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David Bourne - Layout Engineer 

/■" Andrew Golding - Layout Engineer 

5 Steven Bellis - Layout Engineer 

Ms. S.B. Tevlin - Staff Advisor 

Andrew Van Nostrand - Student Advisor 


Staff/ Student 

Fall Activity 76 

Winter Activity 

Spring Activity 98 

Arts & Lit 112 

Clubs etc 130 

Directory 166 

Cover Artist: Tom Broen 






It was ten years ago this September that I stood in this 
pulpit and said my first words to the school as their new 
headmaster. Save for some members of the present staff, 
none of you were here at that time. Yet, in many senses, 
the school I speak to now is the same school I spoke to 
then, for the idea of this school binds us all - the present, 
the past, and even the future - into a larger unity which is 
the true St. George's College. 

Ten years ago I expressed the firm belief that this 
chapel is at the very centre of the life of our school. In the 
intervening years I have found no reason to change that 
belief. Our coming here regularly, as we do, has many 
purposes - and many benefits, if we but open our ears, 
our eyes, our minds, and even our hearts. This, we have 
so often been told, is a place in which to worship God. 
There are many ways of doing this - many more than 
most of us, perhaps, suspect. But somehow we have 
allowed ourselves to become locked into the idea that 
worshipping is listening impassively to prayers intoned, 
to psalms chanted, to lessons read, to sermons preached, 
and to hymns sung by a captive congregation. 

"What does it all mean?" we ask. OR "Can it mean all 
that much?" OR "Who cares?" 

There are in English grammar, as I hope most of you 
know, three persons in the singular (I, you, and he, she or 
it), and three persons in the plural (we, you, and they), 
the latter being but extensions of the former. Taken 
together with their verbs, these six persons allow us to 
express most of what we know and understand about 
human experience. Of these six persons, surely the most 
interesting, the most revealing, and at times the most 
dangerous, is the first person singular: I. Everytime we 
use this person, we say something about ourselves - 
sometimes more than we wish to say. It is most especially 
the first person singular which announces, for better or 
for worse, our humanity, and which gives that humanity 
its particular characteristics. 

One of the most remarkable of those characteristics, I 
think, is that, although we are all separate, individual 
beings, no two of us being exactly alike, each of us 
thinking his own thoughts and living out his own destiny, 
it seems that we search for a larger unity, that we yearn 
for a one-ness with our fellow human beings that cannot 
be satisfied within the individual. That search, that 
yearning, finds its expression in our wishing to live 
together in societies, in our sense of nationality, in our 
sense of team, in our sense of 'college', in our sense of 
purpose in striving toward a common goal. Each time we 
sing our national anthem or our school hymn, we ex- 
press, however unconsciously, our larger unity. Each 
time we cheer on our fellows on the playing field, we 
express the fact, however unconsciously, that, as a 
school, we are one. And each time we come together in 
this chapel, we engage in a corporate act which, in its 

special way, reminds us of that unity which transcends 
our individual selves. 

Self-realization and personal destiny are most im- 
portant elements in that phenomenon we call 'human 
nature' and deserve their rightful place in the ordering of 
our lives. Yet there are times, and they are many, when 
the 'I' in us must give way to the larger need of the 'we', 
or the 'you' or the 'they' - when individual interest must 
give way to the larger interest. Indeed, one could say that 
the greatest task the human spirit has set itself here on 
earth is to find that ideal and proper relationship between 
the first person singular - the T - and each of the other 
five persons. 

No society, including this little community we call St. 
George's College, can survive and flourish, if the only 
voice that is heard is T. No society, including this little 
community we call St. George's College, can survive and 
flourish, if its individual members always insist upon 
putting their own interests ahead of those of others. 

No society, including this little community we call St. 
George's College, can survive and flourish UNLESS each 
and everyone of us is prepared to consider always the 
effect of his thoughts, of his words, and of his actions 
upon his fellows - UNLESS each and everyone of us is 
prepared to give the 'I' its proper place, but no more - 
UNLESS each and everyone of us is prepared, con- 
sciously, to make his conscience the master of his will. 

The task that the human spirit has set itself is, as I have 
said, a great one. And if we ignore the implications of 
that task, we do so at our peril. 

Our coming together in this chapel affords us, then, 
the opportunity to reflect upon our relationship with our 
fellows - upon the relationship of the 'I' with the other 
five persons. In this is the beginning of worthy 
knowledge. Our coming together in this chapel also 
affords us the opportunity to sense and to express our 
awareness of the larger unity for which we yearn. In this 
are the seeds of true worship. 

Our prayers, thoughtfully said, our psalms gratefully 
chanted, our lessons and sermons attentively heard, and 
our hymns joyfully sung, are but extensions of the first 
two opportunities we have when we come together in this 
chapel. Taken together, these three elements of chapel 
worship afford us the greatest opportunity of all: to 
recognize the greatest unity of all - our unity in the one 
God, who is our Father. 

My dear boys, as my retirement approaches, this is the 
message I leave to you, and to those who follow. 

God bless you all. 


Farewell Chapel Address 
St. George's College 
Friday, May 27, 1988 


Recently, I read an article called "Memetics: The 
Science of Information Viruses" by Keith Henson. The 
author is suggesting that some ideas function in a similar 
fashion to viruses. He refers to such ideas as "memes". 

Viruses are a fascinating group of Uving things. 
Although extremely primitive when viewed from the 
"heights" of our evolutionary progress, they survive and 
flourish with few active systems. They consist of a few 
strands of DNA, the chemical basis of cell information, 
covered in a protein coating. Because of their minimal 
content, they lack the ability to reproduce themselves. 
Undaunted by this seeming impediment to continuance, 
viruses take over control of more advanced cells and 
force them to produce baby viruses instead of self- 

Henson makes an analogy between the functioning of 
viruses and the ability of some ideas to grow and infect 
individuals. We have had more than enough examples of 
how corrupt ideas can self-perpetuate, grow, and subvert 
the logical process of thought, but 1 want to give an 
example of how one man's excellent idea has infected 
many with positive results. 

This past year has been a momentous one in that the 
last two founders of the school have retired from active 
service: Mr. John Allen as Headmaster, and Mr. John 
Bradley, previously Assistant Headmaster and Director 
of Music. Mr. Bradley conceived the idea of a school that 
would promote music, an involvement with the Anglican 

church, and academic excellence while he was the 
Director of the summer Choir School at Trinity College 
School in Port Hope. (I find it interesting that I was a boy 
at the Choir School in the late 50's and early 60's, and 
that while I was in music practice or playing sports, 
discussions were going on in Mr. Bradley's rooms that 
would form the place that now provides my em- 

Mr. Bradley's idea "infected" others: Mr. John Allen, 
Dr. Jack Wright (the founding Headmaster), Fr. Kenneth 
Scott (the first Chaplain), and many others. Like a virus, 
the idea, though initially a simple wish, grew and changed 
its outer form without modifying its content as more 
individuals "caught" it and, as it went from person to 
person, it became an original and exciting possibility. 

I am convinced that this virus will continue to infect 
others (as it has me) and St. George's will follow its 
founding roots. Fr. Scott has written a book about the 
start of the College wherein he uses the analogy of slaying 
the many dragons that stood in the way of the progress of 
SGC. 1 have here employed another analogy to try to 
explain the remarkable beginning and staying power of 
this idea. 1 believe that the fascination of this school for 
so many lends itself to the many attempts to explain its 

Let us hope that, as we enter St. George's jubilee year, 
the "epidemic" will continue and that the school will go 
from glory to glory. 


As you read this, I will be in Cambridge (5 hours later 
than Toronto), settling into a new school, a new 
challenge, and a new lifestyle. As I write this, you are 
probably enjoying your summer holidays and I am busy 
tidying things up at St. George's as well as packing for 

The academic year 1987/88 was one of major change 
for many of us. I remember writing in this yearbook 2 
years ago that what we were trying to teach at St. 
George's, amongst other things, was to not fear change. 
Little did I know how timely and true that statement 
would be. I also should have added that when change 
does occur, it need not only be that the status quo is 
unacceptable, but also that the alternative may be better. 

I hope that you will permit me one personal comment 
before closing. I want to acknowledge and "thank my 

wife, Ms Tevlin, for her steadfast support over the last 10 
years, for the splendid contribution she has made to the 
College in the last 4 years building the Art Programme 
into one of the best in the country, and for making the 
Yearbook, in the last 3 years, a much more positive, 
accurate, and creative depiction of the school. 

We leave St. George's with fond memories of many 
students, and proud of whatever contributions we may 
have made to their development. One thing we hope 
won't change in the future is the way St. George's boys 
are: confident but not arrogant; mature as well as subtle; 
intelligent but also thoughtful. 

We wish you all the best. 


Head of the Upper School 


/, * 

^ '33 'Iv 

GRAB 88 

A. Armstrong 


W. Fripp 

GRAB 88 

p. l.cpiane 

GRAB 88 

L. Nichols 


Ci. Thompson 

GRAB 88 



MikeRudan 1983-1988 

"Here today ... gone later today!" 

David Lee Roth 

Thank you very much St. George's for putting 
up with me over the last 5 years. I could have 
never made it through without my friends. To all 
of those who were my friends. Thanks! and 
Good luck. Especially P.J. and Theo ... you two 
guys have shown me what it's like to have true 
best friends. 

As for those who weren't my friends ... have you 
ever seen "Scarface"? ...I'm coming to get you! 

Thanks again ... to everyone. 

Scott DeVeber 

What a Long Strange Trip it's been." 

Greatful Dead 

Well guys, it wasn't so long, but my two years at SGC 
were strange enough. I've had quite a few memorable 
experiences here: classes with Gage, Gilles and Herb (he 
was great this year considering his last two jobs!) "Rock 
me Pantermoller!" Washington: Burger King "I don't 
care what your order is, get lost!" The hotel Harrington 
our suites at $85 a night, the stench of room 433. "Jase 
Baby" -Breezewood - the town of fast food and truck 
stops, America in a nutshell. Live long and prosper 

Christopher Grosset 

How seductive it is - and yet how madden- 

Claude Monet 

Never make the mistakes of departing from 
nature, imagining to do better by yourself • 
for art is embedded in nature. And the artist 
who can extract it has it. 

Albrccht Durer 

Thank you and good-bye. Love Lance. H.P. 

P.J. Oborne 

Council meeting?? I'm on it. Here's to a year of familiarizing our- 
selves with the Havergal Prefects and of extended essay deadlines, not 
to mention spare in the Prefect room gabbing about anything and 
everything. Thanks Bandit, Lasher, V.C., Ack, Nak, Dunk (you 
hamburger), of course Herb, Grade 8, and all of the others involved in 
the SGC experience. 

Brad McDonald 

(Gino, Euchstre, Mac, Secunous, Simon,...) 
1981-1988. I should have been a model. Hey! 
And no more nicknames! 

Mom, Dad, Thanx for all your love and 


Washington '88, Spring Semi '87, Gr. 1 1 Bob 
Marley Morning Show, Roughly 10,000 litres 
of coffee and 2 A.M. mornings. Saturday 
Nites at J.J.'s; New Year's Eve '87, crazy 
horse (thanx Dan, just kidding!), the Get 
along Gang, Tracy and all that dancing. 

To... Herbie; "But sir, what's the cut off??" 
Vic: "1 know I've had the book 5 years, 
you'll get it back." 

"Don't mistake me for down now, I'm 
simply in between where I was and where I'm 
going to be ..." 

Easy Street '84 

Thanx S.G.C., I'll never forget ya! 

Phillip LaFlair 

Nicknames: from Munchie to Dr. Flip. 
Losing my voice in a certain Montreal 
establishment. Cheesewagons to oblivion. 
Soccer, tennis, badminton, Fulford, etc... 
The Harrington prison. "1 don't think the 
N. A. M.U.N, officials are amused." 
Eucharist, is that a card game? Shock me 
Michelle Lobster headed a toga parties. Neil 
Young. Thanks Mom, Dad, Melissa, and my 

Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner... 
Life doesn't always stand up to close in- 

But don't worry about it! 
Bring on the dancing girls. 


Andrew Jardine 

St. George's was an experience not to be 
forgotten. Christmas in Acapulco, the cellar, 
stale food from Stan's and first period every 
Friday morning. 

"How long 1 have wanted this dream to come 
true and as it approaches I can't believe I'm 


Cambell Sieuart 

So long folks 
It's been real 

P.S Just grin and nod. 

Lawrence Nichols 

There is always the faintest hope, like one star on a black night, which 
sometimes in our dreams becomes a wall of white light blinding us with 
happiness as if the next day we will see clearly, for one never knows... 

M, Hclprin 


Hold on to your honour. 

In order to keep your pride strong. 

A very special thanks to my parents and to Danielle and my friends 
at S.G.C. D.W. You will always be with me, my B.F.E. 

The door opens here, now is the time to jump through with both 
feet and full of ambition. 

Daniel Conn 

If one advances confidently in the directions of his dreams and 
endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with 
a success unexpected in common hours. 

Henry David Thoreau 

Ross Dixon 

"Wheels have been set in motion, and they have their own pace, to 

which we are ... condemned." 

Tom Stoppard 

"The thought slid like a cold shining rapier into his tender flesh." 

James Joyce 

"It was an agony to witness the fantastic extent lo which the wolf had 
learned lo belie his nature, and 1 siood there with my hair on end." 

Herman Hesse 

There is a quality to SGC which is impossible to qualify; that is lo say 
there is an atmosphere or ambiance present in our school which 
cannot exist anywhere else. Il doesn't have a name and it cannot be 
properly defined; but everyone who is a part of the school understands 
il and is uniquely able lo benefit from it. In essence what it ac- 
complishes is the forging of unbreakable bond between SGC is and 
what its students will become. 

"It was just like being on a fast ride at ihc fun fair - the son you want 
lo get off because it's scary, then as soon as you're off you want to get 
straight back on again." 

Billy Bragg 


il f 1 

■«bI0Hk^'- "^^^^^^I 


Brian Andersen (1982-1988) 

Once a kid, always a kid. 

Somethings never change. 

Memories: King a Cup, Flying Audi's, Army's farm. Party at Lyons? 

Suicide Wings, McD's, Butterflys, Holiday Rap, Zack, Tevia, The 

Gals, and of course, Zaria. 

Prefect Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, X-Country. 

Montreal: "Cinthia" 

Quebec: "High Octane" 

Egypt: "Thanks Stella" 

Washington: "Raffi'sT.T.C. card" 

You guys are the best. 

S.G.C.: Thanks ... for everything. 

Rock On. 

Glen Harris (1982-1988) 

Camera Club, Electronic and Computer Music. 

A Fine Madness, Storm Machine, The Xymotix, The Glasgow 

Boys, Bye Bye Birdie, Tests, It Comes From There. I'm tired of 

being tired. Thank you for six years of education and experience. 

"What is life but a series of inspired follies? The difficulty is to 
find them to do. Never lose a chance: it doesn't come everyday." 
Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw 

Andrew Armstrong 

Memories: 7 years of Hockey and Soccer, Belgium, Montreal (the 
chateau kiss), Mont Tremblant (Nate's), Mont St. Anne (hooters with 
Lemmon), Washington (Go to bed Miller!), Farm Parties 
(Marathoning Anyone?), Mr. Love's History Class (I may be late sir 
but I'm here) 

George: What did I do to deserve this? 
Hatch: It's not mine! 
Miller: Home Van! 
Van: Yes Sir! 

Heath: Don't you believe me? 

Thanks to all my teachers and friends at S.G.C. for 7 great years! 
Tomorrow is a promise that somehow you've made real 
Harry Chapin 

RoLitr 1 ostra (1983-1988) 

Volleyball (4 years), baseball (4 years), Ski I cam (Horsi Bulau tries 
G.S.) Business (what the heck am I doing!) Game Back - seat bus rides 
are not recommended! Hotel Harrington windows! Shaving cream 
fights! "My Sand, My Surf, My Sun ... Go Home!" 

David Sturdee 

May 1 always have the serenity to accept the things 1 cannot change, 

courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to know the 


Thanl< you Oprah, Dini, and Fred. 

Toronto women? HA! Import. 

I look forward to all of the imaginary stop signs. 

Stuart Hatcher (1981-1988) 

All those memories - Norval Science trips, Ketchum Hall dances, 

Semiformals, the "Rack", Ottawa-History with Mr. B, Vermont with 

E.T. Mt. Ste. Anne - Chateau. Hole-In-The-Wall, Army's Farm? 

Washington, the Gator. 

The guys: (J.M.), Arm Dong, Annis Van Bangltoll (A.V.N.) Logic 

Flip, Scog, Vic Mabin! By the way - first married: ? 

George Thompson (1 98 1 -88) 

Memories - Vancouver in Grade 7, Science Trips? to Norval in Grade 

8, Soccer in Montreal (winning, nightlife, and channel 4). Mt. St. 

Anne with care, Washington in a closet, the many semis and dates/girl 

friends? Good Friends. 

Sayings- 'What did I do to deserve this?" 'Party down." 

Thanks - A, A, S. H, D. L, J. M, T. L, R. M and everyone else that 

made the lime at S.G.C. enjoyable. 

