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Mintfia Gr€}. 



Gentleman s Magazine 

Volume CCXL. 
N. S. 18 



E Pluribus Ukuh 

Edited by SYLVANUS URBAN, Gentleman 



-*// r/^Mit rrs.rVfd 



uiKkr KiQff OthA By WMam Thoknpl'hy . , . «* 
'BAJOOkt on ihif Drina Fronlirr of lIogniHi. Uy JO>ir? S- 

STVAAT-Glknkik, ma. . 36s 

:k'i Urcrary Foctih). Uy VKKttci^ lli.'kF)-F.K ' ■ 55 
'» Heiti Dinner at Oxfonl, The, nnd a Gcmianic Sun-GnJ. 

By KARt. BUXn . , . . . , 96 

CalruetJ in the Olden Time. hyjAUi> HlllXiV , 3^9 
Cheolkr D^Eon,] 1'cur ilic G^c-Lt'a Wilt, lly O. C- DaL- 

HOfsiE Roes . 159 

CUnuttfOfC^FMt BrtiiAn, The. Uy Lord Di: TAavlvv . . . 459 

Ccllcy CU>bcT **. Sbokcipcane- lly H. Bakton T1akpu< , . 343 

Coving CloK Appro^tch or Mrin, A. R> RiciiAitr A Piioci'OR 544 

OvmrcO, Oliver^ ac ItampK^n Court. Ily Joh^ \^. MAR^it , . 749 

Dcfp-Srs Explomtinr. »y A\I>RFW Wruww, Ph,D- . , 109 

tttlylUiuiTiNuvck By jAUr-sMrw ?i4 

E^poonibes of Edgtumbc and Cochcic, The, By £. Wauord, MA, ;oo 

FacuaDclFictionftofZooJog^-.Scitn*. By AVMiKW Wit-sok, Ph-U Ajij 

f$ah nclili^Ad Ki*l«res New. Ity K M"MiiiiMtKiK Kanktni; sjS 

Cnkk^ub Piciures, TlkC. Dy Fkrcv Fnxoi^ALD . $61 
Cttftd Turit Ai Home, The, ]ly OiUJiiC£ Avcir^l's Sala : 

Pan 1 5^4 

n. 698 

8«lr Sepul<fire, Tbe. By W- Hm'worth Dixox . , -354 

lUlIu, By £. LVKIf LIS-TL'N- I86 

Huterbnm withnix Culdri^, TUf. tly Ah'IHI:r ClsT, MA, . . 417 
Hi» Miu-iiihfopc, tl> jL-yL'i?< M'Cari'iiv; 

Chap. L M^Sii MisanOirope . ^ , . ^ . . 1 

th Tt«EvecrU1>rrty - 14 

III, The Man wuh u Grievance M 

nr. "Oh, much-dcsiKd priic, sivccv Liberty l" . . 129 

V- Miw Croyi firil Call IJ7 

TL U Ihtt Alrr*u^ > . . , , . 150 

V;L Od the Budge 1(7 

VIM. A"Hdpeji*f L'nliyppy Mvti" , , . . . ^ 
lit Jn Sotift}' ' . - i , . ' Til 




CbAfi. I. '*Thp Pf>^E in a ijoMnr -igp was born " 
XI. TbcGiy Science in a New I llu^^t ration 
XIIp " Lcrt'C, Ihc Mi;5»cn^cr of Death " 
xni. A Man ottheTtme . 
XIV. A MMnigbi Canflilcncc 
XT. A Morning Confidence • 

KVl. Oia^telard 

XVIL '■Undef Botiryltfi!"* window-pane"*" 
XVIM. "Counsel BewfAycd" . 
Nine Greek Lyric Poets, The. By Moretos J, W.vLHOiraE 
Oce-in Lo>:, My, from N«wc%sile to Unib»n«L By KED-SpjNSf^& 
PfTfonal Adventures m War Time, Hy Vamimink H«K»:tt 
Itccovuy of Fdcsimc Dy W. Hefworth Duco^ : 

awp>vi< GaUlee 

VII, Cfin^ in C;ah1o« ...... 

Kcpie^rnuiivc Min of Lntt CcnLury, A. Kjr II. Bamtu:* Uakkk 
Romeo and Juliet, TLic True Story cf. By G, Eric Macka^ . 
Roy£aAcndemy,Tbc Hy ]. Comyns Cabr . . . . 

RopI Trio of the 1-1*1 Centirry, A ny H, Hauiyjv Bakkr . 
Sajlina of ihc SrtiUliiw.Thc. ISy ALf^cn\QVN C- Swi^ftiUKNK 
Schnftppci Excursion, A. By REU-SriNNSK , . - . 

S«neca'fi Ctdipus. Hy W, H, Mallocic 

Siren-Song. Ry Joseph Knight 

SUveUuDt irt Borneo, A. By Frederick BOVLI^ . 

Sleep on : n Dir^. By JOHjr R Davi£6, B.A, . 

Some Sava^ MytV? and Beliefe, By J- A. KAtJkEK 

Some SavLit'c Provejbs. Dy J, A, Farreu , . . , 

Stranec Sca-Crcaiures, By BicilARO A. Proctor 

Tuble-Talk, B/ Svrv^^NUS Uwbaw^ Gentlemfln : 

The Atttit: Expedition— Mr, Carlyle antl Mr. Svirinbiirne in ihc 

potiltCfll arena— Mr. Alfred Austin's indictiTieot of Russia — 

Tbe designs for the Byron morminenl— Dmmatic rfcilisni — 

Firvs in llieatrcs— Red- Spinner's ocw lionic in Queensland 

The Nutioiial Gtillcry— Novel rctiton far ttie study of roa^^oes 

—Tbe Famine in I ndu^ Marriage present* — Dr. Scbbom-^rtn's 

excivaiions at Mycenfe— The '* lUb Ballads " prevision— The 

Sea Serpent ...,>.>.-. 

About t-. BtiloB— *XondcnaedClaMira "—Freedom from bigotry— 

A journey round the world— Hidden treasure— Auber's monit* 

mem ; ciamplcs of his huinoar- Sir Anbur Guinneis^ epigram 

^Myj-ciopglpb— Lady Helpa here and in Amcticii • • • 

Contents. vii 


Tabk-Talk. By SyLVANUS Urban, Gentleman— fi?Hi/>(*^rf: 
CoDtemporaiy dramaticliterature— Keen enjoyment of Art — Study 
of Shakespeare at the Antipodes— Woolner'a statue of Captain 
Cook-'Genilemen Helps and their dangers— Turk or Osmanli ? 
—The humourless North— Artistic swindling and burglary — 
The Telephone — Professor Barffs discovery — Fires in theatres 507 
Old Sl Pancras Cemetery— Linguistic errors— The proietlion 
of wild birds — O'Leary and Weston— The Countess of Essex^ 
Dr. Schliemann and his discoveries — John Lee, the Monnon 
Bishop-Synchronising docks — Fires in America . . 635 
The Geography of the War — Etymology of "Chouse"- — A loco- 
motive club-house— The progress of population — Modem 
modesty— Alexander PetOfi— The Tabard Inn— Election ''by 
the conuniitee "—Kilty Stephens — Making one^s mark— Tor- 
pedoes — A strange dream 756 

Td^raphy, On some Marvels in. By Richard A. ProctoR - 718 
Tfaee Roses, The. By Edwin Arnold 205 

illustrations to '' miss misanihrope." 
By Arthur Hopkins. 

VOIOLA GREV Frontispiece 

■We don't care about Nature— our school," to face page 156 

"That is what comes of being popular and a success '^ ^ 284 

A Perforuance before Three People . . ^, 398 

'There, that is perfectly beautiful" . . „ 527 

The " Odious Race of the Unapprecjated " . . „ 641 



Jan'uarv 1877* 


Chapter I. 


HE little town of Dakes-Keetoo, in one of the more northcm 
of the midtand coanties, had in its older ^ay% t:vo great claims 
to coRsLderation. One was a park, the other a sweetmeat. The noble 
t^ly who&G name had passed throug'h many generations of residence 
4ihe place had always left their great park so freely open to every 
owthat it came to be like the common property of the public; and 
the town had grown Into fame by the manufacture of the sweet- 
meat which bore its name almost everywhere in the track of the? 
Keteor-Hag of England, But as time went on various other places 
look to manufactunng the sweetmeat so much better, and selling 
iso much more successfully than " Keeton," as the town was com- 
■only called, could do, that "Keeton" itself had long since 
retired from the business, and was content to import the delicacy 
*bich still bore its own name in consignments of canisters from 
Manchester or London. During many years the heir of the noble 
^ily had deserted Che park^ and had never come near it ot 
TKar England even, and everything that gave the town a distinct 
reason for existence seemed to be passing rapidly into tradition. 
It had lain out of the track of the railway s/stem for a long Xme, 

Vol, j hr rS//, ^ 


■•'•'■ ■■■■! ' 

V ,t -•• /- s J - • - . 

2 75t^ Grntfrman\x Afrigtt^m^ 

^nil nLcn iHc railway -%yitcm al length cQdiMc<] it in iu nrms 
jiilcntion &fcmod Ici have come loo late. All the iivAt <»f life 
.ippc:trnc1 to have c:hillcd out of Dukon-Kccton In the nn«AntlTnc, 
;iad it lay now bctwccu tivo nulwiiya almost fis iraniniatf- ;tn<I 
ZiopclcHs a Ivmp as the child lo whonn Iho Erl'king:'^ touch i^ Tatol 
in }iiv f*iThcr*)E omu. 

T]«-' jjJik, with Us hu^c pd-IaccUkL*. b.trrnck'likt hwani;, nut tt 
ooatlc and too ^rcai to be caDcd rncrcl)' a bdll, lies almost tin- 
medialdy outside the town, From strc^t'ti inU ahopa thcvifiilor 
paaaeh 8trjigtitwa> Through the gsaei <jf thf ^ri:ai 4*ndoiurfr. 
Every attongcr who ho^ seen the hoitec l» takca at once 10 ace 
unothcr object of intCTcatn In Ihv ccnttL; of the park vat a 
troad, rl*Mr *tpacr*, msido- hy ihi> felling and n^moving of CT«y 
tree, until It spread there shaip ^iti hard as <l buTBt*oiit 
putch m a forc£L Gmvd and smnll Miclh mnde the pareTncnt 
of this spacCf and thus formed a new conimst with iho- turf, the 
g^i^Liscs, ^nd the iindepvQod of tlic \\'.\fii all ^ound. In the 
midst of thiA open space there: nisc a large drctilaj building; a 
tov^r, low in hdghl wht-n the btilk enclosed by its circnrnfcrynce 
WA( €ongidcrf>d^ and standing r»i a great ^tjirare plntffinn .if Aniid 
masonry with ->ileps on cnchof lis Mdcs. The tower itself reminded 
one of tho tomb cf Cecilia Mctella. or some other of the lomba 
that still stand near Rome, II was in fici: the maiiaoh-riim which it 
bad pleaded the father of the preteiil oniier Lr> huve erected fOr 
himaclf during his [ifctimc. lie lavished money on it, c&jcd 
nothing for the co^t of matr^rials and libour, pl^inned il Oint 
biinst?ir, watched every detail, and stood by the workmen as ifccy 
toiled. Within he bad prepared a lordly reception-room for ht» 
dead body when he should come to die. A superb Barcopha^ili 
of porphyry, ftt lo have reeoived the rr^nnin? of a Cisar, was ihcTc 
When the work was done and all was ready the lonely owner 
visited il evcr>' day, unlocked its tnnssive gate, 2nd went in, nnd 
lat sometimes for hours in Iii^ own mauBoleura, Hf? wa? growing 
ins;;ine, people ihoui^hu in theae later days, and they couutod on 
his soon becoming an actual madmin. So far, however* hO 
showed no greater miiiness than in wasting his money i^n a 
huge tomb, and waaiing so muuh of his tim<^ in visiting it prema- 
turely* The tomb proved 3. vanity in a double sense. For the 
noble own*r wars cciaed with a eudd^n mania for travel, and 
resolvod TO go mund the world. Somewhere in mid'-tMean he 
was Utacket] by fevi^r, or what alarmed people called the phgiac» 
jmd he died, and hm body had t*j be comaailtcd without modi 

oiCtfCBftonul Cj^ ihc sea. He bml bitiU bi^ mrtnumcnt to 
S^ fiQKMe. He mw a^vc* to occupr iU ll alood a vast *md 

OivrthestcAL gAtc ibrcm^b which Itm in^tcsoleum va£ entered 
wtrvikte he4td» iMmlptunxJ in ^tonc. One was ih«t of 4 ma:) In 
Ur prime of itiAnhoQil> with lips and ^-ubrowi contracted aiiii 
I |«cktcd, forrbc^t wrttitlcd, uid i^ri foil n( nnxlnM^ Hr^tm, all 
I idliajt of CATC, t>r pitA, of «lccplcb» btni^glc ji^ntt dlfTiLutt/. 
I vatcbTuiikCfS toward otfdaA^cr. This was Ure. llie ri«xi wu£ the 
■^■of ibe um« m^inQ.tli the t'}r.'H r.-loit-d ^indtbi? (^hf^rrks Ktinkon, 
^BitbccJcpre^sioo of one ulio lad tUlLti into ^kop frum pai;i — 
4« omggJe and agony gone indeed, but thdr shaiow still 
ir^n; on the browt and ihe lips : and ihai of courie was Di!:itli. 
l^t UinI }j4cu: of c^rvini; libowcd ibc boiiie Tacc aiiII, bui ntjv 
**iUi char Cfc« looking broo^ilj and brij^htty forwufd, and with 
rcuoMc oil D6ble, tereoe, und glad. ThU was Ef^rnii}. Tliese 
Ikrae furs were ihc uondtr And .idinir^lion of tUc ncljfbbnur- 
bvcd^aiidbAd Urcn fof itoir »0Tnc j'car:i back fmplo^'cd to JioKx< 
Ibc p^Qb^efli of 4rxit1«nc« for all the Liule IacU and Us)c« of 
SecttB who migbt otbeiwl^c bavc Dii:cd srnnrtimrs ici' Aec chd 
bvaoQioa* ptiipoK: working jn all things- The ^tculjitor bad it 
ti htt awn «a}\ and took can- that Uie kLhouIJ Uavv Uit> wotKl 
c'V- Keeton wie ia almost alt ita conditions a place? of rather 
Uccpj coatcntmcnt, and its jjcupic coolU bi; triuted lu Uko 
)Mumcch of tbc OEkoral ju v^u good for ihirm, aad not to cony 
Ihc Icfitoft xt to tbt' Jistomforl iinil dissatisfaction of 
ionarjr life-jii^noJ. Oilccwiat ihcri: iiiiglit perhaps be 
*chttcc thai imprcsaionable^ not to nay morbid, persona \voutd 
4afnto h^fry very rapidly through Ihi.^ dark and anxious vesubuk 
4f LifrtQ ordLT to jji-t into Mjl' broad bright icmpio of Elemity. 

^MKlbought like this WMpMsin^tlircugh tbc mmdofMiisMinoU 
^^PtTr^iM ol on tile Ltepw of the tomb and loolteJ up into the faces 
IbXQlite of man's ^ni^gli^ and ^nal sntzci^ss. L[fe had loog hef^n 
**<CByahiii^And<lifCculla]kpear^mce lo her. and she would pcrhvips 
Wfacea gUd cno«i|cb Bomclimes ir tfht; could haw got into the 
^K'niaf quiet vaiera which ;n the minds of so many people and 
baoiKuy nymholK reprctcntations i^ made to stand for Plti^rnlty. 
^ vu a bandsomc gracaful ^rl, raihi^r tall, fair-lmircd, wkh 
^cqi b)u«iiih'gnx ^"^ which «ecinrd to darken aH they looked 
fvmdjr at anf one — eyes which might he dcsuriht'd in Matthr.w 
Araold'a words as " loo exprcsswc to he blue* too lovely 
to k jTvy"— vitli a broad forch^adj from which the hait *^ 

a 1 



Th^ GifiiiafHxn'^s Magazine, 

lliromi b^Lk iri disregard of |ia»firK: Ti^liiontH I\;rhaps U wa^ 
her ;itliiuilp, a^ ihc [c;ini:d hc-r ihin upon her hand aid looke^d up 
at thy xniiisok^tiTi — pcrhaji^ it ii-ai tlic pre^enc^ of that gXoomj 
building itself — ihaL tnAilc Eir^r faic: N^cm like: <in illuMrntion of 
m^lancholr. Certainly her face was pale and alittte wanting in 
fullrivsf, and Ihc Nps Wffo of the sort thai one ran alway? think of 
ni rrtrmulmift with rm/itioii of sumr Kincl ThN uii ii iH-auiirul 
sTimmcr evening, and all the park around rtas irrccn. sunny, and 
^laiU The Uttic dry b^ro spot on which the tomb \v:i% buili »cctncd 
like i\. grey and x^ilht■n'T)^ iL-af on a bntjlit hriiich. And the 
A^TC of ibc fprt ivtL> more in kti:pin> vith tlic melandiolj shadou 
i>r the maiuolt^uiti than tht joyuusncts of the sun and the trecaand 
the nhoJo scene alt nround- 

fiiik-t-'1 thrre ^va^ a good deal of mcUntljoly lit tliu girl's mind 
nt ihul momL-nt, She ^^■as taking lcav« of the place : she had cone 
to tay it 3 i^roVi'dl. That park had hf^n her |il3yjfround» her stadio. 
her st-ige* her world of fducy and Tum.ince and portrj' Mnce lier 
jpifaney. She had driven her brother nn a home there, and had 
ptayed :tith him at hunting hons. She bnd «tudiod landscape 
ilra\fing there from the il.iys viirn a half stag^en- stroke with lome 
Mtitchts ool of il was supposed to represent a tree, and a thin^ 
f>haped htc the tntdc mark on Mr, Bas^i's beer hotllcv stood for 9r 
moiinlain. As shir grew up shr I'ame then? tn read and to idl«* 
^nd to think. There she revelled in all the botindless fanuca and 
cttrav.iflant atnbitions of a clever, hall-poetic chrM, There she 
v^'i ill Trim the hrroine of every bor>k that delighiL'd her, and thi* 
heroine of stories whi<.h had ncvrr Ucc\t ]>ut into prinU Htrroca of 
turpaseing beauty, hlrfii«;-lh> coura^^e, and devotion had nunbkd 
under ihew tree* for years with her, noT had thi? new comer'w 
pru-iencc over been made a cause of jeahiusy or i'<»Tn]>!aint by \h*' 
one whom his coming dUpUced. 'Jliey were a simnge protitc^sion 
of ail eomplciion* and garbs. Athdles the gulden- haired ha<f 
been wtlh be: in hia day, and ^o had the inclani:he-ly Mnsie-r of 
RnvenAwnod : and the yonng Djalma. the lover of Adricnnc. of ihc 
" Juif Kront." forgotten of Knglish ^irla to-day ; and Ncilo. Uic 
pr*md gomlolirr lail ^^ith the swoet voice \^1io was loved hv th<r 
mother and the duuf^htcr of ihc Aldlnts: and the unnamed youtU 
who wtynt mad for I^Iaud ; and Henry EsmontJ, and Stunning War- 
rington, ^nd li^yre'i Rotihestrr, and ever so many td»e, £acb 
and all cjf these in turn loved her and was passionately Uived by 
htT, nnd all had done fcTtal things for her; and hx each she had 
Jope far ^reaiff things. She had madf thi'm vlctoriouVr crownoc^ 

Afiss Aitsanihro^, 

with Uur«It. died for ilwrn, U wa* a pcculmrily of her tcm- 
l that wlurn iihe road *ome pathetic ilory il wa* not a1 the 
Eofjc pu5A«C!» UbiL hcf tcAD ^.unc. It W4W Tiol tht- iliAtlia tbul 
Joudied her n)o«t. Il ^^^ia when ihis rv-otl of bold and fccai 
ifa^yv incJd^'nljr clone, *>f splendid *cir-*,-wriftco, of itnpoftvibli 
(CKDC 9xA lupcfiKiinait licroisiD, tliai ^lic could uvi ki^.p doun h^-r 
inline ajid uroi f;Ui uhcn oal^ Ch« watchinj^ ,unki]-uk (rrct 
<nil Krr ihr i^^rs In hef e)^ef; 

£Im! hod, ikoiihcvcr, i«o heroes chief ovor all ihe- icM whosi? iktury 
(W found il impouibli! lo keep apart, and nhom ihc blcndcil 
ntnnontj jnlo otio odd compoil^icl. The^c w^^rd HlIidIvI aiU 
Akotv, Uie " MifcjnJhfopij*** nf Molirrr. h waj. snmcrtimrs A|r<"*ti* 
idioofcrGd lo Ik buried quicic ^ith Opiidia in the gntvc ; and it 
ni often lljjnld urbo inUirjocled his §Lmpe of poetic cynicii^m 
bcjirccn iJic prtlly ind icaniljl^m-^ pMUtings of T^lim^nc iind Ikt 
t^coaicrk:. Bui pctLapt Akc^tt^ tamt nci»rc-it tu llif licjrt of 
u£r ;oung maid as «hc ^rcw up. She ^id lo h^rflelf over And cnt^r 
•qila Lhit " Cfsl n'e«U[n«r ritn qu'e^iirnvr timi k nionde," SUf 
muKd ''d*on twor U lA^ti- LviuplaiMUcr ijqi i^c fdil Uc m^ritc 
«cBDe diiiErrncc,'' and declared ihal *'pour Ic trtnchcr nci, TAnii 
^ Cetre facnasim n'cii point Ju tout inon fait/' No doubt tbcr<; u';;« 
■Monciotti or only half conH'ioupt afSrctaiiun [it this. b8 thc-rc ]< In 
•■•aj* ol" llmoflt al] voun;r lu-^ojdo who arc foud of rpaUin;: ; and 
ha*^ of tKtnking ht-rst-lf u giii-Ak>;stL- \^'ould pr^balily haw 
ittuhed with other Vkhlirw, Or hi^cn siippi:iiiTri1 by fandnt of imi- 
toktt taufht from other models, if oriylhln^ had gone vdl with 
Wi- Bat tovvralcaxiSfj^onEpitfdiUtflhuj^T'jw into a woman lo make 
Ut lUnt y-tty fprif>u«1y Alc^c^lc wa^ not wrni^^ tci hift gcnL>r;i1 
c«lttle of i&cn and ihric mcnU. :^ltc u\i-s uiltii^cly fmid of hiT 
vtAff, luid iib<Mi her mother died tier fatlicr marriod ^ain, hi^ 
■DTond «ifc bring a yourg ^lomnr nho put him nndc-r the mc)>it 
*Mulc t*int(ul, being not \>y any me^iiis mi ilUuiilutL'd p^iHuii. 
^ udy iCroD^-nilled, »crcnc, find stupid. Then her brother. In 
•*«ai the wa* dc\oicd, anil who was htr ab»;»lui<; c jnPdant, wen . 
^V47 lo Can:id^ di^cbrin^ he would not sLanil a BtcjimoihL-r, aiul 
1^ 11 AOOn as his «ihEcr grc^ old enough to put asv^y ilomcMic 
toniol Iw ttodid M^d fur her; and he- toon got married ami 
'"Jnc a prominent member of ihc Dominicm f,r^islatiirc, and \\\ 
'^^Ovf bit fiol ovcr*frequcnt Idlers a^id a word about hi» jjrotmii: 
tovad for her> No^' Jier Jather was fcom<' llmt.^ dt-ad ; hur biirp- 
ttttbo- bad married >tr. S.-iu]fibun; an dcfcrly Noiicoiifonftxsl 
»<toHer»»lio wts >hc^lt\! m all the *;j>s of Alcestc's adm^H^t, 

6 T&£^ Gmikmav^s Afx^siKe. 

£in<l %7jth whom jtbc could not ^H on. [t would i^bc a y^rj Kwcct 
anti resigned nutunr 1o mako one who bnd had thcftt* experiencrH 
al&oluifly m lovc with ttic human race, arnd e<j>cciaUx '•lib nicn ; 
and AltXKtc accordingly became more dear than ever to MUft 

Now she wa» about lo ]t:avc: tiic [^lacc ami to o])cn of lice own 
itccord a new chapter of life. She h;id to cncapc nt once from 
tho dJitlikc oPbomcanJ thcsiill k'SBcucltinblc liking of others. Sho 
was tk'turminrd lo gOj and jcl a-% she lc>okc-d around ljiwh the place 
and all itv dear sweet inc:mori(.-s filled her. it la no wonder ir sh<^ 
envied tho cAlmntiSs or ittc faco lli.U aymboli^ed oternil rcsL Al 
lA:ct *ht' broke d<itt-n ;mtl covered her fiict wllh hn h;jnd.s ;inLl (p»vc 
herself up to tears. 

Hlt t^mck ear*, howc\'CT, heard sounds whtch sbo tncw wcfo 
not iho!;e of iht' nisiltrg woods. She *t:irtL-Ll to her f'L?<^t xnd dri^tl 
her eye-i hajiilj, Slralghl before her now there Uy the long broaJ 
pftlli (hroufth the trees which led up to the R^te cf thi; mAU«ol<^ni, 
The air was «o ex<imsitd)<'purcand still that the footfall of a person 
apiiroaching could be distini^lly heard by iht- girl alJiuugh ibf? 
new-comer was ret far away. She could ace him, however, and recog- 
nise him, and she had no doubt that be bad seen her. A thought 
of eseapt' at fir^l otrLitiTL'd lo hrr ; Imr she gave it up in a moment, 
for she knew that the person fipptooching h,id come lo jfcck her^ 
and must have seen her before shu rfiw him. So ehu sal down 
again defiamly arid wailed. She did not loot hi^ way, although h© 
raised hii hat to her more tban once. 

As be coinc3 near wc ean aec that he is a hundaome, rather SlilT- 
lootm^ man, with full formal dait wht&ti*r*» cltailj- cut fate, 
and white teeth. His lu'Lt is very sblity. lie ueata a black froct 
coat buttoned across the cbcBt> and dark troii^rs :ind dainty little 
boots and grey glovcf, and has ^ diaa^ond pin \\\ his neck-lie- He 
is Mr. Augttstua Sheppartf. ;i vrry consideridilc person iudoed in the 
town, Dukcs-Keclon, it ahould be aaid, has three classes or 
C«tatos. The noble owner? of the parh and the guests whom they 
used to hrin^ to visit them in Jht'Jr bospiubli'-days madi^onccjtatr. 
The upper clas>f o[ the town made another esltiLe ; and the wtjrking 
people and the poor generaUy made the thirtt. These three cUsaci 
(there were at present only two of them represented in Ktelon) were 
divided b> barrier which it never occurred Xm Awy iuLAgin^tiun to 
think of getting over. Mr. Augufltua &hq>pard was a Icadinir man 
jimntiff the lownspeople, Hi6 lather w;(B a solicUor and kuid-af^ent 
<^ oid stAndmg, anJ Afr, Augustus foUowtd \^\ lather'* profession. 

Miss MisattJ&rt>/t€^ - 7 

niwrtM by ftr ihc gteater part of it* iwiL ilo was q mcm- 

Wr oT ihe Cbtirch of EoglaTid of cotirKc, htii Utr made it part or 

hii dnijr (o be on llie beat terms wiih the Di»acrn.^ra, for Keeton 

» fTOwfn^ 10 be vtry Kronff in DissMt of htc ycarr. Mr. 

ttn SbcpjMnl hai} iSoDc a grutt deal for tho montaj iuid other 

tent of tbc town. It wd4 lie who i^it up ihr^ MiiiiiaT 

bprovoni^iiC Sociulj. ami made him-^df responsible for the rent of 

tht hill in Thirh ehr winter eoursc of kclar^tn otgxtilscd liy him, 

•cd to lake place, anij liir ^Iira):* ^avf a li'Lturi* hiin^iL-ir 4ivri>« 

wuon, and he took the chair vfrry often and introduced other 

Itciitrrrt- Hr afwm worked moit cordialjj- with tho Revcrund 

Mr- Soohibiuj iii ttjin^ lo rcxlrlri thr niimhi'r of ptiNlc-houflrt, ;im1 

bo «B» one of the few poDon;« whom Mrs, ^aulsbury cordially 

idntrvd. Ho hnd a word of rom^l kindliest Jbr every one, md 

V0 Qerrr hfNird toaj:anill-n*Ttiiri'd ihingnf iiny nn<* hr^hind his or 

\er bick. He m) vagorlv believed to be jsmbiUouA of votldty 

mcca*^ but oaly in 3b proper and buconun^ ^jL)r» and rai'«QctQ(; 

people look<^ Torvurd 11 finding him oni- dav in ihe House of 

Aibe cunc oeftr the mau&olcuni he raised hiahtitt again, and then 
gzrl acknowJiKiged his «:dul<r and stood itp. 

'■■Atprjr lordy t-TMrning', Mbw tircy." 

"Ycj," iiid Jlis* Givy, and no mo». 

" i have been ai )'our hoosc, MUb Grey, and saw- ^-our people ; 
*nd I hunf that p&«jh!y you wen? in the park. I thought pcrlmpx 
fat wodld kite bcm at b-MTiL'- Wlan I »aw you lost night you 
■c«nKd lo bclicrc that you would be Qt home all the day " Th(h 
ra aid in i. ^ntlc tone of impljcd rcproacli- 

"■ JhM Kpokt* llieu of walking in the park, Mr. Shcppard>" 

"And J Umvc kopt ay i^-ord. you ace/' Mr Shcppord aaid^ rot 
obi^rvmg the implied reason fcr her cliungtt of purpose. 

*■ Yei. 1 SM ii now." sh* ari^crod, sn one who should Mty * 1 
1&J nol count upon it then/' 

Of aD men else, Minf>U Grey would have avoided him. She 
oolj too well what he» liad oomt- for, Sh\> would prrhiips bavrr 
Ikcd htm fi>f iti^t in any ca*t\ btit shi: certainly Uislikcd bJtii on 
bi Qvn jtccount- Hi> formal and hcitvy mannur^ imprcewd her 
diofrMibly, and tbe liked 10 say things that pn^Jlcd and startled 
kbn. It WM a pleawirr lo hc*r in throw some p-irotlo* or odd 
Mnin^ a; timand iral^h his awkward attrmpt^ io czitcb it, and thon 
»kilc b* *» jnal on ih«? point of gGtimj^ at aomc idoa of It to 
Inwttdif biDD With uuar ncu- enigma. To her ht sccmcA tci H'. 



wbut lie *&i not. sinipl/ a sLam, a hairy ptece of hypoczisijr. 
ronnAlism and ostcntatioui pioty ^hc rcco^iscd as pftrt i>f lb* 
■liui:n«ie of a Nonco&formUt minl«trr, in whom th«y wore otmsabl^?, 
as his gravp garli wcniltl be, bui they srrmc*! insufTctably out of 
place when adopted by a lawman and a man of the world y\ho wa» 
■tilJ young. 

"1 am jflad lo hare Uimn\ you at I^l*C Mr. Shqinjitil aaiJ. wUh 
a ^nivc iiinilc. 

"You might havcf found mc at lint/' Mmo]:t ftaid, quoting fri^m 
Anenrux Ward, " if you had come a little sooner, Mr. Shfp|jard. 1 
bare only lately escaped here." 

*'l wi«h ] had knf>wn, and 1 would have ccmc a jp^at Jeol 
tooner- May T takf ib*^ librrty of sitting beside yrni r" 

" I am going lo sund» ^Ir. Shcppard, But thai need not prevent 
you from ^iltJnji;." 

" 1 £hotiM not think of silting unless yon <lo. ^hal] we n^alk a 
IHilc among the trees? Thfs i^ a gloomy spot fur a yovikg 

■" 1 prefer to tiatid here for a litlk, Mr. Shepparil, but don't Jei 
mr keep you from enjoying a walk." 

"Enjoying a nalk ?" he ^aid. with a grave smile and solcoin 

emphasie. " Knjoying a walk, Alias Grey , and ^^'ithout 

yon } " 

She deliberately avoided meeting the glance with uhich be waai 
endeavouring to ^ivc additional meaning lo this polite speech. ±>hc 
knew th^t he had come to make love iq her: and though lihe wan 
loTJj^ing to h&ve the -uhole thing done wUhp as it iJiit*it be ^teltlril 
oneway or the oihct» she drlcslcd and dreaded ihe ordeal, and 
would h:4ve put iL off if tht? could. So the did not give any tijn 
of having undcrsiotxf or i-veri heard his wonlh, nni\ the opporttinily 
for going on with hi* purpose, vhich he had ho|.'cd to eittrncl, ^vaa 
lofii for iht moment. In truth, iMr- Shcppard was afraid of thifl 
^irl, and 9,hc knew it, and litcJ him none th? more for it. 

'■ I have been stndying somcllilng with gr?4l inlercsl, Mr, Shcp* 
pard/' ahe bt^gan, as if dctermiutd to cut him off fror:i his chance 
for the present, "• I havo made a discovery." 

" Indeed, Miss Grey} V'es — 1 saw thai you were in deep cotir 
fcmpjatiOTi as 1 eamc along, and I wondered within my»c:lf what 
could have been the subject of your thoughts." 

She coloured a little ;ind lookfd suddenly at him, askinj; hormlf 
mhcther he could have Stcn her loar-iH His face, however, gave 
"i* cxplaaatson, and site felE .-Lssured that he had not seen tiicm. 

*'Tha*i^ raxind, Tklr. Sheppord. that £<»no of the wcokncctM or 
ecu arc aXUc in tbc inscci v\)rIJ." 

" ifldce^. Mtu Crcy ? Seme of ihc alTfclioiLi of men do Indeed 
ItiT, Vtf ire lold, in ttie ivcci w<>rld, f^^ tcautifally crdomed U 
CTtijihlnjc ■• 

"The aiTcctuioni I mcoRt, not ihe AlTccltons of men. Mr. Shcp- 
pvd. CoQEd yoti «vof haie believed that an iiuect wouU be 
apiblr of 3 dHib^ratr niimipr -ii Impnsliirc ^' 

" I iboold ccrtainlj not hatx; looked for ^inything of iIlc kinil, 
MiB Grey* &«t tJicro ^ attfortutiJtcly so mtjch of evil xiiixc^d up 

"So tJtcrc b. 1 was i^oin^ to tell jruu that it^ I i^iunc here ami 
pUMd throufb Ike ffaidcn my attention was directed— U not that 
IW fvopcr *ay tn [Hjt it ?" 

"To pDi it. Mis* Orcj-?' 

" Yrt ; my Attention was directed to *i Urxc, heavy, rwpectablo 
MK-I<ctle (ly- He Jtupl Jijio^ from flower to flo>^fr and bur/inn 
lotn(4d beorl in rvory oii^* m turn nnd m^kiDg a rirliuilouK noise. 
J vKdicd h\% nto^anentA for a long time li wo.^ evident to th^* 
■ttncanndcTflandin^ that he \^^^ inin^r to attract nitvn lion and 
*«• Loping the *yos of ih<* woriJ wcrt' on tkim> You ^tiould haviT 
Vcn t IS prL'imci- 61 cnjofiujf Uil' lli>iA<rfs .iijd drinking in xwectncM 
bmthciB — and he lUyc^l lonfccM on the wrons ilovvcrsl" 

'■D«»r n>c 1 Now why did he do that r " 

"Becaiiw he didn't Lnow an) better, ^ind hi; wax tryjn^ to ma)te 
nibiiLk be did/* 

"Bbi, ,^Jim Urcy— a lly — ol btoe-bottlot Now tcally^-hcw did 
lOibtow wh^i he wji« ihiitklri^ of ^" 

"I watched him tloM^Iy— sitid 1 found him out at U^t. Have 
V^txfi guusod whnt iho meaning of the whole thing wa«?" 

"Vdl, M:*s Otv)\ 1 t.-an"t *ay that I quite understand It jii»l 
r*; bnl J ftia nurc I alidl be ^really intcteaicd on hearing the 

"It was limply the importure of a blue hotdt? trying lo piwj 
Weif off iift a bccl Jt waa miin'a affcLLiJiun put under the 

Mr Sl»q>j>4rd looked op at her in the hope of catching from 

^ f*re *OMW tlear iniimalion ah to ivlicihrf shu wiis In jot ui 
^"''Xtt ftnil demcaRLQs hlmtelf accordingly, But her eyes wi:rc 

***> [Jffini arkU he wuld not iTiak* out ihc riddle. Drivi-n by 

*"Wiuiuij, he daidird in, lo (tn^vrnt thi- ppnikibk prup^JUndlR^ of 

*^4<r before be had liafc to come lo hi.'i point. 




10 Th€ Gcnlianau^s Jifagazittf. 

"All the pr&rrtriww of men iirc not tdTccuuon^ MUa Urcy! 
Oh not far from it LTid^ed^ Th^re are lomc fc*^lings in onr 
brca«te whicli nrt' only loo real t " 

She saw that the dcciamtion was cominf now &&d must be 

"] h.ivr; lon^ wUhtnl for an App^rtiinTty of rcr(;;tltf>g lf% ytA\ 
tiOinc of my fccliikg?, .Mj^n Urcy, and J hope ihc ctuinct hAs now 
anrivcJ- May 1 epeak / " 

" ] e^in'i prevent you fmm *pp;ikmj{, Mr. 5hcppanl/' 


Hn wan in »iicli jvnr of her Ami so awkward about Iho toniw of 
his dfLiLTMtion of love that he kept cEslcbing ai t-vcry iittle ttnv 
th^il s&rincU to ^vu Iijm wjuibtlilug tu hulJ uxi to for u ruontotit'a 
rent and re a pile. 

"1 h.iil belter Jiear you. I suppose," she said, with an air oF 
profoitnil Jfprewiion, " ff you wil) ^-d on, Mr. SliCjipartr Sui if 
you ^vould please mc, )'oi] would slop where you arc and !(aj no 

" Yciii know u'hai I am g'iiing to k.iy. Mis* Grey— yoji mii*i h.ivr 
known ii this long time, I liavc a^ked >onr iiatitral guardians ^utd 
adviiici?. and they encourage tnc to upeak. Oh, Miss Grey — £ love 
you— *Tnay I hope that 1 may look foruard \o the happiness of onft 
diy nixing you my wife; ? *' 

It was all cut noiA' ;tnd she WcUi f;Ead. Thi; rest would bu cAsy. 
Ho looked cvun tlicn so prosaic and formal that she did not 
belim'P m any of his professtd lunotions, and sliR was lUercforv 
herself uiimovod. 

" No, Mr. Sheppard/* she said, looking calmly at him, straight 
in thL> (me. " Such & day will never come, Noihintf that 1 have 
seen Id Ufc mako mc porlicularly anxious to be mGirrjcd; and 1 
could not marry y<»a." 

He had eipirctod evasion, liui not blunrnc^*!- Hi^ knew well 
enough Lh^l lilt' gill did not love- hlin. but he had bdiuvcd that he 
could persuade her to mafry him. Now hor point-blank tciu^iil 
compk'Ci'ty Staggered him- 

■*Why iKtt, Misi Gri^y ?'* was all he izoiild say al first. 

'^ Becaoae, Mr. ^hcppard, I really much prefer not to marry 

"There U not anyone ebc?" he linked, his face for thit firet 
time showing cmoliuxi auJ anj^'cr- 

The faint light of a mcltncholy ^mWc crosaed MinoJa's lac*. 
Hebrew mor*.' angry. 

Hfts^ Mfiianlbi'opc, i \ 

"Miss Crcy — now, you must tcU mc ibaif 1 Jia« a riglji lo 
atfc f c<; and youi |tcoplc would expect mc to nvk. You must 

" VFc^U" sliclMid, '* if you force me to i^ and if you wiH ha%xi 
in ansv^T, 1 miut giv^ )*cu one. ^\t, Shcppard. I bivc a lover 
alMadj, and I mcun to kwp him " 

^Fh Shc|rpard was po^litely ^oGkt;rl by Uic lUjddcnncM anil 
coolncaa of this rcrclation. lie rccoven-d himscU. howdMT, and 
iJKtk rrfngro Ln nabclief^ 

"MU* Gicy. you don't uk-ipi it, I Lhoa — I c^'t believe it- 
Why, 1 Iui"c known you and sccti yf>u f^w up since you were a 
diitd Mr». SauhbofT couldn't but kao^v" 

" Mfv SmUhitry tnnws noihinpr of mo: ur ktiow nolhiiifj of 
<v)i oCbcr. I Atfiv a lover, Mr. Shcppord, for all that — do you 
Vint to knov' h» nunc }" 

**I itbouTd like to know hiit name, ccrt^fnly." the breAlhfei;^ 
Shcp|>inl »taiiuiicm1 out. 

**Hif nioac U AJccsi*"— 

"A Fnndiman ! '* ^hcppnrJ wi^^ ^ghut. 

"A KrctitJimat^ truly — ,i Frf?ncl] gt-nlleman — ;i man of truth 
'Bu9 COUnjCC a^iil spirit unil liunour jini-t cvc^rvtliinj; k^ood, A mftn 
wbovtMldn't idl SL he or do :i mean thinfr, or Hatter ^iMUy wc]m;uT, 
nr pvraeciHie a terj- unha|>py girl— no, no! to savi? his soul, Mr. 
SLcppJ^- Do you ha^'pcn to kl)0^v any 4uch man y* 

" No luch man livc^ in Kccioa." He wiis tuqjnai'd into timpio 
romi'-uncu. "At It^ast t don't Itnow of nny such mnn." 

** No ; joci and he arc iiol hlrty (t; tome logulhcr -nnd be very 
ftmiliari Well, Mr. Sheppard, Ihnt ii the man to whom I Ant 
mgnged, and I moan tc kwp my engagc^raenC. You can tell 
Mr». 5^uiUt)Uiy if you ILkc.** 

" But you haven't told ric his other name." 

"Oh — I don't know hi* other name/' 

"Hiicstjriry! Don't know hU other Ti>ime?" 

"No: and 1 don't think he ha» any other nrtine. He ha* but 
th£ oDa aamo for mc, and 1 don't vant any second.'" 

*■ Where doc< he live, thnt — may I asfc r " 

"Oh yc5— I may a.i ucll tdl jou ali nuw, since I have lold you 
10 much. He oalylivea in a book, iMr. Sheppard; in what you 
iroald call a pJay/' she added with contemptuous uxpics- 

"t>h, coroc now— 1 thought you wen; only amtising youwclf 
A vs^c cf rcrhiag s^UffAciion stoic over his focu. '*T^ 


12 Tii &niAffiatt s Magnzim, 

miKih afmitl of n riva^ lAc ihat, Misa Grey— if he is my only 

"I *lon'l tinow ttl;y jou t:illt of ;i riv;il," tlie joung wotnnn 
ftn»wcrcd. With a arornful i^bncc al him: "but I can auarc yoii 
lie would ht the mosl Llongeroutf nvol a living in:ui could hAvc. 
Whf^n I finil a man llk<* him, '^Tr. Shcjipnrd, f hnpr hr vill ;t^k me' 
^lo nuvrry him; Indeed, ^viKn 1 ^nd >uch a tnon Y\\ £Lsk him to 
rn^rry mt — and il he be tlK' man 1 \isX<^ him Eor ha'tl rcfi:i^c mc. 
J h;LVo loUl you a]f tho iriith now, Mr Shcpp:ird, And I hapt- yuit 
V jll ihiJik I iicci! not \a\ -vny mure." 

" StiU rm not quii« M-iihuut hope thai Bomcthing may be don«/* 
rtlr. Shrppard uaid. " How if 1 were to ttudy your hero'* nay« 
Ami tiy Lv ho hkj? Mm, Mixi Orey ?" jH 

A j(TCJL hrown hcflivy VL'Nciy hcc al tlie iiiomcn! came boomiiijc 
:vlortf, his pondcron? flight ;ilmost level with tlic ground and not 
r:ir abovi" il. He aiileil in and out amon;^ ihu trL'r>» and lranclii?s 
now butviTig himself for a few scccndii in nomc hollow pari of n^ 
Irunk and then ploil Jing ihroiigh air aj^am. 

■•Do you think it would be of any «*o, Mr. ?^ho]>(XiTd," she' 
<aliDly aekcd, "if chat hunevt Lee ivcii; to study the uaytoflhi; 

" You Ate not comi^lirnort-iTv, MUs Grey" he t^aid, rccld&mng, 

"No: I dotl't bclicvs' in LoniiJ^itnniti : 1 \cTy mucli pfL'fcr inith." 

*' Still there arc ways of conveying Ihc irulh — and of course I 
ncx-^r jirofeasud to h<> [anything very great and heroir " 

He was decidedly hiiri now_ 

'* Mr. SliL-ppard," she said, in ;i ioftcr and mor;: appealing tone, 
" 1 don't want ta quarrel with you or \\'\i\\ anybody, and pl«406 
don't drive mc on to make myself out any worie thnn 1 am. I 
don't tare about you, and I ut^ver could- Wd never njuld get 
on together, 1 don't earefor anv man — I don'i like men ai all. I 
wouldn't marry you if you were an empi^ror. Rut I don't say 
itnylhtug against you; al least J ivuuldn'l if you ^vould tjnly let 
me alone. I am vi;ry unhappy sometimes — almost nlwnys now ; 
but at Icatt I mean to make no one ur»happy but myself.'' 

"'I'Ijui'* what romi'S of bucks and puelM and solitary walks 
and nonsense I Why can't you listen to the advice of those who 
Jcie wu }" 

i^he turned upon him angrily again. 

" Welh 1 am not >]K-^ikiog of myself now, biil of ^our — youL 
people, who only desire your good. Mr, Saulsbury, Mr^n Sauls^ 
bun' " 

"OttCff TortD, Mr. Sbvppard, I shill noi take thdr ^dvkc; and 
if rttttronld hare inc think rtf jou vith anv kindfic4« at alJ, anf 
■emofj not (iiM$ret«blc find— ami iTrlestdljto, juii will not latt n> 
ac oC tlicjr advico. Even if I had been inclined 10 cArc for jdu, 
Mr Shqip^ird. yoti took a wrong way whvn you cuac in Ihdr 
aimc and lalkcd of ihcif AuihoTk^\ K<;\l iLnu^ you ask :i j^lri l<v 
Bftny yoti, Mfp Sbcppjiril. do it in Yotir own name," 

Ho caught ea^iorly at the kind of ncg^^itvo hope iliat scumod to 
bebetJ out 10 liim. 

•* If iLat's an objection/' he bcgai:, " I aMun: jou tlial I tame 
i|Qitc^ of ray own motion, and £ am the latt man in the world to 
rnd^a^^our 10 hriu^ any jnfriir me^ns to bear- Of L-our^f? \X it not 
uif tlic>' Mcrc }our own parents, and I can (|uitc uiidi.-r»UEkd lio-ur 

I ftjccng lady rauat ftcl " 

"t don'i lenoH' nifjch or how younj ladfcE fcol/" Minola said 
qntlly. "but I V«oiv Viow 1 f<7fl, Mr. Shcppard, and yoa know it 
toOb Taic my ta«1 vord . I'll never roarryyou. Vou only waste 
JOBP lime, and perhaps the LTtiL* of somebody cUe at well — «orc 
tocd girl. Ml- ShtppAfd, uho would be glad 10 mairy you and 
Hmi )X}o will bo quite Kady to make love to thodayaflcr to* 

Hcrhrart vat har^Icticd agiifuKi him now, for ftht* thought htm 
Beta aiid eravcii and uumanly- Pcrhap>( ^ci:uidint' to her 
liaitiir creed tho ODffht rather to have tboujirhc htm ynanly, mcan- 
im bring man's pmprr ^iitibjilr-. She did not bpluivtr in thr 
£cfnjincne»a of Ms luvc. anJ in any ciac no ihoofilit was more; 
oJiout to her than that of a man prcnsin;;; a girl u marry him If 
■If id no4 love him and wat not ready 10 mcret him h<n]f way. 

There «-a»a i.uiiousconl(dKl IicI^m^lti ihtsu Iwj* riftiices a« lliej 
^ood on the ftepn of that ^eat empty tomb. J'hc cotitraal iva^ all 
^ ffiorc tin^Ur and evLin the oiore atnkmg bocjiu>e thi.' two 
ii>ij)ii canity \\A\v Ixxti de-SL:ribcd in such Ilthis^i* houIiI seem to 
*>Vttst no contrail. If they were dcjieribGd t.^ a handsome young 
viui [for he was acorooly more than thirtv) and a bandsamt* youn^r 
*<>tttn ihfi deicrrlption wonUI hi- corrotL IIi? wiis raihpr lalL 
^^^ rather Uill; but he wa^ A^rmalp severe, tcspeLtdjIc, and 
•hwluitiy onpdctureeque— abe waa piclurusquu in every motloa. 
"^ vell^madc dothei: sat iliffly on him, aiid the l^rbl idea he 
****CT«I wa» that he wita car^rfuEly drcMu-il, Tlven a wonun w<mld 
"^ btre thought, at the frrai glance at Iciut, of ho^ sh^ wav 
'"tMd She only imprefiscd onc^ith a «cnEe o( the prcftcncu of 
PWnl and etipcxitLtly cmoiional womanhood. 'Ihc Von^t^T ofttt 


'4 The G^nilaiiau' s, Aftigazinc. 

looked at the two the deeper the conti^t acrcmcd to 
Jtoth, rarcxDnpI«« h;itl rUhcnhm lip«; but hU \vcre ri^4, f.rcciac, 
nntt 4ff?nung to jian willi a c^Tl^in dtlEljt'rilion a.nJ evern dLnjculEy' 
Ilcrs ftppcarcd, c^^cn vrbcxt »hc \va^ sikm, to be ircznulcuK witJi 
cxpTCJUiioii. After a "KhWc ii would ha\t iccmcd to an observer, if 
any ob&«n'itig vyi.' ^v*■n■ ilu'fr, ilntl no |>fjttvr oti tartU tOiilJ Ijave 
brougbt tlicsc two into compiu^ioniihip. 

^* I won't X^kc thii u<( your tmai answer/* he said, Af\cr on« or 
two tuisucce^'ifiil i^fTnrfi \o eprik, " Ymi urlll consider ihta again, 
and give il s«mcr Miritiu* rL-flct tion/' 

She oniy shook her tn:;id» and onto more scuttd hcraclf on Ihc 
vi«|>it of the momimcnt 04 if to sugj^t that now iho iiitcT/j^w v^OA 

■* You arc not walkinff homeward ?" ho aakcd. 

*' I hxa etaying^ hc-re for awhile.*' 

Hf! hade Iwj g^ioj morning and \i:Llkcd *lowly away. A tpj" 
lovsr lookv tcj ^r^-^tl diaadvantagr; wIjcji Kc luui to wdk ^way, lie 

.- He 

POQ^hl lo IcAp on ihn bock of a homt^r iii^d ^])ur him fiercely ajicbH 
gallop off; or the curtain uu^hl Lo full and ko [im«h n\\ miix hioi^f 
1 Ithcrwisf, uveii tin; moil hL-ruji llj;urL* hui bouiclbitig of tbt laofc.^ 

ofonc *ni:iikin« off liki^ a dog lokl inpcrrilivcly to "^o home," 
Mr Sbcpp;ird felt very unco^rdortablc ai the tltou^ht that be prol^abl)' 
did not seem dif^iififfd in ihit vyvs of Mi^a Groy. He* once ^knccd 
back uitcisilyp bat perhaps \\. was hardly a. relief to Tjiid that aha 

was not looking m hu ilircuiicti. 


Craftbr 11. 
ihb rvb of liderty. 

Mrss Grey rcmsined In Ihe p;Trk until the stin had gone riown, 
.ind ibf" stars, with ibtii ftiini lij^dil, hi-cmcd as ahc moved liunidward 
to be like bri^'ht sparkles ^nUnglcd among the hi£;hor brttnchcs 
of the trc<-8. She bad a gr^^at deal to think of, and she troubled 
hcrsotf little abuiit ibe menial drpressioti of Hlt r^jt^ttrd luvt^r, 
.^l iht' purpose of her life was now summed up in a resolve lo 
f-et away from Keeton and to bury herself in Londonn 

Shf? knew that any o]»po^irjon \o her pro|Hj?*al on the pan of 
thtJut? who were slill suppi>sed to be her guardiiiTis would only 
be fountlcd on an objection to it as ^omttbing unvromanly. 
venturous, and revolutionaiy, and not by any rarans the Tosult of 
sn/^^net ioi her ^oJng away. Ever since her mother's death and 

kr hih^t %tscxid nuima^ dio lutd only ch^cd ai csti^tcncc, 

nd fbntHl Uxne onxaml Itirr diaaiginabJe, ^inH no doubt mada 

kcndf'dlsitYrccabJc to tlicm. Sho had co&sed lo {cc\ A\*y it-spt-ci 

fsrlierfatlicf«4>en be married a^^n, And be knew it aiuI bcc^ioc 

«dd and coitatninol wiili iia. Only just br^forc his deaUi had 

Acre teen Anxthinjf like a rcvir^I of ibcir aflCcction for c^cli other. 

He had bocn a man of some nobstancc and authority in his toim, 

tod tnall houses, and goi together propyrlv, -And be left )hs 

teghicr B not incontldcntllc Annuiij" «s a chmgc upou lit» |iio- 

pcvt^. and placed her tsndur the ^turdioiiship of the elderly wad 

KtpecuMc Noncoi>fomi:it minittrr, vrho, aa ]iick nx}eld hive it, 

aftcnmdi mankci] hi-t young wLdcjw. iVlmohi had nrnn 9kj niajiy 

mirriagea dontig her Bh<irt experience, and hftd disliked l«o at 

leuL or tbi^ni B(> thoroughly, that «be waA much inclined to »y 

vich one of ber heriia thiiL iIk^l- »huiild Ik- no tiioic of them. 

Fc< « long time r«bc bud mode nji ber mind that vvht^n ahc eamc of 

Igeifecwotdd go lo London and Jive there. She Riill wantod a 

fcv KKDilhc ofUK- time of indtpenduncv, but the mannt^r in winch 

tt-iU^VUuit Shcppiftrd wupieatcd upon her by himself and oihets 

■Ufi her resolve to ancietpAic the couniii of ihe ac^iA^'ni a liitlc, 

sdgoivayat onee^ In Lotidon »h(? made up ht-r rnind that «he 

wotU lead s life of eucbLnlmeni i of ddjghlful mid semi-^dvanc 

•Glilile, in the midid of tbc crowd; of wUd independence and 

Koacrf all the wa^ti of tnt'n» with bookif at her command, vrrih 

^ ut galleries and muirounis* of which nhe had rend >o oiuchf 

Jfcrurs within ca^ reach, aad the atrectfi which wcic? olive for her 

*tt tt>c^ «wee( and dear associations alt around her. 

Ilmf^rry knrw Ixindrin wril. She \\:vi\ cicvrr yr^t set foot in It, 
*■ been atiywbeic oat of her njitii-e town: but she hud Atudicd 
UidoA » a gea«fftl moy study the maf> of ftomc country which 
Itfipicit one day tn invaJr^ Many and m^iny a ni;^hl, whi?n all 
A&e house but &hc nerc f;iai ajileep, she had hd;l Uie map of 
bondoo rpfccd out before her, and had pueulcd her vray through 
ddlias intrtc^tcicfi of it« clr^cu. Few women of her ajifc, or of 
^t^p actujUy living' in rlie rne'^rupoliH, bud anyLhici^' like the 
bovlcdgc of its distnctn and its principal ttrcct» that «hu hdd> 
She f<lt in anticipation the pride atid delight of being Able to go 
vhiiher >h« would about London without h-iving to fi.ik her way of 
^onc. SomcpaniciilaraxtociatioD idetUificd every pUci: b her 
Und. The Jiving and th<j dead, the romantic and ;he rc>al« 
buBory and ftctfon, aJI combini>e] lo supply her with lab«[« of 
ABoduloft, which iho might jnct\\3l]y jjui ujion evitry c^uarlct ui^ 

The (t^iifnsian^ s Jt/ngazotr. 

dUiricIt and nlinosl upon cvciy Aliriut wliich bad a name woctk 
knowing- M v*^ all tnov Venice hoforci w hav^ »<wa u, and 
wljcn x^t: gtrt thrre can rrrcogntsr* evcrj-rhing vc vrant lo i«v 
withoLtl iictti or |:uidc to name it for tia, mj .NfinoU Ctrcj- Itnrir 
r.nndoEi. It iR no wonder now IhM her miml was in n ptrturbcd 
conUiEion- Sht* w^ik ^iii^ to 1i.'--lvc the place in whidi so tirst}i 
htr lifv. LUcralJy. lioJ liccn pAiicd. Shu w43 ^JJig to llw in tbat 
other ptacc which had for yc:^ars bctn hc^r droiun^ h^^r txtxdy, hcf 
sclf-appointc'd ck'itinj-. She wai going |o puit att^y for ever from 
uncongrnial 'iml mlioiis i:Q:ii|union4hi[i, And to Live a life of cwect, 
proud, londy independence. 

'I ]io lonclinc'sa, ho>vever. ^^■,■w not lo bt literal ami ab»o[a(e. In 
;ill Tom,inTir ^nlvr'nliin-s tht^Tc is ron]p;ininn^hip. The knight has 
hi:i -tquiri^. Kosaiind hui» hcrCdia, Minola Urey v^t to Iiave brr 
companion in her gre&l entorprise. It had not occumxJ to her 
to ihint ahout the Jnconvfnient'r or odJncss of a girl living 
abiolutuly alone; in Lfjndon. hut -h-ithoul any fon^ttkou^hi on 
hi-^r part the kindly t'-^tinicH had provjdod her wilh a comrade. 
Ii:ivln^ lingered long in the p;irlc ^uid turned back agiin and 
iigjiin for anulUL-f \i[-w of aoine fjvojriti? *^|Kjt. hnving g-ilhrreri 
mnry a Unf anti flower for remcmlf ranee, nnvl having looked tip 
nuuy times with throbbing heart ai the white tremblmjc 9Un thai 
woLiIrl <^htn<^ upon hiT soon in Ixindor, Miss Grey at lait nxadc- up 
Ikt nifni.1 and passed rcsoluiely out at the great gflic and went lo 
i^eck this companioit. ^he wa^ glad to leave the ^ ark now in nay 
ease, for in the fine evening? of Bummer and autLiinn it wa» tbc 
custom of Kectou peoftlu tt> make ii their promenade. All Uir 
cnjjagt'd couples of the plate would soon bu Keen there under the 
tree*. When 3 Ud and lass were seen to walk boldly and openly 
logcthci of evenings in that park, and lo pass and -i;pa«8 thnr 
neighbours without effort at avoiding^ such encountCM, it wa« aa 
welT knoMTi that ihey were engaged \^ though ihc- fact had been 
pTothimrd by lh<^ iiiwa-mer, A jury of Krc^ton folk would ha^* 
assumed a promiflc of marriage and proectJtd Lo award daroh|fc» 
for itfl breach if it wt^rc proved ihiE a young man had walkcJ 
openly for any threr i^vemng? in the ]Kirk with a girl whom h<* 
aFleiwards declined to iniike hi» wife. MinoU did nut uaro tx> 
meet any of the joyous couples or their rrienda, and eveiv already 
the twitter of voices and the titter of feminitie laughter ;**re 
beginning to Ukake thcmseh^cs heard among the darkling paths 
and across the broad gr^^en lanes of the park. 

l-'rom the gates of the park one parsed, aK bas been said already. 

immx 44fcct1y laio tlx lowii, Tlic tuwii Ibdf was dtviflnl In 

Min bf a nvcr, Ihc rivrr spinntd bv 1 l)Tidff<: wliich IiluI a c«rUin 

*j»e ffoai ih* r«t of ii* liaiing been ihe scene of a brave »t£Lad 

Jttl A lenililc sUu^trr Ouriit^ \\i\^ CI^II Wars aAer Charles the 

f^ bftJ 9A u|i bj« sUn^bu^l At Xottinjfham. To be aiuir tticrc 

BK Dot much left of U'C gL^tuine ohi IrrjJg^- en which (he TjiftU 

W fuo^ht. nor dlJ ibo hroaJ. Hal. h:inil<nirf>, :inLi .ilt og^^-ther 

B(iien) «ln)CUirc bc^ roacb rc«aiib!^incc to ciic sort of bridge 

vbicb might have cro«Red a livcT in the da>s ol lh« Ca^^licn. 

RnitlfiiU of Kc«lon 4ln-a)>». Tnj*i!vcr, bQ-jstpJ of ihff fact lh.-« one 

•f lii; orcbcA Qf iJic briiJgt ifl-A* ;u*t the idujt unilorrtt'dlh a-i it Xiad 

»kaj% been, and iruisted oa brififpng the ^ran^cr down \>y devious 

ia4 gias^- piif» (o tho rivt^r^s e<.1go in order Ebat he might sot* for 

iiiBKir iltc oJd Ktosics Mill holiiins: io^cthi:r wlil(.h hiul perluEfs 

bm chakc* by Ihc tramp of Kupcrl^c troopers. On tho p.iik :jiUft| 

c' thff bridge by the gentoellor and more pruicniicus lioutes. Uial 

iftii-ikUcticO vjU^ ard lod^c^ and crctccnis of Kcuioii ; andl 

licit, too^ were the humblct coltagei- On the other »iiie of the 

lfid0c ««re tbd biii^n^tt girecu and the olusKTing ftl;op«, niOHt of 

6(n ok]-fa«Mnnrd nni} dark, with low brMJing fronts and rj^rrour 

paeim tbctttTidov3,And only bcre and there a^howy and modem 

*Ptf*i<btncnt, with iu Bincco /rent and Its p[alc gU«s, The dirv^aa 

*tB all to narrow thai th^y seemed a* if they masi be nnly pa« 

9fe» Icadins to bioader ihoroughfam. 'Yh^ ^tr^tigcr u^Ukcdon 

ttl 0Q| thieking he wih% comtn^- 10 tho aclLjnl Lown of Dtikcs- 

KtaoQ, tiiitil be walked out at tbc other «kde :md found be had left 

iE Mind )dtn- 

Miaola Grey cro^icd the bridfre^ ethhou^h her own home lay on 
tn ikle ncarcct the park, and in;viU' h?r waytlircugh the narrow 
*MU- Sfae glaiKtvl with ;i alimldor rjt one fcrnul ofHciaJ- looking 
^cnic of i]s^i^ brick ^hich ^lic had 10 pavi. and the door of which 
kr«abugc bofftplaie wh the wordi '" Shoppard and Shcppard, 
itficiton and I^nd Agmts" Anoihr^r rxprr.>(3Hiun of dislike or 
tu croMcO her handsonK-. pale, .ind cmoiional face when she 
pswd a little ian^, closed at ih« (ariher «ntJ by the h^Mvy sombre 
f>ttor a cbapd, for it vas ihore that %hr? hiul cvL-n still to pass 
*«ic l/jinic iiiiii>mpatlje:tic hours of the Simday listcnins to a 
IttadKrwboic eloquence w-aa ratiicr too familiar to her .ill :h^ 
»«*. At lengrb she paucd the front of a Urge building of bght 
«Wetl dovie. with a Grppk pcrtii:o ami row of pillars and higi 
•^lof rtcpj. and which to the eye of any intciligenl raorul had 
"Clom Hdeiw" wnllOti on xM very face. Miss Grey wenl on 'ani\ 
Vol. I Icr ^Ata c 




l8 Thf Gunt/rmnt^s Mag/i^JM. 

pAMed \\s front cnuanuc. ttn.-Tj ttimbg down a narrow aircct 
which Ihc huiUiriEt iuclf formed ono Ridi*, i:hr? canity to & III 
open door, went ir, ran li^bth- np a flifrht fjf sione *teii4, ainil foni 
hctncirin tJuu iind dimly lij^^btcd curndun of atonc- 

A ray or two of the c^'cninf; lij^ht^titl flickered ibTOu;i:}i thc^nnall 
windows of i\\^ roof. Btit for this aU woulJ aeeminglj' hive been 
clarV^ MiuuW^ fot^Lfdll echoed llzou^'li iIr- p^td^i:^. The plao? 
ai^pcarcd ghosll)' nnd »ad, and tht^ presence of youth, gfac?, and 
cnt^rgctic womanhood wa^ itnLngcly out of kee[]iDg with all around^ 
Tilt' whole cvprcssion &nd in*inncr of Misa Grry 1iri|;Ii trued, 
however, as she passed iilonj? thoio gaunt and echoing corridon. 
in the sunlight or the park th«re fieotncd somathin^ laol^ncholy £n 
th*^ face of the girl whifh u-nji noi in arnnrH wilh hrr yreini, hn 
iigi;irc, and her <Icep raft cyos^ Now in thin dimwl old paasage of 
damp neaoiindtn^ etono she seamed fiO Joyou« thai her pRMtn^ 
aloni; might have ljc"f?n thiit ofanoiher Pipps. The plaiv ^ai not 
\txy unlike ft prison, and an obstrvcr migfit have been plcA»c<l la 
think that, as tho lii^ht step of the girl patted the door of each cdl 
and the flutter of hi?r garments wa^ faintly he:ird, some liitlo gleam 
of hopE!. some gt'iillc mt'inory, iomt hrcjlh (jf forgoiluri woods 
and fields, some noftcninji inspiration of human love, wm borac 
in to evtry imprisoned heart. But thia ww no priion: only th& 
Court House when; prisoners were and fte Tooms, occnpitxl In 
the dayby jmlgcit, lawyers, policemen, public, ituitorx, And culprits, 
*vrt' now locked, i>mpty, and silenl. 

Mincih went on. sin^nglo herself as she wient, her song flowing 
louder aiid bolder until at last it thrilled finely up to the itonc roofs 
of ihegTitnhalU.-iiidcomd.ors, For Minola wn&of that (emp^rataecit 
to which resolve of any kind sonm brings the excitement of high 
*pirit3. and she sang now ouL of sheer courage and puri»[)se, 

i'reieuily she slopped at a low, dark, oaken doorwhirh looked 
ftS If it inighl a^mit to some dingy lumber-room or elfwet; and 
thiv i^oor opened inMantly and laht; wjui in pri^scuee uf a pretty 
and cheerful little picture, 'i'he side of ihc buildinig where iho 
room was set looked npon the broadest and clcaicat ipaec in tho 
town, and through ihc o[jen window could be seea di^iiiielty the 
glaaay grey of the qniet river and even the trcca of th« pnrk, a 
dark ira*E benpaih the palo BummcT sky, Atthoagh the room wa> 
lit only by the twilight, in whieh the latest Irng^ring refleciion oT 
the sunset still lived, it looked bright to the girl who hftd com« 
from the heavy dnsh and gloom of the corridor* with their roof- 
UdEfidmrs and their row* of grim doors. A room ougfhl to look 

Miss Afisaniitrofif.. ig 

Wglit, too. wli«»D iht viJitOf Oft JQM oppcadng: on lU ^iii^boUl im 

ntficd Dprw am) rUip^d and ki»cd and ^rooted u " Vou dear 

dur dariiog.'' Sudi 2 wdcomcnct Mi!uGrFr>-,antlihi?nshewum' 

tlutlfdAVTi idto Ibc room, the dooTcfvltich i\aa clo?icd behind l*r 

Tlif ocrnpant of the room who thus welcomed Mjnola wm a 

■oaun Dol fjir Lhnr pmbab!/ of forty yv^i of 3gc. Shu \ii^ 

itot, Ukt w« dccidcdlr growing hSu ahc bftd a face wbiL-li ought 

from It* cdtlittn «im1 its cofotir to Em ralhirr hiiiiioroa:^ ind mirthfol 

IhiD othr-rviv*. ofid a pair of very flnr, ilrrp» ami ron^cque^tljr 

tomcvhat naeUzKlkolf cyc:S- Tboc t-yc* wtrc ibc only Uautyof 

Xin Mary niancbct's face SJio htd not (food s^f^ht, Tor sUI their 

UgtiUru. UliF^ii any one Lilkt^d with her al nomf? ItltTc dNi^nco 

ft itN>n. or rvrii acr<ft4 a broad ublr, he Lould cd^ly mc by 

unffpoQsivc lookof tbcCT<^— tht^cyci which never quite foa&d 

\ eommon Tocih with his even dartng \ht* moii animated inter* 

change oT ijioaghc— iliai Hhs fiUu^Xx^x h^d ^liort Kt^ht. But 

Nka Blasdiet ^dvnys Tr^uikly and f^noSf tlcclincd to put on 

■ptticU^ " J hzve only my ej«i co bo»t oE'^ my doir/' she lotd 

to all Wr frm^il^^ 4<tvkKcr»., ** 'tnd T <ini rot going lo rover ihi^m 

vttb Q^x ipccUdcft, yini may be sure." Hen wiis x life of 

Ac iiH>plo«; vaoity, th« moit mnoccm atfeclalion. Ht*r eyes 

bd diftfcn tior Into poetry, fovr, nnd liis^ppofnimant. She vas 

tadenCood to have loved very deeply and to Imve been dcncrtod. 

Narkfrofhcr frii^nde coidd quite remember the lovrr, bnl cvciy ono 

uifj ihAl AO donbt there mute havi? bei^ snch a pf rwn. MUs 

Ifijuacbet Einr^r acltuUly ipoke of him> but she »ocachovr su^^i^tcd 


Min Btaocbet was a pocle«s. She had published by subacrip- 
liM a volunip (>r vi'r>*'*, wliich was fiivoiifiiMy noliceJ in llir local 
»e««ptpcr» and of wbidi ahc icot a copy to the Queen, whereof 
BcrMajosly had been ktsdiy plca^d to accepl. Thus lbs poetoR 
kone a eetebrtly atul a *oit af publk rh^Mi^tei in Dirkrs- 
KedOD, and when Iter f^llter died it wa:) felt that tbc lovrn ouifht 
to4o«oiDcthin|;foronQ ftho had doiur ao much for it- II made 
W outOi^^tn of tJie Conrt Hou^t?, rntnistrcl with ibu clwrgt? of 
«temf: 1h4i u wu kqit dean, ventilated, vraier-beain Tinkled, that 
*Wd afrriwa came on the Judges' roomn wcrre hitingly adorned and 
tfot boeqoert^ of fiowrrs were placed evi^ry morning on tJie bench 
Miind which tbcy siL Thia plat:c Miu Blaachcl had held for 
ttniy yeiari. Tlie ri^nit f^cneraiiou had forjcotten nil about her 
poctCT, and indeed a* »he«'IUomw^ni out of herowii llatedom.tin 
hd for the moift pari Uttgotu^n ha cjii^rrnce. 

C ft 


20 The Gffiiimmn^s Afagasinr^ 

When Minola Grey wds a little ^U] Wr mulhci waa one of Mi 
Maiy Blftiicbci'* clikfcsl jnifonc3R<^3- It wns in i^rcaE racuurc by 
the mflucncc of Uinola't father ibai Mm Blancbet obiained her 
plicf in ihe Court Houae, Uttlc Minoh ihougiit her a ^rcat 
poetess and a remarkably bc-iulifu] Tromin, ond accepted some- 
how ihc impr«Eftion that she hacl a romaniK- and m^-ttcrious love- 
liUtOT}'. It was :i rsrr Hfhfrht for hrr ir^ br* t;ikrn to ip^urt iti 
evening with Miu Ulonchcl, to drink lea in her prclly and well- 
kept litltc rOL^m, to >va1k sv'ilh her throug:b Ihc stone pAs^K^^a oi' 
ihi^ Court Hougp, anil h^ar liprrep[-;itber pf>enti. A-S Mtnob grcvt 
iip»he outgrew thi? poems, but the alTcUlou aurvivcd; find after her 
mother's ricalh she found no con;5cnial or aympathetic friend any- 
whcrv in Kcelon but Mary DlancJiel- The rolaiionihtp b«tvefia 
thti two curiously chan^jciL TIjl' lall g^iil cif t»ciiLj' birtiimL' iZio 
tcodcr, the hcroinci the qaccn; and Mary Blanchet, sensible liulc 
woman enough in muny ways, would hav* tumi^d Afrkan explorw 
or joined in a rebellion or women against men if Mix* Grey had 
given her ihc word of command. 

■' 1 know your mind is made up, dear, now thai you hai"e 
come," M)8S Blanche! said when ihc llrBi rapture of ji^erling was 

Minoli look off hcT hat and ihrcw it or Ihc little sofa ttilh the 
^rcf one who feels ihorcnighly at home, h mxy be remarked as 
characteristic of this young woman tli^l in gc»ln;{ towardx the sofa 
bhe bad to pass the chimney- piece with its mirror, at\d that ahL' did 
not even cast a glmce at her own ]m:igc in Ihe glast. 

" Mary," she asked ^ravelj', "* aiij I a man and a brother that 
you expect me to change my mind? V<iu arc ool repenting, i 
hope ?" 

'■ Oh DO, my dear I have all the ^dvantjgxis, you know. 1 am 
RO tired of this place and Ihc work — dear mc !'' 

'• And 1 hate to see you at such work^ Y(ju might almost as well 
be a servant. Years ago t made up my mind to Mko you out of this 
wictched place aa suon as I should he of age and my own 

"Well, T have «eni in my Tf^t^nation, and I am free. Bat I am 
« little afraid about you. You have been uacd to rtvery hixuiy — 
and the carriage — and all that," 

" One of my ambitions is to drive in A hanflom cab. Another 
ia to have a latch-key. Both will soon be gratifieil. 1 am only 
florry for ore thing." 

" Wh2l is that, <iKAT ?" 

El «v can'i t)c Roullnit fliul Cclia ; that I cui*t put on man's 

*' Bat roa iloa't lUce mtn-— vmi aiwayi wnnl tt> a»oi*i ifjt'rn." 
."Uis* Grey said Ttoibing in dcfci^^o of htr ovn ct»n»iticnc>'. Sho 
L|f that IT itiG h^d been a th^tx «hc wouM havr* brvn 
the vcauiltoc or hsvin^ to Uaico lo Mr. Augiulut SheppanJ's 

"I ii»|i«:t," Miw BhuidifE siiJJ, " that |HM>jil<r will My wp arc 
•uc tUc« Don Quixoto and S&ncho Pfinca/' 
^Whkfa of OS tke Sancho?*' 
"Oh, L of i-ourw : I am chd fhithfut foTldW^r" 
"VoQ — fhMr liulc poctcsi* full t^r dr«anift and hi^j^ea ftiid 
I Wlij, I ^halJ hcivc to itt thai )^ii ^t somc^thin^ tr» 

" Wom y^vvy *"p *^!»'l ^ - And I shall be able to coroplcic my 
! Ur> j^u know, jVltQobi" she laiJ, confid<:ntiallyi "1 do 
\vf \ t)ia!l be ablo in make a c;i.r?cr in r^ondon. I do iTidccd I 
The miirnLblc dtftailK of d^uly life !tere pretned me ilown, dovrn," 
tt4 ebe pressed her own hand upon Jicr Torchcad to i[luAtral« the 
kka. '*Th*r« in Tro^doin and qaiet 1 do thinl; [ ihill be at>lo to 
tlTQEr to ibr world th^t I am wcirth a hi^mng !" 

Thil wM a tcadcr <ubjcct with Mi*s Grev. Stic coulJ nut boar 
tOliMuib b^ A void the barmlcjit illusion of her fncnd, and jctlhf? 
illB9«t fierce irnthfulR^'is of htr imturt- would not allow lii>r \ty 
mmaatt 4 icaiciicc of uamcimng flattery. 

*OftC vordt Klof}'," she ftaid ; "if you ^ow famoas, do marrying 
UrIc Miu BUncitcl laughed and Uicn gren »aJ, and ca^t her 

"Who woBid ask mo to mart}', my doarcsE P And oven if they 
^ l&c boHcd pant would cpme out of iht; grave — oiitl " 

She slightly TTiiscd both handb in deprecation or this mojmrd 

* Vdl, t haiv all to go lltroicjf h ^-\i\\ my people yet." 

*ThcT won't prevent yon ?" Miaa Blanchct tiakcdn anxionaly. 

"they can't. In a few nnonttiR 1 should be my own mistress; and 
^bt tithe a*** of uniting? BL'sidr* ihi-y don*i n-ally carr— ctcept 
(i^'ftc a^C of ahowinjc amliorily and proving la ijirls ihat Uicy 
<^^ to b« contented >lavcn. They know now thnt I am r>o stave. 
l^bchcv^ my esi(*ried steprather — or itep-stepfather, if theiv 
>^ncb a «onl-^would consent to emancipa;c mc if he i ould do yff 
*^ the profker ccremoniaJ — the slap on the check." 


22 1%' Gtut/^maH" s Mf9gazia<\ 

Th« a)li.i«li^n itns lou or Mias Blnnrhec 

"Mr- Sai^IkIiu:/ \9^ a stem niJLn inilccd.'^ ^hc t&itL '*but vGrj 

"All ^ood mcn» it ficcms, strc hiird, and all iir>A mcxi vd 

'*Wliat of Mr AufuMus Shcppardr" Mi&ft Bkfichcl os)ic<l jccntly. 
"Ho'\' «iJl he Ukir your gomg away ^' 

" [ liavc nut aikt-'il IiIhl -Marj. But I cjtn teli jou if you catc lo 
know- He will lake it with perfect composure. He hai about ai 
mucb capacity for foolinb olTcction ^ your burtbbroom thcro/' 

" I ihink you ^rc ini'^tftkt.-ii, Mtnola — I do indeed. I think thnt 
man is really " ^— 

-W^IL is really what?'* fl 

*^ Voti won't be an^sjry If I tay it >" ^ 

Minoli necmed a* if nhc were going to be ongr^-. but aho looked 
into ttio little poctcta'a kindJy wilful oyee, and broke into A 

'^ 1 couldii't be: ungry with you. iMaiy, if I had tea time* my 
capacity for angci — and ihai \70uld It a j>oodly ^luemtiiy! Well. 
whAl it Mr- Shcppurd rc;Jty — ^b you tvcrc going to tay f '* 

** Kcally in Itivt wiih you, deatn" 

'* Vou kind nnJlKlicving licUc iioeicss — full of Hxiih in crmplc 
true-love and ;tJl the re^t of it! Mr. Shcppard Itkes viiat he con* 
aiders Si rcApettaijlL* coiiUL-L'iion in Ki^etoa Falling in on« ehancc 
be will ilnd anotljcr. and there is an end of that/^ 

"t dont think so/' Miss Slanchct said, gravely, '^Wcll, wc 
«hftU see," 

"Wc shall not see him any mom. We fth^ll live A glotTOUl, 
lonely, indcpendctLt lil«. 1 shall atudy humajiiiy from some loAy 
^rreC window ;imon^ ihe slars, London shall hr my hark and my 
bride; aa t)]C old strnga about the Rovcra unclI io iay. All Ehi:; we4K> 
ncfifcs of humanity shall reveal tJictnaL'lvca to me in the people 
next door to us and over The \vay. I'll ftndy in the Briti»Ji Mnsctam ! 
ril B|]eiid huurs in the NaLJonal Oallcty I I'll lit undi--r ihe irrc* 
in iCppin^: Fcrcat! I /Atni V\\ go to the gallery d a thcaitc I 
Libirti, hbcri4 chim V' And Miss Grey proceeded to chant from tfto 
" Marseilki^e '* with splendid 4.-114^ rgy a« «»h& walked up and down 
the room with clasped hnnd't of mock-heroic pOi^sioi^. 

" You said something abtjut :i roan and a brother just now, dear/' 
Mi»s Bl^mchct gently interposed. "I have som^htngiCk idl you 
about a man and a brother. My brother \% back again in 

Miss MisaHiArofii. 23 

Jbtitt Bb]»cbrt madr ihii mmmimicalion Ed ihc lone of one ^\\o 
iiUTJix 10 Accm as if iL would be welcome. 

" Vow bnMbOT ? He U£ oomc bath .''" Miw Grc)- did not like 
tD 4ild " J VD ito sorr)'/' bai that vas cx.^cUy whni «ho would have 
i^d if &bc liAiJ bp4>k4.-Q bcx mind. 

"Yet, mf dicar— quite icfomicd and 4ia steady as c&a Ic, and 
fOJng to nakf a ^reai name in London. Oh, you may tmtt lo him 
lli«ti£iic, 70U may iuiltcil." 

Mm Grey's hafMl^ini; and only too czprcs.^jve fcaiufc^ showed 
tif&s of proCoQDd diBKOitfactJOn. 

"1 coald»*t bdp idling tiinn thai wc were going I0 live Jn 
LondOQ — ODc'a brother, )«a know/^ 

"Y*!ft, oft«"e twoUior/' iMi« Urcy Baid, wHh larL^stic ompL-wie- 
'"Tij<-7 iin: ;ui ^lifMriinnaie nrr, hrolhcrsi Then hr Vnows 
^1 aboat o«7 c:(pediuon ? !Ia^ he been here, M^ry .^'* 

"Oh, DO, <lcar; tui h« wroic to mc— ftueh beautiful lallcr^J 
?rThap4 you u^ocld like to rciil ihcm r" 

Mifs Orc> xihA 3ilcni» and was evidently fighting some battk with 
bTT»^]f. At Imi tJki; Mid— 

"Wdl, 3taT)- d«aj, tt can't be helped, -ind I dare siy hu won't 
tmuble 10 Lumi-- mrry ijfti^n to ?ter ftj, Bul I Iiujk^ hu- will come ii!< 
often as yoa like, for vc^ might be Itrriblj lonely. I don'l ^.^arc 10 
bow anybodj-. I nwon to study human nature, not to know 

'* But you bavc some friends ia London, and yoa are goin^ to 

''Oh — Lucy Monry ; yo». She was ac school with mc, and we 
Bvd to be fond of each oOicr. I ibink of ciilling to see her, but 
4c taay be changed ever ^o much, and perhaps wo shan't ^ct un 
EOfTClKr ai nll^ Her faihor hnW hecomo a sort of great man in 
London, I iMilIeiic — I dtin'i know how. Tliey won't trouLLo ii!( 
ttwh. 1 dare iay." 

Tlie friends ihcn tat and talked for a short time about thdr 
fNfcct. U ii ciutoaa to ubsdrvtf tliai ihough ihry we;*: oucli 
devoted friends they looked 011 thctr joint purpuac with very dif- 
IcSOQt ^e«. The young woman, with her beauty, her ipirit, and 
kr laleata. was absolutely sini^tn? and »iri|{k<'minder1, and was 
|Qt»g to London with the «oIc purpose of \W\\\z a froc ^ccladed. 
ljf«, viibODt ambition, wttbout thought of any manner of siuccc^- 
Tbc poor lifile old n^^Eil had bei hi^d already filled wliIi wild 
■iJTama offoioc 10 be found in Loiiduu, of <i dibiingui»hcd brolbcx, 
'btight carrier, publisher:! seeking /or everything ^he ^toIq.v^^ 




her itiiiiir- oftun in die parent. DevoleU as s^ip ^ai tf* Mi» ftrey. 
or perhftpa b<:cau»c »h(^ wo.^ so devoted to hc^r, she had Already 
been forminpr va^e but delightful hopes about the rtformcd 
hrnlhr: v^Jitch bhc wouIJ noL iiovv for all llit.' world havu vencui 
to liint to licr rricnd., 

CHAPTiift iir 


Late that «amo nij^ht ;l yoiiiif!^ maji slopped frorn a wmilow in 
CUP of ihc rooms on ihL- third floor of the HOld t!u f-ouvrc in 
Taiiy. aiid slood in iIil- bidconj- It wah a bilLoiiy iu lImL stdc of 
the hotel which loolta on the Rue dc Kivoli. The younjr man 
smoked a L'igar and leaned over the balconr. 

It vas a ^ofl moonlight nighl. Thi; hour xvaa lijli? arut 
tho ftlrc^cCs v^rt^ n«-ar1y .silent. The ktc-nt omnibutt h^ ^onc 
itJf way, and only now and th^'n a rdrL* and tiTigoriiig roifurr 
dk!;i."tl ami claULTt'il nbir);*, to ili>;ippear round ihir lonier of 
the |Jacc in front of llic TaliiiB Royal. The long line of gas 
larop« looking a faint yc!low beneath the hotel and thu Louvre 
Palace flrrnw the :vay ^ier-med In deepen nnd deepen Inio redder 
sparks thr farther the eye followccl them lo llie right aj they 
filrvtchcd on to tttc Placu dc la Concorde and tho Champs Elysfcs. 
To the left the young man leaning from the balcony could %ct* the 
Tower of^t. Jiirqaes Maiiding darkly out against the faint |«ile blue 
of the moonli;i:hlcd hty, The street was n !ine of silver or snow m 
the moonli^hE. 

Tlir younj^ man w^-* tall, tlitn* dark, and handsome. He was 
unmi^talfably Kn^li^h, althongh he had an ciccitablo and nervous 
ivay abouc hitn ^vJiich did not savour of British cooln^si and cxsm- 
pOfiuiL'. lU- seemed <\ person no[ Eo lake an>lb[ng easily. F.vp-n 
the moonlight and the solitude and the Indeacribably soothing: uitf 
philosophic influence oF the contemp Lotion of a orient oily from 
ihe srfi^ne heij^hts of a b^ilcony did not prevail to lake him out of 
liimidf into the upper etttcr of mental lepoae. He pulled his lon^ 
mon&taiheg row and then until they met hko a kind of strap 
heneiLih his chin, and agnin ht? Iwistr^llhcireudsupas if he desirerf 
to uppeiLi lierte as a champion dudKst of the 1){)^apa^ti^t group. 
He somtiimefl look hia cig'ar from his lips and held it between his 
fingen until it went out, ami wht'ti ho put it into hin mouth agata 
he look several long pufls before he quili: r«:aIisL'd the fact x\vA htf 
fsjy pufJtits at si'h&i one migJu terra dry Mubble. Then he pullcif 

Miss 3Iisafitbro^. 25 ^ 

<nji % bos of fufCd and lljihicd hti dg^r in an irritatni Hruy, 35 if 
be were (■'^-^('^^■^■S *!>;** r«ill>' llw' F«tes i.verc biniririff (!nwr upon 
bim ruber too bcanly, and ibil kc "wm cniitk-it to couiiilain dE U«E- 

"GoimI evening, str,^ said a strong Full BriliRh ^x)iccthai sounJccI 
}iui ■! his elbow. 

Tbc ^oung nun. lookia^r roani^. mw ttiat his next doorn<^it*^li"ii'^ 
ia tbc bold tuul ljkei«i(o opened his window and itvppc<l oiitonhb 
halfomj'. The rwo had irei hpforc^ or at Wit seen eacb other 
before once or twice. Ttic jxning mnn had accn ihc cUcf will* 
xuo bdie» ai bftokliist in tbc hoUl* cind ibii evening he and hU 
Ddfhbour bad fiiken coifcc £id<^ by uidf! en ihc bouTcv^Td« and 
■Mkcd and cxdtAngcd a fciv word*. 

The elder man'i Jirong. mcher undcrsiecd, figure shfvwcd very 
tkirt): in the mdonbght. He h;id thiirk, almost »hag^y, h:irr, of in 
UdSnablp ilarfc iimwuish tolQur — liair tliat W4a nut curly, ihal wax 
SOI ttnijht, that did not HUnd up. And yzi coatd evidently never be 
ttpt down. He had a rouijh complcxiontid face, with heavy 
ejrttDw^ ind itiibhly Rnltsh wlii»k<fry. His hand* wltl* iargt aiid 
xtddii^'bro^tn and coar^. He was dreascd careless])' — that is, his 
clocbei were evidently jfartnenti that had co^t rnoncy, but he did 
Mt.Beem^ro rare how In.- worL* ihem. Any garment muse fall 
>Cftlll>'into sha^eloMicss ajid >£tvc a^ trying to Ht well on th^ 
abtcding fistiri:< I'bc l3riton diil not seem exactly what one 
•odd M otic« iTsame to be a gentleman Vet hi* v.i's nni ntlgar, 
anl be ww( cvidrnily ijiiile ^it hi« iM>ir wi:h biniiEelf. He looked 
MbC^ow like a man who had money or power of some kind, find 
■to did nci carfl uhcihcr pcopf© know it or did not know it. Our 
Tnaiger Briion bad al the lirtt ghLnci.- tiken him for the- ordinary 
£4|Ihb fatiier of a fiimilj. luvcltirif^' with his wi^munkind. Dut lie 
bid not ftcen him for two minuter aL the breakfast table before he 
<4iU;rvMl lliai tfie 4Uppo!ied heavy friTlier y/m nt^vt^r in ^ fuvs, har! a 
^9f of bftvinjr all his orders obeyed without trouble or mLSUi^dcr* 
landing, and, for all hi^ suon^ Briti^jh accent* talked Fi^nch 
tab entire e**e and a sort of rvsohiie grammatical accuracy. 

"Staging in Paris?" llic elder man said — lie Ilk> was smoking — 
*bcn the yoonger had replied to his salittaiion. 

"Ko; t am going hom^^ — I mean I am goirg to England — 

•■ Aye, aye ? I aImo4t wish I were too. Tm taking my wife and 
dugblon for a hohday. J don't much caro tor holidays mytclf, T 
Wn*t lime for mjoymrni of stich cbtngs whrn 1 cnnld erjny ibi'm, 
ttd of coum -rhcnyou^t oai of tht: way of ctijciying yci\iTa^\^ 



26 The QifUkmai^s Magazine, 

you ticver g&t ii)t& it Again ; it'^ a tort of groove, I itij^ow. Any- , 
bow, wc dou't evcf ciijojr inuLib, our people Von arc EnglUh, £/ 
^iUppoK V 

" Wisli >ou weren't ? I *cc/* 

Iiuj<T(l tJ^c tone in which the youn^ mcvn sniwcrcd the question 
y?em«d to wAnaiit lhi3 in tcrp relation - 
" ExcHM tnn; I dUln't luy that,** die youtijf nun imitL ;i liliJc 

" NOi no; I only tbougbt you nooat it< Wc arc not bound, you^ 
know, to lEtf(-p latUing vp tb» Rale BrIUnnin uTways ^imon^ 

"1 c;tn iuaurc ;ou 1 Am not ot all inclined t() rotLlc the KalO 
BriUADla loo louUly/' the young man said, ios«ing ihc ond of hl< ^ 

Qfir away anU looking dcU^nnixtediy iniu ili^ ^ticel wilb hU hai]<la^| 

^^Bdti£ deeply into hit ppckcU. fl 

^^F The ulder man smoked Tor a Few seconds in gilcnc?, and looked S 

ui> iuid down the long Kirajghi Hue ofsinxt- fl 



"Odd," he Mid nbnipHy. " [ nlwAyn think of Ualcac when I 
look iiAo the Ktr^ets cl V;lus, and whvn 1 g'lvo tn^'^clf lime to 
think. Balajxt: sums op r;iriA for mr,'* 

'* Vca," said the younger man, talking for the fi»t time vrith OH 
App&irance of g4.'nuin<^ micrcet in llio convc-r^^iion ; *' hui things 
must be greatly rhiinged sinrc that time ev<:n in Paris, you know." 

'* Changed i Not s. bit of it. The outsider of course, Tbc ^^ 
l.ouvrc over there wns bftlf a ruin the other da>', and now ilf»M 
glutting all right a^^ain. That's change, if you like to call it bOl 
But the head of ih^it^^ is jusi thi^ i^atnc. Ddl^ac Maiids for raxts. 
believe you me." iH 

" 1 don't behove a word of it — not a woiil I 1 mcan^^icuac mc ' 
— thai I don'l ugrcc wiih joii/' 

" Vcs, yes: 1 Gndcrstand what you mean. I'm not offended. 
Well i ' 

"Well — I don't believe a l)[t ihai men and women ever were 
like that. You mean lo tell me people were T&ad(; vithoQt 
hearts in Paris or anywhere else ? Do you beheve in a placo 
peopled by c^tds and sneaks nni curs — ,nnd the women half agAtn 
B3badas ihexuea?" 

I'hc youn^ man grew vraitn and the elder drew him ont, and 
tboy discu!i&fd Baliac au they *tood in the balcony and looked 
down on silcnL moonlights J Paris, TUc clUci man ftnjukcd and 
£milcd aiid shraggcd hla shoulders good-humoaredlr. Tlw 

W Miss Misanikrt^. 27 

lonDftr ««« aa full of gators and animation u tf hia lifo 
depended on ihr roAifovpny^ 

"All ri^W tbc clicr Ktid at loxi. *' 1 Ukc to ticv you uEk. 
b«t Paha is BaUac lo m« siil). Coin^ to bu in London tome 

"I mi|>poM so; jies/* in a Uxte of Hidden dcpro^slon and dis- 

" 1 wuh \rc might meet some timo. J live in l-ondon. and i 
mh x*^ wWd come? »ul MStf mc wlicai wc get hiuJc from our— 
Uid^ weW call it." 

The yoQDip man tunicd half Airaj^ond loaaod on the balcony 
tt4f fcp vere loultin^ very ftinwrtlj- for iomcihing in thi- dirttiioa 

"] tBint jou had Aincb t:cttvr not have anytlung to do uitb 
Be ; I iboukl iaT/ prove a bi>iL' ii> juu, or tu imybody/' 

**!]»» thai?" 

-Wdl — i& »bori Tm u nini with a grievance/" 

^hft, ^jcf Whit's juiir grtevance ^ Whom ]as it to do 

'[\e fouDff man looked up QuickJy a^ if he did not quite tinder- 
■md the bnvque najit of hi& new iicr^u^ntanci*, who piH hi? 
fRttlons so dirpcily. Bui lUv iieir ai: quaint a ik\7 stxTnoil good* 
^UMired aikd qaitc at hU cnae, sind cTidcintiy haJ not the k^t 
<dn of being nidc or owT-iiiquiBitivf-\ H<3 had only the uay of 
4iie jppArmily unrii to onVrm^- |)pa|iU' ;Lhom. 

*'Hy grievance has l^ do wiih the Government." tho young man 
«d itiih 3 £TAVfir poliKneM. i^mo^t tt^i» ttlf-aswttioa. 

"Govrmmcni here: In France ?" 

"Sa no; our own Gc^cmnjent." 

*'Ajc, aye- What have tiioy bun tloing/ /<u l;;LVcn't jnvcntcd 
ciyUking — ncv cannon — flyiuif machine — th>-it sort of thing?'* 

"Not nothing of thut kind — I wist) ] h;id — but how did 70U 

■■ How didlknow what?'' 

"That I hadn't invL-nied anylhing." 

''fliTiy. I knc* it by looking ftt you. Do you think I shouldn't 
kaew an inventor f Von might na well nAb xnc how 1 know a man 
hw tieen in the arrny. Wdl, about ihii grifviinri.' ofyonrv -'" 

" I dare uy VOLE will know my ricime," iltc youn^ man »aid with 
I sort of reluctant modc&ty. which contrasted a litilo oddly with 
the qofct moveinntts and rapid talk that usually brlonijcil \xt 

2S The Gtnt^^ruatis A/agaziru, 

hini. Then his munor «add<Tnt^ changed and be s^^'ka in ^ lont^ 
af somc^llirng liki^ imEAtion, aa if he bad belter luivi^ ttie whtdo 
ihtnj cm at uncc and bo dono viih il—" My name la Heron — 
Victor M^roii." 

"Heron — Heron.*" *aid tht other, turnini^ over ilie nam^ in 
Ms men^ory. "Well, I Jcm't know I'm *urc — E m.iy bavc licard 
il^onc hears all sorU of n^mcs. JJLit I don'l remember just at 
(h? momem," 

Mr- Heron scrdied a Uttlr surprisr^ ihal LU rcvchttlou had 
produced no cfTcct. Hc^ had made up hii mind soniohow that 
hU new rriend wbs irtxod wp vith poliiics and public affairs- 

'^Vou'U remcmbirr Victor n<^ron of llm St. X-ivict's Sittllo 

cnl>?" hcsaid dcmivdy. 

*■ Heron of the St. Xavior's Settlements ? Ah, yo«^ yes. To bo 
sure. Yes, I brgtn to mmeinbfir rn>w. Of course, of cotjrac, 
You're the fellow vho 8;ot us into the row with iht PorluKTiesc or 
the Dutch, or who was it? About the ilave trade, or something; .^ 
I remember it in the House." 

" I ttni thi^ foolj" ^fr. IKtou Atnt an volublj^" the blockhead, 
the idiot, thai thoug^ht Kii^lan<i had princlpEcA, and horour, And 
a polity, and all the re*C of U 1 I haven't lived in England very 
mucli. I'm Ihr son of a cotouijii — iht' Homns *iru hh c.»|[| Lulonial 
family — and you can*l thinl<. you people always in Kngland, how 
romantic and onthu^i^ttc i^e got about England, we sdiy co]onitU« 
wjlh otir old-faghioni-d uviy*. \VLi:n 1 gut that ccnfuuhdud ap- 
pointment — it was givijin in return for some old services of mj' 
i~ather'» — L bvHcvo I thought I was going^ Eo be another sort of 
Riddgh, orMimtfthing of th<^ kind," 

"Jual EOi and of tounc you were ready to Imtiblc into any aori 
of scrape. You were called over the coal a— snubbed for your 
pains ?' 

"Yti— J was snubbed;" 

"Of course: thc/li soon work the enthusiasm out of you. But 
thaf s a couple of years ago — an J you weren't recalled '^' 

"*No. I wasn't recflllifd/' 

" Well, what's your grievance then ?'' 

"Why— don't you eee? — my time is out — and they'vi; dropped 
mc down. My whole ^;arerr U tlohtd — I'm qiiiirly thrown over — 
and I'm only iwenty-nincl" The young man ciugihi at his moui- 
tacho witli ncrvouK hands and kickvd with one foot aj^ainst the 
raiU of the lukotiy. He gaatd into the sireet, and hts eye* 
-V>arlticd and twinkled as if there were tcaia in theni. Perhaps 




Jifiss Miutuffiropt. 29 

there vcrc4 fov Mi. Hcroxi vaa ovitlcady a ynung 'i^^'* o^ quicker 
«aKAtocu than rottujc men jfcRtrallr tbow in our dap, lie made 
buCr to »v »onneihing. 3|}par«niJy ae iflo escape Trom himsvlf, 
"J 21D Icitinc F^im in the incrTiiii^'.'* 
"Tbcn vrhytlon'e joit £o lo bcS ani3 have 1 sleep ^" 
■•Wrtt I don'i tt^\ like tlot^ping juai jxi," 
"YrM yntuij fdlow* t\f\xt knaw Tbc l>lp»ifn^ of sl«ep, 1 em 
sleep viicnc-vcr I vroaE 10 — it'v a s^ca^ thinsf- 1 in-ikc it a rale 
thougb to do all TDj' ^loeplAff at ni^'hc, whunL-vcr I ean. Vcu 
love Piri« m the inomin^? Now thni*!; a ihiti^ I don't like 1<i 
4o» Flnrif iIiogIJ never be icen r^Iyiii the raornJn;;. Lonilcn 
ilowwto Ihc bcKi Advititojto cftfi)' ; but P.ins— nol" 
•'Why !*«.'*' .Mr. Heron oftkrd, uimuUtcd to a Ulllc curiositj-, 
^^ P*rii ii d tcAutji jrfu kiJOw, ;v link- un Uic wjjic, iluiI wamin;g 
lA be cbbontcly oiAdc up luid curled and powdered nnj pRJiitcO. 
Qdall tlot. She's a liiUe of a flattc^m iindemeaUi the sitrlucu\ 
fvalMiv, anil docr^Ti'l ticar lo be Ukrii uiUMJirc^i — musirri br sci.'n 
fotf least an hotir or two after sh« hw ROt oat of bc^. All ihe 

Prthipri iho rIdcT m*in had observed Mr. Hcror'« fi^naitlvencsa 
closely and clemly lh*uk Heron funded, and wai tfilkiiiE on 

ilf 10 give him licoe to recover hi^ ccropotturc- Curtamiy hu 
M&nliciifb morf \r>lubly and enntinnonnly th^in ;ippc;iTed ai lint 
bbe^ witj-. .\r:cr n wlitle lie *ftid, in hU tisual »t>'lc of btuac 
h«l not imkindly intiuiry — 

'Afljr of your [jcoptc living in London /" 

"So— in fad 1 liaven*: any iieoplc in England — few re1aifon*< 
•w Idt aarwhcfC-" 

"Like MelchiKi:)dckr ch ? Wcl!. I don't know that be w<i5 the 
OOM to be pitied of men. Y^u have friends enough, I sup- 

"X<a friends cancily— niqimininnccs enough, 1 daresay— people 
*• nW oc. jwopic wbo remember ont-s tiame and who a^k one in 
^»c. But I don't know tbat I shall lave much time for culti- 
^if ac<ibataUnee>bipH in the way of society." 

■* W'hy so ? What are you going to London to do ?' 

"To %e\ a beiiring. uf course. To riMke llifi whole iliing 
^*o«it. To »bow that 1 w^s in the ri£[ht, and that 1 only did wbat 
^ honour of Kngijjid demanded, I trust to Kngland." 

"Wh«'s FngUnd got 10 do with i: ? Engkrnl is only su uuuiy 
*^ ind vomcn and children all concerned in their own aJTairt 
^ act caing tcvopcnce shout you and ma and out wion^% 



30 TAi GintUman's Maga^siti^. 

B^AfitM, wha han Arriifl^il ynn ? ^lio hua fi^isnd fliiilt vfth yon ? 
Your timr i^ out, and thcrc'.<i an end" 

'* Bal tliej' hav<: dropjKid mu do"Ti— they thtnk lo <-niah mt%" 

"If thry dt> it will b*? bj- *c^**ifrly k^tiing joii alono ^ And whw 
am yoa do ^iguinst lliat? Vou can*t quarrd with a man mf7rc:!f 
bccauac lie ccabcs lo invite jou to dinner: and ihai's aboul the 

" ril (it^bl ttilv out fur all thut.** 

"You*M soon gel titcd of JL Il*s bcaimg ihc nir, jou knew. 
Of courif*?, il you Hont lo annoy Ihc Govcmmtint you could cad!^ 
girt snmi? or IB 10 lake dp your 4^nitt*— no rliffTCully al>oul that — and 
ixhAk >ou the liciocfa K'l^^^i^Cf^ ^'^^ a debate, und soon.** 

*' 1 WAtil nothing of Ih;? kind ! 1 dan'l wont any one to trcnbic 
binuelf abouT me, ami I (Tcn'i care to be lakcn in hand hf anj-one. 
If Bnj^lifeliuirii will rioL liMcit to a I'Uin Matemcnt of right, why 
then But I know they will." 

The eonviettoii itself wu eK^ressed in the lone oT orie w-ho 
liy il* *eiy assertion jirottsis Against a nvinj; doubt and lric< lo 
atiflc \u 

"Very good/* said llmotlier '^Tryiioii. VVu ^hall soon see- I 
KavP a 5ort of inlerest In th*> mattrr, for I had a gnevanrr^ my%^^^t, 
s^ti^l I h.ive ^till. only I went about tilings id a different ^vay — 
looking for rcdrcas^ I mean-" 

-What did you do?" 

"It's^ hingish sli>r7, nnd ciniie a clifTi^tenl Irnc from youn, and 
it would bore you to hear, even if yoii understood it. I e;ot into 
the House and made mysclF a nuisance, 1 put money m my 
purM-; it came in somehow. 1 walch the de|Kir[rTj^i(t ihat I oncp 
bclong^cd to with the eye of a Ij-ni. Well, 1 shall look out for 
yoj and give you a hand if 1 can. aI^vays supposing it ^vould annoy 
Ihe (jovcmneni— any Goverrnn:nl — I don't cart- what/' 

^f r. Heron looked at him vrith wonder and incrednllty. 

" Tecrible lack of principle, you think ? Not a bit of it ; Vm a 
*tronff polilirlan: T *tick to my side through thick j^nd ibLn. Bnt 
in their nianiigenient f*t dcpartmmil*ii you know — contracls, and all 
that— Gove mmcnts aro all the aame; the natural enemies of nian. 
Well, 1 hop« to ftoo you. I am going lo have a sleep. Lti me 
give you my address*— though in any case I think we air- rrrtain to 

They parted with blunt expression of fnendly inch nation on the 

one side and a cinnhtfiil, half-rr)uclant acknowledgment on th* 

iH^cr. Jlcraii rviuaincil j^tanding In hi^ ba)i:ony looking at tke 

dMgCJ of the moonliRht <m the ailcnt Mnccu and thiakuis of hia 

The aev^f li« came iq Kitg;Un<l ih^? colder hii hc^prst «crtn<?<l try 
)[tO«, Now Qpon the Uircsbold of [he couriiry Lk haJ itu kngc^ 
to reach be vtt» iiHdioeci to lin^rr iind [toiler :Lnd to put ofT hb 
HmiLO«- Gvcr^thJit^ Out iir49 «o f-«>^^ and c1<^ar a few thotKand 
aJe« off bcfcoa (o shoir iiMjlf pvrplcicd ;ind difliculc. " WUrm 
tkiU I b« there ^' hcnwd toaik binueif on hi;; Komcvard joumcy. 
" What har0 I <^Hii<> for ^' li«r b^fiiwi to ask himsi^ir now. 

Ttincs had in<lrc<l changed wiiy SpUiJdcnlj with Vti:tr>r fl^fon. 

Be bad come into thi- active world perhaps i^thcr prematurely. 

Vh«a wtff yooog, undrr ihp ^tdanrc of fin cncrgrtic and able 

6lhET who bad beuii an ailmiiij>tra[<>r tif «>mc diKttnrtftm in 

Ba^liDd** fdviccftxikon^ bcrdopcndcDcics H^; Eiad made Mmadr 

foiDcvhat coDfpicnous in one of the colonics; at\d when tin 

OppOltiwilf oooirred, an«r liis Cathi'r'a di^dtli. of offering htm a 

fOWJiaitblc poahioB. ihc Government appointed him to the 

adBiDifttntJon of a new c<?llJuitunL li is hard^j' n«C(?(t;Lry for lu 

bi gu anj <lt^per into the siory of Ms grievance; than h^^* lias 

abe«ijj £oa<? hiDiM.-lf in a few words. Licrpl a« an jllusifatiou of 

huttooeicr nc have not much to do -nilh Ihc itory of hin i::nrccT 

Man wtmmiitmor. It wa* a vciy fiinall bu%ln(^«i altogether; a 

ifaiTr] In a rar-otf, lately <i|3ijmpriatcd, and alniost uholly Lnidg>' 

atfivit »ctap of En^land'a dominions, l^bably Mr. Hctoii wa» 

iillM wrang, for he lad bem siimulat«id vhoify by a chivalroiu 

■■a*Bt*firt for ibi^ honour of KnghtitdN principles and a ktwn 

Mieorvbathc coii«idci«d jasticc. The Government liaJ dealt 

nvf kindly vnXh hum hi con«Ldoration of his )'outh and of hin 

ftlhcT't irrvic<^ nnd had mi-rely dntppnil him down, 

tbitto a young man like Heron uai litnply killiu;; with kind- 

■tK. Ho covid bate stood cp ttoatly ai^n^t impoachment, trial, 

faniAanerLt, any manner of exciting ordtid, and commjLndi.'[| liU 

bUM hean tu bfdi t^ BuL Lo be quietly allowed to ^o Li^^ way itaa 

fatolttfiblct and, bciofr ai^ruAc^d of nothing, he was ruuliiag- bach 1o 

Cl|bnd to in«i^ on being a<:ciis^d of something- A chief t\t ;iny 

lUin asBiall dependency Is a pi^rson o{ obtrruhdtnmg tffenlTie» 

ttd importance in his o«n sphere. Kvery oyc thcra ib titer;iliy on 

W Ha diSosea even a «oti of impression as if lie were a gtjod 

dolioo large for hift vphcrr, liJce ihi^ hrlmet of such portentous 

Vfeiathc coiut-yard of OtrantOn To come down all at once to 

^11 ordinaiy paaeenger to England, an ordinary **No, £57, att 

3^' at the ]16id da Lonvrr in Pahs, an obicarc yetvt'na^t^ 



32 7X^ GtniUvian^s Magazinr^ 

Kclliag oul at ihc ChancR: Cro&« SUtioct duid c^Uing; a It.inj 
no^KKlycATiftg wht&cc hulias come ordpablOi even ^Iter claboi 
Tvminderi of callirg lo mcnKiry hU story, his griovanco, or hi 
uTcittiCy — ibi^ U lomnthin^ to tr> the kouI of ii patient 
Mr. Flcron was not puticcL 

He Vp'a* a joung Quixote i^ut of time nnd pUce. He tic^vr 
Iptatiyihinijalanc. Hi- rnnlil not stv ^i grirvaiifi? vfitbuut irjmg 
ttcl it right, Tlir imprc^Hion lliai anvbody w«9 bcinir wronKcd 
cheated aflrcictl anil tormented him asi kctmly ru a discordant ncl 
or an ttih^irniomoiis Mrrangf^mi'iil of coTtmrx might diHliirti pertonft 
af loftier Aitiitic soul. 1)1 ihc colonics queer olJ idr:;i« survive loa^ 
ofccr they h:ive died out ol Enpi'land, and the traveller from the 
parent country ofl^n comrs or ^omt^anooiiT nbfltranlon ihcre at he 
mifhE LL])oii «oiiiu old-fashioned gaimeri. Herix) started into Hfi 
with a full iaiih in the livini; reality of divers abitraclion* which 
in England hare long sinco disseacd, analysed, and thrown awaj 
He believed in and fipoke of Progress .inij HumaiitCy and brnthi 
hood and auch like- vfli;utno*soy aa if they were real thin^ to wOrk 
for and love. People- who regard ab^traciiona is re^htir.i arc Just 
ihf* very persons lo turn sohd and commoTii»l;ic;e rejdilirs Inio^ 
shining and spkndid abstract ion:^. Young Heron regarded England ■ 
not iLh an island with a bad climate where some mtlhons of 
florid vsx*>.Ti madtf money or worked for it, hm ;is a soil of divine 
inllucmcc inspiring youth to noble deeJs <Lnd pilrioltc dc^Dtioiu^ 
Ho wa? of course the very man to ^et into a muddle when he hodl 
anything to do with the adminisirEilion of % iit^w aeTlEenieTit. If tho^ 
uiudjle hAJ not Uin in liia way he would assntcJly havi 
found it- 
He had «o niueh to do non^ on his furlher way home m helping* 
elderly ladtes on thut aidt^ who conld not spr^ak French, and on thff - 
aide who could nol speak Knghih : in seeing that pcnoni whom he 
Jiful never act eyes on before *ycre nol neglecled at bunot«, loft 
behind by trains, or overcharged by waiters: in giving anil asking 
information about everything, that he had not n^uch time to think 
about the St. Xaviers Settlements iind hiff pervional ^novnacOft 
When the suburbs or Tendon cami^ in tight with their trim rows of 
etucco-fronted villasaiid cottager and ihei; front gardens onuuneuted 
with the inevitable es'ergrecns, a thrill of enthnqm^m came iip in 
Heron's breast, and he buijame feverish with anxiety to be in the 
heart of ihc great capital cnce agda. Now he bi'gau to see 
famihir spires and domes and lowers, and then osftln huge un- 
fymiiiur rooU and budding that were not Iherj when he was in 

Miss Misanthrope, 35 

London last* and that puzzled him with their presence. Then the- 
train crossed the river, and he had glimpses of the Thames and 
W&stmLnstcr Palace and the Emhankment with its bright garden- 
patches and its Htlle trees, and he wandered at the ungoniat 
creatures who see in London nothing but ugliness- To him every- 
thing looked smiling, beautiful, alive with hope and good 

Certainly a railway station, an arrival, a hurried transaction^ 
however siight and fonnaP, with a Customs officer, are a damper on 
enthusiasm of any kind. Heron began to feel dispirited. London 
looked hard and prosaic. His grievance hi^g^n to show signs of 
breaking out again amid the hustling, the crowd, the luggage, and 
the exertion, as an old wound might under exactly similar circum- 
stances if one in his basic and eagerness were to strain its hardly 
closed edges. 

It was when he was in a hansom driving to his hotel that Heron, 
putting his hand in his waistcoat pocket, drew out a crumpled card 
which he had thrust in there hastily and forgotten. The card boro- 
the name of 

"Mr, Crowder E. Money, 

Victoria Street, 

Heran remembered his friend of Paris. "An odd name," he 

thought ; " I have heard it before somewhere, 1 like him 1 Ho 

i«ms a manly sort of fellow." 
Then he found himseif wondering what Mr. Money's daughters 

were like, and wishing he had observed them more closely in 

Paris, and asking whether it was possible that girls could be pretty 

and interesting with such an odd name. 

(T9 bt contiifUtd.J 

Vol j hr iS?r- 



t^AR r/AfE. 

TT wns on n dull cvpnini; of itii; iiuJ of Aueosl, 1B70, wljcn 
'*' an iinount of luggiisc which loukcd abjinrdlj- aquiU Iot a 
GonilASntaJ trip I drow up ai the Ch&rLDg Cross Suuoa and askod 
lor di tidwt by ihi? uj.-iil tr.iin lo ParJs. 

How diffv^aiit w^A ih<: scene from Ihat rcim^mbcred ia olKtr 
dxf%\ There w;wiio d:ni<:utiy :^bout r«gifiianng Etjggag<f: lt«eemod 
iw 4Cli]ul rdid' Ui ihc poncrji la biivc Uigg;igo 10 rrgB<^t<r; ami 
when 1 arrived at Dover and went on board the boat ihctc wx» bat 
one other hmi cJ.ini; p.tMcnjjcT. 

I'hp wjir tt'in ,-*t il* height. The firni briUianl dwana of u French 
to Berlin had met with a rude check. WOrUi ood 
ichcrcn had bcc^n followed by Mors \ix ToMt and Grfli«Jottc. 
One handrcd And fifty thousand mi?n. the ^ouL-er of the French 
diirny. lay sarioumlL-d atjuul Mi-iz. M4LH;ihuua JcfcirteJ fttrcc 
WAH rcor^iismg at Chalons. Doti.iy^ corpn nnd the dlvUiOns 
of 13e Failly's c:orps not i-ngagcd al Wcirlh wi^r*? in good order. 
TroiThn's ctjrps, mliith was aboiil to i.tnl)iiik fiu the pur|>oa€ uf 
rreating a diversion in North Germany, had b<*cn huUly recalled, 
and thuB 4 n^spcctablc force of freftb troopb '^'os rapidly concen- 
tJMllng on the plains of Aiiila, 

But the future looked block indeed. Prince Frederic Charlc* 
and Steinmci^'s amy blocked Bazoine in Mttz, ITjc Crowu I'rincc 
df Saxony Wiu moving om Verdun with the Guards' +lh and jsth 
corp», whilst the Crown Prince's atiny, ftvsh from its victory 41 
Wftrlh, WQS marching by Nancy sntf liar le Due, and iia ftdvanccd 
pOKtv had alri^ady rc^aichtd Vitry. Suoh n-as the military kUIue. 

But the political borison looked bidukcr atitl for Frdnce. Thf^ 
Emperor Ki-^polton, no long^cr an emperor cscopt ill nnme» wab 
viiidcring ;iboul M^ithoui a kingdom to govern or an army to com- 
mand, whilst ax Paris tbi; ^^eakifst of rnilitiiiy and pohtkiil advlxent 
couoflclkd Ehe brave-hearted T^mpress, ^vho atiil &tLK>d boldly IA 
her poiit- And there, wiLli the vnemy at the gute* when every 
feeling bui patriotism should have been husKerl^ i\i^ spirit of revo- 
lution hung gloomily over the capital and piiralyscd all pia^iicdl 

P^twual Aduninr^ in War Time, 

I knpv Ihr Crrraan aftd Fr^r*ch anni^i well, and hid manj- 
6xQjt ic boch ; but 1 hod fott^ht .vicTr Tjy »ldr with Eli^.- latter in 
AoCiiiaoQ, auid 23 ai sotJiCT thai ilc^cidcd my symp.ithirv. 

Oakmn v» m fannUr to mc .^4 AI;l<n1ioi, ;ind connected 
vkk vnj plca3«uit tncmorics. Ofle-n JulI I "a^^iUiod" iir iho^e 
■itccauxB which it v<m »f> fondly hoped aduU pare tht^ v.iy lo 
blon nctonn. 1 had cpc^it many h;ippy da^-s :it tho Qoarticr 
GMoAwitb ibe brave and kind-tiearti^d M^inJiil vbova:t now 
ROTfaabbur ibftt KACtcred anay. and only the icAr before bad 
itfled the ounp when itmldr the command uf Gmcml Boarbahi. 

Boih Franr« and Pmsiia hiil rvfu^ird the prraence of forefigvi 
cAfcrs. but ibc temptation at In^t b^amc too ictrong. I felt tu:c 
tte if I conid bqu g«t to Murrital MacMahon ho would at l^a^t let 
Cffhavr on^ ^latirr at [W^tln;^ rvrnt*. nnd, having pot Iravr of 
^bftcckx unlil the end of tlic month, I "Ktis now on my vtay to 

Flovdinnal everything Icofc^d when wc landed at CaUi^! Ths 
kt|E> mirow, and ^ncnillj' crowded and buitlin; rcfreihnacol 
iMtt vu nttcrif gloon^ and dcscrUd a^ 1 oind rtif one fcllosr 
n»vller cat down alone vr\i\\ four ur^itcr? to attend upon nt. Oat 
6f7 totd a» it wiia very difeaiit wiili the ljoal?i ^'oiinf to Eng- 
hnl: c^ety ttcamcr wM crowded and extrn boats ncrc nmninj^ 

I> Pirii T foufid much leis known about the armicH than was 
ttmtmaoly cnrrtnt En EnffTnnd; cvcrj^body nccmcd dazed hy nin- 
^itn«, but utterly ignorant ofpasdng evcnlB, I drove al onct- lo 
tWftinLOKirirjf SMtJon ami linoleod rny^elf for Ch;ilf:Tis, By mSd* 
4lflv3» ninibhng throngh the streets of the quaint town, and 
tttt Bore ^oonJ mj-ieif at thu "Clochu U'Or," Bttt cvt-n this 
rtdnFftiqw old inn, vllh ila .irtficnl bAlcf^nit's :^nd rtld'Hi^hion'^d 
fcn ever dni bostcues, was chniciged. I lind cxjjectcd to frntl tht 
<m1 stUc of bostle that attends Uic proximity of a Jar^c urmj, 
te It loohfid deierted. 

Ditmtfr i:4lm seamed umiaturjK for alLhoiigh MLHincdon, the 
*«K Uy »UtcGii mile* away, Clialj^ns wns nearly al»viV5 crowded. 
Bm Urc CIO one knew anything, ^omc Kaid that MacMahon hud 
Knvd ro St- M^t^hoitld and waa aEnxil lo repeat the triumph of 
^^Aiy; tome »id that he w-ia ai Rheims: others that he waa 
^ftfjf bock on raril. One thing ^as eviit^nl to me : the ztnny was 
W« MourmotoniADdan^r Girting evidence as much as possible 1 
Veiled on tnioK St- M^^nihould. 
Thtw waa aomt' dilGfu/rj- in getting a conveyance, bul at \cnft\\^ 


The Gffiii/.tuu9i s Mugtizim. 



ft li^ht corerifK] |dk&c1oii ap^c^iTcd nillt&oobby litllc rosn hor^c 
that did not look like rapid progtcsi. My driver "ws^ 4 ih^irp, 
miclligmt nun, wlio inrurmrd iim thai h*s Mongal to tlic* MoblleK. 
iliac tc had HDt yet been called \i\h but feared c^cb duy the ordci 
wouSd come. 

W*- spot on ti> one of Jho*^ ^r?nt straight Frrnrh (ktiaxf/^f whUh 
led ffoui Ch^iloiiA to 5t^ Mi'n^houlil. A;id< nthcr tired wiUi mj' 
JDumcy, 1 liMnod back :md a:m quitkly lei ihtf land ol drmmB, 1 
had probAbly ^ecn ^boiil :iii hour thut pi?,3r:or[i1]y c-ii;^g4xl whc^n 
the Mlddtm ?to|>|iijjg (]f Ibc (^arriiigc uwoki: mt;. Wi: h^ dfuun 
up in front of a h'ltl^ svhilo an^frgt wbich stood by Itaclf on 
the rrght of the road, and my fir^t imprcwion y\"xt that we haJ 
shipped to bail thi^ hoist', buL I suuii saw tLiil aomtlliiiiK uiiuaudl 
had happened^ Two men were talking easterly to my driver and 
pointm^ to the rear of the aubtrgc. 

0)i mgiiinng whjl Aa« the: EnauoT my dris'ur, in a most aiufouit 
lone, cidairacd — 

" Mocsit'tir, nous sommes pordua ; lufi PruKierw soat id." 

X laughed at hia fonr^, bin he poSnti>d to tho tolef^rAph wire 
which nn by the sMt^ of the road. It bucn cut. and a 
Idegr^ph po&l bad bwn putlud down- I ^till ihovi^^ht tba: thi^ 
might have bfcn c;iU)>cd hy i;omc Occident, but my driver wa» 

" Vc*(, yoa, monsieur/' he »aid ; " thoy are here* ja^t buhind ih-j 
hoUHo. You shall see them if yon will r\ox. believe/' 

And thi^re, sure Ptiougb, wilhin four hundii'd yauis of ua, Mood x 
pfitty of i^h£>ut twenty German drajtroons. 

I immt^diatoiy told tlit^ coachman to drive on. In a few momcni^ 
h(3 said — 

'* IIj vc^ni nous arr^tcr, monsieur, lis arrivtni, ib nrTivcnU" 

1 lold iiim to say wo wert going from Chalons to Si. Mfiu^hould. 
and (o answer any quesiiDna ih-it were asked. The hood of tho 
phaeton w;:v9 up and 1 could not sec what was happening, but iu 
another minute a vojce cned 


An oflicf^r and two men rode up^ and the following diaJogue 
passed with the Jrivur: — 

" Where do you come from ;*' 


** Whert! urc you goinff ?* 

"Sh Mfn^hould;* 

" Novf fur is ii to Chalon* ?" 

Ptrxonai Afit^ntnrft la War Timt- 


"Ai* thcru aaj troop* ihcre T 

"Oftlf A fev n^n in lli« bitrmc'k!!^ rl^<^ irgimooU have gone.*' 

" VoB may go." 

TImeM qtimttons woro all a^trd in ^ood French^ and directly the 
OD waft i^vctiTuvflritfcr Ion no time In itkiog u^vanu^c 

fOofM, ft mile farther on wc ounc to \ vlllAgc. "Conrthols." 
Tlv ffoopio «t?re all in a itatc of «xdiemc-ntp and il tm evident 
thi Ibc PnrMian part/ tiad ]>ds»ed. It af?pcar«d that they liad 
beem tturtc ftbom Ii4lf an hcur b^rorc and bad stopped Co get aomo 
vtnvUiJ som«1hiDg 10 cat. 

tt> ihrwr- on, atirT I immHUtrly ^^w ih;iT 1 wvni on Thr wmr^ 
tkL AlacMaboo could not be at St- ^knt^bould with German 
^in^<»Ofis mdes in his roar. I th<rrtlore detGrmmod to turn t*ii at 
ibe mad to Snippet, vbirh bnnrbrd to it\c left at a ft-'w tniEf^^ 
difiince, attd thiu to make my way to .MourciicW, 

1 *ai ^r«l) ac<|aajn'^ vritli tbc Stiippoa nr>4 Mourmc^^Ion roodj 
toc^ ihat wc should panii Th(* ImpemI tpuncri, u-bere 1 had 
»ilh thr Marshal ftif rurally a fortiiiglil on a funner vUU ; 
Vie drew near I was eomplctdv pu^^lcil, 
4]ldiroctioafl there werctnrge £ rev burning, ncitcamp5reiE, but 
CT^dnily inpOTtiTil buiUlings h^\y\^ ritn^uiiif^il. 'I'hc liead-^pi'irurrs 
vweoo fire from one end i'> ibc oilicr, ,>nd tbc inicndancc Btorea 
h»yond the cannp w<?rt burning fiercely and bghttng np all the 
■ mmiy rmind. 

Vet iK>t a man wax to be iiccri. What could it all mcNin ? 
I fill nuv no Pruifeians eould Vax^v rcacliLvl Mourinulon^ Had 
XacMahoti (vAUm ba^-'k upon PArtti and burnt hii< i:amp f Ii wa» 
Mcndy tbc correct ^iMtrt^'iL-al movctneiitt under tbc* circum- 
■tacw: but then J mujit ba\'o socn some ^i^na of llie rctroalmg 
««if at Kpcmay. for he would Hcarcdy havo retreated with hi* 
^^kfe fuTt:e by ?H>i>5tMH wbtn two maiu r^md^ antl two liries <jf 
^lnT were Open to him, 

l<l«tmmrt^ to puib into tlR- viUagt^of Moumir^lon, and I drov« 

)bdamjr MaTillior's whirrv I had *o ofu-u Kraynt during short 
to the camp, Mourmelon wo^ not dc«i;rtcd ; on tbc contary, 
k »» remiricably fuM, Madame Marillier had not a room to 
fXA:. but would icmd tint and rry to grt one if I vu not purti- 
'^. I AikL'd for inform.ition. "Where was the Marshal? 
■wi* iras the army>" Ajfain no one knew, cicopt that they 
lUfted in th« dta-cijori iyf Khcitns. 





7%f Gtntlofuin^s Magasitu. 

»a:tl. "TIic ht:Aii-qiMrtcn arc on 

they n^pkod; "ihcy aro 


"And lUcfic firor I 
cvciything 19 bamin^" 

"A\ CL-fi mi»£nibL«a Ce trainards 
burning ^ml ^lillaglng rvc i^MhcTL*," ^ 

"Cc>uld I have {i<:4irnaf;c at daybr&uk to Ukc mc to Rhcims ?" "H 
*' Yc?/' thcj thought ao ; and having ecDi out, th^y ai IdUt sccorcd ^ 
ofip. T weni Hou'n lo aiv. tho drivrr myftdf, ^ncl anungc^d with 
ihim to cull nic at fcur o'clocki and lo be rc^dy to start at half- 
paA four, 'l>ion I went to tho ploco where I had been toUl I was 
totl«frp. No rciom was re-idy, but :i woraim wlio let me in im* 
mcUiiilcIy protccJcil to w;Utc up Ivo poor lilllc diiUrcu wbc vcrt 
to yield up Ihcir bed lo mc, Thia 1 would not allow, nrd wiih a 
thankTuI and »lticpj f^Uncc tho little oncn nevtk-d b:ick into their 
b(.Hl and wt'iL' AQQn aalecp agaii]> I lullcd m/^cir up in my iitjf iu 
Ihc ^iltinl:-toom^ and with my jaddle-haK^'as a pillow was scon as 
tiappily uncoDBCious af 1 should hive been in tiic most comfortable 
of Aratlicr beiU. 

I woke vrith A sort of idea that 1 bad overslept myadf. aad» 
Btriking my repeater, found it wa^ already a quart<-r po^t four. 
Then ] bad to arouiw my driver, and it ua^e fiv^ o'clock boforc w^ 
left Mourmc-lou ou our way to Rlicinu. Wchad to pa»a Uic »toro 
of the inteadmcc. Many builditi^ had been burnt, but 1 ra:w by 
dayh^hi that Uie firev were not bo genvral as th«y had appeared at 
tifghu jMou; tho road there wais ovcry sign of a demoralised aimj. 
Men were lurking amon^^t the burning titorc^v Smail parties 
two or ihroi.- vure JoiU-nug nbuul tho liouses by the roadftids Wi' 
tbt^ir knapsijcks so loadiMl with plundered things ih^l they rou 
hardiy carry ihcm. And in this respect a Frrrnt--h solUicr diiTcfS 
from almost every other. Directly the Kngiish soldier goc8 on U 
cumpiiign. [inlesi sirictfy waiche^fl he will gradually get rid of 
everything that be docs not ccnsiJtr abaolutt^ly n:qui)itc> and 
wilJ lighten him«clf to the utmost. Uut when the bond* of 
discipline are relaxed a Frenchman will Load himself llkd a pack* 
horse - 

A5 wc pujihcd on towards Rhcims the signs of dcmoraliiatioQ 
did not diminish. There were men of numbtjriess regiments, 
2ouavc»> Chas^i'ure, Linesmen, and Indig^nc-s xv^nderini; about 
the country apparirnily with no fixed purpose. Many were drxmk 
and ringing by the roaJ!iLdr;< Sonars werij trying to drive over-^ 
loaded carf-^ that the poor ^rnimaU could not move. In oihcr 
places upset wnggons and dead horacx half blocked tbc road. 

O/i reaching iUjoims 1 found the town fall of troops, but COold 


P£rtona/ Adi^nfurrs in Wat Tim£. 39 

irrjt «ftinCT* ihat MjcMuboiiV vmy mu ruit fbcr^. I w?nt to 
Ife faocd oppotttc iJie bc^miful old cmttcdrah and imiDcdtSEcl^ 
UM tfie waiur fw news. " UTkitc na* Ihr amiy f** 

ff»kDr« EM>lTttn^ — thought it v^unt Rhdm^. 

"Bat. xikf good B)an." ! M>d. "ih^re majr be men in 
KhttTOt; btit where i* the main army ?" 

Re had not an idea — nobody hnd vt)- idea. 

A happy thoujchl stiixk nir, I jcot a /hoj-a' oiid drovi- trj thu 
odwf^ stalioTi, and for ui hc)urT>ickmIy w^itcbed the truni. All 
ttiiw Udcn vlilt mAtorialt of war nrhv^d Trom Parlfi and we-ni :>rk 
bmrdK M^ti^rei. ?irk men went bacLt tciw^rils V^\\. At Ust 
I hid solved tbe military problem: MftcMuhon u-u.i advancinj; I0 

I hnsnnliJitely wt^Dl Uick tc) llic bcitel, gnt 015 lu^j^-Jtge, 4111! 
Iftrln^ by dint of % douceur enlisted in my rftuic one of the 
ftilway officiaU. be promncd that I should get on lo Mfari^rt* in 
a trtm iha: v-onUI <ibortly at\\\^' from Pari^. AfkT watllng fof 
ftnriy tvo hours tlic train n;?pcarod with ollicciv and men i^roinir 
00 to Bf^^TCE or Rccbcl. 

We hid not g^e more than ten milei from Rbeims when \it^ 
ODenpon lroop« on tbe marcli. Tliref: road^ ran jur;i|Ic] vrilh 
fttnijvayt and on each road troopi of all arms were moving' to 
Ae fnat. It was a^i prclty a milliary spocrtacic aa conrd be 
rigiBod, For ij|iT;inU of ti-^n mili^ wtlhouc intcrrruiJtion we paaicd 
&C«, and on orrivul at Rdhf^l a Urgp cnmp was already formed. 
li«B dw main army or the march. BuE, alaji I 10 a noldier'* eye 
ihcie werr si^.t tbat pire risr m tlirr fnrcbtKlin^ for the future ; 
iifn£ficiilt lo dcscribci buC wltich mark the Uiffcrcncc between a 
fofce raptdfy recruited from ihe depots and a higbJy^trAini^id 

tbrm tbere wcrr bodies ;>r Mobiles in blouses, not in large 
voiWn, bnl aomc thouactnda in all. The train stopped at 

Thr anny was taking vp 4 bcLintiful poailioEi with the rivci 
iMQza^ tn tta front. Of course ifiin was i^nly Ihc left wiuff, but 
le Guap <TTtivtded a« far as the cj-e touEd reach in the 
Vtctiori of Vour.irn* RryDdd Relhol no trrM^ipii wnrr vinible, nor 
M we come upon any advnn^cd parti&s between Kethcl and 
Ctariefillo^ ihd ttation lorMflik-rci: M4aidr«s beifij: tba fortified 
''^■n.and Charlcvillr Ijinf^ Hos^ to It, 

1 Irore to ihc hold, and immcJialcly held n Mrt of council of 
*>-■- I wai supplied wtih lU<i bc3t mnps, and» compass xt^ ^^-m^^, 




40 Tkt Geniltmans AfaffMonc. 

coTcfiillf marked out each do/a nurch fbir llie di^crcnt 
It u-is dclf-pvidem tkst thi^ rt^icS of M^^ci wu inl^^ndod. Hafardoua 
>iM «uch a inoit^nK'iii uridoubucllv va^. ^till uiih highly organucd 
uoopi it vis hy no mc^Lns impo-tfiiUc, un<i it might have had wyxaa 
fiuch brilliant rdiults uk marked the gr^t conccplioas of tho Ar«t 
Napul ron. 

Bol m war tt U the baUncc between bcdii conccptioni and the 
moane of execution which cotnm^Lndft success, and a casual 
^lanci^ at ihin amiy on ihc in;irrh ha^l ihoTn mc tb;il li -%i':u 
undertaking: ^ vci^ hopc^lct* t^uk. 

Qn<' Ehin^ bucamu immediately fvidcnt: ihi? inDincntnue event 
wtnild tAkv* pUce under any circumst^uiccii about tht? 3 1 il of AuguA 
or jal of ScptmnhL-r, nxtd my li^vr^ expired ou the funuer da/* 2 
therefore dctcrmircd to go back Co London the followinjf momlnit 
nnj yet additional kave. 

I MHTtod early the nt'^L day hy OKel to Ndinur, At Kamut I 
found a moit civil hor^cdcalcr, a M. Fri^dc'rtCt and purch^jscd 
frnm liim a gr*y marc, arranging that she should by *<-ntlo M^jcUtcs 
ihr nctf day, so as to br* reaJy for mt» oti my rLtiirn. In the after* 
riQQTi 1 wcnl on toGliviit, andLaichiJig tlic luad uainfiom lJru«fcl3« 
arrived in London on the morning of August the 36tb. 

I was ftflioundod 10 find ihat StoMahon't march wju *ilU qtiito 
iinknovm, and biding ihi>roLiglily aw^TL- uf Uil^ impi^rliin^Er i>( lh« 
sccrL't, I mentioned it to nobody. 

Having goi additional leavo, 1 left London tho same ovcning. 
^k1 by mjcl-ilay on the 27th was ^g^xn nt N-tmiiT. T wrm 10 
M. rr<.*dt"ric, and found the marc had been forwarded, but here I 
learned some news wbioh rather changed my plans- M- Fr^'dC-rjc 
was famishing horses for the French Gorrmmpnt. and he told me 
thfti rrom reports he had received from his Ojrcnt the anny wu 
already near Montmedy^ and he ;ilso Aaid that I «houLd have the 
grcatesi di^L-tilty in following it up, zxs I «tiould certainly be arretted 
■IS a tp}\ 

I therefore determined to go on through Belgium to Arlf>n, and 
to pat* the French frontier near Longwy. Bui what waa to become 
of my mare? M- Frt^di^riL- ver>^ civilly Holwd ihrs diflkuliy by 
allowing me to choose another horse in her p]iicc, which he pro* 
misfd to send on to Arlon by the evt-nin|^ irjin, My new purchase, 
which was Ic c;irry nic for marty a bar J day, seemeJ in good working 
condition, which was the main point, and looked a alow but useful 
The ih^ arter my arnva) at Arlon I crossed the French fromier 

Persctia/ A^vcniuPTS in War Tirtu. 41 

-e Ijmgwy, b«n fcwnil ilui M. FrM^ric'a inranc^tion was iQcorrocl- 
TlcKrciiclk amy v^s not there. RciidHiit^ iii)' aa-^ii lu Miiriini&ly 
■M&ncqvaJly Truilk^* remit, on the EUirJ day 1 rcAchcd Florcn- 
ttU^ Ml ibo IklpATi frontier 

vlocBlrillc va> < rt)u\Ic(i ^itii nclKJon trnop^i who were wilvhin^ 
tkir &ontit.'r liner; but thi: i&i'anEry Torcibly reminded oiiv of 
baxrcl:*^ iruc ihtying: ** Gcaticoup dop^WtCttlri^x pan iW ^Ai\x\'' 1 
fttani lh^ U;ii:M;ilion'-i arm/ bdJ M^cuirilj n^^iiird C;m^L^n, Hxt 
>i wniac iDtlca to that p1ac«. find ni^r pi>or hone waa noi fii Lodu 
titfjoumcy Utcrc and hock. I therilon? Iri^il !o hire a i:urTiA^fr 
ttfi A6r^- Thfj told roi* Ilui ili'^re m'js 4 Bdgtan .11 t'Zorcnvillf 
«tKi li&il UccD A mcasBlftn to an En j:lish rci;imciit« and every one 
UklUial he tpokc Esj^lMi well ao'J would be gUU lo dtivL* ieil^ 
ovvr. u be WSA v«tJ acquaJnled with ihc roiirttry ^nd Icnrov- man^r 
fMpb U CuiKian. 

i anrnnfcd tbjtt fac wu (o coll Tor mc iL iht^ hotel whun ho 
Mnm*!^ and ha nUide h^t 3^|>^jiraric<- at 7Lbf>ui two in ihcr ,it^r- 

^Jo our w^ we Btopp«d at an inn to bait iho horse, and a 
io«iliyinui wlio had como Irxnn 1h« direciion of Nouart gavo n« a 
bifirrcRUit of an Aflinn hi? h;ul witTin-urtJ in ihe dji^annr iho 
nriihn^ before. Soun wr distinctly bcari guns oXat ijIT, tvnd 1 
ilpd sy drntr to jiudi on. Those who have hccird thf^ i^c-nnd of 
ibcm ftrin; in cimefic muil know ihi' mjHuuh anJ f^vcriUi 
npiticnce vrhich il <;ioilo. and I tan wdt iin<3eTManiJ hr>w tir«d 
lncf« on Ihe mArch nta^ be nerved to frctti cxurttonft and frt^vh life 
l?ihal b<Qrl*itirnng rntuic^ 

At leaj[tli nc 1.V1U? in Mt^ht of CAiignan. nnd drove ihiouj^h irjE^ 
ixhmj nnd x^e which Icadi into the town. There were no 
iTGGfM, however, lo be !ie«fi, ilthou^h ^ nuiiiLwr of bat men, a f<>w 
Mffedboen^ And ofiicGn and mirn of thi; inti^dancc WL-fe abotrt 

We drove to n fimall ir^n. where my driver was well fenown, and 

4<fc»e beird thai not only ^T.^^wl^al M.ii-Mihon hm ihr- Kmp*.-rar 

*ttcipoctod to »iccp in C&rienanth.-itnifht; ihc/dito iniormcd uh 

Albert voi an affair ^ing on at Ihjiimotnoiit at Mouion, four tndcs 

^iif»ediatrly proposed loririvrr thorp, htitwrr found no cifTii^os 

i Hjweii to pas* the biiJijc, \Vc thtrcfort- put up the vcliidc, 

<>4aif driver, who had divcoi^crcd n fric^nd well acquainted with 

^ hdfhbotirhood, AuggMted th:>t we ihoald walk, piloted by hia 

^^ aci|tujnl4nc(^ 

bonking that under convoy of a frenchman, and aUo a Bc\^\tL'ni 


no veil kuoi^ii, I should be free from the vpy muniai I wilting! 
agrved. Our guide took uc dovrn «omo bjr-i;in?rHE snd croft«cd iho 
Chi^re I»_v ft TotJ. Thi- baitif or Mj^uKiiri w.m Thtn proi^ft on to our 
front » All d the frinjc wna K°^*»'*ii ht'iivicr and l-K-diW. Wc had 
noticed a party of about two buntJrcd MobiTt^jt at CnH;n:in guardrn^ 
the brid^, and we liad noi got miinj' liundred yard* bep^nd the 
ford before wc saw a deUcUmcnt evidi^iLtl^ bc^it rjii tuilii)^ Ub off. 
1 immeiliately halted and f^t my Belgian friend to explain^ Unfor- 
tunately th<*y were not M<ibi]e« of the oclghboufhood ; the oppor- 
tunity of ^irn^ting somebody i\a» tiiu temptiitx to be rrHslcil ; -ind 
wo veru all ignorainiously rnajchoJ back and taken befor* the bead 
of the g/ndarm^rit. 

My Bislj^ion was rccugniited and rrlcaiiL-il : bat I wax not to g«t 
offsoeuilyi £ was taken to u sni^tll hou»c clo^e to the hrid|:c 
Over the ChiiJie, and handed over to :t party of old f^ndarmtm dt h 
ganfr aho WiTtf altAtbed to liead^qiiarliT*. Thr aurgeart ^Id they 
had aU rcccnily arrived from Vaui. 

In the mi'vm time the liring grrc^ more and more proaounced, and 
ft long uf carr:agt-& vm itita corning down to the bridge froni 
the direction of Moiuon. CACOiiud by a U^ltalion of infaQtry. 

It was the KmpcroTi 

There was a poSn^jl tneTancholy cxprMsion up<>fi liia face as he 
drove »lovly \iy, thai lold how liuli^ of hop<^ WH^ jiow left, 

Meanwhile, frcnh troops from the direction of Sedan came 
pouring intc Cari^an. 1 eouixted sixty guns that passed the comer 
of the house m which I was rompellcd to remain. The strrrt* 
^'uTc suoit gomp[cic!y blocked with s^ns, ammunition, tumbrib, 
and the wag^ona of the Jniindjine<^ Mthiairt, sill in xitler confu^^^n- 

Houriifter hoitr sUpperf by, and the firing gn^w fnin: and gnOualty 
ce^cd. AbuuL nine o'clock, from itn [inunuiil bualle amon^t 
the gfttdnrmtrte bQloa, I feEt snre that something wa.** about to 

" II parall (jue ga cIuuiTo/* I biJird oul- &jy lu liie Other ; '' doua 
allona marcher dc niittc/* 

Soon afterwards my SL-rgi^aiit appeant'd, and addreciing m« in the 
most \t\i\'\M.' «,ny. Mid — 

" Sir. you arc free, And can go where you like ; we are Koiag to 
lesve tliLs immediately." 

"Bm, my good iwr^cant, I would much mthcr ^ ndth )'0U. If 
I attempt to ma);e my way through the town, crowded ajt it jj, I 
nhull inUMibly h^ Lirre^ited ag^:EL diK-ctly^ and may not fall into tbo 
h^fods of peojile who wiU treat me as :igrccably as you have done-" 

Ptnonai Adv^n!ur€% in War Time. 43 

"All, mamiEfUTp" be Fe|dioi!, " I n^rrt mnch ihat f have not Ibo 
poacrto pcmil i^lut yo^ 113k; but jou Ajjcok Frcncbr aiitl J iruu 
vil Moncd in goftng where joa like without accident." 

T\x tliB4ti<yn vas ccrtaialy Hyin^. Z fdt %v^tc ihM. xwy ti«lgian 
facnd voold liftvc jcivcd mc ufj aitd dri\cii home. It wai ijuitc 
(tad. I vajB nioc milc£ from I-~lr>rt>nvitk', ^Jd w^t not br ^tnjr 
vtn* »rta>Q about my road- Then of c^mrve there wooia bo a 
CbaJ ^ llic gale of (he Uvnti. aaJ Liuw kbou!J 1 ^r-l pdht ii r' Evirit 
tf J nocccdcd. hoir Ehoold 1 poai the nulpo^iti <ir rnnkc iriy w^y 
tKlgb«U the diScrert riUj^ed on Toot f Buttafeniainin lli4.-towii 
D^piesctit blailc mM>» :■> ni^c Arr<;«t ctrilaiii. f found tliL' lilllt; 
bid vbctc we hod left the cAiriaffc. and heard that it hnd j;ont:. I 
Ika ftOAbcd my w^t tbrou^Ji iht^ donse crowd of soJdirr^ in what 
Ithnogha va*i ih^ dirrnioB of thir jf;tE(^ tiy ahJrb wr h;td cnirrml, 
td after tcvcnl mbtalccs. at k>t saw th^it thr archvay, vhich I 
fiU iCEbonbercda vsm before mc- A numbirr oi uoldiiiirt weru 
Uttttng Abotti, bai to my surpriiir ih'^rp wav no j[uxrU ;it tbe 

I vilked boldly on, looking neither to \\\k xx^h\ nor lo the tcifl. 
SoiM of tb«in fitirod rather hard at tiw, but iU tvo luinatcs more I 
wdeir nf Ihr tnnn. 

U«as«ck^ at4jlight nifrht, and X vmlkcd quickly oa; thcrc^ 
>nsed to be 00 one about, aud ibc utter quiet <nnd lon«line«ii aiicr 
Ibnoiij, btutltn^ *tftne I had jnut left was very iirikmg. A*!iy lo 
^kft Ihc ouiubcrleaa watch-iiiea showed tbui ?i lar£c forci; n-aa 
binvckuiic in the hddt. 

f lad gone at least two miles from the town whon, seeing I bo 
ddknlo^ of A bdyontrl some little wLiy la advaiiCL-. 1 Hloppod uud 
httMd ; a aenall party of armeJ men were ccrlnini)' appro-ichinp . 
iWconnCrv was t\\ja\ci open :ind eKl' foaj lev(?! with iL The only 
*(fcaihAt gsve a chance of concc^tlmrnL w^ia bush about iWL-rity 
lacFstotbcbru Without losing a Eooment i rdntoit: and \t\ 
nnbcr iA*tant I di^tincUy saw threo Fruneli mranlry noldn^rs 
tOving down the road. 

Ibcf c«tnc on until tbery ^erc joil ab^f^ail of mc, when ibcy 
^U. Hud they noticed me r* My find impression yrw* thU EhcTy 
Whnv teciii mc leave thr rrr;id. bui I ritiiU pbinly hr';ir thHr 
'^*A*TiKiCion« and there v-u riQ alluaioii lo aiiythiiig Ljf the- nurl, 
Bq the wofd* tJtat ] did h<-nr were not vc.-y roaaAurin^; in other 
roipwtt. They were e«dcnliy " iruinanln," disbanded plundering 
"^icrd who Uftd kft the i^iiku, Aiid wL-n^ ri^uuunliiig iLioJi iufij»ii]1y 
*Qileilaftnd boMtiiij: of their suecc^s. Anythic^ more murdcTQUt 





44 Tic Gftiik-fuau't Md^azim. 

fmd cold-bloodod thftn tbwc accoaDU ii 1« impoefilbl 

SttUJenly two of tlic men IcA llic ro&d and cain« straight 1 
th(^ bufih hr'hind whicii [ fitcod. [ iniidec«rUin now Ihat Ihe/ h 
seen mi\ but fbey stopped and sat down an a stone Jiwl at IheoU 
bide i>r Ujc bu&lip Ouu of tl^c tvvo had L(:t-ii ^il WuiLh, aitd be vi 
cooWy dcfiCtib\r\% how- he; h:id camcacTO» ^ wounded Frcrnch ollit 
wh*><<> waich lie had aiiemptod lo tabt'. 

" I^ul ihc idiot," he SAJd, " would not ^i^i? iL i)j>, mj I Ju«t 
him a rvu/ r^^* &ahnfi/£, and I not onl^ got hxi •wMdi but I foti 
I to franco in his pursc/^ 

•■ Well/' tfaid the cthm " I and my <^onirade have made 1^4 
fmiica !(iac« Uic war Ur^'dUp liui vk-c ti;c havu had tu imi a fov 
ihcni out of the vray*' 

I had ^Go in sovereign* in my pot^ket, 

*'Y*'a, my fine; frllow*," 1 thoughc, "yoa llKle know the l\ 
barvcs: you hove within a Few Tcct of you." 

They talUf?d oa for ubont tv'n minuiea, when the man on the ro 
Kiid it was time to ho moif^ng. To my dHljht they got up ll 
joined hiiLi, and X was not sony when thck fooiHtcps died an^ 
the distuncCfe 

I now resumed my march ;it a ni|»id pace, but Ifaienliig ^r«ni 
In case of there being iiny more <jf my hui* frli^idK In \hc ncrij 
hDurhoodt Soon aftorwards 1 came to a villnj;*? ; there wore scvc 
pE!ople about i[\ the streelt talking I'XdLcdiy, and I w^ilkcd bo)c 
throiigh them at a i\\nck pace wilhiiui jny hc?*itation, Th(^y atar 
hurd at me, but took no furlhir notice. 1 knew that 1 b 
vcvcr^l villages to pka, and the pe-n^j^nts, cxr^tied by th<; ncti 
which had been fought «o near ihem on thai day, wt*re all on t 

I pushed on through two more vifl:ige* in safety, and at Icnjfth 
came 10 the Hois de Bonillcn, ibe great wood that friugcn l 
Bdjjiaii frontier for no many miles. Ut'iu all was quite loiit^ly ; q 
a sound was to be heard. There U a fearfully helplcti fedinjc 
being unarmed amiOsi anried men, from whom act* of violen 
may at any- limt" br» rxjiLCti-d. I liiid pjrposHy U-fl my rcvulvrer 
l^ngUmd, hut I own on thU nighl 1 looked back to it with ling^rii 
reifrets. Afl^r passing for about two miles through the wood 
Middenly hoard a quick, ^harp challenge and foiinil That It waa tl 
Belgian piquet watching the frontier. 'I'he ofliccr waa very civ 
and scni a man to pa?s me Ihrouf-^h the other posts, 

Ir was nearly one o'clock whc^n 1 got to the hotel at Florenvill 


F Jptrsoftal Advfutnns in War Time. 45 

all »a« opt ftorry lu ivra inUi bird, and Trw pcopit that ni^i 

1 N» M daybrctfLk <m iKc morning of Ihe jisL Krom tlic maw 
c/Uoopa Uut were movinif up fmm Sr-dnn it looked aa If a fland 
•mU be iBftd« near Caxignait. And I dui^rnjimxl to Itsivc tn)- »44<l1i^ 
bflf* «t the hotpJ and rido l>ack to rari^fn^n in hjifhl m:irching: 
<x&tT. rciqming to Ib^ Bi.'lf^iaii fronUcr ai oighl. 

ThrcuuQtry About Cdii^ii^ji, tliuu^'h tci> uTiUiiUtiii^. ii cipi^n. 

Frnoi Cari^^ttAit I0 ^cdoii tuilk ;i j^at Trench €fi^iusst< vlth trees 
CBtittieT aid*-. To tho leH of thii fAijuf^A' id Lbc< Kivi-r Cliivif, :i 
decfi^ dalt, ttuficifh »ui;ittii iviih »ici?i> b^inkt- and ii mudOy bmtoin. 
It the left of tbo Oii^TC a^ain lies a rid^ of hi^h hlib, \rhich 
ifara£« it from th<y Mi>i:iBd. whicli it Joins b«foro reaching Stdan. 
Xoi2Da lajr on llu* \fruxr uvrTthiK iU\$r. of hillv. 

After tea vini^ Flore xtvi Ik and patoio^ ttir^u^'h tbc ^oad, I found 
Ik «hol« coimtry in a «tlEc of alarm. Cart« faEI of women, 
dnUro, aai) biag^p^ veiv makinj tlieir wiiy to the Belgian 
feonlid. On ^tin^ niMr Cdri;i:ii^u 1 ^Jlw thai tlit^ railway Ataljon 
vu on fifr. ScMue cavalry in ^kimntKhin^ ord^r vcrr^ fiLlIitt^ back 
fcon the Covn, and a whole divi«Eoii of infantry and a long Irain of 
{mverc letrL-dtiiig liir th(^ Licja nKidii whkLi run tuwardi Vilkra 
Ccfw^ uid Li Chnf>cllc. 

TWfe roads ^xk utuxly p;inil]cl with the groat thitiisi^. and 
ktvren it &nd (he lar^fu wood markittg tlio Belgian frotiLioc. 

Sooic dUtancc in rear of the cavnlry three bnttalions of 
lO^bj vere drauii u)> a« a rvar gu:ir(l, :md far off I could buu 
nvp imofrt fAllitigc lurk ;iiong ihr ihauu^ in ihr. riirrrllon of* 
Do«n. The retreat wa« hcing made exactly aa if in presence: 
•fin fDemy. hut 1 careluUy scanned tho distant hilJs vith my 
iJnnaBi) rouM ic« no ir^icpi nf ^ny PmisfLinK. 

I «a}1cd until the cavulry hdd fallen b^tok. a^nd then made xsij w^y 
a frant of Ihcm, tinkin^ eventually in:o the t/jaua^, abouL a 
■ip oa tbe Sedui rid*' of Ciirignan. The *t:»tion was biirnini; 
teouAf^. dnd tbeic accmcd to be a dc-acrLed trdiu ilunding ucidcr 
tW blutnx sbcds. 

Ibd not gone far vhen I «aw thelU bunting high up into the 
t a the dSieciIon of Ba£r:i1lt-4 : pr<^sni:ly troops appearctl 

IW^ CD Ukc hi^h hilb upon Ihc Icfl of the ChiCrc, anJ I 

ttid»tbem out !0 be 1*0 cavalry rtgimenla and two biUt-rics, 
letfai thin Htw nn the thau^T^ and ;ibtii:r a fjn.irffr of a mile 

<* hwn of mc I saw an unmiiiakablc parly of "* Irainard^/" They 

'^taonnied on country \ionv9, BomQ of which had catH^amc^i 



46 TXf G^nti^ma^i't Magazute, 

on ihcm, nnd \hcy v»re foad1^:1 with all sdrtft or plnrtder. Noti 
was morestrikirijai ttiUtimc, and nothing shoved morccocnpli 
ihc dcmoralisalion of the arnif, than that thc$e dUbanded pi 
dcf^s ehould be roving* about all over ih« connu^ in d 
proxiRiitjr L41 the trnopi^ that were In rc^l^r oitlcr, and 
notice appeared lo be taki:n of them. 

The qcvmiiori ww how to paes ihis party; ft>r they wouldj 
cfTfULin In ttopme.^nd knowing ju I did thai I had mypodiirbiJ 
of ao^cirigna they would have been sore to have ii 
dcc1ar<^d nie rt spy, executed fumtnniy puniHhmont on tha 
proli:ibly foiighl dvi^ lh» ipoiL [ fotlowrd behind Uipm at lb! 
paoc', but tlit'j Mi>jii lijikcJ. a^ iioine of tbe plui^d^^r hjd f^CO C 
tile hornet. I hnlted aIflo, and ncMiccd thnt they looted M 
lev^nil linit'K. app:irent]y wiitohing mr movement*, A liHlt- fura 
^td to the li^fL lliuie uufc J country rodd wlauli LruahcU the CItUs 
;irtd bctwci^n the chauxsk and the Cbi^rc r%n a jfteeti 
more tiiaa a mil* in Icn^h. 

t thou^t thi« wnsa ^od cha^ncc of pa^s^inf^ 
off into the Tiii ulu'^. rind folfowiiie: the of the rivet trott< 
on. 1 had ii<< .im^r^ot levd vritb them than the whole pur 
lilqmoiinEed. Th*»y werf- about ri iinarii?r ofa milo from me on R 
ri|(ht. Prcf<<!n]ly t )iiw a pnfT of smokf^ a^id a bullcL whiuejl cloi 
by my hcadt but a liEtle high; then another and another- Thmkir 
I mi^hi jusi aa well give tliem ^ miming shot, I put tny old hor 
into a gallop, but ihcy kept iip a ile*iillt>ry fire u[itil I w.-m wcIIa 
of range. ^ 

Riding on a little w^y I «aw another country road which «rotM 
the Chii^re by it wiHHltn bridgr, and on it rb-^re were four mniuit4 
men. This was the firtt bridjjc I passed ^rliich wdi in any 1I 
u-3lcbc?d by th<; l-rench cavalry, i'hey c.illed to me, and [ cam«l 
to rliem. 4 

T« my snrpriic I fotmd tb^l tbej had not br^n sluI therr, til 
were doing a tittle amateur ontpost duly. The party was a atran| 
one. There *as an arHllL-ryman, a cmrasncr. a chaiicur, and 
chii*Aei»r d'Afrii^UL'. Thi^y ininicdiali^lj arreslcd me and said llu 
tnu£t take mc before the M*tire of the liltLc town of PouiB S 
R/my. which w-ae clo^e by. 

] if^cjursted them to take mc to one of ihcir own officers, l«ji tiM 
would ^'O to ihc Maiic. and were so interested In ihcii captai 
that ihey left the bridg;e unoccupied, although they kn€W tfc 
«nemy were not far off on the other side. 

When we goi into ihe broad main street of the little town whk 

Pirs4ftiai Adv^niur^ in fVar Ximc^ 47 

na 11 liffet angtoi «ilh tb« Chi^ro ve Toond noartf a coaple of 
Timdml jiecifilr letnnding nbnut, and ioimnliMttTly tht? rr^- of 

Jtior. Hcrc' v«n >oi»c tw<> httndrcd ;^cat fitntfipin^ ablo-bodiod 
am m IiIcqi««. lb** cn*my tUiae iiC h;m*S. anJ they ydling and 
WCTming afWr w>c iioor lutarmcd lu^n, buE wjiljout a Uiou^'ht of 
ttkn; any oscfol drfcncc for tbdr country, :iiid onir too j;ljid to 
fi0 bBO the huidi of tK- rrtihit'.'iiii, .mil ihut f) rsiMpo all cJiajirv 
sThftriftK lo joiu ibcif owii army. 

I'be iutilkrTinvin seemed to be ihc rcco^Ued Icadf^r of th<L 
vun«d ^%xy* and J itium'^di^ifol)' «poko lo him, KJiyjnjf " t h.iw 
VTffil kidit tky kIjIc with Frmch stiMi<tr» in Che (.^litnci. asd wUfl 
VJAnprbcrc with you, but I look to you a» a cummdc nut to Jcave^ 
ae u the J)And0 of tbcsn iilUgcrc." 

Rr drrw hii pr*iid -ind bijit ihcm biicli. fiir Iht-y cacKV )vi]iagL 
wr xnc and ^rwdd b^vt pulled itic off 11;)- horse. Wu ^on cante' 
bibe M^iftQ, which tfood on thi; tcft of tho road. Here 1 aad 
ir ut]Ik*ryaum <Ii«inoantiML llj** (Jthfrt holding ilie li«r>tes, and 
*? vciit itpsuirs inlo a Joii^ fooin while the Mairc wa« scia for. 

In the racaniliac 1 i^iowcd ^y i>J^porl to tli-^ AiiillcryrALui, wtio 
iMUyJinadi impfc«ud It il, iuturing me thai Iw u.udi?riiood it 
WD^lily, diid liuU Lie b^w 1 vAb^ a laiTfn <inf;hiS. I tried to 
Ofhiii that this ^r^ noC th^ case, but it wa> no uic. He Sbtw Uic 
httHag; of (he |>a£b.port« and vt^a coiivmcisi that it applied to in« 
u4tHiU3 Ij>rd Gf«i)vi1]c, 
JibC ihui in c^imo thu Mairc. an old mnr in a bloutCi 
Hr k>okr-d ;Lt t^ pa88[icri, biii fiootni^J niint rii th^ Ic^dAt to under- 
ttiJ il. [n T^in the Ar(iEh-r)'ni^iii »nd it ^v<D& all ri^ht. Thr 
^^ftfm pcnutcd I nu 41 PniMian ipy. /wd a Trusiian ipy I 

Tb* decUion mt'C with |-enrr:[! appI.iiisL-, ;mcl fl^^ijia a thrcilen- 
■f ncTcttictit wdA uudc upu[| mc. Suddenly loiiJ i:nc» vuLvidci 
*lnclo4 inai\^r«al aUcntion, and " X-ct Frun^Lcnal Ic» Prasaicasr' 
^»pf4ied from mOMlh to iriouth. Down tlic tUecl ran some 
%tt Mily Ficiii-li ijifdiiliy AlLuxK^cra, \vitliuul uIUluin in <i alatc 
■'pttk, followed by the crowd of pco^iaot). 

