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t meu mil u dnw n liiH ihat vonld be inridiinii bc<*«n higtuid low, nnk md lubonlinuhm, T»bs 
TVic JimitnUn U in lAc nUnil, Wkomr li opm, jiul,aDd inici whoenr ii nf ■ hnminii and lAble 
ii hoaonhli: in lumKLf. uu! in hia Jihlgnmt oT Dtheiii tiid T£(|iiiRi bo law bnt hii word to mike Idm 
L( ;— neb ■ man if a grniietnan f— and lUcD a man majr K found nmoBg Iha tillcra or cbtt cwtk ai mil aa 
~ ot thD bl|fh bom ud tbe richl 

Di Vnic. 








The completion oF another Volume of The OeDtlein&n*B Magazine calls for a 
prehtorial address to vur Subscribers and Friends. We respectfully ofi^r the list of 
ContentB to their notice, as evideace of the exertions made to deserve their favon. 
We hare allowed nothing to check the << untiring purpose of our soul" in rendering 
this miscellaDj worthy the station it has assumed; and the long list ofsubMribMB >a- 
tislkctOTil J assures ns that we have not toiled in tud. 

Several new contributors, of distinguished Dame, have graced the pages of this v*- 
lume with their Incobrations. We look forward to a continuance of their correspon- 
dence with much satisfaction; and hope also to consociate them with others of no 
mean degree who have promised as a taste of their quality. We depend, also, on the 
continuance of the good offices of our old friends and fellow laborers, to iritose kind- 
ness we attribute the chiefest portion of our success. 

The insertion of " The Anniversary Register and Monthly Calendar of American 
Chronology," forms a novel feature in the'history of magazines, and we believe that it 
has given nnlimited satisfaction to our friends — an assurance that repays us for the tx- 
traordinary expenditure of time and labor necessary in the compilation. 

W. E. R 





AWiM, Linn lo 

AaDiTMHuy ~IU|lMaT tod Hoaihlf Calendar of 
AnwricaD Cbrooalogf, (bt Junarj, . . . 

— FakMur. . . . 

— ItaKk, ... BOB 

— . ApA . . . . BW 

Mar S46 

, — Jona, .... 410 

lAMi.Th<i . . . . : 79 

AIt«al(», Tbo, ■ IUk 

ABBtuanSMas and it* 

April, AnniTaBMr Sag . . 

Abnbol. ESaeti (C on ttM HMHCn Fm^Ib, . . tST 


fitoftapbical Bkeiefa ud Bonieaa of CamB» 
dor* Cba.ri«i Slawart, otV.B. Nify, . . 

Bnda of ^pa, 

Bulla of Sedgnooi, 

Rocfapbj, Easy on Ihs Vf of 

BoUf. Mj Bow-Wow 

Sunu^ fiir Civalry. Baminf of 197 

Gkiking Sqairreli 333 

BNijamin Cafnood, a Tale, 406 


CkpniM of the Cytat tnd Lemii, .... IS 

CbncieDcs, ■ Podn 78 

Cum — the Naw Bridge o*et the Kile, . . . 139 

CBpfiighl. Internslionai - . 130 

CDopeiand ibaqiMrterlyHeTiew 131 

CmTeaioiB of en eldariy Ladf and QenElemiui, 139 

Ort Leg, e Tale 173 

Cload, AildKM to a ISl 

Onw at Baitimora. Deilrnction of .... 197 

— Riding philoaophicall; eipl^ned, . . 198 

Chapter oa Ariatacncy, S4S 

t^iraiK^icalLu(of'niettraDealrD7edb7Fire, 330 
Oechnej' Kentuckiam and Whitechepel Taokeea, 339 

CoqntM,Tbe SRS 


Otf aa Laiw Erie 30 

Doka of Hoonuaih, Eiincn fiom the NoTel, 64 

Dwh, a Poem 98 

Damned Sonla, The 308 

Ofog Child 319 

Dn, The AncienlLaio^ «( SIO 

Ihnd Dumpa, Ra*lew of 554 

Depr>eatignDfthe nana of John 383 


£ WoBaD'aTmb, ...:... 39 

- >h Conic AimDBl,lIotiaaaf .... 140 

!«. 196 

faiifDia, ....!..;;!."." MO 

-SadlaaFiiD.'RaTlawof HO-ia 

aiqiiaaafi)tUdiei,Eitnelilfraa . . . i *M 

Wf DMd, The 40S 

Tiraeida Circle 19T 

'Fabratij, AoDivanai; Ite|iilet lor ... . 133 

FimBonolT, aPses, '9^1' 

Head, lie, a DMBalie Vngatmt, .... 591 

Fwtricide, SlngnUr Diacorerr of S3C 

Ptiar Rwk. the HitfoHi of 311 

Fiiail; Adfiier and Popubi 'BIedi«iiie, . . . 336 

lUier.ngt&omOoedw 4U 


QentleoiuJaoh, EitiMUfioBi theNarelef . 67 

Good Pallow, EimciB fi«B ihe IToral of - . 68 

OMtlWhNaof W«inih<ti«, aPom lOS 

Qlinrtll, Life of 416 

HeniT Fullcney, ot ihe AdvennirM of a Wu- 
deier. .... 40— 89— 188-367— 31»-393 

Hialory of Rone, 64 

Bau* Wotd, The ... - 106 

" -of, by Fire. 19T 

g man of Ihe SboiT, . . 3M 

I, the 8l 

InqnleiUoa. IIiitot}r of ihe . 100 

III Meet Tliee at the FeiliTal, 307 

I Met Thee at the Feetival, 337 

Jaieaile Jtfrobliaga, 

JaDoarj. a Sonnet, 

, Annlvemry R^iatet Ibr 

JohD Reere, the Comedian, Some Accoant'of . 

■ Mackroall, the Bank Robher 

John, a Daprecalion of the Name of .... I 
Jane, AnniTcinrr R^tiiter for 


Koicknhockef, Replr to 

Kaatncky Tragedy, a Tale, 

Kale Letlie, Eitracti from Iha Naval of 

Literary Aaoeiatiana, A fen tfaonglin oa '. . &7 

Lore and Ambition, Il3 

U*ea of De Ren, Colben, De Will, and LouToii, 141 

. a7 

iM of All, Ehn the German SH 

Land Piraiae, a Tale »4 

La« Sana of a Hiwt'a Tiagady, l&l 

Z.OTe, Eitrack ftom the Horel of .... 419- 

lift and AdTaniimaorNlchola*indaaliy> • OA 


IfariOD, ■ Ttie of Uu SoadiBiii Wu, . . . 
Hmo, Uhm to Um 

Udho: Th* War iba Umuj Com 

— ' ■ Aw^ to tb« Bnibbla* Amj, . . . ] 

^^^ The Bnim Jodsln, i 

MMriJr GlidM Mr BoDDf Buk, . . i 

^^— La Pariiimika, wiih Fttnoli aod Eii(- 

liih word! ] 

-— A H«w Walli, lor Uw FlaM, . . . i 

BI«taIBH«i!liofRiiIitiil«,uEHaj, .... 

Mm J arw i . a Tala ] 

UatLtw't Lallabr, a Potu J 

Ujr rifat Faribrmaim, 1 

Inr^ ADiiiTataaijrItafiaMr ibr ! 

BUn-MaU, a Lccend of GaUioia, 

Had Acton— H(. Sowarbr, ! 

tlf Finl ConiiD and mj Fint Kiaa, . . . . ! 

Moaie, LiDM on 

Hnrphr. tha Loodon AMnmonai 

ilaj, AuniTanar]' RefiMar fbt 

Uj Pint Scbool-kaepioB, 

Uf f^voriia Tree, I 

HiuiiLU ExntFU, KT A UwntaouTAn. 

!%« Nils sod ill Walen, 

Tha Nila Compaied wilh Iha MiMiMippi, . 

Ha Nan Bridga at Cairo, 

Tba Slalae of ifaa Nils at Roma 

-The Anorican Stage 

Ha Dameriti of Ltae Star Sfilsnii . . . 

Bilarilal Cainiibala, 

RaMell.tbeCaiiipowraDd Vocaliat. . . . 

Intonaiional Caprrifhi Aci, 

Coopal and Itaa Quanarly Review, . . . 
Dealniction of tha Circiu at Baliimore, . . 
Boniinf orCavaliy Birrncki in Oermanj, 
Cil«<i* Ridinf pfailon^hlcalljr eiplainad, 

The Couriai of St. Palanbiir( 

RelaliTB Speed of Engliih and AmericaB 

Rice Honea, 

EdipH Btid Henrr, I«dy ClifliJaD and Piclon, ! 

Immigration of Spanirh Belli. 

John ReeTe, the Comadiaiv 

Biugnlac CaM of Fntiieidc 

Plaj.boDM and Purilana 

Cbranological Liii of Thaauea dealtOf ad by 

Fire, Accident. Ac. 

Hatph)', tbe Loodoa AitrODomer, .... 

A Hen and Cheap Fhiloaopbf 

CockiMr Kentuckianiai^ Whiiecbapel Tao- 

Btrking Sqnirreli, ......... an 

ScotiA Sebriat; an 

EOteu of Whiaher on Bdigioa, . . . . SSS 


Nattua] Hialorj of TaiM 50 

Nile and ila Walen, JSS 

inmpBrcd with die HiniaNppi. .... 198 

NoUm loCooiTibatDtB, 144 

Naptriem preparing hr Waterloo, 301 

Nan, The 337 

>laiNidlab]r.iMMieaaf 419 

. o. 

Old Coonodore, Rerien of QS 

Ctacwila, Death ot a Poeai, 396 

OUvar TwM, Nixioa of 419 


Philadelphia PaiiganiJi, a Rehialkti, ... 47 

Post Artial, a Fiagmaiit, S6 

PratoMioa.RaTienof ihaNOTalof . ... 73 

Pbrnciaa'i Fee, A Thle 80 

Flagoe in Rome, 8S 

Fash imm tvi Diait of a PaiLABtLroi* Lawtxr. 

I. "Hie HunJema 107 

II. The CouDletreitpr, 193 

III. A Chapter on An 

IV. The Unnalnril P. 

Pspera of the Pickwick Club, Notice of . . 143 

Pickwick Abroad, EittacM from 143 

Profenional Difficultiaa aiiandaiii on Battling in 

Ciiiea. 14S 

PaliMdoee, a Tale 149 

PaiHgeefiomthaAdTeatateaofOeoffierMartel, 159 

PaliDjn ja 

Pahthcoh, The. Jnpiier Braotetea, 19S 

Venue Aphiodite ]93 

Mercnrioi Cadnoeator, . . . 347 

Diana Venaliii, 347 

FeitHi A moi. Pauline, 900 

Plaf-houie People, Mo. 1 396 

Piraio Law, a Sea Suny 305 

Pama of Kalenborow 313 

Poeli and their Poeir; 390 

Plar-houiei end Puritane, 330 

Philonphf , a new and cheap one, ..... 331 

Ptoaeculion, The Uonauiral 334 

Patiiianne, the French NatioDal Air and Chorw, 3M 

Plar*! and the Plajr-wright, A Tale, ... 366 


Tbe Bode of Uopo, 97 

Appeal to Death, 37 

Jnirenila Jamblingi, 34 

Edith, Dt WoDian't Triila 38 

Rhrmaa Sent wiih a Soelluig Bottle, .46 

Janmrr, a Sonnel, 49 

Rameirtrtiiee. 54 

The Fall of Wanen, 55 

To mf SUepi^ Bop on hie Firat Birth-DBf, . 55 

Faneiee, 57 

ToAIethe. sa 

ToAeHooo; 58 

TbaSnmofLU*, 61 


Hie Way Ihe Hotw; Ooea, 61 

Tbe Power of Cogeeience, 78 

Fatherland 79 

Tbe Adiea 79 

Tbe Plagne in Rome, 8G 

Stataae fcf a Litotaiy AMoeJiiott. .... 88 

D«Mh, 98 

The Oeod WiTea of Wali^iwf , 103 

Tbe Heeir Word, 106 

Tbe ffnka of DiTinitT, 113 

aTall He Where, 113 

The Mother^ UlUbr 199 

The Rrartde Circle. . ■ .^OOjlc ' ' *" 




Awif B iIm ataiMm, awajr, . . 

n> aiow King. 

» Bom-'mm, .... 

n* Whiripool, B DnBtlie Skatoh, 


Tb* anraada 



Jit Thinr^iH of DMMibcr. . . 

'np joqr G]mm, 

Jnpilar Bronuiaa, 

Vnoi Aphndita, 


hoHi Anoi, Pinliav, .... 

Tha Pint Sonow, 

Ntpolsoo Pnpwiiw lor Wal«rloo, 
rUHeM'niMUllmFaMiral, . . 

TW DuoJMd Sanb, 

■nw DjriDB Child 10 iu Holbn. . 
SKUnmr on •!> OU PMi, . . . 
T^ in Old Blind B4IIW, .... 
To Kick or Nol to Kich, . . . 


KmncmTKD Jon, Vnnriu. 

VI. Tha Btmdagt of Lib, . . 

VII. A Diabonart Butebor. . . . 

VIII. Liko oDd Not Like, . . . 

IX. Connobial Conlbri, . . . 

8a«in«»— April utd Hotnini SSO 

Ilia Wwrior'a Blood 3M 

Harrilf Olidaa Hj Boonr Bull. S7$ 

Tha Lm Look 397 

Recaipi to Haka a Kia, 901 

Tha Lot of All 904 

To u InBm Old I^y, 908 

Evaniof, 9i<) 

Tha SooDtllaar, 3SB 

"Hie Daaih of OKaola, 9SG 

Huiio, 399 

ThaCoqnella, 333 

I Mat Thea al Ihe FMiTal, JOf 

The Nnn, 337 

Eidr Daja. 340 

Tba Boat of Iha BaUa. 340 

Spaniih Red Wina, 30 

Tke FiriaieiuM, FnaA and Ei^iili, . . . 3M 

Tha Wuh. 366 

Tha Roaa and tha Kte, 367 

Od tha Naaa of Mat, 383 

Hf Fivoriw Traa, 383 

Tba Tmnl Biolbar, 39S 

Sonnafc 398 

SoDf of Iha Samnat Windi, 40$ 

Tha Earir Daad, 409 

TbaFUiar, 415 

X. I TWd Toil So, gg 

XI. Sharp KtoMing, 88 

XII. A Whet Bafora IHanar, 39 

XKI. Tha Modem Saini, 39 

XIV. Itirii RaOaeiiooa, 39 

XV. An Orarcharga 39 

XVI. Adam'i Fint Slaap, 99 


na Biitory of Home, frem (he Genoin, . , 
Iha Duke or.HoiiiBoiith, a Novel, wiih Eiliacb, 
Scrir*aral Aolhologr, or Biblical UlDalntiaiH, 

wilh Eilraeu 

GanileDMii Jark, a Naval Burjr, wilh Eitracta, 
rnaneial S^iilaiof lbs Unilad Stataa, . . 
Tha OU CoBmodorfl.aNealical Tale, . - . 

Tha Good Fellon. wilh Eitracw, 

Tha Clock.«ahor, or Sajrioci and Doinfi of 8a- 

mral Kick of SlickTilla, niib BineU. . - 
TV Tale Ulerary MtfuiDa. 

TUaa boa tha OatiMii, 


Vaodelenr, or Aninsl Ha(iMlinD, with EiU., . 1 
Coafmioaa of in Eldarljt Ladf and GaaileoMii, 

with Eiincu, 1 

Tha Engli^ Comic AdmbI, Hiih Eilracla, . 1 
Lif«a of CMdiMl de Rati, Colbait, Da Wilt, 

and LooTON, 1 

FONhniMNiePhpanofthaPkkwkkClab. . . 1 

Fickwieh Abnad, wilh EiUaoH. 1 

The Cilr of tba Solun, nith EiUMla, ... 3 

Tankaa Nntiooa, wilh Eitraeta, 3 

Tba Gnat UattDpolia, with Eitnctt, ... 9 

Tha DiTorced, with Eitiacti, 9 

a>ai|o Cniikahank'a Londoo Comic AtnaiitCi 

with Knrarta. 3 

Amcrkan Joonwl of tha Medical Seianeaa, . 9 

Pidlwick Papan, 9 

Elhall ChorehilL or tha Two Bridaa, with Eili, 9 

UiU. 9 

Clarcod Hutcbaa, wiifa Eitracii, .... 9 

Life of 8ii Waller Scoll. 980 

The Fallow Comoxinar, Or Ramartable Eicapea 

of a Predealinaled Rngua, 380 

Tha BiTooac « Storica of the PatUnanlar War, 

wilh Eirncta, 381 

Pickwick Papen, 983 

Art of Dining, and the Art of Atlaining High 

Uedlh, wilh a Faw Hinla 00 Suppan, . . 389 

The Worka of Lady Blearingloii, 383 

Wood Letghim, or, ■ Year in ^e Coonlry, with 

Eitracta, 383 

Diary IllnalraliTe of Ihe Timea of Georfe, IV., 983 

Walaini^am. or tha Gamaaler. wilh Eilraela, . 386 
Voyage round Iho World, inclndiiig an Cmbamy 

10 Slam and Moacal 387 

Emay 00 Eleetio-MagDeliua, with Eitraoti, . 988 

BkeicheaofParia, with Eilracia, 351 

EndlemFoD. 353 

David Dumpa, or Bndgai of Bloodan, . . - 354 

Kale Lcriia, wilh Ciiracta 354 

Eopular Hedicine, or Family Adviaat wilh Eiti. 3S6 

Uocla Horace, with Eiiracta, 358 

Etiqnette for Ladiea, wilh Cimett, .... 359 

Tba State Priaoner, 360 

Life of Joaeph Orimaldi, 418 

Benlley'a MHcelhny 410 

I«Te, wilh EiliacH, 419 

OUrarTwial 419 

Lift and AdraDtaraa of Nicbotaa Nioklabr, - 419 

Tba Two FUriB, aod olhar Talea. 431 

lie Rival and ibe Daaart, wilb Eilraela, . . 491 

Lite of Sir Waller SeotI, aarantb volame, . . 434 




Jarnci Mol wiih a SnaTlint Boula, ... 46 

JUaambnoG* M 

Kidieiila.EHiTODiha Moral Effect! of . . . 99 

:Bm« tod Pragran of (he Half laquaititB, . . 100 

3t«Hll, lb« VooliH, 130 

iUco Hone*, Sane account of Unit Spaad, Ac 900 

SaligionaDd pMiry "'" 

KMoipl loMakaaRiM 

JU*er and tha Dgwrl, Eilracu from .... 
Bms and (he KiM 


flnmrl, CutnmodDrc, lifa of 

Vam D<r Lift 

«CTi|mral Anlhologr, Eiiracu fintD .... 
flHcktuDB.or Yairiiea nuionphr, ..... 
tttuu wriinaa ft*a LRorary AmmMMi, 

'Sntm of A« Nita at Room 

-Snu SyMom oa itw Bate, tha Smmiu of . . 
'finulhig ia Citlaa, PiofaMoiwl DifflcEAtltM tttan- 

Bdow King 

- anroa ma thc Tuu. 
fat a Miudcal Club, 
Tha Tbiriy-Bnl of " 
Tip Tout GIbh 

8p«ad of EDgliih and Ametican Racan, 

BalikKiuy on an Old Pan, 

ftuuMU 940-398 

flpaonh Balli io AnicriCB 354 

8C193IILM, nou THE Br.AHS Book or i BituoaaA' 

Th* Ijfa BOd Trial of Jamn MackcoutI, - 309 

Ancient Luiury of Dreta, 310 

The Biatoria of Fiiir Ra^, 
Hie Panon of KalenboTOW, 



ofTralh. Sn 

4ei>ich Sobrial* 3S3 

«!. Harem, a Ranble thnni^ '33B 

Song of the Belie. 3M 

Syaniih Red wiM S43 

Skelcbe* of Puii, Eilncll fiom 3fif 4 

«Mie Prtooner, Review of SCO 

8hirU«iPfailoaa|diy.aTal^ 399 

Seng of the Summet ttind*. AS 

Sir Wallet SooH «U 

Tern, Natural BiMor; of 90 

n> my SleapiDi Boy on hii FiM BirA^, . C5 

me* from tbe Oaman 73 

Itonghia 00 the tnportaaceof I«MMi7 AaMoi- 

•mi na, Where hava tha «M«1 tNMM, . . 413 

n an old SwMltMtTt 133 

noa art Free! US 

4 Ubuha, iWWb mWWu 

The BerMMds, IBO 

The Dream, IBO 

To in Old Blind Hotm 397 

To EIck, or Nai lo Kick 333 

To an loGnD Old Uuly 809 

Tbomai Randolph, Bicgraphtcal and Crilioal 

NoiicM of 330 

Tiuih, Oa lbs Suflaringi of 337 

Tanof Red Wins, aTale, 341 

Tobacco, EOecii of iMoM, 356 

Troanl Brother, Tha 398 

Two FlirW, notice of 431 


A Day on Lake Erie 30 

Marien, ■ IHte of the aoolhem Ww, . . . S5 
Hanty Ptilteney. . 40— 89— IS3-4S7— 313— 393 

Tht Poor Ariitr, S6 

A Fnneh Onuiibui CtJ 

1*0 Phyeioian'a Fee BO 

lie AlUgalor, . - 104 

Tke MurdereM, 107 

LoTC and AnUlioii, a Jenirii ttmr 113 

My FinI Perfsrmuiee 133 

The PaliMliiW 143 

AJventutei of OeoOray Marlel, 199 

ne Cork Leg, . 1T3 

IVe CaanlerfettaT, 193 

ne Man-Mule 990 

The Lmi A b eaewa g e. 3>3 


Vandeleor, or Aiuaal tiagnetiw^ Beview of 136 
VbgrHil>iii£i«Und, ......... 883 

Veil, The, an Adveotuia 393 


The Young [nebfiate 931 

The Kenlucky Tragedy, 965 

Tbe Siege of BmIv* SSI 

Jehan Janreguy S89 

My First Oooaki and my FiM KiM, .... 398 

PiiBia Law, a Sea Slory, . , 309 

The Veil.aSleatabeat AdventiHe 3S3 

The Unnatural Proteoution 814 

ne T<m af Red Wise Ml 

Hercniea, the BirMg Aiaa of dn Baaih, . . 3t4 

My FirM School-keeping 361 

llie Flayer and the Pt^-wrighi, 368 

Tbe Uad PiratM, 384 

The Lail Scene ef a Miaer'i Tiagady, ... 391 

Sbinlen Philoinp4r, »9 

Baniamio (^ywood '4(6 . 


!wotk>of DiTiDilr, 113 

Whirlpool, The, a Dramatic Bkelch IE3 

Whiakay, iu Effeeti npoB Raligiwi, .... 333 

Wi.h,Th8 366 


Tale Literary MagaaiBa, T3 

Young loebnat^aTalaoftlMndD 






FEfniTLViNiA nay Juill; claim ihe honor or hav. 
, iof ootributad a> Urgaly lo iha proud litl of Ameri' 
can philoaophen, italennen aod herofa. ■■ any other 
Aitc in the Union; atui yet, ia caiiiH|uean of Ihe 
paeutiarly ncuaiaDlslion* and unpielendiog character 
of bar pM^e, iha b» hiltieno furborae lo bmi 
flte rask, or lay claim lo Ihe honor, to which the : 
tia and Krviea of her khu jiulty enliUe her. 
poaiiig OD the Junin oflhii claim, and upon ihe t 
C«aooDthalabaiilhs-'keyitoaB"Dflb« faileral arch, 
and ihat her honal. indiutriona, and pali 
■aory ai* DonTaUed in all Ihe allribntea Ihal/ender 
a Rate gnat, pcoaperani, aad bappy, the faai never 
isiflad 001 ftoED the conatellalioa of her 
padal cCTan en da t iono. Ihe " bright and ihioiog" atari 
with which thai ooaatellation ia adonted. 

Whal a galaiy oT gktry ia'conceolralad in the 
lanm of Ptanklia,*]Unsiihoiwe,Ruah, Fulton, Morri*. 
H'Eean, Wayne, Brown, Decatur, Jamea Biddia, and 
BlBwartl How pmodly do we point to thia amy o( 
ilvnioai oilizana! The world will perceive in ihii 
Eat tbe ganiua who inaictaed the lightaing bom the 
■kuai Ihe oua who went deep into 

" Looked thtougb oalure op lo oi 

1 BonoD, PennaylvaDia wai the 

bed, and alayed hia upliDed arm : and he who, 
by a certain modificalion of machinery, Iha reault 
of hia own B]|.conqueriug getiiiu, hu filled the 
tVBlcn with aleam-boali, and craaled a new ageot 
in the application of'ateara.powar; be who leicued 
tlia cenotry from impending bankruptcy, in the period 
of the revololion ; and ha who rivalled the Coke* 
and ManaSelda of Engiaitd, and brought order, har- 
mony, and effect out of the cooTnaiim of the law, 
and he who wai the hero of Stony Point, the hero 
of Fon Erie, and the oooqueiorof the MacedimiBn — 
ihe conqueror of the Penguin, and the oonqueror of 
ihs Cyane and Lenni, were all PiMtiaTLVANum. 
We are well aware that Iha lame of theae tatiD be- 
lonp to the atale, and thai the hambleat of in cilizaoa 
inherilt a portion of their ranown. Tha policy of 
PeoDaylvania hai been to appeal, not to her gisat 
UMO, but to her free iniiilutioni — her peaceful and 
proaparooa people — lo har ■lupendooi public improve- 
menn, and her africallural, and almoel boundlea* 
mineral wealth, fbr die evideocea of bar lofty and 
merited rank and power in the Union. For hanetC 
II a tiate, ahe haa claiaed much, and it baa all been 
cheerfully accorded — yet aha hai been alow in forc- 
ing the claima of her diitinguiihed aoiu, fbrgetling 
the beanliful eianiple of Ihe Samait wa&er, toho, 
vAen aik*d for her jeadt, proudly pmltd lo Air 

The writer of Ihii (ketch haa daened iheae obaer- 
vuiioni due, not only to Panniylvania. but lo bimaalC 
and to Iha aohjecl of tbia biogiapfay. In pieaenling 
10 iha public a brief aketcb of tha Lie of Coaaiodtm 
Ckaiiti Slettart, il ia bnt limple juatice lo him to iraca 
to tha uuobiriiaive ebaiacter of hia native alate, Uiat 




apparent indiSeraoce In hii huloiy, whirh bu BuflBr- 
«d a loDg lira of bilhTul Mrvicn, imiclil lbs loil and 
peiiU of ibe ih, and o( batiles, to Hnuin bo long un- 
wrillen. Wa caaoM daubl tbal Ibe following basty 
noUccaorihe lira of ihii diMinguiibed ion of Pcnn- 
lyhtinia, wbkh are dnigned lo lupply ihli deSciency, 
will be an acceptable offering lo our fellow ciliienB, 
not of PannBflvania only, bul of (he Union. The 
fticia detailed belong lo Aiitory. and the only objecia 
aimed al. in iheir publicalion. is lu diueniinate irulb. 
■Dd parfora id act of jualioe lo a meritorioiia aod 
aucceuTuI vindicator of Ibe righu of our eanmun 
euonlry, and a difliiiguiahecl contribuior m her >•■ 
DDWD — For, 

he baa tor Ibrlf yean, gaDanlty and triumphanllj borne 
the dag ofhii country. 


The poriltoD of Commodore CH*lua SrtWAKT 
hu beeo, fbr many yeart, one of great dtatili«lion. 
Hta Qama and Batvicee are aaKicialed with nany 
leading evenia in which ihe glory of hii country, 
and hia awn fame, are blended. To find nntaiiala 
fbc a brief meawii of tbii diatioguiihed c 
Lave had rei»urBe to biographical akelcbea of hia 
oompalriou ; lo official ducumenla, and lo hialoly. It 
ia not oar pur|io«e lo enlec inio a minute biagra- 
pbical detail of ComoiOdDis Stewan'a evantful life, 
but (o give 10 hii fellow-Gil iiena a aummnry of hk 
public ierviCBi 

Cbarln Stewart waa born in Ihe ciiy of Philat^el. 
phia, an the twenly.cighih of July, ITTS, the month 
afler Ihs Briliah army sTacunled the cily. Ilii pa- 
reou wets natives of Ireland. Ii wu hia mialbrluni 
«> loae hia father before he had atliined hit lecoiHl 
year, lie waa the yonngeat of eight children. On 
he daalh.of hiB falher, hia malher wai left, in lb< 
midat of the revolution, wilh four children la provide 
fbr, and nilh limited meana for iheir Bupport and edu- 
lation. Being a wonun of talents and great energy, 
ahe waa nol found naming in ihia arduous tasli. 

Al ihe age of thirleen, Charlei aought and Ibund 
amployment in the merchant aervice, in which bo 
gradually rose, through the aeverat grades, from Ihe 
aiiuaiioa of cabin boy. to Ihe command uf an India- 
man ; and here, in the Ibll IJde of aucceaaTul 
tila entarpriae, ha relinquiibed all that he had toiled 
Ar, and ofltied himself to tba aervice of hia couDlry. 
On the ninth of March, 1798, he was coi 
Lientsnanl in the Navy ol iha United Stalea, and re- 
Mivad orders to jnn ibe frigate United Stales, then 
In command of ConuDodore John Barry. He cmi- 
flnned in this ahip until July, 1800. Part of this lime 
tte frigate wis employed in the Weal Indiea, lo hwl: 
•Aer and reairain the Fraach privatceia, and lo protect 
001 cammamagaimlilwit depndaUona, in which ser 

inenlly aucceasful. In Ihe lalle'r part of 
the year the frigate was engaged in Iraniporting tha 
Dmmisatonera fur treating with France lo that country, 
lUd was thuB deprived of Ihe opportunity which, UD- 
lai other circumBtancea. might have led to other and 
ligher honora. 

On Ihe aiiteenth of July, 1800, Lieutenant Slensrl 
vas appointed to the command of Ihe U. S. schuonar 
Ciperimenl. of twelve guna, in which he sailed oo a 
under hia command 
Uiose dislinguiahod olfioen. Porter, Caldwell, and 
Arriving on the station aaaigned him, he fell 
onthenightorSeptember thoSral, the Frendh 
chooner Dam Amii, (Two Frienda,) of eight 
guna, and brought her to action, which terminated in 
lutea: Iha Deui Amis having struck her colon, 
a asm to the Uailad Stales for condemnaiion. 
ihurt of wBler. he proceeded lo Prince Rupeit'a 
the Island of Dominica, and while there, nmier- 

ing hia veaael, hia Britannic Majoaty'i ahip , 

Captain Nash, accompanied by his Mijeaty'i ahip Siaiii, 
Captain Mataoo. arrived, and ancfaoied, aoao aAar 
ihicb, Ueutenanl Stewart received a letter from ■ 
itiisQ of lbs United States, named Amoa Seeley, atat- 
ing thai he had bean impreaed on board the Britkh 
ahip Siam, and claiming an interference fbr his r*- 
Issse. Althou^ Liantenant Sisvran's power was in- 
adequate to enbrce hia demand for tbe ■ortender of 
Sseley, the Iwo ahipa mounting twenty guns each, 
his patriolio heart could not- withaland the appeal of 
by thai chivalry and 
which were dsalined to blaie out in after 
life ao gloriously, he restdved on opening a correapond- 
rilh Ibe British Captain for the releue uf Sse- 
ley. A polila nole was addressed by IJaulenant Stew- 
the senior officer, conveying the request that 
Sreley might be transferred from his Majesty's 

ir his cc 

and; thai 

!. The 

he might he restored to his family ai 
British captain demurred, bul in answer requested a 
peiaonsl interview, wherein he remarked lo Lieute- 
ninl Stewart that the war in which hia Majesty 
waa engaged was aiduousj ihal the difficulty of 
oblaining men fbi hia numeroua lleola and ahtpa of 
war was greal. and that he should encounter 
great hazard of being censured by hia gDvemmenl 
ahould he lessen hia furce by yielding up hia men ; 
urging, moreover, that the eiampta would be Injurioui 
10 the aervice. Lieutenant Stewart replied, in aub- 
etance, that Ihe British oAicers had too long trampled 
on iha rights and liberties of hia countrymen, and it 
was high lime they had learned to respect the lighla 
and persona of an independent nation ; ihal, whatever 
power his Majesty claimed over hia own aubjccla, he 
had no right lo eiercise it over a people who had 
forced him to acknowledge their independence; that 

«i on the world. 

and praclice a deceptioi 
in Buawer, thai Seoley waa impressed in England as 
an Englishman; to which. Lieutenant Stawin re- 
plied — "Then prove him so, and I have done ; but il 
you cannot, I am |H«pared lo prove him a cilinn of 
the United SutSK" WfaeMupoo, II was agreed in 



I board the 

He E i paiimant, having oblamed her nipply af in- 
Mr, lelt Ihe Bap, ind craitiaued her crane under (he 
lee oT Barbuda. Atdaytighlon ihalhitlielhoTSeplem- 
bet, two Mill were discovered, beaitng dona on ihe 
BipariiDenl, wilfa alt nil let. and Engliib colon honi' 
ad. Tlie Eipeiinieol continaed laying bio, with the 
BntMi ngiuU of Ilia ifay fiftng. until ihey apptoarhed 
within gnivefaot, when, Baiiag one lo be a brig of wai 
cf eightrvn nnia.aDd the o4lier a three'Sieated Khooner 
of I h ii iH e n gaa*, and Ihat they wnild not amwrr tbs 
■gs^, Lienienant SMnart delennined to retreat rnm 
Ndinpeiiarlbree. and anil himaelfofanyopponanily 
Ibat night oAt Ibr enlting off ooe oT dioea veMela. — 
II ma noa diieoviirBd Ihat Aa Experiment eoold oat- 
Mil Ibem. aDd after a fVoilleM chaae of [wo hoan, on 
Ihe wioi, ttwy gave op pumiit, boiated French 
oikia, ited ■ gno «f dafiaiw* lo wladward, atHJ 
ktft iWir vaaalB aff batbre iha wind. He, be- 
>ig M«r mOitti of Ibeii ohatMat tad Arte, na- 
m a Tiad la §ma ihaii wake lo windward, md thna 
banme dia ^raBB( vaael la hia lam. Sail waa 
oVKdedoo the KipCTiaeM. and at atDot eight o'skwk 
M«igfatriM«aMa ifp wMt Ibo lhr»e mealed Mtuoiiei, 

IndM FMneh Dattoaatacbaniar DIanai of banean gnna, 
rMawiild by Captain Peraoilaaa; Lieatenanl de 
Vdaaao. with adaladineni of thirty iovalid nidisn, 
md t orew of rfny-fiva moo, aod Oenatal Rigaiid, 
OB txiaiid, on hia way la PiaBea, under iba convoy of 
die brig of war, whieh Bade her eeeqie, and got into 
Snat fhnboionew. Thii pine waa dacpatohed lo 
Iba Dmied Btatae, udar oominand of Lieateaatit Jane* 
B. Caldwell, and wM raalored lo ihe French ander an 
wliBle of the treaty, Imm Ihe caplon were never eom- 
pnaalad br the Goverament lor thil venel, aa othert 

After diapaeing of the priaonei* at St. ChriMopfaer, 
iJKileoant Slewarr eualhtaed Mi hia cniialng grooDd, 
lad reeaptored a nnoiber of Aoerlcan veawla which 
had bean taken by Aa French, and ihu* reacaed a eon- 
■denUe amomilaf TalDaUeooninerceftora the grasp 
of Ibeir privaleeiB — amongM which woi the t>rig Ze- 
bra, of Bidtiiaare, eapland by ibe Flambeau privateer, 
of Bileea gnna, and in her conpuiy si ihe timej the 
wind was ao light, aDd tbs day ao Dealfy over belbre 
be coold apptnoch, that he could only cnt off the 
Zebn, and the Flambeau made her eacape, onder 
cavar af the night, and reached Ouadaloupe. 

On Ihe aiiteenlb of Novenber, at midnight, he 
U in wilh an armed vawal. and after rapealedly 
hailing and reqaesling her to heave-w that a boat 
Might board bar li^ Ihe porpoae at eacortaining her 
chaiaeter. and receinng no ananei or olher aalii- 
fteliDQ, be determined to bring her lo action, and try 
hia iirce ID compel a compliance- The veaael kepi 
■pamsDiDg light wilh greai apirli and deleimina- 
tiEo, ttr fafy mtnatea, when aha become ao cut op 
lod crippled t)f Ae Eiperimsni'a flie, Ibai the wai 

obliged to atrike and lubmit to be boarded. She 
piDTcd lo In Ihe Lonita Bridger. of Beimoda, ciiry- 
iog eight nino-ponodera, wilh a itoul crew of Bermn- 
diana. She waa ao much cat up Ihtt Ihe olliceia 
and crew of the Eiperiraeni were occupied until 
three o'clock next day in repoiring her daniagee; 
having two ahot through her boiiam. ahe waa al- 
motl in a linking condilion. and when Lieuteoani 
Porter boarded hnr, was found lo tuve foot feet 
water in the hold. After polling her in Ihe liest 
repair that clrciiDMnancei admilled. Lieutenant Stew- 
art diamiiaed her on her cmiae. The Eiperimenl 
had only one killed (the.bMtanain) and two wonod- 
ed ttightly. The wind, during lbs action, waa 
alrong and equally, and the Eiperimenl careened ao 
mneh, that Lieulenaill Slewan, to enable hia gone la 
be sufficienlly deprcaaed, found it neceaeaty to col 
three inch planks into ahort lengiha. and put them 
under the tmcka of the gun curriegea, to raiae the 
guoa anfliciently from tba lower port ailla. 

On the retnm of Ihe Eiperimenl to St. Chriatopher, 
ComoKidare Traiton ordered Lieulenani Stewart W 
proceed wiOi a convoy fhim Martinique to Iba iilaad 
of St. Thomaa, and thence to Caracoa, to look fbi the 
United Slalea brig Pickering, and liigate Inautfent, 
bat nothhig could be heard of thoH veaaeli at thai 
place; they had both fbondered in the equinoiial 
gale, with a atore ahip nnder their care, and all handa 
perisfaad. On leaving Curacoa, the Ciperiment waa 
ordered lo proceed to Norfcilk. Standing in Ibr tha 
Mona panaga, early in the naming, • venel waa dii- 
coTcred in diitraaa, and iMBiing utt the reef off Saom 
laland. On oaaring her, many petmna were dia- 
coversd to be on board. After anrhoriDg ihe Eipe- 
rimenl at a safe dbtance ftom the reef, he dea- 
palched Lieulenani Porter wilh the l>oata to Ibeii 
relief, who, with much difGcutly and danger from Ihe 
breaken on Ihe r^ef, aacceeded in reacuing from de- 
stmclion aboot aiily women and children, Hilh aeven 
men of the veaael'a craw. They were Ihe faiuilie* 
of the moat reapeclable inhabitanla of St, Domingo, fly- 
ing ftom the aiege of that city by the blacka. They 
bad heea on the rocks Ibr two days, wiihoul any thing 
In cBl or drink ; and at the time of their rescue, only 
a amall ponion of ihe quarter deck waa above water- 
After ihe aailora hod recovered aa much of ihe pro- 
perty aa Ihey could, by diving inlo Ihe vFBel'a hold, 
the Eiperimenl proceeded lo the city of St. Domingo 
wilh the rescued peraona, where they were all landed 
Ihe neil day, and restored to their friends. Their 
(ratilude waa unbounded, and the Eiperimenl was 
moal litMially fiimished, gratis, wilh every refreah- 
meni the |^aca afiorded. The Pretidenl of Si. Do- 
mingo wrote a letter of thanks to the Preaidonl of tba 
United States [Mr. JeSenon) of which Ibe following 

TVoaaiotion qfa XeUsr/rom Dm Joaquin Oonaa, Oo- 
vrmor of tht SpanUA part i^ St. DoBmifo, lo Om 
Prtridrnl <tflAt Dntled Slalti. 

Sia: — Tha great hnmanily (the ofipring of a mtf- 
breoal} of a mililary officer of tha Vnitad 


Slaw, dgasrvea Iha greaUit applaiua and coniideia- 
lim from ma and my whola natloii. It na> diaplayad 
in hii recent CDOducl lowardi two numerooi lanuliaa 
who were ramaving from Ihi* city (o Porto Rico, and 
onnpHed of nuoj iniall children and ladin of qna^ 

. TbiiolBcer uCharleaSta»aii.EM)..capuinofibe 
armad nchoooar, Eiperiment, nho. nhilal the acct- 
denti of iha aea threatened 10 OTerwhalm bim. ob- 
■erved that near the [ilaiHl of Saooa, a ichooiier, with 
■ mallilude of women and children, cried out for help 
(OUTS iheoitelvei from becoming the unbippy vie- 
lima of the lempni. or of the want of nautical akill in 
Capiain Chriiiion Gnnemnn, a Dana, who. in the 
hanlueai of hit heerl, (trove lo gave bit peraon and 
eflecli. by going on ehore and leaving to many human 
creature! eipused to Ibe lurbuleuce of the waTO, an 
«ilremity which pteeeQled to them a near pruapect of 

Thii brate and generoui oRlccr, hia crew, and all 
under hia command, impelled by humanity, alertly 
itTDve to rave ihoae matched ladisa, and aucceaded. 
A few monienli afbr their aafely wai tcconpiialied, 
the achooner laak. Amid thaolta, vona. and lamenla- 
tiooa, ihia worthy officer leaml thai Captain ChriitiaD 
waaoQ ibamoualainofSaona, widihiaeOeela. With- 
«at neglecting lite ladiaa, he endeavored to aecots a 
wretch, who ought not U live anwag mankind. Thia 
he eSected, and, through the humaoily of iha ladiea, 
utad no gtealer aeveiily towarda him than to lake 
him on board and bring him, well aecured, to thia 
oairilal. lie treated the ladieawilh the grealeat cour- 
leny, accommodallng them with hia cabin, hia table. 

They have itqueated me lo communicate tbeaa 
circumilincee to your Eicollency, and that in their 
namei, I ahould present to you their cordial thanka, 
aaauriog you that it ia ao action which will temain 
forever impreaaed on their hearta. For nyaeli^ and in 
the name uf ny nslioD, and of all wbo know of the 
occurrence, wonby of to cultivated a nation ind of 
an officer of the United Slataa, [ pieaanl yon ray 
thanha with that aincerily which belonga lo my cha- 
racter; and 1 ahall have ifaa honor lo render an >o- 
counl of it 10 my nualer, the king of Spain, in order 
that auch an action may redooitd lo the honoi of thia 
officer, of hi* Sag. and of aU hta brave imd genennia 

God preaeive you many yeata. 

May it plaaae yout Eicellency, 

SUIS DominEa, Jin. 11, 1101. 

Od the arrival of the Eiperiment. in 1801, at Tiof 
folk, ihe wBi nld oul of Ihe aervicr, under ihe act of 
CongreH (txing the Naval Eatabliahmenl. Lieute- 
nant SlaKarlwa* amoogat the ibirty-aiilieiilaianli re- 
tained under that law. and waa placed in charge of 
Ihe frigate Chenpeake, in ordinary, at Norfolk. In 
the following year, 1803, he joirked ihe United 
Statea frigate Canatallaliou, aa fint officel of Capuin 
Hurray , who wai ordered to the Mediigrnuiean lo block' 
ade Tripoli, then at warnilh the United Statoi. Thi* 

waa a abort crniie of one rear, and oBiirTled no op- 
pottnnily for the ahlp or officeta lo diitinguiah them- 
aelvea. On her laram to the United Statea, Lieut*- 

Stewarl waa placed in command of the brig Sireo, 

being built at Philadelphia, and received ofdan 
to anperintand her. Her equipment was eflectad in 
aeten dayi allar aha waa launched, when aha aailad 
for the Mediterranean to join the command of Com- 
modore PieUe- She wai engaged giving pKteotioil 

r commerce by convoy, and conveying the Con- 
■ular preienia lo the Dey of Algieia. The aqradioD 
'endavouied *I Syracuie, in the iiland of Sicily. 
From that place ihe Siren wa* engaged in the aipe- 

I aenl under Lieutenant Stewart to deauoy the 
frigate Philadelphia, wbich had groonded ofiT the har- 
bor of Tripoli, and waa aurrendered lo Ihe Biabaw. 

enont Decalnr waa aenl in Ihe iDtnind, ketch, 
witbaevcniy volunleeia.luboaid and hum the frigate, 
which ho Bccompliifaed in the moat gallant inanner j 
and, with the aid of the Siren'a boala, under LieuW- 
nanl Caldwell, effected hii retreat oal of Ihe barbor. 
After this aocceiafnl eipedilioo, Ibe Siren, Liaulaiiant 
Stewart, with the Viian, Enierpriie, and Naatilna, 

■ hia CMuaaod, wen employed in a rigid 
blockada of the city of Tripoli and iha adjaooil bar- 
boa. During thia pariod,lhearaekahip,Calapi>Uana. 
and Ibe Britiah brig. Scourge, of twelve goaa, wars 
iplurad by Ibe Siren, for a viidatioD of the btockada. 
The ship vraa realored lo Ihe Greeki, aod Ibe brig pat 
into the aervice of Ihe United Statea by Commodote 
Preble. During ihii blockade, Ueulananl Slamn 
frequently led in the veaala of the blockade to the at- 
tack of the batleriea and Botilla. to acoualom the offi- 
cera and man lo the eneay'i file, and to fonie Iha 
Tripolltana lo aipend tbsir ammunition ; and on on* 
occoaion, they attached and destroyed two batleiiw 
the aoemy had elected to Ibe westward of lb* cilyi 
for the piolaclion of their coastmg trade- 
On the fini of Angoat, 1804. Commodore Piable ar- 
rived off Tripoli with the frigate Coiiatitntiao, two 
bomboriDOrtaTv«Bels,and lii gun-boata — united with 
the Sim and Argus, brigs of eighteen guna, and Iha 
Naotilni, Viieo, and Enierpriie, achoaDera of twelva 
gtiliB, he delannined lo attack Iha town, Botilla, and bat- 
lariaa of Tripoli. On the third, Ibe wind proving 
Ikvonble, at meridian the ngnal waa made W prepare 
£>r battle, when Ihe whole ibrca, forming a line ahead, 
led on by the brig Siren, Uenlanant Stewart, ad- 
vanced to Ihe attach, and when within reach of lh« 
enemy'a fire, the gun-boali were cast off; and imme- 
diately boarded the gun-bwila of Tripoli, twenty of 
which wen moored in a line, oulnde of the raaf 
which formed the barbor. Three of them iveM car- 
tied, and brought off under cover of the vaaaela of 
war, and added to the American aqoadiCD. On thia 
occasioo ware iaiued the following 


Ttia gallant behavior of tbe officers, aeaman. and 
marines of ihs squadron, in the action of yaataiday 
with the enemin' batleiiea, gonboan, and coriain. 


e\mim from the Commodore, lb* mnneil ■pprobaliDi 
and [suie be cut bealow. 

CaptuD SlawiTt of the Siren, Capuin Hull oT Ihi 
AigDB. and Capuio Smith of ihe Viien. will plsaH Ic 
accept the comnHiclarB'i Ihanlia, Tor the gallant nuuinei 
in irtiich Ibey bnughi Iheir veneli inio action, anr 
dwir pnmpl obedience to lipali. puiicularlf that tc 
CDTer gnaboalB and priie*. 

CapmJD Somen nil! pleow to accept tbe commo 
dote'i ihanki fbr Ibe gallant conduct ditplaj ed by bim 
in anackiDg 6«a of ibe enMnj'a gunboati within 
ket abol or Ihe betleriec. and obliging ihem to lelraal 

The vary diningDiafaiid jndgmenl and inlrepidit; 
Caplaia Decatnr in leading hii diTidon of gUDboali. 
actiod, in boarding, capturing, and iMinging out Ann 
DDder tbe balleriei. two of thfit gonboala. each of au- 
pefior fbree, ie paMicularljr grBtiffing to Ibe Conuno- 
dore, and Captain Decslur will be pltaied ID accept hii 

Lieateunt Commaodanl Deal, and Lieuienanl Rob- 
UBon. comiaandiDi the two bomb Teaceli. are an 
(o Ihe ihanha of (be Comniiidore fbr IbeJudgmeD 
biBTery diaplajed by Ihem in placing Iheir ft 
and Ibr Ihe BDTiojrance Ibey gave tbe eitemy. 

Ijeutenanl lAmence of the Enlerpriie, and laeule- 
nant Reed of Ihe Nanlilui, (commanding iheaa leaaeli 
in Iheabeeiicaaf lbeiicommanden.)nierilihaCommo- 
dore'a thanka tor ibeii active eieriiiHia in lowing and 
pntecliog prize*. 

The Commodon deeply ngrela Ihe death o 
brave Lienteoant Jamei Decaiiir, who nobly fallal ihe 
mment be had obliged an enemy of luprrior force to 
itrike to bim. 

Liaalenanl Baiobridge. in pnnuing into the harbor 
and eogaging ihe erkemy. and his randuci through Ihe 
action meriia and tecelvte ihe Comaiodoce'a thanks. 

Lienteoaol Tripp will bo pleased lo accepi thanlit 
lor the g^laiil roDdui:t which dialinguiahed him in 
boordinf, eapluting. and brloging oat arte of ihe ene- 
my's gunboelBjif SDperiur iurce, aftei having receired 
•leTao ivunnds. 

I baie now lo tender my warmeal Ibaaka to iha 
lienleDanlB, sailing masters, marine ofliren, and other 
officers of ihe C^onatitullan. for Ihe ptompi support I 
receiTed frora tbem. 

The aeodncteflhe oflicei*, aeametr, and marines of 
the sqnadnm, have not only in Ihe action of the third. 
bMtanl. but on every other occesinn, merited the highest 

Given on board U- S. Ship Com 
off Tripoli. Ihe fourth day uf 


For the nbole of ihie month and part of September 
the city of Tripoli and the botlerica were kept under 
the fire i>f the squadron, and the bombetdmenti of Ibe 
mortar vceaels, at least whenever tbe wind permitted 
Ihe squadian to approach and retreal — they were inva- 
nahly attacked day or night nntil serenl of Ihairaotilta 
WMeannk.tbs town and batteries coosidemhly injured, 
aad many of Ihe enemy were killed and wounded. 
TlM aqoadran, bmmer, ivera IM wiAeot ItMir earn- 

altlea, whereby ibe Siren bad three oRicera and eight 
seamen killed, and Ihirleen wounded. Aliei Ibis dis- 
liiiguished service, Lieutenant Slewarl was promoted 
lo be master cfmunandent. and placed in command of 
■he frigate Essex, which vessel, afier Ihe Gonclaeion of 
peace with Tripoli, proceeded with Ihe leai of tbe 
squsdton, commanded byCommndore Rogere, to Tunia 
Bay. Ibr Ihe purpose of checking in thai regency a 
rieing disposiiion lo commence hosiililies on ihe dag 
and commerce of the United States. The hostile at tiioda 
of tbe squadron, while there, induced Mr. George 
Davis, consul of Ihe United Stales, lo leave the city 
and seek refuge on board of the fleei. The slate of our 
aSaira now drawing lo • crisis so serious, it appeaTed 
10 ihe Caoanl General, Colonel Lear, that the flag 
ofRcer ought to Mrenglhen bit acta with the advice and 
oonaenl of hie principal officers ; In consequence of 
which, the Commander-in-chief called a council, coa- 
•ullng of Captains Campbell. Decatur. Slewail, Hull, 
Smiih. Deni, and RobioMO. to whom the ■itnalion of 
our af&ire with the regency was eiplained, and Iha 
opinion of ihe officers demanded whether hoslilitiea 

this council that the opinion of Captain Stewerl car- 
ried wilh il Ibe BBsnlof all Ihe olfieera. sad preserved 
Ihe peace of the country with that regency. Il was 
on receiviag that opinion, as delivered in Ihe council, 
tramaiilted by Ibe Consul Genera! and the Consul, Mr. 
Davia, to Ihe Prnidenl u[ Iha United States, that Mr- 
JeOeraon eipreased tohia cabinet, ibe high ealiefaclion 
he felt al having an officer in ihe squadron who com- 
prehended the international law, ihe conslilnlioD of 
hiscnuntiy. and Ihe pdicyof his government. Cnptein 
Stewart gave it »a his opinion. Ihal Ihere was no 
po«er under the Consiilution of the United Sialei 
whirh aulhotiiiMi hoatilities md war on others, bill 
Ihal which waa lodged eiclusively wilh Cimgren,- 

e President of III 

■ Untie 

bis power, willioul Ihe action end aiiihorily of 
CurrgresB, much lew a commander uf an American 
squadron; that due respect for Ihe laws of Nelions 
forbade aggression, and only jnslilied self defence by 
vigilance and convoy fbr ihe protecilonuf mir citiient, 
Iheir properly and commerce; hut where hostile al- 
tempta were mada on eiiher, he would be juetiSed in 

g all p 

I no fart 

would hi* country asnclion bis arii. The policy 'jf ihe 
United 8<al« was at all linieB ptciric, and espe- 
cially so with a peuple remote from onr counlry, with 
ini we must war with every disadvantage — ibaf 
bad just lerminated a vrar wilh one of ihoae pow- 
even more i mi igni Scant and asgoilable than Tunis, 
onsidaiBble eipenne — the loss of one frigate and 
ml valuable lives — it was Imp, the enemy 
had been puniiheii for forcing war on ut, but might 
we iwl be punished ihraugh diaasicr. by furring war 
iponTnnia; that their threala were well calculated 
a pat us on our guard, but would not Juatify aggres- 

This sound reoMmlng and diacralion prevailed ; 
tir CoDsal vn* reelored to his post, peace was con- 
innad, and ihe Bey of Tanis sent a special mtniater 
(Helley UalleyO to Iha Unil«} S 




tttry uliiTBCtioa sL th« btniJi of Mr. Jefiangn. 
the lerminalioii of lliii o^r niib ths [egancy of Tunii, 
Cipuia Swwan look comnuiu] oTihe bigste Cooilel- 
hiioD UHl leturiMd lo the Voittd Sitle*. On hii uri- 
ibI be wta promalod to a pwt raplaincjr. 

NiTy Dcpan., i4 April, lOM. 

Sift: — II sflbnla me teal pJeuure. lo hive il in my 
poner to irarumtt lo you. herewilh, a comniinian, lo 
which your honorable earvice* ao jtully entitle you. 

I am, with great re^wct, air, your moat ahedieot 
aarvant. R. Smith. 

To Capt CUARLEB Stewaet, niiladelphia. 

N»T DatwS ^r^ Wk, lUI. 

S[a;— I beraiviih irvaniit lo yan en iBpceBioai oT 
d» nedil, prHBOied Ui lb* lal* Caamodon ICdnard 
Piable, in punuaore or the reailnlion of CoogreM ot 
4tw 3d March. 1B05. 

"Hiia il gi*en to you, aa one oT ihe iMcea of the 
•aTy, whu bononbly poiricipiied in Ibe giltaol 
•chiavement. Ilie tasmory of which it ia inlsnded Id 

1 have ibe honor lo be, reapscifuUy. nr, your moat 
ebadianl lorvsnt, R. Shitb. 

Capt. Chauj^ Stewut, PhilaiMphia. 

During pari oflhe yaax* 1806 and 7, Captain Slew 
att waa employed in wiparinlaDding tba oomtruolion 
of gun-boal> at New York, and waa afkemanU en- 
gaged inpraieruling mercanlile amerprizea loth* East 
Indin, the Mediterranean, and Adriatic During Iheae 
TOyagea, he naa lortunala enough, throng hia apirilcd 
ialerceaaiun, 10 ralaoae aeveral of hi* fellow citiiana who 
bad been impretaed inio Briliifa ahip* of war. On the 
decIaratiiHi of war with Great Brilain, in 1812. he 
proceeded. in oonjuncIiiHi with Conunodore Boinbrtdge. 
10 Wuhinglm. fur ibe purpoae of aeeking service -, 
but oo preaantjDg IhetaielTec at ihe Navy Depert- 
■•nt. Ihey were infemed bf Mr. GohJaborough, Ihe 
ahiaf clerk, Ihai il had been decided by the cabiul 
toplaceallibaabipaof war io Iha harbor of New York, 
foe ila dalanDe, (ad Ibuadepriralhamariiiaoralloppar- 
unity fee diltingaiihed aeriiee. They aaw alonce iba 
kijnriona coniaqiwncaaof aneb an onjar. Iha diahaarten- 
ingof ibeaerrice.byiDcb ■ wilhdranalof toofidence 
in ihe navy I Ihe paralyzing eOecU, utd Iha naiioDalhu- 
Bilialion il would produce in Ihualaeiily acknowledg- 
iogtbe in*incibilityof tha enemy, wiihoul an aSid lo 
anaal it They immedialely aialed Ibeir apprehanaiom 
to Iba Secralary of ihe Navy, and oheJ him 
the navy bad done, Ihat iia mamben were lo ) 
piived of ao favorable an opporluniiy of plucking tro- 
chlea from their reaownad eoemy on hia ow 
the ocean naia. Tha Secralaiy of Ihe Navy Mated 
the uuieiiea of ihe govaramenl on Ihe « 
that noihing had perplaied then more — apprehending 
ihat our veiy limited marine would be immedialely 
OTafwhelmad and cruabed by auperior laroe and num- 
ban. The ineiperience of our officeti generally, ihe 
want of arliltery praciice in our aeamen, 
bM iiuuad la Bcaoea of blood, teeowd lo Iwbid their 

ling oppoaed lo a marine which had triumphed ovw 

lery flag in every aea, wllh ibeadvanlageaaftneiity 

yean' conalaol piaclice. To tbia formidable array of 

ioua reaaona. ibsy replied with aiguBBnia that 

ioced the Secreuiy of Ihe arronauiu poaitioa< 

I apiriled leller writien to ibe Pieaidanl Ihat nixhl, 

by Caplaina Baiobiidga and Siewarl, conviiicad bi4a 

be immediately directed tba Senelary of Iha 

Navy to Bud lAe esuefi of lear la aao, lo aa*i aleir 

eiaiaiy, and kt votid lakt (&e n^ambHity «• iluuaj/'. 

Mr. Gddaborougfa. who waa acquainted with dw cob- 

lean of Ihat lalter, aongkl it in vaio al ifae baa^ of 

Mr. Madiaon. fur itwenion in hi> work on Ibe Naval 

Uiuory of iha UoiMd Staiaa.* Tba bnMber oflioan of 

Capiaina Siewvi and Bainbridge oobly aualained tba 

opinioui given on that occaaionj by Ibeir gallantry 

, ocean and on iha lakee. ibey verified ibair |r*- 

u, and releaied thoae gentlemeo ftoia Ibair 

pledges lo Iha Eiaculire OovommeaL 

fill be borne in mind by ihe reader thai lb* de- 
ion of war by ihe Praaideal'i proclamation look 
on ibo Hineieenth June.lSlSjoo Ibe ineuty-fint, 
Capiaina Sm wan and Bainbridge preienied ihemalvaa 
iheGovemmenl.andanlhetv'enly^eoandiil waide- 
lerminad t^ Ihe Preaidenl, ia ooniiHDuty with ibe wag- 
gealioniofIhBaaofficen,thal Ibe abipa ahouU be aent to 
■ea, and lo laa they were Ibnhwilh ordered. CapUiu 
irl waa appoiDlfid lo Iha command of tba bri( 
Arguaand Hoinel aloop of war, which veaaek (brmedk 
f Ihe squadroti of Commodore Rogen, but w«M 
id 10 be withdrawn for Iha purpoaa oi allswing 
Captain Slewaii to Bake a daah with them amuigit iha 
Briliab Weal India Ialanda.t Thia command waa ao> 
Fompanied by a private letier, dated 23d June, 1S19. 
froA the Secretary of ihe Navy. We only eilract tha 
mlooce of il lo ahow hia feeling towarda Captain 


YoD know not how you have riaen in my mind 
by Ihe nmwnnaiBM omduel you elbibiled yeateidcy. 
May Ood Almighty bleai yoo, and crown yon wilk 


In December, CapUin Stannri waa appointed lo lb* 
cammaad of ibs frigaia Cooatellation, ihao tepaiiin( 
Waahinglon. in November, iha Secretary of Ihe 
Navy add rawed lo him the lullowing letter : 

N(>7 nepuuueBt, llUiNDTftnbfT.lllt., 
Sia: — The naval commiiiee tie deii roua of poaeti- 
ing ihe moat conprehenaive informalian upon naval 
itibjecta. in particular aa to ihe deicriplion of marine 
furra beat adapted to our defenoe, and the relative 
cAicienry of venelt of difereni ralea \ 1 have, Uiere- 
fore, to requeal of you, at a piofeiaiooal man, yonr 
inioDi al large upon the fallowing poinla : — 

• The aulbar picsamea the Preaidenl thought Ihii 

nel eacral n be divnlgwL 

IS aqnadron undarConiTM- 
don Kogen haviiw left ibe waHn of New Ycck. 
tbia ordai waa not caniad inU eOaoL 




Tmn, Wbal. in juur opinioD, a tha retatita cfTi- 
6bik]f at (hip* of the line and friEum — ib/ levMiiy- 
iMin and Urge fiigale* 1 

SscDND. Wbkl, ID foui opiniao. ia ihs rshlivc cffi- 
deiicf or large Trigaica and aloopa of war I 

Thiu). Wbal daacriplioo of iiaval force da you 
diiok beat adapted to Ibe dgfence of uui mail and 

reomTa. What deacriptioo of force do jon tbiok 
beat calcqlsled ID proaecule tlie pneent war, and anf 
fnlnra mv in wbicb we ma^ be engaged t 

Ftrra. Would not the weciion of doeki Jbr the re- 
pain of our veaael* prodocea great nTiog ineipeoee, 
tabor, and riikt Would nol docki greatly eipadile 
ih* reiitliiig of onr ahipa t 

Be planed to faTocsa with aDawen. aaaigBing your 
iHaoBa Bl larga lor your apioiooi, aa ear Ijr aa may be 

CajM. Cauu^n Stiwakt, of iha Navy. 

To wki«h Iha fbilowing reply wu giTcn : — 


Uaiud Siata' tiigUt CoaaixllatioB, Mot. U, Itlt. 

Sik:— I bav* raeoived your leller of the eleventh 
bnU in which you itale thai il if " Ibe deaireoftbe naval 
eanmitlee to poaea the moal cmspreheiuive inliirDM- 
lim upon dbt*! anbjecla, particularly the marine fonw 
Ix*! adapted to our defeDce.aDdthe relative eOicieiKy 
of *(neb of diAirent ratea." In compliance ihara- 
wilb, I haTo the honor bi anawer the queationt you 
inioaed aa fbllowa:— 

(iottnoii rj»«. What, in your opinion, ii the r«- 
laUve effidetiGy of ahipa of thelina — aay aevenly-ibura 
and large {Hgaleal 

Awwii. The relalive Ibrca of a aevenly-ibur gun 
•Up and large frigate ia at one to three. 

Fn£aU <f SO gm*. 

3924 lbi.e*cb nnmd. 

736 Owia and Mm. 

AaacHEST. By ihe above intnpaiiaan ilappean that 
a aevrnry fuiir gun abip iliiihirgee at one round 3334 
pound >liut. Biiil a frigate of ih« finiclaas 1360 poundal 
it iberelbre cUarly pruvea ihe poaiiion of relative Ibioa 
in point of neial lo be onp to Ihroe.oi ibereabouta — 
When Ihia circumalanco ii ronaidered jointly with tha 
following, it muBt appear lo olhera aa it doea to me^ 
that aa yiiu increaae the clsxof Ihe abip, you increaaa 


o Ihre 


praponionaI«ly the eipenw of building, equipping, 
and auppotting Ibeia in CMumiMion, which nq Maily 
be ealabtiahed by ealioutaB from tha Department wrt 
the (iperience of all other marine oalioDa. 

Shipa of Ihe line ara much atronger in fcantUiQ, 
thicker in Ihe aide* and boilam, leaa pensDable lo tba 
aba<, and t»naequenlly,laa> liabJ* to be lam, oi battel- 
ed 10 pieree, at auok; the edditional noB being mora 
in propoilioa to the additional uuaiber of nian, leave* 
greater apace fiw water and pnviiionB, and admit* 
uf her ninp hdng kepi clear, that ahot, penetiatiog 
through belon the water, the hulea can readily ba 
plugged up from the inaida. and hei ainking thereby 
preveuied. Hence, »o l.ave aeen bhip* of the line 
capable of baiiering one another Tor eeveral hour*, and 
if not too much crippled iti the apart and rigging, en- 
abled to renew an arliun on the Ibllowing day. I am 
aware that iome are of opiuion that a more divided 
force ia better calculated fur action, from the advan- 
isgeoua petition that wiiuld be given to a part. Bap- 
po*e Ihra* fiigalea of fifty guna were lo undertake to 
baiter • aeveniy-fbur gun ship, and that two of tbem 
w*ra lo occupy Ibe quarter and atetn of the (evenly- 
foot, (thi* la placing them in ihe moM lavorable pod- 
lion,} Ihe olbor frigate engaged alweaM— evaiy thing 
then would depend upon ihe lime that Iha fticaia abtaaot 
Gonld maialaiii that puiiion. to enable the other two to 
act with effect upon Ihe eiiin ind quarter. Bat it mnrt 
be evident lo all acquainitd wilfa the two claae* of 
■hip*, ibal ihe frigaie ahrtiiU could not wilhMand the 
fire of *a heavy and cuntpurt a balterj many minute*, 
■pd in all proliability, vibiiM be diimaaled or nmklba 
Giat or aecond broadiiiie. Thia would decide Ike fate 
of ihe iither iwo. Mvcli might ba laid of Ibe ■op*- 
tiuriiy of ahipa of the line over Ihgalea, in Iha attack 
of baiierica, or iheii definre; on the eecuiily of Tain- 
able mtivoya of ncrcluiiii tbipt, or lro«|B aMit en an 
ei]((Juiuii; bnl iLeii edianlBgea, in ihaM ra*p*CM 
muit be eviddit lo all. however unacquainted with 
nautical aAiia. 

Qt'EaTiON&ECONn. Vl' yoiiroprniDD,i*tlianh- 
tiv* efficiency or lore* of large trigaiea and aloofaaTim 
ANawia. The relative (fTiciency of large frJgaWa 
and aloDpi of war it, at liaii, one u [wo. 

Gun Deck, 
Quartet ditl< 

SOS Gun* and Men. 



Gaa Drck, 

4tM Gum and Men. 

QonnaN Thud. Wbal dsKripiion of naval fnrrg 
4o fou Ihink b«a( idtplad lo lfa« defence of our coul 

AhbwU. Ship* of Ihe line are bal calcolaled for 
the defence of our coaila, and lor the pmeelinDufanr 
coaaMrce, inmrd and outward, when enpgefl id 
yttt wiih ■ IbreigQ nariiinia puwer. 

Frilale* lo rale ihirtj-tno pint, lo wn 

36 IS-ponndcn on giin deck. 

16 tl4.poUDd corroaidcionquulerder.kand 

43 Gim>. ' 

le ihipa to rale iiiwen gaia, to mouol ■■ fol- 

B powar, that thai power will oi 
•end lo our coosl rrigBts* and nnBllet cruiien berai 
we poHsB no other ducriptlon af veneli. Th 
finl object will be la leatcain, by ahijia of tbs line. ( 
fiifalei and other eruiien from ileparling and preyii^ 
upon their commerce. Their nrilohjecl will be 
their nnsller cruiaen in punuil of our commerM, and 
by haling Iheir ihijaof the line parading on onii 
threatening unr nuHi eipowd lea-poit to*D*, ant 
Tenting Ihe departure of our imBll cruieeta. ihey will 
be capturing nbsl commerce may have 
thein, and recaplurtng what prixee may have fallen 
into oar hands. T^irdlf. they can nl any ll 
draw iheir ihip* of the line, ihanld a more i 
object requira it, without haiardint much on Iheti 
inn, and relam in tulTicienl time lo ehut out out 
eruinra that may have deparieil during their abecnn>. 
Fourthly, they can at all limn consult their conve- 
nienee in point of time and numben. and will incut 
no axpenie and riak of Innaponi fur proviiiom aiid 
water, but can go and procure their Biippliei at plea. 
nir«, and return lo their aiaiion ere their absence is 
hnonn lo us. 

QttEtnaN PoDiTH. What detcripilon of rone do 
joa thick heal calculated to prosecnie the pmeni 
war, bimI any future war in which wo may engager 

AsawEK. For the pnxeculion of the present war 
with most Bfbet. a miiad naval lorca of ihe Ibllrw- 
nlg deacripliiM, in my opinion, is the beat calculated. 

Ship of the line, lo lata, in htmorof thayearofour 
independence, (•veniy^iea, to mouni u followa. 
38 43^oiuiiIen. on Ihe lower gun deck. 
30 34 ditm, upper ditio. 

S4 43-pound carronadesoiiquarlerdock and IbrecBttle. 

3 34-pounden on forecantle. 

4 68-ponnd carrunades on poup. 

Frigalei to tale forty guns, to mnnni aa follows : 
30 34-poaiKlan on gun deck. 
90 33-pooiidcaitDUBdeaDa^uarteideckandforecBiile. 

3 13- 

Akouuint. Byhavinga ptTr|Tiirtiftn tiflhnsn rlawna 
of ahips of war, (he inner aqoadran, or "gardt di 
CBHa" may be composed of ihe shiia of Ihe line, and 
a raw of the thirty. I wo-gun abipe lor repaalara and 
lookout shipa — hence it noiild produce om of two ra- 
■tilis. either thai Ihe enemy would be obliged lo aban- 
don our coast, or bring on it a much greater force, at 
least double our number, out of which they would be 
obliged to keep on our coasts a superiority at all ha- 
zards of the aea, and at greal addilional eipenae and 
risk of transporli fbi pmvisiODS and water. But 
should Ihey, from other circunutancei, be unable to 
keep up thiit aupetiority on our coast, the door will 
be kept open fai the iDgrera or egreta of our eruisera 
and their priics, whila our other eltusei of thipamay 
bo sent in porsuii of Iheir sniatlei ciuizera and com- 
merce. These obaenationa will apply to all future 
wan in which we nmy be engaged with marilima 
powers; but m we might more frequently be engaged 
rtiih ihe Bnrbary puivers. the frigaiee and siiteen gun 
ships would be belter adapted lu Ihal species of war- 
faro. They have no shipn of Ihe line. Orir ship of 
Ihe line could then bo laid in ordinary, dismantled 
and presenml at n small cipense. 

ION Firm. Would not the erection of dock* 
ipainofour veuels, produce a great saving 
•e, labor, and risk, and would not docha 
greally eipediie the refltling of our ship ? 

dry dock, agreeably to a plan I furoiah- 
ed the doprtmeni same time since, to be freed ftom 
by pump ot drains, will be indiapensabla for 
ipin of ship of war, and will be the least ei- 
re way of repairing the boliomsof our ahip,aDd 
will aipedile ihe oullits, in point of lime, one lo ten. 
AaauMiNT- A ship of war, wanting repin done to 
ir bottom, or coppring, most be turned down, one (Ida 
a time, to undergo thai repir ; therefore, to prepare 
ship for that procem. requires that all her uppi 
isti should be taken down, and alt her guns, sloree, 
aler-casks, ballast, ammuniiiun, Sx., should be taken 
it. which lesds to great loss, wane, and labor, and 
B time occupied in the pmcesa. will be from two lo 
three weeks, and as niBcb more time will be required to 
re,rig, ro.equip, and re-place her guns, iiorea, and other 
materials. TTie prvpration lo dock a ship of war CtH 
be done in iBsIiw hoHri; all that is necesaaty to be 
dime, is to lake out the guot, and pump Ihe water oat 
of the water-casks; and when in dock, the repainoT 

a progress on idiltulei at the n 



' require • ihMoogh repair 
Iknnghoat. i( can never be eDacliulIf dooe bu 
dork: Ibr inalance. in repaicing tbip< of war i 
mter. thpj are liibls to haie Iha fins ronn of itieir 
bullom (polled by hogging, ipreadiag, or warping, 
whith vrill maleriallf alTsct ibeir MJling. Shipi warn- 
ing ihorough lepaira, reqnire all ibe plank ripped off in- 
ode and oainde, their beuni, kneca, and climpa taken 
Ml; Iheis are all they have le bind ihair framea toge- 
ifaer, and thersby pre«tve ihsir ihape; but when 
■tripped of theae lo make roon for the new, ibey 
liaUa to bogg fiom the great«ai weight and body of 
limber bciag ia Iht fort and qfur mrf, at which placai 
there ii ou preaanra upward*, cauaed by the water, 
ihiaB eoda are abarpi the Iwo aitreme* of the (hip i 
liaUe to sink in lha water, while the body or middle 
of the iliip riaea widi the npwanl ptaanre of the wa- 
ter. The neil conaideralion in refttiting Ihe boltonH 
io the water, lluiD|h not of each vital imporlance, 
oMonworttayaf aenouaalleQlion; ibe boiling into tl 
bunDin ougbl lo be driven from >he euUidt, bat wban 
Kpaired afloat, Ibey are under the aactmiXf of driving 
Ihon Irom the ioaide, hence itte bottom will r 
it lining nor ao well aecnred. 

The lime fur anawering the aaveral qnealione pro- 
pcnnded to me in your latter of (he elevanih iml. 
vary ihun. and a great deal being required by my 
Dlber avocatioDi, will, I tmal. ba a inlficienl apology 
far ray not going more largely and minalety inl 
ntgeci, aa b1k> for any inaccuraoiea which 1 rany ha*e 
coDimiued. I nil], Ihirafbre, clues Ihii commi 
&n wilb an eipraasioii of my hopea thai whi 
nay be propoeed by ihe naval commitlee lo CongreB 
m Ihe aabjocl. Aey will iniHiglr rBcomnierKl lo their 
nondentioa Ihe neoenity of having what they pro- 
puHi fiit ihe increase of the navy of the beat seasoned 
meri^ which will be by far the ebeapeai. and be 
longer in • itale Ibr active service. I trait Ib^ir pait 
opetieoc* will prove this poilion to their latitftciion. 
<^ Ihe beet materials are alwayi iha clieapetl, and 
that a ik)w ineieaaa is bellai ihan a haily and lenpo- 

I have Ihe bonor to be, air, very Taapeelfally, your 
oba^snl servant. 

Signed, CaiKUa Brwyttrr. 

Hoa Padl HufiLTON. 

s agiee with Captain Stewart, in ibe v 

Signed, i 

InDn!smber,I813,lhiiihipw<iaqQipped,and ready 
*»«<«,aiid Captain Slewart embraced ihe occaiion lo 
!"»• a iplendid enlertiinmeni on board that vessel, lo 
'^ Ike branches of govemmenl. end the cUiaeni of the 
^iOricl; iheie wars upward of eight hundred lailies 
■^ genllemen oo board, where they pused without 
'"iian a most agreeable day, snd returned to their 
^"^^ at night, delighted wilh ihe entanainmenl and 
^■■■lilyaf thecaplain. Soon anei Ihe eitiiein of ihe 
'■(net gave a retam hall lo Captain Stewart, and the 
'^t*!* of the navy; ii was at dii ioU roosi, aboul (ea 

o'daA al night, that Midihipman Hamitlon. the eon of 
the lecreiary of Ihe navy, and Ihe aid of Captain Deca- 
tur, arrivod with ibe flag 1^ Ihe Mscedonien frigate, and 
Iha deapalcheaof Captain Decatur, giving on scrountof 
hii having capiured her wilh Ihe frignie Tniied Stales. 
The dancing ceased* Ihe ilag wei spread on the floor, 
the despatches resd to the Preiident, and the sisern- 
bled ladies and gsntlsrarn ; to deicriba ihe sceiia 
which Ihllowed would require a more graphic pan 
than we bold. The reader mighl well be left lo hia 
own reflections and feelings, and glortoui aympathiaa. 
Nor will he, we are certain, omil lo recur to Ihat 
gallant impulse which led Stewart and Bainbridge l» 
Waihinglon, to reoKiiMtrate againil the ingloriona 
policy that had bean adopted, of shutting upouishipsr 
and the way to iboae brilliant seetMs which Jigbled 
up the oeean and the lakes, wilh such unfaditig glory! 
We cannot realM the impulae to ny aoo^hing of that 
memorable occaakui. Tiie building, large and cam-- 
iBodiooa aa il was, aa the flag lay in the nidii of the 
bcilliaal assembly, lileratly trembled to its foundatioB 
wilh Ihe plandita. Ladiss ware seen laughing and 
weeping wilh joyj gentlemen enibrtcing one amlher; 
membenof Congreis who were opposed to each elhor 
in the meaning, on questions concerning the war. were 
Ciund in each other's arms ; Ihe opposer^ of tlw war 
recovered, for Ibe moment, their lust pairioliini, and 
io Ihe arms of their democraiic colUaguei, Iheir 
hearts beat in unison with each other over Ihe glory 
acquired far their country, while the tears of graliluds 
■treaiaed from their eyes, and fell on the piostrale 
flag of Britain- The venerable Maem, forgetting hia 
ilern coniietency, eicbiimed, " I never behold an offi- 
cer of our navy, without the eipontion of ny heart 
making me Teel aa much afleclion lor him as Icon Id lor a 
brother." In Ihe general cnnfution, aod Ibe Ion of oU 
personal diilinction, through Ihe patriotic feelings of 
the moment, Ihe Preiideni himself received Ihe fialer- 
nal embrace of a federal senator. In ihis boll room, 
and on tlus occwion, Ihe Secretary of the Navy, (Mr. 
Hamilton,) stated to those aaembled, " It ib to Caf- 
TAIM BalNaUMB AND Stcwakt voo owi tovk 
HAvaL vlcTOHin." We do no more than repeal the 
history of the tinea, when we My, that if unu lo Ue 
victoriei ef aur hrate Urt, en Ua ocean, eiw the Eng. 
IM. thai UuJtrM iwg/iiUe and lutxett of itt tear an lo 
be/airlg otia-iiRJ. 


I its 

vided on the question ; and ihe fleets of ihe enemy 
hovering on our sbcirta, doubt aod darkness enveloped 
iU declaralion, and made Ibe boldest hearls quait- 
Who Ihal remembeis Ihal day. will ever fbrgrt Ihe 
ahonia of joy which rang tbrough ib« land, as victory 
upon victory vras snnoonced, and flag aDrr flag of the 
proud mistress of the deep bowed lu the iror spangled 
ir of freedom •. The national pulse best high in 
every bosom : snd every valley, and every hill lop, 
brih ils song of praise. Our cities, towns, and 
:ts blazed wilh iiluminslions, and out armies 
led joyfully lo battle. The spell was broken! 
The foe had been confronted, on his own elsinsnl, ship 

the Stan ai 

u>, and gun to gui 
•a of our oonnlry a 

ledowD. The 




- kearl or Iho traitor ■hrivtllod up within him, and ibe 
notes of dnpiir died upon hi* lipa. Oui fiw wis 
■tmcli aghut 11 hii dafsal, ind IninbJed *■ he grap- 
pled with in, on tea and land. Mi. Madina'i admi' 
niilfatiaa acquired aliengih, hii Trienda etmfidsnce. 
the people hops, and the army and navy aHurance of 
victoc; and faina. Such were the rnulii of the noble 
council of Capiaitn Stewiit mil Bain bridge, end nieh 
theglorioDi fullllnient of their prediclione] One only 
of tbsM chivalraua heroei liiei to wiUiaii the deep 
aikd laming gratitude of hli caantry. Death bat wt 
kii leal upon the other, and tanetijud hit menary in 
At afccUotu of Ati cnuilrynten. The fruit) of iheii 
f emmui pBtrioiiam will long b« aeen in our alaTiied 
national chataoler, in tbe glory of our ariw. ia ibe 
potency of ont influanoe, and in the orrett of the 
tnffian hand of iw ntw aaaMit, from touchii^ tbe bum- 
Meal head that loeha dielM beneath oui >■ Kipol 
laii(u^,"oiicaio oonlamned anddeapieed. Aneriean 

Iba prooden ibot In tbe aoeaiiea' rank dar* iMt tarnidi 
tbam with radenen or inault. The liM Anerioan 
aailar bai been Ian| lince dragged into Ibreign bondage, 
on tbe high eeaa- 

Amongat the aaeemUed Giebiao and beinty on (be 
nenonbla oocaaion referred to. we otaservad Mn. 
MadiauQ, Mia* Mayo, (now Mn. Uen. 8cotl,) the HiiM* 
CaloDi Mr*. Jerome Bottaiarta, and many olhera. 

Captain Stewart itaartly aAer proceeded la HampUO 
Boada, in the ConaMllattoo, preparatory to going 
ernite, bat anfortiuiately, the momii^ afker Bnchoring 
Ibera, he diacotend tb* enemy approaching bia 
borage with a mparior brce of two leieiity-foDn, 
Oupa frigataa, and ■eveial imatl Teietli of wii 
1«M so tiBM in pi«p«Tin| to retreat. It being calm 
with him, he oommancMl hedging hie frigate towardi 
Norliilk ; the aneay'i veaesls apptoatlMd r«pidlf 
a fine breexe, which IbaylailunatelylaatoffWillaugb- 
hf't Point, and ihey were, in oomequenea of the ebb 
tkia, eompellsd to anchor. The ConeteltatJoa wm 
hedged op on the Oaii oB* SowaU'a Point, where aha 
Ur^eround the real of the day j Caplain Stewart < 
aoed to preii the river craft and lighten bia Ta*ML In 
eaae the enemy, by kadging up Ibeii oeTeniy-lbnTa. or 
bf meana of a breese, bad reached hia poeition, he 
wsi prepared for burning the Cooatellationj the nigbl 
flood honsvcrmadej when about eight e'cloak, hie 
*hip floated, eail wie made en her with ■ flne brvaia, 
boaii with lighta and pilou were cent U point out the 
■hoak and at eleven o'clock, P. M., the Cunatellation 
WB( aafely moored belwaeo forla NorfuJh and NeUon, 
where ahe aderwarda conlributed to deiand that place, 
and with her cannon and her craw, repalaed the 
aoetay^ allaek on Crany laland, and defeated Ibe 
pedilion aent to capture Norblk and iu dependenc 

In tbe anmmeruf 1813, Caplain Stanait waeotdared 
to aaauma the command of the frigale CoiMtitulion, 
then undergoing rapein at Boiton. In December fol- 
lowing be piooeeded on ■ cruiie. After eihibiting 
that ahip on the ooaala of Georgia and South Carolina, 
about the Bermuda laliodi, nfT the couta of Soriaam, 
Berbica and Deoierara, to windward of the iilaod af 
Barbadoea, Si. Vincent, UarliBico,off Si, CfatisMpher'e. 

St. Enatatia, Porto Rioo, and Santa Crni, and deatmy- 
mg tha Picton of aiiteen goniia merctuol ahip often 
gana, the brig Catherine, and echooner Pbceoix, he 

i aOTsral Britiah abipe of war, and tha fKgate 

Le Pique, in the Mona paaaage, nitboat being bUb to 

itaha any of them, in coniequeicc of tha worn ont 

( of tha aaila of tha Conatilulioii. Capt. Blewart 

determtued lo return to Buatou. and replace then, fiir 

the old aaila bed aerved throughoot the pertoda of Cap- 

HuH'aend Caplain Balnbridge'a rormercruieea. In 

April, the Conalitutioo arrived at Marble Heed, in Mv- 

eetta bay, haTing with great difiicidty eeeaped 
iron the Britiah frigaiei, the Junon, and La Nympha, 
of Gfly guna each. 

December, Ibe ConKitulirai ptoceeded cm anMbar 
ereiaB, under tbe command of Captain Slewart, haV' 
lag been refitted with great care, and ftimiafaad wilb 
new aaila. On Iha Inenly-fbuith, be captarad and 
deatioyad, to Ibe eailward of the Benaudae, the brig 
Lord NslaoD ; oft Liabon, be eaplnred the ahip SuaMt, 

a Talnable cargo, and aent her to N«w Toik i 

a the twentieth of February, 1815, aflw a oharp 
conflict of fbr^ minatei, be captured Ibe Biitiah ahipi 
of war, the Cgane of tbirty-fbor guiB, and the Zijuaal 
of tweoly-ooe goni, having three men killed, and 
Ihineen wounded, tha Biitiah ahip* having in all 
ittj-liTe killed, and Ibrty.tKO wounded. 
Tbe loUnwrag ia the official report of that actioR. 

At Sea, IM FabnwTT, IBU- 
8in :— On Iha twentieth of Febrnaiy laal, Ibe la- 
land of Uadaira bearing W. & W., dieiant about lii^ 
laagaea, wa fall in with hia Britannic M^fee^'i Me 
ahipe of war, tha Cyane and Levant, and braoght 
tham to action abool 6 o'clock in tiie remiag, both of 
which, after ■ apirited eogagenenl of fbr^ t ia i itaa, 
aajrendeeed lo Iha ahip under my emnmand. 

CoDaidering the odvanlageB derived by tha tiataf 
bom having a divided and mora active iivce, aa alao 
tbe a^wtortly in the waight and nuiabar of ikair 
guno, I deem the apeedy and deoiaiva renill of thia 
aolioD, the atrongcat aaanraoce which can be given to 
tba GoTcnunent, that ell under my ctanmand did 
their daly, and gallaolly /Dpported the rapulaboD of 
American eeamen. 

Encloaed you will receive the minulsa of Ihe ac- 
tion, and a Ital of the kilted and nonnded on board 
ihia ahip — alao.' encloaed you will receive for your in- 
formation, a atalenent of ihe actual tbrce of tbe ene- 
my, and Ae number hilled and wounded on board 
their ihipa, aa near ea could be aacertaincd. 

1 have Ihe honor lo be, air, very rapeclfiiUy, 
Your obedient aervont, 
Signed, Chahlh Srswut. 

To Hon, Secretary of the Navy, WeahingtoiL 

Captain Stewart proceeded wilb iheae priieo to tba 
laland of St. Jago, one of the Cape de Verd lalanda, widi 
aialing of Ibe officer*, aeetDen, and marine* of both 
ablpa of ike enemy, aaiountlng to nearly (bar bundled. 
White makiiv amngemcDta for daepaucbiDg ihem •> 



Mi« at tfaa iUpt of w lb* AcwA, oT EAj pc 
Ifm Cud^ of Bxtr-lbw piM ud tk* LMBdir, of 
ai9-fc<w gtus, min rb« coawnalid (f Sir 0«wg« 
Coflnr, i««th«d hk poniim nndw oorar of i thick 
tif. HotwilhBindiBg Ibnr Baar appnacti. Captain 

r psinB col llieir eablM and 
wai ibitiumM id bting 
«ble, bf hi* tkafbl ■aaaioani and maiuMiTi 
■n 6«B tbair gratp hia farorita bigato Cnariiuuioo, 
and dia Cfua. Tha LeTani wn iwiifrail b 
^udno, and aval 1o Barbadoaa. 

ABw Ihii aasapa. ha pMcaadad with tha CoMitD- 
IMB Id Mhuuu, in Om Brwli. and kndad tha ■xi- 
Bftud bia lanal. •nd ra- 
il, Khan ha and hi> oBcara «• 

■n. Oa hia war thnogh Naw Tatfc, Iha Caauaii 
OmuA luMrad Ca|ifUB SMwatt wiA thayrw d cw ^ 
dv c*^, ia a gdd bob and atmdad tamnU hia 

pwid^, by ■ P**! diBnar. 

Nnrrotk,Jiiiicl1, 1 
Sa; — lo commuiiicaliiis to foa tha eucloaed r«»- 
failkD of the Common Council of iba City of New 
fork, I b^ laare lo add tha elprmtoo of m; hifhatl 
la^aci, and lo lequaai infanBaiioo whan Ibo Coaunoo 
CoDBeil ant bava iba ^aaanre of naaiing you, toe 
Iba pDiiiaaB of eanrinf inio afia«t ihe otgeci of ihs 

'na dalaf of tbii conmaoieatioi) baa ariwn fio 
&• daily axpectalion of your airival is ihii ei^. 
IhaTa tha hoior lo be, with gttU Tcapect, 
Yoni obadiani aarrani, 

Jtm. FcRODKii. 

Can. U. 8. Frigau Cooiiitutioa- 

Chi hk anival in Philadalphia, tha lagiilatnra of 
liii MtiTe Suia (PomtylviDia} lotad bin iheir ifainU, 
ud diractad bia EicoUency iba Govarnor lo eanaa a 
(iddJiillMl iwoid to ba pnaaoled lo Captain Siawirt, 
in tvtimooy of tbair aanaa of bia diallnfaiihed meriu 
m aplBting the Sritidi ibiFa of war of anperim fiirca, 
dw Cyane and tha Le**nL 

rtllaitolffcla, AnciM Mb, MIT. 
8ia ^-Cbaigad by hia ExcallaDoy, Simoa Snyder, 
OanoMT of the CommoDweallh of PannaylTania, 
*ilh iba praaaaialiaa to yoa of a iwotd, and other 
li of ihe gialefol aetae ennrtaioad of yaw 
e«t, 1 will thank ynti lo nppriae me 
■bn and whara I can have tha honor of an ioler- 
*>■> with yoa far that parpoaa. 

I have iba hoDor lo ba, ar. 
Tour obadieol Mrranl, 

Wa. Daaoui, A>l-d»Ca^ 
(^ptua CaAti.aa Snwutr. 

n paaaad ■ vaM af Aanka a 

Captain Stewart, hia ofieaia, and craw; atd naolvad 
that a inilabla gold ntadaL coninaAorttiTa of thM 
brilliant eranl, iba capture of tha iwo Btitah dupa 
of WW, ibe Cyana and Lerant, by Iba Cooatinitkiar, 
ahgaU ba praaenled lo Captaia Stewart, ia laatiMoDy 
of Ibaaenae ibey enMflained of hie gallaaBy, and that 

Vary D nj aa uu aii , r Avarf lOtt, IBKi 

Bia : — In coBpilaaee nilh e rearitaka of the Coa- 

■H of the United State*, ibe Preeidaat diaacta nia to , 

eaBBl lo yvu a gold medal, in teelimoojr ef the U^ 

OH antartaiDad by CToDgreaa of year gallanby and 

food eoodnct and BerticaaiDtbacaptDTaMTAaBtitiA 

vtmtiM of war, Iba Cyan* and I«*aac afta* a bMva 

and akilful combat. 

I hnva tlia hoaor to he, vaiy laapaed a ll y , 
Yoar obedMat awraM, 
SfTWAkT, U. a Ni*y. 

a war baling lanaiDaled with Qiaal BriMii^ dw 
CooaiiMtua waa pot ow of eoatauaivi, and laid ap 
ordiaaiy. In 1816, Captain Stewart waa plaoad 
csauMDd of Iba Franklin ibip of the Una, of aa- 
venly-fimr gone, lad in 1817, ah* waa fitted oat'at 
Philadelphia aa tba flag ahip id' Commodore Stewan; 
who waa directed M lake ruiiaiaanil of the Amarieaa 
aqnadron in the Uedilenanean eaa. In NareBbar , 
1817, be awled for Enghmd, to oaiiTay ibe Bon. 
Richard RuA aamiaaaWr lo Iba csut of Oiaat Britain, 

waa landed than in the latter part of Daoaabar, 

which the Franklin procaadad M Iba HodiUr- 
■anaan.and Cominodoie Stewart took cOHnand of Iba 
fhteaaoftb* United SiBlaa in Ibalaea. In ■ p aafc on d 

of peace with oU tha wotM, than woe DO ftithar 
Md far the Con^odon la exhibit hia lalenb, aUl, 
aad cbiraliy, whiah a etata af war calla fardi; bat 

former; oonttelling a 
a dieoipliaa amoagit the o flceae eoid 

DndlDg with r 

dietingniehed m 
in EDiopa and in Africa, praaarring oi 
all the Baibaiy powen in panioular, placing hk fateaa 
inidea ae efiheloally kepi tfaem In obaok, 
■od reetraining any dbpoeition in the king of Spain to 
on onr commerce the aeinre of hi* po*- 
In Florida by oor natjonal Imope under G*- 
naral Jaekaon — ooaTeying lo our govarnmanl the ear- 
lieat and moel iaportant inlelligenoa, grawing oat of 
the revoljlionarydiipoeilion DfiheSpaniabMid InlioD 
Neapolitan) refbnoera and patriot*; cultivating lbs 
good dapoaition of the anrnmnding gorenHaana ud 
people, protaeliDg their conimeroe and oor own fiom 
piratical depredatloiia, end nliering their veaeelc and 
■od dialnaa; receiving and ea- 

nobilily. and monarcba of Iha adja 

■hia calM fanb aa energy and diranily of taol aad 
wtiicb few man are fanaeale enoogh to aoia- 
ww, in thia inetanoa, feHy darolorad. Is te 




iMiiig *dnDlH(aofhueoiiatry, tba honor of Iba navy, 
and ibo apprabBtian al bit rsllow citizeiu. 

Commodore Stewart proceedsd to Nafriea Bay with 
Ihe quadron under hi* oooimuid, ■( which city the 
Empenr (rf'AiuUia had arriyed. with hii court, on ■ 
toar thraagh the lODih or Europe. Tiie Matquia 
Cherchali, prinw roinwler lo iho king of the Siciliea. 
•ant an iovilalioD to Ihs Comniodare to aUand a gnnd 
Die to be given the Emperor, at the king'i -vilU. 
Thu waa accepted, aod Iheopportonitr na) anbm^d 
liy Iha Commodore, lo iofile their raajnliei to viail 
Ibe ihipi of war Dudar hi* Gonmand, to which Ifaey 
nadily aiaantad. They came oo board ibe Franklin 
•aTenly-f)Mir> where Ihey were received with Banned 
jaid* and a lOyal ulula, and w«a enlerlsined in tiie 
BMit courtly manner by the Onmradore and the of 
Scan of the •qoadron. 

Tliey viaitfld e*erT part of the ahip, and eipreaed 
themaelvea highly gralifled with their receplioa; 
wbm they wan about lo depart, the Graiul Mailer of 
die Empreii, miilakinf ooa of the wind Mik Ibr a 
lamt, Bitampted lo rapport himMlf afBinat It while 
aieppisg over me of Iba hatchway*; the wind aail, 
yielding la ihe premue, the poor gentleman wai pte- 
dpaleled lo the loweN deck — bia ankle wai un- 
ftftonalely bnAeo, end he wai olherniee eaveiely in- 

Itom, and on ihe other hand, ihe lympalhy of Ihe peo- 
ple of the United Slate* for the iiriigglitiB patnott and 
their canae, whrse indepeodence and power bad not 
yal been acktwwIedgHJ : wiib a diipoiilion,on Ifaeirpart, 
to leiie on neutral commerce under every frivdoti* pr«- 
I. and (hereby acquire the meant of carryiog oit the 
r; while, al the n me lime, the United Statca were 
difpoaed lo hatard tbeic peaceful attilnde with either 
belligetelll — Ibiaiitualtoncalledrotlhe eiarciae of great 

parlyj he wa* taken into Ihe wardroom, aiwl bii 
Ue eel by Dodor Seller, the anrgeon of iho *hip, ' 
. a rapidity and akiU which called fonh the adminiion 
of Iheir nuueniea. who were much attached lo Ihe 
nnfattnnata member oflbeir homehold. 
The delay Gained hy ihli nnioward < 
the party after night, when Ihay all raturned lo the 
ihore. It waa on ibi* occaiion that Iho Emperor ma- 
nifealed hii gralitnda fbr the attenliona and ritUI of 
Doctor Sailer, and directed a puree of gold to be icn- 
dered to him, which tbo Doctor politely declined raoeiT- 

ThiacandDet cootributed to niae Ihe American charac- 
ter ibc humanity and diiinterealednaa aa much a* the 
eihibil of the high order and diM:ipline of Iho aqua- 
dion bad done la impreia on their m«jtatie* and their 
ODurli, Ihe pngtcm the American people bed nide, 
and were making, lo future naval remwn. Allac 
Commodore Stewart bad Ibn* eultivaled the kind 
fcalingi of Ihoee dtatant natUMU towinl* hi* conDtiy- 
men and their commercial enleipriae*, the aquadran 
left the heyof Naplea,and proceeded to eihibit them- 
aelvea to the Barbery power*, with a limitar view. 

In 1830, Ibe Fiauklin raiomed to the United 
Smiea, and ramaiiwd in ordinary nniil the ISillawing 
year, when aha wa* again Sited Ibr eervisa in the Pa- 
eiBo, and Commodere Stewart placid in < 
Out of the revdt of the eolooiei of Spain, in South 
America, there bad ariaen dangu to 
•od whaling eolerpriaet in Ihe hciflo and 
coaita, which aeemed lo admoniib ihe govenoteni 
that nothing but an inpoeing foroa weald avail ; yet 
nch waa the nature and delicacy of the 
f'maling in the auitude of tbe hoatilo partiet, Ibe oh- 
UgilioDa of the United Slalea lowanl %ain (one ol 
them) ODder Ihe lewa of natiaiM and treaty iiipali- 

ipoeed en Ihe commander a 
for eihibiling great prudence and fiimneaa in ^ving 
efficient protection lo bit felhiw-ciiiieni, tbcir om- 
iheir property; while, at Ihe eame tiate, 
be had to guard taimtelf againai tbe mianpnaiaia- 
loee who, in their anihuuam for the caaaa 
of either party lo which they became wedded, thi«a^ 
~ alinga or Inlateat, had kirt eight of their ami haoor, 
id ioTcrived, in BOae meaann, that of their cOBBtiy. 
Thaa, placed between theee eicited and boadle par- 
tiaa. oppoaing Ibe inlereeta of the one, and tbe high 
policy of the other, in giving advice, conntmunce. and 
protactioQ to hi* cotrntryaaen, and Ihe inlereaia of the 
aiaiet wilb no oideta, aave the omde and undeSoed 
Jawa of nalioae a* hi* guide, which one of the partiea 
held at naujtbt, aa ihey were Dot yet admitted into 
ibe great family of nation*, and the other oppoaed by 
■heir policy and iheir lawa of the Tndiea, the Conina- 
dure could not be long in diacovering Ihe very critical 
attitude he hod been placed in, the atduoui dutiee be 
had Id encounter, and the repulalion which he liakad 
aa the occsiian. To yield pralrclion waa an impera- 
tive duty — that complainta would enaue there waa (M 
doubt, and that the prejudicea and aympaihiee of hii 
countrymen, their agenli, and the presa, would join In 
the general clamor, there wai every pcobahitity ; and 
that thi* would lead lo unpleaaani reeutla, he contd 
not queaiion. knowing how much the Eieoutive Go- 
venmieni lacked lirmnea* when Ihe general Toice im- 
pugned the acta of their officeia, and how willingly 
Ihey avoid every teepuniibilily of the act* of iheir na- 
tiwial iorcea. In thua calling a glance at bia parplei- 
ing poailion, he determined on hii coune — that whicb 
[ialriatiiaiidDly,and honor, alone could point onf To 
yield every protection, lo break down lawleaa blockadea^ 
and with them tbe Pairiou' pnttadi for plundering 
iping our commerce from the Pacific tea, to 
interpnae lii* Ibtcea and effitrta in lbs realiaining of Ibe 
piraoiea and lobbertei of Ihe buccanaeii claiming tbe 
protecliDn of the Speniah flag. 

Ha following Unarwaawrillan in combtmity witt 
the foregoing principlee, lo General Saoie, the Civil 
and UililaiyCommuM]ar-ii> Chief 

V. B. SUpmDUiB,CaUaoBay,Jatrl«,ina- 
n Hu JSaceUcncy, Oeneni Sucre, 

Cinl and letUari/ CommiBider-iifC3iief. at CaOm- 
The lettat your Eicdlency did me the honor to write 
me on the eighth iniiani, in reply to mine of the ihiniedi 
ullimo. bm been duly received. Il deei not, peibapa. 
belong to me to diacuia the principlei your Eicellency 
oonlendi lor, with napact to Ihe declared bhiekade of 
the weMem ooaM of Fern hr'tb* Fftuiot Oav«mm«>; 



il B17 ooljt bekng lo m* tn naiitj nj ratpMiTuI pfo- 
IMt ■gunai ii* illegal ind iitiDrimM oparaliuit, n tu 
m the eoumarce of ih« Republic of North Amarica 
ii eoDcernsd, and in cMapliaDGe with my oideta 10 
gau4 il against ihnaa afiectt, IcaTinK the priiKipl« 
aod ptuDla conlnided for to iba diaciution of iha twi 
GareranMiiti. Bat Ibe GavnniiMnr of Peca naf 
iMva been led Into an error on )bal nihject, by Ibe 
iBfiaelioQ of iboae principlea of (be lawa of naliom, 
doiiDg the hla warm in Europe, between Fiance and 
England, and Ihen for Ibe Sni time adopted bf Great 
ftitsin, and, n jeut Eualleiwy itala. not appcaid 
bf ber commaDdert on ihia ilalian. Ifl bring to the 
>adOB of jovr EicaUenoy K>iDa importaal facta, OBI of 
Aa etriet line of duty atlacbing to mf ootamaad, I 
kopa and tnri ;aat E^llenejr will do ne the &Tai 
to bdieTB llial it only originatea in a MroDg daaire 10 
(Baid ear napecUTe righn, and to praaarre a laMinf 
lianaca^ between the GoiamnMnla. 

After tbe eomnwaoemaol of boMilitiaa between 
Graal Britain and France in 113, n tong aa it wh ibe 
intueal of EogUnd, and dnring lb* eiiiteiKe of tbe 
■arine of aaveral Ennqiaan poweia, that Govammmil 
obMned and applied Ibe principle! of the law* of 
Bationa lo all Ibe blockadea inatiluled. But whan ibe 
bad dealtof ed, in laro, tbe marine cf the uthai Ears- 
paan powara. her policy wai Ihen changed. Inlv 
Miional law wu rejected, honor and cammon bo- 
naily ware abandoned ; power gave right, aod ■ war 
of dealnKtion waa vragad againat ibe anofl^nding 

•. UgaUy 

padly, and that which eacaped iM talora, abe forcad 
hat open anrBiaa lo prey 00, uttdar preleit of ratalia- 
tjco. Againat niefa principlea, I need not now ramind 
jni Excellency, tbe United Stataa reaiMad, even with 
Englaiid, BDcccaaTBlly, and aa the Republic of tbs 
Nonh waa the Gnt 10 contend for jail principlea tn 
ttw late WW, abe waa alio (band the lait in the field 
Mending ihao. 

TliB CDOclmion your Eicelteocy bai dram) fiom 
the tacit ooodaci of the Britiah Naval Commandtra 
on Aia Hal)on,are not applicable la Ibe United Siatca. 
and petbapi iboae cominaDdert may not be initmcted 
IS interfere with any kind of blocltade the Patriot 
Government may deem proper to impoae, sapecially 
me founded m prineiplia n lately and newly ciah 
eiaed by iheoMlTas. England, the moat polilic na^ 
tiaa, baa alwayi b«ea gaidad in her conduct uwarda 
labaia, by principlea of policy and intereat often timea 
joM. bat aa oflen at vaTiance with jaMica and pre- 
a coodnM. Sbemaynaane toberaairtherithlof 
mding indemnillcalion of the Pb' 
triol Govemmenl hereafter, lor any Tiolatioa of ber 
lighla, lo preaetre a futarB canae of quarrel with 

oblBia iome eiclaaiTe com- 

1 indemaity bereafler, to apply 
Iba Hme rale to the commerce of Ihii coantiy in 
bar folure wan. Whatever infraclHm of bar righu 
•b* may deem proper to taciily acquieaca in now. 
doaa not and con not eonatilole a reawn that Ibe go- 
vemmenl of tbe UnlledSlBleiibaaldalaoyiektihelra. 
Tear Eicellency very jaatly obaervea thai a blockade 

IB of a (hip of the line er a 

lbs other, and it will be 
bul jiHl 10 add, that the declaration of a Uockade>ori- 
ginaliDg in their will, imporla nolfaing. Tbe 00m- 
mander ofa Miip of war, or commandec in chief of a 
■qnadrm, can inalilule a Uoekade iu very diatant 
■BB» — tbe urgency and rMceaaily of tbe caae tendeia 
it legal. The aol of a twlligennl involviiig certain 
righu of a friend it an act of nversignty ; il belong! 
to thai aotbority 10 declare it. and only lo the ooa- 
roaDdan 10 carry il into eOact But the belligeianl'a 
right, and will, to do ra, aod ibe dedantion of i^ 
doaa not ooutitate the act, nnlem combined with an 
ol^eot that ia legitimate, and a force competent to 
nnttin it With nepecl to Iba legitimacy of the ab- 
jaol, tfial can only Biial in depriving yoor anamy af 
yoo, aod eitainal re- 
utd il in a great laea- 
lara dapanleni on Ibeir actual ntuatioa; hence the 
tigbl of Iha neaml to inttodaca all articlea of a per- 
fectly hmoeent nalore. and which do not ooatribnte 
any thing lowarda carrying on the war. It woahl be 
prepottaroua to Uoekade a port, by aea, againat the 
enlranoe of pioviikin*, which has an eitenaive and 
abondanl country adjoining to ad|^y iL In mob a 
case Ibe belligerani would only be injuring a com- 
nton Griend, without prejudice to hia enemy : ihii the 
law of nations forbida bis doing ; bat on the oiher hand, 
where a poaaihllily eiuU of your reducing your ene- 
mies to lermi. by etcluding such proviiioiu. your 
right ia l^ilimare to da », and Ibe injury done tbe 
neolial ia accidental. With reaped to tbe coinpe- 
Iracy of tbe Ibrca, it will depend on the locolltlea of 
■he port or porti blockaded, and not on the aiia of the 
veaaala, or the weight or number of their gune— with 
tbii neatials have nuiblng 10 do; il is aufficienl for 
them that the place it aoaceptible of being blockaded, 
end the ibrca applied ia of such daaciiption and aa 
■MiioDsd, aa to render il eitremely banrdoua to en- 
ter: so al» with reepect Is ihefocoe of your enemy; 
if he poaeM a thoonand shipa of war rnora Ihan lb* 
blockadlag power, end does not aee proper to drive 11 
fnim hia pons, il is efrsclns] agatnit the neutral ao 
loag ai that blockade pteservee and doaa not voIodh- 
rily abandon its atatioiu. 

A btockads originally tegilimate and legally inatf- 
Inied, nay darira an oppoaile character Anm the 
conduct of the balligeranl blockading. Tboa the 
Ibrees Hationad to cany il into eflect. negligently and 
partially aiecoting it, the Govemmenl coomvening 
lla tegitimale objecl, and by parlialily or licence per- 
mitling one or two neutral flaga to trade while alt 
olhers are eicladed, thereby reitderiiig it a subject of 
convenience 10 ibemaelvei, or a source of trUmU la 
their en^t. Admitting, in coDseqeence of the locali- 
ties of the Western oosat of Peru, that il be luscaptible 
of blockade by as imall or a smaller Ibrce than Ihe 
nme eitenl of coast in any other part of Iba work), 
yet the whole naval force of Peru, even if aduslly 
engaged in that aerviee, is not a competent frrce fbr 
Ihe blockade of a ooaat, eight hundred miles in ei- 
tent, and oonlalning vary many parts and hstbora. 
I, however, balieva very little of the naval fbice of 




Fant ha* bMo MnplDyed on ilui MrTice,'tDd in fiei 
tkii eitonuv* Uockade haiaflcn bean loft lor idmiIh, 
with no olher v«a*el bef ond t >ekDoiiflr j aad alia 
Ibara canoa doabL siitt, areicloaive ptivila(« bATibg 
bacK giian by ibe Gaittnicant of Psru to poniciiUr 
ftttota and flags, lu trade by licaaca, with Ihii ooail 
daclated uodu blockada. 

Tba ptinci(dea hera conlsndad Cir, the United 
Suiaa an sin oontaading fur wilh Spain in tha Nodb 
AllnHic, whara tbay operate in laTot of tha Palriot 
MI. It woulil be abaard far iha govero- 
r Spaia. Id dsclam undai blocluda, and tbe 
a dT tha lawi uf the Indin, Ihs whola coait of 
Chili, Peru, and Heuco; and ac iha moal mcaptil^ 
aad conveaieot moda oTiiuUiiung Uwl daclaralion. to 
Mua a iMni Iurm, wpariar to Itaal or the Palnou, lo 
emiie to tiM weatmrd of Capa HoRi, aad Ihara arreM 
avar; Taaial coBiDg or gDiii|, nndar ptewit ofvioUl- 
inglbalawaofUia Indiaaand blockade of tha coeala— 
JM lliia conduct on iheir part, noold not be 1«« af- 
aiva.coaat by iba ranioM, wiiboul any ihiiv iikt an 
■daquaia naval Ibrce lo aanain it 

I pny your aicallaney la accept Iba aMuiaBee of 
Iha bighreapeal and eomideradon. willi which 
1 have the bonor lo lamain 

Your eicellancy'a moat abedtaol, 
Very bumUe atTTaBt. 
Siptad, Chialm Stkwakt. 

On the receipl of the fiitegoing letter, (ha blockade 
naa immediately annulled. 

Tha rsadcf will here coolmt, by Ihe leUowing ad- 
dreaof hia countrymen raaiding abroad and on iha ler; 
ooaal where Commcidore Stewail') command eitandad, 
the difference of their opinioD of hlaacla and conduct 
and thai entertained of him by aome of bit 

To Commodoie Chailea Staivart, 
Commandei^in^Cbief of tba 

U- & Naval Forcaa in the Pacific. 

B» :— ImptaiKd wilh a high Hiue of tha leal and 
ability you haTe maaibaied in Iha cauaa of your roun- 
try, during a period of upwarda of twenly-ail yean 
of pobtio aerrice, the undenigned citiiani of the 
Uniled Stalet, al preaeni reaidiogor tranaactiDg bniinoi 
In Lima, beg leaie rcapeclfuUy lo eiprtaa to you Iheii 
aenaa of your condocl in Ihe command on thia coail 
you are now abuul loleave. The dutiei you have bad to 
perfom have been no \em arduoui ihao varioui, from 
Ihe peculiar situation of the coomiiet lo which youi 
cammend eilended. You arrived at a lime when Ibe 
taVDlulionaty govemmanti of Feiu and Chili, inloii- 
rated wilh aucceaa, and ragardlen of. every principle 
of national law, preyed upon the unoOending neutnl 
«t will. By youi fimuea, iheir tapaciiy wai naliain- 
ad, and by your ikill, tfarir friendly rsUiioaa, which 
our gorammeni ia ao aniioui to mainttia, bai remain' 
•d unimpaired. 

We are grateful to adtnowladge Iha raadineaiwilh 
which yon have al all timea Uateoad to tba complainla 
M wiaha of your coaolrynan, and ihe pmnptoeH 


wUh whicd you have afibidad titem all Ibe protactioa 
your tiloatioo would pemiL 

Wilh (heaa feelings, which are aa aineere on oar 
part aa they are well feimded, we look wilh peculiar 
regret to four deparlura ; and aapecially at Ifaia ma- 
ment, when circuBataneei ao strongly denuiod lalhai 
the incrcMe ihan diminulioa of ioree on thia auiian. 

Wilhiu a few daya, an unaulhoriied btpckada baa 
been declared under the ffag of a ooontry which, in 
reality, haa no longer any eiiaience. and whidi. ibeie. 
lore, leaTia us wiihoni the amalleai hop* of futun 
repaialion Ibr any wiongs it may inflict on as. Hie 
eipariance you have acquired during your Img eoa- 
mand in Ihia ocaan, and the imposing Iwca of the 
Franklm, would obvioiuty be of ihe groalaat utili^ 
to Iha diaiinguiifaed o&wr who haa ooine to anooaal 
you, and your remaining here a very short puiad 
wouUl greatly Ikcililale bis futora opatationa. 

Wilh these viewa, and under tha argancy of w 

eatneally hope that yoa may be ioduoad todalay jmn 
depailure for a short period ; since, by ao doing, Iha 
n«w danger thai Ihreelana tike eitinctioD of ow 
commerce may in all probabilily be renoved. Tha 
anount of inlereal al alake, the distant poaition ef 
our coooliy, and the tlirealeniug evils to which wa 
atlade. all seoiD lo us u require it; and wa have 
tlterelare, no doubt Ibay will justify lo our gOTWO- 
Mient your remaining a law weeks laogar. Fuhapa ■ 
few days only may diaipala tbe dangera that ara g^ 
thoing. YoD may in Ibis cass probably have tbe aa- 
tisftcliaa of having conltiboted lo save a large aWMDi 
of property lo your Mbw oiliwoa, of which, if Ihq' 
are deapoiled, neither they nor their govemmaui bam 
aay power lo look to fer future companaaitati. 

Whalevar may be your detanuiualioii, wa ofier to 
you our most cordial wishaa for yoar aale teluni to 
yout coontry, where, we ChI aatiaSad, you will raoain 
Ihe approbation from yoot gareramaM and Mlaw 


We have ihe hsoor to bei hj, 

Tow friends aad fallow oitiMn 
Damu. W. CoiT, 
Wm. H. Cohiuho, 
Jno. C. Gbuh, 
SaHtJU. Erwih, 
BnaaBLi. BiLDwiH, 
Horn Giaaa, 
AiiBftog* H. Botkowa, 
WiLuut JaHHBOH, Jr., 
Heiut L. Deeovui, 
HuuH Pdtmui, 
J. A. SravBMon, 
Jocuii M-Coiu. 
RoBMaH LawwnoK 
Job. Jama, 

Jho. Donini, 
Caaaixa MaifGWm:, 


D,m'ze<:b'/ Google 



On nnnuBg m the eoanliy 1m had *o noUy mtt- 
ti, Ctmaaian Stewart wai •Dtgeoud ic a degndins 
unM 6* Doe ftai, aod to the coaB of an eipeaiiv* 
man ■utial. As acqailtal, more bnnorahle than Ihe 
nraii of taj aaval uibonal can Tulniib, itaa the re- 
■ril aecndfld bin, nndm the oaih of lwelv« of hit 
brother officen; diMuigniihsd for tbeii palriotiam, >■- 
Sdelily to IheiT Munlrj and their 

Su : — 1 ioekaa lo fou ibe judgnwBi of the Coon- 
mulitl, which the PnaideBt oTlha Uniled Slalee baa 
ijfniTad, aoquitliDg yoa not hosonhl; of all Ibe 
ckigM whidi base bem made •gaioat jaa, and o 
iriwh ihe (aTemmeDl haa been apfiriand. while joi 
nwanded the aquadnw In the Pacifin The una- 
bar isd namre ot the chargea. and (he chanHttei of 
ibaa who pceaented theo, were auch, that an isqniiy 
KM danudad by yout own boaoi, and the duly, 
nhich the inraniraeot owed Id ilaelf and Ihe ioteraala 
of Ihe aaiiMi. The naoli of the invaatigatioD baa 
bMD — f-fc"»— y Hi the Eiacalive, will be uaeTul 
&a pablit!,aBd hoDonUe to younalf. Ii haa foiniah 
1 soodaHia anawer to pablic and private accoaalii 
■adradeeawd four fame fiom reproach — a laaie here- 
ttxt dear M your couiUiy, and barealler u become 

I ant. vet; leapectfuUj, iai., 

Ci|iun CHAaixi finwAST, 
U. 8. NaTf. 

At a ptMiml Ceart Haitial, eonianad at die oitf ef 
ffaJUBgtto, en the eigfaleealh daj of Auicnal, in Ihe 
jaercf otn Lord one tbonand, eight handred and 
twotr-llTe, bf Tiitne of a pncep« fna Ibe hsDoraUe 
in Saeretary of Ibe NaTj, baariDg date Ihe BereBieanlb 
d>r<f Aognt innul: 

fnaan t Captain Jamaa Banao, PnndaDI; CaptaiDa 
WiffiaB) M. Crane, Robnt T. Spance, John D. Hen- 
Iq, Jane D. Ellioti, Stephen Caatin. Jamea ReD- 
■luw, Thomaa Brawn, Chariea C. B. Tbompaoo, 
Altiendti B. Wadiworth, Oeorge W. Rogeia, aod 
Gcoge C. Rflod, Membert; and Richard S. due, 
Judp Adrocale. 

Thi> coun, having fully and maturelf inveitigaled 
du iBtltera tubmitled lo it in Ibe caie of Caplai 
Chtriet Stenari, and cdniderad the chaigea and ipe- 
ciSctlioni, the eiideoce and the defence oflhe acciued, 
pdxeeded Ibia third day of September, in the year 
•loraBid, to which time Ihe oonn had been adjoumed, 
Hum day to day, lo delennine upon the mne. And 
•liai mcb delibeisliun, it la of opinioii that ihe Gnl 
nd teentd apecificaliona of tbe fini charge i 
pnred. thai tbe Ihird apecifiealioi) ia id br juoied, ai 
itiU^ea Ihal Ihe aaid Captain Slewoil did prevent 
l^c^ilaiDof tbe Faravian htig Belgnno fmn taking 
>nd teoding in ior adjodicalioo, Ihe Ameiicaa ahip, 
*a CaMoD, then ei^aged in a lawliil trade ; Ibal 
u doing the (aid Chartet Slewarl woa acting in itri 
oWiaaee t» biadtiiy.ta indicated bolh in hit iniiru 
lint and by Ibe laws efuatisoa; and Ihal kia coDda 

■lion wn highly raeritoriona and praiaB- 
worthy. The coarl ii alia of upinion that ibe rendne 
if the apecilicalivi ii not proved. Tlie court ia abo 
of opinkiD lhal the (burlh, ii^h, lixlb, esvanlh. eighlh 
ipocifiraliona ate not proTnl. It ia ef opi- 
le Iciilh apecificalion it to far praved ea it 
altegei the purchate of [he article Ifaerein tnenlioned 
ra made from the Canion, bul Ihe cnnrt ii 
decidedly of opinion thai ihere wsa rui imprapriety in 
I act, that it ttas pmper and eurreci. and thai tbe 
lidne of the apecilicaiion ia not proved. In retatim 
the elevenlh apgci Real ion, the oourt ia of opinion 
ditl H it CO far proved ai it nlatee lo the employment 
of the carpentera and other penona ellachad lo tha 
Franklin, in Ihe manner ilaled.biil il ia alao of optniMI 
that anch employment waa, in all caaea to which th* 
proof reachea, |Moper, contonant lo Ihe pncltce of dw 
I in every view perfectly Dnotyectlnnatda ,- 
and that the reaidne of the apecificalion it not proved. 
The IwelAh ipeciUcalian ia nol proved. The thir- 
teenth it to far proved at that it ia dnwn by Ihe tea- 
timony that the aaid Eliphalal Smith viae on one occa- 
aien employed at a matter of convenience lo Captain 
Slewaii, and in aid of the public intereata, to carry a 
deapnlch, which had no olher than public otgecla, end 
thai tbia eioploymenl of Caplein Smith vna detigned 
Ibr Ihe public good, and had not the remoHat leferenca 
lo, or effect upon, any other inlereala, and lhal tbe reai- 
dne of the apecificalion it not proved. The ooart ia 
alao of optnton ihat tbe fourteenth, fifleenth, and ail- 
leenth apecificalione are nol proved. The leventeenlh 
ia ao lar proved aa il relalea to tbe building of thtee 
amall acboonen, with Ibe aid of the carpentera. Ae. nt 
Ihe Fnnklin, but iM>t om of govenllaant property ; tbat 
tbia mat in the jndioioua and failbful eierciae of am 
onqnealionad right, and dnt the individoala Iboa en- 
played were Uiua cDidored by their own froe cliotca, 
for their own baaefii.and eompaimled for Ihmt labor. 
It ia ain of opiaion lhat Ihe alffateenlh apaoiScattaa 
ia proved, bat tbe oot therein sieged ia in eooSinaiir 
with dH practice of the eervioe, in fulfilment of one 
of the ddtiea whldi pablic veaela one lo die caea- 
nerdal inlereata af the nation, and eaentially neeliil 
and neceaaary. In Ihe circumatancea accompanying 
Ihia particular act. it vna wholly nnoljeeliDnablB and 
attended wilb any loaa or injury to the poUte. 
The nineleenlh ipeeiGcalioD ia alao proved in point 
lad, tmi Ihia likewiae it deemed by tbe oonri one 
of tboae acta in which the convenience and oomfiM 
of iboaa engaged in commerce may be eaeenlially pn». 
moled wilhout the eligbleat public injuiy, and Ibal in 
thia ioatance il waa wholly ooobjectionable. Aa ra- 
gaida the iwenlielh. twenty flrtt, twenly^econd, and 
iwaniy-ihinl tpeciHcaiiona, il ia the npbtion of the 
court that the aaid Weaver wal abaani from lb* 
Franklin, wiih a permiBion granted on proper and 
tuffioient granoda, till the arrival of Ihe Franklin at 
CaUao, oa or about Ihe fint of Augual, 1893, tbal tub- 
aequenl to Ihia pertod he waa abteni without leavai 
lhat ihe maetei rolla tienamilled to the deparlneni did 
not piecieely acootd with thai on board Ihe Franklin, 
but the vaiiancea Iwlwaen then were wholly imma- 
terial, Mch aa eoold iwl have beaa deaigoad, beeanaa 




DM calcDisIed lo produM the ■milletl 
or injury, lod which Iha court belisvci nere pui 
4cciileuial : nor can I he court perceive any grouodi 
npoo which lo altiibule Ihia 

DoimporlaDI na il waa, lo any inadTerlance of ihe 
■ccuaed. Il ia aiio of opinioa that Ihe muil 
which naa approved in November. 18S4, n 
pfoved in ■ legulu nunner, and at u propel 
tbat ih« eairy coiKainad in il corrMpaoded wi 
bet, and wiih Ihe inrormalion previouily commiuiical- 
ed M> tba deparlmenl. The court ii likei 
Dion that the iwenly-fourlh. iwenly-fifih. iwaaly-aiith, 
Iwenly-aavcnih, Lwenlyaighih, anil Iwenly.oinlh, the 
only remaining ■pecificaiiom o[ the Gnl charge, are 
not, nor il either of them, proved, and il doai adjudge 
and daclaFe thai Ihe aaid Chailea Stanart ii mot 
aiili.TT orihe firal charge. 

- The court it alao of opiaion ihat the fint, third, 
ibartb, Gfih, liiih, aitd aevenih apecilicatioDe of Ibe 
eeeood charge are Dot proved, and thtt the ncoDd 
epacifieatioa ia only ao (er proved a* ii eetlbnh in the 
opinioDof Ihe cnurt npon Uie third ipeciSctlioii of the 
fint charge, and Iherefore doea pronounce and adjudge 
thai ihe laid Charlea Slewad 
aecond charge. 

The racu rat forlh in the fini apecificalion of the 
third charge have etreedy been ptaaed upon by ihe 
court, in ila opinion upon the twentieth epecilici 
thefiral charge. and reference ia iheretiire made 
finding of the court thereupon. The eecond ani 
apecilicalioni are not proved. The court doea 
filre adjudge and declare ihnl the leid Charlea Stewart 
ia- NOT ouiLTy of the third charge. 

Id relation \o iha apeciGcalion of the Iburth chargi 
it ii ihe opinion of the court that Ihe aame ia nc 
proved, and Iherefbre Ihe aaid Charlea Siewarl ia ai 
judged and declared nor oaiLTr o[ iha aaid Iborib 

In terminating a (rial which 
DOral and ao deep an inlereel, ■ 
remit to tba Eiecntiva, the court tmati tbat the pecu- 
liar charaeler of the accutationt which have been in- 
veaiigated will fumiah an excuM &€ appending to the 
record a few remarka. 

When rumoia and reporta lie widely tiul iodualri- 
onaly diaaaamiualed, calculated to impair the high 
atanding and EuefnlrwM of an cAcer in whom great 
truat and eonfideace have bean repoaed, it becnmea 
Ibe doty of the Eieculive lo aflbrd to ench officer, by 
ibe ceovention of a proper tribuTMl, in ample oppor- 
lonily of vindicating hiraaelf before Ihe narid. To 
■flbid tbte opportunity and la preaerve fiom the in^ 
diona eOecia of uameriled repnach. a repulatian dear 
ID Iha netion-~woD by the honorable aarvicaaafaeven 
■nd twenty yeaia — to Cilinguirii prejudicee and aua- 
pieiona created by miarepraietHaliima or aieconceptiona 
of public agente and privaie individual*, and finally. 
lo do all which the latva, which joatim, uid which 
boDOr eiact, Ihia court haa been coDTened. 

Chargea and apeciGcalicoa have beM preftired, 
oibractng all Iba accueatiina made i^ainM Ceplain 
Stewart; an inveitigniion haa been made inia Iheir 
■nth i it haa been Modoclad by the jodga advocate in 

the meet eiemplary manner, yet with a mjnutene* 
and fulneaa calculated to leave no doubt or chind of 
auipicion mting npon Ihe character of the accuaed. 
Thia inveiligation haa produced what waa deaired by 
Capiain Siewan, and inlended by the Eieeulive— a 
development of all Ihe important Iranaacliona attend- 
ing the late cruize of the Franklin in the Pacific, 
arbd the principlea and moiivea which gnided the 
omducl of her commander. Thaae chargea and ape- 
cilicationa the court has adjudged not to be proved | 
to be in aomo reaped ■ utterly ground leaa, and in olhen 
to have originated in a miaconceplion or mitreprceen. 
tatioo of Ibe iTWBl innocent and meritoriou* acta ; and 
Captain Slevrart haa been meal fully and moat hono- 
raUf acquitted of every, even thealjghleat,iinpropriely- 
The court however conceivee (hat the pecoliai 
chancier of Ihe necnaaiioci ia ancb that it would not 
render ihai fuU meanjre ef jnatiea which ii required 
Bl il* banda by a ainpla judgment of acquittal. II ia 
tbenfore impelled byaaenaeof duty logo fttlher, and 
to make anheailatingly thia declaration to Ibe wmU. 
Ihat ao far fiorn having violated Ihe high dutiaa of 
neulnliiy and reaped lor Iba lawa of nationa, ao far 
from having aaeri Seed the honor of iho AmehcaBfitf, 
or tarniahed hia own fair fame, by acting upon any 
nnlive of a mercenary or aordid kind; ao lar fioa 
having nf^leciedhiidriiy.or be Dayed the tnutfepoied 
in him by refusing pioper protection to American ctli- 
zena and property, or rendering euch protection aubeer- 
vienl lo individual inlereata, no one circomatance haa 
been developed throughout Ihe whole conne of thia 
minuio investigation inio the Varioua occurroncaa of a 
three yeara'crniae.calculated lo impair the confidence 
which the membera of thia court, the navy, and the 
nation have long repoaed in the honor, the lalenta,and 
the patrioliamofibia diBtiogaiahed officer, or to weaken 
in any manner the opinion which all who know him 
entertained of hia humanity and diainteraalednca- 
Thase vitiuea only glow wiib brighter I uttre from ihii' 
onleal of trial, like lheilanh*trium|dianllydia|deyed, 
when valor end akill achieved ■ new Tictoiy lo adorn 
mala of our naval glory. 

Jaan BaakOR, Freaident 

W. M. CUNB. 

RoinT T. Spbnci. 


S. CtmiK. 

Thohu Bkowh. 
CaaaLn C. E THOHnOH. 
Geo ant W. Rooiw. 
GtORot C, Rbad. 

RicuaKD & Co»B, Judge Advocate. 
The proceedinga and aenlanco of the court are-ap- 
piovedj wilh the eiceptionof ihe eicluaionof Samoel 
Brown aa an incompeleal witnca. The ground* of 
iltjeotion lo hia teetimcny apparent on tbe bee of the 
record, being ooiHidered aa going to hia credibilily 
M lo bia competency. 

JoHH <tDuicir Anaio- 



Od Commodora SHwufi raium fivm WBritiogmi, 
when hi> tml look piKa, to hbiMtiv* cil]r.(PhiUM- 
fhitj bti friend* graited him niih > public diUMr. ia 
ipptobation of hi* Hrvicai in the Picilie. I>arin( tha 
ron 18Z5 u> 1S30, ha tm Tuioialj ang^^ed ia ap- 
pnptiate dBtiea. mch aiHanitniiig MidihiptBen, and 
atimg m Couita Marlial, Ac. &c 

In Much 1830. CodUBodota Stamil wa> in Waidi- 
inpca, and while thara racaiied fioni Iba aecmarj 
of the DBTy the Ibllowiaf circular. aDcbaiDg a eop)' 
B of Iba Senate of the Unilad Slataa. 


Nary Drpartnail. March M, lue. 
Bn: — I Mod ron herewith acopyoTa molalion of 
Ibe Saoale at Ihe Unitrd Sutta of Ibe fint initant. catl- 
ing E>r infonualkin telaliTs to the necewilj Tor emplof- 

naaeD eoald not bs oMtfaWj lubiiiiuted in Iheir place, 
ftc, and faaTB lo reqaeil llial yon nill. in confarmilji 
irilh ihe terma of the molution. fnmiih me with jour 
cfWioD in nriiiog. upon Ibe diSerenl polDla embtacad 
bf it, aa early aa praclicable. 
I am, teapectfully, si, your obedieni aerrant, 

John BatNCB. 
Con. Chiklb Stkwibt, 

United Slalaa Navy, WaabingKni Cily. 

In Senate at ibe Univd 9t 
Muih 1, la < 
Smdlted. — Thai ih» Secretary ot iha Nary be 
diraclad to fnmiih W Ibia Uooaa, iaforauiion on lb 
Ulnwing nbjecti ; 

WbeUter it ii neceiaary to the armail equipmei 
of a vaiael of war. that Mariittt ahnulil coaipoae 
part of iu nilitaiy force. 

Oi ohelher marine* nay not be uaefully diapeDsed 
Kilh. and a ponioa of tha laaoien ha imlnictad in the 
oaa nf Hiall arou^ and perCtrai all doiiei which can 
be raqnired of marinaa, either in baHle or in ordi- 

N iaumcled SDd prac- 
K) anil generally, any 
iuliiniiaiion which may elucidate lb* iaqniry whether 
Barinea can or can not be beDsficiaUy diapemed with 
an board of our public veaaala of war, 

Wfaelber the petty ufficen and aeamen ivho have 
baan in aervicA. biil from age or slight duahiliiie*. ate 
mdered undt fur the active duliea of theii calling 
■hip boant. on bo niefully and aarely employed 
guards el ibe naiy aladmiB. in lieu uf lha marii 
now aaaigned lo ihalduly. 

And brther, that the Secretary of thf Navy ob- 
tain ffom lha officera compming llie Navy Board, 
mi other naval officera of rank now in the ai 
Govanuneul, their oiHniona in writing on the fors- 
foing anbjeGti. to be tranamittad wilb his report to ll 
Saoale. AMaali 

SiaiMd, WaL-m Lowub. 

SlK>— I have had ihe honor to nceive your letter 
of the third intanl, covering a rcaolutioD of lha Setiale 
of Ihe United Stale* relative lo ihe BWrino ewpa. r*- 
qnirlnf infiumation on the following pointi : 

FnuT. Wbalber il ia neceaaary thai " marinaa 
abould eompeaa a pari of the military force of a ship 

To Ihia I aiBwar, that I do connive them proper. 
td necaaaaiy. to eonatilDle a part of lb* Craw ot ■ 

fiioon). *■ Whatbai aiarina* may not oaaltally be 

■ponaad wilb. and a ponion of the aaanen be in- 
atniolad in tha naeof email arms, and pMJbtio all tha 
duties which may be required of marinaa in banla.or 

I ordinary service I" 

To this 1 anawer, that, for thp mere pnrpoaea of 
hallle, perhap* the seamen might be Inatruclad, in ■ 
limited degree, in the use of small arms. 

Tbimd. " Whether aeamen are mt now instnuiad 
and practised in the use of amall srnu T' 

To Ihb I answer, thai a portion of the craw (other 

an Ihe marine*) are rtuw, and always have been, 
inalructed and practised io Ibe use of small arms; but 
naLmclion and practice is very limited, *a it 

FooBTfl. " Wbelhat the petty olBcets and seaman 
who have been in aarvice, bol, from >ge or alight 
disabilities, are rendered anfit fat Ihe active dntiea of 
their calling on ifaip-boaid, eon be naafully and safely 

nployed aa guarda at Ihe navy stadons, in lien ot 

To this I aiNwar, I think nol j bat as I have never 
id any command or coolrol over a navy yard or 
ilim. I cannot apeak lo this question (ram actual 
elperienca. Tbe foregoing anewen would seew lo 
ipriae all ih* boDoiable the Senate of Ibe United 
Slataa require oo this anlgecl ; and it would not have 
be*n proper (o go farther, ware il not Ibr that part of 
their third question, requiring alao any general ioRM^ 
mstion in elucidation of Ihe otgecf of tbe NaolnliMli 
" wheihar narine* can, or caimat. be bsoeficially dia- 
pansed with on hoard onr pnhlic ships of warf 
Under this claoae, I would beg l*ave to remaric. that 
the marines are tbe M>ly portion of the eretvof asblp 
of war thai ia wholly miliuiy. and the only part 
which could be rendered auch. by the nemre of the 
aervice, a* well a* tha nature of ibna* ccmprlsing tbe 
olhat claws a, If, then, it is al all desirable or osefal 
10 have a porlion of Ihe foreeofa shipof war wboUjr 
and campleiely milirary, that portion must he com- 
poaed of a ngularly orgeniied infanlry. for this rea- 
son — ibal the sea aOkera. from Ibeir employmenl* and 
occQpatiana in shipa of war. diSer malerially from 
military ofliccn ; becanse ibe ideaa and genaial habita 
of sailon nnfll ihem. in a great messvre, for inbntry 
soldier* ; and because Ihe limited space in ■ Aip of 
war would not admit of their trainings and their 
general duly and employment would he loo much de- 
ranged and interfared with. In order lo ascertain the 
neceasiiy and utility of having a ponkm of the crew of 
a ship of war organiiad aa inlaniry. it will be nacaiaary 
10 inqoira inu iba abject and duties of nch a 

1 dntiea of nch a otna. 

THE gentleman's MAGAZINE, 

The fim objaol it, lo ioMil into thf 
aililuy priadplM — abedimce, (oterdiDUioii, mail 
taipeot, ibal Ihey BUf b« ealitlad lo coBfidoiiea i 
di*cbvge of Ihair dulies at unliDck la (nlch 
jFOui maguine*, ipiril-room*, Moia-io 
gMtjn, uti ktok-ouM; la preaerve order, and praveni 
iBlMTupli<iB lo the cookinf datic*, aod lo gtmd 
priaonen of ntr, who tomalimea oulnamber Ibe 
In pott, ilwr eoDUitole ih« dock-gowd, asd a 
Ihf ue (>t leaii, e large poitioD of tbea,) alway* 
■eu their emu; Ihui ibey prevent 

datiea oo deck which weuld be required of aif other 
body of DUD, Bicepi goiog sloAi cooMqaeMlf , their 
lueruliWH aDd fence u men are noi hHI ; Un 1km 
raual be aoDe men kepi (n deck, in reeling ud furl- 
ing, to haul Ihe rigging, and manage the ewda^ for 
Ihoie who ■!« •lofl. la balQe, wben 
gaged 00 both iidee, or when oiheti 
the; can be diilribuied aanong Ihe cairiage guna, for 
wotking Ibe anillery. Should anji operalioa, wliolly 
wliUrjr be required of Ihem on ahore, they would be 

ti of eeamen and nu 
be required B>t the lurpriie of poela, or iha ceoalada 
of a fortrew, the marinea, ai a rapporting calumn of 
ngaUr ia&Dlr]', would fciK a ditciplined body, 
wheraoo to ml ihe aecurily of the other claHca who 
•re appoimed K> make lbs grand eflbrt, and would 
yield Ihem a eleady Mlomn and military auppnt 
caaa of feiluie, wbeR ihey would conaliluta the re- 

gMUpa, whivh caiUMH be rallied, and they beco 
men nob. who, without a body of regulan mai 
Ihem, mnat lalt • lacriGce. Seamen have a partico- 
UraToinoD lo Ibe in&nny drill, and, geoarallyipeak- 
iag, can be bnnighl M Utile mure in thai ait than lo 
lotdMPdfira. ThalatrideubordioalionandobadieBca 
to atdeiK «Bd the pride of iMling, inlniliTe in a 
lat B^ier, cannel be atiained by a uaman : hence 
Ihe enlire ooB&iepce of Iha ofReen, for Hit par 
tatnance of the oidiniry duliea so poala, caoDi 
yielded Ihem ; Ireqatni pnuiUimenM wouM eoaa 
neglect and irreguluiiin. and diagoM lo the Mrrice 
would folknv. Bui, lic. there ii another evil i 
templing lo make mannca <^ aailora: the acarcily of 
aeanen, and ordinary leainao, mould emberraaa mora 
and more the manning ol onr ifaip* of war, if Iboae 
who act ai marinea be ■ubuliluled fn>ni Ibe other 
clawee. To take them fiom landamen, no advantage 
would be gained la regarda [be increased nautical 
•ffioancj of our abipa; but much would be loal with 
teapeoi M the miliiaiy portion — we iboald have the 
men without lbs waman'a or iha nldiet'i pnlaaioD. 
In the abora obaoiraliona, I have refeired lo lh« pea- 
aibilily of maliny in oar nalicoal abipa of war. Thai 
muliny hai occurred in out navy, tbete ii no donbt. 
One iiMtance look place on board the ComtiiuUeo, in 
(hafiajof Leghon, in the year 1807. The mutii^ 


n July, a 

aerioua. By ihe tbnaidaUe appeannce of a colonn 
of marina bayonela, lUE^miled by ONTly a hundred 
gallant officeia armed, it waa nut iHily anpprfed.fcat 
tnenly of ihe nngleadera were eecarod, and nnl 
btHoe in the ahip, ironed, for poniahmant ; but the 
Govemmeni deemed it moat advirablo not u> ponidi 
tbeo, ai lAey were rigU, tmJ Oit co mma nder <au 
mivng. It appeared that Ihe period for which Ihe 
man had engaged lad etfirti. Thia ptacliM of 
keeping the abipa of war abacDt beyond Ihe pwiod 
lot which their crevca are engaged, ia becoming a 
fniilful Bource fur maliny. Conmandera, aniioua lo 
eiecala all ihe uhjecli of Ihe Government in aeoding 
Ihem abroad, loag aighl of their obligaiiona to ebtf (lie 
too, thsMby rendering Iheraaelvea liable to encoualar 
death at eea. in ibe abipe of mutiny, and ciriJ^aauii- 
(iCHM on ahors, Ibi detaining ibeii nea beyond the 
period for which Ihey engaged. Their pararaoaiil 
duly ii to return lo the United Slalea, and diacbalga 
ibeir crewa, afier Ih^y havo faithfully perlbnned Iheii 
part of Ihe cuniraci. 'i'he Guiernment abould ai 
fnilbfutly prihna iheira, by returning ihem to their 
country and hoiaeg, end notauSering Ihem lo be die- 
charged pennylteaio diilanlaei 
lion, or to beg. or become piiat 

Very many petaona are under the ii 
moat of the mutiniee in Ihe Briliab navy originale in 
their practice of impremmenti but I believe there ia 
■carcely an inilance of the kind on record. Their 
muliniea originate fcom o^pnuion, and iMt impram- 
ment. I aim beliere there ia no caae where the 
BMnao, aa a body, participaled in Ihe mutiny of the 
aeamen. If we refer lo ibe very aerioua mutiny of 
Ihe Channel Amk at ihe Nore. jo 1797, 1 think we 
will find (I ipeak from irupresBliHii on the memory 
only) that uoihing was Mated by Ibe mutinBrt ai • 
grievance for redrea on the part of the Imp r taa c d 
men. except that aentenco of death lor deeerlioo, 
uoramilted by an impicMed man. H'ai urged on the 
King aa too aevere a puniihmenlj and thoes who 
volunteered lor Ihe lervice. and took the boonty. io- 
ataled on being diicbarged every aeven yean. Abool 
Ihe Mne period, a bloody muiiny took [Jace on baud 
Ihe Britiah frigate, the tlarraione, on the VIMl India 
itotKNi. Thia reniiny originated in the oppraaico 
lyraiuiy of ihe commander oo that occaaioo. All 
offleeiB (BicepI a maater'a mate) encoantared 
death. Captain Pigol, the commander of that ifaip, 

'IB of auch a lyraonical uid intamperata diapoaitioa. 

■ lo wholly dlaqnalily him (bribe command of men. 

r matinita have not more freqoenlly occurred in our 
■bipa of war, it has been ovring to Ihe miUnemofonr 
landers, the good feelings of tbeaaamen towatda 
officers, and the snppott afliifded the laller by a 
aleody column of bayoneu. There are some who 
will say that matinet are utelea eicepi fee idle 
parade. But even farm and parade, in a i^tary 
^■tem. ia perhipa nwre eaaaotial. in aid of Ibe preBarva- 
lion of diaciptine smongat lepubliuan oitinaa, than 
with the aubiei^ of a king. 

The whole buuneaa of life may be oooandand m 
lilUe man tlan be■^ ao far aa tht deain et dkKiae- 


in pa, lomnb KppHnnca. Man sr* at ban bal 

pomi af childmi, "pltuad vcilh ■ nllle, tickled 
uk ( mm." Tfke ftota mililUT lervica iu dk- 
miiuriiinf iwpjiingii lb* pooibla "pomp tnd cir- 
tmua» oT •ni'," llw ptobabl* voib of ihuikj ol At 
Riiiul i«(i*Ulurs, lad what will ihw be UH then 
It uj lluir paniotkni, in eallitiE Tor the wlmla aiiar- 
[iaef llw man, bi Mij^uit ihom in Iba porib of ibs 
Ui ud iha octan, iba dapriiBiiou of ibeit hroau* 

H m rcTar n Iha pad aarrioaa oT Iba marina eorpa, 
Ifj mil ha fixind lo ba among the m«i dwlingunbad. 
fhHbet fOQ uka Ibani al ihe charge of the bayonet. 
iminowilb the niiwiiii nieldiag the labm uid 
ii fikt, boanlinc; Ihs gtin-boali oS Tripoli, ia tbeic 
anH tciioiH m the ocean, or ia their «Ani vith 
Ik iHBaii DOdcT Bamaf ia reaiuing Iba advance of 
iiBriuh ndonuu to yaar capilal,)oii tvill find they 
kn tier malaiDad a bigb reputation lar discipline, 
■■lici,aDd coanga. Uadar these circuoHlaDcea; 1 
■ daniledJjF of opinion that the aoriiuf caooot be 
imidMiij dupenwd with in our Daiional ibips oi 

I btfe Iba btmor lo ba, wilb great reepect, air. 
pu watt obedieni aarrmil, 

IW Bod. Joan BujH% SaeraMiy oT tba NaTj. 

liHwnonthof Auguil, 1S30, be km appoioleda 
BotMioT (be Baud of Nav; Comiaiaaionen, at W**h- 
!(% vbtra be nmaioad pntil Auguil, 1833; be 
taicMind tobif&tin, in New Jaraer. Intba moulb 
!f Julf, 1836, he receired tba rollaivitv latter of in- 
tnaiea Inm tha NlTy DepartiMnt, laaociating 
nib kiB iboae diatinguiabed officen, Coniniadorea 
UIm nd BdtOD. Comntandeia of Ihe Weal Indian 
^)diaa,ud of tba Penacsla Ntvj Yard. 

Nary DcfBilBSIt, Jul J I, IMt, 

Caauja Stiwut, Ai-xa. J. Dal- 
u^aod W. C. Boi.TDN. 
Gnmnu :— UDderiha act of ibaibiid oT March, 
^. the Fnaidant of tba tJnilad Slalea waa aulbo- 
1^ to etnaa ibe Nary Tardi of Ibe United Statai to 
^ AosogUr examinad, and plana to be prepared 
ad mrtianad b; bim. ftr Ibe improTemenl of ihe 
aa^ ud Ibe preacivation of ibe public (aopertf 
^■•Dl bom whiofa plana no devialioa ii lo be made 
^^hiieBiieoial order. Thia baa been dsoa wtih 
■H neapl the NaTy Yanh al Fanaacola and Ne« 
TiA. VoQ m barafar eooMitated a Boatd of Com- 
^nsn to owka the euunnalioD, and prepare Ihe 
M veatblf to Ibal act for the Navy YaH ai Pen. 
•nk Mi. William P. Sanger viU leporl lo ran. 
■t "iU act under ytHir direclioo. Hie aialalaa 
" tin eer. Kin be serviceable in Ibe diacbarn* (rf 
*■ iiij aaignad id yaa. 
''^'Itjeel of tbe law lelbned to. ia lo make each 
, "•nngmaU ef ihc impnTemaniB and buildb 
' ^)Mdi,aBd aoeb plana fiir funie aipeadilarea up«n 
^«MI beat pnmole acoDotar.and baei at 
'' ^ pdlte aarrlea, and tba IninnatieB of Ibe pnb- 
^ ^»mm, nd mt* ibia naMaaitjF of obaigaa 

afier, by which ibe pnUic mooey woald be neeleaijj 

ipended. The plan lo be adopted ia dengned to be 

imuneM. and to embrace all Ike baiidingi and im- 

oveaMBiB nhich will at any fBinie time be necaa- 

aaiy al Ibe Peneecob Mavjr Yard. 

For the diacharg* of yeurdaiy, tharelbre, it w3I be 
iadiapenaable W look 10 ibe prohebla citenaioii of ikia 
yard foi IbOire aarricr. An enlarged view of all fba 
n -"""— "i-i Kith it aa a dock yaid and aa • 
bailding and rafairing aataUiabmeni will be reqaiiad, 
to enable you la make aneb a plan ai will ba paima> 
naolly DaefuL Tooffioeiam eiperieDced and iMaUi- 
gent, it ia net oaoaaaaiy M cnDmeiale ibe baiHiap 
end im|>ovemaota nhiob will be hereafkar called for 

Vuu will be caraM lo proride Sot them all. and 
upon an actonle map of iba yard, you will daaig. 
nata the poiiiian in which every building and ei-aty 
improveoMot is 10 be placed. In your raoammanda* 
lion fbi tbeae inprovemenls. you will, of coune. caa> 
lider lite meana of approach by waler. ai well aa Iba 
location on the land. 

I am, napedfelly, feollemen. 

Your obedient aerrant, 

In compliance with Ibe foregoing ii 
modore Slewsn poeseded lo Fenaaocda, in Ihe United 

Stales ttoop of war, Nalchei, Captain Mervina. Tb* 
IbUowisg joint report wai madi 

Srk ; — We have Ihe boaor to submit to yon. (aa 
commiBaionBn to wboB was anigned Ihe plamiing of 
the Navy Yard at Ibis ptaoe.) in eompHaneo wilb your 
inslructioni of July Ihe eighth, a plan of ibe Navy 
Yard, wilb all Ibe docki. aliis. and buildings, wbieh, 
in all probability, will in foture be required for Iba 
public ieiTioe,and which appears M n neeeeMr^- '' * 
ataiioa af anob high naiional impenante as Ihieeeema 
•a the commiMknera Ni be. 

The commimiaiMn have been obliged to keep in 
view some pacoliariliea alleitding this eilennva bay, 
BQCh U ila almoat conataDt and slicing ebtvtidea. Iba 
detlruciive efleels of the marine worm, and tba iiiv>> 
tiaUe Bsndy nature of ibe aoil. 

Under tbe iuflaenea of these roosideiatiana, thay 
deemed ii saaaaiial. and therelbie projecied on Iba 
plim, a aaa wall, sufficient to aK>rd all the whaifing 
aceoramodaiioo tar ahipa in ordiiiBry, lepairiag. miaa- 
ing. or fining for service, as wall as all trampntsem- 
ployed in bringing the ncccniary luppliea lor the «•- 
labliahmanl at any famre liino. 

