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/ : '<• 


LOHBOR : J. B. K1C10LI AND M)>f, raiMTtlft, 95, FARLIAHllTf aTM«T. 

WE are not avare, since we laat uldresscd gur rcAdcrs, tbat 
any event of such Uterury ini]jort»ii[.'e litu» taken place, or any work 
in art of such j)ecuUar merit hu Ijccn published^ ss U» <]ettuiTid 
from UN n »eparat« conal deration. The stream of knowledge kccp« 
fioning on^and the very»i1ence and !(C«a<linc«» of its course^ sbeirs 
its freedom from impediments. Thia is the situation in nhtcli wc? 
may cipcct to find literature after it hua been long established in a 
country, and baa bexm freed alike from the tratntncl?t of power and 
tlie fatal iriAuenoe of anpcrstitian and bigotry. Great workt first 
appcar^-the produee of ongiaal and powerful miiulH*— coutaintng 
bold and rapid oatlines of tbc various provirccs of knowledge: 
the in^iuity of Uter timefl !s employed in tilting np the original 
sketcbo, comptetiDg the vigorous but rude dc!>igns, and eorrcctang 
and anf^yuig the omissions and imperfections, from later sources 
of inforcoatloD. ThiH we take to be Uie prtimi »tatc of our li- 
terary progress; and the 4rslttbli-^hiaent of our numerous societies, 
each appropriated to some panicoJar line of inquiry, showK the 
presumed advantage to be drawn from their formation ; while the 
success vhich has attended them, is fully evinced in the rapid 
progress they have made, and the nutnerous rivals Uiey have called 
fortii. This proves that, though the tirst oehievcmenta tn science 
and art are made by one mind, the completion must be owing to 
the combination of many, tiut to be effective, it is necessary 
that exertion should be duly regulated and oontined withiii due 
timita. He who attempts too mueh» will probably fail in alU AVe 

btbenfore have consitlercd it wiae^ to adhere^ as much aa possiMe, 
' oar oqriginal plan ; or if we have demted from it, it is rather in 
the line of contraetion than of expansion ; for when our Magazine 
first founded, mftny institutions of science and societies of art 

%nd literature were in tl^eir in&ncy, and pos^ssed no peculiar and 
appropriate channels of public communication. So that much in- 


formation passed through our pages^ which is now conveyed in its 
own more direct and exclusive line. Nor is this a point to be 
viewed, without feehngs of satisfaction : as all useful learnings like 
a well-constitnted state^ will flourish most amidst the prosperity 
of all around it. We have an ample supply of direct information 
in our own pages ; and^ like our rivals, we profit indirectly from the 
general progress of knowledge ; nor do we fear lest the sources of 
our investigations should fail, while we possess the zealous co- 
operation of our present contributors, and the patronage of many- 
new and enlightened coneapondents and ^ends. 


K rLQ*lAin UMUir 


oentm:i\ian*s magazine. 

JANUARY, 1842. 



The" CambiiiseCrftdttftlca"— RobctUOnof SUf>vrvi ? 

WQKl>b~^'<mTH'— Poftkii or tut FAMCT-rouiovTHK Imaoivatiov.. J 

Monuimvl vT Jvu iVfttirw of W«bi, It D«n(n«b fvi^A a Vifm-i IT 

Oh Awcmm- DoviHrtr Ppuvitcbi.— S*Im at lb* Piryor'* Bank, INilhun, 

tadm Emc Retiar^ fuHk tntr^il Ortt),, 19 

fin tW ntmber <^ M»Bkii»4 orifinftUy fttalod M 

AmcdIiMv* uf lb* CqvrL* uf Burnpi- at the doM of the luc Cenlnrf.— J. C. 
ftrBlitcr. — CoaM Ltk>e.^MAJjiiiic DuUrn- — Miwli]«. Rtacourt. — TJie Due 
^^Xjen.orU No*Uia«,^CbcTa]ter Rulkitsf.— Thtr Iron Muk.— f«iiul« 
Ua^ ol llanj^trj. — U'kW of Mohlc*<|uiou. --Dn^' de Jliron-— TIld Abb<t 
Oragoftrt.. — tumd — U'Aiinibfrt-^ Fmu^b Crimiaal Code. — ftUditintf 
TUfan-^PHttdpaUljr i>r Utimny,— Quvrn H<irtRii»r.— l:hinTi>rt-— I'he 
DHiborDbsU.^LitUr C»i.uMtD_M*A4aw 4* UooilMal.— Krronof 

the KdiiororSviMUrnc-Mr. ilujiklmjii ffk 

IMfinl iMUrcfUir aotodoiu Tbomu Paine * 34 

CWiilKa* L'»«oa» in UotiiaoaTlablr*— IL* Uarry LmmiA <■ II 

Ibrtorrof the Vdifalc of Pope SliUtt V U 

TW miioir(Si«a(ftcaliiMiofd'4«nd«4A!«ff , 43 

AMkBiaad Kfnurltbk Ififim in Narviuh tod lU fkinitr 45 

VniliaMion td the tiUmy V\iM!»cinx ut Rlihoi> llurd ...* >•**** 4G 

ll**l&a«ri<^>v« ReviKw.— Dotkrnf'i PniufT.j»> XGt^C., .. .>..•■•«.. «-•■. 41 

RKVTEW OP NEW miftlJf ,\l inNS. 
Mvi»rfi nad HowrlinUI fH^prJitci of Cn^tiiid tn tbo ThirtMAtli and nfUottli 

Librr LuiUiTrdtUi ^'t ; IjcwiVp ll3iiitlritiou> <vf Kj^jifirk Church, 57 : Pu- 

Vtlbet'f PUba4uB7« (JiS J B»nirk» on FottivHiLKHv (.liurdi, iS'j : Vtf «« and 
CotailK of SUaton llarcnntt Church, 67 ; KiuLL|Jr* o( KnfamUc iniM, tid ; 
Waririeir'* Hoov of CorDBtat, "ijii llevitt'i To^rr ArmorUt ,, , . O^ 

PINR ARTS-^Tli^t Raj&I Aniivnif.— 'Pin? AHa CAtninibiofi-^'OririnjiI V^n, 

lura o/Uo^r*^^* »afTU|:«'B-U-modr'-"StainCft tilaM al W^ke Kc^i Ac^ TO 

UiurmlLf lultflUjffacT, R47U au«l SoCaaIck! Sori<tli», Ac. ...,,.■. T4 

AKTtQU.VRJAN UtCfiEAHCllBA.— SodilT of AMiquuu, NiunJaniatii: S»- 

Ctety. AiK*knt AniUrrT,&o, ■C(lMToir«r 77 

MIHTORJCAL CURONICLK— PurTi«oX«n, eS-'Domotk 0<??nrfoMM. M« 

Pfouociouud ("n/innAttf, 8M.— ^rOtf, «<»'— Mirrug«i .«.. fXl 

OBITUAKT J *rtllt M«a0ln M lbs rrincc bi 3l0fiar« ; Mur^uoai of LoiUu ; 

Eulof llrtdnf; Karl ti/ Klfpu unci iCinrarftin** ; Karl af ||mre«K^ - Rct. 

tiir J. G. Tbtnai, Dart.: Lleni. .fink, Sir Jowph FuD^rrL Orwiml Whir. 

I , CaM. T. Oirlh. R.N. ; John Dan^n. F.«|, ; f^ii Prand- Cluaifcr : 

T'O.P* Nnu, D.D. 1 O. P. 8altt< Caq. I Frufif Huior, Em i R^«' 

na; Tkaoua Dlbdia, Gaq !»-nO 

Ct-nmiT DKCcaiiD, 111,— UeaTni, arrmn^vfl U Conndn, I IT 

AUta/MArUtty-Uarb^U-Prioft ofShana, H^i Mfl«4r«1of;Ml Diorj-Slwlra 190 
Cbhrlltaluil viib Virvfe nf Ur l^tT0&*4 Bavk* Fih.hav, unit Iht MrtUDOtmE <4 iht 
rauc>L«4 J^rtrv r>( llrtrMAftiM; anil «Kh htfrcKfttMWwof Tiriou* Aitklet of 


Oqo of our efTTctiMikilGDCv v\Att to b«* 
\atontw4t fr^m w\M irntvr IW Pnnrti 
ntnct on UiO Trtmij c^r WcopbilU In 

Or, if that cftDaot Ik pointvd out, can the 
blfbniMdlou DoaUlnriu bi list paaH^v be 
•uppliedfram aor oth«rirnt«r? 
TUe Hev. Irvis Eli-eh, author of the 

tlUlOrr of Dtlvijir Cullfi, l»foTiDBiu tliat 

the porlnit ofCkiMorr nt tbit Bmuikiii, 
vhirh hf »tilL judfM U> be Of ooiuldenble 
tnrAquilf. i> nnl pdolaJ (a of; .>i inod- 
Tcrtenilj >ut«d In cut Ocl. numbrr. p, 
j;i>» witc) bul tn cmjonH. Sint-c our 
iiDt« vai ttrittrn.ira hmvipcTiB fjii^ tintlc 
tron tbcorl£ioUUittit DillUb Muwum, 
in Mr, Shn«*B " £>#«>■■■ «ail DocontigrD* 
of tho Middle A«n." 

C W. uik« for InfonnAtioik rriMCting 
the dcMMtilasIs of Oilordoa d«ldgU. vtio 
ttvbaraa tfrf Vtgt4a» in Cuicbcirland, In 
the limr of Htnrj I>. »nJ nho, •ccordlof 
fi rinnli-n, ffrtinifnl tlii* rhurtli lh*rr, 

O- O. uU wliOM loa wii tU>brrt Cha- 
Hortbi vhi»v<t«u|[1it0rin«rni'il Sl( Nkbt^ 
lasWilford, (MAit]iindiiritr4&L WylTordG) 
Lortl Ma; or of L^ondOD in MAO; ud ttso 
1^0 n^titiA of tb« inxhct ud nothrr, 

EndfatbcT aod enuidtivatber i>f the nid 
btrt Cbanrorth? Ho htt cnnUnod 

ThnrotflD'* PndjgTTK af riymwortti, nndt-r 
Anodlcjt tut cAEi And n<>thbs rrUdoj; 
U> falin, nor ]rrE fmm iho FcdlKren in the 
ColtpCfi of An&L 

M. A. L^ itMl foti olUgcd to aaf retder 
of the G«iillcf»AD^ MAfttJUOO to- noluo* 
rtopcdiDit Antbonjr St. L«iE«r. £m. of 
Sliiidon, CO- Susan, of «rha*c wilL, dited 
G Ucl. 133E>, Vid prorrd ■( Chic'br^trr, 
Ibc foUowlbC it ui hbfltmrt- " AnMionj 
SflQttrsirt Eaquyrr. Mj htMlj (o be 
bvri^ m Ibfi ciiarrh of Mjrndoo 'beftife 
Uio pkv of oV LmJt / 1 bfqaoUh ' lo th« 
cbucch of SljDtlgu » b««lii 4iid imtt of 
pc«trT. Ti7tlMBMtherdi«robofrit|bara, 
iu'. To thf «o|h«df«lebfin9hofCMoh«^ 
Icr. Lm*. u)d tbc^ lo Lbu* for way toU * 
tolcmpor^ n>aiAC Iher 1 will Mue xx^ 
pntlJ to Biy muan, dirl^t, *l Ibc day 04 
Hj hu«^fell, ahH tfq'y af llitm lakemill'. 
To Iho rrptira of llooghua bh^n.X*. To 
AnUBi Scnf k[«r, mj Iruvn «ud Und* in 
SSyrLdoK. and ii}', asd ^y abriinct in 
loooor to hj hjm a Uaek (ovoc And cote. 
mm^ xi' io siDiif to bjr Ua vlf a fOVM of 
bUik-**' A«ODg Xht nilarHct it Sir 
Aathosj S^jnOfffT. Knjft^t [^Ib* 1i*r- 
ter. Lord IWpvtj af Ir^Uftd. Uin|». H«fi, 

Vtn.. oaiAiiAmTOM^ftt lathfdUacda- 
Iftoa oftbomODaatralfa.) M.A- L. laooi 
tkwtrv tt titty prrrmua atttlfmrnt of the 
fandlf ID !iu>Aci, 4nd, aa the Inttfor ap- 

pvantn b4v*4li#d wm4 prair (un1#rt (n- 
dnd tho Andionjr S. mined in tlie «Ul 
TO hia 4on)t It b pmbablo that tha roa> 
DKCion of the fatntlf wkh the coontv 
crf4««d on Ihi* d«Mh of ibU itkdiiMuala 
Aiitt. JuvtrUtu. Wliflkgcd to the hiriH of 
tho Vbc<iuEitt Donanile- Cairtirright 
tnalt^v no mealitjo of blm> 

SvbiwiiiHHih bfls* loBvo rtfpectftllty 
to aucctit to th« netl'trarr of the Vat* 
Vtrwtjr or Cambridge the proprlrCT of 
pubUtlitflQ a nrw rdtHon of th« Uraonati 
Cnnubrici^Titr-i^ Tlio laat odlCum of tbil 
'*try on-ful bouk uf referefMwwMpuUUbcd 
Kith tmt e«r# and abUitT, in ieV3, bj 
tb« btQ aotiablf ud biKhlr cilcawd 
Arfialrarj, Wn. HniltT. Eiq. M. A., 
Fdjor of J«nu Coll. ; ind « hen il is coa- 
•idercd hov Urge ■ onmbw of Ueynoa 
hna been nnnOBllr oonf»md dbc* tM 
timo, the Dfocnltrof aoch • rofinhlkotloii 
iTin he at oace ajiparmL Thr pdldon of 
H^.lbrginaffOKa the jrv I6A9. bat in 
aay hitdft! edlHon It wouU bo hifjbly do- 
virabltf, f^ir lb« fiur|>o«oi uf bb|^r*phic^ 
Inqnirieit ttut the work ahouM be carried 
uurh bi^ticF. in fact, ai far aa nnj' trril- 
tvn rvoonlt rrmtin in th* Archiwa of ihe 

I'njwniiji of Ucgriva boTtng bnn coa- 

CvDiTEM »ay«, aa J. It. oncptirfa for 
oDf- BoroiiOE of the ftmiJf of Ro^rtaon* of 
Sifvirui, in Ptfrihiibtre. I <*imlil refer bim 
to Mr, Nuptar'a '• LAh nod Tlmr« of 
MomroK/' vbtre aomt *oattertd ootint 

■day bo fnunJ. It h tbffrv mritlio^sd (fk 
flB7). that " th(i irrt djie after lie dfoWod 
biouelf iia the liigUaiii^f tie vai ioioc^ 
by eifbt hwnJrvd mm of Alhol, tntioding 
tbo plUnI RubrrttoiMt comoandrd bj 
the ntor of Btrowan. the bioib^r^la-lav 
of ji>ini( Irchbrakiv,*^ Pairiek Q/oham. 
MonEroiD'a (omiii. At p- 401 oocvn c 
UUtr Ut thifl pvmo. whire vo am to* 
ftirmad is v ntrffi, ihM b« ««« Donald 
Robcftaoo, and " oru: of MoiDlnMc'a moait 
fiilVul ta4 efllr^eui colonfU Ifcroaghout 
thoK wtn." Mr. S. add*. IbitUwoom- 
obalonato bIm an j«t7tiant. Aip. ^^M 
Mr. M. tpBri&ea urn* tnfonulion W ham 
n^ittd. ooaceratoe the battk of lanr< 
lixh;. fram Jamoa RobcrtvA, Ee^t^i "a 
liueal d«iofadaM of tho tutor of Strowtn. 
vho ktl the A tbclmaa Bpoo that ouaikm." 
n« rvidy nf i'wwm to J. R. k 4gaia 

wioiohbblf poaipoaod. 

The MiawwnliMt&on cr Miiifra«iH|t| 
b nry arofftaWa to ih« pvtj ii> khoM it 
«aa addeoMfd, aad ke tefo^ocacc^ to coa- 
ting kb aaalMacKv- 

D«. ^ ^:e. iw i nf nt. 9; fcr Ban 
Relfciri. 'vo'T Eaal Hrsd/f^. 



WORDSWORTH* Poku» of mv Fjlxot, PofM« or tub Itf Aoixmotr. 

FEW r»rl«rB of Rn^lUh poelrjr cui h« ignonmt of the rtitlmtttoa 
wliicb Uie |ioei, wbuse [lanuT n? bnrt pWrf) it tlic beaJ uf ifiis article, 
COilciViMnt to enUhiUh Ixtwrcn iUa Knhcy nnrl Ihc luUk^niUioii— 4i« 
facalTin or jHvircrB vf tbe bnmiin mmd : aiid loiuc Uait.' prr)iA|iB cxcriincd 
thrir critirtl pcni]>iruHt^' in Hti^(iij>1iiig to avocrtjun Hith whnt connUtent 
WGiinqr tlir pot-ti iu tb« cooipoiicioc oT llic pa«n«, ^rmiiKcd titi'lcr l>i(r 
hnds rc»pcclii«ly of Utf>c tvo tiippo&ed raraJtica, oiay lave oUentd Lu 
Qtt'H ttUunctloQ. 

For o«r cw D part«^ w« laust cnridjidly coiifcHJi, tiownvcr the conftfMiOD 
iiiMy d«n]f(bl4^ fn>m oor (in-tCDMon^ to n nice ptrccplicm ami Uvoly &«n»- 
Ulitjr, tliAt if u( )i4d not cUncvd to cutcrtaln souc ton|;;'dicmhL'il preton- 
eepuoas of our onn upon the dafluficktion oT |H>elicul illusory, wc nhould 
liavo been co utislicd with tlic bcnutic* to pfoftiH-lv vcAttcrod chrcnigh 
tliPM poom, dtkI mir ininilM «o alm>rlM*d ta tht* conlcmplntkin of them, 
that we *lKnild h^rc carrd little to in^v^t'i^tc, uhellicr they Wfm ititctidcd 
by Xic'iT autbof to be C0TiHid«r«d n» tbe pr<^e»y of the oii« facalty or the 

Ift iht conn* of o«r brief diftM>rUt>an, wtt abAll havtf occjnlon to prrtont 
(10 tile no vRiftll ^cifcfttioii. «e ifoubt not. ef many r«nil«n of the 
Gentlcmau's Magazine,) ttomc fetv choice apcdaiena cf the passages irith 
uliic^ nv have bt*en mote ^lartlcuhrty i1i-Ii|;hte4- 

HAtelcpmitt aod ingenious n'ntur, Mr. DugnM StCMart^* tppcnn tci 
have btxii the firxl irhn. in [noHrni diys. proposed to plaec Mr ntncy and 
<Atf Inaaj^DHtion over Aejuinitc provxtKea, aud to aa>l|(ii to e*cb a |HTi:uJiar 
jvrittdictioD. The pnafcs^or, after a lapM^ of nlxint f^Hly \^;ini, wan fol* 
howeil by Mi, T'iyEvr,t of N^mitb ^ nbo, nitbout a(iiiiiailvt'ititJ|; upun ilic 
rvfi^Ml ipvcuUltoa of Mr- Stcwiirt, expounds to ut a. divcriaiiiiEkiioik of hii 
DWn- It » TCry retitatkable — that thii l:itter experiment U cited and 
eMikiDcnIcil up;>n by the ToKT, while tbe former, Ihangb an cnr Iter and 
OM>rceUboratc eflbfl, i« Dot even rcfeired lo, md wis, not improb^ly, 
eitlter forgotten or unhpc>wp> If tUe Poet had tok^nintobU conDidcmtioa 
the optnioui of the ProfcMor, he would, it inay be bulieveJ. have found uo 
occasion to stait the obj^ctino, which lie urgci in Umirte ngainxt those of 
Mr. Ta)lor. \^t^ thnt th<' author's mit^d '' nu nithnllod by etyinolo^." 
ObjvxtiiMiti uf tbia kind arc too ficc|ii?nlly luttodrtl fLh<}nii;h tWy i-nnuot 
l/rr be iTLBpr^f^d at Soing ii>) to iujierteffe tbe trr>iiMi^ of > more r<Areful 
and uiLoatc cximiTrntion, nnd aUo to tntrk tbe mind of the todiifidual, 
a^alnit whc^n tli^^y may be adranced, with tic character of beiu^ too 
paitiii ai>d lifoited in it) ticwd to deserve any fcreatcr shft;e of ntlcntion. 
Fttt (lar iiMu piitt, hoAvver, vrf ibould not bo diiM'ooni(;vd by any f*<ar of 
a tioilar iinpuialioti Proiii tcsotiipft lo etyniolo]fy, A&iL ATailiny oiir«ckci 
oi ita BMtttiikcc, tf it ivouhl serve our |mrpo»e m to do, dot shall we, at 
^ — _ — _ _ — ^—^— — ^ — ' m 

• Rlnarnu otVtP PtaUoio|ihy cf tb« Hvom Mini), di. r. 

TkBFvnc^ mdthe Inutjfh'ttion. 


uiy oClHrr tiinc, wIicd ire lliiiik wo fan tkrivc from it Aity julvBAUigD to 
Ui« iiHiciines u|mii vthicli i*e may be cugngcil, 

Kevctliaf^ ti> ilto Biippfuitkni of Mr ^tti1All^tB originality, it tnay be 
t?l)ftcr>«iJj ill i'i>r)fitinu<i<;u <rf it| IliHt Df> Bckl, >i*bo I* tu be conBideTcd, 
Ihituuh nl n difTi^rriii unitYmty, ta bnte bn-n ihii pra-lrrTnr of 8cotc1i 
ioonLluiduietn(>1iyaic3l ptiiioaophy, cicprwiy MMcs, ihat wbAt bo flciMH 
minalci iht JkiA<'iN-Aiici\, uni formi:r])' c&Ued the Fancy, or PnANrA^y : 
And lie »uggcM« iiu tbitngc in tin- u»:kge^ Dr. Akcn» inlnxlacci hi* 
ciocfQcnt pifcia i>D tbc I'lcaiumi of tfru^rriOlivfi, with An *dilrisw Id " »- 
dolj^viil Fatten" aiM in the pro^c&a of bis wi>rk the nuaett are int«r^ 
cliangcJ, » it miitoiJ the tn^tv ur convcuiniof of t1i« mtluir. Addisoc had 
before bim, lu hh ndminiblc cnafs under tbc ramc tktke^ need ihe tiri> 
ounco ipdLM:ninlriatcly. 

It is not At all ofcvtsary hr cnir instant purposes to tinier inlci n rlUo 
founw on the doctrine* maintained by wctn of anliimt (ireck phdoftopli^r* 
nith rc«pect to Fanrj/,itr Fa/flasy, Tbc trord (<^ni^<i<7(n) wu, tovtllirr 
iritb Uic pbiloMiptiy of Ormrce, ImiArirrrvxt to liomc by Cicero \ but lie 
rnidors it into [^tin, not by iKnvjfirttrlio, to long n-ro^Uvd by o* lui ita 
tynooym, bm by Vuum ; and QuhililliKo by Vitjo. /nn^miro iloe« not 
ippeAt to bate acquired in il« iislivc »oiL tbtt " pliiJoeopbical ii»|Mirt" 
wbicb bai> b^o beAlonorl tijwn it« En^lt&li dcsc^ndnnt, bot it bcciMnta 
cotmnon In " that ^Mcn votuux-, i>«t uiiWiMihy or tLo kitnjra or Tully 
<a Hato/' ibc (^n^olAlki of Ilootbinv^" It had pti>bnbly aecjnirrd » r«rrmt 
couvertatJoaal Uuiilkrily i^i the Kiigiifib bii|;iuge long belote ihe ttnn^h- 
tinnof this volume bad been ci>uIeui]iUted Uy the Tctifriblo T^tlKr of 
Bi>gliiib Poetry ; but wc niay very |Hjiutibly |>[ctaid tluit {]tv pen nf 
t'bnn<vr cTirollcd it in our i-o<?nbDfnry in nil lh« |>liilaaa|kbic di|^(itiy uitb 
vrhkb be luuiid iC mvested in tfaf ori^ii^nl Lallo, It niBst not be i^imlteil 
ihst Alfred, '' ibe nitfst icloriou* nf Roglish Kin|^/' b^d tx'fore tritisUtcil 
Ibe vrrittogs or the Uqihaii M?nator and consul info tlic AngEo-i^oa of liia 
rwo liin«- 

Ic will be itilercttin^t uid may be instnictive lo our more rnrious 
teoden, if vre gnc them nn op|K»tluDJty of leafiai^ in wlisit pbilosopbsc 
aeecptation tbi* laiue word, non~ to rariouaiy iiilvrprGtcd^f uaa tbui iatio* 
Juccd to the &ci|itaiiita(ice of tbe Buliob seltoUr, 

Boetliiut wss an Krieetir, and eftCtavoored to combine lb4> philoMpliy 
of Plato nitli ibat of Ahulotli?, t And, agreeably to the ■y»teui whieti it 
vrna bii auibitiop to coitKtrnet, he severally e^tplainv Ihc Unr irm*^ 
:$AMVL'», iMAtJiM^rio, ^iiih, and iniciUci^. (lib, \~ Pr. 4<) 

SK!4«va eniiu hguram in «ut^M;ta lafltfria c^n^iitttiam ^ luAOi^fxtiu 
TCfO aolam lavc iDatrriajudicst Itfuniin : " For tfae U'lt % iScnsui^) com- 
^rcheitiJcib willmit th« bgufc (ui tlie body of man) iJiat U njatabliitliiHl (| 

* Oiliboa. 

t JdfcHMM hiv (tMf motfj fiatit inUfrnUltoito of ibc aMu Paa^i mnd fuar •! 
lva|Ui«Ciao: uic) /'ftitt amr^ be Mja, Punfj, I. lnin|tti«iUu« ; tnd luuxEmligu, 
I, rirtcf. iV<A«irt h«« iib« tf ^*not, anJ Atc of limgiB^tMA. Ilk Ar*l ■/ IW 
TCTb " 1o imAtf\M/' b. to fom • iwliiMi o' Hn ia tht ntinl ; lo rancjr. Wr na 
ImaeUw, be wth, t^ ^un uf i barut'* bvbd iant<l la * hnnvnt kcHlj. In Uit koik, 
/Mtf U <)w niin;* I**?" vqnL And In iW X«« Kn^ lixla DkttixiHr7. ii ■■ mmA lliil 
to lie !**»«¥. M dWiafaiabtd hvni 1t(Aeii<4Tioir, Bar k« urrjlPfd rbc i>tr.vliu« 
t4 fatMtikiyin^* ufJ uf liin»lhi« ilfr |-cfMailHali«u MlL Uu i|4AUtic9 uf rul bd»p, 
lupfUnJ bjr nicDOr? or iaAclaclioi, 

: BiiHli*'. *,m, p,i¥i. 

I Ainl »a (^ uid tiifcMlua, '■ IU»> yoor Htc WilV' i- »- finu««- 

I 1lM iM^iftii It roMf>iW««. ihich lotalm lu Ut ciplam aai K b to badt IV niaa 


TXtr /Wnry cMdtltf /ndj^iwit/iaii. 

IB ibc ttJLttff lub^t. But the JitActiiifATiov conpM4i«fkMh mity tttn 
%ur«ttilliout the iD&tlcr, EimMn/' c:>uliiiuc« tbe M Boid, "Aurtnountcth 
IiBUtnAliot), Jutd coaprfbvudctb, by uaUtru) looking, fuuiiyrMli couud^ 
crimDe>)ibe common £?j)rce#; ' btt i\i^ t^ odiu/^liiffffHt iisrtii.uKcriS9) 
1M hAfjttct, for it s«rinoMntetk the #nuitonniii^ ia*n$itMm) vf tko uoiretBtio 
(vitnifr»r).ft»<] Lookclh over Xhu by |)iirc subtilty gf tioqglU." 

AikI afterwvdit, io fuller J«Acnp1tOD : — 

" Ihaoiiutiox, albeit so tliMt it toketh of wit («r ffjuvfrii# turadi), the 
bcginaiDg i» bcch and fotuiv ii llic fignrcv, algnUar alltioiif{1i tliEit t*it hc 
w«r« t>M ]>rrj^nt. yrt it mnironorth ntirl CAnprrbriif]<'tli aIJ Ittufin flciuabl^j 
sot hf nwum xtmiAv ot d«etiii(ij(, Iwt reoaon iiuagiiulii-e." (N^jn tcof j- 
bill, >cd ima^ntrifi rfti»o*MTJi]fii(^ii<li.} 

Ill thciNi p3afiaf[L'0, Vihtcit <!\hi\Ai loinc of ttic rarlicat cff6rl9 in tliil 
Rb(ftUli Iftii^iagc to itftiumcr o«t the ft<?ccDl« of plLilMophy^ tlio woni 
ImogiJttilio it ned us tbv lume of ■ p<Hi«r of tfaer lumil ; it lA fAf tmoieinn* 
tMiii,»lik-rtUy, from tl]<?*ngiiii^l but in a Mtlweipiciit ptiagf, umt country- 
uiAn, — n> if ID AppccbflUAJon ot Uiting Io cxprcu tlic tnio iDeaninj; of h'lit 
Aullj^r,»|ncuca into bb service no dad^c of the vrord tviHi «frljii:b TiCt 
peihjL|Hi> wju iBtiiiiatcly acquatutcd, but u'bicb la wjiolly miw'Aicukti.Hi by 
thelAtinUxt (Mrt. -4). 

" PbtlottopUtrs " (he " rites) " t)i4l Jiigbtco Sloicicus *" (i e. mn; ailed 
SlG«i:s) " wcod ttjut IfMyffw and msuBibtUtlcs, tlut is cu my. 9cij«iblc Iriin- 
fvmiio^t, w eUr ini^ynMribitt of wnitihtr llilik|E«. irrri^ iMaprint«>H into loiili 

fro bodici wilhoul fortb," Now for tlii* rT|M:irlifln of " sc-iisiblc iiiiui^ina- 
lion*. Of eh, iiaBgiaatioDs of »pnnblc thiug*/" Uicrc am iii Bi>etbiui no 
otl»cr vronla tbio temta nnd im^iV^, 

H ira» p«i iiMUed, till A fflJT IMt pcrKMl tbap that whi^rh iiic1u<ioa tliti 
Haiiiaii pbiltft^opjiy. that the LalWi imai;isatiu waf advanccif tn nn ri)aal 
fiifaiesa of inpofltncc uitb the (rnrtk riti-STXAU- In the tniddk- it^s. w« 
hnd Uieir <»-ettckiK-y cofoitlctcly »t4ibli8ljcd: an<l titc <|ue»ttoii!( very for* 
nokWy diicuncd, whtlbcr iMh jwwrr ciiffered »t Ul froia uufrnfTry, or LcuJd^ 
in niiy rt*«pn-l, bt* didingiiiifaeil rrwii t/ie ronmon rent?. All this uai, tiq 
doubi, weii kiMiwuj to the Imvticii of Dur oun country ^ but the <M Hieel- 
npc pbiiuMiplKf of Mulmcebory, lbou|{h ho employs eIi« tW4> iionni to be 
of Chcaamc f^igitirKAlimi, yrt»r«IIottiiig the atcpii of Ari^totU'. he di-Aries 
Phniilavy, or 1in«Kin»tini), t« b*- — " C<tiici(pliui> rvinniiting, and by btUcuid 
liulv decaying from kh\ after the net nf siriiMc/'f 

Tie monU are tny» traced from tbcir nulivc homo, aad tiuphuite^ n» 
tynonvm* io i>«r imu Ungiugt; but» thui ihey utrre n-ot mianimoualy rc- 

Livivticr u> surh, itic pc>Cin on tie liDAiCirhility u{ thi; Sout. by Sir John 
flavira. a f»n»r'irt|kr»iflry of tlohtH.->i is »iit1](ieril proitf. DAvicb, who wan 
HJiilimbCcdIy a lery U-Arncd inaa» bad a aystcu) to I'laiiitaiii, and id accord* 
aace with il, nflrr ikvoCinsaauclioii toendioft^* Sc*nii--i, SfiiKg,il€ariag, 
Tastt, SmtU, jhhI TbvcA, Lv alhna otvc to tlic lkrAi;r:VATJo:v, vr //fe-Ct>fiinio4 
Sfn*rj jiikI ■iioll»4>r to Kamtjihv. Of ibo fornivr bi- w rttu ; — 

*■ Thoe arr th« oitivtird ioftnuaviiu of WDM ; 

TWm arc tlie fuuib sbicb vTr rj thinj miwl pM«, 

Ere it ftppr<n<b ibfl uuoj^i tiitciUnttaVf 
Or loucb iJ;c/an^a^, "it'i lookios giMi. 

i« nMrlaxmcdi a K, J^ba. mcaiw rvCrluimcd. $«c u[itrimmcd aad 

* TWcdilUvar Itlif, l^r^. i»ili SjMiirAf, lud Ihi* b lbllow«4 hf fbdatcri, 
Thti vtlfval (« .^firmi. 

f *H N '^utfTdOid Kfra iaigtf|<rn rii airArfr. Aruloulii O^-cn. Du Vjl, iLUG. 

lU FaHCjt 4l^dl^€ Imayiittilitm. 


Aai jvt thtw por«cn lKc> tbc ftvoM*), vtiicb ell Uilnft ■daric, 
TbcmicUtf pCJPceUv nol* nor di»ceitt tbc tUap ; 

Whii^ ail (b«dr proper fi>rcnji tog«lher bringK. 
For oUthcK oerYff, nliicbipLnfiof e«nn ilQ bor, 

Unikd an. u in < cvoCn^ llitr« ; 
And ther« iMi frov'r thoKnudrjtonoM^aithkaov. 

Tlinc ofi(i*&rtt urgaut prctfTiil ihlae* reotWot 

Th i> inimrd temn dalli Abunt t).mei nUiit i 
Vet lUiUjflkl: tnniBiit* aJI forms sbv ilolli t«ceiTt 

Vato Anhtgbvr rcgioD cf Um bnuo," 

nch 10 d(!*cr?bcd to be the prOTmcc <J tUbt comoioii powvr, tbnl tu- 
vjiH centte, lo ubii^i thr j^ntbtir nssigiia tfie nmne of IwACiiN.^TioN ^fftfy, 
or Cummoff 'VfnK. /\ti(l that higher rr-ijKni <jf the lir*m, to uhichshc 
Inufioiit* " all Tormi *hc Joth perceive," is thcu (k4chbcJ lo be ibe lai, 

*' Whore Ftmtny^ near liAiiduitid to tb« iniad, 

Hu «ad bcliaidji «ad dolli dUffru Ui«ui alL -, 
CoaipovDd* in one, tMnp difmnt in thdr kiDd, 

C<im|uuv* tht hUck and abiCo, the itrut and iniiJI. 
Duldea, Uluht alnilB furuis iLc ditlh otcruit 

And in her buLuiGC doth tlidr v«lur4 try. 
Wbf re n>Tae l^lnfpi gw>d, and v>me thmgi ill do trttfi, 

AnJ n<^ulnftl vankc, in hpr /^Jtianlie nfi* 
Thi* hvty pnit'r it trnrkinf t\%y imd oiiElit ; 

For vhcti the oufwifd u^iitfd rcil do Uke, 
A UiOUMnd djcuiiP,yu'if«^i'^a/ a^jJ Ufflilr 

Witb fluttcnric TinRi do kfcp bcr ptiU awak«." 

li) « folloKing btAuxa, of a icction entitled ScaaiUvc M«aory. it u mmT 
of th'ut faniatift 

'■ Yd Mimfa nil mjiy not tforc ber be, 

AreMatAHir <h« tbla jldjI th^t tot«ada t _ 

Thrreffim itj^H fnmin an »h<i dcith coehb to art 
To Mcuiory't brgc lolumo «hc coauncndA." 

A&d «r M^tT, tiie l(Hjkiu^-glmu uf F4nta»y, our AnUioir UTiten — 

*'Thf Wit, the impil of tbo Soal'a clrar eye, 
J^nd Id Mati'i «orld tbe only thinln( unr. 
Looki in the mirror of Ihc/antwi/, 
Wbtrv ali th« fsth'rinp of ihv a«a«« arc" 

lla Poet of PamiliNc he« Li* dTitiDCtloin Tikcuitc, w^icb onr rcwfefi 
' vitsc coui|wrc Tor tb^^imehea nitb tbftt of Uiivk«, Niid tha»« of tt*e middle 

*' Hut liBov, 1h4t hs th« ao«l 

ArvMUy l*»rr ramUvn, Ihal irrrf 
EttmMO >■ Ghktf ; uton; the««, Fanct o«t 
tier oAU*« bold* : uf aU citcnAl tbin^* 
Which iliB fii* VBtmlkfiLl Sc«*T« roprcaeott 
Sbc fixnt it/ii/jfiti*tliaiUt fe<ty tbtLjiH, 
Which Rc4Miii>Joislaitor diajtAaa^t franau 
Alt tkit wc dm, or vbat deny, and fall 

Dur kiioiil«4tf* W ni'imnfa ■ tbtb nllfv* 
[atci Wr pr\ntr cvJL Wbm Nature roia, 
OR III iiTf tibiMoce »iiiplfl ^'toMy «U:ca 
To imititfl b«r -. bM ml^^aUof ahtpn 
WiU irrat froducci oft, b«l ivjcut kk dnwM, 
III laettliiiDB wtrib «n<l drwb Im^ ptM Of ukiy" 

S*KrmAt» tJHi, b. 1. 

Tikf Fancy and fir Im^kutiem. 7 

Pavcy kcpe is lie vmrci^ t» power i Mid Mtn^tivttftnM ate hcdr urorknAO* 
ship. So, ii1»o> be pUce« Sjitiui cla»c At die c%r o( Kvc :— 

Tba orp— of ter ^4ury, mJ «iih ihnb fvrce 

Ri. b. «. 

A»ii nhcn Adain frlotn, boir " ^uilc steep firsi round blm " nnd he 
Ibaq^l liitti*«l/ ntxMl ■* lo pav iMto his fKincr «tato. Uid fotihwilb to dU- 

* Vbfn foddr«J]r >l Dif- beul t drcfltat 

Ufja'ti), Id WUflVr 1 wt Md Wiof, 
And lir i" 


S« i|tiii| nhcn; iVItiii 

" DauTd ind nwit, Mtak doiTD. «od fOujcM rmi^ir 

UIm ^va I* rb«'d, bat ofm l«ft the «<n 

or Jteryp aj uiCtnl >i«hl." lb. b. «. 

And in Um ubms book. Fancy, OB MiitfJ, an cc»p)oim^l lu ihcU^ocaI^ 

' B«t >t4 lb* Mind* or fimir^, u (o nm 

lb. b. 4. 

Jn the second book, nnr <rivine Pdct osi-s imayift^iona ss in the pnunge 
m lun* fintt <|iKitcil from liat i and id ibe sixtb, (ar»d there, we think, 
osly.) tii/HA.x iMAMXiTiuM u[ipi*:ua Ml B [Uii^cr tvt tlie mind : it Is in l\%t 
iltvCfiplAOii of Midin«l And SHtnn |rr<-|ianng; for ballJ*. 

** Tbej oded fmt\c, utd bolt aJJrrsi fur llsbCv 

Umpeftlsbl* I for who, tbouck with thr tdttfoe 

Of sagobi ten niMr, <« Ui vbtt lAwnyt 
Likes oa cattb mupirtoai^ ihoi Atq^ I;A 
HwMD h>art<tfto< to sock Ldgbch 

or^UEeTo*^^'" lb. t>, c; 

B«l neither ijid Ibe foimal division of Dnviei* oor the pmcticnl cxnispio 
«l Mdton. control Ihc eourrr of nnlHwijneiii writer*, whi^tbcr pliilosofiberM or 
|>ovt« t aotl fiodi ttiis time forth these u ords bc<aiur, «id cantinucd to bv, 
e*uL>yixl ii(di»riijniontrly. \m\\\ Mr. Strwnrt prnjfcl«d tte diaumoQ, of 
which VQ have iiboTC in:)<le meution. 

I'o Mr. 5tev«rt, iberefure^ U iJt now- neoeimry tbftt we sb^idd direct 
oer rttc&iiuii. 

" It t% ob^iOQS (he writes*) thcit a crf-ntU-t^ iiu^^tnttSoQ^ u^heii n pcrwra 
psnM»ei it tobAbitnaJlj that it luay be K^aMt^d as fonutufc one of the 
rharacttriiitics of his ceriiBSi iinplles « |>ovi'er of s«riiin«ning up. st pteasiirc, 
ft partieuUr cIms of ideaji ^ and of ideas rrltlcd to esch other m u mrtj- 
robr nnnnert ulict^ itoHiTCsiii hu iho mnlc only, of ccrtnin babitH of 
•sfiodatktn, Mhi<:b Ibr inirmda&l lus aciisircH. It in to this oouvr (^ the 
mind, whicli i» evideull} a ^^''ikttlar tvjn c/ fWyA/t!), and nr»t orif' of 
the onninos prinoplcsor our luture.lluit our licit unlrn refer, in i^enrrnb 
■belt ibcy make u»o of ihc^otd r4Xcv." *■ Wjiatc*-tf tho"(a, e- tUv jrar- 
tlf nbr r^lnlimni bv uhirh thn vdrflR niv rtinocrlid) " uiftj' l>^, the piwcr of 
leuiinmilTifc up al plesfiure lUc id^^s sr> rtbltrj. ki il U the groundwork of 
l»jelii::il genius* is of itufficietit impott^oce in the huonn coMtilutioa t» 

* demmls, ut MTprt, 

7V/r Pantjg tntii the Imffginfiihn, 


dcacrre nn iippropraUil iwnic-, mid, f*}t tki« pBr|MMe, llie n^ort) PAfvcr 
uroiiM iipjif'sir to be flic rnont convcdrnt tint oiir Inriiroa^r affi^-*" 

'* Accprtlit|i to il»e oxplniwlioi {JjcproecrrU) which fi.\> imv. I)ccn given 
of Xhv worrf rAxrv, thf olRc*; of Ibis |M»n*r i» to coiieci matcnaU for llie 
imof/mafrfiTA ; and iLi'itfoic tlic Ull<t po^'cr m^c*o|>poocf the rOTnicr, while 
lh>e ftuvHrr d«c* niX Dcc»iArily luppoao \Ue Ult^r. 

" A maa wboae li;tbiEs of a^ooiation pft«cnt to htm. Tor iUustrmtins or 
(^nibcllisbing D mbjcct, n nuiubcr nf rvficmblin^ or i»f annJnf^ooa Umi, 
ne call a mui of fanct ^ bat forao^ofl of mCjrMro/itn, turiuiM uthcr 
povrcra mn necKtMtf, pnrliculnHy lh« powcra of taste fti»d of Jud^m^nt i 
ivithoot which, n-ecfin produce notbang thnt \ul\ bc% hoiircc of pleuurcto 
othrrs. It ii Ihe power *>( Jivtij/ whicli topplk* the pofrt willi tkc uicU- 
phoricAl l&ngiin^, nnd with til Ittc mitUogtea whicb ero Itio fDundatHKi of 
hii allD«jOD> I but it 19 tbc povrcr of imaffMativn tlut cn*aic» the cotupluK 
scenes h#* ilowrihr*, *«(! tin* ficf.Ulons rhnmctfrft be dcltneatca. Tojkncjjf, 
H-c apply ihr; cpitli^tA of rich and liKiiriant : to mvgitaiion^ tliiwe of bc«ii- 
tifol IK snblimc/'* 

As regards thtb apfilkatlon of cpitlwt*, il may Im; tcrj mMKubly nAtd, 
mo\ Xhey rtot be inlcrchang^ ? If mtt Ih" iiri:igtrih1ukn nf lIviniKait rkk 

aiid IiDLumrit ^ Is not the faiic^ of Collkii« bi^^utiful nod tublliue > And 
jf th<*r TiicfirA be rniMii^rcd ill Ibo affifntBtiTC, whftt becomes of lhi« 
abouicd (iruit ai dJ^Cincii^m ^ 

Mr. StcnftTt'» DirAning. however, rc^uWft illn«tmti«D: ftbd ft pnct of 
IkU own coimlry ttUs]l supply it. 

" Yd luch thirdrttJoy of all onvArth: 

So (burkliet «iul f»Jo* migivtit? Bin i 
Fair ui itic buil li]j • croal mi>m |mti roith t 

Aod fi»t*iiiLff ^iles aiHiilr the ■urtli&g Am; 

O imilc» j# ocBrtOA. MrciM :»yo nllocv* wma, 
Ys bhghFi-Dg vhMirtBils. if«K hU btlmy priuio. 

KoT latett tt hi* litr iT» litUe ipvi 1 
Boras o& Ihc tiuifi. tbuugh tikot irtnp cf T^iiil^j 
OIA Ac«< mmcA on «ji>cc to nTi|c4ll Ihcdtiur." lUimtrtt^ t4. VI. 

Acrnridiiw to SU. Strwiirl'i iiiter|tfe(ntioo 0/ nnlnre, it t% iIh* oAe« of 
fniKy in cviSeci luniennla ht Uh? iiBftgiDiOiott, to F.npp1y the nna)o|ctci tJiat 
Arc the fonnflitiofi.i nf I'm jJltiaiooSt ind also to supply the Unguji^e. 

In tiiir abuvc poetic pt'urtr-utiirc, tbvo, wc find innn nvd his itctlifl^, 
ve^ceUiblc nature %n<\ it* ckflliny. to he th* niat<-ml» which fanc^ liw csftl- 
kciRJ: the analii^y bettvcfo Ibc tii'o,a«bciii|E both cxpoM'H to i^ucfd^ jind 
reHJstWtfi ilt^tnirlii^n, mah supplied by/oncy i and by/iiuef 21W lli« bn- 
l^uaf^e. ^Vhnt ih u' Anting to the rxnnpktionof the picture ? tii«MH.-iie«or mnIC' 
rinlB (fw u'luA •re ihc mattrijtln bol th** &*:vne* >) nre<rr«JVlrd, ;iod nrc drli» 
nCtttol ftod dMCtibcd, by fanfy. What ihin it kft fiir imiffiittlinu li> 
perlonn P tier Aid may be dhjieis^d nith aa sitj<ernoo«4< And v«1 Mr« 
Stcnmrt ib^iata ttiAt U if the nho ct«at4d the fctiie^ 

Olber objectioEia piracot tbr(o*idvea «gmn»t tlic Vfcw* of Mr. Rlcwnrt ( 
hut ihc %[)Ove win probcibly be dr«in«t BuHidenl : for. unh'va iliftinrtina* 
of tbU kind Euc c£<'«j aud deli^ftninntf^ they ait uontt- tban nti^ntory, We 
Diott procet^ ibercfore to tbc Autbof of ibf* Sponyu^; wk>o uiitc^ Ihun: 

" A ma:; liAi juai;ixaTiow, 10 pn^ioiiiua aa be nui disiimily copy hi 
idcA the iwprftiiotii ofieitac ; it li the fnoiliy «*Mch iQ^tM ro tltc inuul 
ibc pboiOiWRft of frctiaation. A oua hait/jtncjt in praporti^ w be <^»n call 
Vpt coiwect, or ati»»ciit«, at pleasure* tbc«e itrtrriinl iiongv», (fn^mffir b 
10 tano (0 ippcarj »o at to confdttc Idcd reineaentaljou* of abacut 


Tki Fuacff ond iJk Ina$hathM* 

Dl^ccfr /ttdpi^aitoiitath^ power oftlq^ictiiti: .—j'tfttf^ ofcvokiiiK ^nd con- 
tinit^. 'rite iiMsgination i« formed by patt«iit o1)cc(;rratioii : the fancy by 
a vDJvaUry ac!i^it> in i^aiftju^ (br wriKry of iImt taM, Ttic iiivru dccii- 
nU* tJi« imojfi-iitian, lh# iJh>iv vnj^ly mny a (uiotcr Or a jMol vndci-takv a 
delif<-Jtion or a <l«Cnpt[oT», u-jiliour ito f»rc»ci>c« of tlie ob^ts to bo 
ritamcuriirfl. 'tlt^ more ^'t-rKkfilc llic /ohry, tLv toixc origiiul anil hUik- 
ing wiU be Ifac FJccomiCDfl fftrodiKcd." ' Syn. Vl*. 

wbichartti^ be fkpirtc<t. Im^giUtioD H Aportrartptiolci, uith her pen- 
cil and pnHet iii lio-r hnt^. h€r i!aiivim on hcf ctftvl, ai'raiunic tbt* arfivj of 
hcf Miter. A r»«k surrU imttct tiifttcutplntrd by tliLit icry jiitcciui>us 
Mntir t hut ooir as niaurc<lK inovitabli* fnma hiv inoJi^ of eitproi*ip^ 

B«foro «« proceed to ttite Ike E«D(iiuenta of ibo Pokt iipo[> tbc wat- 
trrt 31 Ucuc, <rc nre iodvcc'I to commanicAtr our oivn; and, at the oui«et, 

*rc bc^ OUT ai4n} Itarntil M'ail<r» to ca)l t'> rtrmi'iEiVAnirir. ihnC tbc two 
ir)A4t cmiiu-Nt cf itif:« of tbir roinjrc, l^iiffimis nnd Quinlillinn, tlic 
pbo at leiuulaNe for tlnr ardo<ir of bi4 tceniui n» tlii5 oibt^r for lij« Imu 
ttvd jndj^cnt, dctct tbouglit r>f t1ii« diitnbutjon of ibc mind into «epa*- 
nU: ctiiti U0d puctii: ptmci*. TTicy Ju not inlk i*f ihe faiify iw /A« »iu- 
IpiatioD, bttt cifiimtn and tma^u Aiid to tbrir fiaroc!!, tbo one of /hl^it- 
losur, asid tbe olbcr of tif><>Mv. fh^y {clte prvtCy closely tie sauK' expla- 
AitUn. " Wt," »&y4 QniiitillMn. " gW< thr oMnv of vine lo tTial wliich 
tbe Greeks call ^I'Tttcia, by viliidt tlie iinaifes of abicui tbitigf are to 
r^^prcc^ifd to tbv Oki^d tbat v^c toc<u to dMCovn Hicra wiili onr i-yt'V* attd 
btvp iU*m before u*/'* The fiietiin^ " by all tbe Nine itiipired.' pro- 
duct* the AppoJ nf Orfitt* to ihr cnocltcr whom he bid Euordered ; — And 
tie pitiful and »lFfctiaoaic reply of tiia ci*t<r deserves to b« added. 

** Oa««Tfti. Okl mother, 1 bnplarr thfe, fOiJ dot t^atfl iD«th« blcoJ-?]r«fI tuxi 
lake-tiked Vfaflst. 71i«7 thcmfltUei mi lo«|>ioE uIvh ■(alnil ror. 

" Etacni*. SlOTi ^ vrri^iied oarT itiy quial ia l^ brdi Fot tbon »«it 
eiollibc (JF tbotc dihii* oldch tbou mvdm«I io mc. '' 

"Here/' exi1«i«» tbB trUk. "the PueC hitn««1f uw ibe Fufica ; fuid 
Ttbat he fancied br CDmprllcd alifo thr 3udili>rv almont to «<: " Another 

riiiispio of pijetii:d iiiuf^i^iv, fEivoQ Lry I^c^i^iiioa, Is froai ■ lost dmcna of 
Fuft|iidon, in nhkrii Plt^pbi^ in ili^rribcl f^tviofc bi« liUl rmlruoriotia to 1it» 
aaiblLious lOO; and not content nitlj thiti. thi- pureiit hidfenv lo forlinv 
tbc too, £CTpi(ii> »vrn« and ultb wannng loicc cxcl«ita«> ' Drirc lliat way, 
ttow ibifl ; i«m your cbarioo. H«c ' " 

** M»y yvu not fuy." obtvn-o* Longioii>i " tli&t the tmi^id" (not IboyMeyt 
uol lUf im<jfitmttint . but the wbole miad) " of iU« n riter itftcciub tbc cba* 
ik)C H'itii Ptiaeioi). and that, ah»niigb»dAnger, bv flici aloog nilh the 

riaUrcb -^t before refrrrod lo ibe aoeiM in Orotto*. ii* tlJuMra- 
tfon of ihr di<ti»crt«aa dratrn liy biniBelf betw««ii phantiuy and phantacin i 
amt\ for the »«rtc purpoec* he H'fere to tW rUioo of TbcocIyai«t)u»« when 
iho Seer ]>erceivci ibc ftoitorv mored to urr^WitaM^tis Uughterj and 
ftlit^hf r 4rfnent«l«d by Fklba Mlntrrva. 

h crit In tir^^bai potf ntittimv*. Bow 
t%, acini, treoadvu nraia»ptln« 

^Idaai Acuat fei^ on- i je Miffoy, (jui liii m, 

nagot. Ui. VI 

, ff- 

Qbvt. Mao. VoLXVil. 

10 rw Pwfcy mA the Iwttffittfthft. [in. 

•• Ak, «l«aibla wral «kii eaw li IU» 

TM tikvi v«v no« > Sight vitmf$ hentM sr^mA 

Vit^ Milt of |ro«Dt^«aJ. ob ^ <hAl llttxit jt tt««p I 

1 i«G fbc wallt and archn i1«|iplbt tliick 

Wkb con ! Tbr mlSbulri ii ihmntA, IW cnirt 

Oa alftiilM Ihroni^d «tUi Apfunlioni crm 

Of hUi^Mvred fi»co, tla^hic lato tbfi ^a«ii 

Of EftbDt > Uc Bvn u blamd out 

From bcAvtn, tftd fnldfticbt nMmfl 7«D prciMlitn.'" 

CWp«r, M- b. 40, 

Th« vicloiu vdectcd by tbc tnro Orccinii crUiC* AM tfl 3iff«n«t » 
rnnng ma^ii^K, tir<i|>1icttc ctithufljksm, iLTid poetic foiy coold crcatv i uul 
yrt Iticy cli> not xTrvftin of nnt rliHiifit^atiofi irf ihcm uhikr different powers 
of miu^l. 'Hic |iluitCMiA of ihc iiti^pirtd hhAotn forced upon oar BCHKiry 
the XUitl gf Oiu), to whoB w< iiwal li^ldi for a sMcnciit ; 

" Dc«r Uv\ ciKnpiCiioot of tny <uncful ut, 
Dhu u Ibfi hglit iIaI Ti«it« Ihn* toll tVH, 

Y« UleJ unld jour <^o| coontrjr'i ciW*' 

After 1 his bold apotirofibf, tbe Bar«), entranfcd by the oTcrpowring 
fnttfgycif lliut^ht, i^mliCM Us lott c<itni>«nion* ip Ihc chJvadtfTof »Ten> 
ger« of tbdr ■aiiFt^ bnd, trtling npnu tKi* f^iatiBt clilft, and weavio^ with 
bloody hiod tilt.- tissue of Edvard's 1ii>c. 

The itfopbetk imjigei cnnvbou to |)Oiir tSecnvelre^ upon Iria iawrvpid 
t&d miltimdtnoQs a prowniim'ikl. thai, u if nnibtr \on^ toguiropon 
the fcpocUcIc, the Bud ^xcIumw, *^ *^ 1n;rst of olmoit frtonvd d#pFOC«tioQ, 

■* VbloKM of gloi? 1 sfurc mj acklar •Ight i 
Ttf tuabcTQ iff. ram not on mj bohI I'* 

^Vc cannot focbear Xfy i\dd ■ ahoi 1 4uoCatioik from «t oU difiac, m wbOM 
urriJiJig* ivir P«F» t:iWf( jii«t ilrliglit, 

'' A tii«n i« »om<*1im» >o impreitted vntl tbe fiil« Am and glariiLgff of 
t^mplatioD llut be cuiool see the accm turpitadc aid defcriwty , bat 
iwbcti tbc cluud uid vdl ii iiff^ ihcn OHn» tbe tonocnlat fron wilhiii. 
Tli^n Ili«i t-Jilatnity owcniir ai^l cc«iM:i«iiL'c jncT«(uc« tlir tfosble, wbo« Ood 
Kadx iMrnr, or licVpcst, or death- It nu Sjiul't cue, ivbrii b<; l««t that 
fatal bittif ill uhicEt \he nrk wai taken. He tltought W tiiw tho prie«Tfl 
of live liOid accusing liitii befofc (rod. And tht> hfttli been an old opinkon 

of the »uild, thai [t tbr d^ys at llicif cnl^iuily, uickcd |>craOi>a Arr acctiACd 
br Eluxn wIhur lliry bnn^ injured. T^nt rwip kuak u a wixti ttfOtt, and 
evttf thU'iwc it a ^o>f , end mry ylDv-««ndi is a tf^ m<«'j dud/^, an^f 

IlKr praclici^ fi ihc^e vo blighly and ao ju»il} esteeujcd Inarficton ia lbs 
pritici|4c« of critic^biQ bhH Ihc merit, lu oar «>pi[iii>ii, of bciiig ^itabJishcd 
On uood M-nw «iid ftoniul philofophy* lite imeiaion of dca' po^'Cr* or 
fac«Uir», and new oprntiOM of the uiiuJ^ to support ^yttrma, or to a^wtr 
an cmtr^mc), hns beca the i^nU fatuu* by whicb fender* of feet* or 
tesfbrr* cJ ii^oEciir rrfmctnt'utji bntr ^iiA^crcd tltcB>cJvc3t tA be ntvJcdt 
rrum tUe cnrlitrst dnj^ rf metkpbyMni) BaUiUy to Uio fin-tcnt bovr. 
Aoxk)a», liowrtvf, m wr aic to €^~njje frnin iliekC cnDaeoiii [Utiui omI 
p«tsue tbc c«vrse of o«ir ancient xn»AXxT%, we bholi so far Goofam omnolvct 


The FoMcy and the Jau^natwL 


to tbo plirMColoi^T ortlit (JiflTcreut nrrten, vibo«e circils «rc tirt cuiT4»ijii|i« 
u fOEiKfilK;? d fancy to fAf (»i]C)% and 0^ iiant(iDAiioti to fAr ina^iuiKXi ^ 
ibni iL'durtog ibv tlt^^iiMtus to some paT|iJibk- foim, inn4aiiKfa n we I^AVfl 
HAW tu il«Ufiu<iiii^ tvluil u a /u'tf-^, mul v^h*^ t* m jMUi^jufAr JifA ^ or n\ial 

it Ibtl tD wbicUyvucjr may distinctively be aj^licJ, and what that to 

which fiBff^tfiofli.* for thc«rhctocIU|M)te i« ibo<ii the iiapontioii of Ji iiAtn^. 

It wttt9oniQ Bicoti, Rod tl u rjaely that we ctii ifDvoia ma. he uilj 

supply i» iiilh a <1iK<, SpC'kibg uf mu^iFvn'i^rfl. by xnhicL, k> Ik' )» lli4-0 
conmdcrnj; it, \ie niiiirr«Up<f». "Iho reprrscrJiiiiAnuf & jvulit^uhir tijoiighl/ 
he ^ly*, il;al it is, hftr alia, *' i>f thiiijp i>rc&eat, or &« if ibcj »<'e pre- 
late fv,' h^ aildv, "f cfiinprdjcud in thifi i«tfjMNa'i'/A frii^ned, mid 
At pkiuurv I Si if i^iit ahoukl iimvyinf budi k uiijm to t;e iu Oi€ tetUvt&U 
ol the Pope, or f0 htn^ i^'n^f /' 

New. iflsiend of >ftjii>i:« nema^ntsi inoii to hnre uiobv, ot the im^ptmi- 
Cim |ire«&nfai to d« a dulu^ wiojji, tike appropriato dt^Unctire ? xpre^ 
lion »een« to Xxt ne /aMCf & m%n to \ia\^ y^i^9, or tbe/oiKy preteitte to 
tu It IU.III having iivin|(4. 

'I'h^ imfti^inttliox pirtri^t* Ehi* man nnri ihc wingi »cpontte1y : Ibo /"nj 
ptcftrnlj thtm comtHr^H iu ilie ftj^iiK iij)|>erBOuotioiii. And thia ire tbnll 
C0itei>d to Ik.' the peeuliir proTJner ot/tmcj/ ; aiuI n-e »li4Jl do vo from & 
ceinictkiii, thni n« arc thtiM ied tu a diftmctioii, which cuiy bv «lnp 
^ItiLflv pf«9vrvcd ik |Eoeli>:iJ iiiugovy* 

Vl i> an cbitfrntioD of a ^ebt htitomii of Nfitune ( BL^ffon j . ihut what- 
CTvr it MU poaiUt ffv his pMMee» to profjtfcc has beeo produced. 

Siippu&eiben aoeuthnimticiLdiDtrrr nt Uvr workt, uiviifi (fc>c play tobU 
ffpccuUllooi, Hh'^idJ pti'Knt to hi^ inlnd^LiL vac i:»itri>'U'MioD^lhe cov* 
ttitofuit parlA, utme of n bird and uinif of » hfuit ; Ihikl hr Uioiild fD^raft 
Ibe bc«k of a duck on the head of a iiua^mped ; thut he fthoittd gi^c to Jt 
nbbc<l feet, ami clothe il« body with a thick, aoft, beaver-like fur i «u(i, in 
Many niiiMit^r pdrtirubrfl, aioold uuitv in one aiiiiiial the fcaiure* of marc, 
of btrd and tftntt : llit» prvw-i^tJitlon to ihu mind, & cri.'nturc and cri^tion 
of itaowDi ■eema iiropcrly liidt'Aerre the dtrtiomi nation ofo/nafv; Eind the 
crcatrrv poner, aince it h tobe a^rlbcd tr> n monari:l)ic povrcr, tkt/oju^. 

hni MeppfiUT tuch an aninul vhould aeiiully bo detected in eaiftcncVi 
(utd «iiih wc aro totd ii iLc fact),* aLuuld he tecii Bud be dcM/itwd ^ 
then the rrpivscnlilinn of il- ulicthcr to hiir nho fmd ni^cri, or to Idm who 
had onlv nad the d«aefiption, »^uld be ait iinJitEmatioti \ and tho rtprc* 
venticg fiirn^tyt M( Im^'fnMion. 

On (he tt^i bu[i;Ki^iiKin, the evUtoiice oTan aidioal with ivcb a con* 
fbrviaittoa <t( ]Hf ta tJt thu wvck or^kcv i bnt yet ma^iVrlf'jii mu4t sapply 
oreryooe ty^ thmc partn. £very fnneicd whole mniit be co&arucied of 
i^.L lm^inat)oo« ixcludirc of ber oirn doJDUDi ii ihos a fiub< 

<idi>i . I . ; 4te in that of fancy. 

bo til tl«i: fnaiiwa ojotcit uf Hurati^. ttmt a |KiiBitcr alioul^i unite in ooc 
picture the neck of ■ hortr t^ tie Wnd of a lunn ; n/hl Ibnt h< «hi>ii1d cover 
Hit liaiba, coUeelol frnn nni;aid* of ditcn kiudi, uith ^^ricgated fcathurv, 
Tbo auftcpcp of A cr»toTe, eotirinncd of |>am »>> Uiea to caeh olber, 
mwkl Ik tie |ia'mlera /«Ai-v ; aud the creation o< hU/mry. &«t wheo 
th/* fi.'ihl.rjE i-i.-tiirc aWtild he <apo«ed to bcht'ldrm, ihcu the •abac<|ucnt 
rr\t- »t thp pniiilc-d miiiiMrr tn the niiiid of a bchoklcr nould be 

ca iii-^i.n.w.^d.and t)a- Tepre»entii^ facnlty fAr imAgiaation. 

To thtfivicg we awribc the viuons of ll>e (ifcck M&di»ui, tho Gitck 

- 9Um'9 GcMOl 2w3tfgy,An. Flatypm, 


Thf Fawy QJtJM« ImaffiRathtim 


ProplMrt, the ErgViok Bard, aad ti^ KnglUtt Pivlne: thrM- me ll>t* ;rA<Ta- 
tt>ttirf«of Pktarrli- To tbc iivijpnBtioiv. the viJiiDn oftlic Tatlier foHov* 
inribcKffl, ftud nl>ou<iii|! ?o Hitm bmI f{ttii|« bim in hi» priik^l course: 
ibTft is Ui€ phttatafi*ivt Plaurtli. 

But we kiix« taiW^I nitlia I'onr, Aiifl irv t htrvforc Ag«in resort tO|>o#try 
for Lid jii il1»n1rAt'injr ntiH confirming our ojiiiiioaf. 

Mr. Ta>Jor mnnxkB, niw) Xht rvinaEk nm^- be trac, ll>^ M;icphcr80ii bad 
more ffiiMr'y thmi itiutginalinn. It U, i»tirr«i. quite p)cnt>lo> thnt :i wnter 
may crcntc b\ impt'tButiHlivii i JLini itiat be may aot bv able iv> ndut u )iU 
own rr«:«tiori «iilh HiitnLrlprUlir nltrilhiitJ^^. 

Cojlliis «nu n poet of n difTcii-bt nrckr ; »od bin rai-fiinfid Ode on tb« 
PauiocH, ouce so fniuiliAr to l\ic rar of youtb, will cnnbie nii todz^pby in 
vomiHrisun ihc pffculim' cliarat:teri&ticn uf fuicy »iul itn^ufi nation, ictiog la 
toDc^rl liipTucluvu oii9«c«hic vlVect. 

The PAMions, n» mo «iiaf ointcndes, thTOiigin]^ to the c«ll of Mmc, 
timlcUrng ibeliiatniinctkts c^ «outtd from ilic myitlcs u}m>ii ^Uicb tbcy 
bting; anil Ibrirmncl reM>Intimi, etidi tiiproic hirt o«m ^xpr^&iic ^loircr; 
ibc ai!Tf ml itnpr^rvotintiubB vf Fear ami Ati);f i, Dcfpriir nii<l }T«^pc, IIi<tci>^ 
find Jr^Uusy. and Pily. ol MrUurln^ly and of (brrrfaliK-Sit, are Ibf pure 
crebLlioEii iif Ftmqf ; but &he iiiuhl rt^^ort to th^ M of Intnghtti^n for • 
fiipply of iniiigcr)\ from whkli she iTiay borrow npiiroprintv aUnbtitUt MC' 
lions. pnEftioiu, «\ilb uliicL uIk.' tijny i^ndoit' tiK'fc Ll-t trrkUiic^ It in from 
the^ t[i;it«h<^ tnu9t «cb^t ibc ptciurc of ten r. rcctuliiig at tbi^ to«ind« liim- 
H'lf had uAtk I of the ru<le cU»b und butmd bind of Apgvf. and of the 
enchanted anile and vavii^g golden buir of I lope ; of tbf loiv sullen wn&da 
ofDeKpflir: of the uumbcca or Jealously, tiKCtl on novjebl ^ of tbe sotea, in 
which, by diatMire mjul^ mine awi^ctt MclniiLlioly poured tbrouah the 
m'llotnr horn her prnfiim JUtv\ ; ftnri, lully, of thr intpiriug air, nagiKg 
Ibrou^lt dhk* and tliicket. biowt by Cbeerfub^A», vritb bow aao«s her 
■booldrr, Shd bmbbx gvmined with morning dew. 

We now upproHch xUk Ptefuce of t^xtr Poct, hi wbtch be explains Ua 
tCnMSr &nd to the pocmi ^t|jij;h Uv profci*c> Xo imw romiMvcd Ut con- 
Hfttcncy »Ltli lUni. Here we are to cncouulcr a comtKimtton of precept 
and pr^tic^i uilb the rjtpertc crfJite of a rottKiimiaiitG master in bi« art, 
W'c hb&ll not, ue fiuspcet, ituia niu^^h ^rmiwt, either m tbe citi£*atioji of 
th<' anlbor* or Ihit cf far render, Mrbcii wc coinnKii<:« with ah nck^oitlcdg- 
ntrnt tfjnt wc kuij>c^ ourvj^Ui^k nnnbki lo undi^rstRDd the teuelft lulticicnlN' 
lo re^luce them t> prrc<'ptf by uliicb the pactice mii-ht be tried j or to 
difcrifhiivale whether raclj poMu i^un, iu oonformily tnth tlieui, pretend lo 
t»e composed under tbe influeiKir of otic pocUc i^owei in pivference to the 
other- ^Vc ore pcrrccilr lurc tli^t lUe Aftaly and libtTil miod oi tbe Poet 
will noi/enri/ that nudcr Ihia &cluiowMj;oenl it Ih mtended lo cou<:li llie 
iligliteit diijH^pect -, nnd ne Ch& M coniideetly assure bini that it b, on 
tbeotliei lund, from rep|)fct, ajust rcf|iect, tu optnious cntetl&med by 
him, that #« li«\« thouf^hl tl uoftb wbtlc to t:ontinuc »« piohm^^cd n dt«- 
ciKuior, u, ftc are anpfrlienHtiv, thin matt now bepin lo apprir. Oor 
reidera, bowcter will remr !heir ft>wnfE attention (if any tuvo |Kr0ilt- 
ted it to iLifz) wLcn wc a]>prijEe the«i that it h to U'ordinortlit ^nd U> \nm 
almottt akine, lo wfa«in tbrt will now bv enlted njHic; to Icml tlxir ran. 

Tbe Poei' rcisuLv, vjjoii tbe t^xpUitittiou cf Mi, Ta^W nbicb wr hav« 
shnve <|Do!ed^ " It i« not trvy tu find buiA Lin:igmAliocii ihbi expUincd. 
(lifletft ftom ditttEitit rrabcuibnucc of inK^get, or fancy, from iinlrb nad 
TiTid tccoUfcUou of UieiD i o^h is notbinj; luoi e llia« a auode tif m-sory." 


7%e F^nty and ihe Imv^Mdhm. 


left to dcvigiole tliAt f^cnlty vfutiicUtlif tK«rt itnLJriKDi^ct] Ucwhcite 
t)v fhnce^ fram outh lo brami, mLom; a|iiijUmI klh ibuUa liml^ {arii 
Mtut bbpen is pnmpi in turning lo ahipc ; or n kit i-*i IcO tn ctiAnkctcrlsc 
/«>ry IM loWnuMing bvntcif Lnt<> titc W^trt ufo^j'Tl) »itli cfirAtiv<] uctWitj ? 
*' ImqgiifttWi / hr roalLiiurti, " ?» Ike Li-fiir of Uic Ufirrl, ni giving n lili« to s 

ch» of ibc foUoi^itg ]M>fiui, Adf Rd refer<!iico to im^-i ibnE an inerct}' a 
TMtbM co|>f, fxUiiti^ i» ibc mind, <»f obKut i:\tcn14l vl^ech, but U » 
voiUoC b^er tsiport, ikavlm^opcr^iva* of ibc imi»d upoa tboscil^tciSt 
^Md frQ<€t9tt «>/ tr^tiov or of conipo«Uioti, govtfKcd by coitaia U^vA 

II J9 to be fcAMt), thAt, Mcoicti^; lo tliU fkpQrgatOTy bftii, even Ui« two 
" wocKlnfuL HUaJu»i" Af tbr^^ ufi reported lo bare been caJcd b; inn^, 
hmM b« plMxd, ill vomctbiiig like dihgr4<ic, to tli^ Acorc of mciuor) aUfit ' 
icdrcd, it HiYou sfnrrrly |uvc«ibli< tn 6x upon oiiy uvu^ i:Unw> in Oiif 
Forl't tdict bf vrbich we lu^y rcictie from ibc umc dcbueiwftt the liovt 
ifl wLIH t^fc <k#cnbCH tbc swifctnc^f of ri^iug tnorn amil gntcrnl ovcoiiig 
■ikl- Bui if menury bi' pioiuMmtxil tuvmcu^iJiatc lu the alEici' of |)Cf- 
forniiiig «4i iikucb ihul U mvUntt^ it iiu), pcrUipsr ht p^smMU lo iit»0«Utc 
bcr with vrntiioeiils Mid ft^dinipt — iiol powers— ivot o|imtioni 4if xkn mind 
— tUal vrill cQiblc bcr to mtdci tbc fuppotilioA of uiy sB(>cnor pmrcr ciH' 
tircly tapcr^Dnoa. 

ifCt tbc rcftdrr ^tuJgo— bcrc aio tbc lioc* i 

*■!{«*«( H the bfOMk vTHorn, hrr t'ttit^ »««<, 
WltbebuttoTcoriiMlbMt: pl«uilthcSM, 
WImd firvt OQ lLi« JcGfhtfol bnd be ipf««dA 
111* Dfifbt btmnv, 4k kdfb. Inc. fnuL and ilcwaVf 
CiUtl'Hat vtib <b« ; fnijnat Ihf fcrlii« imrtlL 
Aftn- Kft Slower* ; Anrl ivcrt the comtn^ an 
Of fr*r«fvil Bv*i>inc m.M • ihf D *fl«<M Ntflit, 
WiUi tbis bor Bolruln bint, aad ihn fw dumo, 
kmi l1ir«c iho fnQi of beur'n. ha tUrtj indn 1 
But p0itU»t hmtli of Mora* m^a the utrmh 
Viiih <bun of cArik*t tdrdi, nor ridtiG nun 
On ttiif ilelif htful t«id, nor bcrb, fruK, flo^vr, 

Nor fnUhi £tciiUi| mild, nor *i\eiii Nighit 

WUfc Ui* Lv •oUiBii bihl. nor walk by mutm. 

Or tUttcflD^ ibir-fifhl, nltboat ttcc la *irc<t.'* P. i;, V. $. 

** But irbo tbc netodics of oom ^u t«Il ? 
TtM wild broolc b«bblln|[ d>^irn ih» mottotiio tide ; 

Tht piH of ml J Aepturd dim ducr Jnl 

tn ihc iMW TftUcj 1 wlwtiv £«r uhI vlJe 

Tb« dunoioni bofn obpf Uto cliA aWne : 

The boUow munniir of ttu oouo tide i 

Tbf bum oth^m, Ike tianei'i In of lovct 

And cki f«D choir Ikat wnkr* tbc lunrfrul grotr. 

" TW cott«^ <vr* It cvIt ptlgrlm buk ; 
Crovn'i wAk hn piiii tkt trbpfnff vUkniftld kIi^* ; 
1%4 vl'UHinn ri1nu||hm«n «tft]|t fMelJ ; m<I, ku-k 1 
Dovn lb* [0«|b tlojic Uie iiood'roiu itmkoo ttnp ; 
Ttuougli rutUnff corn Uie herR utortteJiM ipri^E 
Uav tiotU Iba nllifo clodt Ibr dttr^tj bcmr ; 
IV farliidft Wrat« 9Wtj on whirrins »kD£4 ; 
PfLI* iiif\i]Vi (he tuiOc in n^uwuttt'^ ba«ct, 

Ao4 *bnU bfk (WoU «Uw fiooa k<r icriil tour/' 

n«.Viiifffvf, b, t. 

Tlie PoBT pfOccciU to tllnttritc lii» meaning by tome rory cottnon io- 
aiAnic« or ipetuibonca] wtisge d wottn ; aiiJ il i« our totmtMm la fto- 

Do^irto*. IK iIk-v Ijftvc br*n nbore *et forth ^ atiiI >t Etc ktoic liliM? ftliew 
hoif eiuitk itU Ilia Initaiicfa utU accomoiodatc tbcinaclvcc Ui tlioao DoUont. 

*' A parrot." 1ieuy»^" Aoi^f from t^c wir« of Iiib c*|« ^ a uMtikirjr fron 
tlic ImtukU oI a ircc. ^^ cicaiarc docs so UunUly uut ii<tu3lly. ' In 
Vii^il, tiic atkfpticrd ■«£» hU ^OftU hdny ffooi Utc rock. Id Sh4lc««jwiT0, 
" kattjfM tmc wlt> gathers snaphirt. " AcconJuig to our mUrpioUtiuci, l»lb 
the latter >rc in such poutiouf is to scem to require ttiil, or « umiUi su[K 
port, fmm alKne, vrbicb Uie two foritter pe«sCM» to prcTcM th«ii UW. 

A^tio, In MilioAs md 

- Fir otf •« Mft • Mttt 4*«cvi«d V 

tltat 11, from U« fitttanee, vre arp neablft In f!i«rfm tbr lnl■t.^]^Lnjf wntfra, 
upon uhich. lay^ ilicFoKT, *' w« know and feel iC pirsuca ila tfiilt;" 
and it ueiua Ihcreforc to r«qiiir«, and from the M\yptatrtii pfoxiiiiity ind 
iubfitAntblity of tlie cl-»4i, \l *<«nu alio to j>M»taa, aiiuppori from aIvovc: 
and it le ihv imftgiimtioni according to our Post, nhlcii cu^gmU nriS lUp- 
plirs it- So far at to imprcatioM of sight lattKncct of corr^npond^nt 
n;kTiii'c succced-"Of impreMioM froai aoufKU '^"d ihrn the fact remarks, 
** 'Ihui f^r oi imngcs independent of each other, atd imincdlatdy en- 
dowed by man K'JIA /^vxi^rlin /Acrf i/o ^'ji i'-hcif in tKriUi ojicn an jnciti>» 
nifiit from properttea ud qualitira the exi>t«>fi(Mf of whteb U inhcteat ami 

'file oianifcatclffctof Ihb "codowiaent by mtii with j^pertica aot 
inhrrenl,'* it to cfaait^fc tic Identity of the i>bj«ct in view of the mind ; to 

chd&gQ )ta p(TW«na|ity, 

From the iina^Lbati<>ii *' acting upon an itditidual ima^/' we arc led 
" lo B con&iilcratKin of the »tne faculty caaployed npoti 'i&ii^a ia a c^n- 
juncti'Mi bj' wliich they ivodify nwh ott»ei." And an CKarnple if le- 
l<;<:tcd, froiu our auttor'a onu jivciu, entitled. " Kcavlatkio and Iod«« 
p<Trtdcnee : " 

Couch 'd in tha bold lap ctf bd fmlvrnoe ; 

^^^H So ihut it n?tni a thJa^ vitdunl niUi mntc, ^ 

^^^H Uke a Ma btut craslnl lortb, nblcb on a afialf fl 

^^^H Ofrock 01 tand ripoMtfat tkrrc lo i«n hfuNlf. ^M 

^^^^1 &v>li Mw^il llua vuu ; DOt all afire a* daad. ■ 

^^^F Nor aU ulrcp, la thii utraaw oU ace/' 1 

Th<^ ctone in hi^re, 1)y eioinpetriafln, imgitrsoaattd into the Ii1ien<^«i of a lea 
besAt; Aud that 5CH Ixwt U BU|)|>oaed ioa pince aaid lUte, hatinj- §ui&c 
affinity to ttiAt of ibc atooUf to render tjjc hkeneai niore complete j and 
th« ohl CDan la aappoaed a a ilndlair plncv and sutc ; 

" Mobonlev at a oWad the old man icaoi, m 

Thai hHnth aot xUa lo*i «Ud« o^an ti^f ««lt, fl 

Aad laovMli tliAfoihcr i*4i«n it more at tUL" ■ 

Hrre the e1«ad h la br bni)^r«onaied as to bo endowed with " tbc pro- 

licrty nw inltcTeut/ a mj i i'. 

" [Ikiu far»" saya tie F i an endowing or tBiMUfying pwer^ 

^hU Ike tnu^inatiun ulao aliipct ut nratrn ^ — *'(ind In uo pioecsa " dnc* 
Bft toon delight itiau Uiat of comohdatin^ nonibcia into uaity, aad dia«olr- 

IMI-l 7%e Fancy mi the ImafSnGtion, U 

tmg aih! M<ptnit]ft? Oblty into nvnbcr/' And Xh\t U illistmttfd \ij the flfct 
df*cnrtfir*r(Tir— nailing ronnsct kk floc pcrSua r thcti the iacxchMit» repre- 
Hentir^ lliLs iiitUy 4e|ttnitcd Into tiambor? ovd ihra »|plrrr the cnisfuniiMi 
vr the n^iiiti fnud In ilic aliips rc-Korabiixd in w, licdy, Tbaw are iaiked 
all inukg^k Itronght In jn^ln |ytfflknn by In^gifialion. 

Tbo PoKT forbtrun to ranij<kf " tijc linn^nuion u it dcnli vitU 
UiOQ^Ia and fteAlimcuU, »i it te^lntes tlie caa]|ioiUioii of dianctcn. 
ud deteniiiiicvttM riwn« ornciioti:" taA in uitr own otxtcrnuiions wo 
h»vo ««d th« iwno forlMsunaoo. Ho driiiii^tticA ootbiMiutic and uo- 
ditatiTT ftnaguiktion, or poclicnl* from Immftfi and dramntic ; n Atibdi^Uion 
of fio*>'crA opAble or iul>dj virion h, to vlikb It mould be djAcult to pr^- 
ictibt. Ao t.a<.\. 'Jltc Scri)4arct, AtiJtdn, tmri also t>pi;n«crf are Uie 4torc- 
bottic» of (l«Q foniicr, aii<] ?>haK'A|>mnr of tht Inttcf* 

Kpcnibrr^^-at al onr lim^ iiifil^d by l1i^ alkgofit^nl tpiril, '* to crfatc 
penont out of abatnctlons," i. e. to inpcnoanlc ; utd still impmaoiiatinffi 
'* to giv<>-"j(s in the rliariLCtcr of Una — tlie univcrsnlLty and permaoeiKV 
of nbftnurticciA, by ttirnni of ntlrlbotcs and i*aiblcms itut bckw^ to the 
bi^ic^t cDoraJ tmtk* mi4 pofc«t 0on«atioa»." 

TUe cxdamntioo of IjCkt, i^uotcd as aa ilJDttratioti of liaman or dramatic 
iiDagiutiop. is nil inperaoaaiiOQ of tbe boldest and fti niiplot eliaraict^ri 

*' t 111 M-T xf>n, r« ElfOMOtf, wilb unkladafai; 

To Mr. Tmjrlor'* d«fiaitioo ol Fftncy, b^r which it b climctefis«d u tbe 
power iif cTokin^ and conibtniij|;, the Poef oljc^t*. und my justly Uf|oct«, 
that it U too f(Tn<--/>L " To AgHregittc aud to M<o<rbt(*, to croVe and to 
conbinci belong na nrll to thiHriiujiintttion m to the Fancy-" It \a the 
aame objecbon tliat may be urged aga:ast tbe lai^ii^go ia wUicb tbo two 
arc iTi&cfimbAir<l by the Poet : U la too gciir ml, the qiinlirics ascribed arc 
too «uper'C»«uttnl. if u-c aaay boirow & acboJutic ttffm, for luc, or even 
oQOBKn coiapr«beaa*oa. Oor Fokt U iDiIe<cd hiiDSflf iware ibat llv^re are 
linoi and occationa wbeo *' Fancy astbtliou.ily otnu at a rIvaUhip with 
Itti^atioo, and lioaginatioa vtoopa to work with tho matcriala of rancy." 

it U now time to luivc done vUb tbo rrcfoce, aixl to proceed to ttic 
Piwfui. Act) the fin? thii>g that 4triL«< u^ ^ tli«ir lillirq — braT'> knitnal*. 
of earth, air, oraea; inaaiiintcobjectar from tbe lonerin^oak t^ tbe lowfy 
daixy, from tbo mouutain to the ^ro of taud, — bare been the conimon 
monrccof ibc fnbulht, frooi inbcol ^^l^op to our own CUy : and our 
aolhoT bitOKlf, when about to Und ocaploymoat foe bin fancy, itnaiediatc-ly 
rcaort« to tiia axhauitica Trcasitfy. All Ihrtc iiQikU pTodoctioro it in 
oor it^tcntion to pas* ; acd after oue ibort extr^t from ibe Soug at the 
Pf-aat of Brougltaa CaMtlo; in whicb-^HkOOffh nllottttl to (magination— 
Fancy «r<;in9 to liatc icUudeil bciaHf , wc »Iu[l ooucluJe wtth aouic qiMtta- 
lMm> fftHO th* )nngvtil [xvm, iit»6*-r ihr unaui IhukI of Ima^OACioo. in b^hich 
abo Fancy it rttK^tcilly auiity o( taking Ibe pen ootof tbe band offuiagi- 
ixatioa aid i;uidjn£ it bcnclf. 

Fmn 3onff at Uie l'ea«t of Bron^aia Cafltle:— 

" Ht kn«* th« r«k4 wfiitb \nplji toaM, 

lis iMlb heao'd ibcoi taklB^ ting ; 
Atti iMo cam wkimi PikHm lUtf 
[1« hv1\ «fiitrr«d : Hifl hrrq toM 
By voici* hov ttta Ur#d «f qIiJh" 

In tbe exqaisJtn Po<xa< Oa the Poirer of Sound, Fancy comtoeocci her 


Thf FaHCt nitti tlte Imayintiiion. 


, t^uetr in the TCr; first ituiJCA, atxl ftpmarsU Intervnb twUly auaUiulo^ it 
t« the utmost close. TtiiJ org^ii of vinoi) is addtc»<c1 it peittMi and 
IlkCn a tJl^irSt ttflUl is Bapjio^cil to cxht, who 

■' Enfonni £li« c«U oi Hau1n|r> <'*>^ '"^ bllntJ : 
ffttricAlf labrrinlhu BMn dread far tbouj^t 
To riLtrr tliu oracular catc : 
Bind wM^v, tbnuti^ vttili^li mi^ln ire b(t»ug;1>t, 
And v]ij«pcn for the tkcatt, IbcJr »l*re i 
An>i tliHckii (hat revri ia >buto 
Of ibivDrtti|[ fifth i AaJ wAtUtil dr. 

The chAlUK of (ftiuy , cr felIIi^c a imiio 
[nto the iui]bu»h of dspafr." 

In tbe ncarid iitnnxu. the lavi^ble Spirit U &g>ia addmecd ; aiid at Ibe 
close of It W'C litixf n ikcn- pcrvtoifjotioo^ 

*' Tot] from thjr \Mttt rardi, lone b«l^^inJ, t(4l I 

Al lltr ttiU h(Hir Fq Mercy .J^vr, 

Mncjr frum her turlialit UiroHr 

Lavf atDg to nani' ^oi Ihrob of boiT feari 

1\> ■•il«r'B pnjH bnilhf«i from ■ lUik'ninf N«t 

Or viiJirw*! eotUgc lu&ibj." 

Jn ikc thini st>oxH, sgaiti personification ! 
*■ Vc VoKM, utd ic Shadow*, 

Ad<1 ImJkCt* (kf Vnii>f'— to hnuAd uid horn, 
Fron rv^kj atop 4ad tncX IwcuuUed ai«tdo*« 
Fhiiif Uck, MiJ irr th* akt '■ thie c«Tn rnbom I 
On vftfa fciuf putine t '(ill lh^ cliiuvii lowrr brila 

Anil mndcT EcbO«« front ihcif cclb 
Itrfiaiil ihr hriil^ iymphony''' 

In Ike fowttlij the bri:4»tn|:s of King arc drtcribotl b)' rery lirel^r imagca of 
Tbe lote of Arapbioti, tti^ bjirp of Ari^n, and ilic |)ipeof ran, nitti tiieir 

?f*]i4Ctivk' fiiiKtVif or falUsl vffrct*. at^ aluo well iI<T*criU*il, a*ij llbc Po*t 

tnntfs bii i^tntut*, nt llic call of JniagiiiAlioa, to piLUit the aaiblcftt imi^fM of 
lenlity ;— 

" Yo, mho an longiDf (o be rid 

O/bbk, Uionih 'o tniih vnbtArviml, h^ar 

The Utile «priak&n|* of Mild rjirth tlm( fell 

Ecltoeil trouk Uu.- t'tfUia Ud; 

Th« ColLVml'ft tumri<!<n> in ill* ■tfvpl*'* kMtl 

* Tbe viin itutmi-jiiii/ treat t Wrvud thore, 

Rr|irfiEfd— h^ard— and hnrd no uorc." 

Hi«n aic ucogijiri ilinthu into ihc haoHs of Piincv, nho mlroj^tcca B> tO 
the *' waMtrrinic uH^mrrin" of LNinU nnd sky ; miJ uko tctchci Ait^ 

*' Th« tcTrnnjc UadtAiidi. fiwnod niUi sabli 
TVeIr r«t AiuODg Ihe bUloiri, <hMir 
Th*t <>«»■« it 4 miifh^T banBUiWt | 
7^^ pinioni, naWfriJil kit, 

&r«r w*«inf Ur %aA ffU, 

Ar« <ltlH«trt ot httfotrnj, and h«ar 

SintiM tW auppiirl th* hamm U tMr rOM4 t 

&1CIB Wtotfr IviD* a dltce-tUT lound." 

In the two *Hp<-rb «l>ikii« irilh whidi ihlit too than pnccn ronclndvi. Fancy 
aitd liiUfliialioo piny Alti-riintrly brforv us. ^nd Irjtri- em at a lcit« uludi m« 
^tboftld ;^mirc mo«t, the tnaoiffst b«^itty and •ppreochieg ftoUimilj of tbc 
, or the bnllUiicjr unrl richnm* of Ihc other. 


i}lmm9f*i! iff tht Prirtrftsjopn. n/ BfVmitafis, 


W'f wtfi nnvUling to tlirmv itiy clt^cle u|>oii \\\e pleating cmoiiont vrtidi 
tke prrvnl of thcste lioe» » calcvhied to Tai«e in thi? miDtl of l1i« re«dfr. 
ty onr gmir, fiTO^^c rcAcctiont of oar «u-n : but he mutt t« jvrmitted lo 
«•)-, tW wi^ •Jf? the- wOire 4iixii>u« to itrpr«sa oqf pun Uwliinc, bcc&u^e 
Vt^ arc tfonHac«*i) tliat the h^lMt, vt vnivrrul ii lUI rlinwi artd >grK of ihr 
vorU, ol s|>c«km^ iiielA[>)ioncii]ly, of ci»dovriii|r otijectt vritli pn)pejli<r» nnt 
bbcrc&t, of peraottifying. bat Iwd a too imporU£t intlucncr opon all lyttcmn 
of \tmt »ud niDia|)Iiy«k ; im wIiIcIi biiginff« kiu bc«u iinttiily trotixl nUicr 
■« Ibc M»trtM thu ibe iDt«r|>i«Uff of pkiloi^by. 


Hat* ppoHD, in h» Q«fit«logicil lh»lofy of ibc K^agt of Rn|Iard, %\yt^ \\\e 
folluwiajt W4x»unt of Joone, « luluml dau|rhtcr of Kiag Jotti i llwt nbe " wu 
narruil to I.Uirvll«a tb« Or<a1> VnAcr i>r North Wftk«, to vliom her Ka(h«r 
«<th bcr g&ro llii! lurdiluft of h^lciirerr in Ihv Mtrcbra (4 North Vrdf«< Sbe 
kMl ii4Ur br tii«i DktmJ, «bo di:! Uiint^ tq Kln^ llmrT 111. Ai \V«uiiinBlcr, 
opna the I5<h oTf^tobrr. anii. I2t0. in th« l6Th y^ar of Khoie rrif^ lliii Jimdv 
Mil taTe conduct t« cocn« to ttio towa nf Salop. Sbc had JwiK «1^ by Prmcc 
Ltpucllm iKo dAtghtfn, vi£. Went«|ina (called al*o Joaf>fJ niani«0 to Sir 
R<-/ X, fln>l >1ftrgAr«4 tli« viT^of John dv tirtvn (ton of the 

af'' . Irywhofi iLr h^jl i»at»4* Willi tin de Htewt» LordorGonrr, 

9cc. ifkvm ^nuTu miny nobk fimih.u dtiivi thrir dc»«ni." 

Fnvn otbfr aulhotiir^^ wr Aa4 tlmt Ih* n>otb*r »f [b« frtocetH vOa t lady of 
tkv ft<iMa huiut nf Trfttn : ibjit HcT mamAjc took t-Uc? in 1303, in ordcf to 
eam^ditaan illUncf with IhrAV^tF-h; And tha% iao» Iban oa«e, Cftsbrui 
w« ntdrbud ?'> hf , fV>i frTrciuillf hoIdiD^ out thv otivc btSAt^ bctimfi btr 

huUiaitd urti ijitbrr, i:j-|>t^iiliy at ou« d«»p«riit« tmti iix 1^13, «htQ " 1h« 
Pfincr. t'F'iii.' nil rr:;lnnil and Wale* B^invt biai, and a grtat part of hit 
cr<i ii^>ju,(hf <t brii Ui toll tat nJib Ibe Kinf, aod ibcrtupon 

hr - .' hvs fmhrr, \o nake a pncc, wbo tviug adtKr«cl 

vomao fouBid tb« mtus*.'' [Pi»TrlL*» Uittory of Wtlc*, p. 265.) 
CiAT^Mxe. Vol, XVM. U 


M*>nHnkcnt ofth< Pnnc^st Jean, at Bcanmem^ [Jm* 

NolwitbataadEiigihe oftcCt^n wbidi tauu hvrt dicUted tc Prince Llewtlfh 
tbf FouQihilon of lit Pf icry or LUntfto. at the grave of biit vifr, bvr meraoV; 
hu ckot beec frvv frotn thr OhpcrtiuD* uf bbUfry. T1j« powerful Normtii btroii, 
"WiUium (I* Bran4« of Cower, van rngagrd in frrqqriir tkirmiahri niih hl« 
Wrlah Dtifhboun, by vho(i>, nnon« ocfujoo, ho wft« taLr» pri»fa«i, and com- 
pcJUil to pny 3U0 mttrki Tor Iim nfiK^m, Hi«C*mbrUn lacuniouii, rt i»a<ldMl« 
«i* ««pfK4#d Co hftTC hud tacit iodijc«EriftiiU rh^a ntvr* plunJrr ^ /or, Ixin^ 
«uftp«rlcd of a criiQJnELl pvaiou for the wife of LtrvHyn Prince of Wife*, ht 
wwiftvitrd by thAt I'cm^^ t<ia r<4^t, at Rut«r 1230. «btf«bt wuMiitd, %odj 

]( ii noni]1«rful. »fift thik tiajcicftl occnnrrtcP. Xo find ikv imArdUlcly tobie- 
^ucTil all jiuffaftftbe two fumJJn. lubtT, unvof ifar dauititira uid col^lrcaif* 
or WilhbTii Uc llF*a>c, wftB wonird 10 Ditvid Prmccof Wftlet, aoa of Lkwclyn; 
aud Jobo dc Brolue, hi* coiuta ini) li<^rr nale. marrird a iUuabt«r of Frinc* 
l.lrwfljro^t Tli« Uflt-mcfltioacd lady wu marfkt^ ircondly lo Waller de Clif- 
f*^^t^, wbu il niuf tif pririuiiirtl wu the LurJClilfmil biiri^tl at l.UiivacV' 

Tbr bod^ of ihc Prii^r^u Joao wa» intitrrrd lo the Frar^ itcan frisTT of liaa- 
Toca, in AoplfMy, foundcil by bcr liuabaad i a fact which ift rMognlud ] in a 
cbarur for the rc^c^tjxbliihmnit of that Iiuum gronEeil by King Henry the 
TMXh IB 1414, P'nnQfit. nhii vi«ir«<| Unoiftek kbeut lb* y4Mr 17^0, tayii 
" Tbr churtti U turned into a btrn^ and ihc c^lfia or tb« Princcaa JoaA now 
lervM for a wAtcrus-lrough. " t\t staUi that tbc I'lincni'i dtath UK>k place 
in 1337.^ 

When BeaumnrU Ca*llc wu tiajlad by Sjr R. C, Hoar* \n IStO. bt taa<k 
l^e drawioi; aboveenfraftd, uid the foliO»iiig (jbwrtationi ^ — *' At a ihoiL 
diitaice U-oat the )Lt>uiv, undrr a dc^I Cuihic FiuilJiitiE, a ihe (uflio intf>|Hf»«d 
to have ante couUmed ili^ rriouria of rrincni Joan, dau^hEcr li King Jnba 
aTid wift of Lirwetyn Prince of Wnlei. The ^taoc coAn wu uMt) at Llan- 
var« for many rrars m a hone- trough- Hie cuvcriag bCuoiI uprig:ht in the wall 
of a r^w lirlmining lo th« Sparrow famik, ia Bcau mar t« church. A hippy 
thought BUfEgpiTrd lo Mr. Ri^hurd Ltotd thr ^d» of ili haring originaify be* 
lcnft«d 10 iheitooc coflln. ]; whi mfaiureU, a^id found lolll eiMcity, aniJ Lord 
Bulkcley rHt^rrft it tn itAaiinmt |wrpnt», unit buiTl an piitirv t4 tttttit if froM 
further d«|H<HlaiEona, The Ijd of thit coffin if f^icwntt l)ir brad an*i brt^t of a 
ftfnalr. wiih hniiiJi uplifltd. tpringbg m it were from a irte or ftcb IK>wery 
•t«a I th«t4 i< a »]^|lb1 a|ipvaraEiCQ of a fiLlH round th« hcul, Bod vbi(b, from 
Wr. Uoyd'i acrauDt. appear* onte la have foonrd the Under p«jt of a crown, 
which the R»o4n-n ^eolplor bu unlorlunaiely cut off lo mikc it 5t ieitfr, Ja 
hi* opinion, tbu cflifflu. Three inBefipOooa comibciBOfate tbc hi«lOTy of ihja 
coffin, in Wd^h, Latin, and Rnj[1Uh ■ the bal of which ii u fc{lo«» :— 
. *' HiU pliln MfCfiphimiu fiinn diuTi.finJ >« Ltting rontaintd Ue nmiLni «f Joair, 
drajthirr or Ki^o Jon:* Mud f^uiort oc LtawKLty *» JuawuiiM friiKv of riwth 
Valcih «bo died tn chc jatt t V3T ) bftrlnff been convtyrJ fmvi the Pnnry of Llinfwa, 
■nd, aUi f wd for auny jMia m i borac nlcrlag Irw^h, ww racwd froin aach 
tadlgpitj mmA pUotd bcrc for prcKmtiott. m w«U a* to c£(lt« Miimu nudtlitiaM •■ 
tic tmontoiT natare of all «iblanarT diUlnctiaiia, by Tuov^ JAiiaa VTaa 
OvLitatav. Vi«o»vyr BttixiLar, Oetotier l(fO&" 

• fitr U'HIikA Dngdale «iy« (Bv/oiHitv. mi. i ^. 419}. '* Soid« my h« «h kaif*d« 
md 1^9 ^f ef^ Lfirt4tnnnlA him i'* ttJiirriM. ParM fca airno tS!34. Tb« wordaof 
rarU an, *- iWibulj iiapeaiua eM, aivuK ApiUi* ; era vadre ^w, M dlocbaHf , Ui 
ndoHfvia defevhfUBi ;'* «Uch do uoi wtfrant Dapl*^'« aiwrtion^ 

t 1W Mriafe bMwten fUpoald 4i Brurte and WnKttna or lom* atatad by Saait- 
A>rd, la iLr piuace sWre i^qocedt i* doI ncofikliAl hj Dvcdafe, ur ia itc Dimiin of 
te BraoM bniily in Cartwrlitht'a IUp« of Dnmber. fU(intU manW tht ooMran 

r ijt^ i« fluien iloiiM e^n"* •"• •*** «*** JohaaiJi profealiarla aMtrt, 

^fimjji Ala rt%\* Dvena, vecaoo oorpo^i dooiini ilr C'ljffort, ui ilienn ^Mnhioru c« 
■nuTf^rt-ntiD ^ to lama Willia, icsporibai lUntnun progialiivrvv noMrorwK, 
iiri4*i rutnnt. arfttlla #iltt«nt. 

{WUh/\>t^ Ptotn.J 


OUR •ittaitoo hu hftn dtrf<t«d to 

Ibin tutfjcfl by tlic rtxcnt ouurrv^o 
or l*u aaIcb by lA^ci^ijQ* la ivkiKb 
M^rd »(ry n:ai«riiblc art^d** of do- 

Ic pubtir Mitw • »oin« n:ford of w^ki, 
wt Arf iodoctil to bclkvc^ ttill be «c- 
fvaUMe to oar ir«(lvr*- 

Tbf pr^TAlfnc#, It lh« Mt««nt pc- 
f iod, of a la«:f /ur Anti^u* FfJiQilmre u 
nosl iccidcdly maiuic-sUHl^ not oolf by 
111* nUDpUa whirh «trry na^ mifty 
luppcd tokooworcithrTftnci«atiDazi- 
>l*Oft,or aFiOviahi>u4iL in ibr" l^tiu> 
bttb*a " ityie, E^l#d with c^Tl^ction* of 
UiJa dnCftpiiLOin, but bj ibr mij1tilu<t^ 
of wfcr«liciUK'» «vb)cb iMiW iliA^lay Ihcir 
ftltnetirolorct. Eiul ncrtly lo WAr*^ 
dear Strrct, but la Jiliikua^ oi«ry quarttf 
of tbc iDvCropolu. Ofcoune tii«ac ou- 
■Ktous 4f«ltr* mttt bv i&ftlAUiard 
by m <«rU](i auinW of cotlotf rr*, ftnd 
Iberc ifl no doubt that miay of them 
hive n:«|icd a lacrBtire barveat. TliC 
fttark of old fiiroilurtf n>ru«liviftg in l^ff 

obKort tod poorer liAbitailon* of thi» 
couotrr Wfti loon vihau«tcd ; Urge 
inifKirtfltioii* bkvr iit mn««c)ueo(e 

Urn n»dff fro4a Uo conUiunt« pv* 
tKularty Trua GeriKsny i «0(1 ROtouEy 
*ittif# |i(«c«t of fufunurc b^vc b«cn 
b/oogbt to «upply lb« dtmutd. bat 
grtftt qiuctti!ic« ofiI«t4chtd tad Tr^g. 
otnlary poitivDH, uul i^f arcbtttcta- 

t^t cAT'iBi:*, hA'Tt been G(»l'«lcd« ftnd 
vorkfd ijj> into ihc form* coir required 
by (qckIcid coQTFaiffscv, but »||J<I> 
wMv ptiltujf unk&ovn ii (bn tine 

wbtQ th« mAivntlE) thus cnpkijtd 
vcrc <>ri^tiu)ly devi^nvd. 

- ' T\e £wl »,'* M)« Sir SwMtl Hojrteh, 

b hb iBUodvtM to SbMtr'A Aocwae F«- 
DiEUfv.t ** tht' Modfrs Nnatvrt li too 
pftop I it l4 4»E bctla vaIuc to tA artut^ iAJr 

« t. A< the Pry^rV thnk. FUbtn, Ikt 
madmec of TViau« B«rti*p Ev|^ F-SvA. 
Ui> 3il M*; IH41, ■»! fAUdvlnf a«>». 
I. At Eui KcCTord. \'otb«sWB>Klrr, 
[ iwopa t y of ihv Utc Johii liUafttr 

t Id CoMslUoc tlU liitcrrUmK «ufk, 
it It ne/fiikTr to r-.f^r Lo tlkf dfKri^ 
l^T. > . M Dk«ny af 

t);f "dAled Imiht 

lAlfr^/.rciit n^Tii c<l 'j^iwabr pMei when 
int |^bib«<L 

uiklM* be oui Iti grait ■«E«nr« coiic««l Ll by 
drap^rfr*. II 4e(vnor«e*« nlb*r 1^4 *«. 
belfcahfft hb pif^lafU- A ftello^ hn ooff 
■njru fcir Ibe stkcirnt dMorMitp atylr, 
*ltat?h i( ih bopfti ibr pmmi titrf% «ili 
iDKitrUUv ftiktuc: toft bu«r^*r traotifiU 
tbv flcfjuu »liuj»ltf iny or OteclAO foroi*! 
tbcM are not of tlKouclTe* roftdent to 
produce tbfel HXkct tbtC Aottld be pre* 
lo lk< iniavH af an Ki^tiib mtidBoc*-" 

Th* ■■nr wricrr b&d pr«vioatty n* 

marked tbftt, 

*■ Alibougb il deecnot niOHMriiy fol- 
krvibm ihfl formiui^unuaLeaLt of t4h|(i 
and (bflin iLoutdp o a fuadaueriuJ mk, 
beir fcrcrcdcc to the iiyU of a bojldinc. 

yet fuvctti^iod ctiinot fail tu pi^rc tli4l 
thcj bikve bven latviibly oOfHrd Irois tbo 
prrruHnf vcAntectore of Ukt limr/' 

WfaJlat, however, wk r«<rire thu 
opinion, the scrorney of *rfii<K w# do 
Dot (|Of«tioo, on »ucn |[<)od n^thority, 
it muHt be ftllowtd tiiftt tb«rc b macb 
jiuticD in tke eeoburca pkvitd by ooo- 
tber eicell^oi anfiquarUu rfiTic upon 
madefn furoilurc dtnytini A t'unti^ut, 
Mr. A. W. l^Ligih itt br4 rct'cnl i49rk« 
eatitkd, '*Tlie True Principle* of 
Tointed or Christian Arcbilictur^" 
1m* Ibv AiUovrUig pOAM^e -. 

" Tlie QtodviL AiliuLrcri of t^ polnttd 
■tylr hne done niacb tojury to ii< reriral 
by tbe erroneouB md rovtly iplrai tbcy 
liaT* punuod ; th* mttnart of Ibcir 

b<tiA«« «rc one nuiM of tUbarat* maik -, 
thrr« 11 no repOAc. na toUditj* tj) ipue 

If ft for baD|n*g« or ilmpU paii#l«i Ih* 

whole k cortrfd with trtdiag delnib^ faof' 
DOWlj expotflTe, end et the Mut Umt 
nobrenlTe af fooH ellrct. TfacM ofivr* 
mtkoni apply eqaiUy to rorDitun ;— ap- 
boUurtra irma lu tbbb tbac nolblkf ran 
be Coiliii: unLui it ta fouid in aomt 
ebnrcfa' Uene* your n)i>dern neo de* 
Mfv « eoU or oeeealonal iaIiIbi frook Ae- 
tab c«U#d ont of Brin^o'tCaihrarBb; 
eod aJI the ordinary Viflkha cf furiiiiorc, 
which Evquira to ht «imf>1* aad mntfrui- 
roi, ere ttade not vHj vcr^ exjitaairc, 
bni TTTy nacesj. We Had dunlnttlTa dy- 
inf b«iir»>ei iboot an irm-ebalr ; ertfy 
tbiaf u cirock4trd with angular pfojeo- 
liHHUp taflaoienUibE BiMm, kbarp CTBft> 
Bcnc*, aad tuircAtd AtmnatiM. A maa 
who rematna aaj bft^ of tine to a mo* 

dan Gothic rcow, aird exyei viltmnl 

btiaf »(iufid#d bf wffle of lU miantis, 
»ay tfonaider himeJf catrnorZy ftviiiaatc. 
7*hfrv uv ufUo >a naaj piaucJct aad 


jincKUt D^mmtie FurMtwrr, 


nblvU ifaoiU • fflau tnme u «« M b« 
fbund Ui Ki onllft^ ohvreh, ami cot lu- 
fraqoatly thv vhiMa M*op; of a tomb 
Imi ben triMfcrrvd for lh« pwpoi«, ■■ 
Bl dtf»»b<frf Hill, I hmit pcrfctntcd 
nuny of IbvM tnarnkki ta tW fttraltuie 
I le*iga«4 MOM fon i^ for Wibdtor 
CmlJk. At tbic tiMri lli»lDoUHi»rtifc« 
pfliBetpkt I am anw ffipUJatof ; all hit 
&oO«liMl(e of Potnbd ArdtltrclBTv wu 
*onAa*d la • tolvniUr gotd aullon 6f ^- 
IflU* in Ibe ftbslmctt liut thrM t em- 
ploy *ri(h 40 \iltU jDiffinnnl or pro- 
pnnCft lb>t. ah^ucli lb* |i«rta •«*« oor- 
cl ud ucfOdiDgiT wdl oiecdted, col- 
cUwIf thp wfiHrfd * voufloiv bur- 
IcpfQf! of poioltd dM4^." 

Afttff thcfie few tiid bH«f reiMri:>, 
wc «1l«U procrrd to noUcc >o(nr of tbo 
piecet of ancipat furnitQM wbj<b ap^ 

eeftr Tuort vorUiv of coramManftTtoQ 
I thtf «al« cftl«M(U«e 10 wbich wo 

Mr. Holmn h«d a larpe nncalirr of 
b^Ddjotat g|d cbAirs, l/3i Ml, ft 

carved ptDdled back, datvd 1(321^ wu 
ililfor3f.s «iKillieMitniUrty deter lb- 
lad, fer H^ 8f. 

Lot IIS waA an oak arcn-cbair, wiih 
ft piacUed back, rklily cirvnl, niib 
Uk antts of Boqrchicr vvitJiic tbc 
Otitrr. Tliift ftbicld of arnit wna m- 
gtmrH it tbc GcDtlrmaQH MogaJEine 
?« Jau. 1821, fK 0^, anil ia rkoily 
tliatorHcufV Bourchiff, Earlof Ea«i, 
who na^a knight of Itir Garter at the 
•tceaflrvc of Hr-Aij tbv Ki|M!M(A I^O'Jr 

■ and dl*d in 1539- Thii inicr<MinB 

*pk^ oT fUraUurt «as aold for 
5J. ICtf. fiof.aad pvicbAttil by Mi- Gray. 

Anotbtr diair^ of a atniitjir lUvt'lp- 

p«rtm«oU, and at lh« top "a amUl 
part oft^ umi of tbc Earl o/ War- 
indi, th* KJOf ^aabtir, to whom," add* 

■ tbecatalogov, "ildoabUesabiloa^d-" 

I Of tbia T«ry t^\f pcdl§rt«, bufteT«r, 

Ivt bai« not the same aatUfactorir 
fttroof as it) tba pr«R<dUg iMaiK^. 
(Tbt« cboir b uad to hav< cc>cn« fram 
^Bl>dd}i!lHin (^fllc in Vubhhxr*. It 
' -vrai raid for M^ \U. tu Mc. Mayi>r, 
Two DAff Off -backed oak ciiaUa* 
with back* pi4?^^«d and csrr^d vilb 

|tb« baad ai a warrior tn annottr, weia 
'voM for 31, 4t, 

An arm chair of vnk, wirb paict 

batk. ar>l ai iivptMobad^t b««d»juu)* 
el, il. lu. Oif. 

At tb« IVyov't Bank. FtilUun/ ia 
tb« coUrctiiNi or Mr. llayliB, w*t« a 
a«t of MX very bf«ufiful «lbow-<bBni, 
l&ajJ« of wnliiot-wodd, of the pattern 
repre9«nt<dtiiPJcirc/. On ei^ arm 1 j«« 
« iUc|>iiM; cbe^Qb. very laattfutU 
carrvd- 11ie covejinf* wtrf of «iU 
damjuk. Tljcre are no ti|KCfncfu 
nvaily n^rrctpuiidlfag h^Ql tlc^c Ia 
Mr. SLaw'a ftfirk, bot wr tEU4|EiDr ibat 

th«y are at aboiii the tiAe of Cb^rUs 
it. and ihf mn Df (bat ciquUiu 

C*rv#r. tSrioliflg Gitibonii- Tbcj 
Wfusoldallherateoflf- lOi.apiecf* 
l^t49€, Alao Hgured io Uw l'^t#, 
ftta a bijbvr- b*ck*d cbaW^, lihcwiu 
of walii lit- tree, and very exquisitely 
catved. It «aa told for tbt large luia 
t>t 23r. At. 


Lot tM waa a very ele|;aik1 ap»ei- 
mtu uf tbe old Gtmaa oak eabinHi 
oiduiord ia iu ttppte put v^ib flfnrea 
and ba»-iellff« ot the VLrtue*. and ia 
its lover p«Del» wllh iba tfoppra, or 
amunal imigcia, of ti9 Dc'tgiual 
ovffTter (Sm Fiife ii/-) It wu «old 
for 17/. 6t- 6rf. 

No. a6l waa ao ItaUaii calMiel, or* 

namrPlAd with daigna in KOOMiC €ji 

IHctra dun. tojiA£, and orimUl agatea, 
with pillaratf niaiblev, an<t Bouotcd 

aiad *tr«lkilbffia«d with pit btfti«.«Ork- 
($r# PioU i//.) It WU *old fi>T 100 
goin^u. having coat Mr. kaybfr "i^. 

At Mr. Holme*'* eala, t:il lo? waa 
aloe tbo^y cabinet, iotaid mtbtON 
toiae^ibeli, and BBMuring ^ feet 4 iae* 
by 2 fct-t7 ioc,, wbich waa aoU for 
17^ 10*. 

Lot UK Aa oak preai, or ward- 
robe, dated i<rV4. Iia upper poll coo. 
ftlaiM «r three lockera i on tbe centra 

• Tue Pryof'B Baak i* a luodrta GuOiJu 
maailon , aituated hrtvetd t h« :ir«r Tbamea 
and FtlbAui cbtrch, iib««e leOHablo 
lover iippnra ta (be ba<kp«uad of tba 
«toaci*if ftev {P^aU II\. Tba tatbar 
part la Ibe rWw, co&lainnf a augnlOocnt 
rata, iiiiine4 .Sr, iUar^u OaltHj, wu 
added abnt two jt»:n ago. Ctcn tbo 
Ki£(.4irn vu Ailed op wttfa laovnt f«- 
n«ttlDf> hruutflit froiL VToicLeitir llPaae 
is Old IkoaJ StrT«t. y(r auj add IbeC 
Mr. D*f1li, baifai Allfctd ji* Lpt^ittUiA 
of ii«uUf Ibi mot't Bank, b mv an- 
imated ia ne^adoniag tt with atitwM fUr- 
nhiur. niiL 4tl iIk Inifr^TfSrnl* ibtl liit 

pa*t «3p''**">** *»d U0pro««d toica vlU 
ao doabt nggcat. 




1 • '• 


An<iin: DoMtftU Fttrnkurt- 

Mdoof Cainlilli^ Ab«l|iai<loolh« 
rabt Jmr):4i HykDj; from Potlftiju'* 

Jn^ flgnrfv* T^ bwcr put furnt* 
4r""^>--iT^t< with oCktftNlf ia tu And 
hft'. 1/ ciooH. which vt di- 

vi^. < £ cDiDjiaf tGienit»t <i>DUM* 

hftg t I. tbccrowA and cre»t o< Jaimv 
the Fitkl itftd hi« imtiaiji 1. &. | 9. 
ti« ujiM of Fruicc atkd Etigluid qoar- 
Uriy; J> t^r ScQti*b loo; 4. Uic 
Larp bf btiUoU j fi, tbo lumv of 8<At. 
Und : 0^ FriiKV Aud Enttukd ; 7- tho 
uQtoom; H- tbv rOM «ad ciuwa ( 
ftTOUAd vhicJi «ie Uieac liMCf jptJon4 t 


'* Not tul'OItt »t ma^i, o(m di Goj> 
•«M oiucAUa rr t)f Mrn^utro rou. 

tiONt»JT<|III ¥AI. T Pt^*B. l'>24." 

"Kear Goc aai> uorvoi h tuk Kirvf^" 
"Mavkdv usltuJiitar Malkimioh." 
The f«QUc Troril U cUbotaicly CAfvvJ 
mib fftrioui otiicf ornuneaU, ttfld on 
one of iLc »til» »ra ftrt»> «4it cnvto 
ftUriSutid tfi tbc catftlogut to ibc Mas- 
»ao tutttiy, tiut DOt d«acribtd. Sold 
fur Z^L Ut Mr. TurTcy. 

Aoothrt ftnc;e:it wartlrobv, baod- 
•Ottctjr cnrfcd. w!^icti bid bMu ob< 
Utiicd bf Mr. HolAra frcai Norwichr 
aad roQiTTicd into a b<jokcaM-. wu 
loldfof 30'. to Mr. DodgvoD} and there 
waa aaocbfT bwkcu*, tbc v^pci put 

of «hieh Vftb can*<l with jrmAlA 

fi{ur» and groCetque b««d4, tocoth»r 
mth Uk arn» aod (^uart^riQ^t oi Lhag- 

fUla I frv« tb« rh^ii«;''piecv uf a 

bailiff ID Warvkkabirc. 9^ Ur. 

CuiVHaT Piat:M. 

Thn Itaidt ua to Mr. iUflu's ehiai* 

Mj-r^rn*. irkkb ir<f« adii>tatLonff, 

or raibu corDpovituiM, iormrd rroiD 

lb* t<ibptii>i; kitorlDiffiiiH Ia whifh w« 

kai^ bc(:>re airudfd. The akeuh, in 
n JK. gtTHa^iuntl idcaortbemas- 

ftliocnt cbiakfier-pi«cc in tbr l>inini|* 

room ax tl» Piyor'« Baok. Tb< ro«r 
atatBtv vbUb sink tbc fir»<p)acr, rc- 
mtnit SC Ck«*, U. Andnir, $t, 

rairkh, ftDd St. David - »bo«a wa« a 
na«i^^'^^<>^^^^^^- "HiegraU- 
tej;it, «itb ibe ann» u/ Cci^ll. ««rc 
ftom Bwlff^b lto4i.f I aod tbe lirv- 
d«g« Mmi llupton KtJI. ThU cbioi- 
ttty jiircff Wft* told U.I 7*^i' 13*. 

la iSm l^brvry W4i ili» rhlmn#y< 
pi<«e aftM rtprtatntcd. Ita carhnfs. 

■ft well as tbo&« of a boolcnae in tl« 
»ani« roQa, came rrnm !hc dJaint;- 
ro>ra ai Wcttoo lUD^ Warwickohirf, 
whkh wu iiirroundnl ni'.b putifkh* 
let into fiicbc^ placrd imflMdiately 
bffJowtb«conij(e, Aa maybe ana ia 
a pt«t« rt»p#«MAtfc« oii« ffiuj of tb# 
roam, (JuUrsbed m Mr. Sbaw't 
" Spocimcoa of tbc Dttatl* of KJU«>' 

bttbiin Architr^turf/'na^cllh The 
vbiclda of armt here Liucrle4 in tbu 
k>wer nkbcft Mart Qeri&an : an<I the 
profilf portraitA of King Philip and 
Quffco Mtry were oot, acuonk' lbo«e 
which figund aC Wntoo Hah. Tbcj 
»ltll rcnufu at the Try^vS Bank. Ttia 
cticac«y.piec« wa» *o!d for 2U. «. 

Id i)ic Urawinx ron<nchunoty>piffc«t 
(rrprvtviiUd id ibu noiru of ilie Plafe) 
vc birr BB Lrtiel* latcTieiitlog from il« 

aMocj«iioa»> and remaikible fur >r« 
expcnm nateiiaU. It came from the 

mnd OoUuc Reonal Cari to e»' House. 
It vra> carrcd \a «bUe Canar« lauUf , 
a&diUdecor4iiona^>nuedM|t^Jt brai«* 
w^rk.* From the unv ok« tpUadid 
mIooo, ihrrc were two «otiiic lasteriu. 
of onaolu, aa bcrc teprcaented. 

• Wfl may hen r«ii»rk, u li io*y not 

b« ^ncTAlty hu<nrD, Uut »Ome of (bo 

filitnri of CirUai llonitf may be «MO 
M WmdHtf, vorked up (of all gibaw 
■ffti*> in thv T«nib-l»it*e, pvtujBlu^ 
th« doof» uf U« pofvh. 


Ancitnt D^ncMiic Fumiimre, 


The dofttt lierr figurn] vrift inolher 
CTideftt CQmii<»Uma of tbe curlotity 
0»alvn- li IV Biylvil in the c*Uilofuc« 
ft Gothic Bfiufct, h appe^TB to li»ve 
hven foriofd of tfa? knvvi of an alur- 
pmc, tind couiaiunJ nit pa'taiinict, 

jock, Of lumdle of the door, vrjL« not 
th« Lci«C curioQi jiott ul tbc whck. 
It woA on cnib<*i«cid «aiiaml \^t94, t-a- 
gtVffA 4fid «»imtiict]« io a tr/y early 
•tyle ul Brt, wd h«cl p«rb«pt Ima 
rtniQTcd ffom th« «m» of •omc 
poudcrouB >«nE<V't>W3k of IhiCburth* 
Tbii woA sold for i$'. Thf upper 
|3«rtof Ihc BUB* «Di(rftTiag rtprr*«aU 
■ HuU gothk cu»|iy. of odJc, silt, 
And containing h^gq tnMitt paimiog* : 
It WBB Miltl M-p«f dirt) fui noJ. 

In tbcftAmciouo wtiBcncBt brauti* 
fully exfcuud pi«Ct of »bTrQC'WOrk, 
rrp<rMiLlr<l In rt. ttU Tliv plnuftcln 
oa lU top did Dot txloAg Io ii, and 
Mrtiap* tcarcHy tin|irotvd \hv elFtct^ 
lilt wboto wu Bor^rontly gilt, u 
■Wt« the gr«»bir j»»rl of tLa cuvin]^* 

cf thu wry doifaitioeat room. 

T* neirik)K th« many tw^utiful 
wtciiBou* o' uicicot Art ID Mr, 
MylU'* coltcction would rxcetd cur 
llfliiU* Wd be beyond c«r pr«irtQt 
pujpoM, Th«i« y^tt, bow*ver, ause 
portrait* wbitb Euy deaecTt a pua- 
lOg record, 

313. Q* puid, Mp|MM«i3 to bf th« 
Eart of I^DMit. aftd fiii inlkot von 
Lord Darn Icy. 

»7. Tb« Evl of &MX, la tb< 
v«4iei of tl>« C«ri*r, a?** tfff It09. 
ly 2i»ocbcro. iS^ tbc liiutf in Tfafr 
J^ It woi toU rot t>3f. 

334. Whole kngtliofQotiMi £fUE< 
bttb, <qa?) wL|baT«aih4r fail, Ifft 

3SS» A wbijit Itn^h "of Ptfjncc 
Maoric*. ocpbc« of Cbarlei L" On 
vhkti wo toiT obaerre. that Prince 
Mbu^icc dHil in lG!i4, A^rd M; but 
tUa porUait rppvexntB on eldedy 
nao, of at JcMt liI^y-fiTv. 

9<«j}. "A floe ^rtrait of Admiral 
Tronp, whole ivnfth, «v^|#J a Riir»ii 
by CbarlM I/' Mr. lUyl», ne under* 
aland, purrttasod lht> picture oader 
■aoth^rnan*, aod ,i Wft* dugniafd hy 

a wig, which has been cleuied off. ft 
h^% Vcn idcnttftrd with the famoua 
Vofi Tromp, who wm born in J51I7> 
tiilh which data an inBCriptioo Dpon 
it "iT, av,t 44. ie«," corrtBpMid* : 
pad It IB rtmarkablc that it waa io tha 
tatCrr ytu that he wat kDialited (oot 
"crcMcd a Gaioo") by Charlca the 
Firvt io E<i|lBkud. 

^97. A t*i e^ too Partrall*, con- 
ai«lin^orHforr VUL hit aiiQ^tena, 
Qu»n Klif^beth, Edward \l. and the 
Krnptfor Charira V. Tbcy fi»rrriflfly 
brlo«iged to the late Lord AudUv, ftbd 
allcrwarda to iiit ^\llllan llonw, 
Thvf havi^ nnwbcMi jMreh&ard by tba 

Maniueai of Salitbury for llatlkCd, §X 
the price of MQf. 

39fi. A fuf] length portrait of Sir 

514. Tht Earl of Sutaei, "Lord 
llifih &lef«aid to QikccQ Et;ubtlh." 

&l% A tnuU foil-length of Qoer* 
Anne of Dcnnaik aad hfi aoa Prince 
Utnry. PiiH ta a very good aad 
pLeaaio^ pictorv, 5J, 

ftjie, A poruoil of Qvna Mary, 
by L^icaa d* H**r*, from Iho ei^illae* 
tjoo «f the lite Mr Drat. lOSf. 

599. tJu«eDt:hzabetti,byZorch«rDi 

h*r ale4vc« <a voted with tpharea i 
fofnuHy belooxioff io the famdy of 
SvlboAoa Hkh, at Ettham. Wi. a*. 

Coo. Uenry VIU. by llalbda, a 
rcryfiiH pleture. 137'- U*. Bou^t 
hy Jarinao, a dealer. 

OOK Hcn^yni.or»'iabor.9r.l»>.Cd: 

6o:, 3. Htnty IV. of Encla»d aod 
lUnry VL Together for 1 4f. 3*. 6d. 

l^n Wi wa» a •My Iihf vutoe, 
carvi-i iooalr^of lb« £capejar Rudi^lph : 
it U Afi- 6ir, bigb, a&d waj brought 
by a brother or ibf ftir ^ir llerMrt 
Taykr from C&t« 

IHah I:,B^i. Virdonr 

Stmt, lac ZSL I:- ^e^. 


Ancknt Dmntic FumUmr. 


Thnc «&*« iBCMlfrD %W99, in ^rwA, 
Ol Str WftUer lUici^h. b>Unced an bi« 

C>|NrT 1>^» iKil HJ ciecutrJ, bui ic- 
Ua ta lh« f>U«r v«k aluv* noticf d. 
Anottg •rrerai «dUorftrino<iMlirt« 
WTF p«nkvlftf I7 liandfcotnv. Oiw vilib 

ft bin^ulirty fia* brcui pli^te. oi ih* 
ptviod of xte £ii{>c:or Lhatlra V. «ru 
lOU r>rMr 131. Ao'jtlior nUAiirUi- 
lury toil of (latii st^vl {PL I.) o( ifac 
tioe of Hcuiy VH. produced irxU. A 
Ultrd, HfchoTftldy m{r«i«d with & 
diiprrcd fiDtif rn of Um IUb nod cAglc 
of Bftvfttia. in ibrB)*DQer«flhaUn Ujc 

CMalOldt aT fkuJu*, ■nil Oati^l l^OO, 

wuioraforAT'L i;«. 

So«e Tcry tciBirkabk tprcimcnft of 
Itothir bm^in^, irprvwrling ibe 
fnll-ttD^h porimici of King* «nd 
QvctBft of Sp«bl, watb »tJtP|>«l grit 

teek-fmrdi, sk»uld not p«u un- 

V*nti«D«il- Tbroa »«n buQBht ia by 
Mr, Jk) til, BDd tfe ii<rw flUcvd un ikc 

w»IU of .St G<orgc*t Quiitij Al U» 
Prror'i BmI. 
& b4cbKun»oii-boinl (S37) «^th» 

cortoas lock, uid meaaUmpcd with sub. 

jKt> JUid oiutlucK, (no Lavip^ jioi- 
ltii<4 of Cb4fln |], AEtd Locia XIV. 
wmI iAid to h4VG bcionied to tb« 

Wc r«turn to five • few marc par* 
tkula.'B, bcfvrc weclruf, uf Ibu rtcctit 
Mi« M Cam Rdfutd. A BOiAll rAhtc 
for lb« rAiii«T i>f a rouin» ttHnilintf 
7 irH 10 inc- bigb, upon fuur cvrrcd 
kffl, vilh A ihcU btlow, Bad tU tipper 
■urfoc* liiUidi ill wcod. vtih the figiifC 

of a »hip hi full ftiL, ww piircbiwd 
by ibt Auctl<nefr, Mr« I»gh :kitb«by, 
fo-j ar i «a i-nt, for 4/^ U^, A Dai« of 
block oak, ttrvrd io low nli^ri And 
tb« |i*o togtlbfr now (cum hia pro- 
IrtUuoAl riMLriUQ ia Willlti^toik tiliccE, 

SUAod. Oa the fclJtfls i>d m Tront 
»rUiU dc4k or* Ulvo irm«, cjuArttrlf 
1 And -I, A Iloo fAiupactj t. tbiM 
strlltl».twoAmtoiVi 3, ilif<vphw>At. 
Wo Aiid ODO I And for sup^iorl^n, two 
^00. At Ibc bock of tbc dciL b tbe 
lkir4 roaC inpAjuiir tht fir«t, and tl» 
tt/vt impolioj tbc •ccnod. In frc«it i> 
Alio cokmI Ui« oAnu ol I>avii> ILovo, 
Ai-d QO «A0 ■ Jiie lh« dAt« 1 6 It, llir »>^ 
lakijtuv idvMiOf* th< oitj;ibftl n«o«r 
wiib OoWd Udt^- vbodinJ D«ou of 
Su AMph 4n K^3 i bvi Aalbupcrooa 
wm lumio Itil7. rt pHiMJA not wrr 

' ^mnJa for bus 'L bi:ica jCArt of a^b. 

Another il^Jik^ cArv«^. with t^ 
initiAls E. E\ t6l2, oAd ibo •«»< up. 
on 111 U^i, whLcb bfloogtd to Adnind 
Pjilliitff, Vina M^y for If, 3#. Co Mr. 

Ab oftk tAbItt, tnetauriog 13 w, \>j 

I J , bad bccQ biTOUghc froiQ th« woini. 

toi'tnt of tite old mAncioA-boiuv of 
tl^ B«bi:»gtoo» At Wirktwortb Co 

IXrbvkbiir, tcpnoFAlin^ Ibvii rtboa 

of 1 B^Ai i.-i-TEN. ond tbc crvot of a 
wyvfin. jtJ.a-Mr. Tolleou. 

Au »k p*Dd. 7 C«t 9 by a fl- 6, 
divid(<(t iofq thref compirtiDrnrs, rAfb 
ContAiDing A »bicld of arnm ood io. 
vCTiplions : I, the &if&» And fjUAitfr- 
ing* cf R*r**bj', tob«crJb«d ua«cv 
tAiv: 1, the tonio InoAbog Swift, 
foood frbicb &n tbesc rbymrv, 

BioMed nrr Ibry 

11t4 Siirij>lid<« dolb Mfi 

Th«t b««r« thr votd of God 
\nit l(F|ic yC «I voyo. 

3. tbc coat of Swift atooe. with the 

inOLtO tilt SON BKBVlflaTA. 11:iU 

comEDcmorAtfo tbt AdiMocr of Godfrey 
IUr««by. Aflb KOD ofTh'>«ai Rvrvibf, 
ofThnbur^ York, liviti^ m 1535, 
who iBArrtfd A dAUjch(«r nf SwifE, of 
Holh»baTD. £2. ITV' Mr. Had«oo. 

llif wLi>k fabri< uf ■ GuUiic llvom 
«rectccl by Mr. HoJtnn m hii sordto, 
mriiurmg thirty^oijir fvcl by iwvlrc, 
ivitb ji» JiJiin^ of old nivijkgt, aod A 
riritfly »f itained sU>^ in f b# « indQW*. 
WA4 pu Up ill on« lot. And bougbt in 
for 103 ^uiocai, ibal aum r>ci[);; coQ- 
«id«r«d bvtow iia v&luv. It U »ot, 
hoivcTcr, likely to be prrtcrrrd entire : 
but, uolcta a baiur olTt<r occur, nay 
probftbly b^tokfOtQ piccriandbfou^hl 
to London for aaiff. 

A cDonuioeaiAl brtAft of a knigbt io 

amour, nenrio^ a riuuS hc«J foe lii» 

cf«4t, tct into A CArvnl o»k tAblc. ««» 
loldfor^S. ISf. 

A& old V*U|fiJnal, marki-d wkh tbt 
n Ad r of " yooHivi /f urlTi/«n'/, I604," 
Wat Mild for ihr hinaN luin of Ml, tO 
Mr. CocbrAu tb« bookw7L» uf Lucittoci. 
Tbf lihapfi and bulk of thin roriovtty 

y/vfo pcrhapo au rctoiuncadAiioQ to 
It ; ita »tie k 7 ftet 9 >af ' long, by 

9 f#rt 6 \oe. broAd. 

wai i3Aj. 5J, 6(/. ; of bi» hUnty, 
jei»7«- IV'> Toul.^eaaa^. 17'' Cd. 

Tbo total KiDOunl of ibc plal^, fur- 
luturdcc. oold At thcPryor*! Bank, 
wAi between 30001. aod iOM. 


The nimber ofM^hnd orifinalfy crraM. f Jjoi, 

■or* Ufm than mp ^probabfy o eo*- 

IN the l!nt ch«|i1fr of GGDc*ti, 
vcnti 3C, -2L 3'i, 24, ftr« the »ord» 
" moving miLtcro, Tow}, tiviQi; crra- 
tKfCt crcq>in( thiii^/' «|] la IIjl- itirigu^ 
lar fioatvr: but llic triuc trtdc^TSlly 
r«iiuin« ll;al EhvT »boiilf] hftnapturtl 
UgDificBiion, sad mean tYvry «pecic*» 
ftii kiods of iBUiriQ; rrrAtnir-i. f^wl*, 
lt(u 111 the 20tb Vfmp it itiaid, "Let 
llie wAtcn biiA|E /brtli it>UDd»ntly tbe 
moriru crMlnre that hath life, and 

IottI tWi roty flvi" *nd «o !*>« 2lrt 
tttw w* ire told that •■ (iod created 
every living crf4lijf« lb at luoicth, 
which ih* watf n btauiht forilnbutid' 
amly UtPT tbcir kird. Now If on* 
pair, mak uid rrmalc, oaly were 
CT«fttH, could thr wtUrs be aoiil, wJlfa 
pmpritty uid truth, ta bfing fonb 
•Amlnffy ^ CcJ^u^iitjr uvl : num- 
b*fit, no doabt, oT tAcfa tori or H|>«ci«t 
w«r« produceJ ; ind not in one pari or 
th« wofld only, tiul ill evrry pari. In 
tvf ry rounUT- Thcr*- wiw a n«rr«ily 
for Ibii ; fnr miiiy uEiimala, particu> 
laHy ih« *ma]Jrraiiiinati. Ihc cmepia; 
tliLbn. enald not trantpori lh«inMl^» 
to ilislaot quart«ri and c^uiiItmv of 
th« irurld, and v^ArMty my acro«i 
wide *i^K* KQd vad Q?paa«. 

Iq thv »tiiic manner, in tbe Sfitb 
vcrw, tbc word " Mut " cannot nioao 
one Individual ^yj but mnit nHan, 
gfiicrslly, Ihc «p«r^ ot the niprriot 
ftnimal, cronlfd lait of alK Tbii 
oiHaion u «orrob»iated E>y lli« follow- 

iPS oprnttinnai "Let l^em hare 
doiDJniDQ OT«f ibt fiUh of IIm**!," &c. ; 
" caale and female croaud He tbem;" 
"God btraed tbeirn" in which ibe 
phifal proaooo tkrm. and not tlio 
dngalor Ain, i% ai«d. 

In Ibe fDorth chapUr, aad Tcrae let, 
Lt ii laid that Adiaa, «f1cr hJa cxfvU 
tiofi fFOQi iIm garden of £dtQ, " knew 

Eve hit vife, and ih« bar« CarDi" 

•ftd in v^fve the Mcocid, that "the 
kjlB'iD ban hi« brother AbcJ." Tlic«e 

*Ant grow ap, aad Cain elaj* AbrU 
He U levtTcty punUlud tor tkii Cra- 
tricde a mark it •d opon him. 
** ktt any eav Undiug luw abodd kill 
hln." Now Ifall th« htimaa fxinffi 
then un-:in < ajth poati^t^H ^l^ S'i->>n 
an'J ' i.'ttlim <i- 

Wih II .1. what oce ..j 

thcrt be for any maft } TTier» wer», 
i|o«bt?e«s, oi» th« conlrarVi rumbert 
of hitman bvia^, ouDy of did 
no« know CaWi prr«onatly, or by «^hL 
Tbenct Ibo neceujly tot ibn maib. 

Alter ibe« thtng». Cnio joea 4nd 
dweTU in the Und o/ N^il. Hi> wife 
bear* a too nancd E^fiocb; aod be 
(Cain) buiJdp». nol a hob^te, b«t a eiiy, 
1 wi»h te aA, wh<ncr cnnM CaUi'i 
wife f She couid Dot b« Ad4in'4 
daughter; for it dota Dot nppntr thftt 
Adaa», ai Ihni lime, bao aojr dftughter. 
She ma«t coon^ncftTly Hnvi* be#<t th* 
daughter of »ome other nan. Cftio 
tuJIdn a city. How couki be do tiifa, 
without men ro hrip him } Aad why 
boiid ft city, ir there wer* &ot meo sod 
wocicQ tocccnpy the hootnioihttt city? 

In th# S5th irvru of iko ume chap- 
ter. It i* wrillen. "Adam kww hjj 
wifif agaBr^ arid she bare t boo. and 
CftMrd hljfinmc Sctb J Fof OoiJ, mlA 
tA^, h«th jtppojnced mc another Med 
tDHfnJ of Ahcl^ whom Cain ulcw," 
Krom ihcwordn "4iyONi."aiiJ "«j«MAfr 
w^." it may bo faJrly inferrrd that 
Eeebad fto child borQ between Abel 
and Seth. 

Id the 9nd verae oT e hapt#r the fth 
ut tbc *Kpr»uiorii " male uid femak 
crealnj he them ; and bknnl them, 
aod called thrir name Adam, in lb« 

daywbrtk Oicy werv created." Here, 
M JQ ihe Br*t diopter, the plurmi 
pronntiBB M#y, fA#i>» aod tin, ara 
made t»« o/, and not Ae, itu, «nd 
Aib; and (he word "Adasa" aeema 
to U Med ia lhi» V(r«. uvi fur the 
name of one prtama <ioly, but for that 
of a afjccitv, 4nd to be •^oooywom 
with the trim bnn, 

Jn tbc fourth vf otc of thU ckap4rr 
we are inbraed ihu "ibe dayt of 
Adafn, a/tcr be had br^otteo Srtb, 
Were eight bandrvd yeifw, a^d he 
begal «ofit aod daufbten/' Knxn 
Ihia rerve tl i» pretty dear tkat Adam 
begat no dnuffhtvn oMil mUtr <he birth 
oT Seih. Cakt'a yeun^rr broEhcr. 
Hence Ctita'^ wife ct-uld o:*t he 
Adu'a daaghler, ** lmt<tn nvtif iootd, 

FrOfli all tbcie fncta ax>d nMei-ra- 
tJonA, Ihc conclEiBica ti> Iw drawn aceai 
to b* that.^atC'jrdinf; lu ihr Qibfa 
ij*lf.— £rfjt on- Man only, but tetnre 
Men than ockc (pr*ibnh i- ,ie^i..i A^mi^p 
oviwbcr), were mu 


Jlfc Conrta of Evrojft imUt UU CeatMry. 

Carl. Sept' >6. 

fM. kft ytior b ■' 

Wrti<« icUda^DT, m tlie Mdie ambU 
tioua MtnnpbcM nf Ibe t^Ut, "11m 
Gottrt* ot tsrofc »! ibo CteM of tht 
Ilit Ctniiuy." to^diur with ib« fti- 
ttitr coaprim^nl (Mid it by the Qoftr- 

ijcicnt>c Ibco, mulootly tZrort, not 

tbiMgh. itt noit olbv respccD, PmirMl- 
rd in ckHr«c«cr md f«<m«. Nor vcn 
tb«j len *UlMo<l lo prxinoA cv«<rin^ 
iDon putMuUrlr t^ iriih Clu n c d tor, 

cotnnni, wbick 1 con^idfr duC iv»s 
istltlcil Co d^^loDmcat. nor Btort 
bvrrn of kciUftvt, vuo iboie icUcicd 
bj )^u«r rtvkw«f for il}uBtrat»n. la 
tKt bcpf TbAt I tD«f b< a«pfiorlc^ bj 
jmir trulfT* la tbU opmicD, vnil tbat 
m brlflf ftdvertGDCe to tbca^ omUtioiu 
Witt notbv uii&cc«ploUF, 1 now Ukt tb« 
liberty of uklrcMiAq |uu. vh:k 1 pre- 
aUfl, U>«i 1 ifnot li pvrtiua aS the 
nift Uid the »hol« of the mf, rc- 
voiutiPiuty »HaiU *nbra<«d t& ibeu 

kitcrB, OA tbv CuofiixiAt, wjtb toin« 
opportuDilWq. too, or ubtiiLniug lofur- 
motion ofi |ji« occur: jug topics of tbcv 
conaraokntkjoi i •od, iruOdra UuNigh 
llw fitlit l>«. Mini« Kkuiaie* wortb 
|[Atfacn0( UiH Kmiui, nelkiokK for 

<ugb1» wHMt wcighmg jtt probAte- 

liljr or lUUng lu truth. L-^rry cufrcat 
rtpofl ia tbcac circtw, where tiK (■• 
Ifot of ft good urntar n'ft« a &r«e n* 

C0flBQlB|ld*lK3 I0 tUCJcljr, And WU 

liut dispbycd by tbc punjccnt Tcriioc, 
or «fii|CU]»v«ttF iiiiu, wLkb wit or 
iKiiJgaaTCDvId jBipQfi tQ tb« «4aapU«t 
AtofT. E«itrkted io p>]itciU convtr- 
ifttMo, for wlik& Sir Rt>\tt\ Wat^U, 
WT Nxe told. w*» wont Id lubMiluec 
tb« ribbftfd dooovrtc, now, t)iAtA 
kvATta, Laoiibcd zUke fron the faAb- 
UiiiAblc AHi] ;lk« moral board** coovi* 

* that «bo, fron wrvocul rc<«tl«- 
tbat. si4f Kir^M li« lablt* of accidr 
MM* Iftj fpir* bt<:kp cu»ot forgift bov 
dcftdj l«t|trf^4trJ y--ih bido^rAfl* te|4fj 
tb^ |>&C^4Uti ilw i;oiiva-ialic«» df <s<tfi- 
vl«l iMflUop feotnllj vera. 1 wcU r«* 
fc—iW, br t oftca vftu«*Hd. rbs isilal' 

fiMV 1b tbOM mfcml J anife^ta of two 
«ala«fli tun. cbtn «otf n^vUooal la 
nbOe UA, Lard Ou* wMl Mr. Cum>, 

tluard»ooorN>bftt nuetioneixr, Ibovfb, 
certaiolj, ml ta tt^l iflfue ypUnUt lo 
Cnrrao. to >applT tb« dearth or laagnagc, 
or tbe piOM or tbo«|M ; kike Hoio^a ex* 
plfl^rv*, >n edwW60D of a obtaatp or tba 
oockiUiu lalerpellfCkfDi of tLeSpoiker hj 
ourpirbaMeiiurycnton. Dattbel^rvo 
of d«o«ar} tf« Dov, tt iafnttffwiif to add* 
•ddMk TiolitCtI by tbcao aactd BMOiliet. 
Aud ajp£n, a tf>Oi:nAdc of anIJ lasrc »- 
tUActofT caai«oip1attDD udulrpremtnl 
to oar now. ia th« rrfonD'tt bobltt of tb« 

hbibblcs cUduc* cf Uiii rmtivn^ui iai- 

pratomcDt. on an Inmotiiumble iraJei 
wroifbt I17 iliflC wondcrfd Tt<nD«ntor 
nf Ua os^lry, ■ayrvvmd frimJ. Falhar 
Halbow, vbott ctt^ ««niiot aiinJl, for It 
oooM Had aotUaf Go rrfiniio gr aiAtad — 

"CbBB» tniiTat^Tidiaoforai»<oiJ«.'* 
CO»L For,) 

" Bite pcrpotia/' *v tnar wnfgt^M^y 
1^ tn rap*ct cf tbla gvoolne tHOmadon, 
Ika ■fhianm»nt of a oommaadlor aaind, 
da*««ln{ Iti cntf^co and e»ittjif Id m- 
duoKe— tha mtaOaaa aftratftian «f TJr- 
t»o— in dKckioK tba iriLto*tpnad rrilt 
wbkb wemcd bajood ibc ablUtf of araa 
to aoatrol. And jtt. In ika roHftt 
ounbrf of tho Qtarterlyltonrw, (HO-) 
a writrr uti'lrrUkn, in an nUbonio tflt- 
t^t tA rjuridatd (ho eondiliaA of lb« 

■' P«M40trr of Irdnd/* «b)T« b« over- 
bMki* aoa paiara Is otivr ilUaco, this 
michty rORqocit of looralltT. and ftaTmr- 
ratad md adnliabla aoibor ! Xt ndl 
mlgb* tb* bMoriiUk of »odcFii Eogluid 
■UcBpt to iLokta ablitioa llic niaiea aod 
is AHvoUk-o v&tb wboBs, and U fstl pa< 
rkjof owrll, Ibo Arcane or TkUfK- 
AAMOK^^bnna «l Toacntdlo oookvI^ 
wntt evor m»l ia Iki CnramAtf daw of 
tbo booiAtetion of bla ipMM. Bot Iho 
a^kaoidodcHal ofaM%arioo to m liUb 

Erioc— 005 mor^*to a paor ttook. fob t 
o« rkb in the tr«ii«rfa of hearta 1} 
voald ill accwd, I fcor, «itb tlw ifirit of 
tba Roticv, or tbt taaor of the ajiklc. 
It would b< to capvct praw or jwtloe 
frontba &Mtb«rn UatW ^Utta to ih« 

Tite Covrttq/'Eunp* « iht tmt Ctntuij/. 

io much " to poiot n morale u to 
adorn s tnk." to quick^a Btivtition 
■ai colivrn tliQ afibin^ «ubjtct by 4 

uuf, bovtmr, liAf»ifCDt at I vt nlH vill* 
tAf to i&fcr fVota ibb ttitnordiouT omU- 
lien, Ibttt lOttO tim« hu clnpM^ tinco ttiD 
feiUcLc WH firc|Hr<il; for ao nnjodica 
COqM frilbiUiiJ ihc tnblimily of the act, 
or wit^lioU Uie homf^e doc U lUftchiervr. 
To w. It U an fsbmriltH iboM of t^mU 
ntion, M it nnl b« to cvcrj nv-*^^<><** 
or Avpul AiidjirMcai uau of cur popu- 

Tli4 ddtcrlontlut; tc>arce of our ni< 

vbUtcooc, ot loMti (or I ■»!! not lo ia* 
troiJacf uif aUiuiQO lo eoncDrriog foUlJ- 

not lohave boco aaVooim ti> tatiqwtj, 

whofe^TCAt DfllnraliK ••crlbM luorljfu 

to Ihi' TicLAni in^rfiujtjr at nan—" Hcu 1 

mim itciijrufuHoltriiB. inTcTituttcvtoueni* 
ftdmgdoui ai|u, (lu Ih^h, uf««A, or 
wbiftkeT.) <|iiO<iiue inrttriutt/* (Ptinri, 
m, Bv, oif' S9-) ^<^ Doxtou* {lOirir 
«i]d milcl^ccuc iulluetiLYcf UUcno«ab4Tt of 
old obulntd the pu-tKorit j of Uk 4dag4 ; anil 
dninlCtftlSCMt nrrlr, tiniH IcA* ibr (dirtiil 
of cvU* nvaamiTt kTilct of tuditL^UH] atd 
piibl;c ilrintilJition ; but, nol oaiicqiiaiaL- 
t<l. I m4^i«7,rfoni Dirtridoiiu*1Jc»Ccil>uil 
loiij irnnn--Haf*r with other peopK I can 
afllnn. nith rc|ual trulb and |indd< llmt 
OODC, %iS CQib|i«nble cAlcut of icrillorTr 
01 panUd niuriben, do or tat txcetd mj 
HOI* " r«dc<Bcsf, rp|«n<Tatftl and dli«a- 
tiralltd*' anDtrvma* Io a» tli« Ua. 

g«>(t of oDo or tbc mo«t ckiittfat of 
tLcm, (Curran,) in very atutbuco cfino* 
rvUtf. prirAtr or nutinnt]. Rnch arv ibff 
■istori^ for Uic LcgbUcarc n«« to 

WItL ropvec Io the cutom of tmwHMr, 
trUcfcj I nn kappj to obsfrvt-* i« &lliof 
«illi v« iDOa ni«nUil nproiDUeOi io 
r^not, «« tbo contrarf, (wbcre ii >bo 
azprojci, aiDSiikE^j ciioa|:fa, tb« purr- 
io^ «f ■ c«tj iVan ibe prvdomiDtnc* of 
Ibc VAUttrT tpuili inU oooiidIxIW of ila 

«U« WIUI tbopWpIC, >t hM VOJpTMd 

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«*va Ibe yovkit Of mliiM. Ihoufb of 
voom AbniBiiDn lo Uic prullcci tf oicr 
tbvT cone in 4o«Uct iHth tbc peofide, con 
M or 4lTbcl Icoonuo of wilt iKonniM 
tbe KbieoaHvfua a^ia of K«*m bi Iba 
iBOUtb of G " an''» rvnovnifiJ yntroi,— 
■ I I . 


ttiiDUtint infoMon of f^t or nctbo* 
iuch Ok Llainron, Hitarol, or C^amp- 
r«orta, ibc brttlUnt atar* of ibp aa> 
loona of thai lUf , wrro lUtc to iDlro- 
du<«, vitli anim&iiii^ <tfc«t, Svia- 

txintc'i cooiktkrita pnd fHling> fbftB> 

Afttdr pretcrwd him ffom the tftiiA of 

The rrrf-Tfrf of Gmart U «ot iw- 
pa«Hd, Io Ibr rb*r4cl4itlie nunlt of *u<b 
Map«aUiojia« bj lay ftJaUix «tfiui«a of 
fuwj : aoJ. ibOD^b ««r cKfrcaaion kit* 
now- ia vilhaiU ■ ^yMnfme m lb« 
Prcneh kncwni no worl of iu foofoai 
la mora iVaufbc vltb iu («iiuiue vfArll. 
Uii fanriliT' boirewr, w*iirDd mo, thai tb« 
rocoMcitton of tba jit^Htiil jntSt^ril 
clvitDd Hmr oanadcoliviK i)v*1au, rnUicf 

oTonrrouitil, lurclj, Ln afiri life. flav«, 
I vould fab know, tbrao urdr nolntrona 

SiialpJ Ibe boBon or iavaiM llup rt§am 
tiU beat mt«niRlaf , tfct rVpiQacotBllfo 
of mj Tencrablo n(^T«l&lBacei r^hvr 

■' <luoa tJIra caaujiji bcti 

Mroa habot attoatboa, te auido Tcrbcn 

Ocedtua aonthnto taJmo Corton flagri- 

Jareoal f!at. aiiil. 193, *C 

Gf««a« waa trltb lb« Jeaidta ud dnctnod 
to join ibat Sode^, of «boiD, «a paorad 
by LU ftffccabi« Mitnr, ba ««r <^«Tiakcd 
tbc fondojt rcmcmbiAOcr, whoft bepn^ 
duood tbia ponn ; but fc« abndoncd tba 
ouW fofbtio*] btforr ihfl Mnkaumvalioa 
of bla rovK. and joarmd, biU diad oUld- 

Wbf n Ronaacoa ptaod tbrongb Aiiiaa, 
•ftar Ilia raptiir« irltb UooM and dvfw- 
tiut ffom £o^Uiid, In Aqcv« >?^. 
Gnuct law blJb, aad foond tbia offtct* 
cdlj Dioroaa tivittc far mora comnnicdM- 
tm Iban kc Kud »uAn, fron rvporl, to 
fltpact; aaurpruc sbidi Roo*Hau cMlf 
dkKovrrod. aod ctorrvrd : " VoUB fiiMi 
■I bii^n juH#r lot p jcro^af a *, i|U*n o'aat 
pai rtoniiial ^dctoiu aaclrioi apprivolocr 
ito ouEt." \y\< df Orvaa*ap>r Afuowafd, 
p, :i,> On« of i1« fim lKor«T dTorta 
of R«^>c«7krTC «i« a piiiu *ulwn ** 
tbia pMLcUeflr r««arli»bto fo-' pri-ftfi- 
bIcou of brnlty, and drcUniii^m of at- 
tatbttoot to BioaarcUcal p f i^Of ka t, aiid 
It b aqoiUr oavtatn tbM tkia wbcdanlo 
•nain aa>J aUkaUa* thffVlQr of Uonl «ai 
tbc ftni vbu brcaxl'^ futwarO a BfocUc 

.1 I. ' ..ltjIiIl- 


' .liAjj tilt' l"fiir.i '. ■ ■- ''I ' 

I <lut, K il1« < "' I' "~ 


J. C. StaHftr.—CvmMl Hitt. 



•wh ■tiothliOM ■■ lioM citliff ^*nn 

«likli •aiu^ «nnii«««aj la tbt rval 
o»-— '^'"^ PT iomtvil p^uimIi of 

Ui. ^-lUadcd, W i4k liOjf dtf. 

tnmie^^oia, to ftU, ■• the nady lAip- 

tJuQ cf 4a IJL^ttVOVt CslaBaj K{ftiB«C 

IttM ».} aki>«»r R»d. ft> fcb f4itor 
tkouU bATc p uMi iwJ uj dvirmcd I 

tU* crwttrigflbOM 4vty b««a ptrtorm- 
ttf bv ttBfwitoBta v1i» QDdenook 

il NwMrroiM u ai« tiia ailanpra*«a^ 

ctpoMd bT tht Qoutcdf Erficofr, 
tbiv cvtt*t^e« Bo« oD« b«]/, 10 imtli, 
of lb«ft« tbtE dHfigarr Uie poWjcoti^t 
ml cf^vhich I ttttil Mbntl ■oni« Etw 
oainFJff'. V«t, oovwlkiAg UtUf 
■igbi MTtJr b«irt btoQ os»«ct«d from 
lit mataw c/ m pupoltr work, "T¥c 

Belgic RctqIuUmi la 1330.^ ^hi^h 
aijptAivd la IS33 : thoagli liir*, likt. 
wi»c, be b«tnro >a aiMfunpinlaor^ 
viib Ilunu7 WMoTf, wfam h« acn* 
ban fif^tllept mmattt Uw cuiin* of 

;<. S. p. 7<'J Tbmt pml KboUi wm. 
bkiWrd, tar f^Mof ji«n. • profMMr >a 

tbe UantnilT of L«Tdr9. bot France 
p,-n him Urth.* 

* U V%K I bod MdDMAttennr hi dS** 

tbr otj bova M Af«tt, 

U« btbinUoo m-at, «Tcs lb*n (ISW), 
bm ^ovted Dnk «taUk m the 

S<attevr b^nt. »l J««fb 

Ctot4ii7 ««aUiMal of tba Unv SdoppsM, 
lin vtlft the fucUi't ff-iM«y fvclco- 
^iaaa. llw int bn^uirj tk Us satirr 
fiv* ««# ilr«ud Vi A tnicnU« lookjis 
***'^"**", *Wv 1 B^ IB Ibe pabbc 
vijb^ Bad vbttH MOM apcvp«lB4 aa- 
•**r «M »tliat be boi vrvrr bm^ «C 
wmjL ■ fmii>«.** SidiibrI*, ta mj muAj 
TnlJtoc* bcftj (CortO I «■» nriMt ta 
TWa wbrtWi aanag ib« naverou 
» «f lb* lUBia *f^hM»r, dwTw <fill 
Mf of bMdn4 Uoo4 to lie «a- 
if wti «ba bu InuaaciiBaed tbr 
■ihbUa rtiy hi^lha ; ab«a dw rrply oT 
all iad «aalort>lil'- Ero^ri^Cor, tm 
cH ibtf 
ii« UaK-utj b« b«4 

n/ tbe £TT;it roct" Dr. 

M lb< 

Wabavt «l0fp^ to aodea lb« 
trran «b«cZi «a mar beoagMJOlj at- 
tt'-bal* to Ibe pitio, I liafv Cu noarfc, 
tbat tbc laM wUoo* o^ Leaia XV. 
Mftfir Vaobtniir, »ora loufallf 
kMw« Bi Jto JM odw JI o t'Aiift. b«- 

foc« bn cialtaUaal bom m 17*4 
(aot I7t(, as Mr. Wbitv Wft«rt»).o&d 
rucntcd iha 3Ut Dvcvmbn- 1 W, ii 
aftUbfmlf DkawJ [>a Hari^, laittaU 
of DobLTf. I wo* pefMttoIU oc- 

riottd witb h«r ontainri btubbvd. 
ih€j se«n »aw aacb oibvr aA«r 
^altUDg tb* ebaidt, vbeta iba 9mrru- 
mtai w«< praAoed, hmU rxc*pl ft* ft 
oumcd viiiiaB. abe covU ooi apptar 

miifmttntlfy ai coun- Il *«« is Tov- 
looia I ksetr biai« wbtrc tt rvi*3«d 
vnr awMteouDoailr, «■ *ia Boct, 
wltb IbMUy of cbMrra by aaMbta 
wottftfi. Aod H *at bj Mf titbn'o 
Qcpbev, GmqI EUr. ibfti bcr brotkf- 

ia-la*. tbe Vtcqa»l« Dobarrv, feP N«t. 

1 M 77d. at Batb. ia ft dtKl, of wbkb 
tbe cwCnMlUs caoat «aa a dupola at 
pUr. bat it n^ oviftetid hi Um Vi- 
cqaU!>'» jtalouiy of lua bcaaiifnl aifv, 
a OBor«f of MTiooal i)Wrrtl «Ucb 
tbe draad of itdk«l« Iv apoaEa^ bli 
owa kbaBM vooid tnMtr bo Ftandb- 
nteo ta arow. how loaaibk aottor be 
oajr be to the iajarj ; and a cokvn* 
bU pcfltaxt fo€ bU WDgeaaca wa* 

T«M «M aal aU* te pwm Sfwrntm^n 

iliiiiwhifitjjii iT-i -'itrliT" r-'n 
aor bare I bes ■owmriiiBflla tn^ui 
tbg^ftrthw. tttfgi(bM» •oaVooBBtfrioni, 
aai «t|aall3r my ova dUA, Ao baitl j cf 

Jncaiott la lU of Ibe plmlL.— BctIc, 
aador ibc wtide of hu DtoJi^ry, »>. 

rvH^mio Iwrript of lb* pMM> of 

i^nrJi^hB pvtid to Jdi« CMar 
SodJ«er, M 1>^. br Fnaoi tbe flrU, 
In vhkb oa cbtai of M»n^f ibotvl a 

Cfonronl, It «-m proAind fef BojW 
CUbvrri IfAfwil UUarbiBt DaloJe^ 
aribaff of Ja&a« Scaikavr mo peeabwijr 
dlBCJMt. uiiarKaafl Kaa"*'****^** tb« 
(r«lAcalkB «f bb pmen, vbo, at tot 
Hev of hM ai ^ m crii * ibvvo, tmM do- 
t<rvHi* tbvfir aifw^ in pnnt' I bo** 
bun! the eiBB of fNuMO, Md, i a ib rf. 
coahl aaiae imnl noee, tbn|^ ib- 
hwka J tbb k aot Cbe ceanal BCttt of 
tbe |aira*d.B«,Bacb to their Mfe. nvt 
In ickBtfvtoJ^ed- He >CelaB uf La C«* 
paO». Ibc coadttMorof B^w, U la br 
oncted at Jl^fa, tataot Ibat of Sca&|ar, 


Madame Duimri^^'^MatftKoiiflU Kttticoiirf, 


Mouht in t forced tlitixUloQ tt cat^h. 
Kici! df-fcnd^ hit cwd faom, ia he 
couM do ia tM cunllilccKu : for hv woa 
&>tfetirp(f, h« foM m«, bfrfore-hancl of 
the rovMl pordcn ; bnt lb« jurr at 
D0CC »^»iuH bim> (Sc« Annrial Kc- 
~~it«r for I7TI>, phg< ^EOl of vti» CAr^ 
tir porlion.) H« via & Count of 
tbc Ronao Ivmpift, *ocl Ui^n, cfc^f of 
tlia Loute vhicli now o«fo» Lord 
Mcnicft^tv for its heikU, io Kerry. orU 
i;inalli front WikV«. 

Thv Ijirl «f B»riynior« (Riobaj^, 
tbf tilth with that iitlf) dii^ricod 
hlD»«tf bjr aci(fioi«1tdting tb« cuat&n- 
gwinkjr ortlicDubarryXf^t ^bicL ilir 
aoleviUtitiff foundntioq vsa ibc rv^ 
wmblance of oame, Th* pricr of thii 
ilcbaiciii^jii wu a cioti grvtcloui n- 
crptinh at o^urt. tt'iifi th« cnorc «u'j' 
•tantinJ gratiflcMion of «oin« cottly 
VtMttan cnlrroTi. and va^Lout t^^cU 
tncfiA of tW choicHt $RTf poreclAJn^^ 
At MaJameDuh4rr^'t(l«atbft1i4b«- 
tray«d moic tliftii fenumoc v<<«intts j 

for, ftf ■ fftfcjiifbt witBO* nC i\r JWH, 

I can a^icrt ihal «c4rc<ly anoiher ia« 
itaibOt cnn bt cited nmonp (Ik nDfi>c- 
ro«« ^tnalc victLmi, duriu^ lh«t ^14* 

a^UoQi wra, of Um rncr^ t <*r 'r«i|fnA- 
tioo than wLol wu dtipUy^rl l>) tha 
iuaIc |iuitioti of tbc ftulTcrct*, Aft /rarf 
1 bchctd ihcsacrifir* of ekvin num 
to ttvo rc'olutbooary Mot<i<b, miutyo 
to tb«tr filth. iwvIf, for th«tr iJtffM 
crime was heannfl; the nan of a noiw 
Jarlng prIoM- Moarofbt Lii the «i- 
irtniv. uid dvrply alTfctkn^, wai \h^ 
ti|;bt, vet ^nMtirte m the tonlcifli^U- 
ticn cf it* irspirihi cau»t, wjjkh l«nc 
to haaible LtbcA, i«i<a1JaUy w««k ia 
their nature, an vk^alioo cJ npinl uaJ 
fortitudo of cndtirjucc, ua»ufpa4«<d, 
1 May trol^ affifiD, by what plailotu- 
pby could iDCulcaic- or pride amine. 
" frod^v r\tr, cvwtn 

An^inUr node wiuwt. 

Pbot f«idnt pcrfvU/' 
^TbtnumWr oftIt«iicii»a nayrcouad 
■a of St. tJmU. «iHi hrr cDin^aoAOna, 
rhoH mamidmh U^er, in hu '* Kc- 
•io/viS BrtiaintfatUEQ frimordia,*' 
Dd. 1007. p^ET lOfl, pliicrs aUtUt 
year *». Tlw ■dJtt*cfa of M. 
obpbly ditlina'ive of tbnr fate, a« 
xtyrv, ^Xr, M.» ddod^ mjOm err* 
dIiku wtltrrv into ibe oxtfavAgaat 
aveitiaD, that thty namhtrcd elevnt 

Ihouaaad 1 The ctent U ctkbreM in 
IheCatholkCbmch on Ihe 2latOc-^ 

Tho eoitoniry Hod famrliir addr 
of tie royal faiMiritclohrrvalupliioq 
^amour, nai by the nart« of 
»oitM, He wi* diiuUIoH aSwsdAfttty 
lierDtioon in his eondact j but, a> fairly 
obterred in the GctitlcRiao'aMai:a£U 
pk^ 904, ibo atory of the /*arr 

Ctrfi VAA iP^BiJy magnified. IJkc the 
priaonera of ti^ UaAldt , «h;re, on iti 
Cdptnrc-, that oHDorablc n*o1utionuy 
mitiattre, \hvt€ nnr no mort than 
itfvfn, Lad not oac by order of Louta 

XVI- Uileipd irf tlic rrpiMlcd tcurn. 
Louis XV. io fact, was natorally timid 
vHtb the %cx, of which Uannonkl 
(M^mtiirea, Ihre »iitj Rlvc*a Mrlhiog 
proaf, ra rrlatioo to the bceuiiful Kta- 
dame d« S^rarj ; but vjtb nQcb a no- 
man aa Mudanif Dtjbarry, he fett 
qiilla at «ai«. a« Mir Charle* did viib 
hb bumble Ndly. the oaly on* of hca 
mrjicrcu«a, vho appeara to have occn* 

pi«d bi« ^yiof tlCaufhu, much moro 
%o than t<itb the itatHy higb-bKit 
danifn, who, bke onr CftAilcuaim and 

roitfcinouths, hud cajoytd, Of w«ft 
rnoJidatOfl for, hir pjace.* 

* On« of ibd IIHI4 rvlclnlcdi «nd Mr- 
ufnly the no«l bc—tlftJ, trafk actraa of 
dial dayt waa MadHuwila Raaooort. vho 

rb«Q rt(iWi)iiLla HWiirh pof iiW «D<hm< 

tlaMD Hi Mhletaoinello R4ctid doei at pre- 
peat, Snt vai ttry youif wbn pfwcated 
to the taymlfavMiJitr.inMilJiriUhoaof ber 
aIl.po*«rnti |iro4efttoo, «hi«b «aa nut 
oidj luail graduUBlj prooLUcd. but •«• 
conpudod vitL Ibc maiernal nd imprv* 
«ive rvcomtneoUion of rlrtflou eondaet I 
(cPiTrf *■;'-) Tba taasplt. bofivtcr* 
v«« cMira potcai Uian the adtkv eotaihig 
from iutti a iin4rtrT 'r for her lift «ii a 
ci7ntiAiinii« arrlra of prDdiwy. 

-' Why, {■'X^'"*^^** Marrly rtcriml- 
Uilcd ajouuff ikurfcd bdf >HV l^afttna- 
pececd of bciftifkitbT«» t<j hvr rw. vhctt 
reproved fvr htr \it\tuii<Mt,"*^j, fiand- 

n^oinia I y«ar ivo naioplD ilioiild fttiliJd 

Uc from your rebake/' " Quji< the »• 
terae/'audnered tbt p«nA*H'*<^ "Ula 
lAaf «kich aathuriin ny cvuvira^ A«d ui- 
forrM niT vamtlu of th« <9n#tnwncai 
tba£ «ttft» you." IV dr*unriaticin «u 
un&eciM, and e^oaVr irnTTntip^i for 
thvUdr «M««outW«< <[iri, at 

the pnce of (Ov.^r iIAp^mI 

dAB«(ft. Tim cruar^ riLimpjn ^ and tu 
ptaftUy Hiolrfft ittrif into a lacra pwtinU 
«ryoob>idM«liH*,«K4ly, ko*«**t.W»oa4 
Ihe ru£h gf a paot tulfaer^ a Und vien> 



Tlr Due dM^*, 0/ dt AWif/^i. 


Tb« r«parC«e ftttribirtnl to Ui< Doc 
d'AjHft, DU Uie fatftl malady oJ Ixiiu*, 
to uol cxvrvcUT rriril«TvJ, Wbcn i«- 
IctfBK] ttac tc'wju " U petit* vdnUf." 

««4 HI ovicTf Ism 1w*n vaiw^ avsiatl 

fnhlk^I. t b<l«», by Le» X. to 1£U. 

BckCf dnuatt. tkii tk» (liclicRH ihodd 

IIm fikrrkAtr, Wf t hin«prr, of aabftf^from 
A kiiftb«ad. wUii • ^ur nuoA bet mtds, 
km«i«r bHt«r*Ku t« im'^W, i« Ar !««> 
imuonl Ik«a ywkiux \ur Ike priM of hir 
MMfluv tft (tt^ ^*>- (^ l^f "'^^ 

aHvCiAtti Ikb tampnmir* Of T&fv, forbid* 

^l^flJ■■pti<^^ ^j B«m■J^^ or« tvfw, on 
tbv Mm»i«»a tkai it vonid be a eou- 
pvDMw ^ ttUmj- U ktTp «v OMrr *^» 

wmtr Wdbcud 4u «atlpbKHS «nd fr*. 

