioulin, 
'^y iddt wu the moit fearn^ philologi>il of \\\\ day, und a pru' 
■^t 41 the Collige de FrariLt. 

*' h Mf, Walter Wren now answered ? Gore Pickwick itJ futtire, 
^^d Jtdvitc hlio, and aiiend la hit ftrula. Above nlU let him not 
^> tbatbecaiue he cannot find something in 'Narci, Munay, 
'^iireU, A;g / it 11^ not 10 be found clvcnherC' Box knew well what 
*^ai about.— Voura, 

"j. DOWtEB. 


zsfi Tkr CentUman'i Afaga^a^^ 

Thw wcmcd convincing, aU wivc ibc iignatore, '* D^fr.Tk 

Crtsi^i, Bath." The appearance of Uiu itavelling conii*iiion flJ 
Mr. Pickwick might ti*vc ftwak^n^d *un>icion. But Mr Wni 
M«pictt the -amhoritici " quoi«l, and ttpdicd with tnoch hot the 
insinuAtion ihat he wat ignorant of hit Dkkenj. Ii doct loJu 
howem, asif the whole w&s "a flam," as ti U culled. Indtcatf*^ 
riifihttBl investigation show* that all Ihc books quoted %efc ab^ui >a 
imaginar? M ihc fnrdral namci on Dittcns's " dtininiy " ihdivi at 
Gadshill. Professor Sk«i wtpIc nj *' thoughtful papci" on th<S 
phnsc; ihcrciani>*'lJumoulm'* withhia **J>£fr.des /Vvfvi^f*— ir« 
ihort, Ml, Walter Wren wa» royally '* iioaxed" 

Pjckwick would beji 4 icguUi leiious «udy. Thii* wt tr^ 
all, it must be conft^acd, patiial lo Tupman, to Mt. Tracy Tupmin » 
t>r "Tupp^V* as Jin^lc once f»mi]iaily adOrcEeed him. There n^ 
u ccrtflin j1 propot in making Ihis stout, ** puffy " gentleman vc:^ 
suscppdbl*^ lo the charms of the oihei st*. The puixk ii, hfn<r 
came he '4n ihal galley "? How did this fat and elderly penocu^*^ 
coiTie lo be eiilUted in tiie Pickwickian corps ? Winkle and Snod^m^ 
wcie young fcUows. and regarded ihcir leader wiih the k>t\ f>^ 
rc^'Crence one would have for u guardian ; indeed, Mr, WinkEc^ \it^ 
wharliageT, personally placed hie son under Mr. Pickwick'* chufgC^ 
with tht objecL of seeing life under his direction. Bui Tupma^s 
was rather too n^aturc for this sort of thing. ]t is pbin, indeed* 
that there was a sorr of incorapaiibiUt)- in iheSr relation^ owing t^* 
this very maturity, whltih Boi, by happy touches^ allows to \\e *e«»- 
Indcedj their iutcrcourse seemed always, on this account, a litil^ 
strained. Who can forget the dispute over the brigand dms^He'^ 
Mr. Pickwick tailed him old and fat, and dedorcd ihat his appeal" 
ance in a two-inch tail in his presence wnuld be disrespcrtfo) ! Tl^^ 
violcnceihat followed, all but culminating in an a<inin..H Jed loanios** 
painful scene, which we would well fotgcL But n ipokc voltimer^^ 
^ the relations of the two men, and showed that Tupman ic«nte-^^ 
his sO'Cfllled leader's assumption of awthority. There wii n^ ^ 
single instance of such rebellion on the pan of the two oihcre. 
was a nice accumie touch lo show the elderly Tupman rebelli 
agairftt Mr. Pickwick** despotism, 

Tupm^n's was not a hifih-sooied namrt There was a lotneihi 
a little unj^ittfUmaftiy in taking his friend's dress-coat surreptitio 
and lending it to a vulvar stranger and play-actor. >bking it on 
own case, we should nut like lo wear it afte* auch use. We hi" ^^ 
always wondered, by the way, how the adventurer managed 10 sc^^*-' 

Furtiur Travth im Bozland. 137 

drev^ Of, Jtt kut. dean thirtj for 11 i» hinted ilmoat m pUin ward* 
jit he w^ trying u> conceal the Absence of «uch an trticle: 

T^ tome bick of Atcv iiutinci it aliown on hia liTti entnnce 
to a pcHlNt Uiangcr^ houea— b» lingering! U-hind to tnatch -';l 
ifift from Einma.'* one of the TDiidnervaniA, 'J'hia bccmii cuartiv, and 
repva «s for wone- It will be reineiubcred^ toui ttut on the tint 
ew^of Mia Wordtcsdopcmem, hlu exclamation itrost, "He'«gottcn 
ouodt of mine - «op him I " Not a word uf the los« of hit mistress, 
wiidcirly miterly. 

Sirt ■ ainfular incident it ihc ilmoii complete disflppcariaC4 of »0 

pronUag a character. After Mr. I>co Himicr'K f^ic he is altogethei 

Ion 10 view, thoufih hl» name is mentioned lor dcccncjr'e flake. 

SriodfOtt and ^Vinlttc Agure in new jtnd plL^a^anl adventures, but Tup- 

maAim^l Aitfcll to-e retired from tht party altogether for anything 

thai is »id of him. Even ai Ihi: iaat plcatant dinner at Oabamc's 

H«nt Adelphi, ^hcn all the friends art: gaihcfrd loijciher, the arrival 

^ DKntioncd of Snodgrau, J^ckwick, and ^Vinklc, but never a trord 

o^Tupman \ ll wa» ungracious to Icare him out VVhai was he 

^^Wot? Wc could have spaced a better man. At the end our 

iSLbor itcollecis l^m, :ind tells us that he ^rcnt to live at Kichmond^ 

^"bt eouid have been the reason of this? I fancy IE was owmg 

loibc workinq^of ccruin epic laws which Bo« felt himself powerless 

'ttreisL Winkle and Snodgra^ had a etrUin interest nltnching to 

^"na, They wore human enough 1 they both had Ihcir love Dffnrm, 

^ ^ich readcn and authors ncrc drawn- Tupman, with hit 

^v^iibiliiiea and his bulk, it wa» inipoa»]Nc to lalte DeriouiEy. 

*fi«bi»exhibU]on he seemed *' pbyed out." Noncof ihc foJlowcn, 

**Ube noted, appited to him for assistance va any of iheir hitlc 

■^twaret JJc gradually became a mere cipher. At Bath wc 

"to hue CTfpecicd that he would have taken a new dep^rture. 

™iW(lhcafilJ^uaicd spinsicrs and dowagers he would have revelled. 

"iAlt and Snodgrass were each fiiTntsUcd with niec wives Tupman 

*• fiDC thought of ai alL Why, however, could not he and the 

'P^'wier aunt ha« betn brought together agam? It wotild have 

*^ the whole ttcellently, 


Lt>*"ityn\< Hritrkfs. 


^% iVmbn^hlAntlchaimuDgwiih thcHghiornthcrdap, 


Foi iheiouoh vdA^anliA'd hand. 
And \\iK Miundofn vdfc tbHE ii itlLI, 

KpCf^Aps both tV moat iiiipnrunl fminrni'c »iid the 

*Je »pnr la All ihf melropohi, Itw oE m, jt^ ^^^: |win it on 
Or croM ]l on our roulc (u thr Ankwcrkcv i'Atk^i^c^, .ii the 
!D>r[)L of our lutumim] huhdiiy, thmlc what grcM pcri^oTti 
^ \ixtC there ; and *hit ottif rs. cqiiJiJIy yrcaU have wc|jI 
ipoii it. To il. Of raihcr to Crcut Tower Strcci, came 
to puniic hit Xx»6c » an lulun foitunc-tcUei ; while the 
Jtuckinghani often valkcd ihjthcr in ot<1u[ ui comaU a 
thrcwd, fai-tccini; rogue^ %hu. when Fcltori boughE at the 
^ on the tumni^t of (he hiU (ai a ^hiLlin^ ihe tnilv wiLh 
j}led the iJuke'k ^iher, may have krtown for what i>urpo»o 
ircd WiJliAi,iti P«in nu bum orj this bill, in a housu 
Wig^JilaW. FoEiy-foiir ytii?. Uler — (hat is, in \.^>- tA^^— 
^^^^uLi^d by A ciusL *hich ^UrvniioEi had urge^J him 
00|Cr«dj|T, in ^n upper room of \hK Bull Tavern. Thi» 
latcd Olwxy: at the time whi^n ihc son of the musei lay 
«non, Ihc cck"bmt«d foundtf wf the iU^;e afier the 
T, H^a wrinRing icars froui the cy*?* of th<f public, nt>( for 
Hldcod, but at his own fiLtitious tonows iti '' Vem;:c Pre- 
Et was in Grcai Tower Sirevt tliat Peter the Great (jsed \i> 
BningsH drinking hot pe|.ipcr and brandy with liis bootl 
, Lard Carmanhen. In the uninviting neighbourhood of 
er Screet, which an sc^r^iely be supposed to have bc^ 
n^onuon composed Lns " SuLiims." In Grub Stieei, the 
Uf king- plitoe of many a mule inj^loiious Miliuii, much 
■y work was eJTecied, none of which has siirvived Lh« touch 
:ttroying liand. Tlie most impQitant fact recurded of (t 
ria lived "the very ri:j»nrkable Henry Walby, Esq,, of 
"e,* who dwcU in hih hous^ fuTty-four years without cvcf 
by a human being. He was iioastsa^d of large property; 
ilher having atteiiipied to muider hini, it so ahenated him 
ind thai hu re&olv«d Lo cnLic^ly wilTidraw Trom the world. 
MDtUfy, from jjSfi 10 ;036, all that was known of htm 
E ckuitJCA weie tnumHcent, 

km hiU, in»igniJicant Tor mere altitude, hat bfien smitten 

PGnd which once held it»df og pioudlyas that of the 

Ac land' Between the eiiecution of the Conqueror's 

of OB 



cCSaowHauid Holbon 
_m tor A toulD 
M^ Aer «>a« B^BB back 10 the To«ci' 
OMc=^ t^ d^sGovvcor of "thcFlftu.'^aAdte 
3e vttifpcd £ro« here to Tfbom umS back. 
IboebbdethMBitEnctiTcaboatDcnrsiif HOL Hard 

boStfKas Ljs &e< Its Kll VpOB It OSd 2II IB belOOjlDgS. IhC 

bi^dmgs, ih^ <titi^«iiidovft &otn which k U attt to impo«ul 
"* oni, the hackly, huB^-lookiDg derks wha haunt iis peeOM 
^ wtH-E^ lacr^tan'^ *ho CDme and go, all »pcaV ol nutna 
««tihip. Yet itWTts r-oi alwBTs ihus. Look back far ihr« ccncd 
./* ".5 , *^^ ^"^ ^' <*n»e, into the tcigti of the gloriou* virgin Quel 
» dreary little ^^^ hi tlofV, every inch of trhichisvonb 
gold, will babble o crowded ports, midmghi AdvenlUf sirife^^ sUJiely eaUeons, Homeiic Bca^rij^lusi and l 
^f ^ngland't greainew- 1'- vu here thai ga^int FrtS 


Li>Mdtm's J/ergA/s, ^^^f 141 

^^ <3auatln« sAilor wtio tinged (lie Spatilali kin^ beaid, 

/^ ^w<kllLi?0« Wdirig jovial LtittTcourie with ihe hc-roes who 

*^^ rctlluwed liitn lu deatJi. llic iiiemtii^ uf Sit Fiancia 

l/*^** Uko a gol Jm sunbeam, upon Dowgs(c HitL 

f '^^O^b, w li** stfcQ, College Hill, yf all ihe thoitsandg who 

L^^^^ l-ondonV buty sUcels? V^et, aUhough Iiuricd undfincnlh 

'^^lU of tijicliB jnd moilar, it is sti]l haiini.ed by Ihe &pifiU of 

Ij J^^" TVh; DfuiOi* hoube w^s a^es afterwards rqibced bf the 

V^* **f Ihc Holy Spinl and Sl M^ty. whirh, in its lurn, was 

r~™ ttUo the country, :o Hjgb^«le Hill^ only to be once mote 

/"»ed up liy ihc cvvr incteaaiog City cf KJng Lud, The glioit 

^^^ **rnoTji Dick Whinington— I beg ht* pardon, Sir Richjitd — 

^™ itt nightly hour* between College Hill, for Sir RidiArd laid 

7*^^ '^nc of the edifice, ond fhepteseni iite of the Catholic pile. 

^"^ilhi acrclw at mviikory will lecall the figure of a Tme gen*lernaii 

^fte posi-RcidoJaiion cm. Heie the second <ind last of the ViUieu, 

^^"^i^ Uuko of Buckin^hsun, h:id bis vrondrout m^itibn ; And 

*™( Ac Wf(t ttidv of the fctreei he loved 10 walk on sunny ipornings, 

'wcbinj hf^ \nj^^ ratnpai^n periwig, 

" ^ npni tu rmi.KJ»tible to think of Comhill n% 2 clustering 

•™t 'idd, Tct ii W3* fimous for the growth of whe»l long befoie 

"WjOklcii ^rain mjh bioujhl tuii martel which had been established 

V^ifajt^^'fidt b[opi\ Later the hill became the veiy paradise tailors 

"-ThfK it^jti 14, iijive niigraied to the lival hilb of Holborn. The 

bLjbd gfihe goti^e and ^huats would have been supremely happy in 

■^^if ^lion if it had noL bci^n for the intrusive ioipcciinence* of the 

**iKlitKiuiiiig rfanciicans and the insolence of swiishbuckler bravog 

•■^) ^luued ihc hill on iheiE frequent joumtyB to and from the Tnwet. 

^ii<jnk«,ln chcinEcrvals of devotion, vere in the habit oreitncLing 

*'*Kbw aJwayi of money, from the complaisant lailors' wives; 

'^vilie foJdief bullies divided their I imt between paying ccuti to 

* ^orj' dfluebtCTS and abduoling their apprentices, One of ihcrse 

^t^licc bd(, who broke his indenlures, proved his valour in after 

'•'^imid scenes irhere blood flowed like water ; and grey Comhill 

^^ ereen again with the heroic memory of Sir John Hawkwood, 

*^with ihfit of ia later, not less illustrious, son, the poet -aoldier 

2^ AU things change ; knights and ladies no more crowd Corn* 

•*► IB fotmc: gjiitics hflve deported, iu present weallhict accessories 

*'<V)bcr, ruasct'hued. Where is now its Tan? its Quintain, sr 

*^ Eikcn loved 10 lilt ? The stream ihai rolU down its conduit ■& 

9^n. lu standard ha£ been furled for ever^ 

U was on Laurence Pountney HJLl that Harvey lived tvilh hi« 
>Qi. cCLXXviii- no. ■p;^ ■ 


The GentUman's Afa^azine^ 

mt^rcantile biotben. Danivl nn^ Elhb ; and here he moK piucu 
than ttiudtrn wouJd-be discoverers, took cigbr yctr« for the 
inj£ oui uf hii vrondruhEt theory o( ihe cirtuUiion of the blood. 
a oold drtmry Februauy morning, one Kan Ctirfc^ cntfroJ 
church wh[<:h t*r;iccs tlie hill^ to be mftrrlcd lo a rirricr. To 
Radford. U'ho wt^ufdh^te drvamed ih^t thai hilariouK r«d-ch«bd. 
btnom wench vm di^vutied, in ihc whirllgif of time, to becomt a 
duchMS— the consoit of thai |wliticat mounccbafik, Monk. Kulc 
Albemarle ? 

NcAfly a hnndr^'d ycirs .it^cr the fartkr's marriage the chaidn 
SC. Mary Jii' Hill, IliUingsgate. a locality now confiocmted lo ttt 
nthcr than Venus, wimes&ed a wedding of a dt^erent order, 
riiinji jjoct, V^iung- mature in years, for he is fifty ycar^ old, 
yet hii "Nt^hl Thuughls '* jemain unwrillcn- dtfrnonstratMihai 
are not oLcluded fTUiit fiuc;^ely ; fur be has taken lo wile the U^ 
BIJiEabeih J^e, a cobnel'^ wido»\ but the diiughter of iht f^A 

Fish Street Hill, looked down upon by the toirerinp Montann 
and Lorgcly given over to ^hotesal^f fruiterers, cdrrie^ \u back in 
days Avhcn Engibb princes borecQatsoftnail, not cards and ceuT 
Here ihc brave Black Prince and his tare wife Joan dwdt, la' 
palQCc which might have put to shame chat of Aladdin. V( 
t>as9ed, the Prince died, and the fair Princess grew corpulent in 
ionety widowhood, until at length, when ahe wa« borne m her It 
from the old home on Fish Strtvt Hill even her defunct hu±b3[ 
war cliarpef could scarcely have borne her weight- 

lroe« wave no lunger upon Garllck Hill; the old-lime rank 
stinkLng plant no Ioniser Rourishea ; li is rtiLhcr given over te 
production of mujitard, that Keen accompanimcni of beef, than 
the growth at garWc vUe root beloved of ihc Sj«mard- 
memories of this spot are melancholy ones. Three centuric* 
the riverside height re&ounded lo the iread of faggot -hearing r uf 
servants of the Company of Pewierers, who carried holes of hoqc^ 
thr^mgh the lanks of scowling, shrinking spcclaion. The losoliy 
beurcra' mafiiLLn» held Lcruin e^catebon condition of providing ih^ 
wood where^vuh to biirn heretics, There \s no wonder that GiHick 
Hill was an un&avoury spot, 

Has anyone ever heard of Puddle-dock Hill? Where a ii ^ 
Scarcely may the hill be seen now ; succeeding ages of impnw*' 
mcnis have almost levL^Iled it from olT the face of l-ondoa- Ytt '' 
siJcaks ill for lingbnd ih^x n should be f^^iTfioilc.r Uid not Stoke- 
spcarcK house in Black^riars abut on the vtry sireci which led do' 

the hm to Puddle Wharf? Why should Puddk Hill be dc«pifrt^<t 
ind Stnflford'on-Avon br horourcd by an Adrninng world i' 

Holborn » wartelj a hill now, tiul in out younger days, before 
TIk famous ViadutI had brcn <:onflTvirtcd) it vrjvt >itc(fi enough. 
foowr Mill iTiTisi be grouficd herewith, for rhc two aiv^ srarcely 
rpArabl^ A pAttage by way of Ihne mfariE a progress to clfvaEJmi, 
It It vu that of Tybutn Trrr. Many a ^ood dam*; crifd "God 
m^cy ! * whm <hf [[oly Maid of Krnt wat Led lo d(alh up 
olbom Kill, Hfiw man)- poised Ihix way f There wtu the £f>od 
lOrxl of Haddleimerc, heeaune hit ohminarc wife, in hu ah«enrc, 
ould nrrf ^iifffniler hi* K«rnish —not Vorkshire— Cwile of Leeds to 
uc<% IwiSelia. S» wrnr, a few years livicr, lh;i! fjoecn'* creaLiire^ 
'xlmund Mortimer, who«e nam^ is im|>cri!ihah]y at^rKtaied wilh oiir 
Kottin/thaiTi Cwtlc Mack, wdhin «ghi of rfhich ihese fines Are 
whUffi, Hy \\\\\ rniilc journc)cd ihc fjtetly and pasMimalc Agnrs, 
l^dy tli|nj|;rrfurd, '^ht\ in jl fiL of [iCtiJlAEice, pDi^nned hex hu^bnnd, 
^T Fdlwjrdn and died for \i, Itlcr xhf vilcfit of f^nminnK ll wa& a 
kwg Minding proemion, Ihni whirh rrept Ihnmgh the year* from 
tbt inm Tower, or fmtn ^mc one or <ilht:r of Lhc City prisons, ic> 
Tjtara, WhowerCBoroeof these iravelJcr*? There wai Southwell, 
Wftcond-ntc pod; Kelton, murderer of ^^SEcenie" Ituekmgham; 
■tirf the threcseore-save-onc of the signator-i to rhe death- wiirmut 
"Qiiries L ; and eountle.M vietimi of the malevolent Dr. Titus 
^^ They formed a motley throng . Jack Sheppord, the hnrriblc 
oWctt, the infamoua Jonathan Wdd, Turpin, l>i3v*l, and a peat 
c*ip*riy of vulj^ar highwaymen and hou^cbrcnkeni, whose cnmcii 
™t fccen softened hy imic, unid ihe catHlT* Imvc alniuni become 
Mm* There was Ijjrd Terier*, tameltjUy auircd in Ins wedding 
■•-Md ihc dO()uefit Dt iJodd, to »fly nothing of more vulgar 
^- Ii itai nor imiil November 7, rjK^, thnr (hc^e Tyburn ridei 
"^^i fnr the honniif ot hiimanit). 

Selow IliiJ hM many mcmotnbic AsvociiLlionR, hut x>wt^ wjII avjflice. 
"**«here That a great man looked his lait upon ihc si:enc«i of earlh 
^''J'l: crtiiiiTi^ the nvet and entering that relesl^ai eity which he 
"■"Did to ha*e «ecn tn thjs fife. }Junyon, (he imninrlal drfflmer, 
""•Ift (he h*»use of his ftiend -'^[ru(is^ck, lUe groctr, m the year uf 
^ Iw and rnfntl gloriouH revolulion^ 

(Jac of the he*f'knowo and most frpr|utntcd Tocaliiiei in London 
I* *J*i^te H:il, ■^ilh its ruiil omnibuses and aticami ofeabs. It lits 
^*i <|uecn arnidM Jts nuiHPmus rivals, trowncd with Wren's won- 
^^''^^ monumcnL It was a rare place in the olden iimc?i, lyjng, ai 
'^ <Si(i, in ihe route of the traveller from the turbulent Cily to ihe 

L a 


Oihci luLh there ^xt„ tome of which were once f&r oiicld, but 
vtechjicjit Ijondon hu tbsod>cd Anionic these were Hny HiU, 
vcUrxiua for the <tucb fought (hereon^ and the IfLcvlc^s gentry who 
wqutTited it ; CoTHtitutton Hiil, once .1 rivotiiiic prorocnnde for 
Kmirchs, «hCTic ChAr1» II. loverd Id n^im M will, J|)^d where mul 
Oirctfdput oor prcwrni ;rnieiou4 (lucen in jjcrii of h<'T life ; Hi^hgAtc 
Hil), aiierc ibe cAA lime monks took toll of dIJ horncmcn, where" Ihc 
AonVi of St- Anthony tended the oiiK^Kt Itpcr?. nnd vrhcrt- Thr noble 
Andnrir Mon^Jl Lived in decent corofcrn ; ihc hill of brecfy Hamp> 
KOil vhcTMin ihexo-ealled CoctcneTpoc1«gave birth to ^'thoughts 
tbii tireitherf and wnrdi ihnt burned " : Primrose HtH - this was in 
out joiingfr rinyi the Londoner*' delight^ buf its tiliractions h,ive 
Vonmtlul ^itMed iwjiy ^intv then. This mtghty dtinc, bfneach 
■fckh mt |wrrharire Ihc honi:» nf sQTnc (Zelltc kin|;, has been tcnried 
Cr(tQ-BcTjy-Hin, from tbc names tif llic fhf^c person* who wore 
CVCUtod for the >iUii|Xifed murder of Sir Rdniondburj' fiiidlrey, ind 
vfeoarruid to liAvr brought bjm hicbcr aftei he bjid bf^enshm ncir 
SoDCT^t Houie. The hill i^ now girdled in with hou4c«, except 
■im ihp pork >idi% and children would look in vain for the 

Vflle priinoJ«» 
Tliflt (lie unnurrivJ, civ Lbcy esa bchoLd 
Bnfht riurliLjii Ir hii iirrngth. 

Kotling Hill U even yet Komewhai qui of the way, akhoUjj^li iho 
"is*!'! lO^nruQ* farther out for mdei. until the oaks uf Aclon are 
Wpl^Ttd by brieht and niorur Very dtfiercnl mufci the neighlrour- 
^Md ha»e a^ipearvd in ihi; days ^hen the last of \.\\t: Flan Eaj^v nets, 
■"wd Dukv of Clouc^-slerf had his rustic cottage ihere» and rode 
mtL\g over £iir Knotting Manor^ He was a brave young Prince, 
"^ ' iB^odrite •«\i)\ the people, for be had not yet lost throne snd 
l^ijiilitf ntggirdlv Tudor, oeiiher bad his fame been besmirched by 
W'oulnwnka who 6upiJorl*;d ihe Welsh tjsurper and unblushingly 
Mtin Ilia behalf, 

Xor Jul ;iXK London's heights exhausi^d, buc those which remain 
'^fbettiftto futtirvchrodifcler^ who. .11 some not far diat:int day. 
^icll bow ihc great heirt of England sircLchcih itself from the 
™FiUuf GniTCiend and Greenwich lo the slopes of Flnchley* and 
"^1* 'Office across to bonny Richmond and the lovely Surrey hills, 


Tlicrv H London I Kjigtaail'ii Ucait lad ienl. 
By the pnmJ flowine ofihe futonm Thimo 
She cirtubtu iluniigh cotmllen lind< mJ Hn 
Hir £mTn&<A GlnnnuOy iUe ruVt ■ 
At ocn ihc ftLve tnd iccpUe of the 4oeI<]. 


£imt Recfni Rtstanhes on iie Air, 147 

vevevtc — art nowadijn Mng crediteiJ \o ilie action of micro- 
^i^c life, the r««i9lt« of ihtf rf«earL-1ic« on (he gcrm-lifc of (ho !iir 
*^f the hqthctt huorcet — mor« espociAUy to iiiedic;^! riien, 4tno« 
^ Hftve ihiourn inadt lighi on ihe irupurum, bui slill my^iviioui, 
^^uon of ihc pro|>354iLOTi of £yniotk ducoaca. 

^Mnre dcUiUtkg the icnilu of Konw of cIlcsc icscujctit!*, 11 m.iy 
** Well to GX|>lAm howwhai miwt appear to some ac a wcll-ni|ih 
l^'^tiT'CTibl* initial difllcoUy iri comluttin^ ihcm ib ovvrcoine» vi-t. 
'^^ oeicttivn HI1O cnutiicratitiTi of ciL:*tures sa uiimit*;, 
_ "^^ *he unasiirtttJ c^« tlie pretence of evtn any »^hd jjarlicWs in 
™^ tif is, u a rule, entirely invblbte- We aay ibin is n> as a rn/e ; for 
^'me ut drcaiKiBiaDce^ when the *ulid pifiidea in the air are 
***kd«til Titibl^ Evervon« ii aware of the :ippeaturcc of a strtara 
*^tunlijiht, iniroduccd through a stit or hole in the ibuilcf of a 
^'•iVentci room- Under such circumstanteB, the air, through which 
*** stinli|ihi pu^ei, is seen to be full of mlnuie dusi poTTidei : yet the 
Py aoEc*,'* which are thus seen 10 " people the ttiJibcam " c&niii< 
^■1 lifter all, only a vcty ingjgnll^cnnt fraction of the loial number 
'ttc ijr tontaint— for thouiiand^ of ihetn arc tar too n^inuie 10 be 
Albino ihe naUcd eye. Amon^ ihise lauer are the (^einis, 1l is 
<^F lodci^id, with th« aid of oui iiio« twjwerfu! micrD&coiuM ihnt we 
"^cDibK^j to Ji?jCCfn thefiV laitci. and (\>riu uny cwumaie yf ihttr 
"*■ Many uf them at» 1«9 ihan fJtr i>H* tioenty-rhvf^iittJih v/ im 
■■■ In the «of d5 of Professor Pcftry J", h'unkljiiid» one of our 
** ipeti on ihifi subject, "four hundred milhons of ihese 
^'^Pi^Rii could be Vij^ead over one ^i|uare inch in a im^t byt!T. 
^*^*<tcouhi have a {:oi)u]ation oi^e hundied EimLS ae great as 
** of London »n]cd on an area of a singJc square inch, withouiany 
P^iot of overcrowding, and giving to each individual organism, 
"hrcc icret, which certain polUtdant icli ua are nccasaiy for 
individual man, but one four hundred millionth of a ^fbare 
tUidi is quite adek|uaic for a dtiien in the commonwealth of 

*?Jt*[nong the many and curloui^charaneristioof germ-lifu-, none 
■*wt striking than the raic fit whi<h they develop. jUcnrihn^; to 
'^fnnkbad, 1 single bacfllu^ may, m the course of tweiiiy four 
'*Wl,|ivc rbc loa |nOi;cny foui limes M numeroiipy as ihc popiila- 
'<in of Condon, and in double lliat time, a number trprc»cn'.ed by 

BWlly fuf tt< rionation of ChriAlian KnnwM|;'>}^ i<i which vol unit amt Nit 
ttD A«M KCdtliT publi>bPl vtluable wnik Oh lUttff Or^imt'tj m H'dfff 
ILmsdwO l11 (ULJc^ Lntcrulcd n (tie qubtian are icrcrrcd for the mii>> rci;cb)t 



Tht GtntUma^fi Maga^$u. 

the follmnn; 6gurc« : sSo,ooo»oooi,ooo,ood. Xow, il li by Ithf 
advAntASC of thi< prf>[)CTty that we arc able ii> AfXtd th«ir pcixtce 
and cstimirc their numbct in ftjr or in vrnicr Thu »c eff«t \ff 

imroducing them intovomc wlid nuimivc medium in «rhidi tk^ 
iriAy iVccty devcTop^ ain^e, nllho^Kh wc c&niKri see one tingle (era 
we h^vc no difticuUy in aer-nng miULone of them i f tmffidencly <ioMl} 
packed logcthcr The most coromonly used medium ii yjcpioniiQi 
gclaiine, EnEroduee any tOKro-or^iniAm into %uch a lUbtUnoe in 
it will very «oon develop, with tht result that, in pboc of • lit(t 
orgJiniim, wc havc*f«niily oi eolony, the member* of which, bj bci 
confined tu ;i limited aica, are ejuly rendered visible to the luke 
eye ; and ii^cit U hA^ been found that ^ch colony i« devdoptd Ut^ 
a «in^le organism, jilt we have lo do is to counr Ihe number a 
colonies produced, 

Many ori^anbins wh^n ihiii eulcivated prc$fm ihe Appearance r 
varioui coloured pairhe*, ycUo*, red, orange, blue, green. Sec. C 
especial intereii ii one whirh ia charactenipd by the rapidily ml 
which it reproduce* it»elf, and the blofjd'rcd appearance of 1)1 
cuLomcK which it ^ive* ri*e to.' Its tencLeiic)r to develop ici fuinieeod 
food, such as biend, gave rise to live legend of the ** bleeding boft' 
Another fact tvhich helps to faciUtate the laak of enumera^inE thr 
J!i ihetf tendency to subside from air maintained in a calm stat 
This was first discovered by ProfcESor Tyndall, why observed thaill 
CTpcrimcnt of passing a beam of lifthl ihroui^h a darkened chuDb 
in which the air had been kvpl pt^rfccit^ siill revi^led no dust p> 
tides ; and that the germii Imd tubsided along iftith the gforacrdu 
particles >vns proved by expetimenLii which demon^tiaied that tu< 
air was sterile. If, therefore, we introduce inUi a tube or flask, ion 
nally coated with nulriiive gelatine, a certain measured poriion of a 
and allow the air to become %x\\\ the germs will soon be dfpovEi 
on the gelaiine. 

Thia shon and simple description of the method in which Vlt 
researches are carried out conveys no idea of i-he numerous ti 
ulaborate precautions which have lo Le taken in conducting W 
of i^iis naiiire^ The great dillkuhy ia to atoid conuminaiion, no 
germ life is so universal. Indeed, n<j cla^s of research requim li 
observance of more elaborate precautions Ihnn bacteriologies i 

While [he exiilence of germs in the air was recognised 
earlier observers, such as Leeuwenhoock, Schwann, Ehrcnbcrg, « 
othet^r it is lo PasLeur ihai we owe the Hrsi syEtematic rtflCAfCbat 
' Vif. the BadlJuj ftoi^sjiu. 


Samt /ifc*ni fiessatrhfs on the Air. 


tnbjccc. Thc^ immoriAl rcKorchcA. wtiidi hAve pfncod ihclr 

**iw in the front fxrX of ihe world's scientists were undcrtikcn la 

'""flOMion wilh a conirovcriy which r*gtd on (he theory of the 

'/■ontuneou? ^nrrttion of hfc/' more (hin thirty yean ago, 

-TCfOrrfrng to IhtB theory, \<yn fonni of lift: were tapablc of being 

^^^taneouKly genenl«d in eertfiin pulieteiblr lub^Aneri. luch as 

"^'^ blood, m^l. Ace Pasteur, however, showed by hn daMical 

opc^inicnia (hai [h« ehango *uch mbrtJocH underwent were nol 

due td ihc fponrdneout dcvclopmcni of low formi of life, hui were 

^*'*^*) hy the genti« in the air, I!c »howed th«t if thcue hodie* 

^tr^s kept in iif previously airritiscd, />, bereft of mifroorg^inic 

■*"* by being 6klcred tbfough iKimc substance capable of removing 

^he sperms toch aii cdtott wooJ» no rniero-organic life wm developed, 

** ^^'idenced by Ihc absence of putrcfariivc change. 

*Thc ingemou* methods foi delecting nnd Ciiunting Ihetr number 

*ic t^hvflydne to the grciil German baetenobgiM Robert Koch, and 

ca^^jmoii inrerr^i:ng inve^iigotion! have been carried oul by Ut, 

Pe»"^^ !', KfAnkbnrf on ilietf occurrence in the air- He has e:4tinijited 

thetr number in ^ inciHiired iitiantity of air, a» abo the numbeT 

Ulav)g on a certam area in a renain Hme. Their number ?iccms to 

de^«i(l on ■ vuietj of eondiKons, As wc should expect, the air in 

«*^ll««! »paec»— public tHnldings. jTrrvjtc houses 5:c.— isvcrymuch 

**^<^ heavily loaded wrth them than the oulsjdc air The air of 

•^'^''■n, again, is mueh more impure m thii rt^ipect than the iir m the 

*^*^»LTy. CiimfliLc eondilioni seem also to have a considerable in- 

'w^'toe, such as rain, wind, and fogs. The air at hif;h altitudes, 

lE^in, ii mueh freer from micro organisms than that ncrir the surface 

**■ ibo earth, lorcn the elevation of a few feet seem? to make a 

"^I'ercnce. On the tummiisof mountains there are very few preacnt. 

Accordirg to the r^earchcs of Dr, Fischer, fi stirgeon in the German 

'^^'T. ihcairat sea, ;o Ui i»o miles from land, scennco he alwnlutely 

™ of [hem. I-asily, the season of the year seems lo dctcrmmc 

"^1' nuroba, which is greatest dnrmg Ihc monthn of July and 

'^gusr. l>r. I'nnkland's first cifperimcnts were made on the air on 

™ 'vol of Ihc Science Schook South Kensington, aX -t height of 

™* ?o Icrt from the ground, His resufts showed that the numbers 

^^*^ en a square fool in a mmuic varied from 817 to (jjoi. These 

r^J^^nients were rarrtcd on during the month of March and with 

• *indjL Afirr ram, on the olhcr hand, us we should naturally 

P^Ct^ the numhrrs afci-cry much reduced. Under such condiiions, 

*^^nkfiftd found that irom 60 to 66 fi^U on a square fool in a 

^^^'» litne ; while the numbers during a thick fog were only 



Ti^^eut Rtttateh^s o« tht Air, 


* y^ ^'i *^t^^^ ^^ »»<lUArc foot, per minuie ; ai iSo foet from ihc 
P tt>t *^ t ^liwnc of »r ncinuiaed g, and the numbci ffllling 

iffi,^ *v^^^«i\^^ ^ minute, incrfawd to 107 ; Avhik in the air 
r^p^^^ ^^ ^paoc in fronl of the rathedml, the number wns 1 7, 
A t^'^^t ^^*^ Whng 35-1. It may be mcntJoncd ihnc ihrac 
"I* J^ ^*%\i\i ^^^t'll made on the ramc aftctnoon. The cipcfiments 
<jftJ^ ^M&< * ^^^^ made on the orr m the itmidc of the buihlin^rs. 
-^^"^ I ^ ^" '^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ " ^^^«" (ifcllcry "' were found lo 
'^*^l^^*'*fhllcihc num her falling amounwd to us 1 the "Slonc 
'^ 3t and ir5 reipeciivcly, ind Si. Paul's Churchyard 70 and 

Uijj'^'y- »e may mention »ome experiment made by Dr. Krank- 
*^ tH ^^'^^^'^ ''^'^' He found Ihit rwo gflllotia of nfr taken from 
^^V^'Qflhc hill eon mined 9 imcm-rjrERnisms, whtlc 11 fcl] on 
%!^^ ^^'^ P^ mmmc ; while %l the looi of (he hiU ihc number* 

^ 'eipKtiTely jj and »;- 

. "^ thu we hjtje lejtnetJ nomeEhinft of ihc number and 


«c n^ve LejrnerJ xomrEJung 
of thnc gernis in Ehe Air, rhe inteic&ling qlie^liori 
T'^lily fljijc a* 10 theiT I'hoc in the lrfreslh,il iTi.momy, Un- 
^Whiicly, weareaiycJonlyjihle lo give a Tcry partial and imjjcrfect 
Ct (o ihiA imporlanl que^tion^ for we know little with regard to 
Rittire and functions. Indeed, with rrgardtothc mnjorily of 
^^ minule drnifcns of the air we know iih'ioUitely nothing ; whiic 
^Urding the fev whieh hate hren iiioTat^d and studied much still 
''^'ajni mTstcnoua. 'I'heic ean be no donbt^ however, that they 
^ chirge<! with the mont impOTi^mi funetioni, 

^>rrfa% npfaking, we may dnidc ihem inin two great daiWf. 
y*^ first cIniH inchidca thoic whose ncuon 11 highly beneficent 5 
^ tKond clau thoie of « Tnalignant natuie. Ii 'n irue that germ* 
* *he pubhc niinrt are *till more commonly regarded as ihc eaiises of 
^•^loui difccjiiei ihaii *s useful agents in the promotion of healthy 
7^» But thii i»nltngcthcra orc-^idcd view, and is doiil.i|]r.w dtie to 
i2f hn that Ihc attention of Ihe public has been moTc dirceied to 
lo-called paThr]f(;enic getnis (the disease -causing ^ctms) llian 
^ir utrful hrrihien, ll mav be safely n^acrfed frnni our limited 
*^wlcd|g< of mino'tinianic life thai ihe good they effiict fai oul- 

^^i^» the e*i1. 

Let u> reflect for one moment on Ihc preat function miero' 

*^piiic life iwrfoiTHK 117 ciuiing ihe putrefactive and fermenthittve 

^^hanga which organic matter, both of animal and ve^eiable origin, 

lindngonL Were u not for iheif aeiicm, iuf:h maucr would ntcumn- 

W <m Uic wrfacG ol (he earth, with the result, in the lon^ tun, that 


Sifftf Rtctnt Rettarc^ci on ikv Air. 153 

*^'** lo tcthc coramonCTi -'iDd tnosi deadlf of disease?. Cholera 

^^<% by<Jraphobu may be cited as diwves ^^hich have been fccCkUi^ 

Movti to bv due 10 lerms- One of the most interesting discoveries 

in thiftdepwtncnc of nxtcvch, recently made, » that tftanuu Ot lock- 

t**r i« caused by a badllos, which ba» been iiolaied. But whl1« the 

*^> EK) doubt, contains among to numerous micro -orfanlc lift many 

^> FWhOKcnk DatuTc, it may he oomfortinG to reilcci that even 

coQtaiTl wilh thtM |;«nni docfl not necesurUy produce discflsc ; thai, 

■^dood. pitdispofition on ihu part of ihu individuAl U quite aa im 

PO<nani Q factor. Tbia ift truly ^ forlunate circum^Unce, if indeed it 

** IfXic. 3kt hof been a&i^lcd, t)ut a healthy ma[i brt'atlLi^E in a town 

^''ch 01 London or Mancheater, dunny ten hours, ^methin^; like 

lliirty^wven and a faa)f minionfl of th«se organisn^s, 

Bcf^^re leavini; Ihb i^untionof niicio-or|;aniBii]i in the air, il may 
l*e intere«l^ng to dnw ihc reader's aitcmion to the important dis- 
(ovcry that TOnlighi seems to haw the power of destioymf many 
kuMSa nf getms or, at any rate, of very considerably modifying 
propcrtlei This fact was first discovered by the English 
imcnrcre, Dowries and Blunt, some seventeen years ago ; and 
u niiktfi^y niuflimted by the dreur^suncc that ceruin liquids, 
k^c to fennentation> "go bad" when kept in the dark, but keep 
vfai^Q expoMd to aunlipbt. 1'hc ultra-violet ruya seem to be the 
*o«t patent in ihla action. With certain terms, it has been found 
Wat while sunlight does not kill them, it may e*Kntiaily ttjodify 
ihcir properties This ha« been found to be the case with the 
<^holtTt bacillus, which, when exposed to sunshine, is icihbcd of iia 
"^lijpiint piflpcrty.' 

But peal a» are the number* of the gtTmj in the air, they link into 

'^'>»Parativc I naigni finance when compared with the inanimate solid 

*■*' particle*. So numtfoui are theae latter, that it xh no fonget ron- 

'*'**cnt lo*Utctheir numbi^rinsuchafiuaniicyof aira* iwo gnlloni.; 

** '^hocBc fiw thia purpoae a cubic ccntim£:ire, or the icn- thousandth 

*!*'' Of two j^llODA. Like the germs, they ate csuremofy minute in 

****• and the pC majority of ihtm are utterly invisible to the naked 

f^" Iris necrtauy, therefore, in order to count their number, to 

?*** rero^nc to some method of making ihein t-wiJik, nnd ihi* hu 

7**** <fl<xtcrf !>>■ a Scotch acicnrisE, Mr- John Aitlftn, KR.S^ to whose 

^^^tm; meaichi^ wc owe out knowledge of Jhe lubjcci. The 

H^'Utluahe ha»dcvt6cdforthis purpose is full oliogcnuiry.ind while 

^^**^ doc* not permit our entcnng into a detailed deseripiion of it, 

. ' Soift mL«rvitknG irtide in ihc Moy Number of ib* A'lHtimtfik Ctnittty 


TV GtniUmimKi Magasifu. 

fojm ii 11 (WW knoKTi* in novt 
somundcd by a waicfY «iLirt^ 

iHmL v^OT ^ B HMOMd ■nth wAlci *a(i<:iUr, Suptf^ 
by li^Mlr cTpantbnit il lirfDcuadAe 
MS fait t* filmed ^Vlui wc hAwDi» 
9f fas pvttcks. In actujil piAOicf A 
ry vmll jKirtion of UtciU lobC 
it M BniKl with a t^tge quimiitvf 
I9 ttHnnic chrooKli coitoa vuoL 1 

JU ^« 4«i iwttcta ttodcff ihcve cimmtti 
i ^mm m a aBBtait nnw Ok tiumbcr of dnp* 

ft J wg Biiu, is ecMntcd br mrai^i of 2 fBidiM 

W« 4al M»v CM ite PeMla «C MM of Mr Ailk«n't ■eKft:thct| 

M m ^<* ^ ^ ite ovc «^ tibe fitm Hfa^ the air of ihe coattf 

ti ^m wwtih ll«er Inn 4m pMida than die air of nvnv 

tt pM n th« ■gfpcrt dun ibc mk of cndMi 

italMlOotaMrfL* Afdba^ ScodMi vtew a cuinc ccnOoM 

«f A olic tai}««» faond loooounsflj 

4M fW kk v A« tbtt anaMK» l» 5^000^100 w t«Q gdlooc, torn 

ot hui« narb noic wmmao^ ^tt [lartidcft aK ikl 

tf * fcgd c A fl Tfij irat iMTTiirc ■hjom in rwi 

iaitett»^nlnn Us BittftercbMttdlfcwKtinf*. WhcJ 

iliCMrn dan il«t ■mfcei «e^ m W faait. bida<a v^<M 

tobeihx t hMwabgtwBOilhe tTanry ii Cf ii rj of ilivaif aoA* 

totbcwdMpmkln. Thndl 

a»dd«diVb«^aftdtea«!<n tt,< innnamof J» 

T<m na^ as oibtt tfa^m rivH^ (be >tf 

th M OteoMl ffaeand «cr| M ip un nMlto. Om A« 


aadnifttttdbccttUli^ Tri ■■ n llr ■— nil iiJ hiimiiwi ' 
mr nacb bnt tbM ibe ■*> la«v do«^ TcMS ^a^ n SvM 
kttdbf Ml .\itkcodlo»aitibtt. TW —jnan g^nay fcidl 

Ae oae of a maber of i«c«n« t«<at nafc wtbea^of Gk«» 
^oriDt^ moocbol lav^^rj, tl« Mnb«a «nc fa^ «» vnj itf 


Som^ Rt£int Rfi€ar£h€S on i^ic Atr. 


bundrod aiKl Hfvcnty thousand 10 ncfiily half a million. In 
jlbur^h, evpciimcnti mader during the nnmc mcnih thow«d a. 
\mX\tm of frora icrenty-fi»c ihourtnd toovcr i quMicr nf a millioTi. 
Firu, The oumbcn found were very much the same a* in Edin 
■ghi vhileurtcitcdin Baticreca Park, London, showed numbcii 
uidcfnbTy EcM- 

BuL fi^rfi rcty much in cxcciianf any previously mcniioTicd have 
31 :ibljuncd in :cil3 on Ihe iJr of ronfintxl spact*. Thus, ihc air 
a Tnc«tin^-ronin. tested in difTercnl plucvi and al diH'ercnt limes 
griti£ ihc pTotjroi of the meeting- showed numhcn var>infi ftoni 
nt hundred jmd twenty- five thousind to ihrto and a hjilf milliom. 
fltc jn ncir the ground contained fewer than tht: a>r near ihc ceiling. 
PoTtJEimpilf; ihcA-trftome fout fed ftom the ground contained two 
huBdrrd inil seventy [ho»iiand bcfoic the meeting, and at the tnd of 
the mctiing four hundred ihoiifjnd ; while near the: ceiling ihc 
■mouDtftithc beginning or' the meeting was three miUions, and ni the 
^^ of the meeting Ihia hnd hcen inrreascd to three nnd a half 
*njJIiwi£ Air near a homing jet o\ gaa showed the largest ngtircs of 
■^" This, in the immediate iieiniiy of a hunscii flame (he gigantic 
■wiibei of thirty miHionB wni found in a cubic centimetre, or four 
tadrcdand eighty-ninc milhons per cubic inch, in Mr, Ailkcn's 
***»i>rda, ** It doc» wem strange ihai there tnay be as many dust 
Policies 10 onfr cubic inch of Ihi.' air of a room at mghl when the gas 
" burning v thn^ ire inhabilanti of Grent Britain ; and that in 
^^tie cubic inchdofthe gasci from a btinwn flame thereare pb nwny 
^•'^lei a* there arc inhabiuni-i of the world." 

^(•nbly icsU nn ihe air ol Bmoking-iooms would reveal Jtill 
PWttrnmbrrv Mr- AitLen hw not yet le«ed such air, hut he found 
^icigarrtic wiokcr send* fowr Thoniand million fiartiele*, more 
* ^ into the air with every puff he makei, 



M\A W«k ifpoii iht Tvccd 

THE great soyihem ritcr of S-^otUnd bw j«t dttccn milaQ 
ihc jiood hcforc it mccta ic* fai* m the Konh &<9 bcttle 
llfTirick, No qucfiiion can ariw as to ihc direction to be fi^itd; 
and there i« na danger <»f Its sinking out wroe new route, is <« 
mighi Eh[nk p/jwibte fifty mil^s fafthrr up. Ii is getting to be v^ 
rorh of ihe ocean new. and the comfieldi along its banks mv 4* 
lufbcd by Ihc ^ca-bat^i as often j» hy those from the hjfJt 'PK 
couDtiy ii distinciivcly Bet*idishm% the couDiy which affordi i 
coast Ime fiur ihc souih-eaat of Srodand. The Tweed is no laag* 
ihc Tweed cjf *onft Nor la ti ihc joyous river of " ghttanng uA 
rcftducc stream^/' winding its way among greed, softly moulded JiiUi 
and inviiing the ^uigler's ikilJ al every turn. It hai t>eci>mc •:(!£, 
Hill, deep. 

If we make out way Io ihr river, a \i\\>\e path in Ehe gta» inil 
take UB along the hiTigh for a shojt distance until we arc op]:fMiv 
ihe CBcarpincni above which ihe gieat castle used ro stand A 
plentiful show of hiwthom rifpcs iJ|Jon the e<TgeH partly hangrni- ottt 
It an<3 jhjeldiHg from view the lurf laid paitage known as the Ljda 
Walk, whicli wa^ tn ofdcn days protected by an ctitcr wall what 
foundations have long Ago disappeared inio the uroam. Ahore the 
level of the eacari'ment j kami runs parallel with the tivn for ssK 
distance, and Waik Casilc stood near the middle of it- Conceitii^ 
this kaim in foimer lime* ilicrc arose a contention among the woff^ 
membeTB of the Berwickshire Naturali&ra' Club, the moot queatwo 
bcmg whether it was an earthwork raised by the builder of the aid* 
or a geological deposit. The kttei view has prevailed in conioqDffce 
of satisfnctory evidence upon cxaininailon. The la^ mound xhicb 
b now high above us, in virtue fiiii of the escarpment and setonW 
of the kflim, shows the position of the t;reai tower 

In the matter of Wark Casiie. you are prohibited from iraiaiiiSi 

An Old Border Castit. 157 

ftfc of loo mcft^re a tlcKcripliLin- Vou have n<M tu^icnl 
I tamttmia Jerift ^r/nfn inria/e mfiaeta. The shor! corner of 
vaII tittirtg ifvli Abruptly through th^^ green iiirl it. your d^t 
r kanciion* it towciin^ tiaitlement. The Wark (.Aslk' ot trt'd.'»y 
]< imprcw on?, [f you vrish lu intcrr*! fijijr«rtf m it. nef ct«ity 
oa Id iu ictual hiMory, 

* cvlirft ancidcnl of n^jtc is that it fril when fiist >MaulE^, 
Dy jicirs iiittr it wan buill. On tiic luurpalion of the Enghsh 
by Stephen <n3S}. in tiolalion of thr: oaih whkh he and hTi 
[Khadulu:n bcfote Heniy L, ihc lak kLng, ly *uppf>rt the 
of hi* daughiei Matildii, thv ^ood kin^; Duvid of Scolland, 
u the utidc of Milildj aniJ h^aii olw by way of fr>crvd%hip 
tie ttxne OAlh^ cnlercd North umha land with a Iflrji^c ruifc, l^c 

pOkfeetsWti uf ilie cuttc4 nf (jijTtilr, Wnrb, Alnhiek, NiqlMLn^ 
C^cisUv t iUmboraugh alone ilartdJn]] uul aj^^iihl hnii.' [t 
(fclory barren of k1o'')'» ^o' thc^^nitont h^d no j^reiil kluuiath 
fitancv 10 the invadci, j.* many of ihciH wtie doubllchs urifii- 
He to SlCi>hen j<nd lesscoiimuincd in tlmwinij Lheir disconltnl 
10*e DFJier the strencuf Jtcian. Nor wai jl anytldny; Liul dn 
rvcoaqncsl aflci Al, for allhuu^h t)av]d thus Lt:r]nfK^Il«iJ th« 
m baron? j^ain to «iv«ar allrgiantje to MaLtldjJ, thev sirc^^dily 
td him at the 3i>].iOich uf Steijben, However, the kiin^i niel 
Errencv* and Siephi-n courleuusly a^rtcd Ihaf Piinte Henry of 
nd »bouM become E-irl of Huntin(^dori, and, fthguld the English 
||kgp give the earldom uf North urnbcitand to anyone, he 
^^pue conv^deration to Henry^a claiint. Davjd ihcn wiih- 
b Gotland. But Stqihen U'aa a man cauteloui^, an affablu 
u kce|ivr of hit word, and David being irritated at hi^ delays 
td to invade Engbnd while Stephen a^jk abi<ini in Nuimuiiidyi 
iga|wa)& a soft «ide tu churchmen, hu^cvcr, ht^ refmined from 
Ifictionai iht intercession of Thurstan, the venerable Arch- 
^ofVork, until Stcjihcrfs reiurt^. But scarcely did ih-; usurper 
vanlf back irw Ki^flliah sol! W[\km he wat pounced upan with a 
"^ tan David for the surrender of Nonhmnberlond, which 
u;*jmpll>- refuKd (DecemU-t M37), 

Lttht«iimethecdBlle<.irWark 'Alia under the command of Jordan 
^*ri. nephew of the famous U'^iUer Espec who had built \i. 
' ajc moraine in l^nuary, while the hoar frosc waa sLlll undia- 

* on iljc gras by Twecdside, he was aroused from his slumbers 
" 't« a crowd of Scots were before the walls* William (he 

* tUdiftiJ of Ifpiham, ffijtoi^'a e^ ikifii I^^ii Stt/haiti\ 

LTOt. »C t(>70b ^ 

Mn Oi'i Border CasiU. 159 

' allowed 10 losa 10 I>urhaiii> Datid now n/H^rcd to 
jwtle 10 ihc Bi&bop of that t\xy. T^Tomisio*! tu make 
mage that had been doiitf» un ^.yadition iJi.n h« hhould 
itlcgbncc from Sici>hen to Maiilda, IJui ihc Bwliop 
he caiUc vras dcsiraycd, 
Lvui was bcfiicging Norham Ihe garrison of Waik proved 

in ihc fleah- They ^i/cd provisions on thuir way to 
ftruij- and impHsyncd ihose in charge of Ihcm. They 
on IVmcc Henry and his aitcndum^ when In the nd^^h- 
illinj; *omc ^founding tnd eapiurlng <ithef«H David, 
ftfitkdwLth nchicou!! Indtgnaiionf *rd, when he had 
: liberty, qought rctribmion, He agjim liL'^ii:gcd fhc 
>rough* hi» engines or war iniu action af;ainai it; but 
ttuxiiianii, hia att<mpta wer^: fuUtc!* So he prepared 
! OBtlo out, and. leaving oiieraiiond in ihc handi of 
hanea, *ci our o" iin cxpediiiuii nila VorkifiLrL\ On 
113S. WAt foujfhl iht^ ^leai ^'Bucilc uf the Standard" 
o(s luTartdaCfCEDendoiu defeat and arc said (ohavc 

ihouiand men.' After the baitlo T.>avif1 reireaicd with 
E fif h» army t'j Carliile. whither Prince I lunry ntnvcd 

day*' «b*enec which had «u*rd hi* faihcr anxiety.' 
utmr time the Popc'i legate came to rhc cify, itnd 
I bring about i«aee between the two krnga imul the 
irtinmav Thii vas done. but. Davld'^ wiach had g:one 
Wark, and he expressly kept il out of the imcc- When 
:he Border he ordered the siege to be rtiumed. And 
led with t vengeance. RuJ the ilroiighofd proved a« 
er, and l*flvid had again to resort to a blockade. The 
' Ihc garrison ancm failed them, and They ^xere rcdueed 
d nftlung their horses for food* 'I'hcy had resolved, 
I abu^lutp ffnnt, lo saJly forth and endeavour ro cut a 
Ihe beicagufririg hosr; but Waher IC*.pce, their lord, waa 
t iLo brave a crew should be I0M, and accord 11 i^^ly \g{\\ 
fdcraio give up (he caslLeto the Scott. Whca ihii4 h;id 
Vivid allowed ihem ro depart wirh their arm«, and then 
ace inro a turn, So fell the firsr cwtlc of AVark. 
) k^lC now pervioded the kioga to conclude a Irciity 
pnce. The leima were thai Stephen sliould yield 10 
aildom of Norrbumbeiland, restrving rhe towns of 
id Bamborough ; and m place of Ih^ae Hcriry was to 
Jluhaoii * l^E, Aflrtd ol Rieviubi, Jt'ital'Qjjt Siamtafi^. 

" **ikl recoigiMe lock 

puBiijiud Uarid is iih19~ 

be vgold OQCi&n& to iht 

be Wd n E««knd, ytt 

B sAet bis ftcoAcion 

luuanu po«idoD ihu 
tfercin ii£7i fP^cn npor 
iMoM ft iiiiii^t ■ Tin WsL cwDC axus mtv ibe ban 

It tt recxcikd tiki: Hcarf II. du* "cavsid ihe uucd of 

bv mtdc^'* Tbe CAmns db Afai/rvi txjua ibai K 

ftfcnglbcDsd' in 1 159* >nd it a;ppc«n to bjivc been cor 

ti6i. For wane uwk ibc cullc v^u i^ndi^turbed by v^, b 

lon^ Tlw ■mimnffiil idsn of Hvory IL was noublc for 

fioBi of hk sms, Ose of ibetn, Henry, bad acquired trm 

br bis libenliiy, and pined a large number of tupponcn. 

drew ova to his paiiy WHliani, King of Sc^>[land, u-ho ba 

succeeded his bic^her MaJc^^lm, William was no frieu 

Engllfih^ noi was ihere any cordiality between ibe countnc 

restitution of North umberland \o the English king. Th 

cunttfntion had only been iiuouldeiing while Scotland wai 

over by th? quitl and meek spirit of Malcotm ; and whci 

who was well ^umamed the Uon, came to tbc tbrooe he 

somewhat difTcrenl irolicy. In the Lent after \Vinuta^ 

the English Ling had to cross to Ftanue far the purpose t 

disC'idcrs liicrtn i'hc King of Sujiland followed lo preu 

to Northumberland and Cumberland ; but Henry, who It 

lions wUh the Pope» Uecket, and the King of France, vaa 

ftil enough pound alreadyt did not wish to pick any bo 

meantime with the King <i£ Scotland, and so calmed bis 

proniists to the be^i of bis ability, and »nt blm bad^ 10 h 

«ilbaU due honouT- 

tbat the young Abealom was in need of iD d 

' R:ehaM of 1 !«»*«. 

o( 7<twbV|£b. 

• rvHi 

Am Ohi Border CastU. i6i 

<3oijU (c:t, be promJicO »ul.-1i ijupoTtmit cc«iion& of land tij Willijiui 
Ovtlihu ingturch wu art An<l pHti with him in hi& ilUil^ Wt led A 
Wp ftrtny mio EtiglnnU ^nd bvjt^in operations by linj^in^ Wurk in 
^(?^ The comfJumJerultliccji^lU' ni^w w»s Ko^er U^&ftulcvi ■!(.'» tic 
*hi3r*nr loved trCJAOn nur thcBtrvJct of the devil— *iw*>m n'omu 
'™''<« w ftn^'r a/Jia^t^ He »a* ihat hjs forte »a» of no ui>9 
■poiiube ScoiEith ;utiiy. which vj^urouily ua^iilieJ ilie cailL, ind 
*w^din((y iskcd the King of ScodiUid fijr a tiuce of tony day* lo 
fKptre hinifcclf tu uithtiand the ticgc^ This ym uillin^ly and 
fACTouily Amnicd by the l-lon, and Kpgcr wrnt to EngUind Jind 
Wurxicd tt'ithin tiie appointed t;:ne at the head of a large force, und 
''■d the ]Ltng coiTiv on. Then vrc arc icild King William tgok coudmI 

ntn^b Ifce unUbl qJ Naiihumb<(Un<1 I wlib to Tckt my wAy, 
llirrr U nont "hu cm oppuae lh, whom iLcfi OiuuUI wc feiu ? 

InhuiQt m by hit ivli«f>(bal h* ctMim tc L>- at pracfc 

We ib4tl not luve inubJe of which 1 could »m;jJftUi, 

Eicher ffor-i him trt liU fuitei. wufEh m pcniiy. 

Ltl u> jEO ic\qi/dt Aliiwicli, if yo4 vrill aclvi^i? mc », 

To Witl^vn d« Vftei whtwt [ am banhlv to lovvi* 

If hciiU|.|uJl'cUlBlli»in«hliriithcr'>catLle. 

Thtd I ■ill Irl hiiq igv willufut Lj*> uf Itriib ; 

Ot If ha «iU tDdk* ihff ivnc os^vnani *i(h mi>, 

AAd^ OODMatilFo' ^Vu1l mode ilie day Ixrore yeiEirrilay, 

WUhml fiLkcrlnf piovoium aivi hiLhviit sEfriijfllirnriit; anylhing. 

Lci lU pfvRd 10 Witrkwarth, (lut I wjib to dvEnolEak' 

I 'nlJliin'i anny jidvincL-d into Engtand mjmimtling the most Crue! 

^tpmljiionv, but relired n ihe approach of the ?nemy, who made 

'^lution by buininM Bt-rwick and wasting the sutrounding councry. 

*>lKpipring of II J4 M^llllaui imadcd Northumberland a^ain and 

^Vr^ Wark. Roger d^KHutevilIe defended it g^Ibntly, The 

'^^ iijuld make no iraptcssion, and William withdrew wrnthfully 

"^Jtoaburgh. Then toward* Carlii^le he led the haled race who 

"'*'' bad jcruplc about doirjg devilrieii— ^j' itnAti ri'ttrtnt pitii dt 

™* Ji4l'lU. But Lord Robert dc Vaut, who no^C'n<^d ^1^ casitej 

^'"^*1 ixot ^tve it up- So he left a part of his army before the walls 

^ iHocceded to nduce a number of nonliem c^^ileij. While 

°*^6>ng Alnmek he waa taken prisoner. About the end of the 

. ' twenty rtlejiwd hini on condition that himself and his country 

^*«i b« ini ttate of vassalage to the English crownn 

' Jofdtt F»fir«mB- ^ Krtding with L.. thJ^Htfvit aiNfr. 


Tit GfNf/tnrau'i AfactJ-w, 


William of Sootl;(nd died b 1114 .-vnd va« lucceeded bjr hk tf^ 
Areinnder II,, ft yoiuh of ftfEecn. Jnhn had flicended the Engbsb 
Ihmne m iiyy. The yew iftcr Alctindrr'* Jicc»uciri Kuif( JohO 
hignc^ Ihe Afir^mt Chortit Wwh liEilc imon^b iiitcnLion cil Lm^iik i^' 
He prcHTtlly took steps to rcgyin h» fiowcT, anil .k 4(Xb a baS 
r<jreign mirrr^nj^riff Arrived At Hovi^r »ci al>oii( (l»ln>/iqg iJbffCml^^A 
uf tiis rtfbdUous nuLlem^ra Tlie Uiruii*i uf Nurlhumbcrlanid h*<l 
recuunc 11^ ihc yoiini^ ^■■■fi of Stoibnil for hvlp tigijnit Jufad ; ?■*•_*_ 
«s an mdi;ccrncT>T, yaxd honiagr tn him .it KcU^n- Ifnmediatr-l jr 
l>icrc;ifter AleKandcr invo5l«d the ca^Mtcof Norhaia (vilh oUbU forcc^K, 
but after forty days ^a^ obliged (0 rai^c ihc lirge^ 11k insdt>lo 
John hafitened northwixtdv In view of ihc aiirproachJitg ditigct the 
barons of Voik&hlrc followed the duimple of ihcJr Norlhumbcrfaiixl 
ndli^hbouts. They c^me to Alex^tnder at Melrntc and tvorc fcaVty 
tu him theic- Meanwhile John f^>II^\vcd clothe %\\ ihcii wiLr, buminx 
jind desiroying their houKct arid iMaict. Anionic ibe ^ilaocf vbich 
fed Iwfore him was the caMJe of Wjirk. John i^iirtucd hk councr 
noithw^rds a^ far da to Edinburgh^ iierpetraim^ ihe m<»[ bufbarouv 
cruellies un men arid wumen himself^ " having no ^tuple abriut doin^ 
dcvilriesn*' Bui when Alenninder tyllectcd * powciful fcrrt; ^c 
turned on hU track and went basiHy south* 

The interesting events connected with Wark Castle were not J* 
of ^ vbkrtl character. In 1355 Royalty took up iw abode it J^ 
pkce foi a time, when h was ihi; icme of courdy pomp >Ki 
pageantry. The drcumsUnces were iheie. 

When Alexander 11. died in 1^49 he was succeeded by hit »<* 
Alexander Ul, who wae only nine >-eare of age. T^o yean hit^rUs 
was mairied to the eldest daughlei of Henry III. of F-ngbad- 
Gunrdianfi were apf>ointed to look after the persons and eduaiiDn *■ 
the youthfLil pair- By the Influence of Henty, too, the niinii't'* 
and coun&cllDfs of Aleiunder were changed, After a ihort tis^^ 
coinijlainia of the conduct of those in puwer were brouj^t 10 ^^ 
cars of the King of En^ibnd hy those who had been supplanted '*■ 
their oflice ; and th^rse were followed by uthtr^ from ihe younfi 
queen herself concerning the hun.'^hlps she underwent fjoao ll*** 
guardianS) who heid her in strict confinemenCi refused her '^' 
attendants and maids of bcr choice, and dcbnrrcd her from =*** 
company of her htjsband. It was with the dedcired inicniKHJ *'* 
righting these grievances and putting hi? daughter andson-ui^^* 
Into a more suitable position that King Henry made a progre^ ^^ 
his Quocn towards the marches of Scnitand, 

By way of prehide he sent the Earl tjf GEoucc^cr «nd Hcrefc™p 


.4ff 0!d Berdtr CastU. 163 

^ Scvciish people, and wiih powers lo uVc iiiiu H^nr^'t protection 
JO «bo vould ailhorc to hint a^jnti ihoic «hci vpre acLng in an 
b^uijum iUiO nsbelliouh loannct (otvardi ih^ King and Qucm of 
S<^tl*nd, Fuithcr, Its proinjbcd 10 aiienipt nothing Agimil (he 
pW*on of Alctuid^r, noi lu cnOt-iivo^r lo dissolve iheunn^n berwecii 
'■n Uid his dau^ur, »ur 10 tiiiiLi- jny {leacc with ihc rebek The 
■Ob^W whom Hcnty sent fgiwJiiJ cnlcreJ Scotland wtlli a con^jiler- 
*^ bodf of armed foUoiieri, ant], joininx the forinct giurdians whtj 
belonged 10 the p*rty, iUfpriscd Edinbujgh Oislli^. Thu^ Uity got 
t^ kkig ind queen mto ihcii power and lotiV llieiii Toe safely to the 
^^«3c of Koxburghp 

Henry collected a brgc force id accompany bim to the BoiUt;n ; 
^^ Ai iKi? atou&«d autpiciont ax 10 hiA puqwte he ii^ucd 4 declani- 
^A*^ diEivowin^ aI! InicnEion of doing any hurl lo the «lace aiid 
^nics of thtf King and kin^dnm of ScoiEand. 

Or September 6 Hci^ry icachixl Wark with hU i^ucen^ where h* 

*** vitiied on ihv J'ollij^jng daj b> ttio young sovc^dftn* from 

^burshn Alexander fetumed tht,- saiiiL^ day, but tcfL biv tjueuri at 

^"*i to anend her mother, who *Aa4 iick, Nexi day Hi;nry paid a 

'*l^m viiit to Rukbur^h, whcie he wa^ rvu^tved w\\Xi dcniongiraiionx 

*'^l7tctioQ by Alexandt;!, who conducted him Lo the <:hurGh of 

**^.^ There a !ong conference— </;w/i*™tt« citHo'jmum' i(K>k 

^*^ irith the Scoiiith nobles who were preEcnr, and Henry recum 

'^"^ded ihc aue of U^e king and nation to ihe Earl of Dunbar and 

^*«fiodfl:c£^ After ;>arta1(ine of a n^al cnieitaininem he relumed 

^^ut Henr/ remained there fifteen or sixteen dayti. During 

^ time, AlcKander and the Stoitish nobler of his pnrty who were 

^tiblcd aE Koibuigb, came to certain resolutions bc^iring on the 

^^trunctti of the affairs of the kingdom. These were tmnpniiiied 

*. ^riling to HCII17, nbo then Kt out for the somh^ after pro- 

f^^^Og togite all jnfauace agunsi the other fact ion^ should it be 

^ "V^e do not hear of Wark ngain until forty ycara after ihia event 

/| ■ 196 Edward 1. of England prepared LO invade S^-otEand for the 

^^T^ose oJ Oringin;: John Baliol— whom he had previously adjudged 

r**4 of the country raihi-r than Robeil Enice— to a proper state of 

^*^usion. Ife summoned John to appear before him at NewctLstle 

* ^certib day, but John did not show himself. Afti^c swa^ days 

^*"^ird procetdcd to Bamborough, where he also made a stay and 

^^*\ably repeated the ^lummoos. About thts lime news was brought 


Cinmca dt Maiirn. > PDidtin- 

done br « Ivge isttr oi EAittr Uoad^ 
WmA. Tbcy wi5toA the taoatrj tin ihcf 
butMdlbeinbivbiof ttedVf - hBtvbaAf|cndOToundtOi 
tfct |Ikv iUK, the kthabiUBd:^ men mad wontctK nwde vath ■ 
itiiMWiCc that tbtj «ere obfe^cd lo grre it op and ipevd^y 
tD tWr own countTF. On ^ WedneMby «iier Cast«t, Fdi 
cult'*'] ScocUnd, fording the T*ted bciwte ColdttrtJiDi, and on 
wMae d«y the BisTiop of Dmiumi Ud hh mcti ovcf the nv^et 
KorhtfU. 'Jlic «>k>Ic juri) then »inc along ihe ScoCtiih tide of tip 
T«wd to BcnricK which «» taken mrilh little di^ciiky, Mtct TV 
ICd«ird defmcd llic Scutti»h furc^ m Uunbar, ;tnd having icfTfktt 
the faOfODtfe of the nation, irturned lo the south, uking Baltul »W 

tilm, J 

In ihc fuUoi*lnfi year Willinm Wallace raised his ^belliun, ™ 
aiw defeating; ihc RnjiliKh BiSlitlitig, invaded North umUer land. 3 
ravaged ail the north of L^ngland ; but tlieie Is uo rocoid 

scoid of (vit hei9 

Au OM Pord<r CastU. 165 

^^aik. Wh«Q he wu in hiding, ihcre are traiJiiiuns tjt hit having 

UT^d placet of conccflTmcm in the l^clda snd woodK o[ipodlc Wark. 

irc two Hcldt 1:1 the nd^hbourhctKl on ihc farm at Croolis, 

■▼n r«pccim*y at Wallace Crook anrf Walbcc IJiile Crook. 

In f 514. vhm Edwanl II. was preparing his grcjii oxpeduion Tot 

tdicf<rfSiirlm£C«stlo, ho received Inftifmaiion iha( "ihe Scots 

ircr«HUScmbliri£a sr»t arcny of Toot in 9urh strong and mooriah 

.^:ii» Oft hlfl w8y ii> the caatle of StLrTing a^ would be of dtlliculi 

to boTMi And ninde the auibt;inco ol" ublc-bodi^J rooLJutn 

.uiie."^ AceoTiUrt^ly be isj&ued onJeiH to the ^ht-rifTs ;tnd 

ritJn in Mv«ial couoties to ur^tt hathn, axd t^mpti budiea of 

footmeD to much tovrordd bim tu a^ 10 bi; <ii ^Vaik on the tenth 

of June. tuffic)0n;ly aticedt and piepared i>j advanii: tbt^nce into 

^^dUad. Thvte footmen numbered ovijt twoniy ihoutiand. So 

^Mvitd weal on lus wny to Bannockbum^ and (he gr^Mle&t dcfeac 

Scotland ever inAkttd on England, 

Jloben Brace made an tnvasicn in 131S, With some diflictilty 
*c captured Berwick, and then proceeded to the siege of Wark, 
^^^'^ receiving no succourt fell before him, ds did aUo the castle 
•'H^rbwilc. The Scots pursued iheir way into North umberland, 
V wer< H>on mosicr? of the whole country nith tlie exception of 
'^coidc lod a few other strongholds. They then returned with 
"■th booty and many prisgneR. 

^boui twenty five years later, David II. invadtd and plundered far 

*^ ^idt the counties of Nonhumberbndand Durham. He besieged 

Nof cKtIe unsuctcwirully, but took the city of Uurham. 'i'his invasion 

*PP<wtf»to have been unexpected by the King of England, and David 

■» fne to rciirc without anyibiog being done again&t him, \s the 

Sc'^itiih army was returnini; homewardt with great loads of plunder, 

*^ pw»d Jne^^;ht of Wark, The Cii*lfe bdonyeJ ill lhi« time to 

™* ^JtJ of Salitthury. whose co^jntess resided in it. His nephew,' 

" ^"iflinm Montague, was its governor. The garrison were cxaspe- 

"'^** at tecmg the spoils of their country carried away \^'ith im]>unity, 

"**^ ^ body of forty horse, headed by the governor, rallied fonh and 

■^^j^ed the rear of the Scottish army. They killed two hundred 

i^^' ftnd led one hundred and sixty horses laden with booty imo the 

V^ The young king, provoked at the insult, at once led hia army 

^^''^fct the Cftillc and tried to force ii by a general assault, but wiih- 

^ Hytpcr- 
Qf «^ ^V Itia Btt4M9 fftinvy, Ki^^xh. v^ha i<>]1owi FroUmt M ihx point, ipnL^ 
ll^^*>*ucttv is lti« l:jroih« nf Sfrlibbury ; but f^rolHart hJmHU 3iaTv> thai hi wu 
hv ***•»*! the ibcei ol S*l|ibuiy, fi^fjig^ Buchsmmliners in hi" acemitn of tlie 

t J/JSj^nnm. 

to r«ducc i1« pbor^ . 

fa> ^ faxntOQ but b; Ittikc 

tw. woQid under 

to iiliT Uhc non icnfKi«« vfc 

niuuulLilonft HcdbvOffi^' 

■auwlcd in ihc dk^fcm 

vub doubled fpc« 

dKvbootr, pcnuftMii&:t 

Sradnd. Six boon >ficr ^ 

la fav>dcd ihe Ocder of thcGru 
m Wvi in i3c^ Ai a Csvt UA gm^ in the Gutk. the CotsA 
of SdHiMj cbofped be* ^mc Hk kiMg, lifting it, uid, ** J3W 
■* #» i^f^ ^"■»* ** * meaoiial «£ thu il^bi cccuitcoceW 
die CMer Md mt6t due «D«dt tbe motto. Hutf 

viiMaoftbatew; M»d«« i g d t <d diffioih b^ on; other metf 
toaccantcUnt far tb* iDi mrw il y nanM^iMng tem* of ihf nod 
or far dK fccdhr bi4c* of te pncv, vfiidi socma to hai>: 
i tfc w cc to MDT pi|i*f ci^Kv of mdituy ok or omimcoL'* 

During the icipi of Rklunl 11. Wvk wu dusckcd ind fv 

JcMofahcJ bar ifce Soott » i^Sj. A£ the confcreiKe held brer 

ik tbe MM fw benPccB the EmI of Cmkk at>d the Dnhe ^ 

\ witoiu miiiint d« rtceni liAiBceittefiQ of ihe truix t>c:i«7efi 

finifnd tad Scoited, it «u tpccd ihat -' ux ^nticmcn of liguic. 

diOMfteHt«fmefaottte»«ilb die eMce oT proper oniflceneDC 

otbcfKvbo had fOnntrir beta t o q m fa tod «ilh tfic buildii^ *houW 

prefect upon oaib a juoi estimate of the ran lequiure to icpoiT ih^ 

daniefc u hed flBffcted ; and dttt d>e Eul of Otrrirk should C2n^ 

thet rum to be paid to tbe King of Engtnnd'a chamberlain, in it»i 

cattle of RoiLbun^ wiihni three mombs after the dale ol thf fiKxra 

agreetnen^** In ihr imtrumcnl dravn up on xh\% c-cc^ion, ihr olbff 

bncaefaa of ihc itucc are ont^ rcicrrcd to in gcncr:!! leims, an* 

urdcied 10 be exanuncd iaif> and rcpatrcd at quickly aa possible t» 

the KvcraJ wwUeni, 

In tj&^tbcinice ci^Hm), and ihc Scmi and FreiKh ptepai©* 

an InvniiiDn of England. Richard marched in t>enon into ScoUin* 

at the bead of a very numerous foree. The English pesacd thrao^ 

" eouniry dcitrtcd by »" inhabiUnrt anJ tlcofed of all provUioa* 

ng burned ihe abbey of Melraseud the eity rtf Bdinbu^i 

An OM Bord€r Casik. 


K^cy were <ontpcLlcd lo rcium fot wini of supplies. Meanwhile, ihe 
^>cot« KifJ crossed the I^ocdcr and wailed E^ie country a& fa; ua New 
caa-tlft Tbey $(omic(I ihv caailc of U'ark .ind al^o gained ihe 
[ortTC»>oof ComhUl uid Kofd The En^liiit), thcreiure. h.isttned 
kouih "wiih Ihc j^rcaier »pced ; buL l^g Sicota avoided ili«in, ind rc- 
.urtud Mfcly wilh much plundcr- 

Ihc iiucc tKiVTMn Robert lET, and Ihc Kin^ or Ehkiland CKpfred 

just 'rhtfn Henry I\\ mounted the throne in rj99, England waa in 

confution, and the Sctju look advantage of thin in iheir wonted 

maruict- Thcycapiuml Wark. andaAer holding Ic for ^m« time 

uiierlydc^ira^'cd \\. They al&o committed great mrond^ on other 

fona of the country, 

WiUJam HaliSuTton, of Fast Cottle* captured ^Vjirk in 14:9, and 

put ill ihc Entrison to death. But not long aficnvatd^ k wiL'^ fC' 

covered by the English. Some of these who were welt acquainrcd 

^^thc place made iheiT wa^ into ii through a acwlt ^rhich difl- 

iharctd the rcfuic of the kitchen into the T^eecl, They tli^n broke 

■loi*;] X f icce of dccaj'cd "ft Jill and opcniid a way for ihetr cnuipnoioiij. 

It Sco(li*h garrison being thus Gurftnsed were all al:\in or^ the spot 

My of rctribulton for the recent sUufehtcr. 

u6o J4mcs ]L of Scotland resolved Eo reduce theeaatLeof 

JTgh, which had been in the hands of the English for a century. 

JrpUeed flrtillcry on the nonh Cjank of the Tweed for the purpose 

^^Wring the waHtt. One of the pieeest nidcly constructed of iron 

laMed with ineial hoops which were made fo-it by wooden 

■"^iCes burM aa the Idng was standing near, OJid, sinking him on the 

'^*>, killed him instantly, '^'ITic couriieri that stood next hrni, 

'^tfi Terrified at this sudden accidentt yet covered hia body lest the 

^?^^ <^ h[« dvaih ihodd make the common ioldiers run away. 

/* <]uecr]. vho cuiuc th;il very day tu iht- cani;i, did rot sijend the 

^^ in feminine hmentJtionB, bul colled the nobl^ logeiher and 

y^'ted ihcm to be of good courage, telling them that so many 

^**«l men should not be difimayed at the loss of one ; and ihac It 

**ld be diihonourable to desert a business that was bo near a con- 

**oti/'' The cattle was so vigorously assaulted that the garrison 

r^^fitly surrendered on condition of being allowed to depart with 

H awi biggage. The place was then levelled to the ground, 

Soon after thra the Scots mnrrhed imo the cnemy'3 coimuy, 

^^Ting niih no resistance. They did much damage, and reduced 

^^e*«; castiA frhence the English had been wont to make mcuraiona 

^O^^yilmd- The thief of the le wa; i he castle of Work, *hich " was 

^^^ injtjtioiu to the cuuntiy of March," that is, the Merse, 

■ Jlu«hiaiMii, 

j^n OM Border CasHe, 

fttid r:A^Xt\\ he not nixyntryned and upholden, ihc 
thrrcof wyTI ^txya br byde waste and dywolaJe, a* hy (hi- 
'P^jrncb <i(i?r ihf ^id Scoctes fcLdc dyd plainly .^tppcar ind 

'54* Ihe EaH of Hunily, licntcnant of the Border*, nurched 
^lobur)^ lowAjdH En^tn^nd, ^nd was mel by an Kngliah Army 
^enrijj^ a few miles cj^E of K4?]fei>. Tlic llnghsh ^«re dcfcot^ 
VltuAhicr, »fid tvrne or tbctr leadt-rs [Aketi. Pitscoicie, aUer 
^injt ihc Apprwdi of Humly, tiys : "The Englbli-mcn 
Igir^l of ihclr furio, adrc^used ihc Kmg of Engknd ihcreof, 
kro( lo ihciM M grciit 4i(niy, wlio gAml^hed Berwick, Nuiani, Miid 
I And ikirinislied Kith the 3col& the epace of a monlh ^ but Uicy 
ittlv vanfaffu, UU it tlic U^t th^' t£>ok pur]x«aG quietiy to burn 
irgh and Kcluj^ uherc the lieutenant lay ^nd his atniy." ISul 
Lvienuil received notkefioni hU »pies In time. The St: oU parsed 
into the ficldt about raldoight. and wakhed thf^ir enenuci as 
ame up^ Wlicn the EngUiah &aw the Bcuii jdl ui brittle array, 
irokc tnio fli^bt^ ftnd ^<m pursued by Ehtir foi^s, who "tirAke 

ijowti and fti<;u and took D^any pri^ni^^ to the uumbcr of 
f-four ^corf j^totl^inen at)d l«n ^ore elain." 
■hn Cvr, who vn» captain of Wark about the middle of th« 
Mb c<intuty, ai^eitr^ (o haw done hik beat ur kuep up the 
Iter of ■ Border ricver. If there was any littlt disorder on the 
les. hu and his tniai weie sure to have a band in it. ^Vhen war 
f (onh in 154* it fell with grcjt severity un Kelso, whkh was 

«o the fi^imni by the Iluke of Korfolk, who, when Earl of 
T, had burnt it nineteen y^s^ti hefore. The year 1344 wa< 
tie for the invasion of Scoifand by the Earl of Hertford, who, in 
jquence of the rcfusil of (he Scois to marry their infant queen 
lincc Kdwaid of Engbnd. Unded ^ numerous firmy on the 
Kof l^ihJan and ravaged all the country between Edinburgh 
Betnick- From this time begj;n a series of most destructive 
lide» which were c.irried on for more than two years by iho 
fori» of the lowfU and csmles on Lhe Ertgh^h froniic'^ in conjunc- 
KJlh the vrarhkf inhabjEaniif of the ntlj^hbourhood.^ 
V incunions vere conducted mostly by William Lord Eurc, 
rnor erf Berwick *nd warden of lijc eavt iiiaiches> assisted by ihc 
Jpt of the various Bordc^r castles, indudirig John (Jatr. 
lugb Kelso hod been so rcccnily destroyed, we are assured 
Lvm plundered and again burned on Jutic jS, 1544, by the 
muof SVafk, Comhitl, E^mborough, Fonion, and Ford, who 
hin| with secrecy and dctpattih, came upon the iaha.biUnU b^ 

' 3fjrcoi]. 

10 «v 

■ ifer 


lo oxn DOVC I' 

diTn «. prinocn tn.** Al^ 

fcv And ab^h.'L U ii occ*' 

Ew h i iog fe awe ilMrtMa Barter qMkfUherwtft^r* 
TldvlMBboCcoanedbc l«M nn, ihuMC the only one Mb tof 
prrtTttvon to oocke B«t frca <^at hu gone bdbie the tod^' 
nft KC ihit Wvk had b<F bi tbc ^yatest ioADcnce. In E*ct, "ii 
UMory, from ibc tvdf;h d<mc iq at ksrt tbe thnecoUi cvntuf, 

n^cUr-ncetnne crer-u ir»itafixsed tbe a»um oo which ihc caul* 
tuod tolo * OolgothA, K>d gaTc a loo cruthfcl cripn to the a«l*^ 
vhich «Sn octJii »n the Borden (rf the oftco riTal kmedoao, u»** 
■h^«And4Hi*iebeidofthBirtidc Nofham, which b now tl^* 
toewof wcoks aodhoiiday Tiais^ petli4p« owes something ^^'^ 
fane to ihe ofvqaotea puwgc in JftrwA-t lu p<»iion. uo. *^ 
mm io»MiWc than that o* W*A. whkh has no tuch lecomffltni*- 
rioiL SoiioofDesibaU>ial*hichirtSOf thcgreale5t|dwebKb«*'j 
th€ie dij» the ***** fenown- 


i^TOBODY c^'CT dtcaiDA of addrctsin^E a queer query to ihc editor 

^ A of ibe Ctntttm^nS AfaaasTtt. It is diffticnt* however, with 

Uj daily it'^'o^papi.T. 'J'bt^Tc nri^ WiWw ^Tuat <:^]1vclatbnB on the pfxrt of 

bat wciign of the Biili&Ti public— and what a large Betiion \\ la !— 

llkidiTtsds and rtJici u^jon ihc *\a\\y [jap«T. Ic lu undi:r<^tood— nay, 

|c ii ctpecced. if noi dvniandt^d— itiat qiieiblion^ upon nearly every 

»ybi?ci tn every d«|>artnient of Jiuman knou'[cdgf; Khali h<i dealt wish 

*Tulin5T?crcdinit£Co|gmns- ThuUinini-and perplesitii; naiurc of the 

lOQtiofu IS of no conuquente. ThcBubjecis range from ihc eTccu- 

fci ot t CTiminal of thu day -the popular lopjc of talk, by Ihc way - 

'^theoccuifcncc of a pytUicAl crisis, or the appearance ofa cunom 

*«i(L The replies musl, lo be of ,iny use, be inaertcvl in ihc next 

■t of the journal and iundrj'bels made ai public houses ore involved 

"* f*»e aolulion of many of the [iroblems thai are put. My heart wclli 

/"syiijpaihy with ihc unfonunaie editor whose special function It is 

^'^ply in condensed form and in varied phrases to The ihouBand* 

J^'Hwcr <iuCTics which every year pass ihraugh the pogl, aomf^ in 

Wide scrawl on besmeared posi-cards, some in blacklcad on half 

p*««t of note paper, ;ind others often saibblcd on ihe dirty margin 

^*\ odd sheet of paper— with the unlucky editor, who, if these 

^*\tt arc not answered promptly, and to the letter, Is suddenly 

^Hcrd upon for hi% ihccr Ignorance nnd his <^ross siupldiiy, 

there i« colbtn^ as already indicated, loo smuU as there a 
*^»R lo<* peflt for attcmion :n the " Answers to Correspondents ' 
t^%nmcnt of the d:iily paper- One correspondent ia aa^uted (hat 
^ttetd lime judiciously scattered over the garden va good for 
**tt wontil, and another U told with equal confidence that the 
^*«n! Mitiirtry i» on its b*l legs. In ihesubcditors' room everybody 
^^ be au ^^untnt with cver>'body and everything, for it h the wins- 
^^ing-giTcTyMl the world, and what ia not known at Ihc moment cjjn 
^ «iJj- avrcriaincd- No curious ipiesiJons were tn former da^'i %eu\ 

17* T^^ C^nthMa^^i Magasint. 

in ro «diion. If it be true ArI in the tiinc or Julius Cctu ikc 
Aefi! Piurna, as the public jdumals werefaUcd. were hong up fn^ 
gallerifi of his vi|}&, ih^y <:crtainty attrtored no rrowdt of eager cecr- 
tien wondcrmg what huA hc^cn ihe ([ui.^lion>i th^t had petplctsd 
Lhf people The joiirnAL^ of thos: days, if vorthy of tlw im&v tt 
;iU, wetr link bcElcr, M CKjkrkn Hcbody HuggriU, ibin oofiei c^cb 
tfeasonfe, rncki, and trials \htt disturbed Ihr equanimhy of ibe mir- 
leign and the coutL The public press of the prc*cnc d*y niuw, ho¥' 
ever, of necesily deal with questions on the currcni ;k*w» tiid the 
cunCEii gossip of the country, nnd mairy of iHcw <|uc«tio(ii iiddrcacA 
by qurfr queriii* are the wmdiaii and the rope whith pull oui of Ae 
iradiltoral wcU ihc grave old gcnilewoman Truth, why « the botlon 
of thai well so grcfllly delights lo dwclL 

Let L] in tlic oijisct be sT:itcd that questions Addressed r^ii m 
uc not dealt wiib at ill. Not must any of the vmy of in<jui*iiifc 
people eiprcL tcplies by poit not yet by lelcipain, and «ull Icit by 
leleplione^ All answer*; uu&t appcu m ihc special columa set apM 
for Lhem, and ihcy invoJvc noi s iVjtlion of charge. Wlili |ht«« nlM 
before me, I turned * deaf car lo ihc impudenl feltov who one dlT 
bounced iato my sanctum uninvited, :ind inquired ihe best pbce i« 
iht city to have hi* teeth cxlriLtod- Moreover, '* profawional and 
trade iiddresses, are nol given in this cduimn " Is a slertoiyped wyh, 
as familiar as at one t-Liiie vjore the aatitkal Leiien of Juniut, ^hum 
no qui^rist e^cr succeeded in idcniifyinii^- tlere ia ;i very ctiriout 
cjucsiion sent by even correspo^denii who write on crested pftpe: 
" Can you, sir, tell me whether upwards uf loo means mow or leu 
than a hundivJ ? " One would una^oe Ltiat no sane persoit would 
ever raise a donbl upon the poitii, yei some pounds are annually b* 
that "upwards" mtansi "less than."' The logTcal jnd the mathcmalicaL 
process which would lead to such a proroiindly maTvellous concloaow 
one never tould understand, Yel the ijuestion has been a^kea^ 
thousands of times, and the invariable reply, "More than, of ooursc*' I 
has never seemed to give satisfaclionH The query, as silly js it W 
comnion, is on ^ par wiih thai a^ lo whether a crovr h not a paf^ 
Took, The assurance ihjt ihey are totally distinct birds hat *■* 
be fortified by a fuH cicplaniition of the diJTericncea between the i^K^ - .; 

Ujuk a: the personal qucsliom — not as lo who, for inatanccwtr^** 
FonblanQue and For^ler who once wrote for the £xantwr? i^^ 
who deiainiJ in captivity James the First of Scotland ? bui whai *^ 
The hdehl of Lord Randolph Churchill ? and oh, horror of horTOff* ■ 
nrhcn svjs Charlie Peace ejiccuied? These two quettionifc &^ 
Minples of the kind, have been put scores, nay, thousands, of doe* 

On St^fMi Very CttrioHS CatrfspaHiit.nis>. i; 


H and <Mcr Ibc coStt ftnd the roll you read with a fading akin to n«u- 
^ scoiune3BtthcpainNilrcitenitionoribi;rcpIicAH '*J<J^Euiu!cT5ft-ioin." 

»is the hckghc of ' Randy," but lomehv^ or other people nill noE 
ream ibe ttct in Ehdr mindi ; nor do ihey mm to dcarJy understand 
llui on A ccTuin daj Charki Pcuct; ^^•% reiilly hanged, ihai the c\ccu- 
6on 0/ Michael fiarrL-it, Fcninn^ was the lo&i publie hanging In 
Engbuid, and thai Miinin Ttoylc vra£ the last person in ihis counir}' 
twagcd for aticmptcd n^mdcr, 

Why, 1 wonder, in ihc matlcr of hcighu, and woigliM a» wdL 
should the pnUtclic «o rery parikubr? Eagerly do (E^cy r^orc thoc 
Her MajcMy ihc IJuci^n of ihcic realms rn licr MoclcinpA u 5 a j m, 
bl hdght, vhUc Iho Hrlncc of W.iIga i» 5 (\. 8( in. It may conrcm 
ftontcbody to kriow ihAt boil^ Mr- ULid^li^nc and l,ord SnU^hury aie 
5 It. 10 Ita., and that ihc vcrJd-rcnowficd aocoi Htrnry Irving is the 
MfiM hdgfat ThcM Hj^rcv houevkf, nwc: '^fL^m to &jili^I> the 
InqvifliUrei and quotlion a(Eer qutncion occa^iOD» a rct^ctiiian ui rbf 
Moie, vhlU »aiiiebu<3y c1lcil£ lh*t sn individual in ^rivnic hfc, oni^ 
Jolw Cleaves, olCarkEoninVotltihiic, rcachcdub hiyfTiis6fL io|iK 
It b surety vexinif to ri*u to such a hciirhl. and worae hULJ 10 liave [he 
Uci tiUied abroad e^cry tio* and then lu the world, 

UathvmaticAl problcniA vex Ihc cdttorml quuL There is period- 

ittiJj put ihc tjuctr *|uciy whether ihc sum of ^t? <9J- 1 'M «n 

U TUb^rnnbly muJliplicd by itsvll- Of course U cannoL Vou miglit 

uvditiy to multi|ily niiioand a half houuc^by [unamlnhnJfahoiii 

■obr u Ihc iuuc it arrived at The Usk is lidicubua when fractions 

thia manner mtn^duccd. There U, again, a famous hor^c^hoc 

,- _^ vtry common in Yorkthire^ that i^ much lumc n^a^onabtc, 

'^ Kt intiicJ (0 lay what Jt would cu&t to shoea horse, there hein^ 

"'''(y-rwo naib 10 each i>hoe: the ^fst nui) is 10 be charged a 

*^Hmg, and with every nail there vt a doubling procc^ 10 ^;o on. 

^J>ff must be the vubgc Uoclumith who received such fahutouK 

'^ I There 11 another [noljlcm uboutabrick and a hall', anoEhei 

**^^]li hen and a half, and f»0 numerous arc ihcsi: allLy puntlc* That 

^** wcattfdutcly com]JtJlcd, pohicly inclined though jou may he, Tf* 

**"Sld yourielf hy saying, " We cannot undcruke to answer conun* 

^tm" Ko* can yoO- LiTc would be ton short for the purpoie. 

TW fccofith ol tunnt^li ia a favourite subject for newspaper 

''J^BBwni, The longest tunnel in Ivngland is ihc Sevctn, which is 

2 ^"'iV* in length, bite snmch^jw or oihtr you cannot get people lo 

^■tt< K. Then you MC oskcU a» Lo IIil rn-stcM trj-inn. Another 

'^^^^jft! II coneerncd a* 10 the t\t^ of Mr. Glad=totie'a head; 

'•*^th« *(»hei 10 find thr average wv'«^hc ol' ilic buoian broin^ and 



Tk^ dnHii^man^ Ma^tuine, 

snoihtr vrhic is iho y^unj^eiC «£« tf vhich a girl cui bccoosa i 
mother? Legal i4ueri»conieiQbyth«tcOTe in bevittlcrng npidiir, 

but 'Cn*:tt may happily be iranifcited to the relirccl baitiiicf-W- 
Uw betit QU making an ho(i7»E penny, now diAt ht it pt^uullj 
unrobed. I'he queer quetii;$ show up die ludicrous in bnmu 
naiur& They Eire; a relief IQ much thai is dud in newspaper lii^ 
andTAficral}, u is not unissthai ihe comk clemcnithouldnvirnov 
and then be mtroduced In a profession lyhJch it on tbe wh?tB 
onerous and reapr^nfiblcand by no means given asi inilc lo frU'oJitT' 
But iheae queer queiJ&ts — they are, as ihe Yankee* say, " a cautic^* 




O Othctlo <aa hope nuiridiiy!i t^ vin hi> Dfidomoiu with ftn 

account of hi* Jidvcnturci abioad ; tTaveHiTin has b^ftome a 
■nplacc, if cducauonal pailjinc, TIjc uii;vcnc, *ays a Fn:nch 
Lcr, b a soTi tif book, ol vhtdi one hft« only read the firtt page, 
one bii only lecn one"* own cDuntiy. The compariaon 
riBiiamci the modem point of ticv, but, though ingenious enough, 
lurdlf 4«cwuaie» rmuonal diffcrctice* jiiffidcntTy ; the second page 
■of ft boijk It tcry l^ke the Am ; the ricrmam and the Kngliah, 
[tboogh both of the uinc kIocL, Aie nurptistngly diiTerfnl. The very 
ftpe<ti of Uic tovni abfcod acc unn^itulubly un-Engliih. The 
,fcou*r» aie mucli moTc ornjiiiicnkd, and oficn pninlcd outnide with 
!ftvcoc* ftnd otiier dE:«iKn& fn EngUndf except in London, a 
rvttauri'U i« ufteri ^lot eaiy to fiDd : in (ieim,iny Lhere teem lo be 
^tc ^ inany fCklJu^uitt .i> hgtiho in ui^y toiti). 

The c]li«i of GcTmAny have many ndianUgn over those of 

[Und, but the wa) in which the hc>ii>i^4 arc numbered is not ooe 

foC dunL One may ^ up and duwn ^ >itfect a lung tiiitc to find a 

ptnkulat houte, with no result eicvpt to find th;it the number* 

noc arranged in the tisual amending order- One mjy foim 

ro n cr ooi theories of ihe mtrihod employed, tuch as maiheinalical 

pragrtttion, or altcmaiive wich liie QexC alieet but one ; but all of 

fail, to thai w an ordiitary bi^m the finding of any particular 

iftvolw* a poijEble walk through a whole street, and U ii 

To a Gcnmi^ hb native town is alivaya a '' wunderwiione SiadE/' 
ibo^h it b oftai obvJout llut tlitu praise dijc^ moie crvdit tL> his 
fWtriociuD dian to hi» a:tiiUc pcuc^lion \ for he Is d patriot if lie la 
Mijrtbitig- Napoleijn toaJe Guiniau t^Uioiii^ui a necessity, or, as 
Rcitkc pou U, '^ Man bcfahl Ufi> d«;n I^jtrJiJlibinus* und wif wufden 
pBtriotcfi ; dena «ii thufi alio, uas uns uiu^ere Fiirbten bcfchlen.'' 
Tb* chops Eue cbiefiy remarkable for the really pathetic attempts at 
which they dispby lo beguile the ignorant custDnter^ It is 
to cctci and talk EngiiAh, if one J;a5 j'icnty of lime to ^pftre^ 

176 T&c Geniientatt' s MagasiHt, 

ind notVimK ihat one cniut buy ; the tu«touier wtU ccttuiOr \mts 
gfCiitncM ihrutt upon Mm, if ■' to be ftuut it to be (owunAmooi' 
Oihct CLiiJo&nics arc ihc tobaccotii!»t who doa not Mil lutchci. ind 
thu thjolL^llet who does not deal is itAtionery or Ink. 

Tbc Knylishman abroad rcgoids hiniiiclf as ilic righi cumptf cf 

mnn. .md tlic futcigner as n i»roi«quc - »o he nukei 00 conctauu 

to Conunenia! prejudice in the mailer of dteu and bchAviixji, uJ 

for ihln ie;t*on i« often regarded as a ^on of inspired, but d*ngeK<» 

idiot 1 have seen a naiivc ftrli^t. with bWk curls a h«ir hinffH 

down over hi^ bock, altiicd Iialf in bright Wuc, half m brishi bwrt 

daficing-shoca, find a xvd smokin^-aip wiih a Uue umkI, pKclb 

>ttcct> of a large town wilhoui e^tciting rcnxark, y^\\xU\ EnglahiMk 

snbcrly drtased accordme to our idc^is. were f^cnerolly rcwa/dcdn* 

ihc cpuhct of Cfacy -" vcKUcktcr Knglandct." When one hiibe« 

some time m Ihc country, and can tnake one's self undcwfcd itft 

worth while occasionnlly 10 parry this comi-limcnt hy thanling ►ie 

itilhor of it for hia pcihtCT^csA, This hnis « suri>risini; cffcr.i nr mfc 

lor he plmnc» himself oji this quality ; he iaiccs off hi^ hjr, Ji # 

Amtncan \>^ould nay, "aU the bine"; hcd^jes not tioderuuitt tV 

Briil*h tcietve, *nd putt it down to warn of fcclmg when Tom vA 

Dick do not, lilie Mm and U'ilhelm, leisiow half a doten kiMSb 

sceiucd <jf Uftvannnh, on each other's cheek. 

The (]i»t IhinK thui tirikci an obaen^er in the Mieeb it ^ 
general pEicvalente of moustache, and absence of hc.trdv The ti* 
of Bmmarck is fair type of the usiial Gtrman ; the absence ^ 
dean shavi:d faces gives a satiiene^ of effea which u tomeeW 
Hcarisome ; but ihe Emperor v^iU cliange all this if, a* ih* fi^el' 
announce, his fial has gone forth fi>r btards in ihc arniy, though fl* 
Allien up his own, 

The German children, with ihdr fair bait and blue c>C!i, areiertj 
pretty, but miit^h icas interesting in appearance, thonjih often G0O<^1 
tookiiiHi when ihcy arc grown up to men. 1 he penitteiLcc of fiinilj 
types is remarkable; one can see a whole |>flny te^u^fd at laUe— T 
father, »un. daoghier. and grand&on - alt with the Mine cn>« gr «n*^ 
other KtfonjilV'inMkrd perionnl fcaturi'. The wnmrn are Ihlr-bi^r^'^ 
aa a TuU. >tiid h:a.r:daomi^ in a slylc which inrhno (a cmbonpois' t 
the cnKagcmcnt of a couple i^ made much more of than herwi idia'^ 
\\\c rarity of divorce coniparc^i only too favourably with BogUnd *■ 

this mitt tor. 

To ihe (">ernian liii fellow-m,nn is onlbn^* if lie '\% no! a vA^' 

Tht fcp^iil '^f " Militi"*"'^* " *^ p;ut»tulirly rampani ■ there we *** 

many s&ltli<^f* ^^^ ^*^^ ^"^"^ officials, gaily drrued and poDipou*^ 

Tlu Germans at Home. 


porom is ibcb lititc dutiec A cohndwiih u--;exciieano adniT»^ 
or notice^ bvi loOotnanf he is a dcmi goH, and very often 
oi)i by ibe general bdablion ; bin ibc oAnccr nho \% not lOo plcuod 
Hh Mantel/ —UiAl \X whi> hnt seen >nmc real service — ii on^ of the 
oat polilc And dcllgt^tful pcnion« to he fonnd iinyv^hcrc. Hardly 
I mti^ »D be Mid fnr Any of the numcroua otliciab ihai crop uj) 
rcrywhcrr. After bring abroad no wil[ rvcr l«lk ibout EngUah 
tcd'iapc.'* The officials arc pninfu]lycotin')oi3s(al lcn« to a fordgn 
fjc) ihut they hare nothmg particukr to do, and so they o^'CTdo it ; 
iMWy of ihcn are regular modern Samsons, ivho can slay even the 
ll-equippcd adrcnary with Iheir isinme jaw. The parcel poilman 
oes nctt trmlk ; otiircd in a brikdani uniform, and a large hat ivuh 
ng feuhcn in % he dritci about in a ycUaw van, blowing i 

Kc£LjUiion!i ^r^A by-hirt of nil sorts j»p|>eat to iuld a retl fi> 

Genmn cuil*riOc ; if lh«c » a l*ndgc or lolUgftle, the nolii^c* Ihrrc 

potted tiaie thjtt the olfir^ulh in chargr? will not h^vc 10 f>Ay anylhmg 

*ientfi«y ^ acroif. I liavr wen h bfrd^C with a special larlff for 

**di inimaWfO much for & horse lo ctom, si5 much for n goo^c or 

IvceyT Lfiri croningi on Ihf railways an? XYrry rou^mon, but not 

"■J dingcrou*, owtgg 10 the pace of the foreign trainn Mowcrer, 

m ofifidal \% kept all day to let down the barrier and keep 

back,il \% alio thonghi nci^euary 10 pnt up an enomtouK 

nn notice rcquctling the piihlir to " h»lt a.t the ihut b:irrier/' 

<lJEfictJi to |)au luch A conibinaiinn of obitnictian, but one can 

■0 hr jumjiinii o*cr the baTrier— a feat i^hich causes ai much 

lite aa if une ^rrr lo wulk un one's hfiad m Eiij^Und. Not 

iinp<cted of the Genujtn tiavdlcr \\\ ihu- nay of ability , he 

d in the tram< thai he "jumps olTjind on at hit ovrti peril ": 

ch-irieirii4lic n^tifir irhirh ihi^y ronfam ia the rcqiiCsP " nOT 

Ifil, fjrit of ^nn^idcralion Iwr lc!l<>w-Jravtllt-is," 

l^eGerman onl-of-door^ ^jwn^k mivil nf hii lime waTkiiig from 

*"* HiliuffiiQl to another, and alMiA}r% ^riiok» : a cigar L^i .1^ invariaMo 

'^''EUTpof hi» face a.5 the i-flTtf«Uy-cid(iva|cd mousiflchc ; far cigar* 

"* tLeap, and not, a* hi liriglfimt, the ftijiii nf rhe <r,mpjnativcT^ 

"to-dft Bvcn the Ccrman ^^urkman jmukrt them during the 

^T momenta of kiiute which occur in h» work, for he doe* noi 

^'^yi:* overttic himsvlf : a modern l^hamnh, and even un EnfiK^h 

^^'iTictor. would be very diwatufird with hi* lale o* hrifU, ']*he 

*^*o of the Inwct ctaisfi air much more tner^'cUc [ n the atrccti 

™ Ihe ItfRc town* 111 cy arc to be accn with heavy pack* on thcij 

^"^ or banting along x vehiele— something between a dray at\d % 


178 Tfi4 GfmtUmans Macazint, 

whr«1bAiTow-'wit}i litTicc do|t« of no puiiculftr bcecd m tiMiim, u^ 
^cnenlly.^u^ uf-n %'^ nco^nitcd brecc;! it^ tiiiinovn in Otqub^. 
Oiir mina tbc tciTirr, 1^hich i« <>■) fjimiliAr a b-Atiirc- nl Kogbnd; 
pertupn Ehr Gnni^nt Jtrc more i(t>icl oi bring hiilm th«n «c mt 
Recrmly in l)rr^(T«r 6oy;;^ haA nni nnly to hr Tntsrjlrd, hut xlvi kd 
irilh a wHnji;- Another iioiif^Til>Ic Xt^^l ntii>i3l lhc*t vciiiim 11 \\tn 
cvpet sTipprn, which, worn often doirn al the hedt, teem ihr Hom 
poiiibTe fooC'Corenng for a mudtly «trcet ^ the cummoc brcaid of Ihr 
nati^-cft irould certainly, if m-ide mlo fii1r% be ^ murh brttier «cv- 
icnvting nutciiaJ^ 

The (j^rDuni. tike ihr trench, envy ibe English Iheir xthl^tk 
sporti, a,ud ate gntduatly intrtHJucing thcm^wiA modiliaik'OL 
They pky fooi^wHi bui nol, as one of ihem s;iid, so "^ cooEcTncb ' 
at ihc Kngli^h da Thii is ob»>oii» to ftnyonft who ha» wtn 1 
sht»1 of Gciman ^hoolbays pittying the ^me to ihc heigbC cf 
sumiiier wUhoul lAyiiif[ juide .iny clothes The flannelled KagBA 
playiriff bKn^lennii alvfiyt nlimci a lirfl^ crowd of iLalf-Judmirin^ 
halT'SUDmrLjl ob^c^rvecs. LAwn'lt:nni« ia pUycd, indeed, by the 
naUvc^, but iheir rufe« ntc nmrc tai ; uiie cari ^et ihcii f^^il| 
threes a ^Jdc in bl^ck cuaU lind lL<]>'hiil«'^-acjf)ieU[iiu tiith une h>id 
in th*^ir poctt-Ls. There is n*j enlhii^iii^m nboitt iht i^^inc^ ; iihrti 
the ball comes ihcir ivay iLey siin al hlUJng w *uiii<.'whfn\ anJ tw 
little bojs who field Tot ihem have pleniy to Ja Vci they hsw id 
ideJi (hat all Ihr^e ^aiiic« xtc csMly p1ay«d, And rrqiilre no tcamiA^ 
A Cerm;4n boy ofmyaiKtuziintnnco once seized my racquet, and bqpa 
bouncing a tentin-tHlL with it. 1 vr.itned him thai the gami? vtf 
dangerous, but he »oold perilit, and *oon Ijounced the ball gcnily 
into his eye. There titjw c(i«nccl up to him n vi*U cf doeton, hm* 
dages, and blindntw for dayu. However, the hurt w*s oiierratcd; 
and iny ract^uet iesi>ected henc^fiilb aj a curiout inatiumcat mtto 
danj^eroiiiL possibilities about iL 

The German*, us walkeri, ate distinctly leisurely ; in thU letpr^* 
they and tlieif Uaim are at one \ they plod alongt and 0ct to tben 
de^linaLion In the end. A^ avcia^^c able-bodied Kngtishciun a-' 
hulvo :i Ccnn^in iimC'C*itimate ftir di.>'ancc, jnd *nJve in flood ntd* 
EACtusioit^ "te inndcj not on bicycles, hul by Kteamer ui tmm i^' 
tlie grcrtitr part of the wfly, concluding perhaps by x *hort nlfc- 
The sleameia whJch run on nvcis like the Rhine and Kibe arechc^P 
and vvdUmanflged, but life is too hhoit to go any Oi^ance by th<^ 
up-stteamr On Sunday <:rowLls of pJeasurc-^eker* make !n^ 
riihvay journeys jnlo ihe councry Toj an outing, ending ifi l*"^ 
invariable lesUurantr The railway* are not comfyrlablc Of 'f**^' 

The Germans ni I/ome. 


lift Engbnd ve are beginning io be conLcnt iriLh Iwo da±«o9 of 
curiago^ but ihc Gcnndfli uic fout ; ihe founb ctaii is a cmtlC' p«n 
withoot tcsUi and a Aftli ia proposed in whkb, prciumably, only 
dinging on a£ the vjndoi^t >vj1I be aUowcd- 

Thc cnO i^nd Aini of every cjc|icditir>ii is the re&lauranC ; 

ftlt«r wving twcniy of thuM; ciuUbbiut-nu b two bundred yards of 

Mrc<l, one lealibM ho« virl«nsii'c1y they must be patronised. Here 

the G«Tni40 rriida his \>^ycx, amokvA bia cigar, pbya cb«s» or 

btlli^rdK (onaLibtti nith nopockeli), and ddnks bi^ beer- Music 

is often in aliraction— a foriridf entcrUinmi^nt unltnown In Engfand, 

cxcrpi in ft Cewcxpemivc London icaLiurant^ Thc^ conccrlE ore 

»cry aticntively lJBTer«) \o, and tl>e perfojmQrs play, often very well, 

^■ays pa&uti3y. It is only in England that the eleemosynary 

" Gcrtiua band * i* eo execrable. Abryad mutic of all sons— from 

Becchovet; to Suauu and Miucagni — is ^iven, and the scrioua items, 

Mch xt iymphodia by Beeihnven :inJ Mozan. meet with a vtty 

Afferent kind of fttEenticn to ihat given {ioj inviuncc) by Er^gti&h 

kidi«s to A t^mphnn^ concert ai Ehc Crytinl Palace. The Gfrman 

don not go out with a clatter in the middle of a piece ; he docs not 

di»cii» his dometiic iroubles bo loudly ^^ to mal<e the mu§lc a fiirce 

for his near neighbours. But music here snd abroad iu a very 

Mefeot thing. The English Are fond of convcr^tion^ and there- 

Icic of mviie, irhich forums a good background to it. In GcrmDny 

^inagji good concert, whtrc four hundred people, vanny of the lower 

*wb, tre procnt, one migbr. wiih some imagination, henr a pin 

^Of> vhiht A soft passage is being played ; in England such a feat 

*Jul[lbe beyond the wildest dr«ms of fancy. One would imagine 

>^'ihe music find ihc musicians of Germany musl always impress 

^'d^icn AA A dominant feature of the country, hut Madame de 

ikai " intcllcciuaE Amazon," who professed to discover the 

II for the benefit of the French* con dilaic for pages on 

iph]r Wid the fine area, and give iwo pnliry paragriphs to 

She h»rely tnci^ttona Moearr, and censures his "Requiem," 

^ Of Beethoven »he has no word. Perljaps she was loo much 

r^pied with her liEcrary fliruiion whh Gocihe and Schiller to 

^^terlbat Uierc was such an artist in ciislcnce 1 

^rman opera is doservcJIy famous ; one can, for a sum lcs» 
T*" IhatpAid for the di«omfort of a London "pit." get an excellent 
2*^ sod sec an opera of U'agner's splendidly mounted and per* 
****ied Wagner at pre^eni draws as good houses as anybody, and, 
^"^Uteret bi» meriLi or demcrita, ic is worth while to hear <he work 
^ the man who hu Itft so unmistakable a nurk on F.ngUsh ti\u»c 



J So Tk4 Gertlisman's Afagasine, 

— perhApa io he hurt-aince the " ^untV robe ''does not I 
body* Apart from Ihe performanccf, the Gcrratn pUyh<A«t 
lhemcelvc« ire fir superior (o ihe English from :hc ouitidc pc«nt of 
view. Thcfc ib liardly a tlivaire in London which is ni>( block«d »r 
bjr houses un every tide, so ihai its ou:imc k quuc Invisible ; « 
Dresden!) ani: can s«v iwu mogniEU-cm opcra-hcutra eundlr^i; oui in » 
open space, which shuws lo ativamn^c ihcir 3TcKliectur;il form, an: 
orn.imeniaibn In ihc way of Etaiufliy nnd pafnilng. 