Mjraftjllcrfman ran downbULrid, j^nd in un inat^nrii the rooia w^ 
*^Kj> bsi A« I uicd to follow. f\\ts or bU mc^i i^Ijui ihc door to 
'^ likd to lock it, i ju^t hAvs vhii they weru doing it; timL\ and 
(i*^4tiiddcfi puflh tto bolt Hiiot outbide and il would not cIqi^l^. 
'*<tt b^J: a f cv stirpi; ;iAd ibiKhed at the door with luy >\Uulc 
'^c^ukl ntj iiApctiu s^nt the villugcrst fl>ing. Id ODOtlKr iaat&ot 


48 The Geniictnan s Afagazhir. 

an w^l 

I waa dovQ ihc *uln and ui ihc stn^l. The «rtil]cr>'ni4n 
already mounted, I tun to my hor«f^, but :ifi ! Lricd to mount va4 
eauglil by chi.^ mob And Jr^'^i^il b^clc. 

■*Do not Icnvc mc!" I cried lo ihc aEiillcrymuu "1 Ituat in 

H^pi! hUpi«to1 [o their hiMd^t anjflworoth&t hpvrould firpiriliey 
did not AUnd biuk. I sj}raii£ mto the snJdIc, anJ wc gallopcU olF 
in the direction of tbo bridge. As vc? nciircd it 1 4aw staodinj? on 
ihe otla'i sido- a S-iton ufaiT-oll^ccr and lno dragoons and f turiu-d 
dav^n a \ou\ to tht ftfi. 

In an inaUitil my arLi!ti;r>'"^"'fi *'^ ^ftcr mt vith his piatol al 
ht^'id, wanting :o know vhj' 1 h.ul lurncd i>fT the roail, 

1 ujUI hi:n ihai tin- cmimy wtrf- on [hi- Lridtfr, l>ut ^^^ laughrd 
ut mc and wm cantering bock 10 it :vhcn 1 called out &nd i»topiied 

We wt'n? within a hiindml yard!! of \\\.v Sax<jn party. He T»ow 
b'liil that r was rig^TLt, and thatikiit^ nK for saving \\]m. vc lurncil 
back, made our way across country in the direction of rrAnchcvo-U 
and gt'iUng on to sunif high ground atuppeJ to reconnoitre. 

My attillcrymio now told mc lh.xL Iil- liad bi^cn tiigiBcd ibc d^y 
before .it MoiJ3on, but hi3 battery hitd been com[>1ctcly cut Up and 
the ^xi% taken- His L-apiAJn had diod in \\i% ariu«, nnd Wa boots 
wemstUI coven'd wJtTi blood- Hi? had been nandifirin^ about all 
nishl, >ind had not tasted food since the moming before the bnulC' 
lie WHS an cxcdlont sptcimt-'n of a Ijght-hearted French soldier, 
anil said he wai verj' hungry and very thirsty, but had ro mnncy, 
and io supposed he- must wait. 

J gave \ii\\\ a (en-frauL- p:ece, it'ILing him vfc would gut some- 
thing in tlic next villaj^e, snd wo no\^- bcc^ime sworn friends- 

*' Wbat can I do, Mon^iicur le Baron ^*' he ftaid. " [ have uo 
battery to join — 1 shall attach myaolf to you. You must not ^ 
about aloni! any more. Yon have no arm*!, but I shall attend upon 
yuu mid protect you; if lliey ace yuu with ini? they xwill know bciitr 
than Eo atCempI any h/trm/' 

Wc wcic now riding in the dinsction of the Wood of Fmncheval 
or boia ClievnlLur, dnd as wc got on to iIlc higher j^ronnd we 
looked right down upi>n l^iieillc*. 

A vi-ry 6overc artUIery right ww goiag on. Part of Von der 
Tfinn's Bavarian corps bsid crossed thei Chfi>r(> and had peneiraii^A 
iato the outskirts of the place, bat sirrcmed to make no projcrcu. 
Tbo French b^^ttenus near J3alai: wcro Bhilling them with ap- 
parently a great preponderance of anlllcry Tre, biu nearly all th(r 



Pirscnai Adi^cniurt's in War Tim^. 49 

FttdcIl tbelU were burtiing bij[h «p iit the air. I aoEiccd iIk« 
UnJMgboilt tliQ wai : ciltxcr iIkic uiusi have In^4.-Ti ^mnrchitis ^v-ry 
«MC vitfa tttcir tiaic-riuca. or their gunner* must have been moat 
CKleM, for at leant hv^ o«i of six bliclU bum toe fioon. 

Tile French division which T \\^i\ st-t'.f\ Icfiving Cjirignan in tiif^ 
■Gtftiiif Iiad nov reached the hilj^iidc of FmnchcvnU nn^J one 
hbf^dtf or infaAiE^ and a bn^v of cavalry stoocl in line of battle 
tt iW «omh of thr vlTLi^r-. 

Titc aixtx guns w«rc «till marching along the toad in the 
todioD of Vilkn Conaf. 

We lud got rl|fht t)otW4>rn ih« two annlM. an<l prcsenit)' T «nw a ^ 
Onlcy rcginteal ,cro^ the bridge over the Chi^re at Douzyi and H 
«h«ficc Bp the valky. There wcri^ two or th^l^J hundred strt^g- 
(Wn from Ihc French infaniry hanging about in the deldii below 
v; ihoe titrfy Lhargt^d xi\\X doivt' thcui into the Jloi^i Chevalier* 
ttlMthcumc lime imall Kcoutins parties were detached in all 
dnetioot, vbo crept quietly and Ett^Mlihitv up the hUIi towitrdi the 
fnnch division on the mariih. f^i.-rinjf ihciti appro^u^h, 1 and my 
vtiUoiiiuii felt back upon the French caimjraicn drawn up c<n 
Ibi hM, and 1 thouj^t we wore now going to bo present ^t a very 
|Rtn llttl«' alTAir of ravnlry. 

The Kfcnch bitgadc coiDkLed of a cutruslcr and a lancer rcgi- 
ttod, A hoo of cuitoftfier iikirm:*ih<?r3 h^id bi^tin thrown oiiE about 
ITC hnndr«d janJs in front nf the bri(fado, hul not a urouE was in 
^fiiKe. Tbc bfidgd over t^ie Chi1^^e weic cittieely unwAti^hed, 
^allLongh ttio German rcDinciil3 hud crof.^cd not nuich more 
tktthllf a mile in their iictnediatc front and the country wafi 
fieopcs. lliey weie perfectly aware of the fact. K'^ we fell Uack 
tt« iiiig|[]crit in the w'ood began firtfig at ua. 

llkOM chaucp'^ti. reached a long way. ;tnd the Trench loldiers at 
ttuiMDc woQid fin.- at anything Ihtfy ifaw, rcgAnlk-^'i whether it was 
^iadorfoc. My artilleryman was intensely enraged^ 

'^VodA utieami^o en dC^tiandado," he said ; and ho shook biA 
*» u. thetn ,-ind "' Kaci^VI " to ;in immrnso f-xTtni, Imt they fired 
>*^tt us juM the frame, until we fell back on the line of ^kir- 

ThFrea1<^n«1Df thecuirvider r«gTIn(^nt galloprfJ up and vrantud 
•otoow whai wc wccc doing. 

tcqilained that when wc law the (jcmnan rcrgiment crofa we had 
^vm bac k vpou ih^m. 

"Whtt Gdman irjfmieat?" be ^^ked. 

"Tkc cat^lry which are jutt below you in the valley," 1 TCpl\^- 
VttL I tor i^;,\ K 



T&c GcKfimMnU Ma^xzin^* 

"Gcraaasl" hccscUtmcd; "whr. tbejr atc ourown pcofde/' 

"Arclhny^* I did. *'Th«n tbi?)' :icifm to tiave an unplt 
hat>iE «f rhargiiig your own infiinlry/' 

He h&d 113 fLcM-KUfis, but he aakcd mc to lend him mine. 
juat Ai th;it momcni Uic enemy mode a Trcfh attack on a ima[J 
of infanify aiid drove thtm hjirle Hf^ wa? Ht l^si convincedn 
fell back to irifoim llw iuijajjici". 

Il tras beautiful ground Tor cavalry; an infantry bn^do ^aii ii 
line of battle close by, and I expected to sec lb« poor G91 
with tht; mci ill thctc rciir utterly Aiasit. but nn movctnrnt vj 
mad<f> Thccn^m}''^ scouts crt'pt quietly up ihu hiiE until they could 
«ec the whole French force, and then a* quietly withdrew, utt«c^^| 
undisturbed- ^^ 

It w&e quite provoklnf!^ to sco nich atupidily- No wonder tbat 
at Weipsenbnrg and Bc^-aumont the i''rench had been caught 
rap[>L:ig ; here waH a pr^^Ity rx;iiii])k* of hrjw their cflvulry duties 
vcre performed. 

I waited lomo time on the hill. ItwnEamo^^ficcnt vpectaclc, fM* 
vre could wv large masses of Krench tTOo;>4 Ta.king up tKi^ir position 
towards Diigny and Balatj- Bat die InraiitFy bngade (.lose to in 
soon fiVad otf aRor the re^t of its division, whilst the cavnJry 
remained h.ilted ^nd inactive- The finng at Ba^eiliea gradually 
dioJ awuy : t!ic Bjviridns liad evidently got the wnrsi of it- 

Thc Eaat of the cuiruaicrs ^rerc just filing acro^ ihc ^^alley bolow 
ttic vdlA^ of FrmchoviLle, To join them we had to descend About 
fifty yardii and thttn mm back by anothurl-tnc njunin^ paralH wnh 
the village. 

We had descended to the lower roa^d. and I was lo^idin}; ^^'tth my 
artillciyman close bdiirid me, when we came to an open place 
where there were rio houses and from whence wc could »et: the 
upper si re<3t of the village. Happening to (glance upwards 1 saw 
niir Kii: or seven "trainard*" la^n ttieir rifle? over a n-tU and deli- 
bcrntely cover U5. I had ju»t time to call to my companion — 

" !>toop your head and ffallnp ! '* when a volley came nj^ht 
into us. 

H&d we not boEh ducked just at [.hat moment we imiRt h^VL' been 
hit, for they wcrt: not fifty yards off. It was a moat lucky escape, 
and this was the third time that d^ytliat 1 had bMn dcdit»erate]y 
'^poltLjJ at." Somi' tif the UilU^ts- went iinplrns-intly iirar tf> the 
cuiraftsicrs who were below in the valky. Wc galloped down to 
tbtta and tried to persuade ih«m to send a party back to capture 

^^^^^/Vr»/r-i/ ^^ww/tt/va in War Ttmc, 51 

VHHHHPbiU they h^ jiui recei^^ onieri lo j^hA tlwir divi' 

Od the li;i:h ground near Vtllcfit Ccma/ ire found the wholoJ 
dMiioaor mfinlr^ forracU up in line of quarter columns. Thol 
hMUfiom were about »x lo seven hunJtvd ^Lront^. and Ibey looked 
^MrOfder. but vith a $reat nittitj youag soJtiicrt unoii^ tli-m. 
^pigotUaglai*: Ib«f9 woiatd^evidiimly bdnotbio^roonrdorc that 
^, and I bad a long nd«tn Flormvillft hrfAn* mi*; floalippirtg a 
easier oi nipolflons into hb hand, I said "Good bye'* to my 
telhl^! Mtillcjyaiaa aod attucL into tb>3 wood with the ii;tGmiL>n of 
piling over tho Brl^tn frontirf brfnrr dark. 

Tbc only cbance foi MacMaiiun's force? l,iy ici -ui immrniiaCc; 
■tfPBit opoQ M£ii£rc«t Bud I concluded that Ihis would probdblv bo 
■Acted duing tbe Dighc, ai all the rcadc were tidl opcn^ tbo 
lUc FmiKih Anay around Scddii, 4iid nu jMct of it Imd mfidf.' x 
UfTMicb ibatdaj. 

It vts darlE lon^ before I reached Florenvill^, and 1 had been 
EiMccn boius in the ^ddle, but my old hcrse had carrle-d tne very 

i wooeeded after some trouble in gottmg a carriage, and 
VDgttd ihAt wc Bhoiild start at ihrrp oVlock in the morning. It 
ttttoi certain that ihc TnuaianK would pm^ thr: French on their 
WMi and (bai there mu»l be aomc serious (ightin?- 
I lamed into bed pretty eariy. 

Every one «aa tolerably (lunctual on the morning of the itt of 
Sifteaibcr. aad wc j^t off lii t^od Umo. By & little before Ave 
tit ire reached the spot where I had itr^ck into the road the 
■pi bcfovri aAei pj-iainj; iJiiuu^h tbe xsuud on my way to Florr^n* 
^'Ir^ Daylight had Dot jrct chorouj^hly broken when suddenly I 
herd a gac for off on tbe plain billow; then soon after- 
4fdi another, and <fnothef, gradually «clL]ing dovrn into a Mr^ady 

*Wbat doc« it meaiiJ"aBicd my cotapanion (a Belgian war 

*Il nteaiiA Khw the Frcni:h have not rctncatcd," I replied* *'and 
^ llacMahoa'0 axmy ia loet," 

VcDOu Slopped Ihe eama^, and mounung our lioraes :ilrurk 
'tva tbrousb the wood in the dircttJua of the liiinj!. After going 
h HmK Utile distance vc came upon da opening: and a smalt 
'iBijr, tn «4uc)i we met two French peaaania k-ading thi^ hor*e of 
^PiQttiaa dragTjmi, Wt -tikcd tliciu Ijow lln;> came by It. and 
^ toM m thai two UhljuiJ had appcoxcd and a vlllftgct \\ad 

K 3 

«hot on? Troni a house and Uut ihc' other had g6llot>e4 off- 
one viho W03 shot war< only wounded, but the pcannU kicked bitn 
to death and thr«w hitn intrD Uit? httiv «tre-am whicli ran through 
ihc vUU|fe. They w*.tc now ^n djcwitl that the honw would be 
fotLnd in their pos^cuion and were maJtiuff their way to Ibe 
Belgian frontier Ahuaing them for their barbarity, and wiahtAg, 
to ibdr dU^iRj, that thry might br c^tiffhf, vp mdr «n : and an 
daylight completely broke \hc firing grew heavier and heavier, 
Something went wrong with my f^omp-inton's sTi^Tdtc and iic pulW 
tip, whilsl r rodf^ on. 1 v/as itill in the woo^l i4'hpn 1 h(?;Lnl Kon^c 
approaching and a Gcrmaji word ot comniiirid- J^ I did not wi&h 
to change sides 5n rapidJy 1 turned quictty off the path, aac! nooQ 
afterw;ird» :t squadron of Guard hxis^nra came through the wood^ 
(ind I L'uulJ id] fiojii ihL' -^Ay in vshith ibcy moved thftl ihcv were 
working in ccnneclion with other cavalry, and endeavoofinff to 
iind out vrhethi^r the great forctl vthich lay to the Ipfc Hank of the 
Frrnirh tad beun offupiwl, 

1 again pujihed on through thu wood. There were numbcrlcM 
ttmall pathb, iJut 1 irusied tj> thu (iring for my direction, and at 
Irnyth emerged upon an opening and a hi|fli knoll on thi^ outiabirts 
of the forest, and a wonderftil aight lay before ntc. From this 
point I had a splendid view of the gencrni opcraUous; but the litld 
of battler was %o extensive that onr.- oonlJ only giiesi from a slTidy 
of the map and from the general tic cf tbc ground in what the 
distant movements consisted. 

1*he Guard corps of the Tnassians lay right below me rearViileri 
Ceinayi On their left near the Bois Clicvdiii^r wltc the jjlh Saxon 
corps. On the left of the Saxony and Gccupyiiig the sonlhcm end 
of the BoLs Chevalier and the grouutj ru^^ching to the Carkgnan 
^nd Sf^dan load. was the? 4.Lh corpj^- On thi:it loft, preparing for 
the attack on Ea^dlles, the ist Bavarian corps, which had CTOMCd 
the Meuae by a pontoon bridge during xhv night, Away in the 
dirrciion of ML^xIfrrcs ail stremud quiet, Along the high ridge, ly'lng 
wc5t of the Doia Chc^'alicr, was an almost continuous line of guns. 

Thus the French 12th corps, which occupii-d Iiazi.'tlk5 and the 
ridgt> extending from there to Daigny, was about to be ^^(sailcd hf 
three Cennan cxirpa. Whilst the ifil French held tlie eastern edge 
of the Boifl de b Garonne and the high ground west of Ihe road 
leading from Gjvonne to Ln ChapelEe, that part lying between 
Daigny and Givonuc ^as almoM una^idiUble, but the (^unrd« 
were pushing in on the western flank between Civonnc and L& 

p£ri&nai Afiv^niurts in IPar Time. 53 

Oo liiF rid^- webi of GivoiiEie ^ cdiujctertblr? number or French 
^t vcrc in T>o«it)(>n, bat th<ry already Kppetrcd quite ov^r- 
Midicd by i1l« u^mifwloss hns which replied to ihcm Trom tlic 

I B*v puaikcd on throtigh the wood in the direction of L^i 
Oapdle afid the left lUnk of tlvv French :xxmy. I rod*; forward 
bthcoDiAkirtft of iht; ri]]Afc'^, vbirh The rniK>4am vere juii then 
Ob^Qg; so ^kirtin; tl, 1 got on to tlu: big:h groand to tltc wueit 
■nSK tbc Pretich, rron ivhenco &«pleD(Itd view of tiie op6mtion» 
■u mibl<f- 

Tbr filbgc itMlf Kcm«^ moattj^ bcid by frlnc?t*t:rrurs, but tbc 
itf corps h«ld IJ1C pofiition bdwocn it ctiid Givotini.-, Down tho 
pW open *lope which ran* from near Villcrs Ccrnay to the 
oatlinMiI between Gii<3une ±i\*\ l*^ Cb^pt-llci U4iul' 4 bri^Eude of 
Ibe Etau&uk Guard in line of double eolumnj^, wiib dcplcyinj; 
RitrQli,2nd «ith mnoiher hn^i^e iri fiiipport Drawn up to my 
dfktwas ihr maw of tbc: Ficnch arilUury of ibo idt tjortts \\\ a 
boMliluI pomttoR und wjtliin good mngc. 

I «cpected to see 2 i^triSc lose, but very few men foil, and the 
CihuBn* ndv^nr-rd with ihc precision of a p;tr;iJl>^ mriv^mtrnt. f do 
nMtkiDkthat brigide lont twenty men during il^ advance donn 
Ikalope. The Kraiicb sh«Uft (timo 1u6C'«J "^^crc bursting jib^urdly 
M^ and («emed tn do ro damA^i? whntc^vrr- 

Thea the sbarp ctm^k uf niuBkclry rallied from the bruslvwood on 
te ridge as Ihc PmBiian i^Uirmifbcrs trtmc within tuvi^, and littEt: 
■Ute i-utf* of «mokc wrfralbed up a« the rivfll lines became 

Sbol 1 attempt to dcitcribc aII Ihc Accncs of the grcLit battle, and 
thnrcftcat in ofE-tolJ Xal^ 't Sh^^ll I tt*]t how over the n^glt^cied 
bridfc of Donch^rj, and hidden by the: mill, all thi; early mutn 
IW Crown Princc'a Icgioni wt-ru crowing silently and unobserved 
^Ibe French cavnJn'? Of how, .11 evening — when, alaaT 100 laic — 
tiiae wtriP ravalry iliuhrd m:iilly upon the bayonets of ihi- enemy. 
I^h4d noT^^cut off dl hope of retreat, to fall back shattrred ami 
dniro^d t H<y^ the two German armies ihms advancing from 
Cppotiie rfifcciione gradtnlly cnfirckd tht doome*! ho^tsof France, 
*JdK»vc: Ibein bto Sedan ? Shall I describe how All th^t after- 
'Ubui iron hail from near Roo^na mined upon the lost and demo- 
ftlted irmy huddled in the narrow sireetK of the old and luselesH 

Ail tbis L3 now bistoricoT, and the great events which made thi» 
buUie the cnoAt momentous in its results that the v^orVA \V< '^^^ 



SBilvitinn extends even to ilic field of liuirataro. Cowkt Aniim, 
bis pubtialicd dcapatclics to thr? Pon^ign Office^ eridenUjr nima 
U^nenc«(, wii, brillinncy, anti povrcr of cxpn&sioti. oil qiulilio for 
wnicli hi* gr<^At enemy it ivno^'nciJ. But Ihc lilcratr failure of Iho 
iinroitunatc Count i« almost a«i lignal a^ hit poVn'tcJi}. His aimites, 
»iicb as '^ThcdciicuJ mIrc will be coniiticritbly modLficd bf- tli 
yraXt^t of fiohUcal iiuc-iisBil)-," show wgna of daboRitioa, and hi* 
nUtoric ijar^llHK nrc ^nmrtiitir:* far-feichwl am! liltlf in iho poini^j 
Tjie acctiUTii of bis fitat reception by rrc»tdi;nt M;u:KIahon ii chaUf 
Ami amij^mg, but one never lows tbc idipnJMion of tbc diplomutM 
*iu.*ciitig ibi- Jiicrary man, ThU is ntactly the r^vcrec with 
BUm«cL In "Pro nihilo." Oip ii-mphUa publi^liei in Counfc 
Annm'n defence, and most Ultcly writ(cH» or nl least immcdialdr 
jnipircd, by himveir^ ^^^9 'o explam n ccjrtain *' pty etiological 
J^roccea" to wbidi wime of PririLe Bbni:m:kS uVknuitea an: toad 
^*i owr^ thctr oriRin, the autbor, wliocvct he may be, proceed*: — M 
* ' I o ihr iiTodtgioiu qualities of the lmpen:il ClianccUor belongs " 
^fiai of not finding the inith from objcaively csubli^hcd facts, lie 
^*^>cs not 'find' li—Ur: ' tii-^lcb ' it. Intmli^n or inspiratuMt 
F^OWH ibo iruth to this extraordinary mtelket^ iind his inleUij^enoc, 
^ cstttnsivtly ftrtik' in combinations, ihen groups ihc faru In such 
^a.nner that Ihcy *cnc as a ba^js for tbe first and frequently quite 
^rt'Ct inipr<'S8ion, The corpse ioiisncjs which hiid pfrhaps existed 
♦l|i*' ^^^" ^^^ irnprcwion roslt^d upon hifl own or somebody ctse'v 
, -fjinitiou recedes in ibr further loiksi: <if the conception of truth 
V^jin ^c energy which subordinaus the reality of external facta to 
.^^, t"Tt;itivc power of lh« personal will." 

Ili<- short mi^amng cf thU terribly invol\i?d scnttnce seems to be 
a cbargc against CiSmafL-k of a slron^ tendency toward* *bal h 
euulit-mistically called rom^ncin^. liui what it that groupinit of 
fotla from a central point of visiori but ihi- birthright and primary 
funclion of the jxjel? He auc?i inlo the chwnce of ihing*. nllbotijch 
acL-iiirntalsmaycacapchim. And if thi* subjective vision proves Irac 
\*licn applied to tho reahiie* of science or politics, what btniet, or 
indeed whai othf*r, L-ritprion of ihc man's grealneis can vtn 
demand ? Whitt a priori difTorcncc, indctd, i3 There bo-twccn the 
emtrty dfcamcc and schemer and the wise ^lateaman and philoso- 
pher ^ The event atout: can decide. No great man can do wjthoiit 
what philosophers miglil Icnn ihc inductive faculty. The iity Hnin- 
ming nil i>r details is the work of thk.* julcllectuil joume\-man ; the 
master looks to the whol<?. Thn late Mr. Buckle, nioii eimiiuilly 
1 ineufi^t^^itos, savs on this subject, speaking of Ihc %aiiouA 
Z -. '. 

^MopacM or the modem mUid: — "In th-U fjcld. vhidi our 
^dvlCTitT laicr jet \o tra^^-rw, 1 tmAy beitt?v« tlul tbu laiaffmAlion 
q] tir«<t i|mtc AS mi»f h :u thi- undcrtUtnding. Our povtry niil 
Ai>r 10 mmfnrcc our logici and vc liiu«t foel u i&ucli 41 wc mtiat 

itftotbvrpoint dlbtcd upon with intemedclighc by BlionATck's poU- 

ilfcfackTcrUiok "The Two Cbftnc-^liom;" fint puHliakJ in the 
rolHKDi of lifcc Rn^ut Set Deux J^UnJn^ never tire» of tipc^iking of 
T3>r uiU*libeTil bearing of Lismarck in the Ursl iwo le^itRtirt? 
igcmtlic* of PrauijL, hb hatred of co^iatitutioaAlivtn in any form, 
hM «|ip<Mitio(i to the litH>iiy of th« pre9i, 10 \\\^ ematicipatton of 
tbp jewv^ jind nihrr di^mnnd^ of ihr fpvoUiiinnAry rpnt^h of 
■ M: ta p2»iooatc adbcrcnct^ to Auritrifti al tbut time tdc srcai 
■tvoBgMdof roACtion irk Germany — genunicnifitirangolyat v:tri3nco 
villi hit Uicf coodact, Biimarck's rriendn might ctir the ficumplrj; 
of moA emincni sLdtc^mcii of lUc o^c an ijrc<;<:d<:iitai fjr such 
political kncoikal«tei3cy. B13I fcv ^mincni poliiicianA would likcf lo 
KieatLottbapd accounl of thvir ea.rty spctwheic ai the duboiiii^ 
Kdcly, 4]id. u Ouiiot baa it, " LUiuuniic ^l^uidc ^ul ui? chaiigi^ 

ta to Bicnurck^s early Tor}'iKni there U a poiychologLca] side : 
irikifalr, 1 Itiick, to what I ha\c vtrritired to cati hia pMitii: 
kttpRWMDt. Bismarck's fnini1>' tr&dicionH and early imprr-i«iion< 
*n« sot wholly or a rc^Ltioaaiy lypt-, Fitemally, it ia true, hu 
dttrctuled ftom an ancierit an(! i\nh\r. family who^n r^xaggmraiM 
kipky ucriiiccd ii* the sixlccntli century two of IhcirfoircKl ghUIc» 
l» Ibe rapacity of thdr pnncu. Bui his mother, th^^ intt^llectuaL 
bvlCT of h>S lathrr's honiii^hrild. was of grtttlr but not of noblo 
bvtb— ilL diAtutction <jb»Givcd with the uliuont ^tricLnc:ta in 
GoBany— ^nd ber father. Privy Councillor Mcakon, waa a 
ONnuit of the largi?- minded school of Frederick the Great. 
Bbnul aUo yaeitv* in have luubcj uj^ain;?!. him^df tlii; i>ua- 
tKM of latent R&dicntism by occasional atitbiir^t? ni^^Linrit the 
vmir-^fcnded prcjiidicet of hi« fi^llow Junkers in the Alt-M:)rk^ 
fttvtei m 1^47 he encervd tiic Preli m in a ly Dirt of Pru.ttj^ ihv 
hBnallOO«pkcre of Ihc revotutioiLar> cporh ;;avc a shuck to his 
xutti*« natsrc. Glib-toagmxl onton of the Liberal parly, with 
*lnii ibo ineirpeKericed young provlnr(Al frit hlmivlf un^Lhh; to 
c*9c, tMAihxI vbkkl appcarcrJ to him tho sacred rightti of monurc^hy 
*lUe *ciy fouAdalion of aodul orUur. Kvoii the person of the 
Swndga wa* no: txem;*ird from ihc i^trcc attacks of tho advuTLc^id 


58 Tke GinHe9wn*s Magnifu, 

Demotrais, Tli<i iccnw in the slrccts of tlic i^BpiUi wcrr 
couniCTpiwl cf iSc anicry dcMic* of the Aft^i^ittblr. Infuiiatci 
xnobf, citizen toltlien ilmttin^ alca^ in the con«idcn]Bn«u of iltrir 
D0tf (ti^it)-, were stj^hu not ahogcEiier lovely fii tkc cjrcs of Uic 
tc3tbctic«il and anstocrntic observer. The >-oanjT mft»'« ntitor^ 
bristliicl iTjt u£ tuch antagonistic «ight«. The tojai b^ooi ol ih^ 
HHTTiflTrl* hatlr\l In hlc \Tirni. On nnr rtrmclnn h^ inflifr«l prr- 
sot^aI cuti^Allon on nn imfortatiatc Democrat who had vpokcn 
jnaultin;^!/ of iho Roy^ fomilf in a public place, in the CtUDibor 
hedcflanil^ prorlaimcd the ri^ht* of thron** and altnr; any co«i- 
tesMoH to lliL^ Lurrvnt of the timi: hi- dc^nounccd as cowardioe. 
pAcn 10 llic prcdonninoiicc of Austria in GcnnAn ftlTaira bo mb* 
mitttfd without he^dtalion: bHe? Keomed 1o him Prcu«U'« lUtiual 
Icidci .iiiil dlly fiB th<.'ir <:OEiiiimL] Hlrti^kftt^ uitb tlir Itcvoluiion. 
This, it mii^t he r»^mc'nil>*>f<'d, wa^ The *' period of atrifc iind ttrcvi"" 
in hiB politiciJ lift. When afterwards he gained wider vleurs an4 
pxpcricria^s, when impuli^r — foi iinj>nW' lE mainly inw— ^jravw 
iray to reason, he rcciinlcd his crrort, in what manner ai>d to 
what dugreo the history of Europe ciin t«iify. An aniii^tnp 
tncldem brlonglng to ihe (!^t\y period of BWmart*lc*» carrcr rnay 
Gonclitiic this part of the siibjcct. It is connected with bis 
mniJon ipL-^i^hi rcccivi^d by hia audience wilh tfimilar tihodts o4 
laLighier And indignation lo thoie which roit^^d ihe irf; of the 
yomhful member for Maidstone. Bisoraick did not. like Lord 
Bcaconsficid, Imrl a prophecy of future* «ucci:ai at hj« eniaj^oniiti^ 
bijt hit rc(orl ^jis none the les& ai^iftcant. Catmly he drew a 
ncwapaper Tiom hU iicrkct nr>%\ beg;in penistng its contents in IbL* 
n:i(Mt nncoriccmc:d manner tintil the Tfcaidcnt had rc^itorcd order. 
So much as to Biemanrk's political career; too mcch the rvoder 
perhaps will say, constrleriTtg the proleMr-dly unpoHticaJ chAracior 
of this paper. Dul it was imporUnl to fthov' ihttt even in the 
practical concerns o( stuiciman^hip IHiiraarck couJd not whoUy 
supprm*! ihai poeUcal germ of hi* nurture which in another field 
was to bring forth rkh fruit, 

I'rince Bjgmarfk 13 noi an author, lie may be cliised amongit 
Carlj'Ic'jj " great silent ones." as far aa hl«rary cUcraacc U eoQ- 
cemed. A collection of bi^ spc^cheSi which IK In the courve of 
publication, liai bocn made from the notes of the iihort^iiuad wrilort 
^vithoitt hu co-nper^lion, as IjAr as app^nr^- Rut in iHOK appeared 
a work iOiiicwiMt pri'trntioii'^ly rallffll "The Botjk of Cuiinl 
Distmarck/' by Hcrr Hi:sckJct, a. Conacrvntivc novelist of MneoO 
rtputi*^ which cootiincd, together with a masf of ill^aiianged uul 

Prituc SisNMrcH? s fM^^nry Fttcuiiy, 


Jtttff necdolal btOffOipbicAl in&taia!,a number oTpiivaic IctLen hj 
iferh«t<B«ttc«st3nftnio hN wifcAnd h»fonEf -ind siiK-h-bclorcd 
itfrr,Fi3i9von Arattik-* TTwrqaeation whyprivairkti<*nof ihomort 
iiluisl^lunJ bAvc tx<en InistcJ to mcU a^ cJilor <Io» not (:on<:rrD 
s beiv. Wc fiim|>]y hAve to con4i<lcr them n« littiraq- <luct3mcQt» 

I hive spokcQ of KniLUcL as a m^a of luipulftir. a poet. Using 

ihv wofd iK>w in ila more proper m&inini;, ! ihonlil ^y hia 

^Mticg&ft. A« evfir>rcil In y\w\f^ letter^ lin chfefty in txirr> striking 

fauvc!i— A icnuik^blc omotiTU of quirt humour .iikJ 4n jnftJifii^ly 

iMJcTt alnovl fyricd, ^ympcMhy with iht^ bouutioii of miturc- To 

dvicttfrifc Bitnnjclc'ft biiEjiOdr, one mighl h^j^ ihat i\ hae n louch 

il SlEiPK In iL N(rtof Stemt's wtirrr iuiJ fiindful;tsiinc:r, 

Itt of Uic ftobtle touches of leflliBin with wliich ihoi unnriillcd 

piOie poec bringit bcrorc aa liic hr<% the ih^u^hts, ihc conversationfr 

4Dd liLtle «cc4?nlHt:ici<.'s cf u couple of l^ngltih (.'ticmtry s<?nlli.'ineii- 

A lonKwhat &iiniUr kind of minute huiiiort>u& ubscrraciuil^ 

Mftoajt^, orcogrvc, ini math LcKftcr deforceor' Llcmryperfc-^ion — 

bobterr&ble in \Xvt letten wbidi Biitmurclt ^ddrcf^seJ 10 bi« sUier 

bvafara rur^l sulcluilc. At \\x»X \\t\^ he w^^ mli^pptjiiited man. 

Hftbad tticd tcic AnAyanrf titc civil nt^rvice withr^ut mn^^h ^tiv 

bntoQ to faJEQtetf or other*. The t-itaie of his father in Torae* 

BDi4 viilch be b«I undertaken to man^iu^-* wts ntcumbered ivllh 

teftgaffoi. Confident:!! locicly alno could hiir^lly be found citnoc;^'^ 

At ffrodaJ tlobl«« of tli^t provini^p or of Alt-Mjirk, compared willi 

•ban 4 Cf>n^rvaiivr ivqrdrr of Rnrkfi or Hiintiii;^onfthirc would 

(■■aodc! of 5od.^ cnlLffhloninent -and potiUcit pTOj^roisivcncu. 

As ted BisQurct irii^ to out Hf<fod Hemd. Hi« ftau in tiio 

taniiif Md andat dnnkiag bc>Ul9. vfti^vf. ;t horrid miTcttireoTftbOttt 

^ c^UDfiaffnc w^i-t c|u;itrcd by tlii? buinijcr, corned him the nick- 

ttKof '*dcTlolle Biumandt"— Oiat ia, mad or wild Bismarck. A 

*ttr; of aaumhct of fouttg foirt bcmtf fiuJ^*-fily I'^l loo*c in tht» 

daving-^roAin iti fri^ht^j tliH fcnmle liliu^iti?! rtmiDiis oue of Tuny 

^At^^a's pnctietl jocularrtj. But moody reaction) foHo^od iiuch 

1^ of artt6eiiil buoyancf. Bisnarck wotiLd disappear for rlnya 

VUngU the vonda of hn eHl^ttv or lock himsirlf Tip in hU Llocust, 

* Aa ^UJi t«nBan of tbin l>eiok hu l^oi tnadf b the vlipaho J tnumti m which 
""■^VilBudaliLiutcly tmt too frcijacnily Ei^-^ic umLHiifkL ui. Tb,c iiylc ofltifl 
"'Whr Ia4 nol mnirh Ti l"*> hj" ilir prnrrw, biir thi^ peculkr cTiAfin of tb* 
Ivin* bi^ dS tvmt^ twm ohljlvrit^ tniiraTy. Moreover mUtikM ib<iiriiff 
^•^fcuti the volwne- 


Th CcntUman*s Afagazitu. 

poring ever nu[nbrilc-<«i volumcia of miKCdl.incoiu Utcratai 
Krcn Spinoffli he csplorcj to find '* advcreit/B fiwcul milk, jihilo- 
HOf^hy," with wb4i rc^soTt may be imagined. At one time, li Is tatld. 
hr luid muilc up hii nund to »ay good>byc to hb niilivc Ijind and 
acek hia fortune in India, 

There i», hosrcver, nothing ofbittemes* or disappointed cgoLsna 
in bi* Itfllcr* of ihw period, Tlicy -^xv. wriltcn in u *i>irii nf 
^rtJ^ATir mixed with ircnllc scir-Jrcny and an occasional indk-aiioir 
of impaiicncc a^cJ disconlcntmtnl. Whnt for inttancc, f:an be 
more thoTOiLghl)' good-naiured Iban ibL' humour with whidi 
DismArck describes ihc " farce of shooting the fox," daily p*i- 
fonned by thw *imp!e-minJtHl father £ind moat patiently endured by 
the sfin ? nr wh^iT. mon? tenderly filial than the closing pn singes of 
the same note addrcsst-d to hb sister, where he reminds bcr to girc 
& few more dclaila of her daily life in her lulUrr? to th e old gcmle' 
man ? "Tell him who has c^iillod on you and on whom you bire 
called, what yau liavL- had for dimici, how your horsCT arc. how t!ie 
»«rvaois behave, whoiher iho door* crcali aud the wjndowi aro 
weather-Ei^ht — in short. Jai/s / Also be docB not hke to be called 
pa|Ki> having' a pdrlicular objedion tu that term/' A Outt-h paintrr 
could not have hit off more perfectly the good-natured eountfy 
itleman of the old school walking his preserver and vhecp-pcns 

d winding up hi^ old-fa^hioni^d clocks iban Ttisiuan^k has doner 
in a few toi:chcs. 

'*MaJamt\'' hu says, addressing his sister in 18+5, evidently m 
Imitation nf one of Heine's favouriic mannerisms, " 1 ran hardljr< 
reai^t the temptation to fill an entire tetter with agricultural cool* 
plaints, night froaU, siek cattlci bad rape and had ro^idBi dead 
Tambs. hungry sheep, want of str^w, fodder, money, potaioes, and 
manure: in addition, John U whibllirig oiitsJdu a mt^it infamooi 
poika-tunc both fjihely and pi^rtinadously, and I am not cmol 
enough to Etop htm, knowing that he ia trying to noothc hU 
violpnt love trouble l^y ni'Mni of ma'iLt\ The idua! of his ditamst 
by the ptraunaion of her parents hits ^ivcn him the cottj^t and mar- 
ried a earponler: exactly my caac but for the carpenter, who is still 
rambling in the lap of fulurily. However, 1 must get marri^dL 
Devil tak^- me. ihat'j cleiir. For since father's dcparlure 1 am 
lonely and alone, and thia mild, damp weather makeii mc feet 
melancholy and longingly loving. It i* no use contending. I must 

marry Miss iifler all ; every one *ap so, and noihiiig i^ uuorc 

lUturali as wo have both been left behind. It is true she Icavies in» 

Prinu Bismanffs Literary Faculty, 6f 

tM, btc Ibro they all <lo that When I come from Angrrmiindo 

ik'vaiiaorilic Bitci Zampcl Mpo/dlcil icefrom KnicplLur. and :ts 
10 aac VMikl tnuc tnc iriih hones I haJ to stop tlic m^ht ai 
.^Cn^J wi<li A niinih«r of irAv^tlora, commerctftl and ^h«Tivii;c, 
idvaiang for ilic nlKUins of ilic n-^ttL^rw, Aftrrlltal ttic brjilgrr^ of 
fte Zainpd were torn :i^ax; so that Knobdadorf [ji frinnd of 
HI ■met] and mjMlft (Ji«t rirgcnisi of Iwo grv^t coi.inlt^Jt [nlkidinj; 
Rton ajipo4iitsi«ni ht* bdd in his jirovincr], ivFr« (-m:!curTLl in n 
bUlc rpot of culli 1>r the vrivt^s, while nn intL^rrc^'^uni of anarchy 
|«mit«d frani Scfai^vdbcin to D^trnm. Ax lUn u one o^dock 
ittr of my L'a?1>i Willi tfirA* 4:uk4 of Kpiril.!! wai irarrit^tl away liy the 
kodSk uij in m> alHocnt of the Zunpct a carter with hi« hor^c 
flw drovncd ; 1 am pro^jd to relate*" 

At x\\U i^assafit- M. KUciko In ih^ clev^^r pamphlH alrcAdy 
a&idcd to nttcn a «hrick of horror. With an clcjcvit Allusion to 
aoUier fiood — a m of bamm blood, ihcd of counc by l^i^miLrci^'a 
tetc aiooc, in Fi3i>ce — he poiDt« om \hr hmtality of Wk^ jokt* at 
fecipcaic of ^tn i11-fa1cd tncniM- Hut vf^Wy chE^rr iri no brui^ity 
41 all <Q Ihc ciic. In connection with the Jrownci curtcr. 
Ihwfiiick g'OM on lo dota;t stivenl other loiafortunoR cL oqual im- 
pwlinof, Sonai* htiMsps h.iv'^' tnmlil.^I down; ;t Unfti^wni^r in the 
■rijhbomhooil b&» hdtigcd himsFlf from dr^&pcr^tion at the w^int 
of Mder, "An eventful yoorT' Btimlirck cnclmtufl : ho i» mmply 
Mvkis; and rhafing ;it the narrowncjK of hU tirde of vision, in 
vhkli tbc comuionijlaLt: occurrence* of lifo have to aland Tor 
hiMohc events. Thai the Itf*; of n ^c^irant wofl not a matter of 
ttilhngio him he had ihown previously, when with comider^ble 
penonal danger he Mvod Li^ ^oum from drcrvfuiu^^. Tlie uinl^l 
MvM to him for ihU bra^<c deed vas for nomc time Di^marck'a 
ti^OftW. A d:ploniatial who m<iuJrL<d Bomt-u-hnt ttUpirrLJIiouKly 
<lw tl>e mi^mrig of ibc unprrtc riding decoration liism,iTi:k 
■Sttccd with the nemhahnt reply '* 1 am !iomctime-i in the habit 
cfwiuf a porsonU Itfc/' 

N'unernttt other IcCien of a simihr ch-"ir;irlrr might W. tiled, 
•*fc i> wpccial dated i8jo, in which Bismirck. who in the 
tteintirac had marriAd ritLulein Johanna von Puttkammt^r* describes 
wtnabl^ a« paterrLrnilifK on u inp m xhv !tt?:tsidi^ ; lh«^ compuny 
^<Mi*9, besides himaelf dfid Frau vun Bismarck, iviro aqviallinfi 
*^ren with a corrcriponding; number of tuneful nursenaaide. 
*<OTmoc»iil Briton* ought 10 take example by itie greni Tharn- 
***^» licavtrnly jjiiieucc In 1^5" Bi^maick wras iippoioted 
'^iaa amboasador to the German U;oEa[ Ffiinkforl-on-tbe-MavT\, 




Th£ dniUman^s M^igasim. 

Iben Jtm re-emerging from Ihe sKtnns of ibc Revolution. Tlio 
lal^ucncc of Au3lrta,«bich lorded il over the minor potcnUlcA of 
G^nnsinj and rapprc9»cd the rcmuiiuJci of libcmJ feeling In i\ 
Southern SWt^ with an iron hand, was quite in accordance nj 
Gism.irck's poUtkul vIcwk at the time. l'\>r diplainary dut) ^t^t^n 
in the ahstract he also fell a docp reverence* JJcl AOon afl«:r 
arrival ai Franlcfori the scales fell from his cj^s, WitJi mdignali 
\\v rrcQgniiFcl Iht-^ homilLalitig piuiiticin nf hb awn coutiiry, ni 
pnrtlj, nodcubti to t1ii» «ud4cn reaction in hiii whole fooling 
duo tho utter contempt ^nth which he £]>cnk« of tho doings 
intriguing of his brother d i|J Ion intiiUt^^ TUt-ii? ft^elir^ ^nr t?xpi 
ivilh wonderful force of utterance in a rcm&rkablr Iciter to 
wife (h'rankfort, May iS, 1S5O, loo long to quoir here, but wi 
vrorth ihe attention of liic^ rca<1<rr, panictilarlj' aL tho 
momenta ''Unless external i.^vonl-s siu^rvenc/' he willow, "I 
te[l you now what V't arc i^oing to nchii;vo in the itcit one, two, 
five j'oant, nnd, Indeed, will nndertakf* to nchiovc it myi^lf 
Iwditf-four hours if onl> thi: othrrt wauld be pincers 9xiA 
able for a single An,)-. I n]way->( knew thrtt they were cooking wit 
wftt^r, but I am snr;jriBC<J at this gobcr, «LlJy, watery broih, in wl 
thrrt is not a sjir-ck of fat to be seen. Fonvard mtr Schiilzf^ [vllh 

majror), X., or Hcrr von sId from the turnpike house, 

i will Itim them into lirst-ratc diplnmntcs." 

From the irlcsomenesE of htsoffi<^eHismart:ke»ieapf^d lit fri^qnvnl 
as poiUiiblc tuto Ilia quietude of the couaUy, which in ihc m 
boiuhood of Frnnkfort is fertile and bcauiifiil. In one of hjfl II 
from this pc^ioti he dLScribe* a delightful swim alniglilin IheRbi] 
ilia description of Uk- wooJ^ii^oujtLaln to[*t and the Ualtlemeiib 
castle niins lit up by the moon i^ inMinct with the spirit 
romanlicism. Descriptions of hoantiful ecent^ry of the most vi 
kind abound in CiMiiarLk'a IctLeia. WJtcicver he went on hU dtj 
malic svaudormga— to Vii^nna, lo the South of France, to bt. Petei 
hurg and Holhnd — the letters lohis wife give a running comincnl 
of his travelling impressions. Kvt^n from the bnttleJieldf 
Bohemia and Fmncc he sends her hurried scraps lo say what he 
aeen and done and felt- As biographJeaJ records iheiie are invj 
blc ; but even forgetting the htMorie import of the m^in 2nd 
date one can hardly read without intercut ani) sympathy a 
from a letter to his ;vifc written ori the eve of the battle 
Sadowa, which, aft or a hnrrted aecouniof the events of Che previou? 
dnye* he concludes: ** Greet every one coididlly. Send luo a 
novdj bnt one at a time only. God be with you. JuiC received 

Prim^ Bismarck's LiUraty Juuuify. 

wvkUir: tliOBiacKl Ihankft. I caa fool with j-ou iho caUh after 
trhAA left. Hpfr ifi thi» tbrtJnji uf rvrnt* onr <-Jtnhot rvalivc thfr 
MEuikdi, «:xccpC |ierliAp« At niclii i» tH.-d/' Wtiat cpio poet rotilJ 
fcjrrirawn 4 jrcflt t^tetfiiATi ind leader or 1h« p«opl« in thcmidit 
tf ««art«ol which he it Ihc jirimiry taui«— ftetrking an hour"* for- 
firMiin I in & work of fiction, but never losing the thought of 
lift 4B>1 home— with mofv j^phic touches than is doDc uncon- 
ibMiif in th«r fe* hroken Hii«( ? 

To Riuni to Dismank^H loic of nature, it ou^hE to be mentioned 

1^ onltkc muiy Germaits, he ii pa^fiionatclv fond of the sea. 

IvQia foduUa pUceift Oit^iMlh>? l^oU back 'vith longmg," "for 

iWt^" hif wrilr^ '* I hive met jigoin an old ]o%«i quiLc uTirhnngf^d 

ttd quite aa bcttntirvt av &t our fint acquajnttincc. I fcol tltd 

ifparatioB btll«rlx, and look Toniud with impatience to th« tnoment 

■hm, tA Nt^nlerppy. I may rmt dj^uiii on bt^r beating buvnz): I 

cut hudJf iKKienund how one oan live avay Troia the sea." A 

ptet of laikdK^>C pointtng fi^ca a very difleri-'nt region U the onTy 

bitim tpecimen f)f HUinAnHc'i di.'S4:ri|itive powLT whi'-h i\\v limits 

rfifiece vUI allow me 1o quote. !n ihc early autumn of iSCii 

In mde a sboxt tour to the sonth of tnnoc previously to 

IManff lite ottke of Primr Miniit^r Hi4 leKvn to hit wifp are 

Bflcadent with ^r <tnJ ti^hl of M>UtherLi »e<» dJid ikirs. Hen* 

it flur dated LuchoD, S<-p4cn:ber gth, tS6i : **The day before yc9- 

Mqr «w uc«iW«d fcocn boT« lh« Col de Venasqucn: first two hcur« 

ttfDUfb (piendld beech forctt, foil nf iv>. rorki, nnil wAlcrfalls; 

■ftvibtt a hospilitiro, thtn a^n I'vo hours' atei^p ajicent on horse- 

hefc ««er tbo anov, inth viiiwa iTit^ ttie distance, 9LtlIt de«p Jukes 

aoQf oiow And rlitfv Ai a hH^hi of 7*500 feet there ripr^?i In 

Ar foioiod crenl of the r^Tcnees a. narrjw ^'&tti through which one 

■ten Spftis. llie land of ehcHtnutJi And palmn prcecnta the 

ifprvanceof a mountain gorgi^ nrrp^undm^t by the Malndettn, In 

W of «t Pic dc Sauwj^ide And Pjc dc PicAdc. To the right 

ii* VetlDft towards the Ebro, to the left low^irds the Gnronne ; 

•* TO the hori:!on rise* op cne gljict^r and mow-eov^ri'd peak 

WUud the other f4r into OLi^lonid ^nd AidKon. Here ^vc bre-ak- 

IMbA oq a elishc aeclWiiy of the rocks — red partridges without 

^ er water — anil afterwnrdti rod^ downwards again on giddy 

QlBUki pathv, but wiih splenflkl liwMther - . - To-day wcsaw iho 

Ue of Qo— A tnounl-iin g^^&^ '^^^ *^*-' ^PP^r Inhr; at Uerdites- 

P^ta. but enlit-ened hy % Irvmentloue ^v.'Ll^Tf.Ll) ru&hing into 1I. 

*« •eflt en the lak*' ^ng-in^ Frrmh i:b;ir;noni*itr* a.nd M«n- 

^l^hii Uwat rt to uy, I listene:!. A/ter lliut we rode hoTAe \tL ti 

*l>niof niii^ Ao^AJviTdH- (ijy ar>d hungry ug^iin," 



Tk£ Gt9tiiartan' s Jtfagatwi, 


It w&f clurinit thia tour in the souUi of France iKil BUriarck 
Avignon pickud or 1hl^ grave of Laura the oHvg branch wb 
80ori afiurwartU he oITltoJ lo tht- indi^nar)! Radical* of 
rruasion Chamber m a symbol of hi» coDciIiatoi> fccliDic^ 
aUo met NapoltiOQ, with whom on thi« and later occationj 
lived on tbp frl^ndlicflt trims. Hiamarrk ^f^Tim lo h.lvr* i^x^rc 
a kind of fucmAlion over the miml of ihc l\inpcroi« who li 
incr^diilouiily, half adEnirm;,'!)', h«tenvd to hia vo^t &i:h«'me«. '1 
%Ajnc charm of ihc Pru^vian fit3iotin.iTi*ft prrson^ility ha« h 
tuEpcricnccd b/ niiin^ diifi^rcni people; under different ;:onditi 
I'A'eti Jules h'ii\tt: aubmiLioi.1 lo It vhon, dnnn^ the siegu of 
his met ihc cTicm^ of hU country, ;tnd I^I. Thierc supplied tho da 
to tlie ]]heiiomL-auD bj t-iatliu^ Bibmnick. aomewtmt micoinpliincm 
tarily. "unaAuvaifc picin dcffinif," using ihc word "suu/ajtc'^ ini^ 
ccntc of an impuUive nature untamed by the fctlvrs of convention- 
ality or diplouiflLic usa^*. Who lja« ever ht^trd of Mt'tlt^mich or 
Talltyrand inspiriiia: pi:raonal sympathy or even personal hatred? 
There i* of course a rrverai- to th<? niL-dii, The impiil<ivcn^* and 
irriiubihiy of Bbinarck's n.-^ture have not unfn.v]i]L'iMty l<^d him into 
penonil b^uabblcs uiiwortliy of \ih po;^itton ^hkc a& 4l ^t^U'tmau 
and on individuat. In such moments he drops the extreme and 
cordial po]:l«ne«s of ht£ ordinary bi^arin^, idiIoqc it nol ^ttoniilied 
at ir;LiJii)|r tJj'U cvi:n su boIJ n icid as Di. Riibsi-11, the TVmut 
correspondent in the Pmbsi:m camp, did not rcUsh the ]dc4 of 
facing Bi8marck'« wraiti at V<-r$aille«- 

h is true th;it in momt^nis of tstdtcmi^nt Bismarck bworftr* 
but an orator. His ordinary spcakinj; h by no means perfect. 
There is in hJ^ dd:vi?ry nothing of Mr. IjladKlnne's wondcrlai 
Sfnooihne*iv and readJnrsaof parlance^ BiimarL'k'i ullernnce fie* 
acmblo clock-work, He says a ccitain number of words atops 
for a second rcg!irdi<^ of <!omn^a or colon, and takc« up tiao 
Sentcnee again where fie leH it. But under (he influ^nee of 
Jictionftl fcelirg ihc sljuajn of hi* words flows mote inpidly, tfi« 
huffc form seems to tremble under the siorraa of passion, and tbc 
impre^ion is poworfulj aUhough noi always pleasant. Hii per- 
fiona] sallies and the way he inters tliem acmewhaL rnnind one 
of Mr. Lowe. 

It remains to r>>rc>r briefly to the numerous happy and unhappy 
aayingp^ whiL-h. with Bismarck's signiiiuti^ alTixed. liave brcome 
truly "winged words/" Some of lb cat, like the eombi nations of 
"blood and iron/' and the no lo?s ecl^^brated phrase of "J^lighl 
jjoifi before right," he tlislinclly repudiates. Others have booi 


prince BiATtiar<i*s LiUraty Faculty, 


dnaeooslj ruhcrcd upon him. The nnplcosmt h<m-moi a^^<^^A 

"lOluijlbti Pariiiani simmer Sn tlieir own gravy" ijt hy no meaas 

n iawBtiioa of Iti»innfcVs> Iilie hiinp!^ a very L-ummon German 

pnrrcrb somcwhAi brotalty applied to the unfortun&tc city. The 

ttorj ol^ Bismarck having replied to the atiiioiu query or Count 

Karoljri. if lie iiktrnJcd lo break ihc trebly of Ga^^tein, "No; 

til if I bdU ih^l intention nhould 1 nnswcr you olhcrwiic ?" i^. if 

notcnc^at ]«aftt woil luvcnLrd. Thocyniciamol iruth U decidedly 

oMof tlw rharaciniitlc feature* of Humarclc'ft diptt^rnaclc aciion. 

TTicikscnpiicn of Kjipolcoiia^ the "emboUtiDCQt of misundcritooJ 

idCipacity,^ at a timo «^iicn the world looked up to tiic TuilcricA 

M Afl modt^m Delphi. «bowK p^yirhologicrHl fortsighi, But iho 

bat, becamr ibe simple^sl, of BiaEijirtkS "lidppy Ihaaghtn" Ik 

periupabis obacrrauon wiih rcff^rd to Nicholsburjf, tlic splendid 

auk of Count Mcfttdorf, vhcrc Ihe i^rclizmnury treaty of peace 

Wl B iitii Aaslri>i 'nd Ptu?k%id uds >if^[ir^. "My ulj iiidiiaiun of 

Sd>5ftb«ucti," he aaid, "Is ccrtAinly very infljjrnttlcant compueU 

vkblhis siagniScent btiiliinjf- A j^ot^d iliin^. therefore, thut wc 

nt 4t Crmct MraMlorT^L. and not he at my hoimv." 

It b4» bevii Miy wisli i» ihJs bticf paper to jtidjcdic lallicr lliau 
Xt ;m^ A literary veiti in the great statesman*^ intellect. The 
if^r vhOAe int«re4l in the matri^r is rons^^d U referred to ihv 
«i|faal sonrccf. U m-iy bt: s.iid iliat in ihr? Lc^t c^l^u a jvirccl of 
dov letters is a slender foundation for a position in literature. 
Bm doei quaoiity alone decide the question i W^Ipole's Idea of 
Oftalogvli^ niy»1 ami noble ^lulhon 0:1 &uch in ciut <|uiLe mi Hiiob- 
bilb u ^kpears at first sight- An author whom hi& position aocmn 
tt cttiude frorn oidinar^' lilcnry competition U .tlw^tysa phoni?- 
ttauQ of Home intcrril. His Uciin? for hter-iry fiime mint ai 
*ttl* be genuine. As regard* Bismarck, he will, with his fc;\r 
^Oituiooua elTmiionA, pcfhaps stand ^ better chance with pos- 
>at^ than other statesmen whose iiterary prodnctioni Jill a 
V^ite-siied book-uisc?. 






" X70U hnvp riflflrn ihrongb Galilee } Voti havr* ciilrd on f1!? 
-*- !nKc? You have seen the cilf of N^u^cth. and thcaitc» 
of Mji^tlala, (jcrasa, ani Cftpcmaum ? Yoii havo boun on the 
spot of (he mairiage f&ast ? Vou have srocid on the slopp from 
which He preached the Scrmaii on the Mount ? la Caiia kaovn ? 
Where ts CapemaHin ? Has the spot been identified, And whW 
kind of place U ic now >" Such qut-fitions break in caianiets on 
C¥ei7 piljfriin fiom ihe Holy Land. 

Jcruszilcm ixin^ have a deeper and sterner interest for a Ctiivtiu 
Franit than any pla^v in Galilee ; yel Galilee i-i properly the cottntij 
of Our Lord, Here His earlier life wi* Rpent ; here Ills chief 
companions lived; here Hi» nif>st important word^^i were spckCiAi 
and His moet important work, was done. J**rusal«m was the place 
of satrilicc. while tho sm;dl villages iti G-tliiee were ihe srerra of 
Hl3 life and ministry, Zion and LJcj:ctha pale in intercut before 
Nazareth and Cana, Nain and Capemaum, MagdalA and Bothsaida, 
Here His disciples were choi;en; here the foundations of His king- 
dom were securely laid. 

The whole province of Galdee was called the coantry of Our 
Lord. Whence comefi thii name of Galilee, so closely coniiecied 
with ihe sacred history, ami so sweetly sounding in all Ohrihtlan 
ears } It \% not sacred to a Jew, nor sweetly mounding in a Jewiflh 
earl The £rst name under which wc know the country is G«ld 
ha^goyim^Liind of the Heattien. In the niidst of Israel a Gt.'nlite 
people clung to the soil, and could not be expelled by lire and 
sword- They were a remnant of the ancient dwellers, but a hudy 
and uncon<itterabie remnant, occupying the stony hill^ and thickets, 
much a« Lhe Diusea cltng to the hill-sidcs in Lebanon aiid the 
Waldenscfl to Itie valleys of Piedmont. Joshua ravaged their 
town£, Solomon toeaed them a» a fee to Hiram; but the lt<aiier 
of Isficl and iht? King of Tyri: were equally haiBed by the 
passive tenacity and endurance of these ancient tribes. In the 
languagr^ of Jewish ecnbes, thi> country remained a land ol 
strangers and heathens — Galilee of the Gentiles. Many HetltVl 


Ji^anstry of PaUsiim. 67 

W la this bdttiGn jJirmiiicc, but thn hi^h pricvis locih^ on auch 

flthnrs s» low tttbbic who vrcrc not imwilting to live niEionjn; 

ftaifcn for tbc ukc of gnin. The rccLoK ^^^ QOt onlikij that 

tkkb Eagii«h coimtfy tquira* lued to txprr^i for p^oplo who 

M^ ihcJr brcftd and uU in Van Dicman'ft Ldnd or DoUuiy Day. 

Gitt&L nerer cesucd to be a Iottd of reproach. T<i Ix' c^lud a 

(UDcan in tbe court of AQoas auid CabpUait u-^ lu bv called a 

nafueuttj chiuL Joscpbus frcqucuU/ »pc:^ of \\\c Gulilcans 43 

kigttdl;. Jlcitcc tbc saytni; c^f a strict Jew like NAChjiniol, *' C^n 

M^fOOd ihifi^ come oiji or Xaxar«th ?"' Hi-'ncu iLe opprobrium 

ttacUiif in the miod^ of strict ami mcUopolltan Jl'WS 10 «tich 

f^jt^dt as Juttt of Nasarcth and (caui the Kaiarcnc. 

It It clcttr from many texts ir Scrij-luro Lhat thv natne of Galilee 
VH fint applied 10 a lEtnull tiittriiTt, th;i£ the area ko mllr:'! jrrrw in 
m— peibaps ai more and more stmngent came into the land — so 
Ikai ta the cWy* of Jcaot one-third of Palestine was knovm as 
Gftlilee. iKuah had spoken of (}alilr^^- ait a district occnpted by 
AiBgen and hcathcais. It was so in ih? day* of Jud^Un the 
Marctbtan mlor, ivho «ent his brother ^imon lo make war on tho 
ktitfimr of GaJi1c«. Strabo tells ns, on independent authority, 
llmtbe popolation ofGulilet* tvaa mixed. Thus, when the Greeks 
Md EfTptiAOS had built Ftolcm&iSi Scplions, and other alion^ 
dboi, the K^ote country must have come ta be chilled Galilee— thfi 
Uiklor Ibew tlran^en — antl the name had buen crirried from iha 
ootmiy to Lbo UltC' This ^OVklh of the area of Galilee mcAnt an 
iOGnaic of the G«atilo clement in the Hoty Land. 

Three ooWe citi« bad been built in Gili1<^^ by thcso ^Imngon : 
FWcautf 00 iLc £oa Loast, Scphotis in the hlJl country, and 
Tftcnu rsm ibc lake. For a long time Ptclemaitt (ancient Acco. 
■Kin Acre) had bc«ii the port, S^phoris the capital : but in thn 
ulf fean of Our T.ord, Aelipa^ Ht^rod, a pnnte of Greek <:ultura, 
*^ba4 spent mi:ch of bis Ufv in Rome and other ItuliJin citjcs, 
taft Um him»eif a new capital of Galilee on tho lake, and wiib 
cnmuJ flsitery i^lrd ;hls nrw ci^ ^h^ix the rdgaiug cnipeior, 
TibThij. Thew ciUca had a foreign aspect, They were walled 
*»m, aJomod t*itb Pay:in tcmplas, governed by foreign magie- 
**^ asd gniritonffll by Roman troops. TJki- othi.T natives of 
*t»oil. Out Lord avoided lhc:ni, Scphoris. though the capital of 
^proriitcc and, as Joscphua says, -the largest city in Galileo/' i« 
*tnr mentioned in the 4iory of His life Frnm every ridge near 
^^Ifttfb tbo towcn and temple* of Sephoiis could be seen. 
"^^Ihofovcmorlivcd. and there aJf puhifc btifiinesa bad lo lac 
¥ a 


6S Thi Gmiteman's Ma^im. 

done ; f^ ihir Trai'hM' U nrvrr nnce reporttd (o havB! pa* 
within her gates. Apart from the [jicnaurc of ritualistic ni]c:ai this 
fuct would »ecm as tlmn^aetliat an activL-- thinker and ie:ichcff 
should live for ihirrfvcirs at Highjatp with<jm vcnturiry to the 
pt>rch tjf W«timiislcrand ihc foot of Si, r*iiur3. Piolcmais — tin 
Dover of Galilee— Ihc pott of cutTy from Cy;>ru^ ^t\<\ Smymo, ftom 
Antioch and Rome — w never named in the go»i>di. It ift only 
»nue tticulluticd in thi; Acih, as jt Otfntile city vl&iicii by tbe 
Apostle of the CcntilcSn Neither 1» ihc new city of Tibejiiis 
named, «ccpt incidenUlly in connection with some boats on th« 
lake* Jesus ncviir passL-ct wilhirt the ^'aic? of TiJitrijis nor cvcf 
saw. Mtcpl from His humhle ctaft, ihc splendours of llerod't 
Kom^in aiaditim anti golden houfte. Th* Teacher pa<(b;ed Hia *Ja)r» 
(n thi* fipen coiintTj' aniV in ihe modest _Hel>r<>w fhnrpps. Snch 
modest ihorpcs ivere the hill villages of Noiarelh -ind Cano. Nain 
and Tflhor ; such abo u-cro iho watcr-sido villages of iMagdalft, 
Rethsaida, and Capi^maiim, An old tradition makes the liLmllj' of 
Joseph Tctfidcnts in SL-p!iori»p thcrn n biight Grci^k d^Xy standing 
on a. hill-top sii milca north of NiEordhn Thi> legend is not 
Likcl/ to be true. The Hebrews lived in iillag:eE of their own, 
apart from strangers, on the gronnd tlmt alint^st everything abcnit 
the private life and public worship of those strangers was for them 
"unclean." The gods and goddesses o\ Greece were all unclean 
to Jew>i, A Romin hath, a Roman theaire, a Roman market* 
place, were all unclean- A Jew could not eat at the aamr table 
with a Greek, conld not drink from the same pitcher as an 
Egyptian, roiild not cross the same saddle a* a Roman, could not 
filcep under the same rooPaa a Gau!- As rverylhirig hi' louchtd in 
I a Gsntilc town defiled him^and involved a ritual pcnanc<^-a Jew 

I who had enough religion lo be aniJoua for his law could neMr 

I safely pass within a stiangers gate, Joseph was « carpenter: 

therefore a member of one of the noble Hebrew guilds. Leaving 
0131 the whole question of *' guidance," it \% unlikely Ihat his family 
reaided in a Greek iitty. At n litter &.\y Sephoris was abandoncil 
10 the Jews, who made it a scat of learning, capita! of Ihc San- 
hodrin, and a burial-place for masters of thi> law. Then £ephoria 
Cime Lo be regarded as a sacred town, and then the legend of 
Joseph's family may have sprung up. 




The Sea of Galilee is a sheet of waLer known to us by many 
n^mc!^ Jjrst merttioned in the Pentateuch, it is there cdlcd the 

Rfanfery <}/ Pahsiint, 69 

SaoJCoaoctli, or CliiDnt-rith, frum a town uf itiat name »iai^d* 
1^ «i the VGStcm bank. The siLc of Chinnctiih is losi, ihou;;t] it 
bKC nnlikoljr to bo found »i Kban Minych- It it next known ;u( 
4e I^c of GcnncMiclli : rrom ibc rich .ind lovdy plain lying 
ba^ea Khan Minych iiul Mcdjcb, the ancient Mug^Iala. I-aIlt 
» il «u <alleid the Se.« of G^lilc^, froin [hio provirux^, of vi\\\<:h w 
(meJ the b-nKiii nnd (hn bonnrlAr}'. In ihr tinKsof Our I-orU llic 
UEbc VIS cImdk^ once n^orc- Antipa» IlcrotI buiU a nc-v cit^ en 
1bev«stcm boitk, vhic^ he callixl TiboriM, in compliment go hit 
to«an muter. That c\\y uui rti^tAlc lili cupiul :m<t his rr?^nlencL\ 
ibtluttlic wAtci9 va^biiig hb picr» and carrying tiiA JIccla >aon 
kcanc knovA at tito Lnkc of Tiberias. Id SwiUcrland vre havo 
ffittnp^e* of a similar chango. Hms Lake I^man ha« berr^mi* fh(^ 
i^kc of GciiC\'A, tLii: PoLir ruical-Canti^Uti L^c \\a% become ihc 
ljJt« of IjOttrrTt, Uio Bodcn Sea had become the Lake oC Constance, 
AAo- tke Roman annexation tho lak« didirici AjII iuio ol^scndt)/. 
Tibctiu. cctuing 10 lie the Rom^n capital, cnly lived in humkin 
atiaiMj OS a rcfu^u for Jcwlth mbbj:^ and a school oi Jewish 
ilUM^tl Yet u no other city rose o>t ilic Ukc the n^w name 
tnuined, aTicr the rapiul had hrr^mfv a wmr.k. A few henb — 
1^4 great many fleas — arc found at Tiberias, which the Amb» 
oilTibaru, and the otily namo by ^vLllcL \\\(l bkg 1^ known to 
nUffes of the country is thnt of BaJir TiZiarin, Lako of 

Xo part <>f Palestino bad beon so muoh ckcfllcclcd ait the ^i.'a of 

(>4li^. The cariy Chriftians thought th-^ land ii.iursid, H;id 

on Ooi Luid lilUnl lj|j Hia voice ^i^uiiiat Capc^rniiuni, Crhornxin. 

BtthniiU? And thcac unj^rntcAil cities hod been careed and l<!lL 

lofviib in thwiiu*. Thuir lot was that of Sodom and Ciojnornih, 

ttii ao aititt; convert 10 tlir now rdigioa washed lu kcc(> Uiuir 

iifloaalirc. IMffrimi from Antiracii, Smyrna, and ConsUtiUnopU' 

ai|bt tbi« local fc«hng, and tht; lak« country wa^ m no inuLi 

aosirv atundrincd in the Jrwi;, Kvrn Fratikiah pdgrims rarely 

iMiiUKir wiT to ihe liikc. The land wo-i alwa>^ dangerous; for 

ibc io«» of bbmail pilchud thi^ir black iciils on ih*" easlrm 

^nLaach aa they do at the present hour. Arculf was able lo 

XeiiitUku fiom the Mount of Bcalilndc tut not to ndc round 

^ ilonj. Sajwulf 4eom* not lo havt? dcscendeLl into Ihc Iowlt 

ttwciy. Benjamin of Tcdcia visited Tiberins, hnt his st4y wa» 

**«iand he only *xvt ibt western bjuk. The TcmpliV^ lield the 

I>k»ilimic1, but SaWin drove them back in his lirst iikirmlsh, 

■»* Uqr nsvvf afterward* got a fooUnjf on the lake*, fioin ihc da:,"* 



70 7»/ Gmt/eman*s Magaiim. 

of Sabiliii lo llir op4!]iifi^ *st PtUcilma I1/ mi^Jcm Uavdlcrft 
whole rc^i^on was iinvtsilcd nnd unknown. 

The levd of the Se» yf GalUw had aoi be«i a^cv'rlainwl. In 
Ifulh, the Jjsc rq)ancfc3 Ir level given by dffTcrenl auihori ^cro 
auch us wouTd be mcrc^Iiblc in tbc c/MC of on African N)'an£a or 
Hn Anatic Ton^i Nor. Symonilt haJ m^rkvd 1I10 l«vol ^ jtV 
fpnl below Ehc 5ea a: Arrr, Von WiMf-nhnneh ;n no !<•-« thno 
84; : a difTercnc^ of more thin ^00 feet, Neiclier Sjmofids nor 
Von Wildanbuscti was nwar l^c liMth. Ltcutotiani Lynch* of Ihe 
American Surrey, had taketi a mori? icrunt^ obKcrvaiion, hut his 
rtrpcirt hid net been incorpoisti^d with KiCter*^ le.xt, aiiJ nut mudi 
aticnLion had been paid to hia note. Until C&plAin Andcnton 
pitched his tetilti at Mcdji) the fact of great variation in the leveli 
Iidd scarct^Iy bet?ri observed, ilmugh this vdriation acenia lo be 
ATC^tE^r than anything seen in cither Swiss or Rtisaian Ia1«j. Tbc 
level varies with the rain-fall and snow-melting from a little over 
»!x hondnfd feet to ^ little less than seven hundred feet. Lieu- 
tenant Lynches meastirement is a triHo below the me^tn Icvd. 
Major Wilson made a brief bnt s.uiafnetory aurvey of the cAXlcrn 
bank^ Few irjveUers have been able to ride round ihe lake. 
When Riltcr wrote no ont: had ^onc wc»t of the lake c:xt:cpt 
Lutxen ntid IJurkhardc: the first in 1S06, the second in iSii. 
Sinct- then we have dont> a little, th'^agh not much. ThomaoD 
got rovind by land. Tristram had a slight [leep »t the shore (Void 
- a boat. Major Wilson and Captain Anderson, after ^-ELin attempts 
to get an escort from th>f Modir of Tiberias, hired ^ boat ^nd 
croaked the hkc, pislola and jiencHs in hand, giving rfrrlrn for 
tboir boat to follow them along the coa^t. They took many 
observations, and for the first limo laid down the wadicS] raia«a 
and hllUpoints. 


The sites of tht^se towns are two of thn most vpxatiom problenu 
in aacrcd geography. I think they havcnow bccnsolved. Thckcyof 
the position is the site of C^prirnauni- As (JaUlce u-aa catted the 
countfy of Our Lord, Capernaum was called the diy of Oor 
Lord. "He entered into a iihip, and pa^taed over, and 
into ffix awn fit)'." Here, after His expulsion from Naiarel 
He chiefly lived. Here were the homes of His chief compamoQla' 
Paltfi and John. At Capernaum, accordiiig to St. Matthew, Ho caHed 
Hi3 first diaciptcs to their work. Here Matthew himnclf va« 
cho^ctt. if the Lord's nunistry began at Bethabara, it took Hhape 

f Oor 




/f€icowry of Paksiin£^ 71 

Md^ctsooaitty in (Japcmaum, Here the vondcr* of Hit gncc 
vmJifliMjrpouRd oui. In ihin mnall Hebrew village, fttaodiog 
ftlbe Ukc. Tct olT the Roinatt ro^il frum Sduituu lo r^unofCUE, H« 
catewd tf>u man poMcnicd bf dcviU* cured Peter's mcjilier-iu-law 
«f a ftrcr, h«4i^ th« c<ikl<mon'« »«rvant, and niitod tbe daughUfT 
W fiiiw Ttobi the mncc of dcalh. Tli«n, iht: whole liiii^ of His 
nimcirioas poven wa« pat forth in ihts humbk place. Nor waa 
C^cnLtiuD Jeos bipp)' in Ihe receipt cl spiritual ligbt than in iho 
^ntt4 of mpf^m.-unniT power. In Capernaum Jr«ns preached ^d 
MmiMi oik GtiliQg und fciucting* in which Mr compared HimM^lf t9 
Ifte bridej^TOom; that on things duan unJ unclean, in which Ho 
mtkeold ritoal Uw asldo; Ibal on ren! humility^ when He took 
&c little aat;s m Hu armit; a.(i<l thoX on thu trur- brtA^I of lire. wLtu 
Hfi ntde ilic Mlcmo dcMJaration " I nm the bread of lifix** Here 
Hetnght in th« Byni^gn^ And by th« road-udc. In th<^ fields :iiid 
by the undi of Capemaura He told the panibl« of tJic aoivtr, 
cteiaro. the pcsr! sccltor. tnd tb« net. At Capemaiun he bade 
IV^Ulce up th(f ^«h and look for thcr tribute taonoj in its mouth, 
tn ffont of Cnprrmiztm Ht^ valkod the sta and ciilmcd the storm, 
bfjgtitof C4pentJtQm He frril tlir Jjvt! llmuK;ind and pi[^4i:hQd the 
Somon on the Monut. Where clae on cartli it a pl&co «o ^Icd 
^ Hii glory as Cipflmauin 'i Whcf*> is ihu thrice h(>ly place ? 

Looy before tf:^ (Inpicif Robinson ihe Kite of C;Lpernd.(UU va« 
iQititpatc- SiDudo had pUccd ll nc^ tlic iiiilow of the Jordan, on 
A rising knol! cillcd Tell Hunt. Quarciictus pl;ic«d it iit lUian 
Tth, a moitnd near tlir nonJitm pJ^l' of the Plain or Genne- 
QiurcHnius is a bcUui auihorit> tl)cin Snnudtj, yet the 
^^ht of opinion hu been on hi$ rivar;^ side. Rat), PocoGke. 
Baikhardt, and Wilaoe ficed en Tell Hum. Robinson fixed on 
Kiun Mtnjeh, and in ihi* opinion he has bi?cn followed by rorlcr, 
Tnttrwn, and Macji-reffOf. Ritter rejecii the evidence *idduccd in 
fn^rof Kbin Minyeh. Thomaon cornea out strongly Tor Tell 

CapemouB — more accurately spelt, Caphar na Tluni^is men- 
l"0*d by Jofi^hnsand by llnsEvangtiliits, Joatphue speaks of the 
Ftetvicc^ nikd each ttrae wJth apeculiariiy ih^t helps us to fix ihe 
•*<» TTjc first time Josephus naincs Capernaum (spell Cophar* 
"■inib in htu atiiobioyrjphy. While L^n^'aficd in ftghtinij with the 
*^<of KiD^ Herod Agrippa II,, he and bis horse fell into a 
l^l^irc ; his wrist joint was dislocated, and liis atlcndanls carried 
^'m to Capernaum for medical help* A doctor was called in and 
^cinnM wore set, but the pafknE caught a fever and ^aA camiyl 




Tit Gtnii^marCs Magastm, 

iw.iv ai night bv the dodor's oricrfl to T.uicha;:u ThU sKi 
lookphcc in ihp nunhct, vh(?re the JonUn fall* into ihr* Idkc 
"Near ihc Jordan," say* Joseplms ; in front of an cntrcnclimcnl onlf 
OTiD furlong from Belhaaida-Julia^. Kxccpt Ahcip of rtibbith at Abtt 
Ziny, n€i n-ma-irw ocxuron thpIat*Mi*:itrTihi\nTt*ll H«m; anfl it U 
cicdf Ihat "till* vil[^*R i>r C.LEii.TiT^ujn." La ^nliicli \l\t wouniJcii 
^cncTftl wai corric(1. slood iit thnt point. Thfi second mention qL 
Capernaum by JoBfphus is in lh^^ Jewish war^, tfhere h« ^H 
clcHril)iog th'' lake oouiilry. " Kttrniing along ihe Ijitc of Gcft* 
ncsArrth, .in<l hrw^z ^^^ ^t« name, hen a trace of countqr • . • 
Errigated by a highly foTtilisinj Bpring called Capemaum, thought 
hy Romc to he' iho \WI NSJi, ainrr* Jr cftnrains 3. ftsh Ultc the 
coracin of the hkn near ATfi^ndriJi."* There u a spring near Tell 
Hum, by which Iho PUin of Gcnnesarelh mi^ht have b«bn watorMl 
in ancien: times. The evidence supplied by Josophus H thcrcfc 
dl in favour of Tell Hum. 

S(, Matthew speaks of Capcmaum a'^ bcin>; ** on the Mil 
on Ihp border* of Zabulon ^nij Nephihalim." Unhappily 
Iriljil tjordcrs ;trc vpited quMiions In out sacred guogmphy, 
ihc indication agrees \trf well with the tlioory of Capemsi 
clandin^ at Tslj Huin, Si- Matthov was a collector of c^ustonu 
Capernavim ■ thcrrforc Cap(*maiim had a custom houHe. Tl 
Ronian ccatunon lived at Capttnaum : therefore Capernaum tma 
ttation for Kom:^^ troops. 'I he t«o things ahow Ihxt it wa« aUo 
frontier loan. Now in thr* daj-* of St. Matthew the KivtT Jordan 
divided thL^ Ic'lrarchy of Anlipa^ ElcruJ from Lh^ dmainioiii of 
A^ippa Herod. Two miTc.^ of awamp and jungle lie between itae 
Jordan and Tdf Hum, Capernaum was a frontier town; and Tell 
Hum is ihe site of a froniifr town, Su Mailljiw speaks of niach 
sickness in Capernaum, Peter's mother-in-law being aick of fever- 
Now, the shores of Uke«. at the point where rivers fall into thoM 
lake^, are always swampy and nnwhol^ome. Tuggen 11; a frvw* 
bed; Villcncuvc and Fliie)!cn are fever-bcda. The narrative in 
Joscphus agrees with the narrative in St. Matthew, and th« texts 
dfSLTihe a physical and saniuiy peculinrity of Tell Hum, 

The utlier Kvangelisls add litlic to ihest! topographical hinta. 
St. Mark says there was ri ayragogiie at Capernaum, and that there 
were ina.ny sfck people in the place. St. Lulce also say* Ihere viS 
a synagogue in Capernaum and much sicknc^tr^ in the place. Ha 
mentions a centurion and Romnn noldiera, and tells m^ that the 
Roman governor built a Eyn^go^^je for the Jews. 

Th&se IndwdlionA \\Ayc not satisfied everyone, Roblnaon 

n took fl 

Ricovery 0/ Palathit. 73 

:AeTrQD|r sitk, uul hit mitlcadinK liftht Iiu carried in&nj more 

ttCBf, Hi* objections 10 Tell Hum urc weaker and Ic^fl con- 

Mctcd Iban utual, bul h«; dcdd(.<M In favour or K\\x\x Minj^li ^ 

the <ilkge of Capvmaum, uaJ the aprinjc tiow known fii Aia ct 

Hb^ u :h? founiain of Capem;iuni. I1 \\ (^flouJ;h to say, in 

anrn Id Knbiiuon't hi*ntij, ihi.t Ain rt T"ii^ U roi »wect and 

Ikliiiui; water, and ih^l the spring is on the some level as the 

bfce. Bj no cCknlriTance coutd Ihe springs h^vu bean in3<l<! to 

Qttr thia pbin. TriilTsmi U fiir mrjn' ri-jgrni. Tril Hom, h*^ 

iqVi b two iniles fiom llic; apiing, iinl it ia unlikely that the 

featain cj)ll«d Capcrnaair. woiild bo two milos froru the village of 

tbd uioe. Hb diitaan? 11 wrong/ for Ain Tahi^ U b^iMtjr one 

ale fnUD ibe piuHciit itiiii^ 4i}d in anrkut linici ihe village 

nf htvc been coruiccted with ihc spring. They maf* b&Tc 

Im 18 fiev th« town as ibe w«ll at Sychar and the wet! at 

Ktraitfb, Tb«7 were noi ririhi;r> perhaps, cban Harnpslcad 

^ntf from HaropstcOsI charcb. But, addn TriMrani, Ain Tabiga 

H^clottto tbecd^ortbe Utt, awjy from e1i<? plmn, and , • • 

Mpactfcd b}" an inirrvrnkng ?iptir of bill." Tliis ipur of hill comes 

cbM 10 tJic Ukc at Khan Minych. The faci here named \\ ihc 

Au^tii ai;giin>L-nL t^er udvaiicod againal the prctcn&icns oL Idl 

IIhi. If ibr watiTfi of Ain T«^biga roiild nn/pas^ the ipur at Kbnn 

Uiijeb «o as to water tbc Plain of Gcnncaaietb, Tell Mu:il i^l nut 

tte tile of Capr rnaum- 

Herv we focn<L the quctiion ; here wc called in the spade. 

lIlJiM Wiisoij jiuoti Mw thai the ruins at Tc-ll Hum were of 

poKcc extent juid iniporianoc than had been thought, A h^igc 

Wcdt na&ds near the waier'K edge, which Major Wilson says had 

Itoi built of stones from an older ridlliLL'. The qtianr was found in 

>k *riutc f/nugogiie, a bCruc^urc within a ^LruclurL. all in ruin», yet 

pcserriog in the fallen shaltn, groin«, and capLtalsthc e\idcncft of 

ytkka trt4 than ever nourL!ih(.'d in a purely Syrinn town. A parly 

<f Anb« fall to MOik, scraping out tlic eatllj and turning over 

■^Mo**!, vntit the gronnd'plan of the pile was laid bare, 

Tie »^tte limestone, of which the ^ynagogitc w^ built, b 

OpiUs of a £ni; polish- Some pcdcsLab were in Kite, but 

** colunms and capitals tia-d fallen do^vn. Mcasunng ihe 

^ Major WiUon found the length aboiU si;venly-Iivc fecl» 

*e widih About nfty-sevi^n feet. Thort: were tiirce doois, 

^ Ulie tonth cod. looking out over Ihc IcLkc towards Tibfrnas. 

^*«the ttcpa of ihift Hvnagogiio an observer could stfc ihe tower* 

*'i^capii&J and the roof of -^Jjrijwis Herod'^^ goldcnliouaa. Ovrt»- 





TAa Gcntkman's Magazm^, 

tide tlia Bynapogue Major WiUon tincorered the rtaina of a 
1«f£er building. aevcr before ob«nrvcJ' TlicscniiuAkUrncd ouiio 
thuac Qfun andcnt btu»lica. Such a dbcovcr^r wu dcciiire. 
vr;ts tbe synagogue bitlll b)* lt)c Kornan governor for the Jevv, 
mrrktioncij by ^l- I'U^t?> Here wiL% cltc buttli;:^ whlcli Ej>i|>lii 
M^j wii» orcctcd ;it Capernaum, oncbairtg ibc »iU of Peter's hoiuCi 
Tb;iE builico, built in Iht: riMgn of ConHUntinOj wa» fitAadin^g ld 
Capcmanm in ih^ siitli ct?niury. The ruiDsi uT lynagogii'^ md 
bfttilic& ftrc iLOfl to be 4ccn ai T«U Hiuiii u tbc/ &nr cuvghl in the 

Triftlram's iliflically about ihe^spm" at Kh^ii MimyeU cQtliHj 
uff till; walL'Ts ofAiit Tflbiji^a from llic rUiLi of GcuiicMrab pd«*vO 
away in presence of our cni^inccn. Ma]i>r \ViIsoa fooa J that ibqif 
ftt>ijrv^ \% the largi^il in nil Galilee ; a wry noubic ftpn"S' ibvMH 
iote, ^ul liLdy to bt; talM after lUc big^^Al lown \i\ tljc vicini^pV 
Tbat town v^aa Capernaum. Tba present Ain ci SulUn vu 
fornwrly calkd th4 Springs of Jericbo, On ujjplng ih^ rod^ 
M<Vor Wilson found that an bqncduct bad b(%-n cArrkd in aocl«a( 
limcA froin o fiicjit reservoir^ near ibc fcunUin. Ut ibe ptaio, la 
oni? place ihit aqueduct had been banked up by i^tumng ivnib, 
in pnoiher liaJ boen earned over rills and brrkfi on arr;hf^8. The 
'' spur" hnd bcc^n ovt-rcoinc by the iiuiicnt ciiginccrs, whoha^l cvtn 
ctn£il along its front through the solid rock. 'i'\m ciillinff, ofttti 
seen before, had been mistaken for an aneknt ro;Ld. Ma)i>r WiImq 
ltarr<i tlic w^tli^rcour^c from Ain Tabig^A louciil tbc blLlT ai Kban 
Minych into liic Tlain of Gcnnc^iaroth. so thai ijvcry doubt as KO 
Aid Tabig:a \i'^tering Ib^C plain ib .it an end. Tell Hum U, thcfc- 
forv, provi?d lu be the vilhi^-e «f t'ajjpmaum, arnl Ain Tabiga tlw 
Jipriiifc foimerly knovrn ^i the fount^n of C^pemauni' 

The Gpade w;^ used at Khan Mmyeh^ but the place had no 
acriptiiral secrets to g^ive up. Some niina of a wall were foa^Kl, 
not older than the khan^ whith aeems a Siraccmc pile of UiQ rd^n 
of Saladin. The houses have bnon Uttle more than huts. No 
eolurnns, capilak. orci^rvjngs weri* discovered 4<itheT in \\\v ^ralll Of 
ihe khan or thosi^ of the tombs, Kbtn Minyeh Is not ai| ancient 

Chora^Bn has been alBo fixed beyond a doubt. 

Wl- kniiw frum Si. MaLiht-iv dial Chorazm stood nnar Capcf* 
naura* and shared the; cur^e pronounced oa this uttbdicving tom- 
Jerome lells ua the distance was Iv'o nulet. 

Now^ two mih^s norri* of Tell Hum lie aome min^ whfrh the 
Atabx call Xerazch; modern Ai^b L^quivdcat fu£ the uld GrcoL 


Tfu GtniUman^s Afagasmc* 

word. They but! been Uitlf sui^t] ancl ill-dcucribcd, Robim 
b.ul IrcateJ ihrm wttlr suurii ; willimit liaviiig tliL- L-icuvr of Ui 

ft^inal monks und pncflti> ThcKC rums iirc of some cxtcnl. cqu«l 
in nrcA to tho9c at Tell Hum, Tberu m 3 synagogue at Keru«rh, 
although not so fine r^ thu whitA «j^iia^ogup at Tril Hum. It \\ss 
Coiinliiid)! capitals wjlh nicbc heads >ind other dcconuivc wori 
carved in the dark buultic rock. M&ny hou»ot ore still tEtandin^; 
some of them old; and of thi> nmml Syrian lypft. A finimiain 
rises Id the midivt of Iht^i? noUblc niin^, ovit whidi s. hirgc tn;c 
iv&vcd its branches; and providt-* a cover for two ahuiklift' tombs. 
Ti&cea of a ]>;tvnd ro^d wi?rc found, connecting Chor;trin vrith 
tfaii nnpcrriil rcnul uvtr Jordan to Dam^cnit, 

CapcmAum and ChoraKin bcinj^ ftxcd. it is not hsrd to find 
Dcthiiaid;!. Major Wilson tind^ tl'oa the north, juit where tbe 
Jordun f;dls into the lak'.v Tlic sh** was Hi ur near the pr^ritTH Ain 
Zenjr* It ma»t have been a small uid most unheftUh)' spot; t&c 
Bouvcret of the Sea of GaliJec. We need not ntaj^el at the number 
of Bick ppopile there; nor dE ihe removal of Peter fo a more 
^alubjiuLih pliv.x\ Cdpemd^m \3y un l\\*: eO^e of a NidTsIi. but WdS 
not hemmed, hkc Ifeth«i\:dA, bi^Ewecn the n\cr and the marah, 
U«ing Laktr Lt^mnii for the tiluMiniion, lieth^Jda would bfi 
Houvcrut, dptTnauiu would be VillenL'Uvc. 

Id my next paper I shdl deal with tho vexed question of 
in Galilee* 



nr G. «I13C UACXAT. 

TKccailfT places in \iz\y — at^wakua" ondvilhiLfc fairs, conocctol 
■^ fort^nuwt paA with Church fceUvals— ono may occ^^Lonaily 
fid up Olid !4)ccitncnn of books: btxiks and jiiLntpiiLi^tA, vvlih ^nJ 
•Uooi itlii»u»tiond, varying in price Trom a aoUc ii> hulf a franc. 
3(Mlof IbMd produciiona arc rcIij[iou«— ^whit in Kngi;Lnil would 
he ciltcd '*£<Hi(ly'* buukii — bjt some arc cif gencisi] intercut, /^. 
'^pcttee." but not in ikc wcist seme of the icrm. Here may be 
fcvdMoriCfi of men and women — young men ami youn^ women, 
far Chf raoHt purt^-vho, uricliout Mn^ ^Jiinis, wurkc-d JcF^ds of 
vmder ; Jci^»ds of strange jjcoplc wlio did impossible lUiiigs, za 
& Dc&ij di'J of old (whcti, being decapitated, he carried his head 
nber hit ano); aoMdotie* of loven and brigands ^nd myth<& of 
ihc Uiddk Ages, wortlif of btin|: Horked up into a Lhrf-C'vulume 
MMit *ntk Olhcr " profanities " too numerous to be closiificd, but 
lO BBOre or IcM ven^ationai. Among such productionfl is the 
«faftci of llio pre.qciil article — i\ bo<>k purporlJng lo he Lbc " iruc 
ib?cy* of SiSTior Monlecchi, aU'iii Komco, and of Madonna, or 
Ucaia Capelictti* oUku Jutiut. w£iom, lor brevity's sake, we may 
oU Sir, snd Mr^, Romeo. 

1^ book in tjue^tion i> octavo, and c:onLainfi a iiundrcd and odd 

fvcc* of eloecly printed prose. Tbc cover ib embcJlished with a 

iteie of ^j^uth and maiden embracing each oEhcr :u if ^botii: 

4nrii into tbc mu*ca of sumu inadJeninK ^villu, but tlieir piteous 

^ceittcioo close toftrelher far actual diincing ; they arc Joukm^ 

tettcb otber's cyc« u only lovers can, and iTrder the picture ^c 

kverds: "Qowl* ^rttltimobacio Ji Rome"— "Tliia is Romeo's laat 

^r) A good suftfTcMivc scene, ;ind a fair one ; but why, in thu 

•«eeif ^oodtaitc, IS Romeo's hat put on the wrong way? Is it 

■ikij? U il the hurry of di^parture? Is it guilt? Or Is it 

'^^^ because uoblcmcn, when bidding good-bye to ladicn in the 

^'^'Hiii ecfttury, always wore their hats on in th« boudoir — and 

■^pwow them on the wrrTmg side? 

^t k:L Us gldncc at the content of the book- The p\c^te, u 



Th Genfltmatt^i Jlfag-aiiat. 

■w\]\ be seen, ha* Ytiih lo du with it. Rtmii-'o's kha beiAS given aai 
different circumsUnccs. 

The slory ia in its dcUili: very unlike the atorv of Shakc-ipeartf ; 
differ* froraihar of Lopez daVc^a; rtjul tl is ^t variance — Hiii.t»oi 
what vioEcNlly so — withllicvcraionsof DucisandLuigi Sccvola; 
Jiandclto's story, and that of Luigj da PorUi» have much to do vrl 
It, Blhfit chilly in hroad outline, !t is p^gsibly in somr w^y rt 
nccted wilh the bl^k-lctlcr ballads of Romeo and Julicl which are 
known to have been in existence some three centuries stf^o, tlifxai^h 
nIT (races of them are Itist, even )n Itnly, but not, it may be pns 
fumed, irrclricvztlily M>, ^ince every ye^ brings to light aoiite new 
diacovcrv in the shape of old prints and manuscripts. 

If it be iokcji foT gnntod that the old It^Lian le^nd of ** Romec^ 
;ind JuliPt" i* fonndr;d on fact (and Uitrc is nothing intrediWc in 
the story, however extravagant it may appear), it seems nalnraJ to 
believe that the Italians, in their cheap popular literature, po«*eM 
the correct version. We do not go to Italy for the origin of "King 
Lt^i.'* or to EneUnd for that of the " Merchant of Venice" ; bwl 
wc do, or ought to, go to Italy for the origin of "Romeo and Juhcl,"* 
which is confessodly Italian ; and if this gontleman and thi4 lady 
ifiii live and rh'i/ die in Veiona, Verona, of all dtics in Chri&tcndoai* 
ought to have something to say about Lhem. It Is true that the 
l>OQh now under izonsidcration wa^ not purchased inVc^roua: bat 
It fs obtainable thi^tc on markcT-days when |>odlarsar« about. It vas 
picked up at a village fair near the Castle of the Montc::chi — called 
tJie Castle of Romeo and Juliet— lying midway betwien V'arott 
and Vicenea : the name of ihe village lining Montecchio (the word 
Montague of Shakespeare}, or, in ofiidal language, Moniccchio 
Maggilore^supposed to hnve taken its name in sncionl timee from 
the anepsior? of Romeo. 

According to the Moatecchio legend Romro vas not an ooly 
son; ho had several brothers (but no at3tcr?)i and ftJl of thc«e 
brothers, including Romeo, were bound over, by oath, to yr^g* war 
on the ramily of the Capellclti, the war to last for evrr, Hkr the 
vendetta wars in Corsica>^ It appears that Ronlco'^ grcat-gi 
mother waSf several years after marriage, courted, capluredj 
slain by a Connt Capelletti, a fornipr suitor for her hand (and 
vc arc lol J, was the origin of the family feud), iht lady dyinj an 
innocent victim of the Capcllctti aa she bad hvcd a vjituoua %pt 
of the Moniecchi, 

r the 



The writi^r of ihc true version of "Romeo and Juliet** infnrmi tn» 
at the oaisct of his story, that Shakespeare's immoital iovci> drvt 

n^ Tru< Story of Rmtci? and JulUt 79 

»t tfi cfaOTcb. The Iftdy wxj found kneeling at a fthrtnt^ wb«ii the 
jmngmnind rniighi M^ht or hrr; hr, Handing ni*ar a column, 
1o««l \xt at « glance. tiooJcrciJ ut her bcaut/n and fcUowcd linr lo 
thadoor of tho siactoary, ovcittkm^ \\^x ifacrc, and making way 
iarber V «bp trent on a* for ;i queen, or a ffi?sh pmboflimf^nt of 
flvtofUiosc pii:t(iied idinLs witb whi<:]i tlii^ cburcU ^^'ost^mbdliihcd. 

TWbrlr ^'^^^*'^^f^^*^<!P^^'=<^ ^)^> A^^ the blnth "com- 
vnkatiB^ ttnif, 31 if by encbantutenl. lo the^ chookt of Romeo, 
ibpjOHOg nun atood alonc-HiU. nut ilaiiiij* lo pursue bt^r, and so. 
isittODcei of tiEniditTt bin chancre of ovcrtalcini^ her wu 1n«t'*— ^ 
taC M Tor ever. He iMt b«r again in Ihtf e^jne buildings ^Lccom^ 
}aBfed bj bcr nonw-^ and spoke & few hurried vord» to hc-r sa she 
vat oau oflcrin^ her th? h^ly water with the lipt of his Jin^ciN — 
aco wrt wy wbich prevails in lEil;' and oih or C^thoLic countries at 

TIk fiisl miortin; of Romeo and hb rival PariH look place 
tf 1 lOVnuUKO&t. Both ^ftiilcmcn loved Juliet with the mtcjmity 
«r >P M< bcro benn* ; but Romeo coTtqucrtd bia oppotif^tit, and 
Ac IuIt; titling !n the place <jf honour much as Rowcn^t fi/a iu 
*1ia1im.'* awarded him the crowa of victory, Juliet, thou^li at 
^ limo aflianccd to PiriRr contrvrd, aidod by her nur^e, to moi*t 
ROODU almoft diily. T^i him 011 out mrmomblr acc^utitm shfr 
fijrhlM her maidcn^troth, and from him, on moic than otic occa- 
ttai, she rtKrcivt^ "proofi; And tokens^' of iffectioti. Romeo, 
Mig Jnflet, hax<?<1 the nimt? of dpolk'lli. anil Juliet, bating the 
HOC ^if MoiiEcc<:hi. .idorcd Romeo, liercjn the true SLory 
tftnwith the story of Sbalicf^pearc, but at (his juncture cropa up 
tintdrtter of which Shtk^ftpearv mak^9 no menticn : — 

"Jtirt, J h3vc dcccivtrd you ; \ love yon no:, Yf*u ire Capellral, 
ftf utnni foe. Being CapellcCti, you are no longer Juliet. Vour 
Mk tt the en«iny of my name^ &nd my blood of your Nood. In 
ittcword*^-^! am Romrn. F.irPwfill !" 
Vetij Montccchi wrote this letter at his father's dictation, 
VtftNij not go mto the details of tho many disputes which now 
M pUcr brlWE*f^n the Monic^cciiii anct the Capcllelii, neither need 
•■ttKC ibe blttory of the civil war which raged in Verona while 
^M wx courting (uliol^ Romeo^s brothers were one ^rtcr the 
"Cbeflldnby thepartiianKaml fo)!cwcr»of the Cape) lotLi, and many 
^Ji^iei'i cOQ^ins (^be had aotjrothers or sisters) siifTcreddlikefute 
*lh«baf)d3 of Che Montcechi. Romco'a father — an old man wiih 
l^trtaJf unJ a very bad conscience — wag thrown into prison aiid 
^^ WT atanrcd ; but cwapin^r tbcfe/rom, be ciafLily dcvoliii 

8o Tiu Gcnileman's Atagtnitu^ 


luroaeLT lo tha vork d r^vengVi and udms, alvuhng, and oUEtist 
Romeo'ii lt>v<?, ;timcc3 ai lf»c Captilletti ttic i:lrmJlicii blow of whi 
ihej- had yrt hod aijy cx|icricDc«. He bcg'^i bj maki^ig u7cr> of 
friendship to tl]« f^ihcr of juttol, ufhich vera in the (ir»t inatoA 
haughtily (Inclined, He dicwied ;» seCiXid letter tti Rnmco X 
whkh thci young tiiaii W4!> iiudi? to »dy tliAi hia imLnrdUte imt 
iwith the lady who h;id been the 6r»t m she wouM be tbc 
pudon of his lifetime w^ now possible und even ncccjti 
Juliet was told that »lie mi^ht tn^et Rointru wht.-n ^ud where « 
liked, though not openly ; and the nunc acted a3 mcMCXtj^cr 
gi>>bvtwG<in a« m Shakevpe^e's story; but no friar, no poiso 
vf ndnr was appealed :o as in. !ho irngedy, no sen!*nce of b:iTil 
nicnt was pionounccd oti komco by the Duke of Vcioaa, Rom 
wi-ni dispuiiiud to Juliet's house antl ih^-re receiveil hoijpi 
under ^ feigned nitme. Ho won the friendship of the fAthor U 
had won the love of tbc daughter, but betrayed himself oncfl 
night by throwing aaido his disfuise, uiid was arrii^tod Oft 
Tnatefnctor and a "partisan of oullaws," The elder Moniecc 
who had been hanging iihont the neighbourhood for Knmo lime 
waiting for event), pushed on to Verona and there made frcdh 
cvortures of peace lo ibe •* murdcier of hie sons.'^ Thie tim«i 
and somewhat lo his own surprise, his uojce was heurd- Juliet's 
father, weary of strife, " pardoned the son cf hi» ciieraj for Jolict'i 
sakOt" and Romeo's father, thirstinjo; for revenge, ur^^ tbo old 
man to consent to the marriage of Romeo and Jnliet " as a proof 
of hi'^ sinceriLv " — buL not, ds will prc*<?Jilly be iccn, ha j proof of 
the Binccrity of Romeo's iaLhcr. The rival chiefs shook ha:»d), 
and th^ majriagv wa.^ announced to take place at aa e«ulj due 
under the special pilronagir of the Duke of Vrrona- 

Two dayj^ before the wedding the elder Montecchi — whose 
Christian name, by itc way, was Timoleon — took his son aside uul 
thtrs addressed him : '* Who an ihou, Romeo? Speak^ boy! An 
thou my son }" 

Komeo, pale and red alternately with suppreseed ismoiiQn, looked 
a reply, but made no answer in spoken words, 

"Rmneo," continued Timoleon, afcer a moment's he^itjUioo. 
'* there are oflences which no mau cau forpvc, but there are aomc 
men — myself among the number — who can feign forg^ivencsa auid 
put on ouiwardlj'f for secret purposes, the livery of friendship. 
He who forgives a certain kind of offence ia a wretch too vilo to 
be called a man, for he who neglects or miiiapplics the chaiic^kt 
af vengeance runs the risk of being again insulted, Vengcao 


Tii Tnti Si^' c/R^ttuo and yniiii. 


M Tjwt tui«, anfl ihrr fthrfct^ atid groanR ^if a r;t11(^ 
u Kvcct lo the c^r a« the ii%hA ^nd vhiupcred wor<ts of 
a boifocbtd lover, I bare maJo my po^o against my will vah 
Ae CapdlctfEL He lut foi^vc^n mts hff might have tilled cnr^: 
iKiasUiJcf . . . Romcc. yoEJ uijUrrstaiid me? The curi»cd 
CipcilfttJ aitiai nol triivnpJi over our disn^tcrs- Wc must liavc 
uan for I«An : ar, blood for blood, and thamc for »hame 1" 

JUveo Mmcil pule and a tcok of horroi piURiuJ over hh face as 
dhaewovds escaped bi.i lips : — 

"A«ayl aur^] You ip«ak ><oq know wot what. My «aiDi i« 
JsJkt." {OtmiintJ } U ntJf.'^ fur^.) 

Tmoloop, raising hi* cj«i ff<>m the prounti, p.iitcd the bov on 

"ton -lie a rnip lover, Ki>m*-o, Inn ^jv y-^ii a gwxi eon ^ Nay^ 
nvHcr ue n^; ! L^vi^ ami Ilaired :krc l^in bfoihr^f^, vncklccl st 
Ae oiM brezut- Who sh;LU lell hcrcaftur which woft which—my 
teied or yonr Iotc f" 

llfl kfi the youth to hist ief^ci;iions. and mnunlitig hi* hone 
tctool hinuulf to the house of Tarit. lie biid recently become iho 
^OCQ companion of his 4on's fx^\\. 

The narriage-ninrti ^v'-k cmc of ihe xncM Imaiitiful on rr^cnnl, 
fvca in a country hkc luly, where days and nijfhta aro bn^htfr 
■^iaolh«r (>arts of Kviropc, Juhct, sweeter than tho son^ of 
ImfaftloUTc, hrightPTtbnn the day which midf the city juliilant, 
*ii bd 1o the altar by her faihcr and the Duke of Verona ; Romeo 
fWcivdIhe ehureh ^Lccompamcd by TiTnoleon. No secrecy bctc, 
t^ bi ShaLe«|>«ar^'s storyl Nf> fn:ir, r^^ ri^pc-la^Mor, no qneation 
4 a (ouDierfctl-dc-klh willinf^ly d^ivuiit^^d hj Julirt, no JliKht to 
tehA on the pan of Romeo. Kvt^rTlhmg upright and down- 
H^eo ih« part of tho lovert» :ind (with one exception) oti Ehft 
)W of ibe jwri-m*. Romeo and Juliet ^tood before the pric-st. 
^repeatini: the formula one aftur the other: Romeo first, then 
)*«. When Juliet taken the oath which made her Romoo's 
fcferer, »hc fdl *prtchlcss to the* ground as if struck by an 
hand. Romeo knelt bcaidc her; raiacd her; kbscd her; 
10 fcor; she would not spoak. Cries of treason arose in 
:h ; ctery one tui^pecird miirtlcr. The girVa fither wept ; 
of Romec, folding his arms, and raising himself to h'\% 
It, addressed the company in these terms : " Juhet, whom 
^ B» h«re, is dead. Bnry her; irOiibT(^ her not!'* Romeo 
to hi* feet: "Wimtl is ihL- bird flownr'* The old maa 
DO reply i buJ; hiding his sword to the DuV^c, "^^^ 

^ 7lu Gt'HiioTiati' s Afagoiint. 

arrvoted \yv tJte body-guard, TltA cburcb vtu clufcd; Koini 

W41 IM -itt-ay. m-iclly nJwjutinp ''Jiilif^tf JnlinP and ihc prl, 
cacri<;d buoio on u liitct, wu ^trctchod out for Imrid. 

Vp to ihie point wc h<ivc inddcnt« which have litcLo or aothtois 
todo wiEb Shiki-spcaeu'* noble litory. IcuCcad of being iubordm;t:cfi 
hx tliL' jilut, ur aUu^'clJici ouL of iLt' pilol (as iu tlic Ua^^tdv), tlit 
fjttEi^^rf of the lovers p!ny prouimcnl piiftt in it; such paru, itk 
rxct, a« the dniDkitiit Wadft us lu bi^Lic'vc- they mudt have pkycd 
ia iteiiia] lifL*, — if wi* an.- lo Judj<c from tln' DwJcf'* Hpvreclie^. But 
hcra comet a criBii iii ^hich tbc^ Monlccchi Ic-^cnd ulllcs with the 
En^iah tragedy. Juliet woif noi d«ad iti r^aliiy ; ahe h^ taken a 
Blc«pffig-dmigT]l fn 11^ nf poinon, nrtd wniild wnkrn At a glvE-n 
time to coaAamiTAle events connected with Roraco's death. IIi 
hotv&i-er. lli« re^embLancu enda. Tha dvaughl wstfi adminislei 
in ft dtp of wine by Roraeo'i fiithcr, he believing it to In? poJstoi 
rum wu:! hia occcjmplirt? : but be. h^-in^'^ ix »chemo of bb ;^wn 
fool, kucw il to be harmlMe. Timolcon mcarl to kill Jdlii^t 
nucjngo himscif f^n the family of the C;ipcllctli : bnt Piria mcfcl 
wuhed to !it]i[jefy the girl and puL hi^r in a^ trance, tliat lie, af^i 
lUc funeral, miKbt waken bcr, and take her home. ^ I 

Bui Titnoloon, though be makes a full confession of httt gnilt, 
dn«H not mculpate Vau'^. Hl* is j^^alou^ ijf ihe iufaiLy of \iA 
accomplice, and wi^hc^ to have the sole merit of ihc vendetta. 
I'ariif with a counter- pot: on, hastens to the vault of the Copdietti. 
there to claim liia bride- Romeo, wUh 3. view to commliifn^ 
sukide, icpaifS to the *anic spot. The rivals mcel, at in Slukc- 
tpeare's tragedy, and Komeo kills Pan^, Romeo takes pui^on. and 
diM almoBl in Juliefa arms, JuJiei, waking, kitla hcnwir aft« 
sorveying the sceae of horror, nith Romeo's sword ; and oil b at 
an end. Lovo and jeEilousr and hatred iind tlieir cliDnax in death, 
and the fends of the Monlccehi ^tnd CapeUctti perish in Ihc extino- 
liein of their fomilif?*;. 

Who shall aay thai ihia alory, ihua briefly irticed out, i» csacnliallj — 
incorrect? Thousand.'^ of people in Italy believe it to bo thft i~! 
'* true story of Komeo :uid JuEiet." Peoplt' livinjf; in v^-^**** ,, 
Vjccnza. and ci»owhcic Jn the neigh bouri^ood, reject Sbakc^pcaic'^^ 
account as an innovation, and accept this one u hJvtoncaJ — >^ 
Tt is possible th-LLt hittory may have little or noTh^ngp to Jc~Jl 
with It; just an histoiy ia believed by many personf^ to bav-- 
little or nothing to do U'ith the lef^cnd of Rom ill us an^^ 
lb« She-^oLf^ But who, wiLh lhi& fttory in hi« harid — attoiyi '^ 
ea^r/j'tfcvoured by novel-readers in Italy— will attempt loproiF*^' 

Tki Trtu Siory of Hotttco and JuOcL 


t^ iUi4£y? It i» CDon^ for Jitvitiry purposed — and 2 m&st im- 
jxYuijt liifrruy <jaMtioii Is Involved In iho Imuc — ttiac \\^\y And 
EiifjiBi have <it itic prociat Lime Hr^ icmoiu of " Romeo and 
Jikt" Mch vcnkni b«iDf popululy buiievci :o be tbc correct one. 
ShitM|icare*t siory is, of course, ihc ^ncr rtf ihc iwo, but that is 
MpooTuTiU bi^iti^ the? nMire uullicatii. The- niiL^lr^t p^tis of the 
SAflltik tnk^r arc S^c^pcarc'^ handiwork; tlic poc1r>'> ^^^ 
ttoi^L, Kk9 toffglits into hiinuj] nAttirc. No one caret to pfovt 
te Rmieo And Jii1i«l adtiJiny !<poh(.- xw^ thought in accordjucr 
lU Sh^Cfpcanr'A tr^cdy; but htrrci^a »tory which people in 
Ittff boT-^nd read as the correct vcrtion. Itic full of interest from 
h|l>Qiit^ to «tid: it is aiiottrraou4, lik» thr^ "^*^lory of RrrtoMo," 
ttlaajFoi ma^ no: be in utter fiction, or (a» some people UAcn) a 
■Odm'OBtiqiio. datiitjif from tlic end of the Ia4i ceniary. Tlio 
|nt Ite which u^rei cs ijt lb« fai:« 14 this : here ft a ^lox^ of the 
lonsi of Verona, whkb b wilfl, And n?ncl, and believed in, in iho 
QCf « i^iich Ronco and Juliet ore reported to have lived- Look 
t.\iteC% Tcmb, and then look at lbt« book ! The tomb. a« thown 
b KMrivu, Varv inrrmal and eirenul evident:*: of harins bvun 
nidc Eor a giant or ^ giantess ; if, indeed, it waa raadc for ony 
knti covpoc — and woa at one limo u»cd aji ^ bath. But the 
Mh— (ht literary monamcni of Juliol— b:i?« higher claiio^t Co 
ittei^on, and. autheiulc oi^ not. fdh it piai.c in pd:)lic estimation 
•Mdi 00 one i9 likely to deprive it of, not even the diicovrter of 
^Iw bllbds arc which Gajidello stnd Da Porta are beilevcil lo 
bit bonded ibrir «toriex. 

o 1 



mr WALTER xnoRsntRY. 

T Had scarci^ty ut down to hrcakfAKi pn titc day or my mi\ 
-*■ jn the ciiy or Miiic^rvd lefojE? a sly M'iitcr ;U Cho Hdtel 
I'Europc brouj^ht under my nOBc a little horn tray containing 
(-narscly cut cirndian, thr hronic ligure of a Cupid, an;l ;i ihj 
jjoTd cpia ofAlexaadcr ibiii a Jiisj^oniciii wtiu ?ijuIriic.-i.[trL'd(.liciouiJi 
^ tbc door vr^fi ready lo awcnr had bucn ^lux "P ^tt Thcbo. 
godlike eye, the Apollo cKin, the old Homeric helmet were thei 
Init "BrLinima^eiii" Wsi3 *tamjj^^d .dl ovti ii, sjiJ I frit a aliuc 
ut tiii; Qrsl apprcAch of the ^hx^\ cluitJc in the cit)- of spli 
mt^moncfl. So I -^Ited bow fur it wa» to Corinth, Juat aa ft dii 
sion, :i»d tliJ^ Arcades iimba, finding iliac nothing moFr profits 
ilian quciUons wcie to bi^ t^ot cut of mc, vAnUlicd into thto 
and left mc iti pcacp with my stony olives, my b;id co^cc, and 
golden-browQ honey of Hymettu* — filsely *o-calk'd, for ih* hoi 
of H/mettus is aci dear th^t no pruclvm landlord ever aUows 
traveller to touch it. 

rt^rhaps i>f all th^ dolighu of travelling Ih^ro is non« greatet 
than the calmness jind fri-shncKS th^c oitc frdx sAi^rAlon^ 
joumcy on arriving fjarly in the mominp at port, and, after dj 
coming down to a hrealcfist that yoa devour uith the polite feroci 
ofa gf^nltemanly lion. How clcrar the mind \y how It «nrts tl 
threads of langlcJ pUn^, how it forgets llic ba-fflin^', foggy 
and etnkfis out, like a strong swimnier, straight and f^iir, wil 
^ood ht-art, intu iho undiscovered futurtr J What neciar *weei 
tlje LufTui:: [ 3dr;:ly the fruil WA7> picked i;i Edui. Ho^v gL>]i]m 
seem* thatunvisitedcityof so manydruams with one's own flAodapd 

• This 'keti^h was ^vcn by ihr Inie Mr. Wilrer Tli^mlniTy sflmF yean ijjo u 
d ctAlTibntianmbtfh'tirora kclioin< fof th« rdicf uf iKe dcsltimi- pour in wlaitr 
in the Ewii-cTid of Loudon, tvycb b oi^ly qc»i« atm^ i.B.iticX JnCa cfl'cE'(. J I icicles 
loipcriutl qukc (rrali in ihc ;rtii:idb jf of La, (hough ](iti£ moui;;h igo ti> 
bU onuido Ihc FpooUct:iEun of che ^oun;^ gcnprjiLcn uf teadeti. UlltOt the 
Bivuloa pni]i:c» wn>i placed en Elic lUione of Civccc by the ProiccEinc [\nrni4l 
\\\'i iini(! when thai counLry ftnaUy shook oJT ihn doLt^iciI rule uf ihc Tuiluk bot 
ilii- inmmfuilibJUly bclwccD ilic Greek and BavjtnaD rhirai^ier tTF<l ■ ducont 
htfwtGXi£ mill people vhich at Ibc end of thirty yc4n CtthfUiutcd £a di&^ 
■^H^/^*/ Jc/JDafVijj« u/6lhi?in 1662, 

Alheas undtr King Oiho^ 



bti toiA^ proudly on Its ciladdl All thU I realised aa 1 

iaiuJji acnjA^ the Ubic about iheliLcoLktn dultnc^^timd unim- 
-^<y or Ui<T ritaouA U<-rttin& biiif . 

I lud romi-* to Atlipn* fmm— I im not ffiing 10 Ie*l what 
bimtil hlaoil. I brti linj^crcd where, acrois the low n;it «trl!i 
Mittixecd wiih burloi mounds, yon 8cc blue Id^. and the ipot 
TroT town <race fWnred forth ili braicn but-kkr* Acrots iho 
rvjxtdvr — J dull plain for a blind muii Lo liiid beauty tn, atnd 
110*4 'vdi for ihc >lo^ tortoise to craivl over And survey In hvs own 
dotl. ciTcumlocuIorv manner, and for liull critic* to crawl and 
patter ibon: la the leaden cluslcal maniwr which shrinks with 
"i\ airn ami ituch conicmplible feigned pride from what 
". ljlorstur«/' 
hiid WLfi that rocky Iihac^ ih;it wandr^rinj Ulytiet Imyd iir> 
ch. making one wonder iha; he ili^ niil 4LO[j 2t home more ta 
pTiK tiis love; and Lonin03i a nif^r; blue mound rtcros^ Ihc^ ^^ntcr 
•TJhihfrlc grey doad aver it. n* if Vukan were stiH on hi* nmf^ 
di;i' £^| fn«n bc.iven; ind (he Crete of Mirio^i, wlio ^fterward^i 
heomc Lord Chief Jufitioc of Uic Cominon Ple^ iti another plAce. 
I hMt vlicn the moon was full steered Dund Sunium and itt 
pibccd hcighu, and tbt-'o. afli-r iiuny d<tyi of tiigh si-a and Ujw si:a 
tij feo a^A. 1 bid ^nc 10 bed to drcjim of Olympic tcamc* run bjr 
hmon c3i>E, and awoke to hnd the vc»e1 in xttll water olT the 
fbvm, and Ih^^ touts jusi btf.Lrditig its close ta whi-re Ihe A|)o»tl« 
Uwicr Idtidcd^ I c&n ju»t remember a dirty m^ini ^'bo jcavc hi» 
aane Pcriclci, aiKl ftx:cived a biow from mc not lor from the noae, 
thgl^meclo^ f) the l[indin^-pTac4> to a son of mined Jetty 
lltt Kr c-illod St- PiiuV* Bay. Pclcr I knew, .in d I biew, 
^t *L.j m» tbij tooiter? The touts were a!!, 1 rumi;mt»nr, in jrsxt 
^rd-oni whli« kJtu, they woro fei cap* and flannel-l finking 
Mft»: tnd all had tniitLt like wnfip^ — Ihf? »ViUpt of Aristophiincs. 

fWks, oncUiiritGd by tho .-iltofati\'n blow 1 h;id idm^nlsif^rrrd, 
W>ld tti mto an nprn fly drivpn by « bri^'^nd in ^ kilt. pa»icd my 
<*«■«» Ihrou^h the Custum-hiJu&c quicklv. having lir*t oiled lh<? 
'Wier's handsj apokc what toundc-il Ukc oni^ of my old »cbool 
*'ff^ cxcr^jie*, or the fini p^igr of Xi^nophon's " Anjibiini*," and 
^^^ off at 4 rapid mle to Athens nlong ibc dualy road tlinl foUow-i 
*h^ foync of tbtt eld t-ors: Wall, whose ancient stone* are here 

'^ovvTC in a duud-tomjidlrzT^ chariot, actually Bcomn^ iW. 




Tk^ GaUkman^s Mbj^^^t^- 

plaJQ c)f Attioi witb oGve groves un i?ttlirr li^uO and tbc litest 
no*' in summer a men; dust/ ditch, bcfort; ija. Happy crcAturr. 
am rcalisinj^ the dreams of our detedtis daj« I We «iop a mo^ni 
to water the iioires al a Jirty raad-iide wine-shop, whure fadi 
boaphs— the bu»h ihnt ^od wine di>« not need— nittlc oyci thi 
door. A rival cfottd of dubt ms^^ iiu^ H^U off, fcnm of 
earth, belir-vcrre in ^livinf- right and hiim;in M^nnj^! It i<lhe Gi 
Kins and Qurcn. in Ihelr baronchc urith {fistj oulridcn, soin; 
for a yacht excursion to >ri?gara, ihlB bciti^ the happy da^ 
flpvo Otho to^iffratcfol world. Ret H :i\i^n, vanim, *hort»ei^ht< 
rna-n. ill Lhr natloud drcsSp and thtf Quccii a sctuut, Ainafoaiaii 
woman who iiUcs to rule. Mchcrculc I another cloa^ of dttrt and 
they are giine towards the PiKecis, vhere an angry cloud, omhiiOts 
for y^chlln^. Iidu^^. Wuuli.l lu Zi^im it y/aii to Jt:riL:bo. ^iid m 
merely to Mtjrara, lh*it that ljc*inUod Kin^ wm ffoiitff! Itwoul* 

P=be all the better for Greece, who ha« long a^o had emcugfa 
Bavaria* whose new broom lias long ceased to swe*'p wi.^1. 
The olive s^vcji of Academe loand well in Milton, iind it 
pTGity lo quote I'laio about the plane-lroea and the cicadas and 
WTrtffling yonthsani lUry playful meiaphyelo* ;»nd thr knock-dowi' 
"ctenchns'' of Socmies; but olive groves arc dull, d(i^r>< places In 
n&ltty, and poor atulT compared to our own cak coyerlSi vhii 
fiiiEiiner are langlei of Hovers and sweei« and all a ^T(irn 
of Ik^ivcs. 
Bui the o!ive. with the dry, hard Jeavcs andspHi trunkft, with 
horsc'g alcall, white and staring, hung up here and there s^vn* 
the branches. I must li:;jve tar ihr. present — miL^r-iL-ioas trwp of 
dry hlood and the silvery tremble of leaves — ^for now J loe tl 
loadilai of my travel, the rock of the Acropolis, the Cn«tto Hii 
the fossil heart of old Alfitin*. nrn\ There 15 tht- P.inhenFMi ridni 
like a diadem upon Us biow. From here it seems frc&h as fr 
the maaon's hand, yet I know Time and Lord Elgin have bit laonMi 
lenihle monllifufi^ out of il, thnngh it be a meal that hath lasti 
the great appetite of that former dealroycr a pictly long dmo.^ 
Now we are in the suburban streets, now wc pass the attril 
palace and the ground ttbere the theatre i* to be [in Athens ^vtrj'' 
tiling is to be), and I ^im at the hotel where I wjts when my seniQ 

As for the city of Solon and Pericles it is now almo^ confined 

lo Ihe Acropolis and The Ternplcs of Jiipttcr and Thrnpirji, for ih« 

modem city h tike a little tk-rman market town, and has a. trivip 

.rec/fJJnear. raw iniMary ajr about it. If it were Joneevllle. in tbft 

UmlE^SUIcs, or tbcnenstt nnbroufn ordrilitttiufi. Ji cotiltl noi 
iMtmoRbnuid-Qcwondininuturc. ThcrcaromilHirbaiiro&ds that 
topfc^ Dew rolled sDd bcmlerud bj limp acaidfttrMa IhatAOem 

Dkk itc die ncv path* of a new people. Tl^> nrc ibc j^ruwtb 
itf tin Bavanaa MiiVMi: th«j »hoaId bisect all GnNx:n, but Uicy 
flc^i frv milm oot of '\thi^ni awl acartrely rcndi to Colonus — the 
Cokau* of lEdipiU- <jrccka caanoi make roa<j5, arid <i FrciiL^li 
«frjia«er U engaged to carry o«: tlieae great public w^rkt. vZucb iii 
Gccttnan coTUidcrcd wonel^ra of thr^workl^ But then ibic U n 
<Ab1iT »bctc a Ma^aai migbt d(» moro ^uud than Tlic9i:u» c\x^r 
#i Vf u Car as tiudo gocst AritUdoa or any other idea. 

X«vif I mm mLo occ of tho«u anckm4ookins' vine-ihopi at 
ikcf^xafllic Acnijwlb nluil lort uf po'jpUr du 1 bc^l' wiicii I luuk 
OBibe taodcm tons of HcIIaa? 1 &«c a mcc whoac waintii .-^c 
£be ibo*e of tbo vafip« orAnKiist^hanci^ to small that 1 coiilit jpan 
ibnii] inr haiut- Thtt \a ohl- uf itie ruppL*rlfr<i universal among 
lac&odcni Albcnait». I never iaw ,-b womnn^A wat»t in Hn^l^Lnd 
ivikr likim ll>OAc of thcic do^qcncmtc pooplo- litfr« coinvs up 
Kvftcai^ikar, tmtdi the old cMr1\ains of th« oldTuikUli uar, 
*kikl«uig pninuaed. live a awdi>;L'cimjL:. tdlc life. lie is oil old 
ha,«iih Kr&Ur mouflAchc, nnd logks aa if he aic a J urk ci-cry 
aiaias for brcakTa^t; fot l^docUi^.X couLd L-ut hia waiit in two 
^ ■ bhnr uf m/ riding -xvliip. tlioogh \\U chrht i>^ wtdr? om ^ prico 
Acke^*, Aad bl-v ?»tridc b nlurdr ai a Tavrnr^c '' bnvv's.*' 1 bud 
SM locuMoBied to tbe Lcvuni lirvuk fop, with \\\% knoc<bTecche< 
hiy m a pillow-caM, do 1 s^ty j- — na,v. n^« 'i wIkiIc Mirnnirr <|iii[t 
«*■ up into bat:s tiul drop dovn to the ankle and sway ab^l «.» 
4c(kiMfc valks in Uk ubtnmlcot m:uintir po«eible, oepoei&liy when 
l^tto^itor cslLco bag ^.\ pcnduLoot over a neat dainty foot cmc^ 
^at]£bt while stocking and jn .1 il^ndng^sboc of uininic dainli- 
>*«. SbuU i foiK^il the waxtfJ moualache, Ihc i^roa^eJ hnir, the 
wigiiULid rod ba^ of % fox, tbv trim jAckct and taih mlIT with 
obvidesy. aod tbe ginllp bfistlmg wnb cjiTi=ii^ivc wcaiwi^i — as 
^Acrwnp, "Voar plo^acry duublo-bamslkd bword and your 
ttmcuQ cui-and'ihru&t pif^tol" — can 1 irvcr forgvt tbo greaiy 
*0>ftaDOniG of lliottff i^icc^t'ediDg rascjds i\\'r- T>E.^v,Lnt[n(^. tbdr 
^^■ittCtc swagger, and th^ oock-a- doodle wiiy they whisked 
^^9n Ihdr white handkcrcbiefa and ttuck their anni m ibuir 
•io^ or walked about in their everl.wi^ng fr-*ir(v;itH lllcc grniit 
''^W^T Hc)iool-boy> wllb their orm^ lound each other's nccki? 
^r of ib«M old friends of minv are to bo eeca i& Mhi^t^ 

88 The Gentlcmai^% Ma^azint^ 

u frofl 

Fresh fmra Cancli.i or OptuiUmia, from Snij'riiii or %'^r(L, 
AvJa Minor or from the Block Sea ports. Thcjr Arc the vcrmto 
of commerce, and arc to be? found coslvrard whtire^x;r men t>tiy 
anil sell, wJit^rc^tr (^hr;iti[i^ i* lo Ml- Trin%actL-it. Tli*^ iiKrtt 
irmiioaili 9cnaal&»«, il|[tomtLX impudcntt orliou.^ crc-ituro, tbc 
££Latcrn Grcckft, who, to th« mi'jvn timidity and rap;icitj of 
a bad Jew add a morcuHal slippcrin'MS ani wiirvinp*w pccnJUi 
to llicir own lacix ^rc to be found at Pcra; hut Athens, u a 
seaport, boasts iiomc qiecimen^ iiov And Ihc'D lUal oven Poia 
could leajcel^ match with all Itfi shlfly villnnj-. | 

1 early discovered that the modern Cirt^ck dtcsi. with its 
flaiutcnt c:caj;gQratioR, v-a^ no 1>^d type ol tliu naiional cli^ractcr. 
It« l>ro9cho^ ten timca the icasonabic size, rcproficnt a brag 
which i« tm lltnrs of the ba;t«tiu^ of any other uatiim ; the 
fc*, a rod jelly-bag sis timca as lar^rc as the Turkiah, rcprcscai^ 
the .-Lfisiimptioii of «lx timc^K ai; mui:l] cuntim;^ as au}- other pcopio; 
Iht' jit'kH, cm'ert'd with thn-T? times tt>o mi]t:li Ijcc, lypilit?<t the 
etnacltas extravaicancc of the pooruat nation in CiirLstcndom ; 
while the epidcr-vaiAt, %o useless, sr) mhcalthy. fio ctlcntiiute. 
and 10 u^pl(^u£ant to the eye, cxcmpli&ei u conceit ^ unbounded ' 
^^ il is Ul-foundud. In ihu East the GroL-k i* LhcsuL-ukiiig dare 
who briars the bLo>v if he may be allowed to rob >t»u. Here id 
Athens — .Uhens of tb[> violet crown and the golden graishoppenk 
o^ Miricrva and ih<r Raviirian owl — tin; Hwa^ger is the swagf^ir of 
slaves newly mfinuraittcd and over-acting their frced'am. On llie 
iDOUntaJnSi where the ever-annod man wa» never a slave but wben 
the Turtifih n word-point was s\ h(ai>yf*Sj (hf^ men waTt like freemcfi^ 
bui 'hey do not swaggei : .a really brave man ncvei awagigcra. a 
gonilem^in never swaj5Bcra; it va only tout copper captains, your 
fnwy. small authorities and oracles thJit swagger in a u'*-iy which, 
if it does not make the angoU weep, certmnly keeps them in very- 
low spirita. 

If it waft not for the maids ofAthL^ns (not the maid who rnarhod 
Mri BlacIO* with the litik' fed fexes stuck so daintily on the; nde of 
ihcjr black hair» I could rOL say much for Greek costume. Aa for 
Gre^tbeiiuty, that iialtogellieron thL'sidcof the men, thcoldfitraighl- 
nosed Vfinisc.*; and Dk'iuas lu-in^' exliiitt, as far as IcouM diKeoTer, 
in lliat ^^orn-out country which, after producing so nuuy wondcrfnJ 
human crop*, now lius dt-plonbly — a* some think, bopdc^sly^ 

The Palikar», a fine act of old warriors, with their crim«0D «ndU 
^Jd jackets, ihoir scarlet and black greaves, tbcir buaby wbit^o 

Af/tens under Kinff Oihff^ 89 

btu or IttfUacnas. «ik] their red tuflvd Turkisti vhcv^t, tend much 
!□ GfilitTi] Athena, thou^ j^encrally spcakinK Otho ha» trcaxct! 
bnrU4fcofL] itt>i^r3icn wi:h much the tixne gratitude that Chmles 
teSccODd di4 tlic tbxinkcD but f^ithrd old Ca\alir*fft. Ul>-i«t<« ;mi1 
A^uand old Achillea rou muy acc any daj m the ^vcck, sunoiiif 
itoMJvM In Henncs Street or u»ol.ins Ili^r cigars round tbu 
Tcapk oT the Windi. 

&cuJc9 the Lctuitinc vAitx tbt; ungrtdou^ and pendulous caJico 
ftofa. '.btt Albcni^n dandy wjth tho wasp v^aisi, and tliu old 
httu; JDU often «ue wnndcnng about ibc TiMUplc of Thr^fir^us, or 
4vin$hb wa^^gtMi round the ^^^otitic pillois of the Tcioplu of 
)tt^tf, rwk raountnixicen, /KloJian or Spartan, with sh^^' 
OfO u of goat't boir and uith gun« over their iihouMc<n. Oncj 
iiep fioia Atbom, rcui<.'iuliLT« jiiU yau ^tu hi <l ^dtiuic ktiid on 
*>i«ci «id pOi^bfc klcpbt^t wd danxorou» dogs, with n^ irtn«l 
nd«eucctyaDyfoodJnad«»<n countr}- without roads »nd Eklmon" 
«i4«at InhabitAniA. - 

Kovtvhcrevcrl ffo. whether into a cook-nhop. or a winc-»hopJ 
cridikk*pedi*4hop, I find everywhere- the samo ojurion of Oiho, ' 
ti* tin;; of iho owl's city. We all remymbor che ln*rb-woninn who 
AUcdOccioAhcnca fomolccisiu in grammar — so refined and 
ficfc'V^tloJ weco Uwj people. JuU st> now ; there h nt>i a siK'iii 
be^vho I»td6 year honij but hi^a Uugh, and a good one, ui ihc 
kvi'Tittcil, dull RA\'.irian — thi; Klug Log — thdi the Greek ficg^ 
<teror hod ehotcn to rule over th-Gra. Not a ^liop-bo}' or horse- 
tor tabw Ms jQ«r ai ibe heavy Grvman uiih the strong-minded 
JABucuan wifr, whi> rid^ mih^ brforr' hrc^kfAM Lo batho in the 
t4«k> forces oon^tunptivc ladltrs \f> Court biilla, who gallops about 
tt* coi^try and poU Coart bcouitjcs of whom «hc is jc:ilou« on 
fai^troui itced*. who rule* tht roosi in f^ict nnd hiIj?* tlie man 
tendcAi or ought to rule, Grceex;. Otlic^ ia a ghivsUy aij^ht in his 
^^iti^dcua on horsebouck ; he is tliEl more painful and Ic^tn in con- 
*noiio»— for a «bon-sighted tcartcrow of a man who ha* but two 
Ultima , as I ftm tuld. for all travdlura. " Have you jieen the 
Ta ti n oa?" and "Havu you been In the Acropolis-'" it not 
^ con^ianj; nor is: a Court where thcj-danc* endless eolillofii 
vliBitMu in a seconJ-himd wiiy tlii.' ibirJ-rak^ Gt^rman Courlj. of 
^^ttttoaathciin and Pol^tanfteniJctini/, the plcns^tc^t in the world, 
**"nl, vfio know no courtu but the courts of Iho T^niplo. a&i 

Pftt^d 10 say anUiOTiUliivly. 

TW Gftek> think Olho on owl (in one scntc). and 1 am afraid 

'Wwt rtgliL Nor have 1 any roapcet for a King who Ui^id \^ 


T&s Gmi^ematis Magazixu. 

d«iroy tli€ Greek Con^l'ttrlon, and had in W. TorcH by a «ircTttCB- 
ful rCTolatioxi of lu» in^iutd vabf^cb u» n^pcd h a^d to dUmin 
Bia Gcnnan mocctsftrice-Hhu Barbuci of tho inJigr^oni Crooks, 
Ix ivill tftkc another Hjni or two, «polt«n oui Tron) Hot nni<fcec 
mtiQlhs, btrforc lie will cc4ic to intimiciutc Greek dectioa* or 
prcYoiil bis Minialcni from stcalinje ihc public monc)'. Ii will 
a tninctc before he Ic^m to in^rcaKc the commerce and imi 
iht; imrmiil rtsiTurcirj uf puur niis4iov<-rH'^[|, dc^ufjiu.' Greece 

BcL in aJl Blricturc* against ilic " vioki-croivncd/' wc 
Justin remember thu Aihcnn ii cssf^tUtlly a n«w dijr, 
rtbnill from its asbt^H witlun tht? \asi ^X\y ycimt, and already 
Snf: £0od 5Jf^n& of life in itb yuun>£ ftvcnucfl and ita new si 
looking ro.irls, iu plot of f;roi3nd that )!i t<f be a Uieaitn^ when 
and intrigue (the Prime Minnt^r^ of Gr^«oe) win lot Ji, and 
streets thai ftre to be Ui<E out. ^ind the UnivcrsJij' that i> lone 
to have a new win^ built on lo tL The eld barn! rock, the 
polis, the kernel of ihi^ misruled Athene, ha« won n do^Mi 
cllics — Repnblicftn, Lowcir Empirv, Vcaction, TurkiKh^bod 
rot roirrfd it. 

Uo yoti want to rmlie© how thorou^'hiy modem Ihjs 
Athc^ns in ? 1 Trill realise vt lo yfia. Lonlc dnwo Hrnni^ 
^vherc I am pointLn°:, ^nd icll me what yoa sec. 

I see a tbin, old, mciiiary'lixjkin^ ^-Dtlcman. in red fo*, 
runout, and vtiic Irou^erf, somcihin;^ like a lean Dtikc 
Wellington, only his face is milJer and U^^s cold : h^i \is riding 
a touph, careless way, on an old brown cliarffer. roU;>vcd 
Greek servant ia tho national dresft, also mounted. 

Tiial is old r»eneral Churth. who knew Byion, and was 
panlon In arms of Lord Cochrane, years ^go. when Uie Turk) 
in Greece^ He U eiill the idol of the I'alikars, who, ftotnc 
would rathr?r— if hevenr noT so old — now hiive him :is kin^ 
poor o^^li^h QtliQ of Bavaria. A. teitLT from him fi^nk^ yo« 
isoldierB* honses all over Greece ; no klcpht even would touclL^ 
fHend of That brave old In&h Jtwordvman Church, who 
everybody, and ^liom evciylmdy tnowK, Ilr i», olT now to bvlli?' 
before breakfast, mile^ away, and will tiot back Like q youn|r 
trooper, Treeb and vigorous ; and houra hence, at hot noo» 
perliapSr if 1 were to be goinc: lo PrrU'licuA, to the amlyawackn^a, 
ten lo one 1 ehouid see the oUt geourai trotting along across tli& 
olive groves, fresh aa if he liad just awoke* 

The first sensation of a week or so in Athesns i« thai of bein^ 
bJindcd by an invisible mischief that turjis out on reGcction to \it> 

Atk€Hs under A7«^ OMo. 


te iicteJBf glara fioiD tbe whtt« lims«toi» dust of tbc roaii«. It 

ad qmttmg — for die ma scciki to nultc no difffricncc ^a ii— 
tXu tiuU^ Alliens ao liriii|f aiid tlisi^tireable to Ul« !ftRm^<T» wbo 
blue «pefUcfM att rnich as any tri>^<-^r of pcrpotna.] ^ow* 
lot OD aaow caa kcuiiclj be mote hViuihag and Intolcmbla., 
X* voAdd^ if tt VJ0 a Btiisancc of Iora: atofidinjc. di&i Sooratos- 
fifaind b> tbc plane-tree by ihe llimss to propo&nd Itis uttl- 

How jcTKiiliing, aAcr ihU DtmiMphcre of white; fire ihjtl >^u lafrk 
day, ii the rich xnooin-biite that veitli <t<^p ^Uvcr light iSood* 
«ii] ptIUr ami> as at ni^}]t« you scan- ibuowU out of 
;liriuD^ places 1^13 there in the shot-nplintcicd Parthenon ! li 
I »k4 to ro/oiL'o in il :ind fi-ol oa if I wm up in detcrlcd 
bAvinf }e£t thtt oven (Ninh r^r ht^\nw > Jiipircr w:i« flf^ad 
Vvlctti was boots al l)ic ftdtcl de riCunijic. Veiiuj^ i>Id nxid 
AonatiCi V3S«U;wardcs» in the M^raeilict 8te3nir;r, ivhurc Cupid waa 
ctbi>-bey. As for M:tr«, he h;i4 Uimed Zoaat«, And hns lairly hccn 
cOfpOJiat ; and Nc-|>iune is st^krr in »^ Ch^tiEirl p^ckrl. 1 
bow i0 the old Greeks the world wa« as a vjiit houao 
doof« — tho godt &bov^ Aiid man Mow. 1 w:^e now at^ovo 
in the dcMtrtcd 01>'mpn\ ^oli? Kunivitr of ;l moonEblni; 

llilflkfty fot C)'nicif to pomi toAtlicn!±:indils neighbourhood and 

'lAvbare tht^ old riLiiu of thc< Auk pUiTu jrr ^cirie in, Jtnd whirrs 

l^vodarc and forexla uf the Allic mouiitiiiiib. The pUin U now 

>M of dost liii::d with olive-trccs, the inounlaiii:t are piles of 

lQcd4ion«f> luivatered by a singTr.^ rivtilo-i : rhringh wkh water 

■i|liiD ipovltl Uini it\U} :in EcLf-.ct. tt i% a touL:h of Ni:pti:ne*D 

^s*Mt we want now, not the spmr of Mi^^-■^^;l that long ago 

^l|hc Dp the oUT«-iree of ih« KTeclhoiiir, Plant irooj> on 

^ arantaini and they would i^olli-^t riif>jMute and ifTord 

"W»»f*>clhc verdure ihnt would *>on a^rinx "PI ^^"^ verdure 

^*M collect rilln, rills would jfrow into broofcis, antl b& fed by ihc 

*kp dut ni>w are burnt up rrmorst'Icsd/ by Ihe tjMnt sun; 

^Agann would feed ihc trcca that ibc vf-rdurcj would nocirLsh, 

.nithtiilU uniting would then pour down iiii'J the pUm lo swell, 

^ like iDniEii-r Llirtju^h. the now dtiity ^'itttrr* of the llissus and 

*7 » RCCBt Greet law the shepberdt arc forbjdtlon, under heavy 
^ vui ImoHtOiinient^, to cut ilov^i im^f rn the miiuntzun^ or to 
^^Grcalnlhcii' liolJoii Imnk-^. ThercaiJt b already vi&iblt nc^r 



The G&UUman's Magasini, 

\is tnouQUin fort that crowns tKo pas»efi of Phyl». Voong pinos, 
rccn-phimed and vigoroiij;, aroniAllc and tliulf. alrcad)- cover ibv] 
tll-sLiic«, which rcmam fresh nith eternal springs wbilo tb« pi 
clow is arid and adnat as NumJdia itulf- 

Ai pTf:wni Ihc; soil or Grct'Ci* U ;i]l }\iug\v. or disctrt- Th<? jilaiia 
f Thcboa, for inslanci?, is ont: rait *ki of jol^ inlhc carij- kli 
lontb; a fc^ voiles ^\ct, :s.t\A it is a m«re tMsmt-up tracts 
lacks in the soil ns lar^ as Ihose of a small i-arthquaki?, and 
rbich the quick LfAid^ elip aad Jart. 


jrf- - 





ENDERS of the mighty bow, 

Harlers of the ponderoos spear. 
Strong to smite and strong to row. 

Strong the struggling bark to steer ; 
Rest awhiJe the weaiy oar. 

Furl the idly-flapping sail. 
Bid the keel graze on the shore, 

Warriora, princes, conquerors, hall I 

Weary vigil have we known 

Seated on these sands of gold ; 
Almost hope despair had grown 

Of the coming joy foretold. 
Yet onr song had power to quell 

The torment of the hungry deep. 
To bind the planets in its spelt. 

And hush the opposing winds to sleep. 

When the drowsy eye of mCim 

Opened on the slumbering main, 
And the breeze of daybreak bom 

Thrilled us with a joy, like pain ; 
Gazed we longingly afar. 

Where by banks of rising mist, 
I^Ioming's last and fairest star 

Swooned on a bed of amethyst- 

When the sun-god's fervent rays 

Drove us lingering from the sand, 
Still into the Winding haze 

Gazed we'neath the uplifted hand. 
Oft unbidden hope would spring 

At the sea-hird's voice-ljke wail. 
Or the dipping of her wing 

Glefuntng like a far-off sail. 

94 7*' Gsnilartart's Magnzitu^ 

WJien To Icaf-pnwoven bowers 

Fled we TroiD tlie nootilitk heal. 
Weaving; in our h:iiT the fiowftra 

Thjt ^jiniiig tvi^r 'niMtb our feci. 
Or maile ^laJ iLc oi:oaii cdvua 

With muiic of our aon^ or speech) 
SUU your coming o'er ili(> wavi» 

Would our suppliant e^cs boseecb^ 

Dtan htT chairtL* vigril Ici-pt 

In ilii- fli:^r-ilhimin<'J Jity, 
And Zephyr chid the flowcra thtt *lcpl. 

And wandered fioawarJ like a sigh. 

For lomchuw aci:itn?d (hat ii-ick of lighi. 
Across the Gca ^ p[lth^«ay tlung 

From hf-avpn ta brinff us our delight- 

One alone with laujthing eye 

Mockc^d the? p^sMon of our tmxi 
Jfjyciiu watL'hed the mornhf ^o by. 

The circliag sca3on& disappear. 
Sh^ our darling and cixiz Aowcr, 

Yoiirgtst, fairp^l atimc raay d-^tim, 
FiowLR'd not iiL ihc unpjros(jLToiJh hour. 

Wept not at Ihc illusive^ dn^m. 

Walcljing still ivEth anxious care 

Every lingcririf sweet disclose ; 
Scarce her bosom's liUes wear, 

Evtn yt-t lliL'ii buds of ros«- 
Shomc'raccd ace she stands* the blood 

In her neck and cheek agJow; 
Blossom if she be or bnd, 

We know not — ye perchance may know- 

Eveiy sweet unfolding Spnng 

Can la^i^h on these hmghing shoTca ; 

Every blessing \iic ean briog. 
Or fancy fathom — all arc yours. 

All ihAl hiim^n soul L'liiiUves, 
All liiat mortal DCiise cnLiliants ; 

Evoryjoy thai mnnlii^od craves, 
Kvcry boon that bcauiy griiwU. 

Siren- Song. gg 

Madmen, are ye that ye tam 

Thus your beedless prow aside P 
Can ye know the joya ye spurn. 

Or the longings ye deride P 
Can ye for the treacherous deep 

Our divine embraces fiy ? 
Joyless leaving us to weep, 

Loveless leaving us to die ? 

SisterSf brohen is the spell, 

Idly falls the unheeded song ; 
What the God our power doth quell, 

What the uneipiated wrong. 
We know nol. This alone we know. 

Soon upon this thirsty beach 
Bones of many lovers strow. 

Our unburied bones shall bleach. 

Seamen now no more shall steer 

Past our isle with thickening breath ;. 
Listening oft, 'twlxt hope and fear , 

For the soft melodious death. 
Yet when palls the insipid blisSr 

Men perchance may mourn in vain 
Rapture of the Siren's kiss, 

Magic of the Siren's strain. 




jV.^T ChriatTnas 1 had \\\i>. hnnoLir, through Mrtd Invltaifofl 
tjkmg p^rt in tlic celebrated Doar'a Ht^aJ Dititicr at Qoo 
CoUtfff, Ojtfyrd. I was Ihua onablod to compUlc, on ihu very ^ 
ihc invcsligaiion of \\ subjcci of comparaiiivc myihologv al^ 
^CDit inLerest td me c)ji 4u:uu]il uf Us cluiiQ i:oun:;^licin «i] 
cafl/llioufi^hi»<in[3 llicpociry oflhcstoc^k from wlikhbolh 
men and German* h;ivc sprang- The fimcd dmncr tltclf, il nceq 
be ftiiitl, has every mark: of reality aboul it. Even if ^ome confid 
sceptic were to doubt the prc-C(>lunibtan origin of the coco*^ 
beaker that passes ronnd on the occ:i$jon, there Arc plenty of ol 
ihfng* present to save ihe table frt^iii any nppeAranrr* of Mo] 
myth- Fur ^\ thai, a lale of vtrry ancit-nL oii*^in hijigs U/i 
time 'honoured Vulc-tido mcfU — a talc which took its rise m ft la 
forgotten primreval worship of the Aryan race- I 

Tticcercmony^ as performcJ .u OAfofrl, U well enough kmi 
not to require apcdol description. Stiflice it Il> mention thoti 
Christmas Day a largo boar's liead, adorned with a crown, wreod 
with giUlcd sprays of laurel and ba^H as well a* wi^ tnisilptoe 1 
r^^cmary, and stuck all oi-cr with liltle banuen. is ^cilcmnly can 
into the Hall by throe bear^ra, A floansh from a trump^l annooa 
the entry. The bearers are accompameJ by a herald, who flb 
the old Englisli Son? of the Duar'* Head. Al Lhe end of es 
verse those present join in the Latin TL-frain, A formal procesal 
of Lh? PfOfL'Ssors and the Provost of the Colleje prrcod^l 
<jL>ming j'n of the boar's hcjil. The people of the town \ 
admitted to the Hall; and before the rcpael begins the giU 
aprav-s. Iitt[e banner;, and other ornaments of the dish nra dM 
buted to the crowd by itie Provosr, * 

The sonff, o) at present sung in Queens^ College, runs thui:— 

Thi' boaj'* bftid in hiuid bear I, _ 

Bc'ktkcd nilh bniy^ \tA rancmary i J 

Anil J ptay you, my niiislcftj be meny, fj 

Cttpul aprk df/^ri', 


Tie Smj^s Hind Dinrur ai Ox/onl^ 6'f, 9; 

b iLe tiiTAto: djili iu <iil Che \a\vX ; 

Oar tuw^u^ hitli pr^idvd thii;, 
1b boaoar of ihc ICidc of BIim ; 

HjifDf been atsisned tbv pktcu next to the venerable ProvoAt, £ 
**AaJ in tiic pn>ciT^4loit \villi ;fuu res|HM:c for tht^ hallowM ru^itim. 
Hf aia^ t conTciM, vfa« m llic mc-^riwhilc iluwn m two liLITcrcTa 
toctkiftt. Il wiu partly bent tipon rc!uli»tic ob:!ct%-ution ; partly 
lEcd vvh timngp g11inj>^« of an ^rly riu:o of hunters and 
Muaea in Cenual Atf;i, iltmly diMcrnLblc in ihc^lAwn ofbinory. 
^ Itt«r on migntcd to the dark forcata of CcrmiLnyi or settled 
li» the bights of tho ru^gri'J Noilh, iind among whoso sacrificial 
WUmu the Siin'Boar-^hf! symlirl f)f Fro, oj Fr<*>T, thr nod of 
Ifhi— pbfod 4 grciit p^trt At winter aoUtkc. I'hu4 muAJn;, I 
«Qdeioth« ubk'. 

itOtfnrd, thr nrigm of ihr Rcinr'K fIr-Hd Djnnrrr is tfArlilJonrill/ 

<i«aJ ta a VC17 fdncifu] and mtjdcniiaing form. I uy this with a 

^gktd^TDOOnVaionicgriijr. Ivv^n iho^roatpli^^arecxporicncud 

(■(crtdcomp-iny masi not tadncc us m stiflt? thf- '"pnc-k of con* 

scciKe" in iiultcnt ajytliulo-^iual. So ctl tlic mk of appearing 

*c<uvluu iii^r^tcrd, I will add thai the tradition in question ianot 

i»pod fonn. The wdl-knoTn legend ifithal a schoJar ofQuL^ens" 

^^oAffi^ abuui 40(7 ytdrt :i4^, wii* w^tkinj^ in diTT.'|i iimdiiaijon 

■i 1 Dcif hboufinir forcal, when he was attacked by a boar [le 

*9>fclif despatched the animil by throwing do'^n ita throat 

tic ,^Moi1p hf vi* \\i*i\ feadln^. with the rrmark : '* Grttcuni 

*=''—*■ It's Gicckl" In honour of ihfs miraculous escape the 

■*^iKead Uinner wa* introduced at ChrJbtmas; ard a buat of 

^'JMttlij adoms to this clay tbo largo flrf^placc in the College Hdl. 

^ Ihc legend mns. To render it even moic probahlc, ihc 

"'Si preecrrci the picture of a saint, with a boiir'a head trana- 

'■*(<*illpeaT, and ihemy^ticinscriptionbeneaih: — "COPCOT." 

^4a7iar nrpnrsmiailnr Ik found in the window of the chur*:b or 

^W^**» a village on the southern *lo(>c of Shotovcr, net far 

^**, »iihom dE^nyln^ ih-tt Greek vtoM be a most dan^etovis 




98 Tfic GimU^ffian's MagfiziM, 

and irulijcftible norsel for a boar, I think il viU be e-wily gnn' 
thai thi« AOiiili.'rrul L^xpUriaii'^n diH:s not <iLiilc dCcouDt for a xUlcIf 
dinner at an ancient icat of IcAmini;. A Mmilar ciutom a$ ^\ 
Oxford exists* though on a very much rtfJui:«-d ftcal^, at Si- John'f 
Collier, Ccimhridgc- Thorfn *t boar's hwid 1» *irrvcd at the »ijpi>cf 
on £ti Johi)*^ Day, December 27. A^in. the aamc cuAtom, but in ' 
tho oioro ^tali^L}' raarnor, tormerJy ILourjEbd m the London Inns of 
Court. Dogdalc, speaking of the Christmas Day curemomp* hi the 
InncrTcmplc, saj? that iil the first toutii: \& ecrvcJ a fair aiid large 
baar'H head upon a silver pl;itteT, " with minstmUyc/' Vet wc han 
not h«ird that any t^rmdon lawyer hml skived himiflf. in the wUds 
of the; Strand, frcriii ihc Luak& of a bnatl^ quadnipcil, Lj^ throiHng 
ati Act of Pjuliamcnt down its throat, which mif^ht havo been even 
mow deadly 10 an Eng'lUh boir ih.-jn an jjntraiitfai*»j1 Ari^totl^. 

An instance of a modern re -introduction of the lloAr'9 Hcfld 
Kcoat may find its place here. At cM St. John's Gale, CIcrkcn* 
well, the oHginal hoiiik? of the Gftli/mnti's M,tg9tint, and whfch tt 
miTT the abode of the Urb^ri Club, (be festival was cdcbratetl, m 
archaic form, from the year 1855 to 1875. There, in the hjJl 
slrown with rusbijs, the gigantic VuIp Io^ was dTawn in by the 
son^ oflhc host ; and when, with the accompanyiriff bogle -lOTind, 
ihc beef's h^ail was brouEht in, the cpuk, dtessec! all in white, 
sang Ehe old carol ; the guesu joining in tbe chorus, The Jovins 
cap vaa handed ronnLl, and wassail was duly broiig-ht in \ the Lord 
of Misrule doing hxs duty *'pa*tsing well."* Since the change of 
proprietorship of St> John's Gate, th<; festival has been diticoii- 
tintied there. It 19 rapidly dying out al9o in most pEacei where it 
wai ani'ienlly held. 

Yet in the carol sung at Oxford, one of the vorscs significantly 
Bays ; — 

Tlis boar"* hc:icl, as I Dndenl^ini). 
Is Xhc bntveai JIah IH all I'KE i.Arfi>< 


indeed, (n all the English land, in nobJemen's montiona onl 

in yeomen's hom*"iiead*, the old Gerraanit, An^lo-Saxon, Noncv 
IceUndic custom of tbe Doars Head Dinner wis once ii]jhi:IJ. It 
wad the universal Vule-tide observance, for peer and peasant* 
for the hiffh and the hind- " Bt^fore the last civil war*'* — Aubrcjr 
wrote in 1O7S — " in gcnllumen's Uousiis ai CbHsttnas, thr ftr&l di*|i 
that waa brought to table was a boards head, with a Jcmoa iit Jiitf 

• See leller nf Mr. Juhn Jetemiah, ihfl hon, S«, of tho Urbw ChiU ta 

71^ B^ar^s Head Dinner at Oxford^ &<, 99 

Tfcere \t an aocwunt M an Euox parith, called Hom- 
cbmfi, 1b vlikb ihe iababituua imIiJ tbi; ificitt titiics on Chriitmn^ 
D^iUiwcrc treated wtUi a bull And t>raw&. The tioar'a bead 
vu vnstled for bj thi^ po^i^AnU on tbat occasion, and ihcn 
iuNid apon. But it would bu ca^iy to multiply in^uncts. All 
Abvill explain aUo thai Donr's Hc^ Tavcfiis» such aa uc kiiuw 
taiSbakc^pcarc's *'Hcnr]rlV\," should have been not unco mmgn. 
In thflChri^-trvK car-^l liieiarUTe, ». g^n^ral agrtvrnent tft fo be 
Bclirith M lo Utc 31oitr'A high aod dUtingaislicd position* Tbcru 
irto'd£nsJi>h carols in wbicb a "prince with owtopccre" (a prince 
•ilbofll pp^r}— the " Prince or Bliai" of ihc prcscat Osttord song 
*^ mentioned- 'Otcrc aik olbc:r t^a^ols wilb no <:i;<:lcs.i;u;tind 
iUnaoaa iirti&tc\'cr in them, vxcopt Ebc Lalin rofraias ; in ihc place 
ff the Prince of Bli£i thorc in liimply a niforonc^c to "miiKtud^." 
Iia in the fonucTp morr cit^riixiHy tin^cJ Tion^x the buur 1:1. 
iMidabtr cnoaghr styled ^ '* &L>vcrLtya bo»lc." In the carol u 
Ffvetf by W^nkyn d« Worde, the bo^« huad U called the " chefe 
■nyw bi the landed' In tht Forkingion Miiim^tri^^t. a miscol- 
^^«f t^o ^ftevnth century, theie \n A y<:t trjtrlicr auitgi bcj^jiuiio^ 

llcf. hey. her. h^* ihc baciyi hcdv Ss snnyd ^y?. m 

Ultv bfvts bfail la hond I ^nt1g ; ^ 

niibcn «)»o U ia Mid tlui " ihe boiis hcdc ya ibc fur^l dlos/' 
Hrt cawl f^ocs on — 

Th* borit h«d»H u I ^nv tay. 
Ucl*kci lusltT^r^i and je^^lIk hit vr^, 
GoDC 4ftw Uw? lij iwcyl fFyi day. 
Wiih hay. 

Oi in dooiber vetsiort. conlalni:d in tbc QalUoJ MSS-" ai Oxford^ 
*^Iirivc here in full, as it is rarely met with:— - 

t '*ifaaqncf " fn^y. at flrsc lifht. !i««in bid Lailn, But ibcugb wc need OQt 
Mito goo4 I-ttiB m iDodnvdl vntm^< tht copyul of the shove tt^n^ Iml 
fifcfidnj]! j ihe dJ lAuj(ui:^Cf in klnr^ius* BvbbToua Latmity, ur vrlial ruj 
WanuW tiuh* bjfnccima ^re» risctu jju/diiii: djfliculijts. MTicn atOjfnid, 
I^ibliiDFd 3 BAti'k HiMd ^ioTig, cailrrly in (hi? move di'iirr.-uiiig tziia, tIic seond 
**<f wfcich licijtJi ihut: — " t'fvtit ch*** i-'.'Jji nitiJui rt cam fiart'to mrr-'* 
^»tij "r/W«"* ■f^iacU iJ me c>l/4iorJ[iiajy, aiwl imiwasililc even in medbovml 
^'t^- I iS<vi2ht ii ilnlrfthle to hive an inciuiiy jtiistilulccl u u> ihc Driifin of 
*^idifi v^Ma it came out ihat th« linok wi^rv muL-k 4rir.jr|UQ, jnndi* up, uoX 

H 1 



Tfu Gcftflfmmfs Ma^2ifi€. 