1tm»i Bi wbcA h«Hlr trdLClliLa U unly 
ttdttoublr U> lU vindiciliuo. un<t<r thu 
fii^c of 1m «/ Btnicra la 1^ pHrrnU ? 
Mcncj IB ibid oe^tUuilf nmih iln: H'Ai- 
mrv v»d mtntion of nuHiftU delio* 

rflicit*. m to viMMbUacm Ammr, 

nul »o<ucc, to tiffl tkc WfTifa c^ L^rd 

famt, p. vN.) ui UmI matt dMpbabto of 
fimf^ iLr ifftr ti bednc Urti^bt rfiwi, 
bvm lu buvfalfl ii^ niijd nn, vtMonvr « 
■iltittni* b opporanaljr ImdA u bind 
iJm cttmbouati, la asy pcnAllr, lo dko 
MJilcnwcc of !••«««. Jlki <nc win, 
«blcb loudlj cried urith tkt Ubv oflha 
Gd, in ibt orifia^ SpMttb druu of 
Gailtm A* r.4Mni, " 1^ UaciBd«ie» M 
Ckii*' Act 1, iCpmedk*. Vaboida, l«St,) 

** Lata, lira can «iDfr«, 
Foni« «l bo»r fH H Um, 
C<a *iiftn fo bfl de Utv^" 

bypMr* %nki«vaC, if act ntuSuL Hrr«, 
M loBfft tl» P0(cl it miuurj, Bud kb 
k>C Mm<1 niQiiaoJ to MP*, M ■ miur- 

nKV, lii&l Ikv Mt»l OOHtrrtClkft of 
t vmld ie tir bupotlrioo t>f k «irrv«- 
wwil^ Hue to lb« benefit «/ Uc »- 
luftnrT' ^^'c Dtj xiair, U u tmc, fdid- 
Ul« oiin«l4<j fi« lb* (ftediDiDM biAaeihor 
oTtto nasi u Ktio^il of »>ri*l inomftlica, 
■bkb cMknmtte <Bti>lbtica uf Afwu- 
ihmm ftQtn Ui« rttAan, tbr tviudlrr. or 
tb* inntmt blKkcuw^, w rimMiUoDeo 
i»«f ckKiWt iL< olTTtidcr' &«1 its dcia- 
tiiuiAJf cicrrvnot mi^ijlvdi, tt« & pad* 
eJitaf rpjltnijc, Mia« be utiBUlol hj lb« 
bdtvriot fnti. t>iii hu th» aboK riwHoC 
■iite<a jtAn.iroui U^lol<06, otote 
Uo fOoJ;;/'u7 jy. oa ttm thm foor 
fLrii^t-fl Eiwa vnrv i*m£o«d ta Ibe 
mtuilUrotM prc)Ddicc- Sudi u tb* toM* 

" i^M ti petitt/' wu b^ pttiBtfH tb>- 
UflCtioQj wliich is fv oore podufi^ 
ami vpigruixMtic ikastboMOUntJaai 
ftml diUUd> "Jfl nV crob p*>, Mr 
il D'yA ncA de petit chti In iruda/' 
TUft wiU<niiDD, vhD, oa i1m> dc«£b cf 
hu fnthei, lucnodtfii to tL* p«cf «$* of 
Noaillrt, <Scn Cictii. Mt^. Soft- IS40, 
p. sati, tsd rvoT. |>. itj9.) wu oore &o- 
tOfi4U* u Avtiitbjdi tA fl wnTfor, A 

title to «hidi be haJ littk ckia« 
tliMtg^ invested wttb the Mu-thara 

•t4f I nad th« «n4v«r to Loaia XV. 
on tbe &iunenM> (rcitceuorfe of bit 
MftJ«My, " «q«d to tboM wbo flikd 
bift tbfuar aioce riiMaJMnd," tm Ma* 

dwno Lhib«m*« bviwrt, wu xkh 
Dvk«*t, Mt RJebclieuVMiuantuiMd 
by Mr. White. OnaiuUier oouikm. 
wb«n tb« h^h nobility qrg«<l tome 
complain: af^unit that gmt frnaacial 
cor |>o ration ^*" the Karnafn G«a>ml 
ofth< Rrrcnve,"— ^Ihp King, it defence 
of ihii body, cotttcrKUf) lbttlk«y «up- 
por1«>Uh«5uie. " Yra,Sire,"mpr)od. 
td D*Ay«o, " a« tlu f opo i^kUdo* tbe 
haaged triifttnal/' H« died in Au- 

fast 1703, aad btforr l«rvlrp noontha 
ad revolved, io Ibe emuiiif; July, jtial 

nony of c *Q<aBporaa*qui magiatraica aai 
nriTriiannur nlbiwi nffiallj (IdfrnirTmi. 
tone tIL p. (3.) Tbe poct'i tkv of an 
iosnU b t&at i^ i 

" \ son), acDirttg, and wcP-brrd imb 
Vt'dl DOC oAeoJ n£ ; aad ao oibn caa." 
(See Gent. M^. hr Jasouy l«-ll,p. 32^ 

At Iba d«o««a of IWOa. Baaoo«rt la 
Ul», a fof 00* popttkr «vttM0ll»tt, k wilt 
bt rocoUeetcdL «u exdMd at fbria, on 
tb* nCbMd of Ifte dnvy to perform the 
r«br««l rha of lb» ■Smdcoad nomM. 
Ditiag tbe Relgm of Terror ^«a iaipn- 
Km«i,iagDtberirt^nD>iDrcb« ibHoiod 
«rfJifj, accused eif eorrottiac tbr pobEo 
inoeab i «ud ^FODrtif ibc M ofder of 
Ibingt I bvc %\tt dmIouI ItoUi or p«tfiofi| 
aoMi reritvd i foe, nadee tbe DirDcCorial 
U ercr ain arti ilTd^9<> ootleat, I raaem- 
ber. t^A iiiif-tLrv4 ^4A«i dr ^>^»*rf«e/f, 
«r pla^lfiiu^i, wpre Dijfbtly o-pfQe<L 
TboM wor« tbbK^unily rtdaotd to tbic* 
to«a by Bofuparte, moch Vo ibo pnbVe 
adrwiMe; »«< do tbt AUboiiaal tbcotn* 

uwt t bcHfive, «»iM>d tveoty, «ff latlieT 
eifhietn* Tbe atUaipt at an ni^radiied lU 
evoee, botb b aanber t^d cxliibiiiona, 
■muitf^^fty <wawqM>t am lb« RetolnL- 
beaof l«li>, vaaqiaictljuid nroeavrily 
rr f re aii d ; Cor evtfy Fnline of deevooy 
mm OotngAd la ikr »bomiiuthiA« then 
preaeatodon tbetfage. 


a^fvaiifT Huii^dgt. 


lite da\*i prcviou* to flobM^ierrv't 
downfall, bU widow, dau^ht^'iD'Uw^ 
ATid giafld-tUu^liUr, It cumulative kad 

, to th? tyrtmrs tii«ntiAtc poaucn fo( 

Id ihr Inngmiyt of ibf p^tC, ft» in Hi* 
BimilartfoUKtitt rxMuiioo <Tf Um i«- 
mlv of iho virtuou* Makfth^rbt*. 
(Ge'flU Uftg. for Nor, )83Q,p. 4S0.I», 

■ it iiftt »a ihU tolciPii And 4Rfi^ Of!- 
ruinn. lUat ihe Prmdcnl oflUrfeU tn- 
fcoaal, r(fii(|iii^r "naflUc* •llcmpEfd ta 
iUAiiUy IkU «k1 (□ ui ftlTaiioa* pun, Ocu 
-^ tbU doamcd ir^lF-OFntr«fiaii, tfa« 
dwulUef-ia^lAv, Ubwuvd under citmne 
Atmmi, vnA plnd^d tbv Uft id diaprvfif 
«r ber pflidpMloB ts the impnUd oin- 
ipificj, whJob •» ib< pjttcjtt af ilicir lUf- 

u iloNt i?untpli6 fWfnffHHHl/' ntDited 
QiU itifmuJ iidgB. The Fnsob rxptta- 
ikm, U U Ki;vwQt convcji Itw doiiUe 
mniAinf of tff^y. *nd ciuhJHf'*!''^' 9^ 
«!• Ibc fr«ad-d»iight«r «l Qui ornaiomt 
of Krcnch nuKiMncj, the Cliuicdlciir 
D'A^H>««n.fttir>B' tttluc, in lU idiono- 
tloQ to ^t <4 bt |T«^ prcdvccwor, 
MidbvL d« rHi>AplLal, ti wjii|iiGUuuA to 
froot of the Chtmlcr of Drputi«B, Ma- 
dune do U P*j«tl« k>u 4iiolhcT ol thit 
|ad|'4 cbildrcDibut bai>p<nr J lli«o toht 
in t difliTrnC pfi»bp wbprj,-* tb« *ij> «»vi 
rdcuT'l 111] l-fibmATi lj^^, vhcn ibn 
bvflbf B#>l <□ tbara her Vulaad'i f^iiiUj 
■I Olmuti. iv^ere he nperkvcd niirh 
IiKiIl (rcstmrntt rtcqit fmii u liitb vf- 
tumt. SIac EUieot. vbom Le FeT'^icuiU 
fli>rniW wDiloficd oi^b d«ep iratUvdcL 
And htrv, I miy t*li« tb» opporrtflnit^r cf 
flUtlDff* thai Rc«r-\dmirs] (CmvItc-AbU 
rr1)Cur, ■• bell oiled, but tt •bovJd be 
CmMy, « diiHAsnUbed maiiin*, now m* 
coDd io command, an^rr Adwnl Hufon. 
of ihc PrcThcb MnhtcmneiA Am, li of 
dand Iriah dn^cal, tke fmiiiKU of aa 
old Innid, ladetd « rclntiua of taiat, mho 
mfdni et U^vdHU, Wi i^u « f^t^vt or 
iJtDcrkk. TletiMW»l fvnrnuruC Al- 
CCfle. Geural fiugcMid'i Iriih aUiince 
vut bp KV» m ik« 4;4ot^ M«ft^ far Aupui 
l»J7, |*fe liA, '*Quw rq|i»iA urrb 
MMiri mm pkna UbcfUT vc src ««ll 
wcnnird lo Mk i fnr r«cr- '■ tmlb. >m4 
abMUeot «fe Ibe rrWi of Ireb K4d»t»- 
neUuier tlip (luW^v wrfvijr, Aad Iwli- 
isc «t bi>me, a ttUlivT nnmj of ibt 
Idibol order. pn^-eniiMttt ^likv ib ite 
vuiifKo and (mill — tf. *' ibftvp^U %f<n. ibe 
nbil *f mmn" the •*«> ctf « mwUi 
iptjjl oTcr oouuUcca mfrude ot tv CMn- 

Youag Half, of JunAica. whm« 
exUfttugftoce b alltMled %q in ibc kairr 
of iJtb Jooe, 17*** WM >b^ hero of 
the CheedMT Entled^'A f4iirinl 
Qminj0im AH$ki4*, fcUlive to whkrb 
ibe Ccoileftka't MAfctxJiiO for April 
U37« (|k i^u>) Ki^d for Atts^L of »aiM 

KkT, <p. )S9>) mev be coft»lUd« 
llvOgc'e felbcr ii aUo mpnUoBtd b^ 
Lxd M»bor;. itt Utt fliM^rr, (tol, ili. 
p. 339.) id coojum-l^oa wilh ^aUb, 
tbc kiici.-<t(>i vf Cooai Vi'KlBh 6t 8^- 
rtnt. iliB comedy, " Lr BoreAU d* 
Ejprit/' in dcri»M»n of Wadaaw Gee/* 
friu'a IxUrftry diunorvi pa>»cM<t c«a> 
«lderjtb1e merSl ; tad fcbucidAnt. Ituly, 
ttcre the nateriaJ* of ridicult pr»cot* 
cd to comic talent lo tb«e wtrnU- 
tioui ^eil^rtainmvnTH. notwilhitKAdinj 
Mnimootcr* laudator J report of lh«nt. 
Od the lalJune 1770, Mr, Swla- 
bofnc writpi — " th»l ibeee Wft* moth 
Uik U Madrid of the nmotarvof the 
CouDt Mom vilx^ \ht Pucheva of 
ilmica, who had na&rricd hU f&thtr. 
vkI broke bia »on*» Urart/' If so, the 

S'oong RiAn otly tx^irieticed tbc io- 
liciivii that Af cideiiKiiseUe lyEapmiuee 
bad aafimd frotu brr ditappotnlcd 

ttjioen,'— if UiD ucenduicj of fktne 1a 
rr«eulac • nedon from tba h*bita«f 
rooied Tkc, — if thew faooUJo*, AiibiieflTe 
of tb(T fRU ud rood, vc Cc«U of KCMaee 
llorj, whitt people cen prrKDl Ucdl b> 
our Diimintion in more uod|iip«Ud ma* 
■•(■itfu, ur tniiic«ii4tnt IniTnt, &mn 
Ireland maj ddv eiubliuly ^, In ke/ 
time lUttBirKiiiu »ai.— ^ t Li.inuTo^t — 
OToyHeti,— and Patuek (1 love ihe 
*r*r*hkp(vfU!)MATHLv? IJh'bm.lD 
tbe c^oimutfit; af cviac^iig mevt «b«1l we 
£bd Lkeir corapnn ' And. dbcorduri ai 
iboofd arefn ilu cloaryu af Ibalr levpce- 
tin monU. or ■noajdoot 1b« ■^■onvclun. 
pMfftly, 1 beetttfe not to MitL-ipolc, «1U 
place mm eu »n t^\n*l {ifdrjUl Ol famr* 
>nd, B<e Irw, urrib' tn tn<-h « Hndel 
ind tiMMMeBwntc aolidrudr fcr i\it wtl- 
fareof K^laomiBODixuBirT, ho«'isti»Dt 
toercr tWir vf heoin of jKUey nhd uMdce 
«f vrilan, ki the punuitt tnij iniMr. 
Ho* iwtitj fMlnpbl pl«riHler* of wmtt 
dejri, MeailBclf rtfia|B«at a apb»«, 
■ad anttptf hie n faw^ U« tlie Imfor* 
titl jvtouil ti UHery HiiiiuUtrJ uul 
tieaid id juxtt'foutiod, frwiUiif, bi fuD 
wmbar-'— '-'-■■ BHtif^iltj pf [inrtfllie 
obl«ct» railf of tenlJinriili aj 

la tbc . I i-Ejii].:ft|. ,:.r i.riiiripb 

eonboCbaeof Ri: ^ 
tad UrcBg h ti^, &(■ 


THe iron JUtrsk^—Ftm^e Kitt§i of Hnngotf. 


lovt of bin, wilch, V vft 1<am from 
Grimoi. MorcEkt Mil MumooUl, 

nan. Of tluit tnnfita^deacc. m.t I 
JilcJjr h$d ocou*«n lo obe^n*, i1m 
plkilciMph«r ITAkiabffl, htnMlf vi 

Aivbiig Itip varioQA eaDdU«l«« for 

Ui7 klrntlty i>f lite J^wfw flb Frr, od- 

T«itcd to ol page K3. voE, 1. ntd 
•fftin, in vo\ ii, p» (U. u wrilu in t)ic 
G««itl*fMia'i M«guJM, I (!«ai>t Jl»d 
tbavoppawd Miu uf Aanc tf Auatrk bjr 
tbe DqW i>r D*ckiDgUio. (SccGcnL 

This Vtnion oflhi^ IiutnnCftI problron 
fWa ftpfwoTcd* 1 thick, iji ftpubhn- 
l>on tincjvr lUe til> of *' Le Ma«|Qe 
dr Frr," bv M. Ragatall i1» Wuia, in 
]f(H. 4 voU. latDC^of whicbafeuTth 
rdivioft b«in, J ft«c, ibc ikte<ir 1918. 
TTic lalhor. QMUfli hv h*« gi'cn it 

lL<< fDrni uf ft romance, niiU niftikiAhit 
t^ trtitb of iU ftiovB<riTorL, which, 
liowftvr^ 19 Mttlt i^uaTfttbtJ by i de- 
duction of dau«, for ibU nfaUnoua 
ptr«(3nafr^ «bo dird m 1703. h«d be 
bt<o the fruit tif Um «]t«^il iiiUr- 
coorve^ nuaC hive p^iMd hU ncvrnt/- 
«i«lith jMf, (i6'iS.)703,) vbtlr Ibe 
n^U-jy of biff 4*«ib, QDJpr tJic Dnmc 
of Mftlhioli, dr6»tii hi* KE^ HE ffirty. 
fire, though lb« rffecia of confiticrot-at 
nUuianjr gatf hin tb« oppPArftncc nf 
t*n ffjir* ni4r«. Non^njtotvfv iwmt 
leM Toundt^i ihan Mr. White'*, who 
OMumcs Iiim u> b« iho ctUg;tftccd Savi. 
cidI ui(>«itD»n4ffnt, PcDquct ; but ibU 
ttinuUr, born in 1615, «<Mitf, in 
t;03, Uvo b«ca «ightj-dght, ta »fc 
ttU«riT im<oocik«U«^ not onlj- with 
Ibc tTftiilry, but with every vimibtc 
bodjly lymittoni of the iiidivlduaj. 
l^>nl IH^cf, ill hiv iii|i;viiiuij» Ki-ay, 
einh bimtvlf, nrfd with lomo plaitM- 
hjl'^ 'her hand, t^provf, that 

hU. M} *m the refti oanc 

ftOd ^fTjij]r>> [VTfanarr^n minihlfr. 
Ht ftrt rufc)ro>«d, oT Cbulv* 111. DuU 
ot Muitua, vbo bid practised x hn- 
aiilwiiof di>e#fil)fm oD Lo4ii XIV. ard 
ItM F^r^i'fnr-. r,f StAl^^pofopon«i Dot, 
w V ' TiDd^ce iioJu* " h«re? 

Wj i> .."nirrt nftlM 47i-mJ 

Uovtrvut'r \' :e ? Othrn, 

lfiua,li«vi> ; j die. nuksowD 

i«ins«4 ibc ion ul Aouc of Aiutim asd 
CviUb^M4xann:iUli mure adlihdyi 
for thottjb ibtrt oceAMrtflly exittrd a 

CAraiflunilr fjf iiit«^rt*t, Ibnr* Mir#r ap- 
pnircd ftay ibe »Ji|:b«(t prnootl loic 
beiwvrD ihcm. Ttic eapfiatition that 
h« nvoji t«in brotbir a/ U^-ai* XIV. hy 
nom«ftmr«it«on ralufnctory pioof ; 
•nd yei »tfn» lo mvibcbtM supported, 

Crtty much a* tho ucriplioi» of tfa« 
ttfraof Junio»to5ir PblUpFntncia. 
i^ VolUirt, (Si^o Aw Lott* XIV, 
thmp. 31.) I Soatavir, (xMi^i^oirca de 

Rkbdieu* tone iii. p. }50> Aec.) 
Th4 noblf d«rotrai>f*a of the Hnn- 

^r^an MA^natefl, m PalatiiM*. (Swin- 
bvn«, i. 350,) was not, u cipreaMd 
th«rc, ai>J M rvpeaUd in the GcTitlc- 

R<ffiHa M^txx IVrMa/' but ihc fw 
more lUikin^ aril tnerytfic mcUma- 
ilim, " >luii:4iiiur pr(» ifrye noatro 
Miiia Tirnift/' nbi*h thff ftMic>rift| 
annuls atioouofe u« ji Dorc rrfUlor 
tu apjillcfttioo to ft fenulc Mvereign of 

Jlqn^fer}'. Th«fo, ft« if m •oxn« d»- 
grte <IJ9Utiir£td with, if aot athnn* 
ed uf, " tbc monhrrouH r<gia;«nt of 
wonMtn/'ft* charactirUtd by th^ ua^ 
gttllont John KnoK, ft «ort or compTfK 
DH4- wUAtfUck bvlvvfii the profecri|^ 
Xioa of the SalJc La*,* (" nuilo ytnn 
bnreiiitnlii , . . . aJ ictura femitMuai 
peneittal/*) and tht mote liberal mo* 
aarchi<ol prluciple of othcf cxoiDlrk-n. 
Tha Ibrone TTka ftistired to l^e aovb- 
reign lady, tlionsh atiU prcaamed to 
be diltd by a '^"■8- '■> l^0> *''tva 
Margaret, who anemardji apauted 
SigiKinond cf Braodciibct^. reigDtd 
alon«L >ad agaJn, wbcQ ElixEibctb of 
Luiembourg: wor* tbc crown, Ih^y 
wtrt oDiformly addrea»rd by the maa- 
vniittt title. So, hkcwuc, «c And in 

Livy, (lib. t. capn Q,) Tan^umiui 
iVticui, and Tann^nil h;* vife denomi- 
aaicd R»^*9 ; a* arc I'tok-iny, wilh hit 
«itCiT ajij cooiorl Cl4^f>aU4, (Ub. 
iiivii. cap. 3,1 " ft^ifd conaortes rccai 
fnlMttat,' ta^ l)w commentator*. The 
9(Tft»iardi, ici like manner, entitle Per- 
diband and Uibr[la Ltt4 i>yn. aj, in 
dotuMlic life, the fitbtr and tnUbor 
coajoioilj oir caLkJ mil fjudm. The 
Austrian Gotercor aod Goircrneaa d 

* A Talaable nuamunpt ooilalnl*v thh 
laa, \t< Oil trllumi uoC4 my propertyi 

D'vv bflDU^ (0 b> Tb. PhillippH, bvt of 

abtTc ui<r p««ei, boffniTT, tb« niNaU 
pr«viu3« iaTi>le4 bf fkiiif M valoti^ 
■pinMAiBrKdirtfiJ, ifoe* ooi «cvLpy nor* 
rhttA a f^ llnct. 

Ihu$t if Monitt^^ivM.'—Ihe de Bifot, 


Fltodcr*. too, vert indincriiBiDtfely 

p. 11J »h^ld be T«ul AJOQtCHtlKti, « 
Irtqucnl conftuon of lwoi#fy ili«iinci 

nkacr of nr^unil to English e&r^> i^n^ 
our bc:tct »cqu aim *flcfl with the great 
■wnXCT, whoic rcpaUliiiJi f»' li*i>' 
in:*iiid« in celihrtty the higher hot un> 
kttvrvil, ttJid, lo Europf, itncrmllT lil- 
tlck»'^«ji,antj4ini(yof 4 rvrf i^ri-itn cl- 
ing lo dcrii* from ClovU- cSftjCrfnt- 
Ma^. for AuKiAa 184ft, p. M?>, and Gib* 
boa'« Mrc43lic (A^ of tLiiOkiuticdi at 
wliM ttC Unak tb; iinotfiBl w»tiiB|>1JOD, 
vol. X. p. 141, 4(00 

Al ptfff 141. ^f flimt x^lumc. ia il- 
lasliution cjf tht citrov^gancf of Ut« 
Frfirifh. thf- fraujtic«u. it iiiarriJiAc op- 
pftiftldfi. uf MrtdrmoUdle il« MfttiynoQ, 
tof i1ic<tu<al Ijuutr uf V*ttlculi»oi», G«al* 
Mftg,rorS*pu U40,p.?3'^.3 uaf£rm- 
«d to bavc coat " « hundred tbociaand 
cnwD>,or(ii baddedhabiiiJtl5«00f>l. 
Atcflicg.*' IlallhpTfttu* loiTAHlydce« 

not exceed half Ihe Hvjjiith c«tiniatioii ; 
for A KrcBC h crown U only (ttrte Uvr«j 
or franco, making;, rxtu^u^ncly, tbrvt 
hundred Lhoutand Livro, ftatturrtllj- not 
tDor« IbM l^^MOL iJfJtiib— o vajt 
cnitliLy, nu dotibE, f«r vDcb & pT«p«r^ 
Haa^ wilhoQt «rroiitoQt]y doubling it- 
Tbe Ddc dc LaOiuii. (v«>I< i> p- 40*) 
m* aft«rwfcid» DiK d« Diroo, and m 
Mcli had th« coiaiMuid of »n nrtaf ie 
1793, but met Lb«l4tL- or lu many oUi«r 
revolution*! y |^tucr«U, ll>c Gitl D*- 
cMnbtr, )T93, logHber with M*d«nt 
Dobarry. Efo hod been a greot pfodi* 

Sate, AH hia Jtf6iioir«f, vo jKiAi-ifully 
c^clivv of i1i«t diiftoiate ^F, nliilxt 
hiro, a^d OLt ha rtp«ntaot avowal at 
iht ftoB^cId tmiO«d, "J« racvra pour 
avoif i^t^inf>d4i« iraon Di*a. & moti 
rui, et ^ moo mik," «a> 1ii> ifyins 
^Miioa. Juu 9X that pcrivd, icvi- 
l fgoiT uf the Frmeh ca4nTBablti<, 
Jouckard, Ctuliikai, &e. werr put t» 

^ iirieK,vTitKiiaiBcro«bOlliiirK«oaU 

fctrlainly h*n breD.&Od Loui* Philippe 
Pwilb ihPBi, hnd tbe>- i»t fco»Rfat kcu- 

rlty from (^b infuiMte jiftHiofla of Ite 

dfty tt ilighT- Haw juiUy applitaUo 
hlo ihcM tancuirAty iI<c^Ki *o xccunit^- 
naiiv«ty aialtlplMd m lb* further pro- 

|ms of th« r«v£loi^Airy ipirit. wrfr 
' vrordi of Ui« vtocivent Vcf|uUoi, 
' nmplitkdj too, m W own doom, 



" La R^volutios nt coiino Saluni^ 
qui d^Tor* «ep proprcA eafaata," or, aa 

«Xprn**d in k rdnUriiparary coupUl, 

^tlb appnspTiAtc potot. 

" Quia nobit inuno oHv a^l Satumla 

Khha vcnc ffBittda GaUkdna mm >■* 

ikir. White, in a not« to pace 87* 
voL li, dcHam, that the Abbe Grt^- 
golrr, nmtioDrO la i\m tnt, " waa 
nn» of tha fine pd^nbb «ho renounced 
ib«ir raiuiiflrir,*' vfhich iiquitf crron«- 
octm. Ue was, ii U true, a pinUao 
of thi> civic cfr mnUtlnlian^l odih im- 
poaed by th« Cot^itiluiint 
170''' on thr rlrrf^y ; and in vmur ot 
it, in Martb ITOI- dn iha rrfuanl n/ 

lubcniwion by M. dc IlLrminc*, 
biahop of B[oia, he took poiafnioD of 
the Ber.ifitbout caAcnicaliavMFliturci 
to far, no dcubt, incurrinic achtim: 
hut he n(rv«r rcnounctd Lrs mtiiialry. 
Ho nvwf ha» iku fai abuiUoitcd, nor 

waiotie oflhoaejikt ?JaitBD, (K&ag*i 
Book iiO 

>< Qui blaapUnant b nom q^'oot itt^ 
uai Irun pfm.* ' 

{AtbaUc. Jlccl, 5c-l<) 
Ou tha contrary, viber}, on thv Jlh 
NoTtnber 1793* thtf biibop (lh« crrA 

MO bad W«B kbroffrted) of ParU» 
GobeLwklh LU thiiUta vkara. (Ad- 
glic^nnif^J abiurrd the priotboodf 
and deposed ail the iikiiciu aftbttf 
«acr«d fDbct^a, ivbif h Uie Prr«id«fit 
of Ihe ConventioBt in bit rctw-nicifr fe* 

licitaiiucm fuf tbv aftcrifice. degieriaied 
a> tbc banUea (Aus4rW nf Gothic 
anpcrilitioA, Gr^otrv, oo htiuf sara* 
iiKii)«d to follaw ibc rHtifDjiIe, (lapha- 
licallyiaid— "QiiftniA to^ji, t-aihuliir]Ut 
par coDvi<lioo etpar uttrmcot,prf«rc 
par choii, jc fcMe e^)ur. La rriiiMn 
a'«*t pAM du volr« ilvn>«ia#i H y** 

vo^ioie la iibrittf dea cvtin ;" a doeli- 
ral>on of buldeat utCftraoce aad p«fl- 
lous dafihj ia tLai hour oS pfo«tralc 
tinuc and uitimpbaot m\, Hv ludj 
huwrvir, ackiio«trl«dj;«iJ th« k^Ualive 
»uprvi»«cy» *rji«n ok advurslcd Ul« 

cWil oath ttb^h II co;uiM<], thua aot> 
irtf! Ill o:«fumLty with th* £i»fUah 

Gt^^Dir^, vbcoi 1 or^aaiiuiaDy ■*«« 
io i«y enMy lJk ivjtnity r«g> 

li^ttd ii%umX "■ L^mtafia and 

Kciton, fay arit>Lj[,5 -l^ mroidapod 
pn^fcatt of VandaJian, an rpdjittt 
wbKb onciAil«d itiiA Um, U ttidt- 



Tfit Ai^ Grryoirt.—Rtimid.—D'AJetMitM. 



•tfiKtkiti t^rtb« libnric* and orvbivn 
«jr Um ftfttii», thr>iigh. ju is Ui« fint 

■WDceCft vf lli< E^glinh ItcJuiinairvBt 

qnry Lctantf, «icy prebotti docu- 
BiQUiliB bfcomo aprtfyio poj-oUr 
vftftf. ll>' w^« ib^ piim ifal ^HifHcr, 
Vi&^wUr, of lh« ^«lioc>Ai ]oBti:ulf, 
«hk1i WAS ntjijUflied on tb« rtport 

proflctc-J bv Lijri tr» ito Ci>iivoaUOa4 
ife S4lh October 179^ \ bet the Jeir« 
ftfkil cotfwml ^1**«« vrrrc the fnAiu ob* 

rl^ Mid Ihcir CD' 

L>: \\U. i; *OfJ*,in Aprjl 

1»}|, %i: like tbuu Uit 

licd tij .^a|^•cL^oa. of hU d^mi* 
IhooiDt, v«r^— " PftuvrTA Mu- 

tUM-, L.i.i..:fd himu-tr ia public, 
mrra^-cd in hii rjokt-cfVA-^Kd cpiMonal 

lliul ^ dlo <lo tincf ibt 

npij ijtr,ani) pru4Cfip- 

Ttkc HrttHwl Gab«1^ ulia, UlCB 
Mlltob'i tvprobfttc uf tl, 

"TttTftM tccrv«Di t^ G*d, beraie 4bJ 

feU under Uir rrvMoti'muy ai« in 

cxuae, Cb«umHte, Cloato, li^brrl, 
&e. In 1*!>4 £ (buB, lu ibt juit ntri-^ 
bvlioo nf HcflWD, cnrouauhnj; the 
&M to wlitch tlirjr hftd cna^cai&fd or 
di«»iar4 *a naoy otbtrv, " Ls libnlf 

Tu tilt* Tcirftil maiiiD cf Stioi- JuMv - 

■bd ovbria£.t coatJuucJ to be the «(i- 
taaCuiDfJ fnifaiionLif tbcAotrtr, aatil 
ntumtol wilb his own&ndouomtn' 

^fl*bl. lie ktU An. Vl^, L UT.) 


^~^ tliirty-two nUiiter* of vofibir^ 

■tf'^ix r«UKilic», who liniJ «1- 

J^vithTeryfewcx»ptiouA, aVoc- 
^ llir ptofc«aiou. lud >ii IVut««t- 

» of vbon three, Luourcf* Jv1l«o 
sImim), and Jean 'Bon- ^^«iRt- 
Tvteil fur Urn Ktna* ilmtb. v* 
■Ird iijEtrltm oftSoCathoiK jMi-mti. of 
wlboia, il hju bfrn AOtN, t^at the ma* 
hj^iybttiJ beet) JantenbtB. ^icnty- 
Tt^o RrrnJ'J'ii. on th* vbutp, of that 

laci: xtnUf. wkow ««tire 

t^r . Voi_XVU- 

tiumbfrcoatlrluleil «e^«« hviidrcd ind 
foitf'nine, dird a violent dtalh in 
#ov« »ba|ic or u4fer,^IJIeraMy a dtci- 
niation. T^fi cb^cf of tht> miiiitiert, 
aa<l hrid, I may lay. of Ibe CUvbiat 
Cborcb, wcu Rataod d« Si. Elirpnet 
wlii> piot^-^rcvd ■ luil'Tvr HUtvfiec 041 
tbf auguit vi<itnc# Frcim th#dayi of 
DuptektM Murvni, {aeo G*At. Mag. 

for Jaauary 1641, ^ ft9.> ml^ud lli* 

Hugi^enOit Pope, to tb« Hwolviion ol 
1769, thff« WA« & rrguUr luc^c^uofi 
of n«o^iae4 fOclc4i»tical chicfii 
ani«D8tbaCal«LDifc1«; Tor tb« Lalhc- 
raai roTDMil 00 p^llo* W th« l^rendi 
l'jui<n>iaipu« uftiil ikv aDoeiatkia of 
Alu^^eto the kti>tdoai. by tbe peace of 
Mun«tcr,inl64K TIm Abb< MonrlUt. 
whu, bke Raynal^ Ihoucti In prinUy 
orders, hftd Icnf r«iMiir>efd ibr ftJin 
fend funct^oni of hi* |iri>fc»roa. aod 
in*y, thffcroro, be fvppoi^ lilUc 
kttAyod by rcligiouB pf^ji^dWr »>< of 
Rn^aud^ in b» Mrinotre*, tovne ). ri. 
40. "t^uc. deieot lai-'Qibre de U 
prcni^c ABKmlik'c, [litrCTtiklkmiinlet 
il a priB quebiue ccraikclie ilea E^o(ea- 
taiu >ur le* Cfttbotiitnet . ct 1 coiittibu^ 

|j«til>4ire k iDBprvr h In ntttrim pEvi 
d'ii]to]i^tni'» rntvf* Tancieii enlle f^ue 
Louia XIV. n'uu avail jtioaU tu pour 
k»rehfUiDtiaireidc koD lemfH." 6iicb 
i» faaman nature, with arMdfffnl foice 
of reaction puitiflg fo« rcvcu^p 4tid 
«vtr prompt l'> MiM tJie ocMlon. and 
»baM lh« po«ie»U4>n of povor. SimW 
larJT again, of lliB tea<Ttf of blft ottD 
pbiloiophimi «c<t, D'Afemhvrt. tbe 
Abb^ IP nb1ig*i| to AchnoviLfdgc, that 

be wai i»t LG«i« arinittcd with the 
«pttit of pcnitcuuoc, 10 diau1roo»Ly 
<ier\:i»cd iljoiUy oflcr by bia fullgw- 
en. irhen bc iuTuked tbe arm of flo* 
vcmmeiil agUAtt hu riUrary ciitica, 
f'r^roii* l^liMOl, &e. omI c-ibakd la 
vulf>nr ■wraring. " iclcn ma rnauvAiMf 
habitadc." add4 bit dttctple, (pigc 
46.) bis wfatb at tbQ rcfutal of 
MtleclitcbM 10 ^tsMiy bia vindictive 
paauona. llii* nu£ial/at«'a l«1tnr. 
conaliitttof tAe pctiod nod hi* poai- 
lioa, w an odmirabU cDnciifv«U1ioa of 
bi& viewA «ii ibt libfrly of th« prtaa, 
\a (HppMLtmn to Ihe diacredjuble aoli* 
ciUUua* u( Ibe £ao>cl«pTdiao C^y* 

In \J<i2, Morrlkt pub1i«hcd " Le 
Manvci Ucd EnquiiiU^rfl/' coiitprvfaed 
from a woik of tb« MiddJe Acca-^ 

" Dircclofioin Inquulturum/' of NU 

FffHth Criminal CoJf-— Mdiim* Tttitien- 


cboU> Crm^ric i and ft mmt »ptMlltnj 
ctimeii did Ue pr««tDt of ibtftbhorr- 
_ Icodf ; bul be va» grcBtl/ Mtontthcd 
'oe being uDUftit bjr Malohvrbvt, 
wWli« IncrtdoloMly ti4'ird iL lir*!, 
thoufb 0ubMfqa«ntI]f removed htyoal 
ildubt, Chul it ic««*lr diff^fid from 

the cxiBtmc criEjIokliampiudeDre of 

?fAnc< — " iUot i ifift-pru prt^ noire 

urUprwJejiw crlminclle i<jat toti^f*." 

aid thf eiklightrned mi^iatrAle. Nor 

dU it, in Tut, much laiy froze tlfi 

liakioal rode of otJx r hIaU^ — i:ot cmq 

lourown, unUl ihr total aholition 

fof lortur*. which, OB 1 f<c«&tk aottJ. 

[iIaUs Iu h:nglAu4 ool; Irom IH% and 

liDDGh Iftler elaewHtrv. H*vt wa not 

^•t«n it pnctiwd lo tadiA, noder 

Uostinp, io oor ovii ti»inorT i 

lUb^ud'* broiher, lUbaad roniAicr, 

laUo > uibiiter of hi* cfaartb, and 

Bvmber of the Convttotioo, bot wLo 

^ then etCBped iholb Uiai]|{h tiupr iwiwi, 

ud •Brvlv«d till ISSO. mtioUioeJ. 

r tliat it wv from him that Sir Kd^ftrd 

kjtOMr denied the knowlod^ and 

' prBcbrftl hm of va^rioftTinn. ilinii^h 

Clalracd hyoitT craincDt coon try md-ii ai 

anoiigiiLiil ttiicovofy- It wm in J7SI. 

kftecordlns to bih Averment, thai lie 
^ode the diactoiun tu >Mr, Pu^K *rid 
BIT JftOMs Irelnad* wha comfnunjcatfd 
[the pr«cioi>i cc^nEtrectiOQ of coe of 
Ltbe gr«4l<>t «cour};eft of Imm&iiily to 
'Dr. Jfonrr. Sq it U «tMled io the 

" DidioD noire d<o Scicaru U^U 

ttln" ftrtiele tacrine : but it it ibus 

th4t \hf fruiUcf Diititfa inirrniiily nrc 

eter comettnl by our ueiglibuurv. 

In hit fccletimtiol HUprvma^. 

I IUb«ud de St. Etienne bid ■i>rc«Hed 

to the IcAfn^d Qhffi do Gifbclin, 

Bttlli«r «l " Le Monde PriniUif/' md 

otbnworkjt ^t whom our writ«<ro 

j-pavrftUy tr«ii»furaL into a (Awn/, m I, 

l-OOt lon^ *ince, u« u>«(i in ihU Mn- 

llEUiM. MidappircQltv, not »An errar 

rof the pc«M| wbkh the nearly iiimUir 

l^ronli, the Mtttc of the Btual mifrtaUj 

ynoold otbertviM m»be probable 


MoiUnit Tftllleo, CoL L p. I3£»,) U 

Hid io haic Tniuriftl M- dePantinoTE 

It 4hould Ih- Foiit'Ddy, the ton of a 

, CotiDielkir or iW Parhtan Parltani«t|, 

' hnily ikuno wa* Dtrifl. TbiA 

Emnkn ocmrrvd ro 17&9,vIm^ «he«ra< 

uioly uxtr«D ; but th« bond mu not of 

^Imi^ «n<Juraac*, tbMigh, with po a^ 

puTfit npturo of frieadUiip; for, la 

17(13, I norv Ihun once beird bcr 
liitioduce him, itith g«y rmpWh o« 
ibe riijiiiii-Eivc tiik'*— M* " moo cU 
dpvAMi Hdrv, aujourd'biil tnoti eeilloar 
omr." She wu thea truly a moM 
faccin^ug btlngi a loivly crc&ttire, 

" Omnlbtu una 
Omnct mrripuJt renam.'* 

and Taltieo, wbo«e Appe«ranc« wu 
gvatfil and penoo cle^aAt liiVk ac- 
cordant. A4 Tt tlruck m«, w^h hi« prc- 
gonp actn ftn<[ rfpnlfttioti, in yielding 
to the eedtiction of hrr c^troiB, frit 
•ud ftubniilied toth^ir humanjrinf tfi> 
•piratbra*. Ibdogb the rrunfinbraiice of 
hji roUJeedn rtied on btr tbeir terrible 
rplIei-tLor\, i n thcdnienMionof'Notro 
Dame dv St- pirmbrr. To thu trana- 
foraiaiionnol only did many adoumti 
indiridoal oi«« bi» Mfoty, but Uk it 
mtiv be mainly kiBignod thcd«liveraace 
of F'nooc from the fell thialdofn a«d 
dctolotiDgmlc, ^hich h«vii c:la«fcf<d that 
epoch amotigHt the moal terrific in the 
annali o/tuat — ib« mo*t ■irociona 1% 

ai:K, the most bumiljatLa^ to adranetd 
citiliMiion.* Hmwifi^'biinpriiooBi^nt 

* The Lappy rxcrvifl« of the ■aacnd' 
oacj <if tb«lr nim otc Ikoapvto cod 
Taluen has hmi th« jml and ciMUtaDt 
ihrmcof public fchoilattoo. Jontphlruv 
wbni MflJnuiE^ dt BuulnnAU, Ui«i ori 
tennioftli^cloinEibiiiaHTy «ithMaJame 
ToUicDt <Kba *|HHy« iiiAintdiMd Oat it 
■fun Im hirr UtiUl thfti itoiapaiito, of «liDffi 

dntilule ^iidilitm, at that daw, ihe re- 
UiEd lome curiou* IWta, mft Ua Aituto 
cmpmt.- Ute diancrvr and ooadacti 
inJ««d, of both Itditft prticntcd naaj 

fentUir* of KicxalrUiicv i fo* JoBCpblfte^ 

life, eien before Ur Dm bubani'a toe- 
tvilon, h«d Huively bwa tDon €Onacl> 

iKnn^fj tr« Avfiiat of pallet c«o«ibh, 

than chfci of her bcaatiu], si^. (■ bcr 
fpherc, ei^uailf bfociokat frvcad. UW* 
«]i9uM til* »I<rEi ublifotiou of btitfiry r^ 
fuse u> cut ofcr thnc evly obferottoaa 
1 teal of obliiion. o rc<1ei:'ia^n|» cvuiitcf- 
Canir- may be oOcMd in th- htnlga and 
bta«a«ui4 loj a ipce of hrr ivp«ri4l Bit- 
l)(n. 7%* acta and tirancrrr nf OtlatC 
aTkto pic. la like aMnwr, Uile promba 
i-r Ibfl c«nen«t fariioii grkit^ by An. 
ruMki to Cittrui. trUH Scattci. *' Do 
CkmvatiJL" lib. u np. % tandtj AfrcVa 
oa. ahd ihjch MntrtTuU^ tb« |^t «f 
ConicUk'i nebla ^ma, I'oht, it la 
•iU, M lore, ahovld be aaUCaUed ■* K 
mm a^dirtd] bat, fortunatelj fbr tt« 



I^txipaUty t^ CAtMa^.^Qvm Uwifmr. 


bj RobnpHfrt WM, to TftlUea. tb« 
ftupAlol kji own imfo^ytkg duigvr, 

M^rrrtMib of lie dopol ; And ht for- 
tauirif «ucreeieti la tt» marul luifip. 

Bot IW «H»oti. &o pTPilBCtiTC or pabTic 
HWd, CiMMd m IHK I «Bd 10 I^OS 

un* tua Mtnctivv Udf npottfcd the 

Coast Jowib Riif^vt dt Cftncnaa, 
«il«rvu4« Pnocc drCbitftA^, vhom 
Ar < "^ ' ^-HnMvt lA J«AU4ry 1435, 
pr*t > re^tfJ hy M', WhilCn 

&k« ;.«^ i.>,.'tUn) bf ^. die FoaltMf. 
^ TUlicB, tpf ber Uit bubud. uj, 
I mm nviMUca to *dd. fmiH ^tamit, 
mom\ of wbn« ire r««p«cUUf iritJfd i 
fant tooM «cfwWit>«c Mit« tti U« bftve 
I tprun^rn>aiilu«oiafiDioiiDf|tttcTmiy» 
fcn «hi«li. hiiwvTvr, lb* oM kiU^d uf 
Jiriftprwknre — ^' Pater rat q««ni tiop. 
U»a»nniHtraat/' bu prtr^lcd, md 

CbiouT, qituftte wtthJa tbirt? old 
Viks or MoQ9, ia BtAgrcm. wa> 

CRCtcd iatu A piocipUJtr b^ Cb4rl*» 

tW BM U Borfwidf, a USO. Id 
ISM it hod b«l««ig*d, u « l9t49l»p, to 

Bii^in «0ffU,tbeE«iptfor,wbcvupD«- 

pilli liT vlifi b< luai M M» M to it- 

m4|iia AtilkAt. i, di|r, ^, 1(1. 
u lUii'U^ol bstucc hetb aocbon* 

k pHadittlf; tKribid to T»lb<s, ud U« 
OWft'*"^ dlrvcdaa of bU eiicrfW«> bj 
bM vtfr. frou Uv ftnx9ll7 Hoc bftJ Aa- 
Cnnil. \9 tbe eRrtwm th^t enaoUed 
ibcK, tLv fbtlv«ia|«ptUf4i w ciri:tdttt«li 
" D« a« in^ti, tt* ptoo* pv J* foil, 

flu* g|tn, t*o, iloet bblorr noori tbe 
b«iDS»r nonwlong of Nafo|ir«0 to bia 
■■bUr ivtan. cUD oiorv fe«atlu». \t 
uojUt, b crw of DOOiDfT, tbu licr 
bn— inai tfomp w r. Is Ae j^HKlioft uf 
faAort asd fctn— 
*' El U c^Acc pliu bdile cdoqt que k 

I ksmri; upnHv^ lif U PunUfcw lu bis 
P^Tcb'- (br«tj*aL »■«. itx Juir IH40. 

pp ?90 Aimmipt bu- BUDoroo* mcc» 

tb* poriifft «f ib« tVQ PolicBK*. obldwd 
~ rbcrttU»a4.«b»rbuadguatr.otibiA* 

E ■■ Ootimrlt'i liCc b^ kieiiu ef 


tbe booM of y«ate* S otM On fc Mrf to** 
cvBiielf. la fMiok tmnmlsloo* tn 
Jrto dv Haytiuilt, E^por dc Bcoimnot. 
to th« CbubliOD*, CocDic* de Blob, 
to. loIGtSUktpHoelpALl?d«Tolv«d 
frcati tb« IWioily of Crof to tb« P><gioo 
ttock of Dt un* j6«nb«rv> uid, 
fncn then, ia loA^, to tbe tl^oioi* 

Luflmid of AliACVi otti of wbon b4* 

CAJttclbc toD-ia-Uv of Svftt Sinoo. 

17^0, it paHcd to Victor Rji^uvt da 

Citfunui, A de^ccodftAl of Pi«rrc Pttol 
de Bi^oel, theocctflmctorof tbe ConU 
of Lugncdoc. Uuil ftO|»Uk«xil bkvoo- 
Qint of Ibe Ormi tbift, hf bit mmt- 
Huv «>lb tbr btirou of tW RMot; 
iad* OQ his drnii. 10 I90ft, be w** 

■OM««d«d br tb» frtBCTLft'ft h(i«t«od« 

aJtuoit imnrdittelf olW Uuir nor- 
riBfO, Tbi» e>a»# of thih reairloU* 
frnoWV c»rc«r, I tbiok a 6$ht to ftdtf« 
WM dlatiogmlsbid bj a hMppf r«cor- 
r«ore to religiov feeUap and their 

r£Mi)libff CoDtolAlloo*. 

At po^ liil Mr. White coofonido 
HoclrtM* dt BvauhAfiiAM, QiMtO of 
U •livid,* with Paalinv BuBiport^— 

No. 41, ud«r Ibe vbdr of " H6o^r«« 
Mtf It RvloB HoncDH, |«r MaJ MUui— Oi 
Caobftei." kE r^T? ?5)t. iL u diEod that, 
darittf ihr o<VDpUioa oT Pim. I« IgU, 
bt Ibr AtLcd Po«<n. tbi> Qocn't bMd 
ii«i UkcB podHeuiOQ ef bf Ibe Pntfba*. 
-*Tbe floor," &dd* tbe retkw, '-oa 
■liib WB* riftf i bfv ■pwmmiC. *v 
ioil«M«<" Ate. nbici b prvdadr tbe re- 
TcfM oT dkc orlciiul. vboe. irnkdMi^ 
eotfrwy l» wWl fraaU «<rih* mb EoflH^ 
Oft Of cvt «ieue odBboUtad. u lbs 
Uoor of tbo fcotooce tqoiUlf prwee. 

Tht tmn tf oar fnrioAau tomU, ia 
f«ct> tfoff^ a«fi)eiiiileriil*fot«^tUfttrtf 
T«liime of tto {■cwnailcriblc lUwoivtw; 
■ad, perhMH, t MoreoKAtlooeoonld aot 
b«ttAdirtikai,ift order to cbidc tb«oere- 
IrwiBca of vhCcvt, «bo aiiAiad, la pW« 
of lofortpliif, tbe gftceMdOM rnder, 
«b>M evAiuifie u L*c pnhoevd. ood 

•bculd bp the uitaheJ ott'Cl of Ibe rv- 
risirer» tbtino*lt«» ; bat, " q«dt jodlMbft 

]ft t^ DftbUa Uftlftrvby Ideguiac tar 
NoTtokber, K>, lot, ead la be b«A 
Htklr, Ew.-4bt boU-*Tf(*b DrwoQD, 
CbertM aMiOPT/- ro«Ui Cbuke Poi 
fran liirWrflii<ii|Tor>inQMwaitJu ■hiili 
bo bftd wyj^oJ •!»« lioe» to dii|d*j hit 
" boobosaie lad KmrtltL brvikoM,** oi 
ibe Mkc Rt^eM^ »ble, la IVIf. vfaen 

C^aMfiri.—Tinf Dtaifi o/DtwU, 


ant tbpi]ntig1itcr'&n-l4w, tbcotbcrllie 
brAiliful iL*iTr ot Napoltou, AnJ, in 

page 161, hv wxkm itie iAXiit oT 
Manocor wb*dh octuncd titc lith 

O'MslkT, bcafw of tb« dmOt^h «»• 

tbio a|ipeUPed ai t £QMtr ^mt nilVrittf 
pcrenju t«*liincmy of Fi>x'« rciDidiAtioa, 
•b( 7V«n poaUrior lo lii* ilrHAv. It wu 
bf AH ansrhrnnintn Uul Miqibrrmi'i 
ToTgerj wiu unerTtifiU dclHttil (OilitniD, 
toL I. p. VSU MdfltMceJUMHi) i ihoujcli, 
isd««d« k »uo>h ivfoins thU tc*t to 
tlLvw, li«t th« auUkor vriln »or ]jit »wa 
itory. ftor aitiiMMd Uic ctoiU bo ile- 

ntord, ntm lu >ir Willijuii and Imdy 

ChaltPrtiia.) In hfr PrilfrtifMin^ " XjeKen 

from the Cooit of C"^re/' [p«^ ^90 

fundtQK of • poor countrf iirJHl- Btui' 
«iii<i|*' ir^fftJifw in FVfndil Hion^b 
r&lbcr tuuj.liai', 1 ibftj *ai| wiL)v (hc<r«rit 

iif tb« K'Ml prtUU. the lui Pubo- oJ th* 
CLiural^ M be i« diittajEuitbed hj hat 
0<ru9>lTjmn't ■ctiBimtiDiii 1 tfvw lisard 
tlmt thiT imifiv nwih* bnil tavpirrd Anf of 
thrm ; n»lr*«, in^h^d. i^^Tnc citrtoion-i in 
hit ^'im'«/iurta nxay tut LMUunifully vfrvpd. 

Bvt. Hi rvtn^rVtd br Krumvip in thrvc 
latcnrrv g codiIu oon^iliLivlon ]rrupi»I]j 
oriFiFiird tbe oriuinklly trafir dnttm. 

Ihc liofitsc bi truTi^firfv <o be ivra. fi 
pvofEfld*! I Mfiil «re ivBnot. ttbcnTi^*. bi 
Txmrh tanna*A at 4 pMainf Bbmmlioa of 
Lady lUruiiiff nu itt lict '' Idler U 
Fni>:r.'*(nJ,li.p 24'?,) «b«rtBb^ B*bfla 
ChunAvt (or CltMipfm). tb< ookle«po- 
jvf ukl uaocialo ot M««daan di? LM' 
ipaAill' {tht hmSmm at ihr Pnitdrl, d« 
8pni:nf, Bnil l> P^jWCf; from v^om< 
bafn IB 1749, and ile<vu:d la 1791, b« 
««« MiiArvled In > ftiU crabiTf. TWU 
but Qfeenti*aed iadjr, nutbomd at "Ia 
IiVIdcvmc dt (:iGT»i*'«*d otbcrtvlnmm, 
l«»Ud bf Voltaira, and rtm now n^. 
wilbml pk«w4 mdei*, n« lnurucU4 b 
Uu Latin tooffM by Mffl>tcv<GFM^ Ma^- 
furJaJr 1440, m« ^l.)«bo addnHcJ 
bf* ftcHVKtMmpttaHaU in '^1 UuKUtfr, 
hudn tW niuBe df l^ifrrBa. l^iu«^ 
frocn bfr MUim cv •« - Dc U Vi^m ;* 
but LaiT-Mia bij^Hlu »lwi l-i b« iW ItfVin 

iMJtm^ robWn. «Ui^ khd nDrHim 
'< Lnbb itiiOi Ubl «!. n^b cit UU dii^U 

SA BifmUf M «■! odL* Lvtum ui«.' 


Jttnc lEM, tbeftOBtvfn^iy ofn day Kit 

f«t*l lo thf rort0n<« oi (Larlr* ikt 

Naofby (164^1, pftctdc tbe lumndorj 
of ftUfflua, bvf^ prftnntfiffily 
nooaccd by Mr. SHiiulfurLiv tbc 3n) uT 
of Df crmber. but whKh tlid not tnk« 
pUcc til tbo Slid of tbc vfuoing f c* 
bmar>- U7'J7?> The ciprM^io* w- 
Iributtfj 10 n*««ii at bu dyiBg boar, 
J prcriDiuicwDtrue; .t is BOtaUHyttt 
Tnrifloc* with that cttincnt toklur'f 
bflbktQ&l tkcorun of la&^«^i 
t)M moit tvlhcnttc rrlbiiobn of Ul< 
dmb dencritK it, iii'>rc«tt^ aa in- 
•L«ittB»eoi», |>rccfiMiiiK »LI Tacitly <if 
>l>«ctb. Thif/it#f .S«/'«», nt bf wa$ 
dUtJQClivckv ouncd ia B^'j>;, mty be 
nuiBbrtrd Aiavjiu; ib^' yirvivmimi, or 
jmriUS iunvt. ut'lv dlujird to Ity 
Cvnwcti, iGtut.Ma^Tur Aiig;uUl 
poffe 14IJ tovbun NaiuiGt lyjg 
tti a itrp-daittr Sit tbc fifl* "^ prnAA, 

or pby«jcftl ftdc«niA)c**, dupfohH with 
iqnl«rual foadn^ui Ibtf kUribt)l» o(j 
Bind ord iunpiraiianii orgcDAui— 

Soch A crvnt wiJI be fin Accfpti 

aiMilioo to iK^io of tlu AAiac da»i 
vhooi, in «Diw«T toCxDWrLrH to* 
ifulrf. I iDcntioiwd in a rccrnt flrtitli. 
to th^^ tXoM ftfAin may b« includ<4^ 
ntuif (in lutdiiinonl nRBcin divrr»id««| 
uunujta of nnona, Hucb &9 Lord 
Cboitcrflcltf, Woms IJaaUagi, onr 

DrCkamrorf I rib* add. tUl Fi» thflr*^- 
ter, BcMb«r aftiib^ miT cidinjtblc, la 
dravA hy MtriMuivL itt Ida M'niolTK* 
(t'MDe It* p. 77, i ifhrrt n ■ta|>U<' dialopM 
bf<«<M>n tbttMT aodeiMrMna parlnta ^m 
Tinrv and ■atimpAlbiu «f iW oul]i ffq» 
tiocm of cbr firvolution. "Wt f»Ul 
Buke aclcarsta^ (pAiiC^nMte,' nnJ fiioe|i 

iw%j e^try rvmnanE of ao ui'lo<tr<l *y^ 
traAf" (XA)IinKly tbKfarrd lh« fume 
"^W^tr ami ibr tbroDO aii<I cJUrr* ^ 
'liituHd Mamioftt^. " Vw, thfr thton 
and Uio Mllat too/' ntPrlad Cb«albcc 1 
*■ ibf» -'" '■•"■ ^'(iTi,'-—- .y k.^.evhI -'•1*. 
poTl r 

aooii ' I 

taat (i^hk b](:b<wi.>4B, i^fiviv^l Lun r<ir 
r^'iVr^; ct q«f fu?i tr bf^*r, I'vitrr VM 

, . .,.1 

' 1 1 ' '■ li 1 1 <"■ ii l*r-ii'^ «ui' 

1 Wmka ««io pt^ll^uL 
;(onr Ttiuova, «vo>) 

18-120 J^*"'' GftiU Mtn.—MttiL tU ih\fdtitA.^I§takiMt9n, 


IL>Jn, ajbcI iIld MhT^cKal do Linnn- 
bour^. Uif? w^ooeufal «dvrrv«Ty nf oor 
WitliuB, Ao wen Ja^lUM ia bu ntott, 
«i1mii thr Utter collnl bin a littk 

ridcftt, ^Irtoiwui ftlliva")— " He hw 

»*r ii*," No/, »t lo fimtor or uri^cr, 

«n yt lo ««it XVf. T. B, M«cttuliiy tjx 

Air- Clirrir*!! (Al rAj|« t^J WM 

t«Q lA Dr. RidiArri Cneocrti, boshop 
QlWMnforiJ, vtko ilic4 in Ml^t OiKl 
was the 6if«it ftod mrrcipon4«Al ftf 

l^nl Lbr4t«r(M9. M mayuo »r«o In 
lit* lordshiji*) .Miscc]1&nn>a9 Works, 
Thr nlitr^r, I pfrccivc, rnUTAkc* 

c«ll«d. fti>d broihfr of thf' rfcWc/or, 
(l««r/ of 7tb JaiK, ir^r.J 'u' tbrir 
nbrlr, iKf ntllirr of" l-r^ Vofftjrffe tla 
Jtopc Aiitrrhftrfti*," who iTi«t] tbe 
MlllApol, I7{f). vnd' i»nHrr}u«Qity, 
could D«l harp br^fi the pcTton tupc- 

lioiuii by Mr. S»iiitjuni« ab nJito 
»br>vc iwo j-eafi af>ff, at lb* date of 

hit iHtrf. t inaiv 9.\to \uUittn Mr, 
White th*t the "Utile KfccthiMn of Uic 
trmjr of Cimd^/' wUa nmiiftjptH Sir 
SpJlttT Smith'd MCApe from (hcTcni* 

»ifor«V(1 with BonapArie ftt tli« Col- 
^^1' .. . , but of oj'jKulie p^l!lj- 

«3 ; in *ftcfjife, lie wu 

IV c'l^'i J "I ' I" -if Sir Sj'ilftcy At A»:f*, 

Uid ^Ttallv ivnlribntid to th<: dt Vacf 
nf *■ ■ '."rl a^itiO hi* Airicitfr 
Hft ■ ii Iji^J. rrcnth pwli- 

*i'> , .,, 4U4i|Cifi tn the txluit^ of 

IV, fti nik cngibcvr, the cb<cf 

> ;i^t fti^iiC. *4 inijiortaat b lt» 

ntolU; for ih» first check lo Bucia- 

E»tjti *f <!cloii^u> cAtcrt a¥Yftcd h>t 

■ fttpkmlH'iiA from Xi%\ to 

'M^n lh*» iKoiffic the flHd 

I0;ti < k<»&r«d Eh<< world. 

Moilvuc Jr Uoudctot (vol. ii. p. 
3IA,«c;d (irnt]<Ann'« 5tAf;ft£tne, Svpc, 

pi. 34(i; «AA th«BduI(rnfUB mitlrrt* of 

thf p>«i !?t, Limbrrli tx^t, Ikcsumi 
rtdf^Uhru] tothJsiixtgle 

uli»c«l onudcrvd vif- 

, r -f wiinlJ ^1 . ' . n« be 
r ' ir. ; uc aiakc- I ' I ixluct 

%tt hcf *4jo{h4tet, 1^1 iik'L i<Lcntiou» 
A-p, tnr rule cf judpn^nt- Mntmou- 

tttl, cftri^moIrVB, tomo \n. IM.) epMki 
of b<r Aft A model of jvrff4;tkt) i asd 
(be p*Mi'>D wiUt trbtcb, vhilc by no 
■ncanit m bvimty «tvn in BovMHtta'* 

bb iM iMUrodilfi ftoa of ^ciiti», b 
forcibly ikpitted i» hlsihrtJeiil pAgv** 
tic had lh«a reached the mature «re 
of foftr-tivc, (uid octcr before, thongh, 
hke ttiriot. more or Inu lo iliv c1u^d» 
of " nonbc princeu DT other/' b^d he 
f«h, bf My>, thr gcnttlnc tioio^iod ( m 
if to re riJy Voltaire's puby mdcriptMa 

OB I-OI^'b fctAluv : 

■' Qui qu« tu *M, Toid lan maltn ; 
II l*oc, Ic Ut, on tc dolt Mrc/* 

The My, and her pAwiv* hutbutd, 

ttttAUied 10 A ^rcAt k^e> nnrJ, in 179^, 
col«br«ted tht JQbitgc or ti/lUth nnoi- 
venary of tbtir mAxhaf t, vrht^ii ttinoD^ 
the ft«4»tA»U pruii^iutatty Aj^pVArcd 
bef old fritnd. ib MArmontcl indui* 
I^Dctly d4tifnftt#t hrr aroetro^ pftrv- 
muur, Soittt-Lasibert ! TlievolfiUDlty^ 
rnre, f»/ cyicir», from if* cn<:»p, on'! ''n- 
tended 04 the oalpourin? of gratitude 
forftltnffthor uaion thus vouchuifed 
by Provjdvnc*! ia n#Ter r^itiittvcl. vhvn 
Ju»Iificd hv time, on the contiaent. 
iMsdafD« Jo Ho[i(ftrot'f tEnuidAon \t. 
orvf of Iheofllceraorthe Frtn^hOmrt. 
■nd A special favourite ol Louu Phi- 
lip |)c' a. 

The 1i[i4» i)U(fted m the GcnlLemftn'4 
MflffAiiiw by tbe rcvkirer of the 
Letten (p. 3-10), 


Qu'dh nc pf^uC iQWf , 

T>vp prf# ilr bi (iffat 

Pour«rr uii pUisk," 

tvulnd mtoftoinc, not dl8»tniiUc, tiy 

a port of \\if levfQtnpntli ccoiu^. And 

At bttat of t<|iiAl merit L 

" F^licit^ poWe, 

Qui Qu ^cut plui nwolr, 
I'danjatdi cu te pcrdaDt. 
N"4i-jc pBSprrrlu Jti iwntrmif ?" 

The revicvcr ia the Quartvtiy doubtt 
uKtth^ Mr. HuiUiiMon b^J n«e 
beloDRrd to The J«tobio Ctub, or to 
that o( the reultlnm (p. 170). Km- 
bftbly ru>t t<i the iotn*t, th^u^ A 
contTAry opiuiou hv l««ie prrvaikd; 
but the twLief vxprcvtcd, thAt the 
KcuiUan» wer« not forced mbtn ha 
wAh Attached to the EnjflUh ProlKuiiy, 
wilJ, ] np|irtihebd« ht o)ntrailin«iJ bv 
the f4ict, ihftt thi* >M>cty. whJeh 
oriciii^ietl wiih ia Fayttiu lod Bajlly. 


Orighal Lefftrs 0/ Wwhai PtnKe, 


In ei>tintcrtc(io*i of The ¥iol*Dt pri>- 

lonrlr ulhel^ili Mny 1790. Sub- 
«t4|irpntly «vun iha Jftcohint wrrt in. 
)w4cbcd ft« raihtr slack m Ihp r»cc of 
rrttot : tinJ tli« Ccrddicr Clob wa% 

inttitutfil, uiul«v iW appropriftlc ban. 
nen of DuiUin, Cloais, lubcrE, Ci- 
milb DciiDouLm^, auJ colltftK^cs, in 
orikr l9 give « furtlicr iuipulH to th« 

4tttructiTV eiKrKin or IhftC catsntitouA 
pttiod j but EtobrvpicrCp to vhoM 

bowm we oiftjr wjirmiiljibfy tramftr 
ih* Uhkling craotioQ* cxpr^vseil by 
T»no'ft Tinct«d, 
" Vier*fr»J md tonnfnli.e fr» k cure, 


RobrfporfO (jealoiuarnntjIaiiDacvf^n 
incoflgealiL pumiUamJ ktndrrd ipi- 

rltn} B<JCC«f(W in qQrDcljing lli» ^p«rtl 
of iad«ptfnd>DtftCti<inioth«tj|ondofits 
promoter!, on the dUiorAprJlT^^OdV 

Ifnot wUlly i^tlnictikihfit. (t lo«t Itt 
moal act Wc poir n« of ciri I , «b Icli bfca Mt 
copcvDtiatnl in Ut triumpliAAl iHol 
f6r aSi>tp Iht^ montbi VDfe. Sof* 
tDoius, after dtrotiog mtny a page to 
lh« cool anil uarrprOTini; rristion nf 
Ifae horror* of SVm'a r^ien. ^Iomi iht 
irrrrQc carr^tJrc by #on»ihin; like as 
tiprtiaion oi atirprlM mi ibr world'a 
rr>rbMiniAr«, "Tale pw»f«ft»«/* w« 

may oquairy aav of fUbcipi*fi», 
"paalloRiboRqnitoorifMlfa nenvm 
(from 31 May 170*. ^'> ^" J'^'y »T1M,) 
|irrpf Mu> Urraftttt orbts, tauJtn d<»* 
trtuil, luitiuDi faci^ntibui nalhs," &c. 
<$im. LEI Ngiooc, cap. xL; And t 
may add — 

" Juft noa id ai1niiaaTcns« 
I (^ uitof cr vv LKQ queror ; tuUttutDrio Hium i 

<CUadiiAi in Rvfiiiapt, Uh. L ffl.) 
VouiB, Ate. J, R. 

Mr. UaaATf, LMdon, jVos*. 18. 
1 SEND you a ctry nrruei copy of 

Mn ori](~»nAt liTtlcr of tlic celebrated 
Tbumu p4]n«. T)ir»ri;ioa] i«vrilt«a 

ou two »iiicB af n alifci af f^scap. im 
a very neat aud pliiu hai>d ; and I 
cttcrai it oae of ihc grcattat curisw* 
|i^ v( UI1 olICLliUd- 'Hii: IcUcr t* 

flimply wafcrvd- 

Yoora, fcc. 5, P, C. 

Cvrmx, ^, RtuMlr, Julp 1 J , V)5. 

I rcnimi youre of Ihr 3<i lob*. m 

OAKver to nirte of the 19^'- 1 >cc 

that Cb««tb«'n hi« Uf^ c^tjl t1i« part 

itapecrins McuiiiUon and M*". fiey- 
noUi, but for luv own put I leiab &t 
bad been to. H«d the tXt^ry ntvtt 
been pabljcly told« I would not have 
beta tke£ratti) tcUil; but HainilUrn 
bad told il tiJDiHlf, awl tLtirfoiv it 
wat no iccrrt t but my ntciiivc in 
iutroJucing it «ra», because tt tvas 
applkablcto ihc»ub>ifH I wu upcw, 
and to ■^o«r tbi' f«v)krr« i>/ Mr> Jrfrr. 
ton, tW ttldle Ihry are atfecting a 
moralHv of linrror at an unprornl and 
tinfovBord Atury about Mr^ Jt^cnon, 
they l*d bcitrr look it \tmtr, and 
(ive vrftt to Vtcir bcrror, tt tUy lud 
«a*, aia rvaloaM uf ibrir awp Dufittn 
and hu P ' ' ' f 1 ibuii&Ad ijtitlan. 
It va> ri ai tQ nfhCQC Hi' 

oiiltoo, f-i liA^jiUoo Luil »|/aMd 

bimielf, aod that from a bad motivf, 

a (iiir«|pird of priiiat* Cbaradrr- " / 

da aftf,** (ttid Mr. IlooiiUoo to liDa. 
Ilarrla,) " itUnoicArv^Jamnnlttaimf 
priwetfCharocttr^ Uitwfp^S^C^rW- 
trr mtf that I ntrr &^u//' llif Man 
«-ho ia n jjooJ pcbl'ic Cbaractef frooi 

Croft, mnd a\A from uxiral priaci^tf 

if iucb aCbaracUr can bo rultdpo^j. 
U not 9ucb to be dfpfi>d«<r no. 
CbeHham niiglit u well have put Ibe 
part \u. tix |mt in lh« rta^na for 
which be kft it out. 'fliose r«aaon« 
Ifaw people at liberty to aoiprfl that 
the part iDppfci^fd reUlcd to Mifu* 

nc«r diccorered criinlaall*.ir ici HaAiU 
too, worx Ibao the old ttorr. 

1 am gUd that PalDtrr and Foattr 
bave sot toptbcr. It will (realty 
he]p ihff caaw on. I enclose a Irller 
I irc* a few day* aincv fioai Gfolon 
b Ctuin^ciic^d- The letter U wvU 
writlen, and ttitb a (ood ii]ru! fjfhm- 
C*re cmbaiLftira> Ti< ;i of 

It te<>uf'T -In ^.-i-'n!. but Vi iin. 

propr: : hinca Moii'a Noac 

Co a p.. Voii iMty »liew 

iUa !<tu^ Ui rJmtir «n4 V»Ufr, It 
li very likely tbcy may kuoiv the 
tt-riler, at Grolou b a^oet iit nr «lt 
witca frOn Slonifi^cin. viUcn M*. 
r ' V and wbcre. 1 believe. 

<v kji&t lUlaUuni. Aa 
It aA vapfcaeiun io tba |it*j 



tic II I- 


Oriiflnol tMlrr of Tk^tmit Pinnt, 

\ U< thftt rcii4«r« U finllt tot pubJici- 
^tkA, proTidnl Ibc naoc be oioiiudi 
or lUv I1111UI9 J, Hi b« put lit liie 
room of i\, 1. lor D<if> a^rcc to tbe 
poAiliatioii af tt. Jtwill wrvctopi.^ 
COalUltac to iboic «)io nav not blrunc 
«iioa^h lA iWr inu/ailM 10 throw off 
Ui« iDUk q( hypoctUy. >« U tbt cw 
)M Cosotrtlctit. at}:l ibrrc U 00 vkc 
^ tlut U taort 4littrtKtJv4 to mDralu 
Uua tbia yiDkjT'to'a tice, hypocrUr, 
U. If iLc coocliKling parft^ftpti it 
oslttfvi^ and thv bdilrf»> itt <h« lop 
be i« Uic pUiD itylc &■ t bavp p«t it, 
il will loa» lb« ■{>pMraAcc of « pritmte 
leVja, i luire put out thv vorJ £0- 
in thm 01 foitr pLacf«. Chccifaim 
Cftn hare so retUpOStbl« otjttlAOd 
UHlntt ^ablJ^DS ^^ 1^ ^* "> letter 
Withnat dflrfiCF. ind hr li» 90tDt 

Aloocmetn ta m&kc for «bat wu ia 
kin paper the 1i^'\ntfrb«ri>reUit, about 

tb« " ittcAt-Tifif •friiiHjj* (/ TIUat* 

ffi^/* [f jod five (ho E<-eur lo 
CiffvUiAin. I V1U1 Iiir«to return it to 
fOQ «Acv h« Ka« naid \t. Of rou to call 

I an ^ad fOQ bavc flr#n M*. Bar- 
rrt; tul it U tfrr c^trnnidinary ih*t 
fhu hit) [i(»t ?v««tt bim brfMt* (•>! ctr* 
tJlLolf ft Mac in buiioru i« aln-ay-ti 1i> 
li« foatiil^ il»U|fb In K4y iwl be 
■twajk AF Ihied^ thp firat 1im<. Vour 
former Icltrf n^jht lure brcn iatcr- 
prtmi to aigsiry it^i tie Aqif vu itf 
Myif, f^r VAO taUl t<io had call^c1 ik. 
letat a dojcn liowa. 

II ktTTUmtr bm that M'"- Bonot^ 

i- rille to tato K>ia« fLmilv At a l4a«h«r, 
' iat Av b«ft noi the Jc^it lalrot of 
maoAging affura fof hrrtcir Sh* 
aay Mod Bcbc< up to mt, I will toiv 
cirv of bim Tot hLa u«ti «ak« aikJ hii 
bibcr't ; bol thi« U alt 1 hair to aay. 
ElriDeiabei ip4 bo atj niiicli Jciprcl- 
Mlfricttd Caiver, tad Icll liim I nt^ 
anre we thall >tiv-c<-rd if we hold on. 
Wr iUTc alrrady iikoced lb« clajaiMir 
of lb* pHi^*, Th*y art iv*w u if 
Ibi* wtmiil av. Let u» «los« aaJ «o 
«dl Itt ^^u ftiona. Yoo do Dot tea 
if lh« PriHp«el p>n 00. A# Carv« 
«Ul wm&t bay br may ban it of fcr, 
and ptf wbcn ri tuitv bim ; but I t\- 
p«ct be will IaLc a rrdc up aocacutur- 

dar AftvmcKia^ uuJ the* be can cfauae 
for bi-tarif . 

I fliu maatrrofaA rv^p^y houu-, cr 
■ntiy *o. 1 h«T« ail cl^air* 4ad a 
UUCf A atiaw-btd, ■ featber-bed, and 


ft bag of aUtw for TboiMa. a Te4- 
ketilr, aa ttoa pot, a Iroa baking pan, 

a fi) lOj p«Q, »^. aau<tT«, 
plates aiiti diakcs. knivea aiid fbrki*, 
twc caii<lfmkUp and a pair of «mi?- 

ctB.— I have a piir of fine oiTO, aod 
an nic>eart^ a gnoi) liivt*. ■ rh^ir, and 
a o»' bone cart ; acow, and a »(>w 
Aotl <J pl|^. ^Vhe« ytiu coiae rou 
isBit take AUfb l4n u you m«t witlw 
for I iiveapoD (<o, milk, frtnt piea, 
pluo dunpliftv, &Jid a piece <)f meat 

wbcia I iprl it I but I \t%^ wkh that 
retirement onJ qjiet that aoit aic. 

3t1", Bonnwiilf* vat an encum- 
brance opoa me all the while she wu 
betf I for ah< ircuM no^ do anytbin^. 
not ereo nu^e an opple'domplin for 
hc( own childivik, [ihougb* 1 buu^bc 
a pot on foriiou to boil tbcm iAj If 
von can male yourbelf op a alnw 
W, I con let you kavt blaakrta, aad 

VAu will tsve DO ocTftu^n Co 2° ovirr 
to ^be l^vern to tterp. 

Aa I do Aot Mt any federal pap«rf , 
r«e<^t by acrident, I know nol if Iber 

bavo aitcivp^ed aoy rvmaikBE>r criti- 
tnnft OQ my *'^ letter, the piece 
Oil Cuufetitoikiii*, Go^crameoU, and 
Cbarter*. and the Iwo Number* on 
Tuner'i letter, and nUo the pieec la 
Ilblbeft. Ah 1o aoonyiiJuu* mra- 

{raphft it IK not wm ih aotiein; Ihem. 
roii»IiJ(f tbc geoeraTUf of inch 
tditora only aa a yoxi of tbeir pn:a«, 
and \*X tlwB paM> 

] tttni to tiMoe to Morriiftna, and it 
U probabtt I maj- vccne on 10 X — Y. \ 
bat 1 «bb jQu to Baa' tkit ktter tirat, 
Youra in frieoilibrp, 

T>iotf.»a pAi.ia. 
Jtfr. Jt^H fW/DMif, A^ttiirmrrr, If'aler 

^, yorA, 

Mr. UanAX, Dfr. 1. 

IN the donctl of tbc chofcb of 
Cradley, a paHth which lieaoo the 

wetirm or Hcrefortlihirc tide of lb* 
Malvern Hdtt, ia an inierijjtion lo tlie 
memory o( ui incumkeoL vho had 
htta the ^omraiir chuplaiu of Heihcrt 
Wntfalins, Biabop of llcrrfofd, from 
I3SB to 1602. As, indrpendently 
of ila gtfKxal iatertflt, lhi> mcnioifat 
coAloina in tipreaatoo of a luigulv 

* Ttcae word* brtwMm hraekeU be 
€# dam) u red to c&cr cnUrtlf. 

k\ni, or whWh no tatUMtoty «xpU- tkw, aad \ht liao wliidi Tolbvr U ir« 
nntion ha* hilherlo l)««<i olI«rtd, \t hft» gnvcft oa brau, which i* aiuchcd la 

atrvck &»c U ii<>l ot^vtcrvin^ of tbo > «Ub of «UiM in llbft midiU* of Um 

notice Dr>^}Ut Tcadcr*, Tbe tnscrip- cbincel. 

n*f« LyHli V> lUkdr Of Mi>rnr> Pawdt Bixtch«t' Of Ditinitie 
CUvucclor or Y' OitliFJnl uitrch Of Kmronl Diviui£lit Vp 
Id BniMd -N^m Coll, lo Oion Ac After Chaptaiu In Hovm Ta Y' 
BovMtod FnlKrr To (^od lUrhArl t.nril lEi)ibr.p (yfU-rrl'i & Por 

A LoD^Timf P'touofThii P'iib. la AIL ^V'^ PZocfi tie Left Ettnor 
Dinaiy NuU Ol Hu Sitt^vLvr Intcgntio Anct Lcvc Of All. 

VTbtiiM' CitJc. Shire And All Y> Kncn CoiQiAfOilnJ, 

Htc Nir^B Nm^ Tnoibr. Or Vfrtur» Not ftrrricndtd. 

Wbtrine All Mrn l^vrd Iltv Caanoi Br Kcrgot t 

11ioi]j;h I Hia Tooib^-Cone Hiiu lUjioiUcI Not. 

Yflt [-^t M*«TtU Mv fiiJoThi: CImc Him In 

That Whj OfAH M<-n i'drl|i?»t KroinTUi Sinn 

The Mi>?k«^t Sinn Alive : Ha ilovic And Bard 

Wcrr E^rr Sidono, ArvJ A H^ni Hi"* wof<li 

AoicDK rhv Wtivfn Ali, There 1^ Not Omt 

Whith Id Hjb Hvt, Hftd Not H» Mui^o. 



h« <l>f» U iiHrrib'H on tb* *taiw it- 
idr» jiHt Unolh tbr p\ilo of BriH. 
This inKr4]>liL>ii ha« littn gii«n. bat 

m hi« Survcr. vot. i. p. 1ti4 i vid 
the ff^mailublc cxprouoa In the 
ri^lith linr, i? ivhkh 1 wnuld Cftll the 

ai^uiiiQ «r your cutioui rvad^ri, Is 
incw.#clly priAtc4 Ihut, " Wer* fvef 
djrdftDB." Thb a^iuruB by ifac lonteit 
to rvftf (»ithtr to th«i bo«plFAbfi> abun- 
danrt, or to (Ik trouquillEty of hiB 
dwitlJni;. TlkcdiT ol J'tKenvia, colled 
Sidnn. vrs« nMralfd fir it* ffnkful 

Eoiitiofl, and Ch* inlabitAoU v»rt not 
r» rrnowni^d for Ihrlr alill la all tho4tf 
afU thjit mtiuatur to Iho cotcfort or 
luKtry of lusma life, la Hoffmono'i 
Loucoo, it i* obt«rTcd how con- 
UoufJIf ilomn imikei aHaaioD to their 
prodckikcy: "ai (lokl toncioonn ia 
TBitibtti, ftot in vi*ibt» N^bre f«clDm, 
•iM ludtcrum Ib ctvpandib* id tf Ibucro 
folci SiilAokf^ni LbduUi'iit/' The 
OAiDO Sidon ia aI&o intc'i^rcled M iig. 
airying "tMiicum, vd dbartam," 
(*•& |j0yd*« iKctionftFittin HUtoricuta) 

Of #vtn aiiy bear tbt Mue of " ftc%, 
oomiDCBtUB, cilMit, tictci." At tirKt 
alffcjl« tlivr«fiK«, I wu Icnpitd to 
ittQurtthat in ihc byst^riuAiB lucof 
llic word " &rdoaa" iu tbb ejHtapli, 
»a allniloD, though of lU (it»corc 
o1iA:«<lcr, fffiu ioliniksl Ui l« madt to 
!Jt< prcfiuinft witJi wklcb tbit ciiy tm 

tJinplifrdf But lh« «iprf«tJ(d !■ m- 
|«ul« of unoihcf fnUti^riiJtimi, mid 
one tthieh 1 kid father iocliDtd taj 
adapt, Dith<iikgh by nn MmaftConlUni 
th&t K cirM il>« real s^otc of Ihv iU" 
Idmoo. Iht city of Sidon appcin to 
have bnn diPilmgaUhptd, alt^Hisl 

vrrUollr, for iho Han- of trvn()ullii]r|j 
the 1ioa$ «oj<iyii«fil of nhich 
najnly wDlnbutcd t» it> floutifthli 
coiulitiMi. Aftfar bftfb aath«tliiw«< 
!;ain«on, wt 6iid it ncotiM llMt till 
(blldrvQ of XHa itfodlof fbnb ftp 

into thr I^Dd, op their iLTri^tn^ 

lAitth, tbew spiot "hat the |i«op1d 
Vint «-tr« ib«rtfiD, Low tbey dwelt 
carvlovn, aftvr iIm mamwr </ tha 
Zidoniuis, <^tt and lecvre, tnd thtre 
WM nOMopaUfttv iu tl:« Uod^ tlilit 
miEht poltUflitO 9h4ni<4DAny ibiog." 

thro, in the epiUph inpl^ts, &> 
TouU Aomtst, ui&l]iujoa« f^r -fetched 
in lrt»tfc, ud ofMCQre, to the tran^ 
ifoiNtty, mad bahilual iwactfnlott 
ftDd tm$e Uut |ir«vaiind tu the tab' 
mad in th« mbocia o( Iba pamm 
CnHlley, with whoie «mlabi« chi 
t«ctrt mod noeul tinuffs ti la cttde 
that Ihr wfTUr of ib« inMTiptioa 
bc^n well w<iuain!ftl. I rju^I, boir- 

**tr, t'-iv<r l- *n the c<;iir 'J'Ul 'in r>f 


movt [ . 

ftnd ob«ctif« aUuiio^, tbu «««< ia 


ChflUBttt» Ctt$hms In Mimm*MtktUrt. 


vsgiM ftt Ibt pflfiiid wttcn lh«*< K»fa 

Pot. .p 

of EHtAbrfh, 6 Juif. tMT, »ii4l'i»Pt 
loH Rib<r~ '-- ^ iht pfncnotUn af 

bv (>fcaf7<L. ,.. ii.fc?r<l«l WiFJ]*ni 
PfBfton Vitrlh ht III* dienifj' o/ rtiiri- 
(cllor, tiifl in iht b*Tiriifc of CrtiAhf ; 
ui(>' ia Ibo y^u fiilli>>vle^, h« wu 
n^al«<d to the fiTAli ai ^foirioa r*rT«, 

Albuit Wat. 

AT OifUtim th#rc 1* « <ntli>»» iii 

tilt nrigbbourhiMd of Monmoiatti at 
ta/rjtnf rouqd Troa house lo bouv 

fkr Mfrry L«wid. TbU i« * r«prc- 
vrfttmlioiij gei^nMr vrry wdl ri<- 
ciif^fJ, of ibcbcMlahd n^ck of a trhilc 

odi it, M •» Id bvftr ton* lewtsbkoce 

bcacftUb *hKb ti a mvk cvr^Uif ibc 
Merry Lnrid elrTAtrd on a emle, Ttie 
pok, «w«frd bkc^vfftrdi anJ rtinrinli, 
glTM Ibc noreuivnta of a prsnciDg and 
rcnhtf b»r4«. 

The fftfnftology of Uie tmroe 1 mm 
K)t WeEcbnua rfic«i^ io di««ovcf; 
bat eocBf of yoQv mor* tcAmcd reader* 
Bir bt tblo to cnlinblen mt. 1 »u«- 
p«ft tW 1«Utr vord lo lid i corniptioa 

uflwyJ. frhich lOMUli yfrjr, I t»vlitTC^ 

iad ibc fAfsitr, fron Uie aifib occa* 
tioBod to Ui« adort, a rorrapt appll* 
mloci of tn rad<rBl(fodt«nDtD»pfm 
>«nip word (v'lrmfcUrMHind, Ihn nvma. 
tef of vliLcli v&» ankaowQ to the 
diiMMcbi cf Monnoutb. 

fiotrto nivfiM} ««tr mor* falt^ tx> 

enpKlM (bt fjible of the bort ta<l tbe 
fri3|[>- Un on* ocruios. liter * rlc^ 

of lk« d^Ot'trtli io tbu *\«ainf; of 

CfarUtBw lUy, 1 U&rd toD* Jarm 
Bol n«ru»ioi m thv ball, ud p^io^ 
KftiiUj c«i« ■•» whia wa* really 
•ttrtlipf inoofb to any one, mica 
BdTf M to ■ ttno^ir, as tbe ftfvuit 
■ie. !■ tbrdoorwif« wltb Ui« out- 
line Wfll dHlntd In The nifoag moon* 

liebl, >%mA c«<ct a (Ttbt while bone« 

fwloculf l4M>lH bU b«d 4bOQli 

WbAtcvct foti, Iboroforr, ibcboyMvoaj 
derite, you auy wcU imigint, Mr. 
Urban, 'tbat •irmn|«n, ptrt^cobuly 
r«&ale«, wviiU bo vNy mucb aiMiae^ 

I find. In Sir H. Zi\W\ edttioa of 
&raiMl> AnliquLt»rt. iccfttlon of tbe 
faobhy-hfirH at Chiiitfiiut. as follnw*, 
p. 149> " He (W^i^o) KioU opofl bin 
tocoofrollBDd fiAdefaiilt wibthii*aAd 
tb«f, xa lb* Poiuing infa (bo bftU of 
tht AoUy-W*e vi CA/i>/»ui«;" ti»d 
ftj[vn, in lh< ftccoiini of the Lord of 
Miifubc, p. f73L "ThingM eette in 

ofdrr, tbty bmei fiefr MAj* Aon*** 
««d dragoa*. Bad oiber «atique«, to* 
0vlb«T with tl»ir y\\icf hihI tliunder- 

5nf df tnnerA to iirikc up the ck^iFlc'a 
AD1KY ivTtbtll. Tben iDkrcbe Ibve 
heitben CMopanie • • * ihfir hMk 
hart*t, nnil u\ht'v mnrLtvtr*. mkjrnUfth- 

rg amongrtt Iht tbroog/' Al p. ICfi, 
II " t~bri4tDi4ft cuTOtl," e«uiDcr*iing 
the tuKioa* of that B4m«oo, i« tbe fol' 
lowing quitriio : 

■* Tbp vmfb««, *ltb their vanvtl.hovlM, 
About the itrveU are tbiiiAf i 
Tbe tojfn ire coioo to ctttob tte ovlffc 
rw «1/^ >ur* in h tfi'iif««#;* 

'HifTrfi «re aUo wtAim AlJaiiioni to tbfl 
ihefWf 4/ fAf vt/^ Mdre ; bit lbi«, 
1 tpprebnd. Is ft diff«r«ut cuaton 
mliCffcthcT^ There u r>o npluiatUm 
of ft ciTtu by ^ir H. EUU; bat, 
if my1>o>'i>h moIUction* b< torrpct, 
ihii Ettno i* plftycd by • nombef 
itnndms in a nog, boidioir h&odi, 
wilH uu« cutfridi^ the nag, who diopa 
a baoilbercbicr bcliiiid ftny ooe nc 
pf«4»e« ; tn^l the pf}Enr ii. to be *harp 
in obstfTiof if it be dropped bahind 
fooj Aod cneo ta be ijuick la o^tr- 
tftldog tbe droppfr h*fr>f* Hr errlvM at 
your place — tbe onlf pr«chc*ltt1(i9ion 
to B bcree being io tht aftWity, u 
Id tlkOEAllUhiantin Sir Henry** not**, 

p. aflS "ThtjdvcoiufoatjoQtbBhew 
lbeiro;i/iiy lE^aoting vijo. ftbMing I) 
the wild marr i "* acid, p. 27<, "Ihoe 
Dt dc^Kf itamr* ind avabob of hot 
cocUm. Aftyrit^ fif viU martp tud the 
t(bc lutialeae epgftar tb« oigbt «ne 

At the f ilk of beiag tboagbt Icdiou t, 
1 «ill nteotiun Ai)OtI>«r niti^ta of ibc 
»mo ii^igljhorirb:ind. Oa New Yeir'i 

day \ht little bopcftrry m tbeirbudi, 
to excite tbc 4dabiraUoQ tod ti^r&tity 

ne Vui^f 0/ Pope SiriM r. 


ofthrlr ricbiT Deigbottr*^ pntCy d«- 
victa, fiMi^ ftnd adartif^ in the fol* 
lowing wAy. AHliL^iuf ileal tuodi 
p«qi«ndicurflrly, being, u it W«rC. t)i« 

■tcm of ft EtM/ Krom thin, M intercat*, 
OlhfrpifVn brAQcU ofT boricc4kU]1y; 

ftcTciofi) vitb uplrs,— ftoui« ^ilileil. 
•one ci>wr«d vitb titvcf tiMiir, k»uh 
wkih (i*ur, Bfid ■(wcW <'^<r with Uftck 
atbd wbit«oftli, uranjEcU Ln aJ9«rcat 
Agnrc*. Ttic whole it tufuountcd bj 

ft brftncb ^ ibc box Ut«, U Ui« lc«r«« 

of which art attacbt<l hftul nuU, by 
iflftFrlAnK tbo leaf into the *mftt]«r tstd 

of tile mil, i«lu(;li U »U^htIy ojktncd, 
ftnil whicb iDim«diatcly co4bipir». Tb« 
vvho1«hutli«ftppoftruic« of ftgftya(i>l 
pidty tbrub^ ftn«l mako & nuUait 
noil* vImu novfil by thu clfttbrngf of 
tilt nnti. 

llicrr wciu to be ftllutiotu 1o Ibif 
cuitofD in th« potM to 7<«w Vtu-'* 
Onr* pp. 8« 9i ft (Ildrd ftpple tati 
block oaU beiTJK very ^ooil tubUituici 
for uiai^l^o «ad^ c1ot«' "Ao orin^; 
«tuck with cbvbd ftitpcnra to bar* twna 
ft New Vcor'i gifL So £ten Jonsoo, 
ID hii CljtiBiiiKu M«*^uc; 'He ba> 
an ounfr and ra>«nary, but oot 4 
clovtf to stick \n 11/" Aiul ftmoni 

Merry Ob»crTiLtit>Uft»pt<ii wrry Munlli 
nnd f wry remirkabl*: Oay Ihroughoirt 
the wliEii* Yrur, uniS^r Januify^ it ii 
•aift, " On ibc tiut day uf thit inE>nili 
will b*» (p**** mimy atft*. ■ • CbiE*lf^i», 
to tbrir iiLft(iri*»]b]r juy, will btilrr«l 
m lh«ir bEkt bibi and aptoui, uid mfty 
be BHn baorfoJ along atrvelar tomo 
atuck villi dovM, la OKlcr Eo crftre a 
bJa»ag of tbcir gotifatbeji ajiJ £od- 

Should tbc ftbovc ftpp«or vaithy cf 
yowT nia|;a£ioc, 1 Bu«yj lu tliv fulloi* in^ 
m<^l)i. trouble yoti with Acirar &olicn 
of otil ciuloDi. 4n<t (&attif(s of ftDcicDt 
faiih. wh:ch »IJU Uogtr atat>ti$*i Uio 
cuaatry propf^ 'TlhiH r^rinity, 

YouM, tec. Wii. DviC, 


MBh UaaATf, i>«i?. 9Mf. 

YOl'HCoiL r-<im«poo(Ifn1, In hit 
lait tommiiO'CAiioQ on ib< aiibjrct cf 

thi V'uJ^lv, coavrivcit ibfet liic tub- 
ject "hft*b«cnftbtfuriliy awtlivij intji 

irioiil uEiJut jBtpi^itaiKo ;" to wbkb it 

'■'- i»i»llfO, iU%i br wmiU 

I lilt mib an u«crtioa if the 

d«frtiAiTO >itU of tbc cftu weru Pro* 
Tc«Uiat. Th^ point ftPoded by tbv 
4|Ucttiou, Tiftjnrly. the tcati of Papal 
iiifftllibilily. ii certainly not OM of 
Mcccduy iinpartftBn m cofttrovrrAy. 
Itofnriog to th« Iftflguagecf J. H.'a 

Iptlrr, E uu coE awftf* of having 
rbajg«d the Editor? of tbr Sixtioe Vwl» 
gate With dtwifa, or of hftvins im- 

P<ach*il thair rcodinrM to comet nia* 

tftku. \Vbttt 1 hftvc rntifl/ked gpoo 
[4, tbc coicniltfti of inialftkM, aad Ibt 
proium(>tuooa cor ridtcvloutj ck^oi- 
muaicfttlon of tuich {Mrvo&t aa *hcti]«l 
inai« ooy chstgft, Xtilbei- would I 
lay ao uaduv iiruaoii " UuAdcm uiJ 
omiiaiciu/'thftt ufty be ftCGxiBtei] for 
[ypograpbicftlly ; but I vfty fairty 
prtu tlW ii«ccs»Uy of «cc<niotiBg for 
ib« rvdunidAiit crU(i«ra in lh« SittJAa 
Bibfe, which arc txpnaged in the Cle* 
rocntinf. J. It. ftppcan to ttpad 
tb«iii« in ccinniott with the nat. fti 
ourcly tyfOgraphi»L, wbrr^o* it h^t 
bcfA »h«na {{ coactivr) that kucb 
Ciuiuot be the cftAO i and I jrp<itl, Uiat 

Ibat the ctaJia of Papal infAlLifcility m 
icnously cocapfouiKd by lb* cirttm- 

Not bftving immhlint^ ocrvM to ihv 
woika of eithti iSiacchiLJ or Wftid, 1 
will not frenmr lh« iMUflSckocy of 
ar;g[iTnfrit« I hatp no opfHiftunity of 

McJDg; but, that tht ijuoitLoniitiuoe 
mar be clrnriv nD<t^ntood, 1 vouM 
r«dnce it to ibcie thrH qucriH i 1- 
Arf thv error* lypugraubical or cihto- 
i>ai^ '2. If typograpliicftl, how mit 
the rcdasdftMt paaaajcc* accouotcil (ot I 
3, irth« teit bo faak^, what beootnvi 
of the excooanuticaiion directed 
n^aiuat Blle(«;koD», wU, cocjiciivrntlyt 
of the I'apal infaltibtlity? 

All ibe errora in ProlMtftnt tcraioss 
cannot afftct the bcartng of thka 4a«a- 
tiofi, iiiK« no Kiwh tenet » iafvllibl- 
Ikty ia coaapfomiKd by them. Thftt 
fortigo traoalfttioju. for»Ml on the 
bai^ of th* ftuthoriied king li»h, ah««ld 

* Tlv laQ(iMge of C^bo^t ihtwi that 
tb' efTOn nrc r4ito^*I " ^jv Stitm 
V. Miul^it ■ -t 

«dili0a of ' « 

H> iif lh« Callioh^ Cniarf^" p:\n, t'lii- 
^/r.) Hr uyi Dothinip about tba u^ 
commwtkBlko. Aid that owfailou in«]r 
eaafljr b« acconUd Ua, 


Ttc fw/yo/f fl/ f *;W Ststus V, 

:«A*<i Iti dvfvcia, ia inconUa1*bl« / 
tWy mu»c b>tt b««n futttivi oa 
tiuls ; act] tLtf Mine oI>jt^'tioQ 

mftda frmo tL« Vu'^Ot. For 40 r«r 
b cTtia the Clffticatinc edition Tron 

lav (wha with oihtr iliTtm tltr^itH 

!« corttctioa of il) adooirted^i, in 

■■ UUcr lo Lticfts of Bruges, tbu a 

r&biAJita TAriout fiult*. vhich (l^* 

to<rccTon did not rtiDOvr: ^cioi 

rrJifli BAliM tmt^<^ta mm r*ir d «oAu 

i*dm*fn'Ija4ll> df count prrfrouuiaf. 
from J. R,'« rcttAfki oo the Vul- 

rtff, ia nl<rfac< tothediHpuUd nr^r, 
un hftT< no wUli U dctfACt, fti^ 
ihoul4 trv BlAd if the cfideDCt thua tf- 
Uaded wvfc atill wei^iur. Valji^ 
ha« h gi?od noti^ on iht mF^rcl, In hii 
u«dbtnJilLaaortb«Gtcck TcvTamcnl; 
but I fttr tb&t norv rtcjitire^ to be 

do** b«roF« thii r«rio ctn rcc^Tfr lb* 

IKuitioQ it foimcrty occvpM ki ft doc- 
Iriial ftutliority. 

Hftnng mad* Ului oliMrra£ioit«, I 

would furthti ronwrit (ii»d it t» n cu- 
noq» hiitoriOLl facllj that Siitw V, 

wu tnru(tonKt< kti Miotbcr BIMc, 
frbtch U indeed to be r«crcet<d. ai hf 
Mtnu to h«Tf bfcn rcftllr aauom to 
difttwe the Dirinc Word, 'flicrulluw- 
log «r<oane 11 tftk#n frwn thn ucrn- 

tnry utd butoriJU of tic lu^uit^liooi 
Llorvntc, wh* vu lUo an cccltvtutrc 
^i^t howgh in CJtinj it 1 do DCit po«i- 

iTsi to tli4 tn»pick<ii coMcrn- 
i» Pi>)>e'« dtnth. 

CftfJioal QaErog*. miJ tlic 
CoDDcil of tkt loquUiti^n, tre«Ced the 
So^rr^n Pontiff- ^ijto* QqioIob, with 

IkUe rc<p»t, Tii'i i'oyn publiobtd a 

tiuilaljon orihc Bi^te in imlitn.attd 
pnUffd It bv A bull, in which ht re 
cwPKBikd cvcr| ouc to fi;uJ »t, uj- 


* L«i n« licf « iB<«doft «n docUatkra 
nf • diStnliT «Uch 1 ocddfobllr »cc 
h\, a»d for vliidi Icalccgnfihfft mitbt 
■Tfl Im eonioltAl U tvin, Tlw words 
I C«r. i»- ^. " For 1 knov notblv bj 
hjvV," nrt obicuff. «■ Of pnrentl; ^nin^f 

ttmt '. «W. flfO In 

iHArt, it i* CD»* 

U-j. ^j*iiil']r In iJiy. " I 


i0£ iktt Die rkUh/uI wmM derive tbc 
jtrefttt^tt ndv&Dtajict rromit. Tbiicoit- 
di>cC o! the Tope wu cODtran' ^^ o^' 
the rc^nUliona ti^m tf^c lin>* o^ L«d 
X. AH dxtiiful iroikt bad beMi €or- 
bfdLlca to b« m the vol^ar ton^t Tor 
fifty yuui, by the ctparntocy tadct 
o/ ib« CoODrif, a%d fry the laqaiflitione 
of RoGM tnd Madrid. ThcCardieal*, 
Qmn>^ ol MfldrM. and Tr)Mo at 
Home, and ollitrj, rt;^rc»(i1nl to Phi- 
lip ]L tbftt Kte»t «TiU wofild arisr 
from It if ke did not cmploT hii Influ- 
«neo t6 iaducv tbo Popv to ndinquuih 

hiftdcsicn- Philip conmnifiioacHl the 
Couot d'Oli wei: 10 oxpo»tul«t« witli 
the Pofetifii ihc Count o^«), bttt &t 
ibr ba/urd of fai» ll/o, for Siitue Quia* 
iu9 wu on the pniot of deprifiac bifli 
of il, vitbout rc»p(ct fat thr richi* of 
natoiii. or for tlie i^fivilegn of Obva- 

rei a» ao ambe^Mdor* 
' ' Tliis formidable Pope died in I b97. 

And Phitip wn* »a»p«<C*d of bAviof 
ha«lencd bi» doya by stow poitoo. 
After Uii« events tbo Inqnwnion of 
Spaia haling r«eei*^ witi»m««> to 

prove tbat tba itfittltbh oiftck of th« 
law woA n favourer of herrtic*, eon- 
deconcd ibf Slaiia<^ Bibk, ta thty had 
already ccadcmncd thote of Cauio- 
dorua do Aoyoa, and ntay othera." 

(Hitl. 0f tht ]ni|ULsi(iLici, C' JivU* 
p. lW.4-t) 

It ia nglit to mention, thai th« italic 
of iho word ir^ethtiie U either the 
autkar'i or tlie inLnilatorV hat the 
wtat of Ibe wor<l may be ruutlly ga- 
thered from tAe atoSt ia wbrtti i\ 1« 
uKd- The coneluKoa, then, at «vb[efa 
I hid arrived, oa to ^pt\ infallibility, 
1« aimitar b> that of a S[>aa[ah prieal, 
ai>d \a both eovn it is diawa from the 
&(e of th« Bibles publiabed by the 
lamc i^pe- 

Your«> &e. Asstwi, 

Ma. t^KUiMf 
ONLY tho>e gnunmariaoa aod tin* 

pliUa who Itar* ia their luenhraliona 
imidc (uctiiftcy their |>fiacipal object, 
bare betu found to notice any pecii> 
liar dJ>tia(tioa enUtJog betwcua nro 
and df/ar< ia theJr claaiical uAe. 
S*rno«, in hia commenl^ upon Virgil, 

tthiichkfitcfUtntiUrd. "Ofllelrial* 
«f NTcnJ la^erttfu tod priiKta oadar- 
taboahj Ibt la^aiiUUM/* 


Dutinci 8if»>ifieafion of An imJ AlUre. 


hm piofttiS httataU lo U oaf of ihoM. 
But £tith«r be flor Vxri^, i>bon bff 
eiUa II htj ftiilhontj-, t<«(n td tjaTV 
pr^pffly uccrtoJocil the capccial cha- 
rvtcriKlicft oTcncU of tb« two wordv. 
btcnecn «-|]icb th«fc Ua morcdccided 

[q the ^^auAgc. Vltg. Ed. v. (5,^^ 

Eoei dnn ttbj> DuIud. 4iim(u •llBrb 

S^rvini nakH ana HffkiTj tdttn 
cncud uddtdKAied toth«(0(Jatbon 
ifid btlow, th« &i>ptri mul laCfn, uid 
a^jWric to btloH only to thd (onntt. 
Thi* dbtiootio* u nmtiontd by t'ftc- 
cioUti, «riio«U1f«, howtvrMbatlheit 
dIfftrciKW w not obicrwij bf (<««. 
icti «HUn. AnMh«r dblfActioo ■> 
»»tiocted by hl«i, (laTooikdHl aod 
untenable, u 1 ibii^k, «uJ, ■> licuyt, 
"pernio ft^rrmtna,") vhich u " at 
Atl dicAlcr propric iuL|[;;c>>tu< ^iVrior, 

M TCklt p«» ft rukhDCDtUm quo UttDU 

quK «it atBrr luilinMur." 

[ imutflt thai noihiJig but lb« p»t%* 
atge in Vir«ii quoted sboTe funiiibB) 
8«rvru« wrtb th« grt>undBforhi* aM«v* 
tion — oror bnnf allottr<l lo Dapltsia 
and ApDib, bvt cf/aHa to Apollo only, 
lit uoibtf flAM b Vi^, Bra Wkd 
olteWo art Jovod in juitapMitkw. &nJ 
aOttt bo pncbtdt any taeb difttinciion, 
but ratber tii Ij« umi] >ynoo]riauatly» 

" lii^w ana fait Jottafnt vetrnlm* 
buna {l^«Micai 

tii«iDibi«ft mrm Mqua aabbta MMjilaiB 
Ule Hacnta at ■•£« nr^akqwrnaffoFM 

dmun/' ftc. 
A more rcoufkaUfl ticnptiflcatJoa 
of lb« ftiiftilar uir of l|i« Iwc wanli 
anay bt ttcco m H4anlbLl'« account ot 
hb oaUi of pcrpcLaa) miaity to lk« 
Romasa.M wTculty rcp4a:ed by Livy 
and Camtliui Nfpoa. 

oifvi fiU^nAm fldmotvm jan^r^Ldo tdr* 
|U aaaquaa aaikinD fort popati Botaaai/' 

Jf. U>tt.lib,MtT, c. ]». 

" S«nlb)tad<ruiadJiiiitap(i<l^aafB 
_ inift(ar« liutitacni« Aunane oMeHa 
~r»iB0l&t tnmnfifm Jurv* jomt nnnituiKh 

Kfp> i« *l^ ttMlltH)^ fin S. 

My h^l-r! 14. thai rvtty Word barf, 
oHgintllT at IcoK, an rtp^ial meaoinf 
&01i*il lu It, liroifh lh4d lapK of after 
A^H hai ra«**d U to coalaace vriib 
littt of aaolber. 

}m thf poHMm which vri hare citad 
froaa thf jEiit^d, from Litr, and Cron 
Co!DrhiiB Tt^mt, ixmilht obtarrtd 
that *Uari9 b olwaya nwd in ibt 
plural nuabcr, thotijt^ rtfff/ing to the 
Htmc Kubject aa don dra Iq w alo- 
^tai. Frvia tbb U woulJ ippvai tbat 
aro comprcbfiMlKl somctbiu niott 
than Aifsrt, or that it atooa in tht 
Mmc rrlaiioo to U « a trbok <lo«a V> 
ill part. 

Nov, tha dynolofY of ibe v^rd 
i)Ji«rr fniir^Ty corrohontca iliia uip* 
poiltioO' Fctttifl and Svrrini urvala 
derivinc i\ ftcm tltnt aad ora, tbouf h 
tbc iDlcTtocc xkduccd by th« Uttn 
rro« tliQOfc caonaii e^aiia ow approTaJ> 
/iU-art and aSttn ivooU have th« 
MiBv iJtniity a* mo asd f#pr. Ac- 
f:o(Jiu£ Xo ill IB dcrivatiuoj of/arfo 
woald dfoota ctttalia parla of tbi 
altar vhJdi are ki^hrr, or projaci 
ftanbrr tbao tht rvattifiJBg |iatt--Uwt 
ia, it vronUl forrrapond to tlw kvntt <if 
1^ ai/«r <jC tt« Old T«atas)ciit. 

la iupport of ihU Inttr pra Uttlon, nrt 
will ftdducf and cofOMrt lUD paMOMa, 
IhacM fraia Holy Wrttmnd tht other 
Trom Jtt^lJn. lo I Klfig*. i. 50, «n 
read, ** Ajtd Adontjab A-ar^d bfcauai 
of Solovoo, aod aioftp^ awl went, add 
migbt bold on Ibf nonit * of tbt 

Juatin, tfiailiii^G of Ptolcisy Crrau- 
tine, M]'*" anmfitia in minut altavibiQa, 
Inaiiditi* oltiraivqu* caarcraiJori'bui 
adjtiTatil t* vncrfa Ad# mrtlnmnnfiim 
sorori4 pctrrr." Ju*t. tU^l- iiir. c. 3, 

Tfaua 1lii< 4(4^f ^Fftf ai/4r atid Iht 
sUiria were cav^t hold of (moapta in 
manoij on »laiiUr <irrai.]0o», and for 
limilBT purpo«««. Norrovtf, it Uini< 

pMiibla tc «AC(]vc of nlitrt, a* Wf 

uo(lcra:aAd tbc «ortJ« hdoK taken bold 
of to ibc baoda: b«t if CiVarf. fraa 
aifalfyloH a part, (amt.' aft<rn<rd« to 
loialy ihr who!«, it M by i» in«aai aa 
itolalvd iotiaacc of 4uch a traeataota- 
Uoa. At ibeaaiaa timothh fad dv- 
wajMla ftor oba tr vattPO. that* ki F«criO' 
lati maarki, tbii vord i» oftn oacd 
In ibr pbral ativnber wl<n tb« MMf 
^Q«Mr«tti>r« tbf ■ln|q)iL/| u)d in- 
dkyd, out '>! »r»f« ciampUa of ih« iia« 
of lhi« wofil givca by bun, la iaiJ« km 
of Uioi dc>«» U occur In ibe atofalar 
oanbtr. Yoar*. &c- 

F. H.lltTKrut. 

• PWTpi from rV- 


O/i/ Siyruiu yorvifjA. 

Mlu Ubk^, 





JN rr«iilnf >t<ir Micaxine for Oc- 
to4cr, llir pi-Mjr rrta'mg lo '* Dio- 
gtDc* mud Tl. --D«It,*' m* 

AlftcM ibc i>f ^a« in Not- 

af% B ruriouA njil li^f^ '^^ ^^* ^'* Bcui 

fM^e* Thii icdacrd mc to write lo 
afrjeid lA Norwich to inquire ftbottt 
it t wd 1 Mvd you hi« ftDflvrcr. 

A poblic^bcuM cdlnl t^G C«t «i»d 
Fiddle ii iiill m Ma^iUlcn-fticci ; hut 
th« ftiga rcprcMaliof a Cot pUytng 
Bfua a FUJilIc aad ■ unnbrr of nw* 
dancinf ArMtnd h^r, Iu4 ivm mDurcd 

rhf MvKjuLs ot Grtobf^u tUli mi 

&i«lii1fiigBte-ttr««t. Tkttt 14 fta •«- 

SHvia^^f lU lilthap^k, ud of ill 
t otktr citv ptC4, in Outtr'i Aa- 
cirnt AivbjtKlxirc- 

\Vc bkrc in Toolcy-ttrtH. oppoulc 
St. iUu^f'* Cltiirch, xhe *«^ of tbe 
^Vblp fta-l EgS' or'5i«wl1]r, I bdicTc, 
dn Wbip BuJ Nag. Ihitrt is ailio m 
the luuc utiect the ugn oT xhn Code 
Aad HhiM», which, I btliavt, i» coj- 
r«pt«<l Stom tht C^duof Hou^a. I 
i ttt ro bw M a tdiaoUoy tlic Hifa of 
*-t1w ntt Alii" lA ftt. MKhul U 
iVi, n^raMQlvd by • floor cf black 
«a4 wtuiB pATMum in perfj)«c:LV«; 
TU Xittj. U th« bcftd, Mill, "I 

|4**fb AU i" \ht L^if Iff, Ml one fculc« 
*- 1 pU«a for AIJ ;" ib'v IVwn, o« tho 
(4h«r, -* I p»y for All ;" ibc BoldUr, 
Al eo* fevt, " I l]£bc fur All ;" Bnd« 
iHtly, tbi L^kourvr. " J wnrk Tor All." 
T^mv^edlo be id St. Andrtiv'*, 

Aid 4 rofftt. Th«re *ft> i publK- 
hoaw \ii Lower Wntwjci-itrrrt dlkd 
Ar 74awl»ra 1 ui4 L bft«v b«u4 ny 

fTiMrnLtlwr »p«ak of 1 |iobltr-boini 
At the comet of Tb«ibhiMl oiled tbe 
^17|M|],«^. «iui 1 bm bwQ loid thtti 
(Jii Itftt Ito^lor^ WM* OAoed Copky* 
«ad tltf gn*i pt4iiVachtr nt tbt pr^ 
tvt 1.0V4 hytMmm. 

Btir Long fiiruliont r^linl tbc Sopcra, 
vttkb 1 i&ke to liiTv onfiojUiy bcrn 
Ihe *<ip hpuil, ttnd Lo bave b««o Ik «*- 

~ bovie for toMted braid Mkkcd 

U ok tod su^. Bat i1k« most ftflea- 

did tiga-|njil I cm bcoid of «U tbv 
uri^ind ttigD'post It Scole Inn. whith 
bu brcn tnsrftTcd i but the ooly prict 
I evvr fttK t» prcKnrd M tbo Ion, and 
H wcli worth rnur lo*kui|; ftt *hea 
you neit camtt tbid r04d« il yoQ luvt 
oever Ken it-' 

TU* Dhc uid Crt>vn, la noulibd 
brick^i it Utll in ciMtcocc bt the pub* 
lic-bouAT &1 FftUcnbioi, or a£ ioMt U 
«ii ^erj ^t<£y. 

Wc havx in lite SvAQ Ume th« ^u 
of tbe T«o-nrtL*d Shati, origihAilr 

which the AT&nnrrialiU TiuuL^ bii bird» 
ofi OUT nven, by cuuio| nxk* or 
notches Oft ibeU bilti. 

'j'brrc vAt formtfty >l tha biick of 
tbfll iiMi the ii^t of ihe Hog ia Ar- 
Quour. tery co««oDiy cutUd here tbt 

Our "Itoiein the Well" wtii be 
rouod ooliced io a bonk rathled "'Vht 

CUjbft of London," it having been 

formerly Ti^iiuecited by the wiU ind 
bonti vjvaals of t^U city. 

P,S. — I hvrt ooilttcd toaifltioaiA 

otdtndcvrioue eicn ift PT«ecocb->ireet, 
The M&n Mttt with Mbchfrf. He U 
rYpTMented withavouaL^ ctamcd to 
bis bftcfc, the ^haia Arcarrd with a 
lar^e padkuck; ibe wcaaa lioMa in 
her hnn^i a botte and a {loa* ; trpon 
h«r abouLder •ifaatnoobcy, and on the 
n^onkcf'ft hcod A iM^e. 

So tkr from ray fr^ead at Kerwlcb t 
to which [ nayadd, that tbm b I 
cnrioui al|D atWldford, MArCbebni* 
ford, wbich I have fcaovv abuvr fifty 
yeara— il k ratted Ihe Sfimf IPomm. 

* In Mr. Dawina Tnmre^s ladei to 
the ltbB<nil«oiof hli eofrt «if DbmclWhl'a 

liiiUtTj of Nfflblk. fpiffBtelr printrd,} 
Sto. 1>*4I, wc Cnd two mmtm^ mcn- 
livaod, OH of UiB lua «l SdsU, and tb4 
otbiT vt itt Bk^, w\ik AncnvUM aM 

oeaucfarBi,bocbbyP««u]rf >'-*<>< The 
pkta «f tba Sli<B i« D0|btd in « ^mM 

QiiarloiiacH byC^ Hftll, pcabaUyfM'OMof 
to* Mjioiinoi. Knit. 

f 7>m, fmto Ih* *\mf aT lb* Ceewv, 
efiptan lo be of Um dne of Uccry Vll. 
or Vlir Tkii ladrat ro^ ladn U 
iiill oommrQ u K&inD-nfa in eDAecTxa> 

; 1Vfiv*iiaodtvaNMk»«nLoadoa, 


Bit^cp HwnTt Lit^raiy l^iarcd^r tUfaniM, 


wwiup without « h«c<l, with tht 
«rO(ci» /brl« floBnr, Soox say it u 
TAlfoded fcr Anne fiolo^ d i bci ah* U 
r^prcttntA) »Jtli tight nktv»t wilh 
littic ri(&«i u tht etboin, imall wtlit, 
Icfr in tb« dm* of tbv iim« of Gcctrp; 
lin Tbt Uaditioo of iht place u* 

that the la->dl»rd of Lhc pobbc-howt 

Signi. «bich at ilio pfcwat ^kf 
ktt ttMfiatd to Uoft aiuJ pitUic-j 

it%i%fttntn. A quDtitAoa from"Pu~- 
^uir/0 Nk^t-Cap," J6l}. in illuatia* 

* Pint tbm U mtiKlRr IW^r At Ihf fi^If , 
A tmnea-dnpcr kd^ « wealth; mm i 
TWn n.4ali)t THofiw UiM 40(h aCocUofi icQ | 
And Gr^rge the srocAr at th« Prfldf .pan t 

Aad mtkur Tkata^t the «oolea>df»ptri 
And ntaiftrr S^hmon ihe leather- ecnaer ; 
And iMitU' J^VmA^ j* jpjiaKbiili ut tW ttoM ^ 
And ndiUr PAitltp mixh Qa fitry no«f. 

And maisicr Jlfi/^« (be mcrnr at the Harrev ; 
And miitc: AicAc ihn itik«.nmii it j* Plow ; 
And BilhMer CA/f* th^ tultrr ai the Sptrraw ; 
And juiattr IhtJtv the tintntr »L the Cov ; 

A*J AfftTf tiabcrdJiLhcr nl th» Horoe | 
And tMivtr tj** cjjjr at iLc Thorn«; 
AbJ Strwr^ b»rb«r-«mvooB at tW Fiddle 4 
A>d Af««N nefchuiallor at t^ Needle." 
Tonn, ftc. 

FA. R. 

IT U Diilv withio thr»e few day*, 
thai Dr. C>i>]y'a " Pttnooal HUtory af 
Ctorge tlu Fdurtb/' now in ita »cc«&d 
cdllbOf bu foJUn i[i(i> luy bandi. 
la the lint x^ame of thai abit? aofl 
iotCftatiiLf work, vrrtlea fcr ih« n . 
pretta corprM* of mcsln; a du- 
tiDgui^cd fhfenLcIcr front □DB«>lttd 
obloquy. It wu with |}aiu that J read 
tlie rolle«ing pafagrnph, rtftniaa to 
the nppoioiCMcni of BUIiop llurd to 
iha oib« of Prcoeplor to Um Rural 

'- lliud vu a aan of frtUe chmuler, 

bnt of tchotirtlup ■■ffidcnt fcr ch« 

, pyrpiiOi lie hid nJiU/ibvledHitk lohia 

. leqfttalija, but hoiic 6«rinon«,haii{ >uc« 

iwed tvitj ; anil boAls; ^^ (ciuroJ 

> AttrMvr*. Iml vive Utten on Chivalryi 

< e^feSy aopfrxded by rW n»n1t«f dl»- 

' ^(ifaJlipo of oar tnt*' It Ind b«rn hb 

' iartune tn carlr Ufa to iue*i mttU Wv- 

lurtVAp Knd ta br bam* up iMo puhUriry 

I hr ihe ■trenftSi «f that forcible b«t uiuily 

' Md iHuuhuloal aAftd. Qtt Tlud h^ 

tai«tlcv InrllnaUan mi inrre far d« 

rffum i^r thf hUnttc ftlvtn tferWtloa 

li<-t'P|Hil, ««il kfl lanliQf 

. H pirr liklolnktv whtJi. to 

A luiu n(~ UleaUt h 4 dfralittiun of hb 

p«bb« datf, biM, la M nui vtttiaUied 

iCifaut hit nature Into fame, u itflkyt if 
net wbdom.^ (VoL h p. t9, £^ 

New, though I am, by prii>dple, re- 
■tTBtavd IVoia Lndul^bng in the &cr1* 
iiKHiiotife Btylc of fontroTwnytoo ofttD 
adopted by wubtixtonaod hi* frienda : 
and thou^ it would ill become loe to 
■ptfth otberwi** than with r«»p«ct aad 
defennce of the ebqueot and hiffhljr- 
giftcd ftuthcf of the paxaiEraph, 1 JVC 
f<vl that I bftvr ft duly to diiHharge to 
the (libpartctd Rwrnory of a ilii- 
tingviihfd rrUlive ; and m thi«¥iew, 
adop<Itt|} !-)(- (Irvly'4 ii^ii iMioctptt in 
writiog Lhr PeriiOQcU iliitory« I moat 
hff hia lofbruan^e, tad :hai of your 
tvadera, for a few rtmkuka oa the 

I would aMeit. then, in geotral, that 
the rcprtttcotoliOQ gi\«fli io ti doe* 
«i)uft] injqiiJcetotbccharaeter.taJflQtt, 
auJ writioEs ofBi%lJE>[i Hnrti, lie im 
lint called " amao cJ ktbk <hanuter«" 

lie ccfWalj d>d not Liihr;kt froB 
nature a tratm icmperaincat ; bol the 
ciwJiKM aifed cautk»n mulcta^ from 

thr ufififiHlv coffqtdutioi)^ biuI vhkh 
hr 1 n.ii 

til I I. 

Df- I *ii • cciMufi^f *.i II TH i.tlia 
cinractvr, be it tvmembeicd, ol out 


Biittap thrttt lAtcrary Chorocitr deftnde^^ 

who "lov»d bim floi"> WW, lh« he 
Vtt A coU. torrtf-T fmflAMm, etch 
word \*'\D^ il«igQ«il «* eoifibaUc- 
\jid tkil«, »ith th« KttovraiKv to h« 
ouido for tkfl pen of to caeay, I ftdnit 
to b* oa iho wliolt not on onfiU i^ 

iklp KiQfccieot for tbe purpote/' tnigbt 
] uitak Iwr* b«PU Hp&rrJ id «fw«liJD£ 

of A (djolar of die tnincnt liodtiroftb, 
knd ft FHlow of Kvownixl, tlrc«df 
raiMd. in ptttK •X kabt, by bb mtvita 
u ft tcltoUr lo tbr fricmbthtp of LotiD 
Mftwfidtl ftAd Chirks Yorke. » well 

a* Ci> tic hcttd of hu piofcwoo." 

It U »e£t ftud, ttut " bt bjtd con* 
iHbattd liEtl« to hi» pfofistion, but 
mat St^fttOiw long i»inc«pue«d4V(Ay." 
H» palptt cntopiMilkMt ooatiat of 
tbrM rotenm of Scmoca, pm^btd ftl 
Liiioolo'* loo to Ihe coDr>e of bU dulf 

U tV««cl»tr { asd Iwo votamn of 
I.cct«tri on ibe Pfophectci, pfcochcd 
M l)i« l^rtufc fouoOfitl tlirrs by 
Ru^l* W&rbarton. U by l3i«*v 
Sttra>oo« btvloft " pmutd dipof,*' be 
meaotr tuprfaeiled oo booL^ellen* 
ecpUUtciiir by Ihc iiiusdmi^Mi ur du- 

idtivft which the prnt U eooiir^uoUy 

C urine farlh. il miy bo ftdnittcil ; 
I if it be iutviidtd tb>l tb^^- Brs 
Wicl^lud friMVi tk# ilDiliMt of f>rr«riri> 
•f t**le toil judgmeiil, tt mtut b« 
poaAlUily dcoird. To Mch they •», 
a»d vlwBjfe *ill bv, koowxi. 'rhnto 
«bo fti« Auoilior with thcin, wiLt ac- 
koowlodfc huw accural* m pictotr of 

hii OWD ««topOBiUu*B b alfckrd«d by 
the BifhiJf 'ft cntJ(Hi« on IhoM uf bu 
gti^t fjw»i| Lof J Mmtfif Id, " onaTnot 
(Dcd HAkf, Uiwvng LQ Apt tfrms, kjtd 

the cltorat »«tbod." Nor titc hit 
LMtiir*« OB iVofihccy "jmmW a^jr," 
rrtci \ti Ui« fortDfr Miitr, bi'iiig Ibuud 
la the Eut« nf bnaJi« ncomfiif ndffil fiir 
4<ii»itT fttqdioU by the l«te Bkibop 
Hyder oot) rro^v^r Durtoo. h ii 
>iM*d. thai " br b*J (r>ntributfHl iin. 
lUif lu gcocroT lilcrttdfc, but kouk 

p*n«l#^ by Ibo Muili^r ifi*quiiition 
«f our tiiDV." Ift \l iioC 4ur;iriwi>c. 
ifafti «bik thi* abort approJa^ lolbv 

|UalM>M\ M,..iiiL'.Tl I'itiIiUgaI Dialogue* 

b «ii I I tktM DitUi^M 

kl H l^ 

t Conatrj. 

af LiobOcU 


tbriDOpWpt, Bor Ui ConrniciitAry and 
Nottft on Hoi>re'« Art Df l^Mrtry uid 
EpivtJe io AuguMui, vhould bc»o much 
KA hintfd v\} nlthoasb ihp forRifr 
miut over Mt ht* reputfttioo u ft prac- 
tkftl TDoraliic ftnd potlticiftn, m well 

U lW p^iatsicr of a lafibed fend Cftl- 

tit«icd Myle, on o htah «foi»niC«i 
UHl tb« Utter, ihuu^b Its bypothtftif 
u at prcjciit iD|i#rA4d«d, is tt« ctlU 
Kation of tooc, by tha; of Wivtftod, 
conuini ft i&iiM of ftcute ftnd Uitiful 
criliciaOj npportrd by ioaiid Khobr* 
ihip Dttd cxttiisitG re«etrcb,t ^Vltb 
t^ftrd Eo ih« laiddU p4nfrftf4i, be* 

£Lnt)iu^> " It liad hceo hkt foituiw/' 
&c. tt ma/ be obarrrtJ. thai it ■• 
hotdly Kroubd for stUftLtin^ rtroork, 
lluit ft tfpiHt K) r«triiti«Uy di(trrc»(fri>Ga 
WorbQFlon'B ibnaU gUdty htve pe- 

ytii^\\ from ft moru public »Tfttion to 
litCTftry reiiremcot. As for tb« cCko* 
rtu*ioii, " wbun Wftrbclrluii dtvd," 
&c. it oppoui, OQ ft rcfercoo? to date*, 
ibat ^^arbo^lnn*« dcftlh dtd itot like 
place till irr^rwLiCA Biibop tlnrd vai 
rithtfr titty, or upon the rtrst of it i 
and fturvly thr lootrTr eiay deserve ft 
bciu-t iLami; lliuEi " iil<*»ty indolence" 
which i<d a ItUhop> ICfW&fda tho dtf- 
cUueoflifc, lo withJrftw from otJier 
]mr"uiL>, lu ihfl morv a^'P"-'!'*"^^^ 

datich of hu fftllioc* Wkat hii own 
view* nil ihiJi tohjfct wrrr, fto mriy 
a« llw year \7Vj, whrn b< was but 
forty, euinol br biitl«r Ic^ld ibftu inbiii 
own clvgoat nod fei^liug woidi ad- 
drt««cd to h» rriend Mnion: 

" My yimiiffl- jmrt, iiidiroj, ba>c brcn 
vficnt in nuttiiic ovvir iho«c aiUbon vkkb 

t A bollfr proof oflbe Hbhep'trHlirtl 

JiBinruiiTtiif eftn liudJy be alAJM-dtil tLdu 
^y lliC fi^UoAioj; pt&s»jfr from hii ootpi 
oo ibc An <.7f pLKi-]y» fi wbk'li, with Ibc 
" pi^tii'tin iTjr i>f tftttc," bv fclrrw jiiid 
]»redietoJ ibc |)re*cat suteof oar Uiigua^v 
•flil ILl4Tr4<urp. 

"Wfac<u a Inn^^BfijV «« ourt tf Ihu tiuu» 
hath bfxii iiiirHi |>vkUahrd amleftrieboivHb 
prHccI iHO(!*b. *>1 4tylc U hIokmI «trry 
wiy, it u in ilu order of Ehin^ that the 
Mxi tcep fl)uoMI)eioat«ir*4M^^r«fJan. 
Pnr the umijUmty nf IniA Imf* rnidt-r 
thtvc rlrramiilaoen j^vi Liulpid ; tmnv . 
Uking frfffrr r44n f Ar tnf Dnul b« aimed 
M> and iSe tndfr'i Uufuid anitUte 
rufd by llr pnitnfalirnMaa amibMioiu 
rrfinrmf Ml. Au^t ibU in imlimcnr n* «vlt 

ai laikgiutfc/* iomn. Notra In Hur* 


RETUffsucTiTK Rbvikiw. — Dolafv't Primfrne. 


ObM, I wiD DOt <fiMirft t^l Cha podi d 
Mdmt w^ madtfahschcve lud (Mr 
fall ihar< ib myalEtfttmii. Bql ir)U««^o 
J«M« PM 10 well, vould lotwiik n* U) 
BAM iu«» of uj ]if« ill <Ik<« flovorj 
rrcbiu: wliicb lhi>uib fou nay vet 
iTAiidcr iu vllhoul offcacc, uid t^ nt^r 
w jDu vuder ift them «riik m |>ur« a 
ttlod nd to » nonl ji jiorpOM, tbn* 
i«cm> no <lcrenl prr1«w« tor me lo Ittwr 

n thprn MiiT ]i>*fi>r-''— /Xutr/dlfoii tfH 

Oa Cbe wbok, [ woatd venture to 
bOfCf ilUl i>b untbcr c*lUioa of tlit 

" P#rMinat HiMorr/* *«. Dr. Crnrjr* 
vith tW gPiMroiity proptr 10 Ilia 
country, ud Ift vrhici 1 ui^dentuid he 

Urgtlr ih«r««, wiM cftnrvl. cir til lM>t 

Id cotivpy fto flii|iiriutii( and fo 
uejmc *a impmaioA o? «n« wlion 
the bnt jotf^B ol DidrnJ fend Itinwy 
merit, bcvtb la hia own lud uacceedin^ 
tintn, hftTt Jv]iAbc«(> to ^i^r. 




John JtAynoMv. |6O0. </to<6«ry^ vvpH^. J0O6.) 
TRK nrslnal fMtlan nf iKU Poim tr>>cl tat lAf. irit. «t Mr Btadr^y'a ajiW. 
It 11 dedicated to tt« Ri;ht Hoiiounbl« Enne Sit^UAft, Lord of Aubj^n&y, 
ood oni; of tbc G«nitcn>en of hn MtjchU» Ucd-chamtM/, aod bfti A coo- 
nwudiLtory S^mAH by Abrabom Sarrcrr, gEiiircniui. 

The poem ii not uupkaiiagty wriu^n, with iich otciberiint dctciiptton* of 
oatuf«, ftnd ptatorAt tocoM, AjkJ lh« (TfltEliCaorspriae ; iMt vc mutt coaflbtt 
our quL>tatJc>u to the followlog Alo^nlar imiui^ofi of I)&nLel'« loUh^ar i& ibc 
Mcear vilb tliCKrere-di^cr: no nlluaba «bUrver being na(f« to tbr uhjciual. 
Htnlci WM printed in the >-cv 1004, and Mr. J. Uepofd* made bit " ^eotk 
ibeftTrtmal in t6o0. 

Ttua mta I 4o*n upon ibc carpet gnuw, 

Wbarv. aflET tbunJci!* ti> God tfbr tLal oar maii^* 
U« dU brfivis tha dhiwr time bo yaMftt 

WlEb nd dimunri but nttt m Ul did Mia. 
F«r in ki* bud be taofc tbo dead iniA*i «oill. 
The nhlcb d\i tntmt Co fill Us tlonadi f«lU 
He brbl ic mil in hb ilirfiiiecr hmd. 

Ai^ tDTB'd it lafl. anri ftCmA'd i< wlib the uher : 
Be mifed oa it, «»d oft demore^jr hitt'd, 

Ap h fatil liccTd the h^iil 9f bU gttn bn>lb«f -. 
Ofl Kr>ut[] h' hire H^be, but >om«lbiu irtoJ ^Inf. 
At knftb, half veoptag, lhet« nordt dU b« aaf . 
" lltli bnren icnU ttec ricrc joa ito tieboUe. 

Why nacbt kt ant hfln bfra on Emwor'* bead r 
Vboae «iaT<kom rirh «»e h«ap*d vitb miasj (old? 

ir U ««« to, aUe lb«t lo him i» dmd. 
tOa ntidre, rro«»T> hU dlcnlrtet and aD, 
Wbon daub took hJbn, a?l (b» Itoia bf » dM r^. 

^Khj Di%h| DDt Ibia ka Bm|T«3ai« licnd b4Vt beefte* 

Ailbo«<h aow hare irilh earth and enokcd n(e ? 
Perhi^ it vtc the head nf ttant ^tttX qurene, 

VLnwHaln ^o«Oit (hoiigU iiw tpuird villi nrth'i nfoF 
VtIIp if it ii*T« a> rkb a trruttra o«eoi 
Ni}w tk ni) DDdi EfUl reiiliiif S^wOf boM*. 
Sar thai it wtrv ihv bo«J ortooia grral Dn*« 

That wwelf •Barobl and pri'd iiul vvrry cbom i 
And that inTevlod e«ar day to ika^on 

Tha dm iiMfiacaian* nf 41 htU itf !•*«, 
AftI eomctWa lo cut otf hi« naffkbaai'i bold r 
W&f, II II -ere, hteutlA b u« M dc*L 

1842.] - Dclam^'t Primmwf. 49 

And might It not a U^i aomMiDiM joy e 
T hMn deekt and tnmm'd thia noir nlD-beaten face, 

With mui7 A trick Had nvw-foand pJeuurv toye ? 

Which if that doit ihe did behold her case, 
Altbough OD earth ah« vere for to rcoaaine, 
She voiUd not paint nor trimmB it np agalnO' 
Why mi^t not thia have b««a some lawyer's pate, 

77ie vmeh sometimea brib'd, baui*d, and tooka a fee, 
And lav exacted to thfl hi^est rate f 

Whj might not this he «ach a man ai he ? 
Yonr quirks, yonr quibleta, now, air, where he thej ? 
Now he ia matOt atid not a word can aay. 
Why might not Ihia haTe ganiishC forth some dame, 

WhoHfi lole delight vaa ia her dog and fanne ; 
Bar glovee aad maike to keep her from the aims 

Of Phtjehoa' heate, her banda or face to tanne? 
Perbapi tbi§ might in every sort agree 
To be the head of such a one as shee. 
Or why not thia some filthie pander alare, 

ThaCt broker like, his lonle doth set and aell, 
Might not hare dyed, and in an hoQeat grare 

After hia death gone thither for to dwell ? 
And 1 coine then, long after he were dead, 
And poTPhaae ao his filthy pander's head- 
Or sa; 'tirera thna — nomo three-chia^d fo^y danne. 

The which was ao^ that then a baud waa tam'dv 
And kept a home of wanton VeoDs* game, 

Untill auch time her chinaiea all wore bom'd i 
And then aome one, with Osliia% apice well aped, 
May dye of that, — and this may be her head. 
But O 1 ran on, 1 rnnna too far aitray, 

And prate and talko my wiCa qoita ont of doore. 
Say 't were a king, qnene, lord, or lady gay, 

A lawyer, miaion, paader, or a whore ; 
If it were noble, 't were not for me to crake on. 
If it were baae, it were loo vile to apeake on. 
But whatsoe'er it waa, no« 'tis but thia, 

A dead man'a acoLI. uaurped from hia grave ; 
Yet doo I make it atill my fonno^t diah ; 

For why ? 't ia all che comfort that I have. 
In that 1 may, when any dine with mee. 
Shew what they were, and eke what they ahalt bee. 

There ia ODe other ataaza towards the coDcloaioo of the poem^ which is ftlao 
tD Lmitation of a passage in the aame pUy, ld the Ghost's address to Hamlet. 

" fiat stay i methinka I >ee the Enrian lights 
Budding like roaea on the mominge'a browes ; 
The dniwaio Tapoura take their sable fiygbtea, 
And bright AnrorA dothe berselfe nahonau i 
The glow-wormc dim fear^s the approachtug sun. 
Wherefore farewell — fur 1 to apeak have done." 

Aa a further apeciniea of Ihe atyle^ we shall give one more flpiccimeii from 
thia rare poenit being Che deacriptioa of a hunt- 

Aurora'a flpring, that Hpea the golden mornea, 

No Hooncr pried on the moanEainea topa, 
Bnt that the huotsmen winded out tbeir homea, 

Calling the dogs into a grovie cnp^. 
1 foUon'd on -, at length there did appeare, 
RonsM from the wood, a lusCie fallow desre. 
GiWT. Mae. VouXVIL H 


Uethovpkctivb Kkvikw. 
Tbii hound* poriu'd, tbr huaUufTii'i nchAiag iK-ita 

Uoilnll'd of horbr, *canv Kttb * hunltmrnn** in>ie<^ 

T fulloncd itUl, to »r< Iluc nowU tbbig. 
'Twrre loir m nK, Tiiy«t« likv lo raoat It, 
But th«t ibe hanUiDrn knd tboimiitdi did T^iMnt tl- 

Tlie tdcTfd bart vilh uam botartiv Li* ttie, 
Tb0 F)i$rT do;i d'd liKbl^J fOMf* thrfroundfl; 

A PaJuoit bncb «i4> fnrmaal ia lb« tib«c«. 
For 4he dy hlilc ibc other cne of boaaiAc*. 

Wlikb tiDtrd lie b»l to icud virt nioLblc bnllt 

O* billt tn J dft^p*. on cr«^i« Srw-bt hpJ A'Idl. 

TboD did be U]\ inlo a Leiji of dtere, 
llipn t> tlifi tiiiliT, ibm til tbr hnird tgtihe, 

Tlirs o'lr (be iDOOQUin*, (hen iuio a (OniEi^. 
And fttl lliu while U)e bmiadtv ki^ uot • chtclff 
Unt iFllt 4ij tfYnir ffk tjiV# hf^ by lliv h^ctlt^. 
And fomxot ttill tbaC fiiirv IihIiad lioaadr, 

IIm: wbtcb we Cbooghr to be of f^p«rtiA fcbide^ 
Of nil i\tt r«t the *t«m d In ^mb^r j^roand*, 

Kuf she dH run fti wifl m anr mtid* i 
Vbkh rttit d Dir -Irn in '* nrcit to Ule bfH hotscif 
And bA lA |i(»t Ilimugii bmrnblriL, brirn, ^nd thomt*. 
Hie liudfAKicn, £W to ie« ihelr iporl n cootl, 

Did vi»dt tfafir homts to loun^ up tbeir hwiadei* 
Til* lilli* (twr dill bftviA tc Hi* vood, 

Tb« dec* ^^1 LTjc did bop|)« ■ mrro«o bonvdct ; 
Sft <btt«o(nc liiBC* ibrj •cmaM bU luncbc l^nlapt 
Wklfh euiMcl him frobtk from Uuir tfipB U> vlqipft. 
0'« both uid brier Ibo do^i did feffiD« to m»kt him 

BouDce, lull, nnd tkipjir. mhen br iDuld MirccLy |4; 
1 fnllnv 1^*11, but could iLiil ottrbilui h:iti. 

Yet M I fr«iu« Uid moett hlui Ii9 »d fm. 
Htm In tbe f njtvt ih« bou&d«B did tir\^ A^iacv. 
Vith ]relpiag irofOM, m Ibot Hdenm rhue- 
Ihttt hem, Ili«n Ihm, IW coboinK wocd moundoJ, 

Of tboH »bntl no^i dJipUf'd nitb boroe* ud bounds; 
The nojK whereof iala tlkc fkre* rvbomd'd, 

TbroufboNt ibt bdb uid aU ibe daly ^c«nd* t 
Vr^kh r«ilcr rui, mjr Connua dc«jrt» Ut loUt 
Hie huftdaf mutickc did $o much «x«11- 
Tbeo for lo nieetc Ibc gnoiD t ncertr Tijr, 

I vajbi Mong h dale lard br i fountilAO ] 
WWreua«Li]e to drialic I thcriT did tTaj: 

Thea did I ciimbf Ibf tap o( yvodrr moantiUir, 
Whc(v 1 iiii|bt lien* «t Uq|c Ibe td)rj ^rviuid*, 
Rut could tvit bcnr tb* bunttiota bor Ibo boiiDdi- 
Then locking lovvdt thi> bitle t^idj ploln, 

t.lkfl n jOflog bunuuuii I beiin to cnll ; 
WWrM«i»etlMD^ o«e loftirtrfid iii« acting. 

Tbkt wein'd nj TOjrce in bl> for 1o instiEh 

tt Hfliclbinc ■Dgrv, <■!■« blou ibc ^rvutd, 

Bui then I Ukn> U *u in ecclioe'« mmiL 

Tbut bft<utj| loM th« *wrt 1 came lo lef, 

Aid fcuowicv not vrnta to m< the tame t^ttw, 

Mf nlale did with tay we«f7 Irg* icTTr 
llMOPVBri to CDt Iboros^h ih'u (ovm p[pi»iM. 

Tliu Uoiivf uff Ibe lft»(j rr^l ilrvr ^luw, 

Tl ««i my cbi»c« (o AaJ* iw* ia ftu pAioe, &f. 


J, M. 


wi Hf<vrttr. ifo. LmA^ Ifi4l. 

THIS kftodiodc tttlunw. prlnt*^ 

ni *6\\*A •X th* oi|f««w of Mr^ %\A- 

rfcj^ Ut ih« iafotmikikia of lh« Mrni- 

bcri oftho K^ibu'K^t Club, ouiiios 

^B etvAl lUftJ o/tntM|UferUa iDfurciiitiun, 

rbieb JlUnucb tobrrei^rettHldidaoc 

Bftd i\% wfty LDto Ihe rofU thioijtb 

Iftnfic tiSti cVnoiicl. W*H piininJ. 

%t\\ ediuJ, vrlJ h.iQfid. "fich viEb 

LBQiU oftiiw/' ajiJ tho)eflpo4ls 

^ Jktoj tOf<J»yfi» monhr to be lim^ 

but Ttfptx Ihfti it wu Acjt gjTrn to rhc 
public icitu-tfd oX to B cttUrtr, io Ui« 
V04U lOiE'fta or to « club^ Whco 
tw^ai^or thirty gcntlcrnfe ktve ili« 
bMj Uutc to &uo(JMic i4|:*ibex U ofdcr 

to [«(«t bw>kt wbich Ihfr fBft^Bicrdjr 
pmcQl Ui oA« BDolhrf, rt i« to be 
^ItgfvttnJ iW tLnr t^iK d^rt i>ot tfM 
f>4 ihcos Ut pi^ucc vultittrs of eucb 
, kind lliBlthHr ttarldm^j-ctnftothins 
4bout ilviD, Tnit liu ol^rp br«n W%t 

»or< «o«ttilfu ihATi » >tn<^ from whwh 
tbtftfl kirdlf l>;blioinjiaitu barv drtfvrd 

Jirtl; tiat rb/ prr«T»l ii an »c«f>tLOD, 
T bctnce Ihrte nyreU, 
TUr b->ot js ilivi^Lblf into three p*rl», 
»" ■ *vdwiibcc ThD ijMt c>jn»«t« 

I rhr Hr>^Bfbo4d Bi|ivntci of 
pipu. L-ouQ'^s of lxicrȣii (hiriug 

pribcyrtr l^GV. Uil>' woa 

llifd ^Utfhttf of Ktnj; Ji>bii. tuj 
mr* of tb« tclcbWid Svuun d« Mont- 
^rt< »ijd ibt limr to ^itich the Roll 
ri^tftUK compriirt a ic'r^l p«ft o/ the 
^iff ptri'^i ofbrt buibtnd* cialtAtMiii 
'.o tbc liigfvc*! rMk m Ue fciiiiUbni. 
10^lhc4 writb tKftl olbii ifowfiLill jtiJ 
it«aib. At t^ Oper^in^ 1/ the U'WI 
tbv Cu^nteu 1« m Wa^lLiigT~(ifd,«fi bur 
my In Odib^m ChUpT, una of hv* 
tiub«tid'i ■irixirl'<"ldf> 71)cre tlic 
livri tfi BlprHt ;- III 'ur, rfiE*r- 

it (tti.k ■■ 

. lUu: t lii^ il'iJ 

RIelrtnl. KiAg i>f U^e SoDan», bef 
broiheti, Old ibe b«u ipf ureEit. Criacv 
Kd««rd. b-r n*fibffW. icric alt her 
buibat<:'* rvriiai«n« 1 tbc w buk i>ow« 
cf the kirgd/tm W4» in hii hioda, an<t 
t^e tid-ofiilUf«t»ii in tb4 c-»i4lHu1ton 
aad jovtiornrut wdftfluvringrBatuDdtr 
Lis dirMiion, Afrtr a fc« noDihatb* 

CL0<Tcr»t H tb4* tUt« uf tbinici which 
\l pfe«e(iCi at it* teriuiDattoD. The 
SuTviui^n «>N KKkiu *l libcflf and 
ff-^ci^ In bit rightful poiittoi], th« 
r«vl Karl li«d faltto upon the bcid of 
£¥e«b4in, iiud the widowed C'oualPaa 
«&4 'm (bi> |tA'iii iif ififking saftlr fur 
Le/Mlfindber children io eiiU- bach 
It an outlm* of the c%vott affftling Ihf 
CouDtCH cf Lcicntvr vb'irb Jt4ljn- 
jtuiahed tbv yt^ UA5; nnd, ftltbougll 
iberr afTfvwdhrr<tbi?tortcahDCidoal* 

■CDnr<t«.l m ihr Roll now puUife1i«d. it 

aboutida in rolrif»wh)char« indirectly 
tl|u«[iali4Y of [be pending cbfin|ci lu 
thu1>bc air«ii»i and of tht d"JfrDfaU of 
bvr bop<« aitd forlane. 

■•On Ibo I7(h March/' rpmafV* ibn 
Editor, " Prinn Ednmrd «i^ llcnrv of 

Ornnnni vabiv froin WtUibsfi^rJ (0 Oil* 
bam, io tbr coanpftuy» or lathrt cuitodt, of 
Utnrr dc ajootb>rt. Tl^et irttai 10 V>v« 
TT;pwr«l Ibkthrr Io mw\i\ Thr ntTninf tit 

thr Earl of Leioef(«r, wbo i* at ca peeled, 
aud arrltcd on Lha l^lh. Tbflr rrUnue 
▼ai <oniiElm!ilr. fur tbmnmbirof borifa 
In tbr Caitlr KtAU» *aiiihcin»ed. If llu^f 
(vokilijc, frum 44 Ic IT-; uad titer tliQ 
lUrl rrorb^'l Oitiluni ibc number ro>e 
fnniii:^to 1.14," (P.urii.) " Ou tha 
llllmf April, i]i«CfuUc4«fvi«i£blbuB- 
drvd paaprn, ivbo contunifd, inttr aflfl. 
l^rra (]oirKra of bread and • lun of rider.'' 
(P. uiiii,) 

Nr>w mark the cootrait- 

"Itvat tfi ibcciraincoftheS^lbMaf 
IbJtt IVifice E4«>tfd nmiifd from bti voj- 
Inlj tt lffrcfi>rd> Ou lliv lit Jvoo . > tha 
('ouiitnt' Irll < hllbaflii, and Um^'elkd daring 
Ihr? lUjEbl Io rorrhciliar, uidtr lb« goidancn 
of n*^T>f. tirr |i«tf^«r or «li*pfaird - h . . , 
M I'i>r< hr^trr tilt (*ui Ali^« rvintiufd UAtU 
luc Ijfcb of June, and Cbf* proceeded to 
Uninbtr Cr««l|F. hwwty of Chii^lmUr, 
vhrr? ihe diard' From lbeti«ie to \Vd- 

Ifeiri^tVIl UU (be Utll ^ to M'ilM:^«lK9, 

rankl be provctlttiiv- tli^ wi rk uf in 
HunUr, " vrill itrobab*r hccwtcr bf 

tbrmigk Bita^ on EiutdAT tlw Hfh, Md 
■TTTivdal Ui;t«roq1h«fQJIn«l&f Mondff. 

crcni» tr^ bt>P friTn iii4-lr ^n ff "^ hflilC' 
I Modi boriH ftnil t^fttti vf *« t'onxtit«il ml 
t-kim fortlii^c«riidc«DfbtTL'trbiuCii«i»d 

' AruiijicI ImtmdiwiaL aoiU d%T boi>f«> tl>c 
» iVior orncbAdd teat « bwknffjr, wbirh 
tc ndpdfii by B d«B<ir|» Slid 9 barvr bc- 
' lofiginc t> thf] l^or of So«tb<ric% arrvc^ 
Hiniiif Ihii f'lJU'nlot'B IsJIof- Her [vtiHti« 
Alto^Wr rt^oirM H-l horKTi, Elial ^i^iiiy 
Ibn fmmbtr |vrixf4c<1 for at Brambcr; and 
br^ilr* Ihtk « pijrtion t£ bir btfwv, ur 
■bArneaB.* «> u xEtimuoil bj iMta Dui«r« 

Oo ihe 4llj of AuguAt LeicMtrr 

00 ihc I5ih fc Ittter wna rttnwd by 
the Conntfiht froai Pfiorc Kilfraul ; 
by tlif frid of Ibc awclb ihi: br^aK to 
he iti want nf iTrOTijlonji, but ih* ■ieffc 
or KmilwDrtb Jttayvtl tii« aitv^ncf of 
tlie ti^ii>ri<-rafe ff>v*liii3. toO ah* Ilo- 
g*r«il at DuviT until Ihu munih nf 
October, tvbtfi the fijta'Iy dcpftil^fof 

'Htc JorumrnU tfOdUlAfd in the 
t^coad part cf thia TOlumc w* of 
tc^ud, »ucl, in (i>iDT rT9pt<t4> pcfb«pfl, 

of Ertater inifmt tKfti» tt* H>>u»b4iil 

by tb? Einutorv <y t-^lran^r. cunvjit of 
ifilwaM L"anr1 furniih many parlUu- 
Uis ri'ipfctine; Ibe ereclion of Ihc 
tclctralfd Cft»AFi raided in Tiriom 
pari* orrh> Liiif^iUiii To rAmm«mAnl4> 
that ilkurioui laJr. 'IlKif arc tbc 
KoMi oul ol whhcU the Kff. JoAOjih 
Uuneor dtHvcd tbo mftiGrials Tit a 
[iftptr opoij Qu««Ti RiL-anar'i Ci^v*s^ 
ttad before tbc ik^i«ty of AalttjanHfi 

during tbc Laat mbjoq, bnd firiAted in 

tbf IM pnbtUbcd portion of thr Atcb^c- 
ologia. Upon on* poloi. aod th»i ont 

or coE)«ldenbk iiitrrv<t,lbrre UadtvU 
lion of opinion bttwtrA Mr. floitier 
ubJ the y,i\\Ur of tbe ptrMM valnine, 
wbkb i> irofihy of oturrVAiiaa, «ni| 
whifh %T boiirc from a di*«irv Vo tec 
the |H-]pjr fVur^ii «p, Jt rrUlo loibt 
cour' sGulpi^ur ti> Abccn w« 

arr tfiu btrAtilLfi;! effigy i>f 

Qo- . a]»tD h<r tomb ta 

Vki.' ■ ii:T. l^iJs rffigy Lu 

bfvr . woik 

*f « . . <ir tbe 

poiDU m J^j, UuiUcripa(X£moit|ri* 

no. Tlie 

-1 uitrt- 
. tTiat 

Edilor ■ . 

VOmT oW'M-i! 

ln>w rri'Ally <■' 

art duimj^ i\u- 

rt\. ibt artiM oi -^ 

lion. «rn> pr^bAbly .■>-. -h ,.,.>---'. jl^wi, 
bet til lialUb. 111? aiiivci ^e bk« 
concljiion tbua. We coatendi« frcM 
ihc iitmilafity i?f Atrip, that tl-e cSgin 

»f Ifcory 111. and El'vn>r wcr« d»- 
h^Cii^ ^ tif Mnio |>«rM>n ^ And tlicn, 
hftvifie ntMS an optnlnn of Ktatmar, 
lb*l tbctc erkhfaied figures " par Ulk« 
of tbc chancier and v:nioc rMUttmUrly 
cu1iiiatr4 in ttwa^^Mvl oTnsnao," be 
procttnU Ibm,^ 

"Tl'ji lUkll« n<r«rprtntfdHf0rwl.ital 
thf d^-iifwr bf rtr cfififA uf 1Tlr4>r>r lar 
WHrmlniCfr UlI Lmeola «■ ^; ■?« 

■ Vnb«iAT4nl/<i c'hiv' ' "w 

man»fr la nhkb vr 5iH - ' 

8paiiidk ninim *ri4ira h: 
jiUlirin iLr |irif»fiufrti'>n ||: ' i. j < 

WW *rbm'il/aidi^iit>kc m^ikn lul-ui. 

It It not 4»]>r44iUfl <hnl Ii4- OAf kttfi Ihsb 

idtoikal ittlbMuUT WitlUai^tbr Hotw* 
liac p«k4er, «b» , , - vm cmiioied try 

Hmrt til. t*wAfd« ilia Ihif - -:^ f kia 

rn^ . ibis *onld not int li^e 

nipfiwlUftn tlint be KB* 4 ^ , i ^ uto 

He further blvvri tlial Torvl vtaa at 
tbr ijiEtsc time rfigaged u^>n n •UtU0 
of* KiO| 01 vtvW iifla|>qn fbalcifQmofO 
tlUaiKir^ and bath brand ^t^. Ifuotaf 
«(re« thxt the »taiu« of a Kiof waa 
that of iTcDf^ IIL Wc ahulj iooL ^iUk 
BO«no ctaiKiiily for fitrttfrr evid^ncv 
upOG th^i potuf, %-\\k\{ He bavc no 
i1mi1>; will ^ dbctJVtied ; oad 1q tf»e 
mran true, tW it< car do i« to direet 
inquIrcM to th# eairk) on tbe Rolb 
uovt pubU«Lcd> 

7^ ibitd mtx i>f t hf vnlDm* eoatala* 
two b<H>4a of accounts of .'"'"■^■-- Find 
iDcioofaadtt of ^itr J- id, 

afl#rvard» tli» DoV# of ' i£»* 

nign of RtcUard ttt,, a ti« 

lb- UlU of "Jo<t > '..r 

Tbea* ar<^>irti* c to 

UTJ. ThfT an ivO 

M$> booba, one U iLv pukMu-oa of 



h« l>iikr oi NorfnlL, ntA the Otbrf ol 

lUMiUBcaTJ q/ £f wp/- 


bumbm prtDl for «bow Sfii not for 

UK ; but, vitli itut «lCfrptl<n, ft U « 


[ 11 U4'ti:ii j«u*'Lj 
r.^mt. To fsakv 

\ft I' incona- 
jTij-ij III i^Lii-ttvcJi whicb 

tb' F : lu All GVCBt of *OB»P 

'•MylftA',— ^f*«r (htf moil 1(™|t rrtoBS- 

I Lkal 

■i^n I < I'l 

Wltl :ii . .r L. I 1 

UMainfifi '■ I I' I'l'jJ veil thill 

Tr hnvtf Liul T.^ y.irir ";!',[»(', wh^nvtf t 

■ afv, Abo.mrtoriL Ibi^cbfni 

. ia 4itita rbuHi viilLhi ^wblK. SiiloUi. 

I waA &M> «aI k«vc liAd tiounKniAtkti 

pf Ola n«rri>t*, to Icel tw Hit pPOpJcvf 

llw oottutiia wre dinpned, uid iu gool 

Mb Utej mw iSIiponed la the bcft vrUr. 

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HHii I- r— K'lLi 3] lUjr fit CMIoiri'i; Ll* * k^v , 

1^ llifl Knco o( God. ibu hatv juv, vj 
f^lil vrtvlaSgndlgtiJ, iu lilt hk»edB«r(- 

" Ai Wf n«b. tiij^ ddf of Ec9. 

i 4Mdriiiit to Lkc bi^vr of lbc<iv." (pp. 

f1i« MTAnsit WO linvn (tvcv of Ibe 
, cvoldOlH iif U1I1 vijj^itv- wiH. wt nto' 

kUiof 1h*t It WHB ijot ptiblinb^'d in 
oU«r nuuatr. It <4biiiU ma 

*• B ||fC«l iliJ-^ ^-K^^h TjOiA llu VftiuD T>r 

tfce bcuL. nod a ptoof tIJ4t Ihc Rot- 

k 11 ft verv 
f.f tthtcn 

Am 4p[^ to f Ac .^iafif BonVf «/ £■■• 

ifH 1/ .' 'ft. By tit^rir \L 

Crli' 11:1.-1, ^^.- 'WW ^'/«Jr*' Couul 

7EIK BU^MkalLlnof CgyiitaTcindeeU 
I* of l^v t/uth vf uur »TlL«et 
■h . ihrv wnfifin «t i-tcfv Tlep 
itic aiioaJi of th« fcuiiitD i*cv, anil 
-D'tu^iiftie aiid ilJnfltiBtf. in n di*|rr«e 
imtneolljr cmviccio^, 41 frcnarkiblo 
potliita of tb* record* of ih* Od Tfu* 
lancrit. Who tWn eui bfbull y'lXh 
t^ltiT, bdd unmiivrJ, the dcftlniction 
at hn vvotrable ii»cnoEn«nU, and of 
iboiv objctia which Uic liij.h?«t pro- 
pfilivb of humau iMHlKt h&i« bten 
callrd forth to illmtiaU and tip|&in# 

ITivildiiti^r to fkliiih t^K^t'^^ ielk« 
of the iuhi order Afe ripii*td, Ihirde- 
»tftctKiD ivhbth Ehc) Law aUeBily ^n- 
CDUDlcrrd, dor» iivdtvil npcrol ti> the 
•kUticiuui'fk uf KLJf1^pd, In m BriMiHAi: 
of tJI aatifiQft, lucKiCh ami ftneni^ by 
trf?y lacaafe 10 ifai^tr poAcr, dl}sf*>dft- 
u«oB AJ^d dM(i»c]iuit irfi hftfUiruuii 
•oi) w miibcfaitfToaa in their re^Blta. 
Tli« rtfpuUlTOu of MotiALniDcd Ah t» a 
tcQuvhEor of Egj'ptj mtitt r<oCi*o <un. 
»id»khlc Urmsu in llbt pjvMiit dttv, 
and nft iadeUble »Lua t» sit fpture 
tinwj frani ihr recL^eu Li-tue wbjch 
h« ha^ pcrniittrd to be mndr uf htr tv- 
oetable mortUETicats, 

■' No TOt« TnitB tbc loeib/' ny« our 
•ulhi>r, " ii bmlcil la wua ibr antbaoarr. 
ihaE jet a U»k * b df ^ And tudt wil J be t bi«nd 

-^HJiat ii bf tfud bis «Uc4|iilci in T«««Hfciv 
do mot ilcp forvnrd r>>r tho prTMrrtAlicrii 
of EKJptlnn iDuu'OiB'CfiU, in ■ very few 
frmrt trattUfn m^y M*e lli«ak^^-#4 thi^ 
iTOible of A jwcnwy Ixyood tJw jinvin'tU 
Of th« fbuiab tou! co"^''''"'"! "uto- 
D»i - _ , . UU rfcci bap' ' liU- 

tbor'*) fbrUe Toioe nay :< ^^ of 

tho<eH^ot«%«lbr|icnnr.nnJvLitt«iiiiL Lbc 
a<f/!. to tfttc tiff rcAk&iMni: vr>f ifi* <tt 4ii- 
tii|«ity fmm teirv^tlan, ihB( hnpeU the 
umlcrlo cuDc lar««n] Ia thfirbtfaAlf. IF 
the «ppt«] be l^rd, the ob^-cit i^ll ba 
gasati ; b«t in say ra*c the lotkor bv nr 
olMn kit KPcnciEbra of fOmuiWKw, juicI 

mtcri 4 ]ir«tei( «sitnfi iLe ««•« oni lt> 
BbcUon. Otkrri bavr had tbe p^lficA* 
lioa of MifH^aoj, dmrribifif, «ind pi. 
pooitdnf «biit tU «b»&Diiir«A« cf Kcypt 
Hirer M tbc |*rriuil uf Uicir ivpocUrc ti- 
■lU; bt bii the nuirv bubfa taic of re- 


RftviHv.*— GiMldoe't M^mmiuh 9/ Bfyfft. 

cofdtti; rM, vAtfr, mil irAjp |j4cy «rf 
M/." See ^ 5, 

Itau«ed by tbm protdguc to re- 
cord* of ■Dfkibiltttlou* w« follow o^t 
mthvr 10 thcdctaild of lUfnAlMtioo* 
«hkh, since the you IdOO. " Ktrv 
ft«fpt off ruifi*, luanunfntol r^n 
th«t hwl Atirvivrd tlic IVrtiani. \hv 
ChriMJin*. the Sbrn<>fr*.thoTiiri(f,to 
dii«p(ie4r UJirfrt the irivilinMy ml* of 
Ibt prcirat govt- r»^r/' 

Tk« nft'ift-iiva krU oai from tti« 6rtt 
catwactof lli« Nite &! Aunin, 8y^f. 
I'or Ibc more ready Irimporutiua of 
th« tpoiU from C^ptian rvinn, Mo- 
hAoam«it Alt liju rod^aiciurcd lo cut 

calUDicU &illi<rto, however, hia cngl- 
ncorloft kAi J>fCo uitbout kmccom; 
but tlie irnum* of ti ttn];>]« arc 
■ought fof m iaIq at die abt>ir place, 
itbkh WM tireoly yctia sjn^ Jn pir- 
tioJ prtaermtlon ; at Rtc^ih^ntiur, one 
itmple of Amuuoph lh« TluiJ, one of 
Alpiftafl^r, *an r*t AJeiLndcr ttiv 
Grvat, a ruin of prmiiOvc Cbriftliao 
cooitrurlion. n poilioo of another 
1einp]«, thf clumber' of the r^ltbtatnl 
Nikmeirf. Fia^e All Jiieppearrd ;-^and 

biiilJ a paUcc for Mt^liamme^ BtT, 
about ihp v^*'* 1^2^ ^n<l 1^2^- "^^ 
10 coiM*.ruct a ntilitorr culk^c brbw 
AaiKiii- butU »1jiiIj c^ifiixiufclbffti. 
»eUea. acconliiiK to oor atflinr, ik^tt 
in niinft. Al Edfoo, ApolloitofKilLB 
5Jagn-k, Hire lwi>iGiv|k]cti>f(lic l^oir- 
BiAft epoch, 

*' Id a ttati* of gfral prvivrnaiiiMii 
|liouj(Ii pnniiUr Ijurir*!! in AfxiK^uUtiiiriit 
«f rubhiab *mA ftaH'Inirot linck*. Tin- 
lupr t«tM|ric bto KLffend dUfUjr fi^m ibe 
koQOciuUi hut Df tbf othrr, Ibc l)ri£u>- 
uom or iDUOnm. all ihe luptntrue^ 
lurCi anl fomr of Die Imk' (torlivnt, Lave 
hRO ijtiflirKrI. tu i.vlln'1 uil« tultcrvU 

bfsAfic iJtf n^ttctlaU fur t oeanafdotorT 
ir^irfa m t^a bialt." I*. 41, 

Thicc irmp^Ts ox El Kaf (llkrao* 
ApolW) arr ntnlhroivn, nnd in ibrtr 
mcc reoibiai n acaltcreil biciiy v>&iU-. 
TJili bcnAlaTtOft vat foi fiecimg 
BiOiBC 'arcofita at Eir^. now that «p, 

aAil a q«af. 

'rite pAjflico al ^iM, \Al'*\icAi», 
^itLkIi (V* p I jidf vJ 04l b* Hi-'i* lui M-nt- 
l»a^ Ltd Ur Ih 

coOTfrttd inlu a i^oteiEmeot atorc- 
racvtn, TliP liiUo tcoipU At Centra 
L&tob haa not met ao Kood A fate i bol 
waa doiiroyed in I92H, 10 fuinUU 
•tooM for the baA»r#.iaaolkio«J '|ciiy 

atEuf. lVmt«tc»tia;te«pleat8J 
Sayr, ie the tiatki of bn^, baa 

Lbared 1^ samr ufiHappy irr+tfi^vnUa 
fate. Yfft Ibe flculuiirei oa the lut 
recortleilihe triumpiiAuf Liirc«to«^a 
Atmcnia, t\tnU/Jl»iapcc. nfld Meortlo- 
BIS. At 'n.ebM. tbe ravajcea eonnnJt- 
M 4]ne« 1936 Kfe frntful: Ibelombof 
IVlDuaniin^nopU Iia* U-cn talucil tad 
blowo \o arr>fii4 a« AatcJiAl* for litne ; 
cil Kun^. [Imt ptof j of R^ypltitt re- 
lics, Ihe fi>ree of gUiipuT.'iirr baa le- 
velled larfic anil innntfriTan |kortk>rMOf 
the £i)iAiilie |>ropTtcia, 

" Ortr Brtb'Jiryomnlitioa/'aTwy poor 
ooelui!c*Ji"Daajbe4ri"iT*Jftoau th* ovrr- 
tbrovi of tbc»e prnpylei*. fiinclyp Xhv up- 
poriunity it n0r>rArJ la Mom, E> Pfiuc, a 
grAilcmmt ID cicrj «f Ay quttiAvd r* laka 
adr«nUj[B of ibe Killjilueri tbU prcvi- 
outly lay hidito in wk pn>p7ku>tu re* 
vatA a4«e* an4 k«g«4(lftwbJch but Tur bim 
voulJ have t>o«« iott La blitovy aid acl- 
eace." K aw, 

Tbevr iliiKovnin ara Mid to b« In 
rnurve nf iiialiiirmlion, by tbe Eoftl 
5uci*ly of Uternliire. 

Tlip clrgiiit nrvpi Ion or gateway of 
tW irnipli^ nf IVmlerct bai bee« pat. 
t^ally d«trjypJ, Lut iJie demolitioo 
vai'Bin2>prTd ai the Juitabcv of the 
l^rrtirb 0<tti«u? Mi[»an(, unJ t]i« dila- 
pidatioiu tcpUccd by aomc mifermblo 
bttck walU. DEid Irofdittft mdred of 
tie ifiQOvatiog ip^rit of Mvhavmtd 
All tbe TC^etirralor, We pa^a n* 
pjjly over tlie remaining track wny of 
ikviutati^u. The Uuifile of Osifi*, 
biiilif^iy [> H. noj lUmftra Snoa- 
liU.kiLtirjrlvdoni'LilUbrd, binuppty fii»e 
for a|;'>tciiiii>Eal worL 1 elv9r at baad 
in A Piotinfun of luliee IJane-»Umf , «o 
thai this act i» rrndrrtJ dcubJy uaiiTqq 
Nod barbaruuv. At Khkicji'C'hcinrBl*, 
t^i ; in f>f lb* tim' (/ Tmj*ni 

iL stiv of tbf Unif>lc uf l'an« 

k< ^1 JK, »jiJi the frtcte of a portico 1 
the lombt wh^rb rutted nirjni; rhe 
ravnoUUi at tl;r back of Lirancfydla 
bavc all bcco miar^ for lime. 

" WUire," i%cUi '■ 1 : Tlon, •■*» 
Ikat iid^Arentr- 'inj-Uo' 


. at 



RcTttw.— rAiT Li^ Lmdm'Mmis. 


UtfiAiO, ^ be vCn bowl tlut be Jf- 
Mmod it, patting lli« ^rtbiai; loiafliei 
lo til vorfc i* \%^'>. t|« will >n T"« <i>U 
h> 4lra cc4m(imrt<l OmI tiiuiUiUiloti c/ 
tit tb* n^^u of %Wy\h AbnJ^ (Aoti- 

ilvUtlcrr of Ibf*i.i» r ^ 
Iftf Rb0dt« (JMOtvmmnr. 
nifb OBn of tb« Gmk ;^.. .,^..1. ui 
fai cha imolcr temti» rrti » diwtrublr* 

TwUib •ubftltenu br^nK lo d^fnar *^*f* 
ncr Ibirj ka^v U iatcFruJag to ui Kuro' 

fBtt,— of 1^ plIUii iirbcn-oiD wu limJ 
fW n«jno of Aktind'-T ^., -,.,,,. f»f ||,# 

portion lUjifdrfd >ty ::iilitan 

CohMiM, and M the ^u: ' ^jMli^fi 

bkb • {t*d(Uii liidtmbelUWivd. Uii lr»- 
C«aa«4 olwajri &o<r diAcvvfr tLo 

■ftcimlfictr ohoKll bt dcMnjoil by no- 
Uerm cnlttilloA! Tliot lh« stone* of % 
tou|kl« d«#lc«Ud lo the God of l»4Urr, 
■houU !><■ <atA En lh« frcftitm of h mcdrra 
In^Df , ilPdiratrd va tbe mBnuficinrv of 
«B trtUle ftarbi^m hi r^iril. if nal La Thfl 
lollir» of Molumvcdu imtitettor* ; lh«t 
ikacclaaim coi»«tiiUd by * Hidrua Ui 
IW MTirioe of rcli^o . liquid nuir upbuld 
« dBflllbrrj A>r niait But tbf«e oud buiq- 
ttf l m ««i»lliif ■DODuUcA tti rainiUtr To 
•U tWotf who knov E^jpt o«der Mo- 
LnvktdAJL'* r.A«. 

From the quinitft which «uppfi«d 
llu pyranUli «iEb nfonc. iiTmo4t cvrry 
OM of ite onrrofrnui Icgeactn nod la- 
bitU tit rrmorrd. At SjkkdrA. the 
lo«ib of r(«iDmctJcUB If. it rtdvcrd l<> 

% luin. At Cliu<-h thv lomb opfocJ 
byC«L Huu-uUVy^eiQ |A37.Udilfl- 
. pMMr^l, bjm] lU fttfitiu* orcA wo* d^ 
E aliDfnl W tilbC rti ihi? wiofrr ef 
IdlO-U HovJnour rrodcrv, kflrr ftll 
i>K»e cfaluU. fetl Tec tbe Btfcty oritic 
pj/amtils ttcR»«|tr*, tVtOi# <4«rAil 

torkt oTUfdvi tbf MtvAia of cantorice ? 
They >'X' **'Fre deitinnl for detiruc- 

lk>0j OS quar^im for aoiao of tbe iKihltc 

, tn>fk« of MobAomed ASi ; but the 

|PkW« 9UT'fyoT* npoftfd \\i%l rattr- 

Itf^alo coubJ be procrrvd cbi'^pcr «Ih- 

where I Thi tconona^^al coAtidfu- 

tion nIoih il Apfeon h^* p;»(ivtO the 

lAfl« of Mr. GtiLffon'* j«ia|ihlrt, lo 
CA4blc ibttn to ofipirriAte the o&lure 
a/ ita infoniLiticn, ajid it<> «*tl-limHl 
■pppAfkM* W dmwing the Uleniiou 
w 1 1 '^'JlcktovfirtiMihe nono- 

«i*ii' ; \ ^hUv j-rt i«fl»«con- 

lidfTftljIc nmnaat oflhtot exitu, Th« 
^tiik<^r*« «t}'U ia ipiriCcd, but U not 
ixcMiooally free fraia ubocutiiy* «4(l 
il lirr^FA ATI iiitlBtrd aflVriatiao, 

Wc mmts-'-ly [vopc (hat thtf cnoiiervft* 
TBUfl wt>ch heodtvcoua will be fullf 
tuppoil^ by our foviigD d^pffKnaiulB, 
and ibftt olb«r maictiuti vtWV be fuuad 
for ibcPacha'«nmd]«tLlknc«, wLoifii, 
and rail't^ul^r tban fltv clFatdrri by the 

moBttiAebti of Hin-pt't godJi *nd kiig a. 

71« LiSn- Iat4fttt«td9. Lt^r T<ih, or 
M* mei€Mt RfyiHer i>f tJkr CatJtt^nt 
a»^^l t/ Uttmd^f: fivm BiSS. m 
fi« i,t£irurin t^ Utpyart uni %/ Jmi9 

T^otfffiim sad rj]^iaw/«r3r A'of't. 
fij fUe Re*, W, J, Kc*», 3f.-f. 
y.S.A. H*fttfr </ f;4tK^, *y. iff. 
ll^mliUM for tkt Irtish MUS. 

TtlE So(!J«ly wbicb hat piuilucvd 
lb:t vo'umr, wa* net on fotrt in 1A37. 
•it Abtrgtvenay ; but vft« lontcuhal 

Hovcvfr, bfdili t I'ut of iDrichfra of 

hii;b rank aAti induvnce, tod y*v hopv 
sufficiently numcrum to effect inc 
nSj*ft« »f \U Iti^uUtlttjt, wbUK are 
denrribci] an tbose "of Irwucribing 
Hijil pnniiEgthc more tniportaQt oX th( 
bumvrwi tinpubliahcd fiardic aad 
Hittofical Rtmftinft of Wtl«/' 

*''thrr Libcr Lanctatrnfu, or Tbo Book 
of LlafiiUfl', in BQ nilnl brcivio H is ihv 
aDci«ol cbJvliiLiirj or KejEistfr Book oflbe 
Otbodral of L]jind4lf> skcrnin were r«. 
curbed mfiBoin of <(■ taora cmioeot 
PT«t*te>, Grmit^cf Eodoinnciil, and other 
inttraiiiniE isd importaiit puliciilan re* 
bttng to iha fhufeh and 1)io»»p, It Iim 
btcn alto failed JJ^fr Ti ib. cr 11i« Bnoli 
of TellOf bwaiii* the Dlocrx ■omttlmw 
«rDl by the nanif! of Tcilo, St Telia 
bcihic ^oc fit the noit fmiiifiit of Jlt 
Pirlato, bud *Ud broAOio jiiul of the 

maicrUU whrrcof It kai cotopi^ed, ivai 
rotilnaed ia a tlill urnre aonMit rr^fter 

ihnE twnt hf hiji iiBin*, to irbic^b it irttktii 
nfinnoc. and nbicb it |<robjibl^ topep- 
■ctl?d- llio coiDpLkr cd iheworklaubi 
<o \tntf brtD Galfnd or JtArv. bro^ar 
to Urlao ih« Iwt Bitlop g/ LUndoff 
^HuliuLn-sl Uicfcla/* 

ftiid 'ii u tuppc4ed to fcava b<«n con> 
tioatd until or«r the timt of n»iboi> 
UrCitn't dtaib, trhich occurred m 

Tbouih tbit compibtion hti newer 
been befcrt prioled, ic bu rtccircd 
comlaut allrDtiia iLrvu|(b«ut th* 


RvTtitw.^ TAr U^r Laudtnenth* 


itfTRo) or the national !ii*toriatii \d^ 

ihcii prioiieil iroska noc) tfrrii isnnu* 
tfripl rotlf<liorL«. Of nil thr*^ il-'ri. 
vftUvc Cfidrncf4 of iu valuf, 41 u^l 

original, botl ftbcjfnt ftod Borlrni. 

Ibv Editov hu rao6cYVd a Mm plot v 
ftccouAt ID biiv«ry fUtwrftte fn^ftcf. 
U appfiffrA from p. txulii. llut iwo 

copt». A[>t of vhk-h foiTa«rly bf longed 
to lite 6i-*liop« of [JaeibifT, anJ »nb- 
K^QCQily- to ^vMrOt* «i>d th« MCtfoi 
ofwhifh WAA tlso U the brrbivft of 
LUoiliff uolll tT90, tr« now both 

mlMon WM IrutUmcil. ttio Libfr tjin- 
dattom «ti »f]e of tbc mrlu which 
■^ifrd th* Hll*nti<4i of |W Coid- 
Cbminntn, nn4 Anciirin Own, mq. of 
Bpfn, DraMfMhirr, w«i osployM to 
MftLr ft CrHUi^riiit of llio HraiprTt MH. 
irbff4» be »cikTl]P covpktod, wLlk on 
Ba^lUli trsaitUiion *tf (bo WvUb buuuiln. 

01k ihr Jnih or W^Uluu IV. aaJ lb* b4e 
IuIciiJaJ tu Iff D1&1I0 of ihtf UiDMirifii 
Mkpirciiri]r j)b«nd«[i«il- Of the mA 
Rngtiab trtnaililion, with Iho \ind Mr- 
tnivlon uf I'Orl l^vng^tl*. ma h«t bv«o 
maile in vrittni; tltib vcAvior." 

file te\{ n-» focmtd, ill thi* fnt in- 
rtancT, from ihc MS. in the librutj i>f 
Jfnui (-i^U^-fff. O^roriL whrrp it ««• 
»r«raHy 1ijxfiicnb«dp onJ iU lArtgUoce 
crltJcally rinrUcil, by Mr. W, ll> 
BUrki lb* U(c \Xcv. Rk^ Rfvi, IVo- 
feuor til IjiisjivUr, atMl miitLof t>f ihf 
«xc«ll«ftl Bi^ay on tli« \\'*:[iU t^^lhiIh, 
dica tuKSnto»k (ho itOic^ of ^ilor, 
biitdicd,t vrbffi he bad doac notfauiB 
fttrlb^r thftn c(»mineiKO a corm' 
pOAd«*CV; tlic&<a1lt:aiaftwboha9iro"r 

wconfAahfd w t^nk Ihctt trwk it up, 
"ttidktidcrjng ii «» « kind of 1^30(7 
bcqambrd tu \um by bl» b«l<ircO 
n«pb0W, vih<i(o ttu^iri K-^rf M tniKh 
in tiQi»DQ *rilk hi* o*ft." 

* Tbb Tvry meieat •&<! ialu*blr doftf 
«M lo«i Id cio«i»fi(«riicc of iu bvin^ 
horifrtBtd hj Mr. VttarbaB ti \ic*f%rf, 

«•• bciBif iiiaaird 10 tW Bodlilm 

1^1-1 ^ !. It ij ivmafftMta I&4I 

iH ' vkiriiim 4ad pHtlcidiv* 

•ht J '-"' frdiiot, p- DtTi) 

i " V IMO, Ah • »6- 

DIOV <ft biit iu oar lut^ XII. fb IM- 


A colntbn with the Ucn^wrt MS. 
WAi mndc. Thv oiigmal text \% gircn 
witb 1 1 rat can* tuiH Nccvmcy, ac< 
compooinl b)' ainrgiaU TMialiouM and 
nneadAliont : anil Khtn follovra so 
Enf Ibh traiilaiioa, drvickd miocli4p* 
tfn, vt'tih nn am^mlrd fimi|c#ii»rtit, 
and iLldtrfttcd vrilh aoten, chiclly in 
elucidation uf the plam and prf^oo* 


" Xiary f£ llifr fnnta nvf^rvW invrv 
nadc to ^(. DiibHdot ud St. Tnlo, wl»a 
Uiry wvr* ^nibbLsbopEi, luJ ucncittd their 
jvtiJictiQiiu ovFr tnc vk»i« or rcratcr 
Hft «f &>iLih \V«l#i. wbwh iMlodcd l^ 
OioccM *f lit. P^vil'ii M wfill u that of 

Dgbrichii^ ^bow Wtlth none vai 
Dyfhg. did not hold lus vchicpitcopat 

iC« at Ufifidalf. bit at Cairlcoo. 81, 
Tcilo, on aaccrcdiptf 5l, Dftiid. {who 
died in 311,^ in Ui6 archiepi^copal 
di|;nity, cbo»c to contioof at LUndiBV 
oodappoiattd a>uff(a<*nfor Mcntm, 
cr S\, Davld'n, A Mn«» of svTcn uf 
cig,bL iiaiuc4, if-^r vie Itiiok lil-^'^tl^l 
and Arwjttlyl may beloo|; to tli« uum^ 
pcnao.) which have tw«D placed by 
Godwin Old liU follov<ra aa the 

■acivaiorm of Si. Toita, bafa b«r<n a«- 
ccriamed, by «iaiDinatfon of the wort 
tvforc ii», to hive been h\$ contnnpa- 

nrifla^aiad nffn^mu, nod an 90 ronied 
ia a cofurDllr cotapilcd ntiu of tb« 
Bi«hoptt of LUDdsf,; which li ap- 
IMrndcd to tbU ii>1itfac. Fcoio ihU 
circ^m^iaote Mf(iiriui«d cprtaia rtoixnt 
Bub»cqueiil]y urged l;y Ue Ui<ho|)« of 
LliioilaiT. uicf ibif r-C€ vt ^i. David'p, 
ood the fuvihcroAcc of which it U 
Ibouftbt luy bivo been nauch in thv 
^w of ilie atithoruf the LiyfrTdlo. 

^ttnt(4 of OfflVvya part «|ily in ihi* 

respect on »1v^wa Id tbe i'itficr«p<- 
It 11, 

Diahcti Uiboa, or Guifojct, iL* hk« 
lori»'« protbor and patron, wjb cmi* 
w<Ta1«d Btibop of Uflit'Jtfr IF f.'iQipf. 
hnrj, A«^. II, n ' ' \'AT 

of bib aff, To ul- 

nuibtrttton of ui hki 

diocese, and the ' of tta ro* 

Hvnup*. the Ulirr 'htlS^U 

Talo bt«r nEnpJ^ IJo b 

1 In Ihia n lod 1W < 


eilabrtfcd GodiHn ^ 


CaihPlqo ur rk«li 1 


ton, of ib#i CimU* ■. 

li to 


1^42.] Rtrtvvr.^Uttis b IllMroti^ t,J KUpeck CAmtk 

on hii foarlh Ji^qirticf to Ronw, In llic 

Ihu vvlumc lutt belli prodiiC«l in a 
na«n» wbkih it hijthtr hoai>ur«tjie lo 
tli« pAlriotlc «ff>irtji wbicU bai« bren 
■4ilf>iir<ir lbi>pur|>owi tothfSocvclf, 
U tht HiaI f}l&fCi lo Mr- lUvs, u| 
JuidoT#rY, the pfjnl«r, wb(>i« pro^. 

[uM»<hr'l ill La^v CInrloltv Ounl't 

vL<h w Adit VBU panrti at ii rrvin. 
laiit-rfr of Ihr 9«cU<)r, od tiar lOlh of 
lUwrb Um, " tocKpmt thr fCfA^it^^A' 
|bon tkv ffork hft* Alhrilcfl. ^v ih« 
I bvntov: Aid «ru41t4«D thfrfin ovidc«J, 
I «tll ■« bj Ihe <it«f» r«««src1i aai) 
'Mttfrttbttt HMthMl uMl fttvie oT tb< 

PM» IL and ifL 
INflurfDriKV) fvvjcw of thefifnt p«n 
■/ibb work, wc cfltlrftnxared lu ikaw 
th* Um cf diilinctioin between lOch 
psita of an rccff^Jaatiral <lvtt|[Q ai 
v«f« niArkcd by a irmbalk ■nd in- 
■Uvthr* <haj*tl«r, and thoM tniaor 
f«rtKia« or ttkv edifice vLcmn tfav 
Ca*ry ar \\t> rfto^r waa ^lliawtd raar* 

nage, uid wbkb <bcwtd ibelf doi 
iiftlrti)v«D*ly Lfl ■ JodicreoA auocitfton 
of Mlb^Mts I lomdJiDCa pofifning 
iMtata|[> i>bTlocift raoaxK ^"fl. nnt 
HXicomRvoalf, fv frc«n dvcfot, oilLfiv, 
ttirerel} £aa<irdl aud (rareitfjur. WIica 
«a author atCciDpta, like Mr^ Lcwh. 
to aeCfXiBt fcir th« cna«^ructifiD of 
t«*fy acvlpUrr, Biid r^vn iiiiniUlinic, 
by MiuRiing }\w uI^a ttini it wit> in' 
tvodcd to be 4 Bynbol, to contvy a 
■caaiag, llic only rnd cJ bb Inquiry ii 

to tbow bn« f^my it i« ta ilcp friua 

lb< MiMisc to tbc ridkoloui. The 
cburcb (rf Kjlpvd pos*et«n »nrinf< 
ftf 1I14 buiaaa f«dm 10 a miieb gnater 
«ftUttt thwj (he geoemhty uf NonuQ 
dkarcin: tb»c carriuiia appear u 
bav* |Rffecllf ■nrvtifinl tbrautbcf. 

