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Main Menu 

U//(//'C(/^ ytar/c/v} 

Spring Rolls 

As good as they get. 


Asian Lettuce Wraps 5.89 

Chopped spiced chicken with Sweet Chili and 
Hoisiii dipping sauces-bean sprouts and cilantro 

lea cps- 

Crisp Fried Shrimp Wontons 4.99 

Shrimp and cream cheese Jilted wontons 
crisp fried and served with a spin' plum sauce. 

Chicken Wings 

Regular 7.89 Large 12.79 

Buffalo style wings with blue cheese dip. 
Your choice of mild, medium or hot. 

Ouesadilla Grande 7.89 

A spicy flour tortilla, filled with shredded 
Cheddar, salsa, onions, tomatoes and strips of 
grilled chicken, senrd with sour cream and salsa. 

Calamari 7.99 

A Mediterranean favourite. Deep fried squid 
with our special Cajun dip. 


Malibu Shrimp 9.89 

Black Tiger shrimp sauteed with coconut 
rum - dusted with coconut and garnished with 
grilled pineapple. 

Nafchos Mexicana 8.49 

Spicy taco chips smothered luith our 
chili, shredded cheddar, sour cream, 
jalopenos. diced tomatoes and green onions. 

Sampler Plaher 

"'■ our most popular 
"iring rolls, 

with tortilla chips 

Seasonal Sm 2.99 Lg 3.99 

Our chefs daily selection. 

Cheese and Broccoli ...Sm 3.29 Lg 4.29 

Our famous original recipe - a creamy 
combination of shredded cheddar and 
fresh broccoli. 

French Onion 4.79 

.4 rich, hearty broth brimming with onions 
and topped with a thick layer of melted 


Garden Salad 

Your choice of Ranch, Light 

Italian, Sundried 

Tomato Pesto Vinaigreric or 

Honev Mustard 


Appetizer 3.69 

Entree 5.99 

Gassic Caesar 

Classically prepared. 

Appetizer 4.19 

Entree 6.79 

Traditional Greek 

Romaine tossed with chunks 

of tomatoes, 

cucumbers, peppers and red 

onions with 

Kaiamata olives and feta cheese. 

Appetizer 4.49 

Entree 6.99 


J.J.'s Special Creation 

A warm salad of julienne breast of 
chicken, red peppers, snow peas and 
onions, sauteed with sweet basil, a touch 
of Anisette and roasted pinenuts 
- served on a bed of crisp salad greens. 


Pan Seared Atlantic Sea Scallops 

Salad 10.89 

Dusted with spices-pan seared and served 
over Asiatt salad with Ginger Sesame dressing. 

Chicken Fingers 

Tender strips of sea son ( 
lightly breaded and crisr 
French fries. 

Fish and Chips 'Halih 

Halibut dipped in our s/ , , 
fried until golden brown 

Crackling Pan Roasted id 
A de-boned half chicken, j|r 
until it crackles, served ■• 
ivhipped potatoes, grilk, 
and our pan gravy. 

Chicken Parmigiana 

Sauteed breasts of marinaiki 
fettuccine, topped with a n 
Mozzarella and Parmesn 

Mango Chicken and Sraiip 
Our popular Caribbean i 
chicken breast and Tigei 
a mango sauce - seri'ed 
stir-fried vegetables and 

Herb Crusted Halibut 

A pan roasted herb cru^ 
served with cucumber sa. 
potatoes and grilled vegetati. 

Waikiki Stir-Fry 

Tender strips of marina: 
stir-fried with crisp veg^ 
over rice pilaf. 


Jamaican Jerk Chicken . 

Two boneless chicken breast 
and grilled - served over A i 

Garden, CaesaH 
side salads ii 


^Tynym /Ae s7/*///e/' 


hicken over 
tomato sauce, 

p 13.99 

of grilled 
ip. saiiiecd in 

libut fillet, 
ini roasted 



cken breast, 
'■ and senrd 


'ipped in jerk spice 
' salad and rice 

Chicken Tcriyaki 

Breast of chicken marinated in teriyaki 

sauce, char-broiled on a hrochelle and V( 

with rice pilaf and stir-fried vegetables. 

Grilled Pacific Salmon 

A grilled Jillei of Pacific Coast salmon 
and lemon butter sauce, scn'ed ivilh sou 
spinach, grilled vegetables and rice piluj-^ 

Souvlaki :y.r.-¥: -^ 

A popular Eastern Mediterranean kebab of 
marinated pork, char-broiled and sen'cd with 
Greek salad and rice pilaf. 

Chicken Souvlaki 11.49 

Ribs, Ribs. Ribs 17.89 

A full rack of our award -irinning baby back 
ribs, basted in our tangy barbecue sauce and 
served with French fries. 

Half Ribs 13.99 

Just as good! Half as much! 

Ribs and Wings 15.49 

A half rack of ribs and chicken wings served 
with barbecue sauce and French fries. 


Brochettc of Shrimp and Scallops 

St. Tropez 14.89 

Grilled Tiger shrimp and Atlantic sea 
scallops served over rice pilaf and lopped 
with a mushroom, tomato and Anisette 
butter sauce. 

ffreu/ fJleoAsy 

vie serve specially selected AAA Red Brand Beef 

aged to our specificaiion.s. 

All steaks are served with your choice of 

potatoes - mashed, mini roasted or French fries. 

Chopped Steak 10.49 

A W 0! char-broiled and seasoned ground 
sirloin steak, topped uilh fried onions and 
sautccd mushrooms, served with creamy 
mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. 

New York. New York 17.49 

Our most popular steak. A centre-cut 12 a/, 
charcoal broiled New York striplain. 

Top Sirloin 13.99 

An old favourite - a great lasting II) o/. 
centre- cut lop sirloin steak char- broiled on ihc 
open hearth grill. 

f /////)/// f ht/n/(oic/te/i 

Our sandwiches are served with your choice of 

French fries, pasta or potato salad unless 

olhcrii'!\r '.pcrifird. 


Smothered Chicken 8.99 

A J.J. Mugys furuuriie - breast of chicken 
smothered with Swiss cheese, bacon, sauierd 
mushrooms and onions on ciaballa. 


Salmon Sandwich 8.49 

Pacifw salmon fillet coaled with seasoned 
crumbs and crisp fried - served with 
Wasabi mayo and Asian salad, instead of potatoes 
or pasta salad. 


Grilled Eggplant and Portobello 6.99 

A delectable combination of grilled eggplant. 
Poriobcllo mushroom caps, sliced tomatoes 
and Provolone cheese in a ciabalta bun. 


Hand-carved Breast of Turkey 

A fresh hot turkev breast open faced 
sandwich, served over ciabatta with mashed 
potatoes and our pan qraiy. 



Peppercorn Steak 

Have vour steak "peppered' and 



Crabmeat and Brie Melt 9.49 

.\tlantic crahmcal salad on a lightly toasted 
hnocbe. spread with roasted pepper mayonnaise 
and topped with melted Brie cheese ■ served with 
garden salad iti\tra,l of iniiiiinrs or fMsfo salad 

Club L.A 8.79 

Grilled breast of chicken layered with 
Cheddar, bacon, leiluce. tomatoes. Tiger sauce 
on an onion bun - served with hrench fries. 

New York Steak Sandwich 9.89 

,\ 1) o/ chai-broiled Srw York Sleak lopped 
with Jried onions and peppers and served on an 
Italian roll with Irrnch fries on the side. 


Royal St. Oe^ovq^ce College 


120 Rowland A vgnua 


This establishment was inspected by Toronto Public Health 
in accordance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, and