TVlTh HirlnntJ* fay and liyrlr lyngyn je. 
J pray yen all h«lp mc t4) tynge- 

Thff Ixjria hcilt, 1 andciiionil, 
Yi chicrtjj (in-fl in bH Ihii tnndc 
^'h«r lO f^ti i1 mfly bv fondci 

CV/f jfjirtUiW si/tafiiti. 
Thfr [wins hcfld, 1 well «y, 
Anoa after Ihe xvih d^y 
lie tikcUi Ilia Ic^ii! uiO ^Dib a way^ 

These verfles cl«aKy mark th« boar's head cerAFnonjr ik a 

custom of a fibred period in wmipr Kolslke limc. After 

nfLccnlh dny ibe boar h s;iicT to ^*take hb leave and go Ani 

He even "^ol*3 out of the country" I This will prescniiy be i 

10 ha^'e a deejier mythiV meaning, and to bo referable lo a far ol 

creed, than appt-nr* on llic surface of this acmi- Latin, semi-Eng! 

clerical version of a probably very ancient Taatc*aic lay, i 

There is a. pat^age tn Chanccr'i Franklctn'ft Tato whero ** 

hrawne of Ihe luskcd s^vi^(^" i^ mentioiiei] in {rounpi^tinn 1 

Janua. The passage evidcTitlj" rcfera to the same old cu5toi| 

obaervcd about Ihe Twelve Nights. At a yet earlier dito svc I 

af^cording 1o Hdlii>she4, ihat in tfjo, upon the young prim 

ccrcnation. Klag^ Henry 11- "served Iti^ son st the tabic 4 

sewer, bringing up the burr's head, with trumpets before 

ccc&rding to ihf m'tnntry \\ \s^% a weil-esTablisiied, ancient, i 

f^cneiul cuHom. dattng back lo times out of mind. I 

So far aa I am aware, thori: is ao farther trace of it in any c«j 

historical record of \\\\.% country. But ihe missing linkfl bftH 

ihc facts just mentioned and ihe epoch ofAnglo-S^txon hcatl 

doni are easily found, They are contained in one of the oli 

Germanic records of the creed of our forefathers — nam^Iy^ In 

Edda, — as ^/ell as in llif univers.d previdcnce of ihc s;ime cu^ 

throughout the nations of Gcrinamc origin. Jn other words, i 

which is still celebrated now, with more or leas pomp, on Chridf 

Day at Oxford, at the Kngli^h Court, and perhaps in a few eon 

houses, and in sonic parts of England by the cammon people, ' 

have a simple sucking-pig &cncd to ihem ^viEh no pomp at al 

\ mere survival of what once was a regular and anivcr*a] riH 

Kun-rite, the connection of which with the Boar alatj appears f 

the Edda. And aa is often the case with such lingering trAdili 

a new Jkble w^s afCenvards invet\led to account for ihc meaning 


Tkt Boards Jhad Dinmr at Oxford, dV. tot 

acrmuQjrvrlitth had btsranKaimoJ ,i4iftfr,i\u practice but which 
vas ao btt|:CT properly undcnlcod. 

W^heiScorit in h.^ "Anctcnt Cbnntmu," fi\vc% a ifoo.l picture 
ifld hlfraijcin of the origins! nuurc of the Boof'i Heid cere- 

Tbi fin. will] uc4l-dnc*l lof^i itippl^'d. 
Went, ruriij£, up (he chunniy uidcj 
Tilt I1UB.X hill-lablc'i uakcn tux. 

Ban Ibtfa upon \\% inkn;vc SiMrcI 
AViiur^Af fisrf the j^¥ije finj £snf, 
Tkrrc wjw brouiihi In the \\wty bnwn. 
By cild liIor^ottTd »niTi^ nuD; 
Tien Uic pim bou'> hc^d Lawn'^ an bij^hp 
C(V»I«<1 iriLh ba>% jnd roscmiTy. 
WrII an ihr gir^-K^Tb'd nrigffr l«IL 
tUm. wWn. 4iiit w^et« (be monjicr GrD ; 
WhK doEi before hit dttOh h< Loie, 
And tD the tutilni; of th« boar: 
Wbilf nai^ ihff merry wahcI bowl, 
Gajbiih'd vnih ribbcnu, blitlie ^d t/OTrl. 

Thn ctiuc tlic tnaty taa>%,ia% m, 
AniCAmIt rrorM wirb blltUwimcdm: 

II Vfti * hcjily ii(/Ec mid htniJi^. 
Who lltt» itiAy Irt tlit iiiuEiiirLifit; hcc 
7>ilf/t ^ dHf l>vif myMttry. 

uDcniT the Homana durinK the SaLamalia, so aIso were the 
ODi of rank obljl<:r3lv<:1 among the TeutotiG during Yule, vhen 
^ jITCiil clo£ ot loy woi Ufjhted in token of smi*wor^uv< 
^3tibti>, I ncc^l scQiccJy observe, w<i'i Introduced as a fcntivjil 
a^r» fcit« u the fourth century. It replaced the various viator 
*iblJCG ceJcbrntioTut aonoog dilTervnt nftitcn^ addicimJ to ifuu- 
•wi^p, both in A»i* «rd ICuropc- The Fallicis of ihc ChuTch aro 
o^idl enoug'h <jn ihi* mbjcct. The ^'Dm Naiaits A>^-* /m-uti" 
^ ite pAg^A Romania liad iis i-Iii^ilncc erho in ihc litlt^r Clmslmdit 
•"•^kc long of the Uomai Church ; '^ Sol mvus oniun" Itidions, 
'^■ung, GpMks. Roin^uiSt T<ulons> performed their £uti-^rites at 
■•■ad tiroes of ihc ycnr; arid so Strang ww for jl lonjj lim*? Uie 
^*>»bUiRcr between the ccrcmomal mudt of lactfl living far ajurl, 
in Herodotus'* da^rs wf find the (probnbty tiermantc] Ma»a- 
*ho dwelt In H now Tartary, *jt:rificm|i their hordes lo 
^itilj *ho di^Iivrrvii tln-.m fruin llic suffwiii^'s of wiiUcn even as 
^reeU »aCTiGce<l borttca Lo Helios. 


- . . » • • < ■ 

I02 Tie Gmikrnan'i Magasim* ^^| 

The very nnmc oF YuIc, m<;aninjr the min-whecl, hu, pcrhapjp 
ttymological afTmity with Ht^lJos. To i\\\t da^ Iho TtnJUn people 
call ChristTfifls " C*y^;M"— Ihat \i, blorlt oF wotxi. Ynir L^p, No 
wonder that sun feslivQU. so deeply roottd a-mong diffupcnl race*, 
should have survived after the introduction of a new civ«<J, lo 
his " Vind illation of the Solemnity of tht! Nativity cif ChHuA 
{;648)f Thomas Warmatry answers a tfurslion as to whether tfa^ 
fo^et had not its rise and growth from the conformity of Chrimaos 
to Ihc mud f«isls of Saiumalta and of Yulr. He repliti :^" T f it 
dotUc Appcarc that the time of this fcalival doth comply with Ihc 
lime of Heathens* Saturnalia, this leaves no charge of impiety upon 
it; for since things itre best tiireJ by thirir contrarirfS, it was botb 
^wi^dome and piety in the antieni ChrUtlarLS (whose work U was to 
convert the Heathens from such as well as other £uperstition!i and 
miscamage*) :o vindicate ^uch limes from the service of \ht 
Devlll, by appoynting them to the moic solemne aail espcciaO 
Bcrvicc of God. The Blazes'' [Warmatry evidently mean* the 
Yule logs) "are foolish and vaine^ not coanicnancecl by the 

^Ve know that similar advice aa to preserving heathen cottoott 
wherever possible, in order to facilliaie conveTfiions^ was formally 
given by Pope Gregory the Great, in hU fetter lo the Abbot 
McUilus, concerning the heathen Anglo-Saxons. The same advice 
woa tendered by the Bishop of Winchester to Wmfrith, or Boniface^ 
the missionary who went lo preach the Gospel lo the GeTmaeifi^ 
Winfnlh, however, did rot act in this sense, and was killed bvthe 
heathen Frisians, Other miaslontincs were eontcoi with loletattB^ 
ihe old pagan ce^t^moni<?^ as a sort of popular by-play to the new 
crced> Without siwch condlialory policy they could not have noade 
way at all- In thij Enanner, numbcrles^i cuatoma of the old Woijaiuc 
religion have n^mained in popular tise. and in not a few initaacM 
even become mixed up with the Roman Church. 

German ChnstmaLS customs still show a strong trace of tieatfaoQ 
traditions — that is to say, in tho mummeries which precede the 
ChHslian festival. All kinds of mnisked odditiea then appear In 
our villages, and even yet in town^ under the name of Schimviei- 
reiterj Pdamart^i Sankt Niklas, Han^ MulT. Knecht Rupr«cU| 

* Tn a rfmonifTanH lo PaTJiLim^iiI. in \^2. ChriittnLs va& cjllnl "Amti- 
Chrisra iDASJc." A jamnal. (hi; Flying Eitgl^. of December ^4 of tlu( ynr* 
icciiirJa ilidl " P.irhp'Lmt-nt spent ,4oqic time in coatulutiun alojut tlie abbtilioii of 
ChriBimiiii Day» luwi^i! nril^n lc» (hii rffi^tt. and K*olypd to rtl on th^ fellotfTD^ 
daj; winch was comtaoaiy citlk'd Chrialmiui Day.*' 


Th* Boars Hiad Diantr at Oxford^ 6^^. 103 

Kli|ipcibodEp BSr, Cluistiuailleiii, Percbtl, and so Torilu It is 
■aAiDf bol ft tmvcvUcd drdo of Gcnn^c goJ^i. The fijEUfCb uf 
V0d>^ DoiLv, Fr«ia<Ho)ilA. anij PcrchiA aro eijll recoinviiutblG 
lhM[fc tiie nuk, JofE as WWrn £tii1 Frr-ia are still rGccgnlaabie 
aXobia Hood and Maid AlariaD, Even Ihc? jtamcsL whidt the 
GsBBis ChriftiDas mununcn at pmcDi bcax, hnvc niOfttJy ariicn 
to lomAm^ (iii3Un>j, rtr RjTnhol? of tJje anoitnt cleiLicn. 

Iiwill ibcrcforc not crcalc uioni^IimcuL LbiiL ^nuns ihr S^uoit^ 
iri>aaarylvaiua« vtkose incest^rs, many centuries ^%^, i;fitnc(i ibtir 
^rifdar cutlomK froni Gcrmnnf into their new Carpathian home, 
TV ildftld to thU du; fmd a dcu Uacc of ihv oltj wonhip of the 
Bhc of t're^, or Vtt^- In gui&ard proceMiotu at Chn9t[UfL», in 
ToDijhanu, the boar fignrcs tmdef tho name or Christ- Schwcin, 
i^iffnt'Sni, or Advcrnt-^KHini- Mu^h that hnn now n mean or 
«ficilo«« aspect in thoac vulHru- pcTformanccfl bad tta origin in a 
mej to vhicli a certain wUil ^fntndcur and poetical eignihcant'e 
anoc be dnuivi- Th? hiimblr pl^ which b still made I0 trol in a 
k«c<iih Cbriicmu maaqticiodc is the laM rcprcacnUitive of aOcr- 
niiic (nc- vorahip and Aphrnditcan cuJt Liiat had aJ^riUy vith cot' 
■t^onding chunc formi of ffonhip. 

Ibe bteea»d benwa In W^llmlU wtre &&id to fc^t, ever/ evening, 
r|«athc 6c$h of the boar Sachrlmnir. That bo^ was the image 
tfibeaarL. In th« satne way the Aacred di^h :it wintor solfrtk^^ 
Mong all Ti'utonk races, wiisihc roaslt^d boar, a sy^nbol of thr? 
^■]t4<^ Freyr- GullinbursEi C<k>ldcn-brLftle5| -ivas its name araon^ 
t)k Scandinavians, The goiJcn bnmlws lypiG^J th*.- rays of the 
Wl. It wat ^^kd of fiiilUnhnr^li ihai he ran i^uLirker than a hone 
iboagb air and vatcr. The boar of Frcjr scrviid, in fad. aa ihc 
PNtlol ina^ of the quick- Ira veiling sun lim^dr, 

Siin^worihlp waa an extcn^iv* one among the primitive Aryan 
■■Ri. WHcn Cvur fii>t met the Gcnnan u-4ai^t hc^ts of Ariovist 
^G««|, he found that form of ^doi^^iton to be the most prominent 
fan of th«ir crc«d. Ffritiv^U in bonour of the orb of hi?aven vere 
Wi 4aiong the Tuuiomc- tribes, uaiitLijll)' in the litiiphl of suni- 
^1 aad in winter when the season w^ once more turttin;^ 
*^nU IpTiag. The symbol of the deity to \vhr»m worship was 
■'^rfuaj natuTalty became the sacred diab or the occasion. 
^'tivc nationa generally cat wliat they revere. No wonder the 
**h^ «^ made to descend svibstantially to the Gi^rmanic Vule- 
^tabt». An apple mtiit oncf^ have bo4?n Rtuclc in hi« mouth on 
^ |FCU Cdcuiouial day ; rcpri:&cn:ing the hc«Lven1y orb. Tho 
or oranj^fc waa aHcrwardif fitib&UUted in it& place. 


104 Thi GenikmarC % Magnzint. 

Iksidcs Lci/ig a sdii-god, Frcyr was a god of Icn^ and 
bappiutN^ and ^od luck. Hence Vuk-tido ^iih otur rofefati 
bc'cam^ s tim« of gprf^ra] [jcacr and i^nod^rill. The iword 
xhr^.illiiT^, -in d a three wt^ck*' *' Yule Tcjtc'* «bscrvcJ, ic hououi 
of Frtyn Of thU radi:uit dtity. wlio^i? duftiJlm^ i% in ihc Honi« of 
the IJglilKlvca, it ^v;l« HXkd ihit "nobody U:;^init him,'** and uvcd 
that lie \% "ih(^ firsi of tho /?.9U*' Hi* pl^iLtr in uu a Ttuviie of 
Bliss. Hie vt:r>r aumo aig'nidtra BIlsh. A **PHncc of Bli»«" he. 
thcf-^forcr may hnve t>i?on c-tllud, before thi? YuIc*fcfllivaJ, villi 
which hi* name liaJ b-LNi id^miilei], was dungeil into Chrioim^. 

Hicrc 1ft grcdl |>robftt)illty, odd &s il mty ^OLind, tliJit the idea of 
l^ood luck, afi connected with Ffeyr and hi^ boar, lingers even now 
in a ^ phM^c*. chielly used in Germain amdcniV »lflng> " A> 
hvii ^ihu^iin" is with them a synonyai for: — *' He has great iuck/' 
X OAk inclined to believe that another unrefined phrase ("Oii m^kU 
tnan xJu/ dim \tMm S^fiio/m dofon rtjjf-n !"^*'l would like Ui 
lidc awjty on thr wild hour*') — wliicli \s a syuonym fci a dctsirc to 
got wtsll out of an unpleasant position— has also ruforcace to 
Froyr. Thfi raying scenic to 1>3 tantannount to ^ wish to get avif 
from trtmhlf into ihi^ rciilm of nndi%tiiThtd ha|jpiniss- Fkl^ny i»uch. 
now vuigiar, lucutii^ns of the German people are clearly tiaccabJc 
to aneient heathen ideas. 

The same character which attaches lo Freyr is Aho found in hit 
sister, Freyja- She, too» i^ a sun-^oddcis, and a Goddess of Lore. 
Her aymbol, also, is a goUien-briMled boar if whjeh, however, 
bearf a martial name'— namely, Htldi-swiA. Pcrhap* the strife* 
Cicatmg character of Venus i& CJiprcsscd in thin detail of liic in>Ui- 
If it should be thought cxlra ordinary ihfil a boar ia tnkcn aa th< 
symbol ul deiiitis repfcsfnting the Sun and Love, it would be wroof 
lo asiiribe this l*> any wniu of lliier iiuL'tioal fedlDg ajiong onr 
barhurian rorefathcrs. Freyr And Frcyja came into Asffaid from 
the circle of Vaenir deities, whoso very name has i^erhupt contact 
with ihai of VenrrK ; <iiii] la Venus also a ^nnilnr Minimal w^ 

Ln the heathen Scandinaiianjetnples it was the cu&lomi at in thd 
household?, la scrte up :il Ihc Vule festival, ai a part of the Hoiy 
Supper, a hojr dedicated to Freyr and Freyj;i> Its nanae was 
n^natii^iiilr,- vrJiIcii may uitliLT mean Sim-boar or Boar of AtoncmeflL 
In the ICddic ''Song of Hclgi, Hjorward'f &oti,"J that ctrosnoa^ 
Is iiiciitiiJiit^d In a Vulc fciitival, when "vows wcrr in:tde, and the 

* OttiiJivtku ; It-,. t Hymlluliui! ; 5, 7, 

Thi Soar's /ferV Dinner at Oxfor^^ &(. \o% 
4t £ and making \'ovx by t^ cup of Br^i/' the mtpiritm^ God oT 


TTib hcAlbcn crfrraony \\ yaX observed in Osifrr-GoLhtantj. On 
Ctntfnas or Vul« croninj;. the so-c-tlloc! j^hutUn^ 4 block of wood 
<n"Vf«d Willi pig-kkin* if put oa tha ulaie. Tho houiefathcr then 
^irfj hU h^nd* on ft anrl cifl^en a vnw ihit In ih^ roning ycfir he 
111 be ai loving fjilbf-r to lus fiuniJjr, 4 kind n^&ftcf to hix icrvanU. 
fons^riy h'r^yr, ilic God of Pf^ce and Goo^wiJl, arnl Froyja, ilie 
(«>M«« of 1.Avr, vrrif honoured in thi« fMhlon. The name cf 
m%A ioUoiluccil ct« if he 4hf> miidc grcal promiac^ wbbcd ta 
iber«d for his dufttfft in the son^j* of the « Noir< 
hen dtiti«9 an^ no longer appt^alcd to, bul the ceremony 
ibc Hnc* Mort llian a tliou&diid jri:ai« li^ivc passed iiuui 
it Woden rvli^on di«d onl in Kni^larjd : nearly a thousand ycar» 
tKchwu ovenhrown LA nortlicrn Gonn any by armed force; 
Idc abore vcvnn Imndrcd yc>\r« jilnirc it hAt cuasi^ to cxiA la 
^■odcn* The old custoinu, hovcvur, survive with wonderful 

Cikrc an> nITI habrd In Swrdf-n, w Chrktmaa, in the form nf a 
te' Tlic pcaMnti preserve pieces of them unti] spring* ^hcn 
i^oijx Likti cak^« with Ihu sued or with ihu ollU of iho boraea 
■H in pJotigkin^, qt give? ihc picrcK ^% food to the pIoiighbny» 
Hfr fOff the le^. A good hiuvrat i» cxpvctcd from iho 
•tenvanc* of this custom. Froyr, it oti^hl to be riuncmbcrcd, 
ma tnler of rain nnil tunjihtnc^ a presiding cl«ity of generation 
ttd gTMlli. Hi? th<frcfbrc was sis'.: a harvrnt god. Ili^ bod^r- 
*J*bol, tbonjrh no lonjjcr undcrslood, is by popular aupcrstition in 
■^loetfi regarded u cfl~ki:iunt in :ijfricuUurc <^vi.-n now \ 

Afain ve meet witii a inanifuit rt^mnant of the worshiiJ of tlic 
Mi-|fr] in ft Kupcntilion Irngcrtng in Germany. In Thuringk, ho 
vboonChrinavju Eve doce not partake of any f^oJ iitinl a\»pp<ir- 
liae, vill »rj: a gokT«n fiirrow The gitldfTi farrow is om e nmrn 
t^ Golden -briit1c« of the Kdd^. A LfLutcrb^ch law of 1599 
ote> th^ for th« court of justice held on Twolfib D^y, the small 
pWttM pmprieiorn wtre ift furnish -1 gold'ftrch^ (jr gold farrow, 
Eintrbc bn»i|^b( lo rrcollc^;tion here that Ihc: ChriaLnuis Day of 
ibt old tfylt fell on January 6. In tho UckcrmarJc, in northern 
GoBuif , a pig** ittad is still thcfcstivc dith during the time of the 
'■'^tiuirbu* tnoru^espc^ciaUy on ChriaLmd:*,* 

■ It iKe « SUli>id<Al Account of Stothniln" ^^ iT^3p h it Mqlcd that in the 
^^***f Smdvhrk and SiTpmrii-i^ /a Ofkofy. whtrre the None clcmrm \» v^ 



Tht Gcniicfttaits Afagasim, 

In Gcldcr-lAnd the sapcrffUtion ts. ih^ <l«rinx tbc i^whl folloi 
Chriiimiis Eve a ipectnU figure gotri iti roundf. It U caUedv; 
Nether-GF?rmarif Dffk mtt drn Btrr — \\\\\ Ss, Dleirlch «[t}i the 
Dietrich Ukc« here the plficc of Frcyr. Such sub4iiEiitk>iii 
lteqii«nt wboD mythCktog;LcaI ideas v«rge upon tlioir d«ai7. lit 
dftC at l*si](\ ihc apparrrnt rhan^f of nami' k all ih^ tnvwf* t^esf\ 
cacplaic, bcCAUic Dictnch (ilg^mjyjiig Rulci of Men) rcdif 
raspoada toAco^noiaon cf Frvvr, who is ciUod in tho Kdda 
" incfi--nttinf; God "^-probaf jly on Accoitni af hlii bdng, libe 
ThoT. and Frcyja. a teccivet of thtwe dcid whu >LU^n 

The figure of Frcyr i», iogf?ther with that of Freyja, the 
and moat bejtutiful in tho Toutuuic Olympua. fioll; diviuv Ji| 
similar coDCeptionsof Grc^ek und Ranian antiquity, Thowutrc 
a£ well OS lower kinds of Frcyr and Frryj^ worship.* Dui in 

tlron£, PtDTy family Ih.ii hat nhcfd of ptwinr lalk rme of iht; animtlHon thi ij 
of December ^ iinct thcitct U is^-illci:! Scjw<iUy. TIk accounl oddi ;—'' 
no (mriiTinn » lr> Thr nrifirin nl (tii" pracLifP-" In vanrtm part* of Y< 
1 r;»Q(ly tT4m1« a similar |>raclTci' «dll prcvajU, II is to b* fouad m 
Gernunit coantiivst -wd otso in FfnitLcc, lo ^liith the F^1nkI^h aqJ fiLci Tc 
inv^deri imponcd \v Tbr ori^n is palciiL A^m (he nplum Lions above {li 
* I lokc LhiB oocuioti to (brow out a ivnnucu lo the rVTDarVjbk DoAr'i 
cui(DiUd at Hontcbnrcb- Thric on Cbmimu Dav. ftoai lime iinniei 
bout's h«iid WII4 drrstF<l, ^mithcl with bAy k'l^^ camfd In pmr^viicin 
Ulll F^old) uid tlicn wTHLlfld for. Ii J* tlaled that on the ehiarfl i:-l th« 
u well Ma on tbc <iUkc, tlic homa of ui vx mciv aDixciI. AccoiiLifijc to 
"tHc Inhftblfimit Snt/p by iradition. iluc thb chumh, dcdltoied io Sc^ 
wns built by i femole convert to picpinic for her fonncr tins."' rh* tnl 
added thi\t Alicrwanli '*by ii ccrlkiln kLag^, but by wliom tbejarc unccrufa. 
foilt [hii friyn U v-u colled llumpd-Chuitb. who citu&cd ibiHC fconi* lo kc 
our \\ iht oul ptIiI of it." {Hone, \i., 1^40; Jiid Kniir'^ T^ble tlEV>k. &4^k 
muivM Ant^ytDtaili««bun;tiWiU tligUlly diflcrcM froowluiL U u now. bill 
bctlci be icul in iLc A'oik t^uutifil. Now, one uf tbc u^^nilicanl imiuch of I'l 
ill her l-^rt^r fnrm. wj*s Hfim. In Ihe Kdilii: " Srtnj of Hy»J]n" wc read 
lb« dwwUian buill fur her by her faruuri^e. Oltar. h*d vail* gtiitfiiinji rf^Lft thf 
bloi^l ijf Dtcn. All this iccnia remarkjE^ly njiplkiblc td thv aIIc|ccJ oH^ifl oF 
Hnmchurch, vhere Kmj*'*. or H&iii'sh Im'ir w,is ucT^fiCcU lit CtLEUUli4«. I ihinfc 
ihfin- is a grc^it dwJ ttill I" b« unl alioul the aifimiy berween Fteyji iifid her 
TitAnie cuuatctparL or fiiilcr^compjimou Hyodla (tlrAiVuAi, or " Liltls HwAit't 
oa tbe one b^nd, and llir Ei;ypLbiL Imi^ who vfin h(itnK» And h>aictiinc> ibt 
dng-ilar bfiiw«ii thprn. on Ihtf other. Tliwc K ^rmLlar nflluUy bifwcsn Freyja* 
Trigg, udeI lo^Juno ^ lu tKing cnuch iif the tiim; cbar^tcr P4 Frefjan vid iLartof 
been <haiigcd jialo n f tjw. vrhcrcfnre ihc 19 rcprcicnlcd v^itli hi>nii. vrhilvC JvA> 
licnidf ib oi-cyfd. Ficyj-i and Fr ig^ wttCj no duubL. uri^nMlly uiie ; llu^i di*toc 
^ft^fe chancier nnl^ dfl«ri*jrdi a>^(UT[ii?il ji d'liiblff fi^rm- The u-fi<? iti,iy he UlA 

Tlu Boards Hmd Dinmr at Oxford, dfc. 107 

suia, th« prcsidinff dcitjcs of the Vulc Tattiv^ ttctt ccnceircd 'vet 

Mr fbrmt of grp.if charm. The Cermsnic God of tight m many 

^BiKi« mcmhk«I{dkOAamlPha?i}ioTip or die Persian MUhra — the 

HiAorttl ^th the Bwift niccdt/' Like thctn, he cnrccn alonf; ihe 

^tfl hia Chariot, dnwn by boneE adorned with fferas, whofie 

^Btifaig tplnwlour a^in typifiet ihc ra^ of thr^ flrtn- Sun-hrir%ir4 

vm Frefr's own. besides th< bo^tr. Once the radiant ifod po>- 

■MOd I thinit^ sword— af^iri Iha ray 0/ the Euit — which bran- 

6!tff*4rteira2:«in«tlhi^ Ftoit Huntv In nthrr wnri^s, th'r warmth 

irj vaiiqLiIshcd Ibc ICC of Winter. A *a^ racntion?> thiiL on 

- p.H.- .li which Thoratim, a ^rraloUK woiBhippcr of Freyt, waa 

hntad, the ttiow irnvr remained, and th:it r-tem:il grr>r«n rviverrd 

ihc^t. Ttt p-3wcr of l!ic 4iiii-god is liL-rt: strou^I/ cxprcssi-d, 

Genb wmt the name of the bndo ardently wooed nnd at InJit 
wtbjFwyr. Gerdai* ihe earth, into which tbcrayofthe *un at 
■jlpcaccrain. The " nine ni^hu** during whkh ihr %oA. almost 
^Hf of t^r had to wait cniil fietda mccti him in the secluded 
^M', evidently are an allusion to the nine months oT unfruitful 
^fiion ki ihr high N^nh. during whirh Ihr* nitti hiKs nn power, Aa 
A bridal gift. Ffcjr «cn^-% to hi^ helored one eleven g:i.^ldcn appl^, 
■Uck lome wonlfl alco interpret in an astronomical sense, at si^- 
'(liSdeiwn mor^ths of the yo^ar 

TIm ^tt out^i on Gcnouii Chrii^lmaK- trees aic perhaps yet a 

IvnW of this talc. They, too, jiymbolJBc sun-worship^ The 

^M ii the case wilh ihe t^A and gt^Mtn-hiicd apples hung on 

[AcOmnas Chriitnuu^tree, To Kruyi, Ihe Gnd oT Fertility, ihL* 

^Ip^lrce ira.« speci^ly sacred; and in many yvul^ of Germnny 

adEaghmd there litill prevailG, or did prevail until recenliy, the 

^HOR of standing, during TwHflli Nighl^ rotmd an appli'-lre!^, 

^^haih^cwould bcxuJi|e. tra^ioff for a good fiutt'year. Keep- 

r^ all thk in inind, we vhatl better understand that Gc<rman 

I'Clraftmt rtory vrhkh **y» Ihat at the liJrth orOm«l, Wintt-r gave 

I^loSpring; that the snow ^^nisUcd fcoin the ground, and thdt 

I ^1*^ J^D. In both the Ccmuntcsnd the Greek ok, llic sme dllUcrativc 
I ^fc^efiiAiaJ tireljbhcit ; ithiwi^ic llirlrua^ of llitrirjiily udU>. Innrikcofthc 
L^te«f tbc TcQloBir (rui!i!r*4— Hert. or Hcrkf^ws -igain lotiic upon an nJfinily 
HBI1lMB4T«dllD'anic£(idf!e«Henf,nf which Hcrkf-orMaikcisiimp^y ilifrdinu- 
^^Pt; OMTBipoaduiu !■} lh< tiamrof Ilof 4:1ic Uii^hOne), wbidihcrcomoElOdia 
HflvdiB tm. H«n or tfrrkr i« n TrtKljIr*!! ni ihi^ Eirlli, likr Iiit ami Jumi. 
^Vti H <o« tymbol, thn tymbrjl o^ fruilFutnau, 3p[>lb>i lo all EJirtc, Tttc 
jHckf^ IforixhqKh. wbcti it* f4ATUc^t nnmr, ^^nl the iriitltions xnA cu^lmm 
[ ^Vttztd vllh it are uken into wmiJL-iadon, Karcely iitituiK Ll;i:Ecrorc \it imy 




The GaitUman Si MagaziHe. 

]1ovr«r« sprouted up ^vefywK*f* : -ipplo-trn-e^ r^pcf Utiy bcj 
lo Uobsooij ajid \\\\l tlic Suu It>^|JL Iwkc: Jqi jo/. Of the app 
probaLty put In the boar'i mouth al Chriattn^it cro the Icin^ 
replaced jt, 1 have tpolu^n be('i>ri>. 7'hua cvcr^bing (1t» ineo tl 

old UIl^h 

That which ij worshipped ii also cotcQ. Therefore il ia di 
huntod ; haoted m thu vviy tMnci vben it U worshipped. In \ 
itncicut crrcdK w^ t^nd thts lUt^iary kw^ tlic lockl cu^tuias^aii 
Lhc dtjiagx of cvcj^^-djiy life in some way bound up rvith the ^MCf 
ofUitliH Rvli)^iou3 u^iiotA vera brought home to the bcUevcTi^ 
*hotild-hc hchcv*?r, in L-vcry conttiviiblc way. In an old Loolai 
thtr ■' Spurts and raniiin-^a of Uic Ptuplt uf Ensl<<iu3''* *c reft 
that '* lhc bonr ni.^y be hiii»tod from the Nativitj- to ibc Tunici 
lion of Our Lady," This corrosponds pretty well Il> un aaciqi 
pagau Ytiie-tidL*. dutitjg which ihLi Boiir wa* rspcuiall/ wOT 
ibippcd. AftcrA sUlcd pciiod, it b aaid in the old son;, the IJoar*! 
Head "tikea his leave and goes awuy." He evep "V-rffilf ^ 
pairiit" — hL' ba§ left iho i:o«n(ry alt^jgL-llier! Hirfc wc *;omcoaOI 
more upon the buidtr-ItUid bciwiicii H^^ililj and myth ; fot VtCfti 
boiir, which had until llo^v ^ippcorcd as a ::uhtfUuliai di&h cmth 
lablc, suddenly vaniaho* into the clouds^ hkc I/ihcn^n's swiu. 

■ See also? Artdg VtmrU U ftui Jl/airtfv Gniit^Mmt Thrift evMifr Jrj 



UT vv« ara nov tolerably co»rorsant vritb the more gcncnl 
ecadilloos nf Wiv. in ihn gTc;tt ahy«««?s of the oi^e^n, and that 
be years amoilng pioj^rrM \x4^ been made ici the wa>a cind 
lirb(-rct>)' l!iCT &«A-dcptba cAn be dqly in vix^lig^ttcd, aro facta 
1,11 nay he prcioinetl, arv perfpclly fuirtliar to evervrcatler of 
F*>p4pvn aiid pcriudicjlu. But. itnlcriof Itj tfic prt^acnt ^Up^ 
ty-«CA rcic^trch, then; lien i fidd and epoch cornicming whicli 
uy re^cn wboie Timicv luve noi k*d th«m into the sphcreof 
pcd litbLoiy uu), percUaiiLc, know litltr ur iLothinj^. Ami 
3cforc become* of inlcrcit, in view of our djtily incrcJuinft 
* of knowledge, lo (race vorj- shortly \\\^ history of the ci'imtft 
plakHU ^hicJi liAvc ^^dually Lcil to clifteovrrir^ of rt-al warth 
nlUani Liiid^ 

B inl naturallfft whose ruscvchvd h)t'3 tht^ Iifi; of the deeper 
loomed anything cr a pnctic;il anH Imprirtant rh:iracter was 
Itc ProfcHor K<!w<ifd Forbes, who In 1S43 publhht:il hl4 

on ihc Tcrtical^or, a* il b ecicTiiifi tally named, Lho tj/fli'- 
u/— diitribotiod of deep-sea life. It will then be rem.trl:od 
tboe <icc4nir fc»f:4ti:hea were in the first instantc devoted 
[y, if not entirely, to the invcallgiitloii of the condition? un^ler 
I animal and pl:uit life was rcpre^t^ntcd in great or considcr- 

dcpibx. More fpet-ntly to ihis primarv objeet of re4i-;ift*H 
t)g4tora have added that of asccrtaming the phyrtlcal gon- 
nt of the tea itMlf in lU det^pcr strata. Thus we are at 
ml receiving valuable information rcf^arding th<:! tcmperatun^ 
>c eniifc ocean, and ihroiigh thU mformatlon the subject of 
i^u^ and the great drcdlaHon of water throughoul tho oCfOn, 
ting worfc^J oui ftnew. Indeed, purely physical stbnti^ will 
fit in l}ic end (juIle ok much rium Ihc rcWu of dcep-ftci 
oration ad biology at hrge. And llie sLory of thcso invcMigJt- 
\ aJTonb an ink-wslin^ etample of ihe great ami wholly 
)naeen rcaiilu which rnrtv accrue tn lamy hrant:hc^ of know- 
f* froin researcb which began with an aim of comparatively 

oiA^j FrofcsiOr "?. Torhes siatnd sticciiittly and eleiirt) UU 
^lliaC ad J tliipth of ^bovi joo t&iliom^t or i,Soo CccU ^ 



no tile Gentlanat^^ Magazitu, 

traces of marino life tclftht be ^tl to <lL»ppciar. Qr, t<» quote 
ovn words, when tpcAkm^ of the depth rtsferrcd to: "As i«\ 
descerd deeper ia.t^A ik'cprrr tri tliU region, its inhabiUaB become 
moro and more modiPicdt an^ fewer and fewer; indicating our 
^iprofieh tov:ird!{ an abyu whero life it either exlingviihcd, u 
exhibits but few s^^\V% 10 martE Ha llngwln^ pr^^once/ 
dislin^iabed iiatiiE^Usl h^d, prcvioiuty to i84>3i been toaiiutl^ 
on important series cf drcid^iing opemUons in the v£g«An Sea, 
had atflo bt;en invc^ig».iing the goiicial lapeas of marine 
around fiur own ^nd othej coiiats- A* the n^ull of ihc*e ini 
gations ForbcB concluded fhit thi! total lifo of tUeieamij 
divided into four or five great bcUs or loivos ; each «one 
uii fanhcr and farther from tlie rturfote inUi the ifca-drpthx. 
he further concluded thai, ^cnL-rally viewed, hia aones of 
\\{q would hold good for the entire world. 

The first t>e1t was nameil the fJtior^jf lonr, and -jras rii*pnsen!dt 
hy the space betvrccn high and low-wcttcr luarki. The aall 
and pbnl lifo of thU ;:ono is famj][;u enough 10 every obiei 
wanderer on the st-a beach. Such animals — crabs, whelk*. 
m\my oihci!itaceans and iiiij11u^l5 — as aru tnabled tu niiti- 
Stond a temporary removal from their nntivc watcn, form the bulk 
of the littoral or ^h ore-population ; whilst the aeaweedf of this b«lE 
at« nuniLTrjus and fipeciallj adaptei], like the dnlm^Lls, for a Ifllfr 
pajllj in the 3C2 and pari!/ exposed to th<i tn^uenccf of the ina 
and land chmaiL^ The second was [yrmed the Lamimtriam Of 
firtumtilfofiil s»ne. It ranged from the farthest boimdary of the 
preceding belt — n^imely, low-water mark — to a depth of abovt 
fifteen fathoms. This latter is the great '' tangle " *onc, and vtt 
marked by being, save at the lowest ebb of spring iide«, Invariably 
under water. Its animal inliabitaiits arc vi^iy numerous, maay 
being brightly coloured ; whilst the aigsCi or seawvedci, of this belt 
are very distini^tive: and molluscs are especially abtindanc in this 
ione. The Coraiiint or malian sont comes next in ordnr, and 
extends between a dcpLh of fifteen fathoms as Its upper limit, and 
one of fifty fathoms :is ita lower boundary. Here wc meet wilb 
xoophyles, polyT^oa, numi^rous molluscs, cnistacifLins, and mon of 
oar famiEiar food-tishcs, such as cod. haddock, turbot, &c. Hm 
fourth aone is the Diep-xai t,ynif or infm-medmn ?onc, CKtcAftiag 
from fifty faihotna 10 iqq fathoms; whilst lo this — orregardedu 
part of the dccp-st'a coral aonc — may be addod the Al^ymil xawt^ 
which latter extends from 100 fjthoma to the lowest dcptb^ 
joc fathoms— at which living forma were believed b^Foibcstd 

f Dap-Sca Exf^hnUion, r it 

Jt viO tftn b« f ecu thai Fort>ci^« id cb4 en the subject of dui^p- 
M lir« iMl iu diMnt)«iiorL were of a very dsHberatu kitid ; an4 

I anfdcs^thU nooccajilc rrv-^rchcr^ o( m^r*: cUt^onile i:ir r*vrrn 
i|iBri lind io tboae of Forbca were andcmikcn durinjc liis lirctistc, 
fftiwi Burpnlhig ci> find ib^t his vi«v3 remained uncbangod, 

telvfny tarlilT arccpttxl hjt nanicJittn ap to a p^iod coinprisecl 

Biccto Korb««'< day Et U jnt«ro«tin^ to rolo that moru thin 
•0 tntfanc* of ^mai forms having been cal3^1inrd fiom great 
A^tkft of Ibc »c4 bad occuircd : jn^tt Indeed, aj if tc offbrd 
itcvional ohan4:o gtimpocfl of th<i wondrooB Aiuna or coTlucticn of 
■0Ul life ih2i \^y conc&aled in the abjvwc of th<? occaa^ [n 
Ilil St John Rots, tn coiuiniiid of aii AruLic (fxptfdttiuii. wuh 
a^lfrd (n Uiklnjf A (>^floA of ^oundin^ In Baffln*> Hiy. The 
'fcad" Kiruck ground on Septt-mber i of that year at a di-plh of 
Moe bthotm; and on ihc Ifne boing jxill^d n|) a boautiful 
fecks of uai-^h, njinicd from Ihc contorted appearance of it«^ 
mat tke >[ediw^-lM>ad ai^r-fiBh {Astrt^ph^-t&n hmkii) w^u foundfl 
vMned ajvMQi] the liTie ai a d^ptb of 8rif> fafhom^. Nor w:l« the 
Xnfan-lic^ Max the ofily orgAjii«iu ;hL'-n obtained. lu lIk^ luud 
tf Ik CQondinf'lead several tube-dwelUng worm.'s were found; 
Attt Utter being Lhu» brought from a bOTtom^depth of very greats 
Vi Ai Fofbrs woidd have dccmd ll* of abyssEt!, cxtcntH 

Other ittitaiice* were not wanting; in which, from a depth which 
Poibet would have conffidew-d to he quite near the •" zoto- point*" 
vT mimfll hfr in the ilpqi ^ra, namE^h', xjti fiithtim-s, lolcr-ihly 
Bpi^t couples of fnop]iytc4, pt>lyEua» crustaceans, and mol- 
Ha had been obtained, WhUti i^ i^^$, and from a depth of at 
ImjI y>o fftlhomt, Mr. Heniy Gomhir dredged in Davis'i StridW a 
wied nivction of invccichratc animah. 

Sfech ewBpl«4 :^pc4Lr to have either c«caped the notioc of 
foitn and hU brother naturalisCf, or at least to hav^ br^cn 
itnrdrJ. and pcrhapi n^luiully tnOLigh, a» of too dcUched and 
tigiMfitary a nature Id he connidi;red of much aiicounc, in the 
^ of the tnocv ilefiniio and oxcendod observaiiont of the 
fefr^euffiKl biologht. 

Bttm J855 thc4pic9tion ofthe ocairronce of liTo In the rarlhost 
'eiithi of Mft received a n^v impotus and intc^rr^^t from the 
vkroBroptc invntlgatirinK and nijiort t>r llic laLL- PrufL'ssor Bdiley* 
^ W«i Poi^L (U.SOi on ipccimtni of dcep-acn niud which had 
*"** Obtained Jrom depths above 1,000 fathoms, by muans of an 
*osemoin intcrainent mvrnr«l by ^ Mr. Brooke, a midshi|^ci\^T\ \tv 


112 The Gmfkmdn*s Magasim. 

the Am<^r]CAn N^vy. Thix mud wait found 10 be com] 

fi'mmim/ttji, &c. And ^& soufidiiijf aflcr souiidinK frotn v«| 
cLbtonl and varied rtccinic arcai -vas obuinciU t^ach cihilMtiq 
the same nhunilaiKTe of fhi-sc and altied organifini), il bn^atne a 
imporlanL <^Lic--^Lioa to ddcnninc whether or not these Animals lia 
their natural habLtat in the ocean-bed, FrofcMOr ikulc!}- Btronffl 
pxpT«89ed his opirrion rh^i the Koramlnirere Jlvcd In iho Tip|wi 
»tr<ttA fjf w^ilrr, ihcir lihdls. after death, linking ti> tlic boltXD, la 
accumulate and form the cliamciemtic miifi-L-tyor : whUfrt ne \t9t 
an tiulhor^ly Ihan Ihc? vcncrshle Ehrrnbrrfr. Af Bert[ti, edntcrrd u 
cippotik- opinitm Iti B^iilcy, thi? Kri-jii Cnrntian micmacupisi sbuinf 
his belief ttiAt tEic Fomminifcra lived ftnJ died in the aea-ljed. 

In iJiji* specimena of det'p-sea mud obtamed by L^Aptajn Da^ 
niati, of the Bfitifth Kavy, were e:i£i.inirii^<.] by Profcmjur Huilrfi 
who seemed lo incline lo Khicnbcr^'a view of the question ; ani' 
Dr. WiUkh, who accompamed the ffvfjtiog Kxpedition, UDdtf 
Captiim (now Sir Leopold) MtCltntock, putJi^hed in 1S61 toi 
obscrrvdlion^ vrhii.h tendi^d to further support the upiuieiii UmL W 
dccp-scn po»&eFiscd an abandnnt fauna of lis own. Dr. W^llicfc 
obtained *'l>ri!tle «H'»r-fi*ho5" from depths of ovtr i.ico fatbomi; 
and on cxamioing ihu MoniiLrha of llifSf star-fiiihL'ii tbt-y vrtc 
found to contain specimens of those Foraminifera vbich vm 
amongst the mosE chataciori«tic inhabitanis of th« defrp-ivj nw4< 
Tlii^ latter fact, therefore, set-med to ^uggc^fl that the nataftl 
habiut of both star-Jishcs and their prey vas the soa^hed ; viiiUt 
this suppoRilion was strengtF toned by the kriowkdgtf ol tho hsUH 
uf these slat-risfips. which nre known to hve ;it the bottom ki 
shallower waters, and have besides no means of tisflng id thi 
water- Dr. Wallich also records the occurrcntc of other aniail 
form*, which wtro bmnght up from depths formerly' nccouaud ai 
utterly ansuitcd for the life and development of living beinjp^ 

From the sia^c to which wc havrr hricfly traced the history «l 
deep-sea research, the revolution in opinion icgardrnj Iho hfeol 
the oceanic nbysbeti !« already apparentn The rvi^ognisrd tiD» 
portancc of the sLtbjcct, and its many and obvious bearing on 
the entire range; of physical science, induced the formalioti ol 
organiu-d espcditioiis for Ihc purpose uf making exIeiidtKl ob»tf* 
vaiiom on the life and lemperatere of the deep scab. lu due tinw 
therefore, wc find that Drs. Carpenter, Wyvillc 'llioiiifcn, and 
Gwyn Jeffreys, in their various eipeditions in the Ziffktn^, 
Jl^ji/iut, and CAalleitgtr, appear as the Jalc«t t:xpotienl3 of llM 

/?toy*-&a Expioraiicn. 


nS ibc ncnm nnd of it« tnvrr inhjibU^nts. U'biUt u wc 
tbo safe srrivu] of th« ChalUmgrr twat her scientific miHsioii 
sif >{>pro[>riatGtf afT^rtl n AtAndpdim Trom <L*1iLGt) wu mctr shorcly 
•iriffw th? UtesE 3[iiliiif>n* (o our knowledge — ahhoiigh m trjtlj 
fcUl bcoric^ ani value of many of the ficls brought to lixin by 
fcctptdilkm Ruy not be csEimatcd for ycar^ lo conic. 

The ChaU/ngrr left EtigUnJ on December »u i»7i, fiad 
Bribed at Poruiaoutb on May i«i, 1S7C. Dunng tbc Liubi-- of 
md A half years Ihe ihip hat nailed 6^,000 miles; thcobjcda 
tke etptoHng p^rcy had in v^ow being 10 invefttig^to th<f 
anil diitlHb^tioo of ihn life, and the ]»hysioil cundiiions or 
4eAtUiitic> Padfic, ^d Smitbcm Occaat, Two dbtincl d^part- 
■mit ol science may b4 4aLd to ti-ivc been rcpro«cnled ir^ tho 
bllon. Thn hiolffgk^l ikiJ^irtmrmi, nr lh?tl which h^id far hi 
the eladdatioa of the liWrij^ inhabitants of the oceans 
forttod tbc lirst of th«i7 licctionn; whilni ctic^ morci 
fSiri]r/4>'nriT/ saection compwhenJed tho-it- wh'wt^ spmal rniKsion 
tra to iitvcati^atc tho chemical compositiLJti and Icmpcractiro of 
itiM&ftiid todcMiainclhodiathbutionorcuncTitfl tn thcocenni 

As night be ej|>tfL'led, ibe lafik of ilicdfc^"^ "^ Js*^P whaler viji 
boaJ in the Ijgklmnf^ arid Pertupine citpcditlons to prcLicnt 
4lllnUie» of no ordicarj' lund in iH successful pnclice, Bel 
gmlully, throa^h thL"- Teaehiii^s of thcil mast pracitc^tl of tutGrs, 
t^cntficc, the drcdfcinjf apparatus employed on bo:ird the pjnu- 
fim and Ck^titnger canao to atvuiae the form and sise, aiid i» 
Wodeftll iho A pp^ru[i«. necessary for succesffnlly scr.-tpin^ the 
ii^bcd at depths considerably over thtvc or lour mile^. The; 
Mien of tbo Uron^; cuR«nt8, which (ended to swoop tho dredge 
May Troan Ibe fitiip^nd to prevent its desi^ent into the? ibyg^e^ of 
oODiix WAV coiiniciucicd by an in^niaus system of vrclghling tlu^ 
fcjgt rope And in this, oa well as m other improvomenla, ihu 
dmtKKi of dredging operations from a mere rule^of-thumb pro- 
utXag into ^ truly metbudiial and aticntific work may be clcar[y 

■ Ik fcSowtBc drtftil^ ukea fironi on Able u (Ifle in '^ Kaval Science " of 
^^^''*^> >^i. W ^^' TEuud, the chief Ti4vig;i[uig uffi^cr of (he C^lUmstr 
t^tfiiiu, guy prom faiemting in mikhi); ouf rciii]f.-ti aciiuabccd widi ihc 
l^Mifftt vt^b (hftdtodgc h Qtcd, The rope aid in Jp?p'««i drcJgia^ ti of 
••* (iAif. 1 v> an J ji half inchcas and ihrcc fncheii in tircuHifircncc. rcapociWcly- 
*■* maUs^-tlnia vf Ihc fiisC-oiciiLiuiici Tuiicljr U uac Lun LwclrccwL, tlut 
^iAsivoMd ■ hair Eachrt (i iwo ions il« ^vt, [ whilst the Ust-nuntSon?^! 



Tk^ GaUUfnofi' s Magasitu. 

TLc fdiii promise of on abundant find of animal life in great 
dcpchft which former cxpe^Utions. as we haw fteon, allorded* bat 
boen fully r^tiElcd nni conflrn'kE'fl Tiir ihr^ m^ny mrr, and in man^ 
LaMCi liiilicflo kjnknouni organisms with which the Oh<i/ItMgu— 
Expedition has bcon the mcana of mukint; u^ UmiLicir. The lii 
of zootogical species wjj) be largely Added lo vhcn ihc til 
^XTrivL-hfor the full cjidiuiimilmi of the CAa/Jeuger Jiptximta% ; 
hvf of the more noteworthy of the new or^nisnu urhich luivc 
iQund m^y be briefly notti^ed in ibc prcsont instance. The bconl 
ful nm:*xpongc-, known tc every muitt^Lim-vJbitor, and a|jprupi 
cnou^li nimctl the " Vcnu.V Flower Basket" or ^u/Av-'rVii, 
far cx>ini|>lc, had another species added to iti gcnm. Jliis 
" Flcv^t^r BfLik^t " lilt remved Ibe namu u( I^upiiilfUa siAtt 
and Wcis dredged iti ihc early part of t)ic caiisc between Gibcatl 
n&d MaLlcira, The common Kpecicii of Kuploclella it bi 
from ihf^ Phrlippin<? fil^iiih, and sp^cjmcns rif ihK ladcr form 
aUo obtaiuel by ihc eijjcjitjon at fi^cbu* a wcll-ltnown bAbilal 
these spongos- 

A very peculiir group of animals, rc-iembling star-iUhrs wt 
Mallei niimcd Cnni^iJs, and po])uI.irIy known ;xs " Li]y<»U<v/ 

0ffeiiiqr«tlh nrrnlnor rwoiarudctencwt. The dndgeconriRi of ilw^ 
fiftmevhkh tcnpn Eliir t^t-hrrl, nl (h? hcij; or nvt aliBCb«<l thCTttpO, ttftdof 
Uua Cf^lecllaot of h<mpcn lidi-Ics or " awibA/' lUiithcd xo ihc hindn cilfcnilti 
ofthcbnc; the hlCrr hiivm^ btcn fi^mid crilrcrncly u^fitl in c^llcctjut; ouoi 
■mall nnimni*, rrlhmc- ujhioh hflvp f>prr» nii«pd byrbc drtdge ifteriih.iii Nwai 
FiUeil wiLh mud. Tito Lirt^cfl ilrvd^^? ut?H inriiiiircQ tw'i: lee-t &n Itnglh aloii£ 
iiuu ij^mcM'ork, ono loot dircc incho in bit.iddL, jini vct^Uv M7 lb. 
uDiUk^r fUc u»cl in ^cal dtpths is ihrco teci l^ng, f^nr fuki 
aifi vbFighs ^^ lb- '^''ilh. thit ldlt«i a «uceeufi]l hnul wah di^s in 
f[i(honib. The drodgo U sliin^ frum the oLiiuiyikKl of (be khip. Aboat tl 
houiK itt fci^uucit i<j ^Dh Ihc Ured^n duly wnlfhtcO, ta u tlvjitb of J.suo 
fithonis ; md Ny :in inKonioiii urrangefnenT of baiii-nibbrT bandit, am«J 
'■oecLiitiuUtort," whjcb \vy ih«^ stKkhiog indicnu lEmin on iKe drtdi^ropri 
the Eension cd the lallCT cah be ^udfoi aE, ipil any undue ^tnin avirftnL An 
ci|tiiilly ingeniom "a[op" or link U mudc at one [Hrl "f ((w jitiir>im»*nr el ito 
hJjoJet to kft chnn and rjpe. lo ihar if ilie ^Irt-'Jgc should foul, thi* "■(op** 
pvcn w.iy, Ihc <lrcdgc canEEn^ovcr» cmpiyjnc it^df of ita cor-icai?, oaj ihu 
uviJig buLh drcflfc intLl ro^'c frum bcmg lo^l in tin.- .th)'i<y. C>(:»clonBl)y t 
'» trawl" ii <ienr down ro the borttiin mstnid of r lie dreilgtfi Initthp loroistnaga 
np an mad- And iE miLy b« tncnliuqeJ jia a^ mEcte><LiQ^ furt that la gvcat VM 
thr |itc»urc of ihc aaLct, thaL the ekpZuicrs were u1>Li|;ed to uw oak stian fiv 
tprrailirkg rhi.^ mimEh cf i]ii^ Inwl, JnsEcad dF fir fip^in : (be lai|«r «iood bilM 
broken iA- the prrfsauFi- of the witci, and tu powtffQU^ cuoipcwed tLkt t^ 
knots in tlu wood stood out ooooij^th of aa tn^h above jti )urfae«. 

U itt nodcro relatintishifi Urifcly citcodcd and explained 
fcoigh ifaop-Ma exploRUions ; it»l1 ITte; Oaf /i/v^^r Expedition has 
^MfQ adilwl rtry coQitilf^rubly to oar knowU*ilgo of l|]«<i« foraifl, 
Tkn, w dJilBpIc* ar i;nurt;[> new^fccicnof Cfini^iil wii^i obiaEned 
br i.Vorvc^un naluraiisi, Sats (»oq of the Pr^r^^Mor of ZooJojfy 
KCkhittuim), ofif ihi! LofodcQ IiUnds, on the nOTih-Avcet of 
^Ibn^, Tram a ilep«}i of ftbuiil 7(7i> fcKfl, in \t^^ Thm i^iKcrnvriy 
lMic4 tbc iatcrosi of P;orc«sor Wyvlllc Thomson, Dr. Cjtrpenctr, 
lii otlicr &2iiirJtiiKi«. and probably Toimt^J one of ih^ cluef 
idteu wbicb 1H 10 tlie -tuggv^Uoii of a JeJimlr? ^^xploratjon of 

V iCA-bcd, Tbc Crinoidl, it miy be remarked, prior to t^io 
l«o»viy or acw ijwcLniens througU deop-80» rtfiearcb, formed s 
pup mtCfMttDg to lUtnnilUifi, chirfly from ihr Tin^snmod scarcrly 
« iu iudodcd members in car existing auu : altboush xi fot^ils, 
Mkr th« ^QcraL namis of Sntrinitrt^ th«8u or^amimi ai 
alHkkMlj prctctved co u« in the mE^k-rnrin;ttioni±. And ch^ 
|«CMQI expedition, tbcrcforc, in the coQip;ir;itivel> rich lidrvc«l (jf 
"Uf-sUm" wbtdi tu^ bean reaped from dcop-«oa {\v^A^^ will ha^v 
AiikdabitQdantmatertilK fqr tracing more completely th:irt before 
ibcfenoilogfand ]ife-biMi]r>' of liiU gmu]) of finimalK. Ben for 
dcq^-sfi research, in fact, iKlr hiUory would b&vc rcmainod. at 
UcMictt, of a very fngmcnlary description. 

IViic ol OUT nsulL-T* wh[> know anyihiHg of lUose ctinoM* and 
bcsttiful pUat-like aaimalb, the £0(^pbylc«, which form trraccful 
dMcn on every rock and Rtonv urcjund our coail^ will be pl<sued 

V leun of Mrvvral highly inu>T^Mting ai](itiior§ wh>c-h T^ave been 
Mdcivtbia parti»iUi cla&5 by the: ^A^orh of tbc dredge. Mosi of 
Ae >oo|}hj(cn arc li^y organisms, rcqij^rin^' a miignilying K^^^ 
nd «icToscop« for \\\^ ideciti heat ion of their structure. Wliat. 
Aatfbrc will be ihoutcbt q^ the gi*nL aooi^byLe, far cxamplu, 
hncgbi Qp olf tbe Japanese cooflt. and aj{:Lin off Honolulu, wbich 
•■nod seven feet four tnchea in htight ; its siom ^tcainin^ a 
faatttf of bair 4n inrh, und with living animal "bud^/' mca- 
vnacniae iDcbo acroi»» froiii tip to tip of tlic expanded fcclcrv 
tt lcfla<l«c? Soch an organism as this could only hav£ beeti 
■UfEAodtn the wildt-^^t dre^tm or nighTmare vision of an ardent 
*^^P^-htiater ; yet doubtless wc shall bear all about il, a& wg[I 
Mof lOnie neigh bour^of^n ism K, in due time, and when the scicn- 
hii: tnunrt cheitf of the CA^Z/ff^jfrr are Ok-erbaultfJ by accredited 

^b^iiowith niLicb interest that we read of tbc probabiUty of 
'^^•Utiosi being made 10 our knoivfeJgi^ of the condUVoni o( 

1 2 


1 16 Th£ GatiUnksn^s Magastm. 

llfp In the PoramlnTf-fra — ihoto miniit/* Ifiw^r oripnicm.^. thfr rtfr* 
ccvrQr nf which jr dccp-icj deposits, aa vq bivc ificn, dni Wn6<^ 
to excite apcctdutioii a<i to tho proeencc of Uta in thL> dirptfas of tht 
cccan. From lime lo time our knowledge t^f thc»c or^nitmE hx 
been conKidcMbly .nuKinrnictI, but iht; biologist* or ihc CMimgi 
Expedition wi[] be justly entitled to apeak with uuthority on ihS 
liubjuct, from li^cir study of th^so org^niEmit m their ^lii= 
ImbtLU ami under their nnmoal condiiumi of Itfi:, Thus. whiL' 
many roruniuircra live dud <Iic in the acit-bcd. fl l&rgc ntimb« 
of species ;ippear to be stirfacc-livin^^ fonnt. The Gh^igrhm^^ 
commonest and mosE widd^ dilTusrd of nU 4ped». both in 5 
prcticnt aiid pa^l diAtribtiLiun — for cxdiiiplc. live at ihc surface m A 
9caSj 8£ivc those of the Polar rcg^ons^ &nd attain thdr mo4t tyfuc: 
development in thtsi' upper water*. Wh^-nthcit and allied org«ni*W 
Sink to iht' bottom afd-'T death, tliTrir s\\\i\h lend lo form Xhv ibt 
byor of calcareous or limy " oo^^y" which ia now so well knowiS 
a deep'Soa deposit. 

The curious ftict haa, however, been recorded, that whilst «■« 
depth of 2,200 fathoms In the Adanilc >ea-bed and chcwhcre. l3 
gtty limy ooze consiGlmi- of these Foraminiferoujs shdis wa» fotf' 
to be everywhf^re abundant, bolow ihi^ depth the 00?r AJ^^ifn#d 
<la(ker tint, and gikve on (;ht:iiiJtal analysis a dectcaaed i|uantLiy^ 
Jimy rnalicr. As atiil deeper soundings wcru made, the oojse *« 
replaced by a red elay with ha.rdLy any traeet of orgnnic m^tft' 
and which c:«veis an area iipparently ditslicuip of animal life StS 
ft stati' of matters was thus found by ihc CA<iJiingtr E^cpcditvon 
lal. jj deg, aj min, N., lonj. 3a de^. 56 mJn. W., at a depth 
3,150 falhoms. It beeame, thrrefure, a c]ue!stiori fraught mft 
much interest to di&cuss the origin of this red deposit, ^ 
to determine it* relations to the better-known grey or t'or^miv 
feroiis ooze of k-sstfr depths. The explanation uf this quetfi* 
appo^r» to rest on the faet tliat the red clay dimply con»iHa of *^ 
rcmainH or residue of the shells of the Foraminifpra which fo' 
the grL'y nn:ce ; rhis fart being proved by ill':" experimental con** 
xiou uf the grey into the ird dtpo^it bj a simple i:hemira1 proG^ 
And hence it is au^i^catcd that a chemical action, resulting p** 
bably from the decay and decompo^ttion of the antmat livsoefi > 
Ftirj-mioiftu, Ac., i* Ihc r;iusr Cif the change in tht- naiiim nf V 
ftca-bcd ; liiis action taking place only at a depcti below a,>' 
Nu better example uf the influence of any dlficovory wp^ 

fCpfcaf icj«Dc« caji b« cit?d than the prMoot circaansUnco. I'or 
ttcx Ac dixoTCEr of Uic occurri^noe ur tfaia rtnl chf, linnvn nf 
4aat IkJcvM ffrcat oceanic dcpth»p froologists have boeii led u> 
•viMririjr to tbv expbnation ofthtf occumncfi of tir^ irncts of 
''Kb dMjtQte of fossLlH In ch'^DL^formattoiLi — ihe Itttcr ivpr^ 
MDUf an AJicicnt sci-bcil, and Acinic, for the inoal pfirli rich iti 
JmrI scBuins of toramini.'ijrd ^d othvr marine' orji^anismK. 

SaiDf new jiqJ rfrnarVaMr tp^r-? of SHrfsrf -living organism* 
4iU lo tUc Fofammifcm. And known oi R^EilgUrUj)), h^vc been 
■Ufd to the liria of soolo^m ; an<] it ii xi mUiur rcmurkuble cir< 
HBOncc Itut Uic^c minntc organiKmts, which wrrv^ among (ho 
irtfiMXHrm;]! Icrnuxib nf the dcr;p sci, shcjulil still* ^md ici ihit 
MM rccvut expedition, 35r>n) subject nmttcr for much djacuxnon 

Tbe fbtl rusulu of thiit noUble c^pediliuii in;iy nut b<? laid 
Wcft llic »C{caU&c TiiorU, or be full/ fipprcclatcd by sAvantt^ 
^fH rcui Lo come. Hut thU much tn:ty be fi;ifcly oMumod, that, 
■cr<ol u lafr* additions lo our Kioren of tnowletlg**, and wilhuut 
tltilf into aizco«itl lieir efTctta on pliysical stieHLt' aL W^t^, the 
***to «l tlic ChAlkHj^^s ^oyajfc will more than r^lfil tJic high 
cvfcctaiioiu and eainett wixh(» of thoie who were: in^tn]me:ita] in 
dapilchin^ the afiip an h(!T noble minion of sr/iL-iui^c di^covfr}*. 

We may in tbc Uat insttucc, 4nd by way of nn apprapriEttc con- 

c^bM to oor subject, direct ;kItc!ntioti to aji equally inte^L■stinh^ 

4Mb lome n^pr^cU ii!vieiitia], ^tiidy to thai comjirincil \w tho 

^nfoiaj nimorlLV and lo tbc full elucidation of which these later 

aUtioQi to our knowLcdfr^ will undoubtailly tend anti asfiiiit. 

Vkn oiganifrnt were founO to «ti^t at |;rcat tlcpiht in the oL^an. 

Vlhfiiu an<l physiclett n^ttUTvtlly bethou;fhl tboiitsclvcs of the 

'OBpCCtt lUVinncd by certain j^vc find potent conditions which 

^bo^ been enteri^uned as valid reasons against the occnn^ncc 

■' If^ in ocoaitic ahjKtrs. These condtiioni* ure well act forth in 

^SPCttlgn. '* How can animal life be concdvcJ to cjtbt under 

«* eooditioK of light, lemperaiure, preesure, and ai-Miion, as 

*■ obtain at tbfW vatt depths T And 3s ibe rirplif'^ whi«^h niii^t 

^Cicento ibociLucrics necesaurily forczi an intiinaLc par! of the 

^"^ of d«ep->ea reocorcl:. it may bo well to indicnio the data wo 

P*«5w tor (aiUfactoHly confitruln^ our an'iwcrs. 

Hit mlcii:m:c of prtsiurc uptm di^qj-sca orga.iii*infl, aa can 
"^^fbc onderatoodi was formerly r^^Knrticd as a condition pre- 
**'o*^ tntavourable to their emtenee jn Ihe lowest depths" 


II 8 TAi Gtn£/cman's Magazine. 

TTie imm<Misfi prcMEire cscrtc*! upon whaitvur mbManceS 
imfflonotl iL coii*(iIprablo tkpths In ttic sea was c<^Tic«iu«<l to | 
on impa»wiblc barrier 10 the mere presence of Itfc in deep vrtf 
Thus, at u depth of 1,400 fathomri, thu pressure amouni^j to 4 
Ihrw* ions or ejich square iTiirh fif siirfaco. How ihon, ft \ 
TkikfA. i-xm\t\ (ir^nismi bf? ainrpivc*! to rxlst uurtr-rnudi cop 
tion.i ? But, aa woii dul/ pojntoij out» tho*c who argued \ 
nf«;I>3Cted to Uko into accouni Iho obviouit law, iJuniUar to 9 
itho*>!boy, of ihn fcjual prp*i?«uri^ of niiiil^ in alX direciiant. T3 
if llic cHcjrmoui prcsiurt- alluJL'd lu w^^^c 10 be cxt-titd oil'i 
outer eurf^o only of .in or/:;^uiiam, the Liitcr vouLd bo ilo 
crushed out of raitenc<* : but lli« prvi^ur^ from utthoul ha^ 
10 Lie exactly couuLi-ibdUiKcd by the; pfcvauic Umiw wiLbiaJ 
other words thc! or^ninm romainn ina^tatc of c^qiiilibHiin^ 
fi ablo 10 niovo jibout io its native (lc]»lh£ as fruely anU lu uv( 
«clous of tbi3 surrounding prtrtsure hs ils terrestrial Roi^bli 
whocxUti unconccrrif^rfly tmdiT ^\n atmospheric prc»Mirc of"! 
fifteen pounds on each di^iur^ inch of ilei surface- The gcd 
ab«enc?e of atr cavitiea In d«»p-sea organUma forms a p 
wonliy of GonsldcrAiion it; showjng the further appllcjibtl]^ 
the ifixr of fluid prosdiro in atiaptin^ anJm^b to live in any 4^ 
of 808. *: 

The condiUoni^ of tanptr^ttun' in the deep sea ciiiinot htA 
cut^ed !tt preacnl with satLAfactory rc&uHs, iiuutmuch as^ 
ohaorvations of ih? Chitihag.-r Kitpcdilift:i may ictid to modil) opinions hrld reg;mUng the distri^mtitin of hr^-it uidf 
ir liic ofCan» There can be little doubt, however, thai tbo d^ 
biition of anim^ life in the oc^^n ia, in c^rcater port if not vh| 
reguTatcd and detonnined by ipmperature, Th« cinrulalioci ofj 
and waini currculs amply provide* for the wants of animal Uf 
thi£ respect; and the dilti cull ic« which beset the queKtionoJ"! 
perature in the deep si?a are not fio much thote of decenniiiiii^ 
disiribtnion of curri'uis as of deciding Uic iwaa cauaca whica 
these currents in operation, ' 

i»oinc remark;i!>ly curious pointii have been raided in coan«e 
with thu ab?em:i' of fighf in iln? abysses of DCt<{n. That li^ 
usually nccea&aij, not only fox the devclopnicm of colov 
animals and pkinii but for ihciir perfect life and growth, ift ai 
known fact. PlanK and animaU existing in dark hnbluit 9 
raJly exhibit a wont of colour and othcmUe appear pale and sic 
The presence of light, indeed, is regarded a£ a very Deed 


^mct lo the growth and vilal prosperity cf both animals uiiJ 

ftefi. TIui tigKt pott«trat«a only Tor a viMy abort distoQcc 

hautsit \\e surfAc^ of the f^cean \% ;in A^ccruinf^d T^cl ; and iC 

Ikrdbrc bccomca an intereeiia^ aubjcci for »pri:Lilanon to c^q^Joln 

rtyfcqpt ta fotiM, «^kh live and jtrow amiJtt Stygian darkncn, 

liatU iq anavy cw« be as deeply and bnghtly coloured a« th«ir 

Kblkboore of thoiloiv wiitirn». In otlitr wunU, wby sTjuukI nori- 

<hHopinnt uf col onr follow noft-<:xpOAurc 10 Hjfht ir one ccii>c 

nd Aot Eft kiKMber^ Aad, ai an ct^UA^ly puxEling fact, nuy be 

vxikiiicd tko uircuoiAtancc that cmain cleep-^a rornia flvln^ hi 

drtun appoar ti> po>»cM cy» fti fullj developed lu tbo«c of 

^Aid i^eCifS dwciliug i^n the vhore^ the cyei Oif most aninaU 

UuMn; dartnf^w brtng rudimeniary ot und<rolopi»d, ThSs 

bur condition U> cunoDsly enough, aho cxcmpUlicd liy >omc 

dH^itt viinnab. And we shaJl soon re<|uiTG an exptamitien 

ina DOT CKplorors of the rjith^r pamdoxical Tact of one ^ninul 

■ilftioi itKlf to i» sanivuQEiingA and poMt^viInjf but ludimcntjuy 

**e^orksviii$nocye«at olU whilst its n<Mrnoighboian m^y possess 

Uf dewloped orsan« orxision. 

An Uca mf>rr ligwtious Than feasible, ftnd whlrh attrmpt* Iw 

a|Un Away thi« pjixlr, supposed tbat dccp-^c^ animals ml^ht A 

r^Mtt tbc power of cihibitinfc the snim^il luminOKLty, or /Aof- " 

t^rttfutf {which every one who ha> tailed on ihc sea at night tiua 

<*ienod, 4i3d which U irmlur-il by Midi itniniHils ai jdlyfiihca. &:c.» 

>Mt^by various RiLcroseopic animalculca), and th/it thcynu^ht 

, <M« of t^eiDg bym«aai of tho bghtthuA furmsh^d Tint 

: :>o«itlnin H nn«Liippon«>d hy fvIdenriT; ;iml th<; fact thai 

: 'rc9CccGe i» a phenomenon chiefly obicrvcd in surfacc- 

L-id mrface'living unimalfii and net in the dcpih£> alio mill- 

■ inei ihc i^orrecino** of the idea, Morvoi-er, most of ilic 

^hich woald ihu* bi^nclLt from the poxscssioil of luminou:! 

.5 warn Ihc power of producing this liffhl; whilst many 

, M jiwt icmarkcd^emit aphcwphorctcrni light. wl»irh,fmm 

l^»iriitc:c habks, is of Hitlc nr no ii!il- to them in so f^r, at any 

■^ "he exercise of light is concerned. 

-ut const dcr.UL on which wa« offered as a knotty point in 
!r -riiiiofy of di?ep-«fl animals relates to iht* source of their 
.' -iug^^ And afmfioa. Animala ilcpciid for their sustenance 
^ci^ic or li^nit matter rcprr^iicnted dinsctly or indirectly by 
fcut plants can only grow in ihf lij,'hc, As light Wah^i**nt in ttie 
'^'^ep^hs, no plama C4a ctift iu that situation . and thcKl'orc, it 

I20 Tkc Gcitiiiman s Afasazitu. 


waft Argued, tlve <leep-ftea animals must fall back for their fql 
mjkply upon lomc m^lrft^ilE Tord;^ tn our ctpiTriiuicc uT onin 
food in tb(7 upper irtitld. To cjtpluiii lliis ^lotnuly, one ihofl 
mtintained that the docp-3ca anieiuJa rosomblcd plnnu in % 
niturcof their food, and that thrj- Accordingly foijnd limu-nas 
ill the iiiarsaiiic nuLtcr by whidi ibty wi-tc ituiiouuJcd. WM 
some fcvf animal forma nrc thcorclic.iLI)' bolicvcd to be capat 
of cxistiog npon inorganic iiuiicri, iht vast body of n»t« 
iidiuf^lly hi-sitaLml bufure giving their appruv^l to ^ littery w 
in «o startling iL miLancr revolutionised our ideas of the n 
x(' here by animal life at largv wot ftLisLatned- And ft Mccnd ihM 
was in (ltj<? lime |jni>[iciuiiJi?tl, whkh »^vaded (ho diflloiTiy byoSi 
JDff the suggestion [hat a targe (luaiitJIy of organic mattcTt dfi 
trwm Itic dccomposiiioii and tlieint'.-graLion of th* aarlAce-Uffl'^ 
the ocean, from m^irjne vegetation" — and in f.ict from the e 
TUngc of occ^iLnic, life— wa> ividdy iliifused through the ab 
of iho soa. A kind of dilutu "soup" was believed to tc tti 
formed, and upon this soltitlon of ont^e living matter the dec 
sta anim.ils w^re bditveJ to siibsiiit; whibt ib^r cnulc ncct-ai 
for bcticving that Ihcy fed uporj inorganic matters fvaa ll^ 
;ibo]ished. The qaesiion of our need to debate regarding % 
fuod of dt-ep-sca organisms is open to remark. Very many higb 
ajiinml^ living in perfectly clear water ^ub^i&t on the* mvisib 
animalcules and mmutc or^aniEm:; therein combined; and it m 
r(^:LauTi a b[y enough hearj^aed that deep-sea tife may Muppon it« 
In a binjUai manner by the abAorplion of sut.b food-pariidcs* 
may bu nat^jrally contained in the water, ;ind dto^cther apl 
from the matter afforded by the breaking down of otber org 

Doep-sca atiimala requiring oxygen — as does antma] life, 
shallow waters, or life on land — were beiieved, theoretically, 
have a dilHculiy in obtaining that all-important rL*<]mrement f 
brcfLlhing or aeration. But the examination of the gases whii 
preponderate in bottom and surface-waters respectivelv set t 
doubt? and di!lit"irliieti of biolugK'^ at rest tin this last point. X 
former waters are found to ccinlain a large percentage of caibon 
acid gu, the invariable result of the presence of CLmnuil life 
land or wat{?r Surface- waters, on the contrary, vcre found 
contain oxygen in prupondcniriec. A double interchange of gas 
therefore lakes place, in obedience to plain cbctuieftl *ind pljysic 
laws. For, whilst the uoxious carbonic acid from the boltC 


Deep' Sea Exploration. 


"Iters 13 diGFbsed upwards to be added to the atmosphere^ the 

snriace-oiTgen parses downwards to provide for the maintenance 

of deep-sea life- The interchange above and the renewal of the 

oiTfen from the atmosphere are effected by the ceaseless action of 

tbe correjita of air and ocean; whilst the interchange below is 

exemplified bj the carbonic acid given off by the animals being 

e^hanged for the vivifying and necessary oiygen. 

Thits die many difficulties and problenis which beset this subject 

in the past are gradually being dissipated and modified ; and it is 

^jnile within reasonable expectation to hope and believe that ere 

loog beams of growing scientific light will illumine those spots 

Ihaiare still dark and unexplained in the history and life of the 

jrai deep. 



' "p^NGLlSHMKN wiJ! not grud^ iho Arctic Kxpediticn 
^--' c*:imniiiniTrr ihi^ honours ih^it hAvr brrn ihnwrrod up*; 
tliem. After «n cxpcrienco of the privations to vbicb tboAC \>^ 
rcAJdCAt in Arctic rcjftoni arc subjecl Iho voydg«T« rmsl tiai<^ sea - 
tn Ihp civic bxnqQFt m^^ardrd them nn appropriate nK well aia. 
ddiCAIc ct^mplimcxit My cjuly tt^tct i:i tbil no -i|m:cuI t^ 
iXppcais to hilvc been takcii to provide a fnfflu worth^r ol llic oc^: 
«ion^ An opportunity not likely ;tf^tn to occar W3fi affoiJ«J af~^ 
of dtftplayinjj ihi: rL-sourcf^i of liiv art in lUt? mvciiLimi uf ilisl i 
which should cominrmontti; the fcni* of the ndvcntiifcra nnd iTjt-» 
ducc to s<iulhcrnp:ilalciiiormj specimens of l^-perborcandainlie*- i 
the lim)i« rcadiud by the «thTp4 Animal find vegetable; Uft^ had rriirun 
It would, perhaps, hove been Vwxr^^ invention too far to lkO» 
aatol for a gastroDomicjffwfvwjVof pnltcocnyBLic ice. AnEsquinasM 
salad would, howevff, bt VQ^gc^iivtr of plt-as^m recollcnltw; 
to the voyagers even if it ptovokcd unsavoury MSoclatlonj amosjl 
tJnj otbcr guc3l5. Iftmihfft rff m/*^ li /<r /wr t/r tiir^n mtptit briifl 
h^ick some uncomfortable mcniOrles, arJ might even swm to Jiint 
>t ccDsunc of tfjcaulhoritles. Falsing from the convivial to tilC 
acieniific aspects of the rocoplion iiccorded Sir G. NcLroe^ lb* 
honours awarded hin» by his Sovereign and by different tode^W 
arc well i^imed. Upon a display "f ht'Mism .iml r.ndurancc on A* 
part of Eng-lish ^ailora wc arc aucustoriicd Co count, Th^* 
qualities have not been wiLntmg in the present instance, thi>t<tf 
thL* tall u|)Oii them may itot hive bm-ri e*ipeeially urgent, ft ■■ 
however, unjuAt to tApci.i from riicn moic than the occ*rf*' 
wftrrantH, A certain measure of intelbgencc appears also to b*'* 
boon displayed- The omission of thi.' lime-juice nsiion^ wa* ^ 
crucial diflkuhy in ihc fTay'of the sledge parties. Tlii* *tm<*l 
neglect is ihc more drplornble as it li^iivea us \\\ the *l^ 
as to what the*« partie* could liave offecied imdcr mors ■ 
vDUralle condkioiii. It \s impossible to avoid a fe^flinf 
regret that an cipcdition so costly and so well fumiaht^ 
ail respccisi Khoukl. under tlic most fAVourable conditi*^ 
obt^nable, have done ao little. An ci])c;r[inent 80 condti^*' 
cannot possibly be regarded ae conelusivc. I am not, ihcTcf'^' 
astonhbcd to hear that a new Arciit Kitpcdiiion, or, at it i* <** 


ofc^ "1 Potar pic-DiiC." l» Uike*! ibciol Tor ncxi ^ar. It Is quite 

iterttai the Noftb Fo)o will not b<r roached without gn?ut dif- 

fafti', Scitnc<* has, bowcrcr, many rc*ourrcs, st>mo tif thrm ■ 

■iM. B^looniug MCcms by general consent lo afford ;t |iCT,vtih]u f 

nittcfi of the qioMJMi how to rtach the Notlti fok. It inoit bi^ 

ttoJ /Etdidousl J. hoverer. Tburc wrjuTd be a grim irony aboui 

fcc tutirc aearvb «flw ibe Pole if tliusc who fii%t rencheil it bj 

ttflu of ft bollooa should be unable to return, and should die 

4i tte Icej in tbeir poucoioa of the »olvcd mptcry^ It 

tb«m IB not 10 be soon divlR-anuntHl^ On uti. a.4 aelf-siykd rjlufs ■ 

•ilftfrioit lOlB the ictfiontibtlilf of &n3>f ^rinjf ihc questions con- 

tttttf lU extent 'ind boi^nditnei. Jt \% t\X\n% wc should execute 

l»*suncTB of vlwi \ro ilajm as our own. Ah yot wc do not even 

lajv «hat fJcdsc ]>AiUeb can cffccL seeing llij^t owinft EO the 

viAmcs of tlio men and other causes e;^ch mdu of the jcumcy 

bltobc five times trav^ried. Ai the lime when lht> tiflc of lime 

pioevaii diwit^ntinuA:! ^nil ih^ mrn hrg^iin in skki-n the chancer, 

'cterdi&g to Llcoienanl *\ldreJ, "were all in our favour."* There 

Mm, motcoTer, to hai^e been ^ wnnt of failh on the p:^rt of ihoac 

fMmndiji; thf ripptiition in iw aurcess, ;inil ihr work iKit W3^ 

*lo»T MVA as hopeJcwj aj it was persevering; and heroic- There ia, 

B to, evorythin^ to encoiingo u^ to novt ufTorL. With Irainod 

•ftw ecprriencvd and Ke;tKonpd, with due procamions M to health, 

**d voder moderately TaTouiablc conditions, a ^reat icdoclioti of the 

^•csfiored distria maybe aniicipaicd. Nor l4 a complete solutioa 

**" the geographical problem *o dilijenlly pursood a matter wholly 

^fvtaix hope and expectation. 

T^IIE Aiipeaunce of Mr, Carlylc In ibc field of foreign politics 

kas proved Ihc^ Rignnl for tbc dcsccni into the arena of a large 

■ItBlier of thoic- wTio ilwell ordiTiarily remote from the airrfe of 

Ptti^v4rfaje, A rdmiUdr occurrence iii the 11 omenc contests is 

4<^idiQjIy ropc*iti^. MThilc Celestial minds con rei^train their 

**iA, the fight in Ihi* great cncoitnter j& waged with chariging 

^•lli \tf mortal com hit an I*. So soon, bowcver, as Wnus, unjble 

^'^r to coDtrol her Indignation, interferes on behalf of tho 

^^'^j*ai, ]uno exercise* a corresponding protection ouer the 

vR<ix Wbcn, atfoidjng li> Pope's vvdl-known rendering, 

IliiiTidpni From (he Gtttian wall^, 
Mw*, bovfrtBlE r/er hn Troy, hia Krtror ihtouds 


Tki GintUmaiCs Jfa^zin^. 

Nc b:id TcprvscnUtiv^ of Minf rv» i£ the " «a^ of Cbdfteft : 
Mi, S'^iulumr^, tUou^ti ApuUt) lit bifl moic obvioui couutcrpaii, 
hiiK at Icut the tcmpcALuous vehemence of the God of Ifaitlcs. 
Hiit ncwly-pablJihed pLtmpMetp "Not^ of au Kaslit^h Rvpubhc^Q 
on the MmcovUc Cmsadtv" brinj^s a bruALh of v/hirMntl lo ti<--v 
upon ihc coQtrovcr«j concemLn^ Turkey and Ru»ia. While, like 
the tidia^t braughc by itotis to Malcglm, tltv most VL>lictn«nt part 

of ih«- diatribe 

It a fee i^cf 
Due CO Mm« sfnclv brant, 

Ihiit of r^Ir- Cirlylc, the gctn^ral iriierest Ik nich, ihai the quoiati' 
«My Uc Luiitiuued — 

No niiod (liat'i hijticit 
Bui En It ibam anme wee 

Mr. Switibame, indeed, hiu the RhIiJ upon the head^ It is not 
ftir Tiifkt'y, or deiire lo maintain a lyrannoiis suprerii.icy of yXi 
over Chri&iiaa, that animates thOAc ^Uo refuse to uVc part in thi 
Agitation Mr. GJadstorc hj^s commenced: it Is miatrust of RjusU 
policy- "ATiarchy on the wrge of dissolution — ioJ *m 
['All anarchy, wti arci assured on all hduJ». i^ Lhc exist 
empire of the Turk—however horrible may be lhc evils wrougl 
And the agonies indickd by the death xtmggic and h*trce cox 
vulsEons of it« cwn, is impotent ur btrnelicent by compaiifroii wil 
an orj^anjscd dnd mdiUut anaj^ehy like thftt of Ru»ia." So $a.y%] 
Mr. Swinburne. And it is interesting to vritc:h the youngeat ^tnd 
mu^t f^-fvcni rif nur great pools casiiiig hl< twan^ Into ihc scale 
opposite to that ^vbich i» woiglilcd by Mr, Uurnc Jonc«, Mf- 
Morriftf Mt. Urovrninji, Mr, TroUopc, and Mr Carlyle. 

X^ INDRED in loiic wiih Mr. Swinburne's pamphlet U the second 
-^ *■ Jllcrancc of Mr. Alfred Austin. A complete mdictmcni of 
Rnssi.i han been ff^imeJ by the anihor of " The Tower of Bjtbcl." 
With the fidelity of iilitnid Mr. Austin tr;n:cs the tunr^e of MusL^uvilc 
intrigue and actioni showing hovr f^tir promise ha^ formed the con- 
stant prelude to foul de^d, and how inee^&antty renewed has been 
th^ atii^inpt to take i\.(W-.iniu.g& of Turkish diffiotiEly to dinilniHli the 
disLLucc betw(:cn Ru3s[a and the Bo'^^horus, A reformation >d 
sudden as that with which Russia is populnrly credited it, at least, 
uncommon imong nations, and those are pardonable whc h«iiuie 
to believe thai the tiger i% Umed becauac ib claws are tcroporaiily-. 

Tohh- Taik^ 1 2 5 

"T is wtU for Englidh wtcrt when ihqr can aay witli Horarr — 

£«gf tncnuincntom Krc percaiiiuii 

ihp 4^iffiniltie« in the wa/of providrnj them vfith the more 

pcrl^haMc memorial of bron*c or iiwtblo accm iciKEipcrubk. In 

ipOA tA (he cffciru of terccniciiary commiliocs, Shakespeare hto 

ytt 10 tnrtt to ihat " live-lorg monumorn" he Jiai buili " in our 

m>ncl^i ^lU a&tonbtiniciiCv" Aud Byruii. it ap|r^di*t. i^ not likrly 

10 far« bctirr. Of the dc^ii^i f^r a mQnumcnl Rccit in to chc 

^FToa Memorial Committ«« none commend* itatflf as being^ 

"Kvifthf of thcoccv^Lon. Th:; commltlcc Uu accordin^ty rlaciil^d 

10 reopen Uie competition and nllow >ix month:« longer for the pre* 

ptratjoa of <l«i»gna. Thai a f;kiEur6 \\V,^ this r<<ll>^cts grc^Ll diif credit 

npcm EngtUh an will br pn*icy jfrn'^rilly mnrpdrd. Fr-w^ howovor, 

will be likely to challenge the wiidam of the dccblon. I hnvc not 

se«nth( dc8i|:n3t and am Gonsoqiiently in no po^ilion to apmk as 

to thrrr merits- It it satlKfaciory, however, to thint th^i wt? treat 

o«r ttilkoo with more respect ihin our monarchy. It is doubtful 

wbetfacr Qinrica the Fir^t is ih-^ m^t unfortunate or ilMrcatec] of 

Itnglii^ Icings If ffomc nf -.lur jp-ist Sflvcrr^gns have escaped tho 

IkcQveTLslu befuftf tbdr days a-i^tigned to all mtniiirchs th;it h^*) 

tboiliiied. and if they arc ab]c to take cognisance of what povact 

oUevorid they have quoted, they muAt fecJ at lime^ as iri,Kcmp- 

tioo from lh« kind of piniiry tn which wi* now evhibiE our mlr^r^ m 

Atrorectsand flquaxcs would have been cheaply parchoacd at the 

inctof dcc^itation. 

T^ hii " Pdradoxc sur Ic Comfidieu " Diderot say* what, for lIil- 
feM, b snSieicnily obvious, that *'Ricn nc %^ pas^c cxactcmcnt 
•fhicinecomme tfn natare," Thi* commonplace of art is, how- 
^fJo« sigbt of by rol « r*"w man.agf-rs and artors. The? rcatiam 
^ fernery which b now carried so far does little or nothing to add 
totlK ft^utmbSaru4 ol' the dramatic action, and ifi as olten a dU- 
Mboe 1A the f^lth rrf the spectator as an ;ild. .Somewhere 
* •<h«r realism most end and conventional treatment begin. 
*^ all» acton do but "poiaon in jesi," to use the phrase of 
'wiVr If, howf?vcr, 4 check i« not pm ijpon the impetuosity 
^ *aBc of our arli»ta, and if conventional Ucalmcnt is not sub&li- 
'"^"^fcctlje rcftliHtic. it seem* possible that the sensation of a real 
**"tMtion upon the atiflv may be provided Iht* pUj-jopr, 
'^^m 4 recent pefformanic of "RicU^trJ III." Mr. D^irry Sullivan 
^^^^ like »ta|x wih h\s faco ripped up by the *woid ^^ 


126 Th Gmiifman' s 3faffxslm. 

RidmiOQil. Rumour i^ys, witli hoiv macb tnjtb I kziow agt. tl 
thU WM a return complimpnt, a like acddtfol having provjoush; 
befitle-n Richmond ai the han<l of Rirhani, If I am rigbil^ 
iorormed, morL^ovcr, % simiUr ml-'irartLinc cint:c bcfcl) Mi. Jma^ 
during the fencing scene in "UamlcL" Now. u good actoc £« 
ordEnaiiLy a ^ooA k>ticer. When it cc>untTy LacncK ukod Keas 
whfn* hi* shnuld pink him — "WhrTrp yaa can. sir," waa ikf 
alifhtly stTogont reply, ^till. if vX^^ tighting is conduciai 
vith the violence now customary, an accident moro serwu 
than any that hat yet occurrotT may Ij** cipc?cied- BAdly an nnr 
^toiQ one and all piny Shpikcspcare, it would be a pity to Jcimod 
their lives as tho penally of ili4?ir Ljicompetoncy* XVUl none 
Ihem, ih^n, sw thac si^yc fighnng should hp a^ conv^niioiul 
>iia;c Jnibhing? When M^ucarillc ia beaten by I^Uo. oi vEkid 
rctiimi the k^ompltmcHl, lliu spL*cULOf is jiev&r under the s\ 
h«i]sion of any bonrs bring broken. Why, then, shotUd 
crossing of sWQrda be mort: rcalU:Jc than tht? Applii^uiion of cral 
tree to the back } When tbo bt-romc scfcami jil the approach of 
ciung^r. »h« docs not employ the ^tnd^nl noton of absolute: tcfTOf ; 
ftnd when ^h(^ Wf?4;ps, even, sbc does so with diip rrgard xo the 
Tcc]uiremcnts of pcafJ -powder. Nq reason whatever con be ad- 
vanCL'd for pUi'lng lightitig in a dilTcrcnt catugurv from Ihcje and 
other simihir thingi. The* *:tor may not evpn pload that the 
gallery is tlcligbted vrith a good iifht. As much ciithadasi;] as wai 
ever provoked by the finest foncir^ in the vorid oi the moiC 
vi^oroi^!* oniTaught ha^ been again and ag^iin accorded tc the old* 
fashkmcd broatlsH^ord (i^lil, wbers thn banging cf w&ipons np and 
dov^Ji might take place to the tunc of a hornpipe. _ 

^XTHKN ibf fre-iiiL-ncy of fires in theatre?; has been pojnted OM 
*' bytbo?*c who ,ice with regret buildings liccoftcd in *fhich 
the condilions cif c^tl violutc ul) rules of caution and common active* 
it hn? bdcn answerpd by thr managers thai firts seldom take {>lace 
while ihe pcrformivnce Is in progress, itnJ that loss cf lifi^isan 
impriibuble conlingencyi Thus*^ comfortable ddLi^jons in wbicb the 
propriflors of iheacres in cetJari bury Ihemtclvus arc difipoUeJ 
the accident at the Brooklyn Thcaire and llie fearriil \a-i< of UJ 
with whicli It is atttfnJod. While this calitmity is nil! fr«b in ll 
memory of the pnbhc, \\ :a well ti:> tirgt? upon the Lord Chaml 
lain* ai the* licenser of theatreXt the rxprdirncy of exerciiiiig a 
more jcaloua supervision over thoac houaci which arc built in 
dL'fiunc^ of a/J tulcs oi ordinary caution. The risk of tliojc wiio 

4Daid fli^ b i3wa^ ^rcai. NwidaI conditions of ikng'Cf ouy, 
to«0Ttf,ltt laced* but trhut b to bccomt.^ ol the spectators in acer- 
an tfasau? cKcavaCed bcnofttU 3 roBU[3r»iaf> if qnyatccldmi scu fiio ■ 
V die bofldli^ ovcf llicir ht-n<lj(? llii-rc \> u'i mijitirr in n^irlt V 
■pcnvion should be more caixJul and irxuctin.^' than in that of the: 
t«MS fron a thMiri^. In Pahs a comnuUrc hAK been .Tppointeci 
3) iRfTCf^tc a hrw sp^mn af ptirvtrtimg ;i(xidptit« in ihiMtrrrt 
diKkcd hf ire The rcpurl. %vhich i% nov Jaity expected, will 
fWtoHy throw BOcn« no* ttj^hl npan thu? )^ubj«cl- McAntimo 
Cipuia Stuir hu nprim^d bbi pntnphkl upun Kirtn in Th«am-«. 
nd kt» fhtxi a li»l uf j 1 5 houacii ttjat L^vc brcn bLirncd dwn ■ 
brtVMtt 1C73 and >V7J4 In tmi incLincbnlv' ailiit>;;n^o Kng)aD<dV 
«»^Erti,nofevcrth3rLlH«:ty*oncth(^trVii having bf!ende«rojcct I 
ben dur.Df Ui4i pciioJ. The list is, tuufcuifcj* lai from Louipkte; ^ 
TWfnt lire In an Knj^iih theatre of whtcti ^iny record is pn> 
«r»*d look p*ac« at tht GJob* op iJ^e Uantiidt', on tht i9lh 
«( Jsic, lOij, <kring ihr prrfoTinajiCL' of *i \y\^y called "All 
■ Tra-,** foindcd oa the itocy of licnrr VIU. Accordini; to a 
lnfiad;>niil<>d in ihe Gtmitmar^i Magatinu VoL LXXXVl., p. 114, 
4k Grc in ii^ pri>grp«8 w^^ noi unlike ih^i at the Brooklyn 

Tbii fiucrul Aft beG4iUtf abcivc ^ 

A dondcrntntni^t 4nd rru?. 
And to the il4Cr-1iou't< ^^A r«ticiv« 

Aft MifaLid u Tiylor'i dtwc : 
AJid burnt donee bott beam ajid ujai^KC. 
AiMl did riot fporr tbff olljr^ H^Cg*^ 

ROh *oiTow, piLifiil KPTt&w, and jcl all dii* Ja true. 
WftMrpphv o^moHt ^9 mtHuus >s ihat uhith miw tnciv» thn 
A of ABtcricQ and Enxland took place i,\ Uic Richmond 
twnt 5tat««) Theatre in t^it, and ii described at Jcrifi^th in 
fafcfh'* " HUtoiy of tlit^ AraericMn Tbi-^lres," So ^rent a 
^Btkn did this create lli^l n Iaw vas iiosbi^J pruLtbitmg Binu^c- 
■Mi for four months, A utiikinfj proof of public horror jjid 
^ipcdiy van thit- Ii minii. how^vr^r, havp seemed nor a Httlfl 
'ViKiCnne u vrll oi illogjiutl tn ai:iniA ami all connected with 
fcn«, whom jt (lophvrd of ;l livelihood. 

AWOaERSof "RcdSpinncrV" tkctehcs of English rivtr-siilc 
•ccMry will read. 1 think, with some pleasure two or three 
*^^<i' ffum Mr-Senior*!! laiefil letters from hU new liomo in Queens- 
"^^ Here is « liulc bit of local colour: — "^To-day in mid-winter 
^upju dj [ (jjjj (ni-iclf writing, bare-headed and in oiiirtvaty 


128 Tfu GtHticmaiis Ma^mt. 

tummcr coftnme, in abfoidopc^ii vernndab* pAUung occaxioSSI 
look <foAhii upon iTL}' lilllc Idwn slopinjj lu thr? rlvcr'i v^ig^ ; up 
the bananas whose lonjt: grftccrul leaves have been split to ribbc 
by rccdnit s^aTifs; upon Ihc peach tree, jofit now in gloric 
htoasom : u]:on the oranfj^ tre^s wicli iheir goldi-n fniii p^pl 
Uiroj^b djirk srrcca branches i upoii ibc g^uava ircc£, bu 
nil £t on« time with bt(X»om, bud. and fruit: upon certain < 
English flovrcre — 10 wit, viofi?ts. ^(rnnhims verb^nAs, and Einnij 
wbicb arc In welcome bloom ; tipon mulbcriy, vinp. [M^ion ffol 
Uquat, and citron trc-u« which are waiting for the advent of ifc 
Amtruhan spKng ; iip^n thi^ m»rigroves which rnArk the vtM 
bnundaiy; upon the C:iLholi<: dlhtrdul citi tbr oppn^iu *idc. an 
from which comc5, refined by paisa^'c acrow the brond strcim, th 
nfitng and falling of Mozart's mass music." Spcakini^ of the firr 
Impressicins which llie immigrant from ihe old tounlry gdi of i)n 
nc:w land, he says: — " He pcrcoivcs that rough and alronspo^uui^ 
rails replace Iho swcet-sccntcd hcdj^eTOws of Ibe old countn-: tha 
btfe there are vasim^s f>f ^pRcc- and freedom to roam at wilt; itiii 
many a settler lives in a tiny slab huL. with roof of bark or ihiJirti 
»nd loolis jolly fuid contented, with bis children pla>infiftboui, at"J 
with the consciousness that though his estittc be uncultivitid ^fJ 
wild and ^ven pnoi il v\ his own to riiiLku or ninir. NearL't lown tlifl 
acene becomes lew primitive. Groves of bananasi fields of wavng 
m:ii2e, patches of sugar, clumps of bamboo around ttie Urge hoi»rt 
of well-io-do famnTB and manufacturer*, and niim».^roLis ^i^w" 
induatrial pursuit* appeal. Then come the suburbs of liri»bffliie- 
cool, ptcturi?sque-looking bungalows, wood-built, protect^ frondiw 
beat by broad verandahs and surmounting high woodc<) fltniticnLT** 
cluatcra of iieaL cottager, [louses* great and small, ovc^rlookin^ ^ 
river, and Jinally, having r:»unded a eharp longnc of land, lh< ^V 
wharves, warehouses, churches, and shipping of the lown't hJ" 
barat IntQ view, Upi>u hills right and left the city of Br»t»n* 
btanda revealed, cl^armingly situated, but Od ret in it4 infancy-^ 
infancy winch 'xaf one may sec at a glance is [usty, and r^pid in in 
progTi.'sdon to maiurily. Govemm'.'ul Hon?*.-, slaiiding in hi;uilif<l 
grounds ; ihe Bc>tanLcal gardens, full of strange tropical tree* aff^ 
plants: and the imposing Parliament bmlding?, with their centi 
domo, apprar in ifitirn-s.^ion as thr Htramljuat sweeps round atioih* 
sharp curve and makes for the emtgtaiioii dcpul, where under »lH 
flupervieion the in^migrants muet rt^mam until thc}^ have foot 



FfiRRUARY 1877. 




summer had gone and laudi even of the auttimn, And 

MUs Ctey and licr compajiicn were settled In j^ndoik. 

Uftdi hod tud everytliirg plaTinod oui in her mind before they 

ttl DttkM'KfCton, and litile Miss Blanchc-i u\is jio^jiivcly awed 

hcT tcadcr't etivi^t knoulni^Cf and Ararlca&jie^s. The ftfTil 

H^t of tbcir arrive m town ihcy wtiU to a {juict^ rcspcctible, 

M'CuJuoned hotel, well knovn of Keeton folic, where Miis 

CiiFj's fjithrT iN^l Xi\ suy duTmg HIk vis'iE^ to Ix^iidon for tn.iny 

^Cki^ Aod ^bcre Hl» notne wo^ &Ull wcU remembered. 'I'hcn ihe mo 

«afi|;c«:E£romtfoccoui:tty&«aoui to loolc for lodgings, and Mi^s Grey 

^ «b4c to Ctit hcT knon'^lcdgt: of London, and s.itJF^fy her prid« of 

VvtuDi^ l>) coi)du<:tui^ hei friend ^iiraiglitw^iy Ko die icgioii in wliich 

ifaeh^ rooLved to make a home lur herself. S!ic had bcun greatly 

dRtilediti mmdfotawhiichct^vccn Kensington nndihc U'cu Centre; 

beiMeo the rcighhourhocid uf Ihe ^uUi Kensington Museum, the 

jWfiilir the gardens, and aU the chAmu of (he old Court suburb, and 

AttcmptfttioDtt ol the N-htional GaHcry, Utc Britisli Mu&eum^and Ihc 

^AUi^ioncd «q(i^et and house* around ihif latter^ She decided for 

AcBntuh MtiMTum quaitcr. Mias Blancliet would have preferred 

^^c^tnds acid ihc air of fii^hion A^'hich bL' longed to Kenaingion^ 

^WiuCrey nilcd thai to live somewhere near t^ie ErilUhMuKcum 

"■^DLOrelile living in I^mdnn, and she cncrgclk^lly declared that 

>l««Quldniher live in Seven D^nb than out of London. 

^''^d ft pieatant and buitable lodging would ordinarily Unvt 


ijo The G€KtUm<uCs Maga^tu. 

bccQBdilficiili/; for tbci«guLtr London lo<lgiiig-hous«-keepei di 
the sifihi of women, txA onJ> likes the gcutlvirWD who diuj^pci 
Ihc momin^ and rctunu Inlc At niKht. Hut luckily there aie Krt 
folk e^-crywh^re- As ^ ruk, nobody U bom m London,*^ a 
children/ aflaliJyoncc rcmarkLHl. CociLrup to I^odcia from 
ever liutc Kccton yon will, you ca& Und youi corupairtou \ 
everywhere in che nit'tropohB* MiM tirey olnaxned from ihc \ 
Undladyof the hotel — u'ho hnd herself bt-en bom in Ke«:ton,antf 
iiidrricd Ida Gl-wgovi-man — AchoJccof Keulon folk vriltirigta 
rcipcetabk and well iceommtmded Icxlgcrs— " red Udjci ^'c^Kci 
Mitv Grey, bein|; <'ordially vouched for t>y the Undlady « a rcjl l*i 
Ibuiid nit( a Kerlnr womjin in the We«t Centra who had a dnw. 
I ooiu And tv'o bedroom:* to let 

Had MiHfl Grc)^ invented the pUe^, lE could not have suilcd 
better It wm jlo oW-fashioned street, running out of a handMiDCi 
J^&hioTLcd H]uiLfc. The ^trecl wa5 no thoroitghlhre. I U other 
wfis do?jed by a solctna^ sombre sLiucture with a ponico, uid 
portico a plaster busi ofP^las. ThfsAvaa aninsljtittionorfbun 
of sorie kind which liarl long outlived ihe uses vthercto \X had bcE 
devoted by iw pious foLindcT. li now had noiliing but a lilirvjf. 
kcture-hall, an enclosed t'nrden {into which, happily for her. the «i 
dows of MisB Grey's bedroom looked)^ an old founuin in iho pA 
ton^uterablc fimds> a l)i.>^ of TruMccs, and an ani>iiM dirmer tl) 
pl^ce lent an air of severe dignity to the street, And furthcnnore ki; 
the street secluded and quiet by blocking; uf> one of its ends «i 
in\'iiing no traffic. Tf>e house )n which our pair of wnndcrenv 
lodging uaa it^idf old-fashioned. and in a ni.inncr picEtiievT^ue, Tth 
broad old sUiirc^es of stone, and a liuge h.iU atrdfioc room^. lib 
once been a noble mansion, and [he legend was that il5 owner h 
enttrl^irned Dr. Johnson there, and Sir Joshua Reynolds, fd Ifc 
Mra. ITirale h-id oft<:n been handed up and doi^n that feuintf 
Minok loved associalion with &ueh good company, and it ru^I 
confessed wont u[i and down the stairs several times for no other pB 
puse whatever tlLAii the plea&urc of fancying liec^df fnllowingint 
footsteps of bright Mrs. Thmlct with whose v^rongs MiuGiev, i) 
mifianthrope, was esjMKially bound to sym|ialhiflc. 

The dnwing-rooni hap|jily looked al least aslant over the p* 
arnl iHc trees of the square- MinoU's bedrooin» as \va\ been «u£ 
looked into the garden of the institution^ with its v^dl-kepl wilk& ^ 
ihrub^, and its old-fashioned founmin, whose quiet plash wu ahMf 
heard in dtc ^edusioii of the Lai.k of thehuuse. H»d the tnmbc 
(he trees been ;ust a little Ic^s^ blackened by Auiokcj our haui^ 

Miss ,$fisaHihrop(. 


fcnrM, tt (he looked Imm hrr bedroom windc^v, 

inftomciiiuint oldnbo<lcin xquict cotintry ia\riT, Bui in 

!<Kd not dcdre to cticouraf^c any such dclusicni- To fixl tluil 

d^ heart of London wm her ctped^ tlclight Thit fccting 

bcghltiiol ^ind glorified ft far Ics4 sttratltvv [tfrn-t*. She 

down jdonc in her 1>cdrooin of niEhi% in urJcr to ttiint 

lunelf, " Now I aiu at ta&i really in London ; noi Waiting 

Ihring iri rt " TVfc at Iri^ w:^^ oni? dreom made rc*l. 

one AOkbiiioa <TOwncd. "Coinc wlul wit]," she Mid t» 

fl am Lvio^- in London." In t^ndoo and freedom »hcgrcw 

i more healthy and happj-. A» a wearied Londoner might 

Mm oni,uyKecton,and fiiiund newMrengthand<i|jinccthcre^ 

Bcton Ktil.whovis paTc and chin when she kiI on 

of tbc docil matiBcikum, ktcw ntfon;^ and hri^fhtcr every 

t Wet Centra? regions of London. 

Pftier, quicin, freer life raiilJ hjtrJIybo imiigiiK^d, ar leisTfor 

vpciu ho^in m the National Cnlkry nnd the Mu^cljih ; the 

Mary Bianchrt in Regent* I'ark, ard ddiyhicd to find 

t«s and iilitiijjic^ of bcsaty among ilie rrec* ihcte, and lo 

il wjtt evcf fiO much bctiei itiaa iiny jiUtx* in tlie cuumiy. 

CD and the tre^ ^revrhorcrjand the ^klcsbccsnK of 

grej', Minola found greater charm* in iliuir lo^cncd 

ihan the l^hici lights of lamim^r could give. Kven w]it-n 

nd il<Kdramw>Tiietimcs — who rotjld ffiil to^cclbcbc^wty, 

of the }^een [^nuf, and Eht' darker sicini and branches 

oniiig tiintly ihrougli The *eil of the miat and tlic »ofi 

ih'jvrci ^ h uas, indeed, ;t dcll^liirul Aititduiii liftr. Its 

^can hArd1>^ be better illupcmtcd ihnri by the fact, that our 

pair of wom^ always dined ai one o'cloiik— wbtn ilicy 

l«-off acho])^ei:cq)t on Sundays ^'^c!n ch'^yimariabiy Kid 

u Mi» Grey loved Londoo, however, it t^u %hl] a pJ^ee 

men whom sho eoneidored hcrecll' bound fo dtEhke, and 

who depended Girion mnch on the*;* men. Thcfcfore, 

sltidie^ ofxcupa of London life, nnd amused herself by 

loher fnc-nd 

acirompliihed a <hnpier of l^ondon, Mary," «he said one 

fore ihtir rcfldlnK h;id ^\ in; " I have coin]j)eted my social 

on* ftcighboiin in Gainiborcujgh riacc"— a little sued o<f 

■thand, " I am [>reparvd to pvc you a complete court 

the grades of socieiy thore, Mary, so that you may know 

to demnut ^ovrsGlfto rack and all" 


Tli€ GmtUtftan's Magatxm. 

" Do lolt mc a)I jibciut it ; 1 should very much Ule to know.*^ 
"SIiaU wc be^iii witlt ihc Ui^hol or llic lowest? " 
" I think/* Mi» Bbnchet siid with a (^dIIc ^gh. cxprcvsive 
gr^iL delight in the story of the lower d^utji^i, '* J would rathe 
fl>cgaji low dowi:, dir.LT, oliiU got iTodc with thiriii firsL" 

"'Vtry well ; now listen. The lon-c>t of all ia the biLtchcr. 
a ivcrtlthy irmi, I sin 5ure, and his daughtti, who aits in ihc little 
in the shop, is a gowl-lonking girl, T ihink. Bru in private lifr nfl 
in Gi:unibDroLigIi litter miitcs witii chem on r&iliy cordij] Icrtn^ 
friends cotnc from oLh(:r pkcL-^ ; from butchers' tbhojis m other >D 
They tlo ot^c-wjonaJl/ intorcbango a few coxittesies with the fam 
thebiikcr; liul ibc balccr* wife, though not nciuly so rirh, 
patronises and loolu down upon Mt^, Bncchcr/' 

" IJcir mc, " said ihe poetess, " odd people I " 
"Well, the pa^iry-rook's f.iniily will have nothing to ^o»et 
the way of biisLTich^, with llie biitL:hct or the Laker ; but they ftie 
friendly with the grocer* and they have evenings together* N 
Iwo little old riEudiT who keep the slatjonef'ssbop where the pott 
is, are very genteel^ and have evplaincil ici me more iban nnrc thot 
don't feci ^\ home in this qiianci* and iliat ibdi fiiendn arc i 
West End. But tht-y ore not well off, poor thinfpiT f fear, Oftd 
like to epend an evening now and then with t1ie family of the 
and the pastry-cook, who an.- rather proud \\y rcccivr ihrni, and tan 
ihcm the best tea and Madeira oike ; ind both the little 
assure me that ncthini; can be more respectable thaii the 
of thepiistrycoot and the ^eer — fortheirstaiionof l[fe,ihey 

" Oh» of cotirac I " Miss Blanchct said, who was listening m^ 
intcre^it as to a story, having that order of mind to whieh 
U welcome that offers ilielf in narraiivir form, but not having 
perception of a satirical piirixii^e in the ^bolc explanaiioi]- M 
appreciated the " of course/' and somehow become di»eouTaj;odL 

" Well," she said, '^ that's ncntrly all, except for the famil/ 
rhemisi, who live ne.^t to ibt little ladies yf the posi ullJce, aad 
only know even then) by 9ufTcr.incc» and would not for 4il| 
world have any social intercourse with •'vny of the cthen. VC% 
lightful, I think, to find thai Lontion i* not one plate at iiU, bul 
a cJiistct of little Kcclons. This one street !» KccEon to iS\t 
Maryn 1 want to pnrsuc my atiidic^ deeper, though ; 1 want to 
out how the grndaiions of society go between tlie Tnothet$ of 
who drives the bulchet's eait, tlie kiker's boy, aud tlte 

Afiss Afisantkrope. 133 


V'OQlhink all this irerj^ nnpoctic, M^'. and ^ou arc shocked 

inKreH in ihotc prosnic and lowly dolnllf- But it U a, study 

'.Bif dear poetns, and it Amutcii ;incl mECructt xm- Only for 

dtncc, }0u kcoiTt I might hive been bke M^, and it in a grand 

ftsf p fc4in onc'a own &up<rionlyH" 
*yoi never cotUH hive bc^ like that, Minola; jou belong 10 X 

*Vc\ yo, dear, that i» quctc true, I belong to the higher chmet 
oMf ; f^r father v^a* a coanEry Arclmecl, iiLy sEcpHiihcr is a Non- 
niflfno m ifl liter— thrt* iw f>f ihp ;»ri*mrnicy everywhere/' 

"Voc are a bdy — * wQri;ui nf piluritltjn— Miitola.' ihc jiortCT* 
•it almoot screrely. She coutd ncjt virdcratand how ocn Mist 
Qijr bcfMll' oodd diflfojage MtM Grc/ and her piirent;ig« in je^t 

"f can flfisurr ym, drar, ih.ii <Tnr of ihr p^iry^coolc's J^iighlers, 

Kl I talked vtilh to-day, la a much licltcT-rJuc^Ltcd girl than 1 am, 
rihoold hear her talk French, Mary. She Wlls been tiught in 
ktef, and spcAks «o tvell that 1 Tound 11 very hard to under- 
I her She ploy* the Harp, -ind knnw? -ill nboiit Wagner; I 
L T like bcr very much, nnd she is coming here loukc tea with us." 
The poetess was not delghied with this kind of socii;lyr but she 
iTO trftf ured to contradict her Icrider, 

"V« can ulk lo rvcrjanc, 1 do rcsHy Iwlieie," *hc said. ''I 
^■*0 hard lOK<t on with people — with aomc people." 

'Ifeelm happy and so fre*; here, 1 can say all the t^cical 
fc|>#utpleaie me— .V'"/ don't mind — and I cm like and dislike 
■ Ideow." 
"I un afnud you di^Uke more than you like^ Minola," 
*l think 1 could tike anyone who had some strong purpose in 
K; fiotlhr ^ting ofinonry, t^x making a WAy in society. There 
•tuch, t suppose; I don't know/' 

"When you meet my brother, I am sure you will acknowledge 
^heh<* a pnrpoie in life which is not ihe getting of money," wid 
VvBlandwL " But you dod'l l:ke men." 

MiooU made no reply. Poor litUcMisa BUnchct felt no kindly lo 
^^nce ol men, ch:tt «he did not understand how any woman 
^ rrally dislike ihtin. 

I un going to do >omeihing that will please you to-morrow*" 

J^Greysaidj feeling ihnt she owed her eompanton some atone- 

fcrnot warming to the mention of her brother. "I am poai- 

lo hiiiit tiut Lucy Money. They mual have returned by 



Tht Gen firman's M'lga-^tKr. 

This vas rvaUy very pJiM&uit Ttcw« for Mifi« BtanchcE. She liid 
befit longing for h^ fricrifl to ti^nev her :trf{iumiftnce wilh Mifs Lucy 

Money, abouMvhpm .slic It^til niuiy cltc^m*. Jl <lEd oot occur to 
Mafy Bionchet to qucstbn dirccUy zvcn in her own miad the Uccrrci 
of Mifis Gn^, ot to soy to herself ibat the counc of life ivhkh thvy 
wen' It^ding v^-sx not ihr most drlightful ih;4t r»u]itUe;ilt;viMMl. Bux^ 
it the liitlc poetess could have ventured lo translate v«^c jxanuDgv 
into dctirtite thoughts, kIk* would, perhap), h^tvi^ nchnowlcdgc^ to 
herself a fain: <Icfiirv ihai the brilliant ]>-i«t:Lgc^ of the I,ondon mrrcr 
»hc h^ nurkcd tmt ri>i iK'ncIf in unite i]vilbii aliould come mtbcr 
more quiddy th^iii they just now eccmod likdy 10 do, Al prcMftt 
there ivu* net much difference pcrcfpti!>lc to her beiw«^vn London 
and iJukcs'Keclork Nuljinly uinic to kc them — evaj U« biutba 
bud not yd prt-KDt<:d himself- Ucr poem did not make muJi pro- 
pess J there was no greit incentive to poetic worle. Minob. and the 
did not know any ]ioels, or nnints, or ]jLiblisheT^ Miiry Ijhmchc^^ 
poetic ustcf were of a somcwiiat old-fashioned sclicol, And did 
iiKludeinyportkuIarc^te lor looking at treef,:tndticldt^aiid water,. 
ski«(, although thti^- objects of naiuml beauty P^ercm-idclo figure inj 
pueuia a i^d dc;d in connection widi, :iU[I illuMrutivcr of, ihe 
tiona of the poclcw. Therefore the rambles in the paik were not 
delightful to her nB 10 her leader ; and when the evening Bct in, 
Mindla xnd sht' re:id to each oiber, Mary Bhinrhct wja ahvnys r: 
plcjmct] if on opportunity oi^cLu^red foe Iritctiupting the reading by, 
talk. She waa partieubrty nnxiovis that Minoh should renew btc 
<[UCtinT3nce vjth her old ichoolffjllow, Miss Lucy Money, irboMi 
!)he iuidc'r!^lood to be sonu^how a grcul ^L^rL of person, und tit 
whom she saw dimly opening up a viata, perhaps the only oftc 
her, into society and hteriture. But the Money family were out 
lown wlicn onr friimd^ cunie 10 Ixjndon. and Miss lllanLhLi luid lo 
wail ; and, even wlien it wn^ probable that ihvy had relunird, ilis* 
Crcy did not seem vet>- eager to renew the ncquaimance. Jlidec<L 
her resolve to vi'ut Mis* Money now wds entirely a good-natuitd 
<:ufu.e^sion lo the ev^iJeiU deMre of Mary BlancheL MLiula aw her 
friend's litlk u^ys and weaknegses clearly, and snulcd ntiw mid ihea 
iU ijhe thought of them, and liked her none the Je^ for them — ratbot^ 
Indeed, fflt her breast swell with kindliness and pilj^ It pleased hcT 
generous lipart 10 ^lalify het companiou in every wiy, to find ouK- 
tliin^« that !ihc liked and brinj^ them to her, to 3tudy her littJc JnnoLi.ll*' 
vanities, that she might gratify them. What little dainties Mar^' 
Blanchet Uked i« have with her tcji, what preify ribbons she thon^'V 
it ijcuitiic h<:t tit tve^r, these Nti^^ Grey ^aa .always |Kij>]euaj|;^I 

Miss Misanthrope. 135 

liboML Whoi «bc fomid tluit she liked Lo bv aIodc aomctiiue^, that 

iheaMuthan n lonjc ti^^llt aaaGOompaiiicd, diat »hc ma»C liav< thoughts 

iMch M«i7 would not cire 10 h«ar, Ihen -;hc Tclt > pang of rnncnc, 

Mtf ibcirmr^iIl)'of Abu^udkortruc-^tfMfjr&jyfn^tr, and fthercouM not 

K9t aaUI ihc ImkI rclio^ her soul by some xpcciji mark of auc^uion 

l»t«tikDd. On tlie other hand, Mar>' Ulaachet, for all her drcam« 

jaJ ttpiratkuu, wa4 a ten«Lble and numging 1ittl« persur», who got 

lir Ujh Gfcy aUwl twice the value UiatHht lin^df louIJ }uivc oU* 

tdncdofll oTIfcr money. Thja hoa n ^cl whicli Minol^iiilvrjLyb took 

opt lo impress upon her conip:inion, for (he drcidcd Ic^t Mi«« 

KBrbrt ihoiUd fed hcnclf a dcpcntlant Mi?fcS Blaiichei, however, 

JBABKilcilfiaj, knew her tnliic, and had bctidea one of Ihc tempera' 

■cflb to which dependence on lomc really loved being ciomca 

nunil, aM is tn^'itiLjlc. 

So MifloU wt oil! nent lUy, about three tfclcck, ro look up her 
idnlfJkPB, Miu J^cy Money. She went fonh on hei niis^ion with 
MM KnriUtngiicss* and with a fccUnK*iiA if she lA'crc abandoninjc 
ia^f«ipos«, or giving up a little of a principle, in doing io. "1 
OH lo London to live alone fUkd indcpcndcni/' «he MJd 10 hcrsdf 
*MKUtna, "2nd Atrcttjy T sm going out \o seek for AcquainL&nLes. 
Vlf d« L do that ? I wjint strength of |iuqiose. I oci junt like 
ewjtodjr ebe ;* and ^le began, as was her wont, to scmtijiiie her 
vnwnknevo. and bear heivily on thein. For, absurd as it may 
iBOlilhij odd yonng worncui really did propOAe to live alone— hcnclf 
•i MMf Blandttrt— in London iintiJ they died nAlone, that ii, so 
V AS ncial life nnd ito^tinintnnce&hips in society were ccpnecmed. 
Tvittd TAj ue tdicmc* for doing good to her ndghboiirs, and for 
Vhof: ia cfpceiul to give a helping hand to troubled women, were 
■ IGh Ofay's pUik« of life ; but society, so ealkd, was lo have no 
intDiheca. Ii did not occur to her that she nas fax too handsome 
* fid to be allon'cd to put her«clf ihiiA binder aji extlnguiahei or 
Uibd a Mtcen, H^cn people locked nflci her na she parked 
IbijJi the streets, »hc astumcd that they noticed ?ome nistic pecu- 
*>lT 1:1 her dfca or hex hnl. nrd she felt a contempt for Uicm- Her 
Wcf Loadoin did not imply a love of Londoners, vhom in general 
^thought nuk and given to t^taring, Itut even if bhe had thought 
N|lc were looking ai her Iwcause of her figur^^ lier ftce^ hrr e^«^Sj 
■Cvi^erb kair» sheirould hAvc felt a coniempl for them all ihc»amc. 
Vftolapcocid ir^difTcFencc to personal beauty, and looked duwn 
^«ni wIkm« judgment could be affected hy the fact that a 
*Wibid fictcT L-)o, ui brisltler IxaiTtOi a mure bliapclj dttjuld than 



136 The G^ftilefttans Magazine. 

Once Minok <k^ positively or the point of turning bAck, 
mioimurig aU claim en the acqiuintancethip of her former 
companion. She stKlJcnly nrmf^tHbtrrL-d. howevtT, that in roniJcfliliM 
her owri fincicd wetness sHc bad fotgoilcn ihal Her vi*ii wai an 
Ukcn to oblige Miry Blanchet " Poor Mary I I have only one* 
acf5«iiinunce*hii> that hat anything fo do with ^oclfiy, snrt am 
Jciiy Jicr llial tlijvncc if she likes \\ ?" She went on rapidly .ind 
liitdy. Sometimes 5h« felt inclined to bbime her^aclf for bni 
Majy BlanchL't ;tu-3y IVom Kceton, nlthough M^ry had for 
been roTii|ilunin^ of her liHr And her work ihcrc, and bcicA 
[i:(s Grey not to leave her behind M'hen «he went to Uf 

It trsfi a hfsutifnL jiurttmn day. T .ondon look^ in grrai advs 
on one of these laie tbys, and Miits Gicy felt her heart svntK 
mere delight a* she looted from ihefitre^Mt to the &ky and froa 
«ky 10 the streets. She p3t3sed ihrouRh one or two &qu4T«v 
5to}if)ed to 5ee tlic ^m, ahr^dy going dt^wn, ^end il> li^bl thi 
ihe biirc brancht^* of the trees. Tlic western sky wa.j <:>oref«<l 
grey, nEvcT-ed^'cd cloud«, wliich Lr^^httned into bLoi« ol goUI« 
ss, They came clo^fr in the tnirk of Thi^ ^un. '[*he -iir was mildj 
and almost wami. All pocli and painiers Jic iwW of the 
charms of the countfy ; hui to certain oddly eonatiiuted minils 
«irec( views in London on a fine antumn day have An unspa 
vitchery. Mij«s Grey walked roitrd and rniind one nf Uie «)1 
and had to remind hei^clf of her j^urpaie on Maxy BlancheV^ 
in ordijr to tmjiel herself on. 

The bcsl ftf th*^ day had gone, and the early evening wns I 
somewhat chill and glui^my l»L"rwL'en die U:£erdinpnrt'iiif the Vj 
Street howaes by the time thai Miss Hrey stood in that 
ihoroDghfare, and her heart sank a little a£ th« reacheJ th« 
where hci old scIxkH friend lived. 

" Perhaps Lncy Money is altogether changed," Mi** Grey 
henelf M she cime up to the door, *' Perhaps she won't care 
me ; perhaps I sh3.Ti't like her any more : and perh:»j<s her mam 
vrill think me a dreadful peri^on Tor not hononring my ttqifjbth 
sicpmolhcr. Perliaps there arc brotlicrs — ^odious, sUnpy yawnjC 
who think gitls fall in love with them. Oh, yes. here is one of 

For just as she had mng the Ix-H a hansorn rah drove up tttj 
door, and a tall, dark -com pic xiL»ncd young Tuau leaped out. 
nisod h]& hat with what seemed to Mi$G Grey something: the 
f>f a foreigner when he saw her sLirding ni Ihti door, and ^J^e 
momentafy \\m\\ of relief becauM, if l\e was a foreigner, Ji^^QJ 


Miss Misauihrcpe. 


■« hf Xxcf ^(iMtcy'fi brother. RcKidrs, shr kr^w vfTy wrll thni ihe 
iroi hooso in Vkloria Slrccl wtrc occupic<l by »c%cnil tcn^nti, And 
tee«U0Oodhopc t}ut ihc i-oung man n^ight ha%^ bit&mi^H with 
lltt fn« aof)v and >h< niih ihe ground fioor. 

Tic yo«»j man wjt» iiboilt to ring the brll, when he »to]i[Jcd, and 

"Fffh^ you hav« ning already?" 
">«. Ih.iT^nmg," MtiwHrrv^ rnMfv rrplirri 
■"Hnj b Mr, Manc>'s. 1 luppase?" 

*S|£. MoDcrUvcs here,' she toswcrcc!, ^ih the manner of one 
t»cloM the coinv«rMtlon. The young man did notMcm 
iiieWasi IvprcMcd by hrf lonr. 

•Prfhapi I hA«« the honnur or speaking lo Mi** Money?" lie 
Wn v<Eh delighted CH9;;cnic«s. 

*Vo. I am not Miw Money/' ihe answered, »till in her tTcar 

Ko words coutd My more dislinctly than tlic young niAn's exprc«- 
*n 4x1. "I am torr}' to h«r it." Indeed^ no young man in the 
v^pnng to vuit Mr Money could h^vc ,-ivoidcd wishing tliat Ihc 
pn; bdr then ^undiiig ai the dour uti^tiL urove lo be Miu 

TV door opened, and the yours man drew politely bfltt to give 
feiCfcy the l^r*i thafjcie. She iisked for Miss Lucy M^nry, and 
icpontrnxifca bell lor cnc of Mr. Itfoncy^ bcrx^nM. Mi»s Grey 
li'tnoithi a cud with her, on which «hc had written over her 
i^attd came. "For Lucy Mone^-," and Ucnealh il. " Nola/' the 
■npendeiing of " Mtrtub " whiUi they usi:d tu j-dupl at >(.hoo]. 
TWfi the pofiet looked cn<juiringly at the olhcr visitor- 
"If Mr. Money \% at home," wid the 3iitter, " I should be glad to 
*t him, I finrl I hive Ibrgolten my ciril-(-;L*t', h\\\ iny namo la 
'wa— Mr. Victor Heron; and do, i^Ie^iae, try lo remember Ii, and 

Chapter V. 

MliS OREV'a yiRST CAlL. 

^ HomcT^t home* like ^Ir. Money himself, corvcycd lo the 
**^|tiil obaerver an idea of quiet, 5df-aatisfied strength. Mr 
''*W)r hid one of the finest and most expensive suites of Toom 
* W liad in ihe peat Viclofia Slrcct UdldJitg^, j^nd his room* 
■"* firaabcd handsomely ajid richly. He had &civai\l» m 


The C€uiUma9is Magasm^ 

sober livcrjr, nnil a ronlsgc Ibr Ills ynte and dsi^iens^ 
Unlo broufiluim for him^clJ'. He ni^dc no i^rctciicc at 
fiiduonabtc-nthcr, indeed, scvmed to say iJclibcritdy, 
plain mjii imd tlotr't tiirr tAopeuce about Caahioiv *tiJ I 
uiakic^ A ahovr of bciuj^rich; but I omrlcli cuokigb fof all I nvzl^iii] 
whntcvci" money c^ii buy fcr mc ] can buy." He would not allovJ 
wife and ilimghters to nim ;a being jJt'r»o»s of fashion hid thc>' bn&j 
inelin^k bui tlicy rul^Lt A|>ciid aa iQUcl) money u ev^ ilicy pi 
Tic never in-idc n hoatt of hia crisirdl povcriy* or the IiuuiWcnctfi 
hi% bringing up, nor put on any viilj^ar show of ruii^ged indv-pcn<Jci 
Tilt* iiiijirL'seioii he made upon t-vt-fybixly was thai of a compl 
scir-MLfTicirtg — wc do no! say sclf-siifficicut — nmn. It woa noL 
cle:ir haw he had matk hit money, ilc Jiad been at Eiic hcid «f I 
of the working de;*irtment* imdcr tlie Government, had uont' 
iantitt) hitiifdf ill-tiealcd, icMgtitrd bii* phKe* aiij, ii wiet undi 
had entered into various contracts lo do work for ihc Govcmi 
foreign States. It u-^s certain thai Mr Money maj not a Bpcci 
His iinme m^ver jpptMred in llic tlirvLlora' lisl of ,tny new romj 
He couid not be cajlt'd ^ diy man. Dut It wjts ccrtiuik thit he 

Mr, Money vras in Parltam«nE- He w&s a ^troi^g Kadieal m 
and wns hHieved to h^tve much utrongcr opinionfi lie ifoul 
hiniMrlf to ctpi»:^. Tbi^ne^vo^u rough, scornful naya^boLit him, 
one >vho considered ^li our e:cL«tiTig arT!XR|;efneiitA merely 
vinion^il, :ind who in the mt-aii time did not care to occupy hiJ 
uverniuch wliIl the small differences bct^^ccn ihis Irgishtivr p 
Hition And ihalp It was not on political snbjcctb thathcnsiuUy! 
He iv^is a very good Epenhcr, dear, direct^ and expressive in boa I 
fpiage, always using plain^ effeclive vords, and ;ilwa>'s (hciwirg i 
feet case in t)ie fixiijihiiig of liii scnlcnccsn There was a mvou; iC 
literature fiboul him, f^iid it wjl^ ev^detit m many tndirvct wayi 
he knew Greelc a.iid l,:itin much better than most of the Vm 
men. TIjc impression he prodmed *v;in that of -i man who on 
subjects knew more ihau he troubled himself to display. It 
as if it woulO lake a vtTy ready speaker indeed to enter into pcrwnil 
contest with Mr. Money, and not get the worst of it. M 

lie was believed to bcvciy ahii^wd and clfvcr^and Ax^shnoflm toll 
liberal of his money. Pcoplcconsulted him aboin many things *ndlo 
AOLncextcntadmktt'd bim; son^cwer^.n little.ilrAkdor]iiiii,And,inhocrdy 
phrase, foujjh I shy of hiin. Perhaps he w,"i.?i thoiiybi lo lie uDscrupuIouij 
perhaps his blunt wiy of gtiitigat the very heart of JLM-niplcJn 
atjtdc them fancy that lie uthcr dcb^iised lU moral couvcniioi 

^f^^Mto^^f Misa nihrope. 1 39 ■ 

b the rctton wu, a ctrruin d&&« of persons aJwAjr* r^iLlicT dls- H 

■Ir Uontfy^and held aloof even wKilc a^ifig hui advice. No ^| 

vhid conr in his vnv even lor 2 Tnouieri forgOE liim» or iros ^| 

lasinhih idciKil>; nrf&ilvd to form itomc cpiiion ;tboiti Tiiiit, ^| 

■>tt put clearly inlo trords an «xact Matcmt^iit of the opinion ^| 

M pan^ibr cUj of aiitnmn Mr. Money inu in hlc snidy ^| 

■nets- He «'xi ijJking ui hmisclf in thod, b!uni scnlcnccfl ^| 

■Icticr ds be ruad it, and put ic into a pigeon hole, or lofc it H 

k Tt intc the ^a^epa^x-r biitkel- HIe «eni«nce4 w&r« gcfi«' H 

Bejud^mmts proiioiincod on i^.^ich i:orrc«poni?C!nr " Fool ! '^ H 

fcdl' ''JuTstTO; Icxpcctcdthniofyour" *' Vcs.ycs j Iic'a H 

V "'lint mti <la" Sometimes a comment, bvpjn raihor ^| 

Med in a good-nninrcd sx^kSk \ nnd lomerime^ Mr. Money* ^| 

■d«lcitt^ totlic cToH' willi;i [ilua^rd^ndKiLtbricdcAi'icssLoiL, H 

nc>GUOClhoui^tfuI,andlcAnedH[>on hisdcnk^dmrnn^mirwith ■ 

Mi]w of one bond upon hix tceih. H 

Bam inieiTupted lii^ work l^y bringing hliti a nnex).i{;e nnd a ■ 

fc Moiit-yluukcdup. iaid '[uickly, " Vcjvjes ; abou'liimm!" 

Vitior Hcr>n vo^ inirodticcd. 

■oncy uh'anccd to nncct hit viKitor with an air dC cordiil 

K. One jietuLianly of Mr. Mommy's «Uofig> liumrly f^iti- wn^ 

hi/ nroctncM of the sintlc 11 AomcLimc^ wore. The 

hfted KO pLcflsanilyp ttie ^vlutc tccth shone. :iQc] the eycti, that 

kmed heavy, beaini.'d with «o kindly ;m air^ t^ac ir> yunlh ;iL 

■afluevicc wa» foi the luomcrnt urcM&iiblcH Viuor Heron's 

H 6cc fipofkkd with Tcspon^ivc c^tptvs^ion. 

K veil - K^Ad to «ee yoti, glad lo tec yoiu Knew you ivould 

■hovcawsylhoteihie-bookKOJid iji down. We h.tven'llong 

B5 but i tfied lo find yuu, anJ coiUdii't fU ;il yoiit addicaa. 

Ib't know iU the Colonial lnsnm(c even. And buw ire you, 

Uharcyov been doing is'ith yourself.'" 

at mtrh grxyl," llrmn repliei^ thinking ^r tmu.-tl of his 

:c *' I coiildn*i succeed in Jicemg an^lxid)^" 

tcoune not, of conrtc not, J could have toEdyou ^o^ People 

'y«t corning bar: k to town, except hard-ttorkin^ fellows like 

Uk you been cooling yovir heels in the ^inrediainbeis of the 

il Office?" 

1% 1 hare been there a liLtle ; not much, 1 riaAV it wu no uttt? 

lad ihat bn'i iikindofoc^cLip^^tion T delight En." The young 

ice reddL-ncd vriih tlic biic jjiciuor/ of lib vc^atiou. " 1 hue 

[toflhkHj:.'' A 

L. J 


Tlu Gm(U»tan*s Afagusitu: 

" Td KO where joa know |>coplc don't wast to 9Ct >*04i ^ Vex, 4 
tnccyoiniR and »enxinvc people n f:ood dcal< They've puiyouoff?* 

*' As I told yoii, ! have sten nobody yet. But I mean to per^f- 
vcre. They ahaJl find 1 im POl a man lo be got nd of in that iray," _ 

Mt Money ni^dc no obaervntion on ih^s L>je tvcitt to a drawer in 
hU dnkt J^nd loolc out a little book wiih pfi^cs alphnbvocalty arrange 

'* T have )*cfn EiiaLin^ enciulifes alioui yr"» ," he *aid, ** of varioin 
pcojjfc nho know .ill flboiji the colonies \Vould you like to hc-if a 
fUtnmAry dcf-^Tipuon of your pcrion^il cb.imUcr? Donl be 
— thii i* a vay 1 have ; ihe tnomwit a pera^n mcere«K me and 
north thinking about. I enici him in my liitic book hc:<c, ai\d sum 
hU chnraetct from my own olistrvaiion ajid from what people 
me. Shall I read it for yon? I wouldn't, you may be »urc, iC L 
yuu wcrt anylliing tjf a foul" 

This compliment, of coiTrec.confiuered Heron, w^o wa* othenri 
a f^ood dcfil pUR^Icd. Hut there va& somcthinj- in Mr, Mom 
mnnntr wiili those in wlintn he took any interest that prevented thi 
feeling hurt by Kis otcasloDal Mvinine^s. 

*' I don't know myseir," Heron na-id* 

** or course you don't. What bH?y man, who has to know oth< 
people, ccnild have lime to study himself? Tha; work might do ft 
philosoiihcrs- I may beach you somcilung now, and nvc yott 

" I suppose I ought to make my own afrf]uamunce," tisdd H< 
rwiignedly, while much preferring to talk uf liis grievance; 

'* Very good. Now listen, 

" Heron, Victor— Formerly in admin iitration of St Xavttf^ 
llementA, Got into diffiadty ; droppefi dnwn. Education gftod, btit 
literary radicr lh>in business-Uke. I'kniy of plutk, bul wanta tool- 
n^B. Egotistic, but unsdAsh, Good deal of tftlent ond ga^ Vtfy | 
honctl, hut impracticable, A good weapon in good hind«i bul must 
t-ikc CATe not u> he made a plaything. '* 

Heron laughed. "It's a Utile like the sort of thing phreno- 
logists give people," he said, " but I think it's very fiattering, I c^ti 
assure you, however, no one shall make a plaything of fr/f'* he add«^ 
with emphasi?. 

"So we all think, so we all think," Mr, Money said, puttmg awtf? 
his bookp ** VVellf you are going on with this, then?" 

" r am going to vindieaie my conduct, and compel thorn lO g****' 
me aQ enquiry, if you mean tl^t Nothing on unh »hftll kctp 0>^i 
from that." fl 

"SOj so ! Very well, we'U UlW abosJl thit another time — itu»^^ 

Miss Mhanikropf, 

times; JUid 1 bujt give jrou Aome advice, irhich you needn't 
alkc if you dOQ*l like. 3r<l t shan't be riAVndcd- N'ow, 1 witi: to 
Dtioducc fou to xnjr wife said my jc^'''^- '"^ >^ '^(^^l li-^v<^ a <up i>r 
Odcl ba*i it, to f;ad men diinki^tt tea at five o'cl(?ck in iltc 
dtcnoon ? Up at the dub, any day About ihnt hour, you might think 
■e VCR A dnvuig-roonn fnll of okl ^pJiiMcrs, ti> hi.-:ir the riltliiig ol 
to-c^ tlut gocsi on All aiouijJ." 

He tool Hcrcn^s arm in a frieiidly, dictatorial way, and conducted 
Un ic the dniririg-rooin on (he unie Moor. 

llv dnwiog-roufii was cniefcd, ncit by cpenin^ a Oooi, but by 
■AihTinE vomc folds of 4 jcrcat, hcavr. clark-grccn curlain. Mr, 
llflQcrdnwuidepart i>rthv cunaiiMo m^Uce n-;ky (or hi^ ^icnd; and 
d«f both (lopped a BiOfiWDt on the thrrshoU, A peculur, svvccl. 
Ut-ndukcholy uuiLc ^w a sUdiifcc dii^nity for the luotticnt lu Ur. 
XcQcr^ »(»QcMrhai roiiKh Cicc, and he ccnily let the curtiin fall, 

*Vica1 tiKfC tome great pmorip Mr, Heron— it Lirke« wosii? — 
i^ved lo ciy thoC whatever iroubk-s hf.* lud out^idi^, nil ct-ited as 
kfloftl 11 hU own dour? Wcli» I always feci like tbat vvlicn I lift 


v» a pretty Kigtit, u be a^in raj«cd the curtain, aod led 

ia. The cLcawin|;-niuni was very laiji^. ^^*^ ^^'■"i rirhly, 

•d « it seemed to Heron scmcwhAt oddly, fimiLshcd, 1 he light 

■ tfce lover part wa* fjit«t and dim, a son of ydlowi&h twilight, 

inupul by Bofieucd bm;K. The tipjjcr e.nirciniiy wa* steeped 

i« £« brighter light, and di3pU)cd lo Heron, almost u on a 

^ « little group of woiTicn, amoniE whoiii hb quick eye at once 

■vthtgirt vhohad come up to the door xi the wme linn* with hmi. 

fte fos, indcni. a very tonapituoiia Ngure, for *hc wn* scared 

Mifi, and one giil sal ^t her feet* while anotlicr MxxhI at the arm 

tte »o&, ar>d bciil o\cr her An etderJy lady, with vcluminotis 

4^nic« thai f o-ited over the flotjr, was reclining m\ a loxv iirmchLiir, 

*ttber profile turucJ Xxj Heron. Ort .( fjiity l^ible near, a silver 

ItittV jclittcrcd A damiily drvsscd waning maid was serving ica. 

*Take care of X\\v floor as you come along/' waid Money. " We 
fcuput vu^S Aii<J rollh of 4:«»pcl* and MonK jiow jii ail Hml!t ur 
*i^ liiCO to trip pcotJe up, 'I'htit iiiiowA liow arli»lic wc arc 1 
^Ma, dear, this i« my Friend, Mr- Heron," 

'I am glad lo >ec>«u, Mr. Hcr^jn, " »id a full, deqj, melancholy 
'^csi and a tall, slender lady partly rose from her chair, ihcn 
^Mud ber draperit^t^ bowed a head topped by a tiny laee dp, 
"^hddoiK to Hen>n a thin hand covcncd willi rings, nT>d having 
**kbutclets and dq>cndw]t chsiiii]clSf rhai, wb»:rii Hcnjii ^ve \\. 


14; Tki GtHlhifmns Magdzine. 

rven tie gentlest prc-uiTrc, they raiUcd like Ihc miinacks 


"Wcmwycu iri Pahs, Mr, Hcton," the lady gracioiiily^Aid, '■bm 
T think yi>u h:tr(!ly *awii us." 

''ITicic arc my ilaMghtcrs, Mr. Heron, Theresa ind Lacy, I 
think ihcm c:ood cirls, lho«gb full of Tion,^cnfir/' %aid Mr. NConcy. 

Lucy, whn h.-id bceo on i fooisiool at Mi*i Crey'i f«l, gathered 
hetscW lip, biHthing- She was a lirttty girl, wiih bnwji, fri/sEy kur, 
and wore a drew whith fiUcJ her ao closely from neck lo hip, ihtt 
she might really h^ve been, to all sirerniiip, mehed or moulded into 
it The other young lady^ TheresaT tliglitiy nnd gravtly ircBned her 
hc^i (o Mfn HeroUi wbo ;it uiicc Lhuugbt thr vholc grotij> moU 
delightful and bt^fiutiftiT^ nnd {QM:i\.^ bii^ bronM filL^d with a ncv i^nde 
in Ihc lovc!d old Kngbnd rhui prodtieed such homeland furaisb 
them viUi such \uomen. 

•'Dear. dAiling papV exclaimed ihc enthuiiastic little 
swooping fli her father, and throsHng both anna round his neck. •* 
have had siieh n joy to-day, *itcb a mirpriiic \ Don't you 
anybody hcrrr' Oh, tome now, clo tisc ynwr cfps-" 

^' 1 ,^ce \ young lady whtim I have not yet the plcumre 
knowing. Lift whom 1 hope you will help my to know, LucckL" 

Mr. Money mmed to MUt Grey with bis genial vmiJe. Sh^ 
rot? from tbe sofa and Ujweil, nnd TVJiiietl. She did not M yet t^i^ic^ 
andewtftnd tlic Money faiwily, nrd wan not svtre whether rfie ocijflftV 
to like them cr not They impiVBsed ber at ftrst as btmg far lOO 
rich for her taste, and odd and affecicd, .ind nhe hsrcri flrtoctfltion ^^ 

'^But this ii Nob Grey, papa — my dcomt old scboolfellokr nh<^H 
I was at Kecion; yoLi must have heard me t&lk of Nola Grey »> 
ihousand times.'' 

So she dtagyed brr pa]irL up to Nala Groy, wliosc colour grtv * 
little at this tcinpc^itiiciLs kind of wclcomcn ^^ 

"Daresay I did; Liiedft, but MiKSCJrcy^ latn fturCt will cxcufiei^H 
if I have foTgollf?n ; \ .ini very glad to see you, ^!liis Grey — glad *^ 
SR! any friend of Lucelet's, So yoti cofiie fiouj Kecion? 'Hi 
another reason wliy I should be glad to sec yoti, for 1 jasl now 
to nst a question or two about Ke^^ton, Sit down." 

Miss Grey allowc^d hersdf lo be Ted lo a solii a ItUlc di»ta(iC* 
E-om where she biid been sitiing. Mr Money aai beside her. 

*■ Now, Luc^eli:l» 1 want to ask Miss Grey a sensible <|liC9tiotll ^ 
two, which 1 don'r tbJiik yon tt'ould fare twojicnee about, yo^ 
you go and help our two Thrresa?' to talk lo Mr. Heron" 

"Bfr^ pipa daHing, Misa Grey won't care abom what yoa c^H 


Afiss Misanthrope, I4j 

ite nbjects uif mor« thtn L Sti« wool ferow onythuie about 

** Yes, de»r, ihc will ; loolt jii her lortJuMO," 
■* Ofc. 1 htvc looked nt ii \ \%^\ \\ beautiful ? " 
" I didat mein Uui," Mr. Monty siciid with x imile; " 1 meant 
Am it koo):cd Hmtble joi.1 iliougluful. Now, go Away, I,tict*l«i, Like 

libsCrtT i£U quietly ihroofth all thifl. She u-:in nc>i in ihc Ita^t 
cfleodM. Mr- Money »e<:tnc«l l» her to b*' juit i\ man ought (o 
te looiih, rauglv And domineering. She iran Amusctl meanwhile 
to ctscfTc the Wnd of devotion and cnthuiiosm with which Mr. 
Bam«u entehnff into conver»tion witli Mn. Money uid her dder 
^fbier ThitirK>iv3ijiutiihiiaimnou£ht to ho -^ a young man— Ml )y 
tilkidevoliori to mijiixn, unleu perhaps where ihe devotion wjvc to be 
MBVolcd fbr ochcrwitc th^n by itlliDen^ as in a cite hlce the pvesentr 
«^ the unnuTTied uonxr: m%hi be |>Teiutiied to liave luge 
fatan. So Mivf (>rey like>1 the ivhule »rene. It w^^ as good f»a 
l^ifthcr, cspOcijilljAi^oodiuapU/whirhcdnBrmsal] onc'« own 
taaaof Kfe. 

"Eai^nd, Mr, H«to«»," caid Mrs. Money in her melancholy 

''Ob, Mra- Money, pray (wudon mc— Eoylind ! you am^c mc — 
!• OTptiftcd — do forpvc me— to hear an l^ngtiiih woman s^y ho ; 
*>lKig1ifK) with her j;lori«ui destiny I ' The young mnn hhistied 
^ISnr cociAiacd. (>nc mifjht h^vc thought hia inullicr bad Lccn 
"^d in qncitson. or hi* jwccthcart- 
)lni Money shook her head snd twirled ore of her hnceleli^. 
'ihcii rrar her fall^ Mr Heron \ Voti cnnntrt know; you hii\c 
>*b1 Cv awAy, ind do not see w^ut wc !ice> She h^h [Jroved fiitbleKi 
^W minion." 

'Sooethivig — yc< — thew I agree,' Mr. Heron eagerly Interposed, 
AtBlag c* the S;. Xaviet** Settlenn-nti, 

*Sbe aas tlic cradle of freedom," Mra. Money went on. " She 
^tohave been oJwayi iununery and homc^» Whnt have wc row, 
lU HfToa? A penr|jic nlwohjtely in icrvim^le. ihc prim-iplo of 
*f etctywhctc trium pliant — cormption in the oiUtotrjcy — cor- 
^te in ihe city. No man row dire« to serve his cOLintry eteept 
'^tk penalty <if vuflerinjthe bbekei;t inj^iittidel" 

^ Henm «ras utariievl. Hl- ilid not know tlut Mrs. Money wa:* 
■^i only ftom the aMumprion that her husband waa a vcr> t;rcat 
^v^wogJd hav« done wonderful thi^K^I'or EngUndifa perxxrce 
^tweriliiig cUivhad nor thiKirftti h/m ;jnd trcai^ hini^jaAV- 


I ■ 


144 T*^*" GfHttfmaHs Afagojwu. 

"England," Thcrcact Money uid, smilini: awcctlyi but wUh a sui 
fusion of TneUncholy, "cin hardly be rcgcncTifltcd uniil shciiono 
more dijjped in the holy ircll." 

" Voii 3CC, wc aU diink ciilferendy, Mr Hcnm," uiil the cigc 
Lucy. " Mamma tbink^ wo wiint a republic Teaay b a saiot,ani 
would like 10 sc^ roadside i^hrinfs." 

"And )nou?" Hrron asked, plfAsrtl with ttie girl'^ bri^tcynaci 
Winning ways, 

" Oh. I— I only believe in the regeneration of England ihrougl 
the renascence of art. So we aIL have our diffen>ni iheorios* yon am 
but we all ogrcif to tliffcr, :ind nc don't cjcuxrcl mudi, r^t|ia laughs a 
lu all, when he h^ time. Hut juit now I am taken up with Ndi 
Gr«/. U i were a ni£n» I ahould m^-Lke :^n idol of Ner, That love^ 
mriiesqnf? face, ihat figurc^ikc ihc Diana of the L.ouvre t " 

Mr. Heron looked and idmired, Init one person *& rjj^tiires abou^ 
man or wonun seldom awaken corTCs|>ondiiif; rapture* in impulBf 
hrc3si¥- He ^v\ however, a hADdisom^lady'ltkegirl, who com 
to him a son of chilling impression. 

'*Shc was uiy schoolfellow at Kcclon," Lucy went on, "and 
WAS to good and clever that 1 adored her then, and I do now igun. 
She has come to Ixtidon to live alone, and I am sure she mmt ha« 
M>ine sIrangL' and imnanuc sToty." 

Meanwhile Mr. Money, who prefaced his Gn<iuiiic« by lelU&£ Mi# 
Grey that he was ^wayi asking information aboitE fii>methm£, b«gaa 
lo [lut If vemi qnestion^ to ht-r concL*Tning the loLal magnates polifk% 
and parlies of Kcc conn MinoU wa^^ ntiher plca&cd to be taikcJu>tf 
A man as if sh^ were a Tat;un;il creature i.ike nioal girU brouKtitup 
in a Nonconformist homehald in a coimlry town, she had been wii- 
rounded liy prjlidcal talk from her infancy^ but^ unlike niot»i girK>'i' 
h;id sometimes listened to [land learned to knou' what iiw^aaliabouE. 
So she gnve Mr. Monoy a good denl of iitbrmatLon, which he tccciv£d_ 
vith an approbatory '* Yes, yes/' or an enquiring *^ So, so/' evciyi 
and then. 

" Vo;i know th.ii there's likely lo be a vacancy soon in the 
senCation— member of Parliament," he added by way of opkiial 

'*! know what a vacancy In the repre^cnuition mearii/ Mij« 
answered demtircly^ "but I didn't knoff there wast likely to b« 
iuBtnow. I don't keep up much corrcspondcnct with Kectoa 
don't love it." 

"Why not?" 
fc *'0h. I don't knoir." 
. He ffoijJcrL 

Miss Misanikropf, 


■■ Vol Kt isiilinff because /ou think thai a wonun'fi iinaipcr ^ So 
it Ui, Ml Money, and 1 am afnud « Un'r mif , but I roily dicln*t think 
of «1ueI«^ uytiig. ] J4> know bbhy I ilWt care :nuch about 

* Vfii fc* t ^^» 1 ^"^ ^y y^^ ^^' ^"^^ *^ return, at the books 
^^^joQknDva Mr. Ait^u^nisShcppard?" 

OeoMld nut help colcurirtf alightlx^ " Y«, I koowhimi'* and 
t in y#f broke over her lace in q>it« of hcnclf 

** U hf cLToog ie Keeton ?" 

'IttU Ufced, rapccldble, a likely kind of man lo get good Cod- 
vtriiit HippOTt if he stood for Ktdon P Vcu don't know, 

'Vc^ [ lliiiiL I do know, I bdictrc he wi&hcs to gel inio Paf- 
iMcat and 1 am njrc hi2 m thotight highl)- ol. Jde m fL very good 
ViV^Buii of very high cKtr^c(«r,'* she added omph.'ttic^lly, a:ixioui 
bitfdr the nitfjiul wTonj^'iloing cf thinking lum liiiiiailmjs ^'ind 

lldiittliii moment Mr Heron rose to tokc liis leave, and Mr. 
Moky Edt the room u'ith htm, to that the ccnvereatioD wtOl Miss 
;ftQssbcokcn u^. Then Lucy came to NoU^j^dln, nnd Nob wioji 
Inouklcd br tlic three women, who be|;nn to lay out ^.iriou^ ^hcmea 
fcmii^ ber oiften and making London plea^nt to htir. Much as 
MlflCbtly h«7oine loved her lonclmeu, she v^n*, gristly totichcd Ity 
faipmancoui kindne.u, but «hc vcx^ aJarmed by it too* 
A cud "aa brought to Mib- Money, who |«witfd ii on to Lucy* 
■•OK fcow drbghif'iil ! " l-vicy exchimcd, " So gUd he has come, 

! NoUt dcar« a pod, a real poet I " 

Bbi KoU wo^ld not prolong hervisit that d^y cvtn for a poet. A 

lund«mie» till, dark-haired m?n, viho ai a diBtince adeemed 

young.arid when nc^r looked worn ^nd not very yourg, was 

itL For the moment or two th:it ^c could >cc him, Minoitt 

^kagbt die had n«T«T soon 80 aeU-conccacd and aAeclt^d a croitture. 

3hedidnot hc:if bin nn-mcr nor ;i word hi' s^jid, bui his splf^ndid 

cyOj cecply sirt in bollon^. took in every outline of her face 

She thought htm the poet of a Khool'^rl's romance iimde 


UboU tone hcrwif from the cILnging embraces of Luqy, wJih lew 
toiJ^r, peihafHt because of the poeiA arrival, lo whose i^cicty 
Wy w deuly anxious to hasten l«ict. :t so happened that Mr, 
wCf bftd kept Mt^ Hciun for 4 ieiiv minutes xn Ulk, and the result 
ilkt exactly u Mb» Grey reached tbc door, Mr. Heron &mved 



Thf Ctnilemofis Ma^a^nf, 


there loo. Th«y L>oth cnme out I0f[clher, and in a moment 
w«v in ihe grry annnsptierp, dun ltn<s or ^ous«, and twinkling 
lighl» of Victoria Sircci. MirioUwoLild much mthtr have l>oen 

Victor Heron, however, was full of the antique idca« o( tnrSr 
ehKslroii* d"ty atmI wonun^ swcei deperdence, which still licgcrpd 
in ihecuI-of-lhC'Wiy colony where he had speni so much of ha time 
Aiso^ It mu5i be oxvned that he had not yet quite got nd of the 
of fcsponsiliilicy and univcTwl dicCatorship belonging to the 
man in .» pclly cniumon wealth. Foj some time after hi* tetunt 
London he could hardly ^?C' an omnibu^-horse fall in the direct 
out thinking it was nn occasion which called for some intervi 
on his part, ThcTcfore^ when Miss Grey and ^*^ stood in the 
tOgctlicr, Mr Heron x\ oni:c assiiined that the young wonuui IDI 
a matter of counc, ict|uirc! his c^ort and protection. 

He calmly took hi& place at her eld?, Mi^ Orey was a IfClte 
prijicd, buc *iJiJd nothing, niid they went on. 

'* Do you live fflf from this, Miis Money?*' he bcgain. 
•* 1 am ttoi Miss Money— my name le Grey/' 
*'Of coiir*e, ye* — T beg your pardon for the mistake ft 
orly a mistake of the tongue, foi I knew very well th^I you vrtit' 
Miss Money." 
'* Thank you/' 

" And your first Q:imc is 50 very pretty and peculiar thai 1 
not have easily forgotten \t" 

" I am greatly obliged to my godfathers and godmothers" 
" Did you say that you liveJ in this quJiner^ Mis* Giry?" 
*' No— 1 did not maltc any answer; I had not time." 
*' I hope you do tiot live very near." tlic gallant Heron ol 
"Why do you hope thst?" Miss Crey said, coming herei^et 
him with an air of cold resolution, winch woulJ piolwily 
proved very trying to a less sincere JTiakcr of comphmcnt*, 
though a far more dexterous person than Mr, Heron. 

** Of course, because I should Irnve the less uf your txjmpauf," 
*' Hut there is no need of your connng cut ofyour way fbrmo- 
don"i requvrt any escort, Mr^ Heron." 

"1 couldn't think of letting a lady u-alk home by herself. 
would seem vciy slranyc to inc. TcrliApi you ihinl: mc 
Cushioned or colonial ? '' 

'^ I have heard that you are from the ^^olonies. In London 
have not time tn keq> up all these pr*^rty forma and ceremonies. 
tJon*tar]y longer pretend to think that a girr needs to t>f^ dclerded 

AIus AfisaniAro^, 


or roblMK, or outd bull^ ^oa crocuog Ivo or three 
ID qfvn diy^' 

'd(, i: b huxdiy open liij now \ \i a almoit ciuite dark." 
bmpc are li^tcd,^ MU» Gr^y cbficrvctl, 
"Yov if^ foa csH that bdng l^hced I Vou have cuch bad gas in 
Why clofa nut soiiicbocly alir up [wojilc hrrc, nnri put 
on^tt? Vou u«m lotnc the mcst juucnt ptoplc in ill the 
■U. I with the>- irould give me the rul:ng of this place for about 

"Do you?* and ho looluxi at her with fl gloikce of eeauinfi 
ID \as da^ eyei, for he thought ihe me^mt to ex^^reoi her 
omfiilcaice in Uis ^ovcralo; [xfweip ^md her wi>h Ui her him 
!lb htf4 of ofi^UTS. Mils (Wcy, hoircvcr, only recant that, if he 
na^ifed in ifireotrAg tho municipal govemmenl of London, he 
ndl frnhifcl]^ b^ tather loo bii«y (o u^alk wiih her. 
Ydv* he wcct on^ "yon shgtiW *oon sec « change. For in- 
*— t^wetc mw at the end of Victoria Street, hear the Ahbcy — 
'Iveuld bc^ by having a great broad (treein like thi*. roaning 
ittup &om here to the Britiih Museum— you lutow vlieie the 
UtBeom ia. of oouncf" 
•V<*: ] bveneariL* 

'Deyou Fdlly? I am so glad to hear tlul. I have been there 
^ very oflcn. How happy yovi Lotidonas aic to have auch 
Ifcw pUcce! in that Tcadins-rcoin I felt incUcicd to bleas 

lEsii Grey wa« nciw partimUrly inrry that >hc Imd viid anyrhing 

teber pUcc of re^dcoce. Still it did nol acvin as If much would 

^teo gained by any reticence ijnl<« she coiaH actufllly dismiss hex 

■piion perempiofily. Mr. H^on won evidently quite resolved |6 

bn nrort aH the way al<^ng. He waa dearly iindet ihc Imprcsaion 

hetraA nuking himself very apKcablc. The good matured youth 

he wa» doing ']ul1c ihc right thvng, and meant it all for the 

bat, and thrrc-txiri-" c:nuld tiol :iuppo^c lliaL any nice girl could 

lOaccqAhia attendance in a kiiidly spirit- That Mia* Grey must 

a nice giH he naa perfect)/ certain, for he had n^ct her ;Lt Mr. 

'«, and Money waa evi<llen!ly a fine ftlluw — x very fine fellow. 

firey waa very hamlaome too, bui tliai did not eount for very 

■ith Heioti. At Icaati he would have made hunsclf jU9t as 

Vswltr ifcc drcumsianceei the eifort of little Miin Wonchet. 

I 09 he tailed on about varimis thing* — ihe Muncys^ and wl^ai 

pnnai^ people they were ! the Bridsh Af uMuin, what a nob\e \tl>\\- 




Tk4 GiHilf man's Afagashu. 


tuiion ! the S'aibnAl CiUcrjr, Ikow hidcoiia the building!- 
CATth didn^t j:tnyt>ody do BOmfidlblg^^the glorious dcEtiiiyof 
—the utter imbecility of the Englitjfk Govemtnenr. 

It in^ not always quiic easy to keep up witb hU Ulk, fer; 
strcctB were crowded and noisy, aud Mr tlcroa talked 
Ihrough every interruption- When they casne lo croie&ingK ftherei 
p^rplrxed luncnis and coucter-cancnls of traffic on nhe^ls 
b^ifcmaiJc a nervous person shudder, Mr, Heron coolly :o^ 
Grey's hand :uid conducted her in and out, ulting all die 
ftt if they were crossing a Ijall-roora floor, Miiiol.t tnnd« ii & 
of honour not to hctititc, or stmt, or show that she had nt 
But Tvhcn he bef;.in tO run into polities he alw^iyti pulled bimKlfl 
for he politely rertn^mbercd thai young bdie» did no: care 
politic^ and so he tried to find sou\c p;cllicr aubjcct lo mk 
MiH^ Grey understood Ihi^ perfectly well, and wa» ^imuscd 

** I suppose this man trui^il be a person of 4ome liraim and 
she thought. " lU W13 in cotwrnaad of something anrnr*-Iirrr, 
fiuppoac even the Government he calls so imbecile would not 
put him there if he were a downright fool. But, because he taUti »i 
wrnnan^ he feels bound only Xo talk of trivial things." 