Tbia«iitberudoi>rwaf ii aiiac odq)- 
|o»iiiob, aixlr liL^ tb» btmciurM oT 
(Jh iJiar cr lU'ifv llic Fira:, i» highly 
eairclu-1 . tT.^ column) wbjcli auitaia 
lie L -iM, bcirif wof Uij over 



with arnh#*q«M, #vhWnlly th* hM« 
itniiation tbe Mnlpter cotitrt proi^DCf 
of a iiioreeLau^nl detiin; vrlthio, tad 
mcircUd by the l«i>driU of ih* f<i|tt^ 
of AooortbicoEiiniav.tmia'omcfi.biT- 
iagjacleela.apMnTillyor «f>tnv <)uined 
matcriola, pjiij Urge trawacrf, iheir 
Iniiv* bound roandwrth a^^rdle, kudon 
ibctr btadi thr fhry^kao bonnfti and 
hohUii^ 111 ll»Lr Lkji^J* pomc kind of 
weapon. The orabriqtM* of the ror* 
rc*pi>niiin5C\>lurna coDtAiD birda. To 
ouffrUt^, ihi« duomay ap|Jrara CO W 
ft fin^ A;>ornn«n f>f I^mbardtf dteora- 
linn ; dnubtlf-i*. the worLman^Up of a 
futeignfr ffom J'Luk, or aome ovUer 
porliAn nr [(aU'. indtil|^ng in thr Tut* 
of his (im? for ^Qlctc^oc and eitro* 
ordinary arijJpi(ir<j>. Th« auihcr'i de- 
•eription of iW whnU dQOfway i* itio 
loiif and too tffdiAUf 10 eiftitiiflo 
throu|;hout: we wiLLonAncourMlTvo 
In Iheu two wen, '■ On the kfl part 
of tbe treoot pitltf aroMulptur^d two 
n^Miin anaoHrC^ibeupptrontcarry* 

ins a BiRd'. t\X a ct«f» f6iii, to dcK^g- 
nak the C'hafch in ita spiritual And 
faorat (Tflpte-iiy. and ttie bwer cne 
rmrtying a aijEnify tbe SU'e, 
—the <wrf ab^e to *he« they o« ii«d 
toother !" So that itie union of 
Cburcli and Statr is found to tM\ in 
tb* twd/th i^i-ntDtyl W* »#» no rra- 
lOD to anign onf Mtrli remoie cau«9 
for ihe ueof theie tlgur^n. beyoodihe 
»ai*>v finey «ibicb in nn<i#nt dvargn 
introdurrd aylph« nnd cupjdt, men 
and animulft, xttX and imar<^'y- 
Q;rowiD^ or pefpifij out af Ibc delknta 
fntwinjnK^ of the Irndiittiirii pfOl\j(«ly 
*niploypd in their nncimC ieMtf». 

TIiaiibffhcolplerKcif llic Ncir man pe- 
riod w«fa in tho habit of copytpj; from 
morcaocienticuTplurTf itotident.ffom 
the contbat beiwern Ihe bU^ittary and 
gnflin, whirb appeut on Daren th 
font, and Ihc eign>i of the Zodiac* 
pLibcr colletllvriT or tn poninov* wtitk 
»re f^i>nd on ncsrly ill Tli^ir draiffin. 
On thit doorway we can drv^ovef \**A 
and Piicef, among er-rtain iculptnroo 
of whifh Mr L«wi« conf*«KV« " h# 
haftnotyci aanrtainrd th« tneaninf(." 

Tbere are, howiTtr, «jme vrulpturea 
in the intvfvorof tbe chufch, to wbieh* 
a* far ai we ba^e been alilt (o dk' 
ro*er, ibc aulbor atracbfo no tymbo- 

l*C iwtuiing; aad, rndeedj tbe intra* 

Iboo uf Ibriai ifr on obvioui. that we 

iiDaginr the atmoot ttr«tch of faaey 


Rtvitw,— Leitt>'« Iih$fratiQiu c/ Kiipetic Ctvrc^. [Jan. 


will b« un«bU Eo tr«c« U thfoimnr 
occurtimeiil. Th*»« »«, itic figure* 
OB ibr jkinbi tt€ <bfl cfciiikcvl 4rcb, 

wbfrv, iji«util oT pilUn, arc ilirM tc* 
dulutirs OD MCh 4id«. placed oac 

VTtt the ullicr in « hollow mcntJinf : 

ihne figwM Appear to be Inlcndril fur 
n proceMiDttj one in th« bw^r iadje'i 
mnnirmlf Uirr^»K bolyimtvTipFinLU, 
Ut« carfrtpandini; nn« t (lalm bmtirh ; 
iht other four figuret ht^t pmcet- 
frtona] cmM*« In tli«1r riglit hAudi, 
Tho f<4t are tiftxr. ami the h»a<lr ^ft 
covcrtd w»th lkciod» ; tlie kiylc of 
•CEil^ilurr IB ru<tr, Uitf nittirfu ■!« much 

thi; fc««a^bia»cv ivuuld hait been bHII 
grfftter, '\f the ignomnrv of totno 
•Culptor, at tho br^iiininh; Af ibc ImI 
Cf-Qtury, had not rccut iheht-a'^B ofaJl 
iht %urva u[}ou Ihc liui-njimctt ciam- 
pk. vmI iu^b <rrt4iti ailfrnl^ucB 
■prhich have nvariy rt-ndurvd thtt object 
b-nnrU value! rsi. Tbe»cu1()(ur«ii[kiKiU 
vc'kp oir, bovcicr, uii&llrrtd, lUid 
highly «b1iixiI>1i< ffir ih^ir cc4lumr.and. 
'fi an tinhbntiiiiCT, arc much c1c<^^ 
vnb vbiicwmih. There caa be vi-ry hi- 
Lti* duubt ihat llrne bitrtftwttiHl Kiirl 
' hoodid ri;;urea rtprcscnt the Senedic- 
Itne monkfe belungittg tu the Cell which 
■ onc# vK»trd at KiJptrk^ and. ifa eon. 
IJvclurc of the nteunini; of the Kulp^ 
urttAbe ftJiowe^, ilmay D4>I be riopru' 
abt« that tht chuufvt wa« built by the 
Itficdictmei, and ihit lh« au lUtae* 
tijr rapnacat Ihe bretbieii in prucM- 
'oDi aaoiitifig at the euntecralimt uf 
_.« church- Thew icurpturef, by lie 
iid oHhis Bini(i^e »pUn*lion, Vill be 
blf(h1y tduAMe lt> ihr anll^u■^y . and 
tbry irr rurMUt aibirinf thn mo«t an- 
Dirnt vjiAnj|ilein KuTplureof mon&Uic 
oiiuiDF lA thi* e<»untry. 
^1i> rAfVf<U bl'tckt ufider lit* eorni^p 
of tbe naiT and ch«necl rfprctent hu' 
nun hi-fidi. n^d thofe '>f natmait, 
ipucb YQfif^ i but the grtaier p«U 
beihs de^tiiuce of any fttUrbute, w« 
con on^y ttUf>po»e lUe variety to bavc 
a^iiKiL fiiMH tbc iaiagiOiaiiiM uf iba 
<«iTrr. tertiie tndaad mutt tfaat fAUcy 
be wh-icb C4n And In thne head* a 
lyiMlltd lepitacntiiliiju of iht old and 
new Law. and which pfrfrcllyikaiisftta 
ItaHf, that twelve of ludi Kulpturrt Cy- 
flty the Tribe* of Uracil T1*e liu^y 
Lunb M norc than onee repetled. In 
UN tnttiDM tbc aaUutr fAi*Ukc« U loi 

% kor>e. and »app<MfA it to ti^tiAfv ibat 
lh« eomfnaod to prrach the uoipel 

•bovid l>r f^<<<lvt| swiflly f K'rv a^ain 

we CAc diicorer the »isoi yfnV* and 
Omiti; and i»erhap*vhe *culit(nr may 
have dv*t(siit<I the wholv twcUp ^^ivna 

on some other of the haadt of lbi> 

Wf? have m ioelmaliflo to follow 
the train nf in<|uiry further i we lh'u\V, 
tbc auEhi'jT hes 4ttnt much to injure 
the theory hv liat laki<ti up, in (bin rr- 
Caril fhlLlnfc into the ^aine error ai the 
InU Mr LmcelfvA, in h'm Heraldic 
Ofi^io of G ithtc Architectore, and Ibt 
Author nfihf< K^Lay in ItiritAgii'a Hi*, 
tory of the Temple Cburcb. 

\\t can(M>t Admire the aulh^r'a re* 
tttiratiooa ; and we rejoici that the 
pariah \m \eti the bell turret and 
porth oatoiKhed t the former rciaint 
it* a|»prtipriatr >itual^oa oo ihe we>4(rD 
gable, and tbe crobd vhuuld be plhccd 
abtjvo tbf aUar, and cat at the 

western eod, 'Hie pifch Ja anrieiit, 
nnd in itMlf CAnooicnf; i: htt, be- 
«id», lia uu in ^tii'ltriine the line 
Notmaa doorway: and if Sir. Lcwii 
tivrnt lo ihi* rilrnrt ftois l>iiraiu1iiK 
which be baa printed, be mil 5ad ibe 
porcb hm for higher oatotitttanh than 
wifh " imokiAg and drinkiQij;/' which 
he leeniA to Ibink it inu^t create m the 
mind of erer^ betolder. However 
th« porch may have htcu attrri^ by 
loiLeleiB improt«rs, it niay he re* 
■lored. but never abould be deitroyed. 
like the r«f*rd Itrohcr porch of ihr an- 
cicat chufth at Kiogtbury. MiddJeiev, 
which h»A rcc«oi]y hvtt\ reruoeed, 
wilhout any cauic wliaiwcr beiood 
mere caprice- TIy^ l»!U-turrH iut|[fa1 
cena'rnJy be imptoeed, bu: we mutt 
confcM we cev notldntf in it Like " a 
bec/.h'HiH ehimncyi" il it aueieal, 
aad ui>nucstiooahly o( ptad woikniait. 
feliip. Mr, l-cwiB annuuDc«B tl>e pub* 
liciLttoa of filiobden dmn^h. in ibeeaiw* 
couoty (HcrtfoidK Wetmithcwill 
linll ibe einberancc of bit faixy in 
the dewr>pii-^ik vf this ttFucliirt, ami 
give a laoro pUin aad coiamoei-Mose 
arvhitictoral de^rjption of bit pUtei, 
by which be wUI m-Ah iiiCfvoH their 
impuiiaDCp ia llic ryea of aotiquoriaf, 
■a ibr iatEi<£ uf a djawiAjt m dtvA d4- 
roLsbbcd l>y tlw nOcctiou ik^t it b 
noade noikr the ultsene* of a fonei/oA 



fWtav. •Hf«rtk U tw9 Zrc/irr«, ^* 
litvml ai S\ JUartr'p, 0»rf. Bf 

fin m ikmt C^iit^. i/c 144). 
TIK dajvct ef Ibv nibor m to (l«- 

ut mMictl '« C1imtJ«n Arcli-tr<ruft, 
hf the tii.>w1tJ£e erf which «rchtirclu- 

pnt luln Fuff tl^ipi are m fuUon*; 
"lit- lUit iFLCn^bnuld bFDO TrnlurM 
2jm1 ■ buiMiag whkti t,n not r><ct». 
ibr coavf II ttn<r, cootirQCiiov, m 
~ If. Sod, TUt Eir[ Drbva«nt 
lU romht of rujichmnii of il»r 
lft«nib«l cootUoctfOQ uJ th<buildi»i;:" 
■tU to" tkr riffle or tbc«ctfif>rulr*," 

•f tli« prpACDt tiiiK." In IfLith, lit* 
1001 IIkI ftU^Unc* ot Mr. Pu|jn'i 

p#tVferl tn BrehrlKlur* a4in*i«f v olbtr 
BCitiKt- " Jn pun- ■icLiUttUTC tbe 
•MdJtttt <Sf fail ihuuM Aai^ff « »r4Hfay,or 

tM>r> hHlfvAouM rnry vri/A /If mAfn-iaX 
tm^yni; Ukd Uic iI«il^d» «lkiio|J be 
A4ft|«1nl \a 1^ »&lr7ia] in ■tli'cli ibcj 
an «c<ui*<i."' Tht ajiplic«h»n of tkie 
f«iT|4iA| ivIm to lb« |ioint«l ttvic by 

tkt Mkn-r i» imI »oic IktIij iI.aiV ju>i. 
"'SUaQXtAA r- oil}- Bpiiur al (jr^i aJitht, 

fine prn/ ^riacfi/M A«cV Ari^Jh Twrriri 
wfi: »d 1 fthall b« iblt U UluiUnie 
tUm from Ike *Air c«!h*dfal io tb4 

T^ ' ' ■''1'' ciliibju in titoAg to*i. 
Ir>i' icLioo.Afcoj'Jtui; tu t^ 

p-«"t; f '. Uii uid down, tetwccu 

tl*t*i< ikKl f^i»aTijd urttijlvcturv, by 

prvdtuini; f^nibU ftiiil appropfUvc 
conpantDAs betvcco Tirioih r^MAUal 
|«ru of Mruciurf« 4c»ignid in ciihtr 

Jn mulrottkiOA of tloiw, the prac- 
tice of orKftBvniin^ th« c*Kati«| pr»r. 
lioAi of A ttuildmir. *o u to combine 
•timi^th WJ1h11>rlK-Sn1&ndfnauddi- 
t•** ofn^fnria^, wbi a pvculldf frfl'^UfV 
oi the pijanrvd \ly\r, well knoun Id a>I 
«lo Lavr BtmJicd tt with atfentioo. 
Tm Utuw )u>vh fofciliijr thi^ |iv(ultihl)' 
api^lki l4troniTfU«tioni id poinlHl ar- 
ehitFrlQfr, wc will rritid a oonttkon 
ffaiuif v(a UftniiTi it Itpihan »tiikc^iirr. 

Attd Mc«niidl otfoiltfr of a Goth*« cdl* 
fir»— ngagv^ cohmiH aod bvtireasea. 

*' Pmnici anrbitecUniMt ui con«nl 
her ciKuuaoiaat bn* beaoiiAn tt i daaifl 
■Tfijtrctvrr aerb* to comomI. i>i4««d of 
ilccaraEW| it* uid tbtil t ca W rrt^n«d 

to Eke Uii« of tll^M«d <«tufiDB a3 in tm^ 

for itnoiitth aad mitt. Notkiac f «■ b« 
■afi«, A oolanih I* aa aukiiwdind 

m^ralKr nKich abMhlJ ual^ b« «iDpt>]re4 
*Wn « ■Q|>fHimnjb«iil wn^l u rr^uirvd 
lobe »B-LAiKfd, trUAOti lh« n|>-tr»cci0ft 
of a m4J nail; bol ihr noiDaai a unit U 
boil;, /A^ mttfmitjF^mi pr^prittf ^n- 
hiii M rraa^ and p«^«(;vil colvmnt ■!««;■ 
prodoca Um aflWl Of'biriiv fmf« br«ii 4a- 
tafheJ, aid \h* ioUT«oAiBt4t «pu;«a 

pa^Mcd arcbkoHora it oooe tht'n JU 
parpa*«, and dlcaiaUbca aatanllj aa tt 
ni«, and h«A kaa lu rrotL Xm Bvififnl 
^uma. o« tb< coat.arr. la otcrtiuQj by 
4 Eutiikr. A bvUm, bj niaiaa af waivr 
tapirs, aia ba qumI' Iv pnjfct Io tnA a 
dHUn« ai Io pmdan a Ado tfrcl of 
lifht ««i «likdc. £jt <flgafe4 caAumaMo 
Ttf Ttr pnjjcrt itr \ on Beroa*t of ite <or* 
■kcc anil ftUibDoiber mc^btra ncmiarilj 

■Hor^ikf *Hb <h4 diiiiMlvr of ifa* oo- 
temar they «ov]d be iiKn u«d btff»d all 
pro|«rtUJti. I wUl Btitf ln«e ]r»a ta juJifa 
JO vbicb M)ltf tb« tptl luUoUon of a hut* 
Emi UbtqtcairWilout." P. ^. 

'llicrp it aoulhcr fratutv in ll]« 
CfuiW buttrrt«> in mhich ithak jretltv 
ibeadvanUf^c of iuiival j thi^oiasinU 
iaiW lU-kiLjiiitjrofiia 4c* i|o, and iu ca- 
pability of dkViBiijo inlu parla, ifUtK'Ul 
litung utty of «ca itrvnulb, or lulTciing 
in ll>e g'andtur of ila pmporlioat. 
Tliii pccuhartty \t ably ihuwa ay Alr> 
Pufin in lb# following «iUactK 'i«t 
which, wchmcio regret, mil lo^ haJf 
ila force fF'Oin the auarncc of the ap- 
ftropriate tngrat'Lag nrhith illuttratM 


'* Id poUitad artbtteolQiv tfae di0<nvDt 
JcUiljuftbe aI^Occ Aic n^iiptittt vitA 
Ma fitmnuai «(wif 4/ fAi Am'^in^ ; In 
olaaiit; <rcbit«crlurc they an cin/y vtepii* 
J^tJ. To *<pliin ihu mQTw lulif : il lh* 
|>oliit«d ■rcbiUvipliJti • butlfru JinU pifi- 
MOtc toarcL't axftliuc aome iai4 Miudarei 
nch aa Ibe n^bodml of Cok^aa «r Aau* 
vna. thay drJ iifit inrraly ta<iau« iu di- 

UfCUHuia br ||i$aLi1iv ««.tcr taltUt, ctiOr- 
motu cmcietk, lod a ponderous liblal. 
No : thty tLibiliiidod it iqEij a eivtU/ of 
pi«n And ^xnukfltJi 1 they p4nvUpd Iba 
front, en n^btd Li t>j aobvrdiimudiiJttont : 
and by tl^^^ i-ir^nj ttiv pliiiia^let uf Cu- 

60 EtftTiKK.— rugiu'i Priwiptes ii/ Chridiojt AreAiUiiurt* £Jiii. 

of •& vrdkATjr rliur^Ii. vhicli oouM ncrer 
bilM bMu lli« <AM hih^ \iiry onlj n/drjurf 
i^r ar*lf, huifod^ irmtiigitjfmffi f^ j/artt. 
B«l the T«rf rvvfne or ibU 1« ibc ««ie id 
lie BTCLiiU^ure: a column nr vcmlcc 
I Iho Mfdc. 0rtftff or jnuaf, nhv^tirr thtj 
mi^jrrit In friiHt of %ti or^lnftry 

&»« ar t Tott tnuple ^ co ilitdiie^t^M rt- 
pt that of luo Li crer niAdr ; thcrrc arc 
trnn^ MimAfro/' iH#«ffn^, tli« ««■« 

Ft ) i nc a f c f tc#,p J n Aaclrt^plrcft, r<M>l^« 

lU i^rorcMor's tli«oryi but ii u tioi 

BON lib pT«ofi. fho mouUinga 

hif tfilftp >nt! wailirflfi^t, wa1«i 1a- 

[ifclrv. nn^l rorbd nicuiMt. wirh ntoal 

frloTro aA<! troth txbibii ibc corrrclnrM 

fi' Ml pfincil)l(!|. TT^e full flTrtl of 

|lti«tr cvidcntYf we canaol convey IQ 

^pur r«ft(Jcr'» cnioil, wiihtjut ihc tiil ol 

flljv frognvEiigft whicb cmbrOiih tho 

)w4>ik* Bad wlitch «jc ukci««I wllh 

At tkili anii Judgne*!, 

From >t«ie cunicriKtioij Mr. Pag in 

l|HDce(dB ti> mtiMl yiof'ky \n wrhieb the 

■amc ptinciple of hurting thr <}eKl|fk 

to th« iMai«ftal ftnct ilfctjivliag mn- 

MliuciUrbv Wfre ntnctU ■dUf^inl to 1>y 

I UirftrlHt*oftboiniJ<tU»cn.coQlmrr- 

*ru« to luadirrQ ikvJgnB, ia wbich 

bingrv, IikLi, boll*, uiitli, 4kc. mn ol- 

wa^coiimLlnl. ivliiltf id |ir.infpc| ar* 

bt^itv(tun-1hry form ncli and nppropri- 

L^rv il«n>raiion«. In pfoof oftbrM, va- 

rtiwh nampl^H aX brmiliful iroa*wmk 

^ of Anct«iit design arc gWen, to vhirli 

[^ ^hf-Eiiciii Rmc». aM oih^r arikWof 

L fbfnitiiT^, ii4«iicii«d ia ^^hnl Mr. Pw^ia 

f ■PforopfiarH^- UyTfa " BfumiM^cni 

|Ck>ibic/' fonD a luilicroa% contrail. 

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ty, wUcaowiKUttt u tth iticbumMnt 

abnu which ilpraral^ an aiKiwit 
Caiholic altar i Tb« abiine it*tfl/iraa 
a niimt* lerapk of ihv ricbft«i bairri- 
aU; tba tU^;tIx'VDrird metal v^d 
with tbf ttone Tracery, a* tbc ri«b 

coloito kihI iirrciutti tUiun cauUlfd 
tb« rnptfodlcnt vinilovA; bfit whrrc 
afe now to br ateo tbo uiiaut* b«tt* 
iruuin, the ciquuilcly 6ne irvcrry, 
Ibr ctockflta and tka t&aBiotbDijt all 
difrptayirg tilt um« ilc«ipii and judf < 
mi'Qi A3 ibc maicblcfti cburtb wbifb 
rnnt4trt#d Ib^m ? dij wf »t« any Ibbng 
like it tn Ibr uameanms omani^nu 
«bicb modcia goldMiJiib* peoditH^ 

and polT off lu fvoddcrfol diipUy* of 
axU Ala^! for modern dettco, thf 
l^ldamith ia au bbgcr &n attib*. \Vt 
took \n i»ain tot the «l nf tbc iinkoriwa 
cuDuiiiu w0«kQi«a txx ricti idfu1» of tbc 
middle agr>« The wo;ki ia iilvtf or 
gidd ar ixiw rviriKrhai'U «K»ly fur 
tbeir cipcjuu^, and the v^rpfkra of ibava 
baTc not t fiijigU idtfAbvyund thccuaU 
of ib« mattrUI and workmioihtp- 
Tb^ coDlmtt bviiip»»n Lba vifCbMiic 

of ukl, ^nl tli« '^ capital band '* ofilk* 
prc^nt (lay. In U'tunn i» cnntifufd 
thv wrkftwbicha Qtiiniitt M«:«yi did 
not diidain both todcitgii and ra«cut«, 
» omatiiJgly diaita. Tba ciccJ1«iit 
co*d«*ioD rA tb« ^4t Wiotc, io atlo- 
»lo<i to a ter) jnipQUr c*a»t of iiti^its- 
iKJns of tW prraent limr, U ettraetcd 
/i>T ibv furuc asd trulli it c»bibtta i 

*■ MMb*nloi' tutitaiH an a ph» da- 
nce of the d«y DO pcdaon the nin4i«f 
the opiraUTM »ith ia4iel i^d radical 
ddtfrlVTi : thi* f'koivh U Ikr uuif frtf. 
chnIcA' IkttiluiG, iha otdfHt and lb« 
benfn J^Af irof tht ffrrttt 4W ufTf-T' 
yrUin^ f«AB4/. ia r4if4 Wi '4tf ^rvai cr- 
#l«r« «/**# ^*y< i^/mih tfer*/w^*J, 
Ohder h«rp*l4m«i tKffy ^krccf ed tbf bi#41 
woadnftil ffforls e( tbrir ihili to Ibe J^^'^ 
of (tA<h aad kl uer frrvfni prUftr v\tf 
b#. th«l rbe C^vrcb mty ■fin, a« tn'4fly« 
of aid. cubinita ibe lalrau of ht-r Mh 
drrs. U) tho adraacauwiH of relhrton. and 
the vNlfareof ibfir o«ti Mmlai— bf. viib- 
oal ftocb n<«ll* Itlnita are vain, and Ibf 
gfwiwl citMtU of Ml alak 10 tba ki«l vf 
80 abomtoitioo/' P. J J, 

Tic M<oad IPHUre «Mnwnc«f «llb 
a review of the ancfriii niodr ttf 
cop4in«*iDiM in wood, wbkcli lb* 
oolbor obcw* tube funaded vn oppo- 
aiu p^iutfifilrt Lo work* of itoue. 'llie 
Hcktv- oraareool^ imJb i^t avrirnt 
bu'lcliaft^, wkatlirr doMmtlc or ttiU* 
BUstical, IrA oficB ta tlur vkw of Ikt 



llHV-1 RsTiAnr.— Puipii* Principles v/ OtrUtUn artkittc{Mrc. 6\ 

^ uilioi'i prtnciple*, Tbe rotufntcfMa 
• «rtbPM roof* U conv«rtcil loto ofu*- 

ft« rsa^ bt ttttt At WvitmiDftlcr, ftod 
R tacn««tut aimiUr i^^icii M Bury S4. 
KtlmuvlV UuJj Btykd l>y Alr^ IVijj'b 

unlntcflt of ibrse v?/y mafnifiwot 
tui^Bmn iiraaivfiit ^tt, lo wbkb tlic 
piutBt oe^iuE^ of n«r modern h«ll9bbd 
piUcM, d«»t)ti>til ^ miJch-vjiDnicil 
wthllMCtH >4if>»r Mnktiigi^ nirao nrid 

Ihf JcctJftfTi ihbil itliith wt <aBDOt 
fui* «>of« pntucly ihan ia his owa 

** But, alul hov a4nf «qiullr fine 
mb hm WvQ ilvmoli*h«4 abU biu-t< by 
E%* brnlBl igiMf KB uf fWUb ALDLikan-t 
witfl bo« DUDf hvc bocQ iftwbcJ bf 
l)i«r0ttM«l»M wWiteviisher ' bov nuiay 
Mnil«<t in irdc iMBlB A ia^ of wUe, ■■ al 

Or «l Plvttoihh. whtrr thttnUrior, 
lACludlPK "'^ wooden ce>Uu^, i» nuiJe 
lu *|>fva« lih* ft }^ti£A c«vc of grftuil*. 
bv ibe combmnl vAnitv and iguonucv 
J«4»niO provmcinl arciiit^t. 

''How nuT or IU«« ilo« tooti Iuto 
b«v« k^sjIaI of ihrb iirtDiirtil «nd Hppro- 
firufte [tA-oTitiaU. hf ibr r»cr*tiJ« fionti* 
Qjhu 111 l^ rutuid Urthiii, «b(i aduiiUy 
h«t8 ■■4t <«iri0t tD thv puiafa HCcaoiiti 
tf Um Mrta of tbelc 4cmoliilni *■ bov 
Qiii^y «oiiij«Alrd fraoi *Hi<« kj Ulb vhI 
fWjtii f cri}iap, of ubg mblc *fa*i|ffl , CickcO 

Wtib arafiUJ );lAiimittbc rcnuilftdcr 
of Ihp lolunif. mul ■ frw CAvital 
vitrtcU, ttF mn font\icUtd t'> con- 

L hii trb 1-* . ib« Left u rv r *« itco - 
: 'kill be pck;»i)wltilgad bf ttll 
lii bejcui And fepprcpfutc. 

" II U iin< lacnm^^M on aU Bfii to 
«!■■ jmrnt flflJ «f^ni»l <-tiuii-1ir4 I but it 
M iMnabmit 0(j [ifl ni' i: '* rttiier lite 

vJUeAlAfv t^Wv.p'. 1 I' irall i i;o>t*iid 
for 1 Ivl tbi4 I' 11 f'lWtj^' aemrtj M m*€ 
kltofTlbft vu>«<U L^r«hr* an now 

t« wnitlAl mtoiK fir Ptvii rciirimun 

mnfnrif. A room fuli 'if tf^u ut tl>c 

IfBll p w AIk ?■'** hi ib<- ji(rM?f*f l-lfi of a 
fknr i rdnletd 

IB. '' '•'' 'T^ <■' 

lf*mntibl« ItflHtioa en bkU Uu 

PuginS ncn cbotctm tOBir ht, iheir 
TauRs V f «ft%it3' u bf fo4nd in ckibIlos 
iUuCti«r«d: Wt need lUt no murv iboA 
lo (urn to ooy of lEm aw cburcba 
wbrrh bair rrcrolty apruo); ifp i&lmul 
ibe mtcfopnlit, witn doignt Mppt^riDg 
Ai iTtbtr bnUdrm bad no other imcn- 
tioQ tbOD lo brinE «c«l«ftiB>1ical arrhL 
t^ture into COBA«n|>t, A R)CCliD|- 

bfjiiic bodf apppftftiMlo every di»4i|*i 
ia onf ntw Itutldiag, w« tco at Ont 

cod, omidvt a <o«tfa*ioa of «rcb«ft, 
th«- cbiinrtl ar<h ftctuftlly on the oot- 
■Idc of the building 1 »nolbcr ha« 
04ie of tlip tonfra of York Minfttcr 
pflrrd and cut dnvfn. Add iimiaiAhfd 
to luit an CAtiiunEt: ofafcwihuusands; 
and a tbird. to x body of taant Ihao 
ordinary mcanatM, hat a baby iptr« 
wtUi a rorv»i of pLnnocIn round it> 
baie, bolffin^ iKtir umlablF ciialenc* 
at tb« iTwrcy of tho flrat hi^fi wind, the 
whal« aiounl«d on a iDwtr whtch *crTc« 
tbfr doufiU purpo*w flf «banr«1 and '«•■ 
liy. Hotf truly do bU^hcrinlciapiibU 
erccliom [:a11 forth an ricliing of a 
moit cbiiriict«ri'lic (FDUp^ Ihu* iotfO- 
dated by U)« lutliof : 

" Govcramcat preaching bouM*. cbIW 
^umhtt, itari up at lliff cost of a fcir 
hBadrvd>««h,by [h« tldflof Xionrboipvli. 
B«l)krl forMliifa, N«w Conncaiout, and 

The Icdurrr doca AOt conllDB him- 
irlflothc ciliibiiionDfrauita^iritbout 
bririfiUjf forward in itrong contraat 
the ojmllfucf of «n(i(-at nichiu-clun^ 
ib 1 nji>«l bcdulUuL uni contct driijcn 
fur an aocii-ni church, *hich, v'vth the 
gloTimg d<BcrJpUon irbkh ■tcuuipa- 
nift it. vit ir^iol wo cannot U^if^altr 
to out pagn. 

Ad cubtD^ of Uagdaira CoILck* 
rptlofvd, on« of th« OktabUthmonU 
fovn !ctl by tbat " great and puod loaa 
Wdikaoi iif Wykebum^'' air<>rtji u lio« 
■ptcin>i-u of ail aJirirnt C*tii*^p. 

'* l[*<r Cithnlir wbdivn Htid HMlioliff 
y\t'.f aland ooaapumoaa in all thaamuifa* 
raptu of (b«o noble buUdlnnl llov|T«C 
ib4> nwtti-r mind itho i^anneaftnd atDoltcd 
Ibnu; and ;cl bov fc« mrt then ia Ibeie 
da]* tu imJcf^aanil w wiLIu^ tumulnU 
tbfin ' Ctii «« cooe<ivc a tntjrff tLriiciiiLi* 
4CUaw (o df >tray <bc aoWma £r«odcur uf 
\V'jkt:ld4U*d <l]Ufv^i t^dat? lilav )Jii.b i 


nKTiBW-— Bicbafdwm'a Liurtir^ Lrwfl. 

IB«0 xt Sir JofthQA R«Tnniak la dniffn ft 

lT«iM.»fnxer for ibti »c*Um ond, *n^ 

Bfipotat Jff'ww Wyatr tkr Jr^trufii^e lo 
Otr-TlorH ihr Uicirtii {tatHTf* Uld ftlTMW' 

tUlli u bricWn for book-d*«kti ftnd 
AJvcrUiic the ««1U villi uwim tf«cort- 
tii>n*, >Dil Bcmuoou Gntbic* 

^Vcrftlil th»l ih* apUit» of ill*'** 

Cflfounrfp'^of TrUgioii in Oifor*!, could 
throir a «hiold over the gtodoiw piles 
of their xnunum«nU, and avert th« 
^»ifii» of otlwr de»»lrocli*t<, woTlhy 
f^Kowcn of Wy*«. Aw not the 
AQCifEkt wood pftQcU of oB» af (he 
diftpoU to be sold ftt ftn ntd curioBity 
brokerM ind nil tht^ tncknt w<irbm 
of ibc aniTcfDiiy ftio'o and *por* m 
danger evorv hour from |nrlended 
inipro*Tt»? \Tilnr»*ll»e»Ittird ffoni 
<tf Mf-iinn. ftod lbFOi'mc»nioB'ieflisn» 
c-finnd*rndiiir»i'ier which furry whrr* 
rl*c Up to diadgtire Aod di^^nice thii 
proDd Mat of eccU»i*ftiic*l grandeur. 

U tK*r» n»ri of further proof ifcan 
to itfer tj Xht morftra d«ign» for 
MBgdt1*o«ftnd Nev IdqHaIU/ Ic !■ 
lameotabTc to wilavts th« low V'lTr nf 
cccloibtlc«l »od coElegml^ nrchiifc- 
turcinlhcprcwntdiLi^i »lmo»i dHofd- 
in(;»iidciK«of U«'»i»tencoof a tpiril 
*hkcli would bftditfa Cor ever freon our 
cburchc* aad collif tithe HiflcrirUof 
mtiHC* pointio^ •ootpturc, %n4 ftrchi- 

ITifl ancirnt domestic arcKitecEuie of 
EhglinU IB illuttritcd bj thr dcvijtri bf 
■ tnily nmional rdil^ce^ (b« oTd En- 
glUb mitiMon. What a beaaiiful 
fronpicg of ■pftrlmcoU of ^AnjUB 
■»*«, for vitfiona imrpOfrM I nM h 
turret, a porth. oc ft cbimnty. wrth- 
oot It* uw; and at *n ajipropriate 
CDmpjkflbon, thu villjjt* rbiifrh l.mlt 
clot« Uf the maotKm, How ofteodo 
iu tboeotiDtry ; but how diiippoi riling 
is&iirar in*pcclioo, wbkh tow often 
iheva Q« tbe muiaiooboote ilejcene- 
rauO iftlo a f»fnnje*ft f«id«&c*, dirty, 

uidfuioon». aftd ihcehorch a t«jiwor 
a c«w-»hed ; vr, if th« maniioo «t>1l r^ 
tm-i^h il> wcjilih^ ocCQpaot, f he churcti 
U tem<rrtd, by ih« cftpf tee of «OBe fon* 
C<fbl individual, wlmte tenxiiiveneM i> 
ttlfrctfd by Uie briU, or ibe a4*riii> 
b^Lnv bf tlif rU4lie eonitv^ttun; iU 
■lie » 'luatd Mito « ;iUiitutLOM, ar^ a 


b«rp ia built at a dUtiiMt, ba 


Wf bav* tiidiaTcntred to OBvey lo 
our leaijera a fail c>tin»ate of tW 
cotileutd of Mr. Poj^ia'i roliime : »« 
Difmlie llw v)i>''^ HiLh whreh it ii 
ttTiii«ri» Kod ih^ tMie ditf>lB)-ed io t}i« 
tmbrlliahioentt, which a/« elt^ntaad^ 
coal I y, 

Jjttrtry Lwr™. in Pro»t ff»rf Fmfi 
ti^ V. L» Richard«r>n, £ eo^f ^ 
Wtll^N Awcrk Iik«l1ii»ha» pa»vd 
IhroaRh a lecofid erlUioa, it U a ufii- 
factory proof that it pCHaea9ca««iftci«ni 
lueril to Bl'rod n&ny readei* ^ a*d 
when the wnrk it. tikeiheprF>roli>i>e« 
employed in tb* inv^J1U|ralloa of IhoM 
fiAttn of liicrntoie 'nhkh a« nlb«r 
rcmolc from tb« comrnofi lewarcb. il 
show* that tboae rvaden ate tii«!aaa It 
Richftr^ton apiiMtn tti b* ^itenniv*!^ 
nc-auiinTt^d ^-iih the tuodftn li(erator« 
ofko^Land^ 10 have *tudjed lis |>ria- 
ciipal autbon, ^ixe^ally ihni« of bia 
own tiiixp. viib eai«, ind to bmc ei- 
nmined tbrif wo«ls» with tritical ei- 
BCtDf»' III many of b^fl |inpir* he 
renaindi u» of the ityle and riann>«T of 
tlic Author (jf the "Cofia^ilii* of lA" 
trralarv , " ati^ IIW him, whik hv *• 
cuiitiVfr in ob><t'fimx the opinion* of 
oEbera on disputed prtinthof littfntur*, 
hr cupicjiea a proper iiidrpvndcu^e >n 
thefdrcnationoMiUfiitn. ThrehAptm 
on '■ Care and Conde nwlion in Writ- 
log/' OD the "rrii^ueoi cotnpljunl of 
wAhf nf Mfmrirv,'' nn " i*rr>«t< M»4T>o* 
mndn for poetical Compoiiiina/' t<ill 
be fi'jitd IttM of Intiiut'iive eumiuenc \ 
whitt tbr nolie*»ofSii K. Drjxl^ft. and 
Mr. C $milb, «boiT Ixrib a mktm^ 
at»d boUMl 'a»ie, and nn tmparlial judf • 
racut. Tht mo^l iniportbJil<b*friff in 
the icCAQcl vvlutue u that t<u ^vhkk* 
npete'ft Sonieti; a subject uo which 
Mr. Ricbudh^i Lai ctli«u>lrd nkura 
tba& forty po^c*. and vthich «:c arc 
afmid rrmaiiu«* ninth a« ever iiiita 
former obaniriiy, WordtwuttH layi, 
tpeaJkiof t4 bhahsptrc'a ^<>itnei4. 
<^Wi|hlbii ktr. :}hiikaprr« nnlocLe4 
klft bearC Wc do^bi ti ; mil ibUk, 
no tho wbolf, ihnt it U nmrr tinth«S|« 
thai tbe«c aotuitu ^ta wiiitrji f^ 
amiirr pfttH, than for biniMir. 
TbrT w^re tiot pubiiilifd by Sh4V- 
»p«rf i ibey ate ooi al^mtfd lo brJ 


Retikw,— i^klardioira Lktrurf Lnivts^ 


Ltopk* utd «objfci>p some a{ip«nDilr 

kpi- ;. ti> lU [Kinlf : bvl f. 

I Mlit/acinry u|*Ala4i fia <l< auliirct, 

. Idr. HalUm tLiDt« iJiAl "th«F«vto>ii 

1i«a«i *■* tiJ ar m^v i" and Oi* bouiv, 
wofM thfta vftitcd, of hii youth, maf 
1la» bfvp Abtoijf; Ihe CAUft of hit 
<< ivt, Tbc cocjcciur* uf 

BEiL^.ii II f i> '^iKim Hvtb«rt, li highlt 
pf<kbaUc — ^puUiiufi to pjul>*btc ba> 
' bcco If DJrct-=fi'd ; aad prrbi|>« Uie 
Ityl* ind tUT'jr^t i^f the )Olil>tU would 
»oiar«b4t »u|>|Kiit «4tr bcbtf. b^k* 
»p«t« waa nwrncd ttbea onlr oiae- 
Icto ycsrt «>r a^, baJ bi^ora b« vttit 
to Lcr>doiii wc prraume ^iw, tbat 
hrtnrc K« «rnt in l.a*diifi h^ man a 
jMitot, fts with him Ibe vitJt of Cupti 
prtcritcd that <J lljmcDa lew monibi. 
V«t VTlh hu »U« aj)4 rh*t4 (<|qjvrv 
cbiMrrn .■' niaaininfi 4C SruUord, ha 
vrnica a volume of eonnei*. tbr lint 
Mvrniccii of «ticb at< *>a ih« knttjcil 
of ■kAiria^, aiHl yet n«1 nu ai to ap- 
pcAT to allodt lo bis on iPfJifn^ iri^ ; 
Ibc frril nir^v CDHlain (cinral rtprTi' 
aloo* ni adciiratJoti ftpil tr(ftfd ; yd 
BOl to bi« owD ^a* iUtktxvy t — «Ad 
toiBv of lk< rcqiAi»in^ krc a<^ i±ti? Mike 
eb4«atirr- N»ir Mhai d<.r4 %\\ ibia 
ocui, if *e ife to mpffUfrt Shakiprn 
ttBJtitdiog h^R own i<nt!ni«att aadpaji- 
■iobft i And bow cc^^U hf>,iil>fr m.i">o% 
inCrrTtJ, liia wifv bcin^ Mill alivv. 
pVfBiit ihfiB lo tn- |>fialt-d aipd fitrn 
luibc Ht^rtd i And «baij4 ihcnti-uiiid^ 
aw. IL bci&S the &^rffrroMbf»e 
^f^Mictn? But if w« lupposc that 
^Lftk-^r', nhcn yovBf, and poor, 
and wAikiinft friindji, airacbtd bitt>«lf, 
u i«^ lb* Ctebw) nf iboM d47«, lo ft 
yoiaag ciottkcian, wlk4> vu th« <oiifr- 
paalon of b;« t>jfl and tc<iaL boun, 
mad ihc dfpoifiury «( hitanatorvcon- 
Otlf OCT* ; adcuirvd by him fur hb 
tftlmT, miji) aJmiEFcd to tiu fncndibip ; 
«* may »Qp^o«e ihai bt* pofticil 
£»iijU9 mi^thi bar« bcvn called upuo 

by hu yoi;tbfdL patroo vbiii b< wtaiad 
lo ''make »oDi>Ft« to bis piiBlrcu* 
ryvbrow, *' ti> orcrcoox her Mroptca 
fa^poriif llftltcry,ortoua|l b«f cbaraa 
h\ tie Ajd of poetic ttiUm. Add to 
t&i», tlui the bof uafe aied b^ mm 

toirudi ««cb Other Vjo^ ibocv of « /r. 
iiMia« fbancler in thatday ibani^ould 
W tiiUratTiJ fM> V ^aad tb«ii man i» i v w c rv 
mon agttiknwmtt (thoagb fmre) tban 
vc arc ac<i>:itotDadlOM«actb«pvtt«tcit 
tiniT, Mrc|jt in fofeipi cuoatflvv* So 
rtfmuktbly w*^ Ihl* lh# car-r, thai w« 
^lievr it waA Mr. ColrrHl^i who ac* 
couQldl for It OQ ibc ground Ihftt 
wofDMi't *iioratics btinn at ihal lini* 
M^tccled, tktif a>cirty offered fewer 
altractKiiu, ftad lh«T vffe coittidct«<l 
raihcr u " hwiHbuid dnid|^ " tb«ii 
lh« rational and dter^«bfd comitaniotta 
L>f tbc morf educaUd aa. VVhat we 
havj laiJ, vtc nckauvlrd^e, bai bnl a 
ftfrf aiA deicm of pr»MiiJiVy r Iheqvci' 
lion i<, vtelbcr it hai more tlian the 
isppim'lHin that Shakuprrr, la theec 
unf ular ptrodoctionK. poured forlb ibe 
frelinp of bUowo heail.ftndcvrtaioly 
became lu'^Jeci to the impijuiioii ii 
fiviAjE J""** 'o ifrrfiilHr and illicit 
]/«iitorks, aodoccuioooUy uiing Ian- 
gnofc not cooMnient witb on ordjnary 
i«lf're«p*e(. and apparently not in bar. 
wi»oy with the M-alltDciitadiapUyed ia 
Lit ackoovf Wfttd woebsj 

Mr. Richardhon'* volooica ftOt only 
CDbiaifi much judiciuua criticim and 
many pleD&in^ and jaiTmctive obier- 
valion*. bvt alaoacuUfeideniblcpottJoa 
f'f pooUy of iDitcb oieriL However, 
to givt adequate apctiaiena of bla po- 
etical iiowm wuvtd tie far bevond 
vrb^E our Limited «p«c« would oJ»ird ; 
wo muil, Iberefuic, cuitlrnt oarMtvee 
wjth a »m£le ifcclraen of hit etyk, 
hoji;nj{ ih«t tbeM iriitdinpt will b? a* 
■octevaful a* the foriucr were, and ai 
tliey dewrrf lo l>c. 

Ob 1 bw fl^ VMur k«MA vpu nint ry* I 
Tbe okcMofoareleo^r. d««r "ptumbrtlb 
Vt irekmc bfan i tor lirf^ iMennuir HMi 
TtaE OMM liU»hadiHr»wlva Ibe leorm m UiK 
IWt«diBf alrillr, ai bnflb tuw ieainl by, 
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Our early dmai hm nnU'd— a*Tv nere 
lUi m locMbfr alH**** >•<•*« 
i.>Bf Itaol ImftiieaiJ *^la. Qvidt Mflreicart 


Review.— Worrell'* BArj.— Swilte)'* Sftmont, 


^ ftNtr mfnarif* null upon D>)-hf«(i< 
at fttirtik* •i>'H*, tliii toftty Etcimrti t>*et 

ltydfnv«M«V.uil iriodttb* ten«tL*oinic 
Thrvicb lift'* ^*i» W"< *by *Tm jH •••■oi'th 

B^ J. B. 


VTMEX Mf, UVrrtll hill rcH*ct 
enouftli fc»r hicnivir, nrid r>r1nir<adrrf, 
ia correct iht foUovklnfc miscrabk at. 
IciujiU ftt chyme, which wc fouocl in 

the lint few p«cf«, itid Ally of lh« 
um* kind thnl fn*y occur m the re- 
in«md«r of ihff vnluDXC, iwe vriil thru 
Inform him whAtoUm' unprovrmcbU 
ire n«V(l4»J. 

And Ar* ihfT l**p7l«f wtrtoi thiM laiaurwXm 


&x vTim thr ■ijf ABiIrt Kvnti lr*l% i^ «4ffnfi« 

Tlitf *n, by niiub tniiutniffTiii>Le> i.« Mmr. 


CmIA nM dUivn a line "moafiiT rtimnen 

P, 91. 

Ari4ilMT"l»lit*far tir^n-Qn i^iy Aom am, 
tkem ollvtn llw l4 iDinliUr lii tlfm, 


Alk4 wrfl df6f* Llw nTaMuR voiri ortti^ir. 


Tbr ipfttb. u hffrtofoT*, *l(mr nit hi' J/ , 

ft|M«k. ami «nni>r uif fiB'r. ^itTv^v mv Am, 

We rueet aUo vieh tonif vipm»MO| 
rftthcr unut^ to our eyti, — P, ). 
ftar«*lta • a^TVpb ir>rb*4 i*«ort4raiji*- 
$lHfmrt§mp (ma. hta hair, hlA mrv f >*«. 

Uadi htw I liMrd «f «lntt| «<Mi lanf r fena, 
Wlia iMtir « A4A9V* in Hi* r*ar*ug Mom- 
P. 9. 

Thai«t«;hefb>r«MHi*nit vilhtifiirr WjM 
He bOMd bv t«3dw arth 'aAia rfrtk/ft4. 

P- la- 


P. IS. 

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TtkoQ, vltfi. wbt*J>i l» JrtiUi, lb:. 

P. I*. 

Dn«uJ Ihr? v*U -ttmnfb muiT d^I" 

Aad<//«JAfHty/*nryH^Aiii*(rjv. ' 

prnrni ; but wc cannc]! oniil c>tie moft ; 
ir*|<LiT thf p^dtiflf riilM- T^rtr* U f ht l4*4 

/?«-. K- S»Bkcy< Jtf,,*. C«rtre V 

TilKSe SennoDV tre i!e4iraie4 1o 
tbe nifthopof Winchmter, b tlie pA- 
tiflh fhurrh fif who«« rfi"<^p*l rmt- 
denra ibcT ifre prcnchrj. W< h*vt 
oflfn to ]ftiii4-nt that »L'rmo«itL, a»il 
«^rci«t1ir ihoir jftirnUcd for gcnrrftl 
D«v. aiu} de^otrd <u the comprrbeinion 
ef the nidifle rUunnf tocielir. are >o 
link »0iii>tr4l i[i h«i« ilirir <1uv nietii* 
fijily eiplMinrd nnd oihibitrd in A 

rrvtrw. Piilpit elnctuvn^e don not 
rouaiBt LQ fauagn o< itrikii>|> dnnc' 
trr. mnKniiitYnllytixprf'ioil jiikI vlabo^ 
nuely worlrd Dp; itdocsont f4tt to 
m e^^iitJiiire iho»c wi* wblcfi mn 

COfiime.Bfl mil the pnsiJons oflbcaiid, 
And pTf^pcl Ui^m ititr>itr«4iiCBnd sud- 
den actjvilj" I it i» »hol not from much 
which Mc the lr£iti(iia(r iiup|H^rt» bmI 
ontamentii of ihc otbl<ir)'Cif iheicnAie 
■ad the bar. It» province h to act 
uy the rriLtcf^^liii} cuntcirace^the 
fM^Tingn, Ic »ufh a nurnnrr thA< il4 
voice tatj br rrpjilly iinpr««ih-e mil 
dnrehte, )l etpl4in« the doeirlne* of 
ScripliiTV) it «nFnrce« Ihe dulifv of 

religion; i1 point* out ibe dftofer of 
4l«{)bc(lienra ; and it Uiovr* that the 
tmc wbU<mi «nd hiipplmi ai ipaa 
euoiJttt 111 making bii ^hoofihTii tttd 
llfr cooforidAhie to hii <^icniOf « will. 
Uid huFUdccmcr'* c^rfuiuhfiil!^. Tticar, 
certain 1r.ji--e DCibJrthnnf-b^bt|ier and 
unhlf r llirrr caitnof be — ^ii: ihm (hey 

iDU«t be LD ibtir tHuilrntiiHi, nad tbe 
uiHimtr txi wh>rh i\\tT ■'e incul^atpJ, 
Biodmcd, ami luiltfd fu Ihr c*|>«cilv of 
iboie to wbna tbfj are a()drC43«di 
Thi* 14 an tr* m iuctf — haI nn^vorthf 
of ibe inoit lrarEt<*d and rul:rv«led 
min*U^ unti U liai lce& of Ute, Te 
ihiiib, itrt n>MiduQu«lf MMltvd tAd 
viiccfdttfullv proetiaeri by nuAT of the 
det^y (if nur Euftbliftbmenr, t< lb« 


KKVtKir.-*\ViLlker'a PaiAcUt^y. 



Aiul rural itrSkoa* prrMt: Mill »l a 
n^t OHO l1*ft1 ffiaUo* ft tcvifwcr to 
m'ccI 4l i>nf« itrUinf piiBiaffft bjr 
wluch h« CAR illutlrtlc, in a fthort 
cottp*vt| tiK j^fiiui a;)4 taJfOts of iJip 
%vritcr> A few firtlturcH from the 
■pffckiM of Erskinv at the tar, or Can- 
ttkog la iIjc fiiaif, vo«1(| {iv( ijirt'c- 
mciM holli of ike ^n*tti1 pcurfr ami 
th« ptfiLolar characUr at tbflr Ha- 

SVfCrra ; t>ui lo frcl ilic tlue cK^ct ofa 
iteodr^tf by HpIht, or Hy Itam, br 
NtWQiui, urby t'abcr, wv racial ioi- 
bibv, u tl wtre, itkff 'J^'*^ ^^'^ ttnUn^ 
of iko wkol« ciMipcaitioii I atf)il tiWa 
wr rrrrril lo it, lh« Imppf^i^-o kit on 
o» U Jcrircd TroHi ihe wdok*, rtlk^ 
lk«A ffom may iiarliculor |iUMfr*£ at 
nar, out fronnJcUiclked vr taiu- 
Ulrtl f^uafttofcxcHltfRc*. riiioiAntT 
toirrriA|: abg^ri; ajl Uir utlirr piktlt. 
Ilatitt{ uJd Ihoi Riurb \n rtrLi«# Tnr 

AfK Mikiag ftny fiUACu ffcin Mr. 
Sa^fcpy'ft totumc, we arc bounJ ali^o 
lo «oii^« tkr *ati«fkcliaa «Jlh which 

vn hwft ptT»Mil t1> anil lo ^t|irtu 
oar frvEiD^ of Xbe Mimdntrt or tht 
aqihcxr'* Jixtrinv, Ihc juiJLcic>ii«nc>« 
t4 his »ob^u. aril th^: clearotu or 
bU f ifouiio«.* 

ffnf tutoyy /ovuitd oa fAr ^o/nroJ Syir- 
^B nf jimtlamu attd PAuiiotofn, lift, 

a, y w.ikw. 

TilK object or Ihifr very phMifio- 
|l1lXftlU^atiM i> io abow lht< naluial 
dajaiJleaUuik ori]oc«k<», amJ Ihc ilpi- 
tinrtton hi-lwpcn nu^Mii aitd furatir/- 

ancp ; ma wvU a« t)i* cnum of houinr. 
opaUif. a^iil iittwr tfpe>lhrfto«, or, ia 
ovbr words, {t. IM. p. v<0 "iU* 
laimiWd TO Uiov tttc tmili. aoti Iht 
lnTfCMr fu wtti a* ftritiiid *ji[il»(-4tio{i 

L of l1l« fWQ fprrOf UJltf /wi/lfJVft/u/ /^lirp 

'^■ctfiriae; aiLiA^; tJf Itiv pratlilinoor 

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4 rwfivriiaa. anil ««vfr«n <« tfv inrtt. 

ralar lAyvtjaot, fmn a tD»'I «ul>ir(t for 

V ^rrrrrrr" ul^vrd to ji^r^imb vf muil?- 

' fvt* 4tf«uifT j» oi< f , Hu^ 111 nyy^ * riot 1i «bi 1 iin] 1 1 

SftiareiH ** *lkr kcucb of irui^. Tiic .%}•' 

__ ■cot ■ farmnd of muf r^nlL, dieijh^ 

i'fp«Artf, vliitk Mr* **M«^ Arsily »fCuTv4 ■( 

ll ftni« av-i wo* bvrouw lootsntil In a roiu- 

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only If^dUliD^uial) bplwtm MOfWaiid 
cvr^/^Pf HvmptMiis vhilf, in ihf brf- 
»*» iKflifntvof /'£fi«, il fimeatii hJin 
th« bimptnl rrkl^rioii for iloinj; lo/' 

W«vUb that nc bftrl Tn^]>ca!iiHnic« 
crtniipch tQ p^ivf cxir rraJrr» a foa)|ie' 
font kncm'ttnlcc of llie wqIp oaJ acctf- 
n:.t UAwaia^, iho lOUnO priDciplea 
and juil il«diiclioo)i, whj<b v« linvc 
brcn di^lijEhtH lo iii4?M with to thin 
work. 'Hicre arc Ivw, ficrbarii, but 
ihoM? viJucai«iJ lit thr «ante »ci4nrf a« 
iWaolt^trvrbao:!!]!*! fully CiinprtfliMiil 
thir argument, or niimit^ iia value; 
but Ihcic a opc |tart vUich tntttt into 

lb# (lUcuvJiio, bifingcocvnerlcdeloitlf 
with ^c fccDcrml «ul>j<:cl, vhich may 
be pemfcdanfJ unil«<r?tond witboutike 
«h| of if icikiifii^ argumcaT, biid wtilch 
irilj amply rvpay llip perusal by ike 
Latisfnclory nilurc of lU lUirmcnta, 
ami lh<f cuTi(;lu*<itr |ii*ini:t cjf (ts rea- 
u»ii[ng^vc TTKran Ihff aiilhor'a oWr* 
vaiions on Aon/i^ijjtitfij/. Tht aubjcet it 
(liicu»rd with iitirncit, oi wcU m 
acuioiitta, find «rrf>r •rparatcd from 
truth, u r«r ftk wo can judgf, with 
KiT«l ailvantaK** to any fulurr [Iucd«- 
iinr oi i\. Wr muAt itiake n ttturt 
rittact ftoro !hr pr*fof p, btHi'vlni: lltM 
tliv ubanvitions lltt-rr found nilJ ei^cilf 
Mich inirrTit in ihc nkinJi of tnaixy of 
our ttiulm OS io Induce tlivra to con- 
liouc ibi" Unulry, Tbir author mi^ntioria 
(hal mnooglii* ncn Dh»ivalio»» are 
Ihne :— 

** Di#c»«v* prrwiit la u» dtraiu^ o^- 
pifkihrn unci fimrriua, anil an effbrl of 
nntiirf hi ruff [hi'*ir. 

'*Syrii|>(uii>* UT dittin](ulBlitfA iiiLo iiMr- 

AtJ «n<l furff/f pr, (Lkrr«iTy i>|i|ivitcil to cich 

** Thr Hiitinc'tion brtn^tn motlr'tl aod 
i^nriititif *ymp:umn in rrwiiijil Ut «ll ^nru- 
ElAc ;>r4riL(v ; loil, iJttv oolki^ltjiu the 
kjibpFomb. iht ftr*i objdcl ii todiMlioKaith 
the mtfr^iiK^xn llii- f«rtf/iiv. 

" Ttir nrt itf iiifditliic <oitai>L4 in ilic 
iiinitkjEriiMMit of both LidJa itf ■yiuptoaiil— 
vpfiohnf fhc fofincr fnnrfalil) omil aabl- 

LTig Elte Tfttlrr (mn^lvv). 

" Th« lav ' rontruHa C^ttlrariui ra- 
rantur' In Ihu jfuiili: for Uic fi'-tUnrat of 
atorbiil ftym|iroiiiii- MiciuTn 4lii«>*t («nrh 
M IIoaiir4p*lhu4* rcLy onj aiv ibijtplic- 
4blv In arilni( ai^vurillnc to tbti Li«,^ 
Dior^id «yoiptoin« rvntoMnc pro|rnrtiiitt- 
tisly laf^rr dottL 

" TUtr U* * bimilU SiiiiUibut riirtntV ' 
iv the guide for thr Irr^tment uf curaLtTC 
ijuiptopif, or MsistiM tlic t^HU of na* 


RRfivir.— W&)keM Ptilol^fy^ 


t«r«, th» tMtwr of lURMmHhlc »c- 
dldiu to tm iMrmanf wuta, and tomm lb 
■Id of [li* CDffiFUti Hmpiomfl 

" /^fl^A dl>lingiiu»«< lh« morbid and 
canlitr rjmi'Utai*. It |jf<ccJr» 4ii4 

tlillbc fjaffcvtbQ. or LnrurieDl idUmiii*' 

laAriuoeai t>f tho via mcdioatiix lul^no. 

" U li »ho«(i Lfiw far both r^nki, 
rrgaUr ftail Hvmvopuhiti,* tn tight or 

Tliut tb« truth, nnd pr^cine and 6w* 

fintt« a|>f(tic4tUn [>f ibttc two gn^t 
lau:i, ii vii:abli»bfd. and thr ntcvvtity 

natural lyttcca Uvhowa. 

OrfSTKi SsMtf /vr unftmniUf tit Siwt^ 
^tMht< AifMltfftttt, A"*, iL^'-lhn 
Cant'o* t tar buJduLg thv <-'liUAil of 
Poihtrlajluf. wbkh u hen mtdK tb? 
)D?uit of tm}i<rtliif mrnnnatjoa upon (W 
pwit and oiod« of cioiL«tnii:<U4i of nur oM 
c«<l«tUitical tu-uuium. "i* (iir ufihftffw 
urifiBtl dvcuiftcnu cdtb^ kicjJ iJut Lavi? 
bc4u prr4crt«it lo m from t\<: iniddt<? 
^r«>" It '^applifB fi rlni Nnif, \'»U, 
■nd Tcnfr oul^Tt ihd Canncrl hminf been 
bodt A ftv ytsn Men*, aad vrrtni ■• the 

roD<!«1 fbr the rcnalnderaf tb« buJJdiac, 
wtib ftoflic iH|h1 wiitton* iQcnlii^Jicd ia 

rho C«ntni«i1. Thia (^Kin^;*] mtn dp^IrnyctJ 
■t ihr iMcirmftlinB: diul it lijirnjurkahi? 
oirtni?ld<»ce ihM tho pirxal <Jh«nc9l ran- 

dncribrd iu thr Cunlnrt, wtthlJifi eKM|>< 
Uonof tht 7r«>«iu?ui«flU, wiklohformod 
p4r1 iif thir aldn wDrk,«adiicrn«Uiih«tt 

lliU ¥rrj our^tiii* nnd inU^uttn^ docu- 
Tn«nt liM b«n preiorvfd m DudjJc'j 
MonbctTi'mir It it nfrir rt'^dilrd d]f ibc 
nifvjnl Soviet]'* viih c<iu rrpTfiniiUuj^ 
cTc(7 feiiuf* «f IhA tcmctufv aod orna> 

* I. Tfae Aiithor hu cfna ui {\a Iwo vitncU^ «uc1i aq junmJng tiunrniiy of lliatb' 
■uadUj vfUiF ltviiiun>|)HilutUi th*l wtHiinoth«lp«il(uCis|^ •vi]>Btlp«<1 '^fU (p. \4SA 
*' £4iiipton, &f . «)4 thi^ Indinc Huvioeopa.thUti of Ihii fitr. Brnk i>f tbe ittcJdrd 
ctftcU of t>m/(H/fi'vn'A dilution; and thr comet dilution i« be obUJitH hit" i>r nicJi- 

CV&M pnj4r«ii in Ctvrnimuj it iKf tAi*^, wltleh h utuly la fbr prop^rliov af unr itrap 

of thv lioctQTf 16 OMB bjirrd of ili^hifhoJ* of orn.* grtU of Ue di.'Vt to -100 it«l|[hf of 
Si»«r' SLoLjiton. thr mofl Jiviioiou« wrtl«r on Ho'iDacotiithJ', «latri 1>>»t hii ClTounit 
diTarlQQi Iff l1i« trJ« CiU. 9l1i. 1?ih, IVh. Ihunch he nfWn uv« lU "lib. 

t IlkLiwIO.IfOO drop*, or uaf: ]i(iitnd-*ifd dilntiATi. 
100— lOaOOOpOOa. ■ huii-Unl b4rreU ItU diiu. 
|1X><- |L>,oo''.C>iHi,ni)fi, Mil ili{mM»d ■tUb>— jih ditto, 
lCO = I.O<»).(j(io.<HK>.Dor^, una millcoii b«rrTk— 4ih ditto. 
l(lO«lOO,OUO,OaO.OO<l.Ogu,tJUO, oar faiiAdr«l thotwnd mnUon birrvlt-^lli 4i»p, 

SoihAt bj thr lirM ite racfalbt 30lh dd^llon jt v«iiU fonu 4fa«a>orA/«pAof 'drpr/ 
fJidii fj44 r^.^ nfir «yvtfflH r Out 4rop of i b« tlnrtoK, tblTiktd tbr^uf h ikU tlb« ■itarv 
tiTtho Atl»tlc, vonU b« A ttr^nfer loWion tban ilt v\k ■ 

" Scrch ijf thv dr>tft rT«oai»f D<l«d In HotDoropilhic vrilin^l t. Nev York Jounu^ 
ol MHicihtt, 

f. ■■Th«do«« of opium reeontnuod^d hv Hahnnrmtn a trnd^flUimfMu^ft ^a 
^rdn, lt«w \hc dluicicr of tin Mitfc U •W«t aOiO aUml Thv sinpniMUM of Vbe 
trarld it about 800,000,000, A HonoopMrble d^iM of ncdiv^nn uBocnta to two (U- 
cUiionlh pim oi « irtui. Prom om ^nu uf opivia dliiik fld >iQi«ic ]urlwU, 
irbM t^tl l>^r th« imitc pnponlod In m wkuk undo l^ « tphpie • thmuwadlh pArt 
fffut hch in clUBM«r bun b> ovr ck^bai it^vidr t«p faitirl^ «i«c«tf the wliok jio- 
pulUkti of lU vurld I CVUS0 nnb pcnaik to avillov • UoinaopMlhie diHV rTvr> 
H4*«J- aJai it (kobid n^re MlptO<>/0O trt jma for 1b«ia lo «■ Bititu il^n p«rtUi< itt^ 
««nbe4. UihaMin» Mfs h« hM wem a dra|» of uvx mmkA i ir^ih difTM 

proiuco ri4Dl-r hftif A* (lf*ct of ■BMhor mi i^ «in»llioor I rhen IN 

mM*. • If iJi^ p4jif«r IB ««ry uatliiva, H ■kll h« *aA«ltf|il ttt m/j/ *■ /.Aial iJLit t^^- 
Uint mt ^Mrtv fhlaia/ (ll ibouU be uipbiued Ihnl ibt* Jfuc b nib^ tf|i luU» 
skWIr* vUh ut^tr.) Mm UiE pvllrnt bw taidled lu lt,ili>< fhUi If lo hf N«b«4 vp 
nx fwlunr uh*' 

\Vr I]..*' tml .-^-.rr in rir* iTit iKini i^l; uUlt'^i. trmJ* 


f' 1i»'>'f<hI 

if Tiux uttn-'irol lo lUi^iic ou fiiuu of cxj^j';^^ ' : 


Piewft ttc* 0/ StaaiKm Hareotirt Churck^ 

W« nod Hf ftMUn^ mora da iLc rfttuAblo 
«ii4 ■uUtoUg tkaftttw flf III* informtion 
thu eoovrfwL 

Kome hirtcricul 4o*0iukl of (bo Cbufth 
■ttd C^tih l> |reiitn)« ntndcd fivm 
A J «fcJM * p< i lla^iifT't "lll^ioric Ndtk** 
of fMlwtlifWtft" ^ vl^h ticiLint 
v«tfh ch* fTMvfei for*! 4 v<r7 i4r««*b^ 
u n h iii <, 

Iltfteik. #*f. ^vvUtnV. (for ilu Oifonl 

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h« viTcattil »■! « 1vv« Bad inl«ltif«bla 
Mtfk. in OTibr Id fonUi^ anrti Aactmpk 

of iLc («n<*Irv-Ti.i4i amI dMailt tfi ibf 

fiA^ly E\r. u Qtsf fro^ (J 

tlikiM lb ifut 4E>k ^a rt^uuvd. The 
nt9ttatot ttkctkif (be clordiof JftnDton 
tl«n«Wt« W« Uul lu ChaiMvl and 
, ICiwit^AtAtnl «r*]W*t nifii«lief Csrly 
I M^tk ntk : mxl. « tkai ftlyto, tiiUot 
ttwm pr«f>Riic« or uraetMiTci-MiBPOiL^r i> 
mdk te tMbkiN l*f cbortli MaUioc. iUm 
t* ««*lMaJf vne of Ihi mfX um^uI imUi* 
K^iaai Uh ^ouu'f twultl ^n ludcr- 

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' W« ihnit ll irovU !ic iDix dciinUc it 
hKf o» [00«1 diQrdi of fitcM itjlc rr- 
lirmi>4 is thf uinc ai«nner : «i mt 
fl4«D«4 «ffm «lUi Mr. i'Mipa I4 cvliti' 

fltt* tk ailribvt^ of \anty la uy |itrlb- 
fidtf- M«c« iti ib4- profTtM 0/ cffk«M»tJ- 

tf^ TrhitfT^^T^L Ti>* Lim»r*l of fc44ii' 

loa Utnotrl U pifiic«liriy f|i«(iiiii«, uii 
wmn Jr tti ttt 'Mt\ ni Woh^mm IB Kfftii, IB 
tW MAa tffltf^ Tlu f honHl Ktron F* «f 

Vfcja, ■BfyoftPd t>y rlriat^r irilUrvbcltvil 
to Ibc cvBirv (f ilwir ^iniu bf a moaUtd 

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liv*t>4 «o be ibr tjcteit uampy tlwi hu 

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VUeh Ur. Iktitk Ui rtKlUcKl -Tbi 

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oHCOnal liiRii'iiivii or 1^ iKtwen of ikc 
commiMion- NctatMt»i it ib en im* 
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ot tba Alt* ( K mnj Ih ttkcn At an aflflury 
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to 4/9 vMnetliidf I end tbe AtlUt* ur 
<lrT«l IbtUln Biy hv «4«f>TBla1et«rt nn 
Lh« jiulMr^itfQi oppouitoint of C. L. 
EoMUkr* ■■!. R.A. u Aoaotorf. 

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ttd ftUUfar n«ii««r. and mmX ^Mtj 
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ftm rnlJ ^U Roalj fco*. bm no rofuocL 
a|i«a \it anil iImw ^n no iMtf* oc (h« 

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thf 4hJE>^ TBiiniji|* •dltlrm'iLi.ft. hr. Hii 

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Mtu til tkr bMl[Ui'Bl«*t, uiil Ibcn k du 
cptiim jtf Bbder Ibe table qmi hiia. Th« 
pifltiirM iMnfiaf ib««l I1j» rot^m arr tbr 
•aiWi ^vt Bi»l w mirb naitlicil- Hie 
walli AM qaiU iil^i"* uiJ Uic calling it 
Ml dasorai»d vfib ihi picture of tbi iLc' 
AtncUoD ot Pbu-uh** b«i- 

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saUcttM i» i|uilc pUilk. Thv vUUi^ncf . 
|4>rn fall an i<mamti]tr<l wmJl^ or lAf- 
c^mSoaa. Tl^r corioiidu on the nutoU 
•Iwtr aiv tfiffrreni; tlivrv «tv no flfiirrt 
ffPlbtdtUtirihcfiiHk, afldtbrnUoon- 
akdmhic Tiriatioft in rb« pfctvrt of th« 
*i^l f^^v*€ *" '*^ Wi^r"» ••" 'b» 
oiaatt^»Mf( kUbiir 1* 'kol ^rivd.iind 
tba fraw: 1> f>*^t ^^ m^cli nrttainriherd. 
X%0 k«ail af tl>« l»^r ■> fvuas"i ■' bu 
« aiqeb more ri fa i J and bnaiirul rx' 
DRttlonlliia tbat *n ttu Nuiunal Qal. 
try. aad n oaa of tie AdmI hdds H^* 
|Vih fftrr pilP(«4. Un the UbU nou 
b«r li a Jcirrl-tapt taifttd "f « i^A^Lv H^f h 
•liat at brrmd jh lU Thf plAari* of tbi 
Aowilff in tb« bao^crcwMl are UtMj 
■iifc ffci. «d (bcra ii no bpptaruM of 
«H inn ou tha cnnvaa al tbe «\ii*iiit 
ni^ltt Mil^nc b» nu oiMAiumo pr 
wdtHlnm J il* cbkifB *ru pal rin1>roi> 
drrvd { and ll»i> orte. thr irtl^ «f wMcb, 
la ibft .Nailoeal frallfrr, iippaarv to bt 
Aia*> 1^ fe»d hmvd bf Um flame of ibc 
tfadU.b4j iiitUlpirt«n Oo/roaf lo- 
wtMt dk« MoA«i ■It' 1W aart W n^n 
tbo uAb iaabMif a< tuvurdi t^ vfeil 
fbcrv ara no miul«al rbaraciar* oii tb« 
wpn iBuaBo bnb (in iW d<>«ri nor an; 

IffUtn VII tb« lei<«r, o« Ud*. Aio< (hi 
old luwod b«ld« in bts h«d. 

No^ ;i. Tbcn u« no jar* or dnir«ri 
in ihc cue on tbc Itfi band liia or tbp 
pb?liipc n*Ar rbi? i^iuicL. nor any irrwt^ 
ofAfivm btlov ihfl'^miUdboTe It- Tbtf 
picliircf afkT ihv (juacV art diffrrmt, and 
i«rt mdi'^tuic'llif ikftdtcJ- Tbv bnndingii 
K«u ihrtAfb Ibe wiuiJow arr tocoily djr* 
r«<ctl. M It 41k> Una ir rdij^riueiit of tltc 
■rindow itadr, Uia« bung no pUU^a on 
«Arb aidf of it« M la Iba Naliuail Gal- 
Irrjr pi&tun. Th^ UtUro P,C. (Pnnny 
Cock) ar« bol en Ibc oinij^rd ■nmau'a 
botom' Tht prri fnri? ba> iioi \ht wme 
n|iTP4t>on. and abe bai O'Tt lo inuidi haJr 
luBfUif doim b^r bauV. Tho tiila-ftagc 
i>r iIjp &iok 1* ^uitc pitiu. iniifad of mr* 
ins l<ifte lr»llir> un It i tbc ilcnsbiov* &0, 
in lUv bacb^oimd on tbo rlghL art djffrr- 
i7nt. K0 v« ibC' irb'^U of the niu:Uu7 fur 
*eUb\g ditloi'Atfd JoinCa. «liiEh irvalM) 
no4 «o lUatinct. 

Nv. I- Hkvro are no flttrd* or notci 
4« ibo ground ac tba fwt of Firiaflji, 
wbo bai no nag CD hia Ifll band; and 
rli*" Jitail <ff rbf r4^fi iri tbr [tifliiir ibnt^it 
lilm ia pta<«d liiftl^tr up Ihi boJj of Ctaay- 
mcdr. Tbr a/di vr Uic al^oiri let wbkh 
la ihe b«dp i* net 01 naiitcnlTLl. Mr*. Kov 
I^ab's foot if not lecu ^ thr maar^aejudo 

lirhft llir- Jjiirjfir hotdji \a III* buid Ca 

L^uiic pUiii, Dfid tlu^ niC'Dficavn tbr floor 
m Axfiticat. Tbcre are no IdE^ra no 
tb« <«t4^oj|U«, bnl tb« OM nrar Ibvbulut 
haa " L^t" roufbly wnltan &pon It. Tbe 
llfutraQathe K^rtrn art not Ibo fatncj 
ibn ajir on ilie nrmpr- r^jht appMn to 
be on Armmiaik aooknifa f>^ffe, iniCftd 
of a dxufc uf FiUch. TliC h-fa la licit 

Ncth ^ The arranjR»eDt oi ibr *Uf a, 
fawtt, &c. in tbti kn catatr b J^RVr* ui, 
andtberearc not «q nunjr of tbrmi Ibaro 
k no appAtince of Itticra on tbe paper 
tfl^nrarrlii Mlervd -*Tbfl Bafnio;* utd 
ihp i*d T^-flrolion on the foTrsrouod la 
muii^b Taiatcr. Tbe bad doibe^ are ooi 
lb« MUnCp and iho eomirv i< nor oma- 
nic«E«1. IV Wfi gif tlic Ajfuro in tbf 
|jT|»rA[i % dir ujit >ip]>Hf utt^vt Ihc fcmalc'a 
pnrlrait; and l (lurljiin of t&e Upeatrf 
ptcr iht wlndoiT iJ not torn jjiid nIHaf, 
uln ibf NtlioEial GaTlrry pik.tu'«. Tbcfc 
ii no lioa'i bnid imr the ns^J^ o^ Sola- 
muti In ttkK LipcatH' "'J*^ ^^^ liffiirra \n it 
bfi^4 very (tllfpranr aiiirrHium. Tb^ >L<. 
p]c of tbc loc^, wUuk hai btcn brvkcn 
off in bnrattnc <Jp^n 'b< door, Iln on |b« 
Itoot. but tbiTf j« ao kflf lo be *cea rwar 
li, Tiie ]if[1jl tbroBo on thac«Un|f by 
Uif] *AUbuun'a hatboia It diffcrrnl, aod 
ibo mam in iranl of bim bii a plain divaa 
on, inatradof oi'IrJpid ow. ind Ibcn U 
no bawlou iha cbair tutrhtm, Tbc bead 

»f St. Lube in tb« pictufv orrr tbe door 
btti A Ucge bmdi m bttir* br«d ii in 


fVjOf Aris. 


^'tvpAli?. inJ iwrcidlf ixmnuM bj the 
•Mnf* ilrapf nr. 

No. II4 No vIiaJow *fip*<ir^ 61* tl»o 

over tlic door Ihr diMractcm nf tLc l«o 
AeuFPt irc fDttrr-l^ AilltTtut ; thtj h«ir 

iflfs iiutmil of rap. and Ihc f irtfaor one 
|U4 no (hot ia Lt> htind. Tlicr* Jirv nv 
1ftl^r« on lljr Lit djriof upmli '^n thf 
dour, on wlkidi ilk« £dli>ir< t>i:Ll7 e*o Im 

djALiafTuUbfd, ni'd ibe word ^' liU'tanuiri" 

if not on tbe label of rb« boiUc. Tbc 
" Almiiu-^k'* Q\t tlif wull iipptar* Co br 

Ed«rr[^ ajilaiii pioco of iiarxrr^ Tba iHirK 

ha* i^ot in\ Icort on bcf Uic. Tlicc^twlc 

lio* no ti^UTtt va the (lial |iIaI«, hm nrc 

[ Ihfiv anv vfloanl ]>rc* ■"* l'"" ^'^^ '^lk<^ 

Kp« and tobaCEO boi a^c luil ifitrodui^ 
Utfr ivladow: and tbe nble, vltb ih« 
adTrr tankard. dUbia. Ac^ U nlaUd In 
■n r(i:rrftrnfElf uiklinivb^d ntu ikptj<h;r 
tihuuiicr. Tbii iiictutr. tli^>U|;ik piintrd 
ifitb liilintW R|drU, in nuch Ima /iDubnl 
tban AQj of the preceding. 

Ma.UitB^H, — A Urpf wiiidoviuWyke 
ItfgU Chnrch, Dciracc*bh(. baa Ut(t/ 
brrn ftUfd iiitb H*iitDd ; Ibhi, andrr nr- 
euHiKtdixiN'H vliidi ciuaut fsiil to nlfiird 

J ,pMt tal!»'jiction and eoooangcnicni fo 

FflU who l0<« our beoiillful old ^hurclitf. 

■bd would Kc llicm nitor^d. at far m 

niay b«. In touiftbinx of tb«ir f«nner 

In ihc »arap ft Ibu lait year, a mul- 

oiral inoi>iiiTii>nt vab on the piiiinl of be- 

'la(( rrr«|«d hj a, gfulWuiu in tbe riaij(h. 

llMarbood (Ur. SwalKcId}. in tbf infmorjr 

pr a ili'orucd reluiiv i wbrh lE vu au{- 

4I0! hy bk Rprtnr, tbal tnmf pirLiiIn] 

r^lifv mifbl nrrm ail tbt fiurj^ifi <ir a 

iMii^iuiftiiil, A&it at ibr t*ine Imip be a cud - 

fcridi"f*t>Ie omanvTil lo ibtir Chnrcb • 
Th<^ id» «af rradilj might a1 1 aad noiv 

a bmotiful MLwJfiW, f^ntlcd in bvt iiPUtt 
fwrirrt ttjW hj Mr, Will*mn»l, ha« juit 
I'bn-ii «oiii[>b^In4 ; onf] wbit it lOctjT, I 4ni 
rtold. b bVrljr to bf ^Un<«rd Vj uiullur 
fbr the a^mc (^bnix^b. and bj Ihc Mmc 
ahttf hiiada, utidtr jim^tfly viailar rir* 
f^niiaUM<<'a AihI I bkrr nri dmibt fh«l 
ftfirn til' ihhtii I' ^noim, tbi- rxfLm|iW 
«iU Lt cvffy«licrr followed. 

Il if nan hij-h timr to ilcKrlbf Ibt 
■fn4cnv. |irruiti.iK tl^l 'rom iti ufr, 
a*l tSr fLmK>Hrr of tbn c-xiipAfltnrnta, 
•nd ItM bctaf Ibr a!Ur irinJait, M vn 
Mri attoi^fthnr lo <««M ali^od r<>r llw 
r 9t j^ald b«a* h>t«n «Ub*d. 

n« 4 

t .»>.,.. 1 .,r .1, ^^M--' ^.1 ..- 


tktt Inlnv^rlrd ^j dhffimjkl iMnda, l:Lrar- 
tni> d oonlinurd tnicription^ that bi^aafi. 

ful portion olQniburii.1 •rriic^, •* 1 Lnnw 

tlM n>r IWrrmfT livoUi/'Ao- ihrrr ii 

tiUoed in the otnue Ught Ibe hfly lAm)!, 
ttario^ iLe biantr of ihc Cfo>«. ai'IiIiiii n 
vitirnrcd i^diiiEETfiil; ind in tbr Dlhi*r ftjur 
llxfclH, vbolvdrnt'fi f^il"'^> ^^ ^'^ Kvan* 
f^nlUl* vitbirr nincipipd |iaiirth tn tht 
Hjialkr r<i(r}j>tr!i]Lfnt<, abovr tUit i|)rin|;. 
iuf liTic of Lbe tiKido* tfcb. Ofc virEoua 
■Acred cmbTcukt and oraiuucnta Id rifU 
anJ |)oiirrrful colour* ^ anonjCiF tbctnt 
|icrbk|Ui. iVt <iitf*l '>( ^t, Mattbpw 10 tbn 
moti hfrauiiful ; i]irr« art al«i, luifUcr up. 
»ilwer prcrtjw, l|i>veri. Sic. 

\^ar t\r holtoiu nf tbr ■SnJot* L4 a 
Ufcrrl vbjfh fi4Hi-< thfouj^h Ibv five lljfblf . 
nnJ U ibiu Lnti-ribnl ; "la rariiiArijlin 
Joifphi S^rafbfbl. arm' (|[ii ubdil iiiij din 
Jaava/i)« uncc^, Rt^ Lxxiiv ;" ud on 
a tmall abif Id in Ibc cwUc are tbc f4a>Uf 
knof, Pf-r flbffron tuteii Md or. thrrc 
lioiu ranipaiic oountcrobiiDg*d. 

\ f*^ vQTtliA 0^ caution un tb4 «ijbj<c;t 
of uirinodal nbdowa torm tirirviutry. U 
triil Xnf obKrrtd tbal the iuoriptjon jUit 
^i«n it Iliads ■■ «bon ■■m«ild«, and aa 
It Qould hart broil id oldnk tiiDH^ TliP 
«rni> aljoj Inficadof bddf nktdc the prin- 
oipalobje't. an pSurJ a| thebnlUkio. and 
<^tnir in rory lufiirally, afl«r Ihe iritrd 
" um'." Oii^x* cjf trcDi maj altif ^tn r<r- 
|>f4tr-{] altfrn»l<lj vkh amHB or (rip^brr, 
M a bf-nler ronud tb« iCTirrU liiflira : anil. 
nqlvil.'kttaodiujc ibo uiiimlniCM uf tbc 
•fcwiil-i, Ibe pffrct vould he vfty^ twU. 

IScariu^*. iLtivrrvrTi *if a irn'Hj rrli- 
f[:ioiit ta^l, Piui-b ■■ lb' I^amb, Ibr vnfimia 
ktsfl* of CroaL ibf Ftticnn in litr |iirty, 
llv PTiivvn. hj. nrr, or at taaM MigUl (4 
h', objrrtt vrldrb a Cbriatian caniTc^a- 
tion mif^ti oniitcniplitr In thrir profits 
And lUc ■■■>£ niij be avid of bofUjr«. 
«bj<b indent ire fODoratly of a rclinJiiun 
<^hv>cfor>— <br otdvr on«a ImTariublji id. 
An' Itrvt tuf b« m'ltttplW with Kond 
rfffr't <njrr tbr wbcde of lAit window. Il«t 
noUiint voiild iwin to flituag ror, at uiy 

ral«, tbe tint ariai]*>v ot tht «4rt tq a 
Cburrb, m tb^ tfrae alrrady tamtioned 
lu Imvc been lAcil a£ WyLr, and wliifh !• 
W often foand npQrk lovln and hnttn of 
tb« nttddlp iffiH. 

bwl I iviui 4ts]> I ■Uboiifib ibrre b 

mudi Ifit lobrtMld. n^tfviaJlyon lbr'44in- 

tfiJl aubjccJl otf^ti^, I avnbl oaly bloi 

ihti U apiHTrir* Ka<lrr ti> uUkiI ibib' liUl 

Ibow: of tbf K«tur Of Vicar of Cburcb, 

wbiw- inrfAftT uid tmf an.| fiaanrd himb 

iali:b| br orfii»ft*d aftrr I1h< iooiiU of Iba 

tr^*-n[ Unaart. aod v^ianuUlbiu 9Btm 

il iftff tbrCluirck I* *likb 

i> miaMlrrrJ. 

\vilrta*C- J. Ml. 

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TUB UNUI.MU U4i,t nnv at rMK totivs*^ 
Airt^nnr-ii »^i Upline tif ik« ItaiT nil. 

U I .-«■ i>r \\y*- tc4-' Xtr^ SIxikI- 

t* . ^ coniddeFtkl v « fin io 

hh UajrMj bu ippHfd ifcv lender uii|ilf 
eonpoitiu* fee tic «hBa||e of nmcn, 

^tlvtj Ion bri*ii ^Ttiir^l fa U* r\hifiilit>n 
bi the )«Iicroflhi] Lovin>*rhicb ^ilUf-ry 
fhoritt he tbravQ i»|»«s Io tUv »orlJ. TIm: 
Kibf Ud frlvdi Mr. StAfidi*h*t rolltvttofi 
ibt ftUU of <'TH« En^ltsh Grdlrrj, "un- 
d«r ifh^t.-L doMpialioti Ui<^ >* l^nje 
A>iiU bf ilrt hrvHB hrMkr kiutwn Ia niir 
gpta tf j^en Vluin tf It h«ii1 rruinlnetl lii 
th«t (T«i(|oiMD^* fiDiUjr. It no^Ufilrf the 
4t9Sf aibatv the Mmi/f rfr h J/inrmci rx- 
ttodlnjE nhynt thnl fitint of tlir ftall«e 

A nfcicrtflioft his Wrti rvumract^l M 
CHffcnl. lu imrrbMi? tliv flr«itiiifi or MU 
■Tfuel Aai:r>> ind El:if!iU-Jlr, frnofrlf in 
fiflWaai Lmttwiu*'* ifJIflHlott. irilli h 
t^ at pLidaf lieu Ln the nf v c^llrrlm 
now ta ibfl (vfur*; «f Trrclioii b tic unJ. 
Vvrntjr. ITmFdnb uf M>0/. iffvi nburifanl 
at tliF Ar*i ncylini i* Lhv TUJcJiffo LI* 
hnrj, uri Mc liavr tittle iloubc hvt lliHt 
tbe otijMt vnll be Bc^MniilUbcd. lli* 
DMDtri viU thm W- bt«J tba i|itfiv« 

of 4ttffpv1ia|{ tlit*« rtn t ratt pCuJitft M l||« 

ivD frr^mt oMiUn bi th« >rt ol diwcu 
to br «i>Iii to • Arelg« tturC, or i?mi rlli- 
prnW kftfo nriflUA #on«Miaui. 

rft«Kii rAi^irijtft, 
At th« clttrcli of Sin Mirtno, M Do- 
h|;iUi, t «f«U bu rennttT b«4n iiAhttnil 

\j ■ )ro<mr Ift^t. tfltlnl Vmc^nM TV- 
Mtk ll< Itu vloplrd Ibf Ittir of Ctuido 
tiid HiimniJchiliri ia tbn liiMitr«« iif fiiA 
tnii*7ar*at tnb, in titt lanlf tpniiiAtry 
ofUif ft»|Mnltba>*tid l» tW beautiful 
■jpmriOB of the A^vrei. Tbr outlet la 
% ffrCMip of infdt foiard cm Ibcir vim. 
IbMAf Io Ibc prtfm nf morlJiU thai 
ikej aui| ticar tbcmso bmtts^ ThAtlte- 
MT b nU «tpm*ed both In Ifac (4lh«lir 
MM ttlllrttf |Mj1> of %tl\ pn-Mntbg 

rtflft, Ml Airtihnfttninf, liaf nut of ihitt 
fVMtnlHi htoii Li 19 itturr««(jk la liipb 
■4. |« fW Imi- ftiiitr^ ntrmni lif Ihe 
ircbn t^t|iOfti>t Ihr riipcJji, 1ll« fEiiir 

c«riUMl Viriici are p4iitoil. 

ntjU^MfurftO^tfr, O0odl«A Oi<f. 

MM, nUM^^ro— T^l»r,rMA <iifffen|»lJc 
■lU^iacucf* i< fupr^l from Ant bf 
d>*tr Fmcb vfui, urbo amotei kkiki. 

Om.U«o, Vol. XVII. 

ilitiei. Socli MicrJI *« tbfV b«J, liowpivr. 
lit i\m orifital Vicm-llol*, liRi «r Uiiak 

ib.>ii; bi^idn vhir1». the ruiteBlorea trv 
chifliv |wi^lkT en e««imviiiji] Itihici, and 

t\n uM >uLt llii^ Km^IJvIl (lamr, |t wouM 
hnc'arivtjrlE^r tobnicMlkd U. the S*w 
Maficlifeii4«n, Wr im chioif loctnccd to 
nr»E^c!A lliv tiuiik ax ■ nf a vi mm r<f > bipir 
n't, nltnl " Grp«Qgriiph]r,*' thf 4^oct of 
tdm'h i» tomrfriiat lh.'t«mi aichJna n*d 
wiiod-ctirnTLnet and ponblt conhbco 
t'ttuGoflhv iilvinlattft of both. 


Xtr Gotd Cvtm^-^Jt ucw 1it*-iio«id 
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from ihc Mint, vliicb. '"r chait^rwaa of 
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tu eicf«d Anribint th^l h«* hltlifirt^i bmi 

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of th« I'fiueo't coadoaconLon and nod 
irltl 00 Ihc Importini ooaatoa, Ij o hba- 
ra) patron*! e- 

An arraagcmeAC hai bom madnwJUi 
Mr, ^u\f. R.A., fota •?■!« of Ihf UId 
V<ry Rirv. JnmrrtU'oixt, D.D., MuTcror 

S4. Jrjbu'i Lullt^t Cmu1rriJ|[r, to l# 

iiiiicrvl In thr rhapd of lliat tnficij. The 
Lfurp will be iti a iHtia^ poilnre, of 
whttr tnfLrblr, uid Urpr th^n life. Thi 
aam cf J,<VHi fnlhou ItUk berni iitoceI 
njmn aa the prif*. vblcfa Kill bo rniud by 
*iiti<i^rj prion iinoDig Ibo m«mbon of Uio 

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i»t tiov of otd MagdaImP Hall. ih« 
grtatcr pait of nbJcb vaawu^a jt=ira ilncr 
pulled (ioirn» OOir formmf part Of th« 

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bgilaltnc, «&il a M-bool for Iha eh^HM- 
tn^ 1l is ftti vlmir^blc iiil^jctl. ^vtJ Well 
tri*4W hj Mr Blirttnii*) and rfrtirvil 

■A{FKird liji Mr. Ridilttfif, iFirt fcill »t- 
rtic urent mt*fciT with thole ^fhoroaem. 
has «ba( OifbvU no* Atc-and-t«»i7 


lilted ttitti a t»« of the EaCraau^f IliU 
uiiL Statbv UoUarj of Ibofiovilliia Al«- 


Prrdcrkk Uir Ore** mJ kW Tf«H4. 
BfTiiOUAi rAurBKLK Evjh JlnihureJ 
"Th« Pt**JTO«« of llty^." -' "Oil- ir»o- 

MnndriAlfl ot ihtf kitm Ciiil War in 

fram Orviiul L«tUrft in the Bodlfira 

The GLorr ^n^ Slianc of £iubnd. Bf 
tii AMrmcAM. i vol*. Btq. vi#> 

A UuEorjof Lhe J««f, from Abr«1um 

tV* Hintory of lbs KnighU TempTv*. 

0. t AdMiOM. Eni- r*V 6rf. 

Tfce AncMlrj of Hfr Majulr Qu«n 
Viduri*. Mid iif n» Ruj4l llrnKpfs* 
PfinfV Albrrt. By Gioftct Ruhmill 
PBK.VCII. Arcluiert Sto. Ifi*. W. 

l>4ViK*'i Fp1?m y*tn in tbo F«B»llf 
sf Munt. ^»ir<f. 

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Bf (lie lUv- II. W*nfc lA'ii.«iJi>haw, 

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« hrki Mttnalr of liL> Widoir, 4nd hi* 
Cormfoudcncf iriih (W Obfrlin^. Bj 

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V-Uki* FaMIi £»^' Ulc AJde-dd-CADip to 
liU K«»1l*4rj t)v C4aim*aid*r'in-Ch»*f 

UftD gf ihr Hciutrt jn India, ^. 

Ho«i> vt A HUr^Pmy in S<^rrb of 
Uodlli; or, RttuU, Cir^MU, utd the 
Crimea, lo in3!» — IOh Uy i:av>t' W< 
JflMK. ?rolf. Ifro. V-«i 

IW Uwt I^KppdiliM lo Sjrii. B; 
P. Iloxniii. 9vciU. «1r. 

fUnbbttt HtcoUedixint ijf « Sildkr of 
Portsoc- P]r W. H. Maxweu. «ro, 

Dt BvTT'ft lUBbl* lA Cffioa, ^n. 

Kimljtff of J rrtfCf4 ]ii»|Hiiiiniuciit [a 
CUm UtUt ihe Wreck of lb* Kile, 

J. Nca<. MMtrf, ui^r CbBiiii) Bj 
Jdon' L4' St^OlT, frp. I>f. 

TbtUloRnivUblr Pl«oc«'OUn*lk 
SouW ll>4iA*. Mni Smom lUutroti** af 
lUfki^ pHMM» in llUi«n uid fortry, 
Jht SvcoMi SfrtA. ll| V. t)o\riTt. 

jBrrKM«o?i'ft Hbtorrof CoKUrUnd* 
Vol. 4— AJlcr^lc Ward «Wr« D«n«^- 
»!ro. \U. hr|f M>f«i 'iU 

Batid Add 111 AU)«T- 1^0. 5«. 

Thi T*«b<tbot7 Yurir Keg1«Ur lod 
Mj«uiii«forlH^>. No- IS. ^. 

An Inlr^urnoii Ui iho nU]o|u(« «f 
PUto. Bylbc KcT. W, Snwku, U.D- 
s*o. fit. (id. 

Tb« Mrtiul Dwi 3lirBl Digallr '^T 
Wuouii. H; Ibc lt«v. B. Paojoni. 
1^0. hi, Qd. 

RtiOOttt (^ ■ Nn> Cdklatl of Shiko* 
■pouv'a Work*. roatMulAj noHpn* 4f tb* 
dfffVtiofforiair ImprettiaEu, aoJ |H>ia1iQf 
ouc (111? lAUly-iic<ioind mooi nf illustit- 
ing drt FUjY. rivhru, bad HidjrrifAiY uf 
ibc Pact- ^ J- Patwj: CoLLiritH K«i- 
P,8 A. Sfi'Oiid c«ltiloii» irilb *4«l.l*uu* 

***"' '*' •. . 

LfcUnd Tftit«' Bj Ke*. DnioifM. 

£i«. It. 

Th« )lmd, nid 0l^ Votms. Bf 
C, -SWAIH. ftio, 2*f, 

L^ilfo'* lloon in NocwAf. Iflno, 

Alphoi>«o Alg*nrt. •Drtina. t»<K &#. 

Lf^iAv'B Prop]i«n of BoUoitt, judder 

TiLf Prtnoff otihi MouoMlfii, > POflB. 

.V«r«/« o-d 7WM. 
Tbe Dlae BtUm af RuiUnd. Bj M»«, 
TftOLton. J roU. AU. itf. 

Tl* JiOntrW ; or, IhC t«4f and ih« 

Jaue*. Eh|. 3 toIi. ^o. ;Ut. ^. 

'l~br VrKraiit utf ChcAica llt>t|i|Ul> Bf 

ibc Rri. ti. R- CiLUo. :irv1*< Am. 

TUe Old r^nfl lUhivr. B^W-CamV- 
nXi^L. Kto. Mt. 4if. 

Old SU PmI'*: ft t*lo of t^ Pl^oe 
uid tk* nfa. Hy W, llftnaiftOJK AiK** 
WORTH, E«q> J loK fvo. :1U, ittrf. 

Pitbtn and ^u : ■ Novfl, BfTofto- 
voKK Hoot. Bb% 'f vnb. «vo. VJlb 
I Poflnit ftttd Mtvov nf ll« AwAkor. 

Ilanlnem, or tbit t«rtf. .H toU. eta. 

OhiaM o'M«u«r> 1^ t'**b oni*««' 
niik 41 lllttilntnni by H^ lu Unmu 
,PhJj(), « r«lL Hfo. Mv^ 



Lii€r^ym4 Sfi^nti/ic Inteiftgffiec- 


BmiiW Ruilfe I ■ T«te of Uc WoU of 

MonaUi, iiT«lt- BtJ. Alu>tok> VfO. 
10*. «£. 

tW L«M Ufooch I ttr, tBo HUlorr of 
MOlWv Month. 'J tob. lOf. (^. 

n* T«inii| Ivlarnkmi : the A^lirtnturM 
«r4ha Sawtfil Hmih J1ot>, Ibflr Ctopc 

CompMloB for l^ciiufc Houi: «on- 
Ulnhf Miuava* Fleet* at pcrmAnicil 
»t«rH*, ia PiMe and Vcr>t. Snii. Witb 
16 Hnir»in,(B. St. 

PopbrOnTCL or. UiiIp ll^rrfiiDdbSM 
VnOt Bt^jnib: «T*Jr for Y.iuth. Dy 
Bin. BsTKtJi Coi*J.nT. Umo. '£», 6tf, 

KiAMTimR'A Church llivlorr. By Ht- 

Ga<tPE*ft Diilne Kute of Fmitb Biad 
IVkocc ^4lDii [|ir AutJiort ofiUc- TrdrlH 
Ik tbe lives- •: ToU. Mro. x;j. 

EeelMin Aafliriiair Vindri r^ih^itu-iin. 
By Ok W. UAitvpr- h^p. Itii. 

ConiACDtftrjr oa tbc O^tprl'' Uf S, 
Thouaa AurtHAttH Vol- K Pflrt IL 
y^. 10*. C^, 

BfiiMT^incj «iiil FrfvbrUff i ByAitCiii- 
Mt» B«vvp A-M- Cunieof Uic ttitbc- 
dnl uf Df/T?-. t?io. lOtf, Im^. 

HirlofT trf tie Cbarch of ScotUnd, 

HpfCleaciik of HiMicnl EipoaKionp Kir 
U< E«T, RiCMAftO Wamnkb, RctiQt of 
CbelwgJ, Jb4^. Itfmo. T*, 

"nFopoPOTtiA. Th« Plcnuy IriFpird* 
baa of tbt Krnjitiirf*, aurfDllf inmtlHTfii 
from ih« Work of L. flAiTsmv, nvo.T'. 

C*mfetTmttt at Iks Rcfornteii, nrnl Di- 
lioMordie Ewlr fingliibCbiirchiUU th« 
E^MtrioMoflbr Oxford Tracliritni i hrlJ 
U ibe prm^ucc ctf C'nl<vbuiy, In ibc 

IW CMfruloQf of Uk ApO>t4t«, Bjr 
a« AvUoc of " PeUx do Udo.'' flfo. 

A L'htff* iltlffrcT4d b) llir CltrtJ "' ^li* 
IHottve of WkMfcuUr in |H4I> Ujr 
CiiAKi-ait KiroAkD SnuffiB, tl.D. 
fiiibvp of Wiachv(«r, &c. 8v(i. 'Jt, 

Co&iveniio* Scmvoi — LmU Chuirh. 
tro. ISj. 

Scnnoii* on vtiioiu fabjccU- Bf 
Valhs KAnqvii^it llooM. D.O^ Vk^i 
of IriTVibt Khd rb>[>(Aiii in Ordiiuirr lo 
Ucr Uri^RHf. iw. tOf. «i>^, 

S«k«rta<t froat lb? 4ni Yoai Volnmct 
«f PROciU KterRkOOl. BjrJoiiJc Ukt&iit 

NnVMA^, B.D. Frllowaf Oriel CdlTen. 

Pu^>chkl Scrjnocu, By the Krt. W. 
OHC«L>:r, M,A- Pr^bcndanr of Licbrtdfl. 

Plifa Sermon*, hj CODtnbiilon to 
TVtdi fofduTimc*, vol, 3. »to, O-firf. 

Villifcn Cbiirob S^rmoni. bj tLr Rev. 
FftAHGiH Jc»?ith, M,A. FrTfictuil CurnCo 
of Moretcik l^aknay. \iaio, ^. 

SfrnDOEiH pnurhril kt Hwrair, \a tkt 
School Cluf el ind in the Pwiili Cfcuri.-li. 
BjCbcRflv. T. II. SrtKL. M.A. AwUt' 
MC THMUroflUrroivSckitHi). ApC. t3mo* 

I^Tv ficrmoiH. S; lb« Rev. Tiiomai 
Apfr4;EM, M.JL. Ac, Irra. V. tii. 

Six fUiii brnnnntp By PalLALKTttK¥< 
ISma, 9r. tiif. 

Tbv Pn«cJitiv *>f ilic GojipeL a Fffpii- 
raUoo forOttrLord'sComtD^ : b^n-moii. 
Bftbfl R0T. e.B. t'l'^iv, D.D. Rpt;ii]» 
ProfeuArof Hcbrpii , iUt fHfnni, Brci, ]#, 

A SctUiuu, juauibed in the Cba^ivt uf 
Limlwf]i I'jiki* AC <hf CoAMtfAtion of 
ihr fibbop uf JFTUnlvm, Set. 7. 184t. 

HflfrrKTOftlicPerrVnuJ RfignofCbrinC 
% J.Tyso. t'Jmo, :tj, brf, 

of Ibf- r<ifjriorL i>i Ihf JctTd In th« Qmi 
Crtftb of the M"iirt«r» Ulktorr' Bf Uic 
RfT^ Alexa.vorh Dallam, A.M. l^nro. 

GKAUtn'f Blcmcjiti of GciifrAl Aiia* 

tfliny, witU Kol«, bj Gi. llh a*. !f *oli. 
tf%o, 'J-U. 

JaH»' J.Onirri>. llltMtmtfd bf 1^ Eu« 
Erxingi ind WvitdiruiK. 1 vol, -^tt. 

A Populor Trnili*fl od C'hcmiitrj. By 
E. SftriaKV. ^vo. 4/, 

^'Af cm/ ItuSoty. 
The SbMi^ (Low** lUiuiniiontt of 

thr Di^itoairi? ,\iiliruil» of Oirtl BrItiLln. 
P*rt t^-f Mbd Ito. 'i'U. 

EauEk- Uutb>, (Jaaoii<a'* Nttniat- 
kE*4 Llb.j Vol.:t:i. ^. 

Pbriil'AjonrcAlfor 1«4I. BTO.Ti.Cif. 

Johk'* Flora Sflur*. O. 

Thir KoKliib Coiitii lutloD : * ptipubr 
4-'nmme^lAry on tbr ('uiitliluTioiiftt Liv 
of EiiffUail* By GioAcr tkiwTkiL, 
M.A, B4rH4tcir-4l-]^ir. (fio* tr-#- 

OrJcri of ibe Court of Cnuncvr;. By 
S. Mii.i.c>. Uf. 

l>^Mior ib««bd«UvorM'illt. B/ 
R. Ai-Ltx. A«. 


ZAUr^ry ami iScwtiifiv htfJl'p»c€^ 


A FrikctirAl Arobis Qmrnntw- Bj 

[UoimLi ou Cburcb Arcbitfclorc, «it^i 
lEluMniiM*. Bytbc Kcv. Jouh Locit 

Tbr Muniti «f llir Cbuicli, » Pou 

P«fU- Uj TuoHJi4 llmnT. )2uw. Ok 

CotlwiHi of SvitccrlHud. !»- 

Tlifff Vir«* "f ilw To»tf d I/iiMloit; 

■iluoii^g H before ilic FlrCf lli« Cffolbxn- 

liiin tU«U, «aJ it( RilEth. lithoipBpbcil 

Th9 Ttliubtc- C'dHtiUod of S«iikknl 
MinoKTlplM, m*'k t>j iku hN Sir lUbtrt 
rtiftinWA, Oiief JiuUaof Bcac>l. Iim 

in April. aiiIcw wU I>t pritHtv coatrftct 
krcfbrvtlir lAlof M«rL:h^ Tbvjniuj QOA 
be ttava In Wftlin^ton Stml 

^etrj auil buttkeof lb« l£lU>etkia pc- 

^o bem pUccd b thr bu^iU nf M r-Leigb 
fioUkCbjr for ^ik' by nartbii. 

iTxivibHrTT i>r oivokd. 

Ntn. \v^ 111 <JofiiLK.4ikpiii ic nti* aifrcnl 

toptnloatflr ihc UnlTcrntT I'bnt the 

«Hl of ^li^O, t(' W ri|i(nilr4 lu hooU 

HteM n tbo thinnitv Prcw, for tU 

Urm af C«dii<|t«i ««%». BuUdof* : 
and ■ HkepoB •! £150 lofe* «pmdi>>l in 

mlj Prtw, toward* iLf firrmitlloii of a 
lilirnfy In the (?okini af New S^ciland- 
11if *vltfCLkon of the iix>k» I41 W \rtX 1o 
tl» Buliop* of Birixdon Qsd Xcv Zr«* 

•V<w, 37. In a CnniroMtion holikn ibit 
lUj. tlic UnWfTtit} ?K4l w«* idiuil to it 
niTciDl frt>M Ibc CliiBorlldir. MftMsri.A/id 
Sfholtr* of tlu LiiiTrrtilj of Oxfoid 10 
Uw CAicaton oi l^ bUJ K, M«fe^ U.l>., 
fl4Qo»«n*iC4llrf I*, ftirlbn ■nm of IQ,00nf- 
EM* 1 |>Tr Cent' >l nsruiUr*. btiLWtbcd 
bj liAitt ID lb« UollOiiii Ubimry. ^ISmcv 
MaHi BMKberi ^, i&>.\ 

1W l£«^ror vf It uiiit bM 1mm |dcM>d 

to pmfeDl tc (br lTatvtr«4lyp itiw^ofi 
■•A bj Prcfcifor Fkj*tH< ^wd Ur. Bun* 
jtoh'* ua Ibr Mwitf/i^ ( dtv 

Nofii#fn rM>t> of 1: <^<^«. 

Tliti«pkadfti ToloiDp i.,.Mn 4 *c<je< 

ftttfaAdl]! coloured mfctw IW fr«^ul |duilfl. 

■Hit Lutui- 

Oet. n. Tbc Rct. iohn II jucn. D ,D» 
Iff Kl. Johfe's Cakf^, «u tlHted mto 
Eh« offioo of Udj MtfKiMt'* Pn oobOi 
«ac«Dt bj the c«Hii)D of tbc Kci . Ktebof d 
Nwtoo Adann. D,U. of Ailu*> Haiow 

Hit ScieodIio Trttp — fubjrd, " Hv« 
CXll of Ahf&hvn." hoi !>«« idjudMd to 
(be Rcr. TlintDu CcEnitrds llnoklBM** 
M.A. pf Con**^ Cbfu4i CoUcHt. Mr. 
Hinltiivon boA »*ir f>bliijinl tLb priio 
tifbt tJfiiei. njuarff* U ICI. 12, ^^ 4. ^> 
^, 40, ond II- 

Tho f(tllo*it]f oofifM^a aro inmowicrvl 
fof (hi FriJ'« «* Up riYHnt ytM . — 

I. C^liLfirrJWB foid bwUl fur IW W*l 
Pocta on iLe ■' TV B^tk ij ikt Pimct 
</ H'ofr*." 

3. Uor^llfu Cjmdm*! Piiso. ■ boIiI 
mrdjd, fi>r Fbr Th^<I nrrcvr iii L«iLa llol- 
■nirlrit*— lultiiii't, " Cwoibil RuUDWum 

;L MrimWrV PHir^ Flrtl, two iiriiDCa 
i.4 fift«vi jtaivcHi T*fb for Loin PrH*^ fur 
ilrr Biicbr-lDTR : ubl tuo piioi of ibv uupt 
iwioufji fur L'lUtcrfnilunk*. Thv fab- 

\9tH VK. f>r Cbe Uwl.rloFi, ■< Sono'tM' 
r»»rffrTfl»*M (ci>r." Fnr lUf L'MlngrO' 

Oit fr«ft' /111 Hfpponrijil dblvfc,'* 

4. ^' ^^'> Uronikkc'* |Ui«K4 itf iLtnfvId 
meJalt of five [vUifv Ttlnc i I. For boil 
iitttk Ode in Wiatkia of floy^^o, i. 
lUft Loliu Oda in iniudoo of lIcfMT. 
J. Dnt (irccfc ^dtT»n iiftrr tb« Midcl 
of Uw Aotboloni «nd iht boit ttfia 

P|Ufiitrn flFlrr Mnrtul. 'Hk* anli^Hb «#(^ 

for 1I1L' Gn^L Od« . " itf dl»ir«i« ib 

aornfrrrM." V, tor ll« Uibi l>d*t 
'^ A'onVoniofo tttiHi armMt m Aw^am 
«r#^oc(f-r." 3. Por ibearvtbBf^ramt 
*' U tqhmtfni{ wmmU.'- 4, ForUiol^ 
lio F(ilgnro, " P^ri loonto fom/w 

;, "Pir l%)nOD jirliff. Intfr**' of 4(1(1/, 
ftwk. Tbesubioel, &h«kvp(?v> Hmrf V. 
act if, ocrbp 1. W|:ln«lki ** rj I'vr*, 
sMjl*' «ttdtad^N«, ■- Ulifltokuumhv 
EN!«9ftai bm »dv«oUfvJ ' 

fi. Si«timlitt|iriiO|iO0tt: vabiccA, '■ THf 
CVon piMlfd 4m th tUtHt^yt Mmm* 

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l^pUlko^orJ l«ltft > ' ilNllbo 

|in*ob« to ivWm i>' ; f«Vy oJ- 

drcsieJiad ■ireodrbr'TiQi^.T- sirMtlDlnl 
fittli Ibo grM tfiMlH *htib lhp*f MitflM 



TUt CMtenahr Imi r«c«in4 « migu> 

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pVaTtTliOAM llhlfvnir U^A. of JmuiooI- 
I l^Va W UMAlvd kit Ui« tUrt« |itr Coot 

■■THl. u HM B* lh« bioiliLiti^ iif « iwv 
«BS oC thfi Pabbs libnn U CMitncUd 
fot Mid tkt w«rk tc4it*ll} bffQO- 

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Alb«n h« 4lw MMtol tm tht aom- 
ttllliiellwiUBOfllliNL IWcvtivertpElniii 
•tfvni m vm 11*00 >L4fn Af in^oocj;. 

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« vpXtfndiil bfbi III OifIvIv Lo^Grrinllk, 
va«oulM I7 NtiHrktit-. tv Ktou Collr[v. 
»ith«tef*e44 Ibu It limy U Hjic44I in 
Ika i^7«ri«bML Loril Caiiuing liiu qUj 
w w ilt l iht «<Jkn viih 4 buit at hit 
fMhfrt «a4 l^nJ Ugfironl irilL omc oT 
Id* Mdv— «b« vialMv. Loril Nortk* 


Jiachil mil Lltna*/ [wbliittvil i« tho Pbi> 
liMspkuAl Truuaiabt ^ 1^10. Ths 
oUivr ftojil M*4]j|], aai hxtiag bren 
iimrdfi] rn Ihp dtp*rt»ebt of Uttbtnu* 
U(v, WA4 i^M^ed In (b4t of Phpi^d, In 
Baton Uo4jfki"*oo. oi^. F.U-S-, of Mao- 
0I1WU, for thk* )p«pcf, cnilUoJ. ' IUvorl< 
juMiId LUiiUtri.'h«> 00 the StRBfin ol 
riUir* of Ctfl Inv ma oOicc N«ierUl«,' 
|ioMtili4d Id Ui« rbilovoplticHl IVmhc- 

Tlie lolbrbi li < tjit of tkc Nv« 
Caonoil I' i'midmi T)^t M^t^oKm of 
Nor1b«n)fitin. Tirojiirfr — Sir J, W. 

/ulalt Armul, MM .' /V«acit /?dhV. Mt- ; 
W, T. BfWiJf , c*<|. ; llicbvJ Bright. 
M,0. J W. II.PWioM, M.U, , flirll'^. 

ftq. MM. ; Ifl/iitia /^irmtrf, Mf . , 

6-UM.«^,jfdiirf//.*H. £../,,/!.. triifinH. 
J/. /^«:p|i<, nV' ; 11m Rev. Bb^bn Powell ; 
UfOTft imtttt.tty^, Ucur.-CuL >\'llhiirri 
II Syif#i TAiirVf* JrAhi/^oiif . #1^, , R'l', 
Uiliiavt irii4mr!l HJ>.. Uot. RoWt 
Wlttla, M A. The VdIo«» wUmu immci 
nrv priMf it Wi luUci Trcrc iwt Member! 
of tiux iMt Council' 

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noliotb BoubfTtot.' Ttio Ror>l Modal. 
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!£■&«, M.R.K.A». of lliihlto. for Mi ms. 
■tatr« ralMlod, <1\oCbaaial Ulilory of 

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Ibe IfiUl number iinotiiitnt t*i L-U. Tbe 
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a proiforona lUU. A haXLat took place 
for \he oooooil far tbo roiuiiu jrvr, »brh 

tbr rliairunn *4B r^deetnl PmtiJDiil, 
ond bo nnmitijUrU John (ki^r^ii CbiUrcii, 
0M|. K.lttk, ftnd HnvEll C WiU«on, 0M|. 

I'.L.6-H Vn'o Prfuif1(*Eif.M- J. RffnalUi* 
CM|„ ntid Mr. T, Sunioin were fH-fln^rrd 
Trffl'iiiinir inil I,tlirftr1iia. Tim niombori 
tftnivflnf* ■1114ml tii^thfr iir iho Crown 
nnd Ank!hfir T«v<iq, Scrwid. 



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of lUlacd aUw rofVAtJT nroctod in tbr 
, ol M. OcoflfT, flinoiTt ttfUio, 

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3rlMblUi. wd brawbl to Enfloud fume 

Kr" 0^. by Ami Uor^H» of fCif . TI14 
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bbrior Ttfw of iho Choir «f Henf^ri 
CMhcdml. and Bhcnitti Ott Kormu Mvb 

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■il<t« now ifl i jr o g it w > 
J. iX ium«dV car]. r.B..\. auitf^ • 

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tnr* TcoratiT dlicoTrm do Ae walk of 
liUp cbnnbi OiiWMoR; whMi vm 
mf<cinn|wiiu4 by (<ro Anwinn hy J. A- 
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Kni» tlic .VdontloD of (he M>cli >*d <^ 
oihrr the «rigtiuu(olM>alihTEt- Micbirl. 
Tlivkr act m iii^cd to Iho mkldlc of 

ClerccDt Taylor Sufthe, <«qttln^ of 
Maldt^vnr, c<rmmiflnlntcd ut ■muni of 
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of kII ktfiil*. foimij in « fi^td ctlW th« 

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fftt. Tlie n>D>t rriMArkiiMi' 1V>4<ijtc w44 
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tUrfr HhtiAh i>r (UubJi. cue of «htdi k 
rff lilirr, mid l«d of ljni>i [ ilaei hbitlaf, 
yvtUty, t,\m, ^c, ViuKt of Ihf rqmnin*, 

ay Mr< Charks of MAi'dirtquei verr rihi- 

/IM. 9. Mr. Conttf tn ilu eliilf. 
Mr. DftD.hre4«y cihlbUeil i trry Aqp 
Mnd p«rr«ct f^pKivrn ot 4 ladj^'t ^dlr. 

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tlic tlnUciith cfnturir, knd«c<q lDlb4|iic- 
(Ura uf All>Frl l>uivr, Ac. It ffvlftlii 1* 
oumtttt and 14 marked iuride A P MAR* 
(iKTA- It WD brou^t frott rulocnr. 
uid U iww A/r baTo in ib« lundt «if 5lr. 
J'^Vfcr. d" Wvdoor vUwt. 

Mr. F^d1knerm«cMcdidr>*ui^ciftli« 
S40VP C'^fTiii lubi^f found at XoCliiiiiE lljll. 
but not M (iirrrcl w Itiat iiablliilicd tu our 
Atafinritf for rStncmbcTt p. 4ti'J. 

John M. Ucm, «o. commnnUaud a« 
ujcoutil of I0III4 Orvidical Rtfmaiiii \a ilic 

Qobrrt Col«, Mf. o>miioDicUrd fnxa 
000 uf t^ £jifMn«r I'lpen difpcrwd 
*%«■ llifl recent btdo f^it wu Dckbralnl 
It Sommbcf Utraw, a nceiM o| 6ir 
HbWrC VliuT, OoldimiCh m Chdrioa Ibe 

nrvlf ictfedf aAW Utt Ri^Moniba. •■ 
ilrHrtbnl Ml Mr Kdvird Wiftcfi accoant 
of llml rrn—fnii1 Tlic total umA at 
IW aTlidM coiapi w d fat lb MnMtafl, 
*limitli<r«1 ff :m ■''^t " ^i-' "'I1I.C7 
r«biufri nf U< < pltn* 

Itnr Gk*W- Ki»( 1 ' -f .\r» 

JU«f ol JhJB», MnttlMa poUixi i4 :A« 

fiarter, »ci^Ur« (kimf* Ave (Sartwi, 
M*«nl3r-liTf Bodfin cf Vu oHcr of tbo 
Bdih. *]f htrm IfiM*, u^ a f^v ofhtr 
ftfiidn. Tbtf rtovpC It for the lum of 
*,soiW. m ran |«Tineti, tiod dM«d V9 
J«iu. Itil^V. 

The llrr. Geor|« lltnry Dathwood 
ntissBnicaud • copjr of IIjt L&lcsdar of 
Prianncnt coBunitf «! to the Cude of Nnr- 
vich for high trcaMTi. aArr th«< imvrrotrioa 

in NVffllk iri |£M, S^r lUlph llitr* bdn^ 
HljcTi .Shrriff. Thii had refrreaotlaBoma 
tiocnmeiiu fornirrly <«QiHiaoloMod bj 
Mr. Hudson (Jumrr. 

A^. If^H Mr-GurncT jn Uir (bur- 

An airwK nu read CrC^n 1h« wPl nf 
Iho tato Ptbtr PrallintoJi, 0,1). wb#r«b* 
to faaA beqneaihed to thr SociTtT btt 
uAnufcripU and Other coUccliinH ruUttMf 
to the liwtorj of WofccBlvmhirs ; an !»> 
dian cabbd, oonbui^Tviow oniioalUn 
fDood Id UTcPivHtianhin 1 taHoiia pdMol 
bookioodpuDphlebV print* uddcmrintti 
•od Ibe M^. of tile old iail:|uaff U«* 
liinfdnn.Mid tk* oldf^rat vbldi baloBfad 
to tliit memorable iktnna. 

It «u anti>u£H.<eiI Uijit (he Arat Tolmao 
of the M«|Qt UotoU NornuMuv, or 
NoriDftii ]*t|bt RoUa, cdU«d for Iho SMbty 
bj Tbonu ^t^Jatoa, 0*4. r.9.A. i« ready 
for debTcry ; lu prioe ia. to Followv of the 
:^ooic<r l-l*.; lo llMpaMlolHa. 

Mr- C\ K, Kmitb KMealod « pUa of 
the HoiDUk Bnildi&g 4l»«aTfrod In Sruih* 
los Di>fim. Boiiiiblon MoMhoUcA, Kont, 
ami dr*enbc«l n Ihf <oniaiwiiekii9Q of 
Mr. Clonenl T. Sujtlieobnrv-tnfniioani 

Itobm Lmont cm, F-9.A.nblbtUd«i 
lACerr«tinE tirtitUMt ittm rlie rrr^idrat* 
OandL and Pellnnri of ttv Etoral Socirlj 
of L«n4on to Kin* Crori^ ihc'Firtr. ]| 
«l4fM th«i Ibe Sodrcv bul been rbulere4 
bf Kliij: C'btrlei ibe SMond, vho croMrd 
Ikrw li<w»n« lo pwabaae bntfa rn B«rt. 
(n»u, bfit cbM «biM Ifac puriig of tMr 
potent of la&HfMVikop omr«l vtll.di^ 
poted peraojia bM deriaad wid p^i^led to 
ibo pcCUinnort oad tbrv iua.-ru>ni direr* 
laud* «m1 liReditAiBenUi «nd had ^reo 
jrvcnl aunt of tatnwf for Lhcir u; ju a 
poblw bodjF ; Md die fladvtri bcibg do* 
airoiu «f IfetMilpf the iboie in lW moat 
tivrmaAtftt itrm, benccfa bii UajrAtylo 
pool thom hl« roT^ Ikoftce to boLd Iho 
■aid UuAa aaJ birtdit— uti, aad in pur. 
ehue and enjor for ibOButm «Dd «ue- 
n<H>n rur crvr, auob loonota, toudi, te- 
aemoau, Ac, u ihry ihuuld rhiiib M la 
orquve. or ni«lt rrcettc by nill ar do- 

oic ihuuMnd ronfii <cicioa k 

alftird bj <w Ihmt \ .. ^ l^vMcnt 

frf tkr K^wiftf \ 4nJ nprtwiMt ta du plot* 
«hrre t«> cr«al anil hit b«em afiWi iW 

loUo«t*v Mpaivrwoccv, !■ ittlUloa 


Socieiy of JntitjHttrits. 


fwlW), HMitMtMiu, M. Kolka, IVm. 
Jai*iL John (irovhv, JiinM Jarin, Tho^ 
Wklkln*. Kclni. tUU*;, Jo. Uftrvood, 
jBial>Miid,JolLii Uuklu. 

nMc pcraou oom^tHuud the mikr 
pm «# tbi Couiril of Cke Svciet; ■! th«t 
period, aiul >t t« Tcry bcWooi iktf ft c«ll«* 
DOS of ii|B4ttf¥* «» (cirtinifid in *dtmc« 

■am* f«|ir^. Th« uvM 0f>>lf I. Nekton, 
Sir H*M SIMM, Willuim Joao, Ibe 
MtnA of N'cHtoi, 4a4 CiUier t>f Mr Wll- 
llMbJMiHtliirOrWBliliit. Mdrtin Kolkri, 

sod EdMuid lidicy. fiiG »iactLlftrv«b« 

I* tlu> ilvnimnit. 

A H|«r br G. Godvbu jun. P.R.S. 
•bd a. A. VM t^cn rosH* «& c«rtjim 
■i«rfi« ilJfpo^erijUc od ikriont baiUiofft 
tnctfrl ia the mUdlc o|ei. About 
ikfM 7**rii »K0 Mr. Qodntn't MUDiion 
■■I fint itirtcUl ti> tb* niirioii* fjifl, 
thti IW UoDUi bolb initdc and iiQUliif 
(iu«y fTclrtlunnI bptJdln^ in EnfUDd, 
bora a prcnliv mark or ttttt. evidFoUjr 
Ibe WMk rtf ibv »riKEii«t mufoaft ; «std U 

OCCUnrJ lO liim, I)ii4, it ihctt muki wcrO 

atB&«Tc#r odkcieii jiiid r«iiiw«d, Ihry 
ttlfbc by pevthllicy ftrrte to dlinlotiiuEa 
ih* vnrioiu band* of «|Hr%tt««* Inuiwn u 
tte P^ee-iUAWni, t^ wlw^tti, hv bclirvn, 
«« w indrMfd for to latoj (iikc biiliiluirt. 
Durinc ■ rHvnt ittit tit Fr^nc^r. Ihii IJr4 
«n ttnBcthcDrd by ditforrriTiie: on »ain« 
baiUb^ in tbc aticinii tnd vrr; mletat< 
!■( diT •< ?Mlifn (Tu- Si. Firrfe 40*1 
SL HMntandc^. MniunbTT oltbnc matka, 
■any ^ wkioK urtn prrriwly the ininii 
M ht kul tprevioiutjr tiFuniL in Kn^cliiniL 
Cefki of uc«r wcm vthibitcd, m abg 
•f BiBby«lb«n from ULoucfMtr Cbltinlrvl. 
MafaB«*b«ry Abbry t'Luivh, Briilol Ca- 
ito^nl. ibff imnrii church iif M- Miry 
R«dcKir ia 1^ umr Hiy, Ifir ('liuitrh ai 
Cfarenctfiter, Chr^lhim'^ i:alk£? nt Mia- 
cteiUr, PiLrpcKi A^bfy in Luiicd.thin, *nd 
iKberbnilitian* tod the nindilfncn wrrv 
|f*ibt«J (int. AtDQiV"! tbv mark*, tthUih 
Tvy in UDgth fmti cw to ia% iiichca. ■'<! 
muiykfetwu MnoDJc? tjmbaU : Uiui^tei, 
4»mA truitfllo, onbkwA at rtH&itj and 
«f Uw Tri*it}. (h« i<rckH, In nil LcniigiM- 
bie wieiint Ibf Bqiurf, &>:. The l4iU< 
fonu, «o narly tymbol of ihe Chnutan 
tf^imh. Bcmr* ia ibo o>Bm*|H buth ttum 
fruna tod fiasUnd. Ur> God^r^'i diirf 
«i^ WW vUtnl Id br, kiaiplr lo <lnv 
■Ueslm) 10 IW tict, ao OiM cotivctidm of 
i%9 fifM ind{hl b« nud« in Hii|[l»d, 
IVim, Aful G^rviHiy, with i viw lo (helf 
brii« kimiti«»1«l ud OMApMrad. (S(!« « 
M«lc">f M. Pidroa's saaj on ilii» n^ 
^ ^It^. f. 4*7.) 

\i .^ SiuUi comniiiilcDlcd a 

papci iic<^rwi^ the dtecovnlo iv^dc 

ilunnr (be prciirnt year on tLr ilu of t1i« 
R«»l KidtKnjEr>tl Ht- fioi't chUfrfi, jinfl 
inCarnbill- Alffait Ki^-hnfigi*, ll»i» iiriHiipul 
rcfthiK of tlie (h]iii»Y(-fic> vv tbtf ditclo< 
iiir« o| fc fiK ntltd wiEh 4 grtM v^rkt^ oC 
inlcrtatini: obitcli. Imbedded in a wd of 
aninal and TrjceUhlo nuEtcr. Ovrf thi4 
)tit bud been l^infwa 4 >JiBtvui at j^r^vclf 
two feci iliick. on ahLcb ymte f be faunda* 
lion* of buJIdincv. 'Hin* it 4|>|>cat« UmC 
oricin^y thl» pit LaJ bn-n dof for crsfd, 
And Chi4 iihi<n thr Roninn (--i^j luJ |Tro< 
m«ed TovLifdi ill lUatu, the pit wu 
nlltd vich rahbith and rvlVi<« frcmi ihA 
adjaintag ibdpi and boDUWi and r<ini]pn;it 
fit Tor buiMinj[ oit by the layer of gr«Td 
KprrAd i^nr. Tlu" pirriod at vkicb fM 
znir tuppotc thfl city lud rotahMl ■» far 
in itt fvrruichiiifiais en tbo aeifkboariDf 
firili, va*j ht iniUcalod by t^ coin* of 
Vfrnpuian knd liomilion. af vbirli «mnl 

vefu fuubd in ebv |tit) vldi oidy r>nr of ■ 
Um liDiF, nanicif* a plated df-niri« nf 
Smiirui. Tht vrhi^tf tltr L»f iht Kiohangc 
ippcdrt tn har* Ivrn OprrLipinil bf hoii^Pl. 
tbou^h Ilu ciauakia of time, and tbs 
lund of tb? iJiTddL-r, luil luft nir iracn br" 
yond the iirattervd nHtprialiti wlLrrr]>r ti> 
point to ibalr arrangement, or Ihr oourwi 

of *erCPU, 'rhe0t|J«4t< rr^nvfroil from th* 

roaicntft of ihe nil ar«, a vnritiy vf Mmdnla 
of UBlh«rH will aalUd. madv nsUl khiI 
|pf1. Hlih Ktkutuii^ worb ri^nn^ ihr 4idr« 
pf Ihc f«f. Tlip^p ai^Kar lo b*r ■ uprcirt 
nf ibr iliIJi^ ulitpLvil fur pui'ii a cIhiiaIf u 
thnC of ftrirain. Knivr* : uf iht^r a vtrirly 
mer* founil of diflltrcat sluipw: ihr moit 
L-iLi>uiii. |Hrh«p», KTC t|*o»« rr«r(nbtitijr Uia 
modem nj-alnel 1 t«<i Iwfar tlir cntlen' 
Mjiiiir*, our otwbL'b rciJj.Ui-ONUVS ¥. 
the oll»-f BASS, 'jf I'VSiS.. ..Pi Ihry 
lidf« riue* T-> tilt endi of tbr hindlr. and 
srv tTill lapiti^lr fif l^iriif poEith^J nnJ 
■hjirp?nfid HtfEi - x ^rmX v^nriyp fo|tcthfr 
vitb innny Urtl ond i«in iinplrnnHifH, 
fthkh bore vttihritlj btvn ivil in tlir 
arti> llkongb H may mil 1k^ w ra<y (o ap- 
prit|jriiT(f> iliciii (c jurtiriila/ fiibrioilioh** 
A nuinbrr of Irtcle wfltid™ iHiplffniriiU 
an nitE amoos ibv leatt jraft<«img af 
Ibii multTfunoOi JepMlt. Thtj ic- 
■tmblrt rhr liirlr |iipi-f» of nmil ntUl aacd 
in rtic' \Vcit of England tn y»rn4piiiaingt 
■ml Kiat OiPj •rcr* Airnieilj 4pjtropiatod 
taa luottar purpo** »pp«*" Dor**horat*d 
by the fan of tome AltoutaU of noot beiaf 
Ui«ub«l to ov* «f ibuw uniler «niid<-r« . 
liPii. Wf «jrr iMTT TO lie*r the lariUr 
nUUj IhAt Itii cirrtioim lo rvai:uc time 
cib^n-tfl. *o tWtitifiirr nt Vb* anHniil a^la 
and manken, vfr* oppoand b^ perMini 
v\n> aLJciEtd tbcjr »eic iuiiiuirtert to do m» 
bfibr LiiiiedGrMbam and City imprvv** 
iM«nt CoinuiLtInu, to the grMt cbaCrnrlkJtt 
of hia lonrcUa.— 'At lia iwKiioa of ^ 


Aniifutrut^ RftHOxku, 


ruunitacho*! ai mi i iftaibt bafUUnx *«" 

witb liLcft IwtntT-fowlMbctf •miire, ftnJ 
frvD itirr* lo Mur ImiAm tUck i a'MT* 

mni, vroqght iAraloNnd IvMtfllv, itHl 
InftEMfa CdI«> uf tl«in«iUia*, DmeuIjhr. 
udValen*. wtr li»BMJ. wliick abe* Hip 
kiv dixcc of llie bwldlDg. 

SiPiimiT«jc. slmii l4iikclviliiKli, obtMiii**] 
frDm UaroHil^ •« ciliLbiCf^il. The hgiurv 
on tb&* «wp, in bi^ riluf, of Iwo »4va4 

fomlMUii ■ fiHukr*) pule |>«rao«t hM* 

liif t«<o hiMlhis >pfv>, iCKvttiOr mixk ot 
■AiBc«lftl foUaiP. line aiUrutlf bcvn n*l 
b« nouldi, oful Uiea •Ami 10 t^c <ajn 
«iiMrvj t« tka KDkPinl Gliu-«(l<a ni tiioH 

Frllo*! of th« ttw^Ply : RiclMrd HO|ik^ 
AUmII, M,D. «f l'BrliaiDMti«lrtt4, uu) 
bth nf V«1lin«lnrd : Pnuifi* Wnltt. Mq^ 
of Puribinrat'irmi. unJ Vtfict«il'>i)«orv. 
WrtfuJUAljcrt frLntcr of IIlt LodJoil (!■- 
Bctte t OliiTT Andcrvan* o^^ of Ijncoliia* 
In«, *B(I of Vvrfrunl'plan, BAm4tcr-M 
Uwi t'b*rl»Wllluw£|dc«.cM|. F.G.8, 
&& «f the UAfWOD, l^b*i1iMd( ba4 

Georf* ftmiUi, vaa. ofCMmbomnr. Corn- 
ell, P,lt». afid il^tt-M.!,. Uwoutbcr^ft 
J iM|<iinf* tGto Blbbc«A CbieouJoff;- 

fbt. NnppoMii Ca be <b« f^wM «i » firiuLa 
fouad at Stamrarln Riiei, i« l840,Miri 
bunac Ibia iii«ri|itiDn ; -f iK"' Mvtf 

ctr InDronim tVc. 

E. Potnu, ?«|. P.S.A. fommnukaileil 
■ dnwins nf m lii«>lia«dM np, of «oU4 
bmu« ftniaJ mr Ttbbr, «», Ptnbrekr* 
fiboul the jrtw 1934. hto iboiLt tfarM 
wdiM |ii«bu ol *bfnit fanr Inf bei dlMHi-w, 
■Bd vavUas omt\f arrfi Jb. Hie rtr. 
odmltciTMe to wnittwd bj pttyondiM- 
Ur proiectloQ*. Witblm It «Pra mno 
motalUv r«mak>v ia|i|ia»>J to l»tc boM 
e«ui* (ttiU «« tliibk impro1»blr), whkfc 
MOB ouoUcd l« duM. 

L> N. Cdltiiifhttn. «aq. PS.A. mU- 
bM#4 ilv»«iAn of two iUImMh bofe-nEUfi 
cihttBMl Id M«j Iwt froBk offioof forar 
rakWUt in Ukctonvrcf llrrrfoH t alike - 
AmL Tbay vt tbotti U kanbr* b!||b. Ona 
nmottU the dacapituioii of Saiot Kalh- 
aaloai a^ tho okhar Hhadnab. UafbuA, 
Mi Abailftcco Is ih« ifvy /tatnini. T%a 
MMr affv npraaenlnl u uk«il cbildrrs, 
■^ nkno* iUrfw«««|le4 la lli»*U 
lifavdt rb' f'*t ^fetffi »« Mnnw Uwht 

mu »bT ibtf ihanlil b« rthfMad of^tf 
rilvOBaionaH lan^aa* iaw iW oodHatniM of 

It b dIAtoki I* «o4a«l0«. 


kwahood tcfnki^le«lait>ebnl«f ■■ 
Mttmtl, Tic ; ra ef>l cbif««l*r M lh« 
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Sott* lUcACbli of ■ cofpfO |tt CToaa 
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Af Alfrod, 1^04 In Bvoad-aln^, Olf. 
The rercfM bc«n the mon^mm of \Am - 
don I Ui* portnk nn tho ikbtt na to t«> 
markobla for bit^r In a tttt anptHar 
Kflo of wefhfijaM&t|» to Iboae liHbtrto 


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colli Bnd&tt or Otollili cilof, foiad it 
AlfrWloa, la Saatck t oiu la of ^f> Ihe 
n>t of kJ foU. The Ant to ntoln o« 
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nidff dtojointtil knna *ti1) IwwttH. Hc- 
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■non and falchly ibiFnfdii]; t tvo tpe fH- 
fiofoialMd ny th« Iriten nv onder a 
ItorMnkid f>a thn coo<vrr, a»d r<iu, and 
aoM^r, on ibR o>dtf4 ridn; tha tbifd to 
of rirda worh, >>bT. a vrratb and ^iirfc, 
frv. Iha d^)omi1ed Wiw, ihoire iisr, W- 
uMtb a wbotL 

Mr. RoIhuT RllloiU eiMba«<l ricit nmoII 
EoU firstiih or UmINi cMnt reiud aJ 
nncnor In !^**rtp on* of aMfh of taialt 
mndiito Hvott cf tht MmP faiallf at t*o 
of iho*« ifvmt aiItMiri, <a Ie rvoda in 
Ittlart af U« fabrto roMt laoihtf of 
l^« hia He ItBod of Mttfoaa «f Sood 

Mr. K D. PHoi crthlMNd tl« Itnp of 
lead tM|>re«e4 «1ih a 4it H* \^tc^- rSrc 
«|n<iitoinGet^i, Mar, f ' i'^".) 

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Th« Pr«ia#bl lb«i mil d F«p«r oftt 
Ur|« «lic4 lufiUI of ibc Kidc of Oiiiit. 
c^lbltal bf Mr. Ni^tlmfJcc Th^ 
BttfcU U «f niMorical ira|Kircaac«. n rr* 
cvnKdt « <jlica(« ot tttk of ibr rslf«f 

IwlU. IG wv Kmrk to «imniFmQT>l« 
lh> wiiiptio* of th« tiiln Rdl AvtlinrHf 

if KJnf. Hr tha l^tiuv hot<Jtn^ tlia litlr . 
ef y*nh V^Mkr, tnd rt^ntaiU thr mw 
»«urcli cf 0«t« tn th« Htm jvir |if Mi 
rdfn H hn«, with « rrovn niion hi« brail, 
ti«4MiKn ofitturb vwm imtiMf tntnithnX 
^ »oAC of thr Bimpcu «rutu ■! hu 
e6«rt : U»f tttt of lib? «ailaiM i« luliAD. 
TIm meilil I* * rrtfiArhaibU 4fTlaiioQ from 
thi prftfapt* of Ui« \1d1niif44^ftnrrlicUf<. 
wUeb frohibtU Ihc iBitntiaa of Uvinic 
Ifeblgf , ftbi «aprci&llT ef bmotit beta; ■,* 
Tbi i*»riptif« in ^tnUn ia n* foAtovt. 
** TIm mltttw ia htlwr And fold, thmuiilt 
tht cnce or (bp Lord vf aJL Imuutr, of 
Oban «I dia Hrdrr-GhBii (tW nxniiiEnir 
of ialUtb) of rbo hoou of thf Lion cf iIh 

■^4 is llie jr«r uiic/' Th*" rii^frv rr- 
pftMttU tW irw of tke KiBK of Oodc i 
two Boo-dMcripc Jioiu or Ugcn ratnpiAt, 

HWOitinf t«Q bii»nrr«. «aob hc«Hna tbo 
takaof t A«h; beimlb. t«o Ath lur- 
MMVliiifC ui oniAnmiil icroil. The 
boonpn Hrr •rrAntf-d liTadicV^^^ ihoTQ 
■Uch.Ai ■ n^hl, \» the rr^ <rQvii. Tlitf 
Artreury thvo tMid tho «c«afld pojibn nf 
Mf. Ili«fcuv'« •bborato fvpoit o« tb< 
Suon fOJH fonod M Cncrdale, and tbtf 
fto^tty itd|Auni*d lo llw ^fh Jitnn^ry, 

Afl«r Ibe bofinrtiof ch«T cipqioc hul 
rtartrt the PiBtidnil, to tht- atrnc tml u 
thp r»fB«it of thn 4ulMi-hf»n. pr»fa(cd 
lo Mr, AjiCT«is, ore of ibe HoonrKiy 
Ntfrcuiiet of Ui« 8odvir> * inip; vCKt-V- 
Ijelv " rir.rfrirhfl Vft^niKi Sumfooram,' * 
Ui H ' '''i.rto< boijud In morocco, 

4iicJi '" -tI ihii't ornjiniviitrd ink' 

■tHhl wf |M('L<^r lEiArli'S an fnvrii>|ie euto 
idd Hdifolio ijI (rcMi iiicirOKo. in token 
of tuir HAptfrt iiD'l of lltr ifthar lli'jr 
mttar^ to bi« imK in1rMtt«nrit and a^^Unty 
la fimardlnic >^ iniuoUi of tht ISoclnij, 
u W4V AS in the xlTAnccnwiit of tf'wrv 

* It U pWi*£nf t» wKqfh id^nco Vid 
kiH«lM%t ■rblull; brr>1un| tbrwifh 
Ihn* *lMBrd iiifrralJtkii;^, nad for thia 
^pij oftrr na«o«>, itp vt |dt4Md in 

hiar^ui ■ mcvblbr |<of lr*<f nf lh* ^rhjl 
OTRfTf^ WngengTirrfmtblifOTifttry, 
ftft o nvrk of «ttCfTiD fvr ili*t rulfv * Dubl« 
WArtiionr dwi«c tlic m \n prcri<<clJiic 
tbt |>fT*e«s lad pr^pcrtT of tl« lutkiM 
vbo vcfT Iiiv»d*l4 t^ UmtarW 

Ot«.MA0, vouxvn. 

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From a pUuih^ liltln OvU« to lli^ 
TowTPof Ix>ndoo,COOipiIiKlbT J. H/nrUl, 
and juit |inbftabrd bjr nuihorti? of the 
MMtAr.pi>fi«ind nnt) HLMird of OnhiMnM, 
trr rtirut the fblUmog iTitpr««tin|E >"' 
formailon TnpfClfbK tli« cuilutiiin lent. 
■nd thoic thai ynn rtnunl, from tb« 
rr<rnt firo - 

TtiF CIrauJ Stonhoiuo irA«dVnioJ into 
two prlnfipAl poHiofu, tbfiTmioor Af- 
titlvTjr tad thr ^lAdl-jinnt Armory. The 
Train ■■■ ta nun^d tntn bii^ba Hpro 
uuj ai a vtorr.rDom for Ih^ firU tmin of 
AttklVr^ bflfbrr itt ninuitl lu Woolwlcb. 
Tb« SinaU'irmt Atantiynui ■ noblra|iArt- 
mep 1 ftbovc tlip Tni n . r<(CiiiiT i ri j[ t hr ahDlr 
IrM^lh of thv IniifdiEKf . At tbi! tinir or 
itt Jpftriif-rion, tbli tnam itonr ronrniac^ 
upiranlv of«iilf thousind iNn^of arm*— 
m*><iD(l4, carbin**, find Tirt«- 'Pxrro 
■nt ilso 4 cOEi>idfn1>l(T [|oaatltj ia thr 
Tr»tn iKilo* Mid In Oihtr prfinbm fonv 
nrrtnl niUi lhi> bulLdinff. The total 
amount Bill about ■ buDdrrd tbaiitnTid 
ttiLinL Of iirmuuifpin muanufa thfir 
vtrr in itiirr |irevloo«Jy 10 th* fir* 1«*Wb 
thoDDUd : HpTrn thoQ»and wore dHirojr- 

fid. FBrhlnnUlf. hotrffrtp, ill* ««rp of 
■rm* w»ii Fniub brbw thr nvcnKri nnmliBr, 
ofilngtothc rtpitl tupfli t.f peroQuloii 
ifiu4qnft« tn thr TitLnu« rctfin^nnfi. Th^t 
avfraff it aboul ivo buiiilrrd iht^iitind ' 
«nd *vuTctim« iti« amoont wv ntucli 
trealrr. 1nlM:iO tlL« nnmbfr «■■ >1e hu&- 
drvd tbouAitd, 

Thttrr^ w<rd aUo shout t«only-fiv thciu. 
mnd htyourlH. T*fnir-l''0 (bounnd Aint 
lockip icvtn lJiou9«nd iwrtuaioo loekft^ 

And a hrxv rjnmlify nf bttln, «liTi|^ Bnd 
pnu('hr4. tbr whole o^ wliioli brreri li^H-o 
drvtro^d or rrndtrpJ uinpfvUraliJr. The 
Itarrrl Roum.coniiiinini: aliuut rtiiblT'flvi- 
lUciuiuml bvrfit (Enuvqari. nrbior, and 
rifle), bciOjf tilual^l in tlic Invrtfr puft of 
on< of the old low»r«p cinptd injory. 

On fntrrinjf tb« Urand acorcbouaa b; 
lh« milrdl do<irv*f . wrw* t^m twn huftf 
trophic* OD thp right »mt Icit of a htnd- 
■ome «La[niH iHticli gnittd (he Ti*iii i<j 
llip SodEJ^armt A:monf aboi-e. Ti»it on 
the right waa the '* Nt«l Tfuphj." (Wo- 
piHo4 «f a UiK* anchor liV*n «1 CaiEprr- 

ib«n br AilnlraJ Dtooto fl^^ '^'^^ « 
coiiaplf uoiji ftcnre i& tfcr ruin, rtlainiiir 
tta poiilion amidit th* fonenl «tpcIi, MMd 
aMOiinc lo art thf o1finen(a at dt5ai]r«): 
thrttefriajf-whcplof ilirVkruiry, N*l»im'< 
ihlp at TnfaUar , pnrt *>\ a oiatl of the 
PMrl friRite, lincularly perbralMl witb 
alibC frpn a Spaabh ihlpp ^\r^ aba finally 
i»|r1or*d J th« fl(pJ«-h«J of the " Mo- 
nah^h," 74 pra atip, «^»e iFmow mtT9 
rvcordrd on a tohUt bttlow {chcM thrva 

jlM/f^hiTfjitn Jtt»e«rr^* 


tnred Aron the Krv&di by l^d llovt m 
tlDl I »aolbtr of brut ukm «l GnaAi. 
Iaap« ; tmt »C brMi «a4 iiMi, lAkn off 

1^ lln^Uf in I'lS/p firl«*rii MjijUuii|Ui: 
wid GiUiliiluupc by Lord Kiidiii:) In 179?, 
^ $*ia1 Vi»cr:itby ?^ir J, Jcriii in IT'jT. 

bj NtiwiJ ai lliK NJl4 :a t:.'/t Ami aJ Tri' 

USnr &a i»oa ; vith a ^-^rtftf vf ^hcht 
■flu ibol of T«ruiii* »itc«, (lii^ nUif r nlpor 
tmpkatiitf of BAV^l «>»rf4Lr«. Moat ef 
UipintM««'icimorUtion3itiIllJlC9W3 |iro- 

The *< MiliUrrTroiiliri" on ibc ini|io> 
■i;« MiJs, vu fluikrd br four Une hrtM 
■un* iJadmI uprifbl uLiut t£« wdl, 
Odo ct ibr«e luvattlafd iti poiilton lo 
tiM) lul. [t wt* me «f lira captured 
frflui IliB FrCflch m CliirbounE ^u tT^P. 
TbOf irc both in lorr ^ood firnvrriliorL, 
tbrir onumcnU, md ui«<:ni]Tj£i(i< '* I^ula 
CtiM4«i d« hoiulMtn, f'omtt' It'Ku. I>u4: 
d'Anra*l«/' b*iaf lUIl tb4ri> wid tkur^ 
The fiiher iwd ^dhi iIbo wdl iircHnrrL* 
iDihfitU&d orjAviin Ui\. TUcoliitr 
«tielc« ccotpvaiiic Ikd Inyhj wntaltw 
mof ur cBpbTcd brWiUum lU- nt tbf 
tf«a of Nanur in IGM (ihb ItknriK 
•lood immoTvftblv la Oio mUlC c^ tie 
rvluj i ft utfiTe ivi\, oX bn*it Ukcn At 
ll^nlLctjn ID i^Di (dit)clidvau«d) ibr«M 
(uni captured bf G»n«tit Wolb in I'lO i 
nthun uUm Ml GlbraMu to \l»Si in 

BCTUlinl^lt at VltldiUto ])IU; aud 

at WAtcftoo in t^l^; oortarB UWu it 
PondicherrT 111 i:93 and tt Muifkiuk in 
IBlOl «l(b k *trUl7 ot minor iirU';1p*. 
fuohu >hell«. ibolt Miufiurtooru, «ilU 
plKM, Ac aU uuir« or Im b\]aTid bjr t^ 


Hm uacnc gim* irm |dMnl ou the 
Icftfaauilof tbtEcnlnoio*, hi tlif Mlostof 

1. k e^wiibcRil^uB of the (iiD« of 
IleurT VL uadc of hv% «f lr*a mJdcd 
loceUtr, vrttb iroo hoopa «m Acm, 

S. Ao Iron pa (^ abottl Ihi lino or 
Biirwil IV,. ho«r«l- J^B >^ '«'• —^ 
piDftded »IUi litifi In bra U bumdoiM ; 
the Hncitp rvlowj ofaomcMcd vltb « 
Arar-do-lj*- Thfvt tron g%it$ ore con- 
fitrviitriy LHdo duot^ed. 

3. I^ijte brvvi fi», of <l4 t^* «f 

JkiUT Vlt. gnmie»l«d wkh ihtt nyti 
mmt^ sod lb« klof'o bo<\(t*, th« portral- 
Ik Mi Anr-do-lfo* Tido pi* kai -uT- 
te«d mt^f frma iho lb«, iK« hroech 
holunnUftiior.Md wich dui vt dooe 



4. K IVRO ^'ini Gb«»bfr rm li tbc 
yB«Dr HcDfr Vllf. liwM list In tbr 

wrwfc of ibe Uorr Rom. o« Spitbood, in 
lAlu, H«Ti»|U>Mi^ faoUointf (W 

rticoftral Kma Ui« ttiwk «n<l bromH >« 
tlio To«i;r, Kbm li wu f mm lo iuuIii|d 
«DiilWr ptotti uid rrtHB ivhiob il hn t^in 

^ Hiloirtt ih* Urt««t piece of ord- 
Divc« li Ibe c«iUcc(km, and wu popukriy 
liiioati b^ iho umc of ** Tbe Gr«M lUr- 
tj." U u of bno*. owl mi|tbbl uptt«rd« 
offriv Ion*, 'f^fvriod l« UiBl oi Hno* 
rj VIII- vhooc tailuU. vitii tbo ^Utf 

1 ^4'if, anJ jb« frnwiWt] rai«, *m Aaaooc 

iLa orumvE' upuu lU AurfaK^ Mul(o ; 
" Arconu* do oreofii*.'' The Uuxt^tt^t 
luuu " Ccioco.*' TUa piabu lUiT^rtal 
fmUjr fVon the ire 

C. A bfw AainW fOn, aUii Ihrvc 
bonOiCWtbythc " fee'd-nun" «f JI<nr| 
V|||p« Fotor HAudc, a PmAdirnan. »on- 
bor^d by llniuuh«d 4ad £iow« t liit mw«, 
'* Pktiv* Oavdi GAtirit" appcirisc 
amonp the onumtoii ov Ifaotufril. ll 
it cmbclljflhdd vJtL ih* bw*i bulfO, of ■ 
rote (ro<n^, ipd i&Mtibed vlthlEe nf>i 
ttjrtc ud lilJt*. Muidl diOi^T4. 

7. An ocUaomJ pea, ef bnu I ncarij 
dcocrojred. Tbi« l« uuilur fwt by IV(*f 

lUndo- U mhi mdo/n<d wllli lie ntj«l 

traaoi tho £aur*dv.lT>« and ibc biai:'* ini- 
tial, II. naraflUftlod bj » ctoitb j iritb 
tbe dftiH IMJ, and tk« ioUiU of ibi 
foandev^ um*. ft 0T«r ttte loucA-lMdc. 

«. Aiaall brawfuotintii ■fttn boroBc 
of tb^ rarljr |urt of tb# rcio of Henrf 
VIM. tb< M|pOften of Ibo rofd anna 
bdu IW Di^^oa «ik| Gnvliuund. A 
aouJl frumiat oiIt of Uk gua baa bora 

t». RpuUb fiHi, of WoH, boarl^ tli* 
auie, " Carou* V.'* «lih lh« tnpfrul 
OMlft 1^ SMoitb anai aapportad bj tlie 
piilm at Htrcidc*. rh^^ ntntfo -* pl.Ti 

OTLtu.'* and oUiPr di^riccu. ■■ Opw 
lUadn do Iblut, Mtcbfinlw.o h*«d 

10- A unall tfbainbfr tm. of bnmt 
ti« of Bliab«Ui. N««lr doittvrvd, 

II. Tbli«MaUaii<iMjnLnirUlit«wlod 
batrd, ind of Ibt^ rftr, faaorib«i <■ Kd. 
iv«tdw««itva," aad ^roasvAled wlihtLi 
blnil'a h*d$r, a r«a« mnottaAtd hj tlv 
forfor. It H Mndy 4*iir«T«4. 

U. A farMatf-pAnndor fon^ daip t4MI. 
with the Apirv of o fng on the harivf, 
wjd ibc avtia, 

Icfc #iu( «iid vprinji 
MHn fflnd ifariA dtky . 

Hunt M half, 

li. A inott baosIifuA fua. tmir fm 
llnrr rriuof •< WalH, Mn of iunM IW 
Tint. Dkui It^cu. It «M HU^Iy «■. 
vnni «t4k rkb «»b«u|«ii. vhUi von 
Uic^l »P<«M«C«d«»lteiMlr'p««tufMf' 


Arai^uarutn Htnarrk^. 

tlMb«JKM of Laarlet ViMpe of W€]«, 
thi Inititli " C V." Mil a iiiHctr of or- 

TU»« «i irdl » ibe iMt, ho* bcctt bunt 
In 1«V «od kU aryumti/tt dcCMccd. 

n, A tM|H>r. brut ^rt of Ibf rdfa of 
Chuin II- Mitb tba*rordii "In D«tfbQA»" 
Otvt Ibc Mnl wt. 

10. A iWrib no mill ibrt* bon*, 

taMHWd <• Ufl Vo'nuni-' M Ibe thne 
of 4(«m Atn^. UMriog itto Ji «blrid 
vitb ArvB tUttrw^B'lft, uid ilir fiuii« of 

m UfcA «l tbtf )»tt»e of lUinilift. 

17^ A -M'por. br«Mffan «f thff Uuodtt 
MiIm, cvmienM vuh « lAilckt «■ be- 
Eorv, uttl WMMi MllUtrj 4f*iMti Ha 
Mine" L'BmMllon/* llnie IMO, Tbu 
bPVedl burnt «ir4T ud tbr fan athrnrUif 
oueli I^inrM. 

I*t. An tv-fn, brua nin of <1ir tlmp 
otOnvcc II. rvvirv^. 

19. A 43j-ir- brtW cm UlM at Jira 
I* |ill. Tb« iUkO clOMf iffKlnit (be 
•hUi «r*M of llMTma, mJ Kj the falliB|$ 
dfa Ivge i|ft(hljlT of tk« raiiu upon il, 
hA taa «uodcrlu)iy pr«*rTTMl from Ibir 
nam^M of the Arfl- Jb oruBntritB &ni| 
lh» fVfnrtQt ofl lu iur<v« ut itilf tharp 

fl«J Plvr. Tbo bmiph of th« cvti i« Ar- 
Irni fe<l. ihnJ SK inaori)ition ia Ttraltii 
IcOiu&tM Uki "Tbevovl nf Ibf »ut- 
taa RAnafii Atbuet McJlJfm Kl ll^cn. ot 
Ikt couMrj of lUtAbonc the Sijiriil, oil 
«Uc1i btf pv^r. I lK.1 oftli* llt^lm/' 

Tbr fnllDwilig fVit v«rr f l9r«d on ihr 
qpt «hle *f the nJtmacr i 

W, A Urf iron cwi rrtv^rrvil from 
tlv «rrv4th of th« Rojal r>ocrf» fn iHni, 
Hot trMllt ^Migtl bj tho Arc. 

Ih A On^h ^fl. of bnpB. btorkg 
Ihr inTtiiU of Cknitdn VJI. Ph»i Co- 

•^J, Vc*«<i«n ««a. bmvi ornoimUCil 
«ith Ihe emu of the rrpahtlf . 

i£l. ilteft ft-fvr. Un0 c*"*, of Ihf timr 
DtCbcrfM ir 

94 otti 2^' fuel ?4'per. Ln*« pin*, 
ttbVMM Vl^bi Uif, Tbfror« enbtl- 
UdlH wich till- arini of Si>Mn and the 
ifun of '* Auwti Itobn/^ Tbo l>r«vrli 
iMa lW foTiu od m \arm dsvcIioqI, •ad vt 
iMCiMon Iclb in liol iU9j were wi i« 
dvn^arrhifolT^ Both IfasM band, 
•^v <»• «v *nll b ffoo4 «Uii«, 

iM Md f7. Too Ikotitn, qf HtHluk 
MtDwIaeun, rMptnrcil from n TurUA 
fh^Mr. Onf of Ih'm b bumr i« half, 
lia oil«r In fooil prfoomUcn, 

4a. A MM ^4-Tvr. itm, rccuf«rtd 

Intn th« HTC^k of the RojiaI Gvcrjrr. It 
is fHII in loloi^fy njod cooAdon, 

99 and ^(l. TV« «J'|Mir, bon tmboasod 
(iini« MklDl U'ooMoh iulTUlf froroMme 
Pnoefa ^u uk« »t ChCTbouff la I7&8, 
9Ij1] in fOttd vuti.-. 

n««r nnaoonvM Ihe rvttUt <iF tin 
TViin. tUAfod mlon^ thv nsJli v^re 
Part of tb« nuinmtit of tht Hojtl Gvarn^ 
«1lh ibfi^ moMfflKft aul olWr umalirr 
r«ba* from tha aiKnio tmmI i f re«n(fd hy 
Col. Pukf, U. R. fait flfftrojo^J- Tito 
I A la. bruim«nari, Pfeoch : viltimrtliA, 
*■ Kontnlii rtiUo*. atd JnbfiilAioanilt' 
lix'-^A T| in. brata mottai, bored A* 
■liw aholti, Thoe arv not innrb da- 
«NR«d. A .t-por. bnio* nm on \U car. 
riacr, — Ljonnit or dc»iJ rbimmC'do-frtK, 
an cpgiac fordeAmdinKa brro^b (fii^nred 
biGrofo).— A Cohoni rn|jo« for Ihraaln^ 
riMlb.— Ono of ihc guru •inciilttd bj 
Hr«1aarT M Kt-inj In ihp T>«rt In tL« 
ilwt of Kbniirtli, " EdOik "f wood, Khieb 
rbe Kn^lib bciiI m tbc th^t- of BotiloEno 
In Frimct flmip. Hrn. VIILjj «n4 b* 
lbi> iiU>tilc«Klp iricbout kliich thef coolJ 
not ]m(c tucir^cdcJi tbrj xinKk ■ lerrof 
u It ibe apiMniirir of arttlUrr, aad Iho 
town vaa lurrrndertfd apoft anUes-"— > 
Th« clurini of iVic " 9tMr Kollls Dno- 
m*f/"— A i:rm|K fw hntloiT •hoi.— Spoci. 
fn«nt of bir ind link abut.— Ilran nor* 
ttft, whciU.ite. Of ihnp, Ibr froadon 
CuVi tho drnmom'v cbarloi. tbo dietom. 
<^'Tr\*rt nod tbe Colmrn narrinfc an dc- 
flrintd: Ibe r«4t mciry or 1r*i lanufvd 
by the artion of 111* ffff . 

On iho (-nnd ^t»lrntfr, trblcTi f/oDtcd 
the minincr, ivm » Inr^f troplif, ^dtd- 
po«»d of alBioM ^trj nrivty of trvipon 
of mipitnl or moJotu wflffnv- In front 
upr* t«o keuk drutni «ptape»l by Ibo 
l>ith«i)r M,LrJr>»roiicli at Blrubeini: which 
arr ijr«urii-d- Biitbi br^u fon« btkcn 
at Watflrhxi, which 4U|i[iorl«d thp trophy, 
ham hIio bvfQ wTfd. Pour of ihvia 
malnUiwd tL«ir poiitlon to 1t>o lut- Of 
llio tr^u vhibII ciaiKiOfl, prcvonl^d bj the 
brwAfoBiiddn of London to CharlvB Tl. 
ufaea A bof, to asfial ham to hb nUbUry 
ttudlr*. miiP w*m corripiia'jnij bfforv tbo 

tin bnl rntrfiod tSiU partof Iha hnildlBif. 

Th? t<nib hflfl brvu rfarr duf out of tUo 
^■iDi murli dmoa^, 

T^t 8in4ll-ttraa* ArmorfKU chidtroc- 
oufiod byrm^ki ftir nmniirt*, r*rbiac«, 

Ac. rnclfMif; fion rm^ to C4d <rf ifao 

raom, ind ttiln^ tt high m Uie caUInK- 
On ibc wdb wrrr rar^frd a fml number 
of vn* *f rtHwil^'h* ptitfMv. foTAinf v«- 
rAaiw 6nrifnl iloisvib— lUm. rrovnt, Iri- 
anpha! arfhp«, lb- rtrtn^ ind frittnctiu, 
Mtil««a'« hfvl. JiiplJT in bin ch^HM 
dnaii I17 ruftlirv, A^nrr «f « bpln. lbs 
fwc iwl <tvi>n, iMd tv A^nb* B7 Uit 

j4n$i^variait UntarcAer. 


lut Mitatorj (Uktn immnliatcljr bcAirc 
ihv lire) (he numbntDfthoe vtrc w fOl* 
h>Ht:— PhWi, i'lAhi^i Daixblc-btTttrt) 

SUl^; Spr^ti, irr;^; EMe«i, U5 ; Muqoc- 
Uk>m ailli t»Fau bitrrli. ?lOi C«rbiEiM, 

Back PlRii-^^Ttii (UlnicU,9:ti; Uiunii, 

k\ibA Intiiialli-raiin'bm. AloiiMl ibr «hol« 
vfthtvt hnrr l>«r« civtiiojrd- Ofth«tvci 
LLttuiftuU plug bii^uiit^, tltc liotfuimuf 

tlul ATTdt not ■ nurlo one rnnfllQ* la a 
iwrilpct «UAf. Of uiB piftolt «ilb intTTd* 
•bic butu uitl Ibtf brAM nuiqodtaotit, a 
few iwrfccl »|)ecl(ikc»t «tiU nn&ia , hiWog 
bcoEi curted ivaf or Lbro^n oai of (be 

winrlTtn hrfHrr thf iirr rvddir^ thrm, 

liitriiijvrtrj uiiimj: tlif olji^lctc amt 
OP Che •■&IJ» urtc 4 fciv ubicicU uC urtMrJ 
inurcal anil antiquity. The L>rtncUktl of 
Ihcvr ftere : thf S^lr Stfvidi, of Jinlirv 
Anil Mcrcf, cArricil bt^f^rtr iLn Prrtm^r 
vhin jiroclnluiKl in S«>llBnil m 17 1& ((he 
InKisrr of thnt iui bern recoTcrcd from Ihc 
ndoa) I mji ■ nnmWr of muiiutU and 
tfUicr irtnii Uli^ii fn>in tb« SioUh rr'wln 
In cbe mme jtar -. mcierilor (be uittcni 
tdfiTfiU wLih fifttolt in tbe orntrv. ffjoktu 
(■f bf H«nlnt«r, vf vh jch. bo««m» Uwn 
ntc uLKiijr uKjti ytftttrty^ la Ibr Sluubclh 
Annorj ; (In- Arni«tit1»n from Sir Willijkm 
r«kxnij Sif JohnPbcnd, Chtrnctk, ind 
iitbrfit con<ffrDc4 In tbt talrrdtJ a4**Hi' 
n«lLOPi>fVUtUm 1 ] I . «t Tomlmrr Grr«n ; 
4 at>Hr muqucl of Ibc gnavtl o4 Ttfipoo 
Stiii, theb«n¥lflf nbL-li, much miidlflinl. 
hof b«a due 9V ^r (li? rvim ; Ibe fit-A 
IaoiI DJUM|kiet Ki uj> lu Cbc TiJitcr, viil 
the Ant apiiroipd; vitli « ^n«ldenib1e 
Aumbcr ot IIInhJAnd (a«ht (odaII iron 
■utoli} *ni FvrrgtB »worda monnlal u 
buket klLl4. 

In tb« c«nirr ot liieroom w«fla(;i>inr« 

Cmphf . roniji<w«d of fcroii and othrr mill' 

tftij ubJc>c(R CH^m al Chtuftn, oalf tH up 
• 4itr or tvo pnviouilf ta ihtt Are. Tha 
lou of tlUi u mofb In b« f«g»1t*il. ■• 
tli« artieki bcrv ctklUtcd formed a >trik- 
ini; pJcUKr< of thf tUte «f tbe uxa pad 
muinficlurM io Cbiofi. nv ncBll-Bmii 
wffr in the primitiTo fnnn of ilic buMl- 
Run aitt maVob'tock, and ibo» of Uif 
nidetl Mutraclaoi. Th^fbrrri ■nd bri< 
dle-colccr* (ftvapou* In uk aicun^ our 
tntopi ta tba liin«t of thi' NfrriimK kib[4i 
■amltaa ihv ittocdi, vertoKrfl^of ;rod; 
ihc vlIvDmn uf Uidr natrhal brinx vnlf 
CKcreded Irr tbeclunuifttuaol their intffiu- 
f«et«re. Some Cblnofi mlUwjr ii/n»r^ 
prucnt^d It lk< a*m< time (kj Jain GU- 
to«n» i«q. ^Toftrr Streel), verc Ivkltf 
flioeil In Ike Hcttc Ara^ey, when Ibef 
m |« t« be tun, Tb*r «n tbno la 

number, Tbe Ursm ti a k^nd of Arfno<tr« J 
fortnv4 of piddea «vik, the llpliig ofT 
trhick U eotton wdiil f it U itu^lded vnlhl 
bnwt buicout, KLld on tbtf brrHt and bti^k | 
•re loibroi-kirtd 4m^ont of |dU. A*- j 
otbett aomeitbal eLdrilar, ia cf coLton c1otk#^ 
ornuntnud witk bnat tlcub bmI eQbml«J 
d<-r*d fiinrv- Tbc tblnl la ■ Imtkvt af 
ilic kmd moftl tc^ifimoaJr in tuc »no; 
Ibv CMncM 10MU17, nf Auk Mur (x4Li 
finnl w'vh rnd* lad boa-'iocaa intcriplu 
on Ibe brratt. Thry mc veotnpntiinl I , 
« |4b of CbuicH luLiu, aI«o from Chiuan 

Noar ibe entrenve of the Small^anofl 
Annoorj alto atood Ike bc««IifU braa* 

Sa, roffncrljrbfflopgltis lotboKadfUf of 
Hln. TitUiiueArrioJoiitonthenkbt 
of the lire \x$en tbc damre bad Doucbed 
il. It ITU nptarvd by Iha PVrHfk 111 
1718. but uA i(* p aw age from M^lla to 
Parb, la ibe " Senaiblo '' frigate, «aa 
made fdce nf bj- Captoin Foote of thv 
" Sea-horH" friitatc. TU bairel it 00- 
Tri«d wivb figunM U obo rtlkt^i u bnu- 
tifut in dr'ifQ ai a<)iiiidle In sorkma*- 
tlilp. In aiio part U Ibe porlratt of tbo 

O'and Moxlrr of Alalta, mi|>parml bf rvo 
f FUiJ i And in anciEhrr* that of the vtitt 
ou 4 medaUian. inicnbcd, -< Phihp l^lta- 
reliui delU. tf »cu];i. ITT^,** The earted 
fTOOdcA caniagr t> alio rerj citrima; ita 
iraila am furmodvf tbciaUiiwiiKd figuiva 
of two furieA, holding torchc* and puii- 
Ins a bag* fanke. The centre of Ihe 
itbtfcL fcfireeonU tha ami, lh« vpolne 

fotmbis JU rap. 

Hcnr vrprr aJu two aaull brau ^anw, 
\\illh]j OrfkHkMnloJ, |irtHAfed \ij iho £«r1 

af l^icQiter to the jming Dmke of Gb«- 
rvxirri mo of tht: Pflnceaa (altrrirania 
(tnven) Anne< On« of tbne vaa fot 
a«*7 before Ibc 6re. IW ocber Laa ebice 
L>e«Q dug oat of the ruinoi arvch JrfaeftJ. 

Oppoart« the Cliineee Ttorlr «ce« tho 
eironi and belt worn hf iLi: late Piake el 
Vork. Tbcu w*n boib i.**rri«l a*»y be- 
fore the Are reached tbeoi. 

At the eaatem end of 1h« room «en 
Uronpi jif mixli*rii anaa, rartntlj inf^r- 
abaai^n) wilJi our gotemmeol, by tkc 
varlOD* Btues of Biuvpe. Air «nmf4eie 
icta of oor oirn- Th» coOeetiDk eotn- 
prieed apocituent of vrttj kted of i»aapun 
Btcd la the rahoua ^^rp* ^ Fiaiiop, Hm- 

tla, AiulrU. IVuiila, orVivm, and lU- 
laru; and it ia (o Wbrpoe that nmii«rea 
will fptwdil^ ht Cak'n lo nvtoro tkla t^fj 
4»teftat^nff foat*r»of tbeTo«wAemotke> 
At e«h f nd of the iMnjMait «ac tvo 
mici (4 wbiie and geU arvuiV. of tto 
irca taloeor aoUtiniij, And foorHal' 
Ic» Ah** takfA at Iht vi^rt luuc «« tte 
C«n of which wv bare ifv&vnt «ai of 
vhMi faM bvcapccimta frwtbclUBM, 




Tbc Co«ri nf I'orri hw ttmrJnAtA ihu 
trul of Qucniucl, wh^ firr*! «c (he 
Pfwv< un tbi- I3rli Sc|>t, j|^>4« wben 
Mitf^M, irai ullfil i*ii|]|nft (Me 
p. *|J>, 4h4 lie n^M foun*J gdltT, 
rr fcr^rfcl fvllciw ciinti^iniort^ Tfifl 
trig a iht Judgment proriuuoccd bf 
ml :— sS^'HUtit'i-J iQ (JcaEb.— Quo- 
>iiur[. (^oTamUrr, lU-irr. To ir^Aipor, 
Ul»o for hfi?,— i'ufouf, Ttur, diiAu* 
gw<c, Jd'ri"- T«fiticc«jc»rVimpti»on. 
D««l.— fluttiu. iJn^tr, To 1«ii ywrt' 
impriicnBKiit, — ijiiuioi*, dil ChajHCur, 
To liT« jvin' iniiiritorimcnc,— ikain, 
IfurWron, Diinofj. Tbt U«( buni^lwsi 
c41ior ot the Jaunul «]» ffupic. Ji ti 
■■iii thit lb« ina»l TmmEi1r< ditclncim*, 
wilh rmcfi «o tbc Stvr^C ScKietia of 
F^or, bai¥ bcGd iiuiile hy ihv nluttnn 
iplMt Uufour «nd Hupoij. and chii tii 
(WttOfMBre of tb«M di»coivriei,the (lO^ 
iWimaM hmvt ilfUiTnbicil lo urotncnCt 
ovr j/tf\irua\ which hiu coacrlbotTd lu 

Ar (W reromnit'iiditicjn of Mnrvhil 
SWr* Loiri» riiiJippt, br A ro^( oHuji- 
iiucr, liiB tlimird tbut <6c Frcocb irfor 
btf rniuccrt lo the AEient of one eompjuT 
per bftltftJion, to^ihcrnfih I j.UOO hoTMV* 
The Bumbtr of men Ebv> to Iw rciliin^ 
btt,UD0.Of mhcrinorc tbanDiir-litfUi of 
Ibe pnMM fo<M of lU timj. Thv hv. 
iflff fo be #lT«eud bj iljtf insHUfV u 
30(000,000 frtno* (l.euu.uOlN, »tcrlinf). 

Tbc Aocouitu (rota (b^s couiitrj arc 
rostitbclunr ^ inknquiJJilj' rivi)ii>Lvrv {"f' 
T*iki, nilh tbr rxc«pr$on ofMimv bui* 
ltd oa tbc ruodH i>»r Mtdnd. Tbc 

ionol Gucrio' Miidrid bHi# |jn;vrnr«d 

Eqvftero with a Croaft, i-onimeirioTtlJvtf 
Of lb* rrvntt *f the nifhc ot the 7cb oi 
Octobff, A^ tfucAovn of Ibv in«ur^ 
pac biitilioai hare bocii dltiDMied, ond 
■ono ondcEDned to dntb. A «in>tif 
fbnf bu beai j>C4(cd on the aocita«rfi 
friMHrv* » • jirptMtioii in c»e of « 
rrvncb uitiiivtn. Tbo Dukf del Irfxi' 
ti4» i* dnd, juid Lt* iinra«nM: cbckci 
«*fl b« i&btril«4 br Lie Dukr o( Obiina, 
T%*nh»oFih» Uuke of Lirin Ku bvcn 
DCtfljr iftr«fn»}i'd br hro, togvilttri w'tih 
i»B?h pmfffft* ud minir-rou» ifotk^ of 

Th* lkui»h U«Vcnina«ii( bin lUmf^cd 
loa|im»| iImi nulniMotaf tbc Ponu- 

l^iicic friTJCmy will br |>ftniillt<d.'— 4lld 
(he lUfl«nt iif ^jinin bn* Jilvu thYfi in- 
fornied, thit Crivl KritiLT" noiiJd not 
tAly pot allirir ifi rumt'd mit^iiviklmH ^1 

IhmconniT], bui would '<"t cvrn pcrait 
«ny t^mtdtr^tjU niLliiitrT lorv-u to lit- om- 
fTiitrntrd alunj: thf Pvr«<niu-an Eroiitwe, 
i. Thai Oiv would noT oppi^ic int- ar. 
nnetniciit (m the nutriigr of Qu^ni 
Inbrlb, prLvri^ied her inunM liutbtnd 
t\i<tM uot bi^ ■ Knii(<b prini'e^ 3. fhat 
QfMt lintflin vTtfiild ttkt nu |n(t in mijr 
Kvropun tfongrru hsvinc fi^i i<* objfcc 
•n InN-rkTcnn in t^t aff^in uf Spain; 
■nd (huF, iib'>iild I'lt'h nil jucinbly be 
convokt^ niLhout hi-r to (■prrtlion. «bu 
ivillofipaH Ebc eiif(«ic^'mc»l of all rucr- 
Ktvt mmurc!!, as vc[l ni of cVftiUihomi 
which may tend, directly or indinrcTly, 
10 kntcrfttc «ilti the iigbu bjiiI dtgmlj pf 
Spftut ft! «n independent nation. 

Tliia unfortunate counTrj hu wix< 

become the tb cure oE ^loTi^iicc. In 0(- 
Tobrr, fSr nriitca subiW i^ith rhe ut* 
mutt fcrocUy the OEiiUfpr^ling ChriBliNn 
jtupuUlitfri, iiiid put vid inrii, Kuincvt, 
and children CO (he But>rd Tho Chrik- 
tutni aciud thdr «nn». and « civil war 
H-u kindled Throijffhanc ibv counirr, 
Mitfiy cantvnm nnd vilbcfei ivfrc tacbrOa 
«iid Itcyroul wn« crowded with IxmiJiot 
whn hod flpd from fbt fury ofthetan- 
hUnrifH- i'otonrl Kofc, belint PMba, 
and Kmir Uei^blr, v^^rily inccrftrvd to 
Allay rbc iniurreetton, Th« 1»tt»r wbh 
dc^iioik-J of cvrry thing, and urivvd 
•Joint imkvd At Btrrruui. 


SJtbmot bu Iffi Cairo ^ t'p?** 
E^pt, to ufpiniof tbAt prorlucc, Jn 
tbc aic«ntli90all \ht Delta, vxt^t tbinj- 
ri^hl vlUagH urbltb bvbmg fn ^h^ik*, 
ii dr^Uitd to bo the private ^ro|jrrij of 
(he F^tfljii. Thi; jwusnti are to be hli 
khrrf. Tie importation of iljind fnm 
ihc banki of tbc Ni^irr ii. triirhrJ on as 
fofoncflji and rhcy ure it>^d [mblicEy i« 
the baiaarr. Tbe nine difliculu«« aro 
oppdiscd 10 the frrecbiin of rrvie, and 
(Very >(f«tH^Dni ii mud lo evado the 

irvaty of Auguit Iti, ttAi, 

the acl^cment at Iloitt Kong, itken 
|KnKMh>n of by tbc t^nfutb, juooiih-* 


t}Ovif$^ Ocfurrf3>€fs. 


to be Ji»l[hj tnA coiivcnirrt^ A vpiy 

havt berii tm|i^ujal b* tlac Jli'iiivli Ik ilir 
^rerlioa of nfCf>4ary wortfl, ^ir Ilfiuy 
Poitingcr bfta ordcTdl GLi^ton rivpr to br 
irrietWbtork*Ji»l- Till' Sapphirv, Af«Uo, 
■lid Hf]](-ltli> »re now on itcir vimgc 
tttna tjiighnd !d Cbiiiii,(Mrryjfi|[KneDiec* 
live fon^ of WOO iii«ii, urkdvr (|i« oodd* 
nud of L»rd Silfouo. 

tAfT l»tlltA. 

