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'. Si ~ 

Signs of 




Royal Saint George's College 

120 Howland Avenue 

Toronto, Canada 

M5R 3B5 

Telephone: (416)533-9481 
Fax: (416)533-0028 



Theme Page 

Signs of 

Throughout this past year 
R.S.G.C. has undergone many 
transformations. We have 
endeavoured to remember these 
changes in this year's yearbook. 
The "Sign" theme throughout 
the pages of The Georgian 
expresses not only the 
construction of 1996/1997 but 
also change in general. From a 
new head master to a whole new 
attitude in R.S.G.C, the college 
has taken a new direction 
towards an even brighter future. 
It's not over yet. At present, 
plans are being made for further 
alterations in the coming years; 
and so the stop sign on the back 
cover symbolizes not the end, 
but rather the end of the 

A Brief History of the College 

bnstriiction Perm 

The forming of Saint George's 
College was the inspiration of Mr. 
John Bradley and a group of Anglican 
laymen associated with the Toronto 
Diocesan Choir School, a summer 
school for choirboys. A committee 
was therefore formed and plans 
developed to establish a full-time 
day school with a strong emphasis on 
music. A private Act incorporating 
Saint George's College was passed 

on March 31, 1961 by the 
Ontario Legislature. The 
school admitted its first 
seventy-two pupils in 1964. 
In 1989. Queen Elizabeth 11 
granted the college the right 
to prefix the title "Royal" to 
its name. Royal St. George's 
College bought the site it is 
positioned upon in 1996. 



< $ 






eMac^ PSf 


staff Group Photo pg.5 

Non - Teaching Staff. pg.6 

Teaching Staff. ~ pg.8 

Mr. Hannaford's Report. Pg-13 

^r.Barlow'sReport.....^- pg.l4 

Mr. Pengdiy's Report. pg.l5 

BoardofGovenors/Alumni pg-16 

Guild/Dragon'sLair.^... _ pg. 17 


Basketball pg.76 

Baseball -.~.~ „ 

Lacrosse .^..^.......«....~«.pg.85 

Badminton/Tennis pg.86 

TrackandField/Golf. pg.87 





Senior Bands Pg- 1 1* 

Junior Bands Pg- 1 1 8 

Choirs Pg.l20 

Grades 3-5 Music — pg-122 

Music Concerts and Events Pg- 1 23 

Senior School Music Trips pg>125 

BlowFly Productions „ pg-126 

Capital Campa^ pg. 18 Server's Guild/Film Club. pg.90 

The Students . ^ 

Valedictory Address~»....«...~ - pg-20 

Graduating Class Pg-21 

Alumni Ad vertisment.....™ pg-34 

Prefects .~.~~ ~ pg.35 

Grad Formal . pg.36 

GradTrip -. pg.37 

Stewards/Lifers „..„ „.pg.38 

House Results ~..- Pg-39 

Canterbury^ „ - pg-40 

Westminster ~. pg.42 

Winchester pg.44 

York.....^ » -„»«~. pg.46 

Jr. School Candids.....^ pg.48 

Grade 3» « - pg.50 

Grade4 -.... pg.51 

Grades... » ~.~., — » 

Grade 6 — ..~...„... pg.53 

Grade 7. „.... pg.54 

Grade8 pg.56 

Grade 9 Candids pg.58 

Grade 10 Candids pg.59 

Grade 11 Candids pg.60 

Grade 12 Candids..„ pg.61 




Pottery ...«:1 .3k3.I 


Environmental Club/Go Club pg.94 

Stage Crew/Newspaper Qub pg.95 

Creative Writing Pg'96 

pg.9i Year In Review 

Opening Day/Proflciency pg-128 

NewParentsDay. Pg-128 

|Hi 4 Grad Weekend. pg.l29 

HighPark Run pg. 130 

Oktoberfest/Political Encounters.. pg.l31 

Halloween '% Pg- 132 

Construction..... pg.l34 

Construction Complete pg-135 


House League Ball Hockey pg.l37 

Jr. School Swim Meet.. Pg-138 

Sr.School Swim Meet pg- 139 

House Drama ~..~ pg- 140 

LypSynch - pg.l41 

Norval pg. 142 

Gd.9Trip ™pg.l43 

Gd. lOTrip Pg.l44 

Gd. 1 1 Trip pg. 145 

Gd. 1 2 Trip.- pg. 146 


The Arts 


Teams mmmm mm 

Soccer ....3^....;.... pg.63 

VoUeybaU... pg.68 

Cross Country pg.71 

Hockey Pg-74 





Play — pg.98 

Fihn pg.l03 

Art — .-....- — pg.106 

Candids.. Pg- 109 

Creative l^ijtiqgj.^.^ .^113 

.5, --"» yi^i <l 

e,JC ^ Sussex 

Gd.l3Trip ~ pg.l47 

R.S.G.C.Breakfasts pg. 148 

J;~_^ OAC Drama/Misc - pg.l49 

<J^ Track&FieldDay pg.l50 

Exams/Guild Lunch pg.l5 1 

Athletic Banquet pg- 1 52 

Junior Prize Day pg. 1 54 

Senior Prize Day ~ pg*!^^ 

Advertising — pg.l56 

■ Creati ve Wr iting.. pg-l 62 - 

^ ^ '....>.;/. vvasnmc 







Non-Teaching staff 

Mrs. Barlow: "I wonder how I got this job?" Mr. Bentley: "I specifically said that I did 

not want to be in the yearbook." 

Mr. Bubb: "How' s my hair?" 

Ms. Cartagena: "Mmmm, chicken." 

Ms. D. Comeau: "Anyone want some 

Ms. J. Comeau: "We cook the chicken and 
we dress up for Halloween too." 

Ms.Delaney: "I like chicken, too." Mr.Devereaux: "Sorry, we'reclosed." 

Mrs. Foster: Pemiagrin 







m . 

t 1 


Mr. Hume: "At night, when everyone's gone, I 

Mr. Grant: "Yeuchhh! Another moldy break into the kitchen and 1 eat like a king, I tell Ms. Keresteci: "1 told you never to call 

sandwich." ya-" me here." 

Mr. McGlynn: "I'm melting." 

Ms. Mustard: "Did I do that?" 

Mr. Seddon: REV. 

Mr. Simpson: Wood worker 

Ms. Skinner: "I specifically said 
that 1 did not want to have my Mr. Stephens: "Mmmm, 1 really Mr. Trombley: Rules were meant 

picture in the yearbook!!" lovechicken." to be broken! NO FEAR 


Teaching Staff 

Mr. Ackley: "2 + 2 is 4! 

Dr. Barlow: "Eeexcellllleeent." 

Mr. Birkett: "I know that this is a bad picture, 

but I'm too buussssssy to have another one 


Dr. Bryant "I Hft mine eyes to the Lord from 
whence cometh my aid." 

Mr. Cooper: "I'm not as think as you drunk I 

Mr. D'Arcy:"RedDog! 

Mr. Daleman: "Uh, does anyone know how to turn this 
com-pu-ter on'" 

Mr. Denis: "Blah. blah, blah, Mr. Evans: "Ackley caught me swiping the jelly 

blah." filled." 


Mr. Fowler: "How does it feel to be hunted?" Ms. Grieve: "Ahhhh, the bhss of retirement" Ms. Hall: "I function by intimidation.' 

Mr. Hannaford: "Ughhlihh, pass it over dude.' 

Fr. Hill: "An interesting thing happened to me 
on the subway today, warma hear about it?" 

Mr. Holdsworth: Post-Play syndrome. 

It Me WM M*. Mrs WK 


L-ii w 

Mr. Hutchison: "I am not a crook!" 

Mr. Jamieson: "In the words of Scarlett O'Hara, Mr. Kerr: "Arrrrrggghh, "dem be fightin" words! 
'after all, tomorrow is another day!'" 


^^^^r\ ^V 

•v.. -.•.'■'■■ "'■ ^ 

Mr. Leatch: Thousand Mile Stare. Mr. Lee: "Two terms. One leg. NO raAR. 

Mr. Love: "Careful there, the smile only lasts so 

Mr. Martin: "Not only am I the owner of the Mr. McElroy: "I'd throw you out the window, Mr. McMaster: "Double pit flash. Hit the floor 

condominium, I'm a proud user." but I don't want to ruin the sidewalk." and give me ten." 

Mrs. Miller: ".Shh Don't tell Ackley.' 

Mr. Keenan: "Magical Morphing Man: 

Mr, Nakatsu: "Magical Morphing Man: 





Mr. Muxlow: "Wanna fight about it?" 

Mr. O'Leary: "My hair piece is foohng 

Mr. Orlando: "Come to the slaughter." 

Mr. Paulin: "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 

blah, " 

Mr. Pengelly: "My second daily mid-moming, 
post-brunch snack." 

Ms. Ramez: "Hey, it's a living.' 

Mr. Rankin: "Volcanos, floods, typhoons, 
earthquakes.. .the joys of Mother Nature." 

Mr. Reid: "I'm kind and tender-hearted like.' 

Mr. Sarellas: "You want to be on my team? 
Okay, I'm thinking of a number." 


Mr. Schriener: "rm writing a love letter, what Mr. Siewert: "Spartacus! Go for the kill, here. Dr. Skalinski: "Bevare, za buckpuck bundit!" 

rhymes with meiosis?" here, and here." 

Mr. Thornbury: Seond place is the first loser! Mr. Timm: "Get with the program buddy, what Mr. Van Herk: "What was he on when he wrote 
NO FEAR! are you on drugs? You're unbelievable!" this?" 

Mr. Wade- West: "Hey, I can get you a great deal 
on some black market horns." 

Mrs. Wade-West: "Your piano or mine? 

Mr. Wright: The Quiet Man. 


Head Masters Address - Prize Day 

Members of the Board, honoured 
guests, fellow colleagues, students and 
members of the graduating class; another 
school year has come and gone for the 
distinguished group of young men who we 
have just honoured. Gentlemen, it's the 
reality of your final year of high school. It is 
your final year as students at RSGC and it 
is the beginning of a brand new chapter in 
your hves. 

It has been quite a year. It has 
been a year of construction and fund 
raising, with more to come. We have and 
will continue to address our physical 
needs, in a logical, efficient fashion. The 
junior school will be rebuilt this summer, 
with many further exciting plans to follow 
in subsequent years. The fund raising 
success has been quite staggering - a clear 
tribute to the value the RSGC community 
places on their school. I look forward to 
continued success as more and more people 
leam about and understand the exciting 
future at RSGC. 

But fundraising, bricks and mortar are 
just a small, and quite frankly somewhat 
irrelevant, part of what has happened this year. 
Any attempt to summarize all that has taken 
place would be inappropriate as it is impossible 
to capture all the important aspects of this past 
year. That being said, allow me to be personal 
and simply say , I have loved it ! It has certainly 
been the most challenging, fulfilling and 
rewarding year of my professional life. In fact, 
when I reflect back, in an attempt to capture a 
true understanding, it all becomes quite 

Leading this reality is the fact that 
standing here as your headmaster, soon to be 
principal, is an honour I hope I have not 
underestimated. It is an honour to be here with 
Jack Wright, the founding headmaster of RSGC. 
Dr. Wright, you are a legend, and the quest to 
make you proud of your school is something 
that exists within all of us. Let me assure you. 
the traditions and values you demonstrated in 
founding this school will remain apart of RSGC 

It is an honour to be here as a successor 
to great men. I never knew John Allen, but I 
certainly know John Latimer and I know how 
deeply he feels about this school. I hope he is 

It is an honour to be here representing 
the RSGC staff. They have accepted the 
challenge of working with a new headmaster 
and further to that they have accepted the 
challenge of striving for higher and higher 
academic standards. There are many changes 
being implemented at this school next year and 

undoubtedly there will be further changes 
forthcoming. These changes have been made 
because we have a legacy. The past success 
has presented us with the exciting opportunity 
to move forward to continue building excellence 
and to keep striving for higher and higher 
standards in everything we do. None of this 
would have been possible without the direct 
input of so many caring staff. There have been 
moments of disagreement, anguish, frustration 
and I am sure at time disbelief, but the driving 
force has been the advancement of the college. 
The staff should be proud of their substantial 
accomplishments. We are indeedalucky school. 
Thank you staff. 

It is an honour to be here in the presence 
of many of the alumni, a group who have so 
much respect for the past and history but who 
believe in the excitement of the future. 

Finally the greatest and most important 
honour is to be here in front of the 1997 
graduating class. They will inform you in your 
first headmaster" s course, that when you join a 
school for your first year you should discount 
the graduating class. They don't know you, 
and you don't know them. They won't feel a 
connection and your efforts would be much 
better spent developing a relationship with the 
younger grades. Well, gentlemen, you broke 
with tradition and I am grateful for your effort 
to make me feel a part of your school. And as 
you depart, my wish is that in looking at the 
founding traditions of the college; the influence 
of those such as Dr. Wright and Mr. Latimer; 
the feelings of the Alumni; and the relationships 
you have had with the staff; you will be able to 
say RSGC has had an important impact on your 
life. You are leaving with some powerful 
weapons in your arsenals as you go forth to 

What you have experienced and 
hopefully what you will take with you is a sense 
of commitment. You have seen it with so many 

of your teachers, you have seen it with 
the belief shown in you from your 
parents and 1 hope you realize the 
value of such acommitment. You are 
now going to experience the reality of 
having to make so many constant 
choices. Hopefully, your experience 
here has made it easier for you to make 
these choices. 

In particular I hope you will 
always be aware of two of the greatest 
strengths this school has to offer. 
The first is that there is a legitimate 
lack of pretentiousness; people tend 
to actually respect people no matter 
who they are. and I hope you will 
continue with this tradition. 

Secondly, you are graduating from a 
school where you have learned to accomplish 
more with less. What a wonderful skill; a true 
competitive advantage, something you have 
learned from our staff. 

Finally I say thanks to the graduating 
class and in thanking them I am thanking the 
entire RSGC community; my family, the staff, 
the board, parents, old boys, friends and 
students. Thanks gentlemen for being an 
important part of a school's history; thank you 
for teaching me what a wonderful place RSGC 
is; thanks for showing me what being a 
"Georgian" is all about; and thank you for 
building upon all your successes and making 
us look good. 

We will all be thinking of you, we all 
hope you will stay in touch and so go forth 
knowing our thoughts and prayers are with 

Thank you and God bless. 

Hal Hannaford. 
Message for the Yearbook 

A yearbook is a celebration. It is full of 
memories of a past year, and this particular 
edition will be particularly important as it serves 
as a true reminder of a first year for a new 

A yearbook is also a tribute to the skill 
and determination of so many of our students. 
This year' s editors, Asad Ladha and Ian Roberts, 
with plenty of consulting support from Alex 
Moniz-Brown have accepted a challenge, and 
have produced a superb product. I would like 
to acknowledge the work and effort of Mrs. 
Ruth Hall, our teacher librarian and yearbook 
advisor. Her endless energy, enthusiasm and 
support enabled this project to finish w ith the 
success it has enjoyed. Congratulations Mrs. 
Hall. Asad. Alex, and Ian. Read on and enjoy. 
There is so much to remember. 


Junior School Report 

"There is not a teacher on T 
staff who has not at some time 
been described by parents as the 
best teacher their son has ever 
had, while others have vihfied the 
very same teacher as the worst 
educator experienced by their 

How can this be? Why is 
such a contradiction so common? 

I have often said this to 
parents and usually the statement 
has been greeted with polite 
incredulity. All ofus believe that 
there are good teachers and bad 
ones. The great irony is that it is 
often surprisingly difficult to 

For the most part, parents 
decide on the competence of a 
teacher based on what their child 
tells them, or what they hear other 
children or parents say, or what 
they have experienced on meeting 
that teacher. If you think about 
your response to a given teacher 
and how you came to this 
conclusion, I believe you will find 
that you have based your opinion 
on oral communication, not what 
you have seen take place in the 
classroom. I have yet to 
experience a perfect teacher 
(although some have come close ), 
and I have only rarely come across 
a truly bad teacher (never at 

RSGC, should I avow! ). Since, 
therefore, almost all teachers have 
strengths and weaknesses, it is 
relatively easy for a boy who likes 
a teacher to focus on things the 
teacher does well, or to 
concentrate on the limitations of 
those towards whom he is less 
favorably disposed. 

But the issue is much more 
than like or dislike. There appears 
to be a meeting of teachers' 
personalities and the learning style 
of a given student that can 
facilitate learning or lead to 
resistance. One might argue that 
all teachers should be able to 
adjust their teaching style to match 
the needs of their students and so 
they should, but behind everything 
is the interpersonal chemistry that 
affects the learning atmosphere. 


At one time, I was involved 
in a study that was to pick out 
■■^ excellent teachers, and then to 
analyze ever movement of their 
classes to try to quantify what 
works in a successful teacher. 
The study bogged down at the 
initial selection - we, and the 
schools we were in, could not 
agree on who these excellent 
teachers were. 

There have been teachers 
whom I believe to be quite weak, 
yet there seemed to be some 
children to whom they related 
and whom they helped to learn 
when all other teachers had failed. 
Equally, I have had parents 
severely criticize a teacher yet, 
when I watch him teach, he proves 
to be an outstanding educator 
with carefully crafted lessons, full 
involvement of all pupils, and a 
positive and effective classroom 

I find this psychological 
interaction between teacher and 
student to be fascinating. I ask all 
parents to consider, when they 
are expressing a doubt about the 
competence of a teacher, that they 
may only be describing the lack of 
coherence between their own 
child's personality and that of the 

Andrew Barlow 

Senior School Report 

I The 1996-97 school year was 
filled with visual images . . . images 
that capture the certainty of the 
future! Those snapshots include 
construction; a new Headmaster 
addressing the school in the chapel; 
the Senior soccer team playing on 
the muddy pitch of Hillfield in the 
national championship; satyrs as 
they clopped their way around 
Ketchum Hall in The Trackers of 
Oxyrynchus; the gymnasium 
packed with desks and students for 
examinations; the sight of the library 
volunteers unpacking the books 
for the new stacks; ball hockey; the 
Speakers Union mounting another 
successful Saucer tournament; 
breakfast with the Breakfast Club 
(twice); the jubilation of the U16 
baseball team as IS AA champions; 
the premiere of Countdown - the 
media class's film project; the swirl 
of colour and sound at the Prize 
Day ceremony at St. James 
Cathedral as Dr. Jack Wright, 
founding Headmaster, presented 
the "Lifers" and the Wright medal 
to the recipients. There is a certain 
peace which comes from the sense 
of history inaction: what has gone 
before is valued and treasured yet 
the College continues to chart a 
course of growth into the future. 

My memory is packed by 
impressions of demolition 
"bobcats" as the construction crew 
took out the main entrance to the 
Senior School and started the four 
month parade-of-trades. Water 

(often at the most inconvenient 
times), dust, welding smoke, 
exhaust from masons' saws, roofing 
tar and paint marked the progress 
of the addition. And then, in mid- 
November, the tumult ceased as 
the project ended on time and on 
budget! The construction was a 
clear statement by the College - 
"We are now, and always will be, 
a force in the independent education 
of young men in Toronto"! I give 
my praise to the students for 
accommodating the disruption, to 
the staff for delivering a first-rate 
programme in spite of the tumult, 
to the parents who have contributed 
financially to the success of the 
building programme and to the 
Board of Governors for their strong 
leadership demonstrated by the 
undertaking of the 'project' this 

Prize Day highlighted for me 
the impact of 'the individual' on the - 
future. One hundred and thirty four 
young men were acknowledged for 
their personal successes this year; 
forty seven young men received their 
graduation diplomas; and 70% of the 
grad class was recognized as Ontario 
Scholars for averages of 80% or 
higher. The graduating class 
commissioned a beautiful mural for 
a wall in the new stairwell. Thank 
you for the remarkable testimonial 
to the value that you derived from the 
College! As a class, you contributed 
significantly to the growth of RSGC 
through academics, sports, arts, 
community service and citizenship. 
Prize Day also allowed the College 
to honour two of its staff. Mrs.T-Bu 
Grieve, as she enters her retirement, 
was recognized for her years of 
service as a teacher of art, English 
and French and Mr. Richard Nakatsu, 
as he leaves RSGC for new 
challenges in teaching, was 
acknowledged for his immeasurable 
contributions in the classroom, on 
the volleyball and basketball courts, 
and the daily operations of the 
College. RSGC will miss the 
combined energies of these 47 
graduating students and the two staff 

Finally, I would like to thank 
the yearbook staff and Mrs. Hall for 
their incredible efforts in delivering 
this edition of THE GEORGIAN. 
The hours (even months!) of your 
efforts will capture our memories in 
hard copy. Well done. 

Murray Pengelly 


Royal St.George's College 
Board of Governors 1996/97 

Chairman: Russ Robertson 
Treasurer: Andrew Jones Secretary: Alison Youngman Headmaster: Hal Hannaford 

Mary Beadon 
Carole Cowper-Smith 

Susan Crerar 
The Rev. Tim Elliott 

Derek Hayes 

John Kerr 

Geoffrey McCord 

Bob Rubinoff 

The Very Rev. Douglas 

The Rev. Ann Tottenham 

Wolf von Teichman 

R.S.G.C. Alumni Association 

This photo shows the current head of the Alumni Association Mr. David Gordon 
meeting with the Grade 13 graduating class to discuss their future position with the 
alumni. As well he handed out a booklet that gives students important infoniiation on 
housing and many other important facts about university. The Alumni even provided 
the grads with a copy of the landlord tenant act! 


This year in sports we saw the alumni competing 
with the current Georgians for name and honour. 
There was a challenge made by Jason Taylor( York 
House Captain) to the alumni that if the team ol 
Georgians were to beat the alumni in hockey, then 
the alumni's team captain would have to wear his 
sweaty unwashed hockey shirt. Unfortunately foi 
the whole school the Georgians lost, man did the 
shirt stink. Fortunately the Georgians won on tht 
basketball courts. The Alumni sports day is just ont 
of many examples of what the alumni does for tht 
school and its grads. There is also a firmly estabiishec 
system designed to help new grads as they move oi 
to university. This includes a university adviso 
who is currently going to a given student ' s uni versit; 
after graduating from the school. The alumni i 
now taking a new direction by expanding onto th 
World Wide Web in the hope of broadening thei 
scope. The alumni is also helping with the currer 
plans to expand the Junior School by "investing i 
yourcampaign." Finally, the alumni also organize 
an informative careers day in which previous grad 
come back to the school in order to discuss the 
professions, to give the students ideas of what t 
pursue in university. 

The Guild 

Another year in the hfe of the College has 
passed. As the RSGC Guild winds down its year, I" d like 
to take time to reflect upon and report to you, some of 
the highlights of our 1996-97 term. 