At last the wiiJk oime to an end. '* Ah, 1 beg pardon, >wi 
here," Mr. Heron said. *' May I have the honour of calling on 
family? 1 somcirnieis come lo llie Museum, and, if I might dJI, 
shotild lie ddighicd to nvikc their Ai/juairunce." 

*' Thank you," Miss Grey siud coldly, **I have nolunily. 
father and mother are dead." 

'*Oh, I am so sorry \ I wish I had nptaskedsiichnqueitian.' K< 
looked really distressed, and the expression of hia eye had ia\ 
first time a pleasing, softening effect upon Misa Grcy- 

" We lodge herej a\\ alone. A Ifidy — a.ri old friend of tnlno- 
Wchavc noicqiiaintancca, unlcs*Lucy Money's family may be' 
to. We read and study u great d?al» and don't go out, and doa'E 

**I can finite unilcrsiaJid,'* Mr, Heron answered with 
nympalhy. " Of course you don't care lo be iotnidcd on by 
1 thank you for having altoi^'cd me Itie plea&ure ofticcompanyiiij 
so (at," 

He spoke in tones much more defni^ntiid thnn Iwfore, fiDT 

assumed ihfti the young ludy ^"as lonely and poor. There mo sofl** 

^Dg in hii manner, in hie eyes, in hiK grave, reapectfu] voice, vb*^ 

conveyed to Mjnola the idea o{ gcnuVn*? sympathy, and broti^t 

Afiss JHuan/Zirofif. 


icr» l^t object of it, a ntw conviction thai she really vas ut^Utcd and 
nWndleKt ami dw sptings of her emotions ircrr Tourhcd in a moment, 
lad ten fluhcd iq her cycA. Pcrhapi hfr. Heron iiaw ihcuk, and 
jldllJMbeoufiht 001 to Kc them* for he niiacd hirt hut and initantty 

MiooU Linger^ &r a mcmcnt on the dcoi^lrp, in order that tho 

I aifbtrccoTci hcT cvprcMion of chccr^lnc^ before mcctinf thccyct 

Of Uitt |{b»<:h<t, bmtfut hctle lady had seen her coming to tho 

dMr,and «ccq .ind mirvcltrd ai her cccrjrt, and row mn hrrsf^lf and 

ifCEKd tfic iIkjt Iu receive hcf. 

"My dear Mincla,doieil mc who ihM honUKomcyoiing m:mwA&! 
Iki krvtly dart eye* he had \ Where did you meet him } U he 
jRq^Mr. Ifoney?" 

Ihc poetess's juaccpublc loaom Mill ihriiled and throbbed at the 
ii||A, or cvcti the thought, o! a handsome young man. She could not 
ndcniaod ham jnyhody on earth could ;ivoid liking handtome 
TRBf men. But in tliia case a certain doubt 4iid diBitttisfaction 
Uddnly docoLt^d aw^y mto her instinctive ^rntitkxLtion ai the 
ii|h of Misoh'K etcort. A handu>me and y^iin^ Mr Money mijj^hi 
pDvc an iiKtmvenient vtiiror ji»c at preurnc. 

Hinol* bncHy fold her when they were safe In their room. Miss 
Hokcta wiLs relieved to hnd thai he was not a joicng Mr. Moneys 
ijTi yotog Mr. Money, if ihcre ivctc one, would doubiles» be rich. 
*" bat he voodeifully handsome ! Such a ^mJlc ! ^ 
1 hardly knov/' Minoh sai'l dbire^L'dlyt ''perhaps hew. 1 
dtdnt notice. He goes lo ih^ Museunir and I musi exile my- 
^Cd die iiUi:e for evennore, or ( s^all bf alw-iys [nerliug him» 
Ic fofced to listen politely to tjilk about nothing. Mary Blanchct, 
di;tOf&t«domare^one! He are gelling to know peoj>le. I 
iL ^Vhat ihAll we do? Wc must And some other lodgings 
att So fir away." 

Do you like Mi£» Money, dcari*'' Mary Blanchet ^sked 

"tj^ry? Oh, ynt; vrry mttch. But there Is Mr, Money, and 

»c goirg to be terribly kind lo us, and ihey have all manner of 
*i and what >s to become of my independence ? Mary Blnnchct, 
'1 nl wr bear it 1 1 o'j^tf be independent!" 

*Ihaw new* for yon, deir," Mi^s ElanchcL said. 

"If it please the destinies, not news of any more Tricndfil Why, 
vedaU be Uke the hare in Gay's fable, if we go on in xhis wsyJ' 

"Kot of any more frlend^j darhng, but at one friend. My 
b*«fe hu been he:ie." 



Tks Gmiktmn^s Magazine^ 


" Y««; ^nd h« U lon^ng CO lec yOd." 

MincU &in<:-ne]> wished that ahc ccitld say iJic w&s loi 
to sec hira. But »hc could not ixy it. even to plctisc her fnc&d 

*'Vou don't want to see him," *aid Mary Bbrchd, in pi 

"But youJoi clear." MmGrcybdiJ. ''and 1 «i]^nll like lo kc 
one, be (Uic, who hrightens yonj lifir/' 

This was inid wiih ftill sinceriiy, ^ilthmigh at ihc very mcmenci 
vrhimAkfl] tliought pawed tlirouijl] her. '' Wc oulj want Mr. Ai 
Shcppiud now to compk-k our soo^il tuippinots." 

Chaitbk VI, 


MiKOLAs tnind was a good deal disturbed by the various lit 
events of the day, rhe incidents and consequence » of her ta%\ 
in Lortdo:i. She began to «ee witli mui^h ^icrplcxily And dtuj 
ment that her life of loncl)' mdepcndcncc wai likely to be 
premised. She ^vas not sure that she toiild mtich lik« Uie MoMyii 
and yet she ftli Jha( they were disjiosed Jtnd dclcrmined to be "tff 
kind to her. There was something ridiculourc aiid painiii] in the fibCB 
that Mr. Augushis ^heppard's nj-mc wn:^ thn^st upon her, almost ■< 
the first moment of her crossing for the fir^r tini.? a strange thmlli^ 
in LoDdo^i then there w^ Maiy BUnchct'js brother turning up; tfd 
Mary Bbnchct herself WEin evidently falling olT from the high deiipi 
of loneJy independcTice, Again, Ihero Wi3 Mr Heron, who now 
knew where she hved. .■md who often wrrnl lo the British MuscmOr 
fmd who might croas hei (jatli at .iny hoitr, Swccl. lonely frccdott| 
happy t4rdcssiic5s of action, faTcvcU! f 

Mr.Heronwasespeci-iUyatroiible lo Minola. The kindly, gM« 
Cipressiun on liis face rthcii hi: heard of her livinj^ alone dcclAicd* 
aj* nearly &.% any words <ould do» thai he considered her an objca ef 
pify. Was she an object of pity ? Was th.^t the light in which any- 
one rould look at hersuperb project of pl.iying at a iifdong holidaj? 
And [f people t^ose to look At it ito, what did that tnaiia to hei ? 
Are women, then, the ^bve^ of the opinion of people all 4ux>and 
them ? '' They ar«," Minola said to herselt in ecotti and meUndM)^> 
"They are; 1 am shaken to my very sou!, beciui?tc a youn^ 

Aliss MtsaniAropg, 151 

mm, ten thotc o|union on any other n:bjcct I should not nuc aTlJ^ 
ikcbocaa to look u mc <n(h pity 1 " 

Vboi^waflBXlincholy. When the outer world was shut out, fuid 
d)r jn vM tigtiicdt and the two women SA,t down to wotk uid talk, 
Ukioj Kcmed to Utnola quite sv^ it had bcciL The L-vidcnt 
llffneu and purriitf high ffunt* of the little poetess opprcMcd ha. 
1(17 JUmcbet w»a so ^Ud to be making acquainUncei, aaU to h^ve 
mt pD^«cc of *wng the inwde of a London home- Then 
lioift't lundlicT luturc rctuincd to hcr» and she Ehoi.i£lii of Majy'» 
d^ at sedng her brother, end how unkind it would be if uhc, 
fiub, did not try 10 enter into her feeliogt. Her mind went back 
tkr own brother, to thrtr dc»r c^rly compaiuoniihip, when nothing 
OBBd BOOTc lUtUTaJ And mocc certain ihin that they two »hoii1d 
Rfclte wovkl armio-arm. NowaU that had come to an end — fackd 
■grsonehow; and he bad gone into the world on his own account 
■dandie other tics .^uid forgotten her. Bin if he were even now 10 
M Wk, if the vrctc to hear in the street the sound of the 
pdSnt latiUtle with which be always announced hii cominfc to 
b-ok, hov, In ipjtc of ^11 his fotgriftilnei^ ^qiI her nnger. she 
*^ va to hill! aitd tliii^w her -uius luuiiU his neck 1 ^V}ty 
fcdl not Mary Blaniihct iovc her brother, *iid gladden when lie 

*1inut is your broihtrr likr, Mury dear?" tihe said gently, amioiis 
t^fnptiice by voluntarily altering on the topic dc&rest to her 

"Oh, vei>' bandsotne— very, vciy handsome i" 

MmCfey smiled in hpiie uf hers»eir 

"Kor, Mmob, I know what you arc ainiUng at ; you think It la 
^^kkAjf aoiueiue, and all that, but wciit until you see*" 

*rnwak;' Mioolaaatd 

Mia» Gfey did not go out tlic ueit day ast usu^)^ uUhotigh it w^s 
■tof the nf%, amber frrny^tMituinnal dAy« that eht lovtd, and the 
vfBi'ftPark would iiave loolced bcautilul. She remained neariyall 
« Moniing in bet uwu nx;j:D, and avoided L-ven Mary Blanchet, 
»• iQgttltf chanp: had taken pk<.i: within her, for w}iich s)ic 
hM BOC account, othcr^itc than by di;fiuming that it was begotten 
w€ lav thai a?ie would lie <lr^iwn, willingly or unwillingly, into 
■cnfontl coni^ucTiiiihiLJ, anJ nva^X renounce Iter liberty. She 
llKCcd ifiloa»imnKC, pninfijK !idf-rtuc4tior^in|£ mood- Waa the 
oJe bbric of her «elf'2ppoinicd iiapt>inc=a -lud independence only 
TtaiB. OTr wunc than a ilrcain, ;in error ? So ^DOIl Lo doubt the 
ic and liic rirtue of tlie cm^ujiijjafion alie Imd pt^iycd Cot Ukd 



1 5a Tiu Gffiiltmans Maj^sineu \ 

planned for dun:if; vcan \ Koi often, pcrhipi, has a wfirm-hci 

fftncifUl, and t;^n(cd girl been pruned Aovirt\ by racli pm 

rdilioiTHliips as hi-t^ ae Keeton bteiy : a rvrictj-Tfrmovcil «trpi 

and siqpmotbcr, absolutely uncori^cntd ntili her, ciuaing hcti 

^d her youth Co congeal amid dull repression* What wondcn 

to her all happiness seemed to coniUi in mere freedom and i 

atriueJ helf'developincnL ? Aijd now- — iti ?tut)ii— vvhyiloe* she I 

to doubt the reality, the fuL^lment of her happiness? Only b« 

an impulttve and k-cndly young m^tn^ nhom she ^axt for the linti 

I»oktfd pityiiigfy ,it her. This, ^hf srtid to hoRelf, i< wliat oiaj 

ictiancc and our cronndpation come to after all I 

It vh'o^ a positive relief io her, aStci a futile hour or to on 

qaeiiloning, when Mary Blanchet ran upttairs, and with bed 

eyes bf^cd that Minolii would come and see htr brother. •" fl 

longing 10 fice you — and you will like htm -oh, you will likej 

Minola dearest \ " she said beseechingly. 1 

Miss Grey weni downstairs s(raightw,ny,ivifhot;t^ stopping tw 

one touch to her hair, orcncgUncc al the glass. The little pd 

■was waiting a moment, with an mvolunUTy look towards ihcdrcJ 

table, as if Miss Grey must needs h;tve some businet* there U 

she descended; but Miu Grey ihoitglit of nc^thing of tlie kind 

they vrcnt downstturs together, I 

^linola expected^ she could not tell why, Io see a smalU 

Tatlier withered man in Mary BbnehK's hrother. When thejl 

enleriug the driving- room he was looking' out of the uindow.Aad 

his back tunied, and she was buij^Ti^ed Io &ee that he waft decs 

T3l1[. Vk\itT\ he turned roimd, she saw that not only wjis he htnfl 

but ih^l she liitd recognised the faci of lii& bctng handsome bl 

For he was unmistakably the ideal poet of schoobgirLi whc)m in 

met at Mr. Money"* house the day before, I 

The knowledge prridticed a sDtt of einliarrassniem 10 begin^ 

MInoIa was about i<> throw her soul into the sacriticci and gred 

friend's brother with the uttnojtl cordiality^ Bui she bad picciiri 

herself a sort of Mary Blanehet in trousers, a gentlr, old-^hif 

timid prrson, whom, perhajjs, the outer worlil was apt lo miapli 

not even to snub, and whom therefore it became her, NfinolA G>l 

an enemy and outlaw of the common world, to reeciw with A 

consjderatipn. Bur ihisbrilliam, self- conceited, nffecced, oppre^ 

handsome young man, on whom she had seen Lucy Money an^ 

mother hanging devotedly, was quite another sort of |>enon. \ 

pri.'i»ence seemed v> overcharge the room; the scene became alii 

jwiitid of tall bending funn and dark eyes. 


Miss Misantkr&pe. 


Jni^ to sec rou. Mr Btflnchci," Miw Grc}- bci^Jn. deter- 
be put ottt by any toll -conceited poet nnJ ideal ol 
'^ I lOtut be gltd l(j sec vou, bccAitE« )'0U arc Mary'i 

"Vm ou^ht rathcf 10 be ftot gtad to sw tnc for tbat rewon," he 
mL wiji 4 dqircciting bosr nnri a vlighi ^hnjg of the shoulders, '* for 
i^tclfccii a »riy iittlcttful hruEher tn Mary," 

*So Ih**chcafd," MiwGrcy Mid, **litt not from M,ir>'. She 
ilvi}i defended you, %^x 1 have seen yon befon-j Mr, Ubnchec, 

•Al Mrs- Money'*, )^ealcrtUy? Oh^ yes; I only saw yoj. Miss 
&tf. 1 went li>cfc to ace you, and only in the most lilcml way got 
I ^-antcd." 
"B«l, Herbert, you never lohl me thai yoa were giving, or ihiir 
T^kncw Mrt. Morkcy,' hia sjatcr interposed. 

•XOi dear ; that wa* an innocent deceit on my parL You lold 
•c tktt Miia Grey had gone there, and as I knew ihc Mgncy* J hur- 
id Awsy there ^illiout tclting you, I Tjiitcd toknmv wbalyoii^^crc 
lfl» Ci«y, before seeing nty ;>Uter a^ji, 1 licpc )«u iirc not 
? Shett M devoted to you, that Hhe pained yoti in eolcura the 
levntdiing; but 1 b-.i^ afraid hrr frirnfUhip witj r^rryihg hor 
;jDd 1 wanted to lec for myself when she: was nni prcstiu/* 
Mitt Grey uTiained msohitciy silcniH Sfie ihou^jht Ihii begiimmj^ 
liRieBbrly diugreeible, and began to fear ihat ^lic should nfi^er be 
W lo like \f.iry nknclicl'^ broihct. *'Oh, why do women have 
Witn?* ihc jukcd hcrsclT 'Ilicio Jiecincd flomcthing dishoneii in 
UUnchct'K proceeding, despite the frank compietenesK of his 


Weil, Herbert, confers thai f didn'i do hor jusiicc— didn'l do 
reimnion justice," ihc cnthuiiaslic Mary i^xdaincd. 

If Mist tirey would not h's oiTended,'^ her brother said, '^ f u-onld 

rthu I 4ee in hrr jiui iht wmiun ca[jj.1]lc of ddiii;^ the kiml aiid 

tbicis« I have heard of/' 

Ve»; but we mustn't talk about it." the poeteet said, with tenrs 

fulnen blinking fr h<'r ey^^s, "and we'll not say b woM mure 

X\ it, Minola ; not a word, indeed, deaTn" And she put x dejiic- 

littk h&nd upon Minol^^s irm.. 
TVn ihey all sat down, and Herbert Blanchet began to talk. He 
*^b1 very »'ellf and he seemed to have put away mosT of the airii of 
^''wtiiioij wlJth, even in her very short oppoituniiy of ohscrvation, 
_^W* had wen in him when lie was talking tu the Money ^'oXu 
"Vouhavetnvetled.T^Teafdeid/'Miss Grey said. *'l eivvy^o' 

|i;4 ^^ Ginikiikitis MagaztHe. ^| 

" If you caII xx Travelling. I hxve drllteO Jiboiit the woild a |pK 
t)cal>aDd hccn tlic vioit^ (lJca of «;vciyt!un^. I imkc k |Mjrtik 
acntofway. When any pkcc ihAt 1 know H broujchl into pabi 
notice b; a WAr or fomvthing of the kind, 1 write about iL Or If 

place 1% not brought inioany preseni noilce by unythro^^ [ write abai 
JUand lake a different view from fuiybody else 1 li^vc Uooie pnlia 
krty well with Itiily, ^owmg that Naplct; in the u>;lic«t p]:icc in All ll 
world; that the Roinaii woiiieti have shockingly bud figure*, amJth 
the climate is wrcttkcO fiojii llic Aljrt lu i\\*i Simiu of Xfctiuia," 

" But you don't think that ? '' M-iry BKini.hci hald vroadcringty. 

" Don'i 1? Weill I don't bnow. 1 almoM think J do ior tl 
moment- Ortrc;iri get irlci that fr;ime of mind- Bender, I rral 
don't liift iilMjut ?fci:etiery, X don't oimcrve it ua I |ui!^^ ^vlmi^. And 
like to aay what other people don't ia>Mnd to«c wbathey doa'iso 
Of coune I don't put my riAme to any of these things \ they afo ool 
done (o make a llvirig- I live on ftuch siuffas thac- I livc/r ArtJ 

** It is glorious to live for art,'' hi» nihCer cxdaimcd, |>rc55ing hi 
tlun^ tiny haniJTi together. ^ 

Mip BL^uichct did not cccm to care much about hifi fiisia 

''Myj.rl isn't yours, Miry,"hc said, with apityitig smile. "PictuB 
oi Hower^ and of Hitle children saying their pr:jyer^ and nice poffl 
atiout gcod young m<rn and women, are your idei^s of pointing it] 
]JOC(iy. \ hIIU Mife. You aie a lover o( die hunun rate, I knov^^ 

" J hope 1 love my ticighboiirs," Mary said cimestly, W^ 

" I hope you do, dear* All good little ^vonwn iLko you ought 
do that. Do }'{>u love your neighbour. Miss firey? '* 

'* I dou'l oiic miicli for .ijtyoiic," Miss Grey amwcred dccisivd 
** except Mary BkrtcheL But I have no particular principle 
theory about it, only that 1 don't care for people." 

Alth(rug)i Mi^ (jiey liad Alce^te foi her hcio, she did not 1: 
»bank misanthropy, which she now fancied her visitor ww trying 
display. I'erhaps, too, she b^yan to Ihmk that this xniuDthn 
rather caricatured her oft-n. 

Miss Blanrhct, on thc*^oiitriry,wiLS inclined to argue tlic Quetti 
and to pelt hct brother with touching commonplaces- 

"The more we know peoplCj" she emphatically declared,'* 
more good we we in tliein. In every hcarr dicic is ^ dcqj tptkig 
goodni^ss- Oh, ytfsl " 

'' There isn't in mine, I know." he said. " I sptak for myaril " 

"For shame, Herbert 1 How else could you ever f<T"l impel 
to tty and do some good For your fellow -creatures ?" 

Miss Misaniiifif^, 


'All ifaot vant to (to aiif good to tny ftiIlt;W'Cn:uturr:t. ! 
te^coeibout mrfc1lci(T-cTci:iuo,A]i<l I don't even admit that tl^ey 
uenjidi<m<KAJMTt^ those nwH aid iho*c women too thaton^ 
nrtakiui WliynhouW the rommon pnoictiKm of two leg* make 
Mh^tir<KaX\atrH niJi cvdy inui, moic than wiLli cveiy bird? Ho^ 
7dn^ btc th< htttmn race $x all" 

'This Ji hU noiucnxc. Minolft ; you wonH bclio'v a word of it,*' 
ikllJc pociro cxgi;r3> kluI, dit-ided iKfwccii jjlniiratiori AnJ Ji1;!nti^ 
"V«« good tittle ina^ccnt dear, io il not pcrftxiljr true? Whjii 
ti I ciTf do for jxni, let mc a*k ^ 'J'hcrct Miss Gtcy, yon sm as 
Wo ddcv tiMcr <u cr\rr Imil^ I refurnili^r hr^r :i perfect motli^r 
Uttb 1 djvc M/ I »1iou]d Itavc been di^d \]\\i\y yr<tri a^fj but for 
hitalJtfa vrtkCthcT i ouK^t to thoAk hct 6jr kccpmg mc aljve is 
wbctlMag. Anyhow, wlut *-ii my»-.iy of shoeing mj- gniitude? 
ilMOD » I could aluiiv iiayidf fret, I r^iibltd -ibuux Jit «oiU, iX 
Vfninuit, u»d Dc/cr took nny thought of her, Wc yj^ all the 
m^ Mdfi Urc}', believe mc— wc men." 
'lonwellbelJc^'eii/' MJttt Hrcy tiid. 

'OfcouDe )uu con; in ill crur dealing willi you women mc ore 
be ttiae. Oar listen and mothers ukc trouble without end for 
Mfldo)' their eye* out Tor hk, iuid wc — nLit do we«.rc? 1 am 
*(ii<ncthiin my neigh luiun. Rut if yuti xtk mt, Do i wimire my 
^'M'lnia? I ai»n^ fhuikly. Nv, not U Wbat should I ^idmiie 

"Otoniiafl live for Bomethtng,*' the I iiiic podcs? pleaded, much 
\^fotA ki he* heart At to ^it Miu Giey'fi opinum might lie about 

'Of ei>iir£« ooe mtjct live for arij for mubjc ^nd pooiiy, and 
'^'^ttuid decoration." 

*Attj Nature?" Mdfy Bbnchet grnlly JnKimuitt.-d. 

*^iEsfic — t\o\ Nature is the bunom Rwcethc.m of plou^hbny 
Ml We only afiTcet to admire Nature bticaui^c people think we 
**^ Ivjood if we doo'L No one really care* about great eauliHower 
^ttd ataitlins couIfaHts of bhuin^ puipk- mid emculd green. 
'^ii feOtHing r<ally bdulifLd in NoJutc oxcci)t her decay ; her 
^ ■'Vcds, and dink ^cni«>c«. and funereal evening glooms.*' 

Wklf he talked thii vaj' he wat sealed on the piLino sTool, wTlh 
^ W tuned away from ihe pLtno. on whose kcya lie touched every 
i^Ukt tlieo with a light and aecniinj^ly r.arel;^ hand, bringing out 
^ a tmrt note that teemed to help the conversition rather ihan to 
*0<iropt it l!e was very lii-mElaumr. Minola could iioL help Lhinkiik^ 
' ^ icEt was something in his colourless £ice and deep cy«% l^l 



The GtntUmatii MagoMne, 

wera«d congenial with the Ulk of glooms *iid dcoy. Still, 
hrt first feeling Eowsrds all men, MinoU w-;i* ilisptKwl !*> riiUikf 
the more ct|Mxially as he apokciritli juiair of cdj> ujpctionl>rai] 
who wottJd imply ihni he knew hcvr to mAiniAin his place 
vMrnAH in crtnTion, 

*■ \ thoiiglit all you jMicti affectcil to be m Itti'c itith Njilurc,") 
said; "I mean, you younger poets ;'' iind ahc anphanflci the 
"^youDf^er" wttli a certain c-onumpiuous lone, which nude k 
whur she m?ani it to be—" *jm3lL*r pin*T* .'* 

"Why, /oungcr |iocli?" 

•*WclI1. because the elder cn^-s I Uiitik icaJly tvcmj in lor« 
Nature, and didn't affect anyilnng,*' 

He smiled iiityirgly. 

"No," tie sAid decisively; **wc float care &bout Nt 

"I am fmm the country^ I don'l thm'k 1 Icdov what 
tithool is.'' 

"Wc don't want to be known in the coimny; ire couldnt ei 
to bt known in the couniry/' 

" Rill F;itnr?" Mintih n^krd^ '"doe* Fame not go ouiBll 
twclvcniik raditis ? " 

'• Oh, Mi*£ Giey, do pray excuse me. lul you really %MiMTA\ 
ns ; wc don't want f^»ie, What is fiim* f Vulgarity made imnn 

'' Tli(?n, do you publish for ? " 

He rose from his acaC, and £cif;cd bin kiir with both luincb, 
cotifitrained himself to endurance, and u1 down agnin- 

" My dear young bdy, we dt>n't publiith, we don't intend 1o| 
No man in hl^ acn^e!^ wutild publish for us if we i^cie nevcrso 
inclined. No cnc could sell six ctipic3> The yreJt, i)iidt-l 
public couldn't understand us. We .ire satisfied that the tnic ait 
ni'ver dots have a publit, or look for it. ThL- jjublic can hi 
ihcii Tcrinyson*, and Brownings, and Swinbumes, and Tirppci»,i 
all that lot " 

"That lot!" broke in Miss Blanrhet. mildly hoTfiEkd; *" 
lot ! Drowning and Tupiicr put tt^cther t" 

" Mj dear Mary, I don't know one of these people froio 
1 never read any of them now. They are all the iiune son of 
to me. Thest^ persons aic^ not arttbts : (hey ure only men tryii 
amuse llie public. Sjqlc of ihcm, I am told, arc pcbitivcly foi 

*■ Don't your school care for polities^" Mifi« Cfcy adke(^ 
groynng rather amused- 

Afiss JtfisftH/Arr?fit. 

'*Oh,no,«cnrrtr trouble cur«clve«£bout such thingt. What can 
it nruitttT •rhcih^r thr Rcfarm Bill b rarri*^ — h thrrr a Refoim Bill 
coins OQ new? — I bcli^c ihcic always i^—ot what bccrmrs of tli« 
Fjutcm Qunbon. ot wbethcr New ^CcaJand haf a connitution? 
Thetc arc qtietfionn for veitiymcn, not Arii«ts; wc don'i love man." 

" There I am wiih )"ou,' Mii^sGrny siid; "if tlmtAloi>c wcr4.-(juali* 
ficadon enoufih, 1 ihculd bt g\*d to he one of your fTotcmil^, for I 
diOO*t l<3v« nun ; I thtnk ht ii a. poor creatL:r«] at his b<et-" 

" $n do r," uid ih^ port, luming idwak^?^ h^r wiih eyes in which 
fcir the iDcmmt a ilccp ^ind Eenuioc feeling ^iccmcd to light up; '* the 
poorest creature, at his Ileal 1 ^N'hy sliould anyone turn aside ibr & 
fBO<n«^t from his path to help tuch a thing? \\litt.t do«s it matter, 
thr v-elfjrr of him jnd hit pitiful race? I^E u% i^jnj^, :ir\i\ pby, and 
p^oLt And forsel him and ibe de^tinir tlui he maken mch a vrorW 
sibovl. WHdon only r.onsint in «hiitiing our eirs lo ht<(crjc« of 
flfntiJrion, and jealotujr, and pat:i, and biding happ^ in our oivn tray 
and fbrsttliQg hiDi" 

Tlieir oc? met for d motnent, and then Mmola IoactccI h<:n. 
In that in«iant a gleam of »}Tnpaihy had pjiiKcd from her eye^ i:ito 
hU, and he knew iL fShe felt a littlr* htimiliaird ^ome^ow, like a 
procd fencer suddenlf dijamncd at the first touch of his advcfbary. 
Forju he wit speaking scom of the human race, she nafi saying to 
b<racl( " This man, 1 do believe, hns tuffcrcd deq>ly- He ha^ found 
pCOpk ajld. 4nd mean, and ^Mih — aa / tiavc-^and he fccU ir, and 
cuumX hide it. I did him uror^ ; he is not a Ihbblc or sham c>-ntc 
only t disappooiied dreamer. The sympathy which she felt, »Hovred 
ittdf only too quickly in her very cUiqiiL-nt cj'ci. 

Herbert Blanchet rose afler an instant of silence and took his 
baire,«ibQj permusion to ceUE again, which Mtu Grey would have 
gto4ly nfutcd if che could have ^lood up against the appealing looks 
of Mary. So she had to grant htm the pcrnii»i[>n, thinking, a^ she 
cave il. that a^iothcr ]>ath of her Itbcrty i«as closed 

>1ai>^ went to tht' door wiA her hrodier, and, tsauch lo Minola's 
^raij^enuon, rmiaincd a long time Ealkitig with him there. 

Miu Grey went to the piano and hccan to aitig— aoftly. to herself, 
thai afac night not be heard outsiide. The f.hort outamnaL day was 
already clAting in lAndor. Ohe in the coitnlry tht^te wmiTd be ixvr> 
hcnn yet of light before the ioi.if>d. red siin ivciit iSovvn tx^hird the 
sloping fields, with the iVcsh iiptumed carih, and the clumps of trees; 
but h«rt, iA Wctt'Central regions of London^ the amumn day dies m 
In yotktti. The duEk alrcidy g-nthen^d aroitnil ttie i^inger, who sang to 
pl^se or to »olhe herself. Jn sny troubled mood H\n Qtt^ V^ad 



The Ctntkmatis Ma^tdnc. 

long bwn jiraiseotnfil to cl«w hrr Kpirdn hy nngkig lo 
and on mAny a Inng« duti Stirtday it honi« — ifi the pbcc ihal 
CAllcd h«r home— she hid comitiittcd ihc tnud of unking 
£avounE« bstlLida 10 stow, slow time, ihii thpy might be nu&taken 
h/nm&arid pas* luirqjroved. Her voice iJirf i^Tiy of singirg 
the song seem lilte n ^wcci. plaintive rtcitativc ; jim the Mni^iiC 
bear in the ''gloamiog/' to draw a fe^ people hushed :uouiid iL 
hold Them iti ^itipeniie, fcarfijl 10 lose* n single note and mi^ 
clunn of c:irrcwion' In mith. the chAnn of it ipr^Lng from die fj 
that the sinj^ sang to express her own emotions, and thus cvrrylai 
hid LIS reality and tis meting, VVhcn women sing foi a liiienfi 
comically, the/ Ring convcnikinally, iiid in ihc way that some 
hu uught, or in whit they lielicvc lo be the manner of some fra 
viUt i or thej- fiing 10 somebody or al somebody, and in any 
they are Aw:iy from iLir^miThfuIn?^ whifh in art » simply the ^bli 
expmi^ioi] of inti emotion. ^Vith Minob Gn:y vii^gipg fvgaaa 
lather than a meaiw ; a relief in tJscW.a new mood in ttsdf; A 
away from poor And pergonal emotions inio ideal t«£1ods, whfl 
melancholy, if it must be, was jlways divine ] and p^n. if I'l wtW 
intrude, was purifying and ennobling. So, while ihe little porta 
talked with her brother in the dusfc, -11 iht doorway, witii the 
lamps jnst heginning to light the monotnnoUH street, MfnoU 
singing herself into (he pure blue ether, alcove the fog^, and doud 
and diaeordant selfish voicxs. 

She <^aine baclc to earth with soinething like a ticavy W^ 
MiiTy Blanchei nn in upon her in the dark ^nd exdaiir^cd^ 
" Now, do tell me — how do you like my brother ? " 
To say the truths Miss Grey did not w^Il know. " I wonder, Is 
an Alceste ? " ^he asked herself. On the whole, his coming had m 
an uucomfortable, ,inxioi»s, uncanny imprewion \ipon her, ;ind 
looked back with a kind of hopeless regret on iIk day* when i 
had London all to heTsdf» and knew nobody. 



of Ktiiffli decUrcd not long ^mcc lo the Briiuh 
ir Ai hU Conn I W '"all thai had bix-n saklorttTiwcnt 
ill of Peter the Gn:Ai/and tWaim» of Catherine U,, wctg 
id plULniomi which rwver eKiAtod in tt^Xwy \" :in<l thir. kicIict 
he'veniion wat flillnwcrt hy Thr piihlirnrion nf !i lert^r from 
LOlfto tlicK^iKtuR <tm1iUMdor in I.orfdon» ronuining 
>1uiic cJAculatica on th^^ ULinc sulked : " I see with 
tbiit ideat of o*ir coveting Cor»iiantinop1e and cf tha 
rtf Crr*/ corliniic to hauru ihc minclK of isome jicople 
How often have ihc Rujsbn emperors jmUlidy 
Lt w> tcrntorioJ jLmie»:]tto]) enten mto their policy \ that 
be much embamvsetl by it? . . . What fijnher pledga 
kveofouf having no pieienriioTi tothc^.rr/umrOpossej^sion 
Plinoplc?'' The emperor "regretted to see that there stiil 
iEogtuid on 'inveicTate' suspicion of Rtissm poUc^^^ and 
B feir of RuHian aggrev^Lon and roii^utsL He pledged 
jnoid o! honour, in the most earnest and solemn iiiuniici, 
id aa bttenbon of Acquiring ConnUuitinople/' find a few days 
locdcred an army of men to tskc up a position on 
tti cf TiiTkey^ with the appaieni intciition of going ro war, 
ton in, roifttil have liud, "for an ide^ "—not this time, an 
n feared, to kill, hut In fwr the ^icfc of B^'z^nrinin. 
II rumoured in uiually wclt^infoimird circles 'dWkX^ when 
B0£i&6cld 6ru read Lord A, l^ftus'^ suqiiiaing dc^{>atch, ho 
kqtuen'ft meft^engor, intending to order him forthwith to 
bh »CWll dcftpiich-Jiij^s filled with old histories uf Rusia 
nr, and ft c*»llcciica of tlic numerous trenticR of peace ^si^ 
ftodilhip which were *ifined by the reprcscntativet of thoao 
pcidtifingthc laal half of iheeighKcnthiii^d firs! half of this 

Ey, together wilJt ?iCwneothertrealici, friendly a:»suran(:es, 
ndcDcc relating lo the subjugation ajid cxtlnetion 
om of Poland ; but for my own pail I hesitate lo 



The Gentlemafis Magusinf. 

bclicrc Oic nimour, for ihcsc dusiy old volum^t woald dittJow a Uk 
of akoou ccascloa iningiic aJMl wan wigcd by Rtiuia, irilh fcutiol 
T«&ultx of a much moic subttUrdat natuie than '' an ido," and mkIj \ 
moTt &om the I'riiuc Mioiirttr of England would scarceljr hai^e bea 
cooncoLW to ihc Kn^pwor A!cxftrdcr, 

ThtTc he mij^hC ha\c icid, amongst otlict wdl-kumr) cptfodcii 
uf how Turtt«y lose, in the wara forced upon her hf Calhcrinc 11 
the Undit liordcring on ih« nonhtnt aTtd tfutcm thorvi o* the 
Sta, ihc Ctiiiieu, and IJttlr SrrviA, the KuKm, ,-iod the Iilf 
Tamar ; of how '*ia 1770 ihc ngentn of Catlicnnc ILprooncdi 
icToU in the LMoponnciut iindin Crete, with the avowed intention 1 
bnnginn ihem iindet ihe crown of ihc Km|irc«;"' of how, 
'7*i», Cathctinc roiififcl to let all}', the Kmticior Jo»cf>h U- 
Austria, her vicu-sonhcsubjtci of the Pone in the following' 
* ir our iucccuvft in tlr.& ivai enable dk to deliver Europe el 
C'lcmy to the Clniatian name, by driving him from CoDxt:[iiiina[ 
yoiir Imperial M.ijesiy vill not refuse nic your assistance \^ ic- 
liabing the old Greek monarchy, . . - plflcinft the yoimgctt of 
R'^^^l^hildieii, the Grand DukeCoustaniine^on the throne ;''ofht 
"Vc yearii later the m.^dc lluT brillt^t journey 10 Chrrson, wMc 
forced the Sulun to drrlin'-wjr, accompanied at once by a cowti 
"li'rrny, \iiih foreign ani^iaiwidors, an eaiperor ind a king in 
^^in, with ih,; inlcnlion of btntelf awnming the high mounding 
^^ " ^tuirrr^u of ilic Ea*! and [.ilHrraloi of the Circcks ;*' and ofl 
alto on that occasion slit- wa> iccelvcd Hinder ttiumphal *rchw 
*^*aw, and, after cttcndiig ihc wall* of thai city, iA^crtbed in 
eharat'tcr>* 0,1 the gale next to ConsUntinoplc thi* words, '■' 
tins Kate lies tlie road lo By/antium," He might possibly ha\e f< 
^^'o, the treaty prepared in jSoB by Aie;undcr L, which Napoleofl I 
Tcfufccd to hi|;n, the object of which wa* to teeure CoDfltantiaopk ^Jt 
Ruaaia in exchinge for Syria and Eg>pt (which did not belong to Inm* 
=^"d the independence of Poland* 

' 7^ /Mi^mt fattt^r in t^ F-att^m AvUmt, hy Iha Right Hoil ft 

' ■•Voicnr*i>iTOl«*lcN[iiolr»<iiI. coitc* i Sit. Iklioei 'A Tilut 
niLiW VMilakt CoruroDthiopIr, jc nc dcradt |iu TiccciHrri c*rM nnc <Iff U^P 
precicxiiej tWa vaut i dlo tcult un *inpif*r «!uiqni l» poitAltr^ p«i gouvrw! 
le rmmf^' - , , , , A Krfiinh» aS «(>t*Ti*brr tSoS, it fin quetEfoa cotie Vt» 
^irftHJ Nft^Ttilcon pi l'Kinj>«cur Al*»anJ«T -In rut^ee d* I'OricnL U Fi** 
ipignftil JEiPptt rt U Sytwi la loloffne rrttauiaji dc n arodro; l^iprf** 

•mita la iDonKUt clc »igMr. >< n* pw m'y dfdtlvr. Qui n« ripmdtfi ^ 
rKnpcftUT AkiEandrt, noe Tim viiB de Coniualiecple* nc Rrteadfcit f ^ 



■tva/ffr (tMcH amt Frier ike Grmfs WilL i6i 

r^t iLcM blcrcfttinjE tncsdcKts in the hianorj of Kussia should 
he Mcjpcd the mcnorjr of the Emperor AIcxAndcr ia remarkable, 
id Ijord Fcacanifi«M generously iiuMc no reference to them, aoy 
ne thu 10 Locd A. Loilus'^ dc^patdu At the suljsequcni banquet 
the GuiUhiLL 

Bet fi u DOC intended tn ihe«e page« to diKeusf ihe pDlitic^ aiics 
R«uU. cicfaEF paU or prcscul, in regird Ui tlic £iil] vigorous mvali J 
bcfcccpcr of the Bbck Sca, or to a&cribc any undue impottutcc 
Ute ciinouv vtd »cnaingLy provocative .State-paper which hasbeeD 
mmonljr described as Peter ihe Gre^ii^ Will. Tho ^iirsrion of the 
tluuidty of lltb docutnextt ha» I^ccn more than on<.e w»mi]y 
^MCed ui Rusm and in Frtacc, :uid the greatest »ignificimcc hM 
ca anhboted to ii \ liut in Englxrtd, Although it« existence hntf been 
Dqamdy aUixled lo^ \\ !:& very link knuwn, ;ind it inriy ^safely ty* 
Kftcd thai it ha^ ne^-cr iu tlui couniiy innucticcd public opinion 
I to like d««igDfi of KuMia. Tfi^ Emperor^ energetic iiilusion to ii 
mtt IE juft now with frenb interefit, and the ixcx i^ that the 
■^y"""* ID tvliich tbe name of " Tetcr the Cjje;tt'.<i WjU '" [uu been 
kco B dcgiriy no u'Ui at a)1 ; it is called by it« authcr, wiux^ver he 
■r havt te«B, A " Plan for Computing the Sopfem^icy of Kiu^ia in 
!nn|w^*' and is luppd^eil ici hi^c hce-n wiiitcd liy ihr Cwir Peter, 
Ikftbe baulc of Pukovr^, vfhcn Cbarlca XU> of Sweden h^d fled 
Bto Turkey, where he received asylum from the Siilrj^n. 

h w l^st published by Nipolcon 1- in \^x\, when on the 
fee of Ilia Ru»iin unnjui^n, and tlie Moscow Gu^tte of that 
taeuaetted thit it nui n forecryduc to tlic itiw^ntivc pen of tlic 
Nncfc dnperoT hiinMlf* which assumphon Iwi been repeatcil by 
Aer more recent writer* ; bur, although ihe Emperar Aleicander't 
AidBiiioo nTtiy be convidered to have cjiUblbhed concltiMvHy chAi 
Kto the Gicil never did nwke such a '* Will," wc remain asf^r as ever 
bn » Mlirbon of the mystery of its origin, for, on the other huiid> 
iknrr which v/jujniblifchcdin liie Pari* V7i'tf^^ of Oclohrr ifirb iilt., 
ftvt &lom- G^illardct. the author of a bL0£;raph/ of the Chevalier 
''Ben, jcenu to upvet altogether the Ehcory iluE Ihs document 
EKfiniird with \2p0Ieon He states that a ]jrevioiis life of ihe 
^^^ciolicr, by t^fortcUc, which w^^ pubH-ilied with ihe sanction of 
ttcl^cBcb Govcnunent in 1 779^ from noted tup^>lied by d'Eon, who 
Vibia iUtc^ recorda the lact that the hltcr hnd then asserted tbAl, 

''^■ttt uullalic peur mv rtprcndrv la Tologne e( rJiluiru la piiJi4Anc« fOf^iBB 
*ldknme qoc U pkiUuncc rav«: h'ciii pliu cu ui rivdliie ni CQtitrtSIc? Hi 



The Genikmatis Magazine. 

on hia ittum from Ru»ui m the y^a 1757, he hid plictd 
of 4 pUn of FctCT the Great's in the h&nds of the Minuter fc 
Forei^ AfTatfi to Louii XV., the Abtxf Bemiv ; and he alM <|: 
an audicniic Icltcr from the Coinlc (?c Choi?inil 10 dTrOn, 
November j6> i7r^ i^ which the receipt ef a ^jopcr rebtinf 
Peter the Great b ackiiowM|;e<l, which, accordinj; to Moms. Gjiil 
coidd have be«n tkore other whflt he ealU the wni 

A;f-im, the Chevilicr d'Eon. wiiiini- in i??^* Lin^n^cd In hi 
tcnna the smni]] importance whidi h^d been attnbulcd to «)nic 
pctpcr by ihe French Go^^mtnent. By thai time many of 
provisionK had been already arnply ft)tillled- The first lanidon 
PpUnd hadotcuTTcd in 1773; a mosidwtruciUt w^r, from 17^ 
1774. hftd been waged by Catherine II- against Turke)-, 
resulted in Ruina obtairiing po;!«ssion of ihe tract known u N< 
5»ervia, of which Odcsaa is now iKe capJUil, on the iiurtli shoie tf lH 
Black Sea, and of ihe forts of Vi!nikaTch and Ken*:h in the Crimea 
and in Russian merchant vcj^cU being for the lint t:rae :idmitied 
the free navigadoii or the Bosphonis. In 17S7 war had 
brciker out, and Turkey lost llic Cimje;i, the I»le of Taitvin 
port of Kmiban, m the Canoasus, "The projeets of Peter 
GreAtf" writes the Chevalier d'Eon in i778»"were eontidervd 
'757 *** ^^ ^^ Impossible of atlainmenl as to be *imply a chimoa, 
no attention waa paid to my teprcseiitations by the minister 
Versailles, From my bed of sickness (he had broken hia leg OO 
joumuy from Russia) 1 wrote urgently W the ting, lo the AbW 
Bemis, to the Marquis d'Hfipita-l^ ambassador at 5\l- Pertrthfai 
and to Count dc Br^glic, ambassador in Poland- 10 imprtss u 
thetn that the secret intentions of the Court of St Petersburg 
firai to c^irry out Peter the Great's plan, a£ mod as th? Ki&, 
Poland, who was then on his d<alh-bed, should decease, bv 
troojjs flll over the country, and scciirinp; the election of a king 
ihoulil be the nominee of Russia, and then to kcizo and appropriJ 
a part of the numtry ; but on anount of my youth noattentinn '^i^ 
paid to me, and now (in 1778) wc sec how fatal this negligence ^ 
beer to the interests of France." '■ In :hc face of these atithe^i' 
documents, which have been in print since 1760 and 1779," exeU-in 
Mons, Ciaillardct, '* what becomes of the assertions of the terrf^ 
Mops. Ivnn Golovinc, and of the slf>ry of a fraud committed ^ 
Napoleon in iSii? The Chevalier d'Eon died in 1810, and *'* 
prf>bable explanation of the Will having seen the light in x%\t i*,th4: 
A (Opy of !t had been found amongst bis papers it Lhc tinac 



Tk Chevalier d' Eon and Pei^r iAd Greats ll^ill. 163 

f Tbeilfe of ihb Chevalier d'EoQ was onecf the ino«tcxtrjtordintiy 

tt^asx of the cjgliteciitl) cciitm>, :ui(I the draimxtJinas tEnd^ 

rtii ^ is iA//#W lo Kivc been enabled lu iJOtaoA hitnsrif of 

i«fy of P«cr the Grcat'^ " Plan " arc iimongflt the i^iost sbgular 

ttJArtf* of bit adveettifDus csiecr, »nie roiiiniftecncct of which 

jq be IKA vttJioat iiitcfciit it ilic t^r^fnl (lay. Hp wnx rht- con- 

^rM«] and iccrct envoy scleacd by touia XV». m r755« jutt 

bdcre '.he contmco cement of the Seven Ycar&' W'xj in tlerniany, 

to asicy to ih*: Kjin-Ttas EliMbeth (tliitjghfcr of Pelcr the Hreai) 

« pBepc«tl (be on olTenaivc and defensive aJli^cc with Fraace. 

Doing mifiy preccdiTig years dl flipUmatir inlcrcoursc bct^ccix 

RvBunil F^mce hid bectt trnliri^ly tUEtpcndcd, for the \^\ French 

ttAuudor, die hl^rquia l.;iLh^tm]ie, v/hu during ilie t^;u']ier pun of 

Wrd^ lud been ihc la>e"irilc and chief counncllor of Kliubcih. 

Hid beoi ulitnuuly overthrown by BotLichclf, hy whose order h« vni& 

cocrwned unccremoniotiUy to the frontier antl stni hack to France. 

Ai BuaiKiuiKcd and uumvhcd uiissiion in 1755 w4:i<:oiiieqticndy a 

^^ielicaic undertaking, and required 10 be eondiiclcd ^-wh the 

UtB« tut. But n'.ir Lv:tK imptrrjdmgj ;Lnd I^d^ felt the w.nnt of a 

P«m4ii ally. D'Eon w;;s knim-n iti the Prince de Contt, who, having 

Olkd>y seen hira At a nuuq^crtde drcMtd as a woman, appears to 

haieoiigiflAlcd the scheme cf gelling the mhee of Ihc kin^ con- 

^■^rf to ihe piivflic oiT of Elizabeth by a wily counsetlDr^ under the 

^ttpb uid unm»]>ieJQU^ i[Ui^ of on ^utlesx woman. 

Alibou^ bit subsequent CiUeer proved him lo be a fearles.^ soldier 

*«v<ft u a perfecl ma&Ur of the sword, d'Con small of ftUture, 

^tldtTicate *nd frmmine frjitrirrs, and, in judge from The pfirtrair* 

^teJi wtrc uIcQ of him in Utcf life, his f^ice mu^t have been ^m- 

CMjfree&om htrsutc ornament. A poniait by Angelica Kauffman, 

•to Laioar, repre^enut him a* an exceedingly pretty womar», with a 

^D<4 of counly high tirccding, Btun at Tc?nncrrc, in Burgundy, in 

*!*S.hc had received an cxceTIcnt education, bad already diatin- 

Vidttlhinueif m iikr-ic^Jre, ardwas eoun^ellor of the I^fli.imcnt of 

ijtahiodeensor-gcni^nl for bcllps-leilTL's iuid history. The Pririn* 

HbCotui, iMfK^iC h^iandfatlicr hid once been elecud King of PoUnd, 

^■BfAtfu cf hift own wluch he hoped to forwud on the same oeca- 

^Pl^fo he ai|wnd to the hand of the empre^'i, or, failing thar^ ro the 

■ntt crown. 

I Qtabelb in her younger d^ys waa known 10 have liJid a fancy 
I tafspjiE« |,o«is XV,, and the king waa by no means averse to the 
■HI 6u -Jie prin^v, whom hr honcurcd with hi* special pied ilcct ion ^ 
^BUdwAcccd him in her nuttintoai^il jncJin^tions. THc Oicval\c^ 


Tke Gmilemms Mof^zim, 


H'&m etc Btauiunnt w^ts accordingly charged with a missioa 
was to be both political and hymcneaJT and, /tfr tndrt lAf JP. 
\it\^ desired to iiiLi Dtt fernmine ^.tiire and be mctAntorphoscd 

M-idcmoisclk l,ia de Beaitmont, To nvoid any suspicion of the 
jjvEipo^ of hi» nii»iou. \\ was iiol cutiMclcrcd j^nidcnt that he 
tm^-d under the escort of a Frenchman, and a Scotch gcDiIe 
Ihtf nam* cf DougUs, an txile from this country for politicfll ai 
wflft jselcctcd lo accomjviiny him. The journey wa? rallM a tci 
eicuriion, but both were :^uppltcd with clabciali^ iD&tiuctiunft 
oriiiiniJs or wtiich are preserved in thcarchivcsof the l-rcncft Ml 
for Foreign Affairs), luid orderol to report wi(h the most <cni 
rare on llic suic of the Court, iind of iht^ wveni i»oli<iral 
well a3on the military* n*^JiI»0P'li"crcnniitc position of Ruswa. 
d^paEehea were to be in allegorical language, &o a« to be in 
]irchen*iihle if intcnqitec! ; and, whilst tho^c of Dougljis were to 
&dc3ies5cd tn liic Minister for Foreign Affairs, the more conA 
informalion required from the Chevatier d'Eon was to be sent to 
king himself and ro the Prince de Conti 

Wher they arrived it St. Petersburg they leamr (hat the pro 
of Loois had been forestalled by the English Gov-emnjcui, and 
in rclum for an annual subsidy of^, EtiEabeth hod en 
intoan offensive and defensive alhancewLtb England, and had 
herself to sui^ply an aiiuy of 55.000 inci^ which was to lie 
lUrovcr or to any other poitit in Nonh Gen-nany, to co-operate 
the army of Frederick the GreaL Thwarted by the Enghih an 
Kulcr, Sir WiKLim Kanbury, whu was at that lime all-poweiful 
the RussiLin Government, Douglas wiis un:»blo to gain acccaf 
Court, and WhXS forced to return almoEt immediately to l* 
Mademoiselle de Beanmoni ft-as presented by the Vice-CHinccn» 
the erniiire, Count Woroii^off. to the cmprcM, who Laughed ni 
M the TU5C when it wiis ojtplamod to her, and gave d'Kon an a 
mcnt about her pcr&on as reader. He appears in the coune of 
to have gained great influence- over licr, mid was euablwl at fcngih 
return to Frflitcc with a favourable answer to King Louia* propoiife 
Mcanwliilc tlici war hail broken out. At the close of lli< J* 
1755 hngiand had entered into an :illiance with Prussia, and, on lb 
oLhi^r hand, Liy ,111 act of coiLdesLcnaion on the (lait of the ccnpct' 
i^ueen, which ltd to an inlerchanK^: of courtesies between y*n 
Thcicsa And Madanie de Pompadour, Austria and France had b« 
vtconciled, and signed ^ treaty of ofleTiMvc autl defensive allianie 4 
Versailles on May j> (7S^- _j 

Tht Chcv^id d'i^n wia consequently acnt bftck to St PotM 

TiiChii^Urr fT Eon and Peter f he Crfafs WilL 165 

a^^piB aecomfanJcd by Mi. Dou|:ta«i vho, on this occuion, «rft» 
poinitd the Cha/g^ d'Afl^rcn of Ff3iii«, lo obtnin the fonnal ad- 
iba of tlw Kii^rvu Kliubetli lo ihts treaty. A <1tfFtcij]ly then 
Mi for bolh Fnncc and AiiMrk desired to exclude Tarkeif. thoir 
r,iroai the list of the enemies .ig-iinat whom the ihretr sovereigns 
MUeomlMike; whilii Riuii;i, on the t<iTitTflT)', dcMrril \n jimfit by 
tBcv lUiancc to Micri^ien her li^nd .igninitl the enemy vihc was 
R often M WOT w'th. The Minister BestuehefT hit upon an cxpe^ 
ru by *fck*» to ei-ide thii difficulty, and succeeded in prrsit-tding 
ngbv timuluneoasiy wiEh iht jjrincipal treniy which s|jeti,illy 
ebded Turkey, and wa:^ ta be commimicitcd to the MiU^n, \^ Mgn 
Mbcr, mirked sttrftimmf, undertaking thui. in the event of war 
Wren Rrmh ^nd TnrVfy or Persia, the French king shfiiild aid 
dibei betvith Mibiidic^ irt money ^xxd wsr m.-iicTiaL*t. \Micn, how- 
(r,lfai( tneacheroiu document wu reiritted to trance for ratt5e;ition. 
nc indtgnaifttly repnduted by Louis XV., and I'OLtglai wasftever^ly 
niunded. "'Hiis MajeMy aniioTiily drtircd i)ic itdhcsion of I he 
apTCM of Ru*-^ lo the iicftty of VcrsaUIcs," wrote the Minister for 
ripk Aflab^, February 16, t 757, " but nOE at the ucHfiee of hia 
^fr,«hich, like t1iat of Her Inaperinl Maje^ty.woitld be extremely 
BVonuKd by «uch a proceeding. Whctlitrr tlic urp^irile UeaLy 
Mid rcnui& secret or not, it h none the leu contriiry to pnblic 
Mcty and ftraigbtforward dealing. It it not because it might one 
r become knowri l)\^\ Hih Mijesty refuses to TTitlfy it, hiil b^tauae 
honour* by ^vhich all his rcaalutions arc guided, forbidv him to 

DOQglu vac n;nlled ; Ihe MaTV|tii« d'Hopital repbced him a« 
bmidori and *oon afterwards, ilirough ihe exertions of d'Fon. and 
dnpjie of BcHludiefT's ponerfui opposjlion, ElitAbeth waa induced 
tear up the *eerei docunierL Slie at ilic same lime rescinded her 
ItyBtlh England, and ihe ^piintviplc nlluince be^'een Russia, France^ 
Kk» Saxony^ artd Spdiii against Knglamt and Vrussia was defi- 
TOy afjeed to, ihc main object of which was the recovery of 
tMi by AtKlTia, the partition of Pmauia, and the humiliation of 
Vlvid tn KiiTi>|je, A^iia, and Anirrica ' 

The Che^^ier d'Eon conveyed this treaty In triumph 10 Paris, 
A *u fortunate in being able ci^ the uime occasion lo be the 

'"TW laeiB of [line tlirw |>awc(s viiih Fr*ticc miJ S|wii Vii Bllnilly 
1*tel 1 toA 10 wcrci were ihc nteoiiaiionsH rhat tlipy hiul uitrrJy cicapert the 
""oTfli* Dmkeof \ewo«rlp, the hrolhtroT Henry FelTiiim. Q3iJ hib mtcwiof 

1^ 4lnc|)oo ^ Kiifliih aflniri, '*— GrcPT'r Sh^/i UUUrv tf thw Rttj^ick 

t66 7^*^ Genile*nafCs Magasine, 

bcorcrof the new;; or on important »ucceuol the Aitfttri^t, vho 
defeated llie Pnisii.ins ai KcsWn and driven them oui of Roh 
He was thrown froii^ M^ horw cm Oiis joarnty «nil bmitc his Iqg, 
ncvcrtlictcM succccdcii in arrivinj; thirty ^ix hours before the Ca' 
courier. Ai the sainetini< he brought lhcrrince<l«ConL ui 
Ihe CrarinA of iht Princiiialiiy tif Co^iTl.inJ, and of tin? Com 
Chief of tlic Ru&»Un Army ; and his services were altc^lhcr so 
factory to ihc king th:tt he accorded him a pension of 1 2,000 fni 
per annutn, und jpve him liis [jortuit in .-k jewoUed sauff-boic an 
commlaaon as lieutenant of dragoons. The Marshal I>iite 
Broghc aoon uficrwords ^ppijinLcd him his aide-de-camp ^ he fou 
vrich iiistiHg(hshcd bravery ind was several tiine-BvroDodcd at Hcmti 
ftt UltropPf ^nd at O&teiwick, and before the condcision of the ' 
WOK pranioted 10 llic r;iiik orc^ipuiii of dragot^us. 

During dit continuaiicc of the war he *utcc3»fially fulfilled two 01 
mmoDS to St, Petersburg, and on the .tppointmi^nt ir i^^tt of 
Iliikc de Nivcmois as French ambassador in Londrni, to nc^oti 
the icfm^ of peace between England and Fnuu£, tlie Chevalier d'l 
wo-^ selected to accompany him as secretary to the embassy. E^ 
letter? relating to the^e uegoliuiions incidentally throw cmtv li 
on an int^re^trng point in the history of that period. 

It t^'itl be rcmfmibcred ih at, a f though the beginmng at the 
Years' War was disastrous to our ara^, England cnic[|:ed from 
gigantic struggle triumphant m all quarters of the globe The war t^ 
been preceded hy a period of complete political inaciionT and in 1 
there were only three regiments ft for service In Eu^lonO ; baL 
pusillanimity of the Duke of Cumbcrktnri and of Admiral ByAg,vrii 
led,inj757, ioihedi*grjceruUi3rr(:nderof5o,ooomeT»olCloiter*Sa 
imd to the lo&a of Pott Mohon, roused ihc ai^^er of ihe people. 
btdught to the front tlie great war-minister Pitt, which wns aoon 
lowed by a complete clionge in the stale of aAain. " 1 wont to cadi B 
land/' he iaid, on taking office, '' out of that enervate state in «l 
aOjOgomcn from France can shake her," and he thoroughly vuu: 
In 1759 Admiral Hawkc dcniioyed the French fleet inQuibcron 
Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, in commajid ofon Anglo Hanortil 
force, annihilated their army at MindeUn on ilie VVc^er ; and (jeiU 
Wolfe won liom ihcia Canada and tlieli other posseswwnji In N' 
America, Clive's victories obh^^ed tlie French to abandon all riflhl 
ani^ military settlement in India, and Spain lost Minorest, Cub*, And 
the Philippine Islands, 

I3y 176a England'^ supremacy a1 sea was indisputably »C&b 
andf with the ojd of English troops and enormous subsidicsj F 

7i^ CStva^^r d'Eon and PeUr the Great's \\ 'ilL 1 67 

br GpGot fuj iriumpho] orcr all liiti cucmin^ iii Genraiiy, On the desih 

<i'thfCjurinaKJizAbclh,in December 1761, UicRuniAOsliaLdwithJriu^ 

hfjiiiic^iJljincc; lKi:,a]tho«^ Frutccwas cxhjuiae<l>Lou^t XV, stJl 

dniml lo conrBii>e ihc war; wherou George 1 1 1,, who hid recently 

ttomdeti i}ic tlLKii:c» aiul lib unnLstLTt Lord 13utc, vrae ouxicmt to 

^tXt pQcv o;i ^iixMjfit any Icmti, aind rcfuacj iiJl further subsidies to 

At fnifiuou. The result of this wjlk ihat the icmii; upon which 

pocr h;a cundoiled uiixficd no cue in Kiigl^ind, acid vrc^rt; ^niiijo^ed 

to iftvc bcOD the dTcct 0/ bribery cf the UuJic of licd/ordi virho wus 

■he Bn»sb ambai«odoT at Uic Court of Pmnce \ whikt in f nincc 

Uicjr occisioDed ttnivcnal rejoicin^. 

Tbe Cbeiulict d'Eon dupluycd indcraligalilc energy tluuughout 
ncgoiiationB,dndaiiior^t the tcticrs towhichi hdvc alluded thac 
DDenhkh,AUh<Kighilprov«ithjthe EEometimeioliov/^hiBonn x&ai 
^WJ^iooumui hift ditereiion, ae th? umc time hup^iily dtran the 
cbJSCta of Jie liukc of Bedford from tlii^ iLiipul^LLoii. The dnec- 
cktEmuM te loid in hb own ivord:]; ''There arrived a mom^rl," he 
VMBf "whpenfonieobUAclesio thepeaoj presented ihem&el^-e^whifh 
■KUcned to Im; m%ii minim uiMr^ ^nd [hlf^ wa^ Jii thi.- crisis of the 
AcpCbUoiis. I'onunilcly, however, ihe Sub-SecTctiiry uf State, Mr. 
^^Md, evBC to the Duke tie .Vivemoir; for one [ost di!icu:^£jciQ aLuut 
■ht conusicd poinu before sending off the ultimiium, whic^h was to 
bcicKkicd to the Itriti^ih Ainbui.idor ^1 ihtr Ccjufi of VeiMiile;*. 

"He brou^t wiih him hii portfolio, and was indiscreet enou^li 

toifltit that \\ contiiined, bcvidcs the iiUmuaum. th^ latest inslrur- 

^Ka fmm thr Kurt of IC^emonr to tho nmba^iiador The doke 

«ilcd It toe jnd then let ht« eye real signi ft candy an llic portfolio. 

Jy\ dcet I uudvrUood the iileai pantomiuic ; il i^'ould be of the ut- 

importance lo our Court to know itie ]jrecibe cunditiotu of tlii* 

iLltiiuatUJH, and the nature of the iJiarucLiuns by which it uus 

^mpinied. Mr Wood was a lover of good wine nnd a hard 

writer, and instantly I bethought myself of the excellence of my 

sJtttr rrffl *// y>*mTTV; the dtike coinprvheuded my indication aud 

"^ Mr. Woud to iciiuim to dinner to try oiir famous Biugnudy. 

"■I Viit took, jnd whiUl they were eiieiAK*''*^ i" t^*^" di&i^u^ion of 

•uy * boide i>f my good \vme^ I carried oft ihe portfoho, extracted 

™ it l^fd l:|*Tt.niont's despatch, ^ind made ii literal copy of il, 

'^Kh I unmcJtaicly iciit by a s;«ciiil messenger to Versailles, ivlietc 

tUTTTMl foiir and- twenty' hours before the originaL When ihtrcfore 

■W Drtte of tkdf(j(d pjfcsentcd hinuielf- the Dukes de Choift&ul and 

*hultij weic thoroughly veil prepared for the discussion, and, 

"^^"^ the dcrttUr m&i of Ju* ijwtnicljons, soon fcuctccieil "uv 



Tfu Gatthmans Afagazitu. 

inducmg the Kritieh ATTflxi^uidor to rellnqtiWi ^very d^bsueftl 
point, and the ptclimiVinric* of A Silisfaciory peace were sccordii 
BJgncxi on (Ik l'cill'>rtinE da^ {Ociober ijfii). EogUnd rei 
CfltTflda, hiif ^avc* np to Trance ihe Islands Of Guadalouptt Si, V 
St. Mntcut, (rrcEiad.i, 3l Domingo, and olhei* in Hic Wc*i tTidicm 
well as the Scncgul it^nitory on Ihc cosst of Africa, and the »oulli 
portion gf the rontirent of America as fat as th* MitJJssippi. 
Lt-drcl Flafid;i ; but. on the othrr hand» England rpsTorn^ in her 
Iskitds of MinoicjL, Hivjina, ^nd llic PhLlippineK," 

The Chevalitr d'Eon was cnnbtaccd by Loiii* XV- and dworattd 
with the Di^er of Si. Louts for his scnj^e^, :ir)d a few Riontlu IjIV 
hr succec^ltd ilit Di»ke dc Nivcmoia wiili the nnk of Mtiu'fiEi 
Plcnipotcnibry to the Court ofSt. jRme»'a.* 

1'h[R wn?:, ho^vcTCTf the ctilminaiinf: point of Yi^ <iaeet ; and 
BiiglRnd, wtufre fie continued to reside, almost uninternTptedly, 
hijt death in 1810, the Chevalier d'Eon was chiefly known in 
Hon with one very cxiraordioaty consequence of his first jouraq 
St Petersburg. A violent (|uarrcl with ihc Count dc tiuerchy. his 
ce*»orinthccmlussjjWho was a crearurccf Madame du Pompuft 
Aud hud beli:tved on die occasion in ?(udi a vtry ttbU'heztrtcd 
thftt he ^TOs generally coQsidcred to have brought disgrace Oii 
nation he represented, led the capricious Frerdi monarch to CO'" 
Icrnartfe and cnronrage the repriri, which was industriounly spreid 
the atnkusador, as the only excuse for hiit cuwatdice, that ihc 
captain of dragoons was a wonian in disgvise. with whom ihercfor* 
(TWaJV/ not fight a dtiel. The malicious nimour was to [jcm^Wfll 
diculaced by ihe ^iipporiefs of de Gvierchy, that at length it wasW 
generally credited, and enormous sums of money were slaked tn 
city of London, in beta or policies, respecting his sex. Altl 
d'Eon afterwards deiemiined 10 countenance this report, and 

' This flpecdol* if » curioUB ^oinmentity on *a\t of Jiiniui's flvlLhennE ^' 
adilrcaftcd tu Uic l>iike of Bedford in 1 769 ; *■ Voxi arc imlccd a very i:aiun!p"^'' 
IDDU. The bifihc^tnivlt— H sjhknilid fD^Tinc, ami a n4mc£loriL>Li» till »l wuTtf"^ 
wvre «u()iti?nl In hnvc lupporicd you ^kh meaner ntiililln thai I Oii^L ]^ 
poocvh . , . . - V'out hiilcffy bcgim to ht iraportant at th>t aiuj»tcimA ^c^ 

BL which you were dcputctl la represent ihe llarl uf [Egrvmciii] at IIwCjW 

uf VriiftJllfS, It wan an IminiumUt *ifFicc iUiJ citcUlcJ ^vldi the nmc <p"^ 
With wTilch it WHS i(.«T>tcd. Vour ijalruns wftJiied ou wnliiMjUtir wbc vi^^ 
tobTnll To miltc concesfiioiw wifhoui (Tnring to ifl?!*! tijwm any hwwiBralik t* 
difion fur hks bovctign. Their biuiiiKi ivc|iiir«cl a nui wlio hiJ s« Uvlc MV 
fui hjfc uwrt diirnjty ** loi ^ welfare of his comilty, nml they faand him iA <•** 
fim rnnk of ihc iiobiJity. Belldak. Choice, GTiflUflloit]>c. iji, Luliu, MmlitH"^ 
the pHheiy^ nml ihc HAvaiu nr* gJiirioiu mon)imtiH5 of yoiir (Imor't iiJrcn ■' 
Deviation, i/y Lord, we me log well MHOMTvtfld wth jOur pwimiafy ^•'•*' 

^iiC^sxfier d'EoK and Pckr the Gnat's WUl 169 

Hj^/ to hcivr rnirrrfl imo i>ie hiimoiir of the hoax, that wu not 
Whc \xA wconc^ of rrfilting iL Al first il cvidciilly grcally 
ucd hi» irc, *nd he mricc miic^ ihc Siock Exchange And indjjc- 
«l|r hoiMvf)ipp«d a binkcr of thtf name of B'rd, and two broken, 
|>OCCU|iicd thcnuelm ill pFomuEing Hurh berU; '^m .1 v(fi)'nu«- 
bt&«lllOA,''2shcwTOle ta his old friend ihc ilount dt liroglic, 
nriynwns not luflicicntly <:onvmi:ine to check Ihc apcculalivc 
lb, Hid ihff brt* contintaed, until at lcn(nTi (hut not until Bcvcral 
r> liter) the quntiun of hi-\ hoi w:r?i supijontd lf> liavt Ijc-Tii fitially 
II rest b/ the result of 2 tnal before the Lord Chief Justice Maru- 
L,"fttawe,'* Mjnt the GfitUman's Afa^atiitt of that dale, ^'the 
nennDrdinarythAt perhaps cvcf happened in x\\H or in any other 
Bftj-* Tlic action vai lituiigh! .igaiiist a broTcc^r and iinilerwriler 
Kd JiCffies. to recover 700 guiccAs, but, oddt the maga^e^ 
Rher innmcnK Kurnt on pohcica wer«dependingon thesuit" One 
cnnr Panchaud, of Parin, nlonc rUimcd ^75,000, Jacqnc* had 
Bfcd prcmiurm of 1 5 gvincos per cent., for every one of ft hich he 
ricDficed to return 100 guineaA, whenever it should be proved 
fcAeCheialier d'Ecn wa?L acmally ^ wonwn. A French Kurgeon 
be awe of Lc Onux inrarr thai {^i his fpn.iin knou-Irdgc d'Enm 
itvooua, ai he had iitt<:ndcd him in Mckncs^ and had examined 
pencn; and a seeond French witness, named de Morarde, wa« 
■flf podliire it* nvearing ro the iame ert'ed. On the evidence of 
Ktvo fabe witnes!&e^ d'Eon n^ pmnouncrd to he a Huiii;in, iind 
f*oo(j was ordered to be paid; but ihc verdict waa aftenvards, on 
pc4 BC£ »de on the score of the illegality of such betft 
DXon hfid siirrdmhed 10 the pre^fixrc pnt upon him by the 
Ibdbce this iri^l toui place. "I know.'wtolc I^uis XW to 
i^ HI ft letter vliich is cited in Modatnc Cmnpan*! mcmoin, 
^ 70a Bcrved ene as usefLtlly in the dr««4 oi~ a «*oni;in a« in 
J eiodi you now *caj, RL'-adopi that toslurne inmie^iialdy /' 
.|CQ>iai;««3 »lopped,niid he »v.i> sl.iivcil into submit^sion. But 
ttUlcBj^fin 1775) he hod been induced by the king's agcni 
*pi a conliact binding him to wear only petticoats for the future, 
pBl a bcU CitTf on t^l■ nutter and detUirL-d it lo be perfectly 
<: i^ he waa really 4 ^umaii \ and. altliotigh he rebelled against 

wit poBiblc \lM. to nnnypuhZic ucnfcfn ihould hflVF bwn mjLdp willmiit 
<|<>i«]C oanprujktionL VMir «ondLci ornM t»iLb it an mtrrifr f^'i/Umi 
^itt At Iq^ ftttft tfmtturi*/ j*iitkf. t>» tlir cdluu* yidJc ff Laid 
•-1 «b «lArHie^, He m» siiil fck lii* own Jialwiii^iir m coiTe*pontlii>E 
^Ju^ BDil Lbor icrralnly hos a mcmifni nc ivhit^h be mtani ii? have teaiilfd* 
'v 1 &inl LHhaigy jiremlrd <iv<?r ht^ faciiltis anU nrrla^l ill tcnKC arul 
**J»»iy nlll iL' 



The GenilmiaHS Alagazim. 




ihc king's order, ard rep£atc<)l/ proU<ted uul ticplored to 
;L!]awL-d l« miitn lu thr srm/, jind wv?; rvm impHvuicd fcrf'a 
trj ihc Omllc uf Dijcn for hjvin^ vcvilurcd to Cfjuip ImnKlf for 
vice ii) the Fccnch navy, he continued unbl Ihc <Uy of his di 
lo Afiicn thai he v/^.is, jirid xvn!i gerttrr^illy Lii-Lc^rd in llngl^nd toJ 
a vctiuhlc ftunifln- Thr poit-mntttm rv^aininHtfon, ivhich c*iTabli< 
the ccmtnir}', m-^b oarducicd in the prcKticc of the V^x\ nf Vai 
Sii Sidney '$i^\W\ iLc Hon< ^V. S> LylUelon, Mr UougljU, and a 
brr of othcn, utlio Tcquirvd that [iroof to convince thviix 

Then; can be no iloLibt that this Aiii^ng iinax owed iu 
moncnt occcpution in a great mcA«urc 10 the rcAdincu «ith 
lle;tvinardiai£ allowed himself to be deceived. Ihc ctevcr 
witty author of tlie *'Birber of Seville" aud ilie "MHWge 
Fi^ro" waa ilic secret a^Trnt nomiuJtcd by the Ficuch 
carry out his n^cumorphoEiis, und d'Eon scoms to have 
suddenly seized tvith the idea that he n^ould genuinely mystify 
W^iL'ii bindtri^ him Eo dr««s as :i womuii^ U(?;tiim:irc]iais had 
suiie time succeeded in oltainin^ hia aifiiaturc to ft coQUMtfVl 
ojE dJ-^on understood it, wn^ to secure noi only the pAynent 
dcbttj but aUo a large Rtint af money in escbangc for 
iaiporliuicc loiidiing hit fomicr di[ibinaiic missiotiSy upon ihe 
of which his friend E^l Fcircrs hadadvajiccd^s.oooi but the 
mencs were ro cooncr handed over tJuin d'Eon found h« bad 
ijutwiticd, .ind that tht? vagueneM of (he contract g:ivc honn !»■ 
ti^ht to cldim full |ia>inent; nheieu^ian they quarrelled. 

D'Eon avenged him»c;if by redoubling hi3 exertion* to c>utwi( 
kin^s agent in rcf^ard to lb« other object of t)ie n^gttJilioQt 
pUloly appears froni hU Ictten to tteauTnarchaifc, whirh, ahhoii^ 
5)ledu'lth occasional outburati^ of indignatioi; against his coiTc^ponl' 
ent. arc models of Kilirical writing and fuii of aly humour. "I' 
is irue>" he wrote, '*ihjt L disclosed to you ilie mystery of my nrf 
sen, giving you diat supreme proof of my confidence in yniir pW" 
mjSGs and in your di&cictioTi; ihai 1 ^l^vc you my ponrait lu a tekcH 
ol ray gratitudcf and that you promised me your^ in exichoAge » ■ 
pledge of your esteem^ but ihivt is all thai passed between us; *» 
to announce uitr appiukching luitmoge, o-s 1 Icam fiom PiriK tfaP^ 
you have been doing, ia an abuse of rry confidence, and cin «•>) 
have been done to raise a kugh against me. Ahl men vtovrvei 
deceivers; they never fail to take SLdvamtoge of credulous ^rls lo^ 
women. 1 will confess ihat niy admiration for your tfJcnts miffa' 
have led me to Tovc you, bui the feeling was so Jiew to me 4*^ 
/ was hr fwm cciuprehetiding it, ;indj si I am a girl of very U^ 

Tk Ci^Dalier d'Eon and PsUr (kt Grtafs WiiL 1 7 1 

fiiind<Tifproacbflbl«vini3Cin«cdI cell 7011 hotr you hive Tvoundcd 
^cmiiiTC h«Biir and nude inr doubt yoxn Imnuiy } ' 

B ' l i mi rrTinh wu as dcvcicd to in^cticol JDkc^ as in [Tuh 
■Jgkcn. btti lu« tiAboimdcd vfmit/ and habii of qui^^ing ^ihcm 
Ihdtd htn 10 the poeubility of being himftT^r th? diipc, aiid this Ictici 

r tkui ever conrincxd lum tlisLt he had nuidc .i gnnd disrovciy 
ikb DxtuU pdcuc the km$^ He forthwith reports to the kliigH 
AbUt, d< Vct^snefl : " The ffti is in love with roe, madl;' in love 
bt l&inks thit I have Klighied bcr^ and wam«ti never ran |urd<>n 
ID oi5ctK«L . , < I dUii very iir rrom kvii&liiiig ttj ttv^t Ikt 
^^tOB^f, iMit wboc^cr could hai^e irtuif^ira'd thai niy (inly 10 the 
% woukl irn'oh^e mc la the predicsmn«ni ot having to flddr««s 
Ipfaarin U> un ex-captAJn of rln^cion r,}" 

Jlcanwhllc Louis XV. died, and perh^p^^ hit nutxeuor really 
Bkivd d'JCom 10 b4 a woman, tor wlicn, in tl^fiant:^ of llie eontnct, 
k htxr shortly aftcmurd* prctenicd hirascif at Versailles in the full 
iina of an mincer of dmgoom, Louis XVI- gAvc the ctowiiing 

A 13 the £uce by solemnly issuing the foUovrlng decree : — 

I k findetr4 Oat DivIh HiTiitTi'Vc AiadV Au^v^tc And'nf TimDihife (L'Kon 
klt^HnH ttell ■vooaQmbtdngoonujiifoffli which l^c h in Iht hahn^l wMr- 
%n4 AhJ tulopC thip ^r«B dfipropriaia ir> hit >n, 1 1* ii forbiiliivn to apyau 
teNAnvd kn thia kiJiKdom with xay odicr <;QBtLinc Lhati ihol pnixt fbf 

iCanmcntgntd} (;tAVi» nit VuKiKKHtX 

TV Cbevalier d'Eon obj«ctcd thai ho had not a s»ng!^ womanV 
fc» "Wei!,' \xid Mnrie Aniomrttp^ " T will take charge of hcT 
^■eis; * and tiie queen's own milliner er^iiijiped him with a cooi- 

BMdy'« wdrobe. 

Hh Igkt-henrted sopipty of Paris welcomed him with accbm.iiion 
■v«ccora|ilished Iieminf, ut\6 soon rceoncilcd hini i:> hU disgiiist- 
<f miUppcQg hioi an the paragon of fcm.ile vrairiori — .1 second Joan 

the GtttiifmnnU M't^Jtifif oi the follawmg (177S) conifline 
*'|l*'lo tlie editor, whifb >hnw5 iiuw ihoiouj-hly he liad idcniifled 
^Stf wiAthc /vUf thus thrust upon him: 

*)<^tfc(iKTft in hEUToiy. u bciicr known in I'ini;!!.]!^ tl>an in I'mitc, the ftJ- 
■"H (aiWalB*!., Irufmittcd (rwuJ Purb. will certainly ic acccpiaUlc lo yoor 
^^M tkty ihuwtiviuc the KiiAfrUuTD ArwuglH upon her \yy bcr change of 



The GeniUmans Magazine 

TIic (litc) Chevalier trKuui furnicily Aiilt>4ff'Cftm|i \a MuiluJ TTiiCfa,' 
fiKCOrivd^ Cnptiln of DrecDOTti. Kni^t of St. I-onU. emplciTrd tn ev^tide 
&1D0W frit hvr pithTtnt workt, drr. , thai H']Ci>n who hacofTrn l^nugtic wrih •o 
bamy, and wicMfU ihcpvii m nMyaA (hti«u(iH, wMt^mjit ClTrwjni-Ta 
U BaiipW<!y' if* t^ic r«4r 173S, Ie b prclciidcl lluL lici diaciiikc. j-hd the 
vliUAiIun which ilip iKf^ivol. weie owEd£ (u ihc uptkc uf liri TiiiLlli^, 
ardently ilrMrnu I of bivmi^a 1"*^' ^i^'^ though hit wifr aftrrvatrlc glTv Nilll 
gitl, ilie nithert itiH Utnchhl la hU Db|«t, erisd, "No milter for thai, J vlU M 
hcT up at a bo^." ]l«r dnln 10 reiurrk to France bduc«l her, il u uid, M »i 
hc< icK. She h^q tiovir appeared, It ii well knuwn, at Fart* tn alt cooupwfii 
ilrtwitil like A ivoiiLBn, for Ilir nml tmii? in her WXe, i( t.1i< nj^ of fbrty-Ttliw yvn 

l>'Hoii owmihal thii ^rh vtmi^ irr^ fimngr lo hpr, %i\& ihii i< niQ bt I) 
bifoic ilie ib uwJ 19 il ; lAtti voulJ ^AiiJy have continued lo dreM lika ■ D 
if the cjLild. Sbcuacd at fiisL loUugh o^ her pi:ltii;oal4» her nfjK &c-,anJ At! 
occaiion s1ic5ttid, *'ii is very liflrdn after luiting hceu acapuln, lo bedeffnikd 
E> fomd," ■ Wiih hef tiew rirf^Gihp sTill, howtvw, rrlniai the tnw* of 5l La 

The rnHowing LTictdcnl wiJl «ho4 rhst li«r mannen arc far htttn ht^ng pwHi 
In company wSlhacvrml fiwrigncra whu *ffre sTmngers In her, '■ Ch^Tftner,* ■ 
a lidy, ■■ o [ht bcjl i>f my rciu":mlinuicc. wbcn ymi wc(C tlr&wil like ti 
Ii9r| n. vpry hindvrmi! U'i;." *' Pirlilm I*' rcptiixl d'Knn wiih invadly, ptilJ 
h*r pfMiOnals, *' ifyfitl irt tUrLiiUi To ^n- il, heri- it is," " If you wjuileJ 
tioii,"«ntd DQCi "ihould you noE re|;nlyoiif firmer ^ituatiari and your htimt'' 
]iavc already omidcfcd JiAt niitEttr,*' aiisHCrei] l]'I^4Jl|» *'aiid wlicii I i^ulllcJ 
and mord, 1 uwn \X fiivc mc iiuiiLe CLincem ; buE 1 siid 10 myself. WhaE 
ir f 1 ifioy do 44 much perh»jiH wilh my ihpptr t " D'Eon is *« httir 
10 hfff new metamorphosis thut whenevfr she l< ld company Milh any Kaig 
SU L«vi^, and one of them iBcnllcij ^'Mr, Cheva}JcF," d'Ecn [uini about, 
l]ui[ she i) meant, She it ni^t yet i«u«4omed (u lite luual cercmonEabi 
belW(^ii the «ene-, ; or laiher it la obwious ihai having always, in hef fomurM 
of life, uhawngTMi aittntion to ihe Indies, Ue fiftlsit difljculi to rr*tTam it ; UtA 
when she riu ne*r them ihc it alwnys leody lo fill theif glMso i ar PoiJSf, 1 
Hioncr hu a Wy emptied litr cupi chaii d*Eon aprmgi from her ch«ij lo luud 
lij ihe utile. 

At 10 ihe perwn and sincurc of our Grmale hero, MadcmoUtflle d'Eaoi 
t,h« muii be ^tylrd) hs& h.indBnme eifcIg ind boiom. and App«an 10 adi 
a wcmtin- Indecil, as she Jbrmerly made herself a twanT, liet chin 11 
with tome lioirs. which ahc employs hccsclfwiLh nipping ; her conplouoD 
licr^Ulurr AbutH S feet 4 iDLhc--^, to ^hc could not be I'cry udl tc uniiinb. 
Itime who hivF not &FFti het in n nidn't cfrv^s caimot rciTXCTtvv 
Crnild appvar genfi'ci m 3ii?r furmw clothe* 1 sl^e ucars her heels ifory low andi 
what lar^ ; i\it luu a partit-ukr acciit* which b not unbccomicti;. m* h« *e<c« 
Hfrceublc i slie mal^c^ her cuitsy in a mtiji; fashion wJdigul inuTJiifc IxrEli^ 
hm henJlng hrr knres fnrward wiih greai ijuiiknciJt ■ 

C>n being niHvibt^d Ui pn[ on «onie fftuge, htr in&tver wli thai »h« had irflP 
hvt that JE would not !&livk upon her fncc. Con&tiLehng her body only « a ea 
vt at ihc ihcH cf her »ti1, ahc de^iict it, and e^en prelcnda aonetiBiA ittfl 1 
neck ii tronbtewme ; cvcrjthiiLf^ seems ilnnge lu her in her new teccMlTCiilB 
bur «bp It ccnvmced lh:it tiiie wilJ refoiiddv iL 

■ " The TPpinc of ihii pan cvapcnxto in Enelinli. Cvritt, in FrcciJi, ti^Bi 
a wnjinaii'a beaddrriA» a& wrll as a Nubalicm of liotie> '*— AWr A.vfAr 
•<%;w/yilVrftf'j;W^^tt>^"tA-t». 17781, 


roaJur d'Ean and Peter the Great's WUL r 75 

iliCtanto I'snec ibc vcnl lo TonnetTcand pbicJ wxdc lime «iLh 
She IhtiB <wc back b> Tiris u J, LhoUfih Ahc «ppcucd kIiIuui in 
idk NMcUma «nh fm vhj fntmlic Ta « IxJy wlio >rju ifivlnf hn 
ritA jw^s^ ^ ^ tvhkrtmr. Ac, ibe rqillod, "Mjulub, 1 slial] 1p« 
M I on n«vrf be monla*.'^ 

! bat nUknL uil mgnJ poftnjt t)uc ;poa <ad pv« of >tiidc'[ipuj>cll« 
E vbg luvB hbj DO »ppo(taai1]r «( Hciji£ 40(t iiiiJi:ini: fur Llicm^clv^ 

Bsajil blie in Pirii <!id not Utt Tong, for a lawsml wiih 
lis wn drotc d'Eoii b^Lk lu E[igUjiJ, inhert, hii pennon 
n agiLA stopped, he w.u reduced to grcAl Htiaila, and 
mamlAiD himself by gtvLug leuoci! in fencing. Mulched 
akIifAt ](rofiruot>, Huch fts Se. George ;incf Angflo, he 
miHf 1 ni^in of hi» ipirl. and ia ji fj^rjicju^ jt^aull of :uiiis, 
which an cngravrng has been prescncd, in the prcf^cnce 
ice cf IVile* md a crowd of An>tiocninc patrons, both 
genilcmen, he bore hirnkeTf k> ^vcll thai, notniThslnndrng 
tkjOAt»and>ciricwhkUa<dv.inccil jlj:c> he earned off the pahii 
eoni petitory 

to ihc Empress Klia^beth, the Chevalier iTEon had 
iportunilics ^ffuitleJ \\i\\\ of lfiiiisi:riliing doiumcms in 
'of rclcrhoff. and ii Wiw ihcrc that, a(.f:ordmi; to his stue- 

wi:h her fnhcr'A plan for cciiipaK»Lng the ^uprom^tcy of 
tft biographer. Moni. Gaillardet, Tefprds it n a doptinocnt 

imix)rUiKe, upoJi which the whole of ilie aubsajurni 
ttMiEt hoK been founded, and no one c^.in read it aE this 
1 2 mtaia amount cf iuiere&t. ^Ve <:u]i ivell Afford to 

ooggcnttiuiJ^ LDUUiined \i\ [lie coiicltidiiq^ ani<:1<!S, hut 
fble^aa one reads the rcnuinder, not to be reminded of the 
tliich many of ihe oonque^tit and the temloml acquisitions 
irom Sweden, Tofand, Persia, Turkey, and in Central 
brought jtbout \ «omc of theni n h'Cod deal nioie recent 
,ys of Nap nlcon L ; ajid, mdeed, whether written by 

t, or l^' Na^joleijn, il would be :ilmoM equally inslnie- 

' H6moitc« euf la Chcr^litod'Eon," it \% reproduced a3 

of the aivxi hvly luul indivuib]« Tiinitj-, Wo, V^Uf, Kmpcror 

of aU the Ruuui^ &><■-, to aII <'"'' '^ctcenEloal^ Uid itucc»»r* on the 
tb< Governmcrtr o^ ''t Kdiiian nation : 



Tk^ Cattleman s Magazine. 

The Grrti God from w^m W* received Oi« life mid Out Crown, 
ilaDily Illumined Ui ^th Hii vbdom. and upheld Uiwiili HIi^lvtiteivpfMi, Ael 

Here the emperor eniers upon % Long and latberduoinivc , 
showing ftJiy, in hii opinion — which be believes to be an kill 
of ihc will cf Providence — the people of Russia arc <Jcstinol at 
future period lo attain 10 general suprenuc/in Kuiope, jkrd lo 3| 
ihemselvM over (he whole Condreni- Kiissfn, which he found 
A^ A liillc stre.iuj, tvJll h.ivc bccon^, Mlien he le^tca lici. greit 
mighty rivet ; but under hj3 successors, if they know righdy 
direct her, she will grew to the dimenHiont of iv^t oceu^ofvi 
all i!k* liordLf ing \^\\\%. ferliltsJng 9x\A improving (he worri'Ottteouni 
of Ktirope. With thin object in viev he Icjvct thcnc inMniCttoQl' 
hia deacendanls, and desires th:it theythaJI tw coiiHt:intIyiindlbri 
re ligion^ly observed in thi* ninnner in whirh the tableK left by 
on w]ikh ihc Ten ConjTna.udnkenls wctc in»cfiU:di Iiavc been fxilfcTi 
foUowcd by the Jewish people. 

Afti^r tins preamble; the fourteen conamonds arc set fionh u 

L Let the Kui4iftA lutlab l^e k«pC tn a eoMimuI it(AC« ol w«r, »« ib« 
Mildlcrt I1I4T lie liiLiUy iuiil Al'Ajyk icudy /ul ji^jliEiuk: ; lev iUclc Ic im nv^l 
ceplinu when Ji ii a^ccsniy for die rrpatr of thr riiuuicri oftfat blmplrc^ of 
iwirpiuisilinn of oiir stniie", or for l)w purpa^ fif wanmg for th' mnM ffpi 
momenta f^ altncU. LcE limB af pcac? Uc Uiu£ niD^lc lueful fbr ibe 
^rtj, iinil war be tfindttcled m as to #:ivc iulvafiiB*:ci lq p(«ic , Atnfi 
view [he ag^nnUiMiiacEii and ttic iiK^cn^ of pjcapciii} of Kuuta, 

if. Aaratr ^y rvety posiiM* mrani, fmni tli* muRt culilrited tali 
fciiro|>e, able capUifis m lim« «f war and the btftl uhoEarf m limea of 
ihAL [lie Rubion naliun may profit by such idvcjilageiu maybe oblutwUeie^ 
couiiliEes witlioul uiy risk iA ]o»mf lho« of which ihc is lirrK'lf [N.aae*Kidk 

!ri- 'I'ttle a pfifton ill occuioit^ In the iraubks and ilitpuEes fn EiiMfi^ 
ticuliily in tho&e o( Gcmuuiy, nhieh b«in£ ih« nearest la Ru&fia hflve ttovi 
ioleru-t for her, 

IV. Keep up diriaicnk in Polii-ud uid enccurafirc cDtitinuAl juloajKi 
agiliiiiiwis ; imidiaiic wlih yoM tlic >iif)f«jr[ of The Nuhlc*, totruiil \\\k Dir»»i» 
to tiO"- the power p^f inflijeocirtg the eicrnnfH nj licr Kitig* ; gain pArl&UlB of Otf 
cwn ; g^ve them pctkte^tiDa by moving Kdsxifii tiiiop^ inio Lhe country uJ Altf 
ItccptHcm ihcr? bitil the j^ropcr time bHaII lurjve lo tiikc puSiKTaioi^ If ihc neijb- 
Luuiini; Tawcra ubjecl* Uicjf ahnuli be moDientanlr apjicsscd try %lujia( 

eouTitTy with Thcim tirTi) fi i^ poi^lbk to rcTak« whiL \\>s. been v) rcdol 

V, Tflke from Suvilen a« much u po^ible, uml manage vi tha^ «bf 
nltock' lis, wbitJi >*iU give * pfelciU for her Bub^ugiiion, With thi» view PolMtf 
licr from Dccimmk bj carefiilly tTiciiiira;:uiu rivalries betwMn those ti« dwiilrkfc 

VI. Alwayi tliouK ujvu fgr tho Ku&^'an iiiiuctis in the Ganun Siau^ •■^ 
l>y inch alJinnces imiEe thmr inten-^t with oun» (kiul ohtun tlrtir ftif^ioR fkf CO* 

VII, Encoumgfi a coTnmcrf^ illknce with EngliTiil, iTic Wnc lie Po**" 
whiiih Ju» flint nccil ofua foi the mainlenaiKfof her navy, ind whidi cut be uc^ 

uffl;/ m 1^^ /nr fhe drvf InptTKUl of m^t iiwp. tKc'\\intt qui timbn'and oOier 


TUCifvaiUr d'EoHMdpHtriMt Great's IViU. 175 

iar bw foM, lad aiblbb cocutvie IriovITy rekticm SeNtcn her mcr- 

^ttiad Mionand oon* by wUcIk cor people vili be improved m kumojuhqi 

«l k Ik Bb rf tfMovf IC& 

Tm. fJtmA IlK froofifrt if Iti# F-mpiiv nncpittn^ly, li^vmrrlt ifi« Karth 

I Ifct Bakk feitfi, «d to«wli the Smih tfeof ilM diciw uf thv Bbcic Sea. 

ApfvoMb M i«r « pon4bk to CaiiflULf In&pU ind tawuitt [b« Imlici^ 

rririu tJ CttaScmtaif^ vJnfU tAt mUtKvrrs^ ej Ckt -^vriU^ aud. with 

bi view, pcofoke cevtiDual ini« wfih l^irkcjr 4Ci(l with pRn^ii ; nu^' 

Liaik« BUdK Sm; gri p«u«si|^KD <tf lh« shorcc i1 ihdX len u «e1] u 

te Uikie^ I bail tira ibinp b«iD£ iMMMuy for ih4 uliininlv vn&^cvi^f 

; b*9CcB the decadcacT ri PcnUi pcDctntlc aj lu u the FcraliLn Gitlf. 

tbc IjMiUcl tfwie vf tlic Levant hy n^ipEUinioEi^i^ ^>(ul. aijd, if iin>- 

Ihc poivercf RuedM Xa Ihf ItxIIm, wH'^h arelhf unpciriura oF ihr 

X- C«f c4illly «cck and noinEjuu ;uia]Jijiii;c wilU Aiuilria, ippcu tO lupporl hci 

^d bnov lowre^ty owt iX\ (icnnany, anil covvnl}/ mcIip «snirir her thR 
oT tSir Orma pftrnjf*. 

rr t« in^DD* vithfr ^nv *i<l« nr ih? Aih?r Ia illicit thr aiiuEaru'^ <>^ 

Md L^B uJbe iLc counity, u i( were, auitft our T)rDtcctiiin» hy which 

ifeTikalt te eiublcil lo pivporcit hi ctcutual liuminAticin. 

lK«rt«l AuHfrii «ilh ui b thr cTTiuliian M ihe L'urlu lYim Europe, ind, 

'biVTOnquceHCanM^inriEi'iplf. rti'iiinliip thrcffacl of li*f jnalfjiny pilhtr 

up ft wir fceiw<B Kei ud thg avhrr KLTKpcfln Stntu, or by giving itp Ca 

ri|«fUB flf our (ut^uctt. irhkli we uu icUlkcfiOLn h?i ifEciwAnU. 

SL Atudi and uniTc to m «IL ihc di-vajtlslifll Greeks ind oltirr scbiimBtics 

llfaiftrjr, Turie|r, lAflth* Sniiihnf PAlvml. mukmi^RiihAiJiTiifiir crnlrrvitl tup- 

[^i ibii *fll K<urt i[» icTicejibfe frictub in iJic eiicniJcn' counlrjr. 

r When SwcdcQ ^ iKtn dbmcmbcrt^. l*c[>ifl vinqubhed, ToUuTd sub- 
taA TtirittfjroaofiBfrefl, <nir armies uhiret, aixl the hlatl Sea iif»d ih* 
'btbc pdnuaaioft of our llnit, n pro|>oiaE mitiit hit hLttiimit^d b^pantdljp 
[Nwy lecfcll}, AruE ta the Court of VcTMtUc* Lod ibcn l<> ihol of Vicfn^^, i^ 
[Mirnb ttcsi Ute Eiapirc uf ihc Wvkl- 

IFitibaof the ivoaociTpUk which iinor co be doubled, it their imbitlon and 
WHltfatr wtH br flaUar*d hriheiLig^iinn, nuk^mffrtFiliir Pomr to e ruvh th« 
■Aerwttnli ui tt« ttm w* mu^l crmh Eho finl, i*hich i^iU flol bs difliciill, 
L%l|lk4 lw« RoiAU viJl b? in pDueitirxi of ihe whole of the liaai arhL of & f;r?jLt 

HV If f be iBpnluhlff lav i^hoiilrl irU^ of si wfntiHnur ImTli Pnw^r». h will 

vM^sfj tti bnng ahouE * it&tc of wtf Iwtwpen rhe L«o whirh will rvTi.init 

hcMi a^ thm, eho0iiaC ttie decisive rHom^ni far aoUon, Ruhla noiLld hi) 

{^Cvicanf *i\iS her wniio aL Ibc bome time (hai Iwo poAcrful l1a£l>tvou1d 

iHn JhC Sea vf A^>^ :iiu3 fn-itn thr 1\^rc uf Ari:Iian|;c], liLlul wHli hvrdc^uf 

[■^^ wt oiiiiiijf rhemteli*?! ir> Mhei Iteulrt itic lllnck Sea nn^ In the l^hic. 

rwjBuiU adiBAOt by the Meditfmtivan itid tho Artamur Mri^an, nivl lanr^ 

t^^Vlkkb«o*C^F«UK«t vhu^ will Ajjoffulit^ Ijc avetrun, vriilAlout icirul furvf ■ 

^ 'hf ^ftc la GeiDiuiy. Qiicx Ehcsc two couDUica vanquitltcdi ihc real of 

'•^ HI lorn piu Tinder our Kcpirc- 

^^bf t^BK ranni Ihar fjtmpfean ami iniijit ht viHjii^tril. 


Thi GiHtlrman's Afagazuu, 


BV RE^-SnyKOt. 

DOWN in \torettni Buy, vii llie ocesui ^Mc id (he iiltnd, 
lie 4t liifih wiicr. imt visible at>o>c the brtakcw. a 
of rocka which irc ac once ihc circad of mArincre 4tni1 the 
of deep-sea fi^h^^rmen. Brrthane has noi manjr cxcii^anc^tEi 
offrr icj ihc sHJounicr ititliiii ib ^(ta. Tlie inhalxmnn 
rcntly cxluust all their ciiu-rpri^c tn nnoncy-nukinj^ h 15 
incredible Ihit ihc tncttr»polii of a thriving and weaUhjr 
tuK no theatre bvitrr tti^n a Miiull miuac-bil], nnd that 
Ai« m> othrr rcgulAi AnitiKiiicnu than the pctfornuAov 
jin AnuUeur Muinca] Union whose c^nccrt^ cxcdlcnt 
they be, nre fttf nnd far Letweon. But bi ii noi be 
ihAt ihc- Brhb^iniaiu tna^ ihe f;itul emir of Jidoptirkg the 
" Ail work auU no jilDy.'' Recreation, liowcvcr. mn* a icood 
the direction of out-of-door |>unuiti, in which the Indivf, it \\ 
reflect, c\r\ have liftle if any ^)ea^. One luch favoimtc 
is A Sclinappcr party at ihc Fl*l Rock, whitli twk m 
mciubCT cf that broim Pleaded ^mily of crags ^tandins imroo^i 
the rtstkts sejL 

Wc *un for ihc FUl KcH;k tiuly in tlic aficmrMin of a gl 
Queensland winter dftV' It i« tbc kind of dny nhen u 131M1 
indeed be bad \rx mind and body not Co kcl that, »pLic of hiid 
it U something .ifter ;ikJ to be alive ; something 10 poMcns lui^l 
will driiik deep driu^bliof on c3thilar;iting Jtmosphrrc. Tbt 
tyi»c; of n tjucenahnd winter ^i\y is a keen morning, thnl 
(rosi bv5i bitcA not ; a cloudleis eiglit honrs ol wami Bun, « 
and npiJ Mitisei ovci [jurpk- timed m(mn:;;iiiis ;ind woods, and, 
evciilide, ;t return of tfic ^enC nnd feeling of incipient iiiXA- Ij 
particular in calling atlcniioti to the lovcLncM of the day upon' 
wc start, because hy-and-by I shali have the opirortLmky of 
boiiif fticnds— 'fiieiiiU who ber.uc the c1ian4;i:able Englitih dj 
somcvvhai of a Tiermon* 

We sitait. theicforffj in tho loveliest of weather Thdiriiitc 
of the hoiisL%— and in Quconslnnd thtr hot summer U favotji 
gn immense consumption ofivhiic paint — is bright as tbeliflk^i 

A Schnapper Rxcarsien. 177 

5ie*t gum-tref, hilh«<1 in ih* unK^eiul rcftilgcnce, become* 
a thiog of botui)-. The gruiy liclgbL^, ihc undtrgiowtJtti 
I lliein. tbc fcaccd'in allolmcnts who^c swnr^ has nc\'cr yet 
)IOfTicd» the land under cultivatiot^, ihc p^Tche» cr untouched 
ie f tinnpx of bsnaiu irotind Ihi; coruges or br^f.- sulnirluui 
DO, ihe nuiocTfmx fMthei m llic rvcr, with tlitir prufu^ioii of 
Ivood — ail thc^, inrb other fcaturu'i of ^vhat. In jl prcvlou* 
I have described on :i tcmarkably prcii)^ nv^, on luch a day 
tir bcw, And *ic frcihly wchronw, lhoug?i itt niuiC of ilie party 
vc Ifcoi for yein fjuailiar enough. 

rAifA; ic must be sutcd, i« the soEc TCfircficntativc of Ihc 
kud xu*y, and the dptain ttnd his diit^f otl^ccr wear the onLy 
oilbrm to be w?im itj Bn^luiat:, except un f^xlnurdhmry occa* 
loi ft stifty DMO-of-war vi*ia the colony, Tlic Aa/r is a prciiy 
iddtt-wbecl boat, bnt nothing like fto larfce an one of the 

fclwn plying on the Thumet Her chief employment \% the 
of ihe mails from tl>c llay lo the Government wharf in 
II; tot she is, in addition, a maid -ot-ail- work for the Mtni^tn*- 
ttes tiM Co\'CTnmcnt arc pcr^u.idert into lending her (or 
t trip«; ft nitmtict of members of ihr I^iiilanirc*, wishing to 
Hide the &iJ£fuing cares of Pariianient, coax the Colonial 
vf mio lending her for a fishing (fxcunion at Flat Kock tir ^ 
:h« toarincvilUges^^rnbryo w^itering-pUces itrovind the ni^in- 
lom of Moreton Bfly. To iheir credir, the Oovemmeni tin 
net th>eir complAuancc to the reprc^ent^tivcii of the people. 
re genefollf more or leis a direct infliiente over ihciu. Ihc 
nruitt every now -ind then tiumWy peiition for the lonn of the 
ad to »icf eWuIly wcrk ihc orjclr thai the pictitnin Loon is 

n u gen«T^ly no liahing the hrst night, lint Rod: in nixt)- 
md more from Brisbane, sa\A. with d.trkTif^s letting in by 
ixlCi it b OS mnch ai ve can do 10 rcoLh Amity Polni in time 
anchorfoT the nif;hL The excursion 1^19 in the comforcahEc 
nfl know how to tpen<J a ple^ant evening ; catdi^ convcrsa- 
d boolu— but chlelly carda — help lupai«avr;ty therime. ThI* 
of the ocuraion mtiM needs be mcnlioncd. for it is to many 
mofie mporunt clement in the proceedings of a schnappfr 
hn actual fishing. The ^hnjpE}er is, m f^iit, by «ome mode 
■se fer a water piuiic. Quiic kgiliinatc, lou. Hence, aficr 
vn. one of thf fishermen is asked *v}icthcr it haa been a 
Eua expedition. 
jodeatt«ly scv" he replies Thinking only of the spott- 

atL iWi J /Si. y 



Tke GffiUf man's Magnziti^. 

"HftI hn i" the other tC70tQ»i "only modcratcl/so? Then,' 
vfctt the catering COTnmittcc } " 

1 dare ay my rcndcm will, with a «iT»ile, call lo Itiiid c«itl 
expeditions gii the TluiDC»f urhcrc llic iDOKt serious CtiUMittraicii 
Die da^- w.ns the .ireiount of bottled beer And MDdwichcx ncjircd 
in the punt. 

Socin ;ifirr c.-isiing anrhnr VfrdiKrhaijic a few mrtct^ -ind buifl] 
Kghts^ftbitof plca^^mCry onourpAit thai is at^wcrcd h j 
of nppIausL- .and lai.ightcr fru^m thtr ahorc. Amity I'c^uit u i;)babii 
bl^clca, who a^dsi rii thi? oydeT nnil diigong fiLhery, conductixl 
by n. BnAl)Anc fitra. and oiLi fiyrotttihiiLc iltspUy aj>j;HMr( to 
brought them out of their hark hui^oud down (o the bc^dv 
doj^iT of Ub accordingly go ^ishorc lu the CApttun's K^j; U> pi 
ti'hai h very practically the ^incwn of war for \h^ coming 
tu wit — hftits- lo sec the bbck-s iurtjund thcij own cvm(>-fi(oii, 
to enjoy a quiet stroli upon tht white auid under thv Soiuhci* 
{a mLser^iblc fratid ;]i^ a show conatdbtion, and not to ht m«ni 
id iIk* s^iriR' tiiciicl) uilh our clr^irJy defined and diasle CTcal_ 
und the wonderful star« of ilic uiitipodcftii hcJi]i»vllc[& 

The aborigines who live upon the iftknd arc better 
vigabond specimens of their race who, in scarc^i of tuni, proiH 
ihe streets of Biisbane d^y after day. but evea ihey d/> aoc 
jL (air notion of the AuntraiUn aboriginoJ as he » accA far a«>f I 
inl<rior Aa with the Red Indians of Ncrih Americn, so «il 
hlacbs of Aiiiuali^, a lilile civili^Aiicii tou ul^rn is ;i dangieroiK 
ITowevrr. we aic tiirried thruueh the 6urf at Aiuily Foiiit o^, 
shtruidcrs of good' humoured nAtivcs wliosc white teeth Utd^jr^ 
through the dnrknes^ when no other part of their faces dm bOn 
One Of two of them 1 noticed gibbering rather than talking. A 
nni:1rL'5£cd ^enilcEiijJi, in x well-intended cffcrt to light U3 \\ 
tali ronlc grji^^i covering the low sond-tiiU^ throws the biimitig 
about in a decidedly reckless f^^hion, and «et& fire to th« 
patches in several places. Arouud a ump-fifc llut LLuevtuemljr^ 
c^Lslsfiirajidncat weird shadows lh.1t would ajiuredly liAVdct 
Rosa's rapid pcncilin motion, crouch a couple of men ruoui 
Hatiiesand perfecUy nude. They <il on the ground, with their 
broxight sharply ii]» lo suppon the elbow*, which \ti ihoii luiti 
the hands on which Uie liead rests, ind the position. Mnn^ &» dboa 
tnent may appcnr, i^ not without it« f;rncefitl pictUTei<iQCBcsfc 
OTdinary skin mnst have been srnrrhed in such close prioiimit|r 
nuldy logs of iicn-hirk, and ordinary eyes would have be«n 
by the staokc* But ihc hvdca of q^x ^U.frienda dic^ 

A &Ancppcr Excum'^% 


hj long eiponrc, As^^ ihdr vixu;il (i^^tn^ an «iiKike •dried s 
l^duRiitt ibcM repreacntouvcs of the Amity Point Aara^ once ioT 
jIL tkcy an ixr goiK in intoxicmion. ^Vc afterwards discover thjii a 
pttif of ihem h;irc becu lo BritZxinc in their mutcr't ciirter^ ::i liand- 
•nc bodt tuunol the CAarks DuJteru. in ;ittcaii tlic fuitccaiofa 
kcNl, Ami h&rc rccunxxl in th? coodiiicn in wliich vc ^d ihcicu 
The bete in whJch ihc Amity Point blacki* live jltc liomc-Khnpcd 
of ittiogf Uitk, cuy Ui buU4 w^mi Id cold Bind coiA m 
utaibcr, and onuimcntcd inside nith some prctensioiu to 
W« an cordially welcomed mio one hut by the chitr 
^df ibe cnab&hinimi- who mtrciducct i roufk of founfi bbcl: 
giDa" b LcjloniiJ i^irUncc — as lier nieccsn 'llicsc Udies 
l]r drc»9C<l. And the yovin^crocce^ Tor ^borijtincsi Arc »0t 

i»o%l tiiteBi^cntoif tbcsrrlwa CHii!|>r3kcxrcllent nnt;1JNh»:iiid 
'**■"*■" c\cn in a uhilc gid vvoLild lie oillcrd '^ prclty/' A 5:w 
<|lnrt« ffom the Jlhitimkd L^ndan Nrios ar>4 i^raphk aio paj»kd 
fwribe ftteeping-f Iaccs and fhuman namrc Tor ever!) the hut \% no: 
Vku A InoJEing-gbt^ Wc might prnlGn;^ .^tir ^tny, And r-njoy our 
^tton the edge of a tmcktc bed, ^crc wc not diivcn mlo a humcd 
tntai by A& attack upoo our lower limbs. I oace taw An cxbibition 
itrgEiii Strccc, Uie object of which uaA to prove iliat ihe domcKlic 
klUMld iw Imnrd tn useful piiqj*»c*. The firupricioi iif ihc 
!4aii|ehc, I rcnicni1>cr, h^^mcucd a. tcci^m of i1i.<as to i liny camuf^c, 
ft4|tl IbeEn throuf^ a variety ^f itiODtshtng performaTite^^ If th^t 
^^iow genittcinan ^houkl br now n)i?(?, it) ihi? ftt^ buKini^w, and 
Aoi cJ ^lock, he DiAy, At A nonnaii cosU replehish hi^ exhAu^^ced 
n4iX Atnity I'oint* Austral faemiaphcre, bt- 37\ Ici^, 154.° 

Aa we are diiemhaikingf other members of (he native colony 
Rten from ua in theii boat, ivith a imc r-krj,co of oysiei^, xi.\\\ I witl 
dsibdn tJic juMicc to coitfcii that they regard the vagaiie* of tlivif 
hkodcci brdbreo vrith looks of indfabte contempt, iltlLougEi A^hcG 
4lB 00 tbey mw lu on board in n cmnky whalr^, uliirh ne:ir[y 
^UO K4 into the ahaik-liauniLxI waieia. Uicy arc noL ;it Alt bai:k* 
*Bd in aildne fcr fiim. Thcic blacks appear 10 be happy and con- 
knplbut (kj Uudcnt of the nice requires to Ix: told tiiai nothing 
flAkcr|} ihrm k>nf; in Mirody ocLi;u[iation or weoriiig Lhc appcAmnce 
*(n*ii3tf>o«. Oi^ of the riakc^C fellow* iroiu^hlng by the l^ic wdi 
'^fBUAi ediKAted hy the miasionaricft niid placed iit a Melbourne 
^if Aft (foonu For a while he w« proud of his livery and 
ItAbad «rrll, Inn, likr all rhr bl-irki iipuii whom liimibr dLperiratTntit 
^bemtncd,hcon£dj/dia^Vjpc^cd vvidioutii3i|>{\wiLndGT:cdba^^ 


i8o 'Eke G€Hilana7is Magasitu. nl 

£L^iu 10 liin tribe, ^xA licrc i[i \\\^ old Jigc w< find him ia the i 
pensive g^rtk of iiaturc. More singular than this is tite pra 
jiTnongst thes^ aborigines^ and living as one of i)i««i, of an £d| 
nun^^ gcnilcnun born ixvA bictl, a member of a doLIl- facoi^y. i 
a srtidcnt aI Oxrord. He htu hi» own hui, and cohka fontai 
receive visitors wlio Lind at the place with ail the euc of « p4 
uwd CO good socii::!}', b«iT in ihe simple and sole costume of a i 
tjAt, &hori Gahbaldi shirt fdiicncU round the waJst with a lei 
iirap« and — oh 1 hear ii not in Tdl Mall— on cy^^Iau \ Ant 
educated KngLtah gentleinnr, aUo of high fjo^ition, ha4 liv«i 
Amity Poiri for fen y^ara, Jn the &3me H'ay adopting the habEl 
the bUcks wiilioui reserve. 

The munager of the fiftbery comes on board lalcr in ihc cro 
to tell 115 that A young dngotig hai jiisc been tiipiured, and cDa^ 
vay ^in enlliu^ia^lii: firw ^rniiiblc over tbc AW^'/ side. ;irLd repi 
second lime on ^horc lo see the singular crctuurc, out of id 
kindred, some of theijc days, goodly fortunes iviH be n 
There it lits ujion ihi; lK."iich. ^ young female calf, weighing about 
bundrcd^'t'igbt, and ihc colour, so fai a* 1 can otiservc it in 
fnUrc of ha-tf El <1o2cn 6rc-&ticks, dark brotvn. Tbc dugooi 
bcooming better known every year, but hilhcrio the attempts to J 
tt into a remuneraiive commercial chcmnelhnvenoibecnBoniccci 
u tbcry tnuBt be ^thcn adequate capilal is put into a thoniaj 
cqiupi>ed fishery. X fiei^e the o|jportimily lo examine the proi 
(conducted^ however, on a litniicd «ca.1e) by which the dU| 
raptured in ihis p^in <if Morelcn Bay are tiinicd to acrnuni, 

Firat comes the convct^on of the &Lt into oil. I am gnuefii 
lay that cod-liver oil ha^ never been a preacribcd portion of^^M 
tnen, but there cdn be no doubt ir the world that t^ne da 
possesses ill ihc tbctai>eiitic quaUlleaof that Ile&h irslorcL' wnliout 
unplca^nt smell and lusic dreaded by so many invalids^ T]ic 
ciin vouch for as twlng excellent. 1 have laated the bacon, and 
whitCp sviccuieni, and ctcan-flnvourEd— a«> good, in fact^ a* one 
wi*ih to hare i:. Another description of the mca:,ejilen c^Hitiigbt 
for acTos?' between pressed beetandox tongue. On board the £«ft« 
day afler our visit lo the rrjcently capuirod ealf, we j^ortook of a didi 
dugongcntlets whii h ftould liavc ssiisfteil an epitiire, and were actn 
declared by some to be very tender and nicely cooked ^^ A 
The hidc3 appear lo be invaluable j the leather is of exoelienc cpA 
and men tftafi mt inch thitk. What ftill macbiniit* *ay lo 
DiJgon^ arc n^fw princijmlly taken \w a net wljh itiimenftel/ 
meshes. The nets arc Uid in >\Ab\m4neoui tborough^ica thra 

■fcb the cxperjcncod li«hcnna& kaowK tlic ctcalurc? mil xvms on 
Br stti<cfa for marine gruitct: the animal bccciLu<fi cntoiiglcd, 
■jlite himcdf toio ifiexcricable toils, and, b«ing unable to riio 
Htr CuHhcf to bvr9thr> Hrownt- Thi? dugnng h wrll fiatni^ lh«r 
Bdo** for in hcid is not imlite tluLt of a pollcil hutloclc, 
BUh tis nose ii cotuiderably broaclcri ai^d lurJiished with a 
Hte tenniaal bf trtiich it uuy dticorar and crop t\\e bcrbage of 
Bp>kte patUureA to which It flocks. Thr hot\y lougtily rvscmt^lce 
htoT a pguilJC uol, And dugong atc somctimcK ukcn wci^hinjc & 

S'w let QG return lo our party on boonl the dainty JTrt/f. We 
Aqj^nne on detJ;, itunie b^luw in the uluuii, ixiux m tlic hold ; 
■ittoagh ufidcT tlic sujaahiac wc mij^ht dispciisc v^ith or^y <icscrip- 
^cf cofti, at midnight the thickcti Ulster or pilot jacket is not too 
imq. At ti* in thr moroinjj there are signi of movement onboard; 
fc early spQit^mea sac pirrpjrinij iar action- Day la \^aitiitg tiic 
ipil to ruih isipctvou&Iy upon the hcch of rti^ht. and, In thcac kti- 
■fa^ nigbt hflE 10 be pretty ahoip if it would clear ^way berore the 
UMml *sxn i« rinv iipon ir. On ihi^ panitniliir morning rhcTEr i^ 
V ma; a Htccly-bluc doud-fabiii: veils the blu»hc:« of dawn and 
tottUy curtoim oA the expected bngbtncss. 

Ihc Xi*«^. once out of the shelter pf Amity Point, proves herself 
lltmrbLbly Wsky lais, much givrn lo dancing to the j^'pif^E ^^ 
ftrvio^ and fjUcilioHy tc^pon^ivc to any w^ve that chonscii to 
«s aims around h«r waist. Then it begins to mn, and the 

bf^i to rise, and the prophets begin to prognostie^te &n un* 
<liy, aod nc 3re, in Utori, doomed to fiTibiii|^ imdcr consider 
ftdifficuhiej. My threaten L<d acmiDn will b:: as appropriate here 
*te*here; Good gmmblen at bonie, U comforted with the 
^■nee Uuu yonrt H not the only hind of rhangeable weather. In 
^Kttdmd, wliCTC the <hmatc, especially between Mardi add July, U 
■tttobe perfection, tlicrehiL'; been durinii April, May, and June. 
4(vtof July in thu year 1S76, weather as wet, as miserable, and 
ttdugettble. as any that we evecratr in the Old Country, To be 
^tvcn^M>dy is eager toc)ipl-un thatHueh ascoisor Is unprecedented 
hftv adccvolofpcal onnnla of the colony, while others miuntain, as 
fcfamertiuedlomaiDtAinat home, that in the nnatter of seasons 
^ h rt ib quite losing bcr memory. 

Ihe djuigerou^ nature of the ocean lied at Flat Rock renders it 
Ofoitil>Le to anchor near the bshin^ ground ; tht; A'^i/r, as fast as !;he 
^bnniht Dear die desired spot, drifts hai;k a^ain, and, an tlie fisli are 
■^tohe had rtcar ih^ rockn, the morj) ciiforcetl upon u** \^ "CvaX we 



The Gentleman s Magazint. 


oiLj^t aiakc ihc mo^t oT our time, Aiul thu i;i liov vtl- do ii. 
nun takes up hiA poiition, And din£i lo it At hia feet. omd. if fa 
clcfi&thcnnaci,dkpOfied«o thitthertf tbill t>en<^Cf a bitch, lies 
lu* lint', thirty faihoms long if it ia iti bt of any service, nboi 
tliickQC^A of a Ic^il jjcnclL, ^nd wci^liIeU nitii ibrec e^j^-idiapal 
ci lead, each a pound in wciKhl, ruid 90 bored thlt the line wl 
frrrly througti it. The hook b a triple, bui not mvch, siaaljer 
young tneiLt-hoiti, and it la bc^l to liare it uitachcfl wiih \ 
ovtfurown 4:imp>, or three piccca of ordisacx ficnp iivisicd, 
il fl lump of Ash or meat the Rixe of n vilnut. Sloirly the 
advanc&s lo the chnrjrc iintil you tin hear ihe Rreca wftter 
oir die lotki^ Look iwc11 (u l}ic thick fcjlhcr glovrs oii yout 
else prebctiily your ftnecri will pay ihc iJenultjr. It i> con^Cftl . 
tireniy genitemen, catiitiel miniKlert and vhll not, miitiiiic 
biT]v;irlEt 1inr in h:md, iu all kmdi of rxficrt,-int AtbtLdcs^ea 
heave Ihi: tirkle ovcrUnrd the moment the w^xy of tfav 
st&inicr Hl^Lckeu!!- 

tViih fpljiih and shout at length twenty heavity-wcightod 
ipCfding through the Ix^aiuifnlly rlrar depilii — twenty lines 
Ihrough finger and Lhuml> At a rate itiAl icndci^ eiilter a f^ 
canvjui sheath nn nbiiolute necessity. Do your best m ten 
fop no longtT tin we remain in wch dingerujii nei^' 
AVhat \\ that? Forward (Tierc is n lond inil Iui)g-«uft7amed 
on the deck. la it ft hcary-fnoied Rixi danani; a brcikdowu? 
it is the fii^t schnappec :innouncinj{ his relc^«e fn>n the 
t^t se3, and heruMlng hm kith and kin, so th^t within a 
of iTLintrtcs the entire deek echufK ivith the mb-a-dub Of 

It 15 scarcely «pOTt ; it » next door to skufchter. AUft 1 1 
©Tie come <o this? On this dny twelvemonth I teored the bat 
ing oftciDoon in nxy lifcr oil fifih oitisticAlly tjiught with deli' 
plements in a clear ninning stccain ; nad here 1 am hduling t 
the bottom, r Bo feet down, % burden which taxes all my % 
fn.ike^ the prrsjiiralion ooj^e from every ]iorc. Yei it is 
for n whiie. The fisli bite £i$t and furious, lUng, bdiig. 
There is no miaiakc above about the bile, and no mistake 
about the strike^ Haul, ha-ul^ ha»l \ the line throwing; out co 
tions of silver in iis rapid Jiscent Stxiu yonr eye distvrtis & 
deep, an almo»1 impalpable Ha.^hing to and ^. a» if a Lu^ dbl 
gyrating m ^m eddy ; ii o&sumet a lovely ptnk hue oa y«u b 
nearer the service, :ind ihen^ in a iwinkling, \ hnrly schnapper ol 
w fight ^lotitids ii dunging \iggn>vi«ly :tnd noisily on «lec1& fl 


j4 Stknaf^fT Bxmnion. 183 

t% ivft fish «t c\«rr hdiul; aql!, under th[>b? circunuUnccs. not 
ktui cmusiDft C^flture of tlie spori is iht^ spoct.'^cle of a score of 
edracDjinnpiiig AiutmJ a scoic of big ft»h whidi uc doing llicir 

lo convoy tbcir «im£cnKnt And indtgnalion to an unfeeling 

fie «dimppeT is, 1ik« nciiriy aill the fishc« or iliL-^tr Vrittera, 1}«ai> 
]f ttmetL, atui ihc pre^iillji^ coJuui i^ pitik. Jl Is n iliick, LriAuI- 
i Ucvw, » if ori^JDnliy inccntjcti fnr one of th? bream iribc. 'i1ic 
ttbbiK* to Ihc btcAin, hourvcr, cco^tfs jlL \\\^ tojt of the shoulden, 
nihefc b A bony buin|>, iiid :l !Jiun>ly ^l^i'i^^i uiiduhiiii^ iij.l|je 
Mc down to the raouUi, whicb i» tiom)' aikL well fiirrUhcd witii 
L Y«u depottt yo^r g^™^* "^^ i^ ^^'^ dmilim cref^l, but m a i^ick 
,loowilk^ l\Ui i««I] th:tE at the whaif ut Kristxme l>y'^Td>by ibere 
be vx anlonishing numlier uf ai.qi]aLi»tajii]i->i who iLAppciii:^ Cu tx:: 
■giuM bjr 4iCcidcDLi of course, and who ^vtll somehow w^itlk a.way 
lifanoeof Jiih dmgling from :i bitcf ipun yam. ThcEchnAppcr 
ibct, CKceneot coiing. It tlces nci toTiie ;imii« in any shajjc-— ■ 
cd and served with capei uuce, fried vtith c^ iml irumbSj 
icd« uid. better «liil. as mi^onnaiae. 

IV best of KhAa|iper- tithing is that you Ic^ite <vn conicnt^. it 
vd vork ; the tUh mngc bnwccn five amt tnetve pounds ; it will 
EvaytadTutt indeed to the Fbt Rock ifyotidonotgctyouTtcTi 
dotea BChoappenL One cf our party hu Ave-ond-lwenty — miicb 
t tloa Iw can can^- My own modest " swag " of eighty pound* 
tveabouts I (bid quite mfTiciem before T dut the burden off my 
IdtB. Oiur filing Luu not more than Ivio hours, and a large 
imof tiiat ttoic u oct^upLcd in stcainingT after the dnftr«, upto thL- 

aglin. Vet vv* teium with ;5o schiup;)er un board, betides 
t Uij puking a loLd ivl'I^iI of iioi nrnuh Ics^ Ehan 2,000 poumh, 

dcrybody condoles nith mc that my fin^t schnapper cxcui^on 
WrA bttn pjinkuUrly vucct^ifiiL It a no uncommon Ehmg for 
btjc Achaapper U) be taken on one of these exctirsiom, 
Ml at tbiA, as at all odicr fL^htng at wlitch I liavc " as-sisbrtl,'' 
ti of come, and la distrltrnted in a most unaccoiintabli; ivay. 
e^foreaaioplc, at my right is :l gentleman sLiHering severe I / from 
■dn«(fiDrvpt pbyhe=ivily ar pitch and toss during oiir other 
t),but vho (atchc-t four to my one. He his noihiiig lo do Init 
hitbooka, eafit them over, and puU tip achnappcr with .i "Yo, 
«hoJ" To rciy left ifi another gentleman who fshes i:arefuUyand 
rW vbo nrA'cT honks a ivsh. YeE we are close together, and 
f^ precisely the name mode of pr<ocedur£H 
ItU Dot, however^ schnappcr alone that w& Inke. At one of Oiu 


Tiu Gentlema^Cs Magsztne. 

nalts w« catcb x very striage coUection of fish mdecd. I^nt, tU 
in tkSM.Tsrieri^ ^i iHr p:trmi-flnh, shnpod somet^hii WVx a J 
Wljiintf^tf LrilliAnt »f»r]rl, .^ii<1 Htin^iJ will) foui ivuiy lecth, n 
tni^im Itkc a rit>b[i*j^ A small fith, the exact imj^ of a thitkl 
trout lu t>odily Torm, and abouE hAlf a pound in weight, blls M J 
share. How ii cduVI have lakcrn ihc trhnap^ier hook is a myvmn 
thUdny, but there il i-*i in ihc Priftlxinc Museum, ;u1iti]rablj- »etl 
oekI preserved, and tokmg lU phcc amonpi the Nfttuml Uiitq 
CurioKitiei, with iu tcientiJtc n&me, snd iny own name ajt tie d 
ringuishod donor, duly ict forth En imHIigiUf^ rhararien- Tliefl 
if de.^iftji'itcd "Diwope ociolirc^ta, f;imily PcresidcL" Thecoloj 
tjide somewhat after death, but 1 rufcca memoraacliim uish U 
Tng^rs, bcrforc^ iigive^ up tlie ghost. And thus it runt : "In rinaped 
unlike a Wandic tioiii \ fina uitd ull bri^^ht ^ariibo^v ; lidly clmn ni 
vermdion spots; sidts bright yellow, with four litcnit stjipeai 
bright blue— rows of mrquoiie on cloth of gold," A king-^hud 
taken, ^ blut-and ivhuegifnil«mAii,ap[>iirEii[1yofthebontiop7r%iusia 
A perch, owTi brother in ahApe lo OLtr English friend of tliat dk, od 
a mjgtufttent vcrniilion w'lth bbcit spois, ie onother celebrity, Tl 
or Three metallic-colouretlfellowfi have no T):imeTiofarAs 1 cAnftnda 

During the List lialf-hour we have a succession of Mirpmct- 1 
member of P^irliiimait calls JuatiJy for help, and we rush to his a 
He has hooked a fihark, nnd Jifler jx iremcndovis tussle ^e beiilJ 
landed by menns of .i eoiiple of boat-hooks tbnist into it* cana 
It is ibcut five fe<;l X^Xig. and an il beir^ys an uneasy conKritncCtfl 
is far (00 lively lo be safe, il is conciliated vith a well -sharpened o^ 
Another member of the LegtslaEivc Anaeinbly, not to be outdod 
sets up a wild hulbhfiloo ; he toe, ko he avers, has a sharlc. It il ■ 
fur me. of course-, to contnidlct an dd lx^Il^iIm, and a genflciOM 
TnoreOver who writes M,L.A. alter bis nimct but I know thai, 
is not fl shark. You can sec it i« a big fish, ne^p^cnheless ; thi 
are ihier %tmiig men (all f^eiialors) engaged in bringing it in, b 
instead cf dartmg ^Aifdy hither and ihither, it comes up a do 
weight, tio more bke the ahark than the chub is like the pike. J 
sheer weight unfortunulely severs the Knc, and there are three blfl 
lamenting fatea neat the sponscn. and general laughter from 
test of ttic company. 

The lion of the collection, however, is taken by not only a M.L 
but an honourable c:ihinet minister, now in England ; to hU lot 
a groper of sixty pounds weighL^ It ii a kind of rocllujd,w> 


Two yvarsidnie a groperoT thr?c liunrlrcdweJgta w («k«i in the RiM^ 

A Schiapper Excttrskn^ 


kiVtir^ivn IcaUkt skiii, an<l lrcmcn<loua h&ad and mouih, and its 
idikvioor while on its joum^- Iroin the tranquil <avcii of deep c<cnn 
13 ilie upper air coiivinc«« mr: th:ii it w;t« n grop^i aLio which the 
haonabfe member losi ni^r iIut tijonhon. The siity-pounder 
ibs aol >hoir AA ounce of plnclc from lirat lo Ia»t, but aIIowa tt»clf 
■Wbuated ia as if il were iCx fttte, against which it were usgIcm |o 
mtsA ; aad ttie only prott-sE ft makes on decV ii to open its jaws, 
Ik b t iiun£ii:r mjic iiidi<^tivc of Mn tU-mLLiincicd ea|}c than a 
tedcd cihibitvoQ of dctiancc i do not hcsiutc lo ivpcf^l th^t tliis 
.pipo' IS distinguished by its large mouth : x mcdiutn-siacd port' 
imtan miglit ht Mowed aw.iy in ii wiLlioTit ihe slightAt incmi- 
VicDCc to the fi^ 

After the cnfEOfTcmcnt i« over th? combAlLifiis clotr the decks, 
tiaove the tbin, |>ut awa^ their wcAponK, and resume the fLttitiitdc 
Wifooaitsof pcui:- Sj,aai ihe tuigiueiare thuniping ;itfiili iiprnl 
Bi seeds whonccll the stable aJkr oCC. wc gather togclKcr our spoil, 
ttfthena onall manner of bcLaying-pine, rails, and stanchions ; white 
bdco of vaier ^ortn ruAke the dccki( look ;l tittle leu lite shambles, 
Vlnmc li^C a \cty jnode?(C inctnbcT of Her M^jett/s HeeL Wc 
■ivojr lired and very utistied. Our shoulders ache asid our Angcra 
Mil bixt IhfPv aie pil«i and Unn^i ot iLsh decorating the ^hip lor« 
■A sft» and srr light orir pipes and sprawl liiximiriti.dy shoLii. 
*Ming the sunset ami puodennj^ dre:imily about iK>tlune in 
ptnkdis7, as btiSLOfi nflcr be^<.-OTi is pa^^cd attd the familiar land 
Mbkuci) the dibunce from home. The grc^L, awkward pelicjins 
ttclbna the iKacda-jbosK .md sail thrttugh the \\\ j^hnrenunU ; ihey 
ItUacnnen too, and they, like ourselves, have ^cinc their cJay'it 
vcdisttd ar« thuiiicg Aboni iheir ncfkt»- 


Ii86i Tfu GeuiUman^s MngaitH$^ 



wv & LYifs u»rox 

WITHOUT qucfltioii inilh is iSc mo« difficult of all thevil 
wlicthcT we place ii in smterity of speech or transparea 
\ile. Kittier wjy it is impoHibTtJU zn Absolute and, as O^xtfi 
wtiiild cuasL" lo be a virtue ai all if tarried to its iildmat^. We^ mwt> and spcAk llirough mufflcra if soi:icty is tt> hoW to£< 
Wc cannot cry a bud :n the market plicc all that wc thmk » 
IVllow-men, tcatt^jlj- all that we thirV ic maueTs of piifv «^e^ 
oiirnion ; nor yet i^roclflim on the bouse-iop all ^^al we il»- T 
that wc cxin U nnly tci vrcar that kmd of mask which prclcndi I 
none aX all. and Eo tpeak with a more subiW'-made voic^-cwid 
thm thi^ ri^^t. Even the atlvoi:ate« for noThing bitt the nud 
lheiiui<:1v(.-<i oblij^eil to k«vc olu tlie '"^ whole;" thus concodm| 
IflTsfulncss of rclictticc — which i4t<»TJfcding the Iri'vfulnctJ of 
hood by defatiU iind that a «Tong inipression may be leaf 
Tiegalion if one by aflinnation is forhiddcn. \ 

No I withstanding this rijiht of keeping one's own counsel, aa 
necessity of conceahiieui by silence, which every rition*! man 
woman mu«t conf«^ and allow for, th^e are lalfehoods and '■ 
bixsds. masks and rusksi that in, there is the t^vil of excevt : vM 
the ime name of thai Saton to \vhonL theologians hrivc pTd 
lieutenancy of the world ever since Christianity came into it, 
cnnnot live in the Palace of Tnith without the talisman, we 
not carry about with us a portable ahed of falsehood i and th 
*vc must fence ourselves off from prying inquisitors, there is no n 
sity to put up lying finger-posts and mislead the quesiiuning woi 
r;ilse land-marks. We may map out our lives acconling to our 
ideas ; do what wc tliink right in ovir own eyes ; and. so long i 
keep inside the Hues of the Liw. we hive only our ovrn boo 
wliich we stand accountable. We have too the most absolute 
to deny our feMow-men Any shiue in our coulidencc, and to 
close cA'cry door that kads to the hidden shrine where wc car] 
secret devotions ; but we have no right to pretend to be what w 
not, nor lo tell falsehoods to conceal what we are- Sileoee u 
fyfschood. Thcr njask which \% a bbnk is &ec to all mankin4 

Masks. 1%^ 

1^^ vbicb yi» build ro«ad your kitchec gud^n dt the vhulccrt 
r& j«u pnt agiimt yDi:r vnitdnvx. It H only ihr m:uk whic>i (src- 
I Ublo be lite real £ice that in rrpudintcd by honest men anct 
I tilfaUwonciL Aft<3 of tiie»r BU»ks vhich arc mlcnbonally falfc 
Aocve u nunf » ther^ an^ moni quilkCies to feign, :i&<t toda} 
aaauiMictfs ouvr lo oatifcnl and niiw to <IU]tUy. 
T^crc i« the Iiia^ik of {itciy: in the fbrefront in our days d« m 
put, wbon to raflhe Jong pmyers attd ^car broad phylacteries 
far cpiriixiA] gnmurris of fuch stilDdency as tnad^ ch« fUthjr 
nptf^nciical righteoiuncu imiicrr-txary. The brijwrr wTio poi§^na 
b boer with cocculm indicw jknd strychnine, ihc womAn vh& 
iaadca her ndghhouT, the fmurliilriiL miiitcc ni^d ih^r breaker of 
onustringcnl irotnmandinenu in thtr Dtxulo^iic. think thrmitclvc^ 
ttfebon siuptdoQ when they hurry on the maak of piety — doing a 
fw dol o# extempore pia>iflg if they nrc " Iovp," *n<J spending two- 
, Ml of tiierr worting-djy in rhnrrh if they are " high " Th<' meAn 
Ucaxilitir^ ofdAilxtifc — web petty vmue>^ lor insuncc, ^a think- 
^imll <nl of odc'a neighbours and aaying leaa ; of |>iiicncc under 
WraoeccjUid d^iyimder greAi tti^ils ; of com|>3«Eion foriho 
^tk toil forbeaianrc fot ihc troiibJcHrmr ; of piiy for ihr srnful 
•itftadtm fcllovfhtp with the luincti , of that grand kind gf^ielf- 
tfea«4iich ift too proud to cSo \iTOcit;, vrithout needing; th^ fvai of 
Onil («ai«hnitni as 2 re^mining mlliiertrc — to these homelyi^oral 
pBBeche wcuci> of ihc nut^^k of piciy, whrn jl mA:^k, give no hood; 
h^ey wili C4fi teats with you by the hour, and they know eweilir 
iifeBnvdiawthclinobetw^eniouDddoctnneand thevinsound. Sp«Lt 
^llenofhnnmn diirirK, nnd ihey wiU answer th^ they lovr dxi. 
vii^God u a grand term and ^hovc repro.-tch or civil It hoA the 
MAiltOof being vogue; which is an a.d%-iitiiagc in a m.isk; arid can 
Icade to fit either Torquemada orTATtnlTc. IIlU loving ome'fihro- 
*'»b a eoncrele tnLitter whitli nuy Lriug one inio trouble ; and the 
**B of phil»ath70[>y have thorns of which the wise art; yv^iy. 

Tfat giuk of *piriluaJ piety is perhaps the moet comprehensive ot 
'ii|l« moral wardrf^ic wher? hang ihe di&guises behind whiizh 
^QUqucnLde. It contcdt thcdci&s ambilionand Ui^ for spiritual 
■^Mot of pnCftts and toadcrt of rtJigious opmjon ; it conceals 
**>l|«doii^ n the man and the danger of the ihoughc if transhited 
"A poMacaJ action ', it a^vrris a diiioe N^iclion for bigotry, and a 
"l|pDpoac in ihc jupprcasiou of fccc'thought and the oppresaon 
"^CK^Wkfctrft; It enables Ihe wearer to pra-rti^ aclf-indolgence 
^udrntdtyio hn Ictnd ihere : but itll the while it daims the 
^•*t<tl flf nun on the £ToiiJ'd of its \of\y ongln, ^nd lie wW Aarci 



)88 Th( GfHiUman*s Magazine. 

to tpcAk contcmptuoittif of it — as a mask — b usuined to deride 
gion Ln the Abstmcr ;ind to tt loit lo the sense of good. Ai 

jircsrnt time lliis ii»a%k of \A\i\y i* in supreme roqucsL The 
rapidly dividing^ into the iwo cAnips of ihoKc who love knowli 
those tvho are alraid of it ; thoKc who venerate science and 
bh*phrmc it ; and tht v^eareraorthisnuit lake the laitersWc T! 
set ihcaisclvcs foftli ^ fdiltiful wiiiicfrKa of Uic divine life. Titnl 
those \rhobcUcvc that cflVcta n^ust luvc corrcspondmj; cuises 
ma(eri:UutU, atheists — from whom the Lord liaic htdden Hb 
Venerable in Iim nspttt, tl [<< formidable in its rt^sult?* \ and beai 
vcr^crjiblci &JI tlic more formldAbk ; for few dirc jud^c one 
offiimncs to spcfik a5 Cod dicUtc»fand who is thcrefoic the inoutll<'] 
pieee of the divine. He threatens with mysterious penaltie* thebol 
r^uc^liocker whu uiahfis to look lieliiail ih? lilUr w^hen ihi? gtwy cf. 
declares ilflcif uid tlic tliundtr and lightning arc her wiincssca--' 
Ktrewis with ^awdti^t the floor of the lemple where the (tod nighi^j 
desctTiUB to accept the offerings of h\^ devotees. It is not mert 
the uncovcnaiitcd to undersuuid the secrets of the Holyof H-jlJe^s^' 
they H'ho wear this mask ]>ioiC3S]0tULli/ ; and to rcvca.1 the 
method cf religion is x^ impioui in their eyes .is to di^ovct the' 
warkiiigofn^tlure. Ever since one man tri^mbled at a thunder* 
And his bolder brother tuld him \\ii\X this na& how the ^ods f^ 
when they were aiigry, and thot ihey ^vcre only lo be appcawd t»J 
Iiresentt— which he would undertake to deliver — riii* made of pirtfl 
friglitcn away knowledge has ruled the human mce. And tliere 
^moll chance of \u being laid aside just yet. while pilgninijE^ 
Loiu^es are in fashion abroad, and Bciericc is the Baal to which pinut 
knees must not bow down at home- There are appoinied timeilioff" 
ever for all things ; and even this mask, stout as it is, has to ^^ 
piecemeil from tht liviman face and leave the eyes free for the rwog* 
nition of the truth. 

Connate with thii maik ot piely are thoM of rcsjwttabiliiy ^ 
propriety. I'he man whose forTvmc is based on frauJa that *c^l^ 
spUt the whole edifice from foundation to roof were they diecovcrrd' 
is sure to he the most respectable man in hi* pariih- He pX* 
punctually lo church* and his gold at the ciflcrtory shines conapWOU' 
among the silver .-xnd copper which mnkcup the rest of the doiwiiO'* 
He is one of the bench of magistrates -ind ch,^im^fln of the board *■ 
guardians: and he is severe on tlie ragged stealer of a tumipft' 
a dinner, and on the laiy rfiscil who will not earn enough to auppC^ 
htji >\'ife and family but who comes to the board for ont^door nfirf 
To be siirejhG r;iggcd Uiief was luingry^atydihe laay ravcal » 


viifa rhcnouitism and wciji;htcd vllh jl TiiclcEy wife uid nuincroas 
IbI^ A1 lh« nme, the man wto comtiiLtted frauds whereby 
nlDinand i>if>li2iu were left d^tliiiiCt because ht'^initftt ilic loil of 
llBpnfcsuoK and vjuiccd to be luxunou* itnd idle, doles out ihe 
leitfpeoccio hifi crippled brother with a nigf;atil li.ind and ishaip 
ln|Dc; uidnalLestum«pc«wniora fjnr di«coiirsr.' on ihe grandeur 
rfloaot indttfttty aod Uie slunierulncss of a moJi like hlnihclf putting 
b iMlld iaiO Cfac poduU of the utqiaycru. Hia rciipCL^ULl>JH(>- is hzy 
ByriL Porlly, oonservativ^, the u'ciri^r of broudctoth^ and the father 
ii&mi!Iy,vhacan!iu4(]efi httn ofiiiiaggy j^bcesm hiapust eareerT — 
I^m over iitiich it took a1I bU skill and clcvcttic»» to glide wtdiout 
httdem^ The thmji it impoKRiblc. If ih«rc should be anyone 
inCuKeDongh lo him ai odd rumours thai were cjnce afloat con- 
GOtill cotam o[fa«tou^ wilL sJuiie^ jjkI b^ajitx-aliecis, hJA iirif^ent 
Ii^cctdjtHty » h» safcgiuTd Jtgaiti?i these ugly spectre) of the post 

SMKCimcs, indeed, he does eolhpsc ; when the world \\^ m 
m bnuU and bltais ? " Who vovild liave thought it ? " All th.ic 
hH mpcctaLility a ilutnn t — alt that hAnd^inc broadcloth so niuch 
MdfiUid tbc vholc ihint^ n mc^qticrfldc ] Much bcnsilin^ breaks 
MlvfacB vudi colUptc« hapj^en; as they unll at limes, ii\ Kfiic 6i 
fccvr of lbi»e w^itne kvIv^iIjoii ii is itj tuiaealH ami whase £u^d:y 
^kcpiiig afloat iH 33 a second sense- Society siifTcn tuiJcr a kind 
BfCainnry earthquake, whieh jiiTectn it painfull)', and induces a 
Uq^oT infitabBicy that make? ineit wonder, Who next? Hut the 
4liHktreadjtAUU tuAncw r^ice^doct iu iinr^mbcd duty ofdisf^ifc 
^ttorc ; aod the v-orld ^cs c>n its old way, comfortabV wcTHbtp- 
pfitiidob of copper bumiRhed to look like goUT, and satisfied Mih 
■ loDBenit of shoddy, Tilctk ami shining likr vrKel ;md brcxitldoih. 

S»skh ihc twin rnA»k-^tliat fcrociou!! propriety of lotnc men and 
^o^aotitefulto take as nigral diachylon for th*: sore places of their 
BiQlnRCimi IVhcTi women are rjimfwrnly icvctc en tlic failings ol 
^ fflfcn — ^iTWTr hryond jiistitie ; ax far \tfjot, sHivrHng Charity, wp 
tttt4f{>cAkcf her — it is only fair lo suapectamask. Even diildrcn 
™ the •rtificc ol a fal&e scent to draw away atteniion from Ihc 
^•d practise whai ihej' knoKj and men and women are bur 
^■lUrcn {Town into nuitutiiy. Elderly wonieit. who fi[id yoitih a (Time 
^vho crudgc it dll iu oijoymeni, Arc for the moist part those 
%H ovn pflfll would ihow some ijEieer shady anots if clearly made 
■H VoDVig wom^ who are ra passion^lely ni the flira- 
''•■•f Mti A,, Offat the tnannct in which Miia h. usci her eyes, and 
viMh^pftinto, ar>; ^ure to have cornfuriabl^j lilde afFijmocn teas in 
mtcndodrvkcn the hn*t.irtd issjfeat his club orintbcciiy> Ua 


rgo Thf. Genllefmds Magazine. 

lh<ir diegiiUc^ Ihenufikwhidi ihey think cnoit useful for the 
nnct tiia^it profiiiibte fur vuikc^iIuicjiL Hut tlic uvtiuizt wtni lua 
moK ihjj] abc hds fdt, anit hn^ con-iucrcd more tlun she ^ 
r<ss^i has only pity for the sud^ng lomre to Ibllow on the tob 
folly: ^fid she v'ho hji^ not ^ii^likd lo li;nipt^liDTi cm hri Cfwn 
can <;cniipasait>iijUe licr vho ba^n Tlic frail i&xz sjiincr houxiCJt, 
mutt bide l)cr real self if she would kcc|^ her footmfC vci tocitty, 
the ma«k of f^rotlotis |.^ropiiety the b«n diiiguiaw there xt^ and b 
no oppottuniiy of wi*aiiu^ ii. 

Hew Qiany " spatted i>ciciic»" linrc :1ial oubitlc bloom of Ihl 
nhich boG been rubbed bare to the tiesh long ago, utittic 
simuUtcd \ — liow niany face?!, vliitk it wcwld br dttUtittioii lo 
;u ihcy aIV^ hide Urhiad tbc nia;)k of uiilcunhed purity aiid iudiji 
virtue ! \\ is iJTcity and cdilyins to hcnr thai Monde piak-^nd' 
beauty, whose hair tost year w;t# a strong brown with compleriaf 
ni:ttch, inveigh a^.-itn^L the amlfiiojiy ;tT)d llie rou^t% llitr bjaxc; 
]3edc and the ui^ui am.irllla of her fricnO^; — jusi aa prettily 
Tying fl£ 10 hear her ckjmnciattofis on that l^ of bchamar 
Miss — — 1 whith hA& bteii a Ijiile niorv candid tlian with mott, 
wi got the gill ^vlio loved man; warmly than winetly into f« 
disgrace ;— she, ihnt blonde cf to-day niadc out of yc^ldd 
UimettCi meeting her husband and the world bchmd the calm 
imiKinetnible iti^isk, but of whotn, if Truth were Fame, tuch ift 
would be said qa would rtnish bet claims to vlrlnuus ministradoii 
and for all lime. Ah ! if Asmodeus could amp olf vi&ort ^ • 
roofs, what would be revealed would «hut the mouths of moijA 
the indignandy virtuous among oihi^is ; and uf thoM^ wbcne ^ 
uioAk b that faW oiilimism which mamLiina that all things ore 
wliat they sectn to be, thiit the undutvzurrent of En^lJMi life Ifi M 
surface; and lb;il \ucjetyis sound to the core and pure all ihrougfe 

For tliis 19 ft favourite mask, and one very genctaily adoQ 
People who know ihu truths of humnn hfe.and how the tctblio 
the lie to tlve appearances, siniik and ¥inilc through the i 
mask of belief in muvcf-sal goodne.s^s. They denythit the lOltriil 
a legitimate target for his shafts, and maintain that all the m 
their aciiuaiiitance are honest and all the irtomen virtvous^ 
moralist who deplores the cnrreri corruption* of the time it on!) 
man wiU; x dise;i,^ed liver und a defective digestion ; and to sayj 
know," provcj^ notliing but au oxcciUiotVLlly unlui^ky cxpcd' 
WLlh, ma)' be, a priclicial illustraitort of linw htniR of the Ufii4 
are sure Lo flotk itPgelher. tt is very odd, they ?;:iy,btii ji 
Jife is above sjs|>iciun and whtfsc area uf e:cpcrience 

P^jj^^^^l^ Masks. ^pH^ I9T 

1^ u uy nun's, mjtb llut he Iuih never seen anythuig oT'aTI'ihift 
sdUif^ secret, pasfttooftic proiai il^IrM rcsuauii^ monl and le^piltj 
fbcb j^ii pr«(CMl »i»^ ; and Sodnd-So, who cughi 10 know if tajrJ 
^nrftould, dciiEO pooiivvl)- that il eiuvts tt nIL And all ihiK tiiw 
Kr OBn Ura^ vid the llvc^ of ntcn itriil v^'cinuu knuwu lu them, 
V'c ll^ ooatnry uid cocif^im the ftUtciTLcnts ofthosfC who RiAintain 
thi Iho uodttttBrrent it 10 the ttirface what £rc is; to inow, ind thdt 
^|oiie vho know life j1 ;i1t knows ilui t}it' wuild w^iKt'i 1<^ wt-ur ^ 
Bml luiak, now vf ouc kind And now of Anotlici, whereby the 
bI Ikc Rtt]r be concc^Icd- 

But hiMnonity has thii one f^n^t :incl ovi-rpowerinp need — it fCUA . 

kfluimd. If yoti wfivU he on ^utnl ti'iuii wuh }our ffcnmiion^ 

iMOMt pmiM it lof ilB virtues, but Oivct hint at its defects. All' 

iiMiirut3of post generational whose racy words, th.irp and f-tin^cnt, 

itlfhi botli ^e ndiolar and the humourist, i>pnke of men s:n<l ihinga 

ihemci nntof hunuinityatUrge — »dy of outstlvea — uwean^ Ycni 

Mimftkclhb distinction tf>i}unould bc populai'.and preface rouracp 

IwcryoujutireonhumAnvkt.'swLth iheold-i;ishioTicdfomiuh;''l*re' 

■Stcomjuny (theprwent generation; you my he^ircfs, urmyrradersf 

'M|Md/ Above ail, jou must be cdrcfui not to charjcicii^e ma^bi js 

■nk^bct must meekly accept allows for subsU nee, and a parrots cryfor 

itanaovoicf. Religion iBmicwhcrevertl is professed, andTanutfewai 

tUon iHc holy sect of professing l>cUevi:rs ; ;ill English homes aie 

inuic A|£9LpenioikeA, save ihose few exceptions wh«re the scT^iichmgs 

*X>i ai the open ftlreet-dccr, and the angry words flutt-tng through 

^ vindoir, kive noihing to be known and make t'onre:)Jinent 

%a»b)e. 'I'hc 1a.Tger iiioiioftion of riMniai^es aie liappy. and thi; 

fe^klMtu ol the Divorce Cowrt so foi nothing ; every womnxn who 

^AtA the revoltinfl: details of vice and di^tast-, 2^ agood comrade 

*i4 nien, dr^es so fmin th<f loftiest inolives 3rd whh the purest 

Mil in penun.d ixiujutt and 'tclentin^j re^e^cli ; there h no lieLrct 

Pi^ipfny earned on under anolher notnor ax Ica^I not atnong the 

■■Wie diu-^that polLAdium of British virtue and source of British 

'^enrtabality; Aunuf Itatuk eom«d whut it ti almost loo jHilite 10 

^ * liciioin of Ilia own Utain, when he drew the porim't of Miss 

»*yef fiayvwalcr ; oi*r jjirJs nnd younu «emi dera^rhed wives, who 

* ibcftit the world alone yearly inorc and more impatient of hoth 

Mnce ;ind cbsiiien^iage, do so wtlboui tripping by Lhe way ; yuuiiy 

■*% with llicir ardent male friends dosetcd together, now in her 

■*rt» nnd iww m h\^ lodging!;, are only as so many good litdc 

'■■fiktming their Icwons olh of the « book ; there is no land in 

^tttjr near, jjul no skurs ofbubbh comp^irrs arc ^&&^cd ova Xfy 




Tfu Gentt^ian^s Afagv^zinf, 

influcnti^ promokra, or 10 clly tdilort vricMing powcrfil pCQ 
f«cl» uc arc an moormpt and incomiptiWfl people ; and !ei 
hM g;«iii«aypr who d^irc* to r]we«tion thii imivewal fniocoi 
tcM the blc^in of Ninon Y'ilh a dimp huidkacliid'i U> hondl 

kUring^ of ihc nusk with a nide bard, be anAthcnis manuiatha. 

Thid is tlic authoriiaiivc demand of nociclj' and the genend 
which j'ou iivr, Amd the niiiy tcrm^ on whkli you tio ^id ]>opul 
opproval, or success. Accept masks for fiiccs i Afcribc to mcfl 
Above all, to women, the virtues which they do not pouexc ftnd i 
they knnw ih-it ihcy do not pnsses^^ while tupprewing all tliftt 
slUi; which i^ not the side of virtue ; call the dull blight and the 
stron;f, and disperse cake^ and comAlfl all rourd ; and thci 
world will love you, listen to you, smile on you, r«pe*l you, ( 
not only your g<JO[l lienit hut your ullui ure knowledge of Imnian 
and firnlly carry you shouldcr-hieh to iKc Prfnthcon where i 
favouhiG demigods, writing on socifil !it-iticx with dov^cs^'quilh 
ixtintingpirEUTt^K of life .til In Tfiw colour and azure blot' 
is yoLir mLisk ; tlic m^V of oplimism in llic midflt of CVlI, and G 
Peace, peace, where (here h no peace- 

Ingenue usnc&S| again, m:ike«; a v«cfu[ disguise. To single-mS 
Iieople ihc latinidc of spcec:!i ^ind action Is practically unh 
Thit old proverb which tells us how one man may itcal liia 
bouT's horses aud another may not took over the hedge into ihc 
where they are gmringr holds specially good with ihote who 
adopted llie mask of ingcnuiius siniplitily. U'lio can b 
frank, f:ood'naturcd fellow who h;)3 the trick of saying the 
diu^eeable xh'mgi imaginable witli rhc brightest xmtic and 
most boyish inno£:ent'c «f offent^t? He comes doun on 
direct questions which yoit caJinot refuse lo answer, yet 
you would ftivc a round sum to evade. But you have lo reply 
refuse Avould be the ^mc as lo confea ; and if you arc t 
paraded ia full day]i};lu you might as well be par;Lded boldly; 
dn^cd along by your coat-coUarij^nontinioualy. If he Iia^fon 
anything that a schoolboy's commor sense wottid tell him you 
not like betrayed, he — having less than a schooUroy's common 
becati-se more tliar a rliild's ingcnuoufness — blurts out the 
a crowded dinner-table, taking that inevitable moment of 
eilence which always coma's for the occasion. How can 
annoyed? He is so honest him*ielf, so ingenuous, so transpa 
purc'hcajlcd* he had no idea that you, whom he loves and r 
could be othenvUc I And then— whnl was there in the story 

iAo}tId:tniioy you? He me\ you 'naUun^ mth — ^at suchuid 

p Afasis, ^IP^H 193 

B JmSf in such jind nich a pbcc. Of course you wtre goins 
ia|«krti>3rOBr oatt houfict—why should yoii be nncomfcruble th«n, 
vdBtiytlMMldthcpAnDctoryoLnlwfom tarniialcirndtnokui^spcik- 
ifaleihings, vrlioibe nicntioiiA ihia lunnlcss. thbrcry unimportam liulc 
moimtf To hnc it m« the Tnott natural and ufiau^estive thiogin 
Ikvorid; liow »vl* he to know thai you would nor rare 10 have ir 

Voi bivc opiriom which you do not vMih to poradf, thoujth 
pt 69 oocdrcnA of dcryir^. Your ingeauouE fii«nd ^k« you 
it i \a\jd voice what ycni think of cerium theological docirlncj 
vb(fabc knoKs th;st you do not hold— and that in ihc hotuc of ycur 

Kton whom you hftv* eKp«ctations, :md vho ia tiaLf iDsane in her 
mea: to Lhc&e itry jvtimt. Or he pUT« you ihnmigh your pflcts 
Gunbetto, the Commu^^c RciHiMicanijm, axid ihc like, in the 
pftC ttcc of that stirched and L-rabljcd old Tory who^c daughter yoti 
wntiy vorthip uxl lon^ to call yoiir own, Vout o[)tricins ai to the 
ktfecn dT ginreniment yet honmicrcd out on tlic potitiuil anvil, or 
Mthc worth or worthtcnncas cf certain men of modern hlitoiy, 
't^not ftB<ct your daily life, yoiir socijiI ^taiuR, or your monil 
»ibt TTie father of your Adored ihiuks that they da ; and your 
liikdwho wears ihe atobk of IngenuouMicis knowa ihat he tZiinki 
Acf^; bat in hii cliarj^tcr of boyish innocence he strips from you 
fKkrmlcss rruik of silence which you huA worn, And ihow^ yaxi ta 
ynpcsUfsi disadvnni^ge — a^ your beloved girl's fathtrr cunntTi gain i 
* l«ii in nkcn. What can you uiy — ntill tc^s do ? The <nf^ni 
^■Mof past years i& still the mjant ttrribU grown into mvihood ; 
ttdcgjoyt in 1 drcu-coat the immuniiy whkJi he claimed when in 
Wkcbockcn, I'o ramp and r^ivc would o^ily put you jtlill mare 
■ licvTonfr and his ingeouousiic*& has put y<ju there quite enough 
ail ii Yoj have nothing for it bin silcnec, fortitude, and the mask, 
'^Wi taring whit ha.^ bcm revealed, and Icis what has been 
^Ctled, brou^c out of your own pocket for the occatioD. 

If tHa subUy adjusted nnask is inie of men, how much mote of 
'■am, to whom cotne naturally the dclieate cruallif* of iu5iniiatic)n 
^^ than the bolder bniuJiiies of ftsacUion ? No tnan \% able to 
•*wd by unplicAtion, by false mgcnuousnesa, so dccpiy ae they can ; 
^ rcvtalf undtfi the guise of childlike cindouT, what you wish to 
*^ »err*L The ia^hmte can flirt too, as nut the cnosl confessed 
^^■liifCCc ^e; and can sail over ^hado^v^ where otlicrs would 
^^Biovkl and be shipwrecked foi lifcn With her wlioJc nature 
I«*ctt«ed by de^lt, riddled through »nd through with falsehood, 
"^cunadjost the mask tjf iugcnut^Lis MiiiplicLiy to auch yet{c:iA\un 
^H^weea4;xtxpcn caa loach the line of dciiiatcaiiO'a, 01 sarj 


The GmiUfnatis Magazine. 


where ihe true cqcIk and the Jalse begin*. Becky Sharp b o 
cine l>-i>c of ihc cbu:t wliii;U numbers %ev«r^1 -, bui, wubuitt questi 
the mo&t dangerous urd the uaoat irreprc^tiblc cf oil b aht i 
ma^qacndc:! in ihi; guise of candid innocence of iogtoq 
dmi^lkk/, of thiE irtJthfitlncict whith fcirK na ml Ibr iixelfl 
liclicvirs none of iia neighbour ; who subs j/ou under Uie offM 
ancc of A caress, and bcUuya you under Uic prcKficc of llkcrc Id 
nothing to conce^. 