'Everlhing is dust in the wind' 

- Kansas 

(so have fun while you can) 

Richard Nccdham (1979-88) 

All trips; movies - Presumed Dead, Presumed Dead II, New Tricks, 
The Present, Promises to Keep, squibs, Ashley's face, plate glass 
windows, getaway cars; executive lunches; Honda - don't make me 
laugh; ACDC; AMG. Koenig, quattrovalvole's, and the "anti- 
christ"; car rally of '86; China; Callahan and his magnums; PhD's; 
triple spares in spring; "Burn in Hell"; Bamo Power; Qt Bros.; AH, 

R. Needham(A.S.A.P.) 



















Victor Mehra: 

10 years of fun, friends and being late. The Beast R.l.P, Blind Master 
Pooh, The garage door was frozen shut, 1 swear! Bye Bye Birdie, most 
of the Havergal girls, singing in Montreal. My friends, staff and 
students - Gage, Nal< D'arce and Squiff - Stu, Blake, Cozin Chad, 
P.J, Ross and many many more... You've taught me and made me 
what 1 am, it's all your fault. Mom thanks for the notes and the 
lunches, and Dad for getting me here. Hope the next 10 are as good. 

Stuart Woolard: 

The moving finger writes; 

and, having writ. 
Moves on; nor all thy pity 

nor wit 
Shall lure it back to cancel 

half a line. 
Nor all thy tears wash out 

A word of it. 

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan. 

Darren White: 

His life is like a window, it does nothing all day but is bound to get 
smashed at night. Memories: Mr. Baxter's war. Nerval, Ottawa, 
Montreal, Mount Ste. Anne, Washington, Soccer, hockey, and tennis. 
Here's to afternoon chapel and pool at Christ's. Remember: Every 
night's a Saturday night! 

Chad Carter: 

Montreal: Vic, Vic, wake up! Vic are you alive! "Ah, George, 1 see 
you had mushrooms on your pizza." Washington: Sore feet. Kung 
Foo Kinsearacy: Pain! Top 3 common phrases spoken in Prefect 
room: 1) What's that smell, 2) Flintstones!, 3) Drew That's sick. 
Special thanks to Mr. Bag O'Goof Brown for attempting to knock 
some sense into me. Grade 13, slive of Norwegian sheep loaf! 

Theo Sevier 

"I was always here in ihe silence 
But I was never under your eye 
Gather up your love in some wiseness 
For every memory shall always survive 
And you will see me." 

Pete Townsend 

Ian Voermann 

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it: 
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. 

Thanks S.G.C. for 5 great years of education and Hockey. P.J. and 
Rudy: "When it rains, we pour." 

John Tyson 

Goodbye all you people 
There's nothing left to say 
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye... 

S.G.C. you gave me knowledge. Everyone else gave me an experience 
Can - I think 1 created a monster ... All I can say is SAALUUT!!! 
JAKE SPEED - Scoobydoobydoo, thanks for the cnlightment. You 
will always remain a happy camper. Everyone else - It's been real!!! 
FAVOURITE SAYINGS - Get Happy, Be a Happy Camper, I'm a 
Team Player, Jasmin. 

Goodbye all you people, there is nothing you can say to make me 
change my mind. Goodbye!! R.W. 

James Milk-ns.s SS) 
Prefect - Social Rep. 
Hockey - .1 years. Badminton 

Montreal, Mont. Stc. Anne, Washington (I think), Ski Weekend at 
Army's (72), "Ah, c'mon kids, this is a family establishment", "Your 
mother", "1 am not married". Herb's English class '88 - all 3 of 
ihcm, REA1V1-0-RAMA, "Armstrong you're an old man". Thanks to 
Army, Hatch, Van, Dog, George, everyone at S.G.C. and to the 
Brooks, the last .1 years have been unforgettable. A very special thanks 
to the staff who have been simplv the best. 

Drew Yamada 

Egypt '87, Italy '88, Stella, Twist & Shout, birra alia spina. Parties at 
Jameel's and Hobson's, JD. cinquante, UZPAA, brewball, Montreal, 
Mr. Ackley & Hockey for years. Getting dates for semis, the day the 
roof caved in, "What's all the hammering." Thanks man "There can 
only be one!" Highlander 

Jason "Bonecrusher" McLean 
Grade 13 


Dave Lyons 86-88 

Two Volleyball seasons with Nak- Including an ISAA championship, 

Two Baseball seasons with Willy- What's your avg. Rog? A Hockey 

season with Ack- try passing the puck Army. Memories: Breakfasts at 

McD's, St. Anne-Which room were you in George. Washington Trip- 

That's TTC I.D., The Armstrong's Farm Starring Brian and Zaria. The 

King Can Cup Same Time ne.xt Year? C.F.B. IV- The Movie. Getting 

Served for the first time Legally. Thanks SGC Scientia Pietate Rocks! 


fX. '.Mr' 




John Morris 

"And deliver them who through fear of death all their lifetime were 
subject to bondage." J.T.L. and N.C.S. "Happy Campers Forever", 
"The more things a man is ashamed of The more respectable he is" 
Shaw. Hymns? Highman? Heiman? Thanks M.D.C.K. B.W.J. 

Blake Brown 

Memories: Washington- you can't even gel a pizza after midnight in this 
penny ante town, "Kung Fu Kinspearassy"-Chad proves himself as 
either a stuntman or an idiot, "Rambo lII"-Yuri drives 1000 miles on 4 
hours of sleep "Wake up, Yuri" Why? "You're driving", "Oh, 
Yeah", Easter with Vic-"Sorry about your poster Blake", "Let's Surf 
Stu" "You're mad, Blake", "What's with the bag on your head 
buddy?", Vic= get some sleep, Chad = smarten up, Achthpptt, "It 
takes a second to say good-bye. Say good-bye, say bye bye. Where are 
we going now?" -U2 

Jameel Bharmal 

My head is a bus. Do you know what 1 mean? My head is a bus. John 
Plumbridge, R.F.T. Remember, Wherever you go there you are. See 
everyone at Birdys; that includes V2 PAA. 

Ashley Chow 

Rich: "I'm gonna blow you up real good!", Andrew = "Look! 
Cocos!", Mike: "Why not? Don't be an idiot!", Dave: "Hey V.C", 
P. J.: "You're on duty, so are you going or what?", Brian: "I gotta see 
Zoria!", Drew: "Hey Chew what's new with you?". Thanks S.G.C. for 
ten years of memories 

Will Fripp 

"You're not sure what you want to go with your life ... You found a 
new world and you want to taste it ... Who will you run to when it all 
falls down?" Memories: Mr. Bryant's slouching lessons, Mr. Eraser's 
batting practise, Tintin, assaulting Stuart Istvan, Mr. Love's 
wrestlemania, Mr. Stevenson bouncing through the halls, Mr. 
O'Meara's hectic schedule, Thanks For The Good Times, You Can 
Keep The Bad!! 

Andrew Baldwin 

"Dig It" -Stephen Stills, Denying a fault worsens it. 

David Suntock 

1 have lost the will to live, Nothing more for me to give, There is nothing 

more for me, 1 need the end to set me free. Metallica/(Fade to Black) 

Ted Rapanos 

Coming to SGC in grade 4 was one of the scariest expeiences of my life. 
Over the years though, I not only acquired a superior education but a 
respect for others and myself. Owe you SGC, "It's Trivial" - D'Arcy 

Tim Logan 

"Life is a bowl of sweet and sour chicken balls" Raff, "is the water 
over Timothy's head" -Mom, Extracurricular Activities. Toga, Keswick 
Camping, Andy's Farm, Mabins, Pav's house, U of T girl dorm in- 
spection, Acapoopoo, the 19 club, Spanish counting less 1, 2, 3 hmm- 
mmm. A son can thank his parents for the love which they have him and 
a student thanks his teachers for the knowledge they gave him by 
showing the world what a great job they did- This is the end of the 
beginning. Y'AU take care now You Hear. 

Peter Wake 1981-1988 

In the land of the blind, A one-eyed man is king, -via Tom Waits 1 120 
days, 1 think it's time to fly the coop. Still St. George's has made an 
immeasurable impression on my personality- although I'm still the 
before picture in every Charles Atlas ad. 2:40 is always too late or too 
early for anything you want to do -JPS (distinguished Old Boy) 

Steve Hobe 

How? Why? Did it really happen? Is this what I've been reduced to? 
I'm afraid it is! St. George's has given me another level of un- 
derstanding of life, the universe & insanity. It has given me objectivity 
in the way I perceive myself & others. I don't Think I'll ever be the same 
again! Thanks! 


Graham Crate 

"A time it was, and what a lime it was, it was a time of innocence, a 

time of confidences. Long ago it must be, 1 have a photograph. Preserve 

your memories, they're all that's left you" Simon & Garfunkel 


Andrew Osmack 

From executive lunches to drags between the Citation and the Antichrist 
an excellent hockey career and a survival trip to China. So Mr. Way, 
How badly can the gov't get you for talking about capitalism? -Mr. 
Way- "Ah .... Yes" 


Greg Bolton (1981-88) 

Sorry, but I refuse to include any Doors, Floyd, Dylan or U2 lyrics in 
this write-up- it's getting a touch boring. Thanks S.G.C. for some of my 
very best memories and all of my best friends. Grade 13 (especially The 
Play's the Thing, London, the smelly Gr. 13 room, etc) was the most 
fun one can have without eventual incarceration .. Teachers-thanks and 
keep up the "Aut disce aut discede" policy. Good night. 

Peter Vaillancoun 

"Ride 'em Tex", Egypt, Stella, Mobleybobley. Ste. Anne, Barbados, 
Washington, Calculus (Mathematician/Comedian), Mr. Love's 
History, "Do we want our room cleaned guys?". Basketball. Baseball, 
Swimming, Brew Ball ... Nuff said. Life is one big road with lots of 
signs so when you're riding through the ruts. Don't you complicate your 
mind. Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy come bring your thoughts, 
put your vision to reality ... Wake up and Live!" -Bob Marley Thanks 
for all the memories of 8 great years S.G.C. p.s. What a long strange 
trip it's been 

Paul Jordan 

Thanks for Everything S.G.C, "Act now and think later," 

going to pump ... you up". Hans and Frans, Saturday Night Li' 

Maxim Brunelle-Jeunot 

I've been through a lot of St. George's College, academically, but 'That 
which does not kill us makes us stronger' - Nietzche, 1 remember 
Washington, especially its homeless lying in the streets, and that 
character who thought that God was dropping him pennies from 
heaven. Our civilization is definitely falling apart, sad to say. Thanks 
SGC for everything. 

David Cole 

Thanks; re Grade 13, 'Reggae Room' was my haven from school life. 
To enjoy life at all costs is my first priority! St. George's gave rne a 
chance to do this and build upon my successes. To quote the late Peter 
Tosh; 'You have to live clean and let your work be seen, stand firm or 
you're going to feed worms', You have to live RIGHT! 

Robert Male 

Events; Montreal - officially named 'The Bomber', 1st semi, Scog & 
Logic patrol, the girls' washrooms, Lyons leaves semi date to socialize 
with Ed (the bartender). My cocktail party, Italy; Mr. Bradley harassing 
the gypsies. Dog and I climbing Italian eavestroughs, Washington; 
Lyonses underwear, returning home, to the garbage. Roger - rebel 
without a job, a Jordon without a wallet. Beating Ted on a Physics 
quiz, THEO'S FARM, Lots of luck to all 'the Bomber' 

Peter LePiane 

I LIKE it!!! Who needs the finer things in life when we have the nectar 
of the Gods? Take it from me, Peter Sancho, a man that knows that 
strawberry yogurt tastes better in your mouth than on your shirt! 



David Hany 

Memories: Drama. German, History, Washington, Melanon, Sapres, 
Making French Movies, Thanks to all my friends & Teachers who made 
High School worthwhile 

Christopher J. Harper (1978-88) 

No teams, no clubs, no activities, no haircut, first one home, last one 
picked for teams, meatball, haircut, cheeks, China '87, Washington 
'88. Choir Tour '84, Hi Mom 

^ ^m{ 

Rafy Kourouian 

Life is a Slice of Pie, All you need to succeed in it is: A pen, A 

calculator, And the Business Section! The teachers help, support of 

friends and Scog's parlies made me a better man than I was, Thanks 


Greg Hess 

Thanks To Mom & Dad, a great staff and especially all the guys for my 
great years at S.G.C. "Were the bus big enough, I'D take you all with 
me", Billy Bragg, Washington '88 


Mr. McDonald 

Waa! Make you a $10 bel I'm still wearing that lagoon green algae sweater? 

of the AllNcw Magnum P.l. Scries! 

Mr. Kerr 

To hell with inlcllectual batt 

Mr. D'Arcy 

God help me double Grade 10 Comp Sci 


Mr. Holdsworth 

I have been trying to fix the problem for 

five years! 


Music Dept. 

Protesting the axing of the California Music 

Tour with song! 

Mr. Clarke 

Honestly Mr. D'Arcy I did teach the Grade lO's basic math 

equations. Now they are your problem. HA! 

Mr. Stevenson 
Bearded Coffeemaker. 


Mr. Wilson 

Financially the class is great! However as managers they stink! 

Mr. Birkell 
Thai's art? i 

\ '>fck 


Fr. Michael 

Three more collections and we'll beat Oral Roberts. 

1r. Schreiner 

pigs will be on the test if I can find them. 




Mr. Kccnan 

2' 8" 10 the left Mr. Cruise. 

Mr, Fill ford 

I kiunv what voii're thinking, and it's disgusting. 

^ ; •• ^ 

i T 
.•*^ \ 

Mde. Beck 
You're not serious. 


Mr. Nakatsu 

I'm learnina some new arm tricks. 

Mr. Ackley 

Like the man said, "The Donut Shop is busy. 



Mr. O'Meara 
Lovely Weather. 

Mr. McElroy 

Don't I dress snappy. 

Mr. Martin 

Greetings from the basement below your basement. 


^^J^^.> ■ n 


^mj^^ 4r ^^ 

^■^Ki ^^1 


i ^ ^^r- Demierre 
> ^ .v^ W Oye, oye, oye sunshine back row. ^ 


r "^"^ 




Mrs. McRory 

Do you realize your books are five months overdue. 

Mr. Timm 

I've killed people for le; 

Nasal congestion maybe? 

Mr. Love 

Shaggy, but where is Scoobv ' 

Mr. Bryant 

Have you been naughty or nice this year? 

Mr. Leatch 

These shades are great 1 can't see my class. 


Mr. Hutchison 
Try to get by me! 

1 didn't sleep well last 



We the 87-88 Prefects have enjoyed our final year at 
St. George's. 

There was Lunch duty, chapel duty and uniform 
enforcement, to name a few of our responsibilities. In the 
future we hope that students will curb their non- 
conformist tendencies, then everyone will get along 
together better, and events such as car wash duty will no 
longer be necessary. 

One of the more interesting privileges would be the 
breakfasts shared with the girls' schools. These early 
morning meetings were the beginning of many lasting 
friendships. It is a practise that should be continued 
regularly in the future in order to maintain good inter- 
school relations. 

Many wonderful work periods were spent in the 
Prefect Lounge, and many wonderfully juicy and 
somewhat revealing stories were told. The S.G.C. 
Grapevine is amazingly active. 

We would like to wish the best of luck to everyone next 
year, especially the incoming prefects. The school will be 
going through many changes. We hope they are for the 
better. Remember, improvement without change is 

Thank you St. George's 

^Si 1 






f i ■' 

1 ' 


n ,! 

^^ _ J 

[| p 

ITi , 


'^ f f I f f f f ^ ^ ^' '^' * 

# t 

1 i * 

■ S' f' s- 

. f * f 

^f'^?*""f%'*^^"^ ' 

BACK ROW: P. Jordon, J. Tyson, D. McDonald, J. Morris, D. Vibe, D. Cunnington, C. Harper, I. MacTavish, A. Baldwin. 

FIFTH ROW: D. Conn, C. Carter, J. Bharmal, G. Hess, J. Miller, W. Fripp, R. Needham, T. Logan, P.J. Oborne, G. Harris, S. Deveber, D. Cole, 
D. White, S. Woolard. 

FOURTH ROW: P. Vaillancourt, G. Thompson, P. LaFlair, J. Riches, A. Osmak, B. Brown, I. Voermann, S. Hatcher, S. Butler, A. Daly, B. Mc- 
Donald, R. Malo, R. Kourouian. 

THIRD ROW: Mr. O'Meara, G. Crate, A. Jardine, P. LePiane, R. Leistra, L. Nichols, J. McLean, J. Gray, A. Armstrong, P. Wake, R. Dixon, C. 
Grosset, V. Mehra, A. Chow, M. Rudan, Mr. Stevenson. 

SECOND ROW: D. Tomljenovic, T. Rapanos, A. Van Nostrand, G. Bolton, Mr. John Allen, D. Sturdee, B. Andersen, C. Steuart, S. Hobe. 
FRONT ROW: M. Brunelle, D. Yamada, M. Jordan, R. Eng, D. Marty, T. Sevier. 

,.'.. — -^*^ui^ 













* t . 




f T»/ 

,frN - 

m ^ 

) tid^ 

: * 

BACK ROW: M. Foster, D. Mullin, M. Hastings, P. Friedland, P. Geisel, R. Holmes, B. Hobson, B. McAdie. 
MIDDLE ROW: 1. Glaister, K. Gilmour, T. Graham, J. Kinsella, K. Gerulath, G. Fisher, T. Morgan, Mr. Love. 
FRONT ROW: D. Killips, S. Kirlspatrick, A. Golding, M. Harris, M. Kovrig, C. Kodama, E. Lee. 

Where are they now: Ten years later 

Graham Fisher - On a K2 hiking trip 
Martin Foster - Present whereabouts unkno' 
Paul Friedland - Lead singer of the Disco in San Francisco 
Karl Gerulath - Moved to Texas and became Marshall Bravestar 
Kevin Gilmour - Missing In Action in Nicaragua 
Ian Glaister - Found the true value of Pi 

Andrew Golding - In the Love Bug Rally with teammate Giles An- 

Toby Graham - Opened up a dog clinic 
Mark Harris - Became a ski patroller in Nepal 
Mike Hastings - Full time sales clerk at Sporting Life 
Bryan Hobson - President of the Hair Club for men 
Reed Holmes - Created excitement in Thunder Bay, with good buddy 

Dave Killips - Rumour has it he lives on the beaches of California 
Jason Kinsella - Recovering in hospital after riding the tube into a pier 
in a surfing contest 

Steve Kirkpatrick - Replaces Marvin as lead singer of ABC 
Craig Kodama - Owns a successful chain 
Mike Kovrig - No one knows?! 