The Guild is the College's parent volunteer 
organization. We planned many social and fundraising 
projects throughout the year hoping to enhance College 
life and create some revenue in the process. Some 
events were purely social and aimed at welcoming new 
parents - New Parent's Reception (September) 
organized with the College; New Mother's Dinner 
(October); and the Confirmation Reception (January). 
The Grade 8 Graduation Tea took place after Junior 
School Prize Giving, this past year on June 10. The 
Guild also provided volunteers to serve as Tour Guilds 
for prospective Junior School parents. Library 
volunteers helped to organize the Birthday Book 
program which raised $4,500 in revenue forthe Library. 
When November arrived, Poinsettia forms were mailed 
out. Poinsettia plants,wreaths and Christmas Trees were 
delivered in early December. Our Guild shop. The 
Dragon's Lair, opened in August with back to school 
items and has been open every school day since. This 
year we carried several new styles of sweatshirts, vests, 
polar fleece blankets, silver cufflinks, money clips and 
crested picture frames, just to name a few of the 
popular items. The Dragon' s Lair was reorganized with 
new storage space and shelving, thanks to the Latner 
family. The Used Uniform shop functions out of adjacent 
space and has benefitted from this, since shop volunteers 

Some of the Guild at the Guild Luncheon 

Mrs. Robinson (Guild President) 

are able to help boys with 
uniform needs every day, rather 
than only a few times a year as 
we did in the past. 

The RSGC Guild has been 
active with Interguild, (an 
organization of all local 
Independant Schools' Parents' 
Groups) . We attended several 
workshops and Suppliers days 
throughout the year. 

At our Annual General 
Meeting we were happy to 
report that the revenue from our 
fund raising efforts would be 
allocated to the College in the 
following ways: 
Bursaries $8,000 

Headmaster's Fund $6,000 
Awards $1,200 

J.R.Latimer Pubhc Speaking, Jr. 
& Sr., Jr. School Music Prizes, 
Jr. Georgian, 
Capital Campaign $25,000 
(Totalling $60,000 in three 

Our last event of the year 
was the Used Textbook Sale, 
held on June 1 1 . This was an 
important source of funds for 
the Guild with 50% of the sales 
going to the Guild and 50% 
going to students' accounts. 

On reflection, it has been a 

successful and energetic year. We thank all 
volunteers who participated and all parents 
who attended events or purchased plants, 
books, uniforms and Dragon' s Lair items. 
Linda Gay lard Robinson. 
Royal St. George' s College Guild 

Royal St. George's College Guild 

President: Linda Robinson 

Past President: Lucia Wing 

1 ST Vice President: Judith Oilman Rubes 

2nd Vice President: Leslie Waters 

Recording Secretary: Dustan Becker 

E.XECUTIVE Social Convenors: BarbMcCord 

and Charlene Enfield 

Jr. School Grade Convenor: Mako Oishi 

Sr. School Grade Convenor: Margie Barr 

Dragon ' s Lair Convenors : Karen Latner and 

Cheryl Hastings 

Used Uniform Shop: Judith Baldry 

UsedTextbookSale: Ariane Heisey 

Poinsettia Sale: Anne Curtin and Jo Tomsett 


Library Convenor: Jocelyn Paul 

Tour Guides Liaison: Gail Brooker 

Life Member Rep: Gillian von Teichman 

Board of Governors Rep.: Carole Cowper- 


Member .AT Large/ VoLLTNTEERs: Minette von 


Member at Large/ May Luncheon: Elspeth 


Right: One of the mothers working behind the counter at the Dragon's Lair. 


Phase Two, Ihe Mayhem Continues... 

WARNING: Investing in your campain may 
cause dramatic renovations at our school, a 
general improvement in productivity, and a 
technological revolution. 


Valedictory Address 

Thank you Mr. Hannaford, Board 
of Directors, staff, families and fellow 

I remember one day, near the end 
of the year, Mrs. Hall was desperately 
trying to assemble all the graduating lifers 
for a photo to put in the year book. When 
we were finally ready to take the picture 
Tim Boyce said something that really 
made an impact on me. He said, and I 
quote, "Ten years boys." A very simple 
and obvious statement, the kind of thing 
you would expect to hear from Tim, but it 
really made me stop and think just how 
long ten years really is. There are students 
currently at St. George's that weren't 
even born when I entered grade four. I 
think you know that you've been here a 
long time when you start talking to the 
younger .students like a grandfather talking 
to his grandchildren. You can say things 
like, "Back in my day there wasn't a 
grade three or a lacrosse team. There 
was no computer lab or 'Royal' before 
St. George's and what's with all these 
fancy portables and labs. Whatever 
happened to a good old classroom with a 
desk for the teacher and a chalkboard at 
the front?" So much can happen in ten 
years and so much did. My time at St. 
George's is full of fond memories and 
good times; unfortunately that's all that' s 
left of my time here. ..memories. But I 
think of myself as one of the lucky ones. 
As I look back at my ten years at R.S.G.C. 
I realize that some years were good. ..and 
others were better. During every single 
one of those ten years there wasn't any 
other school that I would rather have 
gone to. When my parents told me that I 
was going to St. George's College I cried 
like a new-born baby but now I can't 
thank them enough for giving me the 
opportunity to go to this school. So rarely 
do you find something that is perfect for 
you but I found that special something in 

All throughout my time here. I 

always loved to represent my school in 
whatever way I could. It didn't matter 
if it was a sports game, a debating 
tournament or a math competition, I was 
always honoured to say I was from 
Royal St. George's College. Then last 
year I was told I was going to represent 
our school as head prefect. I had heard 
horror stories about the work load and 
responsibility of this position but I 
couldn ' t help but be excited and overjoyed 
to be given this opportunity of a lifetime. 
I knew that this year would be one of the 
most memorable years of my life and it 
truly has been. 

I learned very early in the year 
that this job included an incredible amount 
of stress and pressure. The kind of 
pressure that a single man couldn' t handle 
alone. Luckily, alone was the last thing 
I was this year. So many people helped 
me get through those tough times and 
kept working hard throughout the year 
and I suppose now is the time to thank 
them. I'd like to thank: My family. Mom, 
Dad, Chris and David, for always being 
there with words of support and 
encouragement; all my friends in school 
and classmates for making school more 
fun than it should be, all my friends out of 

school, especially Ashleigh, Kaeli and 
Leigh, for never letting me get down on 
myself and always making sure I was 
still having fun, and last but not least, the 
eleven other prefects for doing such a 
wonderful job this year and making my 
job a whole lot easier. Matt and Drew, 
you guys did an amazing job this year 
organizing and promoting all our social 
functions. Pank, you always made sure 
our ever-so-delicate financial matters 
were always in balance and under 
control. Steve and Tim, a wonderful 
athletic banquet, cross-country run, swim 
meet and track and field day can be 
attributed to your efforts this year. Mike, 
J.T., George and Rob, you guys 
maintained house and school spirit which 
is a much more difficult job than most ol 
us know and finally, Greg and Rob, youi 
prefect duties weren't quite as defined 
as the others but you still contributed in 
every way you could and that 
accomplishment may be greater than all 
the others. The fact is, at the beginning 
of the year, many people thought this' 
year's prefects were too different from 
one another to work well together but b\ 
the end of the year everyone realisec 
that we had become a well-oiled prefeci 
machine that could handle any duty thai 
was thrown at us. 

At the beginning of the year, thi 
prefects were pretty much thrown righ 
into the middle of things. R.S.G.C 
traditionally has the first school dance o 
the year but it seems this year SAC tncc 
to beat us to the punch having thci 
home-coming dance only four week; 
into the school year. Well, not to be ou 
done, we started organizing our schoo 
dance to be held three weeks into tht 
school year. Needless to say, our danci 
was bigger and better (and much mon 
profitable) than anything SAC put oi 
and this made me realize something \ or' 
early in the year. We may goof arouiu 
and procrastinate a little bit but when i 
comes down to the wire, we .somehov 


managed to get the job done. Of course, 
it wasn't just the prefects who organized 
everything. We had help from the entire 
srad class. One of the most amazing 
things this year was how the entire 
graduating class managed to find some 
way to contribute and help out. We had 
A.J. running servers guild and Rob 
dandling the university information. You 
:ould always find Ian, Alex, Asad, John 
ind Brian up in the library working on 
the yearbook. Dak's never-ending quest 
to save the world continued this year as 
rie revitalized the environment club. Jeff 
Enfield and Jake Thompson' s leadership 
in house league was invaluable and you 
:ould always depend on Glenn and Paul 
Wong to sell pop at the school dances. 
It's these contributions, not just by the 
graduating class but by the entire student 
^ody, that help make R.S.G.C. such a 
>pecial school. 

I stand here and look out upon my 
'entire graduating class and I see forty- 
eight friends. I keep thinking to myself 
hat I should be sad to leave you all and 
naybe, once we've all gone on our 
separate ways, I will be sad, but for now, 
I'm not. I've been going to school with 
iome of you for ten years and I've been 
going to school with some of you for only 
eight months but the memories I have 
vvith all of you will last longer than a 
natter of months or years. Those 
Tiemories will last forever. So, how can 
[ be sad when I look at any one of you 
jnd remember all the good times we had 
is a class and as friends? Everyone 
<nows a school is not made by facilities 
ind money. A school is made by the 
seople in it and this school is full of some 
af the finest young men I know. I 
eonsider it an honour to be a member of 
^uch a fine group of men and I know that 
I can puff out my chest and be proud 
when I tell people I am a member of the 
1997 graduating class of Royal St. 
George's College. 

When I talk about all the fine 
people at R.S.G.C. I must include the 
staff. This was my third headmaster in 

10 years and he sure did have some big 
shoes to fill. Mr. Hannaford filled those 
shoes and has become so close with the 
students and this school that it's hard to 
believe that this was only his first year. 
I would like to congratulate him for doing 
such an excellent job this year and, with 
Mr. Hannaford looking after things when 
I leave, I'm confident that St. George's 
will continue to improve and grow. But 
where would we be without all the 
teachers of R.S.G.C. to guide us and 
educate us? I can't begin to speak of all 
the things that these teachers have done 
for me. Through both the junior and the 
senior school, these people have been a 
guiding light for me and they have never 
let me down. They have not only taught 
me math, science, English and history 
but also manners, sportsmanship, 
integrity and character. Here are these 
people that influence us every day and 
prepare us for all the challenges of 
university and life and so often they go 
unrecognized. These teachers have seen 
and helped me grow for over half of my 
life and without their leadership, support 
and encouragement I would not have 
become the person I am today. When 
you get to the end of your high-school 
career and you look back on all the 
things you've done and all the things 
you've accomplished you realize just 
how much of acommitment is put forward 
by your teachers and your advisors. So, 
on behalf of all the students I would like 
to tell the teachers that we are grateful 
for your efforts and we thank you for 
everything you've done for us. 

Staff and students. These two 
groups of people have given me so much 
over the years that there is no way to 
really thank them. They've become 
such a part of my life that I consider 
them part of my family. But now I'm 
leaving my home away from home and 
it's not an easy thing to do. It hurts to 
leave part of your family behind because 
you're also leaving part of yourself 
behind. To have to say good-bye to all of 
these people that have become such a 
part of me doesn't seem fair but, as any 

parent or teacher will tell you, life isn't 
fair. So here we all are, getting pushed 
down the road of life to bigger things at 
university and beyond. Although this is 
a road that must inevitably be traveled, 
that doesn't mean we have to go willingly. 
It's hard for me to understand and accept 
that I will never be a student at R.S.G.C. 
ever again. I will never write another 
test, hand-in another assignment or write 
another essay . I will never spike another 
volleyball, shoot another basketball or 
throw another lacrosse ball. I will never 
sing another hymn, dance another dance 
or attend another class. Perhaps it's 
time I realised just how long "never" 
really is. Well, since we won't be back 
for quite a while, the grad class decided 
to give St. George's something just to 
remind you of our class. So here's our 
little sumpin' sumpin'. We'd like to 
thank Mr. Ian Leventhol for taking on 
this project and this mural will be hung at 
the bottom of the library stairs. A small 
token from all of us to all of you. Well, 
our time is at an end. Grad present has 
been presented, grad prank has been 
pulled off and graduation is finishing. 
For the last ten years, I've woken up in 
early September, put on my pants, 
buttoned up my shirt and done up my tie 
and I've marched down to 120Howland 
Avenue for another year at St. George's 
but next year... I won't. I'll be at a new 
school with new people and new teachers 
and I'll be starting from scratch. But 
I'm not afraid or nervous because I 
know that I've been prepared by the 
best. I know I'll be able to carry on what 
Royal St. George's College taught me 
and succeed at whatever I do. I love this 
school with all my heart but it's time I 
moved aside and gave other people the 
chance to represent this wonderful 
school. So, finally, I ask you one small 
favour. Please don't forget us St. 
George's, because we will never forget 
you. Thank you. 

Graham Wright 
Head Prefect 


Since leaving Bay view Glen, and coming to Royal St. George's 
College, my life has completely turned around. My work habits have 
been better moulded, the friends I have made are awesome - the same 
with the teachers. Especially Mrs. Mustard, Mr. Orlando, Mr. Kerr, Mr. 
Timm, and Mr. Hannaford. Thanks for the best two years of my life ! ! ! 

Sacha Bangay 

North America has drifted 2.5 feet since I came to RSGC, and what a 
ride it's been. Thank-you Mother and Father for supporting and conceiving 
me. Leah who has been great to me ever since the age of 10. El Nino for many 
lunches and fun times. Mr. D'Arcy for hours of support. Thank-you to my 
classmates for all the ethnic jokes and nicknames. I won't forget you - All the 
best. Always remember, the best way to get praise is to die. 
I might spend all my money, but I'll still be alive. - Pete Townshend 
I would have made a good Pope. - Richard Nixon 

The morning sun has yet to climb my hood ornament. - Neil Young 


George Bassel 

My years at St. George's have been saturated with laughter and 
improving knowledge. 1 learned the basics of chemistry in the lab under Dr. 
Ska's watchful eye and on the Quebec trip (Gravol plus Nyquil equals 
WHOOPEE!). In New York I learned the virtue of temperance (the crack-room 
of despair) and the art of self defense, just grab the necklace and pull, (sorry 
Burnett). And you can never say that we weren't exposed to culture, Bernard 
Bieberstein's solo performance in the choir will always hold a special place in 
my heart. 

Nor will I ever forget the Grad trip. Soccer on the beach (he's going to 
kill someone) Burgers at Archie's. Crazy Moon, crazy locals, crazy kids 
(Mentas! Mentas! Cerveza! Cerveza!) 

1 owe a great debt to all the staff but I offer a special thanks to Mr. 
Love who taught me the importance of fair play and for his liberal 
interpretation of the rules of ball-hockey. To Mrs. Miller who has me hooked 
on debating ( what have you released upon the world?) and to Mr, Orlando, a 
fabulous advisor (Bell. Head. Remove) who always managed to prevent a 
swollen head and an inflated ego with a simple A&G question. 

Robert Bell 

Well, this is it. I can't believe we're done, guys! To start, I'd like to thank all the 
teachers here, who have given me areally good foundation to build on. Specifically Dr Skalinski. 
J.^. Mr Schreiner. M P.™lin. Mr Rankin. Mr Keenan. Father Hill. VanHUGE. Big O. JRL. 
Mr. D'Arcy. Mrs Miller, Mr Hann-iford .ind Mr. Holdsworth To Mr Love, I would like lo 
thank you for being such a good fnend for the past five years, and I say to you that the Gianis 
will always be number one, even if they don't win the 'Bowl. To my classmates. 1 wish you 
all the success in the world to: A J (you've punched me in the arm more often than 1 
can count); George (two old women, complaining on the stmip); Andreis (no. not the fiyin' 
dutchman!); Ian (SIMPSONS); Roh Bell (what's up with the Nyquil); Anup,^m (Indian 
Tag-team); Roh livans (too damn sm;u1 for your own gotxl); Mamix (Georgetown recruited me. 
but I turned em down); Paul (Raw IS War!); the HBA crew, with summer days of hiwps and 
free drinks; Digs. QTip. Phife. Muggsy. 

My time at RSGC comes to an end. .ind I would like to thank the entire schiml for 
the fact that I leave with much more than what I when I enrolled five years ago To those 
whom I leave behind, I offer this piece of advice from a certiiin Last Boyscout: "Be prep.ired 
son - that's my motto." "And now, ladies and gentleman , IT'S SHOWTIMI'" 

Pankaj Bhatia 


Ten long years! Wow, how my life has changed, and 1 hope, for that better, 
for every one. Luckily (?) we can all look forward now to a place where we are the 
unknowns. A place where we are at the bottom of the pile, where we are once again the 
trash, just like we were in grade nine. However, we prevailed then, and I am confident 
that we can do so again. 

I guess that 1 should thank my mom for getting me to school every morning, 
well at least most mornings and my brother for helping me out when nineteen was still 
so far away. 

Thanks to all of you who provided me with ten years of memories, and finally 
good luck to next year's class and anyone else who feels that they could use the help. 
"If you can't think of or find a good quote, then just don't use one!" 

- B. V. Bieberstein 
P.S. "The World is Square!" Thanks to Ferdinand v. B. for providing me with at least 
a single constant, in a world where things are forever changing! 

Bernard von Bieberstein 

Brian Birnbaum 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Bro. Thanks staff, especially Ackley. D' Arcy, 
Evans, Hall. Orlando, Fr.Peter, Paulin. Pengelly, Rankin, the good Dr., 
and Muxlow. Thanks prefects (esp. SB - pointless meetings: dexterity 
checks, bags o" cash, . . . next issue?). And the boyz: BW (r+c at the 
movies: "must save family!"), Capt.T (what's up. . . gold stripes?), GLH 
(endless phone calls, chem 96), NW (heads up, watch ya back!), JE 
(uhhh. . . 1 dunno, 1 dunno. . . ), RB ("if I'm going, so are you!" ha), JH 
(the puke party and countless other nights), MS ("dinner's ready, turn 
off the computer") Swaz'96: "did it rain?", sober reunions that never 
were; NY, NY, 45's and dominoes; the tournament team; laX: 
the Wright connection; gr.8: throwing rocks with CW and AP; Montreal: 
J2, Z, B, 140's); "What was the last bid Bob?" 

Tim Boyce 

Six years at RSGC and the best six years of my life; lots of 
laughs, tears, and hurls, but of course the laughs outweigh the rest. 
I love this place and all the people that make it so great. I'd like to 
thank the "ring team": AJM. MV. or "N", DP., WF, the twelve 
monkeys with the ugly ties, and all the grads, fat head, and all the 
oneS thAt stole my heaRt. Ski teAm, lacrosse and all tHe oTher 
tEams I wasN't on. Tuesday nights, uNderdressed dANces in small 
T's, semis and formals. To Mom and my older brother also known 
as Dad, my Sis "Bubs" and all the crazy idiots I'm related to, thanks. 

Stephen Brooks 


My genitalia have enlarged considerably since coming to St. George's and for this I am 
thankful. In seven short years I've become a hardened cynic and proud memberof the elitistclub; 
for this I am also thankful. Of course I couldn't have done it all on my own. Special thanks to Mr. 
D' Arcy who taught me so much (little of which had to do with math ), and to Mr. Orlando and Mr. 
Holdsworth for having so much faith in me. Mr. Latimer and Mr. Hannaford, thanks for bemg such 
good friends. Some memories to laugh at when I'm senile: Plays. 39, Soma, W.C, Grossman's 
andtheRex,Bnn,Kilcoo.G R.A.B.B C.l..Bobontheroad,GyertstheVyert(doyousmellgas'?), 
B'VP, Whistler, Banff, Quebec, DR, South and the Knoll, Banacek, skits with G.K., -30, Price, 
the Lip Sync, The Vanguard and the Calc, my favourite nerds: Drew, Phil and Dave, chats with 
Keenan, Eric, V H , Eve, the Coop, and Mrs. Mustard (I'm still single I - Carpe Diem, C'esi la 
vie. Que sera sera, the Big Picture, noregrets Chuss Noah! Of course life isnothing without fnends 
to laugh with: Greg K - my psychiatrist and best friend, thanks for the times and never fear 1' 11 make 
you a STAR. WillBur- thanks for the films, wine, steak and jazz. We truly operate on the same 
frequency (20Hz?), let' s grow rich together and share our money with noone. Chns- I'll run your 
crooked campaign. Matt- it is right to give our thanks and praise. Andries ( 1 owe you special friend), 
Drewbie, Chapma, Mike,Tim, George, Rob, the Prefects: I love you all. Thanks fortheday comrades. 
As far as we can discern the ultimate purpose of our existence is to kindle a light in the darkness 
of mere being - C. Jung ALL HAIL MOSES... 

Robert Burkett 

Josh Burnett 

This is the beginning of the end of life as we know it on 
spaceship earth hurtUng us towards death while we count the grains 
of sand passing through the hour glass of time. Good bye to St. 
George's. Thank you to family. Rob and the elite, and everyone in 
the county of the blind. Mentasforallof you. Everyone else can get 
in the line up, you have noise! 

"It has been computed that eleven thousand persons have at 
several times suffered death rather than submit to break their eggs at 
the smaller end." -Jonathan Swift 

Will Burton 

It's the end of the year, and high school is done for the rest of my 
life. [ don't know whethertodobe happy or sad. but still. I'm looking forward 
to the years ahead. For the most part R.S.G.C. has been a great experience 
for me. with many fond memories; friends I'll never forget, parties that I did 
forget, along with joys and fears to last a life time. Shouts to: my Mum and 
Dad. Miranda. Mike. Matt. Jen. Sarah. Wrangler, Yoda. h'ra/. Chris. Lauren. 
Hershey. Nicole. Pat. Sandra. Ken. Brian. Bart. Aimira. Mark. Marion. Mares. 
Dave, Greg. Matt. Josh. Denise. Rob, P.K.. Julie, F. Peter. JiMiathan. Derrick. 
Head. Zoe, Nick. Jay and everyone else. So. keep jumpin' and Clubin'. 
. ..a! ways hut remember "It's betterto burn out than fade away" -Neil Young. 

D'Arcy Chandler 


I want to thank all the people who helped me along the way. The good times 
don't die. Thanks: Mom and Dad foreverythmg you've done. You listened to me even 
when 1 didn't deserve it. Cat, Bernard and Bo for stickin by me. Lisa, 'cause you're so 
cool. My friend, Mr Latimer. Vanessa for making me grow up. Jake, 'cause he's a 
superstar. Matt and Greg for the times out west. Paul and Dave, good coffee, good 
sessions and good conversation. 

1 loved it all: hacking for hours, parties, kickin back. Fin du Monde and the 
casino, cartoon trivia with Dave, the Rooster with Paul, working for the money, the 
Price is Right, the Dommican, New York, Victoria and Laguna with Bo, school plays 
and the faith of Mr. H, being young. Elk outside and 36 hours in a room, daily snooker, 
Stratford, expulsion, having fun. Dale, soap opera lives, pop culture and the media, 
Soylent people and Charlton, life and times, teenage angst, damning the Man, hanging 
out in South Central, losing sleep, bad grades, the South Sea, posing with statues, living 
large and selling high. ..Thanks RSGC... 'cause the movie just keeps on rolling. 