For ilie liui-Hcrahle ttiarri%-e wliAt mask so good, or «t) gcrun^ 
die o^tcnUlMi of AlTccUcn diapbycd ivithotit icacrvc in pubS 
The man si whom his Wife trembles to f^ooa a« the hou«G dooi 
*huc between rhem .inid the world, i^ quoted by hit icquainunoa 
the ruoat a-fTccticmatL- husband to Lc fou^id nvitJjui tliu tuur ri 
The wife — ofwhum thi^c handsome fcUow in the comer, who tmtti 
with rather more famruLlity thin one would have thought naU 
after ^o long :ui arriti^iiiliiitv, <:ould tell more tluui ahe would 
to have known — is much u\qic compbiiant lohcr ba&Uind DcnrtI 
the was ^Lx months ^^o, when she ^^'.'u; honcsit and ill-tcii3i[MfQdi| ^ 
with nothing to coricea!, made no show of untetcrvc. The couptel 
at home qiiitrrel without tensing^ :iiid Uiiieiit diily ihr utriDtprrtr^d) 
m.irnagchw!n England, caU each other L^ndcarmgnamc^ before A 
and, when they shoot llieir poifion^jd arrows at each other, tafcefl 
to make them took like flowers playfully pelted for We. Tlw nil 
who wrjtngle behind ba<:k^ rardy do ^o bdbro the &oc cf ! 
world; and the homes which the inmates fei:! ti^ be ;>H9orisali 
than homes are covered up by huge maske of profound conteUml 
and that sorriest pretence of all, thac the greatest proponiotr 
English homes arc haijpy. 

The good friend and sympathetic listener who worm* out all i 
you think and feel, mder the mask of sincere fricxtd»hip I 
profound ■iyfiipjchy, then t»nis your confessions ii^ainsi }^ouaj]d^ 
about the world willt his Judiia wallet o^jcn lo all Uaicucrv-"! 
can we say of him^that orch-troitor who knows ndthcr £uih i 
truth ? There ate many luch men, and women too ; creature* l 
work their crooked wayiiitu ihc very licirtB of ihooc who imtttlM 
only lo empty ihcra of a love vrhich ihcy do not pri^c iinU of 
hdenec which they present as common property 10 the world 1 
a mask which irnrominately gives no ^\^ by which it may be knfl 
fur whjt it ii. Certain things are to bt lesied only by expend 
and the reality of professed regard b one of them. So lon^ 
humanity loves love and cmves sympathy, to long will rt accept' 
jip;>e.imnces of these without too close enquiry; and the nuAl 
seem tQ h ^ the real face. ?ei\^&^ Tiome^mie:^ \^ misqiMll 

Afasis, 195 

tcirgttB A» a momem xhu it m al! a plnjr, nnd thnr what be 
hu neither CKJ&tcncc nor realty I'ut lk .1 mcic f^how, ^on^ 
ap for the momciUt and nude to do due/ ai living truih. 
UV Adopt vuxki 100^ to coQc^nl our i«cret selvtt, not onl/ our 
irtdt 10 hittc from iiien whai ivtr arc >«s wl-11 a^ wliai wo iJo. Who 
MibdicTC ih&l »ei1L fact, thai noli^'CJibly qtiict mAnncr. tlial nsft 
PM^thosc Identic wOTdi,conccal<clav«r}' volcano beneath? -a nature 
ttoT «o mi>di pLUtionate ittipul^e. «o much tnienvii)', that, sonsictvc ^ 
^«dl 11 daic not ^luw Ibdf 10 iIlc world ai lai^c, hence hm :idoptcd 
IttBukof cxinmc c^ulcincsa ai iti bul aaCcguaid? Only one or 
pu^t« frietult ioow aaythifig of th« truth ; perhaps only one 
|Bvn of tJiirni aA knoivs ihc whole iruih ; pL-rha[)« no one does, if a 
vntpccL Th etc volcanic: niimrci hidden behind \S\c m^ik of ttilh 
■V With the firei CDVcrcxl and Ihcir jnntf turmoil buu«;ncd duwn 
«tong controlling force** are not rare in England where Nature 
fMed etthcT childish or Inilcllr^tc. dihci ihc *\gn cjf siicli H«iai of 
KaaisfitlcTfora ni\'^c thnici aChrilian, orthcmiuk of aircnk- 
ofondervUnding thatit worthy only of men'* contemjitK ITimga 
. howcvLT^ at times yvhlch iv^At ofTtEitr iii»^k and ^how chi' rc-il 
', dul ihctt pcoi>lc wuiidci ul llie jrvclaLiun— ^lud lli^^ti ow^li wAnt 
f|tt^icuity whirJi could not rend bctwccti \}\c lines, or m-irk die play 
'Ailmiigmatdc^ underneath the tranfi|:arent coating or wax and silk. 
On thr other hand, cold and ie1fi%li, calculating and worldly, men 
A^fbcHUClTt^ behind an apiKaiante of exiiuisile yood-naturc and 
AwA^jvriV-; o»Ionlation hide* grccJ ; envy is the loudett 
uhtioni ; malice the moKt profuse in its flatteries ; 
givea its hand as if it KjJ never known ilie Uiller aclie of 
taqoict heart ; and even an^r rtnioothcj it* browb* vciln its iicty 
fo. puu on a cand<« look for the i^tipcrticidt to accept, and lauj^h? 
W Wtsxuc it may not nmse <lccp, Sr> the world ^oef- on, and the 
K if l!he lut thing knc^^'n by ruen of men. 

He !^cd not irv to ahut our oycs to the fact of niaaks. 1 hey 
■W; ind he v tio denies their existence has only chosen the ma«lc of 
>i>taal belief rathef than any orhc-r. So aIso exists ihe ]m[itiv9(i- 
H^{|f tnidi,pureand»imp]e , ,-tnd th-il nun cr wQm:ui ia the bravest, 
Vpttiunubly the mo«l hotwM as wcll^ who confes=;es to thb: and^ 
Ki nrefupcTog any overt dii^iie, h Aati^iiifd with ihe simp1i> Hank 
^doKrconccmirig thini^s which if is tioi eti^edicnt :o ileclarx-. The 
^fee of Tnilh h a dicam , bnl lies aii; llic wrjpons of dcfcn«:c of 
^>tt Silerce ii the privilejce of men, and the only shield behind 
fU(& a Tml^ brave or honouxahle iioij] shoiUd conbeni to shelter 
^■dC That ^Iden silence .' If only wc- ivould cultivate it inuTv, anl 
■^ftdatt be^tHui 1^ do its cJ:cccdint; worth ' 

■ ■ "^ 


196 Thf CfHiUman^s Masasin^. 



VIL— Caka iM Galilbb. 

CANA or Gnlilcc in one of chi>sc pkcci mentM^ncd in the 
nATTOlivc in which we f*cl o phy«iral and domcnk i 
Tlie ttfmpk in whith imt T-orJ Mnghi has a tpinitts] iDterut; 
mount on ^^hich He pfCAched ihc Cwac Scrtnc^i] Ima a moral in 
Ihc hill on vhidi He wai trinr-figurcd h^ a supcmattinl inc 
llroe ore places or the aouL Not to that Cona in Gililee n 
fcisL was held, ihc wiiti:i turned tulj ynwf. ('uim i» ronncci 
OHf thoujihls with family nffnirs and hoiiscbolJ rite*. '*Tli«c 
maiTiiige in Cana of Galilee, und the mother of Jcsua «r» 
Where slood Cana of Gililtt? 

On quilting Nazarcih. never to return, our Lord look \y^ hu 
in Carut. Mnry, his mother, was ilicn with Him, There 
bridal feast going on, the bridegroom being a rietghbour and A 
Wc 5Cf^ tf hoLLsehold ;iml fainitiar group : a liridr anii groom, A 
^on/s friend, a. luler of the feast, young men and oltl, ten'anii 
guests. The scene ia social, the aciuinieut human, Cooiinf 
the door, ve aee the slone jars, and Iwve the puri^ing wjter 
by rftitnilant* on our hauJs. Wc liirp inio the gue«t< 
and fj»d the biidegroom^ who is alao moAicr of the houne, 
the party seated at table, with the figft and melons, bread «nd ^^ 
«f an Orfenfal re|i-Tst, AVine is going round ; the jart cmp[y bN 
contents, More wine is needed, and the woman from Xannlfc 
whispers to her son, '^ Tlioy have no wine." That son luin» t> iJ* 
icn-ants, ind bids them fill the water-pots with water arid then 4^ 
the contents ofl^. The servants set* that what they dnw ei ■!«- 
The niler of the fenst (llie man whom xvt <aU master of (he ceK*** 
nics) cries out W the bride^oom, making his picjisant lictk j^t** 
"Every man at the beginning doth set forth good vine; and «** 
men h.ive well drunk, dicii ihat which v^ worse : Injt thou hactliqi* 
the good wine until now" Ail this is matter of ou: daily liic; <0 
plainly prnciical that the mere fads are given aa reasons wbr 
ahould drink wine or abstain from drinkhg wine. Within cht 
fewd^ysan em ineii I prelate has cited Cana of Galilee a* a tuntfaJ * 
answer to all pleas in favour of ptilting down " Ihe accursed ttof' 
called wine. 

Jift^ttffj c/ Peffstiur. 


Where ivtts tlus Mocd pboc ? 

Ali the nati^v Cburchev. whether Gte«k or TaiIb, Coj^rft, Pfc». 

un, ur Anneiiun, i^tpty llnl^ Cana of iht' iu<ini.i)i;r fr'iisl U/ on 

Mxiuijr ftloipc. undct the aluttc of thc&c poincgran.itc trees* on the 

id frOcD Nfixfittih tn C^poTUitra. Kcfr Karu {or Kciuu) tncanf 

itoy of Cuu. Tin the cSnyi or Rol^m^un there liad bren nu 

a^cue about tlic lucility of tht firil itiiiatlir. Cawit wis ;i cuminon 

m PatcitinCt very fmxih Like Ashton in Enf>land, Stcinbc^ in 

S^n Lucir in Spain. There aere a Cana in Juilsea, a 

Caiu Dear Nfointt T.iJxjr, a. third Cans ccar Tyie, There 

hftvc 1j<eii moEC Vjlk^cs cf tliis ninnc roic And perished 

ffttout ji reconL One »ueh vitiate secitu to have flouriihcd in a 

Rent peviod it a spot iome six milci north of Sephorit, row called 

Ibfltici Xuia, Rtiim of Catu, Vot fouiE^ii huEidicd jcjtn ilie 

Ohodi vu not disturbed by critical doubt ari Eo the actual »iic of 

ivUvd^Cana, scene oftltc manii^e feo^t, Duiin^fAl] those yearCf 

Ae Church mditioTiK had Ih-'cii coTui:iiit ;m(t cumiilL^Er. An ignoraot 

Fiuluh pilgrim CDufused the new C&:u iigrih of Scphori^t >vid^ tlie 

ctdCuu aonll c»t of N^SKrcth. But the Ti^iU^ suggestion dierl Awny 

M tlK ignorant frank who nrade it, ijiutrosmuiH heard of the 

, anH tffiK^H Thr |ircten£:e by a simple sLitrmcnt of the factit. 

revived the ddul^i, .ind in hiK usiul ^tylc 

OMfoingupthe bill of Nazanniiwitithli Arab servant, Abu Nfl«ir, 

a view of thecoantiy. Robinsoit ht^ard of ih^tt new Canajying 

Sepboni. T^ie unine ihas new to him. :ind Eli<f spot incliraied 

dei^it pUtc. Abu NisJr bpoltc of il a& KArtS d-JclJl^-Cat^a of 

Kobimoil Ctu^ht at thcSc vords, and, id his hfuite to sneer at 

and pricttfi, adopted the ridiculou* heresy whirh Quarcgmiiii 

he had crushed, Oncf uuttv. KcliJnson ihoiight^ hp had 

the monLAiUlbcir tricks. The real Canalay outof their way, 

cliinficd the site for their own convenieiice, Abu Neil's 

s enougk *'TTie name is identiriil- ... On this siiigle 

lliete^ure, wc thuuld be ^LUlljorlsL^d to reject ihc prcfpcnt 

position of Cona." Wl:en Robinikm had cncc made up his 

le Cnmd pieniy uf texti to 8U[j|3ort hU theories — futind ihctn, 

cast, by theca.%y process of niiMeadIng L^nd fiktse cr;inslation. 

vcni to »cc the 5pot ! The pWc wascallcd Khirbi^t Kana, 

of Cana; but he never asked whether the ruins weie new of 

4i -ihc WMte of an Arabvilhgc later than the Cnisadca, or a Syrian 

httki caitJcr than the birth of Chfist. Enough for him ihiil Abu 

Kkireallcd it ILAnS cE JeUl ; Abu Nlsir's word outweighed for him 

iWiijthohi)^ofall the native Churches. 

This itorynMindf tiAc a farce ; yet since Robtnson'ft tiTOe KlhiiAwX 



Tfu GattUnmrCs Afagasitu, 

Kana has for nvmy persons usurped the pbcc of Uic gdKixK 
o* Galitee. Karl Kiricr Adopted Kobnuon's miKtol^c, ind 
Authority hjtt led to titr iri«crrion of hk htun^In in i»any QUp4. f\ 
now to the Engliiih cdiUoiT of RiUcr'x work nlTotds iJic iDeant of 
correction; biit tJCvcral miip*inakcn were milled before ibjit toircc- 
lion c^ime, ThU blunder occurs in ChAmtfer^'ft inup of pAlestmc, ia 
Hiigh«'sniBpofSyrifli in Baslrliryit "Galilcc/'and (I am wwryioi 
m Muiray':^ fir more ^^uailc map of the Holy t^nd. A 
ioeiance of IhU prev^knce of error is the fact that 2 man so obk, 
Icflmcrt as lieut C^^nilcr, onr rrc-cni ncpl^ivr in I'dlesitoe, tite 
^ciiou for n settled faLi, and wriici ;t^ ihou^ Khivbet Kaiu 
Acknowfodged on aU «idc& to be the gcmune Oiiin of CUlilce. 
ua ccfln the evidence of fict. 


Kcfi Kona (Village of Catia)aJKl Khuibci Kana(Riiiiu^i 
.irc pUices in the sAme di»irict of Uiili^ce, hnrdly n dowQ mihs 
In Greek thdrn.-imes arc identical— they arr both called KntA ; mi 
Hnglish fnnn C^ina- To di?itin£ui^h either of them frnm Cua 
Judecd it is ncccasiry to add the words "in GnlUcc" or "of' 
Robinson's first im&tcike arose from treating the form '^Cjau 
Ca'itee " as a proper ramc. His Theory rests rn this foun* 
Cnna orCiAlilctr, he argues» is the mime of a place mfflittoited 
John ; KAnn eijclli is the name of a place mentioned by Abu Efi 
'{'\\eY niuEt be one and the same^ Such is his prooets — sock 
But w,ts Cflna of Galilee a proper name? Some names of 
are com p wind, the wonls wedded and insepamhlc, UkcCivit*-* 
telhina, Boulognu-sir-Mer, and Ashton-undcr-l-yne. U Cam 
Galilee such a txira|xjund nanie? If n(tt» RobinK)Q*s iheoryai 
tenable — his inference abs^urd. 

On this point there is no room for jihilolofe^cal mistake. 
mentioned tij two author*, and no mort. J'hey mcmion il fcyl 
EMme name, and with very ncaily the sajne descriptive 
These atilhors are Josephna and St, John. The niune is knovrl 
the Gteek fr>mi Kfii*'i, lo which the English lorm Cana ci 
with perfect nccuracy. No Htbrtw, ChnlJce, or Aramaic fooai 
llie word is kncitt'n- All moilcm forms, whether Arubic or Fl 
arc derived from the Creek word, antl must be earned budt 
in ciue of variance. Robinson, ignorant of Arabic ami of etyn\o)tCf* 
fimcii^d he saw an argiinicni in favour of liii berev in the latt iW 
SOftJC modem Arabs have rendered the Greek word Kari by tW 
different Arabic forms. Kana and lti.evma. ¥.cjeMM<K\ ^^Md the to^ 

Jtec^vtry of Pal^stifu. 


:c t« Khurbci K«tu, Kcniu id rcfcrcnct to Kcfr Ka na. 

phUologi<^ ^TCWDiJ for ftuch a diEticctionH Kana and 

from Cma nnii return into Cin,i, Such variations av 

lo the nutlcni Aabic, noi Iq ihc nitcicnt Grcckp 

and Sl JoHd k»v Cana wcJJ» Whil« jo«eifhus held hi> 

in G2Bf« Ih lived At Cui.i, as a convenient poti from 

l^oiild T.itch Sqihnrifton one side- .vul Tihcrijii; on ihc othrr 

6jturc« in the cunitirc of hU life on ;it \cis\ one very 

occinon thai of his nighi-marc]! on the c^pil^ of Lower 

calh ihcpUccin which he UvpcI nud from which he 

nibgc in Galilee called Coiui." Kolliin^ in Jiix tc^l mii^- 

ibe pUcc vraa cilkd "Cuu of GaltlcOi" o^ Robinjton 

to have been railed. Sl^ Jchn knew Can.i almost as ^f«U 

ifl. More rhfln onrc hr ails thra- with bis divinr MaMcf, 

tbc nuiTUgc icjit. ami uu' the ivnicr tnn^cd intoivinc. 

the boinc of Nntluinicl, Ins fellow disciple, and wiu only 

ftom bis own house at Cflpcmatim. .St. John c;»lla 

of Gdjilcc, or Ciuiii in G^iUlcc. TJic nnmc occnrK Iwice 

Goq]d— once in the second cbttpkr, and acain in the 

; and our trcLnslators render ih« first putjoge Cana 

"rad the Ktfcond Cann in Galilee, The tents of Josephiui 

leji^T no doubl Ihal Can^i is a proper name , Cdim €f 

Ctna in Galilee a descriptive phmac. Jc^q^hns »ayA " a 

fCafiU^ ciJI«d Cam." aa Black says *- a village in Kent called 

," Heneier mentions his dwelling-i>l:ic.cas3 viUAgf called 

Golikc." ThcTc w-is more lliarj one Cana in P.ile^tinc, ns 

thin one Richmond in Knglcndn Like causes produce 

laQpuge^ AYorkshiwwrSieT having to mention Ritbmond 

[ibe it as Ridimond in YoTk*hirc:. iioi t^ccmse " Ritljinoiid 

■* i* a proper name, but because he might othciwisc nin 

of being thought 10 mean \\\t better known Richmond in 

fobn ti«9 the form CaoJi of Galileef or Cana in Gfllilrr, in 

ba* nadcr^ ina> nol confiLSc the siccnc of tlic mtirriage fcaM 

ksown Cana in Judtco, Cana in Judrea had in the 

tn a fiime like that of Sedan in om on-n days. 1 here 

had given IjaiiIc to ibe Arabs, There hi^ had fallen, and 

\^imy bad been destroyed. Any Jew wlio wrote in those 

would be understood to tneanCafia injudiea, theficene 

din»ter to the Jewish arms. Hence, for the sake cf 

ijoacphun iud Sl John added the name of tbe province 

,bjr — the first saying, simply, n village of Galilee called 

fiCGood, DO km lirrtpljr, c^ma of Galilee, or Ca^a x^ G^ec. 

*a/""CBw mGilihe" f>cing ci proper nawLt b*™% 



The GtHtkmafis Magazine, 

Iccn set aM^lc, it iswjuiccf umc lo wdc a niodcra cqaivaleni 
Arabic for that unknown fonn» If *ny piftcc in now called Kluij 
J«Hl — Cana of (lalile^— the place is likely to be modem, and ih* 
amistalcf. KefrKan.i i* s\\ yuactAribic rendering; of the Grwk "01 
used by Joscplius — Village of Ciina ; so t!u( llic whole AifEumctit 
phUolog)' b ir favour of ilic nutivc ChtirchcA. 

A reader wiio has never stood m the vrhite toadwAys uadcr 
pom^nmate b1ossom« ofCana should opcnhf^ map. Th«iitt' 
laid down wilh mote vtKiml acrnmcy for P^Ontlnc- fnllt 
ticw mfl|>, now being prepared bj' the Committee of ihc ?bIi 
Explontinn Fund, is read/, he may use Vflndorvddi's. From 
wtuaiioTij Cans was an imijonant pomt. Strrrding Jl the heud of sei 
valley* — natural ronidways in a counlrynol much lucd by tngiiiCJ 
on the wat*T'partirj; cfilic province. Cana commanded pawctleaj 
on one side dnwn to the lake diatricC, and on ihe other toward* 
plaiiuanO the aca-cnaaL In ancient day«, when the land waa Vitx 
with towna jind villager, such a position was of fncaicr moment 
it is now; in days to come, should the waMe tc reeovcred, 
lion will become of gtt■.^ltT nionjpiit thflti it is thjw; Iml, 
people dwelling in the fertile Ukc dtiuicti have ihc spirit 
up iraffic with ihni ourer world which goes about the eulh in 
Cana will always remain a post and matkct-plarc. It i» the 
several ti^ckt, and, lake it all in all, is even now o:)C cf 
prosperous towns in Galileen 

The village stands on the slope of a low hill, having a ri< 
in front, with ;t .spring of ?iweel w-iccr — rhe imly spiing in the lu 
hood \ BO that, if the native Churches are lighl in placinR Canaofi 
marriage feasi at Kefi'Kana, this was the source from which the 
jitfs were tilled. Orchards iurround the houses, and in these i 
ilic [>omc^raijaIe is a favouHle tree, E»'cryi>ne know* how 
the pomegranate ia niemioncU in Scripture; cvcr>'one knowa 
gendary connection of this tree with the marriage rife- \\ i* 
iliat rlielovtrs of myths h.ive nut sought in the pomc^analc (^i 
Cana an explanstioji of ths mythical origin of the marriage fta* 
Kums of church and convent may be seen \ f^artieularly the niiMJ 
an ancient Greek edifirj. At Khitrbet Kana There are also niin»;|i 
they are i/nly of aniall houses \ and at Kliurbct Kana there iaa gWl 
deal ofbrokcnpottery,but the broken jar5 arc clay, not stone, Minr 
GospellexL No large remain* are stcHj and not a trace of tn^ 
ediUce can be found- Noihing tm the spot suggests the cai&t 
th/tt locsliiy of a vi llaje oUcr timn S!m: ta^\ eri^i^i. 

Ri£ci?€ry of Pakshnt. 


CiAiJ£cfrKAiu)b 5^x Ensluili milo from Njuar^th, in a r:ofth> 

Ihr, cfi the pretcni main rctftd to L tt>criai and iho Idke djs- 

Sefiuifli (ulJ {^rcck t'jlutiy uf Sqjhoriti siand* nonh-wctl of 

i^Ku, cc tt]« nwl (o Acre, ihc city catletj, in Ihc time uf our 

Pldemio. Scphoris u'as 3 availed ciiy, And the Roman road 

T^lbc present hc!:ip of niiu* riUIcd Khmlict K;in;i Iil-i fivr mile« 
oonb oT Sepboru, which unUcxi city cut it olT from the whole 

b vrhicfc tha Teacher lived. 

Ihd^ KsDa it !*<>/ cm the road ffom N.i^.ircth lo C^pt-marm. 

coamng up Iroin CapcmnLim Uj Nniucciht ^ifi in the (kmpcl 

cottld not hflt^ come near the apol now called Khurbct Koao. 

isoi by oo th« road from S^horia to riolemAiB, nol on the road 

Sq:Jviris to Tihrrifls, A man roming up from RbrVwaU ro 

doei not p<i» ihrou^ Haao^^, 
Ibe tifDC oT St. Jobn Ihc L^-angcltat. Cona wa-i a ntation t\\ rho 
of two roads; % country road u<t*d by Hebrew hcrdKmcn 
ojitt, .itid an impnial road ^isc<l by ihr: Roman imtl o(]it;r 
lact which icivc il value from a a'ilitiry point of view. 
iccontryroAd led &om Xworeth and other open town* and villages, 
Cino, lo Maudiib, Opetnaum, Btfr^i^nidn, and oth^r w.irrr- 
loathe lake. The Ruiiiuiiioudiiiij fzi>iti Acre (thai Flolcmaift) 
the old Greek enpiul of Upper GfLlilcc, and ihcnco 
(b On* lo Tiberiai, the new Roman capital of Lower O^lilcc. 
rCtaiwu & ?»utioii on ihe road baween Srphoris and Tibcruit^ 
vRochcfCcT i^a frUiion on the ro^idfiom l^ndon to Dover, 
this position on ihe map in mmdr let us turn to the several 
■tiich Cana is mentioned. Je*[i*, coming \s\\ Trom die hike 
with hift dLsHplrs, mcl his niothri' aT Cnia (^b John Ji, 2). 
iCuu He goe^i '* df>^vQ 10 Capcm.itim " (ii, 1 1). Thcexprcjstorts 
'4k Caiia atood on the kfige of the hiJl country, abovv tlit; lake, 
the road fmm IVlbviidi :*»d Ciiprrniiiim lit N^uareth. The 
icould not ^pply to ^ pbcesumjini: !iixiiu]c:> beyond dcphorib, on 
to Flotcmaiti. ■Ajcnirir the nobEcm^in cf Capenuum, coming 
Je«rt. finds Him in Cima. " Comt rf^i'j/, ere my child die," 
^ ihc rather On brmg iiasiired ihar hi* son lived, the nobleman 
idown, " j\* ^c WA» noiv soinii down his servants noct him."' A 
from the spot now called Khurhct Kana could not be de- 
*<fcd x% " going down ;" for the road fim lead* up 10 Sq>horis, the 
"^itiL and then thiou^ a ruugh 'turt of lablc'laiid as f;iT u Cana \ 
^Vlionly from this point ;hal the rood begins 10 drop downn Every 
*^ in ihe Goftpel narrative implies iMl Cana Mood neat l\\*i\e6%^ 
"■he hill c^juatiy ovct tlttr Like, 



Tk^ CcHiUfHans Ma^astHc. 

Next tura to Juscplmx. H;iiip!ly fbr tiK, Jo^cphiiithjii] ji 
tJcal to do wil)i Canii. Sent Crom Jcnwalcm into GaUJoc, u h 
^x\c oi the Sanhcdrin, he hthi tvcnc to ^q>honB,capiuL Cd Upffl 
GAlilcCr wh«rc he f(mn<l Eh« jwoplf cxdicd, but at peice. Re S 
wcnl to Tiberiiu, capiul of Lower Galilee, where fie fouiul the posf 
in revolL Joscpbua rfiisod a hrj^e body of incn, ConiriGd sevn 
liCiong plftfcs^ includirg Mount 'l^tt^or, ;tnd In a short tinw 
iiijEittr (if the wlitfk' ;ntiviii{:e. He uw ;l good ilcail of fighl 
Twict he had to stonn Scphoria ; four time* he had Xs> storm 
Thcftc poptiloit^ cities had to be sternly nvilchod- in crd<f bO 
dfcciLve ttMtch ovtT Ijoth, JoicjjKus had to fi% ht£ camp at 
pcfiSlion !□ ihc hiU ccuiiliy bctwccu the Iwti tupilnls. ^^lien Jt 
Gischala induced ihc Jews of Tiberias \o mc ft|;*''^»l SUiW, J< 
Ely; he left C-in;i ^vith 3O0mcD, made ;Lmght'map=h down thclliHfi,; 
[;ajBC tieforc Titicnaf^ ^rly in iTic momliig, Th.-it night-nuidt 
po^lblc front Kcfr Katia ; iinpo&^blc froin the place ntvw 
Khurtiet Kiina. 'fhc distance from Kefr KanaioTiberuui* 
mile*^ ;ind a Eiiglii-iiiaT<.h mt-aiis, in the LingiingeofJotqihti^^amUl 
from midnight wairJi lo morning wakli^ a period uf five h()ur%. Etq 
or^C who hos walked in Palestine knows that ten railct<3oA'n'hilluv|( 
often dotie in tess time than five hours. If the rampof JOttf)l 
had been al the S[«l nwv cnllcd KhuTbet Kana, :ho Jrwuh 
cciald not have made lii^ secret ni^'hi-mardi at all -, since he 
have IvLd to pass tliroLi^h Sephorie, a walled city, with hei gates 
and her seniinds on guard- 

The wliflle argument derived from site is tbereToic in 
the native Churclics* 


The evidence of existing remains is no less strong than thai of ntt 
and sJTe. Kefr Kana i^ an old pbice and a pro^-perous place; Khuvl 
Kana l» a new plicc and a dcsericd pUcc. At Kefr Kana there i 
remains of ancient cditic^es; at Khurbct Kana* thouf^h xV\t bvildi| 
are in ruins, there is nofhing older than l*ie Sararentr times ^y^ 
llie broken tanlts and mienin belong lo Saracenic times at alb 

No one can look at Kefr Kona without a strong conviction ll 
the place is old- Here is a house old enough to pa?£ for ihat of4 
Hartholoraew, Here are (he fcwndjr.lions of an early <:burtli i 
nicriiaslcry- The cburUi, built in honour of the miracle, was Mrfl 
ing in Cana before the Moslems estabhshtd their power m GaWi 
St WlMibald prayed in that i^hiircJ^ then dedicated to ih< RuleroTl 
FensL "A Jaigc chnrch stands here/' said the English «iint ia |i 
Four hundred years later— lbat\sWaQ:y,^n lA^i—^tfAWc En^t 

/Imw^ p/PaiffSiittc. 


1 pj^nai, SmlT, mw llut mojusiic edifice Five hundred yean aTEet 

L £tffulf, Qbimoniu iiKntionccI ihc monastery. To-da/ the ftiins of 

I tecuJfCbnttiaa edifice may be seen. This ort of evidence ift, 

I koa£isiy men, drci<ive. S)'n3n Chn^mns buJM a i^hiircli uind 

I MBulayit Cjuu in bcnourcf the numnjic Tcj^L Various pilpima 

I ta Ar «<eeteni ooimthes twe ihai thnne from time to limt; durinf; a 

I fsoAtd^oibytt^ ThcfcHrndsiimisof thr^ebiiilrfingqarr novTriiilc 

I ^ ibcrc any rcm.u(V\ of .uicicnE bitlldin^t »X the otht-r KdiM? 

I SflatuaiL The vmi(;c i£ a heap of rulibith; but the dost and 

I ikave new*— not ok!. No hou«o there is old enough to t>e iho^n 

I tttuiof Se- llwiholoincw. There Jirc no fcLind.icion^ cjf chiinJi or 

I BMoL AQ the dwelling ore amoll and mean. The :ihard» of 

I ^0007 are not of andcfnc lomi or colour Here and thtrre yon come 

tt i unk or r^ttcm of Urc^r date ; bin lhc^r< nrr wrmingly of Arabir 

I ^>auuuciMQ- The stones L^cd in building nrc 7>ix\\\\, ^xndcf 1 oiodrvn 

Mbl Jackals prcvl in the niina. and wild bonnt grub nmcng 

iWtnki, while the hilL& arotrndirebiirren and the plains in front Are 

devn wAit^^ No veitjge <^f an Rr^tiquL^ world in seciu In imih, 

Ibob itc mere evIdcOLC! of rciiuins* a tr^tvclltr wil)iout a thtMiy to 

**pfOit voutd ay that Khmbei KjniAwiutt modem vtIUkc which hcd 

^pnog uf) round a potter* field :ind France, and liad periihed with 

lllc-lnde ihiL {(ive \\ biilh. 

On the oihcr huid^ the house of St Bartholomew nnd the 
viQkBtic ruins |:tfovethcanTiqmiy of the true Cana ; so that from 
the ftnSencc of existing reniatn>i a tnivcllet, without a ilieory to 
*>(fioru iruuld Ibiic no diJTiCuUy in idcndfyitig Kcfr Kana with the 
^^•bof JOKphus and St, John. 

IV. — »:viuif.?ji!ic OY HisroRV_ 

7W evidence of hictor)\ asregirds Ci\r\z of the mamage fer^su is 

*<fc>b in whkb thirro is no loiaslng link. St WilliliaUl. who vliiied 

^4ec ill lit, SLtncd Irom Nfiuielh on bis nay to Cada. His 

'"Mtky eoAivurd, not nonhwwd — that is» toward Kefr Kana, not 

*0«»d the pUe* now called Khurbet K^ina, He took Cana on hw 

^from Na/arcih ro Mount T*bor " He stayed al Cana one day, 

•M then continued hw joumcy to Mount Tabor/' Khuibtl Kana 

^ ii Ite o|>i>oiite direction, Swwulf, who went to GaJileein iioa, 

•laat preciic. "Six iniiti 10 the norrh-cast nf Nazareth, oci 

^UiiiCaoi of Galiiec, where our t^ord converted the ^-atcr into 

■■*-• Svmlf ntes the Roman mile of 1.614 yaTtiK; andbUgueflc 

^^-ni tottea" is near the acnial imih. If our knowledge of the 

I *'tcfC*aa had perished as com/>Je(ely 3.^ ihat of Bel.\\sak\^ auA^ 

m^^Ahdapemhtd, the bauings .wd distances sup^iied \>^ Src'frAvX^ 



Tii^ Gm^i^mifis Aftigasinr, 


wouf^ enable lu lo Iny it d^^wn c()rpe<ity en a map. U'J:cd 5 
ntas in Galilei?, Caj\7l had been jiarrly \\\\\ noi whnlljr d 
'* Nothing is left lUiidmg," he sjjs, "cicxj^t the tntiYcni called bAc 
Riilcr of the FcaE( "—Holy ArchiU-Jclimus. LaitT io Ibc I 

lury, Fhoctc, following in ihc inck of SnwuJf, from Acre 
ajartth, dcsrribcs ibc ]mmis of fit* jfjiimfy, l.rflviRfi Arre, Ph 
cora»— tir^i to Scphoti^. nc>;t to Cjino. ard ih«n lo N^iutcih. 
All theee widK-ia^n, Kv-fr Kcnna iva^ the tnic Ona ^'or G*U 
The diftcatiri? oi Cana from N,izareth is given by M.imlcri'inc in rj 
'* four miles from Niizarcih/' M^ndt^vill^ usc^ the old Rn|cliih rn 
which gtvcs the di?ia.TiC€ of Kcfr Kcntia prftiy Accuntcly. but cotthi 
disuncc or Khiirhrl, which is luLly eUven mtle« from NaiAittta 

Rdhininr) a^s not originiO in ihc mistjke correctrd hj- m) m 
(irsl blitnilcr b due to ^fa^ino Sanudo, a Vcncfian, ■ 
1>ook oil Talcsime for the u«< of cniudtng prin 
Sftnudo lived in the fouftcenih aentury. There \% ro evldiMOr i 
be ever visitcil ralcsline, or tlaal he had the use of actual ilinen 
ID making Ns tritct and chirL He plucod hi6 CanA to tfie north 
Sjcphoris, instead of to the south-east. ** Von go," he says, "tel 
Acre toCana; rhcn due north loScphorisj ;ind nfterwards dur:- nonh 
KaxATCth.'* At that time l^Iestinc was closed lo pifgrimiM Sieivulf 
Phocas wore ihc latest fluihoTittes on the subject, bwt thtir accun 
obscrviltons seem to havecfioipctl the notice of Scinndo. After ^noi 
had put Cana in tlie wrong place on his map, it Frank pilgnm n 
and then fell into hia en-or, until Father Qiiaresmius, ti monk n 
lived in PalcslinCf took the maEler up, and seltlcd the dispute 
favour of Kcfr Kan.i. Robinson reiHvcd the hluntler ofS-inndc^a 
LictLt. CondtT has (for the moment) fiLllen into tlic ciror of Robiruo 

The only passage which Robinson ever found in jiry writer 
vioiis to Saniido thar appeared (onlyappe.-ireflj xn Hi voi ir hju theory, 
line in Sajwulf. '* Cana/' says that auilior, '* stands six mile* no 
of Nazareth." Thi* is the true text; biitRobinaon, ignciant oflhc 
of m?ddk-a((e l^tin, tranthtcd SMWidfis sit mtlhriis mi Apti/^nai 
'*y\\ miics tiortlu"* insicad of six inili^M iiufsh'fasi. \Scc Wfighp 
Vocabp, p. i6« foi ilhtstnttions cf the meaning of titjitiU In the age 
SftwLilL) Contr:ir)'to theuuigc incbsKiul U^tin, this word, in the 
of SflTivulf, w,ns ifclways used for the nonh-cast wind, 

Such is ihe evidence in favour of Kcfr K-in^ \% the true Cam 
Gahlee" or "in Galilee;" identrty of njme and site; cona 
record of the Syrian Church ■ actiral remain* ; and the tc-»unony o£ 
tucce^ion of tiAvellcTi Ijom Eoat and WoL 










Urar ntOi wan as naordighly and weighed dffwtt 
Eoik vith iis hvelinas as imtk a erffum, 
Ihtoptdin a fifrisfs wirtdino in a iffwn, 
Tktjirst a Imar btmght. It la.y at rest, 
lAkefiffiDer on^Muer thai nighf^ sn Atauf/s breatt. 
Tkt terffnd rese^ as virginal and/air^ 
SArank in the tangles of a karl^s hair. 
The third a widow, with new grief made wHd, 
Shut in theityfa/m of her dead ehild. 

Aldrich, Fttnoerand Thorn. 

H£SE Roses (in the world we do not see) 
Strove for the palm. Thus spake the beauteous Three s 


I AM the happiest flower. I lay 
Dying, as suits sweet blossoms best ; 

It was not pain to pass away 
Upon her wann and fragrant breast 

Blossom on blossoms, so we slept ; 

My odours richer with her breathj 
My white leaves whitest where I crept 

Goser, to die delightful death. 

1 heard her secrets, pure and soft ; 

She prayed for him, kissed me, and laid 
His gift where, since, his cheek full oft 

Nestles ; he knows what words she said, 

And how, when mom oped the bright eyes, 
She locked me in a casket close ; 

Nothing can take away ray prize. 
The kiss she gave her faded Rose. 

2o6 The GentUmoiis Magastm. 

The crown, fair sisters, I must hold ; 

I died upon that heavenly bed ; 
She buried me in silk and gold ; 

I made them lovers, being dead. 


I AM the wisest Rose ; there lay 

A dew-drop on me when she shut 
The little ice-cold palm, and put 
My blossom there to fade away. 

It was a tear for her and me 
That she should grieve, and I should go 
Clasped in a hand that did not know. 

And set to eyes that could not see, 

Tom from my garden green and bright. 
As he too ; first-bom of her spiing^ 
Once flower-fair, now a lost, dead thing. 

Hidden with me in graveyard nighL 

But, lo I it was not thus at all t 
I did not think that flowers could see 
The wonder of the worlds to be 

When the poor leaves of this life UHl. 

For while they wept, and sadly threw 
The black earth on our cofhn-lid, 
A light came there where we were hid, 

A wind breathed softer than I knew. 

There shine no sunbeams so on earth. 
There is no air blows in such wise 
As this that swept from Paradise, 

And turned grave-gloom to grace and mirth. 

I saw him rise unspeakably ; 

I saw how subtle Life receives 

New gifts from Death, It was but leaves — 
Dead leaves— we lefl there, 1 and he. 

The Three Roses. 207 

And clasped in tlmi small hstnd I came—* 

A spifit'RoEe as be was spirit — 

The fiirther marvels to inherit 
Of Life, which is for all the same* 

Crown me, white sisters \ When she bent — 

That tender mother by his grave — 

Twas I who^ with a rose-waft^ gave 
The thought that filled her with content 


I WAS the blessed flower ! Give back 
The crown, dear sisters ■ for you lack 
My joy — you 1 that her bosom bore ; 
You they entombed 1 — my deeper lore. 

"Twas sweet in lovely death to fade, 
Rose-blossom on rose^bosom laid ; 
'Twas mre, in grasp of Death, to see 
The flower of Life blow changelessly. 

But I, most happy of all three> 
Rejoice for what he did to me j 
Binding my bud on locks that rolled 
Their wasted wealth in rippled gold. 

For loveless love he set me there j 
With thankless thanks she found me fair ; 
Laughed with sad eyes to hear him tell 
The gold, with white and green, *' went well." 

We did our kind : she to bestow 
God's grace in her rich beauty so 
That good grew evil ; T to scent 
Her steps and be Sin's ornament 

Vet 'twas my duty lo seem sweet, 
She had such bitter bread to eat ! 
She put me at her breast — I heard 
Her heart-beats speaking without word. 

ao8 Tfu GtntUmafCs Magazine, 

" E&di fpring I plucked such Iog^ Agow* 
She sdid— " Ah| Uod 1 if v« c<kiJiJ grow 
Clean liVc spring-rosra— white agsuD — 
Forgclting kit joti s rain and suin T " 

She uid, " Ab, Cod 1 ah, mother !— some 
Are bloocning so iboui my home, 
The bome-tceni nukes me drram— tet be ! 
I hire no lo^^r that lovca mc. 

" A\1ut was it thai ve read Ln class? 
• ^j»/ /4r tttjfOfJt^ Him ' — alas ? 
■ TJuj^nlntn: Fiiol t as if Cod'ii Son 
Caret for tbc doivcri ihat iirc done \ '' 

Th«rcat otir lips and teavcs did ki»fi — 

I vnu as snrect and sofl In Thk 

To hcT as any Rose could be— 

•• Cod's flowers forgive," she sighed,—*' Doih He?^ 

And fondling me, as though she fell 
Her mother^ kisses on her tnell. 
The Ic-ir-tlrops from her painfcJ lids 
Ran en the rouge ^'U'hjii eye forUiiJa,'* 

She laid, " to tiy if any hear?*' 
Mocking herself ihe sighed thi* prayer : 
" Oh, ChHst \ I am Thy wiJicd Rose. 

Renew me ! Thou rencwest those \ " 

Then laughed,— bui did not see^ as I, 
Tilt dngds gathei at hei cry, 
1'heJr fine plots weaving out of sight 
To help this soul that sirovtr ahght. 

She did noi feci the great wings foW 
Thcnceforaard o'er her lock* of gold ; 
Nor know thenceforward Ihat the place 
Was sentinelled by Shape* of grace. 

But when again she bound her ha[r» 
And set me in its Irei^ses lair, 
I did not '* shrink," ns he Eia« luid : 
1 was luo proud ! for we were led 

Th$ Three Rose^. 

By holy hands through wicked streets, 
Past things to speak of is not meet j 

Till whcD the tender plot had place, 
God's mercy met her face to face. 

In all this earth there is not one 

So desolate and so undone^ 

Who hath not rescue if they knew 

A heart-cry goes the whole world through. 

Of thousands cruel one wa^j kind ; 
We found the hand she could not find ; 
The fragrance of me brought her cry — 
AVe saved her : those Wise Ones and I, 

I and her angels ! She hath rest 
Of ail Rose-service mine was best. 
Oht sisters sweet ! no longer boast ; 
Give me the crown \ My joy was most ! 


Toi- ecu. JVA srS4- 


Th£ Genikmaiis Magasine. 



THE {iu«Aicn of the untvcmlity ortcligion, of iU 
some fomi or Anoilicr in i-very |iafl of the w*>rid, 
be (*iic of tho^c vrhich lie hcycnd iIk bounilb uf ^ tlu^natiL- 
For the ocooiints of miascoDarki; and tmvHIcTiti wKIcb fciriiijfa 
only ^xwi. for iu *olui]oD. h,iv^ been *o Urgely vicbtcd, if oot 
i-onstioijsnf*i> of ihc iiilcrtMs Mip^iowd l<> lit \\\ Hukc, si any 
by flo auon^ nn intolcnncc for ihc tei;icl» of cauic unq^e 
tliat il sfcms imposttible to moJcc saffii^icnt allownncc cither for 
bias of inditfidiiil writeTs or for I he extent to which lh<Y Ktjiy 
jniiunderitood. or been ijurpoacly tni^led by, thdr infnrmnnCfH 
Alihou|d:lt, however, or Ihc subjccl of native religions wc cub 
hop^ for more than approximate iruch, iho Toporls of toiauOQuia 
Olh^Tft, wrinen :it difTeredl pericMln of [imc ab<wt ibc Umc 
contcmponiticouhly aboLtl widely remote pbccN ajt ihcy mwt' 
fn:e from all possible ftuapicion of coilufiiort, «o thcy supply a 
of measure of probabilily by whkh lo lest ihc credibility of 
given behef- Tliii* an idea, lo<» inconrcivablr lo be t 
if only rcporlcd of one trtbe of ihc human race, may be Bdfc)f 
cqjtcd AS acrinufily heW if reporied of several iribci in dilfcrciM 
of the world An Englishman, for insunr^, hcwpvcr much untidl 
«lunTt6 mAV meiiUlly vex him. would Kc^rcely ihint; of [« 
icpugnantc to them by ihe physical K-monHtr^ucc of his fim ^ad 
nof would heeaHlyijeltcvcthat^iny [icnplc of the earth •houW 
treat t^e wiiul in this way ;i^ ;i niatcrrwl ;ig<'ni- M ho ^verv toU 
the Nainaquas shot poisoned arrows at alorm* to drive ibciii 
would show no nnrejisonable scepticism In dLgbclic%'in£ ihc fftct ; 
if he k'rtrnt on iiidependr^nt authority tbst the E'ayaguaa 
North Aincriui rush with firclratidh and clenched tist« agHinct the 
lliat threatens 10 blon down iheir buti ; that in Rusaji t]ic 
niaAs throw &tone« and knives againM a whirEwiftd of dun, 
it with crie» ; flnd thai also in ihc Aleutian Islands a whole vil 
unite (o ^liiiL-k anj strike ag^iinit ihi: M^in^ wind, he thtnild have 
jcA/Jowicdt'c ihal the Materai;aia\>outth':Namaqu4s contained ini 

Sofw Sava^€ Myiks and BelUfi. 3 s i 

ItrimicaKr tmpffObAblCi And bciidcs ihh teat of fcnuinc 
hought, % l<4t which olA-iouGlv admits of .limost tnfinttc jtppli- 
there i* sriorhcr one tut Ip*s wrvircahle m cibnologicial eri- 
oamely, Kherc ihr mliiy of ^ belief is supponeri by customi^ 
iprcvl 9Lnd oihcnHfC unuiCclli^iMc, No better iUtixtnitioD can 
m o( ihift than the belief, which, aucned by lUtM, vouid be 
alljr difib«lifv«d, fn a fteccod life not only fiir mrn bxii for 
1 ihittgt; butvhidi, mpportcd oa it is by ihc practice, comuiou 
I ihfi old ffotld aad the dcv, oT huryirg ob jccu with their owner 
B^LJfi with him in mother Kcur, i^ crrtittcd beyond oil ])0£«i' 
rf" dCH^ If }o us ihctc seem* no mcire *cK-cvi(U-ni truth 
Bt a nun cui Okc nothing with him e^u: of the wgrEiJ, 0. vAat 
r«Tid«tiiOe proves that ih* diBCovcry of this truth is one of t:<jm' 
djr nodem <hle, and of *tiU quite partial diwributLun ovef ihc 

RMCb, tbcn. being premised u to the iii:iturc of the evidence 
cb ourkno«'1cd^ of Ihc )ovGt race« depends, ind as tj> the 
rithJn which •atch evidence may hi? received and its vetadty 
let t;aproi:ced tci examine some iif thehig]ierbeEii^5tofsJvngf«^ 

■J they bear »omc juuiogy to the bclichi on »uch aubjecL'^ cpT 
tfhuKed focictiet, mt in -i «eiuo religious, and, so fu at least 

calleaed bfonrDEtion jtuttii&; itK in judging, seem of indk' 

and bdepcmdcnt growth. 

r retullBol ethnology ue more intercvUng than the wide-spreAd 
aaoong ssv3tg«s, amvcd u purely by their own reusoninj? 
s, tn a ireator of thingiL The tetxinlcd insonccs of surh a 
•Kt indeed, so rumerous £S to make it doubtful whether 
01 fO Ibt cootfvy may not have been baEcd on too tasiX 
Ltioo. The difllea^ty of obuining sound eiidence on such 
B U well mu^tmicd by the ciLpertcnce of DobriEzhoTTer, tlir 
mittioittry. who spent seven yt-ars among the Abiponcs of 
Asicried- For when he njtkvd whether Vn: wondtffvil course 
itin and htratienLy boflici; hi*l ntvttr raSst-d in tlitir minds the 
tof ID mvimble Ixing who h;id mudc unti ^piided them, he got 
(rcr that of what happened in heaven, or of the maker or ruler of 
rsL, the ancci^ori of the Abipon« hid nwer f.ired to ihink, 
enough I0 (rouble ihccnM^Zvca wUli in providing ^^a^s and nalcr 
rbOEtca^ Ycl the Abiponc* rcalEy believed that xhcy hftd been 

bf^Ji Indian like ihemiidves, whoie name ihcy mentioned 

at mmenoc!, and whom ihi-y spakr nf ai ditit *' grand f^t her," 

f fichad li^xdMloDgago- lie i&slill* they fancy, to be >ccn(n 

.; ^^^meharcoaftclhuioti Jiwppears for some l»'r^\hi 
r 3 


ai2 Tlu Gentleman s Magasim. 


&otn t^c »ky iKcy l>cwAil the illnc^t of their gnml/Athcr, and; 
framlfllc him on his recovery wh«n he ittumB la May, Si 
creator of ^vnge reasoning \% not neccasaril/ a CTcaior of all 
ln« orTy of wiHic, like CilJhan's Sclebo*, who made the 
ihc sun, ftnd the laIc and all things on it, 

Uui nui tlic itftrt i tU jiTui came olhcnriac. 

So tha.t it is poEisiblc the creator of the Abiponcn wis rai 
thdr deified First ArceEior. For on aothiog is savige thought aOM 
confus*d than on the connection bett^een the ftrst man who livfrf « 
the worM and (he actuAl CrcAlor of the norld, a^ if in the lofisl 
need of & ^rst cause they had been tmablc to divot it of hnrnfl 
penoniility. or a4 if the nntoral idea of «n frrsl man had ledtotbeidM 
of his having; rreaieri [he world Thus Cirecnlanders are dividrdBl 
to wliellier Kalt.xk fcjUy the creator pf .ill (htnfs, 0« oiOrdv 
fini man who *pnins from the earth, "i'he Minnetarree* of Nflib 
America beiieve tlial at first eveiything \van water, acd there *m 10 
earih at all, till ihe First Man, the mnn who never dieiJ, the Ix^idol 
Life, who has hia dwelling in the Rock)* MoMntains, scut dova dM 
grcAt red-eyed bird to bring up the e^rlh. The MinKO Inbcn ibl 
■* revere and make offering»> to ihe First Man, he who wa» tai-d i^ 
the £ieal deluge, as i powerful Ucilj undtf the Master «f lile.oV 
rtYTJ tiJ idmtificd ttfi'h him ; " whilst among the Doj-rih* the FW 
Man, Chapewec, was also creator of the sun and moon. The Z«W 
of Africa similarly merge the ideas of the First Man and the Cf«ior» 
the great Unkulurkulii ; as also do the Caiibs, who behcre iW 
LouquOf the itncrcate first Conbr descended from heaven to inake db^ 
edirth, and also fo become the father of men.^ It teetnft, thcnixfl 
not iTTprobablc (hat ii ij^i firiililii n.hiiiiji,iiii>ii niiiii illj ii[i|iiftl! 
to assume a caitse for men than a cause fof other things, poMuktel 
% First NUa as pnmaeval ancestor, and then applying an bypotheiM 
which served so well to accoimt for their own existence, to aOCOV^ 
for that of [he world in fiencrjil, made the Father of Met> rhe <mia| 
of all things t in other words, that the idea of a First Man |>ieecdD4 
and prepared the way for the idea of a first eaiiee. 

However this may be, and fully admitting the pos«it>]|ily of fod 
low tribes as ihc Biislimen or CaliforaJiins being ^tb^oltifely dcToi* 
of any idea of erf j^lion at all^ let us take some of the more intcrctfitli 
Mvage fancies aboirt it as typical examplcn of primitive cosnx^EOBjt 

Itj cine of the Do^'-rib Indian siigjx, un imEHirtam part ta An 
creation is played by a great bird, as among the Mirnietajiccs; ihcP 

■ Tylor, Frimitatf Cuifuv, ii. 31a, JJ3, and 333. 

Tiffmc Savage Aiyiks akd Briie/s, 


proliality i)rdudf;£ ihdr (Jr«:rni frnTn a Hx^, nii aihc^ dcHiirr 
from A load «< a uttlcanokc, Uhginolly, the Mg4 ruii^, the 
»i9 nothiog trat « tviJe* wj^tc se^i. without any iiviag thing 
It ttve A gigastic bird, who vith tlic gf^rtc of lu t^cry eyes 
the lightnJD^ and n^ili the H^iipinj of iti( win^s ilie 
fenkr. Thix bird, b^ diving into the reo, <^u^ed the urth to 
Iffcir jibovv tu uid proc«<dM to uill all immak to iu surface 
JEKrpi mdrrd the Chippcwj'Ji IndiJiis, who wcr:; flnrcndcii from a 
4^. ^IxD rU work w» complclc, it uiAtlc ^ groii arrov, which it 
M the liKlun k<«p with gr»I car^: ; an<t i^hcn ihiR wju lo^i, 
•liig In The stupidity of the Chipfjcwyat, ii wai ta Jrigry thai it I«ft 
iccinh, uul has never niKc rcviiiLcd iL 

Many thousao<ls of nJci ?q^aratc ihc Toucan f sbndi from N<]rth 
JHiVi^ jil iTiLii lull we find th« ^dcA ot cite cArth hiving cumo 
»at?r*, and ihc TotigST^ rrr.irion rnyth is c?;pccbtly striking 
Kidttge icscmbUncc to the wdl-kiio\vn aiarics of C^iii and 
<kr RoRMiKis 4nd Rcmiu. In the beginning nothing wjls to be 
c the wuce of waien but the Isljind i^f Boluiit, whkh it 
bg a?* thi- ^joda who dwell tlicic, or a* tht^ ^ur> aiifl ihr ic:i. 
iU)r the god T:iiiij]i]l«i went lo liali In ihcsCA. aud^ feeling sumc- 
:hcavy at the end of his Unci drcv it in, and thcic perceived the 
of rockfi, nhi^H continued lo increaiw in tire ;iTid njmbcr till 
Ihnned i brgc c:oiilinciit, £ind Iru line broke, Ekiid unty tliL- 
Iifand^ icm^ncd Jtbovc the surface* Theie^alo.i, with 
oi the other godfif hllcd ^rith trees ard hcrUs and antinals 
Bolotu, only of 1 iitolleT liac and not immortiL Then he tide 
V Ivo ttJTis IlXc wivcb ^nd |^o lu dwell m Tu^jga* dividing die 
aiyi dwcUuag «part The younjccr brother wa« steady and 
hteriouf, and made many diiicovertcK ; but chc cldvt was idJc .ind 
Mny hi* lime, and eni-ird [hi.- works of hli l>roilicr, till ai h«t 
pvv )A »trong« Lhjl uiie dpiy lie tuurdeied him. And 
cunc in wrath from Bolutu. und asked him why he had 
jft brOtbcfi and bade hJm liring his brother'^ family to him, 
»cre lold to take iHr-it bdis and s-iil costWHird till thty Ljmr lo 
Und to dwell in^ '* Voarskin,''said Tang-^tlua, bksaing them, 
be white u your souis, foryctir aoub are puie ; you ehnli 
', nnaJce axev, hjivo All other rifihes, and i^FCAt boau, 1 myself 
4lcominaiu1 lh( wind to lilow from yuur hnd lo Tonga, In: I the 
t^lc of Tonjt* will not be able with their bad boaLs to reach yoiin" 
Foihe odhers he said : '^ Vou i^hall be black beiuiuse your souJa ere 
Ihcl, Jind yoii thnll ncrnfiin poor. Yon shall not be able to pre- 
(u^ul thirk^, nor to gt> to the knd uf ytjiit bioibcn, &;i\ 




The Geniktaaiis Ma^sau^ 

jvaa bfotbm hiU come to Tofigt «od do viih you aa 

Tlw KMDchadil belkf is ieotruaivct as iho»ing ihau by 
creatian c( Ac vorld, the savage only mcma dut snoU portioo 
vhid] be koovt, and thai, to ^ from it being any |)roof of his 
ligmcc to Mipposc a cause lor the liflb or island vhich IicMI 
cocnpca, it ia raiha his vast of IcgioU thought <rhich iiii^cH hlsa 
the belicC for seciiic as be docs, 4 spmt in cverythinj^ vhcU<f j 
be noviag animal, u nihing vtnd, or standing stone, and 
as he docf, for cieo^hin^ by a «j»int nhkii » ai once tia camt 
oonirolinc pmdplc, ii ii only notunl ihii he sKooM draw frotti 
unlimited »pmt>wor)d one wtw nude and governs all ihingjt. 
the Kanchadali believe that a^er Diisdaeehichiish, their 
dcUy* of wbom dicy predicate nothing but cxisicnce, the pc&Usi. 
is Kutka. KutluE creeled the heuesu and the canh, and niMie 
eumalr like the men and oeaturet h« placed on the canh. 
Kamchjdali openly a\iow [hfti ilicy think themselves much 
than KuEkj. vilo in ihcir eyes is so stupid as to be quite til 
cf prayers or ^litudc. If he had been cleverer, they aay, he 
have made the world much better, and not put into ii lo 
cnuutitaiiis oiid iii;i(.c-e%siSle clijr&, nor created sudi nptd streamsi 
cauMxl such grcAt fttonns of wind and roin. In vinicr '\i thq^ 
dimbirig a Tnoimtain, or in summer if their canoe« «>me io 
they wiU vcni Imid curses on Kuiki for having mud« the »trnua&: 
atrong fur tlicir cinoc&, oi the mounLAins so ncon^omc Cor dicifl 

Nor do thi; Tanuniiks of ihc Orinoco manifest a much 
conception of a creator than the Kamchadals, They aw^be 
cicution of the wodd to Atnalivacca, who in iJie course of his 
distussed loiiy with his brolbcr about ihe Ormoco^liaYiug the 
\vi£h lomukc It Jto that ship.s might as easily go up its stream m< 
but being ccimpdietl to ub^indon a task which so far cran«cended 
powers- Tlic TanianvAks still show a cive wlicic AciuHv^icta di 
when he lived imong them, before he took a boat, and sailed ta 
other side of the sea. 

Not only, however, is the idea of rt rrffition of things b*/ a 
being (|viiie ccimiioji amon^ uniuLored h^LV^gcs, btit there ib o^^ 
A belief clo^ly conncLied therewith that in the beginning death aod 
eickne^ were unknown in the wodd, but came into it in conMqaroc^ 
of some fault committed by its hitherto imtnortal ocnipantL Such * 
belief, leporicd as it 15 from plac« so widely sundered n Cqloi* 
North America, and the I'^on^an Ulands, seems effectually to di^ 
countenance the suspicion whicb might otherwise aitMh to it t7 

Savage Myths and Beliefs 


n or mittalLc on (Ijc ^a of om infusm^iK il U tlic Tanry 
CtD£>icsc cccmogony thit, io the fifth period of cicallvc c»cr^', 
bcirgs who thttk inhabttcd the eartli ate cf ccTtain pJani^, 
8d thereby invoh'«d IhcmM-Ucs tn daricTicts nnd niorutify. " It 
^Iben thty wprv formed niaJcr and frmali.-, and Iti^t tlitr jiover uf 
Ittnuig to (he hc4vcoly noAsionXi Thcfc bcmt**^^^ ^'^^'ctoforc 
km lablc to menu] paAfion:^ M:ch oa vcvy, covelouMicaa, and 
Ikbtecm. TbcTcifEer, tn addition, coq^oml pqjtuonx devctopod 
ieonelircv iind tht: rou; trhklL iiuw Uilubit^ Lhce:iil1ibccjJU;](;^ul)JLH:l 
kiltlve cnb tlul xflliu huauiiity. Af^cr tWJr fall aII xv» dark- 
■o^'* Accordinj; lo the sigi of ihc Dog-rib Irdmn, ilic tint man 
itoirtd upca ihc tsmh, when fonc5 ;itid other goiid thing?! jboimdcd, 
pewrr. And Ch^ipevvvc bc^amt! die liuhcr uf chilittx^n, tu 
e gave two kmds of food, hbck ^tnd white, forl>ic]d]ng thctn, 
', to eat oj the lormer. And Cbapewcc went away for a (ong 
to bf^g the fc^n tnto the uorld, and v-hilit he wns away hi* 
vcTC obcdierti, and ate only of ihc while fruil, but ate; it alL 
Chapewec went -away a second time lo brin^ the moon 
workl, ift their hiingei his diildreii forgot the prohibilicnj 
of the Mark fruir Sawhcn Chnpewee retiimed, hewas tctj 
and dei:lucd that thenceforth the t^tth ihnuld only jDVoducc 
it, ttnd th«L met) ihoUd be subject 10 ticknebfi :md dcatli» 
rdi, ittdccd, when his fiimily lamented thai men ahcmld h.ivc 
made iruinal i^t eaiiitg the iWark fiuii, Cli.kiK-wve granLed that 
ivho dreamt certain dfeamR shouUl have the poncr of curinj; 
I, &fid Ml of prolorging htmirm hfc ', hut th;it yix^ the extent 
h Chapewee releotcid^ The Caribi, Waciue^, and Arjwak* 
■ft Bid to bdic^c ill two distinct crentoiB i>f men and kouicu : tlic 
<Aaiaof iI»cfomieTt<i:t;c superior, and doinjc neither good nor harm, 
he hod created men, lie came on the: eiirth to see what they wen 
juicl finding iheni so biid that lht.7 evpii atlern^ited liis own 
look from ihcm ihcif Immort Jility, and gave ic to skm-ca»ting 
inAejd.* Tht.A!eutian Inlanders believe tbnl the god who 
IhwikUnda committed his work by making men to inh.ibii (hem; 
men 'ft'ClC immou,iI beliijis, for when age came over them 
^Kj tad but 10 dimb a \ai\y mountain and |>lun^c from thence into 

'F«bn l^sAf. ffAffy J^flfrt fi$ Sat/amit. \. 177. 

* IUnT«. CitJf^fC/trktf^U^ii. 155.7, whHf the imUrf* arc r#FtrrrrJ <a. 

'^lUifi Smmd y,m/mQt \*- 30& They ore iu rci»Arkul>]c lu lu amuic «Li«3^ki(] 
"*l*«icui iaUvcniT Im* ilTn.icJ Ilic itolivc ujij^^liuiijuu ; \j\i\ the inAuciiix. if 
^ >a«i heyood Ihr tfaUinf crkkiim Jn this u icoUicriliiWun-nibCigf inaJcig)', 



The GeniUmani Ala^a^in^ 


ft bkc, in order to con^c forth youi^f ji^aiti and viffonxu. 
hflfpcncd thai .t morUl ^vQmaD, who had the nibfonunotodrivui 

henelf oeiestial love, rcmonsnalcd otic day vidi her lovrr for hii 

in his cruiiui; of ibc Alcutuii Isl^nr^ lUiiiJc .so ntiny idoudLuh^.^u 

forf;oiicn \<y svipjJy the Ifiod with fc^retb, "i'lus imprudent eritk 

Giti9L-d her brother lo be sLiin by the angry god, and all Bxn 

liint lo be SEibj^ci lo rilcath. A .similar idc-?i is roniained m 

the Tongiin tradLtion:^ of crc-ition ; for when ihe itUnda hctc 

but before che^ were inhfibiic^cl by reasonable bcing:^, »oa)e 

bundred of the lower gods, male and female ;tlike. Look a gnat 

to go lo fice the n^w Und fishett iip by Tan^L!c),i. So drligliied 

ihcy with it iliiit they rmmciiiiicly broke up ilicir big bwl, ini 

to mak;^ some limo-lk-r ones ouE of it- But after a few dd>-t sove' 

ihrni died ; and one cf thcni, iniplred by God. told ihcni tlui «( 

dicy liad conic to Tong;^^ ind biciiibcd iu air iind eaten its fn 

they fihoukl be mortnl and lilL the vrorld vilh mortals TTicn 

they Sony thut ihcy had broken their big boat, and they set » 

lo mjtkc another^ and went to sea, hoping a^in to reacJi Bolocu,| 

hca/cn they had left , but ltic>' tjould not And it, and to 

regretfully to 'i'ong^. Simihrly the T^bcton^ and MongalLan$ 

That the firit hnman beings were as gods, till they *te of n 

**e(.'l hcib which musotl loiter fuclin^p wiibiii them ; iJien dwfl 

their bcriEity and ihcir wings, and ihcirycara were made fewiit 

and full of bitterness,* It seems, indeed, thai; whercxer inenbt^ 

loir adva^QceiJ in power of thoughr a£ lo rr.ili^ ih? ujnce| 

icinote antL<[uity, the troubles of iheJr actual lot have nlirayi 

them to idealise ihc pftsl.ani the gloricn of the a|ce of gold hav< 

%ung by the poeti of no jjarticiikr laud or literature. Acvror*liiif t< 

ihtf Itfgend in the Z^nd-Avesta, when Onnuzd created Mc*chu*^ 

Meschiana, the first man and woman, he appointed hCAvcn ad ttcM 

d^velimg, under ilie sole condition of himnlity, and obedi*^ 

to the law of pure thought, and |nire *pcetb, and pure action, ^'*' 

snme timt' they were a Massing to citic anoiUer, and l:\cd havW 

and said it wa? from Qmimd ih;il all thing* came— the waicH^* 

earth, trees and iinimals, sun, moon, and stars, and all ffood rood *^ 

fruits on the earth. Qui ai last Ahrimnn laecanw Tnu?iter ocjii*' 

ihoi^ghiS :ind ihcy ascribed the creation of all things 10 hin^ ^ 

ihcy lost their happiness ami their virtue, and Ihelr souh Hp-ere «< 

dcmneii to remain in Diizabh until the resurrection of their bfldie 

when Sosloseh shonld restore tif& to the dead.* 

SffPU Sat\^f Myihs and BtlUfs. 


Tltclitlcfin > fiiiiirr life, A l^rlicf |>rcbAbly fiM siiggrsi€<l fn 
tkt nde jate of oiltuK «h<rc the drcaminjc aii<3 wAkin^ life 
Iff QOf dearly dbtmct. but ai« both cc|ual]y igU, nppcArs to prevail 
Dgrf^asllf aiftongche tower racc«, thai it U more diltlcult 10 f nd 
AMCcscet vbrre ic U irv/ Ibiind thnii in^i^ncjTK where it iv Tlic <ItJ<l 
i^^Lttbc living in rhcir slcq) arc not tlioughl of o^ dead, Uit 
u lioprj' ixtvinbltf and for thi« rcjiAon :tll over ihfj globe tt te 40 
omnxn rn bury nviirrUI ihingK in ibr }^vr% of ibr <lr[^anril, to 
«nt tbcm Jt thjit other worUl which is so >ivid1/ conceited u hiil ^ 
etottniMion of ihifl one- The v\mcrcan InJiiiQUkcv his horws. ihc 
Gvrakndcr hiit rrinci«vt, and both thr common rt^quititet of earthly 
CODomy; juM ;t« ihc Oni'^i'i] ukr^ \\\s hlm^ imil hit wi\'e)i Co 
ttaa)pacy him on thnt journey, nhids. 03 it is imagined »o JUtinc;tIy. 
b tnkrtaktn »ihout myucry to a frc«h oxUlericc. '\\\\ lately, in 
pRi of Swcdm. 3 nuTi's pipe and toKirrn-|H«]ch, some monny And 
^^ were interred nit]] ium ; ;tad ;lI Kekheiil.'aclT, in Ciennany, 
ittta's umbreUa and ^olottbc^ are itill placed in hisgnive-' The 
KmUd C^mmn prio« pbc<ft on a miin'* brc-asr, an he tics jn hia 
ojfia, 1 pa^s "bifK be*iHrfi liHng iniirribcc! »ifh hi<L Chriiiiar namn ^ 
tt4 ihc dAtc« of bis Unh jud dc^iilif \% a1$o a cenificiAtc <jf bi» 
^tjsm, u well SBi( of the piety of liis life and of bis having partaken 
*f ^ <OBifinunIon bcfcTc hU death. Thc»e arebiu st^trvivAls of &:ii'agi& 
tlcu, which picture ibc rominiuiiQii of coii*<ii<jusneiis f;ir more 
*>vify ihon more fidvanced Tcli^on^p The Delawar Indhn iLicd to 
ttftc on cfiecing at tlu hcod^enil of the coffin, Lhat the loul of the 
^KotfiJ migbf go in And out till it hnd iborou^hly soEited on its 
tftK (l»cc uf lesidcni^c- WIjcii the CliiiJpewyH^ killed tlicir 
^ rcfjui^<ct nho conid hunt nij more, ibc mcdkinc-son^ used 
inwt t'w limple fiiith which mctde tlie tniel deed an aet ol' mercy ; 
Lord (if lEregn<cr4 coirr.i^ It is true. :tl] Ini.lbti» know llut 
ust find WG ^vc over to Mm c^ur father, that he may fvcl 
^ouAg in inoihcr land ^nd able to hunt" it is puHflible, 
thic ifie attention *]iown by invngei to tiietr dead, by burying 
*>!? iJiopeiiy, wLllIl auuIlI tutv becu (jf uiiu \o the huivivoin, or 
Jbcaij f,^ on ihcir pjvcs at periodic*] feasts, arose rather fioni 
tJojt froin.tny kinder moEJve, dictated t>ythe dread always Edt by 

KstUcr; V^kjkf^mtX iin VM^lian^. 4,14. " Dcin Vcraiorbcocn ^ichl man 
^G^^UUniJc mlt En^A&Gnb, welclie ef ini I.pbcn ani licbilcn ban* ; win i» 

•^B«( iMleq>!»en. liamit crmchtupxiKc In i;littm C/ftbcdci Gatl«Kk' 


7 1 8 Tie Genl/^mtis Magazine. I 

ttie livickg or the d«ad, and the wish to altay ih«ni, if poMib^j 
ftOme peac^offering. The Samojed Horcerer. nftcr j f^inrtal, b 
[hroiigl'i the tcrtmony of soothing «hc iTcjwrlwl, \\\aX he mnjl 
trouble the sunivoTS nor Ukc their bent game ; a fecltag j 
furihtr ilEustrated b^ ttujir habit of not t;iking the Jod Wll 
Ijf IwrirJ by (hL- regitihr liiiT Joor, but by * wlc np«ia 
lh*t if i^ossiblc ihcy may noi find ihcir way back^a habit found I 
in Greenland avid iti many other parts of the world For the Ten 
[lif; de-j<! u 3 univi^ral ^^rtlmenr, and pr«va1li no 1c^« jimoingi 
Abi[iC"iiL% i^lio Lliink ihat ^oircrer* f^n bring (he dead from il| 
^ax'eK to vi»l the livinji, or amonjc the KaHUnE, «ho think ihit I 
ini-H alone bve a second time, anJ try to kill the living by night, Q 
amrtng rhr igfirtTatii, who still bt)l^v# \w the blood'fucking i>3inpTl| 
belief which HliIc more t]\au A century j^ Amounted to A kina 
epidemic in Ihmgitry, and resulted inagenernl diE-lntenneni, and ' 
bunting or fiU-kmy of the suspected bodies. So that in burying tbi 
with a iitujL ii wavpTiibaMy thought Ihai th^ de^l wutild tiff less In 
to k'lunt the dwellings of the livini;, if they were not compdin 
re Kcek upon earth those Articles of d^ly tisc which they Icorvv 
to be found there. ] 

But ihcsuvagc belief lit u rmure is very variable; norcuutdf 
expect to find it mii<h afifecLcd by id^-:i} of cartl^ly moraHiy, 
Kiieh ideas themselves hardly nppear to exist. At tno*t, ^_ 
ititn of v.\n\ and cour.nge who live ag.iin, while rowardit and 
eommonaJty iKnsh uUcrly i gcnciallj there la no qualificadon of 
kind- The Bedouins hnvc no tijicd belief At allt some Eliinkisf- 
aRer denth they are changed into *creech-owls, and othcn; thli 
i^itniel iii slain cji their gnives they will return to life riding on xi, 
ochL^rwi^c on fooL AU North Anicriijan Indiana arc a^id Eob 
in the continual life of tlie aoLtl, and, because they think them 
the higliost being* on enrth, posiYilate a hereafter, where all 
earthly longings will be satisfied,' Btit llii^y Irauble tlieinaelve* 
about it, thinking ihnt the ^od they recognise ^ Miprcme U toC 
to punish them. Thus the IndianK of Arauco look for\nrd W 

cIcrraJ life \\\ a Ijciiuiiful lind^ whi[:h hes to llic wett Tiir ottt 
Acai whllhcr ^ouls arc iLtkcii b) the iiaiior Tcnipulo^y, ^lU ivhcfc ill 
ptinishm^nt : for Pillic^an, their god, the Lord of ike ^orld, nod 
not inflict p-iin,'' The Timgii^ l-ipp!i look on the next life a* liffj 
a LurUiiLuatioii of Lliis one; lu it there will be no |mni?Jiineutii 
her^ everyone is aa good aa he can be* and the go<Jft lull IV 

' Klcmm, Cttlmr-Gftckktitt. li, rftj. ' 

• Srerenstm, JVavth in JSfUfA Jnenr-t. i» j8» J 

S^ntf Savage Myiks and Belufs. 

u boi arc iJicrtbr wti&ficd- The PttaironiaDS «cni (o 
'von (0 ihc cnjo}incnt of eternal drunlccnncijt irt thecavcKof 
J <lcilke4 — an idc* of future hapiimci.^ whitli rcc;dlii rhc 
cclcMiil Irawb of liquor lo be ifUAlTcd in ranuluc, wlicre 
iwi-cr nsc to ih« drinker's hc.idJ \x\ the Polynctiiin 
k4 a ymibr abi^ntc of any jclca of wribiinon. There \% 
auimiol^tulcnaitioii, but uuly one (if UEik. fur Holuin. 
Und of the dcftd ulddi Ilc^ far b>'^iyy to the norih-^cst of 
id Oic rcitch of Toiigan boiOi, and grcAtcr th^in all the 
idi put logethtr, vliL-rrriii nboimd bi^AiLttfvn and useful 
plttcltod fruit inauittl/ gro>\'» ^i^niii ; where u dcUetOu» 
fiUf the lir, and birds cf tiic loveliest colours sit upon the 
i«re tfic uooda iwarm with |ii^, which ore immoruil to long 
not t^ateii Ijy tl)e ^K NLithiii^ ^Iiljwi mi well llic w^jit 
ItDcc of inia(^ii4(ion <jn r^co. as the ^rcAt ^ttmUaTity cf ihoiic 
cvihs whidi conatituLe the )io,iver8 of Itic movt diRunt 
The Mohjiuk IndintirB'ho visit* in a drcAm the im»tcn 
vf Et,in kiLgua^e nx^dlin^ lliat uf Homer, [liat lEi^alaiid 
\v ncitber day Dor ni^sUt, lor ihe oun never htca iicr ^^^Ls ; 
a»d tonuhawks and arrows ^ro never accn ; where pipes 
jh«^r, l^ing Twdj'tti he ^mrkcd; vhcrp ihc earth it; ever 
trees cict in Ic^f ^ where there is no need of be.\rskin nor 
[WCTCt if you would travel, the rivers will take your boat 
rei yoc will, without the need of rudder or [wddle. Just as 
LD BoIotJ ihc plu<:ked ivSw \% rt'i^IatciJ, so there the gfiai 
O^en iu shoulder lu ihc hungry man, in full confidence 
grow oj^uDt and the beaver for the tame reason n^iketf a 
aoilke of itn be.iutiful tail' 

(ar there is no idea of ,i fuuitr life as iii ait)^ way affecEeJ by 
But such tdcaa do c>i5t amon^ mivo^cAj and arc c^itrcmely 
as indicatioat of the growth of their moral ideiu^ 'Jlie 

I04t nc<t^^try for -\ ^ivfl^^t- is jirv.tnniTH'htTy (Oirnigt, nnd 
rforc api^eor^ *t3 the fir^C recognised vinue, ai:id first hij^ 
such, to oonnderaticn hereafter, 1'hc Brazilians believed 
lOUli of tlie dead became beautiful birds, whiht cowards were 
ito re|rt.ilt'S. Tht Mintn.-lanee*i Think ihnt ihert- are two 
iLcb receive the de.'Ld ; but that the eowordly i\\\\ bad ^o lo 
one, whil»it ihe btnvc nnd good occupy the Iniger. .\monf^ 
I, «ho entertain the ttranjie fancy thai the/ have a* mary 
itbcy fed i]crvcv in ttictr bixly, but thai tlit; diicT of ihcsc 

• 'l^l'>f, PnmOht Cuiiurt^ ii. 6(j and 77, 



320 Thf- (rrntUmanj Magit::fHe. 

restdet in the hc^rl and goes to heavm ai dcaUi, wliiLci th« otlictt 
lo the »a or tlic vmmU. we inccl with the rc%<-rTa!ion cf happi 
the aoulii (jf tl^c bnvc. '11^c> dlonc will live tncmly. (bitcing, feud 
and talkmg \ they alone tvill B^vitn in the giK^X slre^Lm^, feclii)^ 
fadgue ; the Annvakft will i^ithcr iicrvc them ab shvoaor wwd«T H^ 
in desert mountiirii. Sfnncwh;iE slniibr w^* The fifth of tht 
Mcxic4na> who diviclcil ihc future world into three part* : ;he 
the House ol the Sun, ft^here the (\t\y^ wtrrv »pem in j(>>-ful attco 
Cft th*! luniinary, with sijngs and garner and daTicrs, by * 
Ijcave soldiers a» had died in balde ur x^ prisoners h^d been %;% 
ficcd lo iJic ^ods, afid by women wht> had died in giving chitc 
to the commimityj ihe second, the kingdom of TlAlocaA, hi 
;imnng the M»iatn nKiiintnins, nt>t ^a bright n« the romnrr, butt 
and i^k'iLsant, ^uid fdlcd with unfAiting pumjikrns ;md tomit 
reserved for pdesi^t and for children sacrificed to "i'lalot, and for 
ptfTsons killed Ly lighmmg, or drowning, or skkncss ; ihc third, 
kiTigcTuuL of Mict].tuieiict]i. re^^ti^td for all oihiL'r per^oni:. but t 
rothinj^ i^iid of ary jmnishmcnt thcr<; nvxaHini; them- One of 
beliefs in Greenland is that hc:ivi:n ts situottf in the sky or the moo 
and that the jixmiey IhilJ^e^ is so easy dut a wnl may rwrh ic 
bdjne cveninj- iliat It quits ihc Ijody, and ^hy it ball and dance t 
tho:;c other deported souls, who arc encamped round the great 
nnd shine in htavcn as the ncrihern lights, liui oihert eay th*l tl 
flnly witches and bad people wlio join the heavenly lighw, whcrelh 
not orjly enjoy no rest, owing to the rapid rcvohition*! of the slty, 
ore so plagvjed with ravens thai tiiey cmnoi keep ihtm (rom settiu 
in IhciT h;tir. They believe tluf heaven lies under the carrh 
Htsi, where dwells 1 orng;iTMik, iht Creilor, Kilh his mother, in pi 
pctual Slimmer and iKAuliful sunjihinc. 'ITitre the water is good 
ihere is no night, and there are plenty of birds, and fish, ,irid 
reindeer, iill to he cniighl at |ilea:4UTL", or ready cooking in 
]tettle ; hul tliese delights are reserved for pcr^iona who hiie d 
great dccdi and worked slcadfaaily, who have eiught many whaJ 
finals, or who have been drowned at sea, or have died in <JiJldbl 
These perstjns alone may hope to join ihe great company, and 
on inconsiimable seals. Even then ihcy nuist slide for five 
down the Uood stained precipice; and unhappy they to whom 
journey falU in stormy weather or in winter, for then they may 
thai other death of total extinrtiijn, especially if iheii durvivor* li 
them by their ncnsc or affect them iniuriouily by the food they 
The Kamcliadal belief ie very curious, and shows how th* idea 
compi:iis;^t\oii m the next woiVd foi i.he wis of this— an idea 

Sonu Savage Myths and Beliefs. aat 

in ihe Mrticon and Gr»;i:1iiiKl belief — may Imvc been The 

JMiu^CQ the CoatlnoanGc and Retribution ibcoricf ofche 

Ihc Miul. '["hey tmagirtc that thv (lead <:omc to a place 

earth, where Haeuch dvcTtK^ son of Kuttar ihc Creator, and 

man who died on wnb, no« I.<fnJ of the iindcr-nxirld and 

lecdvcrcffc^b. To those who come drcAicd in fnc furs, 

ing CiL dos« bdore tieir fct«(lget> he %\\^% inHieoid old ratted 

leui dogs i hut to tho4c wlio have known povcny oa earth 

iscvAtr^ ai^d bc^aiiliful dogs xnd a]»o a hcttcr pUcc Lo Itvcr 

ithc others. I'hc dead lr\'c ;^ain a» on earth ; their wivc» arc 

d to them, and they bmid CKtrogta^ir.nnd c^tch fj^h, and 

hd ^ing; and there v^ le» (Iotili and snow thanalfOVLj^roitnd, 

Dfc people ; indeed^ Ahund-incc of cvcrything. 

Dttj" to concede iioiv, silieji ciKe the idea had btfcn fcarhcd 

tanvc deserved coTDpenaation in the next world Tor iheir 

e, ihiT poor for ihtii eJiihly wrctdicdness, or ihrsiolc 

canblr suffcrmgn. and aJI men for the tniafortunc of prcnifi- 

it should aUo be inferred, as soon a!£ anycrituion between 

^ and bad neid more refined dun [he intre difference hciween 

e ami cuvurdiLC luul been uUained, iliit the ^uoj >Eiauld hare 

jlrantagc over the l?&d, and from suc;h ;in infcK'ncc to a com- 

iMfyof retribution and punishment o( the bad the Lof>ica] 

(fn&irty obvioui. Few thin^it* indeed, are more retnarVshlc 

the lower race* l!un tlic general abaeiicc of the ideas wc 

C with hciL At moat tfic idea of future piinishnicnt b nc^' 

liiw of filaves and cowardt terminating in a toiat cestatioD 

JotiMie^r as opjMmed to ibi continuance fnr warriors and 

;StiIltthe idea of diJlicuhy in attaining the blc^acd abodes* 

that above noticed at prevalent in Greenland— an idea, as 

luggtits, probably connected with the sun's pataage 

i)[y to the wc^L where Ehr happy l^nd is so geneiaJly 

[tobe — i& very coinn^on, and from diidi aji idea it is natural 

pieet tie dil^ailty of tlie ji>urney to ^'.iradise with the de^truc- 

|tho«e wtio<f presence m it would mar its blesT^edne^ 

« trial of tncnt generally lies cither in the passage of a river or 

ry a narrow bridge, or in Ihe ehmbing of a stecji mountain* 

^hoeiavs, for insunce, believe that the dead have to past a long 

pme-logi strti:^^ ;i detp ^id rapid river, on the ether 

<itand su i>eTsons, who pelt ne\'MXiracrs with stones, and 

bad onet to tali in,^ The l-^lacbfooi Indians, or the other 

JiuUnitkuTthc mrthKrihc bcuvca-brUsci utJ lU wiiJc nngr, ice 



722 Tk^ GenthmafCs Maga^nt. 

bond, believe that departed «r>ul3 hnvc 1o cUiubai! 
from ihe summii of which it !«en x gT*^' pUin, iviih new E«nti| 
HuiiiTn>i of gamc^ The dwellt^rs in thai h.ippy pUiii then :u1v3infl 
them and welcome iboK who ha^c led a good life, iut ihcy if 
the tud— those who have toiled their h^nds in the bkKxl ot\ 
countrymen — and rhrow them heidlocig from die mounuin, I 
FIjiaiLS think thai trvcti ibc br&ve lidve lioitic ilifiicuhy in teflq 
the judgment-scat of Ndengei, and provide the d«d with war d 
to re^ifit Sama and hie heat, who will diicputc their poMO^ I 
cehlKKy is in their eyes api^Arentl)' ihc onljr ofTence which calU 
iJCtcmptory and hopeless punishment Unrajtmcd Fijians " tq 
mn to fitcnl, at low waier, round to the cd^c of the rcci, ^ 
Nangananga, de*troyer of vrifelefs souls, ti«, laughing at their h^ 
eflbrb, and asking; ihciH if llicy ihiuk ihe tide will tir\'cr flow a^ 
till at last the rising flood drives ihc shivering ^;hosl5 to the bd 
and N.inganonga da^hct them in pieces on the ^e^i block numj 
one shiitrera rotten firewood/'" The Norwegian Ijipps oonil 
that abiLinciKe &oni stealing. Iyin^> ^nd quarrelling entitles k \ 
to comp^nsaiion hcreafier. Sucl^ rcccii'C aftirr death a new b^ 
and live with the higher gods in S^iwo, and indul^^e in hunting 
magic, bTandy-dri nk ing and ^imoking, to a far higher degree than 
posfiiblc on eaxtli, Wmkcd int:n» [nrrjuicts. jnd lliicvrs go tft* 
place of the bad spirits, to Gerrc-Mubbcn-.\imo,' TheidcTt rfi 
]iensation of the good leads natuTally to the idea of Tetributj< 
the had ; and cvtn among the CJuincni Coast negroes we fiud 
inducements to the jiraciice of fwOx moral duries as ilicy 
For lliey are wont to make for themselves idols^ called Sui 
whose favour ihey ei>deavouT to secure by abstinence from 
kinds of food, believing that after death those who have been dl 
slant in their vows of abstinence ind in offerings to the SumJ 
win come to a large inliind river, "here a god enquire* ol cvcra 
how be hai lived hiy diys on earth, :md ihoie who have not 1 
fheir vows are drowned and dcslroycd for ever. The inl^incl-dwel 
jic^ocs declare that at this river dwells a powerful god in a b^ 
tiful houfle, which, though always e):|>oied, \% never touched by fj 
He knows all past and |)r<>uni tljinj^s, as though he had been prewl 
be can send any kJndof weather he pleasw, heal »ickric»KK,ajidwi 
miraclca, Hcfore him must all iht dtxitl appear; the good to rcrtf 
a happy -md pe.ictfnf life, the hod lo he kHled for ever by the U^ 
woot^en club whith li.tngs before his door. I,n&tly, ii n^ay be OotM 

Sonra Savant: Afytks and Bciu/s* 


ite mtjj MpD nibcs Wic^T ihAi (Icaih will lake ihcm to the land 
c^6e Epopcas, and pre thcra the white nun's skin; but, as they 
IdKEdlfiwni their dcvtlwhik'.vrcouuiot be sLtro tLii aiichachangc 
iucmbrdre^^d^ ^ punii^KincnF for thr bAc3 ihan rcfE»rdcd as a 
du(r for tfac beeiCT, 

So Cu it ^ppc^n Uut Ava^^e* have dcvxiopcd from the prompt- 

q^nd Dzugm^Dgs o4 their own minds some id<a£ of ^ Creitorartd 

nf 1 fOOl, as wHl M of a herrafrrr to ^omc etteni dopendeni 

o« nrijily jiRtccodeiits, ft is of course dil^f^Lilt Eo jucJ^e huw fai 

lie ai^criftiica or tTAvellcn, who have mainly supplied the only 

eiadcficc we have, tniy have clvarty und«nitood, or how mueh ihcy 

icif htTeooiDieTiEion.illy irTi|iuci<;d iiilo, bflLtf^lheyrcpreaeiii aip^iel/ 

**^-**'*« III iiuny c^fie^ ft tcm&r\able siaiiJ^ty v\Ay lead lu lo 

n^Ket thai ihc belief is not nativct hue impl^inled at ^^omc li^nc ty 

OntiiA w other bfluence, though truct-t of stioh inHuL^ncc may he 

«tachildy wonting', or ai Imat not proved, 'E'Im4 there can be lUtle 

dnhvhcncc SU&a, the devil cf the G^iine't Coam nc^rocfl, derived 

iVptircf horns and long tiil with which he i^ usually dcpicted- 

lK,on thff other hand, we c^iniiot \xy down nny rigid cuQon fnr ilie 

UjjoifiOQs of meti, und sxy iliat if one 1>elicr in idrntical with 

•—Cu a thodsaml mHc) off 11 rauai therefore have been borro^vcd. 

vdcvuMt be ol indefjendent g^o^vth, indeed, when wc rcllcct on 

lb ftmcd natire of (be mental fsciiltiti of !(av;tgeii. »n the limited 

onpnf objects fo« their mindi to vrurk u]>on, on their diiidliWe fcoi 

ofit« dark nod the uriEven, and their still more chdfiMcc dehght in 

llv CQ^ulgenco of their fancy, so far from there bemg arythin^ sirj>nge 

>B&cinak^lK of thmi^ht lH?twrrn distant iribe^, the strangeness 

^Mitdrsiijer be if such analogies did not exi^t. It is probable th^i 

*Wm» kll one another much the same stories in London as ihcy do 

VftiAntipodec, an4 there is no more reason lo be si^irpriscd at 

J^dfl^ nuch die same ih^xilagics ojirent in Africa as In A ij^crjlia ut 

The same sun vrhich coloun inen':^ skin^ alike, colours their 

alike too ; and myths, like dreams^ with all the apparent held 

"tiety in thoir fomiauon, are really snbjeci to the closest laws of 

^ifamity and wmencM. 

^V havCi hovcvcf. to be eareful, in applying krtns of our own 
^'^^fm phraseology to Kivage tlioughts and rjineit«> 10 ctistriminale 
™Tcnibe higher and lower mr.ming they Ixur. and .ilwjiy^ toemplcy 
'^taiiaiJii; lower The belief, already noticed, of die KamclwdaU iit 
*"*»wrfl iBwtraicshow different is the merining involved in the Kam- 
^'•iil Ibcoiy of creaTion from that involvrd in Ctne^s or the Zend^ 
**«tL The »»ine is true of the Mkf in a soul aiid its tututt VMe ', to 



The Cmtktnatis Ma^aziui, 



the Mvjgf, iatniiv If tivid » k bU funirr beyond the gntre, 
doabiA foe AA instiat hut that be vitl iiture it vith aII ihc ictt* 
only of the juuB^tc, bbt of Um i&aAitaite world Thaittiirikjr 
buriM Ajcf, aikI doihc^ and food «iih the ponon ih«v belong tOy I 
ihcy RuLj- Accompany hnn u> the next Torld So of (be unio 
vorkL The Kamcb:idil bclirvo ibat the smiUcst fiy Uial ttfcttl 
vriu riw afE«t death go IUc agiia in ibf ttoder world,' If I 
l^pUndi^ cspefcs ihai all honm peopir will ir.mcei is Atmov be i 
Tul^ expectft thit bean and wolves will n)cct there loo. The Gm 
lander bebcvca that aU the heavenly bodice n^ere oikc C'ecnlanda 
iM- snioieiu aiid tl3nt they thine with a pole or red li^ht according 
the food ih«7 ftte on enrih. Tie abta beScvcs ihat wben aR ^ 
noil- X\\\x\^ on the raiih arc dead, and the earth dcanscd frDiii iht 
blood by a great wat«r Mood; when tiK pijnfred dus^t i:> conKihMil 
again by a great wmd, »nd a fAtrcr ennh, aU plain and no cHIBt 
Mibstiuiied for iHf iiRiicm one; ffh<-n PriVsonia, be who is abov 
brcJithca on men thai they may live asain— then aniniah wtll alio tl 
again and be in great ;Lbundance. The old inhabitants or An.ihuu 
^ypt belle*-«l equally that iQEiiialft would share the nesi world w 
tliciu; aiid, if tlic Limvcisiliiy of aii cpiiiiun wnc;iny"n'a«icTor 
otdiHlily, few opinions cauld tUini a bolter iiilc to acceptance 
thii one So confident were the SwcdUh I^npp« o( the future life 
flnimal*, that whenever they killed one in vicrifite they tutioi 
bonci in ;ihox. thai the t'J'^^* might nunc cawly rtstoie \\ to 
There ia rtaHy nothing vorj' unn.-^tural in tlni* idea, when wc 
bi^r that in the lower islagct of culture mankiad Cot only adinitt 
eqnah'ry of bmtrs with himself, but even acknfiwTedges iheir 
ligrity by actual worshtp of ihem- It ifl no: difTia^lL Lo un 
how It is that savages who see denies in ever>1hing, in d»c moti 
inotiRiain or stone no iesa ihui in the ruahmg liver or winded]' 
sec in animals deities of cslraordinary power, whov capiiniift i 
uilcly tinnscctid their own. J<ccognisiiig, as they do, in iJii-tifCi 
strength, in iht* deer a apced, m the n:ioii};ey a canning, all $u 
to their own, they narurfllly conczive of them as deities whom i 
alloibt'rh it is expedient ic humour hyadorauon ajid satrifice 
negro pribcr, holding thai all iinimats enshrine a spirit, which 
injiirc or benefit thcmeeli^ will refrain from eating certain 

> XInnin, CtdtHr^UfithUhte. il. 315. " JffdnTlHgi, auolk^ehlciaM 
enlcht ufutt nofhlhrvm Tt>^c und Lclt untcr Jf,-f Knk/' 

"* lU iJi. S3- *' I^mtlkU Wbirdcn <lic bdioiultrLcn TlidlcuclM d«a' 
in (Ji;r Kittc- bcj^rjlvu. Mum ^luultc, <Jub OprriUlICf Wcrde \^m dai 
WMJer belehl uoJ in <len ^liua verttiit." 

S&me Sa^gv Myi/is and Beliefs. 335 

^eiftctly cdil)le, uxl cndeivour to pirapibatc than by life- 
(OL 'Diu some r«g'4Uily oAcr food at tfio e^irth hou»ea 
^oi^cea thei^fi and goats, fcr .1 purely tern pora.ry and ^- 
lliuJ adi^anugc- ll ]» on ^ictoont uf ihcir dJvinL* and 
BCure iJut the w^liknoi^-n cuaiom of aijologisini^ I0 animila 
idiaM km gencniamotg »v;Lg«ft, [iU«iii)ply:idcptc- 
ir:y^/>9ii7/MR vimlicEiraicut im the p;itl nf thf Aninul's 
CMlivo of Greenland refrain Irom breaking «c:Us* JiCiuLt 
j Am into the ^t^ \ but Ibey pile Ui«in lu a hc^ before 
|or» ihu thd coulfi of UkC ftcikU rruy nnt l>c sngry, ind in 
^hlcr^ living iicaliaway. The I-xpp^ arc %o nfiJiid ihat 
I the aninuil whose flcah they have kilkd xdo.^ uLc itH 
ft cfaMmbodied spirit, tlial before eatng it Ihcy not only 
ioQ fi>r in denih, but fcriorm lEic* rrrrmony of rreuiing it 
UU or othd dclir^cii cti-tt a m.iy be led to believe it 
M jEVCfl— not 10 be cutcRp but to caL Another Kan^' 
^ iDdidtec how tAvagcs. whose theory i>f cause and c^ect 
te thai it ia (]uite siillideot for two things tif be ooiinccted 
sicociUy fttr one to Ik L-jmsc and llie other effect, are led 
bllj to «ce dcitio In birds, frcni the ob^erv^tiion that 
nubvr aru a««odated with their arrLv:il and departure. 
KMDciaied u-ith a thing t-i to l>e caii^d by it, ^ind 1^ 
lids kil;e aw^y ui bring Die Auniiiici with iheai, Tot the 
Ube sprinf^ and the wa|;ta]1& rchirn together the Karn- 
es thf ttA^itail for brining back the itpHng, and it is pro- 
\ cisitTar L-imfu^ion o{ diouglit tliat he ihdnka die mvvnt 
DT fine weather' 

tiie myths. howc%xr, most widely eprcad over the world, 
BtiOrae<fiin all ttage« of culmre, froir) -.hcmost bubarouft 
Ciriliscij, rank.-t aliove all the myth ef an dbde^-tnicEivc 
ii vnay well have .uitioi, aa Mr. Tylorauggcati, lo acctJUni 
b oAd bonet Jot.tnd far inland, and at higJ) l^vcl^t or may 
to the actual wjbitidfnrr of a larjjf commmt, of whirh 
nan HUnds are now the only remains. There arc 
as n'dl XT ei>inoloi;i<:il rvflsons lor oupijosing auth jl 
Lo haw oeeurred ; bin, without here cpectilaling on it4 
ntlw length of time daring whidi it miiy have been tn 
a worth notking that the traditictnri of a flood, whieh 
lia d^y in the most diaiant loeaLiiea ol the globe, may not 
refer to a &ct which, ai ir wa^ the most stupendous tn 

■un, ^imr-Qmhklae^ ii. yi% from ^Idlcr'k A'ar>r-(har*a. 



Tiu Geuikmads .l/^^u^W. 

husun hutory, bu not unnaiunll/ iinprMteil ittdf moot 
on buuiftD EDCcoory. Such trAdiliofu C3«m lu Inctia. F^i^i 1' 
Grccoland, K.imchatko. in iKc SodcEy IslnndH, AinoDf; the Dc 
IndiAQ^ juFit of^ ihcy tlxl m a^ncivnl C>rci:x:c, Mexico, and Cbil 
ThuR the Hindfls believe tlui the world vr^ once driujccd afid 

fiootuig tortui^i and thAC when the lorioi^c nmka umkr iu load 
tJiero will be jLddu;^^ a^n. Tht- GrccnlmdcTs npftealed a 
bones of whalr.i (ojiid ;>ji dicii miMiiiuiiM-h, in tuppon of 
a:ucrtitin th^t d)c WL>r]d had once been lilted orer, aud all 
dtrwncd Uil one ; he siruck ujion the srovind with lus »tickf 
woinan c^mc fonh, with whom he rfpco|>li?d ihc cudi. S 
Ka« Tflrwry, oy^ttr■^bclb^ lyin^' ttf from the ma wctr ae- 
by the tradiiiofi that it) remote ixitiqiiilyd ddu^c had ^t^odc^ 
Ijiad. I'he Kanichad^LU believe th;it the e:inh wu onoe Hooded 
many pcrsonn itrowned, tliough thfy tried to ^-nvc ihcnisclvei itt 
Dul onJy sonic who m;idc Kicai rafts by lyins tfeci^ to(£i-ihtr 
ihcmsclves, together with their ijropcrty, and by IcUjn^ doim 
08 anchors prevented thtuiselvci Crom dfiftin^ out to sea- \V 
iff:iten subsid(--d the iuiU icitcd i>ii ilic ijjoutUiUii toiw. The M 
NA they held that the fourth Age of the world, tbit U the itfc^cat 
would be destroyed by (ire, so they thought the £nt Ofe; 
by TcicatlipocHT, had been di^siroytd by water; bui they also 
thdt die second age hod been dc»tioycd by.ui cojibquike, nri 
third by a wind, each ige bcint; utcifnately destroyed by the 
of which it w^ the rqirescntative. The Dog-nb lnd:in i 
is very curious, whcdier we itgajd it as of purely rifltire growik 
influenced by ChriiUJin teaching- Chapcwcc lived wiili liia 
in a strait between two seat, and when he had ccnscrucicd ■ 
wherein to catdi fish, so many flowed in ih,-U the &tiiul wu 
nilh them, and the water rose liU it flooded tlw land. 
Chupevtrec took hb ftunily and oil liinds of birdlt «nd iuui-A 
bcasti into hi^ canoe, and, when the water did not eubiidc* he 
measures to discover LuiJ. He bfgan t»y sending oi:i a tio^ 
look for it. Bnt the bckivct was drowned^ a^uI Chapcwee ibn 
out a musk-rat, who was away £o loii^ Ihal w-hcn he rdonied 
nearly de^d with faiigue. but lie broiighi a lutle earth in his 
With thki Ch4|>cwtc made the cjith, by laying' jt ou Ibe ivstffli 
l^cw to the size of An bland, whereon he pUccd d wi^f ai Ita 
iuhab:l3LnL Bu: the wolf was too heavy for iho i»lAvtd, aud 
orders to run round non.siiimly at ihe edget, vAl after a yew llbt 
jidd ffown 50 iaij^e thai Cb^i^wce was able tci ihip over to it oil 

Sitm^ Sazngf MyiAs and Seiufi. 


from ha caskot^ Km^lf ft grew to ihc AmcriciR continent, 
Chaprwiee iradr river ^nri *c3 brds, by making grooves in 
fsnh viih hb finipen^ and lie then ^ppoinffd ihcit dwellings and 

to an uunbjdSt and bird^ond E.ihc^^ 

h is notiostblc however, in the above traditLOnc tha.t there b cm 

abteftce of the Mea^ w:> fiimiJbr ?o onrsHve* ffom the account 

,of like ddu^c rcutibg fram any fault cominiitcd by itic nicfi 

riog on the carh. At mo*t, ihi; Rcnu of such nn idea may 

in the tradidcn of the Sccjctv Ulanders, who siy that 

iin once c;tTighE \m hook in the lair of tlic ^ t^a-^ud att 

'Mlecfi in ha corat ^rovei, oitd the god, anf:^' <^( being roused^ 

die waters to ori^ie and dood the v^ry top;; ol the Tnountainii, 

ih* inhabftsntE. With a *trange int-onniftteocy, however, 

'Ibe nflending fishcritmn ;tml liin f:ii[u]) fifiU tcfugti on ;l fjEiral 

vkcnce thcymucd lo repcoplc the- carlh. But ihc Cluldjcun 

of ihc ddugOi only of rceeni yesirs deciphered, comp:trca 

with the Woak, not only in iis gCTieral feiirurL**, !)iit in tlie 

of the c-itJLtirophc with hunJJii wickedncM, Haiisjilni, 

[C. who wTlh hii wife escaped tHc ^cncnJ destruction, telli \i' 

the fpoAt, how he tuiL( ^ vc(«cl according lo the diT«cUontf of 

ttt save hirnvlf^nd hi« family frnmi ihr universal ieltigc whkh 

ffndt ieni npon ihe r^ilh lo {lunii^h the wii:Lr(lnL-As of mi^n ; how 

lasted *i3c dap, and on the acventli, whcii the aiorm ceased, 

[ArvtMel was stranded for seven diys on the niouiitain^ of Niair; 

on lhe*eveT»ih day l^Iflsivudrfl lieni out first a drive ai^d ilirn a 

r, both of whom, finding no resting' place, letiirned lo ihc 

til a nvcTi was xerit forth and did imt return ; and Hnsiiadra 

[kilCM the animali to the four o'lnds, and poured out i libation in 

anil Tiuilt an alur on thr stimniii of (Tic i[iounf;iJn ^ 

!l » of coui»c pOJsiblc thit all these deluge legends* scvittcrcd jo 

^itody om the world, if they art; iriidilions of a fjtl at 2X\. and not 

ftire mytht, like the mylhs cf the groat First Man, relate dimply 

in the level uf ^e^ >^iitl kind, vhl^h at dilTerenr lljncb iiiuy 

icaosdlcxtcriMve inundations m different tocjtitic^, and nottofiuy 

>teal ddu^ acting at one dtnc over the greater portion of the 

A bocal fiood, lite ihiE uhi^h on ihc^ oi.-c.mir>ii of an e:tr(h- 

n 1S19 wu c^iUM:d by tlic aca l^o^^iiig in ai the cnatcrD rnoudi 

'lW Induii and convening wLLhin the Rpacc of .1 fc^v hours a 

'farict of a,oe6 tqiurc miles into .1 vaut ht^oon, would natuially be 

CKTii whirh wotild remain for ever m Lbe oral liftditions of the 



The Gcnilem^ris Maga^nt^ 

dUirict, jtiid tend to become cuggeratcd nhcn cbc event ttscif «at 
forgotten. So it may have been where other Iqpetids cf dcbgct 
4i:curi But in the pr»ent 5Utc of c>ur knowiedge, ov nther 
i^noranct, il sttm* wfest o:i ihe wTiole to regarti all wth les^ndt m 
]]urc nutuie-ni/th^ of wbiUi we luay pOQ»b1jr hjirc the key m ibe 
Grecnktnd belief^ tluc tlic ^ovih of the dead arc cncABipcd round a 
la:g« kkc m ih; Rky^H^bich when it overflown cautes nin npon mtli^ 
:ii)fl would r^nie a umvci^i] ileluge if a.\ auy time it« 6oorfg>iK 
wcic biiiat. 

Wbcihcr then, in co&cUision, it be true or not thAt the mom 
civJi^cd natiOifiR of the canh hAve gene cbmiigb \l:igci of gronib n 
(t'hicU liicir uligitiiis i:niii:c|jliuii,-( rc^ciitblr^i] Th«^e of contcnijjocuj 
surogc tribca, one rcfiitlt at leant it e)e;Lr, that thcoctiul AtAiidpoiat 
of Ih* savflgc wiih regard lo the great myMcrio* oi cxittt<i 
rvmonvl t9ii> ot'li* fTifm rlui of Chn^i.jH, [>r Mahoincinn^ or 1 
The; rjeatur he bclicvir-t in ii^ nut »o much tlie uiu^ne nf bH 
u the maker of tK»tne thiti^'s. became sci^miagly ttic first 
of iitcn needed the whtrrewithak to exercise his energic*. 
UvagcV soul i^ simply his breirh ot ghovt. uhich indeed 
survive liii body, bvU may lose its idcriiirj in the body of an 
or thing, (destined like himself lo In-e again. He conceive* < 
self gcncially as noi luorul, bui not therefore a« Uninoiul, F 
fuiiire is but n rtpf^lilion of hji^ pre^enr, vkith thf? s^ime Uuc 
«nd pursuiia, only with a greater positbilliy of indul^i 
not ncccssjirily indeliniic m duration. It is pErhA|>s »omc col 
tion fof Ihis^ thai, jf ii does not hrjld out greiit hope«, itt 
itrrvcs to deprive death of its tt'rror, and Uiglilcns the sufl 
the passing day- Nq thought of |joasibly flying from proeiH tAl 
find still greiiter on<^ Jtwoiting hioi xitex d&ith would evo- ocou 
*avage, and he mil evi^n kill himsi^lf. or cheerfully snhmil to bei 
by his friends, in order lo realise the soooer the difference ii 
between earth ixnd hcfkvcn. 'I'hc powcn of evil which vex hin 
will be dbseni hereafterT ^nd tlie Spirit he reeesgniics u RupRme 
his hierart'hy of invisible puwa» i* either conceived as tiHi li 
tO|)unish, or, if he punishes At alt, iu likely to pLiniih at oncttadl 
ever. Such ideas, it muRl be allowed, widely difitiQguish (nvn^ 
civilised religion, ;md (ilJiy seem to be diffituUie? in any iheorj' 
gmwdi or EiJtural develop mcnt of one Ui>n\ the other ddnuvt ok 
ji3 those involved in the differences of anatomleal strycturc 
man and ape, which are still thought by monj' to set an \m\ 
barrier between iheir spfcies. We can here only state tJie dif 
Wriiour dUempcing to solve iu 



DT JAMES iiinrov- 

IN ihc liwi q^uner of the dyhfltfiffiih ti-jjury, C-ilciitra — to 
judge (ram Mr, Scton-KAfr's sdcclicns fiotn Uie Gauties 
of lb« i>cno<S— mu»t ha^te bccri a much morr itociiiblc .tncJ (;njc>yable 
pkc* 10 live in ihin it it ut tlic |>r«^«i]t <]ay^ Ii \% tomcwlui 
Mnfing, howcvcTf la fiiul llie ■uilubiit)' of th« clim^li: jironounrr-d 
■^enor lo ihjit of any other fuirt of ihc notH, on ihc ground 
tat of a hundrnl m)faKfib«r« to % 'J online cUftblishc'l in xi^i 
,fc Ac bcr^fit of tumror*, not ont; h.irl di'rd in ihc flpacc of 
veant and d half. ApjmilTt tn cLinco, mdrrd, j^crm to Tictvr 
m^ch m vogue- liulcpcndtmly of the State lotlcric*, schemes 
beiiucntt)' organised on the anrnc prindplc to rai&e tnoncy 
liny poniciilir piirpcic, of to ohi^iin an exceptionally htgh price 
cticin oihcnrac not cswily rfispoiwble. It by iliis niCiiii* 
biDtt^ "t-we collected for ihc L-rcction o( a L-hurch, and \\\ ^\ix\ 
Mr. 'Jimu difipofcd of Vijt ba/a^r for tlu- goodly bimi of 
^30,000. Other house property valued Jit^iJ,ooo Ik gor 
ifl the iinae wjty: that is, by iuuiniE 3*200 tickets at j£io cich, 
ctfcrinf; at a bait ux ^ntt% estimated respceiivdy at ^19,600, 
^j.600, ;^»i5oo, /,'i/^ca, ninfl j^Sqo. Cajitain Uancv. 
viiDC ktve riiHtde a vcty gm>L:l iliing oni of hi^ "TUfHc fui 
GoodV' <on««injc of 150 miTj^^crihcr! at 100 siccji rupees 
wtth ten prixrt- **The higliest of three throws doubk-tft, to 
Ac first pri/t of 3*500 ririitf^ ; tbe sctund highest, the second 
of 7.500, nrd ftO on. All lye throws to be dr-'tcnnmcd after 
>tnib»oribcr has thrown/' This w^a fair enough, no doLibt, but 
[Aok 1 «tiir price K\»x \ gold iioH:fCiitat ilop-vt^ilch ; and su, tOf>« is 
for K liily's gold enamelled waTch and chAJn. The f^ilver 
inUrvTncniA Mj£!'i4> ihc Udics'iJiwicshoc-bticklcsdljf S lor, 
I«u, the two Kdad foHcE^ at ^5 lax^ and the specEacks m stiver 
■«^5, ought all loh^ve been vcrj' gocd of thjjir kind, a* well a* 
fonilini: ;it ^1? the pic^fX!; und lUt^ StulOi hulUud ai j^io for 
)inli Messrs. Moore & Co. likewise irfornietl ilie public 
tfcty h»d "m agiiation a uchcme of a lottery for Kiiropc 
10 the unount of sit-t-^ nj/«rs 60,00a The aumbci o{ lickcu 




The G^nfloKons Afaf^ifu. 

to be &00 at 100 rupees c^h ; thai of Priics of v«ioua Amounts i 

rind of JlUnka 51^7 \ no ihM th^re A'ill not be two bUolu to a pq 

In like manner Mcwrx. Secwarts the coack-btiildcn, nfficd *'a fl 

clcgfint, And Huhionjihlc Kiinjpc roAch, vrltli a ^cl of |jUlcd lua 

for fotiT hunci, v^th poadllion uddld, and long sport ImI 

ibirty Fubecnbcrs at ^90 caolt, bart^ly covering the coit prn 

dt Ira.tljf the adv^rrKcmem beivonbyofcretlenre. \r?«^r«. Vflld 

& R-mltm aIw offered siitry-onc prices of ihci4tgrcfi*ie tiIub 

^4.000, to 400 fiurchoscrs of^io ticketsj but it 1$ probAbk tlifl 

ample margin wEuallow<;d for profit vrhtfUKar^ and rvetvecluinfl 

valucil ii jC^Ot A lookiii^-glus^ .tt ^ 70. a lAblc <1ocl- at jriC36, il 

urn nt ^70, at^d when the bulk of the prir.cs coiuintcd of lingifl 

peiritt, find painiiii^ Apropos of p^ting^ (he ^^ihioiubk Cu 

pfunrer of the day was th* i:elefcrated Zoflany, vt\ioic poniiiii ou 

Govemor-GcEicra], lUc lion, IV^iicn lUttiup. was engraved 4 

BettridfEc, of i^ll llA^tir ; and the engraving readily sold at twi>d 

mohura, or^j 4/. Anwlic nchjevementi wett teruinly ntheifl 

Six shillings fur a fihect almanacV^ aliluiut^h '^ pnrtKAdaily adaptcJ 

CtklaitLi,'* und (.onuiniLt^ bc&ides ^'a tabic of tcnuuluifale fli 

sinee the creaEion/^ ^rocms a good deal to give for inforaiAlkni 40 

kind, juiit 05 ten nipees for an Indinii calendar might han,| 

ihoug]]! likely to diminish rhe ^le. Under all the drcuraiOiiqi 

the i:a^e. liQwever. it would he unfair io cavil iit the charge of J 

n|)eesper mensem, nn;ide by Messrs. MaxWl^' Co- for ehcustofl 

ctrcukting libr:iry, seeing that they nndcnook to "furnish a coUcd 

of the in»st ;ipproved ^irrdeot and nujdem authors nn nald 

surgery, anatomy, and chcmiatry/' J 

In truth, even in iKeae more thrifty tfmest a rupco in Ind 

barely equiv;i]ent to n Khilling in Erglnnd, and vt ^qtianderedj 

grccttcr ahcrily vn boih Invi^ and tliaritable objecta^ Bt than 

Biay, the abolition of lotteries — vsith the cxccpUon of Ddby M 

— ifi not the only change that hits come over Calcaita society. | 

visit of a Dnkp of Edinhurgh or of a Prince of Wales ina/atJ 

intetvaU stir the sluggish dcpili^ of that weary and home-nckl 

munity, but no joitrnaliat would nowadaye hiijiard the Htaleioed 

" such are the ;illraclionE of Calcuita during the present oCkId i| 

that iwn ladies who inieiuIeJ to relLini to Europe oa ihe Jit 

have, wc iindcr^Iaiid, lately resolved to remain for the |>rc»cDC> 

to proceed on one of the last ships." In the days ol Lord 

wolli*. however, a siibscription n^isernbly was held every 

the Old Court Hutise. ihiuufihout ihc cold scison — a hot 

iodudiiig oy&Icrs and ice (^the latter made at the Hooghtj 

CaUtitia in ikt Ol4t^9i Tim, 


lay a raniiicBOWi feiUirc of the cntcruionKnt. The aamul 
lAteapbca vaa five gokl nioliur«, ^if : bm uckets could be hod, on 
iK«mD0KUtk>a of a ntlMchbtfr, for tvp-iflve rupee* ftDr each 
Oorn^ llkc ailiainismiion of ^t^aircn Htutingi theve 
i«on «> luvt CCRK off weekly, doom hcini^ of>cncd At holf-poit 
''The mifittcltct to commence prc!CiicLv ax oncholf pait 
! icpr>er be «erf«l ^t one half past ten. The dondng to 
i.iiiiicduidx dflct ^upprr. aad twu Ctjunciy Dutcca snd i 
kMka to be continued AJicmald)' thron^h ihc cvcnitk^r. No 
ID be admiitcil up^tain^'' 

noe Dcotton we reic! that the ball * wis o^wntd lij- Mt*. 
stMJt Mr. Camac. Tlie minuet witUcri were few, but the 
countrv<l'[incc nifi&crv boundinK and ahoundinK-" The 
lee concluded niih >7n anpual ixia«qiicrDdc bnll lit r7ftSJt 
place on Uic ijtli uf Murcli, wlicn the OUl Cuurt Huuie wait 
'Aaiooicd in m tLipcrb tiylc. and tJte ilTLiiiitnutionB so disposed aa 
ilndcrthc roomt cxcccdmgly hghu jxnd at the £Jimc time pcifecdy 
The &DOf roonis wctc left volin-Iy open, and tlic siifiper 
•cto openeij at 1ulf'|MM eleven, n hen a cold collation waa ;)nividcd 
^'vlall ki&d» of *^me d* tlic bc^t <iLidiiy." Tickctfl coat A gold 
|Viinr,^t u/,, each, and the company were " requLtlcd to come 
itt From Suirs.'* At an earlier i>L-ritjd i[i^i|uende kilU were 
Illy oT mote frequenl oocurrcacc* though it b putoibic that 
Aidditiotul kdl'i were ^t tip asaprivalc i^ieculation by the 
proprU'tor of the Hjrmonic HnlL In ;iny rave. Mr 
foi(htcmnnoiincrdtbcici--cind rurihcMMM.iti,fur tlir^paiof JdiiUAiy, 
iJSt, tkkcu for roo-subscfilicTi hcinf; charged at two gold [nohuw ; 
ikdoon lo bcopt-ncd jiE eigh^and ^u]»per %<-r%cd at eleven, Majiki 
doQiioDn cDuhl bf nhtrtifjcd at the Haniionic^ if sent for a d-iy 
picino«uly. Li tJ^e pieced ing yt^xa nia^(|ucnidc wua (fivci) on 
lof March, ** the r^jomH aiuJ te iiti> bcin^; lUlcd (ip widua^tcin 
^ new to (Ms couiMiy.'* Among tho "most Ktnark- 
t- ' ■ . ' ' are mentkrned ;^ 

HiHtMaaiirA, an odimnble nutk, in>I aiianishin^ly w?11 wijttKiiicil dw 
*** iigfe; J»Ti *ijp*lirs »*TT HTUft and \i it\y m ihfir 'lumiftni anJ rppllB; an 

•^e* Ua-a ««! lleir fionCTners EXCftlcniL ix Frrich Bmu eml Bclk, *ery 
i^kiBf ; line aJiRiT^bfr SjliToii, uhn vau^ ' Eke; ar Annrnun <'rntlenun 
,l«lf. tnoci] io cJaradTi; a neiy ClkhI MilLfnttitl: a Nocsalk vcjy ciptld: 
Hilliit Sjd^. \Aii wai i-> mod^t bht fn^ild nnt vrrihirr in trnj;; cm ei- 
frvj ■ f'.rmiiG v<Min^ ^yp^y* ^'^y £^^''< ^ Walchmnrs an IUrl«<iuin and 
rrry lively .mil atthxi i Joetirc, welt pitf^rmcfl; a Si^Idicr, s etkhL mukj 
ihle nuif<cinw[^ ei Mctjuiiy, cipiul; a KiriiLli Tfttitryawk; a Pitndi 
ftSylMfkr; i f iirk; > MticHi4l>n';iprrr;ir MnghuS, PcrAant, UbWloonuik* 



Th€ CiutUman's Magazine. 

- The Kin^s Birthday v.x^ usually kept ^boui the Sih of Qtk 
n«ccinbcr, insi^^d <if on (he 4th of Jitn^r b^nason of the grtat hea.i 
the projici due- Sl Andrew's Day w» abo cvltbnitcti much in 
present fashion, ind in 1 785 a gr^nd cnicfl^iiincni wu given at 
Oov«mmeiit Houac, at Madras, in honour oi the patron ■oinr 
ScoilJind, "A rumbef of loyal toests were dnmk, ind ihe u( 
icxtiiityi hjrniODy, niiilh, Aiid good Ijiimuar pm^iliftL Soitil* of 
choice spirits <iid rotbrc^k up till ncir lu'O (i*doc)c the nc^it iiionil<c«' 
The " t^ui Hyei" "etc noE a whit behind the "MuUi' ia kw 
plcOiftiJtc ;tT)(J aji|jrfcia6on ofgocx) living- On Ntrv Vear'^t l^'J* 
the Govcmoi:-Gcr)ct<Ll iiE\iltd "4 vtrry Lii^L'^uidrctpccublcoxni 
t(j the <J[d Court HouAc» '^ where an clc^nc dinner was |nrepared. 
ios.st9 were 2s usual echoed from the cannon'* mouth, ind 
this distinction from their loyalty niid patrioiism." 

Give tiiE Ihr cu]Jh; 
And lei Ills kciTle 10 thr trumpri tpfflk. 
The tntmprt (a Ihe tamiflne?' wiiliout. 
The Ooruf n> to Ibe bcHicu^ ibc hmv^ni l«lhc«Uth. 

rTlic drnticr was f6I]owed up by a bftU. in ^hich l-idy 
thc"ifcofilic Chief Justice, and Colonel Pearsc, in romi 
artillery at Dum Dum, **d;inecd the ht%\ minuet; otid the flic< 
outs continued till about half after cloven o'clock, vi'hen the 
tiblcs presented evefy requisite to gratify the most rtfined Efjinii 
Tlic Ltdieaauon resumed rhe plea^urc^ of ihe Oaiicc, and knil 
rural braid in emulation of ll:c Poet's Sntcr Graces, ii!I fourm 
morning, while some disciples of ihe Jolly Ciod of Wine tcstibcil 
Mtisfaciion in Pieans of cTjultation." In tliai particular jear 
King's Biitlulay was not hqit till tlic ijth of Dc^xraba, on 
Dceosion the Gov-emor-GcneraVa tabic wna " graced by the Oovctjo** 
of the Dutch and Danish Settlements ^he Nabob Saadut Aly audit"* 
son, two of the Judges, ^ind oihcrs of the principal gentlemen ofth* 
ScitlcmcnL The enter Lainment being private, however. iJie King'* 
health was not echoed from the cannon's mouth." There aiiiv o* 
course, a ball in the evening, "The miniiers, wiiich began 1 lilll* 
befurc ten o'clock, ivere so lew as lo allow a counUy dance bcio^*^ 
supper They were opened by Madame Shc&lcaki and CoJOJ>^ 
Pcone- The country dances were resumed after mpper^ind cot*' 
tinned till |>asi three in the xminiing. The Nabob ^tdui AIy»f>^ 
liiu ioo wttc ajnong the company, jiid suyed till near Iwo. VH^^J 
their senuments on the occasion were we have not heard " — ai»^ 
/woA^Wy Just as well. TheNe«4AVt\i« wtheUsi King of Delhi, J ** 
^esciihinglUe dinner and taU ^wtu V^ "C^ ^^i^iiitiiX wl \Wi^ 


Cnicuita in the Ol^n Time* 


Hmut *f [fer XU)**!/^ BirthdifT dwell emphatically on the lorfcv 

^■Moipctan of tfie Rcxli (vf the tinclGiTi ^iiiiinal ^iid vX f[ir]>i<ldt-n 

^■9(1 AAcT lilddv he trent on to ^j. the coia|:«uij^ivit}Kirevr to 

^■icraplltntiili vticn every sahib scucd (he w^c otf' another Sidiib 

nBpilled her roand and rotmd. tilt thry flH ticc--im<? gMdy and fell 

Am tOfctbrr in a pmanitruoufc h&ip. Evtn in iht jirrst-nt day the 

IttRs lind it difikuU to reconcile with their notions of modcnty and 

'Aaruai the appearance of virtuous w4>nicD, often dh^Mhrs, in the 

ikoftrr of narh^hncert- Urdet Lnrd romw^llk ihx* dranu 

bktthcd in a vigotoufi cotulition. The preference ihecrnn lu huvc 

Ifcipvcn to Shakapamn i^byx with tlic cceaaionat introduction of 

^kV" Fair Penitent" and of various tnu^ionl pic^'es and farces. 

tW prrfonnrrt nrrc amaicurs, and wr fi-nd thr ncvemoT-Grnr-niJ 

'ifOkipaiDg for his absence on a pctniciilar c^'cning. Itie pncc« of 

mUm frere tokiably high— a gold mohur to the boxes And «iK- 

1ki fthQIingi to Ihe pit. Oratorioft were also atiemplcd, snd not 

■•ccewfidly if ifrc may rrcht iJic ciilogiMlc report of the prrfonn- 

■Beof HandeVa "Mctsiah,* on the iithof M^iy 1786. "The?ior^ 

''*d rcdmioitft/' we are oAimred, " wotjid huv« been applnuded on 

^ theatre in Europe, and iJie mana^eraenr of the chorti&te« ex- 

[ttded every expectation. Hqnal praise Is due to the InMiumciilal 

I fltencr^ who entered perfectly into the spirit of the compflser» and 

l^titboed tfltte added the mo« correct exe^oition. In short, it was 

<Bfist deticious Ireal to Ihe lovers of nuthick.'* I1 im very doubtful if 

^Kltoho cf any kind could be ^ot up in the C.-ilcutt:i of 1S7T, and 

^biftly not in Uic broCIinjc month of May. Concerts, too^ were ^- 

Lf«ltj gireiit imdcr the nunag^meni of a Mr. Oi^lime, a teacher of 

^^■^t The iubntniiliun w;ia ci^hly mpeL-s/'ihcladicsorihefiuniliei 

'ftbaoriben bcint; invikdby tickets with their n^imca uix^n tficin," 

l^veienVauxballwaa wanting 10 the vo1:iries of plfQSure, Mr,Gnir:ird 

■^BtmeedjioTiiatoVltjfkiiitTii? evening of FritlayH the Sih of Deretn' 

^I78fi,a£fand reprwenLati<jn of the " ML-Limorphosis of Jupvtcr 

<ba Shower of Gold" "There will be unj*ickChampctrc,"* be con- 

W«,*pbying tndifTwreni partfl of the (iirdenfi, while the Indies 

•I Gcntlemcti tTwy ^mij*e Themselves .it \hfi aEfeenlilt exercise of 

fcwbj out uniall tctkcts, Ac. to win ptucs. Ax seven, tlie concert, 

*fc>ed by Mr. Oehme,wiU begin ; at eight prcciady the grand cxhi- 

^*Bi; at i«Re all th« walk^ in thi^ gardens is-ill be ilkminated, and 

•■"der Concert, N.H, Refr«hnicnTs of all kinds at a reasonable 

t^C the pri« one gold mohur for each ticket, issued at the 

^^f»tnX Bank, By 1788 a perceptible difference was observable in 

1^ 'Vauxhall Exhibihonv 0/ J^iren'orki/" Tickeu cou\(i lY^tIV^iC 

^A'iteiAw, ttnt! a^lkin^ about had eviderttly ceased XO^ils ^ 



Tkc Gent&mafis Ma^n-itt^. 

oorrcct thingi fot boxcA vfrc pTOvirJcd forfiuuilica at Bi^ ni] 
iocluding rcrrc«hm«DtA, Ihrcc ^Ck or ticra of 1>oxm hod iJ^ 
iniTodiiccd, the tickcK lowhkhcoit rvipecrivciy for Miei^ eight, 

jnd iwo rupees, whilt i^cntknicn'^ ikkcw tvcrc donUU iKoic 
The lirevrork* wtTQ tocot^imciiccal eight o'clock, viihadccachcd 
exhibiting " 'tlie Compliment s*" sind to cutmin^u* \\\ a gnnd dii 
(•niillwl "Thff Hanlcn of PlrJtsnrir-'* Vaiiihall iras then liiTiairdJ 
Cosunoct ]kibuos Ij^rdcn llc^ii^c in Dhunumiolbh, ind Mr. 
inlortDa hi6 iHUfont; ihat '* the Uaidcn is kid out in v(-r>' grsu 
with the ^dditioTul j^dvantage of nc^v a-alka all coi^crrd iD^ to 
llic company from the \o|>oitrs of ihr cvntin^, itnd a'1u-& ilU^inli 
will afford a very placing Ccup d'tKil." Nothing of Ihc kiftt! a: 
to be wyii 1.11 t-'ak-utta. nor would any Bi>ctulaiion o1 ihc kind 
ihe slightwi rlnrrc of wcccss oxrcpt ihrough ihc support of^uJIfl 
lower Jtrau of the community, ]n Uiosu day* society wAi conni 
the Civil and Miht-iry Scrvictt, cYcnonc being aoquainted «lA, 
rci^hbour^a^in Indian career aignUicd^L ^ooiliiMotis rciidcsiccof i 
y^ars In tl\nt country, Rvcn &ucli n mild cidtcmcnt ^"^^ ai 
as lui^t be adnijmhlcicj hy tbc ^i^cciit of a ^arlen balloon, 
with mrcfied air, and rocoMinng from 6 to S foct in diameter. 

The two priacipal taverns M-ere the London and the Ha? 
irrevcreiilly *t>'k"d Punch Hijiwes. The fojmcr coiild iMUMof 
spaciioitij assembly rooiri:^) the one 6S feet by ztj the odicr ^ bf , 
the i^roprictors putting in n futdier daim to ^'cacoungcraent 
luppoci from a generous public " on ihe ground that ihey had "^ 
Iracled witli -^ person lo ^iLipply ihcui with oyalei*. and SMOt 
ago advanccJ a considerable j^itm of nioncy for tivii pitfi>M&'' 
17&5 Mesir«. Martin & Tarr tilted tip *' their very lEtr;ge and 
*iive rooms in a niral style, for the reception of eoinpaof 
Thursday." They ^crc not only clcj^ii^itlv tlbuninatcd. but "i 
in several TLiraJ K'^lkii, djvet^ifted wLCh UKte jnd rnncy/' nith 
conveniently intersperse^:!, " in which *' the be*t cold EollatioD' 
be hijd at a momcoc's nolJLe, A iHind of iii-UMC, tanAii 
Trench horns, drtrioticls, &c-, " as ijood a» coilld be provided," ij 
an^ong the atiractiom, ^inri ibe price of adniiwion only lour m| 
By 178S the l^ndon Tavern had pa^ied into the handfi of Mi 
Lowdcr &L Wilson, ard the public were a»ked to presume, 
Mr. Wilson being regultrly bred a cook, under the iinmodatti 
and insiructioa of Mr, birchr of ComhiUj that he can dnsfthki 
liera, Ac, with ihc truest propriety and j^rca lea L j>trfecticiii.'' Adnii 
consisting of "* over^'thing the scflson aJTords/* was charged fire ngf 
iiVje3(J,juid suppers three ruviees. "N.B, Gcnilcmcii can be 

Calcutta 171 ihr ObUn Timf. 


^BIPBvuIl cxoellBQl ftoup in the hou«e, a1 anf hour from ton to 
Ho;* .Vow asil then ihir amval of u live turll^ iik aTincmnceO in the 
Bh^t'.ind OfMcn, protutitx frgn) ChitULi^on^* scan to have bccQ^ 
Wtfij bouf:hl up by the tirjl cKUbitnhiiicaL The Hamionid 
Bkc, cocdtiaed by Mr. Crdghtoii, appean to have been tomo* 
Hbva|iciioi tu ilac: Londun, .^U^cmlliei were liclU rli^re LLewiite, 
oHunilici AU|4i!i4;(I ax their oi^n hornet '^wtih cvcr>thmj> b the 
Ubftmuich." Racing, hunt;iig,aiid KhODtmAwcre,of ccurnc, much 
angnt^ anil <l0(^ seem l^ luve Lei'n imi^oriL-it fruin KLtro|ji; :l^ nn 
fiiuiT kmatQKOL la 1 786 we reviU uf liftcci; aucI a h^tU cuti^ilc of 
Mm|^ bony tcrricrm iHree coitplc nf pupjues ^n<] ihree and n hdf 
■^fe ef lefTicn, all hcilthy and iti good oondition, jiitl arrivcxl from 
tcrope," ami ui be atiild ewp ccniiilc? in a t;>t On ilie vinie cjfty " tCD 
^c ef atai^ndi poiAttra«ftbnKeof 9t>anicU. .iiiLlthi>bracccif ccnicn, 
^ight oui id the Ifiilii^tMii^,'' ore advertised for priviic Kale> the 
W« jirire for the pdnten b^ing 800 sicci rupee* jicr braee. 
Cbaihooting iros anulhcr j^muaeEticnt. tuudiictcd :trLer n d^iigeious 
Uion, »o £ir d^ the iportunckD's neighbours ^ven: ei>neemed. A 
mocs correspondent rompUiinii not only of the shot rattling :)^iiiftl 
bfvsrniuu, but of the ri^k tuhi.i uwn pCTnon. "Not l<ni^ayif,"lic 
VW^ " at ^unnac. ai I had jttM ascended to llie lop of 1^^ bou^e to 
^Eny acLustocned walk there, a range of croww and kitct inter- 
a»Ml 'Ktxv \n powcsiion oS ihat pn of ihc p*ra|nrc which looks into 
iTM^hlMur't grntind, And immrdiately joins my Kptr^l ntaErtajie:, 
^vlicacc I had ito sooner imade my :ippearancc than I <jav mj^ 
■notour vrilh his li^Eii Icvdltd M tlie birdu upon my wuil, in the 
ttut dincCJoa of hiv piue wjtii my h<^nd. To Jc him jimirc, he 
Vudy dropjfcd liift ;tin^ Appt-iirt^d ij[re.u]y shtxkcil ^x ihe ha/nrdous 
*>e«uirei aod fthmnk into hi» houi^e with evident nrarkn of ^cnfii- 
fcfiy** Xowjthstandinj; ail these vurie^l anivist'iii^nis occafiiornll/ 
tOBSedbyifaul ducl,*uicidt-s, hoih among Eiimpi^an^ and natives 
^stii weekly occurrcnccj without any tjiplanftiion being offered of 
itfrici^cn<'y of ihe painful phenomenon, Jtisabosadtolcanithat, 
^ 'j'l. pri^ito Jcttera from home " mention the great disrespect in 
*W^ Fait Indian* are hHd in England, no nui<h so thatdieyurc 
*vtt to AMOciatc aInio»t entirely with cjich oOict." In those days 
^ I^iejudice could hnvc cxiiiled to the^r diiadviintiigt by Teason of 
tkt ioniEBtion of domestic *Iavei>', whicf^ prov.iiled fn ^M the Britisli 
*!<<kaientt in India, »nd whidi led to the "mscriion of numerous 
^^^Qtiiedacnts with rer<i%ncc to mnaway slave-boya, who i&omciimea 
^ oil with silver plate and other articles o( value. At ihe wimc 
^ iD coutd not have U^en hons of Bdiai, foi \w liial tase ft\i 


356 The Gtnikinans Magazine. 

ftuciionccr would hftv^ cared to recommend an npf>cr rodtn 
Afi " very convenient tof :t modemie and devout family, iu bi 
near Ihi; Chitrt^h, which will Ij* cjij:*'^^'' ^^ ^^"^ ijrveisely ax 
o'clock ;" it Wit tJic houae^ aud nol lUe church, however, that] 
be 8old» Hoaio lent was not vtry much le^ ihAn ai the pn^ 
600 rupees per ntcniem being thought nothing out of the wij 
gu(jU>T^L£cd- pi cj^anlly- situated, unfurnislied houic. Tlie (Jll 
carnages and honca llkcwi^ vfirlcd very little fTom tboj 
lukcd, but wages were tioi above one half the precent nte. ' 
respect iTie lesidenti of the old^n lime wen; heller olT tlia 
ftLicccsaors, for tlicy enjoyed ihc advanugc of h^t-iDg thcif ^ 
and monglmg done, md Linen of fJI aorla j^oi up ''nccorq 
the Europe method/ in consideration of the monthly payd 
i2j.amonih kx cidi adiLh ; ;l ttriiMdeniLLi^ aUow^n^c belnf 
for children- The rupee in tlioac days ivns worth i/. 3^ 
remitted to LngUnd, inatcAd of the present rate of 1/- %\d. G 
servanda thei? ^^eeint^d lo Irir ^nch a ^iipeifluily that a cODstl 
number of them werc^ pE^eed on subsistence allowniK^t ;il thc| 
^£^400 per Jinnum for a acnior merchant, jCJO'^ f^r * junJCT md 
and^soo for a fiictor fir writer; bin, on the other hand, th* 
permitted to reside in Enropeunti! n vaamry cxi'tirred- !o ij 
cotlon trade had become " a vcty luciaiivc branch ofcomnien 
WOE ccnfined lo eastem pons ; and opium wa& thought "Tcni 
high," on averaging 590 sicca rupee* per chett. Among ihill 
generally known is the f^cl thai cholera morbus is mcEilioned 1 
name, as pr^vaLling lo nn alarmtng extent ai Arcot, in Noi 
1787, though it is common!/ supposed that its ftnf outbrcdl 
place in 181 7. Inoi-iitalion appears lo have been itilr^xltieed jl 
being first successfully tried upon the children of the Orphwi S 
During the mmy icanon the Company's dikhs were takeai 
few roads Ihat were then travelled by KnropeiiTi* \ b«t the Ol 
mode of goin^i up-cuunLiy was by over, and il look 15 clays td 
MooTshedabad, 60 Eo Patrtna^ 75 to HcnaTc^T qo to CawQpore^ | 
Dacca, 60 to Chittagongn and 75 10 GoEtiparx- Thou^ tedidi 
rivet journey was divethifieil by irajiilal sport ; bill was ncpoieJ 
Lower Provinces to much danger from Dacoits, unless pod 
went well armed and geverai in com]>any. On the ri^'ClB le^ 
Dacca the Dacoits ucre in great force, andtitmcdouEinopen4 
in fieels of a do^en to lucnly boaLi. In 1788a Mi. Mcndiini 
tackedby iiineLc<;n^rmedboai3,cach c^arrying roomcn»dre?t*cd| 
mentals {*c ark t f;Lced with green), and secured again rI muHkeiH 
l/affitlo-hiiies. Howe\"cr, after eighteen months' impunity, ihefc ^ 

Ci^kuUa in ths OldiU Tum, 


•en UUti himied oui by armeil polire-boals, an<l Tor r lirae ihc 

Sacder&unj |KUA«£C wxs rcndcrcJ lolcrably sccurt- The |>oIice 

V^coIJy nerc to bod IhAt Sir UilHim Joncfi, the great Onei;tal 

■eUk, (n dnqpng ih« Gntxid Jviry, c3iprc!(tcd hift conviction ^^y^x 

>ttr (Y [he ihdb xaCi murdi^n urltkh swelled ihc calendu' rnif^hr bo 

**toJ lo the houses of ihc ThanrnnUn, or hcid* of police -lUtioii?, 

*M "h« WA£ inforTu«d were Lhc rccc|>Uci'; ol gamf&ters and 

►failtutfiL' Ii (hould pcrhapii be Tiremionecl that ihcfc were land 

^^ccid is well u tivcr Dacoib — and the cvit ia aut yd pui down — 

■^ phmdcred not ooly houAe« but villogeei in gon^ of forty, ctffhty, or ' 

'huHitd arattd mc^j ^ii^d more. To ihcm was atcribcd -i human 

*cateoflcfoilonihc6tliHfAinil i;fis, imihc nighi offhTrnr* moon, 

^ KilcCt ibc gG<ldeit oJ dettnicttocx at her tcmijlc ut <^'h[i[iorc> The 

^^oorcT the pagodA had apparcDUy been forced open, and in the 

ttiofiiuig the imnlc of the victim, a viUngcr of lf>w f.isic, wa* found 

l>cfofc lite ihrcshijUl, while tiic head w;i* Uid ji die feet of llie idol, 

^hkh hid been dothcd in iicw robc^i of coady nunuf<AcLurc. tind 

liOidittncd ^th Qeddice« and Ejruc^letu of gold and siUcr. The 

^^trci^ however, coLdd rcvetcrct good as w*U as evil, and the poor 

■all nuaufiLlumTi In tlic SiinitirrliLinds (o leMify ihdi ^i^LtiLud^? to 

^Cf-T^nun Henckcl, the colleclor, set up an imaj:e ff ihcir bcuc- 

^»*30f, to which ibty madt* orfering* of water arid flowers. t:ftsca of 

3>£&t^ too, could Lhcn be H'itncssed wilhin jl few nill^s uf CidcntUf 

4iXid mere ic|;suded a^ merely ''a custom of Uie Luuuiry," and not 

^^aV 10 intcrtidng u iho anivd of ft hiurdrc-^^r fron^ Paris, who 

^Qidcnook to introduce the htest fathion. In Iuj; .tdvertJ cement 

i«T- Lidciir coolly Mates: "He ijkcH four ruptfe^ for dressing 

^- hd>, two rupees for i gentleman, and <fii rii[jee^ fcr tiiiun^r 

**^K.' Previous lo this iceomplislied a^u«^ "Malvcr. hairdresser 

'■Xa Euicpf,' "^pTopoicd himself to ihc ladies of the Sttlk- 

^K&oii 10 drm hair liiily, <ii two gold miihurA 4 nmndi. in the Uicsr 

*g»Tbioa. niih ipuie. Bowcn, ^e.' He aUo cxprcsitcd hU ^^i]lingnc» 

^*>*is>tn»ct the slaves at a moderate price." HairdietiatDg, indc(.di 

■•*^ then on« of ihc fine -ins, a knowledge of whiih wa* at ludis- 

P^Bhibk lo va3u« as to ladies' in-icds. 

IHiUtkle, already too lori;;, (nay filly close with iif'^t^tf-^^c*' dated 
^Ijthof March 17X7. " Agciid<?raan, rcmarkahle for hisgallAntry 
*^ gigynrg of his rquip:ige, drove n[> 10 ;t yuung lady, a ni^hr or 
^ ££0. on the Courac, and, after n little convemation, linked tiov 
^ liked hi* wife-trap. ■ Very well, sir ; 1 think ic a very hfindaome 
'•'li^e.' 'Afid pray, mad nm, how do jon lilc the Bait withinsldc ?' 
'*E«T, »!,' replied the lady, ' do yuu >jrt:ak iji l-reticli 01 tivijJvgA^i' " 





T&« GtntlntmtCs Magasitu. 



IT canrtoi but occur to any rfguUr vi^tani of cur nui 
rxhihition?!, tliftt iJtc niiige of sxibjccis upon whtch xhe e3 
ihink fu tu cxjicnd chtir povcn i* stringdy Itmiuxi. Pi 
ttic dcpLhrtmcnt of InnduMpc. ou wluch tho present rcnurks 
immcdutc b«ring, and the domi^stir whonl, wiih !» mihcr 
sL-ntimtiil, uB*I its vulnaj rei3is<ii, wc sec tfic same incidents^ 
5iUiw limes rcpTCscnlcd, more or Icis efficiently, ttsgntatt 
It. ct:u«ical on, painters «eeni to have forgotieti ail but one 
till* indent myths, And t^j laboiu under nn impression tliut ttif 
ircre MuuotlieiAU. vror?ilLi|jpin^ none biit Apli'LKlite \. By^ 
contract into * nfltrow rycic of time, variously dcplctc<l asj 
tioGiipiXQsedin Vcnice,or at thcCourtof\VhitchA]l The' 
librsfy of romaniX- might ns well liE»ve lit-en never jaihcfcd id 
kiiowiT iilt:raturc bciny j[jparcntly tojifinctl tu iin^tU poriions 
Thomaa MalJory, and lo the wOTkti of Scott and GGldsmith^ 
or Xvfo of Sliakspeare h;iving al^o ^tirvjvcd the general deed 
Growing wearj' of milk-imd-WiU^^rdamscliii in hat<i nnd black 
of braccn Imogens, and rtme Sit GdUh^id^. one begins At lut 
there be no hope* of escape from sath " damnjibJe itcratit 
there really no other themes ibAt could fumiah 10 our art»tf 
for tlie bead ;ind work for the heart? \ 

In ihc pirticului dircctiijn to be considered, there wooM I 
be no limit to the purvvio-nee of ah ;ilmo£t entirely iintroddfl 
iilong whirhiherelie5 a way of c^icflpe frcmi this cjUng^nJrcof w^ 
ttsuercsa. There ia no litemturc [n Lhc world t^iai ihauln 
attricti\-c to any pamtcr whci would depict that grwteat jnd pB 
study of m.inkind — hiiiiiai) lifc^as our naijonnl hoUad-htl 
Springing itoiw the very wells of thnugbl— the OHteomeof I 
fecliugin ib noblest, bccouhc its .limilL-st state, ihc cxprcaaionij 
un50[jhisucattfd huaianily^ii toniains most r<jT store of U 
nioit loving detail of nohfe deeds, of suflering and vteiory, od 
Monalc aJid lender duscriptiojj of love. fri(.-ndsbi|jjavallj,flll ^ 
men hold dearest ; and what ivlotc cac «Ltiy [HHrlry need lo jj 

Fnsk Fiilds and Pastures A'ruK 


pboe on the Aelf And in ihc c^ccmof a.naitist? Vet, with 
! «xc«ptioni, th« imasndt might at. well have mjidc ftrc^ood 
ig-1)n«c cf tlieir lurp$, at id have wtrui-k Ihem to diciiei 
:m tUraiDed 10 rol On the nhdvei of tlic artlitru^- ! Oixo- 
atio the cwc of Mr. Wyburd'e ncvCT-lo-bf'Ioi^»e'n " Burd 
fionae onr soomfi to «iuiitMc over the i(\cx of unng Ehif 
inmirc ; Imt tiirh hkiifl intrrvnls xrc i;iccc|i(iiTn;t! — tht nilc it 

not [ftr lo Mek for ai rvjLson why thit field, so Urge und bo 
lowh o , flboubd have been l«i> itntilled of artist handsr a lantl 
mTiicA few cu!tiv:itorap und ihvt plut ticii^v th^ n;mj(> of 
onlf ill wecdi Almooi cvcfyortc snctn* ai out hallad:*, 
ifl^ out of rfatc, or .is bcmg Ihe prowih of ,i comparative)/ 
Cy wnnMmt ta all Imi tbc tEirioLis in p|il<^rirlil Uirrt ^mo^C 
unltuc »tiin.itc; for if the pa»r with tti records be of an/ 
h few would dcn^, sitT^y ihoic ttnlknt points oT old tifc 
which, by then own for<:e, fi^cd themselves m strongly in 
nviMl of ihedjiy.niust bewonb a [)3«fing nuemion^ AmL 
CinL>. JTid conci&cneM of diction have worth In |joi'tiy. ir 
rd 10 luidpocnu which, in these n^ well cx^ mother qii.ilkics 
ic wild northern loop. But we have not. as yet. recovered 
liti^I of \\w eighleentJi fentiiry. The wisl* m^fn of that 
[ wedded to their oitn vcholitMic pedantry, scorned, in their 
III which thoy cotild not, t'rccruKtct hkc, fn to their own 
nnril then, thi% branch of onr liti^nitiirc IxcUl 
nM give waj-, in company with Chdxici:r attd Shaksi>rare- 
Aod truer men had known and loved their native song, 
t, x% i« evident, wjs conversant wiili the rhymes : 
( fiwiuent n»e of random rtMiM.s, many of which wt* ran, 
longer identify with iheir parent poem,i3 for inaUncc. ihor^e 
ve bne^ in " King I^^r" — 

DifcnneTi th« Tiowijiorn bloftv the rotd vifd; 


CUIde Kol*(id 10 Ibo il*Tk lower ountf ; 

[er we nKiy, it b irxie, hope to have belonged to a known 
OtbcT iTTileiK K.\»i^ of tlic Elijuilethan and 

lUOle freely tu ««l)-knowQ thinjf» what fiUy ycflrn converted 

of curio^« retearnh^-rcAcarrh s^ |>aiTifu] uitwasuTui;- 

A frw thjfrc were who iricil 10 uni'irih wh^i had «o soon 

lil; butcven they were half uho-incd, cither of tbcli ti^k 01 

A<lduon. in hi& papers in ihe S^aiahr, dciHcAtcd to a 

'CtevyQmc/' thought ii nt'cd/ul to iptilogLH;,\i;v4.ttt4ti™:^ 



Tlu GemiUmoH's Afagazi/u. 

alootf piteorat frvca lU delbcC Mtf-UMrtion, for having chotco 

lor puA)liutioa witboot ait*di polishing and ddnincpLtl tc-wrii 
ret Sir Fliilip Sidocy. s b«tcr man ihnn Addttoa, had Mud. '* 1 
h«ud the old song of Percy and DmigUs that I (fmnd nr>t my 
inarr moved llao«;tb a uuin|>tft;'*;ind 1 ni^cr than the Ivd 
FkichcTorSaltottn.dc<3ftndf Let hk duJec « people*^ 
care not vtio nuket thdr Iaws e " Abouc the cod of the ceol 
their came a iJiakirtg i>f the dry hones, ^nd aa appomit rrtnvii 
of die buried lore, iS hideous a^ ibc snmacijig of 1 ca!\^ni?<d 
tvr :h« wandcrin; of a dciul body moved by an indwelling fiend. 
DdU Cnitc:En wjiool loolc 11 into their headfi to tmtc wh^i thc^r' 
pU-as^Itu (ullliolbdA: jiiid. nji:)Ukiii£ mmindcring fmr }u[biH ^d 
not for fin;, made tno« soiry *-orl; of it, tlic «%>rld bdnj 
with fiU(± monKiroaitiea aa " Edwin and EUnada,* 01 " AiQyiitar< 
Theodon/' If nrmiineit for mir own Irmi*, in thi« :Lnd odtcT 
an age of iirm^lini; growth, to iciivc aomc uf the apiiit of ttic ri^j 
eingon, in the uritcn td «uch aoul (tirhn;i works M the "Lafl 
Ancknt Rome," and the "Lay* of th^ Cavaliers." 

Now. I iuw midcTiakcn t'> sliaw iliat :hia rvr^lrct is in » fiir 
arti^ Jirc Lonc«fncd, not only uni»^rranicd but a naisLikca^ 
p^ier thcni^by deprive himself of a ncU-nigh boundlets field for 
cxcTdsc of hcfld and hand, Whether hi* attentioin be turned 10 «L- 
jecin of ii iJ^thetic or ludirroui natuie. whether he undenake d^^ 
representation of pa^i times from an biilorLOLl or a domctEic poiiil ^^ 
view, matter u-ilL be found, enough and to fci)are, to employ hita m^ - 
the old ballads. One point srrnm iirirTli irmirting on apcciaJlv— ^ * 
tlie iniernil evidence, gfl en cLmi>u\l>' minute, of mamiers.ditCjJUt ^ 
and evenordre^s^ whidi xKiif early poetry contains; going solacuC^ 
tpectfy the colours of Indict' robes, the jew^U they wore, the vay i*< 
which the hordes — wliose cokiurs ,iie again c*[ ire* Uy staled— ut** 
huiiif <lr witJi mnjiy similar ^pixiiailiirs ^hich mumi occur toimon^ 
who kuow5 never so iiltic ct the subjectn I'hus, in " The Death 
Queen Jane/' King Henry Is rie'itribetJ a* rircssed "in a goira 
green velvLi (mm the heel to fl^e head ; " in '' Swcei Willie and 
Annie" ^vc <'VTe told of the shoeing of Annie'jt homciVind tlut "1 
and twenty Mller bells were a' lied to his mane; "and of "Fair Ji 
Bridal,' that—- 



Eomc pill fin tlip (piy j:iiDDn robei, inJ fcoiti* faut on tlw ^t«w«^ 
Itui Jn^fi tnil on the (OLrlet rahvi io ihinc Tinl ihroo^h the towa; 
And fi^Hiir ilicy iiihudIciI the blitk aicnl, ami tUDw ujuunlciil the 
£af Jnncr niuunicd the n^Uk^whiif itced lo ride tai Ihixjcigli ilw t^v^ 

Fmk Fields and Pastures Nem, 


Robui Hood bftlUdji u< fuli of «uch notes, in which jtlfto om cf 

Wn of a U'.«TcU]r, AQaa CiLnninghani's'' Mermaid of GaTton^y/' 

upguUrly ndi ; aiid cvc-ryoncr wiL) ai once rcn^cmbcr Mr, Trntiy- 

boctdcm "I^dy CUre"niEh her russet ko*^< ^nd the'' lingle 

tt bcff tuiir," and the white doe b>' her nid^. One of the most 

[iMfafe tnstmca occtin tnaLpaseoge of "Th^m«KorKTviidoune:'L]ie 

(^KCD xi Furrie oiten — 

SttCh <au: I uw nc never nuntf; 
Aa dii** tli4 no on vumrurr't diy 
Thai fikir lady h<n<ir ^Eu >Jidjic- 

Fall VADly wu iTir Bifhi lo we ! 
Stifllj Kl with prwioni Hon* 

SKwo of urlea«, ercjl pTemIe; 

Ifff hiJf Aljoitl ficr hcnd it Imti^r; 
Slic niil< flwr ihfll liincjy [«, 

And rthUu the blew vi^ wlulet the nji%. 

Her ifhllu <^f iiulrle ^Ik lEtcy weir, 
'ftc b&cklei **« of twryl itont, 

AtitT 4II wiTh pearlei o'4r-lffl£cti& 
lUf ptjlfd va^ of irdc lint. 

Ami a» cUilr [jnicl lirr \<wn\\c ihon«; 

Oa vthcr iLJa liun^ IwLIh three- 
She IpJ kevcii £f7)Tiuyii^1i ki 4 Iciub, 

Ifcvrn nichn by hn foot Lhcy ran. 

And undtr Ilct {{Hie ouny a AanCh 

" ■ ic loldihathcr ti«icwi5*"nUofgra5i-fcTcci] siik/nnJ 
;. : . ire specified upon which the musicians of het conn 
L>ociiional[y, thwc gliiui.isfr^givi' exlreindyunplw6,'ni| idcau 
lockly^ ft^whcii pjLiciits J[c JcM-iJljcd iLi UclibDiirhg ihcir 
, '^^diiV Aiid nurha^cable daii^btcn> witUoLit let or }nridmnce, Jtid a 
'•"J Mtentt his nife** tton-appreciaEicri cf 1 joke by throwing u pLite 
'•b. Sowccmic^ ivc get curioub cxaiiHJit-'* uf the limplicily ol our 
faduhcn. The lord* ux court rtlir; to fc*t ** ihrou^h the iloor *^ 
fmunublj through 4 trap door— into a common dormitory; while 
and |K<ieT alike lir thonnelve* aft^r liinner at the piUjcc gate*, 
d^ost the dixrr-potL Thii> point is, of course, only of 
Liy importance, but would have adiiiinttgcs with rcferciKi; to 
rot- coci- *tt fm- « 




The GtntUnums Ma^a^m. 

The iiicntJon wliidi tus {tiai bceit made of i lairy liallfld 
CAtorally toconsldcrfttion o/^Diorc LmporUnt point thui tli«| 

ceding— vit ihe vwi icopc which is afforded for cxcfcisc 
ima^n-irire Cictihy. Thc*t *onjp; dcil rniirh wiih ^upcminnll 
ters; cit^icr 4S simply jjxcl sternly Donalin^ iiwtanccK of q 
communion "with ihc living, ot vaguely hinting at th^ grcsit 
■tiTTOunding world, and the aw(ut po8fi[L»rlity of such micrcal 
harmless (►r illicit Tcrriblr and wcin! arc thcsr Ultor sugg^ 
for the which wc must go chiefly lo northern lore \ the lottcr 
bcart scenes not to have dwelt bo eaj^crly oii the invisible unki 
did ihc ;iiith(iniof Biich poems as " Willi^m'^ Ghost," " Clerk 
"The De^non Ixjvcr/' *' The Clerks of Oxenfjrd," and nuny 
And, ^part frcm thcr>c more siniKter iixflucncica» there i« an 
Tent of tender, fpindfut iniager/, derived ehieUy from nature, 
liugge^livc half'di^iCfiptionj whirh. heing in df pendent of, th* 
relation EO| [he nuiii gi^t of c-ich poriiizular ntory^ ma) serre as, 
whereon to hang goodly raiment from the loom of thought 
meaoing cannot be better instanced than by the mcntiooofAi 
known lazneni, ■* OK waly^ waly up fhi' bnnk/' :tnd hy <iuotali( 
st^n^dA from two several Ldlads, the fiiM fioui the " I,yiell 
where Kobin^ pining at court for the grecnivoodi bteulcn out — 

'* I made n chopfl] in UcirijiJikiej 
Thfll seemly ii :o ictj 
It IB ttX Mnry MaGdalciic, 
Aliit llH:fc(rj wuulil I Imt!*^ 

The second from *' Willie's drowned in Yarrow*'— 

"Oh, C4mc yc |jy }^n water'* iridf, 
Fu'tl yr llic rose uj" tlJJc^ 
Or omt yp liy yon metilow grern, 
Or saw ye my twcet Willjc?" 

In pointing one the way in which the«e writing vnii^t be tUfl 
it will be ncccsS-iry to make some hroad and genera! dimioiu, 1 
erf wliich shall ciubracc a particular diss of subject, and :ipE9euI ■ 
c-*pcciall/ to liaiticulur minds ; bm^ dirtiL-ult vs gcncmhiaEioQ of J 
a nature miiiit always be, it Is here more difficult, and leti soiivm 
when done, than in most colletllans of liLeiature So many dm 
elements untei Inlo ihc cumpositioo ; the broadest forte so ym 
the darkest tragedy, the most simple details of household life 
intersperacd amid thcni^hof ehivalrous narrative, that on4 \% 
to give np the tiisk in despah, as cnly Ins lurd than H 
Jjutnan nature. Fur the present puq^osc, hovrevcr, olthou^ ti 
an^ngcmtnt is unavoidaUy ^^perfic^a.^ ivd olicn inadeqiutc, 

Frf-sk Fields and Pashtrts M^a, 


'dus Ike billiidE under the Aree heads of ffitt^rkatt Pathttitt 

Cmift iIk J^ltnW^a/emlimcuiff ihu^e whidi dthei an*, or {im- 

l»b(;<ystUKliiAnatd»orn&tumaLfacU; tJiciW'f^jV those whk^ 

of X purely imj^jinory ca»t, dcaliDg wicJ> (torict of the pA^ionB 

lifctiocw. otwiihriewUnf romiTice ; bi*tly, Ihe Oww, inrlnding 

iwiidi Oic iritcml n mainly of a huinuroTia iraliiie. I propost? 

:, under cxli hcau^, A few in:9Unccs in illustrAiion of the aub- 

teeftda^ fim of the two shorter and kis important tUvisionR, the 

vid ihr Cuniit, and itscrving ihc Pathedc for fiii;]l car- 

Al the Tcry outset, in EjKiflkinK of hi^onc ballads* the intnifidcncy 

[■Khiclu^t^catioQ ttucsone in the facj^* :i« cherr art set^c^rtl of 

ticuing of iuJirci3tuTC&, ical or jtna^arj', which b[;rdl li«ro» 

Ikinga in oMcn timet, v^hidi must be rclcgaicd to the comic 

\Vc nuy begin with tfac mcnuon of two «cu of pocm^ 

pngrevpecth-ftytoKnglind and Scxilliirwl ; the formtr recording 

of one man and hl& followers, the latter thoac of acvcrai 

bmiliM, ADd E[>«cLall^ of one moKt turbulent, good -for nothing 

boUACi whidA Kci^mK to have taken the lead in their lawtcfs 

mean the Rcihin H^o^ scries, iiui vrhst tiuy he (Mibd the 

fcriea. Of the former, nuxny o^jtln mur^t be .set aside u 

comedy, wh-itc^er mn/ be their ioiin<]ation in tact ; but tlic 

Gc*tc," "Guy cf C-ifcbonip/' and " The Dealh nnd Burijil of 

Hoodi^may, ni any nuc, cUim mention. The first of these 

upon idvencuTca of the bold outlaw, attendant on help which 

to 4 certain kiiighc. Sir Kich^trd of the Lea, whose mheritanoe 

fi«ril ix. ihp hanf^s nf the Abbot of Sl Mary's and the Sheriff 

anghsTEi, A^inst vhich wonhie^ Robin hitd a sort of vcndotltti 

f^ctcriphom of the knight is most pieiurcHquc: — 

All ikeii ihon vu liu uTiit>laric tind lyfr^ll was hu pt^'Ff, 
!{]r* one fot« in Uic iieT<)pe iImJ«, ihit nihci waved hayJtu 
t[|i liodf TiiuU[yn otrr lii« ejrcri tnoi he roJc in ^pnplc suAf ; 
A »v>er mm thin lie aai i^jc. hkIc never iu nvmrr'n ilay, 

li>fc John goes 10 Ki^x this knight, and aficr to llic Sheriff of 
^MngluDi, to whom he is, ju indeed he iwore to lie, 

Ihp TffiP*[ Urvanr l!i*l ever yti had he: 

detlQg h^ master* coffers, cJinying off his rook, jnd fmnlly bc- 

l^t^t him in:o the handri of tlicr outl:i^v caplnun. At bst the king, 

[wniog to Shitrwood, falU in wkh ^ood Robin, nnd, for very lova of 

Ifcc Run. cn^a^ECS him in Coitn , but there the huogci for ^ecnwood 

too ttPOOfc ajid Robin.pinjft^ for some lime, atliai ftcesXiac^ 

fi 2 



The GfJitknutHx Magazisu* 

to hi« deir Bunenlilc for life and death. The opening of the "Gu) 
oTGitbonK^" it enough in rt!i:rimmcml \i i — 

WTicn shj^cfc Iffcn alicnp flml itmuWc* till £a>tie. 