About a quarter of a mile in the rear of die Navy 
Taid there axiali a conatant fregh-waicr lake, adrqoata 
to tba anpply, at all limea, of water Ibr the wet dock 
which this eea wall will funn. to famiih all that may 
ba required in the Navy Yard in caae of lire, and anf- 
Goienl for watering tbe ahipa of war. Thua tha Iteab 
water in Ibe wet dock will pnTant Ihe adect of 
woriH on tbe dfy doA gatat, as well aa all woodaa 
vteiniiy; it will alee furaiali tba 
Ibe living principle is sia« , 



barnacln, uid olher (baling rabuuicai of tbipa' bM- 
toma, utd acl u a clsanier to ibair copper on coming 
fnmi wa, u wall u to pnteive [heir tMUoma from 
ItMiliDg while repairing. liuin|. or Ifing in onlioary il 
lbs NiTf Yard. Tbe rigging left n placed naar die 
npa-nalk tor conToaience nke, on pan of ihe *ea- 
wall wimrt, and undri il no nmUUDplaie haTing luf 
ficienl itoTe room lor cable* and cordage, bandf lo be 
put on bcMrd ihipa in iu □eighhorhood,orboaiiio con- 
v«j to ihipg alaewbaTe. nilh ai liille manual bbor aa 
poaible. The lail-loft il alao oooTenienllf placed on 
the aM-vrall wharf nilh Iha raSM view : and nnd•^ 
Death More-room will ba feond auffioienl for all Ihe 
pilch, lar, turpenline, roain. and oil. nhare they will 
be emTenienl lo waler carriage, m well aa for eilin- 
gniihiDg Ihoce cambulible ariiclsa thould Ihof acci- 
dentally lake fire. On the oppnile angle of the aea- 
wall wa have placed ihe building alipa. boat and maai 
hoiuai, with ihe heavy blackamilhery, anchor, and 
lank fuundriei. caetinga, and plnmbetiea, from whence 
all Iboae heavy appurtenancaa lor (hipt of war can be 
conveniently boaled and tranaponed ; and wllh a view 
lo concantrale the neeeamry working Grce ai much aa 
ponible. we have located ihe cooper-Bhap, bake-bouie. 
and eook-houae in the vicinity, with iha accommoda- 
liooa tor negro laboren. near the entrance gale, under 
the eye of Ihe marina guard there itationed. 

The comminionert, in obedience lo the finher in- 
MiDClione of Ihe departmenl, of Auguit tiinth, made a 
reconnoiaence of the ground* amtiguoia ki tht Navi/ 
Yard for a lile fur tbe marine bairacka; and ihey find 
the ground to the righl loo unequal in iu aurlace, and 
too many walerpoob on and about it, lo aniwer that 
porpoae. On Ihe left, the graund a mare favoj 
and would pteaeni an eligible poaition alrnlching 
the fioot of the bay. open and air 

diacovar any advanlage* over the preaenl location 
induce their recommending a ^ change; ahip* the 

d noDld be much oxfiiBed to Ihe gnat range 
eaMerly ninda, which are Ihe itrongett that blow 
thi< quarter ; il ia, alao. at ihe heed of the deep wai 
the bay, and will be that portion of il moat like 
fill op and ihaltow hereafter, when the eiirroun 
ing counlty become* cleared, caltjiiled, and liable 
nh from Ihe heavy ralm of the rammer aaoaan. 
AH of which i* moat reapectfully •obmitlad. 
By your obedient aervanta, 

CoMiJi SmvaftT, 
A. J. DiiXAa. 



with actltemenla under leaae from the Guvwni 
which might not be coovenienlly or eaiily got rid of: 
in which c«*e. there only remaina the tear of ihe 
Naiy Yard, about live hundred leel in depth, with 
Ihe nme eileni ai Ihe Navy Yard i which would 
laid araj^ room to' erect all ibe naceaaary buildir 
accommodallom, garden*, and parade ground, that may 
al any lime be found necemary. 

The comminionera, in compliance wiih yonr 
of Auguit twentieth, have eiemined the two h 
pUc«* pointed out aa eligible aile* for a Navy Yatd 
within thi* bay j that i* to lay. the Nuvy Cove. 
atte Ibe town ofPeoaacola, and a place above ihi 
called live Fathom Hole. Theliirmer, (Navy 
Ibe commissionen are of opinion would nol i 

the purpoie at all, and ia tialda lo very many objec- 
lioiu; it* location ia beyond the reach of any immedi- 
ate protection from the fbrlilicationa or Ihair garriaoni, 
for any amall military eipedition wouhj be able lo 
auipriM it ihrough the Santa Roaa aound j it i* ihut 
in from tbe advanlagea of Ihe aea braeiea, and, con- 
aaqaeally, i* aiceoively hoi for laborer) and mecha- 
luca; and, indeed, were tboe* diiad vantage* removed, 
Iha extent of the flat* it too great lo b* overcome with- 
ODI Tery heavy eipmtdilure*. With reapect to the 
ktt«r, (Fiv* Fathom Hde,) the ooouBiaaioaerB caooM 

To Hon. Hahlon Dirkenon, 

Stertlarjf of tkt Nmy, ITaatti^gMii. 

During the ilayof the Commodore at Penaacola, I 
made eileniive noiet. and ohaervatioiu, and ihort 
after hia return lo Philadelphia, he addreaaed the R 
lowing letter to Iha Secretary of llie Navy. 

FhlladeliiUB, Norsnbnio, laSA, 
Stt.: — In your inatructiraH directed to me of tt 

aighlh of JulylaaLrelotive to tbe plan for tbe conatrui 
tion of the navy yard at Pcnaacola, you direct that "A 
the building* and improvcmenta should becompriaedi 
the plan which el any future time would be noceeBai 
at thai yard ;" and thai " an enlarged view ahould I 
taken of all the matteia connected with it •• a dt>c 
yard, or a building and repairing eilablishment 
Having compleled a plan for the improvement* of tli 
id il lo you, I heg It 

which ( 
ihing that enlarged view or thI* 

Inaludying the poaition of Penaacola, with referene 
not only to our own adjacent coait, and the great out 
let of the Miniealppl which it ia ao favorably placr 
to protect, but alao to the neighboring counlrie* c 
Meiico and Ihe islandt of Cuba, Jamaica, end fil. Di 
mingo, which ate all liable at aome future period I 
be occupied by nation* at enmity with the TTnile 
State*, the national imparlance of Ibe place could lu 
but force itielf on my mind, and excite gome aurpria 
that it had noi hiiherio atlncled more the atteniion c 
the Government. In evidence how Utile hoi oa y( 
been done Ihete. I may mention iha fact, that the ti 
venue ichooner Doner had to rraoil to Charleaton t 
gel her aidea caulked, and a few other trifling repair 
which she needed. Yet, at the aame lime that th< 
greai aection of our country, of which Penoacola mui 
heretdler become the naval depot, haa been thus over 
looked, we find large appropriation* applied to Ihi 
connructioci of navy yard* in the middle and eaaien: 
atatea. Caaual obaen'cr* onacquainlei) with ihe luke 
warroneaa with which Ihe developRiMit of our nava! 
energie* ba* been proaeculed, might naturally eonclndi 
that Ibia diiparily had In origin in an iodiBerence tc 
our Hue policy, or in lectional aelBahno* ; or bowelM 
could Ihey account fbr Iha eitrootdinary hd, that oil 
whole aaaboatd fhm NofMk to tbe aabine, an eiient 




ma itfiaiiiiv a iloop of war ; whibt to lbs Donh 
id oA ID I«B Ihui one itifainrt aaitm of cout,1ha 
ana DM cnljr for repairt, bat for nu—U action , ira ki 
iinlarlji ranllipliad, thai iu lb* Cbwapaaka waUn 
* btT* two — the Davf judi ■! Norfolk and Wob- 
flm^uid in iha hay nf Mt^i tiimUi. two olban — 
■ itRMKOoatbandaiMal BoaMi. Tbare k gnat 
iSaacj in tho ■oalbMn Mclion of oar eoaalrj, *j 
■pten prapualku fin oanl dafniM, wbara it mif 
I DOM naeded, to pMoel the hcb and onbaraDt 
(im which hai it* ontlal in the ilnin of Florida. 
I iha BTdl of war, enij nwaiu woald be wudnc 
iiS)(tia|nnDaii«it prouctioo for in giaaland Tala- 
lii jtodiicH ianiiiv forth ibiougb lo aaoj artariei, 
id juw mderiDf all Eunpo tribularf to at, aod 
Kootiag tba protperilr Ml oolf of Uw HaM which 
■dactlhniibat al theiaina timalheweallh.iiowar, 
li •ignndiniMnt of oar wbcda Union. Throogh 
[t Finida nreaM flow til Iha cooncrce and valoaUe 
lDdiiui(u of Souih Caiolioa, GMrgia, Florida, Ala- 
■I, Kmlactf, TennMMe, Hiiuvpiii, liHiiuiu, 
bun, Indiana, and QUaoi*. All Iha prodoco of 
tn Fvioui Maltm, uoBpl that of SoDlh Caroliaa and 
i«pt.maat fam thioogh ibe urajlaof Cape Florida. 
In oQlf [netiaUB DdUet of Iha gmt Calf of Hanco, 
Ml it thui coOBlimiad for egnw, a eli>a amii a* 
ndi B u Iha MBdilemoaaa, owing to tha northaaal 
n^c wind vhidi prvraib to tbewalh,and thaialand 
f Ctbi ml Iha ■»*»—— elooDg it on ibo rait. 

All (ha «itaa annmatalMl are highly inlonatad in 
» fMablBhioent of an eSciant naval dapol wiibio 
k Calf of Mexico, anbatcing all ibe eleDaaiit ne- 
*M7 lor iha repain, eonatractiao, and eqaipaienl 
It tup of war, and tba gradoal accliauling of Uooib 

Bf «■« of the atimg carmit of ihe Qolf Stream, 

Ci ItoMetiao ddoU be aflbrded lo Omrgia and 
ih CinliDa with u uoch faoili^ and deepatefa 
ka F«BKi^ aa Iron any itf oor Donhem oani lU- 
bai; ud, on tbe ooatrsiy, a iwt«1 force reDdaavona- 
■I H PortooDih, Boaton, New Tock, or Norfolk, 
Mid U M onaTailabla ihr our coan and commar 
aifat Galf of Uoiico, aa ■ naval fotee u Bnat 
QtitDoig wDidd be for tba pia(ac4iaa of tha ma 
' fiuce and bar coBiaatoa In tha Ueditamnai 
^^tba ihipa of oar nonhero pwla woald be alill 
bmiltbla Ihan the Frandi ahipa ondar tbooa eir 
onaiuua ; far, owing to Ihe drcailoaa naTigatioa 
Mdihanothof Cuba, idik^ Iba Miaog curraata irf' 
ItGalf of Florida radar nacawary, it t 
^ <U>tf to 0kf dqri for a deal to readi Iha Ooir of 
aBKo fim aii)r purl oa oot north Allanlk 
^fludiaiiloopof war, inwhiah I look ny paaaage 
>ilwflilfilD<Dtof iheocdara of tha eigfadiof JDlflaat, 
*k ihinr-foot da^a to get from New York B> Penia- 
■b; ud Iha year ^needing, the Miae abip wea fiAy 
idafi in amtjiag Commodore Dallaa fiom New 

Farrol, and Mother al Cadia, inmMliatal)' b; iha 

aita of Oibtaltar, could not protect bar Hedilena- 

nran commeme, wilboot another fbrmidaUa ealabliab- 

t Carthagena. 'Hiui auH it be with Ihe United 

Hie Oulf of Heiioo ia our Meditarranean, and 

OM our Tonlon ; aini al no diatant 

m Ihe coaMof Soulb Carolina or 

h ihe aame lacililiea ai Cadix, for 

le exterior moulh of the atraiia of 

Tot 10 than 

fiuc*, Ntuted pteekelf. with reapeet to the Ha- 
'"■niiMii, M (ha United Blataa an lo tbe Gulf of 
"^fcnnd it neoMarr toaalabliA her great aanl 
h* u ^iska ; and Spain, with bar eataUiahBent 

ma, that if n 


Howerei inclined ai 
Important queiUan, it d 

be true u> Ibe purpoeea of in 
iber will accord ample protection to erarr aectioo of 
Union. Tha period for according thia ptoleclioQ 
uaj be delayed, to tha injury of our iaurnta, and Ibe 
of oar naiional character; but it caaDot be 
■Iwaya BToidad. for. in nine future maritiioa war — 
•ucb aa, woner or later, mint laki place, and which 
we nay be engaged in — the praduetima of that Tart 
empire, which haa for iU onlyauilelAe ■tnin of Fto- 
rida, will be eflectaaily locked up, to the fotal iiuory 
of tha coaiilr;, or poaibly to the diMolulioo of tha 

not probable that an enemy will berooftet 
«mpt to make penaanaEd conqueat of any part 
territory; yel paal eiparienoe haa riiown iia 
with whal faoiUqF an incooiideiBbla mililary foroa, 
rwral one, Donkl agitate oar lAaJe' 
aea b oard, baram Ibe Bilitia, bum onr towne and 
ptaatalicOB, and aneel entirely oar eommerta and 
cnaaling tiwle, 6a the want of adeqnaie ma«a* of de- 
fanoe, proportiooed (o the reeouicea aod real power 
of our country. At a later pNiod.wa have aeen with 
what foeilily a bandfal of |Mratee. without teiTilorlil 
proteciioB, ihulking into and oal of the harboia of tbe 
neighboring iitaitdih could pillage and dsilroy our 
vemali trading lo die Caribbean and Mexican aeaa, 
and tacrifice the livaa of our citiieoi with reUatle« 

FoieigD powen, with when wa are liable, liom 
iolereata, to be brooght into colliaion, bw- 
iarriioiy.a»d oocnpya chain <d'formidaUa 
iierioohing our whole 
I, HexicD, < 
of whicb are ra 
taioed at great expenae, and might be Iha n 
for fulore meana of annoyuee and altsok of our tet- 

TheQulf of Mexico andSHwiaar Fforida, onati- 
tntiiv ai they do ibe outlet of M many prodnetiaaa 
of a rich and Taloable nattira. ihui aunoundad by 
varioua naliona, bid hir to be tbe acenai of much fb- 
tore contention. Our own intereeta in that quarter ar« 
of fmmanie and rapidly inoraauog vilae, and which 
being thai open lo aaaalt, it a|q>eara to me it would 
be a wiae policy in our aoTomatent to pioTide tte 

la the praleclioo of our TaM inleteaH in that aea, and 
that praTent ill filling a prey to the lapaclocB graap 
of future beUigeranta,ia well aa to aToid tbe ueeaaai^ 
of our abipa of war naTlgating (perhapa in a crippled 
eaadilioa) a dangenua coaat of MKh •uem, U^pcocnn 




ihs ntcemrf npain mai reBl, ritmi tba daMniclian 
<^ battle, the dimWn of Ibe elemenu, ud tb* decay 
incidenl lo our Teaak and aubjscl 10 gMst loMof tint* 
in gaing bom snd leianung in Iheir ■i> U oii« at the Muih. 

The nan piiiiciiilei of European policy and relbna 
in relation lo their American cotouiea, aidad bf Ihe 
ftnatiee, iptead over our own couniry, exciting an in- 
■utrectionaty apirit among a Dumerena den of our 
BDUlh-wealern population, together widi the cupidity 
which the rich pfoductiona of that country are ealco- 
latad to create, nem lo admoniah ua not to tnat loo 
fu lo oar own peaceful habiu and piauve diipailion, 
but In apply all Ibe meuM in the pavewoo of the Oo- 
vamnMat fbt the paimanaiu delenca of that inteiealing 
portion of ihe Union. 

If these impreniona are juat,it Bppeaia to laeof Ihe 
' giealaat importance that ths cooaimelion of Iha dock 
and Davy yaid al Peoaacola ahould be puahed oa nith 
all poinble deapatch; and that Ibe naTy ibould obain 
Ihaie every eaential lo iti afficiancy; aikd theOoTsnt- 
msBt and coanuy ihould And at that placet en iba Gnt 
emergency, all the neana of deftoM iot ibe ooaet and 
imcoDiowrca. The beat barbor in tbeOnlft^Meiico. 
act»ible al all aeaiona of the yaar, eivoying an ei- 
amrtion Iron Ir^iieal d ie e aa ee, and a mild climate, 
naCare eeeoa lo have fbriMd il ibf Itw gtaat naeal 
depot and rendeivena Ibr oar ehipe doMiaed ts pmect 
the Meiicao wem. Tbia harbor admila, with facHily 
of IngTMa and agraa, Ibe laifeat aloops of wat 
■archaat abipi ; hot thii will not ha " adequate la Iha 
liitnie wanti al Iha nalieo in the Gulf of Ueltoo.' 
The deepening of the bar. or eatiance, k> at lo adnt 
leaela of the latgeat claaa, ia e«enlial M that port, 
and ia an eiperiineBl wall waith trying. Should, 
boWBTar, the eiperiment tki], a naw chaanal oeuld be 
cot through the iiland of St. Bota, which, I aboaM 
Ibink, would not be a wotk of much difficulty, ai the 
jalaod ia.very narrow, and ba* deep water cloee to the 
tbore on the sea aide. 

The abundance of Ihe fineat limbei Ibr the Cd 
Blruclion and repairing a( vneali of war, wbicb grei 
00 the ahoie of Ihe GulTef Meiico, and immadiaiely 
in iha neighborhood of Penaacda. which now hai 
be tianaporied lo Ihe nonbam navy yaida at a great 
expense and labor, added lo the faoililiaa which Ihe 
internal iaipmTamMiu in a stale of piogreaa in ihat 
coontry will aObrd Ibr ihe inmporMtioD ofevery net 
rial for Seelaof war, coDBlituleaaalrong reason fcr the 
early enabliahmentoraichDal of mnknien and meeha- 
nica,so eeeenlial to the ewla pnipiBBd, of meeting 
fature wants at that plaoe," and dvreloping ita utility 
as a BanI depot and rendeiTOus be the sfaipa of war. 

ContideriDg the eipaaed alate of this sectioa of oiu 
Voion from the causes baibre enumerated, and that 
the Gulf of Maiioo and ili aallel (ihs Slnita of Fkri- 
dej is oar vuloenbla point, Ihroogh which floi 
large a ponioa of our neiiooal wealth, no tima ongbt 
to be loat in landeiiag PansMola Ihe ll«r lo> and ll 
dafanca of^ Ibe MaiiasiB seaa. 

I have tba haner to remain, very TSB|M«tfnUy, a 

CatXLMt Stewakt. 
To tbe Hon. M1BI.0N DiCKKaaoN, 

Secrelary of tba Navy. 

the fintof Joty, 1837, CoBMBorfore James Bamn 
reeigBsd Ihe eossnend of ihe Navy Tard, at Phihdel- 
pbia, and Commodore Stewart was placed ia command 

By die moat anaanona eierlionB, Coonnodore Slew- 
art Boceeeded in launching the line^f-betlla^hip 
PeanBylvBirie,Dnlheeighteaalfadayof July. Thisahip. 
only Ibe largeel in our navy, bat iheisasl magnifi- 

by lbs SsonlMy t^ Iha Navy to be removed fivm 
lelptaia lo Norlulk. lo it capered, and Commo- 
dore Siawvt was appointed Is «qnip and take her U 
ihet ^Me Ibt Ihe purpose. 

The order of the Seereiaiy ef tbe Navy to (noalet 
the Penoaylvaoia la enelher place to be coppemi, 
pmdaced a daap and Diiversid diaeutisftction aDunf 

e ciiiasns of Philaddphia. and uideed of the whole 


l^ift and B}Hrited pvblic raeetlnge wet« con* toed 

ramoiKlrate againat Ibe mearare, end to urge upon 
Ibe Eieculive. the oeeessily of barinf her compleUd 

Ihe yard where bar kssl was bid. 

In this juBl siBivpride of bis fcflow ciilma, Com- 
medoav Stewait wannly putteipatad; but tbe dster- 
mtnatiaB nt the Dapartnent was iirew i aaWs, and h« 
id wKh legret te the flat irf" the depaitroent, 
vriii^ look frnan the State of retmsyWrniia the honor 
of giving Ibe flnisfaiog sonke to &» nohte ship duit 

The want of a dry dock at Philadelphia, was the 
lUegad gnund of jntilkstion Ibr tbii procedmis. 
and called the immediate allenlion of Cdminodara 
Stewart to this imponant appendage of a complsis 
navy yard al this city. 

Tbe oommeiclal inportanee of Philadelphia, in &■ 
cilitisa for procDring timbets and other materiali for 
bailding and lapairiag sbips, aid its oentral locsliaD, 
all eumUned to Ibrce en bia mind the propriety of 
recommending the eMablWmmil of a dry dock, and 
enlisted the nimoat energies Of almoel all tbe poUic 
men and people of PeonsylviDia bi support of the 

As the Commodore enters into the matter with hii 
cbsraciaristie vigor, it is hoped that in a short Gaw 
thia sslolery olysct will be attained, and all agree 
that it will materially contribute to tbe benafll of Ibe 
many iodnatiiooa medianita and laboreis who will 
Ihus find anploymeni, and to the advancement of tbe 
comnureid intereata aad prosparity of bia native eily, 
as wdl as 10 lbs naval lesoarcea and strength of lbs 

Should lb* underiabing piove sacoeaarul. ii will 
ataod a monument, as vidurlDg aa the ' right ugled 
ily" itaelf, commetaoralive of tbe poUio spirit and 
davotioD to the Mvy, «4iiah lw*e vver dbKinguiibsd 

rotioaal p*we>s Be endure haiAiupB and pfivaAcm of, 
allkinb. AlrtKnih Mr.niDe yeHaof ag0. be is Mill 
as wetn^ if be waa bat ia Ae priwa rfU^ 



Hi eompleiioa ii lair, like tbit of Mr. JaflenoD, , 
tal baui lbs wMTfaerlwawn nutki of navil Mrrice. 
Ha hiir ii or ■ ehanul oilut j Ilia eje* Uua, la>g«, 
poielittiDg. ind inulligenl. The cwi of hi* coonlv- 
sua it Raaui. bold, Uioog, and ooniDunding, uid 
)m bnd Sntlf formtd. It haa been pianoUDced by 
I phnoolof 1(1. the head or a nan ar peal vifoi- and 
minii, higb Hoas or Jiulica. uid iodeiibU leaoliMiflO 
of piupoM. It i( well kiKXFD (hat hii chancier cor- 
rajiaadi perTecily iviih ihaas iDtlicalian*. 

Rk mind ia acuie aod powerTuI, gruping ibe giaat- 
« w nnalleat aubiecl* with (he ioluitive maMatj of 
tmn Ha Bot mly ftd); aDdcratanda hit prorei- 
m ai a naval Gomraander, bal all the Tahooa inla- 
na of eoBuaBTca, the foreign and donuMic policy of 
bii caaolrf , the ptiDciple* of fOTanuDan^ and tfae 

LaiiD^ pataon coMoll hia noneiou ofikLal lellan 
Bd rqmti, aBbraxung a wide iiDge of Bulijecia ; M lit 
ima ud cooveraa with him upoo i^ political aoi 
ndil nltlioaa of <mu coaiiliy. iu iruainal reamnoaa, 
lalilie inc policy of deTeloptngthaD,aiulbe will b* 
■taubed >l the extent and aeeiiracy of hii iafcma- 
'im. OBaa baa Ifaa queation baen aakad, iom iH 
ill mat, amidal the rapid eienn of a lile i^aM Id 
l^aOife KffTiea of hia eounuj, acqiure ao nosh 
oefiil koowledfe beyond the appateQt tifa of hia pro- 
WoDt The BDiwer ia,— Coraraodoie Stewart ha* 
ilnyi Wd an obaerrcr, a leadar, and a ihiokai. 
SnOiini hai eacaped hii Tigilanl ■lleoliaa. He hw 
^niud himaeir to the eerrice of hi* ooanlry, and he 
Udi thai nbo ever wodU Mrre hi* counliy well. 
tuM nndenland iH goTemmeiil, ita lam, aad it< 
mtmi, ia atder to uphold, rspreaeDt, and atuuia 

Ha tooDol erec hi* paaoona i* lialy inrpriring, 
ud aodir lb* moet irrilatiog circamMancea. hi* old- 
M Kuuii have Devar yet •eon a ray of anger Saab 
i™ hii ft. Hi) kindnea^ benevolence, and homa- 
:i1) are pn>Terbial amoiigil Ihoae nbo koow bio, bul 
UHon of JuaticB and requiiitiona of duly are a> un- 
king a* file. 

Tbil ihia la not the ilraiited longaage of paaegytic, 
mulDlhe iodiipulable account, in Ihe preceding 
■^b.orhia noble reecueofihe women and chiUren 
to 1 wuery grave, for proof of hia humaaily. Rs. 
m u till iarenlion of our eanoon light*, an event 
>W)i idded BO much to our mparioriiy in gBBoet;, 


lor proof of hia mechanical gtniiM. Kacur la hi* able 
and maderly leiler lo General Sucre, among many 
Othet*. the priaciplia a( which have now become the 
guide and rale of our gonramnil, on the lultjecl of 
bbckadw, for a proof of bia knowledge of ibe Iaw 
of NaliODa. Recur Id Ibe magnanimoua Mand taken 
by bim in ronjunciioa with Commodore Bainbridga> 
ea lb* (Mployneal of Ibe navy at Ihe outiel of ihe 
war, br proof of hi* chivatric patriotiim; to which 
circumMlfieea akiDe are Juitly alUrbutabla — acoord- 
iag M ibe Secretary of the Navy — onr glorioiu 
victwiea on Ibe ocean, Tieuirie* which covered Ibe 
bg of the nation wilb impeiiibable bODOr. and in- 
*pind the drooping heart* of out coonlryiaen with 
that coirftdence and valor which enabled ibem M *an- 
qamh die Ibe, wherever they mel him on aea or land. 
Recur lot proof of hi* ikill and bnveiy to Ihe raaoy 
Botioni in whidi be foaghl and commanded, and a*- 
pacially lo hie victory over Ihe Cyans and Levant, a 
vicloiy imprecedented in naval hiMoiy, by which ha 
tednced Id practice hi* own prior theory, Ihal one larg* 
■dip eoiAl capture two ahip* of combined nipeiiac 

Reeur lo hia oaraeraiw nporli to the Navy Depart- 
ment, and to Ihe Praaidant of ibe. United Stalea. al 
diftrait parloda, Or pnaf ef hie tatiaate and con^ 
prebeneive acqnamlance with ihs doaealic policy and 
inMraatofhiaeaaUiy; aad. if fivtfaat prwf be need- 
ed of hia abli^ aad paliiMiaa io iha lervice (f hie 
oouDliy. anniy Pteaidant, fioB Bilr. Jiftaaan dvwn to 
Mr. Vaa Bonn, ha* confaiied npeai him hie' eMpbaiie 
approbaiiao, and aome leatimony lo hi* aBtiabcMly 
diecharge *f every duly. 

Such ia a brief outline eTlha character of Commit 
doi* Stewart, aeon of whom Penney Ivanla.aa well a* 
the Milire UnioD, ha* juet reaaon lo be proud. Hi* 
counaela and hia eerrice* have omlribnled *o mnch to 
the gkiiy of the Navy, that Ihey mint be grBlafully 
remembered, aa kmg aa ihe ilar apangled banner af' 
fbrda prDieclioa agsimt fbreign aggraaaion to tboas 
over wbem it Soil*, and ia honored and raapecled 
tluougboul the world. 

Long may be live to eerve hia country, and lo be- 
hold the navy, with which b* baa been eo long and 
*o honorably saeocialed, boial bar Big in every breei^ 
and ptotecl her commerce and her.righia on every aea. 

ler, 1613. to ihe 


ni aagila bcqie-bgda of an old na>i iMBil 
^ Iha pde atow-dropi into being atari j 
' "^ Uodm a day 'n^ winter** diilliag biaaibw 
le the pnpartF of death. B. 


Dan Daalb. mnob dn 1 mnae and manal, Ohv 
Tit than eaoatwinteoda, old g wi tla m a n, 
Ta<biiUe4apalai]rda*r twica fbooi 
Wb» at tiy doai did natwr OBf fix ft**! 






WheD the devil ecgagrd wilb Job'i palience in baltle, 
Touth and nail aUore lo woriy him out of hit lib, 

He robb'd him orchildrBD, ahvei, booMi, and cMils, 
Bd(, iDuk me, he ne'er Ihoughl oTuking hii wife! 

Botheeven, at lengtb, Job'i ibrbeatanoe lewatda: 
And in lime doable weallh, doable honor, amvee; 

Heaven douUea liii cbiMren, itavei. booiea, and hardi, 
Bui we don't heaj ■ word of • eonple oTwiTae! 


" You're ■ Ihief," nid a mg, " end III ihow it," 

To ■ batcher, nilh angrj belingj 
" Th a ecaDdaloni fact, and jreu know it, 

TbMl knivea you ais coBitanllr ttaHiig r 


William i*ai boldinc in hia hand 

The likenaM of hii wife; 
Tnaa dnwn bjr aoma enchanted hand. 

It eeemed ■> mudi like lift. 

He alnwat tbonghl it ipoke— he gued 

trpon tba picture Hill; 
And wai dellghied and amaieJ 

To Tien the peinter'a >kill. 

1^ picture u joit like thee, Jane, 
Tie drawn to oatoie mie ; 

d it o'er and o'er again, 
much like you." 


"And ha* it kined thee back, mjr daarT 
" Ah, do! mj love," nid hej 

"Then, WUliam, it ii verjr clear, 
It'a not at all like MX." 


Criea Sna to Will, 'inidat matrimooial nrift, 
■Cnraed be the hear I fitn became four wife!" 
- ^ oU the powen," aaid Will, •• bat that^a loo b^ 1 
T«B'>e eon'd die onir c^vQ koor we've had." 

-I TOLD you 80. 

lannet once, wiih naQf ■ (nmrort bleat, 
Hooeal and plain— bia pkwgh too alwafa going, 
ill wanting Mmelhing moie to mtwo the root. 
Took la hiniaelf a wife, active and knowing. 
Their dayi they pa«ad nilh lianDony full fraught. 

And nolhing knew of mattimonial itrife. 
Save from ■ cant phrase ihal hia dear bad oaogbt. 

Which proved Ihe tonnenl of the poor nwn'a lifs. 
To cut Ibe mailer ihon, a curioua power 
I boailcd, of fiirelaUing each event : 
And did it nin, abe knew there'd be ■ thorwar ; 

innen traned, she knew thai they'd repcDi. 

Whene'er Iho good man, veied.woold uj, " liy dear. 

Old Hodge'i hoga Ihe cocn-Gekla have been plnn- 

Or that Ibe cotva had eat the clover bare, 

■ I told you so," ihe'd cry — " why are 70U naadiir- 

When (reaheit raae, and iwepl a ience or gate. 

If batni blew down, or catlle went aitrar. 
Or neighbor bowed beneaih ihe atfoke of fale-~ 
told you ao," hia loving apoiua would Mf . 
One day. la piove bra wondtom fbraaight more. 

He liit upon a plan aomewhal ancoulh : 
He nn into hia houae, and ilouUy iwore 

The hoga had eat the grindatooe up imack mooth. 
Up ilatta hii rib, ao ominoua lo |>ove it. 

And gaiing in hia agitated boa, 
Criea oul, " 1 teld ym to, then, why not move lit 

1 knew it alood in an improper plaM." 


mng, to a coimliy siaire 

That he. one mom, 'era bteakfiMt time, ahot three and 

thirty hare*, 
"lodeedldiotlbieeaitdlbirtyhaieir "TaKlndy!" 

■ llien," saya Ihe aqiure, " yon ■nrelj' muat bntJlrM 




1\» lila lot dinner by an hoar, 

Tbr dandf enTer'd — in » (howei 

CtDgbl. md no cxnch when nUBliy niih'tl. 

11» beau wai. liks Ihs dinnpr, diM'd. 

Uiae bod tbea, with Tat capon lined. 

GrjDu'd and eiclaiia'd. " I a'poae you'vB dined. 

lodeed. I aee you look — 'twa> WFOKg— ^ 

il nU, air. a> yoo came aloag." 


Etora and Ibeie it i> our fale. 
To neM a nil of leprobals, 
Wbeiinkea ui feel Ihe pioverb lame, 

Il thanced within a century. 

There liTed al B 

A tainr. nho wall dcMrted 
Id mm to be preaerved. 
So piaui and lo Tond of rreedam. 
No one to alavery tvonld he doom, 
But tehiUt with him were HOI the crack otiei, 
Hi* charity wai all (or Hack onaa. 
One day, ■ nun — a common cue — 
W»* looking out lo gtt a plact. 
When be tvii told Ihat there waa room 
In thii aaid nunaion fur a groom. 
He came — the msBler ni<wt utservant, 
Slricl in Ihe hiring of a sFrvant, 
Wou ihni' the lurtne inherent le ihe •cene, 

Of characler, of negei, and of warning. 
G«id monls, aober. hoiiRii. tttfaily. clean. 

Shan piayi, hate giria, riie early in the morning: 
All which, though wiieiy he defined it. 
He Oand Jul aa he wiihed lo find it ; — 
The man him8elf laid io— 
And he man know. 
Sta now. though Tbomai thought it all loo maeh, 
There yet remained thi> final mailer-toach. 
Be laid — hia viaage graced with ninl-iihe ain — 
'When you have rack'd your hor»et up, 
Tou'll comb your hair, and waih and sap, 
And then, I (ball eipael, attend al prayen. 
There like myiell' behave. 
And ling n Blave." 
AltUia, the inan — wmewhal confused — 
Scnped. icraiched hii head, artd muaed ; 
" Ye^ >ir,— oh. yea— but if 1 muit— 
Al it b right to do what one engagea. — 

Tour honor non't ohjecl, I tnut, 
lb let il be conaidered in lay wage*." 

Io. XIV.- 


a minor itood, with eya< 
Cleae ihni; when one, in great nirpriM, 

Exclaimed. " What meana ihe ape V 
' What mane I, bonay t widoul boidi 
Tbat'i wHwered— 10 tee hmc Ilenk 

WJm 1mm fiat mb^r 


When Bnoaparta waa in lofiy tlaiion, 
lie fuwad he'd fly hia esglea on Ihe ahore. 
And freedom give to all the Briiitb nation. 

Now. John Boll reliahed not il.ii kind inlenlion; 

He knew Hal cagUi were much g'vtit lo peek ; 
Su thanked Ihe Emperor Tir hia attention. 

Yet Urm reaolved hia progrnia he would check. 

From John 'o Groala to Camwaira ouatial end, 
A race of volunioera iminediale apringi, 

And valiani hsarli their country lo defend. 

Who iwure they'd clip the Imgierial csgle'a winga- 

Sam Milea, a lad with heart of Britiah oak, 
(Ilia bead waa aomawhil ofa aafier moldj 

Among Ihe awkward aquad hia atalioo took. 
And in ■ moment gtew a aeldier bold. 

The drill wai OTai — well he'd play'd hia part. 
Now homawaid lo hia loving apoiue be bisa ; 

Eiplain'd Ihe nytteriea of the martial art, 
And held the miukel lo her gazing eyea. 

" Coma here, my loTe ; I'll quickly fire iha piece. 
And you ahall bear Ihe wondioua noiae it makca." 

He loaded — twirled ihe rod ahuul wiih grace, 
And, aoldiar-like, hia Iboling Grroly lakea. 

Uc touched ihe trigger, but the piece waa dumb. 
Fur why I our hero had forgot lo prime! 

He Bcraiclied hi* head, and after nuny a hum, 
" Tbere'a nol enough," lo charged another time. 

Yet all waa bueh ; hi* efloria were in vain — 

A third he tried — nor yel Ihe fourth waa right — 
He charged and rammed, and raitmed and charged 

But now a tay of reaaon glanced hia Mtnl, 

AH'a right, my love r I quite forgot Ibo hole — 
I Dtighl I'hiTe put ■ lillle priming here." 

He lired — hang! with a iremendona aonnd ; 

The piece naa bunt, and atraight to aloma flew, 
Loid our brave warrior aprawling on the gTonnd, 

And by bi* *ide,'Unburt. hia wife ao true. 

Afler a while, Ihe wife began lo riae ; 

Sam aeized her faat — roared out with voice aS wo, 
"Janet, Janel. keep *lill. and abut your eyea, 

Tia only once ! At't nine tintu mart to gv." 


He laid bin down and alept, aitd from hit aide. 

Woman in all bet magic baaoly loaa ; 
Denied and charmMl, he called that woman ■ hrid^"" 

Awl Ma jEnt ilav tMBwe Ua iut rqMw' 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 



lb Ibr iiI^-bihui ipi-inn u 

The firel b«n had luuiidnl uhrn 1 i<Ic|i|>ed tmm Ihe 
wharf Bl Dalrnit.un board aneorthemBinniuIh slenm- 
busK Ihal daily ply Bi'nms ihe lake. Il nan a luvely 
miirning, and Ibe breuih ol' the eatlj day csnre (turn 
tbe warm MHirh. " fragrBDl wiih naiurt:'^ uduia," I 
■DDunicd upon Ihe iippei deck, 

larf. A sleambo 
I, and Ihe embHrhing ai 

bad juit ttmml froni Bul&li 
diacmbarlMd ftmeugfnullbt 
in aneal cDDruaica. Emigranu hnnling for lofaiionaj 
wealern dMi Joumaying lo iheKabmrd ciiisiror iheir 
■uppiy or fall goodi ; louciala. of both aeisa. from all 
pant orihe itatM. cnHiing eacb olher in Ibair way to 
Niagaia and Iba Upper Lakea; land apaculalora from 
Green Bay and Chicago; Iriah labuKn and lake ni- 
Ion) town and city gronen, wilh pockeia fullorplaia 
and plina of lota of wild land Ihat under Iheii care 
■re evaniDally H> berome hi many Wentero New 
Yorka. Indian tradeia. )iiurn(ylng id aliend Ihe pay- 
day of lb* randeiiouB of ihe red men ; Yankee deal- 
ara in eaery variety of dawn-eail ware, uavflling 
lor cuaiom. Twnyumig men niih mouilached lipa ai- 
liacled univaraal allenlion — Ihey were Bniiah oflicen. 
about to panetraie inio the nonhern parli of Ihe ter- 
lilory, Ihe regiow of Ice and gianlle. wiili the en- 
thuiiaaiie iDleniiun of railing a regiment of taall-breeda 
for the MTtica of Teiaa. A clutier of hardy pcaunt- 
ry from the banka of ihe aunny Rhine were gabbling 
bad Frenoh with aoma Canadian luyi^auri, who were 
aniioDa lodMoend Ihe St Lawrence lo ihsir homai 
in Ihe iriand colony. Not a negro wa) lo be eeen on 
Ihe quay, but ■ young Indian of noble mien atood on 
the hill riae, and gaied on Ihe buay acene below with 
a cnnont ey«. Be belonged lo lb* Potawailumiea, a 
DnnwTOUi and waitike Iriba. He waa cooaidetably 
■bore the nanal herghtof men: hli black and shining 
bair waa pailad along Ihe centre of hia head, and 
bung in Imgihy brvida down hia back, like a Swiaa 
peaaaotgirl — a huge maia of featheta. plucked from 
the eagla'a win| oilhe nildlufhey'a lail, waa faaieoed 
10 Iha end of neiy braid. Hii whole ailire waa of 
Indian characslet, for Iha omaiiad blood of ihe red 
i^an filled hli vaini. 

A eUoog ennmal lo thia genuine aon af (be Giraal 
waa adbrded by a lagged diny looking Indian, nbo 
waa ataoding at a grag ihanly door, and begging tor 
• drink of whiakay. He waa an Oneida, a debaaed 
Igler bom the reaenation on tbe 
Ha bad beM toaflng abonl the atnala of 

Detroit lor many daya, living upon rum and laTem 
crarkera, and alcf ping in Ihe camera of the uofiniah- 
ed hiiusCB. . 1 had met with him in one of hia bat *i- 
oliatiune. and heard bim lell the landlord that he had 
bcrn esalward to xiiit hia eon who wai a aludenl at 
one of Ihe collegei. He api^e Engliah lolerably well, 
and laid ihal he waa the only Indian on tbe reaetvh- 
Lion who could write; be bad bean educated by tb^ 
" miiaioD nana," but tbe foacinaliont of Ihe fite-watei 
had iranaiurmed him into a beaak 

Tbe laM bell rung, Iha aingglera baatened on baard, 
BTkd the boat awung het huge bowa lowarda the ceo- 
tra of ibe alream. The white cottagea on Hn hifh 
bonk of Ibe Canada abof« gliatened in tbe beanH of 
the morning inn ; and Ibe hvei, " big with the nalen 
of ila many Ukea," bore ua awiftly along — ilvcurrant 
acquiring graler rapidity from the coiyuDctian of ik 
■tream which bad been divided by Hog lalanj, OmMM 
for ratllsanakea and poik. 

I deacended to Ihe engine deck. A amall circle of 
liitenera had gathered round a tall old gmllBman, in 
whom I inmedialely recogaiaed a fellow anfl^ier dtu^ 
Ing a long day'a IraTel aver cotduroy roada, in one of 
lbs abominatioga called Kalamazoo atagea. .He waa 
aomewhat eccentric in hia apiniona, and rather vei~ 
boae in hia diction, but he apoke in a round deep voioe 
Ihal cooiinanded attentioa and anfotced retpect Ha 
wai dreaed in a biDwQ aingle-breaited kmg anitoat. 
which be alwaya had cloaely buttoned np to bii chin. 
A few atraggling gray baira hung over hia coal collar, 
and he wore a drab wool hat of eiceaaiTe breadlfa of 
brim, Hiaamall black eyea abona brillianlly, and hia 
long hooked ooae would not have dii^mced the 
Cnaan. Hia mouUi waa large, but well made ; and 
a general eipreaton of good nature pervaded hia feft- 
turea. He aignad himaelf Oriooal in tbe bote! ragia- 

" I know Ihe Potawanomie*," aaid be. " The tribe 
now dwelling on the weatem banka of the St. Joaepb'a 
river are called The Indiana of the Wood,- they are 
aoon to leave iheir Dative limal, and find another booie 
in Ihe boandleaa prairiea neat of the Miaaiaipju. Tbe 
white man waoli Iheir land. The young India> 
whom you obaerved npon Ihe wharf ia one of tbii 
tribe, but ha ia in diagraoa, and baa bidden an etanal 
adieu lo tbe frienda of hia yoaib." 

The lialenen prened tbe Cobmel lo relate Ilie p«r- 
liculara of Ihe Indtan'i odMM.. . 



•Geii/itftat, I iitaqk Horn pHitive knowledge of 
_Atbatlpa y bctn'l lo nrnts. Wee^tn wu an In- 
diuxbid'oreonideiBble popahriir unongM Iha Pa- 

flMto ttiM; ha ^ ■!■) in good odor wilh Ilit 
■wCl**lf^Wi«d i*t»fi|uir«J ihe haliin of drook 
enne™ whidi_loo rrequemly degrade Ihe red men «f 
l)w w«^ Wee-au wu a tmndianie Indisn— eocisl 
'nd ■akBIe,<baI wilh all iba niiive pride of the w*r- 
m of di6,noodi. He nai dclermiDed (o avoid Ihe 
eoBpnlnlorr enligralton ufhii Iribe. atid 
10 th; lafllen in. Ihs viciniljr of Ihe reaer 

. ;-IUna cuifoninith Ihe Indimi 10 hold ■ grand 
Inn'BjVq the Em of July, which Ihey leim tli. 
■ODtfa of blue fniila. At the TeiBl Ifaal occurred Ihi 
■fMT.'t torgoqnaniily of whiikey and ram were pro 
*iU«d, and the whole of ihe day and Kicceedini night 
•not paaed in Ibe aaTigcs' heaien of inloiicaiion. 
Evtn-Wee^aa himwli: who acomed ihe habitiHl 
^tmkari. gare way beibre the eicitemeni of the 
Koa. md^dnxnted hi* icniplei in the liqakl fire. 
• .'IWanla morning, the old chieft iqualted loond 
'■1Hl«^Dfli|piinK ftgola,8nd Taunted of their indivi- 
ifin] prpvnm in the dap tit blood j the warlike 
•d)ieiM9«Bta of die tribe were recounted ; and rbe 
«ii(iinjrai»e of the departed heioaa of mao)' aealfii, 
ifm ch^unled to tba ilooi and nlema melodiea peeo- 
ta ii flieir hynuu of war. The young rmd crowded 
WBad Ihe Telenina, and litimed to ihe lalei of oiher 
iiuaj Aiair, eye* ipaikled with delight when Ihay 
liurdtrfihe bye-gone (lories of their tribe; and the 
mikipiafm of, the ynung narrioia, heightened by a 
AiAfU^pty of mm, broke foflh in the war dance, and 
I aod ictvchange of blows. 

'TluriMrbf Wee-iau, a noble looking fellow, joined 
to flic sfOft; be was infoiicaled lor Ihe fini lime, and 
pKlodie to bii liery spirit with a freedom thai de- 
Kiltll ^ODBda. In themidit of iherlubplay.a blow, 
froDi Bfl^hnaeen hand, felled hint with lerrilin itolence. 
Ski fae "nilfd leTersi yards down a slight decliTity 
Wwn lie recovered from ihe stnnning effects of tbi 
Udjf, his comrades laughed loudly at his miahtp, ant 
denied all knowledge of iu Commiltal. The young 
luliaD iluDk^way in Ihe darkness unpereeived- 
bsvt WM bunling wilh ibe insult, and he reaoWed 

ihe conntenance of Ihe slain. He had shot his blber 
thrcHgb the brain. 

"The patricide would hare been slaughtered on 
the epM where he had commitled the crime, but for 
ihe inleiferenre of the old chieb, nho resirained Ihe 
drunken JDMice of Ihe younger Indiana The neigh- 
boring teltleia inlerealed Ihemselvea in Ihe affiir ; ib« 
if lile for life wa> not enforced, 
11^ to Ihe peculiar circumstanree of the case. An 
and the murderer left hia 


bond. w 

"Fonifying hia delwminalion with another Cup of 
no. ha stole to Iha lodge of hn Amily, and loading 
i» blher'a rifle, crept cautkraily back 10 Ibe scsne < 
iranien riot. In Ibe dimness of the light, he saw 
"""i of Indians dancing in triumph round a foalhar' 
ti chief— foong Weesan'a healed imaginalion fan, 
tinl that the hero of ihs mob could alone be Ihe ao- 
■liHgf his disgrace. The circle upenad- 
^iuA brightly, and developed the odtline of the 
cliirf— ^omig Wte^aa look delibeimle sin — and hi* 
•icii* foil. ' 

'Tbewar whoop raaauDded throogh the noeda. 

Indian who was standing on lha wharf 
Bi Detroit, was this »ery man — the parricide! he is 
•m his way to the Catiadaa. The horror of hii crime 
weighs heavily on hi* mind 1 he hu ahjnred Ihe 
uooB liquor* — but he goes forth a vaga- 
e mark of Cain upon his brew, and Ihe 
murder of hia parenl upon hia aool." 

The old geatlemin bowed to his aoditors, and, tak- 
ing my arm. propoaed a Mnill about the boat. H* 
eeeDwi] to be Bcijusinled wilh the a^fority of oar f*l< 
low panengen, their DCCnpatioiis, and pnnuila; and he 
depicted their peculjarilie* wilh gsapfaic brerity nd 

it pale, thin, young man ia a Philadelphiam. 
He was well eilucaled, and Ihe Uoasooa of hit life 
promised golden fruiM. Misfortune*, partly the ef 
facts of his own imprudenee, reduced him to ponnyj 
he went to the fat weal, end paMad two niaeraUs 
th« district of the mines. He worked on the 
soil wilh hi* own handa, like Ibe oomaooeat labMm; 
and aAer many ituiileaa diggings, he had, at Uai, tba 
fonutw to strike upon a lode ^BUttl aail is called, of 
CMiaiderable value. He will be leiy ridi. He i* 
now journeying to reclaim his aged mother from in- 
digence, and Ki see if the girl of his aflectiooa has pn- 
served hia remembrance. Hia patient labor at Ga- 
lena baa oUiteiated the faults of hi* former lifo, and 
ha dearrre* to be happ]i — bnl hia hectic cheek and 
atleouated form tell of cc 

"Thai florid-faced man in the Boalon vrappn, 
ho paid double fare tor the luiury of a slate nram 
I himselfalone, and tnaisled upon retaining it. nuo- 
gre the remonstrance* of aeveral unaceommodateil 
lan and their ladiee^lbal man embarked ki 
croaa thia lake, ail years ago, without the price of hi* 
; pasMge in hi* pocket. The captain put him ariioi* 
r at Cleveland ; h« worked on the canal there as a day 
. laborer, and aflsrwards opened a log house for th* 
■ sale of mm, and made aeveral hundred dcdlan in a 
. He then pmgrgaBd acrca* the Peninauk 
- to Ihe shore* of lake Michigan, and filed hi* giof 
< shanty in a swanp at the mouih of one of lb* rivttK 
I An appropHation was made by coogna te form a 
> hartKR there — the mm seller walked to ihe land id- 
Bet, and entered fifleen hundred acraa of Ifae hmliqt 
11 the goranunenl |Nic«. He is now worth half » 
a rushed to the spot; Ud Ihe mur | million i>t naoBf" 
^*Kt, aller a short ehaae, wa* condndad a prisoDf r The Bl«embaal now oinMaaehed one of the l«k* 
b lbs cwmcil firo. The smile of deadly satis&etiiKi acboonen, and daatied rapidly pan her, alUiongh Am 
*» had iUniamed his featnic* gave way ID a burnt was nuking good headway, vrhh all h«r sail* bant to 
°fVnM renaxM, when Oe flickering bghllenimj the bnen. - A St emblM af (ha part and A* pr^ 




THB gentleman's HAG.AZ1NE> 

Mnt!" uidlbs Colooal. " The perfeciability of mo- 
dern acieDce u u luperiar lo Ihe boMisd wiidom of 
ibc uicieali, aa'lhe iwif) nuh of our naisHiolb cnll, 
wilb in world of mnlsDU, b lo Ihe cmping pragieu 
of yonder veiiel — aod yei, our rarefathan would have 
thought her rig and build turpiiaingl/ baautiful. Ar- 
ch! nied» inugined he ghould be able to raiea the globe 
ilaeir, irhe knew but whare lo fix hu lever. Fulnui 
haa dons rawe; alcnin. yet in iu infariRy, baa levolu- 
tlnntied ths world, I) haa neatif annihilaled time 
and tpace ; and bringt wilhin Ihe brief acope nr out 
mortal deyii. Ihe aliainnieiilB of knowledge and iravel 
whiuh fgrmerly wouU have occupied a pair I are h» 

By Ihii lime, we were [ia»ing amongit the beaini- 
-fut ialcla that Bpeckle the face uf the lake. I pointed 
Ihcm out 10 my rjiinpanion, and reniiDdi>d him that 
Perry'a virlniy took place in their immediale virinity. 
" I know ii," Biiid ho, " and although every Amorieau 
ought to gaze upon the scene with pride, I am una- 
ble lo hxdt upon ihai ialand without lemenbeiiDg 
■ Bad event which happened there, tad bligbled 
many a Joyoui hope. 

" I woi croHing ihe lake, a few yean aiuce, with 
my daughter — an only child. Her health bad aufler- 
•d in the cold regiont of Ihe nonhweil, and I was 
journeying lo a warmer dime before Ihe rigoia of 
winter had apread upon Ihe earth. The iteaioboBl — j 
Ihe niagara — 1 mention her name becauae it will not i 
injure the ownera, at the has long since been rcmove^l 
from thia aloiion — waa neiihei properly engined. man. ; 
ned. nor canunnnded. Her cabine were filleJ with 
pMEengen, end her decka were crowded itith lug- 
gage anil Ireighi. Wo were unable to face the «e- 
«erity of an eqninociiat gale, and Ihe cnpinin, a poor 
week null, every way unqiialilied for Ihe command 
of* veiBsl, proposed throwing oveiboenl the luggage 
ef Ihe poaaengen ; and. in apile of our proieatationa, 
would have carried his abeurd propoailion into eOecl 
but for the reaolule conduct of an officer in ibe United 
Stales' Navy. This gentleman, pitying the lituilioa 
of the poor emigranla, who would have loat their all, 
npun finding remontlnince uselen, Bctuall)> confiiwd 
the captain in hii c«bin, and aaauraed the direction of 

and I believe with iruiEt, <(!>!, '|e nav ^j||h(lake' it 
wBler aeriously afiecled the MvMgeaa qf jl^a^brMlfa. ' : 
Perhep* the (till water in lit Hy 9m binl'ed.wilh • 
the decomposition of vegetable jiAller. an d_"baji«af ;^ . 
quired an cBeativ&'fBlof OM'^iMtttftt/fna^^^"' 
the action of ihe winda. , *. .' ' ' . { 

"Ourtufleringii were dreadful For.^ree'jayi'wa. - 
had barely aufficient nourithmem lo keep* lift within*' 
ua. My daughlor'a spiriit sunk under tb^^vatioD/' 
and her weak conatituliop teeelved*B ebotrfa it nana ' , 
) to BUBlain. She died in n^ ^''"•'JtfSL V^o 
left ihs ialand — and 1 bore her dbti^ conn |cioA' * 
the atormy waiera of the lake, lo find^ rjalin^la^ ,- " 

's land." 

The feelings of Ihe parent overcame \ilb' jood old'^. , 
man. He turned aiide, and wept I woujil'-* 
ault him with trite condolemeBia. but, leaKinff ovet; • 
the taSrail. muted on the vagarisa of fortune.till tha^,' 
dinner bell summoned ua below, . ';•-'*.,.■' i *" 

We were enjoying Ihe comibrls of Ihe TretLfpMstd- 
board, when I noticed the captain anl ifye cbrkla«d.f* ■ 
denly leave the table, and go Da deck-. lA Whiigpf* ' 
wmt Ibe round of ibe waiten, and iheyj^ Bp the ' 
atsira in a body. We had tearcelf line .^ nake*ou^ '. 
observalions on ihia curiont conduct, when /•oiyida'jDf f 
confuaion were heard from the deck- ■dfvtfrat of U)^ ,. 
psaaengera left the lable lo inquire iqlo ih^^i^atjtr', 
this disorder; a voice waa shortly heaiU, lipnijei*4{iei) * 
■ky-lighl. requeaiing eoiiH of the nien ID com^ up, Ibf ' - 
the ship was on fire, and the flames were lading fu-' 

""-'»■ ■.'.■■ i' •; 

The reader must funn hia own opiijoa oCBiitimf- 
fusion which such en announcement wod^ '^cT 
mongtl upuarda of two hundred peuengeri.' *villi« 
lore than the uiuail complement of woDeo fid;chil.> 
ren. i shall not attempt a descriplioii of flM sAdeb'', 

the b 

The c 

of Iheii 

nander'i pusillanimity, and cheerfully obeyed the na- 
val officer's orders— we were, therefore, eeeiiJuaaj 
landed at uur desired port. It is Ihe only instance I 
Kave ever eiperienceii, wherein mutiny waa posi- 
I Ively , praise worthy . 

" The gale was awfully severe- The light walers 
of these freab-waiei seas are easily agitated by Ihe 
wind; and the wavot daabed over our boat in a vo- 
lume thoi would mt have disgraced Ihe Ailenlic 
press. Fearing that wa should be driven on shore, 
vt« ran into Pui-in Bey— a nook formed in the largest 
ialand in Ihat group. Perry, like us, fiinnd shelter 
there, when bis fleet was dispeiaed by a storm. We 
were detained in ihts humble loadalead for three daya; 
all our provisioos were eihanatad, and we were una- 
ble to obtain any thing from ibe only fhrmet on ttis 
island but a few bushels of potatoes. We had freah 

mter in aboitdrac*, ceittioly, but it was aMancd, 

1 succeeded in gelling upon deck, aiid<iftf^mcM*^' - 
suSicated by b cloud of dense Uatk-NgalK. *Th«;.-.. 
beams adjoining one of Ibe fire pl»cee^sd tattghl lira,' ' - 
and the fnme work of the bailer was in flaig^' Th* •• - 
head of the vessel had been pat for .the nckrepc ppiltf ' 
of the shore, which waa about Ave milqs aSJ Bui^C' • 
ots of water were freely applied, but Ufa' vt4ence if;. ' . 
Ihe flames did nol seem to abate- ' . l' .' • '' 

The wind, being off shore, had i]rifeD'',tU^ thi^ 
body of smoke over ihe after part of.^ vfajal. -ufif ' 
the whole of llie passengers were cvmpelleil l»,crQ*d 
ibe forward deck to escape being choked. , '. . ,*; i - 

A cry arose—" The boilers must shortly bunt— let", 
us lake lo Ihe boats-" A movemenl was madei wien . 
my friend, the Colonel, jumped on a pile^bf wood that,, 
had been thrown fiom one uf Ibe fire rouins^taj hi>, 
clear round voice sounded distincily aboV^' ihp tli-' 

" My friends, there it no danger of'«iploai'oii.;all4 . 
Ihe bwis ere loo staall to cariy even a(ie=l«^{h V us - 
10 the abiwe. What man would enflar Hirtvlf^ oisur,. 
or daughter, to go abne, and yet what Dtajq ' coold- 
Ihink of occupying a aeat in Ibe boat, lo Jhe.eitiJitnon 
of that sei we all dalighl to serve TTfae.Tiirq ^.o€ 
the vesael must remain uncooaumed litl tie reacliihe 
ahon— foUow my enmida, ud »a ahall ■^ be i^." 

D.(jitizecbyCot>(Je '-,;»'^ 




n* old (catlnun di^d bii long brown coat, uid 
■nt ha urn in banding tha backeti. Several oT the 
(■Bangsn followed hb eiampls; Iha water flowed 
ID ■ ajaliniHKia •Irvan, and in a ibon apace or time 
Iha HioM* wore loltlljr aubdued. 

Ttw bead of Ibe boat wai again mined to 

i the b 

d behiT 

wilh at 

fimug cilmntia in the Irjing momeali of our ailaa- 
lioa, retired to Ibeir cabin; the man took a dnm 
ucb; the nilon Tefeiired Ihe dataagea oT the lira ; 
md (be deck paaeogerB admiiiiitered a little whole- 
mna Lyncfaing ii> an indiTidod, wbo bad amnaed 
bioietf bf breaking opea aeTanl of ibeii cheM* dui^ 
inf (be catfunon. 

I joiaed the Colonel, and we retreated le Ihe upper 
Ml One of the paaaengera, acorcbed and blackened, 
ma lying panting on one of ihe >eal>. 

'Dtdyoa obaerve Ibil man'a condnct dnring the 
Gr*r aid Ihe Colonel. "He wai mora iode&lige- 
Ue in bii eieriiona than captain or crew, and miut 
not b> illowed lo anSer unregarded." 

The good old genileraari went halow. and ihorily 
raappearFd, followed by ■ couple of waileia carrying 
lefmhaieul. A liitlc brandy and water Eoon revived 
Ihg loflerer'a Btrenglh, and he naa carefully carried 
donn ilairB, aitd placed in one of Ihe bcrlha. 

" A few daya real will reilore him," laid Iha Co- 
!om1, " He is an Ei^liah larmer. 1 nw faim yee- 
laday at the nindow of the land office, lecuring a 
poiiiin of the public domain which had pleaeed hia 
lincy. Hia wile and children, and two broiben, were 
Ml il New Tork ; he baa been on a abort lour of ob- 
■tmliiHi. and now return-i to fetch Ihem to hii loca- 
lim ; in a few weeka they will be scllled in the bo- 
wa of the wildemeaa. I law biia jump aboard Ihe 
boat lbs morning with the elnstic "prlng of hope and 
joy. Ha cama firih a dnve-Uhe tnaigcnger in search 
uflaod, and now relurns with glad lidingt and ardent 
Inpea of rich ■nceea*. One auch emigiant ii worih a 
Jnen of the idle akulking knavea whu crowd our aea- 
koan). and roi in laiineiia and ragii. 

"That gDodlooking Riin. with a large breatt pin, 
md chain of s'^ld contpicuoualy displayed acrota hii 
itlrel breaal. ia a blacklrg of the vilcei clan. He ii 
iiaianaling himaelf into ihe ncieiy of thoie young 
men far Ihe purpoae of making up a cani parif, when 
the work of plunder will oommence. He haa a irar 
Bpoolho beck of hia left hand — I will lell you how ii 
■rai gained. He wa« travelling liown Ihe Miwiieippi 
in compaur wilh loroB louihamera, and succeeded in 
piDTokii^ Ibem to gamble. One of Ihemaonn became 
1 heavy loaer — he auipected fuul play, and narrowly 
witched the slranger'a conduct. He aoon djacovered 
thai the blackleg eerretcd Ihe winning cardi of ihe 
lack, and produced theai al hie pleaiure. The ao 
<TDer bad loot heavily — more. Indeed, than he ci 
iSbtd^ — when he aaw the end of a card peeping 
fnxn beneath ihe oihar'a onistreiched band thai 
lying Sat npon the lable. He drew hia apring-back 
dirii liom hia pocket, and, with one jerk, drc 
ikioogh the hand of ifae gambler, deep into the top of 
the taU*. He wa* oecapelled la remain, nail' 
>he plaea, with the evidence of hia villaiDy perfectly 

'iaible, till every body on board the boat had been 
invited to look at hhn, thai Ihey raighl know em)' 
ivoid him fur the future. All hia winnings were 
taken from him, and he waa put aahore at Ihe Rrat 
i-ooding place. Bui the iinbluahing scoundrel ia at 
lis dirty work agnin. as conAdent ai if no auch expo- 
ure had ever occurred. 

•■How aoflly baaBliful the sunbeama fall on Ihe 

mirfiice of thia sweet clear lake! il ia God'a own mir- 

redecting the lace of heaten." 

> boy. aboul lii years of age. waa clambering Dp 

the neitinga of Ihe bulwarks. His molher called him 

her by Ihe name of Ahainerua. The frequent r0- 

pelliion of thia alrange word eicilod much allenlion, 

raw (be following remarka from Iha old Colonel. 

'he rage lor oukuT.ihe.wBy names ia peculiar, I 

!e, to our counliy — though we may not rival iha 

Speniah in ibe multiplicily of appellaiiona bestowed 

an indi«idail. Many of our apanaoriat tiJee 

are abaiitd. You have douhlleaa beard of Ihe poor 

in who had her infant chrisiened Belichub, b»- 

ne. 1 II 

?re an oath that bin first child should be named 

omos Jpfleraon — of counie, he calculated upon hav- 

a hoyi but hia Ural bom waa a female. Ha kept 

OBlh ; and Ihe lidy owning ihat maacutine nomi- 

ion ia atill alivo. An eecenlrlc auclinneer at Mew 

Orleana chriManed hia twin daughleis Ibid and Dillo^ 

and a gentleman of the name of Stickney, now living 

upon the banks of ihe Miami, has designaled hia chiT- 

dren in numerical rolalion, commencing wilh the Grit 

boriK aa One Stickney, Two Stickney. and m on. up 

to the in&nt who ia called Five Sitchncy. tio other 

name or dislingiiithing mark ia affiled to male or fe- 

" A curious family, indeed.- aaid I. " though not B 
Hngular one. The faihrr is determined Ihnl each 
child shall rut a Figure in the world ; bill has he as- 
aumed no rank of place lo himself in ilincnnmeraiion, 
or ia ha bul n cypher in the account ! What a snbver- 
aion of srillimeliral piopriely must occaiionally be 
heard in his dunlling! aa thua — 

" John, go to the children! take TTirce from One, 

If One Slickney con e 

t twelve 

yean Five ealT Amm 



Pleaee. air, One Siickne 

y haa bee 

n lighlingwith 

hiabrolhera and aislen; he knocked Twudown siaira, 
kicked Throe, abut Four up in Iho unrdrobe, ftigh^ 
ened Five lo bod, and Iha whole family is al aliea 

wiihin a catde's length of our wheali. An enui 
pile of luggage filled the fore deck of ihe v 
which was of ihe largeit ctaaa, and crowded will 


from ilazied Europe — at leasi I judge ao from ihe 
appearance of tbeir tuggage. The iiihabllania of 
onr Atlaniic ciiiea know but little of Ihe depth and 
breadth of Iha atraani of emigraiion that now flowi- 
wiib a alaedy current into our weaiem aeillemanla. 

" Deucalion, the Noah of the Mythological Delugr, 
it aaid to have repeopled the worU allet the Oood bf 


IAN 8 


IhrowiDg ilonM over 
tumiDg to men ■« Iboy touched tbs «ailh. Cadmiu 
obluaed an smf by ploDling, in a ploughed Geld, the 
Icelb of ( ■eipenl — the Mid teeth growing ioto tol- 
dien io ngiiUr rank tad Gle. If these wnrthiM had 
•altled ia thi* couDrr^. and eiercieed tlieir peculiar 
privilegei fbt a Kore of yean. I doubt whether the 
land would have been n thickl]i peopled ei it 
Notoould thaiuwmnng wockof Ampbioo. whabuili 
Dp 'niebai by the miuic of hi* barp, bava eiceUed 
HI ID Iha bciliiy of city nubog." 

A well drewed youth wb> parading the deck with 
•o air of aelf-Mliaractioo. and inuaing bimaeU' by pok- 
ing a larga ailiet tooth pick into hi* mouth. Hii ax- 
loganl bearing (tended the Colonel'i ideaa of |ve- 
prialy, aiMl he eeiied the ana of Ibe youth with luch 
* a jerk, that iLe dandy'* band jxarly GiUowed (be 
toothpick down hia throat. " Toang man. if yaur 
Iber'a logai plami have foued your teeth, and you 
nml pick them, go below and get a quill loolh 
ftom the alaward j or, beg a pen from the clerk, 
001 it into the re<|uiced ibape. Uu it pciviiely. To 
dean your leath in public ii a aigo of vulgarity — but 
to loiMant yoni gum* with a metal *pike, when you 
can irMt Ibeei to the aofluea of ■ quill, i> theer >tU' 

The f oung fellow alared, aod raid nothingi but he 
pot hi* tooth pick in hia pockeL 

The (un woa aelting with a aplendor ud ■ glory 
nnequaliad even in " ibe golden akies of fair llalia's 
land." Maaaea of clauda anumed every poacible va- 
naiy of wondcoua form and gorgeoua tint. Dark and 
tnountainoua appearance* in the lore part faded in lb* 
oantre to a cleaTand auatil diaiance. Gndea of light 
and ihade heighlened the illuiion. Rocky aifcp* and 
CMteltaled craga frowned over an eilenaiv* valley of 
iaoonceivabla lovelineaai and alreain* of abioing ill. 
Ter meandered ihnnjgh the purple and yellow fialda, 
ft w*a a nuwl remarkable combination of eflacl, and 
•licitad genanl auipriee and admiraiion. The whole 
of ihe paaangara collected on the after part of the' 
upper deck, and when the Scat eipreaaiona of delight 
had paMad away, they gaud in ailence upon tbiaalrik- 
ing devalopnwDi of ihe bniuiiea nf nature. 

Odc of Ihe paiMDger*. a iiont famet'looking man, 
wilh hi* wile and daugblar hanging on hi* aima, took 
off bia hat, and laid. in a load tone— "The** are thy 

worka. Parent of Good! The beaiao* declaia thy 
glory. Lord, and the Grmanenl pmclaima thy handy 
wnrki. Bleoed be the natue of Ihe Lord God?' 

The*e appoaila quotation* forcibly atjuck the mind* 
of the itanden-by; and, wilh one accord, lb« hat* of 
Ibe male paawogen were reniaied from ibeir head*. 
A holy feeling of reverential awe pervaded our bo- 
aoma u •■ we looked through nature op to nature'a God." 

A thin cadaveroua-looking fellow took a byua book 
from hia pockat, and in a enuffling tone, reqnaatad tkia 
brethren to aaiat him in iai^iinitg tit eecatum- Ha 
mounted the tup of ihe rudder poM. aad |pve out two 
line* of a byan in a eantiog drawling mannar, aial 
led off the ainging at Ihe top of his iwoe. On* at 
two of hia frieada joined in Ihe diacord, but the nat 
pni on Ihair hala, and turned jeeringly away. 

"There," aaid my friend, the Colooel, "you mqi 

impulsive piety and the aecond'hand cant of ifae ?!!■• 

riaees — the outward spiritual aign and lb* inward *ft- 

ntual grace. The lighlaou* over-much ihruan bia 

worldly sanctity down your throat in diaagiaeabte 

dose* — bat the voice of pure religion emanate* float 

the heart, and ia aure Io find a responaive chord." 

Paaaing fitrward, I ovarbeard one of the dw^ bands 

ua deliver himself " in oamiaunion sweet" with the 

Gremen. " Them there sarm singen aboard boats is 

er BD good. I went aa hired help Io two on 'an 

to' the mounlHins, and down Miaaimppi; lb*y 

« taal Btingy and mean — they'd pick a'piamire off 

grouitd and steal the crumb out of hi* noulh. 

They used ki preach and pray and sing all day, aod 

teal a nigger at night. They got eatched in Loosoy- 

inney. and Lynched right away; and I giiee*. if 1 

ladn't a siceeked, I should a been Lynched too, fa 

Leefung bad company." 

The old Colooel bode me farewell, and.drsading 
Ihe eflects of Ihe night breeze on the Iske, retiiad Io 
berth. The lights of Cleveland, my port of das- 
linatioo, MMHi appeared in vietr. I selected my pon- 
manteau from the general mass of luggage ; and whila 
ittquiriog (■» a porter, I nw a police officer busily 
mgaged in handcuffing the paalm singer. The ooo- 
■table had been some time <ki the watch for hi* vio- 
lim, who wo* a principal agsot of iha weaum gang 
>f coanlerreiten. 

(Fna the Utcsaty Sotncoic fci lUlkl 


nnmn'd on his Bolh 

Lisp* out hb little •• 

While drops his head, t 

r^ knee, (he hopafol hair, I Till, suiting op— bBjfeanieM,h^ in pla^—" prayer; Ha whispers soflly — " Hoiher, tnay'iK I say 

I in iweM draaow ha'd wai^ That oOsr pretty grayer, 'bau geoftj, goat) g 
I dtrr , , ,1. K.a 



WBobMMt boMdofMuiMt and a iImimm 
Ul Ufoa U* Mr, h« iiM|iiwiion bm cMqnnd op u 
JMfa Bf nnfiilir^ unih md davotioa M bia omduj' 
an*, of soyi^diiif finuiMa, darini and dctputla 

lad MKh b« hm. Id tba axat dMoUle and g] 
liM oTtha SiMilhani war, nhu Caraliaa, evanan bj 
Viilak Ixca. wukeoad lod bemjipd by har ami 
fcoandand carbad bjr armad poMi and fc waia a^and 
■Blkad by tha ramonalaM fonp of her bau|hi 
Tad«^ hy irambliDg and pvalynd al Ihe feal of Iha 
BritUi lun ; whan bar bsl and bravcal wara p 
■1 io the tuUa of Sl ADgiutine, aod minanci 
•I an nd ; (hen Franeii Marion, aod a law kindrad 
^M, bsMoh iheowalvM to tbe DDhaaltbjr and imprcg- 
Hbia ntniali oT the (braui, and tba apark of hope Hill 
UnHf (limiapred in th« baaria of kheaa biava ■ 

Soma one ham taU, • Thanka be Io God for bwuii- 
Bim !~ 8a mighl ne iiy, ihanki lor tha iupaiaahli 
ml mliauiod amnpa of the Sooth. Fai hid in ihaii 
iaiann (kinta, under the aombra cam^ or the dull 
vffim, and ■imHuided b; tha daii and rolling Padaa, 
tfaiioB loacht and Iband a IbrtHB ) ill armed and 
■uliljr ptOTiaiaDed, be bunt nddrnly and nilh ibe 
mgpp of an eagla on the eijnaed poinH of Ihe royal 
niaia. Not a ajngle oorpa codld change ita poii 
bal iba keen eje oT Alarion law il ; and if in Iha < 
l^oea of &nciad lecnrily, Ihey reiled from lb« 
pobM ligilaoce in Ihe dead bour of night, the iharp 
aala of tha riBeman carried d«ih among tbem. and 
bag ere Ibay roald reeovar from their aatoniabi 
■d raUm an inafleetaal fre. Iha aiailan ware iar 
Wjaad reach, feeding oo anna other qocM. 

Daeeaaiog war, till Iba laat red coal left Iha loil, ' 
Haasa'e dalanninalkia. and well did ha cany il < 
Hb Dtiaa waa a perfect tamr, and gallanlly did he 
■■ttun bia cbaiacter. 

AJtac a loDg and weary Biaich Ihroagh iba eantre 
of wbel ia now Cbailaatoo diilriel, the aeeeod and 
■bMcoBpanieaof the rofly-aaTenth inbnly.aiid a bat- 
bliuo of loyaliila, who bad Ibal monimg left Hooh'i 
Cmw, al langih reaebad tha Santaa. Dffioeia and 
■an aliha ftliinwd— even iha nrict dnciptina of 
fta Btitiih Berrioe amid icarce keep Ihaia in their 
^t^ resnlu array. Blaggiring and weary, worn 
M wiib Iha heat of Iha day, and tha deep aandi 
**ai which they bad liavalled, Ihe mra marched 
■lib Mccfiaia and wavering alep. Behiod tbem came 
te Dawly raiaed loyal wjiaatwTa aa pretty a ape- 
tioen of iMcality aod miamle aa rsuld well be pro- 
'lend. AL ihe aflbrta of Ibeir offlceia 10 nak* a ei» 
i ti fcHa apfMaranea were nin. In the BHM odmplela 
^■■Bay, joidiag, awaariog, and qnarrallinB, Ibe birfaii. 

lent crowd came on, loaded wilh iha Hoel variaaa 
and Botty articlea of plimdar, which Ibey bad obMio- 
ed in the cooiae of tbeii march lo joas ibe laguUn. 
Here, an ill-TJuged raacal. in Ihe huntinf-ahin and 
lallered legging* of Ibe upper connlry, bad Aiown 
over hi* ipranling ■houldcci the wardrobe of a wo- 
man. Laca handkercfaicb and ricfa dmeaa hung in • 
elegant confwion about hie ungainly paiaaa, while bia 
moiheliiDipeDdedaerom hiaboiy by a rich ecarf, rap. 
porled wme half duien fuwli and duck*, the pillag* 
of a hen-rooet. By Iha aide of Ihia worthy, loddled 
along a Ibiekwl uurdy relluvr. wilh but one eye, and 
■bat deeply acarieil by Uik naila of HMsa antagoniat. 
yet glimmering wilh Ihe vacant eipreoion of ed- 
vanced ininiicalion. Hi) upper man wai ctied ia 
nne of thuu old faahioncd and dcciily embroidered 
coali, which were ihen ihe mwle. and which being 
made tor a lall and aiegani figure, reached iti bin an- 
kles, thereby mncealing ihe deficiency in the i^rniluie 
of bia lower limba; from ilie coat pocheH projected 
the necka of nveral boltlei, one of which he eilracl- 
ed and endeavored lo apply to hi* faping moulh. — 
After many an efliirl, in Iha conna of which Iba red 
•eal becirae acqueinied with every part of bia bee 
but Ihe right one, he got it latrly lodged, and after de- 
ducting a reaKKiible portion of iia conleBla, Ibrew il 
upwi the ground, d — niiig it for Ihe meal waahy aiuff 
he ever laetcd. " Here, Long Jack," eaid he to bia 
companion." juat lake anolhef of ibaie oaaly thinga 
out for me. Ibr iha cuned balsa it ea far behind, 1 
can't get my hand in 'em no how. Blaal the ihiagi, 
I won't Iota 'em no fuider. tbay makaa ma real about 
•o. JiKI take 'em oul. won't you." Jack inaened 
hia btiiida, and eitracling Ibaai oat by on*, handed 
them iiier till he case lo a beula of diibreot fana 
ftom the real. Thia Iba drankan) Ihonghl proper ta 
taate, and daeapitaling it wilh hb dirk, taok an iBB»- 
derate gulp of Iha eontanw. The edbol waa biBlaol» 
naoiu ; be reeled, alaggered and fall— 4ba boule aon- 
1 ether, aiHJ Ihe d(»e he had taken daslroyad bia 
I inaiantly. No aorl of attaMioB waa paid bin 
by the real, except thai hia neit neighbor atrippad bin 
of hia Unary, and left bim nnooverad lo Ibe fall nya 
of the burning auD. ' 

Never waa there a greater collection of miactaanl* ■ 
and ih«r roar of drunken and brulal UngbMr, eaiha, 
iiecratiooi, at leogih draw tha altantioa of Iha 
commander of the dalachmaoL Ordeai ware givea 
Ibr ihe volunieera lo &11 back, and wail until Iba r*- 
gukra had paaMd the ferry- Aa tbe boat waa onall, 
and Ihe nream vary rapid, ibay were a loof lima ia 
pMring over. The ferrymui, a lew.dark-viaaged, <!•■ 




til* MgrOM wfaa uiiM*d him, (arried over ths major 
M)d tlw fint coaiptaj. and. u he n« ibaui to raluni, 
-^a officer deMiud him lo oblein inromulion. 
, Heuked If be nere well edecleil lolhe royal ranee. 
^e dirk efe o( Ihe retryman ill up wlih ■ andden 
«patk, and hie Up quitered ae he aiuwered — " 1 have 
■oflered aiMD|b." 

"Wall, my good fellow." laid ihe major, "you 
ahall make op for all ihii when the kiog enjuyi hii 
own again ; by the way, bate Ibera been maay paie- 
ing thia way lately 1" 

" Not manjF, air j bat I can tell yon who did go by 
liera yaMarday aAentoon : lome one you'd ba gtad lo 
lay haodioa" 

" Who wae (hat f~«peek ont, my man — you'll loeo 
nolhiDg by telling me !" 

■ Well, then, it wat that •tallering devil. Horry, 
that they My waa with Marioo. He vrant by here at 
AiU apaed, gninhling migbiily aboui KHDaibing oi 

•■ Aha '. then the cout ia clear— Ihat't what I want- 
«d (o know j he could iiol tell ihal ne were going lo 
move thia morning, intl my poot deiili of men may 
■leep BOund KMiighi." 

. Again that grim imile played acraaa the dark fea- 
ture* of the rerrj'Bian, but he aoon relapeed into hit 
ordinary compoeure. 

A eecond and third line did the heiTily-Iaden boat 
nork alowly up the wooded bank, and ihen ibaoling 
acraai Iha current, land her living rreigbli but when 
the order came for Ibe negroa to proceed again for Iba 
tociea. tbey powlively refuaed, and betaking Ihameelvee 
to the woodi, diiappaated in their dark wciw n . The 
ftirymen, apparently very angry at their diaobedience, 
daahad into Ibe tbreit after them. 

After awaiting hii relom tiir aoma time, the m^joi 
Cfdered aome of hia own men to row the boat over iur 
the rerugesa, and with a long delay, Ihey all aluod on 
the left bank of ibe Santee. Tba lun hung in Ibe 
weet aooe tbree houra high, and with raany a cur*e 
ODlheilrange conduct of the ferryBan, they cwitinned 
tbair march. Meanwhile, the ligbl liiim of Iho bual- 
■uui might be wen epeeding rapidly through the 
wooda, until he bunt Ibmagh a thicket of hubII and 
tangled pinea. and alood in a glade of Ibe Ibreel, aur- 
mindad by a itream of denwtl foliage. Hare the 
negroaa awaited him j one buaily employed in accou- 
tring a horae of the true aouiheni bread, wboae arched 
neck, thin mane, inuJl and nell aal head, and dry, 
bony limb* betokened ihe purity of bi) blood. The 
other drew tmm Ibeir hiding-ptsce a light and keen 
■abre and >hon riSe. and belted ihem carefully on ibe 
body of hia mailer. The proud aleed wai oowbruughl 
ftrwBid, and having glanced at lha equipmmii aod 
Mt (he girthi, Marion, for it wa* be. vaulted inl 
aaddle, and bidding the negroe* uke can of ihem- 
aelve*. ihook the rein* and darted forward. " Thia day 
innit pro«e your blood, Selim," nid be, M the galli 
hotie bounded on amid the thickly claMered Ireee. 
Few boraamea oonld have held luoh rapid way 
■hnafh the fbreai unharmed, but to Marion it waa 
aafe aa the moat beat^i road ; detting Qfm Mde ti 
la avoid dw fauge tninka in hii npid oaiaat, and itoop- 

ing ofl-timei to hii laddle bow to clear ibe cnriing 
fealooniof Ibe wild aoon emerged into a nar- 
w and graiay road which wound Ihmugh Ibe forcat. 
Through a tucceniun of toch bypaiha, ever and 
anon roniing the wild deer from Ibeir coverli, he gal- 
loped on, end iwo good bAun paned ere he dretr 
I on the beak of Black river. After a briaf 
ling pauae.he rrurt bia heela into Ibe aideaof hia 
fosming ateed. and a few of minute* deeperale eier- 
plieed them in lafeiy on the oppoaiie *ide. Again 
rapid couiaer waa urged, till al la*t be halted, 
advanced more ilowly ID the edge of Tearcoat 
twamp. Tliere eiood an immenae tulip tree, and ba- 
nealh iM rfiadp, now ipreading 6r lo Ibe eaal in the 
ray* of the leLiing aim, were picquetled (woOT lhre» 
bortei. The ridera bounded lo their feet at tba nnnd 
>r advancing hooft. and. with preaented rifle*, ahoated 
'whogoeelherer "Marion," waa the refdy, in adaej* 
md eouUiirring voice, which rang through ihe bewta 
of the BOldiera. " "Tia ihe grneni," «aid ihe aanliaal. 
ig forward to aeize hia bridle, and graipthe hand 
that kindly met hia preaiure. The general diamounted, 
hrowing ihe reina of hia noble courter iiH> tb« 
era hand, aaid, " Call Roberta, Charlea, and let 
him rub Selim down ; and do you haiten to Mvor 
Horry, and let him knowl want him,aiMi bid Ihe men 
get ready, lor we bave iomelhing lo do m^iight." Haa- 
lily Ihe aoldier led lha horee into tba reeeaaea of Ibe 
wooda, and epeedad on hii way lo the quarlen of lh» 
men. The moea covered and alippery roole of the 
cyptu* bridged the way acroK Ihe monia, and epring- 
ing liom knee to knee, be aoon reached a dull and 
irk atreaiD, deeply linged with Isllen leave* and da- 
lying roula, which drained the awamp, craarad by the 
lien end inaecure irunk of ■ noble cellar. With fins 
id cererul atep he paaaed. and arrived al Ibe lendra- 
>iii — knoll of elevated ground in the heart of tba 

Tree* had been felled to admit Ihe fre^er air; > 
deep, thick, ilifling imoke roae fram the frequent Grea 
■era fed by ibe reainoaa lopa and biancheaj and 
cloaely cowering around Ibem, W avoid ibe clooda of 
moKhetoea, wa* the choeen band Ihal for freedom and 
their counlry'a cauae, endored auch hardahipa. Nearly 
all were in Ihe prime ofyaulh.orihefuliamh of early 
manhood, but it would have been difficult lareeogniiB 
in Ihe thin formi, Ihe lallow, and araok^dried couit- 
leaancea, and uncouth gaihe, Ihoae who onoa moved in 
iho higheil circles of provincial diilinction. Siill iba 
eye, unrailing index of the aoul, beamed biighl. and 
aa at the Ihoogbl of anme new deed of violenea it 
kindled inio life, you might perceive the energy of lha 
mind and will iiill tinabaled. Al the meaeenger ra- 
pidly advanced, ihey roie lo meei him, and having 
delivered hii orderv lo lha m^jor, he communicated 
to Ihe real the arrival uf the general, and hia orden 
to prepare for eciion. Then bunt fonh the epontiuia- 
oua cheer, and wilh eager nliifoction, Ihey haatened 
to prepare their arm* aod equipateiila. Several cloa- 
tared around ihe memenger to liilen lo hia tele. 
" Which way did Marion come, C^iarlea V 
"Heaven only knowB." Mid he. - bat he burat Ihrangli 
iba wooda fiom Ibe diraclion of Sanicei attd poor Sali^ 


fou ongbr lo hava M«n him : he wu Ibaniing am 
tod when Muiod diimounln]. he bung hii bewl and 
weiatd dimping; and fon all koow ii'a do Irifl 
hringi him dmriL And. boji. yon ought lo havi 
how Haiion imilcd when he laid ms to Ipll yon 

I look thai my iword be keen and my old rifle in order. 
By the way, you yoongiten had belter lake my advice, 
and make a hesrly inpper before you ilBrl, Tor I a»t 
yoall want ii." 

All WM buttle aad eager prefKralion ; honei we 
WDghl. rubbed, aiMl equipped ; Sinn Irieil, puwdi 
home filled, aud the momenl of departure eagerly 
expected. Soon aOer aunael, white .tfae dim Tiding 
light wai alruggiiog Ikinter and feinter through the 
tieea, in every varialy oT hue, the command nai | 
Not wilh •bout and martial muaic, pealing ila 
Miniag notea anaag the ■unbre arctiea oT the it 
hie aeea — doI with ataady aod diaciplined alep. did 
tbey. the few, and high aouled, come Tiom the! 
ictreata. Mm by dud, ailaDtly and warily ihreading 
die DutDW paaana of iha owraM, thegt gradually nailed 
OD th« finD land. Then, aa each maD looked o 
lyiowa, DMTtd by the aame kindred apiril. the quick 
WTiogiDg pTeanire of the haDd, aDd Ibe rnink, though 
•dfled gteetiDg, told iheir uoion ot heart in lb 

Tbeir leader came ferlh. arid the ihrob and mt 
of exuliaiioD and eager crowding round him. lei 
their regard. The gray auit of o>at*e country 
no lander anveloped him, but a dark green rifle frock 
and honeman'a booti and cawjue, without oraamer 
eicepi a white plume, aet off hii eaay and determine! 
arriage. He apoke but few worda: he told them i 
the eoUeclion of loriei, and iheir march to join Ih 
iDTaden, and while he apcike o( Ihoaa trailora 10 Ihei 
country, hia boaom awelled and voice heaved with 
emoCioD. -There are three hundred of (hem, ray ladi 
bat who would think of numbering luch men I" am 
hia deep maa of acorn rung through the hearia ot hia 
aoditora : " three hundred, and ne are one — but wb 
Ihtn! your cunntry, your parenla, your dcareel, ner 
yoar anna and atteagthen your bearta — tbey art pai 
lyted — we muit diaperae tbem; but in the ibickeet oT 
■be Gght, remember tbey are atill men, aiill yuur cui 
men; ifihey reiisi, alrikc Ihemdown ; if they dUper 
let them go. and carry the tlory magnilled by their 
lean lo their homea. We moat fini aurpriie ihe rcgu- 
lua; if tbey turrendcr, apare Ihemi if not. ihiuk of 
Hayne, think of Ihair ihonannd atrociliea. But, I need 
aay no more — to your aaddlea, gentlemen, aud follow 

The fair raonn roae, round and brilliant, on Iheir 
march, and the bright boat of heaven trailed around 
their queen, aa ibe brave band lode on. But. aa they 
reached the open ground, an which the Briliati bi- 
vouacked, and beheld iliewatchfirea gleaming at adit- 
tance, donda rolled on from lha weat.and obacured the 
fail face of heaven. They faalened their bone* in a 
^rt of wood*, and tlowly and carefully approached Ihe 
line ofeealinela. The Engliih cximmander, nnauapichiua 
eT danger, bad choaen hia retting place for ihe night 
at aoow dialance from the diaorderly bivouac of the 

loriee, and, having placed a line of eentineK had 
cauaed hia men lo pile their arma and retire to rett ; 
■he pulitbed btfrrela and bayoneia gleamed in the red 
firelight, while a dark line of bodiea ahowed wbara 
the tleeping toldier* lay. Marion arranged bit plana, 
but ^^-ailed till late at night ere he put them in eie- 
ctilion. Several of hia chaiceat man. ailently. and with 
grtot precaution, approached each acniinel.aa ha care* 
lenly walked backward and forward. They crept 
up till wiihin a ahoit dialance. and, favored by Ihe 

cealed. Sud 

of Ihe ouipuiia waa maiiered, clasprd in the ttrong 
gripe of the anailanta. gagged end diiarmed. Bui ■ 
aingle aenlinel waa able toditcharge bit [Hece.iud iba 

A dark line puieed awilUy belbre the eyea of the 
halfwakened 8oldien.and at they aprung to their fMlr 
the click of > hundred rifle* aounded in their san. 
while Ibe iruapet-voice of Marion ihouled to aunen- 
der er die. Unumed and unptep«ted, the commander 
thw^ht it itMdneaa lo retiit, a* retialaoca muti be 
bloody and deaperate. 
■' To whom am 1 lo aurrendar myaetf t" aaid ha. 
"To Francii MarKMi," waa Ihe reply. 
Atibaldreadedname,heinatanllyiubmiired,and wu 
ordered to leave the ground, and luld ihii ifreaiataace 
or coramunicMion with thv™!" ^™* alleui pled, they 
would be^rHianlly attacked. At ihit momeni, a loud 
and wild cryof turpriaoand horror aouoded from their 
carap.w]ih the nniie of hurrying feet, and crowd* were 
dimly teen ruahing by their fire* in the ronfuiioQ or 
deapeir. A fugiiive frum Ihe royal Camp had declared 
Marinn, with a ttiouaand lacn, wa* upon them. 
The Engliah major naturally tuppoaed, from lbs tu- 
mult, that enoiher body of aaiailanta had at lacked the 
, and gave order* to hi* men lo diapeiae and 
themaeliea. llimielf and hia auballemi were 
led priiunera by Marion, and when lha H^glith 
jiiappeurcd from the field, he ordered a amall 
detachment to puraue the loritt, and not permit them 
lie again. Eagarly did the avengen ruah on to 
their work, and ever aa the loyaliai* rallied fur reaiat- 

and leunioD, the fatal lite of tbe puituei*, and ' 
the quick iremp of ibeir charge, broke them, and 
Ihem into indiacriminate flight. Fur many a 
irj mile, tliey Sod hefoie the flaahing aworda of 
irtemeni and great at wa* the numberuf fugitive* 
but few were alain, for Mation'a .ttict charge waa to 
iipeiK and alarm, but net lo kill. 
By ibedawnofday.noonoremnined upnn Ihe field, 
but lbs few honemen who guarded ihe captive Eng- 
ineer*. The truogia. disarmed and helplcaa, had, 
itiuii'a order, taken iheir course to the place 
whence ihey had come, for he waa unwiiliug that by 
the approaching light, ihey ahould see thai il,ey had 
xea capiured by a force loo weak lo keep ilicm pri- 

Deep, indeed, wa* the ahame *od veiation depicted' 
ID Ihe war-worn faaturea of the veiemn Kngliahmao, 
la he taw, by moming'a down, the rude equipment 
RtKl unditeiplined appearance of hia caplora. Bui hi* 
chagrin wore away belbre tbe bland and winning 


THB gentleman's MAGAZINB. 

ntficwnof HuioBi and, wbao iba tim* cmmSh u i Such wm out ■o«a* in Ike daily lif« of BiIuiaL 
Mcbuifa of priMMMn, Ihe En^iah offican wiUioglf I have loucbed il with a Uat and uackilfnl haad ; bat 
taadficd that tbougb Ihaii lara had baan Kaolf, and tba bold and daring attaoki which he plannad aad 
Ibair couch bard, ihay had enjofed mora luinriaa Ihaa I aiaculed, dcaarra liM paoeil of ■ maalsr. Whva 
Iheif capwn. More iban one poodared, in Ibe blue i alsepa Ihe wiaard ibat eioked ih* ihade of Marion, in 
ailsBce of Ihe ilarrr nigbi, anaag ihe anaa^oTered I tba beat Aaiericam lata ibii w*i avai wriHaot 
lieaa, on Ibe piupecu of fuiure nuicai^ in a war H. 

agaimi auch men, and ondet ■aeb BDaptcaa. ' 



TBI nio. niih bright and chearfol bean, 

Bruka in a luBercr'a aiteDl room ; 
The midnighi lamp, nriib feeble fleam, 

Paled, aa iha morniDg hioks the gkma. 
It linger'd wiUi a aofieo'd rar. 

Upon a coach of wo and pain. 
Where eyea awoke to greet ibe da;, 

Thai ne'er might aee ito tiae again; 
Where death itood b; with giant might, 
"ni quench life'a flickering lamp of ligkL 

A motiatilea ami ihrivall'd hand, 

1^7 natiag in a jauihfnl palm, 
Whoae toach, like an enchanter'! wand, 

OaTe to Ihe weary aoSerar balm. 
The glaring eyaa in eameai loie. 

Wen filed upon • childlike iiae, 
Aa, though in aAar fear* abore, 

Ber apirit might ila looki ratraoe ; 
A widon'd mather'i gsie wai caat. 
Upon her child, her 6m, her laaL 

Above thai molber'i couch of eaie. 

A yonlbful bead with grief did bow. 
'Till atlhen locka of ninny hair 

Flnaled acroai an aged brow. 
Like lendnli of Iba clinging vitve 

Thai claapa Ihe o'erworo Otk atound. 
Their gulden Gbrea fondly Iwine, 

Wllh ailver Ihreadi lime'i inowi bad Cm 
And lay above that face of death, 
Brightly, at woo'd by ■umraer') breath. 

Noaound r^gme thro' the ailenl gluom, 
Save the quick Ihrohhinc of ibe breaH 

For which ihe deep and yawning tomb, 
Itirew open wide iti galea of reat. 

Till murmura of a dying breath, 
7'hni' the alill. quiet chamber alole. 

My Edith and the winp of death 

Bore the freed tpitit lo in goal ; 

And when it reached Iba Eternal lIuaM, 

The wphan, Edith, aiood aloae. 

Alone for aha who mark'd the pilh 

Whereon her cbildhood'a fbolatepa trod. 
Had left the world of alormi and wrath. 

To dwell in glory wilb her Ciod. 
She, who bad taught bei heart to pray, 

To blan (be ilorm, howevei rode. 
Who bade her infant lipa to aay, 

Father — " whatever i>, ii good ;" 
To breathe. Iho' cloud) might ibade her ann, 
"Thy will on earth," not mine, be done. 

Like dew ihowaTe on a inmmer roae, 

That bide il weep yet know not why. 
Ii Ihe >ad tear thai lorrow throwa 

In cbildhood'a bright and lunny eye- 
She wept — the heart, the' young and weak. 

May feel ita earthly triala deep. 
And yel may want Ibe wordi to apeak 

The aching ihougbu that will not ilaep; 
Aitd time alone may chaae the carea. 
That cbildhood'a early boaom weara. 

Yeara eped away — and Edilh'i cheek 

Wore a bright beam of ruddier glow i 
Her hearl'i glad alreainlel, pure and waak. 

Had iweU'd into a wider flow; 
She hived not flowera and fieldi the lea^ 

Becauae ihe loved ibem not alone. 
She ahrunk not bom the kind caram, 

Tho' ihe fill'd heart kepi back itaowD, 
And aha who had a Ihouaand (riendi. 
But U one idol fondly benda. 


Sba loT«d oh! vbat a tnuhlwl Ma 

b thai whaiMW to hunch oar bark ! 
Whal a wide wiile of tuMttj, 

Withonl one nira pfOMcling ark! 
A raft upon a tnelling mv«. 

With daf'i dectimnc rajr la guide. 
Each Iga'Ding beam bul ihoin Ihe graTa 

Thai yawna benealk ths tmach'tom lida i 
A ihrina where lacrific** bum, 
Wrong &om Ihe baari'i loo inuilng nnl. 

£be laved — and he whoee lunny imile 

Gilded her heaven with eT'rf bttia. 
Knew the dark world*! intriguiiig guile. 

nherewiih lo ctdor life'a glad •tream; 
The eloquence of agei huag, 

Rich ai Golconds'i golden mine, 
Id piiceleB gena upco hi) tongue, 

The bv'rite of Ihe gifled nine ; 
And never did the laurel bow 
trpoD a loftier, nobler btow. 

T%Br wedded — and (be Taulted aiale 

Ecbood Iheir towb of ronlb and tore , 
Oh! molher, did*!! iboa Tondlr imila 

Amid Che hoeii of eainu above — 
Better Ihine Ediih'e youlbful heart 

Had bant the hondi o[ life with tfaina, 
Tban iboe haie pledged ili deareal part 

Upin a ftilfaleM alltr'i ■brine. 
And TDw'd lo boDor aod obejr 
Oh who held fiutb a lof of pl^ : 

Watch Ibe laale fli>wer in daj KJoieai 
Hear Ae gbd laik raiie Id Ibe (kiea, 

Ib nalin bfmna, hii warbling Toiea^ 
Hark the ilnmb biuu go loHh to dkan 

The gloi7 oTiH earlr light; 
Tel doe, whoee inpioui ipirit dare 

To own no knowledge of iu aighl — 
To whom elemit? waa ehonn 
in iba woctd^ wiMantoM akme. 

Bhe knew it not — akba' in pnyer. 

He never beni with her Ihe knee. 
She hoped hi* creed a fima might wear 

Acceptable lo Deilj — 
Bat when above bii eouch die bent. 

When pain and aickueaa lack'd hii join— 
And beard dark worda with msdnen Uenb 

And maik'd ihe wild, inietDal alarm — 
DMieil'a dark veil bad left her light; 
Her lemple waa a place of night. 

Tbo' Ibo dark wing ofdiath wu Ibeta, 
Waihng to bear iha aoul awaf : 

Her Maker heard ibe wift'i Gmd player. 
And hwla the foeUe apirit atay : 

Be who bad mark'd the coatrile knee 
Bend mom and night at mercy'a Ihione, 

Would nvB Ihe ainful eoul, that ahe 
Highi win lo wonhip wilh her own ; 

And cleana'd from guilt, ila aiui IbrgiveB, 

Mi|;hi abare her behtage of heaven. 

Unlike Iha rack whoie waters Bon'd 

BeiUaUi Ihe holy prophel'a hand. 
No hallow'd atreem. like diamond!, glow'd 

Upon hia boaom'i deeect aand; 
Forgelful of the early vow 

That woo her at the allar alone. 
He beaded doi Ihe change of blow 

Thai apoke the weary heart, alone ; 
Nor beard the prayer, nor matk'd the eye 
Which pnfler'd gifta that never die. 

Back, tike a batk 'mid iiiin wrack'd. 

Came Ihe cruab'd heart of eariy yean, 
'Mid hope, that mce it fondly deck'd. 

It found a haven in ber tear*. 
Few yean had peat— yet, o'er ber &ca, 

Wa«alamp'd the marka of lime and caie ; 
Oh! mother, Ihuu could'al acarcely trace. 

Id ita sad linea. ihine Edith Ihere^ 
Coold'it never deem in eyes so wild. 
Spake Ihe wrang'd ipirit of ihy child. 

" Thy will be done, (wh eiill the ptiTerJ 

Who dolh my eeilhly Iriale asDd ; 
Nerve my weak kean in pangi to baar; 

LM nol my weary ipiril bend — " 
Her wDcaan'a heart, though hanUed hii*, 

Faithful, aa to ita Cruet the deva, 
Thio' a wide wiktenwa of wo, 

Pniaaed ita miaaigD'd oouiae of love- 
Lonely and nd, bul not in vain. 
Fat peace bronghl back its bough again. 

'nme paat ahe daip'd within ber own 

A dying band, but youthful Hill, 
The early light of lile waa gone, 

And Joy no more ita palaaa thrill; 
Tel ahe had taught that bean to bow, 

Submiuive to Ih' upltOed lod. 
And, faithful lo her early vow. 

Had led ber hiuband to hia God; 
The pleading prayer ■ woman gave, 
Yielded a life beyond the gniva. 

Mother, rcjoii 

— like bunuihed gold 

Bright from the iery furnace wim, 
Again Ihy gentle child bebidd — 

Her laat ead earlhly trial done- 
Spread thy inalMnal anua once mora. 

And idaap her to Ihy loving breaat; 
Her haifc hilh anehor'd on ihe aboie 

To aeak laiih'i aaed, t place of ntf. 
She who a eoul from ain had won. 
Now brealhca in beavan, " Thy wiU b* dcm." 

qentl&han's magazine. 




" You will Dol fail me lo-nightt" Mid lady R, n 
I m* pulling her into hsr cbuiol, M lb* door of ■ 
hooM whers we hid been liailin; ; " f oni beautiful 
coiuiD bom WaamoreUnd ii coming. !• ihe Dal loo 

" ThBn I ihall have lbs pleuDte of preeenting ^u 
IQ hei lo-Dighl {" irtd imiliiig moil gnciooilr the fail 
Vpoekar drove off. 

I itspped into my own cairilge, which wu wailing, 
and directed the caiiclimiin to my lunt't, io Bonnet 
Rnet, who hid come la lowu a few day* belure. 1 
bad called there once, but ihef were not el ho 
and m; curioillj' to eee mf lovety cmidn wa« no 
gMal M to malte me nuch ragret ihal the mil* 
enet wa* given at the door oo ihii oecwion. Ii wi 
ad an hour to dinner, and lo beguile the time. 
■njor the fine air which wai blowing, I drove round 
b]P KanaiDgKni Giiden*. 

We were piMing leiiuielr through a quiet lai 
Boaowhal oul of the city, when ■ hone, mooDted by 
a grXHn, galloped lapidly by the window, mani 
beyond the oonlrol of bii rider. The caniage pulled 
Qp, and looking oul, 1 aaw a ladji jiul in fioalof ui. 
whow bone, a< I judged from bii ratllaBuea 
•boal lo follow the eiample of hia fellow. I ■ 
to the ground, and nixing faim bjr the bridle. Bik»d 
the lady if ihe would diiioount. With ■ bint cry of 
joy. ihe threw henelf into mf anna, and I plicAl 
Mfely on the frouDd : meanwhile, mj' hand being dis- 
engaged flora the bridle, Ihe horae darted off, and w. 
out of light 

lie lady neined about eighteen yean of age, ai 
wa* marvelloiitty beautiful j I wa* conquered in 
moment. "Oh! ihank you! thank you I" nid >h 
in a trembling voice, which thrilled through my heai 
then bluahing deeply, she looked lonnd in great ei 
barraimant, and taid, " My lalhsr turned off a little 
white ago to ipe&k to a penon, aad promiBed to i 

" I beg. luadaia," mid I. " that you will do lua 
boDor to make uie of my carriage. I will meet ; 
ftthsr, and eiplain to biin how yeu have gone." 

She thanked me with a reluctant voice, and i 
•n air of heailatioD, walked toward* the carriage, and 
I bindad hei in. To get into it myaalf wu a liberty 

hicb, of coniie, I could not lake. "Vou will b« 
good enongh," laid I, a* ihe aiepi were puLIing ap, 
letl the coachmsn where you »ill be drivea" 
perceived the dilBcully henclf, and, at if lin- 
ing to compel me lo walk, yet fearing Ihe pro- 
priety of any other arrangemenl. Sied ber large black 
eye Upon me ior ■ mameal with an air of doubt E 
could no^cheoee but gaia upon it* witchery, for Ibere 
. a refined delight in aludying the pet|deiity of ■ 
ively face. Then, cloaing tbe door, I wiahed her good 
morning, and the carriage drove on. 
O! Boft aa tbe dew that melt* along the loae, end 
ichat iban (ho boly rountaio* thai well fortb tbe nee. 
It of the goda. ia tbe gentle lid* of yonog lave •• it 
Sow* with an ecalalic anguiah round the heart, and 
e* through ihe quivering veini, till natiira ia dia- 
ed in a flood of rapture, and lo live i* luiury- 
hit moment, when, like lb* anoriie of the tropioi. 
lie twilight ii not, the gladnn* of Faradiaa toiiaa 
Ibrongb the aoul, and a* y el no doubt ba* braatbed ■ 
I ihe glaia of life, and cuitom hai not wont 
off Ihe d»WD of glory i man feel* aaoo earth be (Mm 
but once. Realily onume* the hue* of fancy, and 
fancy worka the eflecti of reali^. A ninbeam dam 
Ihrough our paib of life, and, when it cioaae*. eaitta 
glows apiritual amid the thoughti ol heaven, — heaven 
growa corporeal amid ibe ibingi of earth. 

Through tbe whale of that aftatnooo, my ipirit wia 
wandering through nnceitain viiionif— tbe arcbjteo- 
luie of the hope*. — where fancy piled' picture itpon 
piclure with tumnlluoui i^odigalily, and one frag- 
mentary dream me on Ihe crumbling ruin* of ano- 
ther. 1 waa litling alone in my chamber about mid- 
night, with "cloudland, goTgeoua land" araund me, 
when my eervant came in to remind no of Lady B.^ 
ball, an event which, together with the reat of ibe 
maleiial world, had. till that momeni, been buried in 
proliiund oblivion. I cared little enough, lo be >are, 
tor Ihe boat orgoMiping fouli which that lady might 
call logether, but I remembered roy promiae, and wa* 

"The fretful >lir 
UnproRtable. and the fever of the world. 
Might hang upon the beatings of my heart." 

I had upon my " inward eye" a ahape of blla, wbkh 
muBl go with nta wherever I might go; I accordingly 
arranged my toilet, and sal oSI 

" I remember my promise of the morning. aboDt 
your cousin," said Lady B., aa I paid my complimenta 
to bet, " and if yon will come to ib« after I bava ra- 


(dved Ibi* eanTin which ii Mil 
Mk« roar um 10 fulSl it. " 
I MRilleil along ibrcKigb mo 


three ifiannMata 
till I cwse 10 ■ nwD) 1» cnwdsd ihan ihe oiben. ■! 
■ha baad of which I bebeld lo my disinay ihe heroins 
oT Ihat moniing'i advanlura. Ai ifaa liioughtof meel- 
ieg and apeaking id bar in public. I eiperienred, I 
amid not lall why, a acnaation orabaoluie larror; my 
haul beat, and my compoaura of mind waa utterly 
gODS. I thought, once or twice, of niahing fmni Ihe 
bonaa, but oi ihat would be prodiginiKly fiuliBh, I 
tummonnl all the courage I caulH cnllpii. and looked 
round for aooie one to proieni dig la the lady. Tor 
lamlcly 1 diacovered near me my good Tiiand 
His. G,, whoae "old Ikniiliar Ace" aonie what tt-it- 
•and Be. ESlill il wai with ■ tremhiing voice thai I 
Bade the raqaaH even to lier, and when Ibe wordi 
war* birly out of my noulb, and I reahicd that I 
■tut go through the oidaal. I would have given 
nuoU lieaiara 10 ha delivered from Iha necee- 
Miy. Hn. G. vary ealmlr took ny arm and dragged 
ne towaeili the otgeol of my lova and feax. I talked 
wildly, laoghed fneeaaanily. with a tnoulb a* dry la 
dMt, in order to ahow aiyaalf al •&«. and made a 
tbootand eicnaea (br delay upon Ihe wny, till my eon- 
dsctreae oould nol lunceive ninl waa the matter with 
me. At lei^h the voyage wae completed, and I wai 
in front of the " dear dread." Mra. G. made aoaia po- 
lite apeech lor the pnrpoee of opening Ihe convena. 
tio*, and then left m alone. A echuolboy, brought 
iircililf iolp a large companjr of ladiea, could 
have felt ntore diatreaaingly than 1, ■ piactiaed man 
vt dia world, did at Ibat moment. I waa abaoturely 
qsechleai. and I felt that my whole peieon wai ih 
eting, and tbe lady riiared ibe Mma emberrawment. 
al length inartionlated come absurd inquiry, nbi 
dke auwend ii 

qoaaliuiia wilbant knowing what we taiil. an 






>m«>talb.gaD to recove 

my CO 


DM, and « 

rea able to perceive Ihat 

I wai c 



my fcat^ circumalan 

« of wh 

ch, til 

then. 1 waa 


her dialineily tince I cane into the 

noni, and 

1 turn. 

edDow in 

a calmer uuod to gaie 

pon he 

■a Ihe 

and aurpaaaing the lot of ordinary Men- 
edneaa, waa the beaoiy of thai girl. Her fare waa 
Dyalery of lovetincaa; and unlike Ibtae which reveal 
all tbeii meaning at a glance, hen aeemed lo eil 
an odoraui encrhanlmenl, like a circlirjg halo.nhii 
baJBud the oturver lo tniene. Faicinaled by 
inelbaualible eiprcwivenen of her counlenance, I 
and eameatly did 1 look upon her aol) feaiurei end 
graceful fDnn.— her figure, lomewhii beneath 
ndinary aize, but n>nu]ded in eiquiiiie roiindnen 
proportion,— her feaiurea. not fickle in eipreasion, 
aerene, in a limid brooding upon sonie inward 1 
ioauaneaa. — above all, her dark leniiliTe eye, a ^ 
■ml of feeling, but Badly glancing with an nncei 
li^t, and mmbniing the inlereal of blach with Ihe 
geotleneae of blue, li wia ihen, aa 1 gaied upon 

Euid the hlaie of lanpa and the loud aonnd of 
, and in the brilliant acsne of aplendor and ex- 
int, Ihat a more fervid vigor of emotion than I 
had before eiperienced aroaa within me. Refined 
pesluoue wildneta of my flrat morbid paMion, a new 
from ihe turbid vehemence, and clear from tbe lem- 
ind gtatioua spirit iwallsd frethly through ray aonl, 
ind vibrated through my frnme with an aialting joy. 
My former love wai lha lave of boyhood, which 
1 darkly in the shade 1 this waa the love nf man- 
which m«i« tho world with an open front. 
ilrecled and deliciooi was the converaalioO 
we held lo^elher. Wiihoui conaidering aenlimenia, 
oenul pleaiure ami profit of diicaurae between 
and weoun ia greater lhan between two peiaona 
of the nine eei. A woman') tource of opinion ia ei- 
ireaaion — a man'a, perception : the one atudiee tub- 
ecu in their nalore. the other, Iqr their eflecli on tha 
ipiril : the one judgee thiiigt more accuiBtely) the 
ilher appracialea character more delicately : the one 
a an inletlectaal eye.£laa, the other ■ motat mirrar. 
rhe inlerblending of Iheae two origina of thought is 
I rich advantage. Where a feeling of lenderaeet mu. 
lually eiitla, inlelleclual inlercoune eilenda it wider, 
tiid allachea it more firmly, for every kindred notion 
lecamee a mental arch, along which spirila renew 
their •ympathy.and Ihue mindt are married by an ap- 
inl communion. T^ere wae in the fair being 
g me an eieellent genllancM of apirit, and an ei- 
quiaite parity of feeling, and the thapa of Ihe one and 
Ihe alUer whileneae of the other were upon every ra- 
mark which fall from her Ijpa. A cheater toul had I 
<ver contemplated ; ahe aeenied lo be one upon 
Ihhd BOne aniiooa eye had reated from her cradle; 
id every hoar of whoae life oould be accounted 

We had been lathing. I know not bow Img. wiib 
great animation, when tome one happening 10 pata ua 
aaluted me aa Mr. Pulleney. Tbe lady looked at me 

■id 1, looking round in aatraiiabmaat, 
le had taken leave of her aenan, "there 
mine here, from WealmoreUnd, but 1 



idea of thii peraon being tliat counin, never occurred 
lo me for an inalant. " i will aak Lady B., however, 
nheiher you are my coutin, or 1 will juit ask Mra. 
G.." Mid I waa moving toward her, " what yoor name 

"Never mind." eaid ihe, laughing hearlily at thi* 
naive propoanl. " My uame ia Sidney, and if your 
name !■ Pulteney, I am certainly yonr Wettmorelaiul 

It wai with no diminnlion ofeither posiion or delight, 
ibough with a change in the nature of both, that [ 
(lowly look home Ihii Irnih to my heart. We had 
met at ttrangen, and ai alrengeri had conceived a 
■iTonger feeling of atlachmi 
allcraiion in our poiilion mii 

than any lohiequenl 
. deiiroy i tad ihe only 



irtueb il did nol (liminiih. " (t nu ia igoonace of 
Dur leluiontup," iaid I, (Aar a patMe, "thai there 
gnw wilfain my breail a deeper regard than caoiini 
■IS wool la elpeiience. Hencelbith," I added, hbung 
bar aoft hand, " we will leel lewarda ou aDothei wilh 
tha confidence or CMuiiu and ihe (sndemen of lovers." 
The rich eloquence of a look SHunid me that thai 
tendemsB waa mulual. and thai confidence oomplele. 
Oh '. warm aitd pure wai (he love which thenceforth 
grew between ut. 

Al thai momenl a geolleoian wliam I knew very 
well, came up. end claimed Ihe hand of my eouun to 
dancs, in viitue of a ptevioui engagemenu It wai 
wilh as auumod reserve and a conatiaiDed couiteey 
diatibe complied with hit laqueal: I uuled in hU 
COUDleoance, too, an eiprenioD of lurprue, and a nal 
TBI; loving ^ance lowardi oyielf. Leaviog Ihcm, 
I alrulled inlo aaother pari of the nnmi. 

" Many thanka U you. my deu Lady &," atid 1, aa 

prmiiw W preient me lo my couain, bui I have juai 
made her acquaintance by tceidaai. Do you know, 
I talked to her an hour vithout knowing who the 
wai 1 Droll ! waa it not T By ihe hy, what ia her 
flnt namet for our tamiliea, having alwaye lived aparl 
and without any corregpondence, I am pnTouodly ig- 
norant of all bui her loveiineaa." 

" Her name is Elilabeth. bat twi fnanda call her 
Lilly. Yon have a rival, however, in your friend Mr, 
Rafei who luu at leail Ihe advantage of a longer ac- 
quainlaDce than you have." 

It muat be a atroog arm or a wily head, thought I. 
•I I elepped iolo the caniage, that shall win itom me 
nj avteet IJlly Sidney. 


Ma. Ran was a petson whom I had met frequanl- 
]y in iDciety. and with whom I lUnd on that sort of 
caraleee imimacy fiir the nonce, which men of Ihe 
world Bod it agreeable and ooovenienl to make loge- 
Uxr in sociely. What waa his lamily. or nbo were 
Ua conneiloDS, neither I oar any body ebe knew j but 
he apent money freely, pon o Med gentleman-tike man- 
ners, and had talents for being agreeable i and any one 
with thoae qoalities may circulate freely in the beet com- 
pany of any cspiMl in the world. In deapile.bowevei, 
of the gayely of his addrem and the woidliness of hia 
ptinciplaa, he poese aa ed a tsrapenimeni nnuai^ly mor- 
bid, and il was manifeat to me that in hia inward feel- 
inga he was far from happy. I had ofien obaerved in 
CDDveiiuioR wiih him. an occasional violent ecceo- 
Bicily of nunneti which indioaled some atrong pas. 
aion in hia bceaal that al momania he iiMind il impos- 
sible lo conuol { and in Ihe midst of mirth atid jesting. 

T eomelimes canght his eye Eied npoo me wilb a sa- 
vage and aaipicioui glance, which in ill luni aweka 
BUs|Ncian. He had been ecquainied niifa my couiili> 
il seemed, betiiie she came to London ; and I undsp- 
(lood Ihal ■ day or two after my flrsl meeting her. 
ha had oflerod higiself to her, and been resoluislj 
rejected. Tbia circumstance made of conise no difle> 
ranee in our eitema] behavior lo each other, bitl 1 
saw that il rankled deeply in his bean ; for neither at- 
fecled to conceal from himself Ihal I was ilia cause of 
hia refusal 

A Week or two after the occuneocss deaeribed ia 
Ihe last chapter, I went down wiih a Urge parly to a 
celcbralioa at Oifbrd. la letiuning. 1 gave up my 
eeai in tlie chaise lo an old genilenun who waa 
obliged 10 reach lownaarly on some bnsineas. and I 
tame on, on horaeback. This waa a period at whidt 
the English louds were inlssled with bighwaymeo t» 
an alarming degree. GavemmMU had enough te d» 
in represeiDg nanicipal dislurbancee, and defending 
the country from foreign dasgen j bhI accordin^y, 
ibotpads, in every part of the kingdom, were left lo 
practice their profession with coasiderable securi^. 
When i saw Ilounilew Healh eitending before, and 
heard no sound of a vehicle on either aide of at*, 
I felt by no means comforiable, fat I waa entirely un- 
armed ; still, the reaaurcsi of ■ cool bean and a fer- 
tile bead had ofleD delivered me Irom greater dangera 
(ban I was now exposed lo, and '* summoning up mj 
blood," I spurred my mind and my horse together, and 
caolaced confidently along. 

I bed not reached Ibe middleof Ike plain, when a Is- 
rocioBs-luoking iallowstepped deliberately from bekind 
the bushes, aikd seinng lbs bridle of my boras, raiaed 
above my head a heavy club shod with lead, and da- 
manded my puree. 

■" Ha ! bal ha!" cried I, in a coarse voice, ■■ that 
il a clever joke; you ware going lo rob an old biMhsr 
of Ihe cralL Why, you scoundrel," said I. ibrBwing 
myself 00" my horse, "I am Ihe bmoua Dick Wilkina 
you'te often heard oC if you've been much upon tha 
York road. But come, here's acarriags doss by," — al 
that instant I beard the sound of wheels — " filled wiih 
gentry whose irialola I drew al the lasl Uvein. I'll 
show you how we do these thingsal the Doith," and I 
led my bone lo the side of ibe toad. 

The nui succeeded completely. " Well," said Ihe 
man, gruffly, " I'm sure I did'nl know yon were Dick 
Wilkins. Bui come, let us get behind the busbea." 

" Pooh !" said I, " I've given up bushing long ago ; 
we'll walk right iloog Ihe road ; the carriage can't 
turn belore we're ' upon it Hark ye ! 1 seiie Iha 
hoisca and sttSen the driver: you open the cosch." 

I Stepped the hors^, and saw in a moment by tha 
liveries ihai it waa ihe cariiage of Lord D. Tha 
other had hia hand upon the door, when I atele up and 
pinioned him with the grasp of a vice. ■■ Don'l fire," 
cried I, aa I saw a long pistol making tli appearance 
dirough the window. " I am Mr. Pulieney. Let 
some one get oul and asual in binding this fellow." 

The raacal was safely lied, and aa soon *a the iirat- 
men were recalled from Ihatt flight, he waa moontsd 
on tha boi, hia big dab being wielded over hia iMad, 



«ilh Buir tbiMH, bf 0B« or lb* MrTuM, ■*■) lh< 
wriiig* drave as, I foUowiog cIohIj. 

Ai we Ml liirwMd. Lord D. piil hb h«d out of lb« 
inulaw : ' 1 lajF. PulMner !" called tba gond-naCund 
■aUemaii, qaiw mo iadulsiit 1« bs al all aiciMd by 
IIm adTsntan, " wkia wa gel la Town, I'll have you 
■ad* a Boir-alnai cffiear. Your nunnri of laking 
IhMvai » nally bmaiirul. Hiva a pinch of uufft" 

' Your k>nMitp."iaad I took bia boi, " cTincea 
*Mfa a chnning ooolnoa on ih« ocraiion. ihal 1 will 
•Uow jot Um plMtninof ealcbing yoHr awn Ihievc* 
lor Ihe fulure." 

Mj aOair wilh Ih* Jbol-pad gave mt quit* a renown 
in IjiioJnn. My courage and ingenuity were lalked 
of every wbere. and there happening lo be bi that 
tiae ■■> Ifaiw-hewl laiagai in lunn, 1 wa* a deckled 
luD (at ■ day and a half 

1 called lome time afier to pay a vi(il M lUf& He 
received me with a painful embeiraHmem, which 1 

■ letter in hie hand : " i 
to llr. Harflini, whtck n 

Kafa colored deeply, bot look the leller, inl taui 
qaiolly^ Yea, I will give ii lo him/' Affecting 
■Dt mobaerTa hiadiaordeied louki, I Rwaand look my 

In doe tiflM. I WBB luauoonsd lo Ihe Old Bailey al 
Ike trial ot Ibe Ibat-pad Ibi feluny. I had bniched my 
•ridanot, aad ir« leaiing ihe bar, when 1 aaw a man 
■imliiig naar toe uf ihe pilUra, enreUipad in ■ laqe 
diak, with heavy hair, maoireally lal*a. OTer hu tvre- 
head. aad iha loiter part of bia boe conceaUd by hii 
keL Hie eyee ware Gied upon aie wiik a fenwioua 
glare, and I knew ia a moment Ifaal I bad enoounler- 
ed ibat^ance habra- I paoaed infolnnlarily i "Can 
Aal ba Rafaf' Ibosghl I,-tha)luok bekuf* lo no 
Ma einc ; but what can he be doing here I" i walked 
iBwanI him U aacartaia if my auapkiona were cur- 
reci. whaa be lumed qoickly round sari praiented ha 
keck lo me. I laA ibe couri-nwn iiamediaialy, but 
Ikal GircDaBlaBca auggeiied a clue eiplanaWry of ibe 
difficulliaa which bad poaled tne befiaa. 

k% I WM going IhiDUgh the outer kail of Ihe ttm- 
n, I waijtnned by Lord Wilford. wbo.havii 
U ibe carriage of Lord D. on the Dighi ibai 
»pped, had bean lequeated U alleod Maw 

ilaM ny memory ii lingularly deceptive," atid 

" (VoiiU you." laid I. *■ be likely lo lemember Ihr 
nuna which he Ibrmerly bore, il il Here meiilinDed 

" I am certain (bat I ibould." 

" Ww it any thing like Harford." 

■"lie lame, beyound a doiibl. I am uire of il. 
MCOBiil of tU reaemhlance to Hertford, br I recullecl 
having Boticad tocmerly Ihe eimilariiy of Ibe 
na»in Bol, have yonjuuwo bin baliira I" 

■ 1 have not." Mid 1 ; " hot 1 bwl i 

comaelad wilk that u 

[ wilh yon goad^noni- 

Thal Ihe naae of Raie wh BaHbrd, and that be 
a* nearly eoiuMcied wilb Ihe priaooer, were Teiy 
probable uupiciom, and idcIi ai aijJainad th«a peou- 
9 of manner which I had obeerved. How 
cloM that relaiiouhip might be, I acaicely veulared 
gHl lo myaelf. PndiaUy near enough lo nmirn 
ho well knew the chuacler I daall wiih, thai 
[ ehould ilmre the hearty vengeinte of the younger 

On the trial of Ibe priio 
oved against kirn, and hi 
and Mnleneed to (peedy eieecntion. A few daya •f' 
ir, I read in a momiag paper Ibal a pena% atatiog 
imaetr lo be ■ relative of the coodemoed, had pro- 
cured adnueKOD lo him iboat duik the day befae, 
ind that wheo hii cell wm vieited at aighl, be ww 
uund dead by piHaon, 



HuNWHiU my iweal ceoaiB and myaalf conlimMd 
neel daily, ami ny afiaction &r her grew alreniM 
and purer ai our iotimaeyincraeaed; fbr Ihe imnlliad 
irluM of her eharaelei lenpered pawon with a kind 
f veneralioD. In bar behavke lo ■«. there wm 
one of that eiprkiouapM or aOecMliaa wilb nhioh 
loat ladiw think il diieraet to irMl Iheir lovam, bat 
. perfect Irtutingnea of \m9 — a confidence which le- 
poeed all apoo my ainearily, without a doubl that aoy 
could be abowd. In company I wni alwayi by baf 
aide, and when ihe chow lo decline aociety,my eveo- 
inga were coutantly paved at her houee. I Glared 
(he envy of all my acquainlance, and wu glad wfind 
itiBt ibe ptoepecl of our alliance wii agreeaUe to all 
her friendti every viait that I nude, her mother ob- 
•erved with iticieaBed parapicuily ibe lingular reMm- 
blaiice between the coiuini, aod Ibe Viacounl, her 
laiber, begged il to be clearly undenlood how entirely 
he approved of my whole condnci on the day that I 
lirst niel my couiin j and leven timet a week, when 
ihe floth wa» removed after dinner, denmutialed in 
ihe mual aatiufBctoiy manner, praciiely how il WM 
Ihai he became •eparaled frum hie daughter, pulling 
out hit repeater every lime at the tame point in die 
aiiiry, and tracing Ihe looalitiga on the table wilh hie 
linger moiiiened wilh wine. 

Fur my pan I wai aa bappy aa Ibe craving Guicy 
cuuld have pictured. My life waa a dream of joy i 
ihere waa nothing in the preaenl lo detraci from my 
delight, and nolhing in Ihe fulure lo caat a ihade over 
my enjoyment, and I gave myeelf up wilh a delight- 
ful jnloxicalion to the 

"SentalioDB tweet 
UngUng iha Uood, and ieit ahng the haul," 




-which oHuled ms wberaTer I Inmed. Il ia iu love 
onlf ihBi nun mu in llw praaenl; under all oiher 
coDdiliaiM of hii being, he knki lurwani or looki bock. 
Thai hekven ia lovs, eiptaira Iheraibre ihe meaolDg 
oT an " elemtl now j" for eodtMi lime would be lo 
the heart a changslen elacnity. 

Two or Ihree weeb had Ibui pad on when I called 
«ne moining upno my comin, and wai utruck by Ihe 
tiniuual agilariun and reilnini of her manner. I alli- 
ed immedioiely the caiue o( her ducompoaure, and 
facEgeil that i( ihere waa any thing which i[ wni in my 
power lo rcmoTOi aha would lufler me lo know it. 

" Nulhing." nid ahe, with a aadneaa oi voice, and 
fiiedneaa ol look, which convinced nw thai iheiewai 
a great deal- 

" Are you going lo l*dy Beltbrd'a to-nighl V 

"lam PDlj" andlbere wuadaad pauee. 1 thought, 
too, that I Bw a ilight tear in lur eye. 

" What ii the mailer, ny dear conain t Have I oT- 
Tended yon I Havo I done any thing wrong I Tell 
me, for heaven'i Mke. the lauseoryour eilnordiiiary 
manner. I am miMrable in thia horrid doubt." 

"Ilia nothing;" and her eyehadaieproacbingaor. 

I* the CI 
tr join ray n 

•adnea*. "Had we n 

There, loo, I Ual from both partiei nah liie ■ 
ailence and coldna*. I endured it for a (rw n)')ni< 
and then leA ihe home, over whalmed wiib peridi 
and diiireia. I coald not term Ihe binicii coujedure 
•a 10 the reuDD of ihia itiange i^ceptmn. I called 
the neil day, and wai lokj that Ihe ladim ware not ai 
home; a* I had aeen them in the dnwiri|;-iouin, from 
the opponie aide of the atreat. my anrptiae and anxiety 
ware doubly incnaaad. On both the Ibllawiag mom- 
inga the reply waa the nma. 1 oould loalain it no 
bngar. I aal down and addreaed anote lo Lord Sid- 

" Sir : — Of the circumaianeea aa to which inqoiiy ia 
made in ihe note with which I am thia moment honor- 
ed, your memory muii be cafeble of aupplying you 
with a more detailed eccounl than 1 am able to afibn). 
It iaaufficiant for ma lo aay that intelligence of certain 
teceut eveola, of which the actor cannot eatily be 
conceived IB be igoorBU, liavtog reached Ihe earn of 
my jamily and myaeli; rendara it impoaaible thai yoot 
viiila to any member of my Amity ahould be longer 
continued. Any doubt which might hate remained 
in my niind aa lo Ihe certainly of my auppotition, b 
diapelled by your nolo. 

1 have the honor to be, Sec 

My L«d:_T 

roe lim 


aa many au 



have 1 called 

il your houaa 

and three tir 


I be 

en rcpuleed fn>m ihe d 


1 pre lend no 

t to con 

a thai iheae de 

niala ha 

e been accidenw 

If any 

change ha* taken 

place in 




lich I pi 

viaita wars not wholly d tang reea hie, or jf for iny tea- 
Bon your Lordahip haa cesneJ lo approve of the (ixi|. 
ing on which 1 have htiheria been allowed to stand 
JD your family, I beg that I may be informed ofwhal 

reaolution haa been lahen. and 1 (hall tubmit lo it 

wilh what feelings it becomea me not (.> say. Whe- 
ther it be (act or auapition, I think Ihal I am entitled 
to reqiieal that your Lordship nil] let me kniiw lo what 
canaa I am to altribule Ihe very marked nlicration in 
the foelitiga niih which my viain are regarded, ihil i 
may al loaal lie relieved from the painful ignorance 
w find myaelf 

in which I tx 
I have 


Vour Lordahip'a o 


In a fow minulM, I KC«i*«d Ihe following aiMwe 

I read Ihia enigmatical letter again and again wilk- 
001 being able to deviie what " evenU " it could po» 
itdy allude to. The laat aantencr. eapacially, baffled 
my imaginalioa to eiplain. I addieaaed inothar DOW 
:{ her to my uncle, aaauring Urn of tbe UMal error nodar 
ih 1 wai convinced that he labored, and eanieallr. 
deairing a more aiplicit undenlanding balore a coona 
of conduct waa adopted which might be btal in in 
reauliB. The letter came back unopened. 

Uj pride wa* now itrilalcd. Conacioua of the in- 
nocence and proprieiy of my entire coodoct, and feel- 
ing the deep injuatice which waa done me by accre- 
dttins aoaiaciooa of baienea before an opportnnil; of 
ifuting Ibem had been peimitled, 1 armed myaelf 
it reaantment lo auauin iha dialraaa which the di>- 
rupture of afleclion octwioned. Abool ■ weak bAk 
thia, during which lime I had aoarcely once left mj 
nam, I alnlled out la Lady B.'a, where there wai > 
amall pany. I had a (aini hope that I laight at laaat 
my couain there, or perbapa bear liom aoma otw an 
eipknalion of the myalerioua conduct of my nncle'a 
family. No one who aeemed likely lo give me any 
waa preeenl. I walked through the looma 
wbich had ao lately been made bright by her preaencc. 
ind Ihe gay Bound) of merriment which amde mj 
»r». jarred upon my feelinga with a diatreaing coo- 
laai. I alood upon the very apol which ne had oe- 
jupied together on that night when all had been joy. 
oua and glad. How changed waa our relatioD now ! 
)norance which 1 had of the circumatancea 
laed Ihe change, led me ibe prey of harrow. 
ing conjecture. 

1 waa rouged from Ihe reverie inlo which [ had fall- 
in. by the voice of Lady B. al my aide. She nid in I 
1 whiaper — " Your couain ia very ill." 
"lUr aaid I. "Good God I what on the matter ' 

"Huab ! There 
afraid ; but what il 
done nothing?" 

Oh! nothing. 1 love my couain with a devotioD 
which no language can cijH'eaa. Every thought of 

, ., her'i. I amid not do any thing '" "f—^ 

I bar. Do try, my dear lady, lo find out ibii i 



ayMaif. I eut liTc no longer nniler ibia bonibi* 

A tear flntBTiad in Ihe ay a cT ihs htnd-heartcri wo- 
B«D u ahe replisd — " I will do all ihol I can, bill I 
ipoks Id Lord Sidoey lliii moiaiDf , and he aoinarad 
ID laeh ■ Hif ihat I cbd do notbli^iDorrin Ihalqaar 
ter. Tb«7 Imvs lown lo marrow for WnUDcrelaiMl." 


" t pmuDka an." 

" Ab 1 I aac how it will and ; what a madman ia 
my UDcIer' and 1 walked oot of lb* hoUH. 

I saDt ou of m)r aarraou ibe nait day (o Waat- 
noralaod, to galbei all ihe iafomUiMi wbkh be could 
■a to Ihe d 
me daily a- 

nnde alluded lo in hi* note lo me. ll wai manifeai 
IhU Ihe miitake into which he bad been ted. nru Ihe 
cMuli of a deep plot on Ihe pari of lonie one i but by 

V il had b«eo conduct- 

iDU from WeBiinorelaiid be- 
oia gloumy. My couiiu wai 
I length. (M>t eipeclod U> live. 
1 coold Dol endure ihii bonid dialance from the only 
obieci of inteieel in Ibe world to ma, whicli fkliified 
ai«y meoaga long belbrr il reached me. I lel oGT at 
mce Ibr the country, leaving every thing in care of a 
(xmSdeulial HivanI, wltb orden la bring me inilani 
inlalligencfl of any dilng which he could diicover. — 
If I cauld approach Lord Sidney with pioofi, il mighl 
ml yel be loo lale to reveiae miifijrluDe. 

1 reached the hotMa where my •gitboI bad taken 
lodging! fcr ne, within light of my uncla'a rMidence. 


" Cone up to the eaatle." nid Ihe woman, in a aoi- 
nmful whiipar. aa if her veice al ibel dtMance could 
diMorb Ihe lick. 

I wallied inlalheroDnandlhrewmywIfonachBir 
in ■ aoil of unperaclion. The aervanl relumed in a 
few Duinenti, and cane into Ihe chamber where I 
was. I Inolied at him inailenca. Wilhoul appearing 
m DOlice me, he walked nervouily mind the room 

I of fill 

■itnie, and walked back to the dooi; aa bii hand wi 
m the knob, hii face being lurned fmiH me, be eioc 
■till for a moment, and then mottereditiahoanevaii 
* Hiaa Sidney ia dying," and left me. 

I aioie and approached an open window, wbii 
coimnaoded a view of my nncle'a reaidence, and t) 
beautiful landKape around ir. The sir wsa mild ai 
•■lent, the ahy clear, and all looked peaceful and put 
And in a aeene like ihia. woa my cuuiin dying ! 
looked upon Ihe graandi Ihrougb which she wual 
oHan hnvs walked, and upon ibe bouie where a] 
now lay breathing her Ihinl and fleeiiii; braath. 
viable ndDce* aeemed to hang npnn the molionleat 
Deea, awl Soal above the ailent camle. In a thoaaand 
variona allitodea and eipreawona, each dialinolly died 
aa in marble, ihe bee and flgnre of my cemin roae 
npn my mind. And rfie waa dying i Sheupon whom 
■y avai; hope waa placed ; 

Where I had garnered np my heart ; 
Where either I muat live, or bear no lift i 
The fountain from the which my vnrrenl rnno. 
Or elae driea up : 
Ihat aingle aoiirce of pramiae and of joy to me, waa 
aloppinl darkly ai iia .jure*. She mil dying blindly 
her error ! lancy-flain by one who bad been line 
her beyond Ihe tnagiiet'a truth! I Ihoaght of her 
lek auSeiingi in her fevei chamber, and bet un- 
npbiiniDg grief, and her ailent angaiab i I beheld, 
pale and aad, Ibat face which had ao often been 
] M me in perfect bapirineai and love ; 1 reraam- 
bered that ■ wmd might have prevented Ibia- It waa 
now too lale. 

Aa I looked (award* Ihe caalle, I pieaently aaw Ihe 
■hullert of a room drawn lo, and the flag which b«d 
floated on the lower, taken down. I knew thai all 
iver,«nd ibei iba glory of Ibe home of Sidney 
no more- I aank upon a clieir, in agony onal- 
lerable. 1 ibnngbl Ibat my frame would be rent 
aaunder by Ihe lioleuce of my emotion. 

i* a wiie prDVi>iun cif our nalure, that aome of 
mighty aorrows which fall upon ua in life, ei- 
the itrenglh of the acniibililiea to grapple wilh 
Ibcm. Great grieft lie lika aluggiah lead* upon iha 
mind, oppreaing but not torturing il ; il i* only when 
Ihey have became famttiaiixed to the feelingi, Ihal w» 
ble lo meoiure iheir eileni, and taMe their full 
tHttemeaaj il ia only nben remembrance at her leiaure 
flaahea dam from whal befora haa been ana globe of 
■flaring, that the racking of a loaa ia oommenurata 
'itb ita magnitude. There are many miafortDDoa of 
bich il may be aofaly affirmed, Ihat Ihey can never 
be adequately fell. It wa* in a dark bewilderment 
exialed al thia lime — ■ male of dull deapair, 
ihtoDgh which no clear reality waa seen. A* 1 now 
look back upon it. 1 wonder ihal 1 lived. 
On the following day, the servant whom I had left 
, London, came down. He had detected the mya- 
tery of the iniquity by which auch ruin had becQ 
wrought. Some one wboae preeence ho bad con- 
atontly itaced, but whose name and penoo he could 
■tot identify, had determined lo deairoy my characler 
in ihe oalimaiiun of my coutin and my uncle, and had 
arranged a wide and inlricate scheme for the purpose. 
I liatened to the account of my aervant with perfect 
amiiemenl ; il aeemei] ihal nothing bitl a demon'a 
depravily could have auggesled such enormous vil- 
lany, and nothing but an arcb-demoa'a ingenuity have 

ected ill 

unfold Ibii acheme ; but il ia luch. that from the cir- 
cumslaniial evidence wbich reached my uncle, 1 could 
not but allow ibal he waa reasonably juiliSed in con- 
cluding my infamy. Yet a lingle qoestioa lo me 
would have diaupaied all hii conviclions. 

" But one of Ibe aceoMplices," said the servant, 
" Ihe female altendsnl uf Miss Sidney, may certainly 
he convicted, and made to feel whatever your ven- 
geance can piompl." 

"No, no!" aaid I, "let ibam goj let them live if 
they can. It would he a mockery of my grief to 
think Ihat any revenge couU soiiily it. Il wDold ba 
a crime againal hat memoiy U imigii|«.tbat ll 

U iiDigin«,tbat ihaJnoa 


could be compciiMled to nj heart. 1 Teal qd eomiiy 
•giinU Ibem j il u ■ wrung Hw d«ep fix mCBUMni-'i 
That afietngon Eliiabcih Sidney wai buried. The 
kiDsly and tonibre evening wai gubering Bbout Ihe 
•aith when I wl oul fiir Ibe cuile ot Lord Sidney. I 
opemd the door, and paaing a group of eurptiaed 
a, eulerei] tho pailor, where my uncle wa> 

"My Lonl !" eaid i. nith tehemeDc*. " il b idle al 
ancb a time t» lalk of eieluiim. I uiU b« heatd. 
The uoealraaa coniriTsnc« by which you ware 
■bund, have thie day, fbt the fint tiiue, teaehed my 
•»■ Yoa have done me ulter and mat falal wroog. 
In ihe healing of God, aotl id the awful praaenee of 
the apirit of my cfnuin. I itveai Ibal you have done 

The Tilcouni Mmbled ai be litienad to me, and 
hia face became dintoned niih einoii<>n, for he fell 
■hat t (pake truly. He rnae and walked U> a aecrelary 
in Ibe comer, and taking oat aome leileti, put Ihem 





e thow leiieiel" taid he in a 
he panlnl >o ibal he could 



Uia rrume ■booh ai if il had been palsied. Every 
IsBlute of hia counienance quivered wiib maiterleai 
diaorder. In s broken whixper he aubbad. "ll ia 
anful," and bowed wiih anguiib — he louered fniiD 
tbe rooDi. 

I went oul from ilie house, and wandered I knew 
lUl whither, li wai miJoighi before I bad con. 
BciDUineia enough lo iliink of returning hom& My 
way lay post (be village grave yard, and 1 waa bevide 
it heGire I wai aware. By a mechanical impulae 
I looked over the wall, and my eye fell upon a email 
fiaah moutMl of earib. wbi<;b I knei* lu be the grave 
of Eltiabeib Sidney. I leaited uver the nail, aad 
gaaed upon the narrow liJge. The lilence of the 
aoene and the b<dinetB uf the apiH enbdued me to a 
nfiar tamper iban 1 yet had fell. I realed upen 
the roof of the biicka and wepL 

Aflar aome lime. I waa atarlled by a aligbc noiae U 
my title. I turned and taw a man wrapt in a cloak, 
aianding atill and lonktng upon me. Aa I moved, be 
took affhta hat, and the moon ehiuing clearly upon hia 
face, revealed the countenance uf Rafe. Hit face 
Waa deadly pale, and much allenualed ; hia eye glared 
with a Senilisb power, and there waa a aavage eiulla- 

" That ia one drop in Ihe cup of revenge," aaid he. 

" And yuD have dona lhi> V 

•■ Lieian lo me," aaid he. " Along thia palfa, and in 
yonder grounds, I walked in faruet yean with Eltia- 
beth Sidney J yoor emoiiona may tail yea what nn 
my afieCiioo. Sbe want lo Lnidon. and when I agaia 
met ber, you bad croaard my path, and Gitally. My 
■oil naa rejeoted ; and I determined Ibal your auccea 
ahould be your ruin. Yau aeiied upon the highway 
one nhoca neceaaiiy and a wounded miad bad lad to 
that life. Thai man waa my father. The inceaMBl 
eflbrla of his son had al length procund fur him a 
foreign pual uf creilil ami aniolumanl, in which be 
might apend hia declining life.and ibe night on w 

Id have I 

in England. He waa a felon to Ihe world ; but to me 
he waa a father. I knelt by hia lifelea body in a 
convict'i cell, and I aware thai while yon lived, the 
aole puipcae of my life ahould be revenge. One atep 
of the ladder by which you deacend to the loweal 
depib of misery and deapair, hai been laken. Kixiw 
now, that go where you will, mingle in action, or le- 
poae in idlenaa. my hate baa marked you br in 
own. Sleeping or waking. U home or abroad, my 
eye ia upon you, and my hand about you. When lor- 
lune aeamt lo amile, and peace auggeat* a hope that 
your doom baa been cunqueied, any to yoaneir ' Oe- 
uiiuciioD only pauiei.' When ihe thunderbolt of ruin 
bunia over your head, atid Ihe tempeitof daeolaiion 
wreaka in rage Dpoo four happlneia, aay Ihea, ' Thii 
il not the lati i' for ihere •hall be unoiber and wKMbat- 
My vengeance may have leaden TeeLbut it will have 

He left me i aod I remained, atniuiad, npon (ba 

To my fair frienil, Mias Mnrray, 1 write in a hurry, . 

(And baaia muit eicuae an abundance of laiilu,) 
Requealing the freedom, na I ahall not need 'am, 

Of iMuming Ihe bottle of vnlaiila aalla. 
When, quite Hntimenlal. you ndly are bent, all 

In lean, o'er aome iiory of Cuuper'i or Galt'a, 
Tuu'U find it rcaioring— for rainling it boring — 

So pray you accept of the volatile aalia 
Nay.doiwt refuee it, you ofl-iiraea nay me it, 

la e*'niii|a (ti'lgl**^ with cMiUioa or wain. 

If better it Sod you, oh let it remind you, 

Of when you linl aaw theee tame volatile aalH ! 
That night when yon met me. a heed ache beaeC me. 

But beauty Ihe enul over auff'rlng eialla — 
Ere the boor of fonaking, my htad bed ceaa'd aching 

But my hiarl needed, lady, the volatile aaltal 
I pc^ you may never have caoee lo endeavor 

To cute any ill 'naath the heaven'i high nalla. 
But had I the power, [ would give M ihii hoar, 
charm o'er them all lo Ibeea volalile nlla! 





nunc ditt, DTBiA, nai hrinr with Hm 

Jot ni reuiUU JsUiiT • 

Q\^ and Crirnjif, tad mnUA wilH« 

Such u kui(OD Hrbit' chKk, 
Aad In* (Q dwrO in dimple dvk ; 
SpiKt UiM ninklnl an dnidiiL 
kai UnckicT Mdins kmJi biTnlo. 

Tbe donium of die eqmlUenI eitjr of Penn 
l>Dg hMB diHiBeautied Jbr a pmSciMK? in the prac- 
liM of puming. li it IVom tlie inflamce of the man; 
l>»y« wbo crowd (boat thi Slate Home, and fill Ihi 
HOoiBiBg (ireelil Uiwyen are a ward loving, quib 
Ming, pbntw-lwiMiDg race, ind have ever bei^n tioU> 
riaoB in dw annala oT good living and good hamor 
Randan tella of one nliii wrots bia pom on ih( 
bach of Yaa brier, and found them or great oh in e 
dry eanae. Do ne of Pmn pon br vartant n/ AUot 
nrjr J Or haa the ialeneelioo of the •Lreeii an^ con 
oeiion with theinlerwoaTingofour vrordil Can the 
lieqmncy of bi-mglea of brick and mortar induct a 
propennlf to pan. bf auggeating a double point id out 
yAeryl Can llie condgoiljr of lbs Itvo livua pro- 
dtuc a Upanma flan of ideal ? Can Iha aneqaallad 
jMnitj of ihe aunoapbere have art hilarioua aOect open 
(HT miodaT Can habiti of eilenaiie inlrrci 
give ■ purfjr-colored tinge lo our convenation 
nantnalcB in panning t It i< likely, for win« and 
EgfalB vaiat ihe wit, and jokes lell beat after ibe c< 
and over Iha SUei]'. At dds lime. I imagined that 
Ihe cfaiamaa of tha Scbnflkill water hud rome IntJu- 
■Dce on OUT wit, bat 1 Imtf aince been ronvinced Ihst 
dmapagne, ptoperly admiuialered, pruducea (he rhmI 
brSfiant pnna ; 1 bare not f et aacertaifwd ibe relative 
Taloe of tbe variaw bnnd*. bnl I believe thai a fan 
tnge rfm^gba of Biddle pat a nun into bellei ipiiiti 
than ai>7 thing elaa. 

A word or two in deftnoe of pana ; -There ar« a 
aon of men ao looaa of idbI." that ihe^ aMon» a d«- 
;«eable <^kn of the practice of punning, generallf 
haonae Ihej are nnable to perpetrate aicn a pigmy, I 
have beanl men of nma repnla Bajr, " t never cunde- 
mod Id pon I' and know othen who condanm Ihe 
pr^ndl; n a low habit, devoid of any portion of 
wit'a «We. PanniBg waa macb m vogue aamng (be 
Ontiaui and the RoiaaDi ; many hundred ioMancea 
eaa he adduced in Kipport of the vnttquily and cIbmI- 
caHly of (he pnranit. 

Wift nga>d (o the claim of the pun to be eati- 
■aWd a* wil, I would obaorve thai we moat firat 
Meertatn what wit really it. 