Eugene Lee - Presently leap-frogging across Canada for charity 
Bruce McAdic - Caught stealing under the counter Gopher Skins from 
the Russians at the Olympics 

Ted Morgan - Opened up the successful "Pump You Up Gym" 
Dave Mullin - Involved in court case after slashing a Soviet hockey 
player in a Canada vs. USSR hockey game 


BACK ROW: J. Carpenter, M. Adamson, G. Anderson, A. Dent, C. Doulis, U. Bizzari, R. Burgess, I. Bonnycastle. 
MIDDLE ROW: F. Bieberstein, J. Bell, D. Farquharson, R. vanHaller, B. Clark, I. Firla, J. Baillie, Mr. Schreiner. 
FRONT ROW: R. Chin, D. Bourne, S. Bode, C. Armstrong, T. Broen, S. Bellis, A. Delph. 

Adamson: when was the last time you had a 


Anderson: hey, 1 can sail anytime I want to. 

Armstrong: how many games did your team 

win in Europe? 

Baillie: Beatle 

Bell: Do 1 look sexy in my red suspenders? 

Bellis: No Mr. Love, it's my office, your's is 

the one over there! 

Bieberstein: The world is square... 

Bizzarri: print from now on, Nanna Ugo! 

Bode: "Hey BIG guy!!" 

Bonnycastle: You wanna wrestle me! 

Bourne: That's 5 for roughing, since you are 

ugly make it 10. 

Broen: ?? Ummm ... Well ... Soviet ... 

Commie ... I didn't read it Sir! 

Burgess: The Leafs are on a winning streak ! 

Carpenter: Where's my calculator? 

Chin: Whaida think, I would gel Gortex with 

my Sunice!!! 

Clarke: Burt Clarke 

Delph: Yes I have been to Carlton St. 

Dent: "But I am positive that 2 + 2 = 3" 

Doulis: Yes Harp music is cool and hip. 

Farquharson: What day is it? 

Firla: How much profit did you make? 

Mr. S: "Just one more minute please!!" 


BACK ROW: S. West, G. Smith, J. Rea, F. Seeker, K. Pallett, J. Vanloenen. 

MIDDLE ROW: G. Petkovich, N. Shelly. M. Rogers, S. Turvey, J. Sievenpiper, A. Satchu, J. Ritch. 

FRONT ROW: S. Yamada, H. Prichard, A. Polak, J. Zeldman, A. Rapanos, J. Warren. S. Stren. 

The only time that I see all the people who are true 12- 
W's is in the morning, when we all assemble together at 
about eight o'clock in the morning for attendance. The 
radio is usually blaring at a wakening volume as everyone 
is finishing off last minute homework, reading "Stern" 
magazine, talking about life or just beating each other 
senseless in a fight that Scott Yamada has probably 

Angelo Rapanos and Scott Stren can be found together 
exchanging stories about Miami, or another topic which 
they know nothing about (but think they do); automobiles. 

Matt Rogers and Steven Turvey who are the only real 
grade twelves in our form, have to put up with us pseudo 
twelves who probably seem like obnoxious little idiots to 

Simon West is vegetating in his chair. He is probably 
projecting himself astrally to home and is watching car- 
Hugh Prichard and Frank Seeker are looking through a 
copy of "Stern" magazine and come across a picture of a 
topless female and faint from sheer ecstasy, Asif Satchu 
trips over them and falls on the floor and starts to cry be- 
cause he gets his McGill University jacket dirty. John Van- 
Locncn momentarily laughs at them but then goes on 
talking: something that he does quite a lot. 

Geoffrey Petkoviich makes his one minute appearance 
by announcing that he has arrived then leaves back to the 
yearbook room to drink instant coffee and listen to 
CHUM AM. Alan Polak and John Sievenpiper are giving 
John Rea extra help in Math, Chemistry and Economics. 

Mr, Walker enters, asks if everyone is present, marks it 
down on the attendance sheet then leaves. Everyone goes 
CO class, late of course, but some things never change. 

By John Rea 


BACK ROW: M. Cheang, G. Tom, M. Parren, A. Bennett, T. Radford, D. Stephenson, A. Cann, M. Resting. 

MIDDLE ROW: A. Hurst, M. Manchester, J. Peters, J. Start, D. Teichman, S. Warren, B. Loughridge, B. Turvey, Mr. Keenan. 

FRONT ROW: C. Woolard, M. Atkins, M. Thompson, M. Shaw, C. Sievert, A. Cantor, W. Kopplin, R. Vile. 

ABSENT: J. Atkinson, S. Herron, A. Colussi. 

Throughout the year 87/88 the lOK stu- 
dents have acquired, through long periods 
of study and enthusiasm, educational stand- 
ards equal to that of any Harvard graduate 
(well almost any). This knowledge however 
was not easily acquired. That is greatly just- 
ified considering the concoction of athletes, 
brains, computer wizzes, movie critics, and 
debaters that live in lOK. However, when 
one considers how much training we as 
S.G.C. students have been force-fed, it is 
not only natural, but obvious to a.ssume 
that with the help and guidance of Mr. 
Keenan, lOK has and still is improving its 
status as the best homeroom in the Upper 

Such classes as History, Science, Math, 
English, French, Comp-Sci. etc., have been 
of great influence upon the lives of the lOK 
students. Yet, nothing can match the educa- 
tional qualities that the television of lOK is 
willing to offer. Such less than great teach- 
ers as Brad Griffin (Toronto Rocks) have 
taught us to try and appreciate such great 
artists as Corey Hart, Prince, and above all 
Michael Jackson (Ooow, He's BAD!) Even 
our friendly neighbourhood "Spiderman" 
drops in to give us a few tips on capturing 
dirty, corrupt, villains. 

As we continue to develop our minds, we 
look forward to the few remaining years 
that S.G.C. has to offer us. Needless to 
say, that when we have graduated from 
S.G.C. we will remember grade 10. 

By: Jason Stan 



S ©il^0 ^ P 

BACK ROW: N. Freiberg, G. Hardwick, J. Moore, T. Jackson, M. Atkinson, M. Thompson, C. Yelle, N. Miller, R. Skippon. 

MIDDLE ROW: J. Chorny, D. Thompson, K. Roberts, N. Zeibots, M. Johnston, A. Staples, R. Mcintosh, A. Ayliffe, G. Browne, Mr. Paulin. 

FRONT ROW: T. Lundon, C. Coristine, D. Bowlby, R. Gilfillan, T. Thomas, C. Mackenzie, R. DuToit. 

lOP, the class of the happy whistlers. 
Teachers and other students at S.G.C. know 
our class as the whistlers, whistling the theme 
from the Breakfast Club. The P stands for 
Paulin, the short, tough Frenchman who 
keeps our class in line. This teacher is new to 
the school as of 87/88. Mr. Paulin started off 
the year not knowing the rules of attendance. 
He would run all over the school taking 
attendance from such places as the Comp-Sci 
room and math room, where students were 
scrambling to get there assignments done. 
Little did he know that we were supposed to 
be in our home room at 8:20 A.M. 

lOP which was formally known as 9J. last 
year lost a few people when the year began, 
but we had one newcomer, Ryan Macintosh. 
A true blue Georgian. 

Grade ten had a new course, computer 
science, a course that took up most of our 
time. Mr. D'Arcy, the teacher of the class felt 
that the students should enjoy computers. A 
tough course, but most of us survived and 
scraped by. 

We will leave grade ten on our way to grade 
eleven or twelve with fond memories of the 
teachers. Mr. Wilson (Geography Ho!), Mr. 
Keenan, test returned in a couple of days 
guys, Mr. Walker and Schreiner, enjoyable 
Science, Mr. Clarke understandable math, 
Mr. Kerr interesting English and the indelable 
makers of CompSci. with Mr. D'Arcy. 

Diarmid Thompson 


BACK ROW: B. Hatch, N. Heth, P. Jack. M. New, C. Schr, P. Maher, C. Sayers. 

MIDDLE ROW: B. Lee, B. Tay, C. Ross, M. Jones, M. Rosen, D.S., G. Stewart, C. Wiison, Mr. Clarke. 

FRONT ROW: C. Warren, G. Beers, R. Brown, D. Arm, P. Gundy, A. Darcy, A. Long, \. Bhatt. 

Another early morning begins on the galactic U.S.S. St. 
George as the crew stumbles onto the bridge ai approx- 
imately 8:00 a.m. Earth Standard Time. One of the many 
small but distinguished groups of crew members. Group 
No. 9c, restlessly awaits on B deck in room No. 5 for their 
beloved Captain Clarke to enter and further brief them on 
the mechanics of spatial mathematics. As D'arcy and 
Brown chatter and gossip, impatiently awaiting his belated 
arrival. Capi. Clarke suddenly storms in and bellows for 
silence. Naturally very few of the crew members respond 
to him, but Rosen and Beers take out their texts and notes 
from the previous day. 

Captain Clarke begins lecturing in a monotonous voice 
and very soon a majority of the students, including Arm- 
strong and Gilmer, are lulled m(o a restful sleep. There are 
others, though, such as Warren. Shroeder and Schmid. 
who sit and daydream, looking attentive, but never act- 
ually listening to the words bemg said. Most of the crew 
are so good at this, thai ihe Captain rarely notices. Hat- 
cher and Hctherington snooze quietly. 

As your galactic reporter, Craig Sayers. gazes around 
the spacious cabin he can almost hear what people arc 
thinking. For example, there is Leach in the far corner 
reading the latest edition of Space Sports Illustrated, con- 
cealed behind a copy of the National Enquirer. There are 
other members of the crew of course, such as Bhatta- 
charya. who thinks and worries only about whether he will 
get his daily lunch food supplement on time. His favorite 
hobby? "Eating". 

The newest crew member, Tim Kym, who arrived in the 
middle of the voyage, appears confused and baffled about 
what is going on around him during all of our forty 
minute iniellcciual enhancement sessions. Stuart can't 
seem to be able to help him. but perhaps crew medic and 

' member' 

psychological counselor Jackson should really tell hi 
he IS not alone. 

A shrill ring pierces the air and ihc cr 
icularly Jones and Ncwbigging. awake 
period is over. There arc only eight rr 
and Wilson both look at (he time, We 
lain to dismiss us. and then, with our 


*iih a start. One 
>re 10 go, Maher 
wail for the Cap- 
other brave crew 

members, Taylor. Ross, and Siuan travel elsewhere. 



I ^ 


BACK ROW: S. Well, M. Szummer, J. Arscott, T. Corlis, N. Teichman, J. Collins, A. Hobcraft, J. Macfarlane, N. Ryce. 
MIDDLE ROW: S. Wright, I. Stein, M. Blanchette, T. Stewart, M. Wilson, J. Hess, J. Daly, D. Davis, M. Schatsker. 
FRONT ROW: V. Sipelis, J. Newbauer, J. Butler, C. Base, R. Wearing, C. Jackson. P. Gerulath, J. Caplan. 


f| ll^^^i 

BACK ROW: R. McKillop, A. Salming, D. Simoncic, C. Wright, A. Dobson, A. Duprey, B. Sinclair, C. Sievert. 

MIDDLE ROW: B. Dolan, C. Watchorn, J. Leung, C. Mason, M. Magee, M. Turvey, R. Park, S. Fabry, M. Trecieski, Mr. Demierre. 

FRONT ROW: J. Smit, S. Gardiner, R. Chopra, D. Chapman, L. Foreht, M. Andersen, M. Bardyn, K. Rajani. 

Attendance was taken. All were shakin'. The temperature was ten below 
zero. Hutchison next taught; he and his bald spot. He was my idol, a 
hero. Science, then came, Morgan and his game, We liked him, he liked 
us, it was a truce. Bradley came inside. Walking from side to side, "Too 
much Kikapoo juice." The bell would ring. We'd get our things, We'd 
leave the school all hootin'. Some were singing, Some were crying. But 
were we glad? "You're darn tootin'!" 



BACK ROW: D. Sankey, R. Cannings, M. Dobson, P. Andras, K. Thompson, S. Hennessey, A. King, J. Perlite. 

IVIIDDLE ROW: M. Collins, M. Lumbers, P. Nobbs, A. Stephenson, R. West, J. Thompson, J. Robins, C. Jones, A. Waschuk, C. Godden, Mr. 


FRONT ROW: T. Prendergast, A. Lo, D. Wilson, T. Mudd, T. Sjogren, D. O'Reilly, R. Monaghan, S. Mdorie. 

ABSENT: G. Radford. 

It was that first day and we all had to pray. With that new teacher of 
ours, Mr. Hutchison by name. We sat there with fright and laughed 
with delight. We thought he was mauled, but instead he was bald. 

The bell then rang with the loud sound of a bang. Then Mr. Hut- t 

chison spoke and everyone awoke. He then with glee, we heard him cry 
"You all will FAIL with me!!" We then knew this to be, the year that 
we should all flee. 


BACK ROW: F. Saichu, A. Stork, A. Hess, P. Pusey, K. Lint, C. Nordin, J. Thornbury, J. McClelland, S. Cameron. 

MIDDLE ROW: J. Dobson, M. Tuters, C. Piller, G. Hay, C. Rose, D. Bentley-Taylor, M. Stevenson, N. Robins, W. McGuigan, Mr. Birkett. 

FRONT ROW: G. Warne. N. Stein, C. Finlay, S. Hayes, T. Magee, L Miller, D. Sterin, B. Bhatt. 

The one bell rings. The hallways are jammed with students 
trying to beat the bell. Christian Nordin comes into rm. K-5. 
Suddenly a crumpled up piece of paper flies across ihe room. 
Bijal Bhatt is laughing, "You got hu good didn't you?" We 
were without Charles Fmlay who had gone to represent ihe 
provincial riding of St. Patrick after oustmg Ron Kanter in a 
hard fought by-election. 

Adam Siork, Sandy Cameron walk into the classroom. 
They're yelling "Where are my hockey sticks I've got a game 
soon." Julian Thornbury ran in with Gavin Hay's back 
pack. Then Gavin himself came in screaming for his bag. 
Matthew Stevenson is talking to Marc Tuters about trying to 
overthrow Dr. Barlow in a coup. Jonathan Dobson is off in 
Moscow defending his world chess championship against 
Garry Kasparov. Stewart Hayes is arranging a meeting of the 
crazy men and Adam Hess is slumped against the wall trying 
to borrow money from Gr. Fours. Kevin "has anyone seen 
my history book" Lint is neatly tidying out his locker while 
Tim Magee is showing everyone the 1000th rerun of Pee 
Wee's Playhouse. John McClelland has gone back to writing 
books but ha.s been lurned down by many publishers. Word 
has it he's ready to take his own life. David Sterin is busy 
studying the meaning of life but unfortunately has been 
caught reading books from the mature section of ihe library 
repeatedly, Chrisiian Piller plays ihc drums for the "E" 
Sireei Band aficr being approached by Bruce Springsteen. 
Nicholas Robins has gone to Rngland lo sing in Westminster 
Abbey and Greg Warne has been arrested under the new bill 
introduced by the Mulroney Government. Patrice Pusey. Ian 
Miller and Fci-^al Satchu all were invited to play soccer for 
(he Argentina National team alongside Diego Maradong. All 
were successful at the iryouis. Well that's us a group of 
highly cultured gentlemen, major jocks and hundred percent 
nerds. (Later gents!) 



BACK ROW: N. Brown, A. Marcanuel, K. Gundy, N. Holownych, Paul Pusey, D. Lees, B. Bobechco, M. Bracken, Mr. Morgan. 
MIDDLE ROW: S. Isbister, R. Rayfield, M. Andersen, N. Blanchette, F. MacFarlane, M. Labarge, C. Weaver, M. Bijur. 
FRONT ROW: M. Aaronson, R. Kenedi, J. Kopas, G. Macey, D. Garrow, C. Zarb, J. Davis, A. Smith. 
ABSENT: D. Frawley, P. Pace. 

We are here today at the 7M class awards to start off 
our awards ceremonies. The first award goes to 
Matthew Aaronson, the winner of the "But Sir" 
award. The Sleeping in Class award goes to Kevin 
Gundy. The "I'll be late for hockey" award goes to 
Matt Bijur. The Longest Sustained Hairdo award goes 
to Brian Bobechko. We have a tie for the Bouncing off 
the Wall award, goes to Sparkle Andersen. The Class 
Joker award goes to Richard Rayfield. The Untucked 
Shirt award goes to David Lees, and then suddenly we 
heard Mr. McElroy says where's your Math book 
Holownych and Holownych saying "1 don't know". 
After that, the ceremonies were over, and Mr. Morgan 
said "Thanks for coming gents". 

Philip Pace 

r — "-V 


BACK ROW: D. Burns, H. Bosher, P. Sturgess, D. Vaillancourt, G. Golding, M. Jenkins, J. Creed, A. Austin. 
MIDDLE ROW: A. Baranyai, A. Thompson, K. Lakha, T. Reibetanz, J. Miller, A. Carter, P. Altimas, A. duToit, 
FRONT ROW: E. Tsang, P. Hardie, T. Keefe, M. Ho, 1. Mann, C. Carter, O. Rajani, P. Kellett, N. Boyce. 
ABSENT: S. Yelle, A. Neelands. 