A tttf wilb tlic "ftoMn- fooled* ido- 
iianib of Biifndh, 'niAfjittiiitriftf. it rr* 
g»ided » immmiriic. On thcOthof 6c|)- 
lciub*t Il)p Kiii|;uf If urni^b Itft liiv opt- 
ul. for Hadkooii. At tbc bcMl of « wril- 
appolnled Jknn^, (uriouiil^ nluiuU'd «i 
from ItW^OOO 10 lSOO,OUU mtn. Lvrd 
AuokUnd Nu pr^pftiinf for lb« ytonl 
with 111* iikEul piumptmo* Two »blpi 
of wBr, Iwo war ■rlioofipm. ftiid ^ighl 
fiivr^r^ Appoint H sUiLQim, u«fr in nvdi. 
iM'** tu ilrilr^i/ cliv iihVhl furci' itf tin? 
BtinnvM* Ifi tlir Inain^tl^y. Tlirrp i* no 
ilouhc IhM tbif BurmcH naiiuci is vl- 
iti^ undtr iFittnictltiiiK ic<(ii-i4 frum (W 
ccTnl)«] couH of Prkin- 

A« a rtmarkabff fcrt i^OTinci'Ird wiili 

Ike nfttfvrt» * fourt^ Itiikdoo wldOVV m^ 

iboul to be iDwiied mt C*lciitlB (V one of 
bvr i>wii ortto. Tnj rriflrrtnjjff of wld«u-» 
b ft not! »cr|> iri f (ulinri rtvilinlioii. 

A iNmcndouB eoiiltenuicm toolc yhce 
Bt 61. Jobn^ N«vr Bnininlck, oi> 1I14- 

tJkfa Nov, uliiili dMlrOfL^J MveiiCx-fivv 
tsJldinflt, and l)unit forty VEABcU.—^J^n* 
**bor jrrr»i fife Occurred *C Vi(k»burg «ri 

ibfl uib Nuv, 4citroniie t«o entire 

Thv diy of Cwligo, contftiiMiij( a po< 

Eublioiii ol I(l«O0O rv-rnom, wu dctirojrd 
y to eiftliooftkc Airly in thv nomiiig of 
Hrpt, fl, A< nnrlj dl Ihu biiiljlmjiii ttr« 
ve^lowdnil mmpoiod of wood, ^nd «* 
Ifre iuhnblbinfi u4 prevlo«*lf nicu, but 
ftw (not morr than 10 at Ao prrtnni) 

vyn kJlkid«r in>i>fld»d. The nnfi'tuvkv 

ocAirrvd niLbovc prcvtont vujiLuf, dJid 

dkrul. A aniftrt ib«rk «>f tin; Hiiiiic 
Mftfiquakp VOi ffZl in IW toirn of Sar 
Jo«i!, no( br dittaut, At irliicb plucc ib<- 
^rrli trvmbled for tevoiu! diya «iilja«- 
'jurnJj, but hot mticb dMni^o wim donr. 

ftOUTH iMfllTCA. 

Aorounit from Mi-iJco infonn 111 ibac 
ibr (liit w, wliicb Ima fj^ Kinitr (iniq 
bf^n raffing \a thai cciuntiT lictwiii^n Shnia 
Amu 00(1 BuMamcate, bw bcvu icfnii- 
Halted by ibc ttiumpb ^tihc former, Mbu» 
ft u«f i]i(jnj[br» wonlrl Lv dvtbircd Su- 
pr<ne Uki>[or. 

A HUT bervrecA Peru tt»d Erw»dur wrh 
dfemni loeHuldtf, in wbicb it no* 
ibotigM UoUrk vrouU lake nn actiro 


In 0(un«r|wn(v nf tho rreivi flm in 
pubDc buUdiiif^* >rti!n] fHTH^iti Uit 
pobliufccil ibiric projrrlii forjIrfirnx/biilM* 
nific. Ac. l1oWc-vrr> Mr, llHlirrl Hiii- 
My. oJ Bli<-kbrmtb-|Mrl:» in avcryii^n- 
■Uilv Igltcr i;ddivB*c>l Ur tbc Tinie* bvwB' 
papcf, >ho\K* bow ibr Un»fcr«tnro in 
Utgt public fcuMm mfeybc nuinUlafd 

ipi/Afitf /nw^ 'ibe rolbu4i^ are tn> 

imcU: — 

'- 1 trould wtlitagly dnw Ibo nn&Uc 
idlonltok 10 notbod of ««roAnff to* olr 
of boildingi, >iid picftOTJM in it an crra 
m np tn M aift in^ppadvni of vulkial bnit. 

Tbbi mrtbod m* Wdll bnown to tbe in. 
cA«al <Rbat«cu, uhl A^pbrd by ikeot to 
pavenl aioi** »r riHwi--, iJ-j>ut;b now 
OWlnoltil, lirrbu|i» 1 ' ildiJy 

not pfKtlHif- 1( vi< -.^r^ by 

rit»|Ar mniM Tin bmi^U^ k« «> ma. 

viiMicil (bAi lb/ hAt ufcumubtcd doilif 
■uumer could not be lowered by tbe vdit- 

lct'» rold iBdcr % rcrlftia trmpcTAlure, nr- 
nrrdiiii* 10 ibe rltmalc. 

" Buildiujp rvn%truc4Jhl iir> ihii -Ivtipi 
liavv tbeir wilU foinnivriL^ ul fruiri 1 to 6 

f«n tbkk. The niudowt «K> fcfv Diid 
nu row, and they alvnyi tw^ ibe »uutb- 
i4«ti tuiiLh, or >iruili-wiri. TW' noTib- 
orp b^pfVtt |Mr*riri blank wilh, tUioiury* 
ore cxvlndfdt uul liut one dooi alLoH'td 
to Dfv phaMbtt, »nd <br iB'jts apaiuoiu it 
ia, ihf oaoTo e^iukl nlll bt- ihtf b«t wrtb. 
In, Tbi^irisr, J'lttr*, At Kotuc (ihp 
lai^ril rvfiTtii |cni|Je in ^ufO|ic) iii()U)|h 
noi bjjll upon llu |iUis Ibe hit hu octer 
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PromNiw* and Prffermtnts. 

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?*|Mff( ffvm OrirtioaU. gTHf-unrU ta 
Cliarlan»in«0 *fwn lb« tciMb rratnrf, 
h<ivln^ brin fiaitad in thm bj Ina 
Kiu^iitriir Htho L In ll« ytrOWl- Ii U 
mrrbund^ V the ttarci oftbr KJnf of 
Sviiifiia, and t^v UaJUrnnnfvn, bihI haa 
oftJy a anricirv nf Iwanir^oni; njij a 
Vjilf ujuara mtlc^ and a pvpuUi^n of 
tia or irvm LkoiiM<«4 )iih«bllivift. 
l'b» ivrntiMav prit*r tki I "Ml. »«'p nil. 
niaiad at pc mettt tb*n W,WU fianr*, but 
tba fHlWr ol llv 1M# Princ* e'*"i'y t"- 
ffwH tbaoi, Fj«b ii>>- y™i miiS, 
5pa^« bad a inifrisan M Alunaoo, and ibc 

bjitlng Uil H pfi^iml rf|«Lidftlki|i with lbs 
E«[>rr»r <^hcLrlci \'. wbo ^nltd to 
otifWnrbot Tkf-m, in nddlllan looibat 
»ininj"tfn<v«, Lbf libvljr vJ uviii|r bi« 
QffTL fKwt on ■ cb*f af th« *hlvld of 
tbnr 4i«n, md ib« tulr ol Catnlkroni, or 
brrvdiltff kni|rbrt J tnir in Itiit.lneon- 
^rqutfiuT of iba intolfncr nt ibe Spa- 
iii>l |tfl(fkH>ii» ik4 Prlni.-« llunur^ JT, 
aid«d bf a fc^ tkl btHJtb^triH.dfava rhf-m 
frcxn bii (CCTiUrici. arid put hi* frflnrjiK- 
bt7 Vfi4«r lb* prDUrlim <if J^iiif XtlL 

by a irmy nia4« at Prn^aiitn. The 
Pnncc*« Sjuini'b on^rr* in ibr MiUnr^, 
■tfid ihtkiaadon ol K^pk*, bkiiti^ biw 
coftftfcvlad bytbia coadui*r, Louia, hi onlat 
to laraaifonto him, rivacEAd in bn ^Tonr 
th« Ouirhy Vrentu* "' Vjimiinoif. wtih 
1b« MAri)mu|« ai Ucmiv Aiid ibv Ci>unij 
of C4tlndtai» ibe Uarvnin cf tinl« and 
Calviriff, fttid l,0T4tbi(» of 5i, Rcair-^ 
p<vaaa«JontiihLcb,bolara iba llvin>4MD>on) 
ki'odimd iPOfiOD fran» airnuBll;, Tbr 
Kin^ Wio ptcfTvd him ott of bi« Coundl* 
asd nanMnalrd h-m ind hit tUPcraMn 
h«r#dllBt7 gomwDn (iHb« tW vh pwri- 
um at Sdooaco. Mih a r««i ol IFMKW 
frann anaoally t Kid aiih bh vnn laiirh 
lb* King invtitol Iba Pniifv villi iha 
oador or Ika Oobtcn Flaocr. At tbv 
FiriKli RtvolHbna the Ihru Ptiacv loot 
Muuiu, btii QTi ike fhll ul haonifartc in 
1SI3. Iba Albvd Scrtrritrib, bj lbtg«aaniJ 
iPMlycd ptii». p]ii^f<4 Al^n^tn iuiiili:( the 
prtrtacrios uf ibo Kinfuf Sardinia, who, 
in lan, by a dcdannon, adtnowled^d 


94 O&lTUAfiv.— r&tf Mar^t^t of Ltakltn-^Th E<rri o/JUwe, [Jan. 

iLut iht PrlnrP mi« ■ Suv#rr4(r». And 
Aac S^riTinui tiod no oih^r |fxrilfigc to 
vjuminc lluii (bit «r kaibig « |[itiiiQn, 
and (iftdiinfl a camioindirr. 

The *crn0ty ul iMh tutfiiory md lit 

vmubtypiciurrfiiiiediidbnulifuh Lwfic 
ruck* ^Qvcrvd nltn itlom, |eroinr« uf pdm- 

Crcc*. v1)UlU«, iDjnlo, mid jrt*aim(ir, in 
lAild nrufOHloit, uii ntrh ii4r ot llir ri»dt, 
and iiii' tutf imtrr^dvd ivrih utild ihymv. 
riiid innumcnilik odorilorijut fdHUU «nd 
Imiib*. iVoin whicli Ihr. muti isniirfial 
tittgur* tw mh«W nt Rviftr Mrp a* tk« 

'r^v pi'vvviil Prince, tlprej'ftii J. Whi 

iKini itt 17^, fei'cl f]iarh«d in JS1&, 
.M«dcin«:acllc KouiLlcr 

Nov- U. A\ Bhckling.hall, r^rTolk, 
Ibtf wall of liin mnl the Danmer l^d/ 

StrfflcM, HRd iorly-fivr, ihii Mvnr llt^n. 

3lanium of Xjoihian. Knil lA Ancriim. 
VitruurM of llrtfd. «fiil l^ri] Ktst i>f 
TCowhulOc. OnLUiTH, JiriJbargh, Dulphing- 
Ijin, and Nitbei HTOj); njncb K«H of 
AuciuoIh LtOr^ Kerr cif r^iibct, Lonp^ 
KtwicP uid 1>i>T|iUiiBiOP fl6:iH, - lenili 
Karlof L4«hlAn(tiV>6), snil J.iird Nrw. 
liOlLlr (liSi;- ail l*rlfW m \\i\: (jvi^nteo «f 
ScatUitd; ft«rond Ihron Ki^ir. ol Kctr*. 
faffugb, ill ibtf pNnft of tic UitlH 
Kiiifdoni (l^lti CVi^iTAin of th? Vf9* 
invji ^r tbtf (Jiiarrr. Lord Li«itrf<ii«nt uf 
KoftbuigMlrr. C^fi^nrl i)f ihi> AtiJ^iU of 
ike City BAii C«u(ii^ uf HdinLur^h, ht. 

HairtBi born Feb, I, liM^ ibc eldnl 
toll (if Wiltinm ihr >i«lh Maf'^ii'^*. Kr~J\ 
bj bit fii)>t maririkgr ir(tj l«a<4j Harrirl 
lluliiirl* etid«>t lUu^falci of Jolin >r(u»d 
Eiirl ot Uucbijifibimiliirk'. Hciuoncdi^d 
Ui Uit pr«n«ev OA tht dntb of ]»■ r^flifr, 
J^p^i] £7, latM, H* t«trd with Ibc mil. 
jnriiyH npiiiMt t]i« lUfonn Di^t, in ilt« 

■ diftiion n hJE:]k runted Lord Grr)'« ai- 

' biaivy UM vbe7ih M»y, ISjM. 

Mc Udt iiMhe lija« KrcofdL'r of ItuQt- 
iiiKdon, mM\\ Cbr M>tnl(-i|ic] iC^Iorai Att 
rattw inlc ripmlLL^n, 

On ib< lornialjofi oi ibc prrxnt ni- 
mUii^, ih^ AI0lT■fu»^ uf l^tihu" «■* *p- 

f««irifd TfliKAua of Ufe Vcomrfl of iJit- 
tuiinl, aitd alitioUH-fd m ibr U urtlc of 
vIk hh tii tK'pf- ^ bui hiA Lur4fbJM b«d 
I»t nttr^'d i'j>or bit rfiT'iiini t^ ralKC 

I ■-*' ' ._■■ '.lin; tnr- 

li III] 1*4(1}. wbid •nmwt 

li Iitf W Wit »cm driUcii. ilia 

*c4i Hud h»<ir, wIia ti« Tikkivrto borne the 
litfc ot Lord Jcdbarrh.* wu Uom in 

Tlie iiitrrDiont of lh< n-orul rpmiiru 
of lh'\K rMerted noblnnvn took jiUix' on 
ftir !£itb Nijv. wbtit ibty ucrv dcficwlicd 
in tbt Snfflt'lJ tiuli, at ftlicbtinf (Jburcb, 
line ftT'DTid ion of Ibc dccnacd. Luni 
SrbombfiriE Ht»»ry Kerr, oaiTy (igbi yi-Bm 
(dd, beinf: cMrf nioumr^r. Tbc yonrbrnl 
ihUrqiLfb f^uffirrkiig from Ul-b»li1i whb 
pr«vi-nrf(] urtrnitin^ rhe foncttJ, The 
tilbcr tuoijrricn Verv Lord Ctuirlcri Lcn- 
iiPi Kerr, bi^^lhri uT iTrf- Urr ll*rmitf*ii» 
J-:.rl Talhot, Kn:J uf S*«d«iffc, DiiWof 
Rurcleoch, i.orrl rimioTi, Katl of Lluii- 
tiiJliitruj llcfi. Cfeorfce Ta^bdt, Hoii- 
W. B. B&riii^, IfoEi. John 'i^lboT, &c. 
Thv Mairb^oiieaiof Lotliian w«aj>rc»ciil. 

Till: fjAii], or Home. 

0«, VJ. Al ihe Hir*ri. nfor Cold- 
flrenro. to. llciwkk. cLc lli|:b( Hon. 
/lUiriniltr Hflmrv Huu.r, l^nth Kurl of 
|]>^m4 *>iO Lvrd Uvu^Im H^MJI-^). hhJ 
JiftcrriCb Lord Uoitip rMT.'Jj; Lord- 
Lirnlfnani and SbfiifT Prndjial of Bcr- 
ifEckiitiircH Colonel of th' IJrm-j'-k. H«d- 
diritfion. LinhibRtnrfftiid rrHdrt MililU. 

lie ujt boni «l the llincl on tbc 1 lib 
Xin-. 17*!!), rbt only tun of Aii-tmiiLrr 
niMh Eur] uf HoiDV. by bit ibtrd wifr, 
j\|jp^l-Bio(inrt daogblcr and htflr of 
John RHnicy, otc|. <if VarmouOu He 
tuiYiHdcd to tbc jwemge^vhiUt it ill in hia 
injnoriryr ph the dc*ib of bi" father, (>c(. 
*L 17^. He liemmp Culmid or ibo 
Beniick'htrr, Ace. AMiM, in iHf]^, and 
VkK LiritEcnaiit of Ifttwu^Ltbi/c befor« 
IfD7| ubm he trts rboacn onr of fhc vjt« 
l^rfi KqiErwnurivc t'rffra f>l hourLDnd i 
And wft Mhrtp hf» rrfkiiini lb<f hiinoar 
uniil hi> r«'iirrmc-nl al ibo latf grncml 
cUctiQii. Ue vpied ii^ (be in4|oriW en 
iW Itcform Eilt. nliich <ju»led LQrd 
GrryV inkiJMl;y, <ui ibr 7lb lUy, {Ki2, 

Tbc l^trl <rl llvniC NnuiHL-d ibe itddi- 

tionat ii*JTtL- of ]Unn7 . dcririd from Ut 
Riolber, L11 ibv yv^ l?4lL 

Hi* Lurd<I-i|i innm«d, Nov, f^ iTBft 
Ladjp Rliubttb Miiaiagu- inyitt, >ccoi>4 
dai^lcr of llcuj t^rd Uuke ol ttne* 
ckuch, and by ibu bidy. nio Awl June 

■ 1%i» p«cn^ (Vfkkb 4aU% froa 
Ifi&f! ti tuMot^ to bvlone t« ibr htrtr 
tp^rini i>r ite boow of liolUaai duHto 
Mr t,/t-t*^ ^ A4t /iifA^, Willtas, 
aXtcrvr«rd>- tk^ Maniwu nf l^otblan. 

lOCnl it trf>flf JoCbtjr,^ . 'I'tMlOf 

171^. hifcl fir ftfr nor Fitfrlcll 

!■»• 4irirr '--"- "■■ ■ f"J"k*d» 

Ut \niU-< I 'y 

lilll? f<> U . . .1 ^ "Fll 

Om otiiuauw U- wbiiUi iW Until; Wd it. 



OniTUAitY.— &f / 0/ Eigi^ <A4f Kinc^iitf. 

19, 1697, Lr lid imu« I1irt< umi^, of 
th« «l4^t o«1t tiirrim. The 

fOif I Bticl rh« ihJrd tn rufiuvy, m lA*f- 
Caf|»Uick>AIniiBd0(l«(c 1^4 UMufat 
Mkd no^ E*ri «f HoiM> wwi bcfa In 
ITB, itid mwrM in 1939 Ui ccvad 
ibe Hm. Lucy- CIlMbrit Mo^licv, 
vUra ^MVbrr of lAtti UanlBfu, Iff 

whom b* hi* iwv* 4!hwltf^A^iiBdff 

L««ri DcHiflu, bcnn In IKH, uid vth*n. 

Thr IbU Cirt'c body ku rrmored for 
laUffmtAl CO (be T^ulc* ttt lh« Qocirlrurk 
fMBiJy ■! t>iilk«iifa. wb«f« it WB« dopotlii>l 
bjlhcodoof ibaloffcailtxc Countrv. 

R&ltr fif Ec^ix Ahii KivrAHniHt. 

UcB. ThomitK Bmcv. tcrcnrb Cifl nf 
EVa (t()33<, cltvi-ntb £»it of Kinnf- 
^ne atd Banjii Biurt of lorrr (I64T\ 
ividniJ4b tUrva tJ(»r< of Ki(ilv«> (I6IX9>[ 

Privy Codicillor ; & Gcncml to tbe Amy ; 
GflWfvl ol ibe Jtoyal Arrliert «< SScot. 
lanl ; A Puhiljr TruitM- of tb« HriiuU 
Mii«uni i l'rF«}(lirni of ilic fuM^irfv o| 
. Aaiiiitifem-* 0I Sfuil»iid ; Knl^bto/fli* 
|Crr«fcni. Ar. Ac. > 

Lordtiliip WM bum on ihe l^th 
IP 1771, iW i«cottd MM of Cartel 

J E>rt or KiKiiip by M*rtb« only (Jjiikgh- 

tcr «mI b<u of TlxjiEiui \^'li> (c. n<j - thif ^. 
TCfDCUof K.R-U- (hePnrxm CbjtriolTc 
of Wdci, When in hia UUh yr*r be 
■vcrvHvJ to (b« p'«mf;ii on vb# daalTi <^' 
il« vidrr l4<oihcr WiMkni.RobtrE, who 
Iwlunurxcil tbc title* only tffootofltbi. 
f(V MTBt pdtinitfd af Hirrov kiid Vp*c. 
I ntimti'r Mrhuo1>i, auci ui tlm Uii^vrnily of 

' $t, AiiJir-n'ii- ftfCn nbich hv ncitl 1j> 

' farjn, u hrft> hi- rpiidMt iicftily Ivo jr.m, 

^ undrT Ibc luiliiDn of a pruf«t*or of publU" 

Uw, vid iWn pmff<*(lc4 lo ('rnaoityi 

itbtre b« ooMiriurd « tQuuilcrublo timu 

II tliv nroinvhon 0^ nUirafy tiudJci. 

I Uu lordship lifJ tn t'ltjfn'c ^omTnic^m^i 
lift ibc I^Q fi-ciinffnl oi t\>nt {rinriti, 
ITtb; purrbatM ■ tunijAMy In Th^ MHb 
nfiotiiL nf k'oM, ITHll: hurl llii< liTftrC 
mife of Alajor in llif «nBv. ITll.l; wai 
Mipoiincc^ Mi^gi in lit*" liCtn irpinmL of 
Feot, iTt&i iintL O*^ rutinj; a fcnritrlv 
i«fhin<fitlh4tyc«fJii4lbcruf>bof l^rui- 
Coioocl kt ib« Atmy^ Hu LoiiUh^p mu 
tunod tbfr nnk oi r^Wnd leo^; of 
Mijof.GenrnI Jf<M hifiit^Cinicnl IJI 

Hk* IfOrdthip coirnkcnrcd Ui diploma- 
ibr««rrrr i» iTtM), by > «i-rciiJ mmion to 
ikt Koipfffiof I^opuld, wborti hLmcnrnr- 

finM od « low 10 b» lulun >utfH rho 
sbrmCqC }'»f. WWn [lir Diilitb «1B- 

bMUT qu^ti*^ l^i* iii il^, hU Lovd-hip 
miffoailtd Bnvoy-«iir*o(diiMryiuUi- 


^itfl of Dnj»fU; ftnd wbrti lb'' Frtncb 
■niLet ocfuptcd \\v Sctb«iiind> in iW 
ninitr «f iStt, br w«< rfrployr^^ firrt bl 
ibr Cfwe ol ib4 £lKl«r uf HrM* C>*wl, 
and ibcnnUblhc fntHbai Nmyduriag 
iWtT titQVt op«minaM in iba bicinnltp of 
ITOSLinOefAMny, lU^vraaftllifbcd lothe 
Atflrion fieror* bi'Ul Ib« llaul nKUalion 
of th# l-^tf Coufitrin in IT1H- Hh 
l^3rdtb»fi rmind lb* A|i«d»tfot«4 of 
GnTuy*ut;wirdiiw;y v4 nuia*irr-p1r«l. 
poCfMnry lu tbo coitit of Brrlin, jTflA; 
«»« tvrorri « PriTy-cduariUur, 3rd July, 
iTlKIt wid.Uie «ttOfo mooth, co»ili««pd 
AmbwHulor eitnardinary ami Aliniiur. 
pte«ipflTenti4TT to th« Sublivt Oiioman 
Pcntp, irbm- » ronhanml I'lHihi^ Ktrtidk 
«cf* ftEttJIy ^<i*tn oui of Emi. On 
thin ooaUoD be VH Intnttd wllb ihv 
Turkiih order of ik Cmfeiti. 

VTbitr pnxe^dvK ***' '"' MitboMy, J^rH 
Elnp uade prvfACXKiii^, uii *n riic-itjiivi' 
tCAM, for rMtvinjE tbv mokint ot (Jrvcbrj 
«ri fn^on dciltuction and obliiioa. Witli 

llkU vicT^ hi- «4ijEii^r^ Si^or Ltitti^il, u 
pAiBirr Ibrn in Ibr Krrirr of \hv Ku>^ iij 
Ihi' Tul> ?^u-ilk<*, to^tbrrvthtli t«io irvh- 
iri<rit, f vvi> inuftvUiT*-, und ■ li|rn'v puinttfr, 
wbciiip In ibc lummerof iWiX facMtiito 
Alln/iiH, wlivrr ihry nftr all rmployrd 
fur iMri4> mmiiiM. atu\ l^iiMrri for inojiy 
yw* afrrr, in fof AHrcUiif; tlie u1i}4,'o(* uf 
bi* rEtnrvli : ind, aVAihn^' itiiiitdl u( clip 
opportuuirii-* bu i<Atio[i enabled him 10 
(^nimmid. h? hiirr<o(kil In furinine Irom 
AtlkpriB, mi\'\ Dlbvr |>Uo«« in Ui(v«r, 9, 
complete roNcclion of arrlUdvinj^l irioH' 
nnrrraritMi pliii* aiicl v --tflrtuitt of llir 
ni^riiy notumraiK j fltfliijonrlifnh ni 
ii-u]]it\tjv - tnouIdH unj r»ti; tnany itu> 
t»>cf» Uit-rolicfii. (nvrmT.^tonr*, Valr*. 
ipt-i'iiDfnB of jircb>lrt(Liro, Dlitt fiuim;fil(ii, 
rii-cur^-d hi lhpbc*t pciioil* dI Athi-nisn 
("i^iUrn^r, lVti<. addttl (OAnJiiAblc 
cxifl'i-linn of <.!mb mt^diJ*, anj a tvry 
ritnoiu «tfrir« of ltt>irripli<iiis br^^iiininic 
U'iiH ilik* fiimoMk U4>iiNrr.jpJ]4<i|nA, uliK-h 
J^rd h'At^iu vnt *o fofiuR»fr at to pro- 
cun ni f^|H- Sip'iim, on Vw pUiti of 
Troy. rf>Tirminll1( iL)irrimMi« i>f n1) Ibr 
t-DntlJ<jrit ill (be Orft'li: alphaUl. Uffc 
bruiiglil **iv <n Eiri-ljiiid. 

-^ riJimriiYof [be formaTion of Loril 
KIgio't I'lifWdttn, vricti fht* M^jaf^nir of 
Atr. ItfiUMLtoti, vriJl be *evn in tin^ («iin. 
tlcm^rr* Moi^jpi; fcr !H]C). p, '^'f ; «nd 
in Ebnl Tor iKli*. ii, 31:1, n lU be louiid 4 
d<'f<^n'v o| KU tirfiinvJA4 ilir ■Mi')Hlri<4 
from Aiht^rt, IH Apiiii m IHi:i. i^ 4^, || 
itili tn- irrollrcivd fW Lurd V-l^tln I'l, 
curtrri I br rcivnrv ol many jjrraoii*, uimI 
nliuni; otjro of LdhI Hjrron fin bi» 
jrwtrjr}. MiJ Or. C^rkf, ibr tmirlli-f («ev 

alloiit nith Owcrnmcoi for tbtir purdwM! 


OatTDAar.— T^ff £oW ^ HattiMtJ. 


br ih* otfuntry. irlich look pUot iluriHf 
Alf. Pt-rFmriAJninblT«ikrtiHirfre Tfdt- 
]«•«■ biit«i lpiigili,i>iiihi*t3'd F>b. 1910, 
tbr tlbfeMixllor of tli<r Kiplitqmrmotvil the 
•f |ioimm^il of a CotnmJllr^ or ihc lliuw 
ni C«inai«iifi to •x«min« ind tvftirt irpnn 
(hem. Tt»4r irpartmUtf fmiiid pHnUrt 
in (h« OntUcmin** Msnooe for Ihii 
fmt. Fan L pp. 314. W. On the Ttb 
JuiiD, IBtS. 11 H'MMj^rtFd in d CommiitM 
of fiun'^r» ^r * migdij i>f ttEhty'lvrc 

to rVirly, llmt ihr Miir%tr« ■linillil lit 

pttrehihwii for 3^iMJ0i. Thrf vtcri; «o- 

»nd dt^ut^ in ■ t«aiHir«ry ivom encieij 
for thttr rcrfotioEi, It wit ttl (be «nie 
tinif Armn|f<i ih^i tbc Karl of Hl^n iind 
bU k*in should ha idcluttid iMomg ih« 

Lonl ^g"i| «J » tii«n-«iiti3t vptrtt in 
iWit iiu>McUon«, U b4t Wo rrcraiJy 
r«aavll«d. ikmi, bivii^v an opnaitiiniij u( 
•vcurinf th«*t inmluibZc wurki, be un. 
dcnook ihtf riiwtnuuB n»i vl w <tohit 
mlloul conibrioni 1 bod b« ftiled, be 
«ii*t hftvr 4o£rfrod ib« loia, H -* lo Ml 
■ifed m*k<" vrtrc ^iiAf«ii bji " nobtcAt 
lAliiro foftu," b« Mu<t hircbetn linflii. 
Urij uotorluTi^lc in bU lurcuUliuot \ for, 
feftH bariiif btld liigL oip!oiniitie eJlipM 
for oHiff iljnn « iiQAttfr of t cchtufy, h« 
tt emcrtJtj bdk'V^ lo h«vc di«d poor. 
■04 lo Uir Ivvd Tot nfto^^vKTi, Trow 
prodmcc nlbtf ilifeii cboicr. to nile 
fVuDi hi* tifunljj- loifprJ, ii *rv c*lcu< 
iMrd 01 the lili> of tliO ptiri'haH of hii 
rolTettixiL tUflt thriccvtt. prd ilip i»it- 
«m <il moniyi kvul anvEmnltMl kit 74,Wt>f., 
of wbkb hff tarriy nrnivd on* hiif. 
Uii LordtbJp was cboMn ooe of ibt 

ftiit##n rvpiwntAlivM nf Vh« ^n^Tttih 
pNnK*, M tbv ifitncnl ftfviKJo, l79Di 
«»d wt« r*cliM*« ai 9tnj tubH^UKVl 

Ilia JjoHabip mtrntd. fret, ot Ari^Jer* 
fitid, Miinh l(« ITPU, M^fj, onty ckild 
of Williofn HamllNm Ni«lH^t. of Uirltton 
ar>d BtUkavco. », JJidrLincioo, nhtch 
nuirlog* wm* lUuotvtHl bf Act (»f PurliA. 
■trfit In ibt fMt IW9, whcnih* tritiar. 
rieU Rob<rit FrT:*wii, «q- Ti»j hud 

b*u» too Moa and Ibno ^iiifbEwsT 1. 
04vrff«'Cb«ft«a.CwiiCinxla* Loid Bruc*. 
iib« fijcd ua«Lani»d Dr«. J. IMO , «, 
Lul/ AUf|, OBrtifd in iHSd to Itubftl 
AiluH L'briHopbert h^. M.P. for Ua* 

eobaUret A. I^J* Muit^ - HajrUi, 
nanied In 189^ to Jubit lUiwHr, Tt^. 
•Dit Mt of lUr Jd4« Manr«t , uf Ntilei 
l\iftMfe, H. IU»»r««, K-MhI 1. Moix. 

Wifllatn brucr, wt« diH ''■-' M 

^tift in IfUJj anil A. L* i<o 

Wcamr io iKiH tL# h^ihi'I ' i n 

Untiif aq« nbo had pntiovtfjr oufnad 

|1# Han, MafWH (Irtr, daii|rh(tfr df 
Lord (frnj. ilU fjorJabfp morrii'd, it*- 
ciHidlr, M Duaa>Ut«| 9lil ^tyi. IbPO, 
KbBib^ibi youniint dftfttbter of Juin«ft 

Hfr* J13>P. for tW c«i.niy frocn J 770 to 
L77P, Rod onarwtnti Audifor of ibv 
Court of £vhM|i:er in Sri^EloAd i and by 
tfhatkdji whn tiirrit-fahinir b» hid ibiii* 

finotbrt Nina and tl^r dtuij^iirrf: ff, 
fbfl H'ftii lluA< Jmnri, ijoii- Eul of Rl. 

C'lOL 7. Ihr Hon. Ilolun Bniff, i^puln 
I ihc (IroMidicr Uiianii.afid ldi» Aidtf^e- 
cBiii|i fO (be (^Tnrii4n(1rr ai Ifax rortn iji 
Irckndi 8, ihn Jinn. Krdvrlfk WiJIiam 
Adirlfihitb Hf rirt ; 9. ihc Hoit. EiTwiird, 
^bi>dLr-l In 1833 id hit rlabcccf^th viar ^ 
10. Udjr Cbarlotce<(liiihAnt H, lady 
Aoguib-hVt^vhc^-UiLtftbftb: IV. the 

Hot], lliiiHiokCholti I modi U. ImAj 
Franco- A lAc, boim In 1B3I. 

Th<j prM-'oc E«l oaa bom In 1611, 
v^arripd in A|ifil loti Elittbtth-Miry. 
onlycbild of T, L, Cilinirjbif*Bru«r, «»<(. 
M . r- fijt v». mifLii ; ««■ ri-iumri] (o iEip 
prvtriii rafthntni A^ £oiL(hamptarv and 
irrondfd the amendmaftt to \hc Addr^n, 
ffbMh dlnotvnd tb« laco iwnitrj» 

Tmi l£ or Haicwooo. 

JVm, ?4, fliiddt^n})', vrhtn 001 buntfo^, 
ai DfioLlinin, m. York, ta hli TlTb yvar, 
iba Riftii Hon. HcnrT IjMh-IUh, fti^j-nod 
Kait of lUrpwAod and V^»ouri( Lm* 
fittl<>i (l?«l?t> HJ^d (bin) Jtarun Ifarfxvoud, 
nf HiJfnood. t*». Vurl: (ITWi Lord 
Lirutenpiit iibl Cu«Eoi Ro!uldrurn i^f the 
W4t( B^dtnir cf YorkshJri*, Brcnqrd of 
ibo Malcnoif Conrt of An<r(arahirt. Stt. 

III! l,o«d4bip »«« born on CbritiiitM. 

dny, \1fn. (b« »^4»d ttiii »r tMitihfd ibv 
firsi Ejfl, by Ann<, diuglln of Wdlioui 
Qjclofivr, t«o, 

Altbongh, from bMMilyjoufb.AtrMkf^ 
ly Uitch^A (o u tonnlry life, be hai, 
tlkioiij^bour hi* IviiB arrtr, {>kTii n ^t\}, 
mlrrini t«rl in puldfc oflhifv, Al iha 

frnmil elation o/ ITfiO, !« lOforiedfd 
Icnry l)(i»c0«b«, «tr|- U ona of t^ 
mro'bpfi fo,' YofbfMff, bli elder broAcr 
Kdirard Vito»t Ltoeelkf* ^^^ al- 
nadf n •«■( U Parlvtmeni for Nonb. 
ilWfTon, Htf UB« a fieoutot •fiMlterfn 
Ihc iloufc, and in If^US n« legended iW 
voiini for Ibf dek^iLon ij^ Atr. SpMkar 
Abf>oi, fir lEiijiid hri rbit ^rb Jill. 

I ' rn PiibUo Fua*ndof 

-* I '■' ^**!^ ifi^r. ihr" cftnr 

■ I «- 

I ' Ni^rb 

» I- ■ *j M I i.r i .1 1. ill [ . uim iToi fii-i<tMi| 

lU li«d brrn iv.aZt^td fv VoikOdr* In 

fan; but ii isQD II »« jndH np«di0u 


7m ^ t7 f iw 


1^ "r !—--=_ -ji^ 


•??*^ -I lie _ .^ ^ =E -^C^f Si-lflTT. 

air sie:ri f ^e —-fii^^^i. -isnifa. i^ 

fit *u=:^eto-t 4» ^»* =if^rna a ^S?'. 

MAE- T^ X ri« Bine c:5-f:^<v L^ni : 
iir_ ib«Ai«^if6-ii: 7 :< Li iist ^ui9» 

urmii u :4c:iies vis urrrc-Ttz^c. uii 

vJEwD n« d^riied of ta# l^^i Lhu- 
UnaBTT of the ^ffZ R:ii*-^. «i Arrouai 
of |iBfli«>B polrcpf. t!re £*ri cf Harv- 

dcmtk. A* tbc b«ad of 'he m«f«tnoT of 
tW Riding he eTcr min^lrd poULcal tiii> 
pardaliriF witb persJinal kindness, uid, »o 
ftr M fae vfeA coficemed. tbc commii^fion 
of the poict WM kepi cWu oE~ imjiroper 

- He Kurcceded to tbe ]ie«rK^ on ifip 
dttili of hit fotbor, Ajiril 3. 18^. Ai > 
p«cr of the realm, the noble Euilt ihoiigb 
fifm ia his constitutional and ron^orra- 
tire prittciples, belonged to what nmy he 
termed the middle or moderate pHfly. 
Hia sound tense, and exIi'iiElvi' pracnriil 
knowledge, even more thim hi» wealib 
and station, gave him grenL weigbl in tb« 
Houie of Peers, und with the govern- 
m€at for the time being. Ua nriouj 
Gknt, Maq. Vol. XVtl. 

TT .Tjf- T^-lttfe ^?t-^ A '<.».W' 4l&^Jh^ 

M dL£ m: aitt ^>b:; ^j«« «ihant -4i pmM 

W*« RtiTttij:. »7a^^ !•» '^ M*' an£ iia^ 

iirr EiL^t v» a VipK cw»im^ ^ « t^;«| 
>.AOa3^ &:>)c:. jh«ci>'^¥«K\ UMW4 

tvv\viJ*i la ifceVc*!!* .*t t>h^««n<K>^W 

ib«wuiid« nK» wifnt " thr viht s*( all 
rie«b ■ Wlv»rf h;nii. tW mjinT jv*r» |i4it 
ht- laainmn^!, *t hn ^>]o rvjS'tt^r, IIm 
Harvvf.>,\i HuniMn «lt lunih^^ni rryvt^ 
lAii^m «ni *p!««tt«{our ; and hr nitv Hf> 
Aid (0 ha>T «iir«1 m <i« vt\uv; tiH W 
hud ji^Knrd ihr h«^iiid> i4i lh* dj^ t-l biv 
d^lV^L^^^ Ami xxhvn on hx« n'liiTiit ndinn 
hloiie, hf had Kl(|!hied Inmi bi^ b(M*i«. 
hi^ dratb rL«LU\l nlbrr bx ihi^ lU^ilnli^ «tf 
■ Mood veii»4 or irtvni nmuivl ovbuUa* 

Uif Irtirdnliip miimetl, Sr^pi.'t, t7l4, 
JleimeLtiit I'ldikf dmwUrt't o( tbo lat* Mir 
John Smindeni SiJtn^hi, ItflrtHnd by thm 
Ifldv. who Mirvivi^t hiin, hi^ h»d wi\f m^vph 
mmn ami lonr diiitiihirra : h tlii» Ul|rM 
Him. Kd\v4LiL JHivf VMr\ or lUrrwiKtrii 
bom m iTimi :d. fbp Itwi. I1i>iirv l^i. 
ri'llei, Alitor uf ihn Ytnhahir* lliii««r 
VeumaMT-v, who niatrivd In iMt^l liaHjr 

Louin TbTiinc, Piittr la tho ptphjic 

9$ OtntVAWit.'^nnp,SirJ.C.nvmat.—Lj.'Gtn.SirJ.FtilkT. [Jao. 

Mftr(]u<« of Bxih, vai Utu a f^iitneroiH 
$rW>'t Li^cdUf'^ Ur>.- M P. for Wihc 

dck. Hhi> miirrk-d In \VtS lAily C«- 
rolkiif fttfUiKiririA Howird. H^rtt rfnugtitfTr 
of tb<! Barl ofCafLuU, 1i^ wUim he- bu 

l>iit(rvU«* : 5. tlio lion. Fnndi. «bo 
di«iJ in ]8li. in hi* Gftfntib ynr; 5, 
ihc Iticki itc«. lUmi-r CntnfTvn of 
Sbcffivll kii'1 n I'tty uf trio neili-hiinibiT 
CO l^m't^n Aildudi^. nmmrd in ll«eU (o 

th* p'4<><'rii Ktrl of ^^»rHiff]il, wnd bin 

biiw; T. rhci Hon. Frrslrr;ck, whi> dipd 
En l^jS Jri hU (utTniv-IIr^E y^r-, ^, J^tfy^ 

to Jolm ThontM Jloitfi ctq, conun lo 
t\it Cull o( llopclDhirt, and wme Itft kit 
vridaw in ibc mooih folioviua- |i. Ihe 
Hon, j\illmr lj«rtrrtU-», tvlio niurrird kii 
lB3t Oroknff Fnrifvt^ f^nrfh dHiig^ltr 
of Sir Rkbud Cfookc> Dart- <»d hu 
tunc; 10- th« KikI^e Hun. Emni* L*d]r 

chHmtifr, inrtJTitJ in \BTi ti> Edi^mrd 
BrilLrlvyPurtniBn. nq, M,l'. lor Uon«t< 
kbirr, errjit<^ Lord Ponnmn in IK!JT : 
Mild IJ. La^f Luuivn, bunt in L6IS, uid 
inatiitM) ill 163^V tu tlio Han, Orbnitf 
Henry Cur-ddjKb, ,M.P- ftrf Nonh UrN 
hjthin^ brotiimn the C&r^ af itarlin;- 
ton, ■iiij hi« tMuc, Thr Ulo K«t] ha« 
le'l no fewer thin ihirfy.finir gnnd- 
chiMrrr, utd cniw of ihv »i<i>t bmuuful 
u-»itt>« Hi*l niiild iirhvitiEy Tii' nirlf'Oi- 
pidtrd W4ft vibjbi(«ilft[ Uin-voori Hoiik« 
vYpry Cbriiimiiit'diiy* vbi^n mX\ xhu inmi. 
brrt ot the (D-inihr NHTQih^Ht tu bunuur 
li* lurili.diiy. 'ni< prrtrni E-tI it a 
viridawcr, wtlbout cbiEdfcn, Imn^R inAr* 
ricd inJ63l Mil* Louth Htmlry, wbo 
■ dwtu^, H« bia iMUl<d fvf Mm* 
y«wt Hi Maiiirb. 

ApomHitoftbv hAt Enil, br Jjt^i- 
*o«. la Fd^Trd by f^ift* in Vuihtri 
NalMnil fortr^il OtAWij.Bv^ 1830, 

Rat. 8i« J, Ci. Tiioujht. Baht. 

Jfay *, Ax Oirlmm. Siia4ci, k|tr4 60. 
thv Htt, Srr Joba (iodfrry I'homu, Ibr 
flinh Rari. (of Wmt-o* (^ilr. nt, Q}»- 
momn, IMj, Vkar of W*TtEir>K and 

K* «i- bom oD fh« 1<t Stpl. ITftI, tk« 
ridtr •on ni Sm Jolrn IW 6fib fhronec, 
by M«nr, ^qcbcw of J«bu Pft^k^Tt of 
UhIwIJ l^otnf, ro. OImc. «*■!- H«i 
w«ft of WMlb» cnlUtY, Ox'or4. M.A. 
JfelM, wa« iKTf«n1cii lo iW vicnrv^r of 
Bodwni rn iW9 by hk ftlbcr, >*J lo Ihtf 
of WmtHjii- t» ||»fl, 

II* lunwffit 10 tbc tUltf ef Baf—r « 
on ibr ifcvUi of bi# tathtt, Ucc, U. 

fUrjLjfcn Ou^rvy Thomv «v< t^r* 

nmrhr^d : finf, Li» April. IKI^, tn f^nwi, 
dtfu^btvf of £l^ph*ri fU«i. of lUin** 
f Wi'jKfi>r<tf and Porltuvcoif I^rtj^t. 
ra. !^i»ii[Lwuiip(aii, arid by thtH Udy» wbo 
dirJ ill Jttt. IhilG, bir lud Utue ii4o hmii 
pnd fottr dni^liifr*. of wbom tb« rldcir, 

now S^r l^dinmid ^T^jj^irn riiuinw, burs 

in leiO. bw iai4Y('Citrd fo Th< lirlc. No 
OBrrjieil, ^tvomlly. lit 1W7» Gluoibclb- 
Arm«, ciiTtPt d<iif hf If (kf the 1l«r John 
V]gnoli<», of Cuti^Blu-r Ifp^niVt to- Wc«1« 
nralb, «nd vftdow «l LlvuL-lol. GrvT, 
try wSfiiri 1>» 1-t.^ fiiiTh«r iAKu# Ilv« d*U(B* 

Crnt iiid Ibrre witf. 

LrcirT.-GKK. $Jt JoMTJi FVlLbs. 

<kt, l«, Al bH r«tidci>(v LM Ilrjan- 
iitoii^tqinirT. Lu-u(,-GinerU Sir Josrph 
Fullrr, Q,C.L1 Colonvl of iW 7^(h 

Uc cntcr^ tbc army in Ami;. ITlKf. at 
■II rHily ifr, » LniifEii in cbi' lf"d Foot, 
trh#ii DP ftrrfft id 1-lhiicirrc. nrid i/ritu 
prc*rnliit Ihr t^^^jT'^ of Valvimmi'it'v n^^d 
Dunkirk, uid kU rb« M'[»ni oS ihM catiu 
|taii;n. Duiinc die ivbrl-i^m m lri>Unit, 
^ben (jpF, FuIIft. bir itii9 vtivrlydi- 
fngtdi mid, mUtr itv iittitimipn of ibat 
Ktuntry, bv «ri'(i( ia (be rJipH^lton lo Ibe 
ftvldcr, «fiil look p«ri in ajl tbir (irUK-ipvl 
vflK>ffnK«iiv. IJo4-fninf»t-/^4Unoj;i»Ub(d 
bimi«lf rbtoaihoui lb* Prnmiulir w^tt 
Lnit|<r !Slf J(ibn Moorvand tbr lliiki* of 
W'lltiigrciii. ^tnJirnUrly ^ rb» |bi«pii|^ uf 
the DoQro on Ibr lYlli M&j. 1Vi;9. and at 
T*iiiFU» whrTc he uh» m ib? cunimind 
of the fVMttmini Gutrdii and for bia 
arrvim »iih4r briiliani tieiory hr r«fvite<d 

■ meilii]. Ilraiumed lie F-iiikcf f VilODcL 
1810^ that »t .M-j^r.Geiicml. 1813; ind 
Lirm,-UaMcnil, Jh:^. Hf Mii**fi|>uiMii*U 
Coluiirl ol' ibv 7^b tUaijixcfit ib 183^. 
For many 3tb4i Sir Joarph u-m Cb^lnnas 
uf Ili« Board of Otnnbl Oflrcri, which 
hr «i* obliged lo rMitfn on aoruunf of bU 

Ift ISId, Ic atairinl Mui fluyJ, eldrai 
^ughur of ibc Into G#iwnl Sir JabA 
Kloyd. Barr. and filter of Lady Fed, by 
vlimd htf Imw* itHv «n* only daHbirr, 
vfao waa married lo 8UII. FlitVct tliitne 
Canpbe^U ]{«n. MJ\oiii wtck bdoro 
hrf fktbri'a if««th. 

Tbo body of Slf Jo««pb Fullvr wm b. 
ifrinl in Kiraaal Onrrii Cfni^ttrj, 

GlHKkAl. Wll41T03f. 
Styt. H- At ItiMmouf Li^fr> nui 
TToHf. rtfe^ 75, Jnirc* WJiiiroTT rtij- • 

(;.■■■ n . . ■ .Thr 

.^ .**- 

bujiE : I' 

llr ^ 

ritH in Ibo Hh 
< iiftvl in L7W>. 


Cffjrf- T. Cttrih. n.\\—J*^hM DaUvn^ Exq. 


OMiiuy 0^ n<Mronn)uii hi I7!i3> for vtiicb 
be rr«eiTMl tbc ihmki of Sir Jo^a 
Cmrinrk. rhcn M>i«nk»iHAintc U iIaV fl»(r><r. 

Prb. Yh, JTlKkTif rtH< lA*^i»..r(.loMp|r7 
Ik* fctxt d*j"- Ife ■fU'iniirJ* >i-tvril fi>r 
thm Tout u-lh ibiiri^'iuivij'. ttlbf Cape 
«f Grvd Jli>7e: Wfei ippoinicd C'olOAd 
bfbrrvH. JuQ. J. ITftf, uiiJ Bni^ffi«N 
Gciirtal m Juiir IdOl. In Juii^ ttO^ W 
•iebaif:nt from tlu Hib lo tkf ^Ui Nirbt 
4n^i>9H9. iU «iuiricd tbc ruitk of M«- 

C*W. T- ti-KTK, R.N, 

iVor. H). Al Irf-dJiiiiigton < Thoniu 
Owlb.««q. Oi^KiinK.XgfllAinctilUI, 
ror Bobft. 

Tbg«i4* CJ^rlbf l^lwicl of ilii; Fm( 
Ih^pTon^ of wbom m nwatoir ntll be 
fnna IB Gent. Ut^. for Jan, I63a p. fU. 

Mirrb, JH>|, kiKl ■dt^nc^d to ftotC mnb 

t/Vi^TAiif<T> ^TfeAlOh'l ti (.'4[h<■frlO^Lt:lH■ Itn- 
prfWiJw fiifttr, Jnuh^rbtlii|>bruil4NiwTth 
Ibc ftjH^ilinti <I«iiitifif t^^ifivi Aiiiii'rti. 
AfJvt «MUlirv It XUv rfduciioii o< Mtito- 
IIU, (^«pti Gurtb pror«f?(lvii up lb« 
SdiHill. vbcfr be -n^t mHiktlj tmptujTil 
4uringihc vrbolcof ibc opcniwnsir ibii 
rHvrt Mid on OM occmttofi trr^ W4niiiy 
co^ui^ viib* b^trofj, ib<f Brtf^Axiiiu uf 
trbidn vtoi bWtfl up by ShTftpni'U ibHt* 
dfn-btrgn] (roin IIt LmpFririiv'ii raito. 
Mvim. J'l rhp •|4in|- itf IMKI. T-apr. 
Utftb iTii nnjklojvd ntiikr (tii4 ijrd«r« of 
C*pr v**04' 5lf fit'uqjtf'f Curk^iiri*! wbu 
Lii bffcA li-iil fo Utiibifon buy fcr ibo 
P«rp*>9c M co-ofKraim^ uiih (be B«roa 
do K«'1^i. ■" ^'1 '•^I'^'npttovffn^l tbv )ibm> 

lion i.\i K-rdiri>i]d thr 8vvvii<h, lh«n n 
MisoMr tt VH]«nftty. On itiir ^tb of 
Jiift* ftplWvtU^« W w1«4 ffoffl l^ofU- 
B«Ulb Ivt <l^ ML'dilcrrinaii «tftCi<^ii| 
librrf L« •■» mcrcwavfly rtfmnvfd IMO 
tbp CMurk U grinm, tmd Ot^U-nK 5t, 
*dJ f^fiinrvd iviiHU armrd v«i»cU kiid 

(;»m, Gitftb married, April ^8. 1»30, 
CUrlvilo, tUrrittwgELirrof iitr. l-V-do- 
tkk ll.itlvid, Coliiorl ot i\k At^h Kool, 

of ^ tfd (if 

Tbn (uuWniatt vm tbc pceund «Ofi of 

CoiQwiiT'i vrrvT. by UtIicIiA. dinjjhfpr 
vf SU Juhn Wiiy. Bv<. IIJ- rtdrr 
brutb«r, ThoviMi, auu«]iHl in IKH Ibr 
minuwe of Nordiflf, on UhvnciiifE tbf 
r4l»Tv« of hit nialonJ K**'"'^'"^'bcr, 
Knncn, vift of Si* Jatni Wmy, ftiU 
only 'ttiicMvr of Kfllrfki N^rrlLffr, caq. 

ffvoi Sr (W'TI Wfiiy, ILut. Artditrvthf^ ii 
to hi9 tc<t»iid iw([, Ilic ii^ntleoim tufvi 

AJr. l>*boi> irai( furqtrly in tte vmy, 

in ^bicfj ke Riuiiirtl tht ivik of l^rul«, 
(^lond' He fttfHT'drd 10 bi< nUtct 
041 ibvdtmbof hit fptrbi^r in ISM. 

Us jhuriDd Ia iTh3. ^-tuTknt, «ld«>C 
dftucWr «»r Gf npril Hvbfrt I'mc^fti, ot 
IUmc Urom in Su»ojij nnd hcid lihuc iivy 

wm. and fivt d«4ij(bEcrv. Thh- ^nn* ntr . 

L Jobji, tiitp CtrutTi VI the tib n*£.. 
:R*fTi<*d KliTfllH-trt, tnilj dmi(;htcr of 
KicSnnl liudcr. ptu. of Lc«dt, %nA b*t 
Utuc ; Ii. Jdinrt. Kobrrt, (j^niMiiirider 

ll-N\ i X Chiillvi» Ca|j(^ It. All. UiAJ- 

ricd ill It^. Mirv. diufi^ipr of \h. 
Dirncarr.MJ),; 4,Ur<rK^, Lif ur. R, £ng- 
luvridl in it^W, Kiiplivmit-CmilfL-tlil. 
dtwbrff of TlicniB* H<ntiiri|{Coii» r*i|H 
of uiirigiinnon C^flc, iHirr- o, WtlUtm* 
Srf)mnf«on. an nflftppf in iWarrDy, mar- 
rJPEJ Ui itiSQ, l^uru, daujfiivr uf <.'«ipt. 
Kiii^-. H.N. TWdougbUii: 1. AiiMriiui' 
Ua>tU, mtrricd in AUi-i^fiv-n. ilHltfiiir, 
vid hi« ittu<; 'i. h'n,HCvt^B\iu\iHh, 
marnrd ia ibf Hrr. Jvbn Wif'k,<T iimt- 
rihon, <■( Norton. I* -Clay, i*u, Vi^k, knd 
bat luuc ; .'i. MiArM-C'4lliariiif> mardfd 
Uf Vpt4fi:v Llff born, ««i|, of (b« Wi^na, 
CO, Konbureh.uidbfltbHic- 4- Albink] 
atidili. UadTllii«-Agti4<«t uiauiL-d tn iccftX 
fn h#r mmiUn. the H^ir. Cm-iI Wrwy 

Sii FKAMiTj* Cii4VTntT> R.A. 

tiG«> Sir FraiKi* i.biiuiri^, Kot. H.A. 
a BUfqlMr or ill* Arxiicmy of Si. 
LiikoU ttl Eome, U.C.L. Oxf.. .XLA. 
CaiDb.> F.K-&- Lond. «iid EiJuib^ 
F.S.A.. ami .M,G.K. 

Iniu-ift Ixfo^iu Chantrey wv horn on 
thv Tib ul Apob and bif4*v«i on tW 
^tb ^ay. IT»], *t Nation, a plcamnt 
t\l]j);e abuul Ic^iir uitltr^ u>uEb of Sbtf. 
^flld, vhi<b M**. Iluiircr. lu % W* 
j>uUiraiJ(kii,* bni nrfind ju ** ■ tkj ini#. 
nsCinG pin^tii HlK'nnilinic In |:nrtfy, and 
W^ng ^ivi-n 111 rsiriy Itinn la-o B|*iiop« 

■ Srip '*AlnicA«couMofthc AQmt- 
Xwt\ nj>d Itecsarrr; of tb« CitaEr4 or Ibe 
llltteyftuf Norlnri, ttvlenj iu obHA«c 


Obitciuv.— 5ir FtaKit CioHtrttf, R.A, 


to ifaa diufrh,' lad in Ultf > finv «niiii>*»t 
icholtf to (be Uitltf rhitir*> ; ubik iaour 
own liiur, ir bu» lircu il»* b»»ih.i*lwN! of 
the mod rmiii^N irnli^Vir ttut rh« En^iah 

f041^ yMrt, rhrrv aCbA^ <n Itw jftiv* of 

Norioft Hoii»^ III* vm\% oluiwicmti 
Vhantr^, trotfk wbidb tc wtf 11 <ine limt 
■vmrnri ihit ilninnnnirtif ih^rSf^lptor'* 
bmUy bftd tMrrn on/^ii^Eiy <1i-nr«<- F«l>- 

t*CT*ton hud hr.-rn \<\i\^ ¥>H\\M in «*4 
«IioilC Norton, Xhc name tKintf of <«Hv 

rcgiMpr, Tl^rT rank iit lihr m* fcumliU* : 
one d( ibcjn hUA • fauuiiman. Lii rvn- 
nt-iion wtrU ibo family vi NoFivn HaQ, 
kntf i« tnditionftlly rvinfmbcrvd for bb 
•WkloritA ^inOifirMktfib. TIk- Hither of 
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rul4>td more ibut :'J.<Kn.i^ or Ol>,4XlO^ 
Tlii ujiB,e3i(vpt ft frw Ui.'>bciri, fa tPTltUd 
kpoo L^y ChMitrfy for brr lite -, with « 

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in pi-rfirtuKjr. un<bf inuiHshr|i,<ho iatc- 
rr*( uEiJ i-rot'trt (o br ispvir^d m imf roT- 
iiiie BTid crildrpnif th« pivMnt modrf ct 
fliiidyijif ibc feTtt, «nd for tho putchaae of 
ihcwcrtf vtliiabto wnrkft «r Apu1|f|urc k*J 
painting lliul an br obbimed, ftwfa workt 
lo be ilFjiOMtirif in ■ pLiblit" fttJIrry fot iht 
ini|rniv«in*«t ol f#n«rq] fASil'. and M 
»ur1cU for ihv LI5W dvHC of «f t»tt ; 
and if i* hoprd thai Qi'vrnnvfnt will 
mrti thu libtTtl ojnduci hy kril idiot n 
•iiil»blt jiUct for ihclr rccrplJon, fo 

Ctrrciu any pwrveik «r tbc ojl^iniit iuvl 
piflft bid outtA ikvlMmCt wbkb n^uH 
divrrt (b« n»r*n« ftnni ihc [iuit^mv of 
u-ufU.* i« ntuMd, i( bill h1*o litcn rmpvtvi 
t\Ai:^lL iifrAnDumoflb«bpiiumi*lob« 
pMd to the Prciidvnl of the Rovil 
Aridcniy \n mi^n^len. Tn Mr. Alran 
Ctiiri]|]|(iiarn. wh^k fur ntuiiy jMn OlR- 
rtau^l (■ hA *cci«l4ry *i>d minAgtr of (h« 
fiaondJ dvpartnicni, be hoi bwmcuthed 
ih«Bum otfOOifl. *ii(b « provfAotW Mr. 

Ciinninflivn;) aIiaII muiii^ in tliD c*rTti*« 
of bil dntic« untU iKv rlu«r of the ««tBt>- 
luluDcni. To Mr. Jictiry \^>rk«v. who 
for the lait tfir[c«n ytUT* hud Iwm<ii hia 
chi<i HniiCnnl, b« liM Itffl UUO/. on fofl- 
tfttlnn ibAl 111- win romplcEc the work* tii 
pnt^fti fl[ l1;« tjmc o| ths tntJlorV 

iiijirum in ithich be held tbr (uTcnl* of 
ilmi uvnili-iniio. To dii! pariili of Nor- 
ton b« bu bequeathed. >ft«t tbv dMth 
of Lndy Cbantrry. iUUl- pvr ■nnuoi, 
for 10 fong <# bin locnb tvfniuot, to ba 
ii[)|i7icd la ibc fallow;iig manner, unin 
ih^ dtn^rian of Ihr vii?4r or retitfvnt 
derfEynuri ^—iOI, to hv paid to ■ f.cbr>ol- 
inuftrr, to itj*uui^ im iwui' boy« of 1k< 

fuiUh uilhoiil ciprn»« 10 ib«ir pannU; 
l)f. per urxtim to e«cb or fii« jioor men 
v>d tjvf poor iromcti, cirbct widom u< 
tMi^c ivomcn : and (^ mrmiiiHic ^/. 
per annum lolEifr viearor midpni clcri^- 
mart to ptnrnrvo 1(14 ioml>, 

A piirUvir of S^r Krancii ChMiiroy, 
WLih iiiitiliiLhi<i] In the Kiiro|H«ii Magvinr 
for tr|j. Ib^'i. Wc hrt not »ware whc" 
(her tbi» vtm from bi« ^cinre bv ^k«an, 
or fiuiDonirbj Idiiljoi n, Itoni nbkb Ikerc 
la ujiocbcr ocEato eiicr^viitg bv TbormoUt 
piibljthrd ill the New MoiuliJy Mijpuliw 

* $w«therurmerpa|e« of lhi« ftltmorr wore prinieii, wv have brrn ffraoireU 
' irirh a njmmunir^tuvt fnvm Hbrtfirbr. mnl>intiij[ ibvlApliiTiul r^iMr^ of Kir FmieiK 
CWailiey. at fo!ioaa : 

iTtfL y^Aytn, rrand*, ion of Kraiidiaa^ Saiab Chnnfrty of Jordanthorpr, 
Vrom Vibieh «« trun, }. \hat {.ceytii ah not one Vt til* oapliamA) rmnm : and 
l£. that ibe buufe xt >'orl<>ii, in '^hidi br wM boiin, ua* u^lrd Junlnniborpt. 
[C banlTy'B mainigr iw^ iilafi' hI TuSilcnbitKi ibtinit. The tju-l of Ike Liir Dr, 
.^Dmwae, oni> of ibt rJltir«< ini>it«Ucd bv trlwiiliry «wi told amonf like rlTerU of 
ifa* btt Or, £rn«i, M Sheffield, during tW jiait iii<jnli>i for m eain«ao. 
OnT, Mao. Vav XVir ? 


OBirr/HY,— Jtai, G. F. Kelt, D,D, 


I7 Mr Wcckvi iijiifct |-iitjluhi«1r 4iii«M 
en •umc I7 Fdirlmul, 

Rst, fi. F, TfrmTD.I>. 
Oft, 2S. In tW now, ViiithvMtf, 

ard 73, ibc Ret. tiMirn PkvdoldE 
on, IJ.D. F.S.A.MniorPrclttBdm of 
ibc CkllednT. inri lUctor (if IbntHKUm 
■ikd W«odcTitirrlii Knit- 

Dr. Kou u'Jk« Ihff u>ii of fbc licr. 
K«inurl NoTi, M.A. ol Wori-. I uil. Oif, 
b rfbrtaJirjr Af Viiich^4«r, Ki^ot of 
JlougliCini, JlaMh, Vlrar of H1«ndffit>t, 
l>on»i, Mndii CfcflfUln to the KUg, *bu 
dtf^iu 1190 (acc GinT, Mac i-tin. AT«0 
Hit moibtf «u AnguktHt daughttf ot 
Prnntll H(»wWTn», c»»v S^rrjfWTil Suifj^oii 
l« Kim GtOTKC ill. toil ticoibrr to 8tr 
CttMf Hawkint, of Kvlilnn. nr«r Ititli. 

Ho WW BCftlrrw U) John Kott, M.D. 
of lM«tAl HoivffAlb, ftutbor of Tmnilft. 
flcmt from Pc^nnb, Coiut1(u» ke. md 
Taritni* ulhct ttvfi* 1 M-d atifubrE wick 
mm • lUTpfon at M'um4l«r, mA prt- 
Tloivtj, u« tiL-licTc, ot StfBlford upon 
An«^ Of IN-. John StAu <« wfaMn thr, 
fr, F, NiHt i«fei r\fctjEGr and bdr, M 
mtnititrwill bv tv 1 1» ihv ifttii\cnmt't 

Ho cmrrvd tho tmmr«ilf of Oxford >■ 
« mtn^brr of Gbiiiichutrli , ind, baring 
div^tinthcd blmiclr m n oiMiinl i^hiJar, 
wa« tltcicd o FHlow of All ^ou1«, Hr 
T^ratf«^ded M,\. I'lfi. U.n. t^ri^. nJ>, 
Itcn. Ilo i>lfttli>«4 txiriodttnbli! i-cIcLrUy 
by U« t^crmnilt, iirrkrti^l tl tbr IkinpToii 
Wfliuv *Ti IMUtf, uthirli whrti bhsiTDd wrrr 
dvdttiMfd 10 Ibr K'fi^ t una» ■f'ct ifal* 
Initodiirrton, ho oViuiriL^d ib« miiuvtori ot 
Safi*firrc«rjnior ro hut R^il Migborik tI>>« 
Prinofw Chorlo(t« of WjiIi-b. 

Ho w«H inr^vhird (o ikt pfiprtuitl 
OKxr of S«olco Ciinoo, irt Dfvuniliire, 
bt lb* iiMn and CbofLrr of Kxtti-f. in 
IWT, Ml bo >bo bdd fco nmc il.f: 
rkMigv d Bmd Windsor, to Ua«»oi- 
*birti 11 tbo y tp wufa of Hit vvr ol 
Solkbury. H* b«f>w ■ prvWnkr* of 
WhfbwUT In 1810. U IBIH be'ir«« 
prrtcncni W AU Soolt* Col^r^ 10 Ihr 
frciarv vf HarhHthioi, hLiL w^>c1i La 
held ibai of WcodcliUTf^, hnvhf nbtvred 
it ib ticbiu* fat Urwd Win4HT. Itt 

iKc hc(tr i<ftrt*h h# onibTithod arbool* for 
(be chiitFtn ul tbt po«r of all denomim- 
l>OM< ind 4tt cftcb^vnbidll tWfoitory 
liouw, brablH fjrpnitiiiH liifi|;r mw of 
ukooof 1h Tarloua laifT-rrinm'*. 

Dr. S<m dttliEifdi Ir a» ui 

rlvpiM wbolor. hjr .4 tUo 

PoMHi of tbe B«il •.-» ^iir^rT init 84i 

Thonmi Wjitt. 'Die foDAwlng Ti B Iti 

Ralicimii F!iiTbt]m«]n riin*ji1fTTdi tn 
fichi HcrVKAki [irrui^hfd Uvtott Il>c UqU 
Hfi^ijr or OifoHj lerin. 

Tbr Pro|*r Mfnlr of rtwdjinK Hi* 

cd ■( SftTr^burv. T^ll> 6v4>. 

Tbr W<flU cF llmtr Howard, Eari 
of Swivj". and ol Tlioraaa Wj»lt ibo 
rtdtrf, lAL^.Vva*. fio, 

Nnrly ifKniT.fin; jton aRO Ton Ac 
GTh of Jin, mn>, trblUc cninifFd ifi hi- 
pprtntrrxlinjF tUf irfmm rA Ibtoilhnlnil 
of Wiifcfbrtlif.bpftCrtWda*»wTii»jorjr 
In bii hcftd, I7 ■ UH ; b<ji, r<rii Iv a klv 

KrrittI of bfc> br rrfn&nf^l Itiov fliTAl 
irnlticwf BiiiiJ. wbii'h <Tiu*ed hit opi- 
nion <o he aouata o" nji'vf jwiuu of 
Icnnnni- and tia^iiif rrcnf t» bj hit former 
fricndt, bj «!iofn« a* "Ml a« bj all tibo 
hnuvt him. Lti U MorrrciEj tfrf^ud, 

IJji tcvrrv LHimoi. cUcMdlng om 
l«T«ral w»r». w« lOTiif ttith a ffargno- 
rwii knit f .lintllvQ fortitudr, iW fitdit ol 
filth, wbn li roold icarrrj the irlal of the 
hoar of rttnili. ilT^nlin^ ihi; aurtM pfaof 
thu his ho]ieoriMlvatioo r«lod tabdll- 
Oh i\\e only itvr fownArtioii. tbr fiier^to- 
noil* duitb flhd jocrif rt of Ht< K(4e«n>ar. 

rnthcrnonh irviM^i of th<r c>4(litdnil, 
I0 Itic fCfttorilic ol vrhicb, front « *UCc of 
j^vBi dUtfiidtfiorr, bd diffd^bH attm. 
lion, with moHi taalc ao»f co<iff1»w» of 
)iidaai(?fiT, bk rcmalni #ro i>o» di'po»lird, 
iLTfcf ibr >iHii nn mlifrh bo ttnfbrtuiLoltlr 
fi^l, fruin « beJebt <ir Tf) ff H^ 

Dr. Nnii im rtcr 4 kind friend Ifl ibf 
^luliri-td. intl br biituth 1»* dirrtied 
pjnent* lobe nmic, durlne ibcti trtr«, 
la tncntl noor p#n»oin. Wbtfv liatr l«mf 
|«ftiri|lhr(W ill liik titfiiiive rbifitf. 

Amoitg«t oiler b*-iMe*li» hr hn glTPn 
inrKV. 10 ih' Swirlt fr>r [inipitfBllnf fha 
*io»in'J in hW^ifin PaiUv to be opplW in 
liull^i'VC rliiirdjOA 1» Canida 1 XOt to 

thv RitwiAKtat.' Fnnd of All Sook' 
Colte^r. Uifurd ; JOOf. 10 tba f>f«n ainl 
Cbftpl<f ol WL(irk<<r<r, Cu b< dlipowd of 
a* Vity )ba?l Thi'ift mon roodivl^ to 
p-lrtj, in Ita nrn»in*iit or tf^lr ol tb*- 
CttUdnh lUV. (o ih« f>i>ntr ffmplml; 
and jOf, loihFpDorofetobdf biin«rl*hM. 
Aftff hntriilkf>dFB, nnd protMnffor 
ht« ^Tomli^ tlirfrvM'v nf Ml prOftrfry, 
Vhicfc MtpiUtbcCOt!''' ■ TKi^irtilbtd 

hjibo DMAa«>4 . r.foriW 

tiirftflot Of ibt kavixtii 1 <'■ mi drmrimn^ 
iiUoira rviidcttt in Bttlop Jiorlaf'a 
CoBtfO, Wmohr«4«r. 
ira arry ntrvtlrr end choic* llVvy. 

nil' J II*, 

HI. >*a 


0BITV4BV.— C. F. Belli, Ji^.KJ{. 


tfmttinjta i»t*, uid ihi* pftinti%i, v«4««« 
«ad broue* om. TIm ruii», &(-. viU 
Iw i^Uttblf H»U fn I«ru}<l0s, at « Ifllcr 

a. F, Dn-T?- r.^ K H At Ba^:- nek 

ITj,!,., ., ,y.,. <^.- ^ „ ^„;,, 

Hi< ; r ol iIm Uaib, 


qC-*^ <,<J ^11 ^.■.> Lel^iJ, GvUr lki»ffu< 
AriDKubo n JiiEf IHU rrtigncd iahl* 
Uiu«f ll>c ulTir' oE tj<'JiiJ4iu«Ji L'lliri of 
Ib0 Sfulrl K<a ci fhf Oiil^i- of (h« 
Bftlfcu to Kluch u united ibtt of Bi tiitik- 
«tcfc H<r»td. Diihiifi ibc i&ioc iiiofLtJi 
b« ivi* fc&iWTT'd ^crfT^fj to ibt mmiad 
%*i'i I N»» Flnjicrurol 

•t -^ 4.i<; -A-i I, jci ELI1 |ij(>iijU* ttUr 10 tb«t 

•rut (u Totf'iU fur llic mvrsiicvrc of llw 

Emirs' f<>t %<j Hiinin miEi l|it iuitt« orrirr* 

If' "'nl Toriru^Iik I'orwiviM 

oil : i.j I91T ; v^4 i)rL>iouUil to 

Ifk l-iiifM^Ur llrrWil on tkr 4fh June 

hj">* ■ ' ■' ' ^il^ic uiikt ill iFi^. 
-^ ^< not oolf vcr; acnirue 

cWtt « >>iw of t»N^»rirril itt4\aFrh for lU 

Oftn u^, iii*il ^t n(iii h-'d ij*p(>y nvtbod 

vrofU. Hit '* ^frii>L>ni]b £<r tf><* LMtf 

of the (■ ' Mbj<fa ht- bod bm 

IwwliV ■ Niin^ n loT^ KriBAor 

fm«. »..^ .1 '^,. . ., 1 only i» triH jirif^-Al 
jrnr. uibi i« iwikcd in our Uajfumc foi 
July 'j>?, IIli niiTj pr-'vic-v* wotk it>*» 

CU* ind &^ Ihit |f(r^ 

': Mr, Ucifj rcu^uuiiui. 

Meiv. > li' , thr urmorul il<^«j- 

'u^i' vol. MU, ii. 

P*t^" Ji s I'^i. i». |r|i- 

J«>.Ji*»^ - >.. ; lo ibc A'u 

in I ' \\<^y^ *LhU ,->. 

nii;i i>f ^S. i' m . ', . 

ing |u^vi« tit Ihv Soi'ffCy ul .Iruii^LatF 

t" ( L. J r ... .. .*. ..,.1.1 , ■ ,t(^„ 

h' ■ ' ;<«! kUcord at the 

fiirm «f i'ltOiht l;:aU]' vf Kiftg lloty 

V n L tnio Tovfooy, a/Ut tb« Swwtdtfr 
in 1^13; tfkdtho NolifinitiDii. by Qucon 
CUlbannf of Arngioa. ^ (Iir t^irth of tb« 
ffincTH hlary, luibtf MtibriptJ ^iitbo- 
rl^Dt of ioEin-uy; iirit^il is ArcbK«], 

Xnltl38, Mviiid'mliijfllivUAlAcluifir. 
Mifitt, )UitfM, ftJi4 Dryih uf :iir PliiFi|i 
?>kliuv; [iri<i{«rlU vol. im pp- l^l^T'. 

In ibjp, Ab Iiiqiurr itito Um «iiMi» 
NifitiLi>v4 of Ibc DrirrUor Cnnf, MiiJi 
•OiM •noixni o' iit Lonltti^a, Tr^i* 
tiOii«.fti>iJ lUriturit; »Ui|. p>. UMttiv 

Mr. UclU kv» tbalicnMufmiiil^/tbiV 

Ulo Sir Kiebuil Jjotrc, and ntmy of Uo 
iniHt tuU wid iVJiiiititc iKjd^vcA in tb« 
lljunnr of !4o»lh wituhirn v^rv Ironk bJH 

U mnyalut t» iiK«ili«ttfd Utti Mr. lk>ii« 
io collar ».- 1 lop with tlv LkU B«v. TVo* 
icu^ Rickcii, 1-Mt.S. vil S, A. V4« orm 

ul titv «'4h-i-uLo'> vl Alr»< U4:ii:k, IIlb 

Miji>i» uf J>PiTkd Uiirridt. Op^i in lb^2, 
*ii* bcn*ffilh*r1 to hidi IMUJLS aiid jiriAlM 
toibff wbiD pf ^, vtd 100^ VI iHaivyi 
ari(f Mr. IMu iitutu thr mtriuoir of AJiki 
<i4rricb> irfricli U prluinl ia ibc (itotlc- 
Tn«n'« JlIuujiic iot Sov. l^^. 

5|r. JJtIu l«lt hrijlukd »rl^ t« Um 

iiiMOlb of Aii^o*-L U*(, add vr*h tiitl M- 

<iick«il nc ZurtHu uh^Ic on hU rciom 
froni ■ brief ri-it to Vp^'^n half, by 
tut futei dj'(ti(nf'i<r — HhilumwL (ji'bji* 
— wbicb ocCHkontJ U» iiuvx|Kvtitil dtt- 

lla mb 4itliiijui«hi<J, Aiuf very |Qh«- 
rvJJy rciiwctiidt lor 1(14 ftU^rior |iro1b«- 
utfiuil IaWiii*. i-iiUAkm\ ud liiowy Nit«4n- 
tnrnt*. ui^ Ufir.iiikntoii ^rndnnuy jh tbo 
rjcirtbi'ia u vreli k« tbr mufv iiivivcriAlly 
Unaun lutfoift^ of KuTDpr. IV it(> 
JtifWdi MUM inlittftlriy urqiMintod mlik 
bib iiflUiJi aod riuncirr. ujid ttHjiccBilly 
iu ib-Mi Miuu«l4rJ wUh him by ibo boAL 
nf oaiiiiDE Aflcrtioii, be vm padrM*d 
rltk-Sy by Iwiff Aud clo^c ob^rv^tion of 
hit (ii'tit* rv-TimuM'' LjoalUi* *-~piiiry nf 
iiunJ urid hooil, iiiti'^rily uf uuryuw, a 
ilitpo^tluB jifcolMrif «<(Ulr, liruli uiil 

ni«4ui>rt'dr«idMiu urt Jry«tt4«d^rii* 
intfifAtdy Itvimib ■ iiuall iMtbIc IwUt 
rtacud tobuoMrnofv^, in Ihc «v<wterv 
of Ibo 1iV4b 4f SC. JWi ttl ." 

pifhiy.ihi'd fttf, Vnafiy UftUtft, rAi|. 

Tilt foUufliog uiroiint vl iliJt dintiH- 

SiliUiO ANHliJi't r* drnird from tho 
iM MftiiAl ddrnu of tbc l'mi4ciu of 
ib« LiiiiHHii SMiiriy) ibu Bitkcp of 


OaiTCAnYp— /Vffffm ifcufr, Eyy. F.R^^ 



w^]9 hHri an Hp[*if(iii(iintC ih jitlntrf (« 
Priiio* Lirhlj'iulnii, rilnl uTnlr h<> wiji 
yrt ■ Iwjr* itnd ihci^rcof hU rd**fuliqn 

Ilukt i(k' 1>r>Hi |kiibli«lioH {jroilurtTon at hU 

II nji^H-iK^i'il io t. di«>>?r1ii(fon by Srorck, 
" 6c L'«(t PitliAtais iilfrlu»iil«," whtUi 
bwin'Ikif ill I7'l. 

Ill ITfS lie cvniG 10 Bngbnd, jn vom. 

Ti"ill<ifr 1>^ bfOT)i«r I'VnNiiBttrl, utio wtt^ 
liirn viiKHfitff iti romifMJnt; the t(^i4iilihil 
tcrit* uf J'li'Ftiri^i't ^intc iiiililieltcil «■> tI»c 
'- ilurm Qfani." vat nbotit to poned 
14 P«ri«. But the lltwml ])rii]hniJ nuulc 
to K-Ui by f^ir Jcwrii^ Btrnki oii l\w wd of 
hm iiiu-i«(lt^ (tt'jittittre. ifjvriii^d Uiin ffvm 
thU rvb«Suni>n. mid indui^d biat to at* 
miiii i» KiieEemkIh Hnd ttt Mbp up Imh 
rf^idi^me in (^«- fi'leLilHiuilkoott of Ibr 
Kopii OiirfI<" Pt Kvw, In wbich vi]lvf;e 
he T^iiliEuii'd (0 dwcU mail tbc (rTininu* 

ll wiifl ibo o|iintop oi' Mr Joarfah 
Imiks I^*! > tjcltnnir gvrlfji nai in- 
Bl^rilHc wlTbouI a rimkiEhE^nrnin |>rfinA. 
ncftlly dtlachtd (o it, tit<A W HiiHyr<hit£\f^ 

mib liic BiiicriaTi of l)i» M-jr^ty, ftu'd 
Mr. lUucr ii ittat i«|Mriiy ^c Kr<i, bim. 
■iT'lf dcfnyifs l^r i*Uty <fikrinE bin o^n 
lift, and pio^iitiiig by bi> uill fur Jtt 

i^orumiiiiiicv 10 ibv Itfinrinnlrun of llisl of 

Mr, U*iiL'r^ In fntfiJinpiii of tbln ru- 
gDgcniMit iilih ^ir JoH|}b, Mr. Biiu«r 

nnhdc imuKfout dr«winf« bhiI «kf>li<fac-i i-f 
thi> ])]iinlt of Ibif ^rilm, whU-U uix fi<fn- 
prvHTTisl 111 tbc ilritith ,%|uiFuni. A 
«Jc.*ioE> *raia Iun!ni*KhB» wm putitirvtcd 
in ITW. iir>'1ir tU*' Mtlr of " UrtLiicmiuiis 
of Kwii'k l'lHEti> (LiLiitKieJ Ml <hc lltrt^l 
Gtfdvii Jt l^o^\' i><i<l (bU um intcnJcd 

tu bi^ fuht^rinrii aliEiiJlil}|L bUE liii niUliT 
tliUEt tLccc p*rt»> «o*iHfcnrg wbu^Ey uf 

tifnib)^ uvA cuiJtAioiiig thUxj pUlf», wv rr 

In tb* mly p«it of 1^1. tfr B#uer 
mnilc for Mf. BrouiH ubo b«d Ikiii been 
fur wmc Vfmn vti^^M \n » ji*'iioilnr 
■CuJ/ of tt4^ rpriE*. 'UHKin^* '^^ nni*jr 
frncnofthat Imo^l* ii bwli Mf. Broviirc^ 
EvdnJ u nW' lludihiiin^io* MWJm-i, 
nikdf MMne jvii >IccTi n<'r< jnibWtr4 
ill Ibc lltt lolume of ibv Jjnii{C4& 
y-Ti"^— ■-'^'_ Ml iltuttrBtion ul Mr. 
Bromh** p«pir on ikAfffvim-, Atu liter 
p«t1^ It B^Ui dirr^lrl Lli actftitloo to 
Iballnlvol f-Uiitt. h» UTvMn la wUck 
bivt witblii ibnt* fc^ mn Errcn fitni 
bQ Ifcc H'vrld in tf<( Wil^Uim J,m^*vii 
HfKkcf'* " Ovitir VUe 

J!Jlb voluint of iW ; irii* 

jii ewkbvd uSik lu< .-;' ^ ^^.-^^.j^p, 

A^omptnjini; Mt. KicrrrnV mcinofr art 
tUgt^i BuJ Ibir (un FTiililliJit-d Utl 
trjr rotiiain^ a |inp«t ky Mr. ftkurr *' Oq 
ihf KrjTOt "f Ry^/" fl»ni malefiU* eo^- 
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wliicb form mrt of «n nirnrtw %n\e* bi 
tlir Brili«h Matriim, tlbiMmtivr of ifcc 
BtTiiiiuri* of tho (frwu, tTu' cVTiPiiiiMon, 
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Thl* ddfnlmUc tfrln of itmntitc* tvh* 
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in mirrovroiiic inv(«iitf^[ion. Tlkr %ah, 
jfrft w tiiggritcd to him fry Sr Joseph 
Btnkt. «vh» WII4 cTiEVGfd in nn inftuiry 
inio the ditnte of totti kminfi tjn^r tld 
riAin* of " llftj;ht," nod the pari of Air, 
J£iHcr'« dntu'joei nhidi r^ktoi ro Ibit 
diirntr ^mi publiihod m 1 1f uttnil{<in of 
Sir Joivpb't tiu'moii <mi ibo wbjtri, nml 
hat bwn wwrnllinn'* /I'lifinlp! with it, 
Jhtr, Bunrr hw blmulf fiii'cn. In th« 
vtkLiimv o^ the " Pitl1oTO]>ltiL'4l TntfiAoc- 
l^oni' for 1823; m ircoiinC 9f bit otavfo 
v<tiorL» no Thv l^iM* fWiti of UM^ 
wiib iliv AffiiT^fl r^ktlfifl 10 ibHA 1 ftiid 
•noTliminiill ponion oJ hu illminrionK 
of rhf r>l*ni*r% of Com htn *i)iri' b«n 
piihltthH by liini in ihr " Pmoy M11- 

H^j^Uif" for \is33i. Hill AflKfn <rf « wiiie- 

whnt feiiotag^iH lubjcrij |bc AplJ]v-tU|£^Ta 
and iW tiH*«t produdne it, a^vonifiiiaf ^ 
Sir JijATfih Shiilii'i Mtmoir on l\ts l»- ^ 

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in ibt< fnil viMiimc o/ thr *' TrMitsniicraa ' 
oHb<' Hortiraltuml S(WJ*ty/" 

fttfrirrriij-rliHroFfh^ UsT^pntury, Ur. 
Iburrr rniii(rirni:rd « «'r1«t of ^nwlD^ 
of Ortitidrfr. anri of [li? ^(UdU Of ihv^j 

mnarkiblc tcriKiur^. ia ubieh hf rtnu 
tinuH to aildp It* (ippcTfunitiw iiiftrtd, 
ncnrtj' iu (he rcTAitriiiiuo at hi* Nfr. A 
ttWlkm from Thc<r. ul^rh foria oEi« of 
tfir nio»r 1r«nutifiil HJid uicniirv'ti^ivK of 
biB lK}taiii<ml dnwiiftK. -nwt. ]i(hoi;t«fTbed 
afiil pithliihrd by l'nif<**Qr lintHry bv- 
In-crn tbf jmn ttkiu aihl iKfti.trndcf Ihe 
llllo M " tUuvtrvtLino ctf Orthl^r«au« 

iji* tirhvt pubtiiibai b o ^— iiml wurkti 
•r«. I. Tbo&nE |Mrr.f<ibli«hcd tn INIA^I 
oF" Strcliiru Depict*,' n nork iotirnd 
(II CdnifK^*r fic^ife* of mIE the hMmq 
■pecif* «f IW iiiiroflfrnl piomi ifJ 
■- JJftfiisffofccftI Ojarrvitjorts no lliil 
Rrd Snovf* Liniuaht ffuu tW Arvffdj 
R«Sli>(i* \%y Cff^iio Ho«, Jb« KbibiiM 
evnttiiHil ut whiiii, by tume rgyir^d «fl^ 
fti '/^tf. H' dfutili/d ill tko Tin wliimd 
uflke " Qutrltdy JowiihI" of iW K< 
liittitwlioui «« a vfvc«c» of tVr^i~3^' 


OniTt/Aftv.— F. RotKttpwd, 



'* Sam* KiprrlAMAli on tk« Ain^l ivhifh 

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mUn) Tnnitwrioni'- fur itvAh ii»<1, I. 
Tic Plain lo 1h« BoTiriicJ AppoUiv 

wU^ lirediiott ftL-rfM:* *i<tij« wilful 
■oj >fipiirva( tction of poTlcn, ^ill ftppnr 
in W lottbcamJBff IMI at ibr l.tnnirHn 


In <bc jTdr I8li>, kc roiiimi^nml Iriiri* 
iii^ tbc aitiMiiAci; of hi« rviiQl 1o 1)10 JfttD 
S>tr f^Tcranl liomr, m rh« wtou» mh*. 

in wlM Ih4t ititii ingulf hcd Bnitfnnitt 
Vim en^nfc^L tui kii fh* co<jor ot icii 
nr tirHr* fi-4ti lariiliJufd. ifi ilhiitrmiion 
o* hii r>uii)cr«iu paptra in ihc " Thifo- 
Aophitf^l TmnuE'irod^." u|ra«fidi oi IW 
|>ulet. wliivb w^tv •illenmnis rr[iri*tr«l 
Willi Sir tCrcmrd'n " I,rctuir« (>ti rotn. 
pvuliw Anmtatoy/' Tbi*c ^lato, v bidi 
Joiin ^iftthff IIk mijsi cxEtfuirc icrlv* 
of tn« publitbifd ««(ltv, Mnbmrc • ^mc 
ivi«i; of impurtent tubjechi, cbi^-^lj io 
mvro«ni|nmjiaUHQy,ttni|ftirord tbuitiJaiit 
rtfdciKV of hn [Mtrrm <rt otvcriltioil 
Avi ttklEI ti) dfim'ring thp notT JiffiriiEl 

^1 it ihit MTV, Aihd pfEijOMfcly ilmeiU 
vaenJD|i]rd ueion of Iht ubAtrvrr and 
ibo feUlmf, ifiAt bi# pUced Mr. Baufr 
forfHl in ibn lirtt nttk of triti-iifLC 
dnuHttfBcii. ]|c4 mlib(inj[i.M the mod* 
lUMbtfd ot hn producttoiw 01*7 Wt3l be 
t yn aid, aiv i<# W4« |>fWror *« <iiod«U of 
wiiBlk >k;ll and f#i?cT| ibitii fl* tpprtu-r- 
U/dom df Mturd ohjfcti. Ui nu blA 
f*v4nvu«n, EhfDl bIom ■fspMh.'hr* him 
ui ibn« pqnieWfen ; among bit ron- 
tmpomritvi mornt but lu* brother Fch 
diaaml c^ be r«swiUd at bi> «qt]«l» 

Uf.Bitwc bnaoH « fcUo* cd the 
Ltenvtfk 8o(4<(y in IM>I, *mA of ibc 
llont 8od«tr in IttiU. lU died ■! bji 
tmlfBor OH K«^. UcvTir* ani ifdv biicwd 
^A lb* c^ifrrhrknl ol 'but ninah on Ibv 

iO(b |»cc. iHk». 

A niv oi Mr.BiDoc'i 4nMr|jie« toolc 
|d«rc at the rooirn of Mum. Chrialio 
Hd Uwmh m ibc Lu ^ov. Ittll. 
Anung the gtirndpttl ptii-chjvc* iiw hit 
Maj«»i7 ibfl Kiiifl ul HuKivcr, who 
buiighi iioiiy vhliMbk- IgU, pniculitily 

rsei of WWtTt '«* i'^?' ^- f^ii-nUr, 
|b« dnwin^'* pfotlmi^d It^H pnrei ^ « 
4Atvii *li«((<hf« M llu«p«H I'J, ajmI 'ii of 
Cvodlui, Jlil >'>' ^- -ydiswin;* .>f 
liBihiii orchf4fti ' . copivU rrvni 

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Ipvcn for ibTivtMr«ftfo n-^* Jtil \Jt. for 
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tmttiy, Ai llohiKiu, 14^ TS^ Tiwi* 
c**fv Kotthpun. iltv <«Vbr4t'd c<wni»ct. 

JIoMAp^riii 4ii« burn in ITfi^. in ^loiiii; 
^cudolo, txtmw ninjTni, whrr^ hi* hadirrj 
Giwnb<ti*ti It9<s<>^ni, ■ notnry by pra. 
ffKiion, and ■ in*i]ci«Ui(?, ri**id(-(lH Ivhrn 
jtlciintt «ii iilHiif . V PMiw A'lih hii- (ivPriU 
lo IkjIt^Tin, wbvrc TftJy rj'ly hiAtiihipfur 
<hv K'autJfLiI Lcpirilo 'k'l'bpL' ilQclf,4rLi| 
turrcd tu the orf of ftij:ni(iii£. JliiC «t 
ihni pi-riod IMo^il.i did uui tmurst oDc 
ttfliit iw ihil dcjwirtirirni "bo di-i^rrrd « 
name; Ihrrc wrrc uti^y Kiiblvi. <^patn, 
rot^hi AiH Nfru/JLi, Hbrih'ivr IvW -tmc 
irttj pnor jirii-liM-iiorip"- Th* \\nt rArUrr 
ficetlcd t]ji:olbirit» nrid from him Hutu- 
piM Idrdfii hu-iY (0 pirpurc (h^ ptitCf, 
AJiit little rkp- Hp Wii»hi* o^m TPuriiH'i 
*<knio viiKntirifpi by Dit^roLozfi luvmjf 
fflllcri \\iitt h\> LadHlpi, lir (atnicd hi^ ilylv 
in cinLtUiji^ri of Ibcn in hit (.'itiiKS' 
iturkq ; m liin linuUirT onos 1»' Hdu^tlnl 
th«r gncf fill niiimiur «f Uoial. Ht**ru- 
diot mic irtily lubouf*, for he found hi* 
hrt in \x% lohinrt : how b« Ivll it may btr 
jiid^d by all vbn mn Jip|in<r]it(^ lhi> (n't* 
and litiht rnannor of bl« iJnc cneravingt, 

thr 4-n^i-r((l tludj vj tW fxlrrniJItca. and 

m dramctii in thp tio<h pnriv, wbivti tA-mi 
rwbcf to b« produced by llio toni-Li of ihv 
pmciL ituin the burin. Hi: vc.^ •il\iii 
Iorct> >Tiih lingular kurrcu ; and tome of 
bin mgraTingn. in imir^tivM or ihe dmw' 

injE* qI tbf nZd >nt«rvfv, r^n Knirciily br 

di)inn^-u>Wd Ironi the oiLgirul. -Vliinyof 
fall bc«E Clival ingi arc Btlpplcd ; among 
thcic » thp *■ Si. Vrthiitis." from the 
i^mbcrcari iitUXvtjt ^vbicZii if fiitnocn m 
p OMiii imhal pit m re from Umninichniu. 
i« flo Im* Io from tho en^raniig of U by 

It »«4 lit* vn^Tiving ibat 6r«t ■finoad 
hji fnme CJivr Eufviw; wid onfty (om- 
nilwLO^H v^t'i ibcnt IQ Mm. Among bii 
nilrbfittfil fiir^v uvrliA may be namcdn 
" Ihc l>4ndM; CJuldrcn/'dlEcr AllMnu; 
■■ Tbr Reptmf in ^KJi"!." <iuticnjo ; 
■■ Tbo Dcfoviliou from (Ih' Crwu/" CoT* 
r«g;io i " Fbc Late Judgment, " Hubrn«. 
One very iv«arifu^ ^«'CFk. " Abrnlnni r^. 
niviotf rhc AaavK*' nft<' i-- Cmrmd, 
it d«din(rd In IM<. U. ibc Uultc of 
Swdtx, who nkifcd Bolofna at lll« liflif 
It it-JK putiliihcd. O110 of Ko«aBpum*« 
grcfe1«t laUoiirn h tl>r ivork kAOwn a« 
" Tho (fullery ol Bnlngri*/' brinir rn- 
^r^^tfif^i of i:nir hundred of <hc U'hl 
psitidni^a in the rindiucoca pI ih«t fiiy. 
All (he dnwia|£> veiv eicnirod by ^Li 
own bind, «nd DKrvl «l Um on|i*viiigt \ 




OMfOAAT.<— A/r. T, DiMM, 


tW re«i «rc b^ Itli brt^Lher (^Luirpac, anil 
111* pU)ik]4 'locifbri, Aitoli, MaiiM, 4im| 

with wh*t aJiitit^bltf #kiU» Ibc •lylc— wt 
«c ^jr itlaiu*! Hf ib« tviK^— of tW dif- 
fcfcdl aiMicr* *rc duftrtcnwd m ihia 
worii I il b ft Mtor or ftudr fcr <bo*o 
wht> wmilH Itfi-f^na* u^^AjArtn vltb ihao}' 
of the grttictt lulua paiaU^i*, Ttv 
wbUc ^ ibc kl(ri-|irfH i« ^ruirik br 
biBKlf la tk timpV tiid (Ic»r tt]l«. uid 

Lh«t cKty judg^ ol fen iiiii>C [>c clmtmr^ 

nidi Ibem. Ir lEaittig>iii« um grotC a* 
111 ciigrmr, be w equally grtnl M ibc 

Ilia bit pujii^ «rn bi» bc4V— GuaiLig- 
titU, wto «iKiec^« Uim in Lih )rrof«iu!cjiisl 
rhaJr M ih^ ArMriein^, Alareht, ^pv* 
niwfi. IkUttellj, Ptfndui, and oUicn who 
nwH tW4 ]u<ir< VI ibir Ful'tiAwA aclwol. 
Il/iuifonu ttfei A mi'inW' oTkaij^ m-j. 
ifvniuit, iifClud-iTig ibov ol Vwkc iiid 
TiBiiit> III fdmii* Lft bii ch«nHtcr ■■■> 
aiiifiulatif »ftbiU« m till lu n>Ulkiu ; he 
nuunnfuhrdih lit^tf artt&jt ihc rouM tv 
thii 4Mt Jaynt bl« *Kiic«nni t WlovtJ in 
bi> ••rftrandcd by them, not rnwn ^ run 
elorrtrf li»wngiBi)ir Hi>'^'' '^^^ ''^i be 

mignt «u«ii pDiilhs of tmivbt UiA tiivmin'iy 

>n. Hff wi>d tv «>rr '* ^* ■'^ ^^^^ *>f 

* mvUt. f kuo* ii«l «!■■( J »iiu tfiK •« 
» old iMfriic^b I dr^rtvr lo br rani««n- 
bctcJ." A^ bi« ToUn^oF^ iu Uc oni- 
diw, M* fn*nd», ani ibt ntudtiU of 

iW tm «rUb uwmblMl ki M« fuvrrvJ 1b 
Ite cfaMPb or Sc. Uigdak««; vid ibc 
lamiif iT#fV HOC pcmiiicd to be 4t •ny 
«iptiiM «n I be aiT«»ioii- 

JTif.^, |1>. AifalahuiDG ill Ujiddtrlwi 
Vkta, r^nlMvitte. in hu ?tilb yar« Ur. 
TIbiii UiUin, tli» dmiMik tntbor. 

1H« etOicr u<fe> ik««cMr*tt4 Clarlai 
OttkU), tbcMtviliMC-iTribri'.ukdiiMttotf 
iA tW " l'*Jl<«k.'- 'ninifiM JliUin hi4 
Jur i.i ■-■ if. ll.i- illwrrvw U*vid 
G«ri. lalmductd l« llv Allfc 

U iW J, -J > > >^. Mnf thru only loor 
j««H uf v:^. bi rW f^r^vnr of >\htk' 
Mcn'i " Jubiltrr Ml thv ty^^ttft ol 
uifbd. Mn* ^ 'M a n |Mi>«PiitiFd Vcfv 
im lie oecwtort. Ilr fri*c«od tbn titii- 
Bimtt ol A ^ < il rJucalkui nnlh 

Air. 0*ft4 v>«ibi Khlwvsivt 

tWiHtil u^ut>%,.^-ii'l«tan i|uQtiM 
U Mr. tUnrltikt (aiioivattii Sir \lkUum 
HmnHlBtK bt MMfflpUd. id li«ni ih* 
f*i^ of •» imbnl««mr^ Ihtl h^ Inhrdl- 

<if l&nrjnnhe qiillt«d ln« VP^vhCkr* 

ituji, uid foioed A uulJ rtai|i4iiy of 
itftun, iKwJcr IW I— i^nKiti cf Mr. 
Kivkliui'. « FoJbntoiici tbU wa* in 
iTtlU. Altn til jvirt »;ifni to rvMs 
ib«ftim, 4uriiif wtwb ilibc be kid par- 
fiinaei a cnrydcpirtiDcniof ib« dnuu, 
«jid irtium morr iban IXUJ Mnn, bn 

fffluiafd lu Ln:ul(i(i in ll^j^S^ »nif ftlt«f 

wriij/ig a DMEuLt'r of dnouu tot iW ^- 
frcciil minor tbruiio* hll of «bkb Wd 
iDCt Billi lucitiA, be wu «niWo4 M 
Ci>Tvat 0«r4vri, m tb« im« of 1710^ 
xi>k<q ha) lint ptoiliutiDii WBJ «ctcd, K 
p»«c looiidcd on i^^iiir^'.- '-i«<iu, wid 
rtX\vA " J'heMosJ^i ^;' For 

fmutrvTi fMf* be r*' o'mlwt of 

iTiUt iboJ^n^^ »nl oimn ^t; t;^ i>ulovfP«a 
comcilit*, opens farc*v \^- wtit " TW 
Cobiiwt.' -^ The Ei^h Flrcr,^ '- Btfib. 
da)-,' '- .UoEh*r Uooae,' " Jvir And l^ 
tluHor,*' " V'Alciiliiic Avd UrfdH," uiJ 
" r««t Tfij o'CL^,' |jwrr4 ibM jre o- 
ixrfnl (o kc<|> i>Q»nuion of iW M|^« 
Jliir riiunbcrol hiv^^riotit ^fHikfelic vrrtt- 
lri|;» tj urine 4 |htkChi of fifty-uine pMl 
vmlJ form « vcrj ion)[ nttjixiw. 

Up Knd fjk ifiiimiify irifb rW in^kit 
«aiin«nt mrn u£ iLc ih<«crir«l cirdnt 
livl pu>ai <bv bat fust p^r^ of Imi life 
ill fOik|afoliT« iodicciire. At llW|iGiiod 
of bii dmkbr^ VMA tsfilo^i^ j.n army- 

'u% Ud «>nHrtlin£ h coA>pl<lc filibuii of 

Iti* fMbiV't M bat^pt, Wf vrdfV *A ibo 
l^udi o' the AimLraftj, und«r lUc |a- 
ir^nuo ot Lord Jdint?^ fov whicb « 
iiwkTy BUcn *tm Mid lo hi*, ud •bottly 
liffur* bii tlMh w rvrciTcd ibc Mtn ol 
lOfl/, from ihr Bo^l Itimiilj ^'uid. da 
nv niHrriH ifitt. Ot'c o( bU *r4ia by 
hif lull uifc boMa • rn^cctatilv i^inptof- 
uiMiil in lite I'ml Ofitc. By tbv ttvOnJ 
wif«- ^ulio U onij ibEiiy'fitri k« bt> iifi 

ihrtv children, lb« cUcaI i«aT rUavnyHii 

old, ^uit« uiiorondrd lor ; « i2 j.: i^ ~i<>]ird 
Ili4l *omt ui ib« irdM^i I a. 

•uritf* hi« wriliiigt Wrt »iiid 

Ibc attori vibou ji^ - : ' . ..iw U* 

pairiinaK<? utfird w n nill nol 

jiirnul iW Hutoir ubI < 'LI.IIC1-- iu niiliipv 

tWivuu^?'ilU«t,Do*i tUt "ftdorTonift 

llitbuiy UM iKlcTud c* Ih« £|ki of 
i?<pC- ill itic buriti'SVtknnd ol St. jM»t»'«t 

I'niUanllt^ itoM bylhcfrfeTfi of ba Qiht 

• Tbr|«Atomfnir3r'*M{'lStrn^^* 

j-nrfiiiMt IM* Tt« 

fluBtffr^ ftl I .:<■:; 

JklHl "■ IV llljii- M- rrot n^rrt i V.KjujT, 
l«ib«|inf«kiort^ i^Mlrv^, 


OniTVAsy.— Cfrr^jr Dtcev^^ 


Jre. I! 
M Vhvr 

|r>' ts Li f ii. , ..-, .jf Hf"*'^* Hrtitihi* 

I |M' .|, juid VT>» ; 

FrWivwJt ?- ■ ... M<«j> Pvntfc 

and Vicar lE ;.. .- , iK-rhj. Hl- 

W«i Vimthi-r tr\ fhp Hi<i' ttlmrE*-* l.pp, 

Virtir i>f Ymlry, Jhrni*- Jfo kiw prr. 
IciiUJ (ir t:«9ai<j;ioji in ll»Sf bjr (be UUbcip 

I "r-T'Ciir i>l AbtirW, 
. . IIe^ IhyHBB ft 
t/1 IWO; »■» rol- 
kicj to AlrtTulf^ bj ])i4b>7i» Itiirj^rf* hi 

of d»it phfB ifi Otr fifillA^tr pliirn^b rf 
Braeoo m ibc fuTlou-hif rrvr. 

<]kf*fO, At >U1(«, i«cilll. iHr Ucr. 
fW* Mim n , B. Ah Ltp Upmmc.nor uJ 
Uniwrlty c^lr^v, Oif<irr1 -. lul BiiMr' 
IngebUloirtlu-Uir llfv TboinM M^itt^^ 

C^f. Silf. At TutBkill ht>n*9^ iUtmv. 

TrdJ«ck. Xfop<nouTWrlf*, lit' wit of 
|«fln eoll«g«. Oiferd. M.A, i7r», oncj 
«MBf»ftMrtDd fo TrrlWk bytlip iVmcc 


Orf, «3, At Vtrvlmr, |>ri'orX)»Wfc, 
uedTlXthf Ki:v, fiiVh^jnl Mtnlfv, for 
n jMrt M»M of tW EndoAOil (irirn- 

31 tmrt Cw9U of tLt^ aijoin^ug 
k«b 0/ Wr:fci«ilH H< vri> (ufnrrly 

, bUgt.ffidfnaukltd Jt,A, l7§i,BA l5lL 
IVMr Up^Iinf. >1 .y, 1777, 

Orf- Vti Ai i:b«rtml;ftm. airHf AT, 

IV IUt. J^hn AW/#, fotf f<.riv-nlJiC yrsrt 
JU<tor of AiAjjJc-tVj: brMtoln fn( 

fioWivi«rt, Uhumtcrthlrt, »»■) for 
l»«r« llitik lVft]r frw* n im^iftnle of 

Ort./7. A« Otkim nnonve, notr 
lUikloiv. ajC^ i?, ihr Rrv, J'lhm tM- 
faiw. Ht ttM of Si. Vtitt^ coHogc, 

M. S7. Tb« P.i^f. Ut. Swain, 

«!«« bt fell di><rn ■h>I ««d4*nlr »p(m, 

net W At Brigbton. m^H 40, iLt 

Hrr. ^'miAwmU^ HatH.A fU^olht 

|DaagE«r ton t* '- v-'ib»W Ko»f, 

kM, ft Bmrbvr ■ i" Trmplfl; 

Otftfrd, '" W^\ prontiW D.A. tWf 

fXf . 0f. Al Ihfi lUjrU >injlury 

CoU^-gt. SaiKlbiiisHf, tf:i4 on, tU Rfr. 

tfitr^rm lyJieetrr. L^M- fur llil rir-««1TII 

.■.-.■. ( Titi^Jciin 10 ilnr ihittTihion.indior 

1^ ican tCot-roi of $H]tllf<clby 

i«. I^Tieuln!«1jji<-. 4~b>jJitiB lu ibc 

t^rl oi Wnuvttr, kinr! fornufly rn tlit 
Uto Oiihir ftf Vurk. He nu of jLUg- 
Ailc<»f ™l^-^, CHfiiri!, M.A. ITPft, bM 
wft« prpfntb^ri (o HaModbr bf thnt 
4ocic:y in I*07. 

Saini^pff, Hector or Dr^^kErr^tun, do- 
ci(.'D«lhljjrrp ■Mil nijt' vT (tic- ul(1r«-1 iriA* 
gUfnf(>« of thiT i-aunly. Hi- wa* jjTo> 
Bt^ntcd l(> BtOih^itjtf in ITQ:^, b^ n 

iVW. - > ^ . f ... f Jninr^ VirciiLUi, 

Ibr lUfi^l Rrv .' -nm'njr j/iXrt^, 

D. li. jn>hvi> , e of VifgtMu 

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Jlc ^flu prc4rtt(«9 10 thv former IMnffin 
17!M. bj iFic Lfird f'hsh^lttir. wA tv 
Cliultofl tu l$a6» by Lord Ikningdoii 
(ifour Rul of Alodey). 

^'w. \l. A(^ 76, iUv Iter. J. jr. 
rl#^#. fl.D,, FUcEtvr of Si. ffforgvy 
KxifliTn He vru prrftrmt"^ to tTiuc churrb 
In in]», bj ihc rvnn and Cluptvr of 

N^v^ II. Ac fjimkrA^ll, «t^il 33, 

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^if rhrUr C'hiiffh. [fcnie Dfly. Ho wM 

of Tiimty *i)11t^<\ Cannb. It. A, 1*31. 

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StittfV. ||d wBi tbv eldnl ion of ihfl 
i(i:i', irpiirr ^V«kt(i». R*clor of Silk- 
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•thH, formerly Vi^^^ vl Keni|i«(on» lu tb* 
Din« rokriily. The dcc»tccl EaJ rr- 
rmitly Lnp^ hit wMc tDd dau|fl»lTT (ivkfly 
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ihit Rrr ti. H. Schoif/ftJ, %ti. \lt 
mi prcKMcd to (IncitoD iu IddU by 
Sir r, I>. Lq^rd. IJirf» 

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bfU^ he jiiimr^jttly ditiinpiithed bim- 
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ill I7SJ. He was ztfimiudi fjr mvtf 
yrun riicor r»r CIajv b^lL llAvlnj ob- 
tuinnJ liU iiuittrrr'* ^^c"' t'«>A lie nltl- 
mal^'^y E-rcCbcdcd ro B. D. 1700. U IMS 
he no* pr<n't*irci in (lir Uviii(f ul (iiciit 
VtliliniEf^ftd by lV F'fiW'A uf bi* baU, 
til whom ili« iirctcric^ttvn if vcifrd. Af- 
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lot Sitffo^k, 111 \vhidi oparily be ir>*> 

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ihr cijDfiCT bvTd M Bi^ry Si, RdiriijH-tl ■, 

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Ftrite tfatrtt Ivi minj- )v«r* V^icki cf 
Wnl Mnl^iiifE niiif SouTb AJidjoiA, Hid- 
ilLrAfi. Hi< wm of Qcieai'* cotlc^e, 
l..mbtl.|tf«. U.\. I^Nl^. SLA. ]««( WM 
prrtmicd co Wot Milling m 1S11 b^ T. 
Ai l>mjcv, nq. Aiid lo 5ouih MiiniLiH \\i 

Icf^dca ID numrroub rtlaiiir*. and Co 
4ui[ie prinle friendly biid Cdi'h uf bU ^c- 
vapU. be kn* iKtiucAilicd 500^ Tbrev per 
€«nt. Ccnaols to hT. Jhivid'A cullwr, 
Lamp«Trr, S^uih Wulo; UH)L of the 
■ante ifOflf lo Ihc Mi-tiopoJiian <1mir1t 
lJi»ilJmg Kuncl : ijO/-«torklo(hir Chiiirli 
M^itionnrj Ktfcifity ^ 450/. rtoi-fc to lb* 
Frij^r linok am! Hoiiiil* Sixietf j 300/. 
tvt the vw vf ■ «:bo*l III Wc»( Slalbng, 
Tonndtd br a Mr Tn^ie; and ibif iiiU' 
iPHt ill pcrtwiiiirj' 111' :f>U. C<iiihij1i lo nth 
ot ibu |Mn*hc4 1>1 WcU MaUui^' dnd Suuili 
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roalA, aad illiirtlwicil amoriK l^fJ povr ^r 
tha4tf pariibn. 

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Fovvlor June*, ti!)^ t>t AAvtf^ l^ark. 

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Tlionpaoii, oiir ur lIiv ^ttfi»tnitn tti 

JliW.l^L Al Grvr'*>JEin,aged tS, Hu 
ehfifd Brwii Jack*mi, nq. 

A'ar. I<1, Agel tiO. JoHjdi IrrJand. 
tsq, late of Otnafauigli'tr, Rt^viir'i fAtk, 

A^#«-. 17.*4 l>«.'uf I^rti, nifr"f J<»bik 
8Wni>i;bMi,tM).u( Ke»i-l(H|£«, Han^rdL 

Tlirrrna - hvu^t . M ■ m ir»i' (»^iU h . 

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Orra*, et^ 

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widiivr fif Itkbard WtM^hiun. rtq. >nil 

daa orcbc Imp Her. J. ll. Tboma.P.D. 
Krclor of Kirby Mikfri*rt«n. YoriLiik, 

yot: SI, At I'^nrniiTiUf, ac*!! TB^ 
Gnirgv Amubt, cfq. A.R^A, 

In PitHiidillir, i^E» ^ Ji«iit^ Burk, 
eaq. Un ol the War Cilice. 

J^W. 2t. Ill Frii(oii-pU. Hffd 4ft, Jo- 
■c|ib JfhylJk rvi|. 

.Vor, 2L In Nrvr Brid^-^i. BUd- 
Inan, ii»:ed 70, tCdwnirJ KciivA|ClO<*><^M> 

,Vi>r.i^%. AffrdTP, Mn. Aii*v JViu- 
•oa, uF rortjHEid.vrr, W«iiiWnOt(b-nMd, 
■nd Kin^'t Majilry, Ciioui^eAlcRb. rtlioi 
of Jaivi^t Dmitnit, f-Lcj. 

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BO, Jutruh Mvirin. e><|. 

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eiq. ardiiicftf U BiiriiibiriT.pIi. EiliiWon. 

yov. 27. Ac SbfAirbi.h4U»c, Ken- 
sington, ajged j3, Mdry-jRuif*, wife <p| 
Dr. Lang, i>l Nvwnkari'«c. 

?ib*.^fH. Dorotbta, ^fi of .Tift PftOfi 
f»o. of Uifoid-tvrr. Ilfdi- Pnrk> 

In ll^riianl-aA, Kut«eil-tii- M«fy*ABn 
nintnrmx, wifiP of Hwrg' JtibmioTi, f*^. 
\ntc of i'a»T*gnue, Caiit4:T0», and Oun- 

At iflampflad, Snphia. yoantiHt d^ii. 
oflbclAltf U'illntiti KjIWeh, tfv^.of VaJ. 
ItngEon, Swtrcv- 

A^d 7H, TbtrJnu Doll Wbicc, Mif. of 
rbuc-Ioilgr, tiiHttd. 

Al ToltMihun, RliiUtlM^Lb^ wrdow 4if J. 

Waldron, (t^. Cabliicr o^ lUe Bhok of 

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Diinlon. c*Q> 

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AW. JOl Ag^d 73, JtHbtui $av^r, «n). 
IT j*«n ill ibi- KkL'W Odicr. 

fa O«f«nioiiu*t. C. rnUowAotta, o«i|. 

laithf. III Jlmiiiwiclt.nj. jui:^ 71, 
Elinberb. rcb<-t of JUtbvrd Woi Jr^, ni|. 

ViM.Ailninlaribf] Kfi4, 
Caibrriw, trcond daiL of l-ocd Jofai 

Mr. W. IL Nigbtingit;, Hi* indu- 

tiana of Irodcfll actufv, it (bc .AlMplil 

Tbmlrr and cltcuh«rt<, Un btvii lb* 
biai since lb* daifi of AUtWirt. Hit 
dpAjki (¥■■ c«uH<d b|r iKmu> r.wtP- 

fin. I. in iJppvr Soj^our.kt. igc^ 
fiT th^ n^;bt 1l<>ii. KlijutWib duwigrr 
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raq, SItf tt«t tU 6u«btt-i oUo^n Arm- 
'"-*-' •— ' -" "■ ■■' -\it u* 

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ElUaMb, i. 




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UmOu, ni|. 4*1 Ihr JhtidiUtf Tempk. 

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^id Ul Kr-Wfii-k WillUm llonMv, 
BO, o»If ton of WiLtinui AI«iUHii«, tm. 

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9, Awmr, tennil dkn- of Ihr Kn, Knto- 
«|i Tbooo* ArwHiJ. Vtfvrof il*ii|Bn>li, 

D^t, -i. Ill UM*C-nL w»4 tU, UMld 
XhnUI D«Ti». U.D. Ur «^ mfffntd 
f br r^ir n( nbtAtUie mt^attm m L'lii. 
r«T«iif r<JUtr, IiOndo«i und lie ^ytJ. 
«lamUf to UfilnrtJrf UilJrffF llwiul, 
wif one niMib pfciiua* bo hi» tetb, 
H« li>d borit uhjHiitii to 4jiM«o Ckv. 
IoMb'i L«4itfil« Jl0i9ilBlr HUH ibtiiolliar 

«lbin-«mui^bcttr lo (hi- Diii^m or Keni 
I thf bi<lh nl bw H^nljr. 
Al B4]jiftin, «(«d i7, Sflokwi Turner, 


D*r. ^, hi ItirkUubnrKh.iquficd^ 
Kdivi/d Uifhuii Coinri], a^. 

Aj|«4 ^, Job* W. ll«MV«ti. «q. of 
lb* A«4iCiHlln-t H«iMV«rl Hovitf. 

/Jre. (L A|f*d :», KItM, wiIp of Syd' 
M]p BwhiwniLt, «*q> lA ll«iib-pt. K*iV' 

In EMnvd.f^w, affi^d ifU, Eliubeib. 
vUen of HkUt Sni&Tb. f4i|. 
Am» 7, In 'Ub<>«fMar.trj<r AMc^viid, 

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Tben^ii Sfds^vr l^a^h**, <*tf|. <^ Ktwfc- 
«vll (.'^)O Ml «g. 

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•r l'4iiM^MHr. Kc^cfiiCi Park. 

llir. 9. In Urfkcl^y-tif. >grd T^^. 
Sanb« ivldow uf Tbjnit*^ Jobiitoit, r*i|, 
«f not* lf(u«i«ki. lJl«inidr(qn, H*r 
b«djr mii uiicrrcd *i tbc HJ^bgiut 0«ni«« 

fl^, 10, At No«liii|r.bill'i«m<>ff, 
UoflM BdrpMno. m< 
At VfvPkiiUiU, ur4 W, JI«H7 CUrkt, 

tfUnnrd' ol W>Jt"n-ofi-TWni«i. 

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•■Mcai ayr. Tbo<nM IWkbor|^ «ti{, ht« 
■f tbcfi£cb«iiurr. 

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ml 'J'boiMi Ch<iiibT,BH. 

f>r, IV. Al MukbHfb. >^ fr,% 

iW. 111. Apidai, JimctJirnftdtnih. 

RftI 100 «r Wiitum lU(i£rtib, m. of 

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Pvl:. Rffd 4T, Chtrkfl tiomcyt K«rr. 
Mil, l«l« oflbtf Hiiiral An. 

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Mr. Jam Ctiriirr. 

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boolcKtlor. of d««ecfT-Uiw- Hmiiiic 
Ihhm mnuitmwi fmtt h\t ibrni I?* fi'A ■" 
l)k« tUvvt yQdrf Ul uindoui. w-bti^ be 
iiiuionL ior an aJutd of &c, hv fvmp 

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riiic b;* Min't Ueli hrhi dtNir^ lifU duU'tt, 
And rijjJrtil )ilrruj»: lit.UiLUy. lUi body 
mu biitorvvd ■( lii« Hiif^ui' IVmrtfj. 

IJJLIM.— A'«F. 14. A« <bo lioiiafr, 
Jlannn. i^d 1^. Jolm fidl«r. SB(|. 

A'«v. tf.'h At !^l. Mui^* nvi«rr. 
Ucdiord, £itf>b, ttifi of iW ft«r. Bdw. 

hlM^t^fyti. «4. Affrd A, Adooi 
Dhndf.ft^p of Kifk^tton HoDM. J«>:C^' 
of Prvce and Dvpvtjr Lkul< ^f l^i^ 

JVor, If. Agfil fi), Jobn Ormunrl. 
eiq, of Wflni>ff, 

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Sifplirn Dnihf, cuj. H« b*d UUtr r»* 
lirM rrooi hn vifernlrc bffwi^iy nuiUllb. 
moot, «iid rctil^L^d III Cuo41iaiEi. JttfWM 
ir»vrl)knjr to AliildnnWail, when bu di«(l 
Buddenljr from dUrHC of tlip bntrf . 

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N. I^lifyii, ftiq. ]ui«of AlboiDRfU'EL 

lliTct>,-«A'ar. n). Al ^LLMiiianl^i. 
■Ri'd 77. jMv.u^itownf TbomtiB t.ndbtfyp 
<»q,o4 0f«liud Hill. 

CAKflitioot.— riir'. If. At C«LL(V>nil£<-, 
9^0'i lU. J«nM« Bftrtcr Jobnton. rH»«t 
Hn of W. Jobmoo, c«q> «f UondRlT 
llouw, C«nihridK<s 

i/of . 8. Al Carobndirf, Ahncr lUc^b. 
■rd Hiir^iion, ^> nn L'fidtfi;rv|ui« of 

QlWIk't t-^ll' ll« HM drot'ilt^ il> lb* 

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(0 (be* »rroii|C CLiiTtiU cw^pd bf Ihc AwhT 
bja lHi4' 1vr»mmnmrtiH|;«4bi*: fafjumpvil 
OHI, «nr1 W4h (vrivd o«'«r Ihu uil«r'|«!l. 
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Ibc boot H.\t. 

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Mfirm. <Wpirt d«D. «F ibf Rtv. PbiU)] 
DurhmtJ. OM' ol* ihc Minor Omon*- 

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Mils Eni^ji Willfliiv, •tvtfPTirl dm. nf ihf 

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11^ tlntt «< II. ^'lfkm>. m. of Botb. 
riTiiiMni:.^ .V«». %. Ax ChwttcTH 
■letJ 7t>, \Un\ik, rvlld of Ibc (Ur. bnr 

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fc«. of UMfhfrton* rldnt tnii of tlio liU 
WinUm ud l^bpW TwtfnluH', of tW 
ftiO^epUrtf. He nH« Acontunt «lton4wit 
M UfRjion ti«rIo]p mirtcei Tor upwfdt of 
■Ufrr>»rfl, feiid for (nd^iip^Uindntrr. 
nn^UHliamblc bonrflf, kvm •!»» UiU' 
fnlji win hr luHir T*mcmbcfcd^ 

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Mh« viff of Jobn Lotbim, «i^. M.0. 




JW*. I». At Cl»« waa^t. >^ 

Oduv^A'w. 3(X Al CWdw-to- 
FdA. lUvT Kirk, ««|. *l Pm^ Hamw 

«^«* ia M»>ag dvMKh « WJer, [W n*- 

t«k mar i> oMPCt «U tlM WJfer, «4 

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Dcrcv^Xv.lO- Al KiUfT. Li*^' 

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JTor. 17, At ewter. Upu Vcbbcr. 
iomtrif of ilw SJck Kcri, 

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Mar BU«btd. i«c4 71, RotMrt SuWWr 
VUM ..^. F.8-A, fo»TilyUtW3M- 

la FljoaoUi, ^id W. Ommt. nIM 


U Plrnoutb, ^r«d M. Un. 5. Fca- 
ihtrmmt, Tt^iti of CWm. KnEJwntnor, 


AW. S9* At lU/At Dfldfir. bat tbr 
filKaaf Zol Mtja«Llim— .wwifeinj 
« of lb* Rev. H. A. H^^be*. Bwur of 

BoadMib, vbrQ lUif jMiwffr art* iW 
~ liT die waUti Oi 

A>r. IS. Ail»ii fc a»>.l«tiW Qll— ^ 
^ U^uv. en* Mwa J al Hif. 


■M *a. of ite ha* Jite &Mvlac M. 

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the fcoi of Mr, r W. frMMCik. M,P, 

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IW p4M«0B. vbkfc oijBUliieJ ilr. «ihl 
Aln. Bntbn. aad a aivTaQi bo^, wai 
twmd OT«f tW Widgv iaio the nnr bj 
tW n4a«ctj ol ibe namtt, anJ Mr, 
Gaom Hugiw* {^«d 17>, wio n* on 
bontbarb, olio tbarcd ihc wae hu. 
Tb« B<f . Mr. Hi«b«> •li»« w«> >and 
b* d» ampidlir af Ur. Olbfebip, of 
«Mi, Hbo biovTH coarirfeiaUc rub kn 
[W atl«air4. Mr. Oufbcft hat «ich< -or- 
rivUf cfaiUrtn, 

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mac. 4U«ct of (ho Rrv. J«to Wbitc. 
Iwambrai of WMdkad. 

Am. i- Al Kut««» tfit^ w. 5tM« 
Aoaa $n»1l, Ibravrlj of NtrthomniM, 
tttUlotllttlat* Jobn S»a«U,«w|.ulicitM> 

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.Of*' *K a: SluiivbuDti^. MarfVH, 
widov oj Lira1,-Col Gram Kraitm. 
3l>t Htgt. 

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NkMai lltn(?««, fi)ruw\$ C^m^wOn 
of ibp rtrtT.KPi ol l'«na, bu«| pr&wi- 

p»l ■ " " C4IKOIDI ^f T**^vajr, 

t' aW, :I7. Al brr K»'« 

lioinc, lEii! i'rtimj, Lbnccr-lB-Stmc, 

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hrdootbclM^rUvT, l7M,A^Sir 

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utbof rc^inOL 

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Fff*b<, *i C^w »■ fciaiiw, y a aa ^i 
^a of ll« hlc M^ Aaaat Tboirc 

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bun, Gmgo faihdE t^MOer, caf,« 
lue Cape la Ibtehtb Keg. 

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Eliiibaib, wiAov of Ooa^p Ow Ho^ 
kuvca, i»i|- 

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OQ- lal« of bvT Ma;n<v'i Ohcoom cI 

Afed «l. h\<^ BfMB, of Biirtol. 
cldaM daa. of Ibc latr Tbomoi arOMii 
M. «l Saikbarj. 

[Untv-— AW. IT. AtSourbMiwW, 
*tt4 Hf. lErm. A»tlta Talbat, Mm 
diii. of 1b« Ul* Sir C. H. lUhM. 

AW. idu Al G^iHtft, Xicnt. A. O. 
Eotbrtj. R.K. 

AW.n. AavdTl), Jobannoaa.eia. 
of Soutbcawa, mar Vu^taCb. 

AW. S>. Ii. W.«.Hw-lrr, ^«a aU; 
Mil. EiailT Coop. 

iJvr. y. In hortoiwiitb. G^vg^ 
B'rlfb, )mi. n^. kta *f tba Cpf«. pMt 

Oft<T^ London* 

Al Soovday. tba 1^1 Hon. Dtaaa 
Counicai oF H u ii mm i Uj ii* Sba woi iba 
tid«t dui, of Gronor.AunHm t^rl a( 
Praibrvkri bj ku Am hif* CtUaWib, 
Hcoed diu. of TophftB BraiKl«(k, vw). 
at4 WM m^rM in I»i0 id iW Earl of 
NoraaMon. &ba bav^ hHu« Jatan 
Vufvuni &onieiloa, tl* Uo» Uerbcrt, 
tbr Hon. C^Mrtea, and tW IMy Mtry 

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WilLuv-OOioni. unlf wi ta WliliMU 
Bkad. «*g. of llanltti. K««l. 

Dffv U. A|»4 53, Joan Edr. ai^, 
d Riilaaoa; CWUv, «aii SwlUntiHua, 

Afod 14. AUM. ton of thf kit 
Thocnat ^Mgbttfi, oq. of Crofloiw 




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* Bvrtt UilieuT Ci^k^ ttSftnlbunt, »ad 
E »w Ullrd bj ft full rron hi(E ponr. 

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At I'riort Court, rrnr L«dbufy, igH 

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Hi &T«.^ ;V0T, :^. At H'Aff, u^-id 
7l, Sar*h> «-ife of Hhii<^ TovrcJi, fVj.t 

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Ham UMiry WLlluot, »|. M. I). 

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ttttf<ltJobn M>diin, <«Q, or Kpiisihfl:- 

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VnneiM W^odgt/lt, «iq> of Vviex Hatl, 

i>*c, 0- At' C;nt*«««ad, ffffd AS. 
NaCti»niel A. Au«irn eta{. bee <7l 

luU(tAAnA-^Or/. 18, Al Tuttor*, 

' KcT. Ae»u« t>UEk'M» liicudibnilof TuiWir 

A'op. ttJ. At Livrrirool, Mf. KgcrTon 

Smith, the rounder, tf?lJior, md primipal 

propiirlgr *f IW ljvfr|iunl M^irfsry. 

A(W. S7. At (Jwi< Cmbjr, imr 

Xw.SO. Al P«iidloff>n Pnory.tgtrd 
99, George Gvdncr, c«|. 

£)n*, 1 -M tlulEon Piirk, Ktiimi 
IjfHiiw, ^un^cnl dkiL of WJllivm Hnl. 
ton, W^, 

il*r, ^ AlSl. Aim* Hill, tirfl^ Utrr. 

|HMil, •vrd t6, (i. H<^<<rion, nq. 

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of tt« ttitii Tcmtilv. it* »4fe of 7iu; 

nl), Cnttb. B.A. !«».>: .M.A, ]8U»: 

; wJ wv «^ed l9ib» Ur July I. Ifftft 

Infill tbt lifflli^ni cimlr, mid unh *and- 

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owufawd bf <ii oierdw of morphia. 

•nd 6), Aim, rdkl of ihe R«v^ Jotui 
JoEMt, Vtetr of Alibtvpt. Northimptoa* 
thkn, v*lhj d*r^ td ITUl. 

ij^^.^LK-— yw. )fV. Al LinroTii, ^i 
tb* huiM (tf brr broiWr, i:bf R«t. K. K. 

Cfowfbfr, ClwrTntt', <ku. of iltu htv Ifr 
t'mwihcr, (d QfAi Yafinoutb. 

hrletjr. At LiruithMi, ogcd 9K, Tho* 

Alfi>acF:*Ef.\,— jVnt. 17. At Busbey 
llotili, ajicJ F/if Mi», Mary Apjiltvatd. 

A'«t, lit. Al Hftiiipttin Court raltctr, 
ip?d ftt. the Hon. Orrr^G AugnitUA 
hrriilenck Clarcnr* Oi*rc», Lif*i(. Ikh 
Ligbl I>!«goon4, virund von of (bv IjiIc 
Lord (imvn, llcwwiUcIv Li«ur.,1l4i 
hmt, uid Ahdo'de-C«iinj» rorlit Govtrnor 
of Jklibdiaft. 

Alo.-hMOLTH. — tAtttty. A\ AlltT^fH- 

wnny, agpd ^X KmuM^Anrr. iil»kv ol 
Wm, Litrl^ p»q> of LIhivhw Umng*. 

At C-rmrftfrin, n«ii MoniDOiHb, *^rd 
f?, J, KicbjiMH, r«q. 

NoMrou(.--A'or. I?, Al (iriMl Yar- 
mouih, Louin, rijloi of Lfoiil- ' C<rl- 
])irknii, K. Eng- foottb <!iii. r^f ihc laic 
TbomRfi Smyihr rtq. of K«il nrrflmtn. 

A>r- *L A(*d SO. Ai.fu, ta»'*of Ihr 
Rer. Richird fi. P. Kidd, MA. Rpotor 
wf &, SuritbiuS, Norv^icb, rldvjkl dao. of 
(ho R«v. WjLliwn Kobbio*, M.A. Rftior 
<4 Hei^liAm, 

Xvtf.^r^ Al Cn^nicr. weA 4^, Jktkf- 

IcUl^. At I'ofi Moitkt, «gi>d m, 

Loiiiia, ivlirt of Wlifjnm Cdrponlri, c<ij. 
of flmt plnrc and iiitcr of the bi(e A<Eili> 
Sir Hrhriirrt Itirrry, B«n. 

NciHi^Mviriox.— Or'- S7, Al Peur- 
liorougb, igcd \^. Anti, reLi(!t of John 
Itatlvjr, tv\. of Vboiijcf Abbpj, t-nntb. 

OxroHU-— ^or. ifl. At bcf BOTi'i 
bottw In Ovro[d, *gi:d t^V, MvptrcLiu, 
widov*" ol lim Rev, John Clcobuwy, 
Jl Tf«rtiin<'i- Vicar of Abingdon. Bcrki, 
una of Mi^dm^nhim, Uprfct. 

S&ifif._iVaf, U. At A^Aii lUll. 
Hgfd 84> SadiIi, rr^liot of liir Jatv Egcrron 
Lcekr, E4>|-t>frhc Viofini'd, 

L^tttv. Al ],uiJ]i>A. nfcd b%, the re- 
lirt of Jubrr LcvvU, c«q- 

lltErictT. wifr vfcbe KfY. Jamvt Hvrv- 
muJi^ Rfclor ol Mjdtik- 

ike. i. At LtidlotT, ipd 69, Alto^, 
lohrtofibtf R*T, Tbi>aiR> Hodgi**. H»r 
ion. tV*- Alfundirr Hiidgi»H R^ng^l 
Army, dJM at Liic^hitow on Ebc 6rli uf 

Soi4nL*i.T.— Ocr :?«, At Htt^tHjeil 
7A, RcHr-Adm, J*br» WViitwocid lloU 
\kiA. He hud br«n Qp^qidi (»f £fej 
jnrilniW nerrlcr, arid hia coiiimlH<dan 
u Li<uE«h4iii «u A^ivA In June 1704, 
hkYijig bi-trn a nifdUiTpinau oo botrd tbc 
Qvcm Charlofff in Lord Elowr'fl iclfon, 
w|it» bp u'» Boyrruly vroondrd: and m 
IWI, wlirJi StTiiof McuEmaiit of »he 
J'hatw. he look na active ftt'i in ibc gnl- 






mat mo mif ^ tot hla vrouAdik 1l« al- 

mirvi Rftf-j^diaini in Juno 1^36^ 
JVW, 3. Ai B«ikAnifEAti, AUrj Am* 

GMWriM, <A^v 4411. «f ibtf liM Iter. 

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Xot, 111, Ai Btfb. ^ 77. WiUiMi 

t:4jibn, H«H imnm\f llarf k ^ iB Xtf i* 

Al Boh. atf«4 21. OvMba K<>«4I. 
^u, o( Virc-AdA. S^f RUcn Lr«i« 
FitM««»U' K.CU. 

>'##, il. At fcjtfc lljrprrH. Cbtf- 
lulttf. vlM or (b« lUv. T, N. UvTidHRi. 
i*J H Clni Jwi. of IW ItAe T. U, Dnun- 

Ate.M. Aerromp.>ndb».Un.C«ir. 
^'m. ». Al fUib. Jolw Stniif*, 
tw|. hu of Sc. John* W^ U^M. 
A^. au. At CtetTdDii. BUvbrtli. 

Asm, rid*M i««. of iW iMe Wm-m 
T«ftwD. c«i. of ijutmln\ B«v>t n^ct 

td, Votkak tnl ttik or WlUUn Miilf^. 

tMUfy- Al Hxh, An>db*lla, totikvw 

Dm*. 4, At B>tki«cd 74. J. C ll«- 

Arr. H. At VTlsnNf on, li vi a^numd 
■Rv, Lditii, dm. of lb« !«• JkUwIuii 

iw. 9. At liio.*biiv«,«ipa n, Prt- 
itntk BhUe« PrvKiriKid BMbr.vovnjt- 
ntMi of iW l>t# 0>l' i. V. r. bir> 

/>r'. 10. Ar Cjoki-f l«uti, Bt**! 03. 
W». llaJT»r, («^. «ii brtiiif uu«Mnic 
■•4 Uff^Mj iilfviMfeun vT ihw tmmj. 

rur. VA. \t bib, ^MN^'. ibG Ri. 
liofi. K4/7.A»^ (>wii«a tfo«MWr«»l 
tWlnq^. ^" -"-'■(tFHfai«4aB.e>rtitt 
Ul* Hir Ji ' il. of i.wtl* LaM 

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HmUXowh^m >br Hut mmMis HM. 

iOnvi^ At i^tyAtm, affrd 

Ql^tt»l<' 'All Mm-Cfoofwrj, 

of At l^in .... .i..Uldnit dc*. of 1^ 

Ittfv. Clmtre ihMtjt romtili lUvWrvf 

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bf|li,r<lM»rikr \Ur.hM 

♦1,.-.., ^. ... in |H|^^ ^^j^ ^ 

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^ ^ ^-1 tlu- Uif Mr, bmmnt\ 

^Vr. IV. Al a4lhatti, afiMi Bt. Ko- 

•Vol. til. At iba fVttfMfC* FarshsM. 
0«. of Urarfcoav, UiiUMn, 

OH. «r tbf Kuni, tpwMD. 

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\Utf Rl»fft«. «f Mirbbw-MT M fcH W^ 
tftomi Am^ of tbf Itte nWH nirip^ 
««q. of Nvnind. K«oi. 

.VW. H, \t ITonUnf.iffd H. B«l)f, 
wtfc of J«kn TbriA^ m. 

iVoT. 19. Eliav, vriKp of Tha B«v. 
Hrnry Worrm, li«r?or •« A*bta|r«w. 

AWVt. At Uf^Mua, ^fcil7l. Cli»- 
bc«k> felttrt- «f W. R. Ctftwrv^' •■t' 
BJ. P, «f Afftboe. CO. Nfftbintpiait- 

AI BrifBtbrii «tfr4 M. V^lnft- ^tiirjr. 
■Ovof tht Hbbt Hoii. ^t Wg. Nrnry 
Frvnunik, 8b« iru tW «iilf rhiM M 
MmvfSiTJohn lUiTvtl, ll«n. b^toAr 

lUnc^h. hu uir*. Ab« Am D»rrirt 
K«ll«AlUf wy, ««q.nbodM Itwnw Aim 
mom* mm4 i»* ^u^biofa, vii.t I, ChI. 
Sir t'Vlicn Hrnv^, B^n^ Ulb iMfOiMf, 
Itnr^rlv .Ml tt*ij S(t.f«[-f> Id tbi- UuK* 
riF W<i]ti^i0«i i- Sir Vi«Avfkk litfTvtfy 
lUlbwvt. But. xvbd t«ok 1W noitf of 
BolkBiil in Cfln4rnntt3r nitit ibe «tll ■< 
hk mut uiultf. Ont. BaTkmt, nl i3b< 
na^B rark.vnri U Mrc<*d«ltiT bi- ddM 
toil, tfcr pr«tciic Sif tV*iI'Ti(t lUmr 
Uarbnni. ikn. : ^ Xionel Kcrtrr, aaq. 

t, lirbiu.MfT, mtrnM to Sir 41»««la* 
KAifbtkr. Uarf, ii.P. ^ NortlMV- 
lHQilLi A. &]aL4linli,iin>MrTkiC. U«tfni 
tvTMM ■ wJrimr in 17SA. th* MtfrM, 
*Kio«4lr, ka I79T, Sir Wro. iU«T Pre- 

AW..'V. Al Ifrigbtuo, tJ(/iMh,mlr 

of L, J. Hifff^i (-«>f- 'rf Kunio^f, Wfvt 

Ktfnt,L ^' "-: Lu M i K i-*- 

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of C-fi- i» , '.; J -ftiir-**. 

/34P. I. At WonWi«. «ff«4 7J, J<^ 
UrVftaJ, r«f|. 

ite. 3. Al bfvblfli, i4;nl 1^ the 
U<m ^f*i f*(7 K«rffvru>*. >4*lcr Ih tbc 

cj' 1 uf ttrrr, ii tunfr^umciy 

M<Ui^ &« la Uf cti'dir* wbU ^ 

W4««HA.— «M. 91- Ac Cmwmrf. 
Mr. Urr Hbl, S-:bi|«r oi f.<ir|nH i bmri 
l^vUfX*-, CAiibrtditv. nnd rM««( -vn Ul 
Atr, Bill, of i;0TvflHrr. 

/d/ff*. At Binnlnrlytfi, Mr. JiAu 





tountftM 4*11^ of Qvvm ■■■! Coimi^M 

WiLi«^-.v#*. ll. At W«rmibMfr, 

Adv. ci, Iw SodlcT Uaic, «u> of 
B«lid«;« tiovM, ■»! or lUib. 

Woai.Lifu.--A'4-r. «». At lUlfing- 

itfTR uf >Li:bu>. Hui&rd vml Co. Wrikcn, 

Yoa«^— AV. 4- '\l fCunUy, iinr 
Vokefidd, Mcil Uf, A)r Abnun Sborp, 
hnavlj »r GiUi*rHn»i-, 4'D. Voik, & dr. 
KViidftitt pI' iI(0 IsBitly uf A'vhfatkkcifi 
Stnrp, ud (i Mr. Abr»M Sbot^ tic 
ipMi«ouiMMiitt ibc 00*4)"'^ '>' f^vruin 
Mil f^iotlHU. 

A'or. -i\, At Wicsiii, «|tfi| W. MiH 

liic;* (j| iiobty ai4 Mrto« WT'r AniihI. in 
1 1tr tbsjtc pf JAKl guanrni, iHik doUi, ond 
amimOffaf .J-i ^^» noioidiiiu in fltr 

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hEAri>4tbcliotif, ilr, 
J.UU. (lie skoub 

ifrif. 7- At IM pnouiiipr, WnUi«|* 
itfo« t'fiidfht'fe, jr«uii|TM wur of iho K«r. 
J. t*. r^kvr, mU rFWMWni <il Tliotni* 
J«4 L«d KiUdodorc 

/Av. IL At U»II« I'ELd 77, Mf. Juliii 
J.iuiiiT«, OMMii tt> the ltf« SU Jobn 

Waj-Ui — J^r,^ At St. lUUf^, iir^f 
OnUltigCt libAAFtfUvtMn-. in W 70lb 
yoir, lJi'«d1jn Tfuh^inc, f^i- 

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t<jiin o4aticrd by tlv drcot^. ItLt 

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preen^lngt. aod hU ifpl/ ns*, " Ibrifl 

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w. Il« Irt Mtc-cerdnl trj hii bro;b«t, 
Mr. Ahl^ll W«lsb. u D|!lftfr in ibe otAr- 
AW. \h At Vi1<iivia. Mifrd l(0, Mr 
Jv^ii ^furptly| (DMinoiiEf ulJcd " l*4ul 
Jooe*.' 3ic h*dbnn lolciin prttonvrtrj 
that |tlraTc. contmuidloff t Frviirli i^uo- 
dren utf ikv omaI M Kfrry. Whan lir 
»«ni boat Mkurr $A Volonv^n Car ■ «up. 

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out AM'] rrvw, and >'Uiu^jF ATiirphy hciu^ 
ijo bnnrd Mn t'>*tt jM (h* hfiir, i>k piJol, 
TbuI Joriri nHMi-i liliM ffl'i «JI4I h« «fn* 

I'oiiif^lli'd to w'ric for Iwo je«r* in a 
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rwiBiikttfd a |Ood Mim vf pfix^aoviici'. 
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HiATi, Ami, liU HilliiM rlir laflt |uu >rBra, 
lialt and ii^iM. lie voicdt tl>c rlvrtii/ii 
<if IKU. 

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Aiii^c lltrft/urJ, ^tr^riv tb« l^ord I'ri- 
miirr. mhJ diiiM lo tb« AUniyrM ol Wh. 

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loilft Iho rwnirr IU13 iIM4 iW Uilrr iLNli 
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togcditr. And tbi'ir morruJ itniMiiinuvr 
ueutpy tbv aam- rcbtwf iiltst. NtJtlicr 
vfrf eiilcml iMo Ibo IWM of vtdlurk. 
E^Kf ]mdj£o.^v1'^> '' At Slrcrul, 

jt^i^J <ij. (Tk- Iwdy u| R. Itluikiitfrh, irai|, 
|iftJin«M«f of JiL't IbA-al^'f fTEh fool, 

^ly. )f. Ac C^wmjoftf, Hitd 3a, 

1'apr, WitlUiO Ittflmid ^ai^lrnim. of ibi 
IJiifjc AfUUi'T- 

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C'aiopU-U. ]>rputy I'dyinv-lci, omI i-Ldvitl 
lUiif^atn i>J Juiiin WcoijTMi a«|. cii^J 

jhMf,^- At KijiuU.Li«u«-Ci Wil. 

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attd f.'fi. mtnrlaivtt jdJ atfpnl*. 

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Japwh Ifu^r, fxi' *A lite llroii of Jamk- 
■on nod i'jy, *>( CoWotU. M»d Jooiiaon 
aciiJ llow<^, of foiiror, 

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Mrn>T $■ Uoiwy, Sib Hri^lKAAiv^ iuf. 

At 4funtQor, I*, il. dmiinbMo, v*<i- 

luit ttiiid jDiJiiCf *j^ l]»v Provli-rifcl C'oiirl of 

Ajipvol and Ciic«4 for iht Noitlciu Di- 
vtiiop, Madfw. 




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oTAnim. Taron, maA Co. tnvtvlnMf. 
Auff. Jl. At MnUt Urnrj Vmui 

ftrUi >on uT \hv Infr Thiv, Ftilip Bjgjr. 
Ciq, dJ s>(rad>ctt lull. >cirfu1k. 

50^^. 1 1' At Sc^t^ArJit, Mpjoff Burk- 
bari'.of iht KWi DBngiJ Nitiiv lu'. 

5Atf. 2. At &unU i^H) a), Utut. J. 
C. &ip|it«, Mth TlAmlwy N. 1, 

j^/.T. At Mudi^v* M-jur P. Wtfl* 
J.Mcl, ufTiwJiJ .N. VIS. 

Stpl^ ll. A<Ow]g)darc,lbcwir«orn. 
Xboi, 04. fvraon >urnxHi> 

At M*diM, J^cut. D. U. TailoTtuf 
1l)L> Jm N. V, B. 

Sfpi.ti. Ai Hownh, OlirnlU, Al- 
frcit Ward, ctq. Ci>iniiiAiii1cr of ibe ibip 

Srpt. ¥t)> Ca^u, J. K. Liimiclfn, of 
thr dHd \«i. In''- S^nifii AuUinni la fW 
Corami»iojii?r of ArTdotn. Hcuflt iHih. 
In^ai Kbyouk'ThyoOr Avhpi h >li]iik cm. 
ricd off Li» Irir. ■iid v«rf vjoii alUirnardh 

S^jrl, 17, At TrineofUblev, In CvtI^d, 
>lortiro«r Jonc«, tt^, of tlieCcvlon lldU 
Rttt. Mcomi ton of llio l>t( Jclm Jotji*. 

Chrt, V. At Smm<lffHtp4it, u^d ^l« 
Knu^ bftmucl ^V«llcr,oftlj4^ Iti JJjidmi 
Cur^ipcnn Kr|»r. rld»f »» of ^. WfttUr. 

Ocr. II. At Clfiit^tjiijj. Mdiji Wife 
oi fi. J. Mordi. «»q. «f Thv Clril ^cr. 
vicv, D«npil. 

At CitfinbMort-^a^ol 2&, $rc«nd LmvI. 
H. F, Gh FMC.ot tbg Miifltftt EiifiriMn, 
tccQudion of li«n. J. W. t'ut, of Cbc 
kLcii|i»l ■''■iiy^ 

Ocr. SL Ac RajIcuFr, C«{4. Chnle* 
lre«r(« CkJlififl, llth Jl^t, or JJomhij 
Kat. Enf' tidttc imn dI ihv ktr C. C«f- 
l«id»m- ol U|i^cr Komt, (jliniari^ii. 

Ocf. j/. At IUf^vTi\ W. C. Men. 
Icitb, cidcvitonof SL^oT.Gc", W. Aleii. 
I«ilh, or iW Sfjidni* Ea^imttn- 

Oct. 'ifT' Ai Booibay, «jrd 23, Lint. 
Kdmnl LockJry. 2d Gt^u^iJivr lUtf. 
JCfti. InJ. ion of tilt lit* G»rfc KiftOc- 
jkk I-#vcliJ^y, ci'j, of lUlf \1ao«->(rf«t. 

Vkxm isuu.t.—Stji<^ 13. At Fil. 
TTioul^p J«aitics, ig?ed 3i> Ikli. fjtnmn 
ltariiMU1», |iriDti-r oiid |itil>li*ber of " Tbo 
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0Ar> 1^. At Jtntiia. uf^d £f> I'int. 
FcWrrick Lc AtcMrior. gf thv ItofU 

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|leiDtfnti. MuMr Kiwtuft. vrifcuf Lrcui.. 
t;o1. 6u*b. K.H. <u«jM/iditf tbe »tc 
1l'«l Infill K^l, 

Lfl^y, Col.ticOKVAUfibAll, KJf.or 

i^Oib Drc. 1T9D; lieuL Uih Aug. 
ItKH; C«>f>UJn ?7ili Oct. \m«i brenrc 

ji>r2^ On. leUj IffcvM hieiil.*Co1. 
£mb J«lMU7i IMe. He Kncil in lUc 
FcniiHuU, and h«4 Wen 41 yeafi in ibe 
svrrkv.itll OH full p«y, 

AkkoAti^— /VAl ea At Sydney, Mvd 
£3, ArtbuT, ion of >.bc Ulc (Uu Prkvi 
c«r], of CbaiKvry.ha? and StocfefcU, 

/m* I- Xt %fAttty, Rmily, wiCv of 
V^tiiiiml8fduit,t*ii. SoUOfruofNnr 
Soutb Wi]«i, 

At DMudAcn, Port BlACtiuoniff. N*w 
Sffulb W^«#, iKnl 3»4, Willum D^n^cn, 

<>i|. lbc*Id«r noit uf tiatf Ut< Jttmvt D«q- 
»tr*. O'T o( Ktchuiond, SuTty, 

j#taj<. 22. At Bonn, m^t4 2% Aloundc 
Chttbolni Goodm. B.A, icbohr of Tll- 
nily ran. Umbrider, B.A. LS4(I, >nd 
iieoonil ton of J«mtt« GoodfUk, t*^, of 

Anf. V3. At Dltppf. Bamtf4 Top- 
bum r<Jord-Buiit«v, !■(« Caul. O^b Bfie. 
»oii of tb« H«v. Tiuroiby J-'yih >ooH- 
Bowr», D.D. of Co«rlikB), rotin[y Yorfct 
and ficpLcfr of the Utc M^or-Ocii, 

AtCilil*. a^M, John Bradley, ««q. 
lute of Jobutt. Q«r1ulay.feq.« mvmborof 
Ibe Collm of Surwon, ft«. 

Aug, 3C7, In Flondft, of yellow fcrer, 
tlBlen, Mid. cm tb« 9j?/j| Aitf. lUnvlt, 
(tbo wEf* of Joseph CluiirH, m. of T^* 
labu»Da)tbui[i diiuH. of tbo tatv Jbihc* Ot- 

mond, «■<]. of l^iih. North Drluin. 

AMg. 9*. At ?^>, »n4 63, Ikroa 

£«My. On bit voyim 10 Eivbind, 
O^uvlo* Falm«r, eu^H M.^kf.S, ma of 
iho ]fl[# V«ry R«v. JutDitb F»Inivt. Vmm 
of Cvbd.iind nrpbcvr of lb« Uu Aljovl. 
lon^n 01 'Riuatond. 

At Paii*. t^ TJ, &.t Ntrbolu B. 

ff/f. ]> OJT rorli, the Donffvr 
l^dy Prucijfl. Ilrr J^jniUp. nbo vnj 
d4u. of tbir Ut« Baron .Ifoucbtrofl. wu 
f««nd wifa of ite UCc 8ir U^oin B*»- 
Mon frrvon, Bun. q^di^d on tb« ^ik 
of Oct. lut jvar. {«c< our Mapulne lor 

Afjrf. & In CUh, of bifl wonoda, oa 
boaM bL-r M-tjniy't fUp Mo4Mtcv LItui. 
Kdward Fitif^raJd. frandaon of lb« lata 

CD. Qar^ a*3 i>«4>hew lo Sir wllttam 
l^lajrtrald. Bart. 
5'*^. i At LiiEhom,Ur.OooV. H« 

«ru ultMiod CO tbo Onl ttf ibr f)na4 

Jhkc, and frll m a inr\ whb 3d. PIav. 
daii, a bntn of Hortntt, nht haa Imn 

6'f^. ■> Nt«r Cbif pawa, Uppor C*^ 
m^ Jhiaci SAitnidgc^ c«^. ibnd »ii 


Mf S. E. H«i*Wrif«> m- oT OI«nidcl, 


At Tiiriivoank, In Ldef, lb« tWvdGar 
C W. M. Crook«. r^mbcfUA fai U« 

ibM Mn of Mr. S fij u ftt Ufi«ir*tW. 
Ai dnt oflkcr of ife «Up Bw cfyN l m . 
ibiB bvniMe ui4 tadmrid voanf m hii 
darinil ili« nifbl imUt IWn trip* t# ■ 

prrt in d« tvont of wbch he kvd nc- 
cv«drd tn Mvliif llw hm uf (tuftj prr- 
•ttiU] r»<jgp*jig ■ feih tiw » ntwji If 
hi* buicvi>l«n| piupw, U< bMt 


U»r. «Um ^, oT iW lite 
TMlia, «« or >'Mnr-<Mct. Wbkrf^O. 

■DBin GvMb »i«oa4 MO of Hi Mw 
0«>m7, lUrt. «f rfrNrrni 

Uo.* ra«« iW Eflfiv b« •hmgmi III 

MM r.«i M. Arand B«fll«, bb «op. 

S^3BL At 

■ifr or 

BIIX UF^lORrALITY. N«r.3ate DvLft. lAif. 


M%Lm n»l 
FtDulM UlAt 

Sni 336» 


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m 4 

60 aji 

too 13 


K^. I Be*-. 


Iiar,3f. roU. |Ai-Ai-». 11. 13c ^9«:faL— CWcr, Uto£/. 1^ 
SMlTHFlKLIl, Uv. If7. To in*: tb# OUp.f«r£McAf8^ 

J<vtt«a « '4a^ 

VW „ ^it. 

PAfftk— >*«>«• • >■> tvi ■ .*-•#- 


UTftUi Enil^ from tit. 34. to t34, 6£.frrUm, 0(bc* «gvii Tr^iB I J4. Si. lo |T«, 

TALLOW, prrm — r^* TiOvir.^lt. IW. Vr«ov lUMla, 18^04. 

tt£ M U 


Hal or CtftW «l U«fc«f, Drr. t7. 

IM. U ^. 


DmH--,,,^ Iji0» f-^lfrt 4V 

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Sbt«|L. . i«^]o p«» 9ja 

W. f« 5-. 



Al tW OAmoT WOLFH- UufffnEhi. t^uvt miil Hb^iv Itrfibpt^ 
ta, C^a^ AIr7. CvBbill. 

, fiOa CntoBFit tfd CUtttrt, 7h. Urvnd Jinnkm 113, 

Lqnd«c Uork SU>di. T3 St. K«Tt»nnv'-, 1h}^.— - K*i4 

Wcatrrm, H^, l,Aaikia and SaaUvrntrni, ^. •-*- 4if«nd Juncdon W»((r 

Worh*. ^. ^'■^i MiiU)>rt«i. Mil. i'Aobt liMiiaiw, I IK GtatJiiM, 

ju, Hoi»f. :ii.— i:i4«nrwl tl»», 574, J«"pHi»l Gm, oa^^Pi^iih iSt^. 

For ly4<:f« oT ^J of bn bbar«« <v|iiir« M i^«. 















































10 ' 19 51 

Ul riS, TO hc»vy. io. 

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• • • ICupt* 
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H U iT 

17 i 9H ;» ' ^ 

lit 3U ; 3^ 30 

111 nil I 35 nr ' . 9i 
» a» i 3i> , df I . ^ 
8J 3a 3^ ar I .67 

t3 U:i , «.^ . iT . M 
«i u I » uio bu, 4 


to. do.'^ 
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do. Tub 



DAILY pRirK or !mX"KS. 

f>Mi yamn4n- 97 io i/eemh^ % JHJI, WA Av^h^i'm. 

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13 pa. 





FEBRUARY. 1842. 




XfVVB 'Vr fit rUTT Wiwi^ Fr'trrj frrjpl It rirrnrn'rr Th- M-rrj 

U«W^G«U^.CMm«Iw& alEuUv— TlMCnitoCWat-.Af fW 

!»■ PcMcm or LimAtrai : n4 ffhcr Vorki of Ur, MiA^lu 

Dury Mfa ].CTiff of UEfnlarr; hy T^«h Gncm* E*^ ■•■•*»>««•'«'• 

>c*Cl»cnblii W, CbbfifwaV, O^r^tU (»l4ii IVmJ 

JMlil«Mun«f dvNwChvndiatStnMtlAjn 

MvnMiki «f JcuBuliWr D Anf our nid C. R. Dii/may ^ IIB 

Hm i*ri' foQ^rrMtJM -iili Kins iMM L la 1601.— ttir W4lt«r lUJr«b** 

Vtac* toWtathrrjT.-WiH^&nj JwftM 15'J 

OMrlfduEt frSHKA»ori?(ECituii«i.J>or«tublf«<«*ir*oKiw> -<<• 

OnCoLLAab ar thk Ror&i, Livir<;r, So, l> Incr<Hla<^forx , , . ** 

ItmAt Caai»Ti:;fiN4«^Kiiic&dBardUioSiitb.ll)l. lUpf(at«rlf*<l<« lltftfAM' 

Proof* lJi«t Gil PUipFrwcUkMnoUiKiiw ,.,...,..* i*- y* 

■ph ftt LcuBiuttt oT the Gmdblfarr uf Mn. IMdoiu < 1 1 ' t^ 1 1 4 * > r n M ' 

TV»dc, IM; WhM. I>< Clifcrd, US i Cirt- <krtriJ'* 4iV ' ' ^ »*■ 




UTKCt^ftV AND SCIBXriPIC INTKUlJfilW€» K^ l-^Wlw^liuw, 


tllSroaiCAL f IIBQN!CLE^ r *i %P w««*.v- 

T. D. rii******-. M * , I • V 



.Z^^i M- T- 


-J — r^ 



H. Z- Tcquntf u> to call tlm altesBHi 
of ititii|Diri«t 1o fomr PttrnAivt fotf^rics 
of Kflinun ^or.utf, prctcadeiiohflTf! b«a 

foubd at Cirfn«rtlf-<. lie iCvlf* (!■»( an 

ibk^ri tIjJU [awn tit ^nvet vfn ihcwnlo 
Liu cf t»rioiii ituv, fompoMil of C4»ne 
mr* and YPfy hravv.— onr pftjof of ih*ir 
Mug vpsriotu. Tbc iuHih* of totat 
of tbnn ■» f:iii|rT«r<il Blfli rUFionto 
ft^urrt in ouilinr. rr]>tTit(iInic Dombftt^of 
inrrlon i>n Ijonichtok, w^Ifa tcfoobv- 
ortott DC4 w«m till uluit c<*l«rlM alter 
tAc RoamDA depvied rob o«r dkOR«- 
Itk one tmlibf e thtrt ift •Tttt > aerial of 
p#r*]>BOiW« *iff«< iA Hem* (copied from 
aoiDc Italian ipiLk-lJooh)- uiberaoflhe 
poll w lArrrd oax m nlitt. Willi an In* 
ttntion of imi citing Ibc SamioQ mvib. 
Thoogb lUrve nrlicLs* notdd aoI impoM 
oil Bflf npcrLcoced ivr, viu curff»|iuud< 
pal drairra ut l« ntflSe^ th* ojiovllaoa of 
lUa criftjr and vtrj indiMnoof fbr^r. 
hopioc itMt U will mMt wiiU His fat* of 
Ibr lev wrU-knoflu Birratni^ua ooin 
forger* an cu^UtuI likcamof whom baa 
bccu c<lj>hed And frerly oifilitftl wilL 
food dfnt by an aUc tud lcuD«d anti- 
qury of ibeciir of London, with tbofvl- 
1n«ui| informhiiaD ■-»>* Voii i*h i1i«v tr^ 
nftrkc4 br finknton, RRR, ; bul I feoov 
nirthlag tbovc (bcio mjaclf/' 

C19WMI aaja, U Mr. T>rk« cottk* 
10 coUini Iha faorte'abcaa M^rr^ InrtJ t 
M^rtidt Uttyd. Qocr^ , Vaa Ibcro «nr 
fuoh a |Hrt4ni<x«, whu nm^ he i|iu> cTjqi- 
inraontlfd ? Tbrrv r«* a cnitom tttrmd. 
lag lip Ibat lh« burvra ij>obt in Wxltkol 
the AooT-^ht'r Xittrj tlApHfl, uid liia ia- 
mat'i BDcirrrrd Ihom id lliic tongrtio ; bot 
if rhtj t'Ould not k*rp up Lbv r«|t io It, 
tht'j flri* Iwtond (a ofon Ibo do^r Mid 
aJuit Uif trivcH to Uitir lupper. 'Jliii, 
bovtif r, I t>clitTf!« U veinog out ^ al 
l«u< nuDT T^nom ifo nol chvnt to be 
be iroab^d with tt,— To comt to a more 

KTiAU «vh^C. J. R. bu so* tftMrtiOllffi 

tluit C<obd, Ibo aiMMtaU M*A(u of l^t, 
bappilf cww to iWl motae tbr kkt eoft- 
dnri. and rvaauAOfvf hi* frfar lira ■jnd. 
tkoufh ftrtaUd, vaa »oi ontirdr cor* 
rup«d< Mj a«tborltr b 1^ addhteaol 
arttcb^ C^4iittithnnfiM, in tke Bc«4BGDa 
cdtUao of tie DktiHjpourv doa UfrMra, 

M'. Bicim»i Sai^thill, of Cofh, 
iickifr>«lcdf« tbo rwnpt fr» C. Vf. 
UimcmnU. t*(). 'if ibp Pmnjr •/ IMrrd. 
nAnpdal Kn-i^c. ■it.f'rb bflin^tpJ fti-t U 
<Mir iHifea. Ilf hu tmoe dtiay^tttd a 
Hanlioiat, 4/ \hr K\«fr Mitx. 'VUisc 
OHmSUlvoia^U lUdiof. TbiCurc 

daU Uoord baa offvnird pmu ItB ot Adfml, 
atraok at Enrtfr, ■^arrriar lu back ona 
rd^o fart Lrr thnu prr^k^iialj kvown. Hr. 

SkntbUl vUli» ttfuu to ad^lreu biawolf 

to coUcctort of S^oo coioa, and 1o UftU. 
that* bciof aniioqj to onp«T« ipuMioi 
of all lbs ot>ttu t)i4t binro bafi ttr^A «l 
Ej««or,frou Aoirrrdto Kdvard L.beii 

£dnrd the Ridrr. 

Eadvrif , 

Ead(ar. vriLTi U>o bavd. 

&d«nl lb« Mirtn. 

llaroU ]. 

Uvory L 

on4 vubldtheraron ffcl eitfimtly ^bJIpd 
td anricvotJoQaB «br> it^«7 bata aoy ef 
(hnt rouki, tf be vU: Hml b]r poa. lu- 
paid, linpraaiaa«lii niltog inu, on tmid. 
orlin: llirlatt«ri« aeMf^t,aatt'rr«Ma 
the pmturc of ilv Irtlcr-bog. 

Wo arc nol av«m tbal any acf^vbl of 
ili< C«i;k T4*Tro, n?j:t'htrHi, otar Tmi- 
plc-bar. or ot \U cartnl chrmn^y.^Ufv, 
mfMtfPned br a Sabictibcr, b<i bton |)i^- 

P. B. B, aiika vbcra the folWwSnf Ud* 
ocffun, vrUcb, «tioii Sir WaJier Votlt vift 
ukcd 10 auffdf a k^d tot % ncdal 
of himvlf (fafn from Sir F, f "HtotnT^ 
bu»t) hv tujc^cd, itappetn, »tj fcHnw^n 
to M> lAllocUoaof Hie &co»lih Miii< 
itrp^iT^** Bardorum dlhvai patrlo ^i 
rrddidit IiEro." Il H probaUj frv^ 

HOW mm^twn I^a port, buj ut do Mt 

know Lhv mllior-'pv^a Dootrn 

H. G. aoliciti of ottr nftrtnipaiifantit 
cxpUnai^i; daicriptkia of tbo htOtt or 
or«t af "' W.J,«" (Wal*) «ilEJi , ^ 

ponira tht |>orrrtl(»re af Kin* TTbfaifl 
thalliH, Ift iJaUa<r<j<i Kmllh; loqvl. 
rifa, p. 151^ lUriird fn>n va i]]iuljkAic4 
OoU of Ihf tltrla c»( Warakk, lo ilu tol- 
hp of Arvi. 

Sarrnl oo^uoiikatlani art UMntU 
tbijr dofarftd. Tbo aoriM of popon «» 
tbc QitforyU King Arthur aflTbo M. 
npuUtf, a&d aluU b« v«vjwac«d te nar 

UovkaddnurT, p, M7. ilUtwn- 
t»Md thai Ml*. Wriibl WM rriM .tf Dr. 
C«dd«o. * (bit titfot^i |«ot aaJ Wbllaal 
phnbitosiat/' TUa Boat W trtoooow, aa 
Vu o, ■•» rrWvi intb* tu>t>i4A f:horcbL 

Pfa^blT bo II iMUouadtfd mMK othM 
pmot of tbal acpf. 

("^ IT. rhcCoaitt««auri|ir««oodiinl 
^if^n tht Rati, •• a« Mt UforMad. 



mrtnmtt* tm 

COTCRo it aiM 

mi timv, tWt for Cbc SMtpMt 
«f«'» U il MC ■!»— I ten l# 
niMW (bat 


by ta wMa fc^d I iWf Ml 
itartlarai mmsIW 

wta^MfVr lo Irak far the 
«fcr, raaow ^fvf ^, 


nl vifWal ite 
■ iwit of its Bilirt WW 

««t« vtladed c«|Ballf 
nctia* kim not in 

• OatW 

fa Ik* Biiik^h Ertk<«. Oct. 1»4I. 
' te the GcM. M«(. Biutk, 



Hh 1«»,|i. IBS, In ~ 

IMK **&t»tki 

«a«l li^-ttHaBl tectivtidl'oM U imiJiwi «di«rif fRv«4i— I. Tkac b« *» 

W «■« kClBttldr ■cifdfctii >ilk tkf twMWi «r tbv Wir UOn i 1. Tba W, 
*rttt tte r«H U;4, flUraieA ^tatti bi ik« llvve of L«nb, ttl Mak aoCa oT 
iwaf^. rvlArvl«*1r «f Ibr WHvliH W L^rJ ***""■ — : 4. Tbt h« Unitty nwiitvd 
dafpiiil— atof kr.CkaMrtot^p^«r DffMr ft*««tii^ <if V*r ; 5. ThM 

<M« Mn in Ik* SecrpUrr of V»u'« otto, fie m «^«nt«enUr cUrf rl«vk of tito 
Vtf Me*. Htrrpntcdl; rn«iitioMd th*t b« ki^ binveV. n i:;o, hnnl tpnckai 
tt L*t4 Cfcwrtwiu, %mA wm* o4 tbA«a ipioifcia ■*« •^lAr^Jr pnailrd inm liit Da(». ft* 
■wiy H W» dtfkihty of riw W If CHftM frop ntth\m€^t u |&« iMiiatMcW of Mr. 
Cluttwr- it WW bj Lord lloUud thmt b« v«> AraT lairodKc^ iatowt |«>M)c •rrricr 
Now &*v njiH sartv aU of akkb o^lit i« l>« fMad !■ Ji^i«( tksr n« *II Jh* 
fcMdfarrwMk. fTfrftMlMifw l*«l>Hr#r4A tmn </ iAwm rn htj^^miitt nf 
otAtrytrtn vAo^fwr, U cbij vfwcnl duM doI ««(tle tkt qruvUva. tlm If «*«Dd 
of ■!! raMoniu on tfCfwrfurfitJ »TU>nca. Tli« nf^nuf cnAcftor pointj iho «m« 
w^. TW iMfla of Kfw<k bMn * MnMf monbUoM to tktt t-f imufl ; mt m« *■ 
■Ikpo^J to A^mU. wUi a c«Mr«llj tmoafd, thai tbe uktio«l^c*d rodi|««ltJDBa sf 
Fr>M* «rc TTTT i!caicdlr ta/vnor Itt lie uonrmou LMt«n,\ &c- Wo bvg lt«v« ip 
■4dUto0 |0 obwf^f* that MhMidTfH^oriVBftclihAd JuutQ<«ornm*4i n4 UmIj, 
dMl Ihaflcu omr .l#«M tk*ulb«nlkib, Ikduah lio ftctr ««ouU 0«m El W» woy ftbo 
«dd, dMl i fHavd, vboM none «Us4* lo ibc lartvtM niik» uT liicnr]! fUk*, »d who 
b, fipr« MPoM, dltflDK«i*hcd f<»r t^v dtfic«cr of hn tariff, lalurweil iu« t» a Ut< oro> 
TMaBan «a l^ i^hlcM* lb«l tk« «lr:a a< hd' of Wtmjkt'm pSMpkUlA yMnfl j rtvUitod 

Urn of J^n* I Um tCrmthmLig the opUoQ otf ibe rotir«cr m Ihk bnack of thft 


The Author o/ihf Pursrriis if Liftraivre» 


Iftin q Rrtcri the vwiily of vucccs^ftil niilionfiiE*- l^'ii»p»> I""'* "«© wiltcr 
top«t off Ibe •' iinmuuil^cs ot mviwiMliiy/" and nncrgtf ftora lii^ cooceal- 
m«fnt, and lU Icngih it seemed ^cn^iiatly'afintitfcd ia b troth, vililch tut dii« 
cared ti>d]#patc, tliftt John Jnuics ^fadilu viii» the nnlUor of llio PttictiiU 
r)f IJtrnxtTirf- 

Wf ucrc, liictcforc, not a liulc lurprlhcd »ilic» tli« itjqmry of a coiTC- 
•pondt-ct showed ijfi Ihii^- loixU unrt'ft^inty ^rjll reutjiiiied on liit inlod coo* 
mtunl hUIj llirr subject of Ibia BattfY ^ niid U»\v wuWXy bia ■pcculutionft 
iif>|>«fti«<1 to u« Ui naudorfri'Mi the lini\i.* It if now bng auco w* opened 
& voIqddc ihat iie rcwember in our boyliood so Hriwuly mealed tlrt 
ninOMty of tlt« firitjiic, hiid cxcltvd Xhc frnra or nih iLkoEif.-tl Ehf iitivtrty of 
IBOn of ihr |>o|>(iTjr uril«-r(i of ibf d-iy, wlo snddL-iily (mind Ibdr wwll- 
eftrocd Uurcla dioopinif on tlicii" l>fowfl,m.d ihcir cWiitia to public platitude 
OT i<dniifutinu uiaminH. <]it|)iiti*d. or uvrrt1iio»ii. M'g imd only a fnipt 
and f-cuonJ tccollrclioii of the i^nc< of itthtuau tlvwttv Uia! appptrtd b 
iti ive rcnciubcrcd tliBi. t^ out t^te, ttft|iro>c wD»«oincwbn£ more ttudiH 
and aiobitioTja than nr likrd ; ii bnd an jtittficUt and cfribor^t^ vctbo* 
■ilyT whilp lt> poHry i^afi ni'ltli«r lo fiurlv temjicrcd nor •o bi^Lly piH 
liilicd Di ttUat wc had Ucii used to in thr |iact-« of Dfyd«n and P«1>C; 
that it was w»titiit|( in cuiD|]B,rtncta mid flv^-utice, in supplfit»ji Mod cuej 
in that Mint and hniih uu expect in <ucli coni]iu!iiIii>nti : and tlui it diil 
tmi conAd« In %U o»u poui^rs of attncliou, btil \\n^ rnllii-r iiuxilUfy and 
lubtidinry to l\\r notf* hclonr it ; like tho»c li)(Ut tTOO|i« and akiiii;tHli<rri. 
Sn niUlMy cvMnlioiis. wbkli cnn ooly tffrctunlly act, wKcn >npj)*jrleil by 
the piesrnrc wid proximity of (1* h«ivy brigade of infnutry in tlje rear. 
Saiifi:, Hc tx>nsidcrE:d, uliich bud gloned with aiKb iiilcn*c foKc And 
brilliniiry in rlit pormi of Popv. and uhirh thrrw out taiwv biiDiant 
but irrffiiibr triirrueiraticinji in thr conTcmpnmirv pa^tj of Vontif^, bad^ 
After nlong inlcivftl, *|i)>fnrcd with a fuint nffcctinu nnd d}iP(( ^laia 
in tlic Hemic Kpistlti oF Kfatkoii ; for Wt Lbou^lii Mi- UilToidi pocat riBch 

frMnliftg in Vkjictv of iiihjcrt \\t\d |t|^itaca* of bfindlii>|; ; W objected to 

1hcmrann<'8« and obtcutity of ihc pioductiona v^Kte ftijiiiuiilivrtrd oo) 
and we dialikrd tbe rnri&nv find angry spirit with uhjiJi be ncizvJ in 
lita croc^hi-d tulons a Hock ol pooi liTirinlcts «iii)cin|; birds, iiipIc and 
fcnu-tc, w^o Kvtc rnoici^ and nmbling thcii amorous diitie* aniid tIrQ 
Tuscan grorrs. The Mibje<-t ti^s not vrorlhy of tbe eflorl ; tt was like 
bmking a butterfly on n nhcrl ; Cfcctiiii; n bnltciy to destroy an srtthiU \ 
cnUing otit ■ rv^tmeiit 4)f grenadiers to bring A )^r)'s boHiaing-MlioaJ to 

Tbo Ptirfluit« of Lilerntorc vm Aore po|)uts« tb^n tko B^iriAd tuA 
Msriid.tbongb certainty infersor in poetical uicrit, beaiosc its subject 

* "Mr. ITtlHin.— ThM (b« ponscf lWrarimt«Df Uttntimwv vriiUn by the 1«C« 
Mr, WaikiM.M. I btlicve. ou hiiliipBltbU f tcC ; far^tlioufh be may not barf p«bUcfy 
■cktio«lAfl[r<! Tt, j*t be tarltly ndsltteil tl bt not contrulicnnc Ibc rf fnrf . BoC an 
inirriLiui4 rrLrcicL of niinr hM prrnaAdrk^ h>m*rV. and bf t1i» ptf^i b# tiu tHkro in eel' 
Ulins *<''"^ piiTyi. lad amnfiof d«Trip bovIiI Ua iwniiadt oCbvn. Ital rlir ftriM 
verc whucD bj Edaund EMitlr. and fbe ic4Ck b* hi« bnM^f Itkhiril- ib<-^l' \t la 
■eUkoAVDtWl lome *c«c tti|»|ibr4 bf Tlf SJinKi. ike Miilfr of Triaitr C'4lkc«, 
C iMhfiJ|g. an^ Dt. RcnHtl, Iha l>rtn of Win<hr«la. TW irvy itron[ wd Ha-kj 
■alofinra of R^lnuftd Bqrht, li« »nt«t.4t. wr^UQAly ■ m» to fAAc^al ll-r rwl sAikvc. 
As ltd noif«aj to crsacal* thr '* ai«aiii iraUuiraninrdr " oftkli frnilrwau, Ithall 
W abUcvtf (u yoa to connniialcaie Is ji^ur ^l »i»« Corrrtporrftvxr, a susvsr lo Ibii mI«, 
■katrttf U p«rtf«BUvlT kmawn mw^laf lb* rU«B «i MuUu. ilitt aona aitiJbMMr 
nitoct »aj osaitnce bj Fritad Uut Id omrctsn y tiroMOOi sad bii l«fcov Ut-* 
IMS. Ism, Ac. ML »." 