Geoff Chapman 

It's been a Jeah ride through and through and Td hke to 
thank everybody who got up for the down stroke with a mighty 
strain. You're all a chip off the old AL block in my book. Here' s to 
Felix, Nakoksonic, SC and the CB, Scoogog and all the jamming. 
Also to the trippers and weekend warriors for the adventures. To 
my parents and my brother who support, push me and advise me, 
you're the jeahest. Thanks to the school for all the fun, happy trails 
and don't let the turkeys bring you down. 
"Don't be denied" Neil Young. 

"To (the best) Laslow Toth in his correspondence with 

Torsal Boy" 

Derrick deKerckhove 

It all started with the dinosaurs .. . Then came wo/man ... Let 
there be light, and there was light! Then came head lights. And 
then came SCoLG, which evolved from the bones of mankind! I 
love my Toyota..., and why shouldn't I'? HB (x2) on agrassy knoll 
in Muskoka! Cabin Ufe is GREAT! OLP, KTB, CC. CLAM HSHER\N TRAIL) 
= -(GASTANK) RSGC: It was a great year! Thanks to all my 
teachers. Thanks Mom & Dad, O & O! and Robert. I learned to 
count in a special way at RSGC "I ....2,4 please!" Shout out loud 
and all my friends at RSGC and LP" Semi. . . What a picture ! IJust 
Went Down to Get a Chicken . . . (see B.C.@L.P.yrbk) 

John Dyer 

I've spent three great years at St. George's and in those years, the school 
has given me a great deal. 1 thank my parents, most of all, for giving me the 
opportunity to be a part of the school. I feel that all of my teachers have given 
me something special but there are a few who have made an incredible impact on 
me. I'd like to thank Dr. Skalinski. Mr. Schreiner, Mr. Orlando and, most of all, 
Mr. D'Arcy for always motivating me and sparking interest. 

Of coarse, there are several people and memories which will never be 
forgotten. First there is my amazing girlfriend, Katherine, who was always there 
for me, and will always be the best. There was also outdoor ball hockey at its best, 
the search for a win in lacrosse and feeling the pain while running cross country. I 
can't forget Price Is Right and the perfect dice game, singing away in Kilcoo, the 
two live Pearl Jam songs, Mr. Keenan in Banff and George taking all the credit in 
the comp-sci days. 1 mustn't forget to mention the Swaziland boys and the good 
times we had. 

I wish the graduating class all the and thank them for everything. 

Jeff Enfield 


Seven years, I can't believe it's all over. 'What a long strange 
trip it's been. 'I'd like to thank my family for their unconditional love 
and support, as well as my friends who have made these years what 
they've been. ...SO BLATANT. Special thanks to: Rustman, Fatty, 
Scrotes, Barnyards, Wayne, and Tony Rage. P.King and Jughead: 
Come and Say Hello -> Evil Water. Thanks Gin, U R the real Star. 
Here's to the beverage formally known as Diesel, Dana, and the 
whole JJ's crew. I love you all and I'll sure miss ya, 'but as the sun 
sets slowly in the west, I bid you a fine farewell. 

David Engle 

The memories I have are the people I' ve met, the friends I" ve made and that' s 
how I'll hold on to the last great four years here at RSGC. Sarah, the champ, the best, 
someone to drop by on: Hi, the money; Hey everybody I beat Death at cards (More 
than once); Lisa, Geoff, Camila & Bernard, So much to say. So 1 won't, it was fun; 
Matt Greg & Rob, good council in life, Lopez, Crack Baby; Linna; Matt; Pankaj; 
Mel G; Drew & Mike; AJ; Oklahoma, Our Town, R&G. Trackers; Rebecca; yeah! 
whatever!; The rest of the Guys at RSGC (JAM. WB, Jtx2, GW, NW, TB, JE, SB); 
BH (Everyone); SCS (Everyone, A ,HR. JB, LB); SMLS (Euchre! Ragpole! Da 
Himalayas! Chubba! DR); Havergal (VO, AliMac(name?)); HS & ST; VC & JM; 
M-S(french-fry ); DM (for expenence); Dr.S; Fr.H; Mr.:Lx2, Dx2, P, Hx2, Kx2. N, 
O, VH,S; Mrs. Mx2; The lessons I've learned in life are more than anyone could hope 
for; Family (GPx2, Gmx2, E, Z. O); Maggie, my sis, my bud(her friends too);especially 
my parent, for their patience love and support. I learned to see order in our random 
lives, learned to trust and not trust, learned respect, learned to be passive, learned 
to be active, learned to relax(if not very much), learned when and when not to hold 
all the strings, learned to use time, learned to live. 

Robert Evans 

First and foremost I'd like to thank my mom for supporting me in 
every way. Also, thanks to my brother, Geoff. Thanks to the school for a 
tremendous 10 years, and all the boys who made it even better - from the 
Munchkins to the 3 B's, Toby, M.V., all the crew from 9 and 10. too many 
to name. Also, thanks to the out-of-school friends that helped me along 
the way - Chicone, Dickey and the boys. Jamie. Christie + all the posse. I 
remember each of you in all my memories: Chorley and 'the works". Farm 
parties. Chapman benders, all the dances, semis and formals. Muskoka, 
May 24. Colling wood etc, etc, etc. I only hope the next chapter of my life 
can compare. 
"I ain" t gonna lie, I came for the pie. ..and mminmm was it good. Thank you." 

John Golding 

Rusty says: "Qui es el macho'? 
Weared***s*** '97!" 

Justin Hartwell esq. 

.and he's still there. 


Somefing wrong up here ! Here are the Characlers in which immortilization is necessary 
- Galoot and the Karouts, Fred and the Kuehns. Ria, Junior, Matt - oh Guy ! Old school. Skating. 
Metallica, Floyd, the parties, the tnps, the Boarding, the madness - and it ain't even begun. Robba 
-sorry about the picture friend, you' re the best, together we will rule the world. G n' R tech service ! 
Fear Robes and the reign of terror ! See you in B ,C. you felcher. CHAPPIE! -the love square, hvin' 
the soap opera! I' 11 truss your ashtray basement, but your little "adventures" will continue. To all 
the Staff, and directors, you know who you are - you gave me more than any money could buy. The 
Taylor Statten Camps for its donations ( Kingsley , Candy. Phin. Claire, etc ) Stan, if that is your 
real name. Drew you're a madman, we'll meet again. Mike - to the lake! 0,K,L.A...seeyouin 
.\ntigua. Paul - thanks There will only be one jam. THINGS -Tripping. Jamitiing. Felix, Holden 
the stage in its entirety, 39, raves, cheesy Rosedale parties, hurtin' Etobicoke nights. Subway 
adventures. Evil Water, The PATH, the Chapel, Thompson! Big scam! It's a cult! Yo MaMa! 
Vicious punk! Oi! History crams at Andreas', Eric! Ska! Dr. K., South, Grossmans, The Rex. 
Wongs. Bowling. Thanks to the wedges, the elitists, the cynics, the jocks, the prefects, all Mexicans, 
the fat kids, the phonies, the crackbabies. the sheep, not to mention the Feddies and Virginia Greer. 
Oh yeah, thanks to sarcasm. TOBIAS MILROSE SPACE HUMAN ! To all those who made me 
laugh I love you. DEEP - It is right to give thanks, never regret, live for your passions, and always 
relish this short, yet strange life. Truth, trust, purity. 

Greg Karout 

I would just like to mention a few of the people, places, and things that 
have made these past 7 & 1/2 years of my life truly blotto. Jughead, ChappioBone, 
Matty-Dread, the immortal Dave & his incredible vanishing parents. Rusty, Feta, 
my family (mom and pops. Matt and Andy), Brian, John G, Wolfman. McKillop, 
Adam, Watsaholic, Drew, Mike, in fact all the grads, the story of Guthrie Prentice, 
big Red, Shreinfeld, and all the rest of my teachers, come and say hello>e vil water, 
summer camp, beer, barbecues, the grateful dead, Dom, powdered water, the rooster, 
the cup, 1942, most school events (damn the swim meet), all the ntualistic parties 
(Drew's Chappie's. Steve's), Gridlock, acid rain, acid warp, ramblings, and finally 
cheers to last minute work, for if not for that this quote could never have been 

In conlusion: "We're getting housed here, man, I think it's time to call in 

Paul King 

I have spent two eventful and memorable years in R.S.G.C. I 
have learned a lot from the school and it is time to say farewell. I will 
remember and miss everything, every single event and every single 
person that 1 have met in these two years. I would like to take this 
opportunity to thank all the teachers who gave me a very fine education. 
Special thanks to Dr. Skalinski, Mr. D' Arcy, Mr. Schreiner, Mr. Van Herk, 
Mr. Rankin, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Orlando, Mr. Pengelly and Mr. Love. Besides 
teachers, there are so many friends to whom I want to express my 
acknowledgments. Henri, Dennis, Michael, Robert and Ali, I really learned 
tons of things from you. Finally, I have to thank my parents and, certainly, 
R.S.G.C, for providing such a nice environment to make me feel so 
comfortable for my first two years spent in Canada. 

Eric Yau Kan Kung 

Well, it's finally over; four years later, after countless hours of work 
for the good doctor and D' Arcy, after a hundred dances, four school trips 
( New York Rocked ), a hundred practices, and soo much more. Well I' d like 
to thank Pho and Dyer for all those late nites of cramming, to my folks who 
always supported me. and to Pegman (bumaclut) who made it so much more 

Well, this is the end of the beginning - Onward and Upward - to 
bigger and better things - if that's possible. RSGC has provided three 
invaluable years - none of which I will ever forget. 

Asad Ladha 


It has been a great 5 years at RSGC. So many memories and so many 
people 2 thank. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Pee Wee, and the rest of my family 
for all your love and support. Thanks to the staff especially Mr.P, Mr.Love, 
Mr.D" Arcy , Dr.Ska. Thanx 2 the grads and all the friends 1" ve made at RSGC 
for making these 5 yrs great ones. Never will forget -Trips: Ottawa, Quebec, 
Bolton, N.Y., Washington, Kilcoo, soccer tourneys-missing the bus! Ball 
hockey with Love. AllourpartiesD.R. , "The Grog", "Gone by ten", Stoggies 
are bad. 151 solves everything. LOW-MING house of furs! Cops and 
Oakville don't mix "For the 7th time sir, my name is Glenn" IN the country 
of the blind the one-eyed man is king. Remember Loop holes are 
everywhere, you just hafta find 'um. Candy Candy Candy. Coins are better 
than bills! Tim, Jeff, N64, 24h. Oneday I'Ubeat you in foozeball George. 
Western in 45. 

Glenn ("the Grog" "Gren" "Lou-Ming") Lou-Hing 

I came to St. George' s in grade 1 1 . Coming from one school to another 
is usually hard for a kid, but with the help of a few new friends, as well as a 
very close old friend, Mike Vitorovich (bebica), the transition was far from 
hard. My three years at R.S.G.C. were the best of my life. 1 met some of the 
people who are now my closest, best friends - my brothers. Steve Brooks 
(hey Ace! ), Wade Fox (you're p-h-a-t!), and Drew Pearson ( !werD si diputs). 
A special thanks to my parents, who have always been supportive of me, no 
matter what the situation. To all the people in Antigua, (Wha ya say?) Nikki, 
take careof my car or I'll come and hunt you down!! To all the teachers who 
have helped me through my few years here, thank you so much. A special 
shout to Mrs. Mustard, Mr. Pengelly, Mr. Nakatsu (Sensai /NAK), and Mr. 
Love. Remember, as someone once said, "To dream of the person you want 
to be, is to waste the person you are." MVDPSBWF. 

A.J. Mabro 

"There they stood, ranged along the hill-sides, met 

To view the last of me, a living frame 

For one more picture! in a sheet of flame 
I saw them and I knew them all. And yet 
Dauntless the slug-horn to my lips I set. 

And blew. 'Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came. '" 

A fond adieu to our teary-eyed princess; 
May your beauty always serve you well. 

Chris Martin 

It's been an interesting seven years at R.S G.C. The last five years of high 
school have been a hell of a ride. People I'd like to thank for being there: Ka-TeT- 
Dave, Rusty, O'Dang, Barnyards. Spanks. Mike V . Drew, Andnes.Tim B., Bnan 
B., Bell, Adam P , Jake, Watsa. All the guy's from bills. Jeremy E . Suchadolski, 
Frankie. Wade, John D., Kirther, J.P. . Places/Events I'd like to remember: Drew"s 
farm parties. Chappie parties. Rusty parties, Mike's place (Pringles, Coke, Qui-esl- 
ce!), John Dawe's-SummerofGradel(),The F'ire Pit, Rosedale, Second Cup, J.J. 's- 
Dana-Diesel, Bills-Eglinglon park. Rustics, 147 Mildenhall Rd . Wed. night 
Grossman's. Antigua X .1- tequila and Red Stnpe.GradTnp-D.R -Aids in Haiti '17- 
Now I'm on vacation! A special thanks to Mom. Dad. and Ross To the person who 
was with me then, and will be with me always. Thank you. high school wouldn't have 
been as fun without you. "All that is now. All that is gone. All that's to come, and 
everything under the sun is tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon." - Roger Waters. 
"Say you want to be a rolling stone, get your sail out in the wind. Get out on the 
highway and let her roll along, roll on back to someplace you ain't never been."- 

Dickey Belts always Give Thanks and Praises, have fun, and never take anything 

too seriously. 

Josh McKillop 


It's over, and unfortunately I can not sum up my last 6 years 
at R.S.G.C. I would like to thank the staff for their support as well 
as my friends, you know who you are. Without the following people 
in my life I do not know where I would be; Mom, Dad, Shaq and 
Bobaeto, you have given me strength over the years. Kirby and 
Mommy, thanks for the good times that I'll never forget. Bee, you 
have made this last year the one that I will always remember. 
However, it's all over and I must say bye bye. So well, bye bye, and 
what not. JAM. 

"Death doesn't kill people, boredom kills people" - Iggy Pop. 

"Too fast to live, too young to die" - Johnny Lydon. 

Andries Mellema 

Over the years that I have been at the school there have been faces 
that have come and gone, but there are people who have been here all along. 
I would like to thank Mr. Love and Mr. Pengelly for their support over the 
years. I would also like to thank all my teachers for their support and 
motivation, including Mr. Keenan, Dr. Skalinski, and Mr. D' Arcy. As for 
theyearbook I have been through just about all of it from Mr. Raid to Mrs. 
Hall and all the rest. Remember my influence and keep those picture fdes for 
all the grads next year. To everybody who went on the grad trip have a 
banana mama on me. Oh ! and by the way I really did have fun and hopefully 
I still will at the events that are left to come, including my first dance at St. 
Mildred's on Friday the 4th. Well this is me signing off for now so don't 
let me be forgotten in Scotland maybe even keep in touch via the school 

Alexander Moniz Brown 

10 years. Thanks and praise to Mom, Dad, Jen, Alice, Greg, Angus, 
Rob, Ky la, Claire, Mike, Drew, his farm, Eric Timm, J.R. Latimer, Chappy , his 
basement, Jenny Laws and all the others for fun and guidance. Drink beer, 
play football. Rock hard Van Halen. Backsheesh and... New York dominoes 
and Brick in Bolton. Aids in Haiti '97 menta, menta ! Eat it suckers, we missed 
the bus. KY. Taxi permits, and a blues institution. Sheya muthas. yo mama 
with a hambone in my pickup like the fresh produce Blowfly productions 
dahm. Use the force. I'll miss you all. 

It is better to regret something you have done than to regret not 
doing it. 

Matthew Morden 


Mom, Dad, Blaine, Tory and Jo. What can I say? I grew with you all and if it 
wasn't for all of you I might not be writing this. 1 would also like to thank Mike C'Qu'est- 
ceque tuala!") for over a decade of dealing with me. Also Josh, AJ, Steve and Wade 
I would like to thank for helping me develop in ways 1 could never have without you 
guys. To all the teachers 1 would like to thank for if it weren't for you I: a) wouldn't 
be alive to write this, and b) couldn't write this. Finally 1 would like to thank Jo, you 
are a great lover and a great friend and 1 will always remember what we shared. In the 
end every person 1 have met I have gained from, sometimes for the worst but as I look 
back it all turned for the best. As I move on to greener pastures I will always remember 
where 1 took my first steps as a man. 
"Gerald Murphy got it wrong. Living twice, maybe three times is the best revenge." - 

Solomon Gursky 
" Live like a tree, tall and strong. But always remember the forest" - From the Berlin 

■ Oh lord. Please don't let me f*** up" - Astronaut's creed 

Drew Pearson 

It is hard to believe that it is Graduation time already. It seems like 
only yesterday, that 1 was a grade 9 student, not knowing anybody. Five 
years have sure passed quickly, and it is time to leave already. Thanks to 
the teachers and fellow students who have made the past five years seem 
to fly by. 

Christopher Petrie 

I have traveled to far places throughout this rewarding 5 year journey. I have 
experienced various treasures and hardships through my "trek" through this desert. As I walk 
along this sandy beach, the words "I hated him, I killed him" plague my mind. Knowing that I 
was nicknamed "PsyPho") and various other nicknames Phoster. Pheobe). it can be said that 
I have seen various things. A vision appears to me and I see Dr.S's different yet entertaining 
chem classes will always be with me. no matter where I am. Also. I must remember the various 
conflicts that came across my journey with Mr. D'Arcy, It can be said that we had our differences 
and conflicts in the past; however in the end, everything seemed to work out fine. More thanks 
must be given to all the various teachers that have helped me survive this never-ending desert 
As I close my eyes for the very last time, I feel that I will die forever in this heal. However before 
I die. I see a white-boy gallaping on a horse towards me. I scream the slang "F**K you honkie ' 
and he quickly gallops away in fear of me. With my last k>ok at the sky and the sun. I see the 
MOTHASHIP hovering over me, 1 am beamed up and I see aliens surrounding me. "I am not aji 
alien" I cry out loudly. Now. I will never forget these recent moments that have just occured. 
Lastly. I must give lots of thanks to all my friends here and say that I could not have made this 
great trek possible. 

Brian Pho 

9 years later and I got to sum it all up in this paragraph: The Fellas: Rustafari. 
Josh. Drew, Angus(2..S). Wat.saholic, Jeremyidon'l forget the little people), Roger, 
Feta, MikeV., Rafael, Wilhfeshin •n'66ers), Wade(boyl, Henry. Greg, Matt, Paul, 
Brian, John, DaveM., DaveS., Jamie B.. and my second brother Gavin The LiJies: Mara, 
Vanessatmy shnnk and fellow babe spotter), Liz, Andrea, Jo, Franc, Adrienne, Georgia, 
Sarah, Laura, Tara, Memories: The Pit, Brickworks, litres of moonshine. South Central. 
FJana and JJ's, Saturday D's, Rusty benders and the front porch. Franc's back porch, 
r:)rew's farm party, Antigua, Brooks, Chappie's, Dominican Republic. All special in 
their own way. Dad and Julie; thanx for the encouragement and support Aunt Sue; the 
coolest chick around. Phil; Ihanx for everything but especially for keeping me in line. 
Mom; thanx for not killing me, and sorry about the gray hair. Jordan; no help at school 
but you're great to party with. It's been a blast, but now it's part of my past. See ya 
around the way! " Don'l let them fool ya. Don't let them school ya" -Bob 


Adam Powadiuk 


The R.S.G.C. expenence is an opportunit>' that few on this planet will come close 
to receiving and it should not be taken for granted. So long to all the grads w herever you end 
up. Never let the big lions of life scare you. Thanks to all of the teachers, especially Mr. 
McElroy. Mr. Keenan, Mr D'Arcy, Mr. Timm. Fr. Hill, and Mr. Love. TTianks to my 
supportive parents who let me choose be tv^eenT.F.S. and S.G.C. and stared blankly at math 
problems with me. Also thanks to all the weirdos I've met on the subway for making me 
realize Tm alright. For the record: 1 think the goal post moved in front of me and Bell's 
computer stories replaced my necessity for coffee to wake up in the mornings. Stan's Mr. 
T cereal. Slapsies with Bell on the subway . The elusive Innuendo w ho kept going around 
.Apache Burger and who couldn't find his sleeping bag one cold morning. I didn't realize I 
was in the front seat at the comedy club. "Homcide. That' s another word formurderSkippy." 
Igetconfused easily. The coin DOESN'T know! GoodLuck to next year'syearbook crew, 
you're going to need it. Hmmm...cake Byeeeee.... 

'Twenty -one I The Chiefs vote makes it twenty -one! And by God if that 
ain't a majority I'll eat my hat!" - Patrick Randle McMurphy 

"'Well, that's the way the cookie bounces..." - G.T. 

Ian Roberts 

Well, it's finally over. Ten years. "Oh my God. that's the funky s**** " If 

I learned one thing at St. G.'s. it's definitely "you miss 100% of the shots you don't 
take. No Fear." and that "?**** ain't s*** but 1*** and c****." - [Funk Doobiest]. 
I'd like to thank the homeboyz: the TSC posse: Mark Miller (the "get out" scandal). 
Hernandez. Juho. Lopez I me ). Hector. PKing. Lamaque ( the legend h ves on ). Tim, Bell. 
RRRaouuuul, Meeka. Austin, RRRebecca, MJ, Claire, Lauren, Kelsey, Kingsley (I'm 
innocent), and the French Connection. Da St. G.'s posse: Adam, Crusty, Watsaholic, 
Feeeeeehtaaaaah (thanx), Jer, Rafe, Willber, Enfield, Dak (sucka-foo). Werd. Grog. 
Waisberg, Vit. and all you other suckas. And Ali, I love you. man. The profs: D'Arcy, 

II Duce, Love. Ven Herk. Hal - thanks guss for putting up with me. I will always remember 
the times here: Junior School swimming, all those fun exams. Drew' s Farm, the infamous 
Rusty parties, the Price is Right, chillin' in Washington. Vanilla Ice and Maestro. "Get 
out" Watergate. ...and all that jazz. "Lately it's occured to me, what a long strange trip 
it's been." - the Grateful Dead. "Never been dumped cause I'm the most mackinest. 
Never been jumped cause I'm known most packinest." - the Beastie Boys. "How can 
you have your pudding if you don't eat your meat " - Pink Floyd. "...And the water is 
very hard to drink." - Silverchair 

Angus Robinson 

The three years that I have been at RSGC have been a large part of 
my life. From my first class with Mr. Orlando to the last with Mr. D' Arcy. 
I would like to thank all the teachers for their support and help in prepanng 
me for University especially. Mr. Love andMr. Pengelly ( for everything that 
they have done for me throughout the years at RSGC ) Mr. D' Arcy. ( for those 
interesting calc classes) Mr. Holdsworth. (for those weird but yet funny 
jokes) Mr. Timm, (for those interesting classes.) Mrs. Mustard (thanx for 
everything) and Mrs. Miller (thanx for everything) My memories from 
RSGC w ere the trip to New York City and the trip to Washington D.C. Those 
were the good old days. I would also like to thank my parents for giving me 
this opportunity to come to RSGC. I thank both of my parents, they are 
absolutely the greatest parents and friends that I have. I also want to wish 
all my fnends good luck with their future plans; AL. CP. AB. BP. AS. AM, 
AP. RS. JD. IR and the list goes on. Finally I w ant to wish the next generation 
good luck. 