Dr. Bhnow, Ihe eelebrated divtna. in hia aeiBMn 
igtint vmin and idle (alking. has eiempliflad the iUa 
of jetting in aitrain of the pareM wlij witfaiag. par. 
tafa, thai (be inljact oTbto diKonne dtosld eanae to 

own doatruriion, at the Gre^neirrled acorpicti it titp. 
poaed 10 iling iiielf 10 dealb. Bnl • peiual of the 
doctor*! powerliil tennco agaiiM nit. at Addiioo ■md»> 
where oberrvee. aSordi the highetl evideacea of ila 
otility in nrgumen(, and tbe conirqaeol neceaily of 
i» cuIlivBiion by all men of mind. Read what Ibe 
learned divine, wbo waa himtalf celebnled fbr wil, 
aaya againit wit — and in hiicomprehantivadeflaition, 
obaarve hon cloaely ihe nature of Ihe pun ia deicrib- 
ed. allhough the inaniiiea of Ihia working-day world 
deny ita wittinctt or grace. 
" II ia indeed a ihing to vertalile and nnllilbriii, 
as many ihapeii, ao many poamrea, an 
ly garba, to vaiiuusly apprehended by several eyea 
judgmeota, that it aeemeth no leta hard to settle a 
clear and certain notion thereof. Ihan lo make a por- 
trait of Protena, nr to defioe Ihe ligure of the flee(iDg 
air, Sometimea it lielh in pat idlxMim' to a knoBti- 
ilory, or in ttawnaUe appiicalinn of a trivial tayivg, 
at in feigning an apixiaite lule ; rnmelimea it playtli 
in tuDrJt and phraiei. taking advaniage from Itie am- 
bigvili/ if Ikeir mK. or tA< afinilf nf lirir HBtnd ; 

iretsionj somelimes il litrkelh tinder m oid aiatK- 
ade ; aameiimM il ia lodged in a. aly queMion, in a 
mart answer, In a ipiirkiA reanm. in a ihrewd ioti- 
laiion; in cunningly, divertlngfy. or devsrly retort- 

cheme of apee«'h, in a tart irony, In a lualy hfpar- 
ole. in a slardlng nataphor, in a jiIsutMa rteonal- 
ig cf amiradietimt, or in oeafe aoiufluB ; somal iw aa 
soenial repreaentabon of peiaona or (hinga, a eoMH 
irfeii speech, a mimical look or gaatuia, p ai se t h ihr 
;. Sometimaa an aBected aiiaplieily, toaeliiMS a 
giveUt il being. 

riaaib only from ■ lucty hilting iipm «*at U Mrangti 
Imat from a aaftf vntting i^ ohiiait malUr lo Ot 
parfBtt. Oflen it cotwnletli of one hnowa not what 
and tpringeth up one can iiaidly (ell bow. Its way* 
laccountabla and ineiplicable, being aniwetaUa 
10 ibe numbetlcH lovings of fancy and windinp of 

Thia axtract it aoHicienily convincing (hat puming 
is "a portion of Ihe realm of wit," and the geneial pr»- 
valence of ila oe eihibils Ihe eskmation it is held io 
by aatbota of the Ani celebrity. Tbe pant of Shah' 
speare are iimanenUe; end be oarad ml bow a 


THE gentleman's HAGAZINB 

mfd lequind IniatiDg. if il could b« turned into 
■Df loUDd lewmbling in urchelTpe. Tha pronunciaticfc 
of Ihe word Rumc hu long been a point of dinen- 
lioD — •ome followen of Iha old ichaol csll il ■■ if ii 
wif ipelt roam, white olbin, imiinlonofJohnlCeiiible. 

ftvotile author to proie that the lul proDuociaiian 
ma comet, aod inatAocad the bard*i puna of *^ [here's 
rooai eiHjogh in Rome" — -^ Tha htmored godi heap 
Rone in aafely. and lb* cjlo'ri of jualice." — " Lsl me 
have rDOBi with Rant to ODrae awhile." Theae io- 
■Uncei aeeDed conclonva ; bul Ihe uMigoniil, adio- 
eiling the open aouiid of the greal citf'i name, alao 
quoted Shakipcare in hie behtlf, and cited Winchea- 
lei'a ihiaal front Henry lbs Siilh — " Rome thall reme- 
dy Ihia," with Walnick'a pnnnitig rapljr, " Raai Ai ther 

Bat 3hak>peare make* all hi) charactera, nb 
kinga or clawtn, topa or Botioma, warrion or car 
pun and crote-piin, till occaaicnially Ihs iniercci of the 
acene ii marred, and »a lichen aomewhai ur the 
wont'play that charEcleiiiea Ihe dram. pin. in 
keen encounlcr ot iheir «iu." Perpetual punstei 
alwayi annojing, whether on or off the Btage. 
cannot alwaya be quafTing chempagne, and even 
iridgea will pall upon the palate, ai Cardinal H 
lieu dticOTered, nheti Louie the Thirteenth compelled 
him to feed for aeverel dayi upon that diah alon 
remOAitiating with Ihe profligate moaarch upon hi» 
inlidelily to the queeti. 

" He who would make a pun would pick a pocket," 
i* the ilereotyped dogitia fulminated by all laugh- 
lyncben — the caal-iron damper letdown upon a funny 
fellow'a fire.Joai aa ha begint lo bubble and lela offe 
little aleam. And the obfuacaled donhiea impute the 
origin of the intuit to Doctor Juhnaon — sinlllloquenily 
natigning ihs ponderoui Sam. In Bu'^y'B tcicitdB, 
we perceive in ihe Docior'a remarksan nlivioui Blrain- 
ing after wil — an unceaaing attempt nl >miirlneae, 
which occaiionally producet "a good lhii,g," bul tel- 
dom altaina the eminence of a pun. I nay. gcldum; 
for the leviathan leiicographer did aurael lines aucceed; 
" and then." taya hia faiogra[Aer. " he would look round 
upon the company with an air ornmaciouK auperiuriiy." 
Mo! Ihe apileful adage waa tha produce of John Den- 
nia, ihe vitwgai^cruet critic, wttoaa murhid lempera- 
ownl rendered him unable lo enjuy life ; hie crab-apple 
nation* kept him in ihe diade. and he vented hii ipleen 
upon Ihe happy diiga on iheaunihiny aide of iha wsy- 
' Pope. Steele. AddiaoD. Foole, Cray, and all the wiii 
that frequented Bulton'a cofiee huuae, uaed him as 
their butt; annoyed by Ihe clack of the clique, a 
unable to antagoniie them at iheir own weapona. 
reaorted lo the utoal nalignancy of mean minda. a 
fell upon them with ahuac. A nit will never be wi 
out hit DenniB, 

JiriiD Cembla loved a pun. and ihoofc hia Roman 
ndea with caehinnalioiu. " not load hut deep." h 
maila one once, and laughed at il. eilempore. for 
month, it haa never been publiabed, and ia acarcely 
worth writing, bul it will aerve to ahow how caaily 
the immoilal and gloriaua John waa pleaaed by hia 
own pndactioD. An actor named Ryan bad 

hooted off Ihe nage (or hia incapacity ; be encoDnlcred 
.emhle anerwardi. and, relating the lact, auppoeed 
lat he ahould never make an actor. " Tea. yea, yoo 
rill," laid John, nilh a Cotiolanaa ahnig, " and ftom 
'hat you have told me. n« may even now call yon 
the great hUid Rytn (hlatrion);" and than John Kem- 
ble chuckled greatly, and all the aetora laughed at tfaa 
manager') joke, aa in duly bound- 
There ia not ■ horber'a boy in Philadelphia who 
would not have made a better pun. I once beard a 
farmer, who waa lelaiting vegeiablea from Ihe tail of 
hia wagon, in Iligh Street, achieve a pun of far tupe- 
rior merit. -Farmer, have you any flowarar' nid a 
young girl. " No. no ; I lUn't aell flowera, not I," aid 
be. rather roughly. " Well, don't be ao proud." t«- 
torted the girl. " Proud V aaid the Annei, " [ am dm 
proud — 1 growa laieyt and Ihinp ia a quiet, plain 
way — if I waa proud. I ahould be a haaghtg callaritt, 
and then you could have aome Buwen." The man 
never couhl have utteied Ibia jidie, if he had net been 
regular in hit attendance at Philadelphia market fbt 

I am intimale with a round doten ef jelly comp*- 
niom — Ph iladelphiant — 

thai it. in convenient leaaon, for ihe beaaly of a pun 
depend) upon ila Stnen in every aente and bearing — 
and [ would not barter their fellowibip for an inlimaoy 
with the twelve Csnrt. were it poatiblg lo reaoacilale 
ihe imperial Jury, and endue them again with the taint 
of mDrtatily. Before the reader and I part company. 

LlBUd. il 


a few of 

requetting bim to bear tn 
mind that joket which eiciied unbounded mirth at the 
moment of delivery, appear Hal and dull upon paper. 
Dugald Slewnn, Ihe melaphyBiciao, remark) that " the 
pleaiuie aOiinled by wit ia founded oo the aurpriae of 

II Ihe 

:h Ihs I 

■cquinul over a pari al tha ci 

with one which apptaia in pnot- 

Thers ia a game frequently uaed by the y 
branchee of aociety aa a mean 
Hmuaement, called "What are my ibougbH like!" 
In Ihe coune of ihit play, many eicelleni pun* ars 
oc(-a>ianally brought forlh. Tha Isadeiof tbcpaitj 
ihiuhi ofaomeihing — a noun — and. keeping hit notion 
lu himself, inquire) of hi* right-hand neighbor. " What 
are my tfaougkii likoT' Tlie perton aihed mutt in- 
medialely mpoid aloud, naming any thing thai ha 
pleatet; tbe quetlion goei round tbe company till 
every body hat elated aome auhject in antwer. Tha. 
leader then telle bja thought), and requirea eadi per> 
aon 10 Snd a comporbon between the aelecled object 
and the aubjecl of the anawer previoualy given. Fot 
inilance, I atk a party what my thooghia are like, asd 
am amwetwl by the aeveral individuala— ap aucIioQ- 
room — a dead body— a dindng matter — a bed — 
and a ban fbwL Notv beta it a pleaaiiqt Tuieir of 




■mlilndM la be «nbodi«d in one word— and llial ii 
8ur. which t daclan 10 be (he otijsci of uy Iboaghti, 
isd teqoire the Gnl ipeaker to give a nMoo whf ■ 
■kip B like ap BDCtioaiooai. Tbt aiainer ia obvi- 
ov— bIu are requaile 10 botborthem. Dead bodiaa 
nqaira airotidi. an do abipa. The neit mail be ■ 
liole brtbar feh^ed — a abip » like a danciDg maMer, 
buaoe il gmt batU. SheeU ara Ibe connactiog 
poinB belnecD ahipi and bed*. Wby i> a abip likr 
I hea Ibwl I Ibia ia ralher pumling, I contsH. but ne 
mat ureicb a poiot. and np that although a ihlp 
cumol lay me egg, ihe can lay to, and abouiidi in 

I hiTe been eipUcit, but nal Isdioui, I irual — hop- 
in; thai ihii game may be leaiiKiBbla in Baw of my 
fKCf nadcia. and halp Ihem lo pan mote than one 
acny eTeaing. Several good punniog conundranu 
Kill be the i«ul( of an hour'i relaiatioD ibi* my. 
[ Dues beiid an eicellenl aitd will]' aniwer giTen at 
du ftat, to a demand why a loldier waa like ■ grape 
Tiaet diarsplywaa — becanae he iiliiledand Inined, 
tiu lea-drili and iboola 

JaU be£>n Iha liDe-of-battle ihip Pennaylvania left 
bar iDOoriDga oppoaile Iha ita*y yard, aoiaa of Ihe vi- 
nlan oUerred a. couple of lailan oodei ihe guard of 
1 muica br an oSence Bgainat ihe diacipline of iba 
Mtrice. " WliBl will be theii puniahDMUt I" inquired 
oo« of the party. "Tbey will merely be placed in 


1 the difTsre 

' No duabi," lajd the genllemaii, " they wuntd ■ounei 
be Baud than ^noJ^led." 

Judge Pelaia. a Pbiladslphiaa and a punalEr, ha) 
Iiik behind him a countteB hoil of well-remeiabeTed 
fBiii. Some few of bii rareat are well worth rerord- 
iug. In Ihe blaia of iheir brilliancy, I ihall retire; 
inUiidliig, at aome future opportunity, to perpMnta 
uilbet chapter on the puna of Fenn. 

A genllaman preaeiuing hia only aoo to the notice 
nflha judge, aaid, *■ He ii my aU." The boy waa a 
ksf, thin, nhey-biwd alripling, and Ihe judge, look- 
iii{ Is fail face. Mid to the &thet, " Your awl, and your 
ka ta^ I ibould aoppoae, but I caunot call bin ■ 
*i^fi*g fellow." 

When on the Diitricl Court Bancb, be abaarred to 
Jodge Waabioglon that one of the wilneaaaa had a 
v^etoUi head. "Howior' waa the inquiry. "Ha 
baa carrofy hair, nddM cheeka, a turnup noae, and a 

of ihe pnUic dayi oonneclsd nilh Lb 
Fayetie'a ici eption, Iha judge waa riding in an open 
carriage WL III LbeGenenl. who regretted thai hsihonld 
be eipoied U the annoyance Billing from clouda of 
flying dutt. " I am uied to il," nid Peter), " 1 am a 
judge, and liiva had duil thrown in my eyea by tbe 
lawyen fur many yeata." 

When prji lising at a lawyer, be had ■ caie on trial 
before a ju<li;e wbo waa well known to indulge in ei- 
liBOrdinary il.'raiicIioDi bom Ihe truth. Thii judge 
waa etiiii^iiily liiaaged againai Peien' caae. and while 
the jury urru abaent, and conndering their verdict, 
be wiibed to putipone ihe cauae, pleading illneii aa 
an eicuae, and declared that he waa unable id nl on 
Iba bcDcb. Pelen aaw hi* maiioenvie. and «d, " If 
your wonbip camwl dt. we ineis (W yuK can lie, and 
Ihsrerore you can receive Iha Terdici in a recunUMnt 

He wai appoinlad nenbU' oTa buitdii^ """"'"— 
ith ibe aflainofa new church. A wine 
1 made an eicellenl offiir for Ihe uae of 
Ihe Taulu of the building, inlending to uae tbem aa 
the place of deponle lor aome of hi* immenae aloek- 
The liberal party were for acoepting bii ofier, but Ihe 
■trici cburrh-goera Iboughl the aflkir wai niHethiDg 
of a dcsecniiion. and wiihad lo decline it. Pelen 
lalter party, and when hie aurpiiaed 

nnded hi 

' I have I 


it wrong." luid he, " la allow any pnadiiiig ova goad 

He atlended Ibe annivenary dinner of the Cincin- 
nati Society, on the Fourth of July, 1S28 i and when 
about 10 retire, hs waaaaiilad toward* the door of the 
room by one uf the colored waitan on hi* left, and a 
genlleman, a member of the Society, aupponed hi* 
tottering itepi upon tbe right. The Judge tamed round 
10 aay farewell to bia old acquaintancea, and looking 
at his auppoitar*, aaid — " My fiieoda, I lake leave of 
yon in black owl wUle." Thia wax hi* lait pun in 
public, for be died in the coutae of Ibe auccaeding 


Colo Jaaoaiy come* in Wintar** car, 
lUek hung with icicle* — it* heavy nbaeti 
Cnnbered with cloggiof aoow, ithich cracka and 
With il* leaat noiion or eoaeuauTe jar 
'Geintt hard hid mta, or hewn traaa baiiad £u 
lu the heaped whilopom whiob awhile eonoeak 
TtagraaaaiMlpaaloralewth. Ud ChrinraM liMb— 

That well-fed and wina-iaeling wamaiUr — 

With all bii feari* and Srea, feel* ceM and ihlTera, 
And Iha red runnel of hi* indcJent blood 
Creep* alow and curdled *i a norlhem Sood. 
And lakea and winlerriUi, impetuou* river* 
And headlong calaraci*. ara in nlance bound. 
L^ tnmiMlied tigen laabed 10 ih' unyielding gmuHL 



W« have been lurprwed, whila converting aboiil 
the aflain of Toiai, lo find Ihal few i^-ikoi* en 
among ihs be«l informed, enlcrlained a ciTracl knui 
ledge of the prapeniei oT thia inlercsiing raunlry. > 
were more than perlielly arqiiainted niih ihe (rartli- 
Ian otiu osiaral or politioil liisloryj oiul yet, from i 
contiguity lo the Unileil Stales of Amerlrti. Teias h: 
received a larger ihareurouralteiiiian tliin any other 
proTince of Iho Meiiran Rrpublio. The ^rml 
thai hu lately taken piece in ils ruliliiii! mfl' 
Bud lbs imnelua tide of emigration thai isdai 
ing from every part of Ihe Union to the benliB of the 
BrBEOa, Ihe Sabine, and Ihe Colorsda, haa gi' 
Americana an inlereel in the proaperily of the Teiiana, 
and created an aniiety to be familiar with every illiu- 
tntive particular. We have I hcrelbre collected, from 
■ variety of eoarcea, ■ body of facta deecriplive of the 
nalutal biitory of Teuii, and beg lo aaiuie iha reade. 
that the aihcieat retiaace may be placed upoo iheii 

The eilreme length of Teiaa i* from one Ihosnnd 
lo twelve hundred milea. and it) average breadth three 
hundred and fifty miles; it ii, thereibie, a country tboiit 
a third or perbep* a half latter than the iaUnd of 
Great Britain. Iia eitent of aea coul along Ihe 
north and north-neat abora of the Gulf, ia aboul three 
bondred milee. One of the moat alrihirg fcaiurea of 
ill chaiaclai ia Ibe nombai of riven, greai and amall. 
which flon through it into the Gulf, and aflc>rd the 
neaoa af eileniive inland traffic by waler. The 
principal rivera are the Braioa, Colorado, Trinidad, 
Goadalape, Sabine, San Antonio, Rio de laa Nueces, 
and Nachea. The name of Ihe Braioa (in the Spaniah 
language. El Brasx de Dioi — the arm of God) ia Ggu- 
ntively aignilicaot of ila character i h being placid and 
beneficent in repose — mighty and terrible in wrath. 
It iftirda Iha meaiM of ateamboal navigation for some 
hnndreda of milee into lbs upper part of Ihe province. 
As in the case of meet of the other rivers, the BtazoB 
empties inelf into a large salt lake, or inlet of Ihe sea, 
■rooiMl which, to a vaal silent, Ihe land ia charged 
with milieiat aalt, which may be gathered in abond- 
(Dce during Ihe dry aeaaena. The river Trinidad, 
lying eaalfrom the Brazos, falls into a large sal^water 
lake or bay, called Galveaton Bay, by which a good 
deal of commerce baa hiLhsrto been cariied on nilh 
Ihe upper coonliy. The Nnocea river boundi Teiaa 
on Ihe nest, aepamling it from Ibe province of Coa- 
hoila. In Tens, tba nnmber of what are odled se- 
eODd and third rate riven i* considerable, and among 
^ tbeae we Ond Ae Baa Jaeinta, which is navigaUe lor 
thii^-flve milea from OatrsaCoa Bay^ — the Navidad, 
a hundred milea ta Isnglh, and aba navigable for a 
partof iBeotusa— BaflkloBayoa; alid noe odieia of 

A liaf le giants at the map ia luffideal to show ibe 

great advantages which Teias derives from its [iv«ra 
and ill local posilion. In an inlartd direction, its com- 
merce may be etlended many hundreds of miloa, into 
ihe Uniicd Shim un the one side, and the Mexican 
Slalee on Iha oiher. The inteicoutie*along the (horca 
of the Galf ia tary and safe. A day or two's sail wiD 
ulie you to the raouih of Ihe MiaaiBippi. and Iheocs 
you may penelraio by water aa far aa Canada. Al an 
aJdiLional day or Ino'a aait from the Gulf) you have 
\'era Cruz, Ilavanna. and other West Indian marketa. 
Mature would ihns apj^ar lu have bean pnidigal ia 
lior favora to this finely siiualed lerrilory, which may 
one day be Ihe centre of a prodigioua internal and 

All deecriplinna of the connDy coincide in slating: 
ita lower regiona to be litlte else than a aeries of ei- 
lendve flat platna or piairiea, apread Out at br aa the 
eye can reach, and here and Ihere inlcnperaed with 
what is called ■ rolliDg eotiairy. The greater propoT' 
lion of the land brma an immense inclined plane, the 
apeiof which iilfaehighlandsonth of the Red River. 
From ihn snmmil, which ia by no mean high, ih« 
inclinadm is towards tho south-eaat. sod aurpHsingly 
uniform. The surface ia beantifully undulaling lo 
within about sixty or seventy miles of lbs coaal, where 
il becomes level. The whole tract is, witbout eieep- 
lion, free from marshal lakes, even down lo the inleli 
which skirt the coast A geologiit, on looking al tbe 
country, and examining ils soil, would at once pro- 
nounce the level region lo be alluvial ; a mere cidlec- 
lion of panicles of eaxth washed down by the riven 
frum the greal central diatricta of North America. 

Tbe appearance of the prairie lands is thua deacribed 
by the author of the Viail to Texas : — " I was tn; 
much struck with the uaiformiiy of ihe snrbce in ibe 
pfaiiie, which 1 had ohen heard of so parljcnlarly, 
but never obaerved belbre, I had now run a mile or 
mote over il, without meeting a single irregulariiy or 
obstacle, a atone, a pebble, a bush, or even a ahmb. 
Scarcely a blade of grass seemed lo rise above aii 
inches in height. And thus this exienaive plain, 
neglected by man, and tended only by the hand of 
I, preeanled a eurlace as level as the most oaio- 
fully rolled gaideo-walk, and was rovered with a coat 
of green as uoifoim as a saxiaih shaven lawn, or • 
sheet of velvet. And Ibis si;eae was not eoDfilMd 
nnall vale or meadow, oi bimnded by a range of 
neighboring bills, but alretched off to a vast distance 
on almoat every side, on ih&Aoe h^sd seeminy to 
the Gdf of Msiica, and • the other to meet 
Ihe boriira. llere was nothing elevaled or roag h, 
contrast with the Oat surbce of green ; and 
after a few mooMnts apani in uuuleiui^ting Ihe [jaij, 
finding it varied only by Ibe distant groves whidl 
knranb the northi Ihe mitiil foela a kind of 
. Bodily thai Ibe aawssa an abnaai nsdea I 



when lber« ii n liule la give ibeni eiireiH. Such 
mraHOiBormyrflelingiailhtGnlilihlori prairie." 
TIm mae writer in irmTsUmg neai Gilvniiin Bay, 
KBuki — " W< had aiierwardi ta pau over aaoilier 
beiuliful prairie r«gioD,wbere our ^yca were rerreibed 
wiib the luiurianl a«ne prtaenied on every lide. The 
pia wai oeaily up M iha hiineii' knew, aod ■> ihick 
and Bnea, Ihat it enlirely coDceoled every trace or 
Uw black lurbcfl furmed by ihe buiniog of the dry 
planta a few we^ki precpding, and Hhirti waa in aome 
ipou ditceniiUe nhen we paued ihu way beStxt. Id 
uau placea I observed patches cosereil wiih toiwiiive 
jdania, aiid in oibcta llaweta were bluwming m great 
lariely, nhilo we were uaually the only living ohjetis 
to be Men. We nw orcnilnnally ibc tine calile be- 
hogiiig to (he latms. ranging oier their eitenaive 

telduin IooikI any ibing but [he bilda pm aj aaed ol 
aainal lire. The callls had already begun In ihow 
Ihe eSeelB of their improved paaturagc. and were re- 
■atkably fat. ileek, and vi|oro>u. ranging lulally un- 
iMrained over icgiona inmenaaly diaproporlioned 
rran u> Iheir freal nnmben, aitd graiing la their 
heara' cDnteot on herbage which grew tenfold (bmui 
Ihan they eould cooaume it. With my pocket compaii 
k> direct na, wa now aal off aeroai the pcairiei, pro- 
CMding mnewbat carelcMly OTCt the veidaat and 
haanJIeM lann lhat apread lMli>ra aa, in aome placea 
apparaotly to the bariioa. What aerea. what milaa. 
what leailneaaquaie of tbesMMl fertile land were Don 
ia nght wilboul a bnmaninhabilanll And bow eaay 
woold it be fin' a aiiai^at lo become bewildered in 
MTelliDg over then ! There waa not a road to be 
meed, not pveo Ihe ilighleat appearance of a path, or 
of a tingle fbotitep. If any pavenger bad leken thai 
eooiae before thk aeaaon, Ihe rank herbage had eo- 
tiniy obliterated every evidence of it. An nabiokan 
nr&ce of graai, inierniingled here and there with 
baintifnl Boweia. eitended od every aide of lu lo a 
gnat diMsiiFe : in nnw placea bounded by a diitanl 
fiore or range of Ireea, and in olbera ilretched far 
between point! and iilanda of woodlaod, lill loat in 
Ibt IhickDea of the air. Theae, however, were oden 
Am oat frbm ihe view by the thicknev of Ibe vapor, 
aid ^te waa nothing lo vary the mxat, more than 
■a fogod in the midii of ibe ocean. 

I had never been at all laefared for ihe indeacrib- 
able beaaty of a Teiaa prairie al ihia aeaaoo of the 
yMi, which I DOW oonld not avoid admiring, eveo 
radar audi onpleaaant ctimaMtancea. The wild- 
Boweia bad greatly malii|died, n lhat they wate ofken 
■pnad around ua in Ihe ntmoal profoaioo, and in won- 
latfal variety. Soma of tboae wbieh are moM oaltj- 
laled in our Dorlhern gsrdeea were hen in fall bloom 
nd peifectim. iDiernriiigled will* many nhicb I bad 
never before aeoD, of diBbreat forma and ooloia. i 
■liDaM deapair of giving my reader any adequate idea 
of the acenea which were thua ao richly adorned, and 
thnosh whiota we olten pamtd fot aciaa in extent, 
beakiiq for ODnalvea Ihe only path peiceplible on the 
Mfaole prairie. Aioong die Oowen were ihe largeBt 
*Dd moat delicate I had ever nail, with oOan Ae 
■M gandy. AuoDg ibam wan ooaapicnaaa diSerenl 

apeciei about aii inchea ia diameter, praeanling <«•■ 
centric smea afiba brigbletl ypllaw. red, and blue, in 
flriking coniraiu. In more than one iuelanea, theae 
Rcldi uf Ooweni were not only to gay and luiurtaal 
» 10 aeeni like a latl garden riilily etocked with the 
linoii pbnie. and abaikdi>n<>d to a congenial aoil, bat 
eileiuiva aloioti beyond limiiuiion : fur it wai loiae- 

of the hurjion. Ii waa •ingiilar abo lhat paichee were 

horwe paurd ihiuiiBh ilifm,drew up their teavea and 

by Iheir feet ; ihui making a wiihercd trace on Ihe 
•urrace. Hhuh wai but graiiirally oblilaraled aa Ibeae 

again, and eijiinilnj their nilhered laavea. The 
plania whose ietJ<iii(en»M had thua been overcome, 
were rendered diiii^iKUi^liable to the aye Irora othen, 
by Ibe eijioeiire ihey made of Ihe lower aide of iheir 
leavai when ihey liilded ihrm up; that (ida being of a 
much lighter hue iban lha upper. There wai a pbe- 
nomenoo eonnecied with ihia Mriking appearance, 
which 1 waa at lha lime anable lo account for, and 
could hardly credit: that waa, the ihrinkiDg ef Ibe 
delicate plant* a lillle in advance of ua, before we bad 
quit* reached them. A friend who bad witoeaed dia 
nme thing, accounled for it by iuppoaing thai they 
received a aback ihrouEh the long bmismtal noO 
which connect them togelfaar. 

Through ibeae vaal and iplendid regiiKi* cooraid 
occaiionally a few deer. We aaw aevaral herd* of 
■ii or eight through ibe day, and aome much Uiger. 
Moat of ibem were acconpanied by fowno, imootfa, 
red, and baaalifully ipotted, aa innocent and friafey aa 
young lamba, and like them keeping citae to tbeii 
daiu wherever they weu^ We foand in thia caae, •■ 
in olhar). that we might aomelimea approach pretty 
near lo them when we came agaiiui the wind, bnl 
ihey would teem iii a coniiderHhle diitance fnim lha 
leeward, and bound for away. We alio aaw aevaial 
small drovea of wild muitanga aa we travelled <a, 
which beiroyed greater mleicst or cuiioaity lowarda 
DB. They would iiarl off at their alow gallop with 
their long mane* and laili flying, while tbsir thick 
fetlocki and forelopa gave them a wild untutored aa- 
pact ; and iweeping aff in a lemicircle to Ihe right or 
lefl, acoor over balf B mile ot a mile of the prairie, 
and then atop to ■utvey ua until we again approached 
them. AHer repealing ihii manceuvre aeveial tinui^ 
they generally ehanged their courae aod diaappeared. 
Thaae little boraea, though not ill formed, are daati- 
lute of the peculiar beauty and elegance which are 
aUriboted lo certain wild ■pocieeoflargeraisB. Thay 
are alio not very iwit), but yet ore vaj valoaUe to 
Ibe iahabitaala, and will doubilcn long prove ao. 

Theae legioni preaent no obiiacle lo Ihe travsller 
in any direelion, eicepi where they tl« cnwad bf 
itreaini ; their aoil i* alao generally rich, and ofkeD a( 
almoat incalculable fertilily. No foieala are lo b« 
cleared away; and yet, in many place*, Ihare ia anfll- 
cient wood for the limited necemilie* created by tha 
climate. How many aumoliona doea tbk apleodid 
, anintry appear at firal aighl to oftr » a aaUlet tfom 



oar cold umI northern ■lsl« '. No rocky aod buren 
lodges lo lie mils far ever, do ilaep ecclivitiei to bi 
tilled or to be climbed over ; no proTiiion to be madi 
for (be boning of cattle ; no lining, culling, curing 
ramoving, ■lowing, or feeding out of ninler fodder 
not ovsn ibe eongtmclion afha^ itacki, nucb leae Ihi 
weciion of bsmi or ttablea for crope and alock. How 
dtfficalt it i* to a noriherner lo beat in mind ibe reably, 
Ihal all ibeee great fealuree of eoil, climate, and rural 
life in bia own country, are hers lo 
He naturally inquires, ' Wbei then 
indiutrloui D»n u do !' Tbs wbole 
«attle ii of coune reduced, bb it > 
Cuiun, 10 the alinple operation of letting tbem lake 
<at* of iberowlier, eiu. dtink. and fallen on the ricl; 
pHtnree ind under the genial clinute. until the owoai 
ohooaea Mclaini iribuieof their fleih, hide, and boms.' 
The rolling lands of Teiaa are deuribed ainotleei 
beautiful then the level prairiei. with tbeir A>wen 
•Dd iitandi, or groupe of tree*. The aullKir of 
HiMoiy of Teiaa, D. B. Gdward, 
in describing hii •enmlioni on lint bsholdiif tbe 
dulating plaina batweeo the Red River, (a hoondaiy 
with lb* United Stsiea on ibenonh)and iheTrinidad- 
" Now. reader, youirelaler ia lost lor words to describe 
ihe landscape af^er crossing Uie liver Trinidad i as no 
laagoage can cooTey to ihe mind any thing adequate 
(D tbe emotions felt by the visiter, in aaceDding this 
vast irregularly .rcgulsr slope of immenBc undulated 
plains, which expand before Ihe eye in grsceful idIIb. 
•ffiirding fhmi Ihe Bummits ol their gentle swells a 
boundless prospect of verdure — lilending in the dia- 
MDce. to the uunoat eiieni of visum, with Ihe blue 
of ihe borimo. Few apecurles surpsM it in beauty 
and magnificence. The boundlesa eipanse and pro- 
Jliund repose of these immense ploiiia. eicile emotions 
of Bablimily akin to those which arise from a contem- 
plalioa of ihe ocean, in ila diaplay of unduUiniy move- 
neolB. Tea. ■ more grand and alapendoua silence 
even broods over these regions, where often Deiihsr 
aoond nor sighi, foreign Lo iha scene, disturbs lbs con- 
toiaplation of the psHing Invellei. 

"Hum rolling pral 
bnod declivouB vale, through v 

rally divided by a 
hich meander*, in 
s biuoks, creeks, or 
bnncbea, which enter Iba Trinidad or Bmioa, or Colo- 
ladoi on which, aa they approach these rivers, there 
is mora or less of limber, relieving the eye, in unison 
with those luie airy groves at every shape, with nliich 
Ihe prairie mounds are studded. These rows of tim. 
bar and picturesque grovet ere called islands, from ihe 
ittiking resemblance they present to small tracts of 
land sunouoded by water. Nothing can be more 
nalitral ihan the comparison, as Ihe praires often as- 
aume the appearance of a lake both in aurCice and 
cder j and in the remoter parts, the hue melu iolo Ihai 
ef disuni water. And il require* no very great Mm 
«f the imagination, especially in certain slabn of the 
wnthar. and changea of the light, lo fancy ihal such 
is Ow reality of Ibe scene. Tea, so much ha* nature 
aoolribnted lo the illuaory ippeaianca of lh<M groves, 
that Ihey oAen present all Iba beauty of art; for the 
ttaea ate of nearly equal aiie, and grow near together, 

without underwood, and present oatlines perfectly 
well defined, and alien surprisingly regular, soma ap- 
pearing 10 form eact circles or oval*, while others are 
nearly square or oblong, with scarcely a liiigl* tree 
projecting beyond ,- so that il is found difficnli to divest 
oneVaetf oflhe impremon that much of ibe land had 
been lately cleared, and tbeae were the remains of the 
forcai. Taking ibis inleretling part of the province 
in stl iis bearings. I doubt whether anothsr cosld be 
found like it on the continent — from it« one mile eo- 
circled prairie, lo those of twenty miles in exienl." 

Eilonsive vallie* of alluvial soil are found alWDg 
the mountain range* in the upper couitry. paiticulariy 
upon Ibe water-coiiraes; and ibe*renery in these hilly 
diuricl* ia al once wild. Bublime, and beaulirul. Tbey 
are also conaidered to be the moat healthful and free 
from lbs numerous inseeU which plague the lower 
regions in the hottest pert of the year. 

The vgrioiia natural productions of Teia* of cOOIs* 
depend on the nature of iba climate and soil. T%» 
climate of Teiai is complalsly tropical in choraelat. 
hot greatly mitigated by the absence of swatnps and 
thick matted woods, which render some hot countnea 
inlolerabte during certain aeaaoiM of the year. The 
dryiwss and openixaa of the land* give parity lo lbs 
atmosphere, and cause breeiy draughts of wii>d froia 
Ihe lea, which temper the heaU. When the breexs 
cease, which Ibey do every afiemoon, Ihe air becoOMs 
hot and close, and contequenlly produces exceeding 
languor. The general aveiags temperature >• stated 
to be from Baventy-lbree lo eigbly-lhree degree*, 
but it ia nflen at high at one hundred and three. 
So powerful an<l continued a heal, acting on a 
nil uniurpused in richness, naturally produce* tbe 
moat luiuriani fFgeiation. Tbe graaa grows so high. 
and thick, and so rapidly, aflsi being cropped, that it 
is hardly possible to keep il down by placing any pum- 
ber of cattle upon it. The number of wild flower*. 
roots, and shrub*, is very coosideRble. Among Ibe 
Sowers, we find roses of diflerant varietie* j Ihe Hay- 
flower, the wild pink, the red and yellow lilies, the 
jeitamine. cowslip, golden rod, hsan'*-ea*e. bollybock ; 
among Ihe tool*, the angelica, the •atsaparilla. ginteng, 
beurice. mandrake, wild potato, groundnut. anakemot. 
wild paranip. onion. gariic, white and black hellebore; 
ihrubs, aeveral kinds of lea plant*, and indigo; also 
he nopal or prirklypear. This ia the vegetable which 
a fed on by Ihe insect which yieUs tbe cochineal dye, 
ind here it grow* lo a height of len or twelve feet. 
Thia plant producea an immense qoantity of fruit, aitd 
food ibr vaat herds of cattle atul wild hmsea. 
The fruit ia nuliitioua and choice, aikd on oneoccasion 
il ssved a whale army from bmina. It is luuikd in 
ineihauslible abundance. 

The woods of Heiaa are vary acattered, and are 
remarkable fiw growing in patches and stripes of iikdi- 
lidual kinds- The live-oak i* one of the largest and 
Roal valuaUs trees. Il grows lo au enormoua aia«, 
in circuroferettiM, 
aite more Ihan thirty feei flom the 

ler treaa than this, howoTMr, ale not uaoanawt 
le of them maasuring evMi twanty^Mie feel ia oi 


eoinrerence. BfiidcalNs llvenik. (here are Ihs nhiis- 
cak. Ihe red-oak. ihe Gr md pine, tha hickmy , ihr 
walnut, ihs ath, \h» aim. the rfpren, Ihe linden, ihe 
berolock, the fcllon pine. Ihr ipruce fnae, ih( lortut, 
Ihe miuhil,thecollonwDOd. Ihe wild cherry, ihe peran. 
lb* ijoniare. Iha hachlierrf. Ihe mulberry, and the 
builonivood, bnidei many o>her kindi nliich mighl be 
■aenlioned ; aim. iniBlier tree* or thrub*. aa Ihe iaiircl. 
Ihe •uinae, Ihe juni|ier. ihe ■anatrai. Ihe willow, Ihe 
large elder. Ihe dutBrf eldrr, ihe [wimnou* elder, Ihr 
Arub oak. the winler-green. the wiich hait'l. ihe 
nfrtia wai-iree, the nild plum, ihe pnekly nah. ihe 
dun-wood. life apoonwood, ihe moote-woiid, ihe fever 
boah. Ihe Bweel rem, Ihe raipbeiry. Ibe whorl leberry. 
Ilie hlackbeiTy. Ihe cranberry, and ihe choakbrrry. 

Canea or rmda grow lo a Jargs eiieiit near ihe 
Bargina oTriTer* ID Teua. Tiacu oflhii ramarkthle 
plasi are called eaHe-hrakei, and iheie are aa iingalar 
in apprarBDC* ihal we ihall quole a deacripliun of ihem 
"The naJD can*-brakea of Ihe provinte are belween 
the BfBSM ond ihe Colorado, on what ia larmad Cany 
Creek, or Bayoo, which imirr oveifluwi, and where 
Ihe eane-brahei are rrom four lo IwaWe idiIm in 
breadth, wilb bul few tree* lo be eeen among ihem 
ihrough the whole length of Ihn creek, wveniy i 
Theae canea, or raedt, are known in Iha Northern 
Slatea >■ Ikhing-rodi. where ihey often ull at a 
|»jc«. To pan ihraugh one of iheae cane-brakei. by 
ooeofthoae narrow paihi commenced while they were 
jnong. and which ii hepi open ihruiifh Ihe fear, by 
the frequent paning and repauing of men on honea. 
iia iwveliy leldoni to be met wiili in any counlry bui 
Ihaloflhe tower Teiaa. Coneider yonnelf enlering 
«De of thete aingolar avenuei, arched overhead, and 
with Ihe view of the ahy jhul out, for ihe ipara of a 
Bile or ao, with an im^nelrable wall uf teedi on 
each aide of yon, lo the height ofiwmiy r««l or more. 
and theae reedi ao alender, Ihat. having no iiipporT 
firedly aver tha paih.they muai droop a liiile inward ^ 
and BO meet and inieimingia their lopa at to furm a 
complelB evergreen bower. Tha tight uf ■ large Iran 
MTered with ao rank a growth, of an annual plani. 
which rtaot lo tiich a height, drca^a. and ia renewed 
every iwelTemonlh.aflotdaatlllKing iinpreuion of Ihi' 
fenility Dflheioil." 

The fruiiB of Ttiaeare Ihe irape, ipiillieiry. apple, 
plum, aberry, iwset gum, peach, huiler mit, wnlnui, 
huel-Dui, pacan-nnl. and many oihera. Tha graree. 
br rariety and delicary. rival ihne of lialy and Pur 
tnpl, and mighl be rendered equally eilianiageoui in 
commerce. "There cannot be ihe leaal duubt, (aa^a 
ear authority.) thai the day ia noi far diiianl when 
then vtill be lineyarda in Teiu equal lo any in 
Swiixerland. France. oC Italy, fur Ihe qtialiiy of iheir 
winea and frtiiii. Thoea pmdurla of indiiairy will 
indeed be aa earily allainnhle hy Ihe inhahiiaala. anil 
aln»Bt aa cheap, ai iho honey, which ia al proeenl. and 
will continue to be collected by Ihe hu«y heelmm 
■yrradi of aowen, and hy ihrm depoailed In Ihe bn 
•eai of every hollow tree; ao thai cnoing down (Ibr 
Ihare ia Tery liitle Hanhinii required) ia all il 
wanting, in orderlo pmcore that delirale and loacioua 
tapaM! The wax thai obtained ia Mt only valuable 

ihe farmer, by hardening hia beeve IbHow candlea^ 

ice. [I ofien haptiena. therefore, Ihat the bee-hont- 
a. al a dialanca from hahilalioiia, will throw away 
ihe honey aiid aave only tha wai. In addiiioq lo all 
Iheee rewaidaofindualry, ihruiigh Ihe inai ru menial ily 
if wood, Ihare ia aNOiher, which baa of lale yeara 
IraivD ihe altenticm of a number of American agri- 
u Itu rat lata 1 lo wii, ihe culture of tha mulberry, a 
(eetci be found very plentiful inTeiaa.and bymeana 
ifwhich ailk-worma m>ghi be reared lo any eilent" 
The abundance of nalural nula it another fealura In 
ihe producliveneaa of Ihe caiinlry. ■■ Pecan nut ga- 
thering ia. and will continue aa lung aa people cond- 

rmiilnmenl lo Ihe Teiaa firmer — if nol every year, 
at leail every Becond year, at ihey fall then fruai ilia 
Ireea bybatxlfgla.and are in generalofa very auperlor 
qualiiy indeed. Tbeae command a conaiaul market, 
not only in aea-pona of ihe eaalem and wealem coaata, 
bul in thoae of Europe alto { producing al an Brerag* 
lo >ha Grtleollnclor, from one lo two dollan perbnabeL 
So numeioiu are ihe nalire peean-treea, in ihe upper 
parte of ihe country, Ihat il requiree nolhing but Iheir 
preBervarioa to inanre a continual emalumenl, imie- 
pendent of thoae the fiirmera plant around Iheir dwell- 
ing^ aa one of the few ornamenia which Ihey euuM 
adopt, rombiniiig both pleaiure and profit. 1i reqnirea 
no unoommon exertion, hr a family conaitting of half 
a doien rliildren. tay from the age of tii yeara and 

ain weeka in ihe fall, with a hundrwl and fiily huthela 
or ihsl pleaaant and valuable froit. lo tay nuihing of 
the walnuit, and the ether inaikelable nula of eveij 
kind, already ipoken ot" 

Boih Ibe clinule ai>d aoil of Teiaa adapt 11 tar Iha 
produclion of ruuon, augar from Ihe cane, and code*. 
Aa yel, lillle baa been dune lo bring iheae valnaUa 
captbiliilea inio operation ; but ao far at aiiempia hava 
been made, ibuy have been moat tucceatfiil. '» Sugar, 
cuREe. and Coitun (aaya Mr. Edward.) can ha raiaad 
cheaper Ihan in Ihe tiniied Slatea, or in ihe Weat 
Indiea. Iiul owing to ibe civil Iroublee nol eniiugh ia 
now raiaed r>r humeconaumpiien." The author ofiha 

roKon and catile-rgiaing eaiaie:— -The fine eaiale 

ance aa we appnni-hed 

1. A large pan ii ap|>roprialed 

lo graiing, and left uaencluted. wiih Ihe eicei'Iion of 

a tingle Iraol, at a va. 

paalu re ground fi>r iho cailla 

of Ihe owner. The e 

clo-ure, ihuugh it teemed U 


nut leta Ihan iwo bund 

red acrea. and it aecured bv a 

garden, with a noble 

coiion field, which. Ihe year 

I^Cn. had yieUed a c 

rop ihaltirid Cir five ihonaaod 

dullaia. Evenafierii 

rom Alabama, declart-d Ihara 

wat Hill It good a rr« 

on Ihe ground at Ihpy trnn- 

monly gaihered in hia o 

wntiaie. Bey.aid ihe e.rfilaaed 

It. and apuiind wilh a tivilerad 

herd of ail hnadrad cattla, til beknginl to our boat 




n*; kll >ppMKil well rml, tciive, acid rifDRxii, ind 
tftmi (luiit liTM ihroiith ninlar and ■ummer in 
optn air. Or couiw, do boiwiDf u naceMarji in n 
a dinMl*. and tw proiiaigii of Giod rar them ii la 
■ada, ID a EOUDlijF wbrra ihara w parpaiual graan. 

Tba frcaier inii oT ifae Teiian lariiliKr, haiinf 
•olf lalely enMrjed Tram ■ alale of nalure, aiill poa- 
MHca a Damber of Iboaa wild aniDiala which are 
tend ID almoal all couotriea when lint vnited bf 
avililad nan. Baan. wolin, nild bog*, nild hanei. 
■ad JiiiM. are occ«iionall]i aeea i ibe coufar, or 
ii mlf to be loiiDd id iha owat remote and faifher 
yaW uf Ibe touDirf. The opoaDni aod the raccooo 
an Kill aomewbal iroublmiiLe to Ihe gondwife uf the 
kauMvwbo pridea heraelria ibefuodlrnumher ofbar 
gwm. lukefa, and cbickeDi. Tbe iDreriot aDimals 
•( Ibe coDDtr; era oeilher very Dumarou* Dor liouble- 
MMe, alibotifh occaiiooall)' one may ilunitile od a 
■ala ei a doniMiiae, or perbaia al time* aae a akunli. 
■ waaMl, ore mink. Aa Cu rati, bati, and Dkice. ihey 
•M eoMmoD asDojraDcea, not wonb aMDiioniDg in any 
Miuillji bi lea* ia tbia, which baa beeu ao leeeDlly 
bikahilM). Anoog tbe binti fit for bod, are tbe wild 
twkef . (cDouHHil; liiuDtl in tba woodi, aod «ear Iba 
•dpa of the praitiea,) tbe tunledave, die piairiaJieii, 
tba paniMge, and the qnail; the two Ibm are, baw- 
•var.lbiDDedoffbp ba«ki. Amoag Ibe aoDfatan are 
4a ibniah, ihe mockiag-binl, Ibe wbJp(M>ri>iill,aDdtbe 

Tba rivera aad iborea of Teui teem wiib Gab of 
■utr vaiiaiiet, and Id Ibe bayi are fbund ■lligeKn or 
MMtaiderable aiia. Neitbei the alligalora, nor Ibe wild 
^nadnipedt above meatioDed. are to Iroubleioae ai 
Iba (warnw of udiII inecli which inrcU Ihe country, 
janicularly the lower paiU. It would ba m»I im 
jtopet 10 DTerlook ibii leniGo peil, in •poaking of ihe 
MiMbleiMB of Teiaa fur the localion of nucthem eet 
Ihia Tbeia are a few kinda of aoakci in lha coun- 
ty, bttt Ibe tiODble which iheae giroi ia noihing to 
tktl fnMD Ihe ioaaci Iribaa. " Aflat ihe faaow-fly (.aya 
Mr. Edward) cornea iba SjiaDltb or bliaier-fly, to be 
Aaod ID greater numberi, quiie innououa to lha be- 
Mdet. but dangeioua to be handled. Then Ihera are 
bal few couDliie* which caa boaal of auch a number 
aad Tarieiy of aula. The wnodi and the dry pniriei 
lilwally •warm with Ihia ioduairiauB, aod bacauie of 
bk indanry, peateroua liule inaecl. Of leptilta, Ihcra 
•H Unid* of BTery hue. geoenlly harmlem, except 

the nDooth or broad backed mea. fipideia eba of 
every diicnity abound, fram Iba lanntula, ooeoTllM 

iry> (which, when full grown, will Meamre. whan 
Fipanded, fram five lo aix inche*,) to tbe amall alander 
iiriped one of Ihe moai ioiinuaUiv appeamnce, bat, 
Bi the aulhoi can tealify by daar-bouihl eiperietKO^ 
of the moat piuaouooa nature. ScmpioDa and centi* 
I are aa numerona aa Ihay are dangerona, eap»> 
cially the flal, black-beaded centipede, wbi^b growa 
inormoualy large, and whoaa haoDta are cbieBy lo ba 
faDnd noder rotten loga aod aam-gmyia rock). 

The camping traveller, aiKl the land buater.will do 
well to keep a bright look-out, pailicalarly ia tbe 
woodland their vicinity, Cir a apeciea of red bag, ami 
ibe tick. From ihea, eapecially the ticka, ihetv i> no 
e. la a (ingle Dight ia warm weather, ihey will 
gaibar ao afleclioDately opoa one'a eater man, aa 
hardly, id ibe morning, lo leave iu compleiioD dialin- 
>ble; and auch ii their love and attachment to 
humaoiiy, that ihey cannot be removed without great 
and ingenuity. Id aiie, abape, and color, ihey 
ceiemble that bug which ia ib« boriot of good houae- 
laa. Provided with a pioboacia or trunk, idoo- 
alroiuly diiptoporliuDed lo the real of tba body, ihay 
ul a porttoa of tba culide, and lay bare Iba 
amallsr veaaela, liom which, niih their eombined 
pnwera of auctioo, they make no triding drangbi upon 
OMii'* ayaiem." Another of out aDlhoriliee givea a 
•imilar acoaaDl of ihladreadfal aoourge — "The fliaa 
iiy irouhlcBome at Ihii aeano iu thia r^itm ; and 
whea Ihe beat came on, we Ibund them iolulerabla. 
lad aeen ihen before, aDd obaerved the eBecla of 
bile on our honei, hut never id aucb numbera ■■ 
Ihey now preaeniad. A hundred or more would faMen 
each of our animati al once, make a cotMiderahls 
]ud in a momenl. and auck the blood abundinJjr, 
ile ihe poor ctaatum would ahon marka of ex- 
ile pain, and abriiik wlib dread wbeuever tfaaj 
fell ihair tormenion light upon them. It viaa oTIillla 
drive ihaoi oO; tot Ihay nlumed immedialelj, 
ipealed ibe bile in anolhar place,- and ao de«p 
., Ihal every apot they had touched waa marked 
1 drop of bbxKl." Octobei aDd November ar« 

I beat mimtha 

pril and May are the aexi beet, ao at lo avoid n 
ilyihe rapid clitngeaof lemperalure,bul iheeilrei 
heal of ibe weather. 


Wbs> tki away on tbe deep blue aea. 

Remember ihe Triandt you have leA behind, 
And lei your aonl go fbnh aa free 

Aa ihe bird Ihal Soata on the aunmer wind — 
^ your own green land lal your ihiiughia raiura. 

With a feeling devoled.aod warm, and true — 
And while fiiriheirpreaenceyourbiiaaaahall bum. 

OtiUakaf lha boaoiaa Ibai bun fiu yoo. 

Whtn yoD watch ihe planet of eve declina 
In beauty and glory where day hea act, 

Believe there are eye* that will mark ila Aloe, 
Believe there are hearia Ihal will Dover futget. 

ADd while in ila hrighi, bul depaiiing ray, 
A typo of Ihe pleaaurea of aarih you aea, 

0, loar lo Ihe hraveii above, and pray 
for lb* UdalaM hopee of •leraity. 

Digitizer byCoO^lc 




Wkm tboacli<l"" pnnc** MHigbl to (rind 

Iq UUnm, vhich lh*mwl>«a hwl foigad, 
TIm frac volitioo of mankind. 

Tha humbl* pairiM wbom rhej ■conttvd , 
Vpoo iheM ihixa a nfoce faand. 

Whan lyruiM Jbllowad lOOB.ud plantad 
Offnmoa'f Mtodanl in tli* gitNiDd. 

nkil*«a Ikeiir b««adfD OanntML 

n« mUm in onhojr drift, 

A UcliBM croird itrvre not (o b* ; 

Bm fawisH kiMlr, BuJ pMgsd wilh lib 
BDoor ud Iwtaiw Id ba &M. 

W«wr of iIm (fiBOi'i chuna, 
Tb« irea banda thar aoapp'd MODdNi 

Aad •loof Colmi^a'i pUina 

naa paaaaTolBaalhair wM-liW«a dm 
Th«r koaaa Mid fcwrdw ia aav«; 

naj awora br libcrif , aod ma^ 
Each aiMLabl hit Uiampli or hii gnva. 

Ovlambia'a bmtmr fluaWd bigh. 
rraonaa villi ardof hail iba rigbr; 

BMaaih iu iilda thof oboaa to dia, 

jNWBLia tliair lifbL 

PiiM in llw coaflict Warreo oiBe, 

A alar upon (he Held of blood — 
A pharo'a light, potpiing to ftma, 

Amid lh« ballla'a htiia b* tiod. 
Ha ftll, a haio'a daalh waa hia, 

jtnd freadoBi'i paga ni 11 tell thaMorj, 
How daar a aoldier'a meB'rr ii '■ 

How daalh'tika it bia meed afglwjl 

Twaa freedtHn'a fighl '. the; fought it wall] 

Fracn manr ■ heart the lile-blood tan i 
Aa blla the hnve, lo Warren TaU. 

A Diartfr lor ibe righta of maD. 
Hie rouihTuI wurior dauQile* lad 

A liiile hand rmib to the battle, 
Bebre them Briliah Tet'iana fled, 

Tlio' hardeii'd to Ibe war-gun'a tallla. 

na lighlfd brand Troii Boatoo'a haighH 
•Went blaiing o'er a new-born world; 
FreaiMn. opprtaa'd, roae for their n'gfals— 

OppraBinn TioBi hii Ihraae wai hnri'd. 
Tba Sag of libartf on high 

Slill bean in prida hti iiripea aod itin; 
Banaalh Iheni rreeman " do oi dia," 

Like Warren in their glery nan. *,< 



TSBMt b brigbtntM on the hoaTem, 
Tfae broad aun ii ling'ring (here, 
/ And bia wide-apread amile repeaaa 
On Iba aweal and balmf air. 

"ThiB noM ia blithe around Ihee, 
Oo the lip-ioe oT delight ; 

Bat all ondiaintb'd iboa ala a pe it 
Tat bow beaatiful — how brigbl! 

nan hail had Ihj jofooa frolio 
On the Ibnd Bnlemal knee, 

noQ bwtbapi andiported wildly 
Id IlijF foong haan'a aoMaef. 

Tboaa high and ailvety tonaa, 

Iboaa warm nooiiioaa of the baait 

Which onlj childbood ovraa! 

nsae para, ganllj-baaming glanea^ 
Oh, ibelr language all b hid, — 

TIta baoda of alumber linger now 
On that parfoci, daap'friogad lid t 

And tbe >pall ot alaep ii on tbea. 
And thf cup of life ia blcai — 

Hot a drnmr ligh to atanlc — 
Not a care to break ih; raat. 

Ob, maj that cop fbr erer 
Still thut aweelly pau along. 

like iha cheriab'd dreama of childbM4 
Full oT loTe, and juf , and aong ; — 

Mtjr iba cup be iwver broken ; 

May ili plonnraa neTCr rlof. 
But rich brighiDcaa light Ihj' baafcfk- 

Oh, my own — my <lark-eyad txj '. 

Ona year vf tnirih and gladnaaa, 
One ihDrl year of peaea and jop— 

Uaf yean on yeaTi ai iweaily 
Blaaa thy life, By gautla boy! 

a. II, un. 





Tbe sccomplithHl Miu Em n 

n di>lr« 


I plesdini ibr ■ 

■ Mr. 

GInner. a fiigid.fealured man. nho bad Bmaned an 
immante fuctuna from an obicura beginning, having 
once bern > banker of comniudiiin in Ihe •ireela 
■■Whal ia the naois of ihe foung maa I" inquitetl Mia 

" I've nfarlf forgollen— or didn't read tl perhapa— 
kara il ia — here'i hii imperlineol epiille. I'JI raad ii 
to jou," njring vbich, Mr. Gleauer pullad the cruoi- 
pled laiier Jioni hia pocket, aitd read u fuUowa ; 

" Hot. 31, IB— . 
"Dear nr — Being reduced bj ciri^umatancaa, of 
vbich I bad do coiiirol, I am induced lo oOer nipe 
painiingi, at >nj ettinMie you may placa npoo tbem. 
Tbfl twu I propoae dlapoaing of, liaving on« bean ad- 
mired bf fOQ wben ia company wilh a membai of 
CoDgreaa. Tba genlleman alluded lo, fou may re- 
merobar, waa aniioua lo purchaie, but conniderationa 
that no longer eiiil induced me id declma parting 

" Reapecliully, your obedient urvint, 

•• Lei him bara bii bruah a 

for bia begging. TI.e counir] 
iigaboodi, who Ibink lo live on 

lake up hi) pea 

will be no nece« 

la full of auch laiy 

le generoriijp of Ihoea 

a lifiugt" amphaUcvllr rentarked Mr. 


•■ Where did you uy ha reuded, Mr. Gleaner 
paired Miu Juliet, wilh a crimioD glow on ker cheek, 
■nd her iipa cnrled in irom. 

"Sumewhere — No. 11. 1 believe, in Duit Alley," 
aaid Gleaner, turning off, and inapectiiq a rich ollo- 

" Ladie* and gam1enieD,ane and all attend, if there 
il OBe apart of humaniiy in your boeonu. Faiher," 
•aid ihe. addreieing ache«rful, gray headed perionage. 

"Hubb!" cried the old general, "I aeamd lbs 
rtion — who aaya nay! D — n il, (I beg your pardon 
iiea.} Gleaner, don't hold bach." 
" Oh, if Miu Juliet can get you all lo help him, I 
n't care if I do Ibrow away ■omething loo." 
" Ah, Mr. Gleaner," coniinuad Miu Eno, " if yoa 
only knew the lorturu of a giOed mind, in indigcnca, 
loutd not haiilate. It ii InM that genlsa aaeka 
nl inilalonyaipirBliona,nhilitlbalangaid body 
• by piecemeal, and yet the innoeenoa of th« 
, and ihs honor of the man. hover rottDd ih* 
baait, like the Bmiering dove, vainly aodaaioring U 
' iheaanullBorihe vulture on ili yoang, until lh« 
laM drop of blood ia coi^ealod by death." 

" Wbyahoald they follow th* btwnau then, if it it 
loaapiofllablal Do thay eipeel to have (lory and 
be fed by uf " replied Mr. tileanar. 

"Yea!" continued tba fair adneale, "ware the 
Amerinni but grateful to their own arllati and aulbort, 
ibey would acquire lume and b« fed too. For what 
do they labor T Do Iheir norka not benefit Ihe couD- 
iry thai uurmrei ihem t ay, fur genarslioni and centu- 
riei alter lbs autbon are alurabering in their gravaa! 
What Engliibmaii doei not Tenerata ha Sl^hapeara, 
bia Reynold!, and hi* Sterne t True, the lait of thoaa 
auETered winieiimEa for a monel of bread, but il only 
aerTcaloawelliholuadofmin'iingntLitude, and teach 

" Btaviaaimo !" eitlaimAI a fuhionable author, who 
poueaaed Ihe aoomaly of an immenae fortune. 

"You haveialJ noihing yet,Mr. Manel,"aN]tinDad 
Juliet, addreuing out hero, but I have obaeried the 
aiteni of your eye to every remark I have made ; I 
iberefbre take il for granted thai your 'eipreuive 
ailfnco' may be ronitrued into an afllimalive, and in 
thai rhoughi 1 aummon you lo aileoilout augualnelf to 
Ihe lodginga of Mr. Beman, at eleven o'clock, to mor- 
row morning." The genilemao Ihui highly honored, 
made a very low bOH. and remarked " that Ihe fulfil- 
ment of her cummanda would ever aSiird him infiaita 

jnlry d 


you take ihe c^ir on Ihe end of ihe aofa here, and 
Ml make ■ bii of a apearb. Mr. Freaidant, when we 
hear of diniien, it mailen not who ire the auflaren, 
Ihe Gral emolion ws eiparience ia pity. But when a 
fellow ciiiien, who ia not unknown, whoae geniua haa 
eliciled the praiae of ihe communiiy in a ntore ptopi- 
tioua hoar, and whoae reputaiion aa a man haa known 
m diminulioD through every change of life, ia by any 
maane fallen into Ihe diafavorof Ibnune— -waoid.' Il 
k in behalf of auch an individual thai 1 now addreu 
you. 1 lanve that all preaent patroniae him.and have 
their porlraili takea." 

It waa one of tbwe damp cloudy day* which nah* 
a ciiy look dreary, and iha aireeia are dceeritd by the 
accuiluaied number of pedeairiana, ibai Ganaral Eno, 
Miu Julini, anil Mariel. wended their way through 
unfrequenied alleya and dirly courta, in queal of ma 
unfiirtunale fellow creature. Angela, if ii iairue ihal 
they take cognixanca of mortal aflaira. hovered over 

Ah, V 

oa their holy miuioa, and ihe inmilea of ihe aplendid 
carriage that wheeled off in giddy apeed, and halted 
at the door of Iha magnificent jawall^'i,whei^l*onb. 

vall^'i. whei* wo 

F A N C I EfS . 


Ian diamonda wrora paichuad 
(litMrat ibaopcn! 

" Bte« ay MM whal ■ den of ■ plica Ihia ia!" 
ajacolaled ih< gaDeral. on arriving al Ihe dailined 
plaM. Tha houl* waa dark wilb llie Main* of half a 
Mnlurf ; and wwiiuialed in onaoflka narrow allefi 
llut run infrgm BalrmMarminaiingindarlinnaabaal 
nidnaf lo Ihe oeil. Tha ihinglra wara rcvared wilh 
gnen mon, and the biick> iHrned ai ir tbay had bmn 
■abaerged in ihs dainp eaiih. On ihe ceniraclcd 
walk bel(MV ifae door, the iwine were regaling on lb* 
pariagi of TCgaiablea. And ytl, on a rough board, 
nailed to ibe building, naa wrillen in rude lellen 
" Qealleman acconmodiled nilh board and lodging. 

" la Mi. Seman int" iha gsneial inquired of a n 
•tnble looking coiorad girl nho Boawered (he n 
paoted rapa at tha door, aod itarad al the Tiaitera • 
a iighl aba had not often regaled her eyea vilb. 

■Yea >ir— walk in uid ajt down— I'U go 1*11 him 

" Can you not ihow ui lo hii painling room I" 
"Oh yea — but it'a 'way up iiairi." 
They proceeded up range after range of Trait atai 
waf, until they were eviitenilyat the top of Ihe hoot 
then mining into a dark corridor, Ihey fell their way 
lo a door, which, on tapping gently, opened 
•ndden jerk on ila cniy hingei, and dammed riolently 
^naltheimide wall. Thenwni was uraoiaeitranp 
Ulgnlar fomiatian, lerminsling in front by the ceiling 
running frotn tha centre at about an angle of filly 
degieea to Ibe doorj in the midtl of thia deacent waa 
an "altia" window, looking out from the tooC The 
arlvl wia aeated on a leather botlonied chair that 
mighl have been made in the dayi of Ihe Protector, 
wilh the biuah in hii hand, retouching a biiturical 
painting, it aeemed ihal hii aout wag cancentialed in 
hia abdracl gnie. The riolent ahock ca>iaed by ibe 
doiH dying bark, whicli maile the apartmenl quaka, 
waa unnoticed by him. Once he closed hia cyci and 
lumed hia head aaide, » if conauliing aoma bright 
tiaioD of Ihe mind : when ha opened l4iein. ibey reeled 
folly OD Ihe viaitera, but the abaoibing ohject of hia 
■pirii triumphed over mere tangible objectB,Bnd he 
raawned hia labor unronecioua of Iheir preaeoce '. He 
waa not more than three or four end tnaniyi jret 
aiaidal hia graceful dark hair, bii ceaaaleaa vigila had 
aprinhled the gray. Hia face nai aallow and lunken, 
bol I he twinkle of hia ilartike eyea, iiirnionnled by a 
eapaciona forehead, rendered hig contour noble. Now 
a amila played upon hii hpi aa he lurveyed the Gniih- 
ad ptodaction. and luch a amilel It waa not ihe efleci 
of lbs mere aaliafociioD of ajeil. nor Ibe coane chuckle 

of broad hilarity, but the banign, the aeraphie radiance 

of the cherub. And Ihua il ia with ihe viiiooaty 

irtal, whoae propenaitiei lead him from lire ordinary 

irauil* of man. and relaio in hii manhood Ibe inno- 

nee and gimplicily of the bat>e. 

When Benian wna atouaed by the General, he 

•larted up wildly, but inatantly became oonacioua of 

hia condition. 

Pleaae lake thia chair, lady — gentlemen. 1 an 
aorry I have no more al preaent, but you can aee the 
picture beat when ilandiog." 

" We come," aaid Ihe general. " to have our per- 
Iraila tak^, and we ihonght it beat lo apply Snl> 
having heard a number mention ■ deaiie of gelling 
you to do theiia. Bui d — a it, my lad, yon muat do 
il in aome olhsr place than ihia curaed rat-iiapr' 

" Ay — yea— I have not been here long; il waa lo 
Gniih ibii, (pointing lu ihe piece menlioned above, and 
which bai aince been admired by IhooaandaJ thai I 
lelecled thia place with Iba view of nol being annoyed 
by the nnige ofdraya." 

Poor man! he could nol hear thunder whilat en- 
gaged. There could be aean in hia nunoer, deapiie 
the hnmilialion of gnawing poverty, a portion of ihe 
pride of conicioua auperiorilyi and that he would bin 
conceal hii horribly giraitened condition. 

" When will you be ready to make a commence- 
ment, Mr. Beman, and where ahall we find yout" 
aihcd Juliet, whoae emotion diaabled her from apeak* 
ing unlil now. 

" I cannot be preciaelf certain of Ibe pUee. but will 
inform you immediately I uke a lOon. I ahall b« 
ready, I think, in a dayor two." 

" We came," conljnned Juliet. " with the eipccla- 
lion of a commencement today, and will therefore 
avail ouraelvei of Iho opporiuniiy to leave oar money, 
thereby claiming ihe privilege of the tint liuing." 

"Thank yon-— but— no— there ia no necsaiity ftr 
doing ao. True, I must acknowledge ihat my financea 
have become loniBwhai lowj but lucb aomeiime* taal 
been Ibe faie of celebrated mailen- yet they plied 
the bruah. and never cared a fig for fortune. He — 
he! — (he eSecled to laugh] — beiidei, Inily. I ihall 
•oon be in fundi ; I have contented lo let Ihal pictars 
and another ihat it rolled up, go lo ihe rich Mr Gleaner 
for aomelhing like Ato hundred dollan. I preauiae." 
It waa well Ihe artiit eacaped the thunderbolt by 
being ignorant of the contempt of Ihat peraon for 
the painier't crafl! Alaa! ibal Ibe aangoine eipec- 
latinna of many children of torrow ilioiild be crashed 
by to many nnappiaciating Glcanera! The money 
wat left, however, and lha parly retraced Iheir itepa. 


Al the beam of the morning comet over the Bower, I 
It diiplap ihe loet beaaly'i of nighi'a lonely hour. 
Bat it brighlena ihe dew-drop lo uke it away. 
And Ihe flower withera aoon in the life-giving ray! 
Aa iha bamming-bird eomei to ihe iqMning bloo» — 
A little winged lainbow— lo akiea of p«tfu>a ! 

Por a moment he brighten* the jemamiiie bower. 
And il gone with lha fragrance and iween of the Bower. 
So the fanciea that play round the poor minaliel'a heart 
For a moment nay danla, loo toon lo depart ; 
And departing, with joy aitd with light Ihey loraaka — 
Ila brightneaa and beauty and hagnDCe they lake ! 


TO AL E T H ] 

I Ihink of thee^ 
Wben Iha purpl« nom i> brnkins, 
When the golden mid ia wikiag. 
And the lurail, |l*d« and boner, 
Fml The n*gic of hii ponecj— 
When hia lighl ii on the wa 
Ducing hrigbi and merrily. 
And the cloudi Boat o'or the Aj, 
Like the ■mil« id womaa'* eye,— 

1 Ihink oT thee. 

I lb ink of lh«p,— 
When the iiin light lnv« Ibe atrcani, 
Wben bii iul bright goldrn beam 
Fadee amid Ibe hueaaferen. — 
When Ihe moon ia brighl in heaven. 

Klvering ocean, take, and liver. 
Where ihe lea He la genily quiver 
In ibe breath of night'a aofl gale. 
Aa ilgenllf lina ihe Tale; — 
I ihink of ihoe. 

I think or iheer— 
In the hall — at TeatiTo hoar— 
When hearu bow lo beauljr'i poner. 
When the gay and fovely meel. 
And when flaii'ry'i vnice ia aweel, 
'Mid iha gayeai of Ihe Ibrung, 
And wbpn loudeat ia the aong. 
And the brighl unea gathered Iherer— 

I Ihink of thee. 


Lrr otben wonder a( the ann, 

Hia (lorioua Unie al Doon; 
Pm. like fill! neny another one, 

Mnch more ttnuk uiA lAe neon. 

•• The moon but ibiDca with borroir'd light," 

Soma aupahina bard objecia — 
Bat then aho doea, ny iaddie bright. 

What yen tlon'l — ahe rffiecUt 

Oh, cnrioua orb! — oh, wondroua planet! 

Thou'tt raade our heart* to pleaae; 
llion looh'at on earih u biseiea Tan il — 

And ieem'at made or green cheea* ! 

How li^ tboa art al riaing! yal. 
Bow anull nhen riaing higher; 

How. like a liltle fyp-pen'bil ! 
Then, like a home on fire ! 

An eobblar thon I or wagoner' 

Tbour'l ooe of Ibem 'li* plain, 
nou'rt oflen Kaxing to tn end ! 

Tboualaohaat BtMiH.' 

Tbou baat great fondneaa for Ihe ica, 


Wken ibou haat dratik a aea or iwo, 
' let then they <»ll thee fulll 
How round and plnmp thy atomacli ii. 
When Ikon haat bad ihy pulL 

Hkmi look'at aa t\ 

And then all out nf figure ; 
Then like Iha leller C you ahow, 

Wben growing antll— or bigger. 

Oh what ■ deal of Ioto i* awom, 
Sweel preily nuion, by thee ! 

How failbfuily their love ia worn. 
Till they leain change frum thee. 

How many barda lake gloiy for 

The rhymea on ihee they alack ; 
Tet creditable rhyme* of aeoea. 

How many barda have loil'd by nlgbt. 

Thy beauty all lo ahow ! 
Diana! wilh the creacent bright, 

Forming a ail Tei7 bow. 

Tbour'l CyDlhii.aailing in thy ear. 

And Luna in Ibe aky ; 
How would wa do, if eveiy ttar 

go many nanioa want by T 

Tel. apite of ell thy prel'y name*, 









The toWoit'iag Calsndu hat been compileJ at ■ ftttl eiprnu of lime end labor; end will 
•Tsry monih (ill Ihe year u compleied. We iruai ihal ihis petrpnly novel ariaDK*m«ni will 
to our aubictiben, not only Tcuib ihe TullnkH end accurmry or iha Climni'lii^y. hui rrum Ihe cunaiurniion inu 
Ibere is Doihing of Ihe eame deacripiiun in eiieience, Bl ia a'aumed iliai irn p^rnia will Im guiliy nf tlw 
inprapriely of cnpying ihii Calaiiilar, which ia iirivale properly, anil haa been duly entered a> cupyri|hl> M- 
ceidiDg U> the proriiiuDa of Ihe Act of CoDireea. 


i. Iha Qeneriil Magazine ui4 Hielorieal 

anklin. ill Ptiiladfliihia. 

a. pubtiahedbyJameaParker&Cih 

The Gnt Literary Maganni 
Chronicle, waa 

The lirai NoivtpeperinCuDiieciieiit.ihe Ci)nneRtioiil< 

Narfolk. Virginia, biimi by Ihe Briii~li under Lord D 

Colonel Richard Munigamery killed befure Qiisbae. by Ihe onV gOTi fired by the enemf. 

Tlw whole of ihfl Pannaylvania Line ra«oliiid, ei'^epilng ihrea Reginsnli, which were Gied 
inio, sud compelled lo join, al Hurrialoivn, New Jarwy. The men had rnlialed Aw 
three yeara. and Ihair timn being up. Ihoy wiaheil lo leave, bui Ihe ofliren refuaid oo*- 
•ent. 1300 men marched for Pliiladalphiii, bui were mlercepied by ■ Commiliee ip- 
poinled by Coagreaa. and iha aflkir waa aeliled. bill not wiihunl the ahariding at bknd. 
Oen. Wayne and othei officer! were aeTerely iveunded. and one Ceptain killed. Soma 
apiea aenl by Sir H Clintxn w induce (tia revolien u daaerlioo, were delaioed at 
Prince Ion, and eleCQIed, 

Died, al Chaileaum, Arthur Mlddlaion, one of Ihe Signer* of Ihe DeclaraKon of Indeptudene* 

The Permaaent Bridge orer iha &^huylkill, a( Ihe end of High alreel, Philadelpbtfi. fln( 
opened for panengera. Tbankagiving Day. 

Died, in Ph i lad elpbw. aged TS.Celooel Fraiicia Wade.of Monigomary Coanty.Feiuiaylnni*. 

BuQalo atlarked by Uniied Slatea Dngooni, Lieutenaul Touaan killed- 

The Briliah comraenaed eanaonadiDg New Orleant. 

Died, aged 88, William Hillhouee. more Ihan 50 years member of Legialatitre «f CgoiL 

The oew Bank of Uailed Stale* Gnl opeoed at Carpanter'a Hall, Pbiledalphia. 

Bom, GeoetBl Wolb. at Waalerham. near Sevenoaka, England. 

Cannooade of Trenloa. Briliah repulsed. Waahinglon ralired in the night 

The Federal ConMiiiation adopted by Gwirgia. being the Iburih Stole in aucceieian of agn^ 

Mnnt, King of Naplaa, received orden from Pari* lo aeiie ell Arnerirao Tsaala and cargoea. 

General Adair joined General Jackaon al New Orleana wilh 4000 men. 

Wreck of the Barque Mexico, on llempalead Baach, New Jeney. Oaly 8 penona nvedout 

of 104 panengen and crew. 
Battle of Fnnceion. Waahinglon daraaled (ha British, and took 800 priaonera. 
Courl Martial ominieDOad anting al Albany on General Uilll (or lurrendoring hi) trtaj. 
Briliah Frigate Junon ceplureil Amsrionn Privateer Ouerriere. 
Capture of SaTannah by the Btiliih, wilh all the Surea, Shipping, Fort, and a number of < 

Died, aged SO, Thomaa Nelaon, one of the Signara of the Darlaration of IndependeOM. 
Oen. Waefainglon eeat a Meaaage to Coogreaa with the Preach Flog preaanted 1^ the Cm 

miiiee of Public Safety. 
Ship Oataiio loai off Sorata 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 










Bom, >l Philadelphik. Benjamin Rath.M, D. ind Signer of the Drclinlion orindepcDdedM. 
Bum.oniha fluiern Shors of Marjliml, Sitiheii DFraiur.acelrbnitd ^■v■l ORictr. 
iTided Virginia, and ilfdmyrd iha PuhUc Building* and Siorrt ai Richmond. 
Di«d. Bi Nurvkich. Cunn,, agtd 64, Samuel Uunlingion, one oi Ihe SigMia or lb* Decltimtka 
of Indti'endtn'-*. 
BKlimEiun reined i» Winier Quarien al Morrialnnn, New Jtnry. 
Cannon Tuundry and Fuhlic Siorea desirofpd at W»[liam. Va.. by order of General Amvld. 
A brig, laden with mm and bitriiii. iur Briiiih Fleet, burin ai Bayou Bienvenu, omi Naw 

Orleana. by Wm. Juhiuon. aaaiiied by ihe crewa ..f ihree Wii. 
Born, ai Sulem. Man. lamel Poinam. a diiiingiiihbed Beviiluiiuiiary General. 
Fayeile embeikrd at Boalon on board iba Allianre Fngnie for France. 
neral I'arleion defealnl by ilie Ameiiraiii ai ihe Cowpenn. 

le Bank of North Aourica (Iha lint Banli irniiinily ineorporaled) opened in Philadelphia. 
Ship Ra|>id.CapiBinDarr. of Boalon. wiih 360.600 dullan in gpecie. hot olT cmH of ^aw 
Hollniid ; rrew uved. 
ed, ai Philadelphia, John Dannie, liiljraleur. 
The Gral Newipapat in South CamlioB, the S. C. Gaieile. publithed at H. 

The Briiiih eiacuatad Elinbelhionn. New Jersey i Geiieral Mai well haraieing their rear. 
Battle of New OiIaanL The Amenrana under General Jackano beat a auperioi Briti^ 
Furre under General Packenhaia wli.i wa* hilled. 
> Shocka of an Earthquake fell ei Cbarleuun, S C. 
biiiy, Georgia, lakon by Ihe Brilifb. 
The Federal Uunantution adopied by Connertirut ; boing ihe fiHh Stale in mcceBioo. 
iral Balloon Atrenl in America. J. P. Blanchard. frum Philadelpbia. 
UnjtreM pii>ae>l Law* lo enforce ihe KmharKO Act. 
inurreclion cif Negroea at Now Orlenn* auppretaei] by th« Militia. 
B'liiah Manifri-io inrued agsinat Amnnca. 

■emeni of Bumbardmeni of Fori St. Philift by the Biiiiah— laaled till I7lh. 
Tiuce beiwepn Engliih and Americana before IN. Oiteana. Tor ihe puipone of burying lbs dead, 
r llaiDpahiie diawlved the Convention, and, aauoiing LrgiiUliie Power*, aeni DelegAlea 

■t Charle*ton. 
liran Srhnoner Foi. 
aaeaaiun of Cumberland lal&nd. Georgia. 

from bFf)re New Orleani. 
The Dm Provincial Congreaa of South Carolim 
of War Burbadnea eeptured Aroei 
CafiUin Barrie. of Briii>h Ship Dragon, took po 
~ aral Fait Day Ihroughoui Ihe Uniied State*. 

lain Barrie, of Britiah Ship Dregun, aeiixd Ihe Fori on Point 8l Peter, and the Tovrer oT 

SI. Mary, Georgia. They were sderwarda deaimyed by Fir* 
Dird. aged 86, eiiiabelh Patch, ih* Urn feniBte born in the old Colony of ManacliuaetM. 
Ciingma ratified Ihe deSniiive Trexty uf Pea'o niih Great Briiain. 
Uallanl action between American Privaieer Srliooner Cnmel. of 14 gnna. and 3 Engluh Vtf 

teU of War and me [Sirlugueae, ending in rapture of one of the liirmer. 
United State* Store* al Bmiihiield bumi by General Armiid. 
IneffBciual aiiacka upon ihe Britiah Fnrcea on Long Iiland. 

Bom. at Albany, N. Y. Philip Lifingi'inn, one uf ihe Signen of Ihe Dec. of Independenee. 
Died, at Albany, aged 57, Major General William Aleiander. frequently tailed Lord Stirling, 

a Rf*.>luiionary Oflicerrffdiaiinoion. Born in New Y.vk. 
OapiureolU.S Frigaia Preaident,>>y eriii>h Frigaie Maietiic,Ten«doa,Endymion and Pomona. 
Sibuylkill Fall* BiMge. Philadelphia, fell from iha weight of the annw. 
Died, >l Tienlon. aged 56, Aleiandei Jame* Dallst, a celebrated Sialaamui and Lawyw. 
Born, at Boalon, Benjamin FianKlin. 

Died, aged 76, Colonal Bet^jamin Church. Commander nf ihe Party Ihat look King Philip. 
Britkb Frigate Narciaui eapiured United Slate* Brig Viien. 
Severe Cold Weather, with Thunder, throughout Ihe Uniied Siltea. 
The Heaaian* ailaekiKl at Kingabridge. N. Y. by the American*. 
Fim Bulla ai River RaiiiB, Michigan— Americana defeated the Englith. 
Died, Brigailier General Hugh Mercer, from wound* race! jed al Iha Battle of TkuIod. 

I Studeni* al Prmreton College, New Jeraey. 
Bom, in Virginia, Richard Henry Lee. mover of the rewilii 
of Independence, to which he altervianta affiled hia ni 
leral Schuyler diaarnied the Highlandera at Jirhnaion. nn (he Mohawk. 
The Jeraey Line revolted tt Morritiown, Ne<* Jeney; tee Jam 

ilting in the Declartlko 


liclea of Peac« aigned at Ver*aille*, baiwee 


iQ Bnd*Briti*h Cmn- 

H*rq-ii> La Fayette *uppnrted in the French Nalional AaiembTy, a moiion for the abolition 

of all Tiilee of Nobility, renouncing hit own, and never aderward* reaoming it. 
FrigBle Cren^nl tailed from Pon>moulh, N. H. A preaeni from the Uniied Stalea to lh« 

Dey of Algier*. Her worth, with alter giO* on board, amounied to 300 000 dollara. 
Commodore Ptiieiaon captured 54 Dragpont and Seamen, on Lake Borgn*. near New Oileana. 
John Canon wat that in Pfailadelphia by hi* wife'a paramour, Richard Smith, formerly ■ 

Lieutenant in the Uniied Sialea Amy. He waa tiecuied for the deed. 
The affirmalion allaiHed ta the ^uakera in Bngland, eitcndad lo Painwylvania, bf order of 

()u*eD Aime> 


93 1613 
S3 1775 

— ' 1800 
— : 1812 
— ■■ 1613 


30 IBIO 

-: 1BI5 

-1 1820 

— 18-25 

31 1713 


Second Bartle of Rinr lUbin, near Fnnchiown, Micbifan. The En(liih under Procwr, 

Indian! under Tecunuph, der>Bted ihe edvinced guard ofGeneral IlarrHoa'i anof. i 
PennsylTunia CaDTeaiion delermined lo raaul iha anibcccniaDl of ihe arbilnuy Lawa of 

Briiiih Sevan If- four Oiin Ship. Cullodfn. wrachad off Long liland. 
Died, at New Haven, aged 54, M^or General Joho Sullivan, a dlMinguhbeil ReTolalkoafir 

Died, aged 51. Edward Ruiledge. one of ihe Signera of iha Declaralion o( IndepeDdenoa. 
Severe Bif Ihquake fell in Virginia, Louiaiana. and Miaouri. 

Di'd. aged 74. GenrgB ClyiDDr, one of the Signenoriha Declaralion oflndependenoe. 
Indian Manaacre v( wcHinded American pnaoneri taken at Iba bailie of Fienchlowo. 
General ThanlMgiving and [UnminHlinn at New Orleani for Viciory of ihe 8ih. 
Drtadful Fire ai Orphan Aaylum. Philadelphia. Twenty-lhree children baint. 
Brinah Garriann al Geurgeiuwn, S. C eutpri«d by Colonel Henry Lee. 
Yurk. in Maine, daatroyed by ihe Indiana, wbo killed 50 of the aeltleia, and took 100 

Shay'a men defea'ed in a ihimiiah al Springfield. Coonectienl. 
Briiiih Sluop of War Braien, wrecked on Ave Rocka, n«u Nei* Haven. Only one of the 

General Arnold, by the aenlence of a Court Martial, roomved a reprimand from General 

Waahingion. liir oppraaiiaii aitd axiuilion while in oomnund of Ihe A 


Born, in Virgn 

Chaireur captared the Britiab Schooner St. Lawrence, 
nnut aireei, Philadelphia. Andrew Brown, editor of Federd GauUe, 
id three children, burnt to death, and buried in iherame grave. 
velnped bePire Cangieaa. 

i With great alaughier at Camp Dellance, near Chaiahoochia, Georgia, 
n Fli.yd. 
I. Henry Lee, a diatinguiahed Revolurinnary General. 

._ 'ademy al Hallowell. Maine, bnrni, wilh all the booka a ,., 

A^iiim twiweea U S. Schooner Alligsior and a aquadrun of Bnliah bargeanBarChBrleaton,BC. 
Died. Timothy Pirkering. a diitingiii.hed patriot in the revolutionary war — many yean a 

member of Ciingieaa; he filled ibe office* of Adjulanl General of U. S. Aimy, Poat- 

maaier General, Secretary ot War, and Secroiary of Slate. 
Varioua mairoric aionHfell in North CanditiB. 
The BtiiKh embarked from ihe neighborhood of New Orleana. 
Died. John Laibrop. Philuaopher and Ltii^nteor. Burn al BoatOD,1773. 
Died, General Amaaa DbvIm. a ditiinguiibed Revolutionary Officer. 
Born, al Picarrir, Anlhony Benriel, the celebrated Quaker Aboiilioniat Died at PbHa* 

delphia, 1784. 
The Lehigh Coal Hinee, PenDtylvania, diieaiered. 


Why are ma here) Yon infaDt'e wail, 
Wann neailiog on ita nulber'a breaei. 

With feeble lipa begina ihe lal»— 
We're paiaing to a better real ; 

A aob, a aigh, a falling tear — 

Why are we here I why ara wa bare t 

Why are we here t The bud of hope 
Thalapringa in childhood'a happy hour, 

Lea croah'd, ere yet ila bluaaoma ope', 
'Neath leaden care'a all.wiih'ring power 

Tit emblein of niaii'e weak career ; 

Wbj are we bore) why are wa heret 

Why are we I 

1 1 aa brief, *■ frail. 

Lone wanderer down life'* aiormy vala. 

Swill voyager of fleeting lime. 
A braath, a thought — and death ia near ! 
Why are wa bere I why are wa hen t 

Why are we here I thoaa aiivery baira. 
And pakied limb*, beapeak decay ; 

Thoaa aightlen eyeball*' Mck'niog glare. 
Too aarely tell lite'i cloaing day. 

The iriala o'eiw-be'aon hi* bier! 

Why are wa here T wby are we here t 

Why are we here I Doit aae yon alar 

In iplendor glittering o'er the aeal 
E'en Ihu* Ihe aoula of virtne are 

Whan purged from earth, from ioriow free. 
In heaven no aorrow-can appear. 
for tkit we're here t for ihia we're here ! 

Why are we herel who could but chooae, — 
Tho' thrice earth'* rare* beaet the road, — • 

And toil life'a feeble journey through, 
To dwell eternally with God. 

To fit m for that glorioua (pbete, 

We're tarrying heral we're tarrying here! 


^mm ^iiir wsnh aiDiim'x (bdsq« 



Wo find ihroughoul lhi( cirllily bell. Tb« oiis ibing ncedrul 


guTMiw alL By lig-r*g, lip - (op, dDUCAa,a<:hulan, Thcte'inoihiDf ilune wiibuut ihe [killer*. 



iJEi-^^^ifeiiri igg^i^iifeiiii 

Tliit na - ney fliu, ihe po - st fingt. On pa - |»r, til - *ar. 


fut-dni winp, Tbu wlenin liulh Mcta bjp«d kuum, It nukMhim look (trait dowahuooie. To 





Tk* bKh'lar, tlnd af ataxia >*'•• 

l^uck clack a, Prt 

qncliine cboac, 
E«h dar her t>ite 

Er« (irel-ra Moatlu their eonra 

ich laakpi, and Wcu 


> blm with ■ 

Aian the psppr Kl«d, 
Th' «ip«M«a nlBioit 4rl*« klai mtd* 
CUId*i a*p, shlld'a fraek, ^lid>* vrmdla 

ehlld'B chair, 
D*etar lUid aarie^vipcnilTe palr^ 
C«4IkI«, cake, and n-lne o'crflsivs, 
ChrUtenlDK rrolle— fllenda In roiv^- 
A>d that'a the war tbc taJtamf goei. 
An lattery tlcketa tarn ap blank*, 
A>d those irho plar at phara bAsba, 
At psbo, brax, or lM>, or blnflT, 
Mast all ba anre t* loae enoagh> 
or fa«raea fond, ron so to a raM| 
And back r*«r faTOrlta*a Oaas aad paae | 
Veaae better aa; doei hln appoa«» 

Aaf, thafa the wa^ the moner goea* 
Tha ladica, by their lore of dreia, 
Caa«e naaalilud'a poohett doep dlatreia^ 
FTMbbia'a rallies eaeh ane folloiv*, 
And plar' >ha devil with f«r dallava. 
Tanr vrlfe Jnat c^n'^kt yon Doder the ehln 
Bate, eapi, Kowaa, ahawl*, are erdsrtd la) 
DHKbtera, alitari, dthla^ tnr beaai, 
Waat freak balt—whn can apprwa. 
Or ^adge tkat way tba ■Mouey goaat 
A M ^ raaJ aatate pan bar^e 
Ta raat roar haiiiea out roa Iry^ 
Bal aplla of all that raa can do, 
Kepaira and taiei eal jaa (iiran;jht 
At laat, aad u leh ta ronr dell^hti 
Taar taaaal woraa awar at nt;{ht| 
Where be*a g«ae yam eaa>t anppaae^ 

Aa4 tkafa tka war (he BBBer goea. 

W^bo will 
And ronix 

I 1,1 

inKd bora. 

■ nla tha irboli 
adnlgc la tavci 
the bar are daily faaad* 

ne la ffobleta frcclr flows, 
:, ther atag^er have to dosa^ 
I the war tke ataner gftea> 

Wo wond< 
WbUe mi 
The price 

Tiae < 


a ao flerMi 
Ifreat dUtreaa, 
V dally lc») 

nabadr knows, 


In aamiaer Itma tha dollara have wtnga. 
The ladlea all miiat aee the apringi) 
Travclllni{ cbarKea— hotel bUla— 
Steamboatii rillraada, and other Ills* 
In winter, parllee and balla abonnd. 
Or In a alelgh yoa aklu tbe groand* 
Star out all nl^ht, tkaagh hard It akow^ 
Miil1>d wine, hot pnneli, and ao repoao^ 
And that's tke war (he nonar Roaa> 

•ome ralks, In hopea to out a dash. 
In aloaka will ventare all their amtOit 
4nd bay on tlme-^ii long and akortf 
S. O. or B. O^-Kold and bought. 
Vt'hen time la np, 'tl^ yon irbo pay, 
Or ir yoB win, year friendta away< 
Pell or rUs, yon>re aare to loae, 
How *tla managed nobody kuowa, 
But well yon know yoar money gaea< 

Then ■Inee the times are reaUy bad. 
Tour aplrlts will get dall and aad| 
To cheer yoar minda and get delight, 
Baal erowil the theatre every alsht. 
Care klH'd a cat, and Ufe la abort, 
Bnjoy yoarsalvca la mirth aad apart) 
Cams la knadrada, baUas and beaax. 
Crowd contplataly all Ihoaa rowl* . 
Ajid well I'U say yOB 




THE BISTORT OP ROME. noK tiik Giiuiin or ScBLoutt, Wackbhitth, Nuidh*. did Wekkki 
Out Vebam, largt ocuvo. Carey, Lea, and BlaDcbard. 

Notnilhatanding Iha eiiiWnee ora ihouund and one Tolumea purporting to Irail or Roman Hiilorjr id al 
iU ponibl* bearinia. w« nrslcoDW the appearance of thii work nilh coraldvrable •aliaTaction, and congralD 
laM ihe public upon iti acf enion to ihair lilerary alorea. Wo have long warned a UiilMy of Rome which <m 
could pal inio ihe banda of Ihe unleameil, Hhelher jiaulh or adiill, without having to eiplain or eradicate thi 
legendary nonaerue Ihat encruala Ihe delaili uf ancient hiilory tninimiited from our ancnlora. The &bl«« o 
Berodolua have too long been reosiveil by Bchocilmen with implicit vaneraiiun ; il ii due to the •ludenla of ihi 
pieaeni age to preieiil them with a mure careful analyaia d( reputed fad — to qunlion Ihe authority t>l imp» 
aible evetiH — la wparate, in truth, the fabuloui frotn the hUtorical. the prodigioui fium the poaaible, and no 
require then lo believe in mythological retulia, upon ihe auihoriiy of men wbo lived many hundred yean 
ader Ihe agea they pretend lo deacribe. For Ave centuriei, the Rumana were without a hiatorian, yot we an 
wksd to plara failh In the traditionary legend* of an itinerant Greek, recited before the populace aMembled u 
wilDfla the Olympic Gaaiat- Rollln'i eilravaganciea are atill placed in the handa of inquirers, whu era ex 
pected to believe in tbe unimpeachable lanctity of the eraclei of Apolto, which the ardent Frenchman e» 
daavoia to inCDleale. with other fooleriek that long ago ahould have been driven from the page of biatory. £a 
paiml, why are oot Guilot'a valuable notea lo Rollin given to the public in an Englith ahapet 

Tbe compiler or editor of the Hiitory of Rome, announced above, haa gone to work with Ihe right eiuriL 
He haa held Cicem'a maiim aa a lantern light — ■' that a hialorian ihanld never dare to relate a falaehood or 
conceal a truth." •■The Anslytical and Chronological Table," ii in itaalf an epitome of hiatory of traiucen- 
daot value, and apeaka in language not to be miaandentood of the nature of the rich and rare conlenta. In 
ooncluaion, we aHiiJi] that il ia the moat valuable, oumplete. and aaeful Uiitoty thai haa ever emanated frooi 
Ihe piew. and Ihe publiahera doMrve the rhniiki uf Ihe literary world for inning an eipeniive and imporianl 
volume, ta Ihe midat of Ihe alegnation of cummerce which yet affocia our land. 


"The Colleglant" haa generally been conaiilered one of the heal producllona uflhia novel writing age — Mn. 
Cregan. FlardreH, Danney Mann, and other r ha rarten that Rgure in the wuik, are ikilfully drawn aiid exhibil 
the touch and liniah of Ihe maaler. The au\hur, Gerald Griffen, attained the higheal popularily. and ioquiriea 
wei^ daily made lor other emanation* from Kit pen ,- but he leemed content with the laut^l wreaih he had 
won, and aevetal yeara haveelapeed aince the phraae, 'by the author of The Collrglani," graced a publ»hei'i 
•nnouncemeni. Ho baa, however, again emyed tbe public ; and if hia now work Juea not compete with ibt 
old one in poiat of inieteat and atrong developnent of character, it ia every way worthy Ihe public atlaniisn, 
and muat prove a aoarce of gratification lo the kiven of hlalorlcal novela and romancea of reality. 

The Duke of Monmouth, although choaen aaihe liiular hero, ii not the principal character j the Duke ia if 
•patched in Ihe early pan of the lecond volume.anda hereof a different lomperameniintroduced lo (he resder'i 
notice— Ihe nolorioua General Kirke, whoxe cruel butcheriea after the battle of Sedgmoor obtained him bd uo- 
•nviable reputation. Theauthor, in a fit uffalae delicacy, ha* injured theatrong pol,it of hIa work—the villany 
of Kirha, whu, lupplieated by a neepiot lady of psMiDg beauty and high birth, for the niety of her biviber, 
ptomiaed lo pardon Ihe rebelliona youth if ahe would ahare hia bed. To aave the life of ■ beloved one. tha 
Udy eooMnied 10 her onn di^iace, and wai rewarded by the lightof her hiother'aeorae banging from a sibbci 



henviih bar winduw. The tBiet of Ibii biilorieal fact Ihi aalhor of "The Dull ot HoDiDOiiIh" hu emt- 
udmblj *iaaken«d. in making ihe liulful feneral inveigle hia viclim by the ilale arlifice o( ■ pretended nu- 
riafe, and dealiDjing ibe value oritia maid tn'a aaci^ Gee. 

Tbe DO*eliil liaa doi nwde iba nual of hii maienals. The bate inlriguei of Iba Duk« with hii friend ibe 
Earl or Sharreaburr are nol included in Ihe derail uf hia lire^-hia rampaign in SuHland. whare ihe lioa[ia ander 
bia cuCDOiaDd echieied vitioryDi. ihe bntile of Buihwei! brig,ii aliogeiher omitied ; and (Ai burht of biadesth 
■> nol even deacribed, alihough ihe roi^venaliod wirh Iha diviiirt alteriJing hii dying momenia ia aomewhat 
lojkwialy apun out. Tbe t&Vclor Ihe deaihor tngland'a disliiilKr upon Ihe muliiiuile uaeinbl«l im Tower 
Bill. aritiDB r>ara the awkwardneai of Iha eieeuuon^r, nhodeali hii viclira teveral blawa beliire heeould af- 
tecl de«apiut>oii — ihe*HcreralinnorieTer>1orihe nubihtjIhallheiuBerer waanoi Ihe DuheofMonniaulh. bat 
B faithful ■dhereni »ho rrjuiccd in ihe paini nf deaih to Bve hit beloved mailer — Ihe opinion, which for a time. 
«*■ &eelp Fiprecicd, Ihei Jimea dnrrit nol doom hia brother'i wn U> Ihe dealh— Ihe luppotiiion Ihal Mod- 
111 I nil was Ihe Man in iha Iron Maik — allogelher aSiid tuateriil for en hiitorical romance of Ihe moat ei- 
ciiiag intsTMt. bul, Mrange to My, thne eaUDMnUd iocidiinU have been eniirely omilled. 
Tbanrndai (Till t«m a corracl idMoflhe WDrkfciHalha GillDtving eiiraci, deuribing 


"He night w*a clpar, and Ihe morning waa ilill far diitant, when, punuaot lo a precoaeaned |dan, th« imr 
of MooiBoalh nai drawn out in lilence fioia iba lawn. Lord Grey, al iha heiid of Iha cavalir, waa •en) a Lula 
baforc, aa ilw fun« laaai liable lo luflet from a aarpriae. Mooannlh hinwelf (allowed with the main body of 
biaanaj, nearly ihtF* ihuuaaDd of whom were atmad.and in aaoM tolerable degree of diici|dina. 

Tb* men, who had bean well-furmihad with Ihe eidiement of ilroog liquor, msrched with alaeriiy, aod 
raarfaadsboni one o'clock in Ihe nomingibe edge of the moor. Tbe roy*l army had, however, already Uhen 
the alarm. Lord Gny. aiibe bead offive iquadnmi of hone, nu onlered to puih forward and bunl into ihe 
(amjiof FeTsiaham, bula wideind deepdiich which inleriecled the plan preaenied lo taiharmjea an uneipect- 
«d but eActnal obilacle. Ai ibey rode along in aearch of* placa where a paaage might be effafted, tulleyt 
afmoafcauy ware opened Dpuii tbem flixa Ihe eneny'a linet.and an awkward akirmiih in Ihe dark with a 
ptny of ilieir own man, lomewhai in advance of ihen, compleied iheir I'onfuiion. Lord tirey binurlf, once 
■oreiubdued by hia inRrmiiy.addtdaaaw diigracela Ihal of Bride port, hy flying wilh hiilroopi lo a tillle dii- 
lince, where he took up a puailtun uul of ilie nnga of muHkei-ihui. Ths Ihree remsininn iquadmni made a 
(illani allempt lo force a pauage, but were repnlied and uliligi^ lo reiire in disutder. Miinmouih now or- 
dered ihe iufaniry taadvanoa. Afier a long coniinued fire, which had only Ihe effecl uf WMiingIhe ammuni- 
iBoolIha imargeoo, day broke upon the combatanii, and diicloMHiio the eyn of Monmoiiih ihe niyal infantry 
fighiy pacai diiiioi, quielly reierving their fire, and luOering the arllllary alone to aniwar tbe volleyi of ihs 
iLiuiginii, while Keverihani'i cavalry, newly arrived from Weiiou, wai poaied on hii right Hank. Wiibout 
loung a laniDcnl, ibe infaniiy wat ordered lo paH the diieb, a manceuvre which wai unn eflccled. The im- 
poug liihi of fevenhani'i diaciptinpd iroop*. wilb their anillery and iheir calm and confidodi aipeci ai of 
nea cenaiD of niccoia. might well have checked iha ardor of a neivlylevied farce like that nf Monmonlh. Tba 
luief,hawever,did noliparelu punue Iheir purpoea. Theaignal for attack waa given and with ihouiiof forj 
the iaaurgenl yeomen daihed forward on Ihe royil brca. Ii wai impoaiible to reiiii ihe lerriHc energy of Ihe 
onaet ; *Qd iho royal geneiali were aiiuunded al Ihe gallanlry dupliyed by iheae poor fellowa. who found in 
Iheir own csurage a aiib>iiiuie br all iheikilland knowledge ihat are only gathered from eipEtience. It wu 
in tain ihal Favanham pui in prsclice all Ihe mauoiuvrea of the field in order to reaiai Ihe vehement charga 
of ilM inaurgenli — now drawing hii men into tine, now coiideiuing them inioaqusrei and culurani. The lol- 
dien of Mimmouth. in inducriminale mataea. ruihed forward lo Ihe charge wherever they beheld ■ foe, and 
carried all before Ihera wiih an impeiuuaity which nothing could rewit. The royal aimy wai ranted and 
dntcn from ihe gnHind — it wa> rallied and rouied again — there wai not a man on Monmomh'a aide who did 
not labor ai if he hod been engaged in lingle cnnbal, and ibal combat for hii lite- Aatoinihed at what Ihey 
belicld. ibe royal genrrali began 10 diapair of Ihe day, and their oerlioiu now were benl ID render ihe retreat 
B orderly ai it wu poMibla. Bul the triumphant yoemaury pre«»ed 100 cloae upon Iheir rear lo admit of their 

•Itiain vain, Kirko,"i«id Fevenham, aathat officer galloped by him. " What are youi lamta abouK Theaa 
fillowi fight like furie*. Thay will not leave a man of lu tu tell the newi-" 
' They aeem lo have changed Iheir minda already," laid Kirke, -' for ihey have ceaKd firing." 
Ii was Ki in polm officl, Munmoolh wai al Ihe initanleiuliing in hu victory aaa certain thing — avicloiT 
which woold, in all pntbabilily, have eflacted a peimanenl change in the dynsiiy of Englind. Hii aUoniah- 
oeot, iberefore, wai eiireme when tbe Hring ceaaed. The cauie, unhappily, wai irremediable, the ammonitioo 
of the inwpe had tailed! The ncrel kvki became evideni lo the advene force, who gathered confidence and 
■Rngihfrom ibe diacDvery. They rallied now with diflicullyj and while the inaurgenii. perplexed and eager, 
venwdalalori whai naiL to do. ■ nwat dettruetive fire opened on them from Ihe oppOMie army. The icene 
Khirh followed leavea dew^riplion powerleB. It wai lo nn purpou thai the imurgenlL unprovided wiih ihe 
■leina of mainiaining an equal combat at a diaanre. ruihed down in maiaei on ihe foa, and endeavored to 
•ftd by the mere momemtum of numbera what they oould Do longer do with ihe weaponi. By ikilful 
Bauaavrai iha enemy evaded their onaal, dividing into nnmetODi bodiei. and galling them from one quarter 
while Ihey were eiriving lo make an iniprearion in another. It was to no purpoae thai many were leen daih- 
ingili onarmed upon ihe royal linea, and eipiring beneath Ihe pike iihI niuiket 10 nhich Ihey oOered ihetr 
<el«Kel«a breaila. The niyal force prevailed, and Monmoiith'a army waa on the point of ruin. AI Ihu in- 
•ml Colonel Jonei, Ihs offiiwr already named. Who divided ihe command of the cavalry wih Grey, looked round 
ia vain (or Monmoulb. and leeing ihe liilla army deHrted by ita commanding officen. look tha oolyatap which 
amid have given them a ohuice of aafeiy. Laid Grey, who had not ventured within range ot BUikei abot 



u lUiionfd wiib > cniHidcrablc body af iiftlry in 
I th«n u [i«ri«k*-r« in ihe gf nerai eirgBgcmt 

; the Duk< tappaains thai 
iniehi hfl tnuie ■dvaniscB- 
vigoroDkly DOW 

HDoa h» fiiM itnpBlM, wi 

Iha inhnlry could bellnr 

oB»1y cilled inioarfion ir _ _ _ . _ _ , 

lb from, ihay migbl enable ihe inriniiy, whu wen il pmeiil luScrini meni\y, eiiher lo eJIevt m lomamv 

ratreal.or lo ptocnre liaM lor reeanring nin&dence and urdtr. 

"Mi. Kullarton." cri«d Culonel Junu lo Arlliur. tkhum u hein| ■lli(4i«l Id no cnrpi. ha TMuixd near him 
iuqualiiy nfiid de-camp, "lida lo Lurd Giey bi anie. irid onler him lo cha>|e in front wiih all hi> forces" 

Anhor FDllinon pul (pun lo hii boiw, and galhiped al full ipreil ruvaida the liiing giound on which tbe 
tttnXrf nere aiaiiuned. The Colonel obKrved wiih an aniioua eys ihe mull ol hii dxpaii h. Then mi 
m iDOTemenl amanj;!! iha cavalry. Young Fullarion «■* tt*n 10 aaea ha>iy if urging hia nwaMge, 
bat Lord Grey aeenied obMJnaie. Again, ai full apeed, hia hoiw all balhed in penp^raiinn aiidwaiierins InaB 
uaund him, young Fullarion relurned to Colonel Jones to uy ihai Uinl Gray reruird in ari apon the ordrn. 
Befora iba Ibrmei couM make an obarrvaiiun.ihe faie ufihc tngagrmrni h at decided. Diihearienrd al length 
bf their aaaoci urn, a general panic leited on ihe inanrgeiiia, and a diuitderrd flighi iniurd, nlih all iia accnm- 
panying horrora. The vicioriou) royaliiii coniincd ihcir lira while iha roiiieil a tmy remained wiihin ihe range 
aflheirihol; aTler which ihe pnn>ni[ waa [Dainiainvd hy ihedrafiona ahins. The muik el ry ivawd firing, end 
Soaoundanere heard except Ihe lierca ahouia of ihe revengeful cmqueiora. ih« ahnrka and groaru of tba 
inHinded and ihe dyinc, mingled wiih ihe occaaiouBl Ihunder of the Taw piecea of artillery Ihal accfmpaiiiad 
the n^l army. Colonel K^ika and hii dragrioni aeecued ihorooghly in Ihair elpmrni, atid revolted like ei- 
•lling flemJa in the batoc which Iheir weapona made. A compariton ofihelaaann buih aiiteaahawt, however, 
Ike deaperalion with which Ihe iniurgenla Ibught. Three biindrrd men were killed or wounded on ihai of 
Feveiaham, while five hundred were leA dead of the fiillowera of MuniAoiiih. in Ihe couiH of three honi^ 
ighling.and in Ibe flighl which follownd. The priaonen taken were about three timeathat Qumbar. And ee 
Mded tba hallleof Sadimooi, 00 which HoDmiMith'a bop* waaaet ttoua aiagle caat 

SdUFniSAL AHTHOLOGT ; oft, BttuoaL Iujirutidhk Dit^titi at a Prttcat far aH Statan. Kf 
SAwm C. Baoon A. M, Haiaball and Co. 

HeaaiB. Manliall, of Philadelphia, have iaiied a aeaaonable and befitting woA, well calcnlaled to an- 
amraiaChriitmaiTolieaor New Tear'a Gil), although profeniDg to be deiigned aaa Present for all Seeaooa. 
n* majoriiy of the poan* contained in this little volume have already seen Ibe public eye in the page* of 
tha Lady'i BoiA. a iDonlhly puhliealioa. inued by Hr. Godey, of Pliiladel,)hia. and oelebraiad Ibr the variety 
and eicellenceof iiicomnbuiors. Several of Ihe piecea are of ilrtt rale eicellenne, artd we areaalisGed thai 
lb. Biooki haa dune aullicienl 1u enaure him an honorable place among tha poela of the land. •' The De- 
HmctioD of Sudum" deserve* a higher encumiam than it ia in our poor power lo beatow— the giandeur of tha 
mbjeclt it treated in appropriate language, and gema of poaay sparkle in eveif page. A deep and eaniaat 
fsaling of pisiy pervades the wlula tone of the work. We CDp)' a apecinen for the sallaAcluHi of oiu Mad- 

Id garb of battle, mailed prwr, arrayed, 
Sloud forih Lhs guardisiis of Ihe holy towers. 
Fencing the wall wiih palisade of speart — 
Or ciwling in ihe founi iif Ruman blood 
Their thinly falchions in tha Sying ront. 
Beneath the walli in wildcat hnmir ragei), 
Makinf lad havoc, warfsre j wtiile wiihin 
FacliiHi, with torch inftnial, lit ihe fires 
Of helliab anarchy, and fanned Ihalr blate j 
Bate raited ihe tiesi against hit bniiher's life. 
And anole j — ihe baiilemenia ran siresnii oT gate ; 
And coraas blackening in ihe tun. heairewed 
Tlw Mrecis, hy fnliicidal arm struck dowti. 

Dire diaeord Otgged her winp. dripping with blood 
Had murder raged. In their paternal halli 
Children were tlaoghlerrd in iheir ptrcni'a view, 
IWenii, before their children; and ihe aiael, 

Ihe Ufe.fuuni of Ihe hridegmwo'i hreasc 
■min Iha bride's nhiie roba. 


la feJI— 

-laughter and dirk rieedt of death. 
vangeance olerna*— and lbs meek wunhippei 
mU* at ibe aliai, yielded up hia life. 

E'en with the viclim't, he had brought lo God — 
Hit ephod ahellnrcd not the priest ; oppteesad. 
He tank, profaiitng with hia blood the Grea 
Hit hsiids hadULilled up fotaacrifice. 

The peatileoce. fma between ber livid lipa. 
Blew poison ; and the aiiMvphere wai death ; 
GauQi faniae raited her pale and spectral furm. 

And hunger, wiih her aharp and tkeleton clamt 

Tore tha pained vilalt of all ihinga that breathed. 

Whole familiea fell hy raating— faiat aioae 

Tho cry (••t bread, ftoni childran, at their longnea 

Cleaved lo iheii liuiky palate i tucklingt coaled 

Tlieir burning lipa in iheir dead iDuihara't blood ; 

Paienit Ibe monsl (mm their uflTi'priDg wreuofaed, 

And oulhsrs lore the delicate infuni limla 

Tbair wombs had buraa, aod gorged IheuMidTte 

Alt hope — all love— all |«Iy was eitinel; 
All natural sffncliun bad grown cold, 
Benonbed by the inrpedo touch of frai 
And at the fKiniiiii thoatandi fell aroandr 
their eyahalls tn ihe holy houae. 

rmly hiipe, 1 1 

called 01 

tud mingling piaysnand ci 

ill, illuiBale the aobjects of the poam*. 



ISVTLElun JACX ARatuStmi. Br Iha AailwrafCtTMMtiA. Zte Hmm*. Cn«r and HMt 

iMiher MDlical iMval. asd ■ good one— i)h mneript of ■ Innf ym, mppo^ to h>*e bwo ijaa hy 
i» oUm hMUwain in ih« laal Thtra u on* great btanly in ihb work— tha ■uibor baa not auOflrad hii 
fi|M 10 be crowded wllb an Impartiaenca wbkb wrtien of D»al aioriaa generally aeen ID 
Moadeior oiare imponance iban BclaTfrdoch^MMOt of plm or oliaraaiar. Soaa of ihe popalar aaltmut 
dnaiclei abuond wiih Tuni-aails alang ai>d OHk-pil Mrhniraliiln »liirh iwo-ihirda oTlfae nailer* are noabla 
ti taaipnbeiii). The aaibor uf Genllfman Jarli hM judicjvwfy airoldad Ihna eiereMeucaa, and yel hia laJe it 
Ulaf ran and lira, and aaella aufficicDiljr o( tuiim and lar. There ia anoihar pniprialf id Ibe pagea nndar 
Mtiea Khich an Kiibblera would do wall louhaaiTe. Weirenul difguiied wilh puling aentiraenialilrual 
lAad-bor niTelling* Tn m any huge an-nwnairr in canfaaa iiomen aud Dowie nbiiken. Genlleman Jack 
■d hia frieoda, whether in the rtbin or oa ■I.e forecaaile. ipnk aa aailura ipeak, and nul aa knighia in da- 
tut, or )iage-titui'k prenlice* in loie, and we like Lhe honui tara all iha belter for being ataip^hapa. In 
the mnaiiif of - talea of the aea," the iiaTlgaiora are eilher on Iha aiilu at roiuuice or deep in bd(e walar 
ad Uack-gnarditm— aor aulhor baa avoidrd both eilrrmea. 

- Gemlcman Jack" ia full of adiealarea welt lold, at)d of light iketcbea orebaiacler well conceired. 

Tbtie ■ a tnie and eDLeilaining aeeuuiit of the Mutinf al the Nore, wberein Ihe lailora and laarinM «( 
hHBIj-aiihl aail of the lino, nine riigalea, and aeventern brip of wti— canpriaiog Iha gmteal portion of lb* 
rt i ni 1 leet of Epgland. lefoaed la Dbejr ihcir officera, and auOared an aneBf'a flag to wave oncbeckad. 
TkahJMorjaf ihoir wionga i* well relaied, and worth]' lhe aiieniiTa penual of eaerj tea-bring ooniundar. 

naloUawiagiKiiicaaoralqioo^iiH aodac the oM iTBten of palianage ia lb* Briiirii bht IbcBiaaap. 
)aiM pendant lo the liiiWrr of tba BBiia;, which ia nncb too long £» iutnion beta. 

Ih aoek-pil weBea. in iheea daft, ware Wtallr dIBbrent la Ihe danr!)> meta-plaeet of lhe preaant age. Ona 
kif oolf waa allowed looook and do all ihirtean required; and. all day long, there waa a ooniiaued brawl of 
*tga d — i bof, where an jou t" In addjiion ki thit, tbote ambrjn} henat cleaned their own ahoat^ 
■idttbeirnnn beda, and. when i hay dined with Ihe capiaiD, generally awl to waih iheirawn uackioge. — that 
ii, if ihajr rouid utx reefiheni. iii hide low-waiar-mark, ai ihef uted U> call lhe black line nada bf the aboo- 
kiodini. Bonie old haitda. long praciited in Iha trade, could lake a> nxuiy aa fuur reeCi in. which oonaiiti in 
nekmg the dirif part into ihe ihue. to thai Iha part ahown Intween ihe b^itiuin a( ifie Irowtei and Ibe eboe ap- 
ptaiad a^erablr while. Buttheta were nuet (>rtnnaiE raacala!— qniia ladi of gemot in ihair line. 

TheCDllan and wriittandi of their ahitu were alio Dbjecta of their ablHtionar]! car*; and each look itbf 
tnawiiick lhe BtoneaoHtof iheraieim, to ntke Iheir poddingo, the role being that, whilit picking ibei^ 
Aeji were obliged ID whieile, ate proof thrf where noi eaiing any. The nnmenl Ihe whiailing eeaied.bookiy 
IM^ram-caaea, die fiew al Iha head of Ihe uflvnler. hy way uT reminding him ibat he waa aiell waicbed. 

Whanihtee halppy Tagtbunda bad nrda, it waa leldoni thai ihey could moaier mure Iban one pack, and, bjr 
aayoriarollaciing who deali liat, ihe deal rf Io wear an oldcocktd hai.tnd ptaa it to the Dailwhan the band 
'*!■ ap There waa at ihia line alto a barbnrooi cotioio oraiamining the aick neii in Ibaoock-pit. Aooaid- 
itglT'inelepandBll kindi of dieegrenhlre ware obliged here lo preeeni ihenMliea. 

At the aurgeon naier would tlluw mora than a oeria in number on the tick liai alone liiBt,lha coneeqniooa 
Wi^thal when that number waa complete. anyapplicaiiiio.bow«Terargeni, waa antwered by." Vuu bed — 'd, 
laao'I haae anjourean thaaieh-liit tudayi" and oAen again and again, Ibe aeanen wnold be beard to aay, 
'Ctaa, Jack, bear a banu out of the ttck-li«I. Il't my lum nett." By ibii meana, itaa ahip alwaya appeared bf 
i» relomt, ni bo healthy : whether thii wai right ia another qiieMion. 

If a pnor fellow prwanied hinwelf wiih a long bthI piltful face, (ha doctor, barore he fell fail pnlaa. mad to 
*f. ' Tub are a curted akulker! — I know you of old — oo them-Abrahamt wiib me; — go to lhe daiil, yon 
iMCa1!~l wnn't beer a word!"— and if, by dim of penuation, he loiihed at ihe man'a tongue, he alwayi got 
■id oThini by teying, " If you ara nut belter to-raurrow, yun niuai leave off drinking grog. Thia peracnptioa 
twdlikeaagicm oTery •ortofoonipUini ;but the reaull of Ihe whole eydam wat a cunpleleiqueeae j and a 
%kt, oa ibc cock-pit ladder. alnxM daily looh place, to be one of the lini eighteen, tin» ihit wa* the Dumber 
b wkioh oar eecantric Bargeoin Lmiied the Bck-litl in a aeionly-GHirgDn abip'a cMBpleraeoi in lbs winter lim*. 

Tn poUication wbidi we noticed in a prertooi number aa iMrlieutarly naceaaary to the Merchant, tho 
Taitt, and the Specolalor. The FiitaiiGiai. Rratma or thi Uumn St^tib, raiudly increatei in public 
■Usaliao The Thinrenth Number ia now upon our table, and raniaina much valuable iof irraalioa, derolad 
Aiity U Finenca and Currency, aiid to Bankii^ and Contaereiat SiatiaiicB. It ia publiibed iaBi.weekl)% bf 
WBi*aBdThM»,fluiMtclphia,uth*fTicaof Hire* dulUfa li>r ooa oopjp, or five dollan lor two. 

Digitizer byCoO^^lc 


THE 0L\> COJAMODORE. Bg lie Au/ior of BaOUnDu Rei^tr. Tm VUunut. Carey, Lea and Blanchud. 

or making naval lalea then ia no audi — lliey liillow one annther " like rolling wav» upnn the Iroubled 
■ea." We had tcarrely concluded a nglice oT -GeniUman Jack." en a couple of gnid aiml fomrt wero 
placed upon our labia, sihI loouraorpriaa and ditmay, Ihe uminuui ainomenor'-Thp Old Connnodore" (net onr 

of Ihe good old tong. hearing Iheaame liilr, rame sctuu UK. and we oprned one or 1 he vulumei, while in. 
dulging in a vegp«r flirtaiion wiih a lea poi. A epirlird and novel neihml of iniroduriiuii in ihe lini chopler. 
aeduced ub lo a cunlini>anpe or the peruaal. A nell wriiipn and eloquent wcHe, wherein a noiher combsti 
Ihe old commodoie'i inieniinn or taking her only and beloved Kin la aea, confirmed ui in our irat ; and w« 
iwe noi from the aide of our glowinK grate of anlhraclle lilt we arrived at Iha lerminaiion of ibe work, 
•Dmenhare in Ihe middle of " ihe wee ima' houra ayont ihe iwal'." 

The Old Commodore ii lbs bril nauiical ilory thai hsa appeared for many jean. The gouly, Gghiing. bat- 
beaded, warm-hearted hero, ia depicted in Ihe glowing rolora of Smolleti. but tonened dovni in the level of 
modern auflirance ; there are other chnraEier* of great peculiariiy, diveated of caricature — Ihe aiiuatinni »•* 
varied, and eiciijng or pleating in their affeci, wiihoul a apice of ihe ini)iaaiible. The auihor hsa improvad 
upon hit lut cHiirt, Ralilin the Reefer j and ir hii neit woib eihibiu an equal ad vaucemenl, he will hkT* 
the booor of wriling ihe veiy beu marum prodaciion of the age. 

THE GOOD FELLOW. T^nJaM/nrntie FmitkofPaiilii K«A,lfaPkihtitfykim. CareriDdHvl- 

Ih the December number of tbs Genlleman'a Magaune, ihe Oood Fellow wai briefly noticed, and an n- 
Inct, giving a fair apocimen of Ihe apiril of Iha work, waa put in lype, but eioluded from pubhcatios by Iba 
preaaure of other matter. Aa the akelcb ia oomplate in itaelf, and ia one of Kock'a nxHl characieriatic i:ba|>- 
tora, WB give it a place in ihia number, aiiiafied thai our readera will cheerfully waloome a recital of adveo- 


HivB you «ver aaen any thing droller than a peraon running, on a rainy day. after an omnibua aovenl 
hiNidred feat ahead of him. and which haa aiill farther remared, becaun ihe buy at the d'«r it hui^ gapi'V 
toinaid* lb* right or leA, or oaunling h« Money, or looking in every directioa eicepi Ibatof Ihe puffing 

if it ba a man. he rnna. then slope, and wa* et hia band— «r lilia op hia ranc. or umbrella, if ho chance to 
carry one;— or ndle hli aima. aa if he were drumming; — cries hare! taslluo! — buy! here! — then runs ■ 
liule Cuther ; sio|a ; beromea deapsraie and daahea off in the purauii again at full apeed, regardlaas of mod 
puddlea, or garbage, until be at last overtakes ihe nebiclr rvear the place iil' bw dwiinaiiun. 

I ir it be a woman, she will either run wtiboui psusing. or abe will noi run st all ; fiw iba ladies aeldom di> 
things by helvea. BeaiJes. they are quicker in deciding than we are: they run. too. with mure grace, and 
have the aingular bciil'y ofplaniing iheirtuea un Ihe cleaneat atnnea in ibe aireei. ivbile ihey are making aigns 
lo the boy. It ia true, that in ihoir hurry, ibey •amaiimea tuck up ihair dresaea a little tuo high; but yon 

It waa a young man who waa running afer (be oninibua. lie waa a tidsrably bandionie fellow, of 
middle tile, bul well built; of a frank and mild ruuntensnoe | well dresMd.and of ganlsel bearing. He •( 
Ust reached the oninibuH. and ubaeried Ibai it appeared to be filled. 

~ la there any roum, b'ly I" 

••Yea, air. ou Ihe right, at tha head. Gcnilemen, make mom if you pleaae," 

The young man iried to i bread hii way ihruugh legi hooked in fmm nppiiaiie sides; pmjecling kneea, wM 
Drahrellai, muddy boota, and criHS faeea ; for. you muai have obaerTnl, if you have ever been in an omniboa 
in Paria, ibat. whrn neatly filled, Ihe entry of a new paanenger makea Ihe ulhrr ucciipanti luuh grum ; fint, 
barauae the carnage la stopped; and aeciindly becaiiaa they eipect to be aqiiened or cramped in their 
plscea. The new comer ia therefiire met by vii»-gar stpecla. and nuI^Hly alin tu make room fur him. 

The young man. however, succeeded in gelling lo ihe middle of Ihe interior, and loiik hie teal in • 
doubiful opening between a fat. large, old gentleman, and a lady who did not look aa young aa she triad to 

"They pack ua in here like herringa!" growled the bulky old genilenun. The lady eaid nothing, but aha 
drew out a CM c<f her dreas. and edged off wiih an air of ■<S'«nJed deliciry. The young man irieil lo inaittl 
himnir ai coraf irtably as ha could, in his nirrow laai. wiilmut nodcing the murmura or the ain of hia 
naigbbor on either aide. When he had filed binnelf aa well m he conid, ha cast bis eyes around to survef 
the countenance! or his fellow travellei*. Now ihi> kind »f review ia that which, of all ihiiiga. gives teat to 
■ rids In an omnibus. It is rare, in a vehicle, in which llfieen •« eigbieen peraons are thrown together, 
that Ihe curioua ohaerver ia no) amuerd by Ibe aighi of Iwii or three uriginala. 

Hail to ihe lady, who did tu» like cuiiia<-t wiih a airan«a genlleman, aat a good, motherly looking woman, 
wealing a cap and aprvD, one ol your halfrualir and bslf urban lAikiiig persnnagea. Neil 10 her. came a dry, 
Ibin old gentlaisan, dressed in ■ suit of threadbare rualy black cloth, who had been digging in bia pncketo 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 


tm lines he hsQ lakcn hin mwi, iliiitMlM' in Ibe •MRh sfter > •iray nipeua iKit ha ranamberM) hi* inf. 
A(thi>»i"( <*» '<■' "U gmileiasn, hi ■ lailf who wu netiher handwni* nor ugly, nor yaung mt uld, dm 
w«ll H'V ■ll'iJ'eiunJ : III a wimiI. una ui ihm |>mini «'hi prsKnl no Hlieni puinii fur ciiiiciam. 

Arisr having •laminnd all ihs innuiei on hii iida. our ytiung man eul hi« syo* »*•' lo eiBOiina Ihoia on 
>b« 'Mher. FiM. woa miilill* agnl wutaun having a chikJ fiva ur lii year* old on har lap, a buliel beiwaaa 

inHlliag uf fBflir. and *iii», vtty dniway, anil niing hn ncii dour neighbor* aliarnanly for [hIIuhl Than 
tana ■ youof laily uT (antral appaanni^ and mudwi dcpurtmeni, artd •eeningly Irouhled to knuw vhat lo 
da wiih tier py*L Aaida ol bar ■*■ a yoiuig man wiih ipwiaclaa and paw glurei of ihe oulor of graai boiler, 
very *|)rucr. and hilfa diiidy; he waa diHng all hp could lu win Ihe ragard of iha modeal young lady. On 
kia tighi tiuM a y<Hii^ «>unUH. neaily draaaed, and nul had-louK>ng. who waa ogling Ihe fai old ganitenUB, 

iruiimacy. Thrn cuma a man cirim remrirkaWo aiierior. who. wnta ihe hoy, compleled ihe number of ibe 
dantiana'if Ihauiwiibua. Bui thsf. in all, mule only twelva psnuMj and alihoiigh ibe lahiele aesmed pretly 
well liilM, ihia waa iMH enough £>r lha bny. whoaa onien were lo make filleen aeala. 

Ai (he ram waa marring a day in June, ii aeemed nure Ihaa probable ihal Ihe remaining ihree eeali 

- Vwur tare, il' )uu |ile«ae, gmltewma t" To the g*«ilemen alone, did Ihe young colleclor addraei himeelf ; 
'bui ihe iB'liea look lha hini. aitd una of ihein waa lha Aral M pay, Tna dry. ihin old gemleman comnenaed 

Biniig in bia pw-kMa. and curtclud*! by |iuiiii>t*-me eoppefa in Ihe handa of the boy, who, afier ooanting 

-The davill Didu'i I Rive you piur oiraidemenlt" 

" N'l, air. you uiily gave ns Sie rania ; here Ibay are ; coonl Ibsm." 

*■ 3ii oeni*, H >i I and (iray how long hat it been ail eeoli t" 

•• Kver anice lha onbuina hu been run." 

" li hni, oh I WpII. gii your ruurid. I'll give ynu Ihe rant pmpnity." 

" It'-re'-i lor imp," erir'l ihe larsp lai gpiiilpmsii, wiih lha diam-ind aiiida holding out ■ twenty cani pieca. 

I pay lo Ihe liiile ireeiuier, lha latter pulled the Mllcard and Ihe 

" Are they t g >u prnin any mnra in hprr. I wondpri" inquired in a chDlerietone ihe large fat genlleman. 

- Ii n vry diaag reel hie lu fuii •» ofi^n," uld the yiung mat of thu apei^teplsi and builer-colurnd glovei 
W Ihe nrnlnit yniiiig laily niiita of bim, " pofiicularly 10 me, lur I am upuu buaineaa which requirea daajNUeh. 

- .>i<i. air." waa the faini reply ; and then ahe tamed lier head aaide. toavoid farther convemlioQ, 

eye*. aiHJ a manner ihat iCtvured uf iho ahnp-keaper. lie held an nmttrella aataraied «ilh rain, which be 
nippd iipriii tlie legi and kneai or the pa«eiigpn aa lie ihteaiJed hie way up lo iba head, nodding lo lha 
right and l<-n wiih a iwpet amirh. and iK'pji-iiunilly ireadmg opun aoirke incautioua loea. 

" Well, ihia ia tielighiful." aaid he of Ihe apeclaelaa ami gliive* j " come ai nice aa you may into en omnibpa, 
and see h'>w yiMi'il go out uf ii. Lonk bare, mtia. your dtau ia quite wei " 

The latter mails no reply, hiil wiped away the nmrka uf Ihe wsi umbrella with her haodkerchief. 

The b.'tl-iiiiil wna again pullpd. and agiin waa ihe omnibiu alupped. Freah murmun proceeded fioin lha 
im^iipni iriivellpn. and rrieiuf "we are full, uiileu yiiu inland In put peiipla on our lapa." 

" fhere are twn pi iite* yai," aaid the lniy ; ~ pleias to nrnve up al the head." 

llsre ■ very gpiiispl lady, of agresabis a'pei-t ami pretty toiirnurs. made her appeannea on lha Tail-alapa. 

With ihn pnciiiragemsni. ahs veniurni to enlar, and. hs|ipily for hsr, lbs yosng nan, nhoee portrait We 
drew Biiina time agn. waa not inasnaible lu her chi'inai he iherer'ira pmaed himielf up agajial bia far 
neii^iar. regardlesa uf hii rsmcnitrancei and eucerbation ; and Ihe lady eapying a aligbi opening, let heraelf 
dein ftto It 

-Uh. wy (thI. madaoi! you'll amnlhpi ma." cried ihe lady of dnubiral age. 

iiiarkable, aa'fruiion beiwean iwo budiei will ever produce Ere, where Ibsre ii 

It uur Imd at Init," tail the large fat genllpman. "and Ifaal we ahatl gettooot 

iiMii unilernpnt a violent concuaaton, Pauaed by auine ooe'a apringing npon the 
■ ■ ■ .ir. iher. ' 

' Wri«re ih> dciii-p ■/» ihi'y going lu aiow itaxl gauilifmant" muiieted lha fat gentleman, in a lone Wo bj 

Thp nfllRer. wbliiinl aiiiwaruig Ihe leaat pmharraoapd. walked very detilierately in, piuhtng aaide tega 
aiH k.MPa. Umfkint m ihe n^hi and lei) aa if i<i •elei'i ibe heal plaia, whpn bia eyea retted mion the modaal 
yu'ig, an.l Hinting her to bia f.n.-y. he vp,y ivimpinedly plumped himaejf duwn between bar and the 

V*„ll/i„.*,. Mtf lha ^.iMM^Iad'lM- >n.l hull^rH^lur' d ftlciVCH. 

riKim hrre: yuu are ait ling upon MB," eioUimed ha of lh«glo«aa,OB 

■ «« pro-ing. -, . 

Digitizer by LiOO^i^lC 

nnki, then- How am I lo gel ■ ml unleaa fOD clou up I" 

1 poMiUe. Have joa kmmb 

Tu ihi« inierrogarory aha nude no reply, but movKl doirn u much u ihe coulil, ■> u lo give him all tha 
loora ihui wu ijuuiblo. Uui the fad wu itiul Ihere being (even already on Lhiiliide.iheiiiurtian of ih« tower 
pafliur ihe uiHior agueexml ihe uihen logeiberM if in a vice, in Itaij dilemma, oneofihe pOMeagen roas up. 

" 1 knew Ihare waa ruiim," (aid (he nfTicer ; and wiihout i 
bulterciiluriKl gluvea. whu ihokigtiE thai il wai ourciae ol a 

" VVIiat a cuneil, lajctnal day." aaid Ihe hiiisar. taking oflTliu echaka, and beating the rain froRi il. " Here, 
boy, taki' yuiir j'liif. i^ii'uie me, lir, but I mud have ruim Ibi my leg* luo, and 1 defy the daniJ to gel in bia 
big lue lur ibe>e eiiurmuui ■lisrii ufyuura ber<jre me." 

Thli was Bildreaaed In Ihe lucge lal genileniaii who aal immedialely opoaite, and nhcM nelher eiiremitiea 
didaeemlu munupoliie Ihe nMmiieceiaary fur two pairaflega. Suiling Ihe aclionig Ibe word, ibe officer ui>- 
oeremiHiioualy ac paraied Ihe kneeaoT Ihe lormer, and alreiched oui bu own leg! belwean them. 

The Cil gentleinan'i Taca became red and hia I'beek awelled aul with chaier ; bui after aurveying ibe office, 
he eipraiaed hia inilignaiian in Ibe Tuiluwing auhdued lone; ■■ 1 do nol aee. air, why 1 afaould iDConuBode myaeif 
ibt yuu. Why ihuuld your lega be airelcbeJ ool more Ihan any other maa'a I" 

To whicb iba ullii'er irjuined : " I can'l ride unle« 1 do it Wa mini accoinodale one anolher aa mocb •• 
poaaibis. Mtai, make yuuraelf combruble and lean uo me, I beg yau. VVbal infernally diiagreeable wea- 

Again the bell rang and again did Ihe omnibua itop. Murmuia now araae from all lidea. and daoNDilfalioaa 
<rf rebellion were made in ibe iniarior. " Il won'l do. By lad, unleaa you think you can tmpoa* Upon na. 
Where ihe devil ia Ihere aaealT" Baked one oflheualcontenla. "She can hate my iilaea."Baid Iha fonaar. 

" Oh. il'i a lady, ia ilf' eiclaimed Ibe buaaar. " Let bar come in ; if abe ia pretly, I'll lake bcr on mf 

"Jual at Ihat momeni an enariaaui dumpling of a woman made her appaaranee on the atep*; thevolunwof 
bar biidy waa ao uniformly of Itae aama ilnctineu. thai yuu could boi have told where abe loralad her waiat, 
bwl il fiol been for a riband ihal encircted ii. 

"Ob. ihe devil," ^arulnied ibe buaaar. " I'd aalierukaa honilier onmy lap. There ia no raom in her«^ 
my good woman j you can't come in," Bui williout paying any allantioD lo hia proteaittione, aha ttarew heraelf 
in, and while enJeavoriiig lo get over Ihe array of foel and legi whicb oppoaed her, wu. by a audden lurch 
of IheuHUuibua, which in Ihe inierira hod pn>ueediiJ on. pilohed upon the lal gentleman who with a graaa im- 
medialely iMaad her over upon hia oppoiite neighbor, him of Ihe apectaclaa and glovea. who puahed bar upao 
the little man in black who tlid down witli bcr on ihe lop of him. Here abe waa relieied by Iha ioleiferaac* 
of Ihe olbera, and with aome difflcully got aeciuely upon tha •aaloflhe boy, and all became again quiet. 


EitmeUd /raaUtt CtoOmalttT ; or, The Sayingi and Dangt qf Saaua SUti, of SlidmOk- 

Ste TshmK I. page 4IT of (lie OaitkaHm'i Magalinr. 

Soriely ia aonwihing like a barral of pork. Tbe maal Ihal'a at Ibe lop. ia aomelimee ml to good ai Ihal 

that'a a liiila grain lower down : ihe nppei and lower eenda are plaguf apt lo have a liiila uint In >m, bsi 

Iba middle iaalwaya good. 

If a man don I hoe hia oom, and he don't gal a crop, ha aaya 'lia all owicy lo Iha Bank; and if be nina innt 
debt.andiaaupd. why be aaya Ibelawyen are a curae lo the eounlry. 

We can do wiihoui any aritcle of luiur; we've never bad, but vihen once obtained, il ia not in human 

When a fiillei ia loo lozy lo work, ho palnia bia name over hia door, and calla it a lavem, and aa tike aa Dal 
he mahea ihe whole nalgbbuihood aa lazy Da himaelf 

I giiw if you were ai our factotiet at Lowell, we'd abow you ■ vronder— /tw hmdred gallt nl work U^*- 
Oer aU in nUnrt! I don'l ibink our (leal eounlry ha> auch a real natural curioaily u ihal— ( aipect the 
world'l coniain ihc brat of it— for a «oman-a tongue goea ao alick of iiacif, wiihoui wala^powar or alaam. 
and motea ut cany on iia hingea. Ihal ii u no eoay matiai to put a tpring alop on it, I lall yon. Il comae M 
natural aa dtiiihiiig mini julep 

What ia Ihe uae of reodii.g ihe Proverb* of Solomon to our free and enlightened citizena, Ibat an every mil* 
and niorial aa wiae ai ha waa t Thai are man underniok lo aay there waa nothing new under Ihe aun. I 
gueaabe'd ihink ho apoke a litile loo faai, ifhewaa lo areour aleaniboala,iailiuada, and iDdia-rubberahoea— 
three invenlion* worth more nor all be knew put in a heap logelher. 

Our tree of liberty waa a beauiiful iree— a aplendid iree-it wu a aigbl lo look alj it vn> fenced and waU 
p«Meclcd,*iidiltrawaoaiaielyaiidaabandBiimc,ihai Miangm cane fi«B aU paru of tha Kwld k> aa* il. 


Ttwf ill allowfil il nm ihr nioil iplendid ihing in Ihc noilJ. Wetl (he mnht have broken in and me dowB 
liifir renro. and uiapped uff ihe branchet. and watitrcd all ibc teuvca abuul, and il looka do beller Iban a 

Tbfra arc Hme Tolka mho Ihinh a good dtal and tajt but lililc. and ihry ■» vita Tulhi i and Ihrre ate 
Mben agin, wlio blaat ri|lil out nbaleier cooiea upptimoii, and I gucn ihpy Bra prtUy aoniiilriabla luperfiaa 

Wb«n 1 Ke achifil, I alamji TfcI tafe wilh tbfw wi'men bAk; fori have at Ka}!! found ihal iha road Id a 
nDiDin • heart ia Ihtuugb her I'hilJ. 

Any mm (hat undciaiar.di hor»e*. has a pielly rontideiable Tair knowlei'ge of women. Tor ihry are juil 
■like in lempvr. and require the very idrniiral nme trcBinifnt. Eniuurage the liniidoDe>.begeiil1eand iieadjr 
■iih ihe fiaFiioua, but laiber ihe lulhy onea like blaieL 

Tbe female heart li ]i»i like a ntw India ruhltr tliue; ycu D.ay pull and pull at it, lill il alrateheaool a 
;inl long, and I hen lei go. and il will Dy right baik to iu uM thB|.e. Their hiarlt tr« madaoT (tout leather, 
1 lell yOD ; Lhere'a a plaguy light ii{ near in 'era. 

Kever idl folk* yon tan go ahead of 'era, but Jo il. Il tparei a great deal of talk, ind belpi ihem to uve 
tkeirbieaih to eoul Iheir broth. 

It aini (hem ihai iiaie lha man thai we ihe bait, 1 guan. 

An airlf atari maket eaay itagei. 

Fttli'ita makea a man ai crouked ai a pack daeat pedlct; nol ihal Ibey are io awful beavf. Dailher, bnl il 
M^ • man to ttoop in ihe loag ran. 

It'i belter never lo »ipe a i hild'i noie al all, I gunr, than to wring il oOI 

I'dialbei keep a critier nbowraullal do know, than r barge him for a btaal wboae faulla I don't hnovr. 

niem'a Dolbing I hale to moeh ai cam of all kindi ; ll'a a iuib >ign of a irii ky diipoaition. If yon ae* a 
Mlei rant in religion, elap yovr hand inio your poikrt. and lay right hold of your pun, or he'll ileal it, aiiura 
a you're alive I and if a man ram in polilica, he'll tall you ifhe gelaa rhance, you may depend. Law and 
pbrM are juat the una, and every mile and loorael aa bad. If a lawyer take* to canlin, in like the fox 
prtarhing to the getie; he'll eai up hii whole rutigrrgalion. And if a duciurlakea to il, he'aa quack, aaaur* 
■ ratca. The Lord have many on yoa, for he vton'l. 

When a feller wink* lill hi> gall geia married, I gne« ii'i a liiile loo lain lo pnp the qneation ihen. 

Judge Belei pul a notice ovrr hii fBriiiry gale ai Ltmell, "no cigin or Irikhmen admiiled within ttieaa 
mill," for, aaid he, ihe one will lei a fleme egoin among my coiionr, and t'otbar amoiig my galla. I wont 
kite IK rach iiiHamniable and dangcToui tbingi about me on no account. 

Nitnr il Dalur wherever ywu find it — in ragi or in king'i robe^ — w here butter b iprtad wiih the thumb aa 
mU n Iha lilver knife. 

Allfolka Ihal grow up right off. like a muihioom, in one nighl, are apt to Ibink noimall beet of Ibenueltn. 
A cabbage baa plaguy large leavta lo the boKom, and apreadi them oul aa wide ai an old waaan'a pMliciMt, 
ti bide the gmund ii iptung from, and conceal ill eiliaciion. 

When a feller baa run aa fail aa be can clip, be bai lo itaip and lake hfealfa ; joa moit do that oi choke. 

A long face ia plaguy apt to cover a long eomcience^ihara a fict. 

Noibin Mti up a wDmaii'i ipunk like cillin her ugty — ihe geli her back right up, like a cat when a alranga 
dog cocMi near her ; ihs'i all eye*, eliwi, ind briiiln. 

Hake a fanner of bim.'and you will have Ihe laiiifaclian of Feeing him an honeet. independenl. and reapeel- 
tbie Beniber or lociety — mora honeal than Iraden, more independent than profenional men, and more teapect- 
ihle than either. 

There are only tuo Ihlngn north looking il in a bone — action and loundiien, foi 1 never lan a critter thai 
Wl good aciiuH that wii a but beaat. 

Ii'i in polilica at in racm, every ilung dependi upon a lair Mart. If you are oHTluo quifh, you have to pull 
ipindiornbafkagm, and your boant gei. out of wind and i» buffled, and if you loee in the iterl, you ha'n'l 
(91 a £iir chance arierwiidi, and are pligiiy apl to get j'lrkied in ihe coune. 

Thtre'i a plaguy ilghl of truth in Ihem are old proverbs. They are diilillad facia ilcamed dawn ID an 
■■nee. They are like purtable ninp, an amBtiii deal a' matter in a imall compoiia. They are bi true aa a 
plim line, ai.d aa ihoK and ■wce( aa togar candy. 

Wben you've too many ironi in ihe fite, aome on 'em will gel aiODe cold, and I'olher onea will get burnt, 
Wd ■> they'll never be no good in nalur. 

Now'i ihe lime to lam, when you ate yoong. Sioro your mind well, and the fragranca will remain long 
arter ibe toae haa ihod ile leevaa. The oiler of maea ia ilronger iban ihe ruK.anil a plaguy light mure valu- 

Tbe Yinkeca may iiurap Ihe univerae. We improve on every thing, and we have improved on our own 
•pedd. you'll raarch one while. 1 lell you, eli>re you'll find a man that, lake him by and large. Il equal to 
UK of ear free and enligbiened ciiizeoa. Ke'i ihe chip ihat ha* gol both apoed. wind, and boiuim; he'i clear 
■tiHinger lo ihe back bone, yuu may d spend. I t'l generally allowed there a'n'l iha beat of Ihem lo b* fiiund 
U) »heie. Spry aa b rai,iu|>ple a* an eel. and cute ai a weeael. Though 1 my il that ibouMn't aay il, they 
fcirly take tha atain* off ctcation— ihey are aciilly equal to caih. 


THE YALE LITERARY MAGAZINE, Cmdiicud iy the StadtBU ^ Yale Collrgt. 

Wi have laeelfed the November and December nnmben of ihii airellenl puhliralion. Ther cmMin ■» 
Tcnl arliolea thai would conrer hunnt upon any nagiiina ia Iha Umon. There an aonne'Sea Slivfelkaa' 
truly cepilal; a paper on Jeffenon ia will wriiien, alihuugh ouirageuuily ulin in iia pulilica; -A Ttal« ex 
my Landlord" ii a food lale. and weii told — tml «e ar« not goinf 10 mem ion all ihe goud ibinga ■■ Ihia tvell- 
deaeifinf periodical ; alihough aome of iha poeuy deasrvaa eipecial ddiic*. 

TALES FROM THE GERMAN. TrmalMsif Ajr A'otfmul Ontnt. IW Vttuwu: American StMiMten' 
CaBi|isDy, Boalon. 

Mr. Gr«ene hn conlerred an obligation or weighty import upon the reading public, in prettnling leTer*! of 
lb* Gnen of Van der Velde'a Tilei, in an elrganl and appnipriale guine. He haa done every juaiies to ihe 
Gannan author, and wB confidently recommend iheae Iwo volumea of Talri 10 the atienxtm uf our rriend^ 
not only aa icaionable worki, but ai alerling pmafi of iba puwer of Van der Velde. and ibe lalaot of ihe 
tramlator. The language ia perfectly Tree fivm ell foreign idionn, ei'^api when iiBiional cham Isriuiee an 
k> ha deocribed, or lecbnicsl ideai lo be eiplained. The (ini tale, Aiwkd <>ii.linbtikim, accuptea ihe 
whole of the liral volumej ii u a depiction of much power and hiiioriral iiiiemi. ruianwncing niifa ao exci- 
ting dcacription of Ihe death of Cbarlet XU. in the irem-hea befure Frttlerfkaliatl. anil embudving aaongs 
iU dramalia pertonn, ihe enauins of the warrior king and the mya'ic philijanpher and ;butl4eer 8»ede«>borg. 
The aecoiid iiory ii named Thi LtCHTENariiNa. Ihe Catholic rpKimcni ur Germany, and embraoea aaata of 
the aventa of the memorable Thirty Yeara* War. and the adveniurrr WalleiMtein ftgiirea io iba field. The 
SoaciaKn ia a tale of unmitigated German uitrbcrari and rumniiiiciiin. >mi ia not wiihuul iia moral. Thb 

out-breakingi ol Johannen Biickiiold. oiherwiae Ji>hn of Lrfleii. MHihi<i>. Kiiiii|i>r<li>lling. and R-iibmaa. who, 
in 1534, leixed the cliy of Muiuter. in Weaiphelia. and cimmiited ilieadriil eic«i>e» The whole deiaila of 
Ibe atory are hi.lorically correct, and coniideroble intercut pervade, every page. We iruii ibal Mr. Ure«n« 
will Gad lime to renew hi< acquuiniance with the Gnrtaan nuveli.o, and limi lix preient ei«iy will maM wiili 
iia deaerved reward, atid induce bim tu favor the public niih ihn priHliice ul' hi< rmiirs leiaure. 

The alyle of Iba work, aa regard> iia merhamcal eieiuli'in, ■■ piitii-'darly rrediiable tn tha Amoriean Sta- 
lionera' Company; there are *e vera 1 publi.hera who would do well to cumimre the appearance of iheir own 
ptoduciioua with tha Talei from the German, and borrow aa idea ur two ol giwd priniiiig and fine papac. 


By Mitt SUclBity, aUtor a/ PaHrj ff Ufi. Tmo Vclamet. Carey aitd Hart. 

Tbii ia one of those eni^hanling lalea of modern Ufa, which, like Crahbe'a Pwme and lloganh'a PicaaMK 
delight by Iheir reality and miiiiiteneaa oreflart. *' PretenaiiHi" irlla i>a ploi in na name — a yiiung |iri, «imib- 
try-born, i* educated beyond her aphere uf life through ihe |jarlialiiy of h-r nioili, r. and. at a fwihiiHiable I1 aiil 
Ing-achuol contracta feelinga and deairei thai provr her toimetil in alter lile. The iniral ia [ariiraUrly anali- 
cable >D theae dayi of Retioral preiennioii 1 and we aincerely hope ibai iba aiiihor'i well lueaning iniemiona 
may be productive uf tha end >ha deairea. In Ihe prefiice. Mine Siir kiiay el<i>|iienilr ahaervee: - li ia lu wo- 
man ihat I would appeal, to look iniu the evidence nf her own heari. 10 eiaumia ilie raouli ol het owii ripe- 
rience, and id aik of the aecrel cuuiueU ol her own boauin, whether her digniiy. her uwlulneaa, and her riarr 
of mind, are boi HcriGced ijy that nyiiemof education wh'ch aurHiituiea ihr ariilii-ial l"r the real, the glitirr- 
iog lor the eubataniial, and the urnamtnial lot the good. — uheiher <b« >utij<-i'ia ■■■ Mhii*h her lime and her 
talenU are now elmoai eioluiivaly devot»d. are calculated to pn-|Mfe her i:,r hriiig a help lu ihe (eeMe, a 

■n object of inlareal and admiration 10 ihoae who have laate lo leunre n> n>niineiidr Whftherahe 
ia ireaauring apfor aeaaoio of aiekneaa, wwrow, and lufferiiig. a > .if kind f«.. inaa, rhJ ■ItMnieroie^l thniigbia. 
ind praciieal uaernlneaa, lo be ready for ihe aervice of Iho^e whiae happKieM » ■•.nuiiMiied i<< her nara; or 
whether ihe in eipecling that the inAirniaiiun acqujred in the rouime ul nei...! learning will napply iha im- 
ceaiiiiea of penury and diaenw. and thai the music of her lyre »ilJ chaim aomy ii,r Hiigmth of a xiul innn- 

qaired, a " wiidom whoae wxya are wayaof plr-aeantacBi. atuj Hl,i>e junhn aip |«a<et" 

It ia impnuible 10 add a tingle word to ihii admirabls cipuaiiiou ) ihe aoihur hi» Hell carried unl her viawa 

Thii work ia bailer printed ihaa generally falU to the lot of London nuveli re |Ml>liihtd in Ain*nca. and ■ 
capital eogrsviug fronta ihe litle. 