The Cerm.iu ptajs nre hardly so acirjciKc » the opera, Shih«- 
Vpearei in chcelleni irar^sl-itioTis, i\ poi'iiTnr on tbc sUgC, biM Tt< 
cLjtfilc pieces of men lilcc Schiller and Goethe do not appear ia 
»rou»c much enihusiasm. An offioer, whom I as^cil what he thought 
of on« of the motE cdebraieJ of lh«m, replied : ^'Acb 1 es gcbi '.' 
(Oh ] 11 iloes \). Thia iK gjob^iMy owing lo the want of mftdciiL 
aciiun iind tncideni in muiiy cf ihviii' Thus Leeving's '* Kaihtn 6ti 
WtrJae " it abrilJinnL pamphl^l on religious ti?T«rjnce, bui hntifif i 
pood aciing play. In the trilogy of Wallcnsicin, the fint |>lay, ind 
holf of the !^econd, arc over before anything definite hai taken 
place. Goethe saw this defect wt-ll enough ; in the " Piologue Jbr 
the Theatre " attoched to Faust, the Manager tayt lo the Dnmitic 

(Btit, chicJljj £jve Ui iiicMfnT rncu^li !) 

Another favourite form of etitenainment \t the "Tumerer," or 
gymnjalic perform ancc. at ^vhich the Germ^m cicfb bfs English 
ncighhour^ ; one would never Itnn^fnc him to be a gymnast Irani 
seeing him walk m the sirceis ; and he hartlly evtr run* — tht* i* 
why he cannot pl.iy ihe English sports with Enghsh success. In 
Switkeihnd the Germans are riot great climbers ; on afikrng « fuiiJc. 
uLio flertnan* iTanyone elinibed a smatt hl^l whEeh Btanda in ftooxf 
a high moiint:iiti, hrrcpikdatonce; "Oh! that i» for theGernMfa^* j 

One mu« go into a family to understand ibc Gcrmin bdi; h^^ 
does no! keep his flavour abroad, as Heine has said, any better ihi^^ 
f uportcd beer. He 14 domcsEic Above all ihin^, and cn)07* JEW^l^j 
his f:iml]y round hJm— ft fcchng he ahorea with the EngliihmjlQ L-^ 
contradi^ii nation to the Frenchman, whohosinhLslangua^no 
for^hcim," *' horn en" The number of occaalonA for some feiM 
i^peciaT tt.iy, such aa ibc king's ai*f egsion, m a German home \\ fl^^tf 
pri5>nE \o ihc Knf^lish visiLnr, and more suiied to the Amcricapnir^d 
flhicb revels in ;;lor]ou9 daiifS, and ts mdi^nant when one a«li ^VoJ 
deiail^ about July if, < 

'/"here is one characicristie Ahnut the German boy which dii^iO 

Thr Grrmans At Home. 


guisheft h:m ^m the Kngluh ; he will admit readily, and oflei 
little eicfiiofi, ihftE he is tired, and this x* the one th3n^< ihnt the 
EiifUih fx>y viEl noi dn>Lf hcti half i^sU^p and dropping wUhfaci^e^ 
Hi* *im U^ncrtilly xo f^x inio a Ahi rlaw drinhingdulf, and xo 
»ear honoutiblc ftcin, rc^uhfltM Cfti diicle. The duds nnd ihc whole 
of ihe "Bttwchen-Lcbcn*— Univcfsiiy lifo- have bc^in so often 
devTihed that they arc well known. The same rcCMin prcvcnTS any 
aceount of iht odeun of she «imit, whieh, thoiu^h unnoticed by the 
balk of the population, arc -hcW koowr; to FngliRh vi«ltor9. 

M04t of Ehi? healing in the hou^i is done by «tovC^ which do 
not gire the eomfartablcimpre»jon ol a (^rethiit ore can sec blAzing, 
For •■ fitt," ai ShdlcT laid. "is a brauliful thing," and Ictcs all jW 
poetry v^cn eonfined m a ehina Tiove^ Gnec inilalled in a fitmiJyi 
one tnccis with cveiy ailcniion and kindness and one h-ould fed 
quite at hoone— ('one coutdnlecp. ThcfiriC fewnightain the Gemiaa 
bed make one icci ihnt — 

Nor §X\ (he djonfjr 4jrup« ol ihf world, 

could medicUic a;:yonc to ^ecp jn fuch 3 curioiity^ II inctmes at a 

nccp Afigle from both tides up to the middle, «o that a good ba^^mce 

h requited, and only long practice prevents one from roUio)^ olT out 

^ ii — gencr^ly into ibe hatli, which one Eiat hccured aftei 

rrpentcd effottv Then there inhc wcll-linown coveilci — sonicthmg 

brtvecn a dilated pillow and an aLCeniuied boUter^to be reckoned 

«iUi ; if llir fittnl VUTmc, il i^Wuld have disappeared lonj:^ ago ; it 

^ hive dune for mtrdixv^l hcctjt'^ l^tJt it is About Ok fitted for 

osodcfH d^iliwoon a>> the icitafTc would be for a Jfay-horiC- 

T1< German food U certainly not pteasant to aUit with, but i& 

^^tt tooditoiui' \\a.w \i lookt ; inoHL pt^ople get rcconcikd, %ome 

**«niioched, 10 the enormous sausages that fomi the staple fogd. 

Ataiiv for other delEcadcaisnoisoeasy to acquire, SauerlEiaut husa 

*•*'"£ of lU own ; otherwise it would suggest thai one is eating a 

'^^l* •'Wch hAJ Iain out in the wet for some time- The cclebrtted 

xh«arzcSaucc>" which appe^Ts with fish, gnme, nnd cuiJets, has in 

^} wur.ilJced oniont, clovu*, brown gravy, lefnon-peeln black cunanl 

1*1 }(ini[)«r tierriet, vinegar, a glass of red wine, cayenne pepper, 

*"' • tny lto£ Another miKture contains i»a sort* of mustard, 

•^*» ivdines. capers, tabd oJ!, and su^ar- Ham served ici raw 

J^l^ >< «!«} a deli^cy- It is known as " Lachsschinken " — salmon' 

7^ ''^ross insulc to Saimo/irax\ Eggs are another difl^culty 

I^^^ i they can never be got hard boiled, for some reason. ]n 

^^'Und I never had a hard egg except once, and thai was ^^ 


The GtntUm^n's Magazine. 


cutUng it op«n, solid green throughcniL V3iiA)l7 Ibe egg hu i 
mCftiytMtclikchatn— ibc sort of tasic that tnak« one thmk «bM 
the figE ^^<^^ citing iL Tea u a Fepid Laodicean liqi^ tnd 
cunouily ncak t ihcrc it noi enotj^ Lule about it to uy «th«tber it 
It Aduttcritcd or not ; ic i( served op ia the restatmnu tn a ^iv 
And nutcr Ifn. IJke Rovrtl in ETigland. 

One Mijchs Tor :in English cake aUtf some tiinc ui the countiT ; 
the^ diminutive " Ktlchcn," a son of little coke or pasty, ii «dU 
madf^ but one soort grom iMnry cif ic Many after a eoone of 
German cookery would cxelaJm i 

llaafiiEi ifikilk ui |rw| iiic^J« tnii like ilcvil iRidt CDid:i» 

But tlic CZcrmA^ntnii-iVepainiuking ailcmpTi to plei«e foreign >tttlorv 

I have hjJ Irish stew produced for my Iwnefit. whith wat iwt bad, 
but— l^d no pouto in it- Genrnlly it tnay be uid ihat thoe 
ftuempiii Jru iiboutat near the original :■& The imiutioiuof promiiMiu 
flirion, ptvduccd by unilcun for the benefii vM the bcitne citck^ 
Polutoci have tt ruriou* flavour, whtch one lecognisc* at fongih u 
that of ciiawny aceds, with which (hey Are tihcrally icaticted. ficfotc 
leaving lU]« subject Qn« mu^l nienTjon iht- guin-omHulte ; outwardly 

II rcsemblei an ordinary one, but lfimJc is ^ ^l^n* anij Hixky ii to be 
a veritable tiubnary wi^lf in ib(re[i's clotbirrj;. The Gcrmaot bare a 
hnbil t>f uking all their course on one pbte, whith 19 not vcty 
inviting, and, like Dr. Johnson, have been known to sncvt over iJicif 

Th« Gem^an^ play cardi a guwl deal, but vrhi»t ii not »o mucK 
in favour as .1 game called '* ijcat," which i& dl&tinctly difficult to 
leirn. I'l^c cards in u&e are Irymg ; iitilead of knave and (;nt«a. 
there are 1^0 knuv<^s, only disiiuLjuiahcd by holding their clubiaburv 
or below. The other canJ« arc no de-irpr. The numbvt of ib^ 
eard is rekgaEed into the corner, as if It M^ere the mo4t unimpcntlv^X 
feature, und the mam sutface is occupied by some Kreeti or x^^^ 
design of no obvious bearinf; or meaning ; sometimes what look hfc^c. 
seven crocjuei ball; (trresptrcLive of iIti; uumbLt %A the card) occof^^ 
most of Lhe room on it. 

Tlie Germans are solid, but noi gtval canver^lionallrts. 
their ideas of humour ntc motilly broad- It is a standing difficuL^^^-; 
to one who h^R heard many of th^lr Jlsis viho make» the real 
brilliant ones In their comic p^ipera, Tlie Ui^edonn i>f talk aUo<i 
in Enphnd surprises them. They are horrified when you di«t 
wilhm poiiibli: hearing of others^ in a restaurant, a social demoCH^^^^; 
and will not ti-U you what they think about politics. umiJ ihey kot 
yon well, A German friend said to me : "I think the Kaiscf'l 

The Germans ai Hamt^ 


vtd a teby with his fAvouritc toy-antiy ; I wani Biitmorck back, but 
1 dxrr no4 !jy th«u thin^ in the xtrMta ; if 1 d^d, I »houliJ get 
tftken up ] " And tbh Menu 1h« geo^nl fcdinjz, to hive BiKmiitk 
back in po*rct at ttU CMI& The sodal dcmorrjtit Arc Qot regvded 
u a »eDOtt» din|;Gt ii prcSRtl ; i1 b rt<o^in:d ihit Lhcir chief vigcruc 
b ja talk. 

The <)uilities ceccsMiy fbf aucccfts in CcrmaQy arc admirably 
indiaicd in this cxtnci from the amu«bg comic paper, ^' Flicigendc 
BUUier": tM wife to 2nd wtff, <* How dnrc you talk to mc.vbcn 
i&y husbifld dfinki MA tnrjch bccr in one nijjhi ar youm docs in n 
week ? " Bccr te, with Ihc love of muAic, Ibc frciit njiiionnS rh.trac- 
lCTi4tic,i&d Ihc mcihodfl rmptoycd In the bccrclubs, (o dnnk at 
much at poeiiblc, »uggc«l the oiRln of iome of the Roman 
eiDpcTon. Peihaps it is due to thif cxcenivc diinkinp, and the 
»inoiky JEtBOtp^Kre of (he roFauranls^ ihat 90 many of the Gcrmin* 
luiT e^ci Khich took \s if thry had br^n boiled, and wear sp^cUclet 
10 miKh more gcn^raKy than the Kngli^h. 

The a»ftil ehar»cier of the GftiiuQ languftge hos btciv dcfcribcd 
Mice for «ll b>' Maik Twain, but iKr lilngl»h of (he foreignei ii 
■Inofl 01 I7C31 a ciiTLOAity, Charlea the Fifth aaid ih*l a inan gfirnetj 
ft&ew toul wiEh ci'CTT new bn^uigi? i^^ac he leamt^ the EngtJfih &oult 
Ibai the Irermani ^in, muat be fl sirjnge Ebin^ Even Among tht 
bcsA KhoUr* of Kn|;(li»h, there i^ an iijim th^t Elyron iii otir ^rrAl 
&Oei, Hid l.ytmn oiir iifeat nnwclht. The " standatfl cloAiic "' which 
TDtti| <rf(in;&n]r reAd^ait rrpirteniaiive ofEn^li^h ia Mi^ Mscltflrnm' 
*'ftd Joliffe"; the aLJThor of (he "Trap fi^Catcha Sunbeam* i^ not 
^'lloownf hut hjtrdljr ab yet a chsiic^in Enj|t)iind. The olHcial 
''W-book* fof PvrbooU arc iinguUily hefnilifkil, when they iMnslatc 
'^ifian Ijnc* inlo Knghsh. Here is a verse from Goethe's well* 
*'>"*n " Kon^t Ton 'I"hule "— 

ll« pcjwd The ^ft of hu dnrjr : 
ll wu fiHeJ al c'L^iy " toul." 
Bui \C\% »/» were lUayi lenf, 
Whcncrer htf dnink ibBVout. 

.^^^^ li« German <EngUikh dictiunaries arc the greai sources fur the 
_ ^*"wiero<ol of our xnoilK-i'tonKu^* a"d some of iheii rendwing* 

^>ily wceTlcnt, " RippiiajJiJ* I" " mskyfriiky 1 " ^'HcUa ! " 
"Mc£-jzeg'gefi I" are interjections wortb ^idopiing. *' ProiiJgiJc," 
"Mount Blnnk," ou^hi to be En^li^h, if they are tiui. To 

^ ^^ i - " and " thti fallow ■ are much nefllcr than iHiyinfl, to plough 

■, ^^c 01 ihnc lime*. " P^nincattont" ** ivcrruncate," *' ejuftycrancv," 

•^s^Jmur*," "complcKionly/'and ■' cubicial/' aie rII pood fioundvn? 

1 84 

The Gentlemans Magazine^ 

watds- "To cabbage," and "to stand Sam/ given in Flfigd^bi|i 
dictionary, are felt wants as equivalents to two German ** idiotims," 
as the Portuguese handbook feelingly calls ibem ; a *■ boot-deaifia' 
and a " ihrowster " are at least as good words as " mind-absentewm,' 
which a recent English book has perpetrated ; one has not tAa 
come across the " babbUng-warbler " and the " ds^gle-tsul,''bulnu] 
guess that they are fine, if rare birds. 




DNG the fbllowervof Iht glorious Art or HipjKKntcs few 
h»vt nscn to higher litcrarj' cmincnrf Ihfln Ihc devout nulhor 
' Rcligio Mtfidict"' Dirtwguwhcd alike fL>r itiiidy miij«ty of 
^Aming, And, above :iL]t onictnalily of cDnr^pliont Ihewotki of 
I one dcKnc to hAvc a wider ctrctc of rejdcr^ ihtn i^, wt: fear, 
ent Ltic cue. If do otbori. At loa&t ihc "Religion of « 
4ci '* and ■' Um Burial " UDOOg his wniingi sh<jutd b^ perustrd 
vho love pure «nd lofty thoughts Mt fbrth in hnf;uac>; which, 
ft X\xi\t pedantic is yet fitU of beauty and noble poeirTv and 

Elleiiiotinuiblechum of a ^Uong and vignmua mdividiiality. 
eboai many *ho, dra*'ing ihtir im^piraiiDn from hi* foun» 
jkvc attiunpred to imicaie hii grand diction, bui fciilurc hai 
^ded their ciTortvc F.i^n the very thoughts of Rrownc when 
httcnncc to by another loise hcUf their chariTi, and rather 
Rwiatiraec. PcrhApi no wriicr haa^o inainuated hia per^ion- 
llohi>woilt u he ihhotn we are ocnridering. Wc love the 
^mc of hit wiiting^, and the writings bccau:^ of th£ man. 
lo arc ini^cparable; nor un one act them apart wilhoul a loas 
wc troiild not wiUingly incur. 

iny of inirodnction wc ihall (irsC refresh the reader's rnrmory 
Bg aahort sketch of tbe ptinclpal events in Browne's earft^ up 
■authorised pubheatton of the '* KeUgio Medict/' tcferring 
fA fullaecount CO I>r, Johniofi's "Ufc" And biinon Wijkin'i 
kmentAry Memoir/' 
[ThomAA Bfoivnc wat born in (he pariah of St Miehael, 

ride, inno ri^of. Of hia cjrly ycArs but htllc i» known, except 
»Jiecdvedh»edueAlJon at WylGehani~atchoot,nc-:]r Winchester. 
\ he entered >s a f;cntIcmJn.caiiiiiiDnei at Broi^Tgate Hall 
bbe Pembrotc CoHogeJ, Oxford, graduaiingai Ii>A. in \tth, 
V.A- in ttJfl, thus Likine hia final Aria de^iriT just one yenr 
thn Milton ^incd hJ:i Bachelor' 9 robes in the siitcr Univenily 
pbndge. Having been thus aucceasful m the luLitle of the 
I he tumod hiftoiienlinn 10 medicine, and vrc arc lofd prac- 
■ pUyftician sontcwLcrc la GkTijrtfkhirc. NuL Lon^ aftc^ 

.- H -^ - - 

'jiA * i^-*^ t^^-* *^ "-^ ^i'^^T i^ =i-=zil ptrtrumie of 0* 

^ r'' 4 '-:-t.'f-"_;r *;{ -ij ^ersci:, h^ cc=p^exiaD and hair w»* 
iv-"^*-'''"-'-'-' ■"- T^^-^ "'-^ t^^rirc w^ Eicicttai e , and habit of bod/ 

" \r. ):\ *-A^-- <*' r-'-''-''-^"'= "- '--^^ *^ aversion to all finery, urfl 

**'i hr h'yM^/n of his i;y.dt:s-.inding »as much Ur^er than th^ 

Wft-ii'to': of iht ir''fi*i ; *^1 ^^3" was Visible in the heavens be conv 

i,ri'b'.:r.'lol y^ «t-lp i^-^ ^^" ^"^" '^^^ ^'^^^ ^ """^ , . . of A^ 

(Sijih ».«: l-a-l *u''l' * minute and ewict geographicaa knowledge, « »* 

li^ bad \Knf\ l-y l->ivine Frovidence ordained suTve)'or'geneTal of rf»^ 

wijolr ttrrciHiial "r** si"*^ ^" products, mioetals, pJants, and aninwl*- 

"\h% iJitrnory, though not so eminent as that of Seoed ct*" 

AsiJiL-i'T was cai^acious and tenacious, insomuch as he xttai^' 

iii-rtd all Ihal wa^ remarkable in any book that he had read. H-s 

wut never Ki-cn to be transported with imrth or dejecled with**- 

nriiiiei ' ilwavB cheerful, but rarely merry, at any sensible nK ' 

^Shcrd to b-ck a jest, and when he did he would be apt to 

hluuU It llic levity of it- 


Sir Thi^mas Browne. 


manLou» in nothing bcji hi* time . . . he wax ftcofcc pacicni 

[UUgi^ M«dk;i," vrilicn origiaiTly of nO OlhCf cyc&than his 
peffaaps thOK of his moal intim^e fiicnde, pofseitcs the 
I fr«»?ine)« ud & frankness tu vhich it could noi otherwise 
,ntfd. Through the instrumcnulity, hoircver, uf a too 
rpcrhapt fftr«k«i) friend, th*t which nan never mcani for 
1 fell into the httriilfi of the printer ; thi^ugh ne cannot but 
lacky chance Ibai fcirticd so line a wt^ilc frnm ohUvian. 
Dn which \h\ii, aaw the U^hl wns niLi^h rormplefl and very 
10 that in htt own dclcnf^f , and in (he inicrcat^ o\ truth, 
I 1643, gave 10 the wOTld a fair am^ correct eapy. Siieh, 
inthnnk inctils of the piece thjt cvi.-ii in im coi- 
[c<l Btaic il WAS TLTCivcd with aJ:t];imalton. "Wiih 
rrites Sir KcDclm i^igby, " ] cipcct the coming abroad oflhc 
of that Fooh. whcisc fah^^ and elolen ont hath already given 
eh delist." 'L'hr u'cr;k thus railed forth recctv«d a moat 
oception. If wis M>i^n liandiicd into the language of the 
UHn, and al<i> IJiitch, Ircnch, Gcftnan and lijlian. Like 
ifiil booki, it received it* due raced of " sincercsl flaltcry," 
% treAMei springing up on all Mdci in imiLalionof It, The 
for instance, are the litlci of a fewr only of thchi.*, Konie of 
ig cot vithout lome original merit : *' ReEigion of a EMiy- 
••Religif^ BiWiopoIm"; "Religio Philu50|ihi "i " Hctigio 
"Kchgio Mililis," &c.'^ Ct >viia aruckcd by Alcxftader 
«i " Mcdicu^ Mcrficatua " — ^Ihc Physician Phj'*iicked— bill 
[1c BUfXCts thai ihia is hardJy to he reckoned as 3 |ja«Bing 
rceptET^g tZie lun^hme of jimoil: universal fiivotJt. 
,tk »olunje iceins \o have afiiiJfdcd j rare field for tiie irrc- 
lonOULor. I'he be^t known nf llicse eluddaljons jre the 
om" of Mr. Thorns Keck/ and the *' Observations " of 

j^KOt it camktmlily abriilg^l, 

Hqilclt 3Ift Ki Sirn^D Wilkin's pffifitce lo ffdipo Mfdta. 

lift le Ubvld Ip bcfot? Ibc <.i\x\ Wai. A native, ind btlbie hi» pia> 

liilet of AbcrJnn. Aminigit dU^ci lhJEig> be ikniTeiEouk lo cuiiEliiuo 

WlIkLn dc^frmlnei ibeJi luthof to be- tl Ia rtthcr ciuiDUt and not m 
fcflil ihe oflqatuilor ttifeclaimiiiG cmy mtcnlian of pub)L]iihiii£ bn 
LtuI " ihf jnibliraliiUi imttrcfK mcirrly froiii ihf inipirtuikiLy nf 
fler imy iprcial fn^od}, vTio , . , woiiM noi i* denied , . . 'ii» 
QU diiulfiQih IL" To make a (lerfFCt cr>jnciiLenoe, &ir Kcntlm l>\^f 
I iai letter la EIcqwiic ihit Ibn Ullcr ii nuiiliikcn in KUi]pci4iiig ih.iE 
i/Ahv ircffl inirnilD] foi tlio prcw, ax kit F;Lr It^'in ineitilnE ihli 
•ycaa i^mj-iE no bcty La a tirLoui r»i]tn£ of iticDi," Vt'chavcUx» 



188 The Geniiemans Afa^aztHe, 

Sir Ceoelm Dlgby. WjEh rfsxrd to thcK latt^, one's chief quir^^ 

with Digby is on j<s:ouru of h\^ huge vanity ind imincciUyH Vx 
lone of ihe "Olj5i:rvaiiuiii" i« quiic diffaeiii to that of 1><1«» 
v?hich he had occaisJon tv #n(e lo Bruwne jutt hcfote iheir pcUio- 
don. In thiv he [fives our author the st)!e of "an cminraE^nJ 
teamed m4U]-" The"Reh^io Medici"ua'*([iiotc|Hccc''loinEmsd- 
VGTC upon vhkh "rcquireth a solid siock jirtd excrciK la sdccJ 
learning." Vet m the " ObservaiJons " chcn»«Ux( he could Birti- 
ingly insinuate : " Asburedly vnc c:)nnoc err In tAking this autbtiH^ 
a very line and ingenious gentleman ; but for how deep a 3cho|iL\ V 
leuve unio them to ludge that arc :ibkr than I anis" TbcfJt'^- 
Brownc Could not but haye been pained by the haL^patronlsmeiliil^' 
cnviutia lone of these criticismt, yet no man ever bore Icm mal^cff . 
far whenever he has occasion lorcf«jr lu Sir Kenelni he alffay* (pt** * 
in terms of respect and admiration,' 

Kcck'i work cnlU for but buk notice. Thc"Annoi*iinni'i^ 
the wnrkof a cnlcrnble »:hotiir, and arc chiefly of ^nierc^l onucm^^ 
of the riJirnllcls Llicrc ^irc^ientcd to some of Biownci pa*^^'). H^ 
most cLirious instance given i£ Ihe Tcscn^hlance between ux or trtf* 
jKissiigMOf ihc "RflligioMcdicr'ondaomewnccnec* in Mnnta^nt"* 
Einriys, Ccrt.iinly the likeness is ^uch as in pardon the com|-ftri"3i- 
Itul rtc have Sit Thom^is Browne's own word (r.\t it* ihjii at Ihc i*nC 
he composed ihe work he had read biil two or thjcc jaagCflofib^ 
aurhor, and scarce any more erer since. {" Commonplace Bocl^") 

The '* Rcli^'j Medici " ts the production of one who hu wC 
escaped the "purgaiory of the thinker," but who ha* boldlystooti 
face tf> face wUh "sLurdy doubts and bciaicioua ohjectionV ucV 
vanquished them "not in a maftlal posture^ but on (his) kom;** 
fo lh;it now so strong and tried is his faith that he can even miit^ 
the ijuccr cumpiaini that there are nut "impossibilities ^'enou^i^ 
Tcligion for htm to exercise it upon 1 But having thtis cast h>* 
anchor in the calm waters of a serene and sctlled bebea^ he \t jfl ftt»* 
wflniing tn symijaihyfor ihaae who have been unable 10 do»o,oroJ»*' 
h»vc arrived at different cotiduaiona. The most diiiingeiiJtO^ 
characicnbiLC of the book j£ its large heanedness arid ihidc»t chKi*7 
— a charily large enough to embrace all secia, deeds, reh^iiTn^ »*'*' 
pcopl". i^ lokraii&n, moreover, as unnssiiming as it ix brtaJ f hff ■* 
not even mlolerant of w;mt of chancy m others. And nfl Ilii>,tc4v ^^ 
in age when m£:n had not yet learned to look leniently upon u diJT^'' 

» Srt iw^J' A/pj/i, IlL n (li. 3, nnJ TJ_ 4 [jug« 58 uk! So iji ill* Ur- 
ctttiloni ro^KcavcEy), wti«Ec ih« (ilLfasei dccnr t •' A% bit Keiidnir J*(^ 
fkccUrnily Hcclorclh;" *' cwLinccd by j»ir Kcuduic DJ(^b> iii hii cinllal Ti^P^u 
9i i/odiet." 

Str TA^mas Br<yame. 189 

of opbiOD in othcn, and m which even the noblesc minds 
iKil 10 beramintlcd of ihc deformity of that vulgai error ; '*Thc 
moR pracuci* of railirig U|;;;^iim an uduci^ry ""S pjustime not 
icthcf CKiiiicl even m out own Axy. The oeiI}' pUce whvc« 
me sceai» 10 Ibrgcl hvi liUrruJiljr ^>f bpirit ifi where he hai owa* 
10 tpcok of the mt]Itku<Jc% wli«n he dispk)!^ E^methinf; of the 
eoip; uf tht phil'M'Jpb^r ioi the Jkfni>rjni unU bruiiih cruwd by 
hhc ii turtounded. "If there be iny among th'J=c common 
cu of hitrcd t do contemn and bugh at,** he declAret, " it h 
Enemy of Reuon, Vcrtue> and Religion, the Multitude ; that 
croiK piece of mQRitrosiiy, which taken niiiundcr ijccm men, 
the rcflsonjifalc ereiturcs of God \ but confuiicd togcLhcr ; mnkc 
one ETcai Beast, ind a montirotitymorc prodi^cius than Hydra ; 

to breach of Charity 10 call the^c Tools," And again. In 
nillUn MomU:'^ "A niic m^n m;iy be tolerably said to ba 
iltlhMGh with A lUbblc of PeopU- hitlc better than Beasts about 
." He goc* on in ihc same strain in the first book of " Vulgar 
Mi^'ufhcre he d«cribct ihcm as bcinj: ever ready " with open 
iH to receive the encroach merits of Error," iind -iniirdH ihcm no 
m e|HthcU than " a eorifoaion of knavcfl atid foolcflp" '' fooler and 
I oen ; " And once ag^rct^ated losctbci " Ihty wjU be." says he, 
TOuriiMlfc" Language vigoroua and scathfni- enough to have 
Qtuedby CarJyle, But even here he hatia rather b thcabsinicj 
■1 bi the concrete. Taken apart ibey teem men, and the latianal 
iiUre»of God, and. >± such, n'ould be admitted to a share in the 
dknighl'i abounding charily. But wJicn he views ihem m ihe 
'epic - *eca their wayward dcalinga and senseless foltica— when 
^Otci how ihey mive as though they had but one great objecL in 
"'loaem; the Devil with all their might nnd strengih — he turns 
i&thing from the sight and break.': forth m bitter- scnrn. Vet with 
Ne inconsiitcney which a sympathetic reader cannnt i-Si\ to com- 
crid, he wouEd ha^'c it that all men could know salvation, Wirh 

T^oumful (tenderness does he contemplate the, 10 him, mevitable 
'af the great majority of mankind f Whar an intcn^rty ii there 
i* knging that the narrow gate were a little wider, and thfll the 
le flock " were a great one !— a longing which voice* itwll in 
■ HE umple and toudnng 11% nny in his worH 
* But (tood mcn'a wishes extend beyond rhelr livca . . . they are 
V3 enviously ambitious a^ to ^'o lo heaven by themselvcij tbey 
^t but humbly wiah that the little Flock might he greater, the 
"Oir Gate wider, and that, as many are called, 10 mighi not a few 

■ CkriitiaH Afant/j, IIL ij. 


Tho (bfk proapcct to hiin i« unlUumincd by one nj ef thai ^ic 
vhlcb, however feeble and vsvcrinff, c^n 

. . , troK Lhal twocboir gooil 
WAI hf ihr finil goat of i||. 

Thm BOt ont Life »Tia11 be dnlinT'if, 

Or cui V vHlib'Mi Id \l\* void, 

Whtn Cod ratb i&>d« tb« pik wftpTctg. 

Bul noiwilhiUndinfl the d«p vein of tnclancholy which *«rtiLtw 
ran lhroiE;:lK>ui hU woris, ihcr? ii yd a c)ii«iQl nhJmiiraliif ahifl 
•omcofhi* (iQiiiagcs, which, though iioi broaU yr ccars< cA^tfi » 
be iiropcrly termed " fjcelioubnei*,' In \ci uneommonlj like it. *1 
am noway faceli»:'U*,-h'^ tdli ui, and, indci'd, thii term *^uM ill 
eKpreu ihc subtle thfl.TJ^[irr m\ Itiownc'i lapii;* iiom hU usual gwnv 
V(» that he had a keen 9ki\^c 13^ (he Lnixingiuctus U tir^CcnUible; liii 
sometimes thU marnresU its^^U in Ihr: \wo\\ uniMpccied anJ i^^ttrci 
Oddhies. Even in the suIciihi uiid dt>inin(;d '' Letter to a Flkfid* 
thfc occurs one of ilic "»ost tmious ftcati of fiuicy ihiit suidjttci 
moftnl conceived of, T^iifc trjtl was written on the occi^on fftfrf 
deaih from n waninft disease uf an intimate fricrid of his own fricnJ. 
"In Ibis conwimpcive condiiion ind remarkable extenuaiiafL,' he 
wriEcs, ^*he came to be almost half hJniiielf, and left agrMrput 
behind him, which he earned not to the gravel" Onaj^rwitk 
this maybe j>bced ihc fallowing passage from the "Religio Mc^io*: 
"Nay, further, wk are ^hac wc AX abhor, Anthropoph*|iJ, lod 
cannibals t devoiiri:Ts not only of men, butofour^eWcs ; and ihicaat 
in an nlleg^iry, but a posiiive trudi ; for all ihi* ina» of Hah rtuA 
we behold came in ni our mouths ; this fntme we look upon hatf> 
been upon our trenchers ; Jix britf, we Imve devoured cinrwhe*." 
Who. too. bui Eiuwne would think of terming a timcwftrn naiii^* 
"ati old and grty be-.iiJed error" ; or would have projecicd a diolo^u* 
— not of ihe dead, but of the unborn? * There it eomeihing inc-" 
sislibly captivating in ib^ac surprises, which eome peeinrt^ out iinl^ 
sons of unexpected ^itaccs. In " HydriotJiphia/' discoursing 00 ih*^ 
vantly of desiring pwibumoug lemembruuce, he, with (»fa)fQ| iioayi 
laue'^s UE out of our concert by tdiing u& " ihe Kpypdan mumime^ 
which Cambyses or time hiith spared, avorice now eowotort'" 
Mummy is be«:ome merchjndistf. Mwraiin cures wounds and Phirat**^ 
is sold for bjlsams/' Then; h a f^iscinatlrig thoroughnei* aboui tJ»'' 

' Si/ T. Ll&flTW it ialJ lu lis^c wriMenoi to have intrnd^ wiiEiOf i ditLcC"** 
btl»cirnl**l*tnciJ»bryo*cuii«rninclht world into whicb ibtj nrrrtliartJr " 
BwkelhcV cnlrj- 


Str Thomas Browne. 


jifi. In fpite, howereT^ of <hc muiy exflniplcB of 4uch a nature 
A might be f itcd, QDC caimot btii often dctcn a note of sadneii 
ts vny mirths 

SocwttlutJindmg hi* tclfoongraculatory assertion x\\\\ he IiM 
pcd ihe " Cnl Mid tftihcr «n" of pnde, a candid reader oiiTiol 
c<in that there i» lomc ground for the scepticism of ihose who^ 

Johntonand HaJhm^ uniMc to credit his suiemcni, itt\ dis- 
LBCd tci abtolFC him from thii f^iUrtg. Vet xx. muii be lemembercd 

hii b 1 iiecuhOT cue, and one that onnot be jtidged aliogciticr 
Lht otdinftry cinoM. J'W Browne looked uj>ori himseir a^ 4. 
limit «ubj eel for his irtcaEch, and in alJ liJdMkne>iS gi^i"^ tlitf 
Ihof hit »df-«rri»iny «* tliey flpprar lo him, "The world ihat 
^rd ft myielf ; i( is the Micjocosrii of my own frame ihat I cast 
ic«yc on."* From hhv*f«do»ical icnrapciamcni he was pc'.uliarly 
cd Tot thii fijlt of rt'f'diiscctor Besides sill this, he is entitled to 
jtnUj dcaU with in ihe mailer, for Tlie i^jisfifi iie %cIh forth in hii 
!&tt: "He that shall pcru*e Ihe work, And tike notice of sundry 
ftbiUmica and pcncmil r;<£prc^iii)n» therein, w[|] ^sify discern 
\ LQLcntJDn wai oot public." AM ;hr niofc, loo, becnusp notwith- 
uKfing Johnson's ihinly- vcded unhelic/, laler research ha< shown 
U tlierc is no leaton to cI<7ubL t>uE ihal luch was actually die case. 

Cunctrnlnfl anothci of Diowne'» defects— his superiiition— a few 
fffe iiwy be Wid- Allhoneh quite conscious of this Icndency of 
^heiailivi cxuUt in it than otheTwiie, "1 am, 1 conftru," he 
'Beit ''n^lUTitly inclined to what misguided leal terms iuper* 
tW" Be^idek buiiiK ^fnd^ cnnvin^rd cif the eTLi&Ccnce of witches, 
|i>ci us the uEicvniforiaUe .'luur^nce thai devils art id ihQ habit 
"f^ing tli^ir wulki abioad " on ihis pbnei, haunting ^ravcyiirda, 
lUrittt vn^ ill* hkO' He sXio ?iXiAi. a soluiion for tht mystery of 

AQdent oncl««, in the assumption 1.h:it lhc:y were 11^:1 naged by 

deti|->^a bfhef vn which h? discoursed ae l^ige ia Inij " Vulgu 
Ofn* and tlic cu;iou* in^t, "Of ihc Answcra uf the Oracle of 
>I^U Dc1pho< I0 Crte«U9, King of LydLa." The attitude of hiit 
'tor. Sit Kcnelin DifLby, -in these pomli is curious »ad characlui- 

of the man- On ih* witch ^oeatron he cerlamly score* againiil 
Uuihor, nf?r is he inclined to allow ihe somewhat huniihatJng 
Hne of Browne's, that m.iny rnvcnlions and di«cr.>verleE have 

T^ UiWtm^Z piU9|t> i> ilvj wu^thy of noliL-tf in lhi> connfclion ; <■ We 

^ilhia 14 th* wondsn we ir^b wieI^olii ua : lli«re ii all AM 1^ sod hei 

■l^aiftVA; if« U« ihtHinM an<1 adrcPLLimua ]>ifCc; ot njtiiif^ tfliiirh lie iliai 

*■ wactf !c«ru Sfl t maipcTi^^Ltirt whtT olb«rt bboiir ae Io a divided ^l«ct 

v«|fliii«/' HfLMt^ I. tv, 


193 Th CtntUm^tni Magazine. 

been dLJ«, HOI iQ much iq Ihc genius of man, u to the "c OB itw a 
reveUtions of siiiriCs-" Yet, while thus survc^iitjc with to mvch C3i' 
ccrn the mot^^ in brother Bru^nr'^ cyir, he W«m lilmfuU; Dt- 
consciousofLlie e>Li;lc;rice gf >i not nLii:rviCO|iLtfd UMminhuMX 

HU JiiiLh in tljut 

• . , iLiuifa hcrmelic pOfrdci. 

VI5 of that gi<l«r which might k>vf br?n bif;hly inconvenient 1o che 
dwcllcn in a mouniaAtious country hj»d h« chiMcn lo eicroM iL 
Mojcijvcr, m a milcr has rcmjiikcd, almost liutncduicly after icbukJDf 
BroAEiv's fAith in wiLchcs, &c^, he goes on quite teiiou^ly to ctp'u^ 
" why cetrene sDuh ippeat ofcenefiLin ceraeteric^indchj^ad houtn,' 
and why "a al^in body suddenly bleedeih afrcth " &i the iFiproul 
of thf^ muidercr I It musc be adrnmcd (h^ti thrive >iU«iJi||;ti fancn ti 
gui fiUlhoT ocrasionally f-raved anylliinj^ hut hajmlfs*, as vitncsstw 
unfortunate afatr of Amy Dury «nd Rosf^ Cullender Vet la b» 
defcncv it may be tiEged (h:<t this cieduljty was not the result of lick 
of energy in the piirsuJl of truth- Thoise who hjve peruiol bji 
"Vulgar Errore"* and '^CommonpUce Buoki "' will heafiHy cndar** 
Johnson's remark that hir wiis ever ready to ^'pay Ubour for tnith.* 
And such Ubouj I Uke Sir WnUer Kaltiiih, he "toiled terribly* Ji 
her senice. and, m it iippcars lo us, she ngi onfre<|Ucnily re^-ardrd 
him too ni^ardlyn Ag;iiii, he himself Jn *' pj»eudodaxii " umn 4 
protest agftin&C too Uj^htty rcfertiog phenomena to su^rnuinJ 
cauats, cir " falling upon a present refuge unto mimdci," which U 
declartfa " li a very injurious method unto philosophy.' ' A MtiefacLcdy | 
explanation of tliese apparently incompatible pobJtioitn it the oor 
suggested by U'jlkln, vu- that Sir Thomas, coni^ifttentty wilh biA . 
aClitudij in " Rchgio Media, ^^' viewed all these nut(er«3ft HubJn&i>C; 
revelation, and aa» iheiefore, not Icflhimaie hubjeeCs foe crfutmJI 

Browne's eaiimaic of wwU reminds one strongly of ihe Bo*^ 
teaching of Robert Bruwniuy : "Tis not what ni*n Do« irfc-**" 
exalts him, but wb^t man Would do I"' Very tenderly docth^d^i^B'; 
with our unfulfilled dreams and aspirations : " They huild not O*!*^ _ 
in the Air who would build Churches on E^nh ; and tho' ihcyk*^'* 
no such siruciure* here, may lay yood l-'oundaLions in Hcaica "^ 
"If the ex-ample of the Mile be not only un aa of wonder, bui^^ 
example of the nobietl Charity, surely poor men may nlto t^*'" 
HospiialSi and the rich atone have not erected Cathcdralj," 

In his later works one hardly knows whether to wondcf w^ *"' 
■ See /'A'. Mt'UX.^. ' SouL ■ L,t.w r* tk f'ttni. 

St'r Tki/mas Browne. 

»c cxtrurdUuiiy cvicnt tn<l varicir of his irodinu^orthcun ErtHbib 

ti'Jic of hi« bDgoigv. He is very panial to lli« uhc of l!io>ir " lall 

IOC wonJ*" Sicrnc buntofouily laili agadn^L Wh^ntvrr there 

a choke between a good native word jnij onr boduwcd from the 

lies be hIxhou iavariAbly clccidc* for the Intlrr. Indeed, ihe 

itlowinc couplet from "Hudibrai" m^y not unjustly be used to 

ribc hit knguigc : 

Tir«i KnjsUih cui on Crvrk ud IjIJa 

ic niher aUitlicg, for instance, to haw a well known provcrS pre- 

ntcd lo u* in ihU guwc ; " Celerity ahoulc] always he contcinpcred 

ilh ronetalion," or " F«iinaEion maf prcnx rrcti[jiiaEion ; a dclibc* 

tmg delay may be'wbc cunotcitJon, and bIowhl':,! no iloathfulncit" 

etimcs. howcTi:i, iL mu&i be allowed ibit hu ii particularly 

iciioui in hie diaicil imponaibns. As, for inHiance. ^hen be 

in i jicricct jiniik with a linglc wokJ in ihc '* I-stler lo a 

lend,* vhcrc the pnth of virEUC \t de^ribcd aa a " Ainambufotia 

tnck.* The c09nF^i::on of the <^ujitiuc£ needed in the ticBdfopt 

tnTtllcr ilonf the narrow yiay of ^L'odnc^ nitb the perpetual care 

and circumspection n«ded by ihc rop c- walk et, though InuodLiCwJ 

by a lORicwhat tinjcamTj word* irt very fine. Ho is, tn gwa him hi) 

4ie, c&nidom That the "^^tmlity " of hi* suhjtiici ofLtn Itads hmi into 

*<rwa*«m " bcTond mere En|:li»h opprehcnjuon*." One can h»rdty 

^'^Fni a sqiile whfn or^c rtad) hii comical half -co in plaint (m hjii 

P'^^^ceto "Vulgar Enora'j, that if "Engliah pons mainiam that 

'^"^'Qflfe h4»e of late observed to flow from lUiiny/ wc thalt, within 

^yvart, be fain to leam l^tin to under»iand English, and a work 

"^ Prove of equal fticility in either," Yet wc can hardly accunc 

^*'nc cri hcndciing this cataitrnphe, Hw incnnaiitcncy rcminda 

*>f that of Paiaedjua, whOf dcipiiitig book* as much us lulling 

^lity, ajid deeming burning sulphur fu compflny for the work* 

** pTcdcceMCri, ncvcrtheie» leaves behind birn no small array of 

^ Tolumti wherewith tn plague poBtcriiy, 

^lownr'sfcjdingiimnrc than estiai>rdinary— ills prodigious. In 
**Rdtg:io Mcdki " he flnda fault with Pmcda for <iui:»iing "more 
^^n in one irark than arc ncccuary in a whotc world." Vci if 
. ebcftcy with lufficirnt patience to take a ccnsui or Ihe nooibcr 
[ ^^HhOrt otff knight refers to in thia one work--" PKudodonia 
^^Ctmica" — wc ran promiao him that the figurea will reach into 
r^'Jral hundicds. Out of mere curiosity the writer counted upward* 

1^ * Fvebabtf oar ikilhar luxd hit cy? ftfi thaL achDiii whMC liigh-priot wu 
^viwrllui Junior 'I 


Tht Gtntitmani Maga^int. 

of 300 aulhon lo whom Browne roakci wfeicnce in Uw ftitt itta 

brv>kq of ^' Picudct^uxia " 4biic, bcfoie be dcmied from the uajnU- 
able tnik^ Indnd, ihc Jcjrned cJiXiof *omcIimei appetfiloqtfN 
more auihoritia in » lingle clupLcf ihin ah ordtr^iy nun indtiJij 
h\% life I 

h w«t m 1646 thAt Browne |jub1ulied ihc woik we h«vc )A 
alluded to, " r^cudodoija EiiiUemitj," <ii " lifujmric* inio ire(y nuif 
received teucnis and commonly |jre&unied trtitliv*' This, lbcl<Ttdlj 
ind moKE cTaboraie of all Ins pletjet, Wdt wdcten, u he idU Uiin 
prcfAf e, in tUc iJticivaU uf Ifi^ufe wlkich could be «naidiod from 
Lirgc and thriving jiraclicc- tci iL he icfuErft by cxpcftxiciilind 
irtfi a hoKL of UIIaclcs m all br^nchtrs uf science and wt. It vi* 
indeed a formidabk uoderUkin^ for a Uu*y inwi, anJ ti»u« tiaiewit 
him Ihf labouv (if year:^. Of lh<^ diflici^Jt^ of (he l^ih li^ waA vtJl 
a>\'are^ iiticl ^ntild ]"hCTli-"i]"iii nol im^iHtn^fy hnvc declined it, lor, inluff 
own ijuflinf wonl*, '*a wotkc of (Ins natuic is not lo U." j>fih 
Upon one Icgge ; and should smdl of oyle, if doly Jind deiei 
handled," Bui finding no ktorlc Ihcn piEant wlii^h dealt *ilh 
tuaHrr in d sa(isfjci;>ry nunncr, he wi* moved with a laud^blei 
to al ieail m^kc an attempt to supply inch adc«dcr3iuin,andl0| 
truih a fair Stan by^ purging sy/s,f ahuitof miKonccptbrn mdcn 
And in punuance of i\\h dcM^n he cour^tgv'OUtly does noi he^i^irl 
^SUfid dlonc againtt the itrentfih of opinion^ jnd to meei the UcJh 
andGyanioffluthoriiyiA'iLh ci-intempLiblt; fjibblciandfoeblcargunict 
drannc from the Acnp and ilendci bLoi:k uf itur »i!lvf»." Tlie vl 
IreALisc 99 nrOolfnl of ^ood, huncal labour in thi.' c;tu^ of 
and we inay frrcly ^dmM \h-A\. Ins tnd^d.vouis have luvt wilb a fl 
amount of buccea^ And if now and Llicn he ha« himtclf ^kit inc^ 
enoT, it is "not by idleress 01 neglE^enc^ but for want t^ Boylr"! 
Newton's phiJosciphy." * 

The opening chapters of the wutk ;ife devoted to an Inquiry ""tt* 
the causes of human errorn Jn these he displays conaldcfibl^^ 
penetration and justness of thought h Surely, here at least, our iBtlw—^ 
evrdences the po&session, and in no smnll degree, of thai "gw^ * 
Bcnse ' which some would «em to imply was not one of his itiiWC ^ 
points, Among other things he fully recognised, and did his uUdo*^ 
to enforce, the then much neglected truth : 

'Til not «i]liqii[Ir Tier JiiiThar 
ThM muket Tiulh E-mth, aiiko' lim£^s daaghler. 

In pa«ngea icfreihrng for terse ond vigorous c^prcwion, he 
deul« oul ju&tice with an even h^ind, pulling down the old aal 

' Dr. Johnsan. 

Sir Tfi&mas Brotatf, 


n their dow1-en«hrincd prc1cila1\ And placing ihcm on Idvcr ^nd 
rebe£ttm2cmincntf^ \\c hcgm nvtf (a acc xht r^Trc of ht* 
liUBlionio" Relievo ^c<ti'^i>*l^^* he ftlvr;iyiitia(t but a "slender nnd 
bdiil mpca unC4> Aiu^mhci^'' Still ^ic icavci ihtxti on pcdr^Uh. 
&ro*Tie is no iconodA&i, nor hiJi hcfin^ of tliAE grora irreverence 
tbci:rca(iAcicnFs,Kich;\rACtCM4ltc of I.uiIkt Allcr— Parwclaut* 
ten dUpun^ not iiuiquicy,** he juady ivinfLfkA in '* Chrittitn 
raK' "n'ho pnidoilTy ciitit new enquiries,' rolloKin^ up this ften- 
^ with ft fcncfous Ihbutc to the mighty gcmus of the Slt^lritf. 
Having by thcw preliminary tcmarfc* elcsred (he way, he neM 
cecdi in (he Spcrinl i'art (Books IJ, to VtlJ vj^'orously to 
rye the troop* or error ; and when one |)cruFi;s the dreftry eila' 
AC of fenMi^M AlMurtljti^ which our physidnn ihougtit it neecjisary 
cualy lo rcfu:e. Ihc vld proverb, *' tiumaniLm Cat crrarc/* occurs 
VI wHh irrwistiblc foree, and one U lempicd to cry out with 
^rcfliut. " O genu* infeliK humAnitm \ '* A» apodmcn:^ of »orac 
cbe more loughibk miii^kcs Bro«ne undmakes to set right tnay 
mentioned tfac following. Hr dcnici rhnt it i» good lo get (hunk 
etlmonth ; that Mom had hnrni : llmt Ihc sLin d^fifci on F.ailcr 
iy;thtt the urmy of Xi:ricK dmnk vhotc rivctidry; that Hannihal 
iKthiDUfh ihc Alp4 with vinrgar ; nn elephant hjtlh no jointi, 
"Sihat Jew* are odi:«n(crc>ii\ (to pui it jioliTd) t ! * He InltcK palm 
' invc*tij;«e c*ctT \\\c jijjmctf .ind mwl Tfivi;d fables, J^c will 
'^ICle unfortunALc chickcosnnd mkcon the balance to prove that 
^ti ifc not heavier dead thwi hvint[.or he will feed lucklcaa 
'^i with iron to disprove that in ottrieh ran digcM that mctaf, 
^*e should be doing Brni'rnc a grrat injustiee were we to give 
' irDprcwion that hii work wat maii^ly t^ken up with such 
'^ilie*. He riocf hia work thoroufthij", and takes ken boTh of 
^ifd Aiblcs and prohlcini difliciiiU of rtsoJuiion, .-ind tr^Ei the one 
^ Ike lamc impjTfialuy as he would The oiher Whenever he 
Srt on the lTn*^k of a "' vulgar error " he at once mgagc* it, 
'^hcr u be roii£E;nhplit>le or one requiring deep and learned en- 
'twion. A* a^i tui^iple of hii t»eil wtiik the two chapiei* 
^^nocmlf^ thr I.oadntone," and the nno "Of Rodira Kltftnrnl," 
\tt lakeiL They arc wriilen in a truly philnHophifnl manner- Iri 

Ujtlllin Kill lu>e lE t^iiLl iE tr-it fiiliuiilntit iik.1 LiniirciTk&irj' t*^ r«|'-jH tuch 
M ibmdidH* tnd iK&l Bionnfl wai 70 ^van bghinJ hit iimah, Ttiit u 
^ tt4 urkftf^rf^tinvc. Vn sameihtn£ ol ihc lort mil otcut la <vaa (bi 
I- «alhuiA>lie ddrnii?! of Biuwnr. Cri inijit^ he mrtcii furgELt Lh4l ht J.t piti- 
"dlj ntdritf Dui tlir Lj^uuranf, but fur (be Irtiuer!- f5« bi> prericc-] Vvl 
^ftBhuJIy uy Lh4L ihcH ttrfuuiionj, wi;r4 ivycrflbQU whRi w« r«EiiDiat»ar iht 
r^iaal»«fih« iyp« of AlciuDdvr fLoi«. 


196 TA^ CeniUmdtfs Magazine. 

th«M, be lidn confirming frnm \at own Dba^nrion* numjrDCABA' 

tov*riM of Gilbert fand in one place correcting him), [i^ ilrli^ffi 
manf new things from careful nnd copious ci^imcnU ihvcJi » 
writer up to thjit time had taken notice of. Nnvbere ^ hit puBf- 
r^king and Inbotio^it method of inve!^if:aiion better cierspli^f^ ad 
nowhere perhaps doea more suocfiss attend hi> cfTorli. Sirong in 
hi* ttpCTimenwT portion, he treats wnh stani mpect Kome i^ ttiC 
^^o^e palpable error* tfoncernm^ the magnet. If a ftUte:Tieni ii w* 
homr out hy experiment, he ^ne* no farther, biH holdJy JpfTtft** 
"and, ihcfcfore, the relation )* fMir," no matter whether ihe ■f-.:*t' 
nf authority bt for ot af^Ain^t- He reajrOiu ei^rr^trtlf agSTOV Eti*^ 
Ahiurd n'llion that there rn-if^nelieal roeks or mountain* " »hc«^^ 
when ihi[>» approach there 15 no iron uHhem which^ti trf ifh^^ 
bird (1) unto the^e motmiaini/' ' although he is himself out uteftJi^^ 
coneludw : *' f I'roEiably) there he no magnetical rocka." * 

Jt :s worth mentioning iWM, cunou«il)f enough, in BocJt 1^ ^ 
Chapter 8, we find him recommending that Ihe lithmui of Paiw^^* 
be cnt through, *' it being but a few mila oitier, and would open ^* 
shorter cut unto the Eati Indies and Chin^," 

Browne's aiifonomy lr the I'toleniftic, to which he adiitfp^ 
throu^honi the wcjtk ; but «c I'lnd oLiriclvcs iiilcHj' unable to i|?<^ 
vrith Johtisonj '^ That hr nctcr iiictitruns ihc motion of Uic cait** 
bul With conlenipi aiid ridicule/* 1'bou;^h a firm adherent Sa ^^ 
geocentiic diictiinc, yet he ever Ireah the fyMetn uf Col>crniciu •ilJ* 
respect, and 3^ .m alttrn^ilivc bypoihcsis. Indeed, h sceen* to »^ 
thai be had more thaji a half eonvielion that it might pouihlybf l^^ 
true one. The fullowing p-n^agt* may be lakeo as selling fonh \A^ 
position as repiirds tins tnatler ; " And, ihctefoic, if any man rf»*' 
ofRmic the earth doth move and *i3l not believe with ua, it nwijrt** 
sliU, beeau&e he b^tli probable icavoiu Ibr it* and I iw inrallif>&^ 
sense nor reu^n ;igainst iu I ^ill not quarrel uhh hiA aocnicn ■ 
but if hkc Zeno he ^ull w^lke about, And yet dcnv there i( v^lf 
motion in nature, surely it had been happy he had been bi^in •■* 
Antyceia^ and \i only lit to convtrse \vtih their iitelancho1k*i v***^ 
having a cancciL thai ihcy are dead, cannot be coinvicted lirie tt^ 
society of the livini^," * Here are li%u cLisses of propositk™* •'^^^ 
forth, It might be laaid with truth thai he fieals Zeno'f concir*^ •l*'' 
"co[Ueni|jl and rTdicule," but it is quite evident thai he dooi*^'^ 
place the Copeinican theory in the same onegory with m^^ 

* Semj'mft, qunlril hy Fn.i»ri«. 

* Mtir^iEitil nutt: tihI fvuiiiJ in [ii[ e<liODn, 
' Bk. I. Ch- V, (Fbkc iSi, See alio II. s Ip. pj ; \l. J (p. :*H ^' J ^^ 

P4^ j VI f. Jti (p> 3K1). Thi&c icfcieDcct ijc la rKe lai «diiJoa (1^6). 

Sir Ti^ma.^ BrowHf. 

bsurdiiJe^ bul regards ii almooi as on o^tn question. And thli 
knr^nii^^ U botnc oat bjr oth^r pa.^sjigcx in whirh he h» orcua^iion 
I refer to ihc lubjcci, vhich^ although nni ne^ lypjul at ihc one 
loted tbovc, yet tiy no means can ihcy be i.»;d lo Joiufy Johnson's 
Bovtinn- And Among Ihc4c subonlinatc [>a3Mgc« wc *routd 
t>c<ijLi})r pojfit out the cloning paragraphs of \hc Rf^h chA^^ttr of 
►olt VL ThcM wiK, we thmt, ftTiiTicicn^ly cst,iMish our poiilion, 
fc« w far from treating the heliocentric rival wUh contempt and 
licnlf, he iTM, lo ny the ]ea*t, decidedly lukewarm on ihe subject* 
><1 lhi» his annotitor, Dciri U'rcn, would icem lo stispect^ for we 
"ti<cthiii he supplement I I^rownc'i ppaM,i34c* with noiei more dc* 
3c?dly ho^e lo Coperaicui, ihe lone of wliich would seem to 
ti^-vty the imprettion that he i« gently upbrjiding our auihor for hii 

After Ihe piibhcation nf thr '* I'viidodnnin*" fttnwnc produced 
othiQg of note until 165S, when there appciicd ffhfti miny be regarded 
» howconj mittterpitce, " Hjilnoiaphia/' or *' Urn Iluii^il." This, 
v^kii H:Ubni conddcrs his Lieai vtiinen worlt, conuin« pn^^j;vft 
•Wh. fi;kt cfoiiucftcc and beamy, will curnpaie with any in " Rdiyio 
*'«'Jci,'*or indeed in the English languuga Its sfnienees glow with 
'^ fenid fancies of lu* iu^tginaiion. That "mdanrholy enihu- 
*'^" to chaneieTJKlit; (jf hk i^arlicr work, is yet more palcni in 
''fdrioUphia," TIjc pathos of its closing chapters is only equalled 
4th«tolemn and nutely l^nglish in which JE finds utterance. The 
?■** vhichthe book \vi% upon one iniybtj likened to ihat produtcd 
' *htr hririoB of some fine funefa.! match. It ts tad, yei with an 
*^^*xutrcnt of lubllnietl hope, and bidding us cease from our 
^'Vainii and ambltionv, leadi ui calmly on tdl there openi out 
*^*« the cj-c of the mul the dim uatas of a peaceful eternity, 
"^ image of ihc urand gid phifrmophcr Midly musing on the nshc» 
** byj[onc race riics Irefore one dear and distinct* He viewed 
liii age in the spirii of a Macautay. Tlic outlook to him was 
Vny and thrcticning. nor coitld he console himself wiih the vision 
goodtlme to come, Moumfulty does he concemplaie the ji^es 
"*■ oonsunicd, and, a» it were, already in ihe urn. " 'Tis opportune 
^^^ofc back upon old lime^ nnd c^jntempbre our forefjthers. Gr^t 
Itosples grow thin, and lo bti ft'tched from the parsed woild. Sim- 
iikr^» away, and in i' [uUv comes at long Eiridea upon ti^," Yet 
*%4fh fb« «adn«fiB whicb constitutes the dominant note of the 
*^twill not £nl to mate Uself felt, one cannot bul detect a cenain 
^'^JU aim whicb leecDS to underlie the whole, Browne seeing to 
^■* hii age more with the eye of a disinterested spectator than ta 




Th^ Genihm&its Maeaxitu, 

one ^ho, coniciout of its degtncracy, aonovs orer the dcadcvi 

and »rnf3t1y iinvt^.n to bring ahnui a bcitrcf «tftie of aflkirv bM 
he hardly appcam tn live or belong lo h» own age* but standi np« 
laoTiofplairormnpiLrl, from which he calmly regards the limc^ Hi 
hopeE ftrc fixed an ihnf Ucrcoftcr which w.tEi lo htm so rcil. [fttnt 
j« one ihmg in whL:h our auLhor is Lockmg, J1 Li in the cncrff ind 
hopcfolncjw of the reformer. This ia ckarly seen from .in iitwii^i 
considctation of liis works a? a^frhole, bui e^jicciiilly evident doo it 
bccomcvrhcnwercad hb wordstn "ReligioMcdifi" ; "I( moV5«(« 
my spleen [0 bclioU The nniUitudc in their proper humour*, th« ii.tfi 
lhc*r fiia of folly and madness ; as *tU understanding thflt ytwA^itu »■ 
not'cl imio the World, and 'lift the privikdgc of a fc* to I* 
vinuoos. They that endeavour lo abolbh Vice, destroy Jln> ViniiE 
... I CAn Lhcrtfore behold Vice without a Sn:yr, conient only wl^^ 
an iidmonition, or inamieuvi- rcprchcoftion i for Koble Nature***"' 
»uch as are eapnhle of goodness, are nUed into viec^ Ihat m%^^ 
eaiilybe admonished into virtue." HiseOorCa atTccUmattonlhuEf^ 
no further ihnn an occasional tUdum sa/ifftfi—a word to him ^° 
iipljeora most likely lo prolri hy it. 

WhcnSir Thomas Browne, in his introductory letter to " HyiJnO' 
taphia " penned the followingrcfleetiati: "Who knows the fateofOi' 
hones, or how often he is to be buikd? Who hath the orack of^» 
ashe?,ot whither they arc to be acallertd?" he liilli: knew ho* api>]ja1^ 
it would prove in his own caaeJ Tor his own bones »eiedctlJi«dw 
be rudely disturbed, Eind that venerable head novrrcsis in a musrum. 
to delight and spon ''ihnc numerous pieceof monstrosity* the \v)^ 
crowd. In iS^o ?oinc workmen having i:>eca^n to dig a VJttiU i^ 
the chancel of Sl Peter Mancroft, Norwich, aiuinbled upon the la** 
(or rather iv hat ought to hnve been the Inst) resting-place of the wtSof 
of "Kcligio Medici"; and m no gentle manner, for both the coffiaantJ 
coffin pbte werr broken by the tlumay pick, Alihouj^h the dd>»" 
the face <and indeed every other parr^ had of coorw:di3Jip|ieii:cd, ytfi* 
is naled that the hair and beard were " jirofUEC »nd perfect, of s ll»*^ 
auburn, »imibr to that in the portrait presented to the pan«.h bj P^' 
liowman, and which is carefully preserved in the vestry of huTtttf ' 
MsncTOft." The skull was presented to the museum of thcNorr-dJ 
Hospital hy a Dr. Lubbock, into whose htinds it had passed, T*^* 
Quarterly Reviewer' commenting on this, juatly remarki an ^■'' 
anomaly nf "rjicfully preserving " the portrait, while the p-iruh;^^'* 
were yet so cfircless of the fate of the originat- 

' Since Trriiirig thr abov? 1 linil ibai this idcntii^al pjisra^ ii mcntioK^ "^ ' 
limHai cojiTiccUim lyj- II- Fniwpll 111 hi» "Vari*."* 

' Sn Vol ?wiri*(i!si). 

Sir 7*Jk^mas Btvwu^t 


fcrtic uib^jrciru '^Urn Burj,it" itAi pubHtihcrd that etr'aordiniLry 
rk of his ihe *^ Garilcn of Cyrus." ' fhc subjV^rt appejus to have 
IB choacQ by Itraanc on ncrounl of itt capabjltty of ariginnil trrtt» 
ntfindilis mdccd iidl suUcd ic^ The irhtmsicnl nniurc of h\% 
pervnent. }Tc u thnmu^hly at home wilh hn Grange Ihcmc ; 
I Ahhough b; nomfAni the linui, yei thU little wnrk U one of ihe 
iCchjtracteniiie at hit picccft. W't are fon*nou» of firowne in 
ry hnc. The irc»li*c, coTrntonndcd as ii ii of l!ic ^trnngcut and 
It dii'ersc n^Arcruli, teems like a fjiihfut reltci of hi^ mind- 
Ahhou^h g<TiernlIy rf|;atttrd .1* a tiitrr jeu dUiptif, 01 a ftrirl of 
tj vnlte f'.iT Ibc divli^r^r of ;in :ippa]lin|f Jinoiinl uf «i]|j?t[1uoi^h 
niogi jFl ill lonr 11 » >zi*iVF and mjEjcf ji llirjii^h ir w^rc mcanl 
ft consmunicat-ion to th« Kt^yal Society, orscimc oOi^rboJy equally 
Ond the niipidon of aught but ftinrra] solfmniiy, 
Wh>r itrikes ihp reader AS most ailcninhing ii ihc eittaordifiAry 
lUtjr of LIrowne'i i«ourec». The ihort c»i.iy poMtivdy tccfcs of 
ncunxciand lai engei I Dui not leu attoundiEig than the number 
LUBatraiir.''n3 he aetually d^^iet give of his beloved tlgiirr, it the 
'C of latent material i*hif h he givei the render alarming proof ihat 
could use to advanEJgf ^erc he v> mmdrd. Itiii he is merciful, 
(khxrves MQiething like locihod, he i* too conicieoiiou* to prcn 
TyibiQg into hi« fcrvtee. Bui just di we ihould ejipeet from to 
"Ifciih a nriter, he who bl one nme \s *o irnipulous that he will not 
nil an domplc bccnutc he fiiidt on LnL.-^iLiTy that m (juineuncial 
OtniM[ i0 pronounced as to Juatify its citniion, at another will 
Cft^ Idl til : 

'*'IlMe3]indrical figure of |ree« i<i viriually tontitinci] And blent 
tfcn order ■ A fylmiHei or Tonji round hcing miuTe by ihc conversion 
taming of s parallelfjgrim/' Hy an ea<y lrjin.sLlii>n he [Ki>is» from 
wuEites 10 the ennfL^deMhon of ihe nEimlier 5, and this gives him 
^rtuftity to indLdj^e Lhat pTcdilechon for t^yth^jgoTistii which we 
' he nhibiU tn hm fnimer Korts.' He hcie *how5 ii first-hand 

•eeursic ntqtEii'ntanrc with botany, and eiptciaMy with th>Ll 

'^Ch of it ufciirh treats of the airiingenient of ihe kavci on the 

^ (PhyJIotatii]. Bui tpflce furbida iJiAE we fhhould follow furthcc 

Hudeap physician in the ma^ei oF his seJf<cre;ited lahyrimh, 

'U\g eifafltuted hii reader but not himself he closer with a eharac- 

Or "^Tm QaincOTicial , LaecQ^e, or Nei-worfc PlflftlMionsof ih* Anolrtit, 
'CkiUy, NiLunllr, MyjULAllf coniirleitd " iTlUc in I9t coUmIIvc ediiion ol 

9^. tn jr*^ H^td. "t hittf ofTeq adtnired ihf myi^iol w:iy of Pytlia^ru. 
i^Ncnt aatu af numbcra," Sec iIk) hit itnuiks on tlie luiuicof Lhc 


The GtnihmaHi Ma^azins, 

leritllc and quincuncixl puug«i in vrfiicH be f?ek« ic» coopown % 
sl«cp by the inrortnaLiuD thiE lh« bunumvti ore up and d thR i 

The TorcgDing »f re til the wrilingt of Btovne pufaliihed iw'^ 
h» lifetime. Ilii litciaiy fame, howcvrt* wu well esublidicd 
his death; nor do hU poithuinoui wo^ki (ihouyb nut inlbsat' 
excellences) fcflect any futthcf glory on the honoured name of tW 
venerable Norwich phyuctan. In hiE dccLininB yefLiV he enjof^tbft. 
tATCCtft uf renown, and wju numbcTcd amon^ti ihoK vhon 
dclt^hL to honour, Kvelyn paid bim the coinplimer-t of a i| 
visit ; the Collvifv <»f Physicians c1ccE(4 hiin an honoraiy FcHq* 
its body: and, in 1671, Charles II. conftjfrcJ on him the digaltycf 
knighlhnod, Sjccc«*ful allk;; a& auihot, phy*jcian, and ftci<«iitfcfl»j 
advkc was c^f^vHy courted uri the uiost various tubjccta by incn ■! 
knew and appreciated th« ilmc^fiL m«\]iauBtibk cloiea of his It 
Several of hit Tcphei to thtfte inquiri^^s have been prcKned 
through the r-^aX of hi« friends, and foim pan of hlfl poxthi 
legnr^. Of tho«c writings pubH^hed al!ler the death of thdr aul 
the " Chrisiinn Morah " c:il]^ for a special mentionn It is a bn^ 
of pious precepit and dutiful maiimi. The tone Is cold, loftf, 
impressive, A\ the very first line we arc nuddenly hfltd fiftrttj 
twcmy Ihouaand feet, to find ourselves on the summJl of some 
Alpine peak of morality. Fmni thence 10 the conclusion* 
journey is nmong (he cloud capped peaks and everlasting snoKi 
»n austere and frigid system o( etbics, (ill, havmj- perused the 
line, we desct^nd from our cmtnence with the same appalling fl 
ncss as we mounleJ it. Wdlten in the serene quiet of old fef;t, 
caltn passionless flow of its language cohks upon ot»d in a rcffahiiff 
stream; but to those eeeking for some practical g^iidnnw in their 
conduct of hri.% it will appear exacting and unsympathctjc In|Fia3 
massive languaee he bids his leader " chain up the imruly kgiwi o^ 
Ihy hteait; lead thine own captivity copiivc, and be C-rur mtM** 
thjscir " ; " £Tain not thy vicious stain?, nor deepen thr^se swan tine - 
ture* which femper, infirmity, or tU hahiis have set upon thee;* M^^^ 
"breflfc not open the Gate of Destruction, and make no hartfl^"* 
hustle tinlo Ruin"— consummations, no doubt, devoutly cob"* 
wiahcd. But as a moral teacher, Browne made the miitta^ oftho*^' 
who, m the words of Francis Bacon,' "tiecm to havcdonc«i/ * 
m;in Ihc! professed to teach to write, did only exhibit htr ^-opirf *'* 
ftlphabcla and letters juincd, without giving precepts or ditetriiwa €<'^ 
the carriage of the hand and framing of the kttcts." Vet sorart**** 
' In Ihc '*Ar1v<acciB«il4f LnniDj," 

Sir Thomas Browne. 

20 1 

oar »cm moralkl dcsccmlt from hii tilcvaEicin and condtiH:(-nd;t to 

caUv«ft bis 4iseourifr viih a kind or dry huniour pcculiitly his own, 

^ith a «rx^piiLy for poor human luutirci though with a touch of 

:vriicAl huDiour nhtch ti mon delightful, he adnvonUbct u£ in on« 

f>uss|ie thai if vc do noc feel abl^ lo anoitit our f4cci frith the oil 

of jclAdncssai the good foviune of another, at Icasi not 10 put on 

ncltdoth. Elscvrhcrc he gives hU hearer ^ much needed reminder 

not to "oil fof many hourgUucs to ju^tiiy <^\%\ tmperfeaion:^ I" 

H'iLh all Its fjulEt. the "Chri^tijn Monh" is a work irhich well 

npavf pcruul, and ^fk admire of Bfownc may be pardoned If he 

FTKUtds it as odc of the Adc«i i^kccf of wrIUng of lu kind in 

Those of hb icpliea to the Jri<]uIriCJ of friends and othcri which 

b&vc rtached U3 form Ihc " MiECvllaiiy Ttjicis/'' in u-hichalihou^h 

ouch may be foimd that b admirable, both as rcg^rdi nuitik-r and 

node of presentation, yet the reader will be jnclmcd to suspect that 

tati pod-humoured afiolo^T of ArchU^ibop Tcniooc'^, "Mtn are 

■ot -nmt 10 see doim onulea in every line they write to their 

acquaiftiance," ii, on the whole, not .litoE'^t'itr needltis, 

Tliis conctudra Ibc eon-^idcrstion <jf the workc of one of die 

UftTw, oddest, ^TAnac5l, and ma^t whimsical wriien that ever put 

P^Ca paper. Thcro only remains to add, thaE after lingering a few 

*M and enduring ^t<^x agony, borne witb a I'oitLtodc which did not 

**5hM words in "ReligioMediri,"' the good knight succumbed to an 

'"^ of colic, and after October 19, i6S2^ the «orld knew him 00 

f°'c. So posied away thit gentle aoui who desired no greater 

^^■ty nor chcTiaKcd any lughcr ambition, thaa *' to be but the last 

^H and faring up the Rcct in Heaven.'* 


^liUlnn In cnahtr Fint piiolcJ in t6i;4, ronnmnf h hsiuly Ilitlv tOlana 
^*^Dt 4 ^ftnLl 0' ihc AUilicj. bM a[ \\m bml an dtp^nholii=4l Uli]< vf »n- 

Lk -**^ Hhr«^ ftFid li> t« loM by lleniy Uodwic^i, at ihfi Red Lyoo, in i\. 
k OuBcb-yud, %it>CLJii:uV." 
^ r»n IL Src<. V. 



Tk€ GtniUfmxn's M^Qune. 


THE new play with which Mr. Ir^-ing opened hi* kvi 
spdaon s.i ihc Lyceum ThcLiTrr last month ponnsn tfi? 
qualities of which U is not only poaiihle, but jii^t, lo ifirak with uninmrf 
praiic- The scenery is cstquisttcly appropfmic, and in the tuf rf 
two 0/ Ihc icU—lht wngk mere ond rhc nhitcthorn wood— > tul 
or the chATm of Nnt^ire, reproduced wiih fine ti'>etrc feclJnfl, Tftf 
coatuTiiea nrc rieh and iplendid, and Ihc hnrmonies of coTour. 
the eharAcifra arc groiipcd in tablcRux, Are mor« bcaaiiftil cli 
noidk tAn id1. The piny iLidf hdin An animAlion of morani 
which hold& the oiicnlinn, nhile hi Kcholurl}- and sonorout 
verse giattlics ihc cullivnicd fasfe. Kinallj^, ihr atiing hi'inff 
ihe poMiihihiies of each yt^n wi^h that qualify oijinftte for which 
Lyceum ]icrn>rmi*ficcs arc djMinguUhcd. Vci, atwdaicd willi 
these excellent rciitiiTc* - enr»uyh m most casci 10 iniure ilie 11 
of a pljiy— ihcTC 18 n noiohlc defect. We arc led Ijy ihe lilZv 
tjipeci that King Arihiir ^\\\ be Ihc conspicuoui fixture, and 
ihcre »iH he presented to u* such counterfcil at the feU>;e <in 
of the fahidoiis warrior-kmgj half.<hvine, inipiied by lufiy ids 
notLri&hinft noble thoughts, and loimdrng an order of chiv^ 
loi^ethcT in a bcautifitl, tf impo^ible, lyitcm of Cliriitian ethk 
Bui ihe King Arthur of the Lyceum produclioM, despite «>ii 
occasional flashes of nobrhiy, is a poor sitJiuUnuni of the 
" gia,y king "^[lie J^i'J rt^ni—ol legend and ro^ii^nce. Itii 
haps tnoiubic that when an altempt k made 10 giv« miitnal 
cmboJimcnt lo the more or less vague and sh.idowry cieationi of !■ 
age of luylh, it should fail lo saLisfy everyone's ideal. Ur- CifT 
has made his task in this respect more ditBcuh by iryii% foi \^ 
sake of dramatic vari^iy^ to oompTCts a. history into the OiiuenDor^ 
of an episode- Althaugh he brings into hi* " KioR Arthui ' ibe 
Eupemaiural incident of Kicalibur nsinj; from the ma^ic mflfttM 
investing ihe inlroductory icenc with something of amytiicgllDif^'' 
and makes effective use of the dep.irturc uf Anhut's Icniglia on i^^ 

King Arthur" at tkt Lyctum^ 


tttt of the Holy Gntl \ and impom Mordred, ihc scheming A(»n 
a scheming mother, ortd FJainc, alcltcnin^ <A unrequited love, 
:> ihc djiurmiic machtncry for novel purposes of con^traciLve 
f«1opmenc; yeiihc oiftm tbc^e of iho pby, to irhich sll othct 
'vnct 4nd intermit are subordin.iicd, is iho guifty ftiuour of 
nc<U>t and GulncvcFc, In rclaijon (o this pMBion^ and as the 
tJm of It, the kine is, of ticccssliy, anything but a strong 
arocttr foi uage display. No one cvci yci luccc^cd in 
^in|* a fiuprcmely poivorf\il dnimatic figure of a befouled hw- 
od. lad it sayi a t;ond deal for Mr, Comyna Carr's ingenuity and 
ticac> of mumimLition that he hn* preserved hi* hero -rim ia, 
\ nominal hero— from becoming contemptible U'hjy it ^^liould be 

* b not vei7 c!caT. bu: thcairiMl audience* have nearly always 
■■CQ inclined lo rr^rd wiih ndkuk the character \\\ a piny whose 
ifv prcfcn the society of sotnc other man lo his ; and it wu 

huudo^s iixpcriment to make the if^holc interest of « King 
Mhor' depend ujHin the nrrong done to the kmg hy his faithless 
fl& Thii Lyceum Arthur is a simple-minded, blameless, greatly 
k4«rd genttcman nho di$cot-Gr& that his dcareiii and mostchcri^cd 
ktlCtit^the suppo&ed personification of purity aj^d hrjnour, has t^eon 
"inying ofi a shameful mtrii;uc with the queen. No art short of 
^*iH(iearc'* could extract from such a situation maCetiais for j^rcal 
WiDQje dldinctton. Tennyson has, indeed, lold ihc story of the 
^1 h^riiyal and noblo itricf with so much majesty of method 
Ibt itc Tcadcr'i heart fiocs ot« to the vicitm in deep, sorroisfol 
5^ I tut T«nnyBon'i mcihod l» epic, and not dramati<:v and whot he 
"^^ ly having to diiicribe emotions injl<:ad of Jonving them to the 
■^Itttation ofa skilful ncton he more than gains in Ihc wider laiU 
"•^of thtf narrative form- Mr. Carr nowhere fiivee Mr. Irving the 
^*Eunjiy of making Arthur a great figure. He is dignified and 
P«ic in his afBictton. but there is nothing of the demigod obouE 
■* broken ' hearted humaTiity. So far as the shock of «n awful 
''*^ioii of tinwiiptftcd infideJLty, striking down the hopes and the 
^'l^tbtuol life, and bla^mc Ihc flowering placei of the hearty is 
*Wfc of trflgic eiprc*sinn, Mr In-ing docs all that is to be looked 
^ "^ ttch twtuarion, and does it with the conaummaie reserve of 
J*^»birh i» one of xhc eeerct? of his artistic power, lliii though 
^''lit tjMural pathos iimnmg through ihc situation^ it does not 

* <»elf contain iJl that is necessary for the prcacniment of auch ft 
Ij^'Kltr a« tradition and poetry rcpreseoi Arthur ro have becn. 

'''t U tery httle m Mr, CArr** trcftinicnt of his hero ihji[ irould 
^'■l to be aiteTed if the character* were the dramatis p^nan^ in & 


The Gentlewans Magazine. 

nineteenth -century cas« of <rim. cgh. instmcl of the fib1«d 'M 
of a lemotc and myihkAl lime. Thu ir dimply to nr Ibu t^ 
angutfth of a broken hcail is the same in all pMicdi o( the %^<\ 
hiatory, and thnt tht^ dcc^^ivvtl liut^^band of ld-djiy undcigoa 
the same kind vf di&irvM on the di&covcry of hU wKxt^ u 
mysuc monarch (jf Britain's dawn- Bui when a pby i> 
founded on ihe Arihuruii Icficnd we seem to w»nt >oin«lhing 
in horroony with ihe pervading spirit of ihat Irgcnd, The ttwyj 
the Round Table is n good deal raore than a ttor7 of 
inUigtic KJng Arthur, as a suge hcto, <^ii](ht lo be of 
mcaniJi? than the vklim f*f a fjiithlcu woman'^ Uwlc«t paSsiOQ; 
thai » pncticAlly nil he in ax the Lyceum, TUt* actor matts ib 
moBl of Ihc iUght or'portunliics. anrt it i» not hJH fauh if what AoU' 
be the central und doukinatSng ti^Mj'i sinks inin rcUiIvu inslgni^onC 
—if we miHtt alto^cihcr the note of thiva!rriu» and [juasi truritd 
exaiifttion—if the very cescnco of the char.irivr, Its gnkfunf on \ 
Ihe deeds of a rude chivalry the nobler npini of Chtit^Ian pcnpai 
seems wanting -and if ttic great objerti of the Tabic Round'-' 

To brtsk ill* UpaiTion LnrI up^ul^l Ihir Chrlar, 
Tu rult abrMil [&][«"ni; humnn mong^, 
T(i ■[fCftlt uu ttinilFr — irn^ inir htiHi (u it, 
Tu ttuiiuLir Wn uwn horcl at iT htc God'*, 
To t«fld tivtvii livii in purH\ ohulify— 

III t^ 

appear to have Lipped into a mere fornmb, with no lon^r 4 «l 
aignificanccj «o far sa the itflge-story i* roiiccrmrd. ~ 

It follows from this coniparativc fjtlun; lo give to Aitl 

pfopcr dtanjalic proportions that Gmnevcre and l^ncclot 

the leading tliaractcrt of Ihe play. Arthur, at the bcisl. b but 

to show up [be splGndDiii of Lheir iniquity. In ihcni, and ui d 

whirl and torrent of iheit coiibuminw ppi^ion, the interest mamly 1« 

his only in ihenmun- uf ihingsthai l^ncelot's surrender t^hi^ Km 

nuuirc, :\Xii\ his dislo^-alty luth to his own once pccrlc« honour o 

the kind's, should prove a more exciiing theme than Ihe paiEODlt 

rectitude nf the ainiuble husband wh^i, after all, is something of 

" cold flh^tracunn." In these dajs, wIiL'n unlawful love is thedaitr 

theme of novelist and phywrighl, and the Seventh Commandment 

the sug-? *■ property " in mo£t frequent demand, there is nothti^ 1 

wondi:r at in the focufting of the Arthurian interest upon ibegui 

passion of Queen Guinevere and her lover Over thi» pink 

Mr, Carr has, hL>wc\er, thrown a gloss of scnumental iiuerot »li»d 

flotwilhstanding U may be at varianee with traditional detaiU,^ 

o* the eftiog pair the mJipiAced lymfMthy of iht auditors. The f«cl 
A^tt the qiseefi, mhi\c ^ct fully im^iblc of Ihc gTvat uid " godUke " 
^tubtiei of the frcn^ ab^ndoni heriHf tQ ftLolcn nmoti^t wilh hii 
b^Omite knight, '%% tiaUcntA, i^ muctt .iv &uih j f4i.l c:tn be toftcncd, 
•^ nulling bo(h of ihcm ie*lc. m Ihc firet mitanee, to cACkfic from 
«Ww>yof iheif own |i.'iM^onh, llic ilrugntc >»j hovcvcf, ntilhcr 
W|pmic noiT proloQtl^t ^'^^ »hcii itic Eiuccn duc% fi<il, hJitr Ullfi wiih 
>a ibrufii coRiplttcnctH which no ^mouni uf hituioiiii: kLlH c:cjuld 
»iicttiif]illj' pflUini^, The episode iti thi: whitclliom wtxJtJ, wlicrc 
^ qurrn Anil hrt ouit]!* tiAve goiic .1-Tii&ytn|i;j And wlitrc ahe »tihAc- 
SUetnly mert* I-irw-^-lol rJBinitr*Tinelj-, %% i^ny he:intiliil, I'try p<>eliC| 
™*t The lamc U\^c »crj wanton. It h, in furl, >io wiinkmj and 
Ci]Si!PTaf'* joyoui ecitaiy of ab4iid<itmiciu to hcT lover's kisses i» so 
ew ind complrte, that her mbHcuiicnt. mood of remcjne and her 
(TiEeeni for ihe kinK't goodrn-v- i>re ta'dl-nigh itrcr.onciJablfl. 
J«l probably 15 that Mr. Ca:r hJi^ studied lo m,iUe Giiincvcre'i 
Iftt repellent by efniowing her with Wk ^oate of lepcninncr ; but ' 

f^ll, ever; if drattiAticnlly ttTecdvej iis Bomewhiit perilous to th« 
:[?«Uorcon>ii&trney. M\ hc:r Vr^iv mavA\-s\ngs nnd sfX-fchei of 
P"^t rcgsrd roT Arthur, alter vhc hu bern found out, strike one ak i 

**Hihiiing vome^hat too sudden a revulsioti oJ feeling. Tcnitence j« I 

• ^cjy bcnutif"! fume of mind, and when jt]di<:iouily imroduccd tn 
"*elw adt tend* to send audien-^es home on mowllygood leium 
•^th [J>cmhclvcv- From ihit point of \rcw Guinevere's pendulum- like ' 

"^cilljttcin frtjtn hij^S conceptions of duly to *in, >ind from «ii to n 
^rit^r irvowal of duty dcipiied, may be Allowed lo pAU mustef \ but 
'^ *oijy have been more nfllfsf^'loryT all Ihe liitiie, if the citjgencics 
^' <liamaiic: con«njf-;iori hafl fn-imtned of ihcw Iraiifiitioii* of mood 
****% somewhat li:u abrupt. 

I^ncchjt is the mtisl Hnely cunerived And the motl eonsi&tent 

^^ncicf in the play, and in the capjihle lunds of Mr. Forbes 

***btrtton> one of the most admiiable eWuiionisl* as well as one 

r^ 1^ oioci imiiauioncd lovers on the English stage^ itt merits are 

J^^^ghlinco Jht funpst relief, Thestruggte which tales pbceheiween 

^Oiii aod duty, oti the one hand, and the mtrciless force of passion 

^e c4hvTi althougli bLit shghtly indicated in the text, ik filled out 

T**^ ^rtai cODipleienes^ of suggestion by the actor, Love^nmliing like 

^^^^^0liC6 00 ftrveni, 10 tender, 10 instinct at ihe outset hUh the 

'TJ^'^npitiAg «pirit of a hlghly-stcung moral susceptibility, ao tni- 

^'^Qua in iw diaiegard of moral restraints when the queen's secret, 

* ibeloves in reluio, is iurpriicd — wears a seeniinft propriety of 

^^uneni nhich almost sanciiHc£ bif im. Directly Lanc«\o^ \&»isft 

b Mf . Cm'* vor^ vUr^ w pocBc w ne kAM i^ic (tf the w» 
te4«AbodToribe**aT«MdafJbulM*tabonieia: -DBtth.M 

Iliad nih Ike niftcd «l 


Ktt* Rn<(« i>f c«pn!Hioe^ too, ibb »ajl o* burtittn totro*, iprfi" ^ 
ihv kMg in ihr Tfiomftit of >iii> aiTlictioo, If a ImW «tiuncd aA^ 
hmKe Dght win' note t 

A/ t *™^^ T>raih'> irv4T*ili fiti^:*! ha* beflt bid 

y.g \,^Veii *n Udlh't *liiw "m*. l**e 1*" wcnif 

"Kiftg- AriAnr" at ike: I.yctum, 307 

^Vticrc e«}i dAjr Icll* of pinjonitc hc*rt> (r<r*a tftmctv 
-Ao'J fcrjiircd Rin chime with tbe uiiwennf bell 
ikl tnlU l^ntf ^t fonrivl If ihnii wnuM'tr Ix'Atr 
'Cf Ibli IHW iviy J ivqniAn'i vilt h»(h won, 

C« tcfl Ibe Wf«ld Ih* bu/t haih liaia i beul 

Tlui onct h>d lirti a king's * Vcf i)i3r'« nai jiM. 
fYIloUj io<v ^'1 hWi ■ 1UHE] wbixr i^iil thanf clvar i 

A tfu Cot ill mui'i "fintiip. 4nd a Imp 

Sft Ilig^H i^I IkCltCII, wllCTCtlJ ill l|a.E|l 

ShQulJ >i«r rlielr cuune r^jw^irili Cl.^l : thvn^ *lii not t 
i-WhMC Ijf* \\m hrokfTi h*r«r. for u xfij taX\ 

bottvv«r,U more to (he purpose ihan iJdJctttfly- turned phruc4 
MfiidJ trgprt is th? fact Ihj^i Ihe p]jy U mfsly lacking fn 
lent. It it an acting play. It it wniicn by 1 who know* 
ling oE the fcquLiciinrnis of Ibp Mage, and produced by i 
er who knoT* a g»"i <i*;a! more. Blxnk vcrnr inay be pcrtvci 
itetzij forin, yti inUileubly dull for tcpiucnutioii. There i* 
B <luU iboul *' Ktn0 Aithur/' Mr. Cacr ha^H with arcat ftkill 
Lc}BWdse of thcauical cfTcci, fuinisiht^d Uf uilh a narmiiw in 
diffcretit bitt of (he Arthurian Tegend ^r« put [oKciher in an 
fend juiimaied inoiaic Given ihc love of I^ncelm and 
Ktc u tlie pivot on whkh U;c story h to hirge, and iL AOLild 
ficutl 10 tvll thai iiory with a more adron uac of l]r' roll of 
Bfnie circuniiljiiice, CommeiU hai jlrtAJy ht^n nude u| ion 
« irhkh the ].»U(J involves, so fur a« the prominence of ihe 
nd detinealion of hia character are concerned, but ii is only 
K^owled^e that fioui the point of vitw of wiiiini^ j %uct*Si- 
'play « great dtfiil hat been accornplisbed. The ic«ne^ arc 
incharacteiand uiimaied jh develop mem, the mc[den;» aweep 
I* the inevitable tWflowmj-n/ in a crescendo of in icictt, and 
in ther* are opportuninei fot drLiiiiain: exprcsiion which^ 
'the blshesi, arc ncvcnEieU» capable of being enjployed with 
effiect Such ati opporiumty occurs, for in&iance, when ihe 
in remark of Elaine* ihni her uwn drtjppoinEcneni coincides 
e vkh (he qcecn't happhiciKt i^^ mi^imeipK^icd as a Hubrte 
fit>a fay Guintvere, who thereupon auris ^ujliily and iurn« 
^nom«nUry fierce gesiijre upon (he poor fove&ick maid. Mr. 
4* vritxen two or tliiee ejictlknt sctnes for Lancelot and the 
l-»cen» which fvquiEH fuT their adtijunte representation ju« 
lU^ range uf mX as Mr- Ruberison and Miss ElJen Terry iirc 
Udy able to supply. Inttrt^st, again, h p^jwijr fully evoked by 
liivicw ia which Mordred acquaints Lancjoc wiih Hm Viuj<tr< 


AVk^ Arthur'' at tke LycamL 

e1o«t m Accordance with Ihc vcJrd predictions of the 
\ S|)»it ci ihc Lake. 

.ng might be uiid upon Ihc pt^simitrjc ** moral" which 
Htmtni suggests ; bui it \% more to the purpose just novr 
>nl or two about the motiaiing of the piece- U is sTftccd 
!ljr, *nd the Wrttumra, designed by Str E. Bume-Joncs, 
One thing Sif ?.. Buine-Joncs has done— he has com- 
» of the moat perfect and subtle harmonics of colour ever 
nca^rr- At tho end of the ftrsf act the siagc is crowded 
cCer% Mmc in &rmour, some in cloth of gold, atJ richly 
: nowhere is there viiible a singlf prring note in the 
acbemc. At the same time ic i% pcihap^, permi«sjbfc to 
1 «ven thii gr(4l artist h:i3 not been equally ^ucce^Ahil in 
gjM. Noihiog in the world could snrpai^ lor bcauly the 
om hj Ciumcvcfe in Act I-, or for pietufcsqucncsi ih« wit 
iftll «orn hty the king in Act III.j but objcctioii may 
Rn to Ihc king's rohes m the gr^Al. haM at CamdoT. And 
ion proceeid* froni the fact \\\A they make Arthur tovk u 
iDCient firill^h kjn^; at it i« poi^ible for anyonr to tvok. 
kx* l^uk like 14 a penonagr hi^h in th? hrciarchy of the 
. In dealinfi « Jth a. mythi^^i period, n dr^Kij^ncr is nu doubt 
o uke a ^ood deal of l.-itUudc, bui ie mny bo quulioucd if 
IdLTcofCutiic rcfetiedtols not the outcome of on imagination 
sd by ihercilrainti of a probable chronology. At nny nite, 
^tor, D-lmoit at the ouEset of it^c action proper^ of any 
IT oi " lookinu the part." l\ is not, indeed, until the turret 
J^td tbalhi^ UppL.'ai3Ticc sut!Ki:^tf ^ny coDncilion vrich the 
Bliliar itieAilK ', iind nut qujte. tveti iheii- One >^ould like 
ULt w^Liivity there is for apposing that king^ and knights 
-tbaven in thcjtc days. Most people ^'111 picture Arthur 
ftjefttic nun, bearded, and with long wavmg hair. The 
his court, if ever ^ch court were> ^^ould foi the greater 
been bearded men too, with l^owing lochs- But the 
nhur weart no hjir on his face ; nor does the Lyceum 
i« the Lyceum MoidieJ, Thty are all as Emoolhty 
.g many monkt. It l« dinicul^ itj sjy wb^t is not loat in 
■cturc*quenen by this singular piec: of url^inaUcy. The 
rlUi hU clvar cLit ascitic fcJiiLirt^g, his shua "evurydisy " 
. ooriouK arracigcmeni of bjn^nig ikuve^, luuki ^ un- 
fi mediaeval scrivener, and hilf the ; rafifrnh'tintt of hii 
J tnuchoftlie force of his ^cnewiih Mordred^aie forfeited 
; Whidi, no matter svhu b;LS Jn^prcd iu is i>klDi~ik^^V ui\d 



Tkf GtntUmans 3ifaganm^ 


cliM«Mlatk»% o^tt^ 10 obT^dMn. 'Rioe wmf w«m bnte tap b 
nrp Aboou vbcic tbcfv u ao modi tlm coaHoands die ^ j^ 
ujmlnlkrn ; tillU an^ thlnc vUch wtaVciM tbeeflcct that it 
b worth coofidcwicn, Eipeddlj voukl ] wcrtwv to 
Mr Intnf that, bovevrr moUic and cxproMvc hk own iiiidil|.iilifi 
frilure^ fnajr be, there » sonething to be uiid for adopoof tock ad 
art may be avail^ilc wiih Ihe object of faiditig ihc accot't faSntkf a 
that of tb? (hancier be avamei. U it be accvs^iarT 10 omkf 
fcllotfon 10 freely iQ greai thiTi^ ai Ihe Lycvuio, it » equally nttm^rt 
to employ it in man ; ukd ao HIiBioti hel|ia ilw <pcct«or » nm^j 
vbrn it ^ iktifullr donc^ a* dwt wliicb k kiiotvn as ** fmke-iib* 

Sir AithiB SuHrTikB hai coQUibatod «oc»e uidodiovs fouic, 

thai in ihit latent Lr^um prodiietjoa tKe tndidoriuil regovd foe 

ihv accenonei whjch can pt to the perfect production oT a pby « 

not only mamukicd bul improtvd Qpon. KoittuuUe, indeed, n 

dramalic author vbo s^w ^nch coltabontion aa that of Sdt Ai 

SuUivam Sii Edward Barne-Jonct^ and Ur Huoiy Irvtvig. It 

not itni'litd by thi« that Mr- Cftrt't cKCellent work stAods io need 

ftiich far:iittoui aiJh at i^iicckUy deu^od dtcases and specially coaoJ 

poncdindaL-nulniuHiu Still, ihcjr um|uctlioiiiblrhdp)L Even if j 

upon the uoge in a more ordinary fuhiun, the pLty would (vol 

tecurca cooaidenhJc measure of fo^ular a]>pro^Ml. It 1$, hi 

an interesting rathci thun a i;reat work. It contains no 

rrcatioiw <A character. None or lU «itu:itioii5 uc iiiEcnsdy dracutic' 

In no ca^ docs lift dialogue touch the bi^bot pknc of tmi 

j^tprciaionn ']'o uy thiv, however, h but another way of saying 

" King Arthur " U not a work of genius- !i is a uselbl Comnbuti< 

to »Uj(e liieratnrc, nottflihsunding, andwUI no doubt attnipct 

houie< to the Lyceum for a long time 10 come. Mr. Irving ~\h\ 

the purl of King Arthur with a e^od deal of romantic coIout, x\ 

when, iaic in the piece, the op(>otmnity is afforded him of tonehu 

the chords oF i^mful emotion, it i» needless to say thai he iit ^qual 10 

the patUu*^ of i\v: occasion- But King Arthur is not likely lo be 

of hia mtjsi famous char:tciers. It b not a Richchcu^ a Mephi 

tophcles. a I-uuii the F-lcvcnth, a Charles the First, or a Bcel 

No amor could do more wiih il, urless, may be. in the laaitcr 

louking more like the convcntionol idea of King Arthnt ; 

aUhough Mr. Irving has Ihe advanmKc on this occaaion of not 

thftU<:n^lne cDnipari*(in* *ith any of his great predcccsson, jet it 

availi^ him but little, far the gimplc reason that the interest of the 

pirff larEcly drifts a w.^y ffom him in the earlier acti, and <^n oaly be 

pj/^jjir> rceovtrcduuiic lew opi}Qrtum^ies thai rcmaiiw li lajm 

" /Ci'fi^ Ar/iur" at i&t Lyceujn. 


deal for hit iplcod^d &ccdom frcmi the jealou&ies which 109 
vex ihc "cclciiial iiijnd^ *' of Uicairical mxj'i tliai he should 
£ti|^cd 1 biilJiMfEL ui-Tur like Mr. Fcfbc^ ELoLK^rUod lu pUy 
H in tome rvv^tt the niu«t Iniporlanl cliaracier, next Lg that of 
l«Vfv^ SoMiL' bir\xt of lit*; siA;;e there are who brtwk no ivrjh 
I'hcir tlnxfnc ; but Mr. Irving i& not ojif- uf Ihtfae. Kvcry purt» 
cL Li neairty ut vrdi i^yt^d as it could bti, nnd it would be 
leroiis not to rc^ogni&c ihc fua that there ik hcm, lo far ^^ the 
' goci, 3 filse notu, or a single actor qui of the picture, from 
irng locnd. 


TJu CeKtUmnsfs M^aximt, 


OmuA ON BrRn^ 

OUJOA onr^ inorf iclum^ Eo Ihe charge conccraiog Urit ^y 
trii.-ir pcrfcriitori, and I cnnnot do belter (him foto 
et.imp]r. !n KiigUnd yn^ havP iniide some if but Ijtilr a^\i 
A biT number of m,iKulinc mindi ire pedctraicd wUh ifie nJd 
somelhin^ should be done eo prcveiiE Ihe c^tirpitioii of honie of 
prcuiciit and mn:^^ leririceflble of living cfcacurcik^ W^^men 
in iniftll niimbcriT :Lre being coiiveited, and tome abtoluic tttpa 
btwn lakeiL lo cheek al home ihe wunlon dc^lrucliun 
years been carried on. We arc, til faci, iii Elic l&iun of tindr 
to aniEnals in frtjrit uf ;j1I auutliern ;Jtid tnuil nurllicm lulroni. 
quite on a level are vre with Sc-indm^vi;!. wbere 5m^U btrd^ «<[ 
a «]L|n of appTcli'.-nsion, enlei your window' and |iarUke oi:e(ilj 
luieenoubly of yoiu meal, or, like the pij^eons in the Biiiish Mm 
Court Vaid dnd other protect-^l tpol^t '^iH barely be nZ ihc Itot 
of getting oui of Ehe way oF your advancing fooL Wr have, 
ever, secured some protection for certain bird*, and we ihull, 1 
sATigiim? etiough to hope, have a dose breeding time »oon foi 
and &haU further enliglnen tb? mnstc^sttothefoUy of indiscrimii 
capture or slaughter, und the gain wiiEi nhldi Jt wiser and 
meieifu] tr^cinenE of birds wiU be atteudcd. 


iTiLV's Menace to Euuopk. 

N Italy meanwhile Ihc «taie of affairs U deplorable, and out v— -^ 
efforts stand a chance of being ihwarted by the ignonncc ^^ * 
insensibihEy of Ihc inh.ibiLanfs of (he pcnin^ub. Very ixianf *^ 
OLTr son^'bird^ are compeiicd, in search of food, lo rnignK <* 
warmer chmaLi^s. U"oc betitfe Ihose ivho cross the Alpi. FrOi* 
orifl end lo (h? othei of llaly the destruction of birds \% re^ude^ *• . 
sport. 1 L is ddlitult to accept same of ihc stalernents of Ouidii ^^ 
her long (esidenrc in Italy enablci her lo speak viilh auEhofiT' 
The orniihoplul societies of France and SwiUrrknd write io ^ 
that the destruction in Italy b so great that uoJeH some meiiiPr^ 

TatU Talk- 

tb«ir proieftioA be uken birds must perish «ll fwer EuiApe. 
fllion* of tn»irctivtirciu.( songrten Iciv'e Swit/erlind inniuUy for 
J^, D^reT lorrfumr "No rr|irctcntii]on of \\\m> Ihci, ^ lAys Ouida, 
ftroducQ any irnpittnon on lUlUns, Thry do noL heticv? thu 
rrfi aid th«r crop* und dcfln thrif vints. 'I'iicy wish m mi 
£■11 ; tlicy ar? impcrvKhJS to ^ny othirr ronhideralioiis ; and ^t\ ihry 
titioje to dc»>roy lovely And useful lillli- liv«. hnichcitd lo lie in 
tting Zt«;ipa in thr markei'pliicvv r>r be vo^d At tvro f»r(hing4 a 
Uid" A carniTjl of Jjughter B«nn to prevji^ and the dcrrer hai* 
►nc forih. " Lcl CTciy wbged Ihing dir.'^ No kind uf ff^cling fur 
^1 cxtAi in luly, and lo £]>c3li of ibe «ui flights continujilly 
■hibticd there Ji "lo be accounted a mDnonunbc and a bgre." 
I caPTvh^te winded p^w*— mosjuiiootr JIjcs, wasfis, moilj5, ami ihc 
KC—iritTcMe, dtv TvJ ant vtevuui^ thin^ with incredible: t^pidiLyi 
fiditw iiteat ub-coloured locuH devxi^tales whole diBiricis* 

^ft DgstftucTiou OP l-irc in Hit^u QuxKr^^Rs. 

t|AI> ai thcK things arc, ihcrc arc aspects even saddern Besides 
3 bcin^ too groedy and tooatupid tonpare anything rhey candc> 
Oojt luliani find, as 1 am told, much plco-iure in the last of destrur- 

«a, Mim9<r% c/ the Rcyal Ifauw fait J^feasure in kUlin^ ni^htin£^f£ 

^hdevJa- tirtU/attiitis made for tAt p:ir//t}ii. The iia^i<^ here arc 

DOt One voi3ld hediaie to belii:ve m thcic Ihlngs were it not 

Win thai ftincc (cudul dnp to now, when everything pxi:Lcpi Lhem- 

^'r% hM changed, kin^ and £Tcat noblemen have found their ehicf 

tawrc *nd glory iri ^Eanghter- "All the world ovcr/Vritcs Ouida, 

"P- pnnecii and tniTiistcrs lind Iheir plcai^ure in wholeule 

■OfihttT." What u*e, then, 4he asks, to preach lo ItaHjin peasant* 

f'lcAon thai birds ifc sacred? Hotv Tjr sueh sordid eructly i» 

™ctcftl in Iiolian niuirc I know not, havmg no inlbrmntion 

P^ep »udj Aji Ouida iiuppliea. SijH. if the ItaKan* nre humnn, even 

*^ may ultimately be- persuaded, even in i^pilc of the influence of 

**ax We TO KnftUnfl, ai leiut, have not stopped to consult the 

F'^and habit» of kings and nobles in teaming the lesion of mercy, 

^ one buadtvd ycw» kings have been on their trial When 

^>lttlely Ihey ceaw to be, the fact Itul their moral, intc Hector t, and 

f^i«I giottth ban liig^d behind that of their aubjecis willercatly 

'** conduced loihe rcBUlt. KingH do not often now lead their own 

***>painto aaion or do fighting for their ronniryor ao*n- To 

^^idc met a tuitcue or to htid the li^it of sSnughrer of biids ^U(?j/. 

^tQcjtic is a [>ocr RubilLtutc for the heroism of jn Alfred or a Ltoii' 


214 7^^ C^niltman'i Magasinf^ 

Civic Art and LiT^AnncK 

PUT upon It* focirtc by the low of pcivile^e with wWdi i 
menaced, and ihc compcEltion with whtch il b Imd 
Corporatiort of London ta atl/riFij (wcif actively m publisliirii 
irccirdi ind rcndcrtng cvfltlAbTd for puhlic U9(^ its irtuurti. I 
more Chin once dnwn Attention to the valuable vorbi that hm 
lal^rbren JMUed, chiefly under thedireciion of ihe library Commrtw' 
Two Tolumes, both edited by Mr. Charles \Vt\c\ l-.S-A^ ite 
librarian lo the Corpoiation of the Oiy or London, hare leccs^ 
»een the light. Both have diatmm arliilk and aAliquaiun intotft 
and one at ka^t jppcal^ to n general pubbc. "NLtmUfcait 
Londmcnaip" t^onsisU of a dracriptjonorthcmedn-lirtruek offbrl** 
Coq^oTftEion in order to commemoiate impottani miinif i|>«l cidll 
with TcprodLiciion^i of Ihc deigns. Ibeic medali, (irenty^u* 
number, have a3l been can 5mcc iSji, when [*rt mrdaK onr brp 
itid ihe olTier ^mall, *(ere sTrui^lc ofT to commemorate the op*rF)ngiJ' 
Ijindon Bridge by Wtlliam IV, In cnnnrciion with thb impipin* 
even] miirli historioal iciformjiTioi cnnccrnTrig the fofTUnc* of'''' 
various bndgc* ovcf ihc Thiimi-* in the Ofy, fomc of ic c^imelv nf* 
is supplied- SJovt ha^ tatiL a^ briw on Oclobct lo, 1114, the '^^ 
Thames was &o far reduced by rlie diuiight thai between the T<r'^ 
and the Dfidge "a great number of men, women, and children M 
wade over lioth nn hoMc and font," ihe water coming up 10 \Uf 
kncc-s. Mr, Welch tells us bow, on November 13, 1396, ekvdi 
persons were killed in the prc«ft caused b)' the cntiy of Kmg Kic\osi 
and hi* newly married consnri, the youthful Isabel of Fnmce. A 
mii^ of uuful mformaCion is indeed conveyed, 


THE second event judged of luflicicnt (mportance tojuiiilji 
striking of a mrdnl was the passing of the Reform BiUi 
1833, shoving iha.t at that lime, at least, ihe sympathid erf 
Corporation, vhotcvcr ibey have since become, were bbewl, 
receptions, marrijgcs, nnd ibe hkc conitltme the great mafori^' 
the events judged worthy of bdng tommemoraietl — the £nipf'"' 
and Empress of the French, the King of Sardinia, Lbe SoltiP^** 
Turkey, ihe Shah of Pi^r^ia, ihe Emperor of Ruii6ia» the KingcJ*' 
Hellenes^ and the Emperor of Gcrmjuy being^, wiihourall emhn'^ 
large he art edneas and charity, judged eiiually vrorthy oihw^ 
Among events, however, unlinked with court or in any ip*''' 
degree civic adubtion may be mentioned the fotjndaiion in t^y ^ 

TabU Talk. 

k Cily of Londoa School and the o|>enlng in iSfis of ihc new 
Vf of Ijondon School, Another cvcnc v^hk-h, ihough a ro^pal 
ation, ii hi|;h]y hooouEabk to theCIty, it llic J<xlicaui:]n tt> the 
in iSHj of Epp^^H Foieht. The; nicO^u arc from difTcrvnl 
AJid are trf varyiHft Jiicrcun of nivrit. A «inbiJ«faWf number 
by B^mbeii of the family of ^Vyr^n. Two of tlic <I«!>]^ns, 
n^^ th:it of EppiDg Fowc* ELr« by Charl«a Wivncr, a Belgian, 

Cirf BuiDdta o* Lo.hook, 

SBCONI) vokimt- iviDcJ by ihc Cofpomlion u Ihc Mrtory 

of ihc Towci Bridge and of other hridgen over the Thamfs 

Lkli bf the CoirpoT^iJon of I^ndon- Wh:1c not \ti& profu^^e ly illuS' 

Med (hi-cj the tompinion volume, thin ^vork ha* more general 

lertiC, ll indddnan orr-Oiim of thcBridgcHaiii^c'l fn^l from Ihc 

tJfth century, hflscd on the rerorili of the llndgc House K»tAle,t 

Onuniilfc ; tntl, m Addition io the long .ind inlernring hiKiory of 

Hi, WcTrh^ hA% A dcirripTton of the Tow[^ Hridgc, by Mr,J. Wolfe 

IB|;CU,, Ttt rn^in^r, ^x\A an iniroducTion by IJinon UenhBrn^ 

AA. It mrJinlc\ liitr \\\C'* NumrsinitJa,'* ji full .kceount of l^ndon 

Adftj rr|>eAtin|( w»t]-i mticli AddLtiniial information what )& Ihcre 

Did St^iOn 13, tthit'h diMK mjlh ll^ hi^loriral tuddenls in coil' 

•Kion with the brjdge. it 9\\ mi^iortsnt contribution from the most 

tefcorthy some** to history. Thi- history nf LuniJon Hritlgc \\ Chf 

Bqih; insepftrably curintcicd with thAt of Ixindon and Fngknd i 

Ud if Jt( riecord \\ le«a andenr and le» sustain^dly Trnpe than that 

t^t Toaer, tt U icarrely leii iiimuTaiinf. Many nttcreitrng views 

WnAiiar, Norden, And VisirherAfc givcn^ and, though fjimEliar 

**i^ io«tudenti of early Iindon,oreinplaccandwcteomo, Some 

■ttitilct from Ihc Wjidens' arnoimu prove Chit to he n document 

^Bmukable bc«ury at well ai i»dtue. ConeemTng the Towrr 

^HEeifull Jetfripijon, both po|iu[dr :ind scieniific,aiivcEKiihiHlorii^ 

Pmie,i9^t«n, In the Appcndiif are maiteiiof high inierot^among 

^Win^an aai^unt fiom the VVirdens' accountt of the attack of 

^BWard Falcurilifid^^t M\\<,m the bridge in 1471 The rcnit of 

and »hop* on the bridj:*! in the fourteenth century also icpfly 

^^^~ Mr- WrkhS work i& con^ieiuiou«!y done, and the two 

^'^'^I'Uf will form an inditpensAMe jmTlion of every Ubnry dealing 

"« tht biftory and antiquilies of London. 