Soren Shamsian 

After 12 (not 13, suckers) long years of school, it's a relief to finally be done. 
Special thanks to Anupam for putting up with me for the past couple years, ranging 
from the days when I spill coffee on him at JJ' s or the days when I continuously manage 
to tick him off. Another special thanks to Dana, whose "Diesel" made me sick, and 
to BIG O, for constantly ndiculing me. and to Stan, who never stopped supplying Q. 
Lui with his favorite literature. It' s been nice getting to know you all. wishing you could 
say the same about me. Another very special thanks to my mom. whose food is good. 
Another thanks to my dad. for instilling the Kurdish nationalistic fervor that makes 
me the man that I am... Ok. I'm done. Bye-bye cruel world. 

Ali Tawfik-Shukor 


Onawa. Qubec (Princess). Bolton (J.R.L. & Toby), New York (Busted). 
Wa.shington. Stanslead Champs (brow). Ottawa (cracker's & semi's). Hamilton 
(silver). Montreal "morning blues". California Love x2 (coa,sts and convertibles). 
Florida. Venez 30e Polar. Columbia "Thanks John." Dominican (Beach Soccer). 
Noah's farm party "It looked like a stream!". Tremblant "Hallways". Caribou. 
Sauveur "Bourbon". 'Track bums". Lacrosse beatings 3W's. Niner liner "donut 
heist". CNE gold, semis and popcorn, crawls, football in Rosedale park. Caledon 
torture. Formals. Montreal "cab ride". "I'm a coke drinker Sir!". May 24 at 
Toby's "cliff jumping", stream boarding. Train ride to Tremblant, U Vic. 
"Rhythm of love ". Adirondacks, the beating, Hwkey "Life is 19 .seconds too 
long". Blue and Silver. York Domination, CP Digging. "The Cheese Heist". 
Rosedale Diner, Pachter's, Wade's leaving party "I'll pay you for that one", 
kildooning at Kilcoo, Dorset Polar Bearing, off roading in Chorley "A. P. we were 
lucky for that one", "Did the dye leak into your brain?". Hip concert, YJ'ing, "I 
finally got the belt!", Timmins (fetching looers). Tree climbing at Blackeney. lip 
synch (Boombastic). Wade's fishs. J. A.. Debating. "It is great to debate". Sugar 
pie, initiation "Where hell am H", U of T - JD. Bell's Queen's visit (tried the 
century). Booked in Vega.s (I went back and won!). Shinny. JJ's & Dana. 
"Havergal Raid". 'Terrible Threesome!" Thanks Mom and Dad and Julie I love 
you. all my incredible friends, JK. JRL. MP. and RSGC! 

Jason Taylor 

Thanks to my family for all of your love and support. Thanks to: 
Mac, see you at the Swan, Soph, "you are cool beyond repair", and to Toad, 
Sue and all of the other lovely honeys in my life. To all the boys at RSGC 
thanks for the memories and all that jazz. To Holdsworth, big O, Timm, and 
my other teachers thanks for passing me. Big thanks to all the wondeiful 
people at Labatts, Molson. Upper Canada and all the other beer makers. JJ 
mugs thanks fordiesel and of course Dana. Memories: Quebec(the Princess) 
NY(Static/40oz), Halifax( stocking Sloan), Montreal (Le fin de la monde), 
Tremblant (the boys, the brew, the burger )DR ("we love you for free"/ 
Wanda.) Ball hockey (Cant will always rule!). "Ce n'est pas bon ca" 

"1 gotta get drunk" - W. Nelson 

"I know I said I had a good time. But now I'm sprawled across the finish 
line" - A. Scott. 

Jake Thompson 

Howard Tsung 

So much to say, so little space. Hvala Mom, Dad, Sis+Bro; and all family 
around the globe. 5 yrs of Antigua (Hey Wha ya say Daddy!), Chappy Parties, 
Chorley, Fire Pit, Long-distance loves (PS/CW), true loves (EB). Drew's Fann (Ah 
he's Naked!), etc. and the odd bit of work. 4 the Staff: Thanx Ska. M. Paulin, RH, 
and Miller for making me realize my passions. 4 the ladies: Merci to CM, Bee, Soph, 
Van. Nix, Frankie, Lex. etc. (UR all the best ever). 4 AWL Pabs 
(HTTMTHRNMOMOMSOJKOP). Odie. Sherry. Blackie, Joey, Tony. etc. (Da 
f**** ayu!). 4 the buds: AJMDPSBWF! AJ- (CAJLPJOTSE) Bebica.New Year's 
parties. Jolly Roger, and on and on. Drew- 12 years and still goin'(F4E), WF- We 
miss ya!(99 1 LSX ). Johnny G (and the jokes just keep on comin' ). SB( I' m Batman). 
Dre(2tone shoes+whal notj.Yoshi (pnngles+coke), Dawc (long time no speak). 
Galal do the lake!) and MM (you don't know me from God!). To all I've left out, 
thanx 4 rnakin' my life an experience, not a punishment. If you can't be good be 
careful'' I haven't done either and I'm still here. Keep dreamin'. keep livin'. keep 
laughin'. Asta La Waygo! 

" who dream by day are cognizant of much that escapes those w ho 
dream only by night"- Edgar Allan Poe. 

Michael Vitorivich 




The past seven years at RSGC have been great, and filled with memories. 
Here are a few: niner liner, stealin' the snack. "1 hate that movie!", "freeze, summit 
county sheriffs dept". the Pit. shoulder-taping. Run to the Hill, "gatoraid". Quebec 
City, tramp.. R-dale football. Yukon. Arctic Bears Club. May 24. sailing. "Don't 
Mess!". Caribbean, parties in the city, parks, up north-C-wood. farms... "it's just 
my driving stuff. Caledon. ch. firecracker, koke at vie, painkiller, afternoon party, 
"what's in the trunk?", runnin'" and hiding, crawl home- " relax, I was raised on 
the ice-1 won't fall", "where's your friend!?". The Beer Bust, DR-sunrise, soccer, 
151, "In the country of the blind...", Bth.&Ruth.. fake cat. 3man, Hip, hair, Halifax, 
Sun party, night swimming&tubbin', the Turd, "sorry about your phone", Sauveur- 
Bourbon St., Tremblant Crew-train ride, bathroom stalls, snag off. Caribou. 
Montreal- Labour Day. cab ride, "where's the key?", "get up nght now !", New Years, 
"he's got a hick haircut?". New York, "pass me some Cdn. in a can", in the back, 
Adrondiack's- "we got the Rhythm", "maybe the turn-off was back there", 
"teaching English", semis, "just watch your head. . what are u doing here". Hairoun. 
"are you guys brothers?", chillin' in Call.. Whitney sessions. ..Thanks to all my 
family, friends and teachers for making this whole experience possible. I will never 
forget it. 

Noah Waisberg 

Well it has been a fun 7 years at R.S.G.C. I'd like to send a thanks out to 
my Mom, Dad, sisters. Grandparents, teachers, and relatives who've been there for 
nie throughout my St. George's career. I'd also like to thank: Justin for always having 
an open door & Adam & Jamie for always being ready to enter that door, Dana for 
the diesel that got me through the day & Orchid for the diesel that got me through 
the night, McKillop forthe smokey warmth on the trips to Western and Collingwood, 
Jason for all the fun I had watching him lose all our competitions, Kathenne for letting 
Enfield come out twice a year. Drew for keeping his clothes on whenever he came 
to my house and Angus for giving me an extra month to write this. I'd also like to 
tell Tim it's not raining, we were just outside, Noah, turn on the damn lights. Bell 
watch out for the stairs, Pho I'll miss your mom and Dre, night school was hell but 
we made it intoe Dal. I'd also like to give a shout out to Mike, Jake, Brian and Glenn. 
I've made so many good friends and I'll miss you all as I head to a 'better' place. 
Goodbye R.S.G.C. 

Ben Watsa 

I would like to thank everyone in school and especially Mr. Pengelly ,for 
giving me the chance to study in such a prestigious school. I've learned a lot. 
I'll never forget George, Jeff, Pank, All, Dak, the Robs, John, and the rest of the 
OACs. I wish them good luck and hope for their wishes to be granted. (More 
beer, fewer classes, etc.) [Note: That's not my wish] 1 would love to express 
my deepest gratitude in thanking them. I enjoyed my performance in the school 
Drama, in which I danced (or moved in a random fashion, i.e.. Impromptu), 
vehemently delivered my speech and yawn ... I think it's about time ... I.. 
gotta., go... .Time., is.... slipping away.... There is... no .... time lose.. Let's 
get ....goldfrom... God... andgo... on ... the ... Booze!!! 

Paul Wong 

First, I want to thank my family. Mom, Dad. David and Chris, for providing me 
with love and support. Thanks to all the staff at R.S.G.C. for giving me all the guidance and 
education any student could ask for. Thanks to all my friends for leaving me so many good 

Ashleigh: You're the best friend I've ever had...what more needs to be said?/ 
Kaeli: The one pei>>on that would always help me keep the faith. / Leigh: "That's assault 
sista!" / Netan: STATIC'S in MZ house!! / Jake: My mentor and teacher, the three's ;ire 
raining! / Andries: Oy, oy.. .Today we die for Allah!! Ayayayayayaya / Kris & Chris: 
STINKY!!/B.B.&J.S.:Friday-BaiTacuda.. Saturday-Warehouse/Man: Keeponhusdin' 
RudeBoy/Greg& Rob: Dr. K lives on/ Dak: Co-compadres forever. /The House Parties 
/ DR.. "We love you fo free" / Who can forget the day Pnce is Right history was 
made, the Uiple spin-off or Chantel... Mmmmmmmm. Chantel. / Best of luck to 
you all. I'm out. 

"Please help control the pet population and have your pets spade or 
neutered." Bob Barker. 

Graham Wright 



to the 
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Congratulations to the Class of 1997! 

You are now Old Boys of RSGC, joining an 
energetic and ambitious alumni network that 
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you, you can count on hundreds of other 
Georgians in the Association to smooth the 

The RSGC Association exists to serve the 
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school. When you need help, turn to us first. 
When you have questions, ask us first. When 
you want good people to work with, try us 
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Royal St. George's College Association 

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Back Row : Jason Taylor, Rob Bell, Tim Boyce, Rob Burkett, Graham Wright, George 
Bassel, Steve Brooks, Mike Vitorovich, Matt Morden.FRONTRow: Greg Karout, Pankaj 
Bhatia, Drew Pearson 

The Prefects on Prize Day (below) The Prefects and Bimbaum at the Formal (above) 

he Infamous Gregory Karout a.k.a. Blow Fly, 
k.a. Dr. Ska, a.k.a. Knight Rider on his never 
"iding quest to find the creamiest peanut butter. 

Back Row: Matt Morden, George Bassel, Rob Bell, Mike Vitorovich. Middle Row: 
Pankaj Bhatia, Steve Brooks, Jason Taylor, Graham Wright .Front Row: Tim Boyce, Rob 
Burkett, Greg Kamui 

Mike and his Cup (on Prize Day) 

George Bassel 

Rob Bel 

Matt Morden 


Grab Trip 


And Formal 

Stewards / Lifers 

FallAVinter stewards 
Back Row: Derrick de Kerckhove ( Ball hockey ), Andries 
Mellema ( Ball Hockey ). Robert Evans (University 
Coordination ). Asad Ladha ( Yearbook). Middle Row: Jeff 
Enfield ( Ball Hockey). A.J. Mabro (Tours ), Alexander Moniz 
Brown ( Yearbook). Front Row: Jake Thompson (Ball 
Hockey ), Ian Roberts ( Yearbook). 

Summer Stewards 
Back Row: Christopher Petrie (Computers). Will Burton 
(Tech Crew), John Dyer (Tours),MiDDLE Row: Christopher 
Martin (Newspaper), Glenn Lou-Hing (Ball Hockey ), Soren 
Shamsian(Tours).FRONT Row: Brian Pho(Ping-Pong). 

Absent; Bernard von Bieberstein (Choir), and Angus Robinson (Tours). 
This tie is awarded to the Grade 1 3's who go beyond academics in order to help the school. 

From Left to Richt: Angus Robinson. Graham Wright, Tim Boyce. John Strachan 
a.k.a. The Bust. George Bassel. John Golding. Bernard von Bieberstein, Mathew 

These are the Grade 1 3's who came all the way through the school from Grade 4. 



Winchester 28,375 

Westminster. 26,926 

Canterbury 26,341 

York 24,969 

The crowning achievement for each of the houses was: 

Winch (Swim Meet), West (Cross Country), Cant (Winter Ball 

Hockey), York (Grade 11 Ball Hockey) 



Cant 12 
Back Row: Robert Schellekens. Stefko Waschuk. Brett Grantham, James 
Robertson Middle Row: Michael Kelly. Markus Otema. Thomas D'Arcy. 
Michael Bamicke Front Row: David D'Onofrio, Alastair Kellett. Alexis 
Levine. David Robinette 

Cant 9 
Back Row: Cameron Davison. James Cole, Rob Macdonald. Tristan Abraham, Max 
Ritts Middle Row: G P Andreis. Mark Wires. Dan Green. Soren Brothers Front Row: 
Austin Locke, Michael Pang. Cameron Wallace. John Roman. Jonah Faico 

Cant 10 
Back Row: Scott Hong. Matthew Beatty. Andrew Haust, Justin Young, Aaliren 
DePalma Middle Row Jonathan Kellett. Ben Zelikovitz, Patrick Hayes. Jason Lee. 
Jamie Bergstra, Bnan Cole Front Row: Aaron Lau. Jordan Powadiuk. Blair Rose. 
Andrew Kellner. Chns Barnes. Chris Taylor 

Cant 13 
Back Row: Adam Powadiuk, Angus Robinson, Will Burton. Joshua 
McKillop, George Bassel Front Row: Alex Moniz Brown. Pankaj Bhati.i 
Drew Pearson. Jake Thompson 

Cant II 
Back Row: Will Jones. Matthew Barrington. Dave Hare. Michael von Teichman, 
Damian Abraham Middle Row: Andrew Davison. Ted Meighen. Geoff Cowpcr-Smilh. 
Cameron Wing. Andrew Jones Front Row: Michael Popielaty, Derek Wong, Brad 
Allgood, Ryan Gulyas Absent: Adam Green 

Now this is easy. 


This is the last time you'll see me before the Working hard, but not going anywhere 

finish line 

Smile for the camera. 


Canterbury House Captain: George Bassel 

Canterbury had a quite 
successful year in 1996-97. We 
were competitive in all aspects 
of house competition, and 
managed to take several 
championships. Though we 
had a couple of poor turnouts 
in the major events, those who 
were there really came through 
for their house, and showed 
the other houses what sort of 
spirit Canterbury has. We 
continued with our ball hockey 
tradition of victory, and 
continued to be the best 
looking house. Thanks to all 
the guys who participated, and 
may the tradition continue. 

George Bassel 
(Canterbury House Captain) 

I'm getting ready for a date. 

Fm ready for anything. 



West 12 
Back Row: Olivier Raoult, Jamie Lint, Elliot Hughes Middle Row: M 

Burroni, Phillip Blanchette, Andrew Beadon, Marcel Merath Front Ro 
Mr. Siewart. Raymond Tsui, Daniel Medd. Mark Han. James Boake 

West 9 
Back Row: Simon Gorecki, James Fisher, Dan Bennett, D'Arcy Cook, Walter Davies Middle 
Row: James Morrison, Jason George, Gavin Wiggins, Kazuo Oishi Front Row: Mr. Ctxiper. 
Lindsay Templeton, John Geary, David Reeser, Michael Ast 


* W*4WW 

West 10 
Back Row: John Maggiacomo, Barrett Holman. Sam Gildiner, Michael Clark Middle 
Row: Andrew Pettil. Devin Maguire. Craig Mclvor, Jeff Todd Front Row: Mr. Daleman, 
Daniei Kt)o. Rylan Perry. Thnma.s Blackmore. Adam Jancelewicz, Adam Clark 

West 13 
Back Row: Dave Engle, D'Arcy Chandler. Paul King, Tim Boyce, 
Alexandre Mabro Middle Row: Paul Wong, Rob Bell. John Dyer, Bern 
Bieberstein, Ben Front Row: Mr. D'Arcy, Brian Pho, Eric Kuog 
Chris Martin, Geoff Chapman 

West n 
Back Row: Matt Donald. Tim Johnston, Dougal Bruce, Michael Ansicy Middle Row 
Chasen Paul. Simon Wilkin.'ion, David K(k). Rob Dyer, Morgan Briniker Front Row 
Raymond Lui. Patrick Fordyce, John Ortved, Dan MacDonald, Adrian Walker, Dan Miichc 


None shall pass. 

Hmmiti ... I wonder . 


Evans reviewing swimming tactics with Daniel. 




Westminster House Captain: Robert Bell 

There are houses and then there is 
the almighty and glorious Westminster 
House. We gentlemen are the creme de la 
creme, the best and the brightest that the 
school has to offer. It is a simple matter 
when we rally to the banner, and don the 
glistening white T-shirts; which allow us to 
become one, with a power unequalled in the 
free world. 

Is it any surprise then that the list 
of West victories this year is so long? 
Measly little puddles of red, blue, and yellow 
dissolved in the sea of white that came 
crashing down on them during psycho-ball 
matches. Those clad in blue, red, or yellow 
were left, huddled in the shade, mere shells 
of their former selves, following the cross- 
country run. Sure we suffered some minor 
set backs, the swim meet for instance, but we 
were there. ..some of us and we redeemed 
ourselves in the track and field meet where 
we taught the other houses a valuable lesson 
in humility. 

There are some who point out thai 
the almighty and glorious West house was in 
last place at the end of the first term. Yes, 
this is true but it was all a part of West 
strategy. We are like the great predator of 
the African plains, the jaguar, who upon 
capturing his prey, will play with it, letting it 
escape, giving it hope, just before it springs, 
snapping its neck like a twig. 

Due to the cunning devious ways of 
Mr. G Love (alias the "puppet-master") 
Winchester might be on top of the pecking 
order (I'm writing this in May. I haven't a 
clue what house is in what place). Let them 
have their brief. 1 emphasize BRIEF, moment 
in the spot light. Remember gentlemen, they 
are still our prey. Every passing moment 
they are growing lazier, and more 
complacent. When the time is right we shall 
leap, tearing the cowardly yellow from their 
pedestal on high, replacing it with virtuous | 


Winch 9 
Back Row: Adam Shaw. Alex Wolfson, Simon Sutherland, Fraser Baldry, Paul 
Macchione Middle Row: Peter Ruta. Colin Simpson, Chri.s Walters, Sammy Pusateri 
Front Row: Cam Conn Grant, Sean Ewing. Mike Hayes. Michael Thompson, Andrew 
Newbury, Peter Adams 

Winch 10 
Back Row: Miller Peterson. Mark Percy. Noah Cole, Eric Wynn, Arden Church 
Middle Row: Drew Czemik. Phedias Diamandis. Matthew Panlalone. Jonathan Robson 
Front Row: Alex Lyn. Scott Russell, Alex Josephson, Michel Pagella-Mainardi, David 
Baker, Justin Leung 


Winch II 
Back Row Afnm Pnslme. Rob McCord. Allan Humphries. Rob Murdoch, Rob Clark 
Middle Row Michael Chen. Andrew Davis. Graham Mcl.onc. Josh Estacion Front 
Row: Gerard DeGrandis. Ken Adams. Jonathan Lee. James Hall. Hayden Ho 

Winch 12 

Back Row: Alex Palalas, Francis Liuson. Simon Cook-Roffey Front Row: 
Andrew Dudgeon, Anthony Kingsley, Robert Mellema, Paul Saumets 
Absent: Justin Estacion, John Hankinson, Harish Maraj, Ryan Mulvihill 

W ^ -»!_ % 1 1 

Winch 13 
Back Row: Noah Waisberg. Ali Tawfik-Shukor, John Golding, Mike 
Vitorovich, Derrick de Kerckhove Front Row: Ian Roberts, Graham 
Wright, Christopher Petrie, Asad Ladha. Brian Bimbaum, Andreis Mellema 

The Winch dream team. 


V. V-I-C. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. 
Victory's our battle cry. Are we in it; no 
we're not. We're not in it, we're on top. 
UGH! UNGAWA! WINCH has got the 

This has been our house cheer 
for two years now; and this year we 
proved that power. Last year we 
finished dead last, and this year (so far), 
we are in FIRST! The house spirit, and 
the attendance have been amazing. We 
tried our best for house drama, we 
dominated the swim meet; and the house 
competitions were (for the most part) 
also ours to dominate. We had a lot of 
guys involved in all areas of the school 
(clubs, plays, teams, etc.). Everyone did 
their bit, and it has paid off. I've had 
help from all grades; from Andries and 
Noah (grade 13), Robert and Simon 
(grade 12). Michel and Phedias (grade 
10), etc. These are just a few names that 
stick out, but do not be deceived. Winch 
was a power house this year, and it was 
because of many Winchers. It has been 
the year of Winch domination, and I am 
just glad that my name was a part of it; 
although credit should be given where 
credit is due, which is to all the guys 
who got involved in any way, shape, or 
form. Thanks for a great year guys, and 
continue to dominate! 

Michael Vitorovich 
(Winchester Head 96/97) 

The roadblock 

Cool new hair-do. 



York 9 
Back Row: Jordan Dow, Donald Harris, Oliver Carmichael, David 
Lindermere, Stuart Hillenbrand Middle Row; Kns Arnold. Jesse Parker, Ian 
Winton, Tyrone Bowers-Nigh, Nicholas Payne Front Row: Jonathon 
Lofft, Topher Bennett, Edward Bimbaum, Dylan Ellis, Brandon Vasquez 

York 10 
Back Row: David McNaughton, Adam Smith, James Robertson. Galen Davies, Adnan 
Henke Middle Row: James Snider, Cameron Fiske, Patrick Gordon. Peter Bellingham 
Front Row: Rickesh Kotecha, Jamie Pope, Keith Lui, Chns Kelly 

*. I \ \ k I 


York II 
Back Row: David Hwang, Amr Krcinfol, Ben Munger, Tim Pyper, Chris 
Ford. Michael Fountain Front Row Ben Sharma. Samuel Hui, Chris Hatch. 
Joseph Temamian Absent Scolt Sloggett 

V * ■■: i. * * '* 

« '•■ »• »« 


York 12 
Back Row: Kendry Watson. Miran Temamian, Carr Hatch, Andrew 
Bryant, Stuart Coristine, Jamie Sedgwick, Martin Farkas Front Row: Dan 
Campbell, Istvan Luppino, Peter Levine, Fraser Tamaki, Jamie Sutherland 


York 13 
Back Row: Sacha Bangay, Robert Burkett, Gregory Karoul, Matthew 
Morden, Stephen Brooks Front Row: Quincy Lui, Soren Shamsian, Jeffrey 
Enfield, Glenn Lou-Hing Absent: Joshua Burnett, Howard Tsung 

Satan, disguised as Greg, tempts Rob with the stolen communion wine. 




Rock, paper, scissors. 

He shoots.. 

.He scores 

^^^^^m '^_3 ^^m\ \ ^^H 


^^^^^B ■»■ i^^^^B^^^^I 


^>< 2 

^^Bk' '^^^^H 

P - 

•»f -i ■ 

m ^ 

York House Captain: Jason Taylor 
If I had to sum York's proud history in one word, it 
would be DOMINATION. After repeatedly crushing 
our oppostition for so many yeiUN. I secretly decided to 
hold a meeting at the Canadian pentagon with the central 
planning committee to devise a plan to make things more 
interesting this year. We concluded that we would sit 
idly in last place until the final lap of the race, where we 
would come out from nowhere and viciously elbow our 
way to the top where we belong, in true fine York 

Although we are in last place at this moment, our 
position in the standings doesn't clearly reflect our 
general performance in school. While keeping in good 
faith with the motto 'fair play" we have managed tix) 
send may fine young men to the academic honour 
breakfast and placed them in many notable positions on 
various teams and clubs tfuoughout the schixil. The 
house charcter is defined by academic excellence, 
hardwork and a fine devotion to many aspects 
of school life, while perfomting to the maximum and 
never letting up until the last lap. 

It has been my pnde and honour to follow in the 
footsteps of some of the great leaders who have preceded 
me as house captains such as Bedard, Sjogren, Duff and 
Sparky. This is the house that has had a history of 
demolishing it's opponents in floor hockey, football, and 
last but definitely not least psycho ball. This year we 
have had the best actors, debaters, Ketchum Hall clean up 
crews, and characters. The pertbrmance put on by the 
few grade nines who did show up to the swim meet was 
outstanding. Never was an excuse muttered when these 
model Georgians were asked to swim an extra lap for the 
house, because we were short of man power. 

As I leave this place that has truly taken a spot in my 
heart and the one I have grovvii to call my second home. I 
am blessed to carry many fond memories of this house as 
proudly being a part of it. Gtxxl luck to next year's 
incoming house captain. 

Jason Tavlor 






Georgians Abroad 

How do we get Dr. Barlow down? 

Hnimmm...The plot thickens... 

Grade 3 

First Impressions 

The first time I saw the school I was not 
too sure I wanted to go because at my old 
school, we were allowed to talk out and we did 
not sit in desks. But then I saw the brochure. It 
looked and sounded like a good .school. And 
then came the first day of school, it was great 
even though it was just a review until 1 2:00. 

Although 1 am just in grade three, my 
experiences have been many. My teachers are 
all great and lots of fun, I have made lots of 
friends, but my favourite subjects are still math 
and gym. 

Back Row: David Jolly, Pieire Eiras, David Liang, Taylor Townley, Mr, McElroy . 
Front Row: Ewen Cameron, Alex Mather, Jeremy Wong, Mathew Evans. 

Alexander Mather 


Grade 4 

Back Row: Brandon WallansX)avid Bleasbyiienry Ciocca,Angus Chambers. Middle Row: Mathew 
BubbersMark Cole James O' Bom Jonathan PakJDerekChanJDavid Edwards Anthony Field.Front Row: 
Freddie Kindersley Jonathan RaejVlalcxjmGrifBthsJVlaxSchwaitzJMederickHeisey^.Jarnieson 

Ah.... Spam! 

A Day In Grade Four 

The day starts off when we get to school in the 
morning at 8: 1 0. When the bell rings we all run 
to See House and make lots of noise while we 
go upstairs. When the bell rings at 8:20, Argus 
& Reggie are still getting ready for class. 
Mr. Jamieson comes up the stairs with his 
second cup of coffee and acts like one of us. 
Mr. Jamieson is such a good singer but when 
he sings in the morning he sings very loud so 
Mrs. Keresteci gets very annoyed - and he also 
sings like one of us. The morning goes quickly 
and before you know it we are all hiding, so that 
we won't get lunch duty. Seventh period comes 
and we usually have Dr. Leatch for instrumental 
music. We all hate how he gives us Leatch bites. 
The day is almost over and Henry gets ready for 
basketball practice while we write in our 
homework books. When school is over - Mr. 
Jamieson thanks God for ending this day and 
hopes tomorrow he is home in bed, sick. 

David Edwards & Anthony Field 


Grade 5 

Back row: l.uke Ostrander, Philip Ri-incck. Jeremy Milligan. Owen Williams. William Lockelt. Matlhew Piggott. Matthew 
( inf f m, Wai I.uiin Choy Middle Row: (dim Rubes, Chris Kvans, Wells Stringham, Bryan Fchcley. Scott Ackley. Jonathan 
Holthy. Dr J LeatchKront Row: Jonathan Bell, Matthew Yeiing, Stefan Picot, Teagiie Mackian-Russell. Erich Zimm, Taylor 
Scherherger, Tommy Ciardner 


Grade 6 

Back Row:Michael Rieger. Wayne Yao, Francesco Valenle-Goijub, Cameron Alguire, Haddon Murray, Philip Goad, Danzel 
PintoMiddle Row: John Karantonis, Michael McCulloch, Patrick Donovan, Arthur Shum, David Jones, Michael Roebuck, 
Mr. Wade WestFront Row:Kevin Lau, Graham Atkinson, Jonathan Tarn, Andres De Pahna. Ian Humphreys, Adam Dukszta, 
Andrew Harris, David McNabbAbsent: Tim Clark 

This test is killing me! 



My first day as a new boy 

My first day at St. George's was confusing. I 
was lost in a world of new places new people, 
and new procedures. I didn't know where I was 
going, and almost got completely lost once. 
Although St. George's is actually a fairly small 
place it seemed to resemble a labyrinth, rather 
than a school, but the staff and students were 
very helpful and I eventually knew where 
everything was. 

1 also found it strange that as 1 sat down at my 
desk I was handed a test ! As 1 handed in the test 
I wondered what kind of school would give 
students a test on the first day. I didn't really 
care though, because I was also enjoying many 
aspects of St. George' s, lunch for example. And 
by the end of the day I was looking forward to 
coming to school the next day 

My first day as an old boy 

My first day of this school year wasn't really 
my first year being an old boy. This is my fourth 
year at St. George's. New boys, who have no 
idea how to organize themselves come and find 
themselves lost in a world of new subjects and 
strange faces. 

I was given a new boy to look after. I had to give 
him advice and show him around. One of the 
great things about being an old boy is that you 
know all the teachers and what they expect. The 
first day is a bit boring. All the teachers do is 
explain things. 
By Kevin Cupp and Thomas Lockett 

Back Row: Kevin Cupp, T(im Hutchisiin, Todd Curtin, Robert Gleadow. Aaron Mitchell. Matt Wilson, 
Jon Lucas, J.R. Birl^ett. Middle Row:Jake Sheehan, Arian Pristine, Dave Kerr-Vaync, Terence Ho, 
Donald Pyper, Thomas Lockett. Front Row: Nick Haggar, Ehren Liuson, Sandy Norton, Robin 
Gainer, Mike Love, Sam Bennett. 


Back Row: Michael Wilton, Chns Reineck, Alex McNabb, Jay JoUiffe, Joseph Hillenbrand, 
Ian Pattillo, Adam Hams. Middle RowrTim Wong, Morgan Rubes, Christian Heisey, 
David Hurlow, Geoffrey Reeser, Peter McGrath. Front Row: David Hill, Justin Ho, Jamie 
Scott, Shimon Pokomy, Gary Wong, Dylan Shvili.Absent:TimChung 

Changes 7R Would Like 
To See 

1. Heating 

2. Carpets 
3. Grass 

4. Better Lunches 

5. New Lockers 

6. Junior School Grub Days 

7. No Uniforms 

8. Co-Ed 

9. Audio / Visual Equipment 

10. Art Studio 


Grade 8H 

Back Row: Jeremy Pigott, Michael Haughlon. Tarek Awad. Sandy Gibson. Geolfrcy Keating. Malthcw 
Postroszny. Geoff Rehnihan Middle Row: Mr. Hutchison. Matthew King. Johnathan Abraham, Fra.ser 
Buchan. Mark Longo. Bradley Milnc. Jaimes Bourgeois Front Row: Kyle Waters, Chris Godfrey. Alex 
Edmison. Paul Temamian. Gage Love. Chns Rae. Patrick Taylor Absent: Ted Sablalnig 

Above: Yes, this is a binder 

Above Left: Fetch! 

Far Left: We're a happy couple! 

First Day at R.S.G.C. 

Mr. Hutchison's class, recieved four 
new excellent students. There were many new 
circutnslances to deal with. For some, the unifomi 
was a new experience. The teachers were 
dedicated to making our transtion an easy one; 
they were always ready to give a helping hand 
and tell a joke just to tiiake us laugh. 

The first few days were hectic: trying to 
learn where the classes were, what books we 
needed foreach class, and where itiiportant rooms 
such as the washrooms and the dining hall were 
located. The work load was heavier than we were 
used to. and the sport tryouts were also an 
experience. Nevertheless, the students at R.S.G.C. 
made our transition an easy one. 

By Mark Longo 


Grade 8M 

«1k 1^ 

Buddy or Pal 

8M Future Occupations 

GoeffBolton: Alternative Musician 

Ivan Chin: Judge 

Adam Donald: Journalist 

Gordon Dunlop: Singer 

Graham Durrant-Taylor: Lawyer 

Ian Edmonds: Stock Broker 

Tim Enfield: Lawyer 

Jamie Ferguson- Woods: Senior VP of 


Jesse Fulton: Brain Surgeon 

Andrew Hepburn: OwnerofFamily 

Engineering Business 

Ethan Hoddes: Inventor 

Aaron Latner: Chairman of City Bank 

Sean Lee: OwnerofFamily Restaurant 

Adam Main: Chemical Taste Tester 

Nick Martin: Musician 

Mario Maruzzo: NHL Hockey Player 

Garth Millar: Doctor 

Josh Nagel: Football/ Squash Player 

Chris Roscoe: Universal Dictator 

Paul Sidi: Farmer 

JohannSmula: Dictator of European 


Trevor Thompson: Computer Ptogrammer 

Back Row: Mr McMaster, Ian Edmonds, Geoffrey Bolton, Adam Donald. Paul Sidi, Johann Smula, Ethan Hoddes 
Middle Row: Trevor Thompson, Mario Maruzzo, Ivan Chin, Aaron Latner, Jesse Fulton, Graham Durrant-Taylor, Joshua Nagel 
Front Row: Gordon Dunlop, Sean Lee, Christopher Roscoe, Andrew Hepburn, Nicholas Martin, Timothy Enfield. Adam Main, Jamie 
Ferguson- Woods 


Grade 9 Candids - Signs of Newcomers 

Newton, Aristotle, Galileo, Pang 

Oops, forgot my name again. 

Well, it's better than my mugshot. 

Grade 10 Candids - Signs Of Intelligence? 

Mmm. . .Wiener Schniztel . 


Grade 11 Candids - Signs of Instability 

Let's Rock! 

Well. ..I'm smarter than the average bear. 

Grade 12 Candids - Signs of Maturity 

Hands of a surgeon. 

Who said anything about cutting class? 

Smile for the camera. 

What do 1 do next? 

Look at the colours. 

I'll be feeling this tomorrow morning. 


Report all accidents 

and injuries immediately 

to your supervisor 

Senior Soccer 


The missing link in the evolutionary process 

The First Soccer team of 1 996-97 had what you could refer to as an up and down season. However, the team played well in every game 
and most importantly had a lot of fun doing so. Team captains George Bassel, Jason Taylor, and Tim Boyce led the team throughout the year with 
solid play and excellent leadership. The top scorer for the team was Robert Shellekens who had an impressive seven goals. The team scored a 
notable victory over Ridley in the regular season. However, the climax of the season was a very impressive turnout in the Canadian National 
Tournament, in which they placed second out of sixteen teams. In doing so, they had wins over Holy Trinity, Selwyn House, and King Edge Hill, 
and they also tied a very strong U.C.C. team. Overall this was a solid campaign and all the players enjoyed a successful year. 

Overall Team Record 

(regular season and tournament) 

Wins - 4, Losses - 6. Ties - 2 

B.\cK Row: Philip Blanchette, Jamie Lint, Elliot Hughes, Ja.son Taylor, Tim Boyce, Alistair Kellett, 

Front Row: Marcel Merath, George Bassel, Chris Ford, Glenn Lou-Hing, Matthew Barrington, Chasen Paul, 

Jamie Sedgewick, Robert Schellekens, Carr Hatch 

Wait, which loop under \\ hich loop'.' 


Under 16 + Staff / Student 

Back Row: Jamie Pope. Matthew Pantalone, Michel Pvlinardi, Aahren DePalma, Aaron Lau. Rylan Peiry 
MiDDij; Row: Mr. Keenan, Chri.s Hatch, Patrick Gordon, Stefan Superina, Miller Peterson, Andrew Pettit 
Front Row: Mark Pearcey , Brian Sutherland. James Cole, Phedias Diamandis, Jamie Bergstra, Graham 
McLorie. Daniel Koo. Absent: Adrian Henke, D'arcy Morris 

C'mon Cooper. 

Evans: No fair, he's going for my car 


Under 15 Soccer 

Back Row: Rickesh Kotecha. Mr. Sarellas. Gavin Wiggins. Fraser Buchan, Edward 
Bimbaum. Matthew Postrozny , Jonathan Abraham. Christopher Roscoe, Mr. Thombury . 
Front Row : Andrew Newbui-y. David Lindemiere. Kazuo Oishi. Cohn Simpson. Sammy 
Pusateri. Max Ritts. Christopher Walters 

you gotta do better than that 

I've got the tiger in me! 

The under 15 soccer team had what is 
commonly referred to as a "rebuilding" year. 
Although they didn't have as many wins as was 
desired, they did have a lot of fun and did pull out 
a great victory over Bay vie w Glen towards the end 
of the season. Andrew Newbury and Gavin 
Wiggins led the team with three goals apiece. The 
team was well coached and despite having many 
injuries they played well in the IS AA tournament. 
Furthermore, the team did have an excellent core of 
young players with much talent and all of them 
enjoyed a successful year. 

...and the crowd goes wild!" 

He shoots. ..he scores'.' 

Overall team record: Wins - 1 , Losses - 1 1 

David D'Onofirio 


Under 13 Soccer 


Under 12 Soccer 

I can do better. 

Back Row: Max Schartz, Mark Cole, Matt Griffen, Cam Alguire, Michael Rieger, David Jones, 
Tim Clark, Scott Ackley,Mr. Jamieson (coach), Jonathan Holtby, Andres DePalma Front Row: 
Henry Ciocca, Jon Bell, Stefan Picot, David McNabb, Colin Rubes, David Edwards, Francesco 
Valente-Gorjup, Ian Humphreys. Many thanks to M. Edwards for the photo. 

Nice save. 

Can't touch this 


Senior Volleyball 

Setting up for the spike 

Robert Bell prepares tor a spike. 

Last minute instructions. 

This year's Senior Volleyball Team was a good 
group of hardworking students who definitely 
gave it their all. Unfortunately, the team had its 
rough moments on the court. Even though wins 
were few and far between, the Georgians were 
always fair and professional in their manner. It was 
a great year and all the members of the team really 
enjoyed themselves. Thanks to coach Nakatsu! 
Bobby Palit 

Back Row: Mike Kelly. Graham Wright, Robert Bell. Asad Ladha, Mr. Nakatsu Front Row: 
Michael Popielaty, Marc Burroni, Adam Green, Andrew Bryant Absent: Denick deKerckhove, 

Bobby Palil 

U16 Volleyball 

Back Row: Demck de Kerckhm e, Eric Wynn. Adam Jencelewicz, Michael Anstey. Middle Row: De\in 
Magulre. Alex Joseph^on, Ad;ini Smith. Craig Mclvor. James Snider. Front Row: Galen Da\ies, Mr. Ctxiper. 
Ben Zelikovitz. Blair Rose, Robert Macdonald Absent: Walter Davies. Chri.s Tayler 

Under 13 Volleyball 

The volleyball team this year was a great success. We 
played and practiced to our full capability and made good 
progress. We played many good teams and beat almost all 
of them. Our moral was high and we really enjoyed having 
Mr. 0"Learvasourcoach. Overall we had a fun time. 

Back Row: Michael Wilton, Mr. O'Leary Front Row: Josh Nagel, Aaron Latner, 
Jonathan Lucas, Geoff Renihan, Sandy Gibson, Robert Gleadow, Thomas Lockett, Alex 
Edminson, Matthew King 

Must. ..hit. ..the. ..ball. 

Ooooo... New Lights! 

My llial bail is high! 


Cross Country 

Back Row: Tim Pyper, Cameron Wing, Will Jones. Matt Donald. Jeff Todd. Amr Kronfol Middle Row: Jeff 

Enfield. Justin Leung. Cameron Fiske. Mark Longo Front Row: David Huang. Pat Fordyce. Drew Czernik. 

James Hall, Anthony Kingsley. David Baker Absent: Sam Gildner. Garth Miller, Brad Allgood. 

Panting to the finish line. 


First Hockey 

It was a good year for First Hockey. They 
competed in the Blue and Silver tournament at 
Pickering and made it to the League Playoffs. 
The team came in second, winning the most 
games but not scoring as many points as Rosseau 
Lake, the tournament winner. The League Playoff 
was an upsetting ending for the team. They lost 
in the quarter finals to Lakefield. There was great 
offensive play by Taylor, Henkie, and Burroni, 
strong defence by Slogget and Sedgwick and 
consistent goal tending by Carr Hatch. 

Back Row: Mr. P. O'Leary. Adrian Henke, 
Marc Burroni, Alex Palalas, Robert McCord, 
Josh McKillop, Benjamin Zelikovitz, 
Anthony Kingsley. Front Row: Scott Sloggett, 
Jason Taylor, Carr Hatch, Tim Boyce, Joseph 
Temamian. Absent: Jamie Sedgwick. 

Ready for the save. 

Shoot from the blue line. 

Hey! Are you looking at me? 


U/16 Hockey 

Back RowrEric Wynn, Dan Bennett, Mr. Ackley. Middle Row: Rylan Perry, Brad 

Allgood, Ben Zelikovitz, Ryan Gulyas. Front Row: James Snider, Chris Hatch, 

Stephan Superina. Mark Wires. 

U/16 hockey traveled to Lenox ville and 
won the tournament at Bishop's College 
School. Mark Wires was tournament 
MVP and had a fantastic season. A 
strong goalie effort from James Snider 
was key in the U/16 sucess. 

By Rylan Perry 


Under 14 Hockey 

Back Row; Tjcel AwjJ. Ja.son Gcurgc. Aanm l-uiiti Ihird Row; Jatiuc 1 crgUMin Woods. Mike Wilton, 
Mario Maru//o. Jacob Shccnan. Adam Main Second Row: Mr McMasler. Nick Martin. David Jones. 
Scoll Ackley. Alex Hdmisun, Gage Love. Tim Enfield, Mr. Kankin Front Row: (irahani Atkinson. Sam 
Bennett. Michael Thompson. Todd Curtain, Kyle Waters Patrick Taylor 

I.carn how to make a kick save meat face. 



Ski Team 

The Ski team had a good year' s skiing this winter. 
The conditions throughout the season were not the best, 
but we were very fortunate to have reasonably good 
snow for all our meets. We skied at Craigleith, Devil's 
Glen, Beaver Valley, and Blue Mountain. Our strength 
this year was in our "B" squads. The Junior B Team 
finished first in one meet and placed third for the season. 

Our strongest skiers were Graham McLorie and 
Rob Clark in the Senior team and Dan Mitchell and Dan 
Green in the Junior team. 

-Mr. Kerr 

Backrow: Mr. Kerr. Andrew Bryant. Ted Meighen, Michael VonTeichman. Geoffrey Cowper- 
Smith. Matthew Donald, Adam Green, Dan Mitchell, Ted Lockie. Jim Morrison 
MiDDLEROw: David Lindermere, Stephen Brooks, Graham McLorie. Rob Clark. Morgan Brooker. 
Austin Locke, Dan Green, Walter Davies Front: Andy Beadon 


Senior Basketball 

Back Row: Mr. Sarellas, Chason Paul, Pankaj Blialia. Janie;, Hall. Daniel MacDonald. Middle 
Row: Graham Wnght. Michael Kelly. Mark Han. Mr. Van Herk. Front Row: Matt Barrington, 
Jamie Lint. Elliot Hughes. Justin Eustacion. 

The Senior basketball team had an up 
and down season. The highlight was winning the 
Selwyn House Tournament in Montreal ( including 
two vei7 convincing victories over Selwyn House 
and LCC in the Championship round). The 
downside was a 3-6 season including tough losses 
in games that should have been won and too many 
close games that could have gone either way. 
Injuries played a role with starting guard Mike 
Kelly falling to an ankle sprain early in the season 
and never returning. By the end of the season, the 
senior team led by captain Graham Wright, 
veterans Jamie Lint and Elliot Hughes and rookie 
starters Matt Barrington and Dan MacDonald had 
re-organized and finished with a playoff berth in 
the ISAA. They went on to lose the semi-final 
game to SAC by three points in a hard fought 
battle which showed our Georgian spirit at its 
finest. The team would like to say a special 
Thank You" to all staff and students who 
supported us all season. 

Please don't hurt me! 

The next karate kid. 

The air up there. 


Back Row: Mr. Nakatsu. Gailen Davies, Sam Gildner, Will Jones, Cameron Wing. 
Middle Row: Soren Brothers, Jamie Robertson, Pat Hayes, Josh Eustacion, Derek 
Wong. Front row: Jeff Todd, Keith Lui, Blair Rose, David Baker, Jason Lee. 
Absent: Nick Payne. 





^f^W ^^^^^^1 




Gilette, the best a man can get 

U16 Basketball 

The under 1 6 basketball team had a fairly good season. It was 
highlighted by their trip to Montreal to play at the Selwyn 
House CAIS Invitational tournament, where they place third. 
They played well, losing to LCC and Selwyn House and 
beating Country Day School twice. Apart from basketball the 
Under 16 basketball team indulged themselves in other 
activities. The lower section of The Downtown was very 
revealing. The team also played in the CIS AA final tournament 
at Ridley. They tried their best, boasting their superior skill 
and ability but ended up losing in the consolation finals. 
Coach Nakatsu was very impressed by the talent and 
enthusiasm exhibited by the members of the team. The team 
would like to thank their coach Mr.Nakatsu for an exciting 
season and Mr. Van Herk for accompanying them to Montreal. 
A special thanks goes to all their fans for supporting them 
during the season. 

Monkey see, monkey do. 

Oh God! Please help me make this shot. 

For three! 

I need some Alka Seltzer 


U/14 Basketball 

Back Row: Paul Sidi, Donald Pyf)er, Thomas Lx)ckett, Robert Gleadow, Jon Lucas, 
Mr. Evans Middle Row: Alex McNabb, Robin Gainer, Sandy Norton, Jesse Fulton 
Front Row: David Kerr-Vayne, Ehren Liuson, Paul Temamian, Cameron Alguire 

U/15 Basketball 

asketball is getting boring. Time for follow the leader! 

Back Row: PeterRuta, Ted Sablatnig.PaulMacchioneMiddle Row: Max Ritts, 
Jamie Pope, Drew CzemikFront Row: Michel Miiinardi. Mr. Orlando, Rickesh 
Kotecha, Cameron Wallace Absent: Michael, Adam Shaw 



Back Row: Adam Harris, Mr. Evans, Joseph Hillenbrand, Mr. Nakatsu, Thomas Lockett, 
Cameron Alguire 

Front Row: Sandy Norton, Andrew Harris, David Kerr- Vayne, Paul Sidi, Paul Temamian, 
Johnathan Lucas 

Under/ 1 3 had a great year from Paul Sidi dominating the 
post to Sandy Norton getting his first two and only 
baskets in his under/ 1 3 career. The team came first in the 
regular season with a 13 game victory. We came in 
second place in the tournament in Montreal, and in the 
Vancouver NCAA we came in sixth place out of about 
twenty teams. Overall , Mr. Evans our miraculous coach, 
helped us strive through this season producing an 
amazing outcome. 


U12 Basketball 

Running with the wind! 

Coach: David Latimer 

Some of the phiyers pictured here: 

Wayne Yao. Andrew Harris, Adam Duks/la. Ian 

Humpreys. Bryan Feheley. David McNabb. 

Haddon Murray, Matthew Piggott, Johnathan 

Bell.Tim Clark, Stefan Picot, & Henry Ciocca 

Mighty Mouse! 

Back off jerk! 


Senior Baseball 

Hey! Your shoe laces are undone. I'm so beautiful. 

Back Row: Andrew Bryant. Jonathan Lee, Marc Burroni, Michael Popielaty, 
James Hall. Joshua McKillop. Olivier Raoult. Front Row: Robert Dyer, Jake 
Thompson. Michael Fountain, Robert McCord. Afrim Pristine. Jamie Lint. 

Amusing Moments 

U16 Softball 




-« iO, 



Back Row:Mr. Sarellas, Andrew Jones, Dan Bennet, Fraser Baldry Middle Row: Paul 
Machionie, John Lofft, Ed Bimbaum, James Snider, Galen Davies. Front Row: Dan Green, 
Simon Gorecki, Chris Walters, Jonah Falco, Jeffrey Todd. 





Dan prepares to pitch. 

Jeff returns a throw. 

King of the stolen bases! 

Paul prepares for the pitch. 


U14 Softball 

What will the pitch be? 

Back Row: Mr. Hutchison, Geoffrey Keating. Adam Donald, 
Geoffrey Bolton, Geoffrey Renihan Middle Row: Matt Wilson, 
Adam Harris, Jonathan Abraham, Alex McNabb Front Row: 
Thomas Lockett, Morgan Rubes, Tim Enfield, Gage Love 

D. Bruce, C. Wing, R, Mellema, M. Barrington 

Mellema teaches us how to swing a goh'club properly 


U12 Baseball 

TopRow:Mr.O'Leary,Danzel Pinto, Scott Ackley, Terence Ho. Aaron Mitchell, 
Sam Bennett, David Hill, Andres De Palma,Bottoin Row:Michael McCulloch, 
Mark Cole, Jamie Scott, Jonathan Tam, Kevin Lau, Ian Humphreys 

I live with a bunch of gorrillas 

I like singing. La la la. 

I can touch my nose with my tongue. I'm using my telepathic powers to hold the ball sti 



What thev don't realize is that the ball is on the other side ol the field. 

Enfield sprints for the ball. 


Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut, hut. ..hut. hut. hut. 

BackRow:Mr.Oriando, rim Bo_\ ce, .\like B;iniickc. Ri iht ku-k. .SteveBiooks,GrahamWnght. 
Andy Beadon, Jason Taylor. Scott Sloggett, Anthony Richards, Mr. Lee Front Row: Chris Martin, 
JeffEiifield,BenZelikovitz,RobeitBell,Josef*iTemamiaa Drew Peaisoa Glenn Lou-Hing 


Our men in action (waiting for the pizza). 

Those balls are just too fast. 

^'.S rl.^ 

- V 


Senior Badminton U16 Badminton 

Left to Right: Marcel Merath, Phillip Blanchette, Daniel MacDonald, BackRow: Jason Lee, Phil Watson Andrew Pettit Middle Row: KeithLui, 
Matthew Postrozny Absent; Pankaj Bhatia, Miran Temamian, Hayden Daniel Koo, Chris Taylor, Jamie Bergstra Front Row: Josh Nagel, Chris 
Ho, Asad Ladha, Morgan Brooker Barnes, Jamie Pope Absent: Chris Ford, Barret Holman, David Reeser 

Don't hit the birdie up, Phil 


Asad is confused by Phil 

"Watch out, Bergstra' 

'I am ready. Pope' 


1 ^ SomeU14team members: Mr. .Schreiner (Coach), M. Rieger.T. Clark, A. Duks/ta, M. Manizzo, D. McNahb,G. Durrant-Taylor 


Track & Field / Tennis 







• 1-H 











T^*^^^ ■ 


Back Row: Mr. Daleman, Mr. Paulin, Ken Adams, Chris Ford, 
Patrick Fordyce, Derrick de Kerckhove, Jason Taylor Front Row: 
Michael Kelly, Stuart Hillenbrand, Gavin Wiggins, Glenn Lou- 
Hing, Jeffrey Enfield, Dan MacDonald 

Back Row: BradMilne,PhilipGoad,Mr. Muxlow(a.k.a. VP 
Bradley ), Erich Zimni, Sandy Gibson Front Row : Johnathan 
Holtby, Matthew Yeung, John Karantonis 

Back Row: Harish Maraj, Mark Han, Carr Hatch, Robert Schellekens 
Front Row: Mr. Cooper, Patrick Fordyce, Alastair Kellett, David Hwang, 

klC»^rDl?Dfrr _ 

Back Row: Mr. Keenan, Michael Thompson, Eraser Buchan, Jay Jolliffe, 
Jonathan Lucas, Mario Maruzzo, Philip Goad Front Row: Chris Godfrey, 
Jake Sheehan, Taylor Scherberger, Jonathan Bell, Stefan Picot, Henry 
Ciocca, Owen Williams 

P. Diamandis: "Where are the rest of 
the U 16 Tennis Team members?' 




]^y protection 


must be worn 


Rob Burkett and Bobby Palit: heads of the Speakers' Union 

Left to Right: Asad Ladha, Rob Evans, Rob Bell, Rob Burkett, James Boake, Chris Martin, Chris Kelly 

Speaker's Union 

We've had another awesome year in the 
world of public speaking and debating with more 
people getting involved than ever before. As always 
our school hosted the Annual Challenge Saucer, the 
crown jewel of debating/public speaking which not 
only ran flawlessly but saw Bobby Palit place first 
in the debating standings and our team of Bobby 
Palit. Chris Martin, and Robert Bell finish third 
overall, again in the debating division of the 
tournament. Besides being well represented at 
various invitational debates our school continually 
placed very highly in all impwrtant Fulford League 
debates. On the other end of the spectrum Greg 
Karout, Bobby Palit, and Rob Burkett had a lot of 
fun at this year' s International Independent School 
Public Speaking Competition. This is a three day 
extravaganza of world class pubhc speaking occurring 
in October which was unfortunately held this year 
in Toronto. Perhaps the greatest success we achieved 
was at this year' s Ontario Student Debating Union 
Tournament, where Chris Martin and Bobby Palit 
did so well that they will be representing the school 
at the Provincials, to be held in London later this year. 
Depending on how they do they may have the chance 
to attend the Nations and even possibly the Worlds. 
The final big event of the year is the Southern Ontario 
model United Nations Assembly hosted by UTS 
in April. This year we are fielding 
three delegations where eight of us 
will attempt to solve the world's 
problems both with hundreds of 
other students in Convocation Hall 
amongst ourselves in Grossman's 
"reading" room. 

Bobby and I had a 
phenomenal time this year and we 
would hke to thank all the people 
involved in public speaking and offer a very 
special thanks to our intrepid leader and 
unwavering source of inspiration, Mrs. Miller. 

Rob Burkett, Bobby Palit 
Heads of the Speakers Union 

The Hard cores were; 

Chris "I'm a robot" Martin 
Rob "F d call Terry Fox a ******* to win" 

Bobby "I'm sure we lost" Palit 
Rob "It's only fun if they cry" Burkett 

The Speakers Union was: 

Pankaj Bahtia. Ali Shukor, Rob Evans, Rob 
Mellema, Derrick de Kerchove, David Hare, Ken 
Adams, Mike Anstey, Chris Kelly, Jonathan Lofft, 
James Boake, Greg Karout, Matt Morden, Eric 
Wynn, Nick Payne, Drew Pearson and Asad Ladha. 

The International's Debating Crew 



Back Row: Morgan Brooker, Stuart Hillenbrand, Rob Bell, Mike Anstey, Andrew Beadon, Dan Medd. 
Middle Row: Andrew Dudgeon. Jonathon Lofft, Jesse Parker, James Boake. Front Row: Drew Pearson, 
Fraser Tamaki, Mike Popielaty . Absent: Bernard von Bieberstein, A.J. Mabro, George Bassel, John Dyer, 
James Fisher. David Huang. Glenn Lou-Hing. 

There were a couple of major changes this year in the server's guild, one positive, and one negative. The good news was this year Father 
Hill bought the guild new robes. This meant no more wax covered robes(for now!). The bad news was that this year marked the first year in a 
very long time that there was no vestry. No more Neil Young, no more lounging around getting ready to serve on Friday or on Eucharists and 
by the way, where in the heck did the Holy Gourd go? But with the loss of the vestry came the aquisition of a new room inside the chapel itself 
and we all adjusted accordingly. On a good note, I think that we have all learned how to properly put out the candles. This year was a good one 
and I hope that everyone was happy. There was of course one person who was very happy and that was Mr. Love. The reason; no incencse! To 
all the guys who served this year, a great job. Everyone did exactly what he was supposed to do. There are just too many guys out there to thank, 
but I would like to thank George and Drew specifically. You guys really helped out a lot when I wasn't at school. I hope that the guild head next 
year will have as much fun as I did this year. 
A.J. Mabro. 

Film Club 

Members: William Burton, Paul King, Robert 

Burkett, David Engle, Geoffry Chapman, Robert 

Evans, Gregory Karout, Matthew Morden. 


1- iM~ w.^^mJ^H^^I 



Ketchup makes good blood! 

Ketchup make.s really good blood. 


Dam! Does ketchup ever make realistic blood! 


Back Row: Mr. Sarellas. Joe Temamian, Hayden Ho, Mike Anstey, Michael von Teichman 
Middle Row: Phedias Diamandis, Istvan Luppino, Quincy Lui, Stephen Superina, Mike 
Popielaty, Amr Kronfol, Phil Watson Front Row: Jonathan Lee, Jason Lee Absent: David 
Hwang, Glenn Lou-Hing. 



The Pottery club is run by Mrs. Grieve and is 
open to all students who wish to take part in 
pottery after school. Junior and senior students 
also do pottery in their art classes. 
Congratulations to Mrs. Grieve and all the 
students for their work and perseverance this 
year in filling the art room with a wonderful 
selection of work. 


Back row: Alexander Momz Brown, Angus Robinson, Bernard von Bieberstein, Asad Ladha 

Middle row: Michael Chen, Alexander Wolfson, Raymond Lui 

Front row: Andrew Dudgeon, Justin Leung, Kazuo Oishi, Ian Roberts, Mrs. Hall 

Look at me. I need attention. 

The editors hard at work. 

Go Away! 

back: Justin Ho, John Dyer, Front: Ian Edmonds, Brian Pho Absent: 
Jonathan Abraham, Mark Longo, Ivan Chin 

This year was another wild ride. We survived: dislocation due to 
construction, cramped quarters, new computer networks, the lack of Mr. 
Latimer's great candid photos, and the greatest challenge of all - each 
other. Most of the crew were returning for their second stint at the school 
year's longest running project. At first we didn't think Mrs. Hall was 
serious when she said we'd be back after exams to finish up the book, 
but at this time of year we know it is painfully true. We've had some great 
help from new members, including boys from the junior school and the 
same committed effort from the old gang. The jury is still out as to 
whether or not the overwhelmingly large number of OACs working on 
this Georgian was a help or a hinderance. At any rate we're all moving 
on and hope we've left you with a record of some of your favourite 
moments from this year. THE YEARBOOK CLUB 96-97 


Go Club 

Environment Qub 

"Them sucka's grooved this year." 

"Oh yeah, what are you talking about?" 

"Ah well, them damn fools took some canoes up 

and down the street for Temagami, they raised a 

whole lotta dough, cleaning up the trash, concerning 

themselves about air pollution basically doing all 

that hippie stuff." 

"No kidding, you tripping me?" 

"Nah, I'm totally on the level and I'd jusl like to 

thank all those crazy sucka's for pitching in and 

making the vibe come alive." 

"Down right and fiinky." 

"Oh Doctor..." Bv: Dak DeKcrchove. Justin Hanwell 

The Environment Club:(From lup to bottom) 
Drew Pearson, Justin (Rusty) Hartwell, Dak 
DeKerchove. FJavid Reaser, Ed Bimbaum, James 
Robertson, Tom Blackmore, Nick Payne, Paul 
King, Rob Bell. Angus Robinson. Adam Shaw. 
Stephen Brooks. Glenn Lou-Hmg. Josh McKillop. 
Andy Beadon. Absent: Alan Humphnes. Asad 


Stage Crew 

The Georgian Weekly 

The RSGC newspaper is an outlet for students with an C> 

affinity for writing and an opinion on one thing or another. tp- 
Requirements are minimal; no topic is off-limits, no article C*a 
is too short, no opinion too extreme. In fact, the more extreme * 
the better. Anyone is welcome to contribute, and articles are 
accepted at anytime. If you're a seasoned writer looking for 
exposure, or a budding genius looking for some experience, feel 
free to submit anything you like. The newspaper is there for you. 

Hair Not Part Of Uniform Middle_ East Explodes 






He wiped the beads of sweat that 
had formed on his brow. The traffic jam 
was driving him crazy and it was hot as 
hell. And there I was in the back seat. 
Grumbling to himself he was franticly 
trying to figure out how he was going to 
pay the landlord. He had got fired, again. 
He got fired a lot, probably because ofhis 
attitude. He also had a short fiase. This 
time, he had punched a co-worker in the 
face and started some serious fight or 
something. I think he hurt the man pretty 
bad. He had a horrible temper. He 
started hittinghis pockets foracigarette. 
He smoked when he was annoyed, but I 
didn ' t need that hint to tell he was 
annoyed. I could see it in his eyes. He 
finally hitthatfamiUarshape in hisright 
pocket and started smoking. 

His life was pretty crappy. He 
wasn't, you could say, 'blessed'. He had 
been divorced for 2 or 3 weeks I think, 
and had lost all his money to Ma. She got 
just about everything. 1 didn 't live with him 
or nothing; he was just giving me a Uft fi-om 
school. Hived withmy Ma, and thatwas 
fine cause she ' s real nice but she does 
haveanawfulcomplainingproblem. Ifit 
wasn'tboyfiiends, government or 
something, it was my Da. She didn't like 
him much. Anyway, you get the idea, he 
had his problems. No money, no job, no 
wife, and all can be pretty depressing. I 
didn 't see him much, and I think he missed 
me though he never said so . I felt real ly 
sorry for him and love' m and all but I still 
what he did that day. 

It had to have been hours. The 
jam wasn'tmoving. [noticed Da was 
tensing up and moving all over the place all 
uncomfortable like. Wejust sat there not 
talking, probably cause we didn't have 
much to talk about. He mostly only talked 
to me about Ma and the stuff she said 
abouthim. He'dsay: 'whatfilthyliesshc 
say ' bout me now, boy? ' I would shrug it 

ofiFsaying she ain 't said nothing. I don ' t 
think he believed me and persisted too, 
but eventually he gave up. Anyway, I 
could see it in his eyes he was getting mad 
so I tried talking to him. He wasn't 
interested though and would shrug me off 
So I shut up before I looked like a fool. 
And then it happened. Some bug came 
buzzingby hisearand landed onhis face. 
He kept slapping at it but it kept coming 
back. Then some moron behind us 
started honking and yelling at us ' cause 
myDawasn'tmovingforward. Thenhe 
came over to us and started banging on 
the windows, and that did it. 

My Da with a wild look in his 
eyes opened the door and hit the man 
rightsquareintheface. The man fell right 
oflFhis feet and hit the ground real hard. 
He went unconscious I think. Next he 
grabbed the gun he kept under the back 
seat and then pulled me out of the car. 
He dragged the man and me to a gas 
stationbuildingcloseby. Theemployee 
on duty there saw us and was mighty 
scared. My Da told him not to move, but 
when he bent down to tie up the other 
mantheguyjustranoff. Bythetimemy 
Da noticed he was long gone and Da 
didn' t seem to care much neither. I envied 
that guy. Well wejust waited there for a 
hour or two, saying nothing. I was 
keeping quiet. I mean, there was a 
disturbed man holding a gun in fi-ont of 
me, even ifhe was my Da. The man 
started crying and fiissing like a two-year 
old child. My Da held the gun to his 
head, screaming and tellinghim to shutup. 
Da started hitting him and telling him all his 
problems. It seemed like he was 
that poor bastard. It was like the man 
was the source ofhis problems. I tell ya, 
I've heard of people letting of a little 
steam. But this was crazy, and I told him 
so too. But my Da kept right on doing 
what he was doing paying mc no mind. It 
was then I felt pretty ashamed to be his 
son, but I never said that to h im . I fc It 

sorry for the man. I didn't want to be him 

Well it wasn ' t too long before the 
sound ofsirens hit my ears. The cops 
were here. I figure the employee must 
have told 'm or something. We were 
surrounded and I heard some guy start 
yelling for my Da to give it up and 
surrender. My Da looked mad, and that 
wild look returned to his eyes. Heputtht 
gun to the man ' s head and I thought he ' d 
shoot, but he didn ' t. Suddenly my Da did 
something I had never seen him do . He 
started crying and put his free hand on his 
face. It was then I understood. My Da 
ain'tno murderer. He wasjusta 
fiiistrated man who had been pushed 
overtheedge. The man apparently didn '1 
see it my way. The man saw his chance 
and leapt for the gun. They struggled for 
that gun for a while and suddenly the gun 
went oflFin the ruckus and the man fell 
down, dead. The first thing I noticed was 
the blood. Man, I' ve never seen that 
much blood in my whole Ufe ! It was just 
about everywhere, especially on my Da. 
When I read my Da' s eyes this time, I 
saw something different, panic. He raised 
his blood-soaked hand to his face and 
then looked at the corpse. He started 
yelling and screaming hke an animal and 
ran out the door at a dead run, covered ii 
blood. Well, seconds later I heard shots, 
didn ' t need to see, I knew what 
happened. I didn't move, I just sat there, 
was shocked, sad, relieved and disgustec 
and I threw up right there. The cops took 
good care of me. 

I feel sad in a way. I mean he 
too bad about someone like that. We 
never were really close, as I said before, 
guess my main thought is that I am glad 
it's over, ' cause he must have been prett 

Grade I 

Previously piihlished in inCITE 



Signs Of Colour 






Satyrs in the Mist. 





. < . V 

[kylcne the Nymph played by Vanessa ( 

Mr. Holdsworth: Director/Producer] 



<H> tl% 

[Chris Martin as Hermes the Boy Wonder. 


Mike Vitorovich in the role of Bernard Grenfell / Apollo. 


[Pamian Abraham as Arthur Hunt / Silenus. 

Countdown: An R.S.G.C. Film 


Robinette and Levine set up the camera. 

L..i ; 




f~ - 


III .--•- 
> ■ 

■ ■ > 





The cast and crew prepare to shoot. 





KSTSsevSuiTTarSoT^l^^ Todd. Andrew Hepburn Front Row: Kaitlyn Ufeaver>lichaen^£ul^ 




Brett Grantham fixes the lighting.! 









1; , 



Saumets does sound. | 


• — ' 

■S9- J''^^Jii. . ' 'Jt"^'ji 




I The (lirccliir. Janios Bciake. checks out the equipment 

. 91 Ml Mu\liiw; An actor; .sort of. 



< .■^.■,:^^/^^ 

\' It J -I*. 



I Evans and Ackley: Doing what they do best.| 

D'Onofrio cIiclKn ihc nn 

t \ 

[It's actually much more confusing than it looks' ;i 



Alexis Levine scans the monitor for mistakes.] 

I The Baby Boomer. 


I Top left: Brian Cole, grade 10. Above & 
Bottom left: Matt Morden, grade 13. Below: 
Jamie Bergstra, grade 10. 


AboverAaronLau, grade lO.Below: 
Simon Wilkinson, grade 1 1 .Left:Peter| 
Levine, grade twelve. 





Top left: Jamie Robertson, grade 1 2. Top right: 
Peter Adams, grade 9. Bottom right: RSGC';- 
own Anon. Bottom left: Aaron Lau, grade 10 
Middle left: Brian Sutherland, grade 10. 









yi M^ 


^r fl 



1 ' 


■^ 1 








•t . 

«' ■'■■ J !.'■ 

K.4 • 


\ . 


V *." 


.,»i '■■ ■ 

y- ' ■> .. r 

i'. '•■'*■'' 

r»wi5 ^ 


'•' i^/^ 









Of course, it wasn'teasy. 
And there were times I didn't know 
what to do. But I trusted my 
instincts. I always trusted my 
instincts on these matters. There 
was something about Hubert that 
didn't make sense. Maybe it was 
(lis alibi or the way he dressed. I 
:an recall what he wore at 
Penelope's party. He had on a 
Dluehat and a purple sweater. His 
3ants did not match his top at all. 
rhey were green and he had blue 
>ockson. His shoes were white 
ivith brown laces. 

Strange I thought! But then in 
Tiy business you accept the strange 
ind weird. He was not affected by 
people staring when he was 
lunking for sliced pears in the fruit 
>owl. Penelope thought it was 
lilarious. I thought it was weird. I 
ost my appetite for the food. The 
itrangest thing of all was dunking 
or pears, he went into the bucket 
)f water. 

After the fruit bowl incident 
vlrs. Gertrude Gimble Gumble 
poke to me. I was blinded by the 
)aubles of sparkling blue diamonds 
hat draped her neck. I had to 
eachfor my sunglasses. I really 
ouldn't stand the woman. But 
)eing polite, I listened to her idle 
)anter about her expensive baubles, 
^fter her babbling, she said 
omething I didn't know about 
'enelope. "Penelope," she said 
was a student in my gym classes. 
>he was the best basketball player 
here. She even got it in a couple 
)f times!" 

Hmm I thought. It was 9:00 
).m. lalwaysknow the time 
)ecause I look at my watch every 
10 seconds. Inmy business it's 

always important to know the time. 
The lights went out at 9:00 and that 
was followed, 30 seconds later, by 
a wretched and blood curdling 
scream. I reached for my pocket 
flashlight in the left breast pocket of 
my herringbone tweed sports 
jacket. In my business it's always 
important to be prepared for the 
unexpected. I quickly surveyed the 
ballroom and on the floor beside 
the fruit bowl was Mrs. Gertrude 
Gimble Gumble. She had a dinner 
fork stuck in her, and her neck was 
bare of the bauble of sparkling blue 
diamonds. I had to think and act 
fast to restore order to the room. I 
immediately ran towards the body 
andcheckedif she was alive. She 
was dead and her eyes were glazed 
over. I looked for clues and 
carefully put the fork with a 
Kleenex in a bag so as not to leave 
fingerprints. I looked around and 
saw a trail of blood going to the 
door. Where did it lead? Of 
course after having restored the 
lights and order, I asked people for 
their alibis. Hubert's excuse was 
the sizeable quantity of fruit he had 
swallowed. He complained that 
severe stomach cramps prevented 
any movement on his part. Hmm I 
thought, Penelope's alibi was that 
she couldn't have done it because 
she was at the store buying clothes 
for her friend. Plus when she got 
home the killing had already 
happened. One thing for sure this 
was going to be a hard case. 

Jon Bell 
Grade 5 

Previously pubUshed irdnCITE 


Hi. My name is Frank. I am 
your average 16 year old kid. I 
have the same problems as 
everyone else, and the same goal. 
All I wanna do is to have a good 
time, but sometimes, it can be really 
hard. These days you've got 
people watching you right and left, 
but it's not the cops I worry about. 
My main difficulty is with my father. 
You see, he was brought up real 
well. Always acting perfectly, 
knowing the answer to every 
question, polite, well mannered, but 
stubborn. He gets on my case 
about almost everything, like it' s so 
wrong to be who I am. 

He is the kind of father that 
never tells his kid the facts of life, 
and never stops to think about 
anyone else except for himself. 
Things were a lot different in his 
day, or so he says. He's always 
really narrow minded, which caused 
a huge problem just a couple of 
weeks ago. 

You see, one day he decided 
to go looking around in my room. I 
don't know why he felt the need to 
invade my privacy like that, but he 
did. Perhaps he was paranoid. 
Anyways, he came across 
something kind of embarrassing. I 
don't see what the big deal was. I 
mean, everyone my age is doing 
things much more drastic than this 
these days. What else is there to 
dohalf the time? I think that things 
have become really loose in the 
past decade. It's like no-one has 
to have any inhibitions anymore. 

I walk in the door and take a 
seat in the living room. My dad is 
totally phased out for some reason. 
I can read him like a book. 


It's in his eyes orhis unsteady 
motions. Something was quite 
obviously wrong. Ofcourselpay 
no mind. I try to keep my distance 
these days. 

So I get up to grab a bight to 
eat from the kitchen. Nachos 
would probably hit the spot right 
about now. I'd been starving all 
day after a good workout on the 
court. I rise to go to the kitchen, 
and suddenly I'm hit with it. 

"Wait one second Frank. I 
was up in your room today." I 
thought, hey, he's probably about 
to overreact about something again, 
like he does every day. I wonder 
what he found today. 

"What were you doing up there?" I ask. 

"I was looking for something." 

"Well next time, why don't you 
just ask, ok?" I was starting to get 
angry. I have a really short temper 
with him lately, and besides, he 
really shouldn't be up there looking 
through my stuff. 

"I came across something quite 
interesting while I was there." 

"So." I said with a big attitude. 

"I see you've been making good 
use of the top drawer in your 

Suddenly I felt very nervous, 
almost as if I was gonna throw up 
or something. I couldn't remember 
what exactly was in that drawer but 
I knew it must be incriminating. 
Maybe he had found my stash or 
something. He doesn't usually open 

I finally realized what he was 
talking about and totally flipped 
out. What the hell did he think he 
was doing going through my stuff. I 
could just sense that he would 

make a big deal about this sort of 

thing, but 1 don't see what the 

problem was. I mean, at least I'm 

being safe. 

A thousand thoughts went 
through my mind. Should I make 
up some lie tell the truth, walk 
away? But before I could respond 
in any way, he pipes up again. 

"Condoms huh?" He Pauses. 
"What the hell are you doing having 
sex. I don't see what the hell is 
wrong with you. Do you know how 
many diseases there are out there? 
AIDS, Syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, 
and whatever else. I can't believe 
how stupidly irresponsible you are 
sometimes. It's like you don't even 
care about anything." 

He went on and on for about 
five more minutes. I wasn't even 
listening to what he was saying 
anymore. It's all bull anyways. I 
can take care of myself. Besides, 
what's the big hassle. It's sex. A 
natural god-given luxury. 
Something that everyone does. 
Does he not know that I have 
reached a maturity level high 
enough for this kind of thing? It's 
not like he's never done it, unless 
Of course I'm adopted. 

Unfortunately, as much as I 
think I'm right, he will never agree. 
It occurred to me that I must lie. I 
need my privileges here and I just 
can't stand to see him babble on 
like this, so I interrupt him. 

"Dad. Just wait ok? I've 
learnt all about disease and 
whatever. I know how unsafe it is. 
Truth is, everyone has condoms 
handedout to them in school. It's 
part of a big safe-sex program. Do 
you really think I would do that sort 
of thing though? Com'on! I'm only 
sixteen years old, all right? I can't 
believe you'd even accuse me of 
something like that. Besides, we 
both know that premarital sex is 
wrong, right?" 


"Well," he delays, of course. 
"I'm sorry for yelling at you. I just 
get paranoid you know? I want the 
best for my son. Just forget I ever 
said anything, and get rid of those 
things, ok?" 

It seems I am home free. He 
gobbled up everything. See, that's 
the good thing about my father. 
He's so damn stupid! I mean, did 
you hear how I phrased that? It 
was such an obvious lie, yet he ate 
it up anyway 

With that pressure off my 
back, I went about my business as 
normal. I had a hearty plate of 
Nachos, and a Molson Canadian to 
wash 'em down with. I went 
upstairs to find a better hiding spot 
formy things. Within a couple 
hours of getting ready, I was out 
for another night on the town. Much 
later then that, I met a great girl. 
She was a good candidate for the 
next notch on my bedpost. 

Basically, you have to 
remember one thing. You don't 
make the rules, you just play the 
game. Don't try to be good 
because their definition of good is 
much different then ours. No 
matter how hard you try, you'll 
never be able to justify anything to 
someone from another generation, it 
just doesn't work. But you can still 
throw some curve balls and get 
around 'em easily, just like they 
probably did when they were our 

Tom D'Arcy 
Grade 12 

Previously published ininCITE 

Grade 9 And 10 Bands 

Back Row: Jesse Parker, Topher Bennett, Ian Winton, Jonah Falco, Andrew Newbury, Micheal Ast, 

David Lindermere. Middle Row: Mr. Martin, Nick Payne, Austin Locke, Stuart Hillenbrand, Daniel 

Green, D'Arcy Cook, Jim Morrison. Front Row: Adam Shaw, Daniel Bennett, Paul Macchione, Fraser 

Baldry, Cameron Conn-Grant, Tristan Abraham. Absent: David Reeser. 

You'll never find anyone better than me! 

Back Row: Sam Gildner, Andrew Haust. Arden Church, Justin Young. Jamie Pope. Peter Bellingham. 

James Snider. Middle Row: Mr. Martin. Justin Leung. Miller Peterson, John Maggiacomo, Jeffrey 

Todd, Michel Mamardi, Daniel Koo. Front Row: Keith Lui, Alex Lyn. Michael Clark. Andrew Pettit. 

Ben Zelikovitz. Absent: Scott Hong, James Robertson. 


This music! It's so touching. 

Grade 11 Band And Jazz Band 

This tune drives the giris wild. 

Ohh.. I'm going wild!! 

My mommy says I'm good! 

We should really play something different in assembly 

Play it again boys. 

The Jazz Septet 

Back Row: Mr. Martin, Nick Payne, Jesse Parker, Tristan Abraham. 
Back Row: Andy Beadon, Stef Washuk, Darnel Medd, Mr. Martin. Front Row: Daniel Green. Stuart Hillenbrand, Austin Locke, Jonah Falco. 

Front Row: James Robertson, Andrew Bryant, Jamie Lint, Elliot 
Hughes, George Bassel. 


Junior Music 

A, B, and C bands 

4th Row: Garth Millar. Ian Edmonds. Jeremy Pigott. Bradley Milne, Matt Postrozny. Geoffrey Keating. Ted Sablatnig. 
Michael Haughton, Geoffrey Bolton. Adam Donald 3rd Row: Terence Ho. Sam Bennett, Josh Nagel. Matt King. Fraser 
Buchan. Chris Rae. Chris Roscoe. Trevor Thompson, Geoff Renihan, Johann Smula, Aaron Latner 2nd Row: Mike 
Rieger, Gage Love, Brian Todd, Jonathan Abraham, Ivan Chin 1st Row: Joseph Hillenbrand, Arian Pri.stine, Shimon 
Pokomy, Morgan Rubes, Christian Heisey. Chris Reineck, Gordon Dunlop, Kevin Lau, Nick Martm. Mr Wade West 

Back Row: Dr. Leatch, Tarek Awad, Mark Longo. Jamie Bourgeois. Alex 
McNabb. Middlf Row: Matt Wilson. Aaron Mitchell. Mario Maruzzo, Todd 
Curtin. Front Row: Jonathan Tarn. Tim Clark. David McNabb, Andrew Ham 


BscK Row: Mr Martin, Robin Gainer, Chris Godfrey. Alexander Educisan, John Karantoni.s. Midim.k 
Row: Tim Wong. Paul Sidi. Tom Hutchison. Aaron Mitchell. Jon Lucas. Ian Paltillo, Andres de Palma. 
Front Row: Michael McCuIloch. Graham Atkinson. Geoffrey Reeser. Ian Humphreys, David Jones, 
Sandy Norton. Philip Goad. Wayne Yao Ab.sf.nt: Patrick Donovan 


Choir Band 


A B Choir 


I V 

B Choir: Cameron Alguire, Timothy Chung, Adam Harris, David Hill, David 
Hurlow, Nick Haggar, David Kerr- Vayne, Michael Love, Danzel Pinto, Jamie 
Scott, Jacob Sheehan, Arthur Shum, Dylan Shvili, Francis Teofilovici, Gary 

A Choir: Adam Dukszta, Graham Durrant-Taylor, Tim Enfield, Jesse Fulton, 
Robert Gleadow, Justin Ho, Ethan Hoddes, Sean Lee, Thomas Lockett, Adam 
Main, Peter McGrath, Haddon Murray, Michael Roebuck, Patrick Taylor, Paul 
Temamian, Francesco Valente-Gorjup, Kyle Waters, Michael Wilton. Absent: 
Donald Pyper, Ehren Liuson 


I like to sing. 

Old McDonald had a farm.. 

Santa Claus is coming.. 

What arc you looking at. 

I'm a good singer. 



Move over Charlie Parker, I'm on my way to Birdland. 

Clean up at Kiwanis 

Our pupils had considerable success in this year' s Kiwanis 

competitions. In "Boy's Open Solo", Donald Pyper came first, 

\ Peter McGrath came second, and Robert Gleadow came third. In 

-^ Sw^ "Boys' Duet- Age 15andunder",JesseFulton&TimEnfieldcame 

" \/^ first, Peter McGrath with a non-RSGC boy came second, and 

Donald Pyper & Robert Gleadow came third. In "Boys' Duet- Age 

1 1 and under", Haddon Murray & Adam Dukszta achieved first 

prize. Finally in "Boy ' s Solo - Choirboys", Adam Dukszta won first 


The future economic leaders of the free world. 


Grade 5 Band 

I wonder when Mr. Wade West will realize that this isn't A hand 

Back Row: Luke Ostrander, Wai Luon Oioy, Owen Williams, Wells Scringham, Matthew Gnffin, Jeremy 
MiUigan, Bryan Feheley, Jonathan Holtby.TraRD Row: Matthew Piggot, Wilham Lockett, Erich Zimm, 
Phil Reineck.SECOND Row : Mr. Wade West, Jonathan Bell, Taylor Scherberger, Matthew Yeung, Colin 
Rubes .Front Row : Scott Ackley, league Mackian-Russel, Stefan Picot, Chris Evans . 




^^gj r-"*'' 




I'm telling you, it's the reed that needs fixing 


Musical Events 


The Senior Brass Quartet: Mr. WadeWest, Chris Roscoe, Kazuo Oishi, Jonah Falco. We 
would hke to thank Mrs. Falco for playing the piano and for letting us invade her house. 


Nick Yap 

Jazz Septet playing at the Showcase concert. 

ISMF Symphonic Band 1997 

istAJto Saxophone 1st Clarinet 
Stuart Hillenbi-and Paul Maccliione 
m.^ . . Scott Hong 

Never mrndlhelvianibo,i,eres the... „„,„„... 

Michael Clark 

, ,, the Ba^^er centre j 
Live' at the ^«ZZ BanW 

Trumpet: Ka.uo O.shi, >'^f^^^^^ ...>,.«. """^ 

Frencli Horn-. Chris Roscoe. 1 . WadcWc. *,„„p^^ 


Rob Dyer 

J 997 



Rob and his big instrument. 

Mr. Martin directing the troops. 

Great music, great hockey, great people. Where else 
but Montreal? For our music trip this year we went to this 
logical destination and although we were stuck in Laval for 
most of the time (they didn't quite trust us) we managed 
to have some fun. The free time in Jacques Cartier Square 
was definitely interesting (Did anyone find out why Stu 
bought that gas mask?), and the other definite highlight 
was the underground mall we visited (Nick, next time buy 
the ten dollar nylons). 

Nick impressing the ladies. 

"Looks like one of those ink blot tests." 


Band Trip 

Junior School 'A' Band Tour 

The 33 members of the R.S.G.C. Junior School 'A' band accompanied by Dr. Barlow, 
Mr. Wade- West, Mr. McMaster, and Mr. Hutchison departed from Toronto by motorcoach on 
June 14, 1996. The long journey to Columbus, Ohio took almost the entire day at the end of 
which we checked in at the Best Western Columbus North Hotel and soon retired to our rooms 
to get some well needed rest. The following morning, the members of the band visited the 
Moundbuilders State Memorial where we gained admission to the museum and had the 
pleasure of listening to a Native American leader skilled in both flute playing and in flute 
making techniques. In the afternoon, the band performed for the Heisey Collectors of America 
following which we visited the go-kart park. 

The next morning after a service at Trinity Episcopalian Church, the band left for 
Cincinnati where we boarded the paddlewheeler 'Mark Twain' for a cruise which provided us 
with a sumptuous dinner along with some great entertainment. The following day, the band 
performed at the rotunda of the National History and Museum Centre. The evening was spent 
at Paramount king's Island Amusement Park where a rollicking time was had by all! 

The coach transported the group for a full day performance at the Cleveland Zoo and 
Rainforest following which the residents of the Village of St. Edward in Akron, Ohio were 
treated to some wonderful music by the band. The final leg of the tour included visits to the 
Cleveland Indians Baseball Stadium and to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . The last night before 
our departure to Toronto, the band members enjoyed themselves thoroughly at the Cedar Point 
Amusement Park which had several interesting rides. After a hectic week's tour the band finally 
returned to Toronto in the evening of June 20, 1996. By Jonathan Abraham 



Blowfly productions... 

for all your entertainment needs. 

Owned and operated by: Matt Morden & Drew Pearson. 


i/n "^^mpt^^cp 

Opening Day / Proficiency/Trips 

Get your hair cut by Monday or else. 

Three proficiency award winners 

Bottom Left and Right; Geo trips to Niagara & Corning 


Grad Weekend 

The grads' ball hockey line-up. 

In the end Mr. Hannaford was just one of the boys. 

The grad weekend is traditionally an escape after the first hectic weeks of school. 
One goes under the assumption and hope that one will get to know one's peers better and 
learn the first essentials of what universities require out of a student. The most memorable 
tradition has always been the bog walk, a last time during which we can be young at heart 
and revel in getting as dirty as humanly possible. 

.?».» t 

h's harder than it looks! 

High Park Run 

Ahhh... the High Park Run. the first major house event of the year. 
.Although some staff grabbed doughtnuts and coffee, others stretched with 
the students, preparing for yet another eventful run. Paint was smudged on 
faces, shoelaces were tied, and R.S.G.C. athletes took off in either the "A" 
run. "B" run, or "C" run. The photographers were nearly knocked over as a 
mad herd of white, yellow, red, and blue flew through the field towards the long 
road. Below are the top twelve finishers for the "A" run. Mr. Keenan was kind 
enough to surrender his title to Adrian Henke who proceeded him for most of 
the race until the last few minutes. 

The Dirtx Dozen 96 

1 .Patrick Fordyce. Grade 1 1 . West 
2.BradAligood. Grade 1 1. Cant 
3.Jeff Enfield. Grade 1.3. York 
4.Jamie Lint. Grade 12. West 
.5. Jeffrey Todd. Grad 10. West 
6.Rohen Bell. Grade 1 .3. West 

7. Derrick de Kerckhove. Grade 1 .3. Winch 

8.Tim Pyper. Grade 1 1 . York 

9.RobMellema. Grade 12. Winch 

1 O.Anthony Kingsley. Grade 12. Winch 

11. Sam Gildiner. Grade 10. West 

1 2.Mr. Keenan. .Staff. York 





I used my experience to win this one. 

Drew don't eat too much. 

I already have. 

Political Encounters 


Halloween 96 

The Crow 3? 

IX-.ul riKiii w;ilkitig. 

I dciiri hclicM.' he uoii bfsl lonsHime' 


Morgan just clowning around. 

M) Pound Turkey Unveiled at 
ueen's Quay Last Night 

y: AmrKronfol 

On Sunday a live turkey weighing in 
59.4672 kg was put on display at Queen's 
jay terminal as part of the Thanksgiving 
stivities there. "Fat Boy", as the turkey has 
en named by the University of Toronto 
ology team that created him, is a 
mendous achievement in the field of 
netic engineering. 

"The genetically altered bird is no 
Jghing matter. It is the result of thousands 
■ hours of hard work. By examining the DNA 
a normal bird and merging it with our 
mputer generated schematics we were able 
increase the organism's body mass 
>portionally," explains Dr. Peter Balanski, 
ad of U of T's bio-engineering department. 

The turkey measures just over one 
;ter in height and three meters in width and 
i\ member of the genus animalia avis 
. ignus. It was bom on January 6, 1996 and 
i s already reached its optimum weight. 

Many experts in the field were on site 

The friendly freaks of R.S.G.C. 

to examine the bird and as Harvard professor 
Emily Biller put it, 'The Uirkey 's life signs are 
stable and if its health remains unchanged 
then, by God, they've done it! Why this 
could solve world hunger... the possibihties 
are endless..." 

But, for many, this scientific wonder 
was just part of a fun-filled day on the lake. 
As Rob Blark, a local six year old, explained, 
"I liked everything, but, most of all 1 liked the 
big turkey. He was so big. He was so fat. 
Mmmm. Turkey. That's a lot of mrkey." 

The turkey, as well as other attractions 
such as an enormous, intricately carved, 
pumpkin was a big hit and drew much 
business to the HarbourFront area. 

"All of these events tend to bring in 
the tourists and once they're here they can't 
get enough hot dogs. Yes, if a giant bird is 
what it takes to bring in the bucks I'm all for 
it," commented Mr. Pimm, a local hot dog 

Nonetheless, animal rights groups 
were on hand to protest what they 
considered "cruel and unusual punishment." 
Members of these organizations felt that this 


line of genetic experimentation is not only 
illegal, but unethical. One man, Michael 
Robielaty, tied himself to the turkey's cage 
screaming, "Hell, no, 1 won't go! Free the 
turkey, don't turn him into jerky !" No one was 
injured and the turkey was returned to its 
home at one of the university's biological 
laboratories at 1 60 1 Yonge Street where it will 
undergo further testing. 

The Humane Society has filed multiple 
law suits against the university and, in 
theory, this could kill Dr. Bahnski's genetic 
programs. However, U of T lawyers, under 
the leadership of Hal Hannabord, do not 
intend to allow this to happen. 'The bird is 
our property and we were in the right," 

insisted Mr. Hannabord at a press 
conference on Monday. 

"Fat boy" has already been 
hailed as the eighth wonder of the 
world and he will ultimately be moved 
to the Toronto Zoo to be placed on 
permanent display. 
Please see Fat Boy / Al 1 
Nota Bene: There is no Al 1 


It's a new year and there's a new 
addition to the school. The construction 
began in early July. By the time we got 
to school it was well under way. For 
almost a month there were leaking rooms, 
dusty hallways, and no heating. Finally 
the construction was completed and we 
could enjoy all the facilities that 
R.S.G.C. has to offer. 

liuESSa VSiEiliii 

iiiiiii laiiiii 

iS3E!S lllll!S 

The wall before it was tmished 

When will Mr Pengelly start taking care of his 
office ' 


liiiiii iimi! 

HlllHil lilll 

Near completion: the school hcrms lo i.ike form. 




Mrs. Hall found the books on animals. 

The wall was finished. 


By early January the senior school began to take 
advantage of the construction; the new lab, the larger 
library, the two new classrooms, the new stairwell and 
the new staff room. By late January students were able 
to use the new computer network implemented by Mr. 
Daleman. It was well worth the wait!!! 

The library at night. 

The new improved steeper stairway. The wall after it was finished 


Rememberance Day 

;.nf OB 

This year's Rememberance Day celebrations were made unique, by a visit from an Auschwitz survivor. 

Variety Night 

Clockwise from top left: Hutchison makes a pubUc appearance for his many fans; "You got the right 

one baby"; Andrew, Josh, and Tim bnnging the audience to their feet; "You've lost that lovin' 

feeling " ; Nick slows things down a little; I haven't cleaned this flute in 3 years. 

House League Ball Hockey 

Mr. Muxlow giving Rob Bell a few pointers. 

This year ball hockey realized massive success. With new jersies 
and a hot new web page, ball hockey rocketed its way into the twentieth 
century. Jake was the commisioner and is credited with having done an 
incredible job in motivation and participation. Congratulations goes out to 
all the players and good luck to next years crew of captains. 

iasha Bangay cruisin' the ball hockey field. "Ayyyouuuh!" 







jJHIfl^W^lfl • w ul>»W' ' ^ :lUUiL!iU.UU laiuuuuiu 


Jonathan Abraham gets an early lead. 

We enjoy the swim meet. 

, and West wins the T-Shirt relay! 