What's a day in grade six like? Well, it begins with a warm feeling, 
when the bell rings and tells us we can stop standing outside in the cold. 
This is soon followed by a crowded feeling, as we all pile into the locker 
room and try to survive an avalanche of coats, boots, books, elbows and 
locker doors (ouch!) The survivors, who usually include all twenty-seven 
of us, then march into the classroom carrying part of the avalanche with 
us: Math books, and French books. Books, books, books-if they all came 
to life and demanded space in the classroom, we'd be in deep trouble! 
Fortunately, however, Mr. Leatch keeps them all in their proper places, 
and us too. 

Lunch is usually more fun. We play wall-ball, which takes a lot of skill 
and is very enjoyable. The only time we get into trouble is when we play il 
inside Ketchum Hall (known as Ketchup Hall on hot days), using apples, 
oranges and even banana (squish!) 

Afternoons are usually music time. Mr. Bryant is our choir master. We 
call him Santa Claus because that's who he looks like, and he calls us 
miserable clods because that's how he thinks we sing. But we all have a 
great time anyway, and we go home everyday feeling very lucky to be at 
St. George's College -except when we think about homework! 



i \^: 

£/i M, 

J, J^ ^<^ ffi! ;f^N >^^% # 1^ rf "'^" 

BACK ROW: C. Marshall, B. Cragg, A. Teichman, B. Carter, A. Duncan. 

MIDDLE ROW: M. Rubinoff, M. Wilkinson, J. Damanis, A. Marok, G. Mariani, P. Maheux. 

FRONT ROW: A. Holwynch, A. Thompson, J. Wood, H. Sturgess, K. Giallonardo, C. Gaal N. Kwong, T. Ugur. 

My First Day with Mr. McElroy! 

I arrived at school at 8:20. Everybody was sitting down and 
whispering at the lowest level. Suddenly we all heard big groans and big 
footsteps coming our way. A big scarce figure walked in. It said "Hello 
you urchins, 1 am your teacher Mr. McElroy!" Everybody stood up and 
tucked their shirts in and had their shoes shined. He came in and sat 
down. We all had desks that looked like they'd been sitting there for 
centuries. They had writing all over them, and no one could fit any of 
their books in them. Second period we had Mr. Leatch. It looked like he 
had been parachuting from a plane for five years. Third period we had 
Mr. Birkett; he was the best French teacher I had ever seen. Fourth 
period we had Fr. Michael, he was bragging about his great looks all the 
time. At lunchtime Mr. McElroy wouldn't say grace until everybody 
was quiet. Finally everybody was quiet and we could eat lunch. Last 
period I had to collect my homework and go home. On the subway my 
bag ripped and all my books fell out on to the railway. A caretaker came 
to help, but most of my books were lost. The next day Mr. McElroy 
asked the class who had not completed their homework. Everybody's 
hand was down except mine. I told him the whole story, I got new 
books, and the assigned homework was easy! The second day of school 
was easy as I knew almost everyone. I really like St. George's and I am 
glad I came! 

Andrew Teichman 

.v>--*.^ ^ 


BACK ROW: T. Schroeder, J. Walker, M. Morden, J. Stevenson, J. Burul, J. Golding, I. McGuigan, A. Robinson, G. Bassel, Mr. Turvey. 
FRONT ROW: M. Jessop, D. Bijur, J. Kennedy, G. Wright, B. Bieberstein, S. Mcmaster, T. Boyce, C. Warne. 

The leader of the class is the teacher, Mr. Turvey, he's the Big Sir. 

Next is James, who chews his pencil which isn't nice to see. Third 
comes Scott Mcmaster's little guy. Fourth comes Jordan, the only 
one that can ever catch a fly. Fifth is Justin, the toughest of them 
all. Sixth is Bernard who loves to play ball. Seventh is Agnus the 
African goose egg. Eighth is Mathew, he has a woof tooth (a loose 
tooth). Ninth is John, um, oh, yea he's Mr. Um. Tenth is George he 
likes to break a leg. Eleventh is Mike the leader of a secret club. 
Twelfth is Jay he just glub glub. Thirteenth is Chris all he says is I 
forgot. Fourteenth is Dave he's fought them all. Fifteenth is Tom the 
show off of us all. Sixteenth is Tim he just has a ball. Seventeenth is 
me the greatest of them all. Last but not least is Mr. Iga biga baga 
booga, but then, he's just a pen. 






Excerpts from "Murmers in the Forest" 

As the cross-country runners raced down into the ravine ... 

"Looic, don't follow me!! I'm trying to find a hiding place in the woods", moaned David Mullin. 

"By now, all the good places to hide have been taken by Turvey, Rogers and Shelley. So come on, let's have a 
race", replied Jon Baillie. 

Meanwhile, in the middle of the park and far behind the last of the staff runners ... "Dunkley and Ackley must 
think that we're real buffoons. All his exercise for a lousy tin of grape juice and a few house points", concluded 
Michael Manchester. 

"Ya, but this sure beats 'Parlez-vous francais' and 'il fait beau aujourdhui' or falling asleep in Eco class", 
mumbled Theo Sevier. 

And far behind the others and forgotten by all ... 

"Are you sure we're going in the right direction? 1 haven't seen a soul for twenty minutes." grunted an exhausted 
Sam Wright. 

"Sam, be quiet and keep walking!!", said a worried Jon Hess as he reached into his back pocket for one of Mr. 
Keenan's topographic maps of the area. 

"There's no way that Mr. Ackley set up this course this morning. He hasn't walked, let alone run this far in two 
years", added Armstrong. 

"Next year I'm gonna run with the others guys instead of being chased by the skunks and ground hogs!" con- 
cluded Ben Hatcher. 

as written and recorded by 
Robert Louis Dougal Stephenson 



BACK ROW: F. LaFlair, A. Chow, B. Anderson, P.J. Obourne, A. Satchu, G. Thompson, N. Shelly, A. Armstrong, D. Mullen. 
FRONT ROW: M. Baily, D. Yamada, E. Mctavish, T. Morgan, E. Firla, D. White. 
ABSENT: Mr. Dunkley, M. Rudane. 

The creation of a soccer team is a very long and difficult process, but 
our coach Mr. Wayne "The Hamburger" Dunkley was able to form the 
senior team using his coaching genius. He kept the same team as the 
year before with one or two exceptions. The 1987 team strove to be the 
best and was on several occasions, such as when we beat S.A.C. for the 
first time in the history of S.G.C.'s soccer history. But the season also 
had its disappointing moments; the worst being a last minute loss to 
U.C.C. A major part of any season were occasionally damaged in 
critical areas of anatomy. Of course Mr. Dunkley would be there with 
his usual words of consolement, "you weren't going to use it anyway". 

The senior soccer team will always remember the time spent in 
Montreal, and what is Montreal without Nittalo's the magnificent 
motel loved by the underworld? Our gruelling schedule began with a 
gourmet breakfast and then we travelled by train to L.C.C. Invitational 
Tournament. The weather was perfect for soccer, and everyone on the 
team enjoyed themselves. We played very well, reaching the semifinals 
with ease. Unfortunately we lost to Loyola 2-0 which ended our string 
of victories at the tournament. 

Since it is the last season for most of us, I would like to thank all our 
various coaches and supporters for all they have done for us, and 
conclude by saying it has been a pleasure playing soccer for the past 
seven years. 


BACK ROW: J. MacFarlane, A. Hurst, D. Thompson, C, Welson, M. Atkinson. 
FRONT ROW: M. Szummer, M. Parren, C. Yelle, J. Atkinson, J. CoUens, M. Kestings. 
ABSENT: Mr. Walker. 


BACK ROW: Mr. Morgan, L. Forent, R. Moraghan, D. Armstrong, A. Dobson, A. Lo, M. 


FRONT ROW: R. Mckillop, K. Rajari, J. Smit, S. McLorie, T. Mudd, T. Sjogren. 

This year's under sixteen team went out 
to destroy last year's record, which wasn't 
hard. We were blessed with a strong and 
powerful defender unit and co-captain Chris 
Yelle, Diarmid Thompson and Max Perren. 
Our halfbacks were headed by co-captain 
Mike Jordan, Charlie 'Lighting Horse' 
Wilson and Tim Stewart. The scoring 
machine was Jason 'I know I am the best' 

The team started the season off with a 
big win (last year's Teams record) and were 
ready to take on the world. We ended up 
with a couple other wins before the ISAA 

We went up to SAC only to find that the 
fields were covered with 6 inches of wet 
snow. The tournament ended on a down 
note with two ties and one loss. 

This however didn't affect us at ALL be- 
cause we had won that game that all wanted 
to win. The Staff-Student soccer game. We 
ran circles around the over-the-hill teachers 
(Dunkley, Darcy, Ackley ....) and played 
man to man with the inexperienced young 
teachers (Keenan, Clarke, Holdsworth ...). 
With superb goaltending from John 
Atkinson we chewed them up and spat them 
out with a 2-1 defeat. 

Thanks is entitled to Mr. Curly 'You 
think I enjoy watching you guys play' 
Walker. He came to every practice, with are 
a great team, and did his very best. 
Thank you Sir! 

As that coach of ours closed his eyes he 
was thinking of his next means of attack. 
Mr. Morgan pondered for a few seconds 
but he knew that he could count on that be- 
loved team of his. He regarded his at- 
tacking, force to be Mark Turvey, whom he 
nicknamed "Speedy". 

For most of this season we were faced 
with many challenges including how to get 
the team to the correct soccer field. How- 
ever, the rest of the season was very ex- 
citing and many of the players will never 
forget any of the games we played. 


BACK ROW: J. Creed, A. Carter, D. Vaillancourt, S. Yelle, F. Satchu, A. Marok, B. Cater, 
A. Stork, Mr. Keenan. 

FRONT ROW: J. Walker, T. Keefe, M. Wilkinson, O. Rajani, M. Rubinoff, T. Boyce. 
ABSENT: B. Cragg, N. Boyce, C. Gaal. 


^^ ^ -^ </- -^'^ ' 

J^ ^^ ' 

1 4 

^ 1. I 

I 1 J 

BACK ROW: M. Bijur, D. Wilson, M. Bardyn, 1. Miller, O. Rose. J. Thornbury, D. Garrow, 

N. Boyce. 

FRONT ROW: C. Sievert, P. Ardie, J. McClelland, D. SImonic, R. Park. M. Anderson. 




BACK ROW: U. Bizzari, A. Baldwin, R. Needham, S. Turvey, M. Rogers. 
FRONT ROW: J. Bell, D. Luons, R. Leistran, B. Brown. 

After the extreme success of the 
last year's campaign, this year's 
team had a great deal of pressure 
on its shoulders. Last year's 
comedy line stepped into the lime- 
light of the opening act, hoping to 
"keep the dream alive". The team 
consisted of seasoned veterans 
Dave Lyons, Roger Leistra, 
Andrew Baldwin, Victor Mehra, 
Richard Needham and additional 
talent in the form of the two 
towers, a G.Q. model and a blue- 
nose whale. Despite this over- 
whelming array of talents, the 
team finished the season with a 
disappointing 3-7 record. 

On behalf of all the fellows, 
we'd like to thank our dad ... Pop 
Nakatsu for his spirited efforts in 
turning this group of young lads 
into a lean-mean volleyball 

Better luck next year "Gold 

by Dave Lyons & Roger Leistra 


BACK ROW; Jake Rich, Neil Freiberg, Nick Zeibots, Peter Giesel, Anthony Staples, Kevin 
Gilmour, Neil Millar, Alex Hobcraft. „ „ ,u c i 

FRONT ROW; Scott Yamada, Chuck Coristine, Tim Lundon, Doug Bowlby, Eugene Lee, 
Peter Gundy, Mr. Clarke. 

Under 16 volleyball was pure anarchy. 
Players in various stages of dress beating 
each other before games and at practise. 
With our dedicated coach, Mr. Clarke, we 
approached each game with total fear of 
being cut, since there were 14 people on the 
first game of the season, the fact that there 
were still 14 people on the last game did not 
matter. But on the hghter side, we learnt 
valuable skills (Hey you have to put 
something sappy here, right?) which we can 
utilize to getting rowdy at the game and 
abusing the blind referee and giving bus 
drivers headaches. It's been as though this 
year's volleyball season was not enjoyable 
due to the coach and the players. 



BACK ROW: Mr. Schreiner, M. Dobson, P. Nobbs, M. Neubigging, N. Hetherington, M. 

Blanchetic, B. Sinclair. 

FRONT ROW: J. Thompson. R. Wearing. P. Chapman, R. Chopru, J. Butler. D. Frawley. 


For the last few years the Drama Society 
has presented a fairly heavy drama during 
the Fall term. This year it was decided to 
attempt a comedy, and "The Play's the 
Thing" by Ferenc Molnar (adapted from 
the Hungarian by P.G. Wodehouse) was 
decided on. 

By way of experiment, two of the leading 
roles were double cast, and audiences 
therefore had the opportunity to see a 
different cast combination on each of the 
four evenings the play was performed. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to attract 
as many people as we had hoped, but those 
who did come voted the experiment a great 
success. Our grateful thanks are due to all 
who made the production possible. 








Lawrence Nichols 
(November 25, 28) 
Stephen Butler 
(November 26, 27) 
Jason Gray 
David Harty 
Krista Sutton 
(November 25, 27) 
Jenny Hewlett 
(November 26, 28) 
Greg Bolton 

Chris Grosset 
Gordon Smith 
Christos Doulis 

The play directed by Michael Burgess 

Set by John R. Birkett, 

David Bourne, Daniel Conn 

Stage manager: David Bourne 

Properties by Mrs. A. Beck 



BACK ROW: K. Schoeder, G. Fisher. 

FRONT ROW: R. Gilfilm, S. Herron, M. Thompson, M. Show, R. Skippin, J. Stewart, T. Shmitt. 

ABSENT: B. McAdie. 

The team enjoyed a successful season, 
participating in three major meets. At the 
East York Invitational Harrier Meet at 
Taylor Creek Park we encountered rea- 
sonable weather but a course that seemed to 
have been hosed down by the organizers 
before the race (perhaps making it more in- 
teresting for spectators and/or non-running 
coaches!). Out of a field of 131 runners Mark 
Thompson placed 43 in the U15 division and 
David Schmid 74. (Mark's performance was 
quite an achievement since he spent half the 
race trying to find a lost shoe in this sea of 
mud!) Out of a field of 143 runners in the 
U17 category Rory Gilfillan and Graham 
Fisher placed 81 and 92 respectively. 

Our next race was the TSSWA-TSSA invi- 
tational at High Park. Every runner in the 
province worth his salt was there since the 
meet was considered to be a preview for 
OFSAAA. Consequently the competition was 
pretty stiff. Our best performance on this 
windy and very cold day was turned in by 
Mark Thompson (U15) who placed 128 out 
of a field of 400 runners. 

We concluded the season at the ISAA Final 
held at Trinity College School in Port Hope. 
Both U15 and U17 courses were extremely 
challenging, although the competition was 
certainly not that which we had grown used 
to. Out of 52 runners in the U15 race, Mark 
Thompson placed 5, Scott Herron II, David 
Schmid 12, Carl Schroedcr 24 and Geoff 
Stewart 28. (It should be noted that 
Schroeder could have been running as a UI4.) 
In the UI7 category, out of some 55 runners, 
Martin Shaw placed 29, Rory Gilfillan 39, 
and Richard Skippon 38. 

Personal notes: In future seasons Thomp- 
son will be glueing his feet onto his shoes (or 
is it the other way around?) Schmid still 
swears he runs better with 121 lbs. of clothes 

on while Herron has definitely decided he 
prefers to warm up with something (anything 
?) on. Geoff Stewart has discovered the rea- 
son for his existence (running) and Schroeder 
has decided to give up Beethoven and Soviet 
Studies (?) to pursue a full-time career as a 
brainy athlete. 

The older guys are less interesting: Shaw 
can't decide between running and French (he 
can't seem to do either with a broken leg), 
while Gilfillan proved he can run while miss- 
ing all kinds of internal anatomy. Contrary to 
popular opinion, Skippon's name does not 
describe his attendance record this season 
(does it Richard?!?). And finally, both the 
French Fisher learned from his Berlin ex- 
change student, and McAdie's avant garde 
shorts gave a touch of class to an otherwise 
pretty flippin" rowdy bunch of guys (ath- 

y ^ 



The team participated in a num- 
ber of meets, the U14's doing quite 
well wherever they competed. Un- 
fortunately we were not able to 
field a U12 team due to the min- 
imum number of four runners 
needed to place. 

In our first meet at Holy Trinity 
school in Richmond Hill the U14's 
placed third as a team, with strong 
performances by Kevin Lint (9), 
Jade Leung (13) and Jeff Kopas 
(14). Over 100 runners participated 
in the race. Our next meet was or- 
ganized by the York Montessori 
Schools at Sherwood Park in 
Toronto. This time it was Jeff 
Kopas with a 6th place finish who 
led the pack. Kevin Lint was close 
behind in 10th place. The team 
again finished third overall. 

Mr. Timm organized a meet at 
High Park, but unfortunately he 
got so involved in unnecessary de- 
tails that he didn't manage to hang 
onto a copy of his own team's re- 

Needless to say, the team did 
very well, no thanks to him! 

The ISAA final took place at 
Appleby College in Oakville with 
many parents and friends present. 