T«> Biat IM Tim Prick of Novsta. 

THOUGH ! liave nothing of my own to say eoncernrng the 
noitl, I am Riad, continuing my previous "fjlk " on ihe 
°it'l« Ig [tive inctCJ&ed pubUcIly to some sUtUtici th^c^uvou, 


March 1S93, 

Bv AuiLMr Flkuisu. 

ntmc i» Tobi^," niid Winnie, pitting htt 6o^s ugTy 

Winnie, 1 s^jppoic when one corner to hnow hini well, one 
air* to caM him Toby?" 

i*C Uiinlc he would like it," anivrei> Winnie, sliakini* her 
r* "1 iiiyhclf think Tobian it format, but 1 liL^pv youll 

vv call you Wjitnif, and nuL Wmifred." 

1 only dgbt," ihe answc-Tecl, '^and Tobias Is ai leasC 

niftht be :t hundicd Ii> look at him,^* 1 Answcicd dtAte^pcct- 
Vhai a colour the creature is '. Surely you niighi wash 
lach him, or do liomclhing to nhilen him." 
tad I Tidve wathi^d him ihrcc djyi running. We pumped 
ih th«g;Liden ho^e - itien he bu Jim, and Jim swore*" 
stJU nurnmM her tndeous frLcnd- Tobbs vva& ihe spoil of 
nd tittSiT, Some months before she ni^t him, in a lame 
i^\tid (lute: he wuii being maltre^LcJ and stoned by 
bU boyt She luaUtjd into the &uifc, duuhW her liule fisl, 
!Ut liny fool. Umtl inlo i.ears, and Ummphed. Tobias 
tne ificr her, and ever since hoj been her devoted iiiws. 
^inlythc UKl[t"ii inongrd r cvet haw. Tltere aie degrcea 
«&BTcldom. and T«bias Lrjutlicd the toweil depth. One 
^ knocked out in somt; arjcient batlk'i and of one cof 
^CDt remained. His coat waa Ltlways of ;l dteadfiil dirty 
Htbinhie unEovdy body dwelt a (fevolcd and slen^lasi soul 

Winnie hcrvlf ^a>t ilic d*mUat rncDden cvct Mca. Sthc lad Ion 
her futhcr c-arlf in tlic ycM, »nd tn nioEK«f quite rcccmlf- Hct 
h:i]f wM hkc rtjrplin^ gold, her ejre« Ji f;ood honeu hvd, ficr tuM 
jun (he bvrly tin<lccidcd ihinjc; iKftt a no«e oughl to be «t r^ht 
She had never haJ a bTOtlipr or Mstcr, n^v^r auy yoiiog compttQioAi 
and had grown tnio a silent^ ^ol^rnn child, giv^n much lo itnof^ 
gJd-fMliionrd «f)fFchi^9, 

1 was WHiiiic't jtuardian, anii this it ihc w.iy th.M r^im^ aboul 
One d-iy my lic« fVicoU, Jarlt Ncvill, viha I thgi^j^i told me ill h» 
lecfcL*, look nic hy .suri)riw lijr ptjllin^c hU iiAntti ou mjr sbouldo^ 
and i«ymg, *' Brrtic. I'm lujinird. * A^ ii nrtci Ihit i^ not <br kind 
of ncwi lliat plCA«tK a miinV IjEitom fiirnd ; il gmenlly sH^ the 
bawm friendship notice to quit ; il rprtLiinly did not plrae mCt i&U 
leti »o when he tatd me the Lidyi nwne, Leonora (Srah^m. 1 hid 
kni>«n her> through Jfick, for some time — tt CmUutic, langoiihifif 
giri,*kh;£5[:on year. AftCT \ had MJd '*Oood Ileivens l^ntrefil 
tinif* in vjTioii* keyi I fell able to fate the mnltcr ; but from ihii 
jnomeiit iip lo the dny ofdrAt old jACik^s de-ilh I never diaooixivd 
the ECJil leaton for \n^ iiiairymg surh ^1 woman- She tfd huu jn 
awful lifo with licr ^vhimt and fjnLic^ When Winnie cinic fhe vn 
more enacung and more QncifLj] tlian ever; aflcr that Uko tnoik op 
wilh nei-vcs. 

ConlraO' to the u^ual rultr, the niaiTJagc strcrtgUjcned tlie bond 
IjcEwcen Jack and nir. Wlicn Winnie was wvcn yc*rw old her (jtha 
wjiK injurt'd in a r:ii1way jiccidenE- 'Jliry took hjm lo the ne«r< 
hofipiEa^ Aiid lie H-as iible to give my name. J ^v.ih nith him in «■ 
hour. I shrill never roijj;et a* I enrered the iTftrd lio* niy eye fluked 
[Quickly [lown the tong tow of bed* till it sinp]«.'d ttith a ihoot ii 
one i the roan I hsvci.l best of -ill things td ihe iii'citid wa^ even drt 
In the punk ofdc^Uh^hub at; 1 benT over htm the datketuns CT<^ 
opened and brightened. 1 said, '^ Oh^ Jack, de^ir boy 1 '' mid couh^^ 
say no luore. He held my hand in his with a liphtening grwp ^^' 
saw ati eifcgtr, earnest lock Hash into the poor njiijmedj bm^igr ^ 
face. I 

''O Berlte, bok >iftpr Winnie— shell have no one but jw; 
;>ll in all to her, tctii bci alway* close to yotn side." 

" J^itk," I aniweicd, " i swear I'll j^xoard her s« my ^try 
I'll be [ill you could have been to her-" 

"Be more iliati ilut," he answered^ and thei«3t wj3>ilcin* 
And thus il w-i!i ih-ii I became ^Vinme'* ^uardiao. thoiA '^ 
addition, I WHS lei^aily appointed under JiLtL's *vi]l, KromtIicd«F 
of hiE death she alwnji. called me Dftd. There wert no i*»ec*»' 

A Romana of Cnry's Tnn. 


dificuliica vrith Mra. NcvjLL Wish u peculiar <ielfif)hnen that wa^ 
qoiie touching, she quif-tty shrflcd tha entire char^ of Winnie on 
to m]r ihoutd^n : she woj then ill oi her Idfurc. She livcil only 
six moniht oiicr h«r husband ; not dying, u far as I cou^d ne, 
luw Ihcri^ uru anj^ rca.ion for it, but simply because ^^ wa± tao 
to molte any efiort to liva 
Then Winnie hccime, aa it were, entirely rriy own, A hundred 
timd n daf T ravr Jack'* look in her iwcct eyes, and hcand ah Khi> 
ot JaiCk in her merry laughter. Wmnic tovcd nie, too, wiTli alJ het 
heafir and, looking upvardt^ from hri eight yej\r^ eo my tweniy^ftve, 
Ah« pre mr venention aii well an cnrtipammishtp. 

A feit dayit aftcrwArd^ Wmnin And I 4a[ logeiher in the lonrly 
diming^room For the ti»t Time belure the old hou!4c rta» bioken iipn 
Tobias Icanr agaimt my knee, not oiiT of any pjtrticubr alTcetJon for 
■le, bot fo be V tiear to Winme MposMbk^ To nil my propoiabto 
Winme for hrf futow ahc miidc but one reply, ^' DoT^'t send me away 
from fou, dad " 

■•Bui, Winnie, you know \ live in dreadful bachelor looms in 
Grty*! Inn ; ihcj lire so very dvuiy nnd dirty, ;iiid not at ull a n\ti^ 
pbec for a child." 

'* 1 on help 10 maltc ihcm cEcan, dxd ; let Tobiju and me come 
w«lh you." 

She |HJI her txiiw lound my iicf l(, and bJJ llic prctly golden hcud 
oa my shoulder : "You're <hc nnly thing lefl In me in all the world, 
Ittj and Tobi.n, anU if y(>i» send mc .iwity to live amongst stianj^erft 

Raumioft home to my chatnbcrs m Vtriikm Umldings, Gray's 

'n*^ I uiricyed The poiuion. 'JTie ptospwt wai wmply despeT-ttCh 

•■^njUTn Building* \% (hat long raw of lious*:* to ihe c3ii: of Cray's 

■iTi Gardent, the building* that Charles Lamb anadiemaiised. Vou 

^VActi thtfiD by 3 n»Tow archway fjoni the arid desert uf Gray'^ Inn 

*^*iije— a hii;h wjU crowned Hilh iron spikes separiiun^ tlitm from 

^fo^i liin Road- Tlie mjrijd pjiscngtx* who raitlt- past in cabs or 

''**'ktiibu!«< on ihcir way lo Euiton and the Great Nordiern. look up 

*^ *Wlong unlovely tow of »f|uarc windows cu: in ihc fihhy biitki, 

^•*<ltty [hat the KuildinH* jfc somcdung bcii^ecn a ^cirkhvuse and 

* Pnwih Th« prison jdca is confirmed ^hen yon gel mside, and 

**Orrd ihe auaterv stone? staircase with iron b.tluilradi^ Kvery 

'*nAng has 1*0 black iron doots, with the prisotic-rs" n^imes written 

^'■them in Item black kticis \ ihc suirtasc wmdowih arc .liwavs dim 

^* din, and a famt earthy thurthyaidhtt odour flgiiLi upwurds 

"*ft inytterio JJ lubEtrrsinc^Ln icgions. Up and down out olctWlH' 



fifhM.' bsc M te A one cviU ace k «w (nly Ktt «dd to ibdr c^ 

ThK WBi^G, K I «baide ny Aic, Ml p«c Mb OB ■» 
«d«tfcrflii|piyii <ihc rml ^umii be^ 1ai« ^! 

■ml 1 cviK xa the dcftobe cottdo^Oa thu tW Aiitg via o^ 
■ble, tfik» I TOoM R-Mnace «r node ct tgelkoA ^^ Md 

She «ai MX 1 nice oU lady, aad contd nx pnciftlj nniJi' 
WiMikcant. Thftinncb «» de«. ^^ a1*a>^ rtpwttMl 
tOomMj tntmtuiMMilutAcdiink, Sbt owned «bc '^*mA 
sad 10 ihrvr the atuibulcdlbehpieiuvi failure of tpecdi and ^ 
tlut oiticn >Urib3lctl to ilcnhoL She m^dcd la the 
thirio^ 1 dllBal ap«ltmmt with lrcion% of blaclc bcctkL KK^ 

IknMhadtwowuledconvkttoTiMA tifc— Einr, ihat *be wu i irf 
Mipcrior coo^ ; and tocondlr. ilut ihc wu a pcrMm of sempdeii* 
clcvi1in«^ lit certain un^oatded moment* I h^vc pcrmitttd Mr^ 
llknw ui v«cpswc dmtvei for nic. The dltmer wnt hcnldcd ts** 

graphic Ci:UiU <if whfrccach *iand ftaa purchased, with ilw cofloquir* 
!h3l took |>!acc lUh each iradcnnan. The sole «s piebald in tol»^ 
»nhblarkii)Ottonii, (luc lo cindcrt. The "shrimp w*," wh* "" 
Mr-L Uinns rdii:il up^n .■« her tullnjry €hff £a>tvrt^ wu •ppirtflV 
<xiTi>p™:J of Rmtill icd snaiU floating in liquid gieoe. Thii cf>iir»* 
iva?» f^-ll^wcd bj- 5icaV, ilic memory of which VmseM «hh mc flJI- 
liy *hni ^niJ^vtiious rtoccss honrt: English hccf coaid he re^^attd ■« 
the texture o( leathcf sull bam<s me. Cven Mr*, lltnn* hjidlwB^ 

' Which 31 a^^l =^^ ^-"*i^^ ^^ ^ ^^"^^ ""^' ^"' '^" "^'^ " *'*"' ^ 

'"c imic ten c 
Oinitig in joni 

/^ Romav^f of Orays /urr. 33 1 

ntrairy vhcn the mind is in the Aou'-wrai/' 1 survived this deadly 
paat only by Uking advanUgic of Mrs. BmDt\ rrtircmeni la Ihc 
tcl-iEti to throw portions of ihc v^nou? viands out of rht window- u 
-he cr^wi ind c»U^ 1 xm^nrtd my plaie wiih tht brirk du»i fat and 
'He liitk red cilcrpilUn, and then prtctcd Mrt, U-iini wiih a look as 

you look fti if you'd %d a ;(Ood mco!. U\ ^meltke ft* 

oni own looms-** Bm 1 never did it jgain, 

^vrcal time* I had given Mn. iSmnn notii^c to tjtiitj nomeiiinefl 

wc Kid wept, And toftened my h»ri ; SDmctimr* ihcdeticd mc.atid 

■n»*»er(d thM nbi='d waited on ihc gcndemcn in them rooma for ten 

y«*r\ and go i.hc wonldiiV Ami go the dul not, 

rhat vny evening Mi*, llinn^had *fiii*<m4. I missed h.ilfaboUle 
* »Oo»e old Scoicli whifckjr, and c*(wrtcit !in flifflr.t. She fuund il 
poVftiblc lo find tny prtirubr SLjoL iJour, anri Itii-d nil of chcin Up 
^M t:iiroi«e in lum4, H^vm^ fuund il »]ic route] noC inirDducc her 
k«y», jnd ■« in a distressingly lachiymose it.itc- Jv »'ii» maniftitly 
QcrtBiathat Bmnt mutl go. If only [ hiid 1 mul 11 te bdy friend who 
t<Mi1d lacScle Iter, Thinliny this mmxet o\rr m a hefplrs* Wfly Isud- 
■Wnly recuUeceed my Aunt Uetiy. I'hi! i-riy evening I wiole n Irttctj 
ttwl bid e))c cfttc ItefoTC her^ 1 had to abi^e my&elf, nind ejipo^e my 
belpTcuuc^h, Ncxi d*y hmuBhl hack her reply. Slic vtt*. a ti*dy uf 
^^cnchjkiij liicrMy tlyL\ cuTt rjthcr, but to (he |>omL Hci letter i^ii 
to ihi e^cct : '* VuuVe a fool, and ilic iti j rogue. 1 will come [g- 
fwtrow tnd iiick her ofT," 

TfiL' nc'^t d-iy Mrv> £inns pruvided int; 3a u&u.i1 uriih Ijrentfa^t — ' 

ganiiAhcd widi LinUri^ anj .-t iihiij) e^ buikd (o an adiimsn- 

hudueu. 'J'he uld reiiiubntc bote in htr f^ice (lie ttacc of la^C 

IV ouibvesdi. She cLtttered down the Iray^ addini; : 

* And Et'i well, iit, 3.1 I'm ^ilive to wajc cii yrr, for the colic acid 

u itas ihjil bad la^t nighl, a-twiMin^ up my innard» into knots, 

I (bought roy Isni hour m» Lxinie/' 

^ ihciu^ht per!ui|j« for once «hc h^d ^ipoken the Iiuth, for htr lost 
'^f ifcsi indeed duwina near- A( twelve oVlock, ^juniiiual ii* (he 
*Wnei«, Aunt Hiltv yrriveO, ami wilhout :i mouieiils loss uf dme 
"^^ftamined rue i^ tu when ^f^&. Birin^^^ wa^es were Oue» ^ddcd 
^^^l^cnia mondi"* wayea Jn lieu of notice, took iht cuaci amount in 
K>Cf ie out of an otd ixjrae, which apparenity re^id^d In her sMys 
^^d Wto be hoisttd *jul ofifiem by a ^nrvict-ahk bbck tape, and 
" SUng for ifac vom^m." 
I ctouchcd in n>y ainvchair whilst this war of Titans wctvt on. 


The GentUmans Magatint. 

Xnvr 10 my ^V^% ^V "^^^ 1 forget Aunt Ikitj^s to>c« aadBOOHi 
a« (he opened the lEtaek . 

" Vou'rc n drtinkcn old wretdi ; thcrcS jpocr wi^** Jnd a noll'i 
money o^«^, and jtiu utc )«uneLr off in on hour'ft liise." A»J ibr^ 
Ibe mfii^nificenl W0y in which tiinn& snifFed th« ^jf (rom l^in^ 
placing her liand&on her hipi iknorled defiance, uitciinj^ Uw qdcvwiI 
only, "H'yh !■' 

For It^n minuics ! felt *» 'a ^niLill cruj^cf nki^ht when tvo k«a' 
dod^ irncoijnti^r, but ftfter a trtniendou!4 c^nnurudc Awn Ikrf 
catried atl before heri winding up wttti — 

" Now, «oman, no more of your tomroolery. I't^cgot ft polioeiur^ 
ouuid«^ and if you dun't clear out I'll Have you carded ouL' 

Mti Binni then tried icaitk but slie niighi u well luve vtpt 
ihc dome of St. I*flul'». She appealed to rae, nanlcd to enibiiL^ ' 
my knee*, but Aunt Betty inlctpcwed her umbrella. Actually nJAir"^ 
an houi, out of one of the tuttlt windoMi, E sjw Mti. Dinmi dri^c t^^ 
with Tour bulky lMg» and boxes, But <fho wu to take 1>cr ^Ucc~— 
A^in I crouclicd in my big nrm-diair, and felt h«4p1ett, ttc:^ 
appeidfd lo Aunt Beity, 

"I've hired a vvornan for you— a decent, de*D, honeu bod^^- 
who'll logk ufter you and that poor diild, Winnie, piopcHy ; iW^^ 
been my chjiwonjao at Diilwich for fifteen years, iind oddly ecoiig^^ 
she lived in this Inn foi ytais bcton: ihai, and she Lnows ic£ ■ayt'^^' 
and prcdousbad'ft'ayinheyiin: to my thinking- Hei lumc is DliDft-^ 

When I leiurned from the dub that ufteinoon the door «^^^ 
opened by a cheery liult apple-fjccd H-ofnan, who wore a nice clea. ^ 
white apron and a neM ca|>, jnd who dropped mc a pretty cum^J 
and grceltd me with— 

»■ And 30, sir, you're my good gentleman, and glad I »in to »^* 
ynu; but of all dirty holes !" ond ihcn the little ro«^-chtcked bc^^ 
shook itself de5pa:ringly. 

" Well, Di«on/' I answered, " weVc not as clean aa we mieht l>*^ 
but we'll brush up a brt by-and-bye, and I hope vre shall gcf ileotf 
together, " 

II was some lime before I had courage to announce thai Wnn** 
vas goinii to live with mtr. When I did so the wofthy wnnian ifcrt* 
up her h:inda and said : 

"Dear heart fiUve ' did you say she witsii little Mk» of eJ(ht*'*^ 
toilvein Grab's InnT' 

■* I linow there'll he drawbaclc*, but ihcrc is no help flor il- ' 
shall have the spare room refurnished, and her gOTCTDCfts c«) C^c 
£Fery day and teach her," 

j4 Niimatue of Grays Inn. 


" Poor liulo piH \ and no cQinpinionfi of licr own age> and no 
mhiir ; anJwhil'll all theothergt^nttemenm thi? Inntliink of i( V 

Fur a (ufLnight uc worked :ii th^t ^pun.- luoiii, atiJ 1 gu^ ii all 
BC«T>- faimisliw). till LI look^ qult« a pretiy ne^ for my Iflllu bird. 
P>rol« \\ j;enlly to Dixon that Winnie would oortainly be accom- 
mieU by her dog, Tobbt. 

I| *'Did ] hcofyourighUy^vir?" she anii^-ercd ; "perhaps iiwnsdol) 
k» wid?" 

I aiuwcrcd ihnc I fi.iid do^E, and meant dog^ 

" I don't hotd with it, ^ir. r^nd no one sKaU ni^kc mc sny 1 do ; n 
Uc Mi»s in GTJiy'H Inn is Ixid enough, but witTi a dog It^s wottjc*' 
I Ai 1^ the day came for Winnie's arrival. 1 went down lo 
WliHdc to fetch her. There were a few lews fihcd as ahi; left the 
^tty link houftc. bui it wa^ then dismantled in^ looked drc^ry. 
, "I won't cry/" KAid Winnie SAvaUowing her icnr^ with n j:iilp. 
**ve got you, dfld, -nrid I've got Tobins, and 1 II uy and be good to 

Wc drove in ul the melaneholy g.irc oppo^ilc fhc Town Hall, and 
>« cab i^ulkd up at my door. After tlic prctly t^ardcn, Lhf brightly- 
^'^riDgrJtcr, and the old trees of ChUwick T own it seemed a hundred 
™Vi TTTore depreiiing than cvc:r 

Winnie looked Up ai ihc dirty row* erf window* and the dismal 
PtoBc itairoACi. 

I 'Ii tbii my titw home?" fihe asked, and I answered, with a qualm 
MajhcAd, " Ve*/* 

M'c made otir way upstair?, TohiJts soJemnly foHowinf;, The 

1% were pAiticul^rly dirty that day^ ind ihe iron b^UBlradcs aX 
''t catfn ; rough y:ts lamjs marked each landings grest hiack 

le^ on wall and ceiling mj.rking each lamp. 1 did not use my 
liey. I Ihouj^ht I'd let Wianic knock und be greeted on the 
^^^siep by Dixun. 'V\i\% wiut a happy thought, for thai good «oul 
iP^fted the door gn the moment and greeted u» with the roaieal of 
^^^ and the cl^^aneit of nice aproni 

*' Lor, if it ain't my little Miss ' " ihe cried, taking [lie pocu htlle 
^ to hcT motherly boiom and giving her a good kiss; "andihere'i 
^iaa too, WcJl, I don't 'old with dog*, and never did» but we'll 
***agc to pull along *omehotf.'* 

^Vimuc's Kpinif roac wheci bhe -^jw her bedroom all fre&h with 
**tty haof^inj^B and thecrful pictures. Then 1 took her into the 

'*0h dad t h^jw many books, and how dfily they all are! " Then 
■** iE*ve a cry uf delight* and ran to the window. The old ft^^idtn^ 

were ^xy «itli htin^mcr grccncryj the tky «a« btvt Uin«a ^ 
branch?*, uinlor ihc j^rcAt baughi the jciq- hue 4irvtch«diaUj,j' 
brio* a paity ol yoiingtcllown vrcrc playing tcnnb, beyond tgrs^l 
of childicn vere cbnc^ing on \ht lurf- 

" Oh dad, how pfCWy it it, and like the couniry too t Will ^1 
let mc ploy thcic loo?" 

I had ordered a ipecLilleAlbrU'innie — cjikcf^munSnt&ndcrtf^ 
pctt,«indGwcctt'£ndshc«u promoted lopour it out. Shefeltav^' 
bythemponsibilily, butfLiUofpr>dcaiidddiKlu { irhen IprodtKcJ 
boArd of bonct jbc TobiiU, ravrd up eipcdolly for him, ber >>" p[»** 
wa« complete. Tlul aiiutedo^ lucl been inakinfl a careful suntf 
of t]ic pfciniias, with a view of »clcamg comforiAhlc sleeping qaftnen 
and ullimatc^ appruprMttd my bc^t ca^y'-chair. 

Stated oppoftiu to ific after ten \Vinnie said, " I love Di»n ; in 
letmcbdp wash up ihc tr<«-tliin£t, and to-mt^trow I atntogooa 
inflilcciinK ^^"ilH lia. * 

Nc\t day 1 took Wb^iie ftir it walk in the sqijatiL 1 poin'.cd 0' 
our Banqueting HaU and tlie old Chapd, then wc went for a «ilk 
the gJirdctis. I formally hiroduced Winnie to the head -gardena. i 
wa» pretty to ^cc hci hold cut her liiOe hand and CKprcu her p^U 
hope that he ww vco' ^cll The gardener pkkedheTA bright bid 
nom, and prcacntcd it to her with it touch of otd-worid galliACr^ 
thii emboldened Winnie, who bokcd up into bis face and ftud : 

*'r>o you think, H\t, you could allow tny (lugTobuA 1o 
inlo the gardens with me ?" 

The gardener pointed to the board. ^' Agen the nila, miv^ 1 
dog^ allowed \ glad eno' lo see you though, misa." 

" He IS .1 very good dog, sir," said Winnie, sticking to het poi^ 
"and never injures the flowerbeds/' 

" Wtll, my little lady, perhaps with a siring ; but we'll laU abC 
it another day " 

" I think ihe London people exceedingly kind and good,' 
Winnie tome scnlcnliously. 

In a foTinight'i time \\ wai quite surprising to mc how perft^ 
Winnie was at home in Cray's Inn. I had Uved ther* for «>i 
ycai*, but bad only a tYodding acquainunce with iht portcn ; ^ 
in a few days Winnie knew each pOTTer. and wn» well posted up in. 
their fani'ly affairs, and ftddTc^scd each one by hit Chmrjjn u^ 
ll wab a hltle enibarrawing. because in out v^alki abroad if Wit»3 
tnel a i?orlcr she insisted on shaking him by the hand and inquiri 
after his wife and childien. 

Tobias, too, liad secured a iccognised footinjfr, To let Wia 

A Remarta oj Grays /an. 


ipMicd by old DUon, lUfUng off lo do ihfir Enarkeiln^. Tobias 
IcHtlng do(«]y ax ihctr h«U^ wat % bcsLUlifu) it%\M. 
Th« f^Hl Sunday wae n memorable d*y. Gray'ti Inn CEiapel le. os 
r^rt, A fo«»il ffimnum of (liv middl« nge»' No outsider is crer 
gullet] ioto iE« prciiy wiiJk Aichit«r;tur:itiv it i£ hldtfouf, the 
Kijricd jtliH of a violent and vul^^ir typi.-, (he pcwa of the u^iual 
^"f^" p-pCD dtii&uipdon. There ifi a bip nc^Uy organ, fined into a very 
•**'! |^I]er>\ Ov« n'tryi?iing ihwc is an air of a dcadJy respecta- 
bility. 'Hiete ii un acmospbtTre of dust iind decorum. Thccongn:- 
piiotk ci^ii&tv mainly of tolcina ulU genilemen, who follow the 
•c'^ice ou; of colossal Prayer Booti ; ^\\txi ihcy come in they nlwavB 
•^"*<J up *nd burj ihcir faces in their hots-thcy are mostly too 
^c^itniiic lo kneel : some of ihem repeat the entire service righl 
™ough in a »ofi sibillant murmur. 1 used to make up a little 
'^****ncejmd siory for each one. Some 1 imagined to be authors of 
"^'nent law books in the ngcs gone by. vhen Law wn* .i science, and 
* ^'*^iy cspenwvc one ; one, of a peculiarly dqvresscd mouldy fiJr, 1 
"^^^'^ had marrLcd bU bundrcsrt iind been miserable ever since ; 
*'*^ther, who »*« ^rey cloih glove* and hud a tremulous motioti of 
r^ lieadi i^aievidendy of aoine mtvHeciual power and ought to have 
^■i made a judse. and had got that paUieU quiver because he 

^ Nothing young, nothing pretty, nothing fresh or gay ever wor- 
^t>ped in Gray'j Inn Chapel, *^nd t think it caused some wiping oi 

•-tses and peering through ihcm when I entered hand in hand with 
^ T^nie^ She could only see over the pew-tops by standing on two 

A) we vent onr, the porters (transformed iniovergcrA for Sunday] 
S^'acied Winnie wilh kindly emitcs, 

- Haw very old everybody in Gmy'B Inn sccmft," said Winnie «fi 
'^ walked home to dtrner, 

\X wai a week or two iifier that that 1 heard screams of iaughEL-r 
'''*>rathe kitchen, and pfcsemly Dixon cnme in, mantling overwim 

" I uy ihE:te uin't sutb another kinddieailed little I^iss in all the 
"^^'d. MTiat do you think she wanielo do now, dt?" 

" I ean^i ci'en guess, Dixon.' 

** Why, sir. Khe wanis to give a tea to all ihe porters of the Inn, 
^ *-le man who light* ihc got, and the old postman who bry ugh l 
^ * letter the other morning." 

* OHt do let me. dad 1 " cried Winnie, dancing in. " They are 


*^bndio me. Why Tom (he isibe porter at ourownlodjel^he 

aaiS The Gmiicntafii Afa^acw, 

ntct me ihc other di/ carTyin([ a poiccl across ihc squaio 
and ] had been shopping, and Ivr anns wore fuU, uid the pvCeliw 
veiy hcjvy, because n held b:u#n i>ug*i And k tot or lemortf—and 
Tom uw me, and ran across theaquate, ahU uid, ^Oh, Mill WJoet^ 

ni give you a helping hand'; and I said, 'Oh- I won't trouble tou': 
and Tom said, * Why, it% an honour. Miss ' ; and he cjinied it qoite 
easily nil ihc way home. Then there h Richard ; he h only hreriET 
IJjt, hut f^e baa got font children, ctnd c^ne i^ a^ big at inc« and heau 
In the IJtEic cupbLnard bchmd the bi^ gate ai night ; and he lii irc 
Sit wlEh him one evening Eatc, and he bad a ]amp> and a fire inudt. 
and [ tike him awfully." 

"Bur, my dear child, I ean't have the poricn taking ta lb 
my rooms ; besides, thty would not be happy, they wouM f«l*infil 


" Uj/am mide tea, dad, I think perhaps they might ; but if fOtt*^ 

imiy Id me, 1 am wife !hcy would be quilc M hotne." 

AitcT n while I conwntcd, conditionally on Winnie keeping it ^^ 
a profound sccrd, and for days Winnie and Dixon were cieeedbt^S 
husy and imporlanl. Whclhci Uinnic issued Wtitlen Ot only «rh*^ 
invjUtJoiii 1 ncvfr knew Cakes vtctc made Or bought, mofiinsw*^ 
crumpets were ordered, and yjCiX pteparations made. Eariy tti*^ 
morning Winnie said to me, wi'h a very solemn fate : 

*' Vou know, dad, 1 lovi? you very mucb^mure than anybody ^^ 

anything in aU the world," ^M 

" Well, I think you Jo, Winnie." ■ 

" r hope you won'l think me unkind or rude, but Dixon atid 

both agiee that you had better go away, and not come to out tC^ 

except ju&i at the vtry end," 

" I think that a good idea, Winnie ; perhaps I might cant a diS>- 
over the gaiety of the meeting," 

So 1 went to my club for that afternoon, and only arrived ju^^ 
before Winnie's party broke up. And vt^ glad I was to see at tr^ 
rate the end of k. Mrs, Dixon sac at the bottom of the table anay^^ 
in the ^moncst of caps und the whito^i of aprons, and Winnie hcad^^ 
the tabit, two fobo volumes of Coke's " DigesI " were phced up(^ 
her chaii, that sh»- might have a belter command over the teapt^^ 
Five porLiais, the gasman, and the poetman formed the comput w 
Wherevtr Dixon was there was sure lo be no lack of convoMti*^ 
and when I arrived nil the tongues seemed going at once. Wini* ^ 
kid fmisbud ber duties, and relaxed her dignity so far as to sit on o'' 
Timothy's knee, the other knee being covered with his red bondsn*^ 
handkerchief. She was relating to him the history of Tobias ; tJ»^ 

A Romatue of Gray's fnn. 


Citr^ircnt dog, mt-flniihilc, UW^n Winrvic*H Ke»t on Cok^'i "^Digal," 
imd wjt« fmivhing A filare of irA-cjkrv- 

^^'inria tntroduo^d mc to her gimtB each one by name, wJLh ft 

blUc pcnonal anecdote of an eiplanabory characi^r for each ^cst. f 

nid something of A gcnCTal welcome to all, and then oTd Timolhy 

^ttiimed Ihanlu lo Winnie^ and dated that the whole Inn loved her, 

*ad then proposed " Three cheers (ot Miss Winnie \ " 

"\Vhjchy<m'U please lo cheer so%" lays Di«on, " as Ihe gend^?- 
^n undefncaih in fn^tful neivou*i of noise," 

Winnie w*i cijceedingly gracified hy hvr criteitatnm'^nt. 

It *r4ii fll«iu this ijcntid ih:it l l)L'g;jn lo fetl and aec ;in inde- 

i^tjle UiaiiKC coniT over my dinuy old looms, On the rare — ihe 

larc— 'UctaiHiuni w!i<]n 1 had to ulieiid Court, I was ^meEimes 

''ttcn! a.11 dfly, jnd wIkh I time in I had a feelmg as of home com- 

""t« in my room*. There w;ii j tow of bookshelves Rotged with 

'^olt 1 near the fircplacr- The books always had a stran^ic inck of 

'^'■it^linit Toriiiud, and ciaihtnn dovsn, often in iht middle of lh« 

"^sH t. Suddenly the books teemed to fall mto bcKor hfibilH. Th«y 

'"**"^hall«d themselves neatlyn Tliete was n hole in the old Turkey 

^^l>«t that had been thcru frcru time immemorjuL It had trip^ied 

^ *jp many icuic^ of limes, bat I never thought of mending \u II 

^^^ <tuile an hiHtoncal rtintj and I got to look for il. One day the 

rtat bad ^'ot itself mendedn When t hod occasion to take down 

^Vi it wai only in the nattire of things that ones hands should 

^^rticd. ] took down my books now, and on preparing to wash 

?^ hands I found they were not even soiled. And yet I nevei found 

^tin annoying me with dusting and brooming. My papers never 

to be touched, and yet they kept themselves clean- Did tlie 

lieftcomcand look after things when I wm sound nsleep in bed? 

I uid to Winnie o[)c day* "Winnie, dear, I always had An idea 

t my rooms were horridly dirry and duuty. but 1 don't think they 

half aa bad ai I fancied/* 

Winnie looked ai solemn as a judge- 

*'Thcy are dear old rooms, dad; but of couree the smuts do 
'^^•^ mat tiroes." 

And only to think thai my hftlc nmid and my faithful old Di>on 
^^»e so clever and cunning that ihcy were always cleaning and 

Cifying iind adorning wtlhouL my ever knowing it I 
** I've lAUghr her myaelf," said DiKon, viih much honest prtde i 
^'^d to »ec iha! fhild scrub a floor and dust a room \% as pretty a 
**l as snythmg this side o' Primrose Hill," 
I cnga^d a governess for Winnie, and crery moinin^ M\\i 


3zS Tli£ Grv//emanj Magaztnt. 

Kutirigv *nivcfl stid retired for t«i> boum with Uaroie into tf*'\ 
itudy iffhiEai I wai .tx Court, and there Uugbl Iicr tniuj big*! u^ ' 
mighty ihingv- The nioiiib* roUcd od, when one day Winnie bi.^^ 

" You're a IntvycTH dad. aren't jou ? " 

" 1 hive thathonouvt Wjnnic-^barristei-at-law ; and If I usfO^f^^ 
and cktfcr and lucky I may hernmc a Quwrn's Countel, &nd tbm * 

judi^c, and pcrhapK a I^rd Cbamzclki^ wiiu li the biKgnt 1 
gf all;' 

■■ Dad, xvliat a % lawyer, und rA\aX is ihe b* ? ' 

I pauavJ a inDiMt^ni. whjEai I hunted about Tor a cunciiw dcfrnicio 

" Ie is Ihe vcienct: (liEii re^ijlale^ all one's iiionry and \v\^ 
rnake^ wills and decJa, ParUamcnt aind the Qunn in;i>k« Ibv '. 
and tlie ]a#y«r& evpbin Ihcm." 

" Why doesn't Ihe Qut-en mate llie lans so pbiJn tbat tbfy d<«"»^ 
wflnicjtpkimng? " 

" Wdl. really, dv^t. I nevci vitfu^d it in that Jigbl before; i*** 
what wc call ^n anomaly^ V<»u'll find a gaud many uyou gothn^n^t" 
life ; the lawyers m'J^^K i>eoj»le\ willtj itii^n the people die, and i^^ 
a&k the jud^eb :^ expUln mIillI ihc >^'i]U mean." 

** Th^^ts IbulUli, dacL \>'bv don'L ihcy no and a«k the man vV^^ 
made ihem ? He wcwld be tute to Lnuw." 

I did not pursue the subject furlher, bui one day I took Wlnr»i* 
into Courts and she was migbiily jinpfesstd. " Oftly.*" abe tti^* 
" ihej do talk so much and Uiie suth long woid*, and iba gtnitcflfc^*** 
in the long \Ag seemed \'ery cid&s and sleepy.** 

So the years rolled ORi until Winnie'^ education wa^ {inched. ' 
had ristn in my profession, and had now a brge prjciic<e. \Virin» 
was eighieeii, and I ihiriy-llve. To me she ^^iis atiU a child. 1 iw*^ 
a good deal octuped in Ibe press of my woik, ;[nd pctbapi £av« IcS* 
thought than I ought lo the evidently mcrcasine diflkuloci of t^h* 
position. It WHS boriiL' iik upon ino cnc day in on t)D|)Lcai;:int ir ^3^' 
One Sunday, as Winnie and 1 were erossing the Kqtiarc, we t*»^^ 
Dfdtont an old friend of mine, and wiih him another man, a fottv^^^ 
tu me^ [ ^lapji^ed to speak to Dallonn and as I left him 1 h«rd ^\ 
companion say, *' Oh I his ward, is she ? Do many men In Cr^y " 
Inn keep their wards in iheir r.bambeis?'* It became very cklT ** 
me that I must put my esiablishment on a veiy diiTcrcnt footing '^ 
take a house in ihe suburbs, and have a chaperon for dear Winni<- 

It must have betn abotJt this lime that young Alec For''*' 
drifted into our quiet lives- II began in this way. One Sutid^y *J 
brigbi, sunny day) VVmnie and I went to chapel. All the ^ 

w*/ Rmiancf cf Grays Inn, 

T» kiwr hcf no« auid (ovcd hct wetl, Arid looted for her 
right young face ift ckipel Some of the loUcry old senilcmen had 
|*»cd i»*yi but Ihov [hat remained had »een Winrue rtow up, mid 
tA\ TcniciAbcfcd the d<y when «hc hod firtl tightened the dingy 
fctle cliJipel wUh her young |>re«erice. This Stmday, lo my burpTLsei 
■aw ih*l one of the old gcnilcmen wa* ntxBjnpanied by jl youHg 
llti. He was jilmut ifli^nty-lvfOi ^^'ith dait, himdsome ej'es and a 
nghl, ei^ei fice. The dart, haiiilsGiiic tycs *v»ndcied all round 
*e <^hapel till they lighted Lipon Winnie, and there they stopped. I 
Itri Winnie looked uini*iially \»*:\\y Ibal morning — a d.^imy litlli- 
^y Umnei neUtrd on bci noldcn hair, ;ind she wni u^ fre*ih und 
*^«t aad brifthl «s uny tlnglith m^iLden between the four bghb ; but 
^t vjinov^uHe for the (>eni;lenC way in which the handbome 
Itl« eya camr itl'^n .ind ngain to Eier fnce. She hcraclf Ujd liot 
t>«=?it at all iiontdoui of ihc eyes or ihcir owner; but ) knew 
c»u^ gf wocQ^rt'i n;iturc to be sure th^t in reality she knew all 
^ui it. I tried lo iXxxK the youn}^ luEin dowi^, buc 1 could not look 
iV'vrceiioLij^h, for hevr,-Ls so bright -loDktng and so courteous to his old 
kn^pinlort thai I felt quite dr^Lwn to him, 

After Mrvicc, u we were crouing ihc road, I hntrd a young voitre 
ly i ng with urvai cmishahU ■ 

'*0h, I wvi L'ncle J">hn, da* There was such an amounl of 

rr^uKicn f-ut into that "'do'* th:iL I looki?d back and e:lw ihaL my 

fowtm friend w»fc holding «gef jJoHusiuy with his old cornpanion. 

*He? Jjticr tjujtbt "»y i-'vc^ and birwin^ in .1 courtly old-fasliioned 

**y. ^obbted up to un, and btfore I knew svliin he wan doing he was 

n^lfoduung "'My nei»hewi Attc Kivbts," Old Mr. t'orbessaid he 

*'^^ld u-atk 1 liitlo way with tis. T ihoufthl this ^ttrangCi as ht; had 

''^*Xr done *o heforc, and leally let-med to h:Lvc nothing to say. The 

^"^^ cotild not bt- iiaid of my new yuung fn'end, Fur he began a 

^ liTcly converutTon with AVinnie, and setimed 10 be at once on 

"^ imlmaic icrmii with her. He was cvidcnily a young man that 

^ could not be disfant tfith— hi* iicnial Tingmg voice, his btij^ht 

^^ cyc». and hU happT- irtipulnivc manner swept down ,i11 oni^'a 

*'*'* En^uh tc«er\<. Winnie wat quite taken *ith him, and when 

l^iUted Irom them at my door the Aaid : 

** Oh, clacl. what ii nice biiRht boy -, how frank an J joUy he was ! • 
" Boy.Winiiiel why he istwcnt^-iwo.just fijur years your senior/' 
*' Wise ppjple never couril their years by the almanac," said 

IVo dayi later cjtne ^ letter from old ^^r. Torbes, saying he had 
^^d t hid sotne students reading with me, and might hifi nephew 




The Cenii^man^s Afagaztm. 

join chcU' The youi}i scfcmcd bright aad pronuaan^ ukd 1 ^kcL 
N«vcr wni; thcfr such a p(Jpil He wu to come twice % *t^ to 
1W0 houn^t but m a vtriy fen- dayi It scctnc^d lt> me thjn Akc cm 
every day. He *lways hjxd some urgent excuse, irivuil hi i» tt-trr 
but ut^cd wUh Urmvnduus eagerness — he h:ui forgoiun hilttoiCi" 
left his nmbrelb. ot bunoucd ^otne music of WinnU, or got 4dDO 
tor flomc concert. Winnie and he became grtai Iricnds. 

\\ wu about t1ii« time that n change oame nver WtanlCi f^ > 
still icrcalcr change came over me. So much dqicnda upon itot 
moods of ours that 1 must try lo ciploin them. V\vtA of aO WTam 
got palc« ihvn ^1ie alvravs snapped And sn^iilcd At poor dear jMK ; 
ahc grew cold and a little distant with mc^ noi unkind, but I fat * 
if she were growinE nw.iy ffom mc> The kiss ai brc;ikfMt ihic ixd 
10 he so playfully and warmly tiivcn on my lip*. or on mjW 
checks, or somcumes maliciouUy un the tip of my nour, tu nov 
icdiircd ion ccrtstroined kisa on my forehead- I vtid 10 m^idt 
Winnie IS ill, worried pcihapB by that boy Alec alwAvj dhx^i%0- 
her heeli ; ?hc sholi go away to the sua with Aunt Rctfy. 

When 1 proposediiloher. she really behaved moat unrcasoMblj; 
she Vnir^t into ifara. and point blank refused to go. 
I consulted old nii:on. 

■'Well, «f, and I've nxl it on my mind for these two wee^ipuc* 
Mnd ihink as I ^^\\ 1 can't make "cd or lail of it." 

1 di> hojic, Dixoti, Ihcft: i» nothing to make her nnhappy atu^ 
Mr. J- oibe*-" 

**Sayi I to myself J*" continued Dixon, ignoring my finc«ion i&^ 
pursuing the ihread of her di«:oursc. "my pet's m tovp, aim! ihi:** 
ain't goina »* thry ought to ; bul whether it's Mr Fothc*, orVf- 
Gortlnn»or Mr. Butler, I've no more notion than the babe tjnbflfi* 

" Goodnchs mc, Uixon, you don't mtan to uy aU tl»* 
nien are after Mi« Winnie 1" 

" Thiit's what 1 suy. sir/' ^hc answered ; '• and my» I to my 1*** 
only this morninK>ihe master's so wioppod up with hi* briefi ind t*** 
pu|wls thai lie don't see beyond hH Tin«-" ^ 

" But Misa Winnie hns ni:vcr hinted M siidi a thinji to tat." ^ 
" No, she's close, is Miss Wjonie, 1 do say she is though U'* 
that love her like my own l!csl» and bbod ; and once when I V^ 
threw out a hint, permiscuons-likcT ihe toimds L:.n me with a ljj;l»' ' 
her eye and her face going red and white." 

I liaid nothing, but all thai u^^hx. I by .iwike jnd thorf*^ 
Winnie was a woman, VVjnnie would in^rry, Winnie wuuld leai^ '•^ 
It is ytars ago, but I remembei lo this hour that when I b«gui 


j^ Pttmante of Cray's Inn. 


M that I should loitc her a feeling came nvcr mc as if a hand of 
ltd diJTdicd at my h»n^ T xai up in bfd, and whimpered haTf 
3,*'0 my Cod, I love her J" It aimc upon me firsi of jU Ijkc 
luhing hlow. I »ho was nearly oM c^nough to have hccn her 
t; ) whom ihc iic&icd actuaSLy as her lather! Oh, the utter 
cntc hopekwncM of il- 1 aavf it rvo^, i grasped ihe folly of it ; 
E woqM cruih it, crush ii ifii killed me lo do iL 1 remcmher 
fein^ dnpenirly in the darkness of my Toom, and erytng aloud, 
I, pu fool ! you fool V 

b thousand thought* n]*hed through my mind. The recollection 
?r dead fiihci, ^vho huid been my dear friend, the promise I had 
e to him, I loolced acroi^ the gulf of ihow seventeen yean 
lin^ her and me ; ai^d b«ide her 1 uw the bright yoimg Aloe, 
^^j flashing cyc%t and hii ardf nl face. Then I undcraiood it 
he toved her, nod had nothing lo marry on, and she toved him, 
thai ETiAde hrr %q iormtvful and pnic 
I ttA« at breakfast nciLt morning that I delermjned to ipealr. 

Windows wCTc o|>fn» the rook^ cawr^d noisily, Ihe sound of the 
rinU'Tnachific c^me up from ihe lawns, aW the gaiden\ wejc 
1]«d Tfilh great pntchc4 of sunshuc and shadow. I remember 
dint IVmnie wure, a pale hlue cotton, with 3 bright shut ;ili(1 
»r-knot lie \ dainty snd fresh she looked, but ihorc were shadow* 
k1 her eyeSi ajid the morning kiss wji** a Tiit'rc f»ho?( of the old 
ling. I knev the time had come when 1 mu!^l make a chun^c. 
ictf notr that I Toved her, and I knew hovr mad and hopelr^ the 

fiai ; she should marry her young Alec, and 1 deiermined to 
Ipfitt, ^im3 never let her know my paui. More than ever thai 
VJng 1 seemed to feel how high Che wall was ibat had grown up 
iMn ui ; even convcrttlion seemed difhcuU, Wmnic was ab- 
[| and ^pi>kc but Tittle, When breakfast was over, ;is ber way 
I ilie K^lbertd the fragnieiUs from the ^jbtes and stood at the 
fevdiiig ihe crtiws. i saw her preUy figiirir bend and b^ing 
a* she *lgoped and flung the food to her pels. I deter- 
to get il over, and I rushed at it, 
tlldi I want lo speak to you; come here and sic down." 
'Tcs, dad.*' She turned from the window and sal down a little 

'Listen, Winnie; *»hai I am going to aay i& very important. 
>^ can't K<^ oil u tliey an; going nown I ha^'^: dclerniined to 
fiacge out lives (abc loolted up quickly, and went a httle paler). 
^\ Icn \t no longer the pbre for my hiile iiirl, Vou Inok pole 
lU (b«r band by un the table-eloEhJ -, look what a little white, 


Tie G^NfUman's Afa^azifU. 



vTcak hand ii is," I touched ii lightly vith mbe, and woadcrtdu 
\m cotdne^A, Winnie did not cay jl void, QvAy looked u w; oi»t of 
her great citpcciani trfc%. 1 went oa x " You think I am vi^i^td 
Up In my books, aitd ihaE I xm blind ^d don't sec ; but. dcu-. I do 
9Qt. Shall I tell >ou what I *«?" 

"Ycfl, dad, (cll mc-" 

'< I a^c, dear, that you arc iii love" Her htt btu«hcd ro»y-rcd, 
and i\Kn ^nw very white ; she cUapcd tioth hnxb in her Up^ hcv 
eyes drc3j>[ii;d, and the liule niouih quivcrk^d. "I know *JI ih* 
difficuliici. t>ut I ihink [ c^n cviilaln away a |;ood mnnj, atui 4* lor 
ihtf r::^t, kt lu face Lhem bordly -, the great thin^ of all iv thii I ui 
»ufe your Akc is a tlioioughly ^lood fdlow." 

In a TTtonicnt she v]>r^n^ to hor Tcci, Stood with oik fiAnd on ihc 
hock n( her chair^ joJ puihtid hmk hi-r halt wLih the otbcr ; Ihrm 
nhe said, with on indetcribablti \<i6k. of amaiemcni and wondn: 
" Alec ! what do you mean ? \^'^ha: has he to do with « ? " 

Out of the depths of my own ad heart 1 conjured up a »hadoay 

" Vci ; Aicc Forties, the man you love, he ha« everything to do 
with it/' 

Then she ipoke in a *itangc liard voice. "Oh, blind, bJind ! f 
don'l I'^ve Ae^c, and have ni^ver iovcd him ; he a only ji kinc^ gettl> 
hotttcd hoy, and nothing ^ me." 

Then It \va» my turn to be bcwjldcn^d. 

"Not Alee ! Them after all. you arc not inlove?'" Shrr JhJ hef 
face in herhinds, but I sawthe Hush mount to the lip of her to%v 

"Yes ; I am in love." 

'• I doiVt undemanO ; I ean^t guea. Is tl on^ e%f the 
men?" Hui speech Vk-m cut ihort liy VVmnie suddenly tititiTin^ 
into a passion of tcati, In a moment I hart jmnpeil Irrim nty rJo"^ 
Uken her in my arms, and was holding her head net icy hK^tf. A^ 
I liflJ hcf, 1 felt her ahyht form hhakcn wiih her *ii\ts. 

" Oh, my dear, my dear, I am sony I .iskcd yon ; J ought aoito 
have -ipoken, I have hurt yoii." 

We ai<>od scj. silent for a momcni, then »he spoke : 

"Yo. T am in Jove, but 1 cannot Itll you w:th whom ; 1 lu^ 
]ovfd him a long time, bui he docs not know it." 

lilind to UiL' last. 1 lean over licr, and Ukp her face, all W* 
ilftined, in my hands and say : ■* 1 truit you utterly, dear ; l**'^) 
gucsv I ^'ill not afik jou any iuflbcr." 

Then Winnie io\d me, but noi m word?. Shyly die IjfteJ htttj^ 
to mme, cncf more she bluihed ro^y-rcd, and in anavrci her hw* 
weal rcund my neck, ar\d ^\iq \\>>Vf\ \i\c \^a«i]onalcl>' on the li» 

WITHOUTlijingdaim to prescient fcnowkdgc of ihcmigTitory 
wnndcrinfH of ihc codiorj, or ahvrmin| the oflicc ol & 
prophet, It m*y bt Rifely precHcicrf th^c ion^ before 

TKp ilrngghE nf Marulif bnth p«irr4 tfi thr mnt^i 

many uniaMc eiidiu»uu»b( will haw written lo the pnpen nnnoundng 

"The extlyamvaJ of (piinn't L:iil>in^'yt jl Link PcuJI i ngioti," ot"in 

th« peaceful vjlcv of Hodge- Pud jpcs," as. the case might be. 

R«iem die with, %o frequently Ihe father io \hc ihuu^hi, i& :l nacural 

<me. and pardonable in a double sense- Ha»i>-. inexact, and auper- 

I ftcial mdutiioni arc dfa^™ frum wrotii^ prcmHeu. and the icirdcliision 

H Umotr unciincd by the pkoiing augtiaic idea of ihc cuckao't 

^St and vclcome noie-cill with Ehe coming on of 

SpTiB(» linw, rhi* pretty ring time. 

^T"* it is a fiction of tlie ima^-Inaiion, nevertheless, and even up to 

<^ Tniddlc of the fourth month uf the year :hc ftppcatjincc of the 

^"■'^'Jo in any part of England is either a dctusion or a vi^jon aii 

'^-'-eiccni OS "the uncertain gloT of *ti April day." If J make 

^*^''Mion of one certain and of one probable niuhcniEcaiiDn nf rhe 

*?^**i oi the cuckoo in Marcli dicing the last half-cent iiry^ 1 have 

^^"^iiuied aU that Is ornithically valuable in thi: va^t and stiU growioj^ 

.^^of worthless ■■ records." That is a sweeping assertion to make 

^■hc face Of so tnany, so honest, and so apparently truihvorthy 

fr'^Ofta] tCftlimonio* ; inibc face, too, of ilic acknortlcdged vartability 

^v primary m^/j/, or hereditary migfiitory impulse, to say nothing 

'he vtrkhility of period* of ariival and departure of many birds 

/"^ Ihc incomprchcnsiWj' erratic movcmi^ni^ of others But it must 


tmde, and ean he stiitained, although in these mailers we 

not driven to the ncccaaiiy uf producing positive e-fidence in 

^l5<irt of 4 theoretical poatulaic. The myth of the March cticfcoo 

^'^ be di«proved heyond the ahodow of a scientific doubl, but it i* 

voi-ceLxxvm. vo. i97r- ^ 


The Gentitmatis Afa^asif^. 

not plc!Au-jnt io Ou iu in fucv of «o vidc-sprcad a bdUeC and to thf 
dttiruciian of one uf the nmny plcaiing dclus)on» which bait grorn 
incorpoioic with the my^lcrioui inovemrntg und the Mnrnlar all 
note of [i hdnd«omc bird. 

For reasons lAhkh branch ^tt^TixxiX uk« root in acvenl drpanoTcfiii 
of human cult in rdaiion \o the plicnom«OJi of ptycholo^if^ tnd 
pure Anin^is tie evolution, the cuckoo hold» <tutle OA unique posnon 
In avL-fauiu UFe. It holds, luo, no inconsiderable pl^cc In thf dini 
and now almost iiunngilile, rdlii^ of Tokaiistic WDm1u|j, itid filli t 
very laryc space tn the ir^Uitional rtcordi and IJtcmturc of folk-laic, 
la ornithic Eck'ni-i' \\ has botm the subject of jhc nioit profc«>i 
study, has stian:likdlhehvelJC£lcomrovc»ic» -not srttJc^I jfi-ii*^ 
inspired many dcli^lilful \st<^Q trcatiECi and jmpcriihabl?^ p.^.^ 
Even at tht: i^rcient tby the cuckoo ii ri^rdcd ai 4 nacntd bud ^j 
the peasantry of some parts of Irehnd. and in CnnnaaghiiAd 
Connemara IE j& believed lo be unlucky to kill \i, cvL^n hy nrciMwAf 
mUiiikmg it for the spnrrow-h.iwk. wiih whtdi Jt h habituatl) aa- 
foiinded by suj^etfici;].! ob^crv'ert. In that respt^ct the cuckno boli:^ 
a position analogous to the robin, and the univcrsility of thewpCT^^" 
stition amL"^ng primitive folks i5 an established canon of the litenwr^ 
of Toteniisiic cult. Only a few facts need be nicniionc^l 1 ^ 
evidence. Jn the still imperfectly explored lAlatsd of Madapicfc^'' 
thjfceen or fourteen lipedes of cuckoois are krtown to cxiit, and ^ ' 
of ihem in particular is held in the greatest revfrence by ccruin 
Ihe native iriliea. By the M^nib£ iribc in parliculat ii is clcia 
into a hii;h niche in ilieir pamheon of animistic gyds. That is ih -^ 
Tolbho. or lark'heeled cuckoo, ethically ah CTiemplary bird that buil^- * 
itself a nes[j rears iis own young, and is bome-teeping in its hatiJ^^^" 
\vith "homely wiC no doubt, and of graceful shape and pkteii^ ^ 
plumage. M. Grandidier, 10 whom we ace so gre-itly indebted fc^^^' 
knowledge of the natural hisiocy of Madagascar (" Oiacatis dc Mad rr^ " 
gascar "), tthx^ii that ou tjne occasion he unwittingly shof a T^l&t^^^' 
much to the grief, and iivtn terror, of the family of the chief srho^^*^ 
country he ww CKploring, M. Grandidier gathered fconi the peop-^*^ 
the legend of the bird's supematunil endowments, and he rvlaicitl^*^ 
story to account for the fact that *' the Paris Museum has oncfptc^*' 
men les5 of the CentralejiHS Madagaicati'emis'' The l*!e ii bnftf^*'' 

'* Ore of Ihfii anceaton who woa fearicaly AwiLiiULJiiE jicMn> tTi« liwi !•_* *^ 
Ii^Id.i, «n* caugliT on ihr^ way by xt croanljle, It tt well bcivvn tliir il^-*- 
fctufuL reptile* da not ddVDut iheir prey on land, bnt cany \t i* Oicjr L«t" ^™* 
plftcc» undeii i^r doac ta, iTie waicr^ 10 thai iL may facMmc lull yuaii ^d^ ^*]^ 
bcifl^ eaten. Oui htio vbi tmicJ, i\ai\c wnaclesi, I4 a taigc Iwk ia t*** 

The Cuckoo and the Myih of Afareh. 255 

b«nk Af ihedtHiB H^ilch tvrtiril « ^hcluUltijT iriKitoTLlx iTivurrr, anil wTtL^h 
1b« cbbisG \k\% hbl Icn |>ijlifJ]y ilr;. Il *ki;i Inn IhU ronuoau fhvice thai ih^ 
rKam'i Ik^ftA mi Jvft jntt ^^r< (he i.ijii:ic« of ihftufltvr. Sutidmlf hu viu 

CM\oatkODK* <ljffi)> p1b;!n, tnl hoj^ tbuLiE fioin butli f<.i buth vn tht rlt-cr 

rucJ^ di«! «it nf 1 nun vhn wii tyine onJf 4 •li£ht (]c[ilb brinw cwuid, 
^fartiogoitl rJMt Itlhtrj^y, i| w.i< niii Innfi hp^fore h? <*imjiithriiil<."'! llitl he 0«t 

^tlhoul v-uCiQj fax The fcEum ul the re|HiIc, «Lklfh wa> wajfuit {uticntLy t\ Ihs 
tiMianf* fiMhr CAtr, hi-'| hi> luMilk tnd nuiU lu nich rfTrcM h jC in^hlfl^^ lEni? 
^vi« dtyJlehi. II* vnjMv?!^ ! In ivcciEoEibn ofih* ■V]vJo«, ^1 miMAtcLaui 
■** iBYolirtiTiiy t* *» •«. ivtiitU ilie Urt hod icfutcroJ (u \Ma ftoct^lflf. hu 
^ftjitn 9nd ([j^niJdiiMcfii tmtl vowed lliAl ncUlJCf llicy iiur ihctt iIocc^hIaeiIk 

JUuif 4n<l ftmngc are the folklore legends abciui ihr rrjrkoo, 

''%Cn A Sbv pc±'ttni hcon; the call-ncic he injppoAc-.s \\\<- \\\jf\ lo 

• *• rrhcming «n cndlcti dirge- for a muTrlcrrii hrotlicr," ani-j \\\^ 

t J. Caxncrt, inhcT "Chnttiftri Wrrnicn of Turkey" (Niilt, 1870, 

^ Sl\'^^ 'he eurkoo antl the luttlc <love apporir very ofl*n in 

|tewianianpopu[ar poetry, 'IT^C ructoo i.*! regarded wiih a f^iriim 

B«enou?i Te'i"*!!-! (^' the coTinjrjr y^eople, and hi» noie is eon^idcred 

|^>«>d or bad augury, according ti> whether it ^h heard on thf right 

K%*%c Itft. Among the many humnn >tnr1 animisFir iTnnffarm.iilon 

t^>TditD he foimdtn TheSlavonir, folic laTcitmnHbtcd by Mr. A- H, 

'i"c*-tibw, M-\- fEllioT Sioek, i86ij). is a ch:irming one of .i yoting 

pr^:i«el vho fell in love with n nnakc and Iwrt- ii two children, one 

)I w^liotn »ai turned into a mghUngnlc and Ihi; olhcr tnio ft euekoo, 

■pong EhcDaricB and NofWp'cgiana tht; i^ariy note of the bird x'i'^^X- 

^<<^ in divert, but very huJ[la^^ *ayiH Voung gitlsor hearing it bw 

^" hand* " in the direction from *hich the musio comci, nnd cry 

<'^ 'H'hen Khali I he married V, 'Whcr» shall T 

he reli^^^ (pf,pn pj^^r^ and aifliction?' ' Some year* ago, ^/hilst nn 

'^•"t to ^hropahire. 1 found the pfiiclieai iuivival of a very ancient 

ft "^^ m^h, ThflC it w^is unlucky to work for iwtniy-fouT hour* 

** '**c firji hearing of the call-noic ; and t-ho men cjn my (ricnd's 

I**" cmie, which he farmed himself, would not wcrk, but 

__|''*>"ricd in a body to ,i neighbouring inn ond had a carouse of 

IP *fc(T lermcd " C uckno Ale/' But to explain the signtJknnee of 

"* ^jid ioniimcfablc other Icgendji. would lead us dci^p tnio ihc 

.'^ ^''ies of comr^arativt; mythologVp and far from Eha diart aim of 

i^ ■^ere U one department of the Nccrnture of the cuckoo which 
^<K]dcrgonc a cutious metamorphosis or, tathct, 'w\^a\. 




Tke Geniief*taKts Afagazint. 

cvolutionista might Icrm a "castioLg bade" to ihc 6m pete 1] 

vong or joy over it* Apnl advent as the hitbin^er of fpriai, 

thcs foiihcr fruition of 1 ubiy summer, liia a slogular Ekctthtt 

very Am Cuckoo ijong, or pocuc mbute, to b« foimd ia our 

liitguagc hu ihU Tioie of insplraticiR only ; ib«t throngbovt ^ 

whole rans« of the Elbjibcthan dra^iras and poem ml rantu 

the allui^io:*!) lo Lhc cuckoo hive almof^i cacIusItc nicrcricc to bmI> 

or nihcfi immoral, su^c«tivcrLCfii, and arc traceable to tKc anboi 

Koman cuAlom of coupling the name of the bird with the hvfltud 

of the unfaithful woTaan.a circumstance which, very rnttirally»kd 

l.innrcuH lo give ittlK' I ^ tin designation of Cuni/ur. With bui itn 

And mostly fetblc uccptlon^, thni unpleaajr^ ^loeiatc idn in 

rcUtion to the cocniag of (ho cuckoo runa thrtjvgh the pociry ol^ 

levcniccnth and eighteenth ceniurieH. the full note of pore Ijrnt 

joyouincRi having been caught up by Wordtntcirth In 1804. vfta 

he poured forth the mo«t perfect aniJ ihe tno«t bcamtfnl ctieUi 

song In nvir lai^guftgc. Only a fev v^nsva by nay of tllu^trarion ncfi 

he quoted '1 he very earliest cuckoo song dates back 10 the a^ 

of Henry 111- (1107 7s), and it is worthy of note that the muiic t 

which it WHS sun^ has also been preserved alnng with it, andvs 

reeenlly heard at Kvctnl concertt; in the province^ when Mn 

Wakefield gave her most cultured deposition of the -Old Englil 

Melodies," The words and thought arc far more pteaiir^g ia 

poetic than thoic of ibo crude but ratich lauded '^Ode bo A 

Cuckoo "of I-o^nor Bnicc» whichever of them wrote it, cf ea i 

their modernised form, as ihcy arc gWen in Harttng'* "OmitholOj 

oFShakeqieaTc" : 

gummn i> cone In. 

TJ^ wei] l^rLtwplh aiiA lhc mHi! b1i>wAli» 
Al?4 theuruvl iihoQli now i 

The ewe hWil% ahn tlic lamb, 
Th* covt lowi 4fl« flic Cftlf ; 
The bqll«k itutn, ttic buck veil* — 
Mcffily iJna, Cutkoo, 

MajcvI Lhoa n<v*r «»■& 

The inicfmcdiiiTy^or ivhfti maybe :cfmed ihectbicit and n*^ 
root inspifai''^" or cuckoo poetry is best represented in the tuRit 


Shlkespearc'E *' Love's Labour'b Lost." so TCdolCM 11 it, U 

of the Rrtfi^i ^^^ ^^ P-neland, which it 15 pleaaanl to think po 
r t Fal>ta£f ^^^^^^^ abQut in ihc tlicketing deliriam of hii b 



The Cuckoo and ike Myih of Manh. 237 

leotf. Wordiwortli^x jioem it cquRlly famiHai, and the Tourth 
^Tidt bu dways ttruck mcraj: touching with Inc^abl? grace :hc very 
^K»i chord of inspiration by the supremely gilted And still UQ> 

■"^llcdrociof natures 

Tbficc wolcairLe> dAilJnc oEthc Spiios 1 
Etph jeT thoM HIT Ir) ine 
Xo bird ; bat an javUiUclhint— 
A rcicc. a a^xvlfj * 

a^cs the 9irlcily scientific ornSLlTologiMt, and the fidd 
'^'■unhsts^ litre been ftmahsing fiiris aind building theories about ih« 
habit) of cur fiunLhar cu<-koo, (ho Cu'^rt/uj can^rut, and 
n o( itt congcnen charged with CQt:]^]!/ rcprcbcnsiblr pracljccs- 
"^ny points are not sfttTcd yd, and probably never will be. Why 
"^^ cuckoOf like somany oihcf bird*, ahould mJgrarc aiall ii a knofiy 
E***"^* Tthich is not mtt by the rough and ready anawpT^"in »e.irch 
<» food." IVTiy both parenii shcmld leave u» lO Cftrty, and their 
"^PlcR* young to the eaic of the deluded fonter putenis, I know not, 
*"** hare rwref met *ith even a tc-iionnhle explioation. Some of 
inc:s4« TCI ions .ire ndvanc^d [onr.eount for i he aclfish and cozening 
*^''<:» of ihc bird in adopting lUrotd Skinipolc'it method of meeting 
■"* creditors' elaimt hy gaily throwing tht rciponsibUtty on the 
***oul<:),?^ lit oiher*, Hnt !hcy only compticalc the problem, and 
Josiit^ll^ Ifjiiinrontrtdiemry and lomctimea ahsoluiely irreconcilable 
inductions Jenner,tnhi»»NatiinI History of thcCuctoo" ([788), 
ana^(,^ij Ihe fjijciiion '' TowKit c*u«-, ihen^ may we allribulc the 
*^*»JlarnieHof the ciiekoo'" lhu«— 

.M^ *^y fhfj ndt hr Qhin^ to the following circumsMnca ! The Jtoit rtnJtnet 

^*> Mi the e*U eJul Xiiure (u* upon ii during thtx alum reililetii;* lo pro- 

^'lic suggested probtcm is here baaed on two graluitoua and very 

kr^ ***^'**^"*^*^'^^ wtpTCftflCd in Ihc vi'orda itjlicised. Wc 

^^^ no natural csufce 10 jusLily the .i>iscTiion ihat tl^e I'uctoo la 

-V?'**'^''''*'* thoiien lit pcrrod of residtnoe in this country, and we 

. '-'^ wc any dcttity in Ihc matter of ir? breeding among us- In 

/y **»« place, it doe^ not leave us because its natural food has grown 

^. ■• growing »cAnx i or the weather la becoming 

^^<inenL" If that fferc ^o, a dtepei shade ^rould be ca»l on the 

^'**^ chuacicr of the bird as a parent— altansely and cruelly in 

^****ltwiih the mutiny solicitude of the beflutifiil hinindinei, I 

■** fill to 4e^ *hy IE i% d^itirted tft breed in this counfry at all. In 

***** IhtBC u neilher the hand of dc^^tiny nor recorded iiidttUuViVt 


2^S The Gctt/Uman's Mt^amtt, 

^u to iH-ork upon, Mr. Chiles Dixon, in bis umliuble 
"The Itird^ of iUgctia." collected in that country «-iih nnidt 
ond nocuiaic cibf(crva:bn b^ him^r, (ay:b [*' Jntun^ aboDt Bii 
CbapmnnA- Hall, tSgj, p. 47>t ''the common cuckoo bbetkson 
OA ]>ftMmg ihrotJEli Algeria on spring and Jtutamri rnignTioni, Mt 
fitt! rtmain in tfinn^ la brtcd." Mr- OtKon li&sbecn long cnpc^ 
on an dabonilc study of x glacial theory or ihc origin of^nii 
mijjrjitlon, .inri when hiji max'""'' "V^ a[>j)eani< ornUliologuU Til 
certainly be uTtrdclcd to what Ihat very cmincnl jiuthohly hu lr> vy 
on the ai>pj»cntly still in&oluble mystery at cuckoo movement nk 
di^Tcpuiabfc tariic£. 

With ft view of Mlvmg «h&t I (hen believed to be; ami mUI 
btileve CO bo, the ''myth of th« March cuckoo^" so pannatif 
sprung Mpon ns by '' ob»eivant coTrcspondtiil* ' of the diily od 
WL-ckly |wcaa, I recently ^ipiicalcii for iiotes of fifrfona/ oAaervaim' 
Lo inoit of the rcca^iaed field nitumliBti ind leimed orniehologtnx^ 
ihtday. Although afctvof ihcMgtnticmcn wcrcperfonallystiaiipr 
to mo, they all, Almost without exception, answered moitl rcflditr' 
ptjblished somr of ilicsi- rcplJCA in a coUrclcd form iasi |Mi, tM 
since Ihc n i have added cnomiobsJy to my store of /tt^ft u CC«» 
l»s(ed with the mjiundcrm^s cf deluded -ind mcuei. obscTfO* 
ninety jnd nine pet ccnL of whom could noi diflcTcntiaic between 
apjrmw-hHisk and a. cuckoo un the wing, or between the cnll-noteO 
the latter .inJ ihnit ol (he t\\\^ dove. In dm-nrin^ aitonnon to wm 
ot thcBC offiniuns \\ i's irnportiini to bear in tnind that thcy art tbos 
of persons who have devoted their whole lircfl to n ctoM IB< 
unfla^tng study of avinn phenomena ; thikt they have done ^a undC 
evfrj' vanrly of favourable coiidttion» m aII parb of the eoanli) 
Thai, 03 irue licM naturaliAts and e^act " scientiAU," all of them W 
iiicntally trained lo the ca^y detection of aiinihtudcsof form^eolMni 
tion, and movemeul, and even ihe dehcaie variaiHuii nf the birdl 
disimgiiishahlc nott-ca!Js of different bjrdi of the Mine speoet 
^iich a mois cjf absolutely tinstwotihy evidence has ceitUBly Eft^ 
before been collected, and it \s to be hoped (bi^t not eipeded) thi 
n pul>lieAtion nf a^rrc/Jof rt will put ;vn end to the rcciitringlableftC 
llie '^'Vtrival of the Cuckoo" in Match in the ncighbouihood of "IJUJ 
Pcdiingforv,* or "The Vale of Hodge-P^idgcs," m the ease might fal 
U'lrlioul i>ausing lo arrange my '^ nrtne^se^'^ in the order of Ibct 
individual sdeniific e mine nre and in flucnce-^si quite imposnble tM 
where aSI are of the first ojJer of ornithological experts— I ml* 
]}lner ac \\w hc^d of the litl Loid Lilford, the gically cstcemC 
l^mident of the BriLish OrnilhuIogisCs' Union. '* X hsTt not," mv 

Ths CnchiQ and ths Myth of MarJi. 239 

Ws 'ofdiltip, " AS r«l w« >«■" a cuckoo lliai w*a even tup[>osed to 

fcjvt been obtained in this oouniry tniforc ApriL Till I have seen a 

tprriiiicti jiOMii»^iy awom ;□ by iv conipeieni |)erson as so obtained, 

J Almll remain, as at ])iv»ent, cotirdy crtdulous," Mr ChaiLec 

Robinston, haud phcuont gamckctper for Lord Lonsdale, formeiJy 

>" thv wmc pQiiiign under thi: Ulc Duke of Buccleuch, and a (uaa 

Of keen obtcrvaiJwn and wide oipenencc among wild birds '^man 

"•J *K>y," ifttiici: "I ncvci licard or ShIW ;i cuckoo in uny port of 

EnSland in March ; I dan't bcUcve ^n Match cuckoos" ^Ir. O. V, 

ApUn, EUtihor of ibc '* Bird* of Ox ford e; hire,'' says he is ''not an 

unhdatAiJng believer in March cuckoos/' he Ihinlts ihai ihe bird 

night b« found in ihs " do«mg days of March/' and be menU'oned 

■^ ^nnivicc which he vefifted* &nd which 1 cbjin 10 be (he one 

*JiMnry rtcwd of litiy value in t>Lii[enitr- Pi^jfuhiur Newiorij of 

Carnbiid^B. author of iho new " iJiciionitjj' of Jiir<Js," wl;ij Mand* 

*• *be very h*;4id of our oinxthfllogit^l auihorkits, wrolc lo me; 

^ ^u uoc cxptxtever Co TtCfJ or hi^urone in ihis country" (in March), 

^^ hf- addvdi wilh a touch of kindly humour, " but I doubt nul that 

/^ tiKuiy ycara to come e^cellen: people i^ill, in all good faith, 

?f*^ie that they have been more foriunale." Very likely, Mr. 

' K, S^^nn, ihe experieaced editor ttt thii Naturalists' /cnifiaf^ 

^** "nciJhcr aten nor htford the cuckoo in March," Mr, Hall. 

P'^^clixper for Captain Bagot, M.P.. at Li:vens. WcsimorUnd, a 

^lyihirc tnan, brought up aa a boy to thv occitpalioit of a keeper, 

^^ra mturatiit und a man of wide ej&periencc, wrote: "My 

^*"»ie»t rccurd ib April 6," that *aH in Derbybhirc in iSyy. Mr. 


31 Vt'hitlock«;jutlior of the "'iSirda of Derbythiie/' also never 


"^^id or fa* the cuckoo in March. He adds in his note ; '* When 
J^ c^ly animal tefls on evidence of vighi, (here is the xcrong proba- 

'**}' of a kcsiicl being mi^ukcn for the j,])cciea in question- On 
7^ other hand, when the reported occuTrence rests on the note 
^^''a heard, there is, 1 thi^ik, apart from (he .iccomplJshments of 
J^**^ mimics and cuckoo clock*, alvvays the possibihty of ihc ting 
'*^ being ini6(akcnfor ihe familiar 'cuckoo' of ihcformcrspccics." 

^' cxpIana(Jon in albo ^iven by (iiany others. Eome being of 
^'^'oti that the sparrow-hawk ih more frequently mistaken for the 
*^^o; and every one who has watuhed one of ihese birds on a 

'^King expedition along the edge of a coppice or thickset edge, 
^gTt« with mc that ihc mistake is a very natural one. The 

j^ y up a tree " ia answerable for many '* record^n" abo the cuckoo 

r^'^'^'t Mr, T. Southwell, V.L-S-, than whom a more acute oj^d 

^^Henccd nararaliac does not livej declared that " such a bird as a 


240 Th€ GtHikmafis Magazine. 

• MftTch cuckoo • ha« nopUcc in mjr txptdencc" and he £j*ouftdf« 
vith the foUowia^ Im^iorEAnt Tactt : "I have novr before mo ai \Mt 
of " Indicniiom of Spring ."exiendinji over % voiy lone period, uicj l«^ 

by a ituc^ciston of naiuroliui' oTlbc samv f;irni)y Jiitd in thcuawpMH 
in NoifoLk. The date of th« cuckoo^ f^bt noEc H ificr* r«oofd«l fai 
106 years, ihc carljcaj bting on April g, 17;*, tht UlCtt on Mi^ 7- 
1767, and ihc ni«Ln of ihe io6 ywis April 3%. And y« fiott 
Nr»rfb3k and adjommg coumJcs d02«na uf March * rfcoids* hiit 
been gravely published in the pa;>ei^ fiotn, of courM, *'lhc nw« 
rctpecoiblc petsotii in tb<j dinrict," Mr. A, H, Japp, XX^V.. mnbot 
of " Haurit in My Garden." and a Uf« Iongindu»riou<f f^dd naRualnl, 
with special knmvledgc of omny parl» of Ihc counUy. writci to the 
same cfTccE ; and Mr, Charlei Dixon, author of miny standard booki 
■bout birdsH widLc: vrnphatically, ^^ I do not bcbtve u w^rrd aboiM th« 
cuckoo arriving in out iahind in M^tich," Mr- Muiibcad, 4tuihor of 
^'BlrdBorBcrwickihiTCt'* "I never saw 01 beard a cuckoo in M:uch7 
Mr. Harry F- Wiibcrby, auibor of " Forest Birdt," **In early scafoni 
nAny of our migniiory blrdii :ippcar In thin c^ouniry sc\'Gral vetki 
before the U^unl time, but thai the cuckoo doct not I Hc\ coo* 
vinced." Mr. Jame* Carter, of Burton Ilouie, MaEham^ Yotkfthjft, 
**] do not bobcvc Ln March cuckoos." Mr. G. D. Ijjslie. R.A* 
author of ihai incomparably dclighiful work, " Letters xq Maico»* 
*' Never saw one ; if I said I sa'ff a cuckoo in AUrcK aomeonc ehe 
would be sure to snyh was It hawk;" very likely, if Ihe "someone* 
wa; fjtniiliAr with [he appearance of the two birds on ihe win£. Mrt. 
Brightwcn, \' 100- Ptcsi dent of the Sulborne Society, author of " Wiid 
Nature woci by Ktndncas," '' I have never heard the cuckoo cariict 
than April to." I could nuottr dciitna of 01 here, all 10 the same 
cHcct, and all o^tracis from nores of observation by persona fVMir;Vfr«f 
to form an exact opinion baicd upon lifC'long experience* under the 
mo^l favourable conditions in all part« of the country. But these 
must ful^te, and from them 1 drnvr Ihe followmg i^ncral condo* 
sioni 1 — 

1- Tlieifi la \Mi inhirreni I'm^ni^SU/y <ti a. cdckflo htvinc Wn ■(«» trA 
Id Gmi BrllaLn in ihe iiii>nTh uf Mardi. 

7m UniU lilt )iBt few dixyt of Mareli there It n^ /^v^oKA^ ef ■ 

^, Thcrr i& Dill)' DnEfoLiUrji case of tr\]4lwar[h^ evidcftC* ID bvoMTofumM 
compctf nt 10 form 9 corral opinioq havini; avti at htvd on*. . 

4h There are cm rcean) truiEiirorEhy endtroccaorcuctLoo* tinfincbreqlbfaHKal 
tern in the Chnnnel l>Unil«, South nrHngland, and MiilUikJa iliDiit the f^ t( 

5, T\it3t were ^jjh/ r/v'vwrr of ihe migmnli, prohiblf ac* nfentkllr lepuiMJ 


Tilt Cntko^ and tkt Afytk of Mstrck^ 241 

^a fvdoo fCEEutrLiii^AlLVf tTiiuugb'ri'j|i]iiini)r Britjili ivijitci — thftt i^ in a wlU iTilF± 
H 7. Thff pmoni «ho Wr ■* inn wiih ihrtt o^vn tyn " cucUouk ia Mirch 

& 7^ |>cndrth wbo hifc "boiJ wULi citcir «W[i cun^' i|ic<it of Ch« (u<:kDO 
ia M^mh. iniiia^ ibeniAaftfi tbat ltI h ''clotl 4:u4:k'M>" >lfulir| on th? dcwf 
^T, In pqich j-nd bal of linut [mpctfect ^milauon by i b^ or n^rU 

9. ThccuckM rarfly unvMin (^nalbnuin uilU iht mirfilleOTrrid of April, 

10. T?ie44iLi.iAi ti not kjch ■ ruul It lit t«Av« ■ iiruiiri/ wlicrr iLt iinEbrid foud 
Is abttiidAJK for uothir vhird (In Marcli) Eharv u pncl^lly nrmt. 




TAt Gfn/Umans Afaga^ne ^^| 



' 1 'HIS n thp bookouF, ilmt ih« k^^ ; ^^H 
X None m«y ojien lliis Iriclc bui iitc j ^^^H 


And only itigic of tlic cult mxj come ^^^| 
tmo my ianctvm mm Sv-nm^ ^^^| 


Si^ar '*by Geoigc " gn hi« ^' Oinnibuk" ^^^H 
Ymi Aif aiiuredly one of us. ^^^| 


Swear " by GeorgG " on hib " Almanadc " ^^H 
You u'ill return each volume back» ^^H 


Swear by " Ciiimm " t// tftc lariUit itah ^^^H 
Theft and pillage you rcptobntc ^^^| 

\k%, tliai'n bound by Rivibro, bui ^H 
Hcf f^ the cHiiinaf <hlh, sinaif. ^^^^ 


The - £cc and die V^'aap " o« India, IT/i, ^^H 
Zachnsdorf binder, moroein^ ^It. ^^^H 


Bui alJ my '^ Scourges " plain bound »haU bide — ^| 
Plcfily uf ''' guill*' may be found iniidc, ^^^H 


Hcre^S my "OmnJburt/' worth a fief ^^^| 
Because I've the unpaged prcfacc-lc^r ^^^H 


" Ixindon ChuT.'tcicr^," sci cciniplete, ^^^H 
Sm- '6vu. in ft!/, df. mat. ^^^H 

J 1. 

HcTC a set of gigantic frauds ^^^| 
Jn the oripnai laugllu^ h^rds* ^^^| 


"Oliver Tv^ist," as you will have gue^SCd. ^^^H 
The " Rose uid Oliver " pLfilc $u[ipreMed : ^^^| 


Not with the Glfppling over'Wrjt — ^^^| 
Only Bruton con show you It. ^^^| 


And here " I'hc Rolllc " coi.oiTRrr. date ^^^| 
ki]tgh[terL'hviQdrcd<and'lbrIy -eight. ^^^H 

Tlu CeniltmaH's AfagOMUU. 


RIDING atanchcii in the ouici rojul <d Slogipeve, vitli 
. vrrclis <ii idlcima on hand, I canC nboul bo« bed tO 
the tunc; .ii^lI I i riding twu coa^tcr^ un ihc cvc of fUrling— <nc| 
Banjtkijk, ThtoUicT fur Koi-hinj^— I (os*«l u^j S «hH]ict£lJ>Ke' 
jhoulJ b.'ivc prcftrcH^c Ki.tchm>; won Ow tO» ; BO, urilhoflt 
sit]o» 1 gut inlo a %imp{in, and pulW Ibfougfi a /ttmfy vcz r^i 
Ihc Hitjafi Bri.n}l;t^ winch roijir at .-anchor, vrilh itr^uu Up, in tbci 

I fbimd her a nice t^-boai, with r9omyc»bin», atmrdone^ 
nndsdl those aiiycornfoHs which inEcnsc bc^landlhcCtivoiloia' 
of whiles muke ncceusrici- 

She hjd but one oiher passenger, a naturaltjii of nou-, vhho^ 
parOKysrna of sva-btckne&s, smiled mournfully on mtutb, arid pvrl 
iniciR^ling news- 

It was a Friday aftertioan in the Uticr part of February irltf 1 
Bteuined away from Sinj^aport?, an(j ih« f^IloAJng Sunday tf 
Botncu iuelf lay t>ero('« us, eviriivAgatnly grand. By 
we were come close up with a juttiiiR cape of rock £,000 fcrt 
Trees crowTicd its topmost crag, ex^uitue greenery bciprinl 
Gieepcsl ^lopea. Evi^ii II^ precipices, or at le^t ihcir Eo4e(i£,J 
footing to Lianas and ^atndeni plunts, ^hoee t^GnduJout tvigi 
far doAvn and swayed in the breeze. 

Aft£r doubling tliis nable headland vc skirted a 
coast, and entered a liver, and, carrying a stront; flood with as. 
up it nineteen miles. 

A stcmlcss imlm. the Njpa, fringes this river's bank all ilofl^J 
IE no less LL lover of ^aU ^v-nter than the mangrove itself, often 
ihe latter pretty cIqs^ in thi; race for Life :ind {;ood EiluatioiL 
inbnd from the river bank Cyrfffttaahyi la^a orrc^ the pi 
eye. The malodorous durtan grows wild here, and h truly indfp* 
It belongs to the niturjl order Molvocctc. and to one Inumoi f 
order only from typc:^ prevalent in tluTopej't may welUoundMi^ 
lo be told that the dunan's ripe fruit, fttUing from fn'erh»d( 
not seldom done to death unwary Dynks journeying bclor ' 



^ooniTG layai anchor ofT the litOccApiul of Sarawak, opposite 
^t lod R>ffth'« bung^i^ow. ALl about, b^rds ^ng tike ihrusbei 
^'^%. Gorgeous ^culet-bodieij dragon 11ic& weie frequent, ^o 
EE^Iy-paintcd butierfties and sobrrcr nothan 
^turning >t J i',M. ffom a long hot stroll inio ihe back country 
■ngcd my clothes ftnd wetit lo church. It was r*thet aiTtciine 
k lo hMJ the once well-known chants and cadences of high 
ieia mujL It VhJs rjithcf fttri;cting (in n diJTctcnc way) to r-ec 
Ijoirboj* with pigxjiils hanging down to the vtiy verge of ihcif 
ko* It wai moving, too trf noi aJfccitn^], to hrnr Mr Arch' 
ncrfOQl "G(jd ffAvcihc Queen and \\\c Rajah!" and agah 
iron«tnl.he p^ycr for the Rnyal Kimily, "The Pnnccsi of 
I, Margaret Kance, the Ka)ab Muda, and the rc&t ol the Ko^tX 
Ijr.* (Mr. ArchdcAcon, be It said vrich sorrow, piaycd for 
garet Runee " id a natty, aour. ilMcmpofcd voice Her High- 
\ut gone over to Komi', and hnn builE the Jesuits ft quite lovdy 
,h here* " Hmc ill.-c laco-ma.'."} 

ftcT chcrch we took a twilight »EroU in a shady lane, end I 
n't help remarking to my companion that Gray would never 
honoured the FJorneo beetle with a line in hii Elcgj', as he hai 
the ElTitisk ]'or the chances are a hundred to one ihat If a 
dAred TO write ctegirjt in a Boinco churchyafd this sharded 
tct would Imoek him on The heac^, and leave him pale and 
y. Now hcreut>on my companion, who wil4 a man of wii^ gave 
» tnanf Ihmg^ iUu*trativc of Gray, and many eulogistic ; and 
W we to*y meet In some sphere where Imc poetiy will be 
eijted, and your " modem school "' cease from troubling. 
or stroll abruptly topped for lack of liyht, we sauntered down 
!ir dub, the compound of which is charmingly studded wiiti 
oatf ciM , and mnny a showy &hrub. 
tihe dub were nearly ail the white main of Kuehing. Among 

UijOT Day, the head of the Rajah^^ picturesque little army ; 
jgih Muda, a pleafanl^ unafTcctcd lad, on his way lo Christ- 
li ; and the captain of }].M.5h Mrrdrand, Afttr the elub, 1 
dOCli>din& The hoate** wa* n pretty liilte wnman, prettily 
UlKgnodCaiholir, and n clever horsewoman. The captain and 
QClor of the mnn-nf-war were of our party ; and after dinner 
my hmi, nnd f, made up a plear^nt rubber. 
cu day, the air bejn^ fresh ;ind cool, I went Jishore at dawn to 
he Rajah has tparcd no paina lo enrich and beautify Kuching, 
U •et iimbra(»eoui grovea by the wayside, to the dc\ec\al\ou ^ 


The Gcri/UmixfiS Afqgaziiu, 



He hat luuird :■ pleui^inl fvunuin U> tlo# (anh. Ai lu IwiJ 
l^in Q< dunii^cdch dam ko gTdl Uial it U little lev ibf 
tiiith. Hcic do the Dy»k asd tl^^ Kling, Ihc Cbin^nun tU 
Cijolit:, ihc Ijsciic and th<- Mil;i)', lUfning abide fron: ibc Uuei 
;i dunty bauar, icfrcih l^iemKcWct with the jjurc viun<tf 
He It3h made a puadiic of twccta, where ftngels iiii^ht «af[ 
suLlitd' Grove* of mangoiilGcn and every giateful Uw si 
Nor M<s (h« coamr plant* oJ datly ncccujiLy forKottcn^ CrKttoi 
herbs sutwd to the climate arc wetrwheic. Many other uk»- 
thinijiie has ilii^ good Rftjah both made And dooo — things ao: 
ing &o sensibly lo iht- eye of CJibtiv i^rh;ipE, but *riiich» ncv 
are Ibr the funhcr.inei: ijf |>JeEy, and tend lo promote the 
"mind, body, and i^UUV m ihis his toy nietropotu. HavenoCl 
ftubjectB their churchf^^, AnglicBn nnd Catholic ; theit )i 
lK\go6as. mos^Mes, and what ciol ? Have they not their muuipi 
ihcir market, with many a wise bye-law i^i trafGt and merchiai 
The health of the town is good— for iti Uthude, very ^^ 
certain act, which hsii be:^n rcpe:Oed m home, a in full foiec 
Great docnnim, honever* is enjoined and eiacicd- So 
Icwdnc&A is suffered 1^7 run itttolerable riot. Cotupjoed viifi 
^a^ lit Christian thoroughfare, the buaar of this Buddhiar 
is purity itself- 

Daily His Highness nut only ''execute* joslice," hut fute 
him lie^) " m^int^ins truth," Of his native voskiIs, hcexectna^ 
he will, and pardons whom he will. With chiefs that Ofe pfosdi 
turbulenli he wages vit(orioii& wnrs ; white such a* arc owck 
the sunshine of hi^ pms^ni favour. Only over Kutopouu*' 
arm of his power in :j measure stayed, or hiri su]*reme will m iflf' 

There is a British resideni at his fxiurt^one Mr- 
who 5C& that our coumrymen come w no unju*it hjtrm, vet 
mio any E^nare. Hot ali thai, should any mnkc h:rnst1f <*fiiw.t*" 
the Riijah, he must necrU quit ; he ts ciL[ii-ll{:d the counti>- "^ 
man t\i\m be ofducuic tiufi" who loo^^i lo l'irL\« out herci Ai<** 
Charles I, so s.iys the Rajah of Sarawak, "a kinjinnJ asoTK^K 
cliMo different ihings, " 

Thhkirg has hj.s aniiy and navy (like fithcrkmg*, "hLsvcr 
fritnds and noighboura "). his civil iefvioe, hifc roi^ric of Jt 
costomi. and police ; and is a lord iiaramounL Only in <» 
hoiuEe invAKE^n froto beyond si:m h he now gu.nrAnifed Brio^,' 
Ceciion. Otherwise he does what he will ; there is oone diw 



account And hi Uicto (lti[:^>ncrJtc times, these dayt of 
mcc »r\<\ mob, ^urrty ^ &>otl nn^ whoti-sume thint: it is to sec 
Onify jnd unuoihly. viiti uh.ii ^led w1i«'cl», the litlli:^ wijtid o( 
A tOfp nkin^ un(J<T xhf tttrtaly ^utcrnal ru)« of an autocrat 

KT tlircc cbix ipenl pleuaml^ cnougli la Kuthinic atid iM 
lki« nn^bouchood, I di^vmcd ii high time tocxpDiinic furihcf 
and, htmg a boac Iq c^imcy mc up Ktrcam. <l£'tnnd(r<l iniu 
forty mmuicK pa&i midnight on Thi^fKdiiy, Shi- wasawtied 
nd ail, with ft ttmichcd loof amidthiiis, nnd souh mJo curcains 
,; and 1 by on my maiirc», with a Ijmp swinging h[^l'orc mo 
ihc awTiins-bocin. and there did sup ofT a snaking pig {vpi>rLliy 
LUlc« l^mt/ii b««i cfToTU) arvd a cuiurd -apple, and drink of 
•Int- I'hcn I Uy b^ck on my pillow at rcbi, while a atnjng craw 
ivt younjf Pyaki aqu^t^ am hoai lo ^um nn vhhing iLdc, 
1th Ihtf rir«t »ln:ftk of <iiwn 1 djcipcd ilic curiLiiim up , and 5ti)l 
jng on my btsd, wiLh ht^d ahovc the gunwale-, loukcd out on 
iryliko marvcU of tropical river Aocnciy, Ciiani titt^ovui 
Itfae W2J. Bnrii;4mo[chidRhi)ngpendu1ouhl'roni ibcir bought, 
Ihcd Iheii itnarlod ininlcs in duck vesture of white and pur|ilv. 
y tnrds fliU«d hither And ihither, banging tuaiily i;i ihc f ool di.'w, 
Dodile, nioTt<l ihvTCto by the creik of a^'irroaching rowtudi^. 
om hJi ooiy lair into the dci'i^ Tht jungli; teemed wJih hfe 
tt (trangp criw of a thousand uncouth bwsti. 

1 lanrisic wc were come to Bui^n, ^ur pla^f- of debarkation, 
wcttcfipcd Mhotc ; and mounting a slippery kddcr, thai in 
naaarocky f^iaircoie, came vuddenly on the settlement It 
B of a Chine« grag-shtjp, a gatnbling booth, an opium den, a 
ceed-hmlt huts, and a whictr mnn\ bungalow owned by iho 
O Trading Company. Their agent litTc— one Itr, Mair, an 
iMRfthite man and n pleasant, with the best strawberry jam I 
Kied— leni me a Siiile ttasgon, like a wheelbarrow, wherein to 
pdlcd four miles of my inUnd »3y And he lent me, loo. a 
hjr br my expedition, 

kr ilifihtinH fiom my wbcvLb^iriow, 1 ualkijd ten nnlet on, 
ih iht junfllc. to Tagotn. If any should flout at thi«, as but a 
nonung'« work, let him try it. Lci him try it with a thcr< 
IcrSSiiithe ihadc, in a tilUDlion lemcvcd a bare hundred 
from the Equator, ^nd wtih a miserable load of over lifty ycarK 
bock. Let tnm try it, wy ! : 

30UC half way up to Tagoian I c«picd ^ truly m^niflcer;! orchid 
og out IroCD a ir«a'« fork. But for the eomniandment, I could 


Tkf. Centkm^s Magasdnt. 


have fallen f!oim »nd i««-i»hipped it Mjr boy scaled the tm. id 
brought il mf. It proved to \>t DtKdrGbtiiuf nHj»f f#iin, mi iu 
one of the 6n»t apccimcna evct yet met «ith^ It« flf>*«nncn::3% 
«htch was 33 tnchca long» bore .^7 mosit noble blfifsnms mine al 
lilac, *nd cich one an indi an<l \ balf acrois- 

At the bungalow of Ta^^ora, where ire OJtivcd by noon, I brJ 
the only vhiie resident unfortunately on the point o( drpm^ 
urge nt biiMncss fcquiTing his present:? M Kurhing, But hr, otf 
hospitably, pbccd his hou^ and Mrvanbi ai my <ti4i>o%jil Sc^ tfitf 
bteakfiut and a much needed bath, I "f^t out to hunt Tor pi^\ 
find at 1^30 I'^M.— n Utile to^ late in the day — m^e a motr tirflt 
mouniAin behind the house. The climb was exrcMiitly tt^tff 
fatiguing 1 ]>erf<piraLLon poiircd djT mc in tnttcni^. To uy it iW 
on inc would bo ab^Hnrd : yoa might ax well cacpect water to W»i 
outflidc a bottle. 1'he bridges, slung «£rc»a mTinea, were tlucp* 
make one lAv ; being bnt tiCM — some of ihem not even ■*(qaiTti' 
—and all, of roiirie, without any attempt at hand-hol^. 

A! the shouMci of ihc higb(^« peak, and jbont 400 f«t W««" 
iis summit, my Dyak, a truculent savage with crea*e And bluci 
pgin[ed to the iiin, ;»nd hcTd up two tinf^en. 

Glutlly accepting hi!i view of the lituaiioii, anil j-Ud of >n n 
to letrcal, we began th* deseent without parley. I vastofagiied 
foulfior« that I have my doubU whether 1 could haivc inAiHgif 
reach the toii, even had there been T imp left todoto^ KorhacI 
wish 10 spend the lii-cloii^ mght in Ihat damp and r^ekiqt junslc,i 

cloAc dungeon orinDuvrrcut btviighs. 

with only a Dyak. and bear^ and apes, and snakes for eompiaj^ 

Out descent, 60 Steep and tangkd was the maie* look longtf 
niake Lhan ihe aac^^nt had dctue- The bridges too. byrcflian<rfi*«*" 
downward slope, were more aw kward to recroEs, Lay a plank frwanH*" 
ridfie lo tcMjf-tidge of some steep and stair Ukc strecL l^ a inn^ 
brawl \i\ ytrni iircet's bottom. Tiliyaui plank well up a; the hithg jutf^ 
end, and get "P^^" '*» ^'^^ erofts. Have n deadsnakcinonchaadAi^' 
1 kil of un bids in the other Have wasps attacking you in han*it "*^" 
aiu^ judltenhcs. Vou will find ihepaEKigeno easy job, norchild'»|i]*r-' 
After a day or two spent In botanical rambles and in an et^oct — 
tion of Ihe antimony mines, I hastened back to Itunn, where iT'^ 
boat's trew, anxious noi to miss the annual Tuba fishing beb^ 
Ruching. wcic iiiipalicnily awaiiing my rcappcartinct. 

1 was very stiff and loth la nae, but a long day lay before n^ *■" 
it was otily prudence to be off with the first glimmer of da^o. '^ 

Kueking, 549 

lile mik tuck tovuds Buun was moM fatiguing I'hc jungle 

r?I^Dg utth the rain of urly mornrn-t ami onr w.u soon vcl 
ikin. In opca palcho, lE la true, one vtas aonn dried up 
\ bj ft scotching snui; but thcic patches vrcre few And lar 

JdiT onf^ of thn«c ii«3Tfiw^ bridgu, butlrrflicf hovering roond a 
b of brilliflfti bTocm vcrc »() truly gotgcous ihaE I quite t^nlcrvd 
the frclingi of Wallace^ thf natTJT:il[sl, whn s^y* in hi* boot on 
UaUy ArrhipdaKO, lha[ the first glimpse hi^ got of one bc hcid 

Jxt ttiii i]otmtiat<l juurncy 1 bm one i^^' witb mc-~thc one 
Mijir had kindl)- krtl, Hrnrc, 1 simrk oiit in rronl, kttuig hitn 
g up th<^ rear Such in ever the dcvite of jour circumspect 
i>tkfr in 2 I'mngc^ Und- InspoEEof jcop;irdy end avrkivAnl ^ngleij 
A isota bebtnd ia Ihc main Xt\n^ to gu^rd against. ^VAlking on 
, 1 communed *ith mywlf of bmIsoh and busts, duly coniidcr- 
irtiai lemblc hui-bears they Zitc io ?lay al-homes. An oM pgcl 
told &» not :o wbiitle nil wc atv wcil ckjT of the wood ; " but 
tk >c loenily lo yoursclve*" (I aolJloquiEcd) "* all ye who range 
br-wA>4of jinAke-hauntcdtract, Singaomewhal loudly, by (he 
I Lot Lb«r« be melody not in your hej.ri« only, but on yuiir Lps. 
tt ihall yc prove youneluei very lords of f^iciiLton, Fnim the 
-» of your hyiim tih^]] CJurh lewd bcut and undeftn tepEile Elee 
y, ftfTrL^hted and ntnatcd ! " 

Would chit I hid [iiactised wbai [ mused on in silence; for, 
3 a» t mu^d. thr swish of a uttiin rang sharp behind, and 
cJnft back, I liw niy if^y fell .i deadly serpent to (he earth, / had 
ptd ttfan &ixr ki^ ! It u-as a great escape. My pyjamas were 
t^ up lO the knee, and if \.he bruTe had had trine to coil juid 
It^ my bue legs lay at ihe meic^ of h\s luercdess fangs. He had 
QlyinfaifuUlengthinArut, bf Iwem nomc log* liansvciaely pUccd 
hbosgy bit of my, and I, wutktnj; pHM noifteUssly in rubbcc^wlcd 
«, hwJ cauftht him n.ippm^ 

Ac the <nd oJour Itn-mile wjilt^ *icii<Jing fvr a »ccgnd guide, I 
hvduide inio vMy rough and broken ground to vjsrt somcmoim- 
* civet, ihe resort of an ediblc-ncnt-buliding Collocalia. My 
'ak, vith hift ftioi^ ^^^^ '^T r°^'^"K» ^'^1 Awjiy the tangEe of pliints 
the catcm'i inotith^ and we fitepped inside and lighted our hmp. 

The bett^ pATt of the tray up you Wdde in ccrol waters, with your 
nds in the slickjot, most piilty-hke mud. At other parts of the 
ly you climb by Limboo rramework. SoraeLimcs you grope, 
tMliniCS you arc knocked over by a piojeclicn and floondet ii\ ihc 






vt to Mlbl*! 

d B d«al vi^ than I »i 

b H^^^ md Mofc bott fct X ~ 

ilnd, fafced ut to « brief ipd 1^ ^ 

^ ^^-^ om mis fcawa of pcilmi, vfien the ww* ""l^j 

bov'ov twm Unt a poddfe afld ttcaia *ot'*nl, gave h» onkn 
«cA*MHi ft» nffuiw mn. Sav v>d Aouiiig brasbv^ ~ 
* ^*^ ^^ >ad q«ck uDoratrc ; boc tlie lichniu« din 
iooVtoUTi ^^^'"^ting ACTOB oar |Aih in ribs of jigged 0tf^ 
fisWnc opcAch b«nd aod n»c*i uf tbe rivet divindr A«r-, 
^''^ f" "^ "IS, MMlwt awcon^ilttbed CHJT tncmy-fiiv mile 
wo foor houn. Aimed at Kudrine, 1 "t on deck » gorf »* 
spcH bound by ihb glorious bU« of h^venly fire. 

who **s sicV, iha, I ^^1,5 ^ his «»ll«liijn of KiniixUu fW^ 
It « a nob^e collection and mWr£=red me mudi i la did * 



>f all Borneo- "Why not give your fellow-creatures the 
L of TCiding what you have just read me?" I said. To 
my host {with the sraile of a. true cynic), " When 1 love them 
than I do to-day, they shall have that delight." I asked 
F if he thought he ever would love them belter. " Certainly 
this world, '^ he replied ; and then we changed the subject- 
noon T left him and went on board our steamer. The 
Resident, Mr. Maxwell, called on me there. He had kindly 
note after me up to Busan^ asking me to dine at the Residency 
jfht ', and he now volunteered hospitalities and help in case of 
Besides him, others I had met ashore canie down to bid me 
U, and drink with me, and gladden their hearts with wine, and 
;rTy ; and at 4,40 p.m. H'e cast-ofT our mooring-hawsers^ and 
OQt to sea, on out way back to Singapore. 




T^ (hHi/emaHS Magaziat, 



THE tivct of deiuncd thc^irii^L wonhlet fatvt llvaft ^, 
uvoufhe; lubjccct with ihcir ^acccuorfi. A clfltti&cd Ti^ ^'j 
the conicdici ond dram ^^ founded upon thcconcordi iD^' 
of chclr ruturc», il'icir lutcii :jnd idiot^yncraiicAk their MrcDii;r^ 
TnjitnciscjJ, even >v'iihom ^ny criiical or (l«t>:rlptivc comnnni. 
aluiic fill acvvr;kl pa^ct, T'lic ptuicipal fCAson why Budi a ^oik 
not bc«[) written i« pctbii[ii ihai ih« ch:tracicn of ihc^ *rho 
on u JlBtAnt thoiLtc. anJ have loiig tiac« retired Tn^m <hc «ccdl 
much L«K& calcubttfd ci> mftkc an irtipn^slon than such u haw 
nearer our rimes. Thi« Ti;iiiurh diJed not fll^ply to the brijihtef:' 
of Frvnch lii^ntture an J (h? prinit; leato and movtr ol the gkiri^ 
Rcnflisaanee of diamalic art in France. To catch the leAdingi^^ 
of Molr^re's juvenile jTropcnsity, to mark the step* thai in riper y** 
led 10 honour, &nd to point out the mtscirriogcs of (usikc i^ 
prevent^ success, has beea the chief aim of mottr %\ 

The culler pby^, however, wriiLcn during the lifetime of 
by his encmiet and ounicmporaries. arc mcrek pcrwrn*! It 
and contain only a veitcd i.<icturc of \x&. idcmiiy. They ire 
inieresting, from an hlsiorical point of vJei», and bho^v hi>7 
m earnest the |;reac dramuti^i applied the ceniiorial rod. Sufi 
a poet whose fame h somewhat obscnTcd by lime, wai Ihtf if* 
Tai6C lh£; attack in theihcatrica! worlti Qgnin&t Mobtrt and hi* •rc'l**' ' 
The war bijgan in the year 1659, during the succtaiful run of "Lc^ 
Pr^deu^es RidJculeA," and inanyltidicrou!* citcitmdlAncesaiwndcd'''' 
The i;an|j of jngty scribbk-i^ who imniL-di.ntly rose up tnjwi^^ 
dettrmintd to •zwx^x Muliere by one sitonj^ and decisive We*! ^^2 
iito'asaUhejf desire thitSubligny wrote "La D^routede* PrddeiWV 
which way filled with ihe inoii abusive scurrilititi they could pjtf't'^] 
deviae. Their fiicnds niitndctl the perforinanire in Tarjc mint*** 
nnd ap|jbuded loudly, but it scenis tolerably ccriAin that rvii ' 
fiiilure> In the early j^rt of tC6o, Mobire found a more dcMffSi"^ 
adversary in the g nee celebrated Uaude^iu dc SomaiM, ihewdtf*. 

fl/o/iirt 0tt (h4 Stagit. 


" L^ PnK'ct (Jet FT^ckutct." Ilii; fir&l play was uN^ouljLLsIly 
cauw of cmbiUcnng many tnonih* uf the gtcat dramatiit'i life 
. raih momtDl he threalenc<t the authoi wilh legal prgcccdiiiga, 
W Int only {onvrntcd Eu abandon bis rtccmnc ic> the law on 
dtiiun Ihal S(jm!iirc thould withdraw Ehr obnoxioui burleiqu? 
he of the "MoTt de rEu»et<LU'Cru, la[»d^ pBirlci Fcmmcs" front 
ftubtequent ediiioni. Somalia aificcd, and in the »econd cdilbi^ 
he workt which was published during ihc month of Scj^lcmbei of 
S«ioeyCiU,hebscitcdinitcsulA^' Dialogue dedcux Pi^teutet lur 
Abim dclcnt C<^i4PtaUDaal^," lo which he preliicda nLther smail 
vi« 6ru] 3(1 l^ecieut." Mo1itrewa& much ubiahed. Such a rcbtifTf 
^oanely edmlnUt^ed, must h»vc borcly hm: hi:^ vanity, bui at 
tame ume it w^t Jiot MoUtTc'* habit to ijivc too much coii^jdcra* 
A toibe fcxLingii of ulher pcu^jlir. NotwJLlii^ljriiling the efforts of 
le mutual ffienda to soodn.' the angry feelings of the rival 
t*iaiiMi, pOice w&» not rcslortd bcfure Ihjngs had gone Loo Tar. 
A CfTcUiutl^jK;? truiub to have si-ifj^LislcJ to Somaiii^ ihe JJe^ of 
lUtbidJC a *ertuvl und confintiation of Ihe pfay and co^lfovc^sy^ 
*I<d *' Lc* Protei di'S Pidctenics " Thou^^h Molitre could not 
ly bvooL llic wiuicibinb of othci^ ut his e^jien^et hi; bad the good 
^ Ihii time noi to ofTtt any seriou!^ op]7o?iiiiont and tht: public 
[» ceased 10 lake any interest in the factious «juabb!es, Mohi-te'i 
t adtcrsaiy wu n iben rising young dt^matiit nnmi^d Doncau, 
- |oung author pubh^cd in 1667 a laUrical coincdy ii^:im*ti the 
^dranuiiisl, called" Lc* .^iiiouts d*Alcjppe el deC^^phiai;/' which 
inuncdjaiely seiud and dettioyed by ihc pdice, Doneau, 
^cvcr, brought out a second edhion in the cQurie of a fc^ weeks, 
atl«iin^ the tUlc of ihc play 10 ihatiif*"l*aCocue ImuRinjurc^" ' 
<tuit of lh« obh^stlon, but it aiiracti^d vury little attention, and 
only a amjdl ^ircub^oiip The merit ^nd irui^llectual pic^resa 
he aullior did not lone lie concealed. In course of Itme Moli^rc 
k a most afltfCtLonaie and Jivtly interest in the youn^ man's 
Cw, arid introduced several of hitt coinedica at iht Fahfcis Ro>ah 
K friendly iniercourv; thus comujcnced >;oan uavi^iise to further 
fc Ummtjal tindnea. But ihls elegant and wtll-deseived tribute 
'liirc did not earn without much peisonal sacrifice. It is indwd 
foo tnuch to sjy chat the production, in 1663^ of " L'Ecole des 
(tuna ' only acted as an incentive to inspire other :LUthor( to fan 
' -fluDes, and make a pbyihing of hi& straightforward uttcmnccfi 
ppa'detL Hobince, an author vr)^o wrote under [ho pseudonym 

* lUiVHiUo the otifiiul i\\W of Mnli^ri^'j cmurdy, *' George DioA^a." 