And Imtt^ 1^7l1i Ur|<r »nrt tnnc, 
Tiiplfuanl vii.lkm|E in tht ixym fortd 

To hcsre ihc imall tii[d<'* *<'nj*, 

SilTinj; upon tin •|*'»3'i 
So Imi hf rtakcncJ iCotno HdoJi 
Id E^'ccnvwiJ vrhcic be lay. 

But this particuhr bdtUJ. licing coiiuincd in Terc) » "Rcliquck" 
pretty wcJ! known, "The Deilhof Robin Hood," as wcaii^*ctt 
hive It, \t one of the poor«i^t of itll llie collection, though the sobjcci i 
Themo&lsitgg(!Stivc. Thisappaicplijoircriyof treJiment is actimnic 
Jot by the fact that the original b:ilUi h .\lmo6t c^ntircV lo^C. the on! 
known copy \>^\^g a very frugnienuiy one in the Percy blio ; th^ to* 
of (lie missing portifwis is dl the more lam*?nttble, inasmuch n* rhe 
mu^t h^vc eA|)hiucJ iX alnkin^ p^is^igt: in tvhich, coDinuy to 
popi^Ur use, in old woman cursor Rtfbin on hji way to Kirklcy, 
modern version \\as nothing of ihi^, bot conuine one or Iwo 6t 
old verses, which sen'c onty to make ihc reinaindcf nj^pear 
worse \\\<tT\ thc^y ollienvt&e wuLild Hut the ^tory i» iK^wcdid in 
extreme: one may imagine the beautiful, wiekcd prioress of K 
to tpeciouely cntrcaiing her sick cousin into her power ; (h« 1 
room wht-re the foic^iti^r lay bleeding to doith, wiih h.inJly mi 
to wind hia hom, and the grief of his follower, tt'hich i:outd oaity 
vent in a longini; for veng«;inee— ven(^«;\nce which Kobm would 
no m*ins nclmit, for the honour he bore ali wcimankind for Our I 
kiLe. Then t.onii:s his last desire : — 

" Ijy ne tt Etccn ttud unJcr my haiiJ» 

AnolhfT at my frc^ 
And lay tny l«iit bow by my »1fl<v 

Which wu my nii&tc iiwe«l. 
Aji(I make my citvc cif j-rartl 0J1<) RtrvUi 

Whi[:h Li inasl ii^hi mil iiicrl," 

Of the Scottish series, the Aniistn:in£ Ui1taf!>i, it may he (houghl 
they, bcmg iiarratLotis of £t!mng inc:J(JcnL arc not so well suilciS 
ftTti&tusc; but they also contain passages which may attract 
" Kinmont Wilhc"haSi it is true, been trc^Ltcd m reipect of 
nanKa, but there might somcth ng be mjdccf (hpvariwuly tfis 
bands of moss- iroop era that w^it to free him ; " Dick of th« 
imd "Jock Q' the &ydc " wouU -mK U (onnd wholly barreii, 

FresA FuMs and Pasinr€s AVtc. 


blk Nrtit, taken txyind up ihc RSckergireofCdTlisb, makes a 

ic SpPt. The oUici priuctp^ pu«iii of ilili k! is " Jamie Tc!fer," 

^ /ijiot noiT ncccsnry to mention mvc ii& a sitrring son^. 

^> c«^ cccicludc UuB portion of Ciir cn<tuiry with the ciCAtion of 

CK £^luhbi1lad «nd nnc Sccnii^)i, the t'oFmer being ■* Sir Andrew 

^ftn'tte Ullcr '^Sr Patrick Sjicn^" -*Sii Andrtw Ibrton" is 

'WrfpscluiCT, from the opening aoeac bctircen Henry VIJI. and 

•f ocrciuDtft down to Ihe ending ; bnt the paisage descripiivc of 

^CRilc«ptiin'K dcfllh drm;tmK iiiuiutjon: — 

■* Fight on, my mrn," Mr Amirtw «iitrt, 

*■ A linle I'm hut, but yet r>o1 ilain, 
111 Uil liedovnand blcfd tirhJlc, 

Aiid ibcti III ri^ aiJil li^'lji ii^uiii 
Flflu OB, my irm,'" Sir Amtrrw tild, 

" And fii« je \tn\A\f X<y the k*. 
And tland Tut If Sf- AndivvV crov ' 

Until yc beai my wrliiiiltc IJ'iw." 
They acTT hard hh %thut'f l'lv4\ 

■ kiow of na Unci anywhere wlii<'h etnbody more fully (he higliest 

*Pw (rf tngnly ihwi iJiose last two. The strong point of "Sir 

'^eick Spens" lie* in tlic bmcnt with which the lallad ends ; ihta 

■tin M-iiuan eiponcnt, foTn olthoufth the vcrecn have ccrtrimly been 

*tlxbfid ic ore picture, ptasibly to more, no one hm yvi given tJl the 

^Nntofibcm, Mr. Anh^'* f>ic:^ute on the sulijj^ri tnay, like hi* 

" Helen cf Kiiiconnd," have been admirable in point of workman* 

Un^ or considered OA i tnuhfui Landscape nilh fi^ireT^T but in nowise 

i»i fining rendering of hii author It may seem grange to omit all 

*«boi»of "CJic^jCbacc." but surely ii may be assumed thai every- 

^ kncnn dm, at leait, by heart — it would be almost an impcr- 

^■■eoce to quote therefrom. 

Of the jmrely comic liollnds there is less tn be said ; they are 

■fefra-CT in numljcr, and lew vividly suggestive, than are those 

I '"■ftDed in dihci of the oth<i sections. The bestof tlic Englishflrc 

John and the Abbot," *' The King md the Miller of Mans- 

*'Johi* ihe Reeve," " Robin Hood nT)d the Potter/* arc! 

*Cn4iil,* «4iid] last bears a stmng family likeness to the story of 

*^*au <i'Aoe/' with a satfim of " CindcrcHQn" The best Scottish 

«^-''Thc Harper of Lociimabcn/' ind *' E.irl Richard's Wedding," 

ttr Dwlhcm tore failing \\% here 3A «Emngely, ^% ft richly fiirnishes 

Mi a^cful for the nc^^t dJvi!<ion- These ;irc only the exceptionally 

0Hn1 \ but anyone n-ho will take the trouble to do ilo more than 

ronult Riteon or Ajicun mfliy find plenty more worth stuil^vw^ U 


24^ The Gmiicmans Magazine. 


i turc 

would be iJQConvenicnt tc quote fiom mdtt of theu. Our P 

had jin iwkw^ircl w^y of EMUjng a f^])3do A i^p-idc. vhich would auk^* 

At la^t ^vc coiTic CO ihc division which, foi tr^ni OJ it Lctta 
mo» duiinctA'c litit, hut liere btM^n cliiawd u tbu j'athctx, dad, bcTi 
eatfring on rhc fow romnTk^ which urc to bo mfldc, I f«l ii ticcdlis 
to cxcUM «-hat mifhl m!:cjii \q Ih: ;4n vrifdii ^witialilj in the «c1ci.tuf:« 
of c»i]|plc& It nU be seen that by fnr ihc Krcitcr pui oT tlicm irCj 
or Scot mh origin, but UiU U^cCuallytiie rcmIt,not of choice, but ^C 
»ec»«ity. In con^dt^ring tlie uiaimt^r in nhidi thiit mbjcctTnighft 
bwl be liculcd, Jiolhiiifi his struct mt moic fordMy th*ii ihc tir»- 
accDLirtitbJc dearth of rr^nuuitic bAlljids which cui be cAlkd |nitfl3 
KnglUh, Such must have fitted; bur, whciher it be tb^l ih«y wif^ 
loo iiricily in tht-ir imf^rcsl to cnrnmajid n^itionol rcmcmbmiC'^ 
oc that the <3uX iidditJiiu i» a faculty nmii: congciu^ lo the TionhcK~ 
thaa to the southern 1eniT>CMmeiit. ccrtun it u that Iho- cxitf o 
longer- Having ii:uiicd nomc half-doxon* \ft came to Ji stu)d9Ci»A 
There ar4i "Utile Mus^nive/ "Thc^ Blind Tlt-gg^irof Berhnal Gtecrk/ 
"The Children in the Wood," " The llailiH's Daughter." " Htifth ti 
IJncoln," :»tid hardly any others until modern d^y^ when, bidec^ 
Chnries Kingsl^y ;mtl others have done somerJnng towards Aipfil^iy 
the want. But on turning to Scotland selection beroi^r^ the 
difficulty ; £is fast aa one has been chosen aa a good cxto^, 
aj^otber atiH bottcr, or at Iciut tquatfy good, averts its cl»m^ 
you are like to sint undeT an tmharras iff rirft/tsfvf It will 
needful to subdivide this portion into two minor heads ; in thcfii* 
place, there are those poctns which trtal of lovt — the love of 
lovers, and that nobler love, the love of ttue fnend<; ; in the 
place are those which, wiihoiit a|^pca.ling lo this gri-at pa»itfW 
interest by the force of romantx, and the beauty or piiirulncsj' (J 
story they teiL It is to be remarked that the love epiixideii 4M 
the mo»t pair tragical ; nowhere is the tenet thai " the coitt*e of 
love never did run smootJi " more sli"Ongly inciilcaicd ; eiiherthc 
or his mistress had a cruel porertt who twaincd them, Of there 
evU from an envious or revengeful brother or sisi«r, or some 
interposed deaihfullyr or one or other of iheio proved Eib<^ to 
undoing of both. Among the few which end happily ore " 
Blind Beggar of Rethnal Green," :ind one ScoiliiJi, oollcd *■ H 
Elin/'thnn which t^iere is none more affecting cutsnt. The «lOiT0f 
latter balbd is briefly as follows : A maideii, Lady Margaret, is 
turcd in the greenwood by Hynde Etin. a renegade pNge to 
TO^'ol ibcher, and with htiu Lives, loving and beloved, untiL their 

i^risM Fulds and Pasiures N^w. 


■re 9>ff]| to jwi of uodertUDdii^ Bui ihc grieves in «ecretj 
iho Ottrdi hu oevrr bfco»ctl ber union, lad tici bc^y^i }i;ive 
fcrsotcfaaaccodki'* AJid this jjicting oorac* to her k»Yc'»cAr» hy 
■out&itf ^ firBC'bom. By the boy, too, ^c ii told of diutdi 
itoringtn ihc dkuntie, iiml then «irti! up, ami with all her 
ivmccka her liuiuir- \V1icii tlic c)ii1d, bj hb prtracotf, ha^ 
^ifacfematii md by hia iwccc fjiicc ^nd hii fkoty the old hiDg, 
■0 bron^t in, and Kyndc Htin ii fctchedf :md then the 
I Km "^^y^ a boon — chai they iuu> Lc tjJtcu Ui tl^: jjrjeal : 
^ ad iTuut aijcai ijT ic^ : — 

Km idkcn unia die kiili ih^r unv, 
^e at till: ilwi <Il'1 *ui]'. 

She wjidTm otmc f*r'<f b«. 
TliCD 4U1 and spake Iha |wrh}i pria^ 

And ■ Ttttrt umilr ^'e^ hr, 
'*C<mic belt, cunic Icn, m¥ lilJc Honre! 
And bring your bainufc lo uic;" 
Ajud be W U>n AEiJ mlapil tlicm «' 
And p'wi lh?iri chri*iwitlit 

■loOQg the BioAy moumfuL fongs and ihe few joyous, which nro 

m IhU lir« tulKliviiicm, " Atinir f>f T-ochroyan " and ''The 

Gcnliawk " mny be sc^kcted ax cxamj^Icn very fil for the preienl 

In the fonner, il ii the general s]>iric and ft^eling of ihc 

that b to eKquisite— 'it would he im|)OSf iblo to <\\xoKf^ 2 portion 

I S|Vktlin|t the trhnlv ; Imi if nny nne pan rlcserucs in*iir 

ihan inodicr, it 11 where the de^d girl comes floating 

tbe foam to the leet of htx lt»ver, ;i!; he stands by the sea 

on her to return. In (ihc la««T, lenor, pathos, And cool 

I beauty ahernate inctrwanJlj vilh j Miijviswny n^nlt. We 

not vhdhcrio weep, orlo amile, or lo ahudder, as ihc attcn- 

ii fliicned Xiy the dilTereni persons of Che dramas ind by its 

lB|^*cen«Ty> Th pre is the mie Fiiglf&h maiderij who for love's 

^ieldpudcUli, at;d d^rei oen d^e honor of burial ; then the '*old 

^ftdnnie," who devi:»cs the hidenait ctpcdicnl by which her crue! kin 

'hybtrwhether (hebedend or not ; :jiid tvery hu'ifcri bem qiiick^rr 

I •* Warn; of the great ftirlitude of the hidy, who bore all ^nd made 

'••tpj, ITiere ia fcin(y, too, and that of a p!ca*ani M>n, in the 

^Moifrtion oi the (toshiiwk sittin>: on the biTch-lree by the bower 

Wf itiJl ea]ltii^ 10 the maiden. 

Cfnfentiiuitely it ix ns Lio|xt«Hi1]le, In llie l^ce of modem view^ of 
fnpcK^, to narrate the Modes cf some of ihc bnl balUds, ».& v^ 



Th Gmikmatis Ms^am§9* 

quote from ihcm- Tlwy uu/ be read, bv«rven and will veil 
rcadtng ; none tscccl ihcm in pUh^ iix force of mig^cslioc 
in imdf;inAtion ; ''vitoca the spirifn dMcripbon of blcu«dnc4 
'* Clerk Satiutten," (lie a<ltlm>c of ih? InimtTig laidy Id her Id 
"Lady Maisij-^^ot Ujc Awful mtcting of falac Man;aTct with! 
munlcrcd lover in "Childc RoUni." Besides these, oncru/l 
» Hnrd Helen," " Fair Juiet/' ** The Cruel Mother/' - Ro*c the 
and While IJly." " Fair Annie,'' and, nia« touching and Iwoaiifi 
all* ** Marie Hamilton." It may not be imiM lo nicntioii here 
EEtost of the publifthed veniotu of the Icuinamcd Ate ridiadouslir 
the only good one m in the late Profeiwr A)tolm^6 rolie«ion \ 
ollirt?i> notably Sir >Viltcr ScoIC'h, are paJilittitH of vcnc?i 
other ballade interwo^'cn with some of the ori«^Q«! matter, the 
being abfiurd incongruity and contradiction. 

TherL' is une narrative wluc:}i ni^iy Htiiul a?& ;ui cxjioiLition nl 
medi,"eviil s|jirlt trf fricnUafn[>» Jijid whieh inay Atliji|,*ly bring 
portion of our subject to a close : a history of the sorrowful ti 
and death of two men who loved each the other better than hla 
»onl, forced ro the rnmlut by honciiit -. th:it story i* <:fll!rd " G 
and Dcwick/^ When the one friend, wounded to the death, h^i 
the other, hi*; con^iueror^ kill himself in despair, up e4>n«B Nil 
f^ither, e*uUing ibai his son is alive yet and Phrictic Of^^mc 
but, says ihe i.Iying man — 

** Q\ hand yaur toncuc. »^ fmlher dcir t 
Oryottr prideful ulkins: l«I mcbc! 
Vc mlatil hJt'e dninkfn yuur wine in pncc, 
Anil Ir-t iii« and my liJlUr l^c, 

" Gaedie A rflvc, baith wulc and fl«p, 
A Gi:tv;; id linUil baiUi him -ind mc, 

>flF rm tun hw^t thf viiUiyf " 

And so the oltl men arc left to wiil for ihcir brave boya, and fi 
lime when the wine was in and the wit was out, and they 
IheJr darlings against each other. 

Under iht second head. viz. that of the purely romantic, 
three kilbdscf specie beauty, *' The Burning of FrcndraughU" 
CIcrksofOxaifordV'rtnda slr^Luge weird song which, in its 
Ckisls both in ,t soiiihcm and in a nonhern form, being 
in the Englisli verwon, "Tin: Thiee Ravens," and in the Sofl^ 
'* The Twa Corbies/' Of these the latter ia suffiutnUy i*eO k^ 
iia it IS given in the '' Golden Treasury ;" bur neither in 
ijitercst, nor of execution^ ran it rom^inrc wiih the former, wH' 

Frts& FiiMs attd Pastur/s Ntw. 


befi^uDda the notes to the "Mtnstrdsy of the ScottiAli Banlcr." 
}11e teuDj; of Frcndrauf^ht/' ivhidi, !iut for the vnttividujil nal 
to innnn, nught ht ifidud«d in tbe huioric^l action, tcllsi a tnia 
1/ Ar Rianlt-r, vn FrtRdr^vrght CaAltc, of Gordon of R&ihLem;iy 
Lord Aboync- Iftvin^ cone there on ji million cf pcicc* 
beuiK cfitcnaincd iIt^tc, and notv p;one to tcstn th? t<»vcr m 
Elwyttecp i* fired, and they, shut in, are bunted to dcath^ 
ncbl bnvcly likt- iruc fiictids and ClLriatiJii t(e:iltciTicn. 
bftda lady Jtt hoirc, and in due time the news cjtmc to hcrj 
itSc nn nod, and the dcscTii:iimn of hct ^vi 11 a good example 
cllk dHlin^uifthin^ chancinisrkM of the ballad^ ^trnplicily und 

Vi«Cia( bffr luindi, (csiir^ her hair, ^i* Inify kHc^ wah v^n, 

CA(f vnlu tdi miwit Ckfidui] u U? kCwnl uii (he ^rc^i. 

*Q«vrb« to JOT, Georye tkiidon. fln ill rtwih m^ij ye (Ice! 

^■fie uulftOUAd Oft jr* tiHivl iticrtr. 4ni| my loril twrvavod from mv\ " 

*\ ^ hUb latp. I lade Juin <onir, t bactr liim touit ta iaTi 

-Ittkn m« <fir nnfit Jrnm hE\ whfir fliincn. Ahich xvrrt^ %iy long 4iicJ tntall, 
'^iTitOfoa hi< briy (iir. vhtrc yiiu Lpt In yauT hill" 

^UilUj, SophUL Hay, «h ! b<:rr^»c SophiA Vk.-b hcr haiac, 

'8ir vMdk nuti put on hct dies, 1>ul J tvcL *1ic lorr^ ih<^m LifTiipin, 

'■■DAMtr heart vhcn 1 aiarricd Mm, and ihJt dayii't reiumcfl ngnin/' 

we come Co ihc j^ocni nhidi. ^moitg :itl v\\\^vs nf a Itlce 
itt«y dftiin precedence^ " Tbe Clerks of Dxcnford-" ^V'hcthcc 
fr fhe puhos of in rtoiy, for deticac^* of feeling, for ioiaginalivc 
l*c|.or for **lrd dMrripifon, iherc is none other thai maycotnpetfi 
'Wllhii oiuiit pitiful s(oiy- The Iho heroc*, beloved hy ilic fair 
^4|blen of the Mayor of Paris, arc butchered by the rcvcnKcrtil 
nndera »how of J^mico, despite (her pleading* of their Jove* 
|of ihelf o*n grey-hcHadeil fhfher ; ajid vcrj trndcr and sdt-nm i* 
:coMnt of ihe parting. ^ e^ch lady fcurlcisly kisses her lord, jnd 
him back hu troth that he may r^ti cjiiletly^ Then news comes 
[r mother — not ih^t ihry nrc drad^ her hLishand tvould fiu'n 
her — and hr 6ny«, in aniiser to hcc sortowfuT, wondering 

"OK dvy are put io a 'Iccpcr lorVt 
AthI to n 1ii|Jjci scbulvi 
Vfitir nm twa ton* will nn rrWm 
Till lhehjillo»diiynjr\u:q-" 

^ioftll romfori tbU tu the yeaming mMemal heart > iu the bittcrncu of 
fcr Cncf uid disap|>oitUment f^hc callr; down ain^it on land and watcc 



The GmfUmofis Magasine^ 

until her sods ftlull come boroc to her " in Inriog Scah and I4ood" 
So tbv ^yt wtfDt, and 

TIic hiUow iljiyif of Vule WGK Gome!* 

ThM. frifp'K tu'a «PiLi came hnrif (^um* 

And i)Ldr Ka;> were of Oic hirL. 

t[ notbtfr CI** i)t >>lu; nn Uildi 

Nflr yet in iniy vhrnjli, 
Bill b) Lhc gftta Af PjtriLdiiV 

TliU birl tipTir fivir enrocfi. 

Then gttit is Ihc mothct'ft joy. And having feasted her lost ones, aod 
all hcf tiou&c, she herself makes ihcm iheir berlt >ind fiitn dovro lo 
watch thtfiu- It would swm ihat she gnfw timorous, havLO^ l(»a 
Llioii oncL'. Ill the (1(^ of iiight, a& ahe sk^il, came the Itfrarth of 

momingT ^Tid 

The yn^inerT hroihfr to t)n> *Mcr «id, 

" *Tri lime *c wsre luay ? 
'Ilic eocU ii"'»h craw, the d^ir clolh daw, 

The <hanncrln vvonn JaLh diaJe, 
Gin vc tic miib^ oat of cmr pUcc 
A clir i^nin wr mqmi hidr T *' 
*■ Lie 1^11, liF Blitl, Iml a litlU i««« while, 
Lie klill an* if wx majr, 

Gin my nioih« nilk^c* it» wlieo ihc wikt*. 
She'll ^pmid crc it bf rlny!" 

There U one g;TeaE ob^r^cl? to the artistic emptoyment of 

litcraruri: which has not been touched npon in these nenijfkf : 
ohatacic U the ohjcction, inhcrcni, it would seem, in the mlads 
some of our best |)ainters, lo indJtnS. The questicn ne :iffc<un5 Ait 
is too ttidc for diacuraion in lhi5 place, and needs considcmjcc 6f j 
iuclff since tlic authumy of su m^iy utiJ^ble opinions cniiilrsu il 
least lo discussion ; howt^vcr chimerical nwy appear the doctrine ihtf 
the Pictorial ait, which cjn most vividly appeal to itntatored acfM 
fihoTiId alone be denied the right (o maVe ils appeal with the aiJfll 
circumstance. Suflicc it here to rcmajk, that whilst 3tudj and itfcl' 
ligent appreciation arc needed for the proper ^-aiujng of ihe hi^ 
quiililies L>r arlJKttc representation, these arc not the prinuiy dtt- 
racieri^lics of the great \w^^& of those wlio ffeL^iiecil exhtbitiou ; 
since education is denirablc, it \% surdy s. weakness in the p^tcr tO 
neglect any allurcmcniT ^hich might lirsi attract to bis vork thoK 
whom In." fii-iy afterwards influence for good by, possbly, more iegili-j 

ibjcos tor Taklc-ulk Uiom iiuiltcr^ ofoiR^^^^ 
i« more than crhciucril inicrcsl, uid m wcluas 
thcftc pigTC fAcu of literary or ortiidc value and im- 
» ftr (ton> rlaimfiig i inono[>oly of ^pt^irU. I invite 
iaJcedi the ccj opcnticjii uf tlio^c whL> arc ublc to com- 
vid interesting pojo^phc, embodying? any infomulif>il 
ifi likely to be to the tLUtc of the nrudcrt ottheC^ni//' 
Thcrr will be nn ;it:cnt|it tn liiuit the field thnmgh 
mrku may ro&m. and the onlr rcstrtctiona tTiforcccI will be 
OAd thni right OJ cdjtoha! f^upcrviNioii and ^IcctioA 
tficpcntthlo in .-ill fcirm« of ctirrcnt Hieniinre. 

bolly without dnwback» is the dcbght tho Loiidofifir ex- 

Mc«« in L'onteiQpbling hi« ^rt tr«aauruJi now ^imingGd, 

n rlaisiflcH, npon ihc wnlh of ihr d.^lltrry. As 

piciura ihcRixlv^v the ^^^trmcst ctithu^i^m is juatlficd. 

ooeof thcmofltfldoctuiid (jrii^clc«sc<iUi:cticn8 m tlic world, 

mngcd a4 to alTord oppominity fcr indc^limTc cvtcfniiton. 


long bidden from vicv ore rmvf broughc mxo light Su 

pl&n of the new portion oi tlicfJalkty (eicetcd ffom 

«£ Mr. E, M. Elirry, R_A.) is concerned, it answerB present 

As ihc nuclniR, llowcvc^^ of liie Ntiiionil Gjlk'iy of 

can onl^ be judged in connection ^tli the cornpTclien- 


Tkr Gmilrmttris Magazine, 

ployed, arc open to no atronc aniTnftd\^cnion. It \u borei 
ihoroughl/ fnictflkcn id«ft to surmount the ccnml halt with a 
cupola. The cfTcci of rlii^ logcthct with ilitr cur^^d ^(Um 
the adjoutm^ corridors, is to convey nn impiGV^ton of u&tui 
c[uitc irrcconcihblc with a bcdbc of grandeur. In this porrtion <rf 
bui]diti(f* mort'OVtT, tlie aicliitccfs love of sj>lcnili>ijr h»* led him 
an exuberance of omAmcni faul to the ^nsc of Tcpow- NotA, 
of tltfi onvtmuntoL featunr^. £ucli as iTit; bust« in nichet, the 
cornices, and jh*^ fi?*f, \r^. vf^^^;^^^ imm*^aTiing, rominofflpbc*, 
convtrriional. Gold, wliich is st» valuable i\ means in dcconiire 
ithcD u&cd with judgement and moderation, (Caving in dork 
1 richness of Lonc n^t oihcrwE&c obtainable, \a *pivnd over luge 
face* on which^ thp fiirrrM light, jirndiicing thjft an inet| 
mcTCtricioLis and tawdry effect. I'he olieijorica] deviant \\\ sci|]j 
ffhich stand at llie end of the four coiridors wherv they cianot fW- 
aibly eaeape ohBcKniion, arc so in^ignifiotiT, futile, ani in:^i! iMr, 
that they me unworthy of serious cotiMdcnlioii, .ind the fa<i tlui l:h: 
should be found in sq conspicuous positions in a Nataonol buiUtif 
dedicattd to Art, euggestfi only x repetition, with a aUghl altentioiv 
the vcll-tnown qa^itron of GJronre ir *■ Les FoiJTberi^s do S^apB-' 
"QucdLablcdUJcnl-llsfiiiLcdan^cctii^gAlb^?'' Equ^y uTiuttifwta? 
is the method of lif^htmg. Mr. Barry's one idea seems to hnvebetf 19 
flood the rooms with light In the Urge galleries the effect orihi*i*. 
that the wan^lrx>k,|j/r*jiitrai»rjdjtrkerchpi[ilhc floor Manjoflhenu* 
valuable picttircs arc covered with glasa : and the bright li^htira™ 
the polished jmrqueteriv, ID tti&elf distressing to tli«ey«o(the 
tiiJor, TSTcflecfcd Trfim the suiface nf rhp glas^ directly upon 
leaving him often uiih the most vjgiie and nebulous Idea of 
picture behind, Paiiiful us is the effect in tlic ^Icries, that ;ii 
h^l is even worse. Tlie height being enormous in proportion ID' 
arcH, the light fjlls on ihe plrtmrs at aver) 'icute itnglc, bringing i 
prominence tlic inequalities of their surfaces. Th3 cflect, comtui 
with the bright tight rcHceted upwards from the mfLrbh; llooT« 
duces a result which can ))esi l>e dcscYibed as bev-ildrnng. Id' 
full tide of plaudits and congratulation* which the exhibition 
provoked, it is well thni the voice of truth d^d common sense 
be heard, and this decLtres ih^i wh,itever clflinia to be 
a' thing of be^iuty ore E>ut in ly Me. Bonn's sinictutr, ji fulfils 
uosatisfactorily the purpose for which it waa intended. 


THERE hive heen very many reasons ndvanced by the 
prJetors ufmaga£inc& why they should find readers. So Gtr 
inon-iftcWJovingisanovc^one. \^pi\MVflriv'^\^^obliBheiii 

Kin, ami nnen intiniiating ttui ic wat his duty to recoup h%n\ 
Icir ihoiiumU lie hid Tiist in |]it--nn:uulvrntxire- To lh]^ laitrr 
^proprietor nude no rejoinder, but lo the rest of his com- 
tioa TCtiime<i ehis temperate jritj judicious reply; — "If, mjr 
r, you hi<l lci-"|>i ynunicif jcqujimed with the besi popitlAr 
^ of the <Uy, AS Iu9 been the e^iAe, tt secni!^ even with the 
y nan now l&ni:tiJ»hinjr in kjlo], you would have been put upon 
ird AgoinKt hi% ingtntoa^ bui not (ju you jxttliy say) origin-iJ, 
I truit tlut you wlU ixrrmii nit, for your own ^ikt^. lo :idfl 
pe to the hrt of subicriLcra to out mA^tarine for the iuture/' 

unmJ retnlt of the enormous Pit^nr of coimtry siihjertod 

rule, thJl the mosl iljftlinf c:oJlU^^ts iirc t:(iiiaurilly 

While, accordingly, in EngUnJ sub.scnpliuns are being 

tfcfi btfufic of those »\\t> arc che victims of i^oods, An appeal 

ffom r»(im on bcknlf nf those who iit thftsitcncd wilh 

0* the rvHcIt of diou^hc. Tho?hc men who c^te lo watch 

og of that great law o1 componsAiion, which prevaiEs in oj] 

Wxin, win And "anipSr room nnd verge enough " iti the con- 

ihe ioKihitant^ nf Wcsirni and Suuthtiti Indi;*. A 

verci^ gotxmmcnt has been sub^tiEuLcd for the dcapod^m 

prmeet, aid Linder ihifi tnild iw.iy the people have increased 

r Ilhe ihe gimp dimng ;i tTo^e *dwn on a pr«eive- Wealth 

lowever, .lUKinerjlcd in anything like mi equal niio ; ptimi- 


The Gaiilemans Maga^ne. 

vu1vc<l iQ llic picscocc of all diosc Oficnul priDccswhoM lui 
bcfld-roll reoill whatever Li most gorgeous in historr and idM 
in rcmuncc, it ii of hiippivAt AUgury tluc th« Etnt importxtit 
Imparl niT<: com^isis In hokding miC the li.inrl of sitr^rour to 
wUo. wjthniic ic> woul<l have founH no aid cxccpt'dcath^ If 
like Venice of former days — 

I loldi (he gor^wu kJitl in Ut, 

llic re*idcntii ■will ftati in her :< lighier UK'niauter, and o more 
wiirihy i^TutL-cuir. tliuii tiur)' would rvcr huve obuinocl in tlie III 
rqniblic of l3ic Adriatic. 

ON ihc ocoL&zon of a mtmA^c of * liyc^'bom Iftdy to a 
lord the other diy, one of the preseats iras really 
arttstk -Mid origtn:il. It con*^trdoradrt«ri»en'ice,specliTlyi 
f;t(^t[irtd» ^litli ^ wdl-rAruuleil pL^tLue on cdcli plate of ihe 
uidrsiona and .-inccatr^il halU of ttic fimilic^- In thii cam 
VIS for no Jess iJiao eighhrcn pcrtonK, so ih;it it tiuybe 
then? was a good d«»l of house property Leiween (hem; but llrtj 
is sorely woithy of imli^iiion oo a humbler sphere- A dc«&ert: 
in a mote scrvicc^ililc; thing To give in the way of nrnfriajcc 
than a silver cbret JLig for example, or an inkstind For dn 

nmdi? itinn [nj>^h[ he |K)Ttriiycd the tUUagcr wlirre; lie wax Ixm 
'\\\\\ vi'licrc he fir^C put up, and the char^cii for which he paid 
hm traditional half-crovMi ; iht? shop inhere he Wi* apprcaticrf,! 
the church ;il whii:h ht' niLirricd liin m:t«i4M^i daughter. Evoi 
bridegroom hod no i^uch memeniocf of his early life, he mi^ 
the picture of his club presented to hitn, on china» with thAI J' 
Trafalgar at Greenwich, the Stnr and Uaiter x\ Richmond, «c 
other fjivouritc haiuii {suchaslheAIJiambra or tlie Canmbnry 
wliilc, lo comTsine the taste of the object of his dioice. ihe 
pLa El's might represem i[ie Brighton i'icr, the Rink ai Pnnetf(vj 
Sjiurgeon's Tabcmjcle, or St, J,iines"*i, Hatcham. according W 
picdileciions. Tlic advantage to fviturc j^ucMs of tlic >r)uu^ 
would he in CO ji testable, since they would always have 3 sijhji 
conversation under their noses. 


THE world will not have long to wait for a full recount of llici 
of the e-tcavaifcris con(.lin.*ted hy Lir. Schheinaiaii at Mi 
pince the volume, ivhit^h will form a rnmpinfon to the *'Troy 
Remains" of the same .^Luihor, is already .mnoit need, MeiimibAt A 
itory as it now reaches u* rends hke the '*Anhnin Ni(tht*,", 
5djJjemann himself sccma a syiedeft of Aladdin who 
/possession ofihe marve\Voii^\ac\v. \i\Gin^iro\^ 



u tho PrtRccfn RAdronlboftcnVf who iff io be cnrich«d 

xai geftix Putting un pne »idc ihc qur^ttinn wherthirr 

AipmtTiuioii hu indeed been opened, an<l JvoidLng, if I 

in the 6crcc ditcusnon Dr. ScMicirunii's .iji^rticiis nre 

ike so WOti M imifjuirics Te^'OVf-r from thL-bcwildrrmcnl 

they arc thrown by ^innonncciucnu so surlliiig. I majr 

^Unhtc the world uixm ihe Ucasurc* U h&s recover^. 

4ly thM WQ Uu^ lOon nuk9 & frctb discovery rivalling that 

wun niHl Pdnpoi, whe^n*, owitif; to ihr prcLLlior aj-iun; of 

tjr to wHIdi the dtic» mtaimbed, the iciy frcilincss of 

pohivigs woji preserved. No cofnpari§on, however, cui 

b ff wetm the ircaniTcit which wcr^ hnricd by VeiiEviun 

brought Uj lighi- Thr s[3cirr whidi xefKiritn ihe ki- 

ibc dtioi of Cxinpinut from modem tkac» ts not ibr 

oinch gnenior than that which divided him from the 

|>rcnim;ibly ihc combs a: Myccnn? were rimrtmL'ied, 

ftcrc^a tic Wk>uld have taken ia the genu iiliw fgiinUi ha<J 

I to iight tQ hiA diyi, would kivc been scarcely IcM than 

pngiishfiino of this century foe^s in the monumcntu of 

\ The early w«rk Ijelcjngs, morerjTei, to a jicrriod whtn the 

t ui they were Iehoud, diimcd ihe ponscsAion of that Gini' 

Icii wbtequent tooeit have regiuded u tht; chief beauty. 

y the Utct appc:]re wholly wphi«itc:ated, Jt seems 35 if further 

IP dsfo^tit qiaiici^ miglil yei l«c hojied. T'hc mjU of 

raliMS ShokApeire'n word^ and i» 43 rich 

Ai w the sou and boltnm af the ka 
Willi uulkcp wicuk mil tujt Jch» tfvaAurJC'h 

divcr&ion of the Tlbci ficjin ii^ source, with a view 

oration of iti bed, which woi kq favourite a ichcme with 

hu sot yet be<^ii comrnenced- Is it not posftihle, luorvovcr, 

may benefit sotnc diiy aj wtrll a» an? UV can scxrcdy 

d ID »uch cicdvalionK 4s these at Myccnx or ai lllarurbk 

% beyond the rou^h insch{>ti<jrts with which archseo- 

fllre:^ycorK!ierning ihcmsclvcj. Jo Romej however, and iti 

tK» t!wTc U yet surely a chaocc thjil we might come upon the 

tof Xfetijinder. Scich a find would eclipse in viiEec alt di^i- 

bt th0 centUT)-, r^ch as it \% in such matters, has yet reaped. 

whca BluimtJons were not given out to venificr* In Ac 

imike the best they could t>ut of them for the 
nflie Poet W3i c;itled a Sccr, "Faiiti/iH and far- 
knew beforcttintl vrhai was.:jhou( tohop\»eT;tandYKOL\tA^ 
{btit not monthly) nuuiLcns. TliU ha* wic* TClOT*! 


The GentUmaf^s Al&^azini. 

happened 111 these latter times to the Author of the " Bab IUUj 
In hi* admimW*; potm, the " Nancy Bdl " (refused by x fonncr edii 
cf J'anch a*> bcttig [oo horrid), ihcrc tfccut the folJawing Uoct : — 

Sc lie bcA]s thf wnter aiul tili«t ihe talt 

Ar<t [he f»?p;KT m poriiont tra« 
(Whic^ h< acvcr r?r^>')t aiid tone chopped >liftkp|. 

Anil hume mli^ ax^ pjic^lcy (vq. 
" Come hrrc," uyA be, wiih a pmjvrprid*, 

Whifh hii tnvhng Inliirn tell : 
■^'TwlU toollaini* h« if I Ltl you ■«« 

How cilnmcEy nice ^vu'lJ imdl." 

r, in rimrvilk' (not in the moon but only aCTOiii ihc Channel), 
the Sih of Dfcriiibct Uit, a g«ntlcm-tn wciit ttj u Irjullit^ trxtaUi; 
mcnt of the pbcc and disked for 4i hot l>&th. Before undretAing 
sent tiie waiter lor a mimbcr of articlci, of which he gave a 
wntccn on a. jjiccc of [liijiet. Among the (hings he ordered w<fn 
bottle of white wine, some whisky, red iieiipen carmn, tumi 
tomatoes, and onions. After pouring the liquor into the bath, He 
tilt; vegetables into small pieces, ^prinklod the peppur over 
and Then lurned on the lap of boiling water Th^n. crving 
'* Good'byc; 1 am going to cook myself in the Aiiieiiuui Cirthii 
plangcd in and pvriBhed. The victim wcut a Krcnoiiin&n, ^ad 
never read the " Ilib Ballads," which csiablishe* the bcmfx pw^i 


SHALL we have to l^eJicve in the seji'ierpcnl After all? juid 
our sctentLlic auiliomie^ have to cull and leare their cardii 
xMvi Mt!- HLirris of the anim.i! tTe.ition, whose exUttnee theyhsvei 
ufleinJeridcd ? Thcconsensusof icitiraonyinhisfarour Lsrciiurlittc' 
and 1 know of no oilier case m which a Gimtlar amount of erideoot 
much of it unimpeachable, has gone for io little. Hi^inlct's weli-kOfiO 
ft[icec-h, ■■ There aie mure llmigs in heaven and earth, Homtio, ll* 
itre dreamt of in your philosophy/' may be extended tu the 
abo, And 

Ltrlatlian, \vliich Cod of all His work* 
CiiMtcd bu^csL tluE i'mm \.UU wcfin Mream. 

may yet be proved tc be neither the crocodile nor the whaJc, bttt 
creatnre answering more nearly to the krakcn, concfmiiig whtf 
writ^Tfs of repute, like OUus Magnus and I'onloppidau, ha^T 
mittcd particulars, If this sho;dd be the case» it will not be iIk 
lime scientific men have had to Telreal from their poution, 
gorilla has had the b;u] uste to c^Ltbh^h himself in the very 
of the ii\ost Lxjmpetent authorities. 



March 1877, 


ClfAtTtR VI L 
ox TItK nRlI>C G- 

TH£RE WM one walk of which Minoh Gn^ ttiia especially fond, 
and which she lowd to mjoy :ilnTii", Ir led by a poniaii;»f 
taddaoufih Regent';! T^k. iivoidbg for the mosl part the frc^iiicntcd 
ftiid brmgiag her at ctie time \'> the buiuitiit of ^ MxxXt mound 
kasUi ffocn which «bc could look :t<rro<!S brc^d fields where «1ieep 
padn^t and through clumps of crce^ and ovei )iedgf»« and fTEirn 
by a happy poculiaiily, ^11 srghl of iht bcatca and dtisty 
of liie pvk Wiis shuL out The view from thiii little emjni*nco 
f«fhAp« mrHE bcAUtiri)] on a motat and misly iby. There the 
■iMftTing. artistic brcith of the iwiu'chargcd douds brcjithcd Uii- 
fagr«a the Lmdtcapc, ai^d cFTaccd any of l)tu l^nrshur, or meincr, or 
ba^ way moTvpronie dc:aib- There thcga/er only saw a noble 
v^amv cf dcUcioualy grccQ gnuu dJiJ daikct hcdgc-rows, and Iicts 
to ind grey. ADd softly^mottlcJ moss-grown trunks, and here and 
1 bed of Howen, and all uoder a silver-grey atmosphere th^t 
ifaou flrcrncd to disfolve while the cjc rested on it. When Minulo^ 
ktokcd loQg ct^ou^li on (he scene opcuii'^i; h^^ow die Mioujid, ahc 
WVAly pursued her course by devious ways until she reached 
«f tlkc hridg« of Ihe caral, and there lihe marie another halling- 
itat The sctcc frotu the caQal-bridge. uulikc ihut ftom ihc mound, 
JbbM bcft on ft bri^ti brec^ day, of quick chnn^ing lif^Iil:^ aud 
iMows. There the brown witer of Ihc can»nl sparkled ^nd gladdened 
JftAe von, >ml Mbcilo, leaning over ihe link brldgt, and fixin;^ lier 
tfa on the water u it h|»plcd jjaM the acoicr bank, mighv cupy^ ^oi 



The Gmtlcmsfis Magazine, 



the hour, the full ^tnaaticn of one who floats m a boat along a 
and w^ttchf^ tl'LC trfcs and the grai«fC8 of 1))o «hor^. Th« place 
quiet cnougbj and rich enough in tree* and shmbs^ and HtiIc 
quivering oui of ilie water, to Accm. at IcajjE b Minok's pleiicd 
like a s]>ot on ihc b^nk of the cami.1 fu in thucouiitTy» while yet 
was Eo her the peculiar and keen delight of Lnc^tving henctf in 
Somftimts, looj ii (^anal-boat came gliditL^c alcing, steered l^y n ttali 
and aunbumt woman in w ^cat straw bonnet, and the boat and 
wom^ji brought wild and dclictons ideas of lar-ofl country pUctfi 
woods anc^ gipsies, and fresh, h:ilf savage, half poetic life, 
extracted beautiful pictures and nmdi poeUy and romance from 
little bridge over the discoloured ciin^Ll, crccpine through the heart 

The population of T-oiiiIon — even its idlenu-uaually mov* 
in tracks and grooves. Where some go^ others go -, where few gD^ 
|jut none ^o. It is wondi:rfuI whiil htxir? of almost absoJute aolit 
Minola was able to enjoy in the tnidsl of Kegcni'* P^k* Sk 
indeed, constantly reached her : the cries nnd laughter of 
the shoutings of cnekclers, the dulled clamour of the metropolis 
These reaehed h?r a£ did the bleaimg of sheep and the tinklcof I 
bells, the balking of dogij and occasionally the fiero^, hofttte,' 
growl OT ro:ir of ^ome diMuTbed or impatient ^mlnial in thcZoulf 
Gardens near At liand. But many and many a time MinoL loi 
fat half an hour oti her httlc knoll or on her chosen bridge^ wit 
seeing more of man or woman ihan of the lions in ihtrtr ca^ei on 
other side of the euLlosure. There was a panltuUr hour uf the 
too, when the park in gcncml was especially descried, and it a) 
ahnost needles? to say that thlfi was the time seleaed iisuAlly by 
Grey for her families. It was somerimes a curiou*, half 
pleasure for her ihue aloilCi amid the murinuE of tlie tteci< to 
hersijl!', for the mouieni, back again within sighc of the 
Keeton, where she had spent so many weary ai^d volicaty hont' 
then awaking, to rejoice ant^w in her freedom ;i»d in Ix^ndon, 

It was a fortunate and kindly destiny which assigned to 
heroine a poetess for a companion. Much a* she lovod oct 
solitude, Minola loved still belter the spirit uf fidelity totheobli^C 
of true £amanxdmt\^XR^ if Miss Slandtct Imd had any manner ofi 
to do, from the mending of a slocking to tlic leaching of a 
which MinoLi could possibly have assisted her> Minoia wouU 
have tliought of leaving her to do the work alone. Or even if 
Blanchet had work to do in which Minola coidd not \\^\^ hel;ie(I 
hui 10 whii,h her presence vrould be Any maoacr of 

vtiidi Mary BUnchct did not i>tofcM ic belong, and 

vcr^ lo a cdnstA.nt nupidon thit Ci^nnnc mubt have 

for many previous nigbw grttitig her improvitiiionn hy 

all fvcoLs MiM Dl^uid^ct vu» not Corinnc, iud id^uircil 

\$nd ctuch thou^lLt and ccinpa.rison ol' tli>'mvA, vid even 

in dictionKte*!, in order to the composiiion of her potmi, 

H linu" Minoli ivmi well aware ih-it htr frfeiul bad a n^w 

pocDDi on hand, and that the poems i\oti]d be i:hurncd 

difficulty if the author were occosLOHAlly ItA to herself for 

twa Tl^erefbrc Minola was free lo gt» into Rfgcnt'sPark^ 

corwlerice anJ li^hL hcan. Tht woni,in who wn^ 

vllcd in the rustling !>raiichef 4in<l the »i^ht of the saft 

vas &]lcd with gbd visions and dreamt by the i)::iwing even 

ctcud«d, ilow canal-srream, anri was rapi into the ideiE at 

a rtx'U grOAuig m the water and shaken by tfie wind, 

renuuncd at home in a dull room, and haentncrcd out 

the help of a dictionaT^'. 

do Mrnob jusTicr* iht: was not wholly p.ven up, evt<n in 

ijnd Icntly hours, to the swccU innc»ccnt sch^uolisek^ ihixi 

bdn^f when :unid trees and the sounds of (lowing wnicr. 

if Kcraples about the poHtibls welfishne^s of her life, ond 

hei it "3s not wrong thus to live, and wht.'thcr it w-js 

\c fault of hers thai no opportunity pres-^ntcd iladf to 

ly good for man or woman. She wked hen^elf Kome- 

ihc haJ not been impatient aT}d wiirul in ber dt'^h^n^ 



T/u^ GmiU^Hans Magasim~ 

deir c£ So die experience or the ttadkloiu of e^cneiadoiM 
son of bctilious and jccumLiUtcd conscience for women indcpcnckr^i 
of nil) abstrncc or e(«mnl \o.-^i, and amountng in iitrc«gth to MMk» 
Ihing like iniiiition. Over thU %h;tdaw they c-innot \ca^, Minol^ 
filled ST nlie w^ witli d vcculuuly uulcpcndcnt ^piiit, aqiI drivirE bf 
circuTuauncc^ to consider iu indulgcacc a nRht and even « duif, 
not keep trom the orau:ton;xi conncnE of a doubt whetbet tfaot 
roi be somrthiDg ivrong in tlie coiiduei tif nity WfiriKUi whOt n[ 
any drcumatiDc::^. leaves voknijirily, and vtliilc &lic u yet tiiider 
the home of her cliddUoodr and takes up her abode unon; 31 
without gviardianSr tnistres*i of herself, and in lodgingi. 

Perhaps some ^uth ideas wcic in Miiujla"* mind when ihcl 
Mary Illaiicliut. a few mornings after Uic meeting* dcjicribcd \\ 
last chapler, and set oitt for a pleasant lonci/ W'»11c m Kefjcnt'fl 
Perhaps it wu the vciy pleasure of the walk, and the loLielineHb' 
missed for some d^)'». that nude her dread beint^ ^^cliish, and 
her downward into ^ drooping and penitent reaction. "TTib' 
never do," she kept thinking ; *• I ought to iry to do ttOmetl 
s!)niiTborly. I am growing ic think only of mywif— and I 
away fLOin KeeiOA because I was getting mcrbid ia thtaklug 

it was in this remorseful condition of mind that she ^ 
htfr rLLvoiiriic ntound, longing for an huiir of ijitiL-t delight then, 
liaff a^hLimcd of her longing. When »lic had ucsutyicvcbii 
height, she discerned that the fates had seemingly resolved tO| 
her for her love of solitarines*, by decreeing thai her ehown 
should thai ^^y be occupied. There was a scat on which ^he 
sat, and now a nun wa.i Ihercn Thnt was bad cnoiigh, 
could in an otdinoiy casc h^ve passed on, and sought dOi 
place. Now, however, she saw that that wtfi dented to her; ftr 
intruder was Mr. Vlclor Heron, and at the sound of bfr footfMfftI 
looked round, rccot^nlscd her, find was nircaUy coming towards 
with hat uplil'ted and courteous bow. 

The very ta\M moment cjf lime beTwecn Minola'a 6nt 
Mr Heron, and hi^ tccggnblng her, had enabled her qiiiek e^VS 
perceive that when he thuwght himself alont ^ht: was ariything 
the genial and joyous personage he appeared in company. Ai 
Miss Grey's ati^nii on was withdrawn frc^m her own ditappoiaii 
by the ail of inelatitholy, and even of utter despondetic\', 
the incc and 1i^ur« of the sealed man^ He seU lefttiing foi 
his chin supported by one hand, his eye% fixed moodily oft 
ground Hl' seemed to have wi inaivftei of contem wkh air, or 

Miss Misanikfvpe. 


loae, aad his UflrtE*comp1«xioDed face g9\% the imprcnioii of one 

ifjjr«iU« with foriunr Miiiok fch alinoic itr^aisiibW i!r;iwn 

obt vho iccnxd tinhapp)-. Hct hLtiiiiIc» ftii«kLiiiihro[jy went 

f Ma bcfllh in ihc pretence ot' Anv onan vl>t> ^pj^jcarcd to buHcrn 

Btt tte ctaii^e which cift6 crer Mr Heron when he gbv her oia 

lofy k l3:eT>ed to ihil vrhitli would br modi; by Ehi; autldcn illurai- 

>ȣ of a hotmr that a sccoDd hcfow uraa all dark, and seemingly 

BmMlc!^ He (^iBc to mci^i her with i;pnTllin[( cyc» .iTid ddighted 

C^ceEDim. Mr. Heron, St thcuk! ])CTha]H be explained, conuidprcd 

kifaetf M> nuicb oldci tlmi M»« Grey, w entirely cm expccienccdp 

vtve. not to uy oittwom maitr tluit lie did rot thmk of vrutting 

iffc whether Uk« Grey tvu indined lo enooura|;e <i TcnewaL 

I^K xqtaintAcce. He <:uii^iiU-red it his iluty lo be jjolile and 

u> the pretty %\z\ he lud met 01 Money's, and whom he 

nnatd 10 ht foor, and wnntjrig in fri«ndf^ 

" Hot fijminatc I ixx\\ to meet you here tn-diy : " he *aid- '* Voii 

mc, I ha(K%Mi>oC;rey? — f haven't ciUlcd you Miflit Money 

itiakc Come, now— 'don't say you have forjcoitcn mc." 

^] coidd tkot ifty I ha<] fcrgoctcn you, for it vonld t;ot he uiie, 

^Tlunk you ; that vas very prettily Mid, aikd kindly." 
"Wm it ? I really didnt mean it to be eilher pretty or kind-^ 
«ly ibe tnah." 

"I «w^, yon go in for h^^irtg HfiwriHphi, and raying only wh« yon 

I am very jE^^d- So do J, and I am very much delighted to 

wu here, Mii.', CUey- C*rme, you iH'on'E say as muth for me ? ' 

I eannoc «ay that I >^'as gl^d to «ee anybody jiist j^ere -, thii 

Si ilnw^st alvi^yt dewned, evrojil hy me." 

" You eomc here often, ncd you arc TOiry to have your retreat 

taiken in upon? Pon't hesitate to li^y ^, Mt?^s Crcy, And 1 will 

i^^tomiive not to eomt^ into tliT« pnri of the park — or into any part of 

TAe pa^k Ibr thai matter — Any uioiC' Why bliuuld t disturb yon?" 

He Hpod^e vSih injch cjinteMneset And Kiirh evident ninrcrily that 
llinola began 10 feel asdiained of her ]>rev]ous ungracioiiAness- 

"That votild he rather hard upon yoti, and a litfle :irrog3nt on 
119 |>m,* she «aid, vtiilin^, '* The jiirirk iin't miner - and, if it were, 
I am MTC I could not 1>c »clli^h cnotiti:h to ivi^^b to &hiit you out from 
9MJ pATl of iL BuE 1 am in the habit of beint; a good deal alone ; 
sod I fell it Dukr?i mr a little rude nitiil velH^h licineiimes- I u-aK 
dtrnking of tkit juat ^ I oamc up hcrci aiid savr yoUn" 
•■ Then yoa ww me before I *Jiw you ? ' 



The GcntUman's Afitf^zrn^. 


" I vn jiiatid you must have seen a \XTy voc'bcsi>nc pcrfi< 

" Yc« ; you Kcemcd unlmppy, 1 thought." 

" There ia tomctliing uyntpatlietic iboui you, Mitt Cr«y, fbr 
)^iir ccIdDCfs and londincs." 

^'Surely," said Mii« Oi^y, *'a womw without >omc fcdii^ 
aympMhy would be hardly & to hvc'' 

" Yoa think *o * " he asked, quite eirn«tly auid gnvcly ; " lO da] 
— BO do I iiidtcU. Men hnvclailetiiiie losymiulliuc withiui 
ue ftU Eoo busy wicli tlictr own itf[hir«, U1utt should wc do bvi 
the fiyntpaihy of women ? Now tell mc, why do you itmtls at tlutj 
1 saw Uiai you wt^re trying iiot to laugK" 

*^rcculd QOl help ^milio^ a Uttlc, iL wia »o thorouglUy 
iL scnticncnL" 

■MVaih? How U that, now?'' His direct way of pro] 
hiii {ju^:^tion£ rLtlicraniu!ted j^uddid not displease hei, Ii wul 
the way of a rAlioiial nun ulking wit]) Anotlicr latiomil bciiiE- 
of convcruLtion which haa much ^ttntcltcn for ^omc wontcn. 

"Well, because it looked upnn women lo honestly a* crtj 
only formed to mtkc ncn nuinfiiriiihle, by roining uji ajxl a] 
thiaing willi them when they arc in a humour for syrapaihy» and 
rctiTing out of the way into their corner again." 

•* 1 can assure you. Miss Grey, ;hit never has been my 
Nottiing of ihc kind, indeed. To tell the mjih, I have not 
much about the aympAlliy of women ftud all ihai. I have bi 
awfully out of the world, and 1 never hod any tinlers aiid J 
remember my motlier^ I know women chiefly in poemt 
romances, anj I betieve I gcneruUy adopt the guildc^^ ihcory. 
honest truth, moat women do seem to me a sort of goddcMCf." 

*'Vou will not be long m England wjihouE urileaming 
theory," Miss firey said- "Our writers seem to have hjLTtU^ 
iiubjcct now but llie fitults and follies of women. One might 
limes thiuk that woman was n newly-discrovercd cnc&turc tiul 
world could never be done with wondering at." 

'^ Yes, yes ', I rcsd a good deal of that sort of thing out ill 
colonies. But I have rcLaincd the goddess theory su far. at 
Mrs. Money seems to me a aoit of divinity. Miss Money '\9 a 
saint i she ought to go about witli a giU pine round her head. 
Lucy Money seems like a little angel ot IJghL Aic you 
again ? I do asiure you these arc my real feelings." 

*' i was not smiling .it the idea, but only at the difference 
it antl the favourite ideas of most people at present, even of 
about ivgmcu/^ 

Misi Misanthrope, 


I waft A liltlewitb jou," Mr. llcros uid, 'or will >xiu 
iere, if yog uc Und. aad v«irtl^ Ulk? Uon'l aUiid on 
'and mqJ inc awi/, ^though I iriU ^o if 3'ou 1)k«, ^nd not 
r)c4U<)(TE.-ndcd. Tlutif wcmiglit talk fotaliLiJc it would givt 
ipIcASbrc* Voa siid jutt row that )^u dxl not nUh lo be 
It wiU be «i>" yav;l&ih a^J very ^"nd if you wjU I«t mo 
;i litil*. 1 fdt very wretched when yoii rame np, qiute 

Lno ! Fnny don't ^tpcol: in that way. Vou do net mean le, 

«ense f do mean \\ — iliat is, it is qiitEc true that I should 
mjAclf irJio the wntcr or blown my braina out ; that 
»ccnis LO mc like Etbondonin^ one's po«t wilboul nrdcta 
Bdt J fell Ln the condition of [iiicd vlicn one 
[UDikrsUuid bow audi ihiugft arc done, uiid wuitid be ^loil 
Ircc <o follcAT the e>4impte^ For 0t< that ia & icic4t 
itself/' the )'OUiif( man added wjth tome bitlcn^e::9i. 
cm I do for him?" Miss Grey Milled heritlf irentnlly. 
but to siiGw him ilic view from the canal bridge. There 
dK m my power. — There is ft very pretty view a fihoTt 
this," ti»c fiiid ; "a view from * bridge, and I .im 
of looking ffinn brid^f^n. ShoiflcJ you like 10 walk 

to walk anywhere willi you," Victor Heron said, 

tuioe graiefulnciE, which had not the fainiesr breath 

It in it, and could only be aetepted as frank tnitJi. 

is, if Mbf Grey had been a tov«i-brcd girl, she might Jiavc 

It Mtting out Tot .1 ccmpanioriRhlc walk in (Jie pjuk with 

in who was alrnoit 1 strangtT 10 her But, as it waji, she 

llo herself to liavc all tlic right of fiec action belonging to 

of which the public opinion can in no wific toueh her. 

in London .ti; freely aa one speaks wtlh a friend in a 

hotel room, wht^rc he knows that the comiiany »roimd arc; 

ffiindcntand what be u saybg* In this particular instance, 

{UiDoU hardly thought about the matter at all* There waa 

itt H«ton'<open ard emotional way whieh made people 

the first meeting cea^e lo tcgarJ li iio as a stranger. Perlupst, 

lliought over the ivaitcr,5he migEit have cited in vin- 

hor course the valuable authority of Major Pendennia, 

Atked whether I-mra might |ifopf^rly l^ke Wiilk^ in iht* 

irdcDt with Wairington, eagerly said, ** Vcs, yes, begad, of 

go out with liun. lt'3 like the country, you iuiQv ; even- 



Th Genil^nmns M^gasinr. 

body goes out with cvcr>'body in ihc Ginlcnfl ; wiO there art In 
you know, -ird iha! wrt of Ifiing. F.vcrybo^j' walks in th« T 
GaHc-ns," Rogcnt"< Paris, one wnuM ihmk, ought ro cone 

the aAiiic Uws, 'J''ha^ jtrt bca<llcs tJiert, too, or guardiui Id 
mia of sDnii; son, jilihou^h it may he o^vncct ihat in Ihcit 
nnd from the cinal bridge Heron and HinoU cncotmi«fcd 

It '\% doubtful whether 1 Fcron, at Icut vould hare 
a p«r«ona^ even hiid h<T como in thvir way, for ht ttflwd 
all the time, i^xcept vhcn he pau%c<I for ui answer to fiome-j 
i)ueAlion, and he ^elJom took h\% ey«i frx)m Minob** Eice. 
not alarirg at licrr, or bfctldly ftdrairing her ; nor. iadecd. 
;^nylhi^g in hi^ manner to make ii certain that ho iran adrniri 
fli'all, as man 4:oiw(-"mionally is undi-mofld to ailmirc n-orruit, 
he had cvidctilly put Miss Grey into the place of a sympftth 
tmslcd friend, and he talked to her accordingly. She wM 
and imer«ted, and *hc tiow cml ihcn kt-pt rnaking liltlc di 
ciiticiims to heraelfp in order to auatoin her place as the cod 
cuitor of man, IJut she via very luppy for all that. 

One characlcriulic pccnliarity of this<]*ii and nA 
quaint;ini:eshii» ought tu be mentiartd. When people <ti 
"Gil Bias" they would have remembered at once how the 
woman received delJRhtedly the advances of Cd Bias, beho 
to be a getiibman of fortune, And hew Gil Ubs paid (Jfeit 
the waiting- woman, believing her to be a l-idy of rank. The 
fncnds in Regent's Paik were drawn It^cihcr by exactly o 
pulses : each believed the other poor and unrrietidcd, M 
imder the impression that she was giving her sympnthy toa 
and imhappy young nan, who had f^tiled in life ahiio^tat 
be^Dnmg, and was now fnendless in si any -hearted l^ondon* 
Heron was convinred ihiif his companion was a poor c-tphan 
had been seni down hy luiafortime from a po^Llion of 
cvca wcaUh, to cam her bread by aotnc nort of intellectual 
while she Lived in a small back room in a depnstaed and m 
quarter of Loudon, 

He told her the .story of hb gntvAUce ; It may be that 
told her some parti; of tt more than once. It wa« a straogQ 
lo her, a* she walked on the soft preen turf, in the cilver-grey 
sphere, to hciir this young man, who seenied tc have Irved 
tmdislrjinge a Ufc, appealing to hc:r for an opLDiou atf to the 
ought to pursue to have his cause set right The St- X^mer** S 
meats do Di>t geographically count for much, and polid 

wi pobucalli 

Misx Jifisanfkrfpi, 


kf rtiH lea But wh^ Mr. Heron toM of his having been 

ilbirtntdr and commndant ther? ; (jf ]^i« having made itcatioa 

nd^boiiriii^ ^i»S^ ^^^^' k.rirv llicy urrt only libi.V Wiii^); ot 

bning cried lo piit down aI.ivctv. .find to maml^in wh;it lie pi^r- 

in bdicring to be the true honour or tnjclaml ', of war made 

■m. aftdvar fiiad^ by hiin m rvmrn — ivhtle ."(he Itit^netl to nil 

It it uo wcicidct if oui loiiuiillc ^iil fioiii Dukc'a Riretoii ^ome- 

thfiughl ahc mu cOAvctning niih one of Ehe heroes and mnster- 

of the lime- He nuule the whole slory %wy clear to her, and 

llhorou^lyonflentoort ir ihhoughherimitginatmrt and licfr ^crrvt 

lofoctimcfi <Ii4iurbcrI b^ the ucpic i;Iaic which sccnictl to cltiiic 

the plitct^ and cvcniK he descnbcd. At la^ they acm.iUy ciirnc 

ibeffjifidmg on the canal Imdge, and neither looked .it the view 

h»lLOltW lU U'C- 

Now, whii do jfot: advise?" Heron ?aid, afti^r havrnj: aevetal 

impressed Aomc parttcuLrLT pomi on hen " 1 atUi;h great iin- 

to a iroman'* advice. Vou have instincts, and all rhiT, 

wc harcu'l i at least, so tretybody ?jyi \S'oul(l you kt this 

dBOp Bhogcihcr, and lo' ^i^^ <'^<^r career, or would you ti^t 

■t vonfd fight it oiti/ Mtnola wid^ looking np trt him with 
ig eyes. " and 1 would never iet it drop. I ivould make ihcin 
'jMt »'hfl! I think ; juti what I came to EngLind resoKtd to do, 
the idea of giving m ; hut people lierc di^Loura^e inc- Money 
wch lie saya the Government will ncvcc do anything 
I malce myielf troiibl<«omQ." 
"WclJ, then, why noi makr yoimclf ftnohlfflomo?" 
"I hxvc niMle niywlf ttoiiblr^nmt.- in one senso," be Sniid, with a 
kind of [auf;li, ^*by haunlin;; flnicchflrnbcis,ai;d trying lo force 
to K« nte who dou'i wsini to s«e me. Hut I tan't do any 
oTihat hin<) rf work ; I am iick of it Inni ashnmi^d of having 
it at alL" 

'\eB, I couldn't do thnt^^ Minola said irmvcly. 
"Then/' Heron wid, with a hti3e em!j3Tras*mcni, "a man — a very 
^ilind nTll'D^caning Mlow, an old friend of my firher'* — ciflVfed 
t)iain>ducc me to i^dy Cher!*cy — i very clever wom:in, a queen of 
«ny, I tm (old, Tvlio gets all ihe world (of politics, 1 mean) mto 
fcffifciwing.rooTn, and delights in being a 9on of power,and all that 
woouldpmh 1 fellow. ihryAa^iWJudcifLtlly if ^hcLuok aiiy interest 
JftUnt aat 1 couldn't do that, you know," 
r*No?— »hynot?" 


366 Tfi€ G^niUmofCs Magazim^ 


-«■< ^*Well, I iJioiiklii*t Gire to be iatrodjcctl to a ladj^ di 
room with the atcrct pLirpasc of trying to get htr to do me a i 
There ficcns somcthirg mc^n in iJut^ BHid^s, J have « ca 
lea^t, 1 think I have) which is loo good to Ik scrwd in that I 
way. If I c<itt*t get A healing and justice itDiittlKGaTcniD 
England ;ind the iicuple of En^ljinil lor the ^c of rght and 
daimfl l hdvcr^ J tvill never try to get it through — ah, vcLI,p<E 
ought not to say whnt [ was going in wy/' 

*^ Why not? ■' Mitn;k jskcd again, 

*' I nwan^ perhaps J ought not to say It lo you." 

'■ I don't know, really. Tell mc what it is, and then 111 ti 
whcthcT you ought to say it." 

lie Uughed. ^* Well, I wa^ only going lo say that 1 doQ'ti 
have my caii^e ««rv^ by petticozit inllijence." 

^ " I thini yoti arc quite right If I were a man I ihouU 
petticoat influence in sudi a matter contemptiLJc. But vhyi 
you not hke lo say so ? " 

" Only because 1 was afraid you might thmk I meftnt la 
contempiYiously of iht influence arid tht advice of woraen, 1 
mean any tiling oftbt kind. Ihavc the highest opiniu» of thead 
ivometi and their influence, as I hive fold you already ; bui 1 c< 
endure the idea of having a lady, who doesn't know or cafe an 
about me snd my claims, ashed by sotni^body to say a woid t( 
. great man or aomc maji's wife, In order thai I might 
hearing. I am sure ycu understand what i mea:), MUs Grey.' 

** Oh^ yes, J never should have nu^under^iood it ; and 1 
thai you are quite right. Jt would be a dowurigbl degratUtion 

*' So 1 felt. Anyhow, 1 could not do it. Then there icmai 
nnaking tnyself troublesomei as Money advises " 

*'Ves, what is th;it?" 

" Getting niy case brought un again and again in the Hi3 
Commors, and luviag debates about it, and making the vi^iok 
pubhcj and so forcing the Government cither to do rac juf 
to satisfy the country that justice has already been don*,*' b 

" That would seem to me a right thing to do/* Miss Crcj 
" but I know so little, that I ought not to offer a word of achic 

" Oh, yes, I should trust to your ft-elings aud instincts id 

case. Well, [ don't like, somehow, being in the hands of poU 

and party men, who might use me and my cause only as a mc 

annoying l^t Government — not really from any sense of rig 

Justice, 1 dou\ Itnow if [ make myself ijuitc uudersiood ^ it J 

Miss MisauiArope. 


i» e9cti a h4/, cfpociaily \ young J^id/, to und^rmnd tlMoe 

"J task 1 cftA qtflic uiulcr«tiuid *ilL thai. Wc atc not ^ sUipid 
Pf9U Ktm x> suppose, Mr Hcron.^^ 

Seapid ^ OidA't J tcl] you of mf goddess Ihvor)- ? " 

Some of the jodileKtt wt^;; very stvij^id, ] jIwi/* ihioit Venui 

'WclJ, vcU ; taybow ]rou aro not Vcnuf." 

la iki «eiue, I iDfia Tli«n I do micceeti in nuluogmyftcir 


ycsl" Sh^ could aee Chat he vas locking diaappcinted 4t 

iptiOQ avid her «cniing levity, nhtch was indeed only the 

of iinomcmiity impulw mVL-qi up icj Wsdf Let duractL'r us 

Kotncr of iDcn. '^ 1 think I undcnt^nd quite clearly thai you 

krte be oudc the men: initnnncnt of poliiicutnfi ; :ind I think you 

[iv^oocnghr I did not think of ihiit :it fnt^ thm you 

qbn il, I am sore iIiAt you arc right.'* 

Be Boddcd approvingly. " llien comes th« qucsuoD^" h^ 6t]d» 
*iN«w be<lon';?" 

I^ntag afjainst thebndgc, he vhnifst hiKh^nclN into hiA pockf^tK, 
Mttflod looking mto her f.icc, oa if he were rc^ly waiting; fur her 
%ntr(the probktn for him. 

'Tlui U cmirdy heyond me," <ho nid " I know nothbg ; I 
Md ttH even guesit »< whnt ou^hl to be done," 
*"So? Kow, here is my idci. UTiy xioi plead my cauac myself? " 
*Plvbdycureaafteyour«eifI Con Uutbedone? " 
« : Tnrf«^ir-*in ParlLimenL'* 

.'* mind ai once formetl and framed a picture of a stately 
, like a Roman xScnatc, or hkc the group of King Agrippa, 
B«taic« And tl;e reel, and Mr. Hebron pleading his cauECf like 
or PauL The thing «eeme{.1 hardly coagruoiis^ It did not 
tohcr to fall in withmodcn^ conditions at all. Hcr^ebeuinie 
; she did not well know ft'hat to answer. 
■"Are people allowed to dii* such thing* now, in England?" she 
•■ttl "to plead causes Iwforc Parliament ?" 

llodd idcA came up in her mmd, that perhaps by the time this 
tap performance came to be enactvd, Mr. Augustus Sheppard 
■^ be in Pnrlianicnr, and Mr. Heron's enihu^iastic eloquence 
tald tuivc to be addrcA^d to h\ii\. She did not like the 
"Vou dottt understand," Heron said. "You really doii\» Hv\s 


268 The Grnttcma^'-s Maf^asin4* 


W]iJLt I niciD Is 10 gel into F^rUAEncnt— be elected fc 
iad then starA up and nuLkc my own (jght for mysdH* 

Sht Hndlfd at the idcra. 

"Oli.yr*. of coiirw ! Howsrupid 1 amootiose^ atooce 
v» a spkcidid Idctt ; ilic vci> thing 1 should like to do If I wen 
oJid in >our fHacc^^' 

"You really think »o?" 

** Indeed I d<>, But. tlicii — " ;iud slic htaiui«l, fi>r she Gfsu 
ahc btd been only encouraging him to n nild drckm— "doa 
coal a iffeftt dcii of monty to gel into Vatliamcni ? " 

" No ; [ ihiiik not ; nut iiTwiiys^ ai leasL I should look 
an opirtjriunit/, I have money cnougli— for me. I'm not 
man, Mif^f^ LIrcy, but my fiUvcr left me well enough off, nkt jar 
goes ; ind you know Ehi\r in a place like St. XjivicVs one < 
upend Ai\y ilwne>'. Tlieic wai uo way of ^rltiTig rid of h. /J 
troubles arc none of them ntoney tioubleftt I o^^ly wintto vl 
my past rju'ccr, and '^^ to h:ivp a eaiccr for ihe future- 1 oiigj 
doing lomethiiijj. I feel ii:i jin ui-thiraUhy ^utc of mind while 
\% preMing on tnc, You understand ? " 

" J can vindcrsliuid it." ^^»^ Grey aaid, turning to Sear e the 
and heatowinp one glance at the yellow^ slou-moving ^'ater, a 
reeds and iht* biislies of wliidisht-andhtrcompaniun had not 
a word. '^It h not good Lo hctve to think of ODcxcli! 
you nre hound Co vindicate yourself; thnt 1 am sure la ym 
Then yoti cjti think of other ihmg? — of ihe pitNic a 
count ry." 

" He is rich/' she ihousKt. '' nnd he is ckvcf and earnest, 
of his egotism, Of cou^L- tn- yaII have a career, and b« aiiC 
I ihoughr tKil he wa^ jiotjr n.nd liroki^n-dnwri, and that 1 vai 
him a kiiidne^g by ^liowiiig »; nipathv with hzin." 

They went away together, and Heron, delighted wi 
encouragement and ber tntelltc^nccT unfolded splendid plane < 
he was Id do. Bin Miiiola MUiithow entered less f^ordiallyiai 
than she had done bcfoTO. and Mr. Heron at last became asha 
talking so iniich about himself. 

"I hope wc shrill iTieei iigajn/* he said, as she stopped tignil 
at one of the galea leading nut of ihe pa.rk, tu intimate that na 
roadd were si:|>arating. '' I wish you would allow mc to call i 
you. 1 do hope you won't tlilnk me odd, or thai J am preaun 
your kindness, 1 nm a s-rmi-barkitian, you know — have \- 
long out of civiiisation— and I haven't any idea of the wa^a 
poiite woM." 

Afus MisttutArope. 


"Norfr"uiid Minob ; " I tutvc come from utter borbartim— from a 

'Bii I do hope vif ihflll itittt J^in, for yiou nre «o «>mpAtlielic 

Sfcp tfldc him good'dair, and nCK!d«d with a friendly smile, bat 
no uifwer to the rcpcatG>d exprewion of hia hope, and Uie 

[' ticroo could Elot endure walking aloiic ji»l then. lie h^iilcd t 
uid dbappeored. 
How tain wen aref" Minob thought a£ she went her wiy. 
"Ho* qp^tislic they all an?!" Of coHrw *ihp aswimed herself to 
btrobuiiied a complete knowledge of all iJic chamclcn of incEin 
'Row Tgotiftic tie i« I Of course he tdls hia whole story to every 
wun be mcec, l^ury Money no doubf ha* it by heart." 

Skcdid ROE remember for ilic tiiom^nt tliat licr own favourite 
iom hlcewv^e somewhat cj^ti.^tic and cffiivivc. and that he wo^ 
«7 a^ 10 pour out the itotj" <** *"* wrongs into the ear of any sym 
pttlcin: wonua. Btii ihc was dr&ip[>o)nied with herself and her 
bid just now, anO w^ ool in a inootl to cn.ilLe pctfecLly rca«oa- 
-dli cii>inp«ruotu. 

A '^IlEl^PKIt OP VNtfATPV UEff." 

Uts. MoKi:v had one great object m ttfe. At least, If it was 
ut objeel defined and «et out before her, it was an in&uncE: 
itTu 10 make people hnppy. She eould not rest without trying 
tt Duke iicoplc happy. The motherly Jiiatincl, which in oihcr 
*>Bini ij ntisficd by mahing at bubJcs whctcvcr they Art to be seen, 
od ntiniftcr^ng to Iheni, and fondling thtrm, .and talking pigeon- 
Bi^IjiJi to them, cxnlicmied in her scj f;ir u.^ to set her irying to do 
^twlhcr's port for all men and women tvho came within her range, 
^•o «hen iheJr years far e3icc<:ded hcr^ Thorc was one greiit 
*fa«atsge to herself pcrsonjilly in thi« '. it kept her content in what 
W tome lobe iicr own sjihcrc One cannot go meddling in die affairs 
^^ehessei and countesses and Ministers of S(nte, with whatever 
^^J detiic ol fcetting evoT^tUing lo riijhis and making Ihetn ail 
^^PpT- People of that rhiss give ihrmfwlves siith haughty aim that 
^ would mlhcr remain unhappy in their own way ilian obtain 
hand 0/ iomc pcrsi/n of inJcrior station, &g liV^b.l<\QTit^ 




Tht Gentlancu's Af^iga^nt. 

believed ; And pahips ont secret ciUM of hex dis&kc to 
cracy (along with ihe avow«d conviction that the ari^too^ii 
had somebDw mitpritcd uid tnierfrml wiilk h<7 husband) 
feeling tlut if fibc were among tlieni they would not allow b 
aajpthinf; for them. She thcreTorc nuinutned a drdc of « 
was faenelf (he queen and |)atrone«s and Ijdy Bountifi 
buried ht^raelf a\s\i\i\ everybody'^ aflkirt, Jjid w;k^ kiud la i 
bodvi without any feeling of dclij^hl in the nierc work of poaqi 
butoutoratlK^er pleasure in ti>ing ioniikepex>pileh2ppx. }m 
she made mi^t^ikcs, nnd the gencriil system of her flodul circle^ 
so u to OGCJULon a coniirtual ehiuijcci .i passing iiway of old fi 
and ccming in of t^^y.: A& young men rotw in the 
beciime independent, as girU gtn ro^rrled and canae to 
iheinsclvcs *up(eme in ihcir own sphere, they tcnJeil li> ra 
fn^m Mr?. Monc/^ influence. Kvcn the grateful and the 
eould not always avoid this, For beginners in any p«tii d' 
was the speciaily-appoiniLfl helper and fritnd ; and next 
she might be called the patron saint of fAilurcf. In lici ti 
young pocli, painters, kwyers, novch&tH, prcflL'bcn, ambitiooi 
looking out for se-ils in Parhflment, or beginners in Puluun^nt 
there wcic the grey old poel» whom no oae Te;u) ; the pai 
could not get their pictures exhibited or boLifihl ; the men who 
Parbament ten or tweiUy ycar^ ago, and got oul and nc*er 
m again ; and the inveiLiorswho CDuld nut irnpres anygovvnua 
capitaliHt with a sense of the value of iticir drscovcrici. No 
Tonkt siiccEB^rui pereon of any kind was URiially to be found b 
Wone/s TOnms. Her guesr? were the youiht who were 
amioui on for ihc battle, and ilic wcmi'Oitt cainpcugnen who b 
it off, defeated. 

NamraUy, when Mii^oh Grey came in Mrs. Moaey'i wi 
sympathy and interest of ihi; kindly Lidy were quickened M 
keenest This beautiful, motherless, failierlesi, pnjud, lonri> 
not so old as har own TEieresa, not older than her own Lucy^ 
by Uergelf, or almost by herself, in gloomy lodgings in the k 
London — how could she fail Ui be an object of Mt». Motmi/' 
concern } Of cour.ic Mi^. Money must look inlo all her affpn'i 
find out whether she w:is i^oot ; and in what w)rt of way il 
living ; and wbtihtr the people wiih whom the lodged were kind 

Maiy Blaiiohct's pride uf hearl <^ii hardly be ricMTibe'J tt\ 

Open caniage. with a pair of splendid ^cys, itoppcd at lijc l 

the house in the no-[horoughfare street, and a footman jot doi 

knocked; and it £naJly appoftr^d iJlwx t4n. Monty, Mist 1 

Atiss Misanthrope. 371 

Aif Uk L4JCJ Money had cillcd to jcc Miss Grey- Miss Git), aa 
I ^lttppeDn!| was net at bomc, oJthoufih the eervant at Bmt «uppo9cJ 
|0biikffra; 9ind thiti th^ thre^ Udict were ftliown idio Miaola^K 
;mb(«D(Ms, 4nd thtrc almost insuntly ntpiured by Miss BTanch^-T. 
^tty ■^ilmcHt^bctauscilicrc was an ujicrval longcnouKhfor T,iicy 
todw! iboul the room from point 10 poini, taking «^ a book here, a 
liffr of mmic thtr^, nr «ngrftvirtg, n phntngtuph, or n flower, and 
^WOflUDcipg tvcryiiuiig ddiijViiffii. The room was old-Oshioiied, 
gld oy and sobd, wvf unhkc the tiny apnni-nents of ih« ordinary 
pea-cDd lodgtB^i tnd, wtuc with the liowers and the bookv, tt 
MDf looked rather an atunclivc {)Uc:c ii> cniliusij^tic eyes, MIsR 
MsMy kept ber cy« on the ground for the most part and professed 
bt^ little notice of itic ordm^iry iidommerLts t>l Tooins ; for Mldh 
Mmy wnt a fiaini, AiTd wn^ furtkermoTc cngageii to a in^in not flsir 
h^t bcr fjkthcr^* y<ia^^ who, having made a grc-il dc^'il of n>oney at 
lit puUuDOitarx bar, wa^-i now tlunking of entering ihc Churchy and 
bdofrOKly set about the building of a temple ol medueval style, in 
ttt propels of which Miss Money namrally wa^ deeply inicrested. 

Um Blaiichet vrx) in a J3uttcr of eACUenicnt as bhc culcicd the 
ttbg'foom. As ihc was eros^ting its threshold she woa considering 
trfiaEber she'ou^bt to present :i ccpy of her poems lo each of the 
be Udics or oidy to Mis, Money, and whrfilier >«he ought id ti^zider 
^ pA BOW or >cad it on by ihe post. The solemn eyc^ and rni' 
fOU^ pretence of Mrs, Money were alniosC alflTming^ and lh« 
"bifta^ dn^se^ and feather? of jiTl the ladie* sent a thrill of admimiiDn 
ttdhoimif^ into the heart of the poetess — everything was so evidently 
IfHoo regardless of expense. Little Mary had always b<;cn so poor 
Ww stalled in the matter of wardrobe that she conld not help 
llfcifiiig the<c splendidly-dreised women. Mary, however, luckily 
p^lubilLJ what wa:i due to the dj^ily of poetic genius, ^nd lUd 
[■tdlov her homage to ihow itself too much in the foim of trepida- 
, fa^ She in«tantly put on her best company manners, and spoke in 
jfc tweelJy'mciuuied und genteel tone which she ii?5cd to employ at 
JMrton, when the iiad ocoaJon to interchange a word with ihc 
' Wge^ Of the *hcrilffl, or some eminent counacL 

"UinDla will be home in a few moments — \ very few," Miai 
' Cachet saij. "Indcnl, I expect her every mmuten I knew she 
■Wd be creatly disappointed if she did not see you." 

''Oh, I am not gomg without seeing Nola I " said Lucy. 

"1 am Minok** friend," Mary explained, with placid digntiy. 
'Itty iJUtodncc myiclf My brother, I know, ha^ already the 
iflpftg of your ^^aamtoncc J axe Mbs BJanchct." 



"Mr. Herbert ni^nchct's sititcsr?" Mi^ Mwicy s^tli in md 
dioly tore, but with dcli^bted «*yed ; *' thu ii indeed aq unexfec 
and 1 very grral pleasure." 

*'\>'^yt >ou don'c mean to »^y you arc Herbert BlAndid'ctiflei 
Lucy cxcUimcti, scijun^ btjih Ihc hand* of ihc poctcu. "^ He't 
ino«t ddigbtTul creature, ^nd a tme poeu Ohr yes, a nun of gaiai 

The eyes of M^iy moi^Tcnt'd wlih happiness and pride. 

'' llcfbcrl JlUnchct in my biod)cr. He \\ taucU yuna^Cf thvi 
1 need hardly say ihaL 1 used to lake core of him ycort a^ aIoM 
» if I u'ere hifl moihcr Wo were a Jong time sepmlcd ; he I 
been ho irru<Ii ^^brondn" 

Tbc fmtbfLiI Mary would not for &I1 die world IiatC miggCiUd 
admitted thai their long separation wa« due to any indiffcreiici 
the part of hw brother ioJeed, at ibe morieni *hc was pot thinli 
ufanylbiug uf tljc kind, nuly tjf Iiis geniu^, ;i[id bis bcxuty, aod 
noble heart. 

" He never told me he had n eiiler," Mrs, Money taJd, "<f 
i^boiild have bet^n df?Hgbt<-d to call on you king ngo^ Mika Blin^ 
It is ycnif Ijrilhurs fuult, nul mbc. I shall tell him io.'" 

'^]]c did nut know tlial \ was coming to I^ndon," Man" 
quidt to explain j ^'hc thought 1 wSiB still living in Keeton. I 
c:iine to London wih Mmola." 

*'Oh f Vou livul in Kecion, then, al^viiys, alon^ wHh 

" How dtilif^htrul t" Lucy c){clainic(!, desisting from her oocdl 
tion of opening books nnd Turning over music; ''foryou cioidl 
all about Nola, Jiiil her \ii\K story/' 

*'Her love story?" Mrs. Money rcpcacedi in toned of radoMbl 

*' HtT love siorj' t" Miai Blancbet miirmnrcd tremuloudy, 
woQtleriiig who had bctrajed Minola's setrcL 

" Oh> yes," attid Lucy decisively. '* I knaw thcrc*» jocoe 
story — sometliing romantic and delightful. Uo ttll u^ 

Even thesidnt-Hkc Theresa now shuned a mild and bccoffli 

" It's not exactly a love story/' Mies Blanchet said, with 
besilalion, not well knowing wJiat she ought to reveal aud wtilt 
keep bflck. " At least, it's no love alTaii q\\ Minola's put, S3ie 
wft* in love— ncvcrn She detests all love making —at least, de 
so," tlieptjetesssaid, with ag^nilt- sigk ** Bui there waaa 
who WAS \cty muLh ui love vitb bttn" 

Miss 3/isafU/trofit:. 


*0b, the ni»t have had bcj^M of lovcn I" interponcd Li^cy< 

JinBlinch^ that told the 4tory of Mr. Augustus Sliepp-iiri, and 

bvkvuricli jutdhandfoiDc — it tciM, ritlici liunthomc^hcuul-^i 

bo» he warned to mArty MinoiihL ftnil Jicr people very much' 

thai ihe nrculH have him, and «h« would not ; and how aX 

ishehxumed htfrflighl tii l^ndon to gel rid nf liitii. All thh 

tfiQof dtiigfacTuI intcrcM to Lucy, and still furtlicr quitkcucd itic 

IfApUby of Mrs. Money, Then Mary Bbuchel went mio a 

jttdiy abcmc the dcAth of Mtnoh'i mother nnd the second mjirTiagc 

ili*K fither* and ihcc tHc fAihet*?} dc<ith ind iFie stcpniQiher'A 

njyrrii^, ^d tbc discomfort of the home which fate liddt]>u?j 

M i0t ^(mob. She expaiiaicd upon the happfne&s of the 

life MmolA h;id hxcl while her mother wait living, and ihc 

that uui^r ui^trjii licr ;l/tc^M'4tdi^, ujiiil i]ic i^nly doubt Mrs. 

kid ever entcrumud iibout Minolo — .1 ^oiibt .^ (o the perfect 

'|M|ikt| ind jud^crit o( hcT cortimg to live a1nio«i aEone in 

I— Tani-slied nho^cilter, ;uid Jilie ie^;iaJed ulu heroine as n 

ttfao hid been drivcu from her home, instead of having llcd 

Uff^ MODey deltoildy and c:Hamion£ly :i|>|>Tiuti:hed the mbjf^et of 
llik3U'«t»cfln«of suWiitenae. On di]» jiolnlno one could enlighten 
kibdt«f than htit-v Blanchcti who knew lo the Ki;ipcnce the income 
Hiffpenditure of her friend. Wclf, Minob was not badly ofl' for 
IpU yJin^ Money thoiif^hL A girl ronid live nicrly and quietly, 
k« bdy, but very quietly, on that. Besides, some rich man M'ouid 
■ me to fall in love with her 

'Bot the ought 10 have a great deal of money," ihc poeieia 
*Vrly npUinedn very piOHd of her leader's liases, " Hrr fiilher 
*ftAniii m^ni quite a rich man. and he had (fU:irrGlkd with licr 
hitocr,aDd she oiifiht lo have ail the money, only for tlut 5p<:ond 
ilteni^** Indeed, Misv Blanchcr ^ddod ihr csprcswon of her own 

Naaod conviclion thai tJicrc must have been some queer w-ork— 

•■tetODCCiilittcni or jom t thing— alotit Mr, tlrey's property, seeing 
' ^cT'IfCtltf of tt came to Minol^^ 

"Hi jrt Mr Money 10 look into all 1 hat," Mrs Monty mliJ 

i^^ly "He undcr^tand5 all about these thingB, iu;d nothing 

Wild be hidden from him." 
Mi» Blanchet modestly fnWm.ited rhiii shr had rnnfidtd Ikt 

^^ocicra tu bet liother, and begged him to try and Und cut 

'Oh, he never could understand anything about h!" Lucy uid. 
'^«li uever Itncrv about diesi- ibrn^s. It's just tn pa.\TaS \tfift, 

^<CK. .•» #?«^ T 



Tkf Gmi/enuiH's Afagasine. 



Hell And out. Tlic^ CA^^ baffle htm. 1 knov they fuvc 
cheating Nota— I know ihcy ha^« ? ! know there's & wU! hii 
avay £orae^-hcre, making he the- rt^tfti! hdr or wlulcver it is." 1 

"About this gmilcmaD— this lover. \% he a nice per»a ?' 
^[OIlcy began. 

"Mt, Augustus Sheppard?" Mary asked, mcntioniAg Ml uH 
ftw the first time in the fOQwrsition, 

"Aujcufttufl ShcppaidT Is thai his nunc?" Lucy 
u^txXy. "Why, then, pipa Icnoivs him ! Indeed he doc& 1' 
declare papa knows e^crythmg V 

"Why d« yon ihitifc, (leaf, tliai he knows thix gentleman?* 

'* Bccau^ I licanl him .islcin£ NoU -ibout ^[r. Augiiattti 5Tiqj| 
Ihc other diy, nmmrot, in our drn^wins room, "* 

" He couldtvt have known this. I ihink," Mit* Blnnch^t said 

" Ch, no, I *u|ipO'»L' nut ; buL ht' k:iuth^ him, and hell tcH 
about him. Why wouldn't Kola have him, Mim Blanchct?" 

^* He is rather a formal sort cf pereon, and hexv)-, and DOl 
lea^t ill ihe worlil |iOL'tk' or romantic; and MitioL-i tloe* not like 
at all She doesn't iliiJik hb feelings iiie very dafp ; hut iJiere I 
&tirc she is ivrong," the poctc*s added caiphaEicaTly, " She hi* 
hid occasion to make a *tudy of human feelings as others haix-' 

"You lliink he has dct-p ft'cTings?" Mrs. Money nxked, tui 
the full light t>f her mcbncholy eye* upon Mary, and with hex 
soul already iJi the queation. 

'* Oh, yifs ■ 1 know W. Tins. I know lh;rt Tie will jieTKevsv; 
wilt try to make Miiioli n^iarry hijii siill- He is a ma.u I ikxitd 
afraid of, if he were disappointed. 1 should indeed*' 

'* Mannma, don'i you think we Ziad better have No!a to ttijr 
us for a while?'* Lury aske'l " Miss Blanthet roiitd desrrihe 
or gel a photograph, and wc could give orders that no *uch idui 
ever to be admitted, if ti<r should i^l and ask to see her, SoiM 
ihoutd always go out with her, or she *hou!d only go in the 
I ilrtr^d this miiii i I (To indeoJ- Mis?i Kl;iin:ln.n is fjuit^ ri^ht, 
flhc knows more thon she aays, ] dare aay. Such tcm'bic thin^i 
happened, you know. I read in a paper the other day of a 
man who fetl in love willi u girl— in the country it vas, 1 thiDk*' 
S^Jiin perhaps, or somewhere — and she ^ould not marry lum; 
he hid himself with a long drigger, and when she *mu going to 
he slabbed hpr sever:il tinios/' 

"I don't ibJnk Mr. Aii^U£tus Sliep|iard would be likely Hi' 
anything of ihit kind," Miss lllnnchct said. ** He's a very 
xble man, and a steady, gr;xv« ^orl o^ ^ereoTL" 

Mist Afisan^tcfii. 375 

never cin Cell,* Lucy dcducd. ''Wbcn those quid men 
iblove aikd diiappoioted, they arc drcsulfLtl ! I've read a great 
uyOii^ jutt like thit in boakt" 

"WdLdear/ Mn, Money uid, "we'll a^ your j>apa. If be 
icmi till gentleman— this pcnon— ht: caxx tell us what aort of 
nbeifi. Il dOM&'c aecm thit he is m LonUon now/' 

•Htf may havp mmr lo^ii)'," »i(l I-iicy, 

ll» Thcreu locked oi her watch, 

*Hmmad<fU, I don't think Miss Grey ia commR in jlisI yrt, 
Bd it't Rowing Uu, and t hive lo Attend the l^dk^' Committee 
rteSakit Angulphuft Atsocuition, at foui.^ 

"You gOt mammi, wfth Thcitaa," Lm:y cxclaimct!. *'!11 wail; 1 
ittMe Nolo. 1 tK-gm to im o-briEied. It's vi^ry odd her ttCkrin^; 
t I ihfnk tometbing must really have happened. I'hAI mua may 
ivtbccn in lo«r», mlting *omtwhere- You gi>; when 1 havf? seen 
D^Md «m utiiticd that she is soTc, 1 can get home in die 
Bjdxu, or the undergrotind, oi ihe ste-unlxwt, or somehow. I'll 
iA any way, yoM iii^ty be *uie." 

"MyOcair." ha mother said, '*you wctc never in an ommbui* iii 

"Papagow in omnrbuses,and he says he doesn't aur<? vrhcEher 
ftr Iiraf>1e do or not-" 

"Bill X lady, my deaj -" 

"0*^ I've seen ihem in the streeis ftil! of women 1 They don't 

•Bat my dear joung bdy." Miss Ulanthcl picadcdi "llicrc vt 
nUttsli^teat occo^oD Tor yoiir BUyirg. Mt. Shvppard isn't At 
kte kind of penon. Mirola is quite safe. She isofteaout much 
IfaAin thit, alllioiigh I confeu tli^ I did cxpccL lici home much 

•in May till Nola comes," the positive little Luey declared, 
^^ M)M Blanchct tuniH me out ; ;ind ihetc'i* \in end of thnT. 
kmiffuna de^^ you and Tcssy do ss you pltusc, and never mind 

'When Minola doe* come — " Mary Ehnchct legan to wy. 

''^Vhe^ ihe docs c^mcV Lucy iultn^jptcd in portenious 
ClOitt "Say if she doci come. Miss BlancheL'* 

*Whai »hc does come, please don't ray anj-tliing of Mr, Shep- 
d4 Of cour^ she would not like to think that we spoke about 
dt a object." 

■Oh, of course, of courw?" ail the ladies c ho raised, ■with look* 
prcMm of immense ^JtatJon and discretion ; and ia tmc ^cnvvovcvc 




7*/ie GcfUUman's Ahgastne. 


all honcat]y aMLLmi»G tliAt then could be nothiiks inoo^ \ 
over txnyUody'^ supposed sccrebt *o long as iht |«i 
coooemtd did net know of the tallf. 

•■ J see Miss Grrj-;* ayiJd the quSct Thcre3& suddenly S^C U 
been lookuie out of the window to «co if the cvriigc wm b 
As aprofe^t^ed s^'^int she had n^irurnU^ Icas interest in onJinuyhucn 
creamier ihart her mother -ind sister Kid. 

" Tlwnk Heaven * '' Lucy cxcUiniecl 

" Dear LucyT Theresa interposed in tones of mild fcmotistnflfl 
fts if she would suggest that wrtt evrrylwdy hifl a right to ad 
reference to Heaven, and that Ilcavoi woul^ probably rcTcnl 
allusion to it by the unquoli^cd* 

« W«1U 1 am lliankful she is <ioming all the amc ; but I 
yon wnuHn*[ call her 'Mks Grey, Tcs^, ll seeiiiK cold md 
friendly. Cill her NoEa, please." 

Mary Blanchct went to the door, ond exchainged a brief worf 
iwo with Minola, in fttder th.iC she might be pTe|jnred for her ti 
MmoU came in. lookbg very handsome, viih her colour heigh 
by a quick walk liomc. and the little excitement of her morning 

"How lovely yon nie lixikms, Noli denrl" Liiey 
after the first greeiinR* were ovct, " You look as if you bad 
hnving an adventuic.'* 

'* I h;iye bad a sort of advonture/' Minoh dnuwCTod ynih ft 

TIjc one thought wrnt thioiigb tbp mmds of nW hrr IJste 
the sirac mcmcnt, and it shaped itself into a name — '' Mr, A 
Sheppard." All were sileni and breathless. 

" It was not much," Minola hasreoed to say, " Only, I 
Victoi Heron in Regent's P4.rk» and I have l^eii italking vrith 

Most of her listeners seemed relieved. 

" 1 wish ! had met him." Luey blurted out ; '* he i:; \<Tf 
Homeland 1 should like Id have walked with him. Oh, rh*t 
3CTISC I am talking !*' and she grew red, and jumped up aod loo' 
OMi of the window. 

Then th<?y all talked abounomcihing elfie^nnd the Visit doicd 
a promise that Minala and Moiy Blanthet would prcf^Qt 
selves at one of Mrs. Money's Ihtle weekly rtccplifln* oui of 
which was lo take i-'lace the following evening ; and after n^wh 
Money hoped to decoy ihem Inlo staying for rhe night 
Elflnchet went to bed that night in an ecstisy of hapjiineai, 
disirntticd now nnd then by a torturi'ig doubt as to whether M 
Money would be cquaUy Vv\\\ti^ lo ttcrlv^ her if she \%iid 

Miss Misanihrojfi. 

lb A« hid been the keeper or the coim-hou» at K««ton ; and 
vkibr «tbc ougbl Dot to forcwirii Mih, Muncj uf ibc £ia ; and 
Hf^rt :ihc o«iffht not, at Icut, to coil Minoh's aticJiiion lo the 
^n^ idd tubmii It Id }icr jiidgmcni. 



Vn MovRV >ifi fioi a ^xiy [tcgubr viafior >t hia wife's littlf 
30to one of ihc teuton. In the icaion, wicl when they had 
uid niofc fcmiLi! j£al]icri[%-s, \\vi shuwed liiiiindr as nmdi 
firtin« ftnd regular \ for many of the ^cM^t then were 
hiat guetU, pcnoni who <jcf^ircd cspccLilly to fise him, and 
■ituw copies he «»u]d talk. A good tiunj foreign vj^nror* ntfc 
Osu&Uy — tdcniifit men, aiiU raiiwjy tOJilractors, aud cufiinccra, 
l^ipbiuldcK^ from U«niiAnyt Italy, find Kussu, and oL~ <:onr«c 
tlmteJ Statct, who looked upon Mr. hf onuy as ;i persoii of great 
■^cnuKc anil cittibfbon, .^i»1 would not luve cj,rcd ;inyLhmg 
l^nioJt of MrSn Money's guests* 

"Hw Tordgxicn were cunou^y right and wrong. Mr. Money wa« 
^Itoon oriRt)x»rta&c«^ and distinction. Every Londoni-r who knew 
■■jAiDB knew hi» nanif. and knew iliat he w;i3 clever and di»- 
■ptthed- ir a Kuftiin tiiangor of rank were dining with s. 
Wnr t minniefj and were to eiprt&i a witZi to itee aiid know 
Money, the mioUler Mould tlilnlc the wihh i^aitc naiuud, and 
tika his Ihend down to the lobby of the House of Commons, 
Hike him acquatnittl with Mr. Money, Wo h.nvc all b^^cn 
oai^clvcs, Koniewlicrc, and we krow how que loikging to 
Mnw celebrity, at we suppose, of the Zand wc are visiting, some 
»iK)«c »*me W14 familioj to us iji England, hj£ Ue^^n ocdsionally 
and rhiltrd by our finding that in the (Hcbmy's own city 
«e •ccmi to have lieiud of liUn. There ire only Ico many 
ities d( this kind which shine, like the moon, for thoie who are 
'JoJigwry off But Mr Money was a man of mart in London, as 
^^ isin Si_ PctCTsbuig and Ntw Yott. Therein the fc;iei^neis 
™*(l ibemselvcs right Ycl Mr. Money's position was soiotwhat 
I'ofliar for all that, in a manner no atranftec could wdl appreciate 
•■cC.ihinct miriitctdid not ask Mr Money to meet his friend ;it 
^''icri or, at aiJ evenly would never have been able to say to his 
'^d. "Money? Oh, yes I Of course you oi:^hi ta Wuo"« to^n 



The G^niltnuifis Magazine. 

He i« coinii^ to-morrow lo di&o with v^-^won't you cone lod riMt 
htm ? " The most the CaWncr mirii^rcT woiiT<l do wonirt Tip ro pt 

up ii little t3 inner- party f witAhly idjiistcd Ibr ibc expiev^ pnqxiae flf 
brinj^n^c his friend ind Mr Money together, ft u-oul<l tw lo^ mucb 
10 wy that Mr. Monty *vu under a doud There rather secrwdlo 
be a sort nf fAmi idea abruad ihal he ought la be» or somcdiy wauU 
bc» under a cloud, no one knew why. 

No »uch conBidcrxtions ^% these, however, would haveaiJocid 
the eompany who gaihered round Mrs, Money in the oni-of-seun 
evenings, or could bccu nppitciatcd by ihcm. Tliey were, Ibt 
the most port, entirely ouL of Mr Money's line. He came Amoog 
ihem irTegitlftrly and a( intervalH ; and if he found there any mm ^ 
woman hr tnew or was tiken with, he talked lu him or hirr a pjod 
deal and perhaps, if it were a man, he earned Inm and one et tw 
others off to his own study or smoltrng-room, where they discound 
at their eiise. Sometimes Lucelci was sent lo her pipa, if he wis Wt, 
making his appearance in the diawing^rootn, ts beg him tD< 
lOiiie such ,"ici of timidly intervention. Somebody, perfmp, pjcacoloA' 
tdmeelf anion^ Mrs. Muney's^uesis who wasntherioosoLicipOr|^vC| 
orsdentific. or political » to care for ihe general comp,iny, and to bt' 
of any social bcncfiL to them ; or some one, as we h^ve nid, b 
whose cyc3 Mr. Money wou!d be ft celebrity, and Mrs. Moner^' 
giicst* counted for nothing. Then Lucy went foi her Tatlier, if tv 
wds in ihu house, and drew fiim forth. He w^* wonderfully geniil 
with hi 5 womankind- They might disttiib him at uny momcntud. 
in any way they chose. He seemed to have a= htllc ide» rf' 
grumbling if they disturbed him as a Ncwfoundhind dog would bii9! 
of snapping ^t his mailer's Oiildren if they inflicted oa rouAii^ lilo 
Up from his dote in the sun. 

Mr. Money talked very frankly of his daughters and 4of( 
fffospecis sometimes. 

" My girls arc going to marry any one they like.'* he would oto' 
Kiy ; " the poorer the belter, so far aa 1 am concerned^ ao longi* 
they lite the girls and the girls like Ihem." As chance would hi« 
it, A rich mart fell in love ftilh Tbciesa, and she, in her quiet, SM^*' 
monious way, Jovcd him, and that was settled- 

"Now, Lvjcdct, look out for ycursdf," Mr. Money would MJftO 
hU blushing dni^ighler. *' If you lalt in lav? with some line yotjcf 
fellow. I don't care if be haan'i ajipence. Only lie sure, Wi* 
Lueelet, that you arc in love with him, and that he i» in lore vitl* 
you, and noc \vith your expectations/' 

Luctlet generally smiled and saudly tossed her hend^ as one w^ 

Miss Misani&ritpr 


|rtlut she <:oniidcri:iI hcr&df a person quite qitalificU tu 
bprcsaon without the help of anf expectations. 
|mctime«wfsb lh« riglit man would come iloog, Lucclrt," 
Ity Miil on^ day. ilirowm^ his Arm roiirtd hift prrlty 
I ihouldcr, And duwtne her to him. 
! do fou want to ^t Hd of m« ^o Koon ^ 1 wonder at 
\tm I doni niTU !o gH rid cf you," 
ixh i&cati ti Un't tliaE. Ncvci mJEtO ; wIktc's jour 

Josi run and ask her " .ind Mr, Money started somC' 

^ndput in end to ihe ccnyer»:Lliou. 

^Hps id<a« Aiih regnid 10 lli(^ future of his daiighlen did 

btccomc known itiiiong hU acquaintances m gcnctal, and 

btJcss hJLVc dravrn young men in goodly run^bcrs fttoimd 

effen if Lucele t were far less pretty than she really was, 

ctie. Mis. Mijney l(JVt?d to be fiienilly lo ytjung jieople, 

O fcmul parli[:3 were largely alUiidcd, almost alwa^, Ljr 

fttisi ThcrfMi'fr future hu&hand did not come there 

had known the Jamily chiefly throngh Mr. Money and 

; and, coining; once to dine with Mr. Money, he fell bXiXy 

the dove-like cycn and sainllywaya of Theresa. Thcrc^ 

revhai her Hither would have tailed "om of the swim," 

d tolerantly upon her moihr^r^s h'tdc gatherings of poeis fn 

|tt who vcic gieat lo dicir Trlend^ patiiots hunEJn^ for 

ies, oniton who had not yet caught the Speaker's eye, and 

had tried suecess in all these various paths and failed. 

them toltiamlyr hnt her soul W;is not fn them; it, 

them m a purer atmosphere. It W4» now, indeed, 

long the spires of the church wliich htr Iov^-t was to buitd, 

tculianiy seemed common 10 the guests whom Mrs, Money 

troucd her. On any subject in which thry fell the slighirrt 

^y ncvcT felt the slightest douhL The air they breathed wa* 

^ictioQ ; the language they talked was that of dogma. The 

iromen they knew were the greaiet;!, mo?: gifted, and most 

b iLc world , the ineri and women ihey did not know wctc 

vcfcbeneathccntcmpt- Every one had whit Lowell colls nn 

p*amnk-of the-univcrac air." In that charmed circle every 

a genius doslincd yet lo move the world, or a genius 

for the dull* (jiiworihy world to compTchend> It waa a 

', nhcre sucoca,'^ or failure came to just che samc- 

a flutter of delight was Mary iihnchci when preparing to 

Onag^ca] circle, She wa^i going at 1^1 to ^iiecl i;reaL nieji 

im women. Perhaps, some day, she raight even cciwt to 



280 The Gentleman's Afagasine. 

ht koo^n among ihmi — 10 ahinc among tbem. She could netr 
embracing Mmok iov having brought her to the galeCfll 
tC4v«riH Slie ipcm all the ^y dressing licrscK and ;idjimuig 
luir; l*ut as ihe hours went on she became almost wretched fa 
ncrvousncu. ^Vhc^L it wji!i nearly time for them to go sbf 
quiverii:g vrith agiiutioQ, Thc^y wcni in a brougham hirtd spccil 
foT the ocesiioii, becaijse, atthotigh Mr*. Mone>' offered 10 *end 
c^iiiAge, und M^ry uuuld Ila^c Ilkc^I U much, MEjloU would lictf 
nothing of the klndn Mnry wa^ engaged all the way iri the brcn^ 
In the prober adjuEstmcnt of her glovu. At but they cove 10 
pUcr. MtTicIa (lid the gentlemun'*: [art, and hanilod Im ogini 
com]>amoD oiit> Mary Bbnchct a^w ^ blnp of carpet cfi the 
men t, an open rioorwiih servanta m livery sunding ftbouE, bhf 
I]ght«T tmghUy-dre!i»ed womei* goin^in, it gUmpse of a rooni»Ji 
cruwJ of pcuple, and then Minoiaimd ^]]e foidid thciiueUa 10] 
how m A ladicV drcsiing^rooni. 

^' Minoh, darling, don't go in without mo ; I msi guile nenOi 
I *ihou!d iicvt'r venture 10 go m alone." 

MbtiU did nut intend lo dc«ert her p/dfiLUting little compUk 
whi} row indeed clung lo her skirts and would not let her go bid 
beirn inclined. Mis^ Blanchei mi^ht have been a young beiaiy 
Mljuut to make her tii'but ai a bull, 10 nnxions u-j.* she ahmil 
appearance. 4ibonL lier dtcss, .lUout her CuiiipIc:iion ; and 4l 
uine time she wets so nervous that bIic could hardly compel 
ircmljling fingers to give ihe finJsliing touehes which she belie 
herself Ui \\*:^in\, Mitiok looked on wondering, jm^lt^d, and 
angry. The poetess was tinmistakAbly a little, withered, )x[lo*i>3 
old mnid' She had not even the jcmainft of good iockt Nj 
dre<i!iing or decoration possibk 10 woman could make her 
thing but Aviiat siic was, t>T deceive any one about her, grr 
any one to feel interested in her, The haodsomc, stately ^ 
ftlooil siuiEuig near her was about to enter the drawing room 
unconcerned as to her own appeamace, and indeed riot thin' 
alxjLit it ; ^uid the homely little old nuid was qaitc diiiroscd 
the company generally should not sulficicniJy admire her, orihoti 
find any fault with her dress. 

" Cojne idong, yon silly poetess," said Minok atlitw, breaking 
nUugh, and fairly drawing her companion away from the looking 
** What do yoti think anybody will care about you or mc? 
steal in unnoticed and we shall he al! righr," 

'' It'ii the fii^t lime [ ever was in London society, Minblt 
and I'm guite nervous.'^ 

Miss Misanthrope. 

28 r 

"ll't the first time ! nrer w« in London locicty, and I'm net a TjTl 
ttfCta. No one k[iou>iu,dcai — andnoocccaro. So come olmig." 
S&t Liriy cArrici M^ry Bl.-wchcc out of the ^Tcsaing room, along 
iceciJeif liiKd vtth «(au, on which peotJlc who Ind been in thv 
^&vn|-roocn and lutl nfiiuf out, avctc JuUcriii^p :tuU fining, .tnil 
fac^i^— md al bat ovci tlic threshold of t^o dr^win^^-room, and 
ii» Ar prvTWDCii of the ho^lctt- A few fHondl}' wonU w^rc goi 
ibi^and Minohdrsggeti her tYimpuninn along through the rrowd 
ibe rocc?>i funned Ly u wuiUow, wlicrc ihcic wcru ^ouic un- 

* Xwp, M^r tlwi* done. Th« plunge it made, deir t Wc are 
b&xiti; T Ix-r ns nit liowti here — .xx\\ iuok at it." 

"T^ii* said M*ry ^nily— " ihU. At Imc, is S^jcictr/' 

* L s]p[So«c it if^ dcir. At IcaiC ft will do vtfry w«lJ fcr yiou and 
Vf;vt ihonld never know any difTereiUv. hi)iigm(^ all ih«t^ pfO]i!e 
tuqibes dad u)uiitc<MC4, -lud wiiat more cin w c want tJ nuk^ u» 
ll^pj? Thcx majr be marquisci and countesses lor all I know," 

"I ihottld think there mu^t be tume gix-at poett;, nnd authors, and 
aWk Miaob- I am %utc? ihcic mail he. Oh, ihca- is my linHhcrr T' 

iBdrMt Mr. tUrbctt Blanchct htiij already fixed hia keen dark 
iftion UinolO) md wa» in:iking hifi way tip I0 her retreat, nihcrto 
Unc^'i dittrc^f. He addri-*-<ed Miriola ar once whh that unde- 
hlblc Eunner of co^- and kindly lUficnvniy which he always 
IdiitCal tovard^ women, and which, it muaC be owned, imprcMed 
VAsvcotion 3L great deitL To his fiisurht held out, whils hardly 
^wlirtjathcr, an rnroumglng hand yf m:»gniltoti. 

"Have you seen Dclavai'a picture 7*^ hea&kcd Minoh. 

"No; who is Uelttva?" 

*Ddavai ? He flwi/ the gre^itest painter of our lime— at least, of 
S uWl, for T don't admit ihil iii^ sdiool is the tnie one." 

''Ot^bhi* picture here?" 

'In the other room— y*e. He pninted it for Mr, Money— for 
^ Uoney nihtt I sboitlH say, and it has Ju'il been sent home. 
Cl»t »iih inc, and I will show it lo you-** 


*'ft"e"ll come biclt for Mary presently, 'Hie room* iif* too iiill 
Wf rwildn*: all get rbjough, If you'll Mlti^ my amn^ Miss Grey V 

Jfiiiob r^Xie and to^jk Ms arui^ and thcjr nude their way slowly 

AfMffathc room. They moved even more slowly than was ncccs- 

tty, for Herbert Blanchet wa& particularly anvioua to show off bis 

COOifasiOn and himself 10 the fallr^^t .^dvani^e. The moment 

J&ob entered tlic room be ^yf ihaC she was the U^il^onuisX. i>x^ 






283 The Ggniietnatts Magazine. 

there, and that h«r diyasing wax tlirple, gnc^ful, aDd pi 
He knew ili:vt before it quarter of ;ui houi bad jKia»«xl cvcrybo 
would be asking who 3hc itas, and be resolved 10 secure for \iwa^ 
the e^GCt of being the tint to pomde her through the roonni* F 
w;i5 .1 singularly hAndsonie man — ns h-ia Imtch nid T>crofT— dlmo 
opptcisiifl/ liiindsoiiic -, Olid a ccrvim wjjtcd lt»k aboui h» ep 
and cheeks added a new and striking effect to hb appearance II 
was darkf ^e was Uh ; he was a tall manf «hc ^-at a rather XxW ^ 
and if liis ficc had it worn loijk, hets hml un cxpieviiuii of snmpdinfj 
like li^biLual riKlanchoIy* whic}\ WvLs H'A perhaps in keeping nitXbc 
natural tcmperanien^ and which lent by force of contrast ao iddi- 
tional th.^nn 10 her eyes when the^ ^utldmly Ht up at the opening 
of any maiin« of auimiiltd cunversalioii. No comUhuliiin cuuldtiG 
more elf^ctivc, Mr, Blanciiet felt, than lliat of hi» xippcanncciid 
hen I u)d then she was a new figure- So he passed slovp'Iy cri *iA 
hWj and ht knew that nm*t pcoi^le looke:! at thi-m atthq'patt 
I(e took good can:, loo, that lliey shcuild be engEt^cxi in cimcat D 

*' L am deLghicd to have yon all to my>elf for a momcnlt^ 
Cirey — to tell yoii that I know all about your goodneei W> Wi 
Thut is why I woutil not bring lirr with us iinw, N'o— yr»u tauit 
me sijcak — ! am not offering )ou my thinkfi. I knt-wyou >rouId 
care about that Uul 1 niu£t tell you tiut I know uhut you h 
done. I have no doubt that you arc her sole la^ippon — poor !iljir 

" I am h^ friend, Mr. BlanthcL— only ih^t." 

'* Her only friend loo. Her brother haa not done much for I 
To tell yon the tnjih, Miss Grey, it iint in h« power now. 
don't know the srniggles of us, rhe unsuccpssful men in liicmxap^ 
yeL have faith in ourselves, 1 J-m veiy poor. My utinofi cfibn 
■ in keeping a dcctnt dress-coot and buying a jwir cf glovo ; 1 4 
complain — 1 am not one bit deterred, and I only tremble }<m ' 
ihiti confession because, whaiever I may have been in ihc puli 1 
rather you knew nie to be wlut I am — a wretched, penniless itci( 
—than believe ihat 1 left my sister to bea burden on yxtur Iriendift 

"Mary is the only friend I have/' fiaid Minola. " It U 
wonderful if 1 u lah to keep her wich mr. And you will male 1 1 


He shook his head. 

" If onchadn*! 10 i-nnd al thijigs for bare living one nugbt 
sonict)ung. Iain not bad enough, or g^>od enough; and ibu^s 
truth of it, t dare say if 1 were mean enough to hunc after »odi 
woman with money I might have succeeded as well as oti 
covldn'xdo ihat" 

LS otiiert— b<| 

Mifs MlsaniArcpf. 


" No, 1 am pm ^ou could not." 

* I anj noi ^^Axt cnonifli for tliiit. But T ani ooi higti-ulnjcd 

;h to Jiccci^t onx P*Lh> and be contc;iE witli il uid proud of it. 

1 ihaui't bore jou any more about irty^df. I wajited you to 

Ihu atM. you might not think ii^u lur^hly or me. 1 know you 

cxDc objectioct to mc ux (ini; 700 nccU uot try politely to 

•Ohf DO ; I dom want to deny it. 1 prefer trulh to |>oliEen»ft 
ipot deal I dul think ymi hnit] re^lctlcd yuur lister ; but n;;ity 
IwttO! EHupHacd. I bdJcvcotlKi tuui ilo thoJimc thing," 

"Buoow you SCO th^t ] have some occuser''' 

"I am glid to hear it, Mr BbTTi:het" 

"GUJ lo hear lliat I am so ivrcuKcJly pixir. Miss Grey?" he 
lUt viA a udilc, and bending his ^-ycb on licr '' Glad co hc^r 
Ibb pur fricnd'i^ brctticnii i>uch x liulure?' 

"I would r^itlicr a thouiond (imet hear t)];3t you were poor than 
w you were hconlctt. I don't call It a failure to be j>oor. I 
ihmld ctll it a failure to be sctftah luid mean." 

Sieipokc in a lov tone, buc very rame«l1y and eagerly; and 8h« 
ttdicaly ihoiighi «hc 'vn.% sp»iking tou e.igcrrly, and slopi^. 

["^cil"" be said, after a roomcnf^ ^wusc, '*hcrc is the picture. 
Wfihilt^et toi: pr*^aeniJy, when theic p<^opli" inovi: iway^" 
Hiey had entered, through .t runainod door, a small room which 
I nculy filled nith jico^ilc \LLn(Iirg bcroic a piaurc, anj jidniir- 
^oiiiciiiiiG it Mioola^vith all her real or fancied delight in 
MiDg the jealousies and weaknesses of nienand vi-omen, could hear 
IDvonit of d^tanion or cvm diKjimiso. 
"Isllie pairiCcr here?" nhc a^kcd ofhci companior in a whis[*cr. 
".No; 1 hatxn't seen him, rcrhaps hcHI come in laicr on.'* 
"Would you ihirk it cheap cyuicism if I were to ask why they 
*ipat*c the jjicturc? — why thry doM't ti^d any finih witli il ?" 

Oh, bccauH: ihcy arc all of the school, ^ntl ihcy must siipport 
fcerwL Uuf art w a creed to ui. i don't admit that 1 am 
r's whool ary more ; in facr, I look upon him M a hcreiia 
ifig in foi mere populajityi success h^ ^puilt Mmn But to 
ihese people here he i& still a divinity. They haven't found 
^^ litik exclamation broke from Minola as some people at 
■^ihttrugglcd their way outward, and ulloweU hur to ice the whole 




J84 Thf Gmii^ians Afagasme. 

*' Love stronger DouL" 

The scene was a fpuveyiTd, under it sickl)' ^Ucw ii»oni > 
a Uvid and grtenijili *k>-, A littl* lo Ihc left of t<i« tpecu 
sci'n a fn.'&til>'-ojiciK'd grave. In the forcgroiiDd were two 
one thai of it dead ^i\, whom her lover lud jtuet haled ^ 
coffin, wnpped as she wa& m her cercmeni« of Uie tonib; ibt 
that of ihf lover, lie had proj>|ied the ht>dy Againict ihr 
hilli^ck of the gTiivet nnd he iraa chanting a love-song to it «i 
:LeL:;>m^iued 011 hifi lute. Hu rac« auggetted the bst sta^ 
gnllcpiit^r consumption, funhcr enlivened by the CeartonK G 
inuntty in liis ^ye:^. Some dreHxry baiit 5(jp])ed ^nd lollopeJl 
iZie air> and ji fc^ ^ympALhetic toadri came cut to listen to dM 
Ihe lovtfr. The <ypre«sc8 appeared aa tf the/ swayed And 
10 the miisir ; and the rart weed?! -ind gmwr^ wrrr tnou 
tfcmuloiis -xround the MndAlW fee: of ihc forlorn musician, 

Minok at first could not keep from shuddering. Th<s 
foUow'cd a fchotlting indination lo laugli. 

"What do you rhink of ii?" Bbnchet asked. 

'■Oh, Idon'tlikcilaiiiir 

*^ No? It fs trivial. Merc j^rcttincss ; just a striving afitf 
lng*room popularity. No depth of feeling ; no care for the 
power of the sttiie. Fictty, pleaiing — Eiothing more. Surface 
DC depth," 

*' But it is hideous," Minola said. 

'* HideOLiii? 0\\ no ! Dcoay ii loveliness j deeay is the 
really high .irt i^hcn yoti roSit to uncleiitniml H. But there a 
dctay there. Tlut ^xXs, face is pretty waxwork. Th-^rc'sno 
thero," and he lunwd half away in conlemptn " That i* vfcjl 
of being popular -ind a success. No j Debvar is donc^ M 

" ifc is ^uiic ncv to xm!* said Minolu- " I never heard 

"He's getting oM now." Blanchcr wid. "He mnu he 
lliiity. Txl me se^-oh, yes; fully that. lie had bcilcr j( 
prc-R.'iphjclite* uow^ or send to the Royal Academy 
gilkty and exhibit his pictures at a billing « hc-dd 
would be [|inTe :i success." 

Some of tliis tonvcrsaiioii look place as they were makiiq 

way ilirou^h the trowd with the intention of cntcrmg the cfal 

room again. Minola wa^ greatly amused and in a manner intd 

The whole thing was entirely new lo lier. As they jKnucd 1 

LQmdov ihctc were one 01 tv^o vap^atvl Mats. 

I bcilcr j( 
lemr \ W I 

Miis AfisaHiArvpr. 

" WiU you ni$l for % mwncoc?'* Blinchet tzld, raotloning tonajds 

"Kadti't «c better go bock for ^fAIy?^ 

*' Wc'U go back pro^nilx- She it vciy happy ; ike lovca above 
aJX ihuigft obaervrng a crontL" 

MlnfUi would hive li\i'd very much lo nhtmc ihc «TOWif her- 
self muj to li^re people jiointcd ou; to her. Dlanchcl, however^ 
thoo^Eh b^ cabled Bcveral pefscrrs here an<l there, did not seem pu- 
ticttUriy imcrettet^ in my of ihem. MEnoU itt down for » whi1« to 
please him. acd to fthov thai sshr had no thQiight of giving herself 
Aov UKTcly becAUM: ^c ina ciuthlcd to be kind to liii tiKct, 

BUncbec Ihrcn^ hmiself iHtelorg acrf>i< ht« chair and leaned 
l o ^f jids WinoU"^ seflt. H** kiicw that jiooplc were 'oolclng at him 
sod wondering uho his companion vx\ nnd he f;;lt very luppy. 

1 wuH I might Ttad itome of tny poem? to you^ Mim Grey," he 
*' I should tke to ha\'e your opinion, because I knov it would 
;|w woctre," 

I should be ddi«^«od to hear them, but I don't think £ should 
Vcnhtrc to pre an opinion ; my opinion would not be ivortli auy- 

*' Wbcn m:>y 1 come and read ont; or two to you am! M.iry? To- 
mCNTOw aficnioon?" 

** OK yc*; we aie ftiaying Iietc toTiij;tii, but wo *hall be at home 
m llwr afternoon. Are these published |>ftc:mii ? Pray, excuse me— 
I c|uitc foiKol; you don't piihliiili- You don't uiic for fame — the 
£unc that acta other people wUd.'^ 

H« fcmled, and ilightty ehniggcd hi« diOLildcn. 

" We doo'i rare for thr |Xnii!it* of the Rinpid rrr>H'd/ he said ; 

" tfuit >a inite uue^ We don't care fur po|ni]^ity, and lo ItAVf^ our 

bcMfca tyifig on dfawing-9:ocni tables* and kcrpt by the booksellers 

bound in morocco ready to hand, 10 be given atvay at gift-booki; to 

young bdifv But nr ^thnuld likr rhttadminibn of a cho«^n few. 

Tlic tj\ith b, tliat I don't puhliah my pocma bcaiu<ic I havcn'l the 

sooc»e%'. 1 hey would t>e a [0&4, of cr^iirw^ to any one who 

|»nnied tSen ; 1 am procd in n^y 1h.1t T tvmild noi have them 

inicd it ail If ihey cimtdn'i Iw ariitiir.illy and f liy Iironght out ; 

I haven't the monry, and there'* an end. ])ui if I might 

coy pouns 10 yoti, that i^ould he fomethin^" 

MinoAa br^n tn he fnlJ of pijy fnr thr poor poef, between whom 

and ponublc Cune there »lood so hnrd and proiaic a barrier. Slie 

traa tcmchcd by the proud humility of his confctsLon of ambition and 

poverv. Three iuddeii t^uvstiosjs fbihed tlirough Xvtt reived. ^V 


^86 The G€ntUmatC& Magaztnr. 

vond«r hov muc^ it would coki? and}ia\% I mooey enough? ind 

would it be possible to gel him to take it?" 

HcT colour was positively hcightcnmg, ;uid her breath becoming 
checked by the boldness of tlicsc thotjghts, wheo sucMenl)* there wm 
A rushing and n^tlirg of Eilkeo ^kiri^, And Lucy MODey, difcofp^ 
ing herself from a iTLan's arm, jmrnopcd upnfi hrr. I 

'^Yoa darlingeat dear Nob« trhcrc have you been all l]ic lU^r 
I have been hunting for you ever)' where I Oh— Mr. BLuichet? f 
haven't seen you before either. Have you two been wjitttScmij 
about logtlhcrall the evi-iiing?^* 

LookiDg up, Mifiola saw that it wa» Mr. Victor HcnDn who ha^ 
been with Lucy Money, and Uial he was oow waiting with a sinlk c^ 
gcni.ll rxiendlinei^ lo be recognised by Mi*^ Grc'y, Ii must \it 
iwuc;d thai MiiiuUfelt allulc cmbanaisccl, ami would rather — thocH 
ahc could not poasilly tcU why— not Ii4vc been founJ dct-p in ccwi- 
fidculia! talk with Kerben HUnchet. 

She gave Mr. Heron her banfl, and told hiffi — which was nowtJM 
trulli — tlul she wa5 gUil \<t see liitM- 

"Hadn't wc belter go and find Mary?" Bbrchcl said^n^io^ ud 
glancing slightly at Heron. "She will be expecting usl" j 

" No, please don't 1-ikc Miss Grey away Jnst yet," Victor *^i d^ 
adciiessjng hitmctf stt£Lig1itway,ai:d wilhcyc?iorunuttenible eordiUitjf 
and ^ood fellowship » to the pocE- " I hiivcii't spoken a word to her 
yet; and I liave lo go away soon," 

*l \'\\ go with you to your sister, Mr. BlaurlieT," iwiid Lucy, >*fei|y 
hb arm forthwith. ^' J haven't 6ccn her all the cvCDing, ami I want 
to talk to her very much." 

So Lucy ^wepi anay on Mr, Blanchet's arm. leokinfi very fair, uxl 
JiftiU, and pretty, as she held a bjniUc of her draperies in one haitd, 
and giojicud back, smiling and nodding out of nbecr gootl-naiutv at 

Victor Heron »it down hy ^linnh, a.nd at once plunged ioBO 
camc3t talk. 




BOUT the middle muftlc of the uprini; 

Cmnc Trom the groea *hf>rp of (h^ Iriwh king 
A fair fhip Moiitly t^ajling, eiuitw^nl limiud 
And 90t>th by Wales and its grey land-lJnc rouiid 
7o the loud rockaaod ringfln^ n-jichcs home 
That tflkc th* wild wrath of thn Comifih tbnm, 
Pxwt Lyoneftt^ nnirwnlkwc^ of tho t:dc« 
Axul hi^ Carlion thai now tJio Hocp ecu bidn 
To the vinJ^hoUowod hcrighte and ff"3ty hays 
CM^ fchocT TintAgoIt fair with famoiu daye, 
Aliovo Uie Ai'iD a f^tld^ bvulku: shoDG, 
IVicught with Btrai^tlit winf^a and eyes of glittering atone 
As fiyicg minward cvowcn, to bcftr 
CHrfu raminer with \\. tbrouijli tbe singing air, 
And on tho deck hetween iho nowera at dawn, 
Ak T-V bright snil with bnght^ciFig wind wsjs drn.wi). 
Sat with full fiict against the strengthening light 
I*<^t,more &lr rlisnfoam or dawn wa^ white. 
"iorgaTO WM glad past love's own einging of. 
Anil hfr face lovely past desire <if Irtve. 
I'aft lhrni}fhl and speerh h&r maiden motions were^ 
And a ini>rf* g'^Iden simriet? was her hair, 
Th^ vory vHI of hpr bright flnsli wa« mad^ 
As* of li^Lt u'<iv*-n Jiiid moonhwitn -colon red *hnde 
Alore fine than iito<mh(*aras : hei" wann nyelida shone 
A» toow Eiin-strfcken that endures the btiw, 
Aod thrmigh th<-ir ciirlef! aiiJ cnloHrod HoucIb *if deep 
Lii!iua<>U)' liuihi--i thick iiw drijiimtf in sleep 
Sb^Dc a^i thf fttuV deptli nwalluwitig up the aky* 
Tba ipriDgs of unimaginable eyes. 


Tk€ Geniltnimii 

As the wa.vf;*» jinliUrr f^mcrnltl is pierced tluougb 

With Uu* utmoat b«ivcii's inextricflble blue, 

And both are woven and molten in one* elel^bt 

Of nmorotin colour nnd implicated light 

Under the- ffoldon j^^uini mul jcazo of anon, 

&o glcwed their awlc6s amorfms plenilun^, 

A^UTo aud gold ond ardcmt gn?v, mode Mran^e 

With Gory ditf^rcnco and dcrp interohuigtt 

IncxplicaMc of jcl^rieK tnultiform; 

Now a« the sullen itapi^liire Bn^lU toward etorm 

Foamlfias, tbeJr bitter Ijwmty grew sootd, 

And now utirc with ardour f>f ^\vy. gold. 

Hl'C lli>w^p-floft lips wore mock and patalcw2Lt«, 

For lov<^ upon llirm liko ji iJiadow tat© 

rulir!iJ, li foTWifr('H visiimi of *wei*t things, 

A dream with eyes fwt shut and phimelesa wiDgs 

That kttt-w nut whjil. nnin"« lnv(* ar life shnuM be^ 

Nor had it eifiht n^r heurt to hc>^>H ur «^ 

W'liat thiit^ «]ioiL[d t^onie, but ohiMlIke 6athi6c^ 

WjLtchcd out iU \ij'ghj vigil in Koft pride 

Aijil iiLkJ.^sed ejipi:ii:Uikm ; mid tJic gliid 

C^h-ur i^beekii un^l tIiL:L>fit aud it^iid^r tcEnjiln had 

5^udj mOiidri^n bent aa if a loec^s Lloud 

lleaL in the liv^ hcjirt of a lily-bud. 

I^Qtweeii the AmuU round bre^iirts ^. white w^y led 

ir*-;ivenwaid, auil from slj^^lit foot to !ilriidei hwtd 

Tiic wLftle- tJiir liody tlowcr-like *wajcd and sdiono 

Moving, nnd what Ut^r lig:lit hand leant upon 

Grew biosaom-gcented : hor wann arms bc^&n 

To round and ripen for ddight of man ^ ^^ 

That they should ola-^p nnd circle : her frcah liaad& 

I.ike rcgunt UUea of rofiowcriu^ Lindst 

^Vho&o vassal fir^UingF-* ei'owti r\nd ttar va\A ptiunei^ 

How down to tht? L'mpire of tbnt aovcrcisu iWiUi 

Shone uo(.'r)tr(:lL'rsd, aud from hi^r fnce there went 

A «U*nt light as of a Gnd content; 

Save whfn, mgrt? j*wifV nnd keen than iovo or ahaoi^^ 

S>me fladi of blood, light ac tho laugh of iJam^, 


Tht Sailing of the SwaU<m. 989 

*«"«>I«e tt with !ni<Wen bcaiQ and ebinitg FpcecJi, 

^ ^3 ^Jt4nt bj dmim tiliot throufrh htT ^jr-A, and eadt 

*^^-x-^,eJ)ooe lite Uit tbftt lifhteoed, aad not i>ii« 

^ ^^ <^^md Kier focb tinogn m «hould be bome And dune 

"l^oi^ bud n^Eun*t her tihonfi Uic mnlikc face 

T^fai^t ill all change acd wrvck of time &ad place 

**^ouId be the tftor of her swoct living k>u]. 

^^^-w hftd lovo mAdc it aa tu» written bcicN 

'* *-*r ^vil will and f*ood to read in ret ; 

'** *t. Bca^th and migbty, witbi>ut wftr or frol, 

"*'«»ah Bud Uif-h'hflcd wa* the beltu]c^!t« Irow 

^^K ^liecuik-tj^floifforUiflt top? the topmodt bou^h, 

'^*"" it drop off before thf^ perfcet Wf ; 

^^acl nothing ftave hi* name be bad of ^fri^-f, 

T'tit-* Dime bit inothrr, dying a« ho ww bom, 

**^**<3« oat of soriow in v«ry lorrow's M'orc, 

■^■*>*:l »fl it on Mm smiling in litr ^i^lil, 

*^*^Btrain ; who now, doihed wltb fii^«L*t youLh iind might, 

Jj^ 3* gtad witnwfl wnrp tlmt hitt*r name, 

^l^fa^ M!i>nnd lymlhil *»f tJjit worlil t*)r f;im^- 

5* **-»a^ou* and ftill of fortune was hi* youth 

^■**<a the l"eard** blooni bad l«^ft M\% ch«»k iinsmootb, 
^^*^^ iD bin fncc A lonlnbip pf ntrong joy 
1^ **^ bf-i^bt «f biraiL no th:iuL'«? L-ould curb or dny 
Z"^ *Jil^eutd. ftnd all tbat waimtd tlium Ht hi« cyts 
^J**^"V'*d (hrm w* young l;irk3 lov** thri bhto strong sldco* 
^^1^^ likr tlir morning tbrotigh the morninsf tnovcd 
4^ ***-al*ani, a Itght to look on and be loi'cdi 
' ^^^1^ ftfirnng botu^en bia lips and b/tikd9, nnd sbooe 
* *^ Cii^j^f "1^ »triea(Etlicnod and ^nk down tliereoo 
f^** vk bird settle* to the second AJgbl* 
^ **c*ti from licncfilb Vw hnrping hund? with mi^ht 

^pt, and ramk viiy and had its lill ami difrtl, 
"^^^^^ fill whoao boarlfi were fed upon it ^i^bod 
-^^^til, and in thrir hoirt* thp tiro of Ic-irs 
^^*^»nrd njf wini* drunken cot wUh lipH biit car». 
^I^**«l £:i£ing on his fervent hands tbat mude 
^■Ae raiftbt of mntfic idl tbmr sotils obnred 




290 TAc Gcnikfnatfs Magasifu. 

With trombliog istrong miMwrriftnc* of d6li|:^t» 
FuH many a qufi&n (hat Imd liim once in sight 
Thought ir tlip w?ct^ placo of her hot beort 
In wImL iirong bitUL* hm! Iht^tw hnndn borae part 
How oft, ain:l w<>re HoyuLii)<f hjwI ifwcot of #kUL ; 
And ihnan rnil lijit wh(>rfv>Ti Ihp soup burned BtiU, 
Whiit. wonlNaud (Ti^'Jt of IcvKlr hwi thpy llung 
AtliwaH- tht' K^inf; :un! ulirirk nfywonlnj m> voun| 
Anrl even »pi ^'kd sl^i; aumiDer, wlifif. Mtud;^ youth 
Fed thfTn liD ftill fif Iwppy lii?«rt and truth, 
fJiHt. hnd *nni *Wiiy from iH^r l<i mnd^riii^ bti 
Tlii* nUiil flaw of lliat lerribln i^rEngtiito 
Tlial tlie IIJ4J0U rulus not, Lut Lite Grc nml ti^bl 
Of TTip-n** IicgHp m^^'^i in iho mid inictli uf f^g^bl^ 
Thercfura th:; joy amii k>ve of him Ihcfjr hiid B 
Made tUought more airtorotis in tbfia and morr g 
For hia fjitac5 «Qkc r€m<:mbprcd« nnd hi^ yontli 
Gave Ms fflinc fli^mrrlikr frnfiiMnci? nnd tofl gruwt 
As of a rtifla rf-^jnickenin;;, wlicn he Ktotxl 
Fair in iJitir '^/►^^ « flower of rfLultlc»4 l>I(>od- 
And tbnt Hud (^iiiwn to wliom hiit life wn« dealltp.^ 
A roHt' pluckod forth of tummor in mid brcnthi 
A »Uii fall'n oiif of «oMon in mid tliroc 
Of thnt Hfc'ajov that mftkoi th(* fttnt'» Jifo glow:^ 
Mud<^ thi?ir lova sadder tovrard him nnd moa« atro 
And in mid ehau^<r oftimn and 6^bt and song 
(.'hanco ouKt him \ve«twiird on 1 hi^ low avr«i0l atnuhd 
Where souga are fiung of iht* flraen Iri*h Undi, 
And tho fiky lov(« it, nnd Ihn nw lov?« hwt, M 
And a* n bird i* tak<?ii lo lunirs breast V 

Th* swe^t-flonled land whrre flonow Kweetost singe 
Ib wrapt rotrad with tbem ;u with handfi and wine 
And tnlceii lo iJjp sea'5 lienrl as a flower- 
There in the luck and light of hi« good hour 
fame Lo Ihe king's i^onrtn like n nolelfss man 
Tristratn, and while «om*! half a F^euHnrn ran 
Abode before biui harping ia his liall. 
And taught sffcet crsft of n^w thii^gs muiical 

The Sailiug 0/ the Swailaw. 291 

To -fcha dear mftidea mouth and iooccaiit buidfl 
Tb&t for bit: nko unt fiuttMiN in all luidj. 
Vot w:u not love botvceen ihem, for thf^r fate 
L-u^ viapt in iu Appointed tioiir at. wnif, 
Ancl btd DO flovrr lo nhow yd, anJ no iLfing. 
liut ofM* boing v*i^ with wme pnat woimd the klug 
3a43«? gf^i^ him comfort of (rawt Iwafhs, cind rhen 
^houltl t*ptilt, valHi liim n-i hi* 1i^LtiilinuiL]rti» 
*^r hit tnnrc bimaiir in mt*n'»i «K^(, aiid case * 
^"o ?i(jrl« !u» liiul with !uj|y rwrut'diri: 
"^w|p by h^r rn»>lher'»i mnglo in *iraii^' hoiiTB 
^*it uf liffT iviotK neiil lifrM'nmpflllinff flowers 
^'^d GtntiTi^ by tbf \v»intii)'« tJwpf in bin «iilr 
* ai4) ^jijj ^1^^ kuijjbt by whum Ibcir Klrf*ttglb luul dicxl 
1**"<1 jUI thfir iDigbt in one man overthrown 
"^ left Uirii ^homr in idgbt. Dtnll men *h<iwn, 
^^^ ivniilit bam slmn liim sworiilr*!* with liiT« swoni; 
* <Tt. itQ^itifil lie lo br.r xi i^fpui anri fair » Uinl 
'^e >ie;ivtd up baJiil and tuioio noL ; ;md lie said, 
_^»tiigjj{pg — ** What comfi>Tl fthnll Ibi* mnn bcr dwid, 
«»i3s,-I ? wbnL biirt is fur my bloml l^i held ? 
'"t »>t j^ur luii^cj not flcar tbt* (ootb^d fitecl 
^^^"^ 'be fan^sfrikc il"— '^Vwi, rhc fnng," ^ho »fd- 
^^^^^^liOiiM it not !'tina the veiy aeriJctit ilcud 
^ ****t Blung mine uncle ? for bis sdjiyti' iirt tbotu 
#»^ ^*J half mv mothers heorl is bicodlcse now 
j^**>"oi4gh th"-, thnt mntiV. the vein" oi' all brr kin 

^Jt^ct^i in hia woundct who»? velot* tUrcnigb tliw? ran thin.' 

-^j^^***' Hung tbc titrcc word forth npon Ih^ir part 

*^*- llioiigit Fbc bow (bcir hot chiefs violent heart 
Hung tbc titrcc word forth npon Ih^ir part 
"^-t bo/le to bftllle tbd bL^al kniclit tbal tflood 

-» ^ Arthur's, and eio dyinrj of \\\i\ vvild mood 
--- '^'^ fcot upcTi hisi con<^(UTijr's tirsh the soul 
-Vi, ^*^ miKlmllowed and anointed ^li>e!, 
j^^ *^*r«if Ibe vi.'nom and fiiihanrc^il mi^bt 
p^-^/^o thn Ktjfn bnni hnre brnmb^d in her sight. 
fc, ^*^**c» tbinf^M nbp »tood locimting, nnd bt^r *oul 
^»idiiifl in her, thoit^ht tike tbia flame stole 




The GsnUemaiis Magastns^ 


TliruiigU fill lit maiden oourccsi oad filled v 
Ita hiiJilpn way* a* wiop fiilftU a cupi 
Ho piud nlic from liim hiiiiibly, and be went 
Horue with baadfi re^outiW ftiid heart coBt«iit. 
To bring fair pea^o between tho Comub strand 
And i\\<-- long wrangling want of that loiid land. ■ 
And wlii^n ibe peace waa str^u-k lietwMa tbem tiw 
Fortb must be ftLi'o by tboK grcczi etrait^ again* 
Antt bring: back I»cult for a plijfhtiKl brida 
And Aet ti> r^i^^n at Mark Ilib unule^d «id<^. 
bo now vith fcAfit mode and nil triumphs done 
They Milcd lii^twccn tlin moonfiitl itnd the juin 
Under Uio iT'^^ut iUir* tujtwurd; but ibo queea 
Out of whe lieart and gubtlo lovo bad eeeo 
Such thinf:fi nn mifcht tx*, drirk lu in a f;laa, 
And lest EDitif <iai>ni of tl^&jir fhoukl coma to 
Bethought bLT with her aetTDt soul alone? 
To work some obarna for marriage unUon 
And fitriko the he^rt of IseiiU to her lord 
With n spoil stronger tlian the !iLtn>kQ of eword. 
Tberefore with mnr\'i']loiii^ berb^ and ep^lb idie 
To win tha very wrtnder of her thought. 
And brewed it with her secrer h^ndii nnd bidet 
And drew and gave out of her secret bren^t 
To one her cho¥cn and Iseidt's handmaiden^ 
Brangwain, and bade her hide from eight of men 
This mnrvel covered lu sl golden cup. 
So coverEog ja ber heart the ooiiajhe] np 
Ab in tlip g^ld the wnndvoiis winfl lay close \ 
And wht^n Uin but f*iiout with i\\v htst cup roao 
About the bridi? and Liidegri^oni humid \a> hvf^^ 
Ttken feboiild thiit imtr wnrd nf her nill be tASd H 
To her uew-married muidi^n chihl, Lh;it >hvt 
Shotdd drink with Mark this draught in itnity, 
And DO lip touch it for her bako but tb»in« ; 
For with long b'Vr nnd coow^cniting praj-er* 
The wine waa huUowcd fwr Ihdr mouth;* tt>pl 
And if a drop fell from tlic bcaket^a cdfic 




Thi Sailing of ikt Swallow- 



'X'btit; diop should I«cult Lold &• dear e4 blood 
^5*><scl frodi bcr moUuera loan to do her gWHl. 
-A.xi<J luvini{ drunk they twain «boiild Lo ouv heart 
^^"lio were one ticrfi till flwdUy dealh should part — 
*^**«Kt_|i, who parti alL i^a Braugwain tffi>r<>, ttnd keii 
r>»,, hiij tbioK by ber while »b" wiilcpd or riept, 
-^vicl atw thoy ttt to M.H> itifr mm ajcain h 

^^*}i«j«c liglit of ff7« had Ijok^d on no mich twain H 
^i^ics^ GaUhattlt in th» roA^timo of tht? yotu- H 
**»^»iL^ht L&tuiGolot fiwt to light of Ouenev*r^, 

.And Tmtram cau^j^ht hei cTmnfflDg eje^ afid wiW 
thit (Uy raLMB daylight frotn \\w drml 
^^i^-^bt not thtft &C(T Uie lilW ofudtW man ■-" 
-\nd Ifttull, p^it^^ wli^rp the tea wa* wim 
^^*t, of tbe aim's way, said ; " I prey you not. 
* *^;m.ii, mi\ Wt tpn mi- thftrr* in I'umrli-it, 
^^*^ '^- iiig Lhi* tjiHTti, ttliii luith most iimiie of faJr ? 
^ '^^ 4inIiL r inert? ti uuiii JinJ dwpUin^' tbef«, 
*^^**»t I might »i[i me better pr.iisn tlmii ygurn, 
^^ ■W' ^isn >iJch iw Jim hnvc ; for your praiae ciidurea, 
-F* J^^ri^ wiUi great decda y« wring ffom inoutlis of moi 
* ouni— for ^ame, wUeiv u it ? T«ll mc then, 
Emoc- woman mny not wear a better here, 
ft^Mk^fthitf praivc bath modt aave Guc-nevere?" 
And Tmtnuo, llgbtf^iking; with a laugh held isr" 
>««ly o little pmiar \» this tt>win, 
I^*Ooj: proi^ ft&d o litUu ! but of tliirie 
-Pt«n^ whom lav© nervee only with bowed knees* 


*Ucli poor women fairer face hutb noai 

^ **J*t lift* her cyci agnin«t tbo eye o' Uic aua 


'^'k Artliur'd bLater, whom tho north &ea« caII 

***t-»^»(i>f i4l«; so y^t majcirtical 
^^^v-^ the erown* on youngnr hoad^ she moves^ 
"^tl igj^^^j^jug with bet cryca our late-bom lovefl/' 
, * * Ah " said Iseult, " i* *bo more tail than I ? 

|T^*-*lc, I am tall ;'' »nd touched tlii? jnti>t hard by, 
^^^**-^*hing far up Hm dower tliiiL wiim lier band; 
■^■*»d lookj Giir lord, now, when I riao and stand, 


The Gf^idimatis Afagnzwi, 

Uov Ikigb ivitlt f6^ imlifled I can tou^h 
StnudiDg fitraicht up ; couUl Uiifl queen do tHu4 m 
ay, DPcr tall ehc mujt be then, like me : 
ahould love Inner women. Mny thi« be* 
That Abe ia «tiU tbo M'OOEd fEtatoLio«t UierOf 
So nioro than many »<> much joiui^r CaiTt 
She, Imm before the king too, wn* she not ? 
And ha« the third knif^ht nJtcr IdQunwlot 
Aad flft^r yi>u to Bervo ber ? im^, sir, then 
God inAdo hflr for a lor^-eiifD wnonp men/' 

" Ay/' Triwlram an«w*r«l, *Mbr a. ki^, a sign — 
Would God it wer^ not I for on pluneU rfiino 
^>'ilh half eiioh f«ttiful ferocait uf incii*8 &t« 
Aa n fnir fne*^ *o nioro nnfbrtnnat^," 

TlK'n with a nailu that lit net on hor bronr 
But moved upon boi' r^ mt^nih ti'<^mulotu 
Lf^ht a« a «i?3-b]rd*s motion o(^erd{>a, 
*^ Yea," qiiotb f aanlt, '• tbo happier hap for me* 
With ni> niidi fiiat; to bring mpn no wucb fate. 
Yl'I her might all we woioen bom loo Utt« 
Praise for good hap, who io <*nskiiMl abov^ 
Not more id i»ge excels na Uiin man'< love." 

There cum*? a glooming light oti Triatnim'* Iso 
Answering : '^ God keep yon Lettt-r In Hia grace 
Than to sit down beside ber in men's sight- 
For if men be not- blind whom God gi%'cs light 
And lie not. in whose Itpn he bid** tnitb live, 
Great grief uhall whe be given, and greater give- 
Fnr Merlin witnesBe*! of lier yenrH ago 
Tlist. she Kbotdd work woit rtmi libcnild HufTfr woe 
Ifeyutid tlia race of wrjioeii : aud in Ijutb 
Her fiee, too bri;^bt niid rtnik for agrr or youtJl| 
TIath DU it BtEuh A light of dnitd luid Km, 
With cliarm aod ebauge of keen or dim dc^irei 
And ovt'f oil a loarkee look of fear 
Hung like a veil nerosH ita clmn^ing cheer, 
Madt; up of 6ercc foruknowlc<i^ and sharp ^orO) 
That it nerc better she htid not been boro. 


Th4 Sailing ofihi Sti'Alltni.\ 195 

F«>r not loT«'i telf cm help n fioe wbicli tath 

'Bliiiil prc>«U!iMo noil ii4*lf-cfiiit*"mptufjiu hntc 
C>£' H«r cnm soul »dJ hfaLvv-fooiMJ fut^, 
^^^rit broad upon its 1>«auiy : none the lew 
* **> fire of tright »im) liiimiiig l>Itf*nir'Js« 
■'^^Jc*?! witU iiH t|ujek ii flume iht wKaw uf meci 
-^^ dXDjr RunbeaiDt nor i« quoDclicd again 
^^'"itli juiy drop «f dcnTiU ; ya^ I tliiuk 
^^ ** lieib of force «c Mmid'CumpeUiug drink 
^^^o^jld bed ft beait that «v«r it inadc hat, 
^y » and men too tlint greatlj love her not, 
^*X' jjnj the great lovo of her and Lumomckc, 
"^^^fe© no great marrdt nor look slran^f^ly back 
^^' ki^rn with hia gase about h<r the goes by 
^^^i^« aa a brcotihlcsBt And fftar-qmokctiinj; akj 
**^t"weun raoonriM und etmaot, and movea out 
^ — *olhtti with Uiu jjaHsiott of his tjta about 

aiiglit with all Ler etan, j«t niglit id black ; 
<1 ^he, tlolhotj wurm wilU iove cf Lumorftckc, 
**^ with hie woraliip na with girdling ^Id, 
•MiA all itt boart nnhiicf^erod and fit:o]<I, 
^**^**tae iiad at heart and lovpl^as of tho li^lif, 
^^^^ ^iffht, 9tar*lothcd or naked, is but night " 
-^ And with Imt swwt vje* Buukon, uiui tbi mirth 

Jz^^**<i m llieir look sj^ oarth lies dpad iu L-irUi 

'^**t roiguod ou uwth and triumpbtd, Iprndt *nid ; 



it ter nliiimcr of sometliin^' di.>ni> and d^jiU 

,^^ f^or of aomelliinjj to bp born and done 

^^■t »o in h<ir soul's eye pnt» out tlit* mm ?" 
*p^ -And Triatram aiisftvred : •' Siirely, as* I think, 
^j^*-** Ri^^ herfioxil such bitfc^mpflH i*i drink, 
.--?^^ ftiu born blind, tho sightlets »in imlcnowu, 
^ ^'^i^ughl whem the siuntiier in h^r Mood was blown, 
Vfc-^^ •carcfl ftflowcr, iind spring liriii fliwlitil her will 
*^*-t_-b bloom of dreams no fmilage should lldfil, 
^ ** vn out of vifiion and desiro WJt* wmtight 
^■^^ nuTden sin that from the living tlioughl 



Tlu GiHilamiKA Magazine. 

Leapi iL live deed and diOB not ; then tliere can* 
Od tbftt blind ua Kwift eyosigbt like % ftamo 
Touching' tliu Jurk to d^alh, and mada her dluI 
With he1pleri» kno^^lixl^ that ioi> late forb:Miu 
What waH bcf"rr tlitr bidding; xtid sh^ kneir 
How i^luirp n Life <ic;id lov« should lead hi?r tbr^iif* 
'I o what sure tud Low foarful ; und Uiougb y<?* 
Not with her HcmmI nnr tr-jirn hpr way be w*»t 
And *he lauk bravely with ?tel. fa4^e on fal«, 
y<Tl nbe known wtll ilie sttrj»t-ut kmr iit wiiit 
Somi-^whero to etiDg nnd »puis doL ; ej, jiiiil he, 


"■Tbe king" c|tioih Iimult niiddenly^ 
"Doth the \C\w^ tuu live so in sighL offrinr !* 
Tl]ey 83y tin taucheA not a man »» neur 
Am 8hamo n wouiMn ; yc^t be too should be 
Part of the piJEiiiiicc, l^i^^^ uiare doop ilraji tJi« 
Set in tJitt ftiu." 

•• Nay," Tri»tram wiid, *' for tbtu 
It feQ by Wicked liap and hH/iirdoi]»i, 
Thjit wittingly lie binned no laora tUiii) ^xiuth 
May flin aud be u^soiled of God and trutliy 
Jlepeiitiu|^ ; lor in Ida iirat year uf n?ign 
As he stood uplt^ndid witb LJh Wmeii dlain 
Aad Ugbt of new-blown battle?*, ilablmd and hot 
With hope and lii'cj tame greeting frora Ivin^ LoL 
Out of his winJ-v/om ithiiid& oversea. 
And homage to my kin^ o^nd frfalty 
Of those north «eas wherein the strange shapea sirird, 
As fiom his mau ; and Arthur greeted Lini 
Af his good lord and courtoouidj, and bode 
Tj His higU feast \ who coming with him bad 
This Queen Mor^^iise of Uikney, hi* tiir wift,% 
In the green middk Maytime of her life, 
And in &:aret* April wiia our kingVaa then 
And goodlitst wa* he of all flowering men* 
And of what graft as yet himself knew not ; 
Unt cold 04 rninj^ in atitumn wuf King Lot 
jlud grey-grown out ot at:tta«\i ; ^ Vix*st*i e^nuig 

Tkc Saiflftg of the SxoaKow. 


^^w-xA love between tbctn, 4nd fJl FpriDg through mog 
^-•^JS'^t in Lheir joyotu hearing; ior tioqc knew 
^*^<i biticr bcHidof bloud lct*f««:i thtia Ivfo. 
^^^^^«*ja Cntiicn Ijui one mother, till too late 
'*'*^^ aicted mouth of >I<.'rliii >et forth fiito 
^'^ •^ t'Riktf the Kcrct scnl oa .Vrthur^a Inrtli, 
^■*«:4 shewed hiii ruin and his rule oQ earth 
*'^*>^lncaWe, and Ugbt ou livoa to bcb 

**** saroly, chough lime ?lay u?, yet sUaii wu 

f siich bijjfh nonao itud lordship of good d;iy4 
lijUl ftaj!t;Lm iu livioj;, and mt^% priueo 
_ **^^^ hum a beacon lit ubovo ua dead. 



^^ *^ of the king how ehrill not thiA bo aaid 
^»*in any of un from any mouth has [iruitfe. 


«iich wen! m«n in only UiIe king's daj8» 

-Arthur'*? yea, oj>mL> shiny or >^had<^ no to«0 
* name ehntJ be on? n.-iine with kni^^htHuou, 
ft &me cn« light with minU^ht. Yet m Hooth 
** »gtT sh&U hour The bunk'Us of bis youth 

bleed from hi* own blooJ[di*?d : for iniipod 
«d to him blind hi« mi^ brou|[ht forth «rod, 
cl of Uje child betwG#*ii iheru ihrdl br born 
rocttoTi: M> ^hflll God tiuL -iulTtr KL-<>m» 
in tnen'p sotils i\s\i} lives hi? law lie dead/' 
And AM one mmeil ;md murvrlliii|^ TAriilt gniil : 
rr-iit pily >t is Atid ntraugt- il TkT'eizjei Lu mcf 
could nut do thpin so niudi riglit a^ we, 
^^%> >hiy not mcMi for vritlcss evil dono ; 
*^ <1 tluft!^ tbe noblest under the j^ent ,i«u 
*^* «iu Ihry knew not hu thai know nhull slay* 
^T^n<J iiuiitc blind men for stumbling iii lUir day- 
^*at good i* il to God that aiich ^llou!ll dii^? 
**=tH tjj^ ^i,n'^ iigiit, gi\pw BUiinier iu ihe ^ky 

^^*^^\itte their light of spirit ij? put out ? " 
. ^*"-id nigbina, UiL* looEcL'd from wave to cloud about, 
-. "^^ cTCn wiib that the iVUl-grown foet of day 
J, *^*^.Dt upright on the quivoring water-way* 

1^ ^-' bis face bumcil apniBflt. her meeting face 
^^••^ liken Jowfjii^iilcnin^' from bis place 

2^8 Tht Gintiema^s M&gazimc. 

Who gaiM Co biA bride-wuKi ; Uil' aea tfaon^ 

And shiver^ llkf spread wlnfrs of BD^h bl-iwb 

By th« min'e broath bi^fojA him ; kfiii «. low ' 

Swoet, gnlo sliciolc ciU the fonm-flowttra of Utiu snow "^ 

Ad into T^iinfiill of t^«':i^TO»ie!i 4he(l 

Lefif hy wiU' loaf mi thn gn^n gTiTTdi^-li**i 

Tb&t, tempejiU till luiJ NrM^wiml^ tuni jinil plinth : % 

Fur m*y jiikI fii?fy nmmJ tJifr niiiuiii^ |ir"W 

Fhtttered the fl^kc^ &iid feathers of the npraj* 

AtL<l hloomr-d lilir lilovwnnss caftt tiy (rnd nwAy 

T41 wjutlv oil ihv &rdr?iit water; Uit? vijlii nii^Km ^1 

Withered to westward as & fcoc in ewooa ^| 

Death-striokcii liy glad tidings: find the height ^^ 

Throbbed apJ tlitJ ctutre quivorej with delight ^1 

And tlio dejjlb qu^ilod with jKisAioo aa of lov«, ^| 

Till like thf? hcnrt of a ficw-matcd dovo 

Air^ ii^iit, and waro teemed fiill of biiraiu^ rval. 

With motion ati of or« God'^ beating bricnM. 

And her heart fiptiLiig in I^etili. ^nd tihc diew 
With (ill her spirit, and life tht? wtmrisc througb. 
And through hi^r lips the hecn triumphant air 
Sen-Scented, sweeter IJmn land-Toato wore. 
And through hof ^yes the- whole rejoioinff cost 
Sun-s&ti36cd, nnd &11 the hcAvon at fcA^t 
f^pr^iid f(H the inomiD^; nrd the imprrioua miitli 
Of wind and li^ht Umt mtiVtHl upon the cnttb. 
Making the *pnng, and all the fruitful luisht 
ABd strong i-ogcnopation of doli;;ht 
That swells the seedling leaf nnd anphns: niau* 
i^ince the first lifc in Ujq tirtit world began 
To hurti and hnrgeon tlurongh vcid limhi and vciiit^ 
And the first love with sharp sweet pTocr«int paint 
To pioTce and brinp; forth maea : nay* »hf> felt 
Through her own fonJ tl;e i«ovm'ifi;n mominf; tii(.dtf 
And all the eacred pa««iou of the 01m ; 
And afl the young clondH Qatned and were undone 
Ahotit him cotntng, touched mid burnt away 
Jn rosy ruin and yellow apoil of day, 


Tfu Saiiing' of the Sicaliow. 