FEBRUARY, 1838. 


kh isppcui-d w ik-l«abh: Lu olhen,' 

niiim*d, ' The II1V or i fooA num.' Bcinr 

NoTHTSo ii aalrongerproorornifdani in a ratianal 
iein;, than an abiliiji to eicract infarination for Ihe 
|iiiJanc» uf hit conduct from eveiy ■nbjecl ttial Talli 
wilhia his notice. In the Held uf lileralure, inilceiJ. 
iha opponuniiici Tur imptoi-cmfnt pipieni IhemBciven 

derelicliun vt his iluiy. h1>o tli>iiitif omit lo avail tiim- 

li iiiQ'l be ronrcneil. howevrr. ii> Ihe ahnme of huinsn 

«lu hecJIeuly pa > over the occnrrencea of life, an if 
they iven IntlitTeniiit wliciiier miiikind fulfilicil Ih* 
(Fid of iheir being or nut, aint who diiiegncd, al (lie 
nine time, all ihosa lc(M)n> of wiaJ^KQ which are to 
be abiainni froni ihe conlemiilniion of tvienee. CulJ 
and rumfuitlcu a* may ba thought many of the ab- 
fiaeiiuna of philueagihy — unlnleieiitn; aa may be 
dnineij m-iny of in piini;ip:ct — ii yet tecine pufsing 
•trange how any uf ihioe lKing«, wiio may emphaii- 
nlly benid to be the hanJi.vurlc»riheirciealo[. can 


n Ihti ulighicti mun 

iny siihjecl v 

r. Ibo 

Ktiihlfl in all ihat he hoi i^iimeJ. Thai abiiraci 
rm»xiing which ia neccBsmily empl^ye'l in nli nur in- 
quiiiM concerning ihe nalnrc of ihe miiii}, laborious 
at il ii, one would ihinic could not fail lo oIKinl Ihe 
higheai gralificmion to him who ia al all conacioua 
bow divanilied are ihe delighU of which il nlabea ui 
>be panaken — liow abundant are ihe benuiiea which 
U (reienta lu our notice — and. eture all. in what an 
eidted poaiiion il plocea ua in Ihe acalo of being. 
That il lapiiea lo an imperiihnbia eiiatence, and ia 
dmined lo giirriie " the wreck of muller and the 
avA of worliU," ie aurelf audicianl la awaken the 
mmotl aiienlton, uul 10 cicile the onal eager inqui- 

Perhapa, however, in extenuation of Ihe tieglect 
with which ihia mbject haa been for Ihe moat part 
treated, and Ihe liiile attention which haa hrtn fhova 
lo It hy iho great man of mankind, may be jtiaily al- 
leged the diDiinliy of coming lo any prcciie and d«- 

pliera have indeed been ■□ freqiienijy liaftled, and 
ilirir wieJum ao ofieniimet cuiiliiunded, in their inqni- 

il mey be owing, il ii impoeaible lo aay; 
it ia, thai Ihe inquiriei of philnaopl.y, upon 

hardly an 


ccl, h 



torily Iha 

1 Ihia 


lol .>! 

everyone wh 


il " to au 



anil reap the whttlw 




OR or 

lie hypoihew* uf A 

ijiiolle and 


aflirmed, ill 
Kcndcd by II, 


the induc- 

oua Bacon, 

ihuogh in 





in Ihia 10 





eu. Whe- 

jett. or 10 Ihe miaapplicaiiun of Bncon'a rulea of phi- 
loaophiain; in Ihia inalance, il ia a facl unqucatiunablo 
Ihat hardly any t no wiedge acquired ainco Ihe lime of 
Bacon haa been mure unaiable and Suciuating. Paw- 
ing by ihe fanuil'ul opiniona of Leibnili and olhera, 
and futgeiling the eatneaineia wilh which they wero 
BBvenilly advocoled, we need do nothing more ihaa 
look at the npiniona of Locke, and Berkeley, and of 
Hume, and ilia aloioal oomplele overthrow which 
they have received at ihe handa of Raid, to aee Ihat 
thia acienca il (till ia ili infancy. 

InlricBie, however, ai ii the maie in which ihia 
portion of knowledgB lieaj eonfiuodMia apporcnilr 


nonhy of Iha ulmugt ■ 
mure Iban i»iinlerbalaii< 


li ii 

ing iDia meiaphftical aubilciiea. anil in noging 
the iDiricacieB (if iirict phiJiiiophiral dlicuoiun, 
tml kiKiAlsdga » ilone la bo obtained j rnuch, and 
whal. pcrhapa, ii ihe modi valuable anil uteful Tor ihe 
parpoara of life, i* ■■> be gaihered /rom tb«e lubjecli 
Kbich ore, Dt ougbl lo be, inlerealing to every nun. 
Ta eoMemplale man in Ihe abilreci, diveiied of all 
thoae appendagn of character onJ latia wbicbgenc' 
tally take iheii ii*e rrom the circumalancei Ihrougti 
nfaich he ia called to pau. may leem to be the luk 
of ihe philoaapher alone; but lo consider him a* he 



CI. — the diTenified habia which 
be aaaiimea while pooling ihiough ihis ilage of 
enee, — the manner m which he ia liable lo b« wroughl 
upon by the varioua iiiccniivci which he ia lilii 
tneel wiih while pursuing the path allalied lu hi 
and 10 mark with attention the diflereni feelings v 
■cluale bim, — iiihe businenoreveryone who w 
to ragulale hi* own conduct aright, and lo bcI from 
ralkinal and conaiatani motivca. 

biography is capable of 

deed the aarac 
become by ci 

', luch eialicd n 

lame in every poHibleaituation of life; 
'inbered huw niodiGcd ii ia like 
iRutencee, how much inAiienced by 
conleoding moiivea. it wilt be aeen Ihal biography ia 

know Ihe manner in wluih mankind have been 
wrojighi upon by a particular coiijunclion of Ihlngi. 
H ihe only way it knowing how lo guard againat 
tbeir operation in lulure, if ihey happen lu be evil in 
Iheir tendency; and (o regulate (hem ao at to anawer Ihe 
maK itDpottanl purpuara, if they happen to be beneficial, 
lo looking back upon Ihe many eminent man whoae 
namea are recorded in ibe pageaorbiograjihy, ne find. 
Ihal, notwilhalanding tbeir eminence, they were Tre- 
fnently the aubJcLta or aucb alrange and unworthy 
Dotiona. that iheir lalenia were ao freqaenily miaap- 
plied, and tbeir abiliiiea made auhaervienl lo the at- 
laJnmeDI of auch baae and wonhleea objecia, |hat Ihey 
Itereofien liraea marked by auch obliquity of Ihe will, 
and wtre g'jiliy of aetiona >o ullerly inconilatenl with 
their characlera aa raiitmal crealurea, — that we ahall 
aaauredly diirover enough to warn na from acting in 
Ibe like manner. It la ti lamentable fact, that Ihoea 
who have been the poaacotora of the motl cammand- 
ing tateota — tibo aeem really lo have arinn tarjio 
other parpoee than lo diaaipale the darkneaa which 
hanga ovar the univerae, and aiiuta oat Trom the aigbl 
ot morlala that light which ii rapaUe of adding dig. 
Dily to their nature, — appear lo h&ve been the very 
ehaiacier* who were deaiined to convince poitetiiy 
ofihe utter Aiiiliiy of all human eipaciaiiona. and iha 
lolly of placing a dependence upon the aflurli oT bo- 

In Alcihiadea we find implanted by nature aluM 
every ihing which waa calculated lo make a «i*>,t 
n«rul, and an honorable man ; but by noooe perhapi- 
hove auch giila been more aei at nought, or mora nib 
uted.ihanbyhim. Theaenaibililyofibalmaniinolveiy 
enviable, whs can read without emotion iha extraotdi- 
nary aberraliona from duty of which Alcihiadea m 
guilty,and the wonderful fertility of geniai by which he 
managed to eiiiirale himaelf from tbe dtfficuliin in 
which hie own miacondoct had involved him. Tba 
great aniiety with which taia venerable precepw 
watched over hie moveraenta, and tbe cagarMai . 
which be etwaya diaptayed to^uatd him from Iha 
evila to which he knew he woa prune, appear bat ill 
lequiled by tbe careleainees with which he otteod- 
ed 10 hie admoniiiona. and Ihe Ijltle attenliou which 
he paid lu hia advice. 

Individuals have indeed arisen in many countria, 
who wore qualified by their abilitiea to lead their 
countrymen lijrward in ihe race of improTemenl^^ 
thai race by the meana of which Iboaa UeMBgi 
which are truly valuable are alone to be obtained )ia 
leaching Ihem to elevate themaelvea above Ibe mia« 
objcciB, which too much engroaa Iha attention of tba 
greater portion of iheir felloW'^aen i in ahowing Iheia 
(hat liberty of thought and liberty ot conduct, which 
can alone ariae from a conaciouanaai of tbeir impgrl- 
ance on the scale of being, are Ihe objecia which aia, 
above all othen, worthy of tbait punuit ; and, thai 
Belling themaelvea free from aupetatitioui raverani* 
and eoalaving noiiona. Ihey ihould be beDt upoo Iha 
atlainment of lomething above Ihoae debaiing olgactt 
which keep the apiril bound, and ibe mind tettaxdi 
but who have, noiwiiholending, been Iha most as- 
aianl deviaton from the pa h of reclilude, who ham 
been owal prone to wonder along unhallowed andaa- 
conaccrated ground, and who have the meat giv« 
Blvea up 10 tho alluremmis and rasciaatlMi af 
There have been those, who. according to tha 
original cetiatituiion of their nature, appear aa Ihoagh 
re really fatod to trample under loot all dMa 
which have in any way tended to keep nM> 
chained by the iron banda of deapotiam, and by lb* 
enduring fellere of perfidy and Iraiid, whidi 
have been bul too olten tbe inatrument* which tyrant! 
have need to enalave them, bul who have, ueverlha- 
leaa. Joined with Ihe ad vocalea of Iheae lyate"' *" 
oirenglhen Ibe yoke vibich baa been fiittned. and la 
add mote permanent and laaling power to ihe evil* 
which uniformly alleod Ibem. 

Could we. in faci, draw aside Ihe veil which can- 

ceala Ihe motivea of action— were we able lo pall aff 

the maak from that numeroua order of men who have 

uilo be tbe benefaclon of their tf- 

beinga, which hide* from our nolin Ihoea apfiBP 

of conduct by which they wer« actuated, and pc 

nlB our inapeciion of that source from whenM 

iii BclioQB originated, we ohould find Ibal< i" 

1 greol majorily of inalancea, Ihoaa who hav* 

*tMeii>e<I to-be the frienda of human kind, bav* 

Tealily moat wonted tho eaaenlial ingrodianli of 

friendship, and eihibiied the moat powerful Rf*i° 

lo Iheir own aggrandifenenL It ia not bf ihoa* on^ 




who have be«D (be BOMnpadtBied fiuisproTinftlM 
caidilioa oT Ibe ({wciet. bul who bate bmn Mo pw- 
TMnlf iDclined w uiempt lucli a luk, Ibal Ihe aiil 
bM hMn wrooghl which hai to oflen dBtolated ihe 
wmU ; but il bai been b; Ihcu, who, covaring Ihe 
mtDiml dafbrmir; p( iheir chBracici by a fair dii(ui«e, 
faaia proclaimed theauelvea lbs (litadt o[ vinue and 
of fmdom. Such chanclcn, bf BMuming la ibem- 
■rlvea qualiiiei ollrilf incamp4iibla wiib Ihair db- 

Aem la Ihe opiniiHit of alhan, and hava then em- 
ployed ibeir elevaiioii lo irampte upon iIm liciimi of 
Ihair fraud ; and, claimlni kindred and altiaDCe wilb 
tboae illairriaUB dernlefa of liberty nitb nhoa Ihey 
IwTe DOI one thing in commoa aaie Ihe laManct of 
pradoeH^ biTB c^bd mankiml inio the belief Ibal 
ttMf too were iha wonhippeia of liberly. aud bati 
■aade Ibtl belief iba inaiiument of Heading under fov 
eTny Ibing wbich Uu been aileemed aiciad tod ve 

Uaiiy again Ibeie haia bean, who. uncooacioiuly 
petbapi, were tbe upportsn of Iba moat paroii 
mbM of Uiingi, bun) a wani of ihal firauieai uu 
duoo wbich oagbl In be iha characleiialic of eiary 
Ban i who, unable of Ihaowelvee ID aleai Ibi 
af dcBtructioa, which may be lolbog over 
eootribate, tmwaiily, by Ihair own imprudanl i 
B add to it* Tiolence ; and wbo, poweweJ of loo liuls 
Tigor to oppoae ibsoMeNet lingly to ibe ertoca wfaieji 
amj be previleai in aociaiy, Auuiab a freib joeentiTi 
10 their incraaae, by landing an appearance of aane 
lioD 10 ibeoL 

It ia humiliating lo wilneM ihe illoatrioaa and phi 
kaophical Tolly, the (port of every braeaa wbich All- 
ied acitiB the commonweal lb of Rume — the ■nceea 
aiTB Tictim, frani hiiown wanlofopano«««nd the pur 
nil of a itraighl-fbrtrard conduct unawed by power, 
of aliDoal erery bction thai reigned during hii life : 
■I one time lending fail lalenli to Ibe auppon of Ihe 
Tanan of Fbapey, and at anolber time, (o that of 
Cmar. according ai the one parly puw c Mt 
Hinance over the olber With the eiception, indeed, 
if one or Itra of tui orationa, auch aa Iboaa againal 
Cataline and Anlooy, moat of than aihibil indicatione 
of all thai limidily, which ii alwaya an acoonipani- 
ami of Ibe nao of ■ vacillalii^ diipoallioo ; indica- 
;icaB, indeed, of Ihat lanilB Oattsry, and that graaa 
traiahip of power, which ata uniforaity fell by bin 
<Ao baa loo lilite alabilily lo act an independeoi perl. 
Hopnjadiced by iealingi, and unbiaaaed by penoual 

Whoever feeia a vaneralion Dr tbe namrf of Cice- 
to, — and auraly no one poMaaed of any portion of 
Mia con Gul lo Jo eo, — moet be atiliaut mainly 
bok at hiin aa a philoaophet and aa a Iheoratical 
elaliMimn. anbtracling from bi* nnlM all thoae devi 
tiena ia practice Ijroin Iha palh of coniiatsnoy. 
which ibiiBloquent man waagoilty.during Iha ooarae 
«f bp pdilical Ilia. Few men of the age ia wbicb 
h* Ufed were better aeqoaiDled with ihe pnper iheo- 
7 of (nrffnarnt ; bad calitraied more ancceaafully 
• miooal aad eulightanml ayttaM ef pbilonpbyi and 
a«M «actM>l)' mm» eapaMe of ioTtating with ba«i^ 

■be abatnetiona which they had fimaad. Aa long m 

taele and eenaibJiiy ahall raotinna lo aiiit. w long 

ilinga of Cicero be eateemed ihe modeli 

of 'elegan^. Looking, however, at ihia great man aa 

called upon by ihe voice of hb conniry 

pan in the mighty ilrdgglea wblcfa 

ihe republic, we areobliged to pan a very 

jmeut upon bin, from ihat which we Ibcm 

im Hfarn vieKed ai a phitonpher. Tlioee 

feeling! nhirh ihoiiM alvrayt be repretaed in a pablio 

Iriumphed over hia pelrioliim ; and. though b* 

ave had an ardent aiiBchment Id hia conniry. 

doire to promula her welfare, penona I conride> 

■ ■wayed him, oho wbi flited by bia talenla lo 

guide the republic aafely Ihrmigh the internal conteale 

wbich the wai then eng>ged,and id avert ibedan- 

ira which ihrealeiied her. 

Jnlereaiing. however, aa it the conlamplalion of the 

Uvea DTilBleiman, and well calcolaied ai they are lo 

ibnee wlko may be faereafler placwl in the ams 

BHtancea, from (bundeiing upon Ihe rocka'on 

which they were wrecked, there ia a ipeeiee of Ua. 

grapby, which, ihough peThapa lea* altended lo, ia 

ire filled lo become generally beneficial, and likely 

be Iblluwed with more eilenaive infioence. Il fa 

nol liie leai true hecauia il baa baan often limaa re* 

marked, thai the charaelera who have maal beneflttad 

mankind, and improved the condition of tbe aperies 

have been — not Ihaaa vrbo have blaioned ibeir naoHe 

by conqoeil, and who, to epread BtiiDad <ha Inaira of 

their achieveiaenia, hava nol ecropled lo ikilale all 

iha dutica of humanity, arMl iu bnrtt aeunder all tboee 

liea which have been impoaed upon the race for the 

iheihood. — bul they hava bran iboaa who alerted all 
ibeir lalofiii to lame down that nature which eo often 
aritea in order id aasert Iha dominion of vice. They 
have bean ihoae who have beni all their energiea 
lo make iboaa virtual abine Ibnh with greater aploi- 
dor than they Mherwiia wuald, cm! into ihe ibade aa 
ihey ciwlinuaily are by the prejudicea and paaaiB— 
which are incident to human nature ; Iboae who, <)r- 
aaking the puraui:* of ambiiion, and Ihe paiha of thai 
ihieh il fuliely termed gloiy, have employed all their 
tilenla toward! improving ihe moral condiJon of their 
rellow-beingi, and towarda diipalling IhoM thick 
clondi of error and prejudice, which aerve bo iHach 
nial viiion. If It be Uwfol to 
bead Iha knee lo any thing human, it mrely ariaea in 
ihal cue, where we lee a man altempling lo miligate 
ill Btlendanl upon thii life, and Irying to eoun- 
lencl Iho baneful and pemicioua eflecti of vioe, by Ibe 
mure lalntary influence of virtus. 

Bul ilrong bi may be Ihe principle* which lead M 
the aduplion of auch aicellent conduct ai Ihia, it la 
painful lo we how comparalively Dielea the eftirtB 
which are uaed on Iheie occaiiona frequently are, and 
iheatrong probability there alwaya iethatlhay will ter- 
minate in nolhingnem and vantiy. Should, however, 
e**n aneb ha the caae, one who eontemplatea it witiiBl. 
tentim, will not fail M derive valnaUe and imfonaBl 
inlnrmaliMi therefrom. Surely he moK be dead M 
all tba finer eootim of Iba mind, who can ••• wUb- 




<Hil inlereat Ihe manner in which Ifaal aptril of good- 
naei, which Inliei i» riaa from ihe principle! of vir- 
Im, ia Gnl kindled, and afieriVBnlB kcpl on 6n : — the 
way in whicli " ho thai hai light wiihin hia own clear 
bieaai," can etcvale hinuelf above that regard to the 
opioiona of Ihe Korld, which a 

of men, bul thai he ia called upon to Join in ao- 
cieiy only an long aa the membenor itBtrivo to out- 
ie one another in Ihe siiainmenl of guodneaa and of 
■ulh, and cOnlinue lo reach afier thai which is truly 
honorable and gluri 

^e aprm 

which ni 

here looked upiifi oi honorable and uaeful ; nnil ihr 
meant by which he that h«a made ninloni hii choice, 
can ahiiract hinieair from all aaiociaiioii with thoae 
more giovtlliog piinuila which characierlie the many. 
and, looking nbiond upon Ihe face or thing*, can " Ail- 
low the even leiior of hi> way." regardleis nr every 
thing which niighi lend lo imerrupl hit ptogrcta, to 
abul oul frum his aight the acene of beauty and iuve- 
liuras which hit liinry may havo lighted up, and by 
■e^king an aliiince uiih which he might in any way 
have hta proepecis obecured or hit vition darkened. 

ll will indeed be found, in looking back upon ihow 
who have heat accompliabed the end for which Ihey 
WBca called inlo eiitience, that tbera wat aomelhing 
mora animatiug lo cheer Ihem fornard ihrough (he 
■ccDoa of Ihia life, than are lo be oblained Ifom the 
idle applauae of the world ; aomelhing inore iupiring 
than all that admiiailon which may be obtained hy ■ 
■ucceaafitl coune of cnlerprite and ambiiionj tome' 
Aing. in fact, more taliafeclory and loolhing io the 
mind, than any thing which can be gathered from Ihe 
ahorl-liTed pleasures which in ihia state no much en- 
gage ihe aiieiiiion. It will be aeen, iltat it woa by 

■lage of life — such a reliremeht, however, aa left Ihem 
Dot without the menna of doing good to Iheir felloW' 
beinga — that they cheriihud thai viiiue which always 
ahrinka fioni ihe gnie of vulgar eyes ; That look ihott 
ISBOns of Hltdam which are heie only valuable j thai 
they pushed furwerd in the career of impiovemeni 
inaileniive lo Ihe giddy and illuaiva ohjpcia wLiicl. 
•urruundcd ihcm. and looked Ibrward lo a more nobli 
ncompenie for ihclr paina, and n bcighler laiiifadiot 
in iha conicmplaiiDn of iheir miarortunea, than a con 
•ciouinera or heing ihe mcis luhjecit of wonder sni 
admiiaiioii coiild pouibly' allurd. They (ceh the le 
cluiiooa of euliliide, becaute 

" Wisdom'a aelf 
Oft aeehi Iheaweeta of peaceful aoliiude. 
Where, wiih her he?! nune. Contemplation, 
She plumes her feaihera, and lets grow her wingt." 

They indulge in Ihe privacy of relreal, becaute il I 
there ihcy can look abroad on iha immenaiiy of thi 
creel ion. and coniemplaliiig Ihemaelves aa beings whi 
avoro called inlo iifo in order thai Ihcy night be aub 
•arTienl lo Iha promoliun of good, can bati peifiiri 
/hero lbs pane which arc alloiled to them. 

There have been many apeculaliona reapecling the 
nature of man, and many iguealiona with regard lo hia 
ka*ing been Trom his original conaiilulion atociot be- 
ings but it ahould never be forgotten, in every arga- 

«ily imply ItiaL he mutt mil with all Ihe folliea and 
all Iha vaniiiet which diiiioguiih Ihe far gmier por 

ibie, I 


t, ibat the pleatuiesof lolilude have been greatly 
lied, and that il is the retiring fiom Ihe mure ac- 

anion to ihe fualering of evil. Many have been 
philoaophirs, who. aecloding Ihcmselvcs fiom all 
ircouite wiili iheir fellow beioga, have given ihcm- 
vea up to all ihe vegartca and incoiiBisienciei which 

in view, and ihat, in retiring from the bLeite of the 

aervice of wisdom. and lo free mankind fmni ihedark- 
nois which hanga over iheir mirtda. tfacy have been 
miiinly aolicitouB, even in privacy, lo atiract allenlion, 
and, by eccealricily of ihoughl. and a new though ii^ 
nlional ayaletn of Judgment, lo draw upon Iheniselvea 
lie Dolice of ihoea nbom they, not wilhslanding. affect 
> hold in derition. 

Il will in Ituih be aometiiaea found, ihal even he 
vho baa published himtelf as Ihe enemy of oeienla- 
lon and Ihe ohterver of humility, and who hta do- 
lared himtelf to be engsged io the punuit of viriue 


m of his 

own pride in all i 

al he 


»i Ihal 

telfia ih 

idol al vt 

liich he falls dow 

; Iha 

shrine at 

which ho 

pays hii dcvoiion 

; iba 



nliar el which ho 

a Ihe mnsl con^io 

ll DIIP 



St which 

ho larrien longest It is 

If Ihal 

It Ihe ce 

tre of hi 

ayaiemj there i I 




eiret me 

1, and all his withe a end; 




cares Utile if all betide fall atocrilice lo Ihe atccm- 
pMbhment of hia achemea, and become ihe mode o( 
elevating hlm,,aUhuugb al the openae of iheir own 
abaoluie ruin. 
Calm and tranquil as may be ihoughl ihe relreal of 

il would he found, wilh many of ihem, ihai rcliremanl 
has been ihe scene where Ihey have been Ihe mutt 
aclively engaged, and where they have mwt failed in 
reaching ihe peace and soliiude which ihey aniici- 
paled. There il ia, perhapa, where ihey have been 
moat busily employed in devising plana to obtain the 
greoleal rrputalion fiir wisdom — in ploiiing aiaeihad 
:a inaura ihe proiliaiion of Uio minds of iheir fellow 
erealurea in reverence of Iheir auperior hnowledga. 
and Ihut be betl able lo hind the undeiaiandinga of 
olbert in Ihe fellers which iheir ingenuiiy had fudged, 
and lo keep iheir iniellecls chained down lo Ihote ob- 
jectsalona, wliich ihey might deem it fit Io prcaenl 
10 Iheir nolice for intjuiry. Hegardleta aa Ihey may 
appear lo have been of Iho calamiiiea of life, it wilt 
be found thai few lamenled ihem more violcnily. and 
repined al ihem more grievoutty. Every ihing whi(^ 
intercepted the homage Ihey woald wish to oWaiiti 
waa aaourcfl of miaery, for which they had mlhinf 
10 Bolaee theoi— an occaiion of dnpondeocy, whii* 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 


ill ihtir pnlmdad phikMophf eaold itot enitile tli«ni 
to orprconra. Raiiicnwnt, the ulnnl ttndencf of 
wbidi ■ 10 pariry ib« mind, and n rid il of ail tboM 
MnciatioD* nhich are eilculsicd lo drbue i), and lo 
rmder it woraa Ihui dmIph, hu been ibe plica wbere 
Ihajp baTA nuwl cheriahed all ihoM paoions lod ill- 
ainMiiu[«I reeling* wblch ar« al oace iha bane and 
dw diifrace Drhuman miiure. 

Even ths livea or lilerar; men — of men who really 
li>Temad« tbe acquiiitioDorknonledge Ibeiraim. and 
irbo have truly irqueiLered themMtvea in Miliiude for 
no olhsr parpote. but ihal Ihey might oblain il in a 
Hon pura and refined alala (han ihui in which it ii 
poot M ed by Ibe grealer ponioa ot nuokind. — Hbto 
■any times nuaJfailed ■ lotal diire|anl of Iha benafili 
which are the proper reaullaorhnowledge, and of iheei- 
(•llancato which i I •bauM conduct iu po anion. To 
Ome down prejudices — to overcame Lhni spirit of do- 
nioalioa aid rule'wbicb all are to prone lo eiert in 
qnauioaa concerning the righli ofconicicnce; toKss- 
lar ihoae feelinga in the breaw. which lo oficii incline 
one man lo aituma the prerogative of judging, aaifhe 
were infallible, in mailera which properly ran nlonc 
iDtetaat bira for whom be ia deeiroui ofeierciaing hia 
judgment, — might aeem ibs natural and neceiBiiry er 
fectiof eitenaiire knowledge. Bui. even upon acbo- 
lan. •offielime*, inlbrniaiian. inilead of having [he ef- 
faci or liberaliiiiig ibe mind, and rumiihing il wiib 
Itw meant of forming enlarged and capacioui ooncep- 
tionr, hai iba very conliary efTecI, and lervcaonly to 
confirm ihe bigotry which it had before imbibed, and 
to ■[rengihen ihe prejadice* which it had previouily 
fcrmed. Founded, however, opoo luch claima aa 
Ibde, Duny bnve ariien u the censon of otiiera, and 
bava a^'ected to dole out lo Ihem the ciact meed of 
piaiie and cenaure lo which Ihey wore eniilled. 

SoiBe ibere are, who "have u 

died Dflglecled." but who hsvi 
that were juaily draerving of ii 

I all B 



Iha progrcBi of geniu 

1}ieir abihiiea, can never be an uniniercaling task lo 
the raflcclive and conlemplative man. In aeeing 
hpw anny Sonera ihece are who '■ are bom lo blush 
BMBcn, and wosie their fragrance on the dcaerl air," 
be DiBy. perhapi, upon ihe Usat aigbl, bo diipoaed lo 
indulge in diacoiitcnlai Iha Blli<[mcnta of providence, 
and ihiiik ihem unequal and unjuaii bii', eirn if lie 
look noL beyond the ciinFliieiof iliii sinic, irheaimply 
leganl ihe feelings of Ihoio, whom he dtpms unequal. 
1y recompcmed, he will lind, tur the most prl, lliai 
the n^lecla which Ihey cipericnpp, and ilin norrowa 
Ibey endure, are more ihon compensaicd by that in- 
Hard ailiifaciiun and peace of mind, of which ihey 
ire ibe aubjecl*. 
Placed in a alate where to mnch laiaery avraila 

•very chm Ihal anlwa il, hi* certainty riionld team llw 
moat BDTiable lot, who can tell bow lo aMusg* the ill* 
which he may encounler, 1^ refleclion and medilft- 
tioni Kho is arquainlcd nilh a way of bntbing inl» 
calmneii every eanolion which would lead lo uowar- 
raniabte concluiiona wiih reaped lo Iha diapenaaiiODB 
of tbe Deily ; who knona how lo meliorate ihil bider- 
ne-a of apirii, which, more or leta, ta Ihe porlian of 
evrry one; and who carriei about wilh him a princi- 
ple which will aerve at alt limea lo lonen every pep. 
lurbnlion, and alleviate every painful feeling. To • 
peraon who ia aniioua to " vindicate ihe waya of God 
to man," Ihera will alwaya appear, even in Ihe live* 
of those who may seem lo have been moil Jhe aport 
of fortune and iha creatures of chancs. aomell|iDg ai- 
cellenl and valuable in their condition, which was 
more than anllicienl lo GaualerbalBOce ihe evili willi 
nhieb ihey may have had lo eiruggla. , Il ia only 1» 
Ihrncwho, ahuiling Iheir eyes lo every lb iog in (h« 
aiiuBlion of man which his a tendency lo difliise hap- 
piness and tranquillity, take kilo view only the** 
porta of Ihal lilDalian which may appear lo be miied' 
up wilh calamily, that the conduct of ihe Deiiy will 
aeem hatih and mysicrioua. II will bo well, how- 
ever, if, from iho eihibiiion of Ihe leading traita «r 
character which have dialinguished the many ami- 
nenl characlen of every kind ihal have eiiited, theit- 
poiioriiy would learn inilruciion. Many are the lemp- 
lalions to error { many are ihe incenlivea Ihal preaent 
ihenuelvc!, lo induce Ihem lo wander from Ihe right 
course; and, perhaia, Iheae evrla cannol be more eP 
fectually gnarded againsl. than by looking bach opoo 
ihe fatea of Ibeee who have gone before. The al- 
luremenli lo lead astray aro indeed not Iras niimerou* 
ihaii in former daya; ihe paih of error tica slill belbr* 
us, enlarged am! made more broad, perhapa. ihan for- 
merly, by Ihe rouUiiudea ihai have since and are aliU 
ciiniinuing lo navel in il ; ils gnun ate alill ihrown 
wide open, inviting ua lo cnlcr, and, if once any ron- 
■idcrable progress be made in it, the raeina of reIiKe> 
ingour alepaW'ill iwi beeaay. 

facilia deaceiuuB Averni, 

Per noeles alque diaa patel airi janua diiis; 

Sed revocare gndum, auporasque evader* ad aurtu> 

Hoc opm, hie labor eti. 

Lei mankind Icam, Ihen, from the accumulated 

wisdom ofageai and, whenever icmpled lo turn aside, 
and iteparl from ihe pih of and duly, re- 

liima; and, from n conicmplaiion of ibc mitfortuiiea 
which havo oUcnded (hoiie in ihcir wanderings, inp- 
ply ihenxelvca uiih a principle, if Ihey can do so by 
no nlher mcai^i, which ihall dcier Ihem fiom DCiing 

and bi 
ich lh»< 


a have gone heforr 

Pill LOU ATBCa. 




TwA* m Iht hfigbt of oinwr'i nri|hl. 

An •VaniDg dror knd dark. 
Aad bowling whirlwind! rent ib* Mm, 

And Bwcird (ha nauintogi bark,— 
Than mrabantaorHiow. ■ndrieak ud bail, 

And ieawMM Mtffwid mrfc. 

Long fean had ptBcd. and rumor'* blait 
Had hinh'd iu viaion'd aong ; 

That nigbi'* dork irta had caaaad ro llil 
Tbt boaam'a ihonghu almgi 

Tb« mind no hingsr dwelt opoa 


rk or blood u 

Awaj in a rough and lonely ipol 

Bj (he flutquahaona'a lide. 
AKaj where ihe lall ircea' bnnchea waTs, 

Ar>d iha wood* ilrelcb Car and wide, 
TUawreiehedco>,ihrD'ihe wild alonn'a rtgs, 

A dark man onward hied. 

But lbs dark man wandei'd Dp and dawn 

Awaf in far 00" land*, — 
And Iho gay world'* imiU, and tbe recklaai It 

or roda and liwlua bandi. 
They coiild not chaw iha guill from biaioal, 

Nor ihe Uuod Tram bla Iremt'ling hand*. 


in rrail, ii 

By Ume'a and car< 
Bf a Teehla flame on ibe beanb iha aal 

In her nidawed lonelineie, — 
No "cbick nor child"oo earih had aha 

Hei wlibering yean lo bleai. 

Id Ihe dream of night, in the blaxeofday. 

Thai woman frail and old — 
Be heard Ihe ahiiek of her broken voica. 

And aaw her ihivering cold, 
And her wild and glaied eye-batli alatl 

At bia fierce and marderou* bold ! 

Sheial, and Iha howling atorm raged oa. 
And ahe brealb'd her mnker'a oame ; 

Tat lbs cold winda iwepi with nanitc bowl 
And chill'd her lolleriog frame ; 

Tbe dooi WBi real wlib a fearful ciaab, 
'And the dark imrudei cane. 

He caba like a demon wild wilh loal — 

He came wilh a bloody hand— 
And loDg, deep dcaughi* from ihe raad'aing cDp 

Tba Haniic flauM had fann'd. 
IIBeem'daiifiinpaofhcll wen by 

WheD the cuned achenw wa* plann'd '. 

The atoiTa went by, iha son ro*a bright, 

Hm knaly CM waa ihara j 
Bai, ipiia of Iha dreamy glory Bang 

A lb wan Ihe froaty air, 
neia ware «Nna thai wapt—lbr the lonely cot 

Had been BDrder'a horrible lair I 

Ofa,'Wby ahould ihe dark manoieaking come 
Tluo' Ihe- bleak and dreary night. 

When iba wiFd wind* reodlheahiTeringakiea 
And the tlonn-king wreika hia might j 

Why BhDuld the blow be airuck ibal made 
That ipiril wing iu flight? 

A lew aherl yean on earlh al moil — 

A few iboil yean lo roam — 
And natura'a voice hadaounded ineel, 

la whiipering her lo coidd — 
And galbeting band* of angel* aoughl 

To bear the wilndanr home ! 

The power within wilh Iha darjig «a 

Slill grappled hard and alioiig, 
And bia guilty aoul wiih viaiona wild 

And quaking ihougbu would ihrong : 
•■ My heart will break, and my brain wiU nv*> 

To bear ihi* burthen long '." 

The dark nan tum'd lo Ihe world agiOB, 

And the goblet high nvuld Hll : 
-Iwill tails of life'i bright plewure* yel! — 

Shall I wreak out my own illf— 
I may laugh* at the Rend* that baant my brain 

If my coward tongue it alillT' 

• Bot Ihe ihougbE tiilt buni'd hla Jwrthao'd awl 
Uke maniac Gend* of hell. 
The brighleal joy Ibat be Bought nu pain. 
For there wuuld Ihe black flendi dwell; 
Andlhey whiapar'd to bim of tbe bloody d««d. 
Still urging him to tell. 

Nor day nor nlgbt, nor dark nor light. 

Under evening'* crimaon'd aky. 
When the balmy breeze perfum'd ihe air. 

Or Iheelnrni waa hurrying by, 
Could ha ehaaa that pale liold Kitm away, 

Ot huib that dying cry. 

" I muai lell my guilt ! — rome well, come ill. 

The tale I muM unfold!— 
She frowii* oji me from Ihe lone hearlh-aide. 

And the night i* bleak and cold ,- 
She tolien about, and her breath come* bard— ■ 

She ia pMt, aad frail, and old ;— 



I w* )b* tBiiki on bar wriuklMl nack 
WberaiBf dark bind did unit, 

Hm- |imr hail* MiMm ind b<t lip ia Uoa, 
Aid bor cfaiak ii hollowuid pala!" — ' 

^1m black fieodi grinn'd.aad laerin|, wid, 
- Too moat toll ihtx bonid tala f 

Tna* ■ pore and aunnj' day in aprjuf. 

And marliil baodi Hare Ihara — 
Bannnaand plumea weie waving bi|b, 

And •irsaming bright and fair, — 
And Ibe dark man marched lo ihe gallom tr 

To a dull and teUnfl air. 


Ha — DO. I caaaot qucndi tba Lbiiu|k^ 
ll boina wiibin ay brain — 

I iMl 'lwc«>d kill n» DM lo aao 

llj farfaerland agaiD. 
Tbtwgb richer aoil mar ^ bmaalk. 
A brightar ■kj' aboTe, 

II cannot wraat nf beart liea ihaa 
It laimiM nio nj lava. 

1 walk atinNN) in naUitadaa, 
A loan and Hreiefaad thing; 

Tla bloacd walla of lyBipadir 
Id m« fortad lo •pting. 

Ua'i iwvoleal jop and chaiiliaa, 

Hj glowing bawl a loob. 

All a«lr lu 

The fraa ait uf iha thica ; 

TW baaTcB no diaiinciiaii awn 

Uaa'a inpiotia nul daniaa. 

Thia land ia Tull oT bappf heuM 
or baaulirul and brava, 

Tal ibair bright aource nf happin 
But mocka (he ruraign ilave. 

The work of fiwlt and tynntm A 
Who turn all blac la baaa, 

Slill— aUII -iwou'd kill me not U 


Wkn in KatMa, fiir away, thy tbolitepa ihalt linf(er, ^ Ah! do, 'Iware nol 

And life'a bmy eataa thick annind thee thatl Ihrongj 

WhM line on thy brow halfa pical bia rude fingar. 

And ipriiUed graf bain ihy brown locka aokoag : 

LM laBatiniM Iby dumghia, at the atill bonr oTev'iiiog, 
Ttm aiida from the buiite of manhood'i earaer, 

IbcoDmnne wilh ibe frienda Ihat now ihon art leaving, 
Aad bocf ihal wilh u one* more ihon art hare. 

I ■■'i net a UkM^ht when thf praapacia are bbighMl, 
Aad fcoM baa parcbanca ihee a laord wraalh woie; 

Wktn in Ikj glad padimjr Ihe floivan apting Ijghlatt, 
And ihoa art eactndad by firiaoda of thy b** 

ihal Ihf mam'ty Absld 

'Mid pleaiiirea like thoM lo remainber the peat ; 
IdI when, link by link, forliine'a bright cbaiB ia 

Tntn again,and find friandihip Mill tme toibehib 

Then fare thee well, loved o 

i ^ble tx the* 

Wear iha aapael of gladnfw—tho image of joy; 
Ba Ibe oabn of ihy btoaM like iha daap Mlaa 





*■ MoTHUt, are you unnclU" ind (he dniigblir 
looked up froip the work on which the hid, liir lh» 
lot hair hoar, ba*n biuily and Bilenlly enpged. Her 
■nolher hid been umilatly rmployedj bul her work, 
■one unfiaiihed rautlin, wm lying on her lap, while 
ber head reeled dpon her bund, Mifihe were Id deep 

■* Mother, are yoD unwelll yoa look pale." 
" No, my child," replied the mother, in ■ nd. calm 
tone, more eorrowral than il wac her wont. The 
diBghter pot Slide her work and look her paienl'i 
band. gBXing, vub a iroublHl look, into her Tace. A 
tear gUiteoed in the eye of Mn. Lemand, al this de- 
Lcete 1 ho ugh forcible deDioiuirmicni of filial aaeclion. 
"Ellen." Niid she, ai ihe drew her child to her 
buoni, and impiinled a kiu on ber ftlr forebead. 
**uilecn yean ego, Ihit evening, your father bent a! 
feclionelely over my eick couch, to gaze upon Lia fin' 
botn — hii ilaoghtor— yuuitelf, my dear child I an 
twelve yen* iTbo, Ibis nme evening, I bent over hi 
tick cuucb. The angel of dealh waa Iheio alio, an 
I became a widow !'' The lean of Ihe molhet and 
daughler were mingled, 

Mr.andMra. Lemand wore of Engli)h.binh. They 
were married in iheir native land ; bat aoon ifler, 
len for ihia couniry. They were not. by any meani. 
tich, bul enjoyed a coinrurtable independence. Mr. 
Lefnend came over aa agent for n houae in Liverpool. 
•Dd leaided in New York. Here Ellen wai born. 
Ailei a retidence of alxnit five yean in New York. 
Iba hoDie in which Mr, Lenund wae engaged became 
bankrupt A few fragmenls ware all Ihal he naa en- 
abled to aave from Ihe wreck ; anJ. broken in ipiriu, 
poor in heallh, Mr. L, wai leA to ilruggle along in a 
■Irange he beat could. For iao yean he 
■trove Id regain ihe (boijng he had loai; but be only 
•■ wmtleH with air." He was taken airk. am 
died, leaving hia wife end child a slender alock 
port them in Ihe rough journey of life. 

Hia, lemand had no friendt in England to whom 
ahe cuuld appeal in her eilrtmily. 8he had 
lalKKia, or raiher on uncte { hut ahe never had 
lercourte wiih him, and jmibabJy her eiiilei 
entirely unknown [o hini — at beil, imcared fu 
BOOD found her litile iiurk running low, a!id 
gan 10 «ul about lor meam of auppnrl. Sho WB) not 
one of ihoae who si) down in idlencsa, repining at her 
lot, and murmuring ai ihe decree! of ProvideDco. She 
bad faith in the " proniici," and her heart had a 
leaning place of which ihe world knew not. Being 
etperl wilh Ihe needle, ahe made application among 
ber few arquaiolancee (or ikeedle-wark, and by con- 
Maul ioduatr* naa enabled to keep mnl ftom the 

door, and bealaw npun her daughter (bat eJiicatiai, 

which, in adveraiiy or pruaperity. ia alike a bleaaing. 

Ellehgrew op all a fmid moihet'i heart could deaira. 
.e early made henelf uteful, and eoon Iho united 
iirli of the moihcr end danehier allowed them lo add 
na of Ihe luincir'ii id ihe nercwiriea of life. Their 
railing waa rciirtd Irom the noiae and builleofllie 
y. ti naa en Iminlile ihough pleaiani abode. Tbe 

hand of laile wua vieiMo in ell that opperleined ID it 
The rooma were plainly, though neally and oomfon. 
ibly furniahed, ci^il conlenimcnt, if not ti 

reigned Ihera. Such waa Ihe eilualin 


li WBi (ha anni 

her danghier'a birA, aa 

ler hu>b«ii<ra ilcaih- No wonder (be brow 
her waa thadcd. The gravea of buried 
re-opened: theloumainaoriDeinorylooaed. 
reaurreclion hour of departed jnya. Sito 
ihe iriflla aho had paaaed ibrough—^^f her 


1 faiher' 

anionbliij- — of her loai poriner All ihaae came 
thronging on her ihoughis — ihe nhiie and ihe dark 
ipoia — the ehgdawi nnd annVeama of life. No wOD- 
jcr lbs tear drop atood' in her eye Again and again 
ahe preeted her child In her boaon; for ahe waa the 
only earthly ircaaure that remained (o her — the ante 
ink that chninrd her aOecliona (o thja world. 

- May ihv paih iliniugh life be tea* thorny than iky 
nothet'i, Ellen ! Ncveiihelen, not my will be donel' 

lye brighienrd. and iho ahaJowa lilted from ber api- 
iia. and iho wonted amilc of content again lit up her 

We aaid lhal by their induatry they were enabled 
to add eome of ibu Iniuiiea to the naceaaariea of liA. 
Thii waa true fur a lime, when pioaperiiy amiled on 
the eoDniry. But derk sbaduws began lo creep over 
Ihe land. The lide of forliine waa auddenly checked, 
and began to recede. Rettencbnieol became the o^ 
der ofthe day. Superfluiiiea were ditcarded, and the 
oloaeit economy v,ti aludied. Many peraom wen. 
cunscqucnily, inioKii out uf employ, and diitreaa be- 
gan In pervade the poorer tlsMsa. Mra. Lemand <•■ 
taped no) the gpiirral dunm. Day aflar day ehe fiiand 
IfM employment lur lier needle. Many of Ihoae wb" 

lhal Ihey had no mure t" oOer; and ihoie who cob- 
linucd 10 aflunl cm;'loyment were to uncertain in 
iheir call) upon hir, dial ahe barely earned enough lo 
supply Ihe aimplen nccessariea of life. Mra L. view- 
ed Iho dark cluoJ aeiiling.over her late aunny pioa- 
pccia wilh an aniloua eye. WIAier naa approaehiag. 
The lime* became more and more preaaing. The ■» 
deuMni aeaaon called for new ouilaya, Huw net* 



■ban dsnuuid* on her pune lo be mil I Even by the 
BUM pinching econonijt, ih* barelf received enou 
n lire Ooid Jay lo day. She found il neceaaiy, 

Itn. 10 diipoee of hau«holJ aniolea, from time 
lime, at ■ greal neiilice, io procure Ihe meani orii 

It ia 


branghl up in independeore, 
Alu! how many have been thi 
docmed lo witnen ihe gmdual i 
litlle pmperiy, lo laliKry Ihs calla of hunge 
what iB nearly aa imperalive, ihe urgent eulicii 
of m iryhoarled ciediiori To (hii eiifcmil 
Mr*. L reduced. Arlicle atitr ankle diaapp 
gaul liie reiaineil icarccty eoough fur her I 
OM. And how did Ellen bear 1hi> rereiie; Li 
daoihter of inch a moiher! More aniioui on fa 
KQi'i account than her own, ihe did all iht 

TiiM her tuSeringa. A murmuring word never ei- 
njMd her tips. Often, when ibeir board wu reduced 
« kiv aa lo tffi>rd bard^ aaflicieni lo atliefy one per- 
an— olten woold Ellen pleed'indiipaiiion, Ihal faer 
nolher might rtol divide ihe alender alock, alibough 
die [BDgi of hunger were gnawing wilhin her. Nsl- 
Mithalaading ihia aeir-wcrlGce, aha waa doomed Id aee 
her beloved parant gradually ainlc under the Iroublea 
ttai unasDded her. 

A* poverty came npon them, )bey were obliged lo 
laave Ihe eomlbrtable nnf ihal ahellered Ihen, end 
vka np their abode in lb* aacond aloiy of a miaenble 
Menent, in an obacnre and uaheallhy part of ihe 
ciiy. Cm off fnMD their Ibtaier employBeDl, Ihay 
were obliged lo have laconiH 10 auch work oi ihey 
tenU proeor*. Tbey DOW depended on Ifae alender 
pay received for wMhing ololhea for ihe boanten of 

■ oeigbboriDg botaL The bnrden of ihia fell on El- 
len, ill her molher'a heallh and alrenglh had become 

■ redaced, ihe wae ooly able 10 render very ilighl 
■vatuce. Ellen faltered not. She pnwecutod ber 
*<<rk with an air of cheerfolneea, and alrove, by every 
act in her power, 10 keep up ihe linking apirile of he 
neiber. Tel ahe did nol— cuntd not ehul ber eyea 1 
ber parenl'i gradual failing : and often, wheo her mi 
IbarilepI, would her firmiieeegive way. ana ihe hoi 
Uan Bak the midnight pillow. 

We have refrained from deacribing the penon of 
Qten. We have desired that Ibe reader ahould fini 
bnane acquainled with her mind, and feel an inie- 
«■» ID ber, on account of her good queliiiee, lalher 
Ibm the beauly of ber pereon. Blill. Ellen tacked 
K* Ihan eilemal gracee, which, if ihey do noi con 
"ibne woman'i chief charm, aliil render her an oh. 
jecl af grealer atteniion and adaiiraiton. In a gay 
and ladiianable aHcmbly ihe would have ihone 
■BoDg die brigbieal; and yet, never did atae appear 
" litvety, ai when, anayed in her bomble garb, ahe 
PtfcfBied.wiih a willing heart, Ihoae menial aervicea 
fc her molher'a aupport. 


tr wai a cold bluitcring evening in November. A 

aging nonh-eeilerlf aiorm had prevailed Ihiough the 
lay. and' aa night ihui in. Ihe wind and alcel awept 
■illenly throiigh ihe alreela, and drearily ognimt ihe 
luildingB. The thopi were neorly all clowd. The 
inipi thed a dim and fliikering hghl on ihc elippery 
averaenl, over which, occaaionaliy, some paraenger, 



urry 01 

■mci^mg fr 

Ling rem 

along in 

thortly opened by a 

;. Turning iha comfr, end pening li 
•chi, ibe aicerided the alepe of a large 
1 whoee diior an eipiring lamp Ihrew oul 
;1eama. After heiilaling a momeni. aa if 
inelf, ihe rang Ibe bell. The door waa 

a, who bulity inquired 

•' Duea Doctor Herbert 
timid, irreeotule voice. 
■ My name ia Herbert," wai the reply, 
lat evidently ahowed that the apeaker Wi 
geltaer pleaied with I ha call. 

t" wai aihed, in 


a lady— 

ig hotwlf— " who ia dangerouily il 

Vill noiio.morrDW dor and the youngmandtew 

aa he partly doeed die door, "will nol to-morrow do— 
I have an engage — " • 

"For the love ofGod, air, donot refbee me!'' inter- 
ipted Ihe female, in e trembling and beseeching 
>ioe — " My mother ia lick — very aick — the diatanea 
ihon — youihall be paid!" 

"Cannot you find aome one elae, Mini" aaid the 
phyiician in a more yielding tone. 

>, air! I have been refuaed by two olhere. 
My poor mother I iear ia dying. Oh, air, if you have 
a moiber you will go wilh me^if you have not, bj 
her memory I charge you not to alight the orphan'a 
prayer I" And ibe apeaker lumed her face full upon 
ihe young man. Ii waa very pale, bul alritingly beea- 

Whether Ibe aSecting appeal or the lovely counte- 
nance influenced the young phyiieian, il matien not; 
bul he heaiialed no longer. Haatily Ihrowiiig on a 
cloak, he followed ihe female. AMhougb ahe aaid 
the diaiance waa not great, yet to Ihe young man it 
seemed inlerminable. Afler following her Ibrongh 
Iwtror three obicure atreeu, and ae they were plung- 
ing down an unlighted and diimal-looking alley, he 
inquired iflhey had much farther to go. 

" Thia ia the houae, air, ' mid Ifae female, alopjring 
before ■ mean and ahallered tenemeni, whoaa ctaiy 
Irama could hardly wiihsland the heavy gDib that 
fept over il— -"Take care of the broken atep. air!" 
With thia caution ha picked hii way into the low 
entry, and followed hii condsclreaa up a pair of creek- 
prepared to wilnea a acene of eqsalid 
wretchedneaa. A door waa opened, and be waa in- 
trodaeed to a dimly lighted looa. Ha atartad on hia ' 
The aigna of pmntf ha nrely bAald I bit 



ll nu Dot tha porartj oT crime utd inlamp«niK»— 
Iha diaguuiog kmI revolliiig aihitNlioD he eipeeled to 
eoeounler. There ma no appeenoce of iitoritt— 
DO aiij;4eamil odor — no fillhf Soor and diny iBGh of 
aMw bt ■ bed — loo conniDalr round in Ibe ebodei 
of nanL He gued kboul bun in uMiBbmeikL Tlw 
' Mulf ttimiiuie wu plain, and oT Iha chaapaM hind; 
but eteiylhioi naa naal and wall imnged. A imall 
tallo* candle |aie li(bl lo (be raooi. Tbaie waa ibe 
wkitepine uble.ODVarwl wilb a decD ckdh.oa nhich 
mted a bible; Iba luibbol toned chain — Ihrea in 
number ; Iha wall Koured floor, aod the neat bed — 
atiaw to be >ura — bul coveted »ilb apollaH while 
though coane ibaala, and a plain counterpane. A 
fcw aMukins aatbera bumi OB the heartk Tbs fbtf- 
•ieiaa bad b«l a neaMai lo Tien the unaipecud ap- 
paanBoa«rilMiaoB,aa tba (irl tbnw off bar bonnet 
•ad rtoak, and knell if (be bedeida, dlipUjri^ in the 
•M • farai of petfcot ■rnmaHy—oet the Um eiinetiw 
for being arrajed in gutoaaa of ihe cheafaat mala- 

■■ Molher, dear mother, the dooUr ^t oone lo eae 
yut '." whi^MMd Ibe kneeling oua, in a naoe anwad- 
ingly awaet aad lendei. 

"Out of my lighl, girl! Wity follow Me fbicTet, 
Uka ■ CUiHt with four parpalual ccy for bread- 
bread '. Drink lean, at I do. and let thamaaiiif]' yon!" 
and the aiok woman looad her arma iinpalieaJf 

" Uf poor mother '. — wko nnar batoie looked im- 
kindly as >». now drive* aae Iron her like a hated 

'■Ha! ha! hea< Iba ^poarile!" aaid the alck wo- 
man, in a tone of withering ecotn — "lir, bawate!" 
and aha parlljr raiaad heneU' in bed, and painted her 
•■■cialed arm lowarda lha weeping girt — "beware 
of that girl — abe will piovo a biiier carae to fon ! i 
■■Ta her the kat moatMiil— robbed nyeelf of the eole 
mnainingcioat— br what^— IB feed a viper! May 
joa UBTer be ouned with an nngraleral child !" and 
ihe Tell back eibaoiled on Ihe pillow. 

"Oh. air. abe rsTei," eaid (be daoghtw dapreea- 
tinglf 1 " bt two daya I have beard only tepnaebea 
Inm one who never belixa opened her lipa bul in 

*■ Yeu moel itot heed Ibasu mim," aaid ibe doctor, 
who had be«a okaely auHiDing tha paliant j " it ii 
onr BOlhar ii laboriiig under 
are diaordeieJ, and i( ii 
situation to' (aner ibooe ibeir 
Kho are Dual betoTcd 
their laoid atale. Be not troubled, iherribre — when 
Tailored lo her right mind, hm aSactiona will be dd- 

' But will hei lenaaa be reawted ( — ia there hopef' 
eaid Ihe girl in ■> aniioM tone. 
' 'Yaur toolbar ■ ■ nryaiA wnaan — vairi but 
bar caae.ta Arfraai deepetaie. With ivopet treat- 
'aeK ahajnr raoovar.and mr'aanteaaahaH nal he 

the tBaet at dieea 
a high faiar-^ur 

Tha daughier thanked bim — net wiib w 
a more eipmaive language — that of (be ban 
bii'h (he phyaician read in bar glowing lac* ud 
(peaking eyai. 

We preiume w« need not inform the reader tbM 

lbs tick one wai Hn. LenwBd. In aviating EUra H 

Bccompliih Bome work which (be had been nau- 

pecledly called upon lo parrorm, ahe had oveilHhld 

feebU atrenglh and eipoaed beraalC A wnaa 

I CTbiuBd. which i^tminaled in a fever. Elks 

would inunidialely have railed in a pbyaictan, tal 

ilher treated her tickiioaa ua alight^ 

ferring rather to auffer than lo eibautt Iheir minnlk 

paying for medical advice. But Hia, L 

I. Indeed, » rapid waa the diwaat, EDea 

dared not leave bat. Twice aba deapalched a child ofa 

ighbor liir a phyaician, oi ahe ibuod that bar molber^ 

u began to wander. But, " good BamariUDT 

> ecBTce in a Urge city, and the call* of a nggad 

urchin rarely receive that attanlian, or are anawwtd 

wiih that alacrity, aa the calla of thoae whoae tpftu- 

out a fee in proepecliva. Ellen, howeret; 

bad, like the jroung in gaDeral. a betlar ofrinkn of 

nalura. Alwaji ready at Ihe call of aufir- 

ing, abe imagined that oihen were like henalC and 

when ihe boy relorned wilb the phyiiciao'i anawet— 

Will be there directly" — ahe waited impatiently aid 

lialened to catch evaiy foolalep. But ahe waiud lo 

No phyaician came. Her mother grew bonitr 

Ellen would hale gooe hcnelf to gal advie^ 

bul abe waa faarfol of leaving bat moihst't bcdajda 

The delirium increaaed. and tcquired all her etta 

and watchTuinam. To add lo her aiHictiaa, iba daii- 

began lo aaama thai peculiar type which M 

deicribed. and the already burdened beail of 

Ibe poor girl received a new pang in the dialik* har 

mother began to >bcw toward her. For tnodapdw 

waa eipoaed lo thia new trial On the evening of the 

day, har leelingi were vraund up to aaeh > 

pilch, (hat ahe delermised la go in peraon in aaaick of 

phyaician. Sb£ got an occupant of anothn part of 

Iha houae ID attend lo her mother, while ahe rtsl 

forlh- It waa a nigbl oratiHins,aa we have daao) bad. 

loquirlog of the few pataengen aha mel, abe leceivad 

r direciiDoe, and applied lo cue and another of tbi 

ical pTDTMaioa. The Gnl one lo whom aha >p< 

plied, hardly allowing bar to alale her waota ptaada^ 

prior engagemani ; and from the aecood applicali« 

■he innied wilh almoat a bunting heart aa ahe «■ 

fat refwal- It waa now getting la1e--lka 

an lo bo cloaed, and Ihe alarm to beal MM 

furuualy. Wet. chiliad, and almoat in a atal* of da- 

apair, ahe aoughl atill aoolher — wilh what loecem dx 

reader ia already acquainted- She waa lutiniili 

bar choice, for Dr. Herbert, Ihoagb youn^ w** 

aminenlly qualified for hia boaiDcea, 

Immediate mewarea were takan to ecaabat th* dir 
eaae. Aftrt a colrioua deplelioD and Iha adminWi*- 
lion of aadativea, Ellen had the tatiafaction of aeaiDI 
her molhar aink into a alnmber — Ihe Brtt ahe had ca- 
jcf ed for a long time. The phyaician. aflar doing aU 
that Ihe citcuaulancea of the caae dc 
I diNOtMna, etc- §ia the ni^ nada (vapai 

i:- :, Cookie 



«f •■ontaroTiwU ailTer piM«i, wiUiB fe«r4»H>an. 
iBi Willi ml ibHi to tb* doeloc. RaMrtung. with noie 
^jiimim. - 1 know not foarchirga,!!/ — ifjFOii will 
te wkiadaatataU ti>nerrow, ibDuld Dal (hia be ■ 
idfcuat fta, I wiU awlMTix lo ablaM Ik* «uol 

iaWBdMi for hm BiotlMi w well m kuwtf t Thw* 

ihrri-' naiUr qsMioM ak* put to bM>*lC 

wiAovt. Wwavw, htiH ^U* W aol" >>>»> ■(• h* 

ndiruiioD. N«**r bdora did ib* n wwh d«an 

bat iDothtr'i oaanBl and idvifiB- Bal wku iha 

logfat avar Ih* litBalioB ia whioh itw mi pboad, 

ilh >o psMbilitr of ttmiag toy Ibiag by bor osK 

adi M Isos u fcw pareBt eaatinM^ uck i wku 

•fctthoifbtsr ikaMtn iiiiNMaa thai ■MtnecaM*- 

ba iDcorrad lo pravtde arlieka far ■ iki iMSti 

■nan ia tha aacipa," aui ba, lii^ aad 
to I fcldad fvai an Iha laUa. " ¥m wfll nnidlwrt M 
fiM Iba pewdaca I ka*a Ml avary 

*aihi|i iiai iliawiy. Caod' 

beuat ia lb« momiBg," 

irwiU b 
•■dbataak ha Uwc 

XOm Mk Ika Mdad pa 
Iba B^ of which oauaad her lo tigh, fn it waa an- 
fcdr *aiptr — Wbeii abe wai iaduoed to hiok al Ih 
^aoipa. 8ba opaned lb« paper — a bank note luc 
fHMNM asm fall Iram iu folda, and Iba aftnoiikad 
^ narf, inaMad oT a neipB^ 
-Hitman lUmtitogim (hat 

kiaa. Ba koaw thai lua palivat wi* poor, fin arery 
thing ba aaw *fAa of aibaBa poTaitj'; — the hurabls 
dwalbiig — cIm acaBl familnia — ttia jooahatenl ciprea- 
ila^ «f lbs aiiA wmaa, and if Ibeae wara no 
<Boa^ iha potia with iti law bita of rapr«r aiK 
■iMT : and ha knew abo waa wnrlbr. Tbe naalDsa 
Mdaidar <f tha toam— <lhe deaieanor of Aa daugbaar— 
««Mj thing Bnond and about Ibam CDii*inced bin 
tat hia gift WM waU baatowad. Wlial arguDMUt hi 
AaN< ftr tbM oaBdiuiia in -the hrilluot ebarm a 
Wan and ibey nerai ihona ■> coBaiHcuaiial)' a* io 
kw awiduaua BIMnlian to bar pnar taotbar — ia Bat fiit 
Via aj. SnBDa it, Ihu when yoaag Haibart luH 
hiabaMl an hia paiow, he fall mora MiaSad with bii 
•nning'a peifbimanca than if babad raoaivad • good 
At ba bom ■ pnnv-pwad patienl. 

Bat bow ahall we d«arnba iha anutiaei of Ellen 
«■ laerning the rnatwifc of tha. pietaUed racipe t It 
would be difficult to ^int Ibem ia di Aair i 
Iknai Bow deep waa har iatniae dobght at the nnei- 

odwT feeliDi*. SbooU aha awiafil thia 

inertwa langu. ta»t Wrnld it b* pro- 

Bnl kad riia ■ ri^l to f<iM> it* Hm i 

londa OMugh «£ har own to pracua bmn Uua ■ 

wa^'i pntviiiooa, auall aa weie bat Wi n B a h a 4»- 
cided at utoe lo acoapl iha gill. 

We aball net aitempi to analfM pMX Ellai-a fiial- 
inga,udte aat that nigbl by kar aMHkar'a bwlaida. 
wauMof ber mat^f dunilten. Ska tbon^l— aa it 
WW nataml ibMaheibmld— ONvdiaf kai haaafaMr, 
b« not in Aa Ugbt (|f. • beaafkclu aolalf. Tkcie 
WM an MdaMnnataf fMdinca* ifaa dwelt apwi 
hit paoonal appeaMno*— bit ioa a«ilr fl)~— bi» 
acpnwiv* eaoMcmaDta, and hia tynpiMMtie tataa, 
nbich ihe did not aUaamU le bkaa. She auAMd 
tbe alrMtn to Men <a ia in MdocHTo biigblMaa,. 
without qaeatianiDg ila aonree Oi ^aalt t i l i nn TfcBa 
aha paMed a alae^aeaa, bat not a WMnaana ni|M- 

In Iha laeniLng bar wMber'i ayatplow appaaMd 
Bueh note faTorable. Ttaeugh waalaring M tiiaaa, 
■be did not aiyhii thoaa dialraMing lokMa wbioh ao 
alaTwad Elleo the evening piBTaa^ Uwaawilhao 
aauU amiMf Ibal aba DOW aihaiMd lh*apa<Md vMt 
ef Ibe pkraiciaB. . Me lialaDad wiHi • lluabUig b 

w ibonld i*e ac^DMMga bia daUis»^ 
her gntitwUI »a>aU liia he ailMt 
01 abauld aba rapaaaaot M hia lb* ma 
aMe ef *s OMa, ant infinn l^n Ibat dia ahoald OSO- 
aidw kia gift aa « kan. anlil aha thosU ba aUa (o 
repay itt Thia laat thongbt «in»i* bar Iha »at &wr- 
aWy. and abe laaoWed to ba goTanied ty it. Hwted 
aoaceoly enivad >l ihia ooDol«aioo, wfaan a cUiia 
nirted up M Iba dear. Praaanily fcalalepa were bM(d 
QDlbeaUiia. Hm ataned. and the bleed Aoabad bar 
eheekiMaaneaoe tapped oatbedaor. Bho opaMd 
it, and tbe yoaag pl^oian aitaaad. He, loo, waa 
alif hiij «ob«na-ad. Haatily p^iag hia w«>ael* he 
appFecuihad Iha bad. and inqnieed after hia paliwu. 

" My mother laatad aio^ingly woU laat night." 
aaid ElleD. " and appaaia mnch ballet thia laiiaioi— 
do you not think ao, lirT' 

■• Why^yea— bete ii a aiirpriaing change!" aaid 
Qeibarl, ai he felt Mn. Lemand'a pulaa. I coirid not 
deaira a more bvaiable caw. But ahe reqaim gtaat 
care and attention. Have you do ftiend, Min Lo- 
mand, to awiai yon in the afduon* dnliea of the aick 

» 1 mee had boI, Mr. Herbert ; for the pool— lb«e 
wlv HMMt need tha blaaing of friendaUp-aie gene- 
lally deprived of it- When we weie in proaperity. 
ne reckoned friendt ; but when advaiaity came opon 
m, ffiwKlihiy look hw dapathm." 

-ba a Uler .iMW) we aU muH mnW « lal«r 
iMva," wd iMMk'l "w mil moffia it- Vltw 



I DioK deriiad rriandi, I lijund lh<ni not ; bat icli«D I 
needed ool their aid, Ihea ihey crowded tniDDd a 
You raid roll once hail no friend ; btvt yen been 
fcrlDDBle M lo iecurs one, M<n Lemand f 

EMen fell her ehephi glow it [tin queiliafi. S 
beiiiaied a moment before replying; then, with 
throbbing heart, and a ■tightly irembling Voice, a 

eriiK — hu proTed himielf 

filed hei gaie earnestly oi 

He aiarred at this deli 

ieod, indeed '." and ihe 
1 young physician. 
aeknonldgDient, and, 
-Uking iLLlan'i bend, Hiihsome werniih replied. "Mia 
Lemand. 1 will not pretend lamiiunderaiand yog. I 
Ibank God, who baa giran me the power, ai well as 
iba nill, Id do an act of Kindneii. Bui the iriile I leR 
laal svening muil not be alluded to. We mual fa 
belter frienda — become heller acqaainled. Tou wer 
Dot always aa you now SFqwar — you have leea belter 
day*. Am I loo bold in thua seeking your coo Gdeocet' 
Charles Herbert wai ■ man of generous impolaea. 
He walked Ihraugh tbe world with a wanner beart, 
■tid bad a mora eialled opinion of human nature Ihan 
most men. Be wii ealhuaiaitic in hia atlachment*. 
When ooce the foantain of feeling wai atiired, it ge- 
neiBlly OTerBowed. Left in early life an orphan, be 
had atmggled on unaided — bufleting Ihe navei 
• strong arm and determined heart. Ue entered on 
llie study of medicine with barely a change at 
naol — a poor aludenl thiialing altar knowledge, 
overcame dilBcultiae ondar which oibett would have 
Bank. He but* up againsi irisla which would haTe 
«iaibed a leas determined man. The alemenla of 
greatnaa were implanted in his oatute, and all the 
•tray of advetaa dtciimslancea could not anbdue them. 
Hi* career waa apwaid and onward, aa will be Ihs 
«iMrBeofall tboae who have fixed an eye on Ihe goal, 
. lesolved to win iL He waa now, at an early age, in 
lb* etyoynient of ibe conlxteBce at a numerona and 
weallbfdBaa,rea[Hng ihe bar rest of hia early luSerings. 
He raohed high aa a young phyaicisn, and aiory day 
waa adding new ilrength lo hu claims. Such waa 
Charles Herbert; and, with this brief expcartion of his 
charBcter, the reader will rut be surprised al hja ad- 
dreai to Ellen, and ihaaudden profler of his friendahip. 
With such a cast of mind, tbe barrien of restraint are 
Kwn broken down, and ihougb Ellen ahrunk with an 
inatineliTe delicacy fioffl entering at once iolD a narra- 
tion of her past hislory.abaoould not reject bbfiiradly 


Tbk winter monlha had paaed away. Spring had 
. eoBe with her train of flowers and choir of singing 
biida, and nalora waa decked in her beautiful gar- 

li waa eTCDing ; and tbe streets of the city ware 
flironged with ■ (ay crowd, ei^ing the delicioiis al- 
■MpbaMandlheriehi^eDdorof idght. Every mov- 

ing thing seemed glad, and in keeping wilh'the 6tA- 
neaa and beauty of Ihe season. Bui, let us nop apait 
from Ihe crowd, and enter Ibia genteel looking bouse. 
The rooms, if noi riohly. are handaooiely fumidMd. 
Every thing givea evidence of being arranged by Ihe 
hand of taale. lis orciipanla conaiat of two lemales. 
One. a middle-aged lady, bearing ihe marka of re««iil 

nf aboul nineteen, whiise simple white dreaaaeta off a 
furm of eiqaisile projBriiona, ia seated ai a neat norfc- 
table, reading aluud in lunes exceedingly rich and 
clear. The piciure is one of piue, unadulieiated con- 
fort; aud, were it not Air the linet on the brow of ibe 
eldcr^Jbose leger-lines of rare and suffi^ring— one 
would Buppose that sorrow had never shaded an Ikir 
and bright aacene. 

" It is a sad amry. mother," said the young lady, as 
aha liniAsd and laid aside tbe book, " and it beata a 
painful similitude to our own dark bialory." 

" Without ila happy lermiaaiion, EUen," replied lbs 
molher- " Perhaps, if there had been a yaoiiyAyjifaii 
nigh, the atory would not have dosed so darkly," and 
Mrs. Lemand fiied her eyes with an arch meaning on 
her danghter. A smile and a sigh struggled on the 
tips of Ellen. 

" Our obligstions lo Mr. Herbert ate many aad 
great," said she, while a bint blush ftde over bvr 
fealnrea. " Had it not been fct hia, we ■igbt still 
have been the oocupania of a hovel, and depeiidsjit oa 
Ibe precarious means by whiuh we so lately waca 

Yon have oden heard, my danghter, Ibal Ood 
never resorts to ordinary means lo acoomplah Hia 
ends, and that Be often causes good to apring ban, 
wbat we, in oar finite judgment, call aa eviL Ib- 
alance my late sickness. To that we ais indebted fiv 
acquaintance of Cbarlee Herbert — by hiM w« 
learned the ciislence of that letter, the recoipl of 
which has worked the change in our situatioa." 

'■ Trae." said Ellen, " hoi we might have reoaivad 
ihe letter without Ihe doctor's aid." 

" We might, my dear, but" — continned bar aaottiar, 
who never neglected an opportonily to enforce a vaa- 
fnl lesson— " 1 had rather aacribs the ehanfea ihat 
have taken place lo a wise provideoca ihsn to a blind 
chance." And it was in thia devout reliance Aal 
Mri. Lemand found strength to beat patiently ibe ilia 
e. She had been achooled in adversity, a* we 
seen; but a aubmiMivs, docile spirit had shieldad 
1 ihe hour of trial- " Thy viO be dimt," wo* 
the magic words lliat buoyed bet life-bark up, when 
tossed on a tempealuooi sea. It formed the burden of 
orile song of hers, written by a itiend of bat 
hosband and piesenled to her. 

When sailing o'er life's changeful aaa, 

Should atorms my bark assail. 
Oh, may I put my iruat in Thee, 

Whose power controls the gale ; 
And thoiigh opposed may be the wind. 

My coutsa but just begun. 
Let this bnt harbor in my mind — 






Thosgh wiTM uoikhI dMh high and daric. 

And bunt apon in dvck ; 
DooBUDg m7 rntl and Mruigling baik 

To eailjr, mdden wtcck ; 
Thoi^b cloud DO cloud Ihiii rDrmi ihould m 

'And ihniud eotirs hopa'i aun ; 
Slill may I lay niihool a Icar, 

" Tut nitx ■■ domi!" 

Wbere'«r Ihrough lire my path may lead, 
- In auDabine or in B'ooro ; 
l^ugh ihoma ihould OTsry atep impede— 

How dark aoe'er m; doom i 
(Ml. Dover may I dare coniand 

Againal iho Holy One! 
Bui whiapar, aa I lonly band. 

But bsw are wa to bccoodi ht itiia happy dunce 
IB the ciiCDmauuicaa of Hra. Lemaod I To a 
Aeraadat toaadaiataad it fully, ha mualgo back with 
oa to Ibe aiek chamber, which wa left ralhar abrt 
ly. Wa manlionad Ihal Ht- Harbail look a deep 
tanal in Iha neltare of ihe ramiJy, and made an ol 
af hie rrieodahip. He w«a one of ihoaa characLen 
with wbon ooe feelaalboma on aahorlacquainlani 
We baa* all net wilh luch in oor intercouna wi 
dia wurld — men who win our amlidaDce alntoat 
■at BghL Slrangeia ihouqb thay are, the hean, aa 
il were, goea out lo ibmI them, and by ■ aort of 
ritaal magnaliam. the aflactioDa become oemenled in 
be adid bonda of friaadabip. 

Hi*. Lanand'i ajchaea coaliDaed far aome waeka, 
■id bar racoTOiT waa alow. In (be fraqueni via 
Haiberl — aad they were not all profeaaioiial — he 
laainad Ibe hialoiy of bia palient. Thia knowledgt 
added to tlw intereN he fall fot the molber and dantb- 
tor i and he deiaimined in bia own mind to reatore 
Ihaa, ifpoaaiUe, 10 Ibairbtmar camfiirtable ailaation. 
We will not aaj that it waa frieodthip alone that 
pfonpted hio). If he liad another motive, bowoTei, 
it will appear. 

Am moming, about aii waeka afler bia introdac- 
tiMi. be oalled rather early and unexpeclcdly. He 
apdogiaed fbi hii onwonlcd viail, by alaltog that he 
hoped be waa the heerel of good tidioga. Mn- Le- 
■und, who bad m> far recovered aa to be able to ait 
np, amilingly remarked — 

■ If joor lidinga are very good, aa a judicioi» phy- 
■dan yon will break lh«a to na geully, lor we have 
bean m> long uaed to adveiaity, that, like light to the 
■KDVanid blind, aodden joy might be injuriona." 

~ One who can bear auffering ao well need not fear 
fitan ancb a cauae." replied Herbert. *■ But I am aa 
■aefa in the dark aayauraelf-~here ia what will aoWe 
Ihe myatery ;" and he hatided Mra. L. a packet, aealed 
with Uacb and bearing a foreign poal mark. " On 
leoUng over the papen," continued he, " I noticed an 
old advertiaemeiit, aiating that there waa a Talaable 
letter in ihe Poet 06Sce, directed to Hia. Ellen La- 
Band- I took the liberty of calling tot it, — now lor 

Mra. Lanand haalily broke the aeal. and glanced 
orer tha letter. It fell fiofn her banda, end lha lean 
apiang to her eyea. •■ Thia ia indeed good newa."— 
»bo aiclaimed in an eicited voice—- uneiproled 
newa .' Read Ihe latter. Ellen— aloud, thai I may not 
be mialahen — Ibat uur friend may ehare with ua ia 
joy — if. indeed. I do not dream !" 

Ellen tooli up the letter, and read aa follom ; 

WernoBih, Gniiaad, Janaaty 17. IB—. 
Mi De>k MinnH — li bccKFmea my duly.aa eieco- 
tor lo my lamented rricnd, your Into uncle. Will iom 
Rakeby, Eaq,, who died on lha 30tb ull. to inform yon 
that he haa, by bia loal Bill and teaiiment. bequcalb- 
ed to yon (be eum of £5000. aa a teatimony of reapect 
for yoor late mother, Mra. Elimbelh Thomdihe. 
I am, madam, very* reapectfully, 
Yonr obd'l aerv't, 

HuntT Jamaoif. 

"Thia ia indeed good nam!' 


It and el 


aaid Herbert, ipriog-' 
1 hand of tha mothet 
give yon joy — heait- 

daughler- "Parnii 
lah joy, on Ihe occaaior 
The reader moat imagine the feelioga of Mra La- 
and and Ellen— thua raiaed, aa they were, ftom Ihe 
deplba of poverty to independence- The legacy wm 
received from England. Mn. Lemaod 
ther reaidence, and wilh a truly gratefnl 
heart, prepared to enjoy the bleaainga ao oneipecledly 
lloiied her. 

Pbyaiciana' boiaea have a wonderful lacutly, it ia 
id, of remembering the houaaa of their maalar'a pa- 
inla. At euf rate, for a long time the doctor would 
have to pull the off rain, when paaaing by the obacura 
ilreet, down which the animal had daily been accua- 
lomed to tmt. Nor waa it long belbre bia oag waa 
wont to prick Dp hia eara and paaa wilh a briaker gait 
ip a cettaia oiher ttraeli for, with an inelinctive aa- 
gacily, (be mble beial knew thai a longer call than 
naual waa made on a certain pataaU in a certain 
hooae- Indeed, at a particular hour in the day, he in- 
'ariably benl hia alepa to that quarter. So accuatom- 
ed had he been to the piaciica, thai one day, at the 
hour, he ataited off on hii own account wiib 
an empty chaiaa- When the doctor tband the hone 
waa miiitng, knowing, perbapa, hia nature, batter 
hon Ihe groom, he did not Irouble hiraaelf abool lha 
ilopement, but proceeded lo call npun the albreaaid 
patient. There atood the animal, anre enongh, at lha 
accuatomed apot. nla and aooad, leiaurely pawing tha 
ground aa aanal. Herbert parried Ihe jokea good hu- 
ly played upon him by Mia. Lemand, aa he beet 
Il waa a marvel, lo her, ahe (aid, that the doc- 
tor'* hone ahould have aucb a liking lo that particular 
poal bafbre her door — and ehe appealed to Elian m 
the myalary. 

ia very act of tha hotae haatened an evMl which 
aMat had long bxwded over- When EUao wm 




) buMar HerWrt, dMslHing A> 
M conwlw hmair bound W par • >^ '>' 
•VM7 vw( tha bone took ii inu his hia hMd u aiak» 
Ska ihoald uralr foUM iha bill, if A* doctor barg- 
ed fciavctr call- 

"Thii i* what ireablw nw." Kid Harbait, wilh 

■Mra. EIlM ■t---'- Dr. ChriaaHwtiH Pr. 
For — ramily rmtt, ♦ — — 

Raccived par«MiU in AiU iy W da^rtor'a Jhai 

" ir thia ia allomd." aaid b«, aa ha Inalad Hn. 
tfaa papnr, " my ba|<aa an aaaUd." 
_ Sbs glaDMd har aye ovar H, aad Am, wiih a flu 

« I faar you will not allow my cbargei. Yet—" and j ed countenanca, and qaiTering lip. Wok ths paa m 
he haiiialad in aona eonfgaioa— - yal— rauUm— I nrole on iha back of Iha papac— 
wm maka bold lo praaoni ihe WU." And he sealed " AcoifWD, with ELLUl'a CoKam !" 

hinaalrai the taUa. and icribblodon i piece of papar And Elian t Why, ihe wa* a dudfol child, and' 
w lbUoiT»— laliGed Iba baigain ! 


MFbfw blued of aU 

Tn Dom o'ar Iba land ni the oUia and vine^ 
The leaf uemblea nol in iha lepbfi'a li|hl htaath j 

Til a alillneai poriaoloa* — an ill-ooeiMd ajgn 
Of Ihe DBtioa'a deslrayei — Iha ayd tf itaii .' 

All daaertad and mid are thoae baanliTuI plaioa, 
Whara lala luig the paaiant to li(hten hii toil; 

None living are left to weep o'er the remaioa 
or the Tictinu of plague— ba dread Oanquar 

Bal Vieit, " City Elamfl," a yat daapar oune, 
And a deadiiai d«on, ii on record for Ihea; 

Thy nsblas ara amiUeo, beechioB* and haatae 
Are Iha haiald and ponp ef the firmideft in tl 

To palaoe and cotlaga alike ii the acoarje. 
The lord and hb rawal alike are ili pray ; 

The gold-bmiderad mantle — Ihe fiiar'i rude aerge 
In the dark vaolt ara mingled — each ahiooding 

AU tiaa are rorgotien— friend ihinki not of EHend ; 

None heed bul the way &om contagion lo tlj- 
Love^-evan malemal — ii now at an end, 

And Ihe plague-atricken babe te ibaodoDed In S 

In yon |vinoe1y nansioa • banquet ii ■p(«ad, 
And Ihe bright wine ii poured for illnatriona gm 

But boadly and knighthood are laid with the deai 
And, anhoDored, the boat in the chameMu 

And aee, here a ball for the dance was prepared, 
Ss leoent, the prlanda hanicaice kat their hlooH. 

Bui the faatiie are not daatruetinn halh apaiad 
Nar jayeoi, not youthful — they lie in the Unk 

Booh wen thou, prand dly.wban o'er ibee had iwi^ 
Heaiatleai and mighty ihe pectilenoe dread; 

When thy cbivalry perished by kiodrad nowapl, 
Add iby tills WW written, "The place of tk* 

* ■ ii nH M,«t who buried Ihe dead. 





In tlM preMQt ilare of im^nmiMnl and grnenl 
nfonnlioii, it u prMnmed ilwl no ooa will daor (h* 
iapcKiBiM* ariocntiw £>r ihe ptomotion o( litamara 
and pbikaopfa]'. It ia nail knowB thai when iha 

^e«ie iha fruili of ihair rtiearch, a tiinalui i* api^iad. 
•ad a cwreapondinf pmgreM ia mada id all tb«l po- 
liahaa ths inlallacl of roan and giv«a elavalioD la hn 
mantal eharaclsr. Tliera ii a Mmpoiaiy eommimica- 
lioD or gaaiM— ao impelling power — wbich piopeb 
Bwi in llieir inletlaclual piogitm. All ttt\ ■ connnon 
anlhnriana in a nAlfl caoM, and it the impnlaa ia oflen 
lauapad, M mkder iM inAiiaDoe nuk» lapid adTanm- 
nwDL Ad mflacDoe ia aeni G>rth from ibii cenlral 
polnl which it fait in arery ponian of [bo anrnmnding 
co^mnnil]'. An incraaiad aptrit of lilenry and phi- 
hMphioal aatarpriM ■■ engaodered wbich nndi to ihs 
i l a»«ia p «Ba m of Iboae powna with nhicb man ia en< 
dowed. Acknowledging Ihe beneficial cflecta oTtuch 
tnaUnniaoi. wa ritonld adopl the baat poHiUa meeni 
lor pemuneDtlf aglablirfiing them and iniaring Iheii 

Tha primif; otrjecl, dien. not only to perpelnala 
and makipt]' ihaan BHociattDin, bn alio otbcrwiaa 

Inaepanble < 

ihil will nahe adacBtlan cheap, laaita bring it wilh- 
in the teach of pvery induatrieiN man. We need 
lAaoh Opened (hnagboin the amnlrr, at which the 
iDatrudioD giren wilt be loeiciLeoar youlh La acqi 
more exleixied knowledge — where tuch a [Bile ' 
be adaidad •■ lo enrite a lehemeDI deiire Sir mor 
to inapitB Ibeoi with Ihe "■[iiit of a youlh delsr 
■aiaed to be arnele.' 

A aaa Snad tor hli office by temper and altarnroenl 
can ganarally nna the loinda of apt and ingenuoi 
fapila, and enkindle in tbem a (bitti for knowledge 
iriieii laeended by a paternal coadjirancy ; but whete 
■hall alt adeqaata anpply of 
obtained — Mirriy not fien Ihe petty inttilultoiit deno- 
minated old field Khoola— there would our 
impravement be rMardsd. We ihould look 
eondadled aoademiei and ctrilegn. and they at 
pa ti oo iwd . Aeadeniei wtiere boyi are kej: 
cloaer impeotiBB ihea ia pMaible at oollege — whaie 
Ihey are dweipKaed lot college eladiaa<— are of great 
TaloB. -By a>MA moana aa Kuae would our yeaU) be 
prepwed &r 4m MfilBeDt of the 
tneaMna •nd tba hB AvMaa of libefty, and at the 

raryand philoaophical ■faociatienc What a pinpitiotu 
it i* for (hem. while luriounded bylemp- 
latiao, to have acqaired a laUe for lileralDre — Id 
haveal hand facililiea lor pore and high eii}oymeDl>— 
lo bold conTerte wilh mindi Ihal have adorned human 
nature, and hiie dignified tha character of man u an 
ileltectoal being! 

Thii COD* ena with the ninda of inch giMt bena- 
faclote of maakind ii indubitably a powerful ■<»■ 
guBid to characlar. He turely needi not an aitrinaic 
(timulna lo animate bii ipiiita and capacitate him to 
endive the lediooanaM of time, who cam leae bia 
ind gratify hii taaw by luch BMasaaa an lo ba 
In Ihs niagaaiBa of lileiMnre. Thoae wba love 
booh*, and delight in IttafMuie genenlly. liaaa inle- 
. It ia well known that an 
between naaial inproT*- 
'- Ecawledge ia peiwei." 
HialMy alteaM iha aaaailioa Ifaal ■ wane af lilara- 
re ii OH af ihe noai oertaiB pieiagaa to natainal 
decay. The lale of Greece and Rome sTouch the 
verily of fhia. and an itkcreaaed attention lo edusIicD 
woa bailed a* a happy piognoilic Ibat modem Qreece 
riling to ehake off Ihe felleta of oppnaaien. In- 
deed,* degree of inlellectnal alavalionia neceaaaryto 
capacitate a nation for iha enjoymeul of liberty. A 
and ignorant people an not qualifi»d IW aelF 
Ihey can boi be free. 
id oo the goTcmmeDl oTotken, ate 
ibe alaiei. Il ia neoeaaaiy . tfaaa. lor the [atiafieiily af 
the republic, ihal mind ihonld be callivaled and iio. 
praTcd, ihal when wiae and railfafDl men baTo made 
viholeaome lawi, ihe people ehould be qoalifled toaee 
the neceiaiiy of tbem, to undenund Ibem. and to feel 
the propriety of obeying tbem. Now, if Iheae Ihingi 
are lO— lach locielita mml render great aervice to 
ihe country by etriling in the buaom of Ihe memben 
aapiriluf literary and pbiloaophica] acquirement Om- 
aidering pbiloaophy u converaani wilh malsrinl tbitiga. 
wbal a Tail field for reaearch it opened to ua. Tha 
mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoma all alliwd 
wonderful oppbrtunilisa Ibr Ihe reaearchea of Ihe phi* 
loaopher — Ihe diacoveriei in which not only gialily 
curiosily, bat meet Ibe interaat of nan. Science ia 
mbaidiBry to indanry.eiid it providea naliooBl weallb. 
Waa has dona more in diminiahiDg diaiance and laci- 
Ktaliiig comtaann ihan myriada of unikilled aecha- 
nica- The ciiiiena of diflerent ttalea are Ihui made 
to fed Ibair affinity, and the bande irf nnhia ac* 
alrengthuMd. R wooM perfaapa ba aDpeiflouu to 

Digitizer byGoO^^lc 


vuioiM philomphical ipplicilkia*. The power and 
influence at knowledge are *eeD by Ihe knowing Rnd 
nflecting. ti ii known thai vice im] ignorance gens- 
lallf pave the way |o dapotinn am] alsTery- ll ia 
oni daiy, iheDi to nniie in the pnjmoiion of virtue and 

i. We thould endeavar to folGl Ihe deaagoa and 
mnceplinni ofonr magnanimoui Ibrefalhen — ia 
event. America will ■land Ibrlli ■ bright and 
11 eiample lo othei nntiona. J. M. F. 

; T A N Z A S. 

(Wiinen for a Littrary . 

" Once Boie npon the watan — yet once mora" 

Oar little bark ia mher'd forth la aei — 
nie wind! are hoih'd — Iha Uono bai oeaa'd ila roar, 

ADd every xephyr bretibea o( amity. 
St) be it now— ao ever let it be— 

Peace ia m aweei. whjr abouW it ooi remain I — 
Tium o'er iha wateti may we calmly Bm, 

Nor dark dinentioo liA het voice again, 
To nu our banner fair wilb ber nawelcome (train. 

'■ Once more upon the wilaia, yet once niore" 

He bounding bark goe* fbttb upon the deep, 
Again the rower hanga upon hia oar. 

And wakea the tranquil ocean'a ailenl ileep. 
Ha, who delight! hli heritage to keep, 

Hai ihadaw'd ua nith bii protecting wing. 
Prom ihe black peatilence thai love* to creep 

In dnrkneia, — and the Iboanad illi thai apiing 
Along the load of life to eerve deeth'i lynnt king. 

Our bark ii lannch'd again — our laili ate apread — 

Our atreamen floating lairly in the wind — 
The iky ia blue and cloudiest over head. 

And blue thelceraning abore we leave behind. 
b Ihe crew noraber'd I — lee if we ahall lind 

All that tve named viben lail oar course waa iud. 
And to our auuimer haven we io^lin'd. 

Yea— ell who then beheld the mourning aun. 
Look tlill npon hie broad and burning diak, — eaveone. 

Save one alono, and be bai gone m reat 

Where the aun never abineiiBac day besma break, 
Hia ia the alumber which no dreama moleat, 

From which e'en item ambition cannot wake- 
How peaceful ileep the dead — the dead who make 

Their calm aad tranquil bedilow in Ihe ground! 
Where the dark ilomn o( paation thai ao abake 

Thia feeble atale of'man. are no more Ibund, 
BdI ■ileoce, lai| and deep, holda govamment anond. 

There tlnmben mtdialurbed, all thai could die 
or bim. who thua in aalemn guiae wa looam i 

Auiumn Will come in beeuty to the eye. 
But never lo ila ahadee can be return. 

Winter ahall Ibllov wilh hia icy um 

Heap'd high wilh anonm—tocaai upon biamool 

Blitha apripB ahall coma upon bit ibotatep* alera 

Bi beneath Ihe verdant gromtd. 

While Btill he tiea at 

Bat in the realma of everlaatiog day 

We imat bit apiril now in freedom eoan. 
Where ranaom'd from ita iMuaaot of day, 

Ii mounta, eiutia, eipaiiaiaa, and adont. 
O ! (or a ray of gloiy, tuch at poun 

Around the throne of Him, who dweUaon high! 
Thought canool reach the joy of heavenly afaeraa, 

Worda cannot peinl Ihe raplurea of tbe aky, — 
None know Ihe blin of heaven— but only thoae who 

And thou att fled — ihou who in daya gone by 

We oil have mei in aoctal conclate here i — 
Forgive Ibe feeble tribute ofa aigh 

From one who knew thy virtuea to revere; 
Thy fieah grave own'd full laaoy a blling tear 

From ibote who lov'd thee Ibndly here below,— 
To whom even now thy iiNril atill ia dear. 

Mote dear than any human bean can know, 
lave one that hai been laught auch biltemeetri'wD. 

Peace to thy atfaea! — they who knew Ibee beat 

Can beat enabalm tby memory in their aitha — 
Men may forget why re Ihou art laid al reat. 

But oft of thee a tober thoui^l ahall ttte. 
Peace lo tby aahae. — lei no heart de^iie 

If thine waa but a HnaUand bumUa fittmet 
Virtue ia vrorlh mora, in impartial eyea. 

Than many a brighlw and men lof^ daim. 
Thai lifliitaalfnpoD the "magic of a Dame!" 




(CoBiiniKd ftom Pug* M.) 


To iiine Iti clTrn to Wnn, 

To aU Ik Bid " K^inn^ 

Cnmiftrd. . 

Tac (wo DTil jrasn of my life w«r« apcnl in tn- 
iallui| raBll«ly about Europe. A ihuuaand con- 
AicUiig pBcaiou were baiiLliig within m; boaom wiih 
ft Tehomence which furbnde repoie- I dread*^ lu 
look within, and call before my mind the hanowing 
•vaula which lurlur.d my memory. Whcnoler I 
Ncuned Tut a tnumenl to roriner timft, I Tell •lung in 
my intnoat aaul ; and Traiii theae frequent Bondings uf 
tbtapirit, I found no eacape bul in moving rapidly 
fiom place, lo place, and occupying ray atlenliun with 
Ac ibonaand amall interesta thai neceiaarily engage a 
TOyiger. The inceaaatit change of ohjecia, the eiam- 
iDtlioD orimpreaaive monumenla ofarl, ami the con 
tomplalioD of gtand and beaulirul tcenery. diveriwl 
Bty reelings in aDOe meaaure from tha one painrul 
which preaed alAaya upon them ; bul aiill, 

■II lb 

nyaalf, I felt ihal I waa alone. My uimoil effucta 
pqjecl my thoughts into iha cirea of the prfaeni i 
Iba poapecla or the future, could not alwaya prev 
Ibat predoninanee of Ihe paii, ubicb enured me 
tha utler Tanity of all Ihat remained for me iu 1 
Id Bleep, eipecially, I wai hanmed. not Ihrungh the 
Bedium of dreoma. but by a corporeal aanae of ner- 
voBt oppreeaion, which often iiartled me frum alum- 
bar, with a mnmenlary belief thai nutdneaa waa upon 
ma. When once diiturbed in ihia way, the leno 
itDaned a* ofien aa I relapsed intu furgalfulneai 
oa aneh occaaiona I waa compelled to pace my < 
barlill dawn, with a rapidity Iha i drove awa] 
aHWDdancy ofmenlal feari, ur lo call up aoina of my 
■Uandania, that coiapaniooahip and convenatiu 
comtDonplace aBJin might trarMjuilizs my tpiril frotn 

nry agiia 

« my 

m ihe inliDiie enlliude Id which il had been luit, 
the fullowing morning into 
r mingle in ihe butineia of 

^ realiiica at ni 
iba aclual woitJ. 

Banuiger. in repreeenting ii in -■ La Juif Vjiant," ai 
Ihe deepeat curse of Ihe eternal wanderer, thai he 
waa driven ceaaeleaaly belure a whirlwind, and Beck- 
foid, in deacribing it a* the doom ofCaraihia. thai ihe 
Via compelled with a heart of Hame " i courir pour 
na (riaa a'arreter, ni goaiur un moment de repoa," hate 
ban alike guilty of a g real departure from Ihe Iralh 
of natue- lo eilher caae, ihe mind waa ihe teal of 

torment, and lo a bteaal acouiged wilb Ihe Itahaar 
wheiber of guilt or refirel, driving before ihe lampeat 
were Ihe beat reliefj the pnniehmeni should biTa 
been averlesiing retl. Shakapeare, iba inerrani, ht* 
rightly Bhowo UB Lrar aa eased by bb waikdeiingB , 
over iba noor, end lasiing an uncouth pleeture in Ih* 
lutDult ef iha atotm. 

Ji was on a line, fieah day in the beginning of sum* 
mer, ihal 1 rroased iho Julian AIpe from Lombardy, 
an my way lo Upper Auairia. A boI^ weal wind waa 
blowing, and ihe deep blue sky woe piled wiih langea 
0!" white pillowy cluiida. which roaa in eubslaniial 
grandeur, aa if ui mock, by Iheir reiemblance, Ihe im- 
puted peimenance of ihe lofiy hills. Wa had paaaed 
ihe aummil of lbs ridge, and wero beginning la de- 
Bcend an ihe oilier side, when a lovely litlle valley 
upon the tefi roae upon my 'ight- I pauaed for a mo- 
ment 10 took upon iia pure and li;ht green grass, and 
to contemplate the bcauliful repose which rested upon 
It. Ai I gaztid. its pleauintneai impreaaed upon me a 
kindlineaa of feeling which had long been a strangei 
to lay boeiim. and a Tainl guih of love welled soflly 
from my heart. I fell inclined one* more lo coniaiw 
with the genile thought) and aentimenla which bad 
so long been aliena to my breaalj and now, for iha fim 
lime, the memory of my ixiusin and her fate, oeeurrad 
to me wiih a sweet lendemeBB, divested of ihe billet 
haisbnesa wliich had before aurrounded it. 1 dia- 
mounled from my hone, and sending ihe atlandanlB 
forward 10 wait fur me at the foot of the hill, Walked 
on through the vejley. 

Il terminated by an abrupt and deep dascaol tfloa 
a short distance, and tlie brilliant and endleaa land- 
BL-ape of Tyrol waa before me. The distant peaka 
ross far above the lower iJouda. and their white caps 
were scarcely diatinguithable from them; ihe blue of 
the aky shaded itself through Ihe darker blue of tbe 
diatant billa into the green of the adjacent woods, 
and Ihe heavens and the earth logether seemed ona 

soft turf, 1 

mplaied this auperbdisi^lay, Ihe majciiy ofnalura. 
id the qiiiei of the sky pnsEed into " my purer mind 

B past yea 
than I hat 

ooked back a 
laioed. Till n 

« it 

was the conduct of [larfurd which had chiefly lealed 
in my thoughli. and irritated me to madly ; that Don 
faded from my memory, and Ihe inward alrife which 
it had kindled aubsided. Hitherto, also. I had coui- 

n with a 

; of aliei 
e had I 

SI held 

iwed her as conscious of ihe 
iralh, and of my fidelity, and amiling upDD ma in M- 



a ipirii rum ihed in 

■Mwvd ■flaclion, Aa her cha 
holy influaiin on my hurt I 
new, — nal wllh Mrrow, but in aynipaUiy, — "a nri da- 
JCclion, ■ inntparenl leat." I row snicnded and 
. ilrangllxned, — calm itom ihe convuttiTS panioai 
which had torn my bnaom, attd erccl rrmn the nd de- 
praMion in which I had Tor two yean been humbled. 
Awed by tbe migbly dlgoily otnmlart,-! fell 
«r Ihal nlGihnev which had ao long inialTcd me in 
mera coaiideratian nr my own griefi and wnnga ; I 
Ml bow Dqinnby ia any ayatem which limii* tme- 
naliUiHiTowiibDawa, and how onwiaaia Ihat weak- 
MM which Icaae a monenl in regrer. "I will mingle 
•gain," and 1,'uny BalWe energy, io longalnmber 
ing. agam made my eye to llaib and my lip ta qaiTer. 
-I will mingle agiia in Ihe aclion of Ihe acl 
world. I will forget my pelly aorrovn in Ihn inrer 
of ttatee and the concema of mankind. I will c 
Mbvte aomslhing Id the grand lyatem orenlerpriaa by 
which man and niiiana are amyed, and lad oB I 

IdcHCendedihemoDniain.and continued rDyJnnrni 
toward) Vienna. My way lay through the Uominioi 
of the dake of Soaanburg, a prin» onca poweifu 
bitl whoag lerritoria were now Ihe policy 
and arma of the emperor, to leat than hairofiheii 
fcrmer eilenl. It was on a fine cool morning thai wi 
paMcd through the bmt oraiali.on ihe bordera of 
fhe diike'i pnaiaaaioBa. The aonnd of horna occation- 
ally heard echoing about Iha hilli. indicated ihat there 
were hunlinifln in the wood*, and I Ihoughl il powi- 
Ue that tha duke hiimclr wai engagid in tbia pai 
thne. In a few niinnieaa yonng mao, plainly dreaed 
■B a lighl hunling coot, rede up. 
■ I Yeu have aeen noibing of (he boar in Ihia faai- 
lerr aaid b» 

"Nothing," aaid I. " (la ia more likely to have 
lAen to lha hilla above." 

•> I think ao," replied the other, jiiining ms 
Manraly pace al which I wai riding. " Tli* daka 
rooaed a peculiarly noble animal ikia oiaming. but we 
ke*a aeoored Ikia part of Ihe fimt wiihoul gelling 
aight of him again. He mud have cmaaed lha hilla. 
■Bd, io (hat caie, Ihe apart ia dona fur ICMlay." 

" 7^ duke I* Ibnd of (he chaie, 1 believe." 

" Far want of any thing beltar lo do. Bui yoa may 
be anre, Ihit if hi> higbneeii* found it praclicaMa lo 
eiigaga in any thing better, ha would not waile hia 
liiao in thii barbaRiiii and barbariiing aport." 

" I ahould think," nid I, " thai aa long aa hia domL 
■iona are ooiered by loreiia like ibaie, and peopled 
wi(h anoh nvagea aa 1 have hiiberto met, ihe duke 
would be at DO low for Dbjeeltloeinploy hia attention. 
Thars it nothing eiihei in ibiogt ur men which doea 
oot reijiiira improvement." 

"Touaay true, every thing ia tobedonai bill how 
todoiiiiiheqoetlion. A man cannot work without 
tOoK The loola of a ilatetman are active, intelligent 
■en ; none tuch are to be found, (or the whole couo- 

10 atlempllo pot 

try it brulified. If the duke wen 

in operation any of Ihe many plan 

which I know ha contcmplatea, Uia fint and ilioagtM 

oppoailion would be in hit own hooiehald." 

" Ifa man wanii toolt, he can mike ihem, or be 
can do without Ihem. 1 kmn no poaaible coodiliHi 
of Ihinga, in which a cool head and a atrong htatl 
cannot triumph, if it i^llt it." 

" A prince, here." aaid Ihe other. " i> lbs ilave af 
memorial cutton haa pelrifitd 

privilagaa are com pi 
powen are fetteta." 

" Circunuiance* are rorka nndar wliich a weak nal 
hidea, and which a uiong man acalet aiMl csrvet Ut 
ilatiio on Ibe top. If circunulann* cannot be MB- 
quernl, they may be directed. Iflhe river cannot bt 
Btoppec), il may be aeiil JAio a new channel. All dial 
ciiher the iiateanun or ihe mechaaic wanii, ia powers 
iheoperalion of that power be can pratcribe Uioaalf 
If euitom and circuin!>ianceB haie a power on people. 
ihal power may be U!:ed fur uny end. T am a native 
of EnG[ind. a couniry in which Ihe art of maoaglDg 
men it better onderalooJ Ihan in any other in iIk 
world. The method Ihete it, not lo give the people 
new diapoaitiona, but to lake adTanlage of Iheir old 
oneo — not to inalil good principlea, but to lom lha lad 
imea to accoont — in a word, not to chan^ the wind, 
but 10 lam the rudder. The aecrel of aucc«aa Ifaera, 
ia to identify a cauae with the natural intervli or the 
prevailing paaaiuna of the people. Under aheltei of 
hia, adverte delaib may be inlnduced, a* Ihe M 
iwalloKi the hook for Ihe take of lha bait" 

"That." Bid Ihe alranger. " ia praciicabia wb«a 

great and ateady powiona are in action, which, baviag 

been once Irisd. may again be ralcalated upon. Hira 

ii noihing to grapple with." 

r a nation haa a aoul it may be employed i if it 

ma, one miy be put into it. Tlicro it a reoKdy 

fi>r every national defect. If a people arc dull and 

ipaihelic war ia tha natural remedy. If Ihey aia 

lervile and degraded, privileget. valuabis on Ibe tM 

land and aafe on the olhcr,' will give tkem digol^ 

ind aeir.retpecl. If Ihey are predatory in incliaatiio, 

he poaocaaion of properly will teach Ihem iti valae. 

Thua fur ell diieawt you may provide a cure. Bal 

the difficulty ia, that Ihoae counlriea which want lUi 

itdom. have not Ihe eiperienoe which haa tasght it 

olheri ; one pnaaetaea the knowledge, and auothti 

hat occation ler ita eiarcue. Il ia Ihe pari of witdso 

polilict to make obaarvationt laiher Ibaa expeti 

mit, and if ihete piincea mold profit by Ihe eianplt 

of older kingdoma.or if one imbued with the apiril.aDd 

liliar with Ihe tactic of an active nation, could 4i- 

llhemeatorH of iheoeaovereignt, Ihe union wonU 

bleaed for Ihe latter Light it combinatioa. aBJ 

■ Iruth and power." 

You aay well," aaid my companion, atopping Ui 
■a aa we arrived at a email road which tuimd off 
n the mabi one ; ■' ihe duke. I em tnra, will be 
glad to aee you. Stop at hia caide at yon ride kf' 
I have your promioa r 
" Canaioly." 




*Ga(xLnonung,**iDiI b« caolered offlud wuaoon 
Hlof dght. 

It WM on Ihe IbHowing anemaan, thai *l\ec riding 
far BXH linM tbrough s clear and cullivited cnnniry, 
1 cnltred 1 deep and Knibre wood*. Ona of my ai- 
loiduili had ridden tbriraid to announce my approach 
U iba eaitia oT the dakt, and Ihe real had lagged be- 
hind liH Ihef were non oulof ii|hL In a fiownunutn 
aan, I hmd > land noiie in (ront of roe, and itopping 
n^ hone, I dialingniihed it Id proceed from Ibe claib' 
iif of •wtadi. I ipurred ibrward. and after paiiing 
t tan on Ibe road, ■>«• a jvaag man engaged in de- 
fmdimhiBBelfwilh great gallaQiry from Ihs aiaauli 
i/thna laiga and powerful men, nho from Ibeir 
tarn and appMruwe I ■( unce judged to be lobben. 
natwordof the panoa BItaHied waa bnAen. and 
dnsgh hii akill in nielding the rragmenl which le- 
■aiiHl in hii hand protected him from a blow, il wai 
eltar that he muai aoon be overpowered. I drew both 
af pBtolf, and, riding up, diiehai^^ one of ihem at 
die Ban who was moai rioely engaged wiih ihe Ira- 
ndiT. The ball atruck him in ihe arm. and he drew 
IikIi •! ODce. I ihen put the oiher piiiol in the faandi 
<iC Ihe ilnnger, and drew ihe enOnnoui pabra niih 
nhich I alnaja (rmvelled. juil in time lo ward off a 
Uaw which anolhei of Ihe parly had aimed al my 
h—i. Before I could give efleel (o iha •Iroka which 
Idiracled againil him in lelnm, ihe whole gang gal- 
loprd off and djeappeared in diOeieal direcliiina 
ltod|h Ihe IbreM. 

" To yenr hfavery I Bin indebted for my life," aaid 
be nranjer. eiiending hia hand cordially lo roe, and 
recogniied him lo be iho peraon wham I had 



ing, "and joa ahall find thai if Iht 

bsrg il inferior lo Iho iLnxIiih in eolerprfzc and ahill, 

lu il in no degree iiifeiiDr to Ihoni in.graiiludc." 

"I linearely iriut ihal your Highnestii nol Hound- 
ed." nid I. 

" Nn in Iha leail, Ibanka lo your opporlune arrival 
Bat I had a nariow eacape, Ibr, not imagining that ihe 
wdaeity of Iheee rognea would auggol an al.'acli 
<ps me wiihin a mile of my awn caalls, I waa pro- 
nM with a weapon ntlerly incompelenl t j iha uaea 
efdaAooe- Bui come, you muat be fatigued niih your 
>>am^ ; ne had batler loaa no lima in reeching iha 
oMte. Thia country," cmilinued the dulia, a* we gal- 
kfad npidly along, " haa 'long been infeaied wiih 
tMnii, and the email power which Ihe eandcacenann 
of Ibe emperor permita ms to mainlain, haa hilherto 
Imd ioaaffinenl la check ibeir lanileuncn j but we 
W batler reaigo all into hia palemal band*, Ihan hold a 
power which oannol enanre Oar aafely oul of dghl of 
nrrtaidence. The matlei, one way orolher, muat be 
raformed, and I am in hapea lhal your coniiaela may 
aanaal lome cOecliva plan. Bui here we nro al Ihe 
caada.aud we will talk over Iheae Ibinga mora al tei- 

Tle caatia of the duke of Roienbnrg waa a fine 
qtdmen of the old feudal domicile, and its alls and 
Vangth iodicaled thai il had once been ihe head of 

.horn which be wore al hia neck, and Ih* large gate 
opened. W'e paaacd through a file of armed atlend- 
Biili into a noble hall, of which the appaintmenla 
thoweU that if ihe power of Ibe duke of Roienhutg 
had dwindled wiib ihe lapae of time, do decline bad 

" Our ateward will ahow you to youi apBtliMDI," 
aaid iha duke, inalinclively aaaunung Ibe plural p«- 
aonalily, which Iha leaaer and the greater aoTereigna 
of Germany alike adopt, and which bekuga lo all pa- 
leniatea, whether regal or reviewal- " Wbea yon 
have reeled, we ahall cn«« the jdeaaura of yoot coak' 
pany lo aapper in our own apaitmant" 

The aaiijor doMCi acc4irdiiig1y uabered me, with lln 
moat obaequioua dignity, inio a vaal apatlmenl. which 
he Informed me waa uniformly rearrved fur inacn t( 
iha higheai ronaideraliuD. "The cbambar which hk 
highneaa ha) allalled to you." he added, ai faa. com- 
nanred i<n inlarminable eerie* of obeiaancea, "baa 
■lao the u Ivantage of a<jaining lo iha library of lb* 
CBMie, ill which you will duublleaa find many wotlu 
of Ihe gr< ileal inlereau" 

When I bad refreebed royeelf by a Uvelioo. and 
aurvayed lh< Goihic grandeur of Iha room, I lamed 
with aoine curioaily to ibe library which had tieen ttf 
tolled in auch atiraciiva langoaga. I Ciaod ii la be • 
amall room, caniainiug about a hundred votumea upsa 
one aide, and covered on the othera wilh parcbBenl 
recorda and deada of feoBment. The booka wbm 
chiefly kialoriBa of Ibe German atalaa and piincaa, and 
I anuaed myaelf in taming ihem over, till lb* alew- 
ard came la aumnKHi me lo aupper. We paaed duwl 
ihmugh ihe greal hall, wbare the alleDdanla of lh« 
caalle were caronaing with my own aeivanla, into « 
fine room in the wing of the building, whaie Iha duka 
waa ailling. with no other company than an abomina- 
bly ugly dwari: 

" Yoii and I, Mr. Pullenoy," laid Ihe duke, a* w« 
aeaied ounslveaal Ihe rich and lorilty board, "aia, 
you know, of lbs a«me Teuiooic alack, and I baliava 
lhal your nation reuina the fiavor of ju nailhem bhjod, 
bolh in ita fondneae for Ihe chaae, and in ile inaUUlf 
10 iruMacI any buaiaaaa wiihout Ihe inapiraiion of a 
dinner or a auppcr- The (iH'luDee of Ihe huol led M 
our acquaint aaee, and ih* wina-boaid aball ooniplaM 
Ihe renewel of thai kindred naiionaliiy which haa as 
long bean aevared." 

" I lake it," aaid I. " to be ibo high and peculiar boaal 
of the Goihic naliooa, that ib<7 >■*»<! of all iha i«cm 
or mankind are capable of riaiog lo Ihe juat and *n- 
neat wonhip of the god of wine- The Ijfeak could 
aip hia mild Chian pleuanlly, ea wilh hia browa r<»» 
wcenllied and languid, be repoaed in the amiB of hii 
mialreaaj and the Ruroan couhl temper wilh hie daih 
Falernian Ibe ardon of politic*, or mellow the drynea* 
of philoeophy, wilh hia alrong-bodied Mafaic ; bat Um 
' aulillrae energy of coDvivialily.' Ihe deep and aoul- 
eiikiiidling quaflinga of the eup, belong only to lb« 
bloiKl oftho Norlhiaen. Wherever ibe Latin race bat 
mingled itself wilb Ibe Golhir. the aame inferiuilji 
haa attached itaelf. The llaliana and Spaniah aredead 
10 the enchantment of the grape, nnd Ihe French Boo- 
chic poetry aonnd* like a ahoul whiatled. Ihioagb,* 

THE gentleman's HAQAZINB. 

Rnw. In all tha» cuea, nine ia eitoIUd u 
eumctj to lovs or conTemtion; Ihe wild abandon of 
bacchaiulify — tfaa adoration of Iha foblel Tor the 
vrine— of Ihe wine Tor Iha god of wine — iadanied loall 
but Iha native of ihe rornt. All ihe Kiulhern feaiiie 
chinia sra maie or le« eiolic; Ihe true drinliiag long 
ia Maaniiilly and ricluiively nurihem." 

" Dulinclioni nrtbil kind, I i magi ne," raid ihs duke, 
"ran Ihrough ihe whale monil and inlellecKial cha- 
neleior Iho iwo racai, and may badelecled in di«i 
of ihcit monumenia " 

"Thef are eipeclalljr diwoverable in their irchi' 
Melnre and religion — Iwo thiiiga which ■ naiiun rore- 
ly borrona, and ni-vur nilhoat modi Real ion. Tha 
Greek and Latin mind waa fond of tbe d'finlip. Ihe 
MDiuuui, and the preciae | it held to the api>Qri>nt and 
Iha known! it ceiled in the eiieinal. The Gothic 
apirtt, nunoTed in iincoped Ibretli. and crndled amid 
ahadOHH nnd concealment, longed ainaya fur tho vaal, 
the undelined, and incompreheruiTO ; it rrsred cum- 
mnnioii »iih Ihe apirilual atid unaeeni il iiiiight even 
lhein>\;iril and myileriaui. Tbo Greeb if inplc, ai'- 
cordingly, ii regalar and complete; iteiiiroces Iho 
whole idea which it conlaina; tbe Golhic cathEcJrat ia 
Mpiring. unreatricled, and indialinct IiLone, Ibe ef- 
lecta of fonn are aludied ; in Iha other, the Impreaaiun 
ofipirit predoininalei ; the one ie the complacenl ahap- 
ing of B learned artiet; Ihe other, the dark alterance 
of poet, reBlleai with the movinga of an immorlel 
■oul, and I'haiged wiih the uneaay inapiratioiu of un- 
developed life. In ibe creed of the people, ihe aame 
thing appears. The god> of tbe Grteki had finite 
IbriDi; their genealogy waa known, their chuectei 
•nd funciioni were all leilled. The god of ihe GMhi 
ma en infinite ipicit, incoDcelrable in origin, tfnlii 
thomebte in nature, Tha Chrtatian religion, a reli 
gion of niytteriea. waa preached to the Grceki, and 
waa irjecied by them,- il wai pluiled painfully and 
alowly emang ihe Ramaoi ; il ipread like llin unr 
ed wind among iheGoiha, and never became nai 
but among iham. Mark now Ihe ineSkcealile di^ 
tiona of race. The lonthem nalioni atonfn niil< 
iud their religion ; fint by ihe erection or a hi 
lepreaenlaliva and vicegerent of God ; anecword 
image-^'onhip, uiint-wanhip, and Ihe prominenl 
ration of ihe human mother of God ; and among 
the rerormalion haa never prevailed, Tbe nori 
the pimieil hour of Popery, waa alwaya Proteelant. 
Ihal it. immaterial, in feeling and docirini 
Catholic il may have been in govemmen 
Irumpel of Lulhet wan a blaal of ihe fori 
echo died away there. The antagoniat chs 
of eociety in iho enil and tho west ifte alao oeveiopeo 
in the hiaiory of religion. The Colin wrre domestic, 
and Chriaiianiiy, a religion of peace and union, wna 
•dapied lo ihem. The Arnha, ihe 8ar«ceiii, and ad- 
joining nalioni', were lawleat, wild, and haughty, and 
Ihe prouil and lierre religion of the crescent auiled 
ikem. In ihoae eaaiern landi in which Ihe cron had 
been eelabliiheil, il waa wholly and permanently aub- 
Verted by ihe Mahoaieuna ; and that defeat haa been 
tba marvel of tha pioui, who have nut coniidered ih«l 
■ MKial religion muJlnaceaaarily yield loan anti-aooial 
COB, among an anti-tocial people." 

Thoae natural diflerence* have not be«n k> mocb 
lied aa Ihay onghl lo be," laid ihe dukoT ■ Tbey 
might be of infinite valoe lo the alaleiinan." 

The appreciation of them ia Iha loDndklioo of po- 

a, and lbs failure of every polilicol acheme may 

itiiibuled to the neglect of them. Ooe nation ii 

diatingniahed from anoiher of Ihe »am« origin hy va- 

lom timilar to Ihue which divide one t«c« Inn 

iher. The love of popular privilege which belong! 

10 lbs eilrenie weai, taket, in Fiance, Ibe form of love 

if equality; in England, of liberty; in America, of 

botfa liberly and equality. Sniallcr diOerencei, I pre- 

me, [un down through every diilricl, ehire and town 

each nation. But the grand diiiinction in Euro- 

on nationa ia that of nonh and aouih, and in every 

furm mual be kepi in ii;ht. The aoiith rnuat be K- 

neraied on the plan of France under NB)H>lean: oat 

ember aupreme, all under it, equal. The north mnil 

model of England, tiy a pyramidal 

. of dcti 

:l but I 

he ordera ins Polladian palace, aad each having ptivi- 
egea in inverse proportion lo Ibe number which con- 
ililutca Ihe claai. For Ibia dialinclion ie lo be liken, 
:hal Ihoagh the aouth accepted Ihe form of feudality. 
:he north only, thai ia, England and Germany. wt> 
imbued with iia apirit. And Ihapriocipleof the feudal 
iyalem waa pcnonal freedom and aocial connection — 
ihe indepondence of lite individual, and Ihe aubor- 
Jination of the rank. The baron wii Ihe aubjecl of 
ihe king, but hia caatle waa bia throne j Ihe peatanC 
waa Ihe aiibjecl of the baron, bul hia collage waa hia 

war, for ihey were ita aupport. Tha dargw 
waa ihat they n'oald decline is peace; they were only 
to bo prcaerved in peace by tba appoinlmeni of civil 
inttilnliona which abould be german lo the feudal 
apirit. Thia, in England, waa done by the fiction of 
land tenure*, whicli led to courta. baron and teet, am! 
hythelriol by jury, which ia the Maiima Charliof 
Britiah liberty. The English, you obaerve, did ml 
went iqualily, bul independence-, and the riEl><>°' 
the people among tham, Ihotigh righta of inferioriiy. 
were equally defmiie with thoae of Ibe nobility, and 
for purpoaeaof dialinetion equally valuable. lf<I^ 
many ia ever ralaed up, it mual be by eilablitkiRg > 
pacific ayatem cogtiate with the feudal; il muat be by 
following Iha Engliah plan, moJeraied, of course, fton 

but the key lower. Your highiicia will patdeo Hw 
nativp freedom with which i apeak." 

" Vour remark iaalriking. and. I hava no doubt, 
pUed tho duke. " It ia. T auaperl, ffoio "" 
ilituliona that tlio feudal relHi»n* 
itid peatani, have goi, among i"> 
igled. The evila of ihit diaiiict, 
■nial. The cneroochmenti of Iho 
rovereigniiM, ani tl" 

want of fil ci 

I hava 

I, and fnoi 

ny father, iho power of a"priv.le gentleuian H "i" 
M a long laak lo realoro tho balonco. But we mat 
)oi bagtoomy;come, &enediclianoilhman'(K>"('' 
The d warf. ibua deugnated, rolled hit larp '!" ^ 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lC 


dines betneen lajHlf and lh< duke MTenI lima, iilnnii 

od iben unick Dp ■ louil aod *piiii«(l cliant. ihini [mm i 

Ai 1 reclined in my deep ami high Gelliic chair, lail. To preveni iba re 
tafcre B [able heaped up wiih Ihe b«l juica uf ihe Iha dominion* of all h 
Bh«niah vineyard*, and echoed, with ihe duke, ihe 
viUI eboim of ihe dwarfi long, the leriK of ■ new 
*m ofeiiitence came upon me. A mods of life open* 
(d iielere me, divcne ullarly Trom nhal I had btriirs 
bniTDi and k> wearied wai I of ihe dulliieu of F.n- 
gli^ frelirg., iliat I nai gladdened by Ihe prosped of 
BiDgUng for ioine lima in iheie novel impreuioui. 

The remainder of ihb evening wia paaaed in gay 

fcnied inaof hii inienlionof Tiaidiif me in iho morn- 

iD|, m my own room. The alenard tuld me Ihal n been livii,;: ihen, the emperor > 
ire had been kiiHlled in " tha library," (he larger room, 
HKeioed, diKlainiDjt the dcgradaliunaf a lire-place. 
-Well," thopght I, as I aealed mytelf before ibe 
fire in ihedukoV hopeful young Vatican . "1 havedrop- 

II, and Iha diasentioiu of Ihe prii>c*a keeping 
iiing, Ihsy were eatily conquered in de- 

d,and fuurnewduke- 

ra hove gone 

creeled, and given lo 
peror had confidence. Sim 

iry quietly, end we have gained, by il 

Dur htrediiary Icrriiory, the necetBJiy of paying 

Dtei iubaidiei iha emperor may rrqiieii." 

There waa no Caiimir," aaid I, " to beard ihe im-. 

I mnji sly, and vindicate Iha jual privilegea of hii 

e ahoutd have entered 

ptdinloB aituaiton'lhat admiii of impi 
and it ihall not be my fault if I do not turn malleri 
htra to ume account. We ahall aee wbal a coot and 
prutan] engtiafaann can do antong the lardy and aelf- 
■bptincfa of Germany. The day on which Iha duke 
of Roaenbufg encountered Henry Pulreney maj be a 
maKnioua one for the fonunea of both. Bui I mual 
■quaint mfaelfa lillle with iba hiatory of iheae peo- 

I look down a Tolurne cnnTainin 
WW of Huienburg. and apenl an 
tiaij of ill contenia. Ai I read oi 

9 hialory of Ihe 


.e page. 

ed that li had been frcqiieiiily read. 

anount of Caaimir, iweinb duke ul 

iai, upon aome quarrel with iho emperor, ihruwn off 

hii allpgiance, and during the whole of hia 

cd ike aiiempia lo aubilue him. Under h 

inptrial lurcci had cuDqurred and aavked 

li immediiiely atruck me^hat ibeia leaves 

bnn tnmed down by the preteni duke, and if to. ihe 

eiioiiimiance indicated a kindred di 

' Tnai," Kii<l I, " ia Ihe panion I Hill nark on. We 
will reload the drama of Cshimir, and Ihe 
and bia laielliie ahall find i heir equal. The manner 

ID action is gained. A keen eyo and a cahr 
■peloime dilTicully, and laugli al daneer." 

The duko came inio my room on llio fullowing 
nwstng. and ne talked fui 
JKU. 1 lad him. ■! length, to give me an acoouni of 
tka poaiiiun of hia own duminiona, and ibeir lalalion 
u iboie of bis neighbors. 

' This blenaive dialrici," aaid he, Imcing ila limits 
upon Iha map. " which, oa you KV, ia nearly surround- 
ed by muoBiaiiia. waa formerly divided in nearly equal 
pnpanion between fbnr princes, mho generally apent 
Iheir lima in Gghiing with one another, ami diapi 
Milk the emperor aboul the taiea which he occasion- 
ally leqoireJ. Aboni thirty yean ago. a tubaidy of 
imaual magnitude waa demanded, and all of them 
lafiitad lo pay it. Ad army immadiaiely entered Iheir 

ih^oici o( thia ctialle." 
" Doea it occur m your highneia," said I, " Ihal il ia 

nol lou laie yet lo reaiat the anpremacy of Vienna r 
Uufoniinawly, we are all alienated from one ano- 

ibti by feoda which have tlood loo long aver lo be 

removed. CaaU all uoila, something might be dooe, 
ihat ia impoaiible." 

Suppooing Ibat such an union could be eBecled, 
r highneaa wouM join in any offenaive meaaurea 
inat the emperor Ihal might be deemed prudenit" 
Of coune, mosl gladly." 
Then, my lord duke. I promise Ihal if I may maks 

honorable employment of your name, every one of 
D men bI.iiII aign a treaty uf friendibip dioI enmi- 
II uiid complete as you can deaire." 
My eiri:!leni friend, jou know imi nliat you ars 
eriakmg. The duke of tlulza is indolent Lnd con- 

lenied. t^.o (-.runl Ilaralan unapproacliabty proud, and 

'■ By Tiriue of every one of theao qualities they 
ahall be your friends. Only give me tuch an eiidenc* 

ihem, and I engage for the fulfiUraent of nhal 1 hava 

In I wo days [ was on my way id Ihedukeofllola. 
I reached hia reiidenco on ihe neii murning, and fiiuud 
him on honeback nl the gale of hia caitle. I made 
mpcif known lo liim as an tngliahmnn whir was lia- 
vclling In Vienna, lie received me with courleay 

" I am just on ihe point of aelling ofT on ihe chase, 
and ii will give ma pipaaure if you will Join u), al- 
ihough I can promiio you no nobler quoiry to-Jsy than 
■he itag," 

I accepted hia oSer with thsnki. and we aet out lo- 
gelbcr. Wo had been riding about an hour when iha 
keen eye of the duke diacovarcd another deer cniucfa- 
ing behind a email eminence, at aoma dialance lo ihe 

" It ia an old Ian ef the chaae in Ihia forest," said 
he, "alwaya to bring down Ihe animal which ia fiiat 
alerted | bul in compliment to you, I will break Ihiougb 
iha rule, and lend my allendania on. while, wiih a 
couple of dog*, you and I will louae this ileepy fellow 
on Ihe hill." 

We accordingly led Ihe train, and radsaaidaon Ibii 
fresh Bceni 

la a tow nnn pf 



bilk ind the nag, nearly sxhiuited, nu loiling up 
tba Meep to CKipe OD the olher tide. 

" Thote hilk" nii ihe duke, " wern once in Ihs 
wnlre o( my domaini j ihey now form Iheir boundary. 


p Ihil deer, but 1 

to encroach npon ground nhich ia SDaiher'i, and ir k* 
foei over wa muit aiiiii." 

We rsined in our. haii«, and nalchcd the retulL 
Tbe dog) were juel upon hira u we law him gaia ihe 
iDramil, and ipring forward into ihe oppoiiite valley. 

"Toil majF thank the empeiot, my ariilered lad," 
Mid Ihe duke. 'Tot Ihe wholeacei of your volvel skin," 
and he at once whiuUd back tbe dogi. " I have rid- 
den, Mr. Pulienoy, vihon I wm ■ boy," i:i d he, "fiir 
two dajB togaiher, on Ihe olher aide oflhn^u hilU. and 
I fancy ihat niy falher and myself are ihL- iinly dukes 
of Holia ihal ever knew what it wbb lo Li atopjied Id 
Ihs chaia by the barriera of territory." 

" Thia diemembertnent of the old aoFcreigntiea wai 
■ high-handed meaaure." aald I. 

"1 have no objection," replied the duke, "to pay 
■Dy aubddiea Ihe emperor may deaire, beiauM the de- 
fence of the empire may call for theni ; hut (o be de- 
prived of Ihe ability of following a alag aa far si I 
plMae, ii galling." 

"Ia it quite impoHible la reatora Iheae Dutlen to 
Iheir fbnner tboliug f" inquired I. 

"Oh! eDlirely. Singly, nolhing of coune can be 
done, and Iheae duhaa hale one anolber » cordially 
that they will never join in any Ihing bul baltie. 1 
ahonli] be glad lo do any thing, Ibr I deapivn animoeity, 
and aa long a* I can hunt a> far aa I like. I aik for so- 
Ihing more i bni Roxenburg and Haralan, and the real, 
■re ao impracticable about Iheir honor, anJ ibeir dig- 
nity, and aoch fwleriea, thai ns ahall have lo aland 
jnal where we are." 

" Aa regarda Ihe dukeof Rozeaburg," aaid I. "lam 
confident that there ia no unwillingnea lo co-opeiata. 
Nay, I can aaaure you Ibat be ia aniioua for an agree- 
ment, and only doubta your inclination." 

"If (hat were 10," aaid Ihe duke."lhere would be 
bal little difGcully j bul are yon not mietaken r* 

"I will convince yourhighneaaof the irulhof what 
I lay," and I put Ihe writing which ihe duke of Ro- 
tenborg had given me, into hia handa. 

" Tau wilt perceive," aaid I, " that the duko haa 
done me the honor to employ my ierviceeaa mediator 
between your highncaa and himaolf; and (bore can be 
no danger of failure, if your highnoB will ugnify a 
wiHingneaa to meel ihe other princea at an appointed 
time and place, and give your aignalure lo a Irealy 
of union, for Ihe eleclion of new jukes. Ihe re-dialri. 
ballon of the ofd ponsuionB, and ihe nwioienance of 
thii divieion against the emperor." 

The duke readily aaeuied lo thia propoaal. 

" I will giva you my wriilen promiae lo ihal effocl 
whan we reach the caalle," aaid be, '" and I hear^ly 
Wieh you sacceaa. I will give you a leiler lo Hanlan, 
and you may auc«ed ia ihal quarter, bul I am efiaid 
of Wilalein ; he ii as crafly as' a toi, and halea Roien- 
burg fiercely." 

£arjy Iha neil OMrning I set off for counl Harrlan'e. 
I bad Lille doubt of carryiag my purpoae ihroughiHU, 

at aecrelly be wisbing a 

pari, but inlereet drew Ihem logelber ; aikd a ateady 
rinriple tike tbe latter, will alwaya prevail over an 
rregulsr impulse, Ihough thia be ihe stronger. 

Count Hanlan mel roe with polilenea, hot with 
conaiderable coldnen and reierve. He had a polity 
wnmanding figure, and haaleur waa aiamped on 
every leature of hia face- By Ihe iaQuence of all Ihe 
which I poeaeaaed, and under Ihe ronacioiuDea 
be was converaing nilh a alranger. his reearte 
gradually melied. and he talked with freedom mi 
opennesa. I quickry perceived that deep billemtaa 
WBB behind hiB lofiineai, end Ihal pride waa with hiia 
aa it ia with many, Iha refuge of a wounded spiriL 
In Ihe aAemoon, I put my arm in his, and we walked 
into his picture gallery- 

" The coolemplatioa of an array <rf' ancealon like 
Ihia," aaid I, ae we alrolled past ihe piclured fixmi of 
a long line of warrioia, " muat give you a grattficaiiua 
of which a commoner, like myaelfl who een barely 
Iroce hia deaceol through tix genenuiona, can (>na na 

" Tou mighl, I ahoiUd ibink, eaaily imagiaa," Mid 
Ihe count, bilterly, " ihal it givea lo •» far mate pain 
IhaD pleaiure. When I aUnd here and rmerabn 
Ihal Ihe award of povcar which thete men wielded, 
paned (rem the handa of iheii deecendam, that tbail 
broad landa are divided about among thi* ate and 
that, and that the aracd force which they alwiyt 
mainlained. haedwindled down till lh« tiaiDeorBa» 
lea has become a mockery and a reproach — 1 feel m 
if I could lear Ihete frowning lacea from the iraU- 
That man." poialing to a mailed figure of oddiuiI 
aiic. "lad thirty Ibouaand caen againal iheSoldani hii 
deacendaot doee not number a tilba of dte anomil. 
among all bis dependani*. Thet one helda ia hii 
band a mepofhie lerriloriee. which njial beqaartaral 
to ehow what I hold- Theae are things which I 
would speak of lo no man but yonraelf ; I nuy say It 
a stranger what 1 would foil an Auatrian for thinkbil 

" Bul could not some of these anclant poBesnaai 
of your family be won backT' aaid I. 

"Theatlemptnouldbeaaratat aail would bavaik 
What could I do agaiiiel Ihe Atroes of iha ttnpeioi 1 1 
should bring my dominians i^aio under the diaiam 
bering pencil of Aaelria, and ahould be stripped of Ibt 
til tie that 1 now poaaen." 

"But with the aaaialanceof the piinc«a,yoar neigh- 
boia, you mighl auccenfully withatand tba iD^teiiaJ 
force which could be sent agalnat you." 

" Aniataace t Tea, bul who ii going n aik ilf 
aaid be,wilh Ibe feeling natural tOi* very proud av^ 
" It ia the maiim of my family never to a>k a fava, 
fiu that puis it in the power of anolher to refuse yeit 
I would rot in my caalle aooner Iban aak the aid of ny 
heredilBiy Ciea." 

"Suppoas they were lo *ah your aid, wmU j^ 
yieU itt" 



■Cuitinlj: I ibould humble ibcm bf imuing il 
•t «Dtt." 

' Bui if llief were to come forward, and eipt««i 
Atir reedinea to reiial the e 
ToarjoiniDg ibtca in like oppmilion. would ]>ou lend 
jMii co-opcraiion t" 

"Ofcoune," uid he. after a momenl'a paun, " lur 
we ibould then meet a* indrpendaDl equali, lur the 

"I haie it in my piwir, Goual, Id roniince you 
ibal incb a tlrp hai been likeD by ihe duliw of Ro- 
uabuij anil HoIia •" and I put the pepcra iolo hit 

Hii cbeeb flmhed aa he rewl tbem i—" Thia ia aen- 
■ibl*,"be eiclaimpdi "(heae men are wiser than 1 
bne been,- Ihia promitea benefit la all, and allachea 
iaTuiuritjp to Done, Il mighl have been dons yeaia 
1(0, had there been any one like youcaetr to anume 
Ibe boDOrabls laik of cvnciliatiDg ihoie who ought 

ilmf) ID have bseu frienda. I will 

■lie JOQ my 

I, and my Dtnxiat oo-operalion 
lioaij and i)m bniad banner of Baralan tball again 
loal, aocurtulcd, oTai Ihe buileiMota nt my eMtla." 

Wiih priaca Wilatua I had a very diffiiimi game 
toanJaet He had lufiered bat little fiom the ly- 
nuf of the omperor, and indaad it waa auapeeled 
Ikatibere had been an undsmaudiiig between tbem. 
(ad that fa* had ooieilly ataiated Ihe fonoar, anbmii- 
liBg Id a amall !«■ himHU' to feed an ancieal grudge 
agiinit hia fallowa. by occaaiooing a grealer one to 
tUo. The only Ihin( I knew aboul bim penonally 
■M thai he waa Doled fur eonoing and bad faith, aod 
«H Tuienlly hotlile lo all hia naighboti, and eape- 
cially lo the duke of Roianbuif ; lo gain tueb a man 
wdbU not be an eaiy taak. 

Hy plan of proceeding wai aellled by the lima ihal 
1 reached hia caRle. " Thia will be a nice hand lo 
play," ihoughl I, aa I diamtiunled al Ibe (ate, " and il 
fnU require all my oerre and coolneaa id auoceed. 
But I believe it i* aafe ; and if no god nor deiil inler- 
fatt, 1 will uka ibia inirigner in hia own loila." I 
elairaed admiElaoce aa aalrangeron buiineai, and wa> 
■town iulo hia CKbineL He waa wridngabmaalatable 
m*(red wilh papeia. He waaaHBallmanigray haired. 
lad wilh a Ggofe mnch bent He Gied hia amall, and 
bean gray eye upon VMtt I aniered ; and.aa 1 caughi 
■lailamca, Ihe irepreaaion of hia pale, aharp face, hit 
■Tinkled brow and ahaggy while eycbmwa, hia lipi, 
whiefa had becooM aeliled inio a fainl, aendiah imile, 
ud did Dot entirely cloaa over two piominenl leelh. 
which wm ali that Temaiaed of what bad probably 
OKe been a fine aal, I IhoDght Ibal I had never eeeii 
a lac* on which waa nwre alrongly atamped the nalu- 
lal aiideDce of craft, maligntiy, and paaaicm. I pei- 
wivad al once ihal he waa a man loo much In the 
ladai or looking lur ihe real, lo care any Ihirg fur fur- 
Mlily; fcjT all men of intijgue, in Isajiig Iheii aelf 
raapaot, loae regard lor Ihe reapeol of olhera. and 
dapiiini opinion, are only annoyed by aiiaoiioa to 
Wcoraoce. Making, therefore, BO apology fur my 
iniruaion, 1 daahed al once into buiineaa. 

* i hare come, prince, to commnoicale to yon inlel' 
%inrt which I have t*iM<l^* cirooEaatwioe which 

Biay be lo ibe advantage of bolh of na, by leading to 
ihe ruin of a moinion enemy." Aa I apoka, Iba prince 
bent down hia hrowa, iill iha ahining orba beneath 
were Karcety vi.ible. 

" I waa. many yean ago. deeply and i[rep««bly in- 
jured by Ihe young duke of Kot^nburg. I have wail- 
ed for ihe hour of leienge, and ihat bunr haa. 1 Ihiok, 
arrived. I have aiceriaiiird ihai the prince hn baea 
mediialiiig Ihe ten uncial ion of hia allegiance id ihe 
empeior, and Ihe recovpiy, by arma. of Ihal lerriloif 
which waa laken fiom hii falher: I know Ihal ha ha 
leeenily made Ircatonable uverlurn to the duke ol 
Holia and count Uanlan, which ihey have acceplnL" 

The countenance of iho prince darheatd wilh Iri- 
umpli. and every fcaluie of hia rigid face teemed to 
grow inienae wiih demoniac gladneaa. 

" Il only remaina. then," aaid he. " to give inlelli- 
geuce of Ihia lo ihe emperor." 

"Pardon me. prince; there hia t>een aa yet no oven 
aci, and my evidence might not be aufficient lo go» 
fince hb mi^jol]'' I' >* in four power, hnwever, lo 
lead ihem lo complete dealruclioa, wilh perfect aa&Iy 
lo yoiuaelC They are aware Ibft Ihey are loo weak 
ID du any Ihing alone, and wilhont there ia aame pcoa- 
pecl of yoBi co-operalion, Ihe achtme will periah ia 
ibe bud. If fbur bigbnaae, Ihco. were to humor IbeM 
wiih a ihow of willingneia, on your part, to join Ibeit 
plot, Ihey would al once lake Ibe Geld, and their ruin 
would be complete. With entire aubmiaaion to your 
greater prudence, I wilt take the lilieny of auggealint 
. melhod ofaccompliahing ihia, which haa occurred la 
ae. The duke of Holla and counl Hanlan bava 
igned a promiae thai ihey will meet Ihe duke ofR*- 
zenbuig at an appoiated place, and there affix iheir 
handa and aeala la a league of confedemcy agaiaal ih* 
emperor j but ihia promiae haa been upon iha eipres 
ounditioo thai a aimilar agreement Im obtained from 
you. Thia, Roienburg haa been weak enough le 
imagine poaaible, IhiI when the Ihing haa come lo lh« 
point of trial, hia pride or hia limidiiy wiU prerent hia 
making applicalion lo you. Alt ihia I have laatned . 
fmin a confidsniial aerTont of mine whom I have ia> 
traduced into ibe atiendanoe of the duke. Notv, if 
your higb'neaa were to aend to him a aimilar promiM 
which he would receive without the al igh teal anapiciiin, 
fur he haa been led to ihink thai you are even aniioM 
forauch a movement, and, at the oame liuia. la depoail* 
in ihe handa of eome aafe peraon, a Uatemenl af the 
reatuns why you do thia, and a proieaUOioii of jraar 
^rfucl innocence of all ireaaimable deaigo, which 
alBlement ehould be dated b^mt your promiae ia giVM^ 
Ihe oihen would at once lead out their armiea inlo ' 
the Geld, and yon have only to go up U Vienna, knd 
make your own lernia with the emperor aa the condt- 
liona ofdiacloaure. Some belter mode of uHrapping 
ibem may porhape occur to your higbncaa ; aod if yon 
will lend your BMiiUnca in any way, yos may ooa»- 
mand my aervicea in any manner, and lo any eilent 
that yon deiire. fur there ia no obli|alion of fratilade 
•o atrong aa that which w* feel lo one who ha* aided 

"Tme, lnie,"iaid Ibe pcince: then dra wing hia 
handa Ihimigh not anoihat, and lookini twud wHk 



mn air ofcainlal indiOeraace, he addn], " your plan it 
good, and alihough I hkTe. ro bs luro, no rcRaun for 
Pairing lu injan iheu nablef. yet. ui Rnzenburj ha» 
iojuml you, 1 have no objeciiun lo give my aBsiatance 
lo redren a wrong. Ba good enaugh lo rrpenl dii- 
tJDcily Ihe •chemu which you have jual auggcsled.'' 

I did ao. amplirying and enrurciiig tome o{ the par- 
licuUn, and eaiaaJly cii»iniiiling " the aafe pf n^oii" 
who Waa to bfl iho Irualea of his roonier aialemeni, lo 

II will n< 

1 confina yOQ lo Germany ; yoo 

u liki 


k] 1 wilJ a 

pcDmiae, bring myaelf into Ma c 
you informed of ell ihal ia going on." 

"Safe,"aBid Ihe prince, in a low dpi i be rate lane, 
aa I finiahed. " nfe— perfeclly tofe. The emperor ml) 
IWl ba eager lo auapecl me, and the statemeni in your 
handa, logalber niih your evidence, will compleiely 
dear tue, and leave Kounburg and Iba reit in a nite 
predicament. But ibere must be aa miaiake betwean 
mm; do you undentaod ihal I bdi lo fullil the pronriae 
which I now give !" 

" Your highneai «ill obaerve," aaid I. •' Ihat nolhing 
-will be done by ihe iMblea, iiniil ihe signature nhii 
that promiae oSiira, ia obtained. Thai aignalure 
Owrefbre Dccenaiy; I will inforoi you aoon of Ibe 
place ofmeeiing." 

The prince remained lor a few mamenls in deep 
medilalion. and then look up hia pen, and aaid, "1 
ioe no objcciian : I wiH draw up my manifesto while 
you write Ihe prumiae. You may then lake the furmtr. 
Ihal there may be no suapicion that this waa on after 

The papera were accordingly drawn up, and after 
a liilla farther con versa i inn. I eiprcsted my deep gia- 

" Now." aaid I, as with a dancing he;trl and a juy- 
OUi lip, I iprang upon my horae, ■' now, my good Sir 
' Reynard, I have my thumb and linger on yuur wea- 
tand. I have only to gel your name lo Ihe Irenly. then 
to keep back thia ' manifealu,' aa you call it. and, hold- 
ing your signature, in termrem. over your head, ei- 
Itacl men and money from you i diiciiiion. Fur once, 
my hoary hypocrile, your cunning haa overrearhed 
your wisdom. Bui, happen what mny, you, at least. 

ment and tore il into a thousand fiagmcnla. 

" Well, my nnble friend." said Ruzenburg, aa I en- 


I put the pa|>en inio hia hand. " I 
I, " 10 aeille upon the lime and place of meeting." 

He took them, and read in eilence. When he can 
to Ihe sigiialure of Wilsiein, he uttered a loud inrr 
duloBs " No I — il ia nol poatible Ihal you have Wi 
otein'a name! How did you gain Iha old fellow T" 

"Your bighneaa." aiid I, " muil not question n 
abonl Ihe method; il ii enough that na have h 


"Well! you hare far eioceded my eipeclationa. 
k1 onr suiceas, of which I do not doilbt, will he chiefly 
tribulable lo you. You must make your arrange- 
ania for taking posaeaaion of the castle in my tcrritoiy 
tw oooupied by Ibia parvnui dnko— iMl a nonl .' 11 

liderable, and Ihe litis of count attache* to Ibe 
le. We will amuoa ouraetvea in leg iaialing jointly 

I doicried casilo on ihe borders of the dukB*s pot- 
ioni, nhrch adjiiined ihnae of the olhera, waa filed 
n as the place ofmeeiing, and the lime appointed. 

ni llar>.1jn. and aat down to wriio a mora pariics- 
leiter to Wilaiein ; nell knowing that ibe iniDd of 
>ld diplonutitl pullulate* with tuapicioo. 

aught your bail, with 

' The Goda first madden whom they would daatroy.' 

The place of asaemhling is the mined casde aa 
hia dominicns, near Ihe point where (bey loach upon 
those of your highneu. Thtf bearer will inrorm yoa 
of ila precise aituaiion. The lime ia Wednenlay Belt, 

if he pleases, but nol more. You may employ ibe 
bearer for that purpoae, if you tike, uho will tarre 
also fur B guide. The chamber in ihc aouih eaai ear- 
ner will be prepared lor you. Al^er ihe aignaiana 

liuw the nubtes shall be ilclivcted up: my only uiili 
ii ihc ruin of Ruzenburg. Let u> remain cooli and 
ibe gams is in our banda. 

I have Ihe honor lo be, your h^hnsaa'a da*otad 
and obliged aervant, 

UlNKT PuLTEttlT." 

" Shall I eiplain ihit intrigue lo the dakeT" said I 
to ni)((elf, when I had linithod this precious epiallaj 
" or shall I let him re&i in ignorance till the aSiir il 
finiahedt The former would certainly ba aare, and 
prrlinpa' more honorable; but the oiher may do aa 
more service wnh ibe duke, by imprnsing him with 
a high opinion of my ahiliiiea, when he aeea me draw- 
ing retourcca from Wilaiein anil runtioiling him, ■□■ 
manner which he cannot cumprehcnd : beside*, iha 
more dllliculi and pcrplcied the game is. ibe mota 
creditable and iniercBling it it lo play it well. Fas,! 
will keep Ruienhurg in the dark, and tome winter 

I aeni my note by an Italian servant of my owa 
who did nol return. I inferred that ihe prince bod 
accepted my propoaal or employing him aaaa allendaU 

I was not a little glad. The duke aeni hia •errant* B 
put iha rooma of the old castle in readiness fiir lb* 
temporary reception of tha noblea, and lo make anch 
pteparationa in the halloa tha buainataof ibeinterriaar 
would require. 

A liltle before dark, on Wednaaday evening, tb* 
duke and ntyaelf nt iS tloiH li>r tha plaea ottrtith 



■MM. We rawfiiid lbs ciiltm ■ Isiv minnlM bclim 
■latan oVIock. uhI entaring Iha room nMnad Tur in, 
bf ■ privala dinr, wilird for Iba hour. A cluck had 
btsn placsil on the train luf Iha ocrasion; we liilenad 
in lileiwe till it aliiKk, uhI than cnoM logelber iolu 

DBiid rhadi 
h iheir 

rmi Ibtdad.and 1 he: r all and- 
inn Manding behind Ihcoi- Aa we enlared, prince 
Wiblain came rnim a nnia il Ihe olber slid, acrompa- 
niad. not bf my aervanc, but bjr a man, appareiillf ad- 
Tinced in feaii, and, la I judgrd from hia dreaa, a 
nrdiaal of ibe holy aea The prince placed hiouarf 
appoiiie ID Roienburg. wkI bia auendant asaied bim- 
tairbcHde him. Ail walked lo Ihe rml of ihe labic, 
ibalaiier fiied hii eyei upon ma fur a moment wiih a 

Ihe ground. Nut a word waa ipoken- 

I wailed till Ihe clock had dona ilriking, and iheo 
draw OBI Ibe parchmanl contaiaing Ibelnaiy of union, 
and read il Ibrough. in a low, but dialinct tone. Ii 
bouad all Iha nublea to aaaemble at a particular place, 
in ona weak'a time, wilh ibe whole force of Iheir do- 
niaiona, to aipel tba new incambenu, di?ida lbs die- 
Irict aeeordini to ila ancient boundariea, and maintain 
liii diTiiion ngainat Iha power of Iha emperor. When 
1 had Gniihed iha documeni, I ptuied and looked 
nood ihe aaaembty. to aiceriain if il wai agreeable lo 
i)L They all buwed in aitence. Tho prince'* «<lend. 
ul, with bia eye* eait down, aat like a atalua of 

"Theaigimlnreaandaeal*,! preauma," aaid I, "will 
bt affiled in ibe order of rank." 

Wilatein lurned round immedialely lo the duke of 
Snlii, niib •ome polite remark, ami, piiltin( oi 
how oa the labia, thruit hia other hand inlo hi* packet 
tn Um anuO^bai. 

"In which cais," I conliaue^, -prince Wililain 
«ill,Df eoorae. take precadenee." 

Tb* prince, abaorbed in relaling aonie anoring 
uwololato Hulia, and taking acopioui pintb of muff 
iSeciad not lo hear me. Count Hartlan perceived the 
■lick, and ciproaasd bia contempt fur ii, by an audible 

d he, polling 01 

-Since prince WiliU 
hand for iha parchmeni, 
Ihe ONiiidscaLion of bii rank, the loweai in ilnlion will 
begin." And wiihoni luuking el nhat wan wrilti 
be lubicribed hia name in Srm and heavy charncle 

br the duke of IIolii. and the psrchmsni paaned 
WiUtein- lie glanced bii eagle eye over the line* 
wiih the rapidiiy of lighlniiig, la aiaure bimielf Ihii 
there wh noihing diderenl from whal I had read, and 
■hen wmi* hii name, aoaled ii himaeir. and handed il 
inicliiy oTcr lo Roienburg. Ilia manner alruck me 
M peculiar, atid I cnlriveil lo inlereepi it in ila pa*. 
■ge, under appearance of intendiiig 10 give il tu the 

" I will lee, my lord duke of Roienburg. wbelher 
AeniaroaDi Ibryunr name," and (held ilupto Ibe light 

-There ia plenty of looo," aaid the prince, ner 


During lh« intarTiew which I had had witb-Wil- 
•tein, ill bii cabinet, I had taken occatitm 10 Mudy Ih* 
peculiiritie* of bia ***!, which then happened to b* 
lying on Ihe table, noi knowing but the knowledge 
might, on aome occation. be uaeful. I aaw in s mt- 
mcnt that the preaeni differed from it. 