Ponnb do Pdnlr^ m U Contre-Oitiqiic.' * In tim pki 

b fiot <Tcn meodoned, but ii iluuited m6et the pKQdfiB|> ^ 

th« Pitn:er, the Monicyp the Shupcr, uid other iniuhin K^ 

BounmiU It jJm> bclicrcd lo hmn ao&ltud another brother ditf^ 

in ^Zfllndc, ou Ia Vi^riiabk Cnii:ioct* which is ojcribod to MiBs'^ 

cdclir^iLrcl livn], Jean dc ViTlicrt. The test pirodj on the "^aarf 

tchooL " contTOvcn7, 1^ Ctoii's " Guerre Comiquc, ou b DcftoK 4: 

r&iolc d«« FVmmct/'wJW published in 1664- lima not wiiiwn»* 

& view 10 ihc ttagc. bwt 14 more suited for thai piupofc than my fiW 

iatirical work founttfcl an the a>mc subject, Durlnf£ the n^o^ ^ 

December^ 1664, Jean de Villicr^ produced at the Hotel df So* 

IjDgnc another comedy agamsi Molitrc* calM " La VcngcaMt * 

M»r<iuit. (r>o Ktfponie \ rimjirompiu dCi Versailles." which *« •• 

received by ihc public. This wofk, however, was a mJW anbJoK * 

companion wilh "i.'Impromptu de I'llotel de Cond^" wricwn^ 

MonfflciJTcy rhe younger. The elder Monjflcurey also presCB"cd ** 

infnmous petition to I-oui* XIV., nccuabE Molitre of wnmonli^'.^"^ 

ihc Rtrat king Trjwtcd u wiih scom. The only nr>tab]e fcaw« 

" Le* Atno^ir* de Caloiin," a comedy by Chevalier, vhieh wtSTtfl 

a«med ni Ihe Th^fllre Royal -lu Marais in r664,isthc violearto'* 

5aiLre Till: motives which prnmplcd Lc Uonbnger de Cha^U*'?' 

aUack the great dramaiist Vpilh s(.> mucli vigout ntid n»idijit] ni*T ^ 

Icurnt fxom the noiirs of a ^mall volume in prose and Ycrw, coliti" 

" Morale (lalanie, ou TAtI de Bicn Aimer/" which «a« potia^ 

by ihcaiiibor in Holland. Krom lh«t' notes »c learn Ihai IW 

inwrtcd with veiy little reverence in his comedy "L'£«J»^ 

Fcmmei ," Act ill., Scene 3, ^eveial extracts from " Lc» MaOfflt** 

Mtiriajc. i>u Ic* Devoirs de la Fcmme Manic, avtcwnEaeraceJs*' 

nalicfi" fl work vihkh w,isi ^^litteii and designed «iih a yiewC^ l*^ 

Ihc ULcntion of the bii *ex by 1^ Doulanger de ChahmV' ^ 

Afclihr en tfu Sta^. 


mtfCfiltDCorTfctthcpublk Usl^ «ilh an ilFcd^d strain of rommon- 
ce moraUl}-. It j» iMfttcd itijt \jt Uouljingcr dc (.'haluMsy wrote 
LciLkl three Mbiicat comcxliK against Mohfiroi and he \\ suppoat^d 
some h[iitori4D4 to havi: <:Dntnbu[cd much more to th<! contmvcny 
.n on no* be traced tn his pen. MolitTc, with the &id ai (he 
iicei lupprcsvd bis enemy's (ir^t uiii^ agn^nsi hjm, " J /Abjuration 
Marqmaat." \.t TifiuLinger dc Ch-nTu^saya next situical ciMnrdj, 
^ Chlitjuc du Tanoffc," in preredi'd by n mtty but scumioim 
UttLit cniiriuc " iyti verse) " *ur Tc 'I'.iriutt, i^fjtc ?» Tautciar dc la 
iUque, ' which, ^am ihiscirnimslJtncc -l]o^(^, «ccm9 to have been 
ifUribDlcd by the ijtm^ tliuslrioui pctflonsgc it Appeafu, however, 
I hart been irntl^n in xi\ tinlurky iiinniCEil 'if caprice, And w^K 
ilbluned AOCirjyJHOti^ly, hjx urh,i( re-i»ori i-* not vcrj' tibvioii*, CKtri^l 
Hlihciuthor, perhaps withcd rcx^ape prosecution fbr libel. The 
<9Cc bostilitic^ vtre trnrnrd nhm Ijc Houlangn dc Chalusuy 
KliEiplcd 10 bring o^it the moil important of his satirical cJTusionH, 
'Otwjirc hypocotidre, ou Ics MMecins vcngct" ' The first cdHion 
"■itrinicdiatcSy stippTAsed hy Molitrc'i i«]uest, and copi«i of it 
'■*i become xciy scarce. After ihe publicaiion of thu work the 
"Odiof slander Again<l Mohtregr.iduaUy ceased. MnUecIt j lecond^ 
'*'* COD^ian, tncd hard lo create .1 scniotion during the month of 
'unity, 167^, by the produciiork ,u the ThfJUre dii Marait of a play 
^fiveaclv cnnilcd ''Le MaiiaKc ijjiti^ -MATtoitC)'* in whidi MoLi^rc 
''■Wrodured under the nAjite '-d AnhclinCi inlhcdj.tiActer of a ben- 
ded Jnd degraded hu^iband, bul rt wa!^ nnfy rer^tivf d by the publtc 
*^ contempt. lliCft only Tcmajn to be mcntiontiJ two othtr plays 
T w6Stre'*eonttfnipoiaiies, biilh L^r rt'hkch wctf produced aftcf the 
Ptttdntm^tist's death. A* ioi,<hl be cvpcticd. ibey ioon found 
'Wlfay tft Ihe l*arisian sliij^c, thotifjh the mo^t dr.imatit evcnls iu 
•^BrcBexe left urtonchcd. " L'Ombrc dc Mohtte," the work of 
*<Wurt, a once f-imou* tnrml>et of rilluftn.^ "I h^iiltc. it ciccllcnt in 
'*'*nieMon And vcniiiciitroo, :ind the inchLs it possessed wcic not of 
■ natiirv to eicaptf nol)cc very long. It was dcdiciUed to the Due 
^^ilgitcn, ion of U' gmnd Cotiji*. Unfortun-iicly foi' the auihot 
^*>dow of the greai dramnlisl did not consider the' work tivour- 
*^% aT)d he had enough practical sftgacily lo withdraw il from the 
^^HK *fta llie firii peifonn.ince ul lijc Hold dc Bi^^urnogne. Ncvec- 
"***»» Bici.ouft hiid no {caso^i lo jtRict that he had wiillen Uii; 
r^' In \ht; tour>c "i a tew years il was pnntcd .16 An appi-'ndit in 
l^ciollecifd wi>ikin.'f Mohtrc for more than half a century. No 
** attTittivc in ilic eyes of both players and public w»s Uordclgn's 

* The wvid SAimitt U kit anaj^-iam an Moli^rr. 


Tk^ GintkntaH's Magasixe^ 

comedy, " MoliiTC ftux Champs E*j-«6cs," which wM much tdmiDt 
in It* <!*¥' *'^'^ "^>"* ^^"^^ *' *'^^' pTcwni lime, be aUovcd Ibe fow 
of vngcnui^yi though iU couctudinii iKiinl ia but a Ici&d D^ ptif -r- 

I^lotwithitmTidiiig th« InctcsMd vtnvT»Llon of Moti^ct^ vor^ih 
lcni|itAliO" to intTuducv attain hk taitkinj figure on the (lafc koi^ 
10 |i»vc l>c«n firinly ic&i«(cd for more Oia» lulf a cvnttityi TTieli^JT 
and mirthful Abbfi Voiwnon wnfc \\\*s Tirn JranuiUt of bi&tfnti> 
pi^civclhe ritncM of thv |3ortfal;tit« for tbcairical tcpcatsow 
Vo'ncnoi^ whuwiii then no mote tMiitwcmyycamofagv, had iln*if 
ctctfe^ lorae uiuAlion in lodciy circles by tfi« prgOudion of a Edli 
comedy in oneaci, calleJ "L*H«uit;uai: Re?0«i;mbl>in<:c,'' whkhw?« 
p[t)tnicdby &panyuf nobtcamuvurfl in various r^iiuian saloon IV 
(Qcct^ of this usay eiKOurj^ed him to loUch the appTOhiaonUif 
nubli*:, ^ntl he brouglit out on Ociobcr 14, 1 739, " L'licolc du Mflr" " 
t^tcmldit aUy^o^^^' in ^li^c*? ^ts, at ihc ThcAtrc FfWK^i^ dn r 
foTiiunr.e of vhkh wa* preceded by > pTOlo^ue in vcrw, CTtJ' ■ 
"yOtiihrcdc Molftrt" Thcprologuc wnnjCCif*dirith<CiiBde«** 
app\au«»but iliccom^dicwat hiKcd off the stage, O-nd only «r^ 
the fltrt rcprcat'niation. This induced the author t^ icrtrodtw** 
ihc ume Wftfic » montlv later a. new onc-aci piece, " Ijc Kt»* * 
rOmbrc dc MriUtre," in which he warmly )ir»ked tht 5™ 
judgment of the public for venturing to rond^'nan hi* wcirij«*' 
comedy, and the alrangdy li^clcsi ^d umtniiicnivc nortuof"*' 
ol Vili conlcnipotante. 

Wc now come to— from a literary point of view— ilit J**' 
mipoctani pluy which is founded upon an cpitodc ol MoUcnV'^t' 
'I'hi* \% not from the pen of a Frenchman, but an luliin, •fr" 
lurnnmcd b? l^is couiiLiymcn *' the Molitrc of liily" Oo3^ 
" Mohtrc " is fto well Vnuwn tliat it will ]'Cihu[>k be iuok *pp^''^^ 
to quote fro n:i the authois aotoUiojpupUy the L-ircum^tin'^ 

whidi it vf.i* wriucn : 

'*MvpicccswcTCiepragnH;dat TuTm,wUhapplaa*c. »■ 
audience*; buUhercwcTeasct of 5ingukcbdDgB.who,«eWfT0^ 
my ptodutliins, obsetveO, ^Thal i* good, but it ib nrt W^"'^ 
This WIS doing mc more bonouc than 1 dcwrvcd, for](h>l 
entered into my hcid 10 compaie myself with the French o«lli«-^ 

'' \ was acquatnlcd «it!i Mohire, attd ici^^ied ihUwMwtfJI 
att fts higbW a* tl>t^ Piedmof^teic, and 1 wai »cb«d in»t»niSj* 
Gtijrt ro give tbem :i convincinB proof of iL 1 i«medi>K^ 
po^cdaeomedy inf.veacEs an4 in ver.c^ without maA^jrd^ 
Of scetie,ot which the title an^i pinKipal»ubjea«rtcMolihchi»* 


MoiUrs OH (h€ Stage. 


■Tli« Ar|iuceni uaAMben fronitsfoanecilutctof hii private lrf« ; 

one; his projtftCcJ mam^iee wiih ArmanJt*, the d4Uiihl«r of 
»it, and die Qihm the prohibuion of "TinufiV/ Thtsc iww 
oricul facu accorded to veil logcihcr thai the unicy of action :« 
!«ctly observed, 

*'T!ic itnpotcort of Paris. AiJtmcd ni ihc comedy of Malitrc, knew 
I die aothot hflU sent 10 the camp where I-ouia XIV, then was, \q 
un pcnni««loii for its rcprcscnEatlon, and Eht^y vrcrc a^frajd k'si the 
>ci£ioit of the prohibition hhould]be obiumcd 
**1 employed in my piece n (Mrr^on of E^c name of Pirfun, a 
•CCriie in ovcry 5cn« of the word- who introducci himself into Ihc 
bor*> home, dbcoren to In B^jart Molifcn: 5 love for her dacghCi-r, 
^ich she was yd ignorant, engager her to quit her co-njianion 
L director, behaves in :hc same manner 10 Armandc. holding up to 

the situation of an actress ai the road/o pcrdkiion, andcndcavourt 
k«duec Uk Forcit, their waning nomun, who, niore adroit than her 
itnssfil, dupes the du^^r ; inH^iin^^ him wilh st Itive for her, and 
« h^s clonV and hat frntn hiiEi !o glve'to MoIiLtC] wKo appcarson 
^ttfC with the drew c>f The irnposTOf. 

Bl was hold enoii^h tocxhibit in my piece a much more marked 
Socrite ihfin Ihat of Molitrt's ; bul hyjiocritc* had then lost a 
ae de;U of thctr ancient credit in ItaTy. 

■Duritiit <he mrcrval between the fourth and Last acts of my 
fledy, the 'Tartufli:" of Mohort is ocied on the *tngc of the 
itel de Boui^ogne ; ail the chai3cte«_of my picce^mnkc their 
pooMKC in the fifth ocl, for the pnrpoie of enmph;nenting 
c^ftie. Fitlon, concealed in a clonci, where he was expecting 
' Fofw, is forced to come forth in the presence of all the 
Vdtioni, and is availed wuh the wrc^sms >¥hich he so nchly 
•ettod ; and Moh^rc, to add to his joy and hajipmrts, marries 
'nunde, tn spite of the raother, who ai^pired loHhe ironc^urvt of 
* ftiterc tAn-in-Iaw, 

■*InihK pief e Are tobe foimd 'tcvera! details ofthe IJfeof Mo]itrc. 
"erhirflciet uf Valeno is Haron. an acloi of Molitrc'* company. 
J*adct 13 a <T>py of 1ji Chapclle, a ftiend.'of the author, and 
^raCAlionM in the account of his life. . . ." 

"Mohfcre Marito Gc]oso" is the title of a comedy by ,in Iialian 
***|J oWf named Pictto Chiari, It i^aa printed and peifoimed 

*^t> ia I75fj- The author, however, wa» guiky of a Mngul»r 
*MTOniam : he gave the name of Gu<^rm (Guerina) to Armande 
W duhnj; the life of her fiiii husband, Molifcrc, 

The Ant centenary of Mohfrrc'a^dcalh^j j 73— was ceUbtiieii av 


and the other, calkd "La CettWairc de MoUfctc'vit Acff^ 
dttttioa of 1 iooc fanociM Uooatj <lfe Le Bam dc Schwnc Bad 
ihaepieccsareofiiokiMiBtaslitoaCBre, bdag mn^tt^^H^ 
boaof prase and voi^ and biOcCs. la i;^&,a popiibfteHtic 
Itcfdcfr adopud GoUoid'* cnaodr 'v the Krervfh $iap ; te» 
00 tlicMficiJ iniiMggr at ibe time voald undoukc in pn ^deow . 
Ihc Fracii teuKbal pufalMfcod fbe pU^, with m>mcroc4Me»0^ 
pfCvio«ttl]r UAk&OttB uKOdo«cft <ir MobHc 5ihlMn « ra pokEW^ 
Btfi rc«n JtAemfdi, tfkC pky ««« co«idcnbl7abrkl8ed.aDdflQ 
of Utc ttcnet wtrc alierad >nd t raM tw intd bo loit (be mi^ 
IMQU of tbe Frtnch stage. Btil, vilh fitw e»rpbonft— MtiA4 ^ 
hapfiy Mibidtutkiin of the part of La Outpdk for GnldniSnttf 
mnpidpenonageof {£utdK — tbeicil of the Kr«t>rh cattti^** 
mere adaptttinn and pvoae traikdatioQ ad ihc otipoMX lukialbl- 
'HiDugh Moli^f«'3 ffiend, Ia Cha{»dle, pUy« qpti3bt a diltcucrC;^ 
in Mctricr'H comrdf from that he did in real lift. i1 Bio*ti6>^ 
miUed th*t many urstty raying* arc placed m hn ixioutli dnnrji* 
action ol the play, «pccJally in *n admifajble vene ■hcfeiB*' 
young noiWcmefi and Ij Tborilhtrc art diwuaingthc man* 
Moli^re with more liber^fily than sincerity, 

ll is (carcely worth while to noiite the ab^urdilJcj of " I .'IH^ 
de Colanieou aus Champ Elysfcs," a comedy \rf the trhrvalt- ^ 
Coudr-i>'< published in 1736, The Omi'tr fie Mo/i^nt 1$ imtoducc'*' 
and he ap|>cn" rar^^ly to havr bctn engaged in 10 bad an aciioiL 

M<;*l)trc it altci intrrniuced a* one of the pnndpal pu «"■(** 
\n Carritrc'Uoisin* " Les Sianocs de Melpomtne ct de Tbabci ** 
Kentn.^ti dc U ComcJJc rrini;cjiic,'^ a./ieire de a'^c^nifajur of nope*" 
vaJue, which «js ofrctcd ii* Lhc nui^agemcnl and icicctcd in i;T*^ 
The piece is in one atl, and m proiej and wilt be found m tJ*^ 
author"?? published woiTts- 

A ^fi^if Je iinonsf'incc of a far different imturc ii* I^ Ha^*^*^' 
acf comedy, "Molitre i h nouvelle Sullc, ou lea Awdicfia* *''* 
ThaliCp" II was wiitlen expicnly for the opening of the 'fhiiC* 
du TiLubourt; Saint-Germain in i;8*. Owing to the lact thai hi** 
announced unonymously, it created tome loisaUon (br several im&^ 
and wai* attributed iuctesiively 10 many auihoii nioie or less tiiW*** 
Bui when La HaT|>^s en em y» C harks Falissot, :he auihotrfi*^ 
comedy "Lcs Philosophes," wsis diarged wjib the authorabii ''^ 
did not ffiil to inform the public of Lhc K-al sLatc of aGjin^ ^^ 
Oljumcnt of the comedy is simple enough. Melpomtne, ^^^ 


flMifrr en ih^t Sta^. ^59 

In^dy, anrt TltAlta, vha pttfn6^ over lyric poetry and 
comf *nri m«jill Ihcir rrspcfti^c -iiihjects in ihc new 
re, and ihcy ftnd Moliirc nn*! Apollo okcody there. After 
7g complimented Molicre on hiK ^cut bklcnt^* La Hnrpe Aar- 
on^r makes the SUncs inrrodurc to ^foUt^c ihc wh, uilcrvt, And 
ligenee of ihc eighteenth ctnuiry, and Ihc pnrty eon^jais of a 
ig named K^ptiMi^, j waiter M a r esiaurjini, nrho ho* become 
DLhor -, A Monsieur MiAci^mc, a merchant tired ol olAce work, 
who irftDtt lo ^ on Ihc ata^ ; Monsieur Claque, a retired 
try cafitain, who uritc^ oeeAi^ionAl]/ for Ehe prCA^ and who 
iDiatls all Ihc leion and ;iuthot« ; Monsifrur Vaudeville, and 
t rfiMittcrt of l«i jmpcfllancc- The iticidtnl gives iwc Co 
: tmii<jing diatoguc beiwcen ihe reipcftiTc pcilbrmers, and the 
tdy end* wilh ihc crowning oJ the hu^iU of various dramatic 

fhc xt^v;"^' nf Moli^re, wjih ihaf of fV^rneillc and Racine, was 
•Juad inU) "I/lnAugumion du Thfljtre-Fran^," a prologue 
Be act and v^rtr, by Imhc^rt, which uras reprtscnied on April 9, 
'. The jilay ha^ never lietn printrd, hui La iliirpc, who was 
nt at the ftr^t |>eTforni:in(r, rFcord^^ in n lively tetter to the lon 
heir of Catherine 1 1 of R^i^^)^, Ihfit it only survived iwo re 
inutiom, and ^V3!» luudly hj^&cd L>y the rariiun pLiy-^gcra. 
Moli^re K Toulouse," a comedy in one iu:i nnd in verse, by 
t-U«ifaanaui, yn% first reprewnted at TouIl>u«o in MsToh 17S7. 
at the Piu* ThcAirc trani^aii, and jficrw^nk in several 
iMNil fount. lE III full of auuiiiin^ inctdi^ntii connected with 
Jfr'i sojuufn at Toulouse and ihe alrulJiii^j players of the t'tme. 
1 Ibe year 1788 Madame dc Oougct' c^omedy, " M-olJirre ehee 
Q,^ vai olTcn^d to Ihe inanaji-emenl of thi; Tht^:llre Franv>UB 
rejected. Tliis hctoiitc <>f tht- IVeneti RtvoEuiion ym born lii 
taben in 174^^ and was R'lilIcHincd by the order of Robespierre 
occmbcr ^i, I'jt}^. As a djanisti^^ Madame dc Cou9:e?; never 
ird jiiore lli^n a pa&tmK noloiidv. Her fir&i play> " Zomaur 
jTia," vaa fjn^y produced ai ihc Thi-i^lre Frani^ain thruugh ihe 
f e>penijtfc influence of Mol^. the celebrated actoi, Madame 
kOuget paid the unprincipled actor more than tloo tivrci Tor his 
Inec, and liod Co diitiributc; twice th^L amount between thu other 
a and actieut« before the play na:? icady fur production* 
n ihe teut her ncjii pUy^ "Luclnde el Curdenio," this time 
Wany pretcntt. k was unanirnoLialy rejci led by the coimniltee 
:tOfa. The rojfction of " Molii'tc chi^i Ninon " setras 10 h:ive 
ly cured Mada^nt de GouEe&' dramatic aspinttioiia. The ghosts 



Tki CcnlUmmii Af^momf. 


Ifae pnlOfM of « cnlOfT m ratt cmkkd " La Jdmi^ kmmar. 
oo let mb CJsofdKt.*' It «u vtwca b^ an socofmois mH 
Afld ph&tcd A t^sa. Neither ^ pro to nit oer tidoQr, boicM^ti 
ever been prodoccdoQ the Mifie* 

-L> Conr^cxvsot 4c MoUrc,' a «wedy b^ WAm 
iTAbMcooct, mat K^n x me d at toGir T^atrt 4t AbZtf b i:ft 
The M& pUjr. vhkii ««i IcM tot Martr a crmwj, bm 4ica<vd 
•1 CUtona d'ATfc a fit* jrcm >£0 by a d»c«odttl of ibc kAk 

The tbctt pUjr. rouided iqwo u cptexle of the life of tbeppt 
dtualiK, i« ft oomedj 1b fkt)C ftCtJv <bi>iIr1 **U MnrtdcMcib^' 
by ihc Chcfilitt de CvbtitreB. who «» bcue* kiMMrn to diepltc 
hf bit HMm 44 pfMme of DoraL It was fifst irpf ft tr ni rd tf 4i 
Th^uc FoD^ia oo November 19* i7Sg^ and noiwithUjndAj it 
^(ubfiacu tide of tho cootedj, ic contains scvenl tjvdy and 
Hkg ftcenoi during the pro^reu of the ihrec ncbL In the Ifll icC 
Ia Chftpclk ii ctLiCOV<»»l showing to MoliiYca new toanfdjtf^ 
acu, cnmi^d " J^lnconsunt," Thegrcu dnnuiis], afin p na i'^ 
trvcml fiig^ of hit ln<^nd^ji vork, explijm 10 1^ OuipcVe inafttB* 
naturod mAnntr thai hit comody u noi Hiitablr fix lb* Bca^ rf 
(o ju^Ufy hU npinion hf propovt to cctfttuli hh cnaid-of-ftl^^^^ 
I^ Forcl- Ij Ch4i#IJc is rjtbff jt4ioni^«sl \\ ibe ides^ •Td'- 
her," Mobtrc m^ " thai the picrt 11 rune." 1^ Forte enUA M*^ 
Molihv rcjda lo hCT the commenecmctit of the AtM «ceoe^ Ui^' 
having liatened 10 a fcv tines she falU aaleep, leaning on bet tro» "- 

VoOG Toyca i'rffi d« 1a ]fcl«rv> 

Kile dort \.'m\ iIcIjuuI. 

'la Matia^ 6e Moli^rc." n comedy in one art, by W*' 
(P,N.), was represented nE ihc ThcJrTc dc Monaicre*, on ApH 'J--^ 

1785. ThcTinknowT) autbor lias v-nitfn wLth evident appfftia^o^^ 
of his subject, andlhc dfscrijjlion of authentic parlicul:u« fiddsnJl^^ 
liule to Ihc Ufieftilnaa of the chronic Ic, 

"Lc Soupcr de Moli^re, ou la Soirifc d'Auteui!," 1 comedy (fl "** 
orr, by C.tdcl-f i^isnicmm, was Tepr»^nted ai the Thf.ltre du Viuif 
villc on January ;j, T795. It is founded on the anc<i1olc t*^^^^ 
\if Louia Racjnc in the hiography of Ins father- Moljtre, »cafi6t^ 
to Ihe stDTy, iovUciJ Jioilcjju, \a Chapclle, and other jm-ial friff»* 
lOstijipcT^and afief dfinking more winclhan was good for thcitl,^^^ 
had 3 diiCMSsion cm the miseries of hlc, and deiernkined lo throw iW""] 
snUti itito the nver c!o%e by. 'J'he dffimaUsl and his ^iMlC**, 
scarcely out of doors when llicy eame to the concluiion lh*E it •* 

MoHht on the Stage. 


CCtv to rrturn to the hous^ and drink the rc*rt of th« wme, and on 
lOreting their senica the nc^tl d^iy ibey ninidc up thnr mind* 10 
e the mUcnc« of lire in future. Such h the story vhich f ^ndft- 
Rknun ha.1 uk£n the liberty 10 vary in applymg it Eo hii o«m p»T- 
*c»- I'hc aiilhcntktey, however, hos been disputed by VolMirrajid 
WiprJtcr* tifihc UUcrptrt of Ihc b.^t ecniury, Ilul ii uimp.'iwhic 
loin «[ih them m rejecting iu IxitiU Racmc hcnrd it Irom his 
icr, who h^urd it from ttoilciu- There \% no reasnn to dniihl <bc 
ih «jfthun»erM(nii \ the younger KnciJien a liiogrsp her performed 
task diligrnlly, jwiiriously, and without the 5%hre5t o*itcnt*tion. 
There in much eJic^Ucnt /oolmg m Coupigny'a ■* Hommagcdu 
It Vaudeville *n <irand Kar-ine," a //is rff fimtrti/atiat which 
rted c[Liilc a scfiMlion dunnj it* run at the ThdAlrc dii Vaude- 
I in 179S, Lc Vaudeville summons Mercury, and prevails upon- 

lo corjiue up the il]ti%lriouH dCitd. tc> induce them to accept 
^9ma^ t/u fiitif FauttffiUff, MArlei^uin, who 1^ rh^rged with (he 
^nkiuian^ mceii on the threihcild of th^ Champs Kiyi^eu Pecit 
t\ of Racine's'' PkidcUM." now fulfilling the duties ot' porter, and 
*■ lome convermiion with Amoine, the gaidener of Uoilcau, and 

Fof&t, die maidservnnt, be if introduced by Ihcm to their 
*«ilivu nustcrt, 

■■ Molitrc i Lyon," a rviudefif/f in one act by J. M Desdiamps, 
kat, and Deeper, rcptcienled at the l^htAtre du Vaudeville on 
<j iji 1799, i* founded upon an early love affiiir \a the life of the 
M dncnatTit 
■'La Scrvante de MoHtrc," a famfdif-:^iu4fvifU in one act by an 

Sjrtnout mlhof, represented a( the Th^dire dc k Gait^ on Oc- 
■<j, 1799, ii a graceful little *tefcb, drann with full insight into 
fteriod deiciibc^d The heroine i» Moli^re's maidscn'ant^ l,aForfii 

in(«rc£tof ihc play, however, n not concentrated on her alone. 

Mulitre 14 one of the peTsan.igc* in *• Ninon dc Tlinclo*, ou 
rtociuinnic." a tomfdU-tYtUiftiifU tn one act by A. CrtUie dc 
Vf, ofifiirwlly published in 1800^ I'he *-imc pliiy wjs *ubte<|iicntly 
Tinted a* ilic iip^wndi;* to an p;dilJoii of the " Ixrtirc de Lcnclot 

M»fqufk« dc Scvijtnc^/ a fabncaiion nltributcd to L, Uamoui*. 

Thcnntdra^juitied vcrtionof l,ouis Racine's aneedole, RiflaiiU'* 
d]ac<|«el>n"*f*»w«//^-rfl/'yfrr/''f in two acts, called "Moljireavec 
H Amii, oulc Soupdd'Autcud." was fi»t performed ae theTh^iitre 

JeuDC* Aititiea on January fS, 1801. It v;v£ suhsequenlly 
*iT«| at the Th6iifc Monlausicr on April 5, 1806^ and rcpiinted iti 
kj with the reduced title of "'Moli^rCj qu le Souper d'AuteuU/" 

■ L'Apoth^e dc Mohiee/' a prah^ye^iaudtiHit in one ad, ^is 



Tki GtuiUmaxs Afaguwin^. 


wrin» e^pfeulf foe tad petfocoKd M ihts oficning ot the lUbe 
dM VaH^j^ NiMirtfJ ei E(»ftte% SaIIc Moti^ oa April u. t^ 
it acntd itft purpoM, 4iu) «u vcEl rmriv^ by th« pubHc 

" L» LvctvfV du 1 diftuBc chr/ Ninon," a comedy by Q»M si 
llaboQi, wu produced ^ Ihi? 1'hMtT« LouTolfc dvni^ Af FO 
180^ The patlkutv pcnod i« Mppoied to tjL4: i.lic« 3 fb* bv^ 
bthrc tbe fint p«ricnMncfr of "TnluSe." Ninon. vho:tpal< 
tnicffettrd in the p«oductiuna invitn vevml of ber fricndfi uicn& 
pioy her W Uie theatre ; they .ire mfornkcd ih»l tbe repraettiiv 
hu been roabidden, And to pa^ ihe tunc a-ntf li i^ proposed q» p* 
a redul o^" llie piece. ^Vhen thi« U about 10 commence, >IoliU; 
TaxiTct the onkf of Ihe Kin^ pernaiitiiit^ tbc lUgc pcrfoftiJM 
The reciul b then elofed. ind (he aiocrnhlcJ visiton; ^cltf^ 1l<* 
the pK<c endi bJippily. iirid 10 the utitlaecion of at! panitt. 

"Lb ChambfE! di? Motiere,' t fncieil convinXy in one JCL,tf 
Btfie, Undet, «Rd Dofoniainc*, rqinucniod at ibc Thdotdl 
Vaudeville in 1^3, ia m^re^j a ficEiliou« ftod ainusLng foatURdi 
the biTth]ihtc of the jieal drsnuHaL The plot of the ikeicb »" 
folloh^. The room nrhtfein he was horn it oeciipdccl by I !»*, 
Kulptoi, ^'ho bu ju&i 6ni«htcl a bust o{ MoVthre. The scdpW 
ftlto in \9VK vrith a ycmng bdy named .^^athc, but her bi«iba 
hbrcuitt ^;f <>;jniie ojicrjis, wiihei hcf lo tanrf fin Italian enmpSKi 

Andrieui'a couicdj, " MoliJic avec vet Amici, ou U 
d'Auteuil," the third ind indispuMbly the bett dnnucic vmiW 
Loui^ Rjtcine^ anecdoif^ was rcptcwnted at ibc Tbcilfe F«a( 
in iSo*' The plot is alaiost iimibr lo that of the previmii 
duciions already nDlif>:d Amiandc Bi^jait i&, however, inirodt 
ftS one of die pfincipjl chararicre, and there h a touch^qf 
between Molihe and his rcrurv wife. 

" Le Voyage dc Chimbord^ ou Ix Voile de h premiere ffj 
Ulion du Bourgeois GentiDiomme,"* a c:omcdj in one att m^ 
ratiii<v'iUt> by Dafonlwne* and Henri Dupin. vns pcrfomoJ ft^i 
fint limt in public at ihe ITufitrc du Vaudeville on JuTy it. il 
The inddenU, ^hich arc puidy jma^nary. axe vjppo«d ID 
place at a vilbRC iun in the neighbourhood of ChaiabOTd. 

"A bos Holitre," a comedy in one ntt, -v//^ di nmAtA 
Cho/el, Metk, and ncseurts, wa» rcpn^nted at the TMAOV' 
V*ri^t*5s on Auguit a 1, 1 Soi; This pit-tx- was hiucd off lb» *, 
It is not, however, withom uieiit, uoi withstanding the aeroeja**^! 
Tem.-ifks on ceriain persons who flomished in ihe outypui rf*i 
century, which the authors iheTn±clve& sifLeiwaids fidtoovle^*^ 
too aairaonious. 

L'OrigiDoI dc Pomcoaugnac/' a comedy by Dumenan, tt- 
Bicd XI the Thi^Jttc do Vjitidrvlllc on Februujr sa, iSi6, b 
cd more Of leu upon iomc iircnc!i of the " l^ouffriLignaf," the 
Adv IcDAjJtinaiic/' jind Moli^rc'it mainmonml iqimbblci vilh 
lit; Tlic luihor hu tnifodiLccd uuo Iho ACiion 1^ ChApellt:, 
'otfl, M. Pui^^cin, ;Ln ciigm^l fiersun nfimcd SotlignAc^ uiA, 
Uly, ihc di^tmiiiiihlicd. a/id (inli3|ipy coujjIc 

be *a»ic aulb'JT — TJumetun— wrulc duiiny ihe s^nic year, l«ri> 
pbyi founder J upvn lltfr |:rt';it dr^rnali^l ^ lifij^, f::tilJlttd rtr&pec- 
"Moliin; Jidot"* " and "Molitrc el Its MalecLnsH*' iTiP 
a vjudevillc, whicU ih iiivnt[oni.'d in thi; r;it;iiogutf uf iti^' 
M den AuLrurt DMi[iLiti>[u<.%"v^'^i Jccurdmg (osi>rnc (hc^ilfic^ll 
baiL. rcpic^CtiErd Jit a minci prot-jnddl ch^Lrc; And th? other, 
fol), iftci bnng offned lu nrvcral nianagi^rs, was, for some un* 
ned reason, finally withdrawn jnd dcitroytd by tlic author. 
Srinon, MoUtic, ct Tartuflc," a comedy in one a-Ct and Vefir, 
etui StmoQ, wiu tcpreicntcd ;il rh? Th«dUc du Vaudeville on 

5, ]8i6. It Lc anodter dran>uiic vcndon of Ehe anGcdotc of 
n porfonnani^c of thai lamotis ntire on the CantwclU gf the 
IWnlh century, and (lie auUlancc Molicrt^ received from Ninon 
1o« and hat frlcndi. 

unnp thi.- vln(«r 4Ci«on of tSio-ji, n ^ucce.'isrul comedy culled 
Boclo'ud Bonnt-Nouwilc," by Sofibu und somt- olhcr weU- 
nbtttlWW f^^irgotten drain^lists. »:t6 itijimn^ ui ihc Gyninase 
tre. Th« Jv//aJvrr;/rHn wiote ei^ptt^&^ty for ihn annUcrbury of 
nr^binh,in January, iS^i^a^unofupilo^iie, andiEicchancters 
luced «c Tricot, ihc comic persanageof the pitci:, and a taiVier 
d English noblcmnn. After 3 dialague of tumc duration cKe 

chifiges and diaclosei ihe interior of a temple, ai ihc end of 
■ it stcn the bwi of Moli^re pbced on a pedesinl. Tricot, ihe 
ih nobleman, and Ehc other ch^iacier^ who took part in the 
Uerard Bonnc-Kouvclle," then come forward and crown the 
)f th« ^cnl dramatist vilh laurels, 

Molittc dans ion M^Jnagc" a comtdy in one act and in prose, 
Audcl and Juiitin Gi^nsoul, wa^ repri^senled at the Thi^Ue 
^ in jSj?, It introduceB Molil-rc iit honie surrounded by the 
im of hifi own tamily* 

I the next oomedy, however, we find ^Toli^re in his proper 
»— the thcatn:- The comedy, which is entitled '* Molitre au 
iir;" is by the once veH-known dramatists, BaiUard and 
Cd, ai»i it wrk£ represented at L'Od^on in tSf 4- The ailment 

UHiewi, During MoHirc'a sojourn at Versailles, &omc ot \\\c 

'■ pradnl jfiMMtav, fc" ****^ ihc Bctor led dif i f* 

wnrtMnB haT ifMU Mi ihjiiiiii nrirr ■g|nrntiifMH WM% ilM i^r r 
4rf Ui GOspvy , obMtt Ike &tfaer'« cnwM to dnrnM^'' 
give* tbcv hn Nniinj BoBm ihcti phcet Aopra ^Inn^* 
Moite'thchd.iodndM: Cttt It tmfmi St Im F^mmr. 

«^-koo«ii KtQTt na ItiU proiSiKt^ M lOd^cxi, ca Juiaary 15. 1^ 
and reproduced loa* jitan lata at ^ Tb^Uie FanfU, od Jinti> 
ttj3, Uolib«<i«vTvtItd«^thlui«ire,«adlbet«tondliau^ 
is brouB^ aboot by tbc inloreaikm of tbctr fiicndt. La Cti'^ ' 
and La Fonuine. foneslhe grousdnofk of the pIoL 

■-fUdoc cb« Comeiil*^ o* »* Ltctute dt PtycM," a «c«^ 
in OQc act ind in vrrse, bj BTulclxear-Letwiiaft, [ic<<brm«d f*» 
fim liroc in public ot iheThfiiire des Ans, of KgticD.unltw^ 
i%t%w i> ft f''^* ^* drtcmfawt or more than utual iotefOC 1^ 
action U supposed u) Oke place in the yi:>r 1670, at the Ptf** 
re^idcnci: of the two CotntiUts. and Molitrc i« unc of ihc pow^P 
charjitti^v. The plot deals with ihe praducdon of Aj**'' '^ 
waiordcrtd by Louis XIV. 10 be wriuen in eight days. TNc**** 
CoDicille tomes to the lewuc, and Molifere is EUisAed. The *^ 
ncM of Racine's ch&racier, un the other hand, is depicted in|*^ 
and ditert terms which far exceed the stiicineas of inith. 

" Moliire/' a comedy in one act and in verec by Fran^ DJl^Ti 
was TCpretcntcd al the Th^iue Frin^^ak tn I^nuary iSil ^ 
i.arlicubf period ift supposed to wke jibce on ihc tvt of the*** 
vcr«r/ of the great draraotisi^s binb, Tht^ prirfcCijal ptrsowgrl* 
inanW^' of li inovmcinl theatre and his jtunt pnmirr^ arc anwpj 
fh« programtnc lot Lhe (oUo*ing cvcnjng. Thi* gi^^ fiie w » 

Molt in on tAf Sfagc. 


xSacLion of a crowd of ociors and actresses, who, with the soli- 
cicrpeion of a iinglc individuAl who renders thinks lo Geurj;^ 
din for having pfcscrr«d himfroma WnfVia'ff, arc by nij means 
Ifccv of >foli^rv and hU ^rorkt. The ccntor of Harpogon is & 
tr, md thai of Tinuffc x hypocrite. The porirjil of Artinoc is 
criticiwd by >» ancient gi^dy 3ctrc»p£« ^nd Che ^retttde t^iptt/U of 
Uicatro ia very indigmm on hearing the <\>nip,iriRon); bcii^cn 
EDbne arid hcncir 'Ilic piece concludes with tiie coronation of 

"Lc Maiia^dc Mditrc. oii Ic M»nif:iu dc TnrlLiffc," a comedy 
hrecicts. b^ t'- Ctrnicr, uus published at Lirons in 1828, but 
kv Kprc9CDi«d on the via^c. The greater part oE the piece is 
ided on CoWoni's play, but the author presented hi> fcIloW' 
umen ail the dcr^ct^ of the cekbriited IiaUun'i ^gik wuhout a 
Ic qtodtnen of its beiuties. 

"Eironchez Molibre;" a comedy in one ar.t ond in ptnt^ by 
ilogcris of Bruges was performed for ihe f^rtt litnc m public ni 
TMitrc dc Bruxdlcs on October 9, iSj^^ It is founded upon 
HbN^« adopted son's unha[>py posuon for his wlA:. 
I)umeran's "Men de Moli^rc," performed ac I'Od^nn on 
wrorr >o, iSj<>. is simply a collection of aII ihe mcidcnit of 
l*^ci \a^\ niomenis related in Taschercfiu's hiogmphy, which nre 
no nie?n% dcMerousLy put lOEclher. The mos! suceesiirid jiortion 
be work are some eharac^teristLC and grnccfui lyrict* 
T^e neu piece, eniilled ■■ La Vie de Moli^re," b^^ Oupc'Uty ard 
CMie Arofo, rcprweried m ibe 'I'hdAire du Vaudeville Jn January, 
U, it another eurious ntiempl to Jnterc*: Kpcciacors by s^ mere 
nl presentment of a few pnget of bjatory^ Mrjlii^rc having cuu^ht 

ftifcction of wishing to become an actor, runs ii^ay from thft 
ci>of| and joiTitL Ji riifubUnn compariy cif cotncdiana- He 
;ntl]r falls in love for ibe iW«t timc^ HU plans in that 
howtver. are fruMratcd by a scheming pncat, who ileab 

mmrcfs and confines her in a con^^eni* .IfLer this [here arc 
Vral »oencs which depict hloti^rc's qujrret wtih MoinHvury, the 
hippy marria^ij vllb Aitmndc; IUjari« and the jnkrdiction of the 
1 fcrformanoe of "Tartufl'tt" Souie diamaiic tm^e is mipartfd 
the laic scene, when Moli^re ex[nre£, after ^1 rqirvALintuiion of the 
llhde ImoginairCt" in the Arms of x sister uf thariiy, ^\honL lie 
W^niso as (he o^ect of bis ftist Iots. 

"L'AnniTersairc de b Naistjnce de Motitre/" an ti fr^f&s in one 
t md Tcne» by VioEIet d'Lpsgn^, ri!pTi'ien:t!d ac the Th&Ure 
USUI Kt Jaouary, i337i contains nothirj^ that entito it to t&ueti 


cr ite triib be ci|<tia 
flf Anitnrtr vick Ekknur. vhidt » ^ 

MipMkmk ioB>f4 dttcmintt 1*1 

avaj b9 loa boa «o dw^BiiBii ta bicnidcr. TUs is the dH 

ifaekmn. 11k Bamiie b «i»ac«^ boi they h»« dw hifp 

ntbcT thr uiiMpp«iim Ki fttn shv mMt m jAir^-mi^ mdj 

,t[Tcl NtAoA now recoeiiatt that miini ii a flii 

-,1. <A» tonMTHc^ irith ihe rccol1ectioQ» of Ibc fonoef : 

'i .'rfvbridc^ llncit? SinontWhohia bccncnliglucncd, 

iJl !:denc«, and l»» made up her mind never to timry 

Mffiiire tm ihe Stage. 


And a /9/1 toT'&Ikr whom she con love . , . ktnt quUlU k 

Q Fcmct's Jind Colombo comedy, " Un Amour dc Molitrc," 
med at the Ambigu in iSaS, the ^rcu <Jrainjitiat is auppoaed 
! slill the proprietor of a batitique ds /nfissiW at the snmc EJmc 
he la irfiiing '• Vi\cQ\c dw Fcmmca." He is visiicd by Saint- 
noiu aJid Fouquci, who tccma to have come expressly for the 
Qse of malting fun of him. A great pari of the phy nbo desaib» 
hn'i love and matrimonial difficulties with Amiandc Bi^ian, who 
faluatcd wilh the silly pride of exciting her husband's jealoviay, 
jui^iiuing the character of A woman of gnllanEry- 
UphooK Detcy** cnmedy, "MoliJjfie ct son Tartuffc," whifh wm 
ithed m i!^J9> hiil never performed on Ihc ^iagc, sccin<i I0 be 
(kd upon Goldoni's maaierpiece. Tht lanjjuagc, hoivever, 
^ seldom polled into cl^Tii^ical cle^nce, is ndapled wjth grrat 
irictTto Ihc manner and scntimcnrt of the rcsjjedivc charBcTcn- 
\ (omrdy, rntidcd " Molitrc chcr. IjC Baibicr la. VfyhiaK.^ by 
pteient miter, however, has been unible to gather any furihcr 
nvution conoeroing it» probable representition or publicaiion. 
'*Mobtrc AppTtnti Tipiaicr/' a comedy in one act and proiipj 
k it ikant, by >. VMIct, repicwntcd at Ihe ThfcUre dii liynuiftAc 
VLliEk un JaDLiJiiy 16, 1840, ix veil planned and ha« no ].uk of 
dtnt*. The wlinic sttiry is ejilrcmdy enlcrtninrng, the characters 
Ti^roualy diawn, and an air of foraflncc \\ skilfully Ihroivn over 
ttrty cpiHode's of Muhtre's liFe. 

"A Propos dc h Nai«ance dc Mobt re/' three scenes m verac, 
InoTl^t d'Epagny, was rcpre^f nied at I'Od^on in Jjinuary 1841, 
like ihe «ort nbendy nien1Joni?d by the same author, it \i ex- 
ncly ddl *nil uiuntcroiing, 

^We EUc many cntertadntnK incidenti in Chorlci D«snoyer nnd 
5^ Labitt\ eo^ncdy in four acts. "La Vie d'nn Com^dien/' 
Talented a I TOdton on December ^3, 1S41. It is one of the 
U complete dra.matlc versions of Moli^re's life from a biogniphjcal 
W o( view. 

^e iction of the next comedy laket place during thcr reheartalie 
^ Aie lirkt {.'dformance of Ma]ien:*s "Le Dour^cois Oentilhonime " 
CUmbord i" the month of tjccober 1(170, "Mohfeie k Cbam- 
4/* by Auguste Delpoiles* the comedy in queAlion, is in four acts, 
•*»*repreMn['jd at TOd^on [n January 184 j. One of the most 
e><Kiag fccnee m ihe &upper tn tUe-ih-UU with Louis XIV., which 
^ittndcd upon anftnecdote rehL^dm Madame de Genlls's mcY^o;^^. 




- Ltlvfafe 6e W^ 
bcca (ciffEi* 
vbtf Sole «ccc» ikep«! 
«ttb w tmmg to ite cfan «C dw ffa|«i% Uflc. AipB 
■ttd IL Gov. um! U. lUOttd, vbo ot^ol U>c r^^ 
Ii tfolr ivnmd VKO pedacsuius. 
%m ibe o^CAlac oT UAj^l coMrty ■'te Quixuc Jurnr. «i 
Coirtigm d rxnasMt* T cp| ^CJ) ^ ^ d a« FCWoa tR 1847. NM^— -' 

faetfegoibdw: Tb(6ieDdftuidc«aradaor U>oi;TriL _ 
cnolCMl far thr hononr ; te enKdin Legnacc maam U> bt,^ 
PitoBrl abov nid Lt TlMdiibc^ lad Dopnc, a&d Bona. mA U, 
Chi|idle! UoU^rcbatbbvk^cBd. At lo^ bo«vKt, br 
^^ttct 10 Tbeok dtj^mcr tm r^mfdk ; the one «Im> dnpUfi the 
si; 3od pii\i the best «9 be endtkd to act ^ spoosor ; thq 
ibdr rtspntiTc pftftt : KATpogn, Tmufflp, Don Jtcui. AIa«>c. 
C^tBtQc llorragoo b t ram to t a c d tnio a fnodd of coh£V^ 
Dcm Juan ti a nrtoom and rdigiflu iMd ; Akoi^c ad<n«S all hvs^, 
bcingi ttithout distitviicn ; C^lim^iK la do mure A tv^atUi 
and TaHnflc is the mfsc opcn-mi&dMl and brti t>F men. Mo£bc 
about to DQtBirAfc ihc rcprev ntattT« nF Tattu^c as the f^Itlhtf 
hh tltild, «hcn 3n officer of the ICiii^ amines from VcmiftS- 
bfingi a roc^s:igr announcing that the King mil «dca Oir 
fallici of tbr child, and (he godlaAer h hiimclf, Louu XIV , 
//ari^^ ia/ar/ All Ihc candidate withdraw from tht <ffMlt 
heating ihu, Eind with grrat cnihuiijim cry ; " VJyd le Roi I* 

Madame Gcorj^ Sand's prolo£iTC in vent, **Ia! Roi Afltfit' 
ffriucn exprctsly for ihc opening of the TTufititr dc la R^puUiq^^ 
April 6, 1K48, ii .-v sort of imilaiion of " l.'InijKuinptu de Vervl^' 
On ihe lisiiijj of ihc cunam, MolAre » di8c;v^Yitd it* bs kB* 

Aft}/i^rc CH the Sia^. 


png\ broken down vith illncu ftnd «trrow, md hird at work on 
s« phy for tbc Court ihcf^triCAls. Without the good -ncitu tod La 
^fspl^asftmricA, life accms 10 liim but a ttrcsoino tujcI. Af^tr having 

• toiij; tjino cndctvoutcd to tuuttio thi.^ ofTt-ndcd vaniiy of certain 
h-bom pcno□afC^ and und^isoing ihc uovcrer monificalion 0^ 
■nbg to insuUing TcmarLi from hi> ow-n coUcaguci, MoU^re 
•ivanicccKiTC mc«aagci from ihc Court announcing that " \c roi 
ftCIcadrCi qu'il attend, qu'il a aitendu " 1 The poor great iJrnmatiai, 
Ois wiiedio a powurc of profound ihouehi, luddceily give* way to 
B^and faititi away^ A thick cloud pa^cs over the ita^cvand 
n\ tftcr a Kccne opens m ihc back, and divloacs, as if in a vidon, 
i loddcK of poetry surrounded hy .^5c■ily]^SJ Sophocles, and 
ktjpida, NyfnboliiLng the ancient worfd; Eind Shakc^pcaro, Vol^ 
tiand Bcaumafch:]LK nymboli^mg the modern world, Ihcy cn- 
utifc him 10 proceed with his work. The thicli: clouds dlsappcnt 
^ Uoh^fC ftkv.ikcn- 1ji Kor^l then comci) in, and sfiya n^nm thai 
Ant aticna " ; but, thii tLmCi Lt ts nat '* Ic roi ii in.intcau tlcur-dc- 
4,4 prtTu^uc en folio,' t^ho is impalicnt; it h "nn roi plus 

fcl ct plus formidable encore, Ic pcuple dc 1S48 ! " 
quulon and Saint Yves, the authorrt of a comedy •' Lc Protigd 
! UdU^* rcpTcunt^d at I'Od^on in 184S, doacly adhered to the 
>ditioMLl aiory of how Raelnc r.inic 10 Fflria without moncyj bui 
** tragedy in bis pocket, eirnl introduced himsetf to Molicrc, 
^iiitti comic dramatifi, ^Lccoiding 10 the BLory, advised young 
^^ to burn his itogcdy And ivriic a new onCn Th:K advice was 
"owed, and Molitrc advanced the young man ilic turn of one 
:d louia, La Forct and mo jealous poet?i, named Tcspcclivcly 
and Corcu, arc aUo introduced m " Lc I'roieg^," and are 
interoi lo create attention. 
IC Gcor(rei Sand^ cnmcdj-, *' MoUtrc/' like r.oldoni's 
■ou* masterpfcee, hai been tranal^ilcd mto moat linropean 
"(lUigeaf and cnjoyn an ciilcriiivc reputation among pet<ion« of 
^Itne. IhiU notwithirtandrng iia undoublcrl liTcrary merit, (I onTy 
*evtd A iK/ih d'titimt on the i:frca!iiiiu of ils pnjduclion at Ibt 
^^ Thcaiti: in 18511 and has long since disappeared from the 
^trtcil repertoires. The first Act opr:n^ in a picturesque 
^aiainoiu country, with pines and rocks. Molitre, the various 
^fceri of his company , and some other travellers are making a 
^ ; iIlc horcc:* nre unhArnctaed and ihc doth 19 iatd on the gra^a. 
^iW the atecmblcd compiiny of slTOlling playcra are makinj; 
^ over thcit cakci and wincSf :in unknown travcllrr, findinj; 

* doih groar;ing under champagne, burgundy, and p^tatmda ol 



trad coquetiy. The ***"'*'*' of Ac in ft erdktk Mi aad 
peiHanaiicc of "TartoBe* is i n tro du ced, And awa§^ *^ff* 
tt^Aa €M tpecta£Of fc« tlie a>d>>w» ocoaooed tqr %. prsi [B^- '^ 
tbepvettdi^ action Inibe test act Mabfere Im al» tooai^ 

h3t Bdofited Kio, BinxL Tbc cnii^ parties bate didr Mki^ 

'^r fiilniBMin linMWii,>iiTtr iW v?vii jokI >htftcr<4 the t*^ 

MoHlre Qn th€ Sta^s~ 

ay I 

[olibrc. and bfnplfll ^boitly ifiet a rcpicKcnUtioE^ of " Lc Malade 
pnufc,'* fn ihe preMincc of hit wife, fAmiiy, And ihc variout 
OM|tfl MgaiSKl in lfa« aciioQ of thu di^niL 
tfiich*cre»hu nlwAy^ been bid by biogrAphcrt and dramMic 
irUn« on Moliti^'4 viiii lo Vicnne (the Roman rJrAnu, find un^ 
ic MthciE hcHU i>i ChiiHlLjLnt[.y in l-'unrc) in 16^1, And il h 
lOlcd ihai it itib ait Iht^ old ajiiI ^Lill i^xitUtig tlii^aLrt: ihat ihc 

budding plafHrifclit first iiUraJuc^d hii c^aHithl eujnecjici^- This 
inuLAitcc bvB Ijtren nude t^e subject of 4 chvminn; hILlo fi fn'ftos 
^)^MId, wfia ^tu aluj a native Qf Yi^jme. Fun«ani rcvi^itcj liis 
irt town in (he auluranof jSji. for Iht jjurposv of supirrint'jiiding 
poducttoQ of hi* pociicui pby* "Horace et Lydic," ;it llie 
at, ihc Kcnc cf Molitcci cirly iriuniph*. During his lojoum 
t| he was aikcd by the manager to wrilc a Icirr tU ritfeau in 
wr of hit return. Ponsjord, wlii^ wos by no lucans ibo inoit 
Jmilcr in the tvoild. uu M Ake mthei at 1o^ for a lubjecl. 

manjfler ftuggcitcd ^lolitriN and in eight days '^Molitre ^ 
mc" vaa siltejUy wntten, rehtaibed, successfully produci:;d, and 
ined in aU ihu provirdnil and Piiriki.m newspaptis. In the 
ling there U ;i between Muh'ta- mid iin enHy iJairan» 
Cointe de Mau^iron, who dulivcn 4 prophetic decliuaiion of tho 
c the ihirn obcojre young play &r would acr|uire ns a draiiialiBt. 
I pJotremiiidLi utiifof MoHtr^'e t^arly fafCL'S, Munuieur Dimanchei 
wJthy elolh meTchani. a de»ir<;nift uf ina-riying his daughter 
i^JicjUtf Ui a young tnu,n nuttt-d Clyitteiion, ihe «on of an apotlie- 

of Vjenne. Mile. An^^liciue, whv 1% of a loiiianlic turn, cor* 
lydetCTit the young chctniat, and has a sincere admiiatiun for 
WE BcUcgordc, one of the moil hand^umu incn in the barracks 
in^ Mot&re*s sojourn in the town the young lady frequently visiu; 
IhtitTc. And being convinced of her father's undti[; severity, otdls 
b Holi^rc. confides her troubles, :tnd ask& for his adviL:e Jtnd pro- 
ion. Moh^rc soon [lerccives thai the young peace of mind 
euly be rcatOTeJ by ^curmg her happiness with the man she 
tt tad through his good ot^ccs her Ihtte a^air is successfully 

tl Happsly* younfi Clystcrion is nol a very dillicolL customer 
nlih. His greatest ambition is to create some gens^tion as 
b«ra of an advcmurous /iats&ii with a lady of title. Molitre 
*hcw Ica/ni the secret, and charges Du^Kirc and Armande Bi^jari 

I iht rnission of imposing upon the simpleton. After some of the 

II didkulcics, Duparc succeeds in obtaining an interview with 
ncrioTLf ftnd lelU him that a beautiful baroness is desperately in 
^viihhitn- Aimandc makes up fl^ the baroness. At mg)\i \h^ con- 


-M^Oroi )Himc.' s CBMdj la ooe mi. far AW 1^^ 
r*fiKiMia&«Ae Gnad TKrutt of A wgDn i tM e ott Ktwisdetit- 

d«fiicttll«jlibe«aaRdbT w Mc tD we , Md daoocd 10 ■tAnT^ 
pnd«Mi»vivUftlniaT«:i*c^ Thvpby win U AMwdlnthcf* 
^tihmt of tlw ** TMtrc ct PcMe d'Abd Jukn«^* 

Mol'^fc *nd hk tfetfacr* JoQ Poqwlio, «U) be toamd \a IkS*^ 
ciMiactcn cf * lA Jmncnc de Lmut XIV.'' a cottcdr m 'i*' "^ 

Liad irto«. H Aknfidre I^nax Ii was fim pcr^nsd ** 
V*vAevi»cni*»mrf Br«»«U. on Jittiiify j^ iS56.*nd«»>B^ 
Mirch 14, 1874, *Ti>»sofocJudicUpu*»liafttion* and rc^mocabjih 
vounger Dumixi. T^c incidents arc lUppoKcd to like }^^ 
Vlnwnnei on Stpt^mhcr 25, a6, iGs»- 
"l^ SonKc <Ac Molitre/' a coitwdy in one act. by Hippwf 
MifiiM, »iLi fiFNt ^H-itormcd ,it l\\K "ni^iuc Frant^aU of BonJctftl 
May tV iSST' 'l'^*^ '^*^*^ suffitiend^ tuggcstt ilw characuf i' 

Wading iiiiVijcct 

1,, ,j (iri./>o», •' U Qiiinw ]anviw," !i from ihc pen tf J 

Afoiih^ on tk^ Siag<. 273 

15, >S6o. The dramatit prrrffH'S contt»l of an 

> modern poet, arid MolitrfT bimwM, who h« rcviMtcd ihU 

IT to I«:irn how hi^ luarfssoM Ate behaving thtnisetvttm 

The linei ipok^n by the accfcii arc neat and cp» 

Eir. The poet, cm the othef h:ind, is ai ftm raihcr ill at ejse 

pre«ci>cc of MoliPie, who, J^ortcvcr, locn chccnand cneomage* 

litter lit'al- Thi: riilciLammcnc tutute^Ljeucjy condujJo ihiih 

!Mol<^Tc nuny haiijjy rciiirnD of ihc dfty. 
the vimc cicninH in J:inuary iA6oi, the maixaj^nicnl uf 
n prckduecd a eomcdy entitled '"ta P^Lc dc MoLicie," by 
caift MoTtiQ, I'hc auihcir in Ihfii piin^c haii rcttiMciiakd 
Main of the " BoLJi^oisCienMllionitiic-" I'hih time, however, 
IN trauMeci ^irli vitions of nnhiLly anil R.ilhntry, anil hfti no 

rhr ifklrodiirrd Topcisone otqtr-i!ily -.^^ 

f D« ii'«im«r qvun iffn] liominr— iir *«ul hoRi^hc. MoLi^re- 
ftnhy nM man in a\%o (he fortunate owner nf Xwt claiming 
^n, whom he has renamed Henrn.-lta and [«hcHe, in honour 
" KeEnrnv** Savanitt" ar»d " 1/Ecolc dei Marii." Hi* servant 
td ihe ubjett of his occaiiotiaT wrath, now amwL-n to tlic call of 
i The i^iiva^y of this ccccntrk family ■» wmewhat disiuibcd 
jippeafance of tno budding young dntnLaifiiv. Every po^iblc 
fnce isthown u> ihcm, but wlien both i-ubt-ci^ucntly demtxnd 
rm^c (he fair d^nghteii of the house, ihc faihcr U very 
^t. The young men, hoffc^'ei, are determined la venture all 
|i ptKicuJon of the old nian's darlin^^i. To promote thi« 
, Ihey seek ihc aiuifctance of Dorine. " Man mall re/* she s^iySf 
te autre manic, IlT de dt»\ 1 U vcul cnirer h I'Acadifmie 
|iie? Kon, \ I'Acadi^naie ^^AuteiiM-*' The .^nthon, hy a mo»t 
fcyoincidencCj are pef^c?naTfy acqiininfed M'ilh alt ihe members 
nriwrban Atatfrmie. an;!, unjor the pretext of i^iduting 
U&rn to »inii hi» iidheiion aux staiuh Jt fa diuU iumpn^mt, 
iueeved in obt^Lining hi!» much-coveEt:i] fij^nature oii Lwo 
p co'Tttratctk^ 

floli^rc i Nflntes." an a ^topoi hUtorit^ue in verse, and in tine 
d 1*0 scenes, by Marcel Briol, was reprc^enti'd at the Grand 
re of Naniea In Jamiaiy iSfij. It i» founded on incidrnw 
^ing MoUefe'i visit to the town with his ^tiolUng pbyen, nnd 
ire maiiy pleising passages in ihf; pjf ce. 
jtomcdy called "La Fite *le Moht-re," by the then young 
f ^ Adolphe Carcassonne^ was performed for the first time in 
AI ibc Oymnasc Theatre of M^rtcillc^t on JanuiTy i^, 1^^ 


TU C^MfUmmm's M^^mitmt, 

fW I Ji^ ■£! M pi^ 
»nd ofi Inc «■$:. B« i 
•p^cd to nottck CM^ 

The f iiwiL lij iQ ^oobn n 

15. Ktt). a«d t)w fofajM iiD 

i»dkqi^ ai tow mfa 4 vimfajr mn uod 

cooo^ to he ter Mba, «*4 at 

L« Foi^ ho* bcr Mia «*«* 

t^m^taodtnm the omt «i|«4 

TIm, bo«e*er, miIt m taitM 

^nd^ m opAcs 10 pme btf ibcat 


, UobfcfV «Aitq«ii4 

amd Mcittrr t« iiitrod«c«d «ithS4<' 

«l H«Avtv^ bivfK and oc%«lly cot^M *1> 

lafaA* ri—r Hi Big iMcnsttd binseV ca*^ 

dv pUy to ihc icon of^ 

tt tSii, ft fcv wobA* >fi«t tw tnniblfd ^. 
' kw the Pjatt Ccvid Open. 
Tta ywii ^luii rf * McRft^ k DotdeiuO 1 conxdr >» 
'Md^vcvM^lp^nifio^tc Mtnkf; reprcMotcd ai ibc 

of t^^i^jra^u oQ Obnitf^ 14, ■S65, w^tas tu bc fc 

^cs^ TVJoci 4e Bopfavu,* denin d»t Moliht 
V*^'^^ ■^■^'^^ ^ |>tfiwd at anr *!«■>» » tbc tovn. 
^^'^ *t*CTis Wftt, ««&«» wvcnl ianuKict of bif 
"•'■'** m % TnriifljrT l» <ian cDapouiioc, aiuik4 "£iA^ 

*JJ*** ■* *^Cfcdic* «B JiiMMj ts. 1864. iclMtt an uiddetil a* *« 
?|?****fl«m^ oah niliiiid li b taead«d 10 sen? >« • 

Moliirf on the Stag€. 275 

inddcntftof Molifcre's life seem to bave been » 
nmatic purposes thai M, FournicFi ilic author of 
fliti?,'' WAA reduced icr tuoli 6orc &truiu m to molcc 
Ihu conivnli of ihe gieat dramnlial'B twvclling bag, 
1 comedy in, *'La Valiw de Moliirrc/' and \\ waa 
pCoicMc Fran<;aise in January jS6S. The subject 
paiu^ of a c<im|ivi.ny of GLroUing pkycrs h;is found 
HiJcb MbliL-re lo^t on Ehc way nlEhout noticing it, 
I pTodum himself a& the author of the crhnifnia, 
Ecly fcjr lum«:If, (he rta! author, accompanied b)' his 
KS on Ihc scene. J^1ol]^^e cloim^ hi^ own property, 
BonEroveray between the iham nnd rt^I AUthor^i The 
irriLy alt round- 

I de Moli^rc," a comedy In one act, by M. PftuI 
M to the Coiutklie Fran^aJbC and read befori; the 
an November ir, iS&f). Thiit aii^uat body, how* 
rejected the play, and ihc author publbhcd hi> 

lint-Jofteph," an J pr^pci \V[ one »ict and in verse, 
was first perfftrincd at Ihc AlhnmbTci The;ilre 
Temple) on January 17, 12^71. Jt attrorlcd little 
lime, on wreounf of The Franro-Germnn war and 
iM. Tlie work, however, ftos revived during the 
187^1 wtih hciiet re^ultK. Since (hen ihc author 
Apcthii^ir^ and [hi:; work in us [>rescnt shape has 

el more than ^fty perfoimances in Pari9 alone, 
of M. Albert GLitigny's prologue **Lc Compli* 
Tai rud^oii on Jrinu^iry 15, iS;ii, is now chiefly 
>n historical pojnt of view a^ buing the Hrst ^ propos 
nmatist introdnofd at a fltatC'Sui^ported Parisian 
liill of the Second l-lmpire. The work, however, is 
I3 and it has been reproduced at sCTcral I-rench 

Aubryei's ''U Doctear Molitre." or '^.Molifcre 

IJcdy in one act ^nd \v\ verse, wa?i represented at 
7, 1^73^ The greater pnri of the incidents seems 
ffi Melesvillc** " SuHivan/' one of a long seiies of 
E by Thfophde Gautier ru '* the everlasting story of 
BT Kc»n cujjng »oinc fmoh^h px\ of a pasaion for 
F exhibiting (hcmsdvcs in private life undtr the mo5t 
6ns": the only drffL-rcncc m ihc present case being 
di»gULScd a» a doctor, undciiakes iVi? v^^ 

I actor, di> 


Jx:7i:Jt- man's yiagazim. 

vd-i.-i r:\-ai, T>.e two yoim^ p-eop'ie a:e 

■.^ .'.,:j -^'^r^> :j b<; r_o obsrade :o '.lie unica 

11" :t .:? Ar-Li :i^:s^;rlv unc^e t:.;r:iti hunicl: t^ 

rr^ine:-' -/rt:t*:ncs hir/.^elf ir.d se"^ aV.ii^lit. 

_ _. ' L ir;i:r.j. :n :"i;ur acis ar.^ s:x <ceDf4.tfl' 

■ ',1 .'■ -'L :■€. E^'.-r.vl^:. U.ii' iburdec of -.^t 

. . - ' ,^v - r, : * - -, Tbii aM:b:r :-:rod^ce* ittu 

_.:■.,'-': \".\i'^\i r:ev-7 _\yyt:lr?. The 5:o:j, 
^ -- . :■ : ■^.:;:_- :::i; viri.ii* rO'-;r..I; jTid IUt:^ 

"- - ."■ "--^r .: '.iro j^.-^;r. id-S. 

-' - r . - ;.i- :.xry :^-^ v:^;' c:^ 
. , - -_. ..-^ .- .. ^ . Mj^ 

- '■-* 

. . ir - 

Moii^rc Oh tke Stage, 


hthing in common ni;)i th« Tamous anecdote rekied by 
c. Theabthors have con lentt^il tbenudve« with thowlag 
u home, listening; lo ibe inrdCuatiuns of a young man 
and, (he son uf a Uwycr. itho wanit to become an actor 

morty a prvLty youn^; dctri^sst ^Tarauc Dcaupril. The 
, however, tulifcijuemly quiu ihc: ha^c, and marriei 
ncicf. AtiDind then, lo the ationlshmcni of Moli^tc, 
he idc-J of becoming ;in Jiccor, 1^ Forci. however, like 
\ wcms LO have been m-^rc of the tcAl fticis of the caic 

rcccIvc<J liil early educniion, narrow or libera^ at n free 
'the worthy tchoolmasicr, ti> whom lie was "lumcdovcr " 

we have no ^eur^Lc bfonnaiion- lEui M, d'HervilLy^ in 
ntillvd *'Lt; MatiUlcf." rq'rttcniii-d Ml I'Od<^on in January 
vins»onic li&]£nip1ieia v^ ho could hi*.9t h;itt no means of 
( iha inilh, iionourt a cctiain *";cotges Tind wiih ihiii 
MoU^re'b fuihcr, l)jmkm]f the dj;imatie i^ro^^Jon dia- 
' U> hia family, \W\n the wt^rtliy jjcdai^Of^ue, and inducer 
inwUi]« foTmer fiU[iLL on llic |>crnkJous IjTuhe U pursuing, 
tff Po4UtOin -Ehat \% Eo^ay, Molii.'ru— also ^ays a \x^\\ lo 

blend. But ii \^ not with ih^ object of bcinij convijited ; 
1 1 recruit. H« is in »e-'Lidi of a ounf^enial rvpresentative 
nl, and Gcor^ELb V\i\<\ fulfils £ill ihe ni-cess^ry condUiontf. 
luectiii- BchoolmiLilcr lo a*:c:ept an engagement, that Ui the 
William funhef pirlcy, Molitfe rehtcs an adventure he 
iJa companions clovic by the roadtide inn ai Atiieuil. 

a ciuwd of comediEHU ruah in, and furihcf c^<:ice Pinel*s 
►'ifh 50 bcwitchingan culogyof thcplcasures of ia vie tft 
trlifc. When old Poquclin comes into learn ihercsullsof 
*'*^''5 nejEotiations helinJs ia-o comedians instead of one. 
i»*ip evening in January iSj% two other Mo/Hrfs^ui 
■Crir bI^o given at the Parisian iheaucs^ " Lc ISnrbicr dc 
**Ar, Kmtic Blenriont and \.<ion Vabde,ac ihc Com*^die 
; *' l.'l'litnielle Histoire," by M, Adidle Kj-randf at the 
^*»e Fran^ais, The action of the flm- mentioned takes 
^*y'*havinfi eaUblUhment of G(?ty, the doyen of the 
*^^oaB, and theic is some amusing goBsiiJ between 
^ "ihct briLtly cusiomtrs- 

<37S there was a question of producing at the 

f^e*, on the occasion of the anniveriaiyof Molitrc'a 

*> ooc act, called " Le Mariage d'Akttie/ ^y M, 



Tlu Gtn(Unta9t i Magatitu* 

Charlo JolieE, bui fioCTHchstanding the £ut that the 
ttnaounccii the postponement of the performance unci] the foDrrrtai 
year oning to in^umdent ichcaraaKthc piece hat nerci bece \p^ 
duced up Lo the present time. On the Aamc nomvcnjny, hoveicf. 
the more energetic maiuigcmcni of I'Odiron pfc]ic:ntcd ft cooudr 
cillcd "Le Mddedn de MoU^e«" by M. Roger. Id the play Molite 
'\k thovm to \y% broken down with aonow and illncat tu hif lod^iy^ 
And waiiirLg the return of his unfaiihful wife. 

A comedy in one act, called '* \fo)tf:rc ct 5toniopai%* by IL 
Fran^oiH Fahie, a prorc^ftor ai the Ljro^c »t Toulon, rcprwcriei 
at ihc novr dcTimct Trotftitmc Th^ltrc Fmn^aifl, was the onl^' tif 
work proJiicod in 1*ATi4 on the occ^^ion of the annivcr^uyof Molisc'i 
birth in 1(^79, Th« managtment of ihe Com<klte KrvD^uM 
l'OJ6oti having contented thcmHcWcv viih t«riTti1a of the ^reit 
matiuLB own conicdki a j^ung author. M. Benjamin rSfteai^ 
a comedy called ■" Mulitrc <n Voyfl^c," Cicprasly for TOdfonn bu: it 
wo? rejected on a<:count of ita |:reat loogth and aimoul entire 
of action. It iva^ however, KuhsequcmLypubliihedin ajim^ill ttiloat — i 
with anc^aayon Mi^litrc'* trouft arnhnSaitte. Thcaciionol M Fif«'^^ 
lirile rr/mcdy Likes place in M oh i^rc'i ;ipflTimenti,afcwhoQrnafte!lW^ 
first pcKormanecof*" Amphitryon, " ThcMoT^ui.^dr^M^lnt^^plnft^Tl^^ 
on purpose to ehastbe the tnsnlent aciflr and dmmAti^, ufto 
dared ro introdiiec on the st>ip^ himself, hjuwilej and l^ui* IIV - 
onto the miL^lt of liencTMl Thi-bain, Alcmfcnc, and Jupilfi. 
he soon firii-ls oui ihai Molitre, ns j husbJnd, H quite as much tol^^ 
pitiedns himself. The Marquis dcpacii iri belter humour than he a*-^ 

" L"n Soufwr chcr Molicrc," a scene in vcne, by M. AftC?* 
Nancy, mcmbrc ri^sidcnl and sccr<^tairC'adjoinf of the SociM Ac^' 
d^mique de TAiibc. will be found in ihc forty-third volumcoftt»' 
Society^ Proceedings. It is s^mp^y another ver^on of Ixiui^ RaoaC ^ 
anecdote of the m^jpcr at Autcuil. 

A pUy called" iXindin Vtng^,"hythc lnleM. Maic-Monuirr. r»* 
brought out at ticnevn in iSjfl^ The subject i» nujtgtstcd by lt>* 
unhapgjyiitaieofailairs in MoUtre'« hou&t^holj, but thouglt the cla»^ 
ler^ ate those nf his own ciTcle of frienU:^ -ind enemies, their acSo*** 
are due to the jnvenlrve powers of M, Matc-Mijnnicr. 

The p'ct of M. d'fiemHy's comedy, ^^ Pociuctin pfepe ei fWfc 
lepresrnlcd at lOdi^on in January 1880, is founded upon on iaoJO*' 
which escaped ihc aUenlionof aH Molicrc^ biographers, A fc"l«** 
ago M- M- Soidc discovered the bill of discharge, siRncd fcy 
ihc mathcmaiiciitn, who, bu'ing fLwaji; of the pecuniary dtitre«« 
Moh^re':; fatlier, reiorteiJ to a flrat;igem and wvcd du toUf ^ 

Afy/ihe oti ikt Stage, 179 

The matheiTialician, \\ wccm^ w<^nl 10 the old f*tfinstfr and 

hn pcnamma la pbcr lliif Mini of ta.oao Itvrri (about 

francs erf our money) m hii bu^incssj which was acctpied. 

M. Francois Coj^ite^ dramatic sketch* "Llmpromptti dc Vci- 

Miles,"' was written eiptc«ly to celebrate the two hundredlh 

ttftivemry of thr foundation of the Th&trc Kranqati in October 

18S0. The paiticular period of Ehrt |i1iiy iv thr incident which led 

to rhe opening- and the pnricipal chara^cn incroducc:d are Molitre, 

tAThonllitre. Er^eotiit, and Armande B^jart. 

The fint pcrfofmance of " Moliire chez Lui," 1 corned/ iv\ one 
*tt, by M- R Bondroij, a Jklgifln dramaiiM, took pKice at ihe <iyin» 
lUscTlicaiieof Uc^geoii Mateh 10, x&&t. On the ri^ng of Lhe 
*twtiin MUJtrc i% diicovcrpd IJ«tenmg to ihc compliainti, of young 
Baron, who ha* comr ro the rcsniulion to *^y good-bye " for ever." 
P^c joung man i^ dc*L[]cr--itc[y in love i*(th the grcnt dramatisri 
•ifc, and honours him {00 much In do him Jiny injury, ArmanJt\ 
hOw*ii«r, turn* the 1«ble^ and aceuiw the young man of attemi'ting 
to ^o3ui:e her Thu. of rovine, k^d^i U> a row tn ihc house, but, 
oi«-'itig(o the eficnt*of Iji IWt-nrjr, HoiIci«i, and the kind-hciiried 
Aiil»emnl Ijk For*E, a ^nrral recondliatton a soon arriinged 
it. bout /ny* Koircir maJaaif. 

Tffo duyi after ihe jirodurtion of M. Itondroil's cumedy m 

criterra.rnm?nt» tinder ihc pairona^^e of Victor Hugo, wai given at the 

V^TiA Uutcl ConiJaental in aid of 5omc charilable pnrpo*c, at which 

* cci&cdy by M- George* Berry, called *' Lorn* XIV ct Moliire," was 

^Hbrmc^. Thcdnmatic pcfsnnafl« o( rhis work, which yi\\ not 

'"f ftucceulut, were l<3t]« XIV,, Molitrc, and "la Muse dc 

The brc llcir Cwl Guukow leetr^^ 10 have bren (he only 
'■Qcniin liiamaiJitl i*ho cvrr wiotc m\ oifftjnal pUy on MuifufL', The 
^^< in question ih a cumt^dy in live act*, railed " The Mcxlel of Tar- 
r5'^"'and it wjs nr»t pcTfoniicdal. l^jankroil-on-lhc-Main in jSSi, 
*wi coiae<Iy, if nul i-xattly a ina^k'ipiece, inyy be ^umnied up as a 
'^■liblc coniritiuiiun to the Muiii/rsi^ut diamaiic Jitcrature, 

'* Xxi pApilloIei," ^ f^iitf n'fufifie ,i hms ffnonrni^fx, by MM. 

^**«» Valadc and Jule* Truffer, first brought out at l^Odeon, 

J^'^Uri- IS, 1S83, ii a clever IJule dramatic frifle. lUutcroche, 

tft o4d lE^demjin pattionaEcly fond of jHictry, has couij/u^^d a 

"Ccimplinicm ■ on ibc occasion of Mohttc'i birthda>, Th^r young 

^1 of ihc piece, Hubert and M.idclcinc, actidenLally dtisiroy ihe 

^^ijii» Euanutkcriprt and the quc^lioii ihctefi^ie is how to replace iti 

^TLk itoik muA ooi be (?arouad*d wJib M^jJi^iea "Joipit^iDpni dc V«inaiUa;' 



-., "1.:: j :=r^ Z-" :>.i ic*: 'i:t :f ibe 
- -:_ ': ^_ T.r '-j_; :r:r:i:;:^: a -« 

Moliirt &H the Siage, 


Mi>r« rn Prixom," ftnd wus performed ftt the Com&^ic 
I The aaihor in thU comedy ^hotrs us Molitrc at ihc 
m> ihffC in iirison for fl debi owing to the mcrt^ham who 

tlli^Mr^ nUh candies. JJiit Ragucncai). iho pasuyro^k 
i-^ho »ub*cqufntly became a mcmbrr of .MoUtre's own 
impuky, ha« i^orn to save hU fAvounic poet- He ofTcrt 
dolhei, and proceeds to ttkc ofT his s^rments in <he 
IHe KViLrr Mi^cjiat. nho h^ (nllei^ ailocp, whrn <iuddenly 
in wiih A <jurion dropi frcim his r>r»ckvt, 
LtiTtftCiicnl of rOdton alif> |iroflvicc<l, on the ijxme evening 
ft. afomedjr cAllcd " I-i Trcmit-re du Misxnihiope," 
\\\\k Adertr and Afmnnd r|ihT3xm- The lUbjci^E i» 
Moli^Te t« married, anfl hrn wife, who hna just obtained 
in the paft of Ci^limtne, i« much sought flftcr hy the 
f'tuirhe nnd d<^ Richdieu. Moli^re is riLtioua, And 
[lo »i*paraic from hi^ wife Iji Chaju'llc, ho^vcverj liies Ig 
^th hust>nnd and wUc^ And Mjfrccd^ m persuading ihe 
*mcn ihju the wife of ihe ouLhor ol Ihe " Mtsanlhcopo " 
\\\n fit th^m. Armnnde then rotne?: bor.k to her hue* 
)rc» her niorc than tver. 
lile Moreau'i " Hrnlcsivihon," wrarcn eij*re*ily for Ihe 
BinivcTnafj ptrtormAnrc fll ihcComi-dic KMn^arseinJantiary 
apleasint^ny d^i^s^rtt. A comedian opens the ptoccr^din^a 
9Ranc^loi:j on Mohf'nr' in pompou* Ak-xjindriiic vcrxc. Ifc 
fw^trcT, micrruptcd hy an apoih<^cary» wh(i protcsta in the 
f hii cofponilion unjustly ndirulcd by the great drnmalist. 
p iW lo an ununng dialogue between the txvo [lemonagca : 
^^- VlctiranlpraiBcathcvsrtticsoflhe syringe and auribuirt 
ncc lo the pcMimism of the titmr*. The comedian, on the 
fl 'cpiicn ihot Mohire will alw.iyi \\t\\c the privilege of 
PP<c '•'i&h, and charges his opp^ment with ba'sc inEralJinde 
flS^isiftg that It wa* ihe^trwrf ratZ/fu/s Mlirira! wil which 
P ^^-"^ po^fcidjon and instnimcnt. The apoihec*»ty *ub- 
''^o«]^l2(<« aU ihii, fall* upon hii kneo, and humbly 
"<ion hefi^re ihe Uxivl flf ^:olit^eH 

^f"^* L'onii," .1 eomrdy in one act, by M, Alfred Copin, 

At rcMtfon on Janunry 15, iSS^, The aclinn takej 

'*>»! room ai the Ch/ircau dc I.cgran^e, near Fi*4*^nai, 

■■iticc dc Conli, /^twcmor of Uinfiviednc, i^ ihe hcjtt, 

Vcung nobleman named !3e CoTdaillon, ibe lively 

*^» and Madeline B*^j^jt, arc Ihe ino^t fiioniinciit 

■-•tia tic point of vie*. 

' - so. i^r. M 


-'^! - \* •' '. m^ 

t.^-: :?> 

"f . 'i, ■^ 

0?es:i :: •■ :-— ^^zz^ ±£- r=^ 

7. Lis— ^*«i:»ja4bJT i keensnsf 
1: -±e 'ruT'iiira of Jon Bi;(i« 

TliT, hr^-erer, is in genenl neBcco- 
i:e c^jlcri^ lively and well snpportri 
d 7^:» o:her addiuons to the lis t* 
■.:^:y:^tc w::h a Et:ige represcnuow = 
:. ^it-t Eiibier, and ^-Li LTitie 
rc:z- Ec:h ihese producikins lOT 
:i:r:0: c; Jar.iiary iSSa The seopd 
^^ Tayi s ^-^k; to Moli^e in i666» 
'jLni re^ds -Jie sketch of *-Atidto- 
r:r."t:itij h:m ;o entnist the put ci 
y C:m«n years of age. ll will ta 
^;L".rr of i singuUr anachronism b 
w::'- Ricice. I: should have b«n 

" Le \-i lie >L^l.t^, ' 2.-. „- /r.,*, -^ ;n one act and in vera, bj 
M. : "J: tiercel r_ ■™-::i T^rf^r^ed fo: ihe nret time in public ai tbt 
C,-™;-;.;: rri=:^5e :- Jir/ii-y 15- iSSS. There are only two 
;er*:-;^i^ T,:^..iri 1-1 D:r.r--. 1: fomevhac resembles Moli^i 
i-w- ::-"xi:zi- := iv.r.-s^s tf d^/.-eav^n and the mixture of tht 

: \". " L -r 

-. -"i v.^: ' 

'i, ■^ 

:.S '.-T L> 

r, li M^:;;: 

thc or.:: 

^H* .--r>. .-..-! r 

r. ,..c 

wiirtry *-'': ^i-r.i. :rir.s.i:c^ :r.;o 
ar.ce at :»e CL^::*.cd:e 1 :-r.^iiss. 

" Vr,e Co^liboraiion," was ffriiten 
■-,ver>j.:\' perfonnance at rOdtoa 
:. wb-^ is also a well-known actoT, 
c dra::ia::s:. Ii will, therefore, sur- 
i_ ^Cv:iT^rg to M. Lambert, is but 
h- a'^;hjr^h;p of -' Ps>'chci " is con- 
':;".y :r.:erwoven into his comedy 
:^r,e, " :he " Misanthrope," and th* 
s;:," tthich Comeillc dedicated to 
^ o^ce in love, 

Eii;M$h drjmitisi who has wriiita 
h was lirsi peiformed at the S^ 
Ju'.y 17. 1S91, with Mr, George 
eri are many effective incidents in L^Tie of the best founded upon an 
s trihvite from an Englishin»n is 
French for an annirersary peifbnn- 

tlhli^re en /Ac S/a^^e^ 


£couni of Mr. FriLh'ft comody brings the notes on " Moli^re 

llCC " to ft doso- No one mn he more bcnsiblc ibAn tbe 
til«r of Iheii an^l^tic^ incompkLt:nc&s but ihcy :s'ill have 
tbcir puTpuav )f \hvy tvrvc tu introduce Ji aingiv readier to 
■ pUy>( fvundifd un Ihc tarioii^t epieodeE of Molilrc's 
tiftft and the ^t^i diamMai who has given them Jmmor' 


V 1 



Ham aadlttMNrBfcvcta 

WbM attoot of am do be»7 demv^vscBt ? 

WltftaOBbGof^Ti «hodU n rxpcct to be vet mi(cn« 

monfli ' 

Don it nokc tnj difl«ieiicc wbtt bcr yon oae ft Ivfc or i tf' 
ruMKl lor CJUhinf the rtm ? 

Should this be txai the era<iB4 or iiix pankuUr diacaixe ^b(* 

I vill pve tint the rotilti obuincd fron k^pin^a tceofdWj 
nloUl kn ScTcno^ka for the ten jcon ciMhng Droonbcf iM 
IUnjIU are, ofut all, of mon; mtercM to the gencnl rciAf ^ 

'Hictc rt^alt^ I pui in «uch a form u to be capabke of brint '^ 
off And muclt on any chart foe ihc monlh ■« htppcn la be wiM 
•*■ At icMt, ^% Vito buta mw^n. and U » «l*ooc iii£CN«*>^ 

There »fe 50nie poinTs lo \x first noticed vhh regard to thisH or 
'^J other rccoid, for il would be a fall.icj' to siippose thai pLice$ 
*Kh 4tC near one another arc necessarily visited by live wtnt 



Tia Getttlcman's Magazine. 

omouni of rain- M&ny or u& may hjivc aetn a simply ikGMf vJ^c 
marking a licflvy Call of min in an adjoining; ^trtkn or fidd-p 
wh^-rcQB hardly a drop falb in oiie*a own, or via ivi%f. Tbcii>«pli^»*, 
what hat happcntid in any one ten yean ii no oentio indicsbon of i 
will happen in another (en yean, though vrc most oUow ilud 
is a prob-ihility of the ditTercnce nut being voy gremL We 
iummarisc thcie feInark^ by the fQlIowmi; %iitf mcmtt : 

First of all* what doL's an tndi of rain rcjirc^enE to ihc unadcnt 
mind? Perhaps it will be more cfttily understood when yt^ tiy 
an inch of mm reprcscnis about a hundrt:d lonA LJlinf; oa an tot 

But with reference to our inblct of minfall iiE one pbee «c riil^ 
bCAT in inind — 

1, That the record for tliis parEicuhr stjition b by no means 
to be accepted »h the record for any other statinnr erm in <fav 
proximity ; for inetancei in iStLi; the total raintdll at Riveihill, war 
The top of uur range of hElfs^ but with a vouthern ^peci,va fS 
inches, Then a mile from tbiSj N.N.U\, rjuitc an the top of ihe hU 
at lllflfc Hankf s; inches ; two miles further N.N.W,, at RiH^hai 
26 inches ; whereas at Pnrlcigh, about one and x half nulndue 
north of Clcirc Uan1c> and on the north foee of the riingc of hilKie 
rainfall wa« ^^r inches^ and all theic plarrn were withSn m uflC^ 
little over two milcA, 

2. Thjil the rainfall in the porticuldT ten yeaT\ I hate ^xttt^Sl^ 
to lake niust not be accepted ;t5i evidence of an cuctly Hftib^"' 
fAinfall occuTrmg tn any other Ten years ; for instanoe* in Londoi,'^^ 
L'rt-mden Square, the average for ten y»iB, tSSo to 18S9 inclotfH^ ^ 
Wfl5 : 

Jm, . . fCi April- - 174 Jttly - , a'fiS Oct, 
Feb.. . i-Sb \iwf . . ivo AuQ. . . i-tt Kor.. 
M V. - - ["61 juhc . , 2-oj bcpt. I 9-^t Dec* 

Whereas the ^varAge for the twenty years 1S59I0 1878*11 

Jut. . . I^j4 Apil, , I 63 July . , x-g6 OA » 

l>h.i , 1-4^ Miy . ' a-o^ Aug,. , a-4j Ko*, 
Mm-. . '"83 Jdoc, , a-st SepT, . . a-jj Oct, 

By which it will be seen that in the months of January, Febwi^' 
Junt. Jul>',,incl August, the dilTcrcnccs wi^re very decided, accwrtJ'* ^ 
to whether wc lake lIyc average for ten or twenty years. 

3. From these? tables it will be seen that as TCRard* the neif'*^'^ 
hood of Sevenoaks, which lies Cwcniy'three milei south of L * 
and stnndi^ on a range of hllEs running cast and yvc% *^t'> ^ ^ 
Ijon varying from 300 to Soo ftct, that ibe wcttett months in 


Dr^ps /n>m iht Cl<mds. 


ftf Ibf ttw lasl ICD yon appear to be October, Kovember, July, 

bcccmbcr, lathe *^llniifh Rainfatl," by Mr. SymotTi, for the 

jlS9t, he tiu fliwa A vciy intcrciUcg account of tlie uverajjv 

ftify faJnEall for forty^ix jcuft 91 eleven dilTcfcnt tiALiunn ^i\A 

llhcie it appears that Api^f ]>» ihe drieti momh, whik October 

lanuary an; tlie weiltut, 

• That the gfcalcit moHlhly rainfall octLrrirji; in tliiitlix'aUtv fo« 

\st. ten ycan^ vo;^ in OcEobcr i^gi. 

i Thai the «iTiAt1c£t monthly rainfall waK In February iH^t, when 

lioftU ;but b^E y^ar, iSgj.wcbavc 10 record the Ton£c«: period 

bughc, March ECF Juocf [nciu&lvc, and again in Augutt> and lhi£ 

r> not to huxt- been cqualkd since the ytar 1344. 
That tht grotcit rainfall on any one day during ihit iicriod 
t^3 inches on June jo. 1S9JL 

fow I imni (0 Okll otEemion eEp«cially 10 thrr difTertincv becween 
hnd ntghi rntn ak one of importance, and one that ha& not been 
lally aiicndcd to. 

vMira \%%\ to 1B9J inclusive, ihc proportbn of nilnfal) 
in the nt);h( to chat occnrrin^t in the At^y ^t ihi!^ M-itlon was 
bf Tvhich :i ts cv^dcni that a much larger amount fills in 
than in the daytimc- 

bc mwE tonvenicni if wc arrange Elic night and diiy rain' 
the diferenT monlh^ in the form of [icrccnlagci, r:ithff ih-in 
tual <|uan|jtiCi- 






ScirlcllllitJ . 







'*7iO*' ^^^ ^™^ clearly by ih*^ folbwini; ehail of pro- 
and night loin for each n^unih (in peiccnlages) : 



Loolu<«oitT till* vAk;kwm be teen lhAt,.i1ilv>^i|(hthcf«^t 
Iftoa i«r ccM. is 40 for the dftjr uid 60 rf>r ih^ nxf^ht for i>je b^^ 
yov, 4 i> 35 W 65 ia Much and November, wttct«u it 11 «J* ,■ 
10 £3 in JolT- MoraiTcr. ibc day nin «xcccd« 40 per cent m Jix 
to Au(i»t 'raduHvv, and «Uo in thv months of Ucio^ «tf 
December, Thr p«<Qli«rur of litis cj^ccm of day nun m 4» 
|HrbaaWir«iillwiJio«%ihAt it mnnot b« guxouni^d rariimft^bj 
lh<lkloflhe<laj« being lon^ci at these Umw. to llicy tfT valf 

Iha*^ cho*ca Ihc d«r 10 rcprrsmt Umj invAlidii' diy, i>. t» 
looVlock in ihc momiofi until um^ct Thi* T luve 1 f<ntful 
intercut Ln,v)d,ta addition to thb, I think tt of Er^Mntporuficrtt 
ril viwtoratoany«niairypfac«lciknriw uhctht:r ihcy iii4xcip«ia> 
find ft Ufje amount of rainM In the <la)-tii«e. M<»i of U« *titf 
cctuin)T l"^^' »= »** «>"c «w-- if^ iKe night lUao in the djy.>rf 
Kuure iattf nould iinfei lu drtught of watci to come io the rdfr 
lokd Icflvt iht fliQshine for ibc tUj . 

llbpOwWe that the Urac ainouni of rainfall during ihtd^ 
in ibc Oi«c HimTner months may be uccoLirit,-d for by ihui>iO' 
Siortfii^ fy( Oxcrc U no duuU thai Ihcy add inaictialW to oar wi 
faanlflll i but. aftw »», Hie amount U not large. J i is ^wJly ihc rropw- 
tion of nitl*l and day niii thai wc Tiavt bcc^ rcfctima to ' »0 pkanw 
and h^:illb tccVcT-i in the countiy need not bcgiliumed* only ll iwdIq 
appear 10 be »i*c to caiiy an umbrella. 

Whwaft^thr chances of having ftne day, or fine ni(;li« id ai 
month > If v-e have kept out record of day and nijln tiinfetJ 1^ 
question can be caa^ty an^^ercrj. 

Hcre U the reitih of len years, giving the &veragte ice reqiuw- 
Ir. dayi with some lain, and nights wiih aotnc rain ; 

J«iy - 


November . 
IfcctDitieE . 

By this it will be seen thw the «« nights e««<l lb.i«t*B! 












ApiiL . 



M17 . 



Jddb ■ 

















Although U»t year. ,8,3, ^^^ ,>,„ic.U,ly 4^.«a^^ 

Drops from the Clouds. 289 

bchc* below ihc arCTage, Ehe preinoua ftsny iH<pi, an the 
|kI| ithoncd an rirr^ 10 About lUf A\%i\t amount. 
fral of thcquc4ltOEi3 rtlitrh 1 havo biarlo.! wwh have already 
■wired bf Ibc iulhonitcs/ but doubtlcM most dbacrvcn will 
jtliCEnKlvca aniitcrs to the {{ui^^tioEis \\\\\ iiio^c interest llicm, 
\. Sercnoaki^ wc h^ve more rain on ihif north aide of the 
Fhiliit thjin \h<.y hare on ihr: louth. or evt-n on the top. 
ly ioMancc ag^n ubir I have oireaily given in ^uppont of thr^ 
U. Riverhtll showi fin Average of about j6J inchci, and this 
e louth fa^ « of our range of hiUf, but nr^^r chc top. If we go 
fl.N.W. of ihU. to Cilarc, whirh is Mtuaicd on the top of 
p, wc tind Ihc 4vei^c TAinf^itl ji about :8 inrhet. ?4dv go 
A half doc north of this, to Ptirlcrigh, which iaon thcnoith 

Ac r^ingc, :iv^d wc fmd tht aterfigc rjinfaU iji much highoTi 
The fhhirancr of the *oil in each cnsc is about the sjimc, 
ndisionyform.ilion, which Allows ihc r.tin 1o soak in or nm 
ipidlj thjit wc never complnin of ir« lung remaining wcl nnd 
ind pcdcsitidn&i And, ihoae whn ii«c cjiiria^es :ind cycles, 
Snd A ^00"! hftfd roiul. It ^t^^y br, ^n(l is, very hilly, hut fhi; 
p nriff a mAis of mud or of dunt. 
I vallrp on The north side :i(e wetter than those on the *outh, 

heaviest dews have recorded two- hundredths uf an inrh 
our f^vm-ipiig^, but die nvcragie heavy dew is 01. 
ir ha* been fre^|uently tirthcr difiicuU to estimate, for it may 
^ hghc and pack very lootf ly, wlicn twelve inches of anow 
rcwni one inch of ram ; or U nwy fniU very moisi and pack 
j»e, when not more IhiUi seven or eight inches wouU be 
\ to equo-l fin inch of lAin. Moreover, snow seems to evapo- 
^ icndilyj so (h-it three oi four intlies .lic soon reduced to 
l^hinit Ic is dilYiculL to co^kct ii in thi^ lAm-gALige, for when 
id up two or duec jnches deep ji wHi, QUt of a sort of eon- 
i blow ofr the wrong way, 

I sue of the furinci u^d by Lhe majority of observers i« five 
Ifi dianie(cr> but, after all, ii is pos^iUe to e^Iimatt^ the 
|,<if ruin rci|uired tn constitute au inj^h fall, pt Any proportion 
■iMvt' be tbc size of Ihc funnel used, This is only an in- 
\ niuhemAlifviT problenii easy to any observer to toWc for 

N"~hr height of the funnel above ihe giound should not be 
nflKil, otherwise the dews may be very heavy and rather 
plffmata/^rtXtSyitemafk Oiurvalwn atiJ Kti^oiii i>f tXt Ifoiit/aSi of thr 


The GtntUmnfis Magazine. 


tiiBpusMbltf cocrrinone^ caktilatiunii, but wc ou^lu not Id ^ 
so \t we ukc cwc. Swmt obstrtfti rvcunj mote tlun odkcn, !i< 
the fnult i^ tfcncriHy «ilh ihotc who record the Lean ; for if ibc 
tuccivcr it onky emptied onoc a r^unth instcid of 4biDy, tberc ii u 
much ibe ([rcaU'r cfuncc of the n-^ici tmwng cvAponibed In jcc 
the utne v^T ibu tilv^t lumping cloihoi, the ground^ and rm 
eaucen full of waE^Jti fvill boori become dry oti exposure. 

There jb one i>oLni which puu]«»ionie mctllieruAtitst nkiiKU^Jzid 
that is, hoff 10 secure a rain-gauge doii^vn^E'uH duty gfcoUoct^Dcal 
that folb on it;; own art^a^ 

What I tnean b this, that rain fallfng fJCfpcndicuUHy on a cntk, 
muse measure much tnuie proporlion^ilel/ than If it tills asiant. 

And yet upon funbtr Tbou^ht it ik evident (hai if a nia-pu^ 
be iihcd to meet ihe rain perpendicularly it wuuld not repi mu rt Mf 
rorrespondJng area of the eanh'i surface^ A rjuu-gaogc citui hw 
Lt8 surftice paralEcl with tht: sLirfacc of ihe eartli, in ordifr to cudi 
the iLtnoum of min which would h;ive fjdicn upon 3Q equal am e( 
the ground- The earth \% not tilted to meet the raj& pevpcn- 
dlcubrl]^, 80 why should wc lilt the min gauged Moreover, hen u 
awiae provision ofK^iurc in the sbming direction in whkb ralafilk 
Instead of coming down vL^ry heavjly it falk more softly, and co^tei 
a much lur^r area. For if a ctuud a mile long emptied it&contenu 
perpendicularly, it would only ^ct a miU'« length of the mrfare A 
the earth, but If it falls obliquely at an Uhk^le of 4S*> ^E would CUCdi 
over about a nule and a hulf of tho sutfixce of the eartk So tbC 
a much larger surface receives rain from the clouda. 

Rain really falls tisually at about an angle of 40°. but, of counc 
this varies according to ihc wind. 

Another point that \% worth any one'« while to ItunlL over. u>d 
that leaver much to be cleared up. \%, what con be Accepted ai 
special local inliiuaiions of r;:iin to come ? What docs ihc bhepbefd 
look upon as the surest Forecast nf rain? Shepherds anc keco 
observers, and so somctiincs arc washerwomen, *hcfi the clolbci, 
won't dry; grocers' assistants, with the sugar and wit dampiogi 
gnrdcnets, and those wbo sulTor from their corns ; hou^cnuid^vl 
ihcir fires won't light ; I^ootblatks, when they can^ f^l n poGik ; 
»y nclhing of the ordinary observers, who study ihclr ntomi-gbjHO^ 
Iheir bnrnmctcrs, ihe clouds, and how the frogs disport themtehniB 
the pools, and the donkcyi raise thdr voices, or the (wg* lum ifk 
ihcitniff, '*Orc5olutosimnnmdimcminereflues jo^^tarc moxiipkfl.'^ 

Indeed, it is probable that all animals, antiy bcea, trrds, eactk. 

Drops from the Clouds. 


ihe like, have their own special way of showing ihe coming 
ler. But are we clever enough to read their language ? 
he study of the rainfall, 1 think, will help us, and in any case 
subject full of inieresl to those who care to watch Ihe ways of 
G around them. 



! df ^ UBC i he amltaptd ihtm 

«l kB ip; bccuM ia ioitcfpKict, 

fv^pviH^MBfe or Irwrtf , *tw upbed tn ftsfaiA*' 

w cd Ac bi^b-odi: -And h« who ||kiI;« «« 

h« caM ■« <V<^ Fratdi.'* Kash. w bis btfodor^ciT rt»* 

ckn Lyly and its " £ufi6mesJ" 2gj 

8 wjih a tolemn p«iiphnAi& his u/ taiet from the rich^born." 
Igc ^gge^is thti cauftfi or ShaWcapcare'fi 8Uppof.t*d luvo of 
n puuin^ theoi Inlo th« niouLlis uf all i.laiACiit from ihe 
he c\o-m I he was but imitating the phrja^olv^cf the lime. 
dcKiiptJon ciAn convey n iuic iUt^a of Lyly'ti ittunge diction, 
91 Tev apecicueni. and wiU bcgm with an extiact from one 
«'i letirn to PhiUutUK ; 

watt thee ui aqa^'er, fC'i uomp&rin^ my pUc« wiEh Ehr pooi^f wo 
f boldDUl more ihuificEhcr mjinniffl in ihre wnalil {icimirj nr I uilEi 
sM lulTipE- VrT Ai yp 1,iO, rA«itnjj uirli rn^M^IT, y^t ihr hrT cf Thy 
cJrta lit viHd «ltrj yt coIdncH o^ cn^ Ltiipr, 1 thri^ghi k gooJ tc? 
liiMQTiTfiieaM. yat I mjbht prevcni a. thitchid, chuoaLne fAihcr ro cut 
fi by fi^ijiur, Ehan Iv (itti ihecuiy Jot ^nu^pc by i ikiicc. Gif" am 
nvd iriughLy, Imki ihirj fpalei ; J.?rE«i« Id ire. drikvn fu the bt^ i^i^Rb 
imd I flnfjwonni lo be 3iii>1d1*<1 when Th^y liri[ □pp^ar. leut ihcy 
' Old badj, ■£<! (be AihiiLxUi of [dvc 10 be britcn lack al (nil ikc^t 
biferniinf if ye »ei:npdp Fire ii (o be qitcnchcit in ye apnik, wmU 
DUd in ji biid, fuLliei m j« liJoikQUi. Thiukirjf eIik nmiMEiy To rry 
IjBMltort lly fmi^i inajmuch u iti* kvruet ysl tboulii hafi? Ci^tklpd 
fftth iiiiftfllH haib kULilZml IE iiMn chnlic. laakini; a iUojidc ftre 
liul buT hor vnib^iv fOEiTcrLiog, like ihc iijiil^r, # »w»L ilu^ei iuiu & 

fflect of thi» epfftUc upon the rrjccKd lov^r m ihuG 


fctJtwomen, Phikutut r«cmbletli ihe 'Jpw. »ho bcifig *tricken iclih 

> i» he »cre t]cAi:l» !mr j*irii:k*f) e1»c second Lmic, rtejivcccth it 
KT^fif hi< VHWrr m ihr Hnl in y« mdu|^r, he wifl utaiwE ami^ilj 
{<ia ^eniffdi Clt <■ anifnairdt prouimmij iTiUEtaudi iipnn y? ^nod dlt- 
1 hlndeieu of wqiucd. thiE ttic hifhti Ehey iii the Lawct che^ iiiok» 
Mc ihnr vein m iFic tirkr tt lidtlir^ ilic iikait Lhcy love al the [ukI, 
|BMnt u 1 ftm not il[c|{eThcr lo ai\t>tr, n can I not tn aoine retptcti 

A eitE^cl JfOtti HhLliulujt'it reply to CAmilla wiUauificctA 
IbcM liluttrafion^ : 

i he, Camilla, tSk will letve ike mm" became it prictctd my finder, 
^(Okl Ehil li«h 1T^ the TioE lire, br lha[ I bunied my hm-i, or refuse 
ml foi Thai It II covered WLih &>icirj> huik^. The nimd of a 
tiriihri Tube iSjUhlcil ^vilh dcipile ih'T ntliifilile'l with dingef. 
uliH wiiul EUfV4-t lilitw, lumelh nlwsj-i ro lliir Tifnrk, ot ;n 
Mhkab «iL/ taevtr you rum li, italwayE coitiiant. so ih« 
JbuToft h eveiniirie Applied to Ihc love ol UAmhUn, nciiher lo be 
|b boy Hi»:l, i-n tulttfil wUk any [oTce. Bit! \t llic lclti:j. Thuu 
gnm woondi ai« lu be dre^cd roughly Icb^E iliey fcticr ; cnL&EEJly 
H lilie ■ g™>1 ehmire^u^. but drale^i lake aaa uiti^kilTuJ, fcv making a 
I, thtu jigilal in a toitll Icnl^ cotting the Aeih Lh«l ii Hand^ bcfoit 


Lyiy and hh "' Enphues^* 


ttlCT, who vAin of hU Laiin md l^rnLnf*, dcipisc*! ihc 
mf " loo picked, too spnicc, loo Anoricd^ roo odd, n« it 
ivgrinatc." . . . " 1 abhor BUcK fAn;)lical ranl^nns. »;ich 
idpoiiU'dcvi^campaniona; suchrackcrvofcnhogiaphy, 
'^dout/ line, vheD he should &ay doubt ; ' dot,' vhcn he 
oancc dcbt-*d. c, b» t r ht* cle[H!th a calf, nuf : hilf, 
bouT rocatur ncbour, £:c." Thi& pzuaagc ii furiouH, u 
liM of our modern pronunciaLion^ 
lu Hmk, in Jomon s " Etcry Man flut of hi» Humour/* 
iQUd as a tiitiTf U|v>n Ihc cuphuiits ; but, if it be lo, the 
M fir Ifom the original a» that of Shakespeare, Hmk u 
1 i " fff^vh FrcnrhiAcd courtier/' whieh ;igcim pnmu to a 
tir. Cftrlo Cilbi him a " nimble- spirited eMsoa" — an 
mion of contempl— nho " dsTicc and do innk^ iei thcLr 
om fire to waicT) from w;Licr lo airn from nit m carlh, at 
ucs dLd but c'cn Tjf k the four cldumis o^r, nnd awny." 
nieWT, WwXc or no aiiempt to rcaliae these j>ccnh.iriiJos 
^ucuslgned to this dmractcr. That botii S>mkcs|>caft 
I could hare brouj^hs their sMirc close to ihc original 
»ubtcd ; »hy, then, did thcypurposcly slioot wiJe of the 
t curious fact llrat ivc do not remember to hiLvo >cen 
\h%\ none of ihc dramatiils hnvc atlcmpt^d a pielurt of 
b|>)iui«i ; lurtOy crabbed old I{«:n would [iave ddightrd 
leet Wa« euphuum too much aJfecied by thnQuMn 
to be openly attacked ? The reticence of the poeU 

'<-v.'i produrrd two tmiuciona of " Etiphuc\*' in his 

[Menaphon -. CjjmtHa'j Alarm to Slumbering F,uphuca 

iiliwcdraj'' nod tn **EnphuMf his Cxniurc to 

)). Jn the formrr, our author's style is imitaicd 

ideUty; hui (he ntoiy h» nothing to do with the 

ly ol I'ylj'ji eharsdcn. The latter ifi limply n 

idiiiii^ of J toldtcrf nnd ha^ for lis ^r^ond \\i\^ 

PhdoopUl'^l C.Vimb-it Ijcrwccn Hcclor and 

" Kotalyndc,'* from which Shakc:vpL%irc tnolc tht 

)kc It/' i* further entitled "Euphucs' Coldtn 

hit death in hJiecH at ^^ilixscdra-" I3ut after 

uvc no more of the supposed author, who play? 

jiguc- That wntera of such rcpuic aft Greene 

[oiiii public favour by such deviecSi proves 

ntimation In which Lyly'n romance wis held, 

[mjtatots of iti style waft Dr, Uonne, in whose 

1, a 


/(>^ L)'iy and Ais " EH^HiC 


-1 whu u-jr^iUlcii i3x adJiitol d&s«kal playi for ihc VDlvr- 

il th< Uztivcmtjcr* and ]nn^ of Court j tudi^rJ, ibc iix 
eptintcd by Biqunt in 163? i»r^ styk'd "Court Cgmedici,'* 
11 originalty tcpm^ntcd bcforr Ehc Qucon by the children 
9Q cctliin friTivals — ^ Nc* Year* Nij^Fil, Twelfth Kight. 
L All Mc writifn in prow, the pJoI* iind lutijccla b^ing 
L Terence, Grid, Pliny* &c 'ilie lingu:if;e ii for the moit 
•X and otefully iinidicd, and Is »oUbT« Tor a delicacy Itttic 
itk of tho«c frcc-tpcsking limes ; ixay one of (hcie |ilayi 
r be read iloud in a mUed company with icoiccly ari 
But while dcK>id of ibe Uccntiout freedom of oon- 

ivQ[k« they arc et^ually barren of [he fiic, the |>L>eI)y, the 
!niu£ nbtch condone thai uffcncc- Any productions more 
"e pcdantiCi more weiiD&omely uninlere^ting it wuuld he 
»dikicu¥tfl ; Kient^ft jntendccJ Uy (he autlior to be vii\X^ ;tud 

AretluCTcd nitli dull concckf mid disloilcd wordst wliiIc 
U i^iits JJe dv^utute both u( ruixianci; and p^bbign. 
!— Uj take an cviinpli: frum hia fint play, '* Alexander und 

!"— i» lotxd by Ak-i.-indi;r. but baa falk-n in love with 

[tio has been employed by ibv potentate to paint iier 
re i» a tolilmiuy in vrhldi her [laaion is revealed : 

^1 il lunl (0 luiljfc nhdltct Xhy diom be mnre iuiwiK» of (by 

niiiU. Hum iSnii pri-fri— hut »it,i)', umtt ikiI th&l In wpnS, ^^hirh 

LC40 ici j^^iw villi ihy i]ir»U|;[hii — Tu^li^ Witm iby li'n|<up was 

*'«ik. )Inth 1 [uiniiir crept faTthcr Into (by raJDi] ihui > priACe^ 

EuotlTf? lofid wench 1 The bujcfieu of Ihy miml bc*My> tliG 

b^rth. Bui, ir^tl oncctlnn i« 4 rii««1iji:]il,jnillrib u hc]] in ibc 

IthiT ujik, and (jlcbnb liald vK*j# il timl IJgbEitlTi^ ri>tr wlu-t« il 

I'jrLti \\\^\ cnounL A^Qfl ih lh« xir, buil'l itivii OPi(« bvtaw In lh« 

''^ E^ar 4A.t{ their cyci uprn kin£f, may ptuc ibctr hcorli upon 

■c v\\\ lo.uiiie [lijT fiUQfrh bcllci lliiuj m IuIc. iliu^ d iliiLiilTii 

ilan t h'tfptif, Anti IJvn »Mv nil ihpy bavt i*ouoti wlnQt ; 

[bbitn Dp. Ui\ \\ hiiJi £»(Lco on hi^ri 1d|:> J'hv mcin alAl* ia 

\t m it cuitiinufLh niibuut {ulitc 

piy for .1 lo^P'tiirk damic! I And yet in thi« *ftme 
fcllovrtiig cx<|ujaite bonj; of Apcllen : 

rii[»i4l unit n»y Ciinp.itiki* ]>1.ijM 
Ae i^rdt Tar lilwi^ Cupiil pnl^l , 
Jic «(Ako ]ii> f]UJ*cr, Viitf and arrcwL 
It DiDth'i'i ilovm iiiLiI icim cif <|iiirruwi ; 
)Ht ihfiri ion ; Llirn cloun !i? 4liri;>wi 

eci*l ul hit life, [he ro« 
^rixrjng oil ^ check (but e»;L)C Icdo^ Tjd*v)i 

--- ■f^se 

" ^ JEtf 

vied ^' ' 

— — - - ,_-_- -.:::■.:: eJCT^ '"* 

- ■-- ..:-:. :.:, :„' .r^tf^ 

_ -" — — -.■ — -.^- -- "^ J^ 
: -' -T? - tttt: : r; ; --'zi ;«n -'.^r. 