*«*: aw^t veil of ber body and <xirporal »0Ci»e 

^U the <J««ti alw deiitfo it, «id Jnc^nee 
^ >tli light from iuward and irilli ef9ui?nt hcmt 

*>(! kicdlii^fcual tlirou^h fl«Hh1y IiadcIbi nnd'fn^t. 
^■^U u the august great blossom of Ihe da^Vll 
^**"*»t, and Uir full sun vcjircr fr*im wm wirhilmwn 
^*'^tned on tli*T fiery walur a fluv^tr afl^ml, 
J^** ^1 A lire tho mjgbty morning fmcte 
,^'* ^xjugbmil licr, &nd inucnnml with thp influent btmr 
*^*' wliok khjIV out? gr*at luyBtkal rt^d [IwAvffr 

^at, and tbc Utd of her «iv(;el spirit Woke 

'^^^^-fwhioD, and the strong epiing at a bLroknf 
^,^^^ v-illoJ, and wd« cloTCO.aad from ihr full ^lieatli came 
"^^ ••^ wbole rose of Uac woman red aa Hamr : 
^^5*^ ^^ ^^^ Majday blood afi fi-oin a iwcon 
^ ^*»K«l, Juid May ro«: up in her iind was June* 
^y^ ^^ tt Bjiuce tlic tnornJDg in hit>r bumcd : 

**^3a with bolf eiunmrr hi bor eyea sbo turned, 
^^**^ on he* lips wa* April ynt^ nnd smilc^d, 
** "the eye* ttll V9m4Ui< in the lips hiilf obild. 
;^ Uie foiV epoecb between them grew i^in 

^ tb qiiectioEti&gs and ret^jrde Qt~ what in<?Ti 
^jv miffhtiotftt, ond wbut ramvs tbr love ot tight 
E^oe «tajTU3ft overhead uf qai.*un or kni^'ht. 
<^ Trintram epak-? of many & noble thing, 
^(tt feaiit and «torni of toiimny round tbo 1<inj>, 
^aiEgo <|itt!»t by pcTiloii* l^mdii of nmrsh and lirakr 
<=1 CLTcUnjif woodd bratieh-knolted Ulce u HQukt 
^•^ ijlaoM (jalo nitb pIbs th!*t tb^y had i^et-n 
l^T^ wftg nti life of red fruit or ofgro^^n 
"^^^^tjiji vnkuKM a dead fece wan and dan; 
^^*i<l bowerdof evil biiildere whence the eun 

*^^*iui filentt and Iho moon movi^ii without light 
^^***>v© tbeni Ihtciigh t]v* *tck and iitar-c^n»s«ed night; 
■^^d <:}f thifii'ltaiidv IhroLij^h wliuni sndi JioUIm Uy wR*t^> 
V^***i all Uieir etivngthfl rlintwviOlffl find rit^fftred 


■nitimiH, luul wtu-E: mtl from uoiLh tci M^ulh: 
df Ute might of MeHiirs ancient iuoulIj^ 


2O0 T&e Gmikfnaft's Afagaane. 

Thd 3on of no itkuiV Loiac, be^t by doom 
In spe«chIoiit nl^ep oiit of n ^potl^fsi wotob; 

For sleeping among gwivi^* wheru nom? bud rM 
And ^mincjiix Iioujpk uftlt^ul lioEiea tUibleat 
Atnon^' the grey fffsts itiu^i^li ba old rent lialr 
And wicteH hwrlmgp wMb'iiiiif^ likr tV)ij»iiir 
And VilowTi uiHUi wiUi blaalh uf [luluiuus Wiiiili 
Fe-oui Lht'(;;£LLml otiening^s and laif; dooit of deaths 
A maid uji?poU«d, mthjacIrm ;>f thn tptrl], 
Fri'lt HOC nlitjiiL ]u'r bitraUjc kjidi? thin^ of licll 
WhrjMR child ami htn wa* Merliu ; and lo !iim 
Ore^tligH from Uod guvciLjgbt of all things dim 
Aud wisdom ct' nil vondrou« thlu^ to say 
Whnt root tiliould bc^ar wliat &uit of nif^lit or iIaj, 
And aovorcisn apccch aod counsel aWve man ; 
"Wlieicfore his youth like ngc was svU^ and wan, 
And his itp^ »orrowliU unvl tain to sleep ; 
Yet ^houtij »locp nr:vcr, ncEthi;r tnugh noi weep^ 
Till in some Uei.'p pl^Lce of dome IuikJ or »c« 
1*lic IieavcTilj' liaridfl of lioHet* Niinuc? 
Thit was tlie nurse of Lannoolot, and zncul »w 
Of nil that movo vrith luagicjil sofl feel 
Among UB, i)cing of loveli*?c bloud nnd ^irr^th, 
Should nhut liim in vrith ^lor-p a^ kinJ aa doatU, 
For f;li<: could puwi tx.'Lwccn thn quick and dead ; 
And of lior \q^c towurd I'c^llcait, for whose head 
Lovu-wouiidcd jvncJ \vorld-wc>ariod aba hiul 
A plikCi) bt*yond all puiu in Av:ilon ; 
And of the tire that \^'&HC«}d ultt^rwiird 
The lovelesa eyea and Iwjaom of EttLLrJe^ 
In whose fuUe love Kia faultlcii; heart luul burD«d j 
And now leing rnpt from her, hur lost ht^urt yoorc 
To toek liim, and paiiied hxmg&nng OLt of life ; _ 
And aftor nil the thunder 4] oura of strife I 

Tliat roart'd betweeo Kia^ Ciaudiui iind Kitfg Bsn 
How NiEiue'B mighty nin'slinjuf waied to man, 
Aud how from his firat (itld snch grace h« got 
That all mou's Lt^arts bowed down to Lanncclo 


Tfie Sai/ifij^ of the Swalhw. 



<1 how tii« high priacn GA^Abauli bold bim dear 
<i kd Jiim even to \y^ of GtiMMven 
<J td that kiw uftiicli inAdc brc&k forth a^ fire 
'^bogh that TTO* the flowt^r ot'Iii* dcwrc, 
obnffh ihftt liglitcQcd at her Iipj4 foi bllw 
**<> iria from liore »o gT»l a lover's Wn : 
A»a<j of the tjfll of BftlcD All bie rfny»« 
^^^ Jt*p but tbonu for firutt ftnd tear* for pr&ise, 
^^^^Wft hMp w« evil u his heart woa good, 
^^■^'J alJ lua vorka nnd wnT* by woI<l and wooti 
^^**^i tbroQj>h mwth paio to oul* Uat blouring dJiy 
^^i^Jien tlie blood wnahcd Ibp tmrr: out from his way ; 
JL^***' of tbo kin <>f Arthur, and their might; 
*fc«^ miitbnm bead of Mordrcd, wid at uijfht, 
*t.H cold waste dieeke and <vp™ as k**en aa pain, 
''^***l the close angry lips of Agrai/aine ; 
t^J^^ firadoufl Gawain, scatterinf^f wordu as Jluwers, 

**o %ciodli*Kt hoa*l of wt>rldly purnmuxiri*: 
^^*1 the fair hand of Gareth.fmmd Ib flgbt 
^*'^>ng a« a Aea-benst'ii ttwhcu and iw whit*' : 
*^^1 of Ui* king's loplf, gliiri<iu« yet and j^la^l 
*^*" 4iU liie toll and doidit of doom he had* 



*ed Willi tnvn'fl tiwes and ftill ^jf kin^^ly dayi^, 
tTien lieult *aid r " T*J eaHi knight, havn bj* praiw' 
- retrfi good man guml wrtnesii* of hif* worth; 
^^t vh«n men laud <he *n?coiid iihtii<* nn ciirMi, 

^om woidil they praise tj? hnvr mi worldly prwr 
^^^^^ him whnftf^ lovp make* K^oriaus Guentvere?" 

*'Nav/' TiiHliiLEa fcaiil. *' such man aa he is nonr/* 
*'Whfttt'* »id j"hr, ^*tha:e ib none such uuUur 8lUl 
^ i^ll the loigc earth '^ living ? yet I deemed 
" ^'^^ t^iake of otip — but. mcyhemen Th:it dreamed, 

***^la and tougue-*fncki^=n, witlcs?. Luibhk'r"a breed — 
^^^t far all high things was hia peer indwd 
^^*^v thi» one higheal, to be so loved and lovn/' 
>^ .\ijd Tnrtmm : " I-ittle wit had th^-se thereof; 
^*" there '\^ nooo wich in the world ae this.'* 

«Ay» npoii land" quoth Ifieult, "none such Viy 


Thi Gmflemans Magazine. 

I doiilit not. nor wbt-rr d^ttiR^' ^Ik may bo 
But wew tbere none aucb between shy and 
The world's whole worth were poorer thivn I wirt." 
And Trutmm tcok hc^r H»w^r*wbit« band and 
Lfltighing; and through hi« fair taci^ as ia Bhamc 
The ligrht blood ligbbeufld. ^ Hear jre no muh lu 
She said; and ho, *'If thow be such a word, 
I wot the quccnV poor bnrpi^r huth not briiid, 
TlioQ) AK the fullrr-foath^rod houni Jircrw long*, 
B^eim to epeed th^ir warm slow feet with song. 

'* Lovc^ iv U movning Hmth or night docoAsctd 
Thiit makoB \h/e mirth uf th«^ triumphtint iuij^? 

Ia il joy gficen or bilt^nKse put by 
That makes the sweeter dnnldQgftt lovo'c fe^st ? 

O hiVi.', luve, ]L>ve, ihal day alioiild livQ aud dfo 
"Iw U with sQul'ti ibiml or with body's drouth 
That minitn^r yearns uiit siiiiwjml tn thr mnth, 

With nil tlie flowtis thnt whmi thy birth *^row 
Wen< molten in oue mHt* Lt> inak«- iJjy uiuulli ? 

(1 lovo, whatr lyiT*: t!i">iigli day sliould liva and » 
'' Is; tb(^ Kun gifid of Jill tltc lovi; on imrtJii ■ 

Thr- iiptrir. and i^eofic? and work of tlunf^ aud wi^ 

I» tlic moon sad beoiusc tho month miwt fly 
And hi'ing her death that can but bring back btr 

For all these things as diiy must livci jind die. 
"Love, i* it diy that make« thfe thy dolight 
Or thou that sMst dny nmdo out of thy light ? 

LovL-, at tht' fliin and sta aro thou and J, 
tica without sun dark, Bun witltout «ca hrii;ht : 

Tho nao ia otic Ihou^li d;iy ihould livo And die. 
"0 which is oldor, nijrlit or hjfht. who knows? 
And liffr and love, which first of thtMe twain grow 

For litr? ifi \mn of lovo to wail and cry. 
And love ie horn of life to hetd \m woes. 

And ligbt of nig-ht, that day should Utc and dj 
"0 sun of heaven above Iho worMIy t«i, 
very love^ what li^ht b thi* of thoo 

My eea of aoul ia de&p aa Owm at^VwifJ:^ 



Th4 Sailing of the Swallow, 


!ot all thy light b fclied ihroiipl all f>f me* 
A^ love tbroiigb love, while day thai) lire and die," 

^H ** Naj,*' iaJd Xieult, '' your aoD|* is bard to i^ad/* 
^P "Ay?"' i^idln': "or too lighta unng to bepd, 
TToo iligU to follow, it ouy be ? Wb& tholl siuy 
Of Irti'o bm nn A ditirt hpfiire a Idnff 
V f tiy Invr'i' wort^h im^n raij^ bi* Wiir^binesa ? 
"^^et. as th« poor cbmr* worlll Ui smi;^ is lesi*, 
Siiri?1y Ibi' Tnon' Hball lie llie f^r^al. Iting^ gr&oA 
r ZA ^*> *!>♦»* f^ri^iitrlihb In\<i si kiii{lli»>i fajv*."* 
^B "^Ko rliTirl," Kbr did, "bub niir? in siioUisayc^r's \t\wx 

^^W»"lio Hiiv* IriWT Uiiitffrt tluit b"lp no more f.liaii UeB, 
^^J hnvo Lmrd iin'ti *iuK ■>^ lovt* m b[mpW way 
HK*han thpM> vrroiigfil n<UII>'M matin of nigbt and day, 
*-»ike j*wrllcd fcitiR wbrrmiiii tb<? rlijme-litOls hnng.** 
^_^ Ant! TriHlTAiii tniilfi] aimI tlianged hia ionp and aang. 
^V^ lite lireath IwtHpf^u my Upn of lip[» oot mine, 

■ -iK*> isjtirit in »cn8« tbal niakT.<fi piirf; «^Tl^f? divino, 
^_^ Ti Oil [^fp j,^ tbrm froni tli*^ H^-ing wky 
^pm OQi,.rin^ fill* mj lj<-ari with Uood of thiLO 

^'*'l tbM with nw, wbilo day sball live and die. 
^^^ ^jiy Bonl i« fih«cl int« me with iJiy breath. 


' ** my beart each beartbeat of tbco eaiUi 


**** in thy life tic [Jfc^PpriT]^ <if m^ Uc, 
*^ otic Uib to be finthcTpd ofonft litsith 

1^ **> ttio 4||4 tiifle, tboui:h day may Uvo and die, 
k ' * ^^lio knowa now if la my voine it be 
? '^'loti tbnt l"(>?lp life sw<?H^ or blood of thc-C, 
f|^ "*' tbjj thi!ie (>yi?aight kinillod in iniut* c^yi* 
hlicflrs m* in tby flesh th-? soul of me, 
1, r^ t-bint? inudo ratno, while dsiy inay live und dio ? 
. ' ^bo knoV8 yet if out* be- twain or cne, 

*^nli^ht BPparable again from sun, 
, '^^ 1 fram t!i«» with all my lif(-sprin{2;a dry, 
''boil ft'om lilt* with all tliine licartbeala done, 
^^'iJ wparat^ poiils while day fibnll live and die? 

"** my soul within thine cyo, and bear 
•^irit isi nil thjr puheit thrill witb fear, 


The G^fiii^man's Jt/a^stHC. 

And in my lips tU pattion of thee sigb, 
And imiAtc of mo mtt^o in mine own «ar; 

Am I not llion vih'ili' ilny sbal! livi? luid di*^? 
*'Arl tlioii Qot I a« I Ihv lore am Ihou? 
So let nil tlimgv pn>H fmm iik- wn nr^i tioVf 

For iill ilmt. wii^ ntiil «^ni U-^ wl](} kutivft vhj? 
Ami nil UiJiL i^ and ib nol^ viho knows bovr? 

\M]o knows f God knows wby da/ shoiiM Hi 

Anil TM*u1t miiMiMT mid »piikr< no word, but ALiTig[ht 
Thn)uj^}i -M tin- liiL*<ht*(i wavs of btr Uin^ui-li?si Ui' 
Wbot face or covcrrd likrncm of a foco 
111 what vi'ilf^d lionr or dri^am-dctcTmiim! plaop 
She ftwiu^ migbt take for lov<^"» face, uud ljt-lifiviT» 
Thin WO0 tlic aptrit to vhom lUI tpiriU cIcbvc 
F^jr Uiat divect woiidtT of iht* iwtaa mode one 
And caoli oat^ twnin* iiicorpombo ami wltli mint 
Star ^ritb stnr moItoD^ muL with »oiiI itnbticd« 
And M the soulV works, idl tb<>ir multitadc, 
Miido ouo thoiigbt and onf vJAJon and ouo »o^j 
Lovo— thie Ihitif;, lIiim, Imd h»nd on bcr k» strong 
She coidd not cboooc^ but y^Am tUl rho tJrould mk. 
So wrnt ebo inufeinp: down her tfaouijhU ; but hc^ 
Swcel'beaited np a bird tbnt taki^ the sun 
With hie cleur oy<tf^ and IceU ihi< ^Ind j^d nin 
Thrniiffh liii( brSfjht blood and liU rejoicing wiflf^ 
And c^ien* all bimft(*lf to iiesiven and sin^^t 
>lado bi^r mind light uud full of nablo mirth 
%Vith vrnrLlK and Honff» t he gladdest ^rown en «ftrtht 
Till ih*T wa>< blitV and bi^li of hf^rt ha b<\ 
So »wam the :*wallow through the qirii}f<[ing sea. 

And vrblle tliey eat At speech se st » feaii, 
ThOTe c&mc a light wind biirdmiing from the eait 
And blnckfmnjj, and inudc comfurUni th^ ekl^i; 
Aud the 1^^ thrilled tis with hoart-suuderiEig n^jlu 
One aft^r one drawn- with each bmitb it dretr, 
And the green knj:deued into Iron blu^ 


Tht Sailing ofiki Swallow. 

An^ tbfr soft liglil WT?nt out of all it« face# 
I'hoa Txistraxa girt hinn for an oamnan'fl ploca 
A.Txcl took hi« onr oikI tiDo1«, and toiled with mig;1]t 
^^ tltc cA«t vind's fiill fooe ftnd the fetroDj; lea'd tipit« 
^^^Kouritie ; flnd all the row^n roved hnrd, bnt to 
"^oro Biigbtily thftii ftny wcAricr t!ir^c. 
-^^^l Ifcnh walchod him rowing witli cinlvw (*yc» 
^*MM bvcd him bmt in holy girlish wi»o 
'•'or notUfjoy inhif fEkirQtnnlin<i«f 
A.ti«t titi»4 and tender wonder ; none the lew 
*^I>o tiwngbt it Ciod had giTOT her (pact? to U 
^^^'^'U), Bitd nuke war oiQ dAngw of ^anli and sou, 
"^■^^n TOch a DiftQ she would bo; for hia Ptroko 
o^ mi^tiddt 4i lh« migbU^r wat<^r hrf>kr*, 

in fthwT measure like strontj muefc drave 
•=^ji UiioDgfb the wot woight of the wollowiD^ wave, 
r^**«^ fi@ n tuna Wfore a great Icing i^h}i?J 

^ tntimph wa* the tunt> Their etfon^ t^tml^cs mndf , 
4 fpcd th« ship through with smooth FiriTie of oar^ 
*>T tbo mid «rMv'n givy fi}iii[i-jinv4'n Amp*, 
** all th« loud breach of the wavi** at will. 
*br an hour tliey fought iby rtonn out riil], 
^^*^*1 the tthoro foam spun frcim Jlie Wadt% and high 
. ^ **■•» keel vpraog from thi» wnvc-ridpo, and tL* slty 
HT^^ ^^*-T9d ftt thcro fir a lirt'iiih'* *p!uv llirmigh th** rain ; 
•- ^^^n %\wi bows With a »hurp nhoL^k ^lui»gi-(l ngain 
*^_^ ^^A«fn, and thi- wa clatlifwl mi tliern, mid bo toto 
^^ ^* ** bright Ktfm lik*^ mw. igniting frnm nwifl: blowi^ 
^-^**<3 n%M. wwi miner's joy OTIS Leaitrji hrad 
•-^^^**xra itself latighJng, to in t?ial tiliarp at^-ad 
^ *^^?i light slip lifti*d hpr long ijiuveiing hows 




might thiT infill hiji buFTrtinl Mtri>iig lirows 

-^^^^t of lbi» wavr*hi('«ch ; for v^iUi uiie sU-oIir jct 

^^ *>nt all meu*ft cait togcthci', strongly net 

* ^^ t« loud miuic. And with hc.irti uplift 

*^, ^^ amote their atrong way through tlic drmch and drift 
*ll the kccD hour had cliaf<?U itauU to deatli 
^ ^Z^^ U*e cast wind fell iitfuliy, bicnth ly bre:iUi, 


T^c CsTtll^mnns Maga^m. 


Tin^ ; ouil iicro3i» the thin hxkI dncltccting rai 

Sprang the f&oe fiouihvrafd of the mn a^in. 

ThoD all t)]«y lested nnd were erased at beftitt 

AnJ FMcuLt roMc up where ffac m% Eipoit, 

AnJ with ber swoct eoul deepeoiiafr her dc«p 

Qiai the fur? from Wr and aubUo embn>ideri«« 

That wrBpp*'d Ekt from the eitormiD^ min and spier 

And Ahttiitig Itk^' all April in oti^ dfty, 

Hair, fELCCf and ihront daehed with tho stnipnf^ iflt 

She tuniedT ft punbcani-colourod fl>wfrr cf flowerf^ 

And lauglicd on Tristram viitli her t^ycn, and 8aic^_ 

" 1 ti>a have heart ihen^ I was not afraid." ^| 

And arwwering somo light courteous word of gn^4 

H>> sfLW her dear fu<fo li^lxtcn on hi? Jnoe 

Unvcitliu^fly, with uneDamoured oyc*, 

For thi^ last time- A live man in *m*h \n*e 

I^olci iu Uie deadly fac9 of his fixed hour ^A 

And hiughfl with lipe witerelQ he Juith no pf>wcr ^1 

To ke«p the life yet some five minutes* ^p^o. 

ho TrioTram looked on l«eult fuce to fucc 

And kTtew n€t, and she knt-w not- Thn laet time — - 

The liiBt thnt ahoiild he told in any rhymd 

Heard anywhere on moiiths of pinpicp tocti 

That ever should 9m^ praiat of thum n^ain ; 

The last hour of their hitrtlesi heart* nt rret. 

The Iset thnt pe&ct> should touch thoio brwut to bm 

The last that sorrow far from them ahould uU 

This last was with Ihem, atid they knew not iU 

F<jr Tristram being atbirat with utrong toil fcpnk* 
Saying ; — " I^eult^ foi- all dt^nr love'* labour'^ wke 
Give me to drink* and gi^vt irn? for a pledpo 
Tho tonoh of four lips on the beakers edge," 
And Iseult sought nnd would not wake Kmnpwnin 
■N\'ho slept ai one half dead witb fear anil pun, 
Being tender-oat urt'd ; bo with hnshed lij^t feet 
Went Iseult round her, with noft looks and eweot 
Pitying her pain \ so sweet a spirited thing 
She was, and daughter of a kindly kiog. 

Tkt Sailing of the SwaUouK 


cl a^iosr wbai straDgo bright scent ^bargi; was kopL 
4 in iJiat tanid'^ t>bito boMtm wbilc she ftUipt^ 
tou^ht &od drew tho ([iild cup forlb imd tfmilcd 
i^>^sK.arvcUiQii^, ^^^ ^*^°^ Ligbb wonder oi a child 
"T^^ic^ li«ar«of glid mbuI lifa in mupc l^ndK ; 
^^taa<J tore it boek to Trirtram with piir^ hands 
^^oXdui;; tlw lare-draught thnt »boul<l b« for flamo 
^-■-"^> Imrn out of tli^m fcrar and fnith and Ahruac*, 
-^ T»^ Ughten all their lify up In men'a siglit, 
j^-r»<i niftke ti]«n sad for ^^vot* Then the kniglit 
^^^^'wed tov^rd hrr and crnvcd whence had she this etrange 

^'**ait might be *poJl of aome tUm Asian kmg> 
-^^^'^ oaiUgbt stolen from some wa^te plare of aandft, 
a otaid bore it bcre in hannlef^ hituda. 
■^ IwuU, htughinf^ — -*'Oth^r lords Ihut he 
^"^^^nfl, and thdr men fir-iief after Uu?m : but we, 
^^ » »i nn'ii miut keep the best wine ba*?k to ftast ' 
*T*i1 \ thej' bp fill! Hnd Wfi i>f nil ttph least 
^^^•^<^ after Ibi^m and fain to fare so we\l : 
^^> mtJi mine Imndmaid imd your srjuire it fell 
T^lrist hid th;« bright Ihing from wi in \\ wib^:" 
^^T*<1 with lif(bt lips yet full of thi-ir >wift. utiilc- 
^^**<J h^nds that wiflt nof. tlioiigh l.lipy dug a gravp. 
^^**did thti bni:|K of grtldj iind dmutj iitid gnvr, 
"^^^d b« drank aft^tr, ii di'op gUd kingly druiiglit : 
"-**<! uU ihtfir life dianged iu Ihem, for tliey 4ii:(ITi.-d 
^<=*>Ui ; if It l>e defitb so to drink, and fare 

* tr>ea wbo <*baiigi' nnd nn* whiit Ihi^n*- twnin \vi-rr>> 
^'^U nbuddrriiig wil.b eyes full of fi'iir imd llri? 
l^**^ hi^rt*Atnu){ wiLb a Berpeutiue du»in^ 
*^^ ttirui^d and sow tlifr tfrjoi in br.i ryes 
j' 'ttxt yi-ninni upon him shining 1:1 eiiob 'wiso 
^ H^ (Ur tJiidway in the midnight Exed- 

Tbcir (jttlahault was tbe nip, nnd slie tliat Hkiscd ; 
^I'*'' olhc-r baud iLeie in^edcd, nor swe*?t Bpf-ccb 
** Itire tbcdr IJpfi tt^gcthcr ; each on each 



The Gentleman's Magazine, 

Hung with strange eyes and hovered as a bird 
Wounded, and each mouth trembled for a word ; 
Their heads neared, and their hands were drawn in one, 
And they saw dark, though etill the unsunkeo aun 
Far through fine rain shot fire into tlie south. 
And Uieir four lips became one burning mouth* 




dements, earth, Air, water, and fire, vrithstran^-c forms of life, and 
Hare cwn found in the silamander an inhAb)tiknt lor the fourtti. On, 
lAad die c«iit2Ur and the unicorn, in the nir the dragon and the roc. 
In ibe wiEer trtEon^ and mcnnaids, nmy be named ^ Instances among 
may of the fabuloui crcxncrc:! whidi havv been not only imagined 
but believed in by men of <)id timc:v Ahhough it may be doubted 
wtabei men have ever invented ^ny :ib«olutcly imaginary forni« of 
life yet the pEUxibilily of cojnbining knoivn forms into iniayiiiary, 
«nd evca intj»oi*iblc, forms, must be admitted a» an imporUrt de- 
ment in any intjuLf)' into the origin of ideas reapecttng sudi creatures 
\ma 1 lnTE nameiL One need onfy look tliroiigh un illuminated 
incript oftlic Middle Ages to recognise iJie readiness with which 
crentvrcs can be formed by combining, or by esiaggcraCmKi 
file charaeterutie« of known animala. Probably llie combined know- 
ledge and ^cnlui of all tlie ^reatetl £oa1ogi^ts of our time would nut 
piSc< for the invention of on entirely new form of animal which yet 
lAoitld be zoologically poJisible; but to combine the quotitiet of 
aereral niitent unima]^ in a single onc» or 10 iioncelvr an animat 
with some j)ccLli*rily jibnonniUy dcTclopcit, iii within the capacity 
of persons ^'ery liltle icquaiiiled with zoology^ nay, is perhaps (ar 
easier lo nieh persons th;in it would be to nn Owen, .1 Huilcy, nr a 
Datwih. In nearly every ca)<e> however, the purely imaginary being 
if 10 be re«o(cnised by the utter impossibility of it3 actual existence. 
If It b« a winged man, arms and wings :tre both piovidcd, but the 
pf: :-j:les are I<?ft LiDcb;ingi.-i1. A winged hor^c. in like man- 

oci» - , -■^iiJcd with wings, without any mcjns of working (hem, 
A ccolaur, as in the noble sculptures of Phidias, lias ihe upper part 
of the ir^nk ofa man *niiieradrted, nni to the hind fpmriers of a horse 
or oibef quadrupeiL bm to ihc entire tniuk of such ai^ ELiun^aX, ^^ 



Th Gmtl^nans Magasint, 

U12I the abdomen of Ihc liumun figure licft ^^tKw the ujipcr half 
the human triok nnd ihc cotrctpondirk^ piirt of the hors^'fi (lunL, 
anatlgcBlcni wuitcimit^lljr prcposicroi]*. Without latying ihii 
ra1>u!otis animal ^lui;.h woti aiLUtucucdlf and £OQlo£L<:Ally poos 
h/id a Kdl jintit^pc. cxag^eraicd thougli the fabulous forai nu^ 
been, wq muf^t yet -idicit that cttok lo groci Rurked Uio con 
of a1I ihr rrally irnj^^injuy aniiiuib cf uttiqtiiiy, that any 
amnul fquiid to accord fairly well with cooloj^ic^ po^sibiliua 

ret^dcd, with extreme probability, at vmpty the t 
nniion of wmif reitlly exrMem aniriial. Thff iavmtor*oJ 
ingcJ cod m^ifjiccd LtiUs, inziiiy 'headed dogst, kir]jicik 
, were utterly unable lo invent 11 poawbic new AntrnM. m^ 
th9 merest chance, ih« probabUicy of which wa« to niu:il tfait ii 
Ijiirly be disrcgirik-il 

U'hia view uf tlic »o-callcd fabulouA aniinali of antictuity bftS 
confim^cd by the ic&ults of modem Kcological rcfi«atch, Hu 
man, jonlo^enlly j)n**iljle (not in nil de t-iiJs, of cnunre, but 
hns found its antilytJC in tlic diii^on^; md the nvuuucc , the rX 
ihe condor, or pcrhapa in the cttioct sptcics who^c bcnca 
their monslroiiB proportiona; the unicom in the rhinoccroa ; 
the dragnn in thy pterodactyl of ihe gttcii-sand ; while the 
the LiiiiLouut, Lhc a« Jngcd-hcxfiCi and so forth, have beconne 
niicd OS purely iin^inaiy eroitures, which had iheir origin 
the lanciful coTnbirtation of Ici^oirn fonnK, no eixist&ntcreaturA 
even suggeMcd these monsirositEcs. 

It is not to be nondLTcd ai i.hj4t the sea should have been oA 
proliEic in monstrosities and in fbrms whose real n^ituro Tui ba 
mistmdtrsttKMl. I-md iinimidi 4:;innoi long e^tape dotcobtcfviU 
Even the uiou powerful and ferocious beasts must suocunibbd 
lens f""^ to man, and in fomier ages, when the siru^lc wai *l 
undecided betwei::ii irnn? rate of animnlsand savage man, [ndivi 
Kpecimena of tlie r^ec must ufb^n have been killed, and the 
appearance cf tlic animal determined. Powerful winged 
might for a longer time remain comparatively myttenous 
even to those whom they anacked, or whose flocks th^rimand 
mighty bird, or a pterodactyl tan bcMl (1 late turvivor of a ract 
Cist dying out), might ^t^'oop doiMi on hi« prey and diiappeu 
it too swiftly lo be rn^df the •iwXy^vMl of close scrutiny, ttUl Ici* 
e;Lact acieniific obsGivationn Vel ihe general charaelerixlio 
of such crcaturen would before lonj^ be known. From time to 
the simhge wLRged Liioniiter would be seen hovering over ilie 
w/jcJV ht^ prf.*y was (o be found, Oc^;a^\oual1]f it would 

Lid beajdi 

FOci« of the race with inurovorA jfivcUn ; And thu«, «vcrii iQ 
MDotc period* irheu (he lavngc? projjciitoK of the present 
of caaa lud lo carry on a dilfKiilt conlat vtitli atiiiiuli nov 
or frctUy reduced in power, u woitld become possible to 
ibenninc accuntdj thv lutimf of Uw wing«cE cncrry. Bui witli t«a- 
cofttm, Enonuiowi or utlirn* i*ic» tlic iiwc wuuJil Ijc wxy [liiTrrcnt 
IblUtfhf wc rcinain iftnorant <tL' much that m hidden bc&mh the 
nmof tho ""hollow- Koundmg xr\d myitenoiu main/' Of tar the 
pntor number of icKitiiUin.-*, it may tntly he laiti thai mc never 
KCUf speumcna accept by accident, and never olitain ihc body of 
HfOKCpl bf voy rare accident. 'i'ho«c creatur<:£ of the deep «ca 
lU we are b«rt acquaimvd with, are cither thoie whii^li ate at once 
VBT Dtnnerui^ juuJ vcr/ uhcful ji* fijod or in sonic other waj. or cbe 
iNEvhkb arc very r-M^Aciotu And thus cx|iosc Ihcmaclvca, by their 
^MH^onmen, lo coLmlcr^ittack md capiurv or deitrueiion. In 
■ttocc linws, n^en men WL-re l«-«s able 10 iraverGe (he wide Heu, 
ik*,ou tbc one h-i>id, ttlUcks fiom ifreat vca-crcAiuics were more 
Ifllo be SLKCcfx-^ul, while, on the other, coiirtcr'attBck was much 
■OK diDgerou*, ttiti leu would be known iklxiitt ilie mcmMeri of the 
dcfp. Seen only fur a few fiiutiients a^ he hci/.cri Mh fue)'! ^iiJ Uien 
■bn; bade into the dcpih«, a se:L-monsicr wonld piobAbly remAin 11 
'^jtKTf even to thojic who hid witnessed hii iitick^ whde their 
'■fffffrrf Aecnurtl of w[i;<t Ihcy ii^d ^ccn nuitld he rnodi^ed nt each 
Qfdiiiua of tlic !»t<jry, uniU tbcic would leiiiam tiitk bjr wIiilIi ilie 
Qvurc could be jdcnti6cdv even if nt snmc sub^cquem period its 
Ok nature were Tcco^iKcd. Wc can rea<lily iinUerst;ind, then, that 
■Dong the ^buloaa ere-JCurei of aiiiji.juity, even ufihrjsL- which rtpre- 
■tHod actVftUy cxitlcrit r^cci incorrectly described* the inoat rcn^ajk- 
it^ md tbo«c xooloKii^Ily the leAEl inielLigible, would be the 
tauten of the dceii sea. Wc t^n also understand that even the 
lOvnts which uiigijiilly LuirespoinlcJ best wiili the trutii wtmld 
^IPe undcfiCE>nG modi^cAtions much more noteworthy thaji thoac 
Actiag descripuoni of land oniimkU or winged crcaturest^fimply 
hvuc there would be 4iiuU chanrc of :i\\y errors lliu^ miroduced 
htm; corrected by reference lo frc3rhly<d]si:ovcE'cd spcCLmenfl, 

Wc nuj, perhapa, explatn in this way ih<A ^Eramgc account given 
•I BrfofU3> of ihc cTfaiiiri^ which c;tnie up from ihc Rerl Sea, having 
^body of a fish but (lie fioni «iELd hc^kd of 3 \\m\v\. We Jriay well 
hllKTC choc this animal mcos no other than a du^ong^ or Haljcorc (1 
■Md iljgpiifyijig sean^aiden), ;l creature inhabiting the Indiaii Qceaa 
todkidlVi ^^^ wliit-h nii^bt rejidily find lis wjy mto the Red Sea. 
tUaft^upt of the creature ha^ been sUAugcly dieted fiom Uie 



Tfu Gtnilffnafis Magazhu^ 



OTigino) nATTMn^ if nt Ic^t the oriKinnl nrtfniiivc wa« correct, kt; 
according lo Beronis, the anixncU had two human f(e( yii^ych prcjedei^ 
from eo^di %Ldt^ of the uil; nnil, Mill itr;iijgi-f, ii hail a litinun vncv 
Aad humaa Uu^ua^c. " This slra&gc loomtcr sojourned Auione im 
rude |>GOplc durinfA the day, Ukinj; no Tood, bm retiring lo tbe 
Again nt nij^ht, mid coniiiniT^d for «ome time leit^hing ihem the artivf 
civilticd life/" A picluic oflhis atr^iycr is aaiJ Ui Iiavc bcca 
aCT\«d at JIabylon for ]UiUi> centuries With a probable tubttBAa^ 
of Init^ the Btor/ in it« latest fonn it OM fabuloiM as AuKdjPoA 
"linllfld of >i fith that appeared upon ihe conii. en Wcdncsdif 11»| 
fuurHorc of Aj^nl. fotty thoii^taTid fail^oiiia ^ibove natcr^ ud ttflf 
baJad a^inst the hard hcurU of maida." 

It ib ungidar, by the w:iy, hoiv coaimoRl>' the power of spee^vj 
At If-xsl (if prnHiic-inT rounds rrnfmblinL^ ^prnh nr mmdcnl notes,' 
■ttlriUtted lo Ibe crcamrc ivhich^ LmagirL^ttLon conTcrted into a Btffr 
hah or u'onaan ris-hn Uufjoiitri ^iid manatees niukc :i kind of 
noiic, wMrh could Hrarrdy be mistaken under ordinaiy 
for the sound of thr Lumaa voJCf. Y«, not o:ily is iliit 
oicnbcd to the tncrmaid and siren {the mcrm^ o^od tnton 
even the supposed power of blowing en conch^helk), bvt w 
rt^ci'iiE nctouTits of cntouniers wilh (reatute** prcsiimaWy of tlie 
tiibc and j^lUcd raf.irt, tijt s^itLii; Iciituiv ih Lo be iioiictd- The (dJo^i 
TAg aceovnL, quoted by Mr. Gos»c from a nanative by 
Weddell, Ehc well-knos^n geognphcrr i« tntereiiing U>t thif 
amongst ocher*. It aKo iHusmiftyi wtU the miviiLre t>r 
dctih (the olTspiing, duabLlcsa. of an ociLed iiDO^iiJation^ wA 
correct tlcscnptioii of ft sca-crciiturc aclLmlly seen: — ** A boart' 
were employed on HaiVs laiandt when one of the creR^, left tO 
care of >iame produce, saw an nnimat whose voice wa« musical, 
■tailor had lain dowii^ and at ten o'clock he heard a nobc rocint 
huJUan cries, and as daylight in these latitudes never dis^tppeail 
ihU &easoTi" (the Amarciic stimmer}," he rose and looked otouncVW 
on seeing no per^on^ rerumed lo bed. Presently he hcird liie fli 
again ; rose d second time^ but still saw nothing. Conceiving, 
ever, the possibility of a boat being upset, and that aoine oi ihc («•] 
might lie clinging to detached rocks, he walked along the beach ifi*l 
ste]>i) and heard the noise more distinctly but ia a miiiieal flttf*] 
Upon searching around, he saw an object lying on a tock a 
yards from the shore, at which he was somewhat frightened, 
face and shoulders appeared of human form and of a reddish cnkwn 
over the shoulder* liunglong green hair, the tail resembled lluiofll* 
scai, but the extremiti^ of the arnu he could not see distinctly. UK 

Sirange SuL^Crfaiitrcs. 313 

Dmi&vM to raiVe a mitdGd noiae vrliEle h« gaied about two 
nd 00 peicnvtDK hmi it diup]>airi![) In an iiuUnt. Initnc- 
Q the eeUd sAtr h» ofTiccr, he toI<l tliiA wild ulci and lo 
t to bis testimony (being 1 Romanist) he mode a cross oc 
irHch bir kifi»fd, it rruking anth ic the truth nf hU «UEe- 
heo I MH hioi he told the Hlory in sc cleit and poiitivc a 
■iiagoathlo its truth, thut 1 concluded lie niuH redly 
tltQ aoimal he ducribed, cr th:it \\ musl tiav« bcon ih« 
t diuiKhcd im^TtJiiion/' 

ttory all It consiLitctit vhh thr bL-licf that the uilor mw 

bekngins to the seal Tainily (of a »pecies unkno^vn to 

pi the green hair. Bl« the hour wiis not vrry favouraWo 

ifming of (oloiiT, ihoti^h d.-iyli^hi h;ut T10I rjiirrr |i--iMril 

vGooM point? out, itinc^e ^Idcrn-ycMow fur ami black 

ad amoBf; Antirciio ^eala, the coloim niay l>e miennmglcd 

idlvjdiui3^ jiruducmg an olivr'gTc?m tini,wliirhT by E^otimtt 

i^ skin, might he nii&ultcn for a full green. Con< 

the nun had b<;en roused from &Ieep and was somwhac 

h« irould not be tikeiy to make very exact observations, 

iced ihAi ii was only a^ first that he mktoolc ihi^ ^jwrnda 

<:rc4tute for huiiu^n <tie&; itficnvard& be heard only ibe 

k but in A musical r.train. Now with re^d lo the musiLcal 

d to have heen uttered by this creature* and commonty 

10 creanincs Wloni;mg to families closcrly allied to the icals, 

lK>ir tiuE any nticnipl has yet been made to iihoiv that these 

>«c» th« power of emitting; toiinds which can properly be 

u musical \\ U quit* possible rhit the RomanisT sailor'* 

not very nice, and chat any iouTL<l softer than a bellow 

to him. Still, the idea ^u^csts itself that possibEy 

other animaU, possess a note not commonly used, 

4 ^linal to their maiei^ and n^vcr uirerEd ii^en men or 

Aic knoirn to be near- Tt appears to mc th^t this is 

,ble by the circLirastance that seals arc fond of music. 

en to this in his treatise on Se^ciial Selef:ti">n (pubitshed 

fDtfv3Mtt of Man "). and ijuute^a sULcmc'nt to tJie cfTcct thiL 

|»a of seal* for nuislc *' was »vcli known to ihc ancients, and 

idtcn idvanUge of by hunters to the present day." The 

(ce of ihit will be under^Lood from Darwia's remark iinme- 

ingr thai " with all ihc^c Aniniah, (he males of which 

sCBSOti of courtship inccr.iantly puducc musical notes or 

tOLWds, we must believe that (he females are able to 




Th GentUman's Afa^sim, 

The rcraoik about the crtuxan^i inxu soan$ ttron^y to 
V\e btiief that the UiHot mtexidtfd hcs aumUve to be iHn<Af } 
Had he wishctl ti> cKcitc th? micn.%1 of tut coonmle« bf acus 
vtory, he ix^nainl/ ivould have dr^licd ilic creature as hnii 
dcrelopcd human hAn<li. 

L&t tmsiwurthy hy far ^em some of the vEorks which bt 
told of arima!* ff ^emtling rhc mcrmatd of antiquity. Though 
a}viAyi Ljc rcniGn)bcicii timt in oJI probability wcVuow vciyfeH 
the «pcci«s of ttfib and uJUcd races, dJitl that «9tnc of tboe 
nuy pr«3enc, in c^nain Kspcct^ ind, perhapit, it a ccttain of 
closer rcscmbbncc lu thchuiiiaJiform ih^n ibvsiM-lioi^sealjn 
or duficni;. 

We cannot, for iofit^incie, attach much weight to the foUovM 
related by Hutlson, rhe fjmous n.ivigator ■ — "OQeofouroc 
looking ovcrbuarJ, aaw 3. mcinutd, aud calling up aoinc of t] 
p&ny to sec her, one marc c^mc up, iind by thai lime di« m 
dose to the chip's ^ude, looking v^meatly cq the men. A lit 
n SIM came jiml uvt-numcd bcr. From the navel upward k 
«iid l)rca£ts were lil^c a ^'omait's, as they my ihat aiw her : H 
09 big a^ one of mh ; her r^kin very white ; And loog hair i 
do'^-n behind, of t-olour bUck.. In her going downtliey uw 
whidi waa like ihe Uil of a jjoijiuise Aiid bi^cikW like ;t lua 
If HudsoD himatlf liod seen and thus dcscdbcd the en 
would have been possible to regiird the ituiy with some d< 
crttlente ; buihisitCLOuntof whittTiicKDasHilltsand Robert 1 
men about whoKc dmrucler (or veracity fvc kno«r jiothiLi^ m 
saw is of little weight- The skin very white and Iooa hair ) 
down btrhind :ire eipetiully sn* feati^ire* of the nanmiiv 
wcrir iirokibly inrriiduLed to dispone of the idcii, which Other 
crew nuy have advanced* that the ercaturc wo* only some I 
ecnl after all The female seal {J^JiMa OretnUirdka is tfat 
name of the animal) is not, however, Ukc the male, uwny gi 
duhky wluie, ocycllortbh suaw'Culuui.wiihjL lawny liia irti di 

nrk^ .•^^.^., ^y^^^ *^,.^A Ka y^n^^ a 

«-Ute' -TL — 

ilKPMnt U, that th« dminu) is ibDut thrM fc^t lon^, the upper piut 
f the body tnetittJic^ ilic lium^n. with iimtuhcnnt iruinm;r li'kr a 
moM ; the ibcc, ihc Ibrchoiii, and ncxk, wen: ^Iiort, and rcicmtling 
lloti of a inoiik«y ; the iums, which vcrc Bm^Ui were kqiC folded 
oosi the bri»tx ; ihc fingers were- di^^tim!, not wrhhcd ; ^ few stiff 
b^s fanMln wfnr on ihc ick|i of ihr hc^d, t^xu'nding flown to ilie 
ndden* utd ihc^c it could erf cc and depress at pleasure, Horacchins 
ike & ci«8t. 'I Ik inferior jxirt cl the body was like ti litli. 'I'tie fikin 
IB miOQch and of n ^cy rolo^iT. Tt ofTcftd nn rvsi^:mce, nor 
Occipced to t>Uc, but utincd a lijw plniiiiivc souiiJ. Tbc crew, ^ix 
Biwmber, took it within their boril ; l^vt supo^tition getting the 
ner oF curifKityj ihcy cirefully diicnrangled it from the line* and 
llMk vtudi tift] uccidcnully fiutctir^cl in the body. ;ind lelitnied it 
Bkir»titc clemcDL Ii iri*iriim]y dived, dc^t^cEiding in & |H:rpcndU 
llir direction-" "They had clieiimmnl for three houn within the 
W ; like body w:r!t u-ithotit icitles or Vclxt : of :i silv^iy ^i^y colour 
iko*c; itid whale bdtjw, like the human skin \ ng j^lb were ob- 
Itm], nor tiru on the bick or bf^lly. The t^il waE like that of ihe 
hg-fitli ; the numni^e were abom ns l^rge a^ those of a woman ; the 
mthand li|Q wne trry JistinciT ;iihI resembled the biimaxL" 

Tliis account, if accepted !n aU iis dcUtls, would cerUinly 
bdmu^that an Jinimal cE some ^ecivB before unknown had been 
ajUred- But it H doubifiil how tniirli rcli:ince can be placed on 
fc dc»ai|4ioii of the -inimol, Mr, Oossc, toniiiieniing upon the 
EBe^iayA that the liBhenncn unnnt h^vc been affected by feoj m 
Mccct that their imagimiticrk exagj^erjted the r^^emblarire of the 
Oaiurc 10 the human form. '■ Fnr :he Mermaid," lit says, " Ik not 
bobbed of terror to the (] , it is r;i|her a wcTcotnc giicat, 
ttd dvBf;cr is 10 be a;jprchcniled only from its experiencing bad 
tahwrrt" But then thU creature had nol been ireacwl %k a 
ifedllly ndcotne guesiL Ihe cri^w had ca[ilured it* probably not 
■IkiUI Aoroc dqfrce of violence, for (hough it offered no reaiwancc 
fc Vtered a pUiniiTe ct)-. And tJiat hook whicJi '' had accidimtally 
b>e&eiJ in tEw bcidy'* hoc a very suspidous look. If die onlniii] 
D«Id have given iia own account of the capture, probably the hook 
"ouUdot have be^n found to hiivg fastened en the body altoRcthcr 
^loddent He thin xt it may, the fishermen were *o far fri([hicncd 
^ lupcntition got llic better of curiowiy , so that, cu ihcy were 
fii^JtoilT tety foolish fellows, their evidence is scarcely worth much, 
woe ar<^ hcwevet, only two |)omtB in ihuir namuve which do not 
•ttm euily rei^jiiciled wiih the belief :hat ihry had captured a rather 
'^■iiiiC ftioale of a species closely allied Xo the comoiui^ ^ea\ — 0^ 



Tkt GaUlimans Magazine, 


diftiinct unwdibcd (inj^cfK anfl ihe unall xnrrf* fdHnl :^jTntt e^c 
brcwL Other points in their dtrcnpiKMi fiuf:g»t nurlccd <liS:Rnca| 
b dosreo ^in Ihc u«ua] chu»rKdfltics or the fcnuUc scftl i but 
two slonc 4Ct-in 10 difTer abMih^tdy m kint!, CoiKidcnng all 
ctrciunsUncct of the narrative, uc nutj perhaps n^cc iiidi Mr, Gov* 
to thia ciEcnl, thnt. combjlncd with otta AUtcmimta. the Kcfr b6aij 
a fltrong (U4picion x\iXK the northcm «caA iDay hold form of lilt 
yet imcjfBlog^ird by srirn*^. 

The stories whicli Iu'lx been rcJatcd about momotroos 
hnvc only been fabulous in regard 10 tlic diixtonsionfi iriii<h th<;f 
:«tribnti?d x^ ihese rrMmrct Even \r\ this retpocc i; has 
*!iciwn f|uile rercmly^ iLil somt: of the aci-ouuti fonncrly rcsirdsdi 
(abulous fell far abort of the truth- Pliny rcUtes, Tor ilutaacCi 
the boJy of ft mcuMrojs aittle-ri&h, o( fl kind k^o^nl oti the 
rn,T-%t, weighed when raptured 700 lli"?., (h^ head the wtnc, 
amis being 30 feet in length. The cnltn: Wfight would pfol 
hjLVc amotinted to About a,ooo lbs. ^ut we shall pre»<Jiclj 
that this weight has been brgrfy exceeded hy modern *pecii 
!l was, however, iu the MidtUe Ages that the really &lrtl 
cutttc'^sk floviriflhed — the ti^-Lntic Krakcn, " likcr an islirtd 
nn Animal/' recording to credulont Bishop Ponlo]3pidAn, ind 
Id rle^iroy In it!^ mighty ^iin^ the? l^iTgevt gaileona ^nd nar^ilnpl 
lilt fourlccnih and fit'tccnib CL'tilijn«, 

It is n-tEuril that anini^li^ regally monitrous thould he 
by (be fenrs of those who have seen or encountered thenit and 
further magnilicd cifltrHrjirds by Iradtllon, Some ^peciiuaui of< 
fish fthich have bwn captured wholly, or in part* indicate ihit 
creature sonn^dnii'5 att^tirts suL-h dimensions that but liltic loign^ 
would be needed losuggcai even the ircmendous proportions cf 
fabulous Rraltcn. In i36i, ihc Frcndi war-stcam« v^Aftff 
countered a mon^iiTou^ cuttic^ on the aurtkcc of the SG3^ About 
niiles norih-enst of Ten^^riffe. Tht? crew succeeded in ifippins 
noose round ihc body, but Luifonujutcly the tope clipped, sad, 
JUTcsted by the \x\ (in, jHillcd off ihc tail. Thii wu hi'jlcd 
board, and found to wefyh o*^or 40 lbs. From a drawing of 
nnimal, the loul len^di wjibout ilu- arms was estimated ■( 
feet, and ihe weight at 4,000 lbs., nearly twice tttc weight of 
monslrotis cuitle-(i£h, lon|^ regarded va EibuTou^ In one 
this weafiire seems to lijive been impeTferi, the two long 
usually possessed by clJttIe'ti^h of the kind being nxDiJDf. 
bably it had lost these long tentacles in a recent encounter 
icme si^ enemy, perhaps oiie of iu own species. Quiic 


Strangle Sca-Cfcalure^, jiy 

cen audi rcccu: mmilaion which exposed thi& oitde- 
ifiU atuck by tlK cucw of Ihf AU:Sch, 
ih of About the Kxmtf (Jimenbioni v^i cDcoimtcred by 
\\m 1S7}. in Concefiion Biy, Xcwfoundland. WTien 
I iL, ihia otiturc ihicw iu Ion? anus actcss Oic boat, 
nocfi with an £xc cut off ihcte tdtuiclci;, on which 
lod withdrew in tome hatte^ One of the arrtit was 
let ii h^H ln*E aliiHit 5 feet of its Icni^tii. Kvm thun 
LcawrcU 19 feet; acid ;l» lllc fiahcrmcti cMinuLc that 
I struck off about 10 feei from tiic bod/, it follows 
ifC length of the Hml) nui%E h4vc t}ec;i ^ibaut 35 
csliniatcd the bod/ at 60 feet in length and 5 feet 
-a racnstroos crcnturc 1 It w^s foituruitc for ih«c 
\\ thty had An >xc hindy for It« obtn^sivi; Ecnuelcs, a^ 
a tnftR^ Rtid ih« grmt propulRivr j>owcr pourucd by 9\\ 
it imght readily have upseL llieir smatl bo^L Once in 
cy would hkvi; 1jc<i» at llic trcaiure'j mercy— a quaUly 
aceouniSj the cmdc-i^«h doei noi po»ei« 10 ary rcnurl:- 

, bcwcrcr, fiom die half fjibLilous wonun-(^h» and the 
f iDOttstrou^ cuitlc'lish, to thefcmoiLiii scu-^rpcmti held 
M the mott utterly fabulous of ;ill fabled crcratures, while 
lin^ lome natuniLsts of iILsiJnctlon, stoutly jnaintain that 
ho A icit) ejciAicnce, though «hclher Ii be rightly odlcd 
t cr not \i a poLttt abo»t which even bt^licvcrs arc ex- 

ewdl, in the fir^t jiLtL-en to remark tliat in neighing the 
ft&d 0^^^ t^c viiatcncc of this creature^ anci bearing 
iOQ of its nature (if its cxiAlcnce bcadmiiterij, wi; ought 
laeoced by the muiiifeit f:ilsit/ of 1 number of stories 
nippo&ei cncountera willi thin untinil. It '1% ^irobable 

lliCie abaiurd stonca, tbc ivcll-dutlicnti cited narratives 
iCCTCilure, whatever it may be, which has been cstkd 
cni^ would have received much more stcentJon than has 
icen given to them. It is aUo possiblt: that some norra- 

h&ve been published whi<:h havi: been kept back from 
a tniihUil (though p.iitibly nUtaken) account should be 
ihc undoiilrtcd iminiihs which li,ive hein ttild respecting 
rKTpeni- U cannot be denied that in the main thcinveri' 
loosct cbout the sea-tierpcnt hive tome chidly from 
lUtceft. It i4 unfortunately ^ufiposed by too mojiy of the 
I son in America Ihnt (10 use Ml. Gos^^s CT^Ttn^votf) 



Tki Gfniht9t£tn's Afagasini, 

" tl)CTC 11 sotnewlut of wit in stom cAdgfcrAtioiw or lioAxiif u 
tions." Of coiirw an Amcri^ai) gencJ«xnan. uime; Ihe woni ' i^ 
ittue in which «vory Tn:in mriy be a gcnilcmin," ns Tvcmlow 
it, would US toon think of uttering a Uuv^ <:oiiL ns a ilc!liliicmCe 
or footbh hoax. llLit it is thought clever, by not a finr in 
who know no bciitr, to t^h« anjrone m by an invenboo. 
perhap* bvit a ^imall nnmhcr, of the ncw^papcn ict a spedallj 
cjLiiiiipIc in ihU lupcct, giving room in ihcir c<^Lizna> fov 
dL9covcnc5 in vnnoiia dcpartmcni-% of sdcnce, elaborate 
ncw])'-di>cov«red .niitmiilA, living ot extinct, xnd other tmtnicht vbai 
would l»e regar^lL^l a* icry ilihgriccfal in<lccd by English «iii 
Such was [he famous 'Miinai 1ioo.t," piiblishcid in the New Vorl 
lome fiarty ycEtre ago;*such the namttivc, m tS;^, of a nwi 
liiture which had been dtsc^nied in tLie hody of ttie ntooa, 
tiiicalenoJ ic iutrtMsc until iht moon ilioulj he cloven \sm 
imct^ufll paTts; such ihc fftblcs which Imvc fn>in tinjc to 
aptJeored respecting the scjifcrpcnL liuc ic would be u tini 
to rrjeri, because of these toM-namcd falilct, the nsmtiira 
liavc been iclalcd by iiiiicl, tnith-Ioviri^ folk, And have borne 
and careful fturutiity, ;iv it would be to reject thtf widcnoc givti^ 
the spectroscope respecting the esiateiice of iron and other 
in tJie Mm bmav^t.' an cd>siird ^tijcj' had toM how (teatcio' 
the inoort had been observed to mnkc «ic of mcUl utciHJttf^ 
adorn the roofit ol their temples with melaihe imitations of 

The oldest accounts on tccord of tlic appearacKe of a 
acfl'Crcalurc tcscmbling a serpent arc those fruotcd by BuJicf> 
oppidan, in hin description of the natural history of his 
country, Norway. Amongsi these was one confirmed hy oiih 
before a mugiatralc by two of the cre^' of ii ^j^ coinEi^nJcd 
Captaiii de Kerry, of the Nonvegian navy. The captain lod' 
EAcn saw the animftl, near Molde, in Angu«t 1747- They 4< 
it as of the gi-neral fnnn nf a M-ipeni. sia-ldiol on iht- %\ 
Tcccding coils (meaning, probably, the hliapc assumed by the 
a swan when the bead ifi druwn hackj. 'J he head, which 
that of a liorse, was r-nised 7 feet above ihc w:iter. 

In August iSj7. u l^ge iiurme animal, Mip|K»ed to be a 
wes 5ccn near Cape Ann, Mfitsiidiusetla, Eleven witpcaes of 
rtputaJion gave evidence on oath before tnagiiitraiet. One of 
magistraifs had himself seen the crf*A:tire, ;4nd (xirrDborated the 
important points of the cvidenoe given bytlic eleven wiincue& 
crcAfurcJiad thgappcuaiicco^Ascrvcat^dajkbiowK iucolouf^l 

Strange Sea-Creaiures. 519 

olxM)» «irh vtiftf under ilw head jinci nttk. \n length w 
ted u &otti JO to 100 ittv The hcsd wak i& «hapc like a 
1% but OS lu](e 4* a howc*. No roanc wu noticed. Five od 
EMaes tfcpoMd 10 pTotubcntrLCd on the back: four firiid tho 
s stnight; die other tvo g»ve no o|iinJun on lh;a point, 
it^n^mte Mho had seen the aitimal considered ihe appcaiuKir 
uibcTOiiccft ^ri^ due to tbc bending of tht body while in rapHf 

t 1848, when Ific ca|]taiii of llrt? BiiIlkIi ftif^^ie Dcrifahts h:u 
IM fta account of 1 atrnilar &niirtAl »ccQ by l^ini And scYcrat 
^ officcn and ercw, the Hon. CoL T. H. IVrkini^ of lJo«1on, 
M seec the animal OD the oreaEion jusi mentioned in TS17, 
Id aojoiuit (coini^l frgm a letter written m iSao) of wktl he 
riCicMcd. Il is necdlr;»9 lo t^uotc iho^c points wh\d^ eorrcapond 
4urhub<e»alreAd/«tatcd, Col. Hcrkini; noticed "an ai^par- 
n the front ofihe head like a liiigle hoir, about 9 inchea 10 
ja kofith, shaped like a i^iarlinapike, wliidi will pre^rntl/ be 
ned, I Idi the pl.Lcc." he proeccd^, 'Mully aatiaficd ilutt the 
s in cifcidfUion, though ditlcting in debiU, vcrc v«K'n(i^l)' 
L" He telate:? how ^ prrsnn namrd Mflnsfield, "one of thr 
topecabk inhabLUnu of ibc tonn, who had been such an un* 
er is the exigence *>f tlii> mofisitr thnt lie had not pvtn 
If ^e troutrie to go from his lioviie to th« kvbour wh?n Uie 
;va3 ftnt made," «;lw the aninnal from a l^onk oveTloaking the 
ur. Mr. ^fanAticld and hit wife Of^recd in estlnmtuig the 
re"» length a: 100 feet. Sevtfr:il civws of coaslmg vcsseis 
be animal, /w jwv imfan^'^i ^mihiti a ff^> yanfn, "Capt. 
u^" proceed* C©1 PrrlJn*, "a person well known to nic, >aw 
vilb hia hcAd above ^^ater a or 3 feet, at time? moving 
pBX niptdEt>-, at others !l^:mlj'. He iiho ww what explained 
^WBtfanc^ which I hii\e dcscTlbf^d of n liorn on ihe from of tlie 

Tfaia VU3 douUIc%4 what wzis cbaervcd by Capt. Tappan to 
c lon^uc, thrown in nn nptight portion fn;im the ntoiith, und 
jlhc appcanncc which I haw given to it- One of the revenue 
i^ariillM m the nelghbouihood of Cajjc Ann. had an excellent 
a Uoiat afcwjaid»'tli?Hancc;hcmovcdalowly. and tjpon the 
ladKC ^ the ve^iel tank and woe K?cn no more. " 
Iteen years btcr, in May iS,^^, iive Brititli ofBcers — Captain 
»» UeuTrrtant^i Madathhin ;ind M:ikulm of tlie RJfIc Bii^c, 
naitt Ly»tcr of the Artillery, and Mi- Sncc of the Ordnance, 

cxuising in a r^moil yaclit o\i Margaret's ifay, not far Ironi 
x^ **%m the i»3d xacf occJi of somo dcmcn ol \?em ^r^^ 


Tiu Gen/UmaHs Maga^fU. 


prtciscly like those of a common srike, ic Uic 
th* head *o elevated and thrown foraan) by the tiirve of llie 
Eo enable ii>i to see the water undei iind boj^nd iL" The;] 
io IcD^h to CACccU 80 fcctn •' There could \rt no misi 
delusion, and wu wcroaJJp^rfrcil) faEigficd that wc bad bcoo J 
with a view of the * trae and veriubic t^a-Kcqient,* which hj 
genenlly connidfried taluvi^cxisEt^d only b ihel^rain oTiBome 
skipper, ami treated as a talc not entitled to bellcC* Dc 
man ofu^ar's man they had alonj ivith tlitm, made Ibe ti 
unsdemitic but noteu'onhy eomtnent ^ '' IVdl, I've tailed fA 1 
of the wnilil, and have seirn rum sigh Cs too in my tivwi ) 
j3 the tiuccrest tiling I c\er sec," "And aurely," ddds 
SLiliJva:!^ ^' Jack Do^vljci^ vi^ut H^hL** The de^rriptLon of th 
a^ee^ in all esshCntial respects with prei/ioa* accoitnts, ' 
head W3» estimated at about C feci in length -^con^idccabt; 
theicfbre, than a hone's head. ^1 

Bat uni^i]«£tioiiabIy the accoiiot cf the eeji E^rpentVI 
commanded most attention wns that given by the captato, 
and crew uf tlie lliili^h ftigatc Dat!ahis^ Captab M'fjuh*; I 
The Tintii published on October 9, 1348, n. i>ar«^ph 
thai the sea-£crpent h:i(l been seen by the c&ptain and niM 
oflicers Luid crew cf this ship, on her pa^tuige hdine from 1 
Indies- 'ITic AdmiruUy inquifcd ac onLc into the tradi of d 
ment, and the folJowing is nbridgcd from Ciptain H'Quhai^ 
reply, addrested to AtJmiTiil Sir W. H. Gage. 

" Sir, — In reply to your letter, requiring iiifoniiauOD asio! 
of a statement published in the Tt'm^ nciv^pjiper, of a vtt 
of exiraordinary dimensions having been seen from the Da 
have the hotioiir to inlbim ynu thai at 5 p.m., August 6 
lal. tJ^" 44' ^- lt>iie- 9" ^^' E,, the weather dark and clout 
frcah f rem N.VV,, with long ocean swell from S-W,, the ship on 
tack, heading N.E. by N-, Mr- S^rtoris, mid&hipmanrrefiorlcdl 
E. Drummond (with whom, ;ind Mr. W. Batrelt, ihe majqui 
walking ihc qu.-tTter-dcclc) something very unusual nipidly app] 
the ship from before ihc beam. Thi- object was aeen t 
enomious serpent, with head and shouldera kept aboui 
constantly above the surfjice of the sea, as nearly as we coull 
lit lea>1 (ici feet of the animal ^^^^.t on the .luHaec* no 
«rhich kni^h was ii!.edf so far as v^i: could see, in pr6pcl 
anim^ either by verticil or horixonLiI undnlatlon. h passed 
ltd io difich unJtr itur h< ^a\vltr that, hod it l<en a nd 
aqfuaintaitii^ I s^withi toiilj Aaw Kco^niscif Ail fe^Juna trM J 

ft did not* while vbibic, dcr^ACc from its coiinc to Ibc S.W,, 
t it bcU en at the pace of :10m la to 15 milei per hour, as if 
me deUnniiked ]>urpt»t- TIic diamc^t-r f*f th<? seq>erii vat 
15 to 16 Dicbc9 behind Uic hcKd> vhich w^s, withmil Any doull. 
tf t tttftkc Its colour wu a (Ltrk brownn with yellowish whiE« 
ithcdvoaL 1: did not on«^ while witbiji ihc range of view 
wr^hnsctrSbk-Mow tUcf luriWcc. ft)iudiio^ik!>,1>uiaumr;Ihing 
tk nunc of i horac. ui tuthcr a lundi of sca*wccd, u-oflhcd 
\ in bacL It UA6 K<Ti by Ihc ']uuTtcMn:iKtcri the boatswain's 
, ud ihe sun at ihe ^heel, ir addition to myitfEf and ih« ofticers 
^racI1tio^cd. I am having a drawing of the serpen! made IVom 
tchtJikcn immediately alter It was uecn, nhich i hope to hive 
f for my LorO^ Comnitsiiioncft of the Admiralty by to-moirow'^ 
— P«ter MQiihjr, Capum/' 

\k dfawiDiE hcfc mentioned w^ published In the Mastr^Jeti 
\m Newt fbf Oaober aS, 184S, bcmf- there desc^ribed ai made 
lir Ihe tup«rviaion of Capbun M'Quhai, and hii approval of the 
mdciiy of the dcuJh &« to po»iiion and fonn." 
"he iioric&pondcnec And controversy elicited by the &LtleTii«^zit <jf 
aia ^t^Quhtt were cxeccdingty interesting- It is noteworthy nt 
Ittset, that few, perhaps non^, who had read the original «catc^ 
VBu^rblrd 1I1C ide<t uf illuftion, while it need h^^rdly |vrh,'q>*( Lie 
tbat DO one ctprcswd the sliglitest doubt as Eo the hinnfiiht of 
iht M'Quhft And hii; fetlow-mtnesKeff. I^hc^e points deserve 
idoo, betamc, in recent times, the subject of the sea-serpeni has 
frer|cenlly loaitioued in pabbc jouniats antl clacwhtre as tliougl* 
ccouBta cf the creature hjid ever been given which had been 
led to credence. I |)TOCced to tumtnarise the correspondence 
bfbUoired M^Quhf's announcement . The fLill parlicubns wDI 
mud ni Mr^ Gome's interesting work, (he " Romance of Natural 
ory,'' where, however, as it seems to me, the full force of iJic 
Bice is a Httle weakened, for all save namraiists, by the introdoC' 
of pojIicuUm ro! beaiing direttly on ihe ([ucations al issue- 
I is hardly likely to be the caac with the prcseni summary of the 
BU«) MCtns ihal the rcciuiremenu of siiace compel brevity, 
imoRff the earlicjit communications w.-is one rroiii Mr. J. D_ IVT. 
Ing, a gentleman who, duiing a long residence in Norway, had 
ilrepeated accounts of the sea-serpent m N'orwegian seas, and 
Uttlvlf i«eD a ns^i or reptile ai a disunce of a quarter of a miie, 
l\ examined throitgh a telescope, corresponded ii: appearance with 
a^scrpent xi luuolly described- TKi» communiciition was chiefly 
aest^ng, however* ae advancing tJie theory ^hat the ^^^^(^^(i ve^- 




either venic^Uy or horiKontally. Now, apart from 
evLd«ncr,ourknowMge of physical bust will not permit 
ihttt Lhir purlioi] thus vi^iblr abover Ihv siirfkcc mss pmpcll 
undulatioDJ of a pomcn concealed bclov ihc siirfkcc m 
latter portion Ijirgcly exceeded the fontt«r in bdk. A tnu 
not swini foi any Imgth ot time with any bui a i^^ uiiall j 
it& LoJy Above w;Llcr ; piububly Lu^e t'cU iicrcf ^low crcD i 
tin Jilinvc iv^lcr for more than a fc^ seconds when nol 
CtftaCfanSf owing lo ihe layer* of hlvihber which float i 
renuin oftm ftrr :i long lime with a fujrtiuu of ihtir bulk 
ifrater, md ihc ktgcr lort oAcu awiin bi^ diatmcca with 
And Jbre-pnrt out ot watci. Bui, even tlien, the Krcnicr pa 
crcQtut^^s bulk i-i under witer, and the driving apparatus thi 
Ans and the miglity tail, Are imiiiiAntly undrr wxtct (whi^n i] 
is urging its w^iy horuoDtally, be it understood). A 5ca<r 
fact, whatever iis notnre, which keeps any conKidentble voJu 
body mit of water eonsantly, while travelling a long digEa] 
of ncce^Mty have a tnudi gidter volutne iiM lJic time Uiul 
and must havt ils piopelling appamtua under ivutcr Mo 
tlie propulsion be not ejected by tins, paddles^ a great Hi 
these cambiurJt bur by ihcr ttndulation* cif the nnintil's c^ 
then ihc pan out of nater must of ncccHitybe alfocbcd 
undulations, unless jt be very snuiL] in volume md kngtli< 
with the pan under ^^atcr. } assert both these p< 

Sirange Sta-Cr^iure^ 

ubsaed ^ i' to tlutt bo<ly there were attached poverfu] poddksp 
tn<|Xiir<iDetitBo4'prQpiiHion woTild be uii^r^. The th^ry,tlkci^ 
BMed, fim by Mr. Ncvirun^ Ulcr lut indq>r(idrntly by Mr. 
JEfiD^ oiul ftdvocited since by Ktml luturalista of rq>ute> b 
iply thit the ft^Kcalled Ms^ferpent li a inoderri reprtienutivie oE 
e long-iKckcd ple»iowuriAii n:i>lilc to which ha» liccn givrn die 
OK of the tnatt^smmtt. Creatures of this kmd prevailed in that 
t«h«n what if called th« ttag was fonned, a fotfUilLfefoua fitntom 
|M|{ing to ihe tccinnftuy or mrio^H: rocks. Thfy are not found 

the btcr or tcituij rodu^ and tticrcoii an argumriii mi^t lie 
l^ced «£iiiut their poMibh; existence in ihc pECscnt, or post tertiary, 
fiod; bu!, 13 mill pitsrntly be ihown, this argttnnem is £ir from 
flig cnnchiiivft Thr L-naHouuriAH rfptilr^ were ''cxtr^onlinary/' 
fi Lydl, ' ior iheii number, si/c, and ^tiuclitrc/' Like the ichthyo- 
bn, or fifh-luArda^ the crtAlioaauri |ot serpent- tunlo, Jts ihcy mi>;ht 
pOM be calUd] were C£iit:u%x)rotiE, ihcir EkcleLonj* dftcn e^icJoung 
t fonlhed reriLiitii of half-digtfited fi*hes. Thty had extrwiiely 
%aecks whh hcj^s vt:ry anut] tocitpoicd ivilh the bodj* They 
|apfO*ed 10 have lived chiefly in n.irrow seas nnd e\luaricK, and 
hhure breathed ait like the modem whAle:; xrvd other ujiulic 
^■^■^* Sumc of iht-'ui uere uf rortiad;jl>le dimensions* tliLnj^h 
loe of the ^cletoM yet discovered inJic^uc a lcn;;ih of more than 
jktL It is r)o1, hou'cvcr, at all )ihctytl^i Lhe few skeletons known 
dkuc the full i\tc AlLiined by the^^e rrc^ilures. Prob.-ibly, rmlced, 
t Li«c tJic rciimiiiN of only a few tjut gf m.-ciiy ^peciL-^> ^nd aiimc 
iecic» cii^n^ m the mcsoxoic pcHod may Imvc fis largely ciLccoded 
ttt «tK«e fekelelcos have l>een found, ^ the bo.a-constTiclor 
n»d^ ihc rommc^n ringrd sn^ke. It is :ilm aliogcth^ proTmhIc 
At in ihc struggle for caLiAlen^c dimng wliitli the crj^ 
pbks have become almost extinct (u<:eordin^ to iIlc hypothesis 
% ait coMidcring), norte btu the l.nrgest and ^tron^cst had any 
tecc, iu whjcJi raiir i1it^ pie^ent ieprc.->eiiUtive« of ihir Cimily 
atld Lu^ccly exceed in bulk their progenitors^ of the mcsO'^J<: 

A writer fa the Tifttts ot November i, 1S48, tinder the s:giiatiitc 
^GlK, pinnted otkt how w^ny of the e.«ienMl ijhar^rctrs of the 
leiurt »CCA ftom the DaJ-i/tt^ corrcf^pon^Icd with the bchcf thai It 
tttloo^necked plewD«atiru«. "Geologic/' he said, ^^are agreed 
ilhe inlerence thai the plesiosnim rjimcJ their necks, which must 
irt rrvniblcd the bodice of serpents, above thr wuier, Hhile Iheir 
tjpabjon wa« cTccicd by large paddles working beneath^ tlic ahort 
t Moul ail actiny the pan of a rudder . , It; the kOct aM 



The GmtUman's Magatine. 

driwirgof Cdplam M'Quh* . . wc have . . the short ht 
ihe ftcTpcfti-likp neck, mrrictl srvcnl i^vX alwve the walcr Etco 
Ijnsdy nunc tn certain pxrU of the back, 30 imlikc juiyihJag fbi 
Bcqicnt*, has ltd oiuloguc ia ihe i^ana, lo which nnimn] rhe pit 
saitriB has been compared by some gcolr^stv, Bat I nou}(l 
Ml irikitt upon ihc [H.-culiatity of llic animjl"^ jnogrcsMoii, vhicb' 
onl> have been cflVcicd with the tvcnncss and at the rtlc 
by un appamtiift of fins or paddles, not pfwueaairf by seqie&Ei, 
vstUlirg in ihe hightst perfeclion in the pleiiosrmnis. " 

Al this stage a vtry eminent naturalist cnicicd ihc field*-! 
fcssor Owen, He dwell first on \ «iuir chaMatfrimc rf 
M'Quh.'B's letter which no student of science ccuW fciil to 
lh<f definite slatecnenl thit tlie creature ft/n so and so, wlme; 
sidentific obsrivcr would siniply have said tliai ili€ cie^iuirc 
tuch ^nd »uch charactenMics. " No sooner wa-<i ihc eai^toin't 
lion called to the object/ wys Pfofcisor Owen, Mhan 'it w3* 
covprtd lo lie >tn enormoui* seqienT,' " though in rejhty iheiraci 
of the creature could not be ilcCermbciJ even from the obi 
made dunng the whole tjmc thai it remained visible. Tikm;, 
ever, "tlie more certiin characlers," the "head with a 
moderaiely capacious rraninm, 5hon obfusr miiijrlp, gape mA 
iciiding fuilhcr ihan lo licncatli die e)c, ^hich (the eye) ia 
snul], round, lithng cloHcly the iidpcbml fipcrtiirc** (that 1 
eyelids lit closely'); '* colour and surface as stated; nottrils iadi 
in the drawing by a crescendc mnrk at the end of itic ncaej 
muazle. All ihesr:," jjf<xecd> Owen, "arc the characters cf the 
of a wann-bloodeH mammnl, none of them those of a cold bl* 
reptile or fish. Body lojij;, dark brown, not utidulating, va 
dot^l or other apparent firs, *bui Homcthing like the mancctfil 
or rather a bunch of sea-weed, washed about ila back,"* He 
that the creature had hair, showing only where kngesl on the 
and iherefore thai the animal w--ts not a maminal of the whaJe 
but r.iiher a ^jreai seal. He then shows that the stU'^dcphwti| 
PAot-afi'-ahsdiifa, which attains ilic length of ffom so to J© fee*.' 
iho most probable member of the se^il family to bo found obottt 
miles from ilie western shore of the southern end of Africa* b 
74° 44'. Such a creature, accidentally carried from its 
domain by a floating iceberg, would have (after its iceberg had 

" It Uapiry lEiM men of icience 10 often foigcl, when avldrcninc tlH«e' 
*r« not m<n of iricncr, at who itiuly other dp|iafTmcnis ilmn t\\r\r\y that 
term^uc odI of place. Mwt pccpl«i I take it, an ma famUkiirr on the 

SiraH£€ Sm Creatures. 525 

up Its «my slcjilily louLhu'si Ja* as tlic buppu^ sca'Sct^JCDt vru» 
ji( ; «nd ptobdbTy the <KAtarc apprtMcHcd the Dvdait/s to scan l 

r ^dpobiiiciM JLfia fC)4ing pUcc, sfl it paddled iEi long^ «titTbody f 

R the ship." ** In 10 doing it woiiltl miie :i. Iie^id cf the fonn :ind i 

pkw dckcnbcd 4nd dduicjtccl Iiy C4i>Lun M'Quhac," — iLi head ] 

1^. be il rtniATkcd, cortciponclin^ vvtii ihc cupLiina description | 

waock ilftO would be of th* right diiimctcr. The thick ncdc, 
bug into 3B inflrxiUr rnink, the jongi^r and rii;ir*ti Iviir nn ihc 
(^ pan or whkh would give rise to the idea ^* citphincd by the 
Pde» above-citcd " (of a ni.ino or biioch of sw-wccd), the [>addles 
add be oitit of iight ; and ihc lonjf rddy and wnkr rrcifrd by the 
icfdEng actiao of ihc uil would ticLcruDl for ihc jdci of a hjng 
ipadne body, at Icjst for thin idea occurripg to one ^' looking at 
tantDfC plk«aom^on with a fecik-surpeni in his mind'a eye/' " It is 
i^fVObflbl^ ihAt not one on board ^r Diedafus cv<^rbE:rorr bchdd 
lipniir wal freely t^winimingin ibe open oceAn." Tho c?i<:itoa)cnt 
tdiccd by tbc stwige spectacle, ;iRd the recollection of '^old [ 

]ibp(4dan*s lea-itTpem with the mane, ' would iafficc, Profesior 
■CD coEutdered, to :iceount for thetnec^Ttiorpho^ifiof a «ea'«lqihaiit ,' 

to4iixiJied Ka-fcapcnL \ 

'HoM «u not the whole of Professor Owen's argument ; but it 
If be ncll to pavKc herv, to eonddcr the eorrccdoni; immediately 
*de by Oifftiin M'QijIii^ ; it may be noiiteri^ firtt, thjit ProftftKor I 

vet's ari;unicnt aceina AulfidciUly to di-%LJOH; uf the belief timl the | 

isfam really nas a oci-H'tpenlt or Any cold blooded reptile And 
^vicvof the matter hAfl been ccniimied by later observation^:- But 
r, T iaufine, tan re.'ulily;u:i:epl the belief thftcCipiain M'Quh^nnd 1 

\ flttco^ b*d mistaken a sea-elephant for 1 creature such as they 
Vdbc And picture. To begin with, i^khou^h it jiiight be probable 
Du^ tlut TLO one on boaM the DiPifaius had ever seen a gignnlie 
d freeJ> siriimiiing in tbc open ocean — a sight which Professor 
•ra hniscif h*d certainly never seen — yet we can hardly auppooe 
fywonld not have known s, seaelcjihnnt under such L-itcun^stinccfiH 
«o if ihcy had ncv't-r itxna sea-elei» ai all, ihey would surely 
K/w «rhat 5uUi an animal is like. No one could mistake a »ea- 
ifrhut for ary other living erenlUTe> even though his acquaintance 
tfa the onimftl were limited 10 nitiseum «peoin)ens or pictureii in 
C4i Tbc supposition that the? entire Buimrtl, thnii is, its entire 
yClh, should be mistaken for jo or 40 feet of the length of a 
pentinc neck^ i^eemi in my judgment as etarding as the ingenious 
Diy thrown nut by some np^turillii^r^ when they first beard of the 
the L'lfect t}u£ .loi^ie one 0/ lively imat'iLmionlv&^ w\^^;g&i^cn 



326 The Gttillfmanx Afa^isuie. 

tbc eniire body of % short-bomcd vitdope foe ihe oeck ofiniA 

CapUin M'Quhac irumcdiAicly rtplicxi :— " I asen llut tt=xM, 
wai U a (xtmrnon seal nor a tca-cbphant; its graal leogdliad'td 
tOULly different plkysiogromy pT«cht<1ing llic po^b'tltty of tcs l<i]« 1 
ittwkf of any 5|>coc&. The Iwad wiw flai, and noi a capacicu^ ^"-^'^ 
caiauio; nor had it a »uff inflexible mink a condunon t^ ''. 
Profcuor Ovicu lias )urDped, most tt-nainly not justified by my nmj* 
Matcincnt, that ' no ponion oT ilic 60 fool acrii by itt n-m ujcl a 
propelling it through ihc water, cUhcr by tchicaI or horiMiuiI «*- 
Utaon-'** He «rx plained thot ihc calcubiion of the crcixtiirc'* MogA 
wtf made before, rot after, ihc idea hiid bten entertained Uai fc 
animil was a serpent, and that he and Uia oOkxn woe "too«l 
■ atuiisUHurd 10 jiidRc of lengths nnd breadOia of objects in the >«» 
^H mistake a icul laibitancc nnd an actual living body, coolly and d» 
^H passionately contenipL-uedf at 10 ihort a tLi^Uxnce ti>o, for ihc "dJj 
^^ caused by the action of the dcqily immcncd fuia and Uil of a lapi^ 
moving gigantic seal raising \w head above tbe wutcr,' aa Profti* 
I Owen iuiii^ines, in qu^t of its loRl iceberg." He ncKt dicpCM^i' 

Owen's atftcnioii thai the idea cf tloihing the M:riicnt witbs otfi 
I had been svif^gc^tcd by old Pontoppidan's stor>'. wmply bc<ai« i* 

hiul ticvcr seen Tonioppidan's account or henrd of Pontc^^fHdan*! K^ 
Mrrpcnt. umit he h^d lo^ his own talc ir Ijindon. FinaUy, hetdM 
" I deny the cxiilcncc of excitemrnl. or ihc possibility of Op6J 
illusion. 1 adhere to Ihe statement as to form, coknif, W 
iliDiensiors, contained in my report to the Admiralty," 

A iiArralive which appeared in the Thntx caily '\\\ iS49mmtte 
referred to in lliis plact, a^ noL being ic.idily explicable by Prof** 
Owen's byjjoUie^vs. h was wrillcn by Mr. R Davidsoik, ntpenoiCB^ 
ing BiiTgcon, NajpoTt Svhsidiiry Force, Kamptec, and w»s (o *( 
follow^'^S ^^^^^ \S alJiiUKe il considerably) :— When at a 
^|-^jance south iv*?st of the Cape of C-ond no|ie, Mr, T>ividBan, 
Uiin Peine, of ihe Hoyai Saxoftt a MccrTige ^lasscngcr, and the 
l^^hct^l.saw "inanitnnlofwhicliiioniorecorrocidcaeripdcB 
bo ti^eii than that by Capiam M'Quh»- Ii pftwed wiAin IS 
1 ^f thf fihh> without iiUt-rinE its course in ihe leail ; bW «* 



of the £hip, without iilU-nng 

rkht abreast of ns it slowly turned its head Icvrarda m. 

inncadf <> 

ihird of the tipycr pan of its body waa above water 
^""^ 1 .--li ; ftiid vve could SCO ilie water airlitig up on iiabTtmn 
fthok *^ ^^^^'^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^.^^ tac^oh 11 moved we cwld not perCH*' 
It moved \,^j^rr i/t its rcM.'J/- !iyf^!r with the etce;Aion of a «i 

Thcy/tf"'^ the Uil -wV^^*:^ ^^ ^"^ ^^xia . und hr amn-riag i 


thai of ihc Jfovaf SiLKtm, 600 fret, whm vx;Lrily nlnngAide 

ihtf cakoUtcd it to be in length as well iu m other 

ilttnow crmter than tlie aoiraal described by CnptJiin M'Quhrv. 

Ik the yv^T 1851 wn ttAtcmtnxs utre mftdp, one Ijy Captain 

&tdc, gUi Lanccrv ihc other by Due ol the ulKiceTii of ih? ship 

JMtfs (India merchantman), to the effect that aq nntmol of a 

[JB|Witiiig Jipp«mnc« hA<l been scon ^bout 500 ynrdti from ihni iihip 

^^fanginidc ^o" F- ntid 37' i^ S,, lh;U u. c:ttl oflhr E»mh r^i^frni 

QXDcr of Africi}- **Wc »aw him," Mid the foimer^ '' about ifi 

Of 10 icrt out of the water, and he sf'ff^kii .-i long way (rom hts 

hBd,'— ihit IB, 1 fuppo^e, h{r spoiled to acme disrance, noi, m ihe 

Vnb rully imply, al a p^ti of hi^ neck ];jr Tcni(tvi,'(1 frnm ihi: hnH. 

Own hit hack he Kid a creM like a cock'i ccflnb, and ivas going %xty 

itonlr through the w^ter, bwt tefl a wake of abottt 50 or 60 U^i, 

.ttifdragpnga long ImdyjtflfT him. The r.ipifliti jiiit ihf qh(j> off 

korconne to ran down lo him. but -u wc -ipproArhcd him \\v went 

^Avn- Hid cok>ur was gr»n with h^^ht spcti, tie wat« i^ecn by 

iOByone oa board." The oiber witnew gives a similar account, 

fIUik tku ihc crtaturc kcpi movinf his liuad up fln<l doim, and was 

HRniaded hy hundreds of birdA. '' Wc at ^r»t thoiighl it wns a deaJ 

vhftie. When wc >rcre N^thin too yards ^c slowly sank 

■oathr dqMhi of the sea ; while wtf were nt dinntr he wac tccn 
Ipib* M<- Alfnfd Newton, the wdl-known naturalist, giiarantt^es 
kl|wnonal acquaintance wiih one of the recipient:^ of the letters jim 
9M«1 firom. But fciich a guarantee U, of roime, no sufficient 
pttttitrr of ihi';iiiihrn(irity r^fiPic narrative- Kven If ibc nsTrntfvc be 
iGcq)ted, the case iccnis a ycry doubtAil one- The lii H^ fonii a su*- 
piciOBt element ld the iion'- ^^hy Tihoiild bifd;; chmter aroiird a 
liing tra-crcatiire 7 It ^eemc to me piobnble that the sen-weed 
ftevy, prcienfly to bir rodr^d. givw the ln'Sl explanation ofthi'; cisc 
luinbly $ocnc great o^rc^ruion of sca-wccd wa.^ there, in whJdi were 
oniD^ed direrc objecu desirable to birdi and to tisthtfl. Thrtc ].i£t 
B^htvc dngged the mnas »ndcr water wt^en the *hlp approached, 
ltM% pcihaps nioie ot less cntaEi):1cd in 11— iii)d ii (lofiied u^i a^hi 
Anjidt^ The npouting may have l)ccn sitpply the play of water 
ovTt the port mistaken for the head 

TTie tea-weed theory of the si-a-scrpcm wa* hrmrhed in February 
■^, and lupiported liy a nanrative rtot unhkc the In^i, \Vlicn the 
Briiid) ihip Bryju'hati wai becilmed afmoai oxaeily m the :^pot where 
J|*Qiihsc had seen his mnnstcr, Mr. Hrrrimnn, the (^ommandcr, 
pdicdTtd something right, about half-a-milc to the wtstwan!, 
'nntched oJong the water to tlie t^gtli oT aboiu £5 or jo 


Tki Gcniltiimiis Ma^aztut^ 


feet, and perceptibly moving from the stlupvnili a Jtudf, timt 
motion* The hencl, nhich ^eirmrd lo be ltfi«d tde^-oral i^x Abort 
waicr^ ItA^ toHKiMng rcscmhling ^ mane, running 4owrt to ihe 
injC portion, and within about 6 fcct of the tail it forked oai iatoA 

taort ofdoLihk tin." Mr. Herrioaan, hiA lint ituuc, Mr - Los& 
scixrnlofihc passengers, after purveying the objcri for lome 
c^mc in [hr imiJiimntit {Mindation that it ttiu^t be ilic ^ca-uipol' 
accit by Capuin MQuhtt. "vU the BrastStaft wj)J lOAkiAj n&bad- 
ivpxy; Mr Herrini^n, idctcmiirLiHg ta bring all doubts to an kcnc, tad 
a bfwc lowcrct! (town, nnd ukmg two hinds on Ijoard, lOKcdwrmA' 
Mr, Boyd, of Peterhead, near Aberdeen, one of the paueajfcrti «bi 
acEedoii «tceT%m;in under the dirociton of the c:i|)taiQ, theyapprcacMi 
the monster, Captain Ht'rrtnun standing on ihi? bow cf ihebML 
armed with a hmpuoji ti:> <.uiiiiiicii;x the utiiliughL The cotatM^J 
hovrcvcr, was not attended ivith the d^irt^or which those on 
flprrchended ; for on coming dose to the object it wm found to te| 
nothing more thnn an inimersc |5iecc ornca^wccd, evidently detaduA I 
fioci a coral reef and iliifling wilh the cuircnt. wludi icti LOciittfl^' 
to the westward in this labtudc, oiid which, together wjth ihescdl 
It/t by the Gubsidence cf ih« galcr, e;;iv« jt the ftintaouf, »ni 

A stitcmentwa* punished by Captain H.^inngion in the JI<v/' 
February iSjS, to the effect that from his ship Castiiian^ thcn*lisn*i 
lo miles from the north-east end of St. Helena, he and his 
\\mI seen a huge marine ;jniiii;)l wjiliir 2q v'^s of the »hip; ihltti 
disappeared for about h.^1f a mimjle. and ihcn made '\\s appearv>ccii 
the aame manner again, [showing diKlinct^y its neck and heid ibofl 
10 or la feet out of the wnter '* Its head was shaped like x lof 
nun-bnoy/* proceeds Captain Harrington, *'and 1 siqipojc liied'' 
meter lo have been 7 or S feci in the larjucai jKxrt, with a kind of 
Bcroll, or luft^ of loose bkiu encircling it abotit 9 feei frotn the topi ^* 
tiMlct was discotouied for several hundred feel from ita head - . . . ■ 
From what vc saw from die deck ^ve coiKlude iIiai It muhthavcbctf 
over aoo feet long. 'I*he boatswain and several of the crew 
observed it from the top-gallant forec^inlle,' (rficy, cros*L-tre«?l 
that it. was iii^re lli^n doiAble ih« Icn^'ih of the Mw in which Ci3Ci 
must havi; been 500 feet. Uc that a^ it may. 1 am convinced ihitil] 
IJcTonged to the serpent tribe; it was of a dark cckoui «bout 
head, nnd was covered v-ith several white spois." 

This immediately called out a statement from Captain F. Snutli, 

' This nmilicnl ciprcviitjLi i> new td tne, Tnir-|^lmtU.^rbTt!. mun «ii J DiMllh- 

l 4n?H; o/jc] rcirei;aiLk 1 kjtu^v, tm^ itiv (.u^j-^llaai foicwultc 1 ili> not Ldqw^ 

Sira»^4 Sfa 'Creatures, J39 

Ikih^AEpit Uiit 00 Dci^mba i8t not fat fironu ilie (»Ucc ivhcic 
biU/Mj had cuicotintcrcd the soppoiccl «cft-!^TpcDt« he had iicca« 
|li difluKc of ibcNii hjilf -i-mik, a creature which wu declared by 
fhfldlto he !he gre^E ft(^'«^rrjK.Tir, biiE proved L-vrntually To Lif a 
ioce cT ci^uMic KA-wccd '*1 h&vc no doubt/' hcAa>H that the 
pt leMCfpcnt flccn fron the D^iius " wn:^ a piece of the «tinc 

Itvill hare brcn noiicefl thai tlic *ty.Brc4 ?y«:i'«!i;jciila. seen by 
flKD F. Smith and by Captiin l)crrima;i, vrcrc both ai a dJatanoc 
Ufa mile. At which ditlonec oac c^m readily iindcrsIAnd thiU a 
ftof t«n<wtt«d migtit br mistikcn for a living (^feAinre- This \% 
tadiflercoiihjmtliccjietjf IlJc/J(r/AI/Ja^c.l'^^]^cnt, whitb pasAcxt 
Ottt that had it bocn a man of the capumSacquAiutincc he could 
«fiCOgniMd Lh4t mAll'Gf(rllu^<&^vith Lhc naked eye. The eA»e, 
k flf Capiam H,)rringrniVt ^ta'Sttj^jnrr, t^cctii wichin 30 yaid» uf 

Gri///u4^ can hardly be com];arcd to, tlioKc c^iacx in which »c;i- 
rii more Oun Sod y^hrda from the bhip, wo^ imat^cn i^r a 
RgflRtAal. An officer of the ZKrdaltrs \\\m dJ»po«ed of Captain 
itfrtstfnpuinifnn:— **Thf' nhjf^ct scicn from ihp ship was beyond all 
iciaa a Kving ^inimai, movukg lapidly dirough ihc wAlcr ^Lgainst a 
ttMft, and vrtthin hve point'; of a fr»h breeze, with soeh velocity 
iihe «itcr vu furgiog Against its chc^t as it poised along at a 
e|r>bih1y of ten miles per hour, CiiiiUm McQuha^'s lir^t impulse 
Alittdc in piirauit. but he icficcted that we could neither lay up 
^inOroverhobl it in speed. There was noihing 10 be done^theTe- 
%)kr to obierve It nsi accurately »« we could widi our glasses as 
<vnc U]) »ihIci our Ice (]uaiter ^uid passed away to wmdwitrdi being 

■b dcsrcst pcniEion not more than joo yards from ua ; Mf 
tt^wt^tOkf ikf ^^strii^ ihe tvhur, and the form^ ^U beins mat dU^ 
l^tuA/t Ai Mf. .... My imj>rv^siDn iv:i^ ths! it wns raiher of a 
Hthn a scrpentiTic chd^ncter, as its mevcmcut wai ^tca^y And 
*4ifDi, jf if^rapdhd ^yfiftSt rot by any unduklory ^>owcr/' 

Bai ill the evideace heretofore obtained respecting the sea-ierpent, 
teigh mgarded b> niafly natuialijils CicijiSt:, Newman, Wilson, and 
W\as dca»i»tiatin£ the existence of &odic a^ yci und^ssiticd 
•neref the deep, seems altogether indecisive by comparison with 
tvtieh hat irfcmly been given by jhc capuin, nmtes, and crew 
he »fcip PauUae^ In this c^se, Jissiirctlly, wc have not to deal with 
US3 of sca'wccd, the floating trunk of a tree, ^ sca-clcphant 
ntag to hiB home <imid Lhe icebergs, or wirh any of tlie other 
r oe lew ingenious wqilanations of nbservaiions previously mflrte. 



J30 TAe G^nileman's Afa^^Ke. 

And ramivovoufl, or «1u ihe r^v« nwn u-ho deposed oi oath u 
Alotcd Otct« dcflacil the btory between Llicni, ADd wilfujlj pcf}ii 
thcmoclvc^ fur no conceivable purpose—, Iqj?, not u racA h 
b«n knou'A to perjunf Uicinswlvtfs utidcr the bchcf thai neoe 
know of thfir inDimy, bui w]ch thr mtirnty on ih« |ian tif each 
four others (any one of whom mj^ht one dfty tluiiie hui And ibc 
by co^lfesaing) knew the reil facts of the ca^. 

Th^ ctoryof the PnuUm Rr?:i-icTpeal nn simply ai folloti, 
xtlitHlvd a1 ihr LivL'rpijul Police Cuun: — ''We, i1i« undenigil 
c«pt4ir, otticcn, nnd ucw of Oic bark tamJinc^ of L4>ado% 
solemnly and stnecrdy decture, on July 8, 1H75, in litil 
5' 13' S, loiig[li»de J5' W.,irc ob*en'cd three brge ipcm i*hl 
and 011c of them was i;u|j|>ciI ruuiid the Ludy whh twu tiunatif v 
appeared to be a h«((c jwrpcni. The head and uil appeared id 
a length beyond the coils of about 30 feetn and ics jpnh S 
frtL TIk" wrjiL-nt whirkfl tis victim rcitind and roand fbf 
Jiffccn Tiiinutei* and ihca suddenly dragged t!ic whulc 10 the 
head fir3t.— George Drevat, nin^tcr; Horatio l^iompftoa, drirf 
Jt>hn H. Landelis, Mcond mate; William l-cwam, st^wirdj O 
Kiilier^ A-B. Again nn ihe I3lh July a similar serprnt was w?n 
SOD yards off. fihooting itself alon^ ihc surface, head and M^ \k 
out oF ihi; water sc\cnLl Icot- This woe sct^n only by the eapCun 
an Of dinaiy seaman,— George Dre^ai. A few monneiitt afierwMd 
was setn elevated »oiue 60 feel petpendiculaily in the nil bf 
ehief officer .tnd twonc-FLmen, whose ^^ignHiEuret &rc tflblcd- — H 
Thompson* Owen Baker, William Lewam," 

TJie usufll length of the rocbalfit or sperm white rt aboK 
feet, and its gitth about 50 irri, If we a>iKign 10 ttic iinfonul 
whale which was captured on this occaticn, a Icnj^th of ontj' 50 fi 
and a girth of only 35 feet. v*« should vtilL have for the cnlin 
of [he ?t(ip|xme(! sequent about 100 feet. This can hardly cxccd 
truth, since the ibrce whales dtre called larjcc »pcrm whalts. 
length of too feet and (i girth of cibcut 9 feet, howcrei, a 
would have no chance in an ^itiempi to ciptiTre a «j>crm vMe 
feet long and 35 feet in girth, for ihc simple tttason thtt 
whale would be a j^ood dcat heavier than ia opponent In a 
in open sca^ where one animal seeks lo capture another bodily, 
is alUimportant- We can h^srdly s"p|»osc the wbair couhJ bi 
compassed by the coil) of his enemy ah 10 be rendered powcflcfli 
fact, the contest lasted fifteen minutcs,dnrins Ihe whole of irtucfc 
the sO'called seqient t^-os whirling it* victim round, though i 
massive than itself, throvi§H\h«v;a\w, Ou the whole it see 

Mfade— m fact, lh« opinion ia aJmoot forced u|ioo u£— that 
* teipemtiic ponfoo of i» burk.wrhkh wns T4>v«a]«4ltovieWf 
Tt lhu-« whiHiny rcuiid n Wkc xpcriik wluk, h^r\ a massive 
body, provided widipropcllins poddlci ofcrotmcii* power, 
t tit work all th« Ume th« struggle :\-cmt ca, enabhng the 
5 whirl fTjiind its mrmy oatiilj-, wh*r*i* ;i strpentinc form, 
Lids of iu length* ai 1&I5I, toiled clc^o raund Anoiha Lod;^, 
h«ul no propitlsive power kft. or very IiHlc, m ihc rc- 
r«ri 0I iu kogih, including both th« head and Uii ends 
^ coih. Stich 1 cr<-^liire as .tn cnalitHiiirLi^ r-/in/7 no [Iot]1>i 
wliLL a Krpcnt of Emcc the a\.i|j|>osc<3 Icn^di would hix\K 
tii vam^vit. dnmiccd down into the depths of ihc ata the 
ilk of a c3chi]Dt whale. 

tU llie eTide-Hte ii cjitfully v^cighcd. wc apiicar Inl to tl:c 
D that tt Icait one bri^c marine Animal cxiMb vrhich )iu<> rot 
^ clasiifiod among the known spcdea of the pre^cni era. 1 1 
pear ilut ilii* anmj:il lia* cenairly a sMpentine nt'fk, and a 
II coEDpared *<Lih ita body, hvx. Urge romjLucd with liic 
of the neck. It ii probably an air-brtathcr and narni' 
pd ccitainly catniioroiLs, lii propulvwe powvr js great and 
jr rndi^ndmi of tindiilaiir>n>i oi it* hndy, wherpfore it pre- 
|lkv% iHjwctful concealed pailillci. AU these ciiLurniitanccn 
d withihe belief thai it la a modem representative of the long- 
ia«tTians of th« great secondary or meso^olc era, n mcmbeT 
family of »niniaU ivh*ise figiirc hns Iji'cu compared In 
woilld be firmed by drawing a serpent through the body 

view sundry objections have been rai^ed^ whidi mu»t 
iefly consiJffed. 
lint place Profciior Owen i^oinied out thai the aca 
of ihc secondary period Jiave been rcpSflced in llie tertiary 
mt Mafi by the whales and allied races. No whaler are 
the secontbTy stmta. no saiifians hi the letti^iry. " h seeiiw 
ft> probable," he *iays> '■ that no pan of tl^c tan:aBs of such 
ihoufd have ever been discovered in a recent tinfossilised 
n that men should h;ive been det^eived by a cursory view of 
nbmcrgcd and rapidly moving auiinal which might only be 
to thcn'L^civcs- Jn other worda, 1 feu^rd the negative cvU 
DTD lh« titter absence of any of the recent remains of ^reat 
nti, kmkens, or ctiidioi^nria, as strangrr againsi their 
stcnoc. than the positive statements whitli have hitherto 
Iho pubhc mind in favour of their cxUtence. h \at*c^ 


like the «upposcd caalioMUTUft,i> found in theuimc and ahf 
Kam« fottailifCTDUs «1i:aU» Afafisic is quot«U in the ZiVi^j/:ut(\ 
a* laying ihat it woiiTrl hp ir prrfNc conformity with moJi 
5uch un ajkinutl ^ ihc tailioit^turLiK iiliouU) cxisi in ihc A 
seas, u he had found numerous in^iunces m which ihc fouil 
the Old World were represented by living type* io Uifi N 
dose ron form ity with (his ojiinjfin U ^ siAirnJi^oi nude by 
Ihc lion. George Hope, thai nlicti in the ItriCi«h ship /J 
GuU'or California, the ^ca bcm^; perfectly cnhn and truupd 
saw at the bouom a large marine animal with the ha4 nod 
figiir<^ of An alltgaror, but rhr^ ntt:k much longer, ADd with fo 
poddies it^aicaii of lega. Here, then, unlc&i this officer wu al 
deceived, whidi seems quite tinlikcly imder the eireumstanCC 
veritable enaliosaiirus, lliouHh of a far smaller xpedes probi^ 
ibe creature n:tLiil^kt.'ii ftir a sc.t'bC'ipcuL 

A* forthcabscncc of remains, Mr. Darwin ha* pointed out 
fossils wc possess arc but fr;Lgnicnb accidentally preserved by 
irg drnimstances in an almost loul wreck- Wv have many ii 
uf cxisUtit cteaturcsn cvcri such aa huuM liavt a fu belter d 
floating oflCT Jcath^ and so gcttiiiji; stmnded where their bone 
be foundj whith have left no trairc of iheir evittenoe. A wl^ 
scssinj; two rioTs;il fin< was ^3ilJ :o hnvc been seen ^y Si 
Skiiion n^luralisC ^ but the statement was rejected, until jt ; 
these whales were seen by two eminent French soolofiat 
Qtioy and Gaimard. No cartas^, skeleton, or bone of iWs 

Strange Sea-Creainres. 


friiLdvii kDowti only Crotn a single specimen ui^t a^ihorc en the 
Bgib £044, sBil there seen fuid dcfcriCMd by the nalitnilist Sowcrbj*- 
Dr- Andrew UiUon, in an interciting paper, in which he main- 
Mui ihn Ka-Kifwni Ul» are not to Lt- tnr:iTed with dcriisioii, buE 
Be vgnhy of sctjoik conwdcralion. "suppojtcd u thc^ arc by 
MiegvcAl science, 4ml in the actual ^cuil» of the i-'aac by evidence 
BDUMwDfftlky in many cave>i ** thai received in our court* of bw," 
bpoia iLe opinion iJiJl |Jlc^iu?ulm anil ichchyciNatirJ have hrrn 
■toccMvily disinterred lo do diiiy for the aca-scrpenin. but he 
oteuuialternativc only the tibbon-tiah; and though fiomc or ihcie 
bijuiilu cDonnous dirnensiont^ yet wc hiive %c^i\ thai some of the 
ICC0Uf)t» ptcn of the SLi[j|>oscd Hca-icrjjeJU, and cspcti;»|]y tlic latest 
■native by the captain and crew of thL^ /^itvJhfy cannot possibly be 
PfAibed by any creaiure so flat and relatively «o feeble as the 

On the wbole It appe^m to me Lhdt a very sLrong case lio^ been 
»dc out fiw ih9 cnahoftaurian, or serpent turtte, ihtoiy of tlic so- 
E^ sea-«crpenL 

One of ihe nhhQn-fi*ih mentioned by Dr. Wilson, which wa^i 
■fCUrtd. and tnca^jrcd more tlun 6o feet in length, might however 
h% tske it< place amoing strange lea-ereatureTi. I hod intended 
Mwver 10 hnve given ^ t>rief accoimi of a monsitous animal lite 
L CU^Ic, L>r eieiL more |>erha^i& like ^ gigLiniLc htate, soo feeE 
lbkn£tht»eca in the Mjh':*:a Straits by Captain Webster and 
hcglCB Andenon, of Lhc Ship Nestor, Perhajis, indeed, this 
Hmorr, mistaken in ibe flrst instance for a shoal, but presently 
iKod to be u^vrllinjf s\oi\% At the rnie of aboDL ten knots an Uuui, 
ever dcscnxi tc be called a strange sca-creaiure even than any of 
m wb»eh have been dealt with in the preceding puges. But I 
lie already largely rrxrei-drfd the sii^ce ;<llotlL-d to my snijject at the 
ttsetand mti« therefore draiv thi^ paper lo a close without dc 
Cubing the strangest moDcter of them alL I may as well note that 
^only :ircGiini I have yet Ken of Capuln Web^jcr's itaiement, and 
^. Anderson's LXJtrobtjratioM, a^jpt^red in itn i\mcriLan newspaper ; 
0^ Ihougti the Mory in exceedingly well auiheniicalcd, if the ncw?i- 
^ account of the matter js true, it would not be at all a new 
KciF in American JournatiMn If not only the story itself^ but ftll 
LI iJlegcd circuiQ^tanecA of itt narration, should in the long-ruD 
EtO be pure mvemion. 

IHAVB tbc good fortune to announoe osc of UMP 
discoveri^ in the Hoiy City n-hidi repay lU ^ 
labmiTs, justifying much prjst cfkvn, znA cxdii: to acw and eti 

Evidence ha« .H Itngth been found in support of the 
Christian iradiiion which imdfriif* nearly all of oui sacrvd his 
lliat ihc Church of tin; Rcsuiicclion. yciTcnilly called the Chi 
the Holy SepLilchrc, sUndr> <tn ihc silc of an o/icicnt bitryif^ic-f) 
the Jl^^— An ancient burjing-pUcc in tho senEo of being oldi 
the :]Ctu;i] time nf our Lnnrx \rtu\ and martyidoni. Kvcryoi 
knows llic iierte wjrfjrc n(jw waged on ihc suhicct of OUJ 
sites, itnd, more iban aII the real, on that of the Holy Sep^leh 
see that ehi« rnjiitn! ftwrt, when proved, must go to the f 
Robinson's here*)', nad all iliat has gmvn tip »bce his lime 
soil of that heresy. One of the able iind energetic workcn 
P.ile&line Exploration Fund, M, Clermont Giinnciu, has 1 
oppununny of [jIiciii^ heyoiid tlie reach of rcJiionablc dioi 
iin[x>rtaiit fact that iIk famous Croito opening from ihe Chapd 
Syriaiis, on the wesiem side of the Rotundft, U ftn ucieot* P 
Jewish sepulchre. 

The tale of his disccvt^ty is oirious. 



M. tiarEncaii, an accomph'ihcd French aiudeni of Chritfj 

Tki Holy Stpulchu. 


x^ ibr BiMical tUiutiiMioii' Readers si>Gcialty interested in ihc 
dftult oo«r obuiacd may %tt ttie whole collection ftt Ihc ofhcfs of 
tJer^ntJne Explontioii Furifl in F:ill MnlL 

In lookio^, «ilU M. Caiincau, over tliat part of die i>onfn[io 
ikh ttfalM to the Holx Sepulchre, 1 wat sMrlled to find u plan and 
In tketelMC of the Groui^ opening from the Syrian ChjpcL Tbe 
phfictriiVI luudly lie misukeri. tc wlu that of an andeni Kepulchnl 
dnabcr. BomeRhai brotcji and deformed; .nnd tbo iwo sketches 
Upmcatcd rock rcccuct, not mere holes in the wnii, but thoee 
Vpixr cuttingi in the rock which Toblcr, \t\ his dosvilicadon of 
moax tomba, callA ^afU Tlic name nuy not be happy, but the 
'4h|«bo«iad9 m all the va1]ey« rovind Jerusalem, Here were hemi 
HOKf in the rock such ai v-c find in Hinnom and Jchoinh^phat. 

Although familuu' witli the details visible in lite Churcli r>f ihc 
U]r Sepulchre, I liad never accn ihcsc thiup before. The Groito 
llu been described, brjc6>-, by Schutt£ and 1 ohtcr, and Lord Nu^nt 
^KnaraiKcrfanc-ifEil iiliL'iiraEiuii of the init'iiur ; bin thcsp authors 
fott no ^iDoxc — in tmth, mudi le&a — titan 4 piUj^ing (jitgiim may 
his ^\n\ cya fit A C04t ot three piastres. M. (Jann^adV 
showed me «Ofncthin^ I hs^d never scon en the spot. 
to him for uti exi>laj]aiEO[i, I wa^ ;ijjaiii surprised. He lold 
bad nude this imporLuit diMTOvcT more than a year ago. He 
chianotcsitidtkL-tchciiatthetinnc, but lie had never said one 
the fubjert to hi* Comrniitet", bt-ing busy with other things, 
|>crcciving the wliolc uiipoTlJinLc of bia diacovciy as a factor 
ptKt contention over the ^aaed aitcS' M. Guntieau is a French 
He i» not blind to the value of his discovery aa evidence 
tt^gmuiiiciiesiuf that must xicrE^d ^ite. but he wan lets alive 
talEeglish achokr would h^vc been to it4 value m t^ffv hisioricnl and 
'ttqumun warfare. 

In pEindl orhift enquiry at Jeriudem.M- Gnnneau was engaged in 
iWRotumU, vhcn he hoard that the Gfottowa&open, and that^ome 
kpknvcre bciojccarried on under the present floor. Acquuinkd with 
Ik ptople, and speaking tbcir iauj^iage like a native, M- (^anncau 
Sn got leave lo emcr aj)d Lrxajuinc^ No pri^viuiL^ vKiinr h:td ever 
Mn ^ Grotto ia the st^tc ii^ ^vhielt M, Ganneait fuund il. A »lab 
W ttncn«d; a lower vault lay cxpf>sed, He stood >n a roekcul 
thsttber, exactly like the lo-catled tomhi of the judf^es, and oiher 
charubeis in the vallc)5 uf Hin^ioni and Jehijshflpbai. The 
«rc driven into the living rock. Marks of the loob employed 
on the fitone, and ihc^e marks show that the look employed 
qS iht ujne kind :tft tho^e used m uuIlim^ th^ ^ha^ dsi^wViCt^ 



Thi C€Hilmnif!s Ma^dsitie, 

The AncldU nx»rk w<& doI lo be mUukcn by a sindcot 
Guueou^s cxpcn<ncc. He liicd the date ofthcie rock-heivn 
chre£ ;t!( that or the century \>t\tat the jidveot oC out Lord 

M. !,ccointe was or the s|x>t, nnd made th« drawing whirh I 
before me a* I wriic- N[. Lecomic w Ait artist with hit pciKi^ bi 
QD Attkt of the Pjgin t)^pe. His drawings are all lo scaAep aad artJ 
once beiiniif^il and SMsierr. 


ThiK Groilo lies within ten yanb of the actual tomb of OtI 
oftliut now tonil>. *' hcsvn out of a roek" LQwhkh aian had never 
been laid, and which all the Churches of &ui and Wett agree in 
ga^|]ng n.i tliL- mnib of Christ, ttTjnt wai knonn of ihb 
iKforc M. diiiticiiu"* hapi>/ enterprise was ralhcr puadifig. boA ut 
And subKC:inroH I[ is entered rromaTccesd in the Rotunda, naed 
nhapcl by the lamelites, commonly kwown as the Chapel of the 
Rite. This chapel \k dim, but llicre i& ligh: ciiough to locc a k« 
on the southern side. This door being opened (by a silvtE key) 
step into a nairow paetci^e. leadiJig to a dark chamber. 
bring brrmghE (a rouple of vorive ratidlcn from the sItSft) 
find yo;iraeir in a grotto, of irregular shape with odc side 
bMiltti]j fitonv^ ; tile other surfaces sho^ the hvifig lock. T«o 
in this floor nrc potnied out to you l^y the monks ah ancient 
and tA'o rcctssf^s in ihc lock arc also poiJitni out to yoiQ u 
graves. " Whose graves ? *■ you ask, " The coundUors, Ni 
and Joseph of Arimalhea, early eonvtrla and followers of our 
yon leam in answiir to your (]ticr)'. Ii is bctiCT noi tci go 
deeper with tlie ignorant Syrian monk. He tella hirt tile by 
ns he karacd il from u custodian as ignorant as liimsclf, juat aS 
own warder at ^he Tower of T.o^don take^ his lesson Troma 
as ignorant uj* himself- English n^jtiirv is far less pliant ihan S 
nature, but if a visitor at the Tower wanted to find ^xt W 
Raleigh's eel] in any particular place, he would be pretty «ujc to 
on putting ^ leading enquiry, backed by a shilling, that Sir 
Has coji£ned in thai parltciila.r place. 

For many yean past this Grotto hoj been called the tooib ^ 
Joseph and Nleodemu^ The connection of these person* vrith tiA 
other ^nd wirh the site is easy to explain. They were njecnbertcTilv 
Siinhcdriiw. They were listener* lo oiir Lord They were W 
concerned in his interment. Joseph begged the dead body t« 
Fd^te, and Nicodemus Lovv^ht ih^ in^-rrli and aloes needed £t 

Th Hoiy SepuUhre. 


II Id the presence of men and women t^esc two 
iMQdllor» kid the body in the Rravc, eukI ncolcd it over wilh a r^tone. 
Tky «tic riieadft :&» well a^ collcAguev, and u ihe grctmd l>cl3nged 
bJoKfih it »e« easy lu jtuppos<^ thai ihcy were buried »idt by side 
lof to ihe gnve oudc ucrcd by the srcat miracle of ihc resurrcclion- 
iHibele^^id ti not aiKical, nor can iny Church be accused of tte 
|iDu Tr^ud cf wyiDg \\ Ik true So ^it us rny own reading 4U{;geils, 
ilkiiuac i9 ool oldcc than ibc *evcntecnth ccnmrj. No carlj lecher 
{|«i M «^y pUinni mcmion th« namcn of Joseph and Nicodcmua 
III connection with ihe Grotto near ilie Holy Sepulchre. Neither 
1^ ror patriirch lui eri-er cjlied on tlK- faithful lo believe lli4t 
iltK^jh aai Nicodciimb lay in tlicac shafts, nnd ihe S^ Cliurch ii 
;,ift«Oft rtS'cmsiW-: foi llif mo<Icm name of Ihc Ciiotlo ihnn jthc 
Onxfaof KngUnd » re«|H>uiiLjle fur Rjkigb'k iitii^EJiary Uuugcon In 
Ik Aliitc Tower 
IM though unnoticed by the early Christians, ihe Grotto ii then^^ 
iv exi«tcace clo^c to the Holy Scpukhrc hfkc to be ci^plaincdi 
the giiijbrce «f a Syruni monk yuii stiiop, df^icend s itcp, and 
fhdynunelf in a mh&U cjvity ofnt; parlicul-ir ^hajie- Two holes tire 
Ic in the ^TOuQiL Being a Fmnk, Aud therefore accu»tc>med to 
len gnvet, your guide cvpccu you to ask n^hcther these bolc^ 
the U3tnb« £jf Joseph ,ind Nirndcmit^i. One iingfTKiuus Konk, 
1u3 pvibbdy expmsed his doubt t*hetheT the tock-LUt 
cf our Lofd B £i:nuine. on tlu ^lound that a i^ n ahtilt 
to a will, not -t icMDgh &unk in Ihc floor. Painters, one and 
Ikr ajt 1 rt:mc^LiibE;r, rc^}Fc5eRC Syrlin griivi^s as bnilt cr dug like 
fnves. 'i^hc monk ic e^cr to please you, since ihe number of 
wh^ yoi^ X^^'^z him, may depend on the ^ood ui^ptc^sion 
iDode- If yoii arc ciirious you will nciicc \Wax tbe&e hole^ in 
arc »ery aniall— hardly 3 ftet lon^ — and yovi will, perhap*^, 
bow grown men* nicrobcr^ of the Sanhedrim, could hahc 
buried in n^h very ftn^ill hfjle*. You may probably call to 
tlui vrty wnall skuJl of Olivrr C'romwHl in one of o^^f miiicums, 
was explained by some cnitodian aiWnglhe skull of the fjeru; 
Protector when tliat poleniati; was a little boy. A visitor in ilie 
IGEDtto i* apt ui turn aw-jy from the iwo htle^ in tlie floor with a 
Millar plcuantiy un hiii lips. If ihi'y wi;ri: ihr toinb^s gf Joseph and 
jjKicodvmti^a thc4e cotinciUon^ iiiLiNt have been buried when they were 

■ 7T*e iwo ^hskiw drilled [n the wall of rock arc less tjkn';^ll*ing than 
ibcivo bolcasrunk in the flooi, Kibc holc& in the Jloor wcic iJu^ as 
[!>«««, the chancer arc ihal they were dug for chtldien of %ovnc \auil 
V0t« CCAL. >ici »TS$- £ 


the Gtottrt Inking an andcnt tiq^iilchnl c!t:imbcr, bat PiorrotV 
in /cnn;ilc»i huvc Ijcuii sii %v.v<^rc}y tanvuNsril, ihil Wk nam 
liUle weight It may be aafd/^aid, iW until wc hc^d M-C 
accounu ai^d sat^ M^ Lecomtc & drawin^*!^, there wjia room fc 
flbic doubt as to whether the Cfrtlto lyirjg ouiwd« fhe Syriui 
wsLK Aii ^incicnt Jc^sh Imryiiig^placc ot noU That doub 

Twenty nine feet from that niche in the roci, whtcb 
Owrcheaconnirin re^rflirjgBRoiiT Ssn'onr's tomb, other 
tombs trc Toimi!, on ^^1iich rccc»&ca He llic inciTAccAbLe lOic 

Ancient and Hebrew origm. 

At firiit thought it sGCttis suT>rising iha: any doubt shoi 
sprung up fls lo the true ai:e oi so imjrortaDt an event as Ih 
rection. In the theory of oht faith the ResiiTTPttJon la !h 
point. Without the Resurrection there is no Chrisiianit 
fact was felt from the first ; Paul preached the risen Soviet 
place, thererore, of the entombment was a cardinal point ' 
converts, jnd -is soon an Christianity was adopfrdiit che Suw 
the C3*act site was Hou]t:ht for by the cmpresi- mother, an 
old and icamed men, with the Holy City; uid 
l;eing found (as they believrd), the empctOT undertook tfa 
cTcctinEa irrcat basilica on the irromid — a seal ^nd it'itnca*; nf 

Tke H&ty Sepukhrf. 


Modcatiu 1$ fcin after itt destruction ; that of Mcdc»tus by the 

im lisw for die mcnrorT of a ucrcd 5ito to have died oul Sc^cnry 

|m ■£!> the pil« wu [njured l>y Arc, hut not cnougli to disturb Uic 

phxi. In the jwesent chiurch we have the edifice erected by 

crowding aoccatori. Aj^iioAt llictc inonmiii^nal H[nn4^4 it k 

lo protest If room is anywhere kft for doubt, it muM he in 

^time« Ix^ore Cotutanttnf. 

Onr (toy, in going »4A a Syrian friend c^'cr ihc To^vcf of Djivid 

« Hcint Zioo, tlic lalk fcIJ QOturaJly on the cxlrcnic dn«mi:M of 

ft IMion*« orotic. The atonci; arc of cnormovtA iuc> and rest on 

ojk otbcr urithout cement or mortar. Vet old rsbbins tell us thot 

Arffic^Gookcly tliat aithekd cuuld nut be thrust brrwrttrn the block*. 

(TWinJn of ytan hive piued since lUcy wac: piled up ; yet <ia 

to ptuh vny knife between the );urf^ccH I faifcd to lind an 

*lpaing vide enough for the kbde to enter So, t think, it standi 

^lnblhi»4^ wbo iua wijuld linddnuiieULiiKf<jr "^luus fhtud " in trgard 

tolk Holy Sepulchre in the mlcrval between the dJiy of Tcntccoat 

itiG reign of ConiuntinE^^ 

TV- diicijilei vliu embalmed iJji? body arij laid it in (he grave 

the »pot The womca nrho wiitchcd ^d the ^oldier^i who ^Icpt 

bnr the spot FotiEius I^btc knew the fipot ; for he j;u^ the body 

jp 10 Jotepb <jf Arimarhca, who immediately look it inio hi^ own 

dose by, and liid it in the ^va\^ w3iich he h:id prepared for 

A* Jowrph ima % public tnftn. a member of the Sanhedrim, 

ipubltc Action miut have been kno^i-n to Lhc high pricJiCSH It iS 

clear that hath the Rom.qn authoritiL-i and the Jewish 

in* nere uciiu^nied with tl^e &pot, Thua, oil JcttisAlem, 

^Uttber fncndly or hostile to the Teadier, knew the garden in which 

[■Selttd b«fln lAJd J»ii likeVfbftt any foe would forget— any follower 

Go 900Q M the>c CTOits bccmnc matter of public dispute, the liv- 
BcsciaKMkf yf^A hied in word^; oU ihc Go^pcU, whether canonical 
h^Bot, refer tn the iccne kX dut entambmenr. It wai n*?ar the gate 
i^cattlt^Uui U til uy, the ptrdeng;tlc, It Uy uui^iJc the city. It 
near tbc wliII : it wa» a place of rockc nnd jfordcn^H I'he tomb 
lA care, bcwn o^it in the solid rock ; that rock ^tood u|»right It 
vhliin a hc^vy Mrmr's thnnv cjf M^nml Calvciry, the ijUcrt: of 
This gate (kiiath ttxn uf coiimc just aj tantiJiar to & 
ta Zion ^ 1'cmplc IVir is to a shopkeeper in the Strand, 
(onld the rarive< ccrfusr ihi* ^ite ofiin tvcni vA\\\-\\ took plice 
the city wall, outaide t'f th^f A^Jnuiia gdtc ? li & Kuinil\ \i\li^ci 

^ 2 


Tki Gentkmasis Magazine. 

likely to forget ihePoru E^? Ji » possible for a P«ri&iAn (o 
toigolten the Potlc St. Martin ^ 

The early disciples and their I'ollovn^ li\cd in Jmi^em, 
their successors tciuftbcd in Jcniulcm Frtxn Jatnca, " die 
of oiir Lord/' iLsen«« of Bixhopfi of Jcrufjilcra prruded over 
infiirjt Church— with th« e:vc«rp!ion ofa tiriefperiod, duHng wKidn 
thief pastor lived wiihhU flock ai PdId,bc)ODd Jonijtt Thisiiaej 
native bi^hopfi continued in Jcniu^lem fTOiD ihc d^jr of Pi 
down to ihc reign of CoDsUntm& when, in the cpiscopAtc of 
riiit, the great ChrisLian «Hfice was built, \Vh«v, in ihifi «fia 
Chririlian {uslon. And their !»uccca»vc floek», U then opening 
suspicion of piouA fraud ? 


The co:tfi«ovi.Ksv. 

Yet suspicion ha> arisen, and history is dclkd. Roblimil 

gcnctally supposed Co have begun it, hut in tnith this conti 
had n darker ind more Ulu&triou4*ourc«. Inoncof Uibbon'i notal 
his account of the Cnisadf i occur; this euriovt him t " The 
artfully conroiindcd the niosqiic or chufth of the Tcrnpte »ilh 
Holy Sepukhre, and this wilful error has decieived hothVcftoti 
Muraton." Gibbon is most careful in citing his authontiet. 
this strange passage he qtiolcs \\g authority. Nor am I >-twarr e^ 
scnoiia authonty for such a statement PerHa|3a he Kid UAcd, 
was ashamed to cite, iln; speculations of Jonas Korte, on q 
bookseller of Ahonj, who had been to Jem^lem in thf coane rfl 
IravcU, and had vriitcn a cracy book on what he saw uid bcud, 

Kone arrived at Jerusalem in the year 1738, fli>d on 
the Ho!y Sepulchre was surprised to lind ii within the 
careful icadcf of his pocket Bible, and of nothmgeUr, he 
find thecitywall and gatesatanding as they are described by Lufcei 
John. For him Agrippi had not existed. He had no comceptsctt' 
the third wall. He forgot the siege of TJnis, and the UniJdiBg' 
new city by Hadrian. He took no note of the chan^jrs of dmc,; 
niadc no allowance for the ravages of war. Calvary »iood 
the wall ; Consianiinc bmU a church near Calvary \ utd heii 
on finding that church outside the wall. If Korte had gone 
Rome instead of to Jerusalem, he would have m&tsted on 
St Peter's prison in the very centre of inhabited Rotnc. uutcad <iy 
the skirt. If he had come to T.ondon, he would have ca|>eaed to 
meadows at Channg C105& This silly German nuy have give& 
<r5f hint of sccpUcisvn 10 U'i\i\iOTv, mv4 ^ ^xrtniuly nppUcd 

Tk€ Holy Sepukkre. 


T«ccm <l«tect<}r <A pio«is ^tid wich bis Arst doubts u to the 
ioencss of llic Hnly 5i-puti:hrc. 

RolnniCMiky imda the dcbiion tlv.-rl Koitc's if^iuiks mit'lc a 
inapfCflnon on rcUgious mmdis bttc this great imprcs^ioin \\ a. 
of hU own Cmcjr. Wiih Uic one csiccptJon of Clarke— vhoftc 
fijr U|nctttiig ^i:rcd sitrs ij4 ^jlmml rf^ii,-;! To ihM nf 
— [ 4un not aLquimlc^ with a single ttavdicr between 
Cfifit «nd Ko6in»n who mtloubI/ duiput«fi the site of the entomb- 
WKU, or i)cnic« ihii (he grave Uj^ under the roof of the cxisilnjf 
Qwd) of ihc Holy Sepulchre, I]ut ^ince ti)c diyi of RnhiJiKoa 
ratter haa been otherwise. J- or somt years iiSitt his 
KbcstcIvc^ '* were printcii, ihc tiiie of opinion ran high and atrong 
(he old traditions. Rhcrr gA^^ his riicuL-iiion, :ind to )(ome 
hfti atjctioni ta Kotun^on's vic^x. 'lublcr took tlic same «idc 
^<ehcznencc, and many Gecttian <rktic8 hikvc adopted 
idti^ Wolff it perh^Lpi; thctnoKCci>ni;pkuotiR of the Crrmt^Lnx 
fend tiie sncienl tnidluoa In Eiighiid the buttle ha.i bceD 
tlnn in Ckrrnuiy. finiiy ;md Wiitiuina wrote on lim subject 
peal d^at ot wArmili. t ergai&on earned the v^':kr (orwutd by 
lhcor>- — noinirrrr :icgaiivr likcihatof kobiiTion, Hr not only 
tbatChtistwu buried in the prctcLit sepuIch^Cibut uscricd 
t w»a buried ta the centre of the Temple on Mount Moriah. 
s fikkly supported in iheec vicw^ by Grove, And to a cenain 
by Porter. S. Smiih and H- IlTiiiidrcth have (niblicly com- 
thcBuelvef to thl-t theory. On the other ?iide, the defence 
its vnaiei. Wititon und X^win were nmoiig ihosc who took 
Ire jCrt in the iznmpaigri- Stanley and other*, deferring lo the 
ofCfOVCi wefcncLiirftl )n the fny. liniil the PjIcsiihc flxplo- 
Ftindwos csubli&hed^ the only person on the side of ihiaattnck 
l>eett in Palestine (ioferiis 1 know) xv.os Grove ButGrove 
iliMt iji himself He h;id af^uiied miitili LnowlcUge, and w^s 
great ener^. Tie wu a contributor to many pcriodicabt 
grcAt inAucncc, und deserved to have tt, in the i:uuugeiiient of 
*'Dicii*>Oftry nf ihi* Itjblc," thei^hole wcighrof whii:h ^cork was 
iDtothe aejile. lie edited the '^ Diblc AtUis/' find he has 
recently edited llie "Ani;ieDt Alias," All these works aic 
lo the iiippofi of a theory which now np[je:irs to he falling 
cfumblJn^ under every stroke of the exploretb' pick and spade. 


di^rivery af ihete ancient tombs in the Grotto setiU'ii (vo 
Lt tlubleIIla^ 



The Genilemans Magastm. 

t. It piov«« ihjLt ih« th« on «4uch the Church of 
Sepulchre KEands was a place ofgnvM — of rock-hewn grave*. 

2. It (proves thcLl the present site lay t>ejond the city mllf 

The Brvt point :s all bin obriouB. All the tour Gospels t 
the tomb 3*1 hewn cut of living Tock, The Go4pcl jLicribed to 
91x1 ihi- Gcis[>E-l A*ir-ribrrd to NJcodcmus also spr-ilc of tbi 
as hewn in tbc solid rocL John <]c?CTibcd the rock u stAodl 
giuden clo&e to C^lvaiy. Cyril sa^ the rock-cut grave, and U 
the garden wc:% tiill evuting in hu d.iy^ We now fird thai 
" the throwing of a grejt stoae " ihcte were other gnv^ pi 
of older dale, and assuredly in the same garden, ths 
belonged CO Joseph, n ridi mar\ and n ruL«r .irnoDg live Jc«t 
Toml> viAs^ newiy-marlc, .-ipinrynrly for himself ; *u<:h c^rc forth 
time being uaiuil vn his country ami amoj^g his people. A 
here is evidence of rock-hovn j^*ravca. IheAe rock-h«im gi 
wilhm Icn paces of the ^epuklirc. They were ihcn^ heft 
chinch Wits built. Thfy are ancicni and Jcwiith. Theyci 
the tin)c of our J^rd^ The site wu subsequencJy a place of | 

The second point, though not nearly bo ohvioue, i% ytl p 
free fr«m i1r>tibt- No pLirl of iliai *;(iaaJ ritual whirh ikw ihf 1 
life of ail ATicicat Jew (as the corresponding socml liXuAl in I 
lpou« life of a modcra Moslem) vas hxcd with f^reater exactnt 
the rule of biiT>ing hi; dead beyond the w^ilk. Tlic dead «ttt 
out of iJie gates, :md ilicrc laid in the t^ilh — ^n old and win 
sion, which >vc of the rioetccntb ceniury arc bct;;inning to und 
*nd i^raciLse, To this rule Ehcro was one exoq^tion, and 4d 
David was butied in his onn city^ and his deiceudujits wi*re 
in ihc sdnic regal cemetery. But tlicsc tombs of the kin( 
alone — ini^idc the ciiy, ouuide the law; an insunce and« 
of the paraniourw power. Other gravet were not only biyi 
gates, bill at a certain dt^Uumc from the city wall. In the 
pju-t llic fourth, in the sccEJcn called JiAva fiathnLi chaptcf 
the rule iti givetx. No gro-vt ie to b«« wiihin 50 cubU 



IF Mr. XtTva^ ahotild niccccd in 1>aiiL»hing front the hta^ tlic Uati 
ftJihouch perhaps tto k<ut dbjei:Eionablc, of thefUtcraiiona ^ 
fifciltujif It, thit gcod dcfd aIoqo wilJ oniitk hint to a tonspocuoiu 
luebr in ihratrioal hUiory. The Frcnrh ftrmi^JimiiSL] tEUtte inimiliiccd 
tkc Coun ofl^ouin XLV. b/ ChATlcs 11.,iv-as Antipathetic ta the 
genius of Shikefpearc- but th« phywii^hu ut that uevc 
not iEU«&dbl« to dw manclloua Tntnc of wcnLih hi« workt con- 
kbed, and, as ihc3' rofiHdcred him loo Irtrturotui to be t«i:wmc»j/:tf' 
^ampit, soon began to dig uui ddvc, and approphatc tho prc^dous 
E, vkd fttshLOA it into new forms, and eiit it, ;^nd i^ild it, and ttnneL 
(D mtdtfr it u<:c«pLil)lc to tlic mock refinement of the j^ertod. 
ODil Du^'cQtnt cutnaiCHced with un ^lUciiidon of *'Thc Tcni' 
,"«ic of the most perfect iinJ tiiijJlaaljJe vf tin- pljys. As a 
b MjcmmU the^' int/oduccd a man who h^id ii<vcr seen a womin, 
polluted lIuL mo^E exr^tiitilely pure creation with groa indeli* 
Thty aho jirriviclrd Calilvn with ^ sislcr innn!»tcr- Thi* tfi* 
kept the sta^c muil ihc present cenlur/, v^hcn it wj» banished 
Mr, MacTcad), I'he following century woa rife wiUi irnprovcrK of 
{real drsmaiict, Thrrc was scarcely one of hU more poj^ul-ir 
pU}3 that «oine pieaiimphicais dunce did not liy his luind 
Tmtc'a oltcratkonn of '' King Lear" were in villanous tajftc. 
mkrhage of Cordelia wiih the King of Frunce wn£ omitied^ and 
giret her OJt Invcr inMejid ; several maudtin love scenes were 
written in the ni*tivkUh and siiltcd slylc of rhc time ; ilic 
csmM ofl m the mnat approved Coburg fashion by niftans 
A« pay of Edsnmd ; the Fool was wholly pmitted ; but, greatest 
iJonofaJl.lhAECiUstiophesoxnbllnK^ and ((^iriblt was changed 
« happT one. This iinac version, with the tragit: termination 
red however, is etiU an^ong Cumberland'^ aetinR plays, and ^04 
uvi;i![yp(?Tforme(l m provincial ihciuei; withm iht* Imi twenty 
Otn Ji}' Uansluiined " Romtc and Juliet" into a pail ofLlaAiiul 
aod the Cat^lcta ind Monia^ucs became the hou^cK of 
iof And Sylli. H^f j c^Dtury Jaier Garhck made ^^Tnyiw^ 



344 '^^^ Genit^ftuiHS Afagasin^, 


mcnti'^upon the sju^ic pky, tnnspcncd the dialogue, tcdi 
Thymes to bbrk verec. mlroduccd the scene of Julkfs ftincK 
dirge Cling by choriftien, Tiinde Juliet awake before Romeo m 
nnd wriJtcsonic wicidicd stiilTaji a scene bet««ea them^ 1 
aion held the London stage tintil v-cry reccnllf — the Cmhoi 
mifl^e not, l>ein(jthc firsi to reilore the text but t>ic old v 
still iht stoelEOQi/ of conmryfUy-hoiises. ■* Macbeth/' flilihoi 
jccicd to L-onjtlderAblc mitllreaCiueiit d^iHn^ itic Ulter end of di 
iccnth century— it wa.3 once coriv^rEcd into x tltrcc>act opi 
since then been litlTe interfered wiEh, if we except the p&saop 
poUted from Midrfleion^s "Witch," and the introdnction of 
nmiicj whiU], so far ficm bL-inj^duraLtcrialii:, would Iw qiiice ft 
priiitclogood Apiriisa^bod, Whatu reUcfic wutofceridof thi 
\o\.\Sk crowd cfpftntdmimc^khesthmhis nnj^kneccssitatcs^i 
iiifinitcl)' more sublime and ptitlic wc(e the three weird A^nt t 
out, must have been felt by all pcrKtni of taste ^o witn« 
reotoi production of the tragedy tt tho Lycciini. Mr. Tbclpi 
the sam(* experiment yean ago at SndW^ VVelK JJnt, aU*] 
the rnob of phy goers will gnll prefer ihr aduliernted aniclc " 1 
and "Olhcllo" have cicaped prctly dear from prorming JuihI 
to Kiy from interpolation, ildiough the knile t^as been tharplf 
to both. Garrick ciit out the Gfa^-'e-diggers, flnd they wefe 
only by John Kcmblo- The hlsinnril (jlaysbave been ibee 
iim*H Cibber mangled, rewrote, ond rechristcncd '*Kic£ 
■* Papal Tyranny/' *■ Richarti IJ," "- H*.-nry i V.," "Henry V.," 
Vf.," *' H^nry VIH." have all at diftcrent umes been subj< 
more or fe^xr alteiattona. 

Hut the mojt famous and enduring of all the altered t> 
l>een Cibber's version of ^* Richord iU" Why, Apart t 
mechanical skill and Vnowled^e of Ma^e cfl'eci with vrhirb it I 
put together, this haa been ihc case 1 shall prc-wmJy endc 
point out. In the mean tiraeit may intemt such roadetn u 
Shakespeare at Iheir finger*!' ends to direct this patchwork, a 
rate Shalce-ipean: frcm Cibber— no very difiicuU LiJt, a^ the 
mcnts have no Afliniiy — and trace the various stolen plUM|^ 
ongmal soijn:e. 

The diilogiie between Stanley and the Taeutenaot of A( 
at the opening of the spurious play^ is pure Cibber. Upon 
entrance, two lincfi from a celebrated speech of the KingS ( 
VI.;' Part III- 3ci H. sc. i) arc brought in — 

Vr'uuld t neit dcnd if Ilca'cnS lii^h will wcrcfc^ 
For whtl i«"m ^Vw^'nM^flA ^t\ adl ■«qc¥ 

CcUey Ci6htr versus Shakf^penrt* 


httle&d, however, of following thii; up withthcbcAuiifuldetcriptionof 
mdiqilieTd't life or the tent— 

Coi, mclhiblLi it wc(C t, happy life 
To be no better thui a homcTr iwnin 1 ^. 

tttdki (onae nibbuh about life bcmfE '*a thort chuc, our game 
omeiit,* roounUng od "a «u'ift hope/ ,-i&d nmntng our "coursf^r to 

ShAkcspcjkTc cnd» the speech thu9 :— 

AH, u-hal 3 lift H«n* Tfiii \ how vtvwL, how LinvJy \ 

To J«T'ticKl> looking on ihdr iUly »JicviJ. 

TTiui doth a rich iinbrDid^mJ nnopy 

To Vtfli^ fh»J frriT tlvir tnhjp^ru' Ticichrfjr? 

Cbbcc cb^ascs this buaciTtil (m^^ogc to — 

^^'hile tht poor fiokttnl frmn (imc ■htlint htll 

And *cci ODdlvnt uLc tbclicr i[i liih cuLI^c- 

dwcUiiponihis [>*^*ij;cfl.^atToTdiLi^;in L^xccllcnt cAAmpTc of 

nvodc of treatment. Upon ihc entrance of 'I rcssd, we must 

^e fcrU ftcene of thf fiRt act of - H^nry IV.," Paxt \h Hctc 

lllull find llic ^Tc;ilL'r ih>jIio[i Lif tlic xtcnc Cil»bcnJ*t(!, of couf**:. 

jctcripiton of the <IcAlh of Prin4:c HtJwarid belongs to Morion, 

dcKTibcx the dcAtii of Hotnpur; tlic itfca of trying to make 

rdrctim«tanccH, which :idmirably suit the fitry Porcy, fit the Ijoy 

X* ouniicstly aliimj. More CiUher, ajiU then two bcautiru! 

:b» from Riclurd II,, one commencing — 

ilh, u-ho ran hnM a fir« in hit linntl> kVi:- 

ihe Other — 

AnJ nov, iioo^ frkiu)>, ttip^Hm: mc un in]* Jeatlibvd, 


MOOnd «ccncop«us ^zth th^ j^oliloqjy whidi comrnvnces the 
plftjr. Put th^ end is cut out, and a patrh from .i soliloquy in 
iry Vh," Tdrt III, act in, *c. 2, subsriiutcd— ^ith .il:cr;*tion.s. 
fer the iDoddlintc plnywriglil coiiEd nc^'er fotbcfvr, even when ht 
jtoktt use of the poui"s language, plucking away the gold, and 
iMng on hiH own Durtli mortal in iu place. 
Thcihifd scene, the iiiurJcr of the Kin^ wit!i rc^^.dtcr,^tiom, isthc 
^but one of ^'Hetiry Vt/' fort lU, But the end of poster's 
xBbqujr is again altereil by the iiiroduciion of some line* (Vom a 
*Pwdi fuithci on. and an mLcrpobttoii of Clbbci. The first itcnc of 
^■eond VI. to the cntr^cc of Lady Annc» anil ii\ii Wtlw^X 



The GcntUman's Magasitt^, 

poroccflston, is n^arl/ dt spuricuL Xj^Ay Anne commeoc^i «iifa 
fiwt ^vcliacsfrom " ncDTj-VL," which, a3tbov(h>cty&pjjtDphju 
the dead hero of Agmc^uri, are most abiutd when applied to 
Ifoor, Linwarlike non^ After iliis we have iwo oc thre^ linn of 
oriipnoL Tlie gr^i ^cene which follows, brtwoen her and 
with a few alterations and exci«ion(, \% a» Sliakeiipctre wrcCe 
The alt^ations arc of tbc tihUAJ niiiJdLui^ cbanicter ; for ti>9Uacti 
jiort Mva, " Mj iltiki^dom lo a brgg:irl)F deniet;*' Cibbe^ * 
dukedom lo jt widow 'k ctuutLlyl" As Queen MArgxrrl, Htfdbf 
CUrencCi and King Kdwoid, and tnanjr otherv are entirely 
from \\\t Gjiurious play, thereby cxct&in^ the drcaiii oiLdotte 
p!i%ugir$, UF iriuvl [11IM4 over MTVCTal Rt^envfi of *Tli iVcipoff 
" Rtchorcj," CO find the accond scene cf Cibbcr'a second jcl B 
here we gel into luch a ma^e, Kuch x mjiirg up cl Uxc two, thtl 
have no space to diwcvtn^ ihe^in* and iim^i rrfcr ihe mrimn D 
ccrmi'^i: r(jr thcmseZvo. The third ftci opcofl aunitxriy ia A 
two pIfLyv, but with very eoniidemhTc olieiatioittp omJM0ti«» 
tnLiispoftitions, nnd much Dutdi metillin^v The ipaodi 
ttunscicnET, which c1uve!i this »i;eue. U Gibber^ and thf? \\r\\ d\ 
hift iniroduciion. I iiccd sciwccly say that the wTctchcd «<■( 
with Lddy Anne i£ wholly «piirioiu. The 6nc one «rhich 
with Bud; ^ngh.^tn amiihwitlic Lord Mayor, is the seventh oifaei ji 
tlic original^ jjid little altered. JJut ttie stupid rant which dota 
octi *' Why, now my golden dream is out 1 " ia Coltey'a. 

The opening of the fourth act i« nearly pure Cibber 
Shnkrspcar* \\\c ([Ht-cn cndeavrmr* to gain ailmiainn lotheTon^ 
to ice her children, and b refused ; in Cibbcr she \» im the l^mt^^ 
trying to take the children away with hcTn Ihii is nuik abew^ 
Several passages, however, are very faJriy wricieiL At much 
be said foT lEKMiilupobtioni in Ihc next, the coronation scene; 
*' spiders crawling upon Ridiard'K trtirllcd ho[>es/' fl:c, is 
fttufT. Buckingham's ranting etil speech, so utterly out of 
with hiK thararier, i« eqiLiUy Ind, In ihc nt'xc scene. Tjuift 
eiquisueilt'iedption of the death of :hc two prioces » oini;ud.i» 
A weak auUloijuy for Richard introduced in iCa plaec. SfastapM^ 
makcR Queen ELitabeth, aft tlie really did, consent to the vioooa <f M 
daughter wiih [he crookbiickcd lynuit ; Clbbf^r, wuntonty viobt'l 
hiBlory, iii^kca her <july pretend to do atx The xene ihat JbUoitlC 
hide alEcrcd> but the famoii? 


OffwUh faijhml i Ka mucli for Budiinchim! 

stally fine stroke, and wi^i^-^ <dC \k\c ^cat auihoi 


CoUiy CAhtr \>tr5.its Skaitspmrr. 347 

^bci^t. Ttic dodiiiK nutc, his ii1m>t is poor. The tiTth act com- 

Mocci with KichmoiKlp to ^vhose brief Bpe«!Ch(» some lines an 

lUed. CnipnAUytlie «tag« wutlivided-^ononir iitlewaa Riduifd's, 

01 lW oibet RidimotidS teat \ thua tlie AppuitJoiis appear to bollif J 

Jdhtnog to Cflcb An appropriate add rosa. The LcQulit^uUp<:cch, which 

ifCM Ihc unt scene in the accing vomon, belongs to the Chcrua 

fa*HeKry V-* The ?ii>ccch« c>f the gboitsi hare iKcn rcwrinen, 

VAtt flibo of Richard upon awakiTig, after the fini tvo liiic^ 

Aft tbconl cinendACion is "lyrant conscien<^" lor "coward coD- 

ibaice" The superior appropnAtcnco; of :he latter epithet is 

iMsm. Tile fine decknuiion [>f Ki^tiond iii the ne^l accrue, 

I h^qnAng, " Why then let's on to facc'cnn" is Iruni <*Hcnr)-V." The 

MxM line« whnch immcdutcly precede the fight are Cibbcfil-j 

'fcfaipejre makr^ the (wo i^^^ cngagi? vitliniit a word. Thr 

UknMVkfiscf Richmond ]]austng to pisitc moral speeches, or the 

U«o» RicluTd iitoppinff to listen to them in 4uch u ittmiion. 11 a 

IBratrMcincongTMity. llie Kmg also dies without a word^ The fir«t 

itr liDes of the dj^ng sr^cech in the ai:iing pky arc Cihhcr'*, but the 

'■Mindefr ending with tlic iiiblinie line — 


AnidBikiMiB be the buricr oflTic ilead— * 

tea hy Noilhnaabcrbrid. in the fir« scene of " Henry 1V„" 
^n U. The wbolc is t^othin^ more than an eUcetJve melodrama. 
tbere i* too much of Rich:ird ; there is no light to the sh;]de ; the 
QBttsJoa vf CUicnce. Xlavltnga. Kiikg Kdward^ l^i^eis, ciitiicly 
Aoiroys Uic subtle ^11 with which Shakespeare h^^s^radi^ially evolved 
Accianetcr and rilUny of Gloiitcr^ who, in brief, \% quite a i^iSercnt 
foaonisc in the ilifkrEiii pUy«. 

Ja iflji Mr. Macready revived llie text At Covent GiudciL But 
A Kvmi 10 ha\e been in a half heaitcd way ; many of Uie old da|>- 
tap lines being retained in deference to public pfejudJcc. It w*« 
ikM ucLcuiuL In 1844 Mr. Phdp* :TUidc; an uttL-mpi tu revive the 
pnxitatSadltr'a Welln ; but the same good fortune doei not Kcm 
tohtrc attended this as other similar productions. VS'e n^ust traee 
whaiory of ihc play to arcoiint for tiiis vagary ol public la-tte. 

Kot Id iu o«n meriu, but to the hurpas&ijig iteniun of three jK^aK 
*Q<n, doca the pky owe its vitality. First of the tno comes David 
^ixtck. Hk doctor mu«t imdotilitedly have been a niarvellovis 
' MsnMnce. Ahniu a qn^ircer or -^ century aft^ his rctiteincnt 
*ttu«d another notable KJehird. George Frederick Cooke ; and, a 
" r"** titer, came a perhaps grcaicri Kdmund Kcon. fevitely 
*nct had play the ^ood kaivtnt: \q be one of the mtSiVn-Vv^c^ tf 


Covent (iartlcn mana^tfr'Tf, and tbe Kichxml ot the t4^f 
the nctmg p\ity are 9o cti^similAr that all th^ cherished remenf 
of ilic uu^iciLLc wctc viuUtci.1 Itt I S^'li tilt; due of Mi. 1 
revival, inch memories were stUl frc^h in ihc mirtda of pla>^c00 
J4^in, th« excdk-rc^s of th^t actor, adnmbl« ind anuAc 
were, <lu1 nul ai all rett^mbk' ihe decincd geiujs of lulttiimd 
Gbriou» IracliLOLis hjid Lccn gAthcnng aboiic the HpuriouA pli 
Ihc nijchc ihftt (larnck mode his hrsl bowin thcLcmariScroM 
until, stricken by jirertiaturc decay, Kc-th expired Almost u| 
»Ut>c of Diiuy X^ne, And illumined, inadc guklen tij sudi U 
dent genius* the ruLbUh was tiallu^v^ctl Could GiuTkk, Coo 
Kean be rcboriif we miglit siilL chcniih it as a !*acrcd c}a»iic ; t 
are gone, sml Cnlley C'ibher'* Richard hat gone vfith them. 
arc slill aciors who play ihc ]*.ui m cuitlbrrnily wUh the oil 
tion:^, whu iiuikc the i>oinT3 vhcrc Kcan Diadc lhcBi» who mo 
bellow and grimAcCi arul think ihcy are aititr^ ai he did. An j 
admiiably mimic ihc nriions of .n niaji, cvca under ihc noble 
lion?i of humanity, but whik the man awes u;» or iiiuvo Lta t 
the ape ttnly exciter our kMi^htOT, bocAiisc ihcrc inno^iM/ 
otir sympathies, So it ifi with ^icling ; ihc soul of tho pm 
flLuhes rroni his eyet and goct Ibrth with liii n-ordt, and the 
his audience come forth totnceiLl,^ind so vcrfccl sympathy is 
efitflblishcii. This i^geniua; bni j^cmiis is noi ah ^imbuU 
eif^fftftive anifidjil civilisation of iho dghth decode of this xAt 
Ctniury. lU/mi we, Jiid i^itli l]i;il we niiijtt c-oiUcnt oqj 

CoUey Ci66er vtrsus Shakafiear^, 


in<lJlk>o»or ihc p«M,dnd fttnick out a new patti. UaA he 
E«(I to follow in the itcps of tho old dclore he nould have 
tiaot he hM rtothing in conimori with ihcm ; he not ihe 
ftkguicc 2nd di^ily of ihc Kcmblc m IioqI. n»r the [mj^ijUiy^ 
Ehc Kcnn vrhcoL nor the ^irtificml and measured pcr.uhnritio 
iacre^y t:diooL Th« ustc of the -igc condenint the one as 
th« le^nd »s cta^rarrd, ihc liut a*( iinnAinral ; ii lovei 
niwoaplAcc and u Antipathetic to the hcroit: in any form ; h 
;« novels, vtA play», ils ictmg« to be brought down lo tvuhin a 
' ihc level of Tis omi daily routine. Mr. Inmg h^ grA^^ied 
1 fad, or moT«r probably «iil1 hit. ^cniiiK his in^tJnciively 
with iL llcncc hiA suocc»c 

" i«, I am inclined to think, the finest ^hakcspcnhan 

rioEt he hii yet giv^n; he hu not in thi«i p^rt to contend 

( Uck of ^r^c which nuned bis " lUmlct/' the lick uf 

ind heroic prc^cricc which in parti dcEmcted froiD his 

tion of '* Mncbcth." lu Glosier the ecccniTicity of hit gait 

a jvmion of the ch&racter, and majesty of form woild h*r 

1(1 ilif? fcnit aoKloifuy htf alrikn tlic kcy-QOle of his 

of the part mth rare skill. The ^ava^c bittcrnc** and 

taelancholy «it^ which ho pronounce* the pawflgc co»i- 

Bnl I, ihif tun not dupal for tparlfv* lilck^ 
ig with— 

And th*reCofe, alncc I ctnnot prove & lover 
To eolaiAln then &ir, wflD'ipolcn d^rii 
I am dvdmninctl Lu pn>v(r a vilhin, 

tH thai Gloiitrr i« bloody and remoTselrm hpranse nature hat 
led hin like other men. Hia sccric nith I.ddy Anne is ie* 
iy lUie. Discarding the Kcan imditions, iJavishly followed by 
Jtichvds, And which cv^n in the days of the greii Eragedi^n 
Idered as a ton rransparmi display of hypocrisy, he niake^ 
lore to the widow, and neither by look nor gesture betntys 
[that he la counierfoiting, until she Tia^ left the stage; with this 
ibly cootnsied tho irony of ihe speech which folbwp. 
■It ftcvnc his tcorn and haired of the <iuetn and her thmiEy^ 
smile with which he listens to the curses of Queen 
I, howevxfr, by dark shadows when she turns to him, 
llpoiatit. Hi! scene with tho prnces 1* also highly co 
ii]im1 — the cruel cuil of the lip, the festles& movement of 
lingers playing with the dogger, the evil fire in hia eyca as 
Dukt of York pratdu upoa that sore subject \i^ dc^t^ncv^^. 


3SO Tlt4 Gmiftman's Afaftt^w^ 

aic truly Artistic Very alrU^inj; and pictarcMiuc abo u Us 
ci«tion of Hastings auc) ^^ boiinfc hU withcrtd mro at :h< 
table. Another fin« «c«ne it ihst in which he tecnptt Buddn^m 
the ntiirdfT nf the pHnccs; the ever- shifting &cUl cxpientoa, 
oftfty «milc, the j^lcAm of hate u he mentiom the childrca's 
the durlc look of Huspicton^ be linds hi$ tool »hhnk from tiie 
the sudden chAnge fmm fAwnirrg &dLiUiion to hanh defiaoc^ 
the fDAlignAnt *com pvilh v/hicU he rcTuicfl llic bvouis 
ppomiited hun, ojc all as jun in eonceptioti as they ut 

WitMihe next grrat m:ene,uhera his mother «nd QueeaEloib 
meet him on the march, a ncv phaac of the charaoer opem: 
vol! bayed by encm]» bccomct a ti^^. As the cvcr^Amvi^jE i 
lengen i!oiiC]nue to pour in disastrous newsi oT danger aaid levcttr 
dcie& Lhe acLcir itse with tlie ebn<iai:ieajnii^ >iiiuijnn ; hici 
dciance, lETesolutJon, and glcdnia of MLv^gc daring »«cceed 
other with tine eticct, and rouic the Audionec to n high piuh 
c^xeltemert Perhaps the last act h iht \ui%t utiftDtclory. Mr. Irrin 
remlerine of the tent ftcene U open to conlrovcn^, Thef-rinrtI 
objected thai ii is too abject in it^ tenor- Yet & nun on the en 
battle, upon the event of which crc^?n and life depended, just »-aki» 
ftom tuch a drpam as ihat which haunted Kichard'isleep.nnijshtvdl 
oivcnvhelnicd wilh horror. Bui whether the conception l>c just or K 
theexcclicnt manner in which it is earned out cannot be denied, id 
can cemembcr few stage pictures more impreuive than Mr, Inii 
awakening, and the imen^ity with whidi he delivers iheapeedllb 
follows. Ttisdifiituli, however, to divest our minds of iJjc t 
produced by the transition of the old pUy to the doptmp ■■ 
hinuelf again \ " and t})e rash out. Bat there U no such 
in Shflkft^peire; the gloomis not lifted from the tyrant's soul, 
exit words — 

Ucdcir uur tcnl> I'll play lUc nfoJiuppcTt 
Tv litrat if any man \a sliiiiik from me, 

show that the influence of dream is still upon him. 'J'hercfott 
Irvirg is ittii^ Eo Sh:ikifs])e^irLr In the fuiioiiA ouiburui «f 
ituccccding scenes Inicnsiiy h^ to make up fbr the shonGomiap 
phyei^UK Throughout he c^ircfaUy avoida iUl poiRtmiikEij^ 
aims at a 5iil>tl)'-drawn tonsittent whole nuhcr than a teritf 
briliianl coruscaiions. I luve before indioited th-it Ml Ift 
m£Lke« the bittcmcsB born of Jcforrmfy die key-note of the > 
character; for this ambition, power, can alone tomi^cnulc, 
these he pursues vfMh a TcmoT^lcsvv^tpoMi thai ncJUwr coaw 

Cclhy Giber :t&rsits SAaiespearf, 

nunity f^m Uakc. A carvel pcnisoJ o-f the icxK mufit 1 think 
mmi p«opl« (0 rweive thb asa trueimi'fi>rei;Uion. Shikeipeare 
invuiibly xniroduce» ihc »]icm points of his great characters, 
y soliloquv or otherwi.ic, at the opcninj; of the pUy ; an&lyBC 
l'^ firtt ipe«ch, and fitry lint wtll be foyid to le-id up to the 
t— his ilrfojTnity- Biii,whilp m-vcrlttting sighlofihr- Mephift- 
m viUuiy or CIo»1cn Kr, living gives lu throughout gliniji^ca 
SkmtlMft comag^i th« infinite Axsm^ of n gre^i soldier. 
fn ss A whole, ihe perform^nr^, if not eyiv\<. fng the highett 
raiics of genius, if i; docs luii raise ihc clcr,iiic enthusiasm 
IK are lolil, Gorricka and Kean's cxcjicd, i« an ciccElcnt 
MLc, flchoLuL^, ind a Ane inlerpa-taiion of Shakc4|>carc fi text 
nk anirle U nor intrnrictl ^% .1 rhcsTriral rriritlim, although 
ndf to be j^ dunmiic qilc, we stiall refrain ftojii all icrcreuo: 
itber acton in the pl£Lf. But it wi^uld be imponsiblc to omit 
; lh« admirable maTiner in which ii is pbeed iipon the M.igc, 
las accuracjr of ro^iume moic mimtiely aitt^ndtd lo, "With 
q>tion : whir i« Richmond drc3»cd in a shirt of mail such as 
ict m\^x have nom in the day^ when pbtc .irmo^ir was at 
-it perfeeiion ? The icenerj- is jdminbk -ind ipprupriatc. 
ilc supplying aJI tluii i» necessary lo givt due iingp cfltt:^ 
I Ao attempt 10 rcrida tlic production spectacular. The 
, on the whole, in whicti the text hoi been ad;t[>ted to the 
kniixfactory ; in |i|;ic'i^t the pnining-tnife might have been 
m SjMuingly iu dealing with the: principal chu^ctcr. AU aUow- 
ovrcver, should be made for tlic dItHculc and dciicAtc tatik 
belore the adapter, Elut the omission of Kichmond'a hrn 
e CAftttot be condoned. A characier so import^iii sliould 
f be ioifoditced u-ith more ceremony. 
Me, hoivcvtr, who, after listenmg to the iiTcompA.rab1e Uji|;tfA£e 
X«p«Lie, and witnessing the stipenority of this niagniliccnt pUy, 
er agarn lolcnite the mbbish whirh Km usurped tt^ place for 
and a half, <AXi have little pictensions to tAste. 


3Sa The Gentleman's Magasxm. 


Yhxt y> 


THR ariual novelty or lh(^ E»tcm and Australian : 
Comp-inys route to Amviralia licgins in cunctl afi" 
saik'd from tiinsa.porc. In the mattui ul tnvcl. of coor 
latter day^ nnthing rvnininv novH long; the world ex 
rTmc now for oUl-ra^hionrit nino-tbp' wtindcri^, nine boun 
^cini; i^t utmoit alLov-abIc hmit. In a year or two p 
" short ^^7i route to Au^tnlja " will l>e better known ihtn 
year* a^o wai ihc highway from London lo Yort. On 
tlic Atnipodcs wc met vith fthoAl« of people, indudin^ il 
and very young of both scxes^ who Vp^:pc putlinp n fcifdlc 
glolii: without LMnttng anythirj; of it- They were jiwt ta 
to Ausir^ia tjy the T^rnes SEmitii rouic, aJiil s irif> homea^ 
of Honolulu, San Francisco, Sail Ijikc Ciiy, Chicjijijo, 
nnd the mighiy Atbiiticj and it wa* the K. antl A. Corapgi 
to thiink for making ihc girdle com|ileti7 

To Singapore ycm have a tJioicc of roulca. Vou 
ticket at Charing Cross, rush through Paris and Mai 
sliip by the Messageries line running bciiveen Corsica oiii 
calling at N^plts, which you have plenty of time lo eicpio 
for ihe Senile of Messina, so ££ to hoitst ever aTtct^Ards c 
fitquMinlancc vith ferj' Slromboh, finding yourricir nftcr 
MeditL^rrancan variery ai ihe mouth of ihe %mt C-nnil. < 
vork your way jtcroai Kurope r'/'i Ilrindiii, tind j.utriniuc 
O- Company, or adopt one or two humbler Unea dircfl fro 
•iLich Jincs bi2ing in correspondence with the E, ind A, 
syslcML There is a fierce rontrtiveriy amongM tiAveltersaji 
the better clofia (jf steamers, that orthelong-csLibUshcdP 

' ?ui IV. ap|«4rt:cl in tlic (UtttieimitC i iVcT^ofrr^ of Atiguu lut 
enp^ fbr thit I'lindmliiLj; pari ii'ntdriiEmyr'l in ih« Ar« &L <he rriqliii 
Miguin« In III? n'liumn In a^pvdnno bu {«a»«a( 
ptadiog the rcct^^^ of frosh MS, ftam ltn>b*jic 



^' ^c^ari Log /rem Navcastk ip Brisbane. 353 

E ^ ""'iwith Ccmpnny- Both Kivc tiicir adixjcait*, hut ihc 

■'"P^'Unt potm i£ ihoi if you arc prepared w ptiy yout money 
*^ ^f j-our choice, and thai, travel hov you niay, Singi- 

^^ '*flett yo^ir sale alUmativc. 