7:if A>tktr e/llie ParuiiU of Lilrrtliirt. 



attler wis nwre catioua smJ iiDiitini;. To ufe a (tltf^^ of fUcnn't, U 
"purged the |Kccaiitluiiioar« vf tilcrJktDTC ;'^ it CJnbnccI lU tubfcclft, 
p>4iEi»J, w)ci;il, or hlcrirv. from Cb« Fri-niii iU'Vi>Ju1iuii 10 Uie^ym- 

pOiictQi at U'linbWufi ^ Aiiii froca tkc splcadid riJii1fLl>C4 vi Barkc to t^ 
ff*;bk (loclrj'of Hailcv. unci tlieafaallfl« nophi»lr4.'i of fioil^iir ; it nnwH 
fru<Q U'illinm V\\t U> rvUr Vm^t Jind ilic limrcnt I've ; ami ulur pttirr 
of uiccdolr or >niiuul\«nHjci cu»ld uot be ittlruiiucril iDto the Ifxt, u-a* 
rcattrol for • iitorr cojiMKia ripwiuoii lu tlic i^ift4> ; if ibv viciini nki only 
itttunod by tkf< clivclijirg* «f thn- oue, Ir^ u-m dtritj>Hit<:titfd by lL< b&^^a^t oc 
r. 'J'hi-rc u Aft nlM> kn aflrccuti'>n •f ipvstcry And iuipurtancc tliat 
(1 ibc nliok bcHfy of iIki work, ubii'b vru iijirnctive by tbc >in^* 
y of itH Uiigiia^y by wni^nutlnl amiouiicc'inriil* oi fulnrc prcjcct^ 10 
fttlAlkd , Mid ilntk i»tiinait(Ki« of daii^'f tu ttioto tvtio nttcnij>1(d Ii> di*« 
CiOfCT iHt* ftutl«ir')i iic<:n:t, or to pirfrr iiir«u;;li tlic cloudy contciliiMiit of 
i9 rrtrtAt. Dot, farther, Uiia poctu nsia Eii>|mbi' tioriiine in many poinU 
well detencd lo be ao. 'I'bete irti n iioblcticM of oiiii ntid purposo ia 
Uk orif^iuniity in tiic view >ud (rcalUKiU of tlie aubje*!^, 4 ditfpUy of 
bontt.' eruifklion ta cnptivale tbe Icftrnod, and a «urlliti|E nma ^nd 
<etxy of U&f aigc Eo kroittc lltc iDdifli-renL Tbe nulbor ^tm cftmc^t m 
I cau»e, bocb in [loUlics anJ littrntore. He bail forincd sFroi»g nud de- 
idtd optnioM both » r^ tiUtcfnuu atid a scholar, wtiicb lif dt^lirvred ailli 
Itvftkm Khd dcfcwkd a-ilb vi|Cour. In lit^mtrtfc, LfMlin^dcd tb«alli-iition 
nAkng ^e&eraitoij lo tbe lofig*(.*»tiibluficd nindtU of rx<^lle^icc. botli 
die HDcicnt viitriH and our own. He uru kcdoii}; Ifie ftrat to |ioiat 
c false uidUudiy|-btUro( Uiirhm'o poetry, anrl to prtdat itA early 
ffttJ 1 nnd lie i^ni o»lv brtiAjcd* by bU foiidjit;** foi JUiliun Ulcfntuic, to 
be Coo iii^ui^iil lu ttoKCUo'i prosr^ A* n citiiec hii Aim wa4 to itupport 
tbc vcacnbk imtitntioos of tbe country ngniust Ibc open Bltnokf^ or iusi- 
dioua attecDpia. of Ibeir encmi*.** ; be defeDded our er>nstitutioin nguimt ro- 
pabiicjaiii and rrvolnliwiihla ; and our established rcligjun ngaJustatlieittA 
>Dd inbd«U. Hr- wnn uf^vtit in Lh dcfencr of tbe ino{iarfbi»l rnle, mid 
of tbe Protc«lnQt Cbttrcb He rt'iiudlaied aud dctesled tbe looie Ai*d 
dftogctous dociriiieo of the new fcliool of [nornli>ti ia Gn^aud, as he did 
ttie ope» Atid iindUfoUed bl->^plK*my of tbcir teacber? siid pliilovopbtin in 
Frftn^. Ili» giood bcilac* bis aouud education, and \\\% L'oireci pbilotopbjp 
liepC liiia right in ibe^e Itnprtrljinl jKunla. In tlir^ winks of Volncyhe 
dcacricfl Ibe reil purpofto imder tbe Aetitious garb, and saw ibAt tbe 
oeLipbjucal tl»eory wi« but a medium ibji^UfEb wbitrh to convev a poiT' 
vrfyJ atl«ck uu all rcli^ioua cn-edv , ami be liwkrj uilli ctgiuil clearueiaj 
b«t witU more tevority tbnn Mr, Gibbon did, ov» tLo diroet li^udency of 
Dr. Frtefttley'a opiaUintt. I li» feeling also of the impnrtaricc of a aonud 
lilcrfttoreoo ibc coaijtry ua^ right, and ftr^nuonsly ur|;eJ by biiu. Hit 
kDomledfec oi aoci^ty ^i^^ cociMdi-rable ; aiul tbougti he sjioke ralbrr as one 
wbo cootctnplalcfl ibtin intcrLQingicd in ita ticonci, ond th<jugb la liia 
bngaage Uiere itm fo^nrlbinj^ of tbr st^rnnCKf^ of ibr ^eelodi d ami nolttAry 
genius^ yet bU nriL^cdotiri of vaiious clmraclt^m uere plt^L^autj bte opiniona 
on paniiig eicn'-d judirjiu*, ;iii<] bki bif>grnj^]iLcal jiorir^itv faiii:ifid and 
aauHiif;. l\t* bouh jittiattiiJ ilie Attention, and iuiieinl euicwaiittifd the 
pnitwr, of B^ftolari, ivbo law it cnncbed urilU ibc ebo«?n spoilt nf bit 
Gitckaad Lat>h stt»diei>* Hb lentences itere eiiatiiellcd with brilliuiC 

• " Yo* wf^Cr. if nM vitb The tUij>li<7iiy (a wtifh yon \»j rltrm. « »iih lh« rl*«r- 

n«M wUdt rtvilta from orJer ftftd conopjiDn* or aIhkti perli*|q irjth I'rrrjjuMi ftod 

ottfTceUiesi, ytt cQUlalj villi « dfpih of thbllDi; t^ry kMoir cxcwdcd. mtb ■ Itnd 

of bunjic \X audi tdiotAn UicaiMlvn tCuil mmiucd ^ wHb (NM nmoUcw. cacrfj, 

. and ^JfU, yoar n^oct ro^aired, aod J bcdiivt vilh grtai tiacehty Doo, eran wliea 


Tht Amiltor of tic Punnilt e/ litfrattr*. 



uid ntfvW qnoutjons froiu tlic o\d «iriter*, from Hooiff 111(1 PUlo, 19 1 
Pfodtjs And Txrtxe* ; while be »how*d hfmidf ^et aioit iir«ply tmbned j 
w jtb lb« ^xaJlcd 0pkricof lulimi povtrf, Aud tliat, like Milton, bia atuiliea on { 
ihe b*iik« ot the I'ibirr and Ibsvoa, hnA iiot Jourrcd bim frocn lir^fcring 
alMi »Uh no inferior delight in Anto'a tsIc, uid eeprcully in th« romptoy 
of tbtt gn»t inittrcd Florentine, live hblory of wbove eiile raid who^e 
WKHut & Uin«eif bas rvcortlrd in line* of jiduuanliDe itmi^h, wd im- 
{Hfrinliablo Umt, Do wtf tbtn in<|Diiv wUy socb a voil: M tbU lt»* Im}4 
miintui>f«l iu |i1kv in tlic htenlurc of the coonlty ) Wh«t bfti b««a the 
obftiic;«, tJiKc wv Ravrit hat, in iu pro«jicrou4 coutie, aiul witb its ewcllin 
uils } tvby hni It iilrpfttly pjA«cd into >n obtiilou ai rapid lui lU rWe i 
W'e aiuAi fttiswrr that, in ilie pr(?>«nc (nulii^ilkiiy of ndl-ivriitco boottSr] 
in tlio rrduiKlAticT of literature iu r^cry »ibn|io, vtliirb proi« or ]^ 
tut ftsaun^ and i& tbc conaUDt HUCcrwJQn of n«iv !>u(:ij<^c1« tisiog Into] 
vi«ir, r^otbing b«l of (jiatin^uiflhcd excell^nci^, aud of aiqKrriDr work- 
loanahip, cjui liopc to anrrive tbe obliterating e5oct of time, a»d counter' 
not tb^ f>VA]jy oi ruing rrpuUtiuii- Lit^rntufC in luudcia tinvT-i, tike 
otWr tbiiigii, huriic<n& iu rourifiTi a eeatdeca mpidityof pn^reAMoo^tbal 
leavea no lii&r for enlinary merit lo be ofaecrved ; and tbe last f%g^ of i 
tbia book bnrl ju«t dowd, rihen Ui« fnaatcr-^pirila of tbe present a^l 
vnrc rlal&g iu tlju asccndHnti Kuitber, tbat xttc " Pnrfluiia of Uten*l 
tiiro *^ *a* cnk|ttcty«d ou Biilifc^'U cf n |«fn|>OTnry inli;rc*t| in maiiy - 
nuTTT of very inferior conteqoenre ; and na. in the ictenm] v-bicb baa 
pnaod, &io«t of the anthon oa uhotc worht it aniniadrcrta, hare filkn 
niray frvm the puhUc Tiew, and are now like bfi^tvv in the dtataocer oiiJy 
diiulf Bcci>, Ui« euuMurutiir)' ha* abbird lie for I mica of ihctcit; and, 
U«lJy, Ibftt lbpf« WftK HUiff in the- L^irrutioii of thd porm, hpaM frotn lie ^M 
sub^clv tbat could eniiure ita pro]L>n|>ed exiitcnce. It \n uw that tbc B 
Danciaditiil ia read, though ilM'd«Dce»nrc no more renembered \ but then 
thca« iroithi(^-ta ilice ai^ preserved In ufarlifca of choice and coaUy ualier. i 
Pope'« Lincion Lord HcrvciiuG«tlll vlmircdnnd rcpcjtt^, tbouubfctmho^H 
rtJvd tbetu know more thin ibe natae of the person ubo excited tlie Poct'S^B 
indii^aatiixi ; bat tite caw in whitb tbe mammy mm iiiclosed, tvaa fdrmed 
of the coatlicat moU^rulH, yt ai fut^rnnt with the riclmt odours, and ttnobed 
nitb tbe moot cUboralc deaij^n. Bat af the Puivnit> of f.^lvrnturc it nnat 
f^rly be said, that iIm (toetry naa on the wliol« raint in aplnt snd of la* 
fvrioT workmaii»hip ( ami KomeitaDea so Htak in execution a* to haft gitea 
rue to iLe vitticiam * (vhi«b tandi galkd the butlior). " tbat it w>a only 
It pim to bai]f(tbi*tiute«on/' Iu ndtlllit'njn the m1I^lcx«niiQatbnof ctMl< 
rvnpotvry meritv liiora vn^ aoute pvtUI and BOme eTrooeo«aJadgai«iit \ aa 
ill tbc cvceaiin pruacof JacoblJeyatit.andbb raiK«r«tBnlwlo^--inth« 
diMn||;einent ctilv ctinouaandeitenm'eacE|oirfvncnffi>r Mr lUync Knitfht 
11 Nievmture and Ant~in tbccfitmate of tbc <cbolar»hipof FVoTi-Mor Cookc, 

yaw OpIabAi m anoit vctodmai ; nhtn t knt>n your ifaUnBiil of ffcft« to b« fthf, 
utl WMQ pDf rrprcimtauoa of perropi and caanctcn wookl W iadcecat §m4 to- 
mnaTi ttlite)!^ ■ ■*«« tnii*/' Ac. VIA« KeK^rk* oa iLt Pvnalla «| LU«ffBt««t 
by Jobn Mais«wU(H B,D. L*4f Mufani'i Profcaior «r Diviattj u CAAM%*b 
l73t J, 3, 

* lliU Mylnff hflM UrD pit r* t» GfWfe Plw«e»i, but ■« htlie^e ihfti CoLkm ««a ^^ 
tW ftytLw of li. IV •nlbot ei ibc P»ulu d Litvnihi« tM Ut readu* it «»i ^1 
uUtt fraai Fbiilirl butwhic •^m tb«Thi)tmi Bttrd-VroraofdXk' ^^^uyfQ U^,^| 
Vlial voDavKion 1* tWN> V ronW Anil |W j«tt f ^H 

t VFUhrrffvUiot^ui' ^f ofvkeamhorlm Giatk aaJ Ulln biaiatart.^l 

aad Hm o«eaBlon4l ayiacM ni^ flu^icy of yi ipBoWkat, «« une >>■ t^< conniaii^H 
ofMoa ^ Nff t aiai t i W »« dnj hw IU g<— u iaa of m» laU^tli »4 lailkil^l 


nt J^Ur */ th€ Pw^mti 9/ lUfrmitirt. 


ili4 hti tnuttlfttioft of (irty'ft Elegj— 4iid in tlic twiixm chnrtcttn of the 
fiMOfisra cocnvontaton* to aU tli«D cuw thorv vtm miKb tmpnev ^utI 
■plMDi n»iK*d tfpwitd naftnyjiidieioiVioplQiiMki tkns\ lp»rn»d d««iMi>&*. Th«rv 
vu a!m> loo^thini; which we luvu nJwnyi oantUiTrciJ <trf«cttii! )■ Uio tMle 
of tbttuihor, tJmikr4 himtofguotelbeAuthorilimAd e»|;]ctntfl lli« merits 
•( Butlion ni trtfirin- |)Ower 4iid confiuMl rcimUlion. 1lius ko «iLfoh Uie 
pbiCQro tad «i»igniMkcd prf>pl»c^ aT l-yco|tiro<i, amJ c]i*(7tctf wiili •pgin>- 
bftlion the verbMe uid inflatrd Imc^ i>r tlie poet of PHiiii»pori4H To imkp 
fMd qiMVtationi, rcquiici 1 (iiic and delioAU UHie. a4 well u A ruiULfuI 
laCB wry ftod Hiotce rcvling ; Mid. hk k fffoeroi tuXc, vie nh<iM tuy. qiiot^ 
ibc bc«t BUiWr* ' aft\ tliif, frimt ■ ki^bcr pitticiiik- tliii] fuituACcdold 
_ lay, vrh«, tihcn beftwnd tiU n«-phrvr rradiiifr « aavifl , t^tiiA, "NVwr mad 
1 1)0ok >^oti miMt qvo'^^-" 'f ^I'^M ftuthofs v^ctt broucl^t fom-^id to ahow 
«mnu extnC of mdiD|(, it wu pedmtic mnd eanitmp^Me 1 if from my 
ot^r CUie, U wookl krucn our cMimation of ttie wrUfv'a Uit« aiKl JikI^ 

But vn b3r«tOOli>n^ntiidoredfrOfnouiftu1>jeft,ttbichirMn<ittodi»caMH 
tbc mcHU or pccu1iarit»ct of lb h poem, but to bring fotn'ird loiuij nidcacc 
rcfkrtfliig the aitlionhipj whicli bad aot been prodaeM twrore. We believe 
UmlI tbia otijcct inifbt be attoined by the f««tlifto»y o( fii«iid», «i)d cmi by 
MOHi n»«ordrd kcbiiOttt(u)gni»iit of tli« Aulhiir hiimclf, withoat taiich difli* 
Culty t but H~e will take n diiftrcut lETouad, and produce a ooD%ictii>fi oo 
ccidence fambhcd by ibc autbi>r hiiu^clf^ and by iUv uttik'tn^ mcinbUuce 
bvtwocn Ilia Kknovlc^dgivl vritiiigt jind tbc povm ihat tuU remains, like 

aryiiiitBarr villi tW travarra of (1i« Gntk linj^nigv, Wt irtll jfivr ■ foiiArnnrtiMi 
of aaropinton oq Ibii potnt m t«o iatUn^rt, tthkfa vn lulrn^if f>^ >ey kirbolar'a jud(- 
oini<- In bbGliulif M P^it. p. !24*l, in ■ a'j(c on PtoItimut P>ieuiii, Li mlji» '' t bup« 
Mf. Pmon ■111 ^oorrd m tlii* importaral rfriaton* awd ytrhtifw rftrl tht finvt Mto. 
hhtkmmt^f iAtGrfrk it;rt ^ M tht hayt^im : hje viU be ontJlM to X.\,t public 
(Ttfltadc «f ibc b*nird varU/* Pnfl»*or IMr*no't Titwf wf r« muili i-t'dr«i, ruM Lin 
akUti»D bovi^fi I0 \ f«' ausn liivited fiUa thim ihjt- Finp; thr Frofmor nuly Anillj' 
vftli^ ll« fisr^i ait* cT tJI Ibr trtffdlart '. m well niEflbr th^ Dui^ uf Wftl^lou 
Andly »*al^ ih* |*<ue uf ill Kurtipc. Ag*io, in tliv l^jr^uid »f Lli^rutnrr Ipurt 
|l< «a. V^,*pc<kiii$ ot tic Frofru/^r'i vocJcrfiU ind luc^-niM labour* on th( 
LaiUw «r PwMuv, 1 fhirk vlni \» no mi> biat bimv If oontd biv« tircnlrd, thr am bor 
«^. " But, ID my c^oiAn. /A* /«**« ^ titfr/ttnrt ^rttutd hw mjt^trlf nan tihUfitJ 
la Mm tor a tev edlbon of ik^ CtyM ^Afiofhytn af Phofivt, vhirh abounda willi th« 
maal cvrtvua vnd TaJhiabfa ciccipia of nhccra, itliotr iLtrgiaJ vojkfftF? ]o>( [or cier." 
atf, Kowr to thorn vho knov the laflvr vMk, «ad iho ay' and ckaractfr of tbf «tlteri 
k 9W4Mt h WObU be pvrfrdtj pivpOittraQ* to fnp|iotc ibal PorikQn wouU ffMl« fe 
«e«tm< «l hi* line, oraatp<»l tbc ovr^iM of hia tefcncd &vd fiiutbrd l<aminfj to 
idU Gnck writcn. Uatorlcal and fcclc^lbEtcal of Ibp UrwfT Emplrr, bubaroiia la 
alylt ind obflnn in facta. Wc rvpnC* that tb«»d tno paiMgn a» MifBrirnl (0 vbov 
tM f^ n>lk» cf Pnnnita df liltntnn nigbi br« |ir«a1 r«ail#r of f>r«^k, f^ui wat 
■at a On«k acholar. aof ce^ld aalimttM th« ivlall^ nlue W iia (liir{!rciii riuua of 
lUcralvrr. Al p^ IfT? ^cdlEloa Ttli) be S^^ct « long C|UotaU4a from itic LSlU 
OtyiDpli: Odtf of PiaAir aa iVfi** ' Al p. fd, bo tai;!. ■* Mr- Knigbt vonid maan4 
nw t<t tlu Grtrk Alpbabat jCo layou, I btfc, buthii owitj," &C< Nov UiAa aniw 11 
ckhar • 4Krc iridaaif nnJ Ailectation, or il it HnndlAij^ trtm lost p«r4aiiabk, f^r P. 
KaJcbt'i Gnck Alpubci U a vork aboandiua in lunoua loAnuiii and nacaicib 1 and 
folKcTi k wu BaiWcd by Pmfowgv Por«on luintil/, and highly apoW of by bun in 
ICaty-* B*iW«. V* Mhtii aoJf wM Ia thu taa Unx not*, u a nlqadt al ul bVdb 
Lapoicuua. thtt tk« ptalu fltro iu Pmfrator Cookn'i Groab TruiiUiaon at Gr^ft 
BufT, and tb4 *pcciawD aunta glTtA. arc (|ttlit jninckut 10 pUoc Uic M«Bnat'i 
acbobnibip <tt alovtr ItTrllh^ ha vomLiI rlairn. Wf h*Tr bawd that tha Ua#ttcd 
Mr. ItiJi hnj aAua itill orvaiftr |iroof in bii |joaa««iion oa (ki# luitoNit ) but ** ara 
vtUiOf U cooAic U* vtidnwc to i>«- wu aoiilcniuri, t> Ik jadiai t>y any ac^olar 
ki £nglnDd~Gaoi-flc fiurtna, caq. bciag ia the cteix. 


Tht Juthtrr c/lht PumifitM t/ iMfroturt. 


3iil«aer1ftl chiM, nitWut tbc lin^iiour of « [wrcrit'fl ii«uiv. Tlici^j«cl tlitn 
m hkvc 'u\ i'i«^v, id tci flliviff ihai tiM porin ^Alli^d llin Pun^Diti of IJIcta- 
tnre urn swfillen by Mr. MathrA» ; but, at it u«i never pttltUitf nckito^r* 
ledged by liUn, wc muet Ii^tc leconmc to intcinal cvidetiof- attd end<^AVour 
to prore, bj tbc »lmilftnty of style between tbat and ^mt oLUcf of tiiti pro- 
diioti<>ii», il^ ttJciilityof tbc ftulbonibi|i. It i«lriK: ll^t t^<y olfiff (cue wit- 
ticmci) bear no inpi-nrriptiDn nn the |U]{? ]»f;c. no »1aiDp of antbcntiritf 
tc vthkh u'c can at oiic<; appeal ; but thir worki ««bkU wc arf lUHr giinj^ 
to produce were duAyi aUribatcct to Mr. Mutbias. at the Uuivenitj to 
wbkli lio b(ilon|;vt], as iverll n« m uthrr places ; nvi iJiil i^c ever Lc*i on 
nfteinpt, on tlir pnft of himicir or fncn<ti« to dei'Iine tki* ipM*ALionabfe 
honour of thdr pirenlnfce. In the year 1 780 Appcsrcd, frou the ofict 
of T. Bcckct, in Ibo j^lnini), the folWing pnmpblets, in ijQftito : 

K Itcroh; Episiic to iLc Rci^. Ridkarl Wauon, D.D.. F.U.S. &€< Ctt- 
ricbrd with claboiMtc iiotca and innnv learned Tcfcrciiret* I 7(^0> -ItO. 

9. Heroic Addtvbs, in Frose, to tho Rt-t-. Rtcbnid WuIaoti, D.1). od hb 
lAle Dm'OEiriie di-lnered 1o tUo Clergy, fiC. ad^mvA vriih notes, entertain- 
ing nnd iTi^tnictUr. 178U.* 

3, RptstQlnry Tirati^e, nJdrcAtei) to the Rev- Ridifird ^Vataon, Alc. By 
Xhf-. Anibor *>f thp Hcmu EpiMl« to tlip fame Rev, Perionng<*. ito. I 780. 

^1. Di^eriattiin by Maniniii ScriblcmH. concerning tbo Utility and \m* 
portoAceof UicOricolat Lau^iages, whbtbort noteftby tbeEditur. I'^.f 

* "The llvratc Aildrnf, in proi«,*' ikm aoticed in Mootblf Rfvieir, yv^ LXFI1- 

f, 19^ *' Thrmgli w An nttt Hfimilr thf fklmti nf thia •elftoanptu'enf vrrrfxr hi 
lEhfy M flrlkBT lir i?r Ihu CauibraJ^p* L'udcTfradutle* in«f , to vboo, no ifoDbt. ■ 

■truck oui tufikc kJuA th«t arc laiifihible and humeurDu, nxd biJ ip>pfa<fanf . /Aauf A 
frtpuntty hraugkl /brtc^r^i ri7A mt 'jf/n/n/iOb thAt it ditgtiiiiaj, art vornvtimot uM 
lU ft|}c]1?il. IpV'iib fPtpfid, Lnwcrtt to the sEDcr^l rptric of tht piece, nv tbi&k It 
contains DHrLj m much mitrcprriicnution u •rnixrcal, *ud full u much pertam M 

t In mii^wma lKi< Jii«>iir**, th* Mi^lKlir Rm-Imt. Not, n*!!. tap, *'SonP p^rt 
bflflthi^g or the Mioci liiUlx Utelj (irrtcil alJ bin fr/^f^ uErnU of Mil *nil LuBuur lo 
Ibruir t rJdiculc uo th? cJiJiracIcr lod whilngi of Lff^ liVfeiicD ; but wbtii wit b»ri no 
prc|)ortioii 1o mnlrcc* lad tlie TirAdtr of bumour u tinkhrd oW bj ttie jide lu>t at 
CQty, wcffrl Jt>su>t vhrn tlic uitthur ihcadI toaffoH ub dirpnioQ, «ad <rumE«nn for 
Dr,M'4lHtau uuljr coufiruicJ Uj (tiux a(1> wlucb hme bcRa UBdcuKof I0 dvpnciatcliii 
merit*] but ■cwoulJ doI product a J^r/f/apiiiQibevinvof ibvpublk. Let toot ' *Ucb 
■Inippr J HcmJ bomfmin Lie prena/ br burtifd whfrr ilfel]/' Hie. The Critical Rvvtcw 
(Juljr, t;ilO.) noliMd tb* -* Ht-mJd Kpictlfi," and Ihn ** JUroi^ AddrMi.'* at mora 
Jtn^b> p. ?J-^HO, In Ihe ffrrmcr, U Mji. " uur 5<^Hnf D[«iiraD«ir U pu*«Htd of 
tome pOf(mi>biUtleiiibi?b,Ui riper Tcvi, utd uoder the cooduri of judf^mcai uid 
difrtFtDO. tnikj «iib1e liim to mh\« lOrDe Apirr tn the norld of Irl* raEurc ; hC prcfteal, 
without MlQcionl dtitl. 


■HtniDtauiiGk, lod tlltait«Ub«ninU.' 

M*iih f<p£«rd to ih* diifuacing fntarta by wliieh thi* («DllrEuu saj bt k&owtt 
fromn«ryolhcf utihor, r, g. an Mteottfiaoipftrvdv of hwDinf, itnl a tfdiooi qnre- 
■tnrd rfvioiirj, vc da »ct rfn^aibir l<thn*t ni4C vilh bi* tout « for »a **o««r^M« 
be HflM vpon «n int*^. Ar btiri ■ choufEht, but lit ImmtdbUlr poun opon |ca oich 
« t«n«Qi <tf |i«iHf«iL fHim tiuifui ind moitfrn vritrn^ u tcUUf otervtictn jnu 
Nor «■< honnt K*ficTio F>t» »«« fon'l o' prvvW^t h ihU i#n(lciir-aA <■ of hopaiif ^110- 
loCiv« ea quoUiiOH, l» tb« vtc^r dnirucoon »/ ill tty It. nullMd. ud iigiMUt, Ac. 
Tli* fafr*r> vf ^irf4iiil»Mi ^M'^ ♦r i-tT< -Uh in ibr iio(tt, Oii cucniutlni llic Milll o* 
the r, 1 < i^iui lili UttfT^tbe; eoiueto IkWt ims 

r^tj v., 1b th« a<Cr«, Ibr tbWiielfnof br. 

W*d.»... i. . . i.—i.... ,.- J,..,., , pj., ;.— ^n—Aa. Mr Jl^^wa, tW tufrftkni* s*^ 

ibar of Zuralda. and vercnt crtben, oR irutcd wilt) lODttMpI «cJ oiiittltT tWy by no 



7%t jhi^ ^ TktFwrwmU ^iMa^mn. 




Mftni. We itell M* pt« flacb yoUbaai fcMi tkr« m «v t%tek wiil 
bt 4e»nv of ike i|ac«li-«. 

Ep&tf*lu7 IVvftliw. MUfCMCJ !• IW Rrr. RkliarJ WntaHt. ft^ 

Fit, ^-f bnvdoM «M i%#^ tW^ 

t hH av mWr loitHisf . I a«Mt ova. 
PMlk 'Ibcmit auailr uf the 

, II -* Mr. II. W4r«fe urn mdior 

■ttrrtiH iwiMil Um ruaen InbvU «if 
frucTuI *>|l«n- ftmv tk nMrj of otl* 

,m, "t AMp»pnloinfenB«di 
■n •■ It iKtgr coaetm, tint T 
\ A lottv fuvntll 10 die wv 

Dinert by M^rliniiK Scribleni*. 
3?. "I n^ibo- Mr. Hryutoaot 
fm* UvtHJf tktL W did di^(« tlh* 
I irf Priac* Artbttf. GeCiAvf flld 
Mi b< VMAiJ aol mwMt vKb, Wnf 
A#fir iHH htmMir Ho««**r, h* 
■tt* ■ mtvXaX fM to t^ Trojan korw {or 

r iLt pnvtrv of pxoaf i ft«f tlmll 

ttj «nn %i*n, rmiit 1 
Mr f* fTM^f^ ■ Bfiy 

rr<*HJ*« 4— f . v4-r4 4 w m «w^- r*. 

upDa i«»pBtfb«s in ^ iMi«t, ^oa parUk4> 

tm§ititmrt- If ■) ftrct^^ ^ i* 

khw«il >k*t fcnml sa la ■ ' < . I 

M*f lW« ptiutSi^ mlMie it to t^^imrm of 
ti* Hrffotc r.iftair to tM folftntnl Dr. 

(^nkflMi, of ihA \>UlpliL I Hff»cr ■«!»«« 
Id br 4 fitoiintT V A Ae wlkti: ir UrfVa 
■bo oftiMalT c^HN rrfjvli twfvitutfi* 
Ijkc nine; bit tfcew«n «oib« fihot*4tr* 
ftlaad aaJ kn&v tkdr nc&of. Il 1 ■» 
■■lol *bf> ibrj as*. 1 rr|^'j* '^c 

-' Pm*fit r|iui4 »q»u« kiKcvil 

Jipittr, ut «nltfw emit ad trriw fkns, 

A»Hftc on the afeuMJI Trojn uufv, 

tuo4«tn ova. ■■■iita « ^» J*d*w ca. 


HmMC K|HitJc tfttlic lUr. Itkli^rd M**uoik D.D, itr (from ll>- Nrtt« » 

lUi-Litliifd, tiQOtnc Eivtithawo, ibauin 
ofihrt M*A*f i%t mrnnjuf i»f Ih< •bore 
vcr*r uf I'M llam«n ^Mvi>t. my viMl**^ 
nroApts m* to li*p* h« ■•J wplr- ■'''> 
*omt ntatth, x*t IW AUthur of lbl> EpU- 
• lie v^fca Mocf rttor oac tmr brother 

P. *i. *' On ino.t«Ti hb thm I ht**. 
la cnjr ilfrvt, in— pl^J. In tbb hvnn 
mai— ft< oT ■» tfv cwtf *4jrerJ v>th (he 
iov^r of B;tti*L Cc^iio. lo ir<«4 the to. 
lltarr pt'li, fttqutf mmi cittn tloBMrd 

4 Mtmt hiitalcto; TvaOfr b«i IooK 
ijritiowlj am B« I 4ii>l tbaoU 

».*«...«*.. We nn«)d ftifiir, tWfrfw*, lU* irokoowti critic i« Iwbavi' w.iU 
»oiv dec»«f. ttodnabiMk. ^nd c«4o»f §vt ih« fwmr, ti hr bor« »o *c*i w.tb ti«i 
mUas0 fnm in ii»p#nbil puUI*? mhirh h- w^-m* v^ry M>'»itoo> to o-tH'L In tfte 
itM«ti«if*. «r«b*llo«lroWn«tMtth« Iw** t*W»ft ihi4 *f»iUti^»» e*.no-ff ho. a. 
biC< **<l <et«io*i Mio^off* nMj "H '•** I" tlicif d«nrfldp«rpw**. ^Iir'* "b-™r» I ^ 
ntreuiUDn. iiOlied hy rwiiiy uil Mir-«o»^t anminioH hf TC"*p*f -^o i jud^ini:!.:. 
^«i«rUduo|itfpfnvi'r *(j>>jtfM«- If *!! "^nj H»d**d, Ihfrfforc. lo »fr>lor ibro-t lor 

■a fclni, (h*4 i-itb tU Li ficlntiniifr :*> the »itiU vit itciltfii. *nd cunou f<rl r» 
b4<2b kc ii ■*» r'n4 t*r k' ■• liut « <'»*fl2 "' #»''»*' ?<» I r«Tvhr« : r»ol wbni (trty 
tiut rr4-i -h-;«« k« hi. ho^rvTMd lAk«< U«\ hi^ r.tthfn, h« mil rtiVAte a Fi4hra 
[if ; UiiA hi4 t:r^UtU ^.i proac fUn «Md/' A:C. 


r** Attikvr ofTnr pMmiit 9/ LHmtttirf. 



BqI o/Ur •■, la Dr. Ja^omii'* ««n vnnla, 
• J diwuM i« Kiik fr1|UtiMi|DUlkj r «Ml 

MuoD, 1^1 *pi]r jvflnt muliirr ttarr 
Nnmrd Co »Jfi(tiI ibc loj of irotMly np. 

"— ' T»l»* rw ludicra, v me 
hliB* DdgaU ■Bitmiin, Jo«4la rrdiclt 
ciplaivm.' " 

9. '' U U »am«lbbK >b[u1flr lUl 
%f\liitm liTKiitr nnil Ai< irfM^m 
ubfft, tt^OvU Mtc Altnetfd tliP no. 
tiot <f prrhape iho f nt pmv «rilrr icud 
lb# Ant )vi«t fifiBcacrpt Mr. OnjJ of 
Ikix i'*iiTiiry, iiha up hotli roraiwaM I* 
tto|«rittra]]1? dflrVnrH, nct«tf1tftw(liii|f 
It* iftfiuiout Hit^vti^Sn fii nkoJcm «■- 
min^n, or ropioKvnl), vho, » Pofr>*r*f 
' hnov an auihon bf Uuilr tijlt.' '' 

tb. *' Ai iht trbmorrKl aDthorofAe 
l|«rf^ Rpiiil^ tu Str VnilUiQ Chambcvi, 

Boarl of Work-, itc, in ihe lliroic l\rtU 
vript to Ibe fubllc, (vhldli, 
'To (mtncM mUI too near* 

l^u UtOfigfil jiropn ttet flic AfipflUliOD 
MiKfrrt^or ifcould iluiil fot tht iiiblirn of 
lii> r«l oainr, U U here riven b^m. WliM- 
rrrr r4or br, I voald adldrai Um u Jn- 
iiJQ«H in the verdi of tbr ftrflt Mtzric 

' Silte Gctnllcep «o tu 

SiUfiii". quci/iinrjiir ■! ja de mif abt» rame 
CUft, ri*|rrcliu|>atfiB4lr«oniyon&tt/ 

r. iL '**wi)t* fjuhioo'* nodor 

vmUi lovig llckfl «o«+/- AltvJihc to 
the tbipsl pocn »liikd fW ll'rra/l ^ 

Dfiui INiclift, thni^h rrvy «i» knows 
Ibjil the Daw ra eo tKkes «p vtth bte 
««a w NiuYdT Co odmlc of iiiy rif »by, 
U h bfra iaibmed thai SfetUwi utd 

tb4 muImt of Anli*tftlMi *rt^l «iili 
tqUkl jkRipeirlj— the one IB Ci<iiif Idf 
titoie Iff ihu ptttiUr, lb* ot^rr lit with 
huMmi(il (rvuL thr»r^w^li«of liU llu«r 
uTiieh. tbAuuti thrf oviy nMliAV«rto<ivol 
D/fiirAfif Aaiiir, ^Rt he«r 1^ tCronv i»« 
prci» W rvkt ■eBliK. l^nm vrKirn Ul« 
tbifB I wn obUf^'d Ui muke b i*rj •*■• 
qofirne/tnultioiito m]ro4r*nJ mrbrro.'* 
P. :jA. *' la ro* rtmoic flihutiaii fnm 

tbf irarfdi I luMi* M cmltntf d t4 h« «u>- 

titiffd vicK talbfmttkift from lAo bw boa&« 
in m; tXtdy, aad th« coarenMloa of • 
lr4ni^4| irimnd who ^iwitlo now tA^thU' 
lU mlomtf^ au thai l£cn) WM In tli« p«** 
icutcui of thi* geiitlnnia (Dr. P— f — j) 
a i&rt of flmn ot red roll ralUlfif to 
KobUtf. or CliHtlfrUin. Warton, I Ibink, 
tmjn yrMfip (t'ul I vmn tufdij cndlt htu 
oA fhi tnbJ^oOi ho^cT^. i|«i^uil vrit 
labor, alboA lu ilvrt f«rha(o it mij fco 

•f llif DtlUlD of ■ dIpokUoo. which 
chui^n iu colour acconUofi lo Ut o«li 
convnaUboe* utdWaiee fAf ■niif wipimt 

' Itik m'intt^ J^U^C DM. 
Gforge Atnuod, M.A. ■■« revroanM 

totD^p«a«oft uTRoaianonin lAdaai to 
the CBlvrrsUr, the dTblgvvM of «)«M 
|«bllo«U|ihio ^niiu pvo «|plai-lour lA oar 
iiutltut^oo, pcrbapa almovi itp^ri&c ud 
«ho»in the rufrewiTe pbrm oftitofitai 

P. JJ, " rfir |»H*mt d**TV l»M*<J 
a^d ivortbr Utariop ot Loitdon (La«to), 
ftcd 1b« ibfT-nu'^n* mid fii^niplarjr lUtkop 
of CbeM^. bolb iA <UITinM depva nti- 
oent for Ihcir praifkaetaMl k«mla(* a« 
■rU m fur »eon<iie«twhliM In iirof 
' Qude» tiae deect quoi •fdtm pi 

^ 1 ■ * It nraeh rrpairv mc 

To Ulh ofthMe sooJI Mm«Vv* " 


KplalolAry TrtAtitc, a>ldrv4i«<il to Ihe Rer. R. WoUO*. 

P. III. pt. l_-' U hia he«q a inttlor o/ 
tttj intemtinc ipMroUtitfB to om to oh' 
^vrrr 1I0 rerk^ fcntlemcn la wbom ttij 
VOTE hif bren BKnbed < io vhioh hai 
hna crrriiwd aiacli iufcavltj aiid ymU 

(»d-nBt«ra. I bavr, indeed, i w J of 
an«r«], tlnfcfc I M t)K raenUlx of 
OOK^miTDtl or nuoooibt, «hd kao* all 
Biiheea \j Ibek «tjrk, iarf jUeJ it oa a 
TL^omd Jfr. IfmaeJ',* btr Felkr* of 

* In Mlla«% tfftera to rr^bt^mrj, Dr. Stnt^tK yflmtlmtttt, IWW. 4lo, 
lLet>iM ' " - r^toaffe*: 

P, J nrjcn JkUnlrfm*. DoMirritff tflChaP. orUl#ratarv (e^Unet fW. 

-'"1 ' -^ - 'ihtv'j, M, tn a pmLliut tf^ntfbrw hu atttoium pariuittf fbr f*^ 

.rati rirrgr- '"^ **> "uf^**! <■& lialtvd of tbcm. V. f«n. pwi to> 


•\f. vhfti iTlbr^ the ft>rtrv*« II1> 
^uantvB tk4 ffm6rttmt thU^ 





KM Mr. Kc^rft. I awi ht, h* 
M Fllll— tit to »« W MMA^ 

IfH-pMB alaikit ttow^ Cwrfi Mi ml 

to btwi'> ti Om 

Piff r -MA w«iM nMiify i> >pi til 

«•*• Dfw Iha hMffa «f IHT ch««« ami, 
ta «i4«U hb vBoBviBMi ulftHt*, wil ta 
iW Mnb of Cornnlk'- ?«(, 

1 Lave m4 *pnln Uuu falsUj «f Intn 
>Wi* W ail £t>tmmm, fKa» 4 fuvil 
UnVuk fruMcf rlftn fi^ IW |i|«od <>/ kit 
«]acatiH«, tjiovfh it vwdil W »nlicr 
i**n*li nr>r HRMtflHPnl am mf, tv ifiMk 
■Idi rrttTTflec *# 
'1VjHiluLuii»L-n, Ui«aiaitit«c1o*en 

Tbff* rftU^ll Scitawr «tSl *dim 
ncr Umn-* k^jitaUf.' 
^^^T m M wt nil tlmtt wWm it Mtf con- 
^^Kn. iImi t iJ^ntf iihpfr - ml thJH i« All 

^^BvJnforVH^Il 1^1} <iff «UL| hAtc fuq. 

^^Bl^k mc 1 tiiiT m EutUIiu vIibI' 

rm I Nlsftt «fll nricr tm&ble. 

II4M« vvkMoixiU^cvntenit MM«r«»,&c, 

R ■«. — *' Aa M MjwU. I Ml ft* lauicvr 

M^BairWuA«rf*ti* ..-ikuicvbU, 

W «>■ not stfJi t« ' ' ihn. 

fr«, «lh^ «lf iK*Wi* tt^tumljn akh 
«o«e ^raliait af frvlinie. «Wm 1m is 

livUkdj (k» bhMfi*t Utmffru Ilu4 
raflid «tdilaliUbrr«i; Mki>« vhUc lu- 

M «mbi uicn «nm 

£it «««loi ■■w», [irt—ji|ft( obablcrc 

Qvrm n«« f«iiu vitiB, kcr fuUitan. m« 

MsnnBni nB|«v«t Onu/*,^ 

vW. tft tm howM lbM«ht of ro^iw 
gooi, fwe ap lo nseve ifce «Witk> «f 

g«r riMflt jvftlfc frvaa Uv tliplnify in 
wiith bt Mv fwrtw fiiv« vrr* vi>(li«- 
TOftrisf la euttikiDs llim, Ihml ttitj 
•Biglil lori il Hi W^. bn ■n4-j>|>ua«>l f'vr- 

4«aii ? ft aui. 1 mj. «U< *lfi»i« in ilnii- 
<vf tb«M irom tb* WtrrUUisor UliwiiMU 
flrirAtal >ni<ii^, Inim |iJ«*fUii« Um 
uafhittUI oena, llut <Dkii Jrutwrai*, «» 
llvfWT MuU «iA il, aoi ffulM ibmi 
■lib * frivdiT huid to tlk k«m of wbTU 
IMcrainn, whMT he wiihc<1 tiwj thuulil 

bch SiKh WTr« Ua iKrtltr* vLkil. I rvtiU 
nat witlutiftJ, or L ncfirr wooUl ht^v «»- 
CtfcJin B9 IfilivM * rrtmrdk* (trlli nvi 4 
hQ|i« of |««£l w of ulrtuurp. uiil vttli 
liiilc pmipecl eico or bong rwl. 

1 r "WU name li ku « xrret at lAlaKbarter. Iku la mori other pfabvc*. Tb« 

' ' ' -^rf M hli cbmcL^r hif^ r*pFV lir«n tr*cvi' An laiiaKiahIa 

iftj klnil. nn UBvoitinl afipli^mnn I* Mudr. « natwmnty, 

tij vni^' in (ivrrpavtrtof Biirnrj asJ cneri^ of lan^i^t. Afifoinpaiiteil 

ba>tra*4« <Jrfitkfrij ^r jublntul, l!ir niual wliiinil(*1 r*prtr4p4«tr?<i llir n>»t 

~\pfnw|i«i, a (jonoiUeaa uWrtr *>/ SaiirCp ■ ilii<iiftine iwUniry. partlnilartr 

taa of (Irnh, n lnodu zeaJ for the nforviltiim of lUI hU nctgtbom. aud a 

L *iinnth In tl<faioa of vo4«*lv, by ttftlKDc nii UntwIiMi r>4rv b#r <<lir^La «rt(b 

la Ibr fln*rrMtlornaor Ebui lv>iUii^t[Uri, ba^ bfcn muaHnl ibc f^rvjmlifro 

Iftfunt ivftaJfi fk^^1i«| ^^har^ftcn. ud lfe« >m1in>nit« vi|ina».l in tbt wry 

I Unn«L. tn^tli. >bfr -^f tf'udin^ i^l*. *«il bttntril* qiudnmidti BSid 

tfarfc*. Ibal fere (< . , ii,c af»rr-ii-i mtc». ft U ftlao hMiVtt Ibat ll^a iicnoil 

rflvM to bio fe^ ;i.i..»:. .,..ud uf *tiA«-tcdl puMlul iupr)l lo >>BTr fntiifoHd tbo 
!wa, wkirb bire boo pUtuAMlrcallBd i'rpt la k^'v tAt rrritt mii^, toMi«»f wbic^ 
tcifbaUjr addol bi»«eVp"^Tbr pta«i>a bciv altudrd (o i4 Tbuai«< llrniiWl, Kiu«'a 
lLC*ftib. U.\, iTTTi M A„R*^. Lie. IU(h ITTUi U.U.i:*Hi Prtb, of tt'lari«»- 


trfi \c. TlkfiOCbK. TtioQias Jamti Mathiia* Trin. <'<Al- Camb. M.\. 1777- 

* " I inr<aik t Hi«ik m yr*>^, \m ^Ufb l)f, W^ vlU tin tV vrhuU fnr ■ bn^l dtrpUf 
U ■«ri*4iB ■v/ri'»rt*.-» olian>(4fn. hjuJ lluii 1 mllf ibi" Uj*.* I>* W fc,* vvft. I 
baffi iiJjii>. !it.^!- 'I- ' tb. or l)r K. W, t /'rf?* V' **y *■■'" '^'"''•J •* J^S, 
hj Bttf imc r>-i II •■' t^i^iif— hm I WE>it'f my bow U br^iit tiifliM It tu 

my. fend I ntlt t. ■ . ' i^vsh^ Irui-, Ibv^ m» Wt- TlttoWld |iriifimjiiUy o^itirt, 

* non« boc iImH cu Iw Ita panllcl' " 


Thf /tufh^rr of The P-rw/w of /-ifrrirfiirr. 

AXXfl tfo* rav fir* ftarv^tf av^r^^t^nm 

hiKtiroi cmin«niT ^t tarwA power i bo 
■ nil J ihF tbfc'ti ite r^slon ri*i»»il •bfint 
trtaLt>kd ft* he tent it ''»'<b; it »« the 

rft^ttf^ Aiyve nlrrniij miiTefr-l im the mut : 

thCD fell ioifrtufd tod transfixed tl Mior : 

-^— Lmi'U'^" ^'^ nubibui Artit trundo 

Rill if «M nM. Uip llftmr &f Hh porieat 
h« wflB ft'K Oinr'ififi 1*"^ '\^ii< ■'T < •"I; 

kHFT orh il»n r^iMflJ fllons; Ibr foW 
sliruDk at bt* ■■fliini'! apj'rc(*ch. <ro h« 

u> with my «*nk fffort*; «bal hw l!»* 
nnrnl wmld lo dii with wP end ilicm ? I 
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ahootd tr>o»fn » (bceloRir n«l pcrclioil 
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tvvDDd, thoiicb tbcy knew not ifbence 11 
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not »b"t •hoUld b*i»d*r iiir fr&n ^pcalMi^ 
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■tf, I W4 vUll bultfonrf fcn M) hnu<H 

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tint, 1 Itiow »t it <b* pfjpcrty of llw 
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tbcy npHb<f Aa Dorr«i pioowd fro»BrtU 
tAdily. but ffom tb«l ^*"=''*'*l"^™?^ 
honf«1 Ihouffh unknfMin rrt>uT«toBi wtbe» 
t« iln-Uml by IWitu* to br ih* iMt le- 
iSrmUyof tioWc mmdt. But I ■» HO* 
telfiih. I k*tc KOI Ibe diBt*o«tlOtt of 
ibc Turk ; 1 *.**i "« b*boTii many ■ •*•» 
of K*ftit», *boBi J miglii rtyl* *n '^" ^0- 
^lUf c of tb# Renua ontor, 
■ SvL-lum rt cow»»Un> gloriod l*b«*ii.' 
A mjin bfl* »it*l*^ 1» ftir. *hi>, kk* in«i 
U c<PQi?ntid «ilh bii *waW yr^mtnt. 
*bo lotni 11 "juirl inor.rl 'if Ui-i Wlt*B 

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IbAT htrnicn may »boiTtr down Ita miUn 

iipuu iboir li*-i-J* wl»iol'*r*»blti( lot ih"»i- 

cvcj- our *MOlDplJ*b«WRt". wbclber ibe 
b*hd «f N.I1II* bulb libeiaUy imparted 
b«r choicer gifit, or Ibe Iwip of tK^f 
BnligUtciKd iLc pngra w "titntlftic l«t* 
fiiiJ *JMiiA^iWiA*jp*niof*BdcmlMffCH 
Hl^rtbsr Ambllion bmh imd Ur p«Ti«C* 
t»«ik.iihd»i*»d ua.Tbufln-fcihe.t* Uw 

hiti>eKt pmoaola of cnvinl cMftc^. •* 
»lumd o«r rt»iror« wilb Ue pitdrtan 

|f»«i]r< of n J!/o/^n4 or • Mij/^f: *b«l- 

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ffbnttbv cold l»»»* o' 'i^' i» CTfp4»g 
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toiijL^ ci*rray, •»">! i» il»^ moiiH«* t* rtM 
aitd wbscuniy ill any awti'j life ftrv us 
HOI.-, bobo^ld uk< bcH 1W MBeiMn 
nfTciA iiol iW cnrr«»l «* bi* lae^OM* 
and Iri* l»i» l<ii»p «*lb Wlowl aa^Mj. 
IbM Cbf flJUDe of (ofituji wai not da^ bm 
lft,#,H«-l. • • • iNcftta 
■itbM waar*'*! «f<^f'»o»**l'-<l*^'r' 
VIC tbaaa l>P firirO uj> by tl^t fr« |>la 
vfckk oo« iwUiiitd ?li^ ptnioii of lb« 

b(d.i wiib 4 '*bii M -" x^-d 

tbr aiif 'd/f j| ttirrniui ■ul-j.-.i!*.*"* af**! 
c»4<avuiir lo Uii|lh«n Uu Aaia of ««r 
c»b(en«« bk otWr UtfMi ud U utkvr fv* 


7%t AM^tr (tfnt Pwmiis cf tMffMmr. 


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urabl not glBTT is llv tfririt ufaioh liu 

Jb>U*<t woritt Itlcn tbn^. Bat. >rli>tnv« 
W nj ilnititj. I will Ulnk (v mj^rlft 
end Mtier m^ wnlliaentt ultb tbo ka^r- 
aotiiu frrtitidn of ■ RfntlCEnm : bul I aill 
te«r neither to ' Bi«ii)p« in nunlimt alfi- 
ivUt. Dot Icf cin«-le|^cij Tiinplart* *1ii> 

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BO ftnff, nor rr^in nf/ Bui wWa 1 

tf lemrt ia tx« to Ui*c, it vluill be «f Ufi 
tcftcnbl* Lovthi aad the •c4«iife-»c«lie4 
BftVAHT; AnJ vhcn I «l«h (o oMVtn- 
plite thtf cxpADiliig bIcisaMiM of nnliwtuil 

coDio*, I ^tio«|il turn «}tli r«ptun in 
WiLUAW Jovrs* im^l r3Mi»ii«fe At- 
woi>0;t ^ui ilie »tT«r oF Invnry ftiitj 
fkrt^ ihall k«4«r Awoc wilh abjr Imcoik 

of Btne I for 1 am ft pcr>on not to bv in* 
UmLdftUtl by tl'C inroitt Af Ih* i^ftl, uf 
|irOr<ok#<l by (.Iia nAjLTrmpI oC ■rlinl U 

nlfed the irorld : but I «iU MdtT iUud 
fDtlh* ind ft4irx)>4 V5«<lf In tii^ mrn 
wbi> can jiilie* *n^ unilflr?iUn<l wbit 1 
uf. I can BO loucr bcir Hltb p^timce 
iho v«ffrvntrr7 of btenij impo^LUoQ* i^ 
ihe mock di(Qit7 H^mnnBM flbftncanTi— 


V. U,p,8. 

Nor Ikcra o'crlook, wltb mpcrofJioni frow&i 
m* liumble tribute of » burtl tiokaunn ; 
Fbr iUob Ih4 Irmpfr of rhctr lupletf lib>n, 
Pinla onljr <niM thrir tJflfd nitli flidr rbjQVt, 
Procd «f Mm« little f^mc, vhAlc'cr )t br, 
K-Dlfhti or Kiqmrf, A^M** nr LL.IJ. 
ftttA With lii» 4^>o^1r7'1 »ri>nc», wlifn JawiKhurTd 
Bii |«lriot tbuittlffr o'tr « counter i«i.tr1it. 
Wttta wicb eai^li nmorr. wnftloii'il [oiitioo lord, 
nv Orafloa irtiubleJ it UU fiiCftl boopd : 
A Romm oink*il tbe morv lh*D Roman tmio, 
B«t Dnper^ w<1l-nc&nt hsp^Iotc w*j vkiQ' 
Uwrrg^ bad* Sit VElllam'* ; dnthkv nmntt 
Stud «j« fccotdod fa the ralli of fami?. 

* ** fi[>Sribi Ar« iiol ftD?!^ t01icli«d, 
But lo Alio latuta." 

Tbi« isfliuiwui %tiA 0|[rrvalft1p man It to «re11 Vnown ti Ibi* vofld. iIiaI IiLi rbirnc- 
ftr aic4i iko llktiitniliou from mjr pra> HJ'fEAnrf^ Inmiiif > and |:ciiiai art uuLEcd In 
aM kli nrloiif wvrkt. ||« u olmutl tliu tritij iiiiHlcr& vhu li(u< Irrainl EBit^m luU- 
JBrt* with pfopriffl.* ; but, tt it lo br reiUfiDbarcil, hff fjjw iiunsiilprrd Ibcm tntrely u 
UBttm of tmuwuitrit, «Dd not i> of Hiioui imporUncr, \u ^h\cUi oanlUllj join with 
bim. I^Tcr^ ftftdcrof Uitt aklmirr* hii CnnunvnUrlfe oo Afi«ttD PuMi'j. Lei wbicbj 
tfrUM bb ofTi words, atr ilitpZ.ii<d, " Kt cruilUJ nuctori* unguium judicium, turn Li> 
tlni «mai>Qia T»uiUi, n nitor/' Com, c- I, p» '£^ 

t Tht« i« IW foutvf man of irboH «bllltt«« I h^io Bnad^ lorh frtf|KiiE lod btinour- 
■bW in«btion; («m mj Hcfok E|>i*(l« lo Or. W., r. Itili with th? nott, 4ail mj 
ll<nKc Addm«, p. :i of tho Advrrlixr.'mrnl)- Thin Ulbf |tiiiai, ^* fitLkoriocl l«iie- 
kni lb liifif (t c1ofininui>>irrrndu44'UrniutGm/^— (iaoAOK Atwood, M-A. I vrinh 
it w«r« in tuf pow«r to Lifl bim ub Id ligbCi or (o recommend Aim (o the nolic? of 
fjlwr, vtiowe tftitf it l« ta temrcik tot iMibvfiiciMTrd mfni. [u liii |>i")|>Fiity bn ibiili 
sc**f br«r of nr i ipi Ihc motHrmi of uhtnifT, iIhiiitI' J keo" lUirh 4 min in of cou- 
««^tflc« 1 if 9*f iif, ir« «ld// Akt»iP jomff A^ap. Ai <o bii Tuioiu AlUioiuenU, in 
Ibc mot* idAog 4<t'wn4BDUt of Uan^ns, "ULh io l/into w4ra nforrt, ii^uiift tLrlu- 
l<m fborit" 

" Met! Newioo'fl wif boida from bii ilitr anbliar. 
Aod tkw «ith mptic heu hix jffvoai^i hour nf prime-" 

I The tmmorlal tuithir of Tbv Hc«Tfio Gpitlle lo Sit WiLU«m Chuabtn. Knii-ht, 
CWptnUctf of lli« Hn^rwtj^ Hovil of Worbv« Ac- I'bc H«ro4e PsatMrlpt l« Ibg 


■^^ ** lo crnlBOi itill loo ae«r, 

hrb«i« fd vitiratca on tU ^rrtrrif^'t nr," 

134 TA* Atilhor */ Tit Purm'U t^J IMtf^mt. tf eb. 

Fof Urn, ht lau, Vv»ai^D« lod Mft L*— Uoox 
Potir'd the fall (iac of oicmilc «^ 

Gflirr unngtU 10 vll. ftod IbhUiai powsf to «ord«. 

VfC think oat btT«, w(U Eirtliatri rapt 

I *U tMT vdcli hoiifdt mutiiDr froin hu p*fft. 

Whtii Utc the wot-bcpJO^ nifUonk paaam'i, 

And lav her Kovcin* qwctly morn'd, 

Of all hrr lont roM fiwnilaii alodo, 

Hr %^v\.\- 1 Ni£iOD'« lavUnn ia Ua own, 

lluriu Ilie |*utUG ttblct oh hb bc«»c^ 

Stoou forth, ct>nfcii*d. aa<i il^iflftd (lie tcnc ; 

But lifllktcr thvinei a Ibhter cue denand, 

Nor ■oWi »«1i <iihjo(tt inr a ArOth'd hiui^l. 
Vin Fnbioo'K oiylUjr wr*ntli j"»nj; TtJtcU frirrc, 
And lied nith lj|<ut«.r'i l>ciib fof Tucluf'i Wvb« 
Xlimi^h kcofk the jenv. Bml mii»iHil tbc \^'fv. 
He fnr'd E ' dniJrt^oM ' bu ruture giraiBr. 
>1{|t Iho' iicf fiirtunc j^UU. no £«^oLu» Aivt, 
Nor BrinH]Dj*b sit. tiur Urr|fur'» mius uiv|ilfc^ 
Tbo' nor tHo FoUi nor gft^J DmiLvwld:** 4Uc 
Guldo nif Lone conn* j <pjLikiiii|f frum vbi \ 
Tlio' rouad iv^ Rtchvd'* lvm|j]cij lamhtait |ite)r 
No bnmi ftvm firilHia"! Ktii|, nor nch Calhuj \ 
Yet wQI I huni U17 oLhikiiu Lu |irud4iiiw* >|>*Ar. 

Anddut itucTt ujy ttiag-acglccttd ligM. 

Hcsvvitt : f«n I vifw, iiMiAiiLiil, ftt tii|iinv, 

K*rn undFjr PlHi:|i)r+ ntHil Tu lifilgM* ditin*. 

8*/, iiloiU S^f WiU^a»j'« tardi vdl-brunicd bbcbbwC. 

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lilt iludicil poR>p of loru Had UMntsbjit, 

Rur, Mou, Add itodxftU Lh« ChriitU« Whitf, 

TliD iS^lciu HiU AbuBG ftfiUi ia UUurcbaiV W, 

Tb(^ Troiciu K'd/4Dr» »h«IL Uloinino idnc 

ilnv ituxll I Irtfy thM, iirii^d u thou a/t. 

^liiv' lU tltr «in«Tm£i of ifay hvaJ iaJ huirt^ 

Huw kIjeUL 1 ftlflo thr<t in thii lit{prd H|£rr 

Cbriubi, Arahdnc^Mi, or I^QlWioir u^.' 

Thfv tirv, ftir, MUh, Ehjr mifiittvt*. olvyn 

Ami own nlacUnt ihf nrrh.di-'miG »««jt 

Tiirii' Cburdi» Ihru' Htitc, tu llak^iin alalia fiviVf 

Tliou (uan'vt ' )fer|>c(od drcb Bmillfom,* 

Th tbiu in Burkt'i nMiulM p^fir, «* And 

Tba iMiiih SoT«nig<L «hnin| UIIb tb« -l&i^" Ac. 

'■ Alivnd, vrv jp(t uiQ tnl«, DlscraUm'i roln. 
That <IiM|«l lirvl yvot chUK. ba lUtl foiur chvin i 
Thtfa frtim fMf h^b-nUtJ ihmtL* <»ond< ttti 
Tu ]fciiiuiicc iB^ Ulb "iUt Mimnl P^, 
TTie *uie to £dlM«*rf )c«t«. vho knowi Ihc fro«a4| 
Lni deed« Ukt jinw. Fuio** poattfn tramp thoiiUfoniA, 

bM UM<«hl prapot Ui>i ilie upptllatirr ol M«ccn|Dr ihould tu»d for Ihv tiab«« of 
bte Mill nuM), il !■ herr ciicn Id 1i*ni. ir4«fA*<' fW A*> I vvuU nddrrm hlBi, or 
JbbIui, iu the «orda of tlw gnat Mtiric IWI — 

■' Stlvo OtAuUcf . IM (a 

^Uiau, ^■Ofiinaq<o «ila do louivliM nnu 

Gvif , ct tp^B> p*tti« JMctmfli ofmi." — Jot. Sat. If, tfU, 

W> ^ mil kno* wWlliH Ur. MalUiA. «| 4h* liinr Uii n»|tf *h wrillu^ •» •■■» 
(fciClhv " Hcr*«e KpUUe" «u liic |T#4KtJon of \^ tirim Xlavio, *iil that ILoiiM 
Wolpok vu III IW Dtcrvl, 

• An«lii« toTUUiri «ieii« pwii-Uffi odM '' AftUcffation/' 

The fWirf-t ef vflkrW'd Amilnnff tunrrf , 

Ho* ra<ii on* |4m pvnaci, one coiKcinl iny. 

And Oljai itill in ^cd Pka^trft ipnki. 

Hut (^loij-ltf-d atpm»,' » iti v«U «stn»4*d font, 

Wrip( up in Roir)rf nnil hifl ml mrtonl; 

Nor Gecrgt. nor North, uor Foi> hU MNi ff^i^i 

Bui P — r— j'l roll ind \it*«noft't rIohj pa^ i 

While Atvood iant tlu ivkiloxnilile vir, 

HIB tpcar • «<M l>Mm, Mid Ut *Milil n ■ur.*' *«. 

" If itittm liha tliCfft ahonM itrfC yoa to ciploro 
The wiTfl \hm hou> ap«n tlu worldV iJf h »harc, 
Tke«d 4«nRvm«a ptih* « ^<'oiKT iroU befor*, 
RcAert Iwv oft hurmnltj Ilju (Jbroim 
The •avw-vlific taiplvr a'at tkc hurt's bbwb sown. 
ShMid *r« klnil ferlatm to the ivpi^fiinl piliJ, 
Awl crant chM erodrv wiieli jcnt bum to friril ( 
Sbowd roB HhUm* In thr ?r«I»liv iJkair 
Fmet in ridUbtoirD [rndf wh^c onco jau wtrvt 
RHtot <o iicl pm L(M>tb' i or l'on«at^ pirt. 
And Afi th« fart iV«Bl of on hnne-tc kfirl 
WUh Ihtfni, is lOA-bricht ?hu4c<<T» rf«:onl, 

VctcondoKfind Ihl4 hmnbUnf tnrtk to know. 

And biad it higlh upon ronr HAt»d broir^ 

The tHpriTfT Mlh smbriJoit'fl aont |iir«p4r«i 

Mftj ic^d to L0vtH-lh, nr llie &*^ knawi «Ttfrc.*'* 

A HfToi^' A[l(ln>M iii Prme, to Kct. H. WaUmi, Au^. 


P. I. '( T tmrnat agslB null* liannnrthl* 

taeatin vf ibv iab« of 0**rv« Aimod, 

■ 8i ^Id ■•«■ tftrodna Mtoinl, 
HmQi <i« uaijwm mcattui itiuvt <iimit 


" FhUONptif Ikvholda bill). ki il *«i«, 
dabUni M Molmin. bt* tbr dnilj bcip^ 
if tMpcfW Homt ill lh« folded ibiilc-i of 
Bf itini ^ vidkinbo« aeil viffwitij— «h« 
«ju bim to bcf uflliUWtf, ^ Minimsad« 

' To OMdi»« tbs pf^rt 

Of that vt€fful MhjcMt. Ui«t wcigh'd 
Tb« »orid*i foaixUttont^* 
Cba bU* hiA torrw ike «i>l« v««tv1 of 
iU ttait*r»« ; ih4 letdi hii Idghl; fitoomi 
■IC|ii to ibie mnudi mdrnnni ci vcrMtLl^ 
t«niyi[iim> tithnrtc bim lo i^ifer witk con- 
A4eQ«, dflivft^c Ldio bi« Emad the 
^Mn Mift, tDdfOlin cOfMHMv LuL 1 
Mfmk toUm, wbQ onpJf to tcu. 
' ^ — Pl*od 
T«fet far ftUenUn non Ibani C««artt 

TV wv* kp n^lltAtai miUC b« |)n)»< 

fulfil in honffltnlif* Itfinrv, tv W far tht 
purged and rtpourodt v"- ft r«qairei 
tbAt mIa luTratl^Oon. 'nhtrtn tllriU 

poven commmd the irovLd i ir ia » 

'MagiwineBtiaciinia, noou ooUct pArud* 

' ^i'liBl llWnl hvMTi, » hat iud^hf •yr, 
Tl)v HiiHiir unAc^nf ihali Itntirj. &r.* 

Thii inboto lo nai |ooiiu raniM ftam 
a hnivi ho n«t«r cut »iu)nt Cimlup li. or 
oQita lo iMt. iu|iorior to Tanitf i u kaowi 
kft ovn worth, It rait* inilleiit <«ntc]ODi< 

♦I'lfijt o;vitf ^Hutrnv tir*j3 jSifTToin n- 

1 make iLo 4|io1agf (br njjr aui^if^A/, 
«i^pfMfj4f«/f^ i|(lotalloBt I be vbo fi*i.<]ji 
tiuF lL«ir forcf , vtu not mkde tn friid a 
note like ikli." 

r. -I- '■ I Imitc been lold kIio tlut 
tkere tn aonu t<iUf9 prifi», and pon* 
mnu. «AaU»tft ipadoua •eaior-fkUow* la 
Cudbridft ud Oafordi nnio of Ohen 
«tfecl to boo* iiM' hj ntj ttflo, &nd Mm* 
affirm nf lo b« an aiadeaiic. * * « fiut 
M li> fkc f|vll BDiKniD^ vrcv, and iriil 4f 

• ^ of Lkrr-tVR, It. 600. 

'■ Wilde (i/tntA hjbU >|ui nwd lb« Mce »o namoj 
lI«rk)Tcd lipii »a Ihc tiftuLaof Cam.* 

Sec tkoBtto. <-|ftlUiJdUiaBajneortbcdli(iniulai4«,"— Robfrt Qlrnn. Aie. D. 

4«,*d Tth, ' *^ 

t Taforali \ect9t nalk] fcneit urc. Fen. 


Ue Wi>/4or '/ Tht PursuSs c/ LUtfuthrt, 


b<KlT CTj, lift *he» ul* licfJ. nj Uoa 
my lay w4U hm il hu V>ate lild uCHji 
I*. J, " I am io thai ajf*"," «i"™ Uib 
Heroic Acl(frct» in Prwc. 

■* J liid Uldc cipP<^Utioa or bfisf 
oa1l«d ritth from th« vliHikcr tbtt »b. 

of itfucvlag Bftj (vrrrjponiicnoe with T"" 
■t » r*i\j i jicrioil, '>o", b4>"0*«, cmn- 

nAt JmaKin* tl*"* ^Vi ^ ^^"'^ * iiMkCp I 

tboiiM fnleriiid you with hack ■ lublLme 
tirvm of g^nuiun pucUj, «» U'v I «*r- 
bled to ihr ftrf<nofivi ljpr«, Y<3u viftf 
MMiblr irondet Ibtt I e*TV it u »T opi- 
'^tMba in Ibc cl»L»K note to my ll«roio 
EpAulc* tbit an »dd^tt 10 a sr«tc man 
in iirwr wu (vncraltT but * irlum lin- 
]>*lla una i«ln- Voo wiH ihi<rTf»r« ici Ibfl 
prcaenlnM, perceJiro LhAt ll^wtnod*- 
(1^ cf wtfLtioc fty r^y got»''-s"^^^ ^" 
7onr h0vH'< b|w>il ^ fv bt from ntf vach 
i4n(ui">fT ihovKbfi : mj bvnicu ilm ii 

iiblj (o "i*i tnj t*3y way lo ibc n^n 

at »ouf icnibibty, imH w pbj fttoiljr 
»bout your 'warm rftwi "mJ ruiray f'wom," 
Dot twntt lap J "IT, t have no d<><k;n <" mi* - 
lead you- I lunji Qtil no falori lifbi*: 1 
thaU i^ve you no * pof iiH pro EtomLoc 
•iaoB* I TkfTrr iiartnnk of Ibe idne PoU 
l<K«Uiird, &T jill«nded llur uine roll«c«- 
kri'lurrl *iLb yiMi. 1 IroHl of no alUHOt« 

mtli ibt DBniei of J«nyii<, ComborlinU. 
Hitlrj. orW— >r [Wnnvr]. lim but 
4 pUtn mini, to ^ ^Ir. I^tfb«'« word* tu 
Ibo lUft'jop of Wort«>f«r ; yn cun 1 bo- 
holii TOO m full |KM*c»Lon of vour ^mu 
itbiUtirft. Mud in ih^ |drauiide of your 
acMjominl povtr, without one Kc^rvl u- 
leni murmur u lli« mndiotn-ity dtbci of 
wir fortune or vty latrnU, \itiw€\er. tt 
Homprwiiu» <ur*rd Ihc boy'iLind byvhJob 

ho fdl ; AW yvu pvi|ia|4 inny dhair ■ frw 

Heroic AdclruM In I'ruoc. 

I*. dl> '* A* to Tny awn UUigtriinoiacy, 
iad * dnhnv ob*mirr,' if aay ' hin<ir«d 
ipiric 4boiild itM^ititt my h1«/ 1 nn ny 
vHti Jj* BruTon In bU ditontnc to t%e 
frtueh JLodnnT. ' Je n'^ a jtoMc, ni 
«auril#. oi<r«iil, nlricfaenn. lU titm. 
ni Atbm-. y? a'u ticK de »« cktur*, inm 
»e HiaDfnfti' bat I 'iU «*cik ia tloitikh 
icbo tujiuk^ t lavfi thi* Wt. tboogb 1 
W«r tnupd of wMy). ibM 1 may braa 
ifdrit tbM «UI acvrr ivnnnDr at Ifar A- 

jninjiioiiilMi U lJ»lr »d vimout, lb* 
W*!! Hafui ujd fniisf* and Hb<B tb« 
pund, ofln naable lo contaii; tuclf, Hn ka 
a kind «if plMniof torimrt </ o rrfffeu 

tfkfonMusniurfiiUlcuriotLtr, todUeoTcr 
yout- youDf Jub*, But kt ma t«U 3«u, 
my booktrUrr i»ft nan of hoftoor^ il «iUbo 
Tam 10 d]f|)ftLcb atiy^i«9pl««f Uit W4t* 
•onUa icbool to th« mrtmpi^tit. or vivn 
Uf biTfvl a bmtbpf profotor wlili tbc 
cbBTACl'^r' (if plcvlpuLmdAryi and vnbu- 
Mdor ntrncirdinary, in ordtr to M«aif 
Mr. Bcdtet; bu nHnWocr faju taagbt 
biui lo b'H&rc tlie fipjuugi of aff artful 
lODguc, atid th« innidkio* quutioni of 
a dvlliao «upibUt, llr lorca aa Opes, 
fr*Ak, eeneroB* Libaf loiir, hir daapjia* any 
fAiay, bo it UnA or io«d, ibat ota 

' Thro* ttrait, rouftb, aim, or rain, 

^Titb brad. hanttF^ wiup. or fpct pum« 
bia wny, 

And twiiOi or tinb, or nde, or rfwp, or 
"Let me lavure you bo «UI ipora cvc« 

an Uiyia-m from Illid wlLb |ndif[njil|<A, aa 

1 A'^ y\r. CadeU did. Il« -ill boUty M 
the ilotDjJi jvrit ronaalltti that Hcrvey la 
a dury wblt^li b« ibd <*prv boa^M maa 
Oirvi to ui aalbur. nh^i gcnenm^ ta- 
tnut« him afcUi bE« namfr- Mr. &fcl«t 
will rtfiminber Hnintrt't annrc; %it alll 

nct'cr, by pn>vouni?ing uine doabtfvl 

[>Jirw<. •> * \trll, vtll, wr knoa'— Of, > Va 
cnld sj>' if a« ttonld' — or. * If wo bfco to 
■peal, (ki ibuik, nit'it »r odgbt' — denote 
lhMbFkDi>«iou$bt "kf kno- Andif Oui«e- 
iQjan ihoog^bt ibat Hh«ioru toffcred no 
diAjfrttie from hi« riedkdtkn to Trypl>^ I 
and if HorMw h*i ciona*«falMl n I't tn- 
norul «ocfci tbe hBiaa of the Koaan 
Sitii. lunly tb« diffnliy of my bosMa 
addrfB* 4:an reofifc no dtminulKicibT io- 
aerlini tbeiala ibe nam« of Mr. Backet, 

tnbacion ot canbty hoDotin. 1 bare tte 
tr%t, ci^qntor, raptBromt Hlifity, videb 
mtare can beatow: partmti wbo rmrd 
na vUb tbe aulter^ eye of aJHtfog , 
an bonrti, iadepfntJrnt obifunty, abWb 
I aja proud to conwJar at llioir elA, and 
froia vbicb lav ' Kb<r Wi^ra * ba*« aol 
a* yrt ' Vaned lo iira;.' I httir abo a 
frv botOD frirada, ! ''<rti|baot 

Aailefaltbe^ by II. .1 vf for- 

laae, w iha gwd> ..;U. *.;.,b pedU 




la ITflO irbM llda trat rritttn, Hr htilUaa «*a 

llilrtyyran tf «p. 

1 842-1 

Tke jimiAvr o/ Tie PtrrtKUr ^ Littroiurt. 


CtvT <u oMfrf , I tUak H m boaovr to 
«rlnck|fMirithfnii|»d« to tbo'Gtrcr 

AT 411 pMd rift* t' Mi vUk 1 tkttvt it ia 
lay ponr, mU rry «M vUh CawItj, 

'* Ai t« ciih«r of mj f rotfaKlidb*. I «ui 
4ecdl«r« miah Uiiili> UUl iio |Mr1 uf Ihfn 
vtatrfTTi »«r Ibe cbvntttn of u,tthcn 
InhhftUUr EftUnvoTf* ktti9 the labjc^t, 
kav« pwoftwkJ frau ftoj ibdicvUj of nj 
hmtt, 1 bftTv «poned la a ftcU open to 
Ifti ifrOrUi [ birr •Urnii !• rwit ttio 

mIdid* of XiintP : la wit^ fturapUn 
vUd oud lo rtLer, «ibl an |>rrlMii> 
tmif * tl«Uu of virtvc** t vtU bow be- 
fore no K^'<^ tnujcv NfltHtriiBdncuu 
nUY vet vp i 1 kn« atrfrr and Hilt ilyrttft 
muc it bjT >■ JHTOar M> iiuJcnuinc <Uc 
touaJitioot of uij Cobifdi ih*! ie«a« 
ttUBiif to b»«tiide <til« ttkrrfiv ircrld ; ti> 
*Ww nm vli«l t)vrf nmlly an. wb3v 
they pvtCQilto brd il dtrr their nuaU: 
la cut Ibcm uf iJicr rii/ul fon^i: of pn<t«, 

]J Ewlr <I<[U Jof 44pvit>« fcbrv i 
tA ri^vr from h«ropA tkrir few iW n«w 
IfaM ik cd T f the nd|V, or, lo ubj>l dif 
UbiImUi las|pufe vt fihak^tnn la vucti 
ft<lMnft«r. " I «iU tijikifl hiB Eiioip. ud 
Uf lb dec »tiUl fw *nn Ihfi^ujtLi th« 

fi«B*R neck, *Dd hr hilQKlf tllott llWAk 

thnm^h, Mjiop Ihv*. or lo tbc tAiov 
■Irrl: ' If jou lAtnk 1 comf biUirr M» 
/**■. B mr« p^lf of m^ lit* ; no, t im an 
lati 'hbf, I cm ft mui, u o<ber men 
W ;' jiDil lliot liidrcd ho ihnW nautr hitt 
naou^ aod lell th« fpcoUlen pUtaly ht u 
Snug ihv Joitner.** 

TcQi^iu Ir mtl, »i fb'iopiKfi 
L> Upa f ia, « Ltonctftt ■)yvoa, Inf.cAO. 

thit b« 4snloJ tot or Mut, r think ihcoi 
j<H>i and I vUl oaw iu«q um thv tor^U 
or Dwiia (for the h^p oT rtCMUMOifiss 
lA mj ran|Mlncic jrootb this MfiMM, 
twttdnua <aA^ vlw anl to ovt Bhak- 
»P— ra kn «ude Ibe itronmt 4nnuhl of 
»cn and ihrir pvwkva. Qui iHttia on 
iha reeordt oftnoilm pottrf) 

VontciwcU a'aUKon 

L« boon* fmnpagsk. ebc fttoin fru- 

SoiUiriab«rp>ddacntJnipttm- lnf<Cp9«. 
" Innocvot Mnrinvnt. An4 ch« J^qpft* 

■ppUciLA»« of llu* ibaal peirprfij wa- 

pan intrutlcil Co nun. 1 mean rldieolci 
art th« bevt mtani oT oflaoiinx Ihia bold 
purp(H*[ «i<T 111' judc* I rvly vpon a» 
the moil lubltfaod, ImpaniaJ deddati, 
on almost Pvorj Bpodfa m mvrit. <r« tbo 
ntii of (ho acv. lahiun oahm baa vn- 
ligStonoit and »tudj ImcroTrd, Ift tida 
nptuAoB I aui not tiuj^ir ■ twg ftf tha 
»bb*iCtnvtiof thltfcntofy, orof nnj- othaT 
peritept. mnrunrith iDf^. I mun U'.Moin- 
bnt BEu) t{«)4-vti'u. T^e fonnrr tayn, 
* L« jciinoa gpni qu'on mifda d'ordj- 
u«lrc er^oiQitf cruari msiiTalt i^4^ nont 
]init-#lr« Iva mrtllrrun dun dfn niiici Jrta 
ithilOBupMqaCf el dam brtooonp d*aurroi, 
iribjiiiili Df font piJi JriatmmiK dc luimi- 
^rn ; p4r<T(|Uf l<im Irur <Uiit ofalcincnl 
noaa^du, lU n'oot d'uar« int^r^t, qu« 
oplni ^a bUn fhoiair/ TKa rrvli^r «i]l 
nni. 1 hoMt roiiKldcr infr hut^b a fool ai 
lo iJraIre be voold ■j'pl? ihfi« derp and 
iuiportant i>b*eniilioni t<> mch ■ mdinf 

ninn lh4l U ahoidil be Ui« rfihiclc of bj 
outmnat on mwrtjf WAfr anbjocla t beaido 
Dr. Watson'i liidioroiia Amtnaa fcb<«kr> 
a* i nvTvr prdb*bl]r aliall bar* «ck itD' 
oibor opporivjodtjr, I will tbarcforo MJ 
«nb tbo po«t, 

' Et vet, o laurlt carpam, ct to proabaa 
5>( ponVtr, quDoiKm voarni nlnnell* odo- 

"Tbcat arc mv motiTra. and ibopnbUc 
«iU, t l/«at, appljiiiil tbrm ; buc vbfithcT 

Wc wrill noi4 rompftre nn citmct tm%n tUc Inter Pocin, and avccrtaiu. 
Judging l>y aiinltarlty ot st^lc, and moDiicr of comiNMltloDf whether iht 
waihot of tbcao J^rc^tiiea la not ai«o the autbar of 

" TUB nTN«ciro 
9tti. p. II. " If «nr puiof oaxwork 
b * btaipbeanoiua* loonarali trcaaonable, 
■abiaanaMfl, poAtwu. &r aoandalou^* 
lal it b* nudantd ' pablic1]r> aad pnMii^lj 
paolatKid:' fane 1 i— intom tKtt viMer 
Amb ripiCrirt ii«n« I ban? aai nadoahlad 
rij^t lu Ut Bif avhlicomU bdoiv the 
world on public fibjeou, p«bUr mtUt and 

*r iHiiBHATijiu:.'' 
public booV«. 10 ajij manurr 1 majr iHuili 
jiropct. If I Am dcciltd tbii ri|[bt, t£ierc 

Anil or (hp ntiiinal nnJ ipurdcd Ubef^ Of 
Kntlmrl^ If Ehc matter of mf booK \t 
triainnl. l«r il hr th<>wn, t a[i|uul fii tbi« 
coiula and «t|E» &f tlnr law: but I tfiil 
not be Intimidated bj ibe wwbJMp of 

0«XT, Mao, Voi^ XVll. 

A dti tiiir ^1 boado t<nmo 

B dwli vtn UMUt, tf d«| valorr. 

Dante, |Df<o. tf. 


We Atdhar */ TJke pyrsttilg tf Litffrttl^rt. 


fMbU tbHfliH nf wHIifii^ *nil |>»eUiil«n> 
Vbile I bavo povfr, I vill pl^ad in lie- 
balf of lMmiD)r, ah^ lu thn dauvc of mr 
OOantTr^ I li4«o n<>t in tiiiH nork TtoWlod 
Ibe unci?plft «f Chrifiuriitf, or th^ law* 
a# th* UnJ> «nJ till 1 Lav* Aha^ boria or 
n<b«rr It b not in l}i> povtr of anj ni*a 
to degrade mj cbnrvcur And rrpuution 
nllh iny ntiimj^. H E hare ikiHD any 
ftuppotrd ch«nc(«r*, widovi i um* or 
dcilsuBUva. I liafc ioa« no more iliui 
Hwophntilui or La Qruyfiv. 1 ihoJI UQt 
coadtBoend to a diacuMiun of acch > «ub- 

Ac*^- p' 13. " f Am rppr*«nr*d ■■ 
baTUtg thiT*t«ae(1 uij ptrtnv «lio mAka 
ln(^ui|-y iifHT i»r Of i"j |iah>«. It w»» 
iiDL iii^r inl<nLion lt> do fi. [ Mi<l, ' It 
vill be luofclbon foohiii lo be v«rj (n- 
i^xmtrir*/ 1 Mf 9^ »tk1) - for. vh«n iki 
ABfiiur fo ii)> knittrlvlj^ » ttronglj and 
rtTecIuULy ctoKd, wUa would ramble 
ftiter iirruiUeutjr* ] mdrxUln It Mdly. 
□c) Eniib hbi ft rijcht to dvmAiid ri(fa?r mjr 
luiiiF 'H mj ■ituaUutb It bn* bnu oli- 
■cn^ on mcb occulani, ' thtt %omt 
niifht ftEMf but oilier* would «B*anuiit«i' 

for ) believe J bavc no rvftt ebatQkrv but 

th< loTcn gf confiufon, acid tbe rroublen 
uf eUi<t^ I HiJi jckaowledge it^— I come 
■mrvl infa Vh^ir ttinllniia, and I romri 
La tbe darlmcM of tbe nE^I. If 1 wo re- 
quired t>r oftUnl upon lo choo«e mj coot- 

panloni ^vu b«uw I am prtpoml «iUitha 
THpon of Diomvdc ; tiad if 1 un foroed to 
droc!Vi"d into the \amtt rT0on* ttf «0<fMr 
ftiid rvufuHHtn , unong tba|kcvnifbed ipl- 
fit! of uiiurcbf uid dnaocnef, t >MdE 
bop< for tbfi uTc cotiducl of the SlhjL 
Sibfl mijhl prodn« tht braocb to ifc* fer- 
rjuun of tVuiDF or Tutami. I wtmld 
tnih her lo fihibit tbf» Porm ui Ibn ' Da- 
num rmfttiH Viripr, luafo |30*t innporc 
rUiuar but I to IckTo lbri« aDdiioiu> mj 
book \i OKU to all Ui» Accnmublca 
HTrritjr of public cririciKBi. ucl piiblie 
repieboTUdon- 1 «hrliJ( ffonn noitb«r of 
Ibcu^. Wb» I ftm wroDf (I hn« ntvcv 
beenn) intrutioDtUy) I will ironrct rnj- 
■elf, and hftTc done ao fr«|ueiki]r. In 
% ftrtd aa aileoalfe. canilour. I thliLk, 
will oUfTfr t1iat mr ffdatikci hare iiot been 

P. tA. " 1 ftfiiL-k no Du bi Ua (adl- 
Yidnal cttAfitf . 1 btreoo<hinf lodovilih 
Ibe imnujr or itijadiflooa cohflucC *d 
fririida but u tbcy aifrri Itiv lYtinmu&ilf : 
uid ] can bale no pcriintkl maligciUy 
a^inat tliutr i^f vb*jDi I pjn |i«*Dn*ilj 
isnorant. Uui Ihn abiUI neichcr dliluib 
noroTrrthrow ihr SlaW of Engltnd, d^ 
or nllfiouv, if *a}- I'bamscione of mw 

EsnavalL Tbej uiaj irUli to knowm^t 
but Cbe^r may dtpend upon K. I wilJ nrrcr 
Iptt ft l>nn>fftf my *ptri( «! ih* nprasi; ni 
mr undertbmdini," dLo. 


At phgc 18, vrc find a psAMgc Id viblcb & few biniA arr girrn n-l to the 
aotbor v Biln»tion and Aiaii, vtbkb give aomc of tbe aUong pcculJiuitica 
of hit Atylc^ Aiid manner. 

re^rttted aome preicMla of ioactlirilip. not 1 
of -Lotli, whirb hare paMcd & bnt if ibe 
bturrl irKiHi 1 hnt^ now pUalvd >Kauld 
thicken round Uic temple of my rctirc- 
uum, ilifl |iUlnra wlil aupjiDri rt ; the nu* 
tcniU Ue loLid, atd tbe ^roiud firmn" 

P. 43, "I amaun I have ooibitic of 
the wild AmvrioA la mf o^mpoiidon. 

I nfTprwiaViKl tA ilettrD^u^ uftn, cither I 

to Inbcrti hia vli* or plnodcr him of hii 
undttitandln^. I^ut I «tll bo* to no 
Cyril of AlenndfU, to no eic<?otiTc AU 
rector of a loorlcm rqiublic, to m Ittdlj 
prcddent of faotJigiift (oudcII*, of de^o* 
or^Cie de{<fatf«> or of aocielMa tn opes 6t* 
fliofc of CftUbliahed aoUioriTj in npi. 
latfd mp{r«4. Tbtq^ ia d^rkncw iniir^d , 
with rtrr, Bflid Are ftncT tclnnea ofimakei 
arcrtdlEns fnim tkr moulbof ibe rftnanbJ 
I lotc aoftClinat Freiu4i bithn|>«. namn- 
frocked^raautttUuiaeMhnd. Hvm< 
TAkti h ftitl btinff, sad RduBud U«rU 
Uoomanr. * £d/ e^e^tif/ I bopc Mr. 
PitI witl aMura ni of tbe old ffoStj, 

tU Maial in vuf rttiau* ojitciiiu, 

" I fMD alftod ftbof from tbe K«iie 
Itaelf, but 1 am no airufFr to xhv nrnvlnf 
pnncipir, t waa not fomied lo vnU in 
the ui:c«bB«at«r of ■ Dttla of l^rme. or li 

a Don C^Ldtronc A liltJr ciprricbiv \% 

auffluitnt for the obfcrtin^. It iawith 
mj advanu^ mv mbfortnae, not to bftve 
adl>ptcd auyiiroJiiaaiou. JnvercoaUdtf. 
oide IW point. But asrouvdi k&tiw, 1 
fAokcd an naHj aad an liiidaantcd reaolo- 
tion (pfirhapM not vhollj jnciifiBb1e> but 
cerUiuj not d«gr^rf lo the ehaxvctnj, 
ibaB I nnu wvuld 4o ftwrtom^ anil or 
MTvice for litcrie or emolument to anj 
nam, bowDTer hkh, hi « aabordioftte ato- 
tion^ I frftDiacT tbat mioJiition i I od- 
hvtril to it. IViTacir ia iny lot : be it ao ; 
k b tbe Kdl lo wbLch kamint and re- 
Aenoa atrike dOFpari In tlk^w daji il ia 
mr deaira tbM obocurii; abould nlbtr 
round mv. Ko* and Ibeii, indrvj, tbe 
Chouihte of timu vbicb are ao laor*, 
•Ul brini iBir^ tbem lofual. momtUftrj, 
ddobtftil gliinpftfl of vbftt tni^bt bsttf 
been ; and oftm with the poet orYanciuM. 
Ud bf Ifto fvUAtalA «tf ^on^, I Uvc 


Di^ ofs t^piT t^ Irkrtalur^ 


icd ud fte« MpUUe »Mb Id ttna lik« 
ibCM. vcnaj airtiiKi a firlv. ■ c^mv* 
t«r. tt iMin, B finnnaa doI CfigiMtIf 
au arnm, 1 prolHt, I hare m« pr<i«il* 
■ihiritj to m7 utenv; b«l 1 «on« 
i>nb(Wl*r«ttODs1i IvIUoaQlfe^kutM 
I oofht U do-) i& bf^^Alf af m^ coualrjr. 

b«rlibcctlu, brr lav*, bcr ftlij[loD» and 
ber roTcriDKttU Nor vauXd 1 poUbU 
tbti Sftlirlcd r«nnb«lfrDa)araUoonrle. 

daa of U* ««fidc*cT to proiHi* ik« p«Ulo 
««INK,mittdecneMdkoc«fidnig toil* 
imptrt, whcB It i*. if It t:ttr ahould b«. 
Oiufirid ■nd mmoAmtr4 wi<1i f«ji4HUliIy.'' 

And n<>w. banpf «« ho|ie perfonikeil our U«k »t»f*vMfu!K\ it is but in 
JDttkc I" tlic memory of Mr, Mntlim to aM, ilut, nh^Uvcr mty be tho 
QpiBJoo formed of Um »« n poci and »Uri»t; wbitFrvcr oiaj be ituur^bt 
by GOttprlent jtidnd of bin akill, ciibci In tbu (it.-fri^i or v&L-cution of U\9 

EEVikl |mp4tTjir work ; tli« rrm^^tnbranrr of hU cit^tiuro erudition, kbc) «f 
ut TOmmAndjPi; intellect. U»Cjilfaiibfdryprc«erv«(laiiiliir»nDl)' chcrUhcd 
UQQ^ bii kKTD^d fricuds. One of tbrin,* hJouelf highly diNliiigg lilted m 
tbe Mmlk« of ait uid literature, nill noc refute qs periuiwion to ii»c hii 
own Uiigngo* iq nbicti b« df«cribe> bim nhona he inlitiiitldy knew, na 
"ft vtn of gigantic Dkind.Rnd of wtNiderful couiprebi^tiaiiin. Morrd wiib ibo 
most recoudj!^ leArning," And €vcn of Dr SninucI I'arr bimsdf be became 
iIm idolitifd friend, " and Mr. Maibiass leltcr» were epokcn of by him 
■rilli » fcrrour of dcroliun o«cb ft» li Itoutan CatboZk Uuibt to tjic vu-y 
hoiert rhM of frli^urs,'* f 


^^F 0^.29,18^0. Ncffotintvd with Car«y for bU Rrmbmndt^ bewn^de* 
^f K^ted Kilb ray nccooat of Otti'ttharovgh m my Nmicc^,; us jiut, appro* 
prUte, and bappy. Car^Vi hliuself full ofaiiDplicity and GarDntoc«t,cAr- 
ricd awny bv hh fceUaHr <^nt)rcly corrc^jiondieig with the cbnrmctcr git^a 

of kirn by M ; '* eJoqtieni from tbeiDtenally [>r hia fevlmgi.aud fuiJing 

only from inadei;uncy ofoprfMion." He uiu cnraptnrrd nhU my HiirlO' 
loQieo, cTpoLtjatcd on it« fnkudcor and ma^hlAceTkce, bryoud hny xUm^ he 
bad cicr scph. Count Linaiiigcn «4id ycMcrdny, that Ijotii (>tfaiivil]c niad 
Ttknopaoij Murtm [ni<'d(>Kkr) bad a capital ry« for picl<ir«<w. mid that 
LofdStaflbrdbnd parcltMedsomeofbim atcnonnOQs price*, Carey (tavs, 
be boti^bt (oi 35 ^ujueoB, Iwchx Akct<:hca of Curloona, by RuS'tLcIc, which 
be aoM the next day for lAt) goiueu, to ti per»>n who obtained aitother 
lOOA fortbtoi. 

J«w. 15, 1821. H^Cfit (0 fpc Dowtott in Sir Peter Tce»l«; ndiinbroad 
butioor, but n'anttu^ ibc |^iit|c[uaiily feeling of King; admirable id tho 
■fleeting dificlosnrca to Jutcpti SurfaK^, in lb« lut sccuo. The Rudlence. 
from aetfaiifc mnX ofprvpcf focling surely, liiir»t with loQghtcr, whiUt I 

* Oair*oi> Thrnvr, Bm|, f S« D]iu:k«oi>Ll b Ma^antifi. Mtij If^K (i- 171. 

y^t^ " Ntttkrsof the ]>n«lQ^ of Uir Old Mutlcrv, hy U.IU<dcj. Ei^-" IBIO, 
L hjr Mr. ('mn. a nork nffflm to bi oa before.— Hoir. 
it. V. tlljfliu Carcf wu an cotliujiajtic Iutot of art, nod ntt a dfidcr In picturfg, 

i4ik|i, &4. in Ma'jtcboQC-Alrcol, l^otadUljr. Wi: btJmtc tlwl laa wu «u« t>riliD ^t 

ivbo diieoTrrod the ^rni i;cDiiu of oor illaatrioui aculplor ju>t ^cccwrd. Mr. Carcj 

^irrnio oiiKh oa art in varion ptrlodlcala, m *dl aa in fithrr sorki; and ho waa 

1 Aitt p<r*oa c4EiJr«ltod by Sir Joha F, LvlnaUr b tb* fiwrntation of bia galUry, the 

icHplii« cauloguc of vhich bp coA^ioied, Ue «I» pfintAl " CQr*or;r Tlmiuf ttin iiii 

lltie pfCB«ot 8U1« of Ibt FinP Art*," Uv^rpool. iSmO- iBlOj and '* Utter lo J" A*». 

rZw|. « Pvunoiianur m l,Aodnn." INtf<r (pHvaUl I'lma. He dird on (he :/lit Maj 

laat, at BirKla|bas, a: tbc a^ of @0. Ho w«a acune tiaao ia Aiatnca. — Corr. 

DNvy q/'« t^^mer n/ Litrrcttrrt* 


bnoHlitrit awBv my tvan htUU my liaiid. CapUnl in Sir l>KTid Dnnder; 
aclrO lip Ui Ihe trry Ufo, md nhoTc U. MVnl ih** ntit rTrnin^ to (hr 
new AMcmbiy ltm)m». in butklci auJ thnpcnu dc bnti, a Irnllmut nnd iiu- 
tueroua fiMciublr ; Aftcrvvardt Atteodcd ip ji c1ittir» noil full ilttrHS^ iigrauii 
g»\% parly nt C'brUt Church.* wlicrc I lad inttcL cIia; vntli Mr. Lcn- 

Jan. 20. Weill with iUt Ellises lo tli« i^ay. The Hypocrite ; Dcw- 
lon in Dr. Cantwell fKlcniralile; the ooncrete cm^<v of |>icty, roUcn, «i 
Cnrey ob««r¥Cd, viilb religion, CBpitaMy and mtcnady snsiaiDcd is every 
look and inoTcmcut ; «x<|utAit(r irnDaitioii in the »c«ncT with Lndy h^rnVtctX, 
Aiiff grand fir»nf h\\t%\ <)f rogr a| t1cri'At<<d nllariy. The n»Mt ptfrfoct iiwoa 
ofjtcting [ h%v«;5i^n. Mn*. Jontffi nature herself in the ftuatic ffnod* 
motlifr; ihcwhol^ao ndmimbJc and tfruoLiLblc ulifc on the mi^oas 
foUv of tbr (l.TV. 

Jan^ ^2> W<>rit tc> Mr, Curcy'i to (Cc hix Slct^ping \'coaii, ibo VM of 
life, by Cnmlnn^i: nEtpuether uf an nnintcrmtinic ih.muer. ibousti exloU^ 
abovo all [tidiin^s by ir-% rnthiitJAiitic |>o«»cuor. C^^cy wm fdl of tlie 
htKtorlnil picltirc at Kin^'ti, fn>cn StoH-uArket, Edu-ard thu &xth on hit 
Tliionc. nurrcfund^l by bin C^^urcil. Ilcnry t1i« Krf;blh, I »ii]»pv«G, id m 
brd tsi the li-ft : tukrably ti'eU c^xttnitnl in [Mrti, but deafly not by 

Jm^^A. Looked iuto Mrs. Stotharda Tour io NonnnuiJy. fiy not 
pnnuiuK '")' *I^^b^K'i<^'1 mule on my return in my lact lour, 1 aKcn In bavo 
aroidod iviclclicd rond«, miserable Hccouimodnlion, and a brutal r>oc oif 
irjtiabiuiniti, as di&tlDgui»bi:d fiom the Krcnck orarly as tbc ^\'clcb from 
tbc Fngl»b, but f«ruiort rude^and ivithout tbeir ioicrvaUbjc [let^aliiLritk^ 
and tiadiEioua, The country, bowcrcT, \ »o«|>ect to be lylvnu, uild, and 
dc%bifu). tliou^b bcr pv^iH <rf tbc av«U4-ry nc^r Tour* dampB on«*« coR' 
lukncc in her \asAe for the picturrvquc- i am glad tl^D conaidcra IIm 
i-ei«bntron of liigb mxAA at the cath^rol of Amiens n& the mo>st imprcft- 
•iTt diBpUy of Ibat rcn^mnniAl, in the finevt golbic stfnctorc in France, 
asc) fiLT ei<:eediTu; its exhibilioii at Noire Dnn]« at I*adfi>^ Her cbafadcr 
of Krpncb ntKiinrrA wrrniii prHr^tly ju&l : " a FrrnHiiiiDn, itiTb all hii po* 
Uuneaa," »ho truly obserro*, *' in aaturally cioa»c , " and 1 iiuitc hg^tt 
mtli tier, when sli^iajs, " Fnticc ia ver)- hx[J to l;c vi«it«J, but iktt la 
ibf country to lli-c in*^ 

Ftb. L CqIodcI timvalt looked orcr my ptctar^« ^ attracted and 
delighted n tth my Hobbima, the mottt purt^ wid perfect tpccimca be bad 
em Hrn, bt^t ilrttck m>d ovcrpftwcred uitb \\\t Itnrloloinco— a i&i^iG- 
cent hndAcajM-. Tlie K«iubr&Qdt and Murillo hne AjKcimew. The «r> 
of rinudc, Ik thought pro4iioc<U ■* In n«it»rr» by dtUtcd nbitc. or ot least 
aa npoqije cdIout, and ceambM in- U'ilflon, at K &tndby nhor! lo aay, 
after finbhiog hla piclnrc io a tame inauucr, wonid retire nitk bid iKtlltt 
aibd a pmcil at the end of a loac Btkk, to a cunsidcrabU- di», gate 
intently upon it for a lor»^ live. Ihcn raib tiiddculy fof»Hrd and i^it the 
uifrrcnc and inAinrilitif^ toiich> Mitay af thfl old mailers* b« ia p«f«nad<d, 
paiutcd !■ water coiours lint, arid «U|icnddrd (l»c cnl |H|(ncnt>; b^nce 
Ibdr brillinnny, traaHtiareney. and limtn: : thii in proivd by a fricod of bit 
in • fragiaeni of HcmbraDdt. 

Fih. tf. FMiiOkcd Kdinborjch Kttiw, NV LKVIII. Tb>* ws^ti faUs olT 
deplorably: wvcralfkfllie articles disitlaj the dash mtlioot the taleint ; bat 


* Mr. FoQa<a«>a*»hoatu Ifawkh-^Cvii. 


Dacrif ft/ £«r#r t^f Lkfraimrr, 


tbc liiit, oo Pnrliam^TiUr)' Ker>>ru3| it excellettl. mud faaodcil on printijiles 
truljE cobitilulJixia] : ii »|>c(40« of in«v<inH wliicU th«y truly dcjcribc nn 
}»Adiitii n Dtltldlc place between prvcut iiil» of Lw, nn4 lotwr iiotiuni of 
Kflncnl <rxf«<iieacjr t notiixis oflcn disrcji^rddi, ^d oeier rijcoroualy »dli?Tcil 
ti>. tot H)t[4:b Aroupjiorted. aud ftkmc tia[iportefl, by ii general conriction, 
^itiwiiife; wtlU cx|^^rkiicc, of tlii^ii riliic:«» imd iaLul'. 

fV6 7- Bfgna WttfcliwiMrth'* Coikction <ti bU l'(»«mii. Thft pliilovo- 
fliy of tite prefu<o n nxwt pjliable : hU bkbyisiA anil aflccl^ bouielincf* 
«f thoti^bt uid expreftKioo. najeileeineil by any pon^isful ittokc* of wntv- 
ocbi nMt rrrlUk|>, nrr mtnly diKgiitlin^ And provoldii;. — Kcbd, "The 
Wbil« l)w of RylitcDe.'' The first cantos utv vrrj AcVi^UiM^ but in lb? 
Ijot be degenerates iiito Itls ui^stlcUu and inanity. He (|uote:t in the 
npf JcibCnt to bi» prrf»nr m> obwrvAiion of liia frii'iid Sonthryr ^bich is 
deep and Jnst, " That n great ori^nitl Htitcr inuat, in & ^reat iui*jU4jre, 
aoAic tbt: uiBt« tbot r«lubcs bta excel Icocio/' 

F*L )3- Th«T Rc(\ Cliarli^ Brook^ of UflTord, c;Lll«d on niO'— nyold 
cclioolfcUoK-^ulftU«d my Q»lntancc to trier Ijit t>ci)iKTri- from his father's 
titk deeds, in my pntoowian, for Mr. I)nv\'« projccli^d history of Suffolk, 
ikdiLCvii for funr buirdreiJ ytwrii* Tbi; faiuUy. vri|;miilly fri>ni ^omcrsct- 
tttrt, fntitkd, li<i bvlt«vod, to tb« |iecnigo of [«i>jd Cobbam. His 
ndo Gt-ofKv Grf^n Brook, from nn intcrmamnsv of hifl ^ruidfathcr witfi 
ft frrfM of ray family- — ±^U F. Broko'* gtandfarlier, who cban^ed the pre- 
iknn ipelliDg of hi!i'nam« from f^ook to Broke, wns from Cboitiin-. 

/v^, l4p. Attended n Siibtcnption Concert, llic Miw PaU*(i» tbcro, 
to vtiom I vnu inlrndnfrd. Mint P^toii> «ith ti licb, llrxibk and jxiiprr- 
ful loicc, of €XIcdsItc compnis, pniltciLlnTty doniiwards, tnd pcffeet in 
inlooalkRi, but wit)] II taint of vtilgaiity in bcr aihiiner ot fliijf{[[^, and 
LofribJj (AJiic<itcJ, prrjiL-tunlly lifting up her t-tnt like « Mjidoittio, uitd 
•ppcurin^ u fully pluntt-d vnxh lier<?tf a* any of bc<r auditori- Sitfnor 
VerccUini re6ncd and poluhcd id his Etylc> but movine too frequently hi 
ronJad«4r nnd vrantnig poirentefwneMi nnd spirit Hn \mcc u inaui- 
fcftJy frcblcat the bent, and incni>ab!c. I »UKpc:^t,of KoMaincd lone*. 'I be 
hint l^itonii iBocI eflfb(.^t»xf in a duet of BUbup'n, '* As it fell upon a 

day/' MJM Paloii bersrlf uMMt sncccBifal in ** filiick-Eyed Susan," »rjd 
tli<! Scotch Amg of '* Duke Hamilton." 

fV/i. 17. Much cbnt wilb Mrs. 1 obMd,— §lad I purchtscd the Ren- 
bmidt of Corey, Mrs. C\ iciuviubctcd it vttW in 8ir Jotiliua Rtynald*!^ 
Ci>Ur<^tiMii. who valiird it highly u a Htiidy. partli^alavly for drapery. Mr. 
Cdi c^ 4tatr<l, that be bsd beard this, aud lt«)ieved it^ and quoted in corro- 
boratiM Sir Jo4bua'» own portrnit of bim«elf in the Aeademy aa Somerset 
Hmiie. ^r ^V- HamJltou remarks, from lii* own oxperivncc and conjuon 
ob4K''v^tion, that oi tho«i: iv\to pcrintcd otidcr mi us, in the eAitbqnaltc In 
the louib of llaJy in 17ii3. the males were generally foand in the atlitude 
of atru^lirj|C. w li^lc the feiaaU« ba<] ibeir bajidt ciasp«<l abote tlioir hrvids, 
n if in hopcle&ft despair, nnlcsi tbeir childrrn were wilb thriu, nb^ii they 
wot* alttAia dtacmfivd in the act of eudenTOufing to protect tbcw, A 
Am an^olc^o in ib^ bi&Tnr^ of biioiam natnre- 

fth.20^ Parducd Mord^ttorth'n Poem* ^ the deicKptkm ofthc feel- 
ings Vitb vihi<:b b*- brat viewed roinan tie scenery in i^rly yoDth i« juit 
and t)eatiUfnl ^p> Poem on Tiiiti:m Abbi^y. Tbc jirolujcuc tij tbc pociu 
ol PcHT Hell i" uncommonly prvtty. Thi- " Tliorn " is a plonking and 
cflcUiiY t9n>i)viitiuu. Tbo poem of P. Bell itfdf. tboogb ricb in tbo 


Diarj/ of a Lovfr ff Lit^afvt<- 


Icn-iblc and ihrilTing gm<rei, and freer iLail most frooi bts peCQTUr t&lzit. 
TioUtt'e oijr woto <if ftbvl»r probabiUlf more tboa Aitf of tlu; ArnbiAn 

Ftfi. 21. Ca]!c^ ftt M- Diipuifl; Mr, Hcnrj' Bi-nier* there: hod 
lodiEcd nt th« convent at Leiubuivip, Did not risit (iib1>on, but mcl hiia 
fr^iiciiily t» tlic cvctj'mK puticfl. Fond of n rubber — not pIcaaAnt—* 

KeriiJi And nrtiilmry. iXKikpfl op to citr^mriy t>y tbi^ LuJisAunctc Ibfr. 
LVCQ, ibc prr^flcnt tccretftrr t^ the Bible Society, yyt\\i\ irjivcllcd wiUi Mr. 
B.) wjU invited borne by Gibbon ; but at tbc second mcclkni;:. Iclttng oat 
lu« pnaciplci, wu iiBk«l no own,-. Loukrd vvvr ±4ir J^ t{v} Eiutiln's Dis* 
couravv nud Tour. Hiv r^coiamertilftlioni »m ofttfo ju«t, Iboogli Uio llicorj 
upon H'liich thry jitl- founded b deltrtivc. 

Fed* 27, Looked ioto Cbrifttian ou the Bnnlcrupt Lnw«. Tfe x^ n cox* 
contb, but unfjuftEtioriably clever. '* 'Hie eicwsix** steal for tiutiatantiitl 

JD*tic<i (be observe*], linft Ifd some eminent Jndre* lo orct^tcp tht niodctt 
nnd simple boiiibriK of tlic cofnmofi IniTp but the coii»queni:c h^M only 
been Uti)^liou and confasioD." Tliit npplios cmphaticnLly, I conceive—* 
at all events, rowl aptly — to Lord M^mheld. 

Fzh- *ik<. I^uiicd over tbc ftccx>iid toIuiiic of Piicc on tbc PieLuici<|ne. 
I cordinlty cy>D<pire in \\\% patsien for t1i« ri^bly ortjamenlc-d i-tylc of tlie 
ancient (^nrdcna, terru^e*, baliutrmdcn, trcilla^es, fonntnitis, and AtntucB 
immediiady about tbe bouse, tJ> counect a scene entirely nrtiJieiul — 
the mnnMon — wUb Ibe pictureiiijije seenerv around it, to wliicb pIcnaufR 
mwndi inigbt form ao iiilfrmediJite gradation. Has idfiii of taking Inntv 
lor Dkiidc water from podls 10 old fcrayd piu. is just an'i happy ; but it N 
ivr^ dilGeult to aecumpli»fa by design witut accident jtroduces. Price's 
taatc wu cxcclU-nt; but le rambleft about tilt he jtcTplexe^ himself RBd 
hi» rcadcns, 1 had ocrrr felt tbe pou-cr of y<>«fi/ttiii# tiU I vaw ttic one 
Pi tlii^ bottom of tbe lEiirdrTi of the Tiiillcfiea. 

Jtfarf A 'L Pficc i>bflcri'e«, that there arc rery fevr examples ol Claude** 
Uitrodiieinff ahflolnte ruinti iu bis laudacapta ; only two Instance* occur in 
tbe Litter VcijIjlu*, aod occ of tlu?9tc, a Al^ilciril cAstkr <-m h roL'k, ia found 
in oi>(^ ^f thr only hro «<v tfortnt of hti {Hinting; iiioul prolubl) thi^ on^ 
ofwbirh 1 bate au etching- tiafpcir roussin, h<: thinks, introdnced hi« 
[^rpctrially regulu architecture to nrntrtuit ttitb tbe piclnreai}ucii«»« of bifl 
»ccncn. KetDbraudtv ^rand dm, he remajha, n-u rkbncsa mid »iriklnK 
edcctfroiu light and cWfo^ 


A rCBLIC ap|>»l wfti TDftdr some time ti%Q in bcbalf of building • Mm 
Chnrcn in ihc populoua parith af ^:. ICbbc'* at <)iford» vhich conialua c«arly 
4,000 irbabi Until, vrilfi r>nly iio^ BinnM TTiur^h. A iitt b» tiii«o been par- 
chu»d, fti*4 th? dcngn rrpfcjcntcd in iht anufird KA^raiin^ bai bvtn pn- 

Kred by Mr, Deiich, architect, ot thtt city, It hta been Mbmittnt to tbe 
ford Architccfvrat Socioty, and approved (eamditAonatty a« to driaib) by tb« 
fiUfaop of the DjoeMc. The «um or aroi. has rceently bcra voud by tbe um- 
%fnjty toward* tbe fndvwment. As, boncvcr, rxduiuc of Ibit, tbe «uak IB 
hand, kftcr purtbft>e of njlc ■ml ofhcr prclrmibarr fipi&vcf, c>nlv ■r^-'-""** io 
77*'- i'-*- 1^'. iht CnmmittH du iK4f»t Ihcnaclvr* wirranUd i irt£ 

tolbe vork of buHdins, for vhicb not Icu tbnn 3,CfiO', (with - M. 

■ddhiooal) Will ljr ni(UEnd. Tbry ate ibrtrfafc nlili camotly - uF). 

tCfiptJuna (r?ctiv«d at MrMr«< PVltwm an4 C^,, &nd aJk the Bank^ i<2>) 

in order that tlte VuiMing mty be cotnnvnced eoriy in the eaMung »pruis. 


iTf^ CMirtA im Si. Elh^'i P*^, Ot/^rd- 


Thi* iWbl^Q ^ithn M mnch from the tcuctftlily of nodtru d^iitne forOotbtc 
Chircticvw tonll Tor paUicuUr notice At first »tgbl the irnpoam^ tower 
ukl Hpirv Mffu lo orervhdm the rc»t i>r lJi« Cbcircbi but tho, wc believe^ 
VIM* morv Iroui fbf tMtt b^ias icen iu dliorp perapvclivr tlmri frurn xir uaot 
€f proportion, fttxl ii i< ntcniaiy to bve th« tkvMLOdti and gfound^ptan, in 
Onior loJu<!£u fiiirlv uii tliU |M>iiiT, 

A* a ^'b^lcp there i» mure or tlie fMlinc and »pirEl of an ajrliUect of iht 
thirtctMth cmta/y in ibU drvign limit it ha^ ofita brta our good fortiino to 
nnt vfitli id LbT««d*yi. We obh«(«c nkh plc*&ufc ibac tli« arrliiuct hu* tilt 
cttirag* ro dniga a chuinl of its prvpct dimeoaioitt, ioitod of tbr makrbr^^TO 
tUoji* whi<-h have been rvctally called by that name. Anoiber important poiat 
I*, tiiit, «Ubou|h thin d4«ig[i ik ihorottKl^ly rcdifftiAAliml, and iu llie flpiiil of 
tlu afdtn tiEM, it ii bj no nKirnii oft niicriMVc on< for the number I' li ealcu- 
la^cd to cf>t>iain. and ire arc infurmed Aal a builder ii reaJy to inkt a contract 
loc it at the arcl]il«ct'«C4t>inat«. U it «Tlct«nt. iiiilced, oo eiamiitiDgthcctestxn, 
IImiI, though 1lu eflifet i< good, nnd crtD gnnd, yet ecooomy bafe b*ni rinidly 
»ludit(J. Tie naiU arc to be built of uniaiJ slouct, bammer'drv^Btd only, or 
wbat b called ran|f«-worh, tlie naiiner m wbicb alora^t all our old Qiurcbe* 
ae<i buitr. uaI wbicb u fur le» exp«ii«ive (ban the modern faULionctf building 

the voJU rfitinly of Urs^ blucU uf Uwa ttldne. Tbe cApcjue of parajieti. 

tad ftU D<*dllu omfttnvnt. h alto mroldcd. AAtl \bt wbolc cf tbc money it 
gJvttA to III* tvamiiAli — tifc ftnd height. 

The roof 11(911 hA« ili« /rur stifmtt Mgh pitch, u iltUioffuithed from ihc 
modem buitd^r'ft rrw pitch, wbich i« fat ti>o low for n (kithlc Cbttrcb, and 
doairc-yk the uffrci of moit of out nodcfD Chnichn- If th« OifoH i^ocicty 
cm pivvAiE on our aftbiUctt and lliuir CAiplo^cn to bludy t]i« line old ChurcbtH 
ffitb which our rounlry abouodi ia nil pari*, Aful I0 tliAke olTthv traoiineh of 
moticrn prijudjcc nilh which (heir minrlA uv loo ^acraltv imtiutJ, il will in- 
deed ncht tht cordial pmist and tlianka (if wtry lu'^r ofaucifiiC art nnd ev«ry 
naaof IftAlc in the krngdom. Fof thu c^ditof thr Unitemt)' of Oirord. who 
havD aa rc»iidy »iit<d IhuutaiiJit fL>r tlic por^baic of a collection of tJietchci,* 
wc triul that thii dcMSC will not be aaffered to be givra up for want uf fond*. 

Ma. UaHA^j /ufL 39< 

A FEW «wcik* ago 1 »nt ^ou a vhorl 
accDunC of the new Cbur^h.Oiea ctar* 
ly fiDLthed, lathepaxiahorStrvatbam, 
i» Surrey. L bad alnaja adnlfrd the 
daaiffn ofthi* drarture^ from the Hoae 
of iU fitit eibibjtion trt the public ia 
the Royal Academy. 1 regarded It aa 
a w«IUcho*en and JodicioiUt ipeeidnrn 
of thetrafiiition ffnmthoNortnan *lyle 
of archiieciure to the EaHy tngtmh. 
tboogh not evacily according to tha 
practice of Ihia couotryat the period 
whccL it was ta uuft. In my Inter above 
alJodcd te, which appeared ia your 
Majsatiac fur Nuvember Uat« I ile< 
scribed the buJldingaibciagcoDstrud- 

cd ofUr the pccutif fMhion of llie 

Northef Italyduriaictbe period Ibavc 
meatiooed^ I wan then uaacc|Q aided 
Vfith o tKcutnntimcY tbnt bM Iftlrly 
been commun'Citol to tn« by onr of 
the pambioQcrr. lliti gcntlcmao. one 
of oiy luuil vafucd fri«Eutii. infwnied 
mp. that vrhitc it wat in ronCcmplation 
to buitd a ocv Church, the woithy 
Rtttor wa* rt^idJoafor a ticue ia Italy 
for 1h( beiwAl of hi« hnalth. II* 
added, that xht Rector had tieea much 
plva»erl trjih (he ityle of some of the 
nrnaM ChuTcbei bu met WLth, which 
had birn erected loie in the twelfth 
ceotary. lleibougblitadeurabJcoac 
to be adopted for tbe mtoadfd »cw 
Church ooBfLtton Hill,«Qd lu* id<«a 
ban bc«n carried into eCeet by Mr. 
Wild, the arehalfCi, adca&raUy welL 

It hot been with grtat truth re- 
injuked bylhelate Mr. Thomnj E^ck- 
vnOQ.thjhtlbf thrrc atylwin eccceMiuDf 
tTtn the dtclinc of tbe Nof ma4i in tfaia 

country, ure peculiarly EaRli»h. There 
«ere, indeed, ttyk« of atvhiTectore, iti 

•ome defect corrnpcndiDg ivith thctn, 
ID practice atnonf tbe natioDft of the 
CoaiiQent ; bat these were *arieiie» of 
e*rh auccetmc atylc, hiTing cetlalo 
dinHnguithioccharaclnititica by which 
they are twiy dUcrrn^d from the 
KnfEliah, arid from each other. Theac 
riylv*, Q4 th^ prnvailrd in Italy, have 
fometimea orca calJcd Lofobardtf, 
Yhith may well be »pplitd 10 tbem, 

u an appropriate dijiutguiibiogtefTn. 

You have noticed the conae< ration 
of IhiB Church ID your Magazine for 
Dec^rmbcr, wtcreio ltd vcbitectur* U 
•aid to be /ty/miftar, or Eatim Ao- 
■Huvejve. Other writer* have dtaig- 

nated il AfoorwA.t Node of thcac 
Icrroa bcU>ag to at : we need aot goto 
Jiar llrom home to obtain for it aoame. 
What haa for many a^oa hem dooc at 
CoottantiaopU paHokta of pcculiar- 
itiea that had their oripa attlt further 
t^t llieeui^ati^' Of ivtwferv Bvmtm- 
ftfjnt, it WQuM bt difficuki prrhflpa, to 
dndanrxftjripltf JnokDy part of the em- 
pire, and the tena diovruk \a by no 
meaoa appticabi* to the baildiog at 
prcaenl treated of, 
J eonrlude thia letter by odvertinit 

to iipuaaf* la my ta<t, wlikh, ow]»g 
to the haatc it w-'iu wtittca in, requlrea 
to be at4tMt wilh moee claoraett. 
After ootieiag the eicT*tLOa on whkh 
the altar ia pl*ccd, 1 oAoaU btva 
writt«n (oAcrp^mf)* *' vUh^tU ftry 
M « Mf iMri /« Ue peeitfJar e^a^tfie 
triic\ Ih Chtrrfh aj EitjitontS r^ecfecf 
Ihtft ktmdnd ycore ai^e, thii puttioo 
■ai^t haTc beeo better aAoagnl." 
Yo^a, Bec. Sjkio.T. 

' BaaoiirlutMagadna,p. T3. 


t Th4 Eoc^Miokflat, Vi>. U. p. to. 


Mmmmmfk «W rotimm tiL 


IN dt 

K Vi 


*'• W*»f d4Urf ITwr, wlUa «i» 

•f Fctftcfa wntm, wfcm pttunf ihrir 
tiei>if. Ifk tcaMflu w« j««i 3 
b<t t^ faUowiif pMMC* («bic& bu 
«aJ^ aaw bae* f <co»*»«d ftooi loft| 
obovtoo sofiMkf tar wot U«Kiv:Hift> 

Iba ^£At, thA I rtadtlir Bdducv rt, 
Iboagb ia dtsMnpncikt of tar ovrn 
r«D«H* — " L* o»a O'&a |i«£<;ot* 
cottiac ilccior nt coBMcr^ pftr ctu% 
mtmn qa*it co«Bb«t, cofDHK I'ont ^4 
pif now Ics BOiB» d« princ« Eu^^oe, 
d« U&ilboToug, d* MoAtK«colfr^ It 
^ piimct Ch«rle«.'* ThiA puuge i« 

ttk«n fracQ B PrcttcU lr«a»kliua of 
Oiid'« Jrt jfrnamii, entitled (witb 
>otnr ULlutk c^ eitprMitioa.) L' Art 
ok ftdf/r, &Dd (nb]iflh«0 in |8l«, 
Tbf ni>'^<» ocean at b. h I. ifl. 
Qsoi itf<tcr #n»irru rmi ; wbrrv tbe 
trtiiiraiar rtourki^ from Scbrrrc- 
l*««, ttiBt Hrctor i« « (<rrvk «aiii«, 

tbe rrmark ibore titrd. Thr innsU- 
IJMk U ftD0Qr>D40Ji, bai iti auihor was 
M. Pirvulx d«4 ChauiD^. aa I Uftrntd 
from bi* hsmlwriting. io Afopy !>»• 
•■nlod \0 M- ru^HAfil, *ecrrtBry lo thr 

liit*D»c(UUChatre. Of tbe Oac.ibuK 
broQfbt to my i«oat«nbruiM, aad 
Vbiwf Coiupiny I fif<^«ently mvjnytj 
in yenofti iftar*, k*t nt Mf> Mr, 
Grxt.M^o. Vol. XVII. 

Uibttt. « «W «i«4» if Umn. 


L tr 

b friMob «hu bv d«s m 

MMt b«t As Abhc ICIIaL 
wta^ Ibr MmmT and niiAMB 

i«AMM^ bv rau»*ttl Ibaft r|Mk«t 
vUbawwnaeMMMB. SfMfc- 
^ifcbr&lM irpHtsrbkdndcM 
tbe beetle «r lb* IhiT«e^ tb«t bivudav 
— y»>"C«g— trdlepi>e*ri»J»ft 
)a*^-€B Pbuee ; M It pnpit 4e FmK 
cv£dQle « wra^le 4ui k baiar. H 
dee tvfiMuaftkeH mU^qh. f hii f 
•« priMfl qa'ia iMdtttt.** (HkL 
tf'AD^itfcrTV, L t7LJ HcBvrit «v* 

f e W M biweelf — eb m tbt iWMe wae, 
mvn% tbe word Aaaeralii*. AfUA. 
bUUot. *■ tfat nid%t oTevb eAinad- 
wrtio** «a ue ovoeJty eaeJe «a WMkn 

Sbi« #MBle». okain tbM* k»pof1ul 
nianone : 
" Lc« tacbf* dt ee* nreec^ M poiTitf 

e»*rrir 1v nMts r» ^ai Ifl dtatiit(<ifl da 

b fooSv 4<« MV*i<n>lni. Sc euiist«»f mt 
]# crdoe d'Aafkum nia%rd \m d^co4tt 

dif k uEka. vaMki e£erte d«aaMi«n>* 
le ptainont de Tfiivope; foarcrMr k 
lUlkaie eua defyoCkmr, d iU«bBOiM 
•T^cvneeDrte dluuodl^ ebeolue, Tondte 
»iif fettivc el k mafiuM ; differ par 
u^g jir^dod* i^htt^w Wa oaaatik 4at 
coarv Araas^m, ft cc(n«and^f ka unHt 
aifc nkat d'kikltff qoe de h/^vt;* 
Mr* te^aT4 L enapilK enr^aTfer fvrda 
dceb*tailka;to^iMnm«tnfakdeaa k 
(Bknel ct dui« ke canpc. naskpoUiAB 
k znaUdM r< d(4 trmm ; luiEar taift 
AtDtre IjDuIh X]V.. d flhihlir naf f«k- 
aucc li iBtibk, li ki|;ln«|Hiu(ian(UHi 
ce MBl ik treica dinw* de Ltm^rtaUl/.*' 
(ITdd. p. 3l5*1ti,) 

We tDtf Mfelj BitflW pubtjc cb^ 
racTtn ib« pratte whi*Ji ilMit eri*- 
niir* coocrdr ; aed ihrrtfote, lUU 
etdofy. joined to ilt&t vblch wu for* 
mettf ^Qoted from U Hv^e, mav 
Jmtly bo ckirDcil (at W^Uiun hj Mieu 
M re^jiecl bU PMibory. Wb« J. E. 

* 1 df«v rour nedrti'atlciiMDa k tbia 
wnr4, beeittee Mfnn- k the kriE nmd by 
t^ Il<uj4r«'e cvUtOTv wbcn apoHof cf 


WiHiam III. and Jamts If, 


ohAervca tlint he inincd but one 

hit lirlligrr^dt career^ nnH Jampi had 
mort than QjicrJistLn^uUhod hjin^^lf tn 
younger hie, to whftl doeslhecanlrafit 
imounl } Jamtft gaineil no vicU>r^ei | 
tot he WAR QDt ft cominandrr-Jn -chief, 
buiMivf Jiincirr oih^ra. Did William 
ootv ocicc 4lr4rmguir>h himse^^, because 
h« Kitirird tiijlouc btUle^ Suchai«tit 
woufiJ l>c fzitnL tf} llanDibnt, after hia 
iiml victu(y ul C«ima- 'the (>aitle9 
which wefe £aj(ird Again&L WiiEiam, 
mtrc lilc« that which wns gaJnfd by 
P)'frhu4 a^ainn ihc Ftoiiiars, as inju- 
rious tft the viciar am lit th# be«ien. 
When HtDBuU saj'b, " il fut loujuura 
bjiitu «Bns ininaifr avoir eid lieUit/' 
h« givvq hria fhe hrB;he^ pmiae. 
Bluchcr, [ may oli^erv^, wm aat boc- 
ceviful Iks a (general a^atti«t Na- 
potcon, yet eonuibuFcd gfcatty to bb 
overthrow. ir yuur corre^^iondeot 
muku WiLtiam'* tiagle victory a 
tedccliun ut^iiu hiiu, it is «]int the 
wiki^rs I haveciUdrefratn from doing. 
" La val«ur l«aya the \Uli^ Gernrdj 
Agii nvec vigeur i die ue cede pas k la 

le^itTanep, M euaHnUr iVrilrrpfise 

malgrd lea oppoiitions ct les cfTbtta 
ci>nifa(fe4," tSynonytoca Fdin^ois, 

A cimpnriBon was made IwlTv^cn 
William and Jamra, juist after the 
batik in which ihcy were oppuicd fo 
each other- " Qutlquen Irtandais 
pritonciiera djf«nl aot Anglab, non 
»&»» ApuHieDCR d< rnisoi) ; CliAngc^oog 
dc toi; dcmainnoiialivreronBtatAtaille, 
etnouH*oniini» tdn de toui vaiocrr/' 
(Millot, p, 2700 ffitbcTrue iffhat 
IK taid of Jomei, "il r^prorlia Hut 
Irlaudpii Icur lachet^," it ihews ihat 
hn wah ungrai^rul aa w«tl a» incoiope- 
lent, for cowardice itnotao Irithmiri'i 
deffct. M'. Gurttxi, in hih Biogratihi- 
tal Dictianary^ doei but duuhltulEy 
ttWorr Jamra lliv prai*tt of valuur -, 
" in thii action, lo important to 
hid Jiittrw«U> Jnmc^ kept at a djataocc 
from daoger^ and nhDwcd 90 titUe 
Apiiii- that it ha» brcn tbousht his 
former dibplajTB of valour w«rr either 
fiuceJ and annalaral, or that hid iDia. 
forUit\CH ]iPii\ deprivpd him of all ht« 
priBtinr energy." The latter opinion, 
cvrlamly the fairer, ia alao probably 
Ikvfnriro ynt, 

4- Vour cnrretpODdentsayii^thatUM 

potaitge in La Hruy^re "wki aa- 
nqreilly never almrd " agatnil Jame>. 
Now Id eommenling on lh« work* of 
a prufv^aed »atiri»t, th« difKcuhy Lif;a, 
not in shewjng whom be iDva£B, but 
whom lie dovt not miriLn, A prrion 
vho could sprak of William with the 
meaJineib which La Jiarpi* eo justly 
Condemne, was not likely to be very 
aiiannj^of Jauie«, tboujuh the couain- 
german and «|}eciai protjfg^ of Louts 
X t V. 5hUi i>Lb vAtviy give op ■ mt- 
ca«in. wlien it ha? once preaeoted 
tt»eir to ihtir mJnJ4. With regard to 
ttip tipplii-thUity of ihe pa^^afre, per- 
sons (ii Jjlf^rrent fieh1iiiii.'fiU will differ 
on thi« pomTi but the editor's opinion 
U clearly pronounL:ed- llie name of 
Anlttiae-AugUAtin-Rcnaunrd in the 
titte-pa^e, is a guarantee for the care 
whicfi ha» been tah«n witli thin edition, 
for this diatingokahi^d Itlleraiftir la oot 
only a pubh^hrr, but also aa editor of 
works he poblt^he»- The application 

thcrcfoic- haA his anaent i but wliTthrr 

he ha* made it on hia own judgement. 
or adoiitcd it from other»r I caaoot 
oay, Alt(»Av mtfurthff to observe, ihat 
it lA (|i]kle rmturnl (hat Lb Bruyvre, 
when apeakingof William, ntid varioua 
coDtemporafiet, should lUo ihmk or 
JampV- Hnd the two patiagei occorred 
LnflirTerent chaptfia, thf »uppoailiuu 
would be a sbodr le^s probable, but 
they occur m the >amc. 

5, In marking the epUbeC raendachut 
as faulty, and prnpofling to aulmtitute 

WTu^rouji, I cotirijivr I linvc rlprT4»d 

rtyaclf both Justly and chorilably. 
The flight of Jamitt, I observed, tnight, 
with ftoine liiite Iniitude of ciprosign, 
lie Itrrried an ahrlicntion. Whoever 
leave* the throne (I nienn the actual, 
not the theoretical) vacant, way be 
■aid to ikbdfcate, though in propoting 
lo aay drt^M, tba Loida eoipluyed a 
clearer lertu than the Commons, "ho 
iiiiibiod 00 the other. Bunicl hiu 
abewn, howevtr, thatthetern abdicate 
WM uied adviicdly* and underaapnnfl 
of iEi proprict)', from former uaage, 
Supposing it lo be wrong, it «ver7 
confufiiim <'t lafiguage a poaitive Lie I 
But leaving abstract ^ueatbna. 1 
will givp a rrupL inatance of practical 
mcudacity, from ihe Memoir on the 
lituation of the trench rroir^tariCi, 
pri'«t<ntfd hy the Biron de Bretcuil 

to. Louia XVi, k 17«€, Spcakiug 


Personai aitd OJIM Avihorily ^f the foprt. 


JinicaUt pbily hiidfIropp«d^buliiThicl] 
" C'crt woM qu'on ^ii rrpmitrtf* qnand 

Ijiiiila XIV. Er>ii,-bftLf «ti ilrrnlpr 1#rmf <Eq 
laiitilhMe, dan* un Ennpa plot pftrUcn. 
MrwDCCiC cODUcT^ i ]« fndtf, c( ob 
t'Manir* de ion canfeumif ^Ult pfut 
abfOlD, csttc \*>\ ououpie dcpais dit- 
iVpt ADS 1 rt au chtikfCQU'nl tic <[iicU[Uf« 
RmU Ii read ui loi nvufvllc, donE U •ruL 
tltn 6ii friuaiuer. fu> orffoftTi#fhf ckT 

H BCan'r 'iaiu f<i rf/f^fi^n yrctmdttt 

Ml Bnti, tiiraal r/fniit rtiapt-^' 

duiibguivhin^ between tlifi pcriouAl 
auj uHicial auEhvniy uf lb<: L'unvt, 
thit " itubmiiftion in due to tnefr 
iolorprcUtioa of docli idi^ — »ut to (h«ir 
m9urt]at%of(KU, bc-joM ih? crtdibiJicy 

^ont^QBot on priMif/' Imit hi* net 
dftvD lltr tfitrictbn too do« -' A 
gmil mnny t^AeiAl acU of the l'i>pr4 
art i>ritber ibtrrprcUtioDsorftHavrtiorii 
orfvi*. but vn«ctni«m». Talir, Tor 
IfiAtuce, the «Kccimidunic>tioD of 
BllMtvtbby riu- v., Ahtrcby " bn 
mbfvcu are drclarfd iibaT?]viil from 
ikc Oftth of ftlle^Jan^r, amJ trcry otht^r 
UbUig due itclo brr whalconvcr ; And 
Umm which from hfnrvforlh ofi^y her, 
ftrc innodittrd viih tic anathriDa/' 
Now, It II Weil kunwifciliat the KnKliJ*h 
R uEn»fi I qTtwcr«d> Tilled in (hcirojuniriu 
about thi^documaaV- Tb^v f^im tinned 
\tt TS-liditr, tbc trulh oCm f^round^ 
tt* tipcdKCicv of ih* ftcr, fluid the 
ciE«cit to «rhicli Jt bouad iLera, (Sec 
Fol^. b. u< ccnl. I6j Jf ibc Pope* 
WA» wrc>Dj(, liuTT cuoMv it, that hr, 
^bo itttjiidfviQOlbcrreftHcU.iihr^iiId 
be UMiubk lo ffDCfkl upfnmn iii thi» ? 
iJurtDtv tvlatni Ibal tbe Ifi(]uiiiiioD- 
^arral mt Rnm# (which «»■ fottndi-d 
m 15-13) wu invalicd Jn ft dUputc with 
that or Spfttn; and mention* tlini th« 
Canl£nal*. wbo cotapoted the Inqniii- 
btM-gencral, aitatrted th» Pi>pc" Co be 
loUnlbk wheo he actM, as in this 

«a««, as KiVGreiga pnuuff.*' [n the 
•an« chapter, he ol>»crvci, that "the 
auver^o pooliff ia infatJJblc whati he 
pranouucca m <^A«(/rrf,"— whkb I 
toke to bt the clearT«l nummary or 
opiAiou 00 this lubjectn* 

* Lloreotc, llftf. Inq. c n1. tin 
■»fit " Aliboti^b iho uK|UJ)0Uir< vt Spun 

And, Mr. Urban, \( tubmpMton in 
not due to the pnpal aMcrtiun 4>r/arU, 
how eame the J»nita to act oa if it 
were, in thfif edition of NVwftoaS 
Prinripia. in tbclant century >t loth* 
pnface to Ihi* thud book, occura thii 
cxtroardiDUTy dcclanukn : 

yotthone* atit^f ttpiicuri nefi piyftnttl, 
■if) rti/iftH ^Uft^trt Jvetd AyyotArn Aime 
alimam eoacti nmm fftrtrr prrw<mam. 
CWffrli«i tjiitt it wummtt ponnjirt/^nr cfMtrm 
ifiJHrU mtitwm tt^erffji, ntu i/^sf^ui prO' 

7. With r«fl:ard to Monie4<|uku\ 
ditttibction brtyvfcn th« bigotrd and 
the faratieal character, I would iay, 
(with all resfiecT.) that to mi- it hat 
loog ftppcBfcd to be oi]« of hU hap- 
pieit tiioujhla. " Ceil f^ue la diffe- 
rence tit toUlc entre une armi^e 
fanfttiquv et une ariofe Di^otc." Thi 
Sent* Wflr» fnnoticft at Ncf tiurn. and 

perha|»at MarntoD-Muor ; W when 
they cuoieto contend apamit a tWe- 
nantinji fntaiy, thvir ardtiur iiu1i*id*d- 
Thc lndeptnd*nU hod alt the ad* 
Tantaj{« of bemg a newer icct, witb 
a ffcahcr leal, and were e«B;rr to 

f^fmtt their prmciple», tthik Che 
Scota were oaly deeiroua to prttm^ 
tbejia. Pciluptj howctcr, it U taking 
trio much on one's aelf. CO viHtlieatt 

8. IW remnrkB on Lurd ChatUiin, 
iffhich previouftty appeared id Gctabnr, 

1840^ bad eacaped my meinon^ though 
I am not aeeuatomed to icad your 
?orre*nondent*e conmunicjLtinnpi m - 
BtteotiTcly. Owing, hnwirvpr. In 
Ihcjr copiou»aet4 and dklFut^iveneta, 

it i* dimculi alwara to reiacnbcc 
their coTiienlv, Howwef. to hinj 
bclongfi the priority of the remarks, 
which thiiii unintcnlionAlly coiifirio 
each other. I aia glad Uiat my error 

pretendrd <b>t tbrir Authority vucananU 
col uid ApiritunL, and h*J brfJi dtl^M't^d 
TO Ihem \ij the •otereign pontiff h who Ii 
mfsJLiblfl when lie jironounceBrrraMftfrif* 
firl ihvy nlw^ya fi|i[»civd thi> infidhhilitT 
m Wt* »nd rcfu>cit Io piibniit ta hit 
diccrtff, wlun ocrnirnry to their ponicatar 

f Pliilodophift nntnratEf, aortorr Iwaco 
New tuiut, |frr|icl iLiAEiJuiiiieiil Jirllv i tlutuala, 
enmiiiuui itudkj^ IM*. T- Lciu«i;r at K 
JsLcquicr, 17 GO. 


A6p, DiitM-^Ttial qf Galiieo^—nt Nofy Ofcf. [Ab. 

U corrvoUil, coiK^ning tha Bib< 
llolbbqu* of M. BHrbicr; but. If 1 
UMlliMil that U mt^n\ ihf uvurk he 
edllrd, J. It. bfti alto ft«MOkc4. tk*t 
the cciiTtrMitK)o bctwtro tki« Arch* 
blthop <£ Narboanv (DinaD) asd 
CuMlinul Lunattivr, wil» iIik oih 
a1tu(l«<1 Xa in llic Cient. Mag, for Sept. 

f, 236. brlwi«n Dillon ami (afid«w. 
(Lvc tte uiccdotu us U. Ai^DBii 
rvliira tt. 

*" Ctt iirrtin^qiir. *i«* i1a DKiii\« Oo nft 
tjjirr* ptJi d'hf|itirrUiP-. rut iiur caucvne 
full Gurltop d^fC Ir («rilliikl lie LcnueitJe. 
^m vcikiiU il'l^tre hiEb W In t^re J« iSobaoc*. 
* £h bim, pfftit nvflux. (Ui dii-ilr 4^ qua 

I* fjottc; du enbinel fiil nftnnfc tor <iu) ; 
tr luiU itunc imiJiiCrr. ^i je denrnnde 
UDi? bonno Bbbi^ff, ct <4Uc lu tie ta« La 

f[i«ct p*i (lonnw, i^irect'.pp t\^9 jf l# 
fcnuT Tu ititf donovru', jrt|JArlil TauCr^J 
'd» coup* die pled* d*ni 1e Ttntrc.* — Ab \ 
pvdieu, J*fi'| muKiuETrtJ pii,' Tdl^ful, 
■ah-jiat te rMtt de l^rcbn^uf drNrtf- 
bifQiiv, fid rrfltnut cheiluj, I4 pirjiiLCxe 
coufvrmcr •nlrv k« ikui did> (k l'^li» 

'ilii* anecdote flndft Jt« pUce in the 
AUth^c'fl w*irk -Dr TEul d*» Pro- 
tc*U(i« cn FrftMci/," ai a DOTt. ilJu»- 
intlivrufih? Afchbiihop'ft charncler. 
B«r(rrp ihv tdiri^n of 17^7^ vvliru 
mrunfca were concvrlin^, bet«cvii 
AJatohrrbrB, Ibc baivn dc Ure^r^tit, 

hiid La r*yr!(c, fc-r ihr tKX'%r.f vX iti* 
llTirneh Pratc^t^nTii^ xhi^ Unflicnn 

phurch " prorlamnbct A)4ni>e«. d&nf 
prw^rmbl/* du i^lf^K^* par U vUt dc 
tlirin fimtdeTil. r«rcrLpijqit# A* Nnr. 
|l)«nnt, qoi. ran»iDv i\ Iv dhaJt lui- 
n£ine, uc poovak pai^itraoupfoflnd 
l)l'n>iir par i^vulfonn" iP. «%&Afl uvl« 

p. TTw r«r»ffir« t» Xtt orrginkl 

' YbOChrri of Gjtlilco'j trik], J-ki but 

[Uiu] (flft J. IL «ppr«ben()*i 10 " ihfoir 

Tlhc 6r*t »tunc,' tjut lu«h«w. (hut the 

tm«ii«il accouhU uf Uiai tlrpIuiaUc 

FtriiMACliOft are fully cnnfiimrd hy 

jtuthentk ducuiocnt^H Hie labjtct 

lliai of laic >f4n Ik«d lifought Mtvml 

r1iai«« b«fort the prihitc. b)' ^ir D, 

|Btfr«ratrr. Mr. Drjnkwalfr, and .Mr. 

frUili NftpL^r, i:i Ut> Mvi&oiri oi Jofao 

T<»jufr, thp niatU dupiir of vhifh 

CompriMi tbc ^tAtc uf Sftetve tn 

Karopc an<r tbc rtn^al ©r l^tvn. 

I "Hi* ^uv«t»oa It noi « rovjion/^iu, Lui 

*|i imitiw oof,->«h«ilL«r ibe tvcvivtd 
acco«nU are corrrct or noti And 

whitp I would a»b, na ■peak ftlnog«r 
to the pQfpnr, than the slatrtatnl. 
that the cfiginal pap^ifc ethib-t tba 
£ood fkilh of \ht priaon«r, *bd ibo 
ffrfd^ ijf hiH accusers? 

But, u your cDrreApooLlfnt hta 
dvvrntfd iulij the (ifnial subicct of 
judiCiAl proietotioAa \u thai ctoturir, 
lei mt add a f«4«a|:c coaccming tbccn 
lo Ibc prvaent, aa cairkd on In SpMD, 
in thf pri^ont of the llnLrOrnL-K, 
It form* a note ^uhjcjin^d to the 
L)ri'(ucc of Llarcnte'i HUlory of ib>« 
loi|uutl»ott, to wLich a rtf'Pffi^ce h*a 

bt^n made aLr«a4y. 

"Thr fotlowii^ fact ibcn* IhBt Ibe 
Lni|ftUil<jr« of imx own dijr» do bu( fall 
hrktv lliF itantla-rd of Thopc nbti fi>iltned 
the facntif Tonqi^rcn*-!". ■•••»■! 
prvKnl *Upii ll;c l»(|uuAlLon «•• (h»own 
op«n, in IWO, by Ihc ofdcf* oflh* Certe* 
of Uiidhd, TVrtty-ua* pri«nwr» Ttr* 
foiiDd Lti Lit v^t on* A<f «fc<FnL Vbt« <ha 
Dflmc of tbf city in whiib b« wai - M<at 
hnd biTO r^itilinri] tlirre ;«tni, tutte a 
luofrrptfHfMl; ind doI otie kni-v pcrlKtlf 
tlie Mtarc of Ibe crime of which be wm 

This %• b1kOckio|Ei btit wbalfollowa 
ia horrible in the nirctne ; 

■'Cbr (if thrM priwMfa had bcem 
rontlnmi^d. tml v*i Fti liarr <utfrrfd ^a 
<h« fa!lL>winif dny. Hit«]fTii *a* 
toHdAlbbrthc/rrwhi/kvi. TbcBdhod 
or tbnt dctVvjii^c itc vlcclm li u fol" 
liintH i^llia oondtDiMd l> farteacd to a 
(Towc, iftpf»n a Ifcblfl. oftbubinfc ; •o<- 
prq]dnl*h4Tf btiii i» ■ pcDduJ«n,rW*>liE* 
of wbirb iff (barp, and it it ^ eonainirUd 
99 lo bfcnoie longrr »ilh tTcry nio«^r«iCiit. 
Tha wr«tcli «» tlih Li.i[>t'mpnl t4 d«- 

»tnictiaa »vhigiDf to »n^l f^A tliore hiavt 
and ntrf nioni«at thff ^n? a tdge ajiprt^ch* 

injC n'ArvrirmI nmrr' M lebflb It Fata 

1b< Kkin of kii no*«,and|ndri*UTM^iU. 
vntil \kia U ciiiim. Ii aa»j be 4aaVied 
inhe ItoU Offloe ia it» totroi rf cr tenenied 
■ uore bucauw Bi»d i«pid tnflliod ti 
ttl^rwluftfio^ lierriT, ur tci-'wrioc «(«lii- 
Codoii^ ThU. It* it be niDrnib<T<d, iraa 
a uubitbuiflhi of iLps £<rr<l Trtbanala 
A,D. itfWMf" ty. *iO 

10, Thp mHilian of REanchini 
CJoi»pb> will jutiif«-a*lrjtht r««iii«* 
m<>iaiii>n ot bi* uncle. Tfaiscit Bian- 
chiai, irtbo w«« *«|^tft',i<'l in tba 
aiiEvratfa ooJ aritnir^nib otnUiriaif 
«« a man of *ci«ncc ittd aft 4iLtiquaiy« 
" Noiiioi^ |»c*»dcf>t iho aati<ioit£f, II 

Cpoaa iB pafir df fonaer una cnU 
loa d'ant'ftuil^ aurto, ou lam^ 



Manoir of Jeitt Barhitr D'Autottr. 



BftUnaui d'cuie hUlMrr vecUesla«ii(^e 
pM \m iiwn«iiK«t. LVpui*emeot ik« 

Ciproj«l." Did. JliitOTiqiw.) The 
fHjtttf oT »UFh k tQll«ct>on maf ^ 
tnJbrrcd itom th« KQtM|uftrnn4lluiioEM 

Spui* (StoCWnt. Jhlag,D«c, U^«.> Of 
course, we cAAikOt ikby whether be 
v«old hav* ailv^od ihc rv-c**tinK vf 
tbt St. Bitnhnlum«irn:oHjil, whirh i« 
»Utecl tn haw ht^tt done &( Kocnv, on 
%ht Ifth of Occinkhci, l939j«ciMam' 
»1«£iC( nhich ufffrA but a mcJiiiivlioly 
conlrAit, ^'iLb the uarJi of ^titiui, 

" £mi;H|*l nU Jit-," BV »pftfOfKi«lHy 

ttiremt by Uc L'H^piUl. Amt rrprntrd 
bf focir cof h^rnurJvnt, wjth & juit 
nprVntoQ of r«|in^. (OcL u. ;i65'9.) 
Thv LiAf^ni'iit rkrrdni in thf PfiiftttJint 
AliD«n4cii iar iMi.anJ th« cimpikf 
nttiiUTiAA Uut be hi^ Mea o«to or thr 

Your*, ice. Crttwau. 

THESE tvo nothon, who livrd it 
Ibf Baiijv tinr, hat-« Qo liLerflry fimi- 
ikrity. hut thcx rtttxahWd eicli otb«f 
to c]<>frty, in the rircutntttncn of 
ihttr tcvrrjl ratmbfrt, that the iJimc 
plaQ«*. nuy hf mUI 1o hart rii-cn upon 
them, ojkLl ti> bovc tdkocitied tUfia in 

JCAD Batbier D*.\ucoiir wai burn at 
I^gr^aabouc l04l. Ha nuilc him- 
a*lf Kaovn. at Ih* ig* of twenty -fniir, 
bj a poflrcal uilr« «n thr Jctuiti, 
who ircrf then at Iba! |>ainl of jiowtr 
bmI iitlliJitacf^ vhlcb ih a ititr uiftik 
(or a»Miiian!L nf vnrlous kitiiU. Hia 
inl hjti:atinn wai i lDfoithi;i at it<: 
antk$c of LixicuK, which U <Lu^tuJ 
for Ihc Bar; hul. unforiuiiatdy, hii 
tnrniif)' failing bim at xh<^ cotP- 
mvn(\'ti'tnl uf bin ltr«t plcaJkhg, he 
lirpt lA Lu chanibfr*, acrd (i»|i]oy<d 
hifDMir in dra*rjh( caMi, nhicb be 
did ooC plead In bnwti, HuHcvei, 
be nbtainvd in tfitn my at giratrr 

» On* »idt oi lb« umJiI ODBlaina the 
^t < r T ^ :> xiil. ; oi^iho tvntMU 
ttff- iWlmjiaK mgtil. i;r4tvtnMl 

vjib - r^iii, l^tidiat tt[> t croai, sod 
Ktvfikvf « ••ttil. bufdc tofTd) J»d 
DGibiv. nc iaampoan tm Ihir rvicne ia 

repatatioo than he would have iloiia 
a> & apnkvr. The two pltiidii>c* 
vrhlcb be dfew for n po<^r aerranl 
uAtDRl l^hrun, viUt wai unju^liy 
coftdcnned as the morderr-r o^ hia 
mittrn** and wbo dWd from iba 
tffifCla ol torture, are blghlf exeeiMd. 
Th«y prori>, m% Sabaii#r i^batfrna, 
(aprakiitg of tltc two pICttdlDgaaaeoe) 
both bia talent for d^Kiriencie and Ifae 
bumnnitT of h'n fvdin^ 

With bi4fajlnr« AttheHar, ^ad pro* 
bally Dol ohiajmng cifvaiitY chain- 
b« pfoctiir, Jtd(6<#r ir-U Into dlJllcul- 
tWa. " Maitntilf J^ tttfurlnnr ins th« 
DktioBDairr Hisb>ri^uc rnlhcr wnrjily 
tapifMVTt tO il fut iiMif;^ puut bub* 
aUFcr dVpoawr la tiLie d« ion litraire." 
If tbie «tr« th« aienpio fact, there 
would not be oo much i> complain of, 
fof. armrding In th* f^rni^ral nnlrnn, 
an aothornho iitarri» a bookacHcr'tt 
dttiflhlar baa done totr-rably w«]|, or 
at all event*, ai the »yifig is, "he 
micbl batfl done wor»v." But Sa* 
balier tHU the stntf ^^ifTfcn^ly ! 
" IVAticuur ^ponirt la flUe de *o*i 
Libraia-, pour *cr|ultUr «» d(ttr« 
enicr« Id/' Una altcri the ca**. 
aoil Ibv vosder b. that lh« falbct 
ahould have permittrd tike match under 
auch unpt^miiinc eifcuaiil&Dcta, 

The principtL pn^uctiun □/ D'Au<rour 
ira4 a 4Mvnd wmkavaiitnthvJeariita, 
the objecFs of hia early satire, Su 
mnny Tolumea of Ibe kind appeared 
about thai time, that it woald tearrrly 

il«H»rvf to he mtotioned, rtcvpl fur 
Uiblingiaphy'i Mke, at ihe^ ijraei 
iBtwcr a/e nDt«lLOO« bylh* PmvinciiL 
Leit«r*, were it not for tbe upinion of 
Lu Harpc, who rotiiidcra thia wofk 

b nctt toth^t of I'sacbl. lloubDUrt, 

a Je»DiU b4d imbliihed. in lA71« 
Eitfrrihtu vCAriAU <>/ if'^ur/rn^, Ja 
which, obfferre* Sir Jbiuca Mckciiitcith, 
aitd hit tratirsony it teAp^etabl<>. h« 
"lias ably tindicated hi* urdvr/'t 
A Eiittcr of ityle and a plc«sin; va- 
riety tX tApir*. jrkinfd |ii-rhap» l<i Che 
intarvtt vhich bU Omer k4Ld in pro- 
Autinc iKe rrisHt nf (he bonk, pro- 
duewl n tMonU adiiwin withm *u 
montlw, bctidca M^tal other* which 
folJonvd' lloircver, intheaame year 
D'Au^our b:ouj^ht out ftome pow«rful 

t lUatOTT of eagUnd, ii, 4VJ. 


M^moh' ofjtnn Bartfier DAneour, 


•irkloTM on il Ubdtr iht titJt of 
Smiimtntdp CUcnt^, tbe publkaiioa 
or wbicb lloohoun Ciii«4oly, ir tht 

ocroufil li trtfff, but) vAirtly ondfa- 
vocrvd Xo prevent. The following 
cbtroctft or th« work by SnlMltcr d«- 
*rrv<« to bo <|UOlcd, nol ocljr becAUK 
nmfnity In Y()otrovtf»y wl* th<« bo 
Vftrp, but aUo k>catiBc it i« fteldom 
tultjvaieJ u il ouKbt to bv. "fta 
Criliquf dfs Entrt^littu ti'AtitIt H 
ttStijiftie utnoTUX on Mprit jitcia da 
UnoMCj dc|iiaii 91 Mir-ivOt dv poll- 
trstr : c«t oDfragi* «<fm loujoiin un 
tifrnpff" k propoarr tui ecrivBifi« de 
Dotir tFiu|i», cjui tn&nquvut miuvmiI de 
C«i Iroift fjualit^, ftunqatllt* its Mib- 

■liluent U jakmiv, laniBUvaiM fbi, et 
In grot^i^rrt^/* 'Vhn criticimn of I.q 
llnrpr ii iiUo innporlajil, and dcncrvn 
to br introduced, M it nuy help to 
tD«](« the uoforturiMie D'Aurour mure 
kiMtWD «Dd «ppf«cmicd^ " ]l ^it dv 
la dcMlo^ tie Iva cumbattn (lea 
J^utto) ftTCC ki oimeft ilii bon goAl. 
Darbkr d'Auccjui tiaiu h-um brHuit- 
e»priU camme Ptaca] rl Antaiiht 
AVA>cDl tnil^ Itar ca«ai«lft H leur 
tb6)logicD«. Ltttfutimrm dt C^nthv 
aoot, j# croU, spi^ Jh Avn'iictafM, 
qti'il iiufflc de oommer, le »tul livrv 
poknit<io(* Qoi Alt flH«.urt & ion autcur 
iiflo r<^[>iilAlio>i fuj a AutS Ju«od'& 
nou*, vl J'cuvragc ttt cut digoc : c «At 
a ti^ pro dt rbn»t pr^ft re [|0« U 
critiqut litt^frorrc * |iri>dvitdv ni«ilkui, 
dial k dernier ki^Ich Barbicr d'Au* 
cour me di»prr)it d>ji dir« davanligt 
BUf Ip p. |!toiihour», dout il a rr)ir>^ 
]» d^fautv dp maoii^re A np rlon toiitter 
k d^irer/" Ly^tfr. vii, 379, St)» 

Ti«ar mri«ikft aro rather curtailed 
in traiMcrihing. but iheif^ ii another 
pBMi^ which ahtiuld [;oC be omitted, 
at atune when pcfiodical cnticiAtD u 
«o moeh in v(igi>#. l,n l\Atp9 ol«»rT» 
of D'AucoDr, that "m bltmii.t c« 
<iu'un a fajt, il montre re i^u'it fint 
falfCf it pcoacjutEc, el il^rit bitn, it 

w/if »oa ton ik iiropotltoa df« ubjetA, 
el Bi plojuiiterie (bI fine «t d^cole, 

autiint i|uc ta raivon r*C Kjltde Vt lu- 

mineoM:" and add«. " Il cCit M h 
aouhaiicf «i« la critj^ut e6t tou*ta 
ciB 4«ali1ae, lorv^u'elk devlftt poii- 

lib worL which pncarad hb atoiMbn 
to tbt I'midi AcadrM on ibie do«ili of 

fidi<iue danA Tenpto d*oiivr«f» ijsa 
Too apptlla jouraaoi."' There ore 
1*0 blAda of criticbm vhirb cbiefty 
pmft^t tkK pretsat, tha favounbly or 
unfLvouTably ptr'Jal- If the author 
U Ibc CTJtic B frii.'Dd Ihe bool i> prtUy 
lore 1o bt praiud ^ in txkOM (illHr 

toM% the object U t'> »bew an ability 
kl «hat U iQchnicnllf called cittiag- 
op, wb^eh tnokt* iI»t oflic* of a re- 
viewer A kind af Ulcrary twrit. Th< 
juBtand caiidid «|i»ciinen[iofcriLicUrD, 
iMktiftpplly, ate tbt cicepliun*. 

The other wt>rk« of Barbier ara 
maeely j>ie<ci of (riticivm, or/afvti^, 
find aro uow fc^rcottei.. \Ut mfirria^v 
wuchiMlctB ; he died to Itidt; and 
if be had !<> »tru£j;lc oj^tinal portriy 
while liviDg, tiiB nitniory had t^cuo- 
Iced iftirh icijuttirt, Hib nuervuv* in 
the Frcpcli Academy <eai M. de 
CfrrmoDl'Tonnvrr^r, Bi»hop of Noyon, 
vho, dUf<§Biding the practiir cf (hat 
•ociety, omttted to euiojti^e him in hii 
aildre«0ofibaiikB. TbcAbb^ dtCau- 
rriAjiiji, Diivcttir \it ihv Acodrmy, re- 
paired tlir emiBiron id hii reply to Ihe 
addre^it, nod every ci>rapliment whkb 
he pdtd to Cbe candidate, ^faya ^* 
hAtJ»J watalraitofaaiiff in^rfiEouiEy 
aimed at bii prtdc. The Acfcdeaay 
et>um not lictp eipreiiLQg Ibcir iitr- 
prU« at iHv chudidAle's drparting 
frocn a cm Blom which iris tbco con- 
auUrcdindiipen«aMe, Thceicuic vai 
etill more di«credJiablt^ than the Uulli 
for he laid tlml he had detciminrd 
never to praise pTebeians (mturifr$), 
lie was |iiiipcrl]t luitwcct^d, ihni Ul** 

rature odmiUed of no tidr bat l^ntof 
laicnt ; nitd that plcbciaiithm, wbEeb 
bftpiiened lu ouluumhtr nr>l>iiit) in tba 
Arademy, inifbt ot<- reptii^aU to bTm. 
Mif and 1o all other ooblcs who 
fthewcd a» lidle civility, tit yielded to 
theia reason*, and >a ht had nok 
ptaUed hu pre^tcrcfaor by veord of 
nxwth, he tncrodu^ed an eulogy into 
hi* printfd uldrcu. 

It nay be a foaiter of conjedun. 
whether tbiB pii^ce of rutieneM orif:i- 
eiatrd to private pikittilitv, m rtvperl 
of the eoetlfinerar between D'Ancoar 
aflii Boubouri. Unt two if that were 
the case, the decT«»rO luvaiber BhoDld 
htve m(4 with bKtcr lirAim^nt* an 
accooDt of kin drfeocc of tbe icjjurtd 

It ta jbBl to Li'Aocour'* nitnuiy In 

g^tc Sabatier** tbaravtcr of bb uacitil 


Jfmtfv- o/ C^r(€t Hhti'e ihr/we*ng. 

«, iltlim)t^ ift Jc«li<c to him 
who. It ihQUlcl be rrmcmbviM), tbai b« 
«K4 the AiuHJvr of i>a* of th* A««d** 

"TiMil b noDde itit qiM M. ^ 
Gvr^nt'TMiikCffo «il oe a»lioo l^'iA- 
qM dt Ffovoo, qtil «'««t rta^u fitfi* 
CnUioriii crkelire parxvi futc bruyuiti 

k BJncvbuit^ d« MB Lcttm rutocAln, 
tt pfuft (flcorc p^r u Toail^, qsi fte 
lui Hrini*Uoit, dil'iKit irapfprlcr 9vn 
ftdifitain- fjur- C^itmitU Chr/timm* Au 
rntr^ i1 ivuir it« rnprit (t du aAYO'ir« 
qa^^^ inAaioKDi ilcptctftfa par se* 

BM it IH nov time to loar« the 
sutbnr. <rbo p4id bia bookMlki'i bill 
bj in&rria§^ftrticU*, ftpd to iatro^ucv 
Uc othtT ctae, with tLe quoUiLon, 
*■ Tti«* Itti b^li»,Wt •rone nouut btiilmL'* 

Charlcfl Rivt^rt Dufr«»nT itai borA 

■d, varly in lift, VfllffF-do-diftm- 
hn U) Louii XIX^ who also Q)4d« 
bim eonpirollrr of hi^ i%i<^cn; aod 
ditttp^uubcd hiiB vith pdrlicular fa- 
Twar. Hbt witbbU onivtrvAl taknti, 
otgbt lo birc M<currd a rnp«cUhl« 
CooUbk ^ tocicty i but dl ibc^ ad' 
fista^u vivtv lo%i by habits of di»i- 
palioo> He wiA twice tnarTKd, and 
tbr ativ^tuturc ^ liii tecvdd uiikiij U 
carloB* 1 for, owtne hi» wiAhcroronuA 
a buiKlred rro«rn>, aod b&vics ao 
fDctn* of ptTing tbc debt, lii; <^tfrtd 
brr mirria^. Thi* itiri<Jffit ttmtt h- 
tfoduccd b) Le Siijc into hii IKahit 
BoitiMXt and who can ;>jty the prrLoa 
ikvM uokapfUy toiametnoraltd j 

Tbe folloirii^ <h«ncl*r, Rivfa by 
SftbAlitf, ftluwi tbe ^rvalilitjr uf bU 
Qfnifia -. 

*' Uq soQtanWcrtctpotirln Bmuk< 
Arts, d^i talcfti pour lcf> crullivrr avcc 
•Mcce*, doWrni le fiiierr^trdcr cvramo 

fbifCAdmirrr k4 n^htaieadrtairtituif. 
I^ MuAiqur, k Dcujo, la Tcuimrc, 
rArrti'itt>rture, la Pb^iv, ont nvrfi 
imtT-k-XotiT 8i>n acti>il« ; U* BcUe* 
LtUfT*, (t 4unt<>ut Ia Cotf^tr comtque* 
paroiHeat c*pcadaaL avoir «a la pf^ 

* fbr FitrAfT tllwintiup* of ihe cha- 
tKt«r of M. (Jc c:i(^mOEit-Toi&berrer *t« 
GtDLMac^ IMIi, Ai«.p. 110. 


DufrcMjr CDikductfd iJi« Mftt^ft for 
a ihort time viib abtlitj aad tfkttU 

Hi* " Anio»»fQV4i« Bcritui ci Cii^mi- 
qo£»." (nbich ■»« prinl^ ai Rouco 
III ITOS, viidrf tVaildrruof Aisiter- 
d^B),) T«re mocb to vOfnr. H« ttbvra 

iotTDdaon a SiaBe*«, cri^^ciiing tbe 
Manoenaod cuftoma of th« timv. a 
bappjr idva, wbicb has lincv been 
o/teo initatcd, aod wbicb i« ftuppa«4ti 
lobavt Mt thcttatnpltof Ibv t'eruan, 
Chioeie, andTurirsii Letttrs.t " Mala 
U* tmiUUiiris (obtf rvo* SAbalkr) n'ont 
p«» M aaMJ iag«3 ct atuu rfaer r^ 
quo till." 1^ llarpc baa ttrlvdy eii|l< 
cJMd Duffmiyas adranatitt, in wbiffk 
r«»pf«t if cixnpaTta \ura 1o Dm- 
touchrs. Hf «pr^k« mo*! fatoiinibly 
of th« Jtreuiftiia^im S^fmamd*. Ia 

which the author Uiu> doecribe« a 
pl«ad«r t 

" llacliftiit Mu» muo de pctiU procil* 

Qu'd tataii elnef , uourrir dr pnxi^durri. 
IL let empAtojt bl<iii tt dr cct nourrliwre* 
It Mk fiinii rf» boni ec grot prof^da 

" Ctitaincmcftt <i*h»«rTP» the Critk) 
nd^ d'mgraLurr dei proci* com- 
roe de4 chnpont tnt one bounc foitttH? 
dam le iiyle comiqur." 

I>ufr<^iiy ditd Ju 171-1, Hi* ctreer 
eitoaplifiei ibo nofcuity of b»lii«t as 
wtil aa a&il, U> euaurr a protpcrouvor 
even a crtdirable voyi^. Uufortu- 
natiilr, •mch «xaaipLci» arfi too afl«a 
liikt oa th<>s« whnm they ought to 
warui «li]U to IJtcrarv charactfn, 

they «ro ptegnant vith warniiig; aitJ 
pera^Qa vrho yidd in tbe first iobtaacv 
to tbe fkhc attnctioiw of a (fitiipatpl 

Ufr may, perbap*, b« alarmrU at ttiu 
idea of ainkins to Mieh a maniage as 
DvfrtMiy'a. AVImh ff?Qjiu i« una<e- 
the fiofth^ktor viJI 1jm> ffpcjuently have 

to own, as Aju d^M i^f Hcctot'a 

Voiifa»&c. Ctuwku. 

f- Hio TarUkb Spy. Loiroftr, ma 

t SAhitiffr. !-« TpoU ^^Ici, 177*- 
BcauviM, DWl^ llufldri^ttc. La Harpe* 
C'our«d« Ulttralun:, 


7%rct Dofi tfiUk Kiuff /am^a /. 


A3)ONQ t1i« multiftiioutt tr«ii> 
tt$i^t9 oniAued by iha bdefati^ble 
CcW, ib«re U, ld iiU 3:IqcI voluiut* 
ft wtim<ifUlitr>(totD vjuicu* pctKiniit 
■ddrfCMTiJ lu Mr, R^tg<j Utir- Ooe dT 
llicav conlniftH a ffngmcnt wrUl«n id 
tbf limt or Jftinr* th« Fir^l, vnhuh it 
of luntctklkhiitoHcal i n it- mi.i hough 

Ijikrn of ic. The mhjtcli il Tflcntium 
wtU tie bevi IJtutuaii^l t>^ a fv'w noici 
•pp«n<tcd at tilt foi>t rtf the pigc^ 
TtiK wfiltr flp|»iif4 to hive b»tn t 
I>«iii, ku<t UQv wbc WI.4 in ctoae nt- 
Unilftbcc o(i J&iBC* tti« FtTft, botit ai 
Ihv btjinmag of liU ifign. Mtd «t itt 
dote, EFcoAt lbc]li«i[>ciioi),h«wM 
vuflicirnily iDtjinnlT witb bis M«j»tf, 
to veil to re m Mtitiitwhat Miltritftl 
wJllictMi QpoD (he bin^om ofScot- 
InnJ. Furt Wr. f r Oiv ibt bicuQiJ pofter 
of biB lutnti^firJ, il apptajft tbM be 
had btcn pra«at on the Ami day of 
ibcCa»r«f«M»oalUl^|[iOfiM Hampton 
Court, in |A03. \rl Cole'ii corto- 
apcfidtnt calli bin* otily a Ll^n ; imm 
wtikh ytt may iup|io*fr ihut li^ at- 
lAia^iJ rm bi^ticr jiztfirindur, 

Mr. Cole wy*: 

' • Tbc foUovin^ i* ptrl cf a letter, irilb* 
itHt 4nj iUct, TttloK onlf tbc ldt( qiiBftCf 
of lh« tfarvt 1 u it mntUDfl toinp pu- 
Ikulari rebCing ti> Kiiv J'^uc* tbri KinC, 
Afld 9\t Wfeltrr RAkigb. it t> 1o be U- 
mvntrd tbat thp furmer paH U b>ct : 

*— — • ' boir llicj vouU wonder, <on- 
tiarr to tbit be ^ould biT« Uifin. Some 
v|>H«<ti» |i«st oif ItoLV (lA^nolJa. tbtfl b* 

wu i litik too iirict : > Wbts 1 towJd 
Kini Ibt difliartiotL bptvvd God'a Mofiala 
and 0«|-» PoUitiloi, iTblcb« the Klpge 

' Upon Vcnsday Biftbt, ib« Kib^g «me 
to HuiborM, Mr. Rf«d*'i,^ wWr he ifli 
into ao tarcvtfvc of;«but laL!:Ui«DrB and 

> Join Reynold*, D, D, IJmn of Lia. 
cola, vbu vilb iJr. Tbamai ^arkr, «ar«i 
u Anihfifh| Wood im, *' ibr pUtan of 
purllaaitm* Kndc'fao fiTourrn v| noo- 
coaAifaity/' Tbry b«4ukcB Ibt tan la 
iU dofow at di« llampcoo Court Con- 

* Hwbesrot In 1]jinp«Vtn. TWc 
Kint fcad bovs tbr» bcforr. at u mf Iwr 
p«rbNl<f ibevanivFrocrrM, — »Q tboftitb 
■ad yiat Ab|d*I, •worrfiaf t« tW Cf^lj 
oftbeProcrui. ln«b&?htT +■ ^^u^t-^tr 
Robffrl Oiiabri^Cf'm/ > < ^ 

fnawB, \Cm of Kiac J^mr* i . i . i. 

dpp^pnlatwii, and notrd iha judirmritt of 
Ood iifi|HHi tbraa, viyluiCTt b« cauld noe 
bfl a Hchr Km^r tehu \im\ pnore p<kibjccft, 
nor a ttvhv lord IbAt lad poom I«naritfl, 
rbco he Liirfyed a(ayn«t Pirafc-L sayiuge 
b<* b*(| UcrI Eho Notrlccnrn df InftlanJ 
(oun1f<d for P^ntlr*. which Binw ht taxed 
for Inuilvfiry, tbai. beinf ui continual 
dniifor lA tJl^Blwlvn> fliey would aoay to 
otbfn.i Hfi mtyv^, if bo IE**d, lh«r 
i^iJd b» nerrr a Pixat iq Ini^lind. 
When Sir Franeia Drake, ]hifkin«, 
X«ikiUab, Frvbiibrr'* dcklh vrirn rrniBia* 
brrcil lu hnn-* Tliim b* frtl to v|ivaka 
«^yn*t oiif pronuuneing of Latift. 

■ On ThQitdafc morelnse bcdiMonrvel 
of Ibc IVojIurt/ *bf wiof vbat am «• 
eelUiit man of pHri«« Hit Wair^r Ravlef 
Ta>, and bow be p^aettAd to lill bimieJf 
in Jul i bow b4 daiirod to bav« lfarti«** 

fOttljr f4lb(r, hat thu Kick^ n^jv*^ bo 
waaUl Kud bBm ■ Ga4>d Frcuher, and 
that lrobJ«d bin more h« shouM mke 
him then tbM he bud committed ireoun 
t^jntl bb pi^rKA. £>!. Mjcd tb< Kibgc, 
tboujh Ibe lAWfa ^i« nu hi* Uoad, yet 
bla •oule ahaUe ocver ht nppon me. Tb« 
Kinie o^nred in bin, hov be neter in 
bU bU Utifir* iHAilf mtnlion of Cbtial, 
but aniy of G«d. 

*ThDt ntjhtveeanMr to Wiocbeiteri* 
ffbriL (he Kiiifr'iiiiir ti> tbe cburch, had 
■n orition. Kjird *n aniheon, and vt-nt to 
luipper. Hit KioEv md Quren luppod 
logedter: Hie Klnfc enlnwl tntu rom* 
uondaUoq at vnr albcdrmlt rhnn^hci, 
when 1 towld bUiip ■« acuM for/r&nO, 
bat thoy' f^r rv^<#, lor tUej htd Uio 
ralte of '«jitrn. 

< t'ppAu iVydhy ■! dlno«r, W Bpabo of 
my Lr>: Gray, aail afknl vh^lln^QiiMne* 
did not ]iuniih( bin fur bii euiilcmpt.' 

* So ia Uh MS, ; Iko neafdng b ob* 

* To «W(h 1ta« moaarFli, who aftcr- 
nardi inmiiatcd to a rivail ilatv lui^h a 
8«tg«ct u RalAfb, iiad, o it U Vfideat, 

QOtbiu^ to rrply- 

> UrJ C<6bioi, Lord Gfey «f Wilton, 
ar Waitrr Ralrfb, ftc. whoM triak 

»bnrti|r unn taaX pW^ vf Wtm4ia^fc* 

* The Kmh; t-Tii^ tl U'tncbeaUT Ob 
Uo ':mi ^fpUaibar, l^r«cr. 1. Iff70» 

vbl^h fiU4 tt.^ Aite vi Ib^ iwittr. 

^ ^omt wcrds to tbiJ ttfect acem *aat- 

> tin AcotEb, It kt lewounol ara 





■ft* A 


£ft^r^nf# CUfckt Dorttuhm. 


Hn* •oilt Iks oU tmn, «ha 
Uoit» 1« vldfbtMl by htWy 1o Qtif, 

'•Wliat I* naitioafJ ot 9h VtaMtr 
Kiklglk J4U WT not lufc iMt «ilW rUt- 

till «Mk 1 b4V#, too. 4f l^# [Jun'A, 
" th* (U»t n»j% OotAnftcc kl Ka*H<M 
C^vl. M Ji4M 1503," bU •wQirridft?! 
It Ift aubmu froci ColUff 1 If rill iliiiflc 

TWtra 1> boiirj of t!iP Dcaa'i vriUw. a 

tMli Um«U litlt. Ti^rr U « note In 

* T^ Itt0«e MMiNfted thi> vrf*l <fe1i- 
BBS iif>*tt Q«c«a Ani>a'> d«ul^ tt Haiui:- 
tot Coort. UAr«h fi. hit llij'^ iJicu U 

tA ltDT«tau ^2 MfeirEJ, TfTf bell bimI 
fiiiat •■ 1^ •■*, tud «t R^ploo tniidf 
thK Lit Vrillj bm my U-m or tU L^. 

drtaOvr BVn irilM £r ratire. I *M ««llid 
ibT Ifcv IM* oT BucUu^liiMi. Vf U« 
dUH ipniidl M»«iidii«Dl, i*t1 wtt 

wt lo4ctiiff> «l>t<Jk Rf^^r WfvV* I iLcvmI 
10 UiKU'*- [liban U r^t-ind liU Mi' 


JMll**) lu |Mc4^ itM utatf, *Lvh u it 
nn oot in bii pocket, wA ti U*t f»v« 
U ■« *c*^nt t« knn^ wUfh I nud 0*«r 
to iiu cifT Good rdlij. m Ioiw u he 
lived- And la KiBf Cbuki ika ftrtt 

Cvvd Frldtj vf l>ii nifiie.' 

*' I obtrnc Ml'. Hl'UHc'i nik. tnu 
kiTt uol A4vrid oylbin^ in tliArndiof 

" I b«v« iom« cijllfction* of poT 
cowitr of I>«m< ; p*nicftlMl| « DifL !n 

wWn ihinr^lEor. bj Voi, Adber 0/ Htfw- 

of Bvodan- foi tnoif opi^nmd vnd lu- 
JQjvd h kia n«bt br "><> **'<' Abbot. If 
■Qfth Mr.Hubeb^>«'«*kfl* U tnHflrib« 
it fc« ilI lit i«rric«. 

■ By ih^ tit»e viMI h«ift •ulRcifftiir 
lul^rfu^lnl fOD. •aA *«r]r Uhvlj thkll 
not diflplntf jotij Ib lubcrtbiog ujlclf, 

*■ Your HbOi4 hMPind liambk iCFTAOt. 
•'JOHS BaIlt." 

* Some voidi 1'j Ibit «Ac( tr4n vtnt* 

tltfLildbea^ifftd to' jnD^odd, noi«"Ell- 
mbttb. A!«o.for " ctcudPl fbr Crotti,* 

r«aJ exceeded. 