* --■- " —en : :::e jiic ^^^^^ 

- 1.-: - -.s'^-:-^^!'^^ 
'•V. it -13 rririixessor, ":wi«°*^ 

.;.-.y ;.i-:ros on fthich Ix i^^ 
' r'*-ffTi''(i at on the sovereign- ^ 

ihcsubjecioftome n;^(R<^r7^ It nrw «id Ihnl since la uTcls 
ta|4 hooowrahle. King J-imci wfli«d the crown \o w«ir 
PCUnd 4l9olhit ;ioci», hciny, atvrjy* poot, bap were rather 
fns oT wit than <A wmlih ; arfon[m;:ty, nn ^noner did King 
■Ljo WMT SjimHi, ih*n h** IHl trt-n ihtUm^*% in ihc pound 
Pl^iuion flhc fovcieiiftis bcmg twcniy'lwo .ind the new 
|l]r shillingi m vnluc). 

troablcd ilmw of Charles T. ihe Mints were ijumerou*. 
JuKi«n to haiv been struck .ii rificenpJAcetblleait, bciidn 
•, In ihia Tcign, Xicbobs Briol, a TaiTiou* Frcncli engravcf, 
ivcnlor, or nihcr improver of new Mini inocbinci^, worked 
jC principle of liis Tnnchine was to convey the iinpces^ion of 
H&ltebbnk rlitr^ by &ju<?cj!ir;g thi-m briwecn (rf^mcnti^ of 
^Hfillhr device vv,i^ en^ETitrd. Jly hii^ nif^iis^'^ lEbnc 
t) of hi« Couiitrpn;in, " tlic Knglish innrle the rjncit money 

KT^iih, of course* must be Ejiken turn ^rantr itr/i't, though 
i* nenerrilly iickiiowlcdged to be abuve tlir iivcragc. 
I3 the Tywcf ft-as seized and held by the Parliamentary 
I rooney waa cuintd therL' wilh Ihc Kinj;;'s name and titles. 
the eitfcuiion of Charles L, in 1649, ihe corns bwe a new^ 
!>ji the obvenc was a vblcld with the ^L Gturge & Cro^s 
H luurel and a paUn-brandi tind u drcumsctiption. "The 
feallh of England." On the reverse were two shidd±, one 
t St Oeorge't Cioss for Cnglandf and the ulhet ^ harp for 
be in>crLptlon being "God with us-*' Thete legends. Che 
ftverredj were uxacily Eypic^L of the true sUtc of BHain. 
ihc Common wcjlth wtre plajniy on opposite aides, and out 
ivn inouthii the Koundhead!^ vtejs juJgeJ, The double 
Ihc reverw Afforded infinite merrLnient, and wss causticnlly 
The Brc«chv* fot the Rump-" Fuller in&lnuaungly (aid: 
KnatteTi «ben the ciue&tion h o^kecl uf our coiners, \Vhoic 
l»upervCTiplion isihia? it will be rttumeil, The Cwsariof 
' As lata Sb 1731 the di!vice on ch«se roin& was Tid]i:uled. 
^ucspokon at Bury School, and recorded in Ihe Gf^/Z^fron'r 
fcff lh.1t year, luge 55?! tlitae lin<;s occur : 

A tiJirct pbr if hpTt4chr« noiUy wmughtt 
t Sitfb Myoa sr-t upon >n oM luniji ^nkii, 
I . V fhith fimMeni oiii gocJ ^>sn<l^(rrt t'huM.-. Id 1h>UI 
^BTo $\l tlic ivorld tht ttkW wBfi u|>pcrinoiiU 

^Snic yCAi, ifi4V< ^'etL-J BlondeaLi, a Frtnchmvn, ituAt ^ 

to the Council uf the Mint to cr.iiii money afier a melhod ^t 

by whidi the liin or cdf^e migia be marked or inscribed, H 

■; T-i^T::::^ 

txt. . ^-' 

Af^n^y-maii*!^ (ti iie Tower. 


wginc (co^n^A£-^c(«)i worltcd somctlraes by ihxtc. men, 
net by four. 'J'he marrncr ol (tampinj; gold and hdirp^ncr 
Uy thtf tini«> onLy a I^ctIc m&rc cam is nectiiary in one than 
othtf, in urdcr to pftuni w^isU'. Tlie tngmc vrork* by n 
! Ctti* icre*), hlw tbat uf i printinii prvM, to ihc poini of 
lbe[obivne) clye ii fixvd by tn^^ana of u snuw, and in a litlk 
cup which rcf<:ivc» ii. ia t*]JtCL-d the rcvene (die) : between 
llii; i^icce of rncui, already cut round lo the skc, and if {;oJd, 
'^Tgtjcd,!* placed, unU by onco t^ulUnK dovn the spindle 
rk ill) is completely sUmp^d- Ii U amazingi tc» «ce ho«r 
ly the coiner perform:^ thia ; Tor ;is f^ti^i ju tbi.- men ihftt 
engine turn the ispindk'. &o 5aEt doeri he MTp]Jy ti wiih 
putting in ibi^ unMJinipcd picix* ^itb hb brdin^or and 
ind twitching out ihe siamped vritb hu middle rjnt;iir The 
gold ihu^ stamped ate aftet^'urds milled r^und i)\t cdge^ ; 
r of perfvrmmg rhi» i:i a secret ncvvf ihcw n lo anybody." 
few yean taief, 1810, more commodioUR buildingi were 
ion LitdeTovcr Hill, 10 which His Majccity^ Office ol Mint 
pored. And whcn.^ k remains to ihih day. 
^ brier sketch may be concluded by a slight rcfcrenre ro the 
tobbcry from ihc TowtT Mint In J 70S. On the morning of 
ao io, James Turnbull, one Uallon, aad iwo other men were 
I ioihe preia-room awioginij ihc fly of ihc scren-prMs, while 
', ortc of the moncycr'a apprvntlccSi fed the prc&i yt\xh gold 
Hi nbleh were struck into guineas. At nine oVIock 
;h wm ihe men Io their breakfast. They all four went out ; 
II And Dalton rfltirned almoM directly. And whiTc Ihe 
the door, l^umbull drew a pbtol and advanced iipon ^U. 
minding Ifac -icy of the chest where ihc ncwfy-eoined 
were k^pt. Fi&ch. paralysed with fear and surpri^'. yielded 
old grntlcmnn who was in the room expostulated ; but 
forced into a lott .-»f pasKage or large cupboard .ind locked 
ibulllhen helficd himself 10 the gumcas, and m;iria^Lc[ loga 
no Ic« Ihan i,,;©^ For nine daya he effectually runccalcil 
In the neigh bourhoodn and then, while cndea^vourmj* lo 
f Fnnce* was apprchcndfld. He was tried, convicted, and 
dto death. In his dcf»:ncc he cleared Dalion from ^ny 
Omplaaiy tn the cntne. Wbifc awajlinj,' csiecutin" in 
I he made wvcral abrjriJvc atl»jmpCs lo escape, though he 

Cfif the following lines of his wilncM : 

VQuvnll bciuuck wUh srcii Hjipd>^, 


IS Mt^mxim. 



I b^^ vx^ GoA jo«l Hke ja 

ndc A faflcopfcmoQ of Im cziDM, ud ia iln 
a: die CM BaOer. 



LAALB lui »» LdlvrriiELni^ ^i^h^gc tuiict^iuin^ the 
£ni;iiur«il bL'in|4i llut uccur in ihc pF.4yft i>f Shjike^pc^ri;, 
kt ihqr ^in our Mtcntion, or even nur tymp.tlhy, 1>ccau»o 
svcr kqn liuc, in a wnsc. lo our own liumjn iijiiurc. 
>*Qnd (he Kopc of Nilurt," s^y* Lamt*. "if he aummon 
:iMcnce>, he vubjugAlei Ihcm Lr? the [iw of fier consi&> 

-cbet ia Mncbtrlh ace ihc imuncn b? is ipccially alluding 
i» tcinait mJi^bt well be extended to coutiilcw olhcr aiw 
e«t bieraluts in wbkh tome dimly »ccn, or ^vt^a unseen, 
if wonderfully made rual lu ihe radcT, whether through 
that are heard nol al (ii>i hand but through the report of 
chmclcri, or ihr<in|^li wme'.irhcr impcTfcct mjiml«Tikiion : 
*leh *t arc conACious of Bomcgrcaf pcnonal prwcnoc, but 
Jcrn ihc lineamcnis or the iniurc- And ihc point I wiih 
It b the mirvdlous way in whkh miny luch hnlf-re^Mled 
"k-huroAn, greater Ihin hirnian^ arr rendered not only real, 
' of our icgard- We revete them ; wc even love Ihcm. 
e coiitcn tbc eitrrmc cffectiven«i of Ihe line* in Machctb 
trne^iaifly after ibc rniirdei bni bren commiL^ed, " Me- 
heard a voice cry, iilecp no more . . ," uiUcm Iroin (he 
icy UiMmLlly s:i^j;c^t nut mea-ly a va^c |K.-isoiiificAUon, 
rcUibution or \\\c liLc, u^k lliclr uUcror, l>Ut n ch^iaclcr ? 
CrocwMn of tho»e nine hnes there is a ^eiiLiine diameter 
Vkhich in poml nf dwlincfneii^ «iu(:li i? Shakcipcaren arl. 
Eft OAI1 And leave us im[.re^iioii on Ihc mind in (pile of ut 
^ty appearance fromj and 10 rapid letiremenl into, ihe 
Tid, There Is intense tridividualily jn the manner of \w 
Hcnt ofihp crime— fl"C inHif uw tbe ncut« [jrniiu^m "itij" 
ik of "he" Of "ihe" would al urine swm to dmipLile llic 
he poel hai chcaen to tbcd around tbe utTkno^rn inter* 
LK3CTIII- MO, rfljr. X 

. d r - 


V 'r 

, '."' 

- . . ; ^- ^,-j / :' Ecl:::i TrLcry in nn^mory ofi^ 

'' , , . . ■. ■"„!:. :Vx r.-.;,".;ln^ of ihc poem, is that of * 

^''' 'n ■ I <»t I.I TV-r.i>:'- 'N^'-^'^'"^"' ^^C "V" Wharf, 

!"•' '■' ' ' M ,„Til if I ^?v that Wharf U one of my favou* 

^nUon'5 OniiJ3^ who mourned for l.yddaA as tor his "dcarcai 
fclcdgc." And vtth what nrl \hc pcr«onil\rAtion U cfFcctcd 1 ^[»cc 
U the lUhinoM <o the river s^de b]^ 9idc> m niny A) occur in ihc 
pociti, and joq nill gel ;i vivid tcn^ic of (lenonAlitjr without a single 
■direct awnion of it ; not rrvcn ^uch Arigur, but ronddeot uiunincc 
•* Word^worl}! a: other limci hai given — e.^^ '* Thciv is n spirit in 
•^ vood*i." When the chaam ii deicribcd over which the boy 
^^^r<^d, \Vhftff is TinA niode known to ut a« something more than 

. . . ^r,//r Wharf u tboTr /rW.^ 
Wrlh rocl(t"n fiihr iLHr*, 

* Have itilidwd two ronira^ting j^hrasea, which by their contiasl at 
'"^Ce prepare u* Tor ree^gmsing a. 9Cene tfiat rombinw Ihc ideas of 
^•■tiny, of i stiorifs will cocrccct, and of a coercion wliere the right k 
^^ en the tide of the opprc^or. Wharf may b-r comp-ired to the 
*^*tictbeut of-^i^ichylu*, '^ ftUriCL.1 by fi.irfc within a sloim-tH-^ten 
'**3tiiL,'' And the impHsonod Wh-ifHi dignity i% enhjintcd by the 
*'*rdi thai follow, in tcrerrnee to the Strid : 

A ihaniUKL flan it hath borov thjkt o&mc* 
Ami ihall II (birij»Jii(1 oiore- 

^■!n^ which may recti] the niajeatic uuerancc of the j-Eschyleon 
^*otn«hcu» ! 

Son vmrO, I AuiU wrr^tlc Eliruu^ ■ myrtod yotn- 

B(it the compnnson wiih rtomethcua does ooi hold bcyo/id ibis 
|>OinL IVc read In ihe ncitt pUef : 

Hif: tmy It in tStfamm nf Vr'hAil 

*-*»<?milMs indeed, but implying no pcrsonnl Ul-will. Wharf is, ni 
"^ *»C, (he inipariml administraior o( HHiturc's bws ; lie hai been 
^^rfil iWnincfes by his own hard faic ; yd. v.hcn he muit need* 
*^Kt a like punishnicnt on ihosc >vho risk a conflict with the lowsot 
'**'<'w, WordswoFTh would have u^ ihtnlt that ihe stave nvcngcr i* 
*"* *hhoul a touch of gtintlcncia, and lakes the victim /« Atr tfrwf- 
^^'^•'f would even use his dread power in Ihc service of raeiry^if the 
'™*<:c were ^v-n ; for il i^ suggcslod that if the bereaved mother 
"^y find lolace by itckint: a voluntary death, — 
Old Whjtf nnQbl hval hei vrrow< 

^ ^onld not. however, seek nuch eomfon, and Ihcfcfori-, whrrn she 
^"* to Ehc only true source uf connolaiion, Wharf looks wistfully 
'****d*lb« ttinc Power, who is supreme over her and himsdl, nnd, 

Veilid Personifi^iUioHs in Liieraiurc. 315 



u though grieving tcr the hunun vsrroir of «>)kh he Us ^e^ 
cotnpciltd by ftfc CO iMT ihc cauic. he seclct to ukc faitSptk^ 

h i* no abghc evidence of W<»dxw()rth'i arliftiic power thai Whir^ 
should be lhu» uncoiwciotnly plicpd before ns *h the trjc htri o ^ 
ihe poem, gently, ftnd by the slightest louche*, the least csagpnlwt^^- 
of which woulJ have converted Ihe Tciled niggeMioQ into » cnrf^^ 
nijilh or alJrf^Ory, 

In the coinj^Jiiiy of Shak^pearp, of Wordsworth, and of i 
Sophcx'lo5i tu hhoiu I ini fibout Ki tiirn^ li would be incongrvoa* 
narne i writer uf ^o di^erem a chAiicterAH the novelist vhohaintro' 
dtti^e^ tnto Onr of btfi atorifs An imj^ji^mArjr beiof; very uiuiUf lotb^ 
crctled hy the |x>ei^, ^Vill the i^notAtton of these fisw iroidi daC 
follow suRidently iccall the inu^mc-e 1 Ktve id mind? The; B^, 
words of infinite cffcctivcncte taken with ilieir coitteii ; 
1'}k liinii huul tnioUcd. 

Can one read thiii aflcr tl^e dviicription of ihc terrible ibroodoj 
presence, and of the lerroni it inGlHs mo the sinner's heart, and tot 
love it even ihc more for the very cloak of Tjtemnc&i out of «hkh iti 
Innate kindness \ua to force a vftty ? 

Il IS of kindnrd nature vlch another, ithom SopJioclc» brii^ 
withm our ken by .1 single insianianeoua ^a^h, giving a briefer and i 
more staitting vision tbnn any yci named. In the < Lidipiri Colonem 
when (Edipua has departed lo hi5 niy5tcriouf|»(}lilaxy<teftth.ort*thrr 
to his tmntlation front Ihis vorld to the next, the mettengcr gitn i<> 
the s[>cttalore a descripuon of ihe scene. The blind Icm^ had v«e- 
ceded his attendants, and was wandering forwardi alone lotraidt the 
pificc whilhcr hu fell impeUed xo go in scorch of his fate ; Uie alten- 
danr^ liad pos&cd, and had turned away their fares, leu the uflte of 
vthat might not lawfully bc seen should meet theit ^jc». Sudden^ 
ihcy heard a v<nce calling to Gidipus, and rebuking htm for hu dei^y . 
it wa>p the voice of one ^vhom they could not cir dared noc nainc^ 
"(Edipus ' '* il cried, "dost thou hear mc? fKdipuy, why Uo «t 
delay to i^i forth? Surely long enough on thy part hn tten thb 
laiiying," The call was obeyed ; and forthwith, in whai manner the 
intsscngcr knew not, tEdipus ceased to Jive. 

N'othmg mote is revealed as to Ihc unknown lumntoncr. Awl 
to appreciate thii reiieence on the part of Sophocles it sh^i^ be 

rtmcmhcrcd that for aGrecIc dnmatUt tbcre ilood ready to meet alt 
pwuble^ deniAnds <A thu kind the whole concourac of dcitiei and 
powers ihftt paljthciim had trcalcd, cjch with a wcll-lmoft-n name 
and oir^cc ; more thftn one uf ihcw would have been appropriate to 
ihe occatjon, whether Charon, ta Hermei the Conductor of Soul^ 
0' KQd«« himself, ihe King of the l>«id. And modern intefprctey* 
Tnay sp^ify vrilh vhai <erlAmiy ihey |>lca»c Ihe litk and name of the 
unLnoivn Piescofe *ho ted tKdipns awny, Alle^ng* peihop*. the 
di)iiT\di;eu with whirli d^whcrr fl lupf-Timturnl vbitnni is iwtuilly 
dJbpljiy^^ t(3 Ihe ^pjytAtOT, H(tt Sftphftdrt, al any rale, hon left ihc 
nadic tinipoken, 

^Vic humin n^e has been aeornrd nnd re[irOTCd for ils inthropo' 

n^^''t>1ii»m, VM vhat iplendid pteerdenCs forouraothroponn^rphtmi 

h*^« been giTcn ui by lome of ihc giejleit minds ainonR u* \ If 

** ^ftre to dwell upon idcaU of humait chniacttr, JJcnK whose liigli 

fl«**"Xetard [iiay help 10 laiic ou( own» **Tbegrea^ whom thou *ould'>t 

i^^ri lo pii^K (hcc - . .; the pure, shorn thou would'« chowe tu 

l^^ thcc - - ." pcrlupK we shall scaicely find any merely human 

^^D^ "ho *o wHIfulJ^I our ideal as do rhe.sthule Vnown, but e;isi]y 

I^AgineJ iinmOTtklh, SL^fol in iheJi ficsl tevelalion, hut ^iit? (o pmvc 

*lTiliinu ^1^^ "^i^ auti tendt^r with the Icndcine^s of sirenglh ; such 

•> the ureal voice th;il ti^mhc* hu* a singit crime, tlie murdi:f of one, 

10 hiahtr nund^ iiiqajahk" and universal, a muidci uol of man 

E ofniunkind ; or llif alronj;, changeless po^er, old Whwif, who, 

Cfi if he slew nic in fulfilmLnl of ihe only law he LnowB. would 

cfrer mi>arn for my io«, mid yearn to be human in rcsp^^ti of man'n 

gfiflt priviUKe, the capacity for [jrayer ; ot the unnamed companion, 

vhc M my hit hour should rchcvclhesutssandUMinof the sohlory 

dcputute fromihi-i world hy bidding me malte the journey not alone 

b;Jt with him ai hii ccmr^dr, and bliould show nie by hit wordi thai 

nil (hii eaithly life, m <ompati»gn with what will follow, lu;^ been no 

belter th«n a lairylng, a delay- 



Tk€ G^niUmafis Magaxini. 


TAKIv th(» 1o wnr rov m^* 
Ijivc's phantom smiling %xtA 
To maid all f.incy-fice. 

And t^ffcrcd Tnsra red- 
She loolit ihu eWwitig sij^u, 

Nor itdceJ ibc bidder: ihuirn, 
Till by each 1rc:jcburou& ^pinc 
Her Imndb w«r« pivrcc'd and torn. 

Vel ^n hi?r hC'irl ihc laid, 

Naihlcn, one bloiwm red ; 
[ n-ntrkcd il droop and fftde, 

Though wrth a hcjurt^ blood fed. 

Deatli brought a li^af of yew, 
When Lovers Hiiet bloom was dead. 
" Thf love I give is truc^" 
Id ^encle tones he said. 

" This lc4f upon :hy hcwi 

Will hc^l tu wound of paijJi 
'nn with a ghcf or ^mRit 
It ;ic*er ihfttl ache again." 

Without ji thought of guile, 
Dcath'E Icvc is strong and deep : 

So with It wistful smile 
Tl>e maideD fell aslcepi 

ISA %, ra&TDATt 


PotsmoN or OUR Akaiv. 

, CCUSTOMED loa scncsofticde v?arsiLgiLins:saTagGand half- 
L umcd faces, in which victory, with ibc cTcrdvc of common 
tfst\<x^ is 3»urcd, we have Icarntd in Krijil^d to look upon 
%c}vc£ OA A miliutr) power \\\>\\ U.\ wu .'jw juailJjcd \t\ eo 
inuLtinp ounelvc« vi i)^t cftnily <leciiJcd. Siiictf w« bore the cbjof 
imofWaterlooHehiivc unccitooO foc^atuface wiihthetrooT»afa 
hpcaa ptT«cr< I lefcr. gf coune. to Oic time ^hc^n ihc ben and 
tivst ffoldierf England has pioduc^d were ^aiAccd for a dream 
ibe Cnmcfl, Very for. indeed, were we tn those days from facing 
torld tn arm^ W« were far away frovn home, that is tnie, though 
tc-founhs cf the world's shipping was at our disposal to carry 
Qp« or munilioni; of war, and wc fought in it) vLilncratitc hed ihc 
Ittflsm of the Nonh. It was noi wholly nor even thicfty our own 
ilurCi Wc had a French aimy by our side, largely outnumbering 
r 0V11 \ wc had lo draw upon v.\ almost untinriiiud lupply of Turks, 
Idne rc»pecti the best soldicrH in the world ; and we were still 
IIkt flnpported by a rvspectftblc contingent of ItalitinK, Granting 

the Kos^nb the po^sAcwion of a lirBt-dai) fortrcix and other 
rantagci, wc cannot rtgnrd th^ fight as unequal, Wh^t wat the 
oil fo* ourselves? 1 am not seeking to go over again the 
toriciJ upedn of the struggle^ The Black %tx dccE of Russia 
I had to be ret onstructcdi and her great southern forlrcsa to be 
>uj1l itjttcncs more formidable than ihost: previously existing 
t Imm^ iheo^slOf guarding the harbour; the dry dock^ have 
Cn nr-madc, and city nnd fortrk^^s have risen in l'ha:nix fashii^n 
ktn their aahcs. Kortypcr cent of the Knghsh soldiers who, in Ihc 
Wcr t?f 1854, look<:d upan the capture of SchasTopol as a matter of 

fcir weeks, or a fewdayn even, lie buried rn the Crimea 01 in the 
ihetery at Scuuri^ " Destroyed hy unnece?iA.iTy privation, exposurCj 
toU^WLd undue ciierlionSf our comrades never gave in." So writes 
flttf tbe bravaL, niott ret^olute, and moat t^p.^ble of their number, 
*^fbnuiiAtc enough to iurvive incc^uuil pciil and hardship, la uciw 
^c recipient of high hoiTcurs; 


= — r,zi 

i-" : , ; -^i: 


: .-- T War. 
'■"s I :" 

; J— - - — — 

- ". "T -".arrcw^n^ pictures 
■7-" ^ ~"i'^.- noE open oul 
- - -vT ^n jccual and immed 
^-.-^,-. Fr2.r.:c aicer ihe battle 
, :-".-i2.T: vii^z st.inds, roughl 
.:r,- :"~± its^ort of the Crimea 
^* :f -cf^il warfare on a grcj 
,i=,?y, :; 15 known, was regard 

J^U Taik 


ti^ftm of the %\t^^ "The ^rgrani pulled hia body 
I crnnony, inlendmg lo biiry ^E krt cainp, wh?n lie 
r of his officer wa» not extinct." (Sir Evelyn Wood in 
Uy^y He ifl now inching the yarn at irhjch aeuve 
! field becomes dangerous to he;L]thp even ^ith rhe muit 
« w^f then, any guarantee ihjit in caie of another war. 
El rorfcnd, our Holdien will be better led ? ^Ve have 
djuhing ofll)cei« In plenty, and the harrovrmg exploit 
mishc, to faf A« re^id» (he mettle of our Iroopii, iiirn 
be rcpcjrcd if ihc chaniji; canie, Du nol, huwev'er, 
of led lipc pfcvaJI now a^ hcieiofoic, and wuuld nuL 
rank prevail a& hiiheEto in ibc betluwal of eocniiiEind? 
■lamley, quoted by liir Evelyn AVoodj says " Wc soon 
0r eii^toinary condition of milriary inefficiency. Uuring 
y yr-An^ r.^fter [lie fall cf ScUni^tJ^po]) nearly ^\ re- 
€ remit of (he experience? ue gained in ihe war were 
eKcellenE spiem of our miliUry hospiOil, the K^eat 
lose ciisblrihrd at Netley, (he framework of llic 1,2nd 
>rps, whicb ^tiLI aurvivev in llic Army Scryice Corps, and 
anp." Sir Evelyn ipeaka of theie view* to pcssiiniilfc, 
puiu to conUadict them. 

iotcnd to d^vcll ut any lun^tli on previous shortconungi, 
rill esitraet from Dr- Rii-^ell'^ htest book a fcv insuneea 
of knowledge and imeUigcnte displayed. The bacLion 
lie of the AlniQf inexplicable on any ground cuccpE com- 
rrmenl on the pare of our <:ommiinder^, was rcspnn^blc 
fjCGC. Here \% one passage concerning the asgauli ihAt 
jCC ttush even nop : "" <\ lii:ld oliicerof the 55th, with hia 
d flg'iinst his aide, from whieh a red stream coursc^d 

finger^ gasped out 1 'I^Ir. RusscU 1 Mr Ktiascll I tell 
mc we've been mnssacred 1 No avipporta!'" Shortly 

llr Ku^ell's ovfn tvords, '*wc were nithin measurable 
IL cahmKy. ' Thi3 ^vat averted, and the Ru^si^ins fell 
CM unpursued. Then spoke one of the best cavalry 
he English army, whose rage af^er ihc Alma was at 
" To think that there wcru one ihousflnd Briiiah cavalry 
I a beilcn army retreating— guns, standards, colonic and 
Ktdicd horde of Coasack* and cowards who bad never 
* Kfldy in torn back at the Am trumpet— within a ten 
top nf them— ii enough to drive one mad ! It Is too 
100 irtfamoui. They ou^hr all of them to be^— \" 

Table Tali. 

lu ibfm a m£in may Imih al>out cvcrythhg Lhat U known 

ihcouiiidvand the iniida of books, and u lb putly hlf 

l<* (Joe* iii>t liccvmr i prniti^;-! tyfK'^K'lter oi liindvr- 

lut, notlouy "MOilKy, " iii Ibo inrutiriJiLUui) tlut i» T»u|jpUt-U 1 

'\%}t\tt or two writcia *j1iu li^vt inoJuccJ ^i tiumtfwhjl ligliL^^r 

impoiition- Mr. L4^lg liai^ l^lkvd u-Itb nipp;tncy. nol lo tay 

fv«rence> conteming El^evjn— iliort uitc», of cduhc— and, 

tin Dt>bs4?n hu shown us ilmc ^ book H oot. like a fan lo an 

idy, mere lusgas^' Tlicw wnicf* arc, however, cxcopEion«, 

cvL'n dc^l unly irtih buukh so Liri>|jcr iii)d vd)ryinj< that one 

111 a tiAUKhlV buuk h^O nt^vi.-r bcirn ptiiUtfct in this i:ountr>', 

la.^ ihjitji-) dinVreniEj in t~r:i.ricf. The nio&l trudilti cind 
|Ubliograi|^i9 ^mit bool» tlut uould make on EnglJth 

scr^ hair cuil, and mwfc Th^n one wri:ei of higli iuhIl, Ukc 

iin: Brutict o* hii a^ochiz^ M. Ocuvc llclpicrrc, so lona in 

t, h>i made ;inO Ktrcnglhencd a reputauon by bik analy&it 

i^oii!fof books which in Englaiiii oie d^j^scd icbootidlcfA' 

■• ^i/itittia, but find nu olhcr mention. 

M- U/AMMi's Tauci VOK Dint-IOPIMLIS. 

Lnj^lithimn myidf, I am not speaking approvingly of French 

hnp^ oi urging upijn ihc c:ountry of Shakcepeorci 

,Sirrnc,and SmolUu o^ny extended indulgence oi augmenced 

Tiew. I bold, however, to \i\y c^omp.uritort bciwcrn 

r>eiich bouk^ cxincrrnjng bookt. I-'cw bihljogr^i pliers 

known tluan U M^ Ocuve Uiunncj long ilie cajMblc and 

tiouscdi^oi Kii*' 1^ IJvfC " J[i(] oihtr ;\<jik* of ;LuthL»rily, and 

M JUJthor of ibe " Phvaiognomy of ilit: Huiiis of P.iiJS* and 

[of ether work* ci|ually dtai to the tnhliophile for ihcir merits 

^ fii>r E>«jui^ of inu!ilr:LLioD, En u&8or;i^torL m\\\ M, 

^c biit[;uNi dciignvr atid illiiEiMtoi, M. Ui'iinjie liiJi now 

•cnci of "Cunt*;* iKJfjr Ici Kibliuijliiks" fautusik -itoiie* 

^^ imi^inaiy booki, tibracii^s* auction mIc*. purtliaatn, col- 

^dch« like. Firu among tbe^e eome«adelidouslove-!kiaTy 

jfe Sylviir *!t I-igntul of Lcs Iileitc* som Be^u^aln and 

I) of the BoufgOjinc-Cav-alcrit', the ^hole extracted in 

>n] -^ volumv oi tbv ^vdl-known "AJmanach dc» Muke«^ 

foUowing Ihii comeB a tiuly traak narrailv(j called 

»* Sigiaocnd,' in which a wreichetl woman, souicd by 

^ftto«OTk cxprcsisly to ruin a ti-Jiiii-ti of books of llitf 

^^1 prccleu de^rption, t'orbidd;:n to H'U them, fth« 

'^ to all posiiblu ravDgtj of ^^calbvl: and veTmiu< HWc 



Ahui, 1S95. 


Bv V,. IlArcKJirT-jACKioy. 

of ilie riTerdde wharves lundii a weather- beaten hut. 

iinec ^bindoncd by iiii rightful owners as un^t tor 

UkcETiaTiyanothcr^fvivnlofOicpaKiil seems bih to quit 

The big rubLjr naiU dine to the limben lenociouily, ^hiht 

tbcir Uim, ihouj^h the? bhivcr and proan in autumn'* bla»t. 

ominouBly \t\ ihc dty summer wmd, vet atick to ihtir po&t 

fidelity worthy or fmit&tlc'n in human ciii^E(;!i, Perhaps the 

the bauK liad eomctliing to do wUh the t(:nadty ot purpose 

bj ±e shock heiLdtid child who eulk-d this miicmbJcshaniy 

the rhenidc police knew ihai child well. JMI thcwhnrfingrn, 
teniMti, «nd even the waterside charncicn who picked up a 
ig shore, hafl j son of qunint respect for the small arom of 
wbum. by >»otnctiickoriancy, every one called " Buttcncupt"' 
h\ii-c been diltirutr. so loi an outward n^ppfannee weni, 
whcihei ButEcreupa wan a boy orjj^irl, A ihock head 
hair, which tumbled in t\\ direction^ and which it* owner 
ibtov out of ihe eyo by 1 \<n^ of rhu: head *iriiilar |(j iliai of 
cott, wai neilher Long enough to clnim feminimiy, nomhoit 
lo a«tef t a nj^Kealinc ^rtiperiority. The eycn that looked at 
ihit Tannic w<:re a few ^hodt^ d;^rker, and biighc and 
> ferrft'*, 10 wfnuc quick movemcnis Lhosc of BuUeitupi 
4dosc ToeniWjiore. Small of ^ttature, lithe of Iniib, and keen 
^?r, Builcreiifrt w.n* a< much at home in (he liver as on thesliore, 
^^^Hpny -I time Kiil he fearl«aly swum to the rtscup of a drowning 
>cd a fope m hji mouth to be [nadc fast to the landing iiag*;. 

Tkt GtniUman's Afagasinf. 

Indeed ibii tnmbfe-down «hanrrfihc)ictt>d not oaty B«mai|V^ 
a]M» Msoic liftlf'^Qwn cau, of oil ages inil udc^ ivtMchhebftdTO^ 
Irwn dcaiK Thcic cicv, witli the cvcqition of one, «en vnttai^ 
<hkti^agt ^ vbcn need pieacd, ibcir mcu^r conied tbtm rqcfli 
ftnd fuamfcd to wll tlion for n fen pence osiclu or fen good^ V> -kt 
ishftbrtaotg of ndfihbouriiig alleyt, or to borgcu reqiurni| i oL^ 
k«ep wjcer rait ai bay. Blftck cu« wef« tlw prime favour^ta tti 
th< rirtrtldv poptduioit, P^^^J bcc3iu« thuf were suppoicd to toflc 
ibtowim Bood iLick, and panty bccaute they cottld dwdl iati| 
ecal mU niod inihoui ||rc:itly dcLr»cting (rom tbctr bcftotj. To <^ 
Boltertvp* iauict^ be cared vffy tiioch nheihcr hn |vtB got a g«J 
homo or no; «»1 ^ny lU-ua^d cai murninfi to hin formn quirrrt 
«M «iirv cr findinc ■ hc^fiy w«lroEne, onJ i full shore of the betc( 
evcrylhiog; that &aUcrcup& hud to Kive^ 

Thcf^nt day 1 utr Butieicupi he nas slttlag UubbcrittgCAA 
docirttq^ vith loinvihiiij^ wcl and fluffy on ht» lcnc«s- 

*'^\l&t i> the tnaitec?" 1 <^unitd. 

*T\k child— 'he w»4Lboul lcn-^l<julbc<j up : 

" lim hvv diuH-EidcJ the kit utn I sold hlft fhtfacT hut acck, a»d 
he tt^r A tlap dovrn U-autv-" 

" I» that the ItiHeti ? *' I usked <ymp.ii helically, 

"Yes, sir,^ and he actually cuddled thai Auffj wci bundle vididej 
wUOMt ifFcctLon- 

*'?oorlinltthing, but perhaps kU better dead than sitvt: if ill 
a bad ina&Ecr-* 

"Ay. he wur a right do*n bad un wur Jim ; bm INt Ri'n un 

Wack eyes. wDt'll leacli un to let my cats bide tor *m fntufr,' 

This wa% said with such hon^t vigour that X fouivl myielf ta^' 
ing iti sympathy with the eits chamiuon. 

" And f here dt» yovi live, my boy ? * 

" There," he an^wcieJ laiionically, jerking hu thumb o«f Ik] 

'* What, in that horrid shed ? " 

"Tismy home." 


" Ain't got nonc^ l^castu'ays, mother dinl nvhen I wur a fadi' 
ur», an* she scs. ses she, * Buttercups, you bide here wotcvcr onybodrl 
«e<i to ee. ati' look out lor ycr faihcr- One day hell coqic q'** * 
hjsshi[i wol went to Chcncc, and he'll look here for m; di»)*tmi 
nohowE.' " 

"ButiercuF*^ '* *^^* y°"'' n*ni'^? Ha^'e you no other? 
*» .\\n*t lllS^ enough ? Anyvrij-^, thatV ill 1 kno-W^L* 



*' Bullion wtllyou find your bthcr if you don't know hit namr 
^hc name of hii ship?' 

"Mother M^d u huw fiubc/d conte Along en' took fcr wc, Ein* if 
''^ rooluhdllind l^an'weBl^till know, cofi he's mother's husbantJ.' 
''How oldareyou, my boy?" 
*■ DunnoWj lomtwhcres aboui ten mrhhe." 
" Anii what do you lis^t on f " 

yvox I gitt." 

"Can yoii fwd?' 

" Noa, ^n' don't w.-int lo. Knovri all obout the bouu without.^ 

•*Bul irould ftfrt ycHL likr fo know .inyThJng besides* Sftmc^hingf 

oulaxicr, Ahmit iKai Inmi a- here your iatht^T vctil*^ 

"Ulhat in book*?" 

"Vc*, ami piciuTpi fif M.*' 

'■ Then pVjps at liuw you niij^ht l^ll mc tvinim,il, an' *how me 
icm pictUEv' 

Very wcfl, 1 *ill j inj look, hcf^s iixpcnce lo buy you some 
dinner, l&d." 

" Thank PC, w f me and ihe rnu II hev *umniat t' cut now" 

Htuirrcupi Toir, hujj^mg the drowned kitten wiih one hand, *nd 
eaLtciidmg the other fat the promised colrt. 'I'hen he ih^l^ed oFT, 
Al>aut tht' iiranp;cw figure I h^d evei wen. A *hDrt hrown *kni 
tc^cbed 10 hlh knee And behed .t lagRed j-^lie in At ihr wai&t, vrhifc 
.■ b^Kht r^ lie hdd it Arm nt the n^k^ 

It> twii UT lUitc days' lime I presented myself M the intsuistbtc 
abajily uid knoLkciJ un dif tlohcrd docii- 

"Comr m,' shouk'J a voitc fiom the m^idtf, '* Now ihi/ii, old 
Ufw'^Et cominurdi " juet btan' It^i-k, >in yer, on duan't bc>^rueUy- Pip, 
for beauty, herv't a tkU]* Qf milk Foi ce as TJeb I«^ this heiv tuurnen.** 

1 K^d entered qu^^tly. and found Dutlercirps seatetL on j li:>w 
Vooden iiuol with ha\( j dofi-n hungry cats npund hjm undone 
^icntKii he was nursing tenderly, Tlic cat ;iddres3cd ax "old un " 
99X n iiHftr blark tmn, who<ie r^ggi^d eais auj^|>esl:<:d mjany a looih- 
and-n^l fight with rats^ doj;s ond olhei tuitjial enemies '»f hiK kind. 
Tbcbeautrful tendtTne** with whiih poor lOH^h Hutkn up*hiindlcdand 
Unooilied tht iii^hTi}^ kiucn would have eonvincc^d the muii sctptieol 
cliat there a vjinething divine in human nature even in it< lowest and 
ItKMluntaug^stste, Here was Ihc haI|.t!o<hcd, h.iU'SUn'cd lad with 
hi* (OTr"fi>oted nibject*, dc.iling out ihc ^^tiipjint food from hit jxn>i 
t^fdcr. lixpcotiqint tvt the cats, n vevrmh n>j bigger and no better for 
|iii(i«clf, while ihc luile kiitcri had a spcnal supply of bread and 
uiilk^ and ^M held in the boy'* ^hirt for warirtli and pioWcliuu. 


t faMfiwiiad, B wmnup * loott followed the 

L ^o, will y«?''lae Slid With -Wide eyes. "It'll look quuc na1V.1l 
t^*^^r when he comU in" 

, * "friah, my boy, jou woulri let me lake yr»U tn n better home," 
^o, think etn" he Answered sturdily. " Mother »cd at hoir th" 
^^ an' I was to be sure an' bide palicnl tril father tun' uB| an' vo 

t>d th:: Uk black cat, purring ;i%tent, rubbed hU head against bi^ 


I faMened up the Cbinrinun, and gi^mg the hcry another iiv- 

^ biidc him ^;of>d-bye- Many arid itmi^y a vi^ii did I fiayhini siW 

^^^ ii>[|J^K' iwjumer, and fatly aninmn, und he wi'i al«-,iy» thr 

^^*t. Many a n«*i!rary comfort did ht acrept iioin nir, but aity 

^*frajil for anoiher booic he alwayt met wilH the wiTne reply. 

One day I had liken biin tome ca^ira^ and lined the tpalli of liia 
^t, jEi arTajtjiCEticru hu vattly appioved. t had ngt e<jJ1c for on my 
^tecAard way when 1 heard— 

"Slt^is 4top '- " m paniinjt tgtLcs and Buttuicupt ftood before me, 
Vou (ht a (^ot'd Uit." ha haid- " Would yer Ulcc Lhih hi;re kit ? " 
"Very much md'^ Buttercups, if you don't mind pamng 

"Well. I dues, fcr I bves un. But iHwt, I'd have to seW un 
^«bbc, an' hell be hajipy with ee 1 knuwk, an' I'vv nought elBC to 
i»c ce." 

J Lud my hand on the boy's arm : 
*' 1 want noLhrng but to help yon, Butlertups." 
*■ Ay, but every one else "iid want summat back, Vcr be so 
aI good, I doan't mind so very much pnrtinVi' un toyou-"* 
■* Keep bun Liu Icomc againt" I s 11^ e:^ied, seeing xtan m the 
'« cy<* 

•• Tlumk ec kindly, sir,' and the kitten wat once more put tcnderlj' 
d^ tfae ragged »bin- 
Twt> days Aflcrwards 1 vm leaving a house aome streets ci^, vhen 
policcmcm coming up f aid : 
" Beg pardon, ait, K if you who visit Bittlcrcupa?" 
•• Vca, I am juii going there." 

••That'a *eU, sir ; ibc iad'» dying, and ni^ki for ynu." 
" What ha* happened ? '' I asked eagerly, at I accompanied ihe 

•* Well, air^ it wems a huge waier rot aitaeked a kitten ihe lad 
iidng fos ycm, and Uullercupi flew to defend it" 
Vcs" T auggcilcd as the cnnitJibTc paused. 
And the boy in ao badly biiicn, sit, that nolhmg can wst Wtt.'' 


;1'^ '«t 



: . . ' -^ s:^ 


,- f- ",' ; .%-c 


. :- '-.:,: v "icy :i^i;*' 
;e:r.— .'.Lr^ry devil was n^; 

1* :vLr, 

Atf StoUisk Siag€ tn the La^t Cert/ury. 3^3 

ft ihineenth infernal luLlette, «<hkh might h«v<* tivcn 
for (he occi*ion by some pracikal jok<jr. At ihe tunc, h«*- 
i djrcci intcri'ovlion of SaUn wa* fmiily believed by the 
^<i :hc Audicnor. The aclois Hcd ; tht DudJente divpersed, 

I lu ih<'ir hoinci :|jt: liOini;! of ih\s. terrible m^alar. And %o 
dly did il 'kffb:(^i thu jrn;t|iin:tuon of son^c of the ipeciaTon, 
E^/ profiGfrcd 10 havi; ).tfcn Ihc intruder Ily away llirouj^h the 
\\\c lliuatr«, itnd to haw tnrcn thcmtclivii ^Imoi^L M:fToc;ited 
ecaiduary stench . 

i u but ono ][lustraiLfjn of the repuic in which a^on nctc in 
Ip licid b> ihdTfvlIow-ciLia«T}», Anuthcr illu^tTHtion. bv:i»nj;i 
ii the sucisl Ihan ihe cioial ospoct of tlie cas^t nuy be fuunO 
btt iJiJit the nobihtj. ^ho proteawl ind p;itroTiiscd ihem, 

Eu under the nece^i^it) of enroUin^ ibem /n* /r#.\ in the 
tmeitic nrvttntt. Thus, the l^rd SomervJllc of ihow 
jagcd a leading acior .i!i builcr : and the great tv\^t\. 
played Richard lU^ on the stage, did not disdain to dr^w 
fitW dinii^t room, 

Ii In thctc evil days for actors that the Canonptc 'i'hcftirc 
b. And tta birih nas diarinctly iUCi;idmnie. It was built, not 
fhout l«gal ttnciion, but in direct defiance of the law. It 
ftnljr on sufferance, nnd, in cnnst^iiuaice, it liad at first a *ery 
Ed and precarious existence; It woi founded by cennin 
|rn-prDprietor& : but. rn the eye of the lav> they bad no 
D17 rights. 

II 1746 M fT5i these origins] propriLicm appear to have 
U in posfi£«aioii. BulinLhc lAlt<:r year a Mr. IhCc, whose 
|lm lo disIin^tko^^ i-i thfti he qtiATrdk'd wtth llariirhi bought 
le for £^H^, :»od ccrtflTn annuities ol /'lof^ t^ch u? ihi; sui 
iascea^ Mr. I,ct' was noln howcvfr, ,ibk to hold his ground 
eihan thrfc or fnur year!, when Jhe theatre, whidt was stili 
kit^in*' illegal footing, wa?, purth^-icd — iiT<>,rf*-V diein /—hy t. 
Boniisung mainty of legal gcntknif n, inf^ludmg Lord ICJibank, 
fonboddo, and others The ihcatre thu>i purcliuatd by the 
i Scsiion wais as if to rnmpkir Ihr qu^inlncju of the situaiionp 

Sidct the man^^cmcnt nf a woTthy KiJmburgh merchant 

t% under Mr, Calle:nder'i auspirp* dint ihc once famous 
f " llnu|;[a;« " wa* pjoiliiced. Thts is siild hy * writci of Ihr 
D hai* prnvi'd ^*a fl"''^^ t'^mporary rtliff to ihr fii;snrc"4 nl 
•e." }lc goes on lo pniipbc^y tbiiC *^the play will be fur cvr^ 
mtftt to the honour of the poeLicil genius of Scotland, >^*^\V 



In 'i^oee di^ 

c ia7*= ixscTTVi-i hi::i of 1« 

i:,^ it ins ^b£ 7-liy. and sn" 

3s ^i iced ■..:■ i",tndtbi 

^3:^ WIS sssr^sied itotci In 

- —"': f =1 =tfr:^ ;C£XCe. Oc 

i: ■ v 

r^i cibmity. So Ihcy, for (heir ]nrt, ordrrtd the muKicinnt to 

* Vou'nr welcome, Chirlu SiuarL" 'Vhf tnusitian^ a.i Stokh- 

obcycd ihcir <ytn counir)'mcn, but ivilb disastrous conaetjucnccs. 

te otticcrt drc^ their ittord^ and at once attacked the orthcKtra. 

npcti and fiddlesticks bcmt; no irifltch for cold Med, the 

ciant fled, and kU the miliury mjt^lcrs of ihc field- Itut ihf^', 

bcir rum, were aMAilcd from the g:inc::itcfl with fr:jgmcntt ai 

tn fnrmx, applcsj snuff-bowi, nnd rverj orhcrnbjcci that mddcn 

r could convtn mio ,i missdc, 'i here la port ihc ottircf^ aitcmpicd 

rirm the j^llfnei^ which, however, by ihi*. time were nji.ifcfcly 

CAd«<L And then 3 ^d thinj;, nol rccoiitcd in any hihtofy oi 

knii*h Army, hjipp^ncd in thix gallant dcr^urJimenl. I'Lir, whiTht 

fcing th« ^]kric\ Ihcy thi.'m^-lvc'^ were atUtkcd in Ific rcnr tiy 

[lurdy Highland chajrrncn, who made such good uic of Ihf ir 

I ihit the militafy were forced ta iitrrcnder at discretion. 'Ihencie* 

nd the orchestra wtre forbidden to play any tunc* except ^ho*c 

led by the m^inager, 

Knothcr nol, almosi^qunllyseiioui, .ifuM: m connccuon wilh the 

■idcil ffclii'gs, not o^ officers, but tif servants. Those weie fmr 

m lor footiiLen, fnr when Ihcir ui.-isti^rs atlemLcd Ihe thcialre, ihcy 

'(fte Admrmon to ihc U|»fitr yalltry, This was all vtry vrcK lu 

aft the mjinajccmem did nothing tu oHerid Ih^in, Hut ihr: 

iih tcrvanU of those days had a keen sense of dmn^iy, and 

BOT ^iibinJE ka be Minted. St> when the f*Tte " Hrgh Life 

StJin^ " wM anntiunted, ihe fouimtn of Edinbinuli t^:so1ved in 

rominillcr rlial lliey would no! iiHowr tocH a leandaloui libel on 

ntclti.'^i In Ik prui.lHi:ed on thi: boards. A leitfi Wiii written to 

Xhanaj^er of the Iheaiie. m which it *a^ stated ihi»L 3 band vi 

tfily men hjid iworu. at any losI, to iiop thi^ production of the 

ThiB leltei w-411 foolitlily itaii s,\owi on llie ^lage, and t!icn> 

)(e of the (hieat it conuined, an oticmpt wat made 10 [jerform 

Itereupon the upper jjallery (uined icbelliouh. The 

the di4c<jxd "crc [iiodigunih. The ma»Eer« in the body of 

home «~ent uji lo rcmoii«tmic wiih iheir conEuniaciouA eL-riAnts, 

Ac IxUtt pTould not hhlen lo the vuicu nf Authority. Oidi.'r vim 

lit rcitijied, hut nat Ivfotc (hr f^?ijlniL'n hnd LiL-cn t':tpv]1vd in :4 

from the houiic. There: v/m iiu free aJmi^ion foj Ikiotitien 


even thcie Hoi» pule inio in>)i|irj]fic3nce Uafor? ihu tioto- 

Sltiylcy rioii In 1767, \ Mr. SlayTty, an itinerant aL'tuit had 

cdcd ax cuirying fatuvir witli vajious inJluuntihil people in 

boigb^ and un iliv ^trvn^th of this he came t9 a ttnuLigcUu^ 


iificr^ in their terror, coiucDtcd lo cngu^^eihc services of 
cd Stiiytc>\ 

inr he carried bin pomi. But, for pracilcal purpo««*. 
roved not lo be carrieJ after all lL»r thv noul da/ thf 
ticovcTtfiK hom ihcir ttf^oi, it^ucU tliv roElowing Mfungc 

92rr< ami rprfmnirTi TutULbly h<fpt\ iIiaI, Iruoi Ih^ diji£Fnia> lifuaciDn 

who i^Atd bchid tKv ml of ihv Hudi^nccm iK^iolf uf J/f. StaritT. 

mi^iK ilttnoi^ |Jk<«fl (/ Btickn. hAJE-pcucc, ind Ii|-blci1 (JO^lWi. 
■ premiac ?f h^* bo^H t-ii|<)EFH], a^ rh'- i>klv U VAPct f rTM^.^ /mm-^ 
fivmjlff Mid Jntrtiiii'f*. xh-i^ itiati iiadlI ttftilw^ lu i^^' puljlm in 
kU llnicftainmcnti. till rhcj- cin Le fruurcd of a piopcJ rmtfCt>oai 
rfiAmj^ to kliml. 4«<^rr (if iti^Lf ccmimiinily, a Mon OAj>nti1c of uLin^ 
utsbltr md wichcil ajpani i>> jpiln htt emit. 

ihc good town uf EdriiLiuigli wkb wliglly deprived of iu 
■jyibcCAUte A waodcrini- %lit T>trsiited in trym^* to force 
»n tha thcttricfll rirmamciu on his own terms. The priva* 
i from January u to January 34, and during ihie period 
r£itc wofl carried on by mcjnii of printed tcticrn and brond- 
"he conElici wa^ made the nioic piqiioni by llic fact thai 
\i ihat time an intcrnefinc feud between the two leading 
A Mrs. Wflf J had been engaged to talcc ibc principal 
•he aoor) had a rival m the (>ciiiim of a rising fat^niritCt 
u fiakrr. Mrs. Bn^kur. r^jjuildcilnii hcisetf, wiih <harmir|[ 
mpWcncy, thi; tqu;*i in cvt-ry ivay of Mrs. Ward, insisted 
nc Rhould he primed in letters of the stimc utc on the 
I*i*t ihiAmodcit rcqucil it i*a= impoisible for the manAgcn 
Wrs, "Ward had slipulated from the Tiral for wlinit »be 
taction f)f name"m the bill- Thereupon Mrs, Baiter 
*Jt*puty.manafiec with the followinfi fnink cpimic ; 

doeinoT iii«re hranilji^lnticli m yonro'i'^r'i'iliBn I ifoatyaur 

''^'ixd no en^j^enicuii wiLA you. I lui*f: Wbnn^ JLMly, [ 

" '^'oH Wnti* ihc bilU wcm priitied ilnLt. if hr Hi-mTri not jmt in 

^'■»id hJul dCcmt^. lis tuum nci imi Ji ih ^ o/l, Su^Iy ii ik in 

*^ -'^'i** Slirlmt D' iet *I ploiJp. The puft H Mri. Rotunn*. I 

^'**tifm nf Mft[ rl-^mg il. cfctcirf n^f D*me ii dimmBiiihhi^. |/ 

'^^'^ Kliprvd lun til™ oni uii MuEiiJuyH 1 inuiit ticuiv mytelf fo 

"•'^x «ver b«n kindly pmiil lu incjm t^tf nuimct I ihiiUtJjeit i 

^^Mt finJ, in ihc imbhc oplnioDt lliAt M^^iD Lhii cnrnjuny 

*Hc beginning of a knytHy eorn^ipondcncc, *h^tH 


S^otfnh Sfa^r f'lf fhc La^i Century. 339 

Binments- To ihe jC^^oo thus raised was udd«d 
of di^ itUiTe amoui;! whit:li iht* lessee had 10 fir^d. 
iff of old inlcrtkts abiurbcd nearly ^j,ooO more, >U 
COfit of Uie tiEW ihvauv wu about ^7,oaa 
ftnoch«r new ibcairc, on luit^ihcr siic—ncaT ihe New 
butU; bui^ ^ it di(J Tiot 31 fim prove much of a turcrui 
b'let it la Mr. Fooct: at a Tt-j\\ of 500 guineiL^ £l year. 
igcT, brining njtli him on ciccLlcnt company, Is uurj 10 
^i,oQo in the caurj^ nf one tivir^on. lit 1781 it was 
' an actor of ihc name of JacUhon^ to whom I am 
nosi of tbcfiuiA mt-mioncd m this papeN 
th« giv4t actrcKcs who pifrformed at ihie theatre w£l4 
1 Mr& Siddons. Sho Cflme, of coune* Or^ly for j short 
« it an CAsy matter to g'^\ hcT to comv [it :i]l. Htr 
moiit prohJbilJH'. At one lime It was hoped she mi^ht 
dine for ^4<3o and a cl^ar beneHt. But. after lomc 
oe, it tranepIreU thai Mr^ Siddons did not "chooac' 
r any stipulated sum^ buL preferred to take her chance 
ts. In ihis she appears 10 have been wed] itdkiscd. for 
TC as follons ; 

tul>v~rip;Lon ro gr^l her down - 
r " Itrif til Ai rixiiiccl pncM 
iti tj ^aXe Dnrl cotd lickvb . 



I. J. 
: 7 


7 7 

certainly pretty good pay for Uioae dayh, btine an 
et jCioo a night. The nianrtgiVs slian:? oJ thu j>rufits 
f; considerably less; utill, the vi!>it of tht.' j^re^t nciress 
ve brouijbt him in some ^350- The vrgrking tjxpcnsiai 
hat tim« from ^35 ^ £a° * n»eHl. 
e of UartickV sayings that*' (he plague of manii^emcnt 

on« year to ciplate a whole lifetime of sin." And 
le kbl century a niariagtT tieeOod 10 be of tht' toiigh«£t 
f on bis ifork' Ir addition to (he di&puies amojij^t 
, fiuch Ai are not unknown in the present day, there 
ic chance tluit the general public would lake ^idiii Lii 
id make a riot in the tht^atre. Muf^ Than one of theJft 

Uicnew theaiTc, bui none of lliem atlmned the propor* 
ftoylc^^ ri^l. On the whole, the Lht^ue did not prove 
n one year the proprietor lost jt'1,000, BuE this did 
\ from irj'in? to secure theatres elsewhere. By thi* timc^ 

Tht Gtniieman''s Maj^asim^. 

vMLous thuLnci had «prunft up. Thrtt w»s. ocic At DianWc^ «h)4 
ilic nunai^ct of the Kdinbur^h Thrttiw proptucd to U^e tetUir. 
^Vhel1 hr Arrtvrl ai l.]LimrrLi:i wilh hit company he fonw! Ae 
ibealTi! X tniokiiiK ni;?!. How the? ** accident " hapficn^ «ai nmr 
known, but it borp tvery rtidrncf ijf dctlj^n. Iltorc had t«en «o 
pcrformnn<:t«, and thcrcforr no IfSL^Lmau- fins, in ibe buMini (v 

At GUsf^ov. a littlfi wliile bcrorc, tho Ktagc hod lieen ddiUnb^ 
Tired by ftuiaTic*. A Mvlhodtst prcaclivr hod mTorm^d h^nqtr^- 
tion i)iat he had had ft leEiibk dream. He had been pmaic ai i 
grcai banqiin tn ilic infcrtial ru^ionti, and had hrard Lucircr g]«« a 
a tuAsi l£li- health of llie ^'vnileman who had »otd ihc Land on «t^ 
ahouKi: Tot hJm^lf4Ludfcr)(rj£ lobe built. firAhonsefgrknmMlC 
Lucifer VEU undrtstood to mi^n ihc thcairc. 

Sucb n discDimc ciiricd with it lu own moraL "nw conjcrt^^ukA 
dtlcrmint^d on n house warminfi for ihc otpccied tefumi^ 4n^ pro- 
ceeding in tk body to the TrcfiMy CKClod theatre, sec ih« stap on 
fire Tlic danuiae done wu reckoned on a nkodrratc compuoin 
10 amount to /"^ooi the whole theatriciT wardrobe bdng de 
ftlToy«d, together with 6ome raluablc jcwck, rtw piJTKJpal aona 
—the wdl'known Mrs, Bellamy— Ic^t all hct vh^tdrobo. excest ik 
ihiriR* which she chanced to be wearing. Bui the good pccfkfe cf 
GlaA^i^w were ito Ubcr^illy dinpoKd towards hfi thjiibcfonjieno' 
ihc nc« day they had pfcscnled her wirh mor* ilmn forty 
Whether any of thcri fitted Iict i« not told u* by tlic chfonfckr. 

Tlie gemlcman thus singled ou! for spcciaj honour by 
iCKjinH to have been himself fully t:on*f'ious of iho ni-fariou« 
ofthe iiuhmifsfc for whjf:h he had sold hj$ land. |t did not. hr 
make him he«ilale to tell ic i he only iv\X juitidcd in chai 
an enornicku^ pTice for iL He asked Tour shillings a yard. «khieli 
the Gbigow of ibew dLfcys »ouW not be much, but which wm 
deemed a tnotl estiflva^ianl 6*ini- "Quilc so," he Miid. when 
onevemurcdto remon&ljalc ; ''butaeil is Intended to raUe a T4 
of licUcd on the land. I expect an cjftraordinary turn for it.** 
wh;il h mori'. he ^jot it_ 

But notvrLthbtanding the pt^iudice that so widely edited in 
day* iigainst theatres, theic were many people of good ponbon 
were eager to exhibit ibcmstlvcs upon the slaec. Then, oi nov, 
woii by no [ueana those who wers Lest fitted lo cseci who were » 
cftfc'cr to perform- Ont lady, no longer young, but still gnod-loeU 
went to a [iiunagcr to ask hini to ene^^e her- " Tray, madai;^*' 
il.^ikcd, " iire you lot -^omkcdv ot tragedy?" No ani^^^er. "An f 

7!*^ Se^fisi Stage in tk£ Last Centut^^ 54! 

, cir 11 il your first -itl^mpt i^" Not s irorcL "Are jrou 
TDftrricd, moduD ? " " Pi»j; air," Miri the lady, rising at last 10 the 
surface, '*speftk * liult louder* as I am <itM" 

On annihcr occasion a Udy wjut highly rc^commcndc^ ca the 
ftAiac tn.imtgcr, as combining Almost aU ihc ciirx-^llrncf 1 thiii ca;ild !>£ 
ctr^irc^ m jin xrircss. Thinking' he had vciircd n pnc(, the 
lliandi{;cr Ficgj^cd fof an immcdbir micTvicw with her, "Oh, \httt 
ia rmc rhmgr" t^id Ihc u^cie, "thiit ! hndjilninitE jfii^oucn 10 mention 
— — Ihc fidy Ui Jt ncgTcu.^ 

J'or iomc jMra the Ihfftlrf^iT r,pli"l)Urj;h^ Ktr(*g0Wi ^nJ llundi-t? 
canu-d on ijndei the ujnc (Eij.nji^rnii:ii(- Thit aI Edinburgh 
by no meAH^vcry isucct^ruL It m true that in 1789 the tietprarito 
►re X7'^' y- 7''-' ^'^' *" ^^^ followitiig yen thi-re werr no prolib 
jl aII -, on the coi^cmry. a detid of X^ii^ 13*. 5r^^ It m4f be of 
interest to mention what the weekly ei|ieniei wcri? during Ihc sHnicr 
of tbe hut-named year: 

Salaries &c. . . . . . l«0 j o 

Cltitr expeniic* 60 5 o 

Totvl . . , , j^j6o H q 

ll was Ln th» year (1790) Ih^t ihc manAger. aflcr various vid^l- 

lDdo«t jud^^ed it e'^pcdtent to reiirr for a vhilc rnfu the vfe svdutiun 

of ihc SatWEUaiy. DLinng thi» U-mporMy oeculuiion of its head, ihe 

i^jotnpony ooniinued 10 pi^rform in tldmbur^K and Ci1a^-ow. but with 

A pctuniaiy iwtih aimoai appalling in it? iniignificanee- The '* cleat 

profit ■ f or a month was nine shiLlinp and (ouipenee halfpenny I 

AnJ '" Ihf* so-called "ekar profit " noaJIowancr was made lor rem. 

l\^^x ma* (hi* the only deduction ro l>e made Crom ihc mi^cfabk 

bolancc, fof •'three nhilling* wcrf taken to pay vnne ecntinds" ^'a 

iAc of bcut lilvcr VB31 letumed from the uloiic^/ and Imd to be 

l« (LtKxi \t} ibc 'icLoii, and " some portion of what iriii.iincd was 

doubtful Fiiomry-" 

Such wcrcioiue of <hc vicfssitudct of Ihc ScoEUf^h Llie;4trr i^i the 

century. Ilmcil)' haraiipcd by a hoji[ of enemies and voutKwJtd 

lUl J luVi^ir.iTm support by Jl* (I'lcrids. it i* .ilmohT ji rnstler of wond« 

that \l manj^ed to sun ire at all. Hut ihe <tt;jnMlK jristinct lies very 

clotc to tbe rooU of life ii«lf, *nd ihonKh its growth may be checked 

'h;Tc, it cannot be citirpatcd. The good men of Lhc pa&< 

lu eatinguiih tbe ihcattc -, our vri^cr Jin-J mure toIeFont age 

de*irc« miher to purify and clcvalc it ; ar>d *<! iiuy hope tliat the 

ScvCI^ ihcatFc^ which poued EhKtugh v:i troublou* an infHincy, has 

licibrc VI a kuiB career of success and uK-fulneis, 

vou ccjjiaiiii. HO. S97*- \ \ 

-42 Tk€ Gemiiemans MagOMm^ 


T«F, i?^^*nbon^ tfw telescope Uwcribed byBoi^^fcCrti 

ftr^^t*.^ ohtken. nsviu^ m MidddbiiiKh« Hcdtand, «bcnl ^^ 

\^<s^ TSencT¥<« tfv invcntioadid noc ipcod npidif, vil * 

x;^\.-o«^ t»> "CjC^u^ loniil the year 1609- In th»l 701 *» ^"^ 

l^.Aa is^^cx-w^, b4^i=*kKiMdthepriaapie«o*^Wi*«» 

&^ ?,^ «vx\. i»d 4ChAx<*iJk^ IB nilins one «fakJi mAgDificd ttff^^ 

jlS^x xSr tV«ier of A mcOcRi open^fjbn. He aftcnnnii pKCtftf 

-*- sNTtstr^t'^rr-pj JO* »^.sc^. taj^fnioed thnty tiiaca» wid to i*™ • 

V_^ itf.-r^ '■j%-i> ij ws-U tcc»T- — the dttCOTtty oC the aldti»^ 

'-V-.vt, x*^: v*^^**.-^ .-i Vi;='.i4, tbe spocs oa the3tuk,&c GifiW 

Vx■-k^<*.^.vs wvri; ^s>ii< cc ^Sc prlocipie of the opo^-gbra and ■ 

v*c\<(v\\ ^^'C?- ,*<v"^ ^i^-^< 'je=3«K Tovirda the middle f' ' 
»;»v:'.v,V'^;* -^":^nf :cl«cv^-<:i wicre oroscructied in which bcA 
> ^-^ \vc ; ito i:'J. iTt;^-^''-'^ "^^^ '-vcvtrx 'jenses. The great ol^ectifl 
;"-:*c :vt-> ,1 v^vsi:-^^-ts^ «-=s k^l^Iic ^teti^o. is due to *bi 

'■i ol " ^^- ■ *-t:^' ; ^cfTi:. ',-iv' wr.^rci produces a fringe of (S 

^ *v.. V j.^:r. Vj.%.,' 1:-- -'K''.^^ ,-i,icra-^,ii»^ oc cbeup hjnd-idc< 
J. 'C Vv-k. i- i ,i .;c .'' " * 7r,'Jirc^"i ±4^Li=st i b.Ki^toinHl of 
^ -w^s. V <- L ,; -v "ti '. -^ ■ ;; --^ rC* vUI be seen a on 
: ^vo,\ .■.■^\. ^.-<> vr,;^v"':s ;>c *^i:' =i oc :he hi'Js beinc 

vi-v*> -'v " oJ. .:? I -^vw^c i-:vt;- "1 x rriy ^c*aj telescope. 

-■. „v^ J."---. -^ jl; t * *':* :,rT';s;ri ,-i*;tv-^^ i* espedt 

" ■! .*! -"-.^ :: ■t:^'\:':.,i;i'. 1: wt>; V; iccij j-v-^c; — -■« <:id td 

K.>'L-,>, :-c t*i^,v*-c!i;T ,-; L*ur,-.^j_\ ---,cs::-jrie.i ooe of 15^ 
.^nt"^ ^ ""^: :->ii, ,T ■7irr.<^ ik^'ct-*^ v;be, be-Iaa =ia5i *rfpbB 
■^i-^iEfxt'i^ : . -■_' ^;^ ;- 1 if-^f;^ *T-i^ -^xt*! :.- u:< ir;x;2tii Bj 

Giant Tdtscopet. 


k>c ji brt(«r arrnn^mpnt lo hnvr the ap|i*r!tlLi9 Jtlached io ■ 
^S lowtfT. Luf 4anE of inmiB prvirnrrd him fium catrr^iiif; uut 

«l long, in 167J ; and Hu>jj«nB one of nj f«f, whidi i« 
fca<TTtf<I by (he Royal Society. Bradley mcafiinrd \'cniii in 
^ith a tdc«opc 311 feci long; and Auzout 11 laxd to have 
Vicrod one of 600 feci, which, howercr, he could not lac owing 
Cflodnous Icnglh ! ThcAc huge initrumcnti were, however, 
^c iHil|r ifi Itmgfh^ iheir diameter being only a few inchcft. One 
Mnu& preierved by the Ropi Aitranomi^nl Sociciy, h^h jh 
I^^IV of only 2 mchcA m diimctcr A modem ictricopc 
t Innjf would prahably be superior in every way 10 ihc: Urj^etl 
»9e old rm^trLiQicTkU, 

» In^e Ncmriofi mode *tTcral eKpmmenU with a view lo the 
kToment of lefracimg telMOj;*^ litJt cairie to the concltltion 
t was iiDpo^iibk to ^ct rid of the rhroniiitic Jibvriatiori pioduced 
He lbei> lumnl his .iiieniiun [q tlic C9ii»iruetiuii of 

ropes wi:h mciiiUit mirroti — !'»« BuggfMi-d by James Grcgofy, a 
rbman, in 1663 — anJ Bucctrdtd in m.ikit>y icveial which yave 
saory re^vlu. In ihii fann of teleicupc the ^numct bcmg 
ed by rcfltction, i? free Jrom rolrmr Nr^ilon's ie]ftct»p« were, 
'•er, very small. jir>(lorily» lew %\\ ^y^^^ ^i/c w^rc consirucicij 
bout 100 >«a[fs when Sir WiUidm Iltrr5<:htl lo-jlc up ttic iDbJeGt, 
soceoeded in conMiu^ning %L^Tt^ral reflceimg idetrxriivt of eoii- 
■Uc ^tjc, hik laf|;cil bting no leu llun 4 feci 111 diunielcrr. 
grcui iniitruincni wft» hoLthrd in the ytar 17H9, ,kml Aiih ti ihe 
riuttk ailronomer diicovrred (tie two imill vndJite*! uf Suiurii, 
j^ jiid l^rLrcUdiiii. In afltr yean a reOeclmg Iclmcoiu; of 
n in dMjncier and ^0 feel lon^ MpIA nlui eoo^irticied hy Mr. 
ril, whu ^o<^k It ti^ Mjlla, ^i^d WJth 11 ihvcovcrcd iiuiMi^iuus 

'bete lelevcuiJC) wvie, fi<^H4;^cr, huon exieeded ui Mm t>y Lard 
1^ fflmoua lribi.rumenl nf letl m iJtaineicrH cuiiipTi^ied in 134^. 

giafit ide»uope. i^hrdi ik «ill ibc lurntsi in tbi- wurlrl, i» 5a 
in Icn^-ih. The lube. 7 feet m driimctcr, i» formed of woyd 
gthcQcd wilh iroti hoops. There «re two mirrors, one wcighjiiii 
id the olher 4 Ioti«. Tlie meul of whteh These mirrora i« tnulc 

alloy of copper and tin, m (he pio|ioriiori of 1 *6 pari» eoppei 
\ [in. A^ Ihi? Tck^rope i« iixcd bct^reeri two M^h wJiFli^ running 
I and «oirth, obvrrvationa can only br^ mude when ubjccis are 
the meridian. 
Tk*c Ur^ tn^tflllie mirrorsj nlthou^h of great bgh^graspmg 


Giant 7'ikscopeSi. 

kQ(-ftA«» IS fttiU »oEnetimes u^ed in binocularB. but Tor Iuro 
ftcopc« iwo Icnseft only are g«neral]y used. 

NoiwithAUiidirtG \h\% ctkli impmvcmcni in ihc coiutructi^ii of 
Eftcting 1c^cscopc^ mftny years ilapacti hi^forc cdcwopct of smy 
btrcrcconmuciod on this i^rinciplc. Even \n ihc year 1&35, ihe 
fitt tdetcope of ihii kmd wan one of only r^^ inches in diameter* 
VUtnkdcd by the finious optician Fmunhofcf, Tor ibc Dorpat 
taemiory, Roflwa, M, Siru^'e, Iho director of the Observatory, 
tee Willi reference to it: *'l atood a«t>nifih<:d before this noblo 
nnimcnr, ondcteftniTted ^htch lo admire most— the beauty aivd 
;ginc>^ nl t^ir workmanship in its mail minute purts, ihc appropii- 
Eoe»s oJ it» con«r"ctinn, the ingeninni nicchnnism foT moving if, 
the incomparnblc npcical power of the telescope and ihc prcdnon 
Eh which obj'ti* are dc-rtncd/" Anironomer* of the present day 
itM harilly tall a tclc^ropc of ihii lice "» noWc instrumcnC 
^ton of S to Lo inehcB in <linmcttr bting novr compArifivety 
merouL Struvc. hovrcrer, did excellent work vriEh this tercieopc. 
d diicovf red And ^nulo^ed hundreds of doLibIc ilara— a good 
mpTo cjf «h:ii has hccn sard *nh rcfcieTi<^«totc]e*(opei in genewl, 
tt the "Oik dome with an insiTumciit '* does not depend so much 
. ihe dwnctcr of the bi^f end as on the man at ihe ^mall end," 

Gndaal^y* hoH«vci|^itng iHcsco]3ca incrtawd in s\r,<:. In 
^ an a^^iiuiiMtii: <d TiJ t|ii:hcB a|jcrtare nnd 17 feet i\\ ttfngth 
IS ODGStructrd liy Cnuchoixi and mounted in the Cambridge 
iKnatory. 'W\% \% known ai the Northumberland &jLiatonaT, and 
bM named aFiei the Duke or Nortbumb^rhmd, who piocnicrd ii to 
e Ob«crv3tory. In the cime yi-ar a refractor of ijj inches ape r» 
IB anil 2$\ feci lougf by (he ume mj,kc'^, was mourned at the 
bstnatOTy, Markrce Cattle, Ireland, by the tale E. J, Cooper. Tlieic 
dio a refractor by OuiKoix, of j i'8 ineh^a apt^rturet at DLjn«Ink 
SMrvatory, Dublin, a^ij iht-re^Tc^cvofjlt^f from tjto i3li[icht'ftiTi 
t United Siatesaoddst'^vhi^rc- AtthePoulkovaObservaloiy.Rusiin, 
stcis a6ne refraetoruf 15 inches aperture and jjJ feel focuti, the 
>ck ctf Men and Mahler. The weight of this insirurnent is 
&00 Tbt^ or u^xT 3 loos ! h has a lierJe:^ of eyepieccf^ the highest 
ftKni^ng J,ooo rimes. The Harvard College Obs«vatoty(U,S.A-) 
y* a lelcscxtjM; of thr: tanie sire and liy the lame makers as the 
(Ml IkoTq telescope. The ftiris Observatory has aiso a tefuetor of 
5 uches dinmeLcr. buE ic la noi a very good ont^ The follomng 
ttMRriiories iIku po^esj refractors of about 15 inches aperture : 
*lcc. Royal SoL-iccy, England, Rio Janeiro. Madrid, BmsselJi, and 
•*Wftt<inth. The Harvard Colle^'i- lelescopc ai one umt ^hw*:i 

lbs iSi-fPr^ ^fam 

Ft *iA 
the ikid^ ttM^^. 

kft hii work^ofib Tkii 


ind there t« ttooCbn of iW mma ftae And bf t)i« 


We fsow COOK to n Sm ekm irf twor vo incho tn diaim^'^ tf*^ 
M «Mr ^ wp po xU , thie nmitwT of Ibeic is linuicd So 
kn0* theie ace only lUneeD tdacopo «t pm«nt ui eiiiac 
objecf-sbasri<3f otra to iocbes apomrc Thevevf^M IbU 
I- Rdbactorof M^ i^^^"' priviac obaetruovj «f K. 
?. Rcfndot of fti'i iiKhn, oMMnictcd by B 
& Wntj, Tot Mr. Bathiogham^ pnntc ofavftnioty. 
y Objeci'ftlutt ii~^ itichei, by Mct-f, «t iIjc 

^4. Refractor of 13 indict, contirartcd bj AlnnCC- 
Ibc I'jincclon ObiitTvaLOfy (U.iA-). With l3in w 
fcitkjT Vuung has darne itxxl woit 

5, Rtfraciot of 35 ]nch<^ jiprnurctxinectniacd by C 
York, 'or thv btc Mr XcwalL Thi« innnnncot is now^ 
CjtmbriJR* ObHcrvatory- 

6, Refracior f{ >fi Inchct, ma^k by Alf^n Cl«k f 
privnie observatoty of Mr. McCormki (U.Su/\.>, Wir 
in*irijmcni nurnerou* mt.ieurvfl of double star* have b«tt 
by Mcfi^rtn 1/hatfcnwonh ttnd Mulltr. 

7, i<«frarior of s6 mchc«» also t:onstTUClcd by Alvan 
for iheWaihmK^onObwrvatory (U.SsA.). Wiihthi? opogn' 

^ ^ 

Giani Ttieste^cs. 


in 1S77, :iniil )lii nioiJe Dumcrout mrwurvi ufduubtti «tDii*- 
tl^c- ubjc^E glaw yf this ctlvM-vpv, ihc lh]cknt?» of the crowa 
(**'*™ l*rns i» i-fiS inch, ;ind tlutof ihc; flint glass og5 mdx. 

**- Rcfracujr of 7; jnchw, cijns^ruaud by Sir Tloward 
■f**"*-* t*l3 for ihc Vienna OlHcr^ilory. Th» wlocope lu* been 
chi<*fly us^^ ii5 the ii'ixcb fur tninyf pUneu between Man and 

9' Reftncior uf tS Inches, modu by Sir Hotvjinl Grubb for 

|*n<r CI^Tc«nwich Ot»crvaioiy. 
^^ ^«^. Ri:fMCEor of 28-y inchrt, matlt by NUnin for Ibc Pari* 
Ofeac- rvatoo'. 
■ * . Rcrr^Eor of 39-9 inr.hcH, made hy iho BTothi;r§ Hcnr>'> 
**■ '-'^ct Piui* Obicrvitory« for llic obwrvatory at Nice 
_^ * a. RcfncTor of 30 indicii nprnurc consliucted by Alvan 
^^"■"^ Jt SonifoMht P'Jtilknvji C.H3*c(v^aorj'. Ruwia. 

■ 3- 'ITh' gfwi tclCTCOpc of (b^ l.icfc Ob^civalory, C^iliforria^ 

■* niagn^FiccDt miirumcni, the largest rcfnicim in cxUiencc 

' r*»*Ci*<rnu has an objcd-glBw of 36 inches aperture, ihc work 

\y.. ''^'vatti Clark*VSonii ihr mounting beinK cnnitnicieJ by 

^j^**"*^Or Jt Swflzcy. Tht Lick Obiccvatoty wji founded by 

H^~ l^ite Mr. Liek, a iMircd piano and nri^an maker of Balti- 

^"^i wlio made in enormon* frjiuine by Imd ^pi^cnlaiion*, 

^^^* of whiirb he Icfl for jinhlit ipirpoic^. The obnetirti* 

^ '■^ ■ S siliutcd on the summu of MtJUn* HflmiJton, at a ht*ight 

J **"» 2oo feet above the level of ihc sea, aTid -iIkhiL sinly 

I ^^^ youlh-ca*l of San l*'ianciscO' The lube uf the great 

|.^^ '-^^l-'e i* ^7 fevt lonpH *>r abtrnt 5 feci longer ihan Loni 

^ ^^^'^ yijnt rtilifcioi. Thv :l1c*copc is fitted with " finders " 

1^^ -^^ -* and 6 inches ipmuie. The largeal of thuse would 

j(^^ liecn considered a Urge ieIe*cope in the beginning o[ 

^f t*»^esent tcnlury. The lelesco^n? ii ihelltrcd by a dome 

^j^ ^S fe^i in diameter, weighing neatly S9 loni, and resting 

c^<^^Z^ brick wall 35 feet high I Surtoundintt the pier which 

^yj *^^s th* tdt*copc IS a floor, which i» fiiicd and lowered by 

XU|.,^ **^hc power 10 tuit the varying heighi of the eycpjcre 

*^<-«lih thi* moving floor weighs ovirr i; ions i[ tan be raised 

^*l^ph(^d with a pholo^TaphIc len* of 3J inches jperture 

minutoi' In addition to tlie ob)ect-^1a^ the telescope 

X pholo^TaphIc len* of 3J inches jpeTlUte 

^*^ feet fuciis, with which some fine pholographt of the 



|Li^ *"* and other tctosiial objects have been made. Although 

«.^^^tajnt telescope has only been in Uhc for a few years, much 

*^m wofk has been done vfilh u. Hy ft* aid i^riifcwiMt. 



ARCHISM is one of thone curiotii product* irf mc^irtn 
society tvhKli will v^dl rqijiy eonait^^ftilon. Ii i« a tymtiium 
Btoc; '± niulL^Ti^int funj^vid ^ruwth, to to Bjivaki oit thi- butly 

■with dtftijly rixHrd tauwit which it it the butmes vf ihe 
j>atholos"»t to probe and invciii^^itc. It catirnjl U: h.ntily 
Nrd as ihc produt'l of ihc discaicd ffln<;y of a half-ciaied 
or ftimply oa a phovc o£ licndish ciimc. Such a curtoty ttcni 
rould U^ unphibfophii:. arid a wilful blindiu»& to fict^ trEiJch 
«0t loall whodo not rcfuKo to £c^; them. AnarchiEm » not 
' chullJEJon of passion, or [he whim of a Itinacii:. Ti is much 
.hin ihoE, It \% a creed ot d^trinc whtrh hns lome f^orL of 
Gc ba^jft, And whkh has bren detibcr^iely ihotighc out And 
&nd la tcnrtit ih^U '^vt fjtirly we'll Ut^fiMccL Some uF JE> ^x'si 

ptopoundur^ huvo bovn m«n ofi-^cepiionjl abitiLy, .inJ cvt't^ 
?Demie» of thi5 human race ab V'^iilbm, Ruta;:holt And Henry 
' an amount uf cunning. dcitnninatJoii» and of il] di^ebtud 
^dg« which IS nlinciit incredible:, 

larehiim may be taid to be a creed of Fran t:o Russian ori^in- 
Vtnge hovr exticmc-^ will i^nmetimcs meet ; and jute as repub^ 
Prnnce and dc«|>otic RusLita have embraced one another in 
«l illbnci:. 5o Anorrhism has been haii^hcd m Siberian prisons 
n ihe boulpvirdif of Pnris, It is the child both of despotism 
vmorracy. The propagandifit^ of An:]rcht3ni go a long way 
jQr a boi^J^ for their creed, and (hey hn^'& fnund no diliirulty in 
B In the writing of aiithors of jfatabbshed C»mc v:irious st-ito- 

or 'iffi^r ^citf vhich, apart from their contcxr, u<^cm to lend 
n to the dof;ma» of Anarchism, Krom Nuch writers all lorla of 
C8 tuvc been borrowed, and loudly proclaimed with u [louri^h of 
»«a. Such are th*^ " fafs cc que vciax " of Rabckn, and the 
hicun icion *csbeioin*et !<elnn la powibiticii "' of the Anabaptist 
=tr, » contemporary of Rahelai*. Snjoo. T.aBoeiic, thcfriwdol 

fdiEia.ry miin v.^^ bam in 1^^9.31 Itcsin^on. Ik was 
fi, not nicrcly far hu grut ability, but also for his 
thfti^ifier- JIh Icftureii and his writing f/trt dift- 
ilifce inr rhcir qiuliiy jind thrir piety. But in the ycnr 
rtlcd the wnrid by the pmduciion of that onmordinary 
b^:C«qncf« Propria ii^ ? '* He aitftwcrfil fhc qiw^ibn by 
^npriiH^, r'csi Ic vol-'* He took fr-in in the revolution 
fl wi% ^nbiequcnily impnaoni^ fnr !hr pari he placed 
?« VISA a|;am ini[^r]Acn4;d m 1858^ And died seven yeim 
||MTati»e ■}htiCiitity. Pmudhoti rcducod AnaTfhiam Ifi a 
ir a* it fMi h^ fjillcd 3 fiyitcin af alJ, Ac< ording la \\\s 
Sl.ite "i ni> longer In titsl ; (here n nnly Tu he a sorT ol 
Ofs rhargcd with the duty of scrurti;^ lihcrty and juttlet 
Crc art no fon^r to be any ma^tcn» ntjr any higher anM 

> ; sovereignty i* to reside in carh cili/en ; evcTylhing h 
^ralised for the benofct nf the greatest number; froiu 

there [» to emerge no-govempent— ^in a word, An- 
fhcTie are to bf no ton^-er any national fronEicra; there will 
thing at La Patrtf. became all ihe people* of the worrlj 
iftc togcihcr in brotherly love. Such, in brief, is the 

rioudhon^ and it 11 piactieally aLmont idenllr^l with the 

of ihc pfrAcni da), 

midlLnn Anarehiim wait litlk- more tbiin a iibiUn^ophicftl 

; it wa«L left ro two KtivsiiLr^s to ^ive it that h»pulai^ fOf- 
Irc (Inm.iin nf pnclical revutujionary polittrs wbiVb wa« 

> tesiill in Muh disuMrous ron^t'ijufncc*. The t«'o nicn 
cl B^iLiimn and IVintv Ktapgtkin. Bakuniri wa« Ixirn in 
1*n*UKutic family, and cntt^cd the Russian army. He 
fclgeof iwenty-onc, and took up his residence at Moseow. 
devoured the wiitingi cif Ucpel and Schopenhauer, .■uuJ 
ti;f a crrrcle of jumii^ men, -^mong wljoiii were Kaikofr^ 
V ^flioui u the editor of the Mvifint' CaiefU^ uid 

.^pri^^atdK a prc>miiient NthilUt, I3akunin wai a 

, who nas ncfcui .U peace himself, nmr would lei 

'fi-^ ^u a Mlorniy petrel of pohtic^, who dehghtcd 

< y^ ft* in plot?» and revolutions, Jii 1846 he visited 

-/>jbcd aomct-hjn^ of the leacbinys of ProiidhoT\ 

/>JtT was first disiinyuished us an active Panslaviw, 

^^ ^>i^rt in dif^ revolutioTiB of 1848, For Ibe share 

^^^^sd^n be >K'a& ^iven up to the Russian auLhori- 

r*^ SibtfriJ, whence he succe^^ded in making 

^-7<7C until i36j that be turned Im\^\ovL ^u 


nvibjjw ; iis Origin and Or^anualioH. 353 

|e^i will rtrpay a ioni<what dcqier contention ai a tbnc 
LDy dc^pCTEUloc] htLvc carried ottl the creed iu iU togvcal 
'J'c do Ehc Anuchisiii jtuikc, ihcy leave ua in no doubt 
mcar^inj. They, nl Icatt, give us full wflminj. What 
whAi ihcy inicnd ir^ plainly »( oiic in :hdr pubtUhed 
if Kropoikin'i. "Paroles d'un Riivolt***' and his "Ij 
PjLin, " and Jcui Grave's "Soci^l6 Moumnic " and bi« 
IxndcEiioin dc la Revolution,' not lo ^pcnk of theii 
ticb «r^ numcrckiji enough and arc in iimny longungcs, 
conccilincnt of ihcir uU[n>;ilc cnd}« nor jirc ihcsc ends, 
jafliix he s^Jiid, in thcm^ctvc? c»f that :ibhorrent description 
^Ic nrc Jiccu Jiomcd Uiaj^aocimc with the icmi " Anaichism," 
ipUon o( the mcanR m ihe nnmc of %'hicLi Ruch crimes 
perpetrated which ^iU for ever bkost AnarthUm with 
diit^acc- And thofie who have pr^thed the doctrines 
tndot tlmkcofTihcir thaicof rcsponttbUiiy for the terrible 
K; whow mindi ihcy havf perverted, 
im, then, iiiAy be uiid to have two aldO£— a po^tivt and 
It bc^ina froru ihc netl^tlvc jioint of vJcu by a^vocuting 
Llion ckf our pri^scnt suciiil iuHiUuEionj. There is to be 
;tty, capilAl. prtvikgfx fatherUn*!, frontiers, wars, 
:iEy of any k.ind, vrhctlicr monaTch^Cil or republican, 
pariiauieatary. Ciravc^ in hia "SociiM* Mouranic," puw 
:t "Anortby de»irei looat^crt the negation ofauihonty. 
precendN tu juttttfy it« existence by the necoRity of 
Social insliiuttont, such a« the Family, Religion, Prapeny, 
!ia3 crvaieJ a great luachmcry to assure its exercise and 
'* fcuch OS the tau; the Army, the Ke^^Jilative t'ower, the 
%e. Anaivhisls, then, mutt atiacl; all inaiituiions cf mbjch 
Wn created the defender, und Lhe utility of which il 
rmoTii^tjatt, in order to jualify its own existence-" Lis 
i^ invp1te:tly coi'jiaincd in the two Wdin^ fortnubC) 
|uc VLUi" and " Tout eit S tcrua." A tort of conimuuHm 
lb[i*hed, in ivhieh harmony and goodn^^fit will, aa i 
intf, prevnil 'l^ic i>otitLVL: «jde is a ncce^Aury corollary 
lire, and aLmosi ncceo^arily fullows from it^ tliough 
kc antic li.iaiod rctulta are likely to fullow itt certainly hhat 
■uuld Aiicnuoualy deny, >]owcvce thai iiiay be, and 
may ttimkof it. it 13 the aimpkfaa thattlicrc arc some 
Eriou:tIy believe that with unri:i: in civil individual Hbcnyt 
lion of iH dutijority whiik-vtT, ihc millennium for which 
ardently ye.itned would speedily arrive, Thali»t.\>t 

Tks (iiniUnMu's Afagaz%mi, 

Anarclitbi id^^l. and it ie in atwnce nothing bui xniliitJutef 
iaiuufairt drritrJ uiii u> itt loeEcal extreme. 

Such « the h»Uity anj ongin of the Aoxrcfaiit omI, vKi 
une tahrcb anyi>n« m;iy be permitted lo hoM tf h« pfeaM(« Win] 
to preach tg long ai he corifinet biniKir to pcftcdil 
UnfomuruTelv, i;s pruitcil realiAOtion involves ihc 4(S0«>*^j 
sociccy as «c no'^' have tL It prtdicottcs a complete fwee^ < 
ihc making- of 4 iabnU f^m of oar «Dciil imniiudont, and (« 
peaceful cvoluEicin impaiii-ni Anajchum » apparcni))- no( m.j 
yrt\t. The trans forma:Jon ^ vocicty is dcm.inijcd hcii^ in^ ' 
and this consummaciun can unly beachicvcd by |^h>-«ica) f<^<^ 
an aciivc propaganditim of the doccrine. tn ihc hope of ^^ 
many ditdples b£ pofisible^ Anarchism u before cvcr>th^ne i <^^ 
and a proMlyiising creed. Like the followers of Mahai^a ^ 
Anjtrchii^i may he aJ;no&i iud to oJTcr the alicinutivt of Ibc 
the Koran, l< will be, then, of some mtcrctt to ioquirf ^nxii 
iiLvihofl^ Ijc has adopted fui the diivnnirxation of hiv t«n«ti 

'V\ic ]t!ai% of the Anarch lit otKatithaiion ifl ivhM u calkd 
"jfluuif/'aiid it is onl) t:onsifrtcni >^ith ihi' idi'iilBOf AnaKhjWi 
thiA ''group ** of aRMmi:>1c a nature at po6Skbl«'. Todoutherwia 
be to \tinvc the dixn ofjcn lo the inLiUhkm of that^j!r>ih^i ' 
The " groii|j " b^h na toUti ^'ounvj li^ ii-«t upon or «iv 
duraiiori, [( jk a i^ort of ftixintuncuUb mt-eiing of pccaont *>t- 
An^rchisi ii^^uf. !it\C [iiky be ditaolveU with the fame <^fre viiI^j *^Vi. 
it is crcaU'd. The nicfiibtirb of a '*group'' dnpnc ifac WK' 
"citUcti," and have ;iJoj)ii-d ilui ijf "comrade" in>(tcaJ. TWl 
''^ruup» " ;ire gcueraUy found m the great loH-nis. and UKLally ccmi^' 
tho»ewhobve intheaameJtircelor^jiuircct, the "comrades*ai«^' 
onct^ oriwice ;l welkin each other's housetorm3Lwinc-:&hr)^ Tlsi$' 
djiicuss Anarchism and ili provpects, but that i> n\l No dcc^D***! 
arrived at nhlch j&iti any way bonding on the members of the** fic^''j 
Anyone who pleases may aut;nd. and no qijesiion i% iikt& ^ 
may become a convert if he choosc^t and he may adopt any tdh^I 
oi piopagandisii^ ihat he likes, without being under any neffsKf 
divLkl^t; It to h\i " coDuacIcs." I'hc wlio1< idea of this 
by&icni, which is no system, is to dis])t.'nsc as £it as possi!>lc *^{ 
^ny laLij^ible iiulhuriEy, In some counirks U apjxars i^ 
fcdtiaiion of the '■ groups " has been attempted, hut in i'nnw 
ihk ^tender kjjpioach to CE^ntjalisation ha« been diKvded» )pd 
ihifi absence of embodiment in the i;oncfetc which enaWei the 
suc^-Ci^sfully lu tliidc the inM'ntiyJiiionB gf ihc police. The* 
sygiem i% An '* untiub^taJUjal fabriCt" which fades away bki l^-* 

n&n^ism: iis OrigiH and Orgam'saft'on. 355 

itfM «hcn appToatbcd- A French Anarchist fsilmaicb :hat 
tconi.-iinsabouiahwndrcd"croups»''nndthe rcftt of Kranccabout 
01 Aic liuiidrtdi vacli "j^uui/' cGnHiscingufaUjm frftetn "com 
Wi'' »o thai ihis i*oulil brinn up iht number of milium 
rthi&M in Fmao; 10 golii tithing Lik€ Ecn tlKruiundn In addition 
tut it IS claimed that th^y hawe many adherents nho, fmm 
iveof /ear or prudence, have not daicd to openly pronniincc 
Jlsdves, but *hc> send pecuniary aid ; while ihcrc are many more 

u koit sympathise with An^irchisc idca^. The numbi^ of these 
eor Icfia taieni Anarchist— who form, as il v/6jc, an ill defined 
{c round ihc Anarchist i>rDpcr — has been [jui .-.a hi^b u t^fiy 
Utnd, and they arc ^Id to be drawn froni all ranks of society, 

cbictly fmm the workers who Lead a sedentary Itfc, MUh as 
3n and shoemakers, and who do their work tn rheif own homes. 
* tuppotcd that (heir occupatir>ns src not of a kind to offer dii- 
IJDOB to the mind, which UiercfoK turns in upon ilsolf, and in like 

nurd of HudibraSi which 

»Aev into liEcIf Toe lack 
01 lotatbodir bo hew Qnd htx^. 

hould be added that tevcial iitcnjpii hutc been mode to botd 
1 iiUional and i[Uernation:j] toiiHTChfcs of Anarchitis, and on^ of 
temc hfid la^t yvar in Chicago with lome tucoeti- It b tuiid 
U jasttiy a* *cven tangiiagc^ wen: spoken ;iL its mc^eciogH, which, 
iKp il iTlrLLiM^ i-vidcnce of the cMeni of An^itchi^L rsmil^catfunH ; 
U (^ nol bttT|iMbinf^ to read thai I hi: mtctin]^'' wcic conducted in 
Anarvhir^L f^ihhLon, withoul any prttjJciU or nilcsp while tinv 
tonJB 10 organise ihe [u^rty were leji^cted m letuJUi^ to tntru- 
tSOmeLhinK leiembting a form i>r governm(?nL. And that i> i 
I which no Anarchisl could ^Und. 

Each "group/^ which ab^iurnci aomt^ fanlagljc njimCi nukra ittdf 
lOl^agandiil ccntie; and this it diK« in v^^rious w^ya. If 
dble. which nienerally means i( it hm nuinacnl fund*, it btarit a 
lul of Lti o«n- H It caiinoL do thi&> il dot;!^ wh^c i» ntxt \xSU 
prints iind acaiters brojidca^t pbrards and m;tnifcstoe«. The>c 
frequently of a mu»tinci7ndLary dwcriprioiL They are described 
bring printed by s^jme agency uith ^ rariMhiir naitic, ;ind arc. 
^me, ditiiculi to Itace lothf^ii sources. They arc produced in 
Uabundjncc at Umn of gvncriil elections, with the object of 
OCing cTcctou 10 ahittain fiom votin^c, <ind of tiei»|jatterinK condi* 
Ctof all parties w^th abuse, Thejr violent chainclc^ may be in- 
M from audi licadLngboa the following, whithlkuvc appeared upgu 


^narfJitsrti: t'ts Orig-in and Organisathn, 559 

frn uriiltcn, of thhirh Jpflf c doc* noi frf-rmil 13* la sprdk- One 
ftwc pojmUr of ihesc songs ^'^c " Chanl du P*fe Duchean^*' 
Mrn) a ^TiiH noloricty, bcrausi' three of \U lines were ihe 
wm ^lokcn by RavathoJ on inc scaffold, Thfy wctg— 
I Si In Tcux cire hcoEcut* 

^^^^B PmHi con ptr>p;L^[ktrf, 

IK on ncdleiJt {^uitipW of the £uit of siulT tli« poeu of 
liy producC' In lh« face of all ihitf tl i^ not nurijri&in^ thai in 
^ at all cvtni-Et. iht Covvrnment I^avc felt oblitcutJ lu arm ihuin- 
irilh die moat iLrinf^cnt press laws for Ihc piotecdpn of Huckty> 
a brochure. " L'lnditateui Aniirchislc/' opvniy t'Kplaina ihe 
murv and us* of ihe niust dangcryus cJUjloaiveu. which with 
in icnif of humour are siyled "pifnluiis ami - bourgeois, " U 
nainly dmc thai tomelhing should be done 
ii evident, therefore, that Anarchism is an element in xociciy 
ntt have 10 be mtt in a very serious ^plrii. lis prnff£Sed 
^B Arc numerous, nidt^preodi and deiermiiiG{l, and Jire 
from aLI ranks of society- An AnarchisE has rereiii1)i been 
b Pans who had inherhed a fonune. and smong whose 
found a witi leasing a aum of ]<jo,ocio (ianc£ lo ]c£in 
lb* benefit of the " comrades." A t-r(?cd which wins 
ftraon^ Ihc irttclh^cni and ibc vfocdLiiy» Vp-ho sacrifice 
b (he causal mu^t have in it some rational elements at leafrt. 
ion, indeedi ib. when closely looked at, notliing but a logical 
Im from llie doctrine of /fTrjj^j/jrV/, li is the quimcs^encc 
fridualisni and UieamiLhusis c>f bureaucracy. A colony of 
Ionian^ are said tc^ have worn a cvut so made that it could not 
en off wUhoui tht- Vi^lp of aoine one eJse, as a p^rpciuol re- 
' of mutual d«pendi?nc(.-- Anarchism is thi- exact opposite 
\ It » ibc go^pc-l of individual independence, ttismaick Ls 
\ hare temarkcd thai fieedom ia a luxtiry ivhich few could 
|tem«elvc», bu: An:Erchis[& con^id^r it x neccs&Uy of life. 
I to br SA it Xit, protest ^iLjainKC the e\C£s£ive interference of 
AC» it hoR D firm boLii^ on the uhimsie fau^ of hunian naturr> 
1» lome feme in the iem:irk of Tom Fame, that government 
Ctnofy evil, is due to our wlckeJntk^ and^ like drcsB, I« a bad^v 
hnoccncc. When Redus said ihuE there could only be tnora,lity 
Siere wulibi-ny. he wo^ only echoioi; what Aristotle laid down 
jgo in hip» "Bihtct." There can be very little doubt that 
dsmi^ the djri:a product of ihat overgrown bureiLuaacy which 
ith ciCL-s9i%« uiinuon and compulsory ^etvicc in a^c t^ttu^ 

11% % 


36 > 


WITH jI FRETTY cousin. 

IV prcttj coffin Laur;i, wbo ofc^sioiially comet lo lo«n, i« 
IntatbbSc Tor wlmc ihc tall^ *' the Esifibti ;ind Coin's/' Blii. 
jr utoiiitbmcEit, on the vlij^ fiitc nioming xftcz livr aiiival khc 
rather wearily — when t luademyiistial au^gestion of a vtaUlo the 
fr— " I uii iick of the Tower — and o/ St- i'nur*— nti J/' *hi; atldcij 
■reheruiLvely, "abovi'itU,t>f ihatutlioo* l^nush Museum. l^«<!on, 
e GOn» to the conclueiun, U u v«ry dull cUy, and rh«rv £r rta/fy 
V * w." 

KothLng?' 1 »Ld, "Why, London U Tull, 'choi.k-rull,' if I 
(pc^ to vulgarly, of thinns one ciires to ice. Jt jt one tif ihL- 
cntcri:iinLng cities in ibe wurld> But, iht^i^ (bt;)' arc nut on the 

et, -ind they appeal to " 

1 toct* ^ht £3id, " they are not for inferior, ignunmi nistics luch 
• Mike* of mc/" 

Kot ihaC|"Isaid; **bui these things arc not 'chowy/ like our old 
St. PauI's or the Muffi^um. 'fhef arc curious and ouiof' 
And you require some one that knowp them, and will act 

■very ihinjt fL-r nc ' * she cried with cnihufiiasm, " What I 
Ijecn longing fOr ! l-cL us b^'^in at on<:j:, Wc have t vhcle wixk, 
fifi i« a(Mne[hi%' every day," 

^^'lU/ I Midt '^ I think a vreek ^'j]i just do ti, but vri^ tholl have 
"It bard.'' 

^^^i^infily wc ftt4tted on ouf pilgrimage, and I must say Ijuri 

*oi]i surprised and ctiicriained- 1 shall now tokc ihc gcnik' 

^ *^uctiy over the same grdund, acting as his or her showman : 

no^ie that he or she will be ns nujch cnicriaincd av was mv 

MiZS T-rzaz^ j ^f ^ ^ nv Jt ^ ?^ 0^ 

:r? *T ._:-. ^-^ T— _=^ ^t ^T^u s:mii:s- — Vi LinpOHCi 3? 
: ^^ — -TT— ^c-i ^ci^ - 3 — .ic^ :lt:I1 ^eaottdcaE* 

^-^ = -^^-^ --=^'=t=^^ :=u^ .icose ie 3tt; ^me ^t^obiuMet ^ 
■; ' — ^=- == -r t^^^-r ^L.".£»i — irrtL 3r jr leu: wbJllT '^ 

--~ --" -- T^- ^ : ns ,"! ici:r: ibr^pty iy *** 

. — ,', r-i'-ir;^ ?t:T-r-i 3-:i3nc?i:, I: waji intend*! fJ* ^ 

" . "--TT^ ^'L::=r::ii^t: t-;^ -is^ar: T^h surprise when w« *'"0 W* 

:.?-.r-i : "^. ir Z'.i^r.ziz Crj^s, .rlo!^ tu the Grand H**" 

; . -; :^^-: -' -v^-'Z. X *^ JiT " •^^^^- Tjlicff — Northumberland HoiBf 

v-v 1 -"-"-- ~""- -"*^ p:::;^^-. i z::^ --oticyjrd- and rast prd^* 

' :^ 7—^ ,— :-^:::-'^^ 1: T-;: :: — ■= "ver. 1: iras virtuilU- the «A^ 

.--;- ;-M^ '.-".Ti-.-i— Jiz<<:c, l=-iO Jontt, and Robert Adam. T" 

T— t-i' rz-i -' -- " ':^^^^- Pi--".'iinent Str«i. We may 1^ 

' ■ i -J- :: " i ^±i; ralice, or,e of the few there are ip I^*** 

:\t vf :i- ::-^: ^"^^ ^ti 'b^ tagcn. Thete U Lansdowne H** 

I liTiii cv S:^-i'e, iT.d Devonshire House behind it ; Lorf ^^ 

li i" r'r:^-^^" is-^-^re, interesting because it vas tnull**^ 

bratei N^'^ MoT^U^e: Grasvenor House; HoUftnd Hoflft** 

A Six D^'s' Tour in London^ 


y There we, hcjwffvcr, four left in ihc suburb* : Osktlcy 
ird.CJCRvood at HnnnpMtctd, Nan> Hook near Ridimand; 
Hotiaf> abo ncfii Kichttiond- 

\ million i*as [laid for NortlivimbHand Houk-. at which 

r4\ AS from the llmnd Hotci *foiic n rent i» received 
flic (idden Cross opposite i^ a vtty Md conching 
,fc«r ycar^ago Ihcrc were lo be ften Ibeyard and flwhway 
tich the coachti drovr. " Pickwick/' It need noi be Aaid, 
b A aecnc flt lh»i hoalelr)'. and (he pJirty drove ihencc 
Iter. The Croas in front of the Soutli-Eatlern stalicn ic 
rtproduction of (he Eleiftor Cross ac ^Valtham. A» we 
Vilhers Stirct, le.iding to the nvimci, the iniemting fact 
tA thai almnif every l/>rTdon MrecF recalls lomc ni>h1c 
whom ihc ^roirnd belonged, or *onxc inicrmnmflge or 
( between money und rank, Villicri nnd ihc olhcr »tre-eL» 
^lesvnt trcorgc Vilticrs l>iike tt\ lluekjnghnm, who bid 
le £a.Tden« jis A buitding spccijhiir>n (^rott hn* de^nbed 
rcril "), and lonr of ihc atreef^ in thi^ nelghboiiThood benr 

Vt*. Home yews .igr» there was an "fMf" 
tile w-e hatr Chandoh Srrcci. SouthamplnnaiMJ E"eter 

ile'tThtfllTT.inKm^ Wilibm Street, «nr^ the first '"OmTory" 
yf l>r. Ncu'tTiiin. lle^ide if, or on u portion of il (where 
liuionaire liti). ia the entrance to the Beefsteak Club, or 
if the idudow of il ai » left- Gaiti'is vaid eating pLice wu 

f %here the German Reeda orii^injilly pcrfonned. 
byU l-eicdier Squa<e, ft here, if wc riUc-t Mean, rtitlJek& 
Auction it'OJn'* (Nii, 47); and a^uiid Iht harttsomc stoJic 
irc *1ia|I fed ibnl n^ are in «oine vhi sC^Iely inftn«iun) with 
Aambert- Thih wa« once Sn To-ibu,a Reynuldtf' houte and 
MTL' he juiiired 3U nuriy of hji beauNE^ and atate&mvn. 
nin'j StiecU iid|oinitit- the square, there is il shabby, touer- 
, imirt'bed ydlow. ncxi the thapd — Sir Isaac Newton'*^ 
ftbivrmtory waji lonf; co be (L'cn on the roof, M/hcrc it 
uojil forty or Jifiy ycjn a^o, Thit now dlliiijidaled tcnc- 
■ OQtf oi:rupied by the Uaaii^h Mintiiter, and after Newton 
Itwf fiunily. 

[VjlUen Strei^-t we puss inion very interesiin^to^ quarter, 

Building. At EhL^ botiom ^l: st^e ihc: ere;.! of the old, 

I battered waLcr-gEiLe, known ibVoikCait, which. bi_"fort 

II, had iu iiepfi ^^'a!ihed by tliu river Now it geeme 

irjn«|ioTTcJ far inland, and looks foolish cnQy,j,>\ ivs^ 

^ .,^-j5— ^irig 1*1.11 fnoe odU 

_ _ EK iTf' tfnTg i r^^a Tit wtf^ 

>= -^r:. ^ sr^tf, ;:c:^ Jjzr-s*, Robert -^ 
:e: 1^ :- ' ^ : " -' "-i:: b;.:: i:. One of iS *«* 

i i.-: 

;^"i_ T 

:iir^ Robert -^ 
.:: i:- One of is *«* 

-v^ . ' ^ 

\* V. 