" I beg your pardon, prince," taid I, wilh aatiinMd 
indifference ; -yon bcTe acridenlally made a alight 
roielake in Iha aeal which you have pot here, Touff, 
you know, bai a circle of ail tlaiUi above the cmaa, 

" Ah I i* il tot" aaid the prince, with a amile of iha 

I happened lo have two teal* eimclly alike in my 
pocket," here he drew out the right one, which naa 
ofdoubleiheai»andof alolnllydifltrenlBhape, "and 
I am ao blind that it ia very likely ifaat 1 have 000- 

He then ttunped an imprearion of the tme one, and 
gBT« me Ilia parchment - I am nneh obliged 10 yoa, 
Mr. Pulieney, liir dianiTCllDg ibe error," taid he, with 
a amile, and a bow, and the glare of a haailiak. 

The dnke of Rmenburg wrola hia name, and I Mok 
up tba docuotent lo attach hit teal to it. When I had 
finiabad il, I raited my eye and taw that prince Wil- 
atein'a alteDdint had diaappeared. I looked at tba 
prince, to read bit hypocritieal face by eonlnriea, and 
aaceritin if any ireachery waa adoat. I taw that h* 
perceived at Ihal moment, for ibe liiBi time, the ab- 
aanca of bia companion ; but hu face waa perlectly 
cumpoted, and I knew ihat ha waa not privy lo anjr 
deaign of the othert, for if he had been, hit face nouhl 
have borne a cvunterfeil oTaurprite. 

heard npon Iha porch, ai of a number of peraona GOD' 
ing ttealihily up the itepa. The tlow Iread ram* 
nearer and nearer lo Ibe door, and itopped. Count 
Hartlan laid bia baml upon bit aword, and Wilatein 
looked il me, and aaked in a low, quick lone, •> It all 
right r' and Ihe hall wat at aiill at ihe grave. I aank 
inlo my chair, of which Ihe back waa lowarda tha 
door. A feeling of ioeipreaeihie horror galhsred about 
my heart. The next moment, Ihe lable waa lurround- 
ed with iba tutdiera of the imperial guard. 

The company mae inatinclively. wilh Ihe eiceptioa 
of prince Wikiein, who tat with hi* uaual calmneaa. 
A profoutHl paute eoaued, which wa* intermpled bf 
the aiep of a man enlering ibe door, Tbe tile of aol- 
iliera opened aa he came near, and the altendant of 
Witatein atoud liy Ibe lubls. He exhibited a peper to 
ihe commandant, and. pointing lo me, aaid, " Ton will 
convey thit penon immedialely lo the dnngeona of tha 
raatle on Ihe Danube j" and hia clear tone and eliong 
K,ngllih srcent amoia ma with iliamay. 

Tha duke of Rmenburg immediately draw hii 
award, and coming before ma a* one of ihe toliliera 
waa laying hia hand upon me, eiclaimed, " I proteat 
Bgainat ibaaeiiuraof Ibi* man. He iaan Eogliahman. 
and under my prolectiiin, Whalaver ha haa done, baa 
been done by my order, arvd 1 only am retponsibla. 1 

The guani heailateil and drew hack. The pertoit 
who bad ordered my arreai, put a letiei Into the hand* 

Digitizer byCoO^^lc 


of Iha duka, BOd nid, wilh ■ bitlet iniile, '■ Thst-mBy 
coDvince you how vrocihy of your confidence ia thli 
doaUa-dvalini foreigner." I law Ibal il WB> the 
IflUar which I had vttMtn lo prince Wilnlein. Rozeu- 
iHirg, whan be had liniihvd il. turned lu me wilh o 
look of deeivregrel and keen reproach, and wilhoul a 
word, aheaihed bia iwoid and turned aiide. I felt [ha 
Tanily of ailempiing an eiplonalton, and lamained 


■lely Hized, led from (hi 
evr\affi which ma waitinj ai 

ille, ai 

dniance. Ii woi a black, wooden vahicle, firmly ••■ 
cured by iron bandi. Three of the gnard Matad 
ihenueUea beiideme, and uveral olhen mooalcd OB 
ihe outiide. The carriage waa aboul lo drive oflt 
when I heard a low voice at Ihe window, nyiog, " I 
will see you again ai yon are going lo Ihe aeafibld." 
The iDtilern of the guard ebone brightly m the focft 
of the prince'i ailendant, now Iree fiom hji. diagwiaa, 
and I beheld the fcalurei of Hacford. OrarnheliBed 
Wilh rage and motiiGcaiioa, I fell back inlo mj awL 

Talk ipoilar of Um huioaii raM, 

By eTary pathway found, 
la ipriiig. in aummer'a genlle pace. 

Aalumn, or winter'i round ; 
Where morning holdi bar bridal away. 

Where evening*! ihidowi apnad. 
By noon of night or Mule of day. 

We h«iT thy aileul iraad. 
The bud thai all of ptomioa gave 

To blea Ihe aociat hour. 
Thy butd halll galher'd lot the (WTe, 

Ere 'yei il bloom'd a Bower j 
The UoiluDi roae. at Doontide'e hoU 

Bepoaing 'raid the ihade. 
The (tardier ■lem, where time halb beu. 

Alike unpiliad laid. 

Now, lightt are in my falher'a hoU, 

The evening board i* apraad ; 
Strange voicei oiuwei to ihe call. 

And ilnuigei ibolitepi tiead. 
My iBother 1 Ob. thai cheriih'd word. 

To menKiry'a light ao dear — 
Uy father ! Not a nhiipar heard. 

Cornea on iha liii'Ding eat; 
Nol yet the aucamer'a heal hath pom. 

Or Bonhood alamp'd my brow. 
Yet I am daaolate— oIoim, 

Aeruah'dandniiher'd bough; ' . 
Blw'd deep of ihoaa Ihy ihaA balh into, 

A calB and peaceful *hora, 
Tha bark all abatier'd findi iti havaii. 

Where alonn* of life are o'er. 

How aulDinn movta amid ihe tieea. 

Her blight pervading all, 
And DOW all Ucmbllng in the bncM, 

The fiota leaf anmmet ioU* i 

Aad Bong b*1> I"" *^ t^ ■^ sUe< 

And brook — lo kin the abore, 
la rippling floodi by iun and ohade — 

Come* gurgling now no mora. 
Weep we tha dead— 'lie good to WMfb 

"Til manly every tear. 
Thai falU upon that kMiaty heapt 

Where imu Ihe ilrickea dear. 
Unbound from time, on earlh no rot* 

To abare ita joyi oi woea. 
When ipring time ripplea M Ihe ihON. 

Or when her footMep goea. 

P«le epoilet, on ! the cold wind Uowi, 

The winter of the year; 
Not DOW amid the driving inaif*. 

May uiu aneet aow'i a^iwr. 
The pait il ihare, the preaeni loo. 

And grief of grieb ii hare. 
A mother who bat young eoea knaw 

Bland* bathed in nriow'a taoi. 
And whither hath her yenog oDea Bed 

Scarce yet tbeir piniona grown t 
Up, where the ■ainted apirita tread 

Amund their Faiher'i Ihrnnei 
AI mora, ■! noon, at nigbt, ihe Ud 

Come galherii^ to Iheir bomek 
■Huough thy daik wateii, otill and oold— 

Tie Jnua bide Iham came. 
Triumphant hour, Ihe good nao yialde 

Bii ipiril lor the fligh^ 
No mora amid Ihoee aiiy fialda 


HOEAL' effects of -BIDICULB. 


nnu ii no «n[iiM an 
(ndicais abtard or unpopuli 
ud ii ii Dot oalf the rHVorl( 
hu eren been aomelinici < 
jbm ; il msf be 

grnimllj ipplied lo 
DpinioM thin ridicule, 
xeapon of ihe wii, bal 
ifiayti by the philoM- 
r. upon good 

3i, whether JD the eggrcgate II prodi 
dMred rvfomialian. or nhelhcr. on the conlnTy, il ii 
DM ralher emIcDialed 10 inireiM moral evil. 

Tile object oT ridicule {■ lo detsrioraia Ihe obnmniiu 
Ppinkine, bj placing them in a ludicrrxii or prepoiler- 
am point or view ; and Ihuii, by loneriug [bem In Ihe 
Mimalion of Ihetr tupponen, cauae their abandon- 
Bant, lathei fnin a atnae of ihame, than ftom any 
nd cmrictlon in the mind, that Ihey are nnlenable 
M miooal ground. Ridicnla attacka the pride and 
adFlore of mau, by covertly pntling hii opinion* at a 
lawer atandard than he had binuelf flied, and tbu* 
Opoaing hn cupidity to an aoeipeeled ananlt, which, 
hBwaver bUacioui and weak in itielf, by ita lubtlely 
■ad point diaanna oppoaition, and fbr the moment aeu 
even r«Mon at defiance. Ridicule Mldom admila of 
HKDAent, became it haa Ihe (fleet of inKanlly re- 
dadng ill olg«ct betbw Ihe level of aober ciHMiderB' 
IMD. by pladag it on the ground of anumed abaord- 
If; al thia the mind naturally ravolu, aa below Iho 
dignily of man. Ridicule aluayi lakei iaeonaintcncy 
■Dd abaardity lor grasted, and on Ihia (bundition 
Itoilda a auddea and apecioua concluiioa, which ad- 
■tli^ in moat minda, of no leiioiit refulalion. 

There i* no principle in ibe human mind more 
pMnrful ttMD aelFlnre, — and Ihii, ridicule wounda, 
«ad thna gaina a Ticiory, which, howavsr cowardly 
nd tiamiant, ia noTertheleaa lecure. But. happily 
iiiT lnitb,>e[Uon ii a nconvi need, though hei ponen 
Bly be paralysed. Sentimenti once filed by Ihe 
calm dedaeliona of fcflaetion, can only be changed by 
aigoment i and Ihe aame proceai ia reqaired lo eradi- 
cate, Bi 10 plant them. Il la upon thii ground Ihit I eujp 6a ioaiUd mMAtr.iit Ihe aggrrgale. ridi- 
cub pndaca the ittired rrfarmaluin, or ttHuOier, m 
Ita aoMmry, ii it lat ta&er olnloled to inaeatt 

fiidicole, cotuidered in itnlf, ii a fragile and poinl- 
km w e apon, tahea an impetua from Ihe hand 
IhM wieMa it, which ita own gravtly noold be nnable 
nadily M anppon. wen il ddi home to ila dealinalion 
lly Ihe atfvng cnrtent of popular prejudice. The 
Mint aleray* deala in hyperbole, diaiordng Acta to 
Hh hia piirjMae, and aaanming falae pramiiea from 
ahidi to draw hi* condmioci. 

If wa look inio the htatory of hnman naiare, we 
Aall God Ihia iralh cenflrmed,- -and though lidicnle 
Mat be tlhiwed U have had ha ahare In the demora- 
KwiM of MMkiad, il will be diScall lo find one 

Tiitue that haa emanalad from ita iollDeDce. Sham* 
may, indeed, in many intlaneea. have Hopped Ibe 
career of open depravity ; but it iamncb to be doubled 
whether laiflove waa nol mora wounded, thaii oon- 
•cienca aavingly awakened, or whelber the lenaa of 
piide wai nol ralher ahoeked at Ihe diarepnlabla 
character of Ihe action in the eye of Ihe world, than 
Ihe reann wa* convinced of ila lurpiluda in Ihe eye 
ofGod \ and in Ihii caae il might be abandoned Horn 
eipediency, bnt would not be renounced apon princi- 
ple. On the eonlrary, I think it will appear, that Ihe 
lie* of religion, moralily, and aocial duly, in walP 
r^^taled mind*, have never been looaened by th* 
power of ridicule r for aa they have bean riveted \if 
eoaviciion, ttoihing bnt conviction can relcaia llkem 
frora their hold on the reaaia. 

Nothing haa-beea more the otjecl of ridicule dktll 
religion. Il haa been aiaeiled by Ihe wit of Voltaire, 
Ihe libeldryof Palne.and Iha elegant bnt anblle aatira 
of Oihbon ; yet Ihe whole Ibrca of their combined 
talent* ha* been imufficienl lo invalidate one Ikel, to 
refbleone (Undamenlal lruth,or lo hold np Ihe aacred 
Ibrm of vital religion to Ihe acorn and deiiiion of weU- 
direcled raaaon. The pageantry of lupentilioo, and 
the drtama of fannticiim. have been damoliahed and 
icaltered by Iheir altacki; but ihe aacred fabric, 
Ihough ibu* deipailed of Ihe volive decoralioni of Ita 
hamao volariea, built on Ihe rock of age*, haa bid a 
proud defiance to Iha pointleB ihafl* of ridicule. 

Hence ridicule, when applied to andicate vice and 
implant virtue, moat ever fail in producing a perma- 
nent moral rflect, lince it hag no foundalion in aouiid 
■rgumenl and rational concluiion. on which religioua 
and moral principle! an built ; neliher, on the olber 
hand, will il ever be capable of eridicaling Ihem, 
when once fixed on ihe haaii of conviction; and I 
believe there are few, if any. individual! to be fonnd, 
who, having been bioughl np in the fear of Qod, end 
having been led by ridicule lo deviate into the patha 
of vice, bul Bay be reclaimed by atrong and judicfcma 

Ifl Ihe above remarkt, t wonid n 
aacelie gravity, or check Ihe einbeAnce t£ binoewM 
mirth. Tliere are numerou! (bllie* in dr<aa,DMaiMn 
habit!, and even opinion*, which II ia Ihe legilimale 
province of ridicule toccrrecl; and here ilaeObcti ara 
alway! harmte*!. and oltwi aatutory, aa theae have 
liiile to do with raaaon or monl coaiiciiona, and may 
bo aafely conceded to Ihateceived opinioniofaociely. 
But when lalignm. noral faelii^. and the aacrad ti«a 
ofaodal duly, are coneamsd, ridicule ia outof plaee; 
it may be Ihe pander of vice, hnl it never can ba 



E.a. B. 






THi follD 

viog acciiant of iha riw and prngma o 

tha office of 

■uromary of 

Ltiin work, wtiiien by Lauia de Fan- 

BO. inquliiiD 

in tha biDgdom tf Siuily. and prinled in 

iha yeor 1599, at llie ruyal preu of Madrid. 

Tha Iaqui>ilian i« an eccluiiiiical juriidieiian, ia- 
Uoduced iitlo Iialy. Spain, Poriugal. and even the 
Indie*, bji Ibe Sea uf Rume, Tor ihe pnrpgw «[ eitii' 
piting infidali, Jem and herelin. 

Wiihoul going bark to lha otigin orihalDquiiilion. 
wbich Parima prelendi lo bave diacovared waa inali- 
tuted bj Ibe daily agaiuil Adam aud |lva, we wiJi 
limil ounelvea lo ibe line of Jeaui Cfarial, who, ac- 
aordiog ID Paranio, waa ihe fini inquiaiiot. ■ • 

Afiat Jeaua Cbrial, Bl Pater, St. Paul, and olher oT 
Ihe Bpoallea. eierciaed lha office at inquiailon, which 
office ibeji hava irammiilM to iba popea and biahoi*. 
Si. DomiDic ariiTing iu France niih liie bialwp of 
Oama, to whoni he wu archdeacon, acied With ao 
Uucb leal Bgainat lha Aibigeaaea, aa greatly to ingro- 
Uale hiniHilr in ibe eateem oS Simon count de Mont- 
fbrti «iid Ihe Mid St. Dominic, being appoinied by 
Ihe pope inqoiiiloi in Lang uedoc, be Ihere founded 
the order of Dominictiu. in 1916, confirmed and ap- 
pnvcd of by Honoriua ihe Third. The coanl de 
Honllbrt, under ihe auapicea nt St. Magdalen, totdi 
the lawn of Beyien by aBault, and maaaaered all tha 
■nhabilanU) and at Laval there were burned, at one 
■ingle lime, lour hundred Albigenaea,- upon ibiaiub- 
jecl Paramo ramarka, thai iu all tha hialoriM of the 

ad, he n 

i with a 

act orrailhaocelebraled.or aaight BOBolamn, aa tbia. 
At the village of Caloraa were burnt liily peraoua; 
and al anotber place one hundred and eighty. 

In 13'29. the Inquiiiiion waa adopted by Ibe count 
diTuulouae; in 1233 it waa con Bded lo ibe Domini- 
€>iii by popo Gregory IX.; and iu ISSl waa eaiR' 
bliahed by pope limorcnl IV., with the eiception of 
Haplaa, ihraughaul all Italy. At Ibe rommencemeni 
of Ihe Inqoioiiion, the lieretica in the Uilaneie. were 
Ml under pain of death, owing to the pope not being 
aufficienily raapecled by the emperor Fiedaiic vsho 
poHsiaed Ihat alate. A abort time anetwarda, how.- 
evar, heretics were burni at Milan, the aanie aa ai 
all Olher place* in lialy ; and our author aOirmi. that 
tn lha year 1315. many thauaand hereiica hating 
■pread j>vcr lha CromaKjue. a little oountry compleie- 
ly encloaed within lha Milanese, Ihe Dominican bro- 
Iheia cauaed the greater part of ibem lo be burnt, and 
thus alopped by fire the ravage* of auch a plague. 

In the Gnt canon of tha Council of Toulouae. ii 
waa ordered ihait the binbopa ihould appoint in sTery 

Hariah a priett and I 

la layman of good te- 
a aearch acrupuloutly 
and frequenlly for hereiica, in auch houaes. ca>e*, at 
Olher place* where it waa poaaible they might conceal 
ibemaelvea; and the moment any were diacovered, to 
give notice of Ihe same to Ihe bitfaop, lord of the do- 
main, or hi* bailiff Gral taking the ulmoal precautim 
thai the hereiica abould nut escape. Tha iuqoiiiion 
and biabopa al thia lime acting iu coiQUDetion, tha pri- 
■oner* of the biabopa and the Inquiaitioo wen ollto 
the fame j and although in tha eourae of the proce- 
dure Ihe inquiaiior oiuld act apon hit own aulhonly, 
he waa dm allowed, without the intervention of lb* 
biahop, lo apply the torlure, proiuunce Goal aentenca, 
or eondemn to perpelnal impriaoumenl, &c. Tlie C«- 
quam di*pute* between the biabopa and jnquiailat*, 
reapectiog the limil* of their aulhurily and tha apiili 
nf the candemnad, obliged Siitu* IV.. in 1473, lo len- 
der the Inqulaiiiiin independent of Ihe tribanal oftba 
biabopa. He creaied a general inquisitor for Spain, 
iaveBied wiih the povter of nominating private inqui- 
aitota i in 14TS, Inquiiiiiona were founded and endow- 
ed by Ferdinand the Filih.* 

Al the Bulicilaiion of Ihe brother Turrecremali, 
grand inquiaiior in Spain, the same Ferdinand lb* 
Pifih, auruamed " The Catholic," banished all Jeo* 
from hia kingdom, granting them three moQlha' tiaie, 
from the publicaiion of the edict, to daparliaAai 
which period, they were prohibited under pain of 
deaib from being found in any part of the Spaniih 
dominion*. He allowed them, boweveri lo quit bii 
kingdom with auch of their eSecis and merchandin 
as they had bought, but forbade them Iron catijing 
away any kind of gold ur silver. 

The brother Turrectemaia backed ihia edict at To- 
ledo, by furbidding all Chrialiana giving, under pain 
of elcommunicaiion, ihe slighleal succor, or tha meat 
common necessBries uf life, to any Jena whalever- 

Alter the promulgation of ihese loni, there depart- 
ed from the kingdoms uf Catalonia. Arragon. Valencia, 
and Olher counltiea aubject lo the dominion of Fsidi- 
nofid, about one million of Jewa; the greater part of 
whom perished miserably ; in fuel, Ihe aufleringa ibejr 
underwent at that period, may be eumpared lo the af- 

Veaposian. Thia eipulaion of the Jews caoaed iiMI» 
dible joy lo all tbe Catholic kings. 

In consequence of tho Tarioua edicta made by tba 
king* of Spain, and the f eueial and private iltiniB- 

* Ferdinand ihe Filih aa King of CMtile, w 
Ferdinand ih* Sacood aa Kiuf.^ A 

• i:QI,.^r:::,'L.OO^J 

if Amgon. 




km ID Um Uncdom, abool 

ibonnnd hac«tici wen 
barol 4 1 Seville, uid 
bMWMB Iba ym* 148S vid 1530. upmiib of Ibui 
thodnDd we» banil, bold** *n inaenw Ddinber mix 
wen eoodocBDai] U petpamal iBprMoamenl, or ebli|«l 
toperfbfB di&nni kimbaf ponutoe. Tin ami 
tioo. in eoBaeqnence oT thaae lewa, wee en jraai, 
il wn nckooed five hundred hoaaaa ware left Mopty 
inibiaoi^; in ihe bubop'i dioccaa, three ibomaad 
Walica were either put to dealh, otbarwin paaiatied, 
or aipatriaMd Ibaaaalrei lo evape pumahmenr. Thoa 
dU Ibaae piooa lalhan Bdw bavoc aaoog iba I 
A^ >**>... . 

The iolradootioo of the Inqninliaa at Toledo 
■ tetila aoarce of licbaa lo Iha Calbolio charch. In 
Ika abort apace of two T«an, flftf'iwo daiermiaed 
letka beini bami, aod two hBodrad and twanlf 
dmied for oonlamacf: hence akjr be conjeclaied 
be uaaflua utiUtf of 
pnftnud taeh (real work) in ao abort a period Smut 
ih fiundalion. 

FIDO ibe comneneeniBnl of Ihe Gflaenlh centgr;, 
Pope Boniface tbs Niolh bad in lain andeavored lo 
■naUtgh the loquiaition in the kingdnm of Purtugal, 
wbeie he created Ibe ProviiiciHl of iha naminicani, 
Vineentde Liabonoe, loquiiitDr general, rnnocent ihr 
Sarnth. raiae yean ariarwardi. having named Ihe 
Minim. Diilacua de Sylva, inquiaiior, King John Ihe 
Finl wrote to that Pope, telling liio Ihe inlnidaelion 
of the imjuiailioR into bia kingdnm waa nul Oidy 
•giinit the happioaaa of bia aubjecla and hit own in- 
lenaH, bul even agaioil Ibal of religion. 

The pope, touctied by Iha rapreaeotalioiH of thii 
prioce. revoked the powen granted lo Ibe newly-eata- 
Uiihed Inqaiailion, and BHihoriaFd Mark, bithop of 

e Ihe 

andingly dono; and iho-e who hid been depnvei 
ihaif p)v«ii were reiotialed in their officea and i 
ailiea, and many othen delivered from Ihe fear 
kaving I bail property conliK'aled. 

BatihcLordiaadmiralilainalFhii w 
hiamoj Ibr thai which the nvcrsisn PuniiSi could 
Bat obtain by the nuM aameat enlrealin. King John 
the Third granted vtdnnlarily to a akiirul impnalor. 
whom God made naa of Ibr Ihia good work. 

lodeed the wicked are often mads uKful inalrU' 
■anil ID the banda at the Almighty, who reprovat 
then not cm aceaunl of the good they wotk. Thu> 
when St. John nid lo our Saviaai.'— " Alader. we 
■w ana caaling out devilt in thy nana, and ha ful- 
loweth nol ua; and we forbade lijm, tKcauie he fol 
kiivMhnol na." But Jeauaiaid, -Forbid him rut, fur 

a whic) 

hall do I 

that can lightly apeak a 
qmatly.thal he nw in 

my nan 

'me. For he Ihi 
Paramo relalea mbae- 

Libnry of Si. Liwreno' 
in Saaiedra'aown hanrj. 
miling, wbere ibia impoMor explain* al full leagih. 
1W haHng Abricated a &1m bull, he made bia en 
liae in Seville in quality of Legale, wiiharaiinueol 
a htmdred and twenty iii aerranti, aiid during hii 
tveoly day* abode in the erohbiihop'a pnlane, he de- 
prived the heinof a rich D<rfilem:tn of Seville of thir- 

[id ducata ; Ihia nipoey be eilotted by 
fahe oUigatioo of the above meniioaed 
Butn, which thai nobleraaii acknowledged having 
borrowed, whilal rending al Rome, of ihe Legete ; mt 
length, arriviog at Badajoa. Saavedra there praeepted 
certain brged lettera aa from Ibe pope to King Jobs 
ifaaThiid, upon iheatrengthof which, that aovereigm 
permitted him lo euablith tribunal* ofthe Inquudiioa 
thiDDghoul the principal town* of hi* kingdom. 

Thaae Iribonal* *ooa began lo eierci*e their juria- 
diction by ooodeiqning and eieciling a prodigion* 
nsmber of releiaed faereitr*, and abtolvini each aa 
wen penilenu At Iha eipintion. hawaver, of ail 
moolha, came to be fulfilled the word* of the Evaa- 
geliiri, •-thai than ia ootbiiq covered that ahall noi be 
revealed j and hid that ahall nol be known." Fkir)b« 
Marque** de Vtllanora do Barcarolla, aeeooded by 
ihe governor of Man, carried off ihi* charlatan. co«- 

fora John de Tervera. Biihnp of Toledo. Thia pre- 
late, ihiindiiatrnck ■■ all he heard of the impoalaree 

. legal. 

t Ihe I 

he caie lo pope Paul ihe Third, a* well a* the acta 
if Iha In<|nl*ition* which Saavedra had etlabliabed, 
ind by whirh It appeored a great number of heretic* 
hod been already judged and condemned. aii4 that 
impoaior had eitiiried by hi* akilt more ihao thie* 

Tbe papa, howevar. could not help acknowtedgins 

at Ihrough the whnle aSkir might be traced the 

igei of God, working a miracle by hia providence] 

he formed an a**emb1y aftl.ii tribunal in 1545, 

ho name of the Holy OAice, which in 1588 

iRimcd by Siilu* the F'-'^h. 

uihon agree wiih Paramo rtepecting the «•- 

in Porlagat. Anihony 

" Aphor 

« de* 

ionkt* the oulhenliciiy of S 
ing, that ho thought it very probnMe that ihl* man 
might acciiie himvelf wiihoiii being guilty, (or Ibe 
lake of having hia name handed down to poderity by 
ihe glory whirh would accrue lo him for inch an act. 
But in the recilal of Ihe affair which Souza aubati- 
luled in ihe place of Pararno**, he Uy* hi* own vera- 
rily open to au'picion by quoting two bulla of Paul 
he Third, and Iwoolheia alao of Ihe earns pope lo 
ihe cardinal Henry, the king's hrolher; bulti. which 
Seuia hni not only omitted interting in hi* own work, 
>hii'h have never been found *mong any at ihe 
liuna of apoaiolical bullij two rogrnl reaiona 
fir rejecting hia opinion of Ihe matter, and coinciding 
with iho*e of Parano, d'llleaca*, de SataiKir. de Men- 
di>i;a. and other*. 

When the SpenJardv paned over to Amerira, ihejr 
erried ihe Tnquiiiijon wiih them; and i( waa intn>- 
uced ioiu India 'ly Ibe Puriugueae aiaoon aa il wae 
uvhnriied at Liibon. Thi* makea Paramo remark in 
ia preface. " that Ihi* verdant and Sooriabing Irm 
aa extended ita root* and branehe* over tbe whole 
rorld. and produced the aweeleal fruiia." 

No true idea, however, can be farmed of tbe juria* 
radeoce of the Inquiaition without refetring to the 
Directory of Inqniailoia," wiilten la I^atiii bf lUeho 
i:„iP-:-. Cookie 


]m Ejnrne. grand ini||ii>iioT in iba kingifom of Aira- 
ftm aboal [he fdnnunih cmiury, hhJ adilrnMi) In 
hi* brolbcr iiKtiiiiiuin, in *iilD« of Ibe anlboriiy oi 

A riwn lis* afur Ihe inMnlicn of prioling, lb«tc 
■ppMiad ■( Bueclona in 1503 an ediiioa of tbii 
WMk, Kbiell lOiin gM dlitribDiad Inlo all iba Irqain 
Uhk. a Mcond adiiion in Grfio aada ■■■ appeataiw* 
in ISli, wilh ■ abort aipcnlion and coBBMOlariaa b; 
FHMii P«fliu, doem of diviohr and a nutaa. Tbia 
•dlbM ■ dadiaatad lo papa QnfOrj iha lliiilaaolh. 
Tb* abba MaiUlet gara an abrUInMat of Eraaarie'a 
wefk la 1769, (ma which wa taka iba fax ibUotriDg 

Ef Marie Mya, ptg« SB, - OBmbanikm far tha 
wiM^ad ooDdJlisn to whkh Iba children of iha «ob- 
iaawiid ara radnead ongtai not to leaaes (ha warrii]r 
•flbiaaOoa, aiaee, accocdiog to all tawa bolb dJTine 
wd bnaan, ' Tha aim of ib« faihara are Tiiiled npni 
■Mr childrao.' " 

n ba enlered in their 
■noala, though there be every appearance of the aaid 
uenaaiioa being blae, jei the inqubitot nuit not 
•naa the eame fitiai hii booki, leat what ma; not be 
nanfAtled at the lima, ahonld uliimiisif come to 

Page 391, " II ii necenarr thst Ihe inquiiitor meet 
die conning of Ihe heretic nilh cunning, ihal he may 
Mf ttith Ihe apoaile, " NeverthelcM twiog ciaDy, 1 
caught 7DU wilh guile." 

Paga'333, " Whan Iho culprit hna been delivered 
over 10 ibe aeculir Juilge. and the lallei baa pro 
pouncod aenienos. Ihe criminal ihall be conduclod to 

tha place crpuaiahinant, accompanied by certain pi- 
oui pBopla, who ihall pray with hitn, and not quit 
bim until he ha> rendered hit aoul up to hia Creator. 
But ihay moil be mnal particular, neillicr tb aay nor 
do any thing thai ahall hailen Ihe raomeni of ifaa cul- 
prit'a death, for faar of cummiltiiig any irregularity. 
Thua, for inaUnca, the ctimiaal muat not be eiherled 
to iBoiint Ihe acaffild or preaenl himaelf lo the eiecu- 


> Ihe 
ill faoi 

manta of puniahmant in a puaiiion, iha 

Ibe deaih of the culprit, and render hia luBartiiga 

abonar, fur Ihia would ba an iiragularlty." 

Fiwamo priniad ai Madrid in 159S, a book on the 
"Holy ChHce." which net with ifae approbation of Ihe 
doctora, the entogiee of the biabnp, and Iha aanclion of 
Iha king. In ihia work, he menliona ibat Iha Inqui- 
•ilioa put lo death above one hutxited Ihouaand per- 
aooa. It ia impoaaible at the preaent day to conceive 
•ny bonoia half ao eitravagani or ahominaUe. but al 
tkM tine ibey weia . coniidered moat natural and 
Uadahle acla. A1J men rcatmbte Luuia de Paramo, 

. how( 

wilh Iha gtaaieat aimptieity, ■ reiaiion of iha 
bUahnnol of the Inquiailion ia Porlugal ; which, eoin- 
aialing aiaaily with Ibe aeeooota givai) by lour oiber 

iii>tiinin*, we give Ihe aabalaDC* of wbal Ibey taWi 

Curiam Eit^i'iAavnt if lit lajuitUiem m P(rl» 
gat — Al the br|inning of (h« GfteMilh ccoltliy, JBft 
Boniface ihe Ninth bad fere length of lime appoiiMd 
rerain awnba lo viail Rirlogal, and go froaa tomi M 

loaaitiaaLa ceaplainad of Ibeir ofipnmiam, Pnfa 
CiMirni iba Savwub wiabed to give Ibea a paM» 

ed H tbem i> Ibe kingdoaaa of Anagoa and Caalila; 
but Ihere were diflerencea aroae between Ibe eouA 
of Bona aiid Liaboa; nnda bKMH eMbiuered, iba 
Iwguiaiiion aoBerad, and in ODBaaqoaiioe could oMail 
no fina iboling in Ponogal. 

In 1539, Ihare ap]i«red at Liaboa a Legale Am 
Iha Pope, who reported ihat he came lo ealablHk Iba 
Holy Inquiailion opon immoveable lonndatittDa. Ha 
hrougbl letten ffom Popa Paul the Third, lo Kiag 
John the Third, end aaRrted thai he had olbat leOatt 
Avpi Rone, for the piincipal cffioete about the ceart; 
bia cradentiala aa Iietate.ware duly aigned andaealtd, 
and ba abowad indiapulaUe anthoritiea lor ealaUiab- 
ing a grand inqoiailor, and the diAerenl jodgia of tbt 
Holy OIBce. All Ihia waa the work of ao inipoMoi 
named Saavcdra, who had learnl how lo coonlatftil 
the varioaa documeola. make iha falae acal, and a|V 
propriala tbem properly, and had broughl tha whole 
to patfectioo al Seville, from ivhence he bad arrived 
wilh two Mber impoaion. Rla laiinue woa magnilk 
cent, being ctHnpoaed of more ihan a hundred and 
twenly domaaiica. In order to aupport Ihia eoonnoai 
expcnae, he and hia conGdanK horruned al Seville, 

el Roiue; Ihe whule plan waa concerted with ibe 
man akilful artifice. 

The king of Foilugal at Bnt aipreaaei hia amjaiw 
thai the pope ahouU aend a Legale a laMra, Kilboal 
previuutly having given him any notice iberaeri W 
ihia ihe Lfgate haoghlily replied, ihal in ao urgent an 
slfair aa iha pFimenenl eatabliahmeni of Ihe Inqaiu- 
lion, hti lloiineaa would alhiw of no delay, and that 
Iba king wai aoQicienlly honored by Ibe fifal onriet 
who brought him Ihe inlelligence, being a Legate of 
iba Holy'FBlher, Thiaapeech ailenccd iha king, who 
dared not indeed nahe any reply ; the Legate, on iba 
■ame day appointed a grand inqoialtor. and aenl amT 
where lo receive Iha Icnihi, and before iha ca«l 
could recfive any anaweri from Rome, he had laiNad 
two hundred penona to ba burnt, and collected up 
wardaoftwo hundred Ihouaand crowna. 

lo ihe mean lime, Iho Marqneaa de Villancva, a 
Spanish nobleman, from whnni Ihe lei^aie bad bo- 
rowed a conaitlerable mm by raeani of fol»e bilh, da- 
termined lo pay him olT ac-coidmg lo hia deaerta: in- 
iletd, Iherefore. of making any compromiaa wilh lliia 
impualor whanal Liabon, be waited until the Legale 
repaired lowarda the fnintiera of Sfiain, When ba 
marched thiiher with filly armed men, carried Stu- 
vadra ofl! and conducted him to Madrid. 

The impcdtion waa anon diacovered al LiAaa, alrf 
Ihe Conpcll of Abdrid coDdeBiied the Mae Lagalik 



BiBTedn, to loo whip, ind l«n y«ara al lbs gallef ■ ; 
bat whil is mwl remsrlubls of Ihg whole procecdiiig 
k, Uul pope Paul ibe roiirib hu aincB conSraod all 
Oat ihii impoMor bad eiubliihed j and rectilied in Iho 
pleoilnd* of hii diTine powar, (11 Ihe litlls iiregnliri- 

liM of llie proceediiiga, and lendsred Ihit laetti, 

which had been purely human. 

]l ie Ihui Iha loquiiillon benme permRientJy eata. 
bliibed in Portugal i and nllthekingdamaGkiiawledged 
in il the band of pravidancs 


or snk«BK. 

Wbo «*n lall m« where Weinaberg lie 

A> bn*« > town >a any ; 
It BBM have cradled good and wiae. 

Tba emperor Cmrad, on a lime. 
Id Wralb the lotra waa bailering; 

And near il lay hia waniara prime, 
And alurdy honamen clallering; 

And, with fierce firin;, rode and ran 

All aboni hii horae and nan. 

A> him Iha lillla t 

Though «T*iy thins >' wanlad. 
So did he awear in Tengefal mood 

No Mercy alioold be grauled : 
And thui hit herald apoke — " Thii kww, 
I'll haog foa, raacala, in ■ row !" 

When in the lowD waa heard tfaia threat, 

Il earned a greal dejeclion, 
AimI every neigbbor neighbor nal 

With niaaraful ialarjeetion : 
Though bread waa vary dear in prise, ■ 
Tel deuer (till waa good advice. 

"Ah, WD far me. moal wretched man I 
Qrcet wo the aioge haa won oa!" 

"niey cried, aod eveiy prieel began 
" The Lord have mercy on ua '.'' 

"Ob.wol wo! wo!" on all aidea clang^ ; 

" We reel e'en now ai good aa hanged '." 

When in despair wiae men will ail, 

In apita of council- maalera, 
B*w ofl baa eaied them woaan't wit 

From manilbld diaaalen! 
Snee wonwn'e wit, at all men know, 
b asbder than •oghl elaaiielow. 

There waa a wile tu her good nmil 

Bat yaaierday unilsd i 
And ahe • wife acheoM hit upon 

Which Iba whole town delighted. 

And made tbem all ao full of gle«, 
They laggbed and obaltand ftmnaJf. 

Then, at Ihe boar of midnighl damp, 

Ofwivea a depulalion 
W^nt out to the bciiegen' camp. 

Praying fur capiiiiUtiun : 
Boaoft they prayed, ao a weet ibey prayed! 
And Ibi IbeiB lemu their prayer waa madoi 

" Thai all ihe wivee might be allowed 

Their jewela Ibilh to carry ; 
What eUa remained the warrioia proad 

Might [Ive, and hang, and hatry i" 
To Ihia the emperor ivtors content, 
And back Ihe depalaiion went. 

HieteoB, aa aooa ■• morn waa a^ed. 
What happened I Give good hearingt 

Tba neareal gale waa opened wide. 
And out each wife come, beating— 

Tme aa 1 live r— all pick a-pack, 

Her wof iby hnaband in a aacfc '. 

Then many n courtier, in great wrath 
The good wivoa would have routed i 

BulCoDtadapa1[e,''My kingly faith 
May not Iw false or dnutled ! 

" Ha! bravo;" cried he, aa Ihey came; 

"Think you our wiien would do the awne 

Then gave he pardon and a feait, 
Tb«e genlle ones lo pUaaure; 

And muaic all their jo/ increae'd,^ 
And dancing without meaiutai 

Ai did the mayoreaa walliing twirl. 

So did Ihe beaom-binding girl 

Ay, ten m 

Aa braie a (own aa any. 
And cradled bat it good and 

Both wivea and maidena d 
If wocnng e'er I have 

where Weinaberg liea. 

■Faith! OM of Weioabatg will I woo! 




O itj ud iii|li< I bin tUi b waodmiu itt 

"Ldd! Hn. Smilh, did foil hear tha Mm T" 

' Oood haaveiB ! no^whil w ilF' 

" Awfbl — anfal, indaed '." 

" Hn. Jnoca, foa frighten nc — do tell ma what yoa 

'Why, fon naMubar Hra. Simpiao'i naid Jane, 

"To ha anie I do— ■ nicer, ridier, Ksnleeler gal in 
ber liliiralkMI wtni't to be Siand in Iha wbala village. 
What of poor Jane f You don't neao to n^ thai ahe'a 
got nUTied I" 

" Hra. Soilh, don't tBlandpcOe m»~l noTer like 1o 
he intermpied in ■ aad ator;." 

"PoorJana — poorihing! Who'd a iboughi ihe'd 
a gone lo a tbronn heraelf away in ihal are kind oj 

" 1 declare, Mn. Smiih, yuu're loo in/ecliout (or any 
thing in (he world. If you lion't cliouie lo tel me go 
on, you may lell the atoiy yourself." 

" Well, well, Mra. Jonea, pray eicuse mo. Da go 
Ml — when wai Ihe poor thing nurriecl I" 

" Married! — who aaiil any thing abool hai bflng 
uarrieiJ t I tell you, Mn. Smith, it'a aomelhing woraa 
than being married." 

" Won« than being Tnarried ! Un. Jane*, ihc thing '■ 

" Parhapa If yna were in poor Jane'a place, you 
woald not think ao-" 

' Well, my dear, you raly dn alarm me; do relieve 
■M fioa Ihia alale of expenm, and lell me, al once, 
what haa happened." 

" Well, now, don't inlerrnpl me. Yon mmi know 
Jane went down laat weak lo £gg Haiboi, lu see her 
conain. Her couain Uvea cloae on ibe hcach ihore. 
aitd ia married to one Tom Wella, who keep the ho- 
tel. Wall, there waa plenty of company, and Ihere 
thay vsm, going into the mnr/ every day, Isdiea and 
gantlonan, and all togalher— oh,*it'a a hortid thing. 
thia aea lialhing — don't yoa think ao, Mra. Smiih T' 

■■ Yea, iodaed, oy dear, warry draadful— iia down- 
tigbl iodecenl I wonder how genleel fulk* ran think 
of going into the water in auch ahocking dahatrl." 

"Thal'ajial what I aay, my dear; but aa I waa aay- 
iog, thay all goea into Ihe water, and Jane among ihe 
net, and when Ihey were jual larning aboai to 
out of Iha warer, you aea, there cornea along a Ire- 
Mendoui big cncodile,"— 

- Hra. Jooea, pray lend me your aalla." 

"And before aha ooay aay Jack Robinaon.eM 
JuM Dp. Id Ihe pretence of the whole corapan; 
wrllh aa nach ««ae aa you would eat a batlered oi 
.They do aay her blood waa acattered all ova 

Oh. ahocking! I declare I ftal quite Uarericat 
are yon aure. my dear, Ihel the ciealare na* ft 
crorodila — I Can't help thinking il muat have boan «. 

■■ Nn, Mn. Smith. I'm certain aara il waa ■ Cioeo- 
lile— I bad Ihe ihing from Mra. Wilaoa beraelf, and 
■be'a the beat a'uihoriiy In Ihe world." 

lb, no body donbra Mra. Wilion, of couiae — but I 
: know we had any crocodilea in thia coantiy — 
I ihoughl ihey all lived in the river Nile." 

Lo, my dear, how could you think ao. when Mn. 
Wiiaonaayalhey don'l — bui, hleia my aoul, here aba- 
ome*, and now yoo may auk her for youraelf" 

And Mra. Wilaon entering aa ihe apukc, made up 
heirioofold cronct. 
"Oh, my dear Mra. Wilaon," cried Mra. Jonn, 
how do yon do. I have jutt been telling Mil- 
!miih tht*«hacking affair of poor Jflne Clnik. Kow 
lo lell tiB, lo aetllo atl diipulea — waa it a crocodile or 

" Ob. my dear crealnre," anawered Mra. Wilaon, in 
I drawling lone, " cerlainly a crocodile, by all man- 
ner of meana. How could any otia lor a momenl 
think oihcrwiM, when I had il from dear Mra. Toa- 
I'own dear aeir. and ahe hnowa all Ihe partioa- 

Well, my dear madam," eiid Mta. Smith, "witt 
you ha ao kind aa Id retail to ua the circumataniMa of 

Minly, with Ihe greataM 
n moil know Jane ht< 
■on ID go down ra Cap* 

"Certdinly, my dear, t 
plaaaore in the world. 

leave from i 

" Kgg Harbor." aaid Mra. Jonea. 

" No, my dear. Cape May," reaponded Mra. WilMO. 

"You mid me Egg Harbor," aaid Mra. Smith lo 
Mrs. Jonea. 

" And it waa Egg flarbor," peniated Mra. Jonn. 

"Cape May — Cape May — certainly Capa May," 
reiterated Mra. Wilaon—"! know il via* Cape Hay, 
becauis Mra. Tomkina' biother'a wife'a oocla'a diat 
couaia'i daughter waa there at the time, and conna> 
nicaled to Mn. Tomkina ell Ihe mini Important Ada'" 

"Well," laid Mn. Jonea, -go on— Mn. BliopaA 
gave Jane leave lo go to Egg narbor"— 

"1 tell yon, my dear. Cape May," ahtiekcd Hif.' 


■■ O. aye, Capa May." aaid Mra. Smith. 
-Tea," coniinued Mn. Wilion. "ihe had leave 
from Hia. Bimpaon id go to Capa May to laa her * 

" Her ooDtia. my dear — her o 

■ Inieimpted 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 



-Oh. ye«."' edgfd in Mn-Bmilh, '■ only het cou- 

"I know boilfr;" ihomed Mn. Wilion, "iiwss 

m know who it wa» be«l, when I had the whole ilory 
iiom dear Mn. Tombins, and she knovri the nhole 
fimily, evary molher'a Kn of ihem. HoHever, you 

; obiiioi 

. aitenc. 

JoH al Ibis momeul, forlunBlely for the incipieol 
balUgeroDla, a wnaiit enlered to inrorm Mn. Jonn 
thai BOCDS oaa mshed to ipeak with bar in (ho anlry- 
Tlw old lady immadiataly roae and roUowsd hsr maid, 
bsl ihe bail acarcaly reached the ontaide of the dooi, 
bBfiae, wiLb a loud ■cream, iha ruahed back into the 
palot, and Ibrowing henelf inlo ■ chair, covered 
her face wilb bulb her handi. 

Bolh the other ladiea ioatanlly rao (o ber aMjal- 

- Hy d«ar Mit. Jane*, wbai it ihe nuilar V 
"Oh!" fobbed Mn. Jonea, "herghoall ber |hoat! 

^'aoalio the entry now — poor thing! why didn't 
■hay giie herdeecot buriall oh! obT 

-Yta, iodeed, my dear." said Mn. Wibon — " bul 
hew wald Ihey do il, when Ihe hungry crocodile leO 
diHB noihing lo bury." 

"Thal'a vary irae," whimpered Mrs. Jonea — " bul 
why, nydear, ihoulil ihe girl haanlme.' — why don'l 
■ba go and acare Hta. Tamhioa I" 

" I don't want lo acare ito body," aaid Jane Clark, 
popping her head into I be room. 

"Ah, Ibere ihe la again," tcreamad Mn. Jonet, aa 
■he oDce more covered her ftce with ber band*, 
while Ibe two other ancienl damea lunbled orer one 
•mdier into the tu comer of the room. 

"In the name of heaven," nid Mra. Smith, "do go 
away — ean'l yuii lay alill in the crocodile, till you're 
veil digeatad T" 

- FOor apiril," eidaimed Mn. Wilaoo, quahing 
wilb tenor, " pray dqiarl and ml in peace." 

" I'm not a apiril," anewered poor Jane, bar eyea 
•Hring wiih aitoniahmeni — but Mra. Simpvon aeni 
■e 10 aak yon, pleaie lend her your praaerre new 

At neither of the ladiea had ever heard of a ghoat 
■tiking of aiaw pens, Lhey venlnred lo h»k ap. and 
finding her rather more florid than gbtata are gaiH 
nlly allowed lo be, they ones more got upon Ihei 

Mia. WilaoD waa the Grti to •peak—" Why, Jane, 
•be aaid, in a tone of Ibe moat ioefbble tnrpriee. " i 
Ihia yoa^^la it poatible yon aintdeadt — How di 
ym aaeape liom Ibe cnMndile T' 

" What dooodile, ma'amf" aaked Jane, with great 
iiaplidty. " I don't know any thing abont a i 

'Then it ianot trDe."continoedMn.WilK>n, "that 
yon were eatan up by a erocedile at Cape May" 

"Or £gg Hnbor," inlermptad Hie. Jonea, 

" Why, DO, ua/uu — l«d Uaaa yon, who pal mitb an 
odd notion into yeot bead r' 

Wrii, Jane," taid Mr*. Jonea, " I'm glad lo find il 
101 true — ra go dawn, into the kitchen and aik 
la ID give you Ihs alew pan" — and Jane made her 
uiih a ■' yen, nu'sm" and a low couriery. 
I'll gn light DH'ny," said Mra.'Wilran, aHer a 
Be, " and hurrah Mn, Tumkim Tor ti^lling me such 
an uutiagFnui lie, and making mo oppenr ridiculoui 
[leBLitig hsr alupiil nonsenae, I'll let her know 
.01 LO be made a laughing alack whenever aba 
plenePB — ihai ! will!" 

ea." aaid Mn. Smith, "*bo haa been making 
finis of all of na. Do, Mn. WDaun, tell her a piece 

I'll de it, with a wilneaa, you may depend npon 

aMWered Mra.Witaon,and aha hurried 00" to have 

her levenge on Mn. Tomkina lot ber supposed at 

Poor Mra. Tomkina did not dream of having given 
oflence to her neighbor by ihe tnrorroation abe had 
lunicaied recpecling Jane Clark's Dislhriuna, and 
when Mra. Wibon entered her parlor, she naa utteriy 
inprepeied for the atorm al words which fiiUoned. 

" How dara yon, Mn. Tomkina," said the eiaiper- 
oled lady, " come for loso to make a fooi of me aitd 
Jonea, by tailing us sucb a rigmarole abeul Mn. 
Simpson'! servant, vthen yon knew every word of il 
inlroe. How dare you, Mn. Tomkina, lake such 
liberties wilh • person of my age and respectability t" 
Why, deer Mrs. Wilaon, you aatonish me^what 
do yon nieaD I 1 am lure I lold you nothing but lha 
bteaied truth, and il'i very hard, to il ia, that I abould 
be abused (or telling yon ibe news as soon aa I heard 
myself. Poor Jane ! I am very sorry Ibr her, i'ta 

" You may spare your pity. Mn. Tomkina ; tbeie'a 

I occaaion lo bo soiry for her." 

" Why, Mn. Wilaon, I think I should be sorry fur 
any body that bad been ealeo op by a huge croco- 

Pabaw," aaid Mn. Wilson, " she's no more eatro 
up by a crocodile ihan you are." 

■'Oh. my dear creature," anewered Mrt. Tomkina, 
1 hadil from my son Jo. and I've tlwaya taught him 
J be vary particular ia lolling me the truih." 

"Well, 1 don'l know any thing aboul that," (A- 
served Mn. Witaon, " bul there must be lome grand 
misMke about this whole business, for I can tell yon, 
Mrs. Torakins, I saw Jane Clark, not half an hour ago, 
wilb my own eyes." 

"Enefli me, Mn. Wilson, you don't say so! Well, 
that is odd, to be sure. Why, Jasey," (lilUog Ibe 
window and screaming into ibe garden.) " Josey, I 
say, come beta, I want you." 

And preaenlly a aloul, cosy, happy-faced, qoinial' 
looking boy of about Iburteen, iwundod into the room. 

" Well, mother," said Jo. " wbal do you went wilh 

"O Joaey. my dear," aaid llie doling mother, "I 
ntah yon would not roll aboul so on that grase— juat 
look bom you have dirtied your new ranndaboal" 

" O, it's no matter Ibr thai, melher, I've got amtbat 
clean one"— ud Jo naa abont to nemper off again 
to hn play in lha geidi 




"Hera— -eoms here— cniDa hata," ■iclunud hi* 
nxMbar, " ibal'i nol nfaai I want." 

" O, I beg pardon," Mid Jo — " I Iboughl jou war* 
done with ma." 

" No. I am nol," raid Mr*. Tomhina i "now come 
lo me— Do quit twirling Ihit haadkerchier. Yon 
reallcM Mule imp, can't you be quiaL one moment, 
wbils I uk fou a quealionT" 

" Well, then, didn't ; nu tell ma that Mia. SimpMra'i 
mail], Jane, had bean eaten Dp by a huge croco' 


:o make your motber 

•■ No, L 

"Oh! you little match! ^n'll break mj heut- 
Whal do f on mean T Prajr, then, lir, what nai it yoa 
did lei I mat" 

" 1 told fou, ma'am, that Jane Clark had 
carried 0? by an alligator," aoiwared Jo, verr 

" Well, >ir, and im'l Ibal the aame thing I and ll'i 

>l true, air — fur here'a Mi*. Wilaoo law Jane Claifc 
91 a half hour ago, alive and nail." 

" That mijr be, ma'am, but 1 laid fon tiM tcalhnc*- 
lilhataDding." ' 

" O, Jo, you are Im pravaking ! Do yoa maui M call 
In. WiUiD a liar I" 

" Well ihen, air. pray what do you mean V 
" I mean what I aaid, ma'am— Ihu Jane Claifc ma 
carried off by an alligator." 

"Jo, you deeerve a good healing. Will y«a «i- 
plain youneir, or will you not?" 

" Tea, my dear mother, 1 wilt, and if yon will Su- 
give ma for ihia one jeat, I will piomiae to fry ntrar 
lo offend you again." 

" Come and kin me, yt>u naughty boy." 
"Well, than, mother, dida'nt Jane Clarii nm amf 
)ait week, and get married lo Sam JotmaonT— and 
didn't Ihey uae la do all Ihair courliog at the all^ 
galet — So, I'm lure, iho' abe ia aliva and wall, and 
hai come back to h« miatreaa, T wam'l ao Teiy Su 
bom the truih, when I told you thai Mca. Simpni'i 
maid had tieeu carried of by an aiiey-galt^." 

PfaUtdelphU. T. 


Forget it. oh ! forget Ihe aound, 
That had luch ratal power to wound ; 
It waa nol meant to deeply dwell 
Wiih auch a dark and withering ipell j 
II wBi nol ratsnt lo give a'pain, 
That kind looec could nol heal again. 
A hoHy word will aomelimei atari 
Fnm out an oTcrbuiden'd heart, 
Thai lean, honevar bit they foil, ' 
Can ne'er again lla aound ncalt; 
And lime, oi itill it onward loUa, 
DiTidaa yel more ibe^nce knit aoula. 
Until Ibe heart ia only itiir'd 
With memoiy of a haaty wotil. 

Oh ! let il nul in matey raat, 
Within thy once forgiving breart; 
Look back upon Ihe daya of yoalh, 
or guilalna loia, of truat, and irolh; 
I^wk Uuik upon tba plai — ■ -" — 

Where every took and (one of mine 
Waa gently answered back hy thine ; 
When, not b though! of eiiher'i heart. 
The other'* love did not impart. 
Look hack, look Iwck, and tell me, will 
Thy wounded pride uphold Ihee aliU ; 
Will no fond pleading voica be hoard 
For pardon, &i a baity word I 

m flaeiing yean dull paaa away, 
earth diall claim her kiadnd cloy; 
n parted by dMib'a diewllU doom. ihy aick'nii 

Far that nhick n 

all Ihoae aunny day* will ilea 
n thy laialy idling a y a», 
all the Ihouud loDea of lava, 
M witUn thy b**MI ahall mura; 
1, in mini ea>, will be oBhaaid, 
pMdon, for ■ haa^ w«ld. 





It will bare Usod, ibtj B7— blul will hin tilagd."-£(aiip«arr. 

It ti ■ bet eatabliihed by lbs nudon of Ihe learn- 
<d, ud ibe aiperiencv of tha inquniUve, thai ibgra 
m princijilaa in Ibi phyiiolog; of nonan wbicb pe- 
caliulyopacilale her for ODdurance utd pvneverance 
nndar prMraeled affliclion. 

In liie canvding pangi of bnnger — under Ihe ne- 
<x^uf inSicliooa of lemporary abtlinence— ■! Ihe 
bad of lbs aich or bjr Ihe aids of tha dying, when 
ajgblljr Tigila are ptalonged lo almuu [ucrsdible en- 
durance,— «)d Duder aliuml every phyiicsl hantuhip, 
U which Ibe conttiiuiiou o( human naluro is lubject- 
(d, jtn univenally admiited tha: Ihe genller leihava 
a dwraclerialic paiience and ability, which reinarka- 
Hj capaciiatea them for rcenea of trial. 

Man, io hia aturdy naiure, may bare hia breael lo 
iba ligbining'a Haih, ot iiaitd uuhakeo i 
wialh of Ihe devaaiating ihunderboll — be may aland 
at Ihe canoon'a muuih, or mane the lian in 
bu pat him undec the cbmoic aCBictiou, nhich prea^ 
ihaa^ hghlly, yet niib prolonged and un 
tainlf apoa him, and hia peevish and tmpalieni nalura 
■inka under Ibe endurance of bia triala, while 
at big aide, aundi uncomplaining and reaigned. 

In Ibe ntealal viciiBiludes, bawevar, lo which the 
baman lanily are conatanlly aiilgecled. there ia 
liiictioii, wbich ■ course of aooe conaiderable expe- 
ilance in the waywardneaa of Ihe human mind hai 
UOTiBCed me, throws no such faionble coniraal in 
Ihe eoDttiialion of Ihe aeies. Man is impetuoua, and 
fKisnlly in eilramea while under eicitamenl. no ma^ 
■u how evil or debased, bul he ia Devenhelesa quick 
in hia auacepUbilities of change, and ofien Itaveraea 
boa Ihe nadii of ain and ciimiital depravity lo the 
Milh of monl racliluda. ReforniatioB in the moat 
abandoned of man, is ■ matter of occasiaaa) obaarV' 

over nature, and atrip* the verdtue of the fbnat* tnd 
Ibe plains, and biods his icy lelten on Ibe limpid 
aliaam, there is • melanchuly , bul not wilhoul ils hap- 
py aDiioipalions of reluraing venlure and wonlad free- 
dom. The season of doweia will came again — Ihe 
vill flow gracefully and lightly ta befbre — 
will again toa their cumbrous load of greeo- 
Ticaa la ilia aunlight — and hy moaajr stone and wind- 
ing rivulet Ibe foung bfoaiom ivill start up, aa at lk» 
bidding of Ihe fairy guardians. Bat Ibe heart of wo> 
nun has no change like ibal of nature. It has im 
second spring lime. Once blighled in its boor of 
freahneaa, it wear* for ever the murk of lbs spoiler. 
.The dewa of aflectirai ma; fall, and Ihe gentle rain 
'of ayrapalhy be lavished upon it, bullbe sore root of 
blighted Innocence will noTer agiia waken iDta life, 
noi Ihe cheriahed Aewaia of hope btoaaom wilh. Ibair 
wonted beaulf ■" 

A large eipertence it) crimioal practice, ha* langht 
me that in a m^onlji of catea. where otfendeta are 
eipoaed befbre our hnman iribunah — the ottjecl oTall 
earthly penal tiee~ which are, or onghl to be, onlf in- 
dieled for Ihe prevenlion, and nol the puniahment of 
crime — ia obtained in a favorable namber ef eaeee, 
when judlcionaly admlnialsred to man, but that wo-, 
man, once arraigned, seldom concludes hei iniquitooi 
drama uniil death draws Ihe curtain upon her. 

My diary pteaenia to me many appalling evidence* 
of the irrcsiaiible trnih of my couclusioas, and B* I 
have received them from the living impreaa, so have 
I recorded ibem, wilh nDtbingeilenualed, and snielf 
[ may add, " twt augU set down in malice" to tb« 

abanaiiooe frooi the airaigbl path of Tirtae wilh 
dnsi, wilhoul irretfieiilile confirmation ia ibeii et- 
■•B,arsiaMa>ee*aflrequBntoccurrenc«. Bullbe mind 
<t woDHD oaca tainted, and the onrruptioa is irrenw 
diabls. Tbe fi>«ilain of her iboughlsonoe poiaoiied, 
ud Ibera i* no purity can ever flow ibaraijaot. Once 
(^aoisd lo orima, and hai lellen are rintled for life. 
• Mr-'WbMibadnHwiMr thniw hi* ■and*. 

Mart »rBwuT waa aneated, upon infimnatuM 
privtiely couvsyad la the mayor of the city, upon a 
durge of L^anHcid*. 

She was a wona* of do particular cfaaiaeler of 
feature, bal in bar carriage and demeanor, eibihited 
an attractive dignity and peculiarity of manner, that 
Sinn ibr ber, bom aveiy eoe who beheld her, Ibe mort 
lavotable pceposseaiuoa. Veiy reepectsblj attired, 
■ad giving evideBcaof M 




ID h«t conTeiMlioTU nilh ihs officen of jiulic«, iha 
■ODD sicitod ■ lively wftnptlhy in the brout of oerr 
OCX who hsard hsr. She pnfnwd benelf ta belong 
to the &UI1II7 of a rapeciable fknnsr in an adjaceni 
coualf. rrom which the had long been calnnged, in 
4hB proMculion of her ippreDiiceabip lo a irada in 
. thia ciir, and her sOar ledlemenl in lbs reiporuibili- 
tiea of bntinoH lor heneir Sbe eaity requesie^ that 
no pablicily ihautd be given lo her unlbcinnBte tiliui- 
tion, (hat roighi eiciie a auiplcioD in ihe mind of bee 
friandi, and urgenlly prayed lo be allowed to meel 
the dreadful charge alledgod 
aMiMiDce only as roold be 
Ihe •ympalhiet-or BUangeri. 
the mayor concluded upon a privale 
the case, and niih bar approval, and wilh 
denrs 10 sflbrd every appartnnily lo the priioiiar, de- 
ipalehed an officer for me, lo requeil my allenduice 
«i couDiel for hei. I mel the priioner immedialely, 
and bad a full and mnfidantuil inlanriew with her, 
before I uiHoaaced my leadioeea to enler upiM Ibe 
eiaminaliaB of the ouie of het arreat. What wai 
diicloaed to me in thia interview, »■• never, and ne- 
Tet vtill be, divulged by aw, eicspi eo far. a< it will 
hereafter appear, her own voluntary acl guve me Ibe 

The magiilnle htoded me a taller direi:ied to him, 
which contained iha firat intimalioa of any charge 
■lainat the ptiaoner received by him, and oa which 
had opened hia invcaiigaiian. Hie fbllawing i> a copy 
of that letter ; 


■ — I — , EMinira, Mayor, &C. 

It ti oDdar fiMlinp of the graaleat eicilement. I 
convey lo yon ihe inlcllignce which ihii noie will 
open 10 yoa. and I foal Ibal nalhing but the lolsmii 
pledge given by ma 10 a friend while on her dying 
bed, could brca me to naka myaelf inaininiaDlal in 
the diadcaora of a crime aa botritde aa Ibe one which 
J am compelled lo aid in brinpng to light. Mn. 

S , who died on the iweinh of laal laoiilh. eent 

fiw me 10 viait her a bw hoon befbre het deaib, 
■nd converae wilh her on a aubject ihai ren- 
dered bar miserable beyond bopa, and without reveal 
isg which, ahe fell that her aonl waa writhing in an- 
ticipated niribolion. I accordingly waited on ber, 
and learned from her the following facta, which, in 
obadiaoce lo her reqneal, and my pledge M her, J now 
briefly imparl lo you. 

Mary Slawan. ayoang lady now living in 

attMl, No. —, abool aii month* aioea waa a raatdaot 
in Ibe honae of Mra. S. While there, aha gave binh 
10 a child, which she. in the moat cruel and horribly 
unnalural maniter, deetioyed, and facrelly dbpaed ot, 
and frotD the force of ber peianaako* aad cntrsalie* 
the deceaaed. and Lnolbei innate of the houae, il 
only penooa who discovered her orime, prevailed 1 
them u withhidd the diacloani* of their knowledge 
from Iha world, and thus partly to paiticipaii 
her in her deuMtiao criminality. The only living 
wimaa of thii deed, 1 

No. — , from whonryou can obtain the foil infotna- 
lioo teqntaite for a judicial invsaiigation. 
Yonia, dM!., 

In conacfiucnce of the reception of this letter, the 
mayor had sent to Ihe direction of the witness ihanin 
iferred 10, and Ibnnd a penon whom be believed li> 
e Iha one alluded 10, and had her brought before 
ini. At first, ihe witnen diaclaimed any Imowlcdga 
r eiihei parly metilioned in the letter, but when the 
■umncei of perfect hsnnleianeaa to her were giia, 
'ilh Ihe eipreaaion of a delerminalion to have Ihe 
-latter most ibmoughly inveatigBled, by the offiotia ef 
the law, aba al laat yielded, and confeeaed ber foil 
haowledge of Ihe whcde Iranactioa. She hBio| de- 
Minn], tn officer waa immediately deepalched te 
1 the ooaaiuial mother, who was Ibond at tlie 
pinee deacribed in ihe latter, and immediately mndacv 
II t waa prepared, the mayor annonnced lo me, iha 
inveatigatiw should piocHd, and the wilneaa for lbs 
' t lime, be inlrodiiced bflfara Iha ptiaoner. I aigai- 

my client's reedineai Ibt the (zpotK hearing, and 

every thing was arranged as for Iha moat solemo ds- 

The door of ihe private reooi of Ihe police was 
opened, and the wilneaa. an intereating woman of ysl 
youlbfol appearance. <»ma Ibiwaid and ctmfnoted the 
prisoner. I bad eipacled at thia meeting lo witots 
a scene of no ordinary eicilemeni, and had nsrvsd 
myself lo meal a borat of agooiiing apprehension fioa 
Ihe priaoner. But she nt, liied and unmoved in cvo 
a moacle of her &ce, and her dark and pieitlag eye 
fiaibed in indiacribable glances at Iha peiwo of Ihs 
witneM, aa ahe approached 10 lake Ihe Bihie fmrn the 
hand of ike clerk, who loae lo administat the oath ID 
hor. Being awum, ahe, ander great agitation and with 
much apparent reluctance, deposed in auhslanct, K 
the followiDg effect. 

Haiy Stewart, the priaoner, vtai an inauta wilt 
her in the house of Mre. S.. about nine moDths sines. 
One morning, Uary had remained an unusually kag 
lime in her chamber, with the door locked on ibe in- 
aide, and, from the naiaa ahe made, appeared lab* 
unusually engaged. About noon ahe came down 
Stain and went out of the houae, apparently by ihe 
back door, wilh somelbing carefully concealed in a . 
beafcel, Ibal hung upon her arm. In a few hoars At 
retumsd, and immediately retired lo her chamber, 
which had been locked in her absauee. and the key 
taken wilh her. A abort tine afiar her return. Hia- 
8, and Ihe vrilnesi want lo the door of her looaa and 

and vrith giaat ralnctanoe, granted to then, (hi *»■ 
tering, tbay immediately diacovered ihal hbiiy tai 
been engaged in washing something like bload stain 
fiom the side wall of the ebamber. and, in the quick- 
nsH of wenanly appreheonon, Hn. S. eidalnad, 
" Hary, where ia your diild V 

Mary faltered a momenl, and, the leata gDriiin 
AOB hw ayes, dse threw hemtf -at Ibe bet of IA*< 
S., and olingtnf to bar, ptqiad bar lacmcy and Ac 




|fT«OMi. She had bc«n placing wilh her child id 
bar mm, sh« nid la at, uid in an unluck|r icciJcnl. 
had let il fkl) wilh much Turee agaiml Ifao wall, by 
nhieh il nu killed. She feared lo diicluao her un- 
happf earelnanen lo any one, leal il nii^ht aicite 
DBJnB ■napicioiii agalrui her. and had iccretly cott- 
tejw! ihe body of her dead inranl lo a dialani cum. 
■mn. BDd, H'iih her onn hendi, had dug ila grave 
and covctrI il over again wilh ihe grrrcn lod which 
■he had dialiirhcd. inleridmg la Mil Ih^ rnmiiy that ihe 
bad \eti il oai lo board, wbilil ahe rlimiid engage 
again id the businen a( her Irade. Slie wae non dir 
cnrered, and abe had rMolved. in the event of our 
erpantre of her. to pTereiil her paUie degradalkm by 
iba depriviTian of ber own lift. 

Under bei aliong appeali, and ihe Uuaali of per- 
noal daatrvctioil, which abe rreqaenlly made tt> ua, 
w»irere eautnuoed to pledge onraelvea to lecrecy 
opal lb* allocking srenla which ware diacloaed lo 

A croa^eTaminalioD elicited bal few addilional 
piticQiaii. Tba priaonar had bean married, by bei 
awn repreaentaikxia. and her huaband^lhe falhar of 
her child— haj been dead near a jcj.r. She bad 
(raqnenlly repretenled hli dealh ai [lecuiiar, and very 
ndden, and aaeb ai to eicite in her mind alranga 
MBpickma, al tba lime of hii deceaap. Sbe bad no 
tamiftaj vLalling her al the bouae of Aim. S , aave one 
anle friend, nn Ilalian, who had been ihe boon coni' 
panion of hei departed hnabwtd, and uhu waa ihe 
only friend that atood by her, and aaaiated her in dia- 
ebargmf the laat dulioa of aOection lo hU remaina. 
nw eiamination cloaed. 

A cananliatioD wilh iba beneyolent magiarrnie in- 
duced na to adriaa a diacloaure, on llie inn if ihe 
[naear, of ibe spot where aba had depiHilid Ihe 
eoqse of har infiuil. Thia advice, the profesional 
van will readily obaarve. waa baaed upon a calenla- 
lien ef Ifaa force of the dafendaat'a confcaiion of the 
dtalh, and the meana Ihersof, a* an eniire evidenea, 
and the darffaliag circamlanca alieniling the coo- 
eealment oftbebody. If no oiher evidence appeared, 
bat aBeh aa nai derived from the lipa of ihe priioner, 
iban, whikt from that aonrtie Ibe common wealth de- 
rived the information, and the nnliiTonbia anapiciona 
which hovered aroniMi lhe concealmenl of ihe dealh; 
aa,fram Ihe aame aoorce, by Ibe principlet of Ihe law, 
msH ihey receive the evidence of Ibc means by which 
Oat death waa eSbcted. Thia bad been fulTy and 
firmly anted by Ihe pdioaer in her every aclinow- 
ledgment; and anch being ihe oaae, it would eihibii, 
oo her part, a fivakneaa and boaeaty of dealing with 
Ihe praaecnlion, which moil weigh heavily in her 
bahalC oa her fulnre aiqwaranca belbre a jury of her 
Mow heinga. An interim of an honr or iwo tmua- 
pired, dniing which Ibe priaonei remained in the pri- 
vale offica of ihe police. On relaming with lhe 
mayor, afier a ahorl abaence, we found that the ofli- 
c«it deapaicbed for Ibe parpoae, bad mcceeded in ei- 
homing the body, and had brought ilwiih Iham. The 
rauMina were immediately aahmiHed, in their' decayed 
Miie.loihaacnidnyof inielligeni mMofihe medical 
], aad the reanllvf their euiaiiitliaQ waa 

greatly unfavorable lo Ihe prJEonf r. The left aide of 
lhe ekull. or lempoiat bune. waa largely fnelured, and 
ibc inleiinr of Ihe head, oipcrially Ihe brain, waa in 
a aiaie uf great diaorgBnizaiian. Thia. however, il 
waa generally admilled. mighl have bean ocmaioned 
by Ihe iuelrumenta. used in searching lor iha body, 
coming in contact wiih the head, and pariicularly ao, 
ae lhe corpao waa fohnd in lhe oarih, unnhellered by 
a cnllin, and in a tlale of rnUro nudily. 

Upon thia evidence, I frll myelf compelled to aub- 
roil lo a binding over. The character of lhe crime 
precluded the admlitiiDn uf boil, and Mary Stewan 
waa finally comiDittcd lo awail her trial, al the next 
term of Ihe Ogtr amf Terminer, on the charge of IN- 

The hamanily of Iba keepera and inapeelota of the 
prison, enaUed her, al my aolicilode, lo obtain the 
aiiuaiioD of aniatani nume in the female hoapiial.dnt- 
ing her incarceration, ao aa le relieve bar liom iha 
naueeona and contaminating aaaocialiona of Ihe felon 
inmalea thai Ibronged lhe priaon. 

In two weeka aflar her oonunitmenl, Ifaa grand in- 
que«l preaenled a " Irue bill" agaioat her, and the JBO- 
ceeding day waa appointeil fur har trial. She waa 
accordingly broughl into ihe crowded court room, and 
in ■ firm and aolemn tone, reaponded 10 the inlerra- 
galoriea of ber arraignment — "Not Guiltg." 

By permiaaion of lhe court, ahe waa removed Inim 
Ibe criminal dock, and allowed a eeal by ue in Ibe 
centre of ibe forum. Her dignified d 
the eKcl of a neat atlire of lhe deapeat m 
which I bad cauaed ber lo be dniaed, told wiib great 
furce upon the aympathiea of all around her, aa well 
aa npon Iba jury empanDelled 10 iry her cauae. 

The evidence waa heard in fulL The caae waa 
opened and ooncludtd, 00 lhe part of the conmon- 
wealth, by Iha able attorney general, wilh much 
power and ekiqoencc, and I, in ny place, aierciaed 
all the patboa and ability I puaaeaaed, in making tbe 
defence. The jury received lhe charge of the court 
and retired lo nedilale upon their verdict. An hour 
fearful and dreadfol auapenee elapaed hafbre tba 
jury relumed. At laat tba allllneaa around waa die- 
lurbed by the atentorian voice of the attending officer 
calling out to " make clear the paaaags lor Ihe jury." 
They, came in. The foreman handed the indictment 
to the clerk, and in anawering the interrogatory— 
■■ How ny you. Guilty or not Goilly f"— apoke in ao 
low a tone aa 10 allow Ihe word OuiUy only, to reach 
the can of Ihoae immedlalely around him. Fur the 
firal lime in all my relation with the defendant ahe 
gave evidence of deep aenaation. Aa tbe wind 
- Qailty" fell npon bet ear, ahe altered ■ piercing 
afariek and awoooett away npon the floor. "Sol 
OxiUy." repealed the foreman of lhe jury, in a lander 
tone, and The breathteaa aoapenae which bad rivalled 
all aionnd in the atillneu of dealh, wai relieved by 
loud acclamaliona of BaliBfaction from lhe by-^tanden. 
But it waa a long lime ere Iha defendani conld be 
aufGcienlly recovered to underatand tbe tme iaaue of 
ber fiite. Aa aoon aa praclicable ahe waa placed in a 
carriage, under iho care of a penon who had bean 
provided 10 take charge of her, and reiio^jiLtekw- 



tired part of the rily, to reiDDiii unlil alie could maka 
unngeoienli, by her own dnire, lo leave Ihe ciiy. 

The neil day I wailed on her, and round her rnucfa 
lelieved. She placed in mj hinds ■ eeaUct packet. 
and eipreiaing, wiih much appBrent feeling end lin' 
eerily, her gnlilnde lu me, reqiiealed me lo receive, 
H the only recompeni'a'ihe could make to me, the 
ancloud evidence of her conlidencfl In me, which iha 
enjoined on me lo retain unbrvketi in ita leal, until 
I received poiilivo intelligence of her death. " When 
I am gone," laid ihs. " jou may give the world Ihe 
beneGl of my experience in the bilter fiuiu of a wick 
ed life." 

Jn a few weeki after her acquittal, I heard nf ber 
dsputure for Ihe Weil, in company with her lulian 

Befure a year had elapted after the deparlurs o[ 
Mary for her uew abode, 1 opened Ihe morning pa- 
per, and in ponuing it, waa ilarilod with an account 
of" A ahockirg Murder and Suicide" which had heen 

perpetrated in Ihe Territory nf . Two 

n^w tellUra, an Italian and hii wife, who had inided 

in eettlcmenl for aeverat montiit, and 

had non ihn affeclion and reipecl of the neighbor 
hood by their urbaniiy anil huepitalily, were Ihe Mb- 
jecli of Ihe bloody dianio. The huaband had 

ved aj« 

ly fur hii 

^ife, 01 

peated viaiti of b wealthy neighbor, and, returnin 
from a revel ut a neighboring town, under the indi 
once of iiiiDi^catluii, niiJ finding hia wife abienl. 
Bought her, and diicuverril her on her way reluming, 
in company with the ohjeit of hiaiuapiciona. 

Without eKchanging a won), he plunged a Targe 
knile which he cnnied, inio her Ineaet, and felled 
her, lirelcn. to the ground. He immediately com- 
menced B purauit afier Ihe Seeing and aSnghled com- 
panion of hu wife, end Ending hi m»l f outal ripped hy 
bij objecl, he hailed in deapatr, and buried the 
aheathed blade, yet reeking with the warm red i 
reni of hia viclim'a heart-bloDd— jjeep in hii c 

My luipiciona were immediilely eicited upon 
inlelligence, and I loughl and received from the motl 
poNtive aunrcei the confltmalion thai Ihe paniet 
thii tranaiciion were — my iaie client ud her Itoli 
friend. I wat now al liberty, and broke the teal 
Ihe packet which bad been, aa it were, beqaeatbed lo 
m« by Mary Stewart, Written in a neat female chi- 
rograpby, I read the following^ 

"Thl* brief conCmion of ny linful coone '•* pre- 
pared by me, in ibe ulitary moounlt allowed me in 
My priKHi, 10 be read hy-you, aller my moitil dmo- 
hition — an eveni, which lotMthing within inloinu me 
ii eloe ■( hand, even ahould I eacapa my preieat im 
pwding danger." 

Hy pioper and miiJen name ii Agne* -l 

I wai edncaled and raited in New England, nhere 
bU ny kindred reiide. At an early a(a I waa placed 
al a boarding Kbool of great celebrity, in the eai^ 
■nd eniated upon • coane of tuition the moil oonv 
ptehaniiTe. At ihe age of ie*enle«n, I had nearly 

dwell the period of my wdHiUilio probation, and WB 
iniliated. lo lome aniall eiunt, in Ihe lum of Um 
vrorld'i aociety. I waa precocioui in the adain tt 
love, and had around me a hot of profeanng idlB- 
ren. From the number of Iheie I bad lelected OIM, 
ai Ihe object of my devoted altachment Hy deMiOf, 
ifletwardi linked with hia, proved, by ihe evenB I 
am about to diaclqia, lo be Iwin-liMtered lo diigrwe 

My lJr>l love, lor (ucb I then often termed bin, 
wai an eiile from France, wboea represenlatioDa qadt 
him a palriul manyr to Ihe eaoee of freedom, in the 
revolution which bad then reoanlly diilnrbed ihalraM- 
leai people. To him I wholly cootigned myaelt and, 
wrapt in hia idolatry, I made uy heart bol ai Ibe 
dial-plate, on which hia finger ahould point out ili tnu 
and (entimeot. I heard with rapture hia pramii' 
tiuna, ind, in retam, freely diKloaed lo him lha itoli- 
lion of hii power over ma. Never, however, itaalll 
now forget Ihe lentiment he oflen eipreeted lo Be, « 
if to rebuke the unchecked fervency of my adoralioo— 
Oh gardi long-tea^i ion prtnier ruwiil, quoad a 
n'en prcnd pai un ncond. 

Thediicovery of ouraltechmenl by ray Irieada and 
family, inel with lha moat decided rebuke. I im 
romoveil fom achoollo avoid him, and fore lima, wu 
debarred frum every oppurluiiily of aeeing or houiaf 

from him. I was at the village of H , ander' 

the itrict giiardianabip of a maiden aunt. nhoM rigid 
principitt were etteemed the beil panoply for lly 

One evening a (Irangar itopped me, while reCmii- 
ing from a visit to a neighbor in the riLbige, and placed 
in my handi a note, directed In me. in a hand I qoick- 


I liaiiened home, and dying to my chamber, kianl 
Ihe aeil fur the hand thai 1 knew had impremed it 
there, and eagerly broke il lo devoiti the oontenii it 
•but from me. Il wai from my Charlea— and hi 
wailed at the fuot of the village by ihe bridfa thai 
airelched acruot Ihe little elream Ihatikirled ourtDini, 
to apeak with me. To fly lo him waa reaidved ai ia- 
atantaneoui ai Ihe IbonghL We met in lha full gnrii 
of feeling that two hearts M wrapt in each other iloBe 
COD appreciate. 

He quickly iarormed me he hid come tor ma. and 
I mutt elope wiih him immediately. Il wai a haid 
ilruggle for me lo decide between the ceriaimy eC 
pareatal aSeclion, amoiig lha friendi of my cbildhoati 
and the venluremne dependence upun Iba Isveof a 
stranger, in a alrange land. Bui ihe davolednea of 
my afiecliona, ai I gaiod upon their long lott olitecti 
agaia balbia me, braved me_ lo Ike refelve to bamd 
every thing lor him. 

A cbaita waa oloie by, prepared iui m. and im 
were raon hurried away oa our road to Albany. Al 
Albany inch pravinon waa made (or ne, *e lappbid 
the deficiency of a deaeried wardrobe, and we wen 
fbcmally nniled in the holy banda. We immidiiialr 
reanmed our invel. doitined lo tbia diy a* Iba fiiri 
place of our abede. A diart lime Iband di confan- 
ably nluaied in a niited p«i of oaa of ik« aitiacNi 
diuriot^ aod naiv M 

■:.u^- ■.-.Google 



tortnd reval o)' iflectMO tat enjuf neat. Mj hua- 
kuiit'a inlellig«oca of the country m*de hinihfl fiiend 
or muij fimigiicn, wbo (aiheied iranod hiia, anil 
noHitaud th< eiclonTe •acietj' in which we min- 

iaoag Oie number of ihtme, nera, an nlj fallow- 
taantrjatui of bii, of reputed wealth, who aller«Krdi 
bKUH an inmala of our home, aod the young lla. 
livi, nferred to by the witnea ennimed bafon 

ir connubial couim dren lo 
>D lo fail; ar 

niftoul Iba maaw of manaeitating ihem, w« beheld 

panrty and want gnJually naking Ibeir inroada upon 
•m piat|iecti uf domeilic happincti. Day ader 
m Mmve lo invent aoma plan by nhich we a 
Ncape Iha grips of penury that nai clniag. fiDgi 
fiogar, upon in, bul nilhonl auceeai. Every iia 
lad diipenaible article of fntniture that had uinament' 
(d our Ittrls eyry, went to procure our daily taste- 
Dance, Al length, iheie were eihiuiied. and day 
iBerday paaMd in abulute want of the necnnriei 
nflife. Charlea oould endure Ihia aitualiun of Ihingi 
no longer, and after many reaileu iiighia ajient in in, 
tBeciual eOorla to deviae aome honcai plan to regain 

brain. He toae earlier than ueual, and paced lb< 
chamber with ■ quick ami im|>alienl tread. After t 
long lime of ailence, [ endeavored to atir into aom< 
wariDth the amouldering oahea of our hope, by Ihi 
pRwtMiof belter day*— bul no— 11»— il would no 
ia- -Tiideerfmiirtierfma.'" eii:Uiniod CliBrlea,ai 
bMeyB-balladilaledinUi a gorgon lieiceneaa. v Whai 
dtedr leictaimed, terrifieJ at Ihe anna i oral appeal 

anee that had come over him. "81. P aiualdie,' 

cmlinired ha. "Qe ia old, and will aoon go wiihoat 
»iy (aaJBlaace. Ha baa the meina of aupplyiiig 
(t to Da — yet he bat ilood by and aeen iSe finger of 
hunger draw tboae linea upon Ibat cheek, nhoaa 
blooning fullacB waaGratpnaaed by a tlranger'alipi, 
when I Towad to aupply a bounleoua parenl'a pta< 
ha baiaean our houas alrippad, piace by piece, of the 
linle lamriea ibal aurrounded ua, when he firal 
into it, and he baa not had Ihe tool 10 aay — uki 
pjutnee unlil you can return il again lo me- 81. 
P , I aay, moal die." 

To be briaf — I apeni Ihe auccecding day ar.d nighl 
in imabaiing eflbrta lo dLwuada him fiom hie honid 
pnrpoae. But Ihe atruggle aeemed over in bia mind — 
it waa lo nuke the reaolvo, and ihal baving been ac- 
ranpliahad, noItuDg could riiake him in bia reavlolioo- 
Hia purpoao iMcame mine, and wa now only aonghl 
Id deviaa lbs n&at plan tat ila uranpliahnaenl. 
ChaiEaa had grown inlimale. amid Iha DDmeroua 
nanaaofeiiaw wtueh pwrailad in hiaiiUiv*«aoiiiry> 
daring ila dark period of revdaiion, wilh vaiioua ad' 
irinuraa oCingrediooli. thai were known in pharmacy 
<Bfaad««a Ae dsatal aaahnili 
iag Ihe dealhoflbeit Ticlim. 

'% Aia koowMge he appHad himfelf; and I waa 
aopidlad wilh Ihe potion Ibot wi 
hh pufoaa. Id adahtMar, in what way my ingenaity 
WMdd bntaoggeiL StP— ■■ waaaooo taken ind- 

>ly ill and a few boura nnly, told tha cerlainly of 
my Bucceaa. Thia being iu Ibe period wben ibe AaL 
:holcra waa ai iia height in tha city, iho (uddcn 

od, but iremcd. more efleclually 10 cloia ihe 

dour to acruliny. St. P waa publicly buried, 

and Cliarlea and myactf aoon pumeaaed of ihe maanaof 

nl relief, thuiigh lo a far leaa eilenl than (re bad 

fl alain uf giiill waa now on my aoul — the virua 
bad been initillad by the hand thai ahould have |He- 
ad my puriiy. and my heart waa changed. UpoB 
aout reala ihe faia) conBtquencea which foUowsd 
r. The afleciion whieb 1 bad eniertained (or bil». 
through all out iriala, ifmbaken. now became chiliad, 
and the founlain of pure love from which 1 poared 
my adoraiioo for him waa now dried up. Wa 
10 banl Id brighten our put happineaa inlo the 
ahow of preacnl lustre, bul the apoiler hod lain hia 
ight upon our bearib, and we were cheerleaa bchI 
laerable. Our lialiaii friend Blill viaited ua, and aoon 
■covered lha change which had laken place in our 

alcly a 



Ihia lo the ready 
* love, and he a-H 

ti addreetcd 10 mo 

01 II ion 




ul a clia 

racier ea lo leave 







Fur a long lime I 





rtiof c 
he Bllri 

hul my bean waa 
iaie— my hiiaband 




ulei that rendered 

B province 
at haJ bee 


td— » 



at length fell inlo the anare 
laid for me. 


r ililL 
10 le 


upon my indulgence 
in the vicioua cuune of my perveried afleciiona. At 
lenglh. I worked myielf inlu Iba reMlve tu rid me of 

onger preeenco. 

Bui how waa ihia lo be efltetedt 

Alaal— be himaelf bad taughi me to think of il— the 

potion thai deairoyed Si. P would put him » 

retl aa quieily. My reeolulion wai fiied, and my pa- 
pamniour aaaociaied wilh me in my new purpoaa. 
Chafleadiedaoddanly— andl, involved in ibe dee peat 
appareni grief, luUuwed him, amid iba aympaibiea of 
aurroundiog frieiidi, who had been won lo ua by our 
urbanity aa neighboia, wilhoul auapiciuii'B fainleat 
brealh upon ma— to the grave. II now becune ne- 
cesaary for ma 10 put on, for a lime, the cloaeat ok 
aeivance of ftMh widowhood. I broke up my lillle 

bowehold. and look board wilh Mn. S ,allsd«d 

to on my trial, leceiving ocoaiioDa] viaila only from 
my coofedenile- Soon after. 1 gave birth m my fim 
child. But oh! how diflareni did I look npoa my 
fash*, from Ibal aonl ihmbbing and axlalic glonoa 
with which a virtuoua mother Qnt hebelda Ihe pledge 
of her connubial Uiaa. 1 felt aa Ihough ihera naa no 
lirc-alreem in my breait for il, and cuiaed the Giat 
hesvtnga of ita lilila cheat, thai gave Ihe luken ofani- 
malion. I pertiaied in lha alricleat wcluaion Irom all 
aocialy, and I miataka not thai 1 eiciied onftfonbl* 
(uapiciona of my maternal undemeaa, in the Ikmilr 

Digitizer byCoO^^lc 



Soon slier lh« hinh. I fell JDlo a broken ileep— I 
dreuned my dead huaband — my murdered Charlei — 
came lo my bed aide niid demBitded my babe- Re 
(laiped il, aad I wretlled wilh him fbr its poHBHiini, 
In Ibe'larror of lliii alruggle I awake. The dim light 
or a flickering taper cail iti nndulaling nhadea aver 
lh« rocrn. and I Tancied every momehl I yel law Ihs 
figure of [he dcparled rolher banging over bia child. 

1 ma loal in frenzy and madneaa. I knew boI wlui 
I did. My brain was on fire, and my heart fell like 
•gms molten load wilhin ms. I aeiied my babe by 
the feet, and with a gianl'a alrenglh — whiriing it 
rouud my head — dashed ili little fmme againn Ik* 
Hall, and sunk upon tho floor, with ita amoking bniot 
beapaltored over me. 
The sequel of my hislory you know. 


An angel came from Ibe realm* of light, 
Drawed in hia plumsge beaming brighl — 
He came to me in the dead of nigbl 
And bid me, mortal, through the aky. 
Upon hia pinions, high to fly, 
And .view the walks afDiiriiuty. 

Aloft we sped through eudlen space, 
Hyriadi of worlds like onn lo trace. 
And CDDDlleB anna wilh radianca bright — 
The centres of their spheres of light — 
And secret atars he showed lo me. 
All framed by the handafDitinity. 

On, on we went, to brigbler spheres. 
Beyond the sinful vale of tears. 
To the home where spirits, pore and bleat. 
Take, avith God, their heavenly teal — 
And now behold, said the sprite to me, 
Han's last estate wilh Divinity. 

To MMh we came, and the daw-wadiad mnnt 
In it! Jreshneaa, laid the day was bom ; 
The smiling green, and the loaded lieea, 
Waving their truits to the gaotle breeie — 
All spoke to the heart, thair giDa lo be 
Fresh from the bauds of Divinlljr. 

Aspiiieoreanb, we a bowM, 
Twining in wreaths th' acacia dower: 
A being so light that her lairy larai, 
Lingring on earth, like the dew of mam 
Beem'd hanging in doubt, of which to be. 
Of earth lo be cl 

Twas Woman, he nid, the gift of haavn. 
The fini on earth that lo man was giveoj 
For lonely by naturs he had been 
The diMons'Iale child of Doubt nnd Sin, 
Had she withdrawn, or denied to be 
Hia oanoecUng link with Divinity. 
PUIadclphi*. I.B.B. 


O where, tell me where have the vernal bntxm 

The beifa'niDg winds still sweep me by upon the 

dewy lano, 
But ihe balmy breath of spring is past—iti odon are 


O wbare, tell me where have the summer roea fled I 
The iMves still hang upon the bees, tho* aombrs now 

Bnl lowers ibsl in the garden smiled are withered. 

O what*, lell rae where have the woodland aoagilen 
Bnl late the forest echoed lend wilh their wichanling 
Tet now, alesl ita only song i* winter'a dreary moan. 

(here are the joya of ^ 

O where, lell 
ITm vernal hreaiv— the 

Like them, the freahtMaa of the baan dsoiM ■ 





inl>Xiiiii.iniriw--da Oe ««, 

c hUe nH^ MiKR naHbn Ike Ooe. 

ChlUe Oanld, Ct<ut IV., St. 


Ten world oT oon hu be«n eilled changcfal, and 
wilh tTQlb. Yd tin ibci« in it ■oms ihinp whicb 
Mldwr in aga noi iu niidom hava btta able to 
■Iitr. Search ib« pag« oi aailh'! huiorj, and tell 
1B« when piihar love or ambiiioa haa be«n difierent 
Itob wImi ifafljr non are. Even in Paradiu, what bal 
tmbiliao prompted ibe wodud to touch ihe fruit 

' or Ihal Torbidden tree, which, tHted onca, 
Broaghl death inlo the world, and all Dor wot" 

-Ibe imbiiion of poaeniag, like Deity, the know- 
'•dp of good and eTil. And nhal. bat lore, coald 
bivc Induced the man to ihara with hie erring wife 
the fnlfilinant of thai denunciation— • Thou ahall 
■Dnif die." ThoDgh in'tbia, Ihe ISnt and nddeat in- 
Uuce or their indiiencing humaD beingi, they are 
■pponianBd diflerentljr Trom their iBiial liiuaiione,- ai, 
|iiierttly,aiBbiiioa iiitrmgei in man — love in noman. 
Tb not nnrnquenily ihe cue, howe»ar, tlinl both are 
fcond, to a cenain eiienf. in the wme boMjm. Both 
^Tt cauKd tome happineaa, but who ihail taj that 
Iheit happineaa can equal the nriow they have pro- 
nred.rrom the banjabment out of Eden, lolfaediaap- 
poiulmeiHi which have led, in our own day, lo many 
u unhallowed aDieide I 

To anibitioa'a ladder, wbo ever ronnd Ihe cloud- 
biddea lumaiil Men have climbed ila diixy hcighl, 
Ull Lhaii bnin hai maddened, and then iheir fall hai 
■aderoora fur Ibe neit adventurer. And lolove, that 
eodiaDiipg dream, wboaa waking ii aa aad aa the 
dmai iiaelf ia delighlfnl— lo love, whoeier roaod a 
"alilj! Vel, what young perann ia there, wbo doea 
anknklo lofa,witb itaahadowaof happineaa, aa one 
<>'' life'a greateat cbamut and feci, if not lay with 

' Tbo' 'lie all bol a dream at the beat, 
And Mill wbeo happieat, aooneit it o'er, 
Yat, oTeo in a dream to be blait, 
Ii 10 aweel Ihat I aA lor no more." 

"^ Snal raantta of lofe and ambition are not nn- 
Inqaratly the nma — dimppointment, and an early 
f**a; bg| iheii immediate eflecta. and manner of 

operating on the heart, are far aparl aa light and dark- 
neaa. Love, for otheia, will aacrifice self; aiabitioDi 
for aalf, would aacrifice eveiy ibiDR else in earth er 

The lan ro^, arte morning, near three tboutand 
year) ago, pietly mnchtiner ihe aame faihion in which 
it now riaea. At leaat. 1 qiieaiion if v>e ihould know 
any diflhrence, for the wiidom ihe aun geU by aeeing 
Iba folliea of mankind, doea not teach him bow to ria* 
and ael: it hot ihowa bim wbal fuoti time llie benefit 
of l.ia [iaing and aeltlng. Out frum that varird world 
nn which be looked, we will aelecl for out itory ibe 
deiail of aome Ihliiga. with Iheir connecting cireum- 
mncea. not entirely irrelevant to the afore menlioned 
aubjecti— Love and Ambiiion. 

The kingdom of larael waa under Ihe dominion of 
ila bravail monarch, ila poel.hing. For yeaia half 
David reigned over the favored race. The nation 
whicb he ruled waa known over all the earth, not only 
Ibr Iheir proweaa.but for Ihe wondera which had been 
wrought for them by Iheir Deity. Hia court waa filled 
with the wiee among cDutnellora, and Ihe brave among 
warriora. Who ahould reign happily if not be! 

It ivu Ihe Feeal of the Paaaover, and when ihe aon 
roae over Jeruaalem, be ahone'on atree la crowded with 
myiiada of Hebreiva, from the gray-haired patriarelt 
of five-icore, lo the boy whoae wondering ey ea pot 
qoeaiiona lo every thing he aaw, — fei all the male* 
Id Jewry were there. Conceloinf Ihia fealival, and 
ita acccmpanying rilea, there were dark atoriea abroad 
among Ibe Geniitea ; but llltle waa known certainly, 
tiirlha Hebrewa were a people dwelling nwatly alone, 
nol mingling wilh other naiiona; and few alnngen 
eared, even had ihey been permilied, to remain in iha 
cily during Ihe obaervaoce of rite* fearful oa tboae 
wore reported lo be. 

And It mu ■ alrange featival. For a week and a 
day waa it coniinned, ihoitgh ila moat inieraating parM 
were Ihe commencement and cloae. On tha day pr» 
vioaa to the feaii, every family provided ila paachal 
lamb ; which, on Ihe firat day of ihe feaal, at Ihe ninth 
watch, (about three o'clock, P. M.) wai alain. No 
word waa apoken ihrongh iha camp. The head of 
each family ivaa hia own prietL He alew hia lamb^ 
and in the evenltde, when the firs had prepared it, h« 
ael il belbre hit honaebold. And tben eacbona girded 
aandalaon hia feet, and gathered the folds of hia roba 
about him, and wilh • pilgrim'a aloffin hand, pMtook 


THE gentleman's MAGAZINB. 

iniilenceorihsiBcrillriairood. Wiih (he fleihorihi 
ncriGce, wu cniea uiilcsvcneil brew), niib hitle 
hetb*. And ir Ihece weie anf tmininli. ihty burncil 
ihem niih liis ere the fun loce ; far noihii'g m> holy 
u the [uschil lamb Tniial be left lor coraniun uuge. 
And ihen [he childrpn noald inquire the meininj 
of nhsl Ibsy >iw. And Ihe old men nnuld lell IheD 
hon Iheit falhen were ilave) in ■ atrange land, am 
bow, wben their opprc^uri Trfiued lo lei Ihem free, 
Ihe hud or the Hmi High u-DUifed them wilh 
hurd — of plagneti and haw, al lul, Ihe dmrofer 
ipntd hie dark wing* on lb* iii|hi-air. miti tb< Gni- 
bom or Egypt fsU ■• ha brealbed over the land. Bat 
wherever the Moody h; Mop had itaiuvd ibe liniet 
the deMTOrer " paaed urer." 


Tbb dajv of Ihe feul had come and gone, till 
naa now the eTCniog of,lhe Uat day. And ibe mii 
lilade waa aneiaUed, not by hoadreda, nor by thou- 
aandi, but by hundreda of thoiuand^ la wilna 
laat ceiamoDy. For than the high prieit drew waUr 
from Siloun'i Pool, v>d pouriDg it out unto heaven, 
made ihe laii offering lor the people. 

And the laooarch naa there. Elevated aomewhal 
above the coantlen mnltiiude ofhiuun headj ha lal, 
mrrouDded by the chief officera of the liingdom. At 
hu right hoDd, aiooil ihai lunameat to hia court, bii 
BOD, Ihe yuaag prince Abaalum. One wouU have 
thought in gaiing on ibo young prince, thai aome 
aenph hod been cloihcil with butianity, for that form 
eeemed b> if il. could never bnva been chI in earthly 
mould. Ili« coimtonaneo waa on* of perfect bekuty, 
and his limbo had Ihe tnnsl delicate and ayminelrical 
proportion tbat the fuigan of Dalure svar fuhioned. 
Indeed, it nnulil have required no great alretcb of the 
&ncy, ID imagine thai lurae viiiianl from the niueen 
Wiwld had been called lo earih by Ihe tacred rilea. 

The WBler wai poiin d out— llie lacrifico offered — 
(he hymn chanted, and the vast amembly diiperaing, 
when Abnlom, with an ohoiunce to hia royal falher, 
turned ludJenly inia one of the more privaie atraeta. 
and hurried on till bo ir.iched the city galea, lie 
paaaed rapidly out, anil cnwamg the biook Kedron, 
overtook a veiled female, Kho noi walhirig alonly 
bef>re him. 

" Lady, who art ihriu t" laid Ihe prince, wben he 
had reached her tide.' 

" Thoy call me VelialHob," replied Ihe maiden, in 
a voice, the lonea of wbi^li fell on Absalom-a ear like 
the brcnililng uf a harp Hhen the wind paueaover it. 
" 1 am the daughler of lUjihar, the Tyiian ambaiaa- 
dor, and lay Iklher'a tenia are jutt belore Ua it 
ihade of yon cedar grove." 

• The reader ia doubtlea aware of the aimpl 
of manner! and ipeecb prevailing even now, tb 
■M te mach u Ibrmerly, in the EaaL 

" Yehainah," continued the prince, " I have watclitd 
thee oflen during ih» feaJl,aa I have teen Ihee in tb« 
■ireeta of Jcrnulem, and 1 knew that thou wen • 
■Iranger — may I not erq thy face t" 

The lady rataod her veil, and turned timidly la- 
wania Iho prince, who gave her a glance ao caruH 
end admiring, that Iho veil fell initanlly, while a deati ' 
bluih covered Ibe mwl beautiful face Ihaeyeaof Ab- 
•alom ever beheld. 

" AUiden, I love Ihee," aoid Ihe prince, " will tlna 
be mine I" 

" I fear," replied Ibe lady, " my f&lher will baMo* 
me on the haugbly Joab, Ihe captain of the Jawiik 
•nay, who bsi demalided me." 

A frOHti lauead Bcroaa the prince'i brow GiraBB- 
neni, *a he aiked baitily — " Doal ihoii lave himf 

" O, no! I «aniMt," tnponded Yehainah. 

" Joab ahall not poeicw thee,''aaid AbaakNg— "kli 
thy lather promieed ihee to him V 

" Ha haa ; and Joab ia a great men in King Davklt 
court — my fat her daru nnl rllrnd him." 

" I em mure powerful Iban Joab/' aaid Ihe prkm: 
" doat Ihoa know meT' 

The maiden cotl a aingle glance at the bcaullU 
form beaide her. '■ There can be bW one aach," ikt 
aaid, vtilhin henelf j then aload, "am I Mt is ihi 
preience of the yoDUg prince lOyal, Abaalcnr 

" Hiou art in the preaence of one." rapliad Aa 
prince, " who would prefer thy love before the thnaa 
of Jodea, lo which ha ia beir.'l 

"Would Ibal it might be Ihna," aaid Tehainak, 
moaingly, and almopl ancaiHeiotuIy. 'Bbi aaa!' 
ahe added quickly, ■ Ihe aun haa act, I maai go, ay 
fathcr'a aervanl will be in aearch of me." And A* 
taraed from liim. 

■ Btay," laid Ahaalom, eaneiily. 

Ttw maiden atopped anJ looked arouDd, rainngha 

mynle grove." She amiled — blaahed — then, dnppiof 
her veil, mn olt, and wna aoon loR from aight oOMf 
Ibe cedan. 
It waa with a feeling, the natare of which b« bi» 
ilf Bcarcely knew. Ibal the prince waa retnmilgl* 
the ciiy, when — on re-croaaiag Ihe Kedron — be waa 
iceoficd by one whoa we moM ioirodaee M oaf 
readei* in a new chapMr. 

a CBAKAcna. an 

noNa ell ihe rounioltora of King David, that* 
none lo whoee worda and advice auch heed wai 
n, aa to Ihoie of Ahiibophel. Burn of a bmilj 

ch ranked high iu one of the furemoel of litatl'i 

It ia highly probable, that hod Ahaalom lived, b« 

the eltlMi aun, waa dead. Of Cbiliab, the iKaad, 
find no rounlion. Abaalum waa Ihe thiid and fe- 
te BOO. SutomoD woo, aLjbv limc,^ mere duld. 




Dibn. (Pd cdacated in all the Icaitiing of ihr iiiy. ii 
aemed ■• iC mlnre trad itelennined lo put lh> hMoid 
of ■ MtiilB in a (ioglg head. 

Eg wu not beyond the midtflc ogo of life. y«t hs 
boK, and p*rba|« joiilr, the characlcr of the vintti 
mni in ill lh« cwL In hi* pennn, he wai raiher 
mUei the camman «». Ihfln|li ihrre wH en air of 
dipiitf ilxrat him nhich all who a pproached him filL 
Bi fiiTe, pieinlng ryn were ovmhadowtd by« pair 
ifhaity, though handnmalf archci] ejebrowt ; jmt 
hMwwn whicb, vera Ihoa* iwo deep line* that al- 
myt imk the man of thanfht ; and which alone in' 
H H u meJ the ■Dooufa axpamaof hia narhle fiirahead. 
the ODlf napicknn ftatnm in hia eoatnnwnce were 
ovdI hia mOBih, Mhem the linei indirated, (if thry 
MM tmtbj that (h« ruling paaion of the bqI. whil 
erar Out might ba, woald be griliSed at the nah of 
tmjr thing. For the anile that lurk«d them, anemd 
at ritrj precept, dime or human, thai CToaeed the 
bearCa wiah. 

Vfoa the whole, the impreaaion Ihal a atranger re- 
nind, e^Mdatly fnm ■ caaual glanee, waa qoils 
frnnUc. Tel int Ahilhophel feared much, IdtciI 
link, and knnmialilt lea^bf the common peopla, who 
nw in hia mtefiiialled wiadom, and haughty deniee- 
Mr. that irittocrM; of nature which ia alway* hated, 
wfaila it la fnred. 

The ruling ii«Bion with Ahilhophel wai ambition. 
An ambition wbieb woald doI have ibonghl it blaa- 
phcny 10 with for a ahare in Ibe thmi* of beaf en 
itulCind which, like thai of the arch-tend wonM 

* Benar lo rvigri in hel), than m 

reign in hell, aiMl c 
thai h«Ten whoae ei 
Aad well had he matured hi 
Jn a ailnaiion ai 

; hoptaof Hriing in 
t he queationed. ha had a 
n eanh.lo reign over laracl. 

iipoaed iitlle clanger lo hlm- 
— he had alo«ly, bat anrely 
ahamnj fiotm one aiep lo anotber. liil now, aave ihe 
tffti fcnity, there waa bnl one man in the kingikitn 
■f h^W station than binmir Thai man waa Jwb. 
Ibt rapMin genrral of tha king'* army. It need 
■ateely be added, that they w> re bitirr meniea. 

Ahitbophet had loeg aean. (and the ronficlion had 
KM him IDOTQ than one aleepteu nighi.) that il would 
U sHeriy inpoaaible lo aupplant Juab while DdTliI 
na king! (or the fenerari great miliiaiy akill and 
noowD reodend him too oecmary for Ihe king In 
Atpraea with hia lervieea. Bui tha bold coniwellut 

man to bim all thai he niihcd. and wliirli he aau 
■DU be completely »ucc»fut, pnividrd hia inatiu 
■nHa wouM work nell. Hia chief inalrtiment war 
Abnlom; hii plan — to make him king, Ahilhophel 
■ell knew Iha Heklcneaa of the Habrewa. and bow 
Btieh (hey were earrieil awny by appearanCea. Ab 
■loa waa a brave, bandaoiae, and accompliahed, yet 
careloa yoong ptjiica i land of Ihe ponp of power, yet 
Mkiag ita ana. Tbia waa preciaoly «4iat Ibe mod. 

irllor warned. Coutd (be wiehcd-for revolution b* 
Fffecled. Abtalnm mrghl puaveia the name and pomp 
of hing, While he wielded the power. Nor did b« 
deapalr of being able in iha civd. lo remove Abaalom 
ain out of hia nny. 

Ahiihophrl had begun eaulioualy — he never apoiled 
hia plant by haate — and Brat carefully but anrely 
Kundcd the prince on the anbjert. Tbia ba had dona 
in a manner, the minulin of which will acircaly ad- 
mit of deacription. for waeki paaaed ere iha connaellor 
bad aaliafled himself in what he wiahed lo know. 
And Ihen, what he had Ifamed waa by alight, and 
almwl meanlngleaa hinia; which conid have had do 
Ireaaonable inlerpretalion, svea had they been over- 
heard. Tha prince hinuelf acatcely knew all they 
meant, nor indeed did Ahilhophel deaign he ahouU. 
at Ural, kniw every Ihing. Ha wiahad htm to hare 
room lur conjecture, and lu mnjecture, if poaibia, 
worse than Iha reality, in ordertofamiliariie hia mind 
wiih the mbjeet, and prepare him for ■ fbll develop- 
m^nl of iho whale plot which ihe munaellor had de- 
termined to make at ibe firal convenient opporlnnilf. 

TheconnHllorhad watched and fDlloivd Ihe prinoa 
from Ihe cloaa of the aierilice, and. concealed amoof 
the cedan, bad overheard moat of what passed b» 
iween bim and ibe Tyrian maiden ; and he eongraln- 
laled himself on having Kmnd anoiher spring lo applf 
if neceaaary, to hia machine. 

And now waa bis longaonght oppoHunity. IU> 
queuing an imertiew wiib Abubm, ha led ihe way 
to the raynle'^rove which Ihe former bad pointed out 
to Yehsinab.' Then, having shown the prince lo ■ 
graaayaeal; and — wilb a freedom which none but 
himself would have dared, or been allowed lo lake — 
sealed bimtilf by his aide; with a piercing and bus- 
pirioua glance around, he begun. 

The cDun»e!lar did not commit himself by opening 

all ihe enurmiiy of rebellion, end rebellinn (ig^iiitl a 

'e Ihe pi 


,V,ly ai 

cBiiliou*. he at llral infused E"«'ut"r '"'" '^ *" 
Abu'om a porlion of Ibai towering ambiliun which 
was the living principle ofhis awn being. Carafolly 
conrealing, or shrouding in sophtelry. every iMng 
which could remind ilia prince of the crime; ihe 
tempter painted, as he knAv how. Ihn kingdom and 
Ihe glory of it— niching, in the mean lime, with his 
serpcni-lilie glance, in Abanlom'a coiinLenanee, the 
cReci of bis worda. And aa he saw Ihe increasing 
Inioieiil and csgernets depicted there, he unveiled 

He could nol have rhoaen a lime belter soiled » 
hii purpose, Abaalom'a mind bad been aaddcned and 
diaoontenlcd by Iho words of YohBinah that she was 
promised in marriage to bia greateal enemy;' and yet 
he know of no meant by which be could prevent her, 
[wiih whom ho had become deeply enamoured, and 
for whom ho would have given the kingdom which 
wai now oflercd him.j from becoming Ihe wife of ono 
whom he haled with hia very aonl. E.en were he 
lo apply to Ihe king, he knew that his father, however 
he might wiih lo grtlify him, would t»l oBend bia 
favoriw general, by adjudging to Abaalom Iha naideB 




who bwl bMn pnmiMd lo Jnb. But ««n ha bin? 
■elTkiog. all wouM b« wrU. 

Tiiwe tbooghi* p— >d ihRWgh bia mind In Tar Ian 
tima iban we fanTs occupied in writinf ibcot, and 
they added iDlha eSeelarihecoanMllui'i pciaiuuiiona. 
All ihal Ahilhophal urged, and all Ifaal Abalon fell, 
need nor, caDooi be lold. Tia lufficieni lo any, ibai, 
inloiicaled leai wilh Ihe pietara of royalty, ihan with 
the pniapeeluf having aoon hia dtareal wiahea grattfied, 
and blind lo all elae, Lhe princB lialaoed willingly lo 
BTery Ihiug he heard ; and era Ifaey parted, be had 
oooaenlvd lo a plot which, Ahilhophal Ibndly hoped, 
Wonld, in a few vrecka, give him Iha power, Ihongh 
Abaalom might powen the narne,of Judea'a monarch. 

There waa oae temarkabla fealure in Ahiihophd'a 
project. It wee indead one whirh marked hit whole 
conduct. He had lakan npecial precaution loarcure 
hia own pereanal aafety. Though hold ai an evil 
apirit in hii plani, he alwaya ao arranged ibem a> lo 
preclude ihe poaaibilily of dairget lo himaelf. Thia 
waa manifeit in the preieiit inaiance. lie would ha*e 
DO conapitalon, for Ibey migbi betray. Abtalom and 
he, abna, knew lhe accrel, and they were loo deeply 
inlerealed to prove falie. Aa lo ibe aucceaa of Ibia 
plot, Iha counaellor would nol for ■ nioment allow 
binuelr lu doubt. He knew lhal, of the conrnioii 
people, enough would liillow Abialom. And for a 
leader lo lhe rebel army, he had (ixtii upon Ihe brave 
nad eiperienced Amaaa, who, [ihuugh utterly ignoiam 
now of hia dnigna.) would, he w» coolideni, in lhe 
boar ureiecuiion. join ibcm oitder the promiae of the 
•rmy'a cummand. 


Tbr name of Joab hoi already been mentioned, 
vrilb Ihe rank and office « hich ba held iu Judea. He 
waa probably, nail the king, lbs muet powerful man 
in lhe kingdom. He poaaeaaed not only Ihe commuid. 
but iheaSectionaofihe army. Thia, however, aroae 
■ura frooi hia manner of ibariog with the meaneat 
aoldier.lhe latjgoeaand dangera of war, than from any 
of iboae meana which an freqnenity uaed 10 thia end, 
Thaai be knew Dot how to nie, nor ivould hs condc- 
acand 10 inainuala bimaalf into the good graLtt of bi> 
Boldiert He wai remarkable Ibr tlemneia and open 
neaa. Hii opiniona of any peraon 01 thing tvere wrtl- 
tan in hie counlenance, and be diadained 10 txmceil 
them. In the handwtiliog of nalurr, ambition wai 
Btamped upon hia brow in plaincat characlen. He 
bad aa much, probably, aa Abilbophel, bul bii waa 
laaa regardleat of law and right. The counaeltor waa 
hiaauparior in wiadom and deception. Joab'i ambi- 
tion waa of the kind which would urge him 10 daib 
lorward— overleaping, if be could, lhe inipediraenia 
in hia nay, or al leaal, riakiog hia life in ibe attempt. 

Abitbopbel.on the aontraiy. would piocMd eamlioeily, 
pulling lilil* or nolhingalriik, and reaaovingpatiadj 
■ughi which night iaieriere wilh hia wiBbaa,yel b 
■uch a manaer ai lu deatroy the poanbilily of penooal 
injury lo himaelC Self waa hia god — aatFinlaraM iba 
■ingle, abaorbing pfincifde of hia pbiloaopby. 

Juab aaw and felt hia ioforiorily lo the win nso- 
■•llor, and Ihii did not aid 10 heal the enmity which 
could nol bul eiiat between two powarfnl Ban, wba 
were each airiving to riae higher, umI who bad li)B| 
■ince laanied that principle, ao well known and *eti 
upon among modern politiciana — that in order broia 
10 tiaa, lhe other motl All. But, though lea wiaa ibaa 
Abiibophal, Joab bad coudkid aetiBe eooDgb m and 
any plola wfaoae eaay failore night hi 

n fall, and what wn 


eialtation. He wa>. iherelbre, obljgnl to be raolail 
wilh watching hit npporlunity, dalermined la uaa At 
Ural lhal oflared.lo rtmoveoul of hia may the delealid 

There waa one jviton in Iha coorl of King Danl 
^ho ibared with Al.iibophel Ibe moat cardial bilred 
>f Joab. Thia waa no other than lh« prince Ahaikia. 
The cauati of ihii hatred were little koown, and h 
illle cared for by the prince, who, however, retDmo! 
"iih inlereat the warm feelinge of the captain geocraL 
K* to the real cauaea, Juab himaelf would probably 
have teHiaed to own ihem. it, indeed, he fully kiMW 
, The fact wai, lhe eaptaiii -general, like tU 
other greal men. had ong peculiar weaknna. Tbia 
hia peiaonal taoily, whivh could ool but ba 
greatly piqued at ibe evident, and lo him teniioiM 
luperiorily of Ihe young priace'i pononal allraclio"- 
Joab would have been aa well pleaaed with a naa- 
pliment to bii peiaonal beauty, (which, by the way, 
.'aa not much above par,) aaal receiving hianKnardi'i 
approbation aHer a victory. In addition 10 hia mpu- 
donably prepoaaeaaing eiierior, Abaalom had, in ana- 
nail matleta, thwarted the deaigna of Joab— Mta 
indeed fnMn mere youtbful aporl than from any dnip 
10 injure 1 ao thai whalMmnenced almoat canaaltHlr. 
n aimple avenion, ended in mortal hatrad. 
t u« turn DOW from ihaaa lo another p(iasa,<ibii 
haa been inlrodured, bul not anfficienlly dtaoibeo. 
Itaphar, the noblo Tyrian atiiliaaaailiii had, with ant 
oiber atrangera, removed hia reaideDca wilbaal the 
:ity walla, before Iha Paaaover comneocad. Balkia 
beautiful and only daughter, Yehainab, with the ^ 
erbial cnrioeity of her aei, made, aa we have abaady 
aeen, frequent viaila to lhe eityi during Ihe oMiiiB"- 
ance of the feail, and aometimea loo, wilh no olbaf 
proteclion than bar veil and her innoc«n>?e. 

She waa an ewiera beauty, in ihe fuIlM pmwof 
the term — 

" A form oCJib and tight, 
Thataaen, became a pari ofaight:" 

with eyta, large, apirhling, a>d black, aa then 'f ^ 
Raielle, which ahe had peUed among lhe baw(»<< 
her native homei and a laca, wboaa langhiag, heypy 
eipresion balokened the bean yet nnacquainwd wi>k 
toaaad niahea, and Uighlad hopea( bar ligkLaiiT 


MptirbM it«tking,utd lwriy1ph-likarofai,t«*«lwt 

Daiittg her rr«qi»nl nmblM Ihroufh the ti\f, ibe 
bd iMCMiooally nal Abu1«a, and Tram (Ming him 
te lared him ; liir lei me aiHira iliee, ganlle reader. 
(if Ibaii but DM already enlicipaled my remark in 
Ihioa awn eiperienee,} 'lie qaile aa saif Ibiig M M\ 
iiloiewiih a handiome petMD. Tlie pniwe had 
■u Iwr alio, and «*■ no law eruoKiurad than benelf. 
Bal hi wai not alone in hia idmiraiion. The pnwrer 
folJuab had alao been imiKen niih a reeling which 
UiMaiQ bwon had nevet berure acknoHledged. And. 
ID the precipiiaoca wiih which be aaually put iDt<i 
nmLioQ hie deaignit had demanded the maiden from 
b«i fwher, ea hia wifi). Raphei waa • laiber. and he 
Ined hb daughter wiih all a lalher'a love, lie H.-i- 
•Int lulbTul euhjecland loiter orhia king. He uu 
Ikil by acceding to ibe reqneit of the caplain geacral, 
ha WHiU ncure a good— ihal ia a noble buiband Tur 
kii daoghlar Bnl Ibia wu nol all- He would ihercby 
■eqnirt a alroag inflamca wiih Iha prime miniater ul 
Jad«,inhich iaaueaca he mighl eierl much to the 
ulTanIi|e of hia own aoreraigD. And hia determjoa- 
lion wtt made. He hade bii daughter prepare lo 
receiie ber fiilura hoabaDd. Raphar could Dol hul 
penaiie, whea be named (he prime mioialeri thai (he 
oW and cbaerfulneie lefl hi* daughter'* face. And 
liMrecliagaora parent were eicited. though they were 
pulupi linged aligbily with anger. But he waa an 
iadoigrnl Tsiher. more ao than waa uiuilly round in 
Ihal age. He called hia daughter to him.end, while 
be li^ed her leoderly in hia atma, inquired if hia 
choice HHitd not malie her happy. The poor girl 
n* euirelj' overcome by hit kindneaa, and CDofeeaed 
that ibg loTcd already — hnad Abaalom, Iha priace 
mrilarJudea. The ambaaaador eaaily learned, afier 
• fan inleRogaliona, that ahe did nol euppoae her love 
lelamed— (hia waa herore abe had met Abaalom, aa 
nltled in chsplsr II — indeed aba waa nol aware that 
iba prince bad asen or noticed her. 

Reader, indulge me Ibr ■ momen^ We read biito- 
lia of the old worhl — and when, in lbs livea of the 
tanaau, we find mealioa of iheir loiea ; len to oae 
IN plover Itiam with the nme indifference thai 
n leal in perusing aecuunit of the mnat common- place 
ocenrrencea. We never aak if, in Iheir marriage*, 
there were reelingavoncerned—heaila as well ■■ hnndi 
■arried. Indeed, ws are apt to look upon the ancieni> 
uaMrueal, aQfeeling >el of being*, with no capabi 
liJi«a Ibr lha*e refined emolioo* of love which we are 
nn Hillisg to place among miidetn inveniioni or di*- 
nieilci. Now I do verily belieie ihal AJam fell ** 
dnplfin love with Eve al fini *ight. aa did ever hero 
of nudera romance will) hia miatrei* .And thai ihii 
tore conlinuad even aller ber *in. \Va* it not alter 
Ihtir nnhappy tma^ieaaioQ that " Adam sailed bi* 

" Vca, each the love-ianghl name, the first 
Thai ruined man to wooun gave, 
£i'n in bia outoaat boor, whan curat 
By ber fund witchery with that wont 
And euliaal boon of love— the guv*." 


We believe, moreover, each was his tove lot her, 
ibal witbool her be could not have been bapfiy 
in Eden ; end that niih ber he could somelinaa 
forget hii baniihmeel, hia leal Paradise, and be happy. 
There wa*, in our opinion, juit a* much real love in 
the old world, and a* much ditappviDlsd love, with 
lis Ida fiequeDt reauli* — 

"A btoksn hsait, and an early grave," — 

describe that love. 

Now ihe uhjrct oflhia confhaion ofEiiih ii to pn»- 
pare ihy tniiid, genile reader, for believing Ihal Te- 
tiuinab luveil uiibnllihilio-mucbi-elebraivd woman'* 
luve. Nor wa. it from Cm lighi only. The above- 
meniionni iiiieiview wiih her faiher — in witich lie 
nSeciionaiely warned her against indulging a paaalon 
Ibr one so much above, ar>d solillle known lo ber. and 
eapecially, Ibr one who did not love ber — cloaed hy 
telling ber that be had j>romiied her, and Ihal Ihe 
•acriGce on her pari miul be made. All she could 
obtain waa his conaenl to have her marriage deferred 
suae liiile time. 

It waa on Ihe evening afler the above ihal ahe met 
AWalom, (vide chap. II.,) and beard from his own lipa 
thai he loved her. Though Ihia itself did nol give 
her more pleaaure, than hia assurance that Juab should 
not potsest her. These ihingi, however, she did not 
menlion lo her father. Nor did she tell him, [aha 

poor memotie*,) ihst for weeki, sho met the prince 
elmosl every evening by moonlight in the myrlle- 

Aa Ihe Paaover bad long alnce ended, and the 
slranger ilebrevv* were acattered. Rapbar would have 
relurnrd lo ihe ciiy, but hii daughler enlreaied him 
earnestly lo remain. For what reaaon, Ihe reader must 
ludge. bui ihe reasnn she gave the ambaieador wa^ 
that the Ihought her heatih would be belter In lbs 
couniiy ihan in ihe cily. 

A few weeka passed, however, end het father ei- 
pieaaed his diabelief in Ihe fancied efficacy of the 
cuiintry air ; nay, be ihoughl the very contrary eSeol 
had been produced. For, he aaid, since coming there, 
•he had loit color aii^ cheerfulness, and indeed waa 
enlirely changed from ihe happy girl he had brought 
»iih him from Tyre. This via* all too irae. Poor 
Vi^hainah would scarcely have been recognised by 
ihe merry compiniiin* whom ahe had lefl behind al 
her far home, and among whom aha had formerly bean 
the gayeM of ihs gay. Her unibnunate love had — 

only, it li 

a her 

and not on her cheek c 

hcalih and apiriia. till she was now bul the a' 

■if what «he had been. The life and lire of her be*U- 

tiful eyes were sailly dimimtlied— Ihe ipiril-liko elaa- 

licily of ber *icp had vaniihed. What added lo bet 

m'ltlbriune and suffering, was a kind of half acknowj 




ledged codtcinuioea ihM ihe erred in BlloHiag ber- 
Mlf lo love due nhoieghe could never be. She never 
repaired lo ui interview wiiii Abmlon. wilhout re. 
■olvjni iKal it bhould be ihe lut. For she could not 
bul reel that there wu »)iaelhing wrong in Ihoae 
neelingt which aerved only ai Toel lo a pastion alree- 
if loo violent for her peace. 

Bul where wai Abaalom meanwhilel Th» prince 
bad endured levere con&icu of mind. Crime nai 
Mw lo hiia. and though the ■aphiatrf of Ahlihophel 
bad, for Iho moqieiit, kepi from hi> view the wrong lo 
which he wai conieniing in iBnciioning iho courael- 
)n'iplot;]rel>OBf)e«houn'iegection would and did 
raluin. U* law that he had •uSsred bimielf lo be 
led to ibe verge of a fearful ahyu.over HhifhaQOLfaer 
■Up would plunge him irretrievably, and he ihiank. 
Be wai Dolwidiout ambilioo, Ibougb hi* ambition 
liad Qiilbar the reckleanea of Joab, nor iha crimina- 
Uly of Abilhophel : and tii» idea of rebellion againat • 
gueni wbocn ha loved, wai one w ulleriy repugnani 
Ml hii niiure and religion, thai he repented niihin an 
'boor after ha had given bU coDiaot to Abilhophel. 
And ba ttoold certainly have latraciad ibai cooieni, 
but— and hia evil angel whiipered hini — ttii* plot of- 
Arad Iba only poMlble maaoa of obuining her who 
Itad become a thotuand lime* deanr lo him Iban life. 
Hii good reaolutiom were itaggered in • tnonienL — 
Loae Yehainah! — He amid not!— The thODghl wa> 
nadnwa death! Bulbow elaecould he giiabett 
He called to mind all the reannioga of the couaaeltor, 
and if they did not aaliafy, they aiaiited to ilifla hia 
raluctancaj ai>d, with an aniiotu. undecided mind, he 
naolvad to wail and aee wbel turn aflain might take, 

Loal Abalomf He would fain have returned to 
Tirtoa, but he could not. He bad taken the finl ilap 
downward, and now hu evil geniua had erected an 
inaoperaUe harrier u> hi> reiom. 

Oh ! ia it Bol ever thua in tranigrenion t The egren 
Ihna OUT Eden of innoceoee ii eaay, but when we 
would relutn, we loo oilen find a fiaming aword baa 
bean placed Ibere. Our finl outward alep aealed.out 

And with Ihia aage isfleclion, (which moat people 
wiU think bad twen beUer omilledj cloaelh thia long 


'i%c VA ^vm out TWf bearta-4n4 ebohtnff aigha 
Whieh ne'er michi be repeated. WbocoaUnuii 
If (TB un AeaM sBel IhsK namial en* ' 

CiUde RmtU. 

If waa one of iltoaa eTeningi which freqaenily 
darken under an eaiiem aky, bul which no language 
atn deacribe la oof eara of ;he nprthem lone, eo aa lo 
give Da an adeqaala idea of iheit beauty. The aao 
bad travelled all day tbiougli a heaven wboae ainre 
'waa unapotieil by a nngle cloud. The aunaei with ila 
l^oty, and Ihe iwilight with il* ahadowi, had paned 
aw^, mid the mono wai op. Hai light, ai it |liUaf> 

ec] from Ibe gilded pinosclea oi the templa at Jernai 
lem, and glanced away over the fertile plains of Ci 
nun, fell on the form of a maiden K> benuliful, tha 
one would almoai have expected Ihe moonlighl ti 
pauie ■ nlamenl, that it might gaie longer an a thing 

If angels ever envy us niortali any thing in ihi 
dark world of oun, it moat be Ihe poaaeaaion of (hw 
gentle, Betaphlike creaturei, tor whom — if ancieo 
chronicle* tell iiuly— heavenly being! once fell eartblj 
pawion. But not long do they envy JH their jnwM 
aion. For thoae bright bul fragile beinsi, Ihataeenn 
unfit lor the aloruu and blsabeod hero, are alway* tbi 

" Every liugering fie 
That binde then down lo eanh — to acTer ; 

And leave, lor iheit bright home ou high, 
Thia faollow.bearled world ibr ever." 

The one who wai now abroad in the moonligh 
wai Bllended by a aingle nuid^ervant, who accooiFa. 
nisd ber to a certain myrtle-grove, (mentioned in iha 
former part oT thia Malory,) and there nimaiiml whilt 
her OiiatreM went forward into Ihe fntiu. Tha a» 
bamuloi'i daughter — for it waa ahe— had ncri proeeed. 
•d taany alepa edw leaving hat maid, till aba nel Ab- 

"ITehainah — daareit Tebainsh!" aaid the piinM. 
ai ba pieiied the trembling girl to hia boaom ; " I hai* 
waited here (or the lait watch — I feared ihoa wouU'K 

Now. genlla reader, do not pteanme lo imagme wt 
abaU letl ibea all lha( he aaid, and (he anaweied; br 
Ibey were lovera, and every body knowa — at ought *> 
know — lh*t when lovera meet, (eapeciahjralleihaTiiig 
been aeparalcd (or a whole day,} tbey do and By i 
greet many very ailly thinga. We find it convenient 
however, lor Ihe better eiplanalioil of our itoiy, d"'. 
thou ahould'al bear aonewhat of their coovemlioD. 

" Thou ait aad, lo-nigbt," eaid Yehainah, m, nilhi 
lace in which waa piciured all the innocence of Era 
before the fell, ihe looked up into the aniioni eotmte- 
nance of the prince. 

" I have reaion," replied Abaalom ; " I|bl 
bid thee farewell for a long, long tinle." 

"O, aay not *u!" aaid Iha miideni clinging clo«rt* 
her lover. 

" 1 would that Ihsre were no need ; bat I nuit be 
in Hebron by to.motrow'a eve." 

" And bow long mnit it be ere thou lelum f i^U^ 
tha now weeping girL 

" Nay, thia mual nol he — Iboo must not weep, Ta- 
haineh \ 'Ila lorely enough that 1 am unhappy mfWb 
without making others so." 

*■ O, I Bin IKI— cannot be unhappy with ibee ; bii 
mnsi ihon go t" 

"IntisL Tel, deareM,! wiUisltuliaafpeedilr'' 
poaaible; wiihia" — 

" Bam long t" 

" Perhapa, a week." 

" A weak .' and cana'I thoa live a week fiOB »' ' 
0, AbaaloM ! thou doit not, eana^ not lore." 



' Xchaioali '." nU ibe priniw, io • lona of miDgled 
pief and lepniacb. yet " mora in •otruw lltu id an- 


:e lor ■ few 

All ihu the baii notinded her loTir'i reeling*, but (hi. 
wun Dew a ihing Tur Lcr Io <Iu, Ihal (Ik wu at a 
lea nhel lo By, On the oUier band, AlmUiiD knen 
ifaubar implied diuciul was uadaifned, lolliil wheD 
baipok* ■gain, he aaid — 

"Reel aeurci), dearait, I nill raUuD w quicklf u 

'0, 1 kaon Ihou wilt," replied the meideik enxioua 
atm to thai* (hat elie had canSdance in her loiec, aod 
^ w Sad aad Catl banelf fiN^iTaa. " Bui doM ifaou 
peliBel" added ibe, «illin| to chuige ibe lonatil 

; ii — I atwuld vp, Ihe kiiig'i caoD- 
NQor.Dobte Ahiihopheli I ehell meeihho ai Hebron-" 

' 1 ftar ihal Mani oiaa," Mid atM, Dot obtetTiog the 
inaee'i evotamaa j " yet have 1 ia*a hin muck wilh 
tee of lata. Abolan, perbapa I am ailty, bol 1 thiDk 
bt >iU laid ibM IO >i> good." 

■Howt— nhat t— who lold ibaet" nid ibo prince, 
kMilf, IheD fa<mmvg—" Ok, nDltui«— 1 wae Ikink- 
lif— bal Iboa peedaat not feu kiai — he i* mj TricDd." 

* I an glad aC thai ; but — Ibou ail not liitKniiig le 

'BoBt— jaa— I know 1 am. BtM— I waa Ibink- 


•Why, nhalher 1 onghl lo leli Ibaa"— 

* Ddm il CDDcem ihjiell t — cartaiolr iboa ongbleaL" 
" Well, bat nhal if it make Ihaa aad ]" 

"0, Abaolum! — aarelr ikna doal not mean" — and 
Ike poor girl nepl. 

Th« priwe oait a aaaiching, nupidrMia gbuwe 
mnod bin, aod aaid — 

"Tbou leTcal a*, Yebaioah, and I will lei) Ibea 
■hUaliicb will put my Lfe in Ihy banda." 

Sba iDoktd Dp, irembUug with eipeclaiion. 

"Thou loveil me B» a prince," conlinued ba> in a 
le* nice. " bat aa a prince, 1 caa otier poaeaa ibee. 
Ifo to HebroDj if I return, I ehall C 


* O, leama, «bo wgoU vM lo nie 
Tha daantdlng crowd, ika eannoii Itel ! 
■nrSi Aoa,"&aMid, -At kwd actlabe, 
Wilk which Ukt ibnvt Ihe Doaclu nmmc? 
VA Uc KcUm, tte nlarlGiuel 
Boaiacd ftr Knc Aawa Ihclr DHFiunc note, 
Aad like •«»«■ waoM IXnglu peel. 
It he eonld hail me Craok aj hbi." 

Ttaa DiTiD wu in hJ palace halli. aod hii Doblei 
"M ibool him. Tbe mailar of ceramoDiee entered 
^Joily, and bowed. 
* A lafrnger fiom Hebron, fbr taj lord, tfaa kiog.'' 
"Urn HebiM r nid DtTid, " let him entar." 

The door openefl. and. cotercd with duel and (mat. 
a ramengcr iiood in preaence df Ihe monBrch. 

" Thou host been in baiia," laid ihe king. " what 

"O, king? live lur CTcrr" — nnd [he meuenger bow- 
pd 10 the eotih — '■ ihy eon, Absnloni, hai been pro- 
(laimid king in Uebionl" 

The monereh iiartcd rrora his throne in DOreigned 
•urpiiM i then, reroieiing himaelf iDatanlly, he qoea. 
linned iha mananger; 

"DoMihoo knowibiil" 

" IMy lord, 1 hoard (ha irumpeta." 

■■ Enough 1" — ihe meaeDfer retired—" and iar Uk 
Ihophel :" added Ibe king. 

'■ My hjrd," Joab apoka, " Ihe Dobla Ahilbopbel ab- 
lained peimiMiuD on yeateiday lo ofier MDrifiea in Oi- 
lohj bul," added be, while a bitter eailo played nmnd 
hia lipi, liif be lall ihal the oounadlor waa no k»gai a 
[ival, " I luie certain infbrnietiDn, by a pii**U m^ 
■enger, ibal ha ii now with ibe pi 

" Ah .' I aae il aU" Mid iha kii«. « But we mwI 
hiato away. Until Ihe amy can ba oolleetad, Ikb 'm 
no place for na. The rabeli will woo be Ken." 

And Ibe MctiaTcb daaoanded iram hit Ihrana. At 

[he imporlanca oT hia auaaias hie apology, huniad, l»- 
aniHHinced, befon Iba kiag- 

" O, king ! live liir over !— Ibe mta of Jnaol BoA 
by ihooaanla to bllow AhaaloB— Jadah oaly ia bitt- 
ful IO thee r 

" Tia weU !"• 
Moblea! away 

-the B 

t (ha I 

Joab) to call the army together- Il may nwM on Iha 
plain, ikear iha Ibroet of Ephreim." 

And ihcy laCl tbe cily — the nMuareh and hia mia. 
Aa ibey paaaed au^ Uuahai, Ibe Arcbile, iha aaaoad 
counaellor in Ihe kingdom, overtook Lhem. 

" IknowlbailhonarirBithrul.aodlhallhoawoald'il 
go nilh me," aaid lbs king, " bat thou muat retun to 
JenuolcD. Hoaven will give iboe wiMlom lodaiMt 
the eoanael of AhilhojidieL" 

In the neanlime. me«aDgen were ecnt aimad 
through Ihe land, bearing ihe irumpeti which ihould 
call the hoM* of Judah to Iheir maDarch'i aide. I.'fc" 
ihe bearer of Roderick'* fiery cni^ did Iheaa 

and before Ihe imiI day's even-lido dowd over th* 
ptaini of Ephraim, Iba king nw himaelf at the head 
of a Dumeroua and well-appointed army, waiting th* 
riw of Ihe morrow'a aim, u> decide the lala of AbM- 
lom and the kingdMi. 


THE gentleman's MAGAZINE 


IFafltfy. '^ HftJ, thw, fluvweU 1 

rrebiuchH (be btg1ie«t point of aU my ^ r utim i; 
AudifromUieOill oifHiJuui vT my vlnty, 
1 huie now u m; HUiDF : t ihaU All, 
IJkr % brtfhl eibkhlkm ID (lu; ocDuir, 
ABd no nua Ks DK uwr." iSng Bttry Fill. 

Tout wa now tara 
fHeodi, and givs eipl 
•d in Ibe lut chipter. 

Abolom Itsd, u w 

ima of K 

r nlreiidf lold ihe ruder, 
deiignvd lo nah, oc il Inul to be in no buM, relali 
la iba ■.-onieiDplaied ravglulion. Tbii. huwavci, would 
fa]> DO mam wait lbs caunMlloc. Ahiihaphel 
Ihe prince') r«1uctancs to Ibe propoted tchcine in- 

il lb« 1. 


aw. iIki, Ibit hii love for Yehainah. ind Ihe nrtlinly 
Ihal ahe wu loai lo bini uiileM ihii plan •ucceeded- 
aIoo«- prevented hii withdrawing ■Itogelbet rram ibe 
plot Tbia would be ratal lo tbe couiueJlor, aod, leM 
the prince tbould find ■ome mean* of pmaeiBing Ye- 
bainab, aod ihoi utterl; ruin hie plana, hodeumiined 
lohave ibem eiecuied wiihoui farlber delay. 

Bui be mel en aliiiaet iiuoperaWe difficulty in lbs 
nnwillingneM ttC Ahialon to an immediate perfbrn- 
•oeaof bia pari. Witb bia utnoal aophiiiical ikill, he 
made nee of every eigomeDl which auperfaumiD euH' 
■ing oouM deviee, and at Uwl eucceeded. The deci- 

made imnied lately all arnngamenti neceaiaiy Tar luc- 
cam. Ahilhopbe! lenl secret agents through Ibe whole 
land of lirael, nith innructioiu, m> itiat in the very 
hour when Absalom ihotild be proclaimed king, there 
might be raised an aiiny. The prince wes tu repair 
lo Hebron. The cooniellor would reqtieil permission 
lo Tiait Giloh, his native city, under pretence of oiler' 
iog ncrificee ; and fram that place he vrould rendu. 
Toui to Hebron, where Abaalum waato be immediale- 
if procliumed. 

On the evening before be lef) Jeriiulem, Ibe prince 
kad an inlerview {vide Chap. IV,) with her for whom 
alone he wei now eeeliing a crunn and kingdnm at 
the Tiak of his lire. And when they parted, il wat 
wilh a preseaiimenl in each, ihoogh neither dared 
apeak it. thai this meeting was their last. 

The DCil day. Abaalum weot to llehron, ai had 
been preconcerted, where, towards evening, he not 
joined by Aliiihophe.l. They raised Ihe alandard uf 
the princo — piacUimed him king— and all latael ful- 
lowedthem,- Tor Absalom wsi beloved by all. and 
though the people feared and disliked Ahlihophel, yet 
Ihey were gtad thai be was with Ihemi lor they knew 
Ibal he waa wise, and Ihey trusted in his counsel. 

An army was eoon raised, the command of which 
waa given lo Amass ; fur the cwunseilur had nnl erred 
in anppoaing thai this bnv* commander would joiii 
them as a leader. The army marched immediately 
lo Jenualem; and Absalnm stt in the palace-hall 
nhich David had so recently left. Aa he called 
■round him his eounsellun, it was with no smalt de 
grce of surprise that be ssw Huihair the Atcbiie en- 
r, Cir tbia man bad always 

proreaaed parlioular altacbmant to David. Hashaif, 
however, soon gave him lo lUHleialand bow well lu 
had studied politic*, by assuring him thai he alnyi 
made il ■ rule to Nde wilh the slrongesl. 

Counsel was called for. Abithophet spoke, u 
usual, lirsl. and aa osusl. apoka wisely. He sud— 
ihai Ihe ci king waa now with few followers am- 
paralivcly alone — taken by sutpriae — and wiikgul 
means of defence. And. as Israel had declared bt 
Ahaalom, ihe man David alone prevented his b)in| 
univenally acknowledged. It was necessary. IIihs. 
fure, thai he — David — should be eecurtd as speedily 
as possible. And he recommended thai a few tboa. 
Asnd men be despalrhed immediately tu seiae hispt^ 
son \ this being the most effectual means of prateal. 
•ng a civil Hsr, and ofBeaiing Absalom firoilf oa Its 
thronej ftir, J)avid out of Ihe way.tbere werenonsto 
dispute his right. 

This was certainly lbs very best advice thai cniM 
posaibly have bten given, in view of tbs propaHl 
end. — Absalom's quiet possession of the thmne. But 
ihe young prince resolved eecrelly ttasi il shosld nM 
be followed. He knew that Ahithnphel wonkf {Its 
private instructituia to those who should be ssat u 
secure the ei king's peians, — when they had seued 
him, 10 put him lo dealb. And though be had rabellol 
against his rather, and was now trying la tub hiai of 

murder. Concealing, however, his dislike lo ike 
counsel, he feigned appruvel, and called on Ihe wber 
coutuellors to apeak. 

Huthair apoke. He eaid — thai considering Ihe 
well known vsisdum of ihe noble Ahiihophel, ilMi|kt 
appear presuropmotw in him to di^r from bin, bet,— 
fium Ills sincere atiachmeoi to the young mODaick, 
and his iniious desire lo see hira inmedialsly aod 
Rrmly sealed on thai throne which would derive id. 

he could not but think advice might be offered, which 
would, at Ibat lime, be mora suitable, as well as wie 
practicable. He proceeded to enlarge upoo tbe 
known bravery of David agd his preieDI adheruiis; 
slating that il was more than probabla they were, tia 
ihii litne, in some strong hold, whence it would bs 
iitipuHiilds to dialodge Ihera with Iha preeenl Budii- 
ciplined troops which had been collected. Defeat 
now, he said, would be utter ruin. Haste waa pro- 
verhially productive of niore harm than good. He 
waa therefore of opinion that il were belter lo wait a 
liiile. till their army ahnuld be augmented by iha 
Ihuunnds who were hourly durking to his sianJsid \ 
and by whom, he ui>l. il would wMii be increased le 
such uumben, that, if neceesary, thry might eciuslly. 

I the I 

Tills advice, BO I 
rest of the council, 


D plausible, was well received by ib 
preferred it to that of Ahitbi 
easona than one. The fact was. the 
inloua of Ahilhnphel's power or mia 
utd king, and iheydelermined uinnil 

a andet iha oew nutwrdt. t^tj knew, o 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 


•nppaiad, ihal Abotooi would bs gOTemsd bf the 
Baioriljr, Bod tllcf wera wcara in &ny cbm. 1 
■bould ifaeir coumel be (allowed, and prove lucci 
M, it Muld ml fiiil 10 give ihera ihal influence w 
AbMiooi wbich Ahiibophel would. n«e«ari]<r. It 
On ihe other hand, ahould Iheir counael prove uaCor- 
lnOBle, ind Abetlom low hi) OMrped ihroiu, ibey 
Bigbl return (o Dacid witb the creditor beving give: 
tlie advice whereby Ihe muiper had been defeaiei 
(Oil niden will leoro by the above, doubtlea I 
Iheir ealire Miilkclion, thai the memben of ancian 
abineta were not a vibil bshind the moderni, in ihei 
ci|iabilily for wsariog coati with iwo lidci to ibem.) 

Huhai'a counael was, of courae. preferred by At 
■Vni. at il aecnred hii Talher's life for the preieni 
And bs eipreesed bii dslemiinaliun lo receive il be 
lore ibti of Abilhophel. Tbe Aral couniellur na 
ilunied. Be aaw clearly Ihal delay, in Ihe preaen 
ctinf, waa certain deatrnclion to all haps of lucceu 
iDd he allsmpled lo eipUIn hii vieivt. Bui bia ei 
ptualtODi were diiregarded r and when, upon hi 
drappiog uDgnardedly hhds diareepecirul eiprsMioni. 
Ataalon diimiBed him Croat hit prtaencei he UA the 
i^Hmcitchamber wilh Ihe fulleat conviction ihal forty- 
eight hoiin would reseat Dnvid an Ihe throne which 
hii nn had tnurped. 

Lei iH fblluiv (he disappointed man, for a few mo- 


A FEW dayi paianl away, and ih 
the fals of AbHlom and Ihe kingdom 

-elf, I 

10 the fore 

id of A 

He t 


but t 

btnithed archangel, when tie aaw ibe walls of heaven 
eknB bini elernally oui, ever fell ai did then the 
(umnellar. Id hii ambition, he had lowered to 
Ttn, and hii diaappointineni was proporlioned to hia 
UL The loHy destiny wbich had sesmed to awail 
uid invite him, was changed in a mamenl, and O, 
ha* diangedi 

He duappoiiitineDH of love tiear no comparison 
niA ilwae af ambition. Indevd, ibey are not of ibe 
—me kind. Love n a refined — almosl an efleminaie 
•aoiioB, which ealen tnil aeldom tbe hreaala of Iboaa 
«bo make Ihroaes and crowns tbeii play ibinga. DIs- 
tpininied love carries in ita vary bitiemaM, a ganils' 
MB which Dot oofreqaenily forgives Ihe author of its 
■Miy, Disappointed aoibilion woald, like the arch- 
And, spend, if poasible. an elarnity in revenge. 

Ahitbophel knew that his revenge was sure. Ab- 
■Ian wonld ba delealed. Bui that would not re- 
■ca lo him tb« pnunlM of Ihat kingly power which 
^ bad, tmi an hoar aince. almost within hia grasp. 
To liim tike presani gave no enjoymentithe futare no 
Sops. To what end did ha new live I He woold 
tiva no longer. He ael hia house in order; and, in 
■be very boiir wherein ha had hoped lo wield Ihe 
paver of Judea's oeeplrr, bia own hands prepared lor 
biBasIf Ibe ignominiouB grave of a suicide. And 
W« eodelh Ihe hittoty of ihe ambitiona Counaellor. 

of Ephraim. David 
haJ, Ibe hj^^hi before, wilinlrawu hi* forces Ham tha 
plain inlo ihe city of Mabanaim. But when, in tbs 
muriiiug. La saw the rebel host encamped near <h» 
furesi, lie drew oul bis army in three diviaioos, and 
under ilirec comnianden. Belore he sent Itwm to the 
balllB-field, however, be gave them sirici charge, m 
they would nol consent Ihal be ahould .accompany 
them,) Ihal. if poasible, AbaaloDishouId be taken alive , 
anil be trsaled kindly. 

Tha armies approaebsd each other, — that of Iha' 
rebels moat numeioua, thai of Ihe king best disci- 
plincd^nd the bailie was joined. Tbe iaua could 
nut long remain doablful. Discipline prevailed over 
numbers, and Ibe rebels were beaten wilb iminema 

Il mas [tot till he saw Itut, for Ihe presenl, all waa 
irretrievably tost, Ihat Ahaalom would fidbw hia-fly- 
ing lioopi. And then it waa wilb many a backward 
look, that be fled from bis viclorioDs enamies. And 
once, aa he lumed to look al those behind hiro. hia 
unguided mule passed under an cok wboae thick 
boughs extended ao low as lo entangle the penoo of 
lbs prince. A violanl efloit to disengage himself only 
the frightened niul* 
fled from under him, he was left suspended beiweea 
earth and heaven. 

Many soldiers passed him, Init they remembered 
Ibe injuQCtiotu uf David, and. satiafied that he Could 
not eilricate himself, left him uniiijuied- At length 
Abaalom saw one apptoaehing. whom he recognised 
but too well, and ftom whom he knew what lo ei- 
pecl. Joab came nearer, and a flendisb smile of mm- 
tal hatred glitamered over his dark fealutea, as he sat* 
his enemy at last within bia power. In Ibat look tha 
prince read bia own late, but he wai loo proud to ask 
that mercy wtuclk he oeuld not eipeci f^on his daad- 
liesi foe. He turned away bis face, and at Uiat mo- 
ment, with a muttered curse, Joab threw three dart> 
in rapid iucoeaion, wilb a force and preciakm which 
drove Ihemtbiongh tbe very heart of Ahaalom. The 
ill-laled young prince uttered no word, bat a amo' 
thared gnno eacaped him, and had any one t>ean 
near bia lips, he wduU have heard a name whispered, 
he name of one whom Ahaalom loved more than 
ife, aod whom be oould not forget— even in deatb- 
Tbe h«nds relaxed Iheir oonvnlaed grasp on Iba 
branchee of the tree — the limba bung looaely fiom tba 
bod y and a heart eewod b> ibiob, wbich, l)Mii(br 

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t«# •VN^iavAii'a m«aitK>. 

DiigQJded and wtoot, nu noble u ever beii in bii- ' 
nun tank A cMrpw hm^ in the oA. 