\ ^m ^ Torrec Seraitn poKAigc woa, net «o long age, roguded as too 
~ fafhlmnhd^rjdfj jjciiN to be pratliLablc ; row it is thought Iitt1« 
^ ftccpi li A gre^i irriptovcinczn upoti our \,o\\in\\ituaii\t>ii with Aiu< 
CiJii Md a popular hi;t^^*"y ^'^ ^^ youngcii and, iti the matter of 
Woma. richf *t of the Ausinlinn cfilonte*. The K aud A- Company 
ijdccEuf adiuii;iLly ipjiifiMlcd vcsstU, LuiinjuiiJ^'J Liy expcncticfd 
iCora, who knew lit>i* to ihrcid llicir viy ihrou^h the MXJndfovu 
Archipdago, amids^t bcautiibi islands, now clothed with pro- 
rcgettlion, and nuw tornpiiuoiii by boldly aliening moumain 
U»d vokwic pcalc*L 1/ iIk monsoon i* f^vouniblcalie Loufir 
ftrough the SirSLiLK of Rhio, the «ccneiy of which is of Che finest -, 
hy the idand of Banca, where thf Chinese wofJc tht' productive 
line* fur Ihe Duii.h o^ritri; tlieii uloin^ tlic tOiisia ol" SuiiuirTi 
JanL At fir>i the K. and A. steamers railed at Batiivia, or 
lya i but they have for some tinie discontirtued the practice^ 
f ItdirJ m>: pay; the estijlanation lacing really thai wlii< b wa* oner icnc 
kKtefrom the Hague by an officul who, Kctiing all the red-Upcifim 
the diplonutic acrvicc M defiance, wrote as his desp^tch^ 
In ihiUUB of wmmerc*. ihr fsuU of die Dutch 
I» t^v{n|; too little ttid eivking Luo miicli. 

In ihcic latUudcA all the devices \vhi*:h the knowinji ones hare 

up in going Ko and fro on the earth and walking up and dov^u 

arc put in force, if haply artificial currents of air may be produced, 

maids and matrons who have hitherto BcdndaliseiJ steady family 

^Ic, bk< our^eli'C*. by Iheir HiTtaiion^ — and on hoard ship tnany 

rn ftomchow think they have a special license fer this — arc now 

'aovitrcotnc by tJie muggy htiil llial tliey lie languidly alxjut un the 

tovchcftanJ Lliain.tliiMking* lei u»ho|>c, over (heir i^aatdclinituciide;!. 

Ko OQc ehallcn^ics you now to deck quoiu, or the c[j£sie ^nc of 

I' tBQ ; the l*ore» and tht' Ijounce*, who ;irc to be found in every large 

»tGaEnship, are nearly, if not altoscibcr, extinguished, cjtcepi in tlic 

mocnrnj^ when by the rule* of the cf»l>;iblif.hmLnt thijy mayoppcftr on 

jdVdE in airy py'jama cortume, and psiilUle ;iboar on the wet board* in 

tare kxt But l:iit or cold, wcl ut \\iy, in thufidcj'i li^itulng. or in 

sun, die propeller £Tindii on, And the Java Sea ti nuecccdcd by the 

Florcft S«a and ic&i«bnds. By turning through the Sirnit^ of Lomboli, 

c, bowevci, get ^ouib^^iifd of thai long line of l^V^nds w\\kV Vie^vnv 



Tlu Gcnikmatt^s M(tg^mH$. 

sx Ach^^cn Head, inrluclex Sumatn, Jaim. DiH, vnlianic Ijtmi 
Sumhifl--^, nnd Florot and finbhca onXy with the Timor Group. 

So iinr :u the dose atmosphere ^^ill permit you to think« noviij 
time to overhaul yoitr Wallare^ nnd maJ^c a note of tbc hct that 
narrow »tnLil,s Ncp^iralicig the l^landH of Bdl ami Lornbctk r-acttdtuFrJ 
inystenou) band of division in the Eastern Archipcbgi?. thcoDcsd 
Ttiprtjtentuig A^in and ilR pcru1iantic«, the other Ausrtnla oA 
j>e<TTluririe*, Mr. Wflllarr,whow ihclirs-tjiiithorityiipioihc 
time iipan the phyiicaJ ficitiin:^ of tlic Archi]>c!a£0, ofgus thri 
no very distant period Java, Sumotra, and Borneo were |iarl rf 
continent of Asii; lul althc>iigli Timor, the casteTn Link of the' 
nf i^bnrls, pomkcs nf the Appcarannr of Ati«tr:i1m, hr k ronf 
thnt it never formed port of the Australian continent, CdUan k 
thut ihtigLimpscfi of Timor .ind the tmalfer tabndii «-hich f«« 
review before yoii enicr the Ar.ifmn Sea -ire altogether dilTereaL 
view. In vatn yoiilook fertile ^>diD5 that hitherto kuc added 
to the island scenery, though in their itcod you are frc<iuenily 
prised by landscapcscloselyresenAbling genuine English park 

Siill sreainlng con^arrfs ^unri^e Ihrou^ water deepening 
Icisenin^ in a remarkable manner, nc pui aside our litci^uic eft 
Brdiipetago, ond mak« ready for our introduction tc the New tfc 
Tho K. and A. Company provides you before ibTting (if you ii 
for it) with & volijminouT* handbook of the voyage, ard ftwn b 
may learn everything about thcK northern portions of Ai 
which arc far beyond your ken, but which you may vcby Che q*' 
faith, and ahotit which yon may soon become learned by * ji 
aystem of cmm. I once licaxd tell of & man whij was wunc to 
that what he didn't know would nuke ah lUtuuingly 1^; book ; 
tht* anecdote may be not inaptly applied to what you do noi <M 
that poriiDn of Sourh Australia which, stnmgely enough, lies ED 
northernmost verge of the continent. Let it sufijcc then to 
that to-day we are 70 miles from Melville Itland ; Ihnt tO'fnoflO*)j 
perhaps we are oppn^ire Porr R^singfon, "proved to be nofo^i 
[jcrcnaiient abode of mosquitoes niiilariar and dcatb." and nuC 
fore» a desirable spot for a summer picnie ; chat 120 milci due 
are to be found the Atu Islands and their peart IUhcric« ; and 
for tht* next joo luilei wcarc ploughing the liead of thu' Gulf of 1 
pcntaria. Just as town councils ukc uninlciciiLng iei>orts ''as; 
we, having nothmg better to do, will take all this, and xnuch 
for granred. 

'Hoahy Island, a iqaarc brown dome oT lutl, is, as a matter 
f, rJic^rsi intimation wt\ia.\c\VLi\ K>i».ittiw. i* at hoed— the 

My Ckean L&gfrom NcwcastU to Brlsbanf, 335 

^uiiulii:^. of wcaJUi L^atold bcc^u^ andcvclu^cJi uf ojtlmt Impt^s 
I ^ Kicn;* desire* ; ihc l^d for aji cor)/ ^Hmpac of ^\\\m\\ vc all 
I Xon eipectuit «ye£. Once upon a time Booby Utand wju known 

hcttd cajlj deUvcria, whctu pfying ptolrijislrcteca and sneaking 
I fmMilcn never opened your Icttcn, and where ihc poatman'a 
b«i was n^er h*ard- In a cave, whkli reciuired neiiher padlock 
BEtmonr)--urdcf ofEcx, |xi&aui|{!ihlps ivuidd Lall foi or leatc letunv 
|ir|nTinoi» ; the de^olALe crag is, hcwcvcr, now left 10 ihc undi^ 
pofficsfion of the birrii^ from whom iE derives itfi narcK^ and the 
Ij |iOTt of Sonipm;!* ir?iirh tli(;y say irt in i'Ia Itiin tu he uliandoiic^d, 
duty as i, rutdiiuH of touiijiuiiuiiion or idicf. 
CoradeHn>; aJI :ha: v^'G have hc.'ird And read of AustraJio, II ia 
usprtfing thAi OUT Gnt ^lLmp«c U, if not prejudiced, at least 
I^KkL Prriuie of Wilffi I^l:inil wi? paM ae clr>Hc ijiutrftrVf iilmfr- 
tl|; A «c t;i> itv gTAMy ]ii|^blandi>, j^tccn ^Udc», <tiid dcnac fuTvats. 
U Ottr elbow ore a couple of returning colcniaU, who woni U3 tlint 
W rtni ticiF of ihc mainland v-'ill not Ijc hulf so inviting, iliai in 
^n Autmliin srcncfy is mnmrtunouv One tif ihrsi? ^rnilrnicn, 
\va Ibu nuide hi^ fortune in Quccii^tAnd, ^o^'a ijo thr u lo ^jy 
fu if «-e ha^'C eome Jiitber lor rom^mtic bcci'ici>' wc Jiavo come 
i dir «TOng ihr>p. Th-it i« how be puts tL But his aticmpt to 
rejodirt: ihc Mrangcr faiU, foi th^-y luul alrcitd) diwitjvcrcd thai 
bad n^t a loul ^tbovc hidcb und ultow. Hia com|>;uuon, living 
to hj> pffivilcc« u » son-in law, told him he w3A a noodle, 
IK ihflt if we h;id an eyt: for the be-iuHful Quceriiliind 
aiPpJjT gEfttjfy it- 'rhcy have both dwelt lon^; in the Idud ; 
we to bdieve? The inforniaiion vouchsafed touching 
glimpAe of ihe nuinlind w^a& undenubly truo. IVhen the 
bwM impilpAbte ctoud on tbc hon/on bcunic a dlstmrt "lourzi 
f the Uad." 4Jid Au4tc«Ua was visibly though indintinclty before 

Libcn rtole over the mind a general impression of fiicnliiy and 
loiony. Th«i diem(nnofhitle%ani1 [allow w^is^afrcr -ill, in the righil 
Bnlt piticnoc ! By-ind'by the indistinct line nf hilU become* 
|lDcec»ion of bJlowe of uphc.ivcd land, mjng ^uincumc:; into 
tafp pc^fcx. Closer [n you in-iy notice there arc IrooB, but 
tc« ftirusgling ;iA if for bote life. At LliI, the scbcr giL^y iuoi>(iL-cc 
Irclopea into An capanac of woodland diai is certainly monotoiwu^i 
lib i* oar first acquaintance ivith the l^imous giinitrces of Aus- 
UIl !t i« aiitnmn, hut tiuiunm without [he HLdbnt red$^ umber*, 
dfow^ And brown:! ibut ^lorif^ dcc;j/ in die English tops^. TeiV^\n 
bies wic mot ic b&d 3s they st-em. Wc must ftiake aWQWUtiut 

4 A2 



Tlit. Gtntltmads Afagasuu. 

for Ihe leaton, though St. Pawick* day, to te surt^ U & 
jK'fioiI ^jf tlic yc^r tij uflVr »ii u^idkigy on the bCt^tc uf JUJttii 

hu been ai 


uiy&nc& The country, loa. aa wc IcJim l; 
from one of itK too often rvcumrg cCroughu. 

A ncnrcr acquaintance tcithes ii» hfw unjust it I* to nuh 
concIuftloTiH. The s4:<;T»;ry. if ool j^iiLriiJ. is j^ictty ; if 
foTC!»ta. there arc T>Atche» of picturc&quc woodUnd, and 
giaasy dell Ant-hitls neatly f^hioned u obelitlu reared by 
hand*, ri^e niddy'hrown on ihe hill-Mdcv On fhtf ihorr line 
ofde^n h;i,[d yclbw ^jtid ^tcmatc with d^k £uck% hoi 
1)y the ^^caf and tear of time. 

Somcrici, the lirtt Australian |>ort of call, coiroct upon 
MuMt-nly from behind a poin: nn AHjany I%laml By the 
lilies arc reproduced in England. Soincraci *-ill. in all 
diRcstablishcd nnd diBcndowcd, for Thursday JUnnd Va 
to the north, ha^ ^>cen iax varifwi* reasons |ircfcrrcd before 
(JoTcinnitni depot antl a port of uill foi the niail <tlcjnieTV 
thotjj;h to our eyes the cove i» extremely prcttj, and the 
Imjui^s amongi^t trees welcotnc, in flaid to be a dre.iry place 
lr>T— Mcrik'p dLScned, rit|K>sed, The |wart fishermen mil ihcrel 
MorOi and they are s, ttidc r^uc. I believe thcie viic nota 
hfiiiTicA in the whole township, and the inhabitants are sonoetitntf^ 
ibsolurely *hori comnioiia in the matter of food On thedayoTi 
arrival a great event h-id hap[>tned— a bay had shot a ntilbtflF' 
liroiight it in for a feast The day |>Tevitiiisly a ^Jiiyjct iiwirt 
feci long had been destroyed near one of the verandahs- The 
gine!t in the Ui^h are, a« ihcy ahvay^j have been tn thii put 
colony, a constant source of trouble and an oce^ional 
danger. On the whole, lhcrtfotc> you may find bcliei 
residence than this Someraet, But it was not without intcreti to 
ttho bad read lit Brsuvoir's book, and been informed bow tb-Ui had been treated very hospitably a I the (tla^cand 
liartalten very freely of a collation of marxdlous stories dished apl 
of sheer devilry by *^mc! of tiie people with whom he had come 
(nntact; who Imtl uho read of thai jibicky overland c-Kploraliani 
brothers Jardinc* vhich solved the hitherto undecided <iucsiH* 
the course of certain rivers whieh empty theniueb'cs iiiio the 
Caqicntaria, and of die elder Jardinc's scttlemmt At Ope 
where be had through weary months to hold his ow-rv a|*tm»l 
that wait at noond.iy and arrows that fly in darkness, 

Somersei harbour we entered in ihe midst of a trO|>ieal KOtWI 
marfe the little peaiVs^icUvn^ veis(^^ ^t^cV tte ^apcr boat^ 

IFy Oc€a$t Log/rom NewcasUr: h Brisbane. J57 

long eno^gli to k:im something of thii tanu* pcjirl-tiiihci 

Lo/bmuuit ptijs^ tlt^ii \\ wa^ a uiotii tlnivlng bEixinets nnd 

red thit by iomc jutc>rtish]njt oversight, the Quccn^kmdcni aIIow 

pitittf proBt or (he ^nterprUe to go to another colony. Nearly ihc 

o/tbc boats Itai^ ffoni Sydney, Kome of wliOMf Tiicrrb^Lnr^t jetc 

nput fonutK^ oi^t of the tiadc, upon vhlcli, Added my cum* 

t, there was no tax ; not cren a hoac Uccr»i he laid, wa4 ini' 

by The Gcictnmem of Queensland. The veiseU engaged in 

incD OK jinuit llltlc rur(;<ai:id'art riLhouncr^, 4nd lust >(.mi tlicie 

tu taken from the port ^i SomcrKt noi less than 200 tonj^ i>r 

inrlish«n*, the tailing |>rice ofwhith would be about ^aoo jitr ion, 

Che film in Sydney retcived 71 tons, and \ heard t>r one K:r- 

D^haun houv thai Imd already boti^lil ,■^30^*^00 vvuilii tif llie 

*&3Unal, Ai is the case irilh mniry other important industries \\f 

*ri> hrg^^ rortrjre« ate made in a short time, the pearliheHing 

^^E^tUidcs (if Qiieer&hnc! were distavered Ijy accidt-nc. The liaidy 

and native divert cngd^^ed in the Uthf-tk-mrr trade, .iLoiu 

yean ago, brought up an peirl o^f^tcr, and oii ihc 

WM ulked about in the itraits it *as remembered that The 

olottC tlicioaH wac in '^"^ habit of wi:!uiug cruj>taU>?>liai»:d 

rMI OiTnamcnis nbniit ihcir ncclu. The indastfy was then 

d, ami with the mast giatifying pecuniary rcaulia. 

pearl oyirer averages ^om 7 to q inches in diameter, 

the inutie ia lined wilh a be^iviliful cuat of ihe mulIicT-of-|>L-ArT 

^ which bottom^ and ether arlicivfi arc madc^ At Somcrfict i Wiirp 

P^nenied with a pair that, moiinted, mnike capital card trays, being 

^T tighl inr.he* arrow, The people ciig.i^ed in pearl-diving seem 

>i>ica very tniiKelUncOLLt *cL "Ihc white men iuc mostly big» loiiglt- 

•tffdcd Telloint, who would not tbiuvk j'oii for inquinn^ too closely into 

tbcir onrercdents, and ^ho adopt a remark-ibty 'Vonciliaiiny " way of 

fcaKaj with their coloured avsisl^mis. Very often in An»Jtr,dia yDU 

Vtr that the blades of a certain district have been contiliated— that 

■ to tay, knoeked down or shot But it is only sx very few aboriginals 

»hfl»orlc ar the pearl-Jwhery, or indeed rtny other siendy j.ursuiL 

^im the coaadng iicjmcrs p-iss between the mainland and one of 

«• mofC southern islands otT iht Queensland eoiisi, the passcngtris 

lzt«)Ru^tit^es pM£2[Gd to account for thtj black balls bobbing up and 

Wtti on llie wave*, Tfie ejtplarwiion i^ th:it they arc n:itives swim- 

■1; off from the iiiUnd to board (he boau and beg a passage to one 

Rf Acct aortlMtn portK, Three or four miy conlrivt to catch Ihc 

npethni i« thrown a*i[eTn ; ih^ remainder return to shore, mvimnung, 

Ai before ihc entire distance of four or fi^c miles. Some o( v\« 


Th Gmt&maH's Magazine^ 

fortunate t'ncs aic utiicin^si iIk dl>oii^inals to be round In T< 
Straiu with tKc pcorl-fi^crt^ Tlic Scoiih Sea Isbnden, hovtfCTf 
Kttrwbi»» an it is Ihc r^luon lo ciU iheii:. make ilie be*t Jivcji 
some of rhf boats may be foiin<i nariv« of the isUnds arounJ Xc 
Guinea: K^nilcmcn "who, if report iloci not belie ihcni, uc nod 
their own domcs^c hcanhtf iDicmiljlu of the Eittractiontofnk 
uoolftd human flesh. 

M SumcMct I h;u1 tht' pIc-^Lirc uf uitctui^ iJic ftcv, Mr. ^fJ 
Unc, of ihc l^rtfjon Min-siorur>' Socici), He ia a mi^ionary; hfil 
al(o £ui explcrtrr ^ and if ever wc arc tc know much about NcwGuie 
f believe it will Lt^ fVoin him^ Ritling al her 3,&chor in Ure sudjTj 
cove ^va» h!» Lulc slCAaicr, the ElUagctiHirt, prot^Dtcd to ht} 
bf Mbu Baxter, of Dundee, nnd »cnt cut for the express p«ipo<t' 
civilising the F:t^uan &avnge^ Tn Ms last trip to New Guinn 
MAcfarlanc and hU poiiy ^virrc alUckcd b> the rutivc^ dtio, cbi 
probably they hod ncvci before ^cen a lihip, much Icm c ^i^axaa^ lb] 
their fiver, rushed into the water, an<l, with incredible fUJj. hi 
iheir spears and liimeh<?[l [heii arrows at ihi- exploring pany. 
Periodically, Mr. Mncfxrbnc «cjim»roundto™il the ^^i\sx 
he has pEantcd here and there, to leave them ^ppliea, and ^vt' 
courafienient. The big-booied pearl -ilieller* have all a kind w<Td 
fifty of tlib JtrvoLcd ^criLlcftnan, whi:'!^ burly fvriiiiLnJ i/pcn coji 
arc of more consequence lo thcrn, I cipcct, than his dcricnJ p« 

^' i\tr, Matfarlane is the tmKsionary, is he noi ?" 1 asked a 
who lioajiled ihi^ F^le.imer, 

*' Dtmnoaboiit that/* ilic fellow rcpHcd, *' but by G— , he's a 
every inthofhim," 

I i:a:i answer for it there (vas one paisCPger on boinl the S.)Cj 
sIciiiiiK-r hIii?. ^iiiiMsl (he ItDpical t^mpe^l wliich UHhcEtHl U4 into' 
ncnc ph.isc of ihc voyage, wished Mr. Macfarl-ine ^nd KIi prttiyll 
mfjision ftteamer a hearty ** Cod speed." 

Tht next phase of our voyage w:is the Great Barrier Reef of- 
iralja. KcHigbly speaking, thi« ls a wall ofconil lecfi eniendiogJ 
1,300 miles from the coast of New Cviinca down by the shocti 
Quccn^l^uidj and running so parallel with the land that ics 
di>vianceffiTomi1es,^rd Etsf3.nhe<it t^omrles, from shone. The 
Oeean may be mooning and bursting outside, tut witliin the Binitf > 
ifi ei>mparaiively <^1m- The ch^^nne] ls mostly shallow, but it vimsl 
the most extraordinary manner, SometimcJt clo«e to the waS^/) 
reef ibure is a slieer deplli of 60 fathoms; ihcn the water 
suddenly away. No wonder that the Meamcrs adopt the 
of anchoring after niglitfali, iinless the moon is up< 


Ofian L^^/rom Nctucasik io Brisbam. 359 

Ittcy day now brirp i« new ^nibjccl ofimcjcstn The Baiiier 
W iho«t JibOTC the 4^* ftt irregular inEcrva]s, now blact and Tow, 
At IS ui umlcnmn] v^niccliing tfi:hl, ju»t bi^ni.%tL}i ihe stirf^Lcr, nighi 
Id diLjr 4ii|rcn the VTAlCTs i^to fc^Lin, A crv&ly pilot cotiics oil booid 
Somenct, not to lunvc Ihc v«ttcl until the reef is posted' Wc arc 
nji vithin ^i^^hlofQuecnslanfl. zindiil tjtli !tTofiping-pb(*e wc hear 
CD l}ic ncvr arritdlii iiiuic uid lauii: KtK [he wundcrful ni:h&« uf tbit 
bay, vhicb ttictchc?! from close to ihc equator, with a sea-board of 
ijB mile*, and te? m* with capabilities that cry aloud for de vetopmcnt. 

Birds from ihc bml tomt out la (riiici*i' ihi? sca-fou-T, never vm- 
iq^ hoviYvcr, farther than the rcc5, which in the surf look like 
ci pIDcvt bordered with white toce. Blui:; smoke ascending from 

Hg;fs cf the forests [ndlcat^s the r Amp^Grcs of the iij.t{vc-«, and 
\ tbc '" colonials" ^'l^o geithcr aa tbc ^'0>%^c i;oc5 on, dist.ith»ing, 
:tbe viituo^ aka I but th:; ineradicable vices of the mcc. Wc 
■•ftOt proceeded JOG ciilea down the re&f passage before wc arc 
lie thai it is not the fashion here 10 think or Hjie^k anything good 
^ An^lralinn aboripnal. The only aaijely 1 eoultl discovtr 
ithat he and hit t^hould dif: out a.n quickly u possible. All eUom 
vake tomethifig of him seem to hare failed. Reclaimed for a time, 
Nona or later w.indas sicahliily bacfc to his trn>t- Misterabk w-iti- 
rfia they have beco, an:, and apparcnliy mjist be. 
A chart i* powlivcly a romance of tht sea if studierf aright. It 
kofad\cniutDUh mariners [lU^khing thtiirw^y along^miinVna^t-nrout 
(ittPid&l cver-reci^irrin^ ob^Cacle^ and terrors, real and saggi^tcd. 
B named of the Quccmland bays and hcadLinds^ which wc spell 
I In the ehart-roorn, wwe, we inay bt- sure, given with a meaning. 

Ibcac da>i Ojc uwiinci heaJa s^juih witli ilic tonfidtnee wliich a 
k hatrcrt of science warrants, How fared the intrepid pioneer 
ft towed the «ced? Here, upon the outiprcad sheet, wc h:i^c the 
u ia Mich trACiipttuns :k?i " nuineroui rtjt;fk divided by narrow deep 
mnclA \" or *' sftfe entrance here \ " or ** heavy confused !ic;l ; " or 
lad bank ib^hdy vegeLilcd \* or " submerged rocks." Wreck Bay 
lyoAdcr; htre Ojje Flattery; there Cape Direction, There ii 
ouiilCookailiiCcnUiinccof Kndeavoi Rivtr, where llic^iallanl Cap- 
aCook careened his ships on the somhcrn bank while he climbed 
CfiaiuCe mass calkd Li^^ird hbnd, to spy out an avenue of escape 
Qi ihe network of channels in whtirh he had bcconii! Involved. 

Thii diuria i» busy enough ngw, for beyond the mouiiialns are 
1 fiiDOU» Palmer ^old-ticldT^ and beyond them, 50 the new-comers 
Mar, K brand-new guld-field, lo which people arc rushing at the 
seM nwment. Cookltwn iiccordbgiy sprang up almg^t, aAOWi 


3$o The Ccnttanafis Ma^asifU, 



new country. The hnirbaur is good, bui not deep 
c]<»sc to shore a ship of Jargc tonnage; ivc oui, however, maJ 
square, lov trhire hotiics, and th$ v«nndah runctLog ro^iDd 
sides as he imner c:jii afford, and can discern ihat x\\ Uic 1 
are of iT<iod. vith rr:iors of shingle. Thoroughly Ausirolian i 
pQ^t, And thorot;^hly homely. Cootuown occii|jiesa 6iMI 
Ik Ijfjld hilJs are c1ivcnij6fd by groai nh^fovc»cd with.i! 
gTAif, Ly ravines full of green undergrowih, hy peaks and j 
vordurc-cladi ljy ridtEcs <:Li|i|)cd wirh rocky crijirnsof fonbutti 

re is cne Mil whidt would appi^af lo have had an cn 
iiLgnjjfL^ui IkcIiucs Irri^in^ oiit all tivsr ils frrr*. Oi 
ysEandcn &^iyi that the scenery about Cooktovrn is natal 
that it has Afi unfinished sort of iook^ ;i^ if rt had bc«n crcnu 
ihe Kixih day. Thift \% not reverent, bin it YAt& du? cote pid 
and ihcrc aic othcT [lortions of die coual ihnt c»tnc ondcr i 
cfltcgor)'. Thcscatlcfcd township looks pleasant from w»wif 
inhabir.irt Toconimtjnds me not to bring my family up ihjfrcfora 

Next day wc hiivc more sign iricanmomcncUtiitL"- Wc pa: 
Day; :ilso Cjjjc Tribuhuion. The laiicf a low mound fi: 
finely wooded slopes. Pctei Bottc Mcnintoin i^ overj^oof 
liLit in assocLition wlih ji rar-reachtng ran^jc it Joe*; not loot 
Tou'.iirds evening these iiniiobing mcmntnin^ jic mogniliccnil) 
with a |:iuri>!e thnt ik pccuhar to ALiitmlia- It lufRises m^ 
v:ill(-ys, and i^ibnds alike, liave where cloudlets rest lite s3« 
Icrici iipoii the shouldera of flonic obm^sii'iTsnmmir. It Is 
of gold beyond, but there is no other aliraciion ap^aitn 
coveted tre:i-ULrc i? wrung amidst burning heat and chroaic p 
from the bo«om of the vety desert. 

Tliere is an abundance uf mountain ^jranJcut down iJ 
coait of Queensland, with islands and airrow water' |KUiafci 
ingly piciuresque in their variety of fohagen There a^sctI^ios 
sucli as Magnetic Isbiid, which seems to have passed, at sam 
period, through a terrible fiery ordeal. One of its headlands a 
with square boulders, resembling the old-fajiliioncd tonibs d 
try chuRliyivrd. Leafless trees Mand vefrcl aa^bbct* on dl 
peaks, Thtre is a bay ^vhidi iviiiinded me not a Iiulcol 
Causeway— not the iitst tiiiic 1 had been led involuntarily lo 
Northurrt Ireland or Western Scotland. "Ilie UrclionJ Kc 
a singular grotip of gigantic boiU Jen, lopoisod that yoii might 
tlic wei^hl of a fineh or sparrow wyiilj ovd'balaiiLT and w 
thundering into the hca. One v^^^^' ^^P*^" ^^'s island ia jo fii 
^ncfas /jerfcccly cubed m ilaquMci^^ \^ax'^OT^^w;»i^to&s* 

Octau Leg from !^cu*casth to Brisbane. 361 

\ik of incient minsnt the fxtrcniity of ihc h&rd-«Andcd 
Mighcfiit bji/. 

lulcly, tai£c vcM«K mttnot ull zit llic vm^inu^ pgrU tZut 
1; cp Ofi the QuccnJand ooast, nn<l \vv h.ivf; itj ccniinuni' 
lOTft by ffnall pddic-whcc) l-io^its^ some of which would Ixt 
atfid in AR ciJiit:iitmrk nf monilm^iiit^i of r\:x\u^ ^irchitccture. 
Ill GOmo abofird Irom 'lo\i^rigvt)lc — ilic ouUei (or a fnc 
tld-fieldfi — and h« tcUa ua in ^mridoticc ihaE 'I'ownsviUc u 
mw in Qiici'nsland. A from Bowcrn sings jire- 
Hinc MDg of l]E> Uiwn, McTitkjiiini: Jicac things lo d 
jonian luur tjn, he abjures mo ilo't^'cn is a vilLoge. nrtd 

X merer col[c<:iion of ^h^nTica ; buL llui Roc^kLumplon 
t lu Ittf the nicUiUJuli* of tlit: iiilnny, ;li«I wouM lie when 
*c^ were inscrEcii in round Kolca. &c. My rfitnd's/>r*Y dt 
as ttc affluent titdt Kockhampton boosted two ddly 

;^i^icminiihc3iilaccof ron^itlcration. From whilcvcr 
red He i^mc tui^k natutdlly tutht! daily ncw^iMiicni- ICc 
' th^; Fit^rov, and of many creeks witl) sin^lor nomcs, of 
rt*, hotplulc, and chur^rlic?. but sooner or laier lie wound up 
ily nt"Vi6|iiijit'rs. Hvcn wHl'U he 3j);jnTlcfl my limid nen'c* 
arici of Uit; fcarfiil alhgJioG whidi nxbound in ihc Fit^roy 
mruc ; il w,ift ju^l a* I cxjfttlcd — iwu copies oi T''tf Muh- 
HiMn were found ainongtt the canloari cf marine «orcifi 

one Muruin .lU^rnidi. t>f i:crtJ(sd when the Maryhtjfoiiuh 

ome t»flf 1 TiingieU i>ui a favourable spe<:inicn, and inno- 
>d him how lar behind ihc other |>ort4 Maryborough n-n«, 
th: I ai f>ui'e fuund tkii KocklianifminH B^jwon, and [lie 
Olijle frautla i ihc real Queensland pori n;u Moryboroiiyh. 
k Hny at Ia*l I Tl»c vvliiie iwindof Morcton^ind die wood* 
Ae nrc before u^ a* ihc eh.iin coble gillopii thmtigh the 

aj)d die GcivernmenL summer i^n^c^ :dEjn^nide lu tc^in- 
lula and pfiMKrn^'cr^' I d){^ my [>cn to mjikc the last entry 
> The voyage m over, and ihe voy.igers are glod. New 
Kfore Uicm ; a*i they enter tlie Bri?*lmnL: River ihcy become 
ihcy have lumed t*vcr a new page of the Loy of tlieir life. 
he kind welcomes they receive make them feel already nt 

liefore they have plxccd foot on bind. 'I'hey had read o( 
ny stcnciy as eonriUting of in-inKTOve flaL?v, iwaiups, and 

mud'banku ; had, tn tnizh, been kd to form a dl«rtul 

of itr of the river, and of the town. In all ihey were 
uij^rJtcd- Brisbane Riter they fnimd U^ be [luirc^ diaii 

Brisbane ilwlfp a city nc; doubt very niu^iVi m \u '^t^^uiCf ^ 
y*»V(ured, oijt/ fu/i ©rsi^s of hcalUiy Wc. 

Tht GtnilemafCs Magazine. 



A COLD, ntw mist from the broad ani! rapid Save covrrcd 
«!g^ of the grwt Croatian plain Along iriiirh "xt weie drii 
Mj tcrupaiviun u?ikcil mc, ' Haben Sic nidit cJuen Piaul?' 
himMir in his own, and pronouncing the word in the tnic 
waj-. and noi short like the Knglish, 1 had given min^ iwi^, 
was gUd to And both the weird itnd the ihing natundbcd v>Ciri 
it* bomc. The inithfutncss and honest/ of tlic Tiirk«, Aod lU 
hood and dishonesty of the Servians, wjvs the subject of hii 
■Liikin, 1 believed there was n good dc;»l of truth in whi: he «ii 
but ! hsul ^Tcj^dy made it my nde^ in this Und (if li», ui lidtf' 
C'»'ci)-onc and believe no one — wtthoitt. ;it kiUTt> due Allon'arLCCs; 
for inslaAce, in this ca^e, for the prejudices of the Hungvbo. 
|ierh;ip* also of ihe Jew, Arriving at the Ferry, we <^led lu 
boatmuii on the Turkish lank. And u wc lowed up the side cfi 
rapid stream, and were presently carried down by it to the 
pbce, the sun get strongi-r, and the morting cleared- 

Actq*s rhe river one was in a new world. Dclighifxil it wulOJ 
lo be again, and thus suddenly, in the Und of Islam, «rti}i iu 
vellotis pictiiresqucness of arcbitectutc and of eoscumc, ila 
Orienul asfociation^, and its sublime and simple failh, to 
typified by its domed and mlnjieted TJitines. It was the ftmdV 
fiamfnar. The lost time I na-s in l^amich it had tUJen in 
And thus 1^-as recalled how long it was bincc I had, vith ihe 
Mr. Buclile, wfme^wd, at Cairo, i1*e eve of the Mimlim Ijrt, 
in rdum^^cj, tis ccid. 

introdticcd by my Hungarian fncnd, I wa$ rccctred, caHf i* 
still was, by the Kaimak-ini, Sullman Ue^*, tn a bsl] of the Kae^' 
Govem me nt- house. We had a lung iJiienucw. f itatcdras lisuilt' 
unailactied to any pai^ or any paper, though occasionally 
home eommunioitLons to various papers, I wis travelling vith 
of gettmg at as compTehen^ive trt^fh a& pouible abottt this FaiUii 
Quesiioa Widi a letter of inlroducCion to Sjili Ze<xki Pa«bi,d^ 

Wak Bas&uBaz&uis on (he Drifui Frontier. 36J 



tF^enl (10 coiDinuKi *l Bcllin,!, hi* Kxcclkncy j;avc ail the orders 
'^^tmnr to ftciliutc my joitmty thiihcr. And, accompatiiwl by a 
^'Adic:. who would be my vumiit ^Lgainat roving Baatu-IluouVs, I 
^i*on iftiilyfiUitodoamy Bosobn A<Ivc[i[urc, 

Fnt jiJoag the river, ard then wc f^iruck inland. Fertile and 
be«&]*^i<t the dFll-hmkriiu ;ind nut, as on th^ otliemlflr uf the 
^hs. perfectly unbroken, pUin ; charming were llic hues and oul- 
bttC^thc Diaaiic Alps to the si^uth; And £o thinEy did il appear 10 
inhibited, nnd so luKLiHant ift it« vrgcifttion^ ttvtt the whnTe 
itiy had a wildncKs of a,sj>ec-t ivhiirh, wli^tci'cr iL n;i^ht hi: ttj the 
W13 delightful to the eye I should hive been obliged to f)uC 
11 34 ngorouAly u the metcsi Mu&Buhnan, had i^ot my Hur- 
fricTut thonghtfufly prf*entpd mc, on panJug, with 11 water- 
utd lojf of bread, kvljich my kiTidly cm nit sqiiilemt^iitcd by u 
twt willini-ly ptrmittcd, haul of pinms and prtincs frt>m .in 
wt posted on Iht w:»y. Very few ^vere the pcasiinis av met. 
iH werr annrd- Dr«ci>nfiing imn 6nr rjf (he many dells, there 
o"rci the Crppositc hrow, and pouring down the slope, one or two 
of Bwhi Biioutc irfuntry, They hailed in the bottom, as 
■1*0 in the midft of them, I made the niosi of mylinle 
and lc*s Tiiikish; Wvall lit the cigarcUe of pcacci and I %up* 
the lobacco-box of one or Cwa of ihcm from ft packet I had 
at the fcingle villa^t we had jwswd IhrouKh' Sot>ii, how- 
ttw, fmolnng mini camp in vleiv^ and the minaret* <if Bellina. Bui, 
■»»tpucd> the off hind leg ofonc of our horses went dirouehjt bole 
*ltt« voodcn bridge we were crowing. It was with rvontc difficulty, 
M tiK a little laughter, thai we goi him pulled up ut iiiit by ihi- Vx\\, 
Anri^cd at nclliiia^ 1 flighted al the house of Dr Kohui, another 
Hmpriin Jew, to vhom I had an inirodiiciion, and the ^ihicfof the 
*dKWy ho4.f]ital« and medical stafl here. It Bvas now sunset, so wc 
*tnl off at once to prwent my letter to the gL'neral, riissing tlirough 
vKiawTE. bathed fn the splendour of sunset* and tinging AiLh the 
^fctts of the Mitexfin en the minorcrs calling lo pTayeri, wc came 
*>thep|<;B of thtf oW palaue, row the hcad-ciuariers of the Army 
•fliic Drimk- Beyond il la/ ihe white tents of the camp. It wai in 
*»ld"lhc sftmllcr buildings, in ihc wide cnclo^^urc in Irani of the 
l<llU«vthcU we found the general. Seated on the divaii with him 
*»^b ehkf Ferik. or Gem^rjil of Division, Vdi Pasha, I prciefUcd 
^bii Eid^cllcncy my leilcr ffoui Suliinan Bey, and hr a^k<?d wlitlhtr 
'tut not a rcblive of Sir ttciiry Elliot* and the Erjiliihman about 
•ftom he had had a letter from our ambassador at Con slam if jo pie- 
Sbmewlut iurprised at the question^ 1 replied that t hid not that 



The G^ntkntan^s Magazine. 

honour, and wit «d11 more Kuriintcd at never h^nring anything 
of ihU expected iravcU«r, though I rcnuincd scvciaI ^js mX Sdllr 
H^ppcntngi howcvcti Co mention the cucumstancc u> our mnid 
ScTAJcvo, he fflid ihai such a preieiu:^ lo know all about oik 
with ihc TiiikA, Allot tinirsu^ potircac^f. Over cofTbe aodciguttt 
the chihouqac, with it« iliamcnd- ringed Anibcr ivioiitlipitcc, u 
olmoficquitod IhiDg of ihe past— arraugemeoi* Ti-ere midc ftr 
(iCKt day. After n mo^i agfeea.btc inimiew — for &ili Zeccbl 
I found one of those men witli whom one is ai once on 
tcnn;(— wc took our kavcn Accepting his kind inriution to 
with him durmg my sojourn ;it Bcllina, 1 retumi? d bontc ^ib 
ho&pilablc? HL-brL'w Hrkim-Ba^hi. 

On the monow we had n gttsX field-day. After coflcr 
cigarettes with the po^ha, and in the tent of a Kencral cfHcer 
broad main street of ilie canvai-dty, T set out with a gilhm 
cade of \yt:yi and ctTcndis, and ihclr following of hor«etiien, foj 
ride over the posilion* abandoned the other dny, aftet l^ul % 
lioiETv' lighting, b}^ tlie Servtant. llie wide green plain, walleil uii 
by LuanyOiuc'd momnain*. pia me in mind of the plain of 
GoitLi; ^l \\\< gallup. suuiL wc i^ue tu the tint rcduubir wblih 
cnter^di :uid liad our third or foi^rth coflee and ctpLrcltc» ib thei 
of the commandmL Thence we rode ;itong the itntrcndii 
down to a lirant h of \\\c river which tweept round a lai^ itland, 
i\ utiled tiie Lillte Diiiia. Riding vn, tvc c^mie to the Dniu 
here, in at;allos>'d and 3<xndy i4les, «profL[lin^ out almost into a bk' 
On the opposite bank rode patrols of the Servian army. BaE it 
ncn]]c»is iLcrc lo nnce tlie t^ariuux featurt^i of a potJtian ^cfcnkd' 
some fifl>' rcdovibis, c\tc"dtii£; nur»y miles along the Drinft 
which, with all cur ^^Loppa^cn, it look uk more than five hours to 
over- "IViih loo sm.-ill an army to ormpy all ;hey had won. 
Turks were now levcili»g many oi nioM of the rcdoubti, Aod 
those Ihcy cired to keep th<;y were nuking die entrance* facctoi 
Hcllina, irj£tead of, as with the ServianJi towards the Drina. Ci 
ii was to observe th{f various rdics of the Seman camp — the 
hut), the vacant tcnt-elicles, the empty fireplaces, the picked 
and hulfcutcn louvcs of bread, iiut more <:urioue still it vas 
lemork The good lentis nn which ihc ontpcwti of the two snrnt* 
seenied now lo bt" living. At one plucc two Servians who ofl"^ 
down on the opposite bank to draw water were, as 1 laid to ^* 
r in command ihtre, within pistol shot of Ufi, a* we al«. ^ 
e, were of them, But there seemed to be no fear on ciita 
ch a rrcachery. 

IViiA Baski-Bazoti^ on the Drum Froniirr. 365 

the evcmng I waUkccI niih the doctor through that part of ihe 
,boul 4 fotirth of ii— which had been Inimcd ant} ntrcd to the 
in th« firrrc fight pf ihc ;4th of June. The Servians, then 
np«i vlierc the 'rurk» t^o^ wac. advanced on the mornbg of 
isaj OQ tbe town; but, after a few hours' occupation of it, were 
oiir w'tih gTc»t nhughtcr. though they were tliouioinlN ;tK;i3tiit 
One comer piece of groucd, now all birewn with the 
that wA» all that rcnuincd of a block of houses, wos par- 
y |>omicd otit 10 me; for here the doccor h-td seen the slain 
and piled en one anolhc'i ;iud where r.hcy fcU tlic> h;ii[ hecii 
mlonf trcnchcv h was ailcr this rqAiUt: that 1 he Servians 
aitiicncl>ed theinaehe* in the ^^reai system or redoubts v^ had 
dif vi»i«1. Morr than two monihE ihe Turks give ih em for 
work* and then, la^t neck, they ^tUcked and diovc thi:ni oiU of 
feTtrc»> aj easily a» out of Ihe (own. Bui during these tcii 
there had bwrt lex-er;!] batiles in ihc neighbourhood of 
at Kaisrhn, at Rmda?, .it f^corgovitch, Rcrumirg ftom 
L^lSt the troops gencfaliy niatehed in, .iccording lo the 
accotmt, wuh the heads of their cneu^ic^i on the poinin of 
bayODCU^ The ISa^hi^BAiouk^ nSso lud hocn called in to rein- 
the small nuckber of Regulars, and lia<l hiihcrkf berti k-fl very 
to F«y ihcTOscNcs by pillage. Hence, an almost ftbjer.t terror 
,| tb« Chriitj;in popubtjon of 6«IUna, 
Ai there va<i no ipedat correi^pondcnt in IS[j>«niii. I thought 1 had 
wterial fur «1ut mi^hl Lc aw tJiLeicfiin}; dc^iJatLJi lu the Tima. 
cdkdlg&in on the pixi^hnncxt morning to nsk pemiJAiiion to go and 
ffom Austrian Kaintha to the agen! of the Im^s rtt Vienna. 
pttnutaion wa<t urillingly grantf^d, the doiior U'-j^ requetCcd to 
me, an escort of troopers ww ordered, and hoi^cs offered 

Accept ft wandering d«Tvi«h from the for Ea&tj a lirebrand of 
ion, not a %oi]l did wc meet on tlic road lo R;ilM:hHi Inic rhe 
j-EbjTGuks, who made out escort of Rc^uIaiA necessary. Wiihout 
escon, not only I, but the doctor himself— hntl he not had on 
wifonn — would have been certainly condemned by ihMc irrf^lar 
n (n in^Linl death :l% Sciviati »|iici. As we piimed, ihe 
I pointed out to mc the ^\iO\ where, but the other day, be lud 
1 Uu^i-Ua^ouk t^rc on a Christian who wai; coming Acro&e a 
la the riTuI- Thi- *hnf minscd, iTUt die irrrifieil C.lmslinn, rhfiii^h 
cd, ituirad of rttummt' the fjre, ran up to his cneniy. aiid be^vd 
Uon hisknt^es. Scarcely fkiftnin;; 10 listen to him, the B.-iiihi- 
look him by the ihtoat, a/jd stabbed hitn 10 Uie Vitatt. 


7h^ G^nttrms^s Afagasins. 


doctor, ninninK up, rcJttonMr»l«d. "But, oo *** cncd tlic 
Biiouk. '" We ind such a« he jue Uio caatf« of M ihc moa 
mifrCT)- of the f^aunlry. Aud when I have got him in my powo; 
abUl [ itparc hia life? No, by Allah !** Ii W4)i a ro«i^ loct, 
rcAAojiins; butjrcnccorcd to undcnu&d both txdts, suAidett 
show how evcii a BasHBcuoulE mijtht justi^ him«etf. llieir 
aire itiil, huwtfvcr, boiU lo feailiti tticir ncsls in ihu vOfM, 
oa^tirc thcmadvca of Paradise in the next, wa* being sUtnlj 
prcstcd, thfi doctor udd^ by Sxli Paf.hji. The very d«y I 
fifty <iver-/ealoLH ISaHhi-BjKouks )iad Ij«i» invited lo ihc p*Uct, 
npcctmc to be rewarded, very liicmlly vrcic they lakca aluck 
stiTTOundcd by a cordon of loldicir*, they were disarmed, boiiii4i 
thrown down for a busCinadolcg, which wa& odnainiu^rcd witih 
Kcverity idler tut a. biicf adiiioiiluoii. " Diatin^oiUi, mymeti, 
Bosni^Lna and ScrviAnv 1'hc Hosnians, tliougli Chrbtiaiu, sit 
our feEtow mbjccLi. Indiscriminate plunder And incendtUnsen 
Ijl' pcrmit[Ml ;ig:iinM thtin a< iijjjmst our <^riemie%, the Scrviast' 

'J'lic mad Uy ^1 t!ic way through orchards and Lom-firldv <\\ 
ing widi ]iJrdly :i break over the i^rcal plain. But the %-ilhsic» 
in emouUcriiig riiins, tlie cottages roofless or shut up, and dure 
no one to g:»ther thr lij.rv!^sts. Fur a tonsiderable distance U 
part of thf^ ro;Ld the ditches at ita ;»ide were full of bono aitd 
of horse» ^nd ol men. It was ihe battle field of Btodas ; ai>d 
afi we foi-Tnd on cur return joumeyj one harvest, at lea^t, was 
But it WAS ui ni^hi» and by the dogs. 

Arrived at Ratfichst wc found hardly a lra.ce of the former *£hp 
here at the confluence of the Drina and the Save. But it was by Uf 
Servians, as I was told, that it had been destroyed, in ereetia; ti* 
redoubt now oi:cupied by the Turk& In tlib ledoubr we had lo 
forsome time, pleasamly entertained, however,bythc officer wb». 
taken it, and was now its commandant At length we got iImb 
hiar at tlie Austrijin Katscha on the oppuaiie b;inkof the ^\'i< 
had all been at their mid-day dinner— and the fcrry-boal came 
for us. On retummg «oon -ifter sunset^ nic«t eiquiaitely 
was ihe scene I looked upon. Abuve, the inoom was riling tad' 
)i[ar» shining forth- Under the northern raaiput rLislirtl the 
and rapid tiver Within ilie redoubt one or two of the old 
trees were stiU standing, as^ in happier diiyt. And grouped here 
there, in tlie niddy glow of ibeir fitt^ the Turkish «oIdwn 
cookbg the food witli which they were to break the loa^ da/t Dot 

Another, andlastj vmilpaiA^t^a^^a TtA^xv:(cniB^io report 

Wi/i Bas/U'Baj^uis 07$ ihe Drina Frontier. ^^67 

bj jotimq' ?o KdUchji, find get pcimLsstDn 10 (;o to Zwmikp Tbia 
m 11 dric<; j^iwn, along with orders for the necc^fury cscori, ;Lnd a 
|kn?T of recocnmE^n(1:il.ioii to the govrrnor. Then, over the coffee 
ad dprcltCB, J could 1101 refrain fiom hiDttng my buq^ribc thjit the 
^bU, )«t cfti^, victory of bui »cck had not been nt once followed 
^^fc Driiu cTotsed, and a pu^h mtde for Sr.hab.iu and Bclgr^d^. 
Ecilomti-icplinl lliat «xlling!y wtiuM be ^laxr adv,i.]iLtil if he h^d 
<4rlad pcrmiAiiorL 

Pltscnily, excutin^ hjm^df for speaking French «o i\\ lie Aaid, 
'ftn t rc*d it very wd[, " and h.injed in*? n handsome vohimc 
'lich t Jiad nolit-td lyin^ (/n il\c tabic above several ^l^eoi'^ of mnnu- 
tapt li *%tt *x\ illustrated edition of the " MiUc ct tine Nuits" 
od tk« MS. waK in mterlinear imn^aEion into Turkish, both Ian- 
n^ vfiltcn in a very tlcai lujid- I was much Mninlc by finding 
Icbure of hb EiccHcncy ihiia employed. For this whole war ha» 
omcd on by Ihc Turks in Arabijn Nighu' slylc— galkml 
and — in coca mprncr-rs than which hardly anything more com^ 
Ivtalitc could be desired, or n^orc picturesque imagined — plc^^tU 
El^g ; bu! nolkiTij; <>r the combined and calculated plan and i:^]>id 
ftnnion ntizch war now nuran* in Western Europe. " Allah kerim I" 
Cod ii grca: ! " Aud Id, ai least, tccUeas wanl of fottsighi and 
ce 10 what might hippcn, pishAs even jis well as lower men, 
10 bcUhethektiTghtsof mcdiii:vul romance, who were*" ready 
what ad\*ii!ure (Jod mijiht send them," mihout much 
thcraaGlvo actively 10 shape their adventures for them. 

The road from BeUina to Zvomik, along a froniier which should 
no frontier, was fjr half the way tdll over ;i great plain, rich and 
Wc pawed ihjough but t^vo villagci, ihc (irst before coiciiig 
on the Drina ; die second, after .1 lum through the forest of 
in order to avoid the Servian riflemen, where the high-road 
BOO c:tou Id the river. Bngtilly It gleamed, tlie broud, swift 
tmdcmining the soft alluvijil edge of the Bosnian plain, and 
by the ^(jfvmn hilUt *vuh their tillages on high eunny 
But loivardsiujnjiei we were aTnongniovnIains entire BoRiihn 
tUa As the skyey nplcndour!» died away wc entered tlic grand 
of Zvomib. jVfter a <iuickly pLissing twilight wc found the 
lyii^ oa the Kkin of a camp by the river, uith sentries at every 
yard* Prrtcntly wc crossed a bridge, and entered tlie narrow 
^cct of a village dinging to the mountain side. The ehops 
krt in darkncii, but the roomj above were UfilUed up, and the iflhar 
;iag f^ly eiicn, Fcr the su2]£ei>gun had thundec&d liom 1^ 


The G^niUmans Afa^nsim, 

ioitros on ibc hcEghts, itc day'i tet \f^A over. aik<c) ibc ^alkf^j 
iv«ry minrLret had ItG numy-rovxcl dl^cm of the Junp^^ K^ 

AflcT some sMxch, tbe house of the commnndaTit, Akif Bej", 
found by the diief of my cicorL During IiIa absence, 1 scraitdiiil 
ftn ob;ect of cdnsid^rabic cvriosity to ih« occupanu of the ui 
on either side of the HArrGW ttroet in which I waited. «t the 
ofai alill TuiTTower lane, Prtseatly hiiL ExrHlency a^^ired, . 
led mc Eo hb houK. and up to the divan in on ui>|'Cf cliambcr* 
delivered my letter of iiiirodLiction from bati FjuJwi, and ihm 
^L inudi uluming but little tpeech, for Akif Bejr Kpokc as litCe Fi 
at I Tuiki^h. I ^vc htui, however, to uoJcr^tCand, xhsix \ hil 
letter alao for the Hekim Hswhl, or Head doctor here, llim 
fore the <:omnviii<lftnt immediately scM for. CoOee ai>d 
Tclievcd all aakn^rdnr^s in the m<Mn time An^t before Iriaf 
handsome young Jewish physicUn presented hitn.%df, whom 1 k 
to be the doctor to whom his co-reiigioniu at Belliiu had t'lvcn roii 
letltrr. He «|iiaiied down in tlie middle, on \hc other cidr of 
candle tW diin^y illuminated the furtherendaof the room, ami ii 
prcted eloqucr^tly the ^lew* of his Kxcdlency on the Easlerr Qu( 
A l>cy belonging to oiie of the contingents from Asia pi« 
joined iLs» and ruUtJ up his Ic^s In a conici of tlic diran, 
attentively as he smoked, but uying litik. In the midsi of 
cu&sioiv honevct, it was not forgottea ih^l I mtist be htingiT, 
with m^ny excises for the poor fare of their highland eiUDpi 
was ordered in for ont On a tray set on a low ntool. in the 
Titrki^h fashion, I was served^ lirst with meat, then with on £3 
vegetable xncss, then with ihe unfniling plUaf, and then wichu 
nirbn and apples. 

Having Snishvd stippcr, \\id WhiIci poured oxr tny finscn, 
another ^;r^^n of <:otfec, uid smoked one more ciji^irctte* «< 
together, accompanied by ser^'ants wilh lanterns, to visit the gc" 
H-i^fian Bey, at llic lIufc^mAi. lUvin^ entered a largr n>OB' 
upper floor, and exdiuiged solutationa with hi> ExccBcmTi 
European roie from the divan, and shoolc hands wiili tne as a *i 
patriot i forstich.'siid hi.\"we miist\>e amung ihev; Asiittcs, 
the spti-lid nalionality of cadi of us." It was the consul o/ 
who had just BTTived from Uosna Scrat, oi^ a short excarnoa 
the frontier, Be*iide? l)ie governor and ihtf rrenr-h coRRil, ** 
ac&ted alKOoi* the divjii x vcneiAblcluoVlng, wlute-benrded <iU 
in black fnict'COflt ar«i iron^cr^, and polished boot^ond nranafi 
the ict of ihc i'uTlc. To him 1 was introduecd a^^what thjoi 
^^ feeder, ffon^ ^^^^ destri^Mion of him?— the Pasha of the 


f-S BasM'Ba:&uis &n ih^ Drim Frontier, 369 

Coice tj^ain, uid dfarcitcf, jod mudi ulk. It wu 

tt as the consul rotut poih oo n«xt day 10 JkliiDa^ 

Btvt rarly in the moming :o make the rouiwl of ihc 

ibc hitU. Al length I took my Icivc. TJ^c coin- 

kiiullr oflcrcd mc the liot>pitalit/ of hiv own house 

Vnttx >uy I migl)t make iA ^vomik. But from oitr 

cofntnimiiatc lUn-ctly wiih rjifli oilirr I ha{3 ihougliT ih* 

of Ihis oflcr might be rather jnconvcmcnt for both |>^itjc^, 

eiTod the ftinular oHer nude Uy Ihe Juwisb Hekim Ua^i, 

French pcrTcccfy. To hw hou«c, iherefore, Though at 

cT end of Lhc town, the cominambnt (politely accom- 

lVh*ti iihonn my ruom, 1 founU all my bagfiitfi': already 

amngcd lor mc. Wc wcfc already in the sniall hours of 

Foe i<i Riuna/nn tljc imui night is turned into day. 

ehinitft khair olih 1 " "May the niglit be agreeable to 

*ud at hut. And atCcr :in .tLmo^( double day— for 1 hod 

od of the hotpitaln .tt Ottlinn soon vX\^x tunrise, and 

Soli I^L^lu before ACttiny out oa my joumey — sdccp fell 

kid myself out on ihe dii-an. 

n been more inicre^ting and picturesque tijan 

morairg 10 ihe redoubts, U]>h. sieep moimtaiTi-fifde 

path lliroitsb the forest, our horses, needing neiihrr wliiji 

t T;jlha the curb, oa Ihey frciltd and fijmc;d impatiently 

nc«G of the ^lAcerttr npidly cbmb. Here ^wt there one 

Ic Alpii^e fields, where Uosn!it[i cAtile weit rcre<1in^; hen? 

liec-Eitrcwn clcAfings, where Servian battcitcs had Uiely 

At ever)' turn of the road.nndbrirah in the wood, deeper 

V Uy below us the Dritia in \\& hrind dark curve -, fiiithoi" 

|cf down, winding along die op]>oiiie shcrr^ or creeping up 

Be ravines, Ihc hill-village of Zvomik, wiih the domes and 

If \\% faith ; and yet, still above us.crownetl by indent stone 

lid rr(Mlcrn earthwork redoubt, weiT the peaks into u-hJrJi 

be mountains rose. Al lose we i;aincd a ridge high almo&i 

Ittd diatnounrcd at the ^rst of a long ch.iin of redoubt^ 

y hundred* of Biishi-Bniouk<. liin bcie iilwi, ji ni HellJna, 

lud not pushed their advinuge. TKcy remained siritily on 

■ve,3fid on Iheir own icrritoryH For the Servians not having 

daici to IJttle j^vomik, the village on thin liidr, eonctded 

Br Drina w^x iiul here Iht TronLier. And \\\^ inicTcm of 

Kt was, tluit an opposite rid^e. separated from that on 

now were but by a narrow ravine, ;i]£o crowned by 

wt redoubts now held by the Servians^ wbo, a^ -wit covM 



TAa G€niUmatfs Magaains, 


[vTfeci}|' vdl dbtinpiiah lhcti> afldirul the skjr-linc, must 
vdl xoi n^ittd tB^tbt luTcpolttd ud all with thc-lr hUc* 
bf o«r hovfidt ve walked IciMrdjr ^long the nd^« from 
ndoBfai. Not the sli^htvst for, however, did thcr« s«i& to 

3K& «& O UJlHUK Ct A0«|^ ^IDOSt tVCTy ODC Of thc 

Zi«*^k drriaci of Ibe TvUsfi Amjr of the Drita misht 
tkeeSt ilMi^ viib oVidvot, vm\ to ilie othrr world. Bui ' 
n» fed A^"i*^> «*^ secure, father because of the 
«r tfae ff UMi o ak/ «f their fon. And, doubtkes* had 
ic, 4r viMlnbi* faft ana bjr whom the redoubts were 
IttiT rtonaodMip acTOA Ibe ravine to tbc ridge ofipoail^ 
fay «faA«^lsllial«oold have bccfi uttcri^ rcabckaa* 

0«B«A«mMbil of these redocbtt we entered utd imp«ctM,i 
M tM «a tlvtr of dMiB had ooOce and cipu cttci- X^ ar« Idl 
ika p wnaatt vaadc ^ dear twnanttfln air Tcaoood with a thrcv 
IbcAeftJiihih- So&raianiaoprofeaaon:ilv>Y' 
I to do fto Ictt credit toihednigmi 
(Akif Be?-, d>caMiaiaDdjteit)»bj wbota thcj had bttn 
^ihr ■nhMMih^icrfdtcmcabywtotitheyhadbecn 

^ . Aelowofic covetad^tbe apficroptfn. Bat^_ 
Vide comnxiEd far awBliefij onlf, mx cojiDim, ami 
m r^iaih iw tifcai wia-tPaaiiofcify,Hiofc propcit/KiBcdi 
Aoa|h t h e | w e i t bm of <afti^ lop, and bnind>ci< 
the amoaftacnu for cooluai;. 1^' 
Ma «r «tte of dteae itdovto a&d half a dotcfi of his nei 
^ataftMva^ OTilke octasloa «f the Serran attadc on ZvovnDEt 
ite %« t» o«n dtt Iktea in the bee of dw cficin>'. 
lvM4*l«4lMnobliflf*ie«i|«ua*thoipitaKly, these ha}fd9tfal 
•wmt oiftri af^ cnMfrifaBcaied, and piVimaeO medaU. Thif' 
ttMiMf' ivaalBVrloelaf taltaM- The cne I mure viridljr 
•mux iliM atti 4>dt-ac^ «Ui a soit oT (axik--do^ toofc. M 
onArtwfeMwaMaaeaaa^to b^hk bioa duricti^E lifcca 
vUhtViaMi vr«a«aiv4Giflib4 blM to everything but hal 

Hm^vai^rlavdtWfOTidaf dttttao«ibti.«c dcKmM^ 
bins «a4iaa«C9«oaMtda4ade to the mv again. At ihc Ian 
ifca row) aa a a e^imJ ar«ae «tf om- <ycL On the tandiv 
%$t |at<%i«c«« «4adh ftm ifat tasc of the nxxmuin, and 
1h» vw^ «f tW Refihw M iAm o^cr *Mk, aonx 
fcapttH w>m tettv ap ia a In^ oval open at the end 
A|lh«ftqaW«ARMKrat*ft%ac«o«l a giualod old 

Btuhi-Basifuii on ilu Drina Frontier. 371 . 

approached, ibc commandAni br<?ujcht fonwd ^nd pic- 

suuubrd btaret id ^nc ot tht; bte battl», he hod beca 

(indcd in Ihc ^honldcr. The wound his chief urcovcred 

uv, fiintlijLrljr pulling die old inaji's Itcaid. NolnriiJi- 

iTOundT he hod held hcroicAllf on tci the dbiTidard, and 
t^iatcnbcd on th« green alripe between th^twu red on^shAd 
All riiJdlrH AG thpflag waswirh balls — "M,iy AH.nh prc- 
\ " The French consxil ind I now begin to guess Ihc 

lon^ delay before «urcing b the momini;. It must have 
ilg^^niiixticncrthissreric. The eondusion of il confirmed our 
t Ot»c<rflhe officer* of ihc Bashi-Bazouks — an aiistocratic- 
<gr, wilh lontfl^Lce and thick gicy rnoustache, and dres&cd 
BCfa the pa&ha to whom we hid been intioduced bst night, 
boiv rjimc up 10 tis— 'WL-Tit info the middle of ihc 01/al, Jind^ 
pcf bu!de him beating a i^loo, led four tlnic^agrcJt nnging 
!Padib)iatiim Cchokyashar!' — "Our Padishah, much may he 
llhen^afii'ih time, a mfruQuin- echoed shout Jouder than all 
PAiUh. Aibh, Allihl "— -God, God, God 1" It needed no 
Ijrdi to inform us cf the intent cf all thi». " Sec, ye Franks 
kd tell to your respective nations what stuff there is yet ia 

■n the irtCT«l of an old niediral siudenl I madT: the icund 
AH were clean and well vcniilitcd. 1 was interested 
in one of them, adMxnuge had been taketi of the number 
liliei rcprticnied \\\ tJieTnikish army 10 make one ward 
hion of cthnoiugiul types. A^ft^iiL Obiiianlia, Tavtars, and 
n European Bofinmna« Albanians, and Creeks were dl thcrr; 
t by lide^ though of races %o diverue, brothers in mist^r^-I 
ted die cuHp and troo[ii*, A narrow jktbblc jinverncnt 
teii^ from ihc entrance lo the central j.folc, on whirh ilic 
were hung^ All round were their carpels or ruga. But 
fpffcad, not on The bare ground^ but on a thkk layer of 
1 lcive«« In ficirit ortJietciiUwj;«a sloping iJdvciiiciiL incci* 
[link ronncU for ritrrying off the rnin. Bath Iciu had )ta 
bi,uid the »oup« of meat and vegetables Eiimmenngcu the Bnfs 
smelt iavoniy. The mtn were then (.ourteaiTsly piiraded 
They looked fcUowi who could be depended on to follow 
ry mi£h( be led, yet had not the wildness of ihc Jfaahi- 
thc redoubts on the hills. All wore the fe/ ; ilie offioer*, 
blue fruck and lUirtdw irtju^ehi ; Oie men, the Kastem 
bltic jacket, waist -shawl » ^id ba^'isy breeches. OncYQ^Tv^ 
^s^m,cn\y }ust on dut^ again niter a ficvCTe^0Mtv4,\caf^ 
jia a 


ed with my vision 

■, 3 winter stove, and a projecliri^ |iartiiion of cifved wt 
which made n UiIIi-lIut^cl Wherever il might be itiost coS' 
placed by the d'ivan vni tKeii^i]ia.njtclct low, round i^blCkhdic 
than a iiool, on which now were our A'riting irutehalt, now 
wiih rh<r sarces'tivcr di^hrs of rmr niiM^s, ^ fa 7Viy«r. R< 
vfoils under tlie ceiling nui ut ^liclf* ^tJth a i:arvcd And poual 
where cvcrythJT^g wiis out of IiArm's waf, and yet within read 
is a Ttirkiih rocnn and its ftimiture. How coxny were Ihedfl 
of the Eij'ilcftT Qocslion held in tt, both widi my fHeod 
vwioua visitors 1 

But not of the Eastern Question only did we talk in t 
divan, nml tn our rambles on ihr? motmliiinH. Relrgiun w) 
frequent thciut of oitr tojiver^atian, and It vuh Li]tcit:aluig to 
again 10 noic bow csscntiAlly the same i« the creed of x 
number now of Chmtians, of Jewi, and of Mtislinw. How v 
a LkC'aring tlitt ha*^ on the Ea«fern QufSlion ii its wfder 
c.innot here |Joint oaX- 

Another subject of quetlioning on my part wu *oci«l 1 
and how in these pnrts iTLinifcsted iVteif the tjnivenal pa«k 
Still, under ^li.iicVEjr w;ir» niay rend iocJely, youn^ tucii jmd 
seek each other Under all social joys and sorrows .uc ihe 1 
intense pas&ions of love nought, love found, aad love loca. 
die aodal calm or storm wh^i it may. the universe i* iems^i 
embracing and cmbruc«d, or with love unsatisfied and &elf-c<i 

^%i& Bashi'Sazcuis &h ihe Drina Frontier. 373 

\fitc foffCfTouiv! ?wl3ii]g c^s^ milk, chi-c«r-, &r. Buying; anine 
I, Osman Cnlls in love ntih VovankA, ind »hc nilh him. 
id Christian though they arc. Fctc:o, licr faruUcaJ old 
lip, nnd ihcfi& » a row. Develop that as yoit like^ But 
ItOK lua Lltu, it ha;i bctn long cncnigli for our Ilcio ^ind 
love and vow 6dcliiy to each oihcr They nciually »aw 
we«kly at live bazaar for some time after thifL But aJl that 
to lie iinric^lOfKi in oTif pby, arnl its next srenc — 
a WOuM \k in the forest The insi^rrecticn AgAinst the 
brofccn oui- i*ctco hai put hiiriBc^f at \ht head cf a land 
and camo! abotii with him his rfaiighicr. Osmar^ ha* 
li*Buouk,'znd in fnniys ind skirmishes gets iviiaC clistnLr.tion 
the tfiOQE^t of hi» IovCh Catching ^i^ht of a hand of 
tt* be and his men pUcc thems«tves in Ambu»Ji. rrvectiUy 
■iiuurgrntis and ihc word is ^vcri 10 fire. Not recognUJng 
maji oimi ;it PcEco, ind Yovonka, all in rags now from lier 
pg) in tho forest » rushes between her father and her lovcr> 
it4 take to fligh% iho foHOH'en of Clsman go after them, 
rilont^ with Vovanka. Only (or u few Toiniites. Fot Peico, 
on his pursucis, retiims with th« course of despair, arid 
behinc] x tree at Oanian- Bv:l tlie quick-cared Vovanka 
hcT lover M *hn h.T.d snveri her father. There would be a 
PC, then, between fjilhct ^nd daughlci. But at lenglh the 
return with victorious shouts of 'Allah! Allah I' 
rifarows her»lf into the arms of 0«ran.n, aiid Petco^ cursing 
10 lltghr. 

3 woidd be b<ir,k in the bazaar a^^ain, or wherever d«e 
an cffcdiv^ Eastern wedding scene. Fetco actually got 
it~ ftit in OUT coriedieita we might give a happier turn 
The old ctistoni of running olT with brides is still not un- 
lin Bosnia. Women like to be run oifwithf and the fathers 
to make the best of it, 
Liisitig ii a licilej that w.ts the lovf"-siory Osman the 
lit told me ai wc Tode through the Kovatch Ballun on 
ivtna frontier I once wrote a little play in our ^pn^nish 
r And 1 shall he debghied if you can touch up and mate 
[Of my Oiman arid Yifvankti." 

Governor now. previously to taking his departure, renimcd 
ptitnenury speeches. He r^retted thst I could not prolong 
LI 7-vnmit , but .is 1 must go. he h;td done ever^-lhinE in hi^ 
lacilitjic my journey across the mounuin^, A mounted 
lil-Barouka would accoin^^^any me— men ni)eci*lly ^jiekcd 



The Gmikman's Magasine. 

out by the ptifiha. Lrttew had been wriiteri to all the Duihoriii** 
the my. " if tlicy wcrv not Vind lo Cnglisbinen» whow muuM 
be kind to?" &c, 

VcTjr ane young fello^'i I found the escort of Bashilbuffikt, 

cUtiftringofwhosc hored inihtcounyardaii»x>ke mr new m 

Very miicU moTc like "Osnuns'* ihcy wcrft than atrodty-n 

Tiiat there ^TCt however, in the nnlu of thin Turkish Yeoouoif 

Cavalry— for such ar«. in frici, the Tin>uoie<! Ba^hi-Bazouki— bui m, 

ttmny pitittiis luiTian^ b not only sufncTcntly proved, buu niltiMl 

hrpotlicsis of the peculiar tiendiahccas either of Tiirkiith bkiod,CT 

Muslim breedings perfectly mielligibl<> to ao experimental vtttdeot 

this strange hitman oatuTC of ourt. LuM and crudiy arc aikiftl 

Matvclloub A& is ihc conjunction^ cne can have KC«n oi 

little if one docs rot understand, and, tio to uy, rcrUise, the 

of theie passions. Add hnired of a panly feared, partly d 

r&ce and rclL^uii ; f1ien, nf- i)0Cl, ;i» hiMonan, or a» ^tatrunan, 

realise tho outcome of thin. Revolting ^ it may be « 

ecfttasLy in the tuiiest hi.imiUatSon of the vomea of one'i fMt 

then, t think, be not only acknowledged as s fact, bui uiidentcod 

an effcct. Bui if iltc univer*a.liiy cf love — of muiuality of 

existence — be ihc moral gonl of civihsaiior, how short a ti^-u 

are we on the road T 

Wc were riiherloicin hUriing, for k bad been raining bcmtr, 
But ihc miste were now rolling up from the Tnojcniticcni m 
gorge of Zvomik. As we rode up out of the hitlc hill-citf^ 1 I 
back on ilie nmch-con tested T,Ulle Zvomik on tlw other^ or S<rfUft 
bjuik, of the liver, under tlic vcdoubia oii the Iiills h'C iLtdrLddciiovff 
the other day. Tlien, ever through a'* Balkan," aboundleu iroed 
vuiou« forest trees we rode; now nlong an upland phtcau, ortidft; 
now descending^ and hy so sitvp a path m to rwiiiire i^l to frj 
mount ; now slcirtJng a, w^ldc plain \ now crossing an cJcm-likc 
in aa amphitheatre of peaked, forest-covered, and rock-faced 
tains; now fording the little stream of ft narrow ravine; now aw™- 
ing again, and ^atn olilj^ed to dismount ; now with open iic«it 
now wiih bight of but foresl-dcpihs on either side of a bridk^inlK 

So we rode on through a land of Romance, ror* ana}ys« 
we mean by lh;U ttrm, T*rrcl we shail, 1 think, find it to connote 
two things chiefly— my Jlciy and paaaion. The vast vv;^ ft 
cnvironi'ig every glfide and glen, every corric and j^trath — ihci^ 
the flU'[)ervading stillness, which the occasional voices of dnl 
and laughter of inatdens nude only mure fdl, gave ihc elcine^ 
3^>sterV' ^'^^ rccoUccuons of the history of the country— '»ii 


i-ffasouks OK ike Drina Fn^niier. 375 

yc ByKxntioc Empcron, the Hunf^ariui Kings, and tJic 
tuns ; itb wars ol cEie Cros^ agninbt thu Cr^sc^nt. md ut 

by ihc Crow which cirnvrncd lo the Cnrarcni ; .ind 
: outimnu slilL of fanatical lutrcd which innkc prc- 
5 ntbcr mediioa) tbaji taodcin timcs^chcsc nW ^avc 
juion« or pusion connoted by romnncf^. In iho BoEnian 
ikcdir%Ml dnicsarern:.-in»Lwithhar[|]y Iri^K vividness ihftn 
Cimei in iJw Arabiim dc^c^t^ at)d Syrian pUin^. 
Mt ixi lund fiery on the mounuirs. Blii thv lilLimmated 
he village whcTc wc were to pa*^ the nighc \vaB still but 
^ in the far dihlAncc. We dlsmounltd nt 1 IiiiIl' slianly 
At ordered cofTee, spread our rugs on the KTb-'M, And Jit 
»p HdrdLy. howevtT, iiad the coflTco been icrvcd when 
l^and there was rismlden. ruiliing, ilorni'Sign-iiring *(jund 
. Qiuckly we lo&c, Jind Jtad suii^ccly iiiouittcd when the 
ifi-sionn was on itt Kiidle^A accmcd the joiimcy through 
a cf Bertchu appvaiing to get e^'er further off in?(tcad of 
[kCough it all, toiled on foot the ini^ralile Chri?(iian 
S of them bmc. i icgrcttcd thai, standing ju tJicy were 
^ I hid omitted lo !icc them served with coffee at the 
Ibe rtit of us. Ovi X previoui stoppage, I had ordered 
en u well jjfc for myself and my Mufthni esc:on; but they 

(Ot it when wc were about to remount, and 1 had to sec 
I the matter myiiclf. An<l as the Zaptieh^ mounted like 

lhe*e pour, fooisoce wretches, iind with j. temper by no 
>vcd by the iasV^ii K^n,iiaxi, urgi^d them on with frequent 
cic oncncir etiU amid the race* ur)d creed-haircda of whnt, 
wo arc now accustomed to think oi iu a bygotic nge. 
he mountain- village was rvjchcd, ;imi we chtterrd up it* 
pa\<d atfCCia. Al llic Toot of an outer wooden staixmsc, 
ic oppcr part of .1 Urge houne, wc dittmountcd^ 3ut wo 
lief ftpanment. or divan, crowded with Muilirait at their 
fer^. So i hiJ to wait in a small adjoiinng tooia. It 
;, howcvefj before J was condttcted into the divfln which 
IUI tervirig ai a chapel For the Muslims are as free 
I ikbout rtmstcrjied buildings ai Tresbylerians. Afier 

»i|B ami agarcctc ccrcmonjd here — at what I found 
of the Covcmor— I was^ conducted to smother build- 
tiU dinner, or lather *upper, was got ready, the Governor 
iHlaiit |juhltly Nit with cnc- As no one: w:ls ^tcqu^inted 
ropum hn^ua^'e, I nmde my fir^t LLttemt^ti with the aid of 
KAbulary, to converse in Ttirkiih. liolh offo:«il& v^^t 



Tlu Ceniiewav^s Magasine^ 

Amactuts. and mbat plceuart fdlows. U »-i» j^xn ago ihu t 
my fiKi ar*niaiflTanrf with (hi* fine mce in the |)eTW« ftf 
Govcrrujr of Wodi-H^ch, ai ihc Second CHLHMct of tkc Nilf, 
1 hod hod the pleasure of curing him of ophthnlmia- With 
iellow- court try men of his I goE c\\ ainotiagly. Notonlj-theit' 
and mitif, but du' * liamctcrs of" rcriain p^whas, ard ihc 
WOT or pciH:c, vere the logics of oitrconvcruiion. ft is tinguhi 
very few words Jl is iiecesBiry to linow, and ho wi-ery nmpl* 4 
giiage may be, lo make oriMclf sHflicicnfly inwHigiblc whm iboe' 
itioiough good-will on both &Jdc?i. With SDch an opetifTKv 
fcflecia with rcncwcU interest on the complcicnefl cf dtfccsnoa 
Ihos? wonderfiil devclopmeots — the UmguAgta of Civiliution. 

These friendly AmAOUt^ — the Knimalcflrn, Shalcir Fflrndr, 
Commjmdant, Shaban Effendi — acGompa:iied tec, QCxt 
«Ofne way on the rood. A parting finff/tft of coEt«e we tipped 
li>it by iht^ ways Lie ; Ihtn, with a present of a cigaretCc-hcJdei 
the, and nmlual compliments, wc bid each othei 
J'rescnUy 1 looted hack and saw, as it were, ^reat lakes in tut 
t.inec below me^ It wa£ the tipper surface of the mis<i m the. 
Ascending slill, the srcnety pm me more iuid tuotr id 
of that of I^banori- Perhaps, however, a justci compinsoci 
wiili thai of the Bhie MountaioE of Jamaic:!. For th«tc u but 
here, in these Bosnbn hightandft, of (hat supreme historic 
^vliicli niake^ Lebanon sland alone aniid all the highlands fif 
world. From no other mountain-iieaks ofourpkuet canose 
in a single view euch historic sites as Tyre and SidoD on the 
thai gleamiog Interior Sea, the first cradle of commercie; the 
Ihe ^c\ of Galilee, rralcr of a volcanic eruption of cnihtuiua 
\XiOsi remarkable in the history of religion ; and tho«c hills of 
beyond which is the deserr traversed by \\\t caravaiu of 
antlof Babylon- Nothing i:oni|>arable to that is there lo ihi<l 
Balkan of the Dinaric Alps. Yet this much may be said Ibr it 
in some of Its outward ospeetSr il recalled, at Idsl, the j;lcvy 

Id aboot two bouT?i, however, we entered what was no 
properly speaking, a '* Balkan " — for this sirictly meani a 
various kinds of trees. Such a forest we had first entered on 
banks of the Drina, on ihe other side of Zvomit But now 
dcnly we entered a pine forest, through which we rode oil tfab 4fl 
and the nc^xt^ till we came down on the magnitiocnt gorge thai kiA 
to Serajevo from the north-east At firtt thiif pine forest rtcalkd 
GeniUEl ScIiw[Lr;^wa\d. But™ ibe afVernoon the scenery became 

IVM SaM-Bazouis on ihc Drtua Frontier. 377 

likcOuitorthcScottisli Highbndt^ We d?«cem!ed into a long 
inA a linfc airum— ^another (jIcji Till, only wuh more nvod. 
we smldcnly cmcrsod into a Utile glov mhabitcd by Chris- ^ 
tnu, icKl precisely iik< a Sccttiah ci^e : a ha.m1et,or tiashan^ on the 
ad> (if iho hin near ihc month of ihtr fu^t whc^re caiilc art: gracing — 
On puturc, niEh nond cropping iIiK>ugh : the Wmt fiiihcicd 
Mibeficldfl in little stocks, differing o&ly from the !>ci>Uuih ricks in 
log in the form of x oxias— -to dry 11, 1 supiwsc, more r|iiit'kly ; 
far turd ; copse on tht low cirding hllk ; Jintl, in :hc dlsT^incc, a 
■cupum of ptcciicly tlic fonn of liial whicft towers over ihc Forest 
tf Bine — Cloch no-Bcn. 

Having ucei]d«d tlirough the copse, wf rode doim, towards 

MBscL iiru> aoolbci glca □est 30 defined ^is the l^t, and morc< indeed, 

rffl rolling ublcbiid. Here they vctc Muslims ; but the khan, or 

nUe-injar wu kept by Chnitians. Imagine the seenc, A vajii, rni^ 

itfriM ftpare under iiumea^e rafter*. Along the sides. ^ number 

., DM scciii ^vc when :>ain(r one f>dS3ts slong IpvIUi :l luniht 

heaLfd munching their com» hinnyiitg^ neighing, and occnsionally 

out at X nwb, or atierajJtJng to liEte 3 female, neighbour. In 

cen1re;and opijosite \\\c great duiible door, is ii broad divmi 

ihtec ajdc5 of a bUdng (ire. On one adc of it* a sbcq? i>i 

rod«lcd whole ; on the other, eofiec '\^ being roasted, gpomd, 

boiled ; 3uwl the Rembmndlesque lights niid ^hatle* in which 

the pieturestiuely clothed, and gerierilly finely fcilitrecl, Mu»- 

on the divan, and Christians standing between ihc fire and the 

teor^irc quite cntruicing. Reflections flro§o on thai chH^raeierifttic 

idntyof mind, ih»l irtcgr^Yting of differenecs which U die cause of 

fapkaaiffc »uch a scene aflbrdsn Uut metaphysical speculation 

phtently give place to a dream of that cxquiaile occne of the 

KnJvTty in yx%i fuch a stable at Bcihlchem, And «o dreaming, ] fell 


I wiA awoke by the guitar-accompanied «ong of one of my men, 
'•tolhiis beguiledthciinietiU theshccpwassuffieientiyroiiKtcd. it was 
«Foftho>fie old hhforiral or legendary ballads fif The Southern Slavti 
*iich unite ail of the rare, whether Muslim or Chrisli,in, against Lhcir 
Omuati miUtera, And the ^vhoIe space between the lire nnd the door 
bcitt« tfowded with apphnding listeners. It la such scenes ns 
Acse thai teach one to kick to the increase of the ijiirit of a common 
■bonabty aa the only means of ksseniip the iniserablc mutual 
Attfcdc which at present divide (he Souch^^m ^]av«. Such a spirit 
howrrer, ^row, and Turkish rule be submitted to. lint J 
to avoid pohtj^A in this tnurely dosciipiive akcuh. Kv\a'*.\ 


Tli£ GenHfman's Magasing. 

the iheep ntis prarounced duly done- U vrsLi taken <ad4 ud Ol H 
up, bill noT inin joinu j th^T iptmi^ ^n ati quite unlcnovn hf^r- Tic H 
ronntcH animal wo^ dimply hcLrkcd to pLccc» ; and from wl^ai juic i H 
it Cfiinc (lie piece I liod 1 do not know, Al) ihea oet lo ^t^rk rtib H 
their d^t^^n nnd Angers imtcad of knivr« And forks, S«cingcui H 
litilc av^kwjrd ai thiN, one of my Bu(!u-Bi£oiiks kuid]]i bq^ H 
to cut up my foot! for mc with lii& dt|;{:3 and dagger- This udtaal^ H 
quickened me ia the mo i^l my own. H 

With our fett towHTnlft The flrp. and oiir pi^oU under vh«iecTtK ■ 
made a pillow of, «omc dor^L^n ofiL^nl) «lcpl ^n l}ic dtv^ui, oCtUS 
ihc beards were only covered l>y our ofviv rugi Irj the rcKsmiigiifl 
on (he prcviotiE evening one, hut onEy one, of the Moflimi «(V^| 
thmi^h nil thcr praKtcMion^ of ihrr [iithodui pisiyrrx It «ji£aji^£^| 
which t very much Iikcd to icc, and particularly xa it caixMd th ^H 
of remark, richer b)- others on \\\^ strictnest, or by him on their bi- ■ 
ncH. All believed in AlLili, xi\A \\ w»s for each to teuify hit brlicf fl 
in what nunnet lie plciscd. Ard cciLiiuly thi« belief doc« iaflucscc H 
the Mu^lim^ foT fiood- Come into personikl contact with tbcCuB-H 
li^nsordie Kasi and the Muslims, and Lhe biter carnoE, 1 thiak,ta.H 
bt in general preferried. as boili the more honest and ih* mortcDoi- ■ 
leous, and thai, even though onc'& early education m^j |iTqu^tccOtfS 
in favour of tho.'^c nuisi^ m Ihi; siime belicffs as oneself hu bcetk ^| 

Bui the Muslims have no rousie. Anything so discordaBiluiAH 
yHl? rather than songs — with whidi my Rn*hi-Bnzoitk«g3Tt viat»W 
their general feeling.'^ of delight on mounting, aooi^^icr stinmc.Af ■ 
oar last day's joxirncy—l never heafd. And eo w< rode oPiophilkfl 
and down d.ile, thnongh the fore^L .At length, after a mid-difhdtS 
on the summit of a Lhlcklj wooded hill, wc descended one of tbtfl 
f^rindcsL passes 1 have ever seen- It wis a vast ^p in atov(ni|H 
wall of precii^Jos, to which trees dung everywhere, .md from ihef«* I 
of whidi rjn long green slopes ilown into an ah&olutely idc^ ^^U^i^ 
.lobcautifuhtwas in its rich eom-fields and postures, ihut in bywood^ifl 
hills from thv warring outer world- Throiigh this valley w« rode, icofl 
up througli the forest again, till we came ro another long vindinft ' 
dcsceni. But here, at last. 5erajevo was descried in die diiLincc. 

Presently we obscfi'cd that the moimUiin-TOod below us wufille^ 
Tviih dark moving objecci They were two or three batttlioai*^ 
infantry, with hagga^e-irjiiii and field gims, inarchii^ to llie tapit*^ 
Soon we were in ihe nud»t of ihcm. An orderly riding bACkofitoie^ 
message rcco^ii^ed oni; of my Koshi-BoEiouks. They gnve fltf^ 
other that stately s^iliitt? wliich. tinivcrsid is \x is among Huslia^' 
is in itKlf alone a petiieiiiiHl le»>on in good m&nncts, "SuIjt^uji Ai^^ 

Wiik Basbi-Sasaiiis ok (ftt Drina FrarUur. 579 

bfliB r *- Alcikoum Saham i "--« Peace be wilh thee ^ "'* With Ihcc be 
poce:" and theri, riTAhing into e:)c}i oihcf*! imis, ih«y k[i«ed OQ 
d6er dieek. Re<»g:nisod » an nii^lislin^in^ 1 w-^s cottricoutly 
dofodt aJong wiih mj people, lo pass ihc bjgg^ige- train, and ukc a 
pbficicnmcdbtdy in the rear of the infajitry. 

Una wc efitercd St'Rijt^^-a Tho [tv»iii)eis of tlie olJ avails on tlie 
Ih^Oi above »crc ciowdcfj wiih veiled figure*. Below n* wt-iL- 
opificeiit toclr gorget, vhkhi nith the troopji that were new dcfiUnic 
tbflg the rood U frndheighi, put me in mir^d of nothing jio nuicli as 
paorn of Himalayan scenery wiih Bnii'sh expcdilioiw on llie inarcTi 
to itc opLujc of some mcn[nt>-un-faslncss. Presently wc f^asit-d 
thvufih the f^ic^y Jind entered the oldest quarter of ihc town. So 
tiNp rere the ftircctt, and so impm^'ble was It to look after onc'v 
hory with |]»c rtxirlway ami hliices fillcH with g^ing Muslim honns, 
tb[ I dUiTvountcd and v^dlced. The Giiout, honcvct, met no l^ind 
Ihficei On the eoniiaiy, £iccs» that he glanced at too ardently, 
tonfi) round to ibc wall, though ihc cyc5 ihar wprp the light of them 
ii^in prcscndy. With one pariicuUrly of my HashMJ.wouks 
v^ di^lfrcrt. He tccnicd to have many f:tir friends^ Yet et'cn 
ihcy grccle<l with but :i lightning gUtiit, and then turned aw:iy, 
[llrcv ^kisict thdr veiK with x moat fascinating ahyncsa. Ai length 
[lOtdown to an open pi ace » and a bridge over a shallow nrer. 
«ritli my»i| xn ihc midst of :hc throng; of troops 
Liscen, all mArr-hing 10 wild Turkish military inii*ir^ ; looking 
and donn the line of the many-bridged river, ovcrhnj^g with 
icd housci, and beholding tl:e fair tity stretching away with 
dome^ and minarets, and popl^ired garden*, Jar up the 
OD etther *i*i!e — I thought 1 had never seen :inylhing so ravifth- 
<^piaures<^uc irt all my Wnindcringip Having cToascd the bridge I 
taUd up, and behold ! at ar unlatticed t^'indow two fair younj; 
■«M be«< looking forth, h aas the British Constihte, Andthere 
1 «« X» paAa li^c ivccks so happily thai I shall never think of iJie 
*>|il>lorBoinui but a> a pamdiic of the Eaat^ 

Thi C^HilanaHS Magasine. 




THAT literAfy f«uds in Frinctt hive loM littlt of thtir 
'\% shown by M, Abunt'i ;iiucIe in the Athfn/ttim 
(ucinory cf riani;ciis Bulot. tlic Jbuuclcr and Dianogct of i 
(ffi Deux MomUs. hi. About it fi thorough Frcnchinait, t 
tfencUnian's love for cpignm. To read the (oic^^^m with 
lasliL-i thiT m(^ir[)t> cif rlic (lc:iil ist iin intelkttuul xtfrxiy and ll 
WLih which he heid^ hia letter l» worthy of a place araorg 
venomous of bueh productions ; — 

Lurwjuc !a nmtE vicfi'lrA Ic ^irmlic 


II ]£ not lo M. About's CTC<tiL however, that satire and iar 
directed a^nbt one ^>'ho is dejid, and eonseciucnlly unable 

and it is unfominflie for JiJm that ihc personal motive which 
the gn&kught is known. His IrEtcr fornxs indeed, b;il on 
in thai ^uestian <k prchiit litfmure raised i store yet 
X*j /Vftrj^ nnd Zrf JCffi'U^ df Pitrii, 4 fn^i of M. About's p 
as fln original roniftnce ("Tolla") of n rnic hisTory cone 
Ttatian fannEy, contiincd in u Eiook t!ic ^tLppmsi^n nf whnch 
so rgofous, M. Abotii supposed himself to pof^seas n UEii 
The remflining chapters will pnabably be wrinen when M. 
himself in his grave, and unable to ii*ie his ponerftil pen 
These who like lo read the history of an unpleasani izans 
find il under the head "About" in '^Lei Superchenes 
DiivoUte* of Qu^rard, augmented |by MM. Gmtave B 
PJCTTc JaQDCL M. Buloz was, in fact^ a man of signal co 
enterprise, and the brusqucncss which attended hii success 
paralleled in men of lifghcr social position. Ht% equal xs . 
will not readily be found- His debut in leiieri was ir 
Iranslation of woiks from the English. One statement in 
of M. About is true. The inHuciicc of the R^^ne dtJ 
jsgr^aier in oilier ccnmirica ilwn in France. 


ORD BROUGHAM used (a tiiy * iJuit the uppoarancc of 
Campbclt'i "Lives of ihc Clvincellors " added "a new 
KfTOT to Desih ;" bui a miidi mOTc serious nuUer is ihreatcnmg 
mcB of Icttcn than any attempt at their lives. Among rcccni 
hmefkcafi annoijncfnienu 1 see the "Ccndcnsod Classics," by oni; 
I Ut- ttoesitcr Jnhnion, wbf> hnK, t Micvc, hegun his lopping and 
I lluiuinig proem willi Scott m\A Uldccns. To alcal ja bid enough ^ 
I buL tlus proc^si of muttlaEicri id barbarous bcyund anyihing one 
I fni^ld hiivc imaged. Whai kind of Procnisican meifiotJ Mr. 
Rquitm JohTvtan may employ f dn nol know (ihtm^h, co xx^t:. an 
oUjcJie, it is certainty done "vithouE Axing"), Ixit it scetnv to me 
^AieiDo«t tmpudcnc operation that hia y« been performed, even ly 

*HK attempt to conciliate an Irish con^itucncy \% once ogaia, 

I 4ec, being attempted by acme Knglitih Libtfrais. Kvcn the 

Wht'icm»;clvc^, when Thr-y at*^ nm lo the manner bom, and of the 

:;cni Chnrchf fmd ihc ti»k tin cii^LAirj^AUig olic. A Lcriuin 

■bemon M^P,, whose wjle was a Ronunist, found himscLf on one 

qon le^itcd at dinner next to the Catholic bUhop of the dci^tricL 

* My lord/ siid he, in genial confidL-ncv, '*it is trap I hnvt- ihc 

"luSjnurtc to bca Protestant, but I am no bigot My children* I do 

*«wt you, are all broujiht up in the rehgicn — " he meant to 3Ay> " of 

Watnoiher/" \\\\\ in ihc lirg^^ness of bis vie^t"^ and wi^h to plca*e, 

■<»>cd ihe plurnxl *■ of ihciE inoihcn)," the cfictt of which was very 

LtLb1& UnfoTtunatci)'. in the House of Commons, this gentle- 

oever cnake» a joke, whether by accident or design, 

'HAT American cxpciimcnt, to ^vlnch we owe " The Innocents 
Abroad" and "The New Pilgrims' Piogregs" of Mark Twain, is 

wr» ii sccmi!, to bo repealed in England, and is 10 be on a siill 

:r >cdc^ Jt is proposed by \ com^^aiiy l[> iTcspatdi, in August 

(j ^ targe steamship on a voyogcall round the world. Tbcjoumcy 

tttimated to ofcupy nine to ten months, during which iLme Ihc 

P^r^cijial lea-pon^ will be entered, and lime wi[l be ;ifforded for 

''Otinj iij>ot* of interest in counLriesboidcriiigun the route. Hve 

iundrrf ix'undi ia demanded for the right to join the trip, and the 

P^rtt of thnt 4um will enable any man, in whom an advcnniroiis 

7*tK»ni*>fi is accLirtip.iLTit-d liy k^isure and uioderait rncau's, to see no 

^aaidcrablc or iininlcresting portion of the woild'a aurfatc. The 

**»of the expedition ioHow pretty closely those of the Qmker City 

prtaervei! by Mark Twain. It fs edifying to tt\i^y iht t^^i^Vi' 



Tli£ GentUmofCs MagoJane. 

cfTfcled by modem diicover^. A c^ntiuy a|t<\ rHc ^vA iccrm 
undf^rtaLFEf L> lliusr whu a.4p]n:d to be sLtltrMtiot] or to ^f jxtfc 
olTiccs, find led n man to P.iris, Drc»ica, Vicnn*, Bcriiii, inJ be 
principal dti» ol luily. Nov we senn approaching th4 djiiivta] 
we «h4lT liive picnlt'i in Centni] Africj. and when the tnLvefter' 
ay uut likt; Alexander fof more woilds lo oooqijcr. 

THERE is no more intereatti^g subject for Fiction tlua 
discovery of htdiltrii Irtfasurr, and hem^e F^Ijpr 
* Gulden Bug " — V hich in ihc English edition, by-Uic-by, \i writ 
"GoEdefi Beetle" out of rc^tord for inftubr prejudice^ has 
adfnirers tlian ever his*'Murd« in ihe Rue Moigue/' Net 
aiio ilicn; wui ^ company (lliiuicd} advcHiscd ai being fonuod fix i 
recovery of two galleons of the Spanish Am^oda \ and alter 
Sch^iemonn's discoveries— »o £»' fiurputing even the unoginalioil 
ihc City — li is jirobable ihai archxological investigation eill 
much aisistcd by ihc invcstmtnt* of ihc pviblic Thcni£|f 
of a trrtCcr in the Timet that explorations should be carried on 
Mount Ncbo for the discovery of the Table* uf Stone with the Tf 
Commandnitfiils on tlii^ni*'inittfd ihcif oriipnall/ liy the fio^jn 
the CrcfLlor HtmseltV i* the liighcst filght wc have readied m 
direction; though the concluiion of ibis gentleman's letter, '*tbil 
discovery would ihiuw great lijjht upon llie Old TeitamfOl, a( 
the Ituiguagc in whidi tlic Tj-blci were written." is a little 
Why. the possession (and othibttion) of sadi 9. treasure 'trove 
set tlie Alexandra Palace itself tipon \\^ legs ogitn. 

While one is about tl, why nut gri up an OHSodaiimi fur 
diatuvcry of ihe Urini and Thiunmiin, wliith the Uighcat a^ 
upon gems and precioas sioncs assures us were indcAtnielib)^ 
must be, therefore, ''somewhere in the World." It i* ccrttinljri 
loo much ta say that it is more liltely we should light upon 
ircasures, ihan on ihc parurt of fair Heli^n. wliich biS acinsPn 
it seems, been dug up at Mycenoc, and every ounce of »bt 
(Troy weight) is probaLtly of more value than a poimd of ortEflin 
gold. It is rumoured ilial Mr Tennyson lias been rcquesUd ^' 
Prospecting Company to give them his \-icw3 as to the localitf 
the piece of water into which the swurd Excahbur was thro»n- 

F RANGE lias at leiiglh provided ihc bone« of Aubcr *ith *«*'] 
ing pUcct and hns placed over h:is tomb a roonttmecl ^^\ 
oi hk genius. The death of Auber took place, a» b wcH kBOrtj 
during the German occupaU*JW o( ^rao^jr, ai\i \\^ ttmaimc^ 


tr^rc thtiflled hastUy bto a v^kiilt Hlwa IVace revisitod 
Rnetan aitctapc wait irui^ ta remove ihc lionr^ to P^ Ia Chfti«ti 
ud crvcl OTcr tli^m > moriuiiicnt- Sul]Hcti[llio[)^, hcj^vrtcrt uttnc 
itotl) tr, ojid tbc heirs of AuLcr. who naiiinlly thy^ht ihat lo whit 
to be * mii^n*! uibJtc the/ wero rot called upon to eon- 
.inoirml iheocmdemr^itinn of M. Alrtin^or Dtima^ fiU, who*p 
ilrcady famoiia- '' Very wclU you simply fomiih ihc body." 
himself h.*id a vein of huraour, as Bome of hie atones row 
ted in the French mudcjil papen atiei^ When actcniion 
iwn lo tl>e fact ihati ihuiigh the streets in ?nji:i under tlic new 
mre called aibcx deceased amhorv, btit thAt one waa named 
^ftMAubcTvbff aofwerod, "Well, M, Hauain^in Lu given tqc 
Cett" \M>m on a rommiticc for bcttmving ^ prixp on ihe hr«i 
(he mcnilKi £l the piiiio, whij tvu K^^ne Lhtc>ujt1i >> lety 
CDiDpcBiuon, Aioppcd and drew attention Eo the i^ct ihm the 
'^ in ftitich ii wu to be uken wi4 not nurked. Auber excbimed, 
"Mji!e:ir Mrmsieitr, hitler noiimc ik marked, le: lis lakc .idvanr«gc 
^ the opportonity, and txkc it i:t quickly ;u we con." 

IT t« among the things not gcncfjtJ]^ known \\\\ Sir Arthur 
Guinnccfi \% \ p^^c. He ifl Mti! to h.ive repliL-d lo ihe Prime- 
l&Baier'i ol!er of a Peera^ in tlic followtttf; strain \ — 

Vuut kind iaiention I muil litmfi. 

Tfc« j«no erf i*nk '* n ui worji my cmiJU ; 
\X b| dr, bal ihc t^IuinnciB' nUnip; 

Hy liubvx txwici ^iDcd« iiu luDiJIc. 


SOMB acUoQ ifl. It appears, to result from Uie delivery of 
Dr. Kicll.irdfon'H Icctiirefi upon Hc.ilth, % Sanit;ijy l-iigtAica 

;' I I " " '-'w !■ ■? fjr the purpov: nf f^nmilirig a eity 

1 .^ . . _, ,1. .11 .■, ^^-, to his ideal Hygciopolti. TIil- 

•■aoi the association is lo erect x\ Courtlands — a spot in Sussex, 
*t»ren Worthing and Goring — a town r.i[iablc of containing tijjhl 
^Jund InhAliii^itSf ;tni1 to furnish il iritii c^cry hygienic .tid and 
*?plancc. So compiekly in jLs infancy is the scheme, and so alight 
^onitition i* aa yet supplied concerning the manner in which tho 
^W rcuilt i* to be obiainrd, that il wtmld be futile to dweH upon 
''*^ias *nd p^etcn^k>Tis. Some mailer for thought is, however, airp- 
Pntdin conicmphling the inroads ni:;de by Science into the dotnuin 
^ PoKiy- Those ArcaJJai> Uiopji.s, Atlaniiso* (if such a plur^i] ag 
**t« cin be iMrrmittrd in the aiHc: iff -i word of clamico-l origin); 
^ mftrc» in Sum Moon, and 5tar which Iiavc uu:Ul^\iA ^^ 



The Ctntlenntiii Magazine. 

atlcniion oT pxtii^l And philoiophicAl drcunct^ give way vtoi 
schemes which nrc c^apablu of ptacticjil fultilrocnt, taiA vhk 
vrouM yet :<t one time have fleenetJ u Tar o-Jttide bdief u A 
vi&Lonary w^rTd^ of More, Sidncyi Ai^d Bacon. Some of the rulft OJ 
wliich Dr. Richoidsan in his lecture in&i»t> aa tndbpennble tc 
health are capable of being at once cijipUcd to motletn hon^cf. Wc 
can all of u* do away with ihe flnnly f xod * atpet*> v^wcUlly de«^gM4 
u inighc fieciii. 10 hold tlie dusi, in ^ich polaonoui gcruia Aad ik 
best mcdJjDi for their convcyftncc. Wc CAn dianaUaobji 
waU-papera alcojceihcf in many catet. Jn antwer to the bidcfatr 
of Health Init of Art» this i^mces* or reform baa alrud/ commftit 
The lower ujiitaliiiug die <iUirLa:tc «ind <tl1 oflkct c^n c&u> 
introduced In 1ioli»c4 of n certain cIass lo be hcneetbrth ci 
thoitgh 3 gcneraiion or two must under hippieti condiuorii 
befan? it comrs into general u*e- Dr. Ricbardsou has yrfi to 
cf batlu and other tnatlets of thU kind, aiad I hope lus ui 
vilL not long be <1e1iiv^ 1^ respect to bithft we migjic 
sotneching from the ,indenia, who, far belter than ounwlvei^ 
pTrlicndril Ebrir ailvant;!^ and imporUincc. 

THE queelion of Lady Helps&eenu lo be flssunto^ coniM 
impoTtance.since Mrg, Ctaw^hayassviTcs Its that th^dtnwddi 
iht'in no** oceedi the su]>|j1/. The hiirnljle CJC|>criencc of^ 
who live in lodgings kqit l;y " kdic» who have seen belter 
is not in favour of the Bystem ; but there is certainly 
very atiTTictive to folks of ihe Boundeihy cb*s ^^ '^^ *"^ 
ui>[]1o>LJig ihcddughlcra of '^tdmLrds in the pavyi'and"! 
in ihc army^" to warm their ^Uppers and butter Ihcir tcniL 
America I he/ have '* helps "who are by no means "tadiei" 
diflinilt)' of procviiing good ^eivauLs in diat <:ountiy is va-stly gi 
even thfin id bngbnd. 1 was ullting to a New York fhend 
this subject lately, who told me thai it was the rarpsi thing tft 
the services of a help bcyoficl \ year, " M> wife hjd one. ^oi 
who lived with or; eighteen months ; and it would have taken 
lo part us ; but at last she had to go," 

'*\Vhy, wh:it did she do?" inquired T. 

" Well, slic did this — slic hxtd ttiy wi/istar^J' 



April 1877. 



CllAMCk X, 

^ VICTOR HEROS did not leave Mr*. Money's quite fti soon a» 

\ I'-- had inlendeU. Ho lud in:ide a sort of unga^tmcnl to 

;;p tiitfii in lIic Sill okiiijj'iuo III of liis club ; nitii witli whom 

^ «^ l^ )l^tc bjtd »cmc Lilk nbouE the St. X:iYicr'» S^tllcniCLUs* 

Itbcitni^ncd taking with Minola for some time; and be ulkcd 

flilk Lncy xt»\ vf\i)\ other woirtt-i^ young and old, uTid asked ninny 

and riudc hiniitcir very aj^riblc, and, as wa^ his wi^fit, 

It everyone dchfihtfulj an<l enjoycri hinasclf von' n^uch- llicn 

If oney ctunctfd to look in, and. stciog Heron, bore him away 

rt while to liib vludy, lu talk xvUh him ubi>ut soniL'Tliing very, vc^^y 

Mr Money ^av Herbert Blanclict and only performed 

bin the ceremony whith il;ijja Baba describes us '^ the aliakc- 

and the fir:^ ^'caili<fr/'and lEien nwdc no funhet accoimc of 

Mr. BUnclicl iccing Hcton invited lo the study, and Icnoisjng 

his acibiainunc^c with the hoiLi^chold what ihat tDennt, conceived 

Blighted, and wm* angry. Mr, Money itways looted upon 

as a 40rt of young man whom only tvomiai wefc ever m\\u 

to care about, And who would be as mach out of place In the 

•X &:udy oi i poLtidan and man of business a& a trinnmcd 


Tbcrc vm, however, some consoUticn for the poel hi tlie fa<:t 

be hid Mincla Grey nearly all to himsclt He secured this 

lUg« br i dc*lerous itfoko of policy, foe he --iltached liimwW to 

nncr and did his hcrft to shoiv and describe to \vcT alV X\\^ ic^iV'tntu 



be bad hh icward. 

It grew late ) the rootnn were mptdl/ thtnnmg. Miooli [ 
Bhndict were to remiin at Mn. Mouey's fi>r die night 
couM fiot suty mach longer aiid tkul risen 10 go »ny, wlic 
Heron citcrcd. He c«inc up lo ftpciV to MinoU, and &ficc 
du<xd him to her particular Tncod and /amamdt^ Mies Blasd 
he »t be^iJe Mm Blmchet anil talked 10 her for afewn 
while BLtJidici look iidv^uugc of tlie opponunii)' to uli ^ 
Mmolii- Then Mr. Heron loac, and Herbert ro*e, u 
Blanchct, growing couragecus, lold Heron that ihil wa* he 
and a g^eai jioct, and in a very foiDial, old-fashioned wa; 
pcrmiMion 10 make them acviuaintcl- Ntr. Heron was a p 
admirer of poctrj'^ and occiiionally, pcrhnpti, Xiivd the padcn 
rriendsbytoo^ergihenerlrftaiions from Shakespcnrc and Mflw 
modem poetry he had not got much iaicr than '*Thc Anh |i 
Rarshish/* which he could recite from end to end ; and "1p 
riam," of which he knew the grenicr part. He wifi, 1 
modestly conscious that his admiiii^tmtive en^A^emcBtS 
colonics had kept him a little behind (be rtst cf the Mi^ 
matter of poetry, and it did not suixjrise him m the lextn ihi 
great poel, whose name h,id never before it^achcd his car*, it 
there beside him in Mrs. Money's dravung-room. He fck <i 
and proud at mccitiig a pout and a poet's sisCer- 

ll so happened that jfter s-iying his friendly good-0 

Jifiss Misani&rope. 


H«t^ took % dgar, And apccd to walk Ucron't way: which 
indMd, w far ag il wen!, hiii own. Heron wua very proud to 

Voiira is iddighlful calling. Mr," he said i "cucuscmcif Ispcii 
I jtOAvBitwr reading sonicwhcre th:it one thould never talk xt> 
aiiiiEhor flhoni hH trorki. But I rnittdr't hdp it: we dujj'i mt^L^t 
peeu in locnc of our colonics ; and your sisUr w.-u kind cuou^U to 
oii^lcn my ignorance and tcl[ nic that you were a poet I alwiyfi 
dnuflll ihat a chirming anecdote of Wolfe reciting Cray's Eleg}-, iind 
idtnf hit officcra he would ntlicr liave wnttcii tlifit th.i:i take Quebec^ 
Aj,b>' Jove, and so would I V* 

Mr Blaiichct had never hcird of the anecdote^ and had hy no 
Acant any dcu ulest a» to the tUentily ov etphjibi of Wolfe. But he 
w aniioua to kiioir lomcthing about Heron, and therefore he vas 
tennincd to be is companionahle a^ possible, 

"Yofl must not bclici-c all my sis;t<fr say*i :jt>oiit me. She hii flji 
€fta*a^nl noliop of my iijcrits 13 every wa>." 

'It muat be delightful 10 have a sister," Victor Heron Mid 
BlAnistatCkiilly. " Ho yon know, 1 ean't imagine any greater 
hpluDcvi for a man than to have a sister. I envy you, Mr. 

H<ron wji) Ln the peculiar posiuon of on« to whom all the family 
tluioiHhiprt pmfnt thcmsc^tvet in idealised form. He had never 
hlnaer or brother ; and a «i«teT now ro^e up in his imaginfiiion a4 
■ Kit of creature componnded of a sLinpUfLcd Floral M^clvor .md 
iftotified Rmh I'inch, His novel -reading in the colonies wat; a 
tot old-bshioned, Lice many of his i Jeas» and hu habit ot frc^ueotiy 
tug the word "m'* in ulkin^ with men whom he did nut know 
*B7 bnuliarly- 

31i. Bkinchet was not disposed, (ram hia knowledge of Mcir/ 
Ifaadket, to hold the possession of * sister as a gift of romantic or 
■lociniablc value. To say iJie trutli. when Victor spoke ao warmly 
tflhe dcl^ht of having a aisler, he too was noi setting up the 
fOtiOB M an JdeaL He wai thmking rather of Miss C^rcy, and 
4ai a bl^er she would be for a man to confide in and lutve always 
*wh hiiQ' 

Meanwhile Herbert, with all his self-eonceit, had common sen^e 
otmgh to know that it wouM not do to leave Heron eo fmd 
OBI fioon vthcib tlui die ^tax poet ^lanthet liud yet lo make hia 

My lister aad 1 have been a long time [ei>an:ited/' he &aid. 


The Gentitnuin^s Magazine 

*'R:hc lived in ihccountiy Tor the mou foiU aoJ I bul 10 COMtt 

" Uf course. The only plftc« for a mtin of ffenans; i pa^ 
alagc, Mr BI.'Uichct-**3 grand ttngc'' 

'*So, of c.Qiinc, M;irx in aII the more mdmcd to make a )oit^ 
hero vf mc; Vou mn^t not uke ter cstiiikaic of me, Mr. Kcm 
She funcio* ihe outer world Tni.iBt ihink jusii £& she doe* of evcr7ttti| 
I do. 1 am HOT ;) fhmotK {inn, Mr, Hrron, ;iml |)ro)ali1ynev(Tdd 
"be. I belong lo a. school which doc^ not culdviic iame, m ei4 

" 1 adiiiire you ^11 Oie woie for ihat t[ ^Ufaxi sc«Qt« lo il 
that Ihc pocT dt'gnidcs his an who htinl* for popuUniy — (he poeii 
anybody cIkc for (hat irmttcr/^ Added Victor, ihinkitig of hit OVI 
unjiopular pirribnminces m Su Xa\icr'» Settlements, " I am <)fLgfaM 
to ncf^t yoiT, Mr. BlAnchei. I bave fi»D so mii<:h hunting jA 
poinilurliy in Kngliiul iluai \ horioiir jiny mun of Renins who lui A 
coumge to act hiit face agoinM it." 

" My Uteit volume of poemfi," Blanchct siid firmly, " 1 do V 
even mean cd publish. They shiill be [irinied, \ hope, and % 
out in a manner bv*:oming llicrii — bccumin;^;. ^X Icut, ulut 1 itu 
of them ; hut they shall not be hawked aboiU book-shopff ud II 
viewed by self-cotw^ cited, ignorant prigs," , 

*' Quite righu Mr Blanchct; ju5t what E shottM Uke 10 do Oiyn 
if I could iio»ibl/ Imagine mv^lf gifted like you- BnC atiU p 
must ox\xrni th;it it i^ litib to the credit of the ngc that St poet ibod 
be forced thus to keep his treasures from the public eye. BciUfl 
it ma^ be all Yciy well, you know, in ytjur c;tse or mine ; butthini<l 
a mnn of gcniu3 who has to live by his poem* I Iia caay tJlkinjffto 
men who have enough — my enough, 1 ccnfc*^ is a pretty noM 
soft of thing — but you must know better llian I that there an? yttifl 
mco of ge;iius— ay. of real genius— trying to Uiakc a liriof I 
London by writings that perhaps their own gcncraiion vill n*rt 
nndersLind. There is what seems to me the hard thii;g," Hi 
HtTun grew quite animated, \ 

The words sent a kctw pang through BknclicE'fl hearts Hi* ^ 
acquainiiinc?, whom BLinchet assumed to be confoundedly (^'ealtii| 
ttfidenily regarded liini as a pei>on cqtLilIy favourM by fortune, vi 
therefore only writing poetry to indulge the whiiii of his gcw* 
Herbert Btnnchet had henrd from the Money women in a va^ iCi 
ofwaythatMr Heron had been a governor of some p^.icc ; itml^ 
hftvc been CitnEida or InJi» for aught he knew to the cc^nrrary ; til 
be assumed that he muAt be a very aristocratic and aelf-^concdn 

jt//Vj Afisanikre^y 


pcruD, Bbt)diC< would not Tor tlic world hnvc admiEtcd at that 

\ lumitat ihAt he was poor; and he shuddered nt the idea Eh;it 

L Bn» might tomdiov Icam all nbout Mary B1anchLM'& uifiiiLiI 

I lOACiou in lh€ coun-houie of Dukc'a, Kccion. Tor Jl ihc di&niiy 

1 tf poetry dnd hiKh art, Mr. BIandi«t was ncpicssed with a 

>nful ccQucioukit^t of being smaM, lomebow, in rhe corpponyof 

Ul Hrrvn. hwj.11101 mvidy liccait^c he «u[>poscd Heron lu be 

*c»lihy, for he knew Mr^ Money irij ricli and that Lucy would bt 

r Jttbciicsfi, ai3d yet he was aUayii quite at hltt cose with them, and 

I ^oastffoitd to give him*df :iirh and to he uiadc much of; Inct it 

I mmtA to him tliat Mf. Hcioii'b family* fjici^ds, und iaiuiluu i>ui- 

I JBttdiogs would probably be very di^ercnt fTom hia ; And he 

tejs found hiiuKcIf 2t hom^ in the society of women, whom ho 

\tew Out he coiiUl triiEiiVii ;i[id impose on hy hit handsome 

i (Ascnce. Yci, he fell him&clf rattier ^mitll in the ^ocjety of tlib 

\ ikMatti, tunplc, unpretending young man, who woi all tlic tinio 

I btb^ig up to him SA 3 poet and a child of geniiic 

I Gruily pltM^d u^ tlic* {tatti ui^d child of genius when Victor 

I 'Hcioii uked bim to come into his rooms and smoke n ci^r before 

I lOrtlgtoUil 

[ "\<ax don't Kiccp much or keep tarly bonni, I d;ire tuiy, Mr, 
I Htsdict ; Literary men ilon't, I inp^xiSE: ; und I oi^ly ^.leep when I 
I ^ help >L ixt us amokc and liuvc a talk tor un hour or live." 
I "Ki^t J!;myday.'" Slid Blanchct "I don't think peopl* who 
P Isir minds CAn talk well in the hours before midnight- When 1 have 
I **»0(k kc llw day 1 *oniclimcs dose my shutters, light my jas, And 
I **cy I am under the influences of night.'' 

I 'I go* the way of sitting up half the riighi," said Victor, simply, 
I "from living in place* where one had best sIcciJ in the drty ; but I 
t ^ lue ii I were a poet I should delight in the night for iia own 

I Tatre wM lomething cimou* in the feeling of deference wiih 
*>adl Heron regarded rlic young pnct. He coiifeidL-red HE:inehet 
* Wnclhin^ not q»iie mortal, or, ai all events, mflKcvilJne ; some- 
'^iMgcntilled to the homage one gives to a womoji and the cnthu- 
^^^tOk one fcela to rt lipiiiinal teacher. Bknchci did not i*eem to him 
*^%Ct}f like a Dkon ; fAthci like one of tho^c crealuiea <jompouiiJed 
iWilt tnd dew whom wc read of in legund and mythology. The 
^■ligttaA not that of awe, because Blanchet was young and good- 
'^nbcg, and wore a da*H« coat anil wlii[>? tii-j uihI iE i^ impossible to 
Wf a feeling of awe for a man with a white tie. It waa a fceUng of 
44kue conwd«ratiofl antf devotion. Had some ruda pw^w \cft^^<k 


wnrld nW ov^r x^Ut would h,ivr tbmiglit oecwcmry 
could not ccmc down all at one step frOTn hi» dignity as • 
colonial governor, and be consjiicrcd it, in .1 manner, dtu 
honouT of KngkdfJ'ji adniiniilfjitix^ syiitrm thst he should 1 
a gentlemanlike appe^rAnce in London wliilii «ti)} engaged in 
his baltif — (he bAtilc which had not yet begun- Bccidcft, ili 
himKclf lold Minoh CreVt hh troubles thnc for wan not 
iMmbles. He lud mrjns rnough to live like * iJiodeit ^ 
even 111 London* provided he did not mn mto rxinivt(f:a&l 
Any kind, a.nd he had saved, becaaae he hstd hid no ni«uuo 
ing it, ^ jood deal of his s-ilnry i^-hilc in the St, Xiwer"* Sell 
Ele had engaged a scivant when he caUUUhcd himsd 
lodges i and his condition H^cmcd to BlancViet, when they 
the drawing-room togelhcr. and Iho servant was seen to b< 
busy in rinticip-i-tiug his m-islef s w:intn, In be ihjl of na easy ( 
nhcrcof, in the cfL^e of young bachelors, he had little pcnOtt 
Icd^c. I1 wfli very impressive for the moment Cci»iti», vti 
>ility, nnd the School quailed -it ftm before respectabiK^, Vi 
rooms, and a man-Acnanl. 

The ftdommeDts of the room were, to Mr. Bknchct*! 1 
otrociDiu;. They were, indeed, only of the betier-dui 1 
lodgings style ; mirrors and ^ilt and white and danUuk^ ITj 
doors whcfc there ought to have been curtains, carpets wbcf 
feeling tvould have pteacribed maU or rugs ; there were no 1 
to say OTi ihe cei linf^ but even on the walls. The only 

Affss Misanihrcpf. 391 

mib «r a bnlc, grtcouh b^d ; Aod »hc had sunken checks, livid 
1^ iDd jl complexion tike that of the prairie wgvgnsi. AnyotEicr 
VcMi nude Herbert Bb.nchci shudder. 

TTjf boolji liCiitcrccl jtbcoft ucic diftpiriling. There M'erc Shnlce- 
VOR, ByT0O> a&d Browning- Mr. BUnch^t had nc%^eT read 
Bnlrriynirc, cocaadered Byron bctoxv cniicism, and eouEd hardi/ 
vcnrn htfrweT/ on ihe *uhjc<^ of RmwnEng. There were htitiu^cfj 
nd Ml. BI*achct *comeH hirtor}- ; there were Blvic-books, incl Ihe 
■j A^e of blue wluch ih«ir co^'ri displayed woviLd have mnde liis 
iieken. Ii wlli be *ccn, ihcreforc, how awftjl is ihe itnprct^ivc- 
cf trfpedibUitj when, mlh dl thespc cvidenrci dl Lhe lur^k of 
tuie around hiiiv, Mr. Blanchei fitill i'cit him^cl^ dvtarfcd, 
ow, in the prc«cnr:c of iheo<^^picr of the roomi;. It ought to 

tsd, in vindiciUkn ijf Mr. Heron, tluil thul poor youth Wiis in 
lotte rtsponvblc for the adoinmcuts of the icoms, except in so far 
■ fail ploMcr cnat and his bocihs were concerned. He h^ never, up 
pi&ti moment, noticetl nn}ihiig about the loUgingt, txecpt that the 
nxniii were pretty Lirgr, utid that the loodily w^ cunrcniem for his 
n^oics and pursuits^ 

1^ two youDg men hod tome eoda and brandy, and smcked 
aduTkcd. Bbnrhd w;ir the pooresl hand possible at smolcing iind 
ikiiag, hut he nw^lowcd loda And bnndy in rcpcatcti do^c«, while 
pbost's gUia lAybttU hardly touched before him- One consequence 
b tlat hw humbled feeling «ion wore off) and he bcctme elpqiic nt 
4b lu own aceounl. and pationiaing lo Hctun. He set our heco 
tUn upon every point connceicd with modem hienUiirc and an» 
ttercDCk it appeared that Heron had hitherto poKceiM^d the crtidctt 
W jocax oUI-fiuhiuncd notions. Then he ilcchimed Mime (jf his 
Mn thortcT pocma, and c^pbincd to llcrori that clicrc wjs a nDn- 
^fvxy amon^ All the popular and successful poelfi of the day to shut 
ten oci from public notietv UHiil Heron fe[t com|JelleU, hy a sheer 
feast of fcLluw- feeling in t>'ricvancc» lo start Ltp and ^\^.%^ his h^nd. 
■d vow that his position wios enviable in companson with thai of 
tte who hod leagued themselves ^igainst him. 

"But >-ou miivt hear my last poem ; you shaWh^^i it," Herbert 


ihiU be delisted ; 1 shall feel truly honoured/' aiurmurcd 
ptrfeci ainccrity. ** Only tell me when/* 
finic reading— let me see — yes. )\\^ first reading is pledged 
Grey, No one," the poet grandly ;vcnl on, "can hear it 
Wore she hears iV 

*0f ct>nrw not— certainly not; I shouldn't d^ink cl \C "^^ 


"Stillt" the poet said, mtr^ m hi&cliaiTa|;3Lin," chert km 
vhy you abouki nut h<3u die (Hirm a the umc time. I n 
to-morrow to rcAd ihc poem to MinoLi— lo M<« Grey and SI 
am sure they will both be dchght^d if yaa will cotac wkh 
hear ii." 

"I should like It or aU tliinp* of counc; but I dofi 
whether I o\^ht to intrude on Mm Grey. JuadcrMoodi 
ibat she rather prefer* lo live lo her«lf— with her friendA, oi 
^^ind ihal slic durs nol desire lo Iiive \'isirora." 

■^Vou mny safely come with mc," the poet proudly uid 
CJiU for you to-morrow, if you Uke." 

Victor assumt'd ih^t ht niighl ^ta^^ly accept the introdcciu 
new ax:^(LLaitii[Uice. and (he ai^puiuUiiait y^ss wade. 

IfMr. Heron could under ory possible circuraBtuicca la 
broughtto admit to hiniself that the «odety of & poet was a li 
some, he might pcrliiips li.ivc uf knowlf dged ll in l!ic prvtent I 
The gooU-natured young man wa* quite conieat for the piescal 
ftftd oven to forget his own grievance in presence of the griev 
his new Ticqujiinui^ce. His oun trouble set?med to bim bm 
coiiipAiison- Wlmt, atief ;ill, wm ihc niiftpii^iiig of lli^ polii 
viccA of an individual in tlie f^iec of a malign or stnpid lock 
elation, which might deprive the world and lU lime of the < 
of ^ poct'H genius ? Heron Ix^an now lo infer that hat xw 
waA noor. and the convict ion made him tnorcaiLdEDOrc devotci 

Miis MisGtiihropi, 393 

ta|«if vufETOWVigalittkofastnim on the attention of hiE [>re!icpt 
W Blucbet knew abioluiely noihirg of polfnr^e or pA^iing cvenu 
tf ttf klad in ihc c;uirr world, and did not aiTci^t or prclmd lo cxrv 
nttJDK aboiic tbein> Indeed, h^ he been a man of large and 
Bvnl jo&naahoii m couicmporaTy bislory, he woLiM in all pmba- 
lAj turr co»(^CAWi bU tudSLite^ of knowlcilgr, ami ;]frrc:Zcd an 
iko^ ^d compkccnc i^orance. Outnidc the rcaUnit of what he 
Obd All, &Er Blanche! Ehou^^ht it utterly btrni;iTh him 10 know r;ny- 
tfi^ , and within his nwn rraliii hL- knew !io mucbj .md Lore tinwn 
tifc luch 2 teniijic do^Jit^tism, tEut the urJiniry listener sink op* 
)inaed l<tiC4th it U'^r^ncd an^l ammntcd |]> his own (Uscouftc, 
ttrpoct ]>oarcd Ctit ibe tircnnift of hli dt^matic eloquence over th? 
fBem Heron, whtj ttutncd tvery nerve in the cflbn to apprt^ualc, 
l>ilb tbc honest dc^rc tu a::quirci cxalitxi information, 

Al Uflt thfi tftJk came to an end, and even BUnchet got somehow 
te klc% that it wns limi* to lie gning aw.iy. Victor nccomjianipd 
■la £u i» the doorway, ^nd they atuud fur ^ momctit looking iniu 

"YwtuvDn*t fartogo, Ihopc?" 

*\\ not far ; not exactly fAr," ilie poet answered. "* 111 find % 
0i»I«i4ic vyi To-monow, then, you'll come with nic to Mis* 
4^&? Voti noedn^t have aay hc»taticn ; you ivili be quite welcome^ 
IttftrcyciL \'\\ call for yon," 

"Come to brejkf-iM, then, at tfcveWe," 

"All n^x" the complacent Jllanahct answered, hia earlicf awe 
-hHo^gtven place to an easy tannlEarity \ " J1I come." 

Hr noddled and wott his wjy. Victor Heron look^ for a while 
who tall, slender, and piiceful figiJrc. 

*Hc* xk hondflotne fellow/' Heron scid in himself, "and a poet. 
■•< 1 cwi eaiily {iTUigine a girl beitig in love with him, or any number 
^fjirk She is a very ftne girl, qitiie out of the lonimun irjck. She 
"•■t be very hajjpy. J almost envy him, Nof I don'l ; what on 
■*ifi have 1 to do with such nonsense ? " 

Ut letumed to his room, and sal thinking for a while. All hit 
'WW worrying and giicvancc-toongering seemed to have lost 
~ictcr wrnehow, and become prosaic, and unsatisfying, and vapid, 
*filfM)t>eemmiich to look forward to, that sort of thing going on 




394 The GrrUieman's Ma^stn^. 

Ciurrnt XL 


Marv BiANCEiET «a^ for Ih^ itme, one of the luppioi 
on the tii\i\\, when shr hnd to bcsiir hcndf, on chcir return 
next day. it* nuke prcpnTulion^ for ihc IcM-icading (rf bcr 
pocmn. To hcctr Herbert's poenu read wu a delight wl« 
only be ei*:*llj;d by the pride and joy of having tbcm re* 
an audience. She had so long looked ujk to Minbh as 
and ^ princes, that she at btl came to regard Iicr aa tb 
jirbitrcu of Ihc destiny of any ojie hclonKinp lo the Blanch 
In some vague wny she \\s.d made up her mind that, if K 
only ^vc llie woid of LomuuiiJ. the youn^ iM>ct"a ttY»l» 
forth \o the worldt and going forth must of cotinc be tVa 
Uieir proper worth- Her pride was doubleedged. On ' 
\\iv^ 'OfAt Iha |>oct-ljroiher Id show to her friends ; on ihat 
friend who was to be the poct-t>TOlhcr'» palconno. Her 
VAgula, blandula/ floated oM that day on U:c s&Ifron and tok 
rifiing joy and lame. 

Nor was her gratification a( all diminished when Herbert 
CiiHed very early lo tra^e permission to hrin^ Mr Hcmn 
aod when he obiaioed \i. Blanchel hid ihoughc it ptiidcnt n 
merely on the ctase friendeMp with'Mii* Grey of tihich he hJ 
a liLtk- too vaizntmgly 10 Victor the rlglu before, ^nd it Meant 
ft very necessary precajLion to caII and ask permission to I 
his friend. He was fontinntc cnou^fh lo find Minoln not on! 
but even vvlkit Mary migljt huve flioiighr, if she had contfe 
mailer* suspiciously williifcg, 10 receive Mr. Heron. In trotf 
liud in her mind a little plot to do a jcrvice to Mary BUz 
her brother in the matter of the poem*T and she had ihoo^ 
Heron a* the fcindh'est and likeliest person sht knevr to | 
bclpinj; hand in the cairjirg cut of her project Miiiy, not 
anything of this, was ycl mudc more hfippy than before bj 
s]>ect of having a handsome 3-oung man for one of the audic 
liaa been s.iidalready, she Ilie kindliest fedLngs to bandftoi 
men. Then the presence of another Iblcncr t^'ould tn^kc 1 
rfviJte ^n ^(bsembly ; oimosl, as she observed in ^-rtle ccst 
than once lo Minola, as if it were one of the poetic coQie* 
Middle Ages in which min^tiels s<ing and peerless kdics av 
prize of &ong. 

So she bu:ii&d hcnd( a^i \Vl% tqqtwui^ to adorn the K 

Miss Misanihrcpc. 39$ 

.'(ten fit Car the urne; nT a poertV Iniimph, Slit? tlMled away 
VDCtftTuC Gardeti and £0t poti of growing flon<n and h^Lndfula of 
I ■« A9»<^*' to scatter bcrc and there. She hnri an old guitar which 
*riedt^)o«edon the v>fa with ^ddightrun)^9ni«ticorc1ctsn^t«,h:3ving 
jtU it hi all manner itf pntllions before ithc drddcd on the nn<jl one, 
[Bilktcli ihc fOTgctAil hand of the miuici^Ti was iuppo^cd to ha>« 
'bcdlcttlr dropped it. All the books io the prettiest bipdings— 
«tfcdil]y portM — ihe bid abou( in coTisiiiciions pl.trcj;. Any ntiirlcs 
Ofippuct — bonnets v^rapi, and aiich'l]kc,thaE might up*^ Anordiiuiy 
OoCkUcn bjiTC been seen on utblcs or chair»— were ejircfutjy stowed 
ivn]rntl»cir proper teceptad^— cx«pt, indeed, for a biighc-coloured 
ikid, vhtcht throftii ||;rai.^ritI1y acroii!^ ^in arnt of tlic scifj, mndir, in 
C«ajaiiciicii with tht; ^lIju. quite an artistic: pkturc in itself- Keu 
\l« l^uitu, too» in a TnomenI of fiudden tnsijimtion, ihe :]Tr:inged a 
ifcv^ctf Nola'* — a glove onlyonrewoTn^ .ind ihorrforc for r^ll pinoiiil 
tftrl M good as nrw, while liaving Mill the prelty %hnpc of thcowrei'* 
lad ciLprc«icd in il- M'hal can there he, ^\axy Blanchct thou^t, 
mn wimome to look at, more suggefttivtf of all poetic ihouBhi, ih;in 
AeetfeUfd^'lj'iDg glove of a bcniitifiil girl? Bnc Khc took good r^re 
jWtDcorwjIC tbe owncrof Uie glove on any tuch point, dr^ding 
|Vidhgood reason MinoWs ruthless seom of oil shams and pre ammged 

Uuy «iu X little piifiEled aboui the art-fixliires, if such an exprci< 
inaaa/beiued, of ihcroum, thdiamrd engravings, which belonged 
IbAic oiiTicr of the house and were lei wtth the lodgings, of which 
*dy were undereiood to count among the siieciiil attractions. She 
W a strong convtriitm tliat her hfoth^^r would not jidmir*^ tUern, 
iWildlhmk meanly of thcm» and say so; and although Muiobhcrsclf 
tHraod then made fun of them, yet w did not by any mcitns follow 
iW the should be pleased to hcsr them di^p.iragcd by a stranger. 
Abaot the iiuJl-p^ipci 5he was also a litllc timorous, noi feding *.urc 
li to the c»prc*aion which its study might call into her brothcr'a 
''total eye. She could not, however, remove the engravings, and 
dxnj inylhing with the paper was still more completely out of the 
Iwtiun. There was nothing foe it, therefore, but to hope that hi^ 
pJtty and hia audience would so engross the poet, as to deprive hia 
*JBofpcre?epiton for cheap art and ill-dietiplined colours. 

There w*s to lie tea, delightfully served in d.iijiiy liltJc tup% and 
^^^V could already' form in her niir>d an idea of ihc gmcetul figure 
*^id] Mmob would make aA £he offered her hospitality to the pcieL 
ADtknn, however^ began To possess her a* the d:\y went on about 
iHimMihility of MinoUiioi befu^home in tlioe for rtve lece^iion lA 



vrty goiid time, lookuij; livalihy ^ud brigliE, mih sume rain^ 
her hjLir, «nd paitm^ &way with f-ood-huinourcd coocctnpt 
g^aiione About an cL^horaEe change of drctc Mitu EUnchc 
have likwl her Ic.icler t(i amy herself m tome «Dfi of w^iy tin 
ftuggc:»t a quccu of bcAutyor princcaeorcultun or Other suchl 
creature* At all events, she would have Lkcd tratlmg hklits u 
pcriumc. She only sighed wlicn MJnola [>cr«]£lcd in sbt 
in very tjiiicrt cosnime. 

1'hc rattle of a hansom cab ^-ai heird 2t LuC— at 
thought— in leaiily a few minutes belctre tbe time apE 
and the poet and Mr, Heron entered. The poet was wnnewl 
and a little [jrcoccupied. He hiil ^ coiisitlerabic LuJk of nu 
in hb iiand- The manitscript was in itaclf a work of 4Tt,JEi 
already «7:pbir)ed to Victor. Kich page wai a large le^ 
raicljr rough and expensive pnper, and ihe Iin« of pMtfy, wri 
with cxquisLldy careful penmanship, occupied but X snaU 
plot, so to speak, of the lield of whiter The margins woe 
Ljiiaint fainasJes of dr^witi^ by th& poet hiratelf and variottta 
his brciiherhooii Sometimes a tlioughi, or incidoii, or pi 
the text was ilhtsirated on the margin in a few odd, rapid 
Sometimes ih& iiTtist, without having read the tesrt, con 
some faJii:y or whimsy of hb oim ; sonifiirae! it was a l»e« 
gram^ sometimes a curious ptr|)lrxcd pktorijt] conceit i now 
the&ce of a pretty womaiit and again, »omc bcnrildcring ' 
eccentric symbolism, about the meaning whereof jill o 

Miss Muanihropi, 


for Mr. BlaDdkcti soon aficr cnLcrmg the ruOm, Duiig 
into what ivna to have been n pocdc attitude «n the sola. 
foow nthcr avkvrjinUy on tli« suitor, ocd was i liicJ« wxed &t 
^hl of being maddo sctiu ridiculous 
>DC was uixioua th^it a bcjcbninji: of the Tc^ilm^ fihould be 
jnd no one seemed to know cx^ictty how 1o start \\. budderjy 
^het aroie, as one awakened from a dream, 
vf I bcs, Misfl Gie>'i for three Cavours?" 
bowed, and waited, 

I eamioc r«id b/ daylighL My poems are not made for 

Tljcy need i i>ccviliar ^citing, M^y I a»t that the window* !« 

, and the lam^is lighted? I :icc you have lamps/' 

fCcrtaiinty, if you wi^h ;" and Mjiioh i>rcmptty rang the bcM. 

ik you very mnrh. In (he second jilace, I would aik that 

of approvjtl or oihctwtsc be given as 1 lead, TUv whole 

^be the impreeoion, not any pirt- It must he felt v* « whoJe* ot it 

;fdt ai atl. Until the Jasc iine i« read no judgment ean be fotmed," 

lis was discouraging and even deprnsJng, bill everybody 

MinoU in parlioiular began to fear thi\l pocl& wcie noi sti 

IcM objecuctiablc thvin other men, as she had hoped. She 

MK tell vhy, hnt as ^he lisTcned to the ehild cf geniufi^ she 

nith a strange m^moiy of Mt. AiigustMs Shepivird. Kvery- 

that seemed fortnol and egotistic reminded her of Mr, AofUitiis 

^Ttei/ continued Hetbert, "wh(!n I h-ive finished the last line, 

paliaps, allow rac to IcAve you at oqcc. wiihom formality. 

It even spcikinR ? 1 oak for no 3ud<.ien judgment j thiit [ 

another time ; too loon, perhaps," ;ind he indulged in n laint 

But I prefcT to go at once, whi^n 1 have re:id a |xicra; iC 

\X^ of mine/' and he passed hia hand through his hair. 

liflgetciics mCr and 1 am overwrought li nuy not be so 

I, bat it ia so with me/' 

'I Gta nuite tmdeistiud/' the good-natured Victor hastened lo 

"Quite natural— qintc so. I have often worked myself into 

\ tliiie of cteiicment, thinking of things— not poetry, of course, 

cDloniaJ affairs, aiid vam\\ Avj Btuff— that I have to go out at night, 

and walk in the cool air, and recover myeelf. Don't you 

>0i sometimes, Miss Grey?" 

^Oh, no ; I am neither poet Dor politieianf and 1 have nothing 
think aliout^' At the moment she thought Blancliet a iihaiii, and 
^etoD mtber a weak and fooliab peisoa for encouraging him. What 
you luvc of men^ 


Mid ntiofiti-d titc [irrvmliii)^ idrrM Andj>urpaH; 
of yd hardly kiicwn uiti»t» in verse and <:olout lo ithoia it 
pridt to belong' Hu poinw t>i;lon^L-d to tvhat mi^t be ci 
iitcratureofdiieMi*. In principle, ihcyiaJd to ct^rrvpttott. ''' 
ray Either," and to the mjitn, '^ Tliou aii my mother and nj 
They dealt laigcly in gnv<» Aad ccipaest uid th« Jove» of d 
andihcRWGct virtU9«of ain, and the Joya of dtspoiruid d] 
Tliey uiught iliJt there i,% no truih hm paradox, Mr< 1 
read his euDtribuiionii with great c06ct ; In a voice mom' 
oov threatening, now fitorming fiercdy, now creepin£ oloof'l 
of the lowesr hoarsif^ness. What Amated MtnoU was, to | 
Any nmn could h^ve so little sense of Llic itdiciiloiifc, ah tolH 
PX ihvDVJGh iHch a performinci; in a amotl room before thlCI 
!n a crowd lh<jre mighi bo courage j but bdore three ! 
wcTidcTfiil, She fell horribly inclined to l.ktigh ; but the J 
eyc« of the poet alighted oti hers and fit^un^ tIkcxD ereiy I 
then ; and poor Mur>', too, she knew, was VAtching her. 

It n.X'i vcr>' trying to her- She «ndi;»ivotiT«d to ^1 hi 
mih serious and ^^t\ thoughts ; arid tlie could not keegi 
from thinking of the scene m Richtcr'a J^djalirt, nbctQ'l 
of the eccemiic u&uior ar« trying in fiercfi nvilrj- vho ( 
the r^T*it 10 shed a Tear for hi* loss, in presence td the 
the :\itncsscs. ;ind therL-by earu the le^^cy to whjij) 
perating comlttion wass atlAched After aJI, it is prvUU| 
Te^tTAin -1^ lan^h than 10 pump up a teflT. cvprciMt^U 

Miss Misanikropt. 399 

btt p«cultaficjr bectme of no gieiitcr tntercft than if his likisg 
bcto for bibici. Wlx^r ii vt^^i iimdedc^r ihacvrh^T oiht^r pcc^ple 
^*lkd ludcou»ic««. lie called beauty, ii did not accin lo matter 
''iidimorc thxn boncsl FiiiIcoMbriiJ^'» (JcicrinuiuticD, \i ii man's 
be Joho, to caB him Peter. 
Tbc puct MEiictutiea clutcd h]S<^yes for a nu'mtttf together^ An^! 
hb hand upon hia brow, whik dropa cf [Jcr:iptrat]on stood 
Aintutlj on Hii livid forchr^td. But he look brenth i\^\\\ nnd went 
«L He eviileiilly ifiuughl hit aiitlitnce tould not h;ive entiugh of It. 
3^ pl>cm wa*. la &cU a chaplcl ul' ^liuit 110 cm- Leads, Many of its 
ppBtnge* lud the peculiarity thnit ihcy ctmc to v. sudden cod ouLCtly 
tfccQ Ae listenen tufposcd that the mterest of the thing nas only 
.^oia(j Ct> U^iii. VVhctL u pjj^e w;jx emlrd Elie pocrt lifted if, ^o lo 
wilh ibc sadden ^^i^x\ of one IianJ And ^rm. :i5 thougli it were 
Ething hea^y hkc a xhidd, .md then ttung it Itolu lum looking 
l|r tnto th^ e)-c:i of tome one of the three- lisiener^ the while* 
ft^imility iiuprcMed Mjr> Bl;iu<;hcl inimcdlitely. It spcmed 
very pMsion miA wrestliii;; of poetic inspiiation \ the prophetic 
r tu«hing into action through the propJieL 

MUiob untc ar twite gtaii(i:d .it the fate of Viciof Heron> At 
lirsc il w^ full cf rcapectfut and anxious uttciuioii, diiinialcd nuw and 
by A tudrlcn thicker of surprisi^ Uf ]::Ltc theac feelings :ind moods 
gmduilly ch;ingedj and ;iftcr 3 while the settling- down condition 
fiod ctenriy Airivcd. At length Miks Grey could see that, while Mr. 
H«ron atiU raauuaiocd ad attitude of the moit courteous attention, 
his ears wtw decidedly with his lieart, and that was (ax away— with 
laiB Qwn gii<vancc ind the Si, Xaviefs Settlemertt*, 

Al hat it wM over Hie dose, fur ill didr previous prt-paration, 
tO€>k the small uudienee by surprise- It came thus , — 

I flfckci <i\mf |1]v(^— WhrtT ii liare? 
I ntk^i of <Ivcfly — Ait thtiu life? 
And tifolght— Aft IhoutUy? 
Did ihvy anivci ? 

Tb* ptWE looted up ti'itli eyes of keen and almost fietce iaciuiry. 
The audience i:iuailcd ii liiilf, bui,not feeling the bunlcn of response 
tluuivA Upon them, resumed their e^pccuni attitudes, waiting to hear 
wbiU the various omclcs had said to their poetic quctitioner, But 
ibcy vrerc taken in^ if one nitghL use so hontely an eitpreiiion. 'I'ht; 
po(;ri) was all otci. Thai was die tieginnin^ and the end of it The 
poct fitJnjC Avay hia la:(t iJagc, and ^ai^k dreamy, cxhannt^d, back into 
bU chur, A lEioment of awful silenci; succeeded Th^n tv^ ^>i\^t:d 



ivn t^i:uici< 

''He rtads very wdl," Reron satd at lagt **A 


thmk — dor*t you? He tliTDiirx hiA xoul intt>il Thu's 

"It is," said MJnola, " if it's much 10 throw— Oh, 1 do 
ivhat I mean by iliaL But, how do you lilce the poems ? " 

** WcTJ, 1 am sunc ihej must be very fine. I sliould ni 
the judgment of some one cUc- I should tike to hear yga if 
You tell rue what >-on ihink of thtfm, and then 111 Idl yoi 
<?hi1dren say." 

" I don'i care shout ihcm/' said Minok, shalcing bcr he 
" I have tried, Mr Heron ; but I can't admire them. I can' 
originality, or poetry, or anything in ihcm. 1 cctikl noi adn 
^unless a command came eipres* from ihc Queen u 
them good," 

"So you read Ihe Misanf/j'vfit^Mdli^^t Mil 
said eagerly — having r.iughc in a mnment Minola's « 
allusion to the duty of a loyal crilic when luidcr royal commi 

"Yes, I used to pitss hilf my time reading it; I ha^i 
grovrn into thinking that L have a sort of coisyright in it ; i 
my chief hercif Mi. Heron," 

" I wish I werelite hEm," said Mr. KeroQ. 

"I wishyou were," she answered gravely, 

*' But J am not — unfortunately." 

*' Unforlimately,^' she rejieatcdj deli 



^B A/iss Afisittitiropr. 401 

fr: if t did. I don't think 1 could fldmirc th^nt" 

W then— wbst"do ycni nir*Ji? ' 

pae can fed i^uch jHictry in every blink vf ininrilunt; even 
i Centre, and o-cr>~ Lrcntli of wind, and cvity stray rccal- 
inw S*^^ bO(>le ihAi on« ha« rctd — when oni- wAt >'Oung, 

TVat lioetry never is brou^^lit to ilie ^wful lest of lieJiig 
n uwl read out 1 do uo feci for Mr, BJancha ; I aup- 
mifi teemed glorious before titcy tvcrc written out.'' 
think lhe>' seem glurioitu lu liiin cwn sliH," 
Ido— and to Maiy. Mr. Heron, tell mc l^onchlV ai^J 
CUtton — arc you really a judge of poetry?" 
" niil HtTon. " r adore ;i ffiv uld ^loets iinj one ortwo 
I oOiddii'l ttll wby— ind tliobc iJiai I ;LUii|ire cvcriyUxIy 
SO IhAt 1 c^n't pretend tn TiiyKcIf dint J have any 
My opininiiH Mist Grey, uti't worth a ruih/* 
gidd to hear It — very, rfirither i« nunt. So yon lee 
both of UB quiic mistakcJi About Mr- BUiichei'» poema." 
irae wc niay»l dare lay we are : in fact^ 1 am qa;ic «ure 
d Heron, growing enthuiiaitic. 
at, it [* jHjsail>!e- Nuw, I have been thinking^—'* 
pu have l>ccn thinkioc ?" 

t know whether I am only goin;; to prove myiielf a busy* 
J Am CO fond of Mary BLLtmliei^" 

^inte right ; ^o Am I — I nican, I like bcr very much. But 
I think ofdoini:?" 

ifon« could do anythliig to get these poents published, or 
I'm some ^-iiy— if it could he done without Mr, Rlanchet's 
orifbccouldbe got toappfoveofjt, and wasoot loo proud?" 
It i hAve been thirtking of already," Victor ^\d. *^ 1 do 
jhame thai a ftjlovv shouldn'Miave a chance of fighting 
ff llie Willi Q]f a few uictchcd jjounds/' 
jUd I am now that 1 6pokc of ihta to you \ Then if J get 
flol yoifll help me in il?" 
I everj-thing — dfli^hted." 

nt you must understand mc- This \^ for my dair old 
JT Wanchci'— not for Mr. BUnchel j J doo't particularly 
bim, in Owt nort ot way, aJid ! fiincy that men generally 
tvi^f ihrtnielves ; hut I tjn't liCJr to hiivc Mary HUtiHiei 
d. and that \a why [ want lo do aomcihing. Now wi!l you 
i mean, will yoa help mc in my way ?" 
help ^ ^^y "'^y y^^^ IJkcfp ^i tongas I ;un allowed to hel^ 

J don't ijdiic \im\cr^ua\i\ wiiat you mean." 



7}ie GtnilemaWs 

^^" Don't you? 1 iviih you did without bcifig told lo tvit^k 
^Hily. Well, my K.ivy Bltnchec fs protid : and tlioygh she mla 
flcccpi for her hroihcr n helping hand from mc, it vronld be t^asK 
tiiGetent thing vrhcrc a jimngcr was concerned. In plain En^ 
Mr. Heron, whalcvor moiwy is lo b« pud must be paid bf iim;« 
ihprr nhall br nn p!or. Now yftii nndcTKtind.* 

^' Vc«, ccruinly , I quite tindcr^und yourfecliogi. 1 tfioiiU^ 
liked ' 

'■ No doubt \ bnt there are fto many thing* one cotild haxe ttcd 
The thing i* now, wifl you hcli> me — on my conditions >" 

"Of couri^c I wDl ; hul whit help can I give as you have wdov 
things r" 

"There arr ever no m^irty thiugi; m<^awhicb 1 couldn't do^ m 
^hoN]dn't (?\'en knnw how to go about : ftc^ng publishcn and pnMCI 
and all thai kind nf work."" 

"All tlut I'll do with pleamvc ; and I am only Sony tbit ft 
limit me lo ihsl. May I nslc, Miss Grey, how nld are}Wi?' \ 

"What on c4rLh hu that to do wiih the niatlcr? Shall you ta 
to give tlK puhliahere a cerLificate of my birth ? " J 

"No,it'f]noE for ihar. But you seem lo me a veryyottDgw^M 
and yet you order people and tilings as if ymi were a matroft'l^l 

Minok 5n>ilcd and coloured a httle. '^ I hare lived an odlfl 
lonely &ort of life," «he (aid, ''and never lenuaed tnonncn: pcAi 
that k the reason If I don't please ym, Mr Heron^lnnlt^ I 
bhan't tiy." 

There voa somcthinjc at once constrained ond sharp m bet tBi 
ncT. Kuch a& Heron had not observed before She eecnied dUM 
Honiehow a* s!ie spoke tfie*e vinpropiiiatory wonJjt \ 

" Oh, you do please tnc," he said ; " sincere pcopte afwajr ^fl 
inc. Remember thru I, loo. admiTc (he J/'j-twAW/^." Jfl 

'^ Ye^T very weU : 1 am glad that you .ngnec to my tcmw ;-'4il 
are fell o*-*^n spiral ors ?" 1 

" We ate . and " i 

"Stop! here cotues Maiy," 

Maiy Blanchet came hacV, Her faee hnd a curiou^y ckffcod 
expression. She herself h;iil been filled niJi tvrtr>d*r and dr^gtal 
the reading of her brother's pocm^ -, but »hc hod Kno^a Jktiooli M 
enough to be si?, sensiiive to her mood-t nnd half-implied nMHlj 
^^ the dog who caichea from one gbnre at lili nuutef'f ^atm 
knowledge of whetlier the [luuter is or is noi in a temper niiBU 
phy. Mary had done her very licst to reatturc bet biothctiS 
she had rot heT&eUUUc\M\t«^u^«^t^'^\%ttaoU>adinintio& ' 

Miss Misanifiropc* 


" Mary nUI, looking beseerhingTy xi Minoln, incl Eh^n 
at Victor, «t if to ^ whether he would net cnmc to the 

" tt* havt been ulkifig:*" Minola wid, with a resolute •fforc, " we 
hcf« talking — Mr. I^loFon and I— about ynur brciificr*s poems, 
i Bad wc dunk Jiai the public ought to have « chance of 
^iq; of' Ihcm.* 
Oh, tbtfik you f" Mary nchim^, ^d «ht clasped her hands 

*Vc«» ^[r. Heron jiay» he is clc^ about th^iL" 

*! vas Kurc Mr. Heron would \^" *^id Mujy, ^vith btfcomuig 

la htT twoihcr. She w;iR not cagtr to ask 3ny mtJiT f|iif^iorns, 

tbc tcti connnced that when Minola^ Grey said the poctnt oii^t 

|> bcfotc tfae public, they woiniLd Aomehow go ; ami eJie saw ftiin^ 

her brother in ihi? near dtstlance. She thought %\\c kiw someihing 

lioo, 9A Kcll 0^ fAmc. TJic interest whtcli Miiiol^ look m 

1 pocmi roust suixly betoken some interest m Hcrbcn him- 

Sbe bitBF ^veU enouj^h, too, tha! there is nothing whieh >o 

tonae womm lo hive mm as the knowledge thjit ihey are 

and hclpttig the oieit. This subject of love the little poete»!4 

iDSg and quaintly stttdi^d. ^bc had fdlo^'cd it through no end 

and romaDces. ^nd lain aw;ike through long hoius of many 

conndenng it. She had suhjcfted ic to severe analy^t^j Lring- 

to tlw lid of the andy^ing protcss that gil\ of imagination which 

ivtIt pctmitled to the hard scientific enquirer to employ to any 

Sh« had piaarefl herself as the object of all munner of 

under every concciifthlc variety of dreiunstAnccSn Love by 

; love by ihe slow degrees of steady ^owlh ; lore pressed 

ber by ardeni yooith : gnv^ly tendcreri by n dignified maiurity 

nntflhercotnin^, lud never known fudi passion ; love bending 

U> her from a castle, lookirta up to her from the cottage cf the 

;"lo*c in every form hid cried lier in laney, and she had 

and veted henelf in tonjariny up its various etTecis upon her 

ility, i3ut die general result of the pocicsi's sclf-cKimination 

cbow Uut die love nhidi irould most keenly touch her hcntt 

that which ^-^i-i bt^rn of passion uth.1 r<]nip,i5S]on rmited- 

ii tij wy, whom »lic had hdpeJ, ,inJ patronised, and aaved, 

be lbs nUD ahc bwt couM Jotc, Peihapn Mftry Jilnncliet'G 

hftd sonethiftg to do witli this tum of feeling. The unufcd 

of dM maternal we^i, in her hrcaiil. to bJeiid wnli and m^kc 

^ c(]Tully nntatiiHed scnUmcoisof love; and her vogue iflca o^ a. 

datof^oinebocJyH'Jii^ should be husband &ndO\M iti <:nx^. 



fviancAci was cu uaucnoKC, ur m asxn viuvaivimT, uj ui 
sent of htT brother, whose proud ^piril migUc jierliaps rcr* 
ftuch patronage* even from friendly- h:uMi$- MtuGre^ w 
ihe cast- U was soon a vei}' gnitifying ihing lo ihe ct 
lo know llial no objection nhutcvcr mras Wkcly to cooie 
Bl^ncheL. The pod Accepted the proffered fi^vour not 
readinews but wiih joy, and was pfl.ninib.rtjr delighted and 
wli«i lie Icanicd from Maiy — what Mary wj» bpedallyoi 
10 tell him— that Miss Grey wos hia lady- pfttro ACM. He wi 
been alloived vaguely to tindeniand that friendii and adanirt 
name raight have iK'cn I^^ioii— wtre comliined lo ftecore 
him- IltLl M^ry, in the pride ofhci hc^iU told him all tbc 
her brother wik grcaily pleased and \'cry proud. The onlyi 
he made tva« thnt rlie poem^ should be brought otit m a cci 
■nrkh sucb paper^ such Tkuirgirt^p such binding, ^<I »o uu : ac 
the pattern of ftnother poet's \vc1k5, whereof htvaa lofumi 

'*5he will be nrh one day, Mary," he wJd, "and i\ 
tu do something for Ait." 

"Will she be r:ch?" MaryasVed ratgcrly, •* Oh, 
She otight to be a princess ; she should be, if 1 were a que 
" \v% Khc'l! be rich — what yon and I ^votl1d call rid 
ciirtkssiy. '* Everything is lo he here, ivhen the 3te[iau 
and 1 believe she is in a. galloping conpnmpQon." 
'* How do you J:no% Herbert ?'* 
*'Vou asked nite to engiiire, you knov,*' li« 


.^.U, J TT_ r .1 

Miss Aftsan/irt^. 


cnxpTv.v, xrr, 

HcKO>r (ccmed to Mirola about this time in d fair way 

hii gTfMi griet^nce go by aliog<!th*T. Htr was filled wiih 

illy when lit liAiJ time lo lliiEik uliout It, but tlic grlcvADLCS 

y elic were always coming iwross hffi path, and dmrnn^ 

hU Mention ffom hit own afUira, MinolA vvry voon Dotiffd 

tjjimy in him, ajkI m fitsf cuitid hardly Wlii'vc in its 

\ it so coiiJlictcd with all her ftcccpccd chcoHcs about 

«lfithnCT*<vr m,in. But by watdiinR and studying his 

which she did nitli ^otne imticst, shf^ found th:U he really bjtd 

tnOKlM! Wc^kDCM* and she wis |>art1y u[iiUf>cd and p.irtly 

cd bf iL She fell anfcry villi him now and then for neglecting 

ova tafifc, like aDother Hylas, to pick u(i every little blossom 

iBefl {rie^nnre flung in his way. She pressed on him wjih an 

which their ^p^ning Iriendship seemed to waimnt the 

ity of hn doing auniiitJung to set his cause ri^-ht or ceasing to 

hiirtrlf ihnr he had a r-Tntp whith called for ju^tire. 

It would nol be ea-sy U> fmd a more singular friendship than that 

was g;TOwii>g up between Miss Grey and Victor, She received 

«t»crcTer he chose to come and see her. Many a night when 

Etiy BUndieL and bhe sat tog^rLlicr he wuuld louk in t^pon them as 

vtnt to Siomc dinncr-parly, or even as he came home from one, if 

Iftd got avay earty, and have s. few niLnuCes' talk with them. He 

often iit the affemoon, and if Minola did not happen Co be at 

he would neVLTthclcss remain and have a long ch.U with 

Kpy BlAiichct* He seemed alway:? in good humour wttb himself 

M CTiefybod^ else, except in ao lar as hi^ grievance wns con- 

pned, aod alwa>'« perfectly happy. It has been already shown 

although quite a ynang man, he conaidaed himscir, by virtue of 

tzpcn«iiGe and hia public c&veer, G\'er so much older than 

iIl Onrc or twirr he sent a throb uf keen delight tlirough 

Bbndicr» heart by speaking of something thai "I can rc- 

ber, Mi« JllaiKhcl, cind perhaps you may remember it — but 

Grey conhln't, of conme-'' To be put on anything like ctpial 

with him us to years was a delightful experience lo the 

csi. It *vai all the more delicious because there was such an 

ident genuineness in his suggestion. Of conrse^ if he had meant 

jay hcf a coinplimenl — such as a foolish person might be ^lti^*i 

but not she, th^nk goodness— ^hc would liAvc v^tlATiit^ Vi 



Thi Gcnilemaih Maga^m. 

ti^k her aa youn^ as Minob- Bui he liid done nothing ^'^ 
kind; and he evidently ihought thai the was about liie uac a^ 

At all events, and It wa* more to the purpose, he *rt Jown 
Grey AB bclonj;Lng to qviite a dt^crcnt stngc of growth {t<i^ 1^ f'', 
which he hjui amimrtJ. K« thought herftband&omc andi-tfjdntf^ 
girl, t^^ho had the additional «dvAt]lagc over oior^t other giili ihilM 
wjvir.Uhor tail, and that hcthcTeforcvras not cotupcUcd toiAoopivdl 
when sj^eaking to lier. He liktil wom«D jind giris gcncnilr' He 
hardly ever saw the vroman or t^irl he did not Zike. If he hjdki«n 
tbftt a wonwi was insincere or •vfFecicd, he would nui h^^vc Uiud ba; 
but then he never knew it ; he never saw it ; it ocvcr oc^joned Ml 
htm. Anybody could \v\\t &een that he vn« a tiuD who hu 
»UtCTS or girl-oiusin^, Tlic ma»t innocent ,ind nLtiuntl .ifTef tackaai 
wonianhood were loo deep for him to sec "nicrc ically 
great deal of tnith in what he had tajd to MinoU about bit 
theory as regarded wonitn. He mado no lecret about faU 
adialring hei — ihmkiiig hci very clever aud fictb and 
He would withoLtE any^ hc^iUlion htivc told her that he lilted fan 
of alt the women he kncr^', btit then he had often told her thit 
liked other women very niutli. He set-nied therefore the mxn wIimI 
apurc^id fearless woman, even ihoi^h living in MiiioiU'> iviitcn- 
djlion cf Bcmi' isolation, might fmnkiy accept as a fnend »M:i>L:thi' 
elightostfexr for the trxnquiUity of hiKhein or of hen. .\E 
had .ilw^y* in her own breast rcseiiletl wiili angri and roni<:;i:; [^-? 
idea that a miUi tnd woman can never be brou;;ht together aj>J niilofvedl 
to walk in the beaten way of friendship without their fortrjwrih 
driing otr into the thitkers and thorny plaoei of lo^t. AH 
ideas she looked upon as imbecility, Jiod seomc<l, " 1 dost 
moil" she tiacd to say lo herself and oven to oihcra pretty dcdy- 
ncver eaw a man lit to hoH a eandle to my Alcctte. i ncva 
the man who seemed to me worth ;i womnn'it troubling her h<