-:,5 =:;res: ^" ir.j Ade^phi is subienaoO* 

,- . ir-'-T^ri :r i ^verr, 25 ii were, wluch stfn* 

>:h- i ;: :'.; J^th 1: is all portentously da^ 

— :.-s ';Ti i*i:!:,i.-e:;:"ir off. We enter, and W 

.\- --.v; — s. .:.:--T&: j" h ^'ir s entenainment. WefftS 

■, -.: ;: ^T-"'t^ -'^ ^iS£ag«5, HOW sintiogofftoW 

^ Six DayS Tour in London^ 365 

fc^^^^^c* ihc left- ?>. lum leads it* luddcnly to a row of vflult** 
^^ ^^ and chotrfiil, *hich look ouc upon the Thames, andhtre 
^'^fiular poptilfltion, buMly cngac'^d m UkIt varlout craL-^. 
^^^ conotiiion a ^kyli^M, or a son of open wtll, which wc 
'"^JtnmuirkiHf* with the terrace ovcrhtoJ. I*fe*ently we 
*^rca pair of ma»aivc double tolci, which open ilouly. and 
^^ '^ lo the greil <rolJnraj;c of a well known firm fif wine 
*^lv Thii is a regular ttmlory, wiih avcnuei of cycIopcan 
r^***ictfhing away in all directions, VVt arc abounded ai ihc 
^^ ^iftht and >pnciounic» of the an:hmt,% the cant >*idih ond ihi- 
I ^^ tuonumcniiil air of the whole. It is mdccd iiiiitc Romnn- 
L^Ui<|c- f<ji one it necessary— lakos us 10 1 gloomy tcccsr known 
'^ ccllanocn as "Jenny's Hole," where ii seems some wild waif 
^ ^*'yof*|iifl rt^s tlisenvcred, Here, in the bad old days of the 
-Ipht Artfio>/ pcoph- uAcd lo find a rlormiiory, of makt amhtifi" 
■\ dccoyinj; ihe linsuspcefmg fnr roUbcry or murder. 
^Vc have -iiicni a ff>ng (itnc in Ihcsi: cuploring^j aind yet wc hftve 
**uia Ifttlc wAy Jown ^hc Su.inrt ; so l« u» hurry on. Here in 
■\ck]|>hi 'J'itcaire, ihe (:uod old Adclphi of Ben Wcheicr, I'ftul 
ir<jni. ind bnghi Miw Woolgar^ who hiippJly «itl lives. It u*cd 
"« B-fly dayi 10 bc ciHcd " I'he Sans Phil^iI," an awkward name. 
''col evtrningn wc ean stc the Krcnch -'qucvic," rec^^miy inlro 
'"^vd. whir.h will wDn be univerani at nil the thcatrei. As we go 
I Souihflmpton Street we note a "*hored-up" house, No, 17, where 
ft^CKftt actor Ciarrifk lived during the early potlion of hi^fatceT '. he 
pVed born 11 to \o, 5 in the Addphi, -i much liner mnnsion. Knitnd 
^ <omer \s Maiilen I,cinr, once ihe garden nf W cslminslcr Abhcy, 
^r rJie [Twnlifc Ciune ii» w.ilk. " M.iiiiefi ' w-is, lif roursr, from 

^l Rtcrer Hall, now uwd by a Vonng Men"* Soriet)', there 
onec a men.igerie. and <he niLin of the iiona and iigers could 
llouil in the Stra.nd- Crowing over, we look for the SHTOy 
a not unpicliir€^jue deirr nt by which wc reach the precinct, 
''M» itigloomy chuichyjrd and the g.iunt rower and thureh. The 
iveiioiicii here aic plenlifiil, 'JTie Snvoy Theatre is eloiie by, and 
giejiE hotel beating ihe tame name, uhjeh, however, is dwarfed 
^Le Tnontliou« Siliibuiy Hotet, the fruit of one of ihe IJalfour 

1W nov Houp Wellington Street, and pause before ibe bow window 

tbc Gaiety Thenire, the old Ifontfitoid iV&ntt odice, and hauni 

niai^ a jr^r of ihegenisl " Bo/." Here ihc writer has often spent 

If an hour with \ht bnlliJNnt editor, f',^rthcr <m^ au"! i\'y^ V» ^V 


.^ Z.. ::c :- ^^^ 

_ - -^^i^-i^: '^3i 

A Six Days' Tour in Lonfion. 367 

Jong sirip Af ttrtAfirnta intctpo%c* between il and the watrt. 
Itsccml fff »h*ll sec [lip f»nly private hou^c upon ihe Lmbank- 
I piquftni «ni] Aitr^f-livc struchtrc ju»l compicri.^<Wi:iTMr S^itit. 
Incrirnn milUncr, " as one of line wortmcn TcIIn ua. There is 
ing origmfl] m the rjviT movcmcntj both At morn anii «e, 
thrA ^nlitman will mncy from his wmcEows. 
It Id wc t>c Johnsonians wc niuH jxiailnvl/ rnlcr St, Clement 
Clivirch^ and. chmbrng 10 ihc gatltrry, make: our ffiy on the 
■ pc# juat by the side of the pulpit. Thtfc,n»llhe|Mllai, the 
regularly lai, [ooting doivn on rhc prcarher A hrato plftie 
(1 itil. And why Sl Clement lUnei ? I'mm a tradition of 
ioni*h king, tiid lo have been buned here , or, ju olhcr« 
A few Danes, who lenuined after Ihe invasion, woiihjpped 

e uglj Gvifl^n co4i over j^io.ood (ji monstrotw price). As tt^ 
jl marka (he siie of old Temple Uar and the cntrnnee to the 
I Young fotk pvesetnly vtli wonder ivhen ihey le^rii that here 
Rood Sl hU)^e Hlonc ^aie-hou^e, with rooms Aloft, a ^reiil 
ly ttith gHtcf below, through which rolled onmibut after 
111. To ckuts)ile p^^senget^ \i seemed Always ^ tf one were 
ig a fortiliecj [own or eios^inj^ n dtnwliricf^^e - you felt [hal you 
5i*e<J a burner, and weie m a ^vvi ijuarier Not hm^ since, 
^ing near Ihcobald'^ Park, hy WaJtham, I caine upon Ihr old 
■\ up and beauiifird as an entiancc-gale Lo a demesne, and, 
>tned in treo, most imposing il looked. Adjoining the Uar 
igrimy old hank, Child'i, thai did bimnts in the day« of 
I IL They stdl posscisiomc of Nell Gwynne'* recripu. They 
OKhowyou in Ihcir rcgi^itersihe money accounts connected with 
f of Dunkiik icj the Trench, In the uld wcll-j^rinied ruoiii 
rriiTpIc llor [he»e old iHXikb were ilijred a^^Ay. 

can now tec: urc % genuine^ iiur|irtiie by LUrning into <i little 
'. yxiX beyond Chancery Lane, whicfi would etci^pe Ehe riocice 
y: il IcJidfe inlu the ^il but condemned ClllTord's Inn, No 
uldcuncmcsiu truly old-fathjoned und orij^inal a place, Th»e 
ga ' ^ibound in IHcct Strec:, lining all one side, and are 
y found anywhere else. The eye fitM alightt on ihe minkiuie 
I with ill laniern) imstcd vane, hiji^h ruof, ,tnd palmed wjndo^ii, 
>acc litUi; building, but dec;jyed and toiienitg. Passing under 

in which iii liunk the doui of entrance, we Hud uuradvch in 
Lt« court, with a blighted plot of gra^i stooping rail- 

Liufy (hop or l>ooth stuck down by \\^%\U ^rid a range of 
houflci edeiching away into corners and r«cesae». Very 

«Mopc9 4oonvA«dibeptetBm MonniK.oriWwML T^vri- 
ll« fiiBt lies jad boiz ol Urn Scivn CDW^ tttfo^k Dve^* 
1^ caoifM tb« ^oroj ^ ^^ veenr si fab -^ QkosltviL" We cD|b 
4f4fld»C4PplrorfaoaniriihcTeaifAe mJb- ^v^Swr, lof tbr:«>> 

ptdvfca^ vnOfUMen^ Hw cif^Ur Temple CbiK^ >law< ^^ 
lU Kcumbcnt Wi^bW, fittiMifcww wjih a*e, for bert « •«n> » ** 

Let W turn up <MU of these coum or %Il«p t^ itid ^ ^ 

FVct Street »ftd »» ""I* *^ -*■ ^T w^ndine wjiys, iaio Cous^ =^';*''^ 

tvrrouTHM hy M hou»ci : ihough called a *^u«fc» h i* ^^'i 

more than a pivcd rocrt. That oM house « iht end -rth * P^ 

top, *Hich K m »numl condition, U the one in which, oig^ * ^«^ 

and r»lty y«f- aRP. ihtf diudfiinj Sam Joha^on wrW ^^^ 

" Ifictiontry;- U « ■ *Erange fctling attciiding ihc ttfiW't™^ 

ilfti". UU.iidiV..ithehoiAr^^*M>oftwbcUk<n<lfnm, ^_^^ 

I'ui C;i.ia»muh wc ftU a sort of a1T«tioru ;^'"*'^. 

*W.y, vft^^ ,n vc «hal «li« MC left cf him. H^J ^^ ^ 

n^uc *oT» o£ „iT„. and worthy of this ofFc«iorr, 


Tonr in Lontion. 


;iJil bchiiuj thr Temi^ ChiiKh,a lo^r-lying bcicflcd done, 
Ijr irately wijfihy of w greal a pwt- Ko doubt iiEiipIiciiy \% 
Ic ir> Buch thrngt. And there » » m tbc noiioii tJml 
l«ooTnt(d]» motr or ku rfisfiitgi^. Ilui thefe i* a certain 
■» m this 01& No one, however, cjn p*** thra^igti the 
and wlcTTiH llrklt <?cniri, whcTc lie dicti^ ivitlioul hcmg 

f'- The old bncli, ihc general prhmnorft the pledging dull 
the picLUFE^queold f4--^tiion of tbc pbec^ATcaiL in accord. It 
ibe wcond (loot Ih-il hk deaih look plACc. 
should <iole tlie fiav/ lUlbn viiU-IJkc miniJon l}n/t n «^OlC 
: dclrj^hlful lenidcjicr, *\lh »t« hUic ^ui\cn mt^ ticw of ihc 
fe»'Uic ru^dencc of Ihc Maiiter of the Temple, the ftCconi< 
d Canon Aitt^er. 

Ii« ¥,Hh otir fir4l (lJtj> «ork. and IjtiirA wjik delightrd, Add, hkc 
i iiktti fbr rtici<«, 

mtifa/. — "Their i* .1 jjioud dcti thji is [nlcncisting m the 
Ml v|LiAr«i," I «xj<l Ji« ire itUied forth nrTt dAy. "Hiey have 
(ercnl triyla incE pttcins lik^dntVi^*! Some Are old and iom« 
Th]i tiioTrting we v«ia-d ipulc a nuTH!jrr> We mcwi rehshcd 
■d-tuhioned onei. Some of thpie are ijiMi'it and chftmijiiig 
h, bvirt^ ntottif laid out in the I ^L^ti^ft faithK^n, (ji;i1dcn Squaie. 
ptegenc SUccI i Red Lion and t^*ucen S{|uie«s iti Bloom*- 
kic c*pil*l spedujcov The firn, though 10 doie to Regent 
( might be >i Jafcii mllrs anay : thtfre is a welcome unkeuipl- 
flhe gra»* i* rank and wihi, there are old ircc» ranged round iw 
r tn a sffniiictrical way. The hou?iei round ate p\ciarcv:\iic, 
«« eath i» dmjnci. It it ^ivcn over 10 commiHion events, 
tants a^ Irdd^ ^nerally, yet within hut a f«v yearn 11 ttu ft 
iof ncHtr-cl rendenf^f , like a usual aquire, and wp find the bte 
^al IVi^inai^ living in a substantial mansion hf^re. Di^^keni, it 
^ rrmumbcicd, placed Halph SicUcby'a houic here^ which it 
(bed on ihc occ-iik'u of the p3tl)' Co S;r t^rcdcrii^k and Sir 
ferry a« hj<vtnK ^liiio>t ,ipnrLnienift and the Tichcil furni- 
( A* *e wande: nmnd. wr jre Mruek wilh the nidaTn:holy lone 
p incfoiure, yci evrrjihing scini* husk enough ; but it belong* 
t -old vorld- 

hc vjUflic itrcU i» ^vry iiiUAeUvc And rtriginat, **ill: * *ur| uj 
borfufcirti^flir: wv note the finrtrer* which aheliPT n .ill lound in 
^•trical tjnct* aud the Romm-wamur *arl (ir*[atoc in Thr ricntj^ 
^in full armour and rcprcwndnK Trfoi^c II. The km m and 
I art bid out with a cctiain (rcf:-im<J'eBsy c;m'les»neHa that i» 
Kc^ublc. and contnuti ^ilh the trim, ihavcn, iouUckv tr 

TA^ Ceuiliman's Magasine. 

Altogether, ft Wfil to Gdlden Squan v4 


nwnt of modem v^uares. 

Berkeley f^qiufc everyone know^ Vci H hAS sn c« 

lympaihetk nttracLmn from ju grv:! and fine ihadfnf oM 
one, wc mny be 5iirc has noicd thftt ihcw leaff pairiirdii seciB Ij^ 
ranee in two rows dftwrt \hc fnijdic, liltc a& ivenu^. The fact iv 'I 
froA (he demesne? of the Uwn in front of the old Bcrkeky House, 
w' stood at The hack of Devon^lhirc HoLiic. 'Vht ounvDn 
round .lie very i^nc. ,ind ihe ironwork, rtiTing*, fcC-, are ail admired 
and 10 be admired. There arc fORiC queer thin^ to be told ibM 
»<]iinrc>; f»f Innianee, that there «m a G^^neta] Strode who lad i 
mflnin Tor «e(tin^ tip Mtlueit in ^quaret at his oim e:ipfitot. Wc 
have Kcen e^iucHriin statues in I^iccstfr Square propped Up viihi 
broomstick, with portions broken aray. 

In WAiwick Street, c]o»e hy. vrc note a coni^ntide-lookinschapd 
of brick, 03 ugly as can wd! be made, whieh tutm out lo b; » 
Catholic chapel- This wa». or mny be Kill, the ehapel of one of iJ« 
embaaiica, and thus enjoyed at one time • ccftain privilege tfd 
toleration. However, m the Gorilon Riou Jl vu naekcd and home 
and later rebuilt, but, to caeape observation, x\ wm of wl porpok 
buih 10 -limulaie a Pixnencine place of womhtp, Thi* areounb Gv 
that lock of attnction ^ unusual in Roman (^tholic buildtngt. OH 
people vill rtrall the day^nftrhai wa.^eallcd ""The ShiHing Opffl.* 
when Ihe grciit singers snng in ihe chorr on SondayiL One of III^ 
wriier'«i eatljcsi rccoUcction^ AS .a boy is his bcirij* UJ^en thCK;iB^ 
finding himaclf i.n the gallery close beside a luety, red-faced msn^ via 
nos giving forth stcntorianly, "romfort yc T " \i ktm ihc fimi'* 
Mr. tiraham, 

An intiTc^ting hqvime in an micicftlirig *iuj*r[cr, too. i* *<>• 
Sqijarc- This lamiliflr namr i« wid 10 have been the haWTe oy** 
the IJukcof MonmnujbaESedgcnicior,"8ohoc?"' The Mukchrf 
ht* hou'^c on The ?*outh side. In the *quarc arc plenty of fine (^ 
houses, *cll pancllcdj and with embroidered cetlingi. Thet OB^ 
lobe a VUtuc of Charles 11. in the cenire, but liy some odd M 
it was taken away in 1876 and removed to the groundi of a Rof^ 
Academician at Harrow Weaid. These things arc inexptituhlt A 
»orl of gartlcn house has been acl up in iu place The imcf" 
leading to the square — fJcan Stictl, Knth Slieci, ftt — are aW fd 
good homes formerly lyi high faihion. We pause with much imeit 
before No. 75 i^can tintreeE, vi)\\ch was formerly the rciidefiec 
ThomhjII, Hogarth's mosEer, and the painter of the dull grt> ikcin 
tiona ir^ the dome of St, Paul's. In this hnune ihcic b ttdl 

A Six Days' Tour in Lotdon, 


«liUK^iir, painicd wiih figurct, in ^vhtc^ «o Iraditton runi, Hngnnh 
luul vjiii': >h3;c- Th^ I^K^ foom at the lop, C^l^wcU'i^ [Juicing 
Ac4d(;lU>'i has ;i ImtlEjry, ancj w^t* -t inuMr'nujm hi thi- b^l c riilury, 
whcri; ;ibgLJi the fcar l;^u HanJeVis " Juda^ MjiccabKUB ** witA 

Looking up Sh^ftcibury Avrnuc fiijin Kr^ent Circus we shutl 
>0C a lUan^ uJiJ-iuokiftK ttci^iilo, like a tiibk «i-l uii Lbt; top of 
s spire, Thii it Su AiiciC'ii Solio^ihiH Eiamc in hutiqur \>t the 
qiiDcn of l)i;il nimc — ^nd ihc >riite i» «aid to be ah imitation of a 
iJanish tpirc-»a complitncnt U> Prince C^corKc There if fixed up 
ODliidc the door on the u.tllc a millet to the mirmury of that 
adventurer Theodore of Coriic;i, who&c itory >>< cnc of ihi; mobi 
roniantjc Uiai car be concfd^cd. He vtj» :i gc^nuine kinjE, for a time 
at le^hi. diviJ ^n iiiUcry in l^nJon, And wa^ buried h(;rv> The 
churchyard, where ihv childrcii uf ihe vluiTi8 ;iby ;ibout. looltn 
^icim ajid disni^d enou^h- 

Tbe mOfit drUTTiatEc vf utl ih« old fLkEihiont-tJ vqu;ue!i it [>i:;hap» 

tvcolns Inn Fir^lds, to s;iy nothing of Lincoln^if Inn itself No 

ooe can be inMnsible to the special chami of ihc place, the not un- 

p'ieaAin^ neglect and the general tone of anlii^uity that pervade il. 

A gvnuJne* wcll-prcscnvd specimen of old Ijondon, » it waij tvo 

hundred j-car^ »incc, i^ lo be found on one 'iidi-, where there i» a r&w 

■^^ Inigo Jones' houses, many displacing Jitur df-Hs and oihflr 

***^uicheons, and the flat pilastera to which he wa> no partial. They 

■'^^'e been platicred Jnd painted over, but looked origSnjliy like the 

•■^^eld house in Great Queen Street ako hia work— with iu ovcr- 

^^firnp cAVCt, cnoimous roof of tiles »nd ruddy brick comrantcd 

•^*'h«onc jiilaRtCTs. This ^as the style of Ini^fo's day. The paved 

'cjvccouns ** before some will be noted ; a really line mannion, with 

I* •^eoadspctceiafront, is denoted by the two noble pi! brs sUTmoiinted 

|*y fEgantic acorns^ This was once Lord Ancaster's, The niiiiision 

*^ the comer of Great Queen Street with the "flowing" Highiof^tepa 

*^% once that of the notorious Duke of Ncwaisile, the Minister. 

The row of hotines is pierced by an archway through whtrli wr 

Ttn inii> Sardinia T^tree:, where is the Stirdinian Chapel, which was 

Stocked dunn£ the (lordon Rioiii- A portion of this— ihalwherc 

1tcflitarl» — i« i^aid to be Inigo's own work. In one of two houici 

(f^ppiMire— but *c know not which— Frstitlin -iay* he lodgfd with n 

pnHn Catholic wotnan when he was Icflrnmf: the printing trade 

The square, which ha^ it£ comers cut off, is f^id to be of the exact 

«pe of ihc ba« of Ihe Great Pyrainidn It would be worth while, 

^i>d Cft97.too, to tcit IhiSifor a is coiistanily repeated- anddoubtcdn 



11 ;« anotbo 

ttuud one liri|bi 
it k tmpcMvUv C9 

dw qwurr of LtiKote'i ll«- 
0V. taavci «nd modem, arc blciuMiii* 
TW c^'ccs md vitli iu ^c o)il h««i 
Tbc ben hiu of COECR. 
mb OS dcUcatrir <ti>pDl j 
the invtnkv brotet omSncM; ^loccr 
ninov wwoow v tec-, ih cra ban bc«e sketched J^un lad 
vUttA. Tb^reiMiB bifi^ oaooQcUd The cb«rdiit 
bviibciMeharBotvonhK^M^ Thcbnt hall and Kbrvfn^l 

«f«rit of the old vofk. Ooc U tbi ()utorcBU mo&t miking "t>t>'f'j 
lific^*v Itid b the btde pasap thii kad« oui by ihc JilD ^' 
(here ire b<Te tccic stransc oM homes and couru. 

Qdc^c Sqvort is pefhoftt the mott really pidOKtriae <d 
old nkdOiBr««- It tA^ he ia some andque country Iatci 
and ob1o»g ^« it IS H viU be noicd thai H is closed <t ibc k^rr' 
in Guilf^^d Strctr, where ibcTC is A liole feneod-ia picccef , 
which i* r'^-^^* pnj|»crty. AU the houscfi arc old, pn6"W 

Lite's time and aa-duly paneU«d» &c-; lh?>' are. howtvcr, 
*i3iially nibbled at and nibbled iway, the pro":e*fi b^inc that 
U lokcs 1 coupW- (!(] cheiLp tcrni^— pr(jut>rn!, ;md tlKO. 
It}ic olU houiu, rcbuiids, Red Lioa Squuc, hATd by, h 
fccughi too ; foot pauagu or J^OBgcd knci It^d into ii. 
pkt qUAftcr clotc ta R«I Lian Si^uuic:, Oullfotd Strict, the 
^fip &c<t h^s H mn^ldy lod^ng hoUKc tone ivoi seen in other 
* In iho thtlc Doujthiy Street every houRc nccmh run in otnj 
>)Ould, ao cxcLctly doei it ri^Jicmble lu nci^l^bour* No- 4^ 
*y Street w3£ tlic man^on of the IriJli^nt Cbarlcfi. If lIio 
lyahowit to you— flhc did lo ine- you note how ncaiarj 
ethc prim r0()ni4. But U ia a melancholy thing for thoiie 
KIT him to :iurvey (hem and recall tbc bright yoan^ Tdbw. 
of hope and eneri^* suid during »clie<nesi Dou^lily ^Lrct^t hia 
\ chomctcr uf iti uv.i\. hi anuthiT of thu houtc^ No. 5, ^ydiitry 
lived when he Cir^it caniL' Co lown- 1 do ihijik ihat we are sure 

oorKlvei surveying witli intcT^st such houTsea as thete, and 
^ long m the direct conulnii ihvm. 

Dickens wc ovre f^ome of the hcst ncd mo£t faithful sketches 
old London of iifiy yctir? since, before the rage far puUm£ 
had 4et jn. He wft^ wonderfully successful, not only in 
f off* ihc details, buT in conveying the tone and ^pir:! of ihc 
r His nrriun^ vill by -and by be invalu:tb]e as topographical 
L An old eorncr houte, square. &<c,. ha^ng good picturesque 
fif tts own, gainK nddiiional colour and forni (lom the awoclrt' 
he living chir-icters, and idcaa thai Bo*' hati woven round iL 
is^ for insloncCi that E»:<;nc of the old City ectuarc of which he 
ide 90 mcjcb in ''Nicholan Nicklebyn" Wc should like Co bv 
« a City ^uare, a retired placid upot, surrounded by quaint 

n« Place, o^Sloanc Street, is a pidurc»quo litllc indosurc, and 
iy xii iiiM^ and tiny houses were in high favour. It has, how- 
trii nciTly coiircly rcbuilL It muat be haunted by the ghost* 
tcfiry Ijidics,'' who seem to have a /nmr/rnH/ for the pla^e 
rewelind "L- K. l.."(Mi»3 Landon), Jaf^u Atrsn^N (we lakf 
rfaalsF), MisA Micford, I^dy Caroline Lamb* Lady Lyttoti 
r, Fanny Kcmblc, Mrs- i. C. Hall, Mn, ^ellcy, and Mr*, 
, the actiets ; a fierlect galaxy. 

iliapathc inclo^urc is most aasociatcd with mystcry-^a 
\f 1h:Li It ntnr jjcnetrated by the ordinary denij^cn— ia the 
I of iturkingharn P^ilace. The long stretch ol blank wail 
ig down Growenor PUcc is a frowning barrier. No one can 



to the pdbiiaUUi^ 
thtt ihk Ida lusatN cK 

10 W< 

V Yard, t rallT 
** **e g loa min g " at Hit 

ihc 0cm town of tbc Abbey, t 
& <w 4tf Ae old tNnm on ibe D»%i 

cf te CMU <rf die WMtDteMT S<M 

belortiw. On the W 

%\BmAjki^MnA\ndt^tdak,wAm pM of twisted in* «<:<^ 

bcfcvt It. l^ft li l * liwfcM HoDs^ voc of ibe aacM inurctfv^ 

Mkd^j^DtbiAdiBpmUadan— the voct of lugo Jones ^^ 

tHid Uflii csapo—ow ftoH ite. vfwft Ui« GodDD HS&. aanJ ihtfi 

«tn vdl a^ ooMOBed. ud tbt o&iodoQ nliied fofth, ike pit6tf 

.MeundiuQ Codes note his siv. At uwUmt tsiDe cenim 0^ 

iT>d Hncfi Wt^Wd > poitioQ to ei«a neat onon^ tvosc* c« ^ 

A Six Days' Tour in Lond&n. 


l>cAUCy of ihc incurior \^ indc^crib^ibltf ; cUgance \% tho 
'*3t<l 1"hO cliafmmjc oW oak siaif, a marvel of OTijclnal 
^>(3nt : the vx'^uLiLEC uv^l dome fjverh^idi so W^W and airy ^ 
jwfihu :fluccowork ; ih9iilv%8antdniffing-room : th&delicacy 
SBamcniaii'^n ; i^i^ t^nwr of ]usi proportion dicp)ayvd every- 
Vtioktng what b small appear tpadou&--tti««e ihingv will 
ikdtlmO'ii canpiure the viiiE^r uf inniCn 
± Kchool it^olf 1^ interesting, too, virh its dignlrW and nombrc 
Ki, fine inclosed gardcnfi. and old trcei. The dormleoiy, 
iho Ijtin I'Kiy \\ i;ivcn ai Chmimni. i^ inicre^Mng on Account 
in»rnpUcm5 ; o'vEhc walli here have been cut deeply the namo* 
ntr puj>il», some of pcflt celebrity, such lui Ryron. At the 
here i>anun*uspcrtcdi]Uaricii^f a vcryoldrMhfonfd pattpm— 
d itn ctt and houicfl. MostpicturcsquoiBCoHceeSircer, where 
e rnidenfts of canona. a row of quaJnc Qiiccn Anne houai^ 
LTved doorways, luggoiing" Minor Canon Row'*atRochcffln^r. 
end ift a jlimpve of the river and passing bar^c:; in front, the 

the trhool giTdcn*. The great Vioiotia Iowlt looms large 
c wjill Thrrc IS a general pc.iccful aefcniiy ovtr all, Vou 
Uunk youF^cir in some eftihedral town hundrrds of miles 
jondon. The whole secnc \% interesting and ple^isinft 
nortimg nn^tht be sfieni wi^h cnrcitninment in Si Marj^ajet's 
J, Wotministeri which V^ndfi so eurionsly beneafh the shadow 
great Abbey. Il lookh homely enough, bLtt mthm u %care of 
I hat be^ri enrirhcd, furnished, and lioauTtlied to an txUn- 
ry degree. Wilhirii nt evrry liirning, Ihcre 'v^ wmeihing lo 
nid eoiertain- One could ga^e on the superb eafi window 
r, with iu deep, uniurpasaed blue? which no modem attempt 
rn apjiroach. The hiiiory of Ihi* noble windovr ii n siian^c 
nd I 'J*aH EcM ii as we ga»^ on (C \\ w-is m^dc ji Dori, in 
id, fvr Hcmy VIl-, and intended for his famous clupel ; but 

VlII.'i TroticiEanliim interfered, and \\ was given away Eo 
inemllieeoufiiry. Il pwied throuRh many hands— Oliv«Crom- 
and Genvi^ Mcmk'i— 4nd finally fotind its way hilb^r, but, a& 
t seen, if lalhet loo small for its Htndow fraHic. To wollc 
and itudf the other windows, to the memory of poet* &c , 
EE«itb the retording verses fiJTni*het| in celebration, noting 
undanCG of ub)irt!i and inirriplion^, wilh the hand^tome and 
il toaibs, is, indeed, a varied i^ntert^inment. The jugual com^ 
^i-t vtu either married or buried here ii astonishing There 
moik, who hat hii window, and whoie burial, as c»n be ^e^ri 
b«aceount», cott^j, Sf^ There it also Ihepoci Ha[rin^iQn,1^vi 

A Six Days Tonr In Lonthn. 


\** ^^^ dofcc, or gnLW^aiiJ, lounil th» j\btjvy will Ik oW-ivrd 

_tw^^^ trnTit>, which it r^ilty iht only oinr of ll»c kind. Thureby 

\Of^ ^itilc hiilory. In Unvkt Sia'cCtjuit »hvt v^c turn out of 

-^irtV*^V Square, there i% lo be noicd i gloomy, heJvy'e:Lve<J but 

(fccV^ ntj btick njiiU'iion tTi-it bt-:iri ili age well, whii.h niUil be about 

\wo i^^t\<l(p(| yoAn old. h iiai a liulc indqauic or gulden atuched, 

»^'^Vandih»lf*|Kir1, It bewi the name Bounoox Hoi.-3^ It 

bavtry lUf^csEU'e old building, ^'Oncc oniL time "—thill i», *omc 

^•>hunilrcd and iweiity ywn Ago— ihcrt was a flrcai hciiei*, Mary 

l*vi«^ who Uvtrd in thi» very huuiiCi whicli wan iKun ihe old Minur 

"ouif , Jt was quise in iht- countfy, as wu can scu by inc(c[y nounj^ 

^^^Mihi^r rufiL namot oftlii; ureeu al:HJUt U6 ; for do&v by afc Fami 

'^^'^^ Hill Streei, Hay HiH, and other countiy name*. It it rcitly 

'^hout Lu find d fctiiuiEie «UbTe iLine. audi »» Fa mi lairc^i j^, dignified 

[*>tt> (In; tiume uf "sLrtet"— ■ divtlnctioii \i owe-i dimply to this old 

CEuie tu the Manor Huute I'V^s lu be found Mts^ Davie^' ' 

^Tiil'* hi due lime the heiivA w^i cartivd oT by Sir Tbonms 

''^nt'cnor, and lliui. i: was -jaid, were laid tlie foundauons of that 

rrmout ptDS[icriiy which has attended ihis fortunate family, whoit: 

(ions can b^ tracctl by the faii^ily namts in the great iigijarCers 

London, notably in Pimlicn, whcrv wq have Ebury Sitcct, Ecdciton 

id DeliCTAve ^]Uiir€}^ I.upus Street, &Ch It is notable that ihe one 

dtar-tomb phnleged u> remain kn the dote round VVcRtminster 

'^Abbvy ii^ th^t ofoneof thU wcutihy D^vli^« family, 

7h'r%if^y.—'\vi visiting thc'ic London curigs b'lllij hints m a*chi' 
bociurf may be readily ^licked up- 1 always think Ihai even the 
dallctt, when ihcy are Uiken to look at anything, would give anything 
bo know vbai and Kow ihey ar^i lo aiJiiMic. Of couisc^ evt-fyone can 
tre Ihaithe \.\m\^ \% va*t, Of hplendrd.or uuiat h;ivt-i.06l a gri^ai Jeil ; 
tnjj orhciwiie i( j« a blank. And y^X everyone, when the |JoinLa of 
intrif aie thown, eaycily appreciatca and is delijihied. Then n 
'ce'Wi Id live ;»nd have ratTii- It is a pity ihcrv is not soniL' vfi;iy of 
*oja|jr f^iijj for under piesent conditions si^Hi seeing lb but a btupid, 
^■■'w^^nie bustnvES afttr the firei surprise Is over. 
Jtfo*r here, jusl behind the Manision House, is this ancient, 
j7^*'y-'ooking, and rather forlorn CbiKeh &f St. Stc^phirn's ^ Viil Ijrook. 
^ wroulij ncvcf suppose that its interior is considered one of the 
r*>st **^iking and perfect kind: it is admired by all iirchitecis and 
jj/'**"*'* *-if tostc, and in Sir C Wren's day— he was the designer— by 

^^GNti of Europe, This riaturfllly rouses curiosity and inicre»r, 
* 'J cnUT and look ai ii. We see a forest of aiiy- pillar^ sup- 
uch<> fiA airy, that seem dieposcd aboui in the tuou 


A Six Days Tour in London. 375 

*ft lufc y\<\\td that g<?ETuinc "otd Ronian bAth " in the Strand, 
^^ Romfln rcmnin* of the Cily a* c more cunoiis ilill. I rfftrt't 

Anyicn.wtcan more snrprismg than fo find oncsdf mondmg 
^ tfac old kcmnn >vaU in a CJr.v Ain^cL, with E.ho modem hansom 
ftnd other vchidfn plymg hy and the citu^ns pasr^lng it 
*^t taking Ihc tlighcCAt Accotini. of it. There k rises before us, 
^ a common »trcc(, wirh iTi rubicund tiles and mosonTy lii- 
^*^ the actual work of our Roman concjucror*— and doing 
^ictl dvity in iupi>or1tng houses builr trpon it. A sm^ll planted 
'^rt niM in Ironc. It ir wonderful thai it should have bo^Ti 
*fyftl Not far away, \r\ the Cnpplegale qitartcr^ we '^ralch it 

4pun, and come upon a fragment of 4 regular tower or bastion 
3nig bj itself. When eicavaiion* are raade for new buildings 
Un fbiindaiinnn arc oircn opened — not long amec* on Ludgnte 

Ihc amifiuarie* were hurtymg to tnspcn Mime Rorttan work of 

kind thu> Lid hare. More -ifi torn thing, howcrcr, arc the 
itihit pteccA of Roman art-work preserved \v% the (iui!dha)] — (inc 
tic ]>avcfnrni& of bcnntiftiL designs and rolouri^ with tlowen and 
Irtftcs together with abundant poirery, ptpkins, line bfonic 
mcnts, and the re&i. We are «o modern and Oriti^h ihat we are 
to look foi ihrse refic* uj fofcign museums onfy. Hut we have 
ic stoic of thtm, hind I really ll»nk »he spcctJirle \^ more 
9iUi inlerestinjc, and «nt«riomiii^ lli^in the thmg:^ of ihe «amc 
i tbal wt^ vtsU in the British Mu^unv So my pretty couajn 

Ji^ ru>w iitierrh awray to hlinglon, *' Merry Islington " as it u*ed 
e called \ and a curious, unlamjhar quarter of London it iih At 
Angel u certainly one oT the busiest, moti animated venei eon- 
^Ic, from the tranicai^, convcKingfrom^ill f|L]Air<<r*4, iniciieeiing 
lothcri and the vuhl LrowdTi th«kl ^rir pn<^jng ^knd T^^pa^ing- A 
t <dd-world pTacc it aceuiii .s% we hujry .Lloni^ p-i*}! ihc (Jrand 
Mrc, the A^fJctiltUTal Xall, &r, l-lcrei»Sti ilu^li MyddeUon's 
Ac, ^hich rfinLndft lis ihaL dose by [he New Rivi^r h^^ arrived 
■ ■iu;ci i**erwoir, after its lon|: jourmy from Amwtfll, in Herlford- 
C» ntarty forty ruiics away. Thjs ali?nc ^tipplIcK a tonn^nce, for 

Ke* River is, as CKailcs Lamb aaid, " a pretty old onc.'^ having 
n l^roughi to town wme two hundred years ago, It is a litigulatly 
^^% uicim, about twenty feet wide, that wind« in tfie niDJit 
^*t way through all the meadowt of the intervening counliev 
Titif have followed its track almost to its M^urce^ vii^iting the 
^% mterctiinfi old towna it wash^. This promenade or cAjjedi- 

<My bt coQiiii«nded to the notice of the enterprising l^jndi^titt in 

/I Six Days' Tour m Londm. 


priscitkc Stfitc- There are iwo inlcrCAiing Hpccimcn^tull happily 
tichcd, which nfc worth « (ourncy into the t'lty wifds, \x\ lis 
t f^t Addle SircsE, and call aE Ifrcnan' Hall, How fine and 
\ the cntnnce gate— ao mobfiive, wiLh its »o]id wooden duor- 

In there Ja a charininf; cijurtyard, with a a|>acjoua flight of vtcpi 
a ruw &f iiaid}- window^ c^ich burmountcd by jin oval light m a 
jr caj^xd border. 

rbi» old hatJ is reatly a tiLirtiriMn^' place, )1 ii pleasant to a:(cend 
»lid and ipaciouis at^ir of oak and carvmgi, and find ouracWea in 

ban que ling- hall and other chamhcn. The coal-black oak i> 
y displayed ci'crywhcre, m the bold gallery, fine door and door- 
t ftc it ia indeed in proruftion, and contralto frith the general 
K »all»H Tiic cflcei of i«riublc -igc is e it mo: dinar)', and wc 
% now to eongratulute uuraelven that anychint; old ia aliowfd |o 
tin at all. 

Vnoiher altntctive old hall \s that of the Barber Sur|;eoTi) in 
ikwdL i^tmi. I'lke to many of \\\ fellows, the old buildrog ha« 
k for the most pan lupplnntcd by new and les* effertive struclurw. 
Ka [he tvork of Inigo Jones, ^vho had »u|iplicd a aoii of leciurc- 
or itieairc, tourl-foom, &c- 0«c room, however, is left, whtw* 
**it duniL' — a Ihiii^ in which he e»:<.clled^ilainly levi^^la bii 
fi*Uik. T*"^ "Id rt!4niT>o>ynt doiir, with U*< claLjoi;iIe ^hell-shapi.'d 
-ll^n {jwr the dcior, happily &tj]] remains and Impresj^ ub ia 
>aing Gtahion. The f;lory nf ihe i^bcc i*;, of counp, Ihe grjind 
tm^fthcKingfiriincin^r^? Ehjtrk'r. !ilwiiy!i reputed loLc HolbrJnV 
C^ uid indeed apparently ir> hii beil manner, though the belter 

«ra o|nnion icemi to be ihat be had only a ihare in it. There 
^several of ihcic old hnll* clu^lvrcd logethct in Powgate Hill, 
= to the njlway sUlion in Cannon Sited- I'ccpxng through the 
Qiatev-'thc Dyer* or ihe '* Candlemakers ^'— we icc the court 
tauidthc pretty Italian4oDkii]g arcade^- 

"iackneyt whkh \^ noL very faraway, (iia^ bccon^Jdersd a portion 
-«ndon chy, yet it secmt some j^uUnrb-in place of tht 
btftof Twiekenhain or Kini^tton. Anyone vvhu baa not " done " 
"i*:ltncT f "OuW str<>nj4ly advise 1<* yo and do 10. It it a pit- 
aiQc placif, ^itTi old houses and » ^\Ti^ vfd ^oliury tower learing 
in the tety street It ji a curious sen&vLlLon driving acro^ tliO 
■»\ an odd locking barren tract which you cannot traverse save 
^^ ro»d, in the centre wbceeof is a surviving "pLke," On the 
'te fou would think you were a hundred mile^ away from town, 
'OD, too. Adjoining, ir interesting Trom it^ old hous^e^, oneor two 
*>*«« of which arc rcftHy fine- 

^ ra=- 

3^ tot 

T-,- :: — .^^^ Cz-'Ci^^ 

■:: ■- r -^ : — :. ";xe"; -^f the -1^ 

: :.: -".^ :: ^r.sfi=>T<:l:e■5 Lucy, A"' 

■, _T . J- -li". Ji - ir.i 1 Wis dctcrmintiiw - 
i Tf '; :■; ^r.L :':■: ir.e Ciiy, and emb:*' 
:^c B :- -^Ti^r. «a>. Arc. 3rd ucket:^^ 
:: The"" old bourne," i.*;. t^r*^*^ 
-. "*N -.CJT^y ha5 shown, Holbo*^ 
-. Ir.ere is much ih^; i-^ t^ld 
-. --r:c: ^:" wo but keep our e>'« ^^ 
:::r..L, *^e come upon a rcfrtsr^ 
:cm. such as abounded in U^ 
veati apo. Of these scarce '■ 

A Six Days' Tour in LoKiion. 

Thii II the "Old Bell," a* ffc rjn sec ffnni tht bold nn*l 
iBly wrought RiIl " bell " on it* front, whifh is of a chocclatr 
&d itm r^iirly tountl cuii^tilKiJi. KnEcrmg through ihc cipdcimcs 
IJt wc find omic!vr« in lh4;C0U<:liiri^>Ard with galkrici runrijfi^ 

; th( plrftvutt hnr of old-fashioned t\\\. bt^ide iis, rKAi:tly 
tie IVliArirkJJin " White Hm< ** cf [ilcnsint memory. Kiibin^^i 

to hf rffitn^ ; jiiTOpIc frtiin Ihtr roiiniry mmr up nnd May 

n»cic 14 LI jflcawnt fcding Jn siir*rym^ lUr cikl plan:, Wr 
km bark a gocxl crntury and mori?^ liOw^r down there it lh< 
k Pull,*' of vrhich a weLUmodvUcd %pirilcd cotinlcrpjrt ih dU' 
I OQltide, but the jatd within hot been remgdeltcd uut of th« 

this spot life ;ue enn^nLjuaaed by :t jjerfcct group ^if old'World 
, all suflgeftivT enough. Clute by, in ftont of FuinLval'i Ion, 
Tc " Ridkr'i,'' ffcifih looking ai i** a specimen of ihe Envern 
J ywf* ago, then ihe i>nly kiiid nf place where you cotiM 
in a ehopt" FtiniiHi.r«]nn wjuiebuiUby PetOi Ihcnell-knovvd 
Cki(, <■> whom, odJIy enuugh^ a stutur h,4» been ^el up hcte 
tcne lA fiD law and no inn here now. A pleasai^tly nttrac- 
tOiel ULU one side. But wlih moct incercsi vc eliinb the 
of ihc hcrune, halLinjc on the thTrd llaoi lo vjaU ihe modest 
of ihc young and buo^ani DKketi';, then busy vrlth his 


>pobJte rumival's Inn is that str^kmc \\>\\ of ancient framocl 
ablcd houses, upon the pnnorn of n Chester houAC; which 
. BUrpriHe attJ intcre^i tht: ttQiiijcr. Suire ycarj ago the 
I were in a most precarious way. The old inn tb^il faced il 
ought by an insurance company, and it vn^ cunfiduntly t%- 
\ that they would be levelled, and hu^e rent pay]n;;diit« erected 
air si«ad. But ihey were put in thorough repair at ci>n' 
ale CD»t, Eheir sbiiky bonet and precarious mu^clet ^\ s[r:ii£ht. 
ilemaftE to lurn in under Ehc arcb and find ourselves in the 
ird. The old hall, a most piquant llEtle structure, iii before 
t shut up. The old houses, however, still flniiriah. Wc 
r through strflggling ways, up filcp5» lo ihe Chancery l.anc side, 
ibene is another entrance, wiih more halls^ dials, be The 
mtion of eld and modern work is not inoiTcctivc. Kilurning 
bom, we End beside us, within a few doors, Barnard's inn, tht 
^turetque of thcni all- There is nothing belter than (he tiny 
-tucetcd In JusE at tho gate, with its &hiny, |>H^inEcd windows wcH 
*. il« lively little lantern and weathercock, and the little 
h"* in which a porter siw, with the e'itnpeea of cm«y, Iwiated 


■ *— ■ ■ 


df me 

Weto««enfcte(»» reach otrt—.^. 

^^ ***■ « it, n«K 

yi Six Day£ T&ur in Lmrdon. 


entrance-galc to Ihe old monosiery^ [i h^i been rarc' 
rr^vd, Jtnd is nan- Appropmicly enough in the funds or the 
^ l^nglish Ondti of ihe KniphU of Se. John, Noi fax off ti 
^^oiNPw^g Hubfiiul, «rut IjChitHc it x ^oeI of ruinrd ^te ]kjui>c 

^Fdh And pj;u«:t^c bt-yuud, ihrL:ii:frti >vhjdi we hav(^ i glu])|iat- 
^Tablc chiirth tuvicr. (House* have been built up .ilonysidc 
^IC'huuteO Tliis ■:§ tild St Diirlhuloincw**, an exfT^oEiliiiarv 
* <ljmch, rescued fruin d[.*slruttion by x\\c peiaistcnt fflbrT;! 
'Can. Aboul fivfi^ajid-lKcnly yeur» o^ I vrandt'ied up hr^ri:, 
'T>d myBcIf, " Juc-like," Iciokin^ ttirou|;h the broken bus of a 
to :m flvvful ^cene of iitin, bhrkciicd i>ilbr^ Norman archn 
n, pilo of rubbish— all descried mid fodorn, U ha* now been 
'elyandEplcndidly restored, ond is really one of the most curious 
Mcreilifig fhorclacs, ffom its variety and oiiginjJity, \\a grand 
Konoan arches, and va^iti solid ^dlnrii tiandingin a Kemicjjde- 
' LI nothing lo match a in I-oiidon, and it h. \\aiA to give an 
^the iLnprrteion it leaves. VVivne&b ;he |>rcltyantl piquant IUlLc 
«ikcv£ of Prior ItoUon, who :^ems to be looking down on us 

Altogether, ^ tine, huprvt^ive thing- 

jch «a» our six- days* lour, during which I "personally con- 
d'* Laura, to het great enterLninnierit. She bad seen tnuch 
(ras attractive— far moic sc» tluin the Tower of London or 
■u]*3i At the end of her week's labuur, my preiiy coutiti 
cd to the country a " wiser and a better " girl. 


Goethe s "Iphigenia." 389 


fco, how«^CT, for clo«t «uU>-, the " Ipblgenia "will aUayji 
j^Viir() boma&« ". "i'^"y V^jaafleaarc cminnnllybcaucifuT, 
Oi^i (CTscly i:-*pret3t«i» knd thftnflelves lo (rtqucnt qu&ta- 
■bly for sugc «*li''*»t^'J"t *hciln;r jn prufic or in vcrw, 
Hild only hi»vc b«n .iisurcd of Et fovotmbk rcrcpti^ui 
iiiljcnrc was picvigusly ac<]uaimcLl mih ihc value of the 
j f«(lclcrniincd 10 be utihfittl wiih his work, 

incr of GoclhcV pivtL^i bill i: i;» <.li!ftriy fthuwii by Mr. 
Ifti thai the ilfitn;! wa*, both iri iiJc.i* and iroAimcrt, 
peiman> Therevicwof Iphigi-nla "inhi* [.ifcoHioefhe 
Dtirly effective chapter, and the cruu'al |]Mntij>lk:!i laid 
Ibucd on unaiinibUc imMUona. wjihi pouihly one <%*,k^- 
iiiew may be dnVicylt la sustain iliat there ^an no acriiig, in 
tk lenst of ^hc wQfd. on the CJrcck atagjCH If the roa>k 
ifacial c^iirc^Hon. and Was clog* |;»vc a slofl-, artificial 
,(j> the fcci» itill tilt cKfrcia autcineiib of iJic ancient* 
>&«■ ui to rfoubt that ihcrc wai .1 gix* diffcreno: between 
k^d bad. AribioilL: Tcniarka that "simple fiiMw wluch 
iPtaDppitj' -'Jjijicar Ij be rno^t irai^ical if t/ity art /rfjkr// 
Jbd iLKain. in cundcmning what he calli qibodLC p1o(>, he 
I they arc atadc u^ of by had poets through incapa- 
^good pccistf«d.rr?«fl/o/i^*'/A3.>rM' : indkaiing ihatby, 
(mdudtv that fJti>fn had individual girt* il wu* worth while 
ilo, Tht vTcH kjiowi: antcdoii: of the actor who made UAC 
Biic affliction to ^nccnBifV hi] pathos on the boards poLnu 
C dirvt^lion. li wiU bu iiafcr, then, 10 niLppi^ic th.'M murh 

dccbmaiiOn was acbicvod by Ihe Athcnun plavk^'T* The 
I be Uhcd i i'SAlUTc [cj*7tfit) frocly exerdi^d (w(nctimc.\ 
^gbabfc 4: laceration), an<l ihc x'Oic^e r()ctil«icd in iiilo<:a' 
ftc were drawbatkfl ; bvit t'K' whitened fiiCL- and convcn- 
Umc of ihr Icilian fuldittiia arc dr.iwbaL'k.4, and y«t he 
Tcjit ei:prea*ivcnos. 

ftom the afih^rtion that "Iphtgt:nia" wn» *'an «ho of 
J," or the liftrtt modem specimen of Ciicck tfiigedy, 
ilici«[Ti lcx>k lip A different Imc of rtpo^itron- I lerrl>u.itnv 
||iit mtfoilitt'lion to the " iphi^cnia," tii Ihc fint iMojiiraicd 
GcetbeS *orkB (»W; I ), aiijiici'm ihc tnl lowing; way "I'hat 
Iragjcdi^m or clr^mari^u ihciii^clveiiiottnil ihr .mcicnt 
litodtomv lEKjdifKation C" huiE chciti |o Ihtr inij^mvcd moral 
ftday wlicn ihc pljyn appcflittl. "l'bi» he- Ihnik^ shown by 
fl udunixiiabnicnt of the influt-nc^ of blrnd chance, 01 ot 

the cnvytrf the gods h Tot i;i.^rt in iht cim; uT in btfixdilvr 

dtpici Hjmt fii!mg of the imlividuai whith bruugbi him ot Irr^r^ 
vitbin ihe working Qf ihc pmlicCion, Apruud^nd twistiti; ini^;^*- " 
tif>n« »ctti;]g iudf in ojTpoiitioa lo the decree* of ihc divioc ulW ~^ " 
lid, fotmcd an oiy juttinaiiiun f^i miAfonuna wliidi migbl odii*"^ 
wIkc luivc KdQcd VCI7 diRpropurtionaic to the supptwed ranca^*^ 
duel, often, prcmmiblyt unavoidable. If then, ai Aibcru, tJwinoii^ ' 
iQriiutiLlitiuB i>r lh(* iiurtod had (o hv 6h\itxci\y ukc" into ^ccoaa ^^ 
Hut: W<fndt drjwi ihe oonduaiuu Uui it b iiaiujaJ thai ihi pict (^'^ 
ihti ci(!htetinLh c?nLury should be cxpecLcd 10 buti]>ly (he iicnc^ 
honoured myHi wtih an uihical Lupoct tn uccoiLiaiice vrjih the put>'i^^ 
Tecliags of his own day^ 

ThUlinc of dvfvccc give* up the avcrtntfot IhttHwrc uinjt^i*£ 
lidknzc abum Gocihc'i puvm cUhcr in scrtiimcnt or In monK u»^ 
contincs dl vcrifimditudc (o the i^aoics of the chartctcn, the mf-iuc^" 
logical aUusions. and the Lopograph^. "bfa the aiory a cntiielT 
nlicrcd so a^ to become a German story, in the Chrisitin otuibot^^ 
given CO Iphigenb ; in the didactic and complaisant bencvoken^^ 
of Thoas, and Ills lov« -^r^al^ with the heroine. And ihit lut p***** 
in the face of the direct staiement of Euripii^C£ In hitpTAj' thai cv*^^ 
to touch a prics:e&s of Atirmia wr^ &aciik-gc< 

Two courses were o^iicn : onL' uas to produce the puoiorv^^'' 
to leave Gtcuk notions to take care of Ihtm^elves. lUdne did *»**- 
He not only aUt'njd the stomas, but he altered !h<rm in a yiaj cnlifcV 
opposed to their mianing and 5pmL He tokta, for instancic. %h^ 
kgcnd of HippolyiUH, vrho was a conilncni hunisman, and »fct^"* 
devoting liimself to Ihi: pursuiu bdoix^d by Aricmii; neglecu a^^ 
despises the gifts of Apbrodiccp thereby incurring her diip1ca>a'^> 
and bringing on hiniBLlf, at last, a violent end. On these Wrte^ we""* 
woven the infaiimit.'d, forbidden, and unhappy attdchmeiU of Phnl'^* 
which giver; its sombre aturactivcnea to the ploL Bill, as for ** 
Hippolytus is eonccmcd, the fact that he vos ab&olutcly indUTcT^'^' 
to the scs is the one sovereign and distlngniahirig circufiuianee wh*^^ 
has 10 be consiflntly kept in mjndr It is the very tcrrjci oJ t'*^ 
tragedy. But so little dirt Racine consider hiiuidf tfammclicd by **^ 
Creek colour of the njyth, that he pn>Juced hi» comphealiofi *^ 
re[jr<:aeniing Hipjiolylus as cold to rha(!dTB through att^hmrnl ^ 
u.-ui,ii,r ftomjn And yet the French dnmatitc luccccded t"^' 
flungf mdced, GreeV notion* and treaimeni to the winds; but *^ 
wrote a play thai docs not rcqtiirc a Jlachel or a Sarah Berah**"*^ 
to make it efittliNc ; it cannot be reitd out oloudj or perused <■ ^"^ 

Gooihes "/phigtnid" 

of the library withuui producing :t brcftihks&ness ^ucb ai 

*^*TiiBS on wh<![i \\\tt -prinu* ai ^nnjiiun -ire i;itfaily Agitated. Wc 

^^?*^ %n "It^bigcniu cii Aulido' by Kacirie, jU]J he comiiicntcd 

, '^'vc IphifjlSiiic, but it wait iiever cotnpleled. Jl is curtuus \\\»x 

^pon the same ideaiUat otcurrtd tu Goethe, and made Thoas 

^tvoicd ^iJver of tbe priestesi. 

** he other course would hove bccu to tolcc ihc facts and mwuld 

**^ (0 ihe fcquiremLnts ,ind wniimcnu of ihr tjighlctnth c<;nEury ; 

/" ***w(, make a Western modem story of then]. Bui ihw aittmpi, 

*^e 11^ I'Mfcme dit^icult>, wouM have hr\>uah: liboul ihc abandon. 

^^*^ X illOiiethcr ol the original idta or' -in unjuiJon antique, 

~^AT»C ioi^cnuiiy of the plot of the " Iphigenifl in Tflurls" of 
"*"« pidVHwa&imjf;h idnurcdby dit Greek crbcs. In thi: '" foeiics " 
'^'Hollc mention!! ii more than once, und if not wilh untrud^jing 
't*^ovaI» Blill with a iL^cugniliun of jU i;ren( iiieni^, 

^T^DCtbe^ strung poi^U W3& no:, pLThaps* invention ; tjut it must 
= ^zoncedcd thai in liis " Jphigtnia " i1>l device for Biving a new 
^ ^-Aing to the oiacle wa>i weU cunccLv^d, The kntjt wait uiiTooa^^d 
" l~fcout recourse bein^ ncLiesbary to the i/.'wj ^-a m-achwn cf the 
Pr^>£ircni accident of the ^tonii, Slill. tt mubt be rem^inb^red that 
'^ a^i^'idc^ had to gel bis vLcttd linage to HaliCi and he was bound 
Q s^avc the Choius, doeche'^ \t\iA ei^u^cd him from both tbcst 

Herr Wcndt't contention that thv Creek writeiE tl^cmsclrc* found 

^ v%«CCssAfy to nxould ihc myths to sume harmony with current 

Bc:ial fcehng cannot be altogether disLJUtcd. Undoubtedly the 

■**^(>' and impurky of Ihc old (lories did ahfxk sorin; of the beet 

■"t-tion, not only :»* opposed lo improved opinions, but as revolting 

!■> l>iG individual conscitncCn Pmdar could eay with regiird to ont 

"•'•fciun c-f the legend of Peiups " It is impoasihic for mc to bdicvc 

1^^=*^ ihc godi ftre gluttons ; I atjnd aloof from the thoughti" And 

^'^ dpjdc^ exhibit) wuiindud tiensibilhtts aL:jin and again in rc^peft 

1** *nw)ic of the more unwurlhy iicic utuibuted to tht heavenly powcTs, 

^*'t ihongh this ts trLiCj thL^re waa, and continued to be, a great 

a*** tticji nation lo abolish eitunl praetiteB simply on the score of their 

"*"'JtkloT lavage oaiure. There iife many [laJnful proofs that the 

''^ttiancr fcdini;^ were stifled m the preieni:e of whijt n.ia hcM n 

^'^>nt wish or a divine command- This fact \s rurioua, l>ec3u?c « 

**^^<*Unts, in some rndL-iure, for acts performed in the name of 

'^"gion which seem to belong to ruder timc^. t.n<X expt^rns, aB far as 

^P'*raiion i& possible, sad deviiiiioiis from the lukv oJ love and 

■^^saioiicc and4:r the Chrxaiian system. Obrii$cnc» of perception 

i>ti 1 

Goatke'^ "If^igcma.' 


It s*''*^Koi»tnt»> gi»«i the ofce«iary onJci». «nJ Itavea ihw ftia^pj 
^c n^Oftt ammblc find matlct of -focr way. Here wa* (topo fur 
lOCK^ *'*^^rp relative Actinff, and doul>ilc*t \\ wan funhcommfl- 

\Vlicn th« tinHre-t-nii-rthehiiito Itcarjulcof ireachciji but he 

\i»V^'^* * ^*^ i''^' ^ww occurred vfuh no cAhibiiion of anger, and, «kh- 

^jn^t i''^*^'''"^vnifig ihc niMScriitcrj Icnrna tlii: fate of ihe lihip which hod 

to«c*^ ^"ivcti bjck on tlitf Hhore. VMien the iiarniiive cnd« by ihc 

^^i^iiicn^ ,1^^ Pi.tfi"[Jun \vAiX y(i\^i\ Orcstt* and liit tuur imo ihc 

ki"S"* '*'**1*, afkj xWax the ikHit- f"T iUliuM had i;omc, Thauh rise* km 

ihc o*-^^»iQ[i, but ^vahoiii bti^alet. He ^ntnjvtically dituct>- ht>r»c ami 

foijl vo hutiy 10 Ihu B|>0L There is th; n-iLbyu lo ihink he nicart tu 

f^i^re M>hifjenja, Thu fu):itivc3 can be secured now lite hbi[jiPi widxiH 

t^acIit iifiu (niiy, he dirnka. be either daihed on iht rocks or, iiill 

■1*^ iv^rvrini ihc CThorui that he i» too buiy la auend to them at 

the inoin^ni, bui ihcy may ttiii mured he wilt nut forget their tundijsn 

pnaunTrictic. jjm i^j^ noteworthy h the i:ondut'i of Thoai when 

AthciHf Appi-jiis i^ unravel the diflicjliica He sho^s no sifin whni- 

^'^ ^f 'lie baffled veneeance of 3 <;rueliyranL Hcicquiescesat onw 

m wc ^|^ (jf |(,g godticss, and ^ives up enemies, [Jiiesies^ Image, and 

Chom^ wichouta murmur One diviniiy> he seems to admit, had 

quite ^unucbrighuobcleiiienio^lhctithcr 10 demand hniiian blood ; 

*™ Tl^ojj ,^ t^^i ^fj j^g n,^^ J ^ ^ striking wamjjlc of pitalysii 

"' "^ er:iyii<jn- whioh retullt fioii^ itj^rditTi; yowcr n& sui»remc and 

*Tin"fi;i(>lc tu oihei aitnbutt'Sh And the artifitul amtude ol 

,/'** position mighl be wpiesEed by some such phrases a* ihes* ; 

^^'aliier or mercy, 1 am prepared for bolh ; I only wish to be 

™'*6qj of luihority. " It is ncedle^^ to point atil that the intivduc- 

- 1^ 'Jfstjcb a figure greatly intcnsiiii* the dramatic effect of the 

^ ; and as a mere hiaiiumcnL of conitaht a immea^tirably superior 

■^t Talkative moralist conceived by <ioeihc. whom he rcprcscntu 

'Settled into sevctjiy by iho fiiilun- ot a love suJL 

• n ''^Jlbough it ia rtiiScult to find in Ihc (ireck play any decided dis- 

„^'*f^-jl ol the human s»crificc3 there imrodtiCL:d, ycC there la ui 

''^"ipi to screen the pDncitjal female chamctcr fiom the iitspicion 

J^nJctpaHon of a direct nature in the horrible files. The life 

^% atady of Euripides was that of Iho character of the Hellenic 

r^t ''**an, and it was necessary for his indication of the true idt.'ijl 

j^^^* he ihould dwell with aomc acrinioTiy on the faults which the 

^*=V iTL-aimLnl of wivcy tended to cieate, 

• ^ t^hls fnnkncss was mistaken for miso^'ny ; Jind the acnseless cry 

^^ b«cn repeated till quite modern limes. In Ihc ^\hy In *hk*v 






in example taken from another bmneh of th^ Aryan ftto^k, thr^ 
doo«, Among^E whc^m much natural gf^nil^ncs c<\-cx\\tM with 
7 and inhnmari beliefs^ 

^i-ha|i« the <^ifcumAiflnccs h cvidcnee can be be*! given by a 
extract from an oi^cc tliary : 

\% mu<m1t9K> 'he 1mriii|^ cif 3 itrikiiiB «»« mne nn. An old Bnhmfn, 
nfsinmt of a Eatnpkof Mihd^lcn, ha4 wientTy iiuitiic;J & pivuy firt iiilL Lo 
nv. The Titlnfff buiciG tu^e cQon^h \\ys a bmnch iicdr-vflifc, 1 Hcnfils 
inu ap|XHfifc«l jjotrniahirf. He fuTnin! 4n !(i'i]uajntiukc« wilh tlu bnilv. 
rraifTri. nnforrumitrZjr, Into inltiyus. TEm t>Ainfii| ([dry beotme knovrn to 
Ihdi]. whodciennLtiid 4n n*tnf?, tndotitoJjiFtt (he>c(vkc& of Iwo twAita 
\ fain tii liit ulilf iTJihln^. |lr leiiialihoT, hiittrvcr, on Li?rnis oE Li|^^Arva1 
hlft vrilh t'^e B(?nj£.i)n» ui<l, b hik i^1rii.u;il mlvUvr, ncqniiTicrideJ him Kt 
) *ijflt of ■ farivij wiibio ihc cemplu, Ihc p«im)i»[cr. who woi a wann 
>k took hl» plArro nnr |ii« Atiricit, ^^bJch wu liEhteJ by 1 tingtc bmi». He 
pOAB all iTic hnun of 4]arki>nt in a idf^^iuut rxcT^Ptp caller ^k^ 01 «c«l4(lc 
ioo. Al nifJfliuhl iLe Btuhicjlfi cflic^eJ tleaktily with his couJIn. Tbty 
bfl youtn, irii^k'^l vA piDioaoi! bim. and iCreEchm^ hid iLcck t«ck vvct 
le l«iB>u or ^ink dvd br olTtrln^v lev^nx] rhc (virxl^ilp?, Tht bnt];r w^* 
Idcd cp ami IJttI inlo ihc tluij^p iiT p ImiilJIl^ ndiT wut iliiib iviiWl tiy ihr 

Id the rivtr lnol aaJ ihriawn inio ihc Alroiti, An old worfiJiipj'Ci now 
xly nc«-l mottDJi^ with frc>h Howrrt, bul hndinE on the old hosciAy OlhC' 
ittota thrnif of WAitfi rp^MinFil i\m iatix ar llie»n, The pulicr found uul 
lOle mH«r Tfry cleverly, 

;cr ihe hcflring vT iJic cuc» ih« he»<l clcrk camc in tot ui^iiuftt* In 
ice to ihc murdci [Im> alurnatioa fii% imdc pciliipi rVhcr futuoiuly, 
f/ wtll the [f^mplc T« pudJicd aX\.tt vich a cihiie?*' 

10 clerk WKt 3 RrahmJTi. and tlie ptopritfrm itf a ilirln* of Th# tame god In ■ 
MrnnOB lo^Hi a vuU tdumed nnd truMworihy joonc ■"(■"- 
« ttrplic^ *^ll douDOl require piinbcBtaon.'* 
How « ^ " 

iKccaw fTiy ficd llk» tlixid/' 

Hut Ihc itckUuvlkiji uf 4 fcilDw-brine } " 

]l« tlkntnuEua bliHid Ih'bi urall." ' uiil ihc ckEk, ljii]|>hlh|{ly. 

The conclti&bn of the mailer seems 10 be— thai if Gocihe failed 
produce in his version of ihc Tauric fable nnything but a beauii- 
Ccrtnan poem, the futility lay In the attetnpL In no pariicular 
\ he fall %o jhoit of success, from art Hellenic poirM of view, as in 
; delineation of ihc king. H^ wjis afraid of the bruialiiy. He 
ahcfl to make thinps plcasani. And it escaped him that the frame 

mind conceived by Euripidca for his Thoas was not only a clever 
(dtnation of a curious moral probknt, but on idt:a pregnant with 
tattle foToe. 

TTic Greek plays— 10 tnany a mere image of academic rewarch — 

' (Ucallin); Lhal furful line in th4 " l^iunrnjdf !»" ^^^ Otwr^i^f aiinirv* ^ 


Tit Gf^frmmm'i Magazjm 

pprab to 1 mMi bor^ 

pmrtii pohK 


dxxmi ;»cniitlfr iMUi{*f 


iViU) PLOl-iA 

* two Liinp^lc conoid cmdont will \\c\^ ui^to unJcrsunU iht 

■C t^xia\ of :kny ci>Lintry ; wb) t1i<y tliOLJld be ihcrct and 

ijiould be ciliKcnL It It ovldcnt, for In^tantc, Lli:it 

^ tHiiiaic are factor* of the very t%x\\ iriiporuocc The 

»na of Cr»c Briulii ore nut w fjunteivus in ^vccicn *s 

' Coniinenu but murv to chnti ihcvc of Irebnd- Tbt 

i« in ils m^ulnr p<»ubn. The «bAllow tan to tbv wuih 

'^uugh more than once dryn ha^'c prcvcnttd a free and 

^ousagc ; and Sc- Ccor^e's Chnmiel, deeper, iind of oldci 

ed a« A wcond b-nrior. 

also prepnjcd to find that plants grovr in the wulh 

which would starve to death under more eMciing 

conditions; and Ihac. all things eUc being equal, the 

\tc ^o delicate form? will bavc a tendency to disappoarp 

Prt>por'[Jon of the inuri' hardy to ukt ihcir pl^ici:. Suil« 

K food supply, is anothiT Ui'iirinninani. The hcdge- 

Qh;i1ky hullowttof Hampshire, Surrey, and the Isle of 

ontin with TravcllcTs' Joy (CV^/'j^f/f /'/Wi^fljand oiber 

ta ; and the downs arc ritih m insect orchid and 

'*» rrctwi. which rhin qui beyond ihc Umils of ihc 

>soluEdy rcfiiic to grow where (he older rncks come to 

to Seolbnd the caMkst K'Mr:-!! in the flr^n of ific couniry 
It the hmits of Iho^ speeies which, from soinc came or 
:<i find one part more suitable than anoF her, and eon- 
Vcs within eertain limirs. If there i^ anything in a 
lli^^ flower ts Ltic Scots I'nmrosc {^Primula tcGti€a\ the 
>ied nficr :ts counLry. I rue, its eomparotively narrow 
CwHal agnimt \w claim to supercede the ihiJillc {Cniettf 
\\% headf|UflTteT* ^ecm [o be in Orkney, whciiee w 
t iiortbml, and f^ rhm* found in ihe extreme north and 
Rt of Suthcrlandihitr. In Caithness it £n>vr« in ji;re:L: 
:>ein^lhf ino»t notable |jbnl of the county, \\ <:w\- 



The GcntUman's Maga^ttu. 

<k>kpatfhed ii ii^ tHc bte rrofcMOf BaUbur, «lio boppeiicd n be a 
thi: ncijihbourhood on a boiaA>cai excunioo. The aooompacjoc 
siudcnu hftd ihiK IkRd laid on * dUh and placed before llicir ctwf at 
dinnCT, and ihc tjeliflbi ctf the cntlMiidasi on the rciuoval ot ibe cxno 

JuitQW the hill Gkn l&U icimuuii^^ In a goqscafid taiM'T 

poitiblcyet wilder ihan ihAL At the hca<i of C;icn Oot^ li««e 

hird to choose bctwocn ihv ivq for the numb^ And nnetjot cM 

Alpmcv c;Un Dolu hAi one of the rar«tt ferns peculiar lo mdf,d« 

round-leaved wnotLiu ( tfim/jia ^r/^f^tfimw^ Coenkkclun tea 

«riih only another place in Scotbnd one of the rafcst Bmrtni 

Atpinff. the WDwy gcnti&n iC^ri/jiaMa nfr^/t'sy It is an aonnl ^ 

the blue colour chitacteritiic uf ihe fnniily ; and n aa««a 

fdtt of ihe Bimoat pnrcipiiout rock, aiid )H;ed« itself dovrt lb 

Its site is happily knovn to ftw, and tbcTvin eonsUts U% fttf<iy. 

One wiU now prubibly have had enough of ctinihia^K 

di«poflcd tf> ETiake for the nean^t plact: of shelter ; bui thit ts » 

conudcTAblc diauncc^ Dropping doiKrii on the nnrtheni i^ 

the C^cntocKAn hills, he wUI urike the road whkh crosMs 

tiiLiuniAiiift Irotn the Spittnl of Glvn Shvc. *' It pUtt* the 

of the Toitgli tjsrk thai l«3dE tip thv narrow but ^>lcndJd Gtcn tt 

CallBter to the lonely loch which eleqi^ omot^s the *ilen£ hills 

when lit' AppriMichCi^ thr village of Itnicm&r the vi«^w bcroma 

ptctxiTesi^uc. Thcft 1^ lofty Motronc on the Eighty pine 

Craie Chomnich, *ith Kindrochii ai>d Conicfcigic lying at lo 

r:mbo^o(EWdLnttc(3; j grand vucix^h of mountaJnsin thef 

4iid above ihcm the conspLcuoua knoU of Ifcn iVan," 

He wiU hnvc the fialigfaciion of feeding thot he ia ^ccfanf fft 
tii^Utj not only in the noblest and mo*t charactenatie «ciw oJ 
Scoitish Highlandik, within a mile or t^o of Balmoral, but alio ■ 
vef>' *'"''^*"^ **'^ 1^^"^ Abcidccnuhin: Alpine field. 

Casttelon of lU^icninr iland* neaily i.aoo lect above dtt If^l 

tlic ico.. and thctefgic wl-U viEhin the limit of Ihc lub-Alpmcib 

on thelu* hilU round nboni The Al pin ci grow. The«ilU£e 

dcfmcd as il»c /one of the Alpine Udy'» mAiiEle, md the ^^ 

Mtnrfme. i.&™ (cct highL-r, a* that of Ihc iralhng uaWl It 

been noicd ihal *"nW '* f^™ ioiitcrcd buiiho of broom and irijWi 

found at C^tleJ-J". ^'^'^^''^S *^*' neither of thcac BWmift^r^'^ 

plants hai any *^^^''" **^ **^ reg^rdrd a^ Alpine^ and, at too*, t*"" 

cfo^iCB mio the sub- Alpine wgjoa , ^, wi 

On the foUowingmoininghcranrcium dowft Glen Cliinit. f^ 

up Glen Calial<^. and attend Lochoagw. There, if he « tot^'^ 



Wild Fiora of Scotland. 


1^ be wiU Jitid, tioL vrivhmil LrouDlc nr in gf»i quamiQ'i among 
pUc things t)ic Alt»Jtie brook Kftxifr^ge and ihc clustered 

1^ {SdJiifmga rrru/itrr* and nk'alis). 

he muFiE laco houih n>;ain» an<L find way ihroug)i ihe 

inio Pcrthahirc- In All ihaE &tcrn and trcmcndoUB ram- 

■re i> only one auch low paus, that ivUkh tuudb \tii<y l>kn 

Aiudied lo this mteKitinj; pitcc of physical gcogrflfihy ihcrc 
p a U1& ConsidcrjibEy on tlic oihcr bLde of Braemu from 
p^fMt i« Ben Mukh Dhui. 

^ a criiAin cvcniful d£iy ihia gtanC vru the ^t^ of another of 
jEtptnlftjl pbnt hunts ^f* plcaaim in Ihc memory of tho^e who 
ihlhirm, in whjch Iha veteran prnfonsnr, whom wc have already 
Upid Ihc Olcn Dole hillft, led n new session'^ raw recruits over 
UofitmiltM 10 himself. On his return he reached Clcn Tdt 
Igh Ibi* break m ihe hills, and ^ucrcsAfully eircumvcnted ccrUin 
he wasMJ]» who atifmpted 10 har the way, 1'hia spiritod 
Jrmjcnl, by ny mean* the only one in the amul* of tht^c 
tter wandcfin^^. wai att^rwATds crelebmicd in a Eay, whirh I ntu 
A to hive forgotten, nlniovt deaemng I0 rank nlongnide of 

in^ra^dof'Ta ThaiTthun," 

(blloving dorwn the glen, should no <iueh obsliuetion block the 

iHUci It lenglh in tht: neighbourhood of TlUir Alhole, 

'lie finds hiA way lothe CLiitcm end of ],ocK Tay 2nd village 

rnmore. There he will bt withm light ;ind ca^y reach of a 
frfthaped \i\W, Manding very mueh atone between ihe hasint of 
tf<in and Ih^^ »liil yoLilhfiil Tny. A sie:iinboat. hill take him (o 
i&e if he docs not fflre for the wfltk. This is Ihc thud and la§t 
l^iold, that of the IVrEhshire Alpinet. The uimmtAin la llcn 
tr*. the moat erowdcd reaotl o! hill-plant* in ScotTund- Not 
Ithcrc 'ire more Alpinea in Pt-rthshiic than in Fatfamhirc. 
(gely enough, there arc ju*t cuaclly the s.iiiic numbrr, although 
Ihe AJinie species 11 both cnunlic«- Hut there are more 
[Ered ioio one ftUicc Amortg Ihe many larj; ibjng* growing here 
Ehe dioDpung bulbous szujftagr {Sa.\i/ru^Q fernua), only found 
III loejlity. and the rock forget -rae- not {MxmoUi d/fifi/fii). 
^ too, we come on Ihe lecond site of the little l>lne ^cntuii or 

?tie iCitite, iherefoir, from Thrums fo cover the Sttilliih Alpine 
iby, ia U|i Glen Qova to Glen liote, ar:t04t the jntc^rvening hlU 
laenloehant down the Abendeenshirc tiide lo Braemar, llienw 
tgh GUn CAlliOcr to Lochnu^r- South again, IhiQuijh the 
MjCrAmpian \tM into I'eitlisliire, and down GlccL TiU^^lAOtv 



40l| Th4 GiHlUmatii Afa^iine. 

Tuy&nd Ben Lawm. Koi lSo»e ""ho £e)i1 Ji nKrrc c^rr-^ 

Ugin at the other end, ibc course cm be reversed- 1' 
dune by a gogd wjJker in lc» t>iin i irccV« mdudi: 
Cloi-JL Inn, aiught vpent in ^nj wiiy kdovI oonvcoicitt, u.. ^- l^- 
if oeccMOiy, anion;; the Cacnlochftii raountoiiu, a ni^hl in tsn 
cau1d Tlotcl. Bruviuu, ^ nigbl each in Blilr Aihok and Kmiinn 
jnd a nLfLliti or mure if time pcriuiUcd. \t% [ jw«n Jnn :< n i- 
homely lioxidry ol Fenrncm ai the mouth of Gben l«yoc- 

On cither hand, tbe Alpinct thin out. Proljahly «Jth of 
ficaltf wiihin »ii|iht boosti one or tnorc Tare tpccici- iV uiktuc 
ihc Sow of Atholl^ vtthin eaty Koch cji Blair, bean a un^ukibtfl 
{Mfttitiia mnt/rit). with ji Luge pur]jlb bdl ; liui axb*! > 
compare in wealth itnd vancty wiili thow un the route indbot^ 
bel^vetfn Clen I^olv. l.,(K']iD;i;it:tr, ;trid Ben Ijikrert. 

Ttic tUVi tu our wiU llurj, aUlioujth by no niciuu lu be tn^ 
nued, Ofc not cuctljr th« vunv, or Ukely to be to fpeedily i ' 
tive JK :hoM which tUrtaLen OLir vrrlJ fauna. Any iof«c», ^^ 
Tirk'»rti time, and those |>tfrh;i|j» 4ic mimly toc^ nwttbenMigh 
;tmona lowland foTms, throuft^ coIui«iioi^ drunigCt COfy mjcta 
uL^cr ubviout cau»cs- 

J'robably no single upland bpecitu hu been re^iKod t'^lhci' 
i^AtiAiis of somuof the bJrd» vf piv>. which dora to And a meilca^ 
moor or in the covcnv Tl;ey have not a bod clunciCT ^^ 
tPtlient ; lead a ixiJititve and innocent ciiitcncp, ADd ivc in noof' 
way/ Indeed their imfntiun ih ratbvr bL-n«ficeat than odjrrv^ 
Uwdhnginu lionir^jfihcirown, they l3kjbh iKc Wrv alopct nd^ 
wirh colour ; ghdden the othemwc dctolaic h«%ht£ wiih tin «** 
ofhfc; ftndftimi&hJi ^t-liomc bite tu ihi; ptarmi^ao. llwpe^ 
l-Unt, *hif b is fls necrrtaiy lo the cxi«;cncc of the «hitc ^oui« fldi* 
hcnther It to ihc ted, grows k}\\ IctliiCj in crau^li and crcricc, under i*** 
shelter or loo^c stones* and whcivv«i thore \% ^uffidcM Ground^vi'^ 
mica *f:hi!it to covet their rools. 

IVopntlors arc indifferent lo their fat*, in many <4ittuaoc^ 
sHo"* of their oxjiieocc: h ind if ihcy keep botlc the wouM be ipo* ^ 
it \% rt^\\ct kst ho disiur^i the gfloie tha.n lest he remove Ihc BoBtf"^ 

The gnimekceper is not to guiUIw*. !fis Highlnnd fttfno^* 
iiivndod every ^umtiier by eager spirits from ihc souiK ^ 
be^ie^cd with quc^liuii^ as lo the whcicahout« of ihc AlpiarC' 
hji lotcn the hmi ir» it^ok round him when he ic cmi, «o u M> i»'*' 
the [ibc[-> where anjthmg uiif^mJliai grows, and hu uaeibiiJdi^^ 
lagc ^ktbully. He 13 now rL:ady to supply whotL'vcr]?i wmftJ ^*^^ 
couftidttaliorii aT*d cvtrv W t^i\^ ^hc moie liberal to ihe j|k< ^ *** 


Th IViM Fhra of Scotfarr^. 


^uU^Ccc help to nuke 3 very icnkibic addition lo bU wages Once 
friDcd, each new oamcr u muif^r uf tlie liluation and competcni 
juide lroui>\ of ctcitci ffic^idt, imager :o Icjrn ihc sccrci and bcai 

JGfffcd is »U1I iHOrc wftiTtful than CLmosii^ or i.scudci-love. Whtn 
t*: ace »<J niatiy ariiious lu ikimcs* jtid iviUmy ti* pay, there are 
^ U> be scLleiH ; andi ^i^j i|ui[c a trade j^nri un lei Al[iine^, In 
StBun ID ihc AEEialeur ^hu forajfes for litiiueif and uUicr^^ there a 
» ihc profffSkiQiial |iIanL LoLlt^cjior, whoae liuiinc^is in tifir i^eiLhtirtu 
'1; on his own accunnl ffum Uoot i*j door or to a*.L on behalf uf 
|e mun ^hi> kee^is J nufbcty, 

|3Iov long the supply wUI meet a [rallic of thai kjiid li were not 
y Eo \c\\ ; but the end may well be within iai;;isurable disrance, 
c£ci:iUy ^ thi^ duin^nd U not uiLhlcely to jncrca&e- I h^ivc mci 
tl rtJturninjt ^om the hill^ with crates HjU of pl^ncst hundiudt in 
Jbp Whilu I was writing thn 3 nun called, and curio&iiy took me 
tlie door to due him, Ht: hi:ld a basket ui his hand (jlicd with 
'Sley ferns, by no riieans our larest loimB, but suliicientiy (jhatac- 
ktic of ihc stony tr.^^kfi of most of out uplatidsi lo bu wunb pfc- 
tring ; and the foUowini; cunvisrsuion ensued ; 

*^ Fme plEini&, ^ir : male and female for sixpence.* 
, " Where did you get ihcni ? " 
' "On Bimam HilL" 

\ " They arc all of one sort, Are ihere no otheis there ? " 
I "ThcrL- ofcd to be lott of holly fern, but the visitors have cakcn 

f%re were two forces at work : this poor wretchj who managed 
feet n titllc mcaE and a good deal of dhnk out of the traffic, and 
- unimereitini; crew of lotinsts and lodgers who infest such accncs, 
d have not yet laimcd the first lesson taufihl to all wclUbred 
ilitrcn — :o look at everything and touch nothing. 

Ie n not »ocfl4y lodrjw the hne between a »tAe conwrvatiam 
J an unwiic inicrfcrcotc with popular rights as many seem to 
ok. ITjcrp i* ar^othcr side lo an Access 10 Moumains BiH, not 
■t>lc to ihoflc who simply theorise from the plain, Somciimes, 
en Abroad on the wilds with blue cloud Sakud aky ovcrhcrad, and 
■^y-ihaded plam three thousand feet beneath, I have been annoyed 
*he restriction placed on my freedom of movement by some 
^*ous gamekeeper. And, anon, before the day was out, I have 
^ «qoaL]y annoj-cd at the libL^rty allowed 10 another, who wa« 
S'lg and leanng at his own sweet willj and genk^ralfy doing as 
?*^ <xs be could to make the hills not worth climbing, 

COJWVUl. NO, ;f^7i. tfc 





'^lieVi wlich, rjlher undc^civcilty^ has coinc to be con- 

-O one of ihe "raiuTalt^' of (he uiiiiiuT worlds was 
\ the ancjvnu \^ 6^ci.huii : while tliu mtv of Si^cnui wai 
tt«« among the stars. Apparency he wa* a more inu-l- 
in early diLy& ihjn Ltc is iup].tu»pd to be at present. 

the K*^"^"^'^^^iP'^^^^>'^ ^^*^ ^^^ mvjiiitbly aticnOud 
^Klurci on pOL-iry, and would e\ciL 1«vc the choicest 
t^hjftlli;:^ to Jo &o- "Wicked o^ a red :t(iii " ran an old 
-\\ the Co(iU Ijtiieved in so firmly thai wcry year ihey 
unh3];]»y animal of the dete&ied colour by hurLing it 
«i a waii. In an uld Mack-leLtt^r traniJailon of AIbertu« 

<lonkey lieure^ in the following i^xinordlntry recipe: 
ider's^ltyo. and Auri pigmunlurit, and greeke piwh of 
■ and the waxe of newc Bees, ajtd the fai or grease of 

breake ihem all, and put them dU in a dull seething 
fctcr and make il to sesih ac a glowc lire, and aficr let it 
cid Ri.ike a tftper, and every man that shall see light of it 
A^^dlcsse/' Hurton, in hfa *' Anatomy of Melancholy," 
ft valuable arntlet " a ring made of the hoofe of an aase'* 
rricd abouL" A trace written by a certain "A. B." in 
d " The Noblcncsftc of the Asse," ia exceedingly laudatory 
Al^nt aniinai : " He refu&eih no burden, he goes whither 
|nuR)c any coniadietion. He lifts not hU footu againil 
t byiet not ; he b nt> fugitive, nor tnalicious alTectcd. He 
bgi in good sctrit and io his hkiny that hath cause to 
L" But what chiefly fills the worthy author with admira- 
cak</itw/«— his *'goodly, sweet, and con tinuallbrayings,*' 
\ "» melodious and piopoitional« kind of musickc.*' 
tell" he ftdds, "that any of our immod^ne music iana can 
at IheSr Mong '\% full of exceeding pk'asure to be heard ; 
rdn IS to ho dificcrncd both concord -discord, singing in 
the begrnning to ^ing in brge compossc, then folJowin^ 
id f»1l, the halfe noi<^ ^rholc note, mus'^ckc o( Rv* ifCAttii 

11 X 


40t! Tkt GtntUmant Maj^asim. 

prime iln^rL^- by four voicai, three together, or one voln t^ >^ 
Then thdr t-aiiablc contraHnieA unoii{3t ihcm. when one 6AmC 
forth a loog loior, or > «hon, the pausdniE for timic; broaihuigtt 
mcjL^urt?. brt^ulcbg the minim en very Ica&t tnomcniof Innc Utfaf 

all, to hi^rc Ehe Enu^IcLe of five or liix vo)CCi changed lo no iiu£jd 
Ak«cs. in amongst ihcm to hejttic a tong of world wjdioiri cfid," 

A certain King of Spain had cood K^cm lo ftppnrktf: x\i 
donkey's broy. as he was awakened by il jjst as ihe aiimJfff;V fcntr-- 
wan nt hi^ throat ; and m it>kcn of jj^ratitudt: he otdtinr^ thii ii^ 
mankind should be called aasca. li doc* not Appcu whc^hr: h% 
Iblthful subjccu appreciated the decree ; though ii Iku alw^p bffn 
HDiTAcry when and how a stupid pcTion wm (im ijttbhi^ an jn 
Colei. on* of our WLfly l>L>uru*(H, in his 'An of Kimphn&" up: 
" If flL»e» chaiincc to feed much upon hemtock, they v\\\ ^1 90 &ti 
ntleep that tht-y will wvcini; to bo deatie, insomuch thit fromc, thinkb| 
Ihcm to be dcud indeed, have flayed off their hkin\ yet aiTer tJe 
hemlock had done opcraiing, ihey have seined anj wakened out J 
their sleep, to the grief and nmax^^oicnt vi the ownen, and Xit ibc 
l.iughicr ofoihen.^ 

A '* [(inrnc^d ass '^ must^ according to old Topvlt, be 1 fJuiTickiuli 
remarkable quadruped, "There was a cunning player in A&ica, a 
fl dty called Akair. who taught an osae divcre strange tiicka qi fcaiw 
for, in a publick specucJe, turning to his asic (being on a aeaEuld ^ 
Bhow spon)he said, 'The great Sultan propo8i-lK to buitd htn? nn boiur, 
and Shalt needall the osscs of Alc^r to fetcKand catty wriml. nono, 
lime» and other necessaries for th.ii bu&mc?£/ Trciently the aiv 
fallcLh down, turneth up his heels into the air, growncth, and ihutGcdk 
liis eyes fast as if he had been dead ; while he lay ihus <ht \^y^ 
desired the beholders to ci>nsJdcr his e«iate^ for his amo uas dcidi 
he was a poor man, and, therefore, moved them 10 givfj him moocr 
lo huy anoihcr asse. \i\ the meantime, having giiittirQ as nod 
money oa he could, he told the people he was not dead, but know^ 
hi'* master's poverty, count crfeiltd in ihat manner^ whereby he taifta 
get money to buy bi[n provender, and, therefore, he turned ogitii w 
his a^^c, and bid him arise, but he stirred not nt all , tlien did be 
strike and beat him sore (as it seemed) to make htm arise, but all ia 
vain- the aase Inid still, Then said the pluyt-r again, 'Our Suliaa 
hath commanded thai to-morrow there be a great triumj^h withoui 
ihe nty, and thni all the noble women shall ride thithei upon the 
finest fl5Si?s, and this night ihey must be fed with oates ajiU ha«e^ 
Lest Wiiter of NUus lo drink,' At the hearing thereof up started the 
;i%*f, ^ncirlAo^ av^A Va^vss^ tj.\ Vi'^- 'VVucn laid the (ilayer, 'Iht 

Adtmi Donkeys— and lUnts, 


ELhi» town liaih (Ir^bireU niu lo Itnd him ihii, my itisCt Tor 
nicd arifv lo ride upon,' it <Ahicl: wurd« ihe An« liAiij2»ih 
town bii carv, an<I undfrnEanding like a vvn^rabiv crcaiure* \Mi^r\ 
o hjJl as ir liu( Itf^ had been out of jdnL 'Why, but/ K»itl tli« 
*bycr, *had ihou lifer carr^- a fail young woman?' TKe jhc 
lagged his hcgid in Eoktn of can&cni tu that bargain. 'Go, then/ 
»id the player* *nn<l among a!1 the«e TiLr women, choQ^c one ihot 
hou tnaycsi carry ; ' then the as^ loo^eth rounfl about the o&^rnbly, 
md at 1a«i went lo a si>t>er w^in^aii^ .ind touched her with hi« noAc< 
tfhcrcai the rci^K-luc wondered and bi;ghcd, Bhutdng up the spon 
tilh cryinit oiru * An ab^'s woman 1 an sb^i^'a woman 1 ' and »o iho 
>lArcr went into another lon-n. " 

BloomAcLd's comical ballad uf "Tbe FakcnhnniGhuat*' ought to 
l« huttvr ktiuwn than it in, describing »a it do^ with quit:t ijrotlery 
he Xten^n of an ancient dami; trudging liome from market in the 
wilight, and ttarcing at ervery ciound ; 

The lUpplffct heni of e^^'*^!! dfcf. that nouEht the thiftc^ Hj^iiyi 
Nnv Al»(Lr<l frnnt linr j^rh viLh feai. iinil |^\« r^p sirnpgtr wviy. 
D^rliri \\ anw, afirl darker f*iw» pauio o'of hti '.ruuUkd nilfid ; 
When now n thoit ^a\c^i itf p die ht^n c^mc [ii^ttii^g cl^^o': bchin^J. 

|£h* nirci'il, Lt ilnjip'd ; r^nii^ht coiitd i\\e %cr irpon the gToAlng ^\^D^ 
But «i ilic tEfiivc ihc aptjiv Ut flcCp ahe ht^fJ ili« ^itc acflin, 
Ni>* Xtwat >arfil lii:i quAlkLiig ItnuLC ^ fnr rthcrt^ the pilh Hii» Inn 
Thr liPillnjE glrnl krpi on Lhr ume f She lEiEillerff*! many a praj^r 

Vet c^pcc ^a-itt^ LUniiL»\ her fnufiii il^c Irnril whil >L|:hl coulit (In, 

KccarHI'v df wTi^ecVe iha Mi, Li fLil!L>uvfl 4nwii thp plak I 

!;b( t^KficfJ hci firu, aniT ija^c ^Tur kncU, aniJ ?iiti( hcf pia^cn <^n. 

ThcQ QD fTkc *pf^ Uil h^tpe (^rtw i[<onc> tlie vrhtLtc purli j^K in view, 
^htct pUJiiina bard, » [ui^e ii twunc. ihc ifhrht ind a|) pmH Ihruufh. 
Ixmrl Trll rliG ^|c a^luhr Ibc )juiil, Wr hi^DTt-^Erin^* ZiLr Encmrk ; 
yof inucb <lic U-Ax^i iJi? yti<ly |fhu>l wctuM Inp iipiin hirr tiAckn 

Stin nn^ i^T. pat« e^u- ^>1Uin wtfnt, .ih il Imit iKmr \iA> irr ] 

Itcf trreiicili inrl ict^itiuinn ipim. the fninicrl 4t ihe (Iolh. 

Uni fAic he' bmliui'l much MrprEWl, viil cati^c hi:i Ujiu£l]Ecr dc^i » 

C'vd'iutured tabi1« E tU ^jnmltiftH uf vrhirl ihcy bul li» frAr. 

undlc'igEcdrn picrctd ihroucl* Uk mi;Ii(. aumohurT Aj>Hcci>'crth0 given, 
Lodllitftc rhe linLi^ iitilLtuy \\'s\\c Ji:hbiii.rly mi^fii Iv hfVEi- 
' AU 4a^f fsai ^^c\ Icoi lEii dam ivjthin i\\« iji^cinLiPi park, 
t^^od limple u iht pliylul tuib hod iollowcd m itw dirk, 

iKogf^bl^n lj«, no Imp of unj naciimct hacl over ItooMn -. 
TliTy touU [lie lihajfgy sun/igcr In, iiiiil tcAitd him at Lhelr own, 
111* litUo bDofn Muuld rsltic round upoa the cMLiige floor, 

'The nuimD kunal to love Lh« wund thit (rifhttTied hei IcTuie. 


n( D&nkiys — ana Ilorsu^ 


'horn its fare wi« lurncd- The wbuc hone stUI rcignt a» 
\ of Kcnl :Lnd Hanover ^ a^id the *' White Hufm: " in B«rk- 
»i be (rcsli m the ii^emory of aU whi> ^uive rei<d of ils 
(.'^ In iiiimily Iqtrnd, llippdytux it the i>airoi] «a;:il of 
»nd on his fcaai'ttay, Au)^u« r5j ihcy were icd u]j for 
111 in thf Chwth of Koyiiou, \x\ il4:rtfuri.l»hirt!. Perlui|H 
tnmial iii ^n wiJely ctlcLira-tid iii fiiri ^ind fcior^ hiftiory, 
J, ruKun^ l>y (lie fiiinoii« vrichamcU hotsc in the '' Arjbiiin 
Lml thi; intvlljjtijnt Comrad?: of raiiunio in the fuiry taLcw 
to the McbTt; Buteph^lu-t. ^vhom none ruutd ride but 
^ the Oreii, imd whu, "Aruundtfd unlo Jo^Lih at ih? bLiLtlv vf 
ipe«,bore hin mostur E^a pbceo/ urviy. ind di^d Inihac 
"Bdttk'or Like KL-|Ei]|i<s"ii>M-^h EiuTii.' 1)1.11 Mat.aijh)' coutd 
it, ive itf Iht; d-trk i;rr>' c h j rj^rt of llir Tusculan MLinliliu^ 
Aualcr. ihe Ntced of Hcrmrmui : 

the tvo champiOTiH W dojd rogcih<.T, ^lmn each by the 
)c other, whai a pictuix- «c ^t of ihdr horse* ! 
Fan. fa«i, wiih h«p!a wjM tpvrrtn^, 

The ilirk z^t chait^r iTcJ : 
Jlc tiiii>i tfLruu^h rAiik> of l)|[1itirif men, 

Ht ipniiig o'er lmp> af dvul. 
Hit hiHll« ^r oul-«lE«aniJti(^ 

\ Ni fiflnht all Moixl tnd foom, 
lie tuuglit Ihc >oiiLhdrr> iiiu;ibiaiii4, 

TIic iiiiidEilujii^ i>f \\\\ hiinic. 
TEi0 ptm wai alcap and ciiq;**!, 

■| he m;oK« ihey howlrrl And tfhineJ ; 
I)ut liF i^n liVr n nhiilwinil iigj iJv pi»i 

AiirJ h? iL-fC ihr; wulv^ Lvhirul. 

Thiin^fKd hih Hyin^; (ecr i 
II' Eii'hF-il thiim^h Oic Q^iln nf TuirtlLiin, 

II* n»ih*i1 lip iJi" 'nriK whit* Htfrt f 
He rUklii^J (ly iijw<i AJid tcujik. 

Ami ]ift[i4p.l mj| ftuni hm la^^r 
'\^\\ h* ttMH^l liffprL- hit inatler*! door 

Id (he lUiffly marUf.plftCc. 

VuiCer*! loyal he^rt did not f^iil him even At that past. 

Bui. Ukfr a f^Vfii ima^o, 
LLlbck Aiutcr kvpi liia [iluc 

Into hii mUflcir'a fjCE. 
TAt ikrcn mnnc Ehh>i iliily. 
Wilti |Ml» mid Tumi cawsii?*, 

LncJ tuldlr my honu^ 
lo I he door I 
u- nlglit jfttfuKv, 

□Ti «ui vf hit naL 
i|CT Anil ft]r, 

I be clear voonkhinc 
inc nl ihcdunr : 

ip of iTic rrv] Ahi win» 

, and hff beld him liijtiT, 
flVdT Ibc wall i 

fall t 

And yat the " Duchcfes Ma>V in 
(aV|"doi'U tliv like, that ahv mny div 

vac'^vu ihv Lxrrd uf Lvigli. She was 
Ijy Uit; bold bri^jnd kni^^ht Ejipdvin 
rhcn. [utt bt^forr his cxccuti<^n, be 
; muuni a^m hit irusly siccd. The 
td ; and ihc rider, putting ti\t\nR En 
ra|>ct ititcj ibu moal, a hundred feel 

CTCitpcd I A horic B'urih having [ 
he good ncH'it Irum Ghent to AJk, 
led t>n the way, .ind w)>o had 

bur ilJi uhak wn^hl 

t bb cyv'HucfctfU' nm. 

niAl, cufh huhici iM lull, 
»U, kl i:E> bck APd sQ« 
ircd, pAiicil hilt r4r, 

lA dEii] un;^^ any fiijuft luul ui good, 
d g^JupcU Aiid nLood. 

A onoM cwy VI ite faottdtold book of Ihe ti^ |< 

nabl»tiMt»t 'Tbb b the vdt« of Uic Chcquir roulc ^ 
aoMbre«fiIllhchonT«ofBaTLonltaaiid oiy hdyi. xtaiJit >p3fn" 
to bt in the cbiiBco* the hoes lately. *J TO »y eoilil hwi. t**^ 
hobp, MW», dMiwfc bora. Kiw, gcmai hon, ;o tun* »> •^ 

Adoui Donicyi—aticf //orscs, 415 

t^c. six. Item, pnlfreya of my bdyi, v> wit. oonc for my 
.tvofor her gcniiU -woman, and oonc for her chumberer 
fs .ind naggis for my lordis* oon« fiaddilli, vit, oone fox mjr 
UepOone to be led for my lorde, and oonc lo f^uy lE home 
idc Item, chariot hon to&iand in my lordLi'sublc yertly ; 
■1 tronyngc hort 10 draw in the chaTJoii, and Dugg foi ihe 
aanto ride, eight Again, hors for my lofdc Percy, hit 
mc A gTcai double trottynge hors to iravcl on in winicT. 
Ibic iroltyngc hon, called a curt.1l, foi hi^ tord^hlp 10 r^dc 
\ltntaci. Anmhcr troiiyn|,'C ^ambaldyn liort for his lord- 
be iipcmiAfin he comes in[u tovrn^s. An ambl/n^c hort 
Idriiip to journey on daily^ A proper amblyng EjuIc nag 
^rdship when be gflcth on hunimg or hawkin. A grct 
hors to cany his male." It may he well 10 explain thni a 
Oc was a thoroughbred ; a /iJ/mji/, a hoT:^c of ca.^y pacc^ 
^ ladicfi ; hMys and /r<T^i^'i were rather nn:ta1l animalf, 
'from Ircliind ; Afft^MrU' borsc wo> one who earned ilic 
1^ a,ffffl/ J.>uhle-trtitiytxf hnn^ a Urge, unwieldy animal, 
ftfice was fl trot 1 a furUi^ one wbnse tail had been c»t ; 
MMyn ^ifru. one wtio pranct^i Jiiid curvctlcdj and showed 
ni good [>oints and hi4 ridurS i»ki]]. 

hi& horse jm to the Arab everyone knowt — Ihe most highly 
MUrmiioTi, the moit jealoutly guided treasure- OF one 
Ik Kodlbni, the pedigree has been preserved for over 1,000 
i they arc said to he descended ffon^ ihc stud of Solomon^ 
mal has its [>cdjgrcc hung round tU neck , and the sub- 

n transiaiion of one carried by n horse purchased by a 
jfticer : "lis Ihc name of llo^ the Merciful and Com- 
t, and of Socd Mahomed, Agent of the High tion^ and ol 
tnu>n% of Mob,iinfd, and iif JmiMlcm- Vraioed be Ihe 
■Oninipolen) Cre-ttot. 'I'hib it -i hjghbted horie, and iit 
th i« heiv in a bag nhuat it>» n»k, with hii pcdigni:, and of 
limuthari^, rach oi no infidel cmi tc(\XK to believe. He a 
("RaWsiney, out of the dam La bad jh, and cqu;il in power 
f lA the tribe of >^yhjbh|; be is finely inoiildedi and iiindc 
hg like ait imiikJi, In Ihe honours uf iclationship, he 
^olnab, aiic uf Malt.1t, <,iie of Kailar, and ibe uokjuc Alket, 
lana^^^cli, site (.>f Al^^lich^ f.ilbcr of (he iat<^ duwn to the 
orse, the sire of L-ihalnda , and lo hitn be tvi^r abund^ince of 
■1, and tovn, and walcr of hie a^ 1 rcwAid from the tribe of 
;- 3tcd may & iho^jsaiid Ijiaiicbet ^hade his caveat from the 
! the lomb, from the ViuwJing wolf of the desert j and let 


Ahflfif DGttkcys — ant/ MorMt, 

ao h>i cet-EK lifted him rroni Ehe ground, and do^^hcd f>ut nf 
tile cnoinipmcnt fft full »pccd ; nor did he: ilackcn hirt Kpcrd 
nrrivrd at the cni^mpmcnt of his own Itibc. He liid hit 
[ifid voundct^ master ai the door of hiii Icni, and then sank 

tbc {round." 
[the oonquciia of Peru and Mexico horse* were important 
The Indians had never seen such crcatufos, and bchcved 
Me anri man were one gignmic anirnnt \ and Pisarro \\ said to 
nred h)? life to the fict thati btin^j on otic orcaBton hodj^ put- 
be had a fall from hi* hcirse, on which hi* punucrs r«reat«*d Jn 
■fnaiion, bchoring thai by somt exercise of white migic the 
rnm^L had divided ii*elf into (wo. In our own tiind many a 
I*Hj*er*(irit>n entwined itaolf around hor^cihnca. They brought 
lucV, and were arcardingty nailed on walls ond doors , and a 
f^ «]«h y<J^ '- " May the Jiorscshoc never be pulled from Ihy 
Oid.'* At ll.ilrh-im, in Rutlandshire, every pawtngcr ihrouph 
>n ha<t to' .1 horseshoe, oi d smn of money in defu.uf[. st 
iU — a <:u?«(ani complied ^vTth by the Iron Duke and our o^> n 

tA» John of <<aunl r<>de Ihiough l^nca^ttr his horse cast 
It w*s picked up and litcii in the middle of [lie streei, 
it wtjre out a new one wa^ |.mt. which lui hecn renewed ttgain 
lin — whenre the place t* tailed Hot^cshue Corner. 




Bv£mnff in a Moorisk Caf^. 


Thou wMt ffwv«lar than honey \« me» 

Bui tbau hut become nintr liidtr Ihnii cbiII. 

[1 u lliui i]inw ^if^miiriJ ihc wuild? 

tfWUv IfiE ibov nukp me l^f fotf I 
Y« tOUay lutei O injr inutfr, 
OC Ihe luvc rhjiT ihou hii>t Uu«hi 10 me, 

'*' I liAve ViHlmlv Itch tiul u finliic I*' thrr, 

O Ci«d, 1 will nol 1w ilvk]civ«d * 

Yd fu-ddy Culc, O Tiiy ruulcr, 

or the lov« IhAL ihau Fitul UiuttKi lo me. 


'- llifin kanxr'tt m/ mmjitiinL nnd my only cure 
%Vby, ihcii, will Ihou hftir mr ? 

Aad Mvo RK A^m aII furihcr wtic. 
Yh* lL>'1iiy lAhir. my mutn. 
Of ibv luve ihil litoti hull la^ijhi lo me." 

'* Of ft rniih, iliinc cyp* Have brwildhod me, 
K« d«[h i[tel/ Li in Tot of thrm : 
And ihinc cyi^broivs» hkc Iwu kp of wood, 
Ibt0 Idilfl^ me cirh 1^ hif Tmn. 

• So if UioQ Miy'n die. I'lt dJp, 

An4 for Cod ^1) my tocfi^ce be, 

'• I h«e riFilh?! yrT *)ieil, Die abuidoned hopf, 
Tfanogli ■lumber « niftlit I p^'tt know. 
Wiifa iKe iTall of dclivcnnce «tl11 nfoi url. 
aalllal d]l Ihf nnrljl knctvib of my wqc« 
AiilI ■( llioa wiyV die, I 'IT die, 
tiui fur Cod (ball my sAcriticc be.* 

tile th(^ SiJrging h^d ^rorctfEcd. S.'iSid And Tlr^n hjif) been 
ng in a gamp of draughl*. and a.^ it cca*^'d their voife; could 
rd in t^gcr pl.iy. *■ Call thyself a M.iMetn (master) ' Inhere — 
thcr arns bewicchcd by hyetia— there, and Ihere a^n," 
d S^uj, as he ivept ii fini, a second, and a thirJ of hia 
mt"4 pieces from Iht boftid, liut Drees was equal with him 
Ibrr move. " So, verity, Ibon art my masli-r. So Id us praise 
w Iby wisdom : tbou art like unio hm^ who indeed shot ihe 
Li who killed his eovr wUh the second shot < Sec, thus 1 tcAcli 
3 bo*»l before tliy bellcrs ; ha 1 I laugh ^t rhcp. I ride ihe 
)r on ihy head \ 1 sltave that bcjrd of thine," hi: cjacufaled, 
he look one piece after aEioihcf from hi* adversary as the 
of Jin incautioui mote The board had the appearance ol 3, 


^H Evemng hi a Moorish Cfl/A 431 

~J** >Xwc within him. His step grew brisk. The way seemed 
^ /^nward he pushed. 

* ^I^*^*^^^^ ^^ ^^^*^ ^^^^ ^^^ '^^ ^"^ of fl viUage. 

Vi- ^^^ Ood I • he cried ; bui ctill he had no euppcr- 

f^ '^ ^wiply stomach damoured. His purse *.as empty also. 

« ^i^h dogfi of ihe village yelped at him. He paused di^com- 

. He galled. 

, *dow Zaidflh stood before her light, ' Who's there ? ' 
■■ , ^Uud-guesu* 

r ' J* ^^'% name, ihen, welcome. Silence there, cure ! ' 
jt^.^^^ el Hakk approached, " God bkas thee, my mother, and 
,*» *W a thousandfold/ 

"^•jl Zaidflh herself was poor. Her property consisted only of a 
^ ^d fowls. She act before him eggs— iwo^ hard-boiled ; bread 
lie thflnked r*od. He aic, 
Ves, God will repiiy,' ?.l\ii siiid, 
^cxi da/ Abd rl Hatli pasacd on to Manikesh. There, (lod 
d hi"!. Veafs pas^d on-, one. two, ihrce. fiiur, fivc^ sin, 
Abd cl Hakk was t\c\\. Mcloodi, the gossips disliked him. 
he to Widow Zaidah» 'Abd d Hakk. whom once Ihou 
edst, is rich. Thy iwo eggs were never yet paid for. 
St thou not ^vcn th<^m to him they would have become two 
Vtns. These wouM each have laid hundreds. Thoae huri- 
when hatched, would have laid their thouaands- In «^ven 
-^ ! Think to what amount Abd cl Haltk ia indebted in 

\ Sue him!' 

Widow 7.aidah listmcd, ^Vhai is more, she acted Abd t! 
^■^k failed to appear to rcbul the elaim. He was worth no more. 
"'Why it the defendant not here?' asked the judge. 
•* ■ My lord/ said the attorney, ' he is gone to sow boiled beans/ 
" ■ Boiled bians ! ' 
•*' Boiled bcanSj my lord-' 
"Ma he mad?" 
'• ■ He is vify wise, my lord.' 
" ■ Thou mockosi ! ' 
" " My lord, if boiled eg^ can be hatched, sure boiled beans can 


"■ nismiiwd With costs.' 

"The tree that bends with every wind that blows will seldom 
*»d upiight' 

A round of applauae acknowledged the well -I old tale, whereas the 
^%turc4 of the speaker had told even more than hia words, Unt 

vci- 1.C1 xwiij, wo. 197a. T f 




TJRED at heart, ere I could grievev 
Laie upon an autumn eve, 
I feU slumbering* it would seem, 
Deep into an aiilumn dre-im. 
FoTcata rose in failing light. 
Touched with sunset, dim with night ; 
Leavci ihai fell fiom branches baio 
ThriHi^li ihe mellow Auiumn air \ 
Wjndetijig strc:^mii t^uiL one by one 
Caught Ihe lad rays of Ihc ^n ; 
Duknets thai could yci unfold 
ilowtiTs and fruiL of autunin ^old. 
FlEiEihud 1 pc^saing gleam of lights 
Swept at once \q depths of nij^ht, 
As» Ihrough daikncss weirdly sailing, 
Came Ihe snund of difltant wailing- 
Scrange the voice, its murmur dread 
Stirred the branches overhead; 
From the silence far on high, 
Answering, come a moaning cry^ 
EchoiniiL, pUiniive, from above ; 
My hcait said, The Dirge of l^ve. 

RoK a wood. In spcclrd height 
TfrcE were flung upon the night ; 
Tail ihcy stood, thdr branches bare, 
Cbnt-like, thrown against the air. 
Dark were evening depths between, 
Save ont- dislantj lingering ahecn, 
Where through branchL-s pallidly 
Shone the golden autumn sky- 
Then, as shadows' fliekeiing grice, 
Mute, can fill aii umply space, 
Silent 35 a voireless pain, 

Shadowy, ome a funerat train. 

FT 1 


TJU C€ntUmaM*s Ma^asw^ 


$lo« ihey ame ; tbecr foottt«pi' tvctd, 
Wbcte tie fillen l<r3»c» irttu aprcjd, 
Ujv bc&calh ihc tpccirct buc^ 
N<kue)c«t, ttincd ihf trembling ok. 
Voictint, w&ndcnng, foutc, And slov, 
Dtrk (heir forms as phant&m wor, 
Thoueti wbcrc tbadowjr piU was thrown 
GoMta AUtmnn flowcn iveit ktravm. 
SDcni bJ] ; yri. ri Ihcy trod 
PrifctlewfooKcp on thf sod, 
Ttemgh the brtnchcs' depth oF nighu 
Shuddering breeze, or dUuin' ^ighL« 

Thritli^ uruund thctii iAil aW-'Q 
Ooe *^ notCj ihc Uirgc i>f Lov& 

]v>vc Uy cotd 1 Around hi& h?ad 
Many an auiuinn flower wna spread ; 
Many a phantom near his paU 
Freesed \o gncc LoveV funeraL 
Hope had lyre wiih broken sirings ; 
F,iiih vent by n'ich folded wrngt - 
Soriow turned her fare nnd said, 
*' All unwatchcd this dying t>cd : 
Not a mourner's hand," she cried, 
*• Smoothed Love'ii piUyw as he died. 
Ah, Love ! prompt in service true. 
Is none left of aI I I re knew } 
Ah ! from earth, where late he ihorie. 
Hfl5 iht^ last remembrance gone ? 
Silent worid and icalms above \ 
Con none raise the Dirge of Love?" 

Hilenl all, In ftlillncss deep 

Sank the woods, 35 [f to sleep ; 
Holding breath in bitterest iiaiii, 
Shadowy, Blood the funeral train. 
Mute — till sudden, sharp and clear, 
Stabbed with anguish, torn with feor, 
Through the siillcess piercingly 
Came the human moumer't cry. 
Sharp as if in silence dread 
Fassionote strength had gathered 
(Wind that breaks upon a frost). 
" Love 1 my Loive ! "* — its voicv was ton. 

Then once mor«, wjtft ^cccQl Bhrill 
(Wind that beftU against a hill), 
Keen vriih »harpes! edge of core, 
Rose the voice of ics despair ; 
Kohc;— mil S.I Eh»L an^ui^h ^11, 
Sh jdowy trajn and phyniom pall, 
Wind* that njoaned in trees aboi'c, 
J'anncd to hear I he Djige of Love. 