Il 1VW Doaniidt- The king nl il odo of ibe gMea 
of (be eit]''WBU, awiitiag waiiouilf new* [mm 4he 
Iiallls. A wmlchmin ilood oo the wall, ond u he 
looked, ha mw a meneoger coouDg acron the plain 
towBid the citf ; — and lo he lold ihe kiaf. Tbemes- 
Mngcr appraacbed aniftly, and aiood before ihe mo- 

" Bpsik," uid DaTid. 

" Glad tidEngi, mj loid, ths rebela are clefeali'd, — " 

" And the yoang man. AbialoiD," iDlerrapled ihe 
king aniionilf , " ia he lafe T' 

" Mar bII the enemiea or my lord the king be bi 
thai ronng nun i*," aald the nenanger. 

Ha king ran foxn tail *eal, and as he walked liv 
waida kit palae*. be Mid, "O my ion, Abmlom! 
mrald Oodl bad diadibr thee i O Abntou! my ion! 

Bal ibare wn one to whoa the death of Abnlont 
TW a haaviei t>nAe iban lo ihe king- 
It TCould be Urange, if it wera not >o comi 
that, in a world when are m many dark p(na 
Ikeie aboald eaiM a tie like ibat lore which will 

lllan nature can bind Ike neareit retallTei. 

If David, in hie regret for Ibe eon, could brgive 
end lament the goUly though miiguided Abaalom, 
whei mnai be Tehainah'i Aoagbti and feelingi, at 

ihe Ion of ana in whom ccnlered her all of bapfrineaa 

hare, and witbaut wham, even tbe bfNaflat wUA 
hu ra%ion tecogniiad oonld give no piani if i 
Uiaa. ! 

When Ihe [tinea Mt bar, and tail wiih bn Ibg I 
M4et of the pnpoaad revolnlion, be Utda Am^i | 
;bat a liMie of hopes and faara he had wor en tmnid 
er heart Rapbar heard of the rebellion, hot n ' 
■hort a time elapaad between ill comBencemciH tti 
■a, thai there wia no necamly fbr any Acliaim 
part. Hs had waited the iMoa wilb, it DM ba 
conlened, wiabee for Abnlom'e niooeai. ornkiek is- , 
deed be had no doubl when be law Ike nniTeMl 
movemenl in hia lavor. And ihe D«wa of tka drfial I 
and death of Ihe prince cane lary mieipeeledly. 

tl wai on Ihe evening uflei (he battle, dial (be IM- 
ba»ado( waa aiding in the court in the eanlre of In 
tenia. Hii daughter wu beeida bin. A nMual M- i 
tered. " My lord," aaid he, " the neaenget nkatn 
■ent to Mahanaim hae rammed-" 

" Send bim here," laid Raphtr. Tba mumatu 
Mood hafor* bim. 

" What ia- die nrwaT 

" 11m rebala ar* delMad, xaj lord, and iba jaasf 
ptiaca AhaaloBi i* riain." 

The ahiiek tkal hum iioB tba bpa of Yriiduh 
reminded the ambaaador of what be had at tkai ■»■ 
laant Ibigoaen, that hii daughter wa* pnnat. Bat 
ibe aiacfaief wai done. A few weeka of feva and 
deliriam followed, and then Ibe viotira of a tnkn 
heart lanli into that grave, which vraa to b«l txtif i 
reeling place. For to bar, happinca of etrdi bad 
been " weighed in the balance, and found ntntinf." 


Suit, habjr love, aleep— theie ate angala above 
That watch o'er thy Blnmbere, my own Kllle dove; 
And I know by the iniilei ihnt iiaal over thy brow, 
Tby drsama ere of heaven and happineia DOw- 

Tbna cmdlad be Are mt, my inDoeenl child, 
'VTilb thy cbaeba' peachy MneeonH, thy heart undefii'd, 
Widi (he raya of glad aonlight beneath (by ahni eyea,' 
Oh 1 bow can (hey epare ttiea from yonder bine akiee. 

They aaul Ibea, my diriing. to Ihia world of oura, 
Wilb Ihe aoft galea of aumner and parlhme of flowen, 
l%ey gave to thy mother ihlne angel-like ibrm, 
Ai a rainbow of jtMahm hi lifo^ dreary aiorm- 

jBmile on in thy alatnben my lovely and Mr. 
A mother^ warm kH parta thy golden hnad hair ; 
A mother'* fofMi eyea o'er thine InnDeeni ileep 
neir unwMrM vigUa of walrhfiilneaa keep. 

Sleep, baby tove, aleep, and when yean Aall |0 by. 
Mine own aUver'd head oo that pillow nay lie. 
And Iboae fii^an ahall pail Ibe white loi^ OD mf 

Tbai ding to miiM own in ibeir helpleamaaa now- 

The ripe fruil ahall fall when the barvesl is oaw. 
And the gioeo leaf muai periih when yellow and 

Sleep, baby love, aleep-^nay that awile'i fianf 

Still light with iti halo thine angel-bnmght diaan. 

Still holy and calm be thy ■lomben of even, 

" For, ot inch aa Ihoa art. to tb« lungdom of hetvM' 


HT tuer »»frfi'd]iiiAKC!i. 


It a Kanx]y worth while now to Mala whf. when, 
or wbtta, I became itage Nruck ; whether I ma en- 
Moured of nraa Ikeatrio goddsM. and ■oughl lh« ba- 
bililuiDoaf tbadmnaaaoninlndaetivn.aiid piaclind 
the poiaail ki tu^m of becoaing a worthy cwnpeet 
rf 1*7 iaamonta— whether I wai too hzj lo work at 
ihe btiniMH or pfoftMkin to which 1 wai devoted bj 
paistBil nparinietidaoM— wheihet I wai conceited 
nnagti to Miere tint the tragedy acimt of the daf 
(f«a laen tamiiig hninbngt, and (hat 1 alona pomem- 
•d the feritr of delineaiing ibe eoncaptiois of the 
ihaattin — it not worth inqniritiig. I did beconie 

my ill upon iba ^tk», and itaiid the hunrd of the 

Jokn Dobkina wn " ■ Irp»4(ieket," am tfa« fcteiili- 
fic ■mngata of the laetallie lilnali are Tnlgailji de- 
woiaated. It ii Mranga, bat ttiM, that out of oreiy 
doaen of tbapiaitf.eleTea of the nomber bava dropped 
Ibe compoaing iiicli ftr the it^cfa«ari,or eacapsd fcom 
ibe purliaaaof (haimgcrf, orlhe dalchea of the Ian, 
bat lbs numbefV of (he former clan predominate both 
upon the Amerinm and Lbs European (tags, John 
Mkina, a wmpontor. though (he rould play Rolla— 
he knew the wonla, for he had ipoQled the whole pisy 
of Fizarra twice ihroogb, niihool laiBing ■ line, be- 
lore an enlifbtened and critical audience, eoisiating 
of ElUTdeTila, two errand boyt, and a proof-reader, 
who eabodied wiihia ihemelTea the pit. box, and 
Iillety people, the Pemvian army, and the loldien Of 
the Spsniih camp — the youngan devit petionaled Co- 
n'l child, and Ibe proof-reader naa allowed ibs high 
hwot of ihumpiBg Ae fnm tympan. in imitation of 
Piiuro'a dram ; all the ipeaking parti ware doaHtd 
by Dobkina, who felt that he had the andying apark 
Hiihin hia bieoit, and he rewilted lagelap Sheridan'i 
pl>r of Piaono. on (ha twelve iint aqoare stage ol 
the Piahanmnicen lDa(i(ntion, Im the purpoae of let- 
tiot Ike teorld eea thai there were other penona capa- 
ble ol playing Rolla beeidea the lucky bnt talenllett 
ladiTiduali at ihe head of the diamatio dynalty- 

DoUina oAered an the part of the Spaabb con- 
qaemr. •■ for a conndentitm." I accepted Ihe cffct. 
Kid ptapared aceoniingiy. Let ua mppoae tfae n- 
Iwunli over, iha dreatea prepared, Ihe (wn acenaa lei 
down, ibe three lampa ItghMd, Ibe fooi llddlen, who 
"me tiDt eery drank, all in a raw, the fire pionplen, 
•ach with ■ beok of a diflereal cditian, diiperted 
abeal Iba wingi, asd every thing eke at aixaa and 
<tTfni. ready let the awfiil tinkling of the werning 
W. A alight dtetwhaoea -belwean DobkliM and a 

refractory chielUin, aamenhal roiieVFil the horrific ai- 
Unce. The eante of ihe biicf dtalurbancc wai aim- 
pla, bataoffkient. 

Ths diflerenpe, and it )< a wide ona, between (ha 
amateur theaire anil the pnblic caiabliihmenl ia. that 
Ihe actoie at the latter are auppoted to be paid, and, 
that aoma of ihem do occiuinnally get a living aalaiy, 
bul the gfBllamn fomrti; the aaocialion inraliaUy 
pay the manager lur the privilege of oikihiting ttiam- 
aalvea to (he anaering coantenanca* of tbeir acqmin- 
lanoee. The memben of the Panhannonicoii, or Pan- 
demonium, ai Dobkina' devil iaained upon calling it, 
Iband their own atage apparel, and paid proportumate- 
ly to (he value of their reapective parts. Tlii ei- 
pUnalion ii necesiiry to snabte Ihe reader to ander- 
atand Ihe followiog speech, which an Indignant ama- 
reur fini utlcrlng jiist before the riaing of the curtain. 
" Ilere'i a ahame ! ihat rcltow, IheTO— a ahilling Spa- 
niih (oldiar, who doeg not open hi* mouth, hai a bet- 
ler dtesa Ihan I ht,ve, a revcniy'rivs cent nobleman 
with (ao linea and Ihrpe worda." The iodigaant 
Ihrea quarlcra wat porilie'l by Ihe loan of a laige 
tnoid, 10 tthich he allowed bintielf to be lied. 

A cosiumar in the neigh borhoiHl provided ua with 
drcnaea ol bo much per head — according to (he stand- 
Bid of Ihe ciiantcler repreaented and Ihe natore of the 
dreaa required. .Dobkina, like all genii, independent 
and peculiar, reaolved lo provide bin own, and never 
■hall I forget hia appearance when he sallied fmn the 
den called the dieanng rmm. and strutted, big with 
anlicipatory triumph, acroaa the limiccd area of eihibi- 
lion. He had procured a variety of bed furnitnre 
omnmenit, auch na Ihe old Isihioned. round, braai 
embossed roven that utcd (o hang over the bed p«M 
BcrewB. with quantity of bfighl tope of bandlee to 
bureau diawen. and about a doien of large aleal 
bulions. These elegancies were sowed upon an oU 
vest, and when hutloned behind, were meant to re- 
pteaent a bressl-p)ale of ilndded armor. A short, 
■cant shirt, edged with red tape, srarcely resched hia 
knees, and his tegs were clad in a pair of ttoekinfa 
dyed in imilalion of fteah color, but spoiled in lb* 
dying, inasmorh as they lotAed tike two long Micld 
of Coalile BMp.aitd gave Ihe tttdienoe en idea thai he 
was eick with the measles. Hie Btudals ware made 
out of a pair of Wellington hooiacai inM sluee. Hia 
head dreaa consisted of various feathers in variao* 
poaitiDtia, and a large lin candle releetor. bormwad 
from an ojaler ceHar. hang raund hit neeh aa a aymbo 
of the tun, lbs ol^tect of Ihe Penmenf vrondiip. Bol 
Dobkim thought that he w 


THB gentleman's HAGAZINB. 

The plnjr cornmeacei]. Erery 
ngwad a perlarnianc« ll ■ drama 
be awara <hal it ii imponiUe la heighWb ibe carica- 
nre. bjr ciaggerating the miihapa snd malapropitmi 
of the paivenues. Dabkiiw encounlered ihe uaual 
diflumllr or meeting with acton nho wiihed Rir tbc 
principal perl ; — a diffically fell by managera-or pub- 
lic ihealree, and well eiemplified in a lenmrk mode 
by the veteran Dowloii, uha declared (hat when he 
neni lo opan hi* theatre with ■ new coispany, that 
be »u nnable lo cait ihe parU in ihe comedy o( the 
Honey Moon, for I hough he bad engaged eighleen 
tolerable actn™. yel ihey were divided into eleven 
real dukea and Bevcn mock duhee. Amaleur lailice are 
difficulties hard 10 KurJnounl; Dobkini had persuaded 
hii " ladye-leve" lo undsilnke the gentle Cora, and he 
had borrowed nnold ciealute. wbo some timet "did the 
Irigedy" for the youpg men lor the sum oriwodollan 
a night, and the price of a Lllle refreihmenl. nhich 
generally anieunled lo two dollati more. The igno- 
rance and manrkitb vulgarity of this old harridan wae 
iniueirauflicienlto spoil iha petformaDca — she knew 
nothing of Ibe text, and always spoke in the wrong 
placei, and lo Ihe wrong persons, addreving Alonio 
■I Afufter Pizarro. and mora then once ahe called 
RolU, " my lord." 

[ am nol going to give an bccouqI of my Itepidalion. 
for I did not indulge in Ihe article- I am nol going 
10 give a detail o[ Ihe nigbi's Iriumphi, for il was a 
aigaal failure in every seiiso of Ibe word. MiM For- 
luDB herself, and I am well aware of Ihe lady'a power, 
could nol have congregated so many unlucky el vea, nor 
have invented moie uniariuoate evenu. We were 
gelling decently through Ihe linl icene of Ibe play, 
nolicing. by ihe way. ihal Elvira bad imbibed all her 
K/ack of refreshment, ai aha termed il, when lbs pi 
nnalor of Onnembo's atlendant, • part of three lini 
refused 10 leave Ihe slage al Ibe end of hi* seen 
There he remained, long ader the time of hia iolend- 
ed eiil, and putting ui all in coDfusion by hia pre- 
aance ; Ihe manager called to him from Ihe wing to 
qail Ihe Blaga~-bul all in vain ; I walked up lo him, 
and desired bim lo go off. " I sban'l," said he. " I 
paid halfa dollar for ihe pari, and adollar for Ihe oaa 
of my drees, and I sban'l go away lill I've had my 
(Honey's worth in a good look at Ihe aadianca." Dis- 
gusled al hia foolery, I puabed him off the alage. but 
be came back ageio, squaring al me— al us, Ihe Spa- 
nish cbiefUio — and though I stood there before Ihe 
people in a Uock-tio jacket, which kiaked ■■ much like 
. amor at block-lin could be DBi!e to look, wilh a pair 
of copper breecbea. and an iron pot oa my heed for a 
helmet — lo tay lulhing of my Spiniah broadaword, 
and my shield — yet, did Ihii inremal bulcher fellow, 
for each be waa, come up 10 me. and beatawing a 
fiifcible punch on my proboacia, " lapped my clarel," 
■■ the priie figbtera my, and aeiu me. wilh a bloody 
Doaa. off the alage, joal aa I waa going lo plant " the 
Spanish banner, belbed in bhmd, above Ihe walla of 
*BDquiahod Quito." 

There ia a slory told of Garriek, wbo. when Sua- 
ing pari of the audience at a piivale repieaenlalkn 
of ■ play by a parly of amateun. obeerved. in iht 
courteof Ihe performance, " Very fair," " |lrelly gmd," 
and olher bint praise damnings. ilU a connlry adoi, 
who bad been retained by Ihe amateaia for hii eipe- 
rienee in Ibe dalaili of Ibe slage, appeared on die 
boarda fur lha purpose of delivering a menage. Di- 
reclly Roaciua clapped eye* upon him. ha obaarved, 
« Ah. ha : they've got an actor among them T Gtt- 
lick could nol have made Ihit obiervation while nltiii| 
in the auditory of the Pandemoaium. although Smagi, 
Ihe proprielor of Ifae building, waa an old piuQcieul, 
and volunleered 13 gn up Ihe piece, and play Uit 
High Prieal. doing the original Hymn to ihe Sen. 
To the nniDitiated, il is neceaary to slele that snodiy 
prieiu in while sheets and bed gowoa, and a tariety of 
virgin* in all maouer of while mu*lin,are muileredJD 

■he high prieat commences a graod invocalioD lo lha 
tun, and ibaiihe respectable vitpni and iheirveDeraUe 
coadjulon, chorus the words of ihe tenior ihaveUng 
in a very forlo alraia. In Ihe middle of Ibe chant, 
the holy fire it enppoaed lo deaceod opon the slttt, 
in proof that Ihe oblaiioa is accepted. Smags lai 
employed an overgrown lump of a boy. tuiaad Joe, 1* 
Gi Ihe altar with ila pan of alcohol lor Ihe recepum 
of Ihe fire from above, for Ihe deaceni of whicti, 1 
piece of alanting wire wa* attained from Ihe jUa, h 
the lopa of the ningi or tide scene* are called. An 
iron ring, bonnd round wilh low or dal, well soaked 
in turpentine or tpiril* of wine, waa ready at the top 
of ihe wire, and al the given cue or aigml. fa 
dropped down Ihe wire into ibe pan of alcohol upon 
the altar- Joe luul met wilh a piotolyle. in th*ifai|>> 
of ■ young aspitant alter Ihetlrical gloiy in a null 
way, and while drinking his victim's gin and wvei, 
had furgolten the liiiog of the Peruvian temple. 
Smagt found this out juil as he began the byao. 
wbicb ran, wilh inlerpolatiuu, something in ibis my, 
tnppoaing Joe in Ihe fliea above, endeavoring to tt- 
deem kat lime, and Ifae singer oq Ibe alBie inlerpa- 
lating in italic*, during the *ympbony beiween ihe 

" Oh 1 Power Supreme ! (Jot, teak yeur tan,) in nertr 

/ coaU ttU At latji tcaundrd. 
" Wilh fovi» en thy aervanlt' toil. 

Not a liaglt thing done ail day. 
" Out heeriB from guileful ptBtoni free — " 
Fm cAoUng ¥>ilk rag* — ttoulda'! aondtr if I didn't 

" Which here we render unto thee." 

f Bon'tgiei lum Aoueeraaa, tilt nUaia. 
Hata a fow bar* of music lake place, and the chane- 
ten kneel, when the fire ia auppaied lo dsMeod fma 
the heavena, and remain opoo Ihe altar, and Ihapfieiti, 
virgini. loldiei*. and courtiei*, bant iolo a grand *■>■ 
nimous chorni, G(N]imancing->" Give praise," dM, bai 
Smap kept on chattering — " Now, tirtael your lew 
on fire, and above it down the wire. Why, you have 
OBbooked it — oh. yon precious vagabond, il)er*'U be 
DO fin liom heaven !" The efrnphony eipited— ef 



wait Iha ehona, nhich ihe High PriMl via compelled 
Ki>iiin, and ilaned raddenlf ddI haKa bar behind tha 
linM. siclumed — "Give pniaa! |i*s pniaa! give 

I^r Joe KM nnabla lo fii lbs wire fot Ihe Uivi- 
bmad ring lo deaerad, and knowing thai Ihe allar 
ought k) blaie. Iboughl thai he codM throw Iha ig- 
Dilad lamp of low that riioold have deaceikded the 
•Fire, into the pao of alcohol on the allai'a lop. He 
iltempled it — hoi it fell e1»e lo the lraiia{iaren( pio- 
ton of Ihe ana that backed ihe allar piece, which 
wai painleil on oiled rilk, and Iha burning tOW aoon 
eamntui«lBd the flamaa to ■ neighbor of aaoh aiie- 
c^ble maleriah. All the perfcrman were bnailjp' 
occupied in IrTiog ihe lo Iriianphaiu or Ihe aerrice, 
what Souga afarieked out — - Tht not it an Jin — put 
il mi ! — Our damtud Kvmdrtl tu w< jtr< 
ud toddeol; relnrniog lo the chant, 
" Aod Ticlor; aita on Rolta'i brow." 

And a hm bcb nm, loo — scU done, BUt I — jM 
an Bl4 your Hal .' 
■ Obi bea lo crtnh and overthrow." 

The actora dragged down Ihe blaiing nin, ai 
Innpitd il under theii Teel — tbs aiidience loared- 
ih* nrgim were unable to aing, and the print* we 
is amTabiaiia of laughur — Rolla and the King, ai 
Cora ikI Aknm hogged each rflher in the cornen, 
an eime Ibr concealing their cachinaliona — und the 
■cena lanniaBted " in dire and drange coafuaioii." 

Saperaamerariei. ai the rcpreientativei of dramatic 
iBObi, aimin of lii, grand proceai on* of twelve, dumb 
waiten, and other aemnla are termed, wera luinrici 
befond ODT reach. The number* of a (ingiog ichool 
went on tor tha prieila and virgins, bnl we fbnnd il 
inpoMible to rsiie an army for Rolla to addreaa, be- 
rend one fellow who wai Ihe lamp lighter of iho ea- 
,tttiliihni«nt. He wa> a knr>pk- kneed. Hiiirlouhing. 
Bjoat. buIiet-heailHl riifHrn. rmFJlIng sa itrnngly ol 

a ihe abort Peruvian ihirt. and aland up fur Ifae army. 
Bolbi, of cooiae, wai compelled lo ba lingular in hi* 
iddreat,a[Mj laj, " My brave aa*ociate. partner of my 
tmL" imlead of indnlging in iha mual plural. Bill. 
KboWBi aflorwardi of material aanice In eilinguiib- 
ing [he aim, waj of little avail in Ihe army line. He 
liilgned not to Rolla's impaHiuned eloquence— but 
lapl hia eye (iiad an an eipiring lamp that was )iib- 
pnided under Ihe hanging platform ni/^ied to he ihe 
boinufihe Pandemonium. Joat aa Rolla arrived at the 
ulepennliimale phrau in hia peromlion. "Tell yoni 
inviden ibia — and tell ihem loo" — ihe army eidaim- 
«d.-Bleit if 'taint a going oul," aad airiding over ihe 
irtheitn. ps«aed ihe three aeala of Ihe pit. and lurn- 
ing nnnd ihe bomer of Ihe lamp in qumion. wiped 
Ut oily band* npon i 


ready in Ihe part, and prcOeted to nnderlake il at the 
very ahorletl notice. The original ghgat arrived in 
Ihe theatre Jnat aa Ihe aecond hand ghoal waa abonl 
to appear; he wi* determined ihai the tneaking 
scoundrel ahould not enjoy hit advantaEc: half a 
dozen minntecaeived him lodon hii armor and vthiten 
hia phyiiognomy — when, niahing fiom hi* dreaain^ 
room to the wing, he heard the aurreplitioDa ghoal de- 
clare, " I am thy falher'a apirit." — Doahing on to the 
atage. he knocked ghpat number two into the orchea- 
Ira, exclaiming, "You hi* (ather'a apiril. Yod lie! 
Jam hia ftlher'* apirit. doomed Ibr a certain liiH lo 
walk Ihe nighl." and coolly proceeded wiih the pait, 
leaving hia double lo eicape onder the atage aa he 
beat might. I have aaen two unclea *tep forward to 
be murdered in Ihe cochiwy tragedy of George Bam- 
well, owing to a diflereoce in ihe printed bill and ih* 
piompler'* agidie or caat. Each of ihem refuaad lo 
quit the atage, and Ihe polite hal boiheied nephew 
reepeclfully inquired which of them ha waa to miii^ 
derT One of Ihem waa duly atabbed, but both of tbenr 
fell, and went Ihmugh Iha lelf same agonlea of death, 
uttering Ihe tame banedictional larenell. On the 
night in queation, we had two •entinela- A Miater 
Samuel Sneck wa* to have filled the part, and I be- 
lieve eipanded Ihe neceaaary three dollara, but ha 
waa anppoaed to be incapable of producing eRect, and 
Mr. John Dobkin*. fearful' of having one of hi* be*l 
acenea " ctu up by a nuff" gave the pan lo anather. 
But if Samuel Soeck waa not efficient at reheaiaal, ha 
waa very effective at night ; he did nol nliah Icatng 
hi* money and hi* cbaractei loo— therefore, whet) the 
acene occurred lyherein he eipecled lo have figured, 
he walked on to the alege in hia ciliien'i dtm. fbt hit 
■npenedar had monopoliied ihe hieast plaleand Bpa- 
niah breecfaet devoted lo the vpntinel. Samuel 
Snork iiaa aim unnhle lo prorurc ihe aprar of duty, 
but ho ahouldcrrd a lon|t hsnrilcri bmom ani walkei} 
very vnlinnily up and down the back pari of the atage. 
aa if be waa actually on duty. DobLina wa* diddled. 

ould n 


9 upui 


atofMr.Juhn Oihki 
nt of hia unfeeling friendi. 
I have hoard a atory oT an acloi 
pinnated the ghoat in Hamlet, ar 
pear ai tha theatre in dna time npon Ihe appcrinied 

Sneck refiued to budge. Dobkina commeoced tha 
dialogue — both ihe len'ineli ananered. Hamlet wa* 
not moro bothered with hia duplicale of gba*I*^BarD- 
well was not itkore aalonlahed at the multi[dicatiOn of 
hit uncle, than waa Dobkina al ihe duett of aenlinek 
he waa compelled lo hear. The equipped aenlinel 
laid Boraalhing rude to Sneck. who retarncd it with 
inlcreal. and was favored wiih " a knock o'er the 
mnraird" from Iho deaideraled apfor. Sneck relnm- 
eil the compliment with a aweeping aaarrlion from 
ihe long handloii broom, and eiperienced a flooring 
lyllogiam in reply. Boih of ihe combatnola were )»o- 
perly hisaed off ihe alagc. 

Stage children are universally ugly. I know but 
of one aolimry orepiion. and I claim thai in proof of 
ihe rule. The dramatic durablinga are gsneially 
picked up by the property man at aa tow a rate aa 
parent* can ba prevailed upon to allow — the manager 
will nol pay more than a quarter a head, and eipecl 
clean fleata lagging* and red ahoe* into the bargain. 
There U a fatality attaodiDg iha performance of Cna'* 
child — a poiitive unluekiiMM ibool t' 



tnb aftMT&eitAR''^ uagahba. 

Alomo — a csrlaimr of failurs. M grolnquc ebanive- 
aim. I have Mon n red'hcHded. bMt4y-)«f8«], licbcljr. 
•quiming cub. led on b«tivepn ihe lund pnienli, w hile 
the BudioDcfl roared at Ihe iipposilc appodilcn^vs of Ihe 
teii. Ii he Doi like Iheet iaquirrs ihe itndci molhsti 
while the father reaponds Miih a cumplimeaiory paral- 
lel about '- lUf winneii. (railing geiilleneM. and nubuiTi 
bail-" Fiuiio aika it the child ia heir lo all bis mulbec'i 
beauty, lu all hii raihsr't virluo ; ntiile the poor dl- 
nuBuLiva who hai bean arrayed in Ihe Mack piiik Uniok. 
warnnied ib lit all jmanilei (ana lifleen moatha to 
fiftMn yaaia, ia rubbui( bla tinnaabeil fiat iow hii 
pig'a ey«t, aud tean aie rurrowiBg down ihe thick 
coal of Vermillion plulerod on hii chubby cheaks — ur 
if hetelhuwrrom laart.hettandiaMiing nt the ligbia 
or the Sdilleia, wilb open ayea and diwcD-led noulh 
in all lh« idioicy of (etr. Uuleaa ihe lilile biitrkio 
ia ao actuatoiBed ilBger. ho ii lure lo cryduring •onie 
punioo of ihe piece iPiiarra). It ii pobnibte that the 
fiial icettp may be got over — ihe proceuiun of nuiia 
and priena nuy ]iam quietly, but the dro|ipiiig of the 
fire rnm heaven ia an awful butinfu. aitd generally 
gmieralri a yell. In the lifih ad. Ino Spanii.h soldicre 
•re Hippuaed (o find ihe child and carry it oET. II ia 
two 10 ooe Ihat Ibe ligfal of Iheae ill-lookiis lellowa 
friihUna ihe young actoi into a lit of beUowingi but 
if ha qaielly powoa over bii capltu-e, hie auddan aei- 
nre ttf RolU in ihe 1«m eoaoa. bla high and uniiatu- 
nl aiallalion in Ihe haro'a armi, and Iha apparent 
pariuil of armed and angry men, whe fire lavanl 
(tna at bin aa lie ia carried acioei a Ihin plank aap- 
paaad to repi«aani e biidg*. Then be ia M be oo- 
vaiad with blood. [walpaiDl.) and hanled roughly upcm 
H^ atage, anidai ihe confuaion and agony auendani 
on Ibe death acene of the noble Peruvian. If the 
yoalbful aaplrant or panpiraDi atanda all ibia. he ia 
well worth bii titenty-fiye centa, and runy, in lime- 
be prooioted lo the bigh honor of enaciing ihe young 
larch bearer, Fleance, or Ihe never-iobe aufficienlly 
appreciated dignity of ihe duke of York, niih oihci 
dollar dignitariea. 

I have witnVHed anie than one ludicmua aifnir 
•riling from Ibe unGineai of the repreHiituiivo of 
Coib'i child, who ia auppoaed to ba more inlcrealing 
•Ven Uian heroinea' children are in general. I have 
aeen a dear little inub-ooaed brat reaolutely refuae lo 
advance lill a huge lump of gltigerbrend had paciHed 
hia noiae. On ha went, daubing the wet cake over 
hia rouged face, and leaving poriiona of Ihe lofl brown 
nuaa upon Iha lifp of biinoasand Ihe rolnndily of hia 
cixaka. Tbe gingerbread did nol leal the acene out — 
the final moratl waa acan^ely gulped down ere he 
Beamed aware of Ibe wrelcbedacM of hia liioation. 
He pulled up ihe front ben of bii gold*hoand frock, 
tooked with an eye of luapicion at the pink ttockinga 
in which hn bandy pirn were encaaed, and roared 
ont a) Ihe lop of hia liny voire, " Tbeae here aint niy 
breacfaei — give me ray corderoya, and lot no go 
borne." Another interening apecimen of humanity, 
conaiderably alnve the average aiia, but aaiecled on 
ttie principle of eipediency, aeeing, aa the properly 
Manaaid, that he woi Iha aMtia carpeittar'B eon, and 
bad playad Cen'a child Ibr nine yean, and knew iba 

buiincaa welL being aaie, when heU up by ItulU, la 
raiaa hit f. 8. am with an aii of indapendeDca, aad 
piRluicaquely lift hia 0. P. leg— and, aa the official 
ohaerved, " though he voa vocie nor eleven yean old. 
h* Mfeoa weriy big couaidetioc — and it waa ballar id 
have a child aa boow'd how lo do the buaineta pro- 
perly, not vun Ba 'ud ipiie the acene." To paaa ovei 
Ihe improprieif of the language uttered by AlooDi and 
Cora about ibia elderly infant — aucb ai "ba will 
apeak aoon," iic, 1 will come «l once to the denoae- 
menl of my iUaaualion. The Rolla of the eveaiag 
uaa a aaulltnade bob. not nuch nareihau iwoaus 
bigger than Ihe child; and whan be allemplad u 
carry ihe overgrown brat on hia raiatd arm. tbe tola, 
reaitng inlani aaid, ai Bella Croaaed ihe bridge— 
-' Holhi, oU chap, hold nw up, ar 1 aball capiiae. and 
if I do. I'm d— d if 1 don'l pull your wig oB." 

The young genlleibaa wliu had been eeltcled lo fill 
ihe part of Ihe baby on ihe night of " My FinI F«i- 
formance," wna a aqaai. fal tump of fleah, ivilh a d«- 
licioui uaddle in hia gaiL He proceeded widuml 
much diniculiy, but wiih much fear, till he waa aeind 
by Rolla, who hoiated him up by the aboutder, in the 
UBual lagitimala but vinu unnatural manaar. The 
little bUow thaufht it waa a curioua poaitiiiD ba Bolla 
10 place a child in, wbom be. wiihed to aecaie Una 
the aboti of the aiddiary, and thriekad leveral Itay 
yella and abort abarp aqueaka, aimilar to Ibe aaundi 
venlcd by an iniauline porkai. whan ibe bulchar'i 
knife diflagreea wilb hia inaide. The mother of the 
ohilJ was a rsputahia bnckiter.anddiaappiaved of Iha 
cotirie puMuwl by Soils for the aatvalion of the hqr, 
and no aooiier did the aound. of bar beloved ooe'a 
voice fall on her maternal luriclea, than ahe darted 
arnwi the uage aller RiiHa, in full eight of the audi' 
ence, and threatening tbe Peruvian hero with kn 
doubled flila. Rulla knew that he visa puraued by tbe 
Spanish aoldiery, (rte bid hco Spanierda.) and waa 
avtaro Ihal be had lo escape acruae a bridge at tbt 
back of the ataae — but Dobkina. hii petaooator, knew 
nol that be waa followed by an iraie mamma, in ■ 
red Bnd while borae cloih shawl and a black bonnaC 
venetHbls wiih Ihe dual and raini of many markei 
duyi. Dobkina faioed the bridg« — tbe Spaniarda 
(ired-~the child yelled more furie — Ihe mothai baeten- 
ed her piu;e — and jux aa Ihe noble Sulla gainad dM 
conirs of Ihe fnul [Jank acrooa the mounuin loneel. 
and defied the pursuit of the soldiery. Ihe boekslei 
wnman came behind him, aeiied hat child Grom hia 
grasp, and with an indignant whiil. aaot ibo hero ofT 
the bridge into tbe depiha below. The hero ilrugKlBd 
as he fell— an envioiia nail stuck in iha bera of hia 
aborl Peruvian shirt, and tore ii from alen to clem. 
Ue hung on " like grim death." but the tail gave way, 
and tiolla fell. It waa painful la nhsuve Ihe IriufDfb 
of Ihe audience — the m>illitude are ever ready to re- 
joice at Ihe downlsll of a hero^populanly p^a a 
heavy tax — the name of tbe eniiona it legion — ^m 
never, even in South Ankeiica, where beroea at* 
hourly, dyoaatiaa daily, and revolutioia weekly— did 
so unanimous a ahoat alleiri a lewler's Ul- Ii* 
amaiaa retained bar poat of victory, but the baiBleioai 
liMlingi of the aadiuir diewnad bar uaaaamly oi)iu^ 

Digitizer byCoO^^lc 

9UU V[B«Sl»B Otfi«!t,B. 


bnim imi hia dbgraec, and aadMTorad lo penuade 
tb* unman lo nflar bar iubntiOB trauura agiin in 
)m Mabnca. Hw Mag* wu wailing ibi him — il wu 
hit dfing acenr, wbania he hoped U> pKMhiQt KMm 
new eEbcU. 8ha wu obdnnli. The aadieooe hiaaed 
boodlf It Uie dell]'. Smaggi luggeeted a [emcdf — a 
MDall nigger bad juet btoafkt is boom baaadf loddf 
bn iba adjaonnt lavani — Smaggi propoaed lo wbilen 
hii bee, envelope bii bodjr in a ckiak, and bear him 
MM Can'a AM im ike aake ef fiiiir i tb« r»*e. 
Inalnckteai minute, DoIAiai onneealed. Tfae little 
nigggt'i phfaiogiiom]' waa chalked — a large gown na> 
ihKiwn around bin, and ihe dying hrro wiifa bia pre- 
otMa diarge itaggered on Ihe iiage — Smagi ralher 
loadj whispering — " Don'l ihow hii mag if you can 
btlpil." Cora c1up«d her babe, raacued from Ihe 
uiMBj br tbe lile-bluod of hat friend — eoiioua lo ei- 
hiliilhar matenial afleclion. and ignanml of Iha change 
thai bad Uken {ilace behind Ibe acenea. ahe luce off 
Ihe mapper Oom her cbJd, and ihe nooUy headed 
IM thmal hii ameared connlenance before hei gaze. 
The a&igbled lad7 itiriekad and dropped bin — (he 
linla aigger thook off all impedimenls, and ran Irom 
the HagBj bia itabiUmenla were Bot exactly PeniTiaD, 
ai a laige tualua in the back aalllemenle of hia inb- 
lipeali aeened panicularly to pleaee the pit. " Then 
nae ibe •hool on high," and unheeding Dobkini' dy- 
tig didoeai the audience toae and cheered. 

"IiMt K«Mof all, lo end tbi> iiranga evmifiil faif> 
lory" — I dare not pietend to deacribe my embai wiih 
Ihe yBulh Aloimi aar nydeaA. The impertarbeUa 
lamp-lighler and oae of mj Ibllowera, ibming all tha 
Pemvian army and one halfof (he Spaniib, marched 
on to ibe alage to bear off iheir chieflain'a body. In 
itrict acroTdance with Ihe habit of alt Uagediaiia wba 
prefeaa la bgU the auRDT up to natore. I had Mifltoed 
my body within a minule after death, to (he Sxiditf 
of marble. The Spaniah force aelMd my head and th« 
PaiwianaaaiYliAariEarlega. Dp I waAiMigtUMK 
pine log. TVo of my acquaintaaoea in flwl cb—wd 
me encouragingly — Ihe armiei reached the wing with ' 
■low and aolamn nep, Lsariag their preciooi chaig« 
with dignified rea pact. Tkcihaula of biavoiadoBbkd, 
when Ihe damned PeruTian anny, BDI leeifig nbiaM 
he wsB going, backed on lo the ahaipcdga of a w1b( 
or aide iceoe — tfae bbw woe ae*are, and on a tendsc 
pan— the ahock wu violent and., nnabi* to with* 
aland Ihe Ituce of the irapeltui he dripped bia ahar« 
of my body, and lumblKl forward on my ooipae. Tlw 
audden fall diaptaoad ihe maiely ef Uu Spaaiah aiBf 
from hia perpaodicalar, and we ouuliided tbia aaeaa 
of degcadaiion, by crawling off (ha alaga en all loan. 
■uidat the gioana, hiaiea, and yelU of the frieada wba 
hod bean apiriled lo participate in the gleciea of our 



Whri land howli die tenpeet, and fietee rolla the 

Km bright are the joys ibal iitrraond the dearheailb 
n* Maab blam may ■caller die blonoma away, 
But the fi i e ai de circle ia cheeifil and gay. 

nan, Mtteiing age, wiih ia white locbi, ia aeen, 
la c e aa aBg old eioriea wb«n lifinHMe waa gnen ; 
nere, tbe pieiaed eye of boyhood paM gloriae eu 

M oduicy aparM nmod ill grandaire'* knee : 
ted Ibe limd molbaT leeka, Ihn' • Maile and a t 
On tbe treaide enele, lo precioaa vid dear. 

Mny cloip the ibnd head that ere long li to biad 
Tel lighter Ihe cfann that hath linh'd tfaara m mind. 
And boil Ihe bright amila that no clondi ever dim, 
lluit ibnll hallow the fireaide circle fin him. 

And there the ione WBliderer, tar o'ar [be maiii. 
Cornea back te ihe Ibndly loved eitcle again — 
Like a dove to ita ack, from the ocaan'a rade biaail. 
He Sie* to that haven of bleiaiiip and last: 
No tonger he heara the wild iaa"a auUen roar. 
For the fiteiido circle haib claim'd him once mole- 

Hie play gnrand of eluldna dal amn in diev BirA 
1W beet, daeeeat i^ fin oU at*, span audi : 
Tbe nyM pboa ef lovera, ih« Mathea^ ted riuiiMi 
■Aa aewan'i fiM bail, aa be 9«la tha btoa briw>: 





" Our Ibouglia iR onn— 1 


ISoBAMMXD, or nlhar Mchcmnei] Ali, Ihe pmenl 
Pacha of Effpl, bu bvcD larning the force of hb 
viffMOO* imigimtioD to the meaiii at increiiing the 
didToMoa of the wiien of itm Nile — ihe revivifying 
powM nf old •nd Dtodeni Egrpt— the uAccuiog eource 
«f ib wonderiiil feitlliir. The winiul depoail of rich 
nod, conpned of eu-boule of lime and argillmon 
«anh brooghl down fiom ihe maanleinoa* regions hp 
Ihe aimiial flood or rise in ihe river afler the rainy 
eeawn, it a Dational bleaiog of inealiniable value; for 
nearly four Ihoaaand yean, Ihe waler* of the Kiis 
la* e reemed vnlh the meuia of the certain harvat — 
a kiDg illuMrioua line of potentitea, in vario 
and with ilill more variable ■ucce«,bTiiied Ihi 
in Ihe conatniclion of worki cilcubted to tsiet the 
diapenion of the weal thy 'freighled water into the 
liowela of Ihe land— the monlh* of cinali indent the 
l»nkaof Ihe old river— raervo in, lock i, ilu tees, daiu. 
and millj. of every poaitble vnriely of conalrticlion, 
mpel the inrbid Mr«m inloiti hnndred chanrcK and 
five Ihe inland brmenaHUianceof lheirani>iial raa- 
Bare. Many of iheie hydraulic aflaira were damaged 
n lb* waia Ibal overrun ihe coonlry daring Ihe la>l 
£fty yean; neglect and diiuae alio effected aeiinii* 
deety ; but Mcriianinied Ali hu lately compelled ihe 
antboriliea lo luperlntend ihe immediale repair of 
•very water-work in Upper and Lower Egypt ; he ii 
al(0 determined to commence the gigantic bridge-dam 
acroa* themoulhof the Nile, which haa far agea breo 
MntempJaled but never allempled, from the immeo- 
ailjrof the imdenahiog almoet rendering ita eiecation 

The Nile, ihe abiding place of Ihe crocodile and the 
liippopotamaa— the fluvial wonder of ihe old world— 
rnne nearly two Ihounnd five hundred milea from ita 
bigheetaotircea tail* bi-monthedde£eiieilaiunl. Egypt 
conlaina mo hundred thoDaaod aqiiare milea, and *uch 
li the aaltdy nature of iha aoil, (hat, except in the val 
ley of Ibe Nile, er in the diatrict* watered by ita 
^branehea, and which acarcely amount to eevenleen 
tbottnod mile*, Ihe land ia arid and onproduclive. 

But thia great and wonderful ilream ainka inio Ihe 
DMreat iDagniflcaaoe when compared wiih any of Ihe 
great riven of America; Ihe Nile, at iubroadeat point, 
-which ia joal below Cairo, before il divergea into Iha 
two btinehea ihal waah the Belu, ii about one then- 
aandyarda wide, that w,iuiderthreo-GAhaora mile— 
-while the HisDmippi ia more than doable dut width 
MX ita jtmeflon with the Mianoh. The Nile ia wretch- 

edly ahallow near Cairo, while the f 
Natchez ii Irom one hundred loone bandred and Aly 
feel deep, and between New Of leana and ill mndi, 
veaeeli ire unable to oblato aachoiaga with lea thai 
tiity fathom of cable. There ia a aingalar ctmiddence 
in ihe nature of the two riven — the water of each ia 
limpid, muddy, and unpalateabte.anddepcula a heavy 
reaiduum. Bolh Blreamt are aubject to annual Aooji 

creaae in the middle of June, and enda in the month 
of Sepiember; the Miaaiaaippi flood cemmencea in 
March and enda in May. Both riven overflew ihi 
Bat land) upon their borden, but while Iha irrigilini 
oflhe Nile ferliliiei the sandy (Oil of Egypt,lhe over' 
flo<(of the MiniiHppi ii waated in Ihe richallavial 
bottom!, and auppliea (be Moiilure of the cyiaoa 
Bwampa, or [he itagnant nater of ibe lahca between 
the river and the golf Aboul eleven Ihouiand ainra 
nilea are ■uhjecl 10 overflow by Ihe " &iher of waten" 
and hia Iribuiariea. and (he oveiflaw oflhe Nile is bol 
bolfaa much more. The height of the riae upon die 
Miaaiaippi ia variable — between ihe moulh of liM 
Ohio and ihe Miaauri the average height ia'abool 
Iweniy-live feel— el tome places below t)ii) potDl,il 
■llains to Blty feet, but aAerwarda gradually aubaidia. 
At New Orleena, ihe rise ii aboul twelve feat, whit* 
Bi Baton Rouge il amounta to upwards of thirty- Tie 
medial height may be estimated at fiAeen or siiteen 
fecL The ovarflom of the Nile, io the line ofHeto- 
dolua, waa about tiiteen cubit*, that ia lutdsr iMrly 
feet. At Ihe present lime, e rise of lKenty4wo cnbin 
is ceraidared naceesary lo fill all the cisterns and 
canals, n^ich provee that Ihe lower part ef Egypt htf 
been considerably laised by the yearly depwils of lb* 
liver since the lime of Ihe hiatorian. la Ihe yaar 
1819. considerable damage was done to many villagv 
and several inhabilanli were drowned, by a rise of 
iwenly-iii cutHls, or tbtly-aoven feet. Nejiher of die 
rivers have any tideway, or feel the nSteu of dw 
neighborhood of the sea ; boih of them debouch* by 
several moutha; and an alluvion delta graces their 
junction with the ocean- 

The prupoaed bridge across the Nile ia lo be n»s- 
plated in lese dtan sii yean. It is to be erected abon 
fifteen milea below Cairo, ai Ihat point of the rivet 
where il divides into the Iwo m^jor braochsK The 
Damieua. Jbrmerly called the PHatriiMot Btaiie, uA 
Ihe RoeelU, or BtM&, which, with the Medtlam- 
nean, fonn the Delia, coniainiag the celebrated oiy 



of AteoDdria, wiih the miaor towu of 8au and P» 
loriiiBL It ii inlended that Ihu briitg* itwll fom ■ 
Brt of dm, or lock, to keep tb* wslanoflbB Nile al 
a laToiabla heighl for ika pnrpoaei or hubaiidiy, do- 
ring the ifiDrar and apring monthi at the year. Il ia 
eoopated b^ Mohammed All thai Inonlj-lbaT Ihoa- 
■ud taboran, bcaidea ihraa hundred and Ibrljr ioilbi 
and aix hundred and fifty carpenlen, who are 
■applied IroiD iha aneoal at Alaiaoctria, will ba ne- 
ttmmiy for the coaplelioa or Ibe preliminary porliun 
of hia proceedioga; mch aa digging Ihe lateral ( 
rect jlyiog the bed of the river, mending the bankg, and 
Ibranig dyket. It ia in cooiemplaiiiHi lo anpky Toai 
or Gts rrgimsata of iofiuitry upOD ibe work), attd in 
ibe coDBtraclioa of a railroad from Ihe •lone quacriei 
among Ihe Mockalam mouniaiiu, whieh ere aoow law 
Isagaea dialanl ffom the river'* bank- 
There ia a noble (nblematicat (latue of the TJile, 
carved oat of a rock of black marble, in Iba Vatican 
alRome. The following deacriplion ii at band, and 
aavra the tioable of originating icniencea. "The 
alalae of Ibe Nile may be diilinguiahed by hii large 
cotnacopia, by Ihe apbini couched undet him, and by 
tke aiiieflD little children playing around him. By 
the aixleen little children are undenlnod the aeveral 
nainga of the liver every year, aa far aa lo liiiee 
eabila. The black marbis ii aaid to be in alliuion 1 
ibe fjile'a coming from £lbiopiB. The naler Hon 
doam from under bia iobe> which cooccnli hii un 
to denote ihat ihe head of the river waa iopeaatrable. 
In Kxae nodeni alalnea the bead ia quile hidden nude 
hia robe lor Ibeaame leaaon. 

"nB editot of ibe Cincinnati Eipreaa hu lately given 
io eicelleni article on the preeenl condiinn of the 
•tage, and Ibe malefic efleria of the atar lyilem upon 
the habitodea of Ibe regular drama. The reader will 
find il well worth bii attaniiDD. 

" If ever ibete waa a time when the alags wai a 
•Knl BCboo), ibat time bai paNed, bn( iliialill in the 
power of judicioua managera to luaka the drama a 
anuee of refined, iatelleclnsl and iDnocenlamueemenl. 
Hare ia a wide diOerense belnsen ihg eierciae of an 
actoal influence upon ibe moral aenae of the public, 
and the proviaiim of meana tui their limple pleaiurea 
The drama' may promote virtue indirectly, by keeping 
Iron poailively viciooa amuemeni* that portion of 
the population of every Bity, which ia bent on aeehing 
Ibem. Jt wontd aeem, tbereKire, to be the duty of 
Ihoae who regard with intoreit the impiovenienta of 
tbia dam, to give their aid in aupportof a wall direct' 
ed Ibaatie, The attempt la oppoae ibe atage ia per- 
fectly idle, and if it* licentiouanaaa be ollen jouly 
eamplained of, the tact ia mainly atlribulable to the 
Bcrce dennneialiona which are heaped npon it. ren- 
dariog luaDy connected with it indiflerenl lo ill cha- 
racter and ibeir own conduct ; as their prar«niDQ ii 
broadlf aitd unequivocally condemned, whalevermay 
be their exertiiHn ID make il a aource of harinleaa 

"The primary caoae of ibe deterioration of theatrical 
Osmpaniea ia ihe bmuino ayitam. It ia well enough, 
now aitd Ihen, to eagage an actor of eitnoidiiiary 

merit~-bnl to force a luceeaion of new peiaona apoD 
the boarda merely because ttaey are iMWto the pablie, 
ia bad policy in every lenaa. We do believe, in a 
city like ihia. where there ia no rival eatabliifament, 
that a atock company, eicellenl in all rtapeela, (and 
auch may be engaged) with appropriate acanery, 
drenea end properliea. would yield aa ftir a pfofil to 
all partiea jiecuniaTily inlerealed, aa they can realize 
by encouraging the Marring buiineaa. The aalariea 
of retident perrarroert it* apent in Ibe city, afid in- 
crease Ibe meaoi of their palrons. Bui a Iravelling 
tbeapidn abalracla from the commnnily a very large 
poriion of Ibe money, which if kepi in eirculaiion. 
would again return to Ihe ireaaury of the theatre- la 
another point of view the policy ia a miataken one. 
A stock company it forced lo do almost every thing in 
a hurry- Every new comer haa hi* new pieces. Time 
sufficient for study snd rehearsal ia not allowed, and 
oDen the best membatiofil are imperfect in their parte. 
The liar alao call* lor new acenea »i dreaaea for »me 
piece that may be played but once, which are pro- 
cured, while the ordinary conveaicncea of the atage 

Tba Bound aenae and jualnen of the above remarka 
deserve unqualiflcd praiae- The American ilage can- 
not ariiB from ihe slough of deapond, while it i* com- 
pelled 10 uphold Ihe irain of every puny alar. The 
eiemple is conlsgioui — a yODng actor appears before 
the public, and gaitia the auBiaget of bia Itienda — hia 
ismper will not allow bin lo aubmjl to the degrada- 
tion uf delivering mewagei to the manager'! ilaie — 
ha becomaa a star himaelf — and an ineiperienoed 
youngMer, ignorant of the common nidimeou of bia 
art, outrage* itatuM and Ihe paliance of hia audience, 
by the abanrdily of hia dramatic attempli. We have 
a variety of American acton who go about "atarring," 
who could not gain a moderate ailary aa (lock a» 
toia in any theatre in Ihe Union. Theae infatuated 
people cannot be blamed — they know that Engliih 
acloia of an eqoal grade ore imported as ilara, and by 
ihe aid of lelteta and pufla prepared in Europe, are 
forced down the Ihroati of lbs gullible Americana for 
one or two years, during which time Iheac well-pu8ed 
playera ropeat aome fiiur or lii pans with )anot-)ike 
perfection- Look at the routine of slara at any re- 
speclahle theatre in any of the Atlantic ciiiea, and 
half-a-doian principal acton cannot be immed in the 
lait halr-doien year*. When auch persona aa Bella, 
Kaetey. Ternan, Abbott, H. Wallack. Denvil, C. Ma- 
■an, cum mullia aliia, ore allowed to diq^ee (he 
American atage, and figure aa ihe haioai of ihc even- 
ing, in iheaire* boaaling of alack companies embracing 
coiiaiilerably heller actors, we Muah for ihe endurance 
of ihe endience, and wonder at the impotlei'a impu- 
dence, and the impostors' aucceaa. Then are manjr 
ladies of inferior preteniion now "atarring il" with 
suiind of trumpet and loud beat of drum ; loUantij 
prevenla their Dsmlnalion, hot il would be an easy 
j.)b lo point oat a doien feminine planeu.* now flgul^ 

•The ennali of Ihe stage wen 

T bslbradi*- 
r before Ihe 



y«ialhi*c«w>itr. BMa>a»r »baa arar Al 

••■ •urn wonder, than, ir )>aan|{ AMMiraM optct ts 
tiam wilb thsH MauoMra vf MMkm, and rafina lo 
daacaid babw iba ihinl-niaa whs have nothing ts 
koaal 4(11 ilw fad oT haitng bean iiapariFd I 

The dnmalic laleni uf ihu coaDlry, whaiber ma- 
il** pr turmgn, u nfy liailed. and ganarally ur a 
JMMI iHranor qualilf. Than aia not wBii:i«nl Ama- 
lieui actiin in tha wboU at Iba Siaua, la maka up 

f, parfeci 

I all ill I 

|hU* of rapraaaoling cradiMblr Iba lun or iha leciii' 
■ale drama. Bui law uT tha Engliah acWia af lalani 
naain wiih ua— cwo faan "lUtring." norha ibeau 
•nU and i< ia very ran lo And a al>davaM alar aeiik 
iattti inw a conianled itark actor. Thajr go baik W 
Ihair 9IVI1 counlry. piwid oT the laarala Ibey baae 
BMBed in Amariea. and lorgat nH Is boeat of ihair auc- 
««■ in Ik* land oT dullan. Anaiican apprabaium 
•tw givaa •Uop and Dama la lalani, CTcn in ariito- 
cratic Londan. Saveral aciort have leiumad honte 
aOer a ahorl probaiian in Iha BlaWa. and baving 
Ibe praian of ihe Yank?ei lo cihibil in ihe aliape of 
falaoB* paAand eiaggerainl itmarki. are aupjmfd 
to ba capabla of filling ainiaiiona nhich, belbra the! 
Irij), uemcd bcyood Iba boundi of bopa, and equally 
inprobable at iha enolunvnu of ihe poalnaalcrgeDe- 
nUiipof so uodlacuverad land. 

LM ua, (hen, aet our Jacaa againit all talanllaa pro- 
fiianre of ihe hwlrionic arl— againit all Hoonil- 
■lara— agalnai all coapaniw of lofarior grada. Tha 
Anaricana an •■■aliall)' a play.foing paople, willing 
U pay tir ihe baal abiliiy, and capable of appreoiallDg 
itoaaatUoD. The nature of aone portion of ihaqaoM 
naaatta evinoaa the neMMly of anpporuiig a good 
aHok uuBpany. and tha fulilily of lavbliing every fa- 
Tor apDa every Hiangai, bacauM hia name Man 
kfe lallen al Iha head of Ihe bilL By enoeufagoig 
ainck aclaiB we IbaMr lalant ; by nnuung aflar aanowd. 
at* aMr^ wa dapfaaaiha valne of tha hiinii ■ad* if 
Iki*. and flll.lhe )«c1mH of Inniant vniMis. 

It wauM b* a pwuliag qnaalian to daoid* wh*«b*r 
thia '» am age aTMienoe or an age of hunbug ) or TMbar, 
in ifaaaa dayiof prelemioa, whether a littlaBeiafiaisgw- 
Biihed with apraruiltmof bnnbug,i* not maie iwubal 
•UeibaoiharaalanidviaiiaoaiivepBTiiyr Taothaa 
ftaenlly b*an mat* availaUa ihan lyeM— but iha 
worid Miiv-HJBya moM ba poaiilvaly hti*tngged. A 
placarding, iapudeni ptofaiacw can puff himaclf intn a 
abarl lived populariiy, if ha poaanaa only the ground- 

I^Uio Diidst Ihe rooat rqitivooal and painAil cirenn- 
aUncaa. reiainin( lliaip-maidea appallaiioM. ihat Ihetf 
dirty-minded humbandi nuy eiijuy the benelii* of iha 
popularity atiacheJ lo yuung and good-looking ladie*. 

dafianre uf even ihe reBpeciabilily of appeanince, de 
■arVM Iha aevarest repnhenaioii. There are oihen 
who call ihenualgETnion. yel lead an iille life, and 
depefid fur auppuii iiiion the eieriiaii* of ihcir wivei. 

ih* gMMlantaa af iba piaw land thawt t lw lo ka 
puipuaasf faiihariog lb* viam ul ihs bmiaad p» 
reiBr! — bow kindly they palrvnia* hi* miniiaHala- 

t hia a 

ipudcM and unhlutbtng rfl 
roaliom! It ii laHghahla lo a*e haw lavagrlyn 

incral-taMh vender — nhoae pewcM of leamfliH 

Ha placed in oparaitan brfur* bia primer** bill »« 

paid. Th* iaig eipoahor iadanaanced to Ihe rm- 

gcanoe of the triha and the indignaliun of iba bant- 

[tii public, while, in the ediiorial coluian. ia 

aod taarknM lanua, a Dflb-raie drawarie mr i* 

foialed on the reader'* notice— ahheugh H i* Itbdy, 

Mtat Ih* edilor haa never aeen ihe « itc4« he lawla 

Dranaiic quack* d*a*r*e th 




nol Rirced lo aH^low any 

ire we obliged lo Imi oar pnpeny in Jtie btndi 

of any huabng pellilbgger of iha law. W» can » 

cap* from (he oluich** of every quark but the pliytr, 

KJ if haia bad, wa maal give op our BibBaeanit, v 

iBer Iha annoyance of having a tparioDaariiclaihrart 

doutn our Ihruai*. Ii iii thcralbre. ihe pniiiire iaf 

of *n aadianca lo eiprvaa in diaapprobiiion a* keenly 

Bi It* deligbi— -it i* ridicnIaDi lo cnooonge laleni. and 

allow bawbog a plac* by lU aida. Editon of poWa 

joumala abould freely eipia** their bon«*l opiniona of 

the perfarfoanca, and am, by thair klndot*^ amd t 

pretender lo ihe piuuMUa paint- li i* aaa l w* la lait 

at hiiB vj^m he i* evidcnlly unaUa to kaap hi* MM 

A Philadelphia paper lately invealigBlad IkttUm 

■tatioo ha claimed in Ika mnaioal WorU. Mr ptay 
waa albwad, and Mr. Romall'i eaum»r a lMawaW ip- 
pnred in Iba aam* aalunn* which oonlaiMd ihetf 
tack npon bi* fame. The r*|riicMiaa wa* amIUtf 
Dotraol. aad in any oihar tft, wantd bava ■naitriltN' 

dragging Ihcm from pla 


place », 


furiDiiig eniagriD 

fur ibeii 


raca raeeling. 


be iruiied." 

aipaaura, wilk ia eoUmm ot iiicinliiivenible Riiite 
aarvad bu[ aa a puffin ihe preiendet, who, in the iio* 
tptrit oT qaachaty, imraadiaiply aimouooed a eeacMt 
and a eiawdad roaaa aaianad the feeling af ' tha vic> 
lima o' gammoo," lo oaa iha p h ra aa of th* aradln 
Saaiael Wallers The remaiiidaraf the adiioriticori* 
did DM fight lb* goad figbu nor aaaiat Ikeir bmihertif 
the bfOMl ahaol in bia unriaught— but iWy eoMinaed 
to puffiha Great Eipeaad, and by Ihair good nalor^ 
palionaga, taciily opfcat i the annaaltoaa Ihey "■* 
unable lo conlrailicl. 

The paaags of the trnilemptated intermlionil npT 
right law will nulerially inoreaie Ihec^nnderof ih' 
atagp, provided a dauu r*lalire lo fenign pliyt'" 
included inibe act. Tha public will not be ItaDllnl 
wilhlraahy rnroea, wrrllan hr the diiplayof 'ha F"^ 
en of one man. ami he, perhajja. of an inferior tiamp; 
we ahall nol heboid ih* A»e«l play* cut down Ki «•» 
vehicle* of aang or Yankee lelo^^we ahall no: b* eaa- 
peUad M moaiv* ibe nfoM of lk« iimigit btvba'l'' 


baasM it CBS ba pUjcd for nothing. It will b* w 
ftefib ■■ wi<b lb* higliar bnncbH or liieraion ; wh 
iba Engliah aucltar aipocia lo b* paid, ihe Amcrir 


pliiiwr languaft, lo gsl paid (6t the repmmlitioD or 
ncfa pi«c«. Ttas Eogiiib ariirta ii at bind, ready 
■•do, at ■ tiiTial aipeUH. and ■■ we itaal nearly all 
Mr book*, Ihers can ba no disgrace in filcbing our 
diama, Knd rrmainiDg conteol nith Iho BeeDod-baod 
•Kutooa of another land. 

TliB fiHemaliBaal aopy-rigbt qneitiaa baa baan 
■Bcb J Ia—iawl ) hmI nan^ heiTf {larafrapta bave 
hna truioKbf imat ai tad panooa trbo daaad beoig 
diMnrbed in iheii naballuwed nanvpf^f. Ewrpli^ 
Iba BHiligDant alaog of a carlain igDonmaa, wboiaui> 
biaalaljr nimaataJ wiib a nark auppBrtod bj fbtei|n 
piracy, eiarr atgaaent afainat iM bcconiDf a law 
bat been baiad, mt opon aqutly, bul kba rMias prio- 
cipla at tifiimcf. thm bookMlUra and painwia 
(odeaTor to enliil Ibe lyrapalbie* or the readins pub- 
lic in iheir bebolf bf aHaning Ibat thalaw wUI naka 
Engliah booka u dtar ■■ American, becanaa (he copy- 
rigbmiiaibe paid tor. Thia aaeriion bul evince* 
Iba neeaaaily of lucb prolacliDo. Bow can oai lile- 
nlara b« encouraged if pc^ulai Cngliih norki -are 
paldiahad at lower priocf, becanie ths autboia are not 
Uba paidt Than ii ■amalhnig Msaalially diigiac» 
fbl to al k iii iin tnolbar natlco ta baaat that Ihey find 
n glorTtng Out 
lie, mkI onrdnBa. Lei 


U mental foidi let (u 
lake what wa raqoira, not aa piraia^ but ai boneat 
■m. paying hr what wa want, till our own oountiy 
ia aoaUad to anpply the demand. The Daelanlion 
of iDdapandaiiee ia incomidate, wbila Engliah bonka 
an allowed m inoDopoliia iha lilaiary ealerpriie of 
Ika land — placa a prioa npoo tbaai tbal wHl aoaUp 
Iha Anarican author to cocapela, and tha character of 
an Uiaratnra will meaiva a rapid ad' 

««. m 

■he humbug edilon who an unable to word a pw^ 
graph, and fill ifaeir psUiealioo^ daily, w«ekly, or 
moijlhly, wilb citracM fron Engliah patiodieala, wiQ 
be dritan back lo tbaif dana, aad eompallMl lo raiign 
ibair nali lo men of inlellectual powai. Hialoriani^ 
noTeliili, dramaliala, will ariiB, and acisDCa, free and 
unfettered, imile upon iha land. 

The October nanber of ihi Londoo Quatterly Ha* 
view conlaiM, with many other aicel lent papen, a no- 
nce of Mr. Cooper'a "England," ia which iberevia war, 
»iih polrnt cau*1icity, daTclopea Ihe gaugrene of ibe 


American reprint of dte Qoarierly wlH lomi ba iMoad, 
•nd the poUic will flod It worth vi-MIe 10 g(Te ttaa 
■nicle a caiefal penual. The annall of crtliclam do 
net eibibit a patillel liMtaDca of ant lalented «bA 
well applied ■everil)' ; ihe Ore of Iba rarjmter') ge- 
niua daahei niih incooceivable brilliancy OT*r Iba 
dry naedi and lapleaa rubbish which clog ifae face id 
tvery poge; the acorcbing. though uniuually intenaa^ 
will prove beoelicial in iu eOecla. Cooper will im 
Ihe Decaaaily of checking hi* hahil of fantl-GndiDg, 
and, in fulure, refrain IJwn the geiwrtl condemnaiion 
in which he hai latterly indulged. The reading pub- 
lic begin lo lire of bit petty animoaiiy lowardt llw 
Euglitb, and laugh at ihe nooderful inaull* lo Aow- 
lica which he iniitta npoo ditcoveilog evao in • 
frienilly invitation lo dimtM. Hiafrielidt are aa h a ia ad 
of Ihe univenaliiy of hit cyntciim — of that maliinant 
IrritaUlitywhich he eihihiu againM every thing populai 
whether in America. FrBiKe,Dr England. Ifanylbrelgn 
tcribehad wrillan hulonalylhe [art of ibe iiwillingr^ 
maiki upon the babilt of Anarieana whieb have ia-- 
iued from the pea of Mr. Cooper, the autbot would 
have ouI-Trotloped Fidlei%-yet Hr. C. pratanda to 
iiand Dp ibrlha character of hia oomilryj and wbaa 
be ha* ancoeeded in giving penoDal oSenc* ki Sy 
reignen at Iheir own laUaa, inaiita upon Iba ralali»- 

guBria-toi, loi mbaa- 

PpOD itM gawei a l fcle, vtMab Mill atlaa 
lie work* of iMpownl nvrMltiy. 
Towera, caatha, mounaenM and tenti*- 
Tba monarch'a palaca and Iba ptat l'i 
Th>»aMiitoi of Iba noghiy Magi 
Or tha nida ni 

Over a baggar^ eowa - < 1 1 rttarv aTths 
The general doom, end crumble iiiio rnioa. 
Yel, e'on lho*e ruint, broken an il^oy are. 

Recalling iMCk the nuiuury of pn< agt*. 

And leaching ut ihii md and hDinUfng lUDoghl^ 

Thai mrna nttXiUr wnrti, must ylrid U TEU. 





r> gbd w» Here Dot tveiU«d ! — I ilxHild (H«a 
To nUuh iby bnuliia waning, one b; onsj— 
8m ihoM blua d««|a, thiough which Ifay pore 
lbDU|bu ahoDe, 

Fada lika pale iion, wboae win ihiDiida mom dalh 

I coald DM bear u> ne tbf (mile* leM kind ; — 
Fair mile*. raTeiling all I've known of heaven ! — 
To aae Ihine ampla brow nith care o'er-graveo — 

Or bear Ibf voice reecho not tbjr mind ! 

Td lea Ibf radiant Ibm, » faiillletB iiill. 

Yield lo Ibo loacb of Time'i reladinl faand ; 
To He loTs'i me, leaf afier leaf eipand, 

Then fade for aye, 'neath cnatom'a gathering chill! 

And oh, to feel, e'en limi maf '■( yet become 
Lika to lbs thing! abant thee '■ — ((br the mind 
Grom like in cuatom'd fuod ;] — To wake and find 

"naa, too, like tboae who've made my heait a (ombt 

Then letmeHiU dream en. Onekiaa!— 
We part forever :— Thoo, lo wailo lon| 
In life'B dull ginia of aolemn Mnilea *a 

And I, to learn "/orgttfMliietr bekiw ! 

re idle : tboae (bna. 
It be lay deily j — 

FoiBet t— b 

■ I wordiip: — Loveni 

And Gliding thii n «na. aJaa, tn (*»— 
Belw the iMea— what abould 1 nek niece f 

We know not what may bo. There an dim dreamr 
Of vague delight, beyond life'i ebblew aea, — 
When mind meela kindred mind— aitd all iball ba 

Ai hope inepirea, or faiih or fancy deenw. 

But I 

)l to mo are loch wild v 

givcaii — 
And whan Iha ftiaa i* green — *■ aooo 'twill b»-^ 
Above my (raver— one kindly Iboogfat fom tb**, 
!• all I a*k from earth— ia all I b<^ of haavan. 


FucwBLi.'— I deemed Iheo true,— 
I thought thy plighted fiilh could ne'ei be biokei 

I choae thee of [he fiiw 
.Wboaaem'dmy frJenili,niail worthy love'ipDNIol 

And my confiding heart 
rUcad all ill tialb— ila very bopa In thee. 

Bat go — ihou'rt &tae — we part — 
nna dkl'N deceivfr— GjTgel me— tboa art fiea. 

Ot having mat, na'ei kmwn the boar U eevet. 

1 loved— can I liirget I 
not naoMiy dinp to love'i fiiai hope fcrevor. 

■■'"'■"^ Bnl lel'thy broken vaw, __ 

Ne'er bring ttiy mind oat painful IbCNlglil tt w 

No. no 1 be happy now. 
Be happy in remebemring. iboo art Itae. 

And now we pari Ibr aye i 
Tet, though bereft of every hope but heaven, 

I fervently will pray 
llat ihon may'at be — aa I forgive — focfiveoi 

Then go — 1 tbaoght thee true — 
1 waa deceived— turaakeu. Still, to thee, 

1 aend. with thia idien. 
Uy heart'* baei wiabaa. FataiveUI Hub wt fia 









The ftllowiDg CMeadu hu b««ii conpilvJ il ■ graat eipnne of time ind labor; uul will bo continocd 
*nrj moDlh lill the year ii camplend. We tnut lh«l Ihia perfMlly novel irniiigeinMil will be HOceptaUs 
wouFSDhieriban, nol only rrom Ihe fhllneM end aecuncr of ihs Cbrooology, but rmm ihe conwdenlion ilut 
Htn ia Doihing of Ihe Mine deuiiptioo tn eiiuance. It ia aMumed that no penon will be gaillr oT Ow 
iapropnel)' of copying thi> Calendar, vhicb in priiste pioperlf, aikd hai bean dalf entered ai copyrigbt, ao- 
"" '■ '" '' ' ' K or Ibe Act of Congma. 


Earl Chatham, in Ihe Houie of Lordi, pn^nnd hi* •chame of reconciliation nilh Aiaerks. 

Doctor Franklin preHnt. 
Balde ofCaUwha at H'Cowan'i Ford, 8. C. Lord Comwallii and Britiah aimjr mcceeded 

in croanng Ihe river. 
Engagemenl between U. 8. Frtsate ConMeltatjoD, Com. Trvilon. and French ihip Le Veo- 

gaaoce, 54 gana. ADer four hoar'i fighting, the liigata loat her main maat, and the 

Fienohnan aheered olf 
The Federal Street Tbeatre. BoetoD. bami down. 
Died, Geo^e Walton, nged 64. He wn Colonel in the revolulionarr aimj, Qovenm of 

Oeorgii. and Signer of the DeclaralioD of Independence. 
The unlbrtunate Spaniih General, Don FranciKo Miranda, laileif from New York, in Ihe 

ahip Laander, on hi> eipedilion la revolulloniEe Sooth AmeHn. 
Dreadful wreck of Ihe Ca)umbai Packet front New York to Charlealon. 
Bon, at Hingham, Mam., Benjamin Lincoln, celebrated revolatiooarf Gaoeial. 
Benjamin Franklin eiainined before Ihe Britiih Hooae of Commona reepecting Ihe necvaai^ 

of ihe repeal of the American Stamp Act 
General Moollrie drove the Briiiih fiom Port Royal laland. Sooth Carolina. 
Died, Samuel Davia. Preaidenl of Nurao Hell, and (bander of Iha flrrt Preabrtei; in Virgiol*. 
Captain Hodgea, of American ahip Sedgeley . aavad 160 men from wreck of Aurora Btitiah 

U. S. Frigate CorMellaKon chaced into Norrolh. Virginia, by a Briliah Squadron. 

Died, in Pfailadalphia, Captain John Canon, from ahot tvonnda inflicted by hia nifa'a pus- 

nuKir, Lienlemnt Smith. 
Bom, in Bcorland, John WiiheiapooD, EHgnet of lb* Declaration of [adependsnca, and Preai- 

deni of Princeton College. 
Bom, in MeaadiDBelte, Jamaa Otii, Patriot and Slaletman. 
Geoi^i adopted a new Governmeol. 

The Independence of the U. S. of America acknowledged by Sweden. 
The Porta and Harbora of Ihe Cheaapeake declared to be in a atale of blockade by Ihe BrilMi 

Admiral Warren. 
Seventeen Briliah Oflicera espiared on I^ke Erie, and placed in cicae confinement •! ChiUi- 

CDihe, on the principle of relaliaiion. 
Earlbquake fell Ihioughoul New England. 

The Gaiemmenl of England ianed Letleia of Marque and Repriaal againM America. 
Ralilicaiion of the Treaiy belween France and Ihe United Blatea of America, wherein Ihe 

Independence of Iha laiier nation waa acknowledged. Thia waa the fitft trealf of Ihe 

new Siatea with a foreign power, 
i Haawehuaelta adopted llie Federal Conatitatian, being die aiith State inorderofanceeauon. 




AIiuw ludered lo npHilheiDwlvM lo the U. & MMvhaboTlheDHlricnwbnaindMTnMel. 
Tba PlniM or Bvwaf « tec«ivsd ib« panJua ur ilie Bkcuiivb CuvcriMMat ia cudHqund* 

uf their cuuiige uid lidelily duplayed in the dcrsnce of New Orlaau. 
Conventiun baiwreti iLnglaiid ind ihe Uiiiteil Siatet lo Ex ths ■mouoi of iodanuiity iwuM 

Earih(|uiih« leli in PhiladflliAii ami oiher parn of the United Siiis*. 
" " I uciiiHi orCipiain Funyih. ai EliiabFihiOHn.agaiiiat Iho Briiiih. 
1HI5 ^"" Buwyer, Muhile Puini. iiiveaied fur the Hl^und lima. by the Briiiab. 
lg*JS Dieil. in Philadaiphia. Somuel lowing, diaiingui.hed Lavirflraiid LiiitniWaT. 
JC^^ New Vurk surrendered lu iha Engliah by lb* Dulch Goveiiior, Aiiiony ColTe. 
171)9 U. S. Ffi^aie CoitntellBlion. Caplain Tiuilun. captured PHnch Piigale L'lnau>xeDt. 54 (Hft 
o(f Bas>alerre. 
Lanraslrr. Man , biirni, and Ihe mbabilanla killad of Captured bp iha Indiana andar lb* Ba- 

I Puaiwkdt. 
The French and Indiana lurpriie Schenertady. hilling 60 and taking 27 primnen. The M 
I eiraped itirough Ihe innw to Albany, a distance of 16 milu; at Iht 
?Brly naked, many or them periahed or wereaeTerely fioci bilteit. 
1763 Canada ceded to ICngtand bj France, al the peace of Paria. 

1736 Died, aged 44. John Cad vialiader.diiiingiiiihedRavolutioDaTy General Ban in PhiladelpUt 
17ST Died, aget! 83, Charlaa Chauury. D. D.. an emiurnt Dirina at BoalOD. 
1729 Died, nt Nnri ham pion, aged 86. Solomon Stoddard, a celebrated NowEngUiii Divina. 
1815 ^"^ Bowyer, Mubila Puini. aumodered lu avparior BritIA (iipx. 

Brtiiah Sloupof Ww FavaHie, arHnd ai New York wiih tba rWibd Tnatr «f F«Ma k» 
' lean the Uxued Uiaiaa of Anieriea and G««i Briiaia. 
uddenlf, while aiiting in hii liOratr, D* Witt CliMan. afwl S$. Kb irM.Oo*w«it«f 
ew Vork, and pntniiiicr uf ihe Ena and Champlaia Caoala. 
Ditd.ji^ed 60, ni Buaroti. Capiain John Manly, U. S. Navy— • aucceaaTtit craiaar dnrBf lh» 

' hoiigh aonie time in cwGnemonl by Ihe Britiah. 
The Uritiah aiiddanly evacuated Avguala. Qeorgia. 

'Ill uf Tatlelua'a Dragooaa cm la piecea by Anarican LegitHi under Calonal Hmj 

Died, Bi LauiaTille, Kenluckf. Georga Rugera Clarke, dtaiingoiahed officei in ludiin iDl 
Revolntionafy wan. 
e American Temperance Sociel; inalilnled. 
mr Itiola in New York. 
Colonel Pickem daraated tha Toriaa anil Charokaai al KalUa Ciaak, 9 C 

alEUiBbalh)own,N J. AbrohaiaClBrk.Signerof DwUnUkNiariiidependeDca. DiadlTSi 

Diad, al WiliBiNglua, Delaware. John Dickuuaa, Stalaantan, aulbor of Fanmr'a aad Fatia^ 

Lollera, and President of Pennaylvania. in which office baaucaaMlcd Bsiuimin Fnnklia. 

Died, in bi> arm chair, agttl 93. W.IIiun Ellery. a aigaet of Un DaoUaUiMi of ImbrwdaM*. 

Cbsnikea Indiana lapulaed at Fwl George. Sooth Camlina. 

U. S. Frigflie Philadelphia burnt in the harbor of Tripoli, bf LiMMMit SleplMB DeeaUl, 
and 70 velimteera. in tha kelnli loirepid. 
. Bani,inSi»ilaBd, CadwaUattot Coldaa. Staiewan, BhikMophei, aod RvaHdaD. CiaLw 


Treaty or Ohaul 

•on, Preaident ef the Uutwd SauK 
k Cdonr oT Uu(uaDOia. uadai Bitwii,a«led fron Diappa hi Florida. 
CoLMailaan.oTNaw &ii)nawick,n> J. capMud Major SimklM.ctBriliaharB^, MdSOnN. 
Died, «ged„Sll, John Pauldinf , ana of Iha ihi«a aaililia man who araaMad Migoi Andn, al 

Apiieal oT J. C. Calhoun, Vice Preaatonl, agonal Oenenl Jadaon'a jvaclaiaaiUaa 
Died, agsd 80, Chailaa ChaaoCf. FraaiJenl uf Harvard College. He wna over Ami Sa* 
land, in 163S, on account of hia religiimi opiniona. 

1776 Natch«ciak*n in poauMUO by Captain J. Willing, in the sanaoTtU Unkeri StoMt. 

1788 Died, aged 63, Thomaa Cuthing, 1, L. D a tUtiiofaiahad RaToluliooaif ynMkf. 

1796 Died, in priaon al Montaerrat, JuMph Dumbey. boianiat and tnmller. 

1S16 Tbe Bridge of Wiia, 400 bei long, «fM:ud u«ar ifa« river at SebsylkiU BUk opMid fbt Hi 

1717 Great SiormalBoatoD and other parn efNairEoglmd. 

1780 The Briii.h, under M-jor General Sir Henry Cliaton, iuveded South Carolinm. > 

1761 nobect Morria apfoinied SiiperiateiKlcai vf iha Fittaiice* of Ihe Uuiud Slalea- 

1815 U- S. Frigate ConMilulion, Capiaio Stawail, caplmed ihe Cywe and Leraot, tiw BriliA 

TbaBaubiefPluladel^tila, New York. Trenton, Baltimore, aad Riebmood, raainaat ipgew 

Died, aged 76, at hia aeat, Wayne couMy, Pannylvaoia, Samuel Meiedkh, lb* Onl SUM 
Treiwirar iindsi Iba Federal Conuiiuiioo. 
1576 Medaeld. Maaa. burU bj the Indiana. 

1614 rho Araanal and Pabliis Swree at Ualiwe. Fj. Y. bumi 1^ the Briliab aider Colonel SoMI. 
173-2 Burn,at Bridgea Creek. Weatmoreland. Va. George WaakiD(laa. 
1743 B(ua,alUaeon,J«aaphDoiBbaf, adiuioguiabed bolauiaL 











Ctir'ulophcr SnIJer. a Wr U jnn, MM in i 
' 'aguemi by (bs r 

DM. ID I hiluJelphia, (g*!! 39, C\Miie* Brockdea BrowD. a celabriMd NoielitL Born is 

Colonel fonijili «i'nt«tled lo fvaciiaie Ogdeubnrg bj Ihe Britiih and lodiBnc, who hecim* 

posdflned of all ihe aniltery, aiirrfi, and ci»li. 
Packet ihip Jane and Hatgant, bound la Maw York, wracked off the lala of Man. 30S 

DM. in I/inilon, Juhn Qniiy^, a OHnminioner appoinled Id decide Ihe line between Ifav* 
jiia ami New llanipehiie. 
BoBian. Juniah Qitiiiey. jnnior. a Revolutionarr Fairiot 

1 WvKlaiuck, C'unnfciicui. William Eatun, famuiu fur hit caplara of Dene, and othar 
■enliirea on Ihe ennai uf Bati»rj. 
I Delaware, aged 65, George Taylar, a Signer of the DedaralraD of iDdepeodene* 

The Fliindie reded lo ihe United Sta'** br ihe Spaniah Miniiler, fur Ihe inm of 5.000,000 
dollan. which wa> afierwaidi paid lo American ciliieni for apolialiona on Iheir com- 
merce dunng the war, 

V. 9. brig llorfiM capiiiml ihe Briiiah brig Pearodt. The priieiunkdinelly annTtheecIioii. 

Died, aged 50. Ruherl Fdlinn, ilia oelefanied engineer. Bom in Little Britain, Peomylvania. 

Died, in PhilailFiphia. Cummodofa KicSard Dale, of the U. K. Naef. Ue waa Paul Jon^ 
firal Ltcuienant aboard Le Bonne Homme Rtchaid. during the Gghi with ilie 8eiap>a. 

A bodyorRoyaliiiiculio piecei by AneHcam DodetUenarale Lee and Pickeoa, itMr Haw 
Roer. a branch of Ca!« Fear River, n. C. 

The Independence of iha Dulled aiaiee of Anerin acknowledged by Denmark. 

Tbfl American Cummiiaioneri lailed from Mew York for Goiietiburgh, with power (o traat 

:h Great 

Outrage al Purl Mahun.on American aailoia by iha Spaouh Guard. 3 man killed, and 18- 

General Gage allempled to dealniy the Sloree at Salem. 
Dnadfiil Murder and Suif-ide on an Inland near Norfolk, Va. DaWd IWik.aged 31,eDlth« 

ibroal of Ann Collini. aged 14. and afierwaidi dealroyed hinuelf. 
Died, SI Clermoni. aged 66. Kubeti Livingaione, L. L D.. '■ ihe American Cioaro." 
The Americana defeat Ibe RiyalliU end HighlanJen at IMoore'i Creek Bridge, N. C 
General Conway made ■ rnoiion in iba Briliib Kuuie of Comraoni againal conlinaing tb« mR 

in Amenca, and the Miniaten were left in a minoriiy of 19. 
Died, aged m. at Jartcbo. Lang Inland, Eliai Hicki, Ibe celebrated diNantiiig Qniker. 
D*wfi*td.CsDa.alleeked t^ ihe Indianaand French. 150 pennia kiUad or captured. 
Died, M Prineeuo, i^ 53, Riobanl SwokMi. a Signer of the D«clantion of iNdapMidMIM. 


la ib« mabad dip yoar peiicil — 
From the aonbeam ileal your lioiel'— 
Juk Ihe lily IbTiH hue— 
Conrl Ihe iky for id pure bine. 

Than by nrehin Cupid Grad, 
Then by Venut' glance impired, 
Elerl your akill, yeur powera try, 
And akflicta Ibrme Elixa'a eft. 

Every baaoleaui grace combining. 
Every lovely look reluing. 
Paint her aucb in form and mien 
Al oe'si bafiiie baa raoiMl been. 

A nuw-wfailB neck, a lap'riiig chin, 
A inby lip, and *al*el akin — 

A loek of hre, • glane* of fi(«, 
A yoioe, hamBoioua ai ihe lyre— 

A Bttl — but atop— caw painlln' bUU 
Tlie twantiea of the mind inatilt 
Can he, wiih all bii bouled art. 
Trace one liuui feeling of bar hauti 

Ah no! — for tben 'Iwere hie lo giM 
To icy alono the power lo live. 
To ibink, conceive, and love n iroe^ 
Yei, ibink, and loic, and lira like yoiu 

• Theii L cnnlent, will aril him Iraea 
JoM (uch Ibnd fealum — luch a face— 
And neil my throbbing heart 111 preia 
Thai beaming gem of lavelineae — 
A lacred pledge it there riiall ba 
Of fair Eliu 

Digitizer byCoO^^lc 

A'^riv'x VD warn owsibilibs« a^av^ 



p 5ff£f Bfg^i^F^^^^ i 


ii^ f^^^P ^ 


Wltk Pero raani bring tlie Uuk MtUi 

Bar Ukve old frland Ponto behlad, 
Vte ipartammii wlwtd wlah for a better) 

I wiik be a better outy flad t 
Wbes the flrit brcase of nutmln . . 

He dew&an tbe bawtbora'i llgbt apray, 
(hu eavree to tbe fleldi we'll be takings 

Away to tbe etvbMat, away I 
Aad wbea -we are komeward retnrblBXi 

Vatlgtud wltb tbe eparta of tbe field, 
Vbatebetbat oneeknoirtivo'ldbe epBrBlBg 

^e baaltb and the pleamre (hey jtlald ( 

ir alokaeu or Borrow eoaie otar nk, 

A fee to no doctor ^rt pay, 
Bnt ibonttng "to ho there)" In cl>om*i 

We speed ttaro* the ttnb'bletf away. 
And when not forKetttng tbe dnty* 

That eaeb to bla ladylove owes. 
We drain thv red wlno^np to beaatrt- 

And turn to onr eoaeb of repoee) 
Wblle other* are dreamtng of danger* 

IVe dream of tbe feaU of the OrnTt 
And wbUtUng to Fero or Ranger, 

■till hie tliro* the ctabblee away. 




VANDELEUR; ok, Anuui. M^cnetku. 7W rnJunui. Carey. Lea. and BluKhvi]. 

A ladf, of considemble cli lirily in Ihe liwrary circle*, licclarrd, in oar preience, ibal the nmaidered Vu- 
d«l«itr 10 ba Ihe beat nritlen novel of (he uami. We dare nol coalravene to high an aulhorhy i and, in 
poJDl oT bet, if ne are unwilling to gianl eicluiive eicellencs 10 ihe woik beforo ua. we canndl deny the 
omuiu] Duiil of ihia impufied piodiulioa. A csrelUl and gnuifyiug pciuul baa HlMfiad tw of ihe emwHdi. 
Buy lalenl of ihe aulhor, nol on]y m Ibe conduct of ihe Mory. bul iii llie deliiteaiiBni of iFTeiBl hrgUy- 
*AM)|hla«eBe(orihed«epe*1 pattee. The litleof rhe trork dmnld nol hare been ■■ Vandeleur"— Ibe acridier 
if not Iha bero of Ihe [«gc>; Ihe letder carea lUH lur tba anguiab of the hunoralilc mind, nhlla Ihe luSeriiia 
of Ihe noble Gertrude agiiale hia heart — and no one cau read ihia book wiihoui lerling airungly inlerealed in 
the weUare of Ibe beauiiful faeiDinc. the feminine beauly of wliuec clinrHCItrr in cheiiely eeneeired aud ablf 
tiMBted. Again, ihe lub-Tilla of Animal Magnetiim induce* Ihe public lu bcliorc Ihal Mewmer'a diacovoy 
ii the piimum mobile of tlie plali. one liLlle chapter ia devoted to ihe aubjeci. Blucb ia ccrtaialy iuHuaniial «t 
the Ibrlunea of GerliuOc, bul it ia introduced aa a necesaary pnlioti of ihe T-^lc. The noTiI ia net Hrilien 
Upon the title, ad copinndiini vulgua, which loo many nf our pujmlnr works Lie. ai.d fieqiu ;Uly by the ordeta 
•f the bookaeller, nho, with viliaied taale, bociae a pecaliar and wcll-aounding name, aad iimgiuet llul a 
work ao deDomiBated mill (cB. 

The iacideol relDlir* (o the diaplay of animal magnetiim by Ihe heroine ia well deacribed, and will bear 

Nothing can ba more aimplo and lea ittSuential than Ihe procen of magneliaing would e«em lo be ; iha 
cmin •lertivB.asd poner, being ia Ibe mind and will of the magneliser. The aub^ fluid ia aoppoaad u> be 
ooaveyed by the mere tendering ef die obiecl paaaiTa enough 10 receive it — thai if. by luUiog id npoie nhU- 
ever nf hia own '■—■'''" mighl be auppoaad aa active aa to reakt it. For Ihia purpoae, Ihe Dnl movenent i< 
to lake the hand* of Ihe patient, and gently piecing [hem, relain ihem in iboi poailim aa long a* may ba 
deemed neceaaary, according to the atate at Ibe patient and other allendtng ciicuBMalice*, bvfilio pniceediiig 
lo the Other method* ofdtffuaioo of Ihe HuiJ. 

Thia cafeaaing movement fiom-hiB kind aiator, was of couna received by poor tleibetl merely atone of bat 
Mai leetimoninla of nffetiiun, ibe more perhspaaa il wa* now accompanied wilh an iHWnae leek of lendNMM 
md asiiely. Even nhen ahe changed thai movenent for ihe leea familiar and more aciive onea, of paaaog 
Ibe ianda liam ihe heod dinvamrJa over Ihe panon of Ihe palieni, but without actual conlaci, though ha at 
Qnl ataied a Ittlle antioualy at her, ha Itnally amled, and appeared Aiher to enjoy nbat ha probably iuw- 
ceUly wnceived waa done merely for hia amnaement ! 

I have «ald Ihal ike evoniiiK waa aoA, balmy, and genial { Ihe twiner af binla — iha hum of beea^^end lb* 
p ei' fw i u e of flowen, wna about j the spol aelacted waa alilt and secluded. How far oil theae circitnaMBns 
■light haaa tend e d 10 prodace a diapnaitioo to aoimnleacy ia ihe invalid boy. we may nol daieimiBe; bal 
ceriain it ia ibal Geiiniile bad not many minulea coMJBueil her lofily lulling muvementa about him, when bu 
gentle cyei began 10 luuh heavy, the iranaporent lida preiently drooped uvor tbem, and he aeemed overcaaie 
byalumberl It was Ihe ileiiied eSert; yet poor Geiirude, with youthful inconaiatency, fell a* much alanocd 
al Ihia proofof her pewpr, aa it were, over her brother'* conatiluiioD, at if abe had never hoped, pn><d. 
labored, aaliefad fur it. 

" Ha aleeps!" the taid ti>fily la Da I'Eapoir. 

" Already r waa the rejrfy. 111 a lone of plaaiara. 

Bul, allbiiugh aubilui'd almiHl 10 a wbiaper, in order not to airiuae Ibe bay, the ainuige voice, proceeding 
fiom directly beliiod lum. nol only acaied away what probably had nut yet been alecp, but catiaed him la 
•tail up and look around l.iin with a wilder eipreaaioDofcDUaieQance than be had ever belbre eihibiled.aoil 

tienmde ber a tae terrrlitHl. and deeply aHeded ; but r«membering the reiterated cauliona aha had receivad 
sever to foaet bin to remain under the infliHiwe of lerroT, abe aHnmandad heraeir,aiid proceeded to eodestut 
once more to soothe anil cumpoae him, by a repetition of tvbal had atreaily so completely produced the eflad- 
It would nol du — the spirit of alarm was roused in ihe poor boy — he looked liral inquiringly, then wildly, Ml 
her handa Hilling alM'il him; a univeraal tremor took poaaeetioa of him. 

Gertrude, aa we hai o said, bad been particularly cautioned againat suffering her own feetinga to ovefoom* 
ber, ao as la induce her to alop auddenty in ber operation*, probably 10 ihe aeriona iiuury of her patient. Ae- 
corriingly, although her be^irl waaalmo*! breaking, ahe forced henelf to coaliniie the operaiioli", only leoderiv 
them at gentle, and even eipresBiTelyiiaeclionale,Bt wo* in ber power. Il would not do — hi* eyes conuniw 
rapidly and wildly lo &Uuh faec hand*— he ghaoad at her face and aan lean falling alowly over iL Fat* 
tnomeni or two, he aeaaaed aa if apeU-baand to hia seal — bul, in the neii, ba ohuddsrad convuliively, ood Utt 
fainiiag iaaa ber armB! 

Oartruda thrie ka d oat la I>* L'bpeir, who iwmadialely came to her aaaiatance, and imploring <tf her H 
tubdD>bwieeliBBB,mid iset aalil ber mj^ fcr bar mtdeilakJBg.awped bat *at»»at y ihsnf *»■» §»&< " ^ 
well as [iiiihiii " He ia merely over e t w ried with magnetic flaid," he said,"!*! v>* wM aawiialwf ■'' 
Of thai;" aad ha proceeded 10 go (hie«g|b (be pre earn piea tl i bwl far thai puif w*. 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 

&c«:k« «• u*^ »»>Vj. 

riw Might mlrgMi A« few n-:. c -^=-- f - 
duins tD admit ikcL^F^aE ■^-^.'i=>m . --«■' 

l>oII]« W hk ur. I> !Xf->« c^ I : ■ -^. : . 

iOB Tri) fiB ■■iiiiMiii ihi h« snc k >>.« rb:' 

And DOW it a ibM Ac duio: .. -^ ti Mcxrubi 

De I'Eapou. T\ae no be no \-.^-j» bu. b^ a 

I'EipoulD Ibt* irilMnm 
of Iha nrilr^m Biu > 

e fan v::; 



hellnfa plan; — tvnaio ii u. ^i -t-nt i 

bond hiiHrlr Hill nmioHkd ^. ■-: t"."!-!! 

JSOfm fnim ha gentl* fiiM:<c. *n .-.m i :;u-l 

It WW loo nach £>f hu mtek •.> 
inclj UDOTid km fcr ha liiKr ■ ■ 
li^ aHJ cbmb, ImL dm ¥cbU.-^ < 
bsbil, Idii( ^M>c:BiiaD. uRrM - • 
fa»"B lo nek •helm in tbe trti- 
""»'* fir*« lo impire hct bf«hi«« i-i 'ut 
*"*^'M <4' hk Bonal igOT. W u ■nasi 

•} Ihen — ha pun uil \t Miif f ■-> ■■> u 3^ hr nv 


140 THE gentleman's MAGAZINE. 

" Indeed, madaiD, 1 do ool know ; yaur lacfyihip did not inlbrca Ine," 

" Tfaere il is, you never rcmenib«T what 1 wuit ; il naWf is enougb to vei ■ uinL" 

" I'm ■□». midam , I am very Kirry." 

"So you slwayi Mf : I bew nolhing bul 'I beg yout purdon." snd '1 am very KWry,' «11 dar loD|;. Fbu 
ihe eaiy cbair with an aiirn pillow berate my writing deik, wheel the deih etoag to the window, vti put ■ 
tabouret (bi my Tee). Tbere. that will do. See thai ihe pem are good, ihs ink BOI too thick, and lay a qmn 
of foobcap wove paper on Ihe deak ; not Ibal abominable glazed paper which dsslea my eyes. 1 intend to 
write, Mn. Vincent, yea. to write a good drat, unlea* it should Taiigne mc; m wipe my ipectaclea. Tod bad 
better remain in the room, to lee that Ihe lire doea not go out. You ran rrad, ir you like il; bat mind ym 
do not make a imiae in turning over Ihe leave*, you know you have a iii':k of doing so. And renMoibir, 
too, yon do not make ihal disagreeable aaund to which yon are niDch addicird, a sort of clearing of lbs In- 
chea. which is eiirentely trying to my norve*. Tbere again, Mr*. Vincenr, have I not told you a Ihoawid 
limes not to give way to Ihal oOenslTe habil of sighing. I cannot bear it." 

" I beg your ladyship's pardon, 1 am very aor" — < 

" Otal dear — Oh! dear, I never can aay a word to yon, thaljiaB do not furthwilh aiMwer m* wilh '[ big 
yoar pardon. I aiu very sorry.' " 

" Indeed, madam" 

" Don't say another word, ipare my nervea; you know, or ougbl to know, that I detest eiplanatidlii.'' 

THE ENGIJ8H COMIC ANNUAL ros 183B. By Thomas Hood. 

This yearling cttravagania is full of ferociaus fun. rrilitiam ia anperflunua— we latigli, and My " nbat 
HulTI" and yet we laugh again — and. Soaking to the end. laugh on. IIchkI hunta a pan as a lurcher bmtia 
Ibi cub, both by sight and amell. (or aAunJ.) He geta a good bite at him here — doubles upon bim ibtte— 
tuma him over a few — now heads him — and Ibeu tails him i till, overrunning bis mark, he neatly losa* righl 
of his game, but a hard ran, or a hig jump, hiingi him alongride, and he Gniabea the chase wilb acospde- 
main, leaving hia mangled prey behind him. as if ashamed d Ihe shaking he had given it. The apsniiig 
piece in lhi> year'i Comic Annual i> called " "Hie Camsby Cotrespondeuce," and conaiata of lelteia hn f 
spoiled youngster at boarding achool to hia papa, a soft headed widower ; the ftthera' letter to hi* biollwt, a 
retired boatswain, and the nilor'a answer — aU of them eicsedingly choracterialjc, and full of comical ide*. 
Hood indulgea in a little too much of the vile cacology of the ontrj cockney school— «ven bis merchant! 
apatk fustian, aod nearly Ihe whole of hi* anbjecti ditrouraa a* if apelling booha were diinp that were iM 
The tral letter from young Catnaby ia anppoaed lo be dictated by Ibe pedagoguv. and infbmii Ihe panni ol 
the approaching vactlion i Ihe style ia grandiloquence itself— " Honored Parent — A* Ihe eight of hit laliTs 
Terra Fnrma la Ihe hardy Mariner on Ihe palhleaa waele of the vaat aipauie of Ocean, so are the filial idec' 
- tion* of a Son and School hoy to inform you wo bteak up on Friday," There ii plenty of" palaver," as ntlet 
Robert oalli il, about the allention paid to the pupil*' wellare, but Ihe young genlleman'a private letter di*- 
own all connerlion with ihe auiharthip of the official dociuneal, which, he Eay*, " the Doclor ftnmpl op ill 
om of hia own head, and ne all cnpied it out Tot all tmr fnthera." The boy wiihes to be removed from die 
school " fiir goud snd all, for the table beer alwaya givea me Ihe alomach eke if I dont tie a siring li^l nmiid 
il ; anollicr Ihing ia ths ballsr puddings whicb Ihe lellowa calla it putty became it stick pains in our jinida. 
and somelinie* we have stinking beef. Tom Spooner has saved a hit on the aly lo shew his parenK hot in 
so strong we're afraid il won't keep over the three weeks lo the holidays, • • • Jackson saved enoagh H- 
' boy a Donkey, and then divided him into shares, and 1 had a ahilling share, bul Ihe Doctor wen so oiijial •• 
10 aeias on him although Ihere was no law agin bringing ataea to the achool. * * Philip Fiank aaya ibeR'i 
a capital school at Richmond, where the master permits fishing and boating aitd dgaia and gonpowdar aid 
poney chaise*. I often think if my poor dear lale mother was alive it is just Ihe genleel aort of schcol rite 
would like me lo be linbhed affsL" 

Thie gentle hint proved Sobby to be well acquainted wilb hia ftthar'a lendems** of character; the agitate! 
parent writes a letter to his btoiher, the boatanatn, aaking advice ; in which he aaya, " praya God his pon 
muther it coaled under the Haarlh, il wud spiie the rest of hi* hashca if so be she cood read bis uil of pew- 
lered nets." He desire* his brolherto bear up under the affliction. The hoaUwain answer* bin Ihia: 
*■ Likely it ia that a man who haa rammed his head. a< I have in Africa, into a aluck camel for a •ecaod^hand 
swig at hia cistern, wnnld come within aiily dcgreea of the noiinn of pitying a lubberly school boy for baviof 
aa much aa ever he could awill of sour swipes. "I've had a tiuarler'a acbooling in Ibe deaerl, where I leant a 
> leesoD from Ihe oetrichea j namely, when yon can't gift a r^ular cargo of Jbod, you must go in ballosl with 
old aboe*, leather caps, or any other odd matten you can pick up," The feihet aniweia Ihia epistle, and in- 
dignantly defends his son Sob from a charge of bad calogmphy made hy tha boalawain — observing, " if be da 
liM with a had hand, i never cud rite any grale shake miself on an emti tlummach. But that's nlial y 
can't or won't enter inio, no moor then I can enter into cemmira inaida or hoalrigea eating their old ihoca end 
leiber cap*-" 

Benjamin Camabr. the boatawuD, vinu iha school, croas-eiaminee the nejdiew, Ind, not approving *f tlw 
syalem practised at Socralea Hooos. Inings Ihe boy back wiih him. This is the beet latter in ih* tanttf^ 
dence. The sailor's melbsd of proving the boy'a edacalion ia very characlariitic, and (ho comung siDpliaV 



oTlba bof '■ Bnawcn provokM the heatljr Itugb. " Whki ia Iha variatioQ of (he compaM I" raid I. So Muler 
Bi>b uuu it about &bit, and ny« he, " Whjr, iU ooe leg tbonei than I'olhat," which a aboul u nigh it a> joa 
in 10 Tikte Bajr- "Whtl'i msiBphrriat" "Brioiionc and treacle," aaid Bob, u [tad]r aa guDpowder. 
Nm Ihera'i do mora ph^aic in laelaphy nr* than a babf mighl laka in hii pap. " What'i religion P' " The 
colic on Snndafa." " Now what he meaDl hj the colic (colleci) the aid gentleman knowa. Whal'i (he main- 
Uf gallant rnle of Chriatianily I" " Six neelu at Chrialmaa," layi he, ai bold u braaa. " Whal'e natnral 
phiknphyr' " Keeping rabbili," laya Bob. which njunda likely enough, but ila not Ihe thing by liiry degrees. 
•Wliai's algebra!" "Al-gebral A witd donkey all over alripet." " Now, Maaler Robert, lake a puU at 
jmt menla] lackle, for I am going 10 overbaul your malhemalici. Hon do you deicribe a iriinglar' 
-Flea■e■i^" mSI Bob," il'a the thing Ihal tingle- langlei lo ihe big drum." Well, old Darby [the mmttt) 
Itnked ai if he oieanl to drop down dead on the apol of apopleiy or lo murdei dear Bob. I teked him who 
WM the diaODterar of America, and may I never break buiacuil again if he didn't aay " Yankee Doodle." 

The ne>l |1K>M ailicla ii olleil " PalioDege," and ia a comical i!e>crip(ion of the horror of ■ nervoui man 
nha ii appointed lo ibe care nl' uMne gunpowder milla. I'here it a good Iriah Uorj — MtranI eicelleDi Teiai- 
Sti tttivlf, paniculaily " Th<- Git en Wan," which we hope to fnrit room for by and bye. 

The wood4utB, or angrivingii, aa Ihey are are good, but few of Ihem wilt bear eipla- 
Bikin. Like the virtue of qiiai k mtdicinea, ih»y munt be tern w Uc apprecialtd. " Animal Maguetitm" i> 
cieaiplifin] by a cat titling wiih ila longne uui. attracting balf a ili.2«n birds lioui a neel on Ihe tree. There 
■ ■ gpoi pepor on ihe niyaiic Fcitiice, too long for quotation, but ne preaeai a poMioD of ita inireducioiy mat- 
tHt. which exbibita dairvBymce in a ridicutoiu li^t " Take ihe wildcat frcaka of the moat muddled, fud- 
dled, be-poddled anaker — auch aa trying le light hia pipe at a pump— attempting 10 wind up a plug with hia 
natch key — at reqnaatiiig, from a damp bed in Ihe gutter, to be tucked in — aitd are (hey a bit. or a whit, or a 
jo. or nhal-Dot, more abanid, more eitravagant. mora indicative of imbecility rrf'ieaaon, than the vagaiy of a 
wanemlHiliat gravely going ibroogb the back-gammon of reading Back's journal, or a back number of the 
Rctroapcctiva Review tbroagh the back of hia bead V 

Van ia a capital idea well worked. up, of a mao whq once wa* Ibituiuite enough to atva an nnlbrtunate 
jaaale fnm a watery death. The Humane Society pieeenled him with a ailver medal, and he wu aoddenly 
Him) with a mania for pulling people liom bottoma of ponda and riven. He neglected hia btnineai 10 take 
long ramUea by the aidea of melancholy alreama, or wherever llwre aeemed a chance of being able to gratify 
kit piofouaily. One dav, on the lame idenlical ipot where the former miahap occurrod," we aaw a boy, in the 
lial alage of diatreaa, wiioging hia haoda, weeping aloud, and gazing intently fiir aometfaing which ascmed to 
hive diiappeared in the river. We, of coune. iwiuired wbat waa the matter, but the poor fellow waa loo 
oreteome to apeak inleiltgihly, lliough ke waa able to intimate, by lignu, ibat the cauae of hia agony waa in 
the water. In each caaea, every moment ia precM>ua,and merely throwing off hia hsi, C^rkindala waa inatantly 
diving in ibe etrvam, where he kept under indeed ao long, that I began lo fear ha had been grappled by nma 
psriiliiitt wretch at ihe bottom. At laat, however, he emerged, but it waa only 10 aak eagerly for a more ai- 
plicit direction. By iLii time, the poor hoy waa more compoaed. >o aa ao be able 10 direct tbe aearch rather 
laere to the left, which waa with the current. Accordingly, down went Corkindile a second lime, in tbe 
diiecliao pcnnted otil, ho( with no better aucceaa ; aitd when he came up again, between agitation and eIe^ was almost elhantlad. At laat, he was juat able to articulate, "Gracious heavsn! nothing; not even 
a ihrtd V Tbe aniiely of the poor boy, in lb« ineanline, seemed eiiraine. " Laws bless yoo, air, forever 
•ad ever." aaid ha, " for going in, air, but do JDSl 117 again — pray, pray do, air." CsrkiBdale did not require 
urging—" Quick, quick," ny ha, making himaelf up lor anolhat attempt, " tell me — man or woman P "Oh, 
low good 00 foa, air," nyi the boy, poor fellow, quits delifhted at a fresh bops; "Oh, how very, very good 
on you, ait — but it'a nobody, air.itui a nook.' a nook for Sailing! and, oh. tawa! oh, sril if you don't find it — 
Ibr I've got never a faldio Ibr 10 boy another." 

HARQUtS DE LOUVOIS. By Q. P. R. Jina, Esq.. author of' The Life of Edward, the Blaok Prinoe," 
'Cardinal Richalieu," Ac. &o. drc. 7Vd Voluncs. Carey, Les. and Btanchard. 

Tbess "lives" nuat be considered aa a whole— a description of the moat eventful portion of Ihe raign of 
I«iie lbs Foortaenlh, the Augustan age of Francs, when Ihe bandeoma nunafcb gathered in his courtly eir- 
de, ^ pciidiad D* Grammont, the witty De Hontsepan. the devoted IMainlenon, the gay Moliere, the (ragic 
Racine, Iha nliiicat Boilean, the inblima Boanei, and the Dtwquslled trio, Fenelon, Paacal, and Cbryeille, 
trilfa the heroes Coad^ Turenne. Loiembonrg, Vauban. and Catinst. beaidss Ihe worlhia whoss biogrsphias 
ear anthar baa aBiraed to give. Tbe abiulies of Hr. James have been well darstopsd in his fiirmei woifci — 
ke ia capable, bom his indnstrioos love ot* deep raaeai ch . his critical penpicnity, and onbiansd mind, to give 
flill (OMt to biographical display ; and the two w^-wriltsn and entertaining volninee before db evinoe the 
ixiDiinnanee of hii powers We confidently recommend them to the public, who will find in Ihem an agne- 
•b)e mslhod of ptmiag balf4.d(aan hour* wilh profit, as welt aa pleasure ; and when placed upon the libnrr 
■lielC they will ccnsdUila an hiskiricai tafereoca of undoablsd value and utility. 



TBS tommmava papehb of the f 

Ml'- Chvlw Dickena hta braaghl hii Pickwick Jibon » a eloM. leaving the philanihropic oM ganllsnaii 
in lbs qniet ei^of rnenl of hi* olium cms digranla Kt ■ pleaBDl mideOFe nitfam a ten mitea of Lmdoo, 
•lilt lelainiog lb« iiic«tiona SamiTel in hia employ. Tht pretty Mary has becoma Mn. WellsT. snd Iha elder 
brancb at Iba family ia puccably digpowd nf at Newmarket Mr. Dickena hu ■bann hia good acnae in bring- 
ing bic wsrb la a cloae — il wna impooible for bim, nJTb nil hia brillianl wil and fnciiily of hnmbr, to can; 
oul llie fun of the tbing niDch longer, smt ibe iteralion of ihe pecnliiridea of ibe parliea became aomeibiiJr 
flat and atalc. Aa they now Btand, The Ficknick Papan Ibtm a mirth-prOTohing Tolume, tbal will retain in 
place in the library of CTery man who hnowi hcnr lo apprvcial* B hearty langh. Wa have before et[«<iHii 
our opinico of Ihe merila of Boij we port from Pickwick with Ihe beat feelings, and earnestly dnireaaigb: 
of hia aucceeur, by Iha aama authnr. 

M«B». Carey, Lea, and OlaDChard annnuno^ Iheir intention of immediately iaauiog a new edition of llw 
■bova, inline volume, tvilh n variety uf illtialrationa by the heat bioda. 

Feme daring haad hu analobed Ibe atnmp of Boi'e pen (ram lbs grwp of the gvntie Dickena, and wiib 
iapiooa auiaeiiy, baa aaaayed deacriptiaa of a Pickwickian lent in France. Tbara are BMia mniol 
akelcbea in the number bditm na. and we htf e no doubt Ibat a( Ihe mihor become* more aoqaainted iridi 
the peaona he aaramca to dnKribe, ibal mora perfect portrahiim will be produced. SamivePa loner lo hit . 
wife ia well canceireiJ ; and Ibe iwiikdler. Cnahem, alihoagh a liitle too like Jingle, makea soma ptlpa!i<« 
'hin, particularly wiwfte be deacribea Ibe new maifaod of negociatiDg billa, compelling tbe poor derib to aki 
but a amall portion of the ralne in caafa, end foisting nprai tbem unaateable articlea for the balanc*. " I did 
a bill about aii months ago." aaya Ctashem, " a good bill of one thousand pounda, and what do you ihmt he 
gave me t Two hundred pounda in ready money — Ibree hundred in Chinaae lurnpike bonds—four hmidBd 
in Persian «crip— and aaotbar handred in Newcaatle coals." 

Ctaabam thus desaihes tbe wine at a French bolel— " The liist day ihey brought me a bMlIe of ink sod 
waiai-~ih« aecond, Tinegar, with a bluabag aieeped in it— the thiid, cider and log-na«d— and all Ai* ther 
ware plaaaad to call claiel. 

The Pickwiakiaua' firrt meal in France ia well described— we give it in fall ; saying, en paannt, that, dii 
etchinga are full of life and haraor, and creditalrfe lo Iho talent ol AUrad Ciowiiuitl, tbe deaigoer and en- 
Mr. Wtixia, who had diaappsered on the entrance of the traitet. now relumed to the eoaa*.|ooin wbtre 
hia roaaleis were aealed, and ahuSed uneaaity round Ibe table, ai if he were dcairous of unbuideninfl iui 
mind of aomo oppreisive weight. 

" What ia tbe matter, Sam T" said Mr. Pickwick, at length, pitying Ihe ombariaaaad situation of hi» d»«i» 
tic : •• has any thing new occurred !" 
" Beg pardon, air." returned Sam, " but I'm just a'Come from the hitcben— and a more curiauaer place ' 

" Indeed, Sam," laid Mr. Pickwick ; " what is there so remarkable I" 

" In that 'ere kitchen, sir." laid Sam. aerioualy, " Iheie'a nolhink Ihai'a kimmon lo a kitchen in Eat\tlli- 
Fast, air, then are half a dozen man.cookt, viih viia nigiil-capa and apemi ; and each appear! to be Ike (*^ 
tain o' len oi twelve ditierrni aanepana — all of biigtil kipper — ranged, aoldier.iiae, on a large alova^ snd 
tben Ihe conleou o' them 'era Barxepans. geo'lamon, is 'Btooiahing to a degree. I opened llie lid o' von, uO" 
bekaown lo llie cook aa roa the preaiding diwiaily o' Ihai quarter, and aiire enough, I sees a paltridge *'^' 
ing vith wegetoblea and aaaaagea. Saya 1 to myaelC ' This ia laylher queer,' a* tbe banker otaerved. ven kl 
looknl ni Ibe cheque as vD) forged. 'Prhapa you'd like lo larn French cuakeiy, young man T' said voo " 
the vaiiora, vilb a vinh o' alyneas to Ton o' the varmingpsna." ^ 

' To one of ihe warming-pans!" exclaimed Mr. Pickwick, soropwhal angiy, for he tecoilecled ikai '« 
unforUuMM aafaieei-of warming-pans had aerved aa material evideicB against him, in the mouth of Strict 
Bui-fux on tbe occauon of his msmorable trial. 

" Hallegorical. aii^purely halUgorical, air," letameil Mr. WolleJf " aa Ihe crilio said to the B<lb«. •« 
he cut up hia writings." , 

" Well — to return to the kitchen, Sam," said Mr. Pickwick, whose momentary anger wa* speedily ■O'*"'™ 
and wbo ealwtaiiMd some ngue idea that bis demesiic alluded lo a chambemaid! although the aynwrti 
was at Gan niber obscure- 

" If ii suit your con-uenience. sir," cosHinaed 8sm, " to listen to my wagaiias, 1 don't know oe kobjM'i*' 


KBViav or nsw BooEff. (^ 

« Bf MBiaiiaioatiaK of ikaa. Se to ooaliaiM. ' P'Thapi ]«a 'ad Hke to lun FrMdt axAerjr r nid tbe 
nilB. ' WMy WMh otiUagsd, roong lihr-viM,' nid I ;' bol had raj^hsr lal ic slone, at the nraDkernul Wlbp 
M poka ' ' Vonld joa lika jiN Ibr (o luie a' ifan 'vra duh, Kb. Vsllei f psnewsd Ihs miter, fiv tw"!! 
luDl ■)! BUM fnw Uw lop of tap bandbox ; and, taking tha kirer off Ton o' the uraapini, ba diowod OB a 
pieM o' biM baaf done (o raga. • Tiina k> lake that oO;' Mpa f. — • No nieb thiog,' mid b«, hnkiiig n tba 
dock: 'DinM don lill III.' ■ And toi'i m that 'sra large kalJtnn t' nid t, not nonlariog on alook of oatD- 
BHkaaBt, a> I wasabard vf 'irayingmy ignorance. ■ Ulewad noil.' raid (be Tailcr; and ihersnpon he took 
aS iha lid of Ibe liippet Mraepan, and ihovred ms s pisee of mini nilh bin ot tai hanging about )t on bH 
ndM. Thh he caHad a ftich^lnd-go ,' but 1 'poao twai 'it imperence. ' Pra^ do you itso penaliei in FranceT 
tud 1. ' Csrlainly,' said my Tinncl iIia vailer ; ■ horn ii Mine prima una.' anJ lurp onaw t aood foniB perta- 
in tot into alioaa, and kiiand ovet w.rh huner and perael j, jist reaiiy to «arvo up." 

"SngulirV mill Mr. Pickwiclt, nh'i had liitaned nilb deep aitenlion to Mr. Wsllet'a recital ; " very rin- 
ialul But what did I Mil you jut mm-, Winkle!" 

Mr. tVinkle vraa aboui lo reply, wben the eDImace of the waiter and lb? lonchcon attracted the atl«Dtioli 
dT Iha three gcnilemsn to Ibo repast wbich naa now broDght in — and which was to be the linl thai either 
hid eter y«t eaten or in France. 

" Dear rae." »aid Mr. Pieliwich, " why — ibia ii a dinner !" 

" Dr^iHir i lafvurdiiUt," cried the waiter ; and having ranged half a doien dtahm apon Iha labia, he 
[cocecdiHl lo drnvr the corka of three bolllea of wine, and place them (the boulea, nol Iha oarka) upon A* 

" Meal-pie," laid Mr. Pickwick, tmcoverini; the diih opposite lo him, and glancing cuiioiuly at a lit|le 
ftbric of paile itandiog in a vary litlie piece of crockery-ware. 
" Vtl-ntwml aux graiouHiei !" obieival the waiter. 

■■ MiUionchoFa and TagelaUea." cri«I Mr. Tupman. diaeneambenag bia diih of ila tegamnl. 
" CettlUlui d la jirdiititTe" aaid the waiter. 
" Huh and youog lobaLsn," eictaimed Mr. Winkle. 

'TfltdevKn i iaioTtut. el dtt rctevitui," chanted the waiter in ■ lingjong lone of TOice. 
-Chopped cabfaagM." and Mr. Waller, a> he lifted up the cover of a diih contaioing ipinage. " And 
■OBHof tbam idaolical parbRiea." coolfaiMd Sm,diKlonnglhe eonlenli of iiuthai plate, " ew Ttfoi ng vich 
I TO ludi£ialed just now. KolliOaar and malted batl«r it the third — and a' adminhle diiptay they air lo«. 
Good a^iile, Gen'lemen. ag the aklpper aoid lo the aailoia van Ibey voa thorl of parwuiooa, aad h> gaM 
'nt each a ounce of rait pork." 

'niit chicken-pie ia eicoUent." aaid Mr. Pickwick, helping himielf a locond ticae lo the attractive diih 
Mm him : — ' I netei (aated any ibiag ae Imider. You raa% can eat the very honfa !" 
" faidead .'" ofaanrved Mr. Winkle ; " PU ODuUe yoH lor a piece, then." 
"With rleatora," renuaed Mr. Pickwick. "Tupmon — try thii diab of mine I" 

'I don't care if I do." >aid Mr. Tapman ; and having been copioudy aa liberally iadulgad 
himielf in ihe consumption of the delicaie food. 
'Winkle, a glaH of nine," aid Mr. Pickwick. 

"With pleanre." laid Mr. Winkle; and tha Burgundy wai accordingly paure4 out and drank. 
-Eiderwjno— ia it not I" inquired Mr. Pickwick, emptying hii glau, and ahiacking hit Ii pa with a pe- 
ctliu reliih. 
" Burgundy, air," aaid the waller — " beat Burgandy." 

" 1 wiB just going 10 tell yon »o," ofwerved Mr. Winkle ; " and a very eicellenl glan of wine it ii-" 
In the meantime. Mr. Pickwick had helned himaelf a thtid lime to Ihe pie before hin. and wat aboal lo 
rammenca a vigoroui attack theraoo, wben hit altenlion wat tnddeidy allraaiad lo Mr. Tupman. whoae fea. 
titmi were icrewed up in a mint extraordinary manner, and aaemad la indiiate aTeiy appearance of a deiire 
loTouii on the part of that genlltman. 

-Tupman— are yon ill r eiclaimeJ Mr Pickwick. laying down bia knife and fork, and helping himaelf 
to a glui of wine in a momenloiy fit of abience. cautod by ihe alarming aituBtion of hi* friend. 

- Pr^, don't be aick. Tupmui— now, don't, then'a a good frilow," cried Mr. Winkle, in amiable commiaK- 
niion of tlial gentteman'a indiipuailioo. 
" 0, Ihal pial" grouted Mr. Tupman, ratching mosi friKhtfully, while the teirs ran down his cbeekt. 
■Wailot!" taid Mr. Pickwick in an angry tone of voice ; then, fearful that hii riling cholat might ovBc- 
<«Btheeqoinimityof bit temper, he loaWd off the wine he had pouted out, in order lo aUon himaelf time 
bi reEaciion. 
"Tfa— air," laid Ihe waiter, itepping forward from Ihe side lable where he was ttBlioited. 
"Whaliiin that pie, waller I" inquired Mr. Pickwick. 
" Ya— what ii in it I" demanded Mr. Winkle menacingly. 

" lo mercy, waller— nfaal wai it made of I" murmured Mr. Topmau. whose fcce wai now gbaitly [ale. 
" Mods of, air 1" repealed the waiter. , 

" Td-made of," otied Mr. Winkle, very anglfly, and in a tone that itemed to asauto tho waiter that ha 
"oold not be trifled with. . . . „ 

" Young ftogi'i legs, i foncy, sir," said iho waiter, with tho uimoit coolneii i and having uiured bimMIl 
of Ihe truth of his atalemeni by a glance at tho diih. be added, " yoi, lir— they are ftoga' lege." 

in om moment Mr. Piekwlck'o lop received the oontentj of Mr. Tupman'sstomnch, and Mt, Winkle rnthed 
lowtil iht bell, and pnltad it with all hit might, tUhough tha wniior wm In the room. At for Mr. PickmA. 
he Bii 10 bewildted by the coraraunicalion mode by Iha waiter, the idea of having eaten Oogt' lege, and the 
"nainly of having been nude a hand-baana of by Mr. Tupman. thai, in a moment of venial deiperalua, be 
"art the neaiett bottle opon Ihe table, and having poured out a tumbler of ilt conlenta, drank it at • 

Mr.WBller,wbo had left the apartment only a few minalM before tbe comniencamenl of Ihit eiltmordina^ 
■nu lo knk aAn hit (HVLluMheen, baitaoed to lb* eefla^ioon Iha mctBMtt be heard the ball nnrng «<" 
•n die violence that Mr. fflnUt'a aimt ooold impart lo the wire. When he behtld the a»rutwn ll^ P»- 
"Uled, and heard Mr. Winkle Tiluperalinj the waiter, at a tort of accompaniment lo the muue he w«a 
wiling with the ball, it immediately occurr^lo Mr. Weller'i mind that the taid wtiiei had been aoutaig nit 


144 THE gentleman's magazine. 

Mvered majleri mnd, niiboul aof mon mdo, he communicitad to the ODofleDdiiig miler'i DOM ■> ficioa i 
bkm, utd Jbllowed il up Iqr adoiher oo the cheit lo lucb purpoae, ihal the luilanaBele trailer Ml orer Aa 
(able, and acallered Ihe remnatila or the laocheoD on (he floor. ' The other domailie* or (he hotel nwbed inia 
the ooflae-rooDi jn a body, Jus! at the momeat when their rellow lervant kiand the givund, and wen aboat 
lo inflici luminary and condign paniibment on Mr. Weller. Bu( ibeii pagnicioui delerminalioDi wer« alop- 
ped by the interference ot Mr, Picliwick, vha.Vtiih exlraordinary promptiluda. roee froni hii chair likeiddl 
leaping ai]( o{ a child's box by meini of a apring ; and holding banli Mr. Winkle with one hand, while he 
niTed Ihe other over hia faegd. he proceeded to addre« the aervile crew. Qii eloquenoe produced an [■■ 
mediate eSect — ths miller wai eiplained lo the Htitficliuii of all parliee^UMl the waiter nndeneok ID par 
doD Ml. Weller, on a amall daactar being dipped into hii tiand. but not before Mr. Winkle bad inlbniwd Ihe 
it wat very lurkythey were thus pacifically inclined, or they would bavekiuini (be leann why. 

To.CoaanpoNntnTB. — We have a word or (wo to lay to lonie of our correaponding frienda. and deemini 
our dicta araaiDe impoitancei we decline, upon Ihe pteaenl ocraiion. Luryingihen in the unregaided precincli 
of the cover. We wiih certain of our fricndi to note that il ii impoaaible lo be amwerabte for the correct. 
neaa of their aniclee, ir Ihey will not pay eome little allention tii caligraphy. We are well iued to lad 
writing, and have been accoanled tolerable in deciphering ancient MSS., bnl oor patience and oar pcactiti 
have been worn onl by lAe/aEor* of eonw of otir coolribulora, wboae eballilions we have been id- 
deavoring lo periue. We have betore ni now aome lenea frolil Georgia, not one Hne or which can ws iln. 
cidata in Tull, and even with Ihe aBietance of Ihe riiyme, are unable to gueaa at Ihe meaning of Iha eraawL 
Bf Ihe wmy, we are poailively overrun with original poelry. Cannot tome of out venifyiDg correapcudeBli 
indite pnee article*, and favor ui with the reiulii of iheir lucabralkHU I Were we la inaert a tyihe pan of 
the mawkiah •enlimenl and trite love limeuu which are daily baodsd lo lu, our aubaciibeia would rebel at 
the enormoui doae of twaddle, and coniign our numbera lo a richly meriled perdition. " Love bath in jofi 
aa well ai grieli," aayi a poet, very reipectible in the way of authority, hul all our awaina are eentitaeoul, 
and do not " babble o' green Goldt," bul ruminate meal metanchalhly up«o deapair, aiid fate, and bunliog 
hearts. We regret thai Ihs ladle* are ao Sinty.bownied, bul muil requeat their auilon lo impute il to ilie 
bardnea* of Ihe lime*. Ii i* iliange that every aonlioualBl lover will ulier hi* plaint! to an nnfeeling wadd ; 
we deeply lympalhiee wilh our uneuccenful inamontca, but bag to enure them Ihat the m^orily of ouririendi 
care very little sboul their unrequited love. In Ihe nay of an agreeable varisly, we preeent a vaiaa or tin 
of the patriotic, wilh a Gniiher of ihe picluraqiM — Ibnning pretty contraita to the generality of Ihe poeliy 
which we have had the pleaiure of preaanliog to the noiice of ihe public. 

" Hark ! hear Ihe boiilerau* wateri of the Cbamplain, 
Rag* with all the impelui of iberageing niin. 
And a*e then mtfa aloog in iheir mad carare — 
Ah '. they have caoaed many a aad tear. 
Behold the dark tbnnormajailic Rock Dander, 
Part the lageing element aaunder, 
And riie lit m^eatic head in pride 
High over th' ipray of the btaleUng tide! 

We are unable lo give the whole of tbia poem, bul the laii vene contaiu nme hiriorical iDfimmliaa, wiik 
■ noble indopeDdence in the metre. 

'Twai on the prowd bed of Ihe Cbanndain 

Thai Kittg mOtoai KKl \ii wartike train .' 

And after many a Britian had found a watery (rave. 

Left the " Siar^pangled" banner in triumph e'er CbampUiu'a walan to wave '." 

Another adorer of the Delphic God anid* ui. from Waihingtou, an oulragaoui pieoe ofroralitr. wilboMlha 
allgfateat pretence to rhyme or jii^le, and equally dealilule of an approach to rbjlhm. He conmoiew,'*)^ 
unrical, iaa*l melancholy," an addrea to a weeping willow, in theee afleoting woida,— 

" Why dioop'it Ihou, weepiof willow, 
Why hang tby head ao Kyrry-fiillii V 

We are not going to Inflict Ihe remainder upon our auSbting frienda. We have conaignad the plaintive Iq 
to Ihe rec^na of our balaam boi, content lo nndnin Ihn Uiliiiit iiiarli iifrliii jiiiit. lalliiii ilia 1 1 atliii Tin pialmd 
with hi* lunatic layi. 



MARCH, 1838 



Tm powar of a joang profeaional niui acting by 
kloMlTii— Mpecuairin » Urge cily— Irivial indeMl,- 
«li3* a t bodf , brougbl togslber by ntna c»mn»n 
OUttM, ixid sctiog ID concert — edncatsi] young men, 
tni ap«cUUy tfaoae nbo luve ombraced the piv- 
Iwioiu, an embled lo producs almoit any deaited 
•^I Dn Ihe public, and ate often u>ad by Iheir 
wiiofirot thai very purpoie. 

Tb< reuoD af lhi> i) Tound in Ihe ijimpBlby which 
ilie coTamuDiiy at large Ttel towardi the young. 
TUoMnfv on [□ Ihe Tale ef life, looki back with 
[Jcanije to the contaencement of bia career, and aa 
liiiQisDiorr biinga Dp the naraee of bia comradea who 
(Oilnl widi him in Ihe chaie of furlune, ibal aame 
UMul monitor telle him of Ihsir death, and waroi 
JuD ibai he loo mual aoon yield lo Ihe young men uf 
ia icquainlance. If auch then ia Ihe fuel— that ihe 
FoUic art favorably diapoaed to young men aa a body, 
■bf data the aeeming contradiction prrsant ilaelf of 
ibi difficuhy uf aucceea ao comnionly airendant on 
pnfcuiinial young men in iheir individual capacity! 
^ ibla, aapecially, in populous placea T 

Our ipace fbrbida na lo treat thii intereaiing topic 
ia Ihe mode nhich ill nieriu demand ; but, ao far aa 
>lu medical profeaaion ia inlernied, Ihey have found 
tf»ihriil delineator in Ihe author of" The Diary of a 
riyiician;" a work, to praiae which would bo fulile. 
la the poilrailtire of tho aeilling'in London, of Ihe 
nvking hopea of practice, of the gradnal waning of 
ib( mcana of aubaiitence, of lbs atrnggle between 
n^HttUe appearance out of dootK and pinching 
pvntly within doati, and 0/ the long dreary penpcc- 
li" of a Ills of debt and an end of wo, many wUI 
Mold their paat, and peibapa Iheii present career 
pmnyed. We woqld not, if wo could, provoke a 
WpariuD between oar eSurl and that of the phyii- 
'■0; bnt, leaving the pupil* of Eaculapiut, we prefer 
Itiolnig OUT energioB lo Ihe diaciplea of Jnalioian and 
>ia readera of BlKckaUne and Story, and tbia. (he 
wbtr, becauM the atngglea of a yoang lawyer are, 
km]yi«apecIi-'BiiigaiMfia;''H»d in Ihia comliy, 

where law ta the lever to lift ila practitiCHier inte pnb- 

lie notice, and Ihence into political place, tha coum 

of Ibe bar ia ahaped by the geniua of oar iikalitntioBi, 

In Ihia dolLa^hDntillg nation the leepeclabilily, aikd 

:e of ai 


profeaion. ia Talucd and eatjmaled by the incaaut lo 
be ohiained by ite pniauit or adoplion. The leading 
men in each body are lingled out; an eatimale, oflen 
erroneoua, ia made by Ihe poblio of the availa of 
Iheir puranil, and thii being adopted aa a maiimun:^ 
ihe aeparale auma ao obtained are compared together, 
and ihai avocalion yielding Ihe largaat profila, ia pio- 
nounced the moil reipectable! " Vox popnli vai Del' 
Von may cavil, reader, al ihia mode of compnlalton, 
bnt escape from ila influence you caDnoI. We know 
it will be aaid thai marcbania make mme than the 
profeaaiona — that ia very true ; but Ihe tapienl publio 
calculate ihe o^iiul They reaaon thai it requirea ao 
many Ihouranda embarked in trade lo raaliis ■ fbi- 
tune ; but, aa " braina'' are iniangible. [being a trnat 
front heaven.) ibey are ao mucb clear gain, and there- 
fore all thai ia got out of them goea tor proiil ; baaidea, 
who ever knew an inaolvenl nuke over hia inlellecit 
8a quoth Ibe reaaoner. The reeeipli of Ihe profea- 
aiona — capilal conaidered — eiceed Ihoae of Ihe mer- 
chanla! We need acarce eay education and ila et- 
penaee, in the minda of theao Salona,ga fbr nothing. 

We aaaert il feaileaaly. thai law or phyaic, the army 
or navy, the libeial arta, and even Ihe church of God, 
would aink low in Ihe ealtraalion of the oommunity at 
large, were Ihe incomea derivable from ihein 10 piovs 
bnt pitUincaa, and their fruila lo be only barren faonora, 
Il ia humiliating thoaghl that learning it aoaghl 
chiefly Ibr (he pelf it may yield, and dm for ib« deep 
richeaofila mine* j ia punned fbr ihe aake of a golden 
lure, and dm fbr the genu of iolellecl that eparkle in 
ila civenia; and ia weighed id Ihe balancea not 
agaiiwt ignorancak bnt againat richea. 
Tha raaalt of Ibia reuoning ia evident There ia 
nab 10 the bar; and, u large eitiea aflbrd Ifaa moat 
Incrativ* flelda irf" pMCtice, tha puant aitd hia aoB 



■Uke tne ibat ■ citj ii lite pkc*. CsiDp«iitian Iban 
ia tha fiBl, and pertiifa piominaDl ctuie uriadi*iJyil 
iailiirai, and ibii sipltini ths leaming conmdiction 
•ItMdf ■llnded to; lb* •ggragala influsnca ia very 
gnat, but lbs Uruggle Tor •mpluyDlent t-aiuM Ihiwe 
nho ba*a lillle pnolice, M pontii liule ur do in- 

ftnalbn tanm delaurioiu n proAiakuul luccaa w 
foODil ia polidci. In makiag Ibia aueriiun, we no 
doabi ruD codnler la ibe pracancaived u|iiuiuiu of 
iDaojr of oar raaden j but ere ne pafi, na hopa lu End 
ounaltaa ol one miod. It ia a coninaD. bui we ibink 
« d a t aa J TB »de«.«h»l po li liai taiMw le baninaw, liir iben 
Bie bat Tew that ara even rei preparml lo rtganJ place 
in tbi* oounirr ot reutiim aa a naana of >iib)iaience, 
Tha nMoaingruna tfani>— "I Dtuit bccomeutned. 1 
mill get before iba public, and in order in pOecl tbi*, 
I will join As part)' of lone leader. I will •fatcciBU 
Ibe addroi miler, rMoluiion noTer. and wanl meet- 
log apaakei of ■ome catMlidale, who in return will 
recommend me to bia tirianda. will lend ne huaineH. 
will advanca nrj imaretu, and promale mjr profet- 
aioDal proapecU." Dsluiive hopa — mad iffligining. 
11b wilf demagugne dom rompaaion with the young 
tpeaker; he la bia "hail Tcltaw, well met" wliile 
need requiraa, Itiil preionily wafled inia place by the 
eieriicna or liia frienda and belpen, eacb of wboni 
eipecti 10 riae u "bain (a Ibe kile,'' — one and all, 
onr reaaoner and bia fclluw Ihinfcen, find Ihemaelvaa 
In fha predicaneni of Joaeph in priaoii. "Yei did 
not Iba chief boiler Tcmco^bar Joaeph. but forgai 
liim." Sacb men Invariably iJiaappaiDi, and leave 
Ihair teoli the aport o\ aanie wber aapirant, who hai 
wit enough lo uas Ibem. How oHen have ne be- 
held, thoa bmken down and deaerled.aomejoae v/ho 
imagined biniaalf on Ihe road lo diatinctkin 1 bia illu- 
aion diapelled ; 'biolieH' dejeclai]. clientleaa, and op- 
praaaed.wilhnoreliab for hii profeaion.and bill Utile 
iDOwledgeof il* practiceiapendingaalitary office and 
~briaBea court houra ; paned Jar ahead by Ihoaa who 
Maded with him — inferior then In mind and abiliiy. 
l»l now, by dinl of appticalion, far auparior. There, 
wbUe je( in the ]Klh of manhood and pride of intel- 
lect, he remalna ibe Ticiim of political aeduciion. Or 
' auppoaa we revetae (ha aeene. The adTenlurer tuc- 
ceedsibyaoneeminanleHbri be aecnrea notoriety; he 
hacomea "a rialng yonug man i" he ia apOken of by 
Ilia eldera aa " ■ vary talented lawyer" — although 
tboae aama elden take (ibir iMiainea elaenbc're! He 
fcela Ann, and mavea with eaae in the r^inn of 
oBkej be Ihinka oriannching into bniinev, and aoar- 
Ing over lb* beada of bia rival* j of riaing with every 
'WBT* of hie wing more powerfnl for power and re- 
nown. But while iho* he feel* and act*, Ibe boll ia 
a|Bd thai burl* him to the earth, proatraiaa hi* hope*,, 
and cnnhealiia ptoapaclaj be Bnda liimaelf famou* 
Indaed—bol rmttd! Than maddened al hi* don u- 
tUI, he ia ready to aiclaim, - Flectere ai oeqaeo aU', 
peraa. Acberonia DtaTebo." H* joiea ■one deaperate 
ftclion; provea recreant to Tormer priHcipIaa j rank* 
and fight* ludet an iWta banner ; elperienre* the 
mminion ftle of renegade politiriana, and goea down 
to after lima a biaing, a bya-word, and a reproach. 

"Throw open the dooia for bia Eicellaney ny 
Lord ViKounidcCbateBobriand, Peer of Fianeai Ab- 
luaador ai Loodoa, and Grind Officer of Ih« Lagion 
oT Honoil" 8o doe* tbe philoaophieal Fnncaaan, 
in hi* mamoira. tnark Ibe coolraat between bit GMaui 
aecond aojoum al London. We adopt bia nxirdB at t 
cenventani emmple of Ihe aacial nia, aid of ^ V- 
ficDltiea of aeceaa lo what i* technically lemml 
"good aociely." Wa believe ibal a want of pefar 
and cullivaled aociely ia a grecl biodlance lo pnilt*- 
•ianal aaore**. and a pnlific cauae af the ni* af 
inuny young men. Let not Itie nadei inagine w« 

that ihia aociil influence ia mighiy lor good nevil, 
and we are aware ihal in ihia ciiy ihe acccw b hi 
taan diflicalt thsn ii aboutd be, and thai airaii|an 
may occupy promineni public poala, may maKriallr 
pronwie paUin ne«*ui«, be admiiicd an ill banli 
able in ibair profeaion*. (nd yet, lo fat aa locieiT v 
concetoed, be oIdh. In Roman daya, iha tickati fu 
adniaaion lo Ibe game* were goUea lokeo* : bow fu 
Ihia practice preveil* in *piril in certain claatea d 
theae time*, il would be perhapa invidionaw aiua. 
Bat the aame spirit Aal canaed Chateaubriand, ■ 
writer, an emigrant, a refugee from Franca, and u 

jEril viali, and which cauted on bji aeniid ttt id- 
nouneemeat which conimancea nur paiagraph. !«■ 
vail* here. Sociely of Ihe belter clua here, kSl 
welcome Ihe noioriuua.'bal will not help le gain a> 
loriety. It will aboal it* hvaannaa in tha tnui si > 
youug man bleaied with family or wealth, but ii ot> 
■era" the deep damnation afila bah" over the incn;! 
of unfriended geniua to apreod ii* light in that tints 

In writing Ibia. ibe conaciouHics* ia felt Ifati wi 
view* may be doubled and denied, but we think llui 
they cannot bediaproved. Boaalaa oarnaliou narol^ 
political equality, it* citizen* are not free fn>> tM 
craving* ofalar*, garUn and ribbuni;" orlbe Ja- 
riregofawiending in the aocial acale. Ilmiyhai*''' 
the profenunal yuUDg man ahould net 
thing*; a* well aay, be ahould rtot Ibink of bii < 
or depunmant. " Whauoever (he world 
precioui, mml, howavet iiiUia*i*alIy wotlblia, 
qnlra aome value avea in a phileaopber** tjt 
no man can be to aegragated from Ibe tnM 
defy ihe influence of it* arliflcfa! ealimala) 
real auuroe* of bi* bappine**." Eapecially 
•enlimani apply to (he young lawyer. ca*t in 
collision wilfa the public, fat be aeon 
•ocial advantage* poaaaaa at leul t*duagtaiU,\! 
real value. The diaiie of riiing, anil llie ah**" 
ainking, are common lo all, and Ibey are cllb*' i^^ 
or acoundrela, Who d iapange (he InfluelKvar 

In the recent rormalno of tha Athenian 1i>il><>' 
we hope to End ■ mean* of acdaa 
clBMea : a mode— «i lo apeak— df taltiof 1UhM> t 
itorm, ivhli!b ha* not heniBlbre eibuH ; ■»< ^ 
cerely do we bi^ia Ihat Ihe Ibondfl* of Ibia ' 
lion' may lael (he aaliifaclion of iripiBg fniBoa"> 
B bitter reproacli, ■ deep *l^a. loo li>a| perollai 

We have yet another caaaa to afluda t^V*"" 



■!«> mmt m la bravllji. The neglect by 
ri tMr junian in (he Mm* pruTeHian, ia a ci 
nMKD oT pnilMsiomI Ikilure. No 
fenh neb frtqaeol apporlnnitivi of doing good to in 
jamgtr, wtlhool hinning i» elder membsn, »t Ihe 
hw; rhij CDflom of leTeral coane! joining in ibe 
■dfocKf of Ihe rame cue, Bad the «ue niih which 
iBt an iModaM aooiher niib him, renden (he inju> 
ta Oh more palpoble, liir it ia nut ■ ibore of rhe 
/n, Iwirio mach at the opponunilf of pnaenling 
hiowtr in hi> profeaion belbn the public, thai ihe 
r<niig min legudi; yet hon Beldam do we find it 
d]M,ind yet how iplendiilly dosi Ihii limit of nolicing 
yMOf laleni adorn Ihe great man. " 1 tiove msde no 
■NTch Im precedoQK of young men who hive filled 
Ihaofflceof Attorney Goncral," Mid ibe Earl of Ei' 
■I, when he >ug«d Bacon'a sppoinlment. " Digen 
m aa digeilioaa. The atlorneylhip for ftaucii ii 
ihii I BUM have, and io that ( will ipend all my 
pOWH, might, authority and amily ; luid with tootb 
ud Bilt procure th« ume for him agiiiat wbonuo- 
eni." Alai^ there are but Tow uf Ewei'a temperk- 
amt in Itacn d«yi. 

Ii diwoed lo ih« writer to be otic* presral at Ihe 
UilNiBiI of joMice in ■ aiiter ataM, when a young 
kvyer nto tu aigns a point of pleading igaiwl an 
nUer tod > Toleran cuunasl, and before a judge who 
bred not yoong men ; gcaciouily did the eldar advo- 
Me nod, wlien the trembling and an^Miraiied youth- 
Gil pletdei Mated hii feelingi, ilanding ai he did in 
Aal prteeoce, about lo make hii maiden efliirt in (hat 
tnrt. ■■ Qo oo,*ir, your feelinga are not lo Ihe point," 
Mid ihe judge. The argumcnl proceeded, and pre- 
"wlly Chilly waa quolod. ■■ Chitty, air ; who ia Chil- 
ly f~wbti do jroM know of Chilly t" aaid Ibe judge. 
Wilh i laeer on hla face, and in a lide-her whiaper, 
ibt opponng barriMer asid lo aDothei near him, '■ Bo- 
nan he'i a cAit." Bliaerehle ww the pun, but the' 
d«MiH] for the laugh was duly hODOred. The pale 
tee of die inauIuKt oolored, hii aye fliabed, bia voice, 
btbra timid, grew firm, ha felt Ihal hii iriiii fijr life 
ar detih had coma. ■■ Sir," aaid be, " there are Im'a 
•f decency ae well ai lawi of order, there ii a code 
rf poliieiMM ai well a* ■ s'lul code, the vJoIbioi of 
AoieUwi, the inrrioger of thai code, merita and n- 
oaet eonumpL I qoolfl to your honor. Chilly ; wid 
taf oe iee iba lannftr that dare deny hit aulhorily I" 

hinCul ■■ it it to Male it, ao it ia~-(hat there ia 
*ocb, loo mucb, of the enuAiig ipiril prevailing; 
Bid unlaaa, jilu-llnibafoafoBr iaoidaBt,a^aagmaD 

'It ii ,• moM «f 'OpelaM gaMiMM, to .ohaarT O aad 

for iboH poor Irilfee which the noble mind 
Heglacn aod MOtt-" 

itaronSatr^ludatie.inacblobaluicebii infamy 
^ hia iuDdiMa Jo the yoaiig nan ; there Ke Ihoee 
*vlivingi*boa.we tlw ehieforilKir pmcticelobt- 
■■iawMiM*^ with thvir quondam piipili.ind ihoIb- 
1^ i and did lima permit, wa might Oil oar pagei 

nilh eumplaa. tailing o'er Ihe one lide or Iha other. 
Sad. indeed, hai been the fhle of many — grail ofaonl, 
fervent a[Hrili — their feelingi have withered baneiHl 
the aarcaam of a legal bralt, or blenched beneath a 
judicial frown; Iheyfaave died, andiciTCfl nade aiga 
to maokind of Ihf lonl within them; full of burning 
thought, that ever Bud anon lighted up ila clayey 
dwelling, thay have gone down lo dealb'a embrace, 
"untvapt, unhonored and umuug." Sbima on the 
tyrant unge Ihil brought Ihem to their untimely end, 
and let the "anathemi marHnalhi" of all fiee and 
generoui heerta, aear, blight, and bliater Ihe ncmo- 
riea and Ihe namea of the oppreawra of the yoang 
proreaaional man. 

hnnc tn RoiutM cavelo." 

b there then im> hope for the young itudeni, and 
the legal novice I Then ie— PaiMverutce. Let hint 
wait hia time, when the lide ihall riae " ihat leidi lo 
fonune." But we would lay it down here u as 
■liom alnuBl. laught bolb by obierialion aqd eipe- 
rienca, lAat unltuayimBg wunhaiptcuniarg Ttmtrct$ 
atktr (Aaa fAoae dtriBaUe from hit prcfatioB. te Aod 
btOerjiBfatUiaaeilg. We believe thia nils toap|tly 
equally lo law end medicine, and ita common lenae ia 
obviona. If a young man cannot afford lo iBoi, be had 
belter locate himielf at once in a region where ha 
uill 6nd ten coHpelition, where the compaialiTV 
apanenciB of the profeaaion, will, by hit oonvenience 
In them, iiiduce people to employ him, aitd where the 
mode of life, and ihe uaigea ofaociety. ire not lo n- 
penaive or eiacliag aa they are in larger poputalioDa. 
[I ia alio much belter lo get away from home, at 
leHlliir a aeuon; there ii a hind of inaenaible reli- 
inre on lbs paternal influence and [slemal pane, 
which ii a aad marplot to eierlian — there require* a 
-AeHng of alriiggling, and an abiding eenee of the im- 
perioua neceaaily ofaelf-eSirt, to indue* a young man 
lo riie igainat Ihe niturat — lo ny nothing of the ad- 
ventilioua — ambarnuamenta of a piofamioa 

Y<t,.on the otherhaod, if the ad venturer /eelr wilh- 
in him that calm and quiel reMlatiOQ lo ancceed, ind 
that knowledge of hia own powen, which we hold 
every man by aelfeiami nation may eltain — If he ii 
iwiUii^ to let yean elape*. and to aee bi* eipanaei ex- 
ceed hit inoome ; to accualom himaelf lo a very gra- 
dual increaie of practioe. and, ■ bote all, if he have 
aourcea of aupport Ihat he can loi a lime depend upmw 
■pari Adm 'hie ffiAeaiiHi, (ban let him ae l ael4he . city j 
for, in.thB n 

there iioo etM.obiaot, on <wfaiah. ^f «i 
died. 'iDd to whieb we -ate 'willing *i 
oliwr anali,ibBt rimt in iheikagTuu-wi 
Firm in 'ibii'«Mivktioa, h 
rsmembering. "that if a 
will be aaldom diamMMnled, and thai which we ^U 
diaappoinltaent* are bat the •Jortioat of eBdcavM* t» 
attain our and*, nithoui udequaia .mean* and JJnp*- 
raiiona." It WM the daap feelii|g of which we now 
treat, ibat led William PiniAnay lo aar- "'^be baria 
not a place to ocqntia or]inaarve.a&lae«Dd Aaiid^ 
lent repaiallon fia lalenli, and I /eat what I boWjl^ 




BO mora Ihan • jait nnd hononbla cooiideDce, in | f uiihiiig ftioiiMabagiD to mnd Bud lo iM hiniwir. 
which I may indulfa without Taoily, that oo thai if iha moon ibouid wandar from har beilan way, Iba 
theaira i ahall be able to make my dapieciaton a 
knowlMlga they have aDderralmd me." It ia d 
lu atlaia lo Pinekney'a ftme, but then 

no law prohibiling the it 

ring for n 

I, although 

In cloaiog our piece, althoufh we have lurrowed 
oor view to one profeation, we think thai our remarka 
will apply 10 all j the palba may be difleient, but tbn 
larminaikia la the aamej and ravening to onr own 
choaen BvacatioD'. what a Said ia apraadt nbalaaci- 
ence ia la«l bow inSnitaila branchaa! how parvad- 
ing ill influence ! Ii coochaa by (ha iolanl'i cradle and 
pfolacl* ill alumbata fnia violence; it mika wiih 
man, guard ■ hii lira, liiwriy, and happineaa; anfbicea 
biacoDtFacu,Bnd pnitacta hia Graaide; it JaamayB with 
ihe traveller, and Toyagea with the mariner : it itanda 
by the bed aide of the dying, and gnaranleaa the ful- 
filment of hi* wiitaea j it placea ilaalf aenlry otet hia 
grate, and cballengea ranctily lor hia aataei — in a 
wider aenao. ii ii theuuivaiaalcooirallerof all Ihiogi. 

aliogeihcr. though it were but for a wblle, Ihs obwr- 
valiun of ber own laws; if Ihoae principal and mother 
alemeni* of ihe world, whereof all thingi in ihla lower 
apbere arc created, thould loae the qualjiiea which 
now [hey have; if Ihe frame of ihai heovenly arch 
erecied over our head*, ihould looaen and diaaulve il- 
aelf; •( celmiial iphere* ihould forget their wunled 
moiion. and by irregular volubility turn ihemaelve* 
any way, as ii might happen; if the prini.*e uf Ihe 

unwearied courie, ahould, ai it wera, through a Ian- 

of the year blend thamielTai by - 
diiordered aitd eoofuaed miitiue, [he niuda brealha 
oat Iheir laal gaap, Ihe cloudi yield ao rain, iha aadk 
be defeated of heavenly inBueDca, itifruiti piDaawiy 
aa children at the withered breait of Iheir nnthei— 
what woold becwua of man hinaalf. whu Aam 
thing! da now all lerval See we not plainly, thai 
obedience of craatutea unto the law of nature ii iba 
itay of Ihe whole world !" 