THT. r}!I<Gi«C«<i»<l once »t1i«dr«T> 

lir>- Nrt in H3<S, ond 

. ftlaiLi, _ _ ,,q iU pl«ii-»t hoxitl- 

I Jorm, d<f-«rib*d by the biil^riut 

cliUir* m lav Uif.?tt ;iitd ticat 

fuTI jLTiiJ rrmarkabb mcvu'iI of ibc 
drt-' ' Micndant t>|>i>n tti«oc- 

COfji^ < ntcDlioat^. Hit myt : 

*■ Tk9 bodf o/ th* •bb>y rbtrph, d«(ti- 
MOolOBBt l^lf, icrti*! onttli^abiiEtderitb 
jwrwm ifmoi fof iht chilo p«recbe oblf «^ <if 
1^ tD*u. 't\^h lant 1^ rosic c/ tbo 
tMilb«4f tho|Wro(bcUfciiLfte. Tbe 
V«iik«i Md X\ac c»«un-iuM ffl>^ 4t *ui' 
4qnM> by culm Hit toitn««-nKti louio 
phrttl^ 10 ot« |b# iMnrttoi of bi^- 
ii«v ks ibff tfbAp<llo «f Al-Lftbirc*. 
Wbftnfo«, «fta vr^k^r GiUor, • doscv 
iMbor, 4ititllii^ jn ^^rbtro, dvft^M 

&ba t>»ii*%-it w ii Vt tjir ij i^>i— or H* 
Ml Pi nvalffiduuii, [)lei;f»ikMi«q««r- 
lan, tmA UkiH: i^ii< '. .linrt-n.FDtwH' ruift, 

|«tt, 4 Tnr-irr iff 

CioT- >>iii>. > vw h\\ li, 


Ihtt llie moaktf tiiid. fron tbit Ili« 
tMiaei-irKO oiU; nl (tkft iibiidon 
eliiuAcikr ^t ibflttTiDt lobotbtUEldyQ, 
the »of« VM «rt(« I Arr, >nd nMi*f<|0«fill7 

■I ihn bole cBrvih. %\>t toda and bvtiM 

MclliBf, fTM dofLcul Then Bnddofd 
obbttoof £hirbuni fvnrcvlttl ibkt Injortti 
and tb< to4]k4« nMnn* vcr* fcirn*! fo cDit- 
tntvt« to tho rtfi£Afiic nf tbu chJrcb. 
But Hftrr tbj* tjmci AMlalu«-ta chircb, 
hnd nof S^ Mnrftt, vTit n>t\l for thf fA- 
nid)C cblf iih. Al thff otfo inrtrcif S- M»*j 
cbiicb *ru rr^d^r^'^ in at'baiv Ditilrfvnlc* 
tyae. uttrif n rh«)«llp of ou tddy, «n 
ofdtf pf«<« nf vork tbil ibo firv /«nf dM 
tu, b7 n^ioh tbM tt ••• o* mn c4d*r b«ild- 
Inc-^PMof RiMMDwtr. nnl tbrmre tt** 
IHjC onfl to Br»dfnr4t, boil Tld ttJunOttrntik- 
/•* ftl il-P "«? p"»T */ S, MirirCbirrft, 
41 Bpfrartbj hl4 Uftinr *iiit rrbnt lU ««- 
t«ni fiiiu^i- — U4iiK»Dnn<, nbtfue, wttr 
■ ThA|dI« DtulltJ oqr Iddy uf Cove Urdt 
tv ibr iiiuib i>ia irf ifc-f I'M t."^ Cut* 

ill t/' In « nnu at Lbi ' ^ Ui% 

iH'fBF. tol.<ij». iio" 

\t bdohdcn] #l»^te, did Vtiir i^i'-*ie 
put vf tbfl Abftir ebitcbi mA Pvtrr fU. 
MUiv, obb*^ IbM. bnlUiid the VT. 
ptft «f tbo UEiM fUrth not nimy jvrn 

Thf flr* M«irMd b*lw«o tb# y*«r< 


JX«rbi»w ChurcK D&rKithirK 


pttrnt wai Rrikritrj* ?l Hrn. VI. ri^ 

Mi6lft>m ihtewXivn omhttilit) ; blid tlic 
DorraliTe of Lclaad of thf TTunsiict)On& 
vrhicU Ut) lu t>>e cai^tropb^ it con- 
Arnied by in onllQMion mndc by the 
Bubop TO the fofmff jen/. bctwo*n 
tbtf ft1>tot ui(! CMTCct if Si)crboUrn« 
AbJ tb< pirrthionvn^ from which it 

spptan thnt tita ni<3nliii complainod 
thair though there hod been in ihc 
boJy or tb« church in ihr fftr>niiMrr7 
frC'iQ iti foundatii3b 4 bdpliimal /«ol, 

in vbieh th« inrauU or ShntroorM 
EMuivh were cotninoaljr b«ptizt<l, yet 
RitrhtiJ t'^'wlr^ Tliuiii«ii nr4|ii.-r, Julin 
Toktr. Waltcf Puke^cr. Jnhn Anhlcy. 
sod olhcr ihfir conrt^fffrsUf^ ended 
•nothirr nvw funl lu ibr lower pan of 
Ihprhufrb^ wTirrrthp inhabit JintH nvd 
(o litAr diriac wtrice, on pirlcoce of 
th* belli rmKing to tiiilint, ftnil of tbo 
ilitit ootnncc ofthcdr>or in th« trail 
[mwanihtnmrdtarni^hvtvtcvn ll^ plot* 
of lilt parLsbicioera, and ll^e Lody of 
llic cbmch. \l lb? firnccauOA to ibc 
font tt Eutrr nnd l'cnlccMt« & con- 
Uftlion ■roM btlnf<e» tho ablx)t «od 
munkft, Kiulxbe towmiDC'u. Tltciuouki 
drsitLnj; that {\tt font might be re- 
moved lo Ihf iiiidebt pUtt, ao one 
0(3^Md h, tad prociunailnn btilng 
madr f^r Ihnt purpoi^^ tb«- hiibnp or- 
dered! ibc brU to be ruQ^ to inaLini 
nrier ibr Aiith honr, accordini; toibt* 
abb«y rTock, the funt to be f«pUoe4 ia 

ekp anctcnt pinet, XU* door ami cti- 
tr&nce for th« proreiMon of the pa- 
tikbloDor* lo the fuhi lo (10 enlarced. 
tad • partition [^hu9>ti «hf^n»n£»j] 
Co bo mode iq the ncivt* nor the choir, 

tknl ihrre mi^hl be > iliqlintl icpAro- 

lloD between tli« i&oiiIl« ind lh« po- 
rUkiooen. Dated 9 Jan, U36, M 
Hta. VJ, TI9 vnfbrelni of tlii»oidtr 
ii AQppoA^ loha^r occfttioccd tb* rial 
whini «ndrd in biifninic ibe churcb, 

NoiwitliMac^diiig Ihc ri/«, ajid ibe 
cOnM<^atfOt r^-e^tibciitmn wtirbil rrn- 
der«id nece«iAiy, eooiidr-rab-'c p>Tlion> 
of th« oH^iiktl itructiif^ nfre pr«- 
itncd, Qbi ore worked op ibio fl^e 
prvtccit fabric, Th«fnorm«o[» pillars 
and A«ni>iitfcii1ar arrbei ««ht{b vup. 

poel iLc timer. Mid lb« nirjctw );hI- 
irrx " ' I rn or imi^r of ihe 

*0^| ifluw Iht pri'trnl 

hvll )i'i-, ajr iJi .^I'rmnn brcbt^f^lvff, 

fro4oblf rrected by Rogrr, iLtnl '>iahop 

of Sarun, tibo eoetribijlei v«ry Urgtif 
to the abb«r, and lint pla<.«d it under 
li« ovn abboi*. A bcAuiiful pu^hon 
the Hiutb tide oflh* cbuirh, which U 
nOititvd by LeUnd, t\ " an aatiquc 
p(^a^ or Tork and aol deffti'V^l with 
firr, br^auAc Ji atood Willi « far l^iitf r 
rar>r thio the body of ihr fhrrch 
did." ii of ibc »anio period, with 
£]gzt2 monMrngB: at irc niio te- 

l*r|BCt<t Mniicirculir ftirhci in the 

»[>ath wall of the cbaptU od tJi« uortb 
h\d% of fb« chancd. In the valU of 
the north aod aoulh tmnv^pta ort aoaM 
acnall frijEtretiti of a similar bty'c, A 
Urge lancet window, at the etot tiMl 
i}f tlifl chai^rl ntiilh uf ib« cliaooel. 
wUh profceting im&Utcd pilaftlcra of 
Pkarbtfck marble, h probabty i^f the 
eavne dgc with &a1 ibuiy cathedral. 
To ikp aaru* at thr iinmedialHy anb- 

aeqamt ofce niay 1>c atcribed the cba- 
pti cf C)ar Lndf at Efae ea&l end of (he 
chart b I apart of which t»ow f<^irin« 
the ceutte of (h« Lnuac iitbabited by 
the upper otaiter of Ujc ^ammu- 


The whole of the body at tl)c church, 
with the aide aialci, wu cither cotif elj 
rebuilt, or a«n modelled, in ihe Vri* 
pei^dicular ttyle. by abbut Bradfordr 
and liifl two lmm<*diale aucceviorv. 
Thcpanetling, which forma onworiba 
CjotI klrjkifi^ rnaiki tf tlie F^crpendi- 
cuUf acrle. cover»tbe pier* (which ut 
to rhv point of iho archot- Onv of 
llicfTL IB repmcntrd in thf Gioaiary of 
Archtlcftare, PJate €, Arches. 11m 

Csrt of ihr ehorcb vii«t of ihi Inw cr I* 
uill with JTamdon'hitt tlone, and in 
a much riKire elegant and tipeoftve 
«*a'inrrtha» the real of ibe cbareb. 
Ihit part ronAtKtt of a rentrf, two 
aide-aisles, nod an eatteroaUk behi»d 
the altar. Tlie centre (oow thrchan- 
cvl, fcriQcrly th« dioir for the reonl*) 
U •upporttd by three ralber obtuaely 
foiotcd afcfaca on each tide: oicr 
wbr^h ire aa oaany large wifadawe, 
with two »tiotie« of niuNwiiB, liuuhinf 
la a Terr rkb Ir^Cerr- TIte rut win* 
dow. >ihkch lillk ijp iLe wtfs^lc tpJKc 
above the dtar from the roof of^tbc 
«a«t oi«U to the sfniM roof nf tb« 
<4iurch. » in ■ nimiUr 4l*le, TUc 
|M^i *:■ ' -iirh 

lide ir. lit- 

liranc*, 'trtUTi t^z ' '*' -' - ^'"^ i<ilni- 
Froon variout r'rcuCBttBiifv*, it ap- 


SArr6otir9c Ckkrc^ DoneUAin, 


pttn ptobftblt thit Xht bDilcIjfiK of 
Uw tMl «tk) of t^ (hurch iiwJ b<«n 
W(9A by tbc pKd«c«*fOf* of abbot 
firtd/oirde. Th« lulUn, vim Iht 
Ihkk CMt !>( ocKrc bnd (imr Iua ht*U 
iCCiJc&Lattf rraiqtfii, a1i«v fvidfjit 
asArki e»f Eht-if hftvlng br^b iiUndlBg 

tX tW lime of tbe fiTt I and lT m eitp< 
pO«e thtl a «U intended to tcbuikl 
ibe whol* ID 4 fliaiUr 4Tf U. ihk vill 
•CC«<iAl foi t^^ dfnKililicn ttt the ftrdi 
&ii4atoo« galirryoo tbt «ft«c itOc of 

(ory ofDorteUhire tJi«t Jibboi Htuain^, 
DfobkUy o[ the Mvlbury faiuiU, Lad 
••gui to rtbuild LU churcb imrfvr ib« 
MtOfiAftt of bi» |;owtrri:tl r^lAtionn sir 
Uliiii(ihic)r$u0onl ftnd Jobn Stikford^ 
bWupof 9«ib And W«1ii «ud nrch- 
biiluip of CajiErrbmr/ ; tnfl that 1h« 
in wpA ofCftUoncd by & ici&poruy 
coming ttrown ovcnomv portoflhc 
vfilttiiUtrd «-uik I for (it ift fti<!rlcd> il 
cmnh«fJly br tciiJLgiDcd Ihanhcdiarcli 
WUuiginf to so opQ^ftiC nti c^tab^ih' 
iiCfili »Ad ttodrr ihi imnirdinlv p4- 
tn>iiis«ortbtbi»ho(i of^Sarum, could 
kave b^FO " ibakLid in ttiv loof/' aa 
doitil^nl by Lc^ujid.* Aflcf tbc fjic, 
iimJ tbc dulb oT Dmninf, ttbicb hLp- 

Cird about tl« tatuo Itin^-, It mi^bt 
0buDd ctpvdtcm l« adu|j4 A Imb ex- 
pMiiiirfi [»Tvi ibAn wankt Ijtai inrpnd'd; 
and tberefore the tbrcf retnajoing fliilfd 
•f lboUvrfrw«rekn »iAndi(i|c,suic] the 
wtK4a buiUiAf proercMirrly SnUhtd 

by Bndford* ^ti*t hU Buc(v»«ora, in 
tne Bt]r> il suv rfinaina. 

The tovrcr wnt rvtl&mljr n pari *>t 
tbeuiacntchnrcb creeled by.Qrabocit 
tba ttvt or, biaboji Ri^r, It L» wid 

to be upirirdi of jyi fc<t bixb, and 
the uppf r (>irr, nhicli roii&i ibe b^ll- 
loft, app»r« to bdie bc«fi f rrctad aince 
Lht ttt i it U built with aiont Uom 
Sbarboimr fiuarri». and the maionry 
it by tto nonna good, 
'ilie towvr ipptax* to fi«vc been ori- 

gl^aJly BUpjiorltil by fuur Norntn 

nidc paloi Jw cajiilaU* AboTti iheaf 
afcl't*, fi^und tbc laatcn or huidc of 

* Lcknd, btmnr. doa aot viy that 
(he fbiiirb m thauhfil. but thp parUtion 

*' Uiak^d in ." Kud lb«l Ibc nof «ki 

fbanop LI'' '^ lb "c coaeriif to be 

lh« ITK' jao of tba paoaft^, 

iImmvW iL. [ii^ H. 'orj or Denotohiff k 
wta poiucd Aifler^aUy. 

thciow^r, nasaticrorNormao Archta 
rfitifi]^ Dpon abort bcavy pdlarv, wbi«h 

furmcd a narrow tau1i«i1 ^arkrv, opVD 
to the church^ The moia pilUn dr 
tbf caitcin fid*, wilb a low galkry 
^bovD it, wtre ritbft (okcn down br. 
foiv, or liMtioyrd at 1(x^ timtf of ihit 
fire. The *iew of the giJlery aod tier 
of Norman pUlara la fr^at ia now la- 

t«rcepl«^ fracn boI«w by a iloii* roof 

mct^d b>" Rainnam or firadf<-fdv. The 
apan of the Brcbea nlikb aupport the 
Icwvr, ti, urcr the &n«c 32 fcvC, and 
tyrtr '.he tnni<pts JO feet. 

All the ymi rnd of the church, vx^ 
Cfpc tbv pi>icb, bu bc«n rebuilt aince 
the lirt: tim aouth at^lo probably by 
a^bot Saunders i itnd iw nave and 
iM(U^ AJiIe undi'ubledly by abbot Ram- 
lano, the initial of whoir rhriUJao 
noJM, and hia rrbua, a text p iucloi- 
iiL^ a ram and croaitr, arf carved in 
luEinT pbcr* upoa tlio pillars, arcbca, 
aad loof of Ihii Pirt of this church. 
In the angle on Uic »3u(h aide of th« 
great wcat door ia the Hgore of a 
nm bi;1clt(ig a KroU, whh tho worda 
ffctcE ti>nnincti. In th« uppoviu 

angle, on the iioitb aide, i« a »(< 
iiiila' li^ur*. wtlh a tcrull inarribMt 
I>itfc? par: itintic qui yAiirur. Tbeae 
Kiiidlft, vriih ih« arnia <if Cardinal 
Morftun a« arehhiihop of Cjtcitributy, 
uho di«d 1500; iniilala of Dubop 
Langton, who lurvived the archbialiop 

only a few moolbai and ihn initUli 
of llrnn' ihv SfvcDtb aiid hJa Queen, 
174?. cJnnfcUd with a Iovci'h knot> 
fin t})< datcof thi» part of 1b< bmlJui^ 
to thr bigicinitiz of their leign. Tbe 
whcdo i» oflhe latrat period of Gothic 
aKhltccturf. TIk tvru eidi;*Ai»leB aie 
feeparatnl from the nave by llic vd-ry 
tbarplr polr^ud archr«, tbut« vhjcb, 
on each ^idc, arc the tame number of 
VJndowi. vritb mutliooa arid Iracery 
tjmilar to, and undoubieJIy cleii^fd 
to aniwti ihoi* HI ihe njailnira in the 
nut ea^, but of coart* Djirron^r, ia 
ci>oa«|uence of the (lolotcd furm of 
(he arch. The ornomcntsand crockeU 
ia each iiactly coftiBpu^J. Tbf wrtt 
end of tb« chtiich U buiU cbirfly witb 
a^oot from qiurii«» on tbe north aUa 
vC tbe town. iDieimiicd with aome 
fiofn Itaiiidoti-bitL 

Tliv vthteod of the north aSilc >a 
■till called the rSttrk aihtc, tritm haiifig 
fiirmrrly had no wiodiriwit. On tbo 

vm{ aide of the north Iranarpt Ibo 



Skn^^tut CA«rcA, D^mUki't. 


buildicgt over the foutli w&lk of llv« 
doitUr •biiut^ jig^iik*!. cad were of 
the «am« hd^Ut ivUb. Ik« «^*lc. 

Tho cbftneol «r4« forwtrlf Mtiartlvd 
frooi the m\c% by a hftn^ove |4ii«lUd 
•Cfvenol Hnmdoa-hill iCOAT* A part 
of lb» 04i1y rtia»in< lAtlt*, upJcr ite 
ftrvt a/ch <in Ibe north atde of Ibo 
alttr I Uie ruit, txcf fit the ficioff undcf 
the Ant ftfcb oil iht WHtb *id«, kp- 
pevi to bavf btrii nVtti ilovn ^hco 
the cbnrcb «At rtodvrcd pArocbint, 
«p«fi *^bv <lmcilulii>n ot tlic Abb«ff 
bat Rnerw&i(l4 itpbiml by « loir brick 
woJl ol rrry liHlifTvffni mtt^^nry* 
Agtian tbQ^MiideoftlitflacTnjj, uhilri 
ibv nrfh#« fi««r#<> Ibi* Uiw«r, lb* MalU 
oflben>o:ii> were orifiinvUf placed, 
Itifff ««n of i»Jc. bffAJUfnhf cftrrcd 

Ukil ciraHTbCoUd with a varivty <»f J#- 

t1<«» and ^rc«e«i(iv fijpmK lonie of 
ifbbth are nprttenUd in a pUu of 

tbf Niftixy of DarMUbirc* 

in tba Lhtnctfk ii an un»eaniiic 
btary a[|irpifc« of Norviy fiali. 33 
fevt tiroftij, miJ ol n pfOHtrti'^iiatlti 
b«ucbl, oTFupyiflf lb« mbuk aM^c* 
frufn lh« floor to tbc bottoa of tll« 
flnr vait wiiidoWi It oiupoH* a pa- 
4i(i]«nr feB|ifHirttd by fniir riol«d [^1- 
JaM uf the Curinlhjan otik^ a;td «ai 
the giJt of WiIhAm Lord Difiby, dur- 
ing Iht Uti cvntury. UFbibtitboUiftt 
b ft V4»ot »pKc or pa«4iLge I & fe*1 
brc«d, vrbirb ivai pr»b4lilf iti mtnacf 
jBto or p«fl oflbD tjkJyCliaprl, mvcb 

of wli^cb la tiuitc la^-i i-e mJiooiI- 

Tb« n biilc cburcb, C)it7r|il Uic Mtttb 
troAiepC and tfie cbipcl oti lbs n:irth 
of iba ch«iK«l* i» v4Q[ud witb fttsrn« 
Tb« tractry uf tliv touf, pvtirvuLiity 
ill ihr |inTt rrtcUiI hy BamnAiii, liAt 
frei-work rracrrv, divergiiu k<k* a faii 
fron ihv top 01 ibf f>iiiar« bcmpcn tb« 

«idr wjBdowA. ■nd ncbiy i^roAi»»tr<I 
with ikoa'kartft and Ib^wcrt. Cpon 
tbr ibrrv hcv^Ltoocfl ol tUt arcbo of 
tb« rbi'ir «ri ib« «fn>t of ^uflTdrd i 
aad a tn^i vaikff I'f tbiclilA and do- 
vktt occur at Iha difffrml inUrftcc- 
twa* vru« frtt vihL, wbJch «<« da- 
•cribrd «ud deUueatvil iA iba Lliitory 
flf DunatjAiirT. 

Tbu font irt Sbcrbounw cburcb vae 
•ingulAJ, tr,aa j« alatad, itwai formerty 
oibBuwJitod Willi bru4 plat««. It i* 
ucIacomI. of l^rfa»ck alone i upna five 
ptniti, MQn TriD»ipil. Tbc filivf *idTs 
»* pUj», and Qffieu- to haff btea 
forncrly placed a^iut a laall. 

Pia tatior or (aiBrat bed ia tM to 
T«ijb 6o,iXH> pounds, And to bava 
been brcrusbt fmivTouitiay^aiidciTaa 
by Cardinal Wultcy. who vat oact 
Itcctor of I-ikaiagi*a« in A^m^iuolMt; 
abtMtt riftht taile* fjom SberbaiirEiv, 
It ifaa vtw out 1070 i tad on ii ia 

Uti> i»crip(ion : 

»v v«M«vr'« atrrt i it>A>aB«Trw» 

TO uiam, TO nditvr, io cvtiacii, i 

«KI|V* TO CAlk- 

UpMi tha fire Ivll U llua motto, 

I. W, I. C. iej2. 
I^rd. i|u«ni:b Ibia furiotu dime i 
AiIm, rua, b<Ip, put oM U10 tMic. 

Tbc rui» at Ibc wot end pi ibtt 
diuitb n.ark tlia tits of the iMltat 

CtUU «b«fcb, d^icatcd to AUbal- 
wi. LcUnd uy*. " All »a]lD««a 
parrfcb ^hureb «ai pidird dovn a Ul«, 
aimI ib< (Tarocb chiucb mad* in oar 
Litdf chaprt at tbi abbay," 8««na 
curi'i'ii* tkttacu frum tb« cbnrebwae- 
dcn>' nccouQl. rckliic to lb* «ala of 
the nuLl^riuln of ihdr oEd cburdi, a*d 
ibe purcbat« of the «>iiTenttiM church, 
Witt ht fiT^a in tli« Hi«lory of Di^rict^ 
■hire. 1^1. IV. [v I17< The clinrcb of 
Allb«lluvi> appc«r» to b^te ct/kMft'.cd 
oftbreeaiiea, witbavaiAltvdroofiiup- 
poited by \h pilltrf oq <«cb «id«, A 
Krl of tbv nuilb wall, m bJgh ae iba 
VUitatii tlu» mi^dovt. Mill rMoatoa 
a* t^ bouadary of tbe chtinhyard, 

A iauih-«ail ii«w of Ihrt ciurtb, 
dra«rn nnd (tcb«l by J, fttf<^Llvr, 
K.SA. ai>d llniabrd by Halt, w«> pab- 
bihpa by uibacriptKio in Fctiraary 

1903. Mr. Llbrkkfr»«t tkc Mtsr tiua, 
■ado a drawrn^ of ibe «uuth-it*M. 
taking in the fuiM ai th« weel end, of 
wbi;b il)eB«eoQipan)iagpiaulaa>a* 
docrd c«py. 



r»z;uke(I bf Mr. Aa^tJBp b hU tn- 
UtxiQclmo to IbelUgift^r oMhtf Orilff 
of th« GsftrT, t^Ri " h mighi be « 

viIidIc comptM of tlif Bidg^i lad 
Co^Rn Q»ra Of ^v;q by iht Crftwo 

CocUIb KUnf cuftotititi." T» idopt 
IbctDOdui jAraat of Ibln ^ili^otolj 
Mtiqury, I Irid&t to lie " p«rdoi»fil/' 
if in the jvtMnt Ami Kiin« fnwioR 
pftpcn, 1 treat of tb^t pvtiruUr pOT< 
tioft of thf "rurWuit" lubjui icfc^ieiJ 
to, — H-t Coit^ia or Ttin t^oviL 
Lirmr. As fur ihi "B«dc<« cxd 
or (iven ly ihr Ccqwei/' tlioogb il il 
tn)e tbftt rt-rt4<n El«'f£v« atv e(mii*r1*il 
«itb tW »Dbj<i:t proff^cd. yd. u thrrv 
&ra muif otb*r KovAt tUiJgci which 

»tTrr «r^f« •.tKTcia'C'J wilh CoIUr* 

of Livtry, 1 »hatl be iJitpMtd lo con- 
ihdtt "tbc witotc cooapui" of Ibem 

ft» 1 dkttinct field of inogiry. 

Aattia trrATciI of BjuJeo, as of 
■oncrlbiog ntvly »yDOR)'nou« wiib 
Collmr^, or u if the It*o «-i;0t to- 
ftlhtr IJk« the peodcnt to tbe c^ilUr 
of ft itodarn Ofikf of KniglitliaoJ. 
Id ^tb« a*cd ibe t«ftn ' Uvrf y Jlirtge 
<ir Kc«b^*in," in • griiern! «ni*.* 
Kpplitd 10 OA ordtr of Knijfhthood, fa 
tb«ffay wrnoirmort ccrrcc^Uyvniptoj 
1b« gCftrulttrni infj/ai'd, Bui, M lb* 

word lUdftT hu A ifccitl hcrUdU 
imfKtrt, tt ought to be cjotetd to th4t 
•ignilicAttmi, JH or^r to avoid ton- 
rn«toti. Tbe Bidic «a» an embte- 
itt*tk or irr^hiJc ngurc. tewo or fixed 

upon voiDtprjiuKieril \mX uf I he ilrru 
Of viMtPrt at itfivAoti, In dcrUre 
vUiblf the Looithuld or t«ivici to 
»h>ch ib*y ^tlgoprcd.t Tht Collar, 

(tba IvoctaL cli&r*^-Ur of «hich ii 
wt4l und4r?tooil, f:oin tbtf prcftvot 
colktra of onlcri of Kni|;b(bood.> wu 
« d<*tJDCtl(>o £iv«n t<ip«raooi oif ^ruUr 

^ AaitU. p 107. 

t Pwr IflfbnHtlMi «ii l^ lUdgt* «f thi 
Crottn Mi the ikikUtf, lU n*lrr maj 
bi vifcrred to Moie r^lMble tntioit om*- 
taftw* of Uwip phnCrJ iu tbt CoUocttMO 
T^Wgft* «l O«nodosioi. to), ni. w, tO 
vi OM ud lb« JUirwpHEii* lUiitfl, 
beond StrlM, nL I. p. i03,iL U6,&14, 

r4ok Of loaportAnce, but very fto- 
iiucntjy to mwy who ntrer «ttaiatd 
il^e griJo of Knigblbood, tliojgh it 
eaai» tu beuMducoofenfngtlicgradt 

fif F*qulr#. and M l4b£|b wa* cua* 

fined to KeiKfat* in the reign orilenfy 

ColTorv «Dd Kiiightbood were two 
initituti^ni eoEirtIr dlatloct, for ftOn« 
ecalurici atltt ^ih eiiilcd : but 

t^Exkrii c^Mi^c «ppr«;» to h«v« unilvd 
then M iadiipriiiiftUc Cf^nfomitftata, 
(ic«ut in chk' cai-* i>r Kiiight^ Baehf*- 
lofi-{ Id conicnnruec of their being 
Uiui ■atoottfil, tne tnthera «bci4« aim 
ootniii^ttoiictoiJc wt« to mptifyiad 
obttorv the itudy of htnUIiy, tlioa|b 
ihiiEr Ttal fftult U lh« tiiempt lo eon- 
teal thtfr ifiaoratce, by the <ab»tllu- 
lioa of Cbccy Tor :e»enrc'n,— bavc pro- 
««dfld to iive^t imaginary colUn for 
Ordtr« thenitelvot lomclimti imAgi- 
o»ry. The rbgltader cf thp prcn^ot 

fooiftlfiicy •gttiLit heraldic and hU* 
torical Tniili vii k Fren(hm»n riftiQed 
FAvyn,{ wboM work on Orderi of 

I ti apii«»f« di«i Ihia tpceica of 
KtiERhlljood U nciir dleoMd, ciccpt in 
Kiifc^uiJ. Sir Hvrii Nieol** boi re- 

ii|*k>o tlmt poifti- lie mj», " Il i« ^cry 
rvmvkdbU, tbu tV incir^nt manner of 
oonfttTing KnightbuoJ. whicli for aifefiy 
reoturirt «tt tbe mofit uulfcrut iscl the 
no>t chemfacd hoeoor la Eiirupv* lod 
wb(^ wu dccinpt) iM bfMWniag in ftnvr- 
reigrii B« tj tic bomblm gtotltmivi In 
Liivlr duiiiiuion*. *hould now he ftlmtul 
lihacih-tr, i-'icpc Id EnjEbnd^ Ordcn of 
KiUf^bt'jDod uulgubleAly ttul io oiiry 
Evid'v, Kinfdmn, tnd ludcpcndfnc Sutc ; 
but U Li btlievtil UiAi In no olbef eonstry 
t^n (Tmtt llfiuin. dots tbr ohzipal nud 

CeuDlfid diffittf of ft Kniglir Rachtlnr, 

(rt<^eJ by tbt nnpotition of ■ Sword, 
nnweiiK/' trii«*y ofiboOnlcrofthe 
Gftftrr. 4to lft*2. IntroducHofi, p. (TJ, 
4 Our couDlrymu, Str Willi«oi ^'epr* 
■lii» Brute *buiil ibc Hmr lime, kHw 
i»o(btnff of lacb coUan bctoncinic to (b« 
old ordera, ud In fiict poinu out Ihc 
piuu:i|vl Older* of b»d*yi» bvafpr^fod 
to bo of gnatcr coooequenco than oiken 
by i«a»«w(ig tbb dbODoUoai "Tfaceo 

Ufa Ordor^ kCinHid, Tlf. tbtt of lU 
Qarter tn £b«Uod. tb«l of the Toixoa Ed 
Uurpmdlo, tbac of 9t< Ukbaei IaFtmco, 


On Cotlart of the licyal Livery, 


Knlfthlbood fpublishfcl at Pari* ia 
16IO), WAA translated icla EngliBli in 
E633f *Jid wlin hftt frfvn loUowed b^ 
Ailinolc, Gvillim^ EdiDoadion, and 
«ll Ihe bo«t oi heraldic cospilcrv, 
doirn ti> the picacat daf, InduiJiDg 
Iho&v n-ho h&va madp booka on tb« 
»ub]«cE of Otderv only, aa Hogb Clark 
and Sir Lc*tu Kanwn* 

A(th« prriod, ifidfFd.vh^C htraldry 

waa oeo mau or ficiidn, v/btn to io- 
Tcnt n po«tifaL pedigrtc, or at tcait to 
COmcntnct tVfrf-pffdijCTfFwdli iil«|^n. 

dary or romonlfc exordium. wa« p«tt«f 
tbt ngoUr butiaeii of vv?n Ibo pro* 
fc*Hd hf f old ; anJ *hcn arm^rUl 
ahi«ld»werrp(Ov](r«d not only Tor kioKt 
and princft vbo lived long bfforc th« 
ori|to of coAt-aimoutr but emi fof 
the hrrou of the tipj£e ofTinf, and 
the pttriarchft of tbe Old T«ftl«ra«nl, 
It i< no wonder thjii all the old 
Soriittjif* of KtiiRht* that wpr*" i»vrf 

read or dTcami or, wcic provided with 
lotignia- So rontid«])t LQd«td l» Favya 
in btfl giklEery of c«1Ian, thM (iji p- 
SSC, Krtfiifh editioDp) be Tnkfa tipoo 
bim to reprove the iguomrtcc of 
»int4f> And tcafptofB. in rrpMMDtini 

St. LduU wjlhcut o(d«r«, ifhotcai, 
he says, be ougbt lo baTt Iwo, tbtt of 
TEatoik ^nd tlut of la CuMO d< 

On* writer onlf appcara lo hat* 
trittn, to vieni tlic lorn^nt of prrvrreaty 
aad error. A»d bi* vmca* hu b«ftn 

IhntoflJie A.tiiUDrLat1aD Ln J^iTojr* uid 
thit of thfl S. Eiprll Lilt encttd In 
FriQDC, be r«ptted inott hocujurablr, and 
«r« AifurHnl M-ITA f r«df CVJWt, m Men 
thff txctU d/i oilier deareei of Knicbt- 
hood." Of Hoiioar. Mitltarte ind CjtII, 
fol. iCo'J. p, nj. 

* On f^rvC entnicg vpou Ibe tutqeft, 
Autt* took Ihe pHiu to mirb tb« du< 
tiortioo bfl««Q CotUr* J4d Ordfn of 
Ka^lkooi- *MIvrc/' be ^jf, "mIo 
Ba^(f«^ I un to prtmlK uf opision. 
Ibit IbB vfarinc ihcm ikoe It aot »«r- 
tcKnt lo cooililutc «n Ordn> ivlti<b I 
<be tatbcr do, tliic< t hntr Eml Jiuan ifj 
•uppoM tbtt the tntbon oe tliU lutfccl 
luie bntoo mvJi lute i>laced the CoUwi 
or Drriiva ci*m bj S^nl|:ni h Xh/iii 
paitlcuiu- liverio«H into t(i» <\t^% ot 
ranp orAllbUryUnSrn.''- " rf 

be tUtfd lUl tW (lixiri I ,r 

tQlUiV libtt cf lUnr^ ibf I-. — mJ 

Uiu (Ibfi Aim CtlLir kno«ii lu liittf [ipt« 
aUached to an (irdn. u '.li^t of Ibr 
OoUrv FlMCe, founded in 14^. Nl* 
CoUa'o Que of tkc Cai tir, p. 34% 

ofar]y drowofd and ortrwhalned in 
thf aiicam. 'l~bu tt Uaritt Anttit, 
wbo, in th< place frOB which I hftte 
already lawlc aquotatioo, hai collected 
a great qoantily oftaluablv particulara 
OP tHoiabject now profoa«d for di*. 
cuiiioo, b«t which have beta totirely 
neglecttd bv a long train of ai3b>ec|u«at 
Butbon. TWUpiDtAblyattilbiitnUe. 
in jE'eat nwaBure, lo worka of h«raMry 
be idg produced AK pi dure* book a ; tl^tf 
lelter*preat ba^ brenaccoriiniodaFed to 
fli« rdftlee. mthi^r ilian tb« pUtea to 
lU« Wer'prcM, aad tbc acrJta of 
collari de«jg(icd uid arrtngrd by 

Favyn, h»i ofFated too alrocig « teftkp* 
ration lo he rciUud by tbea« pictorial 
book-nakira. Ana(i«, on kh* eon* 
U^rf, a true and JodieiouH anli^Qary. 
(lid not DE^Uct to weigb Ibc atatr. 
(Dcata of hia preilccrtadra with more 
«utlj«uUv iororrnktiun derived froo 
rcforda, and could n^rriip ■ aoond 
dticri ml nation in rrjrcltng wbkt wat 
ihown to be legendary and Ulav, wli«n 
■el m eoeapariion wUh th«l wbtch 
bore the impreaa of probability and 
iruth. Hi» rTM4rchce, bowcvrr, are 
stored up U two HMgniScent »nd 
coatly fblio* : it waa neocaaary to ei* 
tract them, and %tl ibein afloat in tb« 
onlm&ry atrcara of compitbiiuji, toil 
thia hai ocvtr yet betn done. ]nde#ct, 
hia collectiona on the tuhjret o^w be- 
fore u> voutit >vrtii to b&ve been 
entirely loit aight of, wbftn, aOcr the 
iapac of a century, aoae <d ihcia were 
brouffbi forward, wlUt all the cLara of 

norclty, in n P«P'r on Collar* of the 

King'i LiTrrr, brthe late Mr. B«lex, 
LoncuLcr Derald, u\ the Second 

£«rira ^f tlie lUtroipKlive Review^ 
IS^a. Thatpaper baa been cited with 
d«aevv£d apprvbolion by ^rvrrtl aob- 
Kquenl mitert, *« lutirjg pliLced in a 
clearer and mnrr vatiafaclory riew a 
fobirctprctfLouhlycotiaidercd ohacnre ; 
jet ii miiiit nui be coibccatod, ibat Mr. 
[lfll£ ff-ll into enUApprii!i«nfioni upon 

aomo of the moit material po^nta oS 
Die inquiry. With regard lo the in* 
trodAction of LiTorr CoilAr* id Ice- 
land, afia rtno/kbg ibot "eviry 
attcntjKl bu failed to cany tho practice 
oS e4»nXrtrrog ibam id tbu country 
bigler thixi :Le fr>gitoinib M*r of 
the rel^'i of Rrcbard the Sctceij, 
IJ90'I." be flUtedlUl - King Hich- 
ard.oa tbtocrajion of thr mftgnirtriAi 
joau held in Smithficld, on tbc Uth 
pr OctoM i99u, la faoftwir q\ ibf 


On Codart ofile Sio^cl tJwry, 


Coa»u oT 0*trcr&nt oad Si. Paul, uiit 
oUur tmmvnt MnnffMr duUibulcd 

ptndvot frntt ft Cou,AA eu«cpoMd irf 
OMM 1^ fnff^ cff brt>c«ii-<od«« of 
(tlilp" For ibb ftufltiioa tht dMrgt- 

'' fiibl. C«ct<a. Tib. & 9. p. Sft. Lc- 

lUld*l Col. TOI. ii. [k. 3li ftnd «^?. 

Alter vpbkh Mr. BclU add*, thit 
"'flcrtcoH* of a« P^IK the WftnJ* 
rbbc Account*, ■Etd tbe Fccilcra* dit^ 
ring ihat rti^n^ forniftb mAny ii»Uncra 
of ibf dmtiibgtmn of lAii CofAri' and 
lMd|« ftimxiiTit ki^ifhtB, Ucli«a. ftad 

for whkb tui«n«nt do aaihorlti«> or 

ci«npl#» art «|ipertdrd, tnil. u ipplltd 

lo ihi.\ CollAr, uid that rclgn, I l>t. 
Ii«v« il lo be vholly uor^onde^L To 
pdito*«d to th* dcMt iif th« ■fliB* «oa- 
Uficc, It b ■dded^''^ and Ihc King 
bbBHir i« rcprtMfilfd ii« wnring 
•och A lollftr i[k the (itcbrntcd coa- 

tfBp»r«i7 p»ctvr^ id tbff F<m1>roke 
€c41«dio« At WiitoOf engravr^l by 

llotlir ju 16^9, Aiid bt him drdiuAUd 
to ChariM I." Hci* we arrive nt the 
orJf in cf tbe miupprohciuiop. Sont 
frinid orHolUr wrute a dncriptiou to 
h# pUr^vl rndrr hit ^n^raTinj^t, in 
liAtiu VMM, of whicli ihe lin« de- 
scrib«ag Ibe collar are ai laUow : 

Cur Htgt ■ UlUiitu Ivr^tur* ntuviu i^uIbU? 

CBCMBfii Krckf PUDtJVfvuU folc* 
Pvfttf olivj Qt AUrot Ccrmji, caL o^Ib < atffna 

JUfla evm f utnt nuts^ ptiichrmnu Cawn 
I lMi|^ Iclii filiufl undi DiJirrm, 

It wn4 scppotrd by the |»ovt, U wUI 
b« obuncil, ihil iht While llarl wu 
"|tnidaJB*'^rii>ii)lh>*c<illar rcjirv^'itittl 
Qpon Ibe petion of ihe Kin^ Jii tbii 
««vi«B« pclvf*, anii ap04i lb* dmIc* of 
the ^ire cf atlcndaat angcU; aT)d 
thU toppoittion was adopted Ly 
AA«tI*i* but, u Mr. B^LU bat him- 
•rff irairkvd. iti a Dutr drtcfibinf 
Hollar'a plate. th« White Han tiwora 

"a« a i*dyr, mi a/ftf^Ardf /u lie M^or. 

but plaoed, lih« a aEu of a modefs 
ordvr, i>n hi* Uti breatt." And jet 
Mr, ^1u le^ goAlicied tbc tlatnuonl 
in hi« prtf#din£ pa^e. (and which ban 
been altndy itootcdj tbat ihc Wbit« 
llui wa* "pcudic&t fron a Coi-lxb ;" 

aa«4. In coo«tfiticfloc. Sir llarria 
Nicolas. fq>lhwttij^ Mr. Belli, iib hSa 
text latbrr cbaa b^i ooir,) biu also, in 
hii rerrnt moat importaai arid vaUahte 
work on tb« Order of tbe Garter, re- 
prued tbr dfacnptkou of " CoLlan rc- 
pcvtenlin^ eoda of the brooni plant, 
orplonla Eeuoala, (In altiuion to tbe 
aomame of the RoyaJ tatailr,' having 
a Whilf Hart vunpt^ndtd Ut tbcnrf** 

Tbouehauch voa evidently the orl^ci 
ofMr. B<iu\ de4<ri|itJr)n or tbe Livery 
Collar of RUhaid ihe Second, yet, •• 
aoa)« otber referenttt bciidci Aoatla would 
be iiarair and uiiwiac Id nc^tleet to 

follovf ttifm, leil the^ ihould be fouod 
lo lead to any otb<r infor malign than 
that whicli t« quoted. Oue reffreuce U 
loaCutton Mb- andlheolh^irtwaarffla 
Leiuid'a Colirdaoea. Tbe votume ia 
the Cott'>nian !,ibrary, marled Ti- 
hc<ioB C. tx. it the Hitiuryof the Lifa 
and Rejj^n ot Richard the Sifcont), 
wijich wa« pnoied by llrarne. 8vo. 
t7i9j and the paitAge al p-3&, relaimg 

to the jutte at SmitbJiotd in J3<;0, la 

*' De^iiBo, uDdtcimo, el daodccsma die 
meiidaOctobna. fi«R lenuU anam ni^Qaia 
Curiam ia Epjacopatn Ixtnduaierult rt 
•pud Siujlhr<M ]i«9tiludla ^jauJU. Ai 
nniai Ciinm vtotrurt cdrtne; dc 
FniDri». d^* SrUrnHa, de Almaoia, ft de 

Optimop, el uma pc rlinrnUa ; ubi dialuia 
erat pnoi^ Sifium tcI Silgnia iUud egrv- 
gtam (d Ctrvo Atb4>, miu corona cT c*1h*oa 

Id which pa«a«.|r, it will bo ob- 
acrved, llicre ta no mpntioa of a C^IUr. 
Tlie vrordi " Sifnuio vel Stij:ina" are 
to b« iraiulaled " Sign or Badge," the 
futTtici woid occitriLii(t irxti\ttat\y m 
the Hneliih altittiative poem on Itich- 
ard the bfcond, which has Liren rdifftd 
by Ml. SYrijiblfuf the Canulcu Society. 
]( La pi?rhR|Hicarcely fMceatATytoadd, 
that the " caiheaa aarea" waa mtrely 
tbe cbaSn placed over the Han* back^ 

attached (o tha " eorona" or eort^not 

■ IMitar af ibe Dnicr of tbe Gwier, 
tot I. p. 11V; ana bffofv, to p. tia 

t Utolory or the Order of tbe Oirter, 

jt^ llU.^The a«wrti(»n lh«l Ihn hrtpnin. 
ptaitt alluded fa tiic name of Ptanlaj^rnet, 
or Uint viuh waj ranMdeJrd the »iiini4me 
of rhr Itoyat Family la Ihe reifn of Eieh- 
arJ Ihr Seronil, hia h««a ilreeijy divfatod 
by the prnfnt write*, a* it ■« fotnieilj 
br Camden and Anitia; cc« the Arrhw- 
oloiu, voL xxjx. 


Oa CoIUr$ of the Royal Lxrer^ 


with vhidi thftt b«**t M^%iM^, ai 
b th« CAflC with iht SfotiKh iTakoro 

Of Mr B«Itt'irFrFren<fr» to LcUdJ'* 
Co1f(*cUfl«, the tfrtt (vhlch u oopM 

In the tobject io p, 311 ofiol- 11- la 
p. 4S3 of that volume U tlie following 
pAHA^c, which occur* amon^ the ^- 
MricTHfroo Ibr Chmnicle " ia Pvur 
College Library," "ifter tie copy of 
CaitoA ihea ^n Wolinyiutre :" 

" Oruta JailH U S«ith*f«JJ, aa^ t&e 
KinettUir^rrj [i.UTcry], WhtU M4rU« 
vllb (liajao of Oold aAd CorotlM, 
AA'I Riilii L^tnJee to Aotver «1io voH 
cvfome " 

Thill wp And (hac Ibe tcatiinvny 
cftcd br Mr. Etltt for « ColW of 
RJchard tht^ Sr<ond'i IJien' >» reduced 
10 th« Witlon Picture j tnd thai, in 
Any ca««4 tlk< Dad^e of the White 

hktXt trtordini 10 Utti pklare* vu 
not aiiLcbftl to the ColUrj biri wont 
on llic kit brcAit.* From toVDccOfi* 
eidermtioiw which will now he offirnd, 
it will prob«hly h« «lk»«c>d that ve 
hiTv not at prMflot ftallf^Dt eiiOence 
1i> ftliQiv Ihfll Ktch«rd ihe Stcdsilt Ba*o 
4QT Collar of Lit LWery at alL 

Thftt Uetriea were Riwa h/ Kichinl 
the 8ecottd, %^ thai tbrr Wire diitfi- 
buled in toch pinAieiao aa lo aniouat 
to one of the ino»t aeriout rtaivreaof 

Li* RlU^OrTcmBltfOt, W* bkVG full C(lp> 

tcflij)(irsry teitinoay ; bi^l b all that 
nctiirB on Ihiit lubjcct tht word Collar 
haa (lotyct be«i futijid. Jii xht pu- 
ngp (^ WiUinghjim aln^td/ quoted, 
th« livery \% celled " ■i£ttu(n rel 
Ktjgmai" and la the/IEilrraiive PotQ 
IhoftD wr>rdt ftie tranaUtrl b^ ihe cor- 
re*poDdrog teinf morii arid ^lyn. The 
Pi>tt ula. 

" WtkAt kynnea eonceyll thit tbe Vpg had, 
Ot ttewd hin mott la mrrkt Mi tiriift. 
Or Mm bem »Uh «ifoMV thai aonrcncil *o llitfhke.'* Ac* 

wtd in tlitf cotitM of mora than a 
hqrulreJ llnM wbleh r«Ul« to thii 
fuhjcct. the wotd nfjM U frequently 
rei»at«d. It u alao loeatiuiHil that 
tlia liftriei w»a HRrte, and that tliay 

were worn* o« Iha brt«st, wmi ia out 

Clftce (hey m callod " ny broehai/' 
lit ibrooglMkut tbe whvte paaaa^e 
>«Ter Collara ; — 

"Tbue k9tf4% oTCre lol^^corelisgesUhaniki; 
PorllotbitUd *ffrn««n4(ee<iAef *rwf«> 
Fe# th« more par(i«, t m»t wU avow, 
TlLej bare heat (be bolder, fur her ^y %r^JUt, 
AnJthiithld id<b bqf Jkrti/it, %u4 iMre >d0vnc iha pvWTC 

Li«fe> tbit loT^d ton the IcMe Aar her pell dadii?" 

fa the neit plate, I would mcntioei 
aa a ncgatlv* proof on thir quvaibn, 
tbe AbceiKO ot lay ColUr uf ike Li* 
itry of Rlehani tbe 8*co«td frivm ih« 
pnUic reMrde, wbkb fvmiih, m n\\\ 
be seen beicafl^r, ma^v particuiarara* 
tpectknj tbe C<)liBri »f W eaeetMaret 
more eipeeiaJJy, m a lent ahJ very 
mrioiia ifiventnry of nil ibe Jevell of 
tbe CroWBv ivade eborllj' Alter iliv ac* 
eettiota of Heiuy tbe Poartb. a»d 
whicb will be fi^Qiid lo itxk^t -n- 
poTtaai Mfvtce la Ihe preaeat tntes- 

Thirdly^ we have do CoEEat of 
Bro«m'fOib in nionaiiwolAl tflgUa i 

thonith eA^ie* witb Cvliar* of Ewe*, 
iiu^ . - ' ■ t ' 


beCA ffivcn by hiin befcre hu accc«- 

■ion. or by hU fathir the Dukt of 
UiKDAttf J an very abaadaau 

■ fllrEtend^'nionieand tilt Lady, 

ie 9flMhtrd-< Men.»MMl EM^k *^ 
In lUf oaflMr Ibe Badgt of Ibe Oonte of 
\nrt« tbe Faken mi ftlEeHook i Ibe 
Knlchl on bU WA flheiddflr, Uv l^aJv^n 

t Rlcbv4lt,bediwaColkantidi*Bir 
him in lu iTthyesr, wbkh mm a hea- 
drcd marki, (iTC/. lit. 4<f.) bit no pe* 
<ulu't(;r of f4(Uru U a>n4i««4d In iho 
rtoMd (ton which iku Uroeniatlon 1* 
«fnv*d. "Jd Dec, ToDi^ BaraaLiym 
aad llasi Ucnbln-, foUwirta of L«ni«a, 
la leenrypeid to ikee^ for inaite^ ivq 
r^'^'ftH m4cae«ttdef ffllft. :TO"Jl^^lWJ 
'-■\ pmrlo^* ' UiP 

|i- 25J, 

L'ciLii > (van af the Ruito^a 

I%e Cftmf/^ifl^ «/" KiKy Edward VL 


I^Btlr, to rfCUrn tatbr WJUon pic- 
Uirt, IbWe ii great refttnn M brJj<ve 
that lb* |>4int*r mlvn-fnl Ihnrvin ft 
rtprnrfil Uiv Collar of fbe Linry of 
lie KiQ£ of l^'n&Ct, which wu f^rnjKit 
k4 t*Mvt lit ffmr^if. tbftt ii, Broom- 
cofft.^r Ui« wrtriDE of which hf 
Ricbiml. acid alio bf Hrotrtbr r^urlb, 
fl* thtf tivcfjr of (he Kicjicb Km»{s» wc 
bate icfttimDaj; (foto iftcraJ other 
qiiarlvM, «bkh ^ili be at^ducnl in 

Afaiv, Mr, Rritr UAi rntir«ly ntit- 
lakca wbcn he nlmtrd itial "^JOA a/irr 
ibo InttJialioQ ori^ki dcvicfp or Livery, 
[by RkbaH Ibr Sr^na in tirt(*] f^" 
Preoch K^ag iipfkiari lo b^re infro- 
Atct4 tie lamr tt hu Coart; Tof, 
itt 139^/' &c. Op tb« CDhir&ry, 

not only do *oni« of tbe old nutbott 
oT PrAixe vpeok of us ancient onler ia 

thM cuanity caIIcJ eau#v c£« yfiirfl«. 
wh'ilu Upt^tn affirm* tbal the Kiog af 
fmnngarelbAtcolUf " m^nMoSigno 
live Liber«U/' Ibuth wbich cirauiu^- 
•tanre* nr* nr>ritrcl Uy AAAlia.) hut 
Paryn bat introduced at Irngih a do* 
CUtnent by wbtcb C'tiaitn the Tidh 

confi>fteiI tW pfiriErcf of vrurioi; the 
Collar at cMfe* ^ ^uftfr ujioo one of 
bi* oKartivm m lh« y^r 137^, which 
iri« lok-filvF vearK ^/ore ibQ lime tks- 
cij^urd by A^r. D^TCi for tU p»urD«d 

P, &. Bcfarr I cloic iIkm iatioiluc- 
lory «tu<rYaiioni, it mar advance l\\f. 
object in vi«w jf 1 sUUtftr plan of my 
ftuban^ucnt papefd, U is iny lotcn- 
l(<>A to arrange tb« bi«tory r>l Collara 
oltbe Ruyftl (jvery under mgtit, to 
each of wbkh 1 aboir pnhi nr ett|;rar. 
ii\^n( Ih* fU^llnr tbvn unrn^ I pr«potc 
to dctai] jfl chronological oioer thn 
varioua huTortcal anecdote ■ iffbkh 
belc^ng tc tbc «ubj«ct. and afrervariTi 
to jir\« a cataluj^iie. as complete aa it 
ran be mad«, of all the c^ainiilfa of 
Collar* v»bicb arc knr>w(i, to Tsoao- 
loeotal ciTteic*, or nther contemporary 
rtpre««otaiicjQ», The aafliitaoft of 
any ffieud or cocreipoDdcnt. in Any of 
thtae rf^peHe, anJ pnriiciiUrly 1b« 
lait, will bebighly appreciated- J.G.N, 


T«» iiotT i^iFAaeHT tcHXE or aim bsvkt tui. or tnAT xami;. 

f liottd la L^od'a Colltcianeai ed^t- n?<l. tratn a Maootri^t Jn Ihe haod-vrfl* 
big«f IViar Le Ncio, £m. Ui«a In the puidCHloaof Jgacpb Gdmanilaonj Kiq- Mow- 

TflC ceremontal aT a f^rltteninx for a Prince or Priiiceu, ai atTlborUcd by 
the Covnivbs uf Kxhinond und Ot'rby, the King;'»]Uo(hfr, ifi Ihr rei^n of Henry 
Vlt. vnfly L; Men ia LcUnd'e Cullvrtanc-a 177'!. i^"d Agiin rn the ATktit|uariaa 
RrperUiry. Tie Chmtoiiinir of the hineeis hriiJi-rl. thu[clitifr uf King lUI- 
ward iLe Fouttb, in MSfl. ii jrin^cd in the Gentlcmjiii'd M^caMoe for Jan, 
lS3i ; ftnd (hat uf tlir Princm* Mari;ar<i, dnugbtcr of Dciify Vi j. id H't9* in 
telandVCoUcft. I770, i*. 2S0. That of Tfincc Arlhar. the f Idcil ron of Henry 
Vll., ifj^ilu wme wovk. and in Ihtr Ac^ti^unJian Ropf^rtary^* That of Qimu 
£[i4al>t'U n *lto in Ehc latter WQik, nnd pit^i^d [» hn IVn^irmr*, by Mr, 
NichoU I ]t»il arrntbrr arfViunt. in Lalici. in Leland'» Collctt&nc*, 1770- In 
th« CoJlrdaoei ii aUo tbe Ccrcnmaial uf ibe L1iritt4!iiuie of Kdiv ard lb? Suth,f 
«bicli we wiU bcvo ritnci. 

* Tlia t«snittiif *f thr Pir«««wan wki«1] nA-ompanw* thit, md u cftltcJ the 

CbrUCttUit of Prtnnr Aribur. it rviil^-uilj niti ««n1rD|iorary ; but, for itt coaiome, 
■•oold lOftwer brtur to thf t.|jrli<!nins i>r bdaarl VI. to the ume eonlnCDc i* al«o 
aaotitfr atcniUr pUip, ttid lo rejircieDl iha Punc«ml of Qnvcn Flir^hrth (of Vork) fn 

^ The old cbnjuklcr Qnfliinp in hl< ar<vuiit of tblR Chrliunlnff Mytc* din to6nL 
" Prbice af Waki," tttikb, u.v4 Sandford. *'h* nwnr i»i. for in the nialh jniri^f 
bli uci wboa an ihiufi nerc iirepared, and in rcAiiinfM for hb Creation, hii Futlicr 

CuiT. Mao. Vol. XVfK Y 


Tht Chri^tmng ^ King Bdwatd P/. 


on tbc 13tl) <Uf of Octobtr, the fvftil 
i>f St. WilfiiiU, iho t^ifil or Si. VA^ 
wuJ. whicli TFts on the TridBr tbovt 
ft of tb« cU^ck in tliv morning, wat 
boruc. «t n«iDpton Court, l^^wtrd, 
ftf>Dnc to Kinit lltnry i\io VIII. b 
(th« tlooiLnlc&n letter wu Oo io thv 
SKTXth trite of th(f rcifn of our Sou- 
Vfffnunc I'ord, whJch wm not chritE- 
CDe4 'itil tb« MonOay n«it following. 
Ineontinont 4fUr lli« birlh, Tp 
Denm wa« •ung in tlw C«lb»drBl 
Chorcb of i'auk'* figbt solfmnly. and 
III *U tlmi oth«rCliuichG« f}f London j 
«Dd ia«ny fifcoE firn in evtry atrrcF, 
BAd 10 conlinucdlUl night. And there 

WHA there goodtf banquctinf ntiLi tri- 
umpbintr. vilh *hooting of goai All 
diy tndaigbt. in ilie po^liest mtnnn 

llitl mlgbt be ilevtMd. And ina4«Q- 
gert vrere tnt loall tlic etUUa ftfid 
cilliei of lh< rrftiiDc of th&t moat 
Jcvful and comfortsMc lyClugt, to 
Man werftgiveorrratondlfcrgcgifli. 
And, 6v«r alUTe DtrQinwusaagwith 
riftding Qf bctlv, and in tbe most put 

fircQ m^dr in pr>Ue of Ood, ftnt} re- 

jotcing of All nfaglUhmcn. 

rfcp Pr^^amtitma ordainfd ftfr tht 
ipict C'Ar^v/ejiiDy of Harofthm Court* 

SRo tt the prtXQCt tixIgiEg, cooirytd 
irough the roaouH tiiAinber lo the 
gdkiy Ipftding itrougli tha Kiag'v 
(Tftsit cliAimbcr, nnd >o through the 
biU tiid ibf KCCunLt court it the git- 
Icry lliat govtb to Ibc cbappcti, ai^nii' 
icg oil that WAf (i>rcbf4 Wiir by lU- 
King's icrianU, uud other nohf<-muo*s 
stfv«ntj», end «lt tliai waj tnirvd 
«h«re Ao yrxWcs br. and richly bnog, 
gn«l itrgwcil "iih xuihct. 
At tbf cha|i|KU dorc g \Mp; |iorch, 

a>d lh« Minv t^Aicrrnl with richctoLh 
ofgfitdei uraa, Hod doublr-hug^d 
itilh UTfU titrXt, gnd the inrc horded, 
ttaij eonred wUh carpolb- And ^J 

the body of thccbapptll h«ngedviith 
ri^ arres, and la tbr same a footc 9f 
oihfli aadiiitl* m4 ufan a Mouot ui 
ataltt m»Att at four doertc* in heiftht, 
ud foiir-iu|BBrc* in CMPiviue, inrlowd 

^Hhd'i^^' '"■■■■ ■'- "f lymbrr. 

with I I lo COUP 

\n, ttMji:.-. - , ;... :.^itn, Ibc 

* *' naaipauv" In CeOieiaiwL |<r>ihi. 
b^r «a error Cor bij Miore. 

third lo thr alui, the aaiM ham co- 
vered wirh rwJ lav, agtl tikkid wiik 

nb%i{ lift^lee. And all Ibe degrvM of 
tht aamc mount oovired with earp^ttt, 
and the btrr> hanged with rich thxh 
oi |oold. Abi OD Uiv vaid foott a rich 
canopie. And opoo the aouth iide, g 
little from tbt mount, vat prtpajvd g 
iravfT* of danukc for nafcicig tettdy 
the Prince tu the cbriatenl*f. l%a 
uaat travtra coder foolc covc<td with 
ctrpeu, and thrrtin a 4fc>pan t£ 
cotle*^ with good pcr^mo baAisi, and 
chafenof allreraiid gilt, with water, 
wlicreof the aayea flur*ty taken, td 
(vjub lh« tVinctf if ntf«i ^. Aad alt 
the tyme of the Pf icce** oppeoiag, the 
biahop gnd gJtdfclhere.taeingtha Igdf 
godBAAthcr, fttnodc ondcr ike tmaopit 
over the fonle, there to abide ttie coat* 
ingof the Prince- The quert of the 
cbaijpell Man ricliL} huii|[ uubtrih kid«a 
with irru, nnd tbr high altai rlthly 
garnihlied with «tDffb tad platr. And 
on Ibe Boulh side of Iha Mid altar a 
rich iravere of cirith n/goold garnitfaad 
and haogtd, covered oader foate wfth 
cajpctta, txtd furnt«ticd with cuahone. 
And lJLevti« under foote« bct^^vc tho 
fonte aod the bi£h altar, covcnd with 
carpcti^ Two yeomen uth4r« brpl 
tli« ehapfirit dare ncit the porchc. 
T?a ffcnClcinen u&hera of the Ktng*« 
kept thoentricaof ihcbgrrea^bouttfae 

Item, 5ir John Rourll, Sir Francw 
Biyon. ^ir Nicholu Careirr, and Sit 
Anthony BrawiiF, in ajkroot a&d tow* 
rllt, nrr* ap[fniritr^ lo hike charga nf 
the fonte ; at^d krpt the vaue 'till thev 
thvrecjf weri> ditchargej by th« Lon 
Sttvjird, or in hU abtfnec the IVm* 

mrer of the King's hou». 
Two geoticmcQ uahcfi bept thg 

<]<irTr dorr. 

Two ochfi grotloBta nabfr* kept 
tlw travrra an\ the altar 

Tlie scTJcaot of the fwciy dclitered 
at Ibe nurvety d'^rc the bniii f 

cuay,atiJt1owelli, and|aV' I 
ttMttv im the Htapj-rtt, rct^ivJuk lup 
■Aine after chriUrnJng doo». 

Ibe atrieant t^f the chaiin'lry wat 
nttdyAt the *aal diittber \ivt\-, uid 
Jt^verad iht' lariVTi &oi| towrlpj^ tttil 
*^ ibt cl , -^ii the tOWtfW 

n ,,^. 

at tin , -tcml 

Ibff eail 4bd UbviU. a^i u. tia ciap- 


ne Cifw/miiy ^f King E<Jv^rii VI, 


Theftrrji'AJit of tbe tmmpclt», vilb 
all the cQispanjr oi tL^i office, w«<c 
rcaJy ^ilh itieir trumpfUa soandiag. 
M bf lb* Lord ChAiuMfV^ii Uicy were 

' bJI ike oUier kiop and i>Jii«i», 
their UttDduice, u tottidr offl<« 

TlM Dma or the clup|>4ll tod the 
l|i|tr« wpr« ri'kdirabd ^vf th«ir tt- 
WodftDCO, in toca »Mt m to thcai ftp' 

And ibt Mfjeanl of tb« vtttry pre- 

CLitd ihi' fontr, «nii oJl tbii>i;v tbftt to 
ii officr ipivrtcyiMd. 
TtHLord Mar^«ur of EogUndaAd 
&i«*eiT«iiU, Willi tipi<4*fk Kj rvaili> 
MM. imMak H*^' *^ (u (lui office 
ThrKiilfihi MaifiinlJ nnJ hi* men 

SiQ llitir atTrDilnmo, ind dM lU, in 

Titaa'tttr of tht Kin^'ft hoiu« Oji' 

TbaAll the offidrmof tlir houic- 
bold ^ittt icudf lo CO «trvicG lo liinn 

ThiM all tXMn, hniichu, and gto^ 
tltncfi b»4 tbrir w;uiiiiig &« aforrsajiJ, 

to inaLc tiic^r irjfiufv U> tljt- Ccujt, 

br the King'* Ulle/». to do 9cnkt U 
toon Appointtij. 

warning lo ffpacr. doing thi>ir norvJCd 
u tliejr were *p)>obtf4- 
T^en alt «ci«nof Ihe Kiog'tchap- 

kia* a< V4r# itkMo U do twTit«, <ir*rp 

fUltn for Irt cvpaiff to ll^ Ucu^l, 
4 ^ivr UieU atteiuiaoec, 

A»d after ibc uid ordrrv and oro. 

Tbioa put in th<ir t>?rfect^onp and the 

iblv nudr* goilicjed iind |H(L 

rcad&pcftt, ihi* unUr ha.* f<ii\*twt^ 

Ikir loin^ from tbe l^rioce's IocIcidk tu 

riHiT, rft;m(i gnit[vmfa, t^^uim 
aJbd baifhtH, i tnU J, ftlandrrg itlll, 
bearioi nrry one a torrb in hi* h«nd, 
»a« lighted viatilthe rrmee bir clirtst 
efttd>*— Tl-^n llir rhtlilrrn jimt mmM- 

iim of the Kinir'n ehap|>tf]], lod the 
D«aD, la thvtf bfrfdfi aad toopei, »ot 
atng4»(. ^a^ outi<«rd-— 'Thta ^taU, 
eaii«. ind kni>. 1 and ^. Tlven fbap- 
Vtytit (if dignity, 2 aod % in uiiUf, 
Tbta Atbota and D*tbop«. — Tbcu ibt 

KiDg'i couAc«lkra.— Th«n Lordi, Ba- 

roiu, Vl>e««QU, acid £arlea, ff «a-| 4.—' 
Then tk« Cixnpt roller and Trraqnrrf of 
tbe Kiog'a bouaeboid- — 'Ilien iLeAm- 
EM>«aJur*j arciMupanJnl wilh [icraott- 
Uet con renieat.— Then the 3 Ixirda 
CbaoibtHftioN aal the Lord Clun- 
beitaJs of Englnd In tbe vidOnt. 
Tlieo tbe f.errd Oro»iren, h*;«i Ijtn^ 
IVivy Sealn.^Thm Ibe Lord Chao* 
Mllor^-^'J'ben ihe l>alLC ol Norfolk, 
and the AfchbUHop of ^jntiTrhory, 
Next them a |>«ir of c<»rrr'd baalna. 
and a touctl upon tba;. wiih a top 

of MMf. iott* by tbe £arl of $m. 
5eic. appoiotcd by tb« L«rtl Moo* 
lafiw. Nnt an«r, a toptr of vir* 
pio wair boHM l*r l^« Karl of WHi- 
*hire> m a lowfil aboot hi» neck, 
llien nsaJi ol gctd. ricMy |->f«Ub^ 
whh|ieai!£ tuxd iUiqp. borue by ibe 
Kiul uf KaMi. with a lowi>ll alraut hla 
neck. Ttirn ihccryiom, richfy gar- 
nKli^d. borne by the Lady I^IUabHrtb, 
the King'a duii^litvr j ibo Mine ladyp 
for Iter lender age.* irai hornt by iha 
Vixontt Jlcauchnmp. wrih iWaasJM- 
incr of tli0 I^ord MoHvy. Then tho 
Prince, borne oadtr ihc coaorle, by 
Ihc Lady Manjgi^G of tteter, Ou tiled 

br tbe Diilte oi Snttilk, and thr Lord 

Mai(]nn her hoiband. The Lady 
mialreai, or guvemeM, vrmt hrtwtta 
Ihe I^Locv niid th« mppUTtcfs. The 
Imtne of the Peace's rube borne by 
tbe 1-Utl orAn«ndelLao()iuiteyn«Iby 
Ibe Lord M'lLLiira Howard. Tlifl marw 
(Otng e<]ijiilly with ibe iiup|ior1cr of 
tb« iraine, and nitb her |h« midwilV, 
I'hecanopie oTcrthc frince. borne ^ 
6 g*iillein«ii of lh4 Kroc'*ptWyehani- 
her, 'Hie tortay*!* of *rrfl;lo wai borne 
aboot the canopie br I hnlght*, or 
Neole. Ncit after ihe eonnplt-^ my 

Lady Mary, the Kinv's daaRtitee, 
being l-iady GodmoDicr. hrr ttayu 
bdine by \Uv i*dy Kin(«ton» After 
my Ln.ty M>ry, nil other l^ie« of 
llonuu' and Geuiiewnmen in order, 
*fY*r iheir degrees, did foUu^r. ThU 
otdit nforetaid ohiwed : wbtn the 
P/itice wiwchriiUncd, then allmrdwa 
wrert; U%hi, and UaiUi prindpal king 
at ariot procUi'v-vd lut itaine ard aitU 
in fotrne fo!lo«Ug : 
*'GoD, ^ lU dmif^ aaif i^iU 

■ Eliiabctli, bora (n IS33.«ai ai thb 
litac foar jc4n otd> Tke L«dj Muy, 

t Toecbta. 


Tie Cin'i/wiiny ^Kwy Edward ft. 


fr^ft, pirt 0«td yt^ni ff^vi h/9 a^d ttriig 
(q thf It4yht High. Hnyhi kj^rllml and 

H^il dM*' Krj// u/ Lhtatrf, tmi*t ttmit 9n4 
tmiireiif behvt^ tount i^ our rnvf d/^^ 
aiirf^mcrafe* tA>nt Kitty H'try K/k." 

Ibis clone. ihUncmcufalkivtin^wiU 
in Univ ihtf frince wu mnkinjE ready 
iQ hi» iriLttrft. ArtU Tf D^om ftung, 
Flr»c, to ilic Lady Mary, iIip Luni 
VTtllUrn to gire the tc«vvU, ftrtil llw 
Lord TitiEKHlrr tobrarcovfrcdbailn^ 
ADd th« Li>id MaiiTa|LV« lo uncover. 
Tolbft DUhop lh*t doih ndminutcr, 
th« Lord Buuirlirr to bt^r Ihc inwrUi 
tbc LoM timy to benre 1h« basons, 
and tli^ Lord UvUw»r to uncover. 
To lb* Bikbo;> oJCnnterburv ind iht 
l)uk« of 4NDffolk, godlDtbtr* lo tbe 
IVincc, Lord Slarton tn boat tha 
lOKtl). nttd Eh« Lord WcntnorlEi O 
git* tht ^aUr. 

Tu Kifv ihc Ladjr Mniv aoO tlic 
Liidf Llizabrlli with ipicM. wafers, 
llbd viikCi Ibc Lord Mn-itinfa to bear 
the cup to thv Lady Marv, and tbc 
ijttrtl nrUwnrrr aootbrr to ihf Laily 
FJJ»betbi The Lurd Djicna of Uh 
ticutb to b»r 1^c ipice-itbtrvto thoa 

bolli, th« LordCobbjiifithv u-afrrv, nnd 

tlie Lord MontaguB (□ uncover tbc 


The HUbop that dolb sdm&Dfttitr lo 

bt Bcrrtfd wiib Bpk«» wior, njTd wafers 

by ibrcc of the nncicnl Knrjhti >p. 

pQiiilnl by die LordCbftEcbcjUiri.* 
The Archbishop of CucUrbury btjd 

IbP Duke of Norfolk nerc ijodfatbers 
} at the foutr, luid tbc [)ukr of iiuffulk 
I^DdfAthcr at ibc confirmatioD : to be 
I'^rrtd with LiL« •pic«>, wnffrt. and 
rWiM, ty thicc lucb Knighte aa by iht 
li'iLon] Chanbtrlalo wrrp apiwiniwl. 

Alt oth*r Hlatca aad geQtlta itiibia 

tbr Church aa4 tb* Cciin wfra utit4 

«ith >p^?c and ypociDi, aiid all other 

bad bread and twRt wrinf. 
Afior th't done, the going bomc- 

_ vard with Iho Prince wo* liLr lo th* 

gaiiit oulnard ia crct^thJng, uvitii 

tbaC tbr Up«r. tha boMto. tb« iaIC 
vb'cfT IberC delkvcrni, Hndthogiftj tiaC^ 
Vfr< giicn by iht gottiipfa wtr# car- 
ried 10 ord^r a^aifir at failowaib : 

Gfflt yian Ay tht Gct^^i^ert^ 
Fir M, Uic Ltdy Mary a cup of gold, 

bftTft* by th*BariofEi»et. TheAjch- 
bishop of Cant^rbory three (treat bolle*, 
and tw4? |r*at poia, oil'vr and itilt, 
bnrni* by the Karl of Wilta^ite, The 
Dukf of Norfolk the like to ill* Arch- 
bUbop of Canterbury, boroe by th« 
£«rL nf Sntui. Tbr Ovke of Sttffblk 
twoj{(fat Aag^Qsaad tno great pola, 
Minr and gill, born* by the VlKoaat , 

Ihv Lady FJi/abeth did go «^ith my 
l^dy Mary, ber nUttr, aii<l the Lady 
II ri belt of Troy \ttan b*r train- 

Wbcn Gart«t Prmcipatl Kmg at 
Arm^ bad prDclamLi!d tb« oame of tba 
Prince, Ibv uuin|icUa mU in the out- 
word c-niiri vihbin the tat« did enn> 
linuatly «ound thffir crumpcUt, tillthe 
haid Pmiccwu brout;bi cu ihrQuvcfl't 
chambrr ; iml all nlber miaislera itood 

wtih ihcir tmmpettB^ aad did tkrir 
oflic* as thtv were caJled. 

i/fAuraiu/u«i, TL*i no awar** war* 
taken lo nnv state *t any tyaw, bat 
uoty to the l'rioc« ; sod the bum ««rt 
lakcu from olHccr lo officer that *ora 
cbarRcd wiib any tbmjEfortbf Prince. 
■ud i^urity and tafcly kept by them till 
eiery Bocb vHiter wna thereof di»- 
rharffed Ivy the Lord SteKLid, anJ in 
boU^ by vbom thraafayev wervt^keu 
for thv Mild E'lincf . 

Mmffratkdnm, ThaX at the ^ing of 
th« Prince tba ebapprh lang th« ser- 
vice, aad Ibe r«waa»nira thereto be- 
loDging, all the vt,y i which thii»g* 
aboicsaid, in tbfirduv urdcr diwa tad 
fipiebtd, lli«D h« VLU bor'iv lo ihe King 

•Ad to tbf Qaeca, and had the Ueaa* 
ing of Aloik^bty God, and hii father 

ftnd motlifift A^d the Baiaa day tbi 
King stave grtai latgeata. 

* CrmanvT, 

t Uii OMttitr. QaecQ Jtae. wm clrcaiy dcid, ai hU b^tb. It ail! hire beca o^ 
•trvfd Uat die aarntlv* Ibroai^oat !« »riil«H jivtiy u iW fuiure lad fHnly !■ tha 
]>itf teoH'; it i^itwua Bo have ^pi orialiHlly a progniavei tflerwudt mrtivCfd ac* 
cording lo vhat acmallf look fiue. lo (lie rrTT^inn tlir Uit f«nfra|di vat arer* 
btobol* ind Eheib«taitr4o}y nrtuiMtAncr* vf ihr mfiIi ut oc4 elludAl li» iio^ 

b the introdnrtion, «< may h«pe lh«l Ibc w -.m* of Joy d#cvlM| Vfr« 

pilto ttb«i »<fT antWrotad than vhai acnally ovt^urrt^j. 


f^krbtmt^ (^ Ki^S Chaiht tke S€a>n4. 


The Lord Cbmcvllor. 

Tb« D«k«or Suffolt 
Tbe Uarqoli of £»t«r. 
Tbe Lord C'rorowdl ih«ln( 
Lord fnxj »«}«). 

11)* EftHof Qifanl. 
Ulc E«il of E«i. 
Tilt ^At\ <d Wili^hW. 
IW Eir) of S«fVM, 
The Vftwoani tknarhniiip. 
*Tkit Lord U»f»r<r 
IW Lord AdinirU. 
Tb« L«4 DtfetKBm. 
Th* Lord Smidi. 
t^ Lord MoD<i|iM. 
Tbe Lot d Dr«f« 
The Lord SiDrtM> 
Tbe Lord llitn|«rforlli of 

Tite Lcrd Coblmm. 

'Vkn Lord lMcr« of tbe 

Tlie Lord Monnl|ojr. 
Tile Lord PlUHilcr, 
TliC Lord llMlir^- 

TW Lor4 Batlcr. 

7V« ArrhUi^ of CtD- 

Vlthop tA Liaeoliu 
Uibop d RodKsUt* 
Bltbop c^ CrhichrttcT. 
Kthop rif !ii, AaM> 
Mr. Ileouwe* 


5lr Antho. BrowBC- 
hit John Wdlap. 
Rjc. Louie. 

Hri). Knivfit. 
Pctrr McMoL 
Sl' llomiihnr t^)«Mr. 
G«OTj;i* Hftrp<r, 
Jo. MrHbornr. 

Aniiio. KniT*tt. 
Bob. Tunriu- 
SSr HumfTT Rftteliif. 
^r Jo- Si. Jc'faD. 

JO' WdUiius, 
Rtufr Vcrnr J, 
Sif WiH- K^an* 
Kir Anth*]. Ilonprfcrf* 
!5lf Wm. flflradcfi- 
!^ Walfrf Stooor, 
Sir Jo> Brovnc. 
Sir Jv. BiiacbJcr. 
Kir Kd«. Btlnlop. 
Sfr llro, BmqIoh. 
^it ]l4n. LoDgiT. 
5ir Wm. Kiii«*tan.i 
Hr Jo. Undsc«, 
Sip Nu-. Pk>lnta, 
Sir ValtCT Dtfii|«. 
AnlTin. Kiupcuo. 
Sir Jn, SniUiMre, 
Sir Ungh TA^Iea. 
S^^ OjIp* Ririnjcwich. 
8irTbo. Anmildl. 

:4ir Ja> llrrvcf. 
%W Jo. RojifTf- 
Sir Vi'ai, PAwlctC. 
Jobd PAwIcit. 
^it J(t- Giu«, 
Sir Wat. Goiingc. 
Sit Bdir. NevJ^ 
Sir Jii, JIuiilpT. 

Sk E4lw, llulioo. 
Sir Vol. Kra)p«- 

Kir Tlioi. PQittJngv. 
Ja. Ncrrciti. 
Sirftic. W«tan. 

Sir Jn. RcliiiiorlTi, 

TJitf TllOA. IXtn:]^. 

Sif Jo. Sentl^icr. 
Sni Ja Tirrtll. 

%\i Xpfrr WiJlc-ughlr. 

}«tr Kl?. Mndi. 

Sir GfOrp SofncTHt. 

Sir Anhur Hoptcm. 

Sir AiiUiit, Witi)tCcid. 

*iU Wm. DrafT. 

Kdw. CbtisWieini 

Rtf. Soulhirill. 

Ihi Hvn. Pirkcr. 

&r Unlliili Uuniift^ 

^ir Pliihp Bnl1#r. 

Sir Robert Fjoiqii. 

air OUn Allnftoa. 

Tlio* Mofpx. 

TLo, WroUi*lfy. 

Ric- MftiiuerK. B»L4n 

A Dcafooi U)d T Docion. 



We itill ttow give a *liorlcr ikctdi 
oft Kojftl Chri^T^ninj; of more rrcrni 

Mr. JftStt* MHi]ii4 to Mr, Jnjirph 
Mrdr, U.U., tUlril Tancbarch, July 

" Priikce CborltA wi» last Lord'a 
Day about 1 aflrrwion b«piit^d at Si. 
Hntm*% la Um Krn^'a UUJo Chipptl^ 

* TtavcriM loonooriW tnlnaiMor 

If. ItafUiri MllttUOlU, MKi. Loot* 
WM* »; foL 197. Ry »inG uau- 
emutfiUr nror, the yr«r ia ttriiim iti(fj. 
Hr. MoA« dtnl in It.S^. »rr h nocicc of 
bin m tlUU'ii Ori|ibol X^Um, Ui Sr*ir«, 
fot. Ui^ p. iiei: in vfaicb colifciiun irc 
i«Kit«4 awDj of Mr. Mnfc't frwo Icllcra 

ti Sk Martin StotnlUc, 

not th« Qucen'ir, hy tny Lor^ of 
LanOon.t Dcaa uf th't diann«l, aa- 
iMlrrl hy iKp Riahop of Norwioh, 
Almoner. J'fjc Goairpa iierc ibe 
ffcnch Kin^, the r&lB|;uvc. nnij the 
Qooon Mother <^f Fronde, { The Depu- 
tlM lh« Diikc of L«uai, Marq'. 
tUmbleton,4 and tLu Docti»sof Ridi- 

t Uud. 

% LouSi XltL Ibe motvmut ita«Tc of 
Ibv infanil'rin^cj E^rdrrirl ('Duat hdt- 
tJao of the Rhinr, bii uncle bj ntArrw^i 
Add Marj dc Mcdu'JB hji ii*arc( iidl paad- 

t The Duke of Lainoi and the ?k|ar- 

■^n#u of llnDidlon *fre ^th of tho biooj 
of Ibf houtc of Stnm. Jftinfa Stfarl, 
4th Dakcof I^ntBOx, and K.U^ ku the 
bead of Ibe nale liii« <4 the ro<*l home 

Sir Pkllifi t^ttncU rtpi Juniu/* 


innni4i* which lAtt WMfeticv^isf And 
b6uDtifa]l. Thf ordlQAnfeuid chiTCfsf 
^wcrc tiKcJ] ni xht Tuwcr, the bflli 
liid iiEi^i »ad At nifJil wtir« in Oair 

"Thr DuchaM wu lent fir by iwo 
lonlft, i^Ttr* Koighu ofitl GcotJcnen. 
id footmvD, A toflcb with ui bon«a 
plumed. ftH of Uic Queen'*. She 

wilbin lb* courl, Ucr rctiouf vrrc 
til womeo. And ^aitlcrarn I kooir not 
how iniiiiy, bul ail or both srm Wf re 
dad in wbilo taitbr c>iiii»Lp'l witti 
rricDsor. and tiimtcip »ilk iiockingi, 
] hv«r Dvt of any prcvcath l>oin ihc 
Ooucfn ; tiiii tW llufhr^i for h« own 
puttculAr pre^utrd (o Ihc Qii««n, for 
ihe PriDce. n jffwd «ftltinM«d at 7 or 
*noo"- g»vf to ih* MilLNuri* « 
chain of rubier nllnraM atMiHV^lo 
tb« HiiJiwirv and Otj Npnu ilorc of 
loaAtty pUif, U> Iho til Hockcn vacb 
of them a fair cup. a unit, aod ailnua 
of 9|ioon». Ail the Lord» alau gave 
plate lo tbv Naf«c. ncfticlci, che 
Dodint, to ov»rr Knlchi aiid Gcntl^- 
nuDof the Qtitca'fl, that came fnr her, 
aod hrooftht b«r bach lo bci houM In 
th« Strand, Vi pitrMt fa the C^^afh- 
macIO; andldcteryof ib«G fcotiaen 
10 p«jfn^ Thfre wert- nrilher Lorda 
niirKnrafala tnadt that I l)r» of^ a« 
was Mid th«rv would b*." 

af SootUnd, and fnftdHm of John Lord 
Aublnjr. aa Bne!« of Hrary l^nl Uune- 

lef. the Ktnc'ii crAAitfafhrr. Javim Onrd 
>1vt|U««i (ijid LD Lt>n tf-^nUrd thxVe) of 
ll*aki\Ufn, K, 0,>itB«ik*OTudnl frvni vb« 
n«fTlaC«, b 14T1. of Jamu Lord Kn- 
miltMi. vkli Mvf L'uantrM iloirvcr of 
Ama, aldnl JAn^bur of Ki>^ Juiin 
Iba flcoand, ilia rathtr hjd ibt njt\ 
tlUc of Earl of l^abfidn coafcrrfd apttn 

* Thb T<ia-glurloiii bdt aai noUriau 
for bar oMcntatloa, «it& »n«cdot«a of 
«liich all tbaiiusrtitJ«r lb* lime trv fall. 
Va\kt b«r ^rtrdt «nKra*«il ia ll»A, du- 
h itjLcJ '* fAt hi/itf/rrw frfncraM 
Praii«ci DocfacM of Hic^ntml and Lcom , 
dniAltr of Tboaiaa U. Howard uf 
Bl»lo*, unii« v( TWAa* Dmkn ni 
Korfc*. »1iM« luMlirr *a» KNribMh, 
4ail<blrr of 1:^41^ D«U ■ 
bam." Iltfr Ibt ba^bud ^. 
lh««ec«adl>«U ofLoiBMi, i* ^ u^^c 
«f Jantoi aboTa nocirad. 

f So la iniuffl^ J IKrabnUj eiM««r*, 
wUck »trv leaKiUr wed for Aw A 

Sitraf /ojba'f HV^r/. 
Mr. Ua«Arf» .Von. Ufh. 

YOUR ootic* of a "Utter"* 
aicribMl lo Juntutt. abd a erit»iiifl an 
Ibe Mtmoir of Mr. HaitingB,t in ft 
conuntpornry, attributed lo n Right 
Honavtfiblc GeatlvmaOf hat again dl- 
r«ct«J pobU tttrntion loaqurallatt, 
Xht noel curious, eonteMcd, and pjFr- 
pTexIng \tt l^oglUh tiicfaiiJie- tSc 
auth^ntiip of the LcllctA of Junius i> 
a fjucitjon wti^rrin i'ittf edncatod 

iCnclivhinaxi feci* a |KT*i;inil inlercat i 
And ha anhiEioa u not to be e&cted 
by aijlliontl», hovcTtr lilgh. nor by 
opiniiMis, bowervr abaolutc, I hm 
wiih^ul iiT'^Limplion, aed ««r*^Mirtlv 
wUh oJI dcfftcncc to tb« «hUr ia (MU& 
periodical, to bp ntlowrd torspraucay 
opJAEon, nblwithitnodinc your own 
t!l»er*ecf:pelu*K.«, that tie" Lctlw" 
b im carl)- cum;K4ltbn of JualuA, 
and in oppotitictii tu the ae<ond cri- 
tique, that Fraetci* tfma nol Juniua. 
It » to tha Eatter piMnt 1 trouU addrtaa 
mjadf I and I aballaodHiouf Co >hew, 
by hla own teuUnonf. tliat 5ir I'hilip 
Franctt ftought aa arbitratuca on a 
pofnt of honour, and aajud|«a oo aa 
imporlanl rulo of c«DduH, man to 
whom it in marolly iDpostibU that 
Jut;fciiA should bafo appaltd ; that 
Junlu* haa a^knUd eafta^a fivhlJccLa' 
rftctfra whom Krancii regarded vrhh 
iiaaherabJe kiodneis, uid to whom ha 
waa hound jdiku by bcnQur> fratilude* 
and ioterctt- and, by rcfaroaca 1o«a- 
diajt^ttfd faetK i;rnrrBlljr, the laipm- 
bt1>ility thit i>\t l^itifi FjajkCia irroCe 
tte Lrllcra of Janiua. 

In Ihelitt uf Mftoa^rafbr lh« im- 
peMbniml of Mr. ltajii«(a, mbvlttnl 
ici (he Hou?eof ComaioiMbvMr^Foa, 
Aprii 3, I7«7* the nam* of Mr. Fran* 
C4 wan 'OclbMledi hui by a vote of the 
llovH ittta> Unci out^ It waa tubaa- 
qEie&lJy moiedlhaUtihoatdbcfoator- 
«d, and in ttkt debate on th(< (luattlon, 

loucliinf Uia point hbeth* r he thould 
takaanacliTCpafln llie impeaelmHtt 
or not, lip wya, " Bgl the boiwurabia 
ptrfon whom I cortylietl i» ao mora, 

aul for tUl reaaoa 1 ha*a baen 
hitbnto te^cr cf m«atlo«U>i hja 
Atme. ITitaa wba know Sia Wit- 
kiaM Daapaa. I am coavfnred, will 

and." *«. ^ 

t " Hfw^an a# Ike Life rf Vvm 


Sir fhiUp Francii noi 7am«#. 


athiMwIedM tto ikm ctivM not be « 
•tricttr ud dutto Kntpulow iudg^ vf 
point* of hoaour thui bo wiu. If it 
wtTff pouiUt to protlotelh* opiaiua 
ht nvf mr, io approbaiiod of tbt 
ciNia«ci 1 b«ve punuvd, t iticiuU luvk 

no rArlh«r 1 app**) ««fiefi«IIy 

10 iht lion, Grnoral Oflc«f nm n* 
tBvsonT:<k)« wfau4« o;>inu>Q 1 belFcte 
wiW b« ftllowtil to b« JUilTiarltj-, not 

oftif to DC, bot lo tha wof Id,** Han* 

•Vd, T»l. XXvl. p. 1330. 

Th« fhftrgn bioQght by Jamu* 
ngaliifti Mch of thM« f«ntl«D»n» par* 
ticufariy agvintl tit* Utur. art of tuch 
• nat'^fc, lul even a1 tht* ctttUncc of 
tin* 1 am reladtnt to i^uolc then. 
Ifidtcd, Ibcac nj^un^t Sir Willjam 
Dnpcf «rv «o vcU knofva ih&t it i« 
q«it« nt«idl«M to r«pMt ihvm. Thod* 
agatoM Gentrat Diirr>yn« ma^ b« 
foa&d ToU U. p. SB, of WoOflf'jilL'i flr^l 

U U btlkvnit, juMiff tijc aiurtion tbu 
to niitbn of tht^oi couM F;aiKiB, if 
JnaWtf appc«L on ttay pomt affecting 
Ml booov, or dtciaivv of hU conduct. 
Sir PtiiJip ftnacit tnyn, '* Lord 
Ttotland placed rjc in ihr Sfcitriary 
of fitttc'i Oflco. 1 wu /oixiurf J aaif 
pro'eff«d liy />«rif CAci/hdn- Vu lh« 
y«ar 17(^3 my flight Jlon, friend J/r, 
Ctfu [Lord H«adip] r^m'n^Jtnf to a 
coMf^^o&b rt^hfmrmi in the War 
OlBrf. In tbo year 173*3 ruy Aorif 
Jtarrmffan n^ommrndvd ma to l^rd 
North. , . . Hf accepted of ihoclia- 
neitr tie had rfCciVfd of tar from 
Jtfj-> ^'//^ aad f,on^ BtfrWtij^un, aeil 
vjibcnit any pFr(ioiialkaovfcc]georin« 
neOEDfiModaa a« to Partiiment." Mr. 
CalcraA ipcakv of ?ir l^hjlip Kraocis 
in tbc blebn! fkrni»r. nnd niih tbaC 
gcntlHDV) h.; waii oo thu isnit inli- 
mataaxid ftkniHy ltrin». A^oiuatcach 
BQdallof tbrie Ji.MEV« occaaiunalty 
diracts ttc aevrfrtt cemurc«. Franoa 
wta ondfr ubli^ikiA» to each; and 
vbatT^r pragrfu Ite made, zhet hia 
tint appotnlnnit. wa» lb rough iJl«» 
kAatiumcntattty of ontt cr ullitr of 
that* prr«nna;c*«, Tl«n* Mfini, Thf»ii, 
M<rfiliUr mulitf, puriuM, i>r ottjcct 
wky Kraiicit thngliE ntuck rithrr« aU 

tvrr Junius >t [M»j;niNd, It bas b^^n 
Hul that Juami spared Lccd Moliaail. 
TtiAl hf ^i*i tu ^* certain i trot Tbcrr 
attm io U belter reaaona for hit k- 
ftimcf tixroida bJm than for hit ««- 
TTfiiy Bgainit Lvrdn Lliatliaiu* Mi«- 

dip, JcG. Lord Hellabd h^d retirel 
from public lite, and an attack on »ock 
ao oat mas br*id« vht pUn uf the 
Lttt«rt. Theotbcra n-are tTiLI activaly 
vngogcd in tha tuiit of parties. To 
Ml, Fun be wa» nirt ui forbearing i 
and "Cbaria* Foi i» yet tn MaMnn/* 
taktn with \)it conteitt U aa vimlent 
a ttcnieim aa aajr in the Lvttan. 
FKAM(?f*wa4 nndrr a* unmi obliga. 
tiona to Loid« CtiathamandMendipai 
to Lord Holland t a»d if a moral HtU 

(Dg, aritiDg from gratiluda, acted la a 

restraint b <ia« iaMiac*, it misbl bt 
tipfctrd lo have opr^raccd aa povtr* 
fully \a ths othrr. 

The apparifit object ofJuniua'tot 
Utirr lo Lord Clatbam* h lo ac(|uir« 

hit notk«, and u«(hap«, rrantuatly, 
his paTfonagr. Thii rood* of obtala* 
tng vicber mere dc^Um, if Francw 
vcrc Jtjniua, aa n morr certain method 
of atiAining thi> objrct wa« arailbblt 
by mcaot of bia frimd Mr. Calcraft, 
nbo waa la mlimau aad coufiduatUL 
eoiraapopdance with Lord Cbalham. 
Sadi. Indeed, waa hia poaiton.tbat ha 
tffftctcd a recoociliatjoo betrna Lordi 
Ctiathasi tu>d 'JVmpIc, wbo ]t&4 beta 
prcvion»Iy eitmnffc^d. 

[e mfty bo inf[uirtd of Ihote vbo 
ad'TOCatc the cUiciba of rnofiA, VTa* be, 

wbeo appointed to the Cuuncit Bovd 
al CaJrutbu known as Juniua t If he 
were, J^ifd Itarnti^un* lo whom br 
ha<l appTiKl rhr grOAM^I <pich«t«, or 

Lord North, wham he bad fapeatMlljr 
ridjculed, anil |>raba^]y the King alao, 
rnutt hat« bt«n privy U> tba «4Cr«tt. 
Lord Barrineton "naoat Ilonourabty 
aod Grneroaily recouiaeot^rd him to 
Lord Nortbi" I.'>rd North to IWiiek- 

meat. To the Kinff. hcwai prewoted 
on hi* de|](irturi; to, and on nil return 
from, IndiK. Thif maybaie bccomcre 
euMomar^ etiquetlfion »uch occasion* i 
but b>] vtry grmdoua and marked re< 
eeptkofi at Court on hii return, the 
bcfltowai of tbo Order of Ibe Eaib by 
Hu Majeity at a later period, and to 
acceptaocf by rriutci». uru cir<;uai> 
Ataaceft worthy of rrn]nrfc. FraneJa 

rka uf "llu ^aeroUH tcitaatioai 
cUatiaguith the royal mind f 
Jnaios — but J forbear to nuote^ 
Kranctt, oa taking hiiaent in tbcCDS- 
moa*, prof«a*od himwlf an perfectly 
tgfy^raat of the fotmi af the 1]qu»c, 
aa not to b« a<v«rt " that ctntlemen 

• "Leibr/'p. 100^ 


Jtmim^—Ancttinn of /he Kfm^i* 


might Ul( <]awn wbiiti>th<!rsi«jd, ftnd 
UW it in J«-h&lf/' It nctcT not bcfaiU 
tlui tha pruiic* o( ibo two Hou«» 
tuiniiliLt*«. Jonbt wu«o wt1l»wAft 
of ihcutiage in Lhe tordi,Lhath<urM 
Lord Chikllum %nd the DuLr of Ricb' 
montt.* '* to he pr^purrd to Xakt down 
hU [LakI ManitieU'i] words, and 
Ihcnupnu lb iigvo for liit comiBilul 

Sir PbilipFrAnda'flljumifltT, daring 
hi> pftHiamtnury rtrtcr, w» winl- 
IIU. H« )>n««chV« Mr. lui " not to 
AVkil b]a]>«[fof LnyUpi« of espn^tion 
in h^i liMty wiy or »pMkin|r> m long 
fei he knovi whfet he os«*n»/' " Be- 
tween n»« ftod iho honourable g«nt1«. 
miA (Mr. Uundna) tli«re it, the» 
can b* n« compDtJticio." Hit w«*tlw 
mbainion Cc» Mr- Burke "ufA bcED; 
Uitt U icivtfncUii, to the being that 
initmctA hiiD-" " If hiintLtnebiiH any 
chance of surriiing him, it couIJ naif 
he tindef thv aa«picts of pmons" 
T(bo*t ntmek nre now r>i ihc moil pwl 
1o«t in oblivion. Hf *i-]il« ^o eft«il)i vm* 
birraued whikt ipcaiini;, Xhki a look 
or a ^tar« was enough todJ»conipoM 
him. All thc*c. rcmtmbcring the 
hAugtly pride of Juniut, tnd hi* 
■trictorei OQcettaiiL atylea of oratory, 
■r* n»t the chmn<t<ritlECB gvnprally 
cipectcd to dittinguiih Juaius, when- 
ever rtcof niied, but that they areioch 
■A mukcd SJf rhilip Krancia w« have 
tinder hti ovn hand. 

^ton Mr. Ttybr'a fir*t worktfrnl 
to pre», he ic^ucbted & frtrnd to eall 
on Sir Hiilip ^MRcit. and inrornkhiin, 
thai, if h< had rhe »iighteit objceiion 
to bat* h]» name ci^uneeud with the 

hH. VuKAn, 

Groi^ Uoatv, IVor- 
cn/fr, Jl/ay 13. 

THR bliowing mbmpiion to the 
Qtmoty of the aocnCors of a ttry 
cvltbiatod r«aitly. i* oopied from « 

invefttigalioD, ht migVl rtly oo ih« 
tatti luppreuton ot the work. If 
Fnncrt v*r« oot Joniu*, it had n# 
tt«ror«i it xni^ht tnusr, pcrhftp* 

i;retifri but if b« wer«, tba cue i« 
(u diffcrcat. A difteoMion waa about 
lo arite ju la th« luthorthip o/ th« 
Letter*. vihich,ifFfanciiwere JuciaK, 
ht mmt half fc1t» woald intvitably 
tend ID hit diKCovory. A K^f<t. de«r 
ai life.fnr^hl btt revested. Hi»>bYLOui 
course 1*111 to «re ihh ob»cuie, hut 
pr«»ureptuoua ma A: l» Bfcrpt hit 
volaniary o6cr; to obtnin tfaii atrpu- 
latLon, and tit down lt> pjopuKf. by 
m«aai wiiob, on an enaers^apy, no 
ni«a kotw bttt«r bow to apply' Bol, 
■trong in conACJoiu innocrncf. hia 
friendihipi tmiulat*, hk« hooour ua- 
atoined, his r«rDc ucb potted, \ir denica 
the charge, givej Mr. Taylor full leava 
to priot what he pkaK-«, and dare* 
Sir R. PtiiUipa to the inTeatiitatio>n. 
In cooclution, I hati* a aingk f)<iatft. 
tioiL to orTcr frotn WufpuLe, wbiefa, 
ihoiffth «b<irt. nay be inlfreating in 
your rendera. Jn your auramarv of 
Sir Chait^a Cirey'a a^aiamtai, ihtM 
vordi are airribfd (o him ■ "ItUan 
odd circooMince that Wilpolt.wbo 
makcB remarki uii erery thing, makct 
an rviTJurkji on Juniui j" and you add, 
" we tbir>k WalpoU'a lileaee on th« 
subfceL of Juniut net paiilf to b» 4C* 
oooDled for." Now, WaJpole doe* 
mor tneotinn Juniua. KAd ia thtw 
word*, to), Vii p. 37S. " Tht< [a bit 

of aluaa] baa r«tilied Day teeth, Ihal 
tbay $jt aa alroQ| « th« p«D of 

Youiij ftc, A9( A^Ti.FRanriavAji, 

toabatone id th« chuKb-yard of I^o* 
mtnatar. in tbe county of Mfrcford, 
Bad ahonU il prove worthy a pface 
in your ^aJuable Mag»2ioe, U ilI yoor 

Hvrp, waiting for otw Saviour'* graat aaaix** 
And hopirig thro' hia merib hcne^ to r\»tf 
In glorioua nodr, io ih^ dark doMt bea> 
John WiLfd. Gtnu 
«ho died Oct. 30th. 1773. wd 69 ye«r», 
Al»u Sarah hii wife, who died 

Jan. AOMt. IT8G, agfti T) yearn. 

TIk atoor, bavieg {one to dfeay, 
itaa totte y^an %lon repJacad by a 
new oae at tlio mU cipence m a 

gfiilJettina of that lo«n' 
Th«y «rh(»r»ametBfeh«retHord«d» 

were ma<eriui] graodCather and irrand- 
inulh«r to theoflebratedMn.&dikiia, 
aod Mr. Kent Me. 

Your*, aic. J, E. 

« *' Lrtlar/ p. 192. 



n4ttiiitV9 woi IA# Liifrclurt ^f 
tn^kitJ/n^ Ikr Gawm */AlWrt 

pp. UO. 

TllEAEaratvoSocUtle* in 3o«lh 
wi!e* mnp«cud vitk the por«uiu of 
Mrnttire 1 oor^ for Uk |Kirpo«e ofpub- 
luhJa^ Irsc'CripUof tttc MicientAiSd, 
«tf ibe PfiocipUitf, tbe oib*r fw ad- 
vinniig iiiMl«vn compokiEionb m 4i« 
UAgu««- »<*d ««*«, A> Up whirl! <rf 

mty bt • d ffefcoc* of oproioQ, Iht 
Cymrti%vdi,mn of Abtrgsv^f 111 )-, a UeIc 
inpl^lkf. MYccdinjt tn Ihoir mojit 
gUPttcJ bxkographi^r, Dr, Owen 
FMfec. cri/in, in th< Welaii langua^^, 
li tkitl U1I ttffrrt^ tQ, sEid lu raoduA 
ofMnadi id to (;h* ^cvniAry pi«e* 
Ibr tW tevt MM} « (w lUnxoR cm «ic1i 
•abjaen m tk* indiTidml tJoporv uf 
lb« ttoaer tljink pmiKr to i^ucijMt. 
With nvuty arrll'Tiiidkiii^ mpD, Ibc 
l(«c|ifnj£ iU-Tc Uic original la^j^umfi* of 

and that ohjtci of tlie S<rcicty, wboft« 
anno U Oct jr bj-il i'f iuiib C>'R]nMw, 
"Th« acf ot tba «orlJ ta tbc W^hii 
UngUAgr," w hoUy auperA uou«, b«Qiu se, 
•prcch Uiof fo* ifat purpose of rtadtly 
OominaairalinfE idrai, whbtBvt<f bcii 
facUtlatn Ihii ihouJd be pr«r<rrcd. 
Ai tbc paal»hmvat or loan'* dii- 
obadUooa ha* pr«vcnl«El ono Itagua^e 
ptmliDs the whok earth, «o on Ihc 
lAktt hAAd Hit bIcaiJng of P/T>viiJcn*c 
^'■^ a*ai^c*! •© Ur(o « portion lo 

tt|« afiaiog tharofroiQ U the oppoi- 
taaity of ODC gravral mvAti of Toter- 
COUrt*. TI1CU* who a,n^e thou, Ihrnb 
ibc WeW &mI GmUc bftd b«il«f, like 
tbe CMoitli, fall Into dituie ; for, bwng 
DQWonif of r«»l %trv\rw trt iht Anii- 
qoary, line dtaJMU of the Cdiic 
Bitf ht be UBdM Id the «un« maftntr 
•• ill* Aogto-Sarctti, iho Gfteh aad 
thf L^iD l(>n|;u«a. 

We oui^fljtea, aa r*viewrr». are not 
ralUd Dpflci to ^v« ««r opiatou 00 tltii 
mailrr, and u Uic Atirrnveaiiv U- 

0»aT, iUo. Vtt*« XV^U. 

dilution coafvni c^tat benefit on that 
iDland tr>ftj], by bringing togrtlivr not 
only tlic (jriDh'tpal faiiiilk* at i\it 
larruunitLixg country, btil a large la- 
dax uf company, b^ vhich much 
jDoiiey ia circdlaii-d, U ii nrta&aly 
pmdnctive of lome benrfl. Bui tiv* 

«iil«a the tacoura^inanC of tbv \Xfhh 
Tacgtia^*, there arc Bubjecia tooie- 
lime* pa-opoi»d for aMaya io KnglUh 
And other langvagea, though con- 
oictH, Ds tlier ahouldbvj wjih Carn- 
bnao lore. In lS3?i the pnncipal 
prize wan ri>r an Mtav on th« LD- 
flueoce which tbv Wi^lah traditions 
hmvo had on Eufopcaa lilciaiuii.- but 
only one haviujE btvo wot. thv rea'uril 
was iucr«abcd, aod the time cxtendinl 
lu the rollowlng yvar. Tbrte dr four 
cifinpftitori bavrngapp^ar^d. the dc- 
cUioa yrn made by Mr. HalUv, au- 
thor of lie morl on the Lrteratoic at 
Ih* Middk Agf-J, wlio ft>tij(n<id tba 
priu to Dr, Hardjag^ of Docton' 
Comiuoni, In IS4T aoatbrr pruc wa« 
aanoLincrd. tur nv^tly \hv «aiDv tub- 
Ject^ ounlmiiLg iho ioflutACc to Ger> 
mam', Frince, jud Scaadinavia, when 
the Chevdier BunAcD, who Vbt ati- 
pointcd to dtctdt, iEav« bi^ opinion Jn 
ravour of the Grriajui cotnpoiition of 

ProfcBAor Si:buU, ai Ibv Hmu lime 
lecoauQCDdioe a traoaldtion- A trjttm. 
tatioti ia thcrefon now b«fore us, cle- 
^tiiUy printed, an are alt the worki 
thai iktutfroiii til* iptrndij pt«H of 
Mr- Wiltkani Rec» of Uaudovcr^ , mads 
byaoaaonymoiia luthor — thou^b fame, 
gaiiLly WftfUd by a wcMffEi brec£«, 
wttLspn's a highlj-talcnUid hdj. 

The EiMiy Eiithts very (creat pralae ; 
but iHforti wc couinco^ out rciiarka 

on what U itonvr wf cannot lielp no- 
tifi^ig 10 mat an omiwion, both in 

thJB aad Vft privttcly> printed pamph' 
let of Dr- Hafdiogp aa acnoaaia to a 
metUh prindpi-i. They bav* both aJ- 
ludcd to traAlitlons "bich ha\e Wen 
mi^h (ailed in q»f%ltOi%, and irritiPtl 
ibcoi FTeM vithouc alteropiiog ibo 
leatt proof of the face. Thtft Jeaide- 
tatora w* wjH rnilviivoor, in ftoma 
ni«i»tife, ti>avppiy i for srrenl emf- 


RiTilW.— Scliuls en H'ritA TrQifitiwag, 


hftlM French tntiquvi«#, vlio havf 
L made UuiutHvM mutfn of Ui« Ian- 
guafE* lE^ whichiLt Nerifun roia«nc?«a. 
ftc. wtfft wfitlfu. ftUlioagli com^LlcJ 
X» alJowthcy orcfouniiciJontrai^itions 
th«A current in HriUnoiv, po*iliv«ly 

dvnrthtirC&mUJui origin. Pro^ior 
SchvU «v«in« 1o h«LP« bffln AWtrt 
■nhcncfr ibcM proof* ftliould Ike de« 
Tif r<l. for «1 |». S7 ho ftftyp, " Th«r« U 
but oo« owthod to molvc th»c daubti, 

■sil tV Uiitiw light on thin utnuLiirty -. 
it i^by a fluraf imnrtUt, indifatijiatte, 
m^n^rrMing erttithm of aU tcurtvr, 
vhelhrr WtM or Brrto^^ It wouia 
rH|uin « Mcand JHrofc Orinm to 
cozi»trutt rlv« hittorka] gr^oiiUAr of 
Uic dilfrrecit Celtic diakclBp pbrtku- 

Urlv oftbv Cyrarr ami th* BrvtniM/' 

ftc. Tte 6f>t, thercf^rr, ia the v^ri- 
AtioD Ib idioms AcCr whirhdi«tinj(utib 
tli« W«Uh from 1L« Breton. Tb« («^ 
cou(] h« atBaappc»r«(ohtv«LmajEJ(i«d, 
u 4t p, 51 ht tr$wt for th« Sfianith 

ijn^iri oT th« Graal, from iJuUmg ia 
tb€ MS. of the Kiot at Tulrdo. that 
tlic Dinsi oS plucs &rc Actu^Uy in 
Spain, ind tin Dauwft q( xIk pLiiovU 

Tbe UcgUUF* it( Wa1» and Bri- 
Uay, although ihcy Iwu & unking 

rtfttmbAanr* to r^h oilier, nrr h^ rto 
ia«aas «> cloibc tu Eo admit of (he na- 
tvei orihfM- caiintflM iiMnir iheio lo 
common i and, ind«vij, tlivrc » a 
grtatf^r protimity brtwf^A tbf Bfttoo 
and o4d Corsiah, tU« old Cora»h asd 
the W«Uli, thoa bctvcco the Bntoa 
>nd the W«1tth, "Dtit in v^ry evidfct 
front a coinpariaoit wilh tht rc«|wctivc 
groian»v< vf cacb ; but an^ dii« *c- 
f^iuinlfdiFUbWolth. Aho will take Ibo 
trouble to pitfDinea iittif book, prinud 
about a cratuiy sgo. cntUltd " Dia- 
1r>fn*t Pran^ai% rt RrHoa*," rannot 
Avoid bciAe *ttuck with the diStrcace 
b«t«eeA thcw two Cttik dJtkttn. An 
admlrabl* pwr on ihu ■ubj«ct viti 
b« fo«D4 Id tne »«t6nd ioIdim o/ ih« 
Cunbrian Quatlrrly. in vhwh Ih^ 

writer Myt, "If t tr«re a«kcd what 
buifliu^ I wai chi«fly rrmiodtd of by 
k«aringlhe Rfrton ipokeo, I ibontd 
uyj iK<t BO anch ia« W«Uh aa lh« 
G^riic.'' OuTl^itawJllDotanowna 
Id m 4ctf4]r ioto thb vantt, «»d 
foiincc apcctetoa collatnally ; but 
wa Initt th«E wt hivr poin1r<t mil 
Mflcicni InftrtKta to prove thftt ao 

one toetDg a iBftauKript written In 
V>>Uh woold call It Breto(i« and vke 

Th«origiDtltraditioiiaorth« Weltb, 
when Doi merely local, on co&taiocd 
in thti RiylhoLooiCAl trUdt, Jnl*ntovf» 

in the caytlical pocmi, tod adopted in 
the cb/onk1r« of that nation. Tbo 
triads art m coaiuuttcd oa to cany 
wrth ihem rnifrnal proof that they 
*ere introdcd for Oral ddirery. No 
lurAUi^rnirui would be IxUti for n< 
ttintiuii ju the nemofy. Throe thiop. 
penoaa, places, ^ua1t6nt>on4, or oui- 
iiut, »rre, fruiu their biuiilajiiy.ctaai' 
cd ondcr one head, without any r** 
(citaoi oa to dftte, lo forim a triad. 
wli>cb waa thua conpieie in ilaeU- 

Not bi>inf, thartfort, tn* weak of cDy 
on« particular age, they accumulated 
from lime to time« and the* wliai now 

tiul, which i a but a amati portiao «f 
what were cLtant in the eiilofnth ceA< 
ttiry, prcarnt collectively a body of ia- 

Btmctioa ictigloua, L;ftluticai« i«ga], 

moral and acl«oTilk, condeoaiag more 
iaformatioQ in a aep*!! covpaaa than 
cuuld hati« Ijtni srcucnptahM by any 
other mnthnd. Not being the produce 
liona of any one mdividoal, Aor any 
onv peri<>d of timr, boi foratad when* 
cvnr new fact« or i>vpnta li«C«me r«. 

cogniacd a« wonhy of remcmbiiace. 
aeteral are very tDrknt, wbiAe others 
cnm* Within tuv BCOpa of wrtlteo hi^ 

tory, and hence tbty may be regarded 
a* the moot cur^uut aad valoabU pro- 
doctiaat cf the Wcikh langvai^p It 
w&ft not UQtil th? Uat retaaioft of 
bardijm we^c threatened with oiLJnc* 
tion, that cvltrctiDDb oT triade were 
conaigncd to manutciipt^ l^y thoae 
who voald oth«rW4e bard kept then 

nrcntL tic«r COdI- Ga-L lib- ilj. 
Diogrniu l-»priiut <], r. wf. 6), u^i 
Ponponius MeU (IjK iiL i), have ob* 
aerved, that tbc Drujdic lattbod Of 
icKtriirlion w»i by trvditMoi, oAeA 

ctothed in dark aJftgory, atid aj^dent 
poena oraJlj dHlvered ta priTate, aad 
not •1To«cd to be eoeamitud lo wf ii- 
icg or cnmnanicaied to aty but theat 
of the Bardk order. V«t, ootwtib- 
ata^dlng the utnoti vigilance, Mda 
had heard of one, which he Ihuaghea 

■*UtfoTrac«4 beOamctioraE 
^icmu «■*« ui wit I 
Vitamituf altenw ad aiaaea.** 





Rsviicw.— Schmliodi H'tUh TnT^iou. 


) ** To Ml irnvtlj la -tf 1 
Thai «o«1* ue imuorli] ; 
And ttAt iten U •AJthcr ble liter 

Compftrinc thifl. bowevcr. witb tbe 

I Sn»eid character ai the Uiad«, it ap* 

pttn lo bAT« bfira naik op frooi two, 

' IIm d*tf incttlcttKl ia Ibc firit Jinr 

AOt btJat tuckk M would liATf t>r«n 

«oaii«ct«d wiUi th« doctnBM lo the 

tvo IftM. DbOi$coaa Lfttrtiut ol>Uii>cd 

«ott vnoR comcUj : 

, *' To vcrabip thit Godi, 
A*d to do DO e«i1« 
Ami M «Kmi*« forliinit.'^ 

■Tor A corr««poni}iDg tri*d ha* •ur- 
vj*^ to u», in tke«c wordt — 

" TK ohTBoorioa diMTUneb : 
UndiUd 1 ddcdihm Dvw, 
A ojxldev yn lew pob tf iptjdi! hyiTTif." 

" Tho thn« finl phni:ip1» of wiidom : 
Dbedtvnoe to tlu Uw vT Qo<l, 
Cottdtra far the rood of mankuidp 
Aod W»^) tMtolnla^ Ihc «tLI> of Itfc. ' 

The laftbolo^cal poenat »«. in & 
IMn Hpcciiil degree, thoae oT Ancu> 

riOkTUioflin. U«rdHin, Llyw&rck Hdd, 

^•d Gnlfddin, ^hc Aoumbed in the 
wilh tmtury, and whoMihcn ctkt- 

coce »(kd WfliliogB h*vc been most 
tbty AUblihhrd b^ mcontrovcrtibk 
Brgao)«ftt, bf tb« isuieHy pro of 

W« h4Te Mvcnil ]fifeUAC«» on record 

' of W«Uh cbkrtninB ftendiog for their 

MSS. t<» chcrf tilt buur* ol cMptititf j 

lltui it u matt likely ilii! ^rt^Utt dum- 

ibrroffcocb UEcrtry Ucaiuf o nvrc c«r- 

tl«d to Brcti^nt, wboo Caditfatadrr, 

Jin ddfX rclinr[aiirifdtb» anMrlrd Mir«- 

|ni(ntT of ibrt Ula&d, Bod jrtiinl with 

h»mrv Britjib inH^nAU* to th« %ty' 

|1aiB Df«rrd br thuicooBtFy, and which 

vAi nvvcr *«L<0 m T«i[i- BooJl* v* 

F esprcuiUy the ctKCp^DioM or re- 

ltif«a«al IbAD »f warlike pufnuit*, aad 

ueb « voAftcr it ii nat probttbU w^uld 

b« otutttd on tliAl ocntioo, Thr 

WcUhlrodttiooft which Aeem lo h«vt 

bfcn WHit pcpuUr in Brci»cii« wrfe 

I «bich rrfcrrcd to Arthur, * rc- 

l of tbv SilurTB >n llic tijilb n-n- 

, vbo wu routin to llywcl. kiof 

dTAftl countrf I (vc that fanily oc- 

copied ihTones i& both <o«ntri«« frev 
thotin:«tb« Romuu reUoqnitbcd tb< 
MYtrcignty of tbi» i^lud. Like Co- 
Dobclio (Cynrelio) of aaor* anctrot 
time*, ukd othervt bcb4pp«n«dtobenr 
■ QUO* by frbkh lbeB«rdic <1itiait]rhikd 

bven crkbiotvd, Mid thcrcfwc nil thi 
myitjcd tllributet Mad ftdv«ntur«0, U 
in ihc cft^r o/ tbf Sc&n<^iiaTiBa Oiut, 
vrbich boa btro nMigonl U> tbv ont, 
wrtr (r«n«fi>rm1 lo the ctbrr. A« Ar* 
tbor bhd bravfly witbttood tbc ponao 
:Uxnai in tbcdcfcncv of hii couuiry, 
hit famo wat nuKnitird, tb# mytha- 
JogiMl poemH of Mciddio (corrupted 
into MifrbcO wtrt r«fi«ackcd, and idi 
tbAt coutd be cilrftntod fmcn tbtn, 
tiOfMber ttitb whftl wu to be had 
from tndition, wu worked op inlo ■ 

EretMdod book of propbecie*« Ut <1otb« 
iftdiAnctef With superobtnrtl «pleu- 
doof, aod bo bold out future protperi I; 
%ohia fonatryiacn. 

Conaolinjc th»m«rlirri for the loit of 
Llo^gyr (Ko^ia^d) withtuch pkislng 
dfTmiom, and a mroiprcl of thctr 
former [tm^prity, whirb w*i predicted 
tboald return, n chronicle wan com- 
po«*d in ih* H'lhk Unguftge, c«JJ«d 
Bmt y &r«akinfi«dd, *' ChrAoicIc of 
the KiagK," beginaiitg with fictitioua 
ftovfrrei^i pciMed into tho Hcrvice lo 
uthoriM the tftMtfd Tn^Jvi doMtni. 
Bftd tODTintted ai nnalont^of ftbie 
uid hiBtorr to tlu death ore udwaladyr 
in JOTS. Of ibb, two 1001001 copies 
eiiii, with oihortp which art, indeed, 
mofcor (hi trantciipta of theoi, tho 

!;f*iter iaiia(iiiii> Livijiy i(i the fU>a- 
DU» portions. The oldest compo«itir>ii 
bcanttiviitlvorBruHy'iyvilio. "The 
Chronicli-gf TjujIioi uivoeu, Brut 
fiairri Hb ArlW. "the ChrooicU of 
CcolTry ion of Arthur," beUcr known 
to m u Groffry of Monmouth, Now 
it ia #TJdeDt lW thU TV*t ilia could 
not be the aonof Brochwtl Y«fythrag, 
jirinccof I'owTi. a» aonie havr tmn* 
ginrd, that Tyvail^o having divdiit the 
MTcnlbcciitun'; dot wao tbc cbron- 
]Cl« compnoM immrdiitel^r on the 
d«ath of Cadvalodyri for hL th« rfln- 
ctutionnr* thr^e mnai-hable word^: 
*'Ac o byny alUn ni tlwid hwrnt 
yp Vryltaniott Ducnyn in Gtmty, Ac 

o b)ny aUin y irwnavthy Smuoo yn 
l^ll cadtv crttoodeb ryn^ynt y bop, 
•c itiv'tUad dirifsvyd a cbesiyM> ac lelly 
bwra^Mttt itrsiwydiaetb y brytlanmit 
•diwrthynt, ac vrvnt y huo yo <v<dy 


Rktuw.— ScIiuIk on H'tUk Tra^ithns. 


AT h«U Lwgr dui EdcUlfep y gvr 
ryoUv o*r S«if««o« a wiwod ^oron y 
^yfcju. Ac o hynj slliui j rolica 
priftwd gtckcdl fr yf^y* j h«itw bc ni 
allukut tkmI ohyDy altm oiid ya 
vutflid ilitmr cMMhwtil y S»ifon 
•mfnt aiTbr tywyM^irion a tv »r 
Gycnry bob oUwrtm." Awd fttam 
thit timv fnrth ikf ifri/om kodnnmavtf. 
ricrfif in ft'«^. And /rvm tM* timv 
forth lA* Saxow 10 frtrttd f AnhMiVft 

ihrm, wtd luitt ritie* and c«4'M*, and •* 
dmrtiMiKr ]{tiltiU9 ttfihrirgtrvrrfupUy; 
una iMtttmr UU^r/^l^aetompMrti, 
at far tilt ivpordf iJttgjfT, amkrKM' 
iftfit, irift iP0» Ikrfirwt man o/ the Sa^Mt 
rort thai van fht trovM ij th« h^- 
dc". And/or fwr t^ffrr tit dfronyim 
roc* tott Iht %cm« ^ tk» tiloM/^ Mmdlkf 
wen imahle fa arftid fr^m tAu time 
ftirtM ptmtPiuaUif ivfffriuf iiwvi^ from 
fht Siuoti*! r-fp*'<i^tif /r<*t iitf** ptvtcea 
tcht t£vrv on lAf CV^fimtM t^ IVtt^, 
plartd ttlfmot*lf tritM Ihtir 44n, 

Nov Alhditon iritonl ffom Ihv 

y«e^ MS to £HI, »o tnnt wc c«iino1 
date Ihc Cliron»dr cnrticr than l)«t 
do>o of ibt tcaih cvntury. Ttc om- 
piltr bad ibirtforv doI only Ibr sd- 
vAntOAi of tti« WcUb tradiliniu. bul 
th* biicort^ of No:knlafl, wh^ vrroie 
«t ibc c]<1t^ of lh« rigbth, and bit^fmi- 
tinuAlor UarcoH, who cloi^d hU bc- 
cuont In 04A, tb» onfilosl MS. fttlll 
CHdting in tUp V^licftn i nod lb« wril- 

Wha this 'lYA*il>« ftctudly yrm H 

unkitMro ; but ibftt ovcfa ft Ctrrookle, 
banni; iTDintdiitft rffitreDrc lo tlie 
WMcctiion of (be Wtlab, «iid Uhiof no 
i»o(ic«> rifepE ^iddcfilBlly, ot Lh« B«c- 
IOCS, vbould b4T« brfs wrrttca b 
HnUny, JoAlvtd of Wattft, it coo* 
trvT to «ll probftbilitT. Tbil xhvtr 
iiitfmK«ir»bren»ip<rA id that country, 
whicb Vp'cr« r«ad Xhl ratrtaird br the 
iDivtc karncO, Ac g^ani ; Ki they fcif, 
iboQgh in n mnntf ilf^rr^, tiun* ta- 
tfrawcia ft people iprvDK* lile tbfv- 
»4rc«, f'^ni ft enntmoft Cdtie »o^rce. 
W« tli«rrfni« «lJ<iw thmX »ncb nii^ht 

bm bern Ibo cmc ftt ihc coainKOce- 
mfcl of ibti tvceirxh century, bot wt 
cmatKtt Admit Ibo awertinii of Pro- 
fesfor Bcf»u)i, tbat " thf Chroiitdc of 
Gtoffry of Monitkouih reHU npntfir 
•IB a bo^h :n ibe Arf/oii ^mym*ft- 
lUpn' ftre v« 10 i>V«rnre, tbai hi»fftJt 

iTftiulfttor It ttt m ciMtnry etpLnioa, 
bad In ft nolo obmrttt tbnt" lltnry 
of noDtioRdon #taie» that )>» bftd veen 

tLe C'bruaick of O^tiMry on tbc Con- 

liDcot, b* (•arly ft* th* year U39-" 
Novr WalUr CokftW ot Walter dc 
Mftpc», Ardidfixoa of Oi/ord, tflln ui 
ikAl be tnct witb a Cbfonide of tbe 
fcriiita of Itiitaio, (m the first tioir, ra 
BuUufj in lb« yrar tJOO, and iti&t it 
VTfts not wfitl«n in tb« Arcnoric&n but 
iAe /r^C«A ftnt'jw; fvr ftt the ron- 
cjujilon oif the old^l cvfiy uow exitt- 
injc. is tbil ImpOfiftftC infiirmalmn > 
"MyviG«alter,arcbugon HZiydycaJn, 
a drotsy liyvvr bvn n GyTDrnirg yo 
liadia, QC io vy heoaint y troeti wyr 
ailwtitb o liiftdin la C^niae^" / 
it'clter, arcAdearoji 4^ O^ord, did fan 
fU« 4nol OHf V f^'J'A ^0 XofM, ntf 
n my oXi o^, t ttamrd U a JKoai^ fine 
Dttf <t/ /^rrn into H'tUk, Tbaa we 
hav( Waltfr's Eina ablbdrily, ibbt the 

book wbJch he met witb ii Biiuiiy 
i?aa Dot only Ihf Erxd or Cironirlt of 
Uig kiD^ of DrruiD, but iIjaI It wiu 

wrillen in the IVtUh Uofinace. «-hich 
be studied <(i much an to be able, nbro 
ft yeuug man, (o irnnklate iciici Latin, 
and Ibat in hi* old ftge ht rfUckftilaTed 
hit own LfLtift inanoacript intoAVrbb, 
to tbcw ihat be hod not r(>r|o(C«& that 
Tongue. Tlii* lavt. IIkh. i1 it. of wbkh 
tbew «i»l* ftcopy.fromwbic^h Walter 
did not rvmove xhe tiiLe of Bnit y 
Tyvilio, and it wu wriu«n i» tb« 
middle of iKc tudftb eeolury. 
'Die Uhroniclfl of GniTry tool of 

Aithur W4* eorspOAfd wbitc be wn* 
AfxbdeacoQ of Moaniculb, that Ik, 
pre<kot» la tbe ivu 1 IS9. aa he< waa 
tbea c(j»Hctalcd Bi«^p vi St, AMph* 
He had before traulated th« preteoded 
pro^berioB of Margin into lifttts, 
from a coty in Wrl»b« which hid been 
ti'ni to him by biit fiiend Wihei de 
Ma|>ea. and tnan^ of Ibne he fokted 
iDto bli Chroakle, wbieh tbos became 

|[Tratly aiBpUlied. At the eftd of thi t 

C'tidioA be vtyit *' BreobioDcdd 
oJi er rei a dofnhnnt ol yn ol a 
oecbayne* mbau i WillMin <, Slal"te«< 
buy ftc i Uenri o llfoit^btjolrni ae yv 
rei henj i torcbenynvrA iobeu eaeri- 

nr Kyoryn kanyt idiw ^anibnnl bwy 
t liyryr Kyintaf>c bwfiw er hwn a 
cnv^fiwcIiAii tiwallvr mfhrigon Ryt 
Urhrn r> Udlff tg KyiEratT^ ar rf ■« 


RariBW<-^-Sc1ial> on H'tM Tnditi*»f, 


uneOi^r* kq wit mv va gwbyl o beof U 

fMcrfn*«j / iinv cMvibraM /o KYH^k 
NnyJo*. mui ro fA«i*» I Aiirr tAut onn- 

PFtJU. «iM«fA^ art itW ^io*irnn/ c/ 

Imilatioft of hiA fricfl<i lli« «r«1idcftCQn. 

tiua, tod ifitermixedivllb itavuldr^ 
(if fabU, GmlTfy Uarultfcii \l ioto 
WcUb, «ckd the copy jaU qaot^cl 
bhcw» xht dr»i it hul then uraioed- 
HttLtEiQ cilitioii fvH Jrjtotb* lionil* 
of \ViAE«cc or F!uftUH, wLo turned it 
iDto fmich ia 1150, ondcr the lilk of 
Brxtl d'Aogletrrre- TliiA wih« cob- 
tiffu^ hy KittcTl Wirrr, eliapUlo To 
out U«Dry 1). acd c»»uci of Bay«Qi 
In 1 100, vnth th« nuiv of Rtwiio de 
Ao**- tt it*4 FfiKWrnl lalo Adglo* 
^jixos hv LpynmoD, tbcn esJiibitcd in 
Kn^li»li itirfrc by Robert, ■ monk oT 
tbe •t>bc7 of Glou<Tfrt(r, from Brutuv 
to Kdnard I. io th« AlciRmJiUn 
meoijre, ttnJ at Utt liy Hubcft Man> 
iiL(ij£i olliciwiic col^d Jli^rtieil dc 

BruxiiK-, abMJt Uit Uirlnfllai of tbe 

New if vr CaiI lu tbv ^rouEiilvo^k 
of the maiiuMfl of Arlliut. (hat tiic 
bUc«* isvD:ioiicd uic in ilic iiJe of 

kfligfatB, for Iho nambf-r wn* ifTrr- 
warda incTtavcrf, hftvr nampft which 
sre ualy aiigiiLt>cuit in tli« W«l»h 

Qiftin 4 (]<Hibt in the raiod of anv uii- 
prcjvdictd ptrton, th4t /hr rra^ifiMu 
ftrv ihcto f-f JfWrt, knJ doI of Mri- 
Uny. tfeouch tlici' own were tfUr 
VAr<i» tagrtfUil on t hi- in. 

^iiXsir ii^oiltcii the Grc4t ttcJir, ftnd 
tbcrtforc hu tM«Q iJfniilltfil n\\h ihc 
cODAtetUlMo i but fruin rotkoy of the 
triwli dim] iDytticml pucmt. wc teoia 

i^t h« wu iW Hf lionrktti! dtitoiiy> 
He la rtprvM&ted u bavvg hAd tbiM 
irliti, Uic d^ucblcm of oiyibolofic«l 
Ivrb^fiAjt*^. tmni of «lii<h viir* hrul 
tbc aaorc of GtttnAtijvur, nbka liic- 
nllr ar4u« " llvr Ud)* of tb* lumtnit 
nl tlw *at«r.*' Nov Ihc itoM circle* 
•r^iMlty C^naiflling of tweiTt, ind 

lrnn«il C^mn Sidi, Uh Uidonnm of 
ibe ju«t oatf« ur tcliDOVIcdscd to hAtt 
nitnttct to iht Hrtid a» «tll u 
Afkite vfonhip, uid fro to hnvc rcpre- 
nrntiMl lh^?^Kli4r; k> thai tbn gn4|#f 

fttooc* which OiCtttl u t ^nocRO<ii« ty- 
piA«d IJu tarn, the nniBiler one At 

■»d tbo«ir vound ih* tv*lv» 

•igiii^ triMiftfMiMd by chitalric f«b1« 
ioto twebe knigLlA, Now in Gootfry'* 
Cbrooicic, Arrbarhtu *famoii« iword, 

tb« QAm« ^f which bw no mcBbiof i& 
PUT Uogunee but WcUh. It bollftt 
Cdcd-twltu, which impli« Aard 
A^rorrr, ccrrupltd into Cali^rao, Kit 
iocKr 1VU KlLonbcoudkcl fipIavfVB^iM 
lA** /(i/'^y Miii/c» Abd hi**tuci<l I'lydvcii, 
Umtmu/aif. So in the Komamc of 
Sii TriMrtm, t^vcry nninc; itCAAbriui. 
Tmii«m v^nilici nfrm^ifimpr^tMCtUM 
hft wafic to ftnnotinr* thtr mWMgB of 
fail aoTt^reign, Mark.ur ndhtrMardi, 
Iboujh praooiincTdtlieAOiDC. StoUitm, 
tt m^tical DAOkv of th* d^tmiEy^ U- 
tr-Blt. vorlAjf to ht hehtld, BrcnenAio, 
/ait brnuf. 'I'hc two do^ IJudaio, 
wAtf/ tuiiti^y /ittupt up, anil Crw 
|it enounced Cri;w, and aomctimct 
t«-rtncd Pttfgrvw, tdiminutm^ r^uiuf 
ur piiratp, VT^th luDny oth^rD in tb* 
Kuund Table RoDBBFJCifa.&n pare Cani- 
hiion. Tl)« |)la»ti named aaain mnt 
ill Wilcfi, Suiucj>ct^Ji« ttiiQ Corn- 
waH, and only choae <jf Uter dAttf in 
DriUny. Thit we think i^uitc con- 
clufivr, a»d riovr jirocccd to the Puk 
fnuiir'ft F-mny. 

Him <ompr\tttt flvo diaptCrt, Ift 
which he hai ihui trraled htii HObj^ci- 
f?l,a|iiiir I. Vint \t9tsin\, Afiliur tho 
Nalion<l Hero. A, D. GGO to lOH. 
Second period, Arthur and btsknigbta 
of tbt Hound T«bio, A.D. lOtjti tti 
n&O. lliird p«rioJ, Aritjurin4 the 
SuigruL A. U. lUfl (0 lAOO. Fable, 

tb) Mabino^ion. Chapter U. 1q|Io> 
cncc, AiC- on Gerrnnriy. Cliaplj?r III. 
infliitnce. &c. 00 S»ndinAvU< Chap* 
tcr IV. Irflatncc, &r- on Kranco ^ with 
re^rri to conUmction, fint, rhTnic. 
at-L-oncI, tM^tv, ChftpLar V. Foil of 
L'Ui«tilri>u> fWtrV' To thne arr «dd«d 
an Appmdii. ia nbicfa arc dUqnUi- 
tiona: firat, an Lionio* Venai 
tcrond, German Vera V ; third,Ancicot 
Komancn o5 Arthur in various lanau- 
Offci; and Addetidi, first, the Holy 
UruftI; wcond, Ibc TcmpUra nxtd 
Kni^hta nf lh<> Orail ; Ihird, tfcr 

GraaJ Do.i Jostph of ArinuUicAi 



I Hiai^:f *>//** Irtm Tmdt. (Feb. 

Tlic wltol* of ihl>. whirli m tb« >•- 
auU of «a tniattiy ud Mnerenace 
tbnt gencnJlf di«ingm*iirt 0««at» 
wrlltri*, hM bctn •o w<ll Mtwijml, 
uid. At) fu th th« iubjcct would adnit, 
with *arh reftrCDCA to d«us, r« rcBdm 
It ewy 10 b« nuinrd on tbc doioiJ ; 
th* Ungm^o r* nftnlr. yet tcfopemte, 
Atid ihf poml to be «Uhii*hNl imlHl 
«i(h impJirlUKiy, He baa well »*- 
cocnl^d Ut the NorrnAb wloplion of 

tbc tradilioiM nbicli tlv Breton» ha^ 
dtriTCd froro Ui* WrUb, aogmenlf*! 
ftnd coqnDCtcd u far &« thvy coold 
With iheif own ci>ttBtry, tncics K lo 
tbt fipfdition for tbt ConquMi of 

t^fiflU and OrdcitcuB ViUlii, Ic men- 

tioot thil Wininni Uie Conqueror 

" Cdkctvd an imnciue *m]r froD 

unoMil tli« Noraiut, Fleminff*. 

Frtii£ud BretoM;'' bc^ of tbv )mC 

ll^atr*: "thBinagiaatwiufi^Gchkra 

miiAt doubtltM bavt bwfl ntited, br 

tht Uc« of nsdrrtikhtt an wevgioe 

expedition iif^Ait the d««nBdaau <^ 

t1iw>* wtio had i^poud Artiiur i hot 

tb«ir imbitioQ woi mort lijflu«»c«d by 

tbt duire of rlrnL^iig fortrgn princn 

JD valour aod hrronm. nf ^liLMinB in 

vi«toric*, and «i^ujULin£ tbrtr aU>f» in 

civtIiMtkn wid vtrla*." 'llic cooqunl 

ofEniiland twk ptw* in tba ro^D of 

Con&ot II., and the propb*cy of 

Mtrlbn, accordidf to Geollry. \% aa 

fbllovta : "Tlw Df^tof^fc^ballthrnu^b 

^naknest for hjau) \ran Icet thrrr 

kln^oiB. until CvflaH*hahcomDiabi> 

car fioiD AimoiicB, aod CaJwaUdcr. 

tb* bonoored leader of tfar Webti/' 

W« <)ihap|)roT« uf his tra04tatiog Bn- 

tone* " Brftooi," miuad of D«ilocii. 

"li wo«)d, ID f»ct, be ailooithing, if 

IhU prcpbfCf Ln Ibe Jifc of M«rtin 

vera irrilten before loW/; "The 

Bretofia trtiuapbul wilh tbc Nomani. 

ttd BO tJDie could bfttr apfKan<] 

■kor* flt fi&r repmenting Artbur w tLe 

great coftfiortw of th* wwld," Tbo 

account he gWca cf tkc Mabioocioa, 

or rtih<f Mtbibogi. wklch Is ihcflonl 

oT tbc fcrniTT word, ia JoH and tatlt- 

hctorr- We OUT l3»tre*ocr with truih 

tibmnv,tbatthit bawtKk eoerfcittd 

vidi taucb judgment, coBpcricd wilii 

ui>cb itonplcutir, aftd iraiuUud wi^b 
niKb t«lB and eit^iance. aod wc c*n 
conAdfDilj ntroiumt i^J "t, a* on* from 
witlch tkc rraikr cinniit Uil Ui derive 

7>wJlp, ^'c, fly H. ScnTenor. 
THIS work fbiaU \be proniae of 
tb« tltSr, and alToidB an ciIc&iItc 
lim oC tbe iruD trade, both in Ea^- 
land tDd in tXc oib«r ti«tioa> of ibe 
globe. Tbo Autlior brgms wiib il« 
••rly history, and then pitwp+da to 
giY* an necoutit of jti risie, projreaf. 
and prc^at ata^ tn Qrtxx Brttain 
ftndthf cflpl!B<-nl4lilHt«<, »" Am^rfcon, 

«nd ill A»la, ftnd eoiKfudei wi!h *n 
trcQODt of tbc home manufannfo from 
1830 to tfct prctvcit tioic. Tc that* 
itfttflmeoti some »ery wieftal aod ia- 
portnot Appeftdkn ^r« added, aod a 
cupiuui Index- 

11 would re^oire much labour and 
time to abridge, iu aoy conroiiefit 
compaWj ibc tubnUncc of mora than 
4no p^:^l: and lodted, ft woald 
ic&iccl^ be fait to the autbor. Of of 
tDOck tatifltBBCO to tbc rvtderi for, 
afWr all wp could do. tbow who -aera 
uoacqcainifd with thcftiibjcct, or felt 
aft iutcrcat in it, would be obhged to 

rvfer to the original work, and ita ao. 
thcDtic Tibiei, The gr*«l progreaa. 
iraprowisnit, ulcI exteoEiloo m our 
jrob trade ba* been produced by aia. 
nuficturiojc *^^^ nil-cooJ, Inviead o< 
cbarcoal : thii, aided by powerful *o- 
Kluei,ha4inaid< ihr progrCHoflhc trade 
IQ Enjcland and ^tA^^ trtdy aetooiab- 
ing. Tbc perjod of JTfl6, on 1790, 
may be c»naid?red a tew era Id tba 
biuory of the n^aiufatture. arliiDg 
firom tbeinorei^neral u»r offV JoaAle- 
^torr fli^far ^ Mr, Watt. lYom Ibe 
uaeofe^jtr. initcail of wood or cbar- 
conlr and from tbc improvenKOt of lh« 
blaiC'furoaLfc*. Foi tmunce, in i7*o 
lber« wte* )7.3&iJtont of in>n madr It 
Urtat Britaiei in 1800 there «cre 
6/8,417 tuoB; to JSK3 tbcre wen 
703, 101 i and in tS3D tke amount waa 

l,3i7,7ft'>tofl» In Rurtiathc Ifttgc*! 
iron worha h<loAg lo a few fftmdica, 
Af»>ni wbtch arr Ih''** of Srmputt^ 
aad Dcardof. Tbr family of rb* 
fornvrr poaiei«e5 ta the ^iternmeut 
of Persi atone &4ft»lVK> xtu&tc *efB4« of 

Und, and baa od it ^^M% 'rntt^U of 
tbe mak lei ! Of ibc private woirka 
and vA|an», mauj ci(.ml imiit of the 
town* ofibr GoTtfiincza, Of ibv fa- 
ta%j of the Ikmiduft the foUoving ift- 
tetcatntg atcouni la g'vrft t 

'*T^ IhiWda^are dnsenlrdsla tfij 


Rbtibw.— /!( Ctiffbta ; ty Mf. Wirf, 


i.MutnMft ««rhi>f nlMr. vbo bad a 
[jouil kiom mfeic <• did couJiiwa of Si> 
' bnii- Tbi« vu U« grtol-frniulfitlur of 

-••TlAiiacthdvpolaboDtabvBdrfd mr« 
'ho, wMmucbp]a*c4viUi tbe MtltHT, 
' Iht rvpaUtlOD, *&il the honaiCy of Dwi- 

WoAin^ 4f ininrvt uid &l» lo Kt 4a cx- 

unflc uT PD)iikl>OD for oUitn. iDitl« kkm 

ani tiiii tifini for twr 4 prevent of uk a- 

ti^Te dlvtriot. ia}me4iaC<lr rturr^uiuliaf 

fciiiMialltrfriirriiiiil imbc^ iritbi full b^rtr 

t»*orklc. lliOHitiQtiUAiiteatofaTOiUM 

iku obuidcid vf^ed > iourc« of inn< 

fcaulible «ul(h to t^ cnnd biotr. far il 

«4« foiaid 10 coT«r ai>ui« c^ lii« rtthcfC 

.trtna cf IroQi of Ihe Aoctl qoahrf fa 

kjUutiB. lu pradsn Boon <iin«h«d ih« 

I |a4Mlfto«> propriitOT, ind hli lun havinf 

'.OMtlaofd to unfli Ibc miuc boJ oiplore 

Ike fp;Dsd. mta mabkJ to emploj tbo 

I Hwnninu eapiUI lha> jvtlT ftoqurH in 

Lotkn ditt of NieaiUbUiki, in «bkb t 

Cy dila* «•> 4UcoTero(l bood alter ilut 
ft jif Ided 4Et aa Hvnffl 49 fooAt jT*T]f. 
or iTlOO.CTS Kcrfiog lo p«re ^Id." 

Th« fulbwiojc hbtory ia not inthout 
inUrwi, aod will be n«w to m^ay ot 
oar r«wkr«. 


RoiilA hu jiut *ti oal la tnaprci (he 
uBlhrra pMitQCM of bji rai|ur«. It it 
COcAdrotir •verUd Quit lliv uhje^cl of ht« 
jonrsvj b to aaaaine blaitelf tbc terrible 
diMiur Mued b^ tTi« buroioff of tb« Aa* 
&tthttH7 of artDi at l^la. Wliotror foal* 
tha iHfartBHiM of iiub tn «TnC is Rvna, 
wtD oot bf atf obiUitd at tbopromptncv ttilli 
^hich Che Emperor prooaMa to thu ptiujc- 
Is ibc lowK o< INila vrro ttkC only nunu- 
' ftfllorici of firv-anna uid avardi In Ibc 
iCnaaUa rvapftv^ It coQUdiu alao tltrto 
caiMOn foujidnrt and COO forcCBi uhkh 
■nnllai ntl«rr and hirdwan to all j»m 

of nufoi*. Tltr fifint i^birlk wtrt mflJc in 

I tli^ toim tird in /tppfttr/utt^ fvlth <b<? briC 

cf Iboof of KaiUuii and Frame, but are 

I Oc to«m oonaia of TiUii««« bdonglnc 
10 tbo Crovn, and *boM InhaUlanu arv 
MtfirUjr rmnpl fniv UtC4 or zuilil&rT 
aarrlcc Altbousb fivzng bofortiltijtafni 
•UgMj Dadvlam. and coi^crtd wiUt uu- 
MWMAeUaofvtoM, ib*a« poor alaioa. 
MdM by da^iir, ud vaoNr fo pnrmn 

i o^rfff ««A«M<wv^r UbffKaaJru or f^ 
iJitn, •r'jfrv fo tit omi^mfMin, rMi 

Iffrf Aaa itf^rr^r lit-'.r niftr niinf For 
m p«Bl " fF«t wrrtrk^ tfork* 

n b«d E.' ii> fttbr to nor*. A?r 

I Mteimblc aa^'i, vriKn hrire bardly auf- 

h IW fr«at nunafactorT ^r 
LU Rnctia^ The Eai]>«ror of 

ftciral to auppotl tbcm. Tha mode of 
wjkiuK ««|ilc4 bi Uuji maoBlWctioif 
DHcr allowM ibe mca ta cuvplrto aa 
latire Wfapon* One viUa^n irai obliged 
ta fimub 14 tannj tboOMnd hmadloa— 

anoiiirrao uiauj Midet'-^d uoibor lo 
rnaof acron, and lO oa> llioo vcTOJir- 
tmrird« drpnvtfrd in r%r vmrtbivlicf at 
Tula. An tlifTf waa in Itonia no Other 
uannfactorf , and aa tbe OMitJoucd war* 
In Raffda roquirtd nomoa* ■V]i)dita, aacli 
aew oaaooaifn of tho wahjcrat DMaiUB % 

aaareo alaJdtl\aam\ muttj lo Iko work^ 
man. It waty eaalljr Iw couartrvd Aat 
Qiidvr thcM mrctuutanoca thtj would 
Htk to put ftn ind to thvir iniujiiponabla 
coti'Httori. Tbrf tnafinccl tbit, if tli« 
manafactiirt* ccaacd tocalii(,tbo Bntperor 
would utahl^iJL orhtra a fit- PcUnburiib, 
and trtu were l>« to laVr caif a part of 
tbe workmen to lb< ca|jitil tluir cifoditjoii 
coDid nni bnl hnprotr. But tb^y w«rO 
luialaktfi in ihclr hope*- Hie eoTcror ii 
KH?4nipjinlvi1 b; ■rtbilK'febarfad to wm~ 
IniiU ibo ■unufaotory, and he K^a him* 
wtf to chooic a maet aalUCilF pUcn, and 
lu baaUfi Cba CDUiplatian of fbf vorka. 
The embafmaamoai of the Goicmmeiit 
eao icafcalj be daeriltied. Fortunately, 
howeior, for tbon, tho anoul oJ ^U 
Pkrler^urgb v«j anndmtljT proTidcd vitb 
■n»i of o^cry dfBcriptiOD," fkr* 
IhU ovoot took pUco in t&34. 

Da niffbrJ; or, thr Cumtanl Mam, 

4 eott. 

'J'H M uitbor obitrvo*, that the odlifj- 

rjonnl /^iriurr o/ iftmon Uff^ irhich 
li# 1t/i4 madj* th» hulijAiH nf iho prfwpnt 
volcuM*, U moa&t to sbr^^'tlie *' imprca- 
lAOn made bf men and maancrt on 4 
vcTf young and uniophiftticit*^ mind, 
jual atutinf iDtolUr, (>rKaiiiina; cvfn 
frocD biB bvyuh days; and Ibibla nc* 
oomplitbcd tbfonjgh tbc total ifteapa- 
ricnc«oftlMb«ro,A£idtbc vari«d know- 
ledge of liLs tutord aad adm^rra. Hia 
kduwlcd^ of the worM ia earned by 
oofoUDtefiojE diflicultT. personal ei«t- 
tMO, and zt^GCtkia \ atidfti totoe great 

paaaiov noaC pr«d<miiiute» tb« btro, 
aa a loror. ia made tbe lOKrof of coa- 
alancy; auch Jov« taactung thialraKto, 
ihar, whatevor ita good or Ul aucnas, 
whfn l!i# object k wilUhoaan iandth« 
lore purr, it L*nnoblM tha mtnd and 
korpa It kUiolfai. ddicaie, and bancnr- 

nblr thm<ij;b all $U «ii:>**ilodt«," Tha 
nnlhor al>o obtvrvca. that, ta hU chief 
object bu bcfio a view of tnotiv» to 
octiocj aa vreU aa ibc tnore twdtr eiso 


R*wri»w,— Dtf Ctifurd; bj Mr. Wwd, 


tnms or the tiMrt. \hfft &i« many <1i< 
4Uci>c dlgrcMiMu &*d wiMde«, " M • 
oovvMbm lua Tor iUotject Mmtthioi 
nor* lliftA th« m<r« picton* oft mif ic 
UctborD, aod nhna ai a kaonJcd^c cf 
th4 «princ« c/ bum&o ftatore, u well 
k» bDDntktineat, ctQoot poMiblf rvalJu 
thtt object vltboul |j«riaLin| %t( XVtt 
dtdaclic- r)i4kr&cifr/^ Such hu bcco 
th« aiiibGr't p«rpo»p, aod «r« (hiiik 
thti tl h<u brvD aucniic4 witb »iKC««a, 
Hit 4lory of Action » >t oner rnlrr- 
UiBinf 4nd ioatmrtirr; U conlutu 
KifititQC rftr^ety Qf mcid^-nl and devc- 
]i>pm*Qt of r»rJoui chATBCtf r I iriib 
much tiwnd obfttmUon of Wie, ftnil 
pUaaiog rtflrctkiiu ou butnon conduct 
and diameter a> tlity^ ar« tuc<t4*(vdf 
brQugbtInto<ievr, Tbc JiHirrviit eveoU 
flow AalurAlCy one out of afioUicrj 

cvdrd Ici pictufv* rtipr«stnUl»v« <A ro«l 
\%U, rrqairibf cotoo'tn^ a klll« hi^b«r 
than rtsUty. snd b ouitki mihrr iDDtc 
pro«'(lr<lHilh ritfcum«t»tcr<itnil 4jT'>'i 
tfatD i» iMU&tir >fcn^ UoJcr Ihc dra- 
mtric g&rb uid vitor, &e til itmn « 
uuly oionl ft»d Tintiout chftrtd*? 
appear*: m tbe fatal tir«cl« of bead- 
ftuong tiolcDcc and •ctfiBhueaaofcoa- 

dnct and tciD^tcr, nrcaiilniiFA^IvpBkatrd 
in the cftUniitou* cbd of Foljuabe 
Hutin^t : «o «rf ll)r Ttrti>» ofnomir, 
Uuth, luduiliy, Aod conslancr, inlb^ 

An«l aad vaUabLii ricofJ* of Oc Clif- 
fordV lift, bcid out foe our «o1^pni an*! 
imilatioA. Mr. Word ba« Ln<Jrcd luc- 
cvcdttliDpoinrinBaii Fffici«iil uoralan^ 
adiorning a ttry altrtclive talc, Wcrr 
wc abic to make ciiraaH Usym ihv^ir 
pa^«^ w« »liouId poan^ io Ihc finit 
volume, to Iho account of aaffuaf 
fritndflhrpii, ka th^WD in Koljaratw'* 
account of himbvirand Lord CatU*C»ri, 
and of De UilForil'* connection "ritb 
Haatim. The mUcTyallcadingvrbal 
aJY called iMd/if 9D«T4, ii drawn Co tbe 
Irfr, wtch mocb akill in lh« d««]j[oai>d 
rtrvi>gtU aad force ia tbr dcliorattoo, 
iu the pcraonaof Ladj lUirict and Mr^ 
Daffta.aadofScdeyaiid Mrt.SnafC*; 
wbik tn the third tolcmit an adnir- 
abk tknUh j)t Oravia of iht arw pfnt 
which Dc Cliffofd U mnbtrd to InAr a/ 
tocicty, «rh«r \if ia etA!l«J iaio the 
itaiiofiof Lord Ceaiktoa'i ftccrfiari', 
and ftuddnly b«ito«M " tbo g1a«* of 

laahicn asd ibt ouaiU of fucn" to 
tkU4a «ho» a r^w wfrkt bclort, «d«iU 
ba«e pa*4*d him wiik indlffnt ficc oc 

contvivpt, 'IHc flTcct aad itv»dnc» of 

Mr. Wud'i dilTcrcut p^rttailbrra an 

not lct«cofd, by lofiip of Uird hari&f 
the apptaraiKC of kcioj takra fro<a 
lif«i aod wo ahould CiiJ little dUB- 
culty m Saia^ apon (he individual 
wba hu cawectia^y oau for Lbf cha- 
ra<'icr uf " Paiannph." Ic ucaa 
few plicc*. WG fihould bo knriiii«d to 
lay, tbat tbc d(tin«aibn too nearly 
approacbc* to caticaiarc; %a la the 

nrcwa&l 1)^ Iho kftluiviorir nf Saoal^r 

aud hb da«ne«lica, ia tbe vrcdndvo- 
ramc; and la Ibc lalfrf tow wrtb Um 
MaKjtiii in the third. Mr> Fotb*tfiJl 
ccrUialy »icpt mirth b^yoodihf tutor's 
»pbtre, aal Man Htllc rrsembionce (a 
any pcfAOOof thai cf4JU whoa wc ha«« 
met with ; and tt^e AuUior, wc tbiak, 
baaCelt th;>, and doi»c wbit ti cuuld 

toaoflTUOJid AiA^t donn tbr ouigu- 
EariEy of tbc rtprcacntatioD by aiakuif 
tbcTotor a rdatbn of the Stod^ut'a, 
We tbiak, ain. that the pictan of tba 
Chriatthurcb ^irrr fvni. i. I tA) ooald 
hardly bafebccD written by aaOxford 
Tnan, %a vnllLe i; la to aayib^o^ «c 
fPrr witn»Hd doriai^ oar iciitlkDce* 
When T« have addrd, that tbt atory,| 
^ingtraa huU loo loag cvir oar ex- 
peelaiion 1ow«rtli tbe cooduaion, we 
nav« Hid neatly all tc wi^h, «e bara 
to «ay, that b ad ia tbc Unguage of 

(irAiflr i wbik WD are oUigfd to on^U 
mcQiLoaiaf acvcral parti oJf \\\t work 
whic^h havD affofdnl U4 much ilcli^hi, 
u)d which ne nfnnidei t<i be Uic ^nr. 
dnctton of very eooiI ta>te uid mach 
abiljly in compasiliDa. We bare Mid 
zbat wf lur« ao rooiD for CKliacla, bt>t 
we ihoTI not withh«td dap, at onoa 
«lrifcin| aad uicfbL Tbe autlior li 
diiCUB^rng lb« tub)m of aM«7tBoi allU 
aact4 and io:iiajLCtc« : ami how f«r 
hterary talent aod geniui may halaooa 
th« adtaDlagta of birth and Oalioa, 
and eaable tbc-ir po*«e««ort to live on 
Itftni af iadcpcndcnce and fjuality 
With tbe noble and the alaUeman. 
Thf infftAoccof &heiidaa » kiUuJucnt 
u havinf au<n«ifuljy avcrcoiac tha 
difficulty I 

-**Beih beaidkkatf«,M Ihaiv heard 
front GrtnvlUf, had alusit hbU * tfi* iaa- 
tloni.aadmrvvttkr TWThnda#|^h4k«- 
abla &f^' " Wwi (ft\A\t>^ FoiL«t|ltlj b 
aut vuile uiitcrt u u Wr, iW^h ftha 
lad ill uf what tarn ]iropei1y call fwdaa* 
tion, to whldh it who fcacw her, era bear 
*ii&cvi bita I caa IvU yvn Ikil i4d, i»d 


Rsvicw.^f^ r/i(ft-rf; ^ Mr. Wnnl 177 

|wrh«tb*nd M», 4v<r« fl«i «(lhoiil tMr 
mnrtiAoAliani in tiUi mpnt. partitattrtj 
Id the earliFT 4ttc'4 of Ihf Ir pmirrru f m<u 

(i lho«iT ilutlbi ^^omdki whjcb Ami 
ftDsArU bJi rcpvUMov. kail ni«4l*-»)l ilip 
w«rld ia*d fdr Jli ■tfquuauiMf , and A«r 
iii»coniAi>n boHty,— wnioDTittiif lo Otr 

■OfC^, — and iivcv(ii|itiiliUKnf>i *^t>-'h 
Ih/V* ttttj Mhrr bfMou'fc mtoihc ahiuiir, 
h>iAlmo>tcqiui]lNli«r frith biin iaiiKni;- 
lUM I vitt UicrP wu « doofat or bHttitiun 
» to tlifir ttilrnii^ioii into tbfi Mf bn dr- 
dM. In vhieh It vKft tottte time bHore 
(Wy got A perfnmnfnt footing;. I btir« 
hnrd tbU the Duchna of Dpronvhirf 
loDf bMlttird at to ilir pmprictj vt ia- 
viCiac to hm homit ' /vo ftfrt^tu lifmteh 

t^Mttimt vmtidrr^* AlLhoUfh. lbcr«. 
Atrvt tbrt broke Ibrovtb (h« Kpi<11, pirlj- 
oiiuW bfccridBD lum^rir from bu otvr- 

f»*«4nv| •biNtiH lAd fknrt. r1i« ludi at 
iMt devA »>e u«tn (o hjir« retted her 
fcmdhFtt xiPim h«r rfrrp(]<iD in iTic h\^\\ 
vbrU. ft Ifid««(l n*« Irrf iTid le** tu- 
Vt«4» bcr Awfltif. vbidi hM bctn itfTrcU 
fei^llf dcaerlbcd b? me of livr fiivinl', iibn 
««• s«tf hirr. ^t ld\ HtieB ba >1r. tmd 
Hn. Ijfigh.mdputitivflT forbiddiag anf 
(Kbm biLnf (ifcn itDdcr mnj |>reUoi>r» 

tnta ttui [ut ourk nf brr drrni uml iip- 
Ti*obtllon. Jih'* hnili/tf^rir/Ai'^ 'vilh "rimi* 

•nd during her UIilmi nrTcr inriiib>u<>d 
Ibmi irttfa rffiud or kimJnttf^ Sbrridan 
UmttU iodttd aatrt^ lo thf bi{br*t plTdt 
of b»tb teWoMU* and rotiliinl too^ftj, 
«ttd m w)(&« MNraTR, bat not dtbcT anl- 
hrmlf Of ui^erfl«ll7i<srncd bU wife wha$ 
vltfcbimt but u vH^'ifflnw'it^ r«|)U' 
tiilott, and roiUK(ucftl puliticil lutaeace, 
tM faablnShim to do Thii. rortbough 
bik IkriTurr npUrtdaur will br WT and r*- 
nrmbrrva JODf iftrr bis |ku]rlir-'«l arrvr 
tiMj bt iiftt<^tUM, jtt I iJfTibt if be Idil 
h-'-'i -~^- - -n-n "t wit mid Icttrft. bow- 
jfi ii'Htb> If be (and mil] Wit 
3. ^ ii-ri»£ » fib* ***,) wp<*Id 

httr «tu^B«d tier piK'f rbr7 S^d \a the 
■(wtomt^i^ rl*»*** nf ihf oMnlry. I hire 

Imv^,' .... Eotbcr^i, 'nfii^n HntJift, 

hty, ?i :'iik]Li wu ia tbp fdjoy- 

Bv&l K'l it.TT I ju^inM'iouiEii'tsuf ba^icf 

nnnoDktf^ tb? d»udixnri^l of birin 
ibJ tlatiftti. and idK'd htmirlf OA A Icrrl 
VI <.E-jl Aiid liubtriE of ibr land- 

'J Lft tbe nocielyof Ibt ifrwT, 

^r : J . II. 1 bate MllBiafidhj ^tr-liamfn- 
tf-^ ■ II' r.. uiin, A« • fn*« wrUff, vfb 
■1 bn j^iKiu, b« ^t\wt coold tiavt bcf-n 
thUft 4dDiiil(ed, ^ ntdriv. noi^nic Ebrm, 
ftelr t1if«rt*. foidn«44. vnd ubul I maY 
alt uvrtrtate oblliiAcr in ibil rcap«ei <l 
r*iNT. Mjo. Vol. XVIi. 

tfpealit homvvr, only of tbe B/tfUt^ $n*%* 
bifllr hU eAajfNtun lu i^onjiifhffnd It, 
n[>cia ibt pnndplci of commoQ ifniC! 

fur, if nn* tn.l lhf« a brtW ►pi't of f#*!; 
Ui|, |irofnjilfd bf vomfitbJUK Ukr cUuuJ 
tHrPi reiDahiiikg irll[ fr«m fUrmtr jouth- 
hl LupmitoaA. dlan aruw (nirjrji k rrdi 
iCfnim, vho pftluipt dehirbfs the vror^. 
it » all iiitlaarl^ i-T|>n-«»d tnd 'Rtocbrvrcd 
hj tfaa drow-r iTiDrrivirr ttf «ir jiHglo* 
(TBtic frpjudicrn* vhkb. frtaa tithtr ibc 
obtwn^n orJ«il0OfTOf ibfir pottttnf*, 
rb)ibii|c nil «hjit« off* I ffiiiFmbfr on« 
Of thcie dull dlgnltarie* at J^ord Taitb* 
ten'*. Hiking to hirn of a vritrr wbom 

Lsrd Cafli|ef«n pntrtinijEpd, anJ ubo bad 
rhnnnr-i nil tht Wtftttj irorld. obsnrfbg, 
vttb nioit pompttu* fondpicnLTivD. ihdt 
tbm wu DopEr<on hr lo marh «ithodEO 
kao»* ' Vrr^ vk«l1/aaij Lor^t CuLldofi, 

■nolMn^ taatf can, for le irill rbink 
btniArtr boijonrtJ wilti yoor so([uainfaQCff, 
ind 1 will hp glmd to mlrvdw* bim to 
vanr lordnbip.* Th(t |ir>rr faii? a cold 
bow, wbrthtr of iccvplanfo or c^ialoOt 
inifbt br doir^rfn). bat he Tte'nr trtuned 
(0 ihf BtibjM't, (IT mrntionfd tb« poet 
iifulEi, Wlinr in icmarkkblc/ added fV>. 
(brrf tH. ' (be (^DllcmuL vliam be wiibcd 
»o miirb inor« than an^ &ne lo lno«> hid 

bffa prT^rcIlT ncU Imnwn (u him at t^ol- 
IrfT, Vut iraa fuju^d bj aft«fwarda in th« 
world. Saj«h«*e witli ibereforo, tof 
111^ qlTQ ttt iippfvHnc Mf^»n«ura. b; htm 
who Ti*s not bf«n bom amonK the (nnl, 
by ytJitii-$, In thai arraa. iriilch tbry 
took on ai thvlt oAOi 11ll^ If^ilarurcof cbfl 
LjDtJ, Ltrt H mfiri irfj^fbiuH, likr 8li«Hd«at 
but aifprl bit voprfmirf* at ones all tboM 
burntfrt of Tfurvc «nd p'tde fire war, 
ftitd be lakn by iIopd^ a it«(lon at tbrlr 
»ide> whiph ■ ShakipMre or ■ N?«Con 
rould haTf enjoyed hot by cniiriety^ U 

ii onlf ai^rir d^iFb, i>h«n rb^ir fam' U 
(rfiiMfrttfid by poiicntj, and tbe puny, 
lemporar; telf-comrqin^ncr vf tbr ir Mj^her 
Mntemporarin U fprifiitctii. that tb« p»1ni 
i?f jjrnhjt, learning, and pliloMpby be- 
tuuiet r<[ua|, abi oft#n Mjicriqr iv that 
advcnEiCUMi one of hirtli nnil fiijriufte, or 
rriffi of militart oi palitictJ ttlrbritf. 
Wito df>ti uot lava (hv nauio of ^'irn^l 
and llofic* more than thoae of iheir 
pttruttk Mec(i*nav, or er^n Au^iutiii, 
Ebootb muTrr <if ihe v^rtd *' '' 

^it 10 tTanKnbc a note ol theftuibor'a 
otcAbioDvd b^ to obtfrfattoo oa tbe 
t)iirerVDC«ofr<mib, as *o viiibf^ it>4tlrcd 
Araosig the nifmbera of xUt timr^fd* 
sicinr >n which «e agre? with hiFn 
both 15 to thf aAOiBAlr itielfand tht 
danf tr of stienpting ft rtlonn. 


RKViiw.—Cap!. Gerard's A^^tmni o/Kcmkow. [Feb. 

" Th««* «fp lut limn Ut Aa tfwwf dH- 
tiKtloiM«r naki brrntbdm, die ■&»- 
ViUci «Udi infcM-Ui ili« Ma« nf Enfliik 
9K\Mf ud nftDHFn, «>A/rf thvorrlkAllT 

md ^ Ikh all un tqiul. nhJe pVWtimnr 
iKerv Dct«r vcrc >d«)i tBe^uB]>li««, U 4n 
ft1)H»tiLi« riiMle. U «ter e«|iulitf in «*tr7 
tbloc ei«rp( mfril uuaht to prctiil, it 

tlie eommoa Aclia oT IcArolnf , la viMA 
ht «ba cdltlTMfm tWm bnt vill obuis 
tbe (KttMt dittiactjon- Tbe tmstmutr 
of the dUkitncQ «ccuiqD«d by tb< Birre 
cstniMOM cIrminfUDca of (nakacJ ior* 
tWM «b»iUE ibou wbo» cc«3au«it; oi 
)P4utb ml Tii«KprTvner< and rookiaiin^ljr 
efpBf*mT«. il WMuM ■«#■>». woUd tn^ur* 
cqiuL^, If AAjvhvn ta br fooud, appcvn 
oot aora unpobUf liun rvlLcoEaiu. B«- 
nd<<L» to ortfttn b fAarid, uiil frtiUlitr 
h^rtaf LvfQ laiiK ftbotiiW, its mcktiii* 
oogbi ID be tbulubol unr i M ntA « tt- 
fvrm it m9i iX* Wtlg ^i'V vAjoA tA« 
wm^MKM (mi ^ftktdtten nf Ch^rtitm 

Let Dfr take ooc ^a^te paM*jc« on a 
very diffvff at tubj^ct. and written in 
iL vrry dilTen-Dt tiyk. Sf^aking of iho 

|il«*uul McAcry luf rounding a £rtia& 
IP ■ riKD»nlic M\. tli« aulhi>r bri<akB 
out tnlo tfac fi^JlDVlnf ivBrctUat cin 
tl^h tubjrct. BO prettily and jiorticftlly 
vriiltn, wc could at raiMt »hAp* Ihtn 
Ltco venf • 

" Bat rrfo vithoat IbUi than u lOov* 
tbiof lb ■ ttfiMk •bkk rfvaf* hn hold of 
tb« MiJ*4 qnlftlr Indrodp o»d ilmort la- 

Ccffiiibly, but wiib ea incrnttin; md 

ipuiiiio«> (lu ftol poweit. VbiCcnf your 
ha«4Ur. ■ brook idnoirtert to tl- It 
ftditpu iu«tf CD #rdrT tfMA. it lonthra, it 
eaUutimU'f it luocnt, ir Ltuffb*. it t^liH. 
It wnr*. It U iLJcDt, n bflb^Ee^ U Jotifn, 
it rubu. it xk ilirkiamc. it u bnllUnt, It 
itud* %b\L U Ic^iu Axvird, it u ill ftc- 
lAPObOly, mil fvy- Tlim jijriiiu ii bfei frcib- 
ncM vhleh t»(|iiii£ f Ui< ran cnnfrr, ao art 
jokititv, or liaoi; rtft^h ; ft (i(c« ooolflcaf 
t« tb* ItcJinc uid B«t<i>Ma to ih* t«Jto. 
ittt ita inonl WT^cU ore ilill non pIcM* 
Jb(. It dUpfli f loom Olid Uiifvor. pro* 
soioi biaopvnltne* «hd gnUi*4«. tr^po- 

(bUs «ith tli« |4« n (pint, kod «ill not 
nffir iIk praod to loi a|> ikdr bom. It 
iMt vJTodty Au dM yonog. bnA^iUlity Ew 
Ite eM. It pronio(«« • hv« oT ilifiot 
Dtttm, ud « luU An fi'Ctoft F«t^t 
ftb«v*ftUL iti«Mi hiSowpd«nd pctotM. 
tilt It wil •afletno ipulty nor tKin«]ta««a 
lkpM|bi ID ptQol* U« tiriow, but didWo 
beliMn, iBAOonctk ond OMorful «ircM 
«Ei C1VV7 tUo| irwnd. tlc«tepo«e«Mi 

•Dcb * bro«lip m/a iboMt lawh tt tbo 
worid/' A<< 

./iMotMl/ ^ Aooifttii^oor fo lAf ffiioi^fiOi, 
4*. By thf Utt Cipt. AUi- G<T»rd. 
A VtHY cnrioui and inUr^titaf 
nomtii* of ■5<iDrii«y lbr<iqgb ft dis- 
trict m the IlimaUyA, pc/^i/i»cd by 
Cijit, IkfAid, fcU of tttforiBatioo, 

both to 4<lfBC« «»d to the fcncfftl 

rtidcr: aimI it is, fi Lhc Editw ob- 
»m«9, "a >^ rtfltclicA to know 
tbftl tIk rrauLt wut o'^laintd by tke 
iLjii?rLAcG of a life jirdvntly dcrottd to 
the porauil of >ci«cic*-" Hu brother. 
Dr. $. G.OvranI, wuiOiMhcrHOCrUtco 
ilk Ihir ClM*f at gfVbjtipbLrjil trt«rK«> 
The work is Jitidcd talo two parl4 i 
Ol>C. Ul ACCMlDt of KoooocoDr* iD* 
cloding, boib in ihr d«vcrip<toit <4 tk^ 
coonlry. of the prodvciiont of lulure. 
of thr tnUabtAdtp, ih4v aocial bi4>it>« 
eh«riuifi, h^- mj full »od ocuaroto 
ioforrnAlioa: the »tccKtd tonuioi n* 
marks upon lh4t jMUt o^ Koon«co«r 
ijili4!iitrd by TartUt. o&d tvnv erf ibe 

jkijjoiDioft coomric*, Tbii in foUowMl 
by two nArrativrfl nf ih« SMthi>r*» firtt 
JDUtiipyi ill iliT HimoUya, and hj ta 
Appmdii on irifciiinitifCrifAE ond ha- 
romeUictl obnetvationi. Sec. 

Of A work like thl« li would be 
difficult to gm an orcHint in Aco«a- 

pu« much Um ihan iho ongtaikL We 
fthallr thtft(or«. afltr tuviog reptikitd 
our coiL«tclbo of iu gencrftl %ttlae, 
fflkk^ a abort «itr««C or I wo w itb rc^anl 
to aome of the tree« 4od pUiiU foiud 
la thoc < levied ic^ioaa, 

"Thorv Ai^poH t*b«iUkl»d»«fptAH, 
and tbm ip«riiM of ojfcs, tbc lem« offttl 
Uiait iMH-b^ifd, iDOf«orlH8H7nu«d, 
«nil hiiiimwlj like hDlfy. of vki^h i«o 
vprcia, Ibe Honroo mrid tb>r Kb»r«00| 
l[mv IV tTte llmtt oi }'i,900 fert, fiumaof 
the othtr trori arc fboiJiHleDdroii, Ai«p1i» 
^Uno. ath, hnivl. boraa r^toot, mm, 
■0«ikUi4<«>b.AaiJiualpcr, TbiW4Hk«- 
droQ *c<mt ttbeor tkn* soitA; 001 floq. 
rinkM al from 6,«00 lo 10.000 fcel. lad 
b(M a Urjf* Tfd Aoaat ; anpoHifr |4 f^uad 

at 1 1 ,000 or 1 i.txio feet, ud th« blowoQ 
!■ Ttvy boaotiral. bcit^ of ■ ilell»t« piafc 
oalotir, with ■ (ncnat tfodl ; <ha Uiifd 
flpedca b oovuaoft fma 19,000 to 14,010 
r«<t, Md b a oadl boab ; aad tba iMftt* 
■beo rvbbed br<«ec« ibe haftdt, twil * 
kittht aruoiattc odonr- Hm noil TklaaUa 

li»bcrbyf«rU Ckr bflM (tti' 

■ blch Krv«> to CircMj ar 1 u 

cinantf«rac«> |Tkc tntboi mcKwcd 

HKViKw.^S^rnfOnj. 6y iht RfV. V. Tunitoll timith. 

two, S^ Uft nad 34 fnl in e:irth-} They 
b4TC been AMB li^O fc«t in length » and 

L ft qa«DillT of tbU fiae wood U wa^?J, 
'«vrn whon il it <carcci» tot tbc ««« L» ua- 

' ksa«D» and td ^t ■ ]tUA(t uf nhy titc, Clic 

^ ttalivu tpUc n tree into irrrral Ihjrk 

piMM «itK ««clf«s, met ih«n fbliioa ii 

ll «■ Aid**, tli'rvhjr luiBiig l^r ^rcafrr 

Jefit. 'flieAflEiD balmMt mdriiUuci- 
«, ftM U thtnrore uwd f»r braruB uf 
, liouwi.1eu]pLpi.KTuiahcf,Ac,a«no JDitot 
■tovcbtv il. A& (>il i" lunJc frum llinkdoa^ 
I wbicb, n)^at mbbcJ On auy o(lm kifiJ of 

IBtod would h* iavAliubla un tlut pUioa- 
J'Tba kcli>0, vr dradoni pine, (^omuiencn «t 
K|bc helfbt Of li,4W Itxl^ It wii kund uK 
MuM Dpan Ibp lop or thin T>n£r, iilinut 
[itot be ticrriiilnGd- EjiUuhvg IjciIi of 
^ f> rvf firrriri arr faund iro viox luurianily 

{n A ri<:li iponj;^ I'til, alatotl lo thob«i]t1it 
r'«f lv'.fH>u fr<i. ///dfi cumnlA 4re b(»l 
; m l^f nnitljrrn »topF, a1 lO.OCO feet, 
I Ihw and Aeu, EjuI Ibr rtd liiud ii insipid 
'•AQ amwliih- Til* fhrrrin m-n ftiQdJl j 
I tke birberrin biflbljr flHrourcd. The 
I Babi |ii»r, ptoducLag tlic rjibk DiK, Uou- 
L r)«hH frdcn <>,000 to 1 1 AHJO fett. j;rotrlu« 
[ vnd kn Ibfvc forrtts,Bt)d ihc iddv it iit liri^ 
kn irTkbttWr. Iti Ualo llacjr rrriublo 
I lliB piiCiobio nut. tb Koocjtcour (livy 
L tril »l ^b' IUl the riip« , at Moorn^ 
r4«b«I ilitj trr loM a< ■ ru|>?r prr povji^t. 

Very fev And their way in ihc jdjiina- 
' Thar* w «IEhlrrn kiDils or vIqci rulij- 
' ?ll«d, Ciniim fioufUli 4l vftrLou* eUvA- 
^ llovii Aod il dF|irjid:4 np[tn thv inminpr 
I lunsmtu'^ 4iid jilLudtjiKi riiorti ibttii 4UI- 

tnd«. Tbcr tlirm ircil nt O.VHi f<'i<t 
* tbOT^ the LcTcL of ihc «?■, nb«rr Lhe nifun 
t BP*Tn! leuiwiatuf (■ nbool -4ii^. biii t\nff 

l§Mam oome to mtturity at rj^OO fed, if 
' 1b« |d>c« be cnacti ubote the hi^d af a 
jImi* ttrP&in. Tbv 4|.*r»oot ibrivei ftt dif- 
I'lftKOl hcishti, from the bvd uf Ihf SutTo^ 
^dooM lu 11>00D fcrl. Tile pemhc* are 
ybferlnr ; mluuti. fi|H*(L bm in few jdju»- 
fTb* «|if>1ej are Ane/' 

W<r haic made ibctc frw tttncl* 

[ff^m tikv botAnicbl poitiun (tf Mr. Cpo- 

fmd'ft woik ; ■ndwciLjld«>'injiigly. had 

^ wetMce, bftvcenlcrMl into ihc li^ulijvct 

of tn> £Ootvgv# and other brnncbce 

ofaatiml hietory. hut to which we 

[SIU4t coalcol ourarlve* to rt'fvr »ur 

ndtn* Wif think the followfiL|i 

iTarHtr tUHlom (if drinking Ua luiL-ht 

be borrowtd tiy our iabannng pcoptc 

with advantage, o» miklp]j 11 more 

nutritio-iiK bcvtms^ than it i* as cobi> 

" Th' tra i« prepmrH b]r *n infuiioaetf 

boiling valer, nnd llie^ use buttrr, *a1t, 
»p4ccft. sad a htlle inrttL Luilrod of uillk 

and iu<nr. Tbcr i^tif it with a iti^^k. re- 
HmMiiif ihf kind uted in Jndisfur f^piui^ 
tfccr, TIk teapot i" tf pewter, eioellr 

hke onn in itiape> and cbo It^a k> poured 
crtit into CfiioA cnjie, or, trlmt ti mare 

Errirrr*^. hnwii t»f n b^aticifitlly Ri^iLpd 
ind uf friiod, linrj niih vitvor It lUBiei 
hke loufi. vid tlie Tartnn drink it In 
ltreec|uiali[i^«. M'hefiBpcnoD rrirbfsa 
'i'lrlar vdlnicr be m mkt'd In tike adiiib of 
tcft, ^bUh ji kept rcailj must |nrt of ibe 
day." ' 

The author tayt Ihjit hf tnnk Acnat 
liking Co ii. — W« mutt ob^vrve thiU a 
ruoBt ekceihnC map accoiopanlea ibia 

Srrmon* hythf Rtr. T-'l'un&lftll Smith, 

THRRE U a d«gr«ff fif teaming, 
crihoduiy, sood lenar, aod piciy, 
cviDCcd in iViesc dticourK*, which 
R>u4l rtcomm^nd them ot oncn to 
rvrty proctirat reader; by which ex- 
prvaiioii yvv cnf&n, hy rrcry ono who 

vould livBiJc 1o Ecduce the enccltvnl 
acriptinal eiijcaiiiLios fbfy lonf.^in to 
pracErct. They h^ve the furtbt^r ic- 
cuitinjvndaiioii of iiein^ imUiihcLi Jo a 
neat and ir3it>k duodi^ciniu fi^rm. Of 
tomt ijf the heads of theio diheour^tt. 
And the iTiocitf of treating tb«m, fir« 
flhalj endeavour, by a fvw bfitf «i- 

tracts, I0 gkve on ldca> 

T'Ac CfirnperiMOn ti/otirttlvfs ttith otAirt. 