Koae Ehc Dirge- Lllcc ^huddorlng r<^» 
Comes its voice across the years, 
Wild as if il criod lo m« 
Wit!] a whole wocld't 3|^ny. 
'* l^Dve ! mjr Love ! " it cried ; and shriH, 
" Ah ! Lfjve ! Love ! " went echoing sfill 
"Cold and dead [" Wkh soba opprcst, 
Slink the wail once more to rest. 
Ruing then, a& &Lorm<i afiuc. 
Torn with tctnp^i, wild with crici, 
I'aMionaiic autumn ^^ind^ above, 
W.iiling ramc the Dirge of Love- 

" I-ove ? Love ' come ' " It sank in pain, 

'* hove ! conic ! seek my life jigain. 

Canst thou hear me call, and he 

Vnte»poni:vc xo ibe cry, 

TJioo, who in ihe dayi of old, 

] 1 jMcred&l etc the platni w!^» told? 

Ahl l^ve 1 Love ! 
Tried, forsaken, bought and sold, 
Played for counters, lost for gold. 
All the ^soild htnccforth shall be 
Cold and grey for loss ofihec. 
Never mote shall darknet^^ sway 
Vicid before the liyhl of day ; 
Ne^er^ when the storm? ha^c pafs^ed, 
fihnll Ihe while rays break at last, 
Vci (f tver fiUi haih hhonc 
On the shades vvhere tliou oit gone, 
He>ir me from Ihc diiinint shore, 
1 — I ficcd Ihcc Come once more J 

I-ove ! my l/)vc ! 
Come 1 1 call ihec— from the bed 
Even of death to wnko the dead. 

Th€ GentUmatis Magazifu, 

From ihc dqnLh of mght sLnd pain 
Visit once my heart ajciin- 
1^ mCt wiM WTth f»UH mrprtne, 
Seek 6k hcii-en m thine eyca ; 
Teased with all ihc vortd'i alarms, 
Ruth for (hchcr 10 tbinc nrnis ; 
Of, in iharptii woil for rctt. 
Find ui>' i^urufuTl on tliy bri;u«t- 
Jgove ! tome ! 
Through the dnrkncn see^ 
Bcc ! 1 5lrctch my arms to ihcc. 
Proud no longer, 1 enireai 
But fur iriuinyb at thy fc«- 
Conic ! tht grave ihatl hear my caJ! ' 
pTont" upon Ihc ground [ lall. 
Dark, my heart with spccchloi fcar^ 
Blind my eyes u-iih nighi and tean, 
Fallen, on tht o^inh 1 lie. 
Cry to (hce thruugh mrccry. 
Canst thtm, though Ihe grave be deep^ 
hail tn hear me ifhrn I weep? 
Didat thon evpt Icr mc feet 
Left to i>ain thai thou cou!d»t bed)? 
Novr m my su]>rcmcst pain, 
LoA'Ct come, seek my lile agAin* 
Rise as ihouRh the morning ihone . . 
Silent [ ... Is the \a^X h«[ie gone? 
Ah! LoveE I^vc!" 

The walling cry 
Surged in echw* from on high. 
Through the IutftuIi risirt^ lhti« 

Voices muliiiudinoufl — 
Lives as if by lightning cleft. 
Mother of her child bereft. 
Pricndship bke wind-ficatiercd ^am, 

Pa^siuixate gnef^ disETorroLircd home ; 
Eflcli disLinct in Us rcfriiin, 
Pierced with individual pnio, 
Till ^mitcd anguish broke 
In one tempest. 1 ftwok^ 


ST order to form an estimate of th? polcniialitksDflmiuan nature. 
it U nectfssary that we lake ■nank af iis infiiniiiiesand iis vicck. 
E dJfficuU is ihe Uik t'j those capable of undertaking il, for le^ela 
1 of whar i^ k'ast saiiafaciory in our common nature i^ whaf vw 
dijly furnish. It is onl)' when our curloitity concerning olhcra 
^ja\ci valg.-Lf and abject. a& much of it is, or i£ calcdaicd to give 
n 10 ihc living, that it lji?<:omes xv'holly contcmpEil>lc. Who that 
caUetS on a Sunday jflcrnoon on a friend \mng in a quiet street 
vquare, and has given a rat -tat- tat' ut, whkh in the c:irm of the 
tdiiron« has widely resounded, ha^i nat nccn hnlf a do/cn noaes 
lencd ag.iinat mndow panes in order lo &i:;e who was calling ar 
■mbcr K»? Such curiosityt excusable only because of the eclf- 
t>OKd limicanon? upon Sunday occupation of the KngliBh middle 
Ktcs is very human and vt^ry iijnoblc On ihc same low level I 
^ dbpOMd to rank ciiriosiiy conrt^rning all a^iiir^ of people hvin;; 
4ilil into which wc have no right to inquire. <'Thc evil Ihjtc 
>l4o Jivca sifter them," and it is just and inevitable th&t the 

Kritics of genius should icach their tcs<ion. Villon muni 
P> to posterity as a cui-lhroaT. Marlowe as a roue:. RoehcHter 
Q debauchee. The le^on, s^id ;ind humiliatinf; a^ it may be. that 
Ibnnt capacity ie no guarantee for moral excotlcnee. is taught ut 
ain and again. AW againsE ^rhicb 1 protest is an unsavoury 
light in de«ail, To the iinatomist of our l^uman systirm things 
*^ ti^Uy a sort of eciemific beauty as indications or rcvcla- 
'^ which 10 the private individual breed disgust or nausea- It 
'^Hing thai the general public should be excludcdn as pfaciicalty 
'\from the difisectinB-room ot the abaiioir I personally should 
''«io greai admiration for the man who in the caac of eiiticr 
^uiJon Hi&hed to break through the consign. 



Tttc LA-nst UmsatEivic 

Iff vhit I proceed to wr1«m«oapdMlobev«ta nottobnv- 

twWtsD toy pwTWn* wMcam T« be cdierwise, nd to »# 
(CaJ nsuaei, sockl be to be £aihr ol the tvrj icuobs I Kp^i* 
InOOcoftlKinoa cfttnttbleof our vagainci, ^i^vt tbe CC«d^ 
of «hjc1i r hiTf nofking In urp^ tb«K hftve i«e»dy ■FV<^ 
portivni (^f Ail nQunMbA and sVrktJy private Hiimfmilmii Uf * 
tvo pcnons of oj^Hite sens, both eqiallj dMnguished. 1^ 
Icctcri w(^ic trnlten vith no vicv to uJl>mat« put^iGMioi^ tad ^ 
tJtcly vitb ihc i^huMcten in the votld uowid die vfiten. ^ 
correspondents are de^d- Xoc s> the persons with whom xbvt 
I rcid. accord I J^g1>', things cxIcuUted to bring pojgtuat pV" 
pcT)K>nt ttil] among us. For instance^ 1 rcuj—meiiiiocung Po iw>' 
that M) and to, indicating a weU^lnown Shalcespearian s(holar.f>)* 
«rtiiln emtnerii acPor that his Hunlet h " simply hideout." ^ • 
kni>*n wiiwi. maiTved to an eminent artist, b treated »3t^ '**' 

Taih Talk, 


7, ihorugh scarcely ill-naiured, chal^ indii:a1ire of the suppoted 
reniacy of white in proverbial wisdom is called " [he grey mare." 
V, the unier of these things would on no account, \i alive, hftve 
niilcd them n get inEo print during the Ufclimc of ihosc coin- 
icd^ 1 hold [:, thcTefnrc, indiscreet and culpable on ihc part of 
liltrtTy cxecutcr [o have permitted Ihelr appearance, DcQLh pays 
dcblli and removes aU responsibilities from the pcrsan who has 
Bed away, but not from ihose who have chftrge of his Cfiltie or his 


T11C Limits or BrtiiORtu. RF^spaNSioiUTV. 

WILL utter one further growl on a subjcti which I vrill then 
abandon. I cannot nay that, tn my opinion, any period arrives 
1 J[j?Liitiei indiscretion concerning women who have had no 
tainod or aroived relations with poets. We should all be j^lad to 
^m Ibe name of that "mi^trcas" — the term had not then the signi- 
Itiaii since assigned to it — of Shateapearc< concerning whom he 
Fl that her "eye* arc raven black.'' and that " block uircj gr*^w on 
r h«d," \\ would be, moreover, unnecessarily Bqueamij^h to 
■Sre reticence concerning iherelatJoiu 10 women of Shdlcy or Byron 

the throne* of life advocited and practised hy George Rfiot and 
BOifc Mcnry Lewes, Aa wdl be sensitive to the relfltJoaa between 
tkn«nd Paris or Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Hums, however, as 
poet sprung from humble stock, was indiscreetly and culpahly 
lytful of casual favours. Take poems such as "The Lasa th&t 
*dc the Bed 10 Mc," or *' Yestreen, I had a Pbt of Wine," and 
>vcty moibtd senae of delicacy is requisite to feel that the autC' 
Bstt^ntaincd in ea>:h had better uevci have been made, or, having 
=«l made, should liAve been lett severely alone. Editors, howevrr, 
"nkdiflercritiy, and the editors of JJurna have run down the poor 
Ctacn, light or loving, whrj have given Buras opportunity for his 
K^ivalrie boa^l. They tell us rhai Anna, whnso golden head re- 

*cd on the breast of the Scottish poet, was a Miss , the 

^^ler of a certain innVeeptr at , ] maintain that no passaj;c 

■ time vindicjUi^ such aaseition, which serves no purpoec. When 

*Dman sharei and influences the life of a (-reat man. it is well 
^ Should know all about her. Whether one woman or another 
AtCfied, for an occnsior, the solitude of Burns's life or shared his 
^^usc ii a matter that may decently be allowed to lapse into 

Tabu Talk. * . 431 

tv hAvc Ukf^ri a dj^erent view fiom (hat of R^jnoiMrJ, 
Til ni ore forcf in Ehe di-cjaiuna L[UUitcd, Nfv ow[i ^lud^ 
k\ \\a% ni>E hi^en dose and dcfp piiru^^h to justify mc 111 
oilT}CT of the dispuUnts. My c':)mmoii sf^n^e choirs nic, 
a; tbei? df^i^ioos aUcst Ihe v^^wa of iimrAiity then i^ntet- 
I «iich they cast a li^hc, m I hLtve said, upon ictuol r?U* 
>»e tiEiKi. Whjt is, ;is [ shaEI show, prntticnlly di-duciMc 
Chingi if, that love wu$ veritably Igrd ot ill Marti:i^r, 
ink, w«c no barrier to the procinmaiion qf love, nor, 
3m «4» barred, or complicated rather, by a £mta»tic 
idacuiioui mcUphyaidl jar^^on of pteadln^ to it^fruj- 
imlcot and potent was the heresy thai huubands darr 
v^oudves itt jm attaude of avowed hostility^ They had— 
Ie— 10 keep 10 fj[ as postibkr iheir fjtir and vivuioua 
of danger, Tn c^se their precautions fjtitedf and the 
result WA« rcfirlied^ nobles had in ]ho«c dayi n^clhods uf 
their hfinour or avenf^ing ;in aJifrcint which may be studied 
He of -Mmeo Ibnddto or even in the '* Contcs Drob- 

Tnt CoL'ftTS OF Love. 

ilMniton has been spwially directed to ihb subj<jci by Efi« 
bpeai^nce uf " The Tn:>ubadours uiid Courts of Love *' ' of 
^Frederick Rowbotham, which formed the openrnfi voiunie 
{scries of work*, to be tailed the '' Social Enjuland Series/' 
the taifc of depicting the £otial life in this country us 
in rdigiun, commerce. Att, literature, science, agriculture, 
Mr, Rowbothant. who b bett known for hi$ scJentilic 
** History of MuBit," a subject kindrvd with tbat wiih 
jnuw deab, kti given a bri|,-bt, readable, and fairly aiEii»le 
pf the origin of ihe Courts of Lov<^ and ilieir final extinclivn 
^ persecution to which the Albige^ses were vubiect He 
|liflcd my (ask by supplying translations of muny of the 
tof diesc quaint institutions, and the geneni rules Laid down 
floduct of loveisi. Many of these uUerzmccs are common-' 
1 ^votouiucan be— e;g, ^' A person who 1^ the prey of love 
(and itlecpjt little ;" or " Every lover is accustomed'* Q cil* 
to flrow \YAe at the sight of his iady-tove." Otbert of 
Uinkcd the [jws of Love are* howevcTf immlstakahly 
and dan^crouji ; '* Marriage cannot be pleaded an ^n 
itifuLHf; ta love;" "It is not becoming to love choice 
Sw«] SonDcnAcbdiL & Co. 



Bv Mrs. E. T Coo«- 

I Ndlicwcrc anxious In be manit^d. They had bc?rn 
cd for Ihicc whole ycura, but seemed no nearer many- 
Srst j raihcf Ipm, ir fact, for fom'* uncle — vrho liad 
lecEaiioria" in hj^ nephew's brcrtU^now cruelly mailed 
turned jtoor Tom adr^fi, A str\iggling ^irinr, if i* woll 
ID U8CU i flnil Ncllfc was even more jjcnnilt^s, being. 
odtnt upon cousins for her dutly bread, £0 the yojng 
icing no bc«cr Mate of tlnn£J( in ibc near futine. dettr- 
j Ihe law into thoir own hands. Nollic did noi coniuU 
, tor the »CTy Bcnsil»Ic reason ihoi ahc did nol intend to 
ice ; Tom had nu guardians to eonBtilt \ and one fine 
: oul and were married. 

^fiy pound* bid by as a n«l-cgg; Ndlic, only five; and 
% picj«rLi hont'jmooninf; in a eanoc on ihe river, it 
ury lo look mnUcrs in rhe face. They must hve ; and 
w to hvc wjj the diHntTiUy> Not even a "home,*' in 
c of ihc wnrd, wa?^ ihciia ; nni even the proverbial 

Thr«* oltl ch:iirii And hilf k cadillr, '^ t 

the lovelorn Vonghy Bon);hy Bo, could Ihey bocst oi. 
'c beyond Lheir means ; boarding-houses etiually om of 
Ani.1 It winimpcmrivelhfll Tom ahokild he in London. 
ioviy unfolded his plan. In his long pre- matrimonLal 
In round town, be hod one day, near T ineblry^ chanced 
yriij^ .\o, i^TJ, O v^ 

people He 
of leo^ if Ik I 

Hew io Liv€ vn NotAtm a Year, 

ds ih.iiToit] nuvhod tcmamini?, he spe::: five on Improve' 

glBUer Aiid carpenter ^rcrv sen; Tor ; windows were put in, 
mksojvcred At IcAHt half of the %ioriu llofjnn^', vthW^ the 
igholtt «cic iJec;?ntIy mcniicd Hith [^laalcr. The repairs 
wrhaps have allogeihui tatisfitU .1 Reformed Vcstty, but 
•d this newly married coupk-. A fevr articles of neccKary 
jVe hirt:d fiom ToUenhani Court Road, and Tom and 
EdlHumphunily imu ihdr new abode. To ihdf dcUghccd 
Ri seemed the mosi luxurious of nbodee. Carpcnlcni and 

hadworkcdaH'DndrfmstranEfoimaiionjflnd now Tom and 
ill thai remained lo h^ done [hemselvc$. EIow delicious 
I ^si s^e^k last?, cooked by Ncllic'5 hands on the chcai> 
t4lovc I Hon charming it nil Kccmcd to Ndlic hcncU 
I guessed by those who for years, like her, h.ive ea:cn [he 

ns pleeaoc], too, with her new duiies, "Cleaning the steps 
ling will be so invigoraiine," ahc cried, delightedly waving 

piece of hearthstone, 

retcnded that be could not bcarbii Nellie to do X0i<i)\ 

ic. Men do have these innocent delusions m early 

!. "1 shall di> it mpclf." he grunted. 

vcf *aw a in:in dcvinfng the nteps?" cried Nellie, 

ould think you a lunatic ! No, it's Ihs housewife'* duly/' 

lutallcd his easel in the biggest ground-floor partiEion, 

old bo\ca into comfortable louiigcs with KlUlc's aid, and 

m with cheap silks [ind rcmnanEs, Tom had an arri^^t'? 

lur.and Nellie made long shopping ^expeditions lo vaiJoita 

sales," obtaining a last result for a niodieum of c^pcr]se, 
>ney comet" Tom had had a hole aifldi; in ihc roof 
k tuc carried up to tt looked fjulLc an inviting nest; nnd 

10 Tom and Nellie at Icasi, more iKauiifnl nny of 
C "Mnftlc ncuH" at the fashionable furniture shojis. In 
;R>UTid'floor parttrion of the barn was NcTlie's oil cooking- 
dy mentioned^ rogcthcr with the fL^west pmsihlc kitchen 
IL Cheap curtains kept out the draughts : a new door 

been Axed to the barn wos paintod b)'Tom an artistic 
!;«nd alioj^ciher, the young couple seemed only too 

low dated her noie-p.iper '*The Grange, Finchlcy"— (Ihc 
wu the local name given la the big, unotrupied mansion 
Ic; hut what did ihnt marierP the Iptiers were all left at 
-^d indited n penitent letter to her cousins telLiMg them 


if fare V Ike watAom or A3«,1 
Iwiil miBimiii n fowV' 

How to Live OH Nothing a Year. 437 

Bf yer % quart of bej;t nui^cry millt, free, «vcry bkned mornia', 
> be a.« ycr"!! tell "cm, when thpy come, as ourn ia prime milk,'' 
■^dUc fclE lircndfully Abashed It iccmcd sg like pure chvtLy. 
vhajtf^ they won't c«vr contc." the sUEnEnered^ The milkman, 
Qwr, mifctooV her blutlie^ an<l confusion foi jilcasurc \ he filled 
dltutrt pill] >iud depjirieilf ]c.4vin^ tt o!^ ihc tLep. Kdllc w:u 
Bnaanvd with the quart p^lL It wouldn't go away, go ahe waa 
^ to pick iE up ; inil it vmuttJn't \^ b-o they vert equally 
ad to drink il. 

3ct NelliuV con Btitf lice lapi'dly hardened, for other cnleriirisin^ 
esmen «oon lolluvird m ihe milkman's wake. £v«iy day jfhe 
Id receive some ofT^^nng - even the groats on which she fed her 
ttttor chick vni w<.'re now and again |>resHentedio her by the grocer. 
ie longed (or the 'Tamily^' to appear ac the "Grange" ; her 
gmkini galled hi:r. But ttiU ihey showed no signs of upi^caring. 
Tom, mc-invrhilc, wa* intent upon a gfC.M pi^lure thai was, he 
Lined, to biini; him f^me- Thi: hnm gave a very fatr light, and 
b thr g:i»c-I was placed carefully m the best position, it did not 
« at all a bad atudlo. The idcfi for hifi picture wa^ a [>oor old 
3ie in Ihc country rcceivine a Icilor, afttr long ytars, from their 
Iwajr tailor son. As yLt he had only mudi? sketches for tho 

and Nclhc (who chared icnibly at being kept from bcr 
and her various avocations) had had su^-ccsiiveiy to do 

aich of the two in turn. But the result was naturaUy not 
IjUe-llke, and thtrefor^:, one morning Tom's joy was e^stremc 
p fbe vrry ideal pair happened lo pass by their house, or, rather, 
r bam, (!e promptly proposed 10 ihem Co come in and 
t »Otne refreshment, and sat studying them with the delighted 
of Art anist. They wcic ecriainly piettirc^|Uc, .ind as ihey 
mu; \&\ ihy and tuoiv lor.[iiaLiijus th^.y tnid Tom that Ihry weru 
tiling tti si:ck work in l-imdtm, and hid Wsiw half Ihi: y tar on 
mmp, having hccn lurnL^d out *>{ Iheir JiUlc cottage on the 
A frontrcf because they couldn't pay the rent. 
^Vcr sec, »rr, t)m» wiU mortd bad,^ said the old dame, who 

and cheery ihuugh verging on aixly : "and my old man, *e 

arm, just on harvesting lime ; and 'i* <lub, thai wnin'l 
10 koep Di with ihi: little work T eould get — and 30, 'ere wc 
id our names arc Mr, and Mrs. Tlimrh, at your service^ «r/' 
Tom called Nellie aside, and there w^ia a cogitation, which ended 
'om'tf oHerifiK the two iiamps a month's engagement at 5*. per 
kf with lodging, and part of ihclr board. Jt wasn't much, Tom 
ctcd, cansidering what one ustMJly has to pa^ tor modeb ; an4 

UeTt; t0 Live on Nof&mg a Vtar, 439 

tooUt-powdcT, every imaginahle luxury slfll pour«d in tkily 
jjiwwd fJTcUkcrs "iwfliting the ramily." So many coslU 
ihiE Ndllc ^Itf d a sack oi nostc-papcr wtth ihcm, nnd 
jui^t like kc^putg A Tag'tit\<\'bOT\ts shop^" «hc AAid 

but hnncslj" he nn^vct^d, firimlyn 
'tl^ lutJ gon( on vc^ry »mcotli]y Tot a monlh or tvo, and tlic 
1 bickens an<l lurkry^ wcrr alrcncly h.itchc^J, when a gEcat 
"lent occuirf J. The berry igcnl came clo^fc-n hiiii&clf lo IcU 
•hai a fcmily had -il las! come lo inspect the " GraiifiCj" and 
TQC prepare to «how them ovei it. Now this occurrcrl vary 
Things h3.d gone wrong with Ktjlie thdt nkorriinci jia 
bwt tc^uUrr-d hmilies ihcy sonieLime^ will; to bvum 
««0r« of ic.i had run out, and thoy would have h;id nothing 
rrik&it if a "j^mptc " jJAckei uf n new cocoa had not Imppcned 
by poll, in Ihv very ntcL of Ijmc. Eat thouf^h it vat 
le* ilill it A'n« but fhoil commons foj four lieaJihy ^ppulLlci ; 
scrubbing of the i^u-ps had nol seemed iti *' iDvigorollng " at 
tto KcUic llut 'LJornJng- Then shu hi^d flouirdered gricvuuiily over 
of Tom'K aliirEi vrhjdi now unkindly showed ruBly marks 
;U. Mn;. Bunch, wlio, aincc thi: satisfactory hutching ^ tho 
chickcnE. had reg:i(ded Ndlie a^ pci£&c£scd of more or lat 
hi bUrJt art. i^mc 10 the rvGcue. *^ Now. ray gal/' she said kindly, 
^■nd that i*nin' over to ni«. Vout chickens Is lunnin' oil over 
Doa\ I Vol someone a cussln^ of ihem outside?" 
the bccry agent : "Lor, minus," he Kftid to Mellie^ 
me^ but I icatly canl 'ave a pouLtry-yard out 'ere I A 
look h un<:t- \he place I W])y, yet might a^ well ^an^: clothes 
»t onre : - 

't vyxb filled with ic^r? £t£ &he promised aiT^citdoicnt ; for 
ibincd irijiU afHicted her sorely. The milkuiLtn, c:L]hiig 
"5ft, noticed her red eyes. The charm of hiB cLisi is ihu direct- 
ifiih which Ihcy go to the pointK He looked fiercely through 
u Torn, who was quietly pointing from old Bunch, "Is 
idtoya)'* he jsked AympaihetBcally. *'I wouldn't stand no 
rrae Uom 'im if 1 was you, li's always at first, mtnd yer, as 
got 10 uke 'em m 'and, ^nd &how 'em you ain't their tlave^" 
itinued, doubiless arguing from hi% own domestic <^:(pcrience5. 
little episode certainly helped 10 cheer Nellie up, and she 
Tom Uughed over it together. At «hree oVIock the "ijanies" 
arrived to »ce the " Grange." 
"TomiTom»"aied NclUi:, who had inspected them from an up^t 


Hqv.^ io iitv m /^at&stig' a VtraK 441 

the abuhed youtli. She lomehovr felt, ?n«wver, ihat »hc 
acting hec jnut well On rttntninft lima iho inspection, 
kyn* cxj>itf«od a great dwiff !« kc Ni^lljc't coltagc : 
your little licrae," ihe Mid ktnrlly, " I Ukc to »ce how 
ojcn keep ihcir loom*. IVr a Young Housekcc|>cft Qub 
f this in her most Mri^ J'ardi^tr-like tonc- 
hftd never realised to the full nOent what the poor mutt 
patroniwd nil aov/. Sh« frit ddpcr^iic; To Ici theiu 
bemy alL Jiut ai lhi& Junctuje Mrv Duoch cmQritod 
and cloaklcM from the Jooi^ay, 
ho'i ihit? UtL your mother?* jLiked Mrt. Tomtyns, 

Bonch tee mt'd born to b« Ncllie'i: ^udian Ansel. "My 
the replied with ready vit. ruing to the ocuubn, and 
multitudinous cuTtKJcf- 
Tomkyns reiterated hci roftucst. 

sorry 'at, but my dnaicr'^ diildren'Ball down vrlih the 
" Slid NcHlc'a supposed mother, quickly takbg her cue, 
od with lurprjflc ; but at thi^ pankuliir Juncture the little 
vrilhin ilic barn u;i up a fufious |obblr gobble of hun^r. 
i^hT. to an «?(citcd fjtncy, have resembled the wails of 
infants. Mm. Tomkyna ecrcamed with horror, and the 
Kirty v*ctc promptly routed- bm not before young Tercy had 
Kito riqueeze a "lip "of one fcJiilIine Into Nellie's rductani 
She had a gii^ai inclination to fling it back again at the kind 
but wUtly forbore 

ley'rc coming to the house !" gatped Nellie, as Ihc ptrty 

j'ce not want "cm tn come?" whispered ihc old wnman, 
UiMticrcd nni, but weiit mdoors. Then the vvtly MriL Hunrh 
up lh<r nmd *i>d jual eaiighl u|t Mr. 'IVihiKyns iit the 
" rhcic'a one ihint* *"|^ as you oughtcr know, " sht- «aid, 
*»ly, to that lady, " about thai *ousc. Them ghoatiasca, may- 
n^ been told about ihcm * Why ihem {jho&Ua^aj bios jcr 
''re the rctaon ihc'uuBC ain't been let souncr ; yes, ihai'tt 
'i"yB. Tncy're the fool-'nrdltist things you cvtr sec. awalking 

frightening a body." 

'^Unch returned to the liarn in a hapjfy and peaceful frame 

She had barbec! her fihoft and felt thai it had gone home. 

*?r knew ivhai hci old friend had done for her ; but, at any 

*->tC wa* heard Qi tlic Tnmkyn.i fomily. 

^^niand Nellie felt uncnmfnrtEible m their mind n for loitic 



twi« ik ttu(hiti|> ciihtfT ^ocd or bad, buE thinklog makes it so, — /^mi/iVL 

' vfrK a cuncniK And ptcosanl ^juexiion ro Ank of mm, which fif 
the arts h-id pvi-n ihcm the kciincst dctighl ? A good few^ and 
mid be one of ihcm, would probably anawcr, the ail nf acting. 
t art joy can aurptos the thrill wiih which *vc sec, in !hc magic 
iou«, (he yrccn curtain shrivel u^i, ftnd u-vChtI tht wooden O, 
I Hilh ihc fLgufC-S of fan wuiiii^n und bravt men, who live and 
»nd movc> wliu .sinit and fn-t ihcir hour upon thptsragt, which 
nnich an cnchflnic J isle as i* the one which wc visit for too brief 
ficia the fiitry " 'ri?Tn]>ciit"? Tl i* not hard Jo utidcrsliind why^ 
tdramaiisf, liltr ShykcHiJCifo, wfw> ot-Cii|iit:d tiis busmcss in Ihc 
houvc, ^liould tc^m Eoviri^ly towards luch works of jiurc fantaiiy 
ie"TcropMt."a8a''VV'inier"aT^f," a5 a "MidBuromcr Night's 
n " ; flintT, if 'Uch pieces were difficult lo fqircwnt, even in a 
fin which Ihc thtdtrc rchcd upc*n the ima^matton of speictatotti 
occ ihem forth, Ihcy yet belong wholly to [hat rc.-ilm of bfove 
' cf which the stag"; is the natural home. Who can fotfict ihc 
Ancni with whkh, in boyhood and in youth, tho day was grent 
the happy evening of it was tobi^apcnt in^'tjoingto the play "p 
can fcv^ctthc delight of seeing jiaatiJou in aciion ; of seeing 
k can ng poetry alive, o^prts^ed ihroujjh the human body, through 
union eye. Lhrgugh the hum:^n voice ; of witnessing the boirow!^ 
'Scdy, the gracts of comedy ; uf joying and sorrowing with the 
'-x% 0(1 that Mai^c which BymbohKs Ml the world ? 
«ings jknd heroes, waniors and cavalteiSt lovers and villains, fjn^ 
«nicn and iincr ladies appeared before our charmed cytj ; and 
vcdai a higher election and breathed an enchanted Air^ We 
-tt woeful struggle of man wjth fate ; and fell that the hc&vens 
hung with black when Lear or lUndcE. or when Eomco died, 
*OTTOws of lovely and of loving womenj of Juliet or of 
^tnona, filkd the iiaddened i^oul : and we left the iheotre full 
^^t cot^rcptions, and uph'ied to a lofty aliimdc of ideal life. 
*M»d liicd nobly in the nobk world of an. The time spent 



Tht Playhouis fy Daylight. 


w thing s«ins ntrtcworthy upijH llw stage uf out Uny. In 
^ piece pkytfd V4^u will cvruinly mw :il Itfoai uzic quite; admirable 
ing of fcjili»:k tliatjucici, Cqunl pin* arc Uikcn with pjrt* 
muti cxcito dyhp^thy tn the ;^udJcncc ax wiLh >uch^ oa are 
thctic and rcmuD^itivc 'llicrc Kcm* Eo be no cJiblikc to 
even commoA^ibcc vitJ^Lins, or any iutIs which, on the furi^Lce, 
feceni to be " ungiaCL'ful/' Even ^uch iiarts arc rendcicd with 
sflbrt iind ^iih loving i:arc. Our recent |j!ay& arc niain[y i^Ven 
ft Fri-nc'h sources -^'^d an .iitcmpt U often, if \amly, made tO 
ito llifir ^Iraitiatit effect, .ind yet to uilc1(icJc ihai tfcJAimoni which 
ihc tBacnie uf a Fr*:hi:h vrork irtiitic'l for Trvnch auUiuJicct. 
Gl oftt'Ei tu bu va)upi>d iJ]) (or 3l Iohj^ nm anJ for a short life 
the higher Hense yf UramaLic l[fe We alau Aeijucnily Adopt 
Ish nuijitly cjf a melodrammlc characivrt for the ilage. One 
t inBtanr.c may iufiito ^ ihc'^ Scarlet LctiL-r" has been pf^ 
with n **hai>py cndinu." O »hade of injured Hnwihornc ! 
fine r^arratiVG, which depcndt upon psychological analy«i|l, 
t ^cll he made into a ^ood drama. Action ta &o mi^oh conrscif 
i ihoujihc, Eii,it the morbid palhologj- of a story of passion, guilT, 
isonow, with every motii-e directed and every charoaeranalyscdi 
tene^ a mere comrrionplace adultery and a very ordinary melo- 
tkO. Hawthorne is to be read, not seen. His power coiisi'sCs in 
t^licaj ^^tudy^and his fine essence escapes the realism df the stage- 
fl which h left fur actJn*! is ibe mcr« residuum, the vdc bwiy. of 
t^clicate, atmci&t super-iubtle conception* He i« a great author, 
I on estentinlly dniin.itic one. Hi* method escape* the naing 
A playwright who would deal with the "Stiiirlel letter" 
. not atictnpi to dramatise the novel, bui should neat lE as 
e tiacd the chroniclers of licikef or of iColinahcd- The 
duxild merely rtug^cst ro the dramatist ccTtJin incidcniA and 

ic of the mo« sifikin^; and riiost mcrimnoiis dcvclopin<:nL'* of 
receol drama consiais m ibc plays written by Mr. Pincro, 
an the ihree pieces pfnd)jred nt the Court Theatre — \ 
J of cf>nr»i% the '^ Mngisiratc,'' "Schodmi5tres%" and '^' Handy 
Thcanthor himstclf, with a rare modcAly, dlb these pLtys 
eomcdics" ; bui» if there be farce in ihcir composition, it ii 
cd farce ; farce elevated lo aliiiudi^s which fntcc had 
^ ntiained to before. Considering that mLitiy works, ictnied 
»medirt,''approarh perilously near tn ilie confines of farce, Mr. 
l#ro Tnighf >vell have ri^tui^ calling (hew preces comfdie«. These 
Jtb may be a comproniiac with comedy ; but are one of those rare 


Playhouse by Dayfis^lU. 


Ukcn to the iheiErc^ Justice \% due lo the gcniua and 
Oft or 1 mighty nctor. The mood of ipcciator, or of 
'^it in unison witli ncior or uith ^vritcri tf there is lo be 
id comprehensii.'n ur tuijoyniciU of pbyin^; or of writingi 
litpirJlJQn t^T from facuUy, ihcrw i& immeofic Ubour m 
be player has aright claim ig a specutor's ttj-mpsithy 
OOB efibirts. Acting reg^jires an exertion ef the very 
juj energy, especially in ihti ^reac pusdonnte pnrti of 
dy. Owing CO Cnrlyie's laxity aii to iht exact date, I 
ui poaitivdy in wtiich drama Maacody played on the 
vhich Carlyle saw nothing, heard nothing , buc the part 
ily hnvc been cither Macbeth or Hamlet. 1 have seen 
DOfibduuacter^andvhcn I renienibcr the act ofmiiinory, 
iKtrtlon, Lhc long thought, the inborn gift dcvclop^^d with 
^ swell of soot which Macicady L^xhibitcd in iheac ;;reat 
)uched with 3 feeling of pathos and of regret when I 
pcctator— and sudi a Ei>ectator as great ("arlylL-— re- 
absorbed in natural grief as to be wholly insenaib[e to 
peiformanccs- Carlyle. diflering in that respect widely 
»tcr, Goethe, was scarcely in full sympathy willi the 
(h the great ait of acting, U is to be devoutly hcped 
ly never knew what a grieMaden spccuior he had nn 
ble ofcaiion- 

»er evening, Macready had a joyful cjtpencncc of an 
one of a more pleasant kind. He recordfl, August j, 
d Townley. Was much pleased to niorlc the deep 
h a lady in the siJge-bo\ took m the la$t scene between 
dy Townley- These are thi- si^t of audito" Ihaf fend 
fiicinaiion to lhc exercise of our aru" Thai Hnknown 
Eight to the ^oul c^r lhc great acioi. May we always &s 
bd a icmporary faacinalion to the ^JTorta of a noble 
we often — as nficn as niay be in this im[K:rr(.'et world— 
wlhy of our attentive enthu^ijiMn -*in(.c " To hear wilh 
to lovc^ line wit," 

tc and virtuous Mrs- Sarah Sowndsawo is greatly excr- 
mind ^3 10 thi; profession of an actress ; 5pccia]ly as 
.in fiarls that have to be played, certain dresses thai 
awumed ; and actresses ihcmselvea arc sometimes 
h the same doubtSn Mrs. Siddons affords a striking 
the not unnitunjl convict which is sometimes waged 
impuiite of the ariisc and the reticence of the woman- 
shrinking modesty of the lady and the longings of the. 
cxvni. >-a nn- \\ tt 


Inn oC fasioi^iS 
«r vbic 1 «v« M7 be ioMd b« 

is qn or Go»pl«ctae« *^ 

*IB br vfaft sfa^itt the putKuhriril 
»RV«liil, tcfkte, ^amt^ p 
tmaoot and }0T tf« bvMi 
in btr knc for ba bor> 

^^ ■'^**^ *o peewottc Dogberry thia Hi« 


V5f Phyhons^ by Daylight, 451 

Imogen. The Ideal njitiimJly innsctnd^ ihc con- 
**^rsonat:on. In tlic poetical drama, an ab^ir^ci idciil 
■^n duiractcr \\a& lo be prticntc<3, A great paaaion 
'* to larger, looker limiii. 'Hie "fwilint-nt marge'' 
»^*^lacly iklcmiinnble. Uogbcny may be pcnniuUcd ; 
fc,^«= af:tcd. 
^J/^ been a dream, but a dream wlii<:h yirtda n dear 
t ^^ to fcolisc lo our fanq^ a ibcatrc of ihe lime of 
fc J^nd to imaec to our minds the playhouse and the 
l" ^**l vrhJrU iU4^h a piece as " Hamlci " was pn^jduccd, All 
t^ lOv<5 the ciiamfl an; cagi:r to knoA^', as accumcly iS 
CT^ the audiences looked, how Ihc theatre uppcarcdi tnd 
^ ^^ra acted. VVc Itnow well how ibc Eli£:ibolhao Ibcatrd 
^^^ outside; we have eounterfcit prcsen(mei>ls of the 
the Blnckfriars and the t^Iobe, buE we ki^ou' very liLtk 
'lior flrrangenients. The Blackftiare, the wintct the&trc, 
^^*t *vhcpc Apniliccflrics* H.iH now sE-ifldB ; ll>c Gbbe, the 
P**Wlrc of Ihc same prnprietora, was in houthwark, nearly 

^ Ibe end of (Juccn Street, Chcaiaidc. Thcie were the 
*^ with which Shakespeare was apLcially connccicd, and 
^^ Ihc two which particulaily cxciie Ihc cuiiosity of dramatic 
■*- fJf, Karl Theador Gacdcrtf his recently nrndc a wclrome 
**> to nur knowledge of the inside of an old Engbsh Iheairfi 
■lUhingin Bremen a dmwing of the Swan Thejiire, in Hank- 
Jtodr by the learned Puteh Canon, Johenn tin Witt (Uirtrlij 
fte* de Wjr^ or Jan dc Wiue), who mas botn probably \r\ 
rt, 1/1 wh-itycar we know not^hut the mTich- travelled man died 
iw,Oi.(obor I, irnj. In thr summer of 1596 J)c VVitl vi^iJe-i 
O, and bestowed some dtltUsnH attention upon ihf then 
I Ixindon ihreatre?. He does not inencjon the Biackfmra or 
ohe, but he does allude to the Rose and ihe bwan, and to 
northerly houses ($ilu;bEed in Bii^hopsgate) the Curtain and 
itaiTC. He olflo mendona Paiiy darden, where bcflr-bailing 
e Uke amusements were prcsiinicd, Ii \^ not probable EhjTi 
(I had tyzt heard of Shakespeare ; nor could the Canon knoi* 
iiercstm^ 'o after times any record of the great poer^pUycr 
be« Dc IVitt seems to hnve taken no inietest in player* or i^ 

id htft record rr>ns-e}-s the idea ai l-^aving been wriElcn bv a 
iant. Not his Ihe kTin>vmg Jiiiivd or the seeing eye. 

nwU be thankful for that which He Witt could give. 

iinhkely thil Shakespeare wos in Loridon when De Wkt wan 
[l^hc poet Uvcd then, when in London, m Southwatk^, ncAt 


Tie Play^ousif by Dayligki, :^^\ 


BrtatCivIl'WjUK, the thcnire icsufncd iLs lift: and Ua swny whon 
I'ubc ChArtcs KG«)ned the ihionc. and plucked OIT the mu^cLc of 

xnt from niorjlity and inoJeeiy. The lime worked upon llie 
' bulh fur evil and Tot gaod ; and the good consisled Ur^ety in 
;mgerne«5 shown by ttie bc&i pLtyers to cany on the great traditions 
« stage Trhich Shakespeare h:xd trodden, for which Shakespeare 
H and worked. From the Restonuion onvarda our theatrical 
ds arc more or Ies« contpleie. We know how actors acL^d, and 

ptars were cost ^ we have scenery, drctacj, and dccoraifcns. 
kh(^ grsai change which the RcatorntLDn introduced wju the 
fclifln of nctic^RC^ rn ptny female chnr.icters. If Mhtrc«* Anne 
lull were the lir?i acir^a lo tfcad ihc Knglr^h siAgc, Mistress 

Kwas Ehc Gr&t itoiULtn to [ip|>car uj>on it. She was thu lanihe 
nan^s opera, the "Siege of RhudcG." lanihe was not ft 
«lng port, but wa; discharged in Ehc ttUn rtdt^HvQ of that daj. 
^ yd lornc Frtnrh flclrL-Bst^ had a5:]H'aTL-d in Londonf but they 
toe pleoae the tor^n, l'"rt:sh water, in the BalU say^^ i6j9 : *' You 
I «ieourafie «mngerti while you live; it is the chnmcCcr of our 
*n ; we ore famous for dojfcting our own rountrymcn." \S'e 
not wholly lost this characteristic ycl. iw, however, touch 
upon the question ^i the mamtencincc and transfer of the 
tions of the slagc^ 

n iMa Mr W, J- Thorns publishcJ n Memoir of William 
% Norroy Kmg-ai'-\rTns, the Icirncd hltniry anlt^uary ; and 
metkioir coniujns lUc " choice ni*[cs " uf Uldy*, taken from hia 
fruiria^ Oldys WiW borti i6y6, died 1761, Aniung the choice 
S 19 one itQ\n which wc [<rani that one onShatt.siK^aTc's brothers, 
lited ujiUl the lime of the Re^loraiiun, u&cd, in bia younger 
i> to comif to I^ndvn to viait liJs bruliiei, Will, and Lo see that 
her :j,ct in some of his gwn ptjys. This brother, who came ttj 
Shakeipeare, must surdy have been Gilberi, born October, 1566- 
eemt that Gilbert 5hakchpe:tre (whom I asi^ume to be t)ie person 
m) came u^so, from lime to time, tu London in his old age^ And 
mofit noted actors of thai bier duy were naiurally very eager to 
from haa any particulars ahuut hi& great brod^er- but, whcnihey 
bdbjtu. Gilbcri wjtsstiicktn In yearhtund hh memory was wasted 
i innzmitieH, su that he could tell Ehem but little. He remembeied 

Kieen Will act a pari in one of hJa own cumediesj " wherein 
pei^onale a decrepid old man. he ware a long beard, and 
■cired'so weak and drooping and unable 10 valk, th^t he was 
:eil to be supported and carried by another person to a table, at 
chhe WEL5 seated among some company, who were eatiiv^, &M 


one of them. Sing a ttmg.' Thu seenu diMrljr to poinL in Ad l 
isctne VIE,, of *'As>x»] like iC )n «luch Oibndo r»TKi iftAdic 
and Jiqucs spukt the groi "Seven Agcf" apccch. TU fi^.'j 
«c(ors had watud loo long bcfovc they niJMk lt>qu)ric» <if ik: Culi^ 
Gilbert Sh^npcarc about sutci WlII. t h^vt ncir jet hid 
oppantunity of otamtning Old>'&' nunusehpu. 

"The players cMooiktepcourud; thejil tell oil" One el** 
be«C wurcei ftf information aboni the «afie of his day i* a pfiocn(ta 
Hi* book i» allcd Jiffsaut Ais^ifiJiai, hy John Uownei^ and town 
the time between 1 660 and 1 jo6 ; extendi ttom ChatW* I L to Qaeci 
Anne. The work wm originaJJy published in 1703 ; iind a ficvnll 
edition vvii publiilied in iBM, enrii^hed irith an adnunble hiococri 
preface by ihxt Uaroed drjimjiic rj^tir, Mr. Jmeph Kni^L Done^ 
infori7)ACinn b ai valuable on hii modn of ei:pr(:uJon h civa^. fk 
theQeecHiDnof Chsdesr KiltigrewoblAined ap,itenl for Itntrj littt^ 
iKhile Daivnant semired a like privilege lor Ihe thratre in IjttftHi 
Inn Fidd^ In This la:ic( |jl.-iyhouM.'i Downes, a la^luic u« an yur> 
was prompTct and bont<k.eeper> He atbendcd all reheanala. ad 
fleema to hav<^ bren a sort of iii^'mami^T. " Uook-keeprt* M 
not mcs.ii Ilieti irhnl it means nun. Ii meant a nun wlig ivii^ bed' 
boMer, or custodian nf rnanuscrr|>b of dl ptayv aciod in hb thoi^ 
and who distributed the u^titlen |>att<f to actors- The hero oiVom^ 
rcminiscenrCT is, Tifltutally, the gie;il BetCetton; and Bctlcnittt ■> 
;l ncdmicnn aindcnt of tiadirion. |1avtn--tnt, born 160^ (be dffi 
ib6g), vat a link between the theatres of Kluabeih and Clufki 11- 
Davenani lutd »ecn Taylor, vho wai Uuftht by Mr. ShakesptiM h^^ 
self, play H.imlet; and nnvcnant taught ILcrtictlon huw m >a 
ILinklet '' in every jmrticlc of it.'* h ik, at fiEqtM^hi,ailiute>ii<|*M£ 
thai licUcrion did noi |>1ay VVoUey in " Hcniy VJII^" but tbt duo^ 
i% CHplaJned by Lhe f^ct Ihat the pjrt of ibc Kirqj was Ui^k 
Bctterton by lUvenajit, " wlio lic^d il ffum old Mr. Lwuiv thil 
his instiuclions frum Mr. Shakes pCJrt bimuclf," Il tru Bctleilua 
reverence fc>r tradJlion Ih^t C3ii. himi Llie kuding Judcr, in the utitji 

Ikttctlon niiiiT bave been 3 very ma^ny-*ided actor. He f-i^i'^^ 
Hanikl, Olbello, Macbetli, Lear, and all llic £tcai uajtic pun. *.^=3 
be iilio aeied light eomedy and (ovqr^ parts — a> VatenLine tti C^^ 
Hreve'i'^l^vefotlj^ve/'Meitulio — andl findth-J li. ■ ^ 1 lisedi ^ 

broiid com^y as Si( Tuby Bclcb, Whcii he !ni. 1 n uaba ' 

the Ljncoln'i Inn Fields ilieatie, he was aboui twenty two. Htdi^^^ 
atUl in lumesa, in 171c. Aa tej^ards ligbc comedy, Hairisi»*i we ^a^ 
told, ''amot^a^vtv^ \-a%v," vt^an Beiierton ; bui» probably^UwH**^ 

The Piayktmst by Daylight. 


has not known j gn^al^r player of atl-tound CK(:d]ci)Cc IIiaji the 
migKtjr ^ciur wlio ^os j^cxlnt in tlic Hic^tc^t parts- It I« lo 
Bcttciloii'* Lrcdlt ihiitlic acltd lln? tfUKcdi,- of" King Li-ar '' " a» Mr. 
ShAkcs;}Cjii« wnpie it ; bdorv it wai altered Uy Mr. Tate-" In (hat 
cose hcmu»t bai^e mlroducvd the Fw^L CouM tlut »ubilepLitt be 
ih<!n bdlcr rendered ihara it was wh^n MJu P. Horttjn enacttjj jt to 
IklacrcJdy'ii I,cir? Rcticnon wiu alio n RUECej^ful phywiighi. H? 
wrotCi Amonfi other piece*. "'The Woman niadc a justice ^ Mrs. 
I,on|^ ftciini: ihv JutJticc no charKimftly : and the: comedy beiujii 
pcrreu an<l jusily Acted *o pkas'd the Audience, ii conunued acting 
ftwirtecn diy*' tonfihcr.** Ifi those days a successful pi^fie ran ten, 
lwclw,founcciida>titonse€utively ;buiMiG[>Uymigh',ofii;jiafLerwardft 
be ivp«<it«d, &t intervals- Aaors then «> frequently changijd thtir 
|HCt» that their att remained always fresh, vital, and aciivc. There *ere 
OOaie of ihotw "long runs" -^hich malee an actor si ale ind jnded in 
tfav- mecbankal rt'pciifion of 0]K-ehaTai:|vT, unill his playing b«com«« 
a weann««i to liini^lf &nd to j\;di^;i;^us audit^n. 

Beueilon'ti Wther. William, enacted femak^ cbaTacmra until his 
UDlimvl^ dciith bv drowning. 

Of KyEiuion, Downen Kiys, " lie being ihtn very Youny made a 
Cucnplcit Feniuk Sugv Beauty, performing hi» par» k> welli especially 
Anthwpe and Aplauni, beiny Turts ^;ready moving Compassitm and 
l^ty 1 that ii ha* aince bvtti DispuLable amont" tlie JudJciuus. whether 
kny WoTiian ihjil kucveeded him to Scntiibly toueh'd the Audiifnec 
to he," 

And yet Du^nei vaw and knew many gttat ictrt^tics. Ho knew, 

|foi instance* ihe jplttidid Mrs. Barry, who h:td ;!ic good fortune to 

'erwtc" three >uch paits as Monimia, in Oiway'i "OrphanV' 

'Wctt. In "Venice Preserved.'' imd I^ahelh, in t»ic "Fatal 

-^„ ; paru which afti:™acdB ^^rs- Siddons madv *o tfrcat, 

^■*ne« ^ven ^^ \iM\wy glimpses into the rriations of actrcEbCb ^^ilh 

'"c puljlic. Many, "by forcwof love, were ErepUht'Sta^e-" "Note, 

"'*- Johnson in ibis comt'dy (' Epsom Wells/ by Mr. Sbadwell) 

**ncing a Jjgg KJ cbaTininy vrell. Love's power m a little tinie afuar 

>/*'^"'^d her to Dance jiiore diarming, ehcwhere." "And nil the 

•^nien'a Porti admirably Aeied (in the "Rivals* by Sir W^llhro 

^vcoani) ehielly t-clia, a Shepherdess being Mad for Love j esped- 

*^ *'» Smging several Wild and Mod Songs, 'My Ixjdgingit h on the 

voi^ Cround.' &c. &he performed that so charmingly^ that not long 

ffV^. it Raised her from her Bed on the Cold Cpiound, to a Bed Royal/' 

*"** lady, whom the King delighted to honour, wae Mrs- Davies— 

■5J^^im« called Moll Uavies. VMicn L^dy Casilcmaitic saw MoU 

*^^'es,"abclookcdhkcfirc; which troubled nve;' "'NU"i£V^'^v 

^Hc was a vgrthy successor tu£iubagi:,ufwhuEn,unfcirEUoaic1y 
jvnv comp^iiativciy so Itltle, BelierCon vas, In his turn, sue- 
vA liy n long roll of iiitg1i(y .icioia, who auatain^ the )i\ory, AnJ 
id for*aid Lhc traditions of llie nobli^ Eni^ltHli sUi^l-t 
nd *o, a m ihc vriichce' cavern Iht ihovr i.if Banquo's regal 
uich one wiib a guld-buund brow, pusses befon^ the dastled 
the long row of great players* traceable in, the full piges of 
II, pnsKs before out vision. All siiU ond sileni now, voioe- 
r>d motionless, the great nctots jei Uve with a mystic charmed 
uid the long line of the heroes of the English stage, a line 
ding from Uuibnge to Macrcfldy. sweeps before ua in the magic 
nhich imagiimtion sheds upon the stnge. These were the great 
tvho retained tradition while reserving Tndividunh^m, !^nd the 
tingly show ce.i&c^ when Macready took his honours home, to 
\ iriEh the bcst^ (.Warrick, Ataielicr Kemble, and the rest who 
f ft nation purer through ihcir Art," The gr^^aicsl playa no 
f touch the fibre of the Imit'i and with the greatest ptaya falls 
adiesc acting ; bui nobler days may come, and with nobler daja 
It drama.* and more ideal acting For llie drama itself h inde- 
Ihlc ; i^ rootod deeply in the needs and in the heart of 
oily ; and when r.nglflnd shall rise again to somcthmg of her 
Dt grcfltne-w there will surely be bom to her a drama finer 
the drama of our day, and h^r players will again be able to 
IK worthily the nja*terpieres of hct literature, and to act, 
1 nmcwal ol the glories of the olden time, the greatest dramu 
F Engliah Shakespeare. 



/tfiV Rosamund (he First. 


^b&twlawiuf hoEtpiUlily » bid down in ilie Goiliic CLriit; uf honuur. 

BRm un imagine th« Indies of (hv Cuutt. and the youDg Fnrjcoft 

^Sn»t»TiE« ihciTi, kofcing on at ibnt 5iran;;i^ U^ii fioiu a ba^oony, ^*r 

*'^jm behind ihc nidc hjinyn^;^ oT" the 'ull. All went jmooihly far 

« li mc I but & sob ^Lt la&i escaped from ihc ngcd king, and rt miutcrcd 

J^i^xecition t^n the flayer of hit «on, who now sai in iho.: loved lOn'A 

'fle^t. The iif^K'J grief roused ihc wraih of C^tmmuncl^ hts only Hur- 

<*w-i¥ifi tovkt Rowmund's fcilhcr ; and he began to hea[- inauU and 

[tiF>^ u|}Oii die Lunibjid Ku«sls. " Verity," ^lid lie, "■ Iheir boiell in 

^ that of the in;jrv« ihai k^ed n[Hjn our S^niiatUn plaink," ''You 

■^fflM^K", how ^fron^Iy they kick,'* iviuited a Lombard ; "visit 

rdd of Asfeld and you ilull fjnd the boncfc of your brulher 

Kifikd with Ihoie of ihe vde^t animals" In such ;i company* at 

icli 1 lime, iwofd?, a-i rouy be well jupposcd, Bcx>n jjasscd lo bbws ; 

<<1 i: wat aEI ihal the venerable kin^ could do to appcaiclhc lumulc 

uvc his ^e^t^ from the hands of his mfurtatcd warrtonx. WcU 

[~lia<l it been for him and bin hou:;c h:id AEboln never returned ftlivc 

(ronj ilijii venii]reM>Tnc vifit, 

Alboio and Rosamund ni-iy quite [lonsibly Imvf &ecn each oihor 

if^ iht tttix lime then : certainly he niuai ihen have beard mtn bpcok 

oThcrmaichlciabcauiy. Either ihc sight of it or the filory of it made 

wdeep an imprCMLon upon his ht;an tluil, Avhcn he ascended ihc 

^mbaid ihranc, he detcrmint^d chat ^lic und none otbfr should be 

^ queen. So grt'at wii* bis paaion that he recked nothing of the 

™"d feud bci*cc:i hia family .ind hers, nor yet of hi* own betrothal 

**" princess of the Frank!!, grandJaughtcr of Clovis. He had no 

•^''er been proclaitncd king than he sent tn demand the hand of 

™*i>»tind. and not unnaturally ihc demand wai contcmpruoudy 

■^''cd by flunimund. her father, ^hn» now ihat Ttitisund was 

™^ waa king of the Ucpidcc, But Alboin was not one to he turned 

™'t Aom bis purpose. And ac thiK tini^ tJicrc a£cm& little doubt 

'^^ i<Oftflniuiid herself, taken by the Fame of his prowe^ and Ihc 

f^^^out of hia iHriuin^H w:is Jij- no means hostile lo his suit— though 

^'^TC, tf she ever felt it, wjs tr» rum tn surh bitter hnte. If this 

^^ so, the stratagem by *hjeh he bt:cnmc frij^sewcd of her for the 

ira! Ycry Hkcly planned between them. While she iind her 
S, attended by a imall cicort, parsed from one place to another 

''^f &thcr'« dominions they wtTc sn^ooped down ufion by a band 
^-omhords and the ladic? caplurcdK But Alboin wa* not yet 

^'^K enough to keep hia pri/e. Cunimund appealed to RoroCj 
^* »hile the memory of Bclinariui wai still ficsh, and while Naraes 
'^^^ Vtved, the majeacy of the Roman name might weh overawe Ihe 



TAt CrnikmaH*s A/aga:iiU. 

HirittHui. Albttft, lh*ei>eii«d by an allied armr of Ka«oi ■! 
Ucpftdx, pLTe wtft ind liir Kounmnd ttu rc4(or«d lo kiUtf. 

But ibe IjmUrd still chvc 10 hU dctominalkm. Mtft 
cmc aboflt thM the £>tc of Europe *^ lo be involied fai At IB 
of thU h«i»ds<rang mac and Ihu wonkaiu Foe Albdr\ • 
ihe «fkd upoo whicb be had td his facuit, cittcrtd inu ai il 
vjih itie Tamuu people cd the Avan <kuibnicTi And lucctflv^ 
iKc llumX irho trreubedavay indcfl&iie-Zy to nortb tad of ^ 
\hi ijioict of (he Kijfinc, Ihai loftcthti ihcy ni^hl nuth Vaat--' 
ill-fjlcd people The Gepidv apfjcalcd um-e niorc to RoncW' 
Willi inconccivibic folly ibc Lmpcror rrfwunJ iu Tf^ j tinpt in ^ 
aii^ Aid caliiJy vaBchcd from ConttuiUno^ili; wl»lc thuy wtrt f3S 
up by l/imbHtrdi and Avars. Two mulln of wide and lntft£ 
parlance follo^ftd from lh« annihilation of th« G«|Hd«; tbt 
)^|jrcad hii empire over the rich landi of IVallachia, Holdi^ 
TiantyJvania, and mainuifwd it for E«o centucies^A «» tnuA 
deadly ncifttibour Lo Kome ihon any TcutoJiic uibe coiUd tin t^*, 
btcn, a»da feouiuch more deadly eocniy of civilittdon ; irtAe 
l.nmbard> Imvln^ Lhc^c bndi to hh aUic** catt hit cya upon lUf' 
fnjf ItaNu.n [>bini> ^^]til:h were for L-vcr afivrwaidt to bear hit (tf* 
Another piece of mfatuatcd folty on ihc put oT ibeKomuOtf 
niadc the pMh into Iialy ca^y for Atboiik. Nartct mtti^ iaM^Mi' 
roittmanU lhtTi,\ und, Ehi;ru|ih now in cxincme old &fr«i vu ifi? * 
ecnciaL who might hav<? opposed ihe IjMiibardii sucreiiftjH/, J* 
at (hit f^riaiK his icc&ll nas $cnt nut fiom Conaiantinoplc ; v^d n <* 
flUosvcd to be scnl by ihc Empica Sophia, couched in thf ••' 
insulUAS l<^i")^ ■ " ^-^^ ^^^ eunuch leave lo men thccicronccriM 
and return to his jjropcr pliicc and ply ft dt^taH amoiijjCAi die mrf» 
of the palac&" " I will bpin her ^Nch a web at Blie bliall nut tft 
Linravdi'* vas Naraet' indignoDi rcturl, and hit revenge trai icbeftf 
Iwly tothe Bflrbanjn, thus once again azid for cvtx srfaraUft' 
from th* Empire of the Eaa^ 

Hut to go back 10 ihe more private history of ibe Uvra of AIM 
and Roaamund. Ai ilie faul battle whidi cn»hcd for cw* 
Gcpid power, Cun-miind,tlii: king, with all the flo^r of h(>(^<^ 
hiid b^'cn sl*'° ; *"^ ^^* daughter wss curjed off by tb* "Cl*^ 
that bloody fields There wa« no obstacle now 10 diOf micmf* 
c^iceptthftt now-p won* su-ipern, her love (nu»l hav«(oac,i^^ 
tmul have *hrunk from itic emhr^tci of him who wuoovntfc^ 

ibe ilfl^T ^' '^^'^ "'^^^^' *^^' ^^ ^^'" '^^'^^ '**^ ^*^ *"** dwttojfli*** 
Anr'^*^*' ^""^ ^^ without h«r con»eut» ihey irew «*^ 

t»r% wum by, and lxi)y ww won, and a daUfthLer was bom lo 

Then there aimc ;i day wlurn Alboiti antj all his nobit* hdd 
(«Lji3l in hii pdjcc ncai Vc/ana to ccIebraUr hit viclcdei. 
n^ ihK tio|>bJcii which .^domcd thii palace wai one which mutt 
Thiilbd Rommund with h.itc and honor wh^nri^cr ihc ^aw iL 
*ii her lord'i State drinking cop, which had been fashioned — 

vnt the savngo cuttori of the l^nibardt — <out of the Kkull 
>t grntcfit of the focrcicn whom he had overcome i die hkuU 
UQimmid. hvt father. And imjw, lykt- ;inot!ier Be]bhaK2ar, flo«n 
into1«ncv and ninOt Album commanded thai the trophies of hit 
Hes th^uld be brouj^ht forth^ nnd cspeciaUy this dr^ad ve&gvl, 
ihn king and hit. iirioces miglit dunk therein, AfiiT the cup 
pftoed (hm^ughoul the h:dl, iintl cadi warrior drained iu ccm- 

»ith shuuu of jp|ibu«i-', " Kill ic oni:(^ Liioie," %aid the King, "(a 
«tn, and carry <t t" the Quetn, and rt'|u&t her in my name to 
Yalong with me. and with her father/" 

Mnniind supiirenscd all rnanireiUtion of the r^ge and thame 
I oonKumcd hti «3ul. and fihcinft the goblet lo her lips, drank, 
I, '* IjCt the ^'iU of my lord be obeved." Bui at the drank nhe 
«red a yaw upon that terrible rehc that lh« intuit should be 
! out m The blood of her husband, and Alboin's doom whb 
tathcn lu Kurcly at Bd»hauat*i. Amon^bt ihe Lombard war 
WK one l^clmichiK, the kinn'e aimour- bearer, ^^'hethc^ it wo.* 
?n ordur to the aTComphshm^ni of her dcEipns, that she firit cast 
. ht/n ihc fatal toiU of ha fascination, or whether be had 
1j Uwn admitted a her lover, is uncertain, rre«ently» how- 
«t Und him hcT devoted «lave, and to him the entrusted the 
one of her vow. It was no consider :ii ion cf honour which 
idd hltn ; but he knew loo well the terriblt^ mi^ht of Alboin, 
kdariKl to bis mittiess tlutt aioas he couUl not, and dare not, 
ipt th« mutJer. 

toiooaur^d'« next Kiep showed oncfi more that * 

ll<4vcn litu na in^c li^e bfe to burcd lurcKd, ^ 

tnseof honour, no icnse of slwme seemed left to her. Amongst 
tMa of the Court Iheie nnni? &o brave <t-» Teredeui, and 
Tio ^ong. save AJboln himself^ If he could be induced to join 
leplot Hclmichii declared himself ready ig adventure it. But 
jloiccrf veil knew that they must deal warily wjtb Peredeus* for 
c^ty to die King was abuve suspicion. Then Fair Rosamuno 
ifidhcrdevilUh tcheme to entrap th? ill-fated man. He, a^ the 
ra well krtCWf vu the lover of one of her women ; and it wa£ nq 



Tlu GenfUmattt Afagasim. 


dlffiniU matlcr fo* her \o dincorrr the \cftrr< tryat TV li^ Jb 
\\\c Queen*! plot «m conceived ihnt l«t> ircnr to tn««L Rownl 
found wirme rxojic for'sendin^ her wDman to a diiiiiiK& aii ito 
cxrhangiTif; her rrrpi robe^ for h^ h.irxlni:iJd'A ckthe^ Ac, fli 
(^ui^on, kept (he ;ryil in her |>bec. !v) elererljr ibd ibe ^hif te 
pan. favoUTCd by ihc darkncn, by her disg^iiae, nod lijr ibe Ian 
ibc tnueh nftcmbled Ihe oihcr ia ihape and lix^ lUil thf 
nun never found out the deicet^^oo un;iL the bnAf for paniDf 
when the diieloAed lo h» ho<7iiSed ean thir he had 
Lomb-itd Queen. XtMhirtj, ai he well knew, boi ibe oKut 
(Oftiarei And <tcAih awatEed liini should the unwitting iatub 
done lo Alboin ev«:r t«i:ome known \ and Ro»mimd tw«K Out 
ihoutd he madi^ knawn to Ihe Kiog bdnre motoiai^ if he ftfcacd 
do her hiddJng. A choice like Ihftt which Cifkdauln' ^uui 
befoie I'Tgei, in the oM Lfdl-ui story, Rnumnnd nonr ki 
Pcieciciiv Me, likLcdyga, preferred diihonmie lo <le*th, »d 
icnied lo Uke port in the rnurdrr. 'Jhc neit n^ht 
everted all lier fatal ehamin upon her lord. And, After hoUB| 
fesiiva! ajpin m tlie h\\\, he withdrew lo hrt ehambtr^ 
Delilili-UL*^ she lulled him lo sleej^ wnhdfen tiis vmi^ « 
opened the door nf an anteroom where hit murderen were 
concealed The iwo^ Hclmtchis .^nd ref«lcut4 nifthed ^oo 
but iheir bands were perhap* uniteadicd by tkinu- artd fear; «f 
how [he finl binn waa not fntaf, uid, Mupcficd at be vaa vnt <« 
and ^lit'p. Lhi^ ^mund<:d p^T\\ sprang ffom the <:au(h and f of a Gfft 
dcreiiJi.'d himself with a ch*ir, the only «t.-apon iiithi« reach ft 
proue^K only set vtd lo heighten ROMniund'» revenge; «he ttoodl! 
and hit&cd ouL ac him launl and (ibc ai Ihe manlerert pvesaed lir 
ever more closely, until at Xa^X ihc U\a\ llinjiE ^ai m*dr, m' 
Cunimund and the penpde of the Ciq>idK were arenised. 

By RouiiiLmd'i ordef The pabec had been cleared of go^fl^ 
the doors clos^i^d) in onin that (he King* re^t mtghl nM bediiUBML 
She had Laken care to tceuri^ hnn an unbroken rc«t oowviA' 
vtngeanrie ^ he iLcpt »aeh a ikep an the ihont of baiito ct nn«i 
should never walie- him fiom. And thcmiiTderen paMcdoni cf At 
chaiubei ol ilniih into Ihe fialocc of »1eT>cie to ukr «hii 4qu 
might 10 secure iheii own safely^ 

SiifVi of ihc licpid TuartioTii as had nvirvived the cmm^b rf 
fatal day which put an end to ihetr nation had taken fiemx tf^ 
the Lomhard, and had followed ALhoin thiongh all htfi llilna C^ 
parens; they still formed a compad and powerful biEi^ Uvfff 
iiuc\i leductd ATv nuTivhee^ ind they were, of eourw, dfvWd boft 

Fair Rosamund ihs First 


to ihe Queen. They wcK now cjuurLercd in Verona^ and 
cicintrivi.Hl ta Iiavi! ilifin spetdiJy and Btcrctly inimduted 
GDUtlTJtd of \\\*t i^ilaci', Th>:n ih*; fcU hrrsclf 5:rop£ 
let ihti iicir% go forth through Verona that ihc King had 
bfi. The consternation she couniud upon fallowed. No 
r how widespread ihi: contpir;n:y mJL'ht be, and each man 
d his neighbour ; ko much %q ihai ihe leading nubles made 
^hcr didr roUowetK abouithem ^nd ge: ihem away from 
forihc momcni ii teemed as if the Queen'* scheme mifi^t 
10 (he end - her naibiibui scheme, ^^'hic:l] w^s noEhlng else 
;; lortibconcof her -accompli cet to the Lombard ihrone 
ll^ along TLtti him. Queen :ind King of Iinly. 

not 10 be. Very soon the Lombard chiefs drCw 

ti and die lhr«e|:uiUy conspirator became :L^are ihJt 

chance of b;irory waa in llight. Thtir City of Rcfugti 

x%& be Kavt^nn-^ ; for R^vennA wa4 tttfll held Tor the 

■nd there ihe Exnrch had his Court, But it ^'us no tfaiy 

travel from Vtruna to Ravenm, ihrougd a country which 

10 rewound with the Lombard cry for vengeance en 

of the nation's hero and king. The trusty Gepido*, 

(till held the palace and the approaches 10 11, and ihcy 

atfo to j;tt )}Obi4rx^ioEi of lioii^e buiLs on the river, ^^'hich, 

fr of darknc&», one night they loaded wiih the spdl of 

; the Queen, with her htlte daughter and her iwo accom- 

ot) hoard, :ind al^cr an advtnrurous voi^agc di^wn ihe 

minagied lo rcarh Ihe con^t rn safety, wh^rc rhcy were 

or imfbrtnnace enough to find 1 tlrcet t««l, whkh 

to the harbour of Ravenna. There U was thai the la%t 

^« ten tble tragedy wai destined to be played, when those 

I the tLiycr must themselve?! in turn he slain, 

u» *ai the name of the feeble Roman eiarch who had 
crul to >upcricde N'artcsj and who had proved his fteblc- 
g Italy. Moved now by his h.itred of the I-oiiibarJ, 
ch jicrhapi by I lie f-inie of the (^^jccn's hcaniy Jiid of (he 
rhich w«5 farrird on her ship, he ordere<^ ih^i the Eugiiivc^ 
received viih all honour. Hut very soon he, toO| came 
IpcII of Rniiamirmi's fa.srinaUon. As her frvtngc wiW 
f, and her anibiboii h-irl miirh more to hope for in an 
vitb a grp^ Roman viceroy lh;in wiih cnher of her 
lovers, she calinly rltlcimincd lo sncnlicc Iheni and ^ivc 
LoDginus. Helmichis' turn CAmc firalH One day ui he 
the bath the Queen presented hJm wirh a cup of 

vcncmWe cttittti»ft of An<Icri<la' is now no more ; nothing 
lain* oT it bm p»l of the hc^Lvy qulcc nalb ;hat once 
it. A »t*lcly Notmaa tuia is now encircled by t!ie dd 
Cticloiurc- Thor oulcr walla ihcmwlTes were .iT^dent when 
0fiTuui f juile ttAi erected moie UiAn scien liundrcJ ye^rs agOf 
nn new, ^hcn ncAtly twenty (ymtunet btve (ijuacd bince ihcy 
buill, they look Afc if they would defy the fenipc}l and the we« 
re Un ftnolher ten decades lo come. They arc fomiiJalito yei* 
^wondeiM masons tho^ Ri^maiis were [ They IjujU ihese 
if rows of huge bricki mlei^encd wich courses oF «lunc and 
and filed ihcm in pljice wiih sca-und iiioctAr in whith h 
|«d red lilcv 'nir>^ j^avc [he inorUi iXi, pink tint. If you 
EM ihe ii^tonry i:loEScly, you may even wc the m^ks of llie 
jl trcwets jn the oiurlar, '^J'he waIU arc twelve feel thick, and 
Ctf» may be walked on wUh ease. At infer^-ats uie Ihe remainft 
n<« fifteen biillresses, ;trim and solid On the north is one 


Uflin^ ihj fDirlivnl civy« 

Smile onlbi lempcit uid TLme't&ifccpiDg nvay. 

i; evidently built on (he o[d Roman wall by the Normans, who 
,t as a wateh tower, o^ il contains the atonewnrk of a Norman 
w near the summit, "We may imagitiv thai the soldicr- 
Pi Odo, defied the *jeJ (Rufu*) lo his fjce*;^ 
Urc may have Uunicd Stephen as an ' usurpmg tyrant* from 
ery window,"' In Lhu ivy mantle with which the walls are clad 
rtx, owU iind biilf hi^vc their abndr, and when iwili^hc comi^ 
flitter Jtbout the ghustly ruins wjth silent Hap of wings- 
hese oulcr w^lli uere built without masonry Ibundations. The 
ins often laiitd thuir walls on a sub-siructure of charred piles 
k driven inio lUe ground closely together Tlie so^I on the 

I * re«CTuey> (he Andrcd-Lxuicr of aid dkys. 

A Mtdi(n^i Sfrotiglio/d. 467 

daittnwl ardifi and wrc^^kcd (loorwny*!, :in'3 lirokon maiau of 
ry majonry lying around, willi trnhjlikmcnti hoary with lichens 
neen-grcy, And red and yciruw— that darken them as itaini, and 

—The cram ityV tendril c'^P 
The Wiling w*ll* wiih tender dasp. 

! Uy blrmt that climb the ruins are as thic^ as a man's wnst, and 

ncd Like snJlktr^ 

The wal]6 uc gr^ibr^-cto^vneiJ, xiiid bbcinig of yetlo^v sow.lhi^Ele — a 

*« veed - grow on them in pnrt^, sthik* brambl^-s dlmb their factf. 
lummer jou may find ihe I'laMfloiverclineing lightly 10 the bfttllc- 

TiACi Tins bit ttuhcnd h;ind hath IniiJ 

»0n battkiscnt lAd K^ttrr ; 
A(kI iffhtrc rich tiAnncrt w*-n ilJAj|>layeJ 
Xo** only wttvci a flow«i^ 

AmoatwuduH in from of l!ic Norman pile, ReR&cEed in its 
;er» w %n inverted piciuie of the mcdiKvat ruin, fr^tmed wilh t 
dct of sedgE^s and waLtif ^c^tss^^^ A pretty itcene and peacefuU 
On 3 gref:?n nnd ^rai^sy bank, and &uj>porEed gn sijuarc he^n 
»CM, rests an ancient cuWerin, pointed M-^v^Eirds — a long cannon, 
ivn with a^ti and eK|}osun>, and marked vilh holes like timc-eaten 
1^. I1 i£siam|\-d near the touch-hok* with tho Rose and Crown 
iJjt: inJLials |,> |, 

lliabcth Regina/' evidtnlly. Not long ago nnoihcr gun marlccd 

it ciompany, hul now it findi a resting-place in the Royal 
Iltc7 Muwum at Woolwiclh A aixtcenlh century isurvcy dcscritie* 
K^cannaniifkt "ij dcmiciilvdring* ar small VhiIuc," 
On Ihc site of the Norman chapel, In a hnltow in the gmund snd 
v^ntd by an iron cage, 11 a font of crude and u^Ty worknianshjp. 

* one of rhc arch (to logical '* find* " that have Trom time to lime 
-■1 diw^vcrcd—hnki in the chain that cnhncrii us i*tih the \>sa\. 
'^^3 of wolves and bears that ro-imcd about the Forc.Ht oT Andied 
*5tcf, human ski-lcion^ coinsj n:id ancient poiti^ry have been 
**Thccl in (he castle grounds, and at the bnitom of the- well, now 
**« covercdmth bramble and fenced off ["mm vcnlurciomc dtil- 
'**Who visit the oa^tle with picnic parlies; and once a Iciden 

* ifucribed ^ilJ (hwJ Araliiii {is) Biosii, and having in lEs centre 
'^ and ciciccnt. 

The »ea, now a mile away, once washed Ihe cattle walU. The 
*P forests on every other side were gradually cleared, and in the« 


Thi Gtntitmatii Maoism. 

place irtEA mAnh Und c(yrn«<l mlh bccru anil £tf tlrc^f^tcv 
wu goodlj pastuiair; fine Uoda foe tillage, atnd fPOigL ba kl 
Ibr tbe chase. 

That mraHD th«t eut« Ac aianlics tbrongb perdMoawrtiti 
spot where oooc wulhe old harbourihAt «ax ljffcmx|K& 
agood^nted fleet Kov there ve no t^ace* of il;iDJ A 
the andenl dtj that once stood onHind ibe ctide '% 

The iaU, nftked oih that xiaoc on x kcioU m« vhK ctfVi 
the Ni>ru]an chapel— -viih arnv flun^ wide agakm the 
eatpatiae of LIljo skj-, U In a gloTy. buhed io the ttwajt^drrfl 
nnkini; autumn v^w. The bramM^^ nnd elder baihabnoA' 
ircc Afu cut in iihiiilow, for the caillc nalb shifbj trnn fnii 
sunlight. A deep ciuiec reigns^ Perched in theboughsdrtbr^j 
patrician oiih ia a blackbird. The eye bAt no diAcaltf bi 
ht» every movcmcrL! xs% he hopi nboui amongu ibe bvt 
A few weeks ago and ^mj could not have »c?n hJfo bcfaiii' 
kafy veil that draped the tree. He llic^iatiajat bil, jndig*^ 
almost icnniodiitely l.atcs hia place. He w boW aod sure it I* 
and so long aa yoii are quiet he will not Hy awajr. The nth^' 
noisy wrrn and the cjilli of a blackbird arc the onTjr com* 
BDLinds, buE other birds are hen; in seoitfti Suddenly lU ^^ 
chimn of the vilfagc church clock «Tike the hoar. No nA*- 
turbanro ; they arc in perfect harmony wiih the leenc irounA 

Although the sun is worthy of ftprinjEtune, (he wraekill fV 
and roac-tintcd clouds ornament the st>mbre grey of the *Jjftc* 
heavens in which the norroff aickle of Ihc no* moon ii Totk,!*' 
ni yet in the lighl of day- Bui the sky \^ ^mhcr cl^xx jn pA 

Ihik red fruit hang* on the hamhorn huihct. A!*iwi*' 
pokdaw flie$ from a hole in the coadc wall Almvr, iAtT\^ - 
to^cr lo the trees on the marsh. The mortar hw lillra i^S"^, 
some of The stones )n the tower, leaving ihem riiMmct lodj 
ing. A troop of rooks are wheeling round the Top ol the ii«**1 
with unmusical ciwr- They ndc the air in Urgceirdf*, cvrt^^ 
n^rro^scr, until at bit they settle in ihc topmost braiicJicfv ^s**! 
they have jiisr reiurnod from a foraging cv|jedition. Slill lk<!*i 
tinuc their noi^y r-ills, but these gmdunlly grow &inlc:,U'I ''*^ 
die away fliiogelher, 

A hcnvy bird i^ sailing in iheuir, and pretienily he J^Tfto' 
knoM. iryoumovf cfluliously and kt^p behind *hdfw; T 
j^fC close enough to observe hitn» Hi; prevailing eoloui il 
eyj but his head and beak, his wings and tail, aic i ^ 

Mtdun'fti Stronghold. 460 

ai hoodrd crovr^ a r^re enough bird m many putt of the 
\ but generally seen in the southern counliev. Uoubttca» he 
nc in from the shore* for his apedt^i love to feed on musacla 
td fish, and -vill only cjii vcgt^tabtc food when animal lub- 
lore not c^ly found- He is a wary bird ; make the Blightesl 
od he U off again. 

aow a young ftlbiT who, when out shooting one day ne»r 
m, tfiw a hooded crow ninmng .iboiit the ground, but feebly, 
fly captured it, nnd ihcn found thai one of iT» wings wjh 
I cudemly by gun^hot^ and Lhat iE wn^i hdr- starved. He look 
|[iublic -house jtnd gave il *onic bir^id sopped m hccr, vrhirh 
lired voraciomly- He then ainpulaied ihc wing at the Jirsl 
ijn a ffw days it was in excellent condrtion, a.nd as lively at 
had E^4:cn. The lois of half a wing ^pptarcd I0 rroubk it noE 

It became <|uil« tamcT but wmced a derided antipathy to 
id ejtf ; a[J the membrrt of ihe f-ahrnciind frhne tribes in the 
luihood soon grew to kno4 the power of its beak. Some- 
J four'fboicd ihief, more audadou* ihon ihe reii, would liy 
I ■* Hoody'*" fol poik — ;t dainty lo which he wa* parlicuUrly 
—but he (|cncial[y rued it billerly, for whcu Ihe bird delected 
K there were loud sqiioAl^ or yelpij and the air was thick with 

^C vicinity of thts old-time «lioughold landed Julius Cirsar 
55,' and ihc skin-clad or woad'Slftincd Bntona rushed down 
»re tn drive bact the Ron^an enemy, esdted to deeds nf valour 
r hards ami priests, who &^ng songs of victory. Eul thocigh 
Ughl well and bravel)', they could no! stand gainst the nf 11- 

|e|^ions of KoLin^j so ihey di^d and were conquered- 
fr r»me proud U illiarn of Normandy with his follower^ to 
^■fton Harold and his people. Wc no-WL'd llic blue walcrs 
GSBTtnel «i:h hit legion* of armid men in nine hundred xhipu, 
dd hiiloric parchment &;tyi ihat the Norman Liuke burned 
leU in order that his men mi^hl fight more d-^pcrately, know- 
t if Ihey did nnt win the battle they had but Ihe alternative r>f 

Aote d:)y« were watchmen set on Deacby Head And many 

au^E sJJ jh^I kuflic tiiblorLint huvc c^Iltil lh>t t|Hrt inio qUHtloD u being 
U]£ ptfuc ofJiiLiua C^c^v. Dumy Eleclafini* ihaE he caatc fi KyJc, \\]x of 
Md Otbtnta Dd^lp in K<m. But theie gcMkinen luive l>crp unable 
raipof lOlKe cnnlroiy, ^.tid niany FiniDcnl blmlrntt of BriEith hiitniy 
Ml ihat not only lh« Roiumii linLlvt here, but l"Vi ihe ^o^TnLlnt 


'm M^atim^ 

from tten«ki,vi! 

lo bad «as ike Dvbtadl 

the craBDA Ki ^B- 

ey. for ibcf fcfmkd it u »rf 

B;f the tpkodoor of 

-* And the K< 

• cri|ic pdtwife rooBdliii 
for ibc NovBut, vht 
Ut <0 <^ itoa bank-. 

broke ihf Normc nft. 



On Ibe t/satAj 
tJam And 
mauBp«doo the 

AU nifhi ibc7 
lltilyCommittiittiii the l«afr if OdoL BSa&op of Bajievt. ta 
t)dii look ft nucc asd ^a^^ ied liBMeJf Dx- the fnjr. and |C >■ 
kimrt lUfplkc over hii OM cf ^ifl. He remcmfacKd Audi 
Church forbade ha phcm to ikcd bbod, therefore he do^M^ 
MHTord ; bui to enuk ilnillt «u iMCher mitier. 

An<l on ifie Acid of SenUe \UtM faoed Ui Xuidud, 
'Mlth of whkh he fought irjh ha nobmbera^ Gmli «fd 
b| titi »lde» and tutrouncicd hj bit bmcotk^ migftttjp ram 
1h< flowcf of Uic Saxon nmnv, 

Timo After imr. dirl ihe Kngltfh drire the iimaden back. 
iko «Lid ^vdin met Korman lute and mut^ bvi the mma^ d^ 
lUikr liy in hiA hotrmcn. Thr Suoosfad jrct lo Irarn the uK*' 
ll^<' Ww. ;uid it^ poirer in war^re, Slnlb vera cnubfd Bkc lb* 
And hinb^t vrcre lopped, the mtghiy hoKarleft dhvii^ blade oTi* 
ihmiiKh Mommn helm and harness. .And orcr afl dbe din (/ Yt^ 
Jho fiiofliij and crJci of ihc woundrd.and Ibe snoriing of (he N<ro*** 

Ai IcnjtUk incauTJouily the Sivnn^ klk the flhellcr of th«it |ttligA' 
*'^ ^l"^'«'' their reirealing fnci, whon nl Ihe moment rdafcried, 1^ 
^fl*moM iheir purtucrs. 'Hie Saxons nidied hack lo iheir ihdttf 
liT^ ^f' '^^ ^^^ Normam pressed them »o hard thai lhe> de^iedtfr 
"^*^** With them, nnd drove them higher ap the hill And r* 

hflck ^* ^'"^ !^Axonli fonghl ^ demonft^ imtil Ihey were fflcmP 
Bur I'r ^ ^'^^'^'^^^>''^°'''"'^"*'t^*='r*^l'^<'^ where (he standard ttill«ave<! 

^'uld*;ii Tht onlymanof li[s house who row iioodJjf It: t*< 

oniil iHiviPKkoii. " ti w» re^iulni] by LttoXfM trlwnbB^>^ 

A Afcdi^vai Strons^kold, 


hen lay amonfcn the dead. The buscarlcs and the Ifvica «i) 
f^tA the space round thet^ag that ihcie was arnrce room to (ighL 


Nt> ipBi* for loJies vi^il [if Ufe lu fill : 

Nor to the Itvinc yicM ihcir room— rhe dnd : 

For *ver)' cr]f|flf, ihcmjjh 1mI lo vulnuf'i call. 
^Itiutu u in life, Mill Uftt rrcct tliL' lioul. 

Tlien WiUbtn directed his nrchcrs lo shoot upwards in tlie air. 
bat <hdr arrowa iiii(;hi M oii ihc hcadn of ihc En^lfsh, The 
dlf fihom:r dc.iccndcd. iind an :^rrow pierced iho c^Q of Harold 
entered his brain, while a grcai cryaroae &ora thoae around 
^ " llorcild 15 dead 1 " The bnule waa won, 
but slill the huscarici fiiJUK^it: tht^y would nol yield or ftsk for 
t<:y, and of nil who defended the siandird, huscarles, tlinnoi, irnd 
lri% but few didllvc- 
Thc fight had lagcd from o.ifly morn till ffundown. 

§Tbc dfly t£ lo^) ihe din of wir ii huihrd on Scnlu field -, 
In riiuihiifL mill Ihc Nuiman air o'er Kii|;]Am]> LnLiaflnl thielcl. 

And on the very «pot where the i;tandard fell the Conqueror 
tbcd his tent. 

For many a long year jiftcrwardt the Iq^end aaid that the ^cround 
>Und the baUlc-lield wa!> led with blood after j heavy EEorm. i,Q 
at hid bern The carnage. It lias been *iugji;4ted that thi& redne^i 
I CJUiicd by ^ome peculiarity of tl|e sod actf^d upoo by the \^\n. 

The defeated mt?n of Sussex look refuse in ihe dtep woods 
mod [heir homes, where the NcTfiuans were lalh lo follow them, 
eir lands were seized, Iheii hoinea consumed by fire, and their 
U and dcAf m (luny cases put lo ihe sword. Rendered desperale, 
t defeated, buL ^till u nconi |Ui^i«d FHiiglLsh, proved n gr&.ii sore to 
^ir tjj>pre>4or4, And it w9s many yeac^ beforid iUay were duUdued- 
tcj lived ihe life of nulla ws in the forest, where they lay 

^^ To apoil thft Apoifpr on h*-'* »iy, 

^^b And frucii ihr mbbsr rend liU WVt- 

SqiA the scenic uhicli Ihesi; old walU recall. 

OqcV thoughts are pensive, nieditatiJig here in the old courtyard. 
*fte quiet old grey walls, sfleiit witnesses of the mighty past, have 
pHsoocd not a few of noble blood- Here James I. of Scotland 
' incaroerated when but a youth, by the order of Henry III, 
*Cr, in ihe reign of the fourth Henry, Edward Duke of York was 
Wisoncd here ; and jn 1419 Queen Joan of Navarre was put in 
rnt, being accused of conspiring animal VhfcWcQl^ViiVii' 

Tit Ctnilemmts Afagazint^ 

by mcftnt ol sorcery. Slie tctnaioal hcic nine jrxn, Tb: bic;k' 

r:iitlv UK^J"^^ Rufu^ buL on nfi:ounl uf llic Aiilure of pronuoaa be 
liad 10 Jowcr the- Jr.iHUid^CL It njv bc«Lcg^ by Stqibni »tei 
Gllbrri de Cbic', wlm held ^l, ckpou^ed llic cAUhc of M&utdi, i>l 

Iruo 10 \\\e cAUac of Henry III., i«h«n the bafDrt^ oadct Sitnoii^ 
Monlfoii, ivrtc agiiinttthc Km^'t tyionny, Dc MuRifort'^ licn?^ 
wetc coiLipellcd lo raL«e ibc >i(^Ki\ The bit tjrtie it rat nuiuurded 
by am bcAiite forc« wa» whm it wai Eniccasfuny OvfccideaJ If Lidf 
Jajie Prthani, afe-ainsl Ibe Vcrkisti. during the Wan of the Rcxt 

And tiDW ibcse monumenu—itjrrvi? ^iikI towi-r), luid cmUoM 
walU-^tD ficrocs dsid and gonci oie aU ttul remain of a fern? 
pageant, W]icru oucc ihey r^pg witlt ihe clAng of annovt^U 
knifthu and chaUi^n^ing sentinel^ they now rc-cd)o naught butur 
joyoiii uJls of pka^uit^'Weken or the ghostly hoots of nl^brA 
They havcbvcd their bnisterout yuu(h, and i3ow d«ci7 Upcic^p 
still letaining mudi of tbdr fonner dignity aiid jmfidcur 

The suti sink^^a gtorioub gulden shield— >t lb« bidt of dr 
disunt hills, And leaves behind » hurnibhed ct»i]p«r h«avc& "^^ 
\i, scarce any iwiliglit The moon gathers more po««r of l^l^o 
the day and ihe purple cliijuds rtKulvc into the dvifwodol 
nif^ht. jMmosl suddenly ibi' heavy turiaJn fatk, And lb* ctinnn 
arc blotted t^ut : ihcre i* nolhtn)^ around but aJnuit impwmlife 



A DVENTURKS and poci* laurtaie h*ve foitunaldy little con* 
i'\. noctiotY with each other nowadays. In scholarly calm and 
tetircmmt our mf>detn poet* have iiing their songs, dnd from peace 
[lul LCnglith home* and quiet gardem liavc come Ilie bunking wordt 
thftt ring with rianh ^( itcel and n<jiic of battle, ;ind mxmorEiUic 
Uwfte who have strng^lcd in ihc burden and hwl of the day. 

Km the pocf whos<^ nanderiii^^!! I propose to relate lived in 

llelind m the L^ily part of llje ihiitcirnlh ctnlury, when, to jud^e 

*7 the chrontclci of ihe lime, advcomtcs o( ihc mosL \iolcnl nnd 

>^Qpleji£ant descripUon were nut ihc eiPc^LJon, but the ruk ut life, 

"Tfie AnnaU of (be Foiu Ma^leis/' from which m> slo^y is laken, 

^ttunenLc 3i a ^erj early period of In&h history, ^nd continue dnwii 

*f*llic *cvcnleenth rcnlury ; but, late or cjirly, ihcyareonc bewildering 

•^oidof petjy waiand inU-me^mo strife, 'lliey w<^rc ffrluen between 

^^ years 163; and i^ijA by Midiaet^ I'ercgrine and Conarcy O'Clery, 

*^^difiiy hislortiins I© tlie O'DonndU. Princei of T)rcon[Lcl (now 

7*'^*^l)t asisred by Peiegriene O'Duigcnan, a learned antiquary of 

''•"Oi^an, hence called "The Annals of the Four Masters," The chief 

*P'ler. however, was Midjatl O'Clery, who tiavt-lled for ftfieen 

_^* through all parts of lrcla:\d, colleciinfl L-VLiy ancient m^vnu- 

' ' Pt he could dJGcot'or, both civil !jnd ecclest^iiitLcal, and afLrrwjtds 

t^lif- Franciican mona&iety in Donegal s]«nt many yeaTi in Iran- 

■^ing and arranging them for the press. They have been [nice 

^*la(cd into Iinji;li5h, in 1K41 by *.^won Connellan, Irish histonO" 

*l*llt:T 10 George IV, ^ and jgiin in 1S51 by John O'Uonovan^ 

'*^I,A-, both thfse distinguished Irt*h schoL-irs hflving enriched 

*** with many valuable notes. 

'n the dedication to Fergus 0't»ara, M.F, for Sliga, in the year 

^^ O'Clery says, in Ihe somewhat grandiloquent manner of the 

^> " In every LUuntrv enlightened by civibs^ilion, iiuLhin^ has 

'^ deemed more honourable and [^roiitaljie than Vo sV^L^i^ vW 


Tk$ GtHiUma^t MagBxam^ 


figuml in pfftc«dl«v W^i *ta pOMvrity oiifihi be jaifcciMdboai 
fbrefiuhcn emplOT^d ihfir din«, bow long ihvjr coMinncdbj 
ud bo« ibcT ficUhed ihetr fliirt." The roMtli of Ot>rr^' 
lifaoora hju been to ifaov w that o«r forefiilliav ipcni '^m 
biswIkiB Md fifiliUiiK, pObfiiie lod iLu^hter. thftl ilMk 
bi powct •», w a nik. ocutmelr ImeC ud lAul tfatr tn6d 
dayi« unless ibe? rctirwl iq a isonuterj, br &ILia« in wo* pflf i 
CK bottife nkMJL oc br ifat haad of w Mnaiici, log otox. dvl 
MBnfai being Moow iww r«l»iit«; ittcliictiHao«K"ilieBil 
own hiniaufi^' " irtActicrouilj put bo dvsih br Mi o«ra pocfk^' 

of WCT OOOiJfcOa otCUfcnc^ 

CBaipbeUiQhii''Stikttur«*' lapof ihc Imh; '■DMd 
■sMmded intio a BBu1titiid« of peity nato, ^conaecltd bf so 
of CQi^Kv inKrieM, flw lish vera iocenuuJjr dbttBcied faf 
Anothet hkiofu Idb ■§ tbai of »o Irisb kiap, vrt 
lUcty iJied a oUnnl floth, while, u Ibr the cufc^ecn rf' 
tbe wooder ii tbttilbae cndloBE daoghccK kA «T ^1 
lo people ^ covatiy utd provide ncv victnas A 

OVKlvO thai BBQC^ of lld» OffaHl ■l 

EliAcAn CO icpd inmioflv 0* 
attd ibci^ aette of the liMb *eimw! 
Ifae A«^o^SuGon tettkn^ it 

fiv fa# ^tfiM cnena «f ibv 
10 bm 
^Mni of tBc <iiwiniif, aodi 

J«a. » A old UsiDiba *>n^ 


T&4 Advsniur^s of a Pod LanrsaU, 475 

lo the impanbl prowess of an Irtish chicAain windi up 

£4 died in hie b<il, thnu^h ii utA nrrer aupfiowd Ihsl be vroald die arj other 

Scnily, dying in b?d wis nurh nn unusual r»rf uirtnrc as to be 
l£bt worthy of ^pc*^ial notice. Hctp and :hcre, lE U true, ihc 
icancning hittofy ii bnghtrncd hy ptfamg glimpse* of liMdtis 
f English, now Iriih, who in happier ume* might hflvc left sfjmc 
kiutCDl trace* of ihcir swjy. ^itch ati Iri«hm,in w;i& CormAC, 
g of Mnn^tcr ;tnd Bir^hop of CTA^hrl in th« loEh crntury ■ nnd, 
Ir, mboUE one hnndrtd ycnrs ]^ter, Th« ctc^tl Brian Boroimh, hrrlh 
rlkocn succeeded for 1 biiVf period in tmiling a grent pari of thC 
btiy m pntTioiic aim*, And such an Knglishman wa^ MautJcr 
\\&i the foTindcr of Ihc KittEcrald family in Irtland, who came 
rith Stronghow, and was 9]>poin*cd by Henry I L t^hicf Governor 
id In 11691 ^1^^ '^'^'^ f^i*' years afier. He r« IhuK dc»cnbL^d 
tC>faldn» frambrcnilH, his contemporary : ^' A man he was both 
kcst and wiv^, and for Trtith and vaTi^r very noble and famou'i ; 4 
b of hi* word, of conscant nund^and of .i certain baihfiilne«, well 
larcd and of good countenance, courieout, gentle and moderate, 
Mtem of wbricty and ^ood bthaviour ; a man of ft^w words ; hit 
echo more tuL] of wtt -ind wi^iom than Df \vord^ ; more wisdom 
hid than cLoquenec ; m mamaT tM^\t^ bnld« i^toutn and valiant, 
t yel noi hasty to run headlong mlo Any adrenture ; hut when an 
Hapt was onre Taken tn hjind he woutd Mriclly pursiic and follow 


It would be hard [i> convey in a fuw lines a mote re^tfnl and 
BCirrc pieiure of a ruler nr one better endowed wUh the r^ualilicft 
umipicvmu^y needed in (he ciinintiy of his adoption.' " A man 
ifcvr words," *'his ^[leechfs more full i>f wit and wisdom Ihjii of 
hdf," " more wmdom than elotpiciiee-" CiinibrrnHii^ dweJEs on the 
lllty with fond reilerAtion, -is if 700 years ;i^o he found as great a 
irmin il as we do in Ihls talkative nmeccenlb century. Sutely, then, 
Dften »mce, Urit^iin |;ave uh of her bcbt ; ^fta rcpuid her m af^cr 

' Ifibtniii tlipiiijiLilUi l■^- 1. c- j?- 

' CoRipoic l^c cluracLoT of I'^iifgfratEl with that wlilcti ihs tniLatalor of (he 
Bdffiva of till own counirymcrk. " Spintrd. boM, linlJiaot, cmhuuuElCj 
i Toml uf fuTiff bill proiiF F'l ^eict? tvuAs incl diiecii'unfiii tniunytl iVirintelvpi^ 
muOB, nth. vLijIcilc, wanting c^ul^un, cou]ne» anJ calcutalioa, grcaler 
NM Ibia ihinken, vnlisni. nciDJ, ffcrKroUA, hiehniinJed, li>?3piljibl?. but irw 
Il €nt*Ji paH](P<iDir< ind pnrad,"— rrefacc lo ih( i&t [niQljiilon of 7~iAf 


7U# CintUman'^ Afagazmi 

yean in many a bntvc dcfcnrJcr, wx and bithful femol ; ^fa 
Ui (in spite of snnG and foLlIci on botli u<kt) Uui ProriiicKG pind 
UA Kidc by Kidc and made ui* onCf u i fkilful jpmlcacr, |[:ift^<M 
U«m upon anoUwr, nuic^ in courfc of tisnc, ptuiU fa|ni3i ■! 
\Dlu4blc,wliJctt, Idi in ibclr nallve isaUUon, liftd bccxt biJl tbewtf- 
Itti and ntrK^^Lvd biiJLnblci fA Uic Iwd^EtroW' But tlkCi« «tn 
diyut ■'ifid the Boil wo* unfirop!tIou«, and if rulen *ucta tt 
olTtdcd for a time som« Lmprvvtmcnt, ih«tr iroirk* vtrc lOOt 
wTiclnivd in tlic cffudcu whirl vind of Ifi^ faction; and the 
vhi[:h durinj£ u feiv years had been ;t liiU^ fiiori^ pcacvfitl tcdl 
abiding (b^nulbers, wa», by iti neighbour'^ en\ y and cupidity, )J 
into ftTcalvr misfiTyAndconfl.ct, pr<:>biLb1y frcum thi; fict thtf t^ui 
moTc cAitlet Id burnj moreciimficldiLodevaHaie, inorcuctltDo 

lliit O'Clety'i remiirkt hate led ul into a lortM di^nvwoo, 
l« lLii]<: wc ^licruld makf the ftuguainuncc uf uur j>urtt H' 
0~L>uikuK!i, whom we lind in thcyc^r 1113 in liu taotlcof 1 
nvar Sli^o ^ity, Htr W3& apiurently « mail of povivon &nd 
bvm^ one of » lon($ hni; uf |H>«tii bu»;Ltc, no fever t^iin 
O'D.LiEc-Jittiti beiti^ mcntrunird in Ihv ^ Annuls i;if Locli C 
^^ chief poetbof Erinn and of AlUun" ^SeulbtidJ ; and tbelnbh 
wem to have had a keen and pra:u<:jl trye to the profits ' 
calling, ** UiinR," in the wurdi of one hiitotian, " ibrir uiflu 
make? their profession herediLary and tv apprcpriacc to il bi 
lions of Und." Maolisn O^Daileogh, who died in ix%s* 
probably tlic father of our heio, is mentioned ia die A 
*' Chief i^a^e of Erinn »nd of AlLuin, licnd chieftain of 
And Coreadaimh, a nobleman distinguiihed for learning |»^< 
h^j^pituliTy." CorcadiLinh u'^t liie O^Ooilca^b^* lerritniy in 
nieaih. Corcoraldhc mu&t have been a new acquihiiion^u up 
Linic it >^ei:nLS to hive belonged W utbef familief. 

'I'lijii plan of making so iLicrativc a piodvwon hercdiVrr 
much 10 it^cominend it* con^idtrring (he <LrcuntiiUmcvA of t^ *^ 
To make pusseshions ]^eEcJita^y n^utt have been ;iti«nded *i^ 
cutiy in thasc days - \\\& moie eiienMV? and fruiiftil a nun't 
and Ihe more rnimcTOua and ihrnin^ \\\?. attilci the nior« dificA 
miii^l h,ive bten to keep (hem for IrLmwlf^ much Icu hit hccn; t4 
beqiicjiThiii)^ to hjs ion (he piofcasion of "chief pott," *ht* "* 
bined (haT uf Cumt thn>njc[er and bn^rapher, he nrjui pfoiti 
Oitc^e wilh irowrrrul patrona^ who in iflnrn fur poetic re<0'dm^ 
deeds and prowet^ would, in the event of hi* lands bdnj^ kix 
callfe raidL'dj attick ihe ofTendeie ; or, if mere cotivcnierft ' 

sytueotveeXwiiXavvi^ wcivv\a tn Uis benefiL At dw s*wettO 



Th£ Advtniuni of a Pat Laureate. 477 

It be ndmiited thai a tjtmily who cmld nuke the compoaiiion ot 

teu ind romances hereditary deserve some respect, and that the 

i>ailcaghnlii-l in with con-^idcmbk f^ucecss appears in the *■ Annalrt 

Locb Cif." where wc find ihc various pocEs of the name spnkcn of 

fno^l laudaiory terms, 01 hci bard^ bcritg mentioned as cmincni} 

[I^Cr the O'lJAilcatjha," while of one, Uofricliai^h Mor O'l '.lilcagh, 

died in \t.\\, and ivhom O'Kellly speaks ^f a^ "a famoiift poet, 

from the sffcciness of his verges was cnllcd ihc *' Ovid of Irclandfc" 

AniuJirt gees ihc length of J^setting ^* he never uns, ind ncvrr 

be* ;uTpa«»cd tn poetry/' In ^[iiieorthi^ discouraging predication, 

find 0'D3ilcJj:hA mentioned as professors of poctrj- during unother 

adrcd yeJLrf, afrer which wc Loitc sij;ht of iKem ir^ that capacity. 

And now to relate our hero's adventures in ihc words of the old 


LIL DJjH fionii (J'Jifokhdin, ilic ilPwarJ of OUunncll (iJonnl NtornJ 
KoL'^mnDu^lir l»DjUn.I 0'l>imw1l\ fiiliurir- lie lir*i i«cn! tn CMhcry Af 
■cM, when li* viftiM ilimu with hi> aiEdmlami ih« houn of tho pocii 
iHCh t> l»>ilcaE*^ "1^ J-ii^diJl.' On gommc into ihff iiorf'i prcKilfc he 
Ijfrt i|ri.cJ*irii:^ L-i( (^ir ;kn<l i:juli-m l.rfr>[c him, oi ht »imi iiidn nf ^l|[aii|ic 
(b, uilI ka hJn iiuaii-i baJ hlIvIic^E Il^iu 1>j beware of ihv povE, 

Kofin Kcems to havf been rather a timid mei^nger to send to 
ft formidable bard, and might jiowibly have tared better if he 
put a bolder face on the matter- If bia cringinj^ demeanour 
intcTidcd 10 propitiate O'Daileagh, it signally failcdjai hc aie 

ta blu^ ialE ikwUnn on ilietpDi, [tiid then rl«J into ClpnriehvJ, bcinEafi^nI 

I wc suppose Kionn had come in the person of an inter* 
c mifihi be fcnipted \t> liympaihjic whb thr puci as an uarJy 
^rmer, and a nifttt^^r in a good rame ; liiil frum our slight 
[Gaintam^ wjlh bim \\e seeni^ rjtlhcr the kind of man to bavtf eil' 
^ ihi^ modern |injcc»5, and ]t is lu be fcdrcd wc musi aoign hJs 
in to 'A dv^eyj^fuulicd aveision lo the ^i^liC ufa la^tgathercr, Hib 
furj' sccuis t'j huvc been very (.piickly succt'cdcd by fear ut 
rnasitr.anfl he had certainly some ground for alarm, lojudgc 
le few glitnpcs wc ^etin the Annals of rliat chieftain's career. 
Under die date t joB 1**' find : 
poa^ Mi?K with ■!! hli furc** ovirriwli Hugh O'Ntolc In InkhowdP. and a 

fiwufbujhl b<tA'»n Ibem In which coiintleu audiIkev wcr« ilaucbccrcil on 

UnadiU, Dcai ^Ugo Bty, it ninrVciI ub n cuilc in na old nap of tbf rctfin 

■ (TNcUI'i Dilo ^ lUny ikI T|V0M. 

* Ua^h rhc K*if, oor cf like knektsi Ku^ ol C< 
' huw E**)iiial]T uHde] RaiUnshai^ in Fur him nu^ ffrr 

iht Xrnip tA Connaufhl to <4ldinlc<l in BaiAc kfgimk, 

* Ah iftUod ill Uvh Ou^lcr, In ihe An»J*<rf KOra^ ihSi 
druftbr-l :-A,p, 1*31, »B«** "^y "» 1*4 by U«iiai ODmvl^ 
TyriuiinrlJ, nn^ An^tit MflceillB^ncn, acainA Calhil lyiUflj, tad itHi 
n flrvr til}! ihcjii u|Hin J^ch QughLcr ahil ploMnnl E« h^ «d4 ilM 
wMtdiivnlOiir *4iin Irrlmit. ai\<\ r^iiird nwv^Cubitibc sib c/ 01 
Ihc JewflU ami ^u4m1» of [h« whole town. 

* Tbv ftncicdL uk^c of ihc town of Nciti/, 


Tif Ashininns tt/ a P^i Launait. 479 

Kh are a few exploSU of th« chieriain who was now on ihc 
c of ihU impuUivc pcit^t, whose haiir 6ight U nm Kur|iT»jne^ 
^h» if any rc:ider Ik bd by these cxirscis to suppose Lhai Donal 
e wat cjtccpUOinally Violcni 01 bioodcbii^ty, he U doing him an 
nice ^hich a brief gbnce otci ihc Annab uil] «oo(i oiuic him to 
let* Tbc (/fTcndcd cluef lost do tinie Ln taking to the >(ar-path. 

F^^n OT)4]|]iKll(ilj1iiLim] iiLr4T|[igi?iii.r *jX tliit ^rliF JrnCti uf FimLrij lit E^rUfitd 
■cnaod pjriutiLl 0*Ii:lI)«;{Ei, and UlJ i\o\ xtf- it^uU lie D,Tr|ya<l M ihc place 
ife«n1&^IfiJ Deny U'lhannvJt. m CUnrickArtl («o ntmcd bfCcmeO'UoiiEiell 
mpc4 ilicic fur thp night)' N««t moniini' he W-^^^n to ile^tLtiitic tliecoLtniry 
rv uid imtKl, timil MtcWillifm filr ]4uf]>i:i] .k hii tuhinliinl tj him, h«vlD£ 

rius M.^cWiLliaiu wjis Ricb^iid de BurgiT, the eon of \Villiain 
kOelinc. An4 I&abc:!, d^kuglncr or Kiduid L; he im^ known ok 
KTcat I-ofd of Conn3ujj,l»i, Hcniy II. luving m,\t\c bim Governor 
IW province. He was Lor! Deputy of IreljiniJ in 1137, married 
Anighter of Calbal O'Cunor^ King of Connaughl, and Win gtind- 
tJloihe Red Earl of UUier, the moat powerful ijubject in Ireland. 
There is a good copy on paper m the Roysl Itiuli Academy of n 
tn vrhjch 0'I>aile:iKh addreKscd 10 liim ai thi; time of hfs ftight- 
)onov3n gives the foUoinving account of it. It begins - 

Whit tninfi a gacAt Eo 7011 from arm } 
c poet cath him^r^lf O'DAiIcogh of Mcath, and ataics that he 
I «om to froqucm thtr coons of the English, end to dunk wine 
EBthc hands of kings and hnighis, of bishops and abbo13; thjiT 
:«v&hlng to remain to be trampled under ihe feet of the rare of 
Bn,' he rtod to ont who, with his niail dnd warriors, was able lo 
HCt him a^nil the finy ■ if the King of Li^riy nnd Assaroc, who 
tthroaiened him vriih his \cngeancet ihough* indeed, the cause of 
nmitywai but trilling, for that tht: fuglove had but killed n 
beiAn of his people who had the audncily lo aifront him. 

i^l^A fio infti)V)fth AH mo^Ab 

Small i» oui itinrrencc wi(h ific man, 

A sbftpbfrd wu abuiLne mc, 

And 1 kiZl?d that ciowtt | 

O Goilf I) rbi^ H dijif Tim cnmily ? 

Conn of Ihc bandnd bnttlvc, a CfLebr»E«d king of Ireland 10 tb« mcoekI 


The G^Hti^matix Sfa^a-w. 

He cAllf upon ihc pnbucvt knij;hl, Richard, ihr »on of Wllinm, 
rripcct the flfdcr of the poet*, who arc nera ircaled vkh 
by ^hlclUins, and lo proi«ct the v«4k against itie atror^ He vd 
bestows lomc vcncs of panegyric upon him dcitcribctthctfltfdoiu 
Al hJft lioiiM^ ar.d iu inmuics cUh him ihc chief oi the EnfjjLdt 
l-cird of l^instci, the King of Connoughl, ihc propr-^tor of tSc tjn 
nf rroghan, of J^ira. of MicCoi^^s vail of i^toiv^ aM ivf )Cir Vi; 
»nd l>«inn. then called "Caislcn in riiouain^ "— imd hinu t^k 
mighT ^tc irM^ic ihe poCEfif>f the five pn>vincc* lo UihooK. He 
iFicntctls Kfchftfd thai whatever decdi of valotir an}'one Mrf\n 
nehievcd he cannot be irnly renoirnod without prt>(fictaif ihf voe 
nblf OT the Treble; and rhaE he iiou- hai an opportt;^!!^ ^^ n)bf 
himteLf illubtrioua by protecting O'DjIjt, of Meolb, a pod aMe 
t«r>et demand aLimtioni and who throira him»df on Iiu ^qcdap 
He concludes by reminding; hJm of hii duties ax King of the lioNl 
pfovincc of ConnaughL 

Connauj^ht ii generally spoken of ai ""the fAinous prorrTm'ii 
[he Annals and other chronicles of the Time, po^Mbly brt-usc 
it contained seTeral ancient and tayal monunienit ; lo a muk* 
mind, howc^cTf it seems as if in Vc HuTgo'H time it mu^ h\t 
been more fjiinoLifl for misery than anything ebc. Wr^ 4 
ihc very lime i^ji O'Uatlcagh'a |xictieal ^pjiejif wAt wriutt^'^ 
Einnalisl celh ti« : 

^VLii^ful woii ihc misfuiltiiiL' uTiiizh Gi>l prTnLtllrrl (o tall or thr 14»1 plAi^ 
uF Iipluiil ai i^ai lima ' iuf ihe ycurif; wairiota AiA not tfttf; cuh «ift*i "^ 
pri^yt-iE und plundtfccd euh othrr Id thv liLni«I «r Ihcir jAivct-vua*^ 
diiltlrcn, Ihe fetblo and the Invil/ [xhk, ^writh^] by culj imt hmiat in A»ff^ 

And llie "Annals of Kilrmun/' dcBcribing Ihc Umc pvriod, Tc^l * 

how the 0'Coiior» and G'ilucni, with aonic of the Kn^ljah, 

PldnclneJ ihc coiinTr^', ttlted \ht c<>vrf, ded d«in)y<4 llvnufJe^ Ibtf 
aEEcnijilcil 13 cKApciHrc liiDwn^l. klllc^J* r>f (jJucdcicO ; il «af ptnhl! ^ 
rif1iiii{^ -rynt- ^crc fQuiid lull uf ilriTif rrcd Llut.lnv. 