Coming down ihe icBlg, what an arena of conlas- 
tion iaipread before the aipirant I A variety of lapob' 
lit*; a cunatanl luccaaaion of nan law* and uiafci, 
requiring coaalructkin and lelllemeBt — theae and wch 
aa theae lay ready, with their hogoia thick upoa thuB, 
ripe for the gatherer. In theaa we behold the ooot- 
panialing advantagea to the avila vra have apokn af| 
by concenlrBlian of the meolal rayt, xfar\a ii creaKd 
that ahall light the torch of tua» — thli ia Iha Pnma- 
iheao fire from beavan, whoaa ihefl eniailiiM poni^ 
mem in thii world or the next. Ganiili, lowly of in, 
but lofty of loul. crippled for Iha lime by poverty, dii- 
treia, and Ifae artificial realiainta of aociely, butclaand 
at liii hy dint of ita endurance and patieiKe,-like tbg 
bird of Jove, will aoar away iolo the light and nut 
ibine of ptnsperity. Owing nothing to birtb.opalencs. 
or rank, it will muve with eaaa in the region of dif- 
nily and renown; will'gain a fania and nKonaly 
" wide and general an Ihe caaing air," and, filing in 
vision, iindazzled by brighlneaa, aleadtly on tba high- 


Bt the niiibclonda of fog ihat creep over the aun, 

8y Ihe iwinklei uf Man ihai eiherially run. 
By Ihe ixrge of ihe welkin ihai roan from ibe pole. 
And [he deep hollow (Diirniun of winter ibat roll, 
I've Ihe moiinahine to guide me. ihe froii to rmtrain 
Aa I journey through apace to reach faeav'n again, 

I waa hum in the tcai— in the leaa I repair; 
By fVnat I an harden'd, by wet I'm deilinyed. 
And, niiiled with liquid, lo ocean deoiy'd- 

I have lialen of eihar — have brothels of rime, 
AndiByfriendabipaareform'd in the DOMberlydimal 
My foei are the elemeuD jarring with iinA ; 
Air lets me paia on to my earth-boaom'd wife; 
Fire coveii and melti me ; but vralet'a n kini 
That when loal to the three, to the Ibanh I'la r(ai(ii''>i 

1 have couiIdb of iciclaa, children of aleel ; 
Some baiile with hail, atben vanquiah in heat; 
I'm Ihe monarch of anow. By the will of the blaft 
In ihe ahallowa and deptha I am drifted at leM) 
And a glance of the aun, while 1 brigblan in Man 
Diaolvaa my pcetanaioDa lo reign in ibe qlwiaa 



I<at taj bnun 1u 

ii* diumnibm^ idle pebbln i 

■T^t, lb«D, Bl lut," Hid I, "u the broail and 
bMDlifiil QndMMi!" 

J iddiMud ntrtelf (o ay companion, a lali fallow 
with a baalth)' look, who ilbod al my aide. But bo 
lad been here betoie^ and a aimple nod or acquiea- 

"There it an air of lingalar complncenrr abam 
mae jwople," thDiight f, " bm, pcrhapa, it is a nerea- 
KTf tirltie in their way of life, sad rFqaite-i cullivii' 
lion." 80 1 surrendered myaolf, aa well as I could, 
to my oirn reBecliona, 

The acene waa cerlainly beautiful. A metlon 
nuaal waa aeuing npon the hilla and walen, and a 
IhoDtand Haehes, caught by ill apirea and prominenl 
olijtcia, played over Ihe dia'anl cily. Above Iheee 
fading ligtataalretched a heavy line oTMnake, alieady 
amdeoiing under the damp nlmoaphere of the even- 
ing, and reaebing faraway over (he inelrap>li*, till it 
vai loal in the purpling hue* of lbs akiea. Al inle^ 
Tall, a dull aoand wenled 10 break from ihe cily, and 
■tealing over Ihe nalers which repmed aboul uii. re^ 
rolled far a oiOTaetil Ihe raeruory of Ihe busy acenea 
1 had n lately Wilneaaed there. On otia aide rose 
impending eliBa. their wooil-rmwned luniniiiit tinged 
with the last binahea ortwilight. Hslow. in the deep 
■hadoH Df the njckn agaiml whii;h Ihey aoeiDed 10 
lgan.iiood the old ireei, Ihal only leroed In increase 
Ibe gloom which had now enveloped all Ibe alope lo 

Every dair nnd nook under Ihe gray canopy had 
deapenad into bUckooB, and night wai faat gathering 
hilba recMaaa which flmboremed (hi* noble atraam. 
f>a Ibe uppoaite hank lay ■ landacspe. bul juai now 
ngoidng in Ihelainryoflta bright verdure, and rining 
mgenlle nndnlaliona, till it* heigbta alood fainlly re- 
liated in the dreamy li^hl of the aunaeL far np in 
Ibe north Urelchwl Ibe nugniUcent river, mailing in 
Ibediiiance, anidtt in foreala, and reck), nnd hilt*. 
and nabioken in iia lurlkce. lave where »nie dork 
■peck wai eeen lo flit aereaa ila boaom. leaving in it) 
Inek adoaky vapor, which waa alraoit iniitanily ib- 
*>r1ied in Ihe g«lhering ghmni. Night wai faal fallian 
M eveiy thing abonl me. My eyea were faa'ened on 
tba Uadi bank and Ihoie lowering cliK. I was loai 
iji nveria — it woa relief lo gaie ihere. and alranga, 
Inig-reaehiiig aauaialioai came round me. Alone 
• little paint thai ahol out bs^t 
> low, while ottjeci. 

A* riiadow, I ihongbi I aaw n 

like a monnmeat, riaiog on that deaolMs ahora, and 
juat reSacied in th« peaeafol walen. ' Perhafi ihii 
waa iuagiiution — lot I waa ready 10 picture forth tatj 
thing wild and fcdaian, aa I floated by iboae dim to- 
liliidei. I had heard Ulea of placea hereabouta. that 
bad fnaen my yonng blood ; and then I bad fell it 
break away again in the heat of my indtgnarion, lill it 
throbbed audibly through every vein. Tbeae recel- 
leciiuns came over me bow in all ihe vividneai of 
former limea. Story became reality : and I preaead 
my eyea together, and turned away under the fearfiif 
oipeclation of wilneaaing aona tcene oflaiior, which 
would ■' frighl" my eiiled apirit " from ila propriely." 

" ll'a gone! — gone! Farewell for aye to what- 
ever falla inlo Ihe wake of a alaamboal." 

Theaa wonft, accompanied by a genlle loach at 
my elbow, cavaed me to (um again, and a man alood 
at ny aide, direciing ny allention 10 a piece of papMv 
flnllering npon Ibe wavea behind na, and which had, 
unperceived by me. dropped from my hand in (he in- 
tenaenew of my reverie. 

■* It waa of DO conaeqnence," I aaid, " aouie foollah 
Ihougbta of my own. Let Ihe waler-nympha under- 
neath make aa noch oT it oi Ihey may, end wel- 

of dark eyea upon me. 

- Bot." — eoDlinaed he, in an undor tone, and aa 
though talking with hjmaelf, aa he looked beck again 
OD the ahadowy wavea — ' ofconaeqiionce or not, Ihe 
yonlh'a paper b aaaing in with the carrent loward* 
ihe Red Grave*, and will find Ihe shore thereabonla 
before morning." 

Tlien, laming abarply upon me — "Toong nun, 
yoara ia nni ihe Gra( piece of fair whi(e ]Mpcr I have 
aeen floeiing in upon thai deaolale paint. We can 
acarce aee il now, fur the darkneaa," 

Ihflit heard enough oflheaoliloqiiy which preceded 
thitaddren lo alir my carioaity a liltle; and aa Ibaae 
laat words had no tendency 10 allay il, I merely ob- 
aervsd Ihal bin aMnatana were nothing leas than Greek 
10 mei bnt, at ihe Irifling incident which gaveriea 
in Ihem, had alao brnnghl ua in aome aort >nu cmi> 
veraaiion. I would make bold lo beg him to go into 
the mallar, and. if a tiory waa to be told, lo amrv him 
[ would become a witling— nay, a delighted liiteDar. 

Maanwhila, I mdU not bat <rf»arvB with mmm tor- 


7HE gbntlbhan's maoasinb. 

]»iM, Ihal na ncre leA alon* apm tbs deck, 
baeom* qaile dark, and tba nigbl brwM ku begin- 
Ding la lins oTer the ciwl wiim*. lai«Ml or ihe lui 
■unlighl, raflaeled binlly on Ibe fading cloudi u I bad 
•••II it when I ilaod fuing opoii that ailenl and 
chaerlaa ibora, tboaainda of Man wera now iwink- 
)lng o*er m; h«M]. Itutj buajr ftraa ware paving 
before and aboni ma ihm ; bat now one ■olituy be- 
ing atvod at my aide. The nua 
abovo wilh hii light; and, at inlarrali, ihe worn and 
•ihaiMled faader ofthe fbmaDa •wold I«iib ttom bit 
dawling pargatoiy to wipe hit hM biow 
ing ait. Tbeta wera Itia iwo afaaa, hwde onraalvea, 
wbo aaemed to keep Iko nigfal-walcbM. 

Tie alranger lairty took Ihe him I •pake npon, and. 
backoninf q» lo iba ttam or ihe va«el, detired I 
wauld ba tetiad, whita ba ihwU i«laie la me 
litde aloy, Ike raoallwHioa of which I bad heen 
MNHMDIal IB recaUjuf lo hit mi>d. Following hia 
atwnpU, I wrapped my cloak ahoat ma, tnd tiratehad 
■ ju a lf oa an inolinad teat, in a title oT pleatant 
lair praptmdaa. Haanwhila I had takrn occai 
lb* aiMrior oT mjr corapanian. 

t, of * Ihio. 

la covered by 

puaDllf • WMtad limme. Ha head 
tm iHiimiui aloBohad h>t, lawawhst 
ttUaii, aad ondar ik dadow uff—ni ■ &«• of dih 

waa eadaToraoi, •hninkani' potaUd ; and •• iacapa- 
Ma of obaag* uil maioakr pliamr duin| the re- 
kliaa wUeh Mlowvl, ai tfaoncfa it bad been haWad 
Amb a block of mumBy«ompUxl«Md maible- Hit 
tnw.nwra (ban b^ Mi»a nmfar bit hat, bad cai»- 
tMOUd iota many famm ; and lo it imainad. un- 
ehanged, and u immoveable ai Ikla. Eyei of dark 
pifT, iha only moving Ihingi. lale hit Ihin lipa, an 
Iba dead nrraoa of hi* phyiioiiiomy, •eaniad tome- 
ttoMt lo kiuDo a wilh what nigbl hare been ihe 
light of lurmet daya, ai I fiom lime to tinio observed 
Iham n the Marry brilliancy which Ihey occatiooally 
teflaoled. The noaa wai od* whioh had cvidenlly 
been compelled by hangar or dreay. from aoDiatbing 
welUnigh ralalad to a parabola, into a decided trian- 
gla- It waa a ramnanl wall worlbjr of Slawk•nbe^ 
(ioi, and one of iha baM from Ibe promoMoir- The 
«b^Bki mra aallow tad aolemn — well comporling 
wilh tha motionlem rigidky of the whole toporficiet. 
The month waj ona which woald haTe pniiled La- 
f*Xn; guarded inwardly by perfect Glet of tmall 
white taelh, tluaa terrifying indiCH of loniclbing mi- 
(acnloa abonl an old pnpiigioi ; while wiihoat, iho 
■kinny lipa were lightly drawn isio that downwaid 
cntva, to BiMly oipretiiTa of a fearful malice and 
oontampt. 8nch a moulh wai now lo be my orada! 
a chin, pointed at it* fellow pmjeclioa above, com- 
plaledlbiiwildandiinguUrcountenaiica. Hii beard 
lay like botr-IVoM alDDi iti outline, and a tingle glance 
eantiacad me that ihe principle of life had deatrled 
It. It lay wilbared apa> lhal myderiom exlreraily. 
Hot a aingle hair aacaped IVom ondor cover. Of 
eoniae I waa jaalified in iba concloaioo that be wat 
H bald at .Time. A lad-oalored cloak, of no parti- 

cular cloth, enveloped bit wbole penoo; and now 
tod ihen, at it waved in the wiiid, I ibovghi I ilii- 
coverad ihe poHaniaaa iniigni* of high Dnicfa cant- 
quenca, in the lingular developemeni of the leg. I 
icl him down aa ooa of Ihe moat aocieol of ihe Tta 
Breocbee- Id perfect keepinf wilh all ihii, be won 
a pair of pointed •boea, that oocaaionally ihM bm 
under hia nyileriona covering, and bon tome naib 

Socb wat Iba til^tlllf being baaide wbom I mi 
ow rei^UaiDg. in eipoclation of a tale at aingalu ■■ 
■inly aomeihing more than 
aboul Ibie man, lilted to waken tbonghti of 

Hi* pi 

a malTer that troubled me from tl 
Ihonghi of Ibe tiuWeBiHaa of hit if^iaamKe bdbrt 
me; and I hid do reBllcclioO of having ■>« aciy 
■ucb penon on boatd daring the diy. Uia vnke «•• 
k>w, too, bat woDdarfally deep; and I remembned, 
when he walked the qoaner, it iluok at Unu^ ano- 
ther tteem-engina wat playing beneath. Tbii auglit 
have been laacj—bat judge yon. gaolle Nader, wiih 
what feelingi I natanHy litteued lo lUi mialK nt 
myaiariea! Bat I wn detenniiied not to be awed eat 
ofmy Motyi and at tbongh to nalna ^loihana- 

my aaighborfaoed, aaiioag light ■botanddenlf up Ami 
Ihe cabin, and in ita glare I could unngiiiM tnwtWil 
wakeful ftoaa. that I had aaen round ve ia the d^ 
light I Iberefbre reclined once mora aftm my mil- 
laiy aeal. The alan wwe ahining brilliaol^ onr 

dliaetly under ni 

"Tboee gny, perpeodicubr roefca, Ibat eeaaadtt 
Itract ao nucb ef your attaalioa al tttHlckt, an mil- 
ed, Id Ihaaa Tile modem lines, Ibe MitadoH. Hat 
waa— the whioh I can wall remember"— I vi m wi 
look, but die big hat pal it o«i of the 
■y, SI ibongh it were bat yeaterday, i 
lopping fellom were known by Ibe ' 
hie nam* of Ihe Bdd Bruiaaraf and 

to oall tliam till that n 
crated Ihia fevatiih paopW, and then almoti eeeiy 
•pot and thing in Iha land, as h bappeoed, nolm» 
ilely, lo be high or qneer-ihapad, waa datbtd al 
once fnm the &>iilt aomewo l atara, aad IbeMaftT' 
raid known by aoma appallalion wilh wUah it wM 
lortured by the aiclnaiva ipiril of iba time. TWt 
your Mooal Waihingtoa, and MouM DaOancai 
yaiu Chattar Oaka, and your Ciadlee of Libeitr; 
Cape Ravolaiion, and ibe Free Breafcen; cmmia 
detparale looking toekt that jutted out alaag ihe aoml. 
called CofMilalion Boya aad Ihe Tai Takewi Ml, 
g a bett of olhen, ihoas veritable parpeodicuUr 
mataaa, denominated ibe Paliiadoaa, far Iba limpii 
raaton that iheii appearance terved to give you Mat 
notion of defence and obtiinacy^-defaDca. agtiM 
ihay knew Mt whcl — noihiag in paitivular, aad ab- 
atinaay— hot I matt refer you W tha Bill of RigU^ 


ai ba oartfol, I luppcMa. trair I ttka in viin 
B*|in] voni ■ Frasdom.' Yu an> weald ihink, 
tb* OH ibv inula of ihta puu nuie, (bat llie hM r*- 
publicau babavad tba; oauM uicIom the Nanb 
■irat wkb b nuM wall! varilj. vtrily. ihaie kooU 
biTa ba«D tDma latua in ihii maUar, if ilia ivarthy 
Dawbiaan wMiulad ibaiiair cilra&ratiB*, botwbo 
AWl ba MMal M . had only ncoaadad vhan ha awon 
ha would taival iha BoM Bruiaan n thaif 
)iT0taaraaa the HudiaD, and hloek Dp alt pa 
tfunu ibe Briiialt by an aSaotual eaitaatio- Tbaa 
jsa Bigkl haia ulkad obuai paliNdoai wiih b 
gaum; and what aith ucli « irauhlanB* 
kMa, aid that wickad ' Gala' on iha oibM imIt, Gw- 
IhiW ai laaM woqld hava baan *at>, maralp Uwouab 
Iha taffoaa atsited by iia Uicaliiiaa. Bat wa hava 
■Mdy paaad ika Mcfa, and I muaL haaiaa i 

■blTn.wKiUBoiaa by ia Nao Tart, a abaM 
iMMia iawm, whan iha tooattf Aifm %ir*f finm 

Wl li*ad iMbcl Vaaghui uid bat 
OUIteBkVaiwhwb ibaa MM <tf Uw MfaUaDMarU 
tebaat in Um lM)d, b>4di«d in ooa of Iha haid 
tmmot 7^ and bft tbia liid« lamily wUk 
MM. aad bat * triftioB fluid. iaalhM iMiiMli, 
•■t riwit diff. u Ndl M ibar omU* w ^ «>•■» 

It ihii dwaU- 

ix Tb* band of liH« «■* alaci batiayed in tha ar 
MRfNMOIof fiitiaiaaiiddDwanaroand ihadooniud 
wiudnwi. A litlla gaidea railad iu tha aoDabina 
rtkhlaThrighiljr and calnlj along iha TaUafi and 
(I iwniiiig 01 eTBoiof lima night b« aeea a fair and 
inaalJil craatora baodini anonf Iha ihnibberr, and 
oodaoting Iba roaea aj>I hooajraocklea, wilb Mudiona 
MMi in artix diraolion, and wilb eveiy fanciful ra- 
lialj, u e»b»wv the iweal and ioljlai; *pol ihal 
MBNd 10 contain til hn happinata. 

"1 QMd not dtadriba IwbaL lo jou. Sha hh the 
dalifhlaitd aapporl of her little hoae, and n beaoii- 
fid «• tha uioai biilliant of the danan the wku bad 
MM. Sbe had ^wn up in Ibe boaom of a virtuoua 
Aauly, and he( young laiod had bacone aaily imbusd 
Wilh that dttip aotliiuiiain which the Uumb had (one- 
■U4iaihe braaiiaufHll iha people, and in which her 
fttbai Ivgeir pjitioiputad. Tha ilern and devoted 
»imt wbich had aoiared and eipauded iha heuia of 
tba Puritaua. in ibeii early (triigflas, leamad to hava 
eiMDa,wiihlitlleaUoy,dowii lo ihe lime of the Revo- 
IbIvd, tad, in fona inataneH, lo hive brouihl wiih 
itlbit uHlaniiaDaa of duty and attaadoanient to Iha 
OHMk Bhich Bharaciariwd the pilgrim fatbera. Wiih 
Iben lesliDga, Frank Vaoghan luihed lo the lanka, 
Mdfalli and; wilb iheaafeatiDKa.aaaewbataoAaned 
indaad, hu of tha aana character, did hie betatifnl 
daughlei and hei agad utother, look oat upon Ibe 
■mnW K*a VJhaiing and raging around ihwal and 
Pf^ In baavan for fav« on Iha cania. feeling thank- 

ful tor the degree of qnicl they were penaillad to *l^ 
joy, Mhile ibat cauaa waa ouw ttyiag t^ l«tlUaMl 
blood. I< waa iherelura ralher a inalanchaly hahil 
inio Hhiih the had grown, than a daeidad plaaauaa, 
which W laabal to Ihadaily obaatvaiioaaf bar wild 
flowera and her gaidan. OOen, aa ah* wandaiad 
■owiig then al Mill evening, ahe wwU atand and 
Ijaienwiih beating heait.aaibaDoiaao£caBDonraUad 
on her far fruB (be diatant eilr, and hex 1*T"g''fi 
would fly lo her bleeding coontrj. and A» VMuId ■> 
ru and wpep wilb bar moibai, h ibea* 4ntMf iitMli 
recalled ki them tba Image of iha V-y'Tillif wd Iha 

" It eould baldly ba expected that a '■iH'-'rn- Mtw 
aied like ibii, could laog twapa llw notna of iha 
Sriiith paniea which wan acouriag iba moBUy in 
every dimilioa Nor wa* it paaad unliaadad. Art 
vary litaaliM waa tba lureai pledge ol ila aafatf. 
The lonely coodiiim of ila inmalea Iba Beak and 
apiril niih which ibey necaaaarUj anaodacfd 
Iba little Luapilaliiy whiofa tba; oauld aflbwl and Iha 
bni ionowfnl apapaibj which thay >t»n>d«d H 
their anflering country aaiciliued the taepaai an* 

parMt ibaDd ftienda ii 

Iboaa who bad iwom va^ 

thioogh it wilh violanca- Btaaatiwaa. lodaad. tha ab- 
rapt appeannoa and nzuaranKHuana demeaBor of tha 
nnealtintad wd larodoua toldiet, awed them into • 
paiofnl aaiwa of tbf ir ipptrently nnprotecied *i«t^ 
and thair oslbrtanaie poailion in • part of tbe ootm- 
try exlMBelj liable lo ibe comnotiaoi of tha ftaid- 
Bat the tmopaof Ibe enatn; were taught lorapudllia 
■pal taeiemplfhm Ihe privilege of vtideiKa, and «riDt> 
1y charged to rebain from any iiyury of ila paaoafnl BC)4 
retired orcupaniai tbeleadcia of tbe amall pattiai which 
i that way in Iha conna of their atennlgna, |a]t. 
Tree of ipeech and nMonar, aa ihey coaae lo be ip 
canp and in the ardor of war. ilill fbond, thai In ih^ 
humble reiraal, ihey weie invariably cbaHanad iuip 
ihat qoift reqicci which iirici and ttuUm virtna 
never faila lo cammand ; and the pteaaooa of ImImI 
Vaughan alwif a eicilad i fseliiv of raittd, ttaaneiit 
h it might be; while the recollection of be; car- 
virh it a degree of undafiaed iaiemi iau Iba 
meleif boaoma onoDg iheia. It waa not atrann, 
ibarafurc. if the impraMion siada even upon aocb 
1 00 luch occaiiona ahoutd aomellmai go wilb iLup 
lalhagarTiiOD; and it required bul a ahott time Cw tan- 
tltnenta like ihaaa to which I have advactad, etcapjof 
ai ibey did. like vary buhble* fnni the intfaca of vo- 
latile recoil ectiona, to bave their due eflact in aiciliJif 
tbe cortoaity which, onder aucb cifcnmataocaa, la nf- 
loo prone lo alnmbor. 

Thni. Iba preaance of a beaulifij gui in iBcli a 
beanliful and laiiy-like aeclarion, oonld not long n- 
1 a aactal wilh ihoae Goer hearia, whoaa ecptri- 
paaaea aoder tha klteroale away of love and glo- 
ry; and but few daya had poMed afWt Ibe coiume 
had opaaad iti lowly dmn to iu enamiea, wbaa 1m- 
bal, from her gatdes, aa 
by hia draa^ 

I not an anuaual ocsuiraDM thai her aolittulp 




ban's haoazinb. 

■faonld be ihn* broken. But ihe; were periloaa end 
hurried timei. Bnuige utd leiri^iog tele* had lelelf 
ibund their way to ihie relreet. The •(-me of the 
bel|deMBWi of heuelruid niolhei,WBi pieaing deilr 
nore and moro upon her ; end, it thia iDomciit, ihei 
■otbar nia ilona, end twilight wu fail clodDg 
in. Her impulee wu to tstrsit rapidly ; but the 
itraager eppTMched by a aide path, and woe beKne 
her, a> ihe wai aboec to eniar tha ilom. Wiih a ■light 
(iBeaful bow, fae begged her to tenain one moineDt. 
•nd paidcm hia abfopi approach. Soldiera were au- 
iwed to apohgiaa, (anolhei incliiutioD of Ihe head, 
and a Naile acaccely peneptiUeJ and ibey were not 
thii^ to be couied, al that day. Moreorer, he waa 
coBoatned (o uf , he believed ba wai in an anamr'a 
ooDDtry — beaatiral ■■ ii appeared. A ttiat mile 
mingled nith ihe binih oT Inbel, u ahe received ihe 
•dtnowledgnent, and, itepping haitily formrd, ihe 
invited Ihe twicer to enter, and porlake of the poor 
bat only hoepilalily which Ifaeir humble roof could 
aflbrd to either friendi or lor* ; lot iha inaoceiilly con. 
caived that nothing more aentimenlal than fonge 
oould have induced a aoldier— even nich a one, al 
■neb a tiuie— to leek a tpot bo uoimponant ind ae- 

" Murray, lot that waa the name of the youthful of. 
ficec, waa uneipecledly embarrawied. He had heard 
that in Ihi^ wild and romantic reiiremeni, there wu 
a ■pecimen of beauty, worthy a sphere 6t above the 
humble one in which it ahone. and which waa filled 
to prove attractive lo an ardent and lenBiiiTe mi 
Bui he waa nal prepared to find one there, whoae 
Irerna loveliiHua fiirced iMelf upon him at once, and 
whoae whole appearance <»a1d captivate an eye 
Lad been by no meiini inactive, in ila tiiup, amun 
Tair and fivoretl of hi^ own land. He did nut 
to eae one wboae preaeaca eould ai oiico dtapi 
Iha lighlel feelinga and inlention*, with which yoiilh 
•nd warm hearta. in hia adventurous coorae of life, 
•ra acciniomed to approach the throne of beamy ; and 
ha little eipected, when he entered ihe unpioiecied 
home of a bmale, with a aoldier'a fraadom and 
•Damy'a licenie, that he ahoald find there a peraon 
belbre whom tha idea oTancfa freedom made him feel 
abaabad, and wboie aimple and uncomitTaiafd tnan- 
nar detnanded hia perfect reaped, and aintnlariy en- 
gaged hia atlantion. Iiabet'a altnctiona ware the al- 
inetioaaof nature and aimplidly, guided by a cker per. 
Caplioa of propriety, and Ihe graeei of a well-directed 
and well.informed mind. TaaU lent all iti aid I 
BtroDg and elevated feelijiga, and (bnncd a oharauli 
and praaence that oould not fail of inpiring a moj 

" Under the imprea«on of an interview and feelinga, 
Iherelbre, for which he waa aa little prepared, It^urmy 
waa aomewliat confliaad ; and when he Ibond himaelf 
trader As roof that bad ao flvquenily opaaed in 
naiMing doom to Ifaoae wboia ba commanded, and 
IbongU of tha pomibility of violence dona, or inai 
aAfed there, and Iben glanced al Ihe interasing fDi 
beOre him. he hardly hiMW bow to elleaitala (he i 
tivOlly and ah) of what roi^t ba an addad ialTDiif 
!■ daapair of any elleen 

hurried manner, to the fean he bad of difficulliea 
or Iroublea which might have been occaaiofied there 
by Ihe longh and imporlnnete nldiery. Hey wn. 
I acme degree, tnbject lo hia order. He felt leipoD- 
iMe for them ; and concluded with amuting tha fa- 
mily of ample prolectice in futnre from all tuthar 
aa far aa hit power would permit. Tie 
\ai reciived nith a thanlifol but a diituit 
ipirit. iBabel'i waaa mind noteaaily drawn awayiOt 
Irivan by andden feelings, fiom ita nlfpaaacaioo. 
She had obaerved Manay'aembarraaament, andaiHighl 
ilievB it, at once, aa far aa ahe could, for it waa ■■ 
ful to her lo obaerve, aa it waa to bim to beai it. 
The waimlh and kindnaaa of manner in which tliii 
waa done, had ' tlruck hiin-^«Dd he remembered it. 
Bui Inbel looked npon ber gueil ae an enemy. 9ia 
had been langhi lo do *o j and Iho anitiiaent whidi 
I inetrucliun involved, had grown, ahe Ihoitght, 
an eniipathy. 1l waa diflicull to overcome IbtM 
thinga in a mnrorni, and though the yoiuig alnngn 
recommended himaelf strongly by his alrikini; de- 
meanor — hia easy cunvenation — and tbe genaroity 
feelings, standing in ihe relalioo he did tofaei 
and tbe counliyahe honored, etjll he was an eoeaiy — 
and she believed it impossible that the relation could 

le interview, however, begun with so mvch uo- 
■ on Ihe pan of Murray, became inlerealiag <a 
Tha coldneas of iho itranger gave way to the 
glow of hia temperament. er>d his convetiatial 
kindledeven inlagaiely. Theintorcoareewasnew. It 

u divealed of all that bad ucksiMd bin elsewhere, 
was tbe employment of his mind, andden ai il 

ighl seem. On the other aide, laabel. thon^ M 
gay, became insensibly interealed.and even aniiMled, 
when her nature was bniughl into direct contact villi 
what she honored and esteemed, wherever she taet 
ihem — and which aba was quirk lo perceive — talent 
and enlbusiasm. She even forgot Ibe indivklual, 
while she paid reaped to his sentimenla. 

" Murray, in eiteoding Ibe oKr of his pielectian 
tpoke of ihe derenceless character of ihetounlry. 

"■Why will yon touch aajhera,' said Isabel. ' whils 
you have driven ua to Ihese things, in the midst oT 
our want of means and our daprivalMMM! BaC 
ooniinued sbe. recollecting bar father, ' tbsie is ads- 
fence, which peibir* yon cannot see, in atroog heaiti 
and clear conaniences.' 

" 'Pardon me— pardon meTaaid Murray, hastily— 
' I surely ibrget where I am. to speak of such sobjectt 
here; — bul within Ibese walla. I hope I abjll not be 

such' — then, reoolleciing bimselC he added — ' iC in- 
deed, we ehall ever meet again.' 

and a prohibition, 1 fear me, would be of lilUe anil, 
while Ibe foe holds our land under the law of di* 

" ■ IC then, there be no probibilion.' letomed Mar 

y warmly, ■ I ahall lake every fairadvantagawhid 

"'We are unused to eommand,' said laabal.ealalr. 
and with a faint amile. 



"■Nol •■> uniued,' whiiparad Murniy to himxir. 
'bt 1 obef foa alraady.' 

•Bat icbf any futbct psnicnian of an inlrnian, 
■hicli tn» aomaobal protnclcd. tfaaagh s finl ods ; 
M lb* RiHira] coonqneiicet a( which, >!l Hiuible 
liMBticn or rroden, lihs yonnetr, would kI once ind 
unqDCMtonahl]) paiceiie t 

' Mum; depaned. Ub had ben a delighted wit- 
atm gf Iha beaulirul einipliciiy thai iDukeil tbia liiile 
tanily. ami the lavelinea or ihe young crsalurs ihnt 
adanwdi[; and he q nil ted the baoie wiih mingled 
[«elingi of admiration and regret He ws* ■ pemn 
of that free attd unprejudiced ipirii wbich acknow- 
Mgeit worth, atul bowed la il nherever hs fuund il, 
fiom ta innal* lore of viilue ; a ipiril loo Doble lo be 
ntUicled la ihe paculiai model of regard which Ihe 
wciely be naa in avowed and practised ; and, whe 
ibar be mel iheni in Ibe gay meuopolia of a ibreign 
lend, or on Ibe lurwi-bordera of a new ooe, he gave 
bii bean, ondiaguiaedly, to Ihe homage of firlue and 
pvrily in womui. Hia wu Ihe ardent ipirii ibal aaw 
nadily. and believed onbaiitaliogly. Id .Iiabel 
Vufban, tharofofe, he law eoMigb, avMi in a aingle 
ud fini interview, to delight him. hacauae he aaw 
that wbidi rMonelM itaelf at once nilh Ihe high 
lad geaeima oooceptioiia he bad fixmed of valuable 
ud adoirable cbanclar. and wluofa he had laved to 
unleniplala. If bt* apirit waaa rapid atrean, il wat- 
*lu a deep one; onlike iboae that are Uio often abal' 
Ww in pcoporiioo to iheir velooiiy. 

naai in ibemind of Mniray.whiebaoon convinced hire 
that to r^ieal it naa Deoeaary lo hii peace. Hia avo- 
citiotii, bii datiea, hie pletaoraa grew dull i and lime 
boog like a weigbl upon him. If he emilad al ibe 
idea of a paaaion, it waa with a lecnt and proper aa- 
liria etion- and be Tell do diapoaitioo ihea lo check 
in yonjg career. The introdaclion, iharefore, •neb 
nil wsa. waa duly improved. Mariay found bim. 
■elf, in D few weeki, the welinme and even Ibe che- 
rkbed gnaai of Inbol and her raotber; fbi Inhel 
diKorered that lime waa bat lobUog ber of the pre- 
judice which ilw bad bitheno believed had deeeended 
10 her aa a eon of imalienabla inberilance. It waa a 
Iniih. indeed, of which ihii uniuipeciing girl woh 
aal yet awaie — a* who would be in her ■iloaiion J — 
that ibe waa ignorant of her own hearl. She did not 
teem to recalled the miraculooi opeialioii of ihe af. 
feciiooe — ibe wayward couneand iranifbrming power 
of the paaaioiia. Loail of all did aha ibinh that the 
deep fuuntaina of her boaom could Im broken up, by 
u) iafluencB thai worked unieen, and almiiai unknown, 
until the watan luddenly buril ibo conlrol in wbich 
ihey might othsrwiia have alaiobered fur ever. With 
ber. o with every woman, tov e bad bafQ a drei 
but a beauliftil and glorioni ona, and one wbipb ahe 
tremblingly hoped lo realice. Bal that ahe abould 
realize it in Murray — that bet fate abould be 
mfueriouely linked wilh hia, waa mora than the had 
Ihooght of. It waa mare, bIiinbI. than aha could be' 
lieve. Bat when, aAer continued interriewa, each 
nure aniiouaty looked for, and eacb mare lenderly 
reoDllecled than that which had preceded it, abi 
a 3 , 



breeibad iha low-voiced coofeaabn lo her own hoaon. 
then il waa that ahe Stat woke lo ibe power and p»- 
grcn of her paaaion. It ia neodlaia lo Iblkiw ila 
coune. It may be enaugb la aay that but few 
moniha pamed over them and Ibe peaceful home af 
leabel, with ila blooming and bJuahiag Sowen. wil- 
neaaed the plighted failh uf the lovera. 

'■ ' I can aearee believe it.' whiapered Inbe', amiliag- 
■biougb bet ware — ' my lover, George, and yet ay 

"■Ah! my moat beeuliful foe— ihii treaty meigea 
country and all!' cried Humy. 

"laabel Vaugban waa now happy, and in the pun 
warmth of her bean 

' Aa gailelem aa unpracliied inGmcy,' 

ahe gave free and joyona way to ibii new ooneril of 
thought, thai went brichtemDg and WDlttDg balbia 
her, is all the dalioioua tranaparancy of a firat and 
holy paaaioii. Sbe fall Ibal riie loved, balare aba coo- 
■idered Ihe object of her admiratiaD; and when die- 
did ao, aha felt ber reaentment die withia her. Ha- 
ihooght of Ibe lima when aba had aDcoaaciaaaly hated 
the very aound of ■ BriMi f and lo reoaQ fiom one aa- 
called a* bum an enemy, ahe remanbeied had bean ' 
B part of Ihe great doctrine of the day, incnlMted in 
her bearing. And now aba foond that la a Briton bar 
afleolioDa were elingii^ ; Ibat her hearl waa eotwininf 
itaelf with the heart oT a Biiioni and Ibal abe waa 
aecrally vowing hemelf lo an eoemy— to tha denlalieo 
of her baoae— perbape to the mnrderar «( bar fkthar r 
Sbe went to ber moiber, and confeaaed, and wept witb 
ber. Bbe felt thai every interview bad only linked 
her fate more indimolubly wilb that of li! 
he had DOW becoDM Ihe almaat eonatani 
of laabel and ber molbei. 

- Ae often aa duly parmilled, be eacapad fhna tha 
ctly, to linger round tbia fair riirina of beauty, awidal 
the fluwera. and lilence, and inixioeoce which embo- 
■omed it. He loved laabel with a high and hwMraUa 
love. ORen, wilh that mother and daogbler, in Iha 
huahed eveninga, did he moani aa a toldier abould 
moum, the fate which made him an enemy lo the 
country they were proud ofi and often waa he ready, 
in the falnem of hia heart, lo renounce all remem- 
brance of nalioaal enmity, till aome enllen roar re- 
called hiadiilractedIeeliBp,Bnd he remembered wilh 
aometbing like alemDeaa, thai he heard Ihe voica of 
hia country reminding him of hia failh and bit vowa 
of honor. Oflen, when the moon rode high, and the 
bead of Imbel leaned in Mf confidence on hie boaom, 
in Iha liiile bowerwhich abe had buog wilh hloMoma 
and wild laavea, would he part ber dark hair, and 
wbiaper over her an atguralioa of glory and even of 
hia country, lo give bimaelf up lo ber and bapiuneaa- 
io that paradiae of relirement and peace. But ihece 
were dreami of lava — worda of deep, impaaaianed 
eicitemeni. They earned wilh Ifaem what every 
heart baa felt, and every heart baa uliered, in ita mo- 
nsnti of BbaDdonment. They eihibiiad tha rimpla 
elemenle— the inam movamenia of iha aflectiooa— 
developed, and orriad out, in iha beat and halteat. 



II whir-h ttie lanl lendi to ibe lipt. They . 

ire — ibBf were truth. 
"But theitoiforkive iianon told tale. I will not 
dMain you, lo recount ill ihooNind little incidenlisnd 
miigivingi ; ill IriflM. (welled into the impartui''e of 
•vents, and Iha nunurona fluclualioniorili hopeiaD') 
Ctarr. I will pua Ihem uver. We will Imve tbetn 
M Iheir earlf troib — ro Ihe Tull TruiiiM of their morn- 
ing proDiiuB and j^iya, to juin the parliea again al in 
adianeed period oflbeir rorlunea. 
"Far other Ibings v.eienovi lo cngago i he alien I ion 

New York, and dran iiS bii rorcei Ibr Phlliulcli>liin. 
d Mutraf musi accompany hii rcgimcDl. The gal- 


r rellon 


often, if it win Ihe laurel, doea ambition relnra wiih 
a marble blow, and wrtathed in cypreu!' So ihought 
Ihia youlbrnl lever — >wilh not a little poetry, lo be 
■are — bal with how much tiuibt 

" ■ And Iheao flowen/ mid Inbel, • ranil tkie jiiat 
al Ihe raonent when Ihey began lo look brighleat in 
ray eyee, anil Iheae buda iddii be checked in ibe very 
nrdai of their promise, for [ have Tio heart lo ch 
Ihera now. Snange '. -Ihal ho haa (uch an infli 
on my little Eden, here, and he it one of Ihota, too, 
who were enemiei of my father !' 

■■ In inch worda »» iheae — ofivn ulleied — wereihi 
Ihe nntophiilireled movemenla of Ihia young and 
jollied tpiaL So alrang an allachraeni coald 
yield is a anddaa deprlTatioa withoni an nocomiDaD 
■nd peinnil ainiggle. 

" < We moat poll in a few dayi. laabe!,' aaid Miwny. 
It naa two nighti before hit intaodtd dapivlnre- No 
utiwer wia relumed. 

" ■ To-morraw night, Iiabal, ia Ihe laai night I may 
•Mr aeeyou.' Still there waa no anawer, but ihe 
aenowlBg girl wai at hia aide in Icaia. 

■■ 'But.' laid ahe, al laat. looking calmly into hia bee, 
' yon aaid yon ihonld return; and you then apoke of 
our nafer parting again. Let ua believe that, and 

"Il «■■ now Murray's lutn le be aglUlad. Bii 
mtnner had evidently been eonilniined. When he 
came, he waa Iboughlfal and pale. He now became 
hurried end abi apt. 

" ■ But. Iiabel, who may talk lo ua of rolama and 
welcome! T The chanees of life are doubled againil 
Dt. Fate playa hard with iu, Inbel. We cau p 
KMie nolhing-'We can hope little. We muU go whi 
life ii diiublfu], and di4tionor none than death. And 
yet that diahonor might tave lha life of thoae we lore. 
Cuna — Rurae on Ihe alternative !' 

" Mumy wrung her hand, and laabel was atariled 
al bia vthomance. The latt worda, uuvred in a lower 
lone, caught her attention, and aha kindled ai the 

'■ ' What it it you ray. George I You lalli of diahonor 
and allemalives: what have Ihey lu do with you, 
you with Ihemt Why talk of Ihem in my preaancet 
(a there any ptopoaal I anio hear, in which eiiher of 
Ukmo worda tte implkaWd ! If ao, ytm may yet Itani 

■ow Amly I can ray farvwell. My falbei kaewool 
itEiuiiou where such tenna wlwre roenUoDed— oi 
lia daughter — ' 

le rati on her a look ihol convuieed that Iremhiiag 
girl huw deeply abe had wronged him by her wild 
ind hurrj'ing autpiciona. Stie now siood in Ihe alfi. 

:ude of one imploring rorgivcnfat. 

rembling hand he ihrcw bark her dark and diamte- 
;d liiiir — ' J will aaynoihii g of Ihe injuaiicoyoa btre 
Joiie me. 7 bis ii no t,me fur cruel vraidt or ooaad- 
fd feelingi. I must leave you. A relum here ii 
ilMken of by our ronimander at aomelhing poaajUe — 
Liul lha war goee on nilh a varied tuccev. I ran tn 
nothing eeilain through thia gloom, and there an 
ingera and difflrultiea in our way. that yoB hoD* 
nothing of.' Again ho giew Ihonghlful and tioBbMi 
at he walked away, and hia boaoai laao and All, ■ 
IhoHgh hewaaamigglingror maaiery wiib wme poK- 
erfal and terrible emotion. 

- ■JJiebonor!" brealhed ho to himaelf; ' did ihe em- 
ceive that her fame waa trying me in Ihii wiyl AIu[ 
if ahe knew Ihe horrible trial ofdelending ii!' 

Suddenly — by one of Ihoia despairing eiertioBtof 
which we are sometimes capable, he turned and ap- 
proached the sgilaied liebel, wilb a coaapoaad am 
and a foisl omile. 

"■Bui beloved girl, why anlicipale all Lkii 
Eorruw ( I iball aes you again To-morrow I will 
be with you — lo-Borrow.attwilighl. Tetihouldlhi 
bnrry ofdapallure prevent even thia ihon inlarvtav, 
fur thai it must be, tlill you shall hear fim m^ 
Clow at the little landing onder lha clib— lha M- 
sadoes — you shall find my meaaenger You r«na»bir 
Ihe boat 1 ba^so ofleu employed hi eonvey wsidb 
you. You will find it ihere al dark, R itu i b ff 
Ihe winding fhoipalb » ihi 

a few word*, Inbel — merely a ftrevrell. The Mbw 
is uuily. 'He will find me— and now—' at be ^^ 
Mntny gently liHed fram her neck a beauliAd tci 
delicate pielure. He gated on it. ■ It will apeak to 
Ke, Isabel, when I am gone, aud adunBitb ma ami 
oheer me ; and it ibull be my ibietd.' (Did be, tt ba 
placed it, with a knightly and ronfidcnee, D|"a 
hii heart, laebe! bowed in alienee over tl. 8t>e 
believed that hetrl wsi healing in single and out 
devotion for faerj and thai lbs tentitaentaortheimiU: 
l)>e voice of man. coald neither quicken nor retard in 
pulaaiions. She believed eiery thing ihal wooaa 
ahould believe, and riie waa happy. Silll ken im 
Ibe happinaa of lean— of a bewildered and uiiiMi 
bosom. In a few moments ihoae pulna aeemed ««- 
denly toceate^hararniifcll getiilynpon her bnal— 
ahe beard a murmur ihalnuDded like a farewell,>i>il 
the Doin of a door cloaing al hei tide. She loolM 
up and MuTray was gone. 

"TbeneitdayroaeheavilyoDlnbel. Th*ffi«* 
played nidaly among her flowert. and swept bMffilT 
over her wild bloaaom. bending Ihera lo the poO^' 
Sbe thoagl|t she saw har own ftia riwdowtd M 
IhM ftmraa of DBlora nppB aoM* Of bat ft"^ " 


T H I 



valf nilh »vtlj deliaata y\aU ihll 
ik Mw oniuefaJBg andw Ibv blai ; and in tb« dull 
tad din otowh ihil nilwl aloag ibe laadcD riif. the 
pietond Mianga fonna, that Mened to MonI apcn ber 
Mt orikeir gkwiBf tkimidL Her bsunwd lanor wu 

Blu ramsmbered the mjMBnoiia muiaer id wbkh 
Uomf liad panad fnai b«r. Bl)e leatcDibnad lh< 
dMhli b« had •ipi««n) about maeliDg her— ■nd rile 
roslTad IbMo inio a Ihouaand realiiin. Sbs cecaeiii' 
band hia broken andimgularHMiinet.aiid hereiciied 
iMifinakDii teemad wi[fa Tarroi uf Wiioi, peculiar lo 
Ik* dangermi and bean-rand ing locne* H which b» 
fnttmiaa wv Uie direct and deadly palhrray. 8h« 
wd»ed all tital a jouDg, end wniiiive, and davMed 
ipiril Bif be iQppoaed to tafiar io •olitude. miTeD- 
drwid to ilB loiMliaM radaodDDi. and led, by a deep, 
ad before anfeli iMereM in a loved individuil, to 
ttae* araujid bin all ju fairy work of biqwa and ban, 
M NfOH in him all ika Mcrad piomiaaa or joy, and 
all bet wUhaa of fulare happinw, while ihit indivi- 
dad k away, beyond* her eonlral or her knowledge ; 
mi eipeeed lo the auldal ohancae of ihe world — the 
additiead bam^ of a deaolaring WBr,aDd Ihe deadly 

-lie day Ihn puaed on, nearieoma and lonel)-. 
Naiue eeemed lo aourn wilh ihi) fnil and inlereal- 
iog oratere, who wae gallog for boon open iu tighu 
mi ihadowa, The nn ihOBe onr, uoieliDiea, bul ii 
WM wkh a aad and diacokred beam. The bKem 
oae M aiBal. hot ibey wafM away the peirume, 
end wenioff ia hollow ecHtndi dinni ihe valley. Borne 
«r the eweeuM dower* tbetlwbel kmed li>teiid,WMe 
beaten dews aad withered ; ud the roeea ihoweied 
ibcii dioopinx leavet nuuid Ihe door, and in al ibe 
wiuluwa. 1%e birde ueed to linger among Ihe treee; 
bainew ibey Sew eilenlly over the garden, and ihe 
kaa ef baea waa bm heard there. It ii not Mrange 
thai Metttwholy praaenUmanla and iaaginilioiii 
ewwded afaaut leabal in her cbeerleea retreat. She 
«« the wn go down wMi a faiot and auUeD ligbl, 
•ad Ae wailed with aniiooa uiid indew^baUs Teel' 
itfi br Ihe voDing twilight. At limee aha litleacd . 
with iateaia eaneaineae, thai ihe mighl bear fooiiteps 
HMUBg on Iha wind j but Ibe ■oliiude only deepened 
n the ■badci of evening ilola in, and yel Marray 

"'II ia paal lheiniligbl,'a(ud aha lo heraelf. na ihe 
paced atoDg the biink of the Paliiidoea ; ■ it is put 
iwili|ht,aDd liaie he wara Doming; but) willaorpiiae 
bin. Hy wbita dreaa afaall not betray me on IhMe 
clifi.' and wrapping a ligbt cloak about heri ahe 
HMd back flom Ihe aoBmil, and gaied oul opon Ihe 
deep riier, aa it rolled ill chafed waree opon the 
dun. There waa nolhinf to be diacerned. Slara 
*art here and there to he aeen, pooping from among 
te elDuda, u they went driviag oier the heerena j 
and aa her eye wandered anoog ihem, her bodingi of 
diateaed loderiTB a eonfirmaiioi] iron Ihe troubled 
■Pfearaooa oT the elemanla. Tet again ahe look coa- 
nprwheaehe thoaghlbaw much waa to ha Fha^lcd 
*> hn baay and meUnoholy imagioaiian i and, by an 
d In (tilli^ Ihe Ibretat'of hat bean, 

and wailed in ae aaBoh patience aa her aitBaliao Bay 
be anppiiBCd n admit, for aveniiq; lo gather iDi be- 
liaviug tlial a Aort time would put a period 40 her 
anffering aniiely. Meaawhile, enoagh coald be {i- 
ifaeted by i-ye and eai from Ihe elevaled point npoQ 
which >he itood, lo convioce Itabet that Ike boayaaie 
of pieporBLion bad aonnded in ihe camp, and that ■ 
buiricd and bualliag nighl waa to paai in Ibe citf. 
Oficn, OB Ihe riling wind anepl aver Ika long teach 
oT wateia und Iho craga, there came the Aist ivU of 
drama, anil than, Ibe long, det p, re-eehaii« peal of 
g«nt>, aending their uiaHering eignala £ai and wide, 
till Ibey died in the mnrmun oT Ihe email wav«B,or 
the moan of Iha breeie. Then tfaere nuehtbeaaen, 
curving tkr Into the air, a niiJden, ditlanl line of liglil, 
illumining Ibe boiixon for a luonienl, and tbettainltiBg, 
io lenglheacd naiii, ever tbs dialont and mnatering 
city. A brilliant, dasaling itar would than hover-over 
Ibe metiopolia, and a> laddFiily v^ikh, to be aaceeed- 
ed by aona other fieiy lelegisph. Then, again, mne 
Ibe eweHiBg noiae of Ihe drum, aa Ihe air fieahaaed 
lb> a motBentj and over and above all, Ihe email bat 
clear allam of the bugle would Soal BWey, in ae«M oT 
glarioue maic, even to the clouda. There we* auMi 
ihing aliongely wild and felenn in thia aeane; and 
laabet fell all her enlhuaiaam wake within her. aa Ae 
bebeU and lialaned. TherockFtand Ihe horn iiim o d 
lo bring Murray ooea more belbce her, and her vMd 
aaaocialiuna for a BKMwnl eDmhilaled the very reaka 
and Mas that lay belwaaa tbem. Bat, aa if e>| the 
inalant lo merge ibia viajoo in the elill mare bleaad 
reality, an object could be diacemed, m^ug ila way 
to Ihe *hor«. A beat appreaohed. DMwiag aa lar 
back aa poaaible, without loaing aigbl ef il, than ni*. 
iog rairidty in on the atraagth of four ears, hahel waa 
enabled, unaeen, lo vnUb ita movemenla. A davMbI 
and wondering aenaation aaimt her, aa A» dfded 
ruur pemna hviily dieembarkirg. Ska fell taHtba 
thai one of then wai Mairay— but why oane aw»l- 
tendedl DaikneM cenid not aid ber now; ltwaa*DO 
lata to latreal. If ahe atirred into the lwfligbt,'riie 
would be diacovered. While yel in ihe MM«iatM»ent 
which nuLu rally held her al thia inomaal,ab«ahatn«d 
that the parly had diaappeared in lha lillla tttMw at 
Ihe fool of the path that led from above. She wae 
sure they were aboni Hi aacend. She Halaned. The 
■ound of low, quick voice* camo up. Th«e« was an 
interval of (itence, and Ihe aharp report of pialiil Aol* 
rang along ibe rocha. A ahrick anawered ila ochaea 
above, and ■ while figure wae aeen raabing down Ihe 
nirnw pathway to that enclceurs- Meenlime there 
wa* bol hwte upon Iho mbon. The boat waa immo- 
dialely ailed, and horryinglyahoved off It bad hardly 
enlered Ihe alream, whan Ihe aallen [dange of eome- 
Ihing overboard waa heard. A confuwd daahing of 
oan, and the boat had diaappeared in Ihe cloelns gloom 

'■ And now, conceive Inbel Vunghan, alone, upon 
thai (ileal and dark ahore. Sie ii bending over ihe 
gnas, aaibough ineearch of aometbiB(, and dull anoka 
wreatha are cuiring over ber head, among the braoi^ni 
of the Ireaa, and againat the oldnxb. Sbehaaeai(hl 
alamaelMiv, which eeeaiad lighudlfcra mcavil w 




by Iha rafofi >ut. Sho gmpa il- ll i> hetonn 
pieloM. 1%* nriilg (btt bora il it •aTerad.ukI dntpa 
or wum Uood bave already half clMled oa in linaa' 
loenB. ADOthar bng ibillling ihiiek ringi alone 'Imx 
cliS, and the agoDiMd gitl raila on bar face, deaolale 

■'Fiam tlMI long and dAdlf iwoon, (hat maiden 
navar returned In liTe ibe nlae being ihai ihe nu. 
Ileitnika had reached her hearl.and atlin Impulaee 
wars paralrwd. Her mind wilbered, and ber reann 
Sad i and over ifae naile there playad the flickering 
anaaitblylightof ruined bopea and ijlaitod paaca, lilie 
that which nmnden rounB ivetf, Bmidii (ombe and 
eolilndee. Well might na then aay'her lonawful 
faan were tnily, be«aiifaUy, but sadly fnlfiUa^. Sm 
Hta, indeed, the binaom. cnt off— (be Sewer boned 
down. Sbe wa* the nnaalliad Bower of ibe light, 
acadiad w tb« nalli ; the deKeata bud crwhad into 
the dnM, while il gera ilcfa piocaiieofeipaadiDginto 
baanly. Well did A* feat 6a bar bowar and her 
boiM, when iha nw the lasTei and the bloom that 
aDTeloped ihem, falling to Ibe giouod, and laavkif 
Ibair baUlaliaDa ixdd and deeidala. Her a|>iril was 
DOW Oe rifiad and dWdUte dweUing. Well did iba 
icar for iha oknidi, and lha hollow windi, and Ihe 
laufal loalN of the dhking sun. She Itad liad occa- 
aion Jbrfaai-— lor iMtibleft«r;and nowihedeepmiit 
had com* OVM btr lOa]. The lutimona — thai airanga 
UDiio of daadk—wat ringing through Ihe chamben of 
hai heart, and the abcred fire of inletlecl *u elpiring 

" Still iwbel wa* apaiad. SiiU that bir, pole relic 
af loTalinaaa waa leA to gale upon,aiid lu nonder and 
weep oral. Bhe naa ipared to a laoely and afflicted 
raolbar. Did yon aeak her at the now deaolata re- 
treat, ((fhare die had fiial leaned to lev*.) yon found 
Iheta SB attsUDalad Sitm, calling iwepl flower* to 
twine into wie«tb>, ahe eaid, toi her young aoldier — 
■ban tbqr ware to acaller orer bin grave; aiid aonie- 
tnnee Ae wonM mile through bar tean, and wy ihey 
were gathered Ibr her bridal. But had you Ken bar, 
u I baTit often aaan her, in Ibe Deigbbarhuod oTlboae 
fhiwning Falundoes, you woold hare aeen a diOereni. 
bnt yon osrer bahtid a more hsart-rending object." 

1 looked np again. I was etceeding 1y inrerested — 
hot I was eiceedingly puuled at all ihif. I wai 
daatinad, boweret, lu gai do taliafaclion. It wna lo 
be all Bir*teiy with me, and I thought il well lo bow 
and liilan. Ha proceeded. 

"Ollen al midnight, when 1 have strayed towards 
Ihe crags in days long put, 1 have seen Isabel Vangben 
alBDdiDg like a stauia upon Ihe heights ; her long hair 

<n Iha e' 

ioc figure shivering aa ahe drew her cloak lannd her, 
•tid gaied wIslTnlly ovai the Budson. I have seen 
ber geariculsting on the brink of the cli£b~-«I one 
momeDI aa though she was raproiiching tonia ooe 
aaar bar, and at the oeii as though >he was urging 
Ute penon, with emphasis, la keep silent. 
"'One evening I had watched hei^till my eyea filled 
. n^lh leer*. Ktewaaslandingin Ihe tametpot,talkiiig 
. wildly and rapid!/ with betaeir, and her taannet waa 

more estranged thin dsdiL Id moving Uwatda Ik* I 
fooliwlb that ran below, aba fiwrd ma, bat eifrwari ! 
DO lurpiise at ny preeeoce. She obaarved'nylasB. 

" ' Why do you weep T said she. ' Yon hsva bd- 
thioglo weepfor. But here are flowaia. Theyalwayi 
comlbrt me— Ibef usad to coailort hin' — and du 
oOaMd me some wild btoBoms. 

"'Bai,' said sbe, diawing neu ne.aiid lotkiig 
wistfully Id my face, ' Ihiok you the water ii detp. 
and do you know what ba* changed it* oc4iirl— tod 
tbay tell me, loo, ibai he eleepa below iharai bntn 
won't beline it. He ia yonder — yeodef— I know 
it,' and aha pointed off lowatda the city. 'Atdym 
know ha told me to write bim farewell, and I mtt 
every night by the host. Come — here are bos 
flowers. Take more fiowen.' 

"Wilbtheae words riietQrne'l from me, fori had w 
heart to retain ber a moment bjr an aoraw, at 
paased down the fhotway, ainging, a At wat, sa it 
ooherenl and moatDful air, that afcila ap in knrail 
plainlive cadence*^ aa she wouad into dM dell. I 
watcbad ber loavemeDl* witb a painful irUMsM. U 
waa DOW neat dark, and I aaw her conn oat of Iki 
little reccBB of low woods, and staiMl npca ihe ntr 
brink of Ibe rivor. 1 had folfowod bar down, araik 
with the strange and reckleM aoTiow of bar aulNt- 
Tel she shed no teara. Sbe raised ber huids M h> 
brow, Bod looked out for a-li>v timt under IfaSN M 
Iba alill walar. Al length aha slowly drew liMi te 
hoBoni a small folded paper, and mamanag a law ■■ 
diaiinci words, threw it forlh upoo ihe wsve*,M it 
■a her feeble eliongtb would peroiL Her eyeaU- 
lowed it, a* it floated away with an intaoaity lk«t te- ' 
traysd, in a manner dialresaingly p^pahla, Ihe'Ubl 
eclipse' of ihst basaliful mind. 

"'There — there!' continued she in a deep and it|id 
atleraoce, ' Be ante you cany It (o hinu It is ■ be- 
wail, and he charged ma lo sand il. Ba quick, oi it 
will go oDl witb the lide ! And tell him.' uisd d«, 
raisiag bar voice aa lha darknaa increased sboai bN, . 
and a* (hough sbe fell lha neoenly of haste— 'nil 
him I have been wailing a long titM for an aalMr, 
and Ihat when be conna, to come aloiM, ibr ihiy 
would not let him slay wban he eame bM— sad it 
broke my bean — and now ItMy lay I an Mad i'— and 
once more the wild Doles ot thai monoKiooBa «•( 
broke from iba dying girl. I accompanied tier bant 
that nighl, wondering bow ahe could ba penniusd » 
wander sboul alone in ihis almost frantic eeadilioa, 
and rttumed ber to ber weeping and beattJmkH 
molher. That loolher and a devoted, but quitl li 
inefficient relulivs, who bad come to her sioce As 
trial hsd became ao terrible, were now (be <s4 "' 
males oflkat wretched family. 

"(Men at iwilighl did I wiinev thai *c«De,oad«r 
Iboae dreary PaliHdaea. OlUn have I saea bar linl* 
white maMengers loaaing aod eddying upoo the ca^ 
rant, as she iboaghi ihsm chserily on ihaii my <•> 
her bvar. Frequenily, at break at moiviBg, I lu'* 
seen ber fragments of paper circling within resell n 
Iha shore, or Boaiing in upon ihsl point towards ^ui^ 
youriilenlion vras directnl. On one occabon, I kad 
the cutioaity lo draw one of thaee singulsr nd^'i* 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 




koa Ibe wa[<r. It bun a btwk hbI — and woi im- 
rmnd wilh »rae littla love conceil itiii I could ool 
amauv*. It nu siidenilr wriiicD in faotie. Tbere 
WW* bat Tew nonli. aa I ramembar lhem> much id 

"nusnall — George— farewell : You cliarged me 
te mile farewell. Bui foa will relum wben ibe 
umfCDnea back. ( beard tba Jiuma la*l nigbt. wben 
JOB weal. Farewell ! Hera u MiRie ol my hair i — 
••a bow while tl haj giunn ;~-all my liair ii white — 
fcr KMUKhin^ ainnge hai puaed over my head'-and 
I can leal it uow '. — fareivell — the boat !• coaling — 

"Over iheea incobareDi and almaat illegible wortia 
lay a portkMi of bair, while «b the paper wbLch eo- 
Uded il — and a few roae teavea, dry and wilhaied. 

■• Fm amay weluy moDtha, almoat nightly, did Inbel 
Vaoghan baont tboea bigb rocki of the Uudaon. As 
tea peaad, iba aeennd to gnw_ wilder. A lettled 
■danetaoly waa la be obaened at all limee , tee bar 
lAueyva iiughl)and npon ibe Paliaaidoee, aha loam- 
•4 about leitb acnta and geMnrea, incraaaingly tIo- 
Icntand fimatio. 

■^aiiaaanwaageHJngiobeUaahaudoold. The 
lama were b^iDDtng lodropftoni ibe tre«B.aiid tbe 
■awaca round iaabel'a dwelling had nII ctoaad up or 
diai^ Ihiai Ibeir placea. It waa Iho decaying time 
ofnalUB. Sdll tbe poor ouniae glided nigblly along 
lb* elia; headlm of Iha aleneDia. iiho waa, io a 
MOM, beyond lb* reach of lb* ibinga of earih. 

-n* Bailiab had relumail to Mew Vork. There 
ma high iBaauting again in Ibe city — and again th* 
DDiaa of war bicAe upon lha itarlled land. Again 
dw diMaal dism uight be heard, rolling ita Ikr aum- 
wat, and eooiiiig like a murmar en ihe ear ; and 
again tbe rvai of aiduance pealed over hill and rivei, 
eaUiog lha frighted iuhibilaota to Ihe remlleclion of 
faM honon, aogl tbe auiicipaiiun of uibcr.<, perhapa 
«gr* dreadfuL 

■ It wBB one of iboae chill and piercing eveninga 
which 1 have aaenhoned, vrhea, (bllowing By vray- 
wtid ioelinalioD, I wandered, aa wubI, Id ilie Faliaa- 
data. True lo bar nwlaiicboly tHOciiiiaoa. I«bel 
wai tbare— opoo the upper ruck — gazing wilh an sp- 
paaraoce of nncommoa inlertal lowarda ibo oily. 1 
thoqgbl I coold diacoTer a new eipmiion in her pole 
coaateoann. Adielanuhol rolled away upon ih* wind. 
A law rapid word>~iiod ahe waa again aileol — look- 
i^ and liatening wilh increaaing eainetliieaa- Tbe 
sole of a bugle then came apen a riiing gml ; it wai 
aniweied by a •cranm ; and ^e clapped her handa, 
and loMad then wildly over her head. 

"' He la coraing — he ia coaing -* cried ahe. ' I bear 
hia ninic. Huh I laabel — you mtwl not betray your- 
nlC Rsaember! — 'nol loo early, laabel,' and ahe 
draw back fiom the verge, and became ailent. A 
tviUiant lighl abol up fora momeol lowarda Ihe aoulh, 
and a* abe canght it* glare, ibe cried — ' It ii hia aig. 
nal! Ihera waa one like Ihat hefora!' — and a con- 
VnlaiTe laugh boral from her lipa. Ai it died away, 
I aw her link upon lha rocka, nil ahe aeemed crouch, 
lag npoa the brink of the praoipice, and gaie with 
her haada rraed to her braw. in Ihe eager and bewil- 

dered manner I had b>fbre noticed, aa though riw 
would penetrate larlher, by Ifaua ibediDg her eyea, io 
iDcrnain light. A aound, like the dripping of 
van, drew my allenlioD. I inroed. and aaw a boat 
•lowly making iii way under iho clifla nbera we 
Hood. At the same moment, anotber lerritying ihriefc 
broke upon Ihe ilillnew — 

I come, George ; I am here — here!' — and aa I 
again lurneil quickly, end with ■ dreadful fear, e dim, 
while olyact waa >cea plunging into Ihe abyaa be- 
tween me and ibal now aalirBry rock! There could 
to mialake— ahe wai gone ! 

Wilh a beating heart, I leaped down Ihe path. I 
fancied I heard a low moan. Il mighi have been the 
wind, bm there waa no time to Iblen. When I 
reached the dell, there were feel paaaing hoatilytaand 
[id, a* 1 approached the ground lo whii-h I bur- 
ried, 1 aaw aome one kneeling. He vm at Ihe aide 
"■ It i* too lata,' aaid the atronger, without raiaing 
iaeyeaj 'ilia too late! I law her fall, at I apraac 
froca the boat. Bat ihe amilea^ evio in daalh. Poor 
irfomy ! poor Murray !' 


•i waa apoken by a aingle pe^ 

rho alood about the dnodful acana. Nothing wi 
heard aave the low quick brealhiiv of agilaled and 
•d boKMD*. We all luing over that Uaading body 
in ilepjfied amazemenl and in leara. II waa loog be- 
Ibra I could nttai a pliable j and when I did, it waa 
aomelhtng like broken and iobbuig language. 
■■ ' You knew him than,' 1 nid, addraooing the fu- 
aoD who had apoken ; ' you know ameihing of Ihie 

lut I could aak nothing. I kneeled to gaia upon 
the cmpae. She lay within a few feet of the grave 
□r her lover. Her counlenanoe wai but ilightly nu- 
lilated— acarcely at all. But her long white hair— the 
hair that had been bleached by aorrow, lay upon bar 
breaat — buried in blood ! 

The atnmger wu an elderly Briliah officer. Aa he 
aeemed to be deeply aSectad by the harrowing qiec- 
tacle before ua, and aa I had heard hia mentioli the 
of Hurray in a lone of compawionale and me- 
lancboly recctleclioo, I cunclnded be might acqnaini 
m* with aome parliculata relating lo Ihe aimpla bat 
terrible hiatory, of which I remained ignorant Aflar 
our eiciteoieal had in aome degree Bubaided, I look 
ocoaaion, hnrriedly. loquealion hira upon Ihe mailer, 

" In a few woida he informed ms that he waa lh« 
friend of lha onhappy young niBR,whamcl hia untimely 
&te on Ihe dBih i pol where we then atood. There 
were broken hinU— ■ cnnfnted atoty of haaiy worda 
between Murray and anoAer— ofBome unholy altcmpi 
to III a ilignu on the pure fame of laabel Vaughon 
He ain or inault — titch inault! could be waabed away 
only by blood. The inlktualion had ita full eflecl 
God waa Ibrgolten — man waa obeyed — and we have 
aeen Ihe iaaue ! MurrayfBl1,and thevillainlriumpbed 
The <vound proving inatanlly mortal, the victoriooa 
fiend — lor he oould be notiiing lea* than a fiend — 
throng fe^, iaeiplicabla at auch niementa, or in the 
delirium of guilt, flung the bleeding oorpoe of hi* ad- 
veraary into the wavea, and hurried from Ihe acMie. 


II be hb gm*e,' niJ I, pointing lo 

J liei 

llie Mrangec. ' 1 had 
lie bTirial of an olBor, 
nail, FOOD gfteri bql, u 

hMid KHDeiliiDg or Ibe 
wboM body wM found li 
tmtSmttwtn huriied 
dtilaj inquiring till ihli pvrnirul svening. Aa for him 
Khotaidlhllbodf ioniiilh>« nnrrawbooK/coniiaiKd 
he. ' lie hu long agu expiuied his rrime, letriUr. in 
loiturea- He wa> discolored — how coald il be Olhei- 
wiaeT — in all big fnal and devilish machinatioiu, and 
died, a* ibe bate aUndercr and the villain.' 

■The (trangec loak»d long and niDunifulIf apon Ihe 
gnre ofhia foung friend. He ipake Id ■ manly bul 
feellDg Ione,orihe ivarm but taialahea tpitit Ihal had 
driven him lu lbi> wrelched end, and eipresed ■ •o^ 
lonful MliirBCllon in Hading ibal hii remains had been 
committed deceulljr u> earlli. 

" 'Thla {■ a nild bnl aacred place for him to tlum- 
bor in,' he aatd 'Let him rtiij he will not befitr- 

"He then oflored the unstanre ofhia part;, and we 
bore the ghsail; ronnof laabpl lo ihed welling il ones 
adorned. Detcripliun would falter in ptetsnting the 
eceneof ihal hapleaa liumc — Qfthatmolher.beiideber 
lifeleia daughlfl '. The veil ii dropped! 

" Inabfl Vanghan and George Mnmy aleep aide bf 
aide, in that green dell benealh Ihe Palindoea. "nan 
is nolbing lo mark Ibeii graves, bul B little heap, wfth 
■ (bol end head alone. Tho tale ia Axtmalaneholf Iot 
rnBrhle ; bui it U preaetved in ibe linea of terror in 
which il i* engraven apon Ihe mamory of Ihota who 
hive auriivrd these ■lormf linu*. 1'radilioo, DM 
content wiih ibe jfluomy cberaeler of Ihe facia. wUa- 
poiaof accrrl luurder curarnitleU in Iboae ibadc^ «ad 
poinla 10 thoae gmvia aa apola where dark-banded t1>. 
lence — ihe dagger iif an auaaun — >eot down in bloody 
and ailenl lirlim ! And Ihe Chriatian — Ihe man of 
God, wiib Ihe inilh of ihia urelcbed alorj yet gresn 
in hi* recollection — Mlllolla yoaofmunferdonathara 
(End pcrhopa ho calla it rightly,) and wiih piona elo- 
quence depicti to yon, glowing, empenled, and gnllly 
youth, ruihtng to the huird, wiih Crime in hia baan, 
and death in hit hand, lo prove hia nfpectfbr mm, by 
daring the lawa oflha Almighty. 

" There ia a myilery in theae thinga. Lei the notld 
think of il, if il will. Il ia not my bininea lo amplor 
Ibe naming voice of Ihe preacher; hot Itellyon.lbM 
lor nany yean, young men and maidem. the eaitoai. 
the gey, and the aorrowful. from all the coonlry leond, 
made frequent and ailent pilgriroage lo the Rn 
Catvtaorthe lludion." 
Kcw YoA, ttia. 


Hr frienda ihey are culling me, una and all. 

With a changed and a cloudy brow ; 
But my Utile dog alwnya would come at my call— 

CM), why doea he not como now ! 

Ofa, if he bo living, he'd greol me; hot why 

Do I hope with ■ douUful ■< iff 
Wlwn I come, and there ia not a joy in hii aye I 

When 1 c«ne, and hia tail lielh atiffl 

Ah, me t Dot a ainglo friind may 1 keep t 

From Ihe falia I am gladly free, 
And (he true and Ibe irualy have fall'ii aaleap, 

And aleep without dreaming of me. 

I have got my owu »ul bslen'd fiimly and tight, 
And my cold heorl ia ufa in my boeom j 

But I Moald not now iruil 'em out of my aighl. 
Or I'm puiiiie I abunlJ loae 'em. 

My one tolv comr*do i> now m more '. 

And I needi maat mumble and muller. 
Tbai he who had lived in a tenKl befbre. 

At laat ahould die in a gatttr • 

■ He coald lighi any baaa). from a c«w to a cat, 
And caieh any bird lor hia Caaai ; 
.BBt.ah! he vraa kiUad by a big brioUat, 
And a baCt DM a Uid boi a baM. 

He dini uf ilio blow '. 'twoa a lad hard Mow, 

Binh to me and the poor receiver ; 
I wiab Ibat inelead 'twere a fever, I know, 

For hli tark might have cured a fever '. 
Hia apifil, eacap'd from ili cunal raga. 

Il a poodle all wan and pale ; 
It honla an inaudible bonl, and il wage 

The gboat of ■ ahadowy tail ! 

Old Charon will aak Pii hia penny in vain. 

ifny Bub Lul rememben hia iricke; 
Fur he, who ao Dften ipiong over my cone. 

Will catily leap o'er Ihe Slyx' 

If Cerberui anarla at the gentle dead, 

He'll act bul a dcgged part ; 
The fellow may, p'r'api. have a freU* head. 

But hall have bul a loMt b«l heart 
Faietvell, my dear Bob, I « ill keep your akin. 

And your tail, with ila noble tuft ; 
J have kept it ihraagh life rather aUnny and tUi 

Now I inS have it properly Uvfd. 


An wtihoui nature ia em^oyed in vain 
id vritboui beauty noaic bib to m 
HaiiM ean alooa thaae «ada aHaia, 

I n^Nm, aad. bar baaMp I 




(An ntnet ftw in luapubluVd work,] 

GcomiT Kai Btlncud ooe day b; ui unoiual 
ooml ihoat Ihe ncordar'i oaniL On eiL«ing, he 
pnceirtd ■ gnamiimlMrornuiIebctonloba dupsMd 
p£ tad u Ui«it appeuance pcemilMt mrj poBiUe 
ntieiy, Iran ihfl liail innule of ibe bralbal, lo ihe 
iw«ep,lia ftlldnpoHil lo while atiByui bout lookiDg 
00 Ibe pncMding* oriha (ribiaul. 

Tba Gn> pritonar called ap.naa adirtrraaed.laen, 
AiBJ ^''''''S ii>*D. witboul hal or ilockiDea. lie 
kokaduD lEl ibiogs iodiflereolly : iodeed hii com- 
jani careleHneu and laaaal alore. might have led 
ou Is believe ibere wta but lillle in hit bead lo be 
p^ded Kith. 

"Tho neit case, genlleman or Ihe jaty," eaid an 
aWni^, ■• ia Nicbolaa BaUbeefvi. Jeremy Flaukman, 
petty tanaoy. You will no doubt be aUe to diipoac 
of ^.naa wilhoot Ion of lime.aa the evidence 
a§BiaU Ibe jmmmei I* conolaalve, and yon, of eoune, 
«iU find hin gnilty. wiiboul dataf. Bichard Henry 
]enlu,cama(brnard and be iivoni." Ricbaid Henry 
Jaab waa a little thictwl lad abiMil the age oT thic- 
Mn. He alMad that hk maaier wta a bnieher— bad 
i^ Iba mnttoii lo Ihe ptiaoaer, and aeol him along 
>i)bltiin lo gel ibe pay. Thai mbeu be had a 
it duiNqh eoBe Mratal etraala, aaid Flaukman aeiied 
■he artida, rsTuaed to aeltle for il, and diove faim back 
ID ha Buatar, cfying. Here tha liule ratcal'a me 
waiao vivid, ikat be oommeneed roaring incoHrl, like 

"If yoar honor pleaio," aoid Iba allomey, itiing 
hair vny pp, " we will leave Ihe caae lo the 
wiihoM argament" 

" Have you any nilnenaa or any thing to asy I" 
iaquied hit honor, of Ihe priaoner. Jeremy waa lei- 
•uely acnichtng hia wiial, and did do! heed him. 

"Have you any wiluaaea !" repealed Iba recorder. 

" I dou'l know.'* ha replied, looking wall pleased. 

''GenIiemeDorifaeJnry,"(;ooliiia«d hia honor, " the 
taae ia now with you, and s very pliun one in taj 

"Wbat, oo ihal pJMse, there?" tet'jmed ibe eulpril, 

fdinHng wlib bb band loiheataiid, 

"Tee; galop." 

" What fell what'a Ihe oae nont hsini Iba Jury 

'"WaD.atBid up where yoa are. Yon, at r, have 

been convicted, and juatly. I iherelbie tenUDoe yon 
iree moolha iDlilaryrDnliaemeiil,Biid bard labor." 
Uow long did yDui hooor aayl I didn't beat yoo ' 

good," aiked [he priioner, wilb more inlareal Ihaa be 

bad yet betrayed. 

" Couldn'l your honor lay ell v>iolsrt I'll work 

a a nigger, if you do,io 1 gel my villlea. I'llMtve 

yon don't, and then Ihe neat court they'll be having 

> up at, wiJ be croniter'a. if I oan'i ileal sgin." 

" What have you been doing leceuliy for a aap- 
pon t" aBkeJ l-ie honor, eulicned wiih piiy. 

■■ Nolbing.- 

'■ What liid ircu eipecl lo dot" 


"Then wtialwiUyau du, if I let yon off tliii lime 

I thou I puninhineni." 

"Nol a darned thing! Since ihwehard timeacoiae 
I can't do nothiag. Pleaie your honor," he ooolinued, 
teara rnuning down hia face, "don'l lei ma off 
wiiboul going to ptiujn, ot if you wfm'leend me Ihare, 
jeet let mo be hung, (or I'lf a moneUooa KXMUidial ! 
I've had a mjghly notion of drownding myielf, but 1 
waa afraid of going lo the devil. I niah lonMbodir 
would do il fur me, then il wouldn't be aueiaide." 

He waa aonl lo the elmahoaae. 

Tho plaintifi; in the neat caie, noa a pantm lba( 
aitracled our liero no lilUe. He, loo, waa qmi* a 
young man ; bat with Ibe gimvity of fouiaocre r***- 
oal wai of the tiled cul, Willi collar elanding up- 
right, cf dark brown color, wd the cuffi wer« warn, 
aud much glaied with a Ihick, pliant, oily anbalanee. 
His hm. which the court permiited him to reiein an , 
hii head, Ha> uf ttemendona btim, and atmoai am- 
L'calod his \sorul cadoveroue fai-o. 

" If thro honor will now proceed "ilh my caae, 
ihough I deipiie going lo law. yet I will leilify^agaiut 
thii mati.Juhn Lonrr" 

Geafficy itarad ai Iho tpeeker in bewiUermenL 
The voice, evidenllyditguiied, he Ihenghl he bad 
heard barure~bui »ho il waa, perplexed bits no 

Thaapeuker Ihat opened Ihe eiuae, elpalialed oo 
Ihe forbearance, end unaMiimiiig conducl of the daaa 
lo whom the aggriered belonged. Thai their pro- 
verbial inoBoMiveneH, nibjected them lo ihe Jmpaei- 
lione of leal acmpnloua members of nciety, and Ibal 
the Ian ehould be moat ri|idly ei 
their rigbla. 




Geoffrey, whilit gaiioj; intentlf ■! tbe qnaker, did 
not mirk Ihe namn of Ihe parliei. reid bf ibe cisrk, 
or Ihe myilery would have been aolted >l once. In 
ihc niein lime, the otgecl of hi* cnrioiilr obwrved 
him likewiKi and aller reiuiDing gtMRir gaie a 
momenl , alouchtd hia hat down over hiiface. pra- 
clndini Tarlher acrulln]'. 

The priaonci waa charfed wilh having ilolen a 
book from Iho plainiilTa alall. I^e praecaiing allor- 
ney aiked (he proaeculor nhat daacription of booh it 

* " I nay inforni ihee ihat il cott me ■ dollar" 
"Bui what waa Ihsliileorihe bcokr 
" Why, riiend. nbai maitan ii, wbaiihe work waa 
(milled, ao iia value ia proven, aad thai John alole ill" 
eqaivocaled the qnakar. 

" Why do you wiih to conceal the title T" demand- 
ed hialWDar. 

" Why, in our pnraniti for a livelilibod, we aodie- 
tin** for oar vroiidly inureal, ere ceoipelled lo buy 
end aell th«ee carnal ihinp which we abhor. John 
abqanl me far keeping Ihe bo(A ibr aale, and after- 
ward* Bkde it, ai I have alalad to Ihae." 
" But yoQ have net yet aaid whal horrible w«tk il 

" Il wai Tom Jonea, but I oenr read iL" 

A BOlila want loand, and dama(«* ware apeedily 
awarded. The deront vender of Fielding and Snol- 
lel'a worha flided throngh ihe ciowd to Geidray, 
whoa* band he aqaaeied lo nnmarcifHlly ihat ihe 
bone* Clacked. A ntarat aarrey reytated lo iha 
Mtoniihed iiDdeDi, hii old rriend. Tom Soulk '. Tom 
winked, and pve ligna for hn companion to aay or 
da DHhing ihat might batny him. They Iheo pro- 
ceeded down a cnaa (treat, where, with the eicip- 
lioD of an oceaioMl bay window, eihibiling anrollad 
atockinga, frilled caps, lithograph prinu, and prayer- 
botriia, mingled coMpieaaoily, hut lilUe buajnea waa 
iranaaeled- Faiaing under an awning, wher^every 
vitieiy d£ loyi. piciorea and hooj|i. were arranged in 
Older, on lamporary ahel*ea,Tom pained an inUanI, 
and pulled an old, one-legged, fatfaced man 1^ Iha 
ear, lelling bin lo be alleniive lo hi* buaineaa. Thii 
queer penonage gave him > alow, aignifirant wink, 
and hobbled up to a yoang lady, who waa eiaimning 
Gil Bloa- Sculk, ihen uking Get^My'* arm, thsy 
dived into an ojnter cellar, and retreating id tbe mott 
Obacure alall. where a ileepy lamp dally dozed up and 
dawn fur want of trimming, aeated Ibemaelvea. Turn 
rang a litlls cracked bell, and told the imitiDg dinuel 
thai appeared, lo bring " ale for mo, and four down 

■■ Well, Tom, yon koon I'm all amanmeni— what 
in Ihe name of all ihe ghoan and davila brought you 
to ihaciiyl" 

" Yoa reaiember the day you left home, Geoffrey, 
ihat I iHOpoaed rnnning' away than, and that, when 
yOB rafuaed lo lake me almig with you, I remarked 
thai I would beoffaomeday.inapitaofeverythingr 

" Ve*. perfectly well," rallied aeoflrey. 

■' Well, you aee I'm here, eo, d — n me if! didn't 
leave there." 

■■ Why, Tom," aaid our hero, laughiag. " you eurely 

(brgel your articlee of bilh, to awott in diii Uacnci 

and I perceive you ein foigel your theea and Iboa." 

" Where Ihe Die of a man'* ading when ha'i off 

the ttaget Why, pamn , when he'* dm ia 

ifia pulpit, can anrack bii life over thii ale, and ki> 
thai girl aa well ai any body — but he'i an eicaptim. 

Vel, there'* the great , who make* mA q)la- 

did raorel ipeechea, awore like a Florida Tolnnim 
when Anne Davii played him a trick. Alt ihe iniM'i 

imbug. Then 

lei il alone. Some wear Ihi* kind of a coat, no daabl, 
becauee they conacianlioudy believe il richl,aiid mmt 
for worldly good. I'm one of the laller— I my il 
boldly lo you, and yet I'm no hypocrite- Evaiyaw 
chooaeehn garb to deceive wilh — ay, every one iii 
deceiver. Than what'a Ihe diOiirence belwean lliii 
brawn ahad coal, if it aniWen my parpoae, and tht 
lavimlBg amile* of the rich man n> the greal nan, lal 
the greal roan lo Ihe praaidentT Nothing! AD bib 
are caterpillan, half wocm and half bauetffy. If Iha 
weather ii fine, and beauty and plaaaun ahaand, Ikty 
are bmierflie*, and Ihay aail out and laek iha hooay- 
anckla j if it U rough weather, and Iboy are 'likely Id 
be cnuhed againat Ihe wall, they are noraa, lad 
creep Into Iheir anug bolea." 

•■ What In iba vrarld haa peodoeed all thi^ 1W( 
Ha, ha, ha ! why, yoa are traaafofmed fiom Iba Uack 
devil in tbe *\iop, into a lanting , anarling phikmrte. 
Vou muat certainly have caught ibe wandering awt 
of him of Faolni,lh>aa Knna wolf, and nowcotylak 
a lub, and an Aleiinder !" After inach nMrriaoil ii 
Oculk'i lingolar iranafonnaliov, Oeoffiey p iiiBadid 
him to give an accMint of binualf fton their paHilf 
lo Ihe praaanl Itaie. 

" The fiiM occurrence," aud 1N»a, " aller yM M 
bomei wa* an onlrageoaa beatlDg ihai Jadmn I«*» 
ridge gave me ahoHt that aame pigeon. Bui, dal'i 
neither hare nor ihare. My lather kepi m* al wort- 
whipping me almoat every day, for every Diliig 
oAnce — and, ai erample* ate oontagioa*, my tu^f 
look M beating bim. Tbia family concert wu ki{* 
up till almoat twelve month* aioec. There wm ■ 
diniter given lo the great Tecunaeh killer J ny ^Au 
joined in the pageant, playing the fife for liiem B>- 
coming eicited, <m heating the warriw'i ip ee ck , Md 
proud of having been in a campaign with hin,lb«i|l> 
he agreed not wilh him in poliliea, he dctaminad f 
leilify hiijoy by licinge ulute. He, theralbre, haalid 
oul the old liiur pouudar, and charged il to the bria. 
which, when Itrcd, made Ihe whole country echo lb* 
*3UDd, Bui at the neit diachargfl il bunt, and a f)i|' 
manl of melal fractured my Alhar'a icull- Otatnj. 
I wept billet (eara then ! After all my poor f***"'' 
foUiea, (and who haa nonet) I waa grieved inetFi^' 
biy at hii Idea. He bad a good bean at bottoM, f* ' 
have teen himamile, when cutting myback.iuddealr, 
al my invulanlary antic* and grimacei. Ha aavtr 
fathomed ray plan* and propeneitie*, and to w* datfa- 
«), or raiher, he alMhed. Bui peace be wilh kia. 
and may ihil only ime l3od, whooe eye ia not dim**' 
by Ihe few film* of pivjodice, engandcied by px*> 
blind, Bcarry man, bles him in heeven! On KUlisg 
tbe cMale, I found a few bnndT«d remaiiung. aft« 



fjiag tha debiK Hf nMHlMr ia > good wonu. but 
lika ill fanmaa umrc, fbarxl it hard to break an old 
kabit So iha fain would hne rnnarerred twralripn 
MX — Ma n boa (ba eTar derended.Vhcn any one 
•In aKamptad Iha liko. Bal il w«a no go ; I mi ' old 
now,' aa Laai myt, and lo we divided apoila, and 1 
M ml to aeak mf fbrtima. But belora I leava then, 
1 KMt giTB fOD tho goiaip Dp 10 thai tima." 

un waa litting alone io bia room, 
wiA hia elbow mtiitg on a amall table, whareon were 
■attoad m careleaa cmrnako, the inatiaineati of hia 
Mcttiau In hia bow alraoM nylaaa aya, wai the half 
fw"aii taaiordiaappoiatmant anddeapair; bat on hia 
cnilad pala lip, Ihera jret raanuiiad a laiot nenwnto 
(f Buly naolve. It waa that nmAn, which odI^, 
wbao imparlod lo man, mablea bim lo ouuirlp bii 
MBpena in everf gloilooa undeitakiog, requiring Ibe 
aeliiM of iba iaieUact, combined with an aariduom 
heait. ll waa thii, and tha aiiriepliliona wilbdrawal 
bma Ilia baerhanal acquaintance, lo cOfDnrana with 
ud nplne tfao iQienoiiHible libyriniha of Iha hcsrt. 
ind the unlalhoniablD aea or mind, Ihnt Iha aeurei 
praren of a Shalup«are were beaid, and ho wu ena- 
bled Id gleam before Ibe ■iioniihed multilude aa the 
WDiritipped elar of hia counlry. Il wu Ifaia luolve 
that promplei] a Cromwall to aludy the tuiea and 
■pentitioDa of the paoida, and enabled him lo huil 
iba tawAil incnmbenl from hia Ihrone, onj ail in hia 
place. It waa lbs inavocable reaolve, whether for 
good or ill, which ia the guiding alar of all that are 
etainentlf auccesTal or great 

Batnan, ajace Iha Tiail naDtioaed in a folmer 
ebapler,* had experienced a ran of biuiDea equal lo 
!■ wiihCB. Yet il wa- not that hia puree might be 
liU that eicilFd the upinUiona uf the irEial, but a 
teire n do aomelhing that abould rtntler faia name 
i^ertiooa to the cmmUing band of horiid obliiion, 
nd fii apes the aecotuheon of hia counlrji, humble aa 
k wai^ the leatimooy of a gided eon, whoaa haart, 
*tn in pOTertp, thrilled ■ genDlne tfaiob of palriDt- 
ilB. It waa wilb Ihew faelinga that he relaxed liia 
Unc in Iha aecondair l»ancb of hia trt.aitd had com- 
w anead an andertaliiag, the daaign of which waa 
MUa. and woald reqoire yeara m finiah. He waa 
torn p r —ad for the laai qnartei'a rant, and vraa with- 
•at a dollai in hia ptuae. Relief vden cornea Mhen 
IwM eipeeled. It came tbn lima in tha ahapa of an 
M gentleBan. with long loeka. panlf gray, hot a Ikea 
■ Aearfniand beaaTnlent, ea ihat of the good doetor 
F* * * h. He waa accompanied by a middlc'vad 
baila, fbt whom he avincad every poaaible care. 
After nuanldy diuling a fhair for har with bia hand- 
ktrdiief, and depoailing bet naff wiib aitrema pre- 
MHO in another one, be anfUded hit miMion. 

* Tanng man, 1 want oat pulraita laken. I waa 
laiking oier many adTertiaenenU of arliala. Soma 
weiefran Franca — painlen for the king— or Gai- 
■Uy, or London, lo nfaom loidi and- prime mioiaiari 
kad aaL Finally, I aaw year Bolice, and ibal yon were 
analiTe, and not tna of ihoaa aabaned lo own their 

* S*a P*ga 56, GenilaBan'a HafaiiDa. 

oonniiy, aa muiy Americana are, that aaek diMinction 
in lileratnia and the arlt." 

" I thank yov moat aincersly liir yeut preference', 
and will never deny my conntry, if 1 atarva lor it," 
lapUed Beaan, in a lively tone, wboae ipirita had 
evidenlly made a Iraneition fiom aad lo gay. 

"Maiyi my dear, yon moat lit firal ; attiva to main- 
tain that idacid imile ; it ia even mote iolerealing than 
nana), to^lay. And yoong man, do yoit isithfnily 
traiwfer every bit of it id the canraa." Said wbot 
Mr, Levimboiherdonel M'Goon.' Ay, and airanga, 
and impeaaibla aa ii moy aeam, ha bad ralapaed JBl« 
a alate of gallantly, and aurceaafnl gallantry loo. 
True, ha waa not yet married — no, not actually as- 
pouaed — but affianced, engaged, bedolbed. lo ibe 
ptump lady balbfa you — tha good, ibe jolly, ibo Iht — 
no, not very fat, widow Bliia. 

Mr. L M'Goon had miaaed an atlDaa) viait lo the 

village of , and many feared be waa deported 

the way of all fleab, when a letter lo Mn. Martal, 
Bccumpaniad wilb abawl*, gluvea and alockinga, put 
an end lo tuch aurmiaea. Ho waa pieaaanily aqjonni- 
iiig oi the Vifginia aprings. iil:en he fell in with Ibe 
widow Blisa. li au ctisorcd iliaiiheuM bachelorand 
the widuw Bliss were plu'td in acljoining luoma. 

in Iha dark. So Ihe widow in reflecting on her forlorn 
condiliuB, occaiionally aighed. and Icued about on her 
crumpled pillow. Leiimbolherdouel waa about half 
aalaep, whea he heard a deep, eameat, diaconaDlete 
long breath, then a aharp creak of the bed, and all 
woaailenl agaic. He now toae aofilyon bia elbow to 
lialen and pander;^bat il aaema that the widow bad 
made faer laai flounce, and cooiigned henelf to th^ 
arraa of Morpheua. Not ao, Mr. M'Gooiu Sleep fled 
hia eyelida that nighl j end when the aloniing reya of 
Ihe morning sun alole lliiough Ihe blinda, they diaco- 
vered ihe wakeful <dd bacheloratill on hiaelbow. Ha- 
invaaaUy at by her ai the table anerwarda, and ia 
tome moniba Ibeir mnlual dcaire waa roaiually in- 
ferred, and Iba iuleienea with aveiy one waa^ itiat it 
would be a match. The widow wa* not taaedg » 
widow, in every eanta of the word. She never tteaid 
of the death of her hatband, nbo wai at te^ and had 
bean ahaent nearly aaven yeaia. « < ■ 

They weta now joined by another patntniaing ptr- 

"Friend." aaid the new oomer, "if ibou tit the 
yoang man who ones painted tha poHraJI of Gaoffiey 

lei. I hi 

a for ih 

■■ Then pny dalivar it," aaid Beman, bowing. 

■■ Geofirey ia ao well pleated with thy aieoulioo of 
the work, Ihat he ia delanained ifaaa ahall have ■* 
much for thy labor, sa the moat celabnted of thy flO' 
feaeian eluugat. He taw thy addret* in the Moning 
Gaiatta, and requealed ma lo give into Ihy hand tUa 

ma nothing, but thai I am indebted to htm many sunt 



Darioc Ihb dUlofue, our old liwiid liiak«d aa wiih 
nneh iniereK ; and when dia fnung quakar •>■■ d*- 
fttiag, ha called him back. " Did you mtg QtoBttj 
UuMl wa> in ihit city oon I" 

"Tbou hawdeM uight. friaod, and—IlM dnill" 
TtliMnanlly aKbinwd Tu«v ob r»eofiMig Mt 

" Tb* nkn r' dked Mr. WGow, tkif oat aT bii 


wilhMMMr. UhmII" 

"Oh Boly," Mid Ton, men larfuti thu amr, 
■■ 1 oily MMMt Is (If — ibal — dan* tl.'" 

"Tina ii Iff Gd^ upOn i^ vvfd! Pcikqajwi 
■DMn to ny ibe dsTil ■■ dMimed V 

•■ Tm, lir, Ihart wu ilL Ha, ha, ba! haw con- 
bMdadly oanflMd I an, when I um h« blaek. aa- 

•• Bat," eaobnned Hi. M'eora, Hill (tatinc at hin, 
" daaa h« aloaji ftighten lb* thaaa and ihona out of 

Id raply lo thii, Ton mrtditd hia baai 
gtanciDgciglilind lali 
JBadBclual cflanataofdaiD.SculkMadBa 

Good by, Mr. LMuaboUMidMd—I hi 
iif angateiMilU" he Mid, and retraatad 
of the houM, Bui lia «m ool to iwiapa 
U'Oaao, hMring hia Dane wpMlad wiih 
utoDiahmeni, fled tfiar htM, ImiU^ hia 
and Miiing Tom'* 

Don'i y<ui kaaw amV mi 

No— yat it aaaaM 1 hava b 
W)d now, I think, wao ysui St 

"Yon * 


■aaihar ia flNat whaa fcal. Mjr iioak e 
tba haaamani atofy of — •— '■ liiaraiy 
■ay wonhy iniUiar, [tha inaadieaolj bm 
Iha Eidaage. tntiMatinf cat dear ixiaii 
Tom Kalbrd off whiUt Uie paiiifad < 
balleM in tba MnM, turing after hiM ii 
ih* atm ptayinf ob hi* bri|^l ailvaa 


Ote tha buA'd phin nhara ntlaa hamr breoii, 

m«ta Baca'a mA itapa no h 

itat panh'd aad dawl aw ■ Iha nack of era. 

Ifer f"^ P*'* City of Iha mal«t appaara 

Uk« MMB ftiDt tiuiM of dapamd yaen. 

In naiy cloitar itili, a giant min. 

Ay M t UiaM M fhbflaa whiMa mi iha |Mb ; 

Still atraleh Iby cOlumn'd riiln far away 


w'd dim 


Tha fkw of aciian, and Aa *riU af iiCi r 
Haaf! tha load eta^ of yon hnge ftagMM 
na paaltaf ■n»*r of •"k ^«<>i< h^ 
Tka ni(liti)iKl riwiatiiig fcM har laaial aell, 
Aad hoUaw wiDda dia tala afiaiii MM. 

■n fgaMy linfViBg Mlbia'a |wtiBC nf 
OlM tha ftDod low^ oaca Tooal wiib bia pniaa, 
But Iha oold altaia cluping weada entwine, 
«■« MaataMa waMhip al Iha fadlcM ahtiM. 
Tm hareaivw paaiai aaMOf; levea m paar 
■n nasi* Dfaanee o'ar thi) panairahaar; 
Aarf aA H yoD raeaaaM daep prakmg 

Fifat hnka ibe xillnaaa tt ih* loaaly wtU. 
Fhhb air. (km ac««n. fioai nNh^ alMart dia* 
Tba anmnoD'd ganr baari Iha BMiiM'd ih|«0 
Ha laafcmg apatt thair aity haada otey'A 
And Tadoai (Httar'd in ihe priMy i*ada. 
La! la htT laaliba Udn of tM hi ia p 
Tha wealth of naiioaaaad iha pamf of hii|h 
And br hM warrior q«aM fiaM BMhia'a pla* 
Ta tha dark fibiop afaaada baraM^arai^ 
VainbOMi; a'aa iha wha IiMaa^a fiaU alMf 
Wah'd Aaicat fhrn? in iha pairiix tfaraag. 
And Manly bcMtaaoa, like Aa aaataw'a lifhb 
■tat IbuMgh Iha laMpaat t£ Bmana l|hl-,- 

A knealing ispptiaM to tba nimia gli- 

BdI «*a Ihara atood anid Ihal iblM* tbnaf 
In tmlh IrianpbaDt tai ia viitae alDDf i 
Baam'd on bia brow Iha aaal which na^M^i 
EWl-d at iba rod, and aeon'd th' npUAad btad» 
O'er ihaa, PBtnyia, daAaataaiM'd lo low'r 
Tha bading taiMiB af that ftlal hoM ; 
Far from thy (ladat indignant freedoai flad, 





LoMRarluid, I 
LnlM, I 

Wlir, ihMV IMU «MH, MA Ml apM llM bMh 

Of tfwliwiiH tttt, Ui K n 'i mik mmma ttJvm, 
*— '- •- -^- 


Ciu. NoirxtUMi 

iMkfc AUcl Nof ihiM. 

GoU. Cdiaa, fM ara aMnb o'«Ub«rMl ; ud At 

I cnuM bnf iL« Mtfct af Hwt peor ckbia. 

CoU. Haf,bMitbBldiarMui(HMl loving wiTa, 
WboBiveiMMTOB bat with muIm >nd fiiiiihuH 

Zwb; TiMnAr* ii ■ ■)> baan dsib aeba ■■ U. 
U*llM kkaa baan laat lanlf ; ihaM Ibaa Hulaa 
BW «w|dad i> ■ «nar riwalbff pUoa. 

OiU. YatAaklaMr. 

I«ie. flha m«U bava ii Men to : 

But happinM aa'at dwaUi wilfa cbeaka •• iMised 
Bf Mciet loan. Hows'er har ktra nay pnmpc 
Ta kind daaait, ilw canmot obooa* bui feci 
Eai baa*)' load aftoiboiBfl poTeriy, 
Wban iba baba l da Iba oo^bn* nhenca I aBMched 

Cold). If 'Inata oalfcrlha AJU, acqunxl oniif 
if h^ih sf pnoiiM, ia aur honlr cnA ! 
Ton nmbnnil (wailh, and iinawi biacad b; laboti 
I ikanU ha*a nid joa loe wan batur kiMiwa 
IVi halto feiHBaa. Bui I do bdI aak— 
£<Magb far ma ts knon tbal 1 bave hmi 
A bold oooipaBuii, iiha saa ftea Oia peril. 
Of wialciBiMid>,iB daadof winMr'a oudoighl. 
A iMBdIbal waU oui'fakla Iha alaadai tkitt 

When pkimarioawadD'artbaaa willow lopa. 
And ibcB wiib aqaal tt^Hiiam bfing dowa 
The wild binl fhi^hii clamantD* BotlUad*. 
Huoagh, Ibal wbaa Iba walar^ wiUeroc* 
Wiib bnnliitf iBaaaa di*idaa tba reakiog tmwk 
And d wiBdlca in ibe MBkMMa oT tfM ^nnC 
Nona can ao wall baog e'at Ibve hallow baaki. 
To aDilch inbaiitenca ttom Iha cnbLle triba 
Banaaih Iban. Whal raoaltia ia lajtury — 
Tour biow, which ne'ai bath brlgbianad W a luilm, 
Tom, nUnca, all sobridtaD — aava la me. 
And, DMre ihaa tUi,rt>w ill-diiKniaad nlnetBM* 
To (bare the prodia which •« toile have m«m - ' 
A mjlarj be It, If U nuM he ao. 

But Ijuto of i^aal( it wa- beaawe 

1 tboDghE IhaHla km idl» II ■ nam 

Tan moDte « MaNr«MM that hlaak ptU)iBB%bl 

Which fixtnd M* i h i e aMt « ^w caDass tea ■ 

Hj wife lap alaNM iMiall Itt Wf ttm, 

Witb litlla elaa la ahiaU bar Otm the Ua a<' 

She waa aerpewei'd wM luiiai aad Mgae .- 

Yet fvh a^ wimam ibal aha apeha ■» weed 

Of hiiteraaw, aad taiiUd •pu mf u 

CaUi. I nU n 
And cdald not iMrel br 


Thai night! that aighl! [ oalf ivm le k 
To ihoiv how leag I've iived ia debt u yt*- 
Vou diabepad aa- > h aa fb«od oar liala mi ; 
Supplied aa wirb iamrdiate oaeiia af lib, 
And nil Iha inplnamla to |aia iham after. 

With all Iba iyMpalhr the world denied ! 
Good, boneai Caleb! 

Caleb. _, Too repaid il, IaIm. 

Xtifa. I finntl think af il, an 
or m; peat Ibrtuaaa aaaoh ai Hira il muat, 
A coldnm to rapaae tbal rnul ia foo. 
Which. sAer aU. Hemi giaalar Ibaa it ii. 
Hon fir ia't hanca M tbal law abaded TiUafe 
Which hideaitaalf beaallh Iha braDcbinf ohwaMi, 
Aad alM tbal deck the ptide of Ra)>iand Hall T 

Calrb. A dieaiT &tfm milae acme tbo nairiL 

£ut<. Aitd nary a(ep did Kf ponofr tender wife 
Treed on thai oiglu of which we apohe. The load 
Of Rayland Hall lUi^ loRiar iban hi* eeisbbni: 
HiacooDliy fiewa bin H • maa of tniM ; 

aaladraed binaaaB 




And all the world dMh re 
Aaode miMt juM in deiliof wUh bii kind, 
And Mrici in all lb* datiM of hi* lulh — 
Yal, il ii Mid, ihii lord of Ray load Hall, 



Waa lea aoalere, and loniaThipg given lo iporu, 
Suoh *■ high blood and laviali nwaDt are uacd to 
H( nw hu falher'i nauiol) for a aaaaou ;- 
Than, boedlen, »aght delighli bayoad the tea. 
Alaa! my nolhei wai loo young and fair! 

My bther'a 

!t faulU- 
B, leal 

le gny-faeaded lord 

She naa Ihruil forlh with ebame IJrom thai wide i 
Where uone but ifae had pled in nin Ibr help. 
Tst the naa (ilcnt. Yea, ahe praaed the pallet 
Ofiickneaa lud ofmiiery. yeiitill 
Betny'd liim not, The midnight paaaed away — 
Mom came — and all who lear'd BBOlher paDg 
Might rend tlia wcret from b«t nere ai rati. 


a pileoua lalc- 


Luh. I'm in Ihu mood 

Jiut now. A ffiaod who tended on my molher. 
In charily, a geDtle-hearlad widow. 
Took Ihe poor orcbia who wu leA behind, 
And rear'd me in her thriOy home. For hot 
I loaml Ih' advenluroaa orafi of Ihoae who live 
By flood and fbieal; for, nbale'er my ■tale. 
My btber'a Uood, hii high imperioua blood. 
Had made me all unfit for meaner loilj 
Although I lh*n waa ignorant why my ipirit 
Ran GDunler la an bonaii iaduilry. 
At laal, Ihe oU lord died. The new one Cams. 
Some aooie ofyeara bail laogfal him to feel abane 
For hia youlb'a ticenie — but alooement none. 
He had a frife. and olher aana bom fairly — 
WbatBhAuld he wilhUielawleMDDialingor 
A linple broken-hearted paaianl girl t 
Day after day ibe bnely woman posd 
To Rayiand Hall, and lamed again in lean. 
She never bieathed her emnd tilt the hour 
Sbe died — and than ahe told no bow aome chance 
Had loada bee miitrea of my Bother'a aeorel, 
Aod how for j'eara ihe had baaoughl in vain 
Lord Rayiand to receive hia own. 

Calti. Thia alory 

pDia me the more to ibame thai my poor maana 
Coold yield nq. heller aid. 

Luie. By Fomma'a malioe, 

My heart had borrowed MMnawbal of my aire, 
And panted at the ^ow of virgin beamy. 
We difler'd only in the nil we hunted ; 
For mine waa far above me, and ihe maid 
A filling male for Rayland'a laa^ hope— 
Tware long to tell ibea bow I woo'd, bow won htri 
Or how her bouae njected her with tcom, 
Ai a &ir Uoaaom blighted paM lecal: — 
Hy heart waa ligbi ; il reeled on anoceaa, 
And we lived joyonaly — I ibink I Mid 
Tba widow died. Her cottage and her mile 
Savolved on tboae wbo kng had hok'd for them. 

And I and my poor Mary had Ihe beaveoa, 
And ihem alone, lu abeller oa. My biilh, 
Bui newly known to me, diracled when 
I ahoold demand a buma, and the load arna 
Which (wined aboul me Ibi auHiort, iiapirad 
Becoming oraifidence lo urge my claim. 
Well, then, 1 led her irembling to Ibe hall: 
And then — O mercy I what a look ma lier'a! 
Wban 'aieadornaiurc'akindneaa, oar laal bepa, 
A iroop of menials drove ua from the door 
With ihouta and laughlei, aa andacioiia vagntilal 
We look our way in ailani^ ; neilhei dared 
Give miennce iu the langoaee of oar aoula. 
Or plan our conduci ihence — What chdce maid! 
Forlorn, indignnnl, iiouaeln, and diatraclfd, 
We paaa'd we knew nel whilhari for out aoaai 
Were fiaten by Ihe chill of human heaiU. 
We never atopp'd, till at your collage doot 
My wife aigbed aoHty — ahe conld move no bnhv. 
Cold. Well (hi! coald nol: for yon bad uani 

The wiate beyond ii which we now ntvey, 
Endieta. niihuui s irac, or fiaher'a bul. 
Or liyine thing, eicept ihe plaintive lapwing, 
Diapoiling queruloua around her awamp— 
But aee, the moonlight aleala upon oar talk r 
Your wife aiia lonely al her wheel, bende 
The willowy ford, and Ibinka eech lilile ckxHf, 
That darkling flita acrcea the pUcid alream. 
Her well beloved. Lord Rayland'a b»td-of«d aaa- 
If he baih haarl of man, he muat nleoL 

LiJit. He aAall relent: I can do longer iliive 
To aee unmaved that alender gnceful fi>m 
Bending lo all Ibe lowly offieea 
or Ibe poor elation hi which / have brought bet- 
The tear in aacrel, leal lD.dar'e aupply 
Should be denied lo-morrow ; her cheek pala 
With DVar-nalrhfoIneaa; her white hand blial«T'4 
With labor, luch aa abe bad lately wept | 

To bear of in anather — Tea, friend Caleb, ! 

He ^boU relent — I'll cnaa him on Iha grave 
or my dead mother. I will natch hiaprayen. 
And, when he oalla for pardon, atari baibra biM, , 
AHd lal my fnnlic viaagehowl deapair! 
Well, well — DO more joat oow^l aee myJtaiMifa 
Have dimp'd a braw which quail'd not to ita own' 
I have detain'd yon long — and, M I Biiok, 
Tou have a[^inlment to ihe rich abode 
Of him wbo lorda il o'er Ibia barren wild,_ 
And all who atarve oci iL 

CaM. Bui let me aee 

Your boat in moiion. 

Laie. Tliere ia time enoogh— 

1 wonder, Caleb, if yoar maatet'a call 
Ponenda a harder lennre of theae tare 
Wild gooae domaini, where thiovea raurt needi h 

Caltt. "Tie well ihey lack ei 
Ton long Uaak road vrauld yield a pri» to-aigbl 
Were wonb ibe ririi. A groom, anperbly borne. 
And abiiiing with embnidetwl coronela, 
Paiwd lately lo Ihe honaa of WiDowmeed, 
Altd a«id hia lord lo nighl woold lodgo him thet^ 




ItaainaoBMOPBOrivToof <HU nara braihren 
ffhi noDld DM ilatp upon ibe nswa. 

a, would frigM 

Whildmild (ha)' do I 

CJA. WhU,bulU> 

Boilifai] iDd mg. 

luki, itagnds-i Ay— vary in»— «Dod oighl. 

CaiA. Good ivght. Al daybreak ws'll raoaw out 

L^icbme. WukiacrtaMtigagiUtum.) Saiaia 
hi* lord Id uiglit woald lodge him there." 
Tl« md i« vary loaely ; — and whai (hen t 
Tbongli all Ibe norld were ■InmbtriBg, what need 
n* niTcller fear fioiD Ray land'* aldeal bomt 
1*1 Baybnd anawer it The doable guill — 
Wbal hebagal in lia h% took no heed 
gbuld lire in hooeily- HI loaia awliile 
Aboat the moonlilhl waale in uaicb of KMinlbiltt 
To tmy die ihiMldeiing balance between guill 
Aid wratchedneK ' Some hiddea ipirit aeema 
I^ guide my feel upon the ■Inngei'i path, 
ADd dia Mill mva already ihowa my form, 
UkailM blackapeclreof a murderer! 
I'd |my, but dare not — for my mind appala me I 


SciNi befon Loifa CoOagc. Nra-ly daybrtali. 

Sfarj, (tiUering in a kurritd momer-.) No, no — il 
ia not ha. 1 have piinued 
AlhDinaad ihitdont arihe fleeting heaveni 
lnHeadofhiin. Why wilt Ihoo stay, dear Luke! 
1 tm alone, end have no hope hut ihee! (It'iten» 
He never yet did paw the night from ms 
Bin he did come lo blen and bid ma comfort. 
How it il piorning whan he leaven hia home, 
Add almoM rooming ere he torn* to il. 
Thii fearful waale hm RUny b deep motaaa 
And flanded pil. from which the laborer 
Hilta boma hia reeking fuel ; and the river 
A diouand horrid, sucking, nlenl whlilpooli. 
I hen him not- I will reliirn to where 
I fiMDd bti boal beaide ihe bonk; and Iherri 
ni watch the atari a. they go onl. Il waa 
Sa cold, ibia morning air, I could nol bear il. 
Jul now methinka 1 can. PethaiiB il waa 
The taarfnl ipeed of that raah Iraveller. 
Who rode ao blindly o'er hia poHloaa palh 

Bal wy, whal kepi thee, Lukel Twaa anialy much 
That made thee leave me lot ao long! 

Twaa Touch, 
Indeed. But do nol quealion, now, my Mary. 

ibry. How could I aleept 

I have >Bt guardian o'er iby evening mael 
Till my thoughta alnyed, and then the mournful 

with my ainkini hearL And then I plaited 
n and yellow Saga in Iknla^ea 
For Caleb's laughing nrchins, when ihey come 
To ncalleiound the (ithor'e "lady wife;" 
Andthen—whataignifiea whaifollowedl Coma; 
For ihou art wel and hungry- I will make 
Our heanh blaie up wilb joy for thy relorn. 

Lvit. GW bleaa ihee, Mary! Dear, go in— I'll W- 

The air'i fafreabing— 'lie nol well with me. 

Mary. How ia il, Luka t And whal >a in yont hand 
At which you gaie «o pilooualy t Nay, apeak ! 
Indeed, indeed, you terrify me, Luke. 

iute, I am bewildor-d. Here ia gold for thee- 

Mary. Gold '. and ao weighty '. 

IfJa. Ay— enough lo koop sa. 

With aome alight help from lebor, all our Uvea. 

Mary. Why. Luke, whence came il ! 

j^uj^ Doai thou think it came 

Diahoneelly I 


1 will b 

ig the day H| 

k. ibal riiat 

Dni— dearMi— nml unkind. whei« hait thou b 
rve had a dreadful nigbt— but no more on'l— 
1 have dw inuuit al 117 heart again. 

No. 'Though ihou'n sorely deoll with.aiid compell'd 
To loil for tualenance, ihou atill bast borne 
The uobleai veina ibat own lord Raylsnd'a blood. 
Come ill, and lell me whal htiib aoilened him 
kindly Bid. 

My father aend it! 
lae hira, leit the wurda recoil 
On Ihee. my girl. No, no, he sent il nol. 
Mary. Why ia this rayaleiyl 
Lukt. (iJUT a long faux.) I had a friend- 

One whom you never saw ; he died Ihia morning, 
And left me ihia— Ihe eatninga of hia lile- 

Mory. And he ia bleat fur il! my genile Luke, 
How «ell ihat manly tear beoomea your eye! 
Thia good niau'a lurle wealth— bow many daya 
And nighla of uiter hopeleeaneaa 'twill apare ua! 
While ihonkrully, as proudly. Ihou ahalt think 
Hams the meed thy virtue gain'd for ua. 

Lute. (iei(/< increofd agilation.) Go in— go in. 
M„g. 0, Luke, we'll baao bleil! 

Thoo'lt never walch the winlry night again! 
Lulu. Ko. Mary, no. 

jHary, Hot lempl Ihe drifting anew* 

When ihey baveaptead alike iheir horrid amoMhueaa 
O'er palh and precipice) 
U^_ No, never. Mary. 

Mary. Nor— nor wilh claaped handa, ai I have 

With piercing miaeiy behold the heavana, 
Aa if thou wen aweary of ihe world. 
And ihy poor Mary Wpl 

iait I ahati be changed— 

Am cbaoged abeady— changed m much, I acaw* 

Digitizer byCoO^j^lc 



Cm edeOIite WhnI Isagne* my nal luih tntitTd. 
So, noir 10 bed. 

Sbry. Oh, t bive woclda lo aak. 

{Exit taJD coOage. 

IaJk, (alone.] And I 10 amner! She did nol lua- 

She Iboughl 1 km too honeal. Mf wild biain '. 

now (tsadi my prassnt furtone wilb lh< paal F 

TUl now I lickea'tt at ll>e lighl of home, 

Pordnsd oreome new tsia of povaily 

That cnuii be lold. Well-^tliai i> paai and gone— 

And do I nun return more happily 

With ibat which mml be Bectct t Wu jl harder 

To bear coafiding nrelcliatlneu Lhnn guili 

In horrid eolilude. O, Mary. deur. 

No more aball we Iwu, heart lo heart, lie down. 

And, wiih our mingliDg bndneu. ileal awiy 

Each olhat'* tboughta! What though m ileep'd i 

Waa il not joy to Ihare IhemI TfeTeimora 
With their paal fteedoio ahall my wor^ poor oal 
lUiKt tide o£ leDderaeo. O, never more, 
Leat I betray to what Ihal love did lead me, 
And feel thee wither tn ray breeat with horror. 
Tly lender cooGdance, thy modeal prids. 
In thy poor hanler of Ihe deaert moor 
So much belied .' The amiling, nfl, coMent 
With which ibou hail partaken of ihe marael, 
Mon aweel became provided by my handa, 
For ever daah'd. Thy innocent yoang prayera 
tbM Ihote lo nhon Ihy fate mi^l make Ihee nolhet 
Should be their falher-a imaie— all T*ca)|-d. 
Thia la nol all — there alill hath been a hope. 
Some poaibiliiy of brighipr deyi, 
Bat DOW 'lia paat — the work of thia dread nigbl 
Huh placed eleinily 'twin me and joy ; 
And aieiy bean that night have lit me onward 
Moot bloat me with a view more hideoiB 
Of Ifaa black iMrrier. And ta (here, then. 
No more behind T Ho cloae attending phaMotn 
Of a rode rabble and delected Telont 
Howidow'd maniac hooted ihroagh the atreeta 
With aoba and ahrieks, or horrid merriment 
That w*a*ea the mriloHy in whieh it dieaT 
Ob, 1 hare leagued me with a fiend whoae graap 
la OD my heart '. (ttarWi Who'a then t (in a loi 
aOattitim) Good-morrow, Caleb. 

CaU. So early riling, Liiliet ft ia not day. 

Laib. Nutday.good Caleb! No. I we it now 
I 3r«aml, or do r^niember aoraelhing nid 
Of toil bellnea thia morn, and waa unwilling 
*ta waiie yoor lime beneath an idlar'a caaemenl. 
Anil rthy Aonld yoa deoeii your aeanly real 
- T* wiiicipale Ihe locUaM boura which coma 
Too aoon at iaat I 

C^tb. Indeed a icanly real— 

And yet Ml more ao than my lurd'a. Xaal night 
There waaimall aleep at Willowmewl. I fbaod 
Ita maater aniioaa {or (he eipacted gnaat. 

And not prepared lo apare toe Ibe coammah 
For which I ataid. 

£ufo, {atOt tappnitei tagtrxtn.) And win wm 
het — The (ueatl 

Solei. I did not aok. Thoee powdar'd nndiriiDgi 
III toned wilh iheii weatter-WDrti oompanion. 
At midnight came the lUanger in hot haMe, 
So aplaah'd, and mired, and rrofMIy diaoidorV, 
Tou weald have awom aome wilch had hunted tim 
Through all the buga of WiUowwead. 

LiAt. WbillbaDt- 

He had • alory 7 

CaiA. I aboold goeaa be hod — 

But none to teM, aave ihal ha loaf faka way. 
And then long cooncit poaa'd Imtween the ftitnh 
To which at Iaat a wondering (arriDg-aan 
Woa luM to bring the Safaitmon. Twea atriDca; 
The traveller loak'd keenly in my ftee. 
And, rvnnrng oier a nrinnte deajiiiittoa 
Of one he aonghi, demanded if the Uk* 
Could ban be fbmd. h wtaoTyoalieapaka. 

Luki. Mary, tbtnt'ti ilootrd ! 

CoM. Wbat aak) jm r 

Luie. BtdlepaAl 

I aoid l>e WM Ihee Abe. 

■CWe& He lold me noihiDg. 

Whaliboald he tell T 

UJte. What DOlhing, Caleb I— aoiliiiif 

That made thy honeal booom abaka t 

Cole*. No; nelbiag. 

Uikt. Vour^arieftfioMdi 

I thought Ihe rich ne'er talked about the wretched 
Without aoise alouilefoui lale u ptamt ikaii 'olMtM' 

CalA. Theaa waa moob quMtioii how yea pMi'd 
your lile; 
And wbeai you oasa i and, Jkrftar alill, flam «>«» 
Bui liuB waa <r.iMid lo me, and roouuB'd 
Aaif I had not known it. LonsIaMld' 
To anawac .aach mioMe poflioular 
Thai diatanoe bear iqion ym ; atkilat 
AloTery paaae Ibe Tricnda look'd Dp, to zmA 
Each other'! loaka myeierioualy. Allaat 
I waa diamiaaad »iib oaiUwoato jo heme 
In alienee ; wbicb I hi'her «aau«> break. 
And wander «bat'a is fiiUow. 

IaUu. TbonwliJu*' 

Tbaldrrai^ora diet 

Dragg'd 10 UM'gallawi „ ._, 

And widowU madnaai! (alnii). PaiianM. ■rf' 

friend i 
I ponder o'er thy.uawa. (oaicfe) Thar "uH beJMW 
With Bidrdeioua baale. What, dng mt tim 1 

From her who weal Wlultiiif in ay woHb, 
With ihaa(liia of aa n aaB wl wa -dialigbB loaaaat 
Tell bar that be whom ahe halh hived ao well 
And bo(^lilaadeai<Iy,.iataaiTlieloti>er 
And ahe, my Maiy, have no word lo annrerl 
Tia fixed. My own beloved, aince part we wn*. 
Well part leaa ahameTulIy. (obaJ) Whtta'er h> 



Thai I l>9Te lad i dMr lad diitint frinid. 
Whom 1 4»p«Ti M Hd ArtWBH in onh. 
Cdtb, I owe tfa« muif kirfaa tB , 
And Bint, peribree, ba in Ihy dabt on•^e moi 
Tb» inll praleet mj wfTe iHl I mnmt Ipt 
Sha a bM Ai iWt iA i j ef Hbenwittnl 

CnU. Whr ibHi nnkM 

I«k. -nno iMMra, Otith. ud ap; 
111 brine Inr MnigU, goed frnod. 

llwa Mt'M tte turn wiih fiivf, aiid cuidM tOMwr. 
TlMi'lt know— ^tuMli km* iiaU. 

CfU. TtMD fbinrall, Luke. 

1 ibtll Bipecl yoQ gladly. — 

PART in. 
LcKB and Hait la a toot. 

^fc jBt a e ■ »! y a y nCTc rfi n y ta ft< Jiahyii r . 

Ikr^ Ba aatnasoi, Laka ; Idonatlevalbiiclaifc 
And •lugfpih ri*ei. which diridw in banki 
Wiih nicbansqaal maefaarp ar depth, 
Aari kvnd aiknoa. Oftan aa I'm otoaaail 
Tbeold wgraMataa bridga oTUMMling plinki. 

pblna di 

r«a ihooght-af itaee, and thy admntwnnt nil : 
Aid Iban how atiUy il wookt hitah Iba arj, 
AnlWIa tbe-MOM, mwaaiNias Mne! 
Oh. it ktmfai i wd, fbW h to -baef) 
All Ihingi aaoH <aKAfl bara. E'm rtmi, dear Loha 
Lnk'M glaooUf and 'apaacUaaa. Pnf ibae, talk— 
I«HM>t%aar'tkiBa))aBca, onlj bnihan 
Bftha dull ^Mb.<»^Uia dead, baavy r'>")(* 
or waier vamin, in dta aoaiiig iliraa. 
lab. VhMlt naw la il— bnl I hsva braatt'd tm 



Wbjp TMal'aoab tlm 
rmur'd far mjnlr, 

b bliai 

And thongbl that I loo onca waa mad to pttji 
Bal ItmuDa oa\f grew more menOaaa, 
And ao 1 eaai'd. 

Marf. O. aaj not — n; not io! 

7 grcaiaat comTon maa to ihink ihat heaven 
O'erlookad the dangera balluwed by Iby lovej 
Par then tbe HDrm aboul ihy boiiielcaa head 
Loat half rM Any. 

Ik. Il will rags do mora i 

At laaat, I riiall D«t hear it, Mary. 

Jfcry. No; 

Fof ibiHi baat piDtiiitad ne'er la leare thy net 

ta. I have piomiaed [bee, 

My lender, gentta, raoit beli>ved Mary. 
Shrf. Coma, Ibou ail ud — Lodlc, haw Ibe Brit 

fnorD bath atarlled Ibe old querulooa owl 
Amidal hia dull and davioui wtnideringal 
Be hatb made itralghl toward* tba village bato, ' 
'Flaining at if he gmo'd at hia long jonmey 
Acroaa the aunb, wblcb, aeen between the Iwiga 
And leaning tmnlU of Iheie deaerled wRowt, 

I bounJIaai in ill Hal and haiy emplie. 
And lee, Iba heron, wltb hit broad bine laila, 
Wheali doKuwsid, to laceeed the bird of wiadom — 
O.loag-nech'il felon 1 Thalliaarae riioolofbla 
la meam to lell llnetfaou'rl no fiibarman. 
Thou'h aoon be back to tiy ihy akill with htm t 
Thou aaid'it trKinanow — V/ili tbm break thy pio- 


Ha bade me adieu, Bod bo fow'd to ba hare 
Wban awaHowa eante down to the green ; 

IhI Ibe learea of Ibe eotninn are acntleiM end a« 
And home be halh neror been." 

Oh, md-b that 1ha tale! then heal wbalfcllowa- 

Mind-wtad—aaar bike, Twir prfa wlU •«•% 
Tba bottom!— Von weraBhwaiovarbalHMad- 

Obi wanta teem trifling 
And I have thank'd the Haavena which granted 
And pray'd, that ifa riebei ohaagc of forlruie 
WonU change thy love, wa (till night live in i 
blWVm,tiaa haal ptay'J— 'tia good— ibm haal 
r*« watdi'd bM ki 'ib]r-«te«p,-«'h«ti ikj 

a yiBvw with aa palicnl n 

IWh'ftyiwJl'Bugan ifleip'd upon -Ay Wmbi, 

And moving 1i|^ whieh -Aewnl «« dniam'dat of 

' With the ^aaadaloT lay pall, in 
Mr liidinglDaee^all 'be I" 





Crown'd wilh ita aprif hi, Bpiky Muls, and fWitnliDg 
Bolween ino ■nighi]' lockeu, where Ihe wnm 
H>*e baill Ihtir hhU, halh weigh'd ill Kalhad tniDk 
Aalkot thB pool, o'er which Iwaituated biaachea, 
Cniling lo chwi. complaw b miDpuig Uoo, 
Prepared lo plui^^ on alJ whu due invade 
Wild Hanba'a Mcret cell. There ia ■ legend, 
- How, tangled in ibe ro6u,)he Mill reauuiu. 
And lean Ibe Gahen' neia, in ibe vain iliuggle 
To gaio her frseBom. Poor, diatntcted Martha! 
She mnil have been aore otad to do aucfa citae '■ 

Lute. Til a bard name which Ibou haal leani'd 
m)' Marj^, 
For the aolo laeaiH whioh, harming none, may free 
The wrelch from miiery — I do believe 
Wild Hanba aleepi ai loundly in her cafe 
A* Iboae who lol beneaib yon lading elee^de— 
Some fcr their Uvea were happier, and eome 
For ibey lack'd eour«(e k> io end their grieb. 

JIbrjr. Thou never ipok'il unkindly, and wouldn 
Eicuu what inwardly ibou'rl ahuddeting al. 
Doal then forget how olien Ihou hait uid 
Thy manly bearl lialb quail'd to paaa yon tree 
Al midnighil If iheu Iboaghi'ai ibe hapteea girl 
At real, Ihou hadat nol feai'd. Doai ibou recall 
That April Sunday, when Ibe young violeti 
Fini pcer'd between the mo« upon the grivea. 
Hew long we uunler'd o'er the lowly hilbcka, 
And leail rude epimphi, and moralized 
Jn aweeteii raelancbolyT How we liugci'd 
Beaide yon hamble bed of good old Adam, 
The village patriarch, who, from lonlieat elate. 
Had labsr'd on lo unpietending comtiirl. 
And led it to hia children'* children. Oh! 
How Ihou didal reverence Ibit place, and hope. 
Likebim, lo druggie with iby day* of irial j 
like him, to aleep thaileep of thoee who meet 

Thoae daya unmurmuring 

iLuii aJoiM mudk tmctiim). 
What, Luke! dear Luke! 
I've been too hcedteaa in my 
And Ihoughl nol of thy preaeni grief. 

Lu/a. And Mill 

Forget it, Mary — I wai only mueing — 
If, tempted lo Ihe ucl of her whoae bane*. 
When akiei are clear, may be diacem'd lal dawn 
In Ibeir alrange prison, playing with Ihe eddy, 
1 thould be leH a like unhtJIow'd empire 
Of fear and utier loncliuaea — wouldil thou 
Ne'er viiit Ibe negleciod apol vrhich look 
The laleK of thy Ituiband'i livtug lookll 
Wouldat Ibou refuae to commune with hia apiril, 
And lay tbou'ii bonghl hii pardon with thy piay'nt 
There ii no grief in all ihe world could ait 
So heavily upon my hour of deallt 
Aa doubt that ihou migfat'al dread my memoiy. 
And ahed no laar o'er him who lov'd Ihee ao. 

Mots/. Thou reveller in woea itnpoMible ! 

Laie. But lell ne, Imly. 

JUnrjr. I'll not aniwer thee ; 

indeed I will Dot, Lokej U ia not well 
To pay Heaven's bowi^ wilh ineh ieuful ftoeiea. 

Luke, (iffter apmm.) Wdl, tbeo, (Bppoia me hid 
beaida oM Adam, 
Wilh deeenl tclinew, what wnuldat Iboa da 
To live, my helplea HaryF 

3fcry. Ota, I ne'er 

Took joy in making miiery for tiitt I 

Lake, I'd have Ihee go directly lo ihe home 
From which 1 bore Ihee- Tall thy angry bieoda. 
That be who tempted tface to thy ofleoee, 
Toil'd night and dap, till oflen hii wotn ainena 
Refui'd t' obey him, (bt thy nainteaaDce— 
Tell ihem he loved Ihee. never uaed tbee ill. 
And ne'er had ami Ihee back lo them to bag. 
Bad fale not fnnen up hii willing hand- 
They will have pily and rereive ihee, Muy, 
When 1 am gone. 

JUdrjr. When thou art gone! O. ihto, 

I ihill not need more kindneaa ai their haodi 
Than will auffice lolay me by thy aide. 
Bui wherefim. Lake, when thoa'rt abonl lo leave at. 
And jooftiey. aa thou nyil, to a lar place — 
Wbereibre ao wilful in iby wild endeavon 
To make me weep more ladly o'er thy abeenoat 
Thou wilt have teaia enough. 

Luke. Nay, keep Ihem Urn; 

The motnenl'i not yet come which calli for tbtm. 
Thia lam hath biougbl m where ne bid lirewdl. 
And Caleb waita to help Ihee on the bank. 
Good, tumeet Caleb! thai rmalt but of hia ' 

Shelters a u'oilil ofuiiiai induMrioua virlue! I 

All Ihingt eeem imiling round liim — the huge eba | 
Embracea him wiih a parental Ibndneaa, 
And every day puia forth a livelier green. 
The waving oaien which enclfae hii path 
Appear lo apring more lolly and elaMic 
Becauie hit hand bath planted them. Iliewaalih 
Orhia anull garden ahinea. aa though ihe d«wi 
Of heaven ware there peculiarly abundant. 
Ilia Dels which waver, drying in the air. 
Tell bow that cheerful home waa eam'd, and pfon 
No labor, ihal i> hooeat. ia too humble 
To gain ihe emile of Frovideoce. 

Mary. Howblaal ■ 

Am I 10 hear thee lay m '. For it ahowa 
Thou haal tiirgol thy ill.concealed deapair. 
And in good Caleb'a meek proapeiiiy 
Foreaeeat our own. Nay, 'tia begun already 
In thy poor friend'i baqueit 

Ltih. Farewell, deu Uuy- 

Hetfl we muat parl^-Yei, pari! (2Hej tmd O(po»* 
Caiefi coClqgv.) 

Emvft Calu. 

Colel. Now welcoaw, IjAt, 

And welooBW your Air wife — Right glad am 
To lee 10 aneet a face beneath my mat 

thry. Thanki, Caleb, than ki. 

LMkt. 1 iwed not tall Ihee. CriA 

How much thou hiit of my good thoughu; ben « 
A proof thou cant'l not doubt — it ii my lU. i^i"" 
ing Slari/ to ki»). 

Caleb. IiwaraDolackofhaiiHtaLiy 


W«N I Id hope «> qantkialBM & pladge 

Of Itaj good will nigbl qoieklr be radMm'd. 

Jfary.A)',i«lliiM,Lak»— when ibBUwa mart •!«>)' 
A hnDdnd timea I hava baiooghl Ihaa fix 
Tlf MiUeal datr, md iboa ■■ ofl baft Inlti'd > 
Tn olhai thing!, M if that nwating had 
nojof fivlhaa. 

£1114. O. wbaa wa BM«t again 

Twill be in joy indaad ! 

Jfary. And will it wr 

Snt i>b«i-~biil wbaa, mj Loka I To^wtcDw t No, 
Twill mmij ba tha am da; t 

Xafa. Ba GODtant^ 

En thao I (hall be watching o'ai Ihaa. 

Mnj. Thwiki, 

lltuiki, ifaaoki, O thanki '. Vfiiy, if it be ■> aoco, 
Iibtll biTa ■cwcelf bine to ahad one lear— 
Thai i^ whena'u thaM Iboliih erai are dried. 
Good Cileb, I'm aabaioed to Ma yoa unile — 
Ta onr fint parting. Do not chide me, Loka — 
IcaniMiwIpiL {/aOiitg m hit tuck aitd mtipag.) 
UU Chide thee, mj poo girl ! 

I ■> too raadf in Ihe laine oflenca : 
Bat DOW ftiewell. Caleb, fODT band. 

CUei. Codipaed 

taai joumay, Lake '. 

ImU I hope Be will tij Unzj, 

Ou dOmt kiw — which I will keep nuM acrad, 
E'«i M Bf bed of death. 

[lb ntiHeTi hit baat. md puAn t§i Calbb 
nJ M»«t hmlMg afltr Mw, ciQ ei msU <if 
&e riwr bragi Ain upon a new mtm, 

fm, widow'd Mai7, we abill meat no mora > 

[Tit rfnr htcemii «*dn- oi it procait, md, 

at latt, ezpo^ into a large arcalar pool 

Mt rttlt tipoii kit pole, owl looib lioaiy and 

a nt ioKi l g aboHl lam. 

lU ii the place. How fitting for a dead 

Like mine > Tfae high and •belving banki have nnned 

With Ibair moid cUf Iliii fringe of flag and bolraili. 


3^ JaUrMr i^Cu.n'1 CtOgft. 

iwlb, 1 

if to bide 

All tTOi from me, and ma from all the world. 

Hm Rin. that leaped aloft an boor ago, 

Huh Dol fot found hii war — '<>■ ecaicelr twUigkt, 

Aodnleal— dealb, howiilenl! Hon my brealb 

Cling! u> mj bean, like aome reluctant infant 

Wliicb anna unknown are opened to reeai*e ! 

I mot be quick. And mw that aingle la; 

Pnoti, like a dial, to the vei; apot! 

Tban the boge eddjr in ita whirling nmnd 

Cemai to ila dimjded centre, and glidea down 

To depthi Qnknowu, bearing whalevei flo«ta 

Within iu btal verge in leaa'aing circlaa. 

Till, like aome wbaeUng monitai of tha air, 

It iwoofia opon in prty. The ilrongsat twimner 

Mom plf lot Ufa in vain ! Many eie here, 

Fma chance or choice, who long bare lain in aWKt 

?ioai weeping friends and wivet, ai I diall do. 

Leaiing no hbtoiy bat Tagae niralaa. 

ni Gnd tbeii myatery. 

lEtpaiif lie toot vOa lie awlitt* tf O* jiool. 

Ra<^m<i. Gcoe baAoe tUa balT hoar, aqw ^mr 

Coold'M thoD not otarlate biait 
What I wooU apeak oT. 

CWeA. Ha miwl keep the linr 

To where bii lOad mna o*er U, Ibr tha flooda 
Have lei) the laoot too moiat in that diractkMi 
To ba wiih oMe adenpted. If] make 
Kj way mnm 1 iball ba aoon eooogb. 
For he ha) man; w 

Shall not in tain be uasd. And, leat he feel 
UowilliDg to rclorn, {vrititig en a leo^ ^ Au ^adh* 
book) deliTar thia. 

iry, {au^Wgw 

So under ihi wave, and mider ihe mve, 
Beneath Iha old willow tree. 
With the wsede for my pell, in • deep, deep grars, 
Mf hiding {dace ihall be." 

Baifimti. "niBt ii amoving voice! 

Caleb. 'TIS Lnke'a jotwg wifhi 

'Til Ibeir firat parting, and aha feole it anelr. 
Tboogh (or ao abort ■ limo. 

Ba^aad. Piay aend b«T here — 

I'lr lalk wilh bet till he ratiirD» (Koadf maiilalDvJ 

Emui ITutr. 

Sayltmd. 80 air! 

80 gentle! Lady (eaDlcaUyon leaf) 
Tre board that Luke, the Saherman, did wed 
With one beyond him, bol it cannot be' 
That (bw art ahe! 

Jfary. 0,air! 1 Ibank Ibo bMT'M 

Ton are aa wTMg in thia aa when yon aajr 
That Luke did wod beyond bin. 

SajUnid. Ai ihoQ will — 

We will notwaata tbe time in food diipnta. 
Forgive ma, pretty friend, nor think I aik 
Without a plenteoos teaeon — By what meana 
Balh he maiotained thoe for theaa many monlbat 
Mari. llwaabatnowyonnamedhlitaibomatmd«> 
Jtaylonil. "Tii a bleak pUoe to yteld labaiilencot 
Mary. Teat 

Bat Lake waa labofing lor bia wife ; and then 
Evco tbe daaarti and tbe flooda grew kind. 
Eatfiatd, it^ttr a pouae). Yon aaid he na'w waa 
anccor'd at the bandi 
Whence nature dMold bava wrung •■ nodi— I lama 
Miry. Sir, i pray yoa pardon mo; 



Wan ilri*sn from bit ninaion dtalilute, 
I^u (Mil 1 know much. Now, than, conr«n 
How oft i'mrem bsih made him cunti (hal nami 
For much o( hia rorioin eiiatrnc*. which, 
Wiih oiber uug«, bid luk'il no iep«niince, 

Mary. Vuu question ■irangely. (irj bul lince i1 
No Imtb of liulh k> aiuwor proudl]> — Nevir! 
Vo bubo s'sr nw Ibe world, no niot hath left il, 
Wiih lea 10 aniwsr Ihan mj hird-uHd Luka. 
Be nevar menlioa'd hii relealleaa faibsr 
Wilboul bacon ing leTcrencoj and Ifaen 
I'TS haaid him aigh lo ihinli how brilerl/ 
Tbc memory of an unuBending ion, 
Left {rom hii infancy loill Iha ilia 
Of uuprutecled poverty, would hang 
Upon ihai falhei'a dsaib-lMtd. I bave laid 
Too nacb, but hs ws ipeah ofii ray fauabaiid. 

Ka^iid. Ho: not a Jot loo mucb— 'Til a hard life, 
Tour buaband'a, and laborioui by night 
Aa well U day t 

Mary. ' Oh, aHen have I walch'd 

Till th* gray dawn haih peap'd into my lailica, 
And (bund ma toncly aiill. 

Rayland. But now 'lia aumsier i 

And, ai I tfainb, hit woik by night ii only 
For the wild winter fowl. Il muit be \oaa 
Knca you natch'd laalt 

Mary. No longer than 

Bol [hen he went lo aee a dying friend, 
Aud btougbl back Ibal which amuolhea bil nigbta 

Bat/land, laparlandtuddtnlyTOctBed). Tiaareni 
Deapair haib driven him 
To gain by iBpine what more guiliily 
Hii taiBar gave him not. Fiophaiic conicianca; 
Soon aa I aaw Ihai pallid muDtenince. 
1 knew 'iwsa Ihua I ahould have looked for bin. 
And fvll ihe aeciel more wine uvea ihan hii ! 
iAUmdi Moai fair, isoai wunhy ofe kinder twlniie. 
Say, if lord Raylaod came with peiiiletice 
To leek the loiig-neglrcied Luke, and change 
The lowly peaianl lu ihe peei'a proud loii. 
Could'it Ihou forget Iby dayi of lamenialioD — 
Forgive ihe hand that nuted Ihee not before t 

Miry. Lord Biylandl Yea— that likenew! O, 
my latil, 
Ibavo pray'd heav'n lojet me aea you ones! 

iiaylan^. Haal ibou no moie raproaeht Thy apiril. 

■I nighl ; 

[■ like thy louka, a 


ji wi<h II 

Ofnalure'i linka ia paaiime. Yeart were gone 
BaToia I knew my apirii heaved the breail 
or any bul the aona beoeatb my care j 
And than, 'Iwiil jualice and Ihy buibtnd. alood 
A haughty woman, jealuui of her own. 
O'errnlad in part, I y« commiwian'd-ooe, 
Who ptov'd unwonhy of hie Iruat, to maka 
8aeh poof iplend* aa fotluna m'ghl aa>rd, 
For abaence of the real I dared not oOer. 
Ob! itwaawrongl and I have paid il deeply, 
Il baih brought dawn nialiMiiue io lack waighl 

: Aa might be called •macBept— Tie a tale 
Pvr ampler apaoe ) my wifa ii dead ; my 
Or dead, or woiaa, in diaragatdad dufi 
My home ia aolilary, bul fi>r Ihea 
And bim Ibou lov'at. 

JMiiry. And who will orerpaf 

In all a aon aboold be. whaiavor grief 
May elaewhere have belairn you. O. ny lord. 
Yon come lo bring ui wealih, amTne'et can kiMv 
The half of thai Bon'a wohb; ne'ai aee him triad! 
iCaUi rtiunu in great hemr.) 

Sayland. My meaacogei! Nqr, apeak. 

JHarir. In mercy. Calah 

Why it your look ao dreadful I — Nought of Aiaif 
Nought uf my borbandT 

Raytand. Be ia dumb wilta raat. 

Caieb. Would 1 were a« for evar! 

Miry. Tboa haal ■■■aihin 

Of matcblaaa hurmr lo relate — lly boabaltd I 
O, quickly apeak! — Hy huaband! 

Caiti. Did ywi nwi1£ 

No Blrangtnaaa in hia Banner when yon parted I 

Mary. No— nolhinf— Vaa— O, Ood t 1 okargadM* 

Jfayfand. Speak brieSy, peaaaol; 'lia hia tekr 

Calck. I uaad my nlaooat apeed, hot Ae deep ftn 
Clung to my feel, aod pluch'd no back, aa Ihadgh 
Il were in leagne wjlh ibal moat danaail whiripaoL 

(TAjy Hand m t t ita Ua , wkUtt *» cw f t aw a) 
My heart miagava ma wbilit I atruggled oa; 

I ibougbt of hia lait look, and laber'd haider. 
And came wiihin a Muna'a throw of the brink. 
The alream faai nothing lo oppoae in ooune. 
And glide* in deadly ailance. Than I heard 
The name of " Mary," and a plunge, and ihan 
A auffucaiing gaip. I beard no mure j 

But, dashing through the ruahea which ooneeal'd 
The drowning msa, bebeld a quivering am 
Juil vaniih in lbs greedy whirlpool's gorga! 
Mary. Bui — bul — tbouaay'al — I knnw— 1 «m lfai« 

II waanoihe! Uy fauaband— Ood! OOedl 

iSkifalU lata (As Anu ^ RayUtH 
Raylaml. Thou loiiaringknive! whalnaadaonaagr 

Tbou'dil have me ihink il was indeed my aon. 
Caltb. A boat bad drifted lo iha that* 'tmm 

1 leap'd into 't, and ibouMd loud lor help. 
Which, haply, wai at hand. Alaa, alaal 
None ever roaa — and none halh e'er been raVd, 
Alive or dead from thai dark place! I left 
My breai bless Oieads lamaallng on Ihe baaki 
Their luil was fruiUeaa. 

Rm^iand. Biill ihoaarliiMM*^— 

Was there no wretoh aweary of hia life 
3ava my poor son I No Gi^r tkU deaemd 
Deapair aava laet 

(Mab. I nw him fMUiitf 

Wrought 10 a pilch oTnosl impel iani (liaf— 
'Twaa one of many blank, nwcwahia ifs 
And he talk'd madly of hia mifa and AmhMi 


B T A If Z A B. 

I M) bin III* Dpoa tba boot. Thii moni, 
Bdaroiiif hana TrDm Willow Mead. I ibuBd him 
lo unnfe dwrdpr >l hit eolMgc daor. 
H> UM OM he ttfd alapt ; bia wife jiut Mw 
Amrad bm ilwl ba hu not boma att nighl, 
Awl. nbaii ha came, he brought a pane orgold. 
Uf Ion), parhtpl, 70a bnt knon bow h« got it 
SiftiW. Well, wall— Ihou'dal not beirarl 
CiU. Not 

Hf lotd. 
Fhf, ilwBie, «Dd honor, at the deaperale deed 
EipliiD Iha real Um wall 

Tie juil, mod juM ! 

And ingij boami b>ih Muiched him op from mine. 


1 hire atcapod tlwm, leeolr aa tbcf mieh'd; 
BtaiBi, tbraostb, I wsa not Rt ra ainf 
Alaae^ I did ml Iotb ihcir flnary. 
TMr daaof coach~^l toald nM rat oa ll 
Ai 1 lUTe rvMd on oor rabio bed : 
tai Um liog Birmr did bat ihaw ay ftM 
Wb TWf pak and faiggard ; otelhkAa 
ne linpid ilnam will do 'I » well Ok, hara 
Twia ban mf gantle Lobe did bid me coma. 
Ba nid I (tuaW DM tihi iba laai apot 
Th look'd Bpoo — BO* pray — Sir whatt O. tnlj, 
Vmi wale^liljaa nighl ha mora abundant. 
BaaUuM be here, but u not. Would he wera! 
For I •oald tail bin of ihal good old man 
Who ali'd ne bia last child, and wept » miiff. 
Weihall ba jofoaB DOW— no iBore of toil— 
Koaneoriamr: »a will think of nolhinf 
Bai Making araryone good, rich, and bappjt; 
Bit wa'll lin itill in thai laqnaaiet'd col, 
Asd llMen wheo Ihe dialani belli do ring 
G«d night onlo lh« aetlini inn. and mark, 
WiUi mlnUiil C7«a, l)ia intecM revelling 
Ib 6af BoliiHidea iboTa Iha atream. 

(Pa«H/ar a ion; fn»«. aiuf Un ftwiMnte Man.) 
H( doti nol come, and ihar'H be here anon 
Tuiakcma back lo lhal dull houaa oT maamlof . 
111 eliab Ihia leaning nomp and fook for bim— 
lad Daw I'll aaa Iham era they oema. Why au 

Til Marlha'i willow! Moj ihal'a fariher down. 
I( •hall be mine, uid hero I'll ail all day— ' 

And ingkl. when I can leave lhal arrange old man : 

And that ia eaa'ly done, loc b« ii blind 

Blinded with leafa. How gailjr ds I rock 

In the iwin whirl which Icema to bear me wilh it • 

Ti* *ei7 clear, and yei I iirive io Tain 

I cannol ace the botioni, where my Luke 
Huh hid hi«uelf.-ril call hijD— Luke r what, Luke! 
■: no — nor Echo neilher — 


Why. DOT will I<-ril coma and aetrk thea. inAal. 
Thia hollow Irunk ahall be my bunnr boat ; 
ll haih been here an hundred yesra, and atood 
More alorma than laan halh »cn. What ia it Iben 
-^ heavy in s aimple girl, lhal make* 
ll totterlhiHt I know— fl ii my Aeirt. 
How merrily we awing I But aoflly— aaDly! 
I'll lie my birthday acarf to Ihia lalt bulrinh. 
Thai (he old laan may know where [ am gone, 
And light OD ffherewiihal to wipe bia eyee. 
There — how the light aitk langha lo tell the breeM 
How wall wa play at hide and aeek '. — Now cnck, 
rhon obatinate old tree — crack, nack. I aay, 
And bearne w my iroe lore. Every liite 
Hie aotDmar em coma round, we will ba tttm 
Sailing along on Ihy ohJ ktralty back. 
My Luke ahall Hear ihee with a wiih ; whilat I. 
In aarabhaca. Iwine hia hair wiih dripping floweta. 
Ciaok. crack. I aay. The folka ahall come a&i 
I'a tea ua keep car holiday. Nay, then. 
\n tbon wilt nol, I'll make Ihee. 

iShaiet Ae Irn. wIdA givtt way, md foBt ^Ol 
krr Hie lAt Boter-) 

1. merrily ! I aaw them on Iba aearch ; 
tut Ihey ahall never calch me. Na'enhelem, 
,'11 abig them, Tot Iheir paina, ■ farewell aong. 