^' Lt^t lUP alfni'LLuIuU^Iv bul >'j]r.Iii]|lw 

rrmiad tboie of niy birLhrca mUo niay bo 
nkling eoiii^>[4<:cutly in Iho applause of 
tUnr fctluw tnurUli, that they ntin 4ro 
vonr datiereia und aJmlrtr* nuir will bOt 
U your jiid^s in tlie day of reckomris; 
thrt HiTl rmly If ycrnr f'^lliin'prtKoner^ at 
tbr'baf." r, tfl, 

Iteiatim, — " 0y italaain'i n ample, we 
are (aufibt Co valk cvrr up to iLc h^bc 
uhiuh the \^T\\ ban hcen pluMfd tu jE^^ot 
u*. WLiru uucc fuivnd i^f the Atli o€ 
GoA, itind not nrguiiie tbo point, nor 
tarn ptr with il, but yitid ta it forthwith 
flic ■ibdditiiirtf at fdHU-" P- A3m 

The CArUlitin UaM.—" Shall tbe cui. 
(]|dati?!9 Tor ^ drru]il4b1v rruirii omit no 
rkprdii-nt ftliii-h UMV (lunhfy t'leni for Fha 
race, when all that tbey hnjird to gain wa 
u i^aitiiiid of fddiiiy parilcT, and nu lofa 
B-HB to be iacurrtd bj tiie failure of 
their riTirrt*? and will not yoq. nbo am 
LHoduturi-i fur lui ticorTdptablv Cfoirv, 
give all diliffcutc to ih< work of year laL 



RBTiifir.—KiiigU't Lcnthit* 


t«lj«u> vLcro llff tud J(>tk ore Ibr ob- 

T** f'kurtk. — *• You h^v* tliii Juj 
•ft brfore ^<ro, bfli>Ttd Irrlhrrn, Jtfiir 
b«pt4>ni«l |irtvtlf£«», Tqu Iia>c >Cfn thM 

KUlnted to thp Cbquti on riirlii i anil lh« 
^Akpi vf 3?mcr hji|iti>m Julu Llic Chuivb 
vat 1o bribf r<*u "^^^ fdlavilup mtU 
ChrUt ilmugb tbr Spirit, aod i& Cliri«l 
viih Uiv Fftibor.*' P. H. 

Ofl ^Jeemir lit llaly Syiril^—" lab> 
nhaJfVcr tOL-blj yon prDjioAc to cMcti 
Mttsmbn you cury vifh yciu Ibe S|iint 
of Cod, abd rererruiA hit pmi?nc«," 

Citrut.—" "Dt^rt i* nr>1hljif tir^itful for 
Hfc fend godliaFMi vijch God La* ool 
fiien Tou in Cbr>Bi , , , - hfr^ ihrn, be- 
loT«d Wtliitn* iho^ J* fi»Ili woTthf o* the 
ttfCiIiOM ^«lirrcHith ye arc cnilcJ. Br 
■tronjc Ju lb« cno wbich i» in Chrut 

Jctui." p. in, 

The /^ueA «/ f.orf.— " The d*»lli ol 
(!brJKf on our b«lin] f va4 Tint Lbf cautf. it 
««j Uio tffcci of God^i love to man. He 
Lu fHoin br bimtrl', iLhI lit: buji uti plca- 
rnrv in tbc drtf h of tbt nirWil ; liul r«/ 
Iher ibfli bo thriuld tarn froru b;i ttil 
•»jj aad lit*. He chAn;ej Lt upon ftory 
anrppctiUDt liCkncr, Uiat he ii biB irtrn 
tfpttrojfr .... It i«nnl ibo vlll of Ood 
Ibjit bi«p0opli» tbonfit AnponA bennib 
the prmarc of ourv«rd Uun ; lb«v tovat 
to tu Mil luii^ilfitfd br ibF blood of Cbriit -, 
to tbe rhrirtiu the inoit ulTcnr 00- 
furrpiin txii HTij[TliDdiig;uijir '' l*- 1^7. 

Sa/an. — " 'V\i-i Liou ^if llic liib« of 
Judib huM otfrcorne i'hi* Lion Ibtt no« 
»«9i« fcur r^n Iktirrc oulj, «uil 

jVP ihill bv more tban fOfifjuerC'H, 
Aroagb binj th«t \uitA joaJ* f?. J8T. 

Ctru<icn f'tt^/iilmef —" Can G^hJ lur- 
n»b ■ tnhlt in ibr wildrrrir*i^ RrboM, 
bo Rmate Ibe rock, lud the wirrri tfn>Wil 
oui.ind tbctirfiDB oTcrAvviv']. vao b« 
KiT« bmd iUof C>h lu pronde llnb 
for hb people/' P. ?IX^. 

7%e FtiiM *if J^erih - ^, "You bfl'^ 
to nretO? uaintl ipAdrbtj: the sfiuiti of 
dvkneM wrlJ endmour lo iaviil inio 
jou bfvrt « Eli>br<tEpf of tha imlb of 
■bkh tkcj tf<e theiDK^ici u*ured, Mid at 
vbUh ibtf irfmbtr/' P- ^tW. 

r*^ /***//Mj(f*wiof,— '^CoDBiJrr, brp- 
Ibrea* W>w Ibe tnnuctiotu of (ath day v« 
beuiag apttk fOul «1<ttkll ^wtlwj m iUv 
eonridentioa civti «D ine»liiD»blr vihe 
toUcdfiukofncbbttir. 'Yvbnwibci 
ndo of JiBdiBWBl. lb* Word vUcb 1 Wt« 
ifioifiki' Mid Jc*««, * tic t*me *b4ll jud^o 
jOQMihebMdar.-" r.Sit. 

lttu« liaie «c, by ^crr cvr«ory toil 
rap*! teUciMn of « fiw iftpni- 

aivt deui»DC(», codfftfcurcd to kivf our 
reader* tomi t«U of llic character of 

tl>G link vi>lumF brfufc ui . it if bcUrr 
tbal utF abould atop vriih thcae, mid 
promiMi^. Ilut wilb no traall atlvauittfit!, 
tlity may jui^^ f^r tbrmdvev. Thry 
w^li taller, in thin lillfr gmilro c/ptt^ 
cepta from tKt l>w of Koowledjt, to 
UK the langudsr of unc, wboao wis- 
dom ba* bvpn <i>nifiarvd tn tbat nf So. 
lomon, " tbat peace wbjeh coataincth 
LDfifiit« t>ki«inp, «4i4iU4»livth laitb, 
apU licidletb charity.*" 

L4iiadoit^ Bdiitd by Charlta K&igbL 

THH drv ADil ordjiunr >t)4c of the 
m^cbAnie*! roni[»iier of lopo|ir>[:Ji]r, 
uadfr^uTs a c^mpltie *lid 1iv«ly ijans* 
fornifclinri wb^ri ahi-ciIoW. rrmftiliabia 
occu:reac«B. biugnphical tniia and 
tnanoer*, hal>iT> aud Dmutfcncnii, nrc 
hrou0ht teigpfbf r nnd rr(x>rdrd \n iU 
luttMtc varioiM wclL'kno«Q locJklitke* 
Aucb a count of uarr&iitp frcnilft 
bv-^n« genaration* to onr lifw, Knd 
introduf e4 vt Id an iniiniatv faisibarilf 
vitb tbc dorneilic icenci of our for** 
fatbcf*. Thii In, with aomv qiiafJ6ca< 
lion< hpreof^rr noticed, ibe mtrit of 
t^*■ work beforf «» — ilte l-itjd«Q of 

tbp HomiLnfr— of the tiiac of ibe third 
FJward'-oF Eliubeth — Jftm^a lit,— 
bi4 |randaon, Hi* BcrHid Chark*-*«f 
\TilT4am 3rit — of tb« Ck«r|rfl, la 
bfnu|;bl before rtnr\i«w iri ralrroiciwle 
dittbctncM of dfiails while t;rapnc 
lli<uciatii>na«h»wyat1ie itomaii valla, 
R/iman vetult^ fbc bo«U]riv of Cliau- 
«r> PilEiiraa, \hr ftahawttt4 orida of 
Kic>i&rd Hi. at Croiby I'Ucv, lUm 
hi>n«M and forf>ll«atiun» of tK« iron* 
droua brid», the Park whea tb4 biU 
naa pfopellrd ibrounbitabjigftvtnuM 
Uf Italian! cavali^ra at ib< i^aaic of 
pill toall, riccoidiilir and tbf !:tniiKl 
aiwldfd With suburban viila*, th« 

bfdKfa and dybca of Dnij uod 3f, 
Marfin't Ltikf.lboeardeiiBof Holb<icik 
and of ihff Con't<nt of St. Pc^cr'a. lh« 
vlfdiog pmnenade 0/ Uiuirla^b, the 
iHnBroaUd Kmn littaHDr ViuxhalL— 
a1 IhcM rabjreli, wf rrjttal, are 
brouibt be&>rv tit by ih« aid of the 
[uncil and l|>e pdo in a Kaaanie truly 
praUt worthy and « fleet ivr. 
Tbe lubJecU ia tb^ toium« tn 

Bacaa*! Emya, Cnil wd UnrU, 

^rtpOaa* Wf T^ t t wf k wn , of ifac tib- 

•ttnl kigbaay of bj wttrr*. Tbc 
tmve c<«cIudA wiih « il«cf>ptiitii, m 

tfcftw lie 3h«dc« «i LoQiluo Bridct 
to HsoftrfafiJ Suin. whicb ihe 

i J Co i ■>< ■ , impTTMcd with ibr ermii- 

frra lb* nvtc. 

Wf piHtalhf »»By entitled, 'ThaQ 
T«ur bnooctr't aKom/' of ibr lut 04" 
Mjtri ill w- blocks ia Xj^dcSoq : tbetior^ 
a tbfta vrttif a. 

'* I« uci4 4/ (be aaaf ««irtt OH IW 

BOith lidt of PWtt Slrrei mclil bv am, 
jAiMH iW jnf HiM, Ike ^E of »boe- 
Iteb). OvAwoalfltlUak LWhddnmKl 
UwMlf de4ki«v4 to fait ftotaaitm Vy 
Ibtouv* far bo w«i • npir^ At U^ 
WtMwi d«wfi h< •«!>( foiU 6«s bift 

tn|><Ml 4n iik« ^ulct p*Tnnria» «Wr« b« 
pttlrvljr ftfotd Ull 49oa ita* pMl. (I« 
wi* » tWt, Urt«>h»Hlrd ton of .Uno, 


Ml of tb* fr«torM7 Ihift W n«U iM n- 
» liM va& fr«* rJMn«if Cnv «B 

Miyft»«mWkyi Wo^r^Mn, mI 

U> bMl «bM W l«n«4 ihM H 
tWv Wk «r*T4 tbM 
kf* were Urt nte <f tk» 

T.— i l m w • J>ffcl b* 
*4 Mtvaadintf tHf to itraifiB vitb ite 

^ ' (IM nam «t bImA hMi « U* MCVMMd 

He ncirod ta» te WrkboMC, uJ hto 
bop. baruf a fc t o tr tjo Ibao ibfir hib«f 
lA thr uraata *f ik# wminity, l^dk iji|i 
iba trodfl «bleb be moti boiol, aoiil ap. 
plied tilrduolnv W tb« «ll|«a| iw^ial «r 
tbr BDd ia an eattitr rtact «f its acr«n«> 
latiifo, ai»i ivept gTwdiiKa inatoail of 

Id tb« abo** dcH^ipiivp ili«i<h of ih 
pcvTMAurof ooeuf ihi>ft# banbJe4V0' 
aiicma nbirii iHHlrra <h*u^t b^n 
bflAUhad froB oJJ Lv«Jan, tti« Milbor 
Ii4» cviAcnllr iraitaitd tU§ «taAys of 
thil clrvfT paint»f cf buiUkn naiiiirrt. 
Olivet GeManilb. 

On ili« fint ■»« brCoAcitfti in tbr 
mttroiiu4i«. wo bftvo mom *n»ii«iiiK 
iufoiinatitfo. Littvia aiut OtcufiiuJ 
Trafftiiftt «iT» l*>ft( th^ trhiclr* cf 

by ibf way, a p>oJ ■pcdntn may li« 


Kkview.*— Kojjj^t'a London, 


■«CD in Mo«o«'b IIIovtrtlJocB of Mon- 
rtrtlet,* knd i>f rhe Iaim in xht l.uttrtll 
Pialter, u cngrnved lo the VttUAla 
Mmiuditiala or llu 8c}cirly of Aotl- 
qaarica; coftchri under the Prrnch 
AppllftUon of r«foch« wcrr ipo^ingk 
uecd Jn the limi; fif KlixaWih, auJ 
our rfndcf> Arc ^qnkintrd nirh (hc! old 
piinivrhich foprt^vnwQ««cnKlir»boih 
riling in a CDELcU 10 lifT toyt\ parL nl 

We btvi*, «nioO£ our memoranda, 
cote of an nid accoaot of tlie churget 

"of a rarocht and funiyT»rp In tT bw. 
loEgiugt" made fof Jamci the lat in 
t|]« ypftr 1009;. it wait covtrnl tti:h 
Ic&thtr hide, l^ned wiih tcItjI, o/im^ 
tDri)t«d wdhgilE r-fiiUpliftdouihtonaaf 
Chnivnn vrlvrt, relieved with twt work 
of (old.aad adtitut-i w iib ^cLd laitcU ; 
tbc coitaini wcrt uf dama^L FiiU, 
frJtiptd frith gold. Tie whole ciiarge 
of ihrH mval vehulv, aUuncJ by llic 
Earl of Worccticr. then Lord Cham- 

" Up la tlrtini* oTCbMlra Ili« Int the 

<XvjLi[ii»>, but U jfraduAE^T bc<ainc Mck- 
iiielj eoiiilojrJ liy Xhf rJcli Vkd ai^d at a 
period wliin cfiHch^Ji mtn ulilt Kiriblj 
roufb vtJiiclrt. KtcUd, in hia UUfj, 
at&(r4 he iraTfUfd m 'oup vitb h»i it<k 

f«?b'-r in ]'>4ii> fram Pftih ro WnKnn ; 
and thU, MkrlJi^Tiil >jtj>, in Tlir \att%t 
uituNuii il iltc <.t.<o 1 1 J 4at.> ^likli lit tut 
fifd. Ttirrr 14 a U\it nlra^tr.I^ <}f iL io a 
btllerailick ut>an ibe olJ Ilr^uMimn* in 
KBD : * («■ tt* f4r|-fi iLtl hftrrlJ *«idnit 
vrlttB MLijoT^d^ral i^kitfpoii ctme in a 
ho(»« bdff voiiDdcd to Ixiihton? Wbrn 
bt pn*cd bj ItkC brtvhuuM nur Si. 
Jobu*! StntU « d«!tiJishmaflKjirilnr»aAai 
■ binait at one: ttf blK horua^ and hatd lilm 
•O fafl lh»l llir horv rrrv mnd ah a n^nd 
dcG> (^■'^ tddlcri to imi;rrd tiiat nont 
bad ibc «>it (■> frLoot tbti uioititf, buK tbc 
bflnc liltcr, botui- bclircrn l«o horiAi 
ritoHodtba U^D^c«lu^fll hXt a doc in a 

LUtBLM.'" Kfftytlig caabi? merfcfuct k^iu 

'lliladfaeHpttOQfrfaUtUf. "Ofifacddfr 
VfftlDka thai |»rfrodfd coi^it«, nrl^lhrr 
nt^A*^'— * 1'"^ r'"°ni^f^icn 1\U of 
tbv caaajBi'*" iu thr ntoic of c^rv. <w. 
■Awlat cvocb, or Pblriiovle. Wfi kai* 

• Biklniica W Sooof of AvatrU, 

Qacea of PraAcU I, UloToaJooM. VL T' 

f Cofofd in oar Mj^iuio for Aof. 

: U1ln«ko« br a«tW««r W UlaOraio 

Unla bffro lo mj, Tbair dl^&tr ""^ "^^ 
ai4Cb clcvaU^ above tbit of a wa|r(oo> 
anil Ibrt ircrr loarrf Ir ralfHlitrd to move 
about the wtrtftt of 'l^ndAn, irbifl are 
dnf^he^ in lki« ratinff Act of )A3!». m 
' Vir; fuul aud full of |>l(t and fekuj^hf, 
rcn prriloua md no)oa>. oi «eil fy th« 
kiujt'' foljjorU OB bnnr'xii^lt a* on foot 
«aJ with ^rrijtfo ' Th**e tppiart litlla 
dnaht ibattlii; t^kcb Ar*1 ap|iearfd about 
JAti-l, alchouffh tht qtintioD «a>i nbcc- 
<|ii'nit7 rnf4f(l ■ vShIit Hip iWil brfloq^Ut 
tobacro info llni^linJ in « ctoch, or cIh 
braii]f1il a coa«h in' a foe or nii*l of irj- 
baoco.' Sloirthni d«cntffs1h«>D'rnduo 
lio(L of thu oorrltjr. abicb w«a to cii»nge 
tbc face of Eoclikh toeiclT- ' la 0-v ypor 

I5ti4 C^uilhrm Unaiicn. » Dotcbman, bt- 
ciiof lbs Qorpn'* coac^maai, and «VI Ibtf 
lirat tliat bmiifhl tha d«# tf ctndiaa IqIo 
Knataiid. X^%cr a while diic;ra ^reet 
ladlrai iilih *a ETcfiC Jnlooj^ nf thr* 
Qui!j*n'a dit|ilaiurf;. made them coaebcB 
and rid u]> aad down tlie i^oantrlva In 
Ibcm, tdlbcfrcal uUmlnliUff of all tho 
beholden; h(j| then, b^ bUk and little^ 
tbry grew utual itaooc the nobility and 
oth'f* of ■art, and Hithm tacnly yvan 
Imcflflir a |reit imdeof eoL^b rrakb^.' 
Inlllfle EQorr Lhan Ihtrtjr jtom a Bill wiw 
hrtvngbt Utto Pnrhimrrtt ' to rr^lrain thr 

emadne UK ofroicbta/ 

" Od« of tluv racrtC iljfxial riair^idTs ve 
ran find of thr freirini Impoiiance of the 
middle cloHCi, it pLbLbited lo lK*ir rapid 
»|ipt9|jHBitoi» r<i ihi-if tivin VIA oi the now 
liuurfi vrliirh tbehitLfirit in tbr landiell- 
turpd It Arit lo Indulge ciPiiiJlf »ud itilh 
' jfi^lnviy ' <if lh4 Q(iri#n'<dj«|Llamiiii'(< It 
vdi ta viin thai Ptrkumcnt trifialiifcd 
agtiuit clifir u<^<^i>lv( uir, ti mt r^ually 
la taliiiliaE th? citijceaa and cilitra'wivei 
vkfi atpirH to rtdf in lUcoi iMfe ridtirulod 
by the Will *u<t liootM \ij itc mob. Aa 
in the difl'ailoa of ctvry oTbtrconTmience 
or IntLTy intTodorcd hy thr ^<h. tbr dia- 

ImtliDii <if ni!i*a ib « i<A«cb tfra>ffd to b« 
a duitact»«n- Tbt jifovd 1>(Xc el Duck- 
mgbam, Keing tbat eoaclwa with t«o 
horm mm uied by all, and thai Ibr no- 
biMy had onEy tbr< mrlbiivf honour cf 
fo-jr liuraei. kctu|i aroiL-lj nitb >U horaea, 
atid thco ibc'alO'il EailolNortbuaber- 
Uu^, ' ctbbtiAailf OM wtib dght horMa^ 
MHnocer, In < 7^* City Madaao.' «■• 

i Uen fba Mwylii g««» hf^nd Idt 
ancboriiy, Tlte Kai), m Icvrin^ bb 
Iwnj tai f Tiafffitftrat in df* Toitrr< tri* 
unirhanllj nviil Ibmuh Lon4att «rttb 

cigAt Ir^r-fi: betog iuli biniaUd &oia 
tlu ' •\\t in*trf>7o1". Thb «■» 

M>T . ii^h tn t*i«tl*'ige, f-jf ov 

4biir> -.j.f- ^fTl 

KKViKW.-^Kiiiiclit s London, 



kibiU Anrif Fnigil il«ajKiLcLiiig of brr 

-My Piirofh, 


thftt iliott "ho \\ut I>ren long dCL^iuloioHl 
to (rodft ihroUKti IL? miry iCrrFrii. or on 

wviilJ Biike a rmdjr fmf *i(h luuuct lu 
apprOpriflCo lli* ofw luxury lu iLl-iiibHvc4- 
CoaclL«* 1000 cftrav ta b« hired ^ ilioy wrc 

to b« foand in th« ■uburban dliLrlrU and 

iiia«vithjn tht lovru. Tajlor (who wrltn 
la l(;V31 iftji, ' t hftTt hcjtnt of A ^tl^^\e' 
^mnamn «!io ttnt Wr rumi 1u Siiiilbl^«M 
fTQm Ch^irjac Cfotj Ca birr a coach lo 
ttrtyhctUt WtiiirhiJh nnrjtbPr diil ttio 
llkr Iram Litd|{atr Kill tft bn rjirrird Iti 

NOB pUf At BUckfriHfk' 

*' It b» iflliin^J, In a (ininifblfit t^uut^ 
bj Hirkbitd, cnti[{«d ' CoAch and 
Sedan/ IbqL in H^t^ti Uib conf^brH in 
La^djB, tltc auburlj*, nod wiiUin four 

I eoMM» witbaat > arc rtcktjneil to ihj- 
flmbtr orui iJmuHnd and odd. U witn 
t«a jrar* hnfora thr dulf* o* thl« cilriiU- 
tion, 1b«I Iho fimt bni'kiiny-rciAdi itand 
wu «icabttiUi'd La Lcmldn. Gnrrtrd irim 
dttcnbnll ii a tr'H^r (o StruA'ord i ' I 
oiniiot vitiit lu mi^Dlictn nnjr nrw tJi&ng 
tbat ouoju n|» lamvug u»» tliqii^b ncier 
vo tTLrkal: here U nn« Capl. I5ally> be 
bnU) bMn H trn *:^p{ain. but now Liv» on 
llui Und, >bi}cir 1I4U iriEy, •rbcra b« trien 
ei|>erim<<riL<. Ilr' barb fn^rrcd. iti:o7rdme 
lo Lif abihry, iodic fouf Eiat^knt)' ccacbtt, 
prit bit iiii*n In hv^ry, Hiid 4ppaint«L ihcm 
1A »Und at ihv MiTpoIr in Iho Strand* 
^liuf Ibrni inilrudCuini at Vfhit rtCc« tu 
eafrir intn iiili> •nmil iiiirU of Uic Co«n> 
ttb«icall iIbj ihflj may be hid/.. . .When 
P^MKCi ChAfttfH, nltfi ntl^U Chnrlr-* L, 
ntumod fr^rn bi4 fiii'h]»4 WLminK nf (bt* 
dn^kUr or i'bdip IV,, be brcugbt wLiU 
Um ihrrd ^Hdau chaLr*» of eurLH><i» win]i^ 
■vubip. Auob a ino<1o of i-onvn^ant^p 
vm onkBOifEi to Mir Kni[liKh. . ^.Tbry IHC 
lh4t mruix^riMlrcrailrrl.irlirn Hi-' fjnniiirtlr 
ot Suna and Chaiict, Buckingham, tint 
iBorrd into tbr ?Lri^[h of Lomlon, bojiiC 
!■ hia KdAU diatr. oa mcn'4 ibouldcrr, 
Bftby Cbirki bid iTrfflmtcil Siccn^R wiEb 
Iwoofthtac tuKurici. Viltuu tntyt<, * wlit-ri 
£aekiiiEt>iun umo to be teamed in a cliair 
i>n mffn'athonldcn, tb« clamour anj noite 
oTil «■ »a ti1nvii;*ia4T di^r Ihv jieopio 
noold ml oa bLca in iht itncCs, loaihLn; 
tbBt men alioald ba broagbt to u fiJe 
MnditioD u bonei.* " 

TtiecAflhtl na\kt we >iAveour9e1vM 
oiet wilh of thit kind o( whiL'Lt. is id 
ft Inter Df Mr. John CtnLinbcrUia to 

S.if Dudley Car1«ton. who tayt. (April 
34, iC]9j "The Kinp removed froia 
Hovtloii ('> Ware ^ bvui^ carntd part 
tifdio way by thogtiaid, in * Ntopolinm 

for/iVtv^ rArjJr, givfn him by Ladr 
UilDd, ibc icatof H«^oyina/jlffr/' 

Under tbp brad of Paui-'hCkokh, tb« 

bifttory of that fmiiDua ttand for upfn 
air pr^acliinjf is dfJucnJ, Ibrough Riur 
ccftiufiei, 10 ibe yeor lfi4D, whcDi 
!|ttf (o ray. under ibe ruU of 
faDaUfiam* it wm dcmoLishiH]. 

Wi.-}iftj«toihcTAa,\kLt, vhcrrthcca- 
ronain^ of (thaiiircr'a (.'aurrrbary Pil- 
^ricniiadcArribrd at anmc length. ;tr)d nt 
llip TaibuC Inn in tb« ]torooy;h of our 
dfty, ihu Wfilor coniidcfa, from cottain 
infallibbf arcbitrcturat indicaUons, are 
to itc TouDd \^tigFs<«fthirAncicnt JriD, 
cocvul vihix Cbaucffr'ji tirnv, which 
have; inriivcd all nccidcnu and nlCcra- 
tioTiB* "The **ry a»prc( <if tht \>n- 
feCQl gal|riy,"AtlheTaibot," iteai:>ugh 
to conviikctf any oue. tliM it has not 
hfpn eroctod wiihiu ihc l^tt one 

liumlii-d ftnd aixty ycnra. Wc hold 
thertlurc i*ayt the Autbor^ firrrjly,that 
thii vi^ry fialkry ciiiti, ntong which 
Chaua'f tnd the pilgrtinn walked/'* 

Cofldupt'd by a modrm ivait«r. 
aom«"Franci«!""A(Kin,anoD, ftir/'of 
the ninctVi'Qlh century, we may oup- 
pontf (hut >h« nrrilar of tfae nrticla 
himtclfpLiavsoatoLhcrooni tmdition- 
ftlly known aa the PilsriiriK* ; that he 
there, afirr a gcnoroua potalLon, falla 
a^lvt'pp A« QnF'Umith befotp hnn did at 
th« buar'a llraJ ia KA^tcbeap.f of 
winch ttdvcnluii;. hia own (it IhvTalbvt 
appij^M to be & palpable imiintion^ 
thai cEuri^K thii nap a drcftni of the 
fourUmib (cutury uvtr-^liaJowa hU 
antif^OBrian arna<^a— ' ihnt ho aepa in 
'*bi>i inin'i't cy«," the burly Hoit 
of thv TobariJ. tliv Knight, ih^ Squire, 
th•\^^^l>ClfBath, the Doctor of Phy»io, 
the iMiLIrr, ibe Manciple, kc^ »arinble 
round a boirO, groaning wiih good 
riciilfnl* frnm ihi? Borough Market. 
Hers wc will leave Mr. Kni|iht'aanti* 
qudry until h« awakes, ooJy liiating 
that much oflbv inBub»tBiilialpaintiiL(( 
of whichJresajsarrconipOH'dis hardly 
lo be deairrd in worka compilt'd To 
cciivey hisLorkal and locul iiiforwatioa : 
ihcy call U9 too abruptly nwAy from 

* En^ved in Oenl. Mac. for leiV. 

t ^0 Eju«y«, by (>. UoliJamirb. 


Rftviivr.— Knifbrs Lortd&n^ 


nattir of f«et, and w« hardly Jtttow 
vhelhvr we oiiT«clr«», duHo; 1h« 
peruMil. hnvt Qot pftfUkcn of lome 
Tiaiofi'Mifriag dravftbt ; and wc nro 

r*adr, llkv honftt Cfafislnph^r Sir in 
th« pUy> lo proiC»tthftt wf ntfvr drank 
■ach In our IIv«»^nO) n«r llij^pucrat 

but onct. whMi wffbraiiog ih* r^sl^ra* 
ItOflofariT-foiiiciJinnc'nlCit^' I tall,— 
and \t> call fi>r a atdat^vv " pot or Hm 
atn«ILi>iit alo." 

BatTjr.K: ihc old, tbf aU^rrd vrbrn 

i*1ri|>p*d of ifa houhPt, mad llb#n«ir. -^n 

much baft b^fcn inda»lrJoUkly collected 
on thia Jhiiftjrct by Mr. Thnmfoti, Id 
his Ch'oni«lof of Loadon Biidgr, that 
Ittclfr otv can bt offvrtd on that h«ad. 

The UtDStiuifKa avs of 1510 19 
uthvred tii to lu by a n«rfa(if« in the 
alyleof the np«niDX of Walter Scoll'a 
FoftDQca of Nigel, and two Lnndaa 
raothv not otjlj air witui-Mrt li> the 
fhva of the i«rp'1'urnmir crrMd* 
carrtfd by ihe ni«rc)iiri^ wticb and 
conBtablc* upoTiSt. Johnicveihrrtugh 
th* «1rpH<^. hat thi^v nvrb^nrfe whiAppr 
fraa Hcftry toCaidinal Wolt^y, and 
Wolwy"» ftaU^rinf reply; Thv'y cftll 
IlHirf "a itinual tyrant" ic the 
pi^« of Mr. Knixbu «ilh pcrfwc 
*e<urity, without the {e«4t aporehcn- 
afcon that vnf oUSvinui eourticr (an 
make *'a i«tor-cbambrr matter of it-" 

Uodrr thp br«d of Sr. Maar 
Ormnv'* it an AtnpLr hiaturicAl nolica 

of the church, miied op with a ttrong 
IfAvrn of lh« *«ntmifnlal and plctur- 
««fae. Tli«n«tu(«Eiooo/die Air-famtd 
Lady Chapel rlom nol pa«ii nnnolr^ed, 
W«brlltveSy^iinG9 ttrban tnayclmm 
thehoDDW o! hiving,lbvrea!kd public 
aftmcion towarrli itii ni«dita1rd de- 
alruction.* although the ap|ic4l is 
bv tfae tklilor traiiifcrrcd to annlbfr 
qaarlcr, who naya, p. 410. 

*' \#4W iirrhaj^ had dO llru< t ««rlr af 

art H auroT an ct^apr. Jn prFpariai; 
tb? iippmarhvB (o I^iirlon Biid|c<, the 
CanmLit<c «cTe4<d lu C">nT > 'pK^a of 
aiitf fnrt, fee the \v^Uf diifdiT af St. 
' livy O-rtwj'M, f>totUf^ tb< l-aJy Chapet 
were wfrt^x my> The oultrr ay p e a rn J 
In J Uir <nij for bnn|r IfaM MUlrJ, filira 
Mr- Tivjrlrrr HmAA«d thfl aln, ia »• of 
tbe dftiU fiafier*. Thnmaa Sauaden, e*^, 
Cr.S.A.J, and MpMn. CottiAt^aai aad 

• Latlia- of fiMJtHeiui« ia Ocat, Um- 
hk 1830, td. C. f«r1 V p. ICO, 

&«n^#, dia arcUtaait, aecl*<Iy btM^arad. 
A larc^v ntjority of ptnihicnen. hovcTtf, 
divided w afc«|>t llic frrifTvab of the 
('nntifiiitlor. In Iht nnvii liine %hf faa« 
tlrnion n liftre itaeaed wrn; ind/fanKaldt 
la Ihcir rlri1i4>a>t "Hl lUcj ^«ic rfTcttiTcljr 

■e«dnifed by the prew. At a mbaetiuent 
mntinc, ln«r* ira« a najtirity of tbree 
ool^ fir puUmg down tho chitptl : ao a 
poll being deBunlfiil. and obutnrd. there 
nlnmatoly appMrrd Tb* Ufcc ln^of^ly of 

2jn for \U j»r4rrVAli<.n. TTir ^KMr?iiiPB» 
of the hour fiiH iTud^nilf ii*cd (o ftttloin 
fundi to feitcorc 11, irhJrb bu liR^ n moit 
fucfenfully u^onipUihed. HoiHmr to 
the intliviliiaTft who bobttj pionrercd th« 
w.y!" K \2U 

ft toaf Dot W hnawa to oil out 
r«ft4l«r«, that the cntirtal reFnam* '/ the 
rrlcbrated Lancvlol Andfpwa, ilishop 
of^Vt[K)lf«lcr, tipiHrd in a rbjh|Kl ^r<>* 
j«ciiD|E eastward beyuDd the Lody 
Chnpfi. When that boitdinjc wta 
rrflored. l^e Cbap?l i>f BJahop 
Andrawa wit Judiciciuhly removed, 
aud the bonn cf the Bbuop brought 
into tbc Lady Chapel; hl« leaden 
rfiffin, wbirh ma* fiuf^d immiirod jo 
brickwork, borr ainiply hia iniliab 
L. A- W« are not told what hai 
become of lh« marble iwinovacnt. Ut 
which onv of hit chaplaiM wrote tbc 
iatcription, beginning 
Sf CUHiLkiaiu e4 litte 
Monr prr'iU0i rritt 
Ndb nc>cl» ta, <|ai vir hiiii riea«a«t,. .. 

Under "f>Tai:KTND]ir.a."tl)G marry 
crici of famnua Londotj town att 
Jttiulcd, »i«nv of whicb batr been 
rendered domn by Jf^i^Utum, and 
\)xtt^ u Mmethlog like a hint, that in 
the cMiioe ofarraiato prohalidjiy^ • 
lime niay cvunr, whrn " Milk brIoWv' 
ahall no longer call (he Ciodfrellat of 
Loniion to Die area £>(«» to re^iec 
th»ir p«nrtjworthi i*f iho dilutrd 

liquid, bmI when milk ahall be lai^ 
uo by aome mcoop^Ji^ing milk ron^ 

paoy, wko will ^ervc Iho tcfrvvUttS 
lluid In e^try dwelling, ffoa r«4<noLrt> 
throogh lenikn pipeit, 

RoHAi" I.ojT»cjjt ii ibe oevt tople 
whkch cUJrfi* our }»ilOf*i altcoUiMti 
th« deU^U of lat« diicoToriea, illutm* 
ticg ItA ?iie^ are qeoied fhlcity frtim 
Ibe paper* ia the AiYkHVigii, coan- 
nunkmtod hy Mr, Kcmpe " and Mr. 
RoMh 9a«lth.t Some fridcttv b 

t ArchMl^, Vab. fl, t;, Md ffi. 


RcntH-.— Knigtit's London. 


beitowfid on Lcii^^a : thtt tick, «re 
btii«v». VIM Jcfir«t Truia iu Jurmc 

tii« atcoDtl htftoo, n]\ic\t bwt tlul 
diMin^niibcd dt<ig04Ucd>. TIjcoJimiui, 

rous OMAitaaU, A.D. 397< Mcnu la 
bmtfl lYflstiatd to »nt ttma io tliot 
ciljr } vi<l it U •E«trd, 

»nal Woic W left tbe ti^ud, If 
r«ilOffied to tlkdr «ade»t sQiud «nd Kcoit 
cobditfoD, bolk tke lo«MMidCh«ainitvy 

of vliub nffeted noohiAjuryor dlkpiilb* 
tiofl. ' In latr^m rniitu^c crriutn ct 
OMtn nultiplwibn* qnidnn dflmnli 
iddlcli/* l^roin IbtM «xpraugiu, it bu 
b«D GOftJtt-lvrcd tlimL Lfind^n wu tiaw 
Ant i«rTDitndtd «iEli a vnti ^ but Ihey 
«0«U nihrr KOQ lo iv*rraal tiic auppo- 

byTh— J ct r w', And Xhvt itt <nivni\ ova- 
■VvuoUm k pn>bth}j ro bt rrf>:frH ta mn 
•uU«r4tl#. Thf old tnditi"a i» thai ^c 
«W tnaU by tW Ettpcror CoiiMwUae tht 
Great, iithcrtHVitttofbiiinathvrltrivut, 
SMD dW tb« bivinniat ef tlvi fiurtli 
ervtmrf, CidoM ■>/ H^Uria, CaohIuu 
Rflmu, tiul vflvQ bcco foucd UDdcr Uic 
waJL*' T^e Jau ihiu uciibcd to tbe 
bnlldlnc of ih^ will, ift probtble fluougli- 

" Jl it wnvtt li^<ly Ihfct Laa4L>fi Wfu vrTll 
witboul fortitcatUin* . wbcmt **iu rjttlcu 
•poo udpaifiiallt pluitdfrcd* nppuentl^r 
■ffiilkttiit hninf oflmJ mtif m M M nct. by 

tb« FtAok Midlitrin of AitftjPnt Io ibe 

The fact t«fu« io UB Io bv thftt 
LottdMt bod ihrowo out itt ftuhurbrtfi 
cdtfictt in thr Stido on tit sides of xht 
rvlkr E«4nu station: and that ih«ic 
4«*nifi^, «imffou« and v#I1 inha. 

bitfil, wtft vithout oay d*f«cc. On 
th# 4li« of wioDt trmpic* ond ««^Ev 

te lh« Ronvftn oolonr and ili lubg/bi, 

Ckrifti&Q dmrcbosh^bcfiirtiaMtjh- 
tCt fir W4r« rrtctcd; Tor it ii r«o)af koblc 
Ikht &n oluioit CTcrjr ancient allc 

wbicb D{>w reouioi ronircmtcd in 
London la ttc oScco of the cbriiiian 
^poUeJlc cbiircb« mnnj fiAgmi-uEs of 
tae fia«- SuBion ware, on «nv cb«n«l 
n««vfttioat, art round. XVrvu. on 
tiakioftte fouQdtlioM of 5l Tuui'i, 
fb< ndttndor thr rhnir" a Hffni circular 
ehonctl of Romu nrdkt«ciur«/' P. 
32. Tbeof drcvUf njktfiffi on* indttU 
OBro iadtralioniof tb« higjh onliqally 

* Aoimiuiui MircelUniU, 
OlXr.MAfl. V01.XVII. 

ofa chpr<b I tb«jr iuaiinilai« viib tht 
Rnmjtn btuilic*. loMjr MngntiM for 
ISM. pt. ). p IAS. will Ix^foufiit nd«. 
tc/^pticiQ, by Mr. Ciifloi.orthcl'ounda- 
tio[j4 ora (Qurch with aclrcuJor apnU, 
vililingin lli« centre of the prrimtlintr 
of rciKhurch-slrnt. Ttir^v di*«x»ri'ri« 
afnnl on accnmuUtion of tuigihlr 
prouf, that the HiMQBn tiritoav liafl 
their church tnd their chnrchc* long 

fvfim- F'npii^ Htm* cliiniKl Ihvmprit rtf 

chriitiantrmjc our ht\d, a* vrcll nt ita 
«rc1i?H^afillr«l dominion. 

An irkV<r»tlDg fecraaiil U givtn ofa 
piotr fit Xht Human wfllL u-hrcb we 
arc content to call ContUntinc'ji. i^hich 
wa> diico^cr«J in Xht Miuorin, nstuc 
AmcricoSiitiarrjOn cJcarinilhc atoimd 
for th» Bhck^'all EUiNoy. The to- 

pograpbkal ^utrT ii doI auUed nbe- 
tber th« Towrr of London vildlrd in 
any form in the timci of the Roman 
Lower Ktnplrv: we or# InctintO to 

(hrnkthkHt did, u a ttron^ fafettl- 

Inniilanliirig th« wall^ond eorumondiog 
the riter, Aflcr the Norman Can- 
qu44t, ih» UmiTa of thU fcitfr«*« w*r# 
rnUr^td, Kud ha drfmcca remtideiltd 
and irfound'd : it mny, howcrcr, be 
nbiftrvfd, thnt ffir or ftcircfly any 
Itofoon mitrrialR. wt bcHevr, tiUt m 
Ihr j>Tf*fril U'hiltf Toww. 

Tnc (dUor p4»>e4 iiotu lUnaan Loo- 
don to Landun in the ipring^tide, 
with its maypolvo, iti arcbrrt, and 
Ito foot-bi|]l ^Uyefs: buil, b^^ar bnic- 
ing4. ond rntrk'flgtiiifLEii, Apnrtfe fat 
nnoro buibarous and \ns nnonLy thatth« 
ocbicvimcati in theilnp of iKenthletic 
champiom Critih aod Goll^. Of 

St, Jaxri'i pAnK, wt are iHd ihat 
wwh Xhvt restoration of Charleo U. 
it! GNiitvAM be^B u apnbhebaqnt- 
Thi4 a»««ftlon nuot be received v^jtb 
«oni« degreo of qoallficolion - for ccf- 
taiJi it », from ducucatnts prt»«rred 
in her Mjjcity'* Suie Paper Oflce, 
that to okt\y anthetinit of the fint 
JaiuiB, Spring Qardro, oontlguouv to 
xliit Pork, wa« a meoagirlo for raoiif 
be<a»te and fowU, a roalogical garden 
of the •evrntrcnth ctntvry. Some of 
th# Hi«lin|j;iiiihirig rbaraHer* of St. 
Jamei'i Park, in the time of Cbarlci 
II. rrntatnlotbe pffMotday ; 

*■ Iramcdiatdj to thvaoatb of the ea«l 
end of the Mill. anJ ta fraot nf the 
Hone Guardt, ■» tbr grcit parmJ*' Thf 
nat at ikt Puk ■«■ u lunlQitie uf ^ua 
plali, iatcroecicd by volkt t^iut^d, and 



ReviKW.— Kni)!ht's London. 


hitlnf a ItnAJcaiiDl tiiiuilnf from llic F«- 
riij«, lo the ttid nrAl Buchin^liini Houic. 

WM tbo dciv^f, ft triuifpljir ueiu* [hbjr- 
tiatb'*] ofi.fnulrr«iiiilr.vh<rv7«lfrfo«l« 
uraraktpt. \l>4tviiH 'rpm Ihcdvroj, rni 
th*Mmv»iil#ofOiocina], wi* Krj>aiaund'« 
Pond** (KMmoui m the ij*ot ol manjr 
«nhap|iy tul^Mn \>j alrowmnff) "The 
Bffila^ \^'iJk, Umlint ftlt^o^ the xnitb 
tldv ti thir dKDj. ftud Rj>tt«iiuud'i PoiiJ 
B«>rli in thft ■'■nic lirienb Iht tfitd. trhlch 

frtnk ibe «^e« of au ar^Arf dlrpoa'd 

MMnfllutnMtlutbord«rrlU,* f. 19l5. 

"AroMJcmlFrvdlltc Pwk MUb«w«ttepd. 

croubf Lt ticlnaa tkt M utbcirj G^rdm 
«Mt %hf iffinrnftiioii of Dfrdr«|0 wtlt." 

TIic MulbcUT G^rdrn villbt<rf«>r< 
Bitcil ft* ibt tilt fti lh(T (urtcnl Buc£< 

Urn Tfigit cf Jftjnci L on ftbonne 

ftiilivonn ia ibc op«n tir in Eogfand, 
ud ROHM ihouBttiid) uf nitlb«rtf tntt 

it«n inutofteU Tf^ni l^c Caaliii«M, 

A> public doniMQift cKiAnt or tbe 
ptrMCllOJ'tproTc. Some ten f>r4ocvo 
poun4* of *4tiiv l%«jLli>b aiJli ir<rc 

prnducfd. 'Tht tttttmpi iru tbor* 
ti*c;but tbe dttidoui iDfllbcfry was 

»6dT0, is cv<iHi|uv(Kv, to EngUnd** 
Aiitumiul fniiU. \Vi- rclurn lo our 
ftilbor. Tbv GfrcA Pftik, it Appfva, 
ownl iUort|'ia tactruln A«Ui,vrbich 
Ouu^ II. ttiUcd 10 (be iftrloMirtA 
•t St Jmm-s Pftrk- CbuU« U. 

litv* i«iid«r*d nlm b Met 0/ »«rprt«4l 
aiotkn* «Mtit nnch of bit iriiv^-^ 
tbttkt.Ua wbok line— tbere. Obb«r 
tdb ■>: 

« Ibal bb Iftiiliftt tmrntrnt^M of p^T* 
b««lib U>*nkDd IWdkfUiii^a 

^^),»;^IW OMOMaprvflcMlMe 

V^k ** 

I^OftOMOCCMM, lb«i b««v 

rftti 'Wdk«tab**,'«*UCbttln. 

•* TW D«h>«rTart rHoatfniHcMt 

' ■ -1 - *-- *Xal 

tf «H|K, Jmm^' «kiA Ctertr*. < fW I m 

IW jMM f>Hjft C(«ed bitt*^ ift 
•^#tfta^«k«h la tflBftrinif lb* 

Kins m St. Jam««'v Pu%. 8e» iii 
Diafj under Mofcb Itl. 1071. 

' < I ibeoco vftlkcd wkb bla [tb« Klftf ] 
throiijli Se. Jimeft'i Park lo |b« ^rdpn, 
wbrrc I bolb nv and biardft rrry fani- 
tUr dltruunn beeir#r-a Mr<- SclKr, [NfU 

Gt^^uii.) u (liej u!]p| &■ impudvuC ™ > 
duQ : ib«, lookias^DUl of bcr cardeo, on 
» Irrncr at the lop of Ibe mil. and (|b« 
ICiaeI AlAttdwi Ob iba ywi unhlk nadar 
it. ThoDcc Ihtt Kfng waJkcil lo Ibe 
J>uchs» of CleTtlapil, •ft«4hcr IM7 of 
ptmnm, md rune ol our nattott.'' j 

Tht nonWXf of Mr, Knh^hl'a ■«. I 
lav i«rtth#r q«(«tk)nftb1«| for bccoa* 1 

aiders it vain to WaiiK Cbarl««, ik*d J 

or aU*a. fuf hU »ongfU p»diro<t>oiM,^^H^ 

or to coniider bim «tb« " ib«i» a Il«it'^^| 
hrilthr uiitnal, rnUra* to tbv lilt ^^ 
d«r<«"" P. lor^ 

Ilydc Park aiad R«aal«jctoa Gar- 
drot, wt are tokL v«r« the aa^t 
dcnt«*Bc, purcba^od bt V^illkm 111, 
of Daniel >«aip<d Earl cf NotlMilan. 
togCFibcr witb bia bootc aft Kmaing* 

Uvoaa-AaniTwii l^vnav. wUb it* 
nufn'TOoa ramifird irleri» ajuI TTHki,, 
rtprrtrnted bjiu icivrn, Tatrrpjpea, 
and g;u Hp«** daua a pottkia ol bii 

Oac of Iba BD«t Mtusiag of lh« 
faxiftil etMvB ia ibe voIubc, i« a dc* 
acripUoQ ftfJB<iti>ua Jofvaa, ta«t«l 
practical aouqurr, wKo bad Ap«a* 
aioa for licnljfiiix -^e pL«C«t wbfoct 
tbc bm of buknty-coaehnara l«- 
nJlr BBUurvd J the pUc« wbrrrHidu't 
ball fuiserlp atood aiiaiuUiad bb cc- 
riotily. aAd« ia ibe twai. wt bia pa. 
ii«nc« to Ibe prool. " If WUiU^^ 
had a aii4w enttad to bi* nemotf, 
HiAft b*J l*rt.ty' tfk4* tkorrfoer 
luuat be a freatvf maa. Wtto waa 
llieka' Wbm ^u Hkb«V bdl? He 

vaa CAtjr ioH^ wir* hvm Ua ipol 

vbare HKka'a ball IbraniT Mood, tW 
ptoWavvoiiUaooii br •died.'* Bt 

wa* «uub«a. iar be rracfacd is lb* 
C0«r«c ol a taia rt«aaxcb. the Ele* 
HuiitaftdCMk, aadfavodlbtf Bifi. 
arjwotatwftcbaa^iiL AUibrdoAnam 
wtvo frott Ibt Siattdaid ia ParalbU . 
M iwb rta oiart ravld b* fon^ 
BfaaU* Avldna mm* bHwarcb 00 bM 
>vtaraka<ar« by a nmaf««« t««|*. |br 
Bal|MsB»r>,aadSl.Q«in-i Pnnd! 
Vfedoav ibU Mmaataf Mr. Jeidti'i 

pff*t(r4*cUlM«^fbirs«lL^j Ut*BV« 


Mitceiltmecns Ifcviftn^, 


htm and ■ ytXtna Jftney, %\\a* hacfc- 

" -Mjircirtlif rfWnd,' uld lie, * wr arv 
Otily i«n milri fro« j^ (IjW^ Paoncl, 

* Por (be Ukatlcr df ih»(." HiJ ilm rtrlTrr, 
' 1 bft<« Jlir b«rr tbrtc ti*n mr*, ani 
I hBiff jrt >?c4 S^ Giict'a Pounil, aor 
llatbor* tUrVj ap, ofTpf r iL»^ aeAlttAiji 
nMko«« brtlMnf.' < Woniitrfui 1' npL«d 
Mr, Jvaci: ' tUcnplfjttcto iltit^ aic to tbc 

CorvluU— thft:*>« |^d 'uiil— I tUo^Jd 
Ukc ta tsow irho rrer letd Uie SiinJird 
in Cor^hfll. W knovi the £«*n wtth 
T«» Nocki IB LU Unfl. and tb« Golloa 
CfOH, *n<l the Vuc Uunv CclUr in Piu- 
nilitljr: bat 1 aerer b«ird of 4nj bodf 
tWt «fcr «eed the SUniknl in Cof nbitL' 
'Tba. ■b-,'B«idJaD«i,bn*UiI«u1v, -per. 
I np iytn doo 'c lea o n- Ibr pUct «h«re 1 [ wki'i 

uii f kf driirrf . < il '■ li«llt bum. Tb«n '« 
no iiicA p[*c« - DJ> loore Uuu tlie Stand- 
ard in C<»rAhill, nor Holborn Uu*, nor 
$L 0|lca*t Paund e— «ni1 mr cpinun It 
tbvr acvtt iror «ticb jiUn*, itJid tb»t th^f 
iMfi Ibclf aamet on Ibc in^lctt^nn, lu 
ohMt tW poor coachmen ti\t ^ ibelr 

Th£ rvadcr'a ccnoftilx bait pcrhap* 
rtatn vitb ihni (T J*d«Unh Jon«9: w« 
vlll Ibcrtforc tdlbJoilhat Ibcro rcnUy 
WM Dac«>uch ftplnc«u Hickb'a llalJ, 
tb« SfMiom lli>i»)t fur MjJ4]?kl 
M4i:*ftIr«Ufl. erected by Sir Unpuat 
' Hick» in tbc r>i^ of Jnmci I, and 
tbai il wn placifd whrr^t n «Eoiie inurUi 
iu a^tc in lh« K'ldnt |url of 5r. John 
Su«tt. ahout two buodrcd rirdv froni 
Smilhiidd. Our Jimiu vil't nr>t mHow 
Ui to Urrr with aur author 4C Lannlwlh 
Pdlncc ; and wc ca:) only ftUocr ai tht 
auf»poM<J«t]rmoTo|yorFi4:cadilly. fron 
* houicwbcrt tuQa, ftlJai pcGC4itUW>> 

wttt Ttcdiblc. In Iludibraf^ Ih* pillorj- 
U nXitd a wootkn ptcccdlllo ; wc l^ke 

^faninr^— AFe^]^clnT!r.l||alli■lllg,<rcll- 
;'tn•nlMJ p«air1tkt(. Wf! iblnk thpDuLbof 
ligbl in bj« iij^aion df tbp o^uks of tbe 
pnaciit diitr^**, vrb^rb u imaiulj i>winj[ la 

f-^OT, in otb«r wiir^ts, >u^>|djiExf he- 

• |Vhd dfiDAad — lo Ibc n>c iff lum^Ltinnrj 
, aiftJ t» I,-rtr vrica, from ihc o)nh|-cli(icjq 
0f Mi|Knbim^uC tubuur. \^r nlsu art 
' i|f)|l* •«!« tb^I tkr cur* nf VFir'f 'viU ia 

^luUllj li»d«|}tfiutviit uf ■ Tf]ioal of Ibc 
' Coff« ld*», 

Jtnaarli «■ tkf jVf^aa-7|r ^ of- 
ffff^riiy r^ Atfff^ftM ^Mtf ,\W>i>naf 

tbc Btaicmcnl on rrfcfil, for we do oot 
rtnifab«r thr puaa^. 

AlW alt, lb« nAcnv Ticcndilif it- 
mains anonc tlic hat of lr>pograpbic 
doubU: and i?ho, we a^lc our coirea- 
(lObdvfliji, witb tbv cmpliftaia of an at- 
ciud (Qfiiuiljr, wbo liu T«l dtdood 
lb* Ofig'ii of i*inilkvr 

The pfTlUtj fcurpurtd aUja in fiomX 
of thff Ajinj[>r'< hoi)4c la iKd Or^^n 
Park, facmff PkcadLtly, u-er« pUctd 
thrrr try thv lal« ly^nj Wilhaoi Gor* 
don, when Dcpnly Rkn gtr. They 
wc(0 calalopJi'd iwheti the furnlcar*. 
Btc, werv Ulciy sold by aur.Cion ; bul 
were Withdrawn, nt»d pfcicnUd ti> lb* 
ConmU»loncn of I ho Wuodi and 
Foreitti. and will probably be crrci«d 
vn oQv of ibc new g«tc« li> llydv f^rk. 
IfOrd W, (Bordon^H pavilion hai ju«i 

btta Uktn down. 

For notice* of Crosby Plflce. tn 
happily rvKotd by thv libiraHly of 
inJividitala from dfbusem^nt and 4t* 
ftlruction, Whilehall, Kan^iaj^h, Vaut. 
halt, iho MEfntimvnt, l<(, Ar<, wc 
refer our rendcrt to tht book ttivlf. 
They will not find it a hiaiury of 

l^undon for a thorough- paccdp uiat* 
tvr -of- fact antiquary, ned iherc is in 
it ofcationally loo lour'b rdoti at 5qo 
wi'lijig: »ti1I they i^tll prnnuungt It 
an af r«cablfr gwdt to what la monhy 
of notJcs-, in the irvcr iiicreaiin; heirt 
of (h* ini^hly Bni^Kh Etnpiic, Ulua. 
traF»d by MUb^lry tltmrhvp ami beau- 

tifnl wood-«uti : aiid ho who plicct ou 
hit ibelfviSi^w or i^laitLn»cl,na grate 
authuriuei) abctuld aiiocjatc with llicm 
ih'n p^rismi; voluiap, aa ahrwln^ at 
an« view the transition progrcm of 
Loudon in the oldcu tlinp tu London 
oftfie ninetrenih crnturv- 
" 8<xh London it, by luie and tt«allli pro. 

Tbc faimt opitii] of aU the worliL*' 

Chvth. % ]loi. W. Grctlcy.— Wa 
:hank Mr. Urpflrj for bU «ca»natjle ad< 
vice. itnJ loWiiB cthoitati^Dtt on the im- 
iHrnanl mlijcot discuvtfd bf him : ami w« 
Irulj lin^n Lii* r-irriimit wikl tc vucrru- 
fiil in Airakaninr t|i« iLtlcnilon of iiorivly, 
and c^iiAciollj mc highet clutci of tha 
I'lttj, lo the vtij AiltUuajr tt^ia tn which 
both Ihf rhiiivh «nii Ti^ofitc >-irr iilacpd in 
Ttry iii«iiy lanC* diitriel^ In Ihr kliijidaoi- 
Tlfc* r**»iin'a orf Ihr i-huTcli we ■« viiro 

hart htno itmnal to the aiiaoal lo 
rcmnlyifeo arti, bat aiv fir too luadc- 
q^oMJtc to effect ibc poepote; it i* on tbc 
/«iirra/«e«Ub of iLe owti'in, distributed 

..Wfif a/toO)!'* Jteviavi. 


bf ■ Uglt MUK of duty T vid a IrcUag ^ 
w DecacfUy of tlu «^rk Mnj cArr>'*l 

tttij mlcrit ibhl vrr mut rfljr, IJi>it • 

fa ttfrt the noli of Qtt J>e4pt«, oib <iCl, 
or lUak ItBcl'i niffra/ a^if rrllffov, «« 
■N «t « IMS to nr: sr«t «lllh ibn« dtlro 
Bn|El>nd iibananrcd— hu fhe j«t dnerr- 

J^ Madtm B- Riofrrt, Ac^Wf bave 
no«JtD4 only Iwit immlirj i>f lUi work, 
Noa-VlLiiid V|ll^ but TrDiu vUt irc 

plaii. Mid coimaaac la tU reMcnioj:* wiit 

Cliwlote* rUuIietli,-^Thv l^f 1> tvry 
ftntry wicb tbe Otlnnl UitIdcb. nad immR 
Irtr fkir fonrlryvomen tgitiiHt lli^ii' Hoc* 
trine pf i^eiiliicjr, «a vciU u otiirr of tiuir 
DiitniMiH ili« coniiilfr* uiutouud. Jfcrw 
IlifOifmJ llitmftn wilt HOtHvr bet it U 
iiol for ui Id 147. 

jf tie/moit /vHi'AcJ o' M' optmmg 

?'Cknrt fflurf*. floJ/on fhft El'ifitr 
Upti). Jfdy iMML /!> f«f Her. J. 
tUde, fVno« */ C-^Mf"-. — TliU wcwno 
«• prnvhrd nil an ocrnirioii cif |ic<:uliar 
trftrrrtt, lli« cooTrnioa oF « Kurjvfy uf 

Cliurch. Mr> &l»ii«, » lila ««nnaik> v« 
tbicik i» tvrv jiutJclDai \a tbo chvltie of 
Y\t poiiiUt of dlieasiioii , afiil Vfrj foimt 

W* >fli^< fiilU in iHd C4|tnt«itju} utcil io 

!, n, " Wiilt'ia tht churcb you wUl fcod 
ilTcrf(i<v« fttid roiittati<'u«P My cvmvI 
vdfliM' ir cKu ' tbffir u) n^diatu to vntar' 
tiia Ibom: «t«ulii IJI inucli fc> |io#sib1o 
ftonMUvpcniMionmulcoiitrDTcriy I ib« 
foinU of <1if rrm« arr ino^l ol itirni 4|t«- 
CttUtbei potiiua|Kiii«hkb thr mr^tt lio- 
nunrad »f Ihf chardi ljt*c liocu dliliAcil, 
upon vbkb tbc rhurcb horvrif liM st)! 
Ulf dMidtfdt ukd bIus >he :■ tUcM or 
doulktriiL ^t iloei »ot t»noiDe ut to b« po- 
uUvc or iJoi{ni4ik«i- 0Dt it ii th« mil- 
MW fuf euurtaimnjr* vul tie lialitl of 
«liUv(»c U|aO(i ^UBcmU khiI dUjiiiCad 
qiMMioiV. igmlakt wlkleb I am M^iullj 
MMIDUA 1* f Bard JDU I WnpH U«t 
An fbfifa apt In tiiubUr ■ to iW 
kao«tMtg« vliicli p«ff«lb Dp* lfj«M to 
ite *<tenir vhkb f^ftMk.' FMfftc 
aft«« liitt tbrir lanjHf anl tWtr tot« ta 
Aipcitiac about maUon McwcaMMial ami 
vnofrUb. liVflUb aud pny ■cai"*' ^hi* 

«a« ■/«•« ia^r Ik* Kty^m - iAf r4<v|« 
firMd^r f^»fv7nJ«r U a iMhmtm. 
iiyBobtrtilal*^ itHK^Wa^DOtttbeM* 

10«in( pcviac*i"Tht M<nttrictur«n* 
itBTRTTinK ptaetlcc baa btta hj TblaAt 
mciRa,— i^At ti, bj rrcklcvl^ rcdncwi 
wil^n, to cikdrav^Mr to font araiukati 
nod bj dobig Ibii a^a^ii and ^ai^i tiu U- 
luaiao a^cnii b) hue btaa. »M I* nccmii- 
inodMf thr ru^ty lo M' dnMsaJ, bat /^ 
ilAHdiuf ft* /Af 'V^'y- TiM AnalraaoU 
tifilicsctamjifibifa Ilu be«B,tobiCn4im 
ati nnnfttAtlf low Kajt of v^i.^o drive 
ikaiiund4Ui< Ihf C>aM<t«. — ^ndBtltn^ 
ti> fif't^r t^tr wKtvla «f QUmintnM ilMlf.-* 
MtcMnery and c^plul, neb aa It It, «• 
crivntintf. baie traoMtkad ortr tbo Mnr 
onhe coonlty ] faonid^otDptCitioavac- 
uf Jed to pipAlablo aikt<t|)>M ; and mu- 
iiapol? hIi at ddbnca \}\9 Irclilmaltf 
dealiiir" lit llue buukblc trad<r. Spcqidi* 
11411 B,l4cir it ki tbc AKcnJaaT. kud Jvi^tIt 
bccoiDiDf more r«iD|Hail i "hiLo in btr 
tnin.JU vaa to t» tif^tcd, He ctthar 
■nEiitl M thrmtfcitd wtitt nf iiinplnf- 
n-fot, and mil Ibf fufful toa«cqtttaC« of 
aach bere*Trnicni-'* 

rAr firt$t»i ataH tif BanJtihp Ai 

I\tivtUivm. Dy a Ae/r4 «a«»<T. Tbe 
■utbor adKootfvtbo v^VA fnuniaMn* of 
tikc baaklnf lyitfm on jin>j>erl> asd^ba- 

AmJoffy /^f 'f^' C^lnraJfffa, 4^. 
^ Oioaienaiik— Thii ptAfdklM bu been 

tfaLlfd fodh by an alEark mad* on tk« 
UniKnitica by rrrtiiu Tuton at Cam* 
bild^r. for ilic null of cfarlraf vdutaiiua. 
at^d n vTvtcnulk ilnt^jr of iKeolag;. U tke 
>)st«iB punurd' lli» dcffnro iK up, k^ 
tjic foavcr mjiilo Iv BLihrVt tkimcnhal 
niab and (nJudtciontH la aallffridorj' ; iot 
oaneTreip «t thtnk ih^l thr brsL plui 

wav3d b«. 19 c<9ifltiiuri tbc *pl<iin of am- 

dMiiaal tdsnlidfl » tl li ddv DcualiEntad, 

h« DpfaMnnalljr *ucg««t*d, •bmbf a •ouad 

cluai^ knijMlodiie an4 adntlilii^ Mlam- 
tavociuaybv ir«nrod;aAdaft«r[b«1IatW- 
Ifji'i dc|rr«c1jiub?vntak<.n,ihn« ktndhad 
who are jndiiijf-] fur tbe dutnh akoaU, 
cidi» aL tb< ublfurxiilrt vr ^n dlncfatn 
CuUffca. punue, for d c^rtaLn period, ibv 
Rtu'lr of Elktf«lagr, and |«rbipt take a dtf- 
frcr in lka1> ai firc^k^irrly iu dtber uta^ 

To ttady tbeolor; vuomalSiIlT, rTqqirot 
ag*iyirt< 'O ia a>it<rfcngwMy*> avil a po«rr 
uf rvaidala^ doaaJf i*4 rlcwrty, b«Ui 
«Wl aiiaaoanaata itould br b«>t tataH 
hy an vnlaiarrHpiPd ovana af triMly In Ibc 
irtVT JianileJ 1«riii uf a«tlnni4l rdrntaiiH. 

■vJ#riM fw ,VfKiuV OrywtjM^^. Ar 
M. U. Staapaon— Jl UkMpoaalbl-torMi 
tbia paflpUft «tlliast Wmr imnmici 
by a 4oii*u!k>n tpf ibe l^ i ' 1^ 

a*l^«r** fvdUiga. and lie , ua- 

tare of Ua ftaaoab^ ; Lb&k^l «c aa; 

««A(; b« ff^r, WJtj |i|ilg «r i-«^ 

» ^ato^iJ it. 


4i £c*»pi tod hm CmUa* 
Mlffltli cvvr^Bf Sktt^im or tWra 

■4 b<f T^iM. H YoU- ^D. iU. 

Hg^Ki oJ VA«lt'« Chtvpoloficd 
rWlkm of Eaditk HvMrr- l^^ M- 

M —wr of the tUr. LmI C*rT»trt. 

A Hevdr of dK life of iUchtrU Phd- 
llfB, lull dT VuiU^vftk, SvTvt . ■ M«- 
b<rortktS4ck^ornicad>. *tio< :«.0i. 

MvBoir of Cvft. t^nM iVlUm Urcn- 
tM. 1LN, r.R. aith .Skrtcljrt of bU 
frqCwwionl Lilt, add Kxrrtiwki Ui 1^ 
OwotofUnnuiUt;, AC. Df bb Brachar , J jhiiisxxBuucTON. But. 

Umct* of D«*id Itm, cJHol b; Dr. 

Liw of Cooeqaoacr*f ni wftinUt to 
IMciiUl. MomL Md SocUl £kMuoc. Uf 

ClIAfeLKl B>AT. f TOU- 01^' l^i- 

ObKWBlkw on tW ProBDl Cmdilbn 
ofUw litanitorTrtildBd. ua ike AtfUU 
SiflUof the BipcriuFnl of Nrcro Eoun* 
c^otkiD. Bj nuMAvHAmritK Biftx- 

Tbouihuoa ik#C«rr*nor. ^j Iciu- 
aoj» CvABi^* Vriout, M.A. F.K.S.L. 

A Klgnmig* 19 ABiarjov. fr«« ncarJ]r 

Coonuo. 9«ok. tT«. flu, 

N«tt«or«Tt«t«ll«r o« ik«8«cU«ttl 

Mitkil Suta of FnMtt, Fmdk. 5*k- 
wbnd. lal;. Mid 91km p«« «f B«ar«. 
Iwia^ U« pt««n< C«Mf]r. Bf Smiooi. 
Lai^o, E«i. fro. Itf*. 
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A Hh/tatj of New|>ort f^^H- Bf 
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Book of U)r Vo<u.-TU Hodm Pocte 

(of the NiiKlcriilb CfDluryi . ullli &to. 

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Ltiffiartf and Sdcnlijic Inteltiymce* 


Dc MoDtTvrt ; or, Ibf Old Eo^luh Nd- 
blcrntu. J toIbp ^U- ^<I. 

Min of PortuDr, ind ritlivr Talv«. By 
MrvHCIniiK. 3 vuk 3ti, (3rl^ 

Mttiioiri of Eiiraoriliriarj Dc1v«to«*- 

Rjf (;i1AHI.CtMtCKAV- Vol 3- *1V0- 14'. 

G. CftUiK»iiA}(K'* OinaibuB. Bto. 

JuklVaeh; or. tbo MiclihipraaninrMd 
Idifr. Sto, 8«. 

M; Bof'B SnonJ Book, Dr UIm M. 

Marlon of PrcTOace- By W. tl. 
M4TiDt:>. it. €it. 

Milford>UlvoUiD; Of, FnM apii Pew- 
bolilti*. hj r- 0. PAUsr. l-Jmo. 4f.«t/. 

RotillM nad Ludiii;or. SlorjciofUic 
Third A|[i(CnKU4lmiairi]Abruy. voLVO.) 
By R. J' WiLHitroptci. U^ 

|Iahhim)v'» Tunroo of TiuMi or, Lio- 
giUM of A Clocks Si^ Dd. 

iTie Wcw J«k tho GiuE Ki11«r. Uy 
Mn. LamO!it. ^- 6ff- 

Obt GrutditAmt't Clcck. By R. 
HuviH. iHmo. £f- 

DldBukHior.Siorlci fora Wrek. By 

Ifov iball we fttiiiE tbfi Lord'i Song In 
at Stnngc l^niO i Senxioa, by the Biuwp 
of N(« Zoalnid. 

PniUvt«»tC4Cholitiily. Bj F. D- M^tr- 
ftiCE, M-A- Chipliia to Guy*i Hoiplcult 
Ac, bio. 

PoDL't AfiDOMioiu oia the Hililci, toI,!* 
Imp. d*o. !U«. 

Hall** Harmony of ProUitiAl Con- 
fteidnn*. rayU ifva <?!«. Ato. I4f- 

MmititY Ubmtianily, nrmiJJAcd and 
iBnotrBled br tljp Aclfl of Primtate Cbrtg* 
tiuu. By ibc Hi. Krv.UjctlABrt Mastt, 
D.D. l^rd Biftlioi) fjf lla*ii aiicI <!annor. 
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S«nnon« pr^ocbf^d b iJie <.'4dic<Tml 
dmf^b of EiftBT. By Iht Very Rct. Itie 
D»DDfCH(cr. «TO. LOt. <;^, 

Mirtyr of Erromura; or. PbiZufouhy 
of HMoM. By J. UAurouL. e<». 

1%* I'hrlvllBTi Diar^ : witb Mi^rtl and 
ItcllglOTii UctlcctiOAi, cinlucci frDin ■ 
T»»t of Scnpturc f^t Eirry Day in Ihe 
T<«r» IShno, Tf» ftf. 

UntTffvity Srtfvmife Id Yoi)0|t I^lou 

By iLk lU-1. U'. -HrwKLi. M.A. Pro- 
ftHO« of 5lonl PItiViAOpkf, (hfonl. 

Sninunt as Cbortfc BuiUio|;^ By Iho 

Itn. J, A. tEMKITOM, CvraGcOflliUiiAfll, 
Ali.bllrtri. 19*id- ^, 

TrinsUiion of tbc Doak el Jmak. By 
Ikr Itrv. J, JoNkk^ H«4. 5*. 

Bf44y« t« trffffcnrtf to J^Ofinluiui. 

fij J04trii Comv, pan 1. «fO. 6*. 

C'o«tnoi^^i^li'">>^^*h< Polity of )q* 
dtpcndoDt CtmrohoflevGd in LtitrflAiJoii 
lo tbc Sute lUid Tci:idradrt uf Modrm 
Sodetyi lodnduitt «n AddHM delivered 
in NuUuifbAOi briWvtbe Auituiuiul Mort* 
inic of U» CunKrtntioQil Uaioo offiafc* 
UnduLdWftlrt, By Ro»Hr Vauobak, 

Biblical •nd TbcologlctI !liclian>ry. 
Bf -S, GniiKN- 4«. ijd. 

KiihUvn Rhon Srnnoiiij iMcinlpd in 
RccoiiL|iaTiT UumtKtK I'nyer oo Sunday 
Kvcnlogr Ujt MEUPKaofibr Cnukcn 
of £910 LA KO^ limu. 4i. 

Tb« Holy OrdioaDce of ClirUlinD Bap' 
(itm. :V- 

LfcturtaoiL Poprry* ByJ.W.Bftoox*. 
IVmo. &- 

I>i*inc find Itmnnn KnotiVdf^, Hj tb^ 
Rev. F. CLfHK, A„M, IVft'ciud tonU 
of CfarltrnhOTD. S^Umo, U. 

IhflDlKB'ftlkMk lif OP4*l*l||y. ?#. fl^. 

BAiLtt's Rerlcwof BrrkilTy^R llicory 
cfVltion. Bto. T#. 

Thv Anolytpa and (Solution of Cubi« «ud 
BtquAdntic KoiutioiM. By J. R, Toithc, 
FnrftoNor of tutbcmittct ^n Balfi»G CoL- 

Tb«f«np9rcif MiainffConamijtuionert' 
Award. ^j.T.^ommt. «to. ai. 

C^OOK (Ul\ P.) oD Tr1«gnpbic RallwayA. 
Bto. 3,t. ett. 

Plorlftnpbia BriUnoici* By R. DitA- 
Kl^. «iOh 3Uf . : colourfd, AT*. 6rf. 

rrwiucliao» of tbr Zcolufinl Soclfty, 
toU II. part A. 19l plaj& i ITa. C<f. co- 

Cintiiidl An?cdoU» of Biiti^ Qittdre' 
pcd*. UytUr Auikorof"Pur(icM(el«lKir 

M 'G I f. u r &A T" ■ I littory of HriLitU I^tid 
Birdi. I'ml. 'it.Hd. 

^ntnt*} llitt/iry of >Un By Jj^mi* 

C0VLK>f PlICHARO, M.D., P.R-&. 

M.R-t.A. >o, J- 3». Kd, 
Walvo»i>'h Traultc on Uic l-«ir re- 

■pnctibf PartlRt tO ArUont, !f Tob. 

AlmldgiaoB; nf (^ Act» rf ParUeoieat 
ofS«o(bnd. By W. Aljliamdeh. ^^to, if if. 

PruikU Tn4tl«c <« Uw of Kvlaic for 
IMt, HyA. lliHET. avo. laj- 

PnKlk^ TrtaiUe oa Ihc ]«■« of A«- 
Mdi wl Baiury. By T. W. lUvKiam»< 
llhni>. fla. Gi. 


Oli RbrtiniiltiB lb iu TvlMii rnnm, 
Ml m tbc AfectJOM olmUnul Organt, 



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T^|ia|>rtMC<tcAiml. U. 

i7&ClMd te the flUes 

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Lom4m &«« tbe Tk«tow, 6«m ehtt. 

B«ai, Vttt, II. mU fM^ tt«. cd: 

•ft tk afde, Br E. A. Purr^ 
" ■' -' AJtcahmt of Br«a 0|Wibf. 

Jkriai Aotiqaa. Tb* Coiu and AiitU 
flikfaa «f A^huwtu. MiferUd by Mr. 
C«A»LiB Mamajt, ami inrtibnl bjr 
PrvrrwdT IJ. II. WiLiOX. 1 raL 4tOu 
vilb ««iBinHtipUl»: flvbienptiua |n«L 

GaUctt of Aaii^iLk*. Hivftnl fniu 
Ue Biiui^ MtMtiiB. Br Ant:M>ALK 
ud Bo>roffr. No. I. 4(o. ^. ^. 

7W Bl«bi«if U*lj i« MUf a&pto3rc4 In 
Ulbatr>ciBfl t-'AUi^ro ami U PvntFroH tit 

Ebrven di«»b«i« of lli« wn# Soeirtf 
•M alifr m^frd in iluatmioff lh# 9^ 
I of Thonuon'* Hr«Mat. Treputnc bj 
wv. |.«<if>kui; wUlcL will W rJi(r4 
_ Mf- Bolton Cotnrj, Tliv oriRMil<^ b/Mttrdtfch will im prtliKsl, «i1]| 
ftniritetioWi bj tb« (Editor. 

f«w to ttOtaf 
KM* afSB iHCTvpni to B.Oif«^ 
br bfa inrtiilBB of tW Mk«4 liabv 
HoAoBli «• tbo y**eorti Md N«rtl. 

B hfalfc B jl . i j , l>#. I » T. S»f .l A , fbff 

kk M«r «oo« ib« ■ Mi l Ilk a mJ «•* 
of mtekii tto4d> la fooouta «M 
Ml ■■tbiirtit 1 »l t* Dr. C Stiiif. 
fcnwfl for ya two p*f*n ob a mw orI* 
vend y fc p ln Mi n g of Ui tatvotlao, mi 
Oft tbc cJitOMlnnroo ute wkkk tb« 
iploiift M •! aiOHi boUfn ft«qttfftU| oe. 
cvi BfwniiMi of book* t» P,B>t<-c— y» 
fMi&ofBlk) . for bb d«criptioo ol • «oflVr 
dn. dH%fe«d I7 U« for tMt*(ta| (wh 
la t^t htImU* duBB«l ol Ik* finv 

Ribbk i to a C. IMoM, for Um 01m* 
boa of tbt dnvtici UHuUviInf tW oe« 
oeiiU «l tba Ptr»«Bik ifMkwrw, b« 
W. Sturt; tolLMnlk4, ferhUdeKrif- 
UuD of tb« mMbodi lii<|Qi< bf bUn fbt 
raitinc t»d auoialBittC tbo ouoksD f<«of of 
St. GcorRvt cbun^. U«bIio ; to J. Cah. 

hmr%U for bk ivo ft*'* *■ !!■■ poaHian 

of lb# n«ulnl aiii N roUM^ftbr b«nau 
of cut uid iTfflUftie In* Md irooii 3 «<kl 
erpcrWeulB wk tb* forco aocvio*!^ to 
pmb boka in «rDu|ht iroo and Mftt 
plalw of nrWiu IhJobani 1 10 O. T. H««, 
br ika drVHioci lOntimlnc Ibr mtmolr 
of Cbo MontroM >Mmiiuu b<ldcr> b/ J, 
M. BcbM i 10 S. Ck«f , jnu, for bia d»- 
nriptioii >nd dnvUj;* of tlia iroftl 
Mocdiut at Li»6on> otn th« VUlo of 
AlMnian | and la J, B^ BiHb, fur lb* 
doortplton and draivlnti ef SUpkonioa'i 
Uioitrkal ttMhtuvrj. 

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Uid Kdi-htiAr UitHhll<>n vT MHtiifardH ra, 
LtiHiilu. bi-bl Vtt. n, Ibr riOftiJenl, 
W, L> Il4>ykintua, C«|^ M.D, u(i*r ■■im* 




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lU «i|iibUibin«ni U Irttft. t^ityMribcrc 
«Br«9lftnb«crib«ni nt ill' pm»n£ IIb^ 

imnme b«bi« 9i^i ISi^ ^' ^aJ upcn- 
diiure ITUii,0i. ThetdiUtwaiofboak* 
lo the libnry iiomiiriM tboot 100 loU^ 
Iho (mCv p(hrl of fblcih b*Te h«tn p.x- 
•mtod,«adiiTttraJ ipcdunfai hk*E beenro- 
Mbtl^r added lo Uif miunuci- CIamci hatv 

lw*ii ffirmpd, and Jkm in trtiT* 0|itmiiM, 

far lUo tiucif of iniuic, dnvrinc. «ad <lie- 
mSviry^ WLtU * *^«r to ii atn buUdiojc, 
tho mn of lOGt}L Iwi beoc raind br 

AiirM of 10/, Mfb, Aftd 119/. Ij. hM 
bsea ncstT^d Id douitiani. It 1» tttw In 
progncMk wtU pcoilii of a IrrfCQrc ro«iji, 
wtdi A tfli7 «it«flu(v« CD,L]erj rDuud tlir 
timv, IJbrjfy, mriinj; and CDwaillac 
rouiBB, vilU m cvUmneis btll' Th4 b**c- 
n«a1 viil conUln a ipudouH Ubtfriturr, 
md othir ■ptfimenu. Mhcn tie new 
biiildlnir tm rvJf , lh« C-MOntlCU* Inland 
la iovitf Iha ou-opcrafinn of thp Airi- 

tifie p»| of Bgrlcnlnirp It om^rtir^d, to 

Mr»l goad of bvtb. 


HiB wurt* <}n tbc lias tif As 1ai«ftd«d 
cHn4l ill UvncAvicr liai« broofbt tp vlaw 
noarlf tli* wliol^ uf tbo iDaadAlioni of 
Ihfr hoBM of (*4 Grrf frW*. Hf il)i^ 
kM&s* of Ml- Wb-ia«, ibo *upcrto- 
Uodtlll of tbi trork, nbo dtrtotod lb*l 
Ui« trilU iliould bv Irit until Ibe plan 
«ouLd b* Mffftdiitcd. and bj follDitiiil, 
for a abort tlbUuui Ij^yond tho ouidni, a 
pwiion of tike irUli (not ahadoi in tbc 
pUit)» Vb« *i*aC UMinrtintfiU ud i^oal. 
liOfk hftf* bs(« atcwtaloeJ. Th« PriAfjr 
«uarHMiloDltw|i«<aof iTOund, at J a. 
9ft. Cr, at tbB ■ooth-«B«l«m nttrrm^r of 
the idind formed bj^ ibc rlv«n CheaircliI 
fend ilhd Dnn— tb« fomiBr rlnr btliif (h< 
bou(id«rf ID ih« Mjutb-eaaE, tha north and 
»i(crn toiindintt bebf Ibe aodcnt rm- 

h»iikniaiir» fL^tlnwlni Tha Una of iW Marab 
dr^m ; thn Ni<frb H^nd bouoda t« the 
w«t. Tht boBw vu plM«d la tbc cmUY 
oftbn oieadov, ani U tbm du(vlb«4 In 
Mr Hunttr't " Deantry of Donoafinr." 

*' Thif ItuoK ^»i fouaJnl bcfirrc I'lft- 

Dodtirortli nit<«timi« ihut iu U&S &lr 
JaAa lirtir diid biOPin^ lo UtoAMhUdiop 
of York, fvrUndi k«ld of Um. la tb* 
c^itftk ei ^tt Friari Minon of Doorfta- 
Uf. lb 1315 PdCT At Uatkr b«d «n 
«df*«d^umM. ihalbviBi^r*! ipMfi 
tt pMoe ol hftd foif the use of tlio PiWn, 
«oiualplnK I B pcrchM. Tliia anaara Uke 
Att offl^ml fbtniitiOB. !■ tbe vlft of 
EUiabaEh PMtrtB, of H«adlii|l«r. r^ 
Utbad bj Sloc^nj> in wbidb >o auajr Of 
tbo noitbem reJIflow IbmUatlima an 
mmtkiMd, 40 aUliafa an iaft lo tbe 
brdhrva «f thia hao«<i- TMk ««•« n4l- 
Tha baynr^h to tbo Fi'an «arv fUUJkHj im 
moaat, ai t^ vrre not alloircil to ko- 
^om und> empl the illcof l\eif lio«i«a, 
And a link p4«c« of |[roda4 adjoccnt for a 
ivdfln. prifliiiin^ porrrtf- >lvif pcr- 
•oniofondDcnn wtra iatvrtwl bvr«: m 
oa« «f Ub» Tlionna Lotdt Fimlral, of 

Ehefl»«]d> Alvl fl Prtrr Jo Mauley* *hn«e 
vrill ]» d&tcd in l^fl. Jobn Mnlrvenrr. 
Em, bT UIb vliJ, Aaltfd NM, Ait&ri* ibbt 
Ills body ibnll bf iiitrrr'-d i^i ibu (?hurfU 
of thr Frijini MEoorf. ftt DoacuUr. uid 
1b«t Ukhud R«v>7n, cbaplsia, ibBll or- 
kbffvto iDusn fvr Ihrfe yfVTf for hia icml, 
dnrhf vbicb lim« h<^ thtil luvr bU |iit 
nip. whioh >b4ll dfttrwmnlfl H^Hl (« Ak 

WT» hla mn, at Ciu«ottb< Tliortabr* of 
L£«d), bad I chronicle whlA tpJonud to 
tliii tiE>Qip. Thnniji4 Kirbbftm, n iio(!tor 
Ofdkiaitv, of Oxfinl, wu rurdian in 
llSd. H« vna tctj lOtloni it; hii o[ipO' 
■Jtiun to Ibc Kbtr'a diioroe, Ht itima* 
dered the hcusie at tbe wme tina Lbc 

CiifWMiUa *vrr dia-atrtd H^ltf}. Tb«re 
wrro then alt brclhrra lod fnor norlcci- 
Tbe boui* vtM Terj poor— (lia cleor rslu^ 
b«lrtf V, 1#- d^, Tbors mm bbouE tbc 
boMof 43 tothn of Ind, and font bella, 
KSrkhain vi» ci«cnEe4 ia 1^47. the flrai 
jcunf Edmrd tb ttalli. ParhLpt ho 
«ai ^nceropd in tbe ruwiVCtiOA of tbe 
B4nHT Qtcn 9^ that mwr In ^^Tfcli Hcurr 
the KijETilb, )>41> tU n(e of the hooan 
wnafmudto Wdtlftn: Oiffonl and Mi- 
chaot WlUbor*. LcUikJ ^oIbu vut the 
■ICoMlon nrr eiartlf , * at the north end 
of ibft t)Hdj[o, covaioniT cnUcd Prtrck' 
hridf*.^ ]| ■» Ibi rv^jno* «f « fnnilf 
r^f tbe name of W:)dbor« thrOD|h tWtt 
aooceadlof ««Bluiee, vbovctv4ea%MUd 
u IMnc oif paitm ^oaffe/* 

Tbr lOUHiUcH Wffie of Wartuvtfetb 
■aate. ibe bvildiai of fnxoKiDB fr^n 
BrodftroftbaMrrr; lUa li onieM IV^m 
• poffUea of doao draMed oionv «nd ■ 

vefl-MHBled buM, Mil ■ oawm for ■« 
■ncolw^ >icbe, vkh piaiacka Mad fellart 
(f otAeld, Hkftl ibe inaer vtUi koio bean 
1b« rliiuvb liif*rt f»«nat ha » ^4iiht, Mb 
from tboir pjaWon «nd 1^ beaaa £iin« 
ivrrcd Midrtji tht «p«ni and it fr pp^. 
babk EhK il# pn^M (1| Im tfliM^M 
tfbve fMdde. vftlU 4 fc«t H i&dratf dd^) 




itbepordieatMyMr, viibUieboU 
r VMTi t\o mtnnce vai ibtouth a 
4aaU* mU. virh ■ pi«r ani **ftiftltr Iral- 
triiOi Hit f«r|ie«r of Hit (IcCacbml 
cMon; fminiAibiii I tU tttt by 6 fH4> o« 
tt^henjofikc churdi. it u iliA'uLl to 
ArtfTOUME but (hrf wv iwC «iilil«l; to 
Laid been pim tu fvauccl Utc Iviru p«r(s 
af tl* bDlUiiif bj 4j<be4. far cloltten^ oc 
^oiMiit pvrpofu, 13^ both- Mo«b. bov. 

■T«r, M««t uprrwiritj Hv ^f> la im«cii>'< 
lioa- IW fuuadblion*, vbicb wen tctca 
feel bcbw tbe Murttct of tbc gnMiDd, 
fieiCcd «n ttmif cUf : fa«t, tc cn« Arm. 
Mwt, |llc«, or ralber rou^ oik itftlcf, 
1 Om In Uncih, ud aboiLC 3 Ini^o la 
4*MB«t«v, had bMBilHicn i(iii> iLp c1ar< 
bt cbutcTK cr 4, Cflbb divtfr -I fctt «p4rt. 

«n<l t|pfitr<ully with «bif *arkTd iu^wpnf 
Ibc pilri. Ir incbvi dcvp. \ few C(jia» 
Wt* bcc& ttfvd up— uuf . iffbLch ire hivo 
*•«, b ■ tilnr ■ipift-.-tf. ^<*rlB( tUt* 
U7i1. Of I*« oiktrt, liBiing been teat 

tu C. Bvtboloarv, Evt, «figioc«r 1o the 
RiTf<r Don CompwiT, sc bare not been 
aU* 1o taofrtua tWir Icwripllon. Sr- 
vf rtl human boarj rrre dii|r «p iai ide tL« 
villi of ihc buUainc. BbJch vouM tppnf 
td bATf bMo Th* i:hui<tb, Aboiil »?0 y^vd* 
fiOM t1i« baildinf , «t th« ourfft dtnmitjr 
of %hm srOBbd (nuilj ofpoiltc tbo TU 
nr4gt,) ■ foundLtiioii, h fn< t4ii«rH, wu 
Aoufid, probiUf tbe rtaiAin* of k cran. 
IpTu kan been tMfVitn4 wiili llii- plui of 
thefouodMionJsvbidiMr. Hrtiry w«rifip, 
ft popLt of Mcun. Hur«t 4ad MolTaLt, 
who unitted In ifa4 m^AAWniratf, Iioa 
cerrvctljdraim oaC Tlie interior mo- 
Mreweiki of Ihc cbun-h iji 'it fetl tiy f3 
totti iUm%\htni S frM ibbk. Ilttandi 
north of >r««E IT de|rec«, voutb q! writ 
I'drjrrto- Th4 leEi|;ih ^f tbn oiterkir 
vftii of tbe indMurr ii l-^T frvc, aad ita 
bendtb tJf«a. 

U'u. SaeAK»0w>r, Jun. 

9.\xn Qt ^tvt <ri^AL. 

W4ot hf titnh. waic « n. « m- ihidc^ eu* ^ ^aih. 


n«n»r0ft» ^AmitonAi- 
Wo «/* \rrrb4pp^to IflTc to rriurU 
the vronvdiii|E*of a t'oiitiTj M«tlfl( b«lil 
at tnr Hlirr 11^] in Itirvft^rd. nn Tin? 4(h 
of Ji«quy, lHor tbe piirpoM <>r rrt.-i'JtiTiff Jt 
npOlt on <ba ■!«(* of t1«e f*l>rii: uf tbe 

Caibttlnl flionbj and lo proiu^Ec nkea- 
vmta fM iti cnifiL'nl repair, Rumourr of 
lh« dllflpidateil lUAc af ibia luPdnUc cdi- 
ivt hsra b?TB far »oEne liniF eorrrai ; 
ohMi. Ibriujh «e h«vF bitbrrlo ORiittrJ 
In nnlinf, tcr viot at vtlh/^r^t mut-txA^. 
yet «e bOTc beta l«okir)ff foraani In Uif^ 
lUnr, ahich kit mir uTl«rd« vJvA wc 
■i|bt ^ jwtiof to tW nt^eci. 

Dr. MpTMnibrr, th« Unn, Jn a tery 
tari4 an4 inionttit^ Bjddrru, mt/At • rir- 
tantibiaiUI aUUmcskt of Hie njiLurr of 
IIm iwtral Ainpidatioai, and of Ih? oiea- 
muwt fvUrb h*l bfon slnrfid; tahvn tn- 
varAi tbde rrmrdf- He nrafioiv-i thai 
■mull oAiirtj knd Wn felt f^r a Ini^tk of 
tt«ifl on BNvunt o4 Uit AtfAy al the rut 
anrfaftbrbniiiifidl^fitflmK but that 

Ua>i, M4W, Vut. XVII. 

y» «Pf rvhrntii^ni of \U \ttiti\%ti,fni danief 
were *^cva\\j rdaed on the MA Oct. 
U-40, by n rrmiukufMr- Uardvkk tbe 
affhliecT. vlkO nu IliEU al Her^ord. cn- 

(Mlfld in prcjiftrirtg pUai for iltcrtlioo* 

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tkontlic beHcflbitl (Up ta-Y miiI mm til 
tliat fequErvd attention, and tbit thi 
CZiiptcr iTould not bate to wtk cxtraDO- 
oufljd, WhmMr. CatliiiElkaaBeunitocd 
(tie ™reTu *flll be found U vertkallj 
»plU; Uiat Uie caloiiuf ftf* *« "tj 
mecU oat of lh« perpcndicuUr ; and, 
when tbff mortar and "liice»a*h were 
rk*r*d -waj, lW*l the toclKlAg of th« 
hiIIk bad loit \t* proiicr boH. and the 
oon irt robenr* praperLbri. aukl ibiC fi^. 
«AfV* utiiJer fWil of l^'? brJJi'iful mid 
■ni(|nr ■ iiiJow oj<hrt wi-rr two or three 
tupbu iii<Ir. Ilir Devi litre tiplaioed 
that in lUicb odCionl cOiAroa tbe ttalla, 
uhich ire tnoch ttilcker in ceanal tban 




l^ue of IW pmeitl Aty, tre ToriatfJ of 
liro wr<iQ|tkVtlon(t fk»<. iIjv iiutn ftod 
lie iiiucr» ui'l tbr ipaoo bctVDcri fiUtfil up 

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U« ooe of th« Lnfjr Llirj|4l> tliai fnm 

ibe two fitliUrt nu L^iiipklclj diMtvwed 

to fitutfl tlia ir«T] to buJ^ out uid to 
tbrt4tfniU ^J1> Tif dani^rroa* iliioor 

ibftA wfrU vr&i ^uJlf iX['|iaii:nl, ■!> inwli «i> 
tiiAl no wte oiitild )iMi vtlljonal obKrrlng 
3l I ■nil tlK dlUpuIniLCin «iii ulMrrmi al» 
l*V*r diHTii ia <bv iiLtfftinr- ]t «■■ fnund 
4lMinhJn< in ordcf \a inrit if. to uVc 
4owii Ihe odk p&tHilUa^ wldpb nilcf«J«4 
Ibui portMD of Ibe Inieraa] ««U bfLv tbc 
«m(l[i«B; lliki oMdiJ ntjt b« <Lorjr wiilitfat 
rntiuttiiK Uie buuli-cvri, «nil, Cu |c1 Oiiui 
out of tljD bullcltnt, ihc Ulh u't phiicr 
VKTt removed from tbe tiilei of the piU 
1«n «t tla vM( anil «f cb« IaJv C^&pcL 
Tlic waP brli>ir tlif winilftfr wb* fouiiJ 
U be miLch difjoLfiUd. but hf foibarCt 

hffliiciful nitoi at rarZf dij^ hid bf Lh« 
tjaoL-nifii^i, Aiil Ln tiiinr [B^liintfvut'tiullj 
built np fur na ui|unHnt (Uji»c« htuI csvu 
in thfir nmtilaUtlttAEc. Dr«ici^«d]n^riliic 
nn uiii^^ai* tjpoi af til? |>r>:uli«rltj«A of thtrir 
Mjrl^ From ctrthtTi todlntioiu Iti ihr 
cut cnJ of tlio chairi U wui T)rii|>Tr to 

obstTTer- or I0 thfl« who mighl ilcrivf 
their rnfirmilion lhrciui:h circuilouj obui* 
crl*. ir mt^ht A|>pf3r Tlntr fnnrf nf tbf> 

Cfltbcdrtl bid been durikandcd thiui van 
Moauvr* Ttko BA>mlDa'iciu iiUfh tiAd 
feoTQ liuiitDtfil ««, faoncTDrp infAft, ■ 
toosl pravfdt&lift] occnrrenn ; bow Xrmg 
taaKtort mi^iht htiv nuAlvQd 4n fjtncicd 
fF^ril)' it yi\y\i\& hartt bom iorpmiiblr to 
fibf B ; tfjrre vonid liavcbcrnTi£>wnrnhig( 
rro«] tbr v^rj Tinttiw itf lb" diN^inJiitlinH 
1h« fUl iroald bare brvn lUddL^i^ Onrc 
beilurc h itMcr bud filkti l» ititi hbdc 
Cttti^ti], w^ffn finrtJcal niuofu pro- 
nDUAccd it, but n thorl lime btfbrt, to h« 
9Atw , ibf iccokd fftU mitbl bate bctn 
more rataU and uott b&vr boeo far inor« 
ik*tfui}iIvo io ttip ri>4i (if th« bidldbig, 

Tb« nmoinl 0f Ihe Cirfci:ih oak i«r«cu at 

Ae CMt FftJ of the e\toU l'ri*v^< tK<-P- 

fwti, irml four br>lr4 of o^ii 

If (It kiLd Wn mt in <br a-i > 

the «cr«(a tA pus b*f\, nnd tl.<;rc ««« no 

VWN nUite «tiUo£ Ihb btd Utl the 
v^lbiileburt 1)10 Dccnnrf ivppcft ; IW 
ulntfd botcdv to frj^—' "■ rn-»..r.,- -.^,1 
Wom«lv}*r«HpAikJ 111 i| 

called 16 (lie evnMl tover. Mocuv «aj 
■kilDwh oonofliM the real «ita of 
ih^AjTii «<« ivBtriving b, nrvat ft man a 
imaflbtrd tbtfinMEvn^ »nd the |iadiMaof 
Ibi: (rotniirf kbOTc tbc ObOlr bad betn 
fill.'d. ta U>c rxtcal of ifiO aarMd>4i^ «ltb 
K »vbitnn^ Uk« oaLvaii ibrrc wu, OB 
th« rmioivl uf tbiv. iiUuilr \>r be area, not 
mtnly <bo dmrioji <if ibt: al4>n«< from 
nudi Qtlur. but ij«r icry lu^ a|vriur«a 
■«re iliao^vrTod, Aod ia ««k -i^iiaiHi Ikf^v 
cnQugh for two in«n b>oi«rptbriJiiigb, abd 
Um ^if ht pljculjr to be acta tn ibc citorlor 

ciflba Unn*r.* At vniite pf rind ar 4<h«r, 

tbiF ^Jiera auppoTtiofr tbii loircr bnrf bora 
touAd in a oonfiTOVa auio, ajid bn£ b«tD 
i«icd Dp I tlu OMlnf «ai n olan»y ma* 
trivaADE for tbe purpOK of |TCTfiiliB( 
whnt fvja appnlicMid 1 the |riomr* ftn 
above— irbtrr< tbonaanda of tona vdflrt 
iiDpoodod, via sui-b (bat It canard llicm 
10 Bkhibila t<advDcyC4 bulf* ( tbaj iir«ro 
cai«cl willi foffat ilotttf, |tlaepd irilh Ibo 
bed of Ihr itcDfi prrpcaaicnEirly, tad ae- 
«iir^1 bf in-tn ^^Mmjii, tn tbtt X\vtj mA^I 

flct fimiWly to tbp iplmti on a man'a 
biiA«*i lr$. So far frcjm Ibat pl»n, aa 
lirra ranted l*bi |rra4Mirc, biHnc «n ■ 
acund prindplfl of naioury. it tna mIoi- 

|Mrd to liaiiK tuirr wrif^l upon the pd* 

Ur, and In ^mihI in brinpnc It <bini. At 
tbe time wbrn tho iiortb-itat pier vta 
uadpf Dxiaduaiio a , ifi I )l u p ui buiae<I«atclT 
above tbr door Icadiit^ into ihe nortd 
Iranvpl* a iLtonc *ra4 (dktn out b; a laasoo. 
ami inimnliatiljr th're raane from tl^ Imlii 
•0 canted nuay biuhela of duat aad r«f^ 
bfth. fvkdpudf iW vritiiied moitar iKtt 
forniei tbe intrriac of t)ie column* vblfk 
mn out lilLT »aiid, thonng Uut all tbc 
caheiion uf iWo Ume hiv ooimplGUljr conct 
and th«t ibit ooe of the pUlira flood ujion 
tliv outar oaiiAg, ami ««» not aided bf itw 
inner i*il1mj; tip. 

Af Ihit pr:nml. {i\ addition to lkai«|^tt 
of tb? architcciH tiie Clja|rir-r wfira fa* 
Tfrured yi\\h tbt opUlon at Pritfnuae 
VTllljt, ofCaubnilgf. kiU >crntioT bad 

b«u lurnt minute ; nnd bo OIMV u 

ehborate rf^ort. la abiub be uy^ *' 1k- 
tUea Ibcae tppeara^ou^ the naaoorj of 
(be ^ndri1> <thil t«, «f iLv valk IftdodDi 
b(tirt«i» ibrrNoTDisa arcbcabelov and Ac 
>tri>f-«ounc:abt]ic} li In • frightful atala 
of di*lij»:*tioo, for tLe rban£< of fotwi im 
Xlf arebrs bit tA^iUEj »ad fjactuf^d lia 
alouca (n all difiHliirm, Lcibkt itravlaf 
f hem aiuruter 10 aa lo uf4D tbr jaata I* 
maa; plarm to tbe ciTrtii of i«o IndHSor 

* U ibonEd br uodtr«L.- ma. 

{'raric t^w»:r uf llprwfofd ■ ■__ wu 
rvilC aboil (be |«h |'}00, npun t4« |nt 

A'orwdH archoi and piira ffhicb in 
under HA ve%U. 



■ttt*. Th« tmMit Vtft bt tho laut «# 

" tt 1« nldHt Mtmi Ui» lUflhxstlu* of UiU 
•14 *«ti li>4 proc«nle4 m te ■■ la 4** 

l«« pvooeeW, ud prabaMf tBOli— i 
fron tine ti» tin*, «(> to tk* imetl ; lod 

wukM 4 Uiotodj^ rtpiir m4 ronrwd ot 
^m MyuUt of dib pMtlw of !*• Mlb 
MecMBrr* Wi prevent Ihii caltrvi ntia of 
lbs towr.'* la rooae^ocMfl tf tku ia4 
of Ur. CunlHfkuiW iToaWttcMtelimi, 
tha Copter raaati AaMt «vd«e> M be 
b««nal bdvaca ill tW &? colamm abore 
(M arebM of i^ Mv*r. tCnU asd ■&!»• 
brtVMca tnd ATDiind tb« rdcfa; Ib^ buxv 
t^mtatm ab»n wtrv tiUod in «Ub «ab. 
iMitUl Mwpanr« uaJ ipm (m «iih JtxJtU 
KTBVt ipidM w ui ta dip nr bud to. 
gttbm tt« lo««i ^rbc Clapur bid ta- 
«ur«d br tbeiB prwaolliHti an gjjpiaia df 

twtoiaMi, tiWr hoDOvnbk io Mr. 
rnfllMbf , Ibi wTbUMit, ivaiied frjoi 
lb« aaOiariliea ai tb^ flacca In wbub be 
bH bam frtTi uia lr employrd — iJbg catbfr* 
*aU »r Annaih aoi Kii>cbf«lrr, the 
abbc7 of fa^. JUbaa<«, and tba T*«pk« 
C^yitfc (vbcra be bul bam aaUid in to 
|f M bka opkolMi. ihwi|h be waa Mt ibc 
•Kbitcct eaipbiTcd,) and tbn etalel Um 
rtsComtloaa w\uA ara froj o e t d al Uer«. 

To beib yMh the towtr : tbo nminK 
■«l be takctt dowti in orier ttfccfaallT 
•arwuuta CW pdm— to nrdKc k rwM 
«aal MOJ. ii waa a laM uatoHlaeUjn wd 
• de t aieJ «ljk or aacMlNlara, w<-n :r ^. 
ou aa to ih« oaaC^uDiii puU- Tb« roof 
prapaaed to tw reeled bore ircuAd be la 
Iba fCvnnwi iljlr, a flat rvof, aa rqifp* 
arntcU In Qn dn^n^^mthttti^ipt^riUo 
boaaai. In Iba Ladj <1u|>rL abti^ii ia 
aoa of tbann«*( ■•«|uisiu ■|r<i.ijBciihuf uiu 
Softiifc Uvblieciiirr, Ibv btonor of tba 
«toilo«a, Iha KicMt cbbonta porlioa, ia in 
a ooiapsiatiio Malo of yaa wo ti km . but 
tbe oalar perl «UI bavo to hr rabolk. «i 
■all ai ibe lahlar i:iuncdlatclr Mom ibc 
undawt in the Urf^->r. The vntorafian 
of Ibb bfantiraE biiLblin^. bolbuttnally 
^^A Isaal M fv aa die ocM f nd, and Iha 
aabattNawa of ita profm ^Wa ff^r iho 
pfuauil Ineoafraoof raibif battkiocM— 
aaJ l]b« fUMTal Hfva^on of itit Inl^fiori 
mrnM BEuka tbJa «oe of the tn«nrea ef 
arc^lnetva U> iXit Und. 

Tb« DvMi Mai d^rKlcJ aUantkin to 
tbe rf«li>fa(kih of dw nii ««d of dio choir, 
(•f ablob a Urpt Utterapbic |tnn< lini 
baaa publiabHl if lilr. Coltjnghun, oaJer 

tba atnctiim of tha Cbapto.) ll ii in* 

ftmikU lAOOMrita a oottipAaMo* tnora 
wortb^ ef arfmlfimi, tftd it k bcfieied 
(bat ibflTo ll BO Nefiaa* ardb ta tb« 
kidcdoDiof n> tpleedid a chanatrr. II 
h»jf bcan«all*dVi>iMdBt«riioftb«croiit» 
of 1^ mnh «1 off In aaabc rton fm a 
no^cTQ vlodov, 51M Tltb alaJned j>U*s 
br Bec4kri bal tbe oapkt^ «tkh 

V amadinfllj nmoa, had bap fil; bnu 
fe perted ead ibi ra la taoagia to raatore 
accuatdf bf. batb tte atcb, the arcade 
aVoT#, aadtba aindovaor Cba rirmiory, 

*hkb toitlcr »M tlM eoatUDAtJw of iba 

ru^ of dia Cboir, aiid *ia nuiirfcabte 
for ita eltcaat aad cbaatodcoc*. aUboii|b 
in a lilcv atyle. TTia cfocaef the i>pcn. 
Ing ibea Made, hf die rwoni ti dio 
Oreoan *crccB af I71T. and tba tkvror 
it« braMifbl IttcM arM^wa of the Lajy 
t h>|>«l rbnM|h IbiaaivV fr««i Ui« CWr, 
cia bardly ht aupoaed, aeJ «iU rondcr 
Ucrofonl Cai^cdraJ. If on lUi aecount 
aliMiF^ an o4A«e of cofpeulnc Utenait. 
llew fai m alrk«aeai tbe iatrodoiettea ot 
die lavftvad Nvruan tcmrn aniJtr tbe 
afch (aa-drapraaeatri] in Mr t'^CtiniEtiam^a 
ptae) mltbt be owthiCp La wooTi iwi 
thvn fontBro t* daoMa ) it uranU b« aalB - 
ciant to aigynt Ibal lit prrfomaAco of 
die acfTloa of ow Cbanb roqulreJ tliat 
ibi-re iha«ld ba lomtilitDjc (« aejvraic iliu 
cbui' rroai tbe pt Ji aco bcdiuid the ajlar. 
aad ll ira> dioacbl liiat diia mHiJd In- fc* 
ptiaaatdj riccieJ by tuck a ecrren, vkile 
to prcTcai il> obalnotiDc toe nuth ilio 
beniiful vUta bvfoaJ, H waa U> b« ftided 
ttpwith |lat<w|lu« bf««omha colamni. 
Tbc J)a«a tlita oi^oitcdtn Iho rvAliinf of 
tb* eboir with fiem^iiilainn leaU i t\t n- 
plad^ of die fiUbaraAiLT-cancd luII*. 
ft& I 1^ DOW pulpit or apftfoprutc df It i 
lb* huof 4»k. (Iff tertftk bMvecn tba 
cboir and natp. biTU^ the d(oorat<d cba- 
rh-m of Uie Uatlt iu ilic lnr<TK>r» and 
the NrirmtB on tba naw aid;, ia ciivoid- 
aocc viik the nuio orcbra of Uit uart ; 

alio Ilia <m]|ji?n of ikr af]pia loA oa t&o 

aooLh fl>it in iho tranMpt* «oaa to jmrtcnt 
At inierniptioo of dio vicv iltfou^bual 
tlH wbola Ivtijtdi of (b* b^liiTiif. at Uaii 
m thr npf^r pan^ and ciptaiied !lio ctfrct* 
by llir rianial ni lliove unxfefLUy and la- 
>urtnu4 nittJ«atBnfmapMiBrj.«bi(^liba^br4n 
tna<odu4»d under tbo ma^n Utaril archta 
«f dioltfaror- Ttic cotliof die p*»f anad 
reatooitiioas irere cMinttcd aa feUotti: 


RutocailHii of Ibc ToverH aud Noc- 
mnn Arcb abuXlMj^ on tbo tmai^i, 
acv«ilib^ ID dnwinci and 4|ir>d- 
rtoAiUiu S.TIO 

Rrpurini* aoi revtorii^ IC belt 
Hiuibcr irtDdova, <«n|lA| doen 
die A bluak vuidloaa aaad oaaiiv 
[tanili otCT the nxd to |be aaino 





\tftr\, t^v id obrUlc Itio bh- 
ckbtlf mwuancc vt the nb 
wlirrc tlic tQtmvt inuf ton . 42*1 
Bntontbn ttt cvt rn<l ofClioir, 

«(KAv>fio tile ptiloj^r AhA ikflir 

CcrMnt«r>* iror'it io rtnitiac tlie 

CDau.nn'puliulJiUaf Jnk.Kc, tf^TiW 

IU«1orki1on of muoni' wotV ia ttic 
cxvcrkir of ilw eul «Dd of ih« 
LidrCbtpd. Md repiiringr tod 
rvitorSaf th« irho1« of eha InFv- 

rior 9,^30 

ArcliltCGt'i |rri' c«nUgf< 
For bU cipenMM wlitn ii Jlcrrford 
Citrk fifths ivafkt. !>0«. |iFr vccki 

for (mj) tbrc« jrun 
HTwIilnff Fomiuri of Mawnit— •■ 

nori loipvrUnl pcrMU in mdi ■ 





Making [11 Ihe vliok ^17^9 

Tbf Chnpirr \\ad tfntuffd tr> mvriliDB 

^.tUfOi'** ibr tu&t ntjuind, in ordrr 1u 

uami ft ion wtucb ttiiflit fairly W ei- 
peeled ic conr ill tiltai, m ilir niliti|C>> 
cubfona, *Dil %\j^h thmg^, nnt mrliiittft in 
tb« ncimiln. r9p<^o«Uj (hr trplnniijE itf 
ibr ifr^tji. vbEcb mt n matter ot iignti- 
dpntlilo i»L|j(TEancc. Lf iiol of diflicuIlT ; 
but ii vould be hi^My ■MitfnrTlory (o ihe 

ui»Llnjc to know thai tli# ani^iifret bad 
«MUTed tba CliAplcr, nC one of Iboti mrrC- 
Ina, lliBi he bul bcm in comntuniL'Ation 

Villi bniUlr^rv, an'! nth«r« nf liinan tp- 
■ptfOtftbility, tili^ }tAi] ^-uc jfdii bi> ciiTnt- 
IaUoh' ii|fi>fi liki vfecvnfallDDi and r^i- 
nijir». and that Ihcj wne » HTiBHrd 
nith tlidr nccunry, fbat lliry had f4air!4 
thrir rraJitmn lu uodcil'kc roiifrdctv, 
aad lo cit< apfrtovrJ trvwMf iot com- 
plHiiift tJiif vorki II] on that b«j«. 

l^lie Dnti clitn mi*BtioviHl th«4 Ibc 

■* fabric fficid *' TA intulTLcirat in mtH tbc 
ordiur7 rrf>urrt)f 1ljr cburcb, antl thai it 
ti alnadjr biLHli'niMl wi^b t txjmiiiWrftlilr 
dtbli not iiiib>uii -tins ihai llt^ dnry "f 
lh« ckordL Lhtd foi miByirnj-i rirroaeJ 
Spet (Yut. of Ibirir fion fcrtidn. in lb# 
coutw of ifa T««ni f^j^nt ' IW< <">t of 
(bar Qttia pockets la Ibe tamu oli- 
jed t Bnd hm oonelviUd hj italiTtf. that a 
Mbaeripttoii for U* i^riPtnt ttunr^oKj 
had alnvdy b«»T| naJfl by tbt* uilbvdral 
dbnEJ< "hkb anKiui.ted 10 4iTC»/. 

'Ae neHfns «aa afUniM^ MidrteMd 
by HatI Sonrn. Mr. E. fi. aWv, M.P. 
Mr. B. Biddulph PhBbppt^ bd^ «tb«M, 
a>4 tvfofc U cluvH. ^ubKriptKnt to Itvo 
■■01AI «< tMrfy tf#OW. vert iftadv, oj 

which Lcvd Boumoi, tike ioH Lttvfn- 

int, pre 900/. C«ri Sonvn and E, T. 
Poirt, cftcj. MC'ii. SCKTI, : J. llftU^y, riq. 
M. r> LfiO/. riir J. U. Cvllf^^l:l^ UaiF. 

K. U. I'b<lti^ri, etq. UcDi. Biddulph, ciq. 
Jaiin rVrkvrijtht, etq. tad M^ri^ other 
gvttlvmpn, tUi>guia«tj_ Oftha mbirrHp- 
lionxnr ihc tlrrgy of (be csthmlml, tin 
Lord litukop Biro OOUr. tlw Ucan ani] 
ChA[ilrr tA a body. ?.000J. ifae U«ui, 10 

make up ^00^ ai |u« oon1nbutiiia» 105/. 
in wldjifgn to what be hu alfoadyn. 

On Ibe flUl Jan. ■ mtetrnf of U« 
U>af<*? at larEj* lo«>h pU^e af Ludtw. aft 
which the pTDccediiiB* of tbc Coimrr 
Martian vm fnlfy approved, atifI ro^ohi- 
tlont fiiitt^d eaaiirtntlotj •>{ an intvnfton 
lo rotir Tuiidt tar mnylat IhiN iiupArUnt 
out ibr niiicfv in Ihr Af«i mtianfe. and 
atifaet/neatlT tliniuK'^onl tlic Itingilonip 
TIld Iriird UL'HLenaiii (l^rd BateinaD)i 
tliA Kirl Po*», Ihc tUrl Soaifra, and 
Jnim iinm^bj. r sq. M,P Chairnrnu of the 

oppoiitl^ TVvttora of (br fund. And tlit? 
plan of operallona wai dji[T(Li-ilj an. 
nuupcwd* ** itiatk Id th* *Drka i^ruponud iv 
he vumticA, tlir«tioii be paid tn Iht Hint 
KitlsQif b> tlir ^ulnlnnlJA^ rrialoraltoa of 
lhi> Tnarrr. md ihrti ta (tint nf Ibv rati 
mda of Ihr Lady Cbiprl nnd Thoir, intb 
■tiict rr^jnid tu \ht 4]hpr*ipfjatr mdiilffc- 
Inril feaiurci of Ihp rf^pfcti^p pailn/* 
Tlirrte ilatfiTnvnU pUtiity deriue l\iai il U 
a •nnnil architectural nvtoralifin, in*t a 
pufrbm^, nor fant^iful innu^al ion* that ia 
inl^DiLcJ . ami ur may rmafk, iw coa* 
i-lii4inn, itqi lljTiiforil (''-atbftJraJ haa uat 
bitlifrTn Ivrta :ipprrriiil<<d kt it draffrrFa, 
nt>r tiulrcil foiiid It be ba, vrhilo m Any of 
ila braulir* buo bnf u vnUrd up anjl ran. 
CTilfi, nhu'h ate nov foriuiiittnly d?- 
vrhil^rd. Wo ntr iiiformrd that tLp anb- 
HTription^ baiv a?tHn to lorvfribme nionr 
tbiQ t^nniLf. The eatimaLm alrtvJy ftaCed 
>hu%r thai iLr warli rc^oim nrrry aid. 
The Dealt, vho h NiMttlgaUr b hii «i. 
vrtion«, «i1l Ihankfully rccrtTe, atk A* 
part of lit* C'immilir*, any c*nirib»VtOM 
to lb* fnlid. 

ivsntVTK or »atriaN Aacinrncfi. 
Jan. 17. J. B. ISprci^h, "> • >- ■k.- 
ditlr. Strndr Clfountr Pcdc' 
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at RnaM, •« alr^lcd m^ UuiKiiitry 

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itatot* itrre firn^otW, ajid ImI U) a cua- 
TfTiabaQ an *■ fmvriarlal voo^vlvin." 
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«0t t6 b« lo«t s^til or bf con«ap*ttdia( 

of ROMvinff bo«r« Ln Ihf tr'nilrd ii^iil^i, 
by Mr. A> J- Mitot^ Spvriil nfrnan 
VM ■■fc l4 New Vv«k utt, vbrrn viry 
OlCftdvc «il<tlti4iiib *nJ in>pfuvTBiciiUbiY« 
bwQ Mailfl viihin (h« Lu( lU or men 
f«*rk Th« Nfv Eidii:iiijt'< ^* ' rii>0 
nnUAtw; the Oty Hill h vn; vxitiwtd 
one, Mac ^1^ f^- *i^l«i *a'L 105 ft. df«|i. 
B««tt4«af U <ba chief i|ioraugliE*r«, Vi4 
El S4 Mtat long. The pri««te <l«cIHn«i. 
ibcRatDrwktPliMr. Jiuiod nlA,takiJi(a 
drdi of ft (nilv rounil thr Ei«b«iitf« in 
LoMjoO, Aod Itiir £irKu}KB 1° ^*« York, 
i* hrlc« » ftiCaf ru tijp Ulur as il ■> iu 
Lo»doii,are«II piUnlrJcilrrvaiJr. Wood 
ftfwtun^ hn brm lonj^ufpl (ti'-rr- Tl>r 
einy MifnAlly wa« ilKbutlt, ccmruKj and 
bu!^ ToitLUr^d, iDif, ill 4Tdrr to fmrrf 
oat chv inipn>ve»cnu, i( vu often found 
■fffii — ry t4^ finoif hoiiwf A Mr 
WlWoBroirnirnTntgda modv of niifrini: 
thtoi bi>4tlj. ftnil Mr. M»i»it mroiioii^jl 
•Wcnl vrry niricaLA mvlnm^n otf tutOi 
tniuporc wiihout inicH«fias ^^ *^^ ^^"^ 

vilb Uh iWmJIurr, (t iJ^kumginf Oar- 

■Imriure, Tbi- rntioml of vrno^vn liou««* 
bod been \nng praetWd ; iodfcd it nita 
ool snlliiawiLMi Bq^laiiJ, forKlonDt^ntkB 
id l>ii fftlbu's bour, in Tbro^DoTton 
Mtvrt, bvinf notYd btck "i^ frrt. io 
patifr > fonrt-.fqvnnnt^. Thf tnuttpnrl 
of briclt bouvrv hcureivr i» a iljfffrent 
tUng, «nd f««)iiin« cm- The Hrtb U 
dcQitil airdv fni3i ihtr naMu, anJ k icrin 
of Utttrcn froAk front t<i bick, anA ibcn 
AWtbn tcrir* friiin Jiiilf ItJ 4iilr, im in- 
traiho«4 oodrr the lovr^l floor. TLirvr 
limbfr* «r« lupiiorttiJ ^ti ui>n£ht icrev*, 

■ bU« tkt Vricbwork bci^fara it rririav^^, 

ttd avoodoi cradfe, Kclf lubkratvd, ii 
fbrmni uadfT the t»rit mentiontl tlmhon, 

Tha KppliciktinQ <*f hntiiontitl tmwa lO 
tW tUnlKrA, IjHit llir rfTr^t i>f foreftiir the 
vfaoli v^vTftniciurr hIodj; ibr rradNoi; 
•t the nte of abour ibrvp firrt in t tlaf ; 
■od in tMtf DibntiFf >»«• »UInl hr ha/\ trrn 
fe pile of ttirtr brick hoimc*^ ibnc itix-LC* 
falgbf moTcd tixiecn fnl. The ruil of 
norisf u ordJiuj-j- horn ot tvo itoriffl, 
it tJtmut £00. 


On Sumlif. D*r, I9i tbif »pnrnib!e 
Ck<ir?b oi \iwtlU>n mu re-a|wn;d for 
diii»ft irofihlp, li h^ been doo«d for 
npa&n ca tbe flnt Monilftjr in Aoffiut, 
WO. T\r chaactl ww lb>n «^ritiv^ of 
lit iliippiiili, tiu-ii-bkc taut, fur wbicb a 

Mv toil, viitb ■ «loi>« unnci. ia kwi. 
hf «ilb tb«l on ibc bodjr or Ibr cbunh, 
habovB Bubttitoicd^ The ond> •>{ ib« 
Mwpta bfttt bttm Uktm dovi nA re- 

built, isd lb* fflittn^ li«* b««« •*■* foofid 
ftiiil Dfw fcatd ihrou|b(fi>t. AU U^«hu 
bocn done bv ibir laudibft sad UQftnUaoUi 
rtHlinui of it>r mbftli^lnnl^^ « j<f«4 hf tomfl 
libent dooatiooE, Etrl KiCKilliftm, vrilti 
b£i URtnludinl libemlh]'* lit>1 pw l4iD/, 
to tb« ^iicntl ivii»ii«i iknd in th< iiri^TCM 
of Iknn tt)it;]kdeil Mt. m uccuiins vork* 
nkUbn K lU^rti bi* kind inUrrcnilM. 
vould not liatr licra nnv^inpbibtxl : 40/. 
«4S jibo ffftutcHl hf tbc Cburcb Ihiildlaip 
}»«ci*t^, arul lVv0 4i((tnK<Bro »tfL<dH far 
nllcb« popf oftb* partth In wJdtliaa bi 
tbcw tiiRiA, ^Ot. lifi* liRn rxt>r-odcd on 
tbr irboln fabric ; mid i1 innj hokt bf pni. 
aounccd one of tbc viou ptrftcl in tlko 
odf bliouibooil. Tb«a« fwU ar< inutiU to 
tbe rrcdit of ibo rait-psftrw. wbo. i\\ cbJK 
ftiDsll pvifrh, vliirr the aliolp awsird 
pnparlj tiaoEinU only Td l,i-|:||, iii«, itf 
(«ur«v. rrry ^nr> Sn Eiiirfib«r Lrt utber 
puubt* do likoviwH 

A'of. »*. W trir Drut niaiinjf Of 1h« 
SnripFv iii Irmi^tW Kitltopi of Nnvr ^rt* 
Und. fto(i and Argyll. N'« Jmcy, j*nd 
Down vnd Connor, ncre odinttCF^ Pa- 
tront, nnil nrrmir o*^ mpmbpn ir«rc 
clrdnl. Tht Si'croU'if* rmd ■ liHt of 
ttboiil onr b^EOiIrr*! bikI iIaIj iliwiDRiti 
b«[doi tu^mvingi and otbrf prdCnli, n- 
criTrd itnfv Ihrlaiit mratiiif la MajTi Md 
rbr nninpii of nriHr 4fNl rbdrohttit Tif itcd 
dtinni tbc Kamintr, A report frooi the 
CDinmiitRriuicd ibff p«b|lQB<b>u of Mr, 
^'cbb'i jupTT rend brforc tbc Soc^Mr on 
'Mbr Mteogram HIS/* IW (lie Fint 

Pjirt iif Uiii " F**r Wofiii lu C'biirthwar- 
dea»^' had mrlicd a niarh nJitino ; tint 
• Sei»nd Part had been publithcd, find 
^•4 \a ki Iblrd edition} (h»l B Irad en- 
lidcdi A Few Wordi to ChurcLinirilciii, 
liad httn pro<lUi<rd, illuHtrated niib pUlei, 
And rrtiitniEtinif linl' of iiiDdDl* fur Wia- 
dmn. Fonta, and Rood-Jkreen* \ tbut (hv 
L-bur<-U ^borirt li«d Jracbi-c] b iihiitL ed[. 
lir^e : tbar fhf Fnurth Numlier of lUui- 
1rittooi4 flf MoTiumtQial llruact. and a 
pBiiipLlet on KtoH Cpbnrtb. to, LiAC^n, 

wrto neorlj rpadj. The Committee alio 
rrpurCod, tbal lb«T Had bef^n in cfTtamu* 
iiid*Hbn m\t\\ Hiprvly T«o plftco*. and had 
f^tTDlshfil defj|;n> fof a ncT Church it 
LBntlUlo. aeaf Kiigland. 

A ion:; and knttmtir»f piprr wa« read 
bv rbilh> Preemaot w\. F«11ov and Tvlor 
vf 8i. reicr'ii i^Mllc^r* ou tbc mniilea, or 
/hiiatnl, mof* of tbc 3)4if>)ik ebonbest 
iDnitriLtrd by a tf riei of drwinft. 

Tbe Biiicr DiooaM* Soejetf . 4fid tba 
Udkfitid Society for tbe fticouni^vaicat 
of K<r1ctlut^ctl Anbilcclurf, *«t* nd. 
milttd to tbc uin« nrir|la$e« ■« ««tq 

STtnlcd to th« CWM MM|. 


AfHi^tmHmt Rnttr^htf* 


fhr, K> Tha BlUiap of Iho Aa^HcMk 
Ctmreh tn Jcrvalem «ra> adnontcd a. 1^- 
tron, And innty new in«inb«Ta ««» 

Th« C^mmltiep rr|icr(«d UiiU fM. tiAfI 
bMn cnntril b; Ltx tttieicl/ to &l. ScpitU 
cbrt*!, mil &'- op ilu rettcifiijoii of Mel- 
df eib (Avrfh ; thai, Aftrf narh divniutlob 
u t> ifae roof of Sl^ ^pnliWi, it bjid 
bmnsolTCdioi^ulLic iriuibticiitrimth 

cwftU b* rvbod, in #|ana< oIktrvJM lb* 
cMdcd roof Toiild bfl Wi op«D. *ad in no 
out > lath <nil pla«i«r imiCttion •Uuvtd i 
thtii S,t \ukA hffwn vnUit for flkr puquiw 
ol obtjitnini wnrkinK JrntriBf* of the 
vQoJHtfti la U'liLftli^rord ctiarub ( tad 
iliM tiio fitu nniobGr cf the Soclnr** pv- 
nodJc«l rv|iir>rl. I'liv Ecvtc«iulo|i*t, wm 

A p«i>er on Ibt HltlorjofPowi wtM 
d&en nad bt tho Rfv. J. M. tffnie, 8.A. 
■fcafliJQ «f UovrninjKi in vMch, >A*r 
prmnr thii in lbs |3rr«rat •kw nf th« 
voni uicj did not rxia before t&e Rf- 
Tarmjitlnn, be infocctdei to brb^ itttwhrA 
•vui^iit yeam^ amtnniat illuiionf to 
LtirDi, fca jiniB|lblcts of ibc tflU criiturj i 

wd coodndod br tiuiniTtic uut Mmal 
rMvant aby tliej wre aIvij* luppoctod 
bv PoriUA*. Till* v««/ bu ftiu« be«a 

A pmr ««■ then read by ^ Nic^olli, 
K4i|. M TrimTf nllrftp, vn th« Rout^I 
Tn«m uf Irdftiid; UURitrkUd by ■rvvnl 

JJirr. Ij. l^tt K^ibop af Eiercr vu 
tiltniilvd « Pftlrvo, md tiitT'tbm nnne* 
if«n f^d^cd lu Ibc lift <f BviiDl«r>- Afttr 

loot R^ort from iW Comtoiltee. chi^j 
relMiDg fo B CiOnirDVFnx bMcIi tud srtnn 
in cof^anmitfim of ftom« •rrera orilioiBm> 
U ike Ecdnlolofitt «|noo tbt fbuinb 
ItM^ij vrrrtvil in ibr NeA Ttfwu at Com* 
briiic?. ■ rciiorl *Mi rrad from ■ Snb- 
Cowulitoe i|)jKuni«d loaumineitowm* 
pmavo «oc«aiW>dBttea ud «vpflQ*« of 

pewi ui4 opra vn^t to^ itttnit«i«4 
tbM. In r««i«cl 10 fpACe. povi faiToIrt a 
lot* of (weatj p«r oenl' ■■ oon|>iff*d 
with open •»(«- Tito ptper* firtro rood 
from Utt K«r. M. C LuU*r J, OOD* 
Uinina » trtdiUtion of ilo confanpo- 
nrj ftcniiinc j^ivi-n in th* BUck Book 
<jf iLe Diitwp of CuuUinca. of iht CKjn* 
tecmtiotiA of the Gbnrcbn of ftL MIcUul, 
Si. Sunmon. md 5i. Sorit^r in fluom* 

3r; luid, 2. Oa ibe Priorj cliunh of 
MbtoQ Pbridlib, Will*. 
Tho Blvhop or Nfw ZMkod hu tibttt 
with him • dnl^ for o T*ri*h c4iorib« 
furnuhvij hj the CdounKtw of tho fti* 
cIkIj, Ti li ttodLlloi from ihtt of Thas 
i^hurrfti, nt-jrf^ivn tii Noruinndy. *a4 eon- 
ftiiiA of ChftDcet. Nktc, t»a Aitloi to 
mcb, TrnuMDU, uidc«ii<fHJTo*rr> Tbo 
Ckuicol i$ niird ofi two itept i tbt Altsr 
no flf* niorr. The Vcvtrj i« ncrcened off 
bf « pardoH of tHrttU«k, at ih« lOatb. 
vnt comer of the OOnA Chiacd OI«le. 
111? I'ovi^r U avnnninlcid hy a pynmid*! 
i-n]Hti|r I Aftd ih« C^rttioTf uf lite Ntv« 
11 tininlf «rrAi3n1p (Vftj ihltd compfcrt- 
neut uetof ptartvd ri>F ■ Ikcbi. A lltba- 
CTuphJc pant of thU Atnga Kai bcca pub. 



An. 13. licui-j littUiu. «i4> V, p. Ui 

Cl«rtM Loc4« £i«tlikc, ts^. ILA. «•« 
tlccto^ Frilov, 

itr. C. Rouli Sttilh, P.S.A* nhibit*^ 
« H«d»1rt, vUiLck la Imd, lotfid o« tto 
■is* oi Iha Bjd ELorbl RutuB^h App«- 
mitj ti «M dtpomtd th«r« on U« oc«a* 
iloa of (he oiMornbk titit uf Qukd Eft* 
iftbnh il tbr imucir«tiO(i of tbr ori|lnal 
buil4ii4^ l>n« Hide of the MoUld U 
Itkia.tbfl oilier kAftUiC Tudor Ar««, nr- 
roiudod b* Ibe Lwtip«i-iT, ANOLI£' 

A l«U« HTM rrtd trom Mr. Brilloii. 
H«Pi| m QyfcH « trfioi ^f draiiiug*, vilfc « 
doMrMlTe ■econnt o( thoie mmrkiUF 
ftntiqoLriM ■! Piilrti|Vr. f Ootril Anw* 
riM. m%tih Kvio l«»t Bfr|ic«d by Hi«> 
UiAft, jitid lAve klfifr >i**ii coinuieBtcd ou 
uid pvtlr iBnflnted la Lonl Kiic*- 
kMfu^k't fplcidid KOfkr 044 mm re* 

(^oiillr br MTmldrck 4nd Sterrni. Tli^ie 
dnviliig* uail iWcffipUre ifeotc* aTP faf 
Captblii Cfediljr, K,II. «ho vpcitt >ouG 

lime Amonc dw minvi and tt^dc cbborvtc 
draw^ikfi nnd ■onmrrawnU «C Ihe npari- 
»»!*, tcu!ptur«« amJ M iof j i^ Tbo 
ftfDlplttrt *nd ftrfihimiDrc u« nnfuMf 
curtoiu fron lbc*r dUiUMtarttjr lo tAj- 

nell » from thrir nnk^o^D origin Cftd 
d{tpropt»tJoip Thcf uftj toh^d i? com* 
Unc tome of lli« tMMOU nr tAitfitVUt- 
tiliaotf lh« tbroe MtJou btre rt^erred to, 
ut4 e» ioslwU tb* ajnmiii4 the tetnfpfo. 
AOil ilio d*rUiiig, A gTouM-pUa vm «t- 
lubUAi, tofvUtorAltitftauporiWcvniUy 
jBil du itt^kor'A rottls. lluw*, tofvUur 
nitb tbe irwirjiui. «ludi o»Mr nooMol 
*m cBTv ud Melitf p raider UtU c<m^ 
u«nfc*iioQ in1#rT«ting to iho — itaoMj, 
Ibi tnTdkr, nnd tbi hli«ofiM. 

ift the ehatt. 
ttti Una EOb nad > forUoa of A pi«. 


AntifttariAn iifuarrJ^s, 


ivt. ttttpi Chttka K Cot i^ ciUMnh- 
BOtl of "OCftltll f«vik WvM c«lb4 
3lomisofFtHj/*o« 1^ BoodDl of tbo** i> 

InJj. Ic ippeva tui no p«b1ifl liwi(U- 
tiMi* or ibja prtctiB chiJwur arM cirr 
forvrtd i« Eflgkoil. In >f<ut luifoiti^p. 
(orr Rmtrka )1 vb> Aovn bow lluve fv> 

Iblf hi IW fiflMnth M^IuTT, Hiirrlkrio 

At ttora lAdlftDt eftui f^f MN^clr «p^tt 
tht <ippfrwii«j or Uw J««v «iil 1^01- 
btnb: lad loir, tovtrds the end of lh« 
fliiUcttiii oracufr, th«T h»i fouii4 tkelr 

ni>t in Frt^f. Tbtdoedmmtliadfoon- 

■•niai** whlfh irouM uU* fn»n ib« In- 
trvdnctko of aock liuliRitiow tii CnfUDd ; 
of • <«UBraE or ihc vttt «rs>tng Ibvm ilie 
ntordfliu thm prtfdtc^ In lAiuba by 
wurcn tad broken i wd of the wtanrj 

VKkldeooncrnrfthfiD- Sir H,&tliinn- 
nwattwt Ihv f or«niB«nt calcrtAtncdukD 
aolpt «f Afiu^ upon th<? rTCtfmm#(bI«- 
tlon* of (Ua paper* bvt thot tbf project 
wit rr^ iff Ttf AlMrtlvc bj tlic brtftkUiff out 
«if tilt nri) Wirt. U m*j b« obierTcil, 
tktt •ome jrcttn ifo the matt kind of pba 
«■! w>U Kvpwrd !■ Kn(tuid, (ti ttike 
t&e pkce of tbe prti«ol vpX4wi of ptmi* 
bntoinf ; hot <hit tbc pivAbraken h^ 
4«SdcBt ioil»Dcc ta oTf rlLrov IL , 

CAiin»ii>a> Avn^rAiiux •ocictt. 

£ht, i. Thv f^ov^ij 1it,1i1 iu fnQptinf 
ftrHktediMt Cena, the I'niidrnt re- 
etiTlef tbe BMabm ot Ue LoJfi\ I'r. 
Jabs'* CoOt^fi. Stfrenl i-rpsmK and 
e^nuiuleotioiu to tbe ^odtty mre 
brourti Ajrmrd ' < tp<cc)i deViiTicd b> 
Dr. Tftylori»th« Situue Hoiup. on oc* 
c««i0B of ttMopnlng of Ibe KJo^'t Ll- 
bwQ, Juty 3. HiT Ubif yrm cwnPd fr^m 
Hv O/fsiMl ia th« M^rarf of ftDK«(bnry 
SdkOtiJt > Mi< ^r ttcudu Tdrtin^ to 
CunWldp IIUt^rypicMUreilioihrMNS. 
oflkt Qodloian Librvy; ■ cnrioui pre- 
face lo ■ «t«tk eoiiilv'J "njura VctcrU 
«C S'rti Tnl4rt»rriii, mu Vcfiiik ad ikprn- 
find«tB in nurot wtUriff." Thia ib«o- 
mrst* ttdtfcmlogto lWdtt«of llciiry 111. 
litrei A ariouf ■rf^otiQt of the m^ject of 
oiunh fiTUT* (iiiQlrnE Sii T^t ngf : Ihfl 
v4bi»p b Ms. ll.vU^ \a SLr 'Dio* Phit- 
fan'«o«0<olioo, wbo ffttDvird ^o ^ocidy 
iilQi ft etff <tt It frofu bi( prtM. 

A •^•rt r*!*^- ^ John rredcrfek 
SUniifd, &()> M.A. vM rvtd lo iho 
ftCctbiti mj^t^iie • ludfcbl cvmbit br- 
Csttfi; mui aad VlfnT. acoinUhc to Iho 
Btittt-'ff U ibo uimot d:r or Vurut- 
bqn^, ttkta from tUc " Vfclti Bii^h d» 

An occooM nf *tMDe «acient Ifurtd 

Uick*, «kicb aro lil to tiie poi*e«a(ui of 
«i) iDb«bit4Al of Ike To*&, icvpt ciii> in 
im iht Pfliw^Uiku MiitcHiu. Tbi» «■■■ 

S'uipMlIf Ukm from Ikivtfir'i MS^. 
cMta froa lU hrickt. 3ho«[i on ijilii 

OfOuloii. «r«« |ir**oii1«d At tbr Wt mecl- 

A4 inipmcuf comaimfdtfottfl^ wu 
mid« by A. H. Woodhtni, Btfi- on thm 
ooaititndoB «f coUiH fibrtn^*. Mr. 
VoodUvK pjjaicid odi lbs fcvmacion of 
tbtM collAcllanf , M t&dod by % ^ndiitX 
■ccuBiulfttSon of depoiitf. «UA Vn inoto 
■dchqI tin« mn fvnarkUy of cooftder- 
■bio balk, by ibc lif^u««« of enxkt !ibn- 
ric* Irjm fo^hden Md benrftfion- lie 
ibttii rrofw^dnt to iW*«rfNe the fiitmitiM 
*kkh iro*ld bo Kkolj to malt from tho 
ORftlyfU of (Tiiur lLl>r4jtei, lucU u tha 
dUeoftry of the itf>mlinr coiirvr of itiirly 
or toov, cipcciillT Lnthcotogr. Ttircom- 
mvaioatioa wu fi-'iii'lmjod bj ■ Inrnfil 
lt1i]*lnUon of IW curious lib^^T of Jen* 

Hit lUr, TliotoM Cluk iW n |tiv« o 
{wlicuUr nad Br*pbk Account of tt^v 
comincimmrnt tm tnult, up 1o the pm- 
br«t ticnc, orf runndiH oiHdt by kimHlf 
ofiUir frauEid ImMfinIftty tdjotmD^ hit 
boq>a In Udingion. Ho tuu dJ«lo>cd 
th« lite of* ittrgc Eomari vilU. iilih more 
ihAo tUirtv ftiwiiacnUp mnl « b«(h ^ uiil 
further un on »tcik«ktfi bt(r|iu-i|riib&d. 
On the but orcJuon* he cibLbOtd Matt 
lUt* Sooivty AasnerouiindMCtlleiiE i«- 
iddtua of polttfry, uij i>thtT vticilu of 
conifofrn iL>t< Coand upon fhiA Htn* 

VmitHor Corrtr gove ibe boOFly a 
hriff notirc rrtji^rfiiiiE a MK, urnlita, 
by ibrfnniiarTof Ht Citharime hall, of 
Iho buiUliuj; of i£Ui||'k obaHl ; md Um 
8oetctT obtidoed « mopoot Ibol t lopy of 
thia docoDiBnt mifbt ba prcwoCed lo it 

for priuttfaf . 

Oa romoviog ifac wuh* fron lb* Jo- 
todoT «*llf of Iho chuTth of TollanhkU. 
notf >Vokcrbam|itoci, In tbr courw of 
RpiLr» now tu prognti, lUo vorktucn 
ififoovond lint lUe Willi bad arigl^Jy 
been palnlcit with lairvav diiTitrs, COftlO 
of *rm«. JiTid ir Utui^tcd 8fripturf t«ltt 
ia aU KDe;1i*b cbBtacttn ; but oeorly tbo 
w|l4>)v vAt 4f Fij^fkl off boA^r* bO] lomlioo 
wii laodg of tho etn^nmsUuoi by tbo 

|ionh)Eii, Bud Ihdut idry ImiTcrFKl, ro- 
ouin lo laoUllte Iho ritctrcb of the 
■nibiUMT' Tbo lint ipriirlaiirn li foen In 
Loni WroCtCTlffy'f cb'actl. vberc Tlfl 
Aifiiret of lb/to or four ikdctoni ore tok* 
riblypvrltH, probably dk« rt—lBB of « 
D40Ceof Doilb. 





A vidnf^ lint li^vn ^nedby lit* Cif* 
ft»4tin« <iv<r tlif lluuiani; ibc ttOit 
ti|fiul ami iWcUivF thai liut wcuned 
lincf tbo bcifLiiniJid of lUc niir. A l«rCT 
cxpvdJIioJi, roriUmkng of 30,OODmffn,1i(ut 
Wvii ducmUdrVcd on (he c«<Mlt vitk ■ 
wiMXf of dc4ira]iiig lltc Amn Mrliich Und 
bc-rri colkctrd liy ib« Circauinni afurr 

iLif bat-rr«l, whtfii * tlnrrn, 1i«vtr|i itid- 
ilenly 4r^ktfn, diioiv Ihc thipi Uom Lhrir 

ihemulTcm of ibr oppvrlunitr, AMfli|«cl 
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tinrik, »i|MriAlcd Irorii fhcir *icrca. vrbich 
fiad bvt'n raninl out to t-r^^wv^t ovrii' 
]iclli?d to ronimvner • difcuu^m TcEvrat 
thrcLigli a (ouiitry «ociBl4Clnf tnhnlj of 
moimmm, forcti^ and defile, Wiih ihe 
fwcpnoriof "i.fPO wlio f*cnpcd lo Anapa, 
il;r vholp vf etH<4 :i>,{H^i wcrr kiEl<*d or 

The Governor, Ornur^l Buifiwiil* mu 
noiiiLPM from A^^trt ihc ii^Unutiion of 
■even <iior»Eribf4 rwidliiff on ihe bank* 
ofibe Tvfnti ibe dcfcki of (bo Kfliifitl 
of TJirnviH-n, nho nai obHard lo i^rk 
trfuge on tbc rniniicr* of Morocco ; *nd 
• fdT«U a^iniil AhJcil Ka^or of two nii- 
Ritroii* [rlhri lacdicd near tbi; month of 
Cbe CbehfT. 

Til* Pone i4iU Mtumet n ilire«(Fiiiiij 
•If iiuilc loivird« Greectt ind i* profvrd. 
fccilLiiK ^Ub bcronnniiicfiu. TlieDlrtn 
k»t giv4'ii ordert iar ftviemMinj; 4I>,0UU 
men in Il^imvliK. md aiioihrr corp^ ut 
VbtJib. lit UitrcdO(iU» XbcBiHljr, md 
CaAditt. ikuni of new duiturbitncre hnvt 

■ AttT tKivt*. 

The Hidden membli^ of 60(11 tri>o|i« 
■nd ben rr^mU of irif, nctt Ranyoon, \in% 
L«d ElKfllTCt tipon Lho ktnN uf the Dtir- 
neie. If* prvreating hoadiltlir*, Tke kriif* 
bwn!tiredbomeaM«i»ih»U bii rrootii. 
Thrre bu fccea «o»p Aitblin^ vrith iU« 
Chitm-*> B i»bf of moontiii»r*r», in one 
trf HirUpoHe*^ C*p«H »'jT»dU*in, 3Jih 
lUiiirftl InlViiirj, bImI IjkPHEi- Jrnkivii 
m4 Kiii^t *«r^ killvd, ftud t^n ofiivn 


Tbe fifi..'- »iiri iftiM noeih- 

Vkid nriri ' II vl i:«Tituii, iiHde 

tbtf niMtftr ,' >. i. OH tW k1B|WlflJlI 

mnd n^ry ttronjEtf foflllied dijr ind itluid 

of Amov, TthU Ihluiid U «ir(mlrd m « 

fine ffulf Ifi the prnvlnor of Tukivit, the 
creal Lea diKrkl of L'htni, opuoitte ihe 
tlland of rofmou, ind ahoui 350 mi^ee 
iii>rfb-«a<E u( t^e fulf ol Caiiron^ 300 
inilfft *oulh «TCbiia>vi, knd l,3U0 m&Lu 
ftom Prkin^ Jl nu forill^ed bf my 
klrun^ dffenc». of K"<"*I< jol'Lb fjtfrd 
ivilh mud. mid mounlvd with no \r*i thtii 
Ay* liiindn<il piecei of etnnuo. The 
Bntikh FxpiM)i[iaii, undvr tbc orderi of 
Sir tlciiry PoVltrfc-r. her BJi^niy'iCom- 
mJMMittK'Muid JNmrpoei'niUry, mib Ad- 
luiftl I'ltrkcf L-uiEiiiiiLiidlue the Acvt, urid 
SdT llugt Uougb the Una forret. arrived 
off AnKt; on (he S5cb of Au^uU. Tbe 
«xp#di(ton roniMUdofJtl Vtfttvli, inolud- 
ing V lailot rbc Ikne and Kctrral *u«meri. 
On the iflsib, nfcer h rerj brief pirleT 
with e mnJidarin. (hr ciTy wts bombafiJed 
t'ur two buurv klt«r which Air Hu^h 
Gougb, with (he Isih rrKhncnt, Wtdi?d 
Khd Kixed one end ef ibe long batlcef ; 
whiln^ (bp iGih reKinivnE.with ibe ailm 
■III! fdnrini-*. orn<rd (be kiting bafiecm 
on (he k«Und of KooUnprei jwc tn front 
of Amoy. The Oiiiieie mvde an ani* 
mBlrd drfrnfie for frnir hoiir*. sod then 
lltd f^onielJ their fottifk-vtioTi^, and alto 
from the city, earning wWh tbem ibdr 
troiAurra. The Chlnoar g^n boftli «nd 
wn JLmki vtfre all L^aplonrd. Tke etn- 
imn, Aiib iiiimiriiiiv mumtwiiH of tnr, u/ 
COorxL' WW Into tbi' k^ndt of the rvpiore, 
Nft u Hng1« man of tbe UritiU nw 
kilU-4, iittd only iiijiD wtftf w<nii4tc4- Oo 

ibe /7tb 8ii HtJjib Gun£h enured tbe 
eiLj ai Ihc head o< hn irj>Q[n Without 
oppotitlon. Tbe irra^ute found did nr>( 
rateed dXH] dollar*, etrfyttiinf valuatde 
hiTiJiic Ihvii rartii'd uiF. At «| bppmml 
deMTible not to [^ripple lfa« foiurc move- 
menia of the cxpcdi lion br deCMhiflif aotn 
enough 10 iwriMjn tho pUrr. tW fefflfi- 
eationf uvrc diFinHfifled, and tbe wmon 
cJfut't^vd ; after whteh, Ihc tcoo|u trere 
iviibdrtu^i OK llx X>rli. uifN> vt!di<>M and 
■ fmanilkftmm wcte, biiMfwr. Iffi on 
tbe iv^aad of Kouliuinpr. Tht- tn< wi«v 
re-fltnhnikttd in the wiii, wbiefa uUcd to 
the nerthw'ai^l on tht JJib ol Sfr^iembcr. 
The di'ii-H in ibv vviithbotirhood o^ 
Gknfon hntrnt bt^ken the trace by re- 
|ohii^ |1<rir h4(trnef« and plMOaiE ttakci 
and auofcvt tt* ibr tK-aUr for th* piifwiic 
of obslru^injc Ibf n^" "■" ' "'^theiUrr, 
Capt^a Nia«» of (lir mor ifCli. 

nr of ktor*g Koa^ -up Ibr 

I sir] 

Amffrif Ofturrmrti. 


rUrt>v lliii B^j f larJirr brt«r^ pf fiKI on 

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h ROC lnt«mifc«4, tW CUimm haiii^ 
awt* »« Atucef4 iBfCimM Bhrbh tUpn 
Imn tiUiitf in ihcit < 

TV Qurca hM t>wiv4 bo i^ iraopa , 
IflteffMkin^ MCtato^om of the Cm. 
mbte ■«««;, A 44iMik>n r<M] lo one 

nPMV IMMT. vit. 1W0 milbTn ol dolbiv 
■aMMflbm and I«mo< tjcw tttnr, 
hH Brntvil in E»claidV ih* C'vAway 9i, 

Md U mitAf tod«ei b lb Ui«. 


Ja^Al. TlwGnt«fonfi>fth«nevJbr</ 
AmAmv* w Uid I7 bit Kojni H%hap«« 

9CB. Sbrtiffi, tbc GrrsVi>A Coin»lttM« 
Ac. rmriirrd thr Trinn* «( OuiUUll, «t 

ibry Weill ia pnKruioQ lo tbc ute of the 
Kcw llajml EarbiiD^ mrtd «T»1crH a fA- 
v«lk«ol ICVfMClRrimiAfefrfictf.vlixh 
takd Utn tftct»4 « 1 iMt a^^tnlnip 
Jhrm ln> i dV *lf*X- In ih* ««Mf« «■ 
■ Une ipftTr oi' « drmUr form, rovod 
whkq wtre Wnrbrw rivnir jr^dUftTif, Tor 
ibe »nvBnKidatiun or nntniimii* aprctft* 
cor*, T^ fidW ind bmfbn vrctc to- 
ffvvcd witb crinuoo ctotb. (W fiooi rqvv 
bdog dttomt^ wiih fcrtooaf. Jn ibr 
c«Uv wu pliB(«d A Unce »lonf Uotk, 
badi^ A nnlj in tbu nib£Ac lo remvo 
tlk ttlnt, cbr ttivrlfMion plit^> ^-. 
«tot# vHcA <rft« nwptnJca • mf* tilof k 
nf grviUu, wti^uw At* tMM, On thr 

imn^ id th§ pmcf, " Ood MTttbe 

QnNM" «r» |ilijcil bt (bt bvid of tbr 
Si lljviinrriE rj i,iV Gunnfti. iW POB- 

p4r i^Mfcrv^: pnd ih4 Cnloa 

Jv- . ^d pKtio(i*lj flwted Allbe 

lop of ii< |i«viUon, At! InwtvcdL nnd ibc 
Bimtf Stta*rd mbrtilatrd in tNpl*?c, 
■mIm tbf pW«n of th« p«vpl*- 

Tk PttncK htttnf lilttn lilt nlMc fiMr 
Ibfl •»»»> AJr. R. L- Jootf, ihft Ckiir- 
lam of tb« Joint Grei^ui f:««3nitt*fl. 

Landed 1 irlui baitlf 10 bis RopX Uigb- 
D<«>, bftviiw firfviootlj tdlvu ouc IIl« 
ci4pp#r. T** MftHKr of iW UmvviV 
CMnpanj ind f he Cbuobrtlsn or London 
thru |rr4rni(!dT«rioui«4n« oft^e rrmfm, 
Vftiiob liE» Rof«] lli^hnna ttcnnd, uA 
p«t on* bf con >R ibr ekM bocdf* iQgV- 
tber irkh ft ru<4iJ. haiiof iW b««d of 
bfT Mijcttf on the obven^, and «n in- 
vriptJon on iW nrfwo. Tha b«^r« 

Alben depo«dtr4 ih« hooSm in cbo eaniy 
of Ibr srootf fiird on tbv ;roiiB± A 
bIm* bri«k n» ib#n prM^mvd bjr Mr, 
mrnri. the CU^ri ^f ike Mnoni* Com- 
pftPkf I (o tbc Piuicci wW libcwlse put ii 
into tht ATifjr, en iaMripdon On tbe 

brick M^UMtorf of lk« ocewion of ibi 
UM b*vinv pmt^oiuly WtB read by Sir, 
Bvr&A. Four un*]! gbM pilltn wtn 
lOwwIi* Inurted by lit toy^ lilf^hncu En 
fbnr rmvitiM ioTmf6 tt* rtr^iv^ ih^m, 
WUliwn Tite, e^t- K.B.S.indS-A.ihR 
airbiirclof tbp Kc*r CLch«ni;f.iivt( mrl 
ft LatiJi insrriptMMH Qitli An £pel(*h 
(randitkir. ^nftrsrvd on ft linc pbir, 
vfUfli kv fiiiii4r4 to Pciace Albert, »Ua 
dcraiLH it in tb« itone, pUdiig ont tbo 
H-no]« ■nolbC'T ron^b pltic vf tbv oftnM 

mtMl, The f(ilJnwi»fE M n rofy Af tbr 

Lttin inicripboii, wbirh im eompoied 
by tho fiiibop of LcirdoD ■ 

AUlfti . CTU . PERlM'TtlO 
I7f . lOtTV , COWklODA 

^▼1. IS ooe^ ciLHimftiH* . turoftio 

OD'TtTV ^ COUUlftClA . ftXlPCRfttXT 
AOIftCnk ETIAM . I> ' fAVrEnrii . ROLATtVtf 

ftT . iiff . feoVABTu , AifiTii , M^ ^ 11 rr»:ft^ARf M 


rTuCaovaonilo . kj . rHAELat-ioftVH - coLAftuto 

ftVA . Mr->-SlA . tXMftVf.HOAB . CVftA^IT 

TVOWAt . ORAtllAW , PftVI.4 . AVftlkTVfl 


rArAHrft , ami^tA . ktitAPftniA 
oTAt . n . irftA . orvit , APftOLvrvM 

■OLKVyi - I'Ohll'A . VBAVaVHt . ftKniCAfflT 

OBAVl ' VA*TOaVft . EHOlIfPdO 

C^K r TOTA - riftX ^ VftBK . IN niKKllill . aiOACTA« 


CITITAft . J^3C»lltHN»l« 

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Danttic Ocxvrrfttnt. 


rTKKTM , Vr.RO - l6Wr . A tWi'M TA* 

on , lAirr AKii , K . A . « . u . o<;cc . sixvili. 

in , AHVMOniM - 0n>iAtLOR1.1tQVV . roHu^u 

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ro&TM . tIttTiA . Vim . A ,lOtO . COKOtTVM 

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«vti>i.iio tynv •••&.■! AMCuitftOTo, 

ftxirivM . AH ' Milt . Aitnt>v« 

" Sir Thoft, UrtHbvm, Kn«lit, crccVoil 
Ml hi* «\vii rluw ■ bluing «rid ct>loniiadi« 
for thr fouvcnwnw of thotc p<»r*iii»» wlio 
tn thU rf-nowur^ miiJ* ftil«ht ^arfy on ilir 
Mmmcrcr ol Ibc trorld^ ndding tht!rrto. 
for the rviivf of fn()j|Et-iii.H', viiil firr <br 
tidnmvmviit uF tiierhiurt- tml uncncc, 
an AIidkIiolikc and u Collc^ of l^rtu. 

Fen, the Cily <>i Londrp" ^JHinu him, 

Qui^rn Eliinbflli fatvuTini^ ih« ilnifn. 
•nri wbtn ibo woik wm rotn;>lrIr, t^d' 
tng (e in pcnob wlib * colfmn prortfilon. 
Hflvin^ Ik?m rc^acrd to uIicb, tu^itbrr 
Wilh Jilmofll ihf rniir^ rlty, bj a rtU' 
mi'Aiii and tridi-ly •pn*Hdi(^ <onlU(r™* 

tioii, ibi-y AvTi' Tt\m\\\ \\\ a momplmdid 
foKji Ly'iiiL- City c4 Louden, m»d <b« 
AnnrntComiiariyof Affrem.Kifti^CWIe* 
<hv S^ond rciiiiir^firUkg (hp bu^ldin^ on 
ibo £3rd Octobifr, A.v, lObTi »»d uhca 
fbcT bid bc«(i dtttrmd by lirr on ihr 
lOth Janinrr, a i^ IB38, the unw bodict 
•in4Htikinf lliv ui>rlf, dvrrnnii'fd ro n> 
MOTP tbrtti »l tbcif o«n co<i, an ui »n. 
bfj"! mid moiv u(n»ti"'iiiit |iUri, ilitf 
■niJitlCrmrr of I'lrtivnfi-t pmvirtiiitf Itiv 
fnnnc ol nf rndtng Ibt^ "ice aird of widrft» 
ihjT (Kf iipt»Jo«rW4 ond tfroobrJ *tfr*f» in 
♦TfFT iTi ' ■! ordvrlktt ibrrr inl|;bt 

ftt ffi. . ictfT iW nnspicri of 

QutVTi ' ' ' . 'iiili a tk^M it'P^ iFon 

ihtf ground, ftn Enbangc worth; o4 ll;i> 
CToac naiion and riif, «nd <uiCcd to IW 
VKttricAi of a cammcrrt ^MPndDd tO tto ' 
ctrciimtermcr of the hatniabk glob*- 
HU Ilovnl Hl|hn^u PHn» Alhffi «f 
SatC' CoDourj; aiid G<i(l)a, contort ol ti«r 

ih<i E7ib JATiiinrr. :»ti!jn tW in*riHiI<T 
Df tl)« Kifibt Han. Jobn PiHc. Artk- 
icft WilUrn TiEc, r,B.^. ^I«x God 
our Qr«t«r¥vf wnrd off dvilrurtion liom 
tbU butlding and frotn fbo wbol* cMT-" 

?htr. Jonn, tbc rliulnnan of the CMt- 
aiiit», [hfndvlinFfd a ibort addrcn to 
\he Trlncr, and hxiul,-d lo him a ailrtf 
^1l trowel. bf'aiiTirulfychaaAl, liHiing en 
one «de Ibc rcjral Arnm aod >uppon«rv. 
Tttth ail inwripuon ivfcrrlii^ to tbf uh to 
nbich the trourl w%% implied, and i>ai the 
Alhcr an c^vurion o/ Ibr v<t< front of 
the buddutf, fitb Ibtf Ibrvc ubicldfe of 
annt ol lh« Alrrcert* Toinpaiiy. thf filf 
tkf l^ondon, and S^ TbiHna* Umbam i 
rb» haadU lanuiaviing i» a rofaltfroflm. 
Hi* Royal IJi^btnrH ibm ipmd lom^ 
rnuiTar u|Kin tbe »urtbic« of tbt «tder 
itnnr ; and itip apf>tT tfonp wat ihcn 
Jn^rrcd into 1ft profrr poaviion. Tbt 
iMnrv ttrsfk iJbe Moftc twclict^mra ifitb 
a Ehalt«t, thric* ai r«e4 o>n>^. nnd after- 
Wurd* [jruTtrf tl to b< corr«nl/ laid by 
vMflt «f alavtl and pliHob-mla. Tbo 


niM«fd«liBfa> if* 

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Tlr naom «nv lHifv4 

ifprfH bj imi «^ Mix mIti Ikt 
Hpt4 Un. FV7, A« UanlvM Qak*. 

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TW *ii« >r Qmmm RMtihtt to 6i> 

J«M UJU, wkcn ik«miMd ii 1o b* trv- 

koovii. Thai Of Kii« nA* tb« Se- 
<«nd< ia lOCT, b t^u nronJnl in t^c Cor- 

10 dtf BM«t £nWHo em ib« SM of 
Ottaktr, MM IflCT. a^a thm Jw^ fbe 

on tW n-iiuii tWittfTkndcuw. H* 
iVMnitcrttb«4Wthjf QtrMdcvapinr 
wfthmcklDc of taf,md<tt*hiif fall. 
I^BBOn of liifon, #M con(ur«> an- 
rfaotfM,flintff. lt«. «od plmcrofMTvnil 

■ort* of Mripc TW (■rfcflatwrol ii«a 
id A «bc44 bdh and adomeil on piirpMC 

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i>^« ^Ysk U4 lb fiM 1 

f^«l rU<k I. M 1^ «^ Mil «tf thr 

■K U t ii iJttdk w iPi to W jvcMtt 
ti>>ll^rt«ofiW rni«o«flnn,«o 
—» of ifa ■jui.rv hafc4 M IW «^ol 

««i**l H U, R U. ftim Jttwi. Um 
VrlHM Soffte of GiMMtof. iltt IM« 

of WtSMML, wd ttMf mikgt jfenm- 
■ff*« of iudifeccii*. Xi tnoo » dn 
mtti^ W «Tiff4 ot Winter CMK 
vimvk* Utrmj wm tontfoi, M A* 
ro-f r«fo«* 10 iW Qiiifci^^f. hr iW 
Qyc^i. Wf CUnI ll^ttt U« U«Wo 
c4 Ko^ tlv loijdlvowil, cho Li)f4 
Chaiafcwido, 1W lli«<o of iW Hon*, 
lie MoMVT af tl>c HowWU. md te 
Lord GvDS«o, aod Eyt ir j )■ ^'ailiBfr 
■Md cooHttfd 10 tW rood dtttftef 
NdB, pnttM bv Ac Ut4 t^HNbrf. 
kMi. vwl Ihtc »«iJ of oArv. ]■ l«r of 

Knt ucrt Loi^ HvdwktEr, Coiwrl 
Afbmbnot, oBd CipoM UvywH «bi» 
via b« itt Uccnducv on Ua UaMMv 
^..iiVhi. *BiTB r^vkn^ u tbo Loi^ 
Groom. aDd EqocviT m Wmuii(, and Ao 
follovio; BvU of hi* AhjniT : Ocn* 
Nmbovt. lEtfop roll H— ibo l dl, CoooC 
SloUviY. Gmcfol ron Nrasanm M, 
Mfill«r, M. Jkloromkck, attd 31. do 

TW ChHiimdfii laek plaoo «• iba ft^ib, 
lii« uto aWl Mtr oar rrpon of k umD 
nexl ivoalk, in order that np Bay rfcord 
t&f ctf«noo7 oMTv aaurordf frocu iha 


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Wftmo.lUrrj BTrtftiOodtlBrtnAaplivibcr 

Dut, >. LA^. AtLLuHUBCElDftnrilirfloii. 
& t. Cvn^iurj'* p<r<x*. at W lltf MAj«4f'* 
OMiOl iB iV El«aU4jaoB of IW Imia of 

Jlfc. IP. Il». AWt, Urd AvhiDHon ; thf 

lal: Ofori* L:arftil}0,f<vi jand Jota^v* 
uvvtra. f*!)^ to W vaii iiioiMaMf to oaatJurt 

th «liol iPsi-B.vr Kirl-^vfi'r fillet Wr W«i> 
WHir ito: ««l ivnr-l «i]h> tli« nriuaiklUtJr of 
IkO VuteMcr kr tka At« c^ Piulto*«ot 

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rv^to «f tto lii« WairitT Kiitf V1IIIB& iV 
FHirU. (Hid U ^M vtftl vMhM uT ■»«< 
mtml iltffclB wv lo to ro>iHl &• 1h* f tlfUuC 

Mic-> cu be catabMiibttl, «Ub «,rt*o lo 
cvoHl in nirwt unlitrt tb* n«f*0 '>' »<?h^ 

Et Rill*, or Miol Iha iVaoirtm «uii>i^ 

iM n RorH Art., Cl|«. *aa brrvrt 
ij4i»< p. D. StHvi •* bt Ufui 4\i. 

Tirr aa M rtec, brrtrt Mmm o. ik J. 

Iluit to b« Kmh '»»«M. UrM 4.0I II 
UK<|aiioU ^Gvr. ti fitrm Uw> 10 hn« Iha 
bofvl ttf^karCtftxttf til tW« vv4r«r« 'U4«1 o/ 
ATko: r-^l^'^ H. J, ^^r^ «4U Fvol^ T4 b« 



Prooioiiout and Pr^trmnUf. 


F O. Mii»t ti> \ifi r^fi' iflfl M'ni--I!4i]niiari 

'" » — .' *i.Hi..' niiii- 

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lulf |Ay Uniir . T. W. o. M-Nbrr,. hflU-py 
irn^itl - ^. I«. rril'^LifiL, TiAlfrnv L'riAtI -. E 
11. II, i: Silri'i-. 44t1i IlioI , K, llAnpT. lUh 

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Kill rmt, ti.-iiJiiMtnhnj-^h.CAiiaMi 0,C 
nwuii- lu}^^'HV I'fiLll. L I'' 11. Rail-. iTlh FifOl l 
K. WilUjU»«»» IthVrWt, r ft -— " T iir-|«; 
Ili))W M*E| lAlltn; K- AIlLi l-llit*' 

QCCm I K'tilI of lhr»r nfti, , fi IC 

rf^tly *:- r, ,.,-.1 „F].,-, .,. < , .- f I J 1 

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Mti^r K, tr. »!■■■ < ^lum-l- 

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At LimlHriH, ihe Her. It. vui*. i^ictj of 

FilU'cton lUnvy, la ll«n< third 1J411. oftli* 
Itlrltrt, llv«r> Jllpi-nltr^.of l^iilxtrn^plicv, 

iO. Al WfufcUmi'in", Unix, UHircr MclWl- 
>on, i'W|. mn.uf AJ"j"£clofi^. To Hleii.BcVbJiil 
d«ii. of ffuFKil nukJ-x. 'xu. vf lloiUeiHlM. 

U^ Htf Hr^. Vf. WhIh Mj, Of torpnn 
(If Swti cijllrr-. %t»i of VTorllnjCion. ^itiToHt. lo 
jAi»CDnJr lUB* ntJolin Rub&ot'ni, f*r| uflgl' 
rhe*tfr,^^Al C^nerrtmn. ^^ iiiiJim riLouut. 
Ai|' tQ ISnUTk pliJrci i]i»a.<jf ihr \tiff AV^lMn 
Itnkr, TBQ. or^upijerioii, KfnI. 

It. Al Vr(«tn4Mni4i. Ht*. fi«iDijtJ O.IL 
illDlf , funlt of nraibftm, Kchi, toCMiiUnc- 

Nure*- At HlloftrVy, iljr Hcv. John Uor- 

Itflkn H [.TflCrnFl^lUtCllcy. KvV 


*' -lth>Jl.— Al (■■Jifill;^,- „, 

llii ini-wi-rrHfurofTrw, toH-Ot- 

fdl-it. ^ l;i>.-Jxtur-Biji»ij, 014I) 'li>f, i<f |1:« KfT' 
F. BtmiOl, Jah, "f |'riin[fl^ JJtTt a« 0|, 

Cfdhi'^lukfl*. «i])r dAU. o/ibo fir« DfU of 
lAirhtm «v4 (&■ HOta. Mrt. IWI. 
Ii. Al ftirifivKUi'or^lBb^ Jobh fUfUMiit 

IW Udy lUtfa^De Virrtan, it«i n;fe»iiU>i. of 

rh* Lkif i:^'i 1^ )i*-t4- 

' "*'i'"T-*l NfArlAuf 

»*' wri*i]itllo«_ll«v. 

T' 4^><l 9f Umwr to tb< 

jj. Nf«Mii< A^DnMitaKrtf 

r'lF l^*ji*«iley. («KrJivAiii.nHin»r 

llurkmJl, ™j, of iTir OrnW*^ 



Tjue Basl or Vvmuftai^KOt K-(i- 
Ihe~ IS- At Brigbton, in hi* dM 
ynr. the Kw^t H(»> John Ku*. until 

I&mh (!«**>- K.G„ md a Prtry Oim. 
l^loTi Uofd licutvnviHkJ r^murt R^ 
Ititotiu of ibi- ronnu of NortWDpcan, t 
[Oofonwr of i^ CWicr-bMMc, M. A. 

' bom ca ilw l«t Jim*-, 1 7^0, U< ddcit ■<■ 

I ^B Bcttv. icc«<iC«ca of BobcTt flrM 
Buka oi AnruifT. U^ iMB g iii r a to 
lim peenge oc dio affv of dAeai> o* ibe 
di^ «r bit fkther, April «d, 1774. 
ll« «H cdtteilci^ It tbt CbBrtcr-l^ovi* 
Mid It Bflikvuv) Collefcr. CaoAindgv, 
tfbere Mr. BtiwcCt. pftcwrbFj* Biifcaf of 
Oarn«, wm Ml Tutor, and vVre be rv* 
cvlvrd Ibe d«!^rr«e of It. A. !■ ITiB. 

fruoMi^wiil^Mr ri<i,iikich omtinvcd 
UHQUfb tbe Uff of ik*t inuMriouf lOlet- 
Ban. Tb» K\mff ^to TffBnM bin wilb 
nprcul r«ronr, Wbvn Dr. F*nnn kiatd 
liwidi i» FrtKuwj ITEtt. on Kin|; vp. 
fkolntei • Prrittndvy ^^ CantMliurjr, 
Qoorgr ibe Third vttr iiulit-'iir sikMl him, 

*' Wlirtb«flh» tJnirtr«tj«taflouriibin(;, 

■n4 wb>l noU«fnvn vktrc rciidfui; Hid 
told blm, tiua b« coufd wiib tirrr on« of 
ibit r«*k h#d M MoJ principle! iiutillfd 
into them M ibt &rlof WntmorcUnd/' 
(NWbolhl Liicwy Aitttdoi«9, wl. li- p- 

In Oct 17^0 tbo Hafl vrcrfitfi iIjo 
«0C« oT^oint rontinaBlcr-mier*), wiiwfii 
tmom ft tt«SLb«r of ibn FriTT Council i 
ori ntb4>d«alb hew»Ute«cnlorm«fnb<r 
^ |b«t 5lo«t Itnn. licWy, wifb tb* rv. 
oeption uf Lord Sidmanth, ttrorn in <ho 
June prvcodlpg. In Jan. 17!N>, the EhI 
b£ Wioinuitvknil vu promofrd tu iht 
cnkc^ «tMien or iord LLfUirnflni vf 
IcvUm^ TLl* be bdd tot ibc tuM prriDd 
of fiv« y«arii. ivliirb wm not (be <«■« 
wiih inonf oikft Victrop botb btfor^ 
and *ri«rE and Hr wv tucctwAtd bf <ka 
UlB Kul KilivillUm in Jhd. Iifl3. Jn 
Mureb (olloifing be m* upptuntid Alsalf r 
uf il>c Hun*, wbieb pott he vnchu^frd 
ftv llat of Urd Privy fitfJ tn Feb, IT9». 
TkM Ivl c^cc Lc ivuiucil tit i>tiirt]r 
t^l* ynri, cXrrplLne duririB (he Wbic 
Oiinbiry o( I8U(1'T. He fiiinlly r«*it,-n(it 
it in lfl^> on tba t<rmiiiAtiu'i oj Ihc ICurl 

of Ijirerpool^ adflftiiLiKLju<(i«ii. IJr vu 
kfktnnnfi for » thc«i lirot^ M^'vr «f tho 
Soehkouadt Bo Ititif (ii^rguih^ Koitrfh, 

The Rari of V«imor«bnd wm defied 
ft lurifTbc tf Ibe Garter Joae It, 1793. 
tod W hi4 boin f«r vocne fwrf iht »»alor 
ol ibo fiftHiv^five k«vl^bv*.* Uaiil th« 
pMri«fr of ibc Maanofid Cocmfmiom 
Aci. U« txirdt4lp tilled Ihe olBcv of 
Rcrordrr ef Ljv« R4!ti«, 

Ift bu nriv jon €ttt noUe Rtri waib 
■A ocratiqnd spcither Ln ibe Uoo«e of 
Lcfdi^ ami bu ipeecbe* an all occmom 
trm Kerlrrd with rtaurkaiMv jiidf<neni 
md dUrretJott. 

flw Lordtbip Buik ftnn tbc gndnal 
deaj of futurr. Loitf after b« wm sf' 
flirtfd iiriib blindfv** n*- mdiiTj;^ to hi* 
CanMMito eiercii* or riding on faontlftck. 
•ticndcd \rf 9 tfmnt. \t> ibc fto>>t Si^blrt 
•t Bri|chi04i. of wfaieh (he Qvec«i allowed 
btm the fr«G n«. 

He wa* alwap pattiFuIaHj aniiom 
that pVDper care ^oiitd bo DiKcn of hii 
bone*. A fpv diji beforr bt« la>1 HI' 
br^, liV n-H drivm 10 hi« bI^Ii*. whvn 

he ordfTcd nil thi- lifir^en fo Im* titotigbt 
04il leparvtrly, vjcl traded up ^nd di>wit 
hrfbrv him, a^ihou^b loTaJty Liind. 

Th« Ertrt of We»(iiioTrhi»d WAi Cvriee 
niariicd : iiiM. uii ilic '>^)ib >U/, ITflS, 
(after a previous jonmey (o Scotbndn) to 
Surah. Atinr. amy d«UEfatCT >nd he!r of 
Rolwrl Cbild, v«n, of 0*t*tiwy Park, R>, 
]Miitdl«u3r, kaH uanker of ]x>ndon, bj 
whom he hnd luve: t- John, now E«rl 
of WrtrmciTcluid; '^ ilie Rij;bt 1lon> 
Sanih-Sopi>u Coiinleu of Jer^ar, nur' 
rird In 1801 01 Ororrv prrftcni Hart of 
Jene^fWho, w»be inE«rited her motber"! 
propcriT. Ii» uken Iheiddicional Bitme 
of Child beroic Viltltfn, wid ha* iaon* 
four MiiH mid three daufhrerti S. LmAj 
AutuAU, mamed i\nt tn IA>t to Jobn 
fteeood Lord UortirgAon (fbo tale Karl of 
AEurlcy). unA had iHue lljirry. Villitrt 
Vhcouiit norJiigdoiL. who dird \n taiTi 
nnd tliti niuriiiiui' havihjc hi^rn diijtolvcd. 
tiTondlv in ]t09 Zo ll^f Kiir^t Hon. Sir 
AilKijr PdhuI. <'i,CB. Aiidbntq ruMOcruiit 

fuoiily : 4- the Kifihi Hon, MiriD Vi«- 
Counfcu UuncjiunQEi. mamed in {'rfOi to 
Jolm WjlUoni V**rouni Diincannon, beir 
Nppnrrni rd Ibe ^*i\ of BrMboroagb, and 
il^cil tiL IHlt. Jraiinfi « eery Dtimvnnu 
fumAy - X * tan. iitl^bom. in 17^; and 
Gp Liid7 Charlotte Knnr, nho dJed iii 
16SS, iPi \ivi t"TPiy-"iTi(b y<»ir, 

Jlnvinc lent hiHiirti To unlet* In IT93. 
the KmtI of Wi-ucnorelond rmrried ee- 

* The Duke of HiiiUndL no^ ik(^ *f nior 
K>iitfM« nas rot eteCTed nrttU IWKI, Uh 
ynrt ttf^rr. 

3»« OniTf Any.— ^fff / ftf Wenmoretond.—Eart of Falmouih. \Vch, 

romlly. in I60<). Jane, youocf r doi](;l»lf.'r 
lUid otbiMrFNtoI HidiuM Hm^ Miknrlom, 
Al.n. ThULiMlirp with rittf tikirr thi> fnTu 
VittoouniMn Melville, wc« cubeire*Mi 
to ib»ir i^mi'Unde A^m, Sir Chaitd 

Bj bm Arcond Countru, who ihiirHfFi! 

him, (but lib* loi nimtsy ynvi rcfMtd 4|><irt. 

t>n the Coiilinciit,) tb« Kul bdd fufibi^r 
Utuox 7. Lsdf C«dlr- JuJt- UeuffflftDS 

FniiQ j a. ih* Hon, ()hHfl»-KiiufiiJiin. 
Jdhn, «vb(i ihi'd in l^lU, in bu ninib 
Mf ] tr. lb« Hon. Hcrjrv Sullon Kttn«, 
l-l*ut..rr.lCfTn^Iof thfJillfi Koot: H>. (he 
Hftii> MoiitBHii^ V'tlJWn Ftnt, burn in 
leOA; 'Nid. 1 1, Lady GmintJiiit,dcc«iicJ. 
Th* ptpiipiit Eftrl fwbo ill* bofrif? rlic 
tide (ff Lord Burffbrr^lO ^nn bom In 

l?9V. U A Lfniitcnqtit-UciiC/al* ftiul 

K.CpB> t Prvy Uounrillor, mid At pre- 
M^ne Amhuiudor it U^^HLn. Hf luarricd 
in 1911 (bo lion. IM^rUln Anne IVrl- 
\ctlcy PoU". iliird daii^ht^r of l*ord M«ry- 
IwrouplJj ftndbAi ittuc tifDr^c-Aueuitui- 
Prntcricli-Juliu IjirA Surjifarrib, bom in 
1619. and tevpril otb«r rhildrru. 

The Iwdf or the Utc Kml wu dcpc- 
Allvd kn the fAindy malt at Apclhorpf. 
NorChunplonibint on MunrlHvibr ^7lh 
December, vrben tbe foUewuiff cjuromoniU 
took platre j 


ym. Ud of frtihttft. Pigi^: 

Mutfl, C^rritnicn, Mute. 

Beartf*' L'ndtr'hfJTuiiti. 

C. P, llertrl*7. slruud ; 1V. il«rbekf, 

hLa biQthfir. 

Mr. TVofrd, •pothr*"«r)' i Mr, Wihon, 


Thit ltevpf«ndH' Llitton^ A. Mtcdinnld, 

T- Untoiit and W, WinKn 

Cor 1 11 1 1> I n»d ronbloii' 

tUVM'fiid M,J. Hitrlctflvjr, kneumbciiE aiij 

chapluii ^ 

The ]»<;ior, 

(he MftTQoefi «F Kx«rer, Mf. 0'Bri«n, 

Mr. Tf jt*", Mr A, crJJrifi*. M,P.> 

Mr. Yorke, Mr. Oirdlctloiin, 

Mr. J. W. SmiLb, Mr. Mfrkluoj, 

Hon. Lteul.-CulnnH Fnntf, Hoii.Fnnrls 
>nd JuUan Kinc (cira RrandHOiifl oF ihe 
dHvAtudJ, Ihc EnrI of Joncv. Lord Viii- 
counc Dunmnnon, Li>r(t Wiliiftm PattW. 
Irfjrd ViMiprt. Hon. J. ViiUrrs My.r. A. 
VilUen, Hon, Col. Lo«ibpr, A. I^ow- 
ehvr, John H^ Lowiber, Mr. iJtmiinrk, 
Rir J. Rflpk#tt, C*lu"ei HidyfT, Mr, 
Hudyrr, ttfir. H, Fladyer, l>cil Fane, 
MO,, ami tbn Kcv. EdwinJ FuDe* 

THh rjiiiiiTtwi Ilri4ftg#r of Wp4tlnnrv- 
]«<id attrnifed tlie ihf fftmily 
i«fe| ftt ib« cburrb, Ibc tLf»( pvt of lb< 

tptt'icr \TM pcfformpd by ibe R*v. J. JLI, 
Ifj^rkvlry i Ihtt at (be raull l>y bii Lord- 
4bip'K vfriior '■hApUif^ th>> VcMtFvblv H. 
K. Ilonoey, D-D., ArcbdvHfon of Bvd* 
lord. A IvTffp micirurH ot tbe nelgb* 
bourbood iit(cndf-d. nnd ibcwtd b^ their 
drmr-Anor bvw hichly tbv ltE« EkrI wm 

Tbc Eul'i porrniiE, by Honiii«yv b 
«iigniTTd in folid by Jone« ; btio >n oe> 
Eivo I aiid th«H ii ui-Hhor by Oi^bton, 

rw. fir*. At rfptrotbiteii. Cornaitn, 
Mfirr n fvtt dn^' ilEneii, in hi> Ufb TctP, 
the llUhi Hon, Kdvr4nl Bo«nwRn> EaiI 
of FdfmouLh ntffi). foiitlh Vivrount 
h'itlERoij(b md tiaroii of fioicattc-n.llott, 

Hifl Lordhbip wn born on Ihe lOlh 
Mb^, I7b7, (lie ridir ion ff (r«orgv. 
Evolyo,^ [J]i> third V^Ac^nLiiF, br Klrialivlh^ 
Aoni*. only <liu^h[tr of Juhn €r«i*«, 
of BoiMwofTii Viitli in Oe*bire, e«|. 