We entered two teams in this race. 
Our 'A' team (Kopas, Lint, Leung, 
Thornbury) placed second and our 
'B' team (Gundy, Gardiner, 
Watchorn, Hay) fifth. Kopas fin- 
ished, 13th, Lint, 16th and Thorn- 
bury, 17th. Thanks very much to 
those parents who turned out to 
see the team go through its paces 

This just in; Next year IVlr. 
Timm will be driving an armoured 
truck with a plexi-glass partition to 
prevent runners from destroying 
his concentration while he's at the 
wheel. His 'news receiver' (a radio 
that does not pick up music) will 
however be transferred to the new 
vehicle. And finally, it is not true 
that he had never heard of a stand- 
ard transmission, he'd just never 
seen one! 

Thanks to one and all who came 
and supported the team, and a 
final thanks to Mr. Dunkley for 
springing for pizza, doughnuts, hot 
chocolate, pop .... all when the 
runners needed it least!! 




BACK ROW: R. Homes, J. Miller, J. Oborne. G. Hess, D. Lyons, J. Van Loenen, A. Van Nostrand. 
FRONT ROW; D. Yamada, B. Andersen, A. Baldwin, T. Sevier, C. Armstrong, A. Armstrong, J. Riches. 

Rocked-the-House! Just ask 
Mr. Love. 

Thanks certainly go to Mr. 
Ackley who has been coaching 
most of this bunch from grade 

The 87-88 1st Hockey Team had a 
wonderful season. We managed to 
beat everyone of our opponents at 
least once during the year except for 
the school on the hill, even the old 
boys fell victim to the awesome 
might of the guys who showed up. 
We fought our way to the finals of 
the Pickering Tournament, and 
emerged with a silver. 

By the way those who did not 
attend support day for the game 
against St. Andrews missed one that 

7, we wouldn't have missed it 
for five bucks. 



BACK ROW: J. Hess, N. Gilmer, R. Mcintosh, S. Yamada, M. Shaw, J. Chorny, N. Freiberg, G. 

Stewart, A. Hobcraft, S. Warren, Mr. Keenan. 

FRONT ROW: T. Stewart, B. Loughridge, M. Perren, R. Gilfillan, A. Cann, M. Thompson, J. 


The under sixteen hockey team 
was a fine mix of veteran players, 
talented new students and graduates 
of Mr. Clarke's under fourteen hoc- 
key programme. 

The season began on a high note 
with a 5-3 victory over Crescent 
School. This hard hitting close game 
was to be the first of eight such 
games played throughout the sea- 
son. The team secured three vic- 
tories and a tie in these encounters 
and distinguished themselves as a 
very formidable foe. 

I wish the best to those who will 
be moving on in 1988-89, and 
would like to thank all of the 
enthusiastic parents and fans who 
contributed so much to the exper- 
ience of the team. 

Mr. Keenan 



BACK ROW: A. Salming, Mr. Clark, M. Dobson, J. Thompson, D. Armstrong, M. Teichman, 

C. Jones, M. Turvey, R. Monaghen, S. Hennessey, D. Bourne. 

FRONT ROW: M. Bijur, R. McKillop, R. Park, J. Neubauer, J. Smit, D. O'Reilly. 




BACK ROW: P. Vaillancourt, M. Rogers, S. Turvey, N. Shelley. 

FRONT ROW: Mr. Dunkley, D. McDonald, M. Baillie, P. LePiane, C. Carter, G. Thompson, A. Chow. 



BACK ROW: K. Roberts, N. Miller, B. Turvey, C. Yelle, M. Thompson, N. Zeibots. 
FRONT ROW: T. Lundon, T. Jackson, A. Hurst, B. Leech, A. Staples, Mr. Nakatsu. 



FRONT ROW: A. King, D. Garrow, I. Miller, P. Hardie, J. Davis, D. Burns, Mr. Morgan. 
BACK ROW: C. Sievert, P. Pusey, K. Lint, P. Pusey, J. Thornbury, D. Simoncis, M. 


BACK ROW: J. Arscott, C. Schroeder, M. Newbigging, P. Nobbs, A. Dobson, N. 


FRONT ROW: K. Thomson, A. Lo, R. Wearing, R. Chopra, J. Butler, J. Leung. 



BACK ROW: D. Cole, D. Teichman. 

MIDDLE ROW: M. Kesting, R. Leistra, R. Skippon, R. Malo, M. Rudan, T. Morgan, G. Fisher, M. Wilson, C. Ross. 

FRONT ROW: D. Conn, G. Anderson, R. Burgess, S. Herron, J. Sievenpiper. 

ON THE GROUND: M. Harris. 

ABSENT: J. Rea. 

Well...I said in last year's Yearbook "We 
can really do it", and this year we did il even 
belter. The St. George's Ski Team had its best 
season ever. The senior A team finished 
second every race (out of 8 schools) placing 
second overall at the end of the season. Rob 
Malo (Grade 13) won two out of the four 
races and strong results by the rest of the 
senior A team of Dave Cole (Gr. 13), Giles 
Anderson (Gr. 12), Ted Morgan (Gr. 12) and 
myself (Grade 13), helped maintain our 
competitive position throughout the season. 
The senior B team placed second this year, 
the junior A team finished third, with great 
results by Graham Fisher (Gr. 12) and the 
junior B team had a great finish of third 
place. Congratulations to every member of 
this team. Rob Malo's first place finish and 
the tremendous efforts of our "gutsy" 
rookies produced our great results. 

Special thanks to Mr. R. Walker. He has 
worked extremely hard to coach the Ski Team 
and his efforts have finally paid off. His 
training sessions at Earl Bales Hill helped us 
improve our times greatly. 

Thanks once again Mr. Walker for a 
memorable, successful season in 1988 and for 
the five fantastic years I have had on the St. 
George's College Ski Team. Best of luck in 
the future!!! 

Congratulations Guys! The Ski Team had 
finally proven itself let's make it an annual 
tradition. Good Luck next year! 

Mike Rudan (Captain) 



r ^ 






ONLY ROW: L. Nichols, G. Smith, S. Butler, D. Yamada, S. Hobe. 

This year's contribution to the 1988 Independent 
Schools' Drama festival was "It Came From There" by 
Robin Fulford, following last year's successful "eddy- 
candyside". The play had originally been co-directed by 
Michael Burgess and Mr. Fulford four years ago. This 
year it was to take on a different feel than it previously 
had with a new cast and a fresh interpretation by the 
director and actors. 

Rehearsals were strenuous but fun. The fighting 
scenes had to be kept under control so that no one was 
injured, especially me. I think I was pushed around and 

thumped by all four members of the cast (in the play 
that is) at one point or another. And when I was killed 
on page one, they were left to feel sorry for themselves, 
some of them at least. Greg, played by Drew Yamada, 
acted as my guardian and general good guy, successfully 
managing to drag my body on and off stage in an at- 
tempt to get me buried, I think. Stephen Butler's role 
was difficult to play, for it is through his character that 
the audience must try and understand the frustration 
and insanity of the boys' situation. Chris, played by 
Lawrence Nichols, was certainly beautifully portrayed 
as the long haired, unshaven youth with a fi.xation for 
guns and not animals. And finally Gordon Smith 
adeptly played the character of Brian, rounding off this 
ensemble quite nicely. 

The festival for the second year running was held at 
UCC with our very own Father Michael adjudicating. It 
was not a competition, but a time for the actors of the 
schools that took part to get together in workshops and 
enjoy themselves. We were all very pleased with our 
performance and felt that we had done the play justice. 
I think I speak for all when I say it was a privilege to 
have worked with the author and director Robin 
Fulford and that he helped bring a new dimension to 
our acting skills. 






BACK ROW: Mr. Timm, C. Schroeder, R. Skippon, M. Jones, M. Newbigging, E. Lee, B. McAdie, D. Schmid, G. Stewart, M. Wilson. 
FRONT ROW: B. Leech, S. Herron, R. Gilfillan, M. Shaw, M. Thompson, R. Wearing, D. Davis, M. Blanchette. 



BACK ROW: A. Stevenson, P. Andras, K. Lint, N. Blanchette, A. Lo. C. Watchorn, M. Magcc, P. Pusey. G. Hay, Mr. Timm. 
FRONT ROW: N. Boyce. J. Walker, G. Basscl, T. Magee, M. Tuters, S. Hayes, D. Sierin, A. Duncan. A. Miller. 



BACK ROW: Mr. Paulin, B. Clark, P. Leflair, A. Chow, D. Tomljenovic, D. MuUin. 
FRONT ROW: A. Satchu, P. Jordan, D. Conn, D. Yamada, J. Baillie. 


ONLY ROW: A. Hobcraft, M. Harris, J. Zeidman, N. Miller, D. Bowbly, A. Staples. 





BACK ROW: B. Brown, P. LePiane, W. Fripp, J. Riches, R. Leistra, P. Friedland, Mr. Wilson. 
FRONT ROW: J. Tyson, J. Bell, C. Kodama, T. Morgan, D. Lyons. 


BACK ROW: Mr. Kerr, J. Moore. N. Freiberg, C. Corislinc, M. Atkinson, A. Hiirsi. 

FRONT ROW: C. Wilson, A. Cann, M. Perren, B. Turvey, T. Radford and the team mascot Mr. Kerr's Dog. 



p. Nobbs, M. Dobson, M. Magee, A. Dobson, K. Thompson, M. Turvey, D. Armstrong, Mr. McElroy. 
FRONT ROW: M. Bardyn R. Monaghan, D. O'Reilly, R. Park, R. McKillop, D. O'Reilly. 


The names ot these indisiduals have been censored so as to protect their innocence in losing the ISAA U-12 Baseball Championship to Crescent 
School in the last inning. 



My life is as the ebbing sands of time, 

Enriched and yet withered in its fight, 

I reahze in death there is no crime. 

No wrong condemns us to eternal night. 

I walk the path of life and feel its pain. 

The hottest coals upon my feet do bear, 

and as the lion's master do I tame. 

Inspecting each trick with loving care. 

And soon my soul burns stronger than my mind. 

In preparation for the great event. 

The centre of my being I must find. 

For separation is what I lament. 

And as I sip the knowledge of my past, 

I laugh and cry embracing death at last. 

Steven Hobe 

The seasons 
They come and go 
No real reasons 
You, unlike the seasons 
Only came and went 
But like the seasons 
Still no real reasons. 

Michael Adamson 


ly uear, wny do you notice me and flee? 
must you always hide in the dark shadows? 
why you behave this way I cannot see. 
we were two friends; you turned us into foes. 
Have I done what you adjudge most dreadful? 
I do not mind what you did think of me; 
you could well have found me resentful. 
I was even willing to let you be. 
My heart no longer weeps to see you leave, 
Though 1 loved you as one would a goddess. 
Yet when 1 recall how you made me grieve, 
I only end up admiring you less. 
My respect was yours; I mistaken. 
I swam to you and perceived a siren. 

Max Brunelle 

What are we doing here? 

Why are we here? Are we no more than the naturally 
intelligent product of basic evolution? Or are we the 
children of some higher being, here to achieve some sort of 
fulfillment in life? Is there a meaning to our existence, or 
are we just here for the ride? Do we even exist? Or is it all 
just going on in my mind? 

The problem appears to be that the more intelligent the 
mind becomes the more room for error in thought there is. 
It begins to perceive things that are not there, to suggest 
forces and powers that have no tangible existence beyond 
the imaginings of a small group of. . . 

We all have our own little ideas of God, Life, the 
Universe and all the really big concepts. What the actual 
answer is to all the questions that we ask ourselves from 

time to time really depends on what you yourself think. 

We can say that God does or doesn't exist. However you 
look on it you then run into the problem of what existence 
is. Love and Hate do not exist in concrete form, but they 
most certainly exist--how else can one explain people 
spending their lives together--or killing each other? 
However, the complexity of such a definition of existence 
would certainly be open to... 

I left a pair of sunglasses on the beach the other day. I 
didn't realize I got home and was getting ready to go to a 
party and couldn't find them. They were my favourite pair 
of shades, real wayfarers by Ray-Ban of California, with 
blue sparkles on them. They were really cool, but I left 
them at the beach. Bummer. 

CENTRE TOP: A. D'arcy 



T. Broen 




A Poem 

Wind in the cloud, 
Sun in the storm 
Light in the darkness 
A child is born. 

Cross on the hill, 
Dark goes the sun. 
Lift him high! 
The game is begun. 

Shot in the darkness, 
Spear in the side. 
Float in your blood. 
Or step aside. 

The infant is gone. 
The riders are here 
Galloping fast; 
The end is near! 

Down the rider. 
Up goes the spear. 
In goes the arrow. 
Death is here! 

Blood in the air. 
Death in the sea. 
The city has fallen. 
They're coming for me. 

- Charles Finlay 


Why does this woman of deceit wear such clothes of false 


Her hands and feet shackled to mother earth. 

Her eyes red with fear and anguish? 

Yet she clasps a Bible, her fingers driving deeper into its 


causing the blood of many stream from its pages. 

Her face turns pale at the sight of her burning soul, 

her useless life flung among a sea of screaming waves. 

Her sanity lies deep beneath the earth. 

Her madness held within those whom she loves. 

Her supple flesh crawls at the thought of days gone by. 

As past rears it weary head. 

She gasps for air trying to breathe the future 

But cannot afford the costs of time. 

-Steve-"hip-hip" Hobe 




t^ iiiSSSo'jPi^i 

' .i 

Some People's Kids 

Stress and confusion 

Tearing at the heart of the house 

Some feehng cheated 

Some defeated 

Some not knowing which way is up 

With me at the end of it all 

No longer even having the time 

To feel and loosen 

All of the tightly wound springs 

Coiling inside of me 

Michael Adamson 

Getting a Hunchbacked 

A shock of white hair, 

And a hunch on a horse, 

Leave a dour man drowned in air. 


Depression apples preside. 

And a birthday's but once a year." 

- Peter Wake 


Searching my life, 

Seeking one's humanity; 

Listening to the words of Lincoln, Ghandi, 

and John F. Kennedy. 

Taking the time to understand oneself, 
and the others that we see; 
Looking at what is, 
and just what might come to be. 

The choices we make today, 

and the results that may come tomorrow; 

The joys in life that make us cry, 

and the tragedies that fill our hearts with sorrow. 

It's all mixed up. 

All the elements on the road to self discovery; 

Looking at what is, 

and what just might come to be. 

Nature is trustmg. 

Can you feel her warm waters? 

Nature is dying, 

Can't you see it everywhere? 

Nature is dying. 
When will we care? 

John van Loenen 

Gordon Smith 


A Wooden Floor 

This floor, mere planks of wood 

unfinished, grey inside 

with grains ever crossing internally 

just to make it all the stronger within 

but it's there to be trod upon 

used and disregarded 

spoke only occasionally 

A complement to the character within 

for being ever used and trod upon 

It deserves the very most 

of the sympathy and respect we have to give 

but people will just keep shuffling 

shuffling over it 

and over all who sympathize 

with this plain and simple floor. 

Michael Adamson 


Society is a Frace. 

We as humans think we are so "Sophisticated" 

We can send men to the moon 

But we belittle ourselves with the idiotic things we do. 

We drink. We do drugs. We kill. We terrorize. 

We inflict pain without mercy. 

And we are sophisticated. 

There is no doubt we have accomplished a great deal. 

But at what cost? 

Our Humanity 
Our Senses 
Our Individuality 
Our Self respect 
Our Pride 

Mark Harris 

CLOCKWISE: S. Yamada, B 
Clark.J. Warren, J. Rich. 

The Life Cycle 

We enter this vast world not 


We are young and innocent 

But life goes on 

We proceed with this vast world not 


We are old and corrupted 

But life goes on 

We proceed further with this vast 

world not knowing. 

We are older and unwanted 

But life goes on 

We ask, why us in this vast world? 
But still life goes on, so... 

We exit this vast world not 


But life goes on 

As we are dead... 

When I Lived Here and There 

The screen in house 
Built for me 
Housed a man 
Who thought aloud 
Of what he'd seen 
And of how he felt 
People would drop by 
To laugh and listen 
But they all left 
One day when he thought 

too loud 
Since that day 
They no longer come 'round. 

- Falconer 




Behind Me Now 

A closed door 

And a turned head 

Stand back 

In the shadows of his hfe. 

With nowhere to go 

And no one to even point him 

In the right direction 

He goes out into the world. 

A world 

Where all he can see 

And all he knows 

Is tied up 

In an unraveling ball 

Of mild social acquaintances 

And old friends. 

Feeling tight and lonely 

He'll jump 

Though, for the wrong reasons 

He thinks he's built a net 

With those he knows 

But no one can catch him now 

And no one will even try. 



To look in all four directions at once. 
But see the same facade with every turn, 
Makes dauntless displays, futile stunts; 
For, in me, clear bias' rarely burn. 
Diplomats, in black robes and pale wigs. 
Benefit from active immobihty; 
But I'm kept apart from all these prigs. 
By simple belief in monogamy. 
The vigilant painter who sees himself, 
Enveloped by so much to paint he writes, 
Could be evading prospective pelf. 
Yet a page surpasses a crippled knight. 
As long as my ambivalent thoughts persist, 
The threat of paralysis will exist. 

Gr. 13 


It is at this time each year that the yearbook editor asics himself the question, Why did I taice this job? The hours are 
long, the praise little and the pay non-existent. What makes someone accept the honour of holding such a seemingly 
ungratifying and thankless position? 

As I try to think of an answer I imagine to what extent the completion of this book will affect world events. Maybe, the 
S.G.C. yearbook might play a role in global affairs, yet sadly, I come to the conclusion that it doesn't. No matter how 
well I lay out the pages, process the prints, or type the copy, there still will be conflict in the Middle East and terrorist 
attacks throughout the world. Though why when I realize that 1 have little hope of saving the world from its spiral 
towards destruction, am I staying up past 2:00 A.M. the fifth night in a row? 