' Dndw Iha wave, and under iba ware. 

Beaeath the old wiHow iree ; 
Wilh Ibe weeda Tor my pall, in a deep, deep giiTa, 

My ahall ba." 

[WiiU rfe sfA ear^fiif mgiiig. At Int pM» 
Mteadilj rauiHl lAe drtla a/' At WiMpacl.graiit- 
ally i^/proadaiig A* cnMra, »• wkiA A*4itap- 


Aa Aip lhal neel on itialant aeai. 
Upon a bright and cloudltia day, 

8aam, aa Ibeir aireamen calch tfie breeia, 
Eadi lo the other proudly gay — 

Aa «D Ihay pam with joyow awaais 
WiA noofbt bal navelry ca doi^ 
While aMcb m^ bamr iia bnn» ibat laMy 

So in the gayaal acenae oT earth. 

A few abort momenta may we meet. 
And. parting, deem conlintial mirlh 

Hakea happineaa fur each complela. 

Unknowing, what bo atbar knawt, 
1^0 UltMnaaa ofeilbar baaK 

n» fata the foiDT* naat diadaaa. 
The pantga tb* praaaai may imrw^ 




I la 1- B. a.- 

fTha eilowiqi litOa (kateh ii rot tnnditod Gikd Dm French, allboogh, fimm die nUan 
nch an origin migtil ban btan lunsued. 11m principal incidami wu rdalad lo ma in Fiance, and, 1 k*- 
>d daring aama gurtloa or Ilia Fragioh Ranilaikn, bM ibo kicalioa or lisM ud flaMa 

AMtrr a qnaitar of a mile fhun iha mjn Mnai of 
Aa Tiilaga ctf 8t Floranl, n«r Ancania. in Iha old 
Fiench province of Poielou, now forming tba ifapatt' 
nanl oT La Voidaa, lUndi an anliqnalad chalaan, or 
lathcr did aland in Iha fall of Ihe jtn 18IG, nhich 
Aa reader will plaaae lo nolica ai ihe data of ihia 
litrla Ule. The naighlxubood of the chateau wai 
oooaeerated groond. In that qiiiel and mial ipM 
coBBencad lb« nngoinary war of La Vendee, one of 
die meal mnaikable epiiodaa in Fiencb hiatoiy, nn- 
•quailed in the feioeitjp of iia chancier and lennlna- 
tkn. On Ihe 10th of March, 1T93, the paaaanirr 
w*re iBemhled on the lami of Ihe chaieao by aoand 
of drnm, and diteclod hf Ibe officer of a detachuenl 
of gendarmerie la draw iola lor Iheir chancea of 
aaoapiog ihe halaTol conacriplbn, laTJed to fill Ibe 
•tmiea of Ibe rsToliiliaDaiy eoavcniion. He peaaanliy 
refiiaed lo acknowledge Iba potter of the diriaal re- 
bala, and whea iha gendarmea endeavored to force 
them lo Iba enrolniaDl, they nubed upon Ihe mei- 
eenarieo, and deprived them of Ibeir waapotn. A 
wagiMMi, named Calhelineao, headed Ihe inaargent 
Vendeana, wbo icarcaly nnmbared a buttdred iodiii- 
-diMla, and droTa the conieniioiial Ibrce not only bom 
the Tillage of SL Florenl. b«l from anaial of the 
militaiy poala in ihe neigbborbood. l%e ancceaa of 
the fint oparaiiona induced aiuilu tieingi in othrr 
paita of Ihe diriricE. Gallon, a wig maker, and s 
game-keepei namwl StalBet, raiwd band) of peuinlry 
which, a[ Gnt,weie armed only with hnivaa, fnlchrorki, 
and icrthea — but aacceaiive Tictoriet over ihe repub- 
lican Iroopa aupplied Ihem with anna and unmunilion. 
ne heroic Henri de la RocbcjaqueUia daiMed ium- 
telf to the aatrice of hie counlrymeo, and during ibe 
^rar of I^ Vendee gained lixleen vicloriei in 
abort apace of Ian monlhi, Eniihing hia brief I 
glorioui career al tbe aarij age of Iwenlf-lwo. 
Waa killed while fighting in lingle combal wilb i 
of Ibeaoldien of the repabiic. 

I have recalled ibeae lillle matlera of hialoir lo 
ncolleclion of iha reader Ibr ibe pnrpoee of oaaiMing 
hia perception of lomaoriheslluuaDa in the followii^ 
DBtralioi- The war had caaaad ; the emperor waa 
aecure in hia (aland jail ; and Louia Dinri com more 
raated hia goutj leg upon ibe iboi^iaol of Ihe Bour< 
boo'a thtana. Hnodtada of eangr^i BeAxA M their 

notiia land ; i 

ibe rabble dynaatf, and t 

friend! of It grot momrqat were rewarded fet llw 

ideliljr and aaiavicB in what, al one time, wai on- 

aidered an almoai bopaleoa eaooe. 

Luc Bonchretieo, fw nanr yeaia pniiooa la lk> 
ootbraak of Ihe reTolntkm, bad bten an oU aani^ 
fmla tbe neighboting province of Brilanny, and «• 
mended a hardy and Taliant gaag who caUraheadtd 
aalt acroaa Ibe noanlainak and afterwaida diMbvuM 
llieiiiaelTea in tbe VeDdean war- The ChDoaiii.« 
the amugglera were called, from diatkmM, (■ wavA 
owl,) lbs C17 of which bird they iMad aa iheiriifBd, 
were of much imponanoe in the Uoody ■uaggla, ai 
Lac Bunchretien, finding hia buaiiwM rained tiylki 
diiluibed aUTs of ibe coaaliy, devoted the ataqiM <i 
bii anoiig mind lo Ihe eupport of the Boaiboo oon; 
and, alrhoi4b defaalad, and at one tine aeBteoced n 
the guilloline, yet Iba acdvily of bii band tatUid 
him to eocape from the dungaooa of the CoociaigiM 
at Paria 10 Ihe other aide of tbe Rhine, whan U 
dwell DDlil ihe roilaiatioo of Lonia XVIll. aUomd 
him lo vitit bii native land with an aauniMe «f ^ 
feet ufely. During hii aiile, he had bam of tat 
aidatabla aervice lo ibe allied anniea opon maia ihu 
one occaiion ; and hod acarr^y aettled hiniiaU' io kii 
native village belbre the grateful mooarcfa pnaMtd 
him with Ihe chateau al St Florenl, with the owDMbip 
of the adjaceoi landa. 

The Meiquii de U Uonl Loatre noa the aWBM>f 
Ihe chatean at Ihe lime nf Iha oommeDceoeal if A* 
war of La Vendee, but inatead of joining iba nmb 
of Iba Toyaliiti and najng hia indnence in behalf <i 
Ihe BDurt>aoa.he fled to England ;aitd whaadeftin' 
of hia piDpaiiy by tbe ordonnance of the ooovwli* 
abreined an humble living in the greal cuckaey eitr 
by ofHciatisg ai dancing raaater lo the lillle nit*" 
and liule iiiiwra. who were u atafai pi^lan at on 
of Ihe boarding tcboola in Ihe vicinity of Londaa. 

Al Iba reeloralion of Louia, he waa aoon al iha faM 
of Iha Ihrooe. petitioning lor the relnni of bii f^- 
party; but hia pnollanimity in tbe royal came bill 
■lopped Ibe royal ean i hia cUima lo hii owi nx 
uni«garded, and Luc Boncbretjen remained iha ii- 
■lalled pOHenor. Thia wann-bearlad fallow hHa>- 
dUwly iovjted Uw Baiqaia lo oooupr • laan ta Ai 




cfcilMD, Kapeetfnllf lignilfiDf tlto, IhM i kaiTa and 
brk mold b* Uid fin him u long u ha cboM in re- 
BBiD a mMnbei of tfa« bnuebold. ll ii Karcelr tnirlh 
while la nj that Ibe <dbt mi accepud. 
Ldc BoGchrMieo had a danghtar, iha praduea or 

irilh ■ Rhm 


iltar )u* Aefutan tma the Talliaa ofihe Loiia. Vif 
Boodmiiaa pamamtd hat fiiihafi good hDmar, niib- 
MU ik boiaUtmu qualily. Vir waa a beaulj, and 
ihboagfa mil aware of Itw powai of her chanu, and 
lib Mbei baaadea, much incliDed lo coqnelry, y«l abe 
kad raaignad her heart to the tais heaping of a ital- 
«an aargeant, one Pierre de Faoi, who had fignied 
is iba anaiea of NapolaoD, and had fcdlowed the for- 
HDaa irf ihe inpatial aagle in laany a acene of weal 
and wo, fioB the hoDt of hia eonacript drill to Aa 
&ld rout Dpon (he field ef Watetloo. Pierre wu 
bdiB in Ihe depaiiaaal of Landca, and eihibiiad the 
Otan ia hii appeaianee ,- lha Kveril]' of aii aeTere 
CHtpaigni bad been unable to tama Ihe polaoey of 
Vt nragger, or tho complelenaai of Ihe manj dafeati 
ii nhteh b» had aharad, convince him of Ihe lallibililf 
rf lha £irlDne of " moii ewtpereur." In hia de»ion« 
wuidaringi from Flanden after the great delaol, being 
•IibM afraid lo turn lonarda hia naliTe land, be 
Wd uieoiuitaied Vif, with her lalhei and ■ part; of 
6iaadi, who, one Sne tummer'a aiaoing, ware dancing 
■enilf oD Ihe taUe land of a btuff that overlooked 
Ihe gtnioaa Rhine, and celebrating the defeat of 
Finre'i bekived chief The aparkling beanir of the 
linls gill iMck upon Ihe bachelor heart of the waf- 
mm nMier, and he taaolved lo obtain an introduo- 
lidi; be immsdialelj' afladed bii olqect, allhoagh 
Tif did not, like other heioilMa, imMa at the aighl of 
ia haggard ftca and boAj whbkera, nor &II oppor- 
tnailf into the river to alhiiv hio ibe chance of &b- 
ill bar out — nor did ahe mil down a (vacipitoua cliff — 
Kr BOtinl a ronaivay borae-^-nor in any oLber way 
■fttd him Ihe alighleat opporluniir of eihibiling hii 
lUfalry. Pierre, lo ny Ibe irnlh, had Hen loo macb 
of the world lo eipecl ihal any of theae atata naval 
Incidaiii woald happen 10 oblige him, therelure he 
MiAd boMly into Ibe middle ot the party, and 
UHof faia damaged hat with the ready grace tff 
a Hanrtiman, compUawnted the genllemHi on lha 
bMUyof the ladiia, and ooDgralalaled the ladiea on 
IbaSning beauty itf the aventng. He addraned Ben- 
AiatiaD aa Ihe oataoaiUe bead of the party, ai^, de- 
tKling the remaina of lb« old militaiTt in the bearing 
(f be d-devamt Cbouan, claimed bim aa a ftoa ooaw- 
TBJi^and, aflat delailing the aileni of hia lengthy 
■anl, reqnealed ifaelter lor the night. Pierre'a 
Maviaot wm undoabladly a lilile impadaDI. bal 
kaeoold not aflbid to be owden; and althongb bia 
nggad lafimentak and travel-worn eppearance were 
•M b hia Avar, yal be waa, or had been, an officer in 
tbainparial amy. and bkOaaeon ipirit never allowed 
kin )> inapaet hia own inftriority j Ihereliire. he ad' 
nnced to the gnrap with the beM face that he coald 
pit BpoD tba mailer, which ii not aaying much when 
it ia rMwoberad dial he bad not bean ihaved ibr ■ 
fataight, and that be bad lold bii abitt at Jolieia ibt 
Ibe aaHa of (AMininc a meal. !■ I« ^^otaa Sar- 

geanl Pietre de PaoD, aftai " ponring 'fange d 
ef Rbrniah down," and awallowing a handfal of 
g&ttaia it faritu d'mnijit and a latga bunch of 
grapea, which rafeolioo the Frencbman pie&rred t» 
Ihe flaaby ediUea lh*l graced the board, waa dancinf 
cheerily In the midat of the giria, with a con|dimenl 
to one, a joke fur another, a kia Ibt a third, and « 
■mile lor all. In ten uinulea moia, be wai ViTa ae- 
oepied partner; and ahe eon f awBd thai, altfumgh the 
lag! of hii military pantalooni were fringed with ngi, 
and hia booti were not in perfect danring ordet, in* 
annncb that bli rigbl-band great toe woald peep oat 
every now and then (a aee what had caoaed Ibii lad- 
dan jollificatioD, yet mofiaienr the atranger waa evi- 
dently a genilemen of boani}le« nit, elegant man- 
nen, end delighlful agUiiy in the dance. 

Pierre fannd bii qnarten very agreeable, and anf- 
fered the neit day, and the nen, to alapn witboot 
indulging in the idea of leavuig the houae of Ihe 
bcapitahle Lac ; who, while h« laughed at the inpa- 
dence ot Ihe aergeant, pitied hie doitiialion, and 
eventually ofleFed him the ran of the booaa till Ibe 
family wcnl to bdtt Fiance, an event which wae to 
happen in Ibe coune of a few daya. Pierre aoeos- 
panied ihe Boncbreliena in theit tnuit i and baviof , 
by hia vivBcioiu iodnilry, nude himaelf almoat necee- 
aary to Ihe lalhat, whoae waya and h^la he h«d 
Btudied with true ccamopolitaa ikill, be waa invited 
ihare the comfbrla of Ibe old cbaleau alSL Fknenl. 
The loldier, with commendable delicacy, pretanded a 
loathneaa of intmaioo, when Mademoiielte Vif gave 
bim a reproachfarglance fiom her large black eyea, 
and the ba^ul aergeant aurrendeied at diicrelion. 
Pierre, when well drened, with hii whiiketa re- 
iced to the peace aatabliabmeni, wai, in reality, a 
gmd looking (allow ; and Boitchntien looked wilhotU 
regret at the inevitable raanli of the ■oldier'a edmia- 

oto faia lamily. When the oU ChoiMn bacaBe 
rich, ha gave np hii babili of boiioaaa, and rtooioad 

> acqaiaition ol an active nnin-bw, who would 
ha eU« to menage the ealaie, and regolale bia hooae- 
hold ; Ihe aergtant, Iheielbre, at the opening of this 

may be oonaidared aa tbo intended bniband of 
Ihe pcMly Vif. 

The chateau had another innate — a pema of aon* 
iiaportance to the tMdar, and of alMolnle necaauty to 
the writer. He wae the ownn of the cork leg. In 
ihe early pMagea of the Vnideau outbreak, Jacquw 
Cloporle, • gentleoan of pcoparty in Ibe neighbofi- 
hood, oonaidet^bly diatingniihed himaelf in ifae etna* 
if the toyaliata, and devoted hi* intereata to ibair wal- 
■le. lie joined Ihe lineea nnder RocbigaqueleiB, 
and afler that heio'i dealb, be joined the ettigriM who 
had landed on Ihe petrinaola of Qnibenin, and in lb* 
fatal aortia from Fort Pandilifre, wheta count d'Her- 
villy fell, ClopoHa km hia right leg. Sevetal bradw 
of Chunaga, with iheir bmiliea, had (ought the pto- 

n of the fort, and our friend Bcnchrelien waa hf 
the aide ot Cloporle when the latter waa abot down. 
The Cbouan carried the wunndad man back to tb* 
fiiri, nolwiibetandiag the driaal of hia par^ aod tho 

y'a bol poraniL When lk» oceupieia of Qolb*- 



leadar WM Ibrvnidcd 


tk« nliiot Hoeha, tha Chouui 
W PirU w I prboDH of 
Irivad lo wops fcooi ihe Mulenced fuinoi 
afwicr ofliii band. Cloporl*. who, froni 4« aeveriiy 
ef bi* wound, wu nol tipHled to Iit*. wai iuBhsiJ 
W noiaiD an inmala of a anall &rm bouM in Ihe im- 
DMdiiU Ticinilf of the Ullle Geld ; bul iho wbola of 
hia p«[Mi4y «■* d*eUrad eonbcaled. Whan he 
MOM frcta kiM bad of ucknsu, ha hnaw ihal ha wm 
■■mJ* Ui Uia weal, wfaan hi* laiailr'i name ma pro- 
■cribadand hii UA danouneod. He luoceaded in 
iMCtuag tha thorai of Ei^lud, yikan, durinf iha 
war. ba aliiled npon ■ Miiall annuity allawad, him by 
• nUUoa apon ihe boiden of FlaadaN. Oiit of ihii 
•lander piltanoa ha eooUnuad la lave lufficleDl for 
the pnrcbaie oT ■ handaoma cork leg, in place of Ihe 
woodan atnmp ba had boon oompelled to wear, 
Tbaoka lo Ibe akill of the artitt, Iho aiiilkial limli 
waa ao parieoilj turnad, and natoially joined juil 
balow tile hues, that nhH) CloporlO waa dreiaed in 
hia bad kaiasp amalla and black (ilk boat, it waa 
barelr poMbla lo lall which waa Iba laiiM limb 
Tba bitch, iir jerk io hii guit, alill ooDliouad. The 
■aik lag could not lemove hia lanaoaai, allhoogh 
it Handed hii appaaraneo. When Iba final raalo- 
ntioa of ihe BourboDa look place, Cloporla joor 
■ayad lo Paria, and boaiad hioaalf in enda^Toring to 
•btaifl a ratwratkMl of hit tanda, but in vain. Veied 
and irrilaled at hia want of auceew, he warn, one 
•lecyag inlo a caji, and coolriiad lo pick a qoarrel 
with a tiieux auuUadt who lal in Ihe ai^oining boi 
A reeoons lo ami naa the reaull; the *etaran pfo- 
{MBed 10 Mtlle the difierenra wiih the (nord, bul Clo- 
porla eTidenced hia cork lag aa a proof of inability, 
and waa ganerooily allowad lo nana hia vreapoiu. 
Fialota were procored, aacoodi appointed, and Ibe 
party proceeded to the Boia de B«uh>giM. Al the inl 
in, Cloporla ahol hia adveraai? throogh the body, 
nwatdaoMiar fall, bul raiaioghinuelrup, ha applied 
■ bandkatchiaf lo Iba wound, and claimsd bia thai. 
TW iocoada ware compelled lo aeoeda. Ha 
plaoad aiiiing on tba ground ,- ha bald oal bia lafl 
at a amall dialamia rnm hii cboM aa ■ rail for Iha 
nl of bia piiiol, which he held in faia lighl hi 
After a long aodeamail g*», duriog which tha blood 
■ttaaaaad down hii body and dribbled orar hii wbili 
panMlocfM, ha fired ; hot hia aim had bacD aBecled by 
Iha eoming glaanaa of hi 
hia body— ai ha Grad. he gainl at the effect! of hii 
ahot, and fell backnarda upon dta gran. Tlu bullal 
attack Cloporle apoo Ihe calf of hia coik leg. knocked 
off a apjintar, and daiaaged Iha ailk alocking. Ill 
Mailad al the ibol, bonrad politely lo hii anlagonitt'i 
Uend. aod taking hia aeeond'a arm, hobbled finm ihe 
AM. Tba woonded laaa waa carried bona, and 
aargaoQ waa itfocund, who, whati he law the nalo 
•f tha woond, inaiiled upon the attandaoce of Iha po- 
Hea. The |antlanun who had officialed an aacon 
Mtk tba hint, and retired. The police appeared — tt 
noDDdad DHU) reooTired (ma hia moon, and wi 
^nealioDad reapecling the nama id bii adienary. F 
(aiad niaiAiUi in Iba faoe of hia iDlairogator. and a 
nlaimlng. with an oalb, •■ I did not hoit bin — ha hi 

M Iba d 

The officer of the geDdarmaa, pareaivinf HiediaA 

of the old ntdipr lo ba insTiIable, aaarebad offlagiTa 

(he raquiaile inlbnnalioil to hia nperbr. But Cia- 
had left the eiiy, era tba naeaMary Mafa wan 

taken for hia appreb>«aiap ; be had aacouDlaNd ha 
JeanI comrade, Iha Chooaa, in hia viail to Ibe Mfr 
ipidia, aooie noalha balbra, and Hjnjoed at kii pn» 

parity, anticipating, al that lime, ■ favofaUe laaollb 


ita to Ctoporta, and Bade bin pioaiM to ipaod iW 
•It faar al the efaataau, lal natlan tarn aa ib^ 
light TowaidiVandae,lheraDtre.didCk>partabHl 
ia way; and in the hoapi labia racaptioD of hairaad, 
fcrgot ibr a while the (ailuraof bia lehamea, aod ika 
daalh of hia antagoaiit, U a wi i » meifiifila 

Time want plaaiaol]]> at Iha cbaWea. Tba iUt- 
qui* de la Moni Loiire ho*ond about itaa ekatmf 
all ffie gallantry and daaotien of a yat 

ad at Ibe antiquated beao'i 
Ganoad wife. The marqaii generally annmad fee caat 

»e of the daya of Looia ^e Binaeiiih, xbiai 
ha regarded ai the martyred god of bia idobliy. lai 
rafuaed to recogniaa the gouty, fat, imbadke wbo ibn 
filled the throne, ai a 

£«it> Siiie gar 

him hia till*. Ltta 
DiskKit refined n raimbuiae him fbrihe Ina al ba 
uidi. But Ihe old gentleman lad a cbenlnl, btppy 
ife, inch only ai a FremhmaQ of the idd idBiil 
:nowa how to lead ; he waa unaUs k> gel rid of ibi 
habila of the dancing muter, for ba wai never hippy 
union ha wai fiddling and capering, end maliir«ill 
honaebuld fullow hii eianple. Ii wti ■ (Md 
lighl M look Dpon him on a Sunday etaniDg, wiih ^ 
Uita nnd laiaoa of the neighboring Tillagaa BwUral 
round him upon tha Ibivd; or, if Iha wcaiher «■ 
not propitioui, he awemhled them in ihe hall nf <ka 
chateau, and with hii viclaii d« poofo poked andv Ui 
chin, ha acraped, and cballHwl. cAomM and W» 
Hid. tUI ba wai Id an ecalary of delight H< M 
•Tan taught Lne Bonehrelian to dasca, ud il "* 
worlh ■■bile to oooUMt tha buriy Chooon'i itmf"" 
in Iba nyMariea of the qaadrilla with the taii'iae""" 
gliding of tba dancingmaalet marqnk whoaa ai*iia« 
face, gbni-lihe figure, and oU-faahiMwd c^u* f 
minded ooe of limea gone by. 

Tha brida atpectant, Madamcnello Vif, a^ ^ 
handaome aergeanl, were alwayi Ihe Indiog cMlk 
in Ihe evening dance. The marqaia had bat M* 
IroHble in iha world; aontiaur Clopoi'e'i cort 1« 
ptavenled the poaiibility of a pariicipatioa ia 4* 
iniuaament. although Ihe maimed geVlcmui aadn- 
tored lo remove the evidaot ill feeling with whid 
bia deficiency wy regarded by the maiqoii, M^ f 
feradWalandopioffliBof tbafcnoyfigai- ■**■ 
numben were riquirsd — bul Ibe hMTibla ilorapiai 
the nonatutal limb, and Iba niSMa aad m""'^ 

Digitizer byCoO^i^lc 



pnrM noald i»( ■> «ieraciatingl]> fiiigu« hinnir 

Pitm de riHn. if «raf of (itIilUling hia iiMlrili 
■M lbs mJI-beloved Kant of gunpomlcr. mid* hor- 
riUt mr npnn Ihs ^niil* and ml-leggvd ptrlrkl|ia 
Am OvqamlMl th« ihipM at Lb VuhIm. One diy. 
ta i» raaiUaa wllh hh gnn. Iw a«t with HMmelhiDg 
of inch n cilnordlnarr niliira itmt h* dMmad ll 
DMh while to tnnnail > mHe (d Bolu^hrall«l ; 
BiMiocuag (ha cartigT. ■ miller'i bof, 10 ride w if be 
Mil IbntaiDg ihe decnrlobitdringfiilieT. The lid 
eiacoted tail ordan bilhliinj, and placed In ihe bindt 
<]f oM Lot, a paper, wllk Um foltowiog iMeriplfoa t 

'An wgmt of tlw Puieian police ia in iba Til- 
hfai Haiiailwldsd bf l«niiendennaa,aDd ieonlba 
Mtith for ■ penOD accaeed or murdai. Ha aeema 
annl of iha nanae or characwt of ibe delimiueiM, 
4a«xibai him aa having a mrk Irg. Ue bu lieaid of 
•■r IHand, end wiU Im wiih jou belote I can |el 
hMM. He declana hia inMnlhia, apaa Miaftclorir 
|Nif of Iba idalilitr of Iba aeruiad, lo contey hia lo 
FM^aUeeoidaad. Toun, 

P. da F." 

Clnporta waa ioatanllr made acqaainled wilh Ibe 
ctnlenta of ihia eipma, aod ■■ iniluillf declared hli 
Itadinoa to releaee hi* hoal from all reeponaibilily. by 
qaieilji decamping from ihe chaieaa — doubling not 
but be coald obtain a baleiu upon the Loire, which 
would apeedily floal hini far enoogh from ihoiuipoci-' 
fld diairiel. Old Lnc inore thai bs noutd txit pan 
with him, and iniialed nponhii lanaiping in the 
hooae. " Do yoa think Ihat an old emoggler hai not 
a nick in rtiarTc ibr the raacalljr coKminairt t" raid 
Knchretien. " Let him come aa loon aa be likea; I 
hare Botaelhing ready for him even now." 

^ba wordi were icarcelj aaid whan Qan>n, the old 
(rtj'haidad aerTsnt of Bonchrelien, announced a 
(aulnian from Parii. who requeated a few ninalai 
coifHMlioQ wiib Iho owner of lbs chateau. Lnc 
ndunged B ugniflcant gbince with Clopone, and 
bU GaiDQ to abow the atranger into the litlta parlor, 
•nd lo ba eaulioai not to aoiwar atiy qiiealion thai 
ni|bt be poi, and to nnnj back lo him Ib'ia mailer) 
inlamly Ibr lanhir ordeia. The aeriaot retired. • 

' Row, Cloporte, yoo moat &ce thi) tiger yonnelf. 
wUli I prepare my haDaaboId. i will be with yon 
En Are minalca. Aanounca yonnelf aa Boaehretien : 
If be ehooMa id lake yon Ibr me, the owner of the him; if he primea you viiy doaelfin hie 
qnartioning. fon are my brother, and we all cane 
bm Pirii together aboal Iwelie monlha ainoe. Gel 
an yoa can out of him in ralnro. Now, than, down 
wilh yon. Ab, ttop! that cniagd hobUe will balny 
jaa at oace ; t will tell Garon 10 lend him Into tbia 
lam, and do not yoo walk, if only acrda the room, 

Lsc Bonchteiien encountered bii aerrant at the 
dmr, and deaired him to ^w the gentleman (torn 
Fkita into Ibe room ap alaira. and then r^in him in 
(he marqnia'a apartment OaroD did aa he waa di- 
■ndi and tbaatianger, adTancing (o Cloporle, giTi 
U« a card, with a poBu bow. 


•I haire the hooot lo addrMi IL Baoc4ntiMr'^ 
Ck>porla bowed. 

"To a gentleman nbo ti remaikabla for hiadeyo- 
tiiHi to iha intereata of bii raoal aacied nujeatj, t 
acarctlf need apolugiae Ibr my preaani intrinion. A 
nolorioua malelacior baa dcaped fn>n joaiici, and. I 
believe, baa aougbl ahellar in your cbaleao." 

<■ Yoa BUrpriaa TDe! may I aak hii name t" 

" Tan will have the polileneaa to eicoae ma in (hat 
pailicular. at lelaL I have called upon yon, H. Boii- 
chretlen, io inlionDtBbla and friendly way, tniiting 
that I ahull receive cooperation and not annoyanca* 
Petmil ma the jumiAinoa of your houaebold for • 
day, and Ibe arreet ihall be maiuged wiiboal bealow- 
iag aafaadgw of diirepnle upon (ha family of the clw- 
leau. If I am oppoaed, I have (area a( hand, and (ha 
real nalure of (hi mSait muil become public, which 
oitaerwiae may be aiaied aa a reqniiilian from govem- 
ineat for the preience of your frieod it Faria,on biiri- 
neaa connected with the late war." 

" We are in your power, momieur Tutgot," laid 
Cloporle, ■' and can but Ihsnlc your kiodneaa. Hay I 
inquire the cbargea againal Ihe penon you anapecl I" 

'• Murder, of the blacknl hue. A veleran of Iha 

n Iha B 

lognej Paria awirma with Bonaparlean trDopi, who. 

dulieeorcitiieoabip. Tlie death of a member of their 
body by a frieitd to the Bourbona, would, if allowed 
to pan unpuniahed, bo deemed an act of givaa partf- 
allly, and aarTe to increaae Ibal biltameaa of failiii| 
which it ia Ibe deaira of ihe eieculiva to repnaa." 

"niia plaoaible aiaiemtnl of the police iScar h«d 
ill cITrrt Qpon ibe unanapiciuoa mind irf'Ckipoile, and 
bi\ rounienaiKa belrayed Iha nrotkinp of bla iboogbla. 
Withing 10 bide hia imolion, which ha paroeiied 
waa noiiced by Ihe oflicet. ha coottnoed the eoaver- 

•• Boil de Boulogne I— aotdier t— akril Mar tie iwl 
bave bean killed in a duelt" 

Thia me • natural qoeatioo, bat ba gaf* it wia 
much blundering timidiiy, and auapicioiia heaitatioa. 
The officer immediately glanced at Ihe l^a of Clo- 
porte vkilh miatiuatful eagemca, and nkl, wilb nucb 
aatialacliun, " Ab. ha, M. Boachratlan, I aai that jo« 
know aomathing of the iffilr." 

Alibia critical Bonwai.BonchratieDhlaMeirmdkei 
into the room, talking in a loud (ana, and iwinginf 
the door wide open wilb a bcuMcmua radenew, aa if 
Ignorant of Ihe pnaenceofa alrangar. Haawnng hia 
right lag Ibrwaid wilb an awkwani jaih aa he wall^ 
ed. in exact imilaliOD of aoporta'i gail, and gai»«4 
iha centre of Ihe roani befure be pretended lo per- 
oaire It da Torgoi, whn bounded ton hia aaat with 


a jojmiM «n;UiDaHoa whan h« mm the aYideni if mp- 


" ptllo, bmher," Mid Boodintun, " wbu hn* jon 


•■ U. ds Tnitot, &om Paris. Ha hat viniled u( — " 
"Dq amfidaitial bmuDaai," aaid tha officer, with 

naAcd amphaiia. ■ Yqu b«*a but latiily qniiud 
g Bonchre- 

"Havm*! baan theia nnce tha Ant realmlioa. I 
■»• that jou ara a •tnnger hara, or j on wmld have 
known that I have doi quhted a>j aetata during the 

•■ Mb7 [ hiqnire how manaieDi bacaraa lane f' 
" Lcat mr 1^ in '95, tindar Bombcanil, here, on Ihe 
iaduRda. Brother, ring tha ball, and order refreifa' 
■MOl far rODi friend." 

Goparte nw from bii diaii, and babbled acrav 
Iha room. " You, too, loaw f" aiclaimed Tuigot, with 

-Why Qoir eaid Bunchralien. " 
iMTai heat of two wodlided nldien in Ihe 

Belbre the officer could reply, the Marquia 
Mont Loiire entered Ihe apaitmenl. but nol with bii 
uinal dandng-naater atep, a la pat atanca, bat with 
■ sbuflling of tha right tag, and a hlleh and nabble 
in hi» gait that idd well of hia powen of imitation. 
It waa Cloporle'i owD m\k. 

" M. da Turgoi, allan me to (Kwaeni yon to mon- 
aieui CtOports," aaid Bonchrelien, leading the limping 
maiquii to tha lide of tbe officer, whoae Gnl inqnirjp 
Kta about the lamenea. 

" Fall ihraugh a a•we^graling in Iha keonel, ^ne 
fbfgr moming in I.oodon, and bnke hit tibia," Mid 
"Sacra Dieul three corh lega!" 
M. da Tnrgot aakad whan Ihe hat coaer had been 
in Puii, and failing to obuin a Mtiibctar; reply, cod- 
ftaad within hinaelf that be w«i egiegiooily myaiiBed. 
Il will be ae well lo alata bate how it happened thai 
iha police officar wu unable to obtains more aaiia- 
fcotOiT due to the killer of tbe lohUer. Cloporle had 
not given hia name at the c^^ whan tha quarrel look 
placa, and ai the whole of hia ai^lcatieoa 
acntiTa had been nada by letter, U) penoo and lante- 
naaa ware oDknown ra the pidiee. Parii 
ovarfloiring of itnngen, not only from all part* of 
rmoea, b«t fiom aveiy place in Euiopa. Paoebj 
bavhig been eonpalM to naiin fte partfaaBt, iha 
ffhola of Iha poUca lyilam waa In aatateofdiaoider 
die eonnrieM ihowaandi of paaaporto that ware required 
waae readily granted, and ewelamljr «uM by Ihe va- 
rion offioan ihnngboui the kiagdow. 

Ckipme,by Ihe JnlercaMJail oft friend, obtained 
pMapott under a flcliiioaa twma ; hiaaotk lag waani: 
I be wrapped np hi 
M of **—"'' preModing to 
anfler wnAilly flam tbe agooiea of i 
fMI. l^igM, who waa aetoaled aa modi by the hope 
sf pfai aa the danre of jnatjee, obuinad a dae only 
by inqniring aaong the driven of the variona dili- 
JMMM a^ MD-poMi. Tha lama man waa bUowad, 

and at tbe end of the Enl day's jminiey, he obluud 

■be remain! of ibe black hlk Blocking which had 

cawd Cloporte'i cock leg when ha reoeivad [ha ballet 

of the «>nix aWHJtacilg. PreTioui 10 relirii^ to bad, 

Clopurte filled np tbe wound with puny, having Gnl 

cm off tha damaged Mocking, which be replaced widi 

WW colton one ; but, incoorideralely leaving the tap 

hi* bed chamber, he fumirind Toigot wilh a elo* 

II ooDvincad him he waa on the route of dM Mn 

with the cork leg. 

When aaigeant Pierre called in at the eoiuiky li. 
vem, he waa loM of the many inqniriee made by t 
officer after a lane gentlaman who hid te- 
cenlly arrived from Paria ; Pierre, diicavering an dd 
oomnde in one of the gendaimea, «nn made hinaeir 
acquainted wilh the porpotl of Turgoi** viHliwilboit 
wilfa the officer bianlC 
Bonehrelian, with Ihe active ihrewdneaa of tta oU 
iDggler. determined lo nulHly Ihe principal eti- 
Dce agahul his friend, and reaolved not only loM- 
me lameiuM himnlf, bat lo iniiil apoa eveiy nda 
imber of hia eslabliibnienl doir^ tbe BBmc 11m 
irqoisal first reroted; he could not eiiu wilbont 
ncing — he could not dance nilb a lame leg. Hti 
pupils couJd not do wiihoul him — he oonld ml do 
n>itb<nl his leg. He wis proud of hia legi; thej; 
had aupponed him when hie heart, his bands, and hit 
head bad Ikiled. Could he now iuull them by pa» 
ing off the dollar ai a aiuisler coimterleill by palm- 
the real flnh and blood upon a ilranger, and lliat 
alianger a Parisian, for a baaa mechanical eontritiaoa 
of cork t He would die indelbnceof hSspatiaauid 
hii friend ; he would cballengn Turgot to mortal (o» 
bat, and riioot Ibe gendarmes bat ha would ml de- 
grade his nndentanding by walking with a lioip. 
" Baaidri," added ha, looking at bii leg wilh a nile. 
" the allempt would be nugatory ; the ofBcet "OoU 
detect me at a glance: he would know that il ml 
impoanbl* far tbe band of man to faibion nch a kg 

Eloaohrelien had coouscted a 
direct iof 

OD the Rhine had benefited thereby. Ha refiaiBed 
from arguing the point iu diapnta with the muqli^ 
but told bim ihat if the very next minnt* he had ni« 
a hall in his walk, ha ibould walk witbool hallii« * 
minute longer in the chalaan. Tbe marqai* had aft 
wish to renew hIi Bcqnsiatanca with the Aoit cib- 
mooa of a jmrneyman dancnig reaaleri be priMd. 
the Beab-pola and win^akiBs <^ the jolly Chooin with 
an inleiNily of afleciion Ihat many yeaia of prinliw 
only can bealow. He dropped a few decent lean. 
ami fall immedialely into the pradioe of Iha Clopal* 

^nohrelioigtvaa few ordoa to the trarty (}•■«■ 
and after ecquainting hia daogbler widi the aiam- 
itanoaa of tha ease, telling her to watch fbr Plana'' ■«- 

Mined the pnaenoe of the police of 

waa HMD followed by the maiqaia, who wa» ww 

duoed to the officer t^ Ihe nuae of Ckvcat^ <r ^ 




"Sura Dien.' ihrM cork lagt," niil "nirgoL 

~ Cork Ibj( an nritJM n Pnm, I pnaDow,'' Hud 
■be CboouL " Mooiiear nuy Me > pleaiilUI vatiaty 
ID U Vandae." 

Garao appearad lo annooDce Ihat reliaibnMnia had 
bean picparad in an adjoining nxm. BoDchratian, 
CL^Dtte, and the narqati roae, and with a aiisuliaoe- 
MM Ulcb in iha ame leg. adnDcad to Torgot, and 
oflncd him an ani. Aa he left the iwra, in (ompany 
wiib iha boat, he obaarrad that Gano limped wilh 
ilii righl lag BB be preceded iben. Ttaia awakaiwd 
■npician, becanae be bad not obaerrad anf laDwnaaa 
in dial nrranl when be Gnl attended him, and he re- 
toini lo walch wilh radonblad eageroeia. 

Madamoiaolle Vif Boochrelien, from the upper 
min of the aeooiid flight, had aaaa thii ptopawiwi of 
balling mra with ineoaoaiTable glee. Firal ouna 
poor Gano. limping noat lamelf with hia right lag ; 
ibcn, Ihe pcAce affiear. raabog upon hai lalh«^ am, 
whoaa ooalleot Hmp waa aeoaiatelj imJMIad by Ck>- 
pona and Ihe marqnia, and both of Ihaa from the 
■MMnia,bKsoaa tber«wildnMheIpit. The idea 
iNaad lo pi aaaa the rooDg lady, far, aflei two «r 

a bar r 

milled M join lha pany briow. and giva ibam a qiaci- 
Me of her iniitntiTe qnality, Hie wmj thing Ihat 
her asgij bdMr imagined would rnin hit plot, aarred 
D iliapal the riaing raqricioaa Gmn Turgol'a lauid ; 
te knew ihat it waa within the bonoda of probaUlilr 
that ihay •honld have direeiad avery male lo tmvm 
limwiaw fcr the «ke of acreening the iodiTidualiif 
of the iial cork leg. bat it wai lidionlaiB to anppoae 
thai tb«7 ■hookl inaial npoo a jmang and knriy girl 
putwilhig to ba lame. Ha thatelbra loidied upon Ibe 
baulyal tba daalaan ai an eitraordinair apaoiaea of 
kaa raioddenMa ; and although hia gallanlrf pre- 
vmad him fhMO inqniring how the lady met wilh 
tm aeeidnt, jet he entered into 
Mtioa <rith bar, mal had jial airired at the 
■hat. deapita her lamanaaa, riw would make an eieat- 
hnl lillla wile, and ihat it would he no b^ thing lo 
b* no-ii>law to Lac Booduetieo, when Pierre paaaad 
the vriodow, uwl ViC helping, jumping, and acraam- 
iil with Itaghter, left iha room. 

Thngot looked at Boachreliea fbr an eiplamiion. 
" Uy danghtai'* affianced," ww the reply. 

"him bm«, loo r* aid the officer, alotaai involun- 

~ If ba were not, would he wed • cripple T' mid 
iba fatbar, in ■ nlemn tooe of vMce. Tuigot wai 
liUnced The door opened, and Pierre, wilh ■ lac- 
■wilt hildi, limped into the room and mlutad the 

TkugM was barely aUe to kaap Ue leai. There 

farliMgreatiDgBof the iweelhearta, m the 
Aom the ester door. The three old fellowi oould not 
b* actiiig, ibr Ibey ware free and unambarraned, and 
be had maniionad hia bnnneaa to but one of the Boo- 
diMiena, who had oarer been oat oT hia aigfat, and 
dMfafcre why riioiild they attempt deoaptieo when 
ibif were igwmnt (tf the purport ti bm viaitt Still 
b* had an nndaflnad idea thai Ibe object of b> pni- 

•nil waa in Ihe homa, tltbeDgh he waa anable lo 
point him out. There waa but liltia diBarence in the 
■lie or Ihe (bar men, and Ihe ailh atocking bad bean 
•o much mutilated in ita ramonal from the leg, aa to 
aflbrd no clue lo the aiia of the limb. The loldier- 
like bearing and omparalive youth of Ihe Hrgeant 
indaced Iha officer lo regard him with a anapicioaa 
eye. \ 

*■ You hsTe been ihaoling. ntonaieur," taid he, aa 
Fiette laid aiide hia equipmanta. " Did you enr 
abool a man t" added he. with cooaiderabte poinl. 

" Some downa." waa the reply, and the aargeaat 
quietly lighted bii cigar. 

" la not ynur lame leg a aerioua difficulty in the 
apom of the field T" inquired Turgot. 

" Something ; but we have a geoenl method here 
in Vendee, of naing guna whan lama lap do not mc- 

llM policeman quailed, and changed the oonvaiaa- 
tiMi 1 - 1 heard mnaic and dandng when I eoiered- 
la-there a pro f ewor in the chalaao V 

n* maninia roae and made a bew. " I h*ve the 
faooor. Ah, what would Lonii SaiitJaK My. if he 
knew that hie old and frilhhd Mrrani Ihe Haiquia da 
la Mont Lolira— " 

" Whair' laid the effioer, "are you the Haiquia 
de la Moot Loiite t I ihoughl your name waa Ch>- 

■■ I Ibonghl io too, but I can't iniwer Ibr any Ihing 
if 1 am inlerrupled. What, 1 By, would Louii Sat- 
uim€ My, if be knew that Ihe Maiqaii de la Mem 
hmirt had raaigned hii aneieni hall to Ihe pntpoaae 
of e dancing aebool i"- 

" 1 beg your pardon, mooaiaur, Ibr having JDlenupled 
you. A eofk leg muM be a aerioua evil to a daneins 

" So ia a gouty head to a nation," Mid Pierre, whoae 
republican ■[riiil prompted bim to have a fling at llie 
diMaaed mooarch Iben filling ihe Frendi thnme. 
" Uke our cork legi, we would father be without the 
incumbrance, if we knew a vy to belter ooiteWta." 

Thii remark Inmed lb* cooveiaatioo upon Ibe eW 
■orbing topic of polilicai Turgot lor a while fiirgot 
the aetuie of hia errand. Gaioo, wiifa officieai eager* 
neaa, limped about the room, bni, unnaed to the iiao- 
ble of aciing a part, neglecied to keep up bie cbane- 
ler. and frequently dropped Ihe limp in loto, lill re- 
minded by • glance or " hem" Tram hia mMler, when 
be would iaatanlly limp again, and frequently jeAed 
the wrong l(« ; but never did be make • mi«ake with- 
out iialantly looking at the police officer, u if be 
dreaded being diKovered in hii fault. Turgot ob- 
Krred alt thia, and dewrmining to eolve the eoigme 
uf the univeiMl lamenma, if poMibJe. propoaad a 
walk before dinner. He »-«a aware ihat cork lege 
ware u good ai fieah whan folded uDder a ubie or 
before a fire, bui in the open fieWa, in conaiant eier- 
ciae, be expected to moke nrae valnable obaervationB. 
The pmpoad waa coidly received. Bonchretian beg- 
ged to be eicoaed, u hia daughtei wai ahoul to write 
bim aome amneia lo lattan livm Pvia of great im- 
potlance. The matqnii, under prelence^o 




ing I* Madw—iitiltoVif.feUowtd hi ouiof ihe woifc 
Cloporu wBDi up (lain tur hu muffboi. uid mtsmM 
PiBiM pnllad vtt tua aboMing gtiten, dihI (tvore Ih&l 
ha had vnlkad enatigfa fiir one day. Aa he iaffed hia 
bif h qiwnned ahoaa. and donoed a pati of saay liifr- 
pan, Tuifot obaervod a veiy naluial workiog of ibe 
imiaiilai of Iba righl foot Fiorie look np hia foniiog- 
|M«cs, and alandmg in twnt of Iho rire-pUre. begao 
to elaan oui the bmrala aDer hia day'a eporL Turgnt 
antifid iaio converaslioa wilb him, and Mi-alohing lib 
opponuoUr, aaj»d ibe lirctanga aa if la rtplaca a fal- 
len atiok of wind ; preiendiiig ig aiumbU, he tainnicd 
ihe live coal which be lipid beiwecii the nippoia vt 
tba loDtii agaioat ihe calf part of the leg whirb Pierre 
bad deckred lo be ooik. The caigeaDl jerked ayray 
hia leg nilh an awful oath, and applied ilia raonid 
of hia goDi nilh a •Hipgeiog cut, aoroaa ihe latter 
eeelioni of ibe ofGcer, na he wu alooping 
An. Bath aoliona were inv<JuDtary with Pisirei 
he iaaMMly recovered hia cxanpeaura, and illhougb 
the inlegDment of hia calf waa aeveiely 
refhtiuol ftoni eibibillDg any Gulber enol 
got nibbed hia tvouaded teal in ailoooe, Gil 
raaola i be wa* eu'are ibal he had girea Iha fint of- 
fence, and the Gna dslermina 
gaie pravanted any eiprenvo 
MVehir of the lelura. Al laat, 
Ihoogb your right leg waa roada of c«rk I" 
" Ii thai uiy renaon why it ahould be bural ?" 
■■ Do you ptelaad to bevo feeling in your woi 

I know but Utile of Ihe Gwce of 
iba baiaan &ane, or lie 
would HOI have aaked the queatioD- 1 1 
i*aaileo4«g|«d inralida dadan ibti ihey (ell ikeir 
Beaky laea ache al ihe and of Iheir oaken MuiBpa. 
mya^f often faal the abooting of a com Ihal o 
iBMBaled ray ti*e SxA." 

Turgor had heard of iheae Ireaiu of tba imagi 
tiatt, bnl ha Ihoogbl that Pinrrs'a aymialhy with 
■caicbed corii waa lalher too lively. He fell aalia, 
ibai Pterraand Oaion were btii ahaain 
•ad ma me cnavincad that the inmaiaa of >he cfai 
taaa were playing him aooe trick. The snund of 
Addle {mm an adjoining chamber auracled hia altei 
twa j reaolving lo (ullon up fata reacarchea, be lelt the 
nana with a ahort apology, and quietly opened ihe 
door of ihe mit apannMnlj he wiahed tu aurpriae Ih 
dancer*, but hia otijecl waa fraalrated by the auperic 
vigilance of ibe aergaant- Aa TargoL upprooched th 
danoing romn, ba haaid twu loud ihumpa againai tli 
wainacunt of the apartrocnt hahad jislquilted. Whe 
h" opened the door, tbe raarquii and Ihe lively Vif 
K«re pnaiiiing Ihe minuet de ta cour, with lasie 
agillly ond limping gnce. The impertarbabtegt 
with which they wont through Ihia ridicnioua 
of Ibe coifc lega, almon induced tbe officer to be 
in the reality of (heir deprintiona, bul a loud laugh 
frara tbe doorway claimed bia notiea, a 
palM all doubt. Bonekraiien, who hal folbwed him 
into Ihe room, waa ao anoaKl el Ibe oddaaaa of tba 
groNaqne evolntianB indalged in by ika 
he waa ■ntUt W tmlma Ua Unshier. The old U- 

Ion waa aUogaibei niuoh delighud with the caaii- 
raliiy of hi* aubeine. and enholdeoad by aucaea, had 
been planning a few more joke* iit ihe nilnaialimm 
>r Ibe Paritian poticemen. -' Come, M. da l^tEel," 
•id he, "the gravity of M. Ctopoite alwaya dram i 
augh fiom me ; you wiahed lo walk ; we ha«a half 
10 hour before dinner — lei ne lake you o>«r ny 

Tbe ChiM^ and the piJiccraan left llie racai loge 
ititt,. liberating Ibe danccn ftom Ibe aeccMity of re- 
unial. Tlie lively \'if ihrew heiecif upon a eamjk, 
ind itMlulged in a hearty lii of Uughlet that rnrbtd 
llieeanafTulgulaabeqiiillsd Iba halt. UpoaciOMD; 
ihe Uwn, a laboliei plonghman woe limping dawD Ihe 
pilb, ahuffling lbs Tvoodeo ahoe and hii lame lag in& 
pampoiM dahbetaiion and EauchdtBt. Toigol lailcd.' 
and, poiMing to lh« peaaant, aaid pleaMLUly to Bm- 
Bcveely worth while (o pot his ta 

garden faioe ; a heai7 ekg ma taauoed M oae <tf bn 
hirKl Up. «Dd gave him a caleh in hia gHL " Tmta 
well if every ■■ who baa walked lame ud^, hat 
■a good a leaaon," aaid Tingot. Benehtatii eooghed, 
but contioaed hi* liaqk. Borne liHle doeUiagi Kim- 

bled Pi litili anil iijih iniiliiil liiaaiiiaa wldliil 

BCaoaa the read. A lillcr of yoong piga bobyad alcog 
on liine legi each, holding up ihe daiwr lac of part, 
and •queakiog vilely. "You have eivn yeomlf 
nuob trouUe, M. Bimchntiaa ; do not tana ynr live 
■taxkoiByaecaanL I«l ii* uedeMoad one aaMiur. 
you are aware of my boiiDat*, and 
of i^ liniled klwtUedga -of Iba odaodo'e panoa. I 
kimv iM if youtaelf, or yonr bmber, at lb* oU 
dancer ba ihat oSeodar, but I ■moartaia thaibeiiu 
be laaad amongu you ihraa. We ace abate, nd 1 
will apeak freely — a Acndaaau eiciiaa mr mf latMi 
lo Paria, woaM &ea you feon Iha tronblai and in- 
vent any fulnte tnltojmtBa." 

" We will apeak of tbia l»«ighl," aeid BoodMiMi- 
" II cannot be lightly aeldad." 

The day wore on- The dinner honr paaed, anl 
Ibe lotem limped off to the afber al the aad of ih* 
garden. BaochiViiHI lad Cloparta retired M Ihe lit- 
tle back parlor lor conaoltation on Torgot'a fwljie^al, 
wbicb waa aeiiled lo be delibaalely alept cai aad d^ 
cided in the nutnir^g. Turgol wsi to be innwl le 

It the . 

lained { bul the general limp nsa lo be kept nf, ia 
caca he ahoaU be too eiorbilanl in hia ptice, it lh«r 
■hotrid olherwiie decide not to aeoada to bit pio- 
poaaL The marqniftaBar vainly endeavoring leka« 
up a coavetaation with Ihe policeman, adiad peiai» 
aion lo enjoy hit uiual balf houHa airala, and ibiDwiag 
hinnelf u)im Iba aofe, he covered hia bee wilb h* 
handharobier, ami leeiaed lodaep. Target, wi>l> ■ 
policeuui'* eye, aaw the oppaitaaily, aad rt—int f 
■eim il ; drawing a panluife fnan ba poifea^harimt 
thiiy crept lo Ihe aide of tbe nnrqiM and isMad 
ihepDintiolbec^ of thea^iinadcarii lag. Tb* 
matqnia. who waa not aalee^ had aeen hit aoliM 
Un teuon of ite^haa tail aak* 



pon 6k which 111* knifa wu dianrn, aod raiolvcd 
ID ■eiifiee ku fiiaitd. The blade of ihs koire ^ 
Ihut in(a llu flnh. bat ha raared not ■ mutele of 
lii> lag,' aod Tuncoi fatiicd fruD iha nfa believuig 
IhU he had aarciy wooBdad a ea« of cork eni 
pad in slkuid flaoneL la ■ lewminulaa ofienvDida, 
he quiltad the mom. aaliafiad Itiel the alaaper 
ibeo(j*e(of hi) pamiii. Thenarquia nu* rron 
■06— ■ Ibio alreakof blood ilided <k>nn the old n 
lag( hia liab ma aUT and paiufuL He bum tniu 
Man: be leaied Ibal hia dancing daya were over, and 
■ha mo of hia happinaa wh eclipKd fiw lib. 

Tatfat donasded five ihouawvl fnoca bi tian- 
att, and fainled thai ha naa aatnaiiitad HiiL the per- 
«o of the crusinal, and abould niae hii price if hi* 
tana war* lot aeeeded lo bf iha morning. The pat- 
ti« niiad M Nat. Totpd. draadiog kom autpriaa^ 
eanfgUr aa ichad round hii roOB, and locked thg 
doei wilh • doable lam. He vent lo bed, but vraa 
imaUa Id aleap; a awod of moaoing arota in the ad- 
joiiiim fitmml; aoba oT deep diHre^ and tlatu of 
MSaiaf and of pain. The officer naa, and peeping 
thWBgh a oievice in the boardad parlilioD, aaw the 
old vaiqiui ailtiog upright in bed, in iI^b out cbaio- 
bet; bia ipeclBdea vien aaddling hit noae, and uiih 
iMor Mlrea and faeaja of lint, tte woa dreaaiDg Ihe 
kmla wound ia the calf of bii beloved leg. Tbe 
piltiamui aarad, and hwtad again, and wonderad ai 
ha looked. Tbe lag wai not cork— it ma boo^Rde 
flahaud blood, and Uw dancing maater could not be 
Ihe miudant of the naiiz noMacie. 

It mi erideol that he <!ould Duke rw bargain with 
BcM^ialian while he waa igowaiitaf tbeeulpnl'aper- 
nti ke koaw that Pierre, Ihe marqun, and Caron. 
•nta amopt from all cauae of aotpicioD j the crimi- 
nal «■■ aithac Bonohratiea hiraaeir, ot that quiet my*- 
■aooui brathar who bad received the atalemani laeaat 
(nip far BoDcluBtieo'eaar. Hia plan vnu aoon ibimed j 
be applied hia caodle to the coilaina of Ihe bed, and 
at the Hanwnnoualed to Iheoeiling. ha ifaouted aloud 
*Fi»! fire!" and, IhlDning open hii door, watched 
iK the appearance of Ihe otgaeta of hia doubt. Clo- 
porte had tut retired to bed j he ruabed fioin hii room 
<ii the fini alarm, and wilh hii uiUTOidable and na- 
tural limp, hobbled atong ifae gallery ; but Boochre- 
lien, aaiiaua lur tlw aafetp of hia dai^hter, duteil 
Uam hti chamber wilh all hii native energy, forget- 
ful of the lirap he had aaaamed, and eihibitlng two. 
thick fleaby lege which niuld doI be mialaken tor cork. 
He jumped into the midat of the damea, and, with 
Piene'e tniataoea, lore the blanug curlaina from the 
loda; • Jew bucketa of water, handed Bp by the nc- 
live Qeron, eitinguiibed the Sre, eod it wai aoon d«- 
tamined that all danger wai at an end . 

" How ID Ihe name of heaven did you conirive lo 
iputa the draperyr aaid Boncbrelipn. 

" An Bceident — not lo be regretted, cerWinly, aince 
ilhai given me tn emllent sight of youi cork leg.'' 
"Dog!" aatd BonchTetim, M the truib fluhed on 
hii mind, ultd be aeiiad the palioamaa by the Ihnal; 
"dog! ta autiit^ a curioaiir landing not i* the eadi of 
jMice, bat to yoot own infarmd anrioe, yua have 
riaked the daMmdion of my hoaaav aad the livaa of 

ft K LEG. 170 

i>y children and my fri«uli; oat at ^ houae! do 
loDger shall my roof ibelier you, viper aa ;a« ai^- 
oat of my houae, and if I ace you here again, ymi 
■hall have tbe contaata of my amtigglw'a bluoderboM 
ia your black and bculol heart" The oonlaat wm 
■hotl { ihe alDldy Chouan worked the (truggling po- 
liceman lowatda the window, which bad bees lifted 
up fur ihopnrpoaeof leiiingouliheiTOcke. Hedaah- 
ei ihe fclbw Ituoaih Ihe open apaae; the body fell 
on to the roof of an out-houae, which, fbrtonalely, WM 
not far lienetth. and rolling down tbe ■'■■"■t'b iooC 
lumblod jirelty eaaily oo to Ihe lawn. Boochtetien 
ckMed the window, and deairad all partial to ratirs 
lain ID iheit reapeetive rooma. 
Turgot wai not much hurt by hia Ul, alllwiifb 
oanaidanbly olanned. He roared &ir pity i ahiieked 
murder; and iwore reveage— but all in vain. He 
tried Ihe iaileninga of Itw ilc»n of ihe ohataaa, bnl h* 
niighl ai well have aiceiopled lo open tbe lolid wall, 
n ominoui growling froio a mailiff that aeomed clnae 
hand, and the niibdniwal of the lighta from the va- 
Ma wiodowi, beaide Ihe nipping of ihe cold nighl 
r, for Taigoi waa a chtmitt, gave him potentitl 
ale of the necaoiiy of moiioo. Hs loaied (u hie 
cloibea, bat waa anawered only by the htyiog of tbe 
dog. Ue tried to find the alableat but the taij of (ha 
animal lecmed momaoUrily to increaaa;" and, mad 
with rage and revenge, he jumped Ihe paling of the 
chateau, and eat offtunBiog down tbe road br the vil- 
lage inn — a diatonce of more than two milea. 

1 auppoae the •aoandrd will fetch up ttia gtadai- 
je in (he taoniiag," aaid BmchrelieB to Keirei aa 
they retired akog the gallaay- 

doiiblit. In one of hia iraafwialdiaeovawdaa 
old coouade, wbo waa wilh me at Walarlm. Hs 
one of Ney'a pati, and ia already tired of th* 
boa pay- I ptomiaed hkn ■ aitaaiua oo the fann 
for lile. if he would deeerti ha jumped at my o&i^ 
and went off ibia evening lo Foolsoay, then lo hid* 
urgel ihall have left ibii put of the coaatry- 
Ta aave traubla, I believe that he made Ua eonnd* 
drank belbre he weal, and canied off the ania and 
ammunilion of the party," 

" Good '." aaid Bouchretien. " Poor Tuigut ! il ■ 
la mat a boire! Oo lo bed — we are,nle fat to- 

Turgot luccoeded in obtaining adraiitance at Iha 

village ino, and jumped into bad. hat found itdifficalt 

•leap. He waa chilled to the faeari, aod perfeclty 

diipiriied. He determined, at all haiarda, to aom- 

lii men ia the morning, proceed to the chateaa. 

and arreai the brother uf Bonchreiioa upon the charge 

uf murder. lie could not be wrong: he had proved 

fabiiy of four cork l^i, and ihe limp of the fiAh, 

he hour of danger, conhl oat be deceptive. He 

buried hit head btnaath the iheeM, and tried lo aleep 

—^xinDiloa cork lege aoeied in the deplha of the dark 

armiaa of limplag men nmrahad te the reanie ; 

lioofa of lame hortea, ridden by eergeaala annad wilh 

ramrodi; rale with cork laga; flylB( aogafe-lriA 

wooden limba — all the a l t iai g e •hiaaMvtf diaaMad 

ftncy, raiileatnetnairf pain t^awd tteNiWof Ui 

naiitHi. At one tJM) JM m tff-imA Ml • 




Stfal lup, be hncied thai fa* wu kicked from tfaa 
toner of Kotra D«ng b]r lonia gigtnlic demon wilb 
0»k leg — the long and hoirid &U termintlad in th 
bteakiiif of all hii limba. and be awoke in an agony 
of meal and lear. Twice did he jainp from hii bed. 
■■tkfied thai ifaa loom waiinOaHMai and once, whan 
chilled and nrelched, he relamed u> bii bed, Ibacold 
Mtllrd in hta eitremiiiea, and ai be doiad, ha believed 
thai bolh hia legi nare liunad lo Mik ; he parted 
tnfh ihia opinion only nheo a ainak of cnunp leited 
iipoD Iha rineiTB of hii daitar calf, and cauied him lo 
imafiDa that the dancing maiter wu retaining, with 
iniereat. ibe Ihruat of the penknib. B« aroee, al 
dayluvak, ftieriih and mi; cork Itgi were itill ihe 
'■ulqeciof fail tbongbtL He eeughi biBuir in an un- 
connioDi hobUe aa be walked to the window, and 
ilmoal eipecled lo aea the tavam aign aidianged 
fioalhenanljr ivmud Jltur-Jtiu to tb« oeuiipreaenl 
jaaiit de liige- 

H. de Toigot called for Ihe gendarDMi : ha waa in- 
Ibtmad Ifaal boihof Ihambid departed franlha inn — 
one of tham, wilh Ihe armi of himMlf and hi* com- 
panioD, want on Iha previooi aveoing ; and the other, 
diaading rebuke and poniduneol ibr hit dniakenneee 
and neglaet, bad followed bii comrade'! nample in 
ihe early morning. The officer did not compUia or 
hia dteertiaa: be nw Ihai ble ran againat him, and 
leeolved M nrnggle lo the laat. He adied ih« land* 
lord • bw queatiooB aboni Bmdirelien'B bnihei — the 
man with iha corfc Itg. He waa enipiiaad to find Ihai 
Bonebraiien hul never been bUat wilh a ftalatnal 
tie; thai Ibe danoing^naMer ww the ci-davani mar- 
quia; and ibatihaChoaan.whoiwwiiibabiled ilieeha-' 
laiD, wee » moch beloved by Ihe piManiry. ihal ii 
wDold ba dafigerota Sbt taj fona lem poieni (ban an 
(Dtlra ragimeni, lo endeavor (o remove one of faii 
friande &an (ha iheltM irf' hia roof. Tbt [ulicanen 
knew Ibal ha waa foiled in 0*017 "*ri hul, deter 
mining open revenge for the many decepcioM piae- 
tiaed upon him by the wily imngfler, ha reeolved to 
retnm to Paria, and by Ihe itrength of bii eeeevera- 
t)one,aDd Ihe eierlion of biainteiaet.i^wureiDfflcienl 

force and aimaulhoiiqiibr Ihaarreatof ibapctaaaoT- 
the nniderer. 

On hit relnni 10 Parii, he wu annoyed to find Ibat 
Ihe nbiahered veteran nbo had eombatad Cloperte, 
the man with the cork leg. had not Ihooght fit to die 
at all. He ridiculed Ihe idea of a pielol bell paniDg 
who had frizzled in Egypt and fine 
of the gloiioiia Napo- 
leoo. The life of the nesz mmalacAe wae a ad dia- 
Turgot. nbo had eoconnlerei locfa 
much for the pnrpon of eaaing him 
revenged, aa in the hopea of making tba captnrc of 
hii miuderer a ineaDi of at leaatof d»- 
ing peconiary advanMgs ftom winking al ifaa cnl- 
pril'a aicape. 
The inhebitanla of Iha chateau remained tot nsa 
«eki in ignwanoe oT the alieralion in afluia, pm- 
dncad by the obellnate clinging lo life in Cloporte'* 
anlagooiat. The chalaan remaiuMl bacricaded ; Fien* 
and hie comrade, the deeerter gendaima, raliavad aedt 
other in Ihe waldi. End laugbt the pnaenbj; die sa* 
le half down mmkeii and onllawta. ndtfa vari- 
one amlntitma and laeihoda of deieooe, tiH Ibe nrival 
of a tetter from the Jriend at Ptnt nbo bad iimiilMl 
Clopone in hia eacape. The newa of the vatena'a 
reetoration ended Ibe wariike atafo of aflkir^ aad 
ibanged the prapaialioHa into nolea of foalivlqr and 



gaant Pierra de Feen : Clopoite aeoeied Ponehreliea 

appiDg aoBO docan bairala of fanma brawei ; 

■he Marqnia de la Monl Lorire, not qoila cared 

of Ibe wound in bia calf, daoead a new eeamnde with 

incicaecd iuccaH. The beallh of the bride waa givvD 

many eheera; Pierre returned thanka. and Bos- ■ 
chielien, aa her &tber, indulged in a ajainrh Be re- 
verted 10 the vicil of Ihe policeman, imMidly rtMailmf 
hie meana of trinmph, awore never lo deaeit an old 
cmnrade who had amialed him to li^l Ihe good fight 
in day* gDOe by, and ended with propoeing a bumper 
lo Iha longeviiy of M. Clopone, Ilia man wilh 

The Cork Leo. 



What aoA tow alraini are Iheea I heat, 

'Hial oomee my dreama between) 
Oh, awiber, look ! who OMy il be 

That playi ao late at e'en I 
-IheunoKNind: taeenoloKBi 

O, reel in alumbet mild : 
They'll biing no muaic 10 Ihe^iow, 

My poor, my tickly child." - 
It il not munc of the earth. 

That makea my heart n light ; 
The engela call me with iheir eonga. 

Oh, nothar dear, good nigbt! 

Iif a garden fair were roeiuing 

Two lovaiB band in band; 
Two pole and abadowy craatorea, 

They aal in that flowery land. 
On Ihe Ufa they kimed each olber. 

On the cbaika 10 full and ttsooth ; 
TMy wars lock'd in clow emhracingi, 

They ware blilha wilh the Suih of youth. 
Two balla wen lolling aadly,— 

The dream haa paaa'd awey j 
She In a narrow eloiiter, « 





ib Fiiihflil, Jipbet in Scwcta of ■ ynker, he. kc. 

Cloud, ttui nau on ihe niiNiDtaiii, (ill Ihe brilbl 

SUl compri ibee to rin and to wutdar anof . 

Lit ibt fthi' whkh ipnada ha wingi, flags'"! 

nnmn Dplbcoogh ipac^ilo Iha Cu nalmiaf blua. 
malirpoiMd.wilM riUmicailw wiiigilMping, 
Or mbsf, widL light wind* ^ad eonpaiif kaapiBg. 
ft nlM Dp brSan tfae wild horricwM't bUd, 
NoK Ai Mnmer ii omer, wtt> doad, wh&t haih pwt I 

Oftd'v llw Bifhl'i qnaui I h>T* thtowii mj dark Tell, 
lb oaead fina bar it»it which mighl well tnm hai 

DNdi,*riucliia(inalalMiM«kfi«D]eachuihei lohkla, 
WUle lb* f]m of an ■U^aniof Ood ihajr derida. 

I^ raftah Ik* Kcrck'd flow'n which war* falntins 
(fmiwtpd with Bj dawi, thar bava baiM iha bri^t 

And tbs jtoataa who witched the ciMr ikici ia d«>- 

FiiM hailed toe with jap, ibcn luiall grateful in pnjrar. 

Bjr the teapeat** loud roar I've baeo it 
TV join with aj fallnwa in dire battle anafj 
HoHad by the wild bUn «a trndt Mber cl^iii«, 
Fieroa ia Ihe coBHiot — while the ibniMl«r lood iiiadi 

Ti* the ahriek of bope fled— on Ibe wild biUowe UW, 
Her (ucmaM ii rivao and the proud Tenel'i lot ; 
■nie lighmuig baa icathed ber, the OaoM iweap lh» 

Tba faelmaian. itmck blind, diofi aghaat la (be 

Tboa* who fbodlf had dwelt on the welcoue of 

FraaNd and maddened bjr Bra, aeek a wateiy Knb. 

Arnign not, 'twaa mercy — the Lord thranad od higb> 
View'd the taint in the air, and lha blight in the ihj. 
Some periib— bat oMiiagion bn fled Trom the ihore. 
Awl milliona are ipared, atill to leva and adore. 

F. H. 

a, wilh tbeii ninp 


FOR . 


Hns un are mat, all tmrn of jollil; , 

BsTfing nobodf, ell Kiaa of glaei 
(^htririiing joj, but aptuniog Triv^itj, 

Who *o menp and happy la we .' 
Money we eraTe not, money wa mt* not. 

Oar heark from miaerty mopUiaaa five; 
At thia wDTld'a carea and IblUae we tmTe nok 

flat langb wbM wa ■*• ibam, and ling merrily, 
Matting oan aoor ui, wbP* wa are heaping 

lUa ntMHMl Oatinl, d««i io the nul. 

Our ajrea never aleapiDi in waien, oi weeping 
Salt laara M embitter the draughta of the bowl. 

Bail to the ipirit that fondly it crowning 
Tia* raoment of joy wiib ber fav'iing amile, 

When &te on onr hopa moil luuihly ia frowning. 
Her preeenca can all our tomwi begnile- 

Put« are the pleacarea our bMrta ire partaking, 
Free from the imnblee that damagogaea ■eab; 

Politica never oar bannany breaking, 
H«K we all meet at ibe ckae of ib* week; 


n iluknon ini] 
wfor •umiiin;. 

Partiei polilicsl, all hyporrilical. 

Saucy ■mbilion. ihal Teigiu 10 b« nie«k ; 
Holiday ipeecher, ptoor* analylical, 

Honon. depending un popbUr fieak; 
Pilriou, (or (iHire incpHUilly bawling, 

amplelom. cnUnl. hy ibe miiltilude, wixi ; 
Pltdgea. enlhrallmg ihe alBvea ubo are callirg 

Fair freedom the goddnBi whoas gtorjrlhey priie i 
Away with Ihem nil '. Iheir nuiiaenM ditdaioiDg. 

Wo wanl Ihem nol near u«, our blia id annoy, 
Ths aiiirit af peace is over ua reigning. 

And poar* through oiuheana bet fall lideoTjoy. 
Fond'or iDciety. friendi of aobrieiy, 

The goblet ne drtnk corrnpca not tiM brain ; 
Water's inaipid. and— juat for variely — 

Tbe glaaa that enlirana the (m^, wo drain. 
Social mjoyneM— aita, gwj nod gted aoDOgb, 

Are tbe oiygan gM we all love lo brealbe; 
UCtwoaM bend Bnoaghiikway and bMiemogh, 

If flowera around it ws noTer should wrsMhe. 
Hail lo the apint, Ac. 

One aeercl have we, Ibe Juggli 
Wbodiraud alltheit achea 

We give faoneil hearts 

Their pagea conlain < 
Our lecrel we hide ftvin Ihoae who deride 

AH plewiiTea n'll valued by dollar and cant, 
Tia one by philoaaphy's acience suppliad, — 

TikeepouiMlvea warn with iha glow oreMitaDL 
GynooBopbiala, aurly and proud, are Done of us, 

Freerooonry*B croft lo ui is anhuowD, 
Candid and free ■• each nMHhei's aoo of ut, 

An* ihey who don'i like «— may let m alow 


CoMC, brash off (he cobweba that cumber your bnin. 

And Ut fancy have holiday, free from alloy ; 
Heaven hnowa I tifi, baa brought us enouglieritapain, 

So DOW il ahall lend ui nms momenrs of joy ; 
Than fill up your glosaes, and in iheir wave dip 
. G^ cha'plets of myrllo, embellished with flowera, 
And while you are ptMing ihe brim tu your lip, 

Drint deep la ihe mem'iy of pleasure's pasi boura. 
Drink again !— let the looii of oOeciion go round, 
Pot the days when thai pleasure our heaila conld 
iM the minsliel awaken ihe harp's happy aound, 

While ihe graces are tripping the man of itae dance. 
A year ii departing ! — it will noi return, 

But why should we grieve ** il panes away ! 
The lamp of eiialence bul fainlly would hum, 

If clouds Ao-SU encompaH the paih of lis ray. 
O! let Ihem nol darken its flasw with Iheir gbem, 
Obacure not ii. ,pl„rior „i,h ^, mournful Mr, 
But cull every Oower, iha hireal in bkiom. 

To crown with Iresh gailanda ibe coning new year. 
The King of Olympus bids Gsnynade fill 
A bunper ofneclu, more bii^i ibaa chaiofwgn. 

whom he nilta atUi 

While he laughs at old Time, 

Though ihe gray-heard urarps over nunab tu 
To-day lo a feast all Ibe guds he invlMa, 

And culli upon each Ibr aloail or a sraig; 
Wilh tbe bail of his wii all his gueala he delights. 
As the cup panes round the bacchanal Uuo^. 
"Pledge on high!" he oictaims. as he lipa off bii 

" Let us drink lo ilie year that is apeeding any: 
We care not how swiftly Ihe hours may pos^ 

Since Ihey dare nut, in heaven, Bsserl any sway. 
Hero, Hebe, while G 

Replenith my gobki oaani lo &t bnta ; 
fjot one of the gods, who to-day is my gwsl, 

Wilh aaigbof r^reliBie^lendeiKeBbailda. 
While morlals are biiUiag ■ Ung'i^ ^i«« 

To lime, as be diea, lei ihaa ahed ml a Uar, 
Bui greet, with a welcome, wenn, heai^ aaA nw 

Tbe hopH thai are riMng to b^M the naw Ysn." 


Tit yout glasa who carw 

How swift the menenl's Of, 
While each one with il bean 

A flower that eammi die T 
Coma, Buaic^ nuEibfnl airaia, 

To cbarm this chosen hour. 
Strike up thai ooie again. 

It haa a aaailiing power. 
Who wooU laiiisa la pull 

A flower, for fear of ihortia! 
Who, when ihe bowl is full, 

Would aay. of ill it tvams r 

Let lover's bill and coo. 

Consumed by Cupid's torch ,' 
A gentler flame we woo. 

Our hearts it will not scorch ,- 
Tia kindled fiem ihe bowl. 

That flows more pure at night. 
When blisa pervades the aoul 

Wilh mjtdesi raya of light. 
Then qnirkly dmln Iha cup. 

Nor slay its drops to eip; 
Hast*.' drink ihe neclar up. 

Before ii leaves your lip. 

Philoaopbeis may preach 

Of fnllies, that they lly. 
Add rules of vjnue leack. 

By which we all iMy die. 
Our social ail can give 

The mare oUuring rulM, 
That tewih us how lo live. 

And lu^h at laaraiag's faola. 
Tnuh lisa, 'lia said, qnile loiv 

In waMm of the well. 
But heller inith^ we kaow. 

In all 





(Condnurfl fhni Pigv 9t 


di IQ Ibc imk dT ibt voUeTUIff bib 
Uifa bm lUnd >iDH Tltr «diU be 

The wiadowf of the cvri*ce were clmed ligfatly, 
ud Uw vehicle inve rapidlj off The duknnB in 
nhicb I wu coDfiDwl — ibii ludJanneu wiib which 
Of Kfaamea <*ara pnMraied, and I wu contijpied to 
Ae aliBial caitaio piwpMt or leog impriiwDnieiil oi 
dealli — uid abov« at), ihe Bgililiun produced by the 
ftufnt le-appmruice anil apparant power of my old 
•id ttyilcTioua oneay, Hailbnl — cunrmad my www 
■0 madi ihat a coiuiderable lime elapied belbie I wai 
ftirly comckiui of Ihe pnidun in which I wui. Aa I 
^wly recoTeied lo a knowledge of ihe reality of Ihe 
change which the eTBDU of a momani had wrought in 
m; ooodiliuD, ihete nnhad upon my *aul ao agiuiy 
of tu»TOr which I lltooght would have dnlroyed my 
leaign. la Ii&, the preaent iaa ihingadkaugbijuur 
only a i ia la o c * i* by niMMty in Ibe piil, and by bjitj 
in Ibe faliue ; eiperiauce and hope ate lb* abudea of 
001 conaciouancaa. and the abapn of Ihe oqo nad ihe 
Aadowaof tha olhar make up our apiriliul idtolilyi 
•bco, Ihaisla/a, any svenl occun nhich changea Ihe 
carmt of our yekrt and aoium a new fulure Ibr iu> 
t porlioD of our mealal being ia Lorn froni ua. 

IVbea Ihii faeUug had paved away, and I regained 
the amaglh and utM of my miikd, I wai oi a man 
w^ baa pwHid ihroogb delirium or inunity. The 
■avne diatiefa of mind with which the uneipeded 
appanlion of ilarfoid had wnujg my fMUng*. aeemed 
ta bar* acalbed my aanaat ibr a momanl aa wilb ihe 
blade of iightoing ; and loch a gulf had Ihe vehe- 
laenae of emolion phragbad up in my recollecliaiu, 
thatlhaflTealaof lb* evening occurred to mo ai from 
ha|Md a long uaci of yearai fur change of faoling 
■olinipBMa lapae of lime. By a nroog sSuri, however, 
I poi lo flight all dnturbence and diairaoiion of mind, 
and banl all ihe eneigtea of o^ inlf licet to the conii- 
demttaaof lb diScaltiee in wbicb I wai plunged. 
Itf devoted aod implaoable enea^ had again oloaed 
with na in deadly alruggle, and I wae lo wreille arm 
ta aim and breim to breail with ihe iieraaal and ■lamcal 
[ — woneof beU. Thii aitnordisary man who now 
oonlrmled me in deeperale encumilar, mmt have fol- 
' lawtd ■• in avaiy iiep whiah I had laken aiua we 
PHMdaaare Ifcaa two yatm babre; h« mint have 
tMMd ali mf ocBidiict aad nada hinaalf asqaaialed 

wilb all my projecla ; fur he hud availed himaelf, in 
a manner that aeemed mitacutoiuly opportune, of Ihe 
only moment in all my life in which I alood in a po- 
■ition lo b« luiiwd. A* I ran over in ny ibongbu 
(ha chaiacLar and conduct of ihia panon. [ fell roused 
lo a apiiit of eurlion and energy which aipelled all 
fear, and gave me aaiuraoca of auoceai in Ibeencona- 
ler, Pride and anger, w well aa ■eirpreaervalioo, 
urged me lo cope with the ruihleaa maebinationa of 
■bit relenllcM foa;and I determined ihal if reaolution 
and iii{|eBuiiy,Bnd unqoailing nerve conld tbwarl Ibe 
malice of ihii man, hia ficodiih hale ahould yei be 

It ii "lie of the inalaucee in wbicb eilreme depca. 
vily by ilia very law of eiitlence defeat! idelf. Ibal 
aniangtlieacliSciul politiciona of European diplomacy, 
crad ntia >o regular and deceit fo ayblamatic, that 
ronducl might liadlly be counted on with ej much 
certainty an if can<!or and good bith had tegnlaled 
action. The force and aclivity of the (aiaioni ia ao 
diverte in diOerenl tncom*, that whera feeling )waya 
Ihe judgmeni. one man cannot eaiily divine the de- 
eiaion of another, became he cannot eaiily meaaure 
Ihe iuflaeiKea which are working upon hia mind j but 
in that acbeme of counael from which all impnlaive 
mMivea are beniihed.ond Iha only guide of reaolution 
ia the ioleUeClnal principle of policy and inlereel, an 
unvarying rule ia ael up, which the enemy sa well ai 
Ibn ndiiaer can inlerpret j for Ihal which alwaye c«k 
culalea if ilwlf elwaya caloulabte. Thna it haa oltm 
happened lhaliaenorplaio«nt*erily bavevanqniahad 
Ibe gniybeardi of intrigue, aimply bacauwi Ibeir pria- 
ciple of action waa ao unateady that it could not be 
IhrfkDDwn and meaaurcd. Il wua ihia certainly of 
falieliood, and' Ihii unifoctuily of lorlnouaneaa which 
gave me conlidatica in the proapect of encounlering 
prince Wilalein. He noi a man thai never allayed 
into iruib, and never blundered Inlohonealy; hut wilb 
a arientilic duplicity and a logical Bolfiehneae, calmly 
wrought out the ptoblemi of avarice and ambition, aa 
if they had been 04Uilic»it in algehro. The conaide- 
ration of the inciieioenla which would eel upon him 
wsB much aimpLGed by pulling down honor and paa- 
aion, and generociiy, and all olber feelinga as equal lo 
aero; and it only remained lo know what couno would 
beat advance hii iniaiaal lo be ioGumed whai atepa ba 
would puraue- Toaava hioaaelf would of coune be 
bii lint object; and aaihe favorable leelinumyof Hai- 
fonl would probably eflecl Ihia, ha would make Har- 
lird'i oath in his eiculpalion a condition p 
of hia rendering awialinM lo the fii 



tD ooDcemnM ihe emperor'tvengMnceon niywlff 
however, il wu in tba poorer of the priace in en 
me melerietlj'.ll <v>i iujf policy lo keep ihia neceuil)' 
fiom being nentraliwd by beiog wl off agBiiul ibit 
of eome olher peieon ; if Ihen t could prevent or do- 
fail anf compecl belween Herford and himMlf, iha 
coniideralion of ■ beneGl 
wsuld ioiinediatel; rsita a correaptrndiog ubligalion 
oa the pan of prince Wilatein. An inianlioi 
rally fenile, and nan greally quickened by tLi 
nance of danger. auggenedaavefal (chemeifui 
pliihing ihi* and i but all aeemad lo be object 
upon tDme pan or other, and after long delibei 
remained unietUod a* to Ihe coniae which t ibould 

Heennbils iba carriage, which bad driven briikly 
fm' more ilun an hoar, auddenly atoppad. !%• wooden 
elide <*aa withdrawn a liulefniia the window wiiboat 
DoiaB, and I heuil theae wmda ; " Wt ihatl probaUy 
be able 10 exchange a few worda when yon gel onl 
decide, tbaraliire, what dinctione yon will give mej 
and the window wa* again cloaed. The wokU were 
altered in a whiaper.bai I inalanily recognieed ihe mice 
of my Engliih eerrant, whom I had eent to the prince 
to be hie guide and attendant lo ihe place of moMiiv. 
htm marrelbMUly did Ihe atpeel of [he iter of hie nali- 
Tily ihooi aiNDgih into ibe bean of Wallentiein, than 
did the voice of ihia man iupire cwifidence into my 
•pint. Tha&imiliar lone of cheering lympaihyi 
the atrengrh of a luet in m; beaon, and Hemed 10 neiTe 
my arm wilh lenfiitd power. Tbe amillal oiiemal 
amiitaiice pnmiMd lo be trf' incalculable value, for I 
waa 10 completely enthralled, thai withonl ■Hne ai 
few no maana of Ugiming a achame for my delii 
ance. A plan of action at once imaenied iiaelf lo 
mind, which, wilh my atlendam'a co-operalioo would 
probably be lucceafDl ; Ihe poeition in which he had 
been for a few daya in ibe train of prince Wiblein 
would be likely lo enable him to give me eiactly the 
infimnaiion which 1 wanted, and a (aw rapid woidi 
of mine woulil put him in paaceooiiorihe pan which 
I wiahed him to perfbnn. I knew ibat in depcDding 
on him I irnited one wboee Sdelily wonhl nol have 
vailed lo thai of John Hull, whan Ridley ■ 

:o ihe itike pronounced " ihe Ikitbfulleet m 
nan ever had." 


How he had ciKilriied lo follow Ihe carriage and 
communieele wilh ne ai he did, 1 could nol conceive; 
probaUy he had taken advantage of Ihe darknem of 
Ihe nigbi lo pern himeelf off ai one of ihe goaid, and 
to mouni the vriiicle in thai capacity. 

In about half an boor after Ihe laii panae, ihe cat- 
liage again lU^iped and the wooden ilide of Ihe door 
wa* riunred back. I leaned fiitwaid lo aee what wu 
viailrie ouuide. The night waa eitreiaely dark, bui 
a laini and cbeerleM refleclion of tbe light from Ihe 
lamp in Ihe handa of Ihe miD upon the box, united 
wilh a Ion gurgling eonnd lo betray the broad, deep 
watera of the Deooln. In a niomenl after, a man 
appeared at the door. 

-Where are ne, William t" Mid I, in a harried 

" Yon nill get out here," Mid the man, in a h«nh { 

N'8 HAGAZins. 

German voice, and (be light ahone at the aame titw 
on a roDgh and whiikered viiage. 

I got out, and aa the driver held fi»th hii lanp I 
diicemed Ihs figuraiof aeveral penonaim Ihectnuge 
and around it upon the gi 

a to be It 

I. The ni 

me. leiied me lightly by Ihe am, aitd began to draw 
me lonaid Ihe back of Ihe vehicle. 1 eew no poan- 
bilily of again communicating with my attandanl,ai)d 
my heari died away within me. At Ibal iaa^anl Iba 
lamp waa (truck violently from the hand of Ihe driver, 
ind eilingaiihed ; and a pemHi hooked my other am 
roughly into hia, and cnorled nmething in Gennn. 
In the neil moment, an Engliah voice whieperedray 
lowly in my ear, " Tbia cailla belonga to WilMeio." 

" Wtiat name doe* Harfind now beair' nid I it- 

" What Uoribid I" eaid WiUiam, and 1 remeabeied 
that be naa nol aoquainted with hia former hiitaty. 

" Tie peiBon who cane wilh Wilatein," Mid I. 

"Whioh one I" eaid William, in an tniloni Mae; 
" there wflre aevaral." 

"O God!" cried I, in agony, aa I ftll that ibe pn- 
cioni maaeMa were ali[^g by in rain, 'tbe etidiia)! 
the eaidinal !" 

"Cardinal Morli, sn Italian." 

Theae worda, «B well aa my laat qneatioo, were in- 
cautioBaly ullered in lO loud a uoe thai dwea vbo 

mprehend n 

>, though 1 knew th«i they coaM n 

hia way lowaida ua.and teiiiog William by the am 
demanded who he waa. 

William replied in the patau of lb* provuiM. which 
he had aomehow managed to piiA up, that be wai a 
peaaant who had coma lo render ■■iatanee in ceo- 
dueling the priaonertothecaatla. ^e olbei inriantly 
jerked him aiide. and ordered one of the goaid to laad 
him away. Ho ihea look itta by ihe ^awlder, iad 
calling to the man who betd my oiber arm lo proceed, 
preaaed me indely (brnaid. 

Tbe moat important thing which I had lo lell lo By 
aervant waa left uneaid, and aa wa were npidly Mpa- 
nling fioni one another, I fell thai my MiMace de- 
pended upon my conveying one direction lo hiia, aiy 
tongue aeemed n be paralyaod, aitd in Iha diaadfid 
agitalion (^ Ihe momoiit, 1 ibooght that 1 had ArgMtaD 
N of language. Flinging ihia horrid detpeiatla 
from me, I aflecled Lo itruggle wilh niy condnMat ia 
order to deley them a momeol in the oeigbboibMd of 
f aervant; and then turning to one of iha«, 1 cried 
Engliah at the top of my voico and in a varyaaf^ 
ie, aa if I naa railing at him for hurrying Be n 
laal, " William I accuae that cardinal to Iha police in- 
lantly.and throw himinlopiiKn. Eleianoeaidioil— 
e ia an Engliahman. Oat him out of the wayal 
nee, in any manner wbalevei—~Dy life defooda a|(i>' 
it. Do you hear roe t" 

I do," cried William from a diiiance,"and jM 
nay depend apon iL" 

"And I hell you, too," aaid a deep and diMiaM 
v^ce behind me, which piereed ID ray very aool lib 
tho cold and inennable tonaa of deetlny ■■•"'- ' 



anifii DO lanp lo tbow ma tlwl Bufctd ilotiil bcikla 

■BriBglbatman hai«,"MU h«, to Ihe pema wbo 
«M Jeading aj Mnrant winy. Tfaa injunclion ww 
iaHallyobai'acl.and wa wan both aarroundad bylba 
lAo)* oTtha anoad fqaid. 

-Lead tbam id," aaid Haribrd, " asd plaM than in 
t^joinini oella." 

Tha larga fata of tb« will in front of which Hie 
curilfehBd itoppad, eraakad ilo«ljonilahiagai,aiM) 
M wm lad fixwaid iolo tha prbon faid, aod (be 
pu twiDc-ta baatilr bahind m. TIm lorch of the 
)iai<ar gne light eooogh to diiplap Iha maMiva lod 
■nbta fimi of tha caatla. which wai In tha bmmi 
pcaldaniai ilyle of Iha aarl; Gothic, aod which wm 
nsdoad doublf glaoDif bj tha Imig and daep aba- 
joiia which were ca*t bf il* thick abafta and mould- 
iagL n* anonnooa door, which wa* on a level with 
Iha fiooiid, atood open; utd Iba blickoea* bejrond 
lookad darker than Ihe nif bt. At the antrance, the 
{Hud withdraw and left u in Ihe handi of Ibar offi- 
canaflha priaon wbo were ■taodingiuHlrr Iha portal 
AIbom 11 the edge of the door, there wae a deaceni 
rfnnral ilepa, down which wa were led. Wilb one 
trioed cUng the great door waa cloted, and Iha Iwlu 
lud ban ware faalenad. A cold, damp hall ailended 
ba&«e u, ihe tenninalion of which waa not diieloiad 
hf Ae light which Ihe jailer carried in front. We 
[maanllf deaoendcd atjtl lower, and tamed inio a vary 
Mnow eoliy. which ■imcliDS'la lbs right. Aoolber 
deacant and iDother lara led to ■ wide and elaraled 
ball ; and afler faveral toora nindiaga, the jailer nop- 
pad belbra ■ amall door, and laying hii lamp opm the 
bor, lell lhno|h the hoge bnnob of keya which ha 
onied in hia band, till ha leleclad one which opened 
iha call halbra wbicfa he wat Manding . To Ihii dun- 
gaon Williana waa conaigitad, while the adjoining wh 
<>p«nbig for vae. At I waa led into the tbdII, the 
■onanlary lighl enabled me to loa that Ihe cell wh 
gfnUdetoiM, wilbont a parliclaof ftaraitore; Ihedooi 
wa ibM oloaod, and I wm left in loliiada utd dark- 
It alwnl half aa hour ibe daw of my oeQ wm 

<f Hatfttd appeared onder Iha lintel. Ha leaned 
■gainal Ota aide of die door, and Giad hii calm and 
Md-brighl VT» npoa mo. 

** Your eiacalico," Mid he, in a calm, hani tone, 
'will lake place in half an boar. Thai ihe aljngB of 
I may. meanwhile, be aharper. aad 

none may tear your heart more 
tbiaglj, know that prince WilMain. whom yon a 
M raiii. bM already, by my eSirti^ made hi* peace 
wllk Iha empetor; Ihat the entira paaeaiODi of Ihe 
DdMr three noblM will ha fbrfailed, and ihena 
baniriMd, ud that the eatale of yoDi benefactor, Ro- 
uabnrg, wlU go to {Binee Wilitain ; and thai I. lor 
d^ l oaing thaM iulrignH which you have bean huild- 
mg Dp, will be largely rewarded, and enriched hy 
yimr eflbm. By attempting n play the villain, yon 
hava daMMyad yooiMlf; rained the kind.bearlad fliaod 
•oirtiaByaa waraBoat bafaaMan,alld have banafitad 
no aoa bat Ihat hated anany wbo now lanthi it ytwr 


calamity, «nd mocha when fear hM coma open you. 
YoD will now die wife the pleaaal conacioiiaia* af 
having been aaaily outwitted by your direat fba, and 
the certainly of being onjuaily caned by tha befgarsd 
Roaenbnrg u tha baiaat ingtala that ever machioatad 
tNTMlfiahnaaa." Tha ipMkar piuMd.and hia 
pala bee grew darker with denoniac poiaioD, end hia 
bnalh came hravier u ba folded biaamaand leaned 
forwarda againal the ode of tha door, and continoed, 
'Above all, il ia ineipreaibly gralifyicg to tne Ihat in 
yoBT traaionabla achemea of villuiy, you have been 
gnilly before God, m well u befara Ihe law { and thai 
when the paiiw of moiul life, and Ihe goadinga af 
moital ooowience are ended, ihe lonnaota (rf* alanwl 
bell iball latbci about your aoul. Yoa may hope that 
Ihe prieat who eonfeaea yoa on Ihe acoflbld will giva 
rod conaolaliiin ; that priaal," and hii voice became a 
ihupand ahnll KreaiB." will bomyHlf;and if there 
be power in worda, tha corwoltlion wbidi 1 riiaU 
whiiper in your ear m yon lie upon the block, ahalt 
your eoal with iba holleu plougbiharae o( an- 

When he had finiibed, he retired from the call and 

locked Ihe door a(lerhitn. " Cannot I yet triumph over 

le malignity of this man!" nai tha urneM qnaatioD 

bich 1 pal lo myaelf when he had left me; aitd 1^ 

blood boiled within my frame H Iha hope of coDqaeiing 

my einltiiig Ibe roae in my mind. 1 reenired to tti« 

I which I had nedilaied while riding in tha 

t, and which aaemad lo he dalealad by Iha 

r Mrvant. Aa I paced ny oell in 

ihera Oaihad upon my mind a 

mode in wbivh my delivery might pcrilapi be afbct- 

It WM indeed <mly a diancei the eircnm- 

« upon which 1 fonndsd my plan wv bflt a pi«- 

baUlily which 1 had teaaooed out fron a renaifc 

which my Mrvanl had made ; and Ihe laault of avail' 

ing myaelf of Ihat circumatwice u I intended lo do. 

Mill mora ptoUamatical. Btill, ihongh iha proocM 

hid) I dedncmi a pioapect of relief, wm compU- 

and labile, every Dep of it seemed to be dim. 

■a 1 ran over the maltar in my mind. My baait 

bwt high with Ibe cenfidanoa of ttinnqih; at all 

moBi pcomiring oouM that I oooU 

Hlaw, and I reaolvad to aiake all my bopM of mAV 

iL It WMin leai than a qsailer of an hour aflai 

wd had left ma, Ihal my doot wm again opened, 

D officer inminotisd me to come out. A* I obeyed 

the order, my haari beat vriih painM qokknia^ laM 

fron foor than hope. 1 longed to pot to trial Aa 

•cbaow wbidi I had formed. 

The lomkey led the way, and we paased throng 
several Joog gallerlM and aacended Mveral fli^iti of 
lengdi we reached a large door which 

, the wall that lanninaied one of Iheaa 

cnrrideta. Thiongh this we pamad inio a laig^ vault- 
ed chamber which hon the air of a place of joMioe. 
Al Iha and of Ihe cbamhai, on a ptalfonn, bdiiDd ■ 
Una of dasfci.wara aealed five pemo*. In Iha oaotn 
of a BtiU higher platjcein, one nan wv dtttng. AD 
wata masked In doniDua. Thay cotMilolad a flimal 
coon wbidi 1 had belbra hard <^ into wbna pt*. 



THB gbhtlbmah's magazine. 

:« brougtit bdore (lecnlion, BnicliiBM u • latn 
siimn to beoamincd Mlo ihcirtnow- 
lcdg« of naltin inlrmlmg lo iImi Hate. On cnw nde 
of tba tribonil itood iha Migine for' Iha qnntiiwi." 
and on lh« oiher > pliilWn latmoDnled b; i bk>c)i. 
Bf ibe III Mr Mood ibc hndnnui, (ix) t maninifaegirb 
or ■ print, whom I knew to ba Harlbnl. I hit Ibe 
cold If* of Ihe Englrbhman upon me, md wu eon- 
■ckiiii that fas iru glnaling on the nrliinij of mji 
doitrnctiuD. In ihil man, iri fiet, Ihe trial Bight be 
coDBideMd at one of the ilrpa in the procen of eieen- 
tlon; for ihoogh it vm in the prerDgitivaofthe tnpe- 
rioT Judge to remand ihs priaoner Ibr •olenui trial in a 
bigber and public court, at in; lima bglbrciinilenceDl' 
oondcmnaiian nsa r* giilarly enlcr«t un the rcoirda of 
that tribonal, that wai a powiralnioM never nrrtiaed, 
and cenainlf not lo be lookeil for in ihe preaanl caie. 
In front of the jiidgea ut a lecretair, niih a large 
TolDma lying open befois trim. I wai led Ibnrard 
and alalioned in adtanoe of hi* table. He read over 
aeanicleaaraccDiatiDn.iniihirb I waa charged witb 
inciling rebdlion agiinatthe eniprTor,Btid <onirailtii^ 
varioiM OT«rt acta of trenaon. He then turned lo the 
Jodgea, wba all aat back in tbeirchatra lite image* 
of ilone. and demando] if Ihey had any queatloni lo 
the priuner The tuperior judge leaned fomarO 
and wrote a few wonja, which were handed down 
(0 the aectetaty, and then returned hii italaeeqne 

The accrelary glanced h 



lingtowKdime.taid. " You are required 10 declare 
with whom the ideo of thii ti^betliiin originafed." 

"Itwai the Mggwiion," mid I,in-iinrni tone of 
voice, and, u t apolie, I riveied my ejea upon Ihe 
anperiorjndge, ■■ it waa Ihe auggAition of an Engliih- 
nan, who baa been long Imawn to me u one of Ihe 
DHWI abandoned offficu ; an a'Jventuier and on impoa- 
Mr, whohna peijiired hlmieir and prolaned the hoi; 
cfauich by ftbeTyaNuining the title sf cardinal Morli. 
Ba eommanicated the plaa lo prince Wilatein, by 
.wboB il waa jiromotcd." 

There wa* an invalanlery atari made by every 
menriMrof Ihe Bwembiy, except the auperior judge. 
i^om Ibe nnment Ihil I began m apeak, 1 ohaerred 
bin " e'en wiih ihe lery eoninenl of my aoal," bnl 
MH the tligbleai agitation waa TiaiUe in hia figure ; 
In *M aa molioDleae aa if he had bean hewn out ef 
gnnrire. The pemna on ihe lower ptalfcnm began K> 
fthiiper to am anolhtr, and I heard Ihe word 'quea- 
Hon" prmmunced by revcral : they then looked up 
•owardi ihe preiident to aeo whit eootae be would 
pnme. lie still lai unmoved. 

"Have the honornbla judgea any other hitarroffa- 
torlea to propoaa 1" laid ihe aecrelnry after a few mo- 
■nenla. A profound pnuae eniued. 

" Ha* Ihe priaoner aey thing farther to dedarar 

' Noihing," aaid 1, and ■ longer paoae followed. I 
find ny eye upon the preaidenC ofiha court wiifa in. 
npraanUe aniiety. for I felt that on the iwue of the 
neat aainule my lifc depended. Aa Iha winged in- 
Mania flew by. and he atill aat without Ihe i 
Gon irhich I eipected, my hope foiled with 
I (uve injaeU'op (of loaL 

Hie ailenre waa pmeol}f broken by Iha voice of 

' Su Ihe priaonet any thing to dbjecl to iheaaD- 
lence of death I" ■ 

My glanpe wandered away from the officer oa 
whom il bad bean faaleiteH ao keenly, in the fthil 
henl<iekneaaof hope, wearied down lo drapair. Tlia 
latl eipocialion of eecape aeemed deatroycd; aodai 
I lo<ik home to myaelf Gw ibe fini liiae tba conacbiaa- 
Beai that death nai fawvilaUe, and aKifally iKar.4 
feeling of nnuitcrable agony crept ibrongh lay litm. 

" Sentence of death ia accordingly pronounced irpn 
the priaonei." aaid the aecretary ; and he look up ka 
pen lo give the decree the irrevenible fbrceoflaw 
by ninilling il in Ihe recorda of the cddbcII. 

The pmidem Judge aroie. " t remand the priatna 
for public Iriol : lei him be condncted to hri cell' 

' Upon the eye ! upon the very eye !" waa my lo- 
waid piclemBiion of joy and etulloiion. " At lal Ibi 
galled jade hna winced." 

The leeretary looked miii^d uiib r.aioniihmenl, u>l 
the membert of the inferior iribunal whitpered ant 
iowly Icgether for a few momenia. One oT ikeia duo 

" Haa the pmident mnaidered how trivial airi nn- 
worthy of conalderation are the woida nhidt bivt 
fallen l>om the priaonerT and how peremptory a tta 
order of Ibe emperor that inatanl eieculion ahooid ba 
done on him r 

•' la Ihe power which 1 have eierled deniedTaaii 
Ihe other, in an angry lone ; " lei the priaoqer bt N 
out at once;" and he waved imperioualy with ba 
hind, and cnine duwn frotn the tribonal. 

The ain^er nho hid brought me into Ihe rooiuil 
imk me immediniely rrom the room. I entered m; 
dungeon with far difie rent fpelingt from Ihoee witb 
which I ha.l liral goiia into it " Knowledge," laid I 
to myaeir. in ihe eicilcmenl of delight, "ia indeed 
power; and intellect ia poncr. Thu* fur nf g<w- 
inga have been irue ; and my reasuiiing on Ihe ■«»■ 
ingi of Ihe arihilcai mind in Gennany have been («■ 
reel. If the real of my raldulition ia aa right. I •'■a" 
•Don be breathing Iho free upper air." 

I waa ailiiug down in Ihe comer of the room n* 
fating upon the oveiMa which had occnrred, whm I 
Buddenly haatd Ihe nsiaa aa of a door awiugiogoi» 
into tay cell, on the aide oppoalle 10 Ihe regular enlialB* 
Immediately after, there waa audible the loolalep of i 
man itepping down upnn the floor of iba cell, aail 
cfaaiDg the door behind him. In the neii moacet 
the Bcrteu of a dark lantern waa aboved liaek, ant I 
beheld the masked flgure of one of Ihe jadgM of t^ 
council wliich I had recently telt- 

"The honor and purity of Ihe holy chuKi.""'' 
the tiranger, in a voice palpably feigoed.-ia"*!"! 
to Ihe conncil of jnaiiee, Ihal thai aaiemMy ba* b** 
»4jonmed in order lo inquire the Iruih of die ehug* 
which you have made egainac cardinal Morli- I »" 
iherefore eorao. by the direction of that Iribunal. " 
leamif you know anything in l.ia chancier irfae*** 
discredit on hia profeaaion." 

- I^ing knave V cried I, " yon have cow "■ J^ 
WB Bccount, ID inqum if I knew any thiol *"* 



iapMchad bia mvcilf lo mucb u la innlldaia tha 
Mtimony fn>m him by Mhkh you were deliTtmd 
boa Ilia vangMoca oT lh« (Bipwur. Priura WilMahi.'' 
I aooliiUMMl. UjriDf my hand on hia ahouldar, " lal Da 
htra DO more oTlbii niuDBery: lhro)i* oiTlbii fcoliih 
^niaa bolb oT b«dy and mind, and )al aa onvena 
lit* men of Ibo worid, of whom oach ia antiana lo 
usdaraluiil Iba odior, aod lo beiwGl himaotC" 

laordar Ibal Iba reador may uixltnlMd ibe plau 
bf wbicfa I bad BulartakMi U deliver myaelr beiun 
Oa toaaoil of juMioa, wbieb eiplautioo lb* impidilj 
of Iba pravbua DW(ali*e prevanled my |iTiii( ■! Iba 
limi, 1 will briofly Male tb* circunMlaacaa on whidi 
I labad, and Ibe mode in wbieb 1 pMpoeed M ampkiy 

Uy NITan^ Williun, bad alaied lo m« Ibal Ibia 
jnaoii belonged lo prini^e Wilataiii, I hoew thai 
ihtre Ken aeienl iDcb Bulitaa ihrougbint ibo Gar- 
au kiafdoma, tMioDging mediately to ibe emperor. 
bill directly goTsraed byibe potentalea in fboaadomi' 
lim Ibay bappeoad to ba. I had fanber learned that 
iJ aai la iniarUbie evtom lor each prince lo pretide 
at ibe Mcrst capital triala which took place In ibecaa- 
111 irhich Btnod within hie domain. When, iberelbrs, 
Harfiird bad menlioned ibat prince Wilalain bad br«n 
IblTy rcaiDfBd lo tbe isTiK' of ibe emperor, it becaaw 
alacri t matter ofeenaiiity Ibat he wonld be pnaeni 
allay awD euminalion. Recarriog lo iba Mane of 
cndiua which had wggealeJ ilieir lo me while 1 naa 
drivgn lowanlB ihc pciaiHi. I law ibal my grealeal 
■afaiy cnuiatad in making prior* Witileio dependent 
apou lae Ibr aome ■ervice or beoefil ronnecled with 
hii oU'd repuiaiioa wiib lbs emperor. To charge ihe 
^ca himaslTwiih baring lei on fuut ihew rcbellioua 
Kbaoiaa woold ilill leave biia rapalile of being clear- 
ed by ihe lealiauByofHaiibtd. Bui if I could dcelioy 
the chancier of tha taller, and at ihe aamt lime bic- 
aitb Iba prince by an unfavonbUiuggfeiion, 1 aheahl 
be Ihrowing dona Ihe only aupporl of bia repaiatinD, 
and, al the lama lims, be increuiog ibe neceaiily fbr 
mdi aid. Tks declarattoii wbicb I allcrwanli made 
lo tbe couaeil preaealod itaelf ai n convenient charge 
kitittm porpoisai and il remained to inquire wbal 
woiiU probably be lbs noiooint and tha aeliun of 
Wiklaio in Ibia inlarvating predicament.^ Tha eri- 
daee ofparsoDi aiecnled wualwaya«eryaaoaraloly 
rapotled to UMempeior; and il nould at onre occur 
le Iba prioc* Ibat Ibe avarcaitnia made by me were 
<a>amcaia wbicb hia maUsr ooutd verify wiib veiy 
littls Uoobla. In Sul, ibsy napecleiJ malieiaao easily 
ioreatigited — Ihe oounlry and actual nam* of a 
•piCDOui penon — Ibal if they were irue, Ihe 
nggealton of Ihsm woald infallibly lead lo dei(r 
ne prince, H a ngacioua man, would draire lo 

nsM briber evidence in hia favor, in caie ihe 
Mire of eafdinal Hotli depfited bim of the good 
ulueh hii taatimony bad given bin; and Ibii waa 
toly lo be oUained from me. Tbe beai coaiaa ihei 
teWihtain lo pwaoe, «m«1d be to odjoam Ibe eonnci 
•nd implay ibe dm* wbicb intervened balbr* Ibe 
pafalie Dial, in •odacTotiog ^e pncnre fiou me 
m»irfa*Mry wpimaion of bi* innoeance. 8a far I bad 
cilviilaMd jaKly OD bii muoarof piaa lading; and 

a pervon in diaguia* entered my eell, I had no 
difficulty in concluding thai my viaitar waa princa 

When I had Eoiabed epeabing, m I have narraled 

above, the alnnger paoatd ihoDghlfnlly lor a Diomenl, 

' IbsD threw off hie domino, Uie countenance waa 

e attd dignified, aad gave no evidence of eiiber 

diaorder or ibame. 

Ton ny true, perhaps." he lemaited preaeBlly, 
■Imnai to bimnclf, ' but yon ny it roughly. It seema 
10 b* (h* raannsr of your naiion." 

nanpollabed manner," said T. "Is Ihe natnral 
indeiof an unamdicd purpoee; and yonrhighnem will 
perbapa pardon Ihe nraghnea of Ihe one fbr the bo- 
■aiy of the oiher." 

" Nay, nay," uid iha tagaciooa polilician, glancing 
hia ihirp rye raond upon me j "a roogfa bark may 
'ell bide a lollen trnnk; and a bearskin coat may - 
oyer n rcurticr. A lude manner is odener the ebadl 
f craft than th* companion ofrincerily." 
" Prince," laid I, ■■ I am (fally acquainted with the 
purpose nhicUhai bmughl jou here, and a ttngtheoed 
aion may perbspa enao* between n*. Will IM 
ilensive CMlle sfford a mora coafinlabts apart- 
menl than this fbr the delibenlioD* of iu maaterf* 

The prince look fnm hii pocket a golden key, nhidl 
from iB innumerable wards appeared lo be Ihe nun- 
key of the cadis, and opintDg Ute outer door of th« 
celt, desired me lo follow him. After walking a litlla 
diilaace along Ihe ji image. Im nalocked another deoi 
which diacloMd a nairow litht of Mepa. By iheae 
ilape, wbicb aeemed ut be inlefaiBablj long, wa 
tsadied a large and apaciMis hall, lb* gined end wt- 
goatded window* of which iadicaled timt w* had 
iped alik* from below th* earlh and from lbs d*- 
partmenl of priaona. I Iben comprehended IIm 00>- 
ion of Uii* vBN and ingenhw* caelle. The whale 
of thai pari of Iha buildiag which waa abov* Ih* 
graond, coMliluMd ■ regnUr leodal rente, Ihe *■- 
itaoce to which wai Ibe Ihmt oppoaite lo that which 
looked MWBidi Ihe river, nliioh Jed lo tbe doogsMm 
I lbs taiiMcm of the earlh. Thia straMon^ wU«b 
in Ibrmei agei, bad doubltaw Iwea a liMrfnUy coava- 
rwidence to a long laoe of warrior ohiafc wm , 
' al pnaint r*g*l«rly or wholly ae«api*d by 
ptinee Wilalein. 

frua lbs halt w* piiaed iaio en apartment wall 
lighted and fnrniilMd, and having Ibe perttoalailr 
iceepiabk circuBslanB* of a btaiiog flra in Ae cad 

Tb* prioc* B*at*d biBaelf at a table iwar tb* fa*, 
ind I placed myself on a diair apposite to him. 

" You remambai." laid he, with an artless air, ■■ Ibe 
paper which 1 left ia year banda Isfora conaentiog 10 
meet the noldei, and which conMined a stateowM *t 
Ihe fiKMives which induetd me id lend my mdhI^ 

lioaof tbaii 

in 10 have it 

■■ Ha, ha. ha!" cried I. in a tooe of 
and filing my ey*i npon him vritfa am airof fa*M«t. 
"JlMa yotu highMaa think ihat I hav* ll^ IfaM 
paper) what iiiln*^ bad I, pny, lo [mv** tba a^ 


dance of jour iDDOccDC&l I kmw nat ivhai I hm 
don* lh«l }i>u ■Imuld inpate lo ms ■ behavior m in- 
e&blf umple. Prioce!" nid I, in a tosref Idds, 'I 
have bean brad id the nme Khool Ihatyoo have, bni 
I hate learned wf levoD mure Ibamaghly. Know, 
that Com tbs fini iDomeDt ihat we mel. unlil now, 
joa have been ihe bubble of joor onn ciafl and the 

Nut (0 eicite panion nnneceBarilr ii • nuiim of 
general prudence, which ih»B who have had (do« 
aiperimce of ibe world will (ha moal cordiallr uaent 
to; for (here ti no pasion to inlenae, eodilk. and eo 
dangerau lo deat with u reeeoloHnl. In ihe preaeni 
CMS, hewavai, I knew ihat Wi1atei> wai 

One lo whoM iDioalh-rubbcd loul cooU cling 
Nor form nor feeling, greet nor imall ; 

that ha wai a nan of that eel like limbernen pf ipiril, 
that Ihe idea of being irfitnled would never enier hii 
niad. provided, iherelbn, I could buWy him and mako 
him arraid of roe, I cared not how ilingirg my Un- 
til age might be. 

•■In Ihe country in which I wae bom." uid 1, 
drawing my chair cloaely up W him, " pereoni are in 
the habit of (peeking to one another very plainly. 
With your penniwion, we will do «o on ibii occeeion. 
II ii roanireal, then, Ihat you are wholly in my power, 
■od Ibal I nm wholly in youn ;" to the lait ptopwiiion 
the prince podded aMent j " I twve already laid enough 
to deetmy the character of Ihia cardinal Morli, 
what I have nid ia Inie ; and there are ihoee, prince, 
beyond Iheee wall), who will at once follow np Ihe 
iDTtltigation of lbs mailer before the emperor to eon- 
Tictkm- The anlagtniM power which each of ua poe- 
BMaei over iheolhei may beenlted to Ihe deetnictioa 
of both, or the benefll of both; there ti no other ■ 
Dative, for any injaiy done to me, will, ip$o facto, 
yon. The dmM rewonabla laelhod, then, to cancel 
the depandaDCa which each hai npoD Ihe other, 
ygq 10 liberate me and my nfraDl.aod Cir me to give 
ym a menawatidiim limilar to the one which yea on- 
CiMlly daporitsd with me. Too Day draw u| 
BaBorandnm in whatever fana you plaaae." 

lie prince nt a &w menenu in thot^bl, and then 
drew a tfaeet of paper tovratdi him io lileoee. and 
began to wrtla. Seeing Ibe oeeeally of obtaining all 
&e advanuge which I wa* to get, before ligning the 
prioee'i eartifioale, I aaid, •■ Perhape yon will allow 
IM U direct that my aeivaot be libeiatefi at once, and 
befaea pcorided for na by one of your atlradanla.' 

"1 will give the Older, myeair." laid the treachetoua 
hypoerita wiih a moat «&ble imile. 

" Do Dot take that tnniblek Tor the world," cried 1, 
and I tprang lorward and atnick the gcng wiih the 
qnickniH of light. A aervant iwMitly appeared ffon 
one of Ihe inner toem. "Hiibighneodeairci," 
I In bin. " that the panon who laat night came 
Ihie eaalle with me, nay be coodacled to ihia n 
nad that two nddted boiaee be ilatioiied imatdiaiely 
U Iha gala of Ihe bnildiDg." 

The man retiied, and I eat down lo write a ceaple 
afeialiiMeiila iilili h I inlamtnl the |wi al lil aiun 


In one of Iheee he wai made to deolar* my pericct in- 

cefrom everylreaeonabledeaign, aivlhiiBKiirsd 

knowledge ihat I wai the tool of oiIktb, and WB> ig- 

nt of Ihe porpOH for which Ihe nobtea meL The 

r paper wm' merely an order lo the jailor to libe- 

my Krvenl end mpelf iiwlantly upon the pre wn - 

tation of Ihal wriliog. Thia I Ihoaghl it impoMaal B 

ImI having oblitned hii own benefit and pnr 

Ibe prince might atlempl to prevent my leaiini 

uUe. I handed Ihe two articlee to him, and he 

the paper whieh he bad written. It amonnlri 

more than Ihe docnmeal which be had al tint 

given M me, and ccntiined nothing which J did on 

believe to be trna. I ligned it al once and eileiided 

iwarde ihe prince, but held it in my gmp nalil by 

glancing my eye keenly at Ihe ■ignalnrea co Ihe papei 

which he Uretchcd furth in eicfaange, I had nliiM 

myMlftbat Ibey were correct; I iben laid my hand 

ipon my own pepere, and at Ihe leme tiaie relin- 

quiibed my hold upon hii. Such were the generoei 

urloiH which potwd between an Engliih genll«- 

in and a German prince. Vice ii alwayi vnlpr; 

tre ia DO heraldry uS falnhood or deceit. 

My eervant in a few momenli appeared, lod 1 1« 

lake leave of prince Wilitein. Well koowiii| lh« 

bollomlea Ueachaiy and beatlleea cmelty of Iha boiry 

iplomaiirt, I fell aDaid Ihat Ihe moment that we W 

ft hia preience he would order hii allendanti loHiu 

I bclbfe we could mount our borwL I iberafDre 

atked him KHne qaettion reapecting Ihe directino of 

the roadi, and wben he found monm difficulty in ei- 

plaining their ooniae lo me, I begged bim It) thaw me 

from the alepi what he nManl, and taking bit am in 

mine, drew him wilh an amicable force, inla lh« hall 

and onvrard to Ihe very gale, talking veh<«llllr 

mywlf all the way to prevent hia otteriog any olgee- 

lion 10 Ihe compulaion which I pol upon Un. Ai I 

laid my hand upon the bridle of one ef the benm ai 

dliected Ihe ailendant to let go, I turned M prince 

WilatNU, and made my cofnplimenla to hiia with u 

air of unnaual eincerity and feeliag. I thanked hi> 

cordially for hia kindneae, and e«rad him Ibil I 

•hosM alwaya think myvlf bound to do him all ^ 

aervicea which came within ny power; ibia Idii 

partly wiling to gain hii friendahip ao &r aa Ae dMr 

aacrifioe of worda could do it, and partly W ngiC 

hi* etteotioD while I iprang into the niddle- 

Wa rade leieurely till we weia ool of ajghl 4 *• 
caalle, and then atriking into the great mad lo VieoiK 
w« apurrad oat horKi and galloped rapidly fttwari. 


TBI coM, pale gray of the flnt dawning hem »* 
beginning lo mark the eMt before I •'■'^""'^ 
urgent pane at which we bad been niint- ^*7l 
left the caatle aeTenl laUee bdund.and Tsm M 
beyond tbe tat of pniiait, I cheiAad IV boM >W 




BHjhl poodar man calmly od ths couim wfaicb I wm 

Abool isn boun had clapied ■inee the light wbivh 
nn now riBDg am llw hitb bad IvR iha Mirth { in 
liial liiBB, wtial mighty evenU had hippaii«i '. A 
ftilora and a Irianph ! bat wu it indeed a tiiamph t 
ttj prana wia lafe— bat, wai my boDoit Of all that 
Ihadaodmcd.lhareAaclkioaf ibainjniy whioh I bad 
toes ttua maam of inflicling oa iba genenxu and on- 
■upactiog Romlbiug, bad bean Ihe moat bitlar; aod 
Ailfal in iba aacrali of nealal loinira had ba«o Ihal 
a»l ioquialor who bad wleoied Ibii dnaidsniioo to 
frM my 1^1 with hia craal laoni*. The aflbrta wblrh 
I bad mde lo tree myaeir fiom Ibe duniaoiH of Wil- 
Min, had been hurried on ipore by a Jelarminaiiun 
la diaappoinl the revenge or Haifiud iban by a lo*e 
ollilt. Tbal viclory being gained. I felt thai I woald 
be infioilely diahonored and hue if I did not lacrifica 
■vaij thing Id reacae mj aobli rrisad. By nliai me- 
Ibod to aooompliah Ibal I koew not, bat 1 fell reaolule 
lo Ibrgel all penooat inlenati and abandm every ibing 
ID [be bope of delivering him. I at once let my inge- 
Biuty lo mule to coDliiVe wne iJan of accompUdiing 
Iha H^. The faligae of mind which lbs Hverely- 
latking labora of tho preceding njghl had caiuedi 
Tgndared me almoal iocapaUa oT framing a lingle 
tboothti and lha eiqniaile relief nbicb a total cean- 
1)00 fiom mental eierlioo. convinced me Ibal to Iba 
kid of tboogbt aawell n loibe ■taTeofpaHiva there 
■ DO wiih nore naloral than ibe giaour'a, " I a>k no 
l«radiao biu reit" I knew, however, tbal there nu 
but one more plan to be conceived and eiecitted.and 
wbalavei pain il migbl «■! me, I determined not lo 
lie vraaung lo ihaL 1 ■tiling up ny rcaolulion to Ibe 
higlien pilcb, and Himmuned the whole Ibrce of my 

The only witnem which atood foilh lo crrminate 
lha dnke of Roianbarg or any other of the confede- 
nie lublee, wa* the treaty of alliance which haS ju<t 
bean ciecuted when the aoldian of the emperor eo- 
Uiad Ibe ball. If tbal could be d<atroyed,alt parlici 
would be cloar. DoubtlcH il waa now in 
rim of llie emperDij and I bad learned in 
of coovaiaation with Roienburg ibet all 
of that deacription were depoaited in an office Co 
public documenti in the imperial palace. The acbenu 
which auggoated ittelf lo me wai a deapelale one ; no 
olher ihan to diicover that oflica, and po«eu myftelf 
of the imparlanl perchmeat. Such a conceptioa 
lha fint view prceented innumerable difficulliei, ai 
ii 1 calmer OKiod I ibould not have given lucb : 
idea a momenlary coniiderelion. But my mind w 
11 tbia time highly eieiled, bii9 daiiag and daikg 
were familiar to my Ihoughli; it aeemed to me tl: 
ona who poaaaced Ibe fyeofan aagluand the oeriet 
of a man of iteel, mighi, by Ibrowiog himaalf boldly 
lid naolulely into Iba onderlahing. laccoed 
purpoae; aod that poetibiUly was enough for n 
Wa leachad Vienna lata iu the anerooon, ar 
bdgmga at one of the hoteli. It aeemed to me bb I 
thon^tof the enlarprite which waa before me, thai 
in all ptobabilil; I ahould periah in Ihe labor. I 
thanfm dinkaed my aetvani and gave him money 

lo Et^Iind. I ihen ni down and . 
ote a letter lo the duke of Romibuig. eiplaininf 
bim lha bialory of the letter to WiliteiD, which 
Harford had ahowa lo hini, and ataiing Ihe efibit ibr 
■afaty which I waa preparing to mtke. Saving 
Snidied thii, and arranged all my oihor afiiia with 
reference lo my probable loaa of Ufa, I left Ihe betel 
rd let out in the direelion o^ihe palace, 
falling into conTeraalioD nith a ralaioar at the gale , 
of the imperial manaion, I learned in which chambet 
the public papan and writing* were kept II «*«■ in 
ing of the hnildiog, and an officer alway« 
■lepl in Ibe room. There happened to be a drawil^ 
11 llie palace that evening, and ae varioiu partiea 
d and went a<vay. I aaw Ibal nothing would be 
than for me to enter and cmMMal raytetf in aoma 
part of Ihe hall, till the inmatea trf the buiUiog had 
1 10 bed. I paoead for a moment to pottder i*l 
:pediency ofuiidartaking ibeacheme; bull bad 
Hrmly reaolved Ihal nothing ahoald make me shrink 
from any thing that held ont a pnbabilily of auecea j 
and, nerving myaelf with the hardihood of dceperatian. 
: waited fbr a coovenienl moment, and glided into lha 
laU. and bid myaelf bebiod the (bida of a long and 
iweaping curtain. In thii poeilion I remained fin 
•everal bouia. feeling no touch of fear, bul a aenaa 
of deep bumilialion at the annorthy and degradinf 
poailioo which I had aaiumad. At leoglb the com- 
pany diiparwd, the great door waa clsaed, and the 
lafl the halL I relained my place DUIil 1 
pmumed that all the OMaponu of the palaoe were 
came from behind my ihield, and walk< 
n the direction of ibe chamber wbidi 
pa^ad through aeFeTal dcaartsd rooma 
until [ came lo one, through the keyhole of which ■ 
inble. Placing mylear cloae lo the door, 
I dialingoiihad the aound of peraooa engaged in play- 
ing domiuoi. I drew back and wailed till the poiae 
the light waa no longer lo be aeao ; I 
then concluded thai the gameatera bad wilbdiawii 
lOg my hand upon lha door, it yielded and 
■wung parlially opan. 
".Who b there!" cried a valce witbio. 
I remained molionleaa. 

■' Damn ihe wind !" laid the man ; " it keepa l>law- 
ing the doon open every miaute." And ho mae and 
aiamm^ il to, and Ibeo left the [apartoeni ihrao^ 
molher door. 

Ai I feared that I might find otheralikewiae awake 
if I continued my coune immsdietdy, I atood where 
I wsa for Ihe apace of nearly an hour, and Ihen n- 
■nmed my progrcea. I |»Bad through ttvo or ihrea 
large and splendid aparlmanta which aaemed juat de- 
eerled by the courtly ravellar& Tho.flickeriBg coall 
upon the bearlh aent uncertain glimpaea of brightnen 
scarcely viaible, and 
blanng up wilh a brilliance that atanled me 
widi Ihe idea that a candle waa in the room ) hf 
the aid of Ihii I made my way cantioualy throagb lha 

I came preeently upon a ataircase which appeared 
10 lead inio what I auppoaed nsa the vieini^ of lb* 
aparuaenl which I waa in aearth oC I e< 



tku w» OMwuaty lo prcTenl uji nolw being ■ 
Ttwiliglitul mighlrouieKiawaf UraoacupwiMof Ihc 
dumten Bctjoiniiii. Ai I went iIoDg dowlf ■ 
wilh th* lighMil ifMd thai wu poaibls, ihe fli 
mtamd Id creak and map undof mf Map M I htd 
never before heard il do under the baavieit (iwl. 1 
felt olmoat ueriaiu IhaL iha roar wouU antke ■ 
OEM, Ibr 10 my eiciled aeiUM, (be boudi wenii 
craek wilb the loodne* of ihnnder. Alleniihlio 
pliahed ibe fmtage at mora Ihan half the enlrjr, 
bad ariived al what I tuppoaeJ null be Ibe poai 

ir whicb t Mai ID leaich 
I made my xay back as quEeily u I coulJ. (lDiic.-eiidpd 
iaio ihe diDing-KHiB and lacitrcd a caDdl«. wh 
lifhled bf the gieal lamp in ibe hall, and returned 
oiei the peribuaTDad which 1 had belbnlmd in 
To lof graat delight, 1 read by Iba liebt oT Iba candle 
(be wiibtd Ibe title do eoe of itw panala of an adja- 
oaol iDoia. 1 eilinguiafaed tha iwidle. and gently 
tamed Iba knob of ibe door i it wai locked; of cduib 
Ibere wia •omaane wiibia. 'In pwofal perpleiilr 
paoed Iba door aeveral limea, ancaoaeioai vf what 
did. I leaned upon ibe aide of Iba window and looked 
out in oneaiy hopeleaueia ef heart. Aa By eye fell 
npun the diiiaDt akyf I ibought that I aaw the faiat 
atnaka ol the onward BOd leiiiileai day. Balfmad 
wilbdulractioDordoabtandaniiaty, lalfpped IbinarJ 
and knocked at ihe door of the chamber, delemiined 
to liy ihe lait deipenie augfealion which my ingenuily 
could lupply. After repraied knocking!, I wu an- 
Bwered frain within. 

"111! imperial raajcaly," laid I. in a mechanical 
tone. " hea aummoned a council of itala, on inpurtani 
buiinaaa, and dtairea at onee to aae Iha oflicer o( 

I ib^D retired tome dialance up Ihe enlry, and i 
oealed myielf bebind a large pillar. In a lew 
nulee ■ person came oiil of ihe room, and weal in 
direction from which I had come. Aa aoon aa be 
waa 001 of hearing. I came from ray concealment and 
raabed into the chamber. I waa JDM daihing at 
pile of papen on a ibelf in one corner of Ihe toot 
when I diicoverod a person lying ujion a wfa on II 
olhsr tide ofiba nparinieni. I could have cried wii 

aea if ha moved, but finding him aalerp, I crept t 
waida the place wbere the docunienl which 1 tvaa I 
aaercb of wai moti likely lo he found. I waa certai 
of reoigniiing it by a tri-cvlured riband which I hi 
laced through the lop of if. To my nnultataUe joy, 

a iiile which lay upon a large laUaL I iriied if, and 
hBTtng amred nyarlf that there eiiilad no miitahe 
B> to Iba idenliiy of the papan^ in a moment il 
roaring in the great nave which warmed ibe apart- 
nen. I wailed lill I bebeld the lot relicof il 
ad to einden, and then prepared lo leava Iba 
ud-(bap*lace M I hod oooM in. AalwMli 

middle of the Soor, in my way to the aolry, I |hiWB< 
my eye lowaidi the aola. The man waa aitiiBg ap oa 
it, ilaring direcJy at me : be had bean awakened )i/ 
l^a noiae of doting the door of the atnve. Al te 
•ame moment I beard ibe lboMeF* of Ike cffieai com- 
ing along the entry. 

T^ ipfitf to ibe door and lock it, aDd lo win iba 
raau within lha room by ibe throat befiiTa be ceald 
utter an elano, were Ihe eOuile of an ioMenl. i drew 
a dagger with which I bad provided aynlf, and Md 
tl with Bay other hand lo Ibe back of hia neck. 

■ If you ilniggle or make Iba atighlcn noiae," nid ' 
I, - you aia a dead man. If ym luUew ma qaiMly, 
yon ahall not be bun." 

Keeping my gtaip npon hia thioal, I led him biM^y 
lo a door on lha oiher aide of Ibe room. I knew Ital 
ihere K'aa an entrance to lha palace gardena on Ihal 
quatler of lha building, and If I could preveM ibe 
e«ape of Iho man lo give Ibe alaia, and reach ika 
gnnud belore the officer eoald gain admiMioa lo ibi 
room, I nai prally certain of eflecliag my caapK 
The npanmenii tbioogb whicb we pened were reriD- 
lulely vacant, and I burned with ray prittinarthag 
wilh breatfalaia haMe. In apile of ihe ianinaoi psd 
iu which I waa. (here waa aoiDMhing irreaiaubly emie 
in the idea of dragging a man alter me, or lalbv 
poihing him belbre me, to prevent hie doing ne my 
injury. I gained at length the lower halloflbeiniig. 
Tbe gardcD-door wai locked and the key afa«il. 1 
■praog from the wiadow, flew through Ibe gimuA 
and tcaled Ihe wall, wilh the rapidity of lighuiag. 
I knew that my hotel would not be open al Ihai Wfly 
boar, and I accordingly lumed into en adjacvl alley 
aod threaded my way through a variely of otatare 
■Ireeti. inlending to wander tbnogfa the city till dM 
day bad dawned. 

I reached the hotel BI innriae, and ofdered ny bwe 
to be imtantly aaddted. I went to isy.riiafflbrr aid 

ir letter 

room of that which I bad prepared Ihe itight MM 
Wilhoul enleriog iaio delail, I tuied ihe bd Ibai Ike 
deed which fiied upon him ibe weight of inanow" 
no longer in eiialence; and I eiprewed e bopa tbal 
having diipelled Ihe danger whicb my imprudence 
bad bronght upon him, would relieve me in hii Biod 
from any injutioui rcBectiuna. I then axplaiwd ibe 
motivea Mhich had inSuenced ihe eoaria whidt 1 bid 
adoplod while ivith him, end with many liaeera ai- 
prcBioni of gtatiludc, look my leave of bim. Wfcifl 
Ihii wu fini«hed.I drew up a memorial lo thewapwo. 
In which I aMumed id myielf all the geillef ibi 
ichcma which he had dalecled, and deekred lb* «■ 
lire innocence nf Ihe noblea wboni he bed ain"e* 

TheM lelien 1 delivered wilh appniprtaiedir»o<i<a# 
lo the lervant o( the inn, and mounling ny hem >» 
the lint yellow nyi of Ihe aun. loned a^ ''•'' ** 
ever oo tbe boiy cily of Vienna. 

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M^ Ibo ■■iiB, nirhl-vtiml air. 

Siyndid die sir piny abonl my lonipln wiih ■ 
nndtUcioDi •ufliiHc, ihao u 1 cuiLer«l uowveied 
■Iwi; Ik* fina avMiua of liadsn* ihil ■itatchei for 
■Krtl niln iloDg tba road u you iHue from ibe 
tniitienigBUanka brigbrcapiul of Aiuiria. never 
U Bf bfaod bnl Willi a richer foloea ur more in- 
nphui ipiriL Aa I locrfied back over tba evenii n[ 
Ae Im few itjt, a ileop beat ot ainllalion vibraled 
Arai|ti m;-iDuL Soma of ihe rarcBI and highatl 
(innrv which ilia poaiM* fiii nian to enjoy vrere 
■lot, IbirrapceMiblo ptideorManfred, when Ihe 
■i(iiti)fhiihumuiwiUdroT« back Ibe baffled Seitde. 
■aniog, wiih freater fervor i for wliila Ihe mag io 
•f a ipell had f iveo Ibnw Io hii worda or Kom. ihe 
■nwawdenergyof intetlecihad i*r.iu|Lit myiieliver 
■an. I bid vanquiabed Harfurd by the might of 
rind. I had Del Ihe aehenea which he bad maiorfd 

raee up before roy aighl. My Knaibiliiy and oiciw- 
inetil inf reaped evefy mumeDi; and 1 fuund It impia. 
■ible IO pauH. Al ooan I wu ridingon wiih Increaaed 
animaliun. The day waa bol and cloudleia. bui wiiih 
my bare head eipoaed lo tho anlcni raya I nil) iiijed 
iBy UHina along. Al length, I became iinaMe to die- 
iinjuiah the fcaiurca iif the landicape; every Ihing 
■eemed lo giow lurid aod wdio. The ait appeared 
10 be on fire, and thin Same lo' be cwDpaMing ail the 
acene. I apurted my bono vehemenily lo eecape from 
iha aiiflucaiing heiii. At that moraBni, a ball of fii« 
•eemed to darl fiam Ibo aun directly into my braia. 
In the neil iniinnt nil waa darkneaa. 

Whol foUowed, io ib« trance of inaaDaihilily aod 
I know not. When 
fliicioiu that I waa 
lying in bed in aoine tirange plare. allendnl by kind 

■ ofdelm 

had D 

to move Of to ajwtak, or to vary iha 
ent of dieamy eiialcDce by a Ihoughl 
The daya, 1 knew, were coming and 
going, end a beautiful pbantaim ever and bimhi draw 

r, u ihraugh ■ dim 

ired then 


*wd. 1 had calmly parried Ihe iti 
fwice.and Ihe riioek of bilura bad even endangflied 
■aawnatfety. A* I ihua (a«ted iha keen delight of 
linppoimiag an enemyofhia eager vengeance, I had 

**> a aplendid lacrilice fur friendahip. The anelling 
■'aura, havbeit, on ihe whole, unworthy, which lbs 
nni man feela in a cotd reailience from the prolTHred 
^bafihiiae whom ha baa largely aetved, and in 
'•npli^on theaenlimCDl whoae force bn> urged him 
ikilbaFbof valor, nas mine. I had periled every 
%lvr Roienhure.aad hndeven acomed io lall him 
fihe riingeri I had delivered ihcni and myaetrfrom 
■> ii>il( of inatant ruin ; and ihe ihoughl made my 
ktefc glow with Iriumph j " alone, J did il.", 
Id a ibonaand other conaidetalioDB glanced ihrough 
Tnindandaiirred my feelings with a lumHltoflafly 
■iiibia. - Hope elevated and joy brighlsned my 

1^1 fbrraaer Datura teamed alaolo be radiant nilh 
•^iv Inialinaaa. On high, the breeie. Ka* freiling 
X li|hi ekinda into .beauty; and around, ihe crynal 
'■'Inifa mre feaibering ihe bill* wiib • diwn of 
^' Never aeenied to me Iba aii ao orient wiib 
UcrUended gleanN orpeiadiaal hrigbtneai as on Ibia 
•lay maniflg. The eoaisotieM objecta teemed to 
• inusady baanliful ; and my apiril fed npim the 
*^<>i of Ibe faabion of Ibem at if it had been 
•Mt. I caiuBt paint 

I teemed to feel, and a 

Weeka paued by in ihia condition of life in dealb, 
when anddenly the lilm wa* removed from my baiD(, 
and full and perfect eonariouanaia relamed. Il waa 
tuwarda ihe clute of a mild tflemoon, and Ihe rich, 
yellow aunaai'aalaepy light waa iireaming Ibniaghlbe 
room. A deep and delightful calm waa upon my 
■pirit, and Ibe lepoM of profbiindcat peace lay opon 

□ul into the apartment. Kneeling before a picture of 
ibe Virgin, ihai hung in the receaa of iha window. 


I. Her 


lip was comprened and moiionleaa. 
light ofiha deponing day fell wiih a Buth of glory oa 
her check, and baihed her glotay hair in brighineta, 
a mure enchaining picture never viiiied the painler'a 
muainga. I leaned upon ihe pilluw and gaunJ upon 
her, and nishcd that iliai momenl miglii never paa 

In a few minuiaa ihe rote and walked lowardi my 
couch. When ahe laiv ihat I waa lealored lo con- 
■ciouuieta, and that my eye had recovereu ila eipraa- 
■ion of life, a faint gluw of aurpriie and pleaaur* 
(lathed ihruugh her h 

■• HOH 

aelf I" I 

I ahe. in 

; Nill onward, ia an oncertain tomoli of 
miad waa eraathigfoiid fet itaairbybnild- 
■ioiia oT aniaipriae iBil aahieaee. A thou- 
M «C mtbilka, i> «hi«ii 1 would embwk, 

of eiquiaile tufineat, and gating in my connienaoce 
with deep ioicrett. 

"Well! vciy well!">aid I, and the faebleneia of 
my lone jnit thawed me bow weak I waa. I Icok her 
hand in mine; "And you have watched me, and baal 
10 me 1 1 thnughl ihal I waa in my (alher't hoota^ 
and Ihe apiril of mj tiitar vitilad my couch." 

1 placMl her hand opon ny heart, ud • uanqaa 
pleaanre tbroudtd my tpirit. 


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j«i»,Tb<».Mw«, Cat., I«m^'«»«, >«». »•««>*«, Beptmi-. I^jif*. ' 



Tnr ><it »*• n-WTK ♦»»« ■■«*. •«'>*«». 


«n on ihe gddco lununil of • mooDd, 

Tlwn waking »ll hii wimth, tti' 0)]Fn[un nn 
Sboak hi* dmd hur iml bHil hh brairt in in. 
SeiMd tbe red boll, »nd ihrongh tl» lockflliW 

DioTO fiarceiy. ■trewing til Il» &«gnieiili rennd; 
And quaking tock «nd qnlT«iing noantain ttU 
Wben gntwwl by fi" ">• *ln««i biolbm Ml, 
CHympili iraoblad at Iha ibock, and taaia, | 

And eKih. and MarlM hall (a™ l"** *• ""'i 
again, Emnoof- | 

Tha aancin haaTan with bUiiog parapM, 

Tba awAil lynod of die godi waa mat; 

(Tai oheak* immortal— motUl polanam apnail, 

An) eipactation atond aghsM wilh dnad, 

WUla lobed in m^My, nnmoved, alona, 

In eoncioaa power recUa'd Iha Thanderer co hi* 

Bansalh, tha giant aooa of auth. with tread 
Ujailic, ahook the ralley'i >taitl«d bed, 
And mingling all thmr hoM*. al lenglh dudoaed 
The minhaUed iwika in dread array diapoaed ; 
Fierce ai tbe whirlwind iweepa in fury by, 
Hieir ihoat of mad defiance rent the iky ; 
And wild aa nwunlaiii oaki, by tampcal ri 

d biiai 


Wilh dread couent the Jiaenballled baTtd* 
Bonnd Olaa Ibid Iheir long and branny handi; 
And aa thajr urge their giant force amain, 
H« nothing mounlain groan* wilh vaiy pain, 
Till from in deep foundation torn, with ahock 
That croahed it* mighty rib* of aolid rock, 
6p PaUon hiaved, upon it* top it atood, 
Wilh all ita craggy rock* and all it* wealth of wood. 

Elate wilh hope and fltiihed with wrath and pride, 
Ttiey clambered up the mounlain'a rugged aide, 
And ranged upon il* awful aleep, prepare 
On baaien lo pour their magaiinaa of war: 
Bit arrowa, Tjpbon — Mima*, rocha npNDl, — 
Eneeladoi, whole bluing foraila aenl j 
While from Iheii buea torn, Forphyrion hurled 
Vait hill* like fragment* afa lale diacuplured world. 

Fierce raged the din of war: m acbmng ahock 
T^nnk ibivered traak, and rock waa craahed on tock 
Huge blazing tree* ihed down Ibair botigha like lain 
In aloim of liro thai deluged all the plain, 
And mbed in Samca and claudi of gloomy dread. 
O'er heaven'* vaK realm wide wgating ruin ipread ; 
Tat from th* lxN*e* of Joie's migbly ihield. 
rail hartnloM all tbe blaaag horroit of the field. 

No. 3. I 


Orw wlo, i im tepa win, jam «di« Bidii.-i*Mto 
nOlKIAOePOM, oflaiaT, AtiUnt, 

"*•"'■"""•'- »n». 

The chariot of Aurora DOW had rcdled 
In bumng beauty from the reddening •*«. 

And parted nai the timue veil ofr^ 
Enahrouding earth within iu drapery i 
nilea lit ihs ocean wave*, the eireara, the gro<* 
The ragged laouDtain peak*; and harmony. 

Awakening aioond, banealh, above, 

Wilh Toice of muttc hailed iha heavenly qnaeirf Ion- 

Amid Ihe lighl ami gevaner form, the world 
Of watera galhered, ** il roaa and fall 

Like beauly'i heaving boaom, alowly eurlgd 
From oal lha depth* a roay.oolared ibril, 

That lingad the water* wilh. Ihe bluib il *m*l 
Aa with a merry chime, in fluctuant iwalL 

Afiir to Paphoe' golded nnded aboro. 

The ocean'a richeat pearl in glilleriog bark theytn* 

llere in her Kay car of ahell, reclined 
The ODeanbam with brow and eyca of li()>t— 

The dcw-femmed trcae* flaiiqting on lha wind, 
Her naked beaatioa afaading from Ihe ugbt 

Thai alee wilh pain the eenea* h*a opproaed I 
While in her *mile lb' eaamoured wavv gn* 

And Ihe cool aka aroond her cheek and braiil 

Qrew warm, and by Iheii Uuih the Deity cooliMd 

And on thai craeoMil bark'a lianaparani pnw, 
Sat Cnpid waving hie bright pnrpla winp. 

To cool lha fervor of hia mi>u«*a' hnw ) 

And while the keel through aparkliag **'" 

The lovely Grace*, wlfti Ibair »nea nnboiuid, 
And ihe Nareidea, in living ringa 

Of beanty, did the goddeaa circle rooad, 

To whoae imparial away i»eatioD waa tha bo«i 





No. II. 

iTiKHwrawfulftctillwIut IhiiGODntrr.MiDEiv- i 
hod, lb* lyNem of togutrj wd public depndalliHi j 
bn uttni lo ■ Mtt« of pMicotjim tiwt rasdan ii, in ' 
■• bnncba and <Aam6ea.1iatm, ti ngolar md 
'jnoM toy oM of ibe Tuiima oecDpa. 
licoi tD wbidi maakind, in civilixed C0BginDni(JBii,in 

At in Ihe Uw, Ihsre t> ihe barrwter and iha mt- 
gjuu, th« idTocale and tbe couoMllor, the clark and 
Ihe ccoiTejaacer ) w in medicine, Iha apotliecaiT and j 
Aa pRaeribing phjridan, ihe Thompaomaii and lha ; 
HanuBoaian, iha homiBpatfaiil and tbe regnUr TacDl- ' 
tf, tta nirgeoa and Ihe dealiil, — ao id Ihe proaecution 
of crime, there u a diiUiicl braocb of tbe cunnunitf , 
kmim w Ihe police, in all tbe priDcipal dlies of ooi 
■mim, wbo pnmie their conne of depredation wiOt a 
qWem and indiTidoalilr of departmetit, Ihu ia u pe. 
ciliai fir ito boldoeaa and metbod, aa it ia appaUioi 
to b pr o g teaa of civil and moral rafiwn. 

Ttf Tslarui (Acer of ih« pot'iM, whan the intelli- 
■■ace of a noeni ciiiM ia made known tobia, aeaka 
Sat to aerwrtiitn praciad j in wlial Dtm the itfjnry haa 
beoi oonimined, and than reteia to hia oelakifiDe of 
nutea of Ihoae who are develed to ifaat particular 
Uanch of oAncea, to Gi hia nupicioM, wid to predicate 
bii aemliny. Hia oorreapandance itilbnna him when 
asf name apon hii lift in any deparlmeal, ia atxpctid- 
ed, br (ampotaiy ramoral riom the aoenaa of action, 
bf tirtoe of tbe puUing of ita owner, and if intelli- 
gence ia given to him irf' the pnpinqnily of an^ of the 
f aou, who bekmg to the chancier of the oflence thai 
ha been oomminad, by directing fail sDergiea upon 
lb«n, and ftneling them eloeelf , be leblam faila to 
■ake aoma diacoTeiy liiat bringa hita near to hia ulli' 

In crime, there ia the bank ntbbar and the faooae- 
hnaker, the hifhwartMui and Ifae pickpocket, tbt, 
wholaaale fbtfet and the retailing pobliaher, and 
other varieiiea, ai aepaiMe, independent, and die- 
tinct in tbeir Tahon* hranchee aa the membeia ef 
any two difirent ocenpationa or pfofeariona to which 
hanaat mett are educaled and devoted, tl haa af- 
fcrded me, oecauonally , Po litlle amnaemenl to obaerve 
tbe indigiMncr wiA which tbe pnctitioDariD one of 

Ihe higher bnncfaea of crime receive* the inlelligenc* 
ihal he baa been accuaed of anoftncemtf tfkuHiu, 
■nd I have eflen imiled 10 bear Ihe tepljr to tbe aUo- 
gatioii, nbsn a btger haa been accund of picking lb* 
pocket of a neighbor, ai a bouNbtoakM or btugUi 
haa boan anealed fitr paaning counterfeit moDey, 
that " the police mi^t have known him better ihao 
lo believe that he vrould have been gniliy of iuob 
an acL" Such however ia the prevalemoe of thai 
•trong charaeleriatic of human natnia — lb« pride of 


one time a ootoriooa forger and 
oounlerfeiler, waa one of the proodeat and moat arie- 
locraiic ofhii kind, I have ever been made profaaakm- 
•Uj acqiuunlad with. Hia peiaooal appearanoe gave 
hin nany advantagea over the reatof hia apeciae, and 
hia zMluial intalligance, improved by early educuioa. 
and a former aaocialian with a highly reapeetabla 
daaa in Ihe commuoitjr, well fliiad him for a dialin- 
guiriied career of vice. No man of hi* age, petfaapa, 
bad ■• macfa eiperience in the aerviiude at the taw, 
and the regimen of priaoDi throughout the United 
Stalaa, u Brown. He fieoly diaooaned upon the ad- 
ranlagae and dindvanugea of tbe priaon diadpUna 
of Ihe eeveral Slalee. and often ventured hii alrictima 
and auggealionB with a lincerity and eamaalne«, that 
would have induced ■ iimiger lo have believed bin 
a dinnlereeled philBntbropiat, aolely bent upon tha 
tnota] amelioralion of hia u 
fallow beinga. 

After bi> diacbarge from Iv 
the Smie Frinn, at Cfaairy Hill, I raoollert lo have 
aikad hia opinion of aolilaiy coafinemellt «■ a meana 
of pnniahinent and refbrn. In loply, with mndi aov 
froid, be gave hia eppronl of tbe treatment, e^a- 
dally aa it relieved the criminal fiom the naceaAly 
of tHOciaiing with evefy one nbo had ooMtiaa 10 be- 
COBM a temporary iimiata with bin, hot repudiatad 
to deiiaicD iba idea of the architoei in believinf that 
he had accompliihed the Jiilneaa of aolitaiy ooofine- 
ment in hii doaert cell in the plan of hia erectiOD. 
" If," Hid be, " yoB want a man lo be entirely aolitarj, 
why build yonr cella aquare, aa Ibey are T If I grow 




liMd ol kioking ■! iba plain bUnk well ihai liunlly 
nmoaiMli (Mi I ha*e > baautiliil proapect buI reliaf 
in luming my ejvt upon Ihe ricb varietj Ihal ii of- 
fend Id ihB mind in bcboldiDg lbs inglci formed b; 
th* Gonen ormf afarlmrat. Billd your celb nxiod 
if jon mnl thoii iDinalM lo b* ■otilar;." 

Soma of tha laading incidenu in Brawn'a Kfa, ai 
inpallad u> me br him, I bava danDad woitby • re- 
oatd, Ai ihare ia alwtyi aaaMthing rooiuiiii: in ih< 
dawD of avsiT ««rear of virlvaua or nciaui liiMiiu 
tkn. K> nu there in thai of the noloiioui cuuDierreii 
or. Educaled for a highly reepeciable iphrre of Jift 
■nd filled in penooal eileriar lot »me accumptiili 
nenl in aooialy. Brown luul no plia of pinchiag penu 
17. or rafugg from Ihe gripa of impending nant. Ii 
palliata bia wceiBion fiom the patha of honmy.