He «Ltr(Ynt<>d Ui xhr pi-#r«Ar tvhtrn 

in hi9 2\tt Vimr, on ih» dntb of bit 
fiilfaer. F«b. It, t^«W,bchipat thM dm* 
ui KiKleii I" 1b» Coldatri^um Guardi : 
nnd wji« ■(iradpod lo ii» B»rlr!i>[n> si the 
fOfoiinTion of Gcorer the Kourtb, by 
pnfrnC datrd July <>< 1^1, 

Lord I'llmuullt 11M roonum In hl« 
iilltndDn^ii M th« H<^iii« of Lord«, *nd 
though he Cook Jio very prnmUmn pari 
Inpabtiti liniiri, he pnH mm^h KEteniion 
to Ibc bu«b(-si of PLirhnniE-nl. Hr i!if] 
not oftpn »A<\rf* i\n' Momo, but be ^w 
*)viy« ]lattn«d 10 viith (h*: (npFir which 
upriRbt tnt*ntionf, (tnoil K-iitr, and ir*ii- 
llcmunly brarbii; nenr fail to comnnnd 
in tbuc HMUunliiy, H? wufi a ^cfid&d 
opponcjK of thr Rontfn C^lhotie lUlief 
Hill; nr»d Lt w.ll aL*o bo r«niMtil>cr«d— 
ni» rt'rtS ir ^ould be fargoitto^rbiiUbfl 
Duke of WrMmjton onrc fougbt a duel, 
In vrbicb tbe «E]t^<H;t of tbM OutJCY vmi 
conrcrned, not u a prlnHpul, hni ta tba 
frl<*nil cf Lord WlncblWa. 

tii thn K»rl of Kuluiomh ch« Contei* 
vjidvfs of Cornnall Ihto loft % It^dn In 
tvhti»« wridorn and f^rmnpt^ ch^y phrcd 

unbdimJiwf ttiitt. Ho Hfii nlvr«vi n^f 

ro uhr (bar prominent plnce vrhidi b«* 
Dtme bif itailon^ and timJoqh to |;rgnjoie 
the imtrflbZ* of ihe pomirT, »irh ibcin- 
rtiiM>iY ofhipb nink, and rhe povcn ola 
lupcrlui irijiiiL Tbi' Pvvn have loct 
ontf of the brlfflilfii oniamenl* «( thdr 
Honac, and the eowitf i alxlMlBflii, 
irb<nit intf^tty, not 1u be loducod by (ho 
blindi«bmi-fic« of power, nor ftb«ken bj 
the meno^oj of llirdor. guided him in ■ 
rniirt^nfunrtuvpnih^ecjiHiiiiratify, Ibrvugfa 
time* nindi irird (he firmcM. 
Before the enactment of Mtinlcipd 

Atlbrm. ike Bad of FdlTttoiifh w/a 
imv^rr of Clir{«|rKlirrh mil of TniPO. 

The Kvl ni r«lEnmitb mirrii'd, Ait^. 
77, 1f<t'i. AMn?-Fni)f?cv, ■lH1lv1jf,^^ oi'tUB 
kl« 1l«iiT7 Binkci. of Kiii>:vtori hhlf, 
lioneiiititn-, rr,i[. M. H. f<>i' lifAirounly. 
and hf Uni Ijufy, whi> nurnm hrm, he 
tkM left tn only mn vkil hMr, 

Tk« piTTcnl GvurKT-llcnry Ffirl of 
fUaiOUlh w^^ bom tri 181'- He wim 
«4fMM K rbix Otriirrh* Oxtntt}, ii\A 
Vnt hi llicAnrelimof the l.itrrx IIufilji- 

PMTM In MirliaclmAi Term IH'W. At 
the iMt ffpfimil Hfcfton lii« Lordthip nnit 
Mr, fVnAir^va vvr^ rvfn'iipit wuhoiit 
oppofitton fof ll» Wi^ttiTii I'irififon <>r 
llir cvuiit^ of Ccrtninlf, ilic rrjirrtfnFn- 
Hon of wirioh ii now v«miiT. Ii ic « 
POnaflDifeLi Hfcan»f«nrc itiat ihe htin 
of lhn« cutdomt (*n mrRi1«r« of ih^ 
U(»CTfnity ofOifofdJ nlowH. «hrf o»ily 
fnjofteir tr»i4 in The Luwer Houir (Enring 
tlw «bc4( rtaaion of 1b«E HUliimn, 1«mV 

tboar imli by nucivrrlMif in i>frni|;v»— 
wr klhido (o the prtfcnr E«il of Ful- 
imiijrh (Ch. Chj. ihr prpienC Kvl at 
Kbin iM«rton],»riil iheiircHm 6*jl of 
Atilmetbvrj I Oriel). 


Tmi CofXTfui or Drnn-iM. 

ATw. 46. At htr k>chTcaTr 
Ibe R'^lit Hun. Louim-ElixitHrtLi Coim- 

llcf bdjvbEp WW born cti tlic ?rli 
Ajiril IT91^«a4 via (lie cM^t dnu^liicr 
of Ch«rl««E4rt Orey, K.n. |Tini« Mi- 
nM^r Vi> Kiar. ^Villmni ili# Ki^urrh, hy 
tV Hon. Alnfv KlirAbcili PonnQnliv, 
dbIj rikiiEhlrror WlLlimn.Dnbuon ftr'vt 
IjM PonM^nbr- 'ri bfT SOih ycftC eIic 
bpnmw it)o ircop^ wifr at JoAm Ooor^f 
L«nitt<oni «'{, of l^rnlton <*4tr|«f w. 
DarblQt, then M.V. f^r Ebnli^oantr: 
rr««t*4 in 19W UnriTi. and rn l^Cf3 tsrj 
of Dnrlitm . Th^ iintnidf^^ wm kolnoi- 
*ri«tfJ »t Honick Cit»tlc on ilir !Mh Dcr, 

TW <ljT-iEmit4Ti^ri4sf ilir FdtI'c ^Irafh, 
■I Cove*, un TV Snili Jiilj JHO. nrr fi^II 
in (lir ■mT'Tir rmJlcitiun f^i-*' tT^i- mriiHiii' 
offbt Kvl \n trar vol. XJV, ii. 31i^;, let- 
fTtlirr Hiih iMrmoTc thnn ordimryuniry 

of ttf<rii<m *6<l of nrli'^rh, Lpidjr |>u'linni 
vu diilifijni&»lic!if I7 tnrv (itJsMTk'a of 
miB4 aiHl niiift. 'Ilic v<iy ftmnc al 
donwklli; dutic>» itiitiiD wf9i4:fi ^\n- oi.-n- 
ftpeil bcrvlf, not unTy ^IM iitlo nctiun 
Ibp rmiriliir k^Tidiirv, drvfpii'diLi:*', h'ieI 
pnHry of her ^humrlfr. \i\tt ^vvhvi trnpr 
for proving » soIldEiy of jiidgrni-nt aJid 
df«nir4t of nn'*'"cmioTi nrc cvili 

nfnom; nirn. Ii 1% Icnofrri thnt (he \n'.f 
Eivt kft (o bi>r Uilvhhijf tlii^ vdii^ f'OTi' 
rrcl of bv pfikpctiy ntid titcnuw cqD' 
Ctmf* FYoin tDc e oniric! niioiu cnrt vhfa 
0»t.AUo. Vol. XVlf. 

■vhlrh kbe FwmtH U11* Hcli-iiin IniMa 
thffpfui Iw' no donbi tbtr aFI u\ch i%* 
niifr iifnint[r-m<>M( • ai het dmtli mi^hl 

rt-fiiltfr notvtvBry hftvv Iwf. mJtdr, Tw<» 
TriiiCCi'4 un ap]»oi»ri'd, liPil(i(ly»hSp'<brrt- 
ihrt. ibv HoiL Colonel Urtyt nnd tho 
Hon John riinannby, *ld**t «rti of 
F^onl l>iinairinon, vfhn nttrnvd ibc Vttt« 
Rkrl of UiirliAin^t tldc^l dnughtcr by bbi 

Thr n^r|«i^t lfa« Cminlon hid in JC'>^OS 

fn fhr <^iitj]irnc far tht- ninlcr nan tho 
dj-llE-iirt- biftlfh of tirr *idc*t dsuffbtpf 
l^ody Miiry l^mbron, wlio ti icill rcty 
iiunrli^ T\\K' ConntoM'c iLlncM wpBfW- 
r«*ir>ni'(1 rlirijujrli poM riitif;ht 011 htr 
n (IT from >1c«; nnrl iho ^inmrdraUT04U«o 
of her rfciith WM un nlrrritTn^ lorit ilimftt- 
Shr loAVM fhrre dtnehten nnd oiic ion, 
the prrtFo; IvatI of l^nrlmm, In^rn in 
1(04; hi« rUfil Wtlirr, ihf tnfijiTl tif 
Lnwrcrnr^C'i bmiiliful piclur^, bamn^ died 
in lATil, Lavrr^nfvfiainlvd ttJ4O«wti0W- 

ttinh'Tb porir^rt of thi* I'ountMtf of irhicb 
thm Uv bi>cn more tlati one onGmvIn;. 

H« fomniii*. Snvifig^ l*ppn lirdughi fo 
Efigbind. tterc hktrrrcii on the flSth Urr. 
Innr, th'tldv ^hm^•. of ihii Iii(l- ICntl In Ibi- 
fttmily vHiilt ll^ Chi"*trf-le'Strivf. The 
funcntl. n]ihou£:h ninticlerpcL prirali*, wjh 
atrvrided bj^ i>c\u^j HW of <br k-ndirif ir- 
nnntry. 'I'hu coffin wa* boriir info ibc 
rhurcri by (i!( Iricd Bfid fBUbfu! deprnd. 
tiktt ^f (W boa to of Ltmbtan flip ]iaU 
hcing iiipporled by l\. y. Slrpbi.-n4uii. 
T. >Vnv*lrk, Kh Krnwlck, Wm. HpII 
af Kofd), H- S(nbnrt. und H- IToiTon. 
K»qr*. "Fhir lion. CoL {irpy. the Hon, 
nnd RifV. Fmndp Mid Jvbir Orcy» thv 
Hon, W. fjrcy flu'r ladyship'* brotb^rn). 
Lady Elnibffth BnliJ-rf, Lady Omllnc 
D«irSnfton, Lidy ^lary Wood, and Lidy 
OrL>rgiHna Gn^y flier sumnng iriqur*), 
Krfdfrirk HowurJ, e**|H. rbuxlc* Wood^ 
I'KO, AI,P,, nnd th¥ Udy <.f irol. f!f*'y. 
folnrwnl ah raonmci*, ruccfiirdcil by 11 
long Diin of gi'ndrmrn. 

I)n. SntrrrtHrwonin, nr.i>rCnmntBTr;n. 

Jim. 7. A[ ihp lii>Jsco((ai TiiJiCc, 
CWhcMlcr, in ibcflOfh rear of Tiimijr, 
the Kigbt Kcv. Philip Nirbolni HbiHtlc 
woi-rh, l>J*. I.f>nl Bl-liopo^ CLiiVtfor, 

T>r, Slmtt!r'wni:h wnt iiT>fnIly dciccnd- 
L'lf , throo^ti u j'oiinj^*r bmndi, Uoin Sir 

Itir>4nn| SfiiitrU'ii-ni'Tb. IrtArliorf, 

in Lnnt'iiilirc, (.'Lti-f Jnukre <if Lli^ifcf 
In JUi VAh. Hi: »u7 bom Feb. H. ITtf^ 
Ht KiTkbam. in iliDt ««ui)ty. hU bihcr, 
the Hcv. Humpliiry SbiiriU-wnrih, Urinx 
iVi«n Vintr of ibdt |>iti>b» aa ncll m a 
riib^ridiiry of Viirk, Ifu mrdlii-r nw 
Anne, only dtiM of Fhili^i HD^hton, ciq, 
Ibc third to^k of Siv (.'hnrk* lloghlQi*. 

BbtI. of Hoghtod To*-*?, He mdrd 




OaiTVAJtr.'^Bnkap cf Chichaier, 


tho rudlAvntt of bu cdkiniion m i\it 
Coqwrntion timiiininrSi'TinoHEi Prvtion, 

wiirilt V'mr. IW n-ui icra at the ajiv (■! 
fouilecti lo V^'inrtic^trr, knd nim ultcr- 
nardft •jirnlltc*! n t-rhotiir oii iUc foiiii' 
(laijori. ir|i(iii Oiv nomiriirlon uf ll»o VC' 
neraWo llf^td MMifr of Tlmi CoHr^fe. the 
n«v. ilr. GcHltlord. ^iH<> xiill livrt (o 
mouni tlic loM of hi« lii^TtJi^'UKM grid 
gratcriil icliokr. Item Uc bccimc rc- 
mailublc tor tho coiri|wjuiidii of I^iJii 
Arid Kn^litb vtrv. llii pocin on *' Non 
omoiii moiiir^ di^pljijvd a Tifour vt 
Ihfuuhl ami pow^r o' piiwtifk) dli;tt<rn 
muob beyond ihc orflitiarj- rjpacilj of 
hoy% of ■uL«<<n ycnri of ftH-", i»» I>cC. 
IHH), b« *VT(« cU'CtcJ ■ SihyUr of New 
CoIIp^, «nd la ibi; Trar IMKI guLnnl ilic 
l^lifL Tpr>« )>ri». tlif uibjppr or ufiioh 
wiu ■* UtTuririiHfi,*' (Jn- MJiiT^ yjNir rhiii 

for bji po^in on PiloitlnrV TIjii roin- 
posilion mis much HdEiiTriTt fcr ihe \*vtity 
mnd rlMHKT «f it' IjHlmJl^. vA WULun^ jr 
of ImnglnHlion, Soon atttt bi^ had Tnlcm 
the d«grvc of IS. A. lie bccucno iiitur to 

ifir linn, A1|efrnQii iltrb^rf. wilb wliotli 

h« Tttidtfd lor hOiitp Hin<* nr Eton, m 
ncH »ln th*' family r»f the Ktrl of f^tr- 
nnrvon, Al ■ «tihiriiurnr |M-riod be di«- 
<:birrffrd tbc tumt dnti;* in ttic ftmily of 
ihtf ljil« Lvtii lltiiluiiiJ, wliv duly ikpiiir. 
cl*l^d bin vjULonh tmU-nlx miit niniiibltf 
4uali(lci, uid civr trcQTfd hjni wHh tbe 

gtnpmuv vanfidvncY pf a fri^^nd, Wiih 

Lord and l^dy HoUimd hr bml ibvnd. 
ninbigcor imTc-lliEi^ on tijt I oniinorit m 
fhli und 1815, nnd the- ■r-jiinmrnncc 
wbicb hi' tbni Hhinccj vrilli KrHnc« Mild 
ItL^f iwr*» fdlB/^cil hj H tWLiftil litji fn 
tboic i^unTrivt in l^io in cgniiffiny nilb 
l^id l/'UL. In I*iS4 bttt-nn prc?*ciif«| 
by Lord Hoiked tv (hq r^coryof FqkJi^j, 
in WHttbin. , 

For4umf jrftr* prtfion»ly to JHV^Mr. 
Sbnlllftitnrrb midM tn Oiloid.and tilled 
Ibj7 ofUfr of Tutor la bit CoUr^^. and fui 
« ibniE Ujnt, ^ lasso, ibit of Proctor In 
ibc I'lrivcnity. Wbcn ibe Wdfdentbjp 
of Svw Collm bnwnc v^rsnt, by tbc 

dc4tb <if Dr. CiiinitlflU ia Itt^, liin higli 
rfputittion niitird hint in b»r urraruntootly 
ciNicd io tbai ilatiun. and lie prr^^dtd 

OWr llie HKi«ty forvl^littvn jom*. mm'K 

lo bit omi lionr^i^r and ibn lYnnant^ni 
bcmribl or tbc CoJkgtf ; fcr it \mi chieUy 
bj bi* infiitrn» thai i irfy di.-inm<.^(Hl 
pniUr)-( («ht<b nrmpiii] (i>r Uid^fim* 
duiilc* TivtH tie UniflTiiiiy rtninJhjiHMi 

for ihc Bjdii:Ior'»4efrrrc)vB(iurTmd(nNl 
ill rW j»*r iS*^ 

\^^L»C jfi OtforJ t-r nib lii^Ty dl'tJA- 
^itb^l Ify hii vtty tt^iamfutanfi, jq. 
0di9W,Mvi elcMjurttt tcrmvni, Vfblrb hv 

drlivrrfd with ■ my iiiipr«dive loiip of 
firrirrnl di<v<]tioii> iind which pHfticnUHy 

irif^u^trl tt* jiHpntiL-ii of i.\n: l'ii^)vr^ii>- 
(fiifttc* of lb? I'nivif vlr> and lu-iri-r faik<d 
lo qfrv M iiunic-roui conffegaUon i'l SC, 
M«(v''i Cburcb. £]« piiMi'hrdn wlufnc 

ul ^irn^oni on lotJkir of ilu' li-«d)iiM pTMu 
«ip1« o| Cbn^mmiy, and on ili pacilcftL 
diiJin, whitli, vihiW. thi-y L'onvty (n the 
ffiidL'f tin." Mghrjl retprrt for ibc Uknu 
ind Ir^ming duflnyrd by Uhun, tiu l^-nt 
rxbibll D u>loui fiutblulr^*^ of b^rl in 
ibtrrauve of difinc (rncb. He nUc pub- 
li«»Urd (I pnnpLrMiie (nnflatiov of til. 
r«ii'« Epiitlcf. »iid ■ " Ui^xikirBf oTi ibe 
ConiMmry of ilw wbnlr Sf hfmi^ of lU-- 
tvLiiuni with ltipLf« and Miih liiinmn 
R#uon,*' * Ti^lumc which will afford 
licnimneni bpnifil vnd |:r«tiAcftTlon to (be 
inqnirinjE Cbnutiin, 

HU Iam. Morltt *' Scripdirc not Tndi- 

tioo»" nffuidB anipk pnruf, ll^ Vt-ll uf hii 

ibiUry und Icufnioff at of bis uncuntpro* 
mi^irt(r timiiiy to tY*t rkcwly^bmtchvd lyt. 
Icmuf Oifurd ibcolu^y — ivItcrbnoHn by 
ibe 4ppt'lUtlon of Pmcyitm, 

Iti f*rpt. irUO, J)f* ^VHH nia^ to tb« 
hononr of chp milrv. to irhif-h hi* m«ritv, 
ill Iht oplnWii of bit trit-nttii and th« 
public, hud lone encitlfd Mm. Hit enrccr 
at liiiLhop of ChtchnlFr hi*, ilv ^ bton 
buL too 4hort lo effi-j'E all tbc jiood b« 
(ontdiipbiltd f(>r il>r brmTil cif (hat diu- 
c^t^{ but, tXiOTt k« ii bat bfrn, it ha* 
^in^ fbir him tbc hitch raiem und ufffc. 

lion t>f bin «tvrf:y, und of all *rlici bkd ibr 
pU'jiAurc of ktlo^^in|C hnn lbrou|ibout ibo 

Ii may Ut truly »nid. ihit ev^ry Jn- 
dirtdunl ulio innt n^qunitiFcd wtd^ hrra^ 
can liTAr trvtiuiuuy to bj« LibtLMimi im-ly 
■ml I'barity (in Sr, P«ul'* t^nsc of iba 
vord), to hia candour, intc^riiy, hnd 
amiible nimffccud manneFA, ditfining 
ch«crfulneM in totkrly t^ ibe coplon* 
tiind of inbrniQiion bir had alwaya nC 

«?aminand, bia retentire fitviiiOTy, nnd iht 
lively plnnnlry of bii coi>v<nati<4i. 

'liinv wko luvr ti'H^ hti" wrillo^ will 
•rknowWiTiHbtl Tmh tilriiitiv* IfamSng^ 
hii tound judcmcni, and pcraMuve f lo. 
ijiiciicc vivwtt wnU in the pma 4nd the 
|iuliHf, dedinfnl to the hiticv of GoJ, 
iiid the bon mtrrckii cf oimkind. 

Hit Lor^tlilp iDrtrrkxl iii 1^^ KnBa, 
daiiRbttrof the late tjcorpc U'elchi «if. 
of lliiih Lnk, l^imt^iii-, ani hM JrFi a 
fiiti, rhiiip IJfhlrrrf. bom In Amgum, 
I^Gftl. and tbm taimanifd duugbun. 

Ut,. FoiHLU, Uf, Of OuoiT. 
Drf. 31. Al thr PaW«^. K^pmy. 
rW fUjcbt Re*, llubm f'ui*l'^. n 1>. 
UK Ukthtp «r OMorr, Uifhlliv. tnj 

\B42,] Omlrv Aitv.—Bul^p nfOuaty.—LttrdP^u^rlh. 211 

bcct fxfwt. Ambbboo of Dnbtin^W dk 

AOf uifrd «iHDc iniinnion ^4- Mb tttiin* 
inriiU«l Clntt Cbufch, Oxford, nberc 
b* rvcnvtd lit «diid«li»n, Hr vnt wn. 
trttnftrd IliUov of Uuonr, Ktr»«, ftnd 

Cha nwnrbm of Ca-|ow mid Kitkniiiy, 
tbe Quccn'f (toapl)', ^Vriforil, nill pint 

nrtntie cf Ibo n^v time of r&r im»LiM| 
wlocof 11U£/, Oiiil« kirli |^r,h>:* 

pUce «1 l>obbn, ED t<i(|»irc iniu lbi> Hwtc 
of ilw BbboiiV ninid, wbna tr uht jitxAfd 
Ib4i, Bilbvugli h« both rcxiwirl h»Tk«d 
«rt, he mt still m n hialc uiirnnoiiM To 
cbltiti»hnc«i, ind quii^ inmp«btf o( mii- 
MC<"^ ^* ■^■<*' t'<f (iTwrtHd rf(iifr« 
tolb«*ilue«f tiOOW. per ftonuirn ond a 
Wfn AMU ill iW fittitUp 

Dr. Koulrr. prwviouJr to iKe mcb«- 
choly tintarion widi whirt lie wi« af. 
MtM, wudwliBfiHtbolinAprc-cinmont 
dearer for hi« princelf »rtt of rivrity. 
P w ttwd o< an iinplir priyico fortiinr, it 

b W*l] friiairii ihu l«r > ^"S pc^tod ha 
dcTofrd chc TrrrsucA of hit Etc (<i the 
«\cli]Hi« iiic of tbr poor and fiirndlco 
thron|ioui ht« dii^iYv. 

Pr. Fowirr Tnj]in«d in n^tbr Hon, 
I/uiii** {■inJtLtbTii'Idc*! dngbler uf Luk« 
llffl \'uc»uBii ^lanotjoy* anil Mint lu (be 
bic Eul of Btniinf-loii. 


/IdC ^4. At yianoa Hor)>o. M«r lf«T> 
vnek-ufiva-Tn-taJ. in W Hl^ib vnr. ihe 
KAcht Hirn. Mugli Scutt. fjutLb Biron 
Polw«nn. in thr pttngv ut ^<i)tUTid 
H40DJ. n iVpJly Liourntunl uf (Hf 
(;«ii*|^» &f Hiiibur^li and iTulkirk. 

Hl>i 1>-idN\Eip W4H llic onlj Hn of 
Wilirr SrtMf. (4 lljird**nH fO, Brnriclr, 
«<^. M.r, for IWKburi^hhhirc, nfid Ro- 
ctlVtraiid <^«<b»T' i>f ibi^ tJseiitfiii Sctir- 
Wd (wbr di«l at timbrid^G Wcll>, in 
iTKlji hf LkAj Diana lliiiacp tbjid -md 
foutfvl ^Mfhtcr oT lliigk rhird K-rl 
of MftitbiuoMandBaronl'd^iirib, Hn^h 
l^t of M'^Hi^iritiot cuccut^i^ an cnaH of 

«fUJ Umpik ill Duuffliii'i Pcrru^ ol Sfut- 
Und, ^j AVvd, itfKu. p. I^'l), wbcicby 
Ihr i^ of ba ^mtblfr, LaJf I>uria. hf 
berthm binfand, Mr. Scotr, ^tn ipf- 
o^flj- «xrA*^l«i 'r*«n ib» mbcnUFity i "tJ 
ibr; vvvnt CO Elie uaiK of bU n«pb«ir $iF 
Akx«i4vt Pixtva, Dart, the pandAithrv 
of Ihv prf«^t Sir Him li l'o*v** llnmr- 

Campbrlt. ILi't. U.iMof U^mUkiJiirf ; 
ibf lamiljr bvrlaig iMvuicd (bit nuic of 

l1j«K>(>mpWil» Ui coiiw]ii«nte of ihia 

TW cltim of Mr. Srott, ^f Harden. 
bo-t^Tcr, UI ibc Ijtl* of Iktvui l^olwinb, 
■4 aon of tbr o<dv ikM^tcr of Ibr bit 
E*t) ibnt b'ft lunrivbs n^tiw, wu adnil- 
fc^ br <bc Hcnu of Pt-cn in Juao, IfUlS, 
Ibv rrmuitidtfroftbc pAicat of 1000 bdng 
to tbc Utin flitV of tbt^ bodyo< ibo (raiii- 

ftfd (*fEmr«td> E*rl of IbrrbAaM), bO. 
ing irhbcti, to tbc bt'iri of luch brim 
iiidr. Tlw FBitduni vt ^UiHimoni, nlili 
olbcr litlr^. confCTr*!! by « pnttut ditfeit 
Jti97. u'lFb itattir>itj in tbc craiittVa 
W'* omlc wb«rvocr«'. it itiL1indWy4iic<| 
bill iiiTpfUfiicd by Aieuhd^r Home, C4q. 
i:«|if. K.N. 

Ix-plI Pdlwarth marrir-d ntfunrrrn, 
dniJfKlvr of HnriA Morlti roiinl ItrubL of 
Sajujn;, oiid Gnioy rrom the (^ouct of 
HrvuMi lu Gmt Brilain. th« sen of 
IJ«nt OH rouni Rrabl. iMio uwrled 
Alvjrfui-Mitib CviEii(r» dfji*dj^(j of 
Kcrrniant,in«i«r to ttcfmi Cariot Tvr- 
cunntdl, Sy ibU lady* wbo «nrvhY< hitn, 
b« had iMuo chfofl vona and Ibnc iUu|Fh- 
trr* : K ibe Rtgbt Hon, Hfury-Fmncw- 
llrpbarnai»w Lord I'olnvib ^. Thr J Ion. 
Miria'Amtbrlj nnarrird in IX'titrtTApr. 
G. C. ]}. LtnlK of rbt Hnal Ei^nM-r* : 
X the lUn. and fUrt. Winiam Ifufb 
Stoli, wbo mamtd in 1833 Elcnnor. dnu. 
of the loleKrt.CharWUiiilltv Ihrniltu^r, 
nnd i»u>iji to Ihc Karl of Hoddl^icm ; ^ 
the Hun, Frandi S4N>ti, now M^V. fo^ 
lto\buPitbiliirr,vrto marrifd in 18J6JitJia- 
Pr«iic«*-L4ura, diiu|£li[pr vf tbo bte Rev. 
Cbiflei Bdullbi^fr. by L*nn Wfndbanit 
Mvttat li> Ibc ^rvKnt hori of R^rcnionti 
Biid gmt firanJjIiiighC'^T i>f Almeru-Mima 
Coimtru of E<fcinoiit Abot-e-mcitiionvd ; 
X tbo tl^ii^ Eiuabvtb.Aiiiii', imnSri in 
Ib3^ la iJvul^.CVIoofl Charln» Wynil- 
bam, «ori ot (be late Kurl oF K^ronwitt* 
»»d gHiidBuit i>f the Counina Almcria- 
Alnria ; and, G, <bc llofi> Anne, mirried in 
1631 l« Chiirr» IbilW, e»q. broibtf to 
ibv bmcmi I^y r'>Jwaiib. and roiiaiii 
to Mr*, WiDum Hugh Scott, Dboro- 

Thp pr«4PnL T>icil Tolwarth wnt horn 
ill IT115, ^v■■ M,P. for ei>, KiMbiirKh 
fruHi \t:itd to ttlUV, aud ntafried in ISIK 
Georgian!, third daajEhter of tbc lii« 
Gmt)Ev Btiiik, e«i|, of M«IIvrAifttii and 
Jcfiivi^Dod, (vbo died on tb* kwno day, 
and \t> noticed btre4nite. p. ilSj. Lord 
»nd t^dy I'uLwvEili Iwvc iMVt % son 
and htir. nnni in IK'H. |^y l^olwBnh 
14 jIhu dctrcndcd from tbr fir^i Barl 
of MaithmoiM. ibroUi^h budauglnvi biilj 
friiztl. v^bu nut nnnicd in l&t tn 
Georjiv AalIIW) eM( of Jcrvi*Voot|| U,!*. 
oiia vf <bc Lordi of Ibc Tie^iarr, and 

213 OstTUABV.^/.iTiJ^ Aiw FtHjM'ick.'^L^dj KGz* ilMke^. rf^L>li. 

/Jf^, JL Al Fumiitjr Wiwt*. hi 
ftuckinv^*^ ^^lro<4, N<inbini|ituu}bin-, 

ifcr** monllK Mof« b«« 4«v« ow Nov. 

ncmlici* of ihc tuaitf al ncifoUkfc, 
Ujirnii uid l-^kiU 41 lj'pf>'* 0«sf«7. 
TbcLt lalkrr John* ittfonil ijnri ol tJ|M>*r 
0«*cvj» niLiiTitil in \7iV}^ Ai>oc 0"lj 
4iii«hccr of Uvmy 1/)n| Itftfvniwutth, 

md the divoirod uife oj Au^iitcui- 

lUitry (bird O^kr of i.irftnon. K,U. 

of l/pi^r rhiocy, Ly P<W<iii* <Uu*il *l Dhib- 
Tin, Jiinc Jl, IMI. Ilii MB, ct <br siine 
nwap.u'l Hftvf ^nirdtth« *«o;n4 Bm on.ROft 
1W ;iivr>ute nvacHe« ftnH faroiinrr ri>r. 
mfondcDt of Kkoc MvnnJ tbo Siiib. 
Btjitm tkr twrnib Lvid niii outUncd at 
■o «4lMrvnt^ Jdmn ibc Scoovd. Tbe 
pccttg* wtti nvliTil En Om iHvtoft of 
Ritfl«rid PtOfMHck. ■ d»iM«idibcJ mv^t 

comniudcT, 4v«midi.-d from ibr tkiid 
ItarMi, nte Kw, to 171^ ««»lal Ikron 

ti^mm, of On>if*n; Ohil in 1718, mmT~ 
ricd nn EiifrUh hcifim, X^ttw, ^agUttt 
aii)4 rxi.Wrr qI ^Lr John tUbiiuMiii of 
Khi»itii( Wwjifs. Koubfiinntmiibiri-tiind 
<iu bU ikr4!b lb J7Y7, Icfl Jcbii. L'lnteiJ, 
in 1T.!<I, Barl v( L'pjm- 0*>»f>. briiqi HI 

ibtt iifjvf »■•(«■ o{ tant^iif Woml F<i- 
rrK, fmn of ibr Ax«tt ot florkirijrhim, 
mill Ifoui IT^ utirU hi* ^^kiK in 17^^ 
loi-»bf.r of Ike Houtr ^f ('4iLn»'ont fof 
llHfur4ibJn*. He ww liclior oj ihc !■(« 
I^rl, iivbi>» bi*i«irol** tvpirffiHilH Bod. 
fofdibirr, VBh in 1770 ippcrintcil Lord 
JfimUOMil M^ Cii^h^ Kvriilunf*! of Uiot 
rounfy^ooildJrd in \79U III" loo Kiftcr*, 
l^f Alafj and I^f Lo^iiht Hu|i*tiick, 

nftn iht *ivT^ mi^i^ dirty, ot IW Jlwk. 

Stcptwo Fox lAd WilliA[» U4f^ue« of 
iAmoirnc, ind moibrr of Ino of thr 

IrtOAl dj<l)ll^Hbi-d Mn[<^nk4:li cj thu J«a( 

CcncntioA. ihc Mw^uch of l^iikdowiic 

E«l uf l/iipt-t Okwry haJ tA*o ttiro 
dfti4tii^r^ibcfu6gn:i> ol cWprncntufai- 
Ill«tf7, U>cbp( iik«aft [lu^d^nd dicduuiii^^* 
tMt- Tbri^rrmtHloflii-^'chffnTirf.oB iha 
Un ' I . «riiJibvir 

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i4crwvui. Tbc luuw«i 9I I^mIj Utr- 

ini4tlook|d*a«on<bD7ib Oft.widlhtf ol 
U^' Attio ivi (1^ nrb llfk', Thtju-CTO 
bulliHttrotfilt'y^ii'- \<>):^t tlo^' R- Vor* 
wn $tnitU, t«c|. Al.r. ■fcHrrmomnrri 
1j)H LlUcir4, tW Binrn Kob«vk, R. W. 

a-d itov. D. fti»^ llMlon, Kr*. 9I« 
IkoTM Robif ot, Bttft. flee. 
Tike Rls^l Hon. Vmon SiwiKi, M. P. 

to the BmM of (;onlrcl, aac«c«d« (o the 

/Jr?, II. At bn^ hon«r in MolcwwOttb 
Slrerl. DnUiii, il nB«dT««fH«gr, Lodf 
KiiulH'lbMiithvw^f TboaitKoii«CMirr, 
f^ Ti|i|i«rofr. Iko l«*l dMCivdtM of tbv 
t«iMly tf bich fcofe lk« ml* <f UNoditf. 

T^i« ^Mly w«» oH^oatljr MBlod ot 
LtonddfT, in IM cacbi^rd <d whirl plooe 
I* Ikv mononicM of Dtvld Mirtwr, 
SltaJiilkF^.bc«rFr lo Kiii|e Kdu««il tbtf 
Fourtb, Afitr tettiinc in tbf roiutj 
iif TlpCfffi^ IK 4kp bnfiriitinf ul riw 
ITth fvo^drf. tkffv node >cr«nl tuittor- 
aliir ■llitncci, oM Tmiififl AUcbfir, «>^, 
haili^ for owoy ^rv rtprmniUil Lk*! 
coHiitr in ll<? PtriuDKOt ^i Jri4««4. VM 
rrf«u^ H p«tf Ijf tbr tiiie of Lord Ua»> 
^Ifiii liKi, MlnnoMl loA VitroiMlojriii 
)T9H.uiid loaA Hvriaom i« ITW. 

HUvm, Fivick»- J«i>v» -nwtd K*rlor 
Llfeoddff. *ihJ K,P^» dird ffirbouitumrtii 
iWUi vfcflS tbr MtoM dcwJivd uyun 
hkoDlyiuur L^drBlluhbtib, Tbtjr im 
dcrvolro on Loaii-WilLikiD. \ioo>]icv dv 
Itobu Cbnbol.RX H.,Nidc->U--<Mm>lo 
(ba Kii« ot itw Krcfttbi anJ fotnonv ■ 
UiiAr'fipnfnUinth* Dfttijli«rtnctf> 'IW 
ftoUtovn H ilr«ttdj ixim«l«d wftb Irv* 
Uftd by UuMit ■urrii^l. io IflO^ Ltdf 
jMbrllo Clulottc Ptrwti^ 'i^tcr to 
IW prwmi J>ulr uf Ij;iM(^. Tbv lu. 
ronu of tbr Miiktw r«Utpa ih liud to 
iVOtfittOSMXV. ijwr, 

Hor |od/ib«|i> rfvoinowvrr »movMl 
to tke fouttjr Tifpvnty iox iAfrnnrM. 
Tboopwtk of Mflnperaocv. F«ih^r lU. 
tbov, vr«atbo«biafnio<im«*. Tbr l>^v 
of Lcianer MXMDMivil tko pfowuvuii 4 
ttet dittavo OR 111 inf. 

Tat I>Uif or CA»rvi/yA»o. 

Oef. 19. At VAlwb a^ iboot HDj* 
irr, Fnnt^ Phttnuwo, Pnke of €oiu 

TbJt Moblenuii, itlw iniiU fv< n&^tjr 

I'nmn lAf4«llai ttmfti 
.sjLi. r, >lolof, thu Vnmnm > 
boai« arcwnt of Ika fanul/ Uo Ciiiinv* 

IM2-1 Onin;AftT.<-ni»4f •/Owfl/xiffrf.— C^rff H«7/.W j?*9, '213 

uUl^ tlrfV* fill* M 4ii», ufdfiwd to ba 
ufcttn MiWly, which rottCMM^ arwnie, 
lit liu left nil ««(flfliigluUGiijrhUbdx> 
Jlr WM * voy lino, gcutlcmkb^ H^uti 
uJ a BiM uf riMt tttstu fesid xijuLre- 

wtb^nn vf J-L 

No. fuf Mnrtb 1&U. r. 

fdmUf, bv iJ-t: ...[-.. i, v*-.!— v..^, . 

UtviJ ii> nil- vrir«r, rh«i t^ nr^i a r«tir 
diljcktct (|m-^iMy hIU |t<r Uirilitr, 

CkMEC JoliiitteTkr. i^iMMBiUffurr U4N. 

nvndbtlcr u( (W pfHfnt U^fiwl. by 
3ln, Kfitd tlit< ■cut»\ E-i.< lut'i^ tine* 
dcCOtcd fftboxft l»34~:>J, ni <ffbu*c <Uath 

l«r iviJiD'* Tbo Dvcb^B^ tgv »t be* 
tell ja Jmmuy Uxt, bni been tUEol 
)■ tbc ^blic |>ifvn «t &Uj-ui> but tl U 
UTMuarJ i^b* ii»t • f#w jrcvm old««, 

iluCciIlowinf rpiuph J>o« tl«doi«|j:n 
of VfvliMOiicr Abifrf, tkcrv «b be iiv 
dotttf. i> oocDDitiikLfhiiii; (f brr bcochtf, 
ttitbo<« l«tfit ftrqiiuiiktjv ibu tuincnU, 
■llliLuh il baai* iK< dsir uc ik|;r, Abd dio 

6'rvf btff iuai« kiid <<ily u*uu by tli« 
ufec brr hiitUod. 

U>o» a lUt 4toi4 oa iW door ol (b« 
Suum Clobur oi Vfmmkuuct Abhiy. 
occur* ik« iiftiDc U " U«o/SD Liaih^y 
JoliMEow,Ai^,r<mv*1yAltWK4iil Iikdi* 
CMif«iiy'» Ctfil Sufvicx^ in BtT^« «nd 
numy yc*t« M-T. for Uic Lun^^ of 
Ucdoii.'co. Ycck. noi' tfiifnuirkii^J. 

" A\ut, tirtt^K M'cMiftjitM* Krucu 
IJiAUbiiftff inlant *V(i trl' Ffmicka *iid 
K^jibiii FUluminic, Count and Couhiom 
of %U Ancoiiiu, born 3l[b Sppl. lttl& 
Objk n U-y. 1817.- 

IV Ihicbow ftin'aj* wor* her inn* 
•ft iIm e*oocbcon of fccr liuiibHii^l m a«i 
hvbwa, tfid bore the cotl of Ibr J<4in- 
$Uutnvt WnUrbiU, witboul AfiydiAvrrti- 
tik) iliMintfLun. A jiuitmit ufbct , k^lcd 
Eft her hat tt tAo ^*P*''* ^^ i>ubliibEd a 
fcwycsMsincc^ llicDifkc indlhicbn* 
hbAlircd KMritpd for Di*«y jnti. ^ml tt 
Il bf&cvr4 M for *xne lii»i< rrtyfirly wu 
ItnioH * *l>tt prUowr M MlIoii, bj :he 
NwpobU-n Gbr«mn»ni, for •upplytng 

tbe Cifbomri iiw^r <f iio]ii*ti hlU) mo* 
nty, Tb* mrmt dnvtti^- ol iliv L>iii:ba«, 
tu Janttirv latt, (m K^^firfk-d 111 onf No, 
fur F<b>UM, p.dlO>, 10 a poriian of 

k^'bcK pCOpvltt vikly be tuccetdfd by 

wtlJ, oil%cd bin) to nnnl Ilii« conbin-, 
froei tvbich b« had tcarccTy rfiurncil imo 
Il*ly, vihiti bji dtvtb ««■ utivUntt^ ^) 
a inoti unlori-xxQ aikd diiaiiroui iwcur^ 
ifwY. AicviiUng lu tbt liaiiiii ulbda] 
lliqauy, U »|>i»cau tlml bu dW biwa 

Gtotctt Baiixk^ Esq. 
II, At McUcTfiaiji ItjuH. cu> 
' i^h, aced 7H. Gvorgv Uullir, c*i|- 
ilrroaja tad Jmrlivruodn boifprv* 
' <o lu li« Eail of Haddu^^u. 
. L. DflllUc vw htm an the Nb OcE. 
i ^UJ. ihv Eldtvt toft uf thi^ Hvn. Grorgo 
lUiUir, Tiiixirriv lloiMi Tth Etrl of 
IbddiiiAtfM. iihI foaag/tr aon of Cbatir* 
Lvrd JJuiukn^ (nbo utwBvil tbc imu^ of 
Baittie on >iirviccAiii|e to tb« hrge oUtcs 
«r b4» MiUrual cnndmotbcr], by MiM 
Eliubctb AiUmv-j. llU fiibcr di«J in 

Mr. Bailli«wjsaCafiUuaMilhcHo|i«< 
l«flru fimnlftv rrictnHni tn l^tkll. Ai fb« 
Ktiii^'nl t-ltctiudi of 1790 bu ^v■a rcturiird 
to ruillamviii for lite rounfjr of II«nvicJi| 
mit^T *r%MtoH iii««bii^ hv pulWd i7votr4 
and Sir Ahxinitr Doii J7. 11? wv r?- 
clHitcii oi vn*T aubtnnicM c4fctraii outJl 

Ur. tUiWit anrricdy at StitrfiiJi boun^ 

July t3» \W], >bry, jonngv^t di>ki|fbt(>r 

of At Me Sir Jbiiira Pnaglct ut Slil* 

ctdllf UaTt. aiM by tliatIady,wbof<U[Tlna 

bim. br Iniff Imii* iU Mtin and ibrre 

^ugblcn: I. f:?OTge Baillio, oki. who 

iiumiifd hi IbVfr Ocarjpaiw- BliUKbtfT^ 

lie Xrii. Rohctt Mukh^at. ArrMtsacan 

o( Vork, mid f;rBiii]idambt<r of Atcb* 

Uft1>«i|> Ai«lbii«], aad km j*hu> i 0. tbo 

3loM Jlon. £lu«bttb Mirchionras of 

|&ToadaLbu>f, wto vn» manird in J8SI to 

JoIhi E>rL of Bctodanunff, crv^r"! a 

Har^uei4 in 1S3I, but b<i no lMa«; 3. 

tb^rlct IfaiiUic, ctq, vrbooiurWdin IKfl 

the Ifoif Aufir Stvti. (bird daiixliTcr oi 

tW laie Lfird fulniiih. and fa«» l«in ; 

4, Juiitftl*iuiAlc ; ^- Itobcri ; G. the 

R^. John BMltic, Vicar of Wct»«nfri*i 

Vodcibiie, wbumornvd in IH^7 Corilui- 

M«jy. cldctt dai^bttr o' the Rev. Cbiirl« 

UwwkMia, Canon RcfidciitiBry of York, 

and ha* uiuc; 1, Xboinaa [ d. lb* B^H 

Hon. AUiy l^dy MaHda, puurifd In IBM 

to Lord Had<lu, bcdr.4rpatffiit of tbo Earl 

of Abr*di-VB, K/r.; 9, <be Aigbc Hoiu 

tivorginji Lfri> Polwitth. manied in 

1^05 io the Hon. Hifory Fnvicia Hrp. 

bum Stvit, ticir IttmA i'oLvafth (*iro 

p. ifU of uur prcKM AUffiiinc) : 10. 

lUi; lli^-bt Hen, rdLfaarine- fWlulUj 

CuuntoM ot A thbif mbafii , ommcd in 

)M1J to the pr«M4il Edil of AfhbufiibiLEu - 

Bud M. Urift3. 



ObitdAkt.— Xru< T D* Forhrfikf. MA. F.S.A. 


Jtm^ I. Ac Wiiirofd VirsTi^, iWr 

■vOOTid r«Ri, rfiu HtfV- Thi>m» Dudley 
Hhbfi^kr.M.A,. r.S.A., Hojiomrr As- 
■Odttc at thu Kupl Sui'ii:ty of Li1«tu* 
lure, honorary jMcmbrt of lliu BrttCuI 

Tbi« 4i*rtn^^«bc^ iinttf^utr^ and v^ 
cTiMflojnit W4» doccadd fmrn n ru- 
•pccrabltf fkm'tij/ Af*t ftrtlleJ a lViUir«kr, 
m StAAu^fiirt. * Of hU inorD lin- 
in«dUtc urnlon m«ny «pcrc detgv- 
meii, it bkvlrg bceu n guvIqid of idc 
Jfimily Tor srvFrnl icriirniHont la htirv ont» 
of tUv >oii« i-diiOHtod fot ihif Chuiclk 

1'b« grrvI-grtjiiIfittlkFr of lliC IbTc Ekfr. 

Kotbrofco wai the K«t, Wm. FotbTokr, 

iir»Jof UiJJlcliutj. iwl n^cUtr al A"on 

iniprUoni-d m Ufn-forii G»ot for ptmyinr 
for the King, dnrmE ibc L'omitiorrn^iiUli 
DarrTiiliiri'-}'. qnri othprnikp rfijufi-^l in 
ntalf. His KrajidfatheTi Tliomiiw, irvm^ 
dt^bury- uhioli bml Wait iti tbr family at 
ImitiOOTcatT^ iliifpilhrr, IVeHUtd* »■«, 
Bi|;m»bl^ to ibp fuiiiilj cti»tmit. nltirmnl 
fur lioly ord([>^ biiE imcmit'ij Cti J^ndoii. 
By ]u« ifon»d irifc, lUmbn^ ^mighicr of 
Tboa>ub Lubbruh?, of Soufbvrkrk( bo 
!iBd in only ton, tht^ subjo-r of (ln« kk-. 
noir- He A-ai bom Mny :£!, MlQi *nd 
w«a nsmcil l)t[dU'y» nft'^r h roiiMn, n 

2u1m of lj<<botw(X}iL HhIL Shropibire. 
Ion bis father m 177^ unH Ijji ino- 
tbcr mnrrioit ■ ttccihd butbinkil* J^riiir* 
Hc>t(n<-4, r*([. Kniiifn lit tlvi- Cotilttrcuni 

ibc WetC K»rj( MillllB. Hin motlicr 
lirrd to an fkimii* vt<j agi^, »nd di«4 ot 
Walf<?rd, in l^t, Hvr ^roftl-qtiuid- 
motbcT, Alri. ik^d^on, jnt cMbin lo 
Thomat OdTi rtq. the fovnAcr uf (tic 
HofiiiuJ in ^oulhn'irk. 

^r. ro»brok4 wu i*dgcM4<d uiidcr [b« 
JtcT. Jklf> MUntiil, uf ni]lv(ii-4y, in Mk. 
Hex. ftnd Bl Prtpniirld, tn Jlitnniiiibirr. 
uulil he vi« tiinc jufi old> uvd vm 
Ibcn rvrpovtd (<t St. Panl't trhool, Lou. 
iJori, uiidtr Ibc fare of Dr. Kohfrliit from 
wbcnru bv v'ai drettd in ]7^ io a 
T<«>d^ Schc^lurtliip It P»inbfoVu t<>t' 
IflMp Okford> t^bcn be pioccodcd B,A. 
)7B-k U-A. iTtV. Ii had trern tug* 
Butt J. thfel br UV1 to br ■ Spvciol 
Tlfid«r, but ll nil bl> faiW* dytn£ 

* Ur- Fc«l»ok« ha* pmi wcOBnU of 
Ik own f»milv.iDM«'*llliroiyol(I]M». 

CMtcTv^irc,'' i. 107 1 Htorr rtrrr^Uy tii 
" AEiooucnib,*' p. 169: and hi bU kuio. 
blMfBpby,fn^r4 to lh< qwto r4itiM 
cf til< '• £»)«lopiidU or itDlifBldn.*' 

with thit bo thould b« plot«d tn tbe 

In ITS* bo wBi ordn^fitd Dncoo, 
D^on tbp fifJc of EiJ« icbHiitpbip I «[id 
Kcldtil in the ruriicy of Horslcy, co. 
CJ1i»uix>i(cr. fui wbit-li bv nm ordolned 
nrlvti In 17^4. u\^ he held tl«l euncy 
till ISIO. 

fn iTfHy Mf. FoiVohc pubtHhH th« 
*' Ecanoinvof Alonufllk- l>ir<->" n |ioc«i 
In S|i0n]ieniira anpHiiire tad AEylc, vrillM 
uyon rbt* dot'Ui'*o ijf Uarwio, of airing 
only prfflu id<!ii> cf pictanfiqu* eflbtf, 
cbieflf f<i»njfil ii|njii ibr "untv of vf>kia< 

In i7!)!] TiH ii^t>« rlt-tC'd F.S.A, He 
|h(^n devilled hirmclf lo Eirchvology (\n- 
cluiliii^ tbr Sa.^uii tunt^M^cl, *iid viudHd 
curhl or tnnc boun a diiy. Dfik<nnined 
to pMbb»h iirtLy norordft, AfSS- or otber 
iniilfvrii n4:w to Ibu pvhlic, be cutnpitud 
bb " Ftricuh Slrtnnrhiim,"* from the ridi 
vturo ol tbe Urmsb Muwrnn mifl ihc 
ItAdMnn Kibnry, in t<itn ivil*, ^vn. 

All tho rx-vii'iivm «vtv fljilirrinr ; 
and ihi" i^orb ao^n becommi; tcnrrr, tnc 
nulbnr pi^blubcd ■ second tdiziori in 1617, 
inn bnmEtionitf iimrlo volmni.', aimb en. 
fiuit^, and tnlivmcd bjrcflu-iion*. Tb« 
oniTinal work v,-ni, tlnmn uhoDy limited 
10 MS.aniboritjn- but the rpprint bi-n 
«orp*vateil (be im^onikiit iikrormntJon in 
Ihc (ilouaiyof I>n C»nre, Tnrioot t^'hro* 
inc'let, •!«] oiUftroitihodtlet, Tbii ijork 
ux* ntRprlfiilly r^immT b/ Sir \VtiIi«r 
Se<nt, in bi» noivl of tbc *■ Mflnaiicry," 
arjd via^L hvounblynulitrdin (bu " Qutr- 
Irrly Kc%icn>" A third rlJtiun ^f tbU 
tulDubU' nx-ik 1:4 novi in the pr^*fi, 

lie nvii engaged in nn nri^ind JlEjtiory 
of tlic County of Gtoui:c«rr!T. Bcinf 
poH<«»ed of k copy of Ibr lni)uiia;loiic» 

ED«i Mtjjirm cutnpli'tdd to lb* r*igii ot 
Lkbflnl Iir be mt t-tisbled i^oonrr tti 
pittcat bit collcfbon* from tbc pnbUc 
oJHcpi And libnrin J ond the qotk uv* 
]ii}bliibi>d by lubicriptioiL, imdrr tbe title 
vf " AbMiiarU vf lC<M(iidii 4nd Alanti* 
MCTiptt rtftpKtiutf ibt CuuiiiyofOloue**' 
Ifr; formed into b Hittof}'. counting 
(be very cnonwu^ Affourit*, vid mn* 

!(pn|: tbr nimicrotii DrAri^nciet. m bir 
tobvrt Aikkfii KFid tttb«^Q(nt Wrifen^" 
«voIt It), ltit>7. 

On limftbine bi« roimi} ffUtorv, bt 
engaged with Sir Ricbkrd PbilUpe in hi 
Kiteycrlofvdia of Anti^rtin : ^t^ the 
uwk w» MvrrpublUlicd* on^n^lotb* 
fkitiife of On\ bff>kHUri In IMO. 

At tbi« isne Ur. Fetfaroke reoiorej 
from Kunley to Wairord *m Ibe huk% 
of tk* Wjr- Hum ^rirrNvknU kp b*4 th» 
bfAour of ill«A(t*t«it Ibr ui7obiUkF4 
BlAtvck III Ml, llopr'B o*Ue'Uun. 
Im l«li btpublU«d «u ^* AbridfDMnl 


0»iTUA*T.— &r. n £K FMf«tc. M,A. F.S.J. 


«f Wtelf-b CammrmtMj «• tJbr New 
TatMW,* far «U<b W MOTci tW 

flaWwiMk. vkT Mfmtn U* Efrtfv of 

fimJM AmMti ImMw Ik Orifi- 

«jU, Owtrf PrindHl Kimc aC Anw^" 

On ibU «t»>k Mt. fothnU ww, tntkr^ 

Mr. tl«l«i4*« iMDtriM* M tfftiMif««dnf 
Ams Of vpioif4^ tAd nfi^jinff ft Um 
flM«» of Uw hr*nt tt^«ri^ cofimnint itc 

ih« vboU. W prodiKvd ■ vork hithlj 
crvdiobc* t» Ht iMtr, «t-4, nWi n^it 
19 b« inrn^i«iit lb (ti|Hj^*pbt<»» «f * 
rtjiiWr iMlttfr tWoiHtbtJul. 

Mr. FoibxilK |«Uiib<d u lm< ihrn 
ffJIiUM of ■ fI«ww 1if<^ "^^^ "^^v 
Ac illk of '■ Tbe Wj« Tow : or. Gilpin 

bom WhH^vUv. Pncr, Ac- and trrt*o- 
kMTW«l DlMUtbonL" 

Ai > tonpOBiua to lU* Ttrtf . m l»fl 
ke produc*d ■' Arkonvari* s or Arvlwo- 
li^knJ Skttthfi or AoMoi4 Archf«fi«U : 
dliH<t«rtre of ike Cavpowv* of C^n<- 
Hou; tbc Sacioo AncoNun, Jkc. Juiil 
OtbCf natlTf* iktTtff iMlora ^UiAcd." 

In l»ai Mr. Pifdiro^« tdivnl thr 
*• B«rkv)r; AUni0cnpt«: AUtnct* *iiil 
£xtn«CB ol i^iujrib* uWw* of ibt- Ikihr- 
Ir^. illqitniiiYf ef AuripM 3hUiiO(-n. 
and tbr C4ft4LitiMton, indsding »□ iW 

To whfeb >ra npcxcd- ■ rapbns UiKoi? 
«r iht Coat* >iid Fu^ib of Bcrkdn. 
«oiHi*tia( «rf mmttmr n*ftt before |iub' 
UiM| abJ Uompbtnl AtifrdotFf of 
Dr.jMncf, bii 1tilFrvt«ii> wirb the Em* 
wot of Rm^/' \r. 4f(i Mfidt i)«v of 
Ipiylb^ MS^^ h»d htttn nude bf Kfr. 
Fovbrokv In hn " Utiiur^ul tilvucvKU-r. 
Aln^" "btrclW roU«ror'-i aiTcuHi" of 
profcitf vcfv inroi^iomcd. In ilic 
prcwm noik, tb<t paiiivi^c u^fuii Atrlcb 
ifap •ptrdfOrit wet« tormcd iro, tlinE of 
prc«cmnff ivcrr lUns of h coii<ii(uticjnal. 
&0ftW*plii<x1. ferf4a<kiogi A J , or ^fumht. 
OMr bcorirttr- Tbc Moffmfhy of Df. 
Jtimtr #M al Ibr rime nc^fl, n"il wriUd^n 

U k9!i. Alf. r^brukr pnt^lKhvil liU 
larpu ftnd laptt pni^uT^nt^i Hurh, Ibc 
■' Eavrriopvdio ol Aii(i<ji^FH'iH «i>^ Kli^' 
ownUe/ A'rbftalofy," in mo vok, lio. 
TliU wuik It*) ni->*< UvQuniUy rrri'ivvd 
by Ui tubH^U »f Ai^d Lliv public in gC' 

■10(4 nCfm all a^Aviu k tlv Mmh 
of oi r^n faff ■ A «MDodcAioo,«iih 
«irori.BicnF*, nipf i d n oov fory bn 

toIho*, HilkWd " TopMi 
or >o EMjckvtdtefc A<T 
Miollj unwd, of tbo 

«i»i n Afrim, Ai4i, aod H»ii|m 
lonnlhff a Sr^ io Ik Eafytfapwdia ad 
Aiitiquuk*," Ico. indatootftdtoKviil ■ 
UrvcmaoofUtoncniitani^onl ikqw. 
uro lofonMioo, 

la 1816 hr publHWd, " A pf^urrtqu* 
Old COpofrapbinl Amnmi of t"f#l(rn- 

ifohftm andiu VidAiiy. To wkicb io 

■l4*d.C'MtnbMtioiHto«aff4ttbo Al«dfa«t 
Top«ffnphj. iortiiriioK ibc llfdOcd H(o- 

Sof tbc W«u«i, by Ihi* too UrJ 
n Fo^Hokr.- Tbrobi«^oribi« trok 
m to ftire flome JUnF|- cbatfacttt to tbo 
oecovM W Cbflkrobwm b/ irroiiviff iba 
nlHct Mcoi^iiiK to Oc rolo* of «not 
aaUwiika Io ■crony a«4 arrbaolijfy. 

In IW HBc J4F be proJiKvd, « Tbo 
Tourui't Oran^ar; or RaW« ri l^ayn to 
ibc Sctorry aai Ami^oMc* ttciilent lo 
TrawUcf* : iio«|iiUd finm rK# Bnt ao- 
IboritiM, tfd iadudiai; a« Kpitooit of 
fiilpui'* Fi io c if t f of Ike Pinumqaf*^ 
l^iDo, iM vrlac^iba kiMvrivicv rf^inte 
lo Mm a ccoTori uko ufoo ik< autHrci 

ii bfOatfibt iMO ■ fbrtf 4ad *cc>i3b1fl 
fonn. At tk^n cime also, kc wv MAkaiod 
by Ifte Unke ot >«inc«tUir. l4 nlvo bl* 
■ui«i«im ii4 vluFicUtiB^ bo*« dilEflillioa 
(alb* SoOEBibiicof bbflrarr'tp^lgnot 
and wEib nrnordbory pivsc^'eraACO ht 
collc^td ftalKiHrnt maflrr froni Tnrioua 
ftOiirrei to apjily » coniinuo-ut biopupby 
of (he vciy ■iiticot nubJr fiiniLly uf iTio 
Cliftlon*. to 6IJ tbrrr lifitf folio vvlon#a 
of JhlS- 4bicb nri- Jioiv in ibc ponoinoii 
4if bL Gr«c<« ai>d I^^k^'J" V'IutiJ by bimi. 

In I^T Mr, K^liri^ki- badtb«ffr«cU 
Ikatian vf bfinf;c[oi:tcNlan lluriorur^r A«- 
todatv (il lb<> Hoptl Sof irty of Ijifori. 
tare. III? ixpjriribuicri lo thrir Tr«n>iiio 
ti*)"., '■ Eiimrii from M^^. rrlHlivc to 
£iucl.<.li Hi#[urT.'* Crol, L p. 36). ftnd 
•• iWiMni'tiKH (if (he CofliBtiiuiioo of our 

unficiit I'df liAMirtrl*." <vul, li, tfOK) 

III IB30 llr. t<«ijrck# ^vh« prri^nred 
totbo vimnfcof Ualfcrd* iwhi-rrhchad 
1w#ii Ifti4iiy ytmt* niiHto^ by tbc iter. 
Tbomiit EhmliEijcrordipitYimior ol tlcr^> 
furd CAllkvdnl, mid Hpbrw of Die bio 
%vty Imncd andjimittble lli*bD;i of Hnv- 
fi'td. To tbU v^canpi^ it aanciued ihc 
^rotbiai tliaptti; tut Rwttdimi, V9m 

• ViiWB of Air. Fo«bri>kE*B cbun'ti 
■nd Ti(ir<utiA(r nrr giviii in out Atitfaiu^ 
lor UciutKr, IMO. 


Oatrcjiir.— *flf«'irf BHAvt, Ki^. W.P. 


vemnviinlnfnl *n aiYimitlI Ia fTie Qvnfle- 
mjiM'i MAgwXlftctri ianr IK'ILii. ^t^ 

Air. VotbroVf n m for tpvi-rmf ym* fn- 
Ijmnfply ronnp(t«i| \\U}r ih« OrntT^nuiri 

RVKif dnnrimrtX; tn wliit-ti offif'o hi> 
id«t«Tf vtcd Fo^rardf authoti wicli ^ fMr 
aipiiA nboml ipJrir. Ili« nolicrs wire hiFI 

of oi ' i i^ iii ri olf*rf\'»rt>>TM, Thp connection 
ffrnniimfed Uforc th6 ^mnvtCBtocnt ot 

H« liDd Idllcrlf with prni Ubonr 
prvTp*ivd 'or ifiv pfrik* n n^w ittirk^ mi h 
rampnntoti VoblaKncyrTdT'ipdi* of Anilqiii > 
tie*, under Ac tiilc'or n " Now iir»d cri- 

vm, Cntom*. nnd Opiniom, ^vrifrd 
from oU Chronldet, lonl lllaEodo, tnd 
fitbct utiilieTkFk Di»onBBo*t^'* Tbia ni»y 

Jfr onor tt^Mcd propo«»l< f<ir iho 
piiKlihhinff " fttfriMcmt, [lhi«lr*tlvii of fW 
.itipkcni llUfory, Arcnns, iknd nbi^cli of 
I^TOiMniiTj. jrtTB(bcd btfuTT lilt Tro- 
vfndvl Grand Lodi^ti of (be Coudrici of 

Mr. Koibr^ilie v*a* p^iM Proniidal Gnind 
Cbflpkin nf tbow itjiTW. The MSS. of 
ihrt* tcrmoni uri- In Ihe poRN<wJos of 
hia wjdowi', will) wilT prcnub'y publkb 
thnn ftl wmp fiilur<^ prrlorf , 

InlTfXf hcwBtmiiTiFdioMin fTowtl], 
nr Konlty, ml bad ittwc tn bcr fDin 
■Qtu mid 111 dduftirrrv, ol wbuin w\tn 
«rr iiiiw living, Ht^ i^liU'hE *<ou Jubn 
i< « *ofli>f *J nn^dfriNP, nnd aiirbof of fC- 
wml vttrhi atiil rofiyn an profcMkifHl 
■iibji^c*- 111* •ci?ond "nn Y«rv. I* H Her- 
Ijiniin, Jind vior o( Sr IvL-*)i, in the co. 
of Ilu^tinj^doM. >ii« (bird ton Tlioniu 

rini* C'^jr«, whntc fniiimitaion u^ pre- 
Kttlcd it bim hT SEi Jtatet Oijtbvn, Tflt 
Ihni tiBf KmtLofd of tho Adnimliy,) 
tkioiuch (be rcc^Hnmriidstion (' tbe lhjk« 
of pCcvcniilc, M * rmrh of hit <JtimV' 
favour and f«(ctni for hi* ^thrr, ll» 
bvrth «M Wtn. Aflchicl Matbon i> now 

■ Mt41cd «udpoT ut ibc Pnt-mii^ of 

EdfntiUfgb. Of bit t^ff r ««rTiviiif dfli^^' ' 
tfr*4iri« trttlj I* mttTllr^,\lcMct ti\ijalye:h. 
1l> f^il.'t Itanfiwd lionet, nq^ of 
Wrirston. in ibr «>. of Somcnct, 

il !■ hiLbf;n»t [will «c *-■>'" 'UiT- '"ir 
•rcoQnt *i ili» wority ihJ !■'■ 
and lmri>H ic4 Itdtftlrlouc i' 
iioiii^iit; ihal, frvm «4i>i of pr<:-*4«woiu *>* 
(«-1ylife, Bnd llcdrniKMb af u nuincr<4)» 
fmiJy. ((o nboei bo irm m aiovt 4iir«llvni 
rktl«r,>kB U> Ufc Ud iflihiw b v««y ntf * 

A portnia oJ Iff. roOrohv, " >Ei«l> 

rf AniiHuitiiL 

/Iif/. 1, At h\% hoov, in FtntlHify. 
•^Unrr. In bit Cilih yrw, (irnnio Itlfk- 
hfrk. nLO. Pppftidnif of l)ir JiOndim 
Utrt'^llni c«' Initiiuiv. 

Ur. Jlirkbrck una llir ma <4 a incr- 
rtAiit Aitfl btnkrr of c^iidoriblr cttiinrnrc 
it Settle, Jn Vofl[ihJr«, wiw^rr he wu 
bom on ibv JlNh Jan. 1770, Aft*r rr- 
Cfivliv Ihtf ntiiitt nidincntiof cdn^Hlioii 
il a vkilv^ sLchonI in ibc DCighhonrbood, 
durlhj; Abk-1> he ^itpU^cd « (iTonjir in. 
rt'inAlrori for thoc? nccbanini] pUTVuil* tp 
wblcb b« Hfi^TMvdt brotiDf «o iiiimIi dv. 
vaTmIh Uwn* drtertnlanl ly biA fri^mtH 
th«I he thoutrT rmbrftor tbc nucdioAl pTt. 
fri'U-ii. Atiit iiiiii^iff, for ibti* objn't 
in ibo lirfrt iiiilofjcc at I^KiIii be nrmovri] 
(0 LoJidon, nherr h^ hftd ihf i^uod forlonc 
to becoftio A p«jji> of (Ic eaUfcralcd IV. 

Bdltif, Kthoft fnrndtbip be rctHiitcd uniil 
themd oftbit lEIuaTrioLii oiAQk nrrcr. 
Ha tli^A. t» iviiTip1*io bU iJimtion. fr. 
piiircd lo Edinburgh. Hcr^^ aim h? htd 
lU- luppini-iT iu furai « JiU'i^dtbiti with 
JJroiJKtidTn, Horner. Jrf&eyi&e, fiefdrie 
I he ^u6 jvar of TiU i<f«, be wm ippointpJ 
tVofciAor of KATuni rbilowphy in ih* 
Andcnofridn Ijutitiidon of Gliiguw. 

Ur. Birkbefk btiit pracliwd U>t nifltiy 
y«ar* >*iiphpjctui in ibtfiriryof LoridoT>, 
and enjojcd t ranndcribtc nhucvf n^- 

CrloTf. NotwAbviandlug tbU b« tad 
latErr ly offliiTteJ ttiib a leivrc i&(«T- 
iial ditf^M*, be ronilRued tb««SvrdNOf 

hit yniUtriott fu ibv Wt. 

Dr. Hiilcbf^k hvL ol All ««Iy ntriod of 
bi> IHv. f 4t>1i(iih«d a m^bftnir^ clftL« tt 

GEuJigiK*, wbirb ituiL to 4iitvfwfiil ht tO 

indue* bfin. in \hv fvv Iff^ io Toonrf 
lbs L«indoi Mfcbifjici' tnitiEuiton Ia 
l.'hniKV¥j-Ui^(T, dnd ro whirh «ori«(|' hp 
itdirylrM ibv sum of 3,1X1)/. Eo iiwUo 
ibcm ro crtvi « tbtutrr kiiiublc far ibc 
piirpoif of (tfliv«r{ii|r Wctitrf*. \c, of 
which iii^rrEuiionbt ivai«lrc(cilPft«deE>t 
tuvl eoMlnxi*-^ r^i buM thai offi<D till tui 

d(<frve. KriiM rli)y tbp pt/tni inalitv. 
ti«(i, ru-}«;it oTber nimiUr iot^ttiet htm 
liofit piFiiMti-brd, with n>or* or Iccfl «UP- 

lirnic ItriUm, 

l>r, fdrklwv^k unt iikdi nml <^uaM^ in 
bit iKijivr ond dit[HBilioii> TitoirroJ^nt ]• 

-I. .11 ir 1 ,..,.,.-1-..' -i,«i 4H«(iy of 
■ rspdor onl- 

pcveJ awoKff Imp nrnhMnici, be v^i weI- 
ojoird u- ' irki! fri^I'd. ht wU 

hkhl^ d, . ■ vrrj ln/^ cln|4p 

orpnmT. ,.„J iru icU (a jrrMC 

fTTtfio bj tW mail vniJiirn' public UtrT- 
nryoikd pdcariAcnKiitif the day. A»o 


Omv\»r.—t)eriJ Do», Ei^^~K. KJ 


■* pe«Aa«t*J II rvJUcUT* brnvficmtcwm- 

8ltr* on llir 3lhli l>rr, at lU CVm^Ury. 
bcai«lJ-i;TRf>. Aa ntrmarJj iih''jiniur* 
able viBle uf f ht wvihcr AJ not pnnMt 
> vtrjr aiUDcrovi «cicndBkrr, mdmic 
v|io« HVA ■ bff« in m >Tf •! iW itarkiv 

MOfmiinn aa loor. fonr «lifncl. TW 
iwii and ail Aol CDOont^f ra*fW* 
wrf« drawn bjr rcnir binn, ativr vWk 
li^fo^cd mtanj-four BouiMM rvAchf*. 
<nCal«>|C «Uv Dntbtr* *l tl^ Hn^. 
fdea* odJ Mhvr himat%itmv^ . iW 4*- 
C M t t i l 'a fvifaltf fitititgt : Srrw*HiTai« 
<VltoBL, indtt^iw tboK ol Lont macfc- E#»S ifh« Tvrkhk A«>.b.^ 
«doO, Vr, tlvrtfrbiH-1:. Dr. BabinjEtM, 

■naoml Ibf nHHifnm- ^ Air- WitiMn 
Ue^d BitiWk, Mr. G. Birkbetk (ihe 
dccwvdV tDiiB), Ml. TbuBiu Uirkbrrk* 
lord Kumt. Mr B. SIobuvu. Mr. 
Kamaia, Dr Ctiiturbvk. Df . SA«h. 1(1-. 
Tfca pnotHioft «■« iHt ■! rfaif Ce»r. 

frff tiT4 matioM |M>ty ol ik« d«Macd^ 
fnciHU : kikd In all iMiff a thwiiiaJ 
pfrwmm wtft fntaafl. Tt# pp(»t*<iiio^ 
tn Ui propfM, yiwt i]io jkaiw4 ky rbe 
<:iNaiD«itc« of ib« r«B«b Bar^tva, fciA- 
lowad bra c a—idf TU J» bodyoflb* PoWa, 
ol wbmi Dr. BirfcbcHc b* al»«y> b«<A »/ 
■nidtn tuHocur. 

Dr.BirkWkltad b«rtt ivire mmrd, 
and ha* Jdt bcbivl btm a Hif« and lire 
fliiUrm I Ihrw ioiit *ad two dauchcan ; 
<■* b* (lie Jirac witr, and tonrbf tbc 

Davtii Do*, Khu 

Dfc. 15, Ai tke LlnofMi 8otIc(r» 
«|itflin«fiii. Soba-Ht«arc, in Ut Ivnd 
jvar. Durid ]>oii, vaq. Pmttttor <i Bo< 
tiiirU KiM^'t (^}])<KV| tfOhdDit. 

IJo itai ii« Hcotid tort tif Mr. U«oq(r 
l>0«i, Iht cantac of <bc Roytl Botanic: 
aw^m jii l««4tk Walk, n««r K<lin1iurgk. 
AbvH lwrHf-iv« j'^nt ^ k« ««aa# lo 
LoAloft.catTy^nf wl(0 bim wa tnErodud ion 
fi<Oin a itittd to Ifa* n4rlim«d boUniM. 
Hfi HoWrt Browfl. 'fbroaibbiapower' 
ful fKDAfnrn^ation W waa aaccnaivvW 
■ppomrtJ Kf^kfrofilK LamlNrtian Hs-t' 
bvium and Librmnin of the Ltnnnn 

ftodMT. la 1^1 b# MVOiblMnifd bu 
airly mrad t*> ^ntn, and (btr* Mrmrd 
^mihlaitn mlb aom* Ol Ike moar 
amiiipnT <*n»riAi^ral nar<iri»1tMi, ■n>nnit<l 
whixn iffT Huniboldr, Cuvi^r, and 
D«l«HriT. Mr. !>«'« PfoifiMiua Mvik 
Nrt«i»1vh*lji, and n«*oua*ifal^nc wpfnt 
(br J«iao«tB TfintarlioiK, bawv 
Ou^t. AUo. Vou XVU. 

Itoi^ki Mv paomibfVMly iato n<MJ<^ in 
tW hom^aH worU, ha vrai cbMvn Pro- 
fnaor of Boianj lai Kii<a Collpge, L«n. 
iA» : Bi^ ka may ht aaM tn kavp fallvn a 
iKartjr |« bat nil ac a trcl«ir«r tbrrcon, 
iW h« rraglnarfjr didi7f4 tu iIh cud uf ih« 
anaicft an «ui««iaii rfCaBimaf>d*4 bv Ilk j 
B. Brodic, Vsbea Ui life tti^lim^ 
k«v* «av\dt tiirf ii na lk«a foud to l* 

K. r. Sciunar.. 

Orf. la At Berlin, is Ua eial jw, 
Kv\ tVtdvrifk ^cbbiktf, ihc nuM mtiU 
tifftl urbitfTl oi PrBula. 

Srt«iik<-t vw bomaC Ncwmppn^nvbcffv 

bit Ulbcf »» " d«pa«in<rndnir," Max^b 

I2tth. I7&U BT<b«d«o'bof|bat|Mmitla 
Jl^, W mu kit roial>j dep«*4«ni npoa 
bi* fi»«Eb«r, wbo pl.c«d km 1* iba O^- 
natiaB. ur public icbctjl of kii nvvte 
town, unhl Ibe atfr of lii vb^a ifay 
fiwily rmiHvd r« H*rUa, Hatnt^ fmnl. 
favM a drcidrd ta#tc Tor diaarmg md 
dcB^nlnp, bo Ibciv bnvoF a pu^ of ibo 
cidrr Giiif, the pcvblttcv. nd aricrvard* 
of iW wn, ff<d«Mor UlUy, to vboM . 
uikfivdw** kc wk> la »io lanill d#|trro 
Uidcbttid for ihc iibrtaJ rip«ra br all«r* 
warda tslcrrlaMicd of bU art, ai «ne af- 
fordtny uQfk«foithan«rcwol inrrniiim, 
ftacv. and Eailc, TW joanfrr (iiilfi 
bow'nrr. iflrd nilbin about two Jtm, 
and ilic lumplittkun ol amnd buildinca 
'via, in cv«iari|«aiic«, cncnuicd U Schln» 

At Icnoik he dct*niiia*d iijhvi v^tlnng 
Italy, and f>Hont (or Ibiierounirjr in tbe 
nihrtf bf IM^i iakiii^ bi« HMiv tkroufb 
Drcwn, Pnvur* Vmu* and Tritfir. 
ACtrmnminin^tbean(iqilitl«a«f J«rlB, 
kt f4«t«d otyr lo VimiM-*. ibiifif i< procM- 
vd |o Mureiictf and Hume, and in the 
lollirAiiiK )n^ lu Nflplci awl 8i*Uf, rt- 
tamtit ihrouKb Fruirr, and fcmcbing 
Beriin after ap aWnrv of tuo^ra. Ac 
tUt prilud OD Mat* *r |>ub1ia aOiira m 
PrUMD ttarc neredtnglj unprofdtWna to 
hit |iro«pfet» in bin prolcuion, monr 
«a|»acmlly ik ibait biphpt defiarlnictit uf it 
10 wbirb be applied : and be tbprcfor* 
dtvotfd Mmvll InrawMlrlo [HJidBC-aHf 
|iainlinj;-*partly riewa of lonw of ine 
pWi-tbeliad ti«t^. aad purl It original 
i'iiiii]iujtiijuii«p wkieb h» g#"»er»lly mada 
ihr ti'ljicle of bi* arcbiticruRj Jdvsa, 
MiircMluninc iiilo tbcta Mitdlei and Hta*pia 
df hj« own. TiiOH prodii^liiin* ramfd 
for bim no Mnall repuiatiun* iitd by flo 
dunf-ihey pi'i>ba))ly uprnrd tin hiai ilic 
nrvei in whivh lie ■»dwr<men»ly ubulii- 
I'tl mtcb nnlTrruil rekWiiy. On rlie ufrlieropt ftiHly, be n« com- 
ininionril to uako dt»i(:n* for tour il- 
limlion* in the aaUcir, >i»il in It^lO wn* 


Obitcaky.^J. H- DmnttktTt 


kppauitci ontuar of ibe S«ii>iAMiJaf^, 
ur Hoanl of Wi^kt mil Boiliflngt, hti 
iliit/bcinK t*) G^^ uJiicr U|H>n in«Ucn d' 

Dnltf from tb« Kinc oJ" Hrti>«im (9 Fr0|>w 
ilr«l|Tiii for k CkUiranI eo bo emtc^ In 
Ibe apiaL m % Icvtimonial in honour of 
ibo mtliiDry K^liicvMncnu ao liplidrontlf 
lfnnin>r>-H. Ilur, «)ibonjtb all iht pUn* 
uid diuwlfi^t urrc dnlihdl, ft hh cvn- 
ftdttol moir idviublc Co poiEponc thti 
irmiofUnt iroik. 

J'bv rftomtion of pr^ct \t rb« rpoch 
frocn irliich ScbinktI'a nn-«f oi mi iir- 
chLtcct maybe dufcd, H» ulciitt vvr^ 
then oa1l«ii in^n p^ny, "fkH imfinrtirkt 
OifiKjrtiiTiilict afTurOf il lli^nii tilnioiil unin- 
*ciruptciltjr. for a uhn oJ jTirm, diinn|f 
vbich lip rrrctrd moii of ibc 6nt«l vf 
tbo piibhr alnirlitrfh whiHi now |iicc 
Svrlifi Huc) Poudhuit br«IJn numcnfu* 
ethcm for prlikteiitdrndiiftU. To Scbin- 
li:*!. it bat bMn «A*«rrf4t Bvrlin li ift. 
drbtfd r^r a tmtr pbysioipiDaif, on« tbat 
intpftTt* (o ic ftnonpniiian't mcolkr cfaft- 
ncicT; ind tfrmmrir hti wOTlti, **T« the 
lf»( tiicc<pMfiil or ihrm. piY rfld^nccuf 
fenJUB, %nA of an intrniivo cnlnd, Itt* 
»cru|tul;fiifi u (ki fuUi^wiii^ utaUivbcd 
prtwdenu thu» Ambltjoof <tf fonniniC 
pr««>dciili for DlWn, and of cittudLug 
the limiUof tb« art. Among |)ir««rU<«f, 
and Mrtunlj not thit lowU hmiWAarul, of 
bii irorU m <hc ntpiul. (trc tli* \k^ 
ThoiTto, »I>^ Vaclii^((fbn«di*, « Oiiud 
houHi md l^e AtuH-niD. To llio>« an^- 
crvUrd Clic Waider C:iju<i-b, llau-*vbitlc 
(M Schoolor Afchirivtiittl. Ob«crviiary, 
ht. Of lh# |>Lii!din^ \xt^v- mrntiontd, 
fOf^Giher v^ih ■ irfi'DC nia/ry othur*! ihc 
4f^rgn« Ar« (fitcri in hi< '* Kutwftrfc," 
•rill odpioiiiiY ilhifcrTHiril by vt«ws uid 
•vdblifr- Tftu jmblifitifi]. it\fMt, bpu-- 
mr.hiueiCrndrd Sobinkd'fa ri^flunicr m« 
vfll «A bia rppur^ltud, and hnB ainioft 
fiTpn itt« fo k iTcvv hfbw] of lb« art in 
UrnnnDy. Amnnc hit liiirri<<diiitt» pupil* 
%nvf be it«akTd SiOkf , Knoblnudk, llardc, 
Mcntcl, Gtiiltf, Sinek, bmdcs auny 
DtbfA of tmni:Ehlfn( \a ijivir TirofciMoru 

ttk« tiovmKtnjc of 4 urE<«irrdeAipti fur 
fnfmrurc f J^lobri-cntivQrfi^). «nd *' £ni- 

W^rfp det lll^b«rvi^ U«ukun«l,'* c«iiuifii- 
ing d«>%D> k/t ihi* n#i(t f»y»l paUcr, ofi 
ik» Acnfob, At ArbTA*, fx nbk-b. 
bowrvrt, nnotbrt *^l« ii» cbocn, wid 
Glftntfr of JJanicb appointed fW ardu> 

fM. I. A( &iiitr««hli, Aftfr ■ tborl 
lUnvai, tff4 ftculy KJ; Job^nn lirionc^ 
ltaiac<k«f, Uiv Mffiorof OiiriMa waip- 

9futmf4t mt hit ntiivo town, whcf* 
k« wu born w Ibc I5(k of OoL l7iS, of 
j>«c>r f«nnU, la iflto «f thrn dkinfft- 

nuion, be nmtd Ui i»tnlbft« wbm 
Tcry jvun^, lo Uu pllMle «rCi. »d by • 
fttnoriftl mpplicatioo 10 Duka Cbarita of 
\HurUmU(^ in wbofe ■liHl W Ua^ 
WM «mployrl, bf «uec«cilc4 In giinlMf 
admiMoo. in 1771, toiha nilinrrardi- 
deal uadfiDytC tba " Solitude,- « Hoytl 
ttftlo nev SiuUgMdt. hbvrf j<v^* v«ro 
iMtruetad fne of etpfna*, la laiuk, 

Cfnbnf I «nd ■ruli'lvrai i^d «btf« SeM- 
r WM ft fellow pup/1. In kU lOlb yw 
htf cAmcd off (be i-me fur a iDOi«l of 
Jkllfo Of Croitona. \U >^o«L exoruitd lb* 
Oryaiidn and Qtbrr •rafutfl, wy^h al 
papAvniailornpuuof tbc lUjal rcitltne* 
at ScuirgLrdi. Uc ^efl Uw a t-nl gf in 
ITdO, ind Kiai appointed Court todptor, 
witb Ibtf triflinjt v&lary of 300 Ooriaa, or 
ftboul e^. ]]» Miiiuni, Ike folfovftif 
y«ar b« mi panvilled to riiit Paik, ro* 
otirjng, bowVTer, no fiinbrr ptcunlary 
a*rittA«hM ibiH ibmt bii Mtary «*• r^Aktd 
b ibo M<cond yrot of h4f abtcnoe, to W 

Al PaHb ba aM vtcb tb« vavlNor 
ScbalTaoer, and bMimt « pupil of F^JiM i 
■ud be dctoird blokvdf morv to llie «tudj 
of nKtorotban Ifattof tbiatitiqwflioioli. 
In l%A be Jaft ParU irilb Scbr&D«r, 
nlih wboAi btf InwUdd Co Roa*. «4«r* 
bv bvnav known re tht tBimonal CisO' 
n, wbOM frifTHlly tTioinicUaB li«d « very 
IttnA^Fio] ififlnnu?* on tb« yauthfnl artiK' 
Itu'aihvre, loo, that bo mait lb* ac* 
(jiiLiinLAncT of (rottliv ind Haidtt, iWn 
fMidliig ihm* in ordar to bwooia ae* 
qminrcd witb Ibo lion* of art coalUMd 
in ii)« Papti mpjrn], 

WkiUt in Juty ki» ^tylUot iMlUo 
iUiun of CofM ind BafdiBi Ant nnrd 
Kim bo * iTTHiej repitidtion. idid laiiird 
tbc a»dtrijrt< of AUUn anJ BoloADB to 
cbooaa bjm t m^mbvr of ibirir bo4^m, 

iitd vnu cngtgvJ for a long Hao nodd- 
Jiaa nuioiii *ifb5f^f fur XPtit-r OvX. bi 

I TM be t!t«ciMo<J in maublo bl4 ni«knUd 
Stffibo, Ib^ ^'V'*' of <"^b ^ "^^ ^ 
KfcMiiTpot- Am tbi« and oibcr Ideal 
dfom bi 1«m«4 ki« tuvation lo lbs 
taklM of butt. %»A took tbv lifc^sMO of 

ScbUUr. of vboQ bo aubiaiin^nUy Mrvad 
a ilatue. Tbe then Crouv frinr* of 
BiTwSa. now Ktnf; Lvutt, eaidoyad 
bim m varioua wotki, among wbkb hii 
bact£Jtlif cabtnied <t)mpa«<r Olaek li 
«v« of Ibe matt rruarkalik. Tki« ptr- 

lonniQtt by wliwb b« ■• i»Mt bknttn lo 
ib« Knglbb l<rwT of an b bis ddidooo 

AtMn^ M ike bride of tivrbuiit Imnk* 
00 a poflUMr, wbicb ia to be imh la Ibv 
nrdea* vS Ibo kle banter BoHmmh, oI 
Frankfort, trtko fccq^itAtbotf it, wub ibe 


I»41-} OMTT^T^f r»ara P. SitlJ>4> EMf^ S of^mi 

m Urn ^ hMdM MM «r 

M ten b«a IbMM t* « ncttf^ 

to 11*1 cwc t^M «Ml ■■«■ ^ 
- - h^. It «» Itw IM M 

I ^fart> F rill I fc.iifB^* 

EHt^i it ti tb Kmutnr 

1^. l»M«lt<« 

thii tfe nox^BiMttrof tvcMiiv ifac 
w^M l, buJ b« iMow irJia fivi^; l» the 

IMS, ■ dcfnt a Ufton* wd Irvct 
acMom v4itM4. 

Ih |« 15 Ite g«fitf JUnmdtf Hrit«d 

0MMtk<v in bta Ms6o, uid i« Uw foU 

wM»i BpM btn tb« ruik of C*»- 

pftUj OB the «ti)«iA Hift compcnUliHu 
vreliril vf miiK, lift, Mid Mt«re, Hu 

VBBt di«i>g u Mfc t J p«;<i1 [* Martin tvn 

WipitT, S«nvtt«y TO lit AAJrmr of 

!««» ha h*il fT«Md tfom all artlv***!* 
plnroifM, uid bftd hMrrt inrio ■ MMc vf 

Ofc. I. tn BcJfofid tquorf. t^cd B>< 
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ttie Soarty of (he Middle 'fVinpIv Juftt 
W, ITHI. Hf «i« Africa* of (be loU 
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H ft M«^rr in (TbwcrTjr. «b4 at IW 
Mno4 of bfV mirfn«oi hf wm ibrMHior 

AUtUfvifThtl Court- Mr. Smtford«» 

tht >ui^ot of two pompUru on ihr prac- 

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hB%tar4%^l PnipMAiiont of ihrC^un. 
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Ln< High CiniocUor. Bj Fr 


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I> I7B-, Mr. Saall—I Mitivd May, 

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Mji StauAMT Alavx. 
13^ 13. AtfcMiwMfOfi, iUb Litftvh, 

ka, «o|. •cijMDr-at'bv, 040 uf iJw 
Jv4iM of Ike Ccoval L'tuokul Oat. 
■■d Jiab« of ibe Sbmft Onrt !■ U«* 
doa, iHkutt iiite MnMM«, oud o»r of 
tbe VridcTTi* «r iboforrM* of Gvffta 

Mr. SHjmM Anbui ««a tW oolj 
««miiii^ aqn of Uk* IbM Gt»««iil Ambu^ 
it wkoit doniof he «Mvec4ed to oitaa- 
nv« cMotes in UiddlcMt h»l Eo>«e. Ho 
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Hove dra^i, ■*« prvnM at lU Old 
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Xir, CuiIm KrtfUHOo ■» Jodp A^nxalo 
l^rncml of ibe tnur t <*lii(fcuAn-, bvn' 
f rtf . b« only reiAinfd to the followinir 
FnbiWT, wIkh b« r«Urrd to bioLp room 
f«v f&r UcOi];c Gi<!ti ittifeiiiiO|^biBj*fiiHr 

ploceo4 Drpuiy J^iio Adrocair- Wbtvi 
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t^f^nsl. ud cci tbo ;iuuiI*ctton of ibo 
C'«nlnU i^rtmiml Court Utit$ r4tobii»bod 
be vrv |Il■d4■t^'0■Au«•J()l»T. ui-d Lc CMn- 
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Ihcffi. \Ik ttA« incichMtitfbffd fo oirl* 

R. M. CAKonio, K»t. Q. T. 
Jm. :t. At bit cl^nibrrt i» iW Tcoi- 

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mM., Qvr**^* Cniintvf, ca« of iba 
Heiit^n of thr >lt^k rcmi^, »nd 
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t20 OniTPABr.— !'• M.C^fbcr^, Rt^.-PhiUp Cvttrimaji, Et^. [Feb. 

Hr vmt> ^rtnittitnl lo the nitk of Kiiw^ 
Canniplm Hilar* Vficatioi>,IK?3. In tbe 

U»t pM^imattnt of t&:>7.|^], bv ■■>( fut 

tht brtrtiiuch of Uridccvrtttcr* ami bHvo- 
oi:rd Ti^ prindplci. 

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Ukinp mrdidiio wtbout tomalting % 
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Tawiuritc dose. Hivriif rtcv«<>7 foioc 

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Wum'u, hi; wu itafing M the ^M|i^t 

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Qtmctimtrot norphlii fron 3lr. Hanric.vf 
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lurkinof mutinirof in(irr>hufioin Alnao, 

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ftic whole, or the em<«r |NxUiia of boik 
of uhk4i. it ffuutd Arfin. he cffinonv4 
on* ftight^ nnd (b# rvntr^itAM tw ikikl 
ilmtb «lifwd oTi Ihc f»t[oiriiH{ nrii^. 
A cofOr»ct'# jiifj- rrtirrrtrl a ivvdici ro the 
c€*rt, *' TlHt Ihc dt^'VAtd. infmdiiie <0 
e*kr « reti«iii fuuHtityof the tn«<dJoiora 
tuuk ur' OTvri1u*Ci n htrh <«iiKd kia ArmikJ* 
lie »•! fiibiT of Licuf. Williim HftjrIfT 
CuurlimHy. of thr hi ItujrAU, oho, uita 

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unlirifjpil^rppnfhrdon botid the fnriidfni 

•Tr»i*»i>r III Mtitct la<r. 

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Mr. C)«lrfd nu b miinc of Drittcl, 
IW toll of Dr. Cutberd, of that cltr. <fid 
be "»• iberr rdnnrtd. tin uwi *l«ted 
from Itmlcl SrbwL ai rhc >^t of lf>. lo 
• &^1)oWfhi|l It ^i. Jobn> 4lolli^e, 
OifbrdiUbfrii 1i^ witniitnClruliiirdJulTl, 
I7KH. acid ■«giYtf«d'i1 I<i * f-Vltowihip in 
that forirlT in liOl^ Ifr took lhf< i^r< 

Srp*of B.C.-I'. Jhji UAth.tTtH); tlml cf 
>.CX. fkr, ZX f«iO. HiHiof e«»y 

dcniifd npon folloiiing the lnw *v • pro- 
fntloii, he r/^i?re^ Ai Lbc Middlr Trm. 

K'«; h^« r:iIIH (0 thf bv uii llir Nh 
gv. 17^1!^^ ond uv* lor in«n} ynrs one 
t( llhtf (ifirir'ifinl co>int«t OM lb* Wi^c^^m 
Cirriiil- Met rvnived ■ pntetil of jirr- 
OTdcnry In Jlibiry itroi 1A19; »ticI vbi 
•ppotor«id « Ktnif'i f'odiitcl in Eovter 
irrm If^. Fmia 1^]^ It IS^ hr mI 

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Pvri, tut lYAtpnnl hm uoi Afrvr hit 
■ppoinlracnT n* n n>Uh Jud|»e- Hii 

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t\iiMn^ hih fioit iL« Juripe in Walrt| h« 
w«t for ffomc lime an Kirbcqu^r JIjU 
Lnn Commi«ionor. 
iJr. Catbirrd «u* Kt™i13^ rf»|ipfird bjr 
^ all viho hiinf hull. Hie n-un a umli of 
fXMFllpni mi>rMl cLinM-ti^rp aitd aJlboueh 
liOl of bnlJiant tiilrniP. pu^tn^rd * fund 
of flood «otnd prn4.'lt(«l ■'11"^, ntdcb Ia 
ofirn miiTF nti»Mv in lifr ihaii nbtUllva 
Of M hJgher chanurcr; atfjl lowhith, fcc 
bad fead miirTi, nnd pm4f-««pd a lal|0 
fund of \iMfii\ tnfuRitatitiii. fJ^ nv^ Viiid 
and tH*iiriDlcn<. rDii«4ilcrutc 'ind libirnl 
lowfLrda thoar tbont \am. o| mild tnd 
fcnilrviinly monnrr*. Jind nlil^itHU rr- 
**«Tif4 iu a miwd «on>pnn^. uat ■ ]^V^ft- 
mit companion amu I t^tf ibttmiMLuborn 
br wai inil<n«zc- Ihi.- IhIc J,oM Movtii], 
vilb irhiTkin tie lind long l>i>rn in b^Mt* of 

fTi*lld■^^||^ »prMt part of a long vaniion 
ii-Uh hini al ^l. Jiifili'n a fuvr }«hni unlj 
hrfore bii dt^lfa, and bin pnjiiyinrnl vt 
Oiford >nd iu rrminiicvnt-n it-aa *o 
Ittcat, fW l^e «n|mErd no fpni bit iiiii ^ 
ihia, huwcTrr. ht u«« ■ever able lo ^r- 
iotm. Ur. Caitivrd 4ird » bwbelor. 


IM. Ill, i^< Ibr- Adrlpfai ht^Ul. Lirfr- 
foolp a^ 5£< rtUip l^rlrnaji ^1- 
QoRti'* Co^int'li md > Bc^eber of tkt 

Jnnrr Temj'fr. 

Ur.Couriena> w»it mcr»tirrofTrinliT 
eollcfe, Cambrii^-* ^ here b« frvdut^ed 
B.A. JMXV A). A. IKJK. lU wa* nltt^d 
to lU Hit tt iKe Jniivf TfinHt^ }n\j ], 
lEMl: and aflt:r^«rda aitfnr)r>d (I'T i tmi. 
rnuia f ji<r (^niu. hmI wtr? rKr KunWni 
r«nlt> He aJio tweivrd iW a|po«if. 

mwK tff acnkif n>u««l tv the Uioi. 

Jvitx StJiiii.Y Tatixift, Ehl 
/>r. 10, In naaiVfy-Unr, bm4 43; 
Jflhn Syli'cT Tar for, baTTUlcr-U4«w. 

Jhjr, 'iWyl^r wa* a native ol Donnf- 
brook* and ftroidr dlM&inbbi4 koatetf 
at Trinity Coltt^, Dvbka, vWw bf 
riH>k tho diH^Tpe of JLl.A- Sa«n *fWr 
ec«pleiiii|t bi « e4uniTJMt be n^me to Lo*> 
don, orbrrc be nbraincA an cnpgMBva^ 
at PdHunienlafy Uoporier on lt« Afom- 
iii)I ChfiJiiidf. ^fier irnMiniif >o«ne 
jran on ihiil niaMEiihriiirAl, h« w« em- 
ployed hj ihc laic Mr. Th<niiif», princi- 
Pal ptOfinvlor ani editor i>f the Sfteidaj; 
lenli, t« ttrita Inding a^i^ilr* for tbr 

biiter jovmaLmbleh Lc cviiUnwrd to ^ 
itMil wiibtn a fcvr moni^ #t hti dealb. 
Nearly al^ itit artirin wWb ki^Tr ajifHap. 
■d Ifi thiT llfhdd dnfin»: rhv lait fuoricv* 
ytan. III tmnimr of aa aiaetiorarkHi vf tba 
eiimbal fode^ani tot \\k aUdiCtoo of m- 
|iil«l p«iii«bttenC*, ptufudcil from Mi. 
TttTif^s r*<»- A r'Ji' — -* '-' ■•■'■■'■' ■'** 
nD«or aWit four yri*: ;] 

in two iv'wrt?!. r- it 

** !>nW«r fcp- ' .. ..^ l^UfiH. 

tioM «■ tba fii ui'Ual Par.lAb- 

micoH." Mr. l»jaov4»«l*ui>4Mitbec 

1812] 0wTu*iT.-x 5- nfi^. fi*f — if--. T. pm^ft- 

C4 ■' The RoMOnMOft rikM •! rrrfac^ 

He MM a «Ad of hlgUf-ndlimtoJ Bie- 
nrr a»i^ and ncnAo^r telof foMyi 
^i4 W wrola nicHft •«> h«Ik mcih 
rOM«H^ uf amidiftUv B«k. OMli fc> 
Mvcr pyl faif im* 19 mmj «pc of IMb. 
Ennuinc liifti pnoNdtd frmo Mt mii 

intpmM br k «pMor fantt^ «a 

klW C(rani«f l^NrvMlinin^i bdlo« 

inv«Uc4, In mm mfiUHy ri^i^ imv il^ 
Anciia*. ani «M hepiriMB BO tkUiA a 
Wfv iid liumiw JailnMi, li« pot- 
WwA vupmor Ul«iit< at • < i w ai p 
ipcakar; aad o&m dtifhyaJ fr«« Jatra. 
Mlf In fall «fwa-ci:Miliia<loa of whi. 
■tfNa. H« »ru * mu of TL-t7 kindljr 
mA fta«fo«a dl^inickai, ihta^ mb** 

vlWll f OC rt n l tA III! HWIHr. 

Jktr lajlor b4i IpR a vtfrir, ImI »0 
dUUrtn. ijtt Ujdj 4-4 ioUnc4 mi tb« 
cMBttrrj «t K«iimI Grem- 

Ma, Tkvhas f MTum. 
IV/. 19. Allhr lV*nfon1 mninn. anr 

■■J, U(. Tbuttu FlnL|i^, to niiiimC 

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Uid tW oaJj ten <rf t*aar PLlIimu, n^. « 
pnftfn M (ood UiniU jii MtKimoaUi* 
«binw ttto «u ia ibc «njr pen of bit hfc 
in ikp rajr. aoJ idirfnn)* b--lH ■ ufiia. 
\\am in tb« m<Biit oftrv ol Annrjor c4 
l«nd*cvilwr«, llr hid lauvded hi* xhi 
to Ian foUowrd fkc arofriwa of vnu. 
iDd to bavf 4niitf4 bin«(ir f4 the Uu- 

l>akf •f Bmufort'v inl<rt*t To pFunK>r« 
Ul adnArrfiKtiL ia liir vTvire ; b«t fc4t 
IHv* A«il bvforv hia wi^ <ouU b« ef- 
f^fd, at IW (luv ik# wlytct of lhi« 
aolirv ma iboac tfo yean of ag«.* llr 
T^ rbUjppciru ihrn «4um«driir ibe l<w, 
bal he «ar]5 ev^nnJ a atfDiie prcpeniitir 
for Ptoiifi i^ fei wnatMn hh butUlltf 
for IW *lJigr b«»a« ni^iit. llu* i*ci 
wilk vrcr^r diii*oar>itcian)i frotn bit 
fri«ndt, wbo, bo^vrvct, afur e^fioatni hfat 
ladvaUvii Jor a1iu«I in-o juaft, «lmred 
him to mt^ (be itfcmpt, in tbrhopc of 
Ida Mlatt.nnd iku( br nvuM Ibra «pfdr 

UoMVJf to tb« ttu<ljr Ol fhr Uvt ^ but tha 

evcM firoTcd o»«trmiy U> their i7\p«ct«- 
[Mm, rior Qii ihc lub M^j, ITIW, h# 
na^B IbMai/al Cottfot 1-iinlvi; Tbttire 
ia Pbilftfic, ID •^ TW Cttilc of .\iidiU- 
ala," lot Alva, MouitlBiD'«ienrftl,U(d mt% 
Mkto diCKnig imj bnUi«M a ncvp* 

* TWri'Biutr bt hrfe ^mr trror^ no 

flide of Ucattfvn died b«tnec« ITMaod 


ibflt. iW W b.-anrfontifd drl<n»iof<d to 
Wwwr ■ pvUiT kinivf aad ffofnwr of 
»aiir. Ilu U^tttd* tn l«agcr ofpiw4 
Ui i«kbn; Ua. altluub at tbi* tina 
piwinaFag ibork fmitiol fciunrlr^, ha 
was wdlv d*Gd«tft« fn lb* »tTi<w fa* 
qiMn iir ikr Kifa. vlcWni vtith « 
<«atiByaarr on tiw tu tyafiian ttwa 
vnHdi la inif Maihli ^ br acmndiivli'. 
aftar pftfamif a lew ni(U* vi Mbrmc 
pffiodi St tha lU]H«tkct auJ Connc 
Gardm. <ihmec4 UoHcIf » pffoHpd 
■inp rr in iW ^«rwUb raatptnj, whkb h« 
*kvHl/ 4ltcnw^ f^citipnl |br &Mf>. 
aodla bo;b ddra ttwr ■ rnntHmWr 
(ivoiMit*, to ttOi bt a«cv)ile4 an ro. 
g^iawat M IW Oow-flt^'vl Thr«ti#, 
DotdiA, nbvn bo vrf aiib dccidH ■««• 
r«ia, tfid roatuiwid wlih lnrrftttn| omo- 
luooit ihd fvpuu'-ioo Tor debt ran, 
ifto«t v4»Hi tine ?k|r, Arnold comai?T>r«<| 

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ema TWour. Haviaa lonoHr kinown 
Jlr. Pbilippiittapu^ofbii U:lifr, Mr. 
AncU ptipwcd aa ■■^r yw ngBC ib biot, 
whkb VIM aft^lM'dtind Mr. Pbil>MAfl|ptu 
appeared brfctfc a J^n^on Andtrnre \tK 
T<m*^ llrartwril. m *< L'p All Ni|rbi,'' a 
new mm, JV tarcrm vbirti nCrciiJrd 
Ur. rbdJfiipt'K aiuAHirJ Turcf «l llir Lji- 
crsmi Btcurrd hin a nrr viTaiitifCCOin 
<foT for Ibf witfrr from l>nif^ Laac, «Bd 
WiKvd kitn r»>rhH|W>b bi4 ifilcntlonof 
rrtumjnx to IhibliD. He appeared m 
rbr rhmcUT> of Do» Carlut m ibo 
*' UnfTin.''and Phnrr OfUmfo in ihn 
*^ CahinH,*' vrhieb latlf t ptf t kivitif W«M 
cipmtlT nvpo^H bf Vir. Brmbam for 
li« own iKfiren. Air. Pbttippn vtry rc- 
l>n>n(I) undrnouh;br w^ itvvoTbrlfM 
•KvTj ■vfiv«fiiJ, had oftCB npcsEcd U 

vitbout cxfirrnf ibr jcjlowj of the eo«a- 
poofT, vrbo. RTMiiT vc bi> cndrt, U Mi4 
on maiijr oivijn ta tu*r# fonrvr^td Mr. 
Pkibpp^a pftil«Ml0PUi| vdrunfemirne mib 
tba varaicfC enoottJumi- 

JUr. PltrTipi^i bil tbc idymnt^e of a 
LandftOmc |Hixu» ; buF «« anartor hb b^ 
BcdJiijE tin "** ft ri^Hid^kiry of >i:llon, 
ifrd %^ % firitfrr. ffviB bU kno^vii Arlnrh- 
menf lo fbr Jialian fcboo), bit Mjlc waa 
of 4 nmr« AoaU fb»ra«l^ ihan '^l* b^- 
canit iN Htmpticiijrof EniilfAb uifi%. Ha 
vat, nnrrfliclcu, « piolourd miuidfiri j 
and duitii; ibr Ulttt jrvhft E>f liU Ljfe wo* 
MvW kriGwn at a^l tbc Utcrarjr riJilLlutlon* 
ut ikr mrltopollB m a tT<Cut<t uti niinlc 

and tMUii^K - *^* twlout tijki of wbich, 
iritblbcaui*tnnc« of hiapupib, heilloa. 
Itatad b}' r«ainpl«*. In ih* WtNr d^yi 
«f tbt j^metinn dram*, Mr. I'Liltppn 
nade a Irip lo <bc LTultol Saiei, bjr 
irbicb be mtitod a rontidotblt luni, 
*hUb« with an 4dv*oia^oiiB inirriRgo, li 
»ld lo haw f irldvd bt») u biiii4»<jjnu ctiia^ 




nviiCv* be ffU t prtion of very gniemi 
i(ifi>rii»tloiif wbicb, w kb tbt ppopri*!]^ 
«nii nirrvcUifuoJhitfocLluct, introclucra 
him ivio tftt bvit cUj4rii or *ocictf, vthiittt 
bJiM o<»n liTtlv roirUt, cnUvfivd k> tbef 
w«n» by bU nii'n, ftnil ibe profetvoiMl 
uUiits «r hU rri4iid\ 9tr npulrvn of u 
bint)|r 4>r <br BlUiii rroAtvi^ drtcnptton. 
For nrvnJ )^cit« ptA Air Pbilippt mt 
B wldottcr. Wid JvB»oE,iliflbellci«1j Irfl 
any fodnity of bh own tohmeiithlft un> 
liir»\j hit- 

tie wbtavpJitpff hy ibv nniJ and pro- 
fctuonsl ru-urtiofi lo IrcUnd. Umnf 
i:al out or Ibc nTTuye n Horrford. on 
rhp tlgnftl tii>ll t'tugliig ha ■dvmi'vd hitn 
ricdly Mra^rdi ihv mtrrvi^, nbm, mitb- 
tjig ■ luddm apiing, bi ftiDt iihp]icitH 
■ad be bud only titne in wf huii»df 
tntn hWinr by i^tping fbf middle Mfp 
of tbc f«riiB£C. Tbt fuard vrould hare 
fucrerdcd in ^mtlri^s bimftvmy, buiMr. 
l^biliiifFii k^p( hi»^ hold oJ tbv ftUp, Afid 
bib h'gu t\ip^u\g acTOaa tb* nil, on« 
vHirfl af ibc riirhnffr n^nt ovrr (hem. 
He vru tb«n dmggra uui of furibrr rliin- 
BW; but "HAcli !*■■ «br itijurvht rrt^trtv^dt 
■fid ihc tliock (o£«ibrr, tbnt liu never 
ff^kv umId. Tkriv »ja a iTcf p cul odi 
lutkftlCffiiKBrllLecKtrp uppiTcirtly nvde 
hv tb« Bl^, and the tfnali buncaofbotb 
bU tr|^ wdiii braktv( but, in Ibo auT' 
gieon'i nnUioTi, dnth wai more tbc re- 
ftiilc of tue fri|^t and aiidfien abock f^tn 
ta th« •jilcni, ihtn ibe *rtu4l iiijnry rv- 

On ibeM Kov. tbc mndni of ibb 
unfujludkicjmitleminveft removed fron 
lU) ic^idrirff Iti Oftek StTmt, SobOpUnl 
dcp«ir«l in the avuth nirit «f tbc pnr&tb 

rliurdi of St. Ann'i. Soho. bj ifac ude of 
tbo*corh]« Uie wiU; who tfkd xfrrrH] 

Cn flfo. Tliv ftinirrml wa* HtMndrdoiily 
, ibc imwediitc prtvon^l friendi of the 
d«cM»vdt wDui^t whom vrtrv tbd Aev. 
HotMTt CaimUr. Mr. Walluk, Mr. Ed. 
mund ftobijtg, Mr, Aldudge, 0^, 


LO^CtH)^ AMI IT* rlWJrtTT- 

A'ev.^, At Si. GcoTfr'i.tcrr, Hyde 
r>rt Nunh. iftd TA, Cli<rlo4ie, relld of 
J«mt« Pri(v, rtiq. foriDrtly of P«/k.«i, 

Afc.K AjrrJM, OrgrfeMMlar,«wi. 

rkt.9. rfit;nerBoker.M,wd 6i 
EdvtnlJobiven. c*a- Chkf CWfi «1 tb« 
Pft*MalfilUoA«, Ho«Hof Co*»o«. 

uf ft^vrtuid Mkiiby, e>4. ind 4w. of f W 
bto R«r Dr. J*eAlak, FMorof Oftltl*- 

£)fc, 19. At tfrvmpioa, agied 40, 

Henry CUrkc. tt^. Aurvroo, formerly of 
Lemh'* Condut-U, «ad Aflerwttrdt of 

U Catmlon^et Oeorft Auaiio. nq.. 
□oe of the rutlMt memfaora of the Com- 
morplAl 'F^vdlen' Soei^tft for ^^ ytatm 

lA mUvv iDMiber of its eominiue*^ Mid 
a liborm] contributor tO k* fundt. 

n.^. II. AeMm. Fnnrn C^Hm, 
MTond ion of Hcn^ Cbu. ElMKOod,**^. 

£i»r. 13. At the bouse of bcr tntee 
Mtt. y ScnxFTilU Wood. Mr«. Ahm 
Brocnky EeMyM dou- of ibvUu Tbot. 
Ku«et etq. of the Vine^*»rd ia Jimdc^J 
;«'ba wwlinattUydeecvndidiOtt b4«j 
tlif*^ aid^, from Mr ThomM Bi 
Lord Chdocdtor b> Queen Etii 
DHni la Mr. ItihlJ, chief tuDf^iir^ce M 
Bc)vr-itr«ei> ftnd nuiitmal irrtsMiiAl of 
iho Hon. Mrv, lyct^eAier Sunhope. H«T 
boil; vi'dt interred fet tbc illfh^nit Ce- 

/>rf. ill. Ac Uliftaun-conimoD, aiied 

!fi, Jubji Btfber, ow. 

/>», 1«. AEcd 7A, MiUhew Djrr, 
f\; of Kdon.iil. Old KeaUroddi 4nd 
ff)rm4»Hycif Kn^briMdEtr, 

IHc. 19. A^ 69, Joalfth Lncet. oiq. 
of ClBpbam*nar. 

At Upper Ctipton, and 50, Bcajamin 
IVblniitll Srottt o^. t^erh of Ibo Ch«m. 
bcr 404 priitcJ|Ml clvrk to tha Cbumb^r' 
Uin of London. 

Dtv. ItiX l-inii -t:ol. Robert Wood, 

uf !ttMnr'«f|rljilr of J^mf (amtv. l^irlney. 

JTrc. n. Eh«iib«[li. wife of John 
HHetit, M.Dp uf AJu'ehrtifr^hi, 

Im tJp|M?r (fower-n. eiied il. Uariil 
Stone, Vhq. 

Tbomiit W»iT7, c<H|. 0/ New Inn- 

iJK'. <^X Ae<d ri8, S«mu<l Kolicbr, 
**1i*."' "*ll'r-**'^"*- J»li*Bton- 

Thoinin Keefoof, o^. of HrnJ-st, 

■nd Tc«dnle Ceirsfe, Nurwiood, 

Drt. ^A. In Grore-Oid-pL Si, Jobn'o 
Woul, Jolin Diviun, nt\. 
At'cd 1^ [.c«h, tfrilf of Jdr. A4ron 

HunlU« ol UAblvdoit-fl, 

/>fc. £6. fn UMffftet^. Oitindifb. 

a. J*mt% MorU IMvii, »d, vf Imber 

Ihf.^, la Unghtm^pL the Rieit 
Hos. t^wne* OasDiHw Uiiriey. 6be 
WM only ifnu. oJ Ac hlo iJUu*. Q«n. 
8<r Jete BurfO}nv ; md varrird thr J Ufa 
or J^y, IN)i, llokMtVd iMid Onckr. 
vfco died in ItiJI, br whom tfe hod Teae 
lie iroetit Lord Oigley, four ether mm*, 
ond two daufbUn. 

Bhnbrtb, oMmi fturviting ^u. of 
ioocfh C. Ouymo, ni\. of Ujiper t^iw, 
loitv-it. t1tiroy-fi|. 

At lllcbburY, .£o4 m>, iobn ikitOktm, 
c»q. Of Cuioobuiy-«f . 





Stfili. vifiatf Hurf KtfHic t«i. of 

twu.». Md T4, Ma. Hv4i0ft. 

OMttA^i, Md iruUctoa, SuMk. 
In WUton-rrv*. a^H 7I» Fnnvtt 

K<n*r, But. 
ilR. 31. JUri tid, Ekw J«w, «iC« ar 

Iq £wm.d. Ud; (MImt. viU of 
U«uC..G«n. Str Jobn Gardiner K ( .B. 
■od tktm to Cot. Wildwon. of Nr«* 

I> jUei«Ddcv-«i|. Ik<Oi|Hoas 'V'^ ^> 

At KdMbflon. i^«d 83, ioba CHdEttt, 
•<i|. BtBy }r«u» ■ PracuiT is DccUin' 

fiq. arAik««tfl>-«L lad J«naka- Sbv 

Ati^Ml, Mir London, Jcbc FUm 
SiiMall^ iftd 17. the otfaj" **>» oi M». 
TboiBi SamuclK vigour, of FaLmoutb, 

in OjJDrd-H- Ikl^T- *«'• <>f Ricbanl 
Onwlty, CM- Bcndirr of tbo MidAI« 
To«fle.indbL«orMfrtd«n lUI, l«'«r*'. 

wio, csf . 

•/«k I. Al ll«k««>b9t«l, Harr-Eli- 
(■b«tb. nifc of Sii Rictnrd 5«U4in, Dart, 
of Ncrwwd.pvk, N^ningWiiubifc. She 
wn daa* of fW kic B*nj< BurtoTp «i|. 
of Airton JloU. Ciflov, ud manwd ili 

AttW r«v J*fw f ■{ IkfT litorbir'b'lajr, 
Oe ftev. Dr. Oailor, Uo^hill-si. wed ». 
Ulti Rllubcib Walker, dni- uf Ui« bic 
£dwifd Wakcr. »q. of Ov^r lUU. 
iUilMd, £»ri, anj iniiddfto. of Johm, 
or NfijUiKt, lIig Eilcbraitd tulfaor «j>d di- 
vbv, Hff p^'olouiid tvMkrriiviui Ori«h- 
lal tnticnm *nd tiibi«4) lavotnf arc vxtl 
knovm, fron hvi i-Kt«naiv* tubourit for the 
J«wa, ill »u{wrmtr(L^inf ibc pi^lkMiuii 
Oflbt Bodcrii HebreiT V«Vi4ui irf lliv 
Kaw TeMnnurikl : kl«o 'fuoi btr Uoriicd 
tliawfftiCioav ID ihff J«wid> Etponlov. 

Al Pirk 'piukwci, Wcatnun Ur, agod 
00, Mri. WIutAcld. 

J^.-i. hi ^umj^l. ii\ttmi> Hf^ to, 
Mn. Nv<ll, liiiCfr of tba Uic Ur^ Jokn 
Nc4tJ, aod «iiC«r'in.lair of tbc laic lUf. 
K Wangb, U.D. 

Sm Wm^9 iljwr. ChariBUa. wib of 
Alnute N<nMl, M- rf I DdcfWf. 

Al KctKiifio*, ^f4 61, Johrpb WiU 
lam EfwoT faffe*«. wf , laia of Sootb 
LuDbetfc. nd ddcrt aoa of W. Parker 
#a^ fonavflf of StDu^ridfff. 

.;«iihX Mf. CoUan. a*vl*bMvii 
ptttoriMcCMiIhr SomyMdaof (bt waccr, 
vhrw ko iaa«d to Mad tba prfndpal 
fikakawnan d«iactcr*, 

1ft ubMio«c«r-fl. Poitaoto-ao- m an 
odvoncad •(«, Fraftcm. ivlkt ol ftkhtfd 
Pkfnia^ coq. of Slakolwodc, UaoiK 

lb Skv^r-ii- at mb adia at ad me, Xa- 
Ihiriikf, «i4cw «r Cd. IWfcclor, of 
llaotky UaLI, SuSbfdaUfo. 

/dii. 4. Al EAfftV-ecfurt, firomptoit, 
Mpi M. Wall«r U««dy Walti. nq. 
SiACv 1817 b« had bt*n a parliaocfttuy 
f*pari«r «i tka Momiiitf Ckrocurle. Dur. 
inc tbc brilliuK pviiod ol Piit, Fox, 
SlrridaB, WiftdUtai. and Ticfn«jr. Mr. 
Waiu vaa r«yorttr to ibe Uonmw Poac. 
lie nia alM i aetiianttoiipabilin of falgti 
VMclkncat IW aduo* of lW Anniul 
Obatiuryi and for iireatv ]rrv« aofi- 
lrttpvil«r ol crtciduna oa rbv Hni* arf<( ro 
tht Utararj GaMttr, Th* ^lornifi^ 
Ckraoida ODoebofea ■ woi eulogium on 
hioi I7 aajlwg> " Uv wv h kumJcl vf nJl 
Ihat mo pant bonounbltN 4»d clit^nu< 


Alike boui« of Dr, Botrrvge, M.P. 
Qor«n^. Wt^ctmiiifUr, iftd T4, Mr<. 
lUi;btl Nnnot, 

In CofhivaU.l^r. Bt^tnft, Park, Clara, 
^van£e«t Jau.of ike bto Paul Prirkcci, 
raa. of Wood-tulJ, Surrry, 

In Upftr Vobum-pl. a^rd 73, J. Nii- 

boUt f*Q. 

y«, ^ la Oafoid^i, i^ad % Urv. 
Efitt niijuhw. 

Al (be Henniu|;f, Norlh End. Ful- 
tram, *nd two yrtin* France*, onlj doe. 
ollho ilcm. Jiianrj Roprr Curvm. 

If] CalihoTjii!-*^ GDtJdford-at. agcdW, 
K'jiTkteik. widow of Joaepb Ckiiltj, et*i. 

In VliioriiUhq. WntmJ niter, agnd ^, 
AU/r, eldcal dmi. of like Utc Anihony 
DitclirU, dfK}. of Cromor, Nvfolk, 

Acfd 06, WilUam Burb<, fonncrl/ a 
fmtleiuBii of indnptndtnr fortijne, and 
rompanion o( hit Majftiy <it«r^t tfai? 
FourCh. hk liu ffn^^ly d«j* utiifii I'nnrif of 
Wklci, but ]uti> An iJinincr ol Sl Puncni 
Woikboiu«. ll Ji ari eiiraordinarv fkcr, 
tha Ibe drc«o*«d'« laibtr died m iLc aec 
o4 IIM. bia frtndJklb«T at lb* t^v of Wi. 
■fid he hia iitfir a brocket llitMi; In lit? 
ooonvr al ibc adranrod affa of HH . 

Jsth 5. Al Broniptoo, Miu lubcl 
Hill. Sbc had ffnintfd ■eae dialiaetion 

ia tke htcnry wcrldi 




Ftffdcricr*, i^ifrof t!, C, SiroW. ™q- 
)■ &«nntd'M. Itiiu«ll-aK|. ngcd vi, 

Jo. 7. At (ambcrwdl, tbe Hon. 
Lvw W|niit rflicl o4 lU« lUv. Ji>1iii 
Wrmnck, V.U. KB.S. of Amitmliim, 
lifitfaomth* IfM^tr* four dnidrvn. ^he 
«■* ih# iliii- bf Urn TillH Vb0L>rd>*1ij. 
WW mafiied fint in 1703 to th« Hon. 
Jobn Vjiin, Mf*t rn/t* uf ibc tkm Ixinl 
Neinbof Onsb* bv ^ ^*""> *^^' '^^ "*^ luiic. 
>n4, frcOuSlv. to the Kcv- Vu Wrmix»iir, 

4/A1, 4r. j4p:cd 64. Ssmh. Krvukt, n^fa 
of Jolin Alt^relfliidt cu|. of JitiDglon 

At lUmmrtHnub. nprd Oi. il* widvw 

Jaw. V. Arr^ .'itf. ( b*FUiCiirTcr,r*cj. 
SiHicnnimdcnl cf the &L &tL«rine'^ 

At Ckcnbcnrtll, X><»fO(bn, rtliri of 
WiTli«n Sfmoma, r«^t ind moibrr-inJav 
dI f h* btc Rev. Edw*id A»dr«w«, LL.tJ, 
of Wi:wortk. 

Jan^ 10. Ai KcwUrr«n.tgedn, tbc 
HciTT, E.urv IblntiMjt Nipt^. yaufl£«tt 
dftD- of tht faio Lord Napier 

la t%i'd 09^ Si>rab, 
widow of John Huntcfi v$q. uF Mi»ring- 

JdH. ]l, til Urat PoJtl»nd-*l. »£c4 
M^J.Hojlif. mh 

In iW VM><id. iged T3» H'm. 

Bvtklir'ld, «■% fontmlv of OiUbIIh* 

In ibt Ed|«Brc-nMd, fccpbr^i UtvoriK 
CHj. 4>r iW Ordrniicv OSn, PhII Mdl< 

At Ch*pf-1 Haittt, firov* Knd. S*. 
Jokn't Wood, t^td 1^ IMifri Loaiu 

tiAiliiMa youPffrtt dau, of ihe Uxr Sir 

John Gttlrmt) nod out* of (lio iiiumfiorfiE 
foimUrvaiK* of Our T^dy'i Ghmch, Sf. 
Jobtt** Wood, 

J*H.\i. Accd UiThomntCMkitKiH 
of fentonnile. 

M*fT Sntunnftk, »pr»Ofl tlio. oF Tht. 
nim uroTDWAOd, 4'tq. L'ucnkrJund'irrip 
Komi** Pork, 

In i:borkiitr-iL rorika^l. Antni- 
Mtha-Cbrloti*. rcbct o4 J. FMor.!^, 

/■n* 19. )a OiouRa'rT'Bl. l"on>rh»n- 
•q, thr uidow o< June* CndrUb«nh, cai)- 

bi Drfston-pL wrd HI* U»ry. rrlut t^f 
Jubii Edvitd Hol(Ht. tvi- ot HfT&# 
km, SitiTj-. 

Id Kihf WimMU'kr, SEfMid, ne«ri 3I» 
Anliw. ]roiii«g#fti brolbrr of Kubv-rl 
QfiTtf*. nq- A.K.A-> ned MrMct. 
HniiV »nd ( tMipciB (rfuvr»» uf Fall M^lf* 

At' W«t«orii. ^x<l 4^, SHmfc, ^ik 01 
John Jbmr*^, rt(|. of tW AdikitoJIj, £»u2 


Jano* wji&avr of J. O. Joom^ o*^ Into «f 
ibo rrou-ii OEico, Tflnpl*. 

/th. H In Siimh ti. Cbchni, 9gH 
TO, Mr. Piiftl ^^rubb, ivoro ihoo ja ^^ 
vnrn canfiimlUi tlrrk oihI nabifT to tbff^^l 
laic And I'rpfcKi Aldvrnma Mnj^mr* ^^| 

In BgodSS, St^*^Ii. tvIWi 
ofJoAtn Vk'tltoiitT^, o( Vvn Cnjt^^nA 
riUPF uf lb* bf# Sir A, Piggoit, Kn^h^ 
M.P< AiMrwy Gonoml, Ac. 

At Brojnp«on, w^ |7. MtcbtcU iOn 
tA ibo bto MicbacI O'Uritfi. co^ at 

BobHtf*, vdF« of C, C'^dirick* Jatn, 
nq. barriurr at l»w. 

Jm. 19. In Grt«n.«, GroiTtoor**^. 
in fccr eArkyMT, Etiobtcli, rrJiotor Job 
HiifTiMri, t*q. 1H10 dird I>cc. 7, IB3T. 

rtUM— n«r. ir At Bedford, Jotrfi 
Gfny, ciq. nrphfw of tb« Ikie Kigbf 
R(t. Dr. G»}> Itlmluij or BfiMol. 

Heiua.— ./mi. 7. At Wind*«. tged 
M, Uria^.Col. 'IJtfjiui &vcr, of 
Bnnpr^, Glmnur^n^tiiri-. He hd be«o 
GovmiDf 9f tbo Ihlilitirjr Kniicbti of 
WLndaor duilii^ t pftiod of «ioiii VU 

JpAfft, vim liii* of tbff l(h {Norilvmbrr* 
md^ Ergt of Fool, md had ivvn proM 
F«rTtnr in the Amctina vi» In JIM. 
In 1799 he Kcun>puiii-d thi> Pnk# Af 
Yoikin the riprdii»<jTi lo tlo[]Mnd,and 
wu «n^^ 111 iW trbiiiM f««|^i on tW 
lOtb And I9lh Sept. aitif un the Sind aad 
Wh LM> K« Mfloinmrds pffncccdvd lo 
Gibmluc witb bi* rt^m^Ht, 

Lo/r^r. Al Brny- MTtcb^rove, am* 
UoidMibrod. w^ 33. I.«dy fWltiffm, 
nWtt til Sit John rulliBflr*. CB. 

Cci-K*,— JVC. J. At BcoraniMd, 
Iaiu^h Mtrf, ddnC dau. of n«nift La- 
tbam, ou. 

£M>r. W, At Jbitone Houoe. IbUr 
Annp, rtlkt ol Iba Rrv. Philip wroi«h- 
toii, of Woollry Furk. berk*. 

Jen. l>. At IkttCuntlWId, ogrd €6, 
Jo^in {!iindi>i'. t*q. 

Jm. t(. Al Sbjd»(on. agvd 90, Uitr. 
PirKfuy, ft^ci of tbc Rfi. Q. U. J. K 

^an. if. At Hmcbc) Hoitfo,Sl9ivk, 
bobctia. v>iffl 9f JdBrtm Ut^iicfiHd 
JSrnn> «q. M.D, 

tkHttiit^i^- — ihf. «). Aff4 I*. 
Kntni^ia, ikard kw ol EdvarJ For^bas, 
rt^. of Od>>r7. 

eiir<MiBf.-^M. 13, Af Wbtnon 

Lud|y. AiBvli*. <latL nf Join hnd1^,M, 

■gr, 5*, niuiitf. Maria, nift of ilr |Ict. 
J. Shi^TivliBnhft, Vi<vr4>ltUt ponhb>i*d 
Arrbdnixm of tonjuiiJI. 
Jan, i*. At }«Utu«ih» nti hit v*f to 

MNkrim. >i«ij «V Jobn Mticiim«t 



CWlM. fUM *« trf-tW btr Rrf , A. R. 

J. UMahwHm.Utwi K^^. 

CM KWh Lto ^ BtfniMt ml O^. 
14 « tfSrr St. BdiBBrff, J«b :Cm 


A^.n Al »Unro«J. H«^ ii^ Ed- 

■ii<.G«««r ROcr. UpJ Mf fWig of 
CUsiirfl. CtBlKivciMidMnoffbe R«t. 
afalhw^ RiltT. RjtfMc oTtlM |viai< mi>(f 

fte«ivlT Ftttoir or St, J«4f>-> «i>lL 

JiAbM. fvlkt o« Ebo IUt, T. W. 
ttotvb Vtttr of Ofiffton. 

ilV.ftV Al AlflbifM. ml » td. 
Mv, UvT, r«Uct«f Cm. 0««»c 
Kit. of D«aHddc<>di n«w. 

_ .. Vr. At Btt«l«^li )Mll««iKM,i«vd 
'49, JffAHjrt Tb(H. AUtB. «<i. Wftr4<n of 
DMfdl «o1l. «Mni Mil irf J«fl^ 
AUvtj fOi. or UtHKwuvr 

|W,«bL Ai Ainl«l*r.tvedfi§,Pit. 
ML memdamoi Mr. TbfHM O^, 
Ijuikn, «if Ifatl 10W11, 

i4M^. At £x«err. MC«d #1. Mr. 
Chirttt Cote, <*rrv and fil^r. »(>d 
■mar Mtisg *i<«f Honl of iW Cm^ 
ML hifirtf bMn r<Bi»fci^ uitih tk 
Adtf riMi I TfTT Mrlr pfflod of hi< Hie, 
Md<4oif ^»«ldir 

Jbo. 5. Al Bidefard, Jokn Arundd 
&«||lwi1, v«q. toVdtor, ton gf Ibvbli 
fUt. JohoRwIfonlH of Wmmcon, ia4 
MHbonoftbrUtD He*. Juln lUdlMd. 
lUfiorW Ltnford' 

J^ 5. Al avdlfljE^ «td a Unj. 
Rory YotUe, of ihe Huik. K. i. Co% 

/m. S. Afi?i1 05, FWan«, f«)ic« of 
IW Itrv. W, U. l^rtlnciov. H«tiOf of 
Ido, DvTon- 

Qnrr. Ua«. Tou XTlh 

A«. fi Al CbvlMk, ^td ^ B^. 
hM. »iK of Opt. ^^iL, of ds Bs^ 

Omt^^O-. I. BWitoA Wi»fc. 

of r UBc*vdi CiiiiiHiFiB, Mi oMni 
Iw.ftftWBr'. Jmmi Pttn,Himr^ 

BM«ft— Apt. II. Ai Orw V-U. 

^», W^ T«. Ur i«U r«Hdi 1^, 

OcMmna.— iW. I*. Al Uw*< 
W», ElfakboU. wi«* of Uor ClMk*. M. 

Oe. IT. At ih> Orw^ Bottio, Tf * 
lWriHtOB.anJ«X T^MMHM|*Wte, 
H^. JiM m «f ifcekK T. H. Btfd* 

■ictc, n|. of that jiU o*. 

Ac* fC At 8<tifal. ved fa 4* 
widow of lMH»| Bokor, Oi. ^ AU»M 

J1». SC. Al I,ow A*iCOB, K^ m, 
JdtK 9iboU« Uaib«,liil lOf^trbv dmi 
or iW Uco Mir VW7 ffibbt. «t Mbjo* 
Co«Mik KoM. ond of Mf . 0««n 
OibH ^ Bftoiol. 

Ac CWlMlwa. inWtTldyvor, Lydb. 
vifo of Alnudft 5W«l« tturkUi, «o^ 

XVc, 30. And 30. iSmnb, wiffr of tho 
Hot. T, K l^r% M.A, CunU of St, 
loho'*. ttriatol. 

At CbfUMs ^^ 79, CmUHiw, r«U«c 
•f Copt. RobMt BUfivon, fonmr l f of 
ibo Sooibo? Jklirtik*, 

t^t^fr- Xtt3i#liHi1itai,^*dAJklArr. 
rvli«< of Cd. J. lUnJiuD, v4 tirtrr to 
Sir Rehtn C PoLJwk. Bvi. 

Al f-luumtcT, JuK, loidov oT Li««t. 
Col, Vflley, 

Jim. 7* At bcr •ob'n liouv, Strvnd, 
Mtdftk Ctlr», rplrrt ol ibo (Ut. John 
H«J]e«dl. IkV. Kunki«. Vorluh, 

Jm, 9. Al CMtnihijn, ftj«d TO, 

Ac CbHltuhuv, and T?, Arthur Ui»r- 
dctt, ttt\. bu ul Dublin, 

Jm. jo, Ac IbrfiDfd Hoooe, Brbtot, 
fVmooM. «ifc or Dr. Alf'f^ ll», 

*niii. W. Ac Soakr VJb. Vo« Ptfi, 
Bri*i*>l, ijcwl 73. John Wttiitti, p<q. 

H*i^TB,-o#f. II- >:*N^ Ti^rt-ld, 
■^ li, Alfrrd, Bon of ih$ bl* Tlwiiiv 
NAgbim. r»q. of Unjfton l[;ni*f- Ho 

Vuin^MUllB HonJ iriiUTf CollfgO^ 

iC SiM>i^Dr»i« 4hd mt dndb ftiuooniM 
It « toU (nojii bl* pomj 1 ind .fin, 1 1 » U 
CVdfbon bouAT, Mtd IK Ufarr. tUtb tun 
of ibo *om« ffthilHMn- 

i>rr. to. At VtftiMr. J. VT. Abrf* 
vaio of ibo Htv. R. X, fUwHOVie, of 
llntloalUll. L>oc. 

it^. 29- Al t^# Elm, KiBorood, 
iC^79. WiHitm CUrk, v«i. 

iM.V7. A( WMihilgiT UiUBf, MV, 
iifod?^. John Yotoie. Mq. 




Hhmttt A^we, nidoiv <jf CliBi^^t H>rl* 

TUf. 3L At <Uu-(»tDbc lloiiic, iW 
rcilil<nrfr of h«r «, A4m. hir 
Luciut Ciinih IStrl, ngeA fitf, Munr, r«- 
JJcl of AJoB» Gr«t[1ttt(ii, f«i|. iJfimiT' 
JtulGf} Advonie of 1^ l1«rc. 

JaM. V- Al SourliioH, nffiil ItS. Siml^. 
jtlift if ilic Ucv. T. liiiin' Kfi'pf, Hcrlcr 
Of UiitilhworLh, StaiT. Aiitl dou. of ihi; 
htf Vrty R*v, N. Weibfftll. D.U. Dron 
of Jlorfgfd. 

At SimlhHn, ifird K, Vmuj Kliu. 
Iwib, nifvol UtOTEV Jaokwin, r>ri- 3, A. 
orCaiiu call. CnniS. «iid Navil Inttmctof 
in the Boj*! X^v}-. 

/«», 0. At HomMjr, agrd 68, JtmvH 

nnt ColUct, nq- ■cr^nd con of tW lnFc 
£. J. CuUnt, i'*>]. A!, P. 

JOw. ftS. Ac KJitfi*U»d. $^v6 To. 
Jtivmiiib BHghip ftq, Littof Birfdinchitrn, 

tlEm^^OK. S7- Ax Yrw JIduhi 
Hodilndon, Birfil^ 7<ar<, Luctui-Wyiid. 
hiiBi, third Hiiv^vinE nn of Cupi^ V. ii. 
O^BFJgn, R.N, 

Kty^.—Dee. 0- Al Dovrr, Stephen 
Chvl^PAO. nuny year* a inedSwl pniC' 
ilrion^ nMhMt town. 

Su^rlim^ rlili'^t dim. of ibu Uic N^lbnnjdl 
A. Auiien. <r4f|> u( RamKjCntt, 

Dfc. ^. At Koit Aiufifwr, Chaehnm. 
■Ctd i^. Ji>bii, ti^oon4 loii vf Arcbjbuld 
Cfatttlct Windcyer. esq. 

Jen. 1. Al Ifriirnlry. H^td J7, Tbo- 
mnt HfkinrlL>fjliib Krhni. fuuiitrcki M^m of 
ih(!buc LicuL Cal. Kvuni, ot ihc- 38ih 

Jfin. 7. At WooltfMi Cotnnmu, uecA 
tUl, Kilb«r1nr, rvlicr of (Iftpt. Hi-n'jr 
IncHKn, Jt,N- Klrat Rnldrnl Coniukj^v 

iioncr for rcmtinK tbo admifriiiniion uf 
imnl HfrnlTi ill fniiifl 

J43«, |j Ac Or^ciiitvli, and 60, 
3l«r]r Ivtkjalfcthi ii>roiul d4u. of Jatiiv* 
HurdiBfMf- M.U. f urmcrty uf Se«lord. 


RueLiluU-, kfcd up^tnl* uf ID, Tbiiiiiiki 
T«ci«nlMiU. He ff«> laid (a br wortk 
upw«nti of iOuOCO/,. tnd rvnimJiicd 
•uiddc bf diDwnlng bimnvU imr hm 
own bcKtir, in i^n>r^iicac« pf having loAt 
400/, lhi>««h ibf faiJiirr cd* rrUrtvc. 

Jn*. 7, Al Liv*qN-Jol. 4ffrd 77, 
Afiry, ^idoiv of Vilimm l«ftnft«ii, t^a.. 
of Kuthuu. ^ ^ 

Lui:»na.— /M<. »7, AjM Si, 
Tbani» FifrfT,r*c|,, of H'rvt Cotfi. 

l.lMMi.h.^ArTH VI. Ac (ii'^trr, 
4|0i A^ Mr. 'rhoDi» IkTrry^Biintrnuvr 
b*tM-4f»ltf. tTcry Climtinu for nBBj- 

ynn p»«r, Ihi fjvt uny a bdSoric tn ib# 

Dtc. 29. AiltucLi-ton, ii£«d<^ Ckf9> 
Um. *oroQd dau- <jf ibc Uer. Il- t-lvHvr, 

lMf9f. Juhn KurcIjHDi^ ««■]. of Co- 
hJ'iftbj. ][■• pcnuiHlcy biife b«n iwonii 
in tbo ProroaliYt Couxt of Cvvrbury, 
under lOOjOOW. bcwd«t ttais, tbe ml 
«it«lMJir« b'lWvttl t« btf wortk lit Imm 
SOO.OOQf. Thii VMM properly d««enkdi 
io hi* two dituhi«r% JlicT-Uvrdwicli. 
jt\U of Mr. U-ltoffen, of BoMon. «nd 
6opbi>, wife of tbo lUr* T. B»l, of 
K iikby> JkU|irf - ll«ku 

Jffn. ti. Al SInJqt^. tgiid Si Wn, 
Korbi;f» n^., f«- t&ftblM^ yev« Clc«k uf 
tli0 PrtiHi for the dirvtiori of KMlorcn. 
Hv ever took in %t^vw jutrt ffl the Iid' 
provemcni of tiie town of ^lr«fofd. 

MitinrEttx.— /W. r^A, Julia, ihled 
dau^ of Hobrrt Bro£hoNn< n^,, of 

Rkh^ Todd. c«q, of upptf mm. 

ford, Sufibury. He mti wrsMilj m 
cminenl lH-d«lcf m tlctt-MrecL 

/W. 29. Al Grtttt G«Unf, ifOd V> 
Hci\Tf John Fcttn. etq. 

Z4/Wv. At Htmpion Cuvrt P^n, 
«l on acvnnced ig«, Mn. Uorotby EHm* 
twill tJoehdi^ 

Jq*. 4- Al Fnlbiuti, i^d \% Jaea 
Anircld, on^y dnu- of I>, Lrord Leo, c«^. 
■nd |fnndil*ii. of rhr Iwe Hcv, ,|(Au 
Chapmtfi. Ktctor uf l^KlinwonK QIov- 

^44, 10. At HxmpbM Court P»Um, 
the Riglx lion, Mvy Cunncto* dawtier 
uf Enit:; *i*ter toihe M«rque«iolBr1itol* 
^\\m «nH rhff tld^>i d4i>flh(*r of pKtdvckk 
foimb Eoilof Britjolond Lord BudiMi 
of Urrty. by Elfubecb, dd^ufbier of Sir 
Jrrmyn Ihinvvn, But. Shu Vmnvfk# 
U wlfeoUohn Him Evltif bnviii ITTti, 
■nd WM lc<C liEi wtdvw ill IBtt. Iwrh^ 
hadiHiietbe preienl Lwlf Wh«nvh0«. 
Uidy Kmo vtm one of tbe Lidin of ib« 
B«dcb*inbvr for ftevml y>vi Co Qwcii 
Cbarloite, iud <m Ike 4Milbor UtMvo 
in. h«J tpariorieriiif uatgnejt b«r In 
ffampton (^ourt PuWe. 

Jcfk- J 4. At lUmpton Ooort ?■!■», 
Afw Bywn. widow of ibe Uoii. ■nd Her, 
>1il«« Suplrton, Shp WM lb* ooly ^am, 
vt tbe Uk Thomu Norbury K«rby, «q. 
wft« infeiTud in lftA>, and Ufi « widow ut 
UI3U, vitb foonbiichlen. 

»Mirau.^De«. I. AtKrlluvlUl, 
Pliitb* Murk, nhM of '£m\^*imAtk ikit- 
dir*lune. coq, 

«Am. ^ Al ble ivftl. WklJtniloo tUI, 
■rftc I>ow«4bui. «0rd CH, RoWrt Pud. 
rH|. tie «»< Ml irndv of Sir fMori 
I'l-rlh 11m dr^Oi *«■* n»ii«od Uj vpo* 

Bi-t) wbiUunWflErt fO^r lotb ||>o Mio. 
<? ttw poiMMfd of I Maw noillfe. 




LM^ At BMfc. ivtJ 
A.M. J.IV*. Mi»h»i, U«H, B 

Mi4 tl7 

K#ra.— J^ 10. u 
n mi ill ■*r4 ■>«. Ki 

CkA. Oif. 
£tf^. Af W*l*cf, «l Ike •dv«iirtd 

SBc« " ON ftynkK tbU/ 

lb» lUt. R^ lUcdlfir. U« w.! « 
vUkdMt it iH)MT Mlkt«, whv* Uc bar- 
Mf« fil iK« Frtwb rrveiuiion nwipdled 
lb« k^ttn to iMk *k<ltcrtii (imi Bri. 
Ma Mn4 oiWr nniiiuiri. lit vipird «< 
Aetoi fWmttl. lb* BMl of Sir E^tmvrd 
SmjTbr, wkb otlKr rH»fr«*i »» 1793, 

«bcw kc iBDHMwd U» tb* u-w *»f kw 

riMCbt aDl ^urinf tU ktt iir«ni]r-iiji 
fonv oftcMtrd an dcMWUic cfavplain to 
tbeiaia»r- U* U «id to U*f bwii ih* 
bat dflMfnd^tof lbs Bounof UrwcM- 
tfbKfa ftfvnd w nuKli in |cv. 
M>l l<r« Inr tbnt ftd^«r>OTc to llift 


lAMf^ Agvd 10, Anbur, K<;wiA unt 
of e«pi. tffiliapL. id Lndlow. A moDih 
pffviotti to bHdoth U rv<vlv<4aB en- 

A«. 4, At IMmotiT, Bficd 11>, Eatflf, 
4mi. of J. V. LovtM. tiq. 

M-- Kitu.*. lomeilv ibuihah^r of 
ShmrOttrr- Bo btti Uft C,UOUf, lo br 
W oat br bo flDtnurt \i\ a«p i.rrc;^o«i 
or bIomAqw* ivt rbo wldoin of ira3v4 
mdcHDeo, ■od Cor ibeir mpsiort vblltt 
MfMhw ibfrdn; lOOf. lo cM;b vC Uie 
M^ or Si, CkwA >n4 Biftoo Uoolv, 
Sb«t«ibat7. tbe iat«rtM to W invuifiy 
4tM]ib«cf4 m ^tvd, 

lf«MUlSRT,-^i>M. il. Al GlMbXI. 

Al B«b. tenftet «fM 

/M.X At ib> fTJIiwol bcT aww_ 
«ni IT. FiMT »l«MM/«UM^r93 

d;t<.s.A.cdbr.»ofyite. ^ 

Jm/L K At TaMia«. mv^^L Ott- 

Wdi Ck>kici^ viAnofioCo FifT^ion. 
«f . U Pwnantibm. CwbrtmU, 

Al tab, Anr 4M«nt Udf U^ 

>- 5b«w«ifaoiib^o. of iWW« f^ 
J«lm nawH 5<Md^, fttft, «r AUctWr. . 
md ^MiM to L«4 Stuftn, *( AUrrt«r» ^ 
oi4tbepr«w«fitoba*«rSonicb. ^b« i 
■vtM «3cb N«*. 1802, tb* bt< U««. S^tr 
B.M«1> Lr%tiia, Bort. bf vboa «bo 
bMtMwtbefcmcot die BOIvta. 

/«■- 1«. Al Btfb. flo^ n. Mm* 
GrofsMMMMO.ef (b« Q>rcif> rkndc, , 

Stattoiui.— An, K». At Ucbftrt^^ | 
ifvd 79, T. W. tirrvnc.CHj. 

:$L-inRK.**/lrr. k. At ib* ilntuo. 
B*>*>«V- hM ««■ £UMbMb.t*bvt«^jAii 
Vinl, ni|. Utt ti IWbctbitt. 

i>«r. 31. At HrrninpK^ tUtl, tfiftf , 
T£. ^ntb, ifib n« tf iliUni 3Jknii, wq, I 

uHl«»tAtoib«bt«SirWiaiaia HotvIvtlj 
Cbrt. 1 

Dtt, m. TW ttUov of Cbft' Bloom. 
fieU, of l>tl«r. 

Oor. iU. Al EiDii^, ftcrd ^. Mr«, 
Uomniood, nkoiUr of Jitf . W. ltviHnond» 
of S«m'i-7iir4, <^o«Boir.ft. l.ondon, m* ' 
difO n*nbii<*r. Sb« iru « dv*<viid«i>( uf 
tbe Unu\f ronn<tlc<! nitU Sb«kfp«rv. 

6c*WY,— i>ff. fti. At Sodkvv W>ll», 
Kin^unoipnn.Thbmoi. 4|Erd <LV €■!!>■• 
rine-iuU*. nlfv ot Rubcrl (irr^i e^ffH 

^dv. II. At UrLfDMb-hlJ, Cofotllitf* 
>1«lildii, wileof W. UtcklJock.r-ti.and^ 
youi^ojit dau. of (br Uic Wm. I.r«, vug, ^ 
o( lltcconibc JIvurv. iirvr l^xrlpr. l 

J^. It. At IU^.-itl<-. Qnvd eT, J«nin ] 
INroron Hiunr, tvj-Tittr ul tbc Uounl of] 

Si^aiiK ^n^. 2ti. Al ib« riutd«itc« 
of K;« brutbrr. ilun1|WrpgUJt, n^d ftt, 
John fillU, #ti|, 

Ike. t\. Al &t( Uvsnt. nnr CliU 1 
rbnirt, sf^rd ^, M'kriu, nlivt uf Hritrf 
Uiioii. «*j. 9l t'aiHbcmrll, 

Ac Kjidt;« Ci»iif, Bffvd T^, Cflfdltic, 
HifvufiLiT W^v. Gfotf* llcMfy N«irkllP|l 
01 Htwrt-pl, liudttord-, btothrt lo ilkO ' 
ftrlof AUfffirfMy. Show»ftj»un|frr 




dnmbttr o\ tb« Uwr, Kiekud Wd- 
ir^Lv, briXhrt tothrilflb Etf 1 of Odonl, 
W MAtprc<, djiu. of t>ir Ji>Jtua Vaniutle. 
Ban.; WW married U iU- N«tii)< in 
1787, and l«d iKur ibre* >oni and one 
dAiiffbtvr. of nliom viw ten only aoA* MT- 

J7«c. :£5. Ai Bilfbtou, 4^ n. Job" 
Frcnrh. etcj. 

i3i«r, VD. In Brkbion, a^ 8T, OnU 
fi»h>rd lUbcru, K.JI. Ucc of ibe dB4 
IW.t 11.^ wainpMnvcd 2d UcuL S3d 
Fojt 1795, C>pt. fed F«M I7um br«VfC 

M-;vr Jrill, l^-Col iRt-^. mad CcdntipJ 

)b. , Htf lukil lUv ordtrof Sf. UauHce 
and IdUirc of Sinllnia conferred ori Ijlm 
far hjii«cvifi! Ai the liirfr of (!ei}Im hi 

dcrhcl'Drnfiiflon. Ihinl aoii of lUginald 
rflnfaw, «iq. 

Konr, aiid late ot >oiiing [hll'ifj. Ken- 
' aingion. 

Jdn, 13, At Halting, iig«d 6% Jolin 
\yoin\v*,tr,t*1. [bird ami olthtlau Wil. 
Ijdnt WoodvUi.', j'«q . af NiiirirrliilJ, Krtit. 

Vfcd Atf, Mf. Ed4. Jliukr, artuc. lie 
vit'i jnsi-i/E|E niasfer at nnjibT Scboal. 
aad k^tttulcdpnoltfaiOonaiJyuii naaj ftvl- 
lie* gt diiliBCtiou in thmt viciiiiey Jgr •»• 

¥rr»l fear*. 

.Vor. SO. Al Birclfirld Ifoiiv, fliudt* 

vile of Mr. Gvorp- J. Gf evn, wid vKfiud 
div. of Jobii Cb*ttcu<^i>, »(j, ot Alna- 
UA, war Dntty. 

i?rc. U. A[ L<an>lfi|gon, ai,Hd tH, 
Ci^iliii, 4au. of Jvmva 'rboruPO'j, ctij. 

fJrc. i^>. At JrfainlnittDn, tgtA i&, 
<i<or».Loiiibi-r 1 Jimn|Lun, co^. uF 
Sherw Huttffi'piLrk. V^jrluhirc. 

Vtcs ^ At lViln<co<f, Eittf Tam- 
WDTtL, acrd I^, itcrjr}', ihird un at ibc 
IUt. II. W. U«xd. and «;ntndun o\ the 
J<ct. r. UUtk, Viivl ol 'iWiimilh. Uv 
viafl kilicit by iJw aci^iat«] di^hnmv of 
bta icuri ; (bf cuiki^jiii «n1r(cd bubrwt, 
&nd CBii»fd infliAiii ^>-4(k. 

Luttiji. Mrh, AiLiia.Mana Janm, of 
fiirAaiigliiu, Uvf |ir-fvi«iai (iri^Htty baa 

Taticuv <b«r^iibJt> brouHU Arc the roU 
1^11^; Rfiiith and t'oiHiB Biblr Eh>- 
Oi;ty.a»a/.; Undnn JJiwonn. ^UN. t 
CMBial UwiouaiT, MNW,; JUonvbn 

U41HQIWJ-, Wlh/ M. ... .. MlMMMIf. 

KKK.; IUtij[i«U^ Ff, KUM.^ 

C<»(rr9ilkQMl ^t : A%%m^V10tj, 

2k4Dat for Hk>«tui«»fl.' lUt/^Urf% ai 
W«lib«iii.itf tf , SOW. t Comi'*IPBla& 
Uatoa for Cnflud and VaTcarauO^i 

t^ Vllkg* IiWnfv, lODf: 1 Iridi Kna- 

nlical Sv^k^i, lUUT.; (o lb* fJu iH Wlk 
Suiub* Bfboal Sof^ly, UfOJ. ; to tic 
Carr'a-iane SviMlay Sv^»l !:kicie<r, iOOLi 
lo ibc Sidiniiutb Hanb Chaf-d dvnity 
Sckid. 501. 1 and u> Uia Irfak Coaiprvf^ 

Jmul. Al Warwkb.JiNkbConlct 
CM. of ibc Lflrebea, BiRoingbMi. 
/an, 10. At L«Bi&iiigi<rti, i£tefl04 

/m U AtHadttay.acWl^i. lU^btfd 
«c«<<ni] Kin Df (be Kcv. CdUp MitJ^. 

WnrTMonat-AM). — i^Uiv, At Af* 
pUby, af:«d 38. Ala^n f>iL'pbcii»(in« ca^ 
?hla|v virl Ojtouct uftbr tiurwi(b> 

WILT*.— i>cir. 17. .^1 iha rcfCory. 
BaxCcn IkiYiiU, iwajr tVatmiiMcr, tb« 
wifr of Ihr HcT. W. B*r*c«, MJk. Sbs 
wvt viruii^tt and only »utv;tin|E aialer of 
Lm Skclnandale. 

i)i*e<^. Al Sabanii7,«^Si,Mn, 
DenT>i«b, rdUt of AlaUbvw Dmadakw 
CJ4J, Lir of iiLiLrord- 

Jam. I. Al C^itv Houoib tba ruiAanta 
of faff ^tb(E-tn-Utf, tbo fftrf. U. 11. 
Giwdiiiiiii* UL-rd U. EIuabL-lli- Uu^b, 
irifv of tbe J&t. Bdmud \Tiiu>ii. V'irv 
of WbilcburcL Ciaaiao^iucn. LXjri4f, and 
vUc4t dau. of tbfl Kev- J^bc* l^csn, 
Bccior of Cbarlconkbi, iroatcrM<. 

/on. S, Agudd7. Saf^^wilatrf Jobtt 
P«iii*lOii, Mq, vf lb4< Oovj lialltWj* 

WoacMtfca,— Dfft Sfci, Al SWw- 
Unitov. Fmndi Walbvri ««ft> 

You.— i^. JO. ApHf JHK Fnwvi 
UJIdti. Mq. of Hatuirood. 

Jmm^ T' Al Bhbup WiUon. iitvr Pu«li* 
Ui«toa, «pd 16. liv and 19. iLrre ioita 
of the Bat. Jatvpb SbtKitvr, Virar of tbc 
panibn Tbcy wctc ftinii*i*c tbcioi«clvaa 
osi a ncigfabourin^ fiiih-poui] ^ bii f ba la 
being nut »uriciriitlT viroof, fan w«y 
wiilt thtt eEd»«<> irid pr«ciiiiu(v4 bvai iaio 
Ibc Burer. llu >iiua|;«r Dnnbri* aodaa- 
voitmi 10 revcuc bus, and ptttabed b tbe 

ViALJA.'-iJw. S9. At Trnbjr, i«*d 
T I , Aim y- A^o > Il«ri>u( i, rttict ol lie 
HcT. D. Uinl Aiiwi, Ulr iUcIor vd J9uj- 
toa, Frmlfokcib. 

Hcori-4xi>.^£r|>/. Ik DruvBcd b 
thf nnr Nt«t. i^ i^ Dr. Basil Tftlv , 
Boa of AW- Ki^acr 'i')t]«r. t^. of Iba 
Hon. B. I, C^'h Bcnu^, 

Dtei^. AiEdUbmb.WalUrtiul- 
tMi. a«i|< laic gr Ibe Havy Par Offloa, 

£>«' AX At Bdinburgb, llmrr Sci|<D* 
irroni- WeMrrbwn, c»q. ori WffMobuik 

lucLAND.'ttfMr. AilAawidi.UMA 
ID3, Piilij>&Mtb.(«f. n-Atlman. fl« 

fevrred NA Mayor in ITDK 

iffc. 10, AxodT^f, J^n flic^ariadn. 
W4- ■I' t(oailid« Imaarly A^»r tii ilit 





wIfcrf P i H I A, B afaiya>»*g ; o|. 

A««^*i«v 11 Al m&Bi 

tftf» «l Wta^m li^fciiii. M^ wJ 
McnA wrmwi d«. vT iW tecc Htm 

ib«eftk U^m Uti^UC He bii «r- 
riviiAcMtoM Ho^ Km^ fa Mbr 

asaaiH MiM, to«nM4 te fiowmk of 
SirU FlMiif Sm*mm; it>4t oaku 

nj fens dM ccffit^Boan leectred a Untft 
the 4«Al^ «# Mn. Th^. 

«f^, 14. Oa Wv4 H. M. •MMn«r 
AJbtfl<Kit*r EnrAliOK^ tt A» con- 
wi^ Gmv. w<n»d «»■ if ib« l^a 
Mr. T^MM* mnU, of Otoucvtttr. 

«^. », At ft ag fa t f l, In ilio 
Crfand. ChvWfl Tliaat Bettaiiib cm. 
■M<^ Mill of lb> bu tUf. Willbm 
BffibAia, lUrUe *l fibcAic 1.4C7» Here- 

fartrit. Ml* Urn ri— hilw bnxfcw of Sir 
«n. BMiuD. OlMcr bv or Artni* 
VW-Pf««id«Rt of tl« IMAn ^«cMty. 

»^. ^ It fall c^t MB, iwra niM 

bw Pttrii, H. fiapwif. for DMnj |Mn 
tfcfinitftf irfthe 0>«n, L«atfMi. 
At g>J« ii *»T-flbr, EJfcMbfih, r<< 

lnvrUMcT KuttMi fikod. 3Mb i<ti. 

tor. ». At HiUelb^T* V^ £9. 
KiwkoM-MMiHcMoil d««. of tkt Uto C 
Dotton, CM. of Obnbunt, 

Oei-t. AtCipeTotti. &lf*. M'K««> 
ri«, t^ mfr of Ti^L M-KiriiiW. tk« wa 
«f lU lutbot af Ibv *- 5lin erf P«r1b«/' 

Oct, 9. At Antwerp, t««4 l^ Mary 
Aaa& eldMi dwi, ei ib< Btr. Joba 
W«lif . of thtman, Noii^huMbtm 

dc/. I& At NitiDO, Fnckcc, Charivt 
Wfow J«icU, «H. «U«M MB of tW Imt 
fWr. C i). Ivieti, K«c4ofof&l.Tbomu, 

At/. 19. At Cbfdm. toba Upftr 
CMailfc, afcd 3i| JaM«« Croofc lUnifcjr, 
«a^ vlilsai Avn «/ KvltiiiiibJ RjiiDtry, 

U.D. of IJnf«r-on-nBrQes. 

on. NO. At SchafThMiien. Juhn iiar^ 
laiA EuMT, M%. ddni ton of ih« Uu 
6v Jofan lUiMT, AMffnoan or Loojoo. 

Mmn^M-«f B4««4 Tote, c» «< 

Ocf . •!. di tew VcAmt, UtfT. 
Afic •# J*^mm G««frtt4 fU4cr, «. 
W in. Qfte IM Mwi 0«if|t (taff» 

Of#. ^7. At Hmv, -fH «i^ VMn 
UM. *it. «r BlrMrtdt Unnoot 

Otf.^rti. NMrTwtB,BdBHi-Omn* 
port, naviti ■» of fl«0(vr hmew, cm. 
<€ OvW«ol» rwk, VarwCfaUff . 

Orl. », At Boiifarn ■g-M«f, WlU 

Kobcnbii< A]*yte. ^^ 

Xtfwjy. At t>«K C«l. Mr IMfrl 
SfnW, of ae wUM trr hovM. Doncf , « 
—ff rtfi f Mi Ut^. UcMiaaM of Ml 
cDBHif. H* VB » Umt- «f UtffnM, 
Mi hivliiff caffrc4 dk» SMnhh *crrie«, 
«MiiMi&ff Mk «f LwoL-Colstt^ Mi 
wpcritllr J M Myh lM d URMir K Chi 

ffclMM «f Ite BiitMM «d hiRiM «f 
<b« P j r t M t i 1913. U« «M ttlWi-vi to 

■Ktix i^« tfd«r of oktIm 1 1 ri* I0ia, 

«nd :o brcooir n pt ari oxJ Knkfbt of ibo 
■AiH H19, H« mi knkfatW xt bow, 
F<k », 1917. 
At FtfK tbe D9NHt«r DucbcM of 

Rovifri. 1^ brr in^M k rgiwiitiibto 

wofuty r«Ten« co bcr cUm loiit tlM 

At Pvi>,offed9T, JolwTboniM Ptp* 
voftb, too. Piofowor tf AttlBtmun to 

iW Rmt OuWitt &«drtT. 

At >xm, MoMiM D«Mta«, who 
4«inf to Kn^Md 01 m c«ipMr, Mtlloi 

41 SquchiMip<o* M ■ IMCM of mmlc, 
and wM iir«vMr of tht cbdn «f wftnl 
fhapM, ond tfftdif of tbt orebntiw at 
th* SoulhMi|i<o<i, PortiMoui^ Wuifhf*- 
nr, and Ouchcxttr tbcmtr««« Hs pos- 
tpTwl cmi *cic«c« Asd iaJ«iii. vtd mt^ 
wifFi too total* hf \lr Wodfc. for fttn 
Mi tam^ptt vtfrbcMrv, band*, Ac. wbirh 
ban M« pvrfomci At tbc prinerjMi 
tbmm, otacfiUt Av. in EnghuiJ. 
At ^i|i!t», ifol UU, tbv weU'known 

thntrinl iltf»rfor EUttnjt. It« but left 
t formnc of 6C>,OO0f. lo hit ton and dw. 
At Dunkirk, FntKt, t^ eo, WiiUnin 
John Alben. ««q. kit of Wi Umc«j'a 

f Ai l-Hnkfon, Roi^i*, ro t ng w t dau, 
i>f Kobi-rt Kocl), ctq- Wr Staxitx'B Vita 

Ott bifl wwft fro* thv VcM IndUa 
EO EncTand. Litut. A. H. AtcnrOi of the 
Wi HqjLhUnicra, Hcond ton of Jaijea 
Monro, a*q, of LfmlaftoK HMOt*. 

At Boubwn^ a£«d TO, Uartarvt, i«Uct 
of WiltiMi Da^va, 1^. of wJtftf , K«at, 

At Uibnftlttr, witUam ]vmoi> Mq, 
|iajna«t4f 4${k rtBl. 




Al FttnAMdo P<H occd 33, Ht^rtflo 
O^fUiii UaiBtnnt luncf^ii in the Nitfff 
Buicilitboti, and IhI« Piirffoon in Old 

Al Hamburg, thewif« of Lrlvul. Na- 
lh«Tkie1 fUrwy, R,N, 

Al Boulopnc, «G^ ?8, JMnn Wbitr< 
\ }ocke, t«q. Ut« trmpcciinf •ur^an of ho^ 

At Ptrii, 9w4 ^9, LivuL-Gcn. Sif 
J^liD Miim^, »(v GoTcniDE of I>cieiC' 
im* n« Wi» appointed Lieul. fthh fuut 
1T90. C«pt- idOe, Major 96Ui 180^, Co- 
lonrl iri ibuArniy 1910, Afiijur-GeD. IHI!!. 
■ud LicfiL'Gtti. I&3b. lie ivrrvd In the 
V/«M Iitm«*» A<TJiiun(.gvii. pricr t<jthc 
1*Tmirialii)r^ i^r the vi%r. nmf ^nminutd mi 
llic lUfl" cbfTC for many jFcan, 

At Mikn. Ci^lorifl Jubri Altx. Md»i 
Licul^- CotootJ of ibr lUh rt^ct. in wbich 
torpcht bald a rammiHlon for u(>wafdi 

bitlte of AHMjrr. iu tUo i«nrrd m ibc 
I'vniniuW nax. 

Ill Fmnri*. vdpd 48, fCliubaib Julim. 
' «ifo of $. Smith* «Ht. aiid tkn. of tto l«io 
fiir Chiiiiophcr lUnkini, BarL of Trr* 
wthan. Cornim]]. 

At New Itrumividi, Mnt]r<^opbU, ififo 

n( Alt. D. HrmirKf Hiid kcciihI dull, of 

i it* UieOeii Ia^it. of Cb^ihitl, tilwi- 

A'ar> 9> Al Drttdcn, /uninim Wit- 
bploiin>,rr1Jctof FrrdcficV Albeit Win- 
■or. nq, liii*or V*M -Mfili, London, and 

of Sboot«r'»'Ml], Kviir, the orijtindtrir nf 

puUic e«»-rLdktiiig- 

Al Malta* BLfubftk nift^ «r l^ilvrvd 
filnerU. ca^. of the Malicte Bank. 

Adp. i, Agid Jft, Ptiiicv X^iiia of 
Anbalt- Koelbvn Pfru, t>oly Iratbcr of 
Uc rfii^ntDir Diikc d' Aiifioh'Korlben- 

iVop. ti> In Fnincr, al the Chitcnu 
of Sff^t F^nlflin, ftgcd l»t. Kliiftbcib 
jLiliaii, Hifo of S. Smiili. vs^h and diu. 
of t^p hie ^v C. H«wkm*, Uart. of 
Trrtrrhan, C»riiwa)r 

At btu**<lt, Hubert Croibie. Com^ 
Standee U.N. 

yrm, 10. At Villa Atoccli, Uaka, 
Jane, eldcit dau. of *hf Eiitr Add). Sir 
Jobn Kiii(c1>t. Iv, t.''ft-i «^i) niduvr uf 
liear.Adui- Aleiuriiler $hL|ipard, vrbo 
died it Maki, on Ibc A\h of April. I&IL 

A^«i<. W, Al Bniwili, «|*d $31 Jamea 
Jardine PJekson, eat. 

ytjv. 13. Al Munkh, ag^ri Ui lb« 

Qwrn lk»ing*r of tUrmU. Fm)i>rlni 

I IvilbiJio^n* ttai-oTtna. Her Alijeaty, 

[irbo ni dftwglter of Priner Cbiifl» 

I J^uk of Baden, and niocv of itr jircNf i^t 

(fnud Duke, m« Uini on IS^b July. 

1T7<;».4 bv< ItflHtt: .Mklre-L &li»- 

bcth Loidv, Quaru of Pcibui \ Amelia 

AugvaCa, MatTled lo Piltice J»bn, bfO* 

ikwr of the Kins of Saiony > Predenea 
SAibia DorMbtUr mamnl to ibe Arcb. 
duke FtvuriA <tl AuftUiai 5t«h« Aimii 
Leopeldina, Queen ol Stxony ; and 
Louiia WilKclmma, coniuit oE l>uke 
MflMirDilivn Jmpphff llainma. 
A'oe, \i. At Opono, G- %t. Hub«r« 


In Ct.\n. afi^il Ml, tbo eckbnud Gc«. 
tnun ftmaictniTcJW Btron<io Dinghf*. 
t>f H«iiur«r, Sbv LtawUod alone, afid 
Kiia preparing to vet out on i vbtc to cbt 
ruin* of ThoW' 

iVop. If>. Al MonirAl. Aino, wife 
ofLieuL-coL Jobi Kden, C0. 

Nw, lb. Al£louloKii4-«ur.U«r, Mary. 
trifi* f J' (hi* iVr. f.^Hirjp SinMr, Ittei of 
Wetc U'oodbiy. BerU, and ol fioirUng- 
gtrcn HaBir, Lf mlniion. ti»nu. 

Sot. SI. Al ifoulo^f, ajf«d £8. 
Fanny, wiff of It, N. Hjiuk*. etq, 

tfifc. -i. M Kifucwk, III fotiflgBlf 
ngrd Tl> Manr, wife of S. Tour, etq. 

Dre. 12, At i^t. GeoiFa, a^ 7S, 1%^ 
iti>hoi» of lltr»<»pDlii, (bvUw knowD M 
thv Abbe PreywIfiouO* 

iJrr. lA At Malu. Edirard Jacob, 
ftq. M.A. Frllnv of (tonfill^ ofid Cajua 
oollcfre, Camfcrid^p* one of lire Majtaly^a 
fTciiinx'l, mid a Iti'iichtfi uf Liarvbi'* Jim. 
Hi- ^nditil^d n.A. l^lCi; MA. Ibt1»i 
hu nLlcd to Ifapbor at Lmeolii'i Inn, 
Jim^ ^ 1810 1 pndi^fd ■! aa Kii|«iiy 
Uralftman; anil wah advanord to tb« 
rank of Kmei Coumol, Pre. ^. IBH. 

Dm. 17. At Omiid. nml 7J. UnIjp 
Maria-Alicia-CbarloiLr i'inNd- Sbewu 
llir <1de«t dav. of Jvhii ru^i Mufiftrna of 
Ofltr, by ihif Hon- Chiirtotu J^nv ilick* 
man, cid»i dau. and cob- of Utrbort 
Vifcotint WjiuUor, and marhrd lo di«a. 
Pinfold, eipq. ton of Govemor PiafieUt 
but doea not leave any Uioe. 

XJre- 10. Al Lou*«nne, MargaraCpi, 
eldcit dnu. of the late J, Fotbea, m|« 
ol iluker-^t. Poilman «^. 

/i#r 9;t, \t Napln, Ahiaban Kvrae, 
f^. RL^rrtjani. 

On. n. At Cndif, aged 33. VlUUn 
CD«te<lo, e>q. 

Zire. S«. At Hatifai, Nora SooOa* 
tetd ^t itine FiaiKes ^'ilv of U. fi, 

Vaonft *^- B*i^ tUvM d»«- of T. U, 
Brooking, ewi. *f StaahoP«'pl llyd*. 

t^tfly. Al Tebtmi in Pen». b hfa 
30ih j«ar, Charlet Sroit. c«q< atcond m» 
of ihe lirr Sif Watrwr SmtE, ■>/ Abbot** 
ford, Han. He uaainttned ittaMol. 
cbrr wbieb Sjr Jobn M'Ndll. ov An. 
baHBdor in Penii. puK^aaed Mtte yawa 
aca wbes U leal a rbild. Mr. CMca 
!$(«>ti K«a uf A rr«atTtd vhI dilVdrnt !«■• 
per and dbpoMUon, bat poutaaed of ras. 
iMtrrtlc inttUpncv M a fvnd of ^lUn 

y.Att Untr*,— AW. M. IMD. Lch« 
«l tea. UmiL'OA. W. lM»cLf, Cftpt 
JobnB. NwTe.aptf Lim«, W. Kak«Mi| 
J. R. lUmKA, of ilir 37Ui 51«lfM 
N.Iiifanirj i uid Svrvvoa U^rtto Mnn* 
ro> of thr Bwdical c«M»Uabtn««U 

Aitf. l9. At K»tnt^. HvJt 3ti. Dr 
Aiidnrw Vcotlmtio'l, Lt\i\ Stirt^ccn fa 
ibe ft««14Mh7 tn ihr fcrtion <'uLt. 

Jy^ . 23. Al Ne|ci|i4iBn. Optuio W. 
DMv, of lt«r ^lajetty't 5Tlh rrpmc-ni. 

A^ff. 3J. Ill Sold*, Hum Brll, ni^, 
for In* yt%n cbirf poliiiotl «K*nt. 

5«*f. I7> At Nt^orr, UmiI. J. J. 
Mbdw. of tb« iSih 5U<!ma lijjht Avalry. 

our, v»Mrfc 1i* d*litfht#d Ut ^%trnm 
J bii pritvtio fritfiai- lie «m Cferr- 
fuSf flluoMpd at OtForrd, Wl frooi hw 
ttMbUurit« Diuii>«n and tvdnd kaAniM 
vrv Utile kikchvo. 

VtiT IvDiEB—Oef. V. At BmIm- 
Ani« Lint. Hufh ColWI^.! 0«M*initk, 
Uf^MBi hfa !>■>■*■ I w«n kiii«md ■( 
Smu Cm. Ic w« he vho rc&orvif, 
■nd afteviBBrdi aueov^vif in ervUdni, ibe 
c«kbnt«d Ilr>iid>^l moiiiimffit, <W Lo. 
gai KtOMc nc^r the iAnd'i Eiid. 

Jfink Id' If> J«iiui«f i;b4rtct Hrnr^i 
y o m gMt wn rf the tatff C«pt, Jolm Cb«rU 
IM. Boytl An* 

JAv. I& AtJa^a,J. P, UffM,«H- 

BltLOFEtORTALITY,^ IRll. u Jan. 19, IM9; 


WbervorUrrdtcdutdcrevojTarfoUx.JIT £i 

2 utA ^ 
& ind 10 
10 mad 90 
W>«iid 30 
W tnd 4U 

00 Hid 
TO and 

60 urid 
W <rid 





AV£HAGK PRICK OK CORN, by wUehtbc Duty ltrc«ulNtcd, Jan. 91: 

VW^t. I Bvlcy. 
4, 4. 1 f. d. 
02 9 30 O 




#. tf. 

f, d. 

f. if. 

81 1 

4i « 


«. if. 
37 « 

PttlCE OF HOPS, Jan. ««: 
Sums ?ocket>, S£ 15r. lo 7/. lOr.— K«at Fodnt*, 7L to lOiL 

Ihy.Sr. 10*. tu U. lOi.— Stmvr, II lOt, Iq^^Covct, 4r-^1uSf. 1^«. &i. 
SM]THKIt:r,1>, Jxri. ^i. Ti> »nk iW 0]f»l— prrMun.; o4 ^IIm. 

Beef.. 3r. a^. to if. lOtf, 

MtfUDii •..-»*. ft*>t*i5*- Orf- 

VmI J*, WLfofif. C«. 

P«fk..»« **. W. to 3-, tu. 

JlMd of Cdllk «t M«r^«l. Jan. 2t. 
Bin«ta». 2.:f7^ (>Lvi-> e>fk 

Shf^rp eo.^40 PJirH 4^ 

COAL MARKET, J«n. £4. 
V«)li Knda» from JOf. l» SSr. 3i. prr ton, 0[h«r noHn Tram lOr- to 16*. M, 
TALLOW, per cwi,— Town TnJlow, 5lt tW, Vcl!uw Uiiwa, -Wf- CUT. 


Atlh« OSii^oof Vfr'OLKK. BHamm*, Sinrir and SWw Rrohrn, 
^ Chuigc Alley, Uoriibill. 

UtmliiEtMn Otntl, WO.— ^Elinnicrc niid OtoKrvr, 75. ti»nd Jmif<tiun H^. 

KcuxLct ind Aioo, 17|. l*<vd* and Lii*r[iool. 7^1. lUgeurB, yj, 

. -R4«hd<Jc, M- —London Dock Stock. 73 ^i Kntf*»r]iioV, tKi^, Kiut 

Mltd WmC JiiJia. llXl. LofiHon and ittrTniiJifbam Kntlwiy, J(t7. Git-at 

Wnltm, fii, Londctn md Stunli^vt^rm, .'if. — — litunif .luiicinm Yi'uttJ 

Wt^kK ^i- ' tf r-tC JMiddLrwi, 00. G.^lit Jjikunur. 11^. (tunfilijii^ 

aH_ lloM. 51. Oinnrf*d Gti, i7{- Imperial <j.i». M). t'li«nii\ Uu#, 

93--^LMridun «iul WciiuiiJHtef lLink,Vl4- l(T>-E^*i«i»*f j Ji'icint, 'J^. 

For Vnf<r* of oil othrt Sbar** irMtniri* m alio<iv. 



KtWtnhclf « Thttm. 



8» to 

4tJ I 37 





^ M 

















I , 0« 
I .0) 

. 10 




do. do.> 

dc. dv. 



do. ftbo. «M>. 
da.tbja. d. 

KalircnbvU'* 1'lirrta. 


do. dOr 

do, doudf 
do. do, 


8 |iai. 

-^iT ^ lOpd). 
> fiJI^m. 


I ^— — ^'t V 1 1 jot 

; ' ^Ml tf lOp&l. 

! in JStm. 

Iflpw. I 

J«ii — ; — ^w 
i«4(— ^ — **»j 

14 19 pn. 

14 >2pro. 

16 Up». 
)( Slum. 


IB flOpn. 

Ift ftipm. 

a) ttpn. 

» Idpni. 

15 «^po*. 
n l(»pin. 
IS Upn. 

14 Idnm, 

U ITpm. 

n I7pnk 

Id ]«ptt. 

10 )«p«. 

10 IBpa. 

10 17 pn, 

17 %9pm, 
17 JUpa. 
to I7pii. 

. ARNULU Bi«1bk and ForcifB Stock lod Sb4r< Broker, 

I, Dft»k Ikiildit^, LondoOi 



MARCH, 1842. 


ilixoft Coamvirovnxci-^- BcflcAtuUc* immtd WickUlTQ — Hie Bnkt of 

Cvitniam. — OfneitagktttQucflM.flur. ; \ ;j4 

1Vii«twtf>v*ft Maxvvm *je»Cc»r<>i*» 9v th* Efivi>TlA«« .#;.;,. 93i 

l^fifw of Ale^Q^m and Tvf nn ioNDnrkb, ftbanc 1T50*..'** ,. 24S 

I V«bk Ven