The answer is really quite simple. It comes from considering not how the yearbook will affect others, but instead, how 
this book will affect ourselves. The feeling of honour that comes from holding this position arises from the realization 
that I , as editor, through the medium of this book have been entrusted with the responsibility of preserving a commodity 
that is irreplaceable - your memories. 

The yearbook is not just a 176 page book of stats and figures. It is a repository of the events that none of us will ever 
forget. Twenty years from now when we are recalling with fondness our S.G.C. years, it will be to this book that you will 
turn. Its well-thumbed pages will, time and time again, replay all your memories. It has been for this reason that I and all 
my predecessors have endured the position of editor. It stems from the basic desire to put back into the school a little of 
what we have taken out. 

I must, of course, shine the spotlight onto those who have unselfishly given of themselves in order to create your book. 
Thank you Ms. Tevlin. This book would not have been possible without your guidance, support and encouragement. 
You will surely be missed! Also, thank you Mr. Fulford, as your help once again has been invaluable. Finally, I would 
like to thank my good friend, David Bourne, who taught himself how to type just so he could make me happy. 

I would also like to thank the school for the enjoyment I received through this position. Next year I will pass the 
mantle to someone else. Remember that this is your book. You either make it great or it will die. I would like to leave you 
with this thought paraphrased from a speech the late U.S. President John P. Kennedy: "Ask not what the S.G.C. 
yearbook can do for you, but ask what you can do for the yearbook!" 

Geoffrey Petkovich 

IT" W 


BACK ROW: I. Voermann, Mr. Fulford, D. Cunnington, M. Harris, A. Dent, C. Base, M. Hastings, J. Caplan-Kinsbourne, J. Carpenter, M. 
Adamson, M. Brunelle, J. Bharmal, J. Van Loenen, A. Ayliffe, R. duToit. 
FRONT ROW: A. Cantor, G. Brown. 

This past year was one of the best that I can 
remember for the Photography Club. We received quite 
a large amount of new equipment from the Kinsella's 
which has been most useful. The new Nikor enlarger has 
visibly improved the quality of our prints (see for 
yourself; compare this, and the next yearbook to some 
of the earlier ones). 

The club has continued to be almost too successful, 
with more members than can be manageably taught the 
skills of the darkroom. Ahh the trials and tribulations of 
prosperity. With all of the raw talent that this club 
possesses, it can only reach greater heights in the future 

Speaking of future years, as of June 1988 I will no 
longer be the head of the club, since I am moving on to 
university. One more change in the sea of changes that 
the year has brought upon St. George's. The 
Photography Club will be led by Mike Adamson, who is 
not only a masterful technician in the darkroom, but 
also an artist with a camera (get him to show you the 
guitar pictures). 

The past three years as club head have taught me a 
lot, about human nature, as well as photography. This 
will be remembered with happiness and satisfaction. 

Ian K. Voermann 

'<^ y^'o^'^S'^''^^^^/ 

%.c^ o. 

O ^^^-"tr^ 



For the third year in a row, St. George's was accorded the honour of being the only high school allowed to 
attend the North American Model United Nations. The third annual NAMUN was held from February 18-21 
at the airport Marriot hotel. The two countries represented this year were Mexico and Italy. The participants 
were: A. Daly, R. Dixon, R. Kouvouian, P. Laflair and T. Logan (Mexico); J. Bailie, U. Bizarri, B. Clarke, 
A. Polak and A. Satchu (Italy). Discussion ranged from situations in Afghanistan and Honduras to debate 
about the international role of the IMF. The conference was a rewarding experience for all who attended. As 
before, NAMUN represented a unique opportunity to meet and work with university students on an equal 
basis. The entire conference was a great success and all the participants strongly encouraged others to get 
involved - it was worth the effort. 

Thanks to Mrs. McRory, Mr. Love and Mr. Stevenson for their help in preparing for the conference and 
attending as our staff advisors. 


This year St. George's managed to send a total of 18 delegates to the SOMA conference - the largest 
contingent we have ever mustered. A total of six nations were ably represented by our students. The 
delegations were: Algeria: A. Collussi, B. Loughridge, R. Brown; Benin: G. Beers, G. Smith; Bhutan: A. 
Bennett, S. Butler, D. Teichman; Maldives; J. Arscott, F. Bieberstein, C. Doulis; Mexico; A. Daly, R. Dixon, 
P. LaFlair; and finally Papua New Guinea: M. Johnston, C. Sayers, C. Sievert. The conference was a great 
success and those of us who are moving on sincerely hope that this kind of participation will continue in the 
future. SOMA represents a very unique opportunity for high school students - one which St. George's 
students should no longer avoid, but should seek out and immerse themselves in. 


Members of the St. George's Speaking Union 
attended an invitational debating tournmanet held 
by the Political Union of Yale University. The 
team consisted of C. Sayers, A. Bennett, C. 
Seivert, M. Johnston, C. Doulis and G. Smith with 
Mr. Kerr acting as team coach. The group arrived 
at the Ivy League college after a ten hour bus ride 
that included a belated 6 A.M. departure and 
numerous fast food stops. The debaters were 
billited in residence with students of the University. 
Some notable success of the tournament were C. 
Sayers placing third at the novice level and C. 
Doulis placing seventh in the Varsity Division. The 
tournament was attended by schools from the New 
England area as well as some other Canadian 
Schools. Despite little sleep and overdoses of 
McDonald's food, a good time was had by all as 
well as an interesting view of University life. 

V > /' »-*-. 




BACK ROW: V. Coristine, F. McHugh, E. Gilmour, L. Golding, S. Lees, C. Macanuel, J. Hatcher, W. Sievert, D. Hardie, P. Glaister, L. Turvey. 
FRONT ROW: J. Lumbers, M. Morgan, S. Herron, J. Warren, M. Bennett, K. Anderson, J. Carpenter. 

Before I begin my report, I want to wish each of our 
graduates the best in their endeavours. I hope that their 
years at St. George's College will stand them in good 
stead and provide many fond memories and friendships 
both with their fellow students and with the staff. 

During the past school year, we have conducted over 
120 individual school tours for prospective students, 
assisted the library with volunteer staff and hosting 
Hot Dog Days to raise money and provided many 
students with blazers etc. through our Blazer Exchange. 
Georgian Hourse has offered the students many new 
items such as sweaters, jams and rugby shirts, all of 
which they are proud to wear as St. George's College 

With the assistance of the Men's Association, we 
hosted a reception for New Parents. Our annual 
Mother's Coffee Party and new Mother's Dinner were 
tremendous successes. Once again, we provided 
refreshments for the Confirmation and the Graduation 

Tea. Our Annual Meeting and Luncheon plus our 
Staff-Guild Executive Luncheon were two highlights of 
the year. 

This year, our fundraiser was a 50's Valentine's 
Hop. Besides being a lot of fun the evening realized a 
profit of $17,000 from our ticket sales and auction. 
From these funds together with membership revenues 
we have been able to donate $4,000 towards school 
projects, $4,000 towards the St. George's Foundation 
and $10,000 towards bursaries. 

Our aim is to have every St. George's College mother 
involved through their membership and once their son 
leaves the school they will maintain this involvement 
through our life membership programme. 

Joan Warren 

S.G.C. Ladies Guild President 




Music Appreciation returned this year with a few 
changes. No longer in the Blue Room, the club became 
more apparent as the music could be heard wafting 
through the Upper School halls at Lunch on Day 1 . 

A varied selection of music was presented that included 
U2, Led Zeppelin, and Echo and the Bunnymen to name 
a few. This year also saw the return of Music De- 
preciation that featured such artists as Emo Phillips and 
Robin Williams. 

The club was more successful this year with an increase 
in regular attendance as well as in the number of people 
presenting their kind of music. 

Thanks go to Mr. Keenan, Andrew Delph and Andrew 
Golding for their help and support. Thanks also to those 
who showed up. 

Gordon Smith 



'Friends, Romans, Countrymen; lend me some grey matter,' Words from Geoff Browne's immortal speech which I 
ripped up and threw across the stage. 
We admit the dress was a mistake. 
But other than that, it was a great year. We showed such classics as: 

1 . Plan 9 from Outer Space 

2. Thunderbirds to the Rescue 

3. First Spaceship on Venus (RECORD: Everyone walked out on it) and the various Camera films, along with a dainty 
touch of Kung-Fu. 

We would like to thank Mr. Paulin for 'volunteering' his soul for the benefit of the fans (fans?) We would also like to 
thank Indranil Bhattacharya for coming out and supporting all (barr none), we repeat all eight films that we bothered to 

We held such gala events as democracy week. The Student Film Festival and Awards (A.K.A. the homegrown contest), 
and Jim and Tammy Bakker do Music Appreciation Day (the dress lives forever). 

In the third term we hope to have 'Wedding Day' week and The Soft Shoe Routine. 

'Still, I can't help feeling that it would be a shame to let The (OTHER) Movie Club die-do, please, come along and 
support us. 

Father Adam 

Ahh, get away Geoff, NOOOOOOOOoooo.... 

Due to a technical difficulty, The Other Movie Club will be delayed. 

Thank you for waiting 

Geoff has nothing to say. 




When 1 became chaplain of St. George's (can it really be 7 years?) I 
determined to do everything I could to ensure that chapel, and 
everything it stood for, was seen to be at the very centre of our cor- 
porate life- chapel services are, after all, the only regular occasion on 
which the whole school meets together. As we say good-bye to John 
Allen, John Bradley and Maurice White, these people who have con- 
tributed significantly to the school in general and to our worship in 
particular. I hope I may be excused for looking back and reviewing 
some of the changes which have taken place since I arrived. 

In order to encourage greater participation in our services readers 
began to be chosen from a wider range of students, and our in- 
tercessions became student-led too. We established house chapels each 
Wednesday and on Thursday a Grade 8 student now presents a talk on a 
man or woman of faith whose life and work has benefited the world. 
We extended our choice of hymns, and the introduction of the Green 
Book gave us a wider range of services, psalms and prayers to draw on. 
More recently we started to use the Book Of Alternative Services, which 
includes the Eucharist in modern English as well as in traditional 
language. I've used both. 

On the last Friday of each month we have a full choral Evensong, but 
on other Fridays we now worship at the beginning of the day. This was 
very controversial at first, but everyone seems to have got used to it 
now. Each month we have a chapel collection for a different charity and 
this year we raised exactly $3 000, almost double the previous year's 
total. As an ongoing project we contribute to two Foster Parent Plans 
of Canada to help support a child in Burkino-Faso. 

The non-compulsory celebration of the Eucharist before school 
begins on Wednesday mornings - introduced in September of 82 - has 
been faithfully attended by committed groups of staff and students, 
especially from the Lower School, supplemented on special occasions 
by those responding to invitations to celebrate Name Days, etc. 

I inherited one Choral Eucharist each term (All Saints Day, Ash 
Wednesday and Ascension Day) but we now celebrate Epiphany and 
Easter as well, and the annual service of Baptism and Confirmation 
now takes place within the context of the Eucharist. 1 am pleased that 
despite a decline in numbers last year, more and more people are 
making their communion. This year the total number of communicants 
was 1842, this compared with 1277 at the end of my first year here. 
Incidentally, because the High Ahar is so far away, and out of vision of 
those at the sides of the chapel, I introduced a Nave Altar. This makes 
everything less remote and has been generally well-received. 

We have welcomed a wide range of distinguished preachers to our 

This year the list included the Primate, the Most Reverend Michael 
Peers, the Archbishop of Toronto, the Most Reverend Lewis Gars- 
worthy, and the Coadjutor Bishop, the Right Reverend Terence Finlay. 
The Primate returned to face a barrage of questions from the 
graduating class. 

All in all, I doubt if chapel will ever be the most popular activity at St. 
George's, or any other school, I believe we continue to move in the right 
general direction, and I appreciate the help and support I receive from 
many people. 

In the year of his retirement, Mr. John Bradley must be singled out. 
St. George's College would not exist without his vision, determination 
and dedication. I am deeply grateful for his encouragement. The 
retiring Headmaster, John Allen, showed confidence in me by ap- 
pointing me and supporting me. I am proud to enjoy - and enjoy is 
exactly the right word - the friendship of both these founders of the 
school. We shall miss them, and assure them our good wishes for health 
and happiness in their golden years. 

We also bid farewell to Maurice White, who has served the school 
faithfully since the very beginning. 

I have to thank Dr. Giles Bryant for his genial co-operation. I ap- 
preciate all he does to ensure that our services are enriched with 
beautiful music. 

My grateful thanks are also due to Andrew Van Nostrand, the senior 
Acolyte for the last two years, and his conscientious and reliable team. 
It is easy to take their work for granted, but I want them to know that I 
think they do a super job. 

Michael Burgess 

BACK ROW: A. Van Nostrand, J. Carpenter, A. Golding, A. Dent, K. 
Gilmour, R. Burgess, D. Bourne, G. Petkovich. 
FRONT ROW: S. Wright, J. Baillie, D. Armstrong. 



With the guidance of the club's 
originators, Jon Baillie and Graham Fisher 
the Canadian Outdoors Club in its first year 
was a huge success! 

The Club's first adventure was a 25 km 
hike along the Bruce Trail. The trip 
generated a sense of camaraderie among the 
very enthusiastic outdoorsmen and a good 
time was had by all. The adventure showed 
a lot of people what to bring and not to 
bring on a hike, such as a tent that doesn't 
leak (Bert) and of course setting the stage 
were our very own hiking role-models 
Graham & Jon the two stubbornest hikers 
ever to hit the trails. 

The Canadian Outdoors Club's last 
adventure, to close off the school year, was 
sailing a tall ship on the high, but cold, seas 
of Lake Ontario. An experience I will never 
forget (white!) The club, without the presence 
of Graham and Andrew Golding (and 
everyone else writing SAT's), set sail and 
through 4 hour watches, such as 12:00 am - 
4:00 am, managed to get little sleep but at 
the same time learned a lot of important 
and useful things (eg. which lines to haul or 
release on command). On the completion of 
the frightfully cold journey, the smelly, 
hiker converted sailors had learned how to 
sail a tall ship, through to a virgin cruise. 

Next year the Canadian Outdoors Club is 
hoping to do some rock climbing and white 
water rafting, so, don't hesitate to join, you 
don't know what you're missing! 

John Sievenpiper 


»^ct,TVo^ ^' 




This year a pilot project was launched - Community Service for the 
grade nines and eights. 

In the Upper School program the project was compulsory, the boys 
having to put in 30 hours of Community work over the course of the 
academic year. With the grade eights a greater flexibilty was granted, 
the parents being asked to play a role in supervising their son's activity. 

Hugh Macmillan Centre 

What I do and who I do it with. 

My first job working here was to go in the pool. Now 1 go to the pool 
once a week. I generally just play with the kids. Now the kid I work with 
has lost use of his legs, so I have to put him into an inner tube and push 
him around in it. There are usually about ten kids in the pool at a time, 
and they always like to have water fights. After pool time we take the 
kids into the showers, and at the other end of the showers the parents 
are waiting to see their smiling children. 


My present Community Service is at the Ukrainian Canadian Social 
Welfare Services. I attend the Community Service on Fridays and have 
been doing so for the past three weeks. I have been filing some files in 
alphabetical order. For the next few weeks I probably will be coming for 
two days to help an elderly lady by doing chores around her house such 
as raking leaves and shovelling snow, as well as running errands. 

All in all, I very much enjoy my Community Service. The people 
there are very nice and helpful and enjoy my presence (and have even 
rewarded me with a Halloween present). 


The members of the Amnesty Group have written letters to leaders of 
foreign countries to ask the release of both long and short term 
prisoners. In the group we have discussed Human Rights and methods 
of putting pressure on Governments to obtain the release of prisoners 
(through) petitions and form letters. 

The group has also made it possible to have many of the students 
signing letters. These will be asking for the release of long term 
prisoners of conscience who have not used or advocated violence. 


Ben Hatcher and 1 work at the Endangered Animal Sanctuary. 

The good thing about this place is that we get to know more about 
animals that you could never see up close. I have come eye to eye with 
tigers, lions, snakes, leopards, and a black panther. 1 work usually with 
birds, ferrets, chinchillas and rabbits. 

After a while a little mini-bobcat that was put in because it ate all the 
pets in the area got to know us. Now we can tap its cage and it will climb 
up and you can pet its paw. The one bad thing is that it smells but after 
awhile you get used to it. 

Overall it is a very good experience if you like animals or want to get 
closer to animals of the wild. 


In Amnesty International we have written letters to Heads of State in 
such countries as Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Peru and many others. 
The letters have been sent about prisoners who have been imprisoned 
for long periods of time. 

We have sent "urgent action" letters to countries where prisoners 
have been threatened with death, torture and other inhuman violent 
acts. Our group has told upper school classes about Amnesty and we 
have handed out typed letters for them to sign. This has proven to be 
very successful. 

There are approximately ten members of the group who are equally as 
enthusiastic as 1 am. With the help of Dr. Cowgill, our senior member, 
we enjoy our discussions about world issues. 

As leader of the group, I hope we can continue to help and aid 
prisoners of conscience. 


Currently I'm volunteering for two days, every Thursday and every 
other Sunday. 

On Tuesdays I work in the pool with kids with physical and mental 
disabilities, where I help them get around the pool, one on one. 

On Sundays I work with a larger scale of kids with compound 
disabilities, where I work in the gym for two hours. 


The Animal Sanctuary must be the best place for Community Service. 
The Kentucky Fried across the street (where Bruce Taylor is known by 
his first, last and middle name) isn't the only "plus" for the animal 

Flexible hours, nice people and unusual animals also contribute to its 

Thus far, Bruce and 1 have managed to dodge the lion's line of fire. 
The only bite I've received was from a parrot. The parrot had climbed 
onto my shoulder and I felt something biting my ear. Apart from that, 
the only other 'wound' is one I have from a ferret's claw. 