And again : 

Thefe woi nx t>«aae Jti Conniuehl, fur aH jIji ckorchfl AfWl Evnitv^t 
litcn piuDdcrcd Arid kid wulc. AAcr Ihcic cvrnti ^ dainidiiTc pTjiconn^^ 
rolluvvcct, Arid devahCAteit Cmiiuu^lir, cncJrr Uiviki U-lug ^IcipDpLtbMi^, id ttc' 
tinijlr liviiLtL mrc^iiuiE ccnlHl not ^e foLind in ih^m. 

The previous year the Annali mention that 

TFtr cinrri iviiULncd Liitrviped uncil ibd fHllval of St. Ifr^tl^t (Fab«9 
»]itfftlUe plwUEhiog was guinc in, iJi cofticinwiuc ut ihc wu 4nd ifldracVi 

Truly, to be Covernof of such a province cannui hi\w leco » 
enviable position, and O'Dailcagh's eulogistic addreb»»uc;n»anMtciJ' 

T/t^ Attvattures of a Poel LaurtaU. 481 

c of Mich A f^tAlci^flKing^ DeBitrgn can hardly have wcU 
n^^CHCtl mode of "making himsdf iUustnoui^" and thciC' 
Jog O'DonncIt and bis destroying hordes inio his country, 
hcwcvt'T, toJmvc.iccepicdtheaituauon, and only when hi4 
Itote proTincc was onn? more dcvostaled, and he cotild no 
krotcci ihc iu^urc* sent him on tu DunolU C;iirbrvgh O^Brien, 
ETbomondi ur North Mun^ier, who vtos to be the next victim 
»e of ho&pitJiUty. 

chief vmt hroLhcMnlaw to '^ Strongbow/^ the Eul of 
having, like him, mflTTJed a daughli:! of that Dcnnod 
. King of l^inaicr, who had invited the Enghfth to help 
irHlhiaBuhJLdS and by whtnii, in the graph icwonlsol the old 
an, *! licuibling nod was made of>iU IreL'ind," O'Brien, 
liioiv being continually nt war, and gencmlly, »o far an can 
wish his nearest .relations. Even the most solemn ireaiies 
Bfrtliaint*thaievtr on hiin, as ihe A nnala relate how on one 
■I when Hugh, Bon of Koderiek O'Connor, hod defeated hitn, 
hied off some chiefs as host3]£Cfi, 

fl DMd« peace -ftV^ ttiiD Uy ihc idleran oeieaiiiiiy af cvun£ij»hirif; canUIn 
V kolfrnn ihu whdorcr >houM vjuIdIc il WAf cifitm rutin fi^Jir^f vvith bell, 
M camltr/. Ami U^PumE himulf nnc^ i^^Jn (n n]i|.ii»K h^ni, un concllllon 
ICipdvi fciciiJi wara ki ai llb«ny. 

IfpraiT^P^ BOA calmly on — 

[ciu(1i)diJ nM. iMiwevci, arllwK <*> hi» cov^flint »Uli tlie inn nf Rfli^iiek 

fcftfoncf Hugh, »jn vTCtihRl Crowdsiiih. 

^40(m3 \tt have siimvcd bcrier th^ti niher virlurs in thoe* 
lig timc^ ; I ^onoufih ipj^cats to have slickccd Ol'taileagh 
iidlbeiiMmt penalty, \ut 

pmifl lit"» ihiih", ruid |)ii.iL*cJpi! to itlnni'ct HH'I Iny wuic Oinb covmir^ 
hcK TJiiflft Uonflfill tmihiMgh O'Urun not Mnlf»th Imni hloi fox pro- 
In iKp ptnplc aF Lipicrcki 

fajjcbt which, tike W.-iierford ind Diihlin, li^d been bnllL by 
ne!^ wis a thriving and populous town when our poet iouglii 
ithere, for the practical and encriiciic N'orthmcn who could be 
lel and dc»rniciivc in their dealing* with slrangcn, ajjpc^r. 
|the native Irwh, 10 have been free from inlctnai dUiemiJonB, 
p have found time in the intctvola of Fghting to improve 
|Silc*and eitend their oomnjercc. C'anibrenf.iK, atluJii)^' pro- 
les Anilave'* invasion in 85^^ says, **A colony ftMi\ ^^fw^'j 


Th£ CentUman's Magudni, 

and oEhcr p&TES of the litkmds or the Kocth lA&ded M litte) ; ibrt 
hod a competent knowEcd^t of the goodncM of tlic comnryp vAei 
from their own cxpcricnct: or iht rCportS of Othco, TbejF Offc M! 
with 4 hostile flt^. bm under the prctca of peace uid ookutif 
tJralfic ; and settling down in the Tnaridnic parts of the lin^don^ 
ai tcngUi, by coiuerri of the PiincKa of t^ iarni eremd 
aiicsin iL For the Iriih, out of a Tuitunl di^posmon of 
never in imydegTv:c employed thcmulvetuinavigatioriorro 
nnd therefore it wni by the univcml advfre of the «ho£e 
judged (0 be for the inrereit of Ihe wcil pubtie, Ihdt came 
should be pcrmined lo make *citilfiiicni^ in the .*I*iid, bj 
inriuatry ihe rommortitiet of other rrtimlnpn nnighl bi^ mi[^ried 
ft." HC£nMon to a.ixi"1'bi» peopli;, ilictefofo, who arc no« 
" Osimcn,'" were En the beginning ^aenhlc and eovcmjble 
buE when their niimbcrt incrcft^d beyond bounds, and the; 
flrongly fortified thcJT dlie\ they were rc^y on nil oecu»a * 
revive anHenl quflrrcISi &nd fly out into open rebellion.* 

The (>ro3perJty of Limerirk« the ftjundalion of whieh h^ t<B 
laid hy the l>anCHt hnd hcfn fostered by the ADgTo-Nocn:** 
Churchea had been estahlinhcd, mills and fi^herici had been iinpK*i 
and become large sources of revenue and |>rofit ; choitert hod to 
given enabling the citi^cnv to elect m^yoti and boylilTit and ontr 
byelpiws and reguLifioni for the public good, :ind shoril) t<:iTT 
O'Dailcdgh's vifhit King John hod bmtta bridge over the fifn,jni* 
noble cnstlen whieh still remain^ one of the fineit ipectrocw ofto> 
fied Nomian arfhiCcctnrc in the kingdom. 

It •n%\ then, a secure and comforubte Invert Muimjiti bi 
anjvif^d ar, and xt the munieipAl roU of the thitteenth century diO*f 
that among the early sctttcrs were J^nglish, Krcneh, Spa.nbrtf*,*' 
lUilJnnS) Ehc society mu^t hjivc been plejifanlly varied, »id autJI tf > 
pixt of pnlite Liates would doubtJesa have enjoyed. Ko ^eK^ 
liowevcr, was allowed the paor fu^livc, Nemeiiis brmjc sti&on hi* Ifvi 

To thcfntcscf I,iiiLcrifk 0'i>iimdl punae! Iitin, apiI jfiKhin^ bii ci<i' ^ 
Moiii-in-Oonuell (O'Donncil'* Mauli, mj tallol Jiam ih^I (iTcamilalioe) U ■ j-T 
To ih? CJlf, ii[>'>n wIttL'h l1i« iiihjiljiLiuii, ii [}ie cikrfiniinil oF O'Dmd^ '«~Xh*' 
>[uifCB[;l<, who fovmd no yroicriion, but vrin »ql frgu pUcv tO pbct-"'-^ 
uni-cd At Uublip- ^^H 

And here at last comca a panae in this poet rhaiCj an ve ore I ^^ 

O'DunDcIl Tctiimol hnmt on ttiii ocuaim], hiving ttm immcd and oVf^ 
the visiiaUtju of all Caivuiifihi, 

and presumably having in the piocnvexbauAfd fail fixcttfbc 

The Ad^fntu9rs of a Poet Laur^aU, 485 

loay, by the hi^lp of coniemporaty records, sec what kind of pl«e 
blin vM 11 the Ltm^ he lotighl rtfugi^ \hczc. 
Ffli too formidable a place indttd lo Jiiiiclt ^ith Ihc rcmn-inf of 
knnf. Jn It *is ^yrrniiinlcd |»y walU ,ind fotti*i»:ation.* builf niig]. 
y by the Dann^ nntf iMIprfy 4li^j^lx-ncd a.nd piriiAlly rcbuiLt 
tbe Angle*' Normans ; gArriiuncdi tcjc^ liy diviplimrrl jind vrcll- 
troops who, though few in number. h:id often piovi-vl tlicm- 
man th^n a mjtch for large bodies uf fii»b :iiid Ilanct. In 
in the caily dayi of ihc EnL^liih occuiatirm, Dublin was 
,cd for i»o [iioiiihii by RoJciick 0'(>jnt>r, wi(h a large force ; 
3|ttin m 1 171 by a ycL marc fi:>rmidabk- Arrny of Ounicn 3ml 
nwtibnA ; buL ^i\ C4ch occsuion the little ICngli^ph uarrti^on unUvr 
In And Richard de Co;;un ivvrv ^Cflc. by bold and unexpccL^ 
tira, lo utterly rout the bc-tLli'gt;r«, and i^Vc many prUunvri. with 
dly any Ion on Ihcir own ridv^ 

Hie foriitied ciLy O'Daileagh took refu^^c in, appears from ancient 
10 have exiended only about half-a-mile ;i1ong ihc soLiih bank 
I.ifleyi from ihi; present Gratian Bridge to the beginning of 
Quayi the Abbey of Holy Trinity, or Christ Church, forming 
trc. Ii "K^s enLj^rcd by six gQies with towers and drawbridges, 
n which diverged the principal ihorouehfarta, 
Tbc Dames Gate, or the Font dc &t, Marie dd Dams ai the weac 
3 of the present Dame ^Lrvot, >va£ cAtiod after the adjacent mill 
Em, irhicbaroHCylcd Inathtrtvumh-ceninry doLumem, *'Mokndina 
n Domini Regitt «ita sub CasEcIlo Dubhn." Tbt;&<: nultii i:xi»Ud 
PBony ccnturioti anJ Dame Street was called D^im SLrec: duwn lo 
rown day by many old people who looked upon " Dame Street" 
ko innovaEion of modern refinement. It y--^ against this giile that 
■ Northmen in ii;i directed ihcirmoineflbriSj and it wasthroogh 
. Werburgh'i. or the Pole Goie» i^loie to which Dublin Cantle was 
an aftrr built, that Richard de Cogan issued with a small force, 
d. taltmg them by surprise, slew J,ooo of the beeiegers with ihvlosi 
only nine or ten English, thus ending; the powers of the Oilmen in 
1^3, though many icnrnincdn and became peaceable sijbjet:(6 of 

Theiicut entrance, Maeillamacholmos'a Gate, and the street of 

mac name, stood on the siLe of the pre&enL Se. MichaeV^ Lanc- 

Tithcr jaw-brciking title \^'iLS derived from a long line of lords 

bAd propcny in the neighbourhood of Dublin, and who imposed 

hieavyandarbitrary tributes on ilie jxiople* exacting from them 

Icow*,** boati, and other extortion;. Donal Magillamacholmog, 

rd ■'Ctfteiuij" or the Pervcese, was chief rulei of D»iW\T\ ^x^^x^ 

484 ^^^ GcnllcmOns MtXgoiivU, 

1 laj to 1 1^ vhcn he «>£ murdered by tbe okd <A 
revenue for hit halving a month prevuKulf kScd tbe lEofd 
their ihton^ Mx^ tuccvuiir va» ireachcroculy Uiaded 
Dctmot of ]^ii«i(;r, acid 2. kvr jc^lt^ after ibc next In tu 
"ttUln by hjij lifCLhJciL^ DonaE, who va» lic«l of cl)c du 
Uie j\nKto Nunnjun invasion, left a more pc^tccful record. 
tLj Ii4vc been closely a&wOLblcd tfitb ihu nrw MtLlcn, 
Vp'ith thuHc of Counter Kvii uid Raymond L« Cro«, bc^ a; 
10 5irun|,'bov>-'s Krniit toiEic AbUtfy of GleiidjilouKh, and be it] 
to havv founded and i'iidL>weU St. ^lar/s ALbey. i>ennoi 
was in pudsession at ilie limi- of our (jiTCt's airiiul. King Johfl 
granted to him all the land held by hit father, and other 
bnidcs \ for which (acuordldg to a dcud in the Tovcrof Loa 
was to pay tribute q^ iwo otter j-klnt inio ihe c«hcqiicr, ei 
at the fc4utofSi. MichicL The cx:)c:ii]e of tribucc^ howcre 
to have been mere lo ihe taste ofthis family than the paym 
for in an unpublished pipe roll of to Hdiry IV, wc finj 
son of iJermod, charged with mo oEter skidR for hi^ icnil 
ume year, five otter skins for the two-and-a-half years previoJ 
one hundred and Rixty-tvfo oitcr ^kins for his rent for mA 
past, muking a total of one hundr^^d and sixty-nine octer 
about eighty four years rent. In the abwncc of an AnCirK 
src forced to Itflvc ihe ni,iny-s>'lbbled in this hopeicK 
insolvency, ibtt cifcuniiiLance bein^ thela» vntry aecwiblc 
{.^^ the family- The yatt and iiteei calk-d after tlwin 
wards changed (much to llie public relief, nij doubt) to 
St. Michael, afiet the neighbouring chun-hn 

The Lwo next gjitca we uimc lo are iiX. NichoZas C^ite uid 
Gale. leriiiinatLng respectively ^t. Nicbohi Street and ll 
MLukct ; and between ihest two, oui=ide the dty wdls^ wa»< 
citizens held ihdr annual fair for vlght dap;, coaforoiably 10 
of King Jolm in 1204, Close to tlus place, called the Fait 
(terra dc la fe>T), was Bertram's Court, the resldcDoe of 
VerduUj w)iu came uver with Prince John in t \%i^ uid * 
Baron of DundaEk and Seneschal of Ireland. He ynA the 
CambrenbL^ (Geiald de Barry), who »tiycd with him whtlc « 
the muietbU for his writin^i on Ircbnd after Prince Johti h 
sixth guie wiuF Gcjtmund^ Cite (afterwords Ormond's), <Ioi 
bridge over the Lilfi^y. 

The names of the various streets give a due to tbe 
Qrlick^ of merchandise dealt in at ihe lime- " Vicu^ Pi 
01 Yis'haLmW^vt*t\.'i **\vi*i 'ViWt^vwiorum vipi|" otH 

The ^dvenimres cf a Pcti LaurtsU. 485 

"Vicio PefllptrfonM,* or Sknooi' R^, TV Com Mstct, 

Qmbreniit nocic«t th« gFof absdiaee flf iili oc the OMA, and 
Smhc bkcn nnd Hverv of Ireland ; aadakvicinjfterOTInki^^^ 
^risii v« find th« CorenneDt profaUKif the stfe of U utprfacf? 
«DG«pt in tbc F i ibnTii b to , nd v m pr«ptf bo« of ibe d^^, ind ap- 
Rioting ibur conimiMionm 10 «^xf »tt< tbc vsriooi hAttoMi* and 
•MthaioU 6ifa was fonr>rded dfac » the FWwmbln m whaa vu 
dOed " forcscallins " vu csnkd » MCfe « «tBMC bf dttkrit taJ W 
*braf:ien " or " lodcrc* ibaa tbc ddwM bftd 10 ptf entitMlf for 
tbor (^»h Cfi fi^ dar«- 

In t'liLhifnbIc Street vtt the oU CviIdl«IL vtucJi bid b«en tk 
rlic court of the citucm of Dvbtia ftttm vETjr cadj tineL ft «m 
lbi« hail ihcv kIcw Mofdttdc, tbo W>vr of K»ff DenMd of 
(DSUT, In 1I30. Aftq the Aaglo^yofian tet il ciwca t iht oiiiieM 
'^ajncd a chftrtcr duu tbcy dmrid bv iMptadcd aovInk bvi is 
UidrownGui^dhftlL Tbc btfdbifr bowcvfc, MM bive b«n &ll^ 
WodcGftr at the dao of CXDuk«(b'» fisK, tf, *ooosto, H m«imId 

CaabreiMi* abo n«Mlo» tb«fi«ai qinncitr of *a« snportod into 

%U)lb,uAJ'J1i«oba)dkBocakr-isoMacofwiM bnooglM to Irbb 

|0vtBfr04» laiS^to tf3j«bov«lbMtbciBarccd*cdftvpria9t4nrfaig 

HiM p«TKxl Attiounitd Co jC'-'VI- Tbt culj AnglO'lfifth rcoocda 

*boond with gntriw of bff< qMddw of »i»c ro w B c J &o« Ii t l iid 

lo England, aad Jobo 4t I>K«r» toe Prorovt of CMia. vbft «« 

Mayoral tbo liroc of oof poO** to^ouni, mcfltkMM^ in addi ti o n to the 

fciyc quMMilici of paui i» B»Uid ift m9 toibo ICini'aarDir IsSoot- 

BukI. fiftr-fi^ bo^Mdi aad oa« p^ of rod «ln& Kaig John, « 

^ charter to the dtf, had «aaaed thai 00 ford^Mr vhovid Lcc|) a 

^irtm, except oo xhipboaT^ bat the citbeai ib —i w h w 4«alt » "ieo 

to each an cncfit that coHCcHpevj Kcoonc* iiKnMi ** abolc MfMU 

^UTcniGSh''an(t v-ritm in ttwcceding crntsrici oomswnt on the 

^loealTc and Ecncral ule of «mc. Lord Moont>or* ''"^ SycncLvy 

'^ lie licnc of Queen Elbabrth, wp that "at Dul>h% and bt other 

titles, there are laarmei whcrt Fivadk and Span»h hia^s ut aotd, 

l>til nwrc coan^<j(]l>- the tnerdHBto mU ditni bf p(A«« lod qoarto 

-^tteirownccllm'*; and be mU» thai Bhen "the nAtnelriihcovie 

iDiQy Aarict town u> ad a cow or a horw iher K«r rrttmi home 

tJD they ban drunk the nice isx Spanish wine or liuh Usquehao^" 

Tlciima of the Send whkb ftir ko min^ ceMvrv* we hare 

Mb»cd 10 dof thcAericof onrerrilkabon : 

from ibeNprCaK toward Chruc Church riDihc Cora Mariel, 


The Gcnikmatis Magazitu, 

one of the most inporbbt loailiiia in Ui^dty- Com kd ben 
tiratcd tn Irelutd faam ihc cuiiesi times, nnd in ^k Uiddk 
big? qmnlilM« td grun vcK c^poiicil l^h<- tno^C AnocK HA 
or Tflrliuncnt cvMat « a vUtiue panrd in i i6S, cnictin^ ttA 
vcightsimd m^asBTiM of CTCwy kind ofgnin in Irdaod iKmU 
K9Epo«d witfa tbo9c of Loadoo- The «nvp of brtjul «u 
by Kiag John and bb baron* in IN14, who enacted thu e«trt 
filwiU nKuk bU brcjid «itb his cnm itatopv and lure ft i<ofc^ 
474/ Cor every quuier, tocher vritfa llie bnn. In 1:3= oM 
aictdct of comjiUtiM ajiaintt AaMhiIk^ Henri de TxmndM^ 
Judkmr, «A« \h^\ hej£iu[ncdJuria]JctJonoveriIi«bak«n, 
tfacto ton the cuftody En which ttiti had licen pbccd for 
dlabonmt bread ; and it \% rtCtjTdcd that tho bflVcrt of \}i\\M 
dn^ged on hurUlc« thioo^h thv iU^db ftir Ihcir title trcrghti irr r 
wlwn B Inuhd of vlicAt loM Ibr tirtnt7 frilling*. 

The »hop( where thrtc^ i-ariotit coniiitcNlitict vere TGaM 
merely open booths : >nd up to tht! time of the As^ 
inv.-uion aH the builciingt, with the exception of ibc GvjIdbIL 
chi^rchc«t neeni to hare been of the meanest description. 

When King Henry IT came 10 Dublin, wc arc told "tbe* 
no house c:ipablc of receiving hi^ reiinue, and he «ras «Mta| 
necessity of creeling (near St, Andrew's Chorch) s Jonj 
composed of smooth wattles^ after the fashion of ihc cotuurr,' 
being vrod -furnished with plate. houE^huld fi]rniiurL% and pxd 
made a better appcamnce than fi\tx before had been w 

After this, however, buitding seems to have gone on jfOCA 
onr poet must have f^und many changes to intcrcat him. 

The cQSJ[e mtis! have been cither quite new or ^n j 
buildir>p. Mc)Icr Fit/>Uriry, \x\tA Justitt? of Irrhrtd, Kiviif 
ficd [[> the King that he had no raft' place Eo keep his I 
and ihflt for vanouF: rfii*»ons rl would be neccwary to ctkI % 
forcrcM in ]>uhlin, had obtained a charter for ihc ptrrpoite ; 
building wa& earried out by Henri At l#oundre^ who wai A 
at ihc lime of OTailengh'?; vtiitL The entrancie inTn titt 
from the south side of OiAtle Street (then called Locnena. fro*' 
number of I.rtrimcfs* Of makers of 4mnll iton-u-ork) w»4 by* 
bridge plnitcd betwctn twti strong towera, both <3f which hi> 
Isltch down during Ihc last too yeaw. 

The i|uays had been added 10 and improved, King John f 
^ivrn l^rgc grants iti ihcdtieena TO Tcpnir their wb}]» and buiU 
bfvdgc, bt^vde* ficmtLraim^ them in the possession of the "t 


Ownde the 
ciui d« 

ipcctedv boMCvOf 

d H^^zttaod Lc GffQB k^ 

t pood Loccu OTtttfb^ 



IpidMennde Im 

tca^Tf to€ tbc anaiiitt totty 

nhcditdai dw 
kmd Hew IL 
MlQ9 for hk bdovttd 
Bipitd 10 ihtt iHt, tar be 
Uuf foolMbaad 

iTri.* Antdo'^'uvnaa 
rs bieeo a vny uninoAbT 
fartDc«i mi tbe ivC 
E hjve n-m ho« ht took Uie 
9 Htftc imfitTwcird fur die 
Mien** " AniiqiikiEs"Qiak o^ 
poMoed htiaidC u ti h iboc 
Ik tcnuns end lhns<T» to 
4Bkce and vniing by vUck Acr 
Ung ihem uTiavafiest be niddCBly 

Tbe popr K/uDts n « ncc 
« aft a KOfdM vJUqr* f ' sm 
but be cadficd br 1 badE doof. 

fcrranu lo b« bodfy btticrt, kkI 
I dUc of Socirchv ViBo'n daag lo 
had now lo reiom uj tb« 

£ imihirml uunln Aniif vkhMi 

ibliB, oompcncO (be p»fk of Di^Ab 1<> 


TAe Ctuiftm 

Te doefiEL*< appear tliat the canny buri^tn of LiHaid lU 
DubHnKhocrcd any dciirc to "become ilIu»triDm'*lhrai(iifm0-. 
tnp "O'Dailcagh at Hc«h/' bcfXtfid t^icountgiogp isd 
aiiifttin^ him to go cU;cwhcfC. To Scotland, tbc9«£an. 
vrcnt, and baving inEcrpotcil Uic friendly wavcfi boiirtM lin 
hb f^unucr, »t hia muM; to vork to rcp^r bis TaDcn roRnna, 

Hctchcr?infcineil uoiU be eompcocd lJiRCpMUia|«ifM<iCCDflML1 
Lhlnl (nminciitinf : 

** O ! Doofti I Utneialeni hand «f porr," 

Mr. 0*cJir Wilde, in liU Uiucnl for "ibc dccny of lyinp' 1*^** 
that PJaio considered it Jt filler act Ui poctiy uid cficn unifciJ ld 
thl» line of O'DatlcAgh't xcenii U> ofbrd on cicdlent crumple. 
suldrvAtt Donal Moic at A " Benevolent hand ^f peace " Ul(>vi ^j 
iniAgiiutbn and audacity l^orlhy a msiter of both axis. It btf ^ 
eatdi howcTcr, that the bcsl way to endow anyone vith Komc dcu 
quality U to te^vc hini crcfiit l<3r j>ottciHng it \ and ihiiuf;)]* oniftBl 
deficieney in human c^iai ity, the jilan h not often liiedi intluiKUl 
it teeniB to bAv« been bucccisful- O'Donnd), vho vc muticoE 
to have been unmoved by the Hist i^u poem^, nhidi 
ejitolled biii [Mjwei and fi^tn of arin£jappi^T«toh;ivc born cor 
overcome by thii nuvL-l and pkaalnu; view of hT& dinpo^Jtion. 4'< 
iinAEivnti the u'lxnioi jcadjnt; ihc dTutiun al fir^ wrtb vo^ok va\t\TU 
but becomij]^ ^radu^lly sufFuscd wttZi a glovr of bcne\%iieci 
KBtibJaciJoni :uid b<;ginnmt; to think that after all he ir^jakicuJlri 
pcacenbty-diipUfcL'd loit of fellww"hen olhtr tribe* icfmine^ 
provoking biuL, either by ciupu!h[ng Mb ptogrcwt, or ditpbrii^ 
Kuperabtindunce uf cow& - and in iIlik pleamu ftanu.- of nurd tc 
wouhl think leniently of the diiicermng jwei "Ahohad iJucowmd'** 
Teal amiaUhiy of hi& charactet in ffpite of all jp|>eauncA lolbvi 
trarVi and bo the tale conL]ude» . 

Mulrcftjijh obtained paritctn on uraiini of his ItLidflioty pD«nu, viJ (Xl 
rccti'cii him inlQ hii Jnvour, nfld ^vichlila UMul ;;Tncp>if1x fftve blm 

Atlhough we may think the po^ ovenated ihc pe^CdblvfLMil 
O'DonneirFi disposftiont we aie «ure the nnnatibt did no mon 
jusiic<; to his generosity. We have seen how, vrhen he dor 
Kn^li&h ^culi^rs itt Bdly shannon, he distribmed their pr^;)cny at 
hib own follower* ; and as he was probably equally libetsd irilh ifc* 
results of hie other forays, he mus: have been Tcty Kcncrou* mdwl 
Ab he ^t^enis to have hi^u marauding continually and tucce^llyi? 
toihe^qLT w^&,-M^mi^ conclude th4CMuirtagbO'D«ikagb(i^ 

ivM tbk 10 ratrahi hii 

tofonfa as a poet ■« 
Hbi jrtar it4i vc 

■aw^ kabli, ln)]if ,n^ Ai 
BSvtcaaac Ininy AmIs« 
IbwtoiT ovtT DonJ Mac 
(iv pro<^ cgrtiirif K> be 

&Ekcn pused tbdr line * m I 

«Wi ttc UMB (M« ejn oa oi 

HKoc ihst mMf poets have 
niuMindi vftfi aA Ifflb 
tic hu Doi bcm a 
ilFtniniona days lo 
Ucvdtp of 
Cne Cod-CTivii rift md 
ttan rth*r meo, thqr jb« 
duK tky maf >i^ fev cfatf 
' a mioic heard above the fcb md 
" thr kwf of conmiy 
Ji Ji md ilu: 
tif,\c\ Sttt,' this 
cydopean rt t t a oM wmj fa Im 
l^Uttnd IrHh kii^i^ their 
day wme w^ct ihey 

vchiing votm, " Hm the tnie 

•fcr ihciT Uurabcn rgplici) ' The t 

CDvpov; ihctnvhTi to reff. 

If ihdr sdmitiog f Kmttiflm do 
I to E>e df Touiiy hofwd liai Um m 
uy »iKcecd id poltisg off diX ewfl dif 
{forlf prore unaraitiQ^ *nd tfaoe old 
t tbcy Urcd," wc aujr foaioAe 
Ifk lisst encrp«* irmld be dcvottd to 

The*ccngoJthei f hwibrT ^rtoae 
icv ^V(^ been Kt foloMal liir aftd 
p ffir) (Kit bjr liiDc Of teiDpai. or 
rcvcAgeforl^depfcdaiiMv <rf 

Tie G^/Uman's Afagttxin^ 

ci<j» or Uulc »(onc-ioorod onlcry, uhicli hftt «tood tnuci unid ^ 
&ioniiso(c«fiCtiricaai«cnindi9Usor olhcr Irishmco whonc fioy Cebic 
jcfti found nobler scope, vhase lirei kft more bCDc^cent inernoraiL 
Prcochcn of the CiOipcl oJ Pe^c. nhowr luiiKt and iniuenoe dul 
uutli^x thcjavagciof ditcord :ind fdundcr. 

UARV r, Gil 



Vox d piTtesa aiUL K^m«v hAv aiJj u^B ^Jr**' 

ON notlimg I eipxiiarf— tbe «?HeTV« of orjocfltftr. 
And "nihil fit ^ nihflo' — froa iuag;Iic erjatttnott^ns^ (^^ 
Vet nothing in co oipuibo n b EnnUr t^ tdendiy. 
For " nihH cfll vntnte ama^wlrff* "^ forKodL 

Tho' many thii^ a«: dcAncd u^ ttsf.i in '^ modran; ffefjA^:. * 
Y«t nothing z» mom drtBcttlt rfkui w-xfenx^ £«> de£a^ '. 

What kind of etpiinadon, %atkhtnatf or ^Atr^is^^ 

Can posiblj be Ibmahed vfa«re tfa^vir* orjdmii; U/ tc%i^^^ ^ 

Tho' oangbt be u neq uivo cal vet nr^icKiAq; st oKire ^rvicnf. 
There's nodnrig k> Jtnhggryjca 4« ivjdunf« id a rtfJ^ ; 

For while ii is joiponibte c/ oochic^ t-'* ?>e ipwxant. 

Vet be who know-di fi.«hfn^ ?i a v^rry kind off-yJ. 

Tlio' nothing b saperior tr> reaMO ±1 ac xr^-j^ 

Yet nodizng is thaa c/^e^ir^ bk-t* ^.Vitfii^^ I »w« ; 

While nothing h inraibie ^i^ieie Hjr^trytfcioff n mani<=«, 
«Tvre an a impcrofpc^bte 'iert-t n^rfiirm u» be *«iv 

Tho' oochii^ be ^^iice 5»i errtt£;?i tie fl^ttrsi'e &» wti^- 

Yet nn^ wire si'jrj^tr -d-*f 'Juw '^o cjriebng co be fei ; 

If naagjit be gD<>d fcr au^thtqi ■%-■* Ilate x c*n «crtt^ — 

On what rs "^cw** 5-x EK-rfeicq ' neat to ryLrhiag awj U ^W'i- 

In macten mjf^^*^q r^*f^ "Eia cftd^iciij cen^ ''- "toroBtte 

like nan^reriii«TitoFU'.d^ia(5— aaair*i=M7tiaitf a»cw 

Twere difficult tfcc Mfcew^ '^c nagg^c » o^t^-esmnatc — 
If oa^bc be «^ dt^urjxd dxtt a fKCh^C b 

Ti€ GiniUtmtfs MmgmMmi, 


'Iliii DKhlfig be ontrntA to kaqrovc ikk 

Ten Uiovnnd li»t« « Uwonnd KiMb Ba<U>« 
/Kn DOtlriD^ ooiUnm tiodhiiifr ttglkin 

1 1«000 X IO,OOOt± lO^OOOiOOCj 

Tbo' Dolhiog br impooaible frovn oan^ lo diftwli ite ; 

Vd aaoghls Icb than nodun^aJdwrnoifaaieiiwiBdr 
Wlin^ nothing b waore dittcnit tluui ooding lo aoMhdtf^ 

lltxi ill fhcHild cone lo Mrtlunu «etc bm ^ Mkhttfr afetf d' 


Kow jiTI feducfd CO luughE amotiDtt to "neiUiif m ptficidv;* 
And, nothinf now rccntiring, 1 wutf tcfSMMc my Itf ; 

Since naught U ao rernarlubtc* 'tis ** nc<hinj[ very fftq^abir" 
That, nothing being fmtsht^, there is aochiof M u> «j> 


TlKKO mi nakereba kekko loyu na"— who has not seen 
N N'ikko. know? not the eubUme 1 So speak the IJulc Japs of 
iBo« soared shrine, ^^"e decided lo make the pilgrini.i^-e lo the 
ilDUin o( ihc Sun's Brightness " by rond, in jvrclcrvncc to iaH or 
Why we chose the most tedious meihod of Keuitig ovi!r ihu 
id ficm i'okyo 1 tMrinoi sjy, unless n v/as that two French 
Jinen who were of our i^arLy, msiaicd that \o do the thing quite 
^]y, it was ahso](ilcly necessary thac wc should foUovr the roiilc 
. bydcvoat pilgtinia. Xow, when rort'i|;ncrs commenci; arguing, 
ngliT^hmin gi^ni^rally gives in ai once ; ihu^ it came about thai 
hot August morning we were BiDwtd away in a dilapidated wrtg- 
ac, and atafiod on our journey through the city and scattered 
rbs of Scnjj, and out into the country heyond. 
^c round the Oshiukaido (?ilErin> Roadi in very fatr condtTJon, 
(K somewhat hot and dusty. Every few milc^ hltlr wayside 
onsci wetc passed, whcie were generally to be seen a number 
grims, pcdfers, medidrte v Lenders, and other fravdicrs. but the 
-Ty around us was, for the moat part, flat find umnterci^Tirig until 
acJi^d the smatl village of Kurihashi- Here we had to ferry over 
'one-g^wa. which took considerable time, and then the i^ccncry 
fenced to improve. The top? of the mountains came in .lighl^ 
i^t soon found ourselves in ihc liiinni;* avenue of cfy|>lomcrias 
I atretch» hence right up lo Ihe sacred shrirc of Nikko. The 
*cre planted by a faithful lolLower ot the Grcit Shogoon, ly^< 
tri menioiy of hi!f mnsicr. It is a thousand i>ili« th;it ihcy wt?ic 
*r»icd so fla to aJJow of a broader road between ihcm, a* now 
■^ve grown lo an immense height, the narrowncM of Ihe road 
"hit dftraiils from their magnificent appearance. Vcf, even js 
TCr they fofcn a monument in itself tiniiiuc, and one that wdL 
■a any crmnbhng shrine that cnuld have been erected- 
f *[iti*^t, Ihe pleasures of our drive were over ; darkncas came 
*^cr, the ovethingLEig branches of the trees shutting out the 
remaining lighlT This we could liave put up with, allfiough wc 


494 The Centkwans Ma^sint. 

wer* ttiU man^r mile* from LJuonocntra. bat a «aio,«k<h bi 

Hrrn thrtritcning alt ihf afit^moon, auddfnly nrtpt do«n upm m n 
aU Lta fury, and fljuh after Aojih of Ihc moit briUmm lighcam^ pgkfrd 
do^fn Ihr ;ivcmi& KorruTUilclyi our cnnvcyjinrc tr» prnnded vn 
an iiun Immf, oirr»EiJch ^ tflrpjtulin vtm r^tiirkly ti«^ tvfoccihena 
tannrcrK-cd \o f:ill, ll *3s ntic of Ihc wCirdr^rl *ighu I tor f*C 
h-ilncucd ; \hc Mark clouds ncr smd anon opt*n<d to icnd (orthlk 
rinnring Lighl, wli^ch came Dying down the dwk and i^locimf imU 
phantom tices, a* if to j^tect m on oHr w«y, Tfmfic pf»li cj 
thunder suircccdctl i:a.rti IF,^sTi^ «i!Ciuin); to hhahc tlv* very roiEndKMC 
nf Ihf farthf adiI drownm^ cvci}' oiltci «ound. 'Ilio hoT«rs timet 
iilmfMl mad hy iljc fury of Ihc clcmrnt*, gAliiJjK^ dovn tSvf t«rf fct 
dfar liff^, Jolting ti4 iii(wl unmercifully a« wr (At Hilhin Ihc In^ir 
aolcnin silcnrc, thinkmg *mly of when the tr»d would comr and w« 
It would be— whether our bnimA would be left on «ome trjp U iOitfa 
trunk, or whether the lifihtning woviTd nuke <ihort work of w. A 
last we reniclicd a. ]>L'eiik m the avenue. wTiere stood a wnall viUi|E 
by the roadiiide. The hone*, <^¥ident]y leenting iheltcf, piulW ii| 
«harp of their rmxi a«oTd, but no shelter wit to be had 6m cckn 
nun ot beaxi, far the housei were ti^ht eloAcd agaimt the itorm «A 
their antadt}S oi ilidinp »hiiitef% and nciihcr knocli nor *hout broesh 
ftny leiponic. The driver lefused point bbjik to cntcf the ivciut 
again until the «torm hcvd abnled, liA^den, the thunder jtod, hv od 
had sp.^red iia ibu« f^r, bDl u would be lempiii^ him toi^ muHi to 
jirocci^d among the trees, no there was nftrhJng tor it Init lo leatfl 
where we were, huddled uji in the wfi^onetic. Suddenly, jl lUnt 
more vivid Ih^n The others, Ut up tbc roir frrgbnt frer\ and i fftA 
crash oi iaWmg umber met our cftrtr but the dark ne«^ of coune.kc^ 
us ignoraul of i^hflt had i>cctiTred. "Hietbiindcf .wd lightning p»rf 
slowly J^vay, ai^d iti their plaees came rain und winj. Hov <l 
poured ! I do not think I have ever et|ierjeneed <fuch ■ dclogc^ Ai 
hour Idter brought a perfect Irnnitforrn^liun ; the cfoudi b>d rcdW 
awjiy, the wind had Hrfjppcd, niid a ynklen mtxjn wa» ^hinint; dp'^ 
upon the desolate scene, We Lontinued mn journt-y, tnjt wc lud na( 
gone fnr before wc fovmd the lo^d blocked by fallen branches la 
the dim light wc eouUl disrcrn the lops of a doren or more netf 
Tuthleuly rut off by Ihc lightning and itrcwn aerosi the aTcfni& 
Somc^thing had to be done ; we coutd not stay here all night, jo ■* 
turned out and, nnkle'decp in water, proceeded to drag the bcujl^ 
aside. Our hbour* were rewarded, and, by eight o'cloel, we «nr 
cheered by the &ight of the lights of Utaoncimaya— i place c>f <VA- 

Visii h a /afianrsf Shrtnf. 

e inn nhcir wc put uji for rhc nighl wan tlic TirHi cnc that vrc 
t (i>— ^rimtliT^ lo a decree M\d not provided w»fl> any Kum^ifan 
comr^rBL On cnlcrJiTg wc bail to lake off our b(}<^\\ which, however, 
*^ trcrc only KM |^ad lo do, »incc Ihcy were wet through. A lAtgu 
rootmra.1 handwl OYOr to us rn a kiod of loft, und one huge mtrt- 
"juito-curraJn waa hung uj\ htncath which wc spent the night. Cotton 
QUiJtt were brought in foi ui lo tic on, hut Ihey were ^o infected wiih 
tlui wc aoon Kpcnttd of having* acrtrplcd theiiu l.uekily wc 
^rell providi^d wilh " Kcadng/' and ri lihcriil sprtnklin}^ kept ub 
y ftcc from annoyance. Wc were tired <.ncni^h to skep through 
oat anything, yet the ireesunt jabh^Lrmg of the naEivci kept \yA 
e for hourt, and when at bat we succeeded in falling into a 
aLis ! our I'reiich friends ^ni-^red 40 vigciroiinly chat fiiiund 
ing ttlccii was out of lJ:o qutition, Mj J"c How -country mnn 
for about half an-hour, an*l then, in sheer desjicralion, corn- 
throwing everything tliil Cftmc handy acn:>3a the loom, in 
Gil pofttimc E »ooq joined, till at last my gtore of mi'^tilci being 
tai»'ly e*.hJiiisted, I sei/cd a b^ot and hurled it in the direction of 
P- anorcni. 'Ihough it mcMCd the mnrk^ it succeeded in sfoppinj^ 
IB musical cnlcrtninment. unA^ pa^Mng through the mc^quito-cur- 
$118, rolled down the stJiira with a cloiTcr which woke the whole 
Dtl&e, and brought up the landlord to sec v^hai wa* fioin;- on. 

Eirly rm tiic following mottling wc (tiade a sinrt fur Kikko In 
f»^ckiha5, and -ifiei an iiphil) puli of about twenty milo^i, rtached 
^<= end of our journey. Our quarten were off the main street 
■**chriihi) of the littk town, which stands on a slope surrounded 
V the mwt glorious sci-nery, fhcre are plenty of shop* in rhe 
at this lime of year chfetly filled with goofls likely to attract 
® European inTcllcr. though stonemasons ajipear to drive a Thriv- 
traJc in tombiton^, far it is [he one aim and object of ilio 
ve lo be buried a.% nej.r a* possible to the sacred mausoleum. 

bftctwcen our portion of thetown and the lemplcs ii a roct-strcwn 
^tvin rivei iihe iXiy^-gnw^), spiinned by two bifd;L;r», the one of 
•d* the other of rt:d loci.|uef p(ckedout wilh gold- 'Ihi^ljiUef wthe 
r'^^doi private bridge— open to no one else ; once a year only the 
P** aiv unlorted for the court pilgrimage. Viewed from (he wooden 
P^igc, lire scenery is (inpo^infi, flnd the cotonriug Ituty ma^nificenl, 
P*^ vivid led :ind j^old of (he royal bridge coniraaia m :i uurkcd 
. (5^^ with the dashing whi^e fosm of llic lonent, and the winbrc 
f'^Urc of the pine-forests wbii?h clothe the sun ounding mountain », 
' ** *rondcr that the Utile Jjp icgnrds Nikko as ibe acme of every- 
glgriouiii ibgugh it l not the mere scenery which inipr»sG£ the 



496 Tk4 Centlemans A/a^usifu, 

vhich uc ciOAtlvd lor^htt 00 the »puCi 

The halory of the Nikko country dxte* back lo the cvlrcri;- 
of the Chtiitinn era, and vottld of iudf fill a mJiwie, I1 vca^Ev 
absurd brtnc to aucmpC to <rnler into the tvbjnrr or cren ^cKkn 
outUnes* so all 1 propove UoLng m to tdjlc vhit I u« Ibc ay»£ s 
thifc unroRiGintic agfi of Dim. 

Afiec cTouing the river, wc ucendcd ilic Siffuak^ Cvtjtp* 
dcnic wood 01 m^gnincmt trcct, and toon found ouxMiTci vi^ 
thu xacrcd prccin^^u^ All xi dciolatjon here vherc Ibnnerlr flood' 
IfUridrnl iir more bhrinct cndowd byJMMs'os in honour of ly^'Vtf^ 
'I'lic d^tj/fiiW famiUet loit all their iiinmj IiifTiL imnhtiiui iii^ 1 wWi 
fell an ihc coumiy.and iT]u-endi>wMx«ti|<cuc(li the*brineij?ii* 
cEumbled 4wjy umlwere then bid low \>f oniei <il Iho ptinti^ 1^ 
lb? enlianix lo wie of the mancit of the «uf Id iBb Wojait; nSiH 
more than a tuhl^n^h a^rna, ovctbtowO wiih (ank YCKi-txIion, r*^ 
thia *f c[>»ie lo ihc Manpwjnji endui.Mic, fii wIikIi i« Ok "3M 
of thtr Three Ruddhai/* arul llien, SiCcnding a hiu;id flight 1/ «|i 
between tM'o rows of crypEomer]4&, we reach the gtatihe Avu *p^ 
«cDtcd by the l^nce of Cliiku^en fiuin h\t usn qwime» m Cit r^ 
iGiS.'* The heiK^it ijf the archway is lome thitiy feet, and tw* 
not for the fuct thai it h dwarfed by ihe iurroundingt, 11 would k* 
mo^t imposing tiioiiument. Cloie by, on the left, rices d haoditf 
Ave-sioiied pn^uJ.!, pjinted in hamionious culoun^ It n 
and has a wunderful collection of anim^K caived out of noodf 
ite lo^^ei iioty. A pnved courtyard of lomc c^uent ttfvtchci 
lo the fool of D nif^ht of >[c|»> lUnnoEJiiled by the G^xt of the 
King^, un the Haixki of whtch iLand I^vo cnormout f^iU lionL 'Hff 
gateway is covered with various cAnJngSi repretentinjE fEj^n. flV- 
^hanbi fabultjuii bca^fc, and all hinds of ftowcn and foJix^e, aadafr 
truty niagniricejit workofarl. Aguin wc fatd oar*slvcfcinyi;i*no*** 
courtyard. {\\[& lime enclosed by a red painted woudm wall. US 
arc three m^Lssivi:! Uuildin^i ui^cd for storing tho utensils cniplc|H 
in religious ceicnmnits. as well as the furnitufe and oihci lrf» 
of the great lyt Vaeu, Each buiMinp' i» adorned with brillUEilr 
coloured carvings, ihc most rt'itujtable tffuhich aJe two dcftu^ 
well desien^rd with the exception of llic htnd leyn, whtch tditoank^ 
itcnd the wrong way, provin>; t^iac the aunlpLoi was no nttttftiK 

In the s;Lme courtyard as the Ktorehomci Hvct a latted «Ua 
pkjny in a comfortable subb, under the eaves ci whicb i«t orre' 
numt^rous groups of monkeys in every conci;ivable attituifc Hw* 
vc cnmc Vi ct Vj\^ vj'W.eT basin of solid t''SL"itc, forming a ipecin o< 

A VuU io a /(tpancse Shrittc. 497 

[cnmULn, a ronthuouA (low of waier (convi^yed to the spot trtsm a 

ditbnt mounutn spring) pouring evenly over its edges- Near at 

hud is a ftchly dmuncntcO Kb fu, or rarrcd libr^jxy, whcrtin arc 

UoTTd the l&mldh)^! S'^npturc-s^ placed in a kmd of motiKtcr prayr?* 

vtml ; whik in iht ccnlrc of ihc counyjud 15 a bron/c /pw; tmbla. 

ion(d«iih thcaiitihofiheTokugawA family. In ihc next coitriyorid, 

1 tier higher up Ihc tnoutiCJiin side, arc Ihc conif ibutions from Coicfli 

in the form af bell towcr^ bclla and lontcrn^all J>cau(ifully fAihicined 

out u\ bronic, and liki:ly to bo sut'plcnientcd ^hartty by the ipail» of 

canqiiciE. PiDtlbnD after plaLToim is reached, on cath one lonie- 

thing Tifw and Krtiicthm^" more bcauijful m design md workman- 

ihifj (hill nnythmg Ihfll hfls appwrtd bt-ft>r<:. H.indsomr:^ giilcways, 

dekrjij.l^-c3fvcd rotumfLi. building? richly ornamcnied with crimen 

lad ^1d Miriiccd one ar^oiher on all aid[:s, until one hccomes utterly 

W^ildticd by the *aiiciyof the lUaiigc sight*, 'i he licauty of every- 

Ifiing i^ rnbinecd hy the inmbre background of cryptoineiifls which 

pnni 111 profosion en every vacant spot, and sl-jadi: with ihejr widt- 

i^tiading branches the «clI-worn pavmg 5tones of ihe courtyards. 

Ai lati wc rcnrh the holy of holies— (he T,im3g,iVi enclosure — 
fcliicli cnniimi a chapel and oiaiory. Carvings and pamiingi, more 
ewiumie than any in the vflnous o^her buildings, adorn the inLerior. 
E^Trythiojt it done well and in good ta*tc 1 no part of the work is 
duircfl yvfr, and the artist appears lo have tiboured wiih higher 
ttotnet than lo merely please fhc eye of Ihe pubhc. Pages might 
b* fiikd w«b descriptions of this most sacred spot, bul I fear that 
the rcider la aluady weary of the wonders of Kikko, To kave the 
P^, however. wiLhcmt mentioning the lomb of ly^-Yasu xi-ould be 
J^'ff^g on the irrevcrcnt- 

'Itiv tomb i« 'Cached by quitting the Tamapki by aside dour, over 

ichii caned iliefit^ufc of n sleeping eaf. whose atthudc h 

ly maiwliou§, A series af flighl.s of steps, mosrly covered with 

leada us to^i furii o^\\\c mciuntain-sidcr ?ri:ime cwo or three bun - 

feel above Ihc Tjm^giikJ- The platform Is siirroimded by a stone 

'WfraJc, theic bcin^ only i^ine unlrancc, a handsome bronic gaie^ 

y^h wbicb wq WL-re not allowt^d to j^v^.v The silent solitude of 

*poi and itv ramariLic snrroundings imptrM us a* >%e gaze 

■^iigh the (p»le«-ny on the last rest 1 n^-place of the gitjii Shogoon. 

have completed the ffilgnmagc TO Nikko -, vre havtf looked on the 

bof the "Noble f.if (he Hrjl Ucgicc of the I'list Rank, Great 

.lit of the Eii-i, Great lofarnaiiftn of Buddha. " The lomb is 

plieily iUeU- A labU- of pale yellow bronze (^Lipiiosed 10 havu 

fited it* light colotiT from the admixture of gold wiih the copper) 

ipQu ceLvxvin, so. iWi- \,\ 



The G^ftUemnns Magazine, 

fiupfrorlA a fdnCTAt iim, vt\\\\t In front sUndj a tiu^c ttfOOne Mr^ 
holding on hia bni^k i bnw t^mflc. An incetttcbumcr vad & tvc 
rontbifiin;^ bvAsa iMut lloircn and T»ivs comjilclo tbe coauna dt 
the enclosure. Here UAiids no gilded di>inc, nv lovbltf caoopf 
w&rd o7 Ihe ctcmcnLft ; Ihc vohd OAturc cpf ihe toiub requjret Di»Juif 
of ih« kind- The uiovj of violcf, Afid ilic nJnt of autum% mt 
Alloired (o fill nt wUE on lh<; broiue uin anil iti «mnge sUAribM. 
The ravage! or ume leave few nutlu on luch B^criaL The m 
hearcDn form a Tiult, meet in the cyci of Jt^vui, for tbeuhcsef b« 
grcabnC rufcr. 

The immediate nelghbouThood of tJikko L«pt u» bf^if liftit 
ieeing for ^venl ^fi; ibere wan Jilw^yt vome fresh oeimkA 
ready for u^, And the dimtle mu to ptcu«4ni and the O011IUI7 N 
ehafmmg that we never fell lired, A delightful »UaU by^ the sukff 
the Ltayagawa tftkciL one to Kamn^in^ga^fiarhi, a dccf bubblin; poll 
in the mountain ifkrrcnL Aerou the btroiDi.on the o|>po«iie prcd- 
|3Jlou« rock, we wetr khown lonie writing — tbe S^nfkfit word H§m- 
ma/a, a b,ilb^ The ptculLan'ry of ihi« it thu to all appearance ■• 
human being could h^ve ever readied the &pot ; local mjftwn 
however, uiainums thai a critun miracte-worXcr (Kobo Dud4 
hurled his pen acniss thi^ river and cut Out the Iciteri on the 1W1& 
However the anting iioi there, ibc tict remaint that tt h th<fe K 
this day. 

Close to lint inlcictiLti^ pool it the avenue of icaa|fef» rrpn 
sentingthe Amidi Buddhx The idoUvajy in si^ but arc iimtttf 
ill design. There arc jeveral htindrci.1 uf thcni altogether, and llMf 
sit facing one another Ln Iwo long tuna. Wc aEknl the bttte Jap ■!» 
brought us to the place how many of ihcni therv were; in an and 
whisjier he replied, " Nobody l^noi-vs." Then he told ua how tnff^ 
bible iiw^tocouiuthem. EAdi tniage was m^de unnghtlybyhnfiC 
mimbers ijJlittle biEior|>jperitV[ckon to it, and chewed bitaofpopcf 
which hitd betti spiit at i: ; the object of this diatif^ration we ttM 
lo Uiscovtr, though out friend Ilujo infjjrnittl uk they were put oolf "" 
the i'oung pricsL*, 3 piiri of w hi^st- novJiirtlc it waa to aiteinpt to 
the Buddhas- There is evidently something wrong with these idol 
for no one has ever been able to leckon ihem up the nni 
over, in spile of stirking a piece of paper lo Uck cacfi One ofL 
course two unsupersUtious Englishmen nete not to be humbt^ged 

njlivc iioiici, so M (my travefling romjiamonl and hO^m^S 

the whole thinpi ridiculous, decided to count the mytterioUB iDBfKK^ 
Wc suried on co-operative hnes — each tiling a &ldft of the Uvwoob 
Ouv efCoiu, however, wer« fnjit[e»», for we had not numbered <^ 

A Visi4 to a Japanese Skn9t€. 


iDunr (b*n a do/cn &ich, before M (wlicftc tyt* were ncL >g goud 

OS ihcy liad once hocn| shouteci ACroa« tu me, "I uy, I viw oiW Cif 
tbcm on jrOHr *[dc moving; I'm certain I did, fht'y'rc uncanny ; lel*s 
^tc it up^" Thi4 inEtrriTpUona of coutet, upiel jilE mycAkubtigm, but 
wc icon came oi> fhr moving image, wbiirh iiirnrti 'HJt lo be noihmg 
HMCC than onr uf rvur old ]'>erT(:hmfri], svatL'd pf^actrfuMy amongi. 
ibe lUluct, uid luukin^ in (its white cblhci for all ihe world like a 
jcHt £» old Buddba. 

To pcnoni interrilcd in walcrfalU Nikko ii n loyil hunting 
fTDund, There \% ihc Cuc^dc of the t'alHiig Mi&t (iCari-furi), the 
Hana-uki. UruoI-ga<tiki. And couiiilets otlier /d^// higher up among 
ihc ruouiuatns— ;tE] iituaied in the inJd&I of ^cenciy bc4iiiiful beyond 

f'Tom NiLko wc- inatched u|) into the hillii, 1 on fool, M on 

A«tT«H-»hocI pack-horse, And one French imiii in a i^fu. The oEher 
FrcEichiiun ii^tiijly refused Ici le^vif Niktu , NikL^r wnii good enough 
fc>t bitiip he- ^d, -ind he had a vri'dk heart .tnd cciutd nol riLand high 
lluiodn. Fur ihe fjralhoui rafter leaving Nikko we fullu^reJ (he courts 
Of tlie Dayagawa, slopping every now and then at a tea-house to let 
4e jti^ifp-beaieis lest from iheir laboure of canning smlcen slone 
<if vihd tlesh and bone. The ka^ Js a kind of palanquin* though 
wichgui any of its comfors, A bamboo pole run^ along ihe lop and 

* 6oine oti the shouldeR of twa inen ; from the pole \% aubpended a 
•ott ofho* with open sides, of dimcmions ju5*t cafcubled lo take a 
/*>!» hiUing on his legs* To Ihe European irrivellcr it i^ a niosl un- 
plc4Uftl puu1e \ and in Ihe case of our Frenchman It iiiuit have been 

•hsoluie torture. When ihc ^flfii arrived In the mornmR, M and. 

* *^*iraine<J it tarcfuUy, and tbi;n ran our eyes over the Frtnchman, 
^^^\ came to the ix*ndiiaion that ihi: only way in whid* he could 
P^^^'Uy be fiLted into the; convcyanee ivuuld be by boiling him 
*^*>*n. HowevtT, when the time vame^ we succeeded in shipping 
'*'*»* ft-bolcn Hi&head iou<.htfd the roof, as did also liif> knees, and 
"*<* he taken one aife larger hi boots liis toes would liave been on 
"** *■^mc level. In this position he represented an exact letter W, 
*'^'* the way he got out and utrelched himself slraiphl at every halt 
*•* ^noftt amuHng to wiinesa. 

Afsci passing Mid/usjwa we had to aacc^nd a sleep bit of hill, 
'htn ^^^ dfoppcd down ii^in to the siony bed of the river, which we 
f^'^std and rerrosted a doxen times or more by rude bridges of 
^^hwood- The scenery as we ascended the gorge began toibsume 

* *>lder asptCT, the mouniams closing in and lea^inE but a narrow 
P^^iage for the loneni \ tugged pTecipices hung over our heads, jmd 


luck* After I hod wsLditd him for k^eiic iinci 
tmULng, arid, l>iruntbg ibe n>d into my bandit nld t6 
ms cvidciiily, *' Here, v^jh have a ga" I proceed 
siTfam \n ihc most approved fasbton, but without u 
appeared io AfTord the nihcrmin fnim«Qie fi^bfac 
inibted on my talcing hdlf-a-dof«a of his beu £sh 
rtfuiing aNoLuiely my offer of payment The litd 
ibnrougK v[>oibman all tound, and told me all about i 
ihc ncighbouihood. He was a profesiioncLt humcr, 
to \i\% own account, did a. fairly good bu!itnea> in «k 
bear, vfolf. badgern monkey, and manen vrerc the prini 
hf got among the Nikko hill^ and be aUo«hot vifd b 
(Iwo kindfl), pantidees, quails* and %M dtxcV^ liui i 
were luit what tbey used to be ; every villager hat a g 
and, conBcquontly, game hccomts scarcer tAch year. 

Proceeding on fmt vrftjs wc fioon left the gorge «i 
to toil Tip the mouflUirL"aidc> T)ic road, which for 
pa%se« ihrougli a forest of pine, oak, and alder, it cici 
and the day being none too cool, made the climb »u& 
Tree irunti are laid aerov^ Ihc ateepMt port*, rorming i 
rtcpt, ahppci^ to a degree, and at on uncamforuhle 
They reminded tne a lillle of those tcmhip Mc|}a , 
I'ai^ice ; one !itep at a time is like iniTking a lr««i 
atciJA &trclrh one's k'gs moat unplcaianlly. Al obt 
lurns of ihc ^lE-wg |uiih I caught up my fricndA— bc| 

A yisii to a Japajusc Shrine* 



cloudless Hky, at our feci the tianRpJucn: bkc, Airetclimg away ten 
ini]« ur iTicirc, Its shores— cloth (xl wiih dufk fcrcat trees — sloping 
opwanis xa ihc ^ftcrcd mount, great NanuiHUl. The Tow wooden 
bouici which form ihi? vtllat*G and t!ic piciureaquely dres^d people 
add chann and life lo the scene, and the occa&iotial plunge of n 
battier bre^k^ the ^CFrncnhat monotonous smjnd of the rippHng wntcr- 
Heu'. M a height of 4tjoo feet above Ihc ^ca, we ate our liah- 
dinner with oi great ^ reliah ai if wc had been at Grecnvrir-h ; and, 
^^ving fc^istcd ifl our huaiti' contcnL oi> the scenery, lonk a l<:ndcr 
JtfipfljM of ihc Utile tmmimus who witilcd on us, and tlirn ^ot imdcr 

The path, for t*o f*r three miles nftcr Icfiving Lhiur^nji, akht^ 

**^*' northerr) shore of the lake, and pasiei within the edge of the 

which covers the lovr<?r alopca of NantairJn, l-eaving the 

". Wi' trjrn to the nyhr, and, nfter pm^ing Htll'* river, enter s. 

« wood of pine and oak. On cnterging from ThU the path 

'^"Dffc a little -ind then conducia uk aeros* n desobtc region covered 

*"'> acaucred tree^, bearing the mark^ of fire. The rav.iges of ihe 

"""cs arc risible for several mitca right and left of ls^ hiii in the 

''"'i^nec one scei all around a verdant forest of oak .ind lardi tvith a 

"'^Rfound of towering mountain^ some wcli'^oodcd up to their 

■uniif^j^ others bUrlciod showiOE Mgmof recent volcanic cruplionSn 

^^ *»tiur ur so i5 orcupicd in traversing this iminvmnK country, no 

"^^K of hitd, no actnt of fiowcr to cheer us on our irty^ but at Mai 

*^ fiOt himong the living (tees again, and shortly reach a spot from 

•"'*^li a lowcl)' htttc picture bursts u^>on us. A beaulifitl lake lies 

«t^^tlth uij deep set amidst densely wooded mouniama ; the sun's 

' ^aju f^ild Ihc top? of [he tree*, and di^ijcrie a glow of warmth 

*■ the iilcnl wflier*. Dark pme^ growirg amon^ the lightest 

- 'acn and oak*H form a naiuiii! ihading to the woodl.ind %ecnc, 

■^thp blood-red hues of the auiumn-linled moumain'ash ihine 

^^ ^Tltc beafon fire* on a dark mountain-side. 

^*hc remote liiile village which wc had aelected for our sojourn 

til at the end of the lake, and \-i nothing more than a collection 

VilphiH bathi with A fringe of twosloricd houses on either side, 

■^ ffci-liijUBe %e found 3 clean room on the upper floor, with a 

^ony overlooking the: one slieel of the vilUge. In thjs we eistab- 

^d ourselves and tried Ui satisfy our thirst bv emptying cup after 

Va of ilie mi'osmi'i ita, We had travelled twenty miles since noon 

^^ consequently our lirst thought was a bath. At the suggetlion 

^*^ hort smikd and informed us that, of all phicei in the world, this 

^^ the most famous for that description of enjoyment, it was, in 





The Genf/fPUiu^s Ma^astne, 

foct, the vatortfitE place /<?'- 'J'V'^'ft^ of Jajian : then, potnikc ig bi 
atreet before U3> he ukcd (vhat more vc rcqaircd 

Poiim Ihv Gvnue of t^u n;i.-io# lAtefn «und a doten or bmr 
bftths, sMne i.-(A^«Ttd in. oth«n ifuiM open, ibc ureter Mi^ cosUAid 
in ft son of s<Tuaic tAnk. lined ifarougbout vith wooiL Tcwtiie 
hnml, IPC allied foiih to batbi:, aod, arrivUie at ibe fim bothv lookat 
m. h wfu a strange tight thai nitt oux eye»; the pJaoewii< 
with wameni chilOrvn, and men, uUin nature^ gofb* and, oblii 
any impropiieir. (halting and laughing most comphcmt)}'. Ik 
bath was nul inviting : the walvi WpU chid; and muddy, ODd Ike ■ 
loxli^n wri)i ItoE sulphur vupuur- ^\'z |>a!ctcd on to the next one ; I 
was hoEter and diriici ih£inthefirtt,50 that M and 1 gsvcupik 
idea oX a public bath ; the I'Venchmon, hovreier 4vho alvgys piideA 
himself on d^fomiiog tn the halucs of Lhc pco|>IcX divested hiRtfdE 
orhis<:lodii:f und plunged, feci forL^moiHt. iniochc pea KCQpy dlDci^ 
bending the WJicr lining in all difcctK>ni. :tnd caufintt tbc ntiUd Itt 
mtvimies u> shout with delighi at the cxiraonjinary aiffhL We Idl 
him to his doubtful enjoyment and returned to our t«l-hoii«c> to vr 
and gT:t a ^oah down in cleaner viater* Alter somo difficulCT.W 
miLde otir hoitt iindcL^Uind what vi'c wanted. And soon all hands vcx 
busy bringing wooden [mJIs t>f waicr Into ihc >ard- IVe i^oticed lis 
vith each pail arrived i^ilf-a do2Cik inquiaSEive^ooking na.tiTc& vbo 
had evidcnily scented som? novelty in the air. 

.\i }asi ihc water wa^ le^idy and wc wcic loM that we could bivt 
out bath. "Rut what about all these peopk ? " we oi-kcd, pomia^ 
to ti^e crowd uf wouiun snd children a^ficmblcxl in ihc^a/d. "CAk 
ihoy've come to slc." was the reply. Now Ivnglishnicn, m a rel*. 
are modi^st bein^ and I fancy that most men would feet a cenarn 
amount of batihfulneES If called upon lo stand up and b«thc latte 
presence of lifty women and children, so M— - whisjxrtd to we. 
*' I'm going lo bed dirty to night, unless ehOflcpa>;^tcdGar out.** ItoU 
htm that ht must not think of such base conducl, and I revindid 
him of the Elory in the " Pink Wedding," of Ihc ^nileman wte 
refused his bath in llie piegcncc of the mtujimi attendant ; bov dw 
went out and told her fticnds ttmt the poor n^an wna po&scsscd di 
caudal appendage ; and bow he had to flee the viUftge Co prettiB 
maltic^Limenc .i£ an ag^nl of the dei-lli My friend woa penuoded 
and we"Mripped to the buff." As each garment camco^ the ctovd 
closed in, and the women strove amongst themselves foftheplcasvt 
of pourint^ water down our backs. 

L'hb was by no means the moil liying part of Ihe onfeaf, k* 
apparently these strange litlle people had ncvet ieto wh'te Soft 

A Visli to a Japanese Shrhu. 


and cur ^kin waft subjected to in eAmnJiuitlun as miniito »s 
mad%9CA piece of mjlerioJ by a lady choosing a new frock. 
Ax ihcmtirA^ncd conrjdcncfc, they poUidy asked pmniasion 10 
totkch ihc virange stuff of nhich «rc were mad?, and our bodiex then 
ttDderrciii a aucocuioc of pokc^, imidit \>c^\i. of kiighccT. The: 
FrtQchmftn (lui 'in cml 10 the cmcrtamntcm 6y ruddy thoutiig 10 
Uf ikrough the paper windows cf oiir room; wcdid rioimindanbTd- 
iDflE amutcrnont to ihc simple native?, buL our jjrldc vrould not permit 
vt to Etand tlic jocr? of a Kuro^ic^n, ^ wu hastily (^athaed up our 
doihci and Hcd uj> the stJiint to our fjuartcr^. I hnvt^ ottcn wOTidcrcd 
vh>t our sobcr-tnindcd fficnds Lit homi^ ^^'ould huvc thought couJd 
Ibcy hare acen out nLikud formi racing up thciH: itcp:i \ 

After two uf thrct- c?iarminf; days spent imong the balmy hrccjict 
[And glonous stciiL'ry of the higher moumains* wc retraced our steps 
Nikko, uTid nxTC ^oun once mure back ;igain in the capiid of the 
ikado'ti Euiintu. 

A. r» MOCrCL&R-FEftkVMAN. 




irrv is did \s> b? llie nilton tint tieub Of 
hisLory uf ihe bc^d ii npi diifacnt foai anj 
it II a tecoid of quarrelling lighting, ind ^^od bTood 
example of the things of which mcn'i quarrdt hare b 
Bf some Tcvcred, rccpcctcd, oc even wontiLppcd \ b^ 
and abZiorrcd- At one time kept dovn by «wordv ■ 
fully culLivjicd throuj^h fjtihion ; m «bi^r(, subject 
tnUcK of time and lo ibc rapnccs of ftcldc hurmixii; 
Chflflc* I-aii»b'* wcH-tnown diiisitin nf in;Ari 
distitii^l lucchf tht men wh& (ttjrr&w and Ihf vun wl 
be HuppkiitcriKcd by the men who gtvf bt^rdk a 
Uon'L There !& diuracter in the beurd— I Hoii'l Liun 
iniatf admit of ibis facE^ We are all famili^ii wiUi 1 
luting type of individual! who adds to hh general a^ 
by clean shaving hiniseLf. 3^ veil a of the genti 
t<?inpered old fcllon^ who decs likewiiie; The card 
man h known by his unkempt (trag^tting beard, vlii 
nUhout^h dbliking the look of A hairy chin, i* u « 
i3ttat as he 'is tiToJli^^Ev wiih hh money, ind utc* m 
days bdore he liikes the IroublL' lo bhave. Thefe i 
Adam WAS i^Tt;3iad with a beard* and foi ilm ifJAca i 
argue inithont ev«r uking ibe trouble lo seek ami 
biogjt&phical deuilt, that all men, havtog any rqg 

Coitccrfttng Boards. 


DKilojtLcil ovidencc gaei 

To pEavi* Ik had nvwr % pan ; 

Uiil he ihHtfcd ^riih jfc shf 11 when he ch«H — 

*Tirj» iLr [DBiiTin of piiinlli/c nifln. 

'X I ihinlc if u had remained niih me 10 tAoese between a bcurd 
^0 ^ ihcll 10 shitTc viih, I should hardly have hesitated about pre- 
ferring ihc former. In the comprtratively enlighlened inne* of the 
Bronjc Age, among the numrrijus iniplemcms in ihol nwtai which 
h^vc come Co light Kave been some razors. h\y\ such artkles inuiiL 
^v« been reserved for ihc toilets of the privileged few onty« though, 
if one can judge frorn ibe nccasLDnal use of a blutit raeor. Ihc ordeal 
«Hild not have been a plc.i&ant one^ 

The ancient Bgypifan ;ilTecied what we should deseribe nowa- 
^ys as a ckan ahave> He is 60 depicted od the mummy csa<a and 
■xooumtnts ; but in the case of mourning tht licard wa* nHowcd to 
pow- li is Baitl thai he afliscU tu his chni a smuU hunt:h 01 tuft of 
™r on the ocoaiiun of festivals, much after the pattern of brother 
Jofiathan*! oelchratcd goatee, or the chin-tiearfl of tho Ixindon coster- 
"longcrof to-day. It would appear, however, that Ihu l^pliun at 
tfmcs irore a cose of a wedge shape to |>rotect this fal^e beard. It 
J» iioi.ccftble that the monuments of Egjpl always depict ihc Jews 
^ *Haven; p-robahly ihcy were not aUowed tn culiivniethat which 
their mooters were without. The custom of shaving seems to have 
belor»gL'd distinctively to Egypt, nearly all other Eoatcrn notions 
, alio Will g ^he beard 10 grow. There is little doubt hut that Moses 
Kfoma<l^ the Jews " to cut off entirely the angle or cxlremiiics of the 
Hlwatyj^-* ^y ^ ^Q prevent imiiatirin of the Egyjiiian custom, a custom 
B u*'*""^ inusr lijjve been ronsidt? red a matter of some miportance at 
BJ ^^tjrt of Pharaoh I for when we read of Joseph he in^ summoned 
■^roni 1^15 dungeon before that potentate, that " he shaved himself" we 
"f*.** Bpccially noted. The Jewi* acem to have been most faithfial lo 
\^ *'' tiear<fe, and only in the ca.ic of mourning would they consent 
L ■ !f**^ ''ith ihcm ; as an instance, thai mentioned in Isaiah xv. i : 
ii gone up to Bajith, and to Dibon, the high placea, to weep : 
^t> shajj howl over Nebo, and over Mcdeba; on all their heada 


be bajdncss, ami every bcnrd tut off,' The mere touching of 

. "^t^atd WM considered an act of such gravity that nothing sua- 
^^1 could follow such an action. So ihoughE Amasa, who did 


*^Vi5enc the kmfc by which he wns slam, when Joah *atd : " 'Art 


in health, my brother?' and Joab look Amasa by the beard 
_Hc ri|;ht hand lo kiss him." There arc numerous passnge* in 
^t^ture which illustraLc the facl* that what was originally a matter 

ihit d^^crvjncc of r-ion-«h:ivtni< hav Dot \n^n tit ttrfi 
formerly, Tlic bvxtd iktct not inipitc him «iili 
uiicc li^d ; :ind l)ic TuiL vho hat Uiivellcd, ;a nfti 
;in[J only rc'uiits the mouiMchc- TTjefittt Suh. 
ibc llicD viEtviulitlcd ruJc of >fe^:ii]j{ a bc.i.'d 
bvtng leriioiiBtiatcd with fur liis Tic^dtctitni^vi^^ wittl 
wguJd wear no bvard> ^<> tliat hit GnnJ Vnicr &bc 
to lead him by^ Tht custonii Vp'Uidi tlic £utlifal ' 
ubtcrvc nidi regard to the toDcC of the beard 
ekbor:Ltc^ When they vete fitcs^tcd to comb k. tm 
10 %\iTci:d out a cloth to catch any hkir« (!tat mijg 
ojwratiofit 'riicsc >verr: to be carefully coUcctcdl, 
had K"'> together a aulV^cicot quaniJly, they i^crt 
tile \'\acc Vfhsrc iUi:ir dead aie hcencd Thv w*] 
of thu MBhoint'lan v^s lo^^ardcij a& nn undoubt^ I 

'Iht' Persians^ th^rit^L: follQw^rs of Mahomcti vre 
the matter of beards, and had the habit of tiimiainj 
they nt-'ver used a ravor nui mLiiiLiinl ihe mou 
rer^tati^— for an evampfc, the ilttiatrious intiuict 
Naslr-cd-Diii. the Shalt-^ccm to be ({Uite contcni 
Ic will be remembered, however, by those whfl ncca 
to this coumrj^, thai ihe exampl;; of the Shah was 
his entire suite. 

The ancient A^yrians and BjibyloniMiA, lo Ji 
meets, v^orc betrda tvhieh wcte eurlcd Of Cflmpei 
moat cUbobttO-^sbioii*^ Thcv weita ufn3oub!cdJv 


ConurttJH^ Boards. JdJ 

vihat ihcy vrcre dtprivcd of on Ibc chin, ihey v^cc abSe tc product 
Ml the hcfld. ind to dcvetopiJ ihc pig-ui]. 

Bm white ihc ?wfciaj«»i EaipNun*, and jcira «rc concerning 

ihcmwlvcs wilh lh« queBtion of jhaviny or of growiriR bcarJi, :hc 

Ctroki were not b>' any m«ir» nciifleaing ihc matter. Thgir godn 

^ipcsiT both with and without bcird% the influence of the tdiavirn 

S^c clvniHcTfi being trddtntly fch m ihJs niaiier, as iheir creation 

wiMiM ha^-c taken fUce durijii; the <'r:vco - E^'filian j>eriotf- 

}u|mcr ii ntwA}^ invc&tcd with ^i he^rd, uhJch l'^ pointed in ihe 

lier hijsl9« but bter dcvcbpit inio a fuU and majcKiic (Erowth, 

Inig with the lott* or hi* hair as it U\h frnm hi* tcrij)lcs it» 

curia— Ihc 7-eus, which ii famitiar to evcrjonc. Mcfcury 

Apollo were as innocent of beards .ie Pjyche i^nd ^■^rnli^, white 

['PtiL Silenn^ and Hereulet ipcrcd the razor nn rigidly as the laihrrr 

[of the £odt Beards ^vctc :^* much afTccied in Greece hy thr 

iliECmy men a» they art- nownd-iyn with m^ Homer, Hcrnflotu?, 

^**ehyltLy and Sojihocla. »iih numerous othcr^ alJ gtoned m 

Ittwnant powth-L AicKonder flte Crtat with the r|uiekne«4 of ^ 

PUJi Of the ftflrld, knew that in a fight there ii nothing ho bandy to 

Kuc on A9 A hc^rd, and made all ihe Muccdoni^tn loldicn ihave. 

fpoia that lime shaving hccamc fashionable in lirecce. 

Shaving w:is not introduced into Konic till :)bovit 300 ii,r. 

SrJpio AfricAnuK, Pliny lelli nt, Ihc fini Roman to make il a 

™y fTjrlice. and (he Krimani <lic| not -idopi il generally IJH aoDie 

•'•'ber* from Sicily >ci up bu^mew in Rome, tl wAi ihcn that [lie 

[■Enn Ai/^n^if/ eame into UW, signifying thow whn, Jioi bein^ 

i^ns wicre bearded, and ihurefore uncrvib«d. The iw^x day of 

"*vi|,g of Ihe Roman youth wai (unlike his modern re^irehcnlative, 

'y kiK»in 10 him&eU)a day of greai rettiviiiet and rejoicing;, in- 

td in, iri order ft* oelehratc hi^ entry into Ihe *ratc of nianhuod> 

finr fruit uf his board \ra% wcrifj'vd to >OTne )fp6, but it i?( to b? 

ire<J |h:kt the ofiering wai oJtcn boi a moajire own. tiaJrian wa* 

Qftl Homan Eni[icn:>r to wear a beard, Plutarch 5ayi ihfll '\t nai 

'td I0 j:tow in oftlci 1<» hide some icars on hii face, IVa 

'^*»oi» continued the rMhioti insliltiEcd by him. Anointing the 

^'^ WW a Roman custom a* «eli as a JcwisJi one. 

^^Thf Turki HtUI ecmtinue the piactice* and apriokle the b^ardt of 

'*^ XuctU with scented water. The youoR Roman cuuld lay claim 

', ■*e nime of " Daibatutus " aa soon aii ibc mcie*t inci[jitnt (nnge of 

^*T ^ft**'^ ^" his chin, and ihc possesior of a full gtowih wa* 

"^^'tlcd 10 be called '* liflrhatii*, " These tcrritR were evidently held lo 

^f some comeiitLencc when the ra^liiun \\:\^ uj'jicnnoiil- Sojne of 




jo8 Tki Geut/emoH^s M^asim. 

the A&i*tii> li«vc uknn siicti scHous Ti«w« of ih« TMttfr c4 vtvinj; 
or sfiJiving tlif bcArtIs 'hat ma^J^ wan hftrc bofn provoked in ordo 
Id aettle the <^ut>Eion. 

Th<: Kmperot Julian hAd such idiiUkt. to bRirdivIhAlbccrnpLipJ 
hiK pen Agftinxi them, a,nd produced x upOsi utiiicAl oluck m bd 
" MiiopogOD ; or, lincmy of the UcarcL"' 

(lennjin; wu imdouhirdlfalw3j»ji Under hcavfia; Frctlcnci L 
Mimnmcd by ttxc luliiru " Jljirbarovu/' Ckiiii Ijit loci^ ictl t,ci/Jt 
being ihe mo&E ccld>rilcd lmiaucc in the bioor^r uf th? bcatdjD 
that coui>tr/ ; it canj however. U}| t:1atin 1o Ix-in^ ilic fiU^7lb^dfl&f 
one of the longest beardi ^cc>^rdcd, John Mjjo vjh i^ie laWffl 
po9«esior of puc whifh wu so lon^ that ewn by tun<Uo|t npti^^ ^ 
could nol lift ic from the ground, lie wu obliged to <loubk it vp 
and to tuck ii in bin f;tnl[e- Jcnn SUininge, i nMrvc of AutfrU, ■» 
alj>o cclf^br:iicd fiir .1 beard which teacbed to \\\\ ft^. The GeniuDS 
grow bcjrdv mcin' than any other of thr W«tern ruiioJi»- 

KingH hive often HCt tht; faahton ki beards. Philip V. of Spain 
came tu the throne bi.'drdfeBs, for the reoaon that he could not grc" 
□ne- Thii <Naf «|ULie enuugh to make bii coutlier» follov ha 
example, and »bave uhat thc> had ruimerly tel »uch pride liy, 

Francis I, uf France, like llajriin. Vp-^i obligied lo cot9 ascv 
on his chm by n beitrd, jind loyal Fiance ai uQce bccunie beuded 
Louif XUI-H on the olEicr bind, bcln^ )Oung and bcsrJktt, Kt (he 
fMhion, like l*hilip V. uf Spain, of shaving. "Wlien Ljouit VIl^ 
says Disraeli, in bis " Cunnsiiies of LitcrjUure," ''toobe? tlic injnv- 
tions of bi*^ bishop, cropped hi% hair and tboved lii« beaid, Etcaftor, 
bis conuiri, (oimd liim, nidi ihth unusual appeomnee^ vay iidicufcttk 
and soon very cnntemptiblc She revenged herself at ibo l^ou^ 
proper, and the poor sliaved king oblamed a divorce. She theft 
iDLArrLtd Lhf Count Anjou, afterunrd^ our I^lenry II, i>1i« lad ff 
her niniriJLge dower the rich, prcjvinte^ of FoIeoo und (juycwie I iot 
this «us the cngin of those wani^hidi for 300 yean ravaged FiaiK% 
and coat Ihc French 3.000^000 of men. All MfhicJi |jrobabIybid 
never occurred had Louts VH. noc h^ivn io r;i^h a\ to crop hb b^ 
and slave his bc^d, by flhich he io^t Ikvoui in Ibc c^^et of im 
Queen Eleflnor-"' 

The Anglo-S^Konb wcrt; hidced proud of Lh«r beaidti, but ^ho 
^ViUiara of Normandy amved here, be gave oidcr* for evervooeio 
^have- Some, rjther than submit loihis tyrannical treatBient.cabM 
themselves ig a land inhere they could bve with iheir beanSt in 
peacen William's succesi^nr^ however, abandoned bhaving, lod *c 
find ihot p^o^lc dvd pretty much as ihey liked till Eliabcth cm\c w 

C^mffrninsr /ftiinis. 


ibc throne, ivbcn, in iht 6r&t yeu of htr rclgn, a Edx wai Inipo^il of 
5*. 4-/. on cvtT>' bcaid above a fortnighl'^! growth. The lnw wj» 
never enforced, and 10 ii UijscUh The pocu of th:s golden ago of 
liicrnturc make (cvetol dilutions to the benrd and Ehcfamastkshapw 
which v^re&nccccd by ibc ^welU uf <he icmc- The mon notible 
Iruiaccc of ihcic is a putjgc \n the " Qucon ctf Corinth/ by 

B WhSch now hepau I" ihepo»|iirc«f jiT— 

H Thfi Rurnin T, ynui- T l>niil in thi ^taron, 

^^ An4 iwQ-foUl ^oih cxprca th' <fiU0aurcd radtlkr, 

^^^^ Ai hill H jou fcirifamrig inncllt^ 

I fnoi 

I ^^i 


The T bcArd i^ suppoiert Ii> <?«fTihe the mninner of wpanng the 
fnoitiuchc and beard poinrcd^wjthouE iho whiskers— a ra^hion nhich 
origina^cd m ElifJibcth'i icifi'*- and berame cxrcedinflly populir 
duiirifi ihe reigns of the first James and<'harks Manyr, The I'uri- 
tam— to wit, Oid NoH -were cleanly sha«n. Then ChjtHei II,, 
ittih from Paris with all the fashions of that t\l<f. introduced ihc 
nvjiring of i hTdeoiij. bitle luft of fluff on the rhin. The beard* 
diy w«5 over in EogUnd^ at least- for a time^ The tith diMppean 
wilhlheiecondjamei i and Anne'soouructiappcar *nhflean»horn 
Uct%. The raior was attivety kept at work in I'lnghnd through iho 
■hotcof ihceightcenihfcniui), andalmftiitothr fifih dccjidc of thi». 
There were exception?, however, hui mere mdividual ontv The 
eccentric 1x>rd Rolicby tried to re-caiabll&h Ih^ beard, but fatlerl ; 
Martin Van Butchct?, a tuiack doclor of some reputation in ihe 
Kijddic of the !asi ccntut}'. wat a gtcat nupporter of Llic beard, ^nd 
vote one himsdf; andljird CicorgcGorrton, of" Riors" fame, turned 
Jew, and a&sumcdn heard with the enthu&jasm which afnompanicj 
>11 hi* undc iiakififia. Niipotcon ollawed liih iroo[>» i-i wc.-ir begirds 
in M>Tnc cascii And it ii: »id that thetr cx/jniplo rcttoriH the fAhhiuii 
m Lturofif^ But ai the enrt^ part of the [■ri-»Lnt ecninry .inyonc 
wearmg hair on hk» fice in Knj(Lond, vink'i* he b'crc a unlilary man 
or ^ fnrci;^ncr. wM repardtd ,1,1 .1 i«f*on ut Ifc avoided, ,Shaving 
wti made comjmlaory in many of ihc banks till ijuite Uidy, and a 
lev itill perriat in banibhing the mountiche among their einpluydi. 
Ai the lime of the gold fever in Agairalja, many men pew beard*, 
and relomcd home W'»ih them, liui whar gave 4 crcj»rrr jeM to iu 
tekioTAtion M'l,^ perhaps the return gf the Cnmej liero&i bearded lik* 
(be pard. At the present time beardt are more in la^hion than not, 
ihougt^ the professional and sporting man still stands out >gaimt 
ibem. However, prince, priest, and peasanc now glory in beards, bo 


Tie G€HiUmam's J/offoj^tM. 


thiLt il is noi for vraat of exonipk Llut any puikalu UaJ^/m n 
foltowcd, but raiher the Individual uu« otf ibe subjecL 

Fjnini: ih« gnxven of iliu htskni «as iiot rc*tiJcMd cnlsr'7 to 
Eluab^eh'ft i(ig"> l*^^ P«t«i Ui« Cttol of Rcint nude t innhbr ha. 
Kindjn); hi« lumy compotcd of a nuobcr of uDckmly nd betrid 
in4;n, he dctcimJncd lo have tltcm ih^ivun. Thi« ftliiiTin£ Uir vu. 
ho«i:ver^ afi=TwudK cxLcndcd to all ctot* of cili^em, ud it vb 
ord«ti:d tl^Jt JLi'tcr a given i^rlv thcra fchcoJd bf A Ui \cvifd dt 1 
hundrvd rouble* on a]ldi»obcyioi£ th«bir. Tbt Ru«uinsttc[tc» 
btriativa in the niniiot of boards, and prefbrrtd to pay tli« bx nita- 
than bliavt', and il i^on became a. prodijciive source of remnt 
FriesCa iind peasanu Ht^re ilfowed a latitude which wai not cattoM 
to any other clabi : ihvy irere on^y requited lo pay oim kopek lar Ik 
privilcgL- of rtUiEiif^K tlicii beaids cvvry lime ihcy p«»ed tl:«|ttc 
of the city ; and x mriull cvppcr token wai ipi^Cii them by wiy ct 
receipt : one lide botv a iepTe»ntatiorv of a now and mn«nb viihi 
moiuULche and a 3tJiig IxMrd, And the nordA " Money recciToL* (a 
ihc reverse tlie (Jate of the year- So strongly was this law trHrt^t^ 
thai in nxore tbjLti one oue ic k-d to the spilling of blood- Otlvei 
were sutioned at the ciiy fiAl» with swords, an<! if any bctid wattr 
refused lo pay tbe lax, he v^% at unce subniiiied lo the onlra] Ki a 
gratuitous ihavm^H 

The Church haa had much lo do mth beards. 3kUny of ibt 
Pope* have worn beards— for an inslance, (he bi^aiififol portiail d 
Julius n. in the National Gallery, and many of the i^inti are pix- 
Irayed bearded. But llie Greek and Roman Chumheii %<:ws lo 
huve found something to iiuarrel over, even iri the matter o( bhai^og 
or ivearing th<.- hitir on tho chin. 

EcclesiasticE of (he Greek Church retain the beard, while ihv 
Roman priest oftoday ie not allowed lo |^n-oneunlc«9> lie etauBi 
the special p^^rmisEion o( iho bishop of hn dioccie ; but t))c diidplige 
on ibis mailer has been altered, so thar ihc mlc uhkb cdstt ai 
present has not always been in vogue. En some of the orden, tbt 
lay-monks fcccp tlicir lie.itds while the pri^u ihai'c. A speed 
service evifits in the Church for the bicssing of the bcaid« of JU 
recoived imo monai^Ltc orders. 

The clergy of the Higli Church party in England ahtvc moM 
£i:aIou&Iy as a ruli: ; ^Ttnle those (if lihcml views, and d^wmAf 
ministers, frequently do not. 

The literature of the hcaid is n^t e^irentive, but some, it votti 
appear, have elected to write on the subjecL John Bulvcr, "nir- 
named the ChirOEOpher," published in 1650 hit " Atiihtcpo«Bti> 

Ci^ttiimtHg B^anlj, 


ih« Ati?ficiAL CliAn^^fli^ 

H'bi^h cotilains a good 

uiaiEri nl bc:ircb. Ur. Uor^n mcntiQiii 4 remarkable 

on ihc {iriciicc of vhavin^ ftom tlic pen of the late Jaraiet 

R,A,, hut il hAt not came under \X\c writer'^ notice. The 

which bean ihc liiie of *' A 1 icfcnrc of the Beard," \% based 

' upon Scripiural ^|^und&, 

mo«l rvimofdinBiy (lAiniihlct of but a (vvt [jA^e& Appeared in 
U iftfio, *fjtltii liy "Thvotoyift," *hoevt-r he may lie, called 
ing a Itidch of thr Satibjili, anil a hJniJcrarci; in Ehc ^^ircad 
Or^ltl" Hi auiEior waiir!* elorjuirnL oicr hja tubjecl. And 
3B« the hjrTOwing scenu* (with whidi bt a|i|;c<ira 10 have an 
iw tnc^vlcdj^c) uf the barbcis* shop^ on Sunday moming, 
Ihcj UrElft Are ringing for i^hurcli — uiih iu occu^anU Uthcred 
ibcir noaes, or flw.iidng the opcuEiom for which he professes 
D inveterate dlibVc, 

TUB proi^ndal ilutef.u spciVcn la thf nni 
loivlJ^dft of ^colUnd rU Civni-iin a MrOP| 
fIem«?nE, cnniiiiting (or Ihc motl p^rt of Old Iltiilil 
CumWr):ind ttn^kiage n no e-u-qiHori lo Ihc nilc ; 
reiiMikabk- fGilur^ i& (he presence in it uT many 
drttvcd Trom the NonCi or ^iKicnt bngu«gic of Sqe 
»urvLvt?« a^ a, spokm tongue m Iceland, and il bds b< 
that wmcvrhere ib^ut the year looo a.V^ bandi 
Vikiiifti cro&scd cjvci from the ls?c of Had, where thq 
tnUbliihed ihumsdvcs, wtilcd on the opposite eoait 
and there found congenial surroundingi in the vild 
vcitlcyi of the I-afce liininct. Thii theory ha» been 
AiLd bupporttd by Mr, Robert Ferguson^ in hit A^ 
iterland *tnJ Wtifnicrtiartd- 1 

Otii:^ of the &iioj)ge«l pieces of evidence wn^ 
in support a\ hit aTgument i& Ihe occunencc oT 
namci m Norw.*)' nud CumbciUnd, which |»oi»l t 
NorvegLin immigrants ininsfcrted to thctr nc^'ly « 
TUimc?: of tocalicies wirh which they ^^«^e famJliu m t 
birth, just js, in ti?teni times, cinigrjnia from ihc Br 
bestowed the name* of rheir naiivc village* upon ij 
ments in Ihc Auitrillan bu»h, oi the luitkwoodi of 
folluwinji ;uc cutnplcs oi placc-namei cuninion la |j 
Hrgli^h Lake DiiUkt : I 

' ■- j»j-*— '-* 

Tk4 Cumicriand DiakH. 513 

^^ Ls ia c^-crydar use in Cumbcrl^ind. The lake mountaitu arc, or 
^'^re imiil rcccniljv known to the natives fts tho WciC Fclk In 
*^«>d<m Norwegian Ihcwof J, it will be observed, hat become changeit 
^lo fjdd, bui in Iceland people %X\M say ftll. 

Oihcr Cun>bcrIan<J words of disMnctJy Scandinavian origin a.r« 
^o». a hill, derived froai ihc Old Nar*c ^'Vitfr ; lara. a JitUr lake, horn 
■>>H? NorMi ^it™ - tup» a ram. like the Siw^dish tupp ; gimm^r JamK ji 
twt Sajiib, corresponding lo the Danish nmmtH^im and llie Icelandic 
i'^h-^mttr \ scLir< u pnjcipicu, froirv thu Old Nor^iv j^rrr, :ind sieg, 4 
Sender, like she Ic<:landic a/qiXn In Ihe latter Unguagc, howevi-t^ 
the ictm i!i applied to a cock-bird of anj' sort, U'e may con»fMte 
"iQi ihiji our word '* fowl," which oiininally signified a bird of any 
Jdcrrption, but nhich In modem En^'Ii&b [9 applied almost cxeki- 
■J^riy to domciitii: poultry. We may alio notice luck, a smoll 
qiaatiiy of ajiyihjng, Travindal DaniBh !i>^e \ (hiang, bu^y, oJd 
?*or*e ihrat/nsr\ ikelp. to smack, Oid Korse tkt!/a ; slocken. to 
*I««ich Ehtral, Old Swedish sl&cAna -, fettle, to fcpair, Old Nonc^fz/j^ 
^i^dling, heathen a word common 10 all the Scandinavijui b&gua^?^. 
^>Jp, to [eor'^ st°"& 'o sting, and drucken, drunken, arc not corriiji. 
tiflniof [he Anglo-Saxon words, but are analogous forms from \i^ 
OTd Xonc language, hiaupa^ itartga^ and druckinn. 

The Socfll use of the particle "aC Instead of "lo/' in such 
phr«eB as, "* My watch tA broke, I mun get somclhing done at ir^'» 
*• ttid to be of Scandinavian origin ; so oiw, I bclrcvc, )« i^'^ 
**ft»ilBion of Ihc f in the possessive eaae. For examjile, W'iky mooj 
'**««Bl William's alloimcni of moorland ^ and Johnson holm meaT^e 
Joboton^B rivcrwde meadov. At any rale, many of the Old Kor^^ 
P'**t"name» in Cumberland are similarly compounded ThwRave- 
™cl[ 11 Rifn'a bcek, and Buttcrmcrc la ]^tilliar'\ ini-rv. 

There arc two peculiarities in the dinlect which immcdiai^sj^ 
'^''te the stranger. One is the use of .i plural noun followed !iy 
J^'"l» of the singular number-^" Apple* ii scarce/ The aiher ii i},. 
"<^iieni use of the auxiliary verb m tht future itnae whcrr 
"***uld use the present, *' What's thai noise?" 'Mt niii ht 
^'^vrpncr,' The future tense, .is ihu* used. aeem» to imply »uj 
^^ctnark i^ conjerJural, and that the speaker makes it subjeQi ,- 
^^^jon. The phrase -1 suppose,- ^ commonly used in Enftiuh 

h^r *" '^'' """ '^■'^^' ^''*"**' ' ^^onj^ture 4* to what foljo^ . 
.,y tnCumberlnnd -I t«ppo«- precedes rh(- sutement of^f"/ 

* suppo«W.[eyJoh,.son. .got i.way"ts equivalent to .he asLT 

^n,,,lhe Johnson .s deai M doubt" [, another phrase S. 
^PUca no doubt .r alL "I doubt it is ro ram " me^"^ "^ 

^1 ^ 

7kt CfHiitwans Magazine. 

nil awt x\ will min," vhich is g^nfntlsr a art- pmlictiMi Ic nultr in 
thcKakc Hiimrt "I giiMi " and '* I reckon ' »rt ^eqaefitfy kan^ 
ttnd alihaL]j:h thc> ;irc genc^ralj^ set down rti bHnj; Amcrian W' 
foriinni, ihry mjiy mrtrc pmftcrly he rlAvw^ ju Old F^^rth c^ita- 
Bion^ a relic of ihe times of the Pilgrim Fathers. Tbo *Ed 
" cmckcr," meuniag & biscuit, bclonf;^ k> the tjimc cat«saiT. Tb 
parLicl«a of artecr^on and DCjacion, aye and nay, luvc alio ftft eU- 
world found to southern cars. The pronunciation of the letttr r k 
much slurred orer and clipi>ed in modem Knglbh speeck Pt 
lendoncy had atruidy bc^un tn Shakcepearc's day ; *' f(c i^Hs Iptf 
«pot " should htf read " He call* sporrut >piwL" Tho CumUnS 
ftdll continue 10 p\v the letter ib full phonetic value, and p^ 
nounco birds " borrudC and worma "wumimsu" Tbc denuU iff 
fr^sfut^ntly aspirated ihut; : " dodder/* to lotier, is oftea procouiKd 
dod ther, butter bui ihcr, daufihtci doin thei, and so on. 

The lont^ a in »uch wotds as uonc, rope, home, tnoon k ofce* 
softened into at. and they become itcar, reap, hcam, in^an> Tk* 
fallowing table give$ the u^ua! pronundnifon of the voweb:- 

Alt, « in oari, H pponou rKf>l ATR^ u fn |i1r» 


























































It \% eusiomary for wayrareri to addreii posing temail* to cnt 

another on the .subject of tbe vrcath^f and the duWt ii lich in 
terms denoting the vaiioua conditions of the aimotpherc Tht saluution, *■ \C% a fine day," evokes the reply, "A}ic, it nZt 
but A doubt we13 have :k sup of min afore ncet, beouic A loaded t^ 
the gUas ond A iced she^d slipped a bit" When ihc weather 11 ¥f. 
it is said to he " soft.'* when shower)' il 11 " droppv." when wmdf it ii 
** blowy."' whrn ^veiand ifindy it \% "clfldiy"'cif "ila*hy."' Ifdmelr 
it in described as " daggy/' if rough weather 11 \\ "coarte," :f mudd? 
"elariy/* jfdry "drofiy," if niiflty "rowky" if *lippeiy " liape." Al 
certain limes of the ycara vci-y iio^cnr *md mihr* down Irom ttrf 
topof Cioan Fell. It is locally known a« the ** Helm lVand''(tlMf Ut 
The whclmwind or whirlitir^d), and during the time it pRnilii the 

Th Cumb^rfavd DiafteL 

weather n lAid to bf " helmy." When w show* lignt of impmnw- 
menl, an cipinion n npicascil that it i\ "gojng lo take up" or 
** going to come out fair" A h}\ of snow is icrmccl " a ilortn," nnd 
when il selttri fant U|ir3n the gnxirxl, a ^^ fciTding iiorm." 

The trumherland folk arc t'cry keen fr^hcrmM, and tl>e ti,ilc of 
the fiver for the time bcmj; ifTcrds an c^iually fertile topic of con- 
vematioiv When it ii low ihcy lay, " Kdcn (never t/it I*den) is vrry 
Illlc," when it %% tiling, "Eden w coming down," and when it is 
IkUing again, "She is coming in a bU." The smooth pads of & river 
»rc de^ciibed a» " log-waTer," and Ihc drainage w>ucr, as ojipo»ed 
to »prinK %-jiitf, it called "day-waLer." In order to illustrate the 
woidsanO phE3&e% u:ied in daily eonverKaliQii, 1 have Jntroduccd two 
monoloRue*, unt by .1 famict and tlte oiher by a gtiJiitteeper, and I 
have added some svipplcmcniary remarks, in eaoh case, by v-'ay of 
explanation. Thfy are not entirely innaginary, but arc composed of 
teniences and cxprrf^ion^ nhii:h I have actually heard uKed by the 
people themselves, and they may lerv^ to show iheit mode of speech 
find habiL of thought : — 

fsfmff jtoquitur}. So yeVc l*Ddc4l &E lotL 1 Well, A'hx proud (u He vqu. 
A'll iu*l 1*11 ihf lad 10 TobK ihc fwiraa oq| ol i he jrj/ivrjinct He*, de»f, but 
A^U 4i>9R iaiccue bjoi^ kTy m^i^ui hu liteii only \rvf cnlddljng. She~4 kocplnf^ 
beH«ocw 1 butfiJie'i v*ry uieUrt ^help^eti]. Whai A meaT there is in yon field 
Ihcfra/ ! Wliei; rlicm Irl^b ItfAit^eomc. thfj w»u Icanu piiMucliJi, 40J now 
ibcT'rB 11 /ai u ImMheN It's ErUirni wie fuggeil up, Itosi'cvei ; WP lJCi;an lo 
plooocil I f>'irl nf ihf licM» and ihirn nieil iL dn'l^vcovpr, Vcftgr^Eau^h liee 
hu miuhcd Ihe J^litn H'l bf"! fp' i^e land when (bt dLk«i it down, the tit.nii 
runciftii (he mn'iiiC'iTiGiit into ihc planimes. Thi^ cundlth hu ^\ pnij-vr^y- 
dOpfml wilU inu-l. (iifA wapijail to rummd C^tJr} fT « bit wjlh a •liclr, it would 
coon huili awa'. Then'* ("Jm enwuig li^ie, A con feel il. Tuh I A'a? f oltch 
A hEjBAj; Train a wcipi Ther?'» a wwp ai here. tt*» h BironG 'un. luid ihc h« 
b curiJii|E uMt tyikL, Tl'i & riny kiulesomc And canfcadnniF (iirn^ [« n w»p 
R«nc^ Cue c>f JobUir't Ml, lh0 Tliiv rme, has ^n\. j aennirj^ hmd. Ilv wu 
•lace by a iJc* worif», and bij Orni ivelleit up, so he [-ot it channKl by im |ii^. 
HMD. Th«m from L'onnnUfihl 13 h«l. The/ Bplts nnd brcmliri ofi ihe wuuiie!. 
A'v« hnfcd ■«!! gif ^" Izi^EitAn dnv± a nQ£ round d; (t^iu! with I|k fiii^ti^ ii 
<aA'l 5(ir, Jfld tli*iii liiih biaiU it lairiLlt fin Imniihicif- (aal*«, A ivhi on« 
juM Bbout fiiltiP^ Jo*n iH ?nme iptaTt)' graa in yonder ^Uck, when an adilri 
tflnintfil om wid Ji«cd at me. T^lyvfotil " A did njfil Jiil* jn kind of id Jet. 
A wu wMlcv tanlble fashed with Corns. baL A bftd ihon ch±rmeil, end AVr j^L 
ibol "Jf Xhfm BOW- A sTippirt* Wiley Juhnion \\ ^ol iwriy fit dtidl^ him ^\ 
u*f<l todn^t the dodaery eivr wiih a cmtdy. Ah**id iliem uy ln>[ cvmrn^ as 
hgw I1C n^Lld niX |ntl on fHirvur) Ihoufih the aifht. lie's rbe tame kind 
(limily) of JnhnKin p* NrdJie. One nI hi^ wiia it a gmb^i, jTid (other's « 
dihrappcF. Mr Iitle larrivr litter Neddie L>adly. \\<'\ full brother ta Ihe |kic»i's 
da*j. Di t l"f"' a coarse un, ond a fight IcE^c tflo I He Cflgchi a foi-d^^s 
by (be hind l*|{ arid fairly 1iiiiii>pi:d 1I njih lui reeiS ! Tliaf meoffr fjcrlpof^s in 
'rite Buff. Thty wU hm Bull. He't a foreifiQei frem Vorkahi«, and hf has i 


broibFi llvfifa i>irt:ut ihixil Ke*mTTf. flv liiriAt lIk tkKbtf bwcMlk 
mii'foo: ytJid«r, \\ iivA lo b* a \wrty ibvntovHFj fcui ihvy 1^ it «tf pi^ 
vtnT lh« li(«Dce|» Ite'f ■ lL«h ixtkvv) iDftn, aiuJ Uw«y^ vclNoamd. IWctt 
coupcd (npkcil lidiDG ia ihn poil (^ iitd mj|;bt cuj hif r bcfn nckrJ. Tht 
huUnrthr wbrrl w rcitlrq, A'rc been ratCihf «imK ^>rrrLln« ca ibc pca^M 
hip ufi (covtr] iht U(i]«« wii^H li'tt^rvriditrathfl-for llAlic Ihculba Thn^ 
* klfl' y fi^wk hviEin BbccL There*! fire In Ibc Air. Wficn ihtrr'tbcbilk 
ftif, (he finw* oil Uif ihundc' and it kctuTio (eunlla) lti# aeXk. Mc iMsCi^ 
dowi-ibci wia iiiBfiLl 1a>i w«V. Ii h"* jubI a qulM do Ep>nf Jb fct^aac lib alt 
dif] tht hLndis v»J ol rrbmBry. Shi ittnk bo4 i*iih KlUklb mAjat vi uik 
tfonirr 4Ad liAKhcd (tooUedy. Thfi« wfr* ■ ciofiy few &lk biiMr^, lu«fvi*. 
Me, Kulluck U k pmc (ei^) QriLllpmiiJi, njul iluao'l ^«ik lo OOt tDl ttiA 
nQoihan Ka i-]wg,}n movs to yuu tail |i±hc« iht iJin* o' 4fl7 oo "fae nd. 
Grordi; liudapit^ hat ihv faim neni hoti |aO> l^i* fi4b« lAd dihici vu^Jv 
codtJni. We marictiv [lie hmLi thi^ilhrr, in«l hcl^n yen uLhbfr bacAvM^Mt 
foRuds nf a thranir Cl^uty) time. The |fon (gotr) «tk aiUn ar« «ii4 fwi^K 
H A butchvd ii, idJ lc m>d* unmil AliQf. A don'i cu« fw »ata nvlt W 
A'n bonjij for litljeij >ay : ynumun Hdo a bil. iL'i only tlmxo'<^^^ H* 
wrtich jt A guoJ ^4niier (QuerX tiul ihc't nihei twirt. Abungbi iT aWJI fllOT>4 
^in tync. A'll leLl ilie lid lo put (o, uiJ you'JI luvc ■ np it whlikej, Bfj b^ 
while hc'q yoking ihg bono. 

"To land " is to arrive ■( one's de£tin«lion by any concdtibb 
meant, and " cunve>-ance " is an equally do^iic term, applkttUe u 
every kind uf vchicl^^. including the fnilTay train. Fog it ibe 
name given to the mosK gruMmg amongst the loots of iht fEVn^ 
which h then said to be "fogged up/' Corer seeds soim aBweff 
the com, which alTord " eaiage '^ for cattle when the cro|> hu beta 
han-esied. are denominated " dover fog." " Siugh " (proriouncvd nfl) 
is the igt:a] nune for the willow-tiee. Otiicc n^unes iot ircM An: 
"auk"or "aik,"theoak; *-aum," the wych-elm ; **birkt*thebnft; 
" bore-tree," the elder -, " esp," the aspen ; '' eller," the aldo, from 
which are madu the sotesorthe "dogs" u&oaUy worn In thcei^mi^rr; 
"gean," the wild cbcrry-ttce ; " hollin," the holly; "rowan," ik 
mountain a^li ; and "planuin," the lycamore. A iarmcr mho purs 
plenty of manure <^n his land h de«c:ribed as "a gnind mani^/ 
the term ** management" being used as synonj'mous with manure 
(locally pronounced manner), which js derived from the French 
TuanamTfr, lo manage. A planiaijon of trees is called"* pUnl- 
ing." Jobbie rs shcirt for Joseph. There are also Allchie fm 
Archibald, \\11ey and Biley for Wjllijun, Geotdie for George^ \Mf 
for Eli^abeih, and Peggy for Margaret (the as^ocijition of MoKi- 
Peggy being analogous lo MollyPollyl. Some of the Iq<u1 *tinunvt 
are curiously contracted in common parlance. Thus A?kn»cr^ 
becomes Archin, Blenkinsop. Blenship : Heiherington. Hathntirit 
Hodgson, Hojin ; Rowanson, Rowion ; and ^Vilklnsnn. tVilktv*?- 

The CvmBeriand Dialed. 

Many vllL^& boo^l of 4 *' whilv wicch," who U a rival lo the duly 
qualified medic^il pracLJlioner- When a child hu an "ouislnke" 
.ind is ^'r^hcLJ,** i>r Ui^ulTorlng fiom *' wax-kcfncU ^* (/-r swetlin^t in 
ihc neck c:tuscd ^y \l^ waxing too faat]« it a prompUy takt^n off 
to have the di*ease chitfiHcd awiy. The Scotch use slmiLu charms. 
For lEiKAnce, if a ])«T%on is suJTerjng from nngworm, the charmer 
tpriskles some ashes on (hi; sore, and recites ihe following 
tncantalign ;^ 

Never m jym ihou hpccd or ifaad, 
Bui aj« graur Icai itii) ]f«^ 
Ani) (^IF Bvay amang ihv ai^ I ** 

Bendrfl Ih« nprrssion " put or,** there are '^ put down,'' to kill jin 
aoimal, '*putto," loKimcM hones loa carriajpf , and *' put about," to 
be annoj-cd The people arc vciy clannish, and when they tatk of **a 
foreign^ from the East," a stranger would nattnatly&uppoic that they 
arc referring to a dutky native of India, or al Icrasc ro a wiac man 
from Ihe djstant Orient ; hot they ari^ only !spcAking of some ncw- 
comer from Ihe adjoining county of Northumbeiljiivd Every viUage 
]> dignified "(ruh the name of "town," and the Cumbertund folk are 
very fond of mch combinacions as "town-foot," " bank- head," "tice- 
»ot," "airt-bottom,'* '■ Trcck-cnd." They speak of " lifting" potatoes, 
not digging them ^ of "ihenring,"' not reaping corn; of " dipping," 
not «hc^iing ^heep , of " lending," not carrying com. Hay is made 
up into very large cocks, called " pike^/' and the corn is set Up into 
ahorks of twelve sheaves, termed " iToiAs,'^ Other curious farming 
terms are " Liytc,'* a crtrtiihtd ; " fiighull," a. pjfc'styc ; " iloop," a f(atc- 
po9t ; "gTipc," a folk; *' ^linTj";! grar^ing; *'heck/' a rack; " hog," a 
yearling Umb; "kirn," a h;ttv('h'jnie entertainment, " riggin,^ a 
roof; •* slfc*" a ladder i and '^stitcheV'ro^s of tMtmp? or potatoei. 

Now we will hear what the gamekeeper has to say: 

C*fi4tiv^\\.*i<\^\tvt).— A ih'iiAc til:' dhcii turn in pI this ycE u4 bont ilown 
fay, [Dprim ^iK, wliich rnlh I^aE niL ihc EintiiLi), ] By |,':ir I Sh^'t nlT her CTOoIiLt. 
Then^ l^'fip cubby OcqiicnEE ih«c [rjimiiEs [To rlog, ] ll[ ovef. Bill, aeak 
la, COod Aav^ I Aho, Dill 1 'I'hc ileg'^ ttDndioc poiTLicJ ycndcr, Sif. Aho I 
4»ifA Al 6t. ]3iK 1 Bill 1 All letcli ibcc tiway jusl duw ! tl^ npltbuL 4 ioblui 
li^i«niicf. A iMil il *»ino| (citFpJ unt^H Lhe dike and liafe jonJer, (To dog.] 
\Vu' h>r' : All gld lh« A ^y trouncin); wli«a A gh lilt thee I Ptnt; (be dAwg I 
ll«'aawar [Fm timci Jlc'^civm' bisKLfb ei^y ]A>t;irc. All £ic thee klc < n-cU- 
ingi my tftdi ^^'l1l' litii\ lie fipc ihnine *. Hi in nuit T IIc^b fiuitCing vnitetldng 
uutf, Krtl'rr, thrip'ii tied lu Ijc Ukn!* In llii* field. Il'a nlivays a smEltle plare 
lor inifUUlKo whtn il'* tormui-, llnvc a cflrt, &«, ihcreg nowt (lio/nfcl caltlej 
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