Swimming hke a fish 

Is it a false start? 

Our plan will be.. 


Keenan dreaming about Barbados. 

Dancing and cheenng for victory! 

House Drama 


Lyp Synch 



I love this place! 

Those silly children! 

What a scary sight! 


Ottawa Tri p 

Straighten out that tie. 

We're cool dudes in a loose mood 

I drive this to school every day. 

We're all so excited because we are al the experimental farm 

What a style 'n bunch 

He, he, he, this is pretty easy. 




Rickesh is so excited to go lo llic National Assembly. 





New York 


Hasta la vista, baby 

inf.: i 

I feel so powerful 



Hey, look at 'em Northerners, what they doin' in the Sath. Dey moved out of 
'em igloos yet? 





Washington. The land of green leaves 
and green grass. A place that is too 
many "bus hours" away. Washington 
is a trip of waiting in lines solely to see 
signs which say "Sorry, this area is 
temporarily closed." It is a city where 
buildings are colossal in size and the 
tourists are miniature. Washington has 
a population of 70,000 people but there 
are never fewer than 4,000,000. Long 
live the deep pockets of the true naive 
tourist, without whom the great city of 
Washington would likely decay to 

Wow, yet another war memorial... but heck this cannon probably killed 
ten people. That's something to be proud of. 


nine hours in. 

Jefferson said.... 

Left; The Washington monument, 

hmmm, having penetrated the 

American psyche and realizing their 

love of guns I'd bet that there is an 

inter-continental ballistic missile 

harboured in there. 

Spring Events 

Visiting Joe Clark at the Canadian Club 

The Red Ribbon Campaign Troup 

One for Mr. Hannaford. ..and the rest for me. 

The grades 4"s at the skydome. 

The Junior School Debating Club 


©ragon ^lapcr ^tubiog 

m association wilh Branksome Hall 

A Royal St. George's Film 

-sS'^^ oSSS 

U TSSm^-<ST -^ U 
N SS^^IF^^ N 

starring ., Kaillyn LeFeaver, Brian Tod. Michael McCulloch, Laura DeSlpio, 
Jay Jolllffe, Lindsay Hepburn, Andrew Hepburn introducing... Mr. B. Muxlow 

screenplay by ... The Media Studies Class 
cinematography by ... Peter Levlne directed by ... James Boake 

Sue Johanson visits during the 
"High on Health" conference. 

The Tour-givers get a free lunch 

Mrs. Robinson makes herself feel at home. 

Track Meet 

Fly High 

Dctemiination to win 

That's why he always attends the Track Mci 


The Guild - Staff Luncheon 

Mrs. Foster, and Mr. Pengelly 

Cowper-Smith: This i^iiy talks WAY too much' 



R.S.G.C. Athletic Awards 1996 - 97 

Most Improved Soccer Player: Morgan Rubes 

Edward Assaf Memorial Trophy Soccer M. V.P.: 

Tim Boyce 

Junior School Soccer Award: Todd Curtin 

Most Improved Volleyball Player: Blair Rose 

Volleyball Trophy M.V.P.: Graham Wright 

Junior School Volleyball Award: Geoff Renihan 

Most Improved Cross - Country Runner: Jeff 


Ferguson Award Excellence in Cross - Country 

Running: Patrick Fordyce / Brad AUgood 

Most Improved Hockey Player: Rylan Perry / 

Nick Martin 

J.W. McMaster Trophy Sr. Hockey M.V.P.: 

Adrian Henke 

Junior School Hockey Award: Todd Curtin 

Most Improved Skier: Morgan Brooker 

Trusler Ski Trophy: Graham McLorie 

LoMAX Memorial Trophy: Determination/ 

Perserverance Sportsmanship: Graham Wright 

Most Improved Basketball Player: Sandy Norton 

BowLBY Trophy Senior Basketball M. V.P.: Elliot 


Ju>(70R School Basketball Award: Paul Sidi 

Most Improved Tennis Player: Anthony Kingsley 

Tennis Trophy Best Player for his age: David 


Most Improved Lacrosse Player: Robert Bell 

Lacrosse M. V. P.: Joe Temamian 

Most Improved Badminton Player: Graham - 

Durrant Taylor 

Badminton Trophy Best Player for his age 

M.V.P.: Dan McDonald 

Most Improved Track and Field; Sandy Gibson 

R.K. Fraser Trophy Track and Field M.V.P. : 

Derrick de Kerckhove 

Junior School Track and Field Award: Sandy 


Most Improved Softball Player: Tim Enfield 

WE. Wilson Senior Softball M.V.P.: Micheal 


Junior School Softball Award: Geoff Renihan 

Most Improved Golfer: Chris Hatch 

Golf M.V.P.: Matt Barrington 

V.C. Pascof Trophy Senior School Best Athlete: 

Todd Curtin 

AC. TuDHoPE Trophy Grade 10 or 1 1 Best 

Athlete: Mathew Barrington 

J.S. HoussER Trophy Senior ScHooi Best Athlete: 

Graham Wright 

A.D.'s Award the individual who contributed 



Athletic Letter: Tim Boyce. Graham Wright, 

Jason Taylor. Jeff F.nrield 

Junior Prize Day 

Grade 3 Award -Alex Mather 

Grade 4 Award - Diederik Heisey 

Grasley Award (Grade 5) - Jonathan Be 

G. D. Hay Award (Grade 6) - Michael Rieger 

Scott Kovas Award (Grade 7) - Justin Hoe 

J.B.E. Garstang Prize (English) - Bradley Milne 

Mathematics Prize - Ivan Chin 

French Prize - Chris Roscoe 

St George's Society Social Studies Prize - Andrew Hepburn 

Science Prize - Jonathan Abraham 

Leigh McCarthy Gossage Prize for Acting - Brian Tod 

John R. Latimer Prize for Public Speaking - Thomas Lockett 

Junior Music Prize - Jonathan Bell 

Leslie Taylor Prize (Most Improved Choir Boy) - Thomas Lockett 

Guild Music Prize (Most Improved Instrumental) - Trevor Thompson 

Best in Changed Voice Choir - Sandy Gibson 

John D Allen RK Prize - Johann Smula 

Henry Cawthorne House Trophy - York 

Guild Music Prize (Best Instrumental) - Johan Smula 

John L. Bradley Award (Best Choral) - Timothy Enfield 

LB J. Rothwell (Greatest Detennination) (jage Love 

Junior Georgian - Jonathan Abraham 

Tim Enfield: Winner of the John L. Bradley Prize 

Gage Love wins the Rothwell Auaa 

Jonathan Abraham: Winner of the Junior Georgian Trophy 


Prize Day 

The Junior History winners 

Anstey and Hatch accepting the senior Geography award 

Pankaj picks up another award.. 

"In Poland ve smile hke dis all de time. 








•(¥ ' )U ■». ' 










Parle vous francais? 

?ythagorean Award - Stuart Hillenbrand 
Pascal Math Contest (Grade 9) - Soren Brothers, 
ranieron Conn-Grant, KazuoOishi, Nicholas Payne, 
Vlax Ritts 

bay ley Math Contest (Grade 10) - Jamie Bergstra, 
\ahren DePalma, Phedias Diamandis, Patrick Hayes, 
'karon Lau, Philip Watson 

iFermat Math Contest (Grade 11) - Ken Adams, 
jMatt Donald, Adam Green, Hayden Ho, Sam Hui, 
David Hwang, Amr Kronfol, Jonathan Lee, Raymond 
Lui, Dan MacDonald, Ben Sharma 
Inivitational Mathematics Challenge - Jonathan Lee, 
Raymond Lui 

Euclid Math Contest ( Grade 1 2) - Hayden Ho, Jamie 
Robertson, David Hwang 

D.A.C. Descartes Math Contest - Derrick de 
Kerckhove, Eric Kung, Glenn Lou-Hing, Paul Wong, 
jraham Wright 

lock Armitage Sr. Math Prize - Pankaj Bhatia 
Computer Science Senior Award - Andrew Beadon 
lunior Science Award - Peter Bellingham 
Intermediate Science Award - Amr Kronfol 
U of T Ontario Biology Competition - Pankaj Bahtia 
I.e. Wheeler Cup Senior Science - Pankaj Bahtia 
Intermediate Business Award - Amr Kronfol 
Senior Economies Award - Rob Burkett, Will Burton 
lunior Geography Award - Peter Adams, Cameron 
Conn-Grant, Kazuo Oishi 
Intermediate Geography Award - Peter Bellingham 

Senior Geography A ward - Mike Anstey, Carr Hatch 

O.A.C. Worid Issues Award - Rob Bell 

Junior History Award - Peter Adams, Cameron 


Intermediate History Award - John Ortved 

O.A.C. Canadian History Award - Noah Waisberg 

Junior English Award - Jamie Bergstra 

Senior English Award - Pankaj Bahtia 

Senior English Writing Award - Ian Roberts 

Media Award - Alexis Levine, David Robinette 

German Award - Alastair Kellett 

Junior French Award - Cameron Conn-Grant 

Intermediate French Award - Jamie Bergstra 

French O.A.C. I Award - Ken Adams, Amr Kronfol 

French O.A.C. II Award - Patrick Fordyce, John 


Junior Art Award - Peter Adams, Alex Josephson 

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Chris Martin 

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The Andrew Drilis Award - Mark Pearcy 

The J.L. Wright House Trophy - Winchester 

Stuart Warren Memonal Award - Dan Medd 

The Wynn Butterworth Medal - Graham Wright 

The Chairman's Medal - Tim Boyce 

The Headmaster's Medal - Kazuo Oishi 

The Principal's Medal - Jamie Bergstra 

The Founders Award - Amr Kronfol 

The Lieutenant Governor's Medal - Rob Mellema 

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The J.L. Wright Medal - Jeff Enfield 







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Nick Payne 



As you read this, there lies on the 
south-east corner of Yonge and Bloor a 
man. At least, I presume he lies there still, 
for this man has nowhere else to go. Try to 
picture him: he is of dark olive complexion, 
with long dark hair. He wears no hat or 
gloves, but has only a light jacket over-top 
his ragged clothes to protect him from the 
cold. As I say, this man has nowhere else to 
go, for he is homeless. 

As I walk along the street during 
the night, I see the man from a distance. 
He makes little impression in my mind, 
blending as he does (to my eyes) with the 
building against which he leans. In the 
sea of downtown pedestrians he seems to 
me an unremarkable figure, easily missed. 
Every few steps I answer requests for 
spare change with a quick no and a 
careful indifference; a calculated 
coldness. Every few steps 1 practise my 
civility by restraining my humanity. 

And so as I approach this man, this 
unremarkable figure leaning against the 
building, I prepare my response. 1 very 
intentionally keep my eyes straight ahead, 
ready to respond if spoken to, to answer 
quickly no. But the man does not even 
look at me; indeed, his eyes are focused 
inwards, oblivious to the world around 
him. When I am five steps away from 
him his feet slip along the packed snow 
beneath him, away from the wall. His 
body follows in motion, slipping down 
the wall until he lies, legs sprawled on the 
sidewalk, arms huddled to his chest, his 
face close to the snow. His eyes retain 
the same inward focus, still oblivious. As 
I pass I see his body gripped by a small 
tremor, not of cold but of deep comfort. 

The man falls to the street as you 
or 1 would fall to bed after a long day. 
This seems quite logical; for this man, the 
street is his bed, his place of rest, all he 
may call his after a long day (which is to 
say, nothing). He is without a house, and 
he sleeps on the street, living in Toronto, 
we have all seen it many times before, 
and are not shocked by it. 

This night is different. When 
temperatures sink to twenty degrees 
below freezing, the situation changes. 
Tonight, this man slips not into his bed, 
but to possible death. The death of 
homeless persons is a regular occasion in 

Toronto: it receives little attention; its 
victims, little sympathy. Its occurrence 
becomes a fact of life. 

But as I pass this man, I am struck 
by his figure, by the language of his 
body. He seems to be without 
illumination, without soul. He is 
certainly the shadow of a man, reduced to 
the bare minimum of existence. 

Looking at this man, I see that he 
is real, more so than anyone I know. He 
is real in the sense that he is completely 
without pretense. This man more than 
any other is stripped free of any layers 
meant to deceive those around him; he is 
exactly as you see him. He has no past or 
future, no family or friends, no hopes or 
desperations; these things do not exist for 
him now. They are irrelevant to him, as 
irrelevant as the warm bed to which I will 
retire tonight, irrelevant as the well- 
prepared meal which he will not eat. This 
man has nothing but himself, and even 
that is fading, fading as quickly as I pass 
him on the crowded street. 

As you read this, there lies on the 
south-east corner of Yonge and Bloor a 
man. At least, I presume he remains a 
man. It may be that it is only the frozen 
remains of a man, a shadow of dreams 
now homeless as the men and women 
we step over every day as we rush 
towards our well prepared meals and 
warm beds, our sense of self. For our 
homes are not just our physical shelter; 
they are our solace, our retreat from the 
world. This man has none. I presume 
he lies there still, for he has nowhere 
else to go. Dead or alive, this man is 

Chris Martin 
Grade 13 

The Great Falcon and the Yellow- 
Gold Rabbit 

There lived once upon a time, a 
great falcon who travelled among the 
canyons and valleys to find the yellow- 
gold rabbit. For he believed, as did all 
his brethren that eternal life would be 
given to the bird whose talons made the 
kill. The great falcon became so intent 

upon his mission that he thought of 
little else. 

Now the yellow-gold rabbit was 
a very clever rabbit for he never made a 
permanent home nor did he allow the 
wind to carry his scent. He was such a 
speedy and experienced rabbit that he 
could easily escape predators. 
Sometimes for the joy of it, he would 
simply run circles around coyotes until 
they became so dizzy that they could 
not recover their senses for many 
hours. And by that time the yellow-gold 
rabbit was nowhere to be found. 

On one particular day the great 
falcon was enjoying magnificent wind 
currents above Red Canyon. He 
enjoyed gliding, for his wings were 
truly great wings. Sometimes he was 
mistaken for an eagle when he glided at 
great altitudes. On that particular day 
the yellow-gold rabbit was enjoying 
lunch, which was a patch of watercress 
in a stream. 

The great falcon was awakened 
from his day-dreaming when suddenly 
he saw the yellow-gold movement in 
the canyon. He wasn't sure what it was 
at first. He lowered his great wings for 
a closer look at the yellow-gold thing 
in the stream. 

Suddenly a loud noise was 
heard and the falcon cried out in pain. 
He had been shot by a hunter. He was 
losing altitude fast. He could see a pack 
of wolves circling the place where he 
was about to land. Then he saw a flash 
of yellowish gold circling around the 
wolves. They got so dizzy that they 
passed out. The falcon landed with a 
thud. He looked around and all he saw 
was the face of a rabbit staring back at 
him. That was the last thing he 
remembered. The yellow-gold rabbit 
grabbed him and sped away to a cave. 
Once there the falcon awoke and the 
rabbit spoke to him. "You have 
suffered great pain," exclaimed the 
rabbit. "Let me make you immortal!" 
Then the rabbit put a paw on the 
falcon's head and ordained him to be 
immortal! After that, the falcon and the 
rabbit became the best of friends. 

Bryan Feheley 
Grade 5 



I have always hated the smell of urine, but 
every day 1 had to go down this piss soaked 
alleyway to get to work. The alleyway was usually 
pretrs dark, even in the middle of the day, but at 
the time that I had to go to work, right before day 
break, you couldn't see ten steps in front of you. 
There were garbage cans lining the sides of the 
alle>"way. the big. green plastic ones that the 
restaurants use. They were all overflowing with 
old, mold) food. A lot of restaurants backed onto 
the al]e\-way. that's wh> the garbage was mostly 
food stuff. "The walls of the alley were a dark red 
brick: actually they could have been pretty nice if 
somebody had taken the time to clean them. I 
always used to imagine the alleyway about a 
bundled years ago. All the buildings were newly 
built and rich couples would go down the alley 
holding hands. In a way the alleyway was sort of 
mystical to me. 

There was only one guy who lived in the 
alley. His most noticeable features were that he 
was always smibng and, even though he must 
have been 60. he still had striking red hair. His hair 
was thick and almost copper. He was always 
under this thin, bright red blanket; actually I'm not 
sure how he kept it so clean. The blanket was the 
same colour as his hair. Well, anyway, this guy 
kept his things in one of those shopping carts that 
you get at a supermaricet; you know, one of the 
big silver ones. In his cart he had a few odds and 
ends, an old baseball glove, some papers, and a 
bunch of old clothes. He always kept this picture 
on top of all the other things. The picture was old 
and worn down but you could still easily see who 
it was. It was a young woman, probably about 
twenty. The woman had red hair, the same colour 
as his. I always assumed that she was his 
daughter. I used to imagine that one day as I was 
walking home from work. 1 would see his daughter 
run up to him and say. in a British accent "Father, I 
have come to take you home." 

During the first few weeks of my alleyway 
excursions. I started paying close attention to the 
old man. The way he just sal and watched, it was 
really strange, but in a way it made me feel 
protected. It was like he was the watchman of the 
alley. After a while I decided that 1 wanted to talk 
to him. but every time that 1 passed him. 1 got 
nervous. I'm actually not sure why. I always used 
to imagine me saying hello and him swearing at me 
and chasing me away. .So. Instead of saying hello. 
1 just smiled at him every time 1 passed. I guess 
you could say that he smiled back, but he was 
always smiling iiny-way . 

After a few more weeks of smiling. 1 
actually built up enough nerve to speak to him. 1 
said a simple hello as 1 passed. He smiled back as if 
he hadn't heard me. 1 was really surprised. He had 
ignored me. I wasn't really ;mgry just sort of hurt. 1 
had extended myself to him ;ind he had cast me 
aside. 1 decided I would ask him why he hiid not 
answered me. As I was walking home from work 
the next day. I went to him and asked him my 
question. He looked up at me and pointed to his 

ears. I had been so stupid; he was deaf. I smiled, 
patted him on the shoulder and went home. The 
next morning I left home feeling excited. I wanted 
to see him again. I'm not [perfectly sure why. I 
went to where he usually was, on the east side of 
the alley, at the center, but he wasn't there. 
For two weeks I kept on checking to see if he had 
come back, but he hadn't. Then I had an idea. I 
would call the pobce and ask if they had picked 
up a deaf, homeless, elderly man. I called the 
non-emergency line for the police and asked them 
my question. They put me on hold for about ten 
minutes, and made me listen to some crappy 
musak. Then a woman came on the phone. She 
sounded about fiftyish. She told me that a man of 
that description had been stabbed and killed. I 
asked if the attacker had been found. She told me 
they were still looking. You know it's kind of 
furmy . The only thing that I could think of was, 
who would guard the alleyway. 

Alexander Wolfson 


I couldn't believe it when my dad went 
absolutely crazy a couple of weekends ago. 
Since my parents were divorced. I spend most of 
my time with my mom and alternate weekends 
with my dad. Because of this, my dad had never 
supervised a sleepover before, although 
eventually he wUl have to get used to them with 
his new 1-1/2 year old daughter. Anyway, this 
was my first sleepover with him. 

My friend, Jeff, arrived at about 6:00p.m. 
at my dad's house just before dinner It was 
Saturday evening. We had jiLst ordered pizza 
before Jeff came, and I figured it would be about 
20 minutes before we could eat. Jeff and I 
decided to hang around with everyone until the 
dinner airived. I had met him years ago. and we 
have been ftiends since. I picked up my baby 
sister's squishy ball and started to roU it around. 
She seemed to enjoy the little game and .started 
mnning after the ball and retrieving it for me. 
Eventually, this rolling changed itself into 
bouncing. It was quite easy to ase as a volleyball 
when 1 come to think of it. This harmless game 
seemed to bother my dad. He told me to .stop 
fiddling with the ball. I thought he was joking. 1 
was only bouncing the ball. What could be 
wrong with that? So 1 continued. He looked at 
me sternly ;ind then asked again that I stop. 
Maybe it was he was overprotective of 
the baby and didn't want her to get injured. The 
ball then bounced oft my knee and rolled over to 
the couch where he was laying. He picked it up 
and put It undemeath him. 

After dinner. Jeff and I went upstiiirs to 
watch television in my room. My father was the 
one who iUlowed me to put a T. V. in my nxim. 
My mother dixfs not appn>ve of this. The time 
passed quickly ;uid before we knew it, "Saturdiiy 
Night Live" was on. I can't exactly a'niemher 


what it was about but we watched it for about 45 
minutes when my dad came in. He said that he 
was getting ready for bed and therefore, he 
thought we should be in bed in 15 minutes. I was 
confused. Usually, I stay up as late as I want on 
Saturday nights. I tried to argue, but there was 
not much I could have done. I asked why we had 
to go to bed so early. He said it was his 
responsibility to make sure Jeff got a good I 

night's sleep. He then left the room before I could' 
say another word. The 1 5 minutes were almost 
up when Jeff and I decided to go downstairs and 
get a drink and a snack. By this time we had 
already changed our clothes. As we were talking 
and eating, we heard my dad coming down the 
stairs. He told us again to go to bed. I wish I 
knew what his problem was. Jeff was assigned to 
the guest bedroom. Once we had finished 
snacking. Jeff suggested that we move the 
mattress from his room into my room so that we 
could watch T.V. a little longer. So as he 
suggested, we proceeded. We quietly moved the 
mattress out of one room into the other 
Suddenly. I started to laugh. Trying to contain 
myself. I threw my head into a pillow and at the 
same time dropped the mattress. My dad must 
have heard some commotion because he came 
out of his room to see what was happening. By 
this time. I was on the floor; and Jeff, who had 
heard my dad coming, was in his bed pretending 
to be innocent. By the time I hfted my head up, 
my dad was standing in the hall. It was just me, 
him, and the mattress that was sticking into each 
of our bedrooms through the hall. My dad tried 
to shout as he whispered. He told me to get the 
mattress back on the box spring. After struggling 
with the mattress myself, he took charge and 
flipped it onto the box spring, pulled the door 
shut and said nothing. I was afraid to go out of 
the room, so I went to sleep. 

The next moming, he acted as if nothing 
had happened, although he was in the same 
frame of mind. Before going down for breakfast, ] 
requested to have a shower. My request was 
rejected, even though I have my shower at the 
same time all other Sundays. I got dressed and 
went downstairs for breakfast. Jeff was already 
eating but my breakfast wasn't ready yet. There 
is a child security gate which confines the baby 
to a certain area of the house and when Jeff was 
finished eating, he left the room forgetting to 
close this gate. When I went through the gate, it 
was open, so I didn't think to close it. As I got 
upstairs, my father was yelling that the baby was 
missing and blamed it on me for leaving the gate 
open. Where could she possibK go within the .' There was nothing to be concemed 
about. The baby was eventually found in the 
powder room unrolling the toilet paper. When 
everyone was dres.sed and ready, we took Jeff 
home. ;uid the in;iniac father weekend was over. 


Brandon Vasque; 


Pnntod in Winnipeg. MB 

^^^^^ ^E 


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. \ <:ft