The smell of the place along with "sometimes dirty" jobs make it an 
exciting place to work in. 


Sunday afternoons (2-4) 

1. Miss M.L. - please call first then visit her in her room as she has 
some letters she would like read, or the newspaper (It's difficult for her 
to see and to do this herself). 

2. Mr. W. - He is expecting you for a visit, and is looking forward to 
it - tell him about St. George's and your courses, hobbies etc. You could 
also ask him to tell you what he did as a boy! 

3. Call - she may need some groceries. 


The Hugh Macmillan Centre 

On Thursdays at six o'clock pm to seven thirty I swim with the 
children of the Hugh Macmillan Medical Centre. I usually have one 
buddy (each volunteer has one patient to help change and to swim with). 
The children have various medical problems ranging from severe 
asthma to cerebral palsy. They are a lot of fun in the pool, and play with 
an array of toys (innertubes, slides, etc). 

Most of them are good swimmers and I really enjoy working with 
them. One may also work with them in the gym, on Saturdays. 


What I do for Community Service is work at my church. I help out in 
the Sunday School. I help the lady who runs the class by telling the 
children to tidy up, I get out the games and toys, I tell them to behave 
and listen and help tidy up the room after the children leave. 

The grade eight boys have cleared snow for shut-ins, distributed 
leaflets on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society, helped to distribute food 
with STOP 103, worked with the Bishop Strachan School on a bake 

All in all the program has been very successful and I look forward to 
its expansion in the coming years. 

Derek Demierre 




"'f r,. 

J» -*'"' 



Lower School 

G.R. Jameson Trophy - G. Radford 
H.S. Marion Award - R. Chopra 
L.B.J. Rothwell Award - P. Nobbs 
Junior Georgian Trophy - D. Sankey 

Upper School 

James Murdoch Da Costa Award - C. Carter 

Ladies Guild Trophy - G. Hess 

E.S. Smith Award - J. MacFarlane, S. Wall 

Arthur Pegler Cup - R. Dixon 

Marion McDowell Trophy - R. Needham 

R.J. Richardson Trophy - C. Armstrong 

Georgian Trophy - A. Dent 

Georgian Spirit Trophy - J. Carpenter 

Andrew Pace Award - D. Bourne 

W.P. Gilbride Trophy - A. Van Nostrand 

J.L. Wright House Trophy - C. Carter 

Jock Armitage Award - D. Bourne 

Robert Bradley Memorial Award - G. Petkovich 

J.L. Bradley Music Award - Mr. J.L. Bradley 

Zivorad Hodjera Memorial Prize - J. Baillie 

Matthew Lawson Memorial Scholarship - L Voermann 

Andrew Drillis Scholarship - C. Grosset 

Wynn Butterworth Medal - P.J. Oborne 

Chairman's Medal - D. Sturdee 

Headmaster's Medal - M. Johnston 

Lieutenant Governor's Medal - 1. Glaister 

Governor-General's Medal - G. Crate 

J.L. Wright Medal - M. Rudan 















Aaronson, Matthew 

66 Admiral Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2L5 


Adamson, Michael 

87 Inglewood Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1H4 


Altimas, Peter 

1 1 Wainwright Drive 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 2L6 


Anderson, Mark 

77 Strath Ave. 

Toronto Ont. 

M8X 1R6 


Andersen, Matthew 

1 1 Whitehall Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2C5 


Anderson, Brian 

77 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1R6 


Anderson, Giles 

80 King George's Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1M2 


Andras, Peter 

22 St. Leonards Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1J9 


Andrews, Marcus 

5 Mossom Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6S 1L9 


Armstrong, David 

9 Ravenhill Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3B3 


Armstrong, Christopher 

9 Ravenhill Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3B3 


Armstrong, Andrew 

9 Ravenhill Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3B3 


Arscott, Jonathan 

16 Edenbridge Dr. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3E9 


Atkins, Mark 

2 George Henry Blvd. 

Willowdale, Ont. M2J IE 


Atkinson, John 

61 Admiral Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2L4 


Atkinson, Mark 

5 Crandall Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4G 1Y7 


Austin, Andrew 

38 Playter Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4K 2W2 


Ayliffe, Adam 

4 Oriole Pkwy 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 1L5 


Ayliffe, Adam 

16 Rosewell Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1Z7 


Baillie, Jonathan 

78 Chestnut Park Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1W9 


Baldwin, Andrew 

218 Blythwood Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1A6 


Baldwin, Andrew 

44 Heath St. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1T3 


Baranyai, Andre 

16 Downpatrick Cres. 

Weston, Ont. 

M9R 4A4 


Bardyn, Michael 

24 Cottingham Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1B3 


Base, Christian 

168 Neville Pk. Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4E 3P8 


Base, Christian 

24 Summerhill Gdns. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1B4 


Bassel, George 

79 Poplar Plains Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V IGl 


Beers, Geffrey 

66 Highcourt Cres. 

Scarborough, Ont. MIH 2L 


Bell, John 

83 Strath Ave. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

. M8X 1R7 


Bellis, Stephen 

53 Prince George Dr. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 1Y5 


Bennett, Andrew 

123 Belsize Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4S 1L3 


Bentley-Taylor, David 

20 Taylor Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4C 3B3 


Bharmal, Jameel 

60 Heath St. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1T4 


Bhatt, Bijal 

1 179 Ossington Avenue 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6G 3W4 


Bhattacharya Indranil 

47 Dellano Street 

Markham, Ont 

L3S 2N8 


Bieberstein, Bernard 

328 Walmer Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2Y4 


Bieberstein, Ferdinand 

328 Walmer Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2Y4 


Bijur, David 

136 South Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W ISl 


Bijur, Matthew 

136 South Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W ISl 


Bizzarri, Ugo 

18 Robinwood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 1X7 


Blanchette, Nicholas 

345 Acacia Court 

Oakville, Ont. 

L6J 6K5 


Blanchette, Michael 

345 Acacia Court 

Oakville, Ont. 

L6J 6K5 


Bobechko, Brian 

160 Pine Valley Cres. 

Woodbridge, Ont. L4L 2W 


Bode, Steven 

596 Oriole Parkway 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 2C3 


Bolton, Gregory 

65 Wanless Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 3CI 


Bolton, Gregory 

No. 821. 44 Charles St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4Y 1R7 


Bonnycastle, Ian 

81 Wychwood Park 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6G 2V5 


Bosher, Hal 

192 Balsam Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4E 3C3 



Bourne, David 

26 Anderson Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 1H4 


Bowlby, Douglas 

40 Davean Drive 

Willowdale, Ont. M2L 2R 


Boyce, Timothy 

43 Douglas Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2B2 


Boyce, Nicholas 

43 Douglas Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2B2 


Bracken, Michael 

144 Forest Hill Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2L9 


Broen, Thomas 

137 Rochester Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1N9 


Brown, Nicholas 

67 Chestnut Park 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1W7 


Brown, Robin 

62 Larwood Blvd. 

Scarborough, Ont. MIM 2 


Brown, Blakeney 

3048A Bloor St. W., 

Etobicoke, Ont 

. M8X 1C4 


Brown, Blakeney 

14 Duggan Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1Y2 


Browne, Geoffrey 

12 Caldow Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

MSN 2P5 


Brunelle, Maxime 

85 Walmer Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2X6 


Burgess, Richard 

20 Avondale Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2R6 


Burns, David 

58 Maple Avenue 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2T7 


Burul, Justin 

6 Winterbourne Ct. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 2E2 


Butler, Jeffrey 

19 Queen Ann Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X ITl 


Butler, Stephen 

19 Queen Ann Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X ITl 


Cameron, Sandy 

44 Lynngrove Avenue 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1M6 


Cann, Alexander 

437 Quebec Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6P 2V5 


Cann, Alexander 

19 Norma Crescent 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6H 3G9 


Cannings, Richard 

85 Richmond St. Wl, No. 1 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5H 2G2 


Cannings, Richard 

40 Meadowvale Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8Y 2N9 


Cantor, Adam 

35 Ardmore Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 1V8 


Caplan-Kinsb, Jeremy 

42 Farnham Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1H4 


Carpenter, Jonathan 

21 Hawthorne Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2Z1 


Carter, Bryce 

36 Deanewood Cr. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9B 3B1 


Carter, Bryce 

1290 HoUyfield Cr. 

Oakville, Ont. 

L6H 2J6 

Carter, Austin 

36 Deanewood Cr. 

IsHngton, Ont. 

M9B 3B1 


Carter, Austin 

1290 HoUyfield Cr. 

Oakville, Ont. 

L6H 2J6 

Carter, Curtis 

187 Cottingham St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1C4 


Carter, Chad 

12 Summerton PI. 

Scarborough, Ont. MIT 2 


Chapman, Douglas 

731 Avenue Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2J9 


Cheang, Martin 

6 Lonsdale Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1W3 


Chin, Richard 

117 James Gray Dr. 

Willowdale, Ont. M2H 1 


Chopra, Rajiv 

4230 Bloor St. W. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

. M9G IZ 


Chorny, John 

35 McKenzie Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W IKl 


Chow, Ashley 

2597 Lakeshore Blvd. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8V 1G5 


Chow, Ashley 

10 Allenbury Gdns. 

Willowdale, Ont. M2J 2Z 


Clark, Bert 

91 Glenview Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1P9 



Cole, David 

25 Roslin Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1Y8 

Collins, Michael 

43 Glengowan Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N IGl 


Collins, James 

43 Glengowan Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N IGl 


Colussi, Adrian 

228 Rose Park Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1R5 


Conn, Daniel 

Ill Vesta Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2Z8 


Coristine, Charles 

317 Inglewood Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1J4 


Corlis, Timothy 

258 Elmwood Ave. 

Willowdale, Ont. M2N 3N 


Cragg, Bryan 

225 Timberbank Blvd. 

Agincourt, Ont 



Crate, Graham 

6 Wingate Place 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5N 2R1 


Creed, Jeremy 

182 Heath St. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1V2 


Cunnington, David 

15 Wychwood Park 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6G 2V5 


D'Arcy, Anthony 

103 Ridge Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1B6 


Daly, Jeremy 

254 Lawrence Ave. E. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1T4 


Daly, Adam 

254 Lawrence Ave. E. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1T4 


Damanis, John 

30 Ridgevalley Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3J6 


Davis, Joel 

45 Tamarisk Dr. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

M9V 1S2 


Davis, Dean 

27 Baroness Cres. 

Willowdale, Ont. M2J 3K4 


Delph, Andrew 

178 Jarvis St. No. 908 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5B 2K7 


Dent, Alexander 

25 Duncannon Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2L9 


Deveber, Scott 

76 Rowanwood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1Y9 


Deveber, Scott 

64 Glen Rd. No. 2 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2V2 


Dixon, Ross 

57 Golfdale Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2B5 


Dobson, Alexander 

71 Larabee Cres. 

Don Mills, Ont 

. M3A 3E6 


Dobson, Matthew 

10 Glengrove Ave., W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1N4 


Dodson, Jonathan 

340 Brunswick Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2Y9 


Dolan, Brendan 

20 Twyford Rd. 

Islington, Ont. 



Doulis, Christos 

1300 Islington Ave., 

Etobicoke, Ont 

M9A 5C4 


Doulis, Christos 

5 Laurier Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4X 1S2 


Duncan, Alexander 

184 Delaware Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6H 2T3 


Duprey, Alexis 

65 Elgin St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1G5 


du Toit, Andre 

108 Park Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2N7 


duToit, Robert 

108 Park Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2N7 


Eng, Robbie 

24 Woodvale Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4C 5N5 


Fabry, Stefan 

1 Nanton Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2T8 


Farquharson, David 

73 Lynwood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1K5 


Finlay, Charles 

38 Metcalfe Street 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4X 1R8 


Firla, Ian 

6 Sunnydale Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8Y 2J3 


Fisher, Graham 

45 Mason Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3C6 


Foreht, Leonard 

6 Clarendon Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1H9 



Foster, Martin 

73 Bessborough Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4G 3J2 


Frawley, Douglas 

96 South Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1R6 


Freiberg, Neil 

31 Errington Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2J8 


Friedland, Paul 

19 Strathearn Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6C 1R2 


Fripp, William 

125 Southvale Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4G 1G6 


Gaal, Christopher 

24 Markland Dr. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

. M9C 1M7 


Gardiner, Scott 

15 Clarendon Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2P3 


Garrow, David 

107 Clifton Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2G5 


Garrow, David 

20 Belmont St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1P8 


Gerulath, Peter 

47 St. George's Rd. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3T2 


Gerulath, Karl 

47 St. George's Rd. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3T2 


Giallonardo, Kody 

217 Beverly St. Apt. No. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5T 1Z2 


Gilfillan, Rory 

170 Glencairn Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1N2 


Gilmer, Neal 

80 Harper Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2L3 


Gilmour, Kevin 

409 The Kingsway 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3W1 


Glaister, Ian 

148 MacPherson Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1W8 


Godden, Chris 

67 Eastbourne Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2G1 


Golding, John 

33 Hudson Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2K1 


Golding, Geoffrey 

33 Hudson Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2K1 


Golding, Andrew 

182 Crescent Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1V3 


Graham, Toby 

22 Gibson Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1T5 


Grosset, Christopher 

1572 PetrieWay 

Mississauga, Ont. L5J IG 


Gundy, Kevin 

46 Catalina Dr. 

Scarborough, Ont. MIM IK 


Gundy, Peter 

46 Catalina Dr. 

Scarborough, Ont. MIM IK 


Hardie, Philip 

139 Roxborough Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1X5 


Hardwick, Gregory 

9 Clinton Dr. 

Richmond Hill, 

Ont. L4C 


Harper, Christopher 

276 Lawrence Ave. E. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1T4 


Harris, Mark 

53 Barlow Rd. 

Unionville, Ont 

. L3R 7Y9 


Harris, Glen 

56 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1R3 


Harty, David 

235 Livingston Rd. 

West Hill, Ont. 



Hastings, Michael 

9 Rolland Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4G 1V4 


Hatcher, Ben 

66 Cheltenham Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1P7 


Hatcher, Stuart 

66 Cheltenham Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1P7 


Hay, Gavin 

140 Heddington Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5N 2K8 


Hayes, Stewart 

287 Erskine Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4P 1Z6 


Hennessey, Sean 

134 Lyndhurst Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2Z9 


Herron, Scott 

6 Hartfield Crt. 

Islington, Ont. 

N9A 3E3 


Hess, Adam 

24 Glenview Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1P6 


Hess, Jonathan 

24 Glenview Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1P6 


Hess, Gregory 

24 Glenview Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R IP6 



Hetherington, Neil 

88 Lawrence Cr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1N4 


Ho, Marcus 

45 Crooked Stick Rd. 

Concord, Ont. 

L4K 1P4 


Hobcraft, Alexander 

132 Briar Hill Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1H9 


Hobe, Steven 

85 Roselawn Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1E7 


Hobson, Bryan 

34 Eagle St. 

Newmarket, Ont. L3Y IJl 


Hobson, Bryan 

84 Woodlawn Ave. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1G7 


Holmes, Reed 

335 Wigston Dr. 

North Bay, Ont 

. PIA 1X2 


Holmes, Reed 

23 Donalda Cres. 

Scarborough, Ont. 


Holownych, Andrew 

465 Deloraine Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3C1 


Holownych, Michael 

465 Deloraine Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3C1 


Hurst, Andrew 

19 Cornish Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2E3 


Isbister, Simon 

16 Glen Elm Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1T7 


Isbister, Simon 

53 Craighurst Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1J9 


Jackson, Christian 

1320 Islington Ave. 


M9A 5C4 


Jackson, Christian 

245 Brunswick Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5S 2M6 


Jackson, Peter 

18 Bridgeview Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 



Jackson, Trevor 

18 Bridgeview Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6S 4N1 


Jardine, Andrew 

90 Willington Blvd. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

M8X 2H7 


Jenkins, Malcolm 

33 Orchard Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8Z 3C9 


Jessop, Michael 

92 Bathgate Drive 

West Hill, Ont. 

MIC 3G7 


Johnston, Matthew 

2628 Bayview Ave. 

WiUowdale, Ont. M2L 1B3 


Jones, Chris 

58 Eastbourne Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

MSP 2G2 


Jones, Michael 

281 Oriole Pkway 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2H4 


Jordan, Michal 

36 Woodlawn Ave. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1G7 


Jordan, Paul 

36 Woodlawn Ave. W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1G7 


Keefe, Thomas 

53 Grenview Blvd. N. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 2K3 


Kellett, Peter 

240 Rose Park Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1R5 


Kenedi, Robert 

9 Lyndhurst Ct. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1X7 


Kennedy, Jason 

66 Willingdon Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 2H6 


Kesting, Mathew 

4A Wynchwood Park 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6G 2V5 


Kim, Timothy 

27 Ipswich Crescent 

WiUowdale, Ont. M2J 3N 


King, Andrew 

188 Albertus Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1J7 


Kinsella, Jason 

47 St. Clair Ave. W. No. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1K6 


Kirkpatrick, Stephen 

74 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1R5 


Kodama, Craig 

3 Gladfern Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8Z 4H3 



Kopas, Jeffery 
Kopplin, Willing 
Kourouian, Rafy 
Kovrig, Michael 
Kwong, Nicholas 
Labarge, Matt 
LaFlair, Phillip 
LaFlair, Phillip 
Lakha, Karim 
Lee, Eugene 
Leech, Bret 
Lees, David 
Leistra, Roger 
LePiane, Peter 
LePiane, Peter 
Leung, Jade 
Lint, Kevin 
Lo, Anthony 
Logan, Timothy 
Long, Alexander 
Loughridge, Brandon 
Lumbers, Michael 
Lundon, Timothy 
Lyons, David 
Macanuel, Aaron 
Macey, Gordon 
MacFarlane, Fraser 
MacFarlane, James 
Mackenzie, Christian 
Magee, Timothy 
Magee, Mark 
Maher, Phillip 
Maheux, Phillippe 
Malo, Robert 
Manchester, Michael 

59 Douglas Dr. 
296 Carlton St. 

2545 Bloor St. W. No. 303 

65 Harbour Sq. No. 1910 

17 Overbank Cres. 

134 Rykert Cr. 

103 Glengrove Ave. W. 

14 Chatsworth Dr. No. 105 
10 Walker Ave. No. 112 
92 Statesman Sq. 

20 Valley Dr. 
20 Heathdale Rd. 
1009 Royal York Rd. 

22 Moon Rd. No. 634 
2 Malcolm Rd. 
106 The Kingsway 
4271 Westminster PI. 
27 Alexandra Blvd. 

60 Coldstream Ave. 
1 Coulson Ave. 

56 Bessborough Dr. 
116 Roxborough, Dr. 
6 Woodvalley Dr. East 
60 Tilson Rd. 
5 Ravenhill Rd. 

15 Chestergrove Cr. 
15 Chestergrove Cr. 
37 Whitney Ave. 

84 The Kingsway 
84 The Kingsway 
164 Indian Rd. 
37 Sherwood Ave. 
40 Sunvale Dr. 
10 Toba Drive 

Toronto, Ont. M4W 2B2 
Toronto, Ont. MSA 2L5 
Toronto, Ont. M6S ISl 
Toronto, Ont. M5J 2L4 
Don Mills, Ont. M3A IWl 
Toronto, Ont. M4G 2S9 
Toronto, Ont. M4R IPl 
Toronto, Ont. M4R 1R5 
Toronto, Ont. M4V 1G2 
Scarborough, Ont. MIS 4H8 
Barrie, Ont. L4N 4R9 
Toronto, Ont. M6C 1M6 
Toronto, Ont. M8X 2G2 

Downsview, Ont. M3J 2S5 
Toronto, Ont. M4G 1X8 
Toronto, Ont. M8X 2V1 
Mississauga, Ont. L4W 3V 
Toronto, Ont. M4R 1L8 
Toronto, Ont. M5N 1X8 
Toronto, Ont. M4V 1Y3 
Toronto, Ont. M4G 3H9 
Toronto, Ont. M4W 1X4 
Islington, Ont. M9A 4H1 
Toronto, Ont. M4S 1P5 
Toronto, Ont. M5M 3B3 
Toronto, Ont. MIW 1L3 
Toronto, Ont. MIW 1L3 
Toronto, Ont. M4W 2A7 
Toronto, Ont. M8X 2T5 
Toronto, Ont. M8X 2T5 
Toronto, Ont. M6R 2W1 
Toronto, Ont. M4P 2A6 
Etobicoke, Ont. M9R 1Z3 
Willowdale, Ont. M2L 2Y 



Mann, Ian 


Mann, Ian 

493 Durie St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6S 3G8 


Mariani, Geoffry 

5 Kevi Lane 

Islington, Ont. 



Marok, Amandeep 

7 Burlington Cr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6H 2L3 


Marshall, Christopher 

429 Russell Hill Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2S4 


Mason, Craig 

23 Glenview Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1P5 


McAdie, Bruce 

104 Golfdale Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2B7 


McClelland, John 

35 Clifton Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2E7 


McDonald, Bradley 

7160 Shallford Rd. 

Malton, Ont. 

L4T 2P7 


McDonald, Darren 

7160 Shallford Rd. 

Malton, Ont. 

L4T 2P7 


McGuigan, Ian 

44 Ridgevalley Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3J6 


McGuigan, William 

44 Ridgevalley Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3J6 


Mcintosh, Ryan 

27 Rosedale Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5W 2P5 


Mcintosh, Ryan 

69 Glengowan Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1G3 


McKillop, Ross 

147 Mildenhall Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 3H4 


McLean, Jason 

Box 225 

Milton, Ont. 

L9T 4N9 


McLorie, Scott 

16 Rosedale Hts. Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1C3 


McMaster, Scott 

529 Russell Hill Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2T2 


Mehra, Victor 

2000 Islington Ave. No. 1 

Weston, Ont. 

M9P 3S7 


Miller, John 

41 Sandringham Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3G4 


Miller, Ian 

108 Roxborough Drive 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1X4 



Miller, Andrew 
Miller, Neil 
Miller, James 
Monaghan, Ryan 
Moore, Jake 
Morden, Matthew 
Morgan, Edward 
Morris, John 
Mudd, Thomas 
Mudd, Tommy 
Mullin, David 
Needham, Richard 
Neelands, Andrew 
Neubauer, Jason 
Newbigging, Michael 
Nichols, Lawrence 

41 Sandringham Drive 
108 Roxborough Drive 
97 George Henry Blvd. 
99 Runnymede Rd. 

29 Ridgevalley Cres. 
85 Willington Blvd. 
14 Forest Glen Cres. 
298 Oriole Pkway. 
314 Glen Rd. 

Grace Oil Corp. No. 320 
83 Indian Road 
6 Warren Rd. 
372 Markham St. 

30 Wellington St. E., No. 
65 Chavender PI. 

51 Lyall Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3G4 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1X4 


Willowdale, Ont. M2J IGl 


Toronto, Ont. 

M6S 2Y4 


Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3J7 


Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 2H8 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2E8 


Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2H5 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2X3 


4545 Post Oak PI., Houst 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6R 2V5 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2R5 


Toronto, Ont. 

M6G 2K9 


Toronto, Ont. 

M5E 1S3 


Woodbridge. Ont. L4L IK4 


Toronto, Ont. 





Nijhawan, Pawan 

84 Clansman Blvd. 

Willowdale, Ont 

. M2H 1X8 


Nobbs, Patrick 

53 St. Andrew's Gds. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2C9 


Nobbs, Patrick 

55 Charles St. E. No.408 

1 Toronto, Ont. 

M4Y 1S9 


Nordin, Christian 

229 St. Leonards Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1K8 


O'Reilly, David 

109 Clifton Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2G3 


Oborne, Patrick 

46 Castlefrank Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2Z6 


Osmak, Andrew 

269 Riverside Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6S 4A8 


Pace, Phillip 

19 Woodlawn Ave. W., 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1G6 


Perk, Roger 

1 1 Rothmere Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1V3 


Peace, Joshua 

22 Chudleigh Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1T2 


Perlitz, Jacob 

28 Edgar Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2A9 


Perren, Max 

91 Walmer Road 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 2X6 


Peters, James 

51 Douglas Dr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2B2 


Petkovich, Geoffrey 

1531 Green Glade 

Mississauga, Oni 

t. L5J IB 


Piller, Christiaan 

69 Alcina Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6G 2E7 


Polak, Alan 

12 Woodvale Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4C 5N5 


Prendergast, Todd 

15 St. Andrews Gdns. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2C9 


Prichard, Hugh 

261 Beechfield Rd. 

Oakville, Ont. 

L6J 5H9 


Pusey, Patrice 

122 Chapel Park Squar 

Agincourt, Ont. 



Pusey, Paul 

122 Chapel Park Squar 

Agincourt, Ont. 



Radford, Gabriel 

113 Highbourne Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2J5 


Radford, Anthony 

113 Highbourne Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2J5 


Rajani, Omar 

203 The Bridle Path 

Don Mills, Ont. 

M3C 2P6 


Rajani, Karim 

203 The Bridle Path 

Don Mills, Ont. 

M3C 2P6 


Rapanos, Angelo 

31 Vancho Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 4Z1 


Rapanos, Ted 

31 Vancho Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 4Z1 


Ravfield, Richard 

67 Rowanwood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 1Y8 


Rea, John 

33 Kingsway Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 2P9 


Reibetans, Timothy 

122 Lascelles Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

MSP 2B4 


Rich, Jake 

91 Post Rd. 

Don Mills, Ont. 

M3B 1J3 


Riches, John 

71 Edgewood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4L 3G8 


Roberts, Kyle 

5 Pine Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4E ILl 


Robins, Nicholas 

57 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1R4 


Robins, Jeremy 

57 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1R4 


Robinson, Angus 

336 Howland Avenue 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 3B9 


Rogers, Matthew 

53 Walmsley Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1X7 


Rogers, Matthew 

4950 Yonge St. No. 508 

Toronto, Ont. 

M2N 6K1 


Rose, Cameron 

19 Parfield Drive 

Willowdale, Ont 

. M2J IC 


Rosen, Mark 

142 Alberlus Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1J7 


Ross, Christopher 

185 Cottingham St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1C4 








Rubinoff, Matthew 
Rudan, Michael 
Ryce, Nigel 
Salming, Anders 
Sankey, Daragh 
Satchu, Feizal 
Satchu, Asif 
Savers, Craig 
Schatzker, Mark 
Schmid, David 
Schroeder, Tom 
Schroeder, Carl 
Seeker, Frank 
Sevier, Theo 
Shaw, Martin 
Shelley, Neil 
Sievenpiper, John 
Sievert, Cameron 
Sievert, Christopher 
Simoncic, Daniel 
Sinclair, Bruce 
Sipelis, Vitas 
Sjogren, Timothy 
Skippon, Richard 
Smit, Julian 
Smith, Alex 
Smith, Gordon 
Staples, Anthony 
Staples, Anthony 
Start, Jason 
Stein, Nigel 
Stein, John 
Stephenson, Andrew 
Stephenson, Douglas 
Sterin, David 
Steuart, Cambell 
Stevenson, James 
Stevenson, Matthew 
Stewart, Geoffrey 
Stewart, Timothy 
Stewart, Timothy 

166 Warren Rd. 
983 Royal York Rd. 
3 St. Andrew's Gdns. 
8 High Park Gdns. 
766 Markham St. 
68 Farnham Ave. 
1 1 Salonica Rd. 
18 Princeton Rd. 
110 Crescent Rd. 
75 Wimbleton Rd. 
71 Raymond Ave. 
71 Raymond Ave. 
425 Walmer Rd. Ste.8 
137 Glengrove Ave. W. 
61 Garfield Ave. 

64 D'Arcy Magee Cr. 
34 Rosedale Rd. 

65 DeVere Gdns. 
65 DeVere Gdns. 
3431 Pinesmoke Cres. 
1427 Beemer Ave. 

36 Ashmount Cres. 
329 St. Clair Ave. E. 
99 Strath Ave. 
90 Walker Ave. 
251 Russell Hill Rd. 
2240 Portway Ave. 
3500 Mountain St. PHB 
34 Tennis Cres. 
291 Evelyn Ave. 
130 Clifton Rd. 
130 Clifton Rd. 
141 Farnham Ave. 
51 Eastbourne Ave. 
34 Bermuda Ave. 
360 Glen Manor Dr. 
68 Salisbury Ave. 
68 Salisbury Ave. 
185 Stibbard Ave. 

28 Heather Road 

Toronto, Ont. M4V 2S5 

Toronto, Ont. M8X 2E8 

Toronto, Ont. M4W 2C9 

Toronto, Ont. M6R 1S9 

Toronto, Ont. M6G 2M5 

Toronto, Ont. M4V 1H4 
Don Mills, Ont. M3C 2L6 

Toronto, Ont. M8X 2E2 

Toronto, Ont. M4W 1T5 
Etobicoke, Ont. M9A 3S4 

Toronto, Ont. M6S 2B1 

Toronto, Ont. M6S 231 

Toronto, Ont. M5P 2X7 

Toronto, Ont. M4R IPl 

Toronto, Ont. M4T 1E8 
West Hill, Ont. MIC 2T5 

Toronto, Ont. M4W P6 

Toronto, Ont. M5M 3E8 

Toronto, Ont. M5M 3E8 
Mississauga, Ont. L4Y 3L 
Mississauga, Ont. L5H 2A 
Etobicoke, Ont. M9R 1C7 

Toronto, Ont. M4T 1P3 

Toronto, Ont. M8X 1R8 

Toronto, Ont. M4V 1G2 

Toronto, Ont. M4V 2T3 
Mississauga, Ont. L5H 3M 
Montreal, Que. H3G 2A6 

Toronto, Ont. M4K 1J3 

Toronto, Ont. M6P 2Z8 

Toronto, Ont. M4T 2G6 

Toronto, Ont. M4T 2G6 

Toronto, Ont. M4V 1H7 

Toronto, Ont. M5P 2G1 

Toronto, Ont. M8Y 2P5 

Toronto, Ont. M4E 2X8 

Toronto, Ont. M4X 1C4 

Toronto, Ont. M4X 1C4 

Toronto, Ont. M4P 2C4 

Toronto, Ont. M4G 3G3 











































Stork, Adam 

21 Austin Terr. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1Y2 


Stren, Scott 

18 Junewood Crescent 

Willowdale, Ont. M2L 2C 


Sturdee, David 

58 DeVere Gdns. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3E9 


Stuigess, Hugh 

68 King George's Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1L9 


Sturgess, Paul 

68 King George's Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1L9 


Suntok, David 

68 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1R5 


Szummer, Michael 

9 Lynwood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1K3 


Taylor, Bruce 

132 Alexandra Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1M2 


Teichman, Andrew 

204 Balmoral Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1J9 


Teichman, Matthew 

204 Balmoral Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1J9 


Teichman, Desmond 

204 Balmoral Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1J9 


Thomas, Jeremy 

110 Sandringham Dr. 

Downsview, Ont. M3H 1L9 


Thompson, Andrew 

139 Hillhurst Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

MSN 1N7 


Thompson, Aaron 

93 Wimbleton Rd. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3S4 


Thompson, James 

93 Wimbleton Rd. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3S4 


Thompson, Mark 

31 Glengrove Ave., W. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1N5 


Thompson, Matthew 

139 Hillhurst Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

MSN 1N7 


Thompson, George 
Thomson, Kevin 
Thomson, Diarmid 
Thomson, Diarmid 
Thornbury, Julian 
Tom, Garvin 
Tomljenovic, David 
Trecieski, Michael 
Tsang, Eric 
Turvey, Mark 
Turvey, Blake 
Turvey, Stephen 
Tuters, Marc 
Tyson, John 
Ugur, Tufan 
Vaillancourt, David 
Vaillancourt, Peter 
Van Loenen, John 
Van Nostrand, Andrew 
Vibe, Daniel 
Vile, Richard 

31 Queen Mary's Dr. 
182 Sherwood Ave. 
22 Mississauga Rd. N. 
64 Wentworth Ave. 
4S67 Credit Pointe Dr. 
IS Woodvale Cres. 
99 Hill Cres. 
59 Douglas Cr. 
48 Gamier Ct. 
45 Glenview Ave. 
45 Glenview Ave. 
45 Glenview Ave. 
72 Woodlawn Ave., W. 
1532 Point-O-Woods Rd. 
642 Adelaide St. W. 
47 Wilgar Rd. 

47 Wilgar Rd. 
30 Playter Blvd. 
99 Walmsley Blvd. 
70 Bonnyview Dr. 

48 Poplar Plains Cres. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1S3 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4P 2A8 


Port Credit, Ont. LSH 2H 


Willowdale, Ont. M2N 1T7 


Mississauga, Ont. LSM 3L 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4C 5N4 


Scarborough, Ont. MIM IJ 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2E6 


Willowdale, Ont. M2M 4C9 


Toronto, Ont. 



Toronto, Ont. 



Toronto, Ont. 



Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1G7 


Mississauga, Ont. L5G 2X 


Toronto, Ont. 

M6J 1A9 


Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1J6 


Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 1J6 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4K 2W2 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1X7 


Toronto, Ont. 

M8Y 3G6 


Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 1E8 



Voermann, Ian 

129 Ridley Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5M 3L8 

Wake, Peter 

6 Neville Park Blvd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4E 3P6 

Walker, Jordan 

19 Park wood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2W9 

Wall, Stephen 

90 Banbury Rd. 

Don Mills, Ont 

M3B 2L3 

Warne, Christopher 

3 Rathnelly Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2M2 

Warne, Gregory 

3 Rathnelly Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2M2 

Warne, Chris & Greg 

24 Gibson Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5R 1T5 

Warren, Christopher 

125 Highbourne Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

MSP 2J5 

Warren, Stuart 

66 Grenview Blvd. N. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X 2K4 

Warren, Jeffrey 

125 Highbourne Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2J5 

Waschuk, Andrew 

230 Keele St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M6P 2K3 

Watchorn, Christopher 

16 Harper Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 2K9 

Wearing, Robert 

23 Strath Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M8X IRl 

West, Robin 

282 Robert St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5S 2K8 

West, Simon 

282 Robert St. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5S 2K8 

White, Darren 

47 Lambeth Rd. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 2Y8 

Wilkinson, Malcolm 

27 Summerhill Gdns. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4T 1B3 

Wilson, Daniel 

271 St. Leonards Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1K9 

Wilson, Charles 

278 Dawlish Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 1J5 

Wilson, Matthew 

271 St. Leonards Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N IK9 

Wood, Jeremie 

200 Brunswick Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5S 2M5 

Woolard, Craig 

193 Snowdon Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2B1 

Woolard, Stuart 

193 Snowdon Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2B1 

Wright, Sam 

17 Parkwood Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4V 2W9 

Wright, Graham 

165 Golfdale Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2C1 

Wright, Christopher 

165 Golfdale Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4N 2CI 

Yamada, Scott 

22 Pinehurst Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3A5 

Yamada, Drew 

22 Pinehurst Cres. 

Islington, Ont. 

M9A 3A5 

Yelle, Scott 

90 Old Mill Rd. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

. M8X 1G8 

Yelle, Christopher 

90 Old Mill Rd. 

Etobicoke, Ont 

. M8X 1G8 

Zerb, Christopher 

9 Whitney Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4W 2A7 

Zeibots, Nikolas 

134 Albertus Ave. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M4R 1J7 

Zeldman, Jonathan 

932A Avenue Rd. 

Toronto, Ont. 

M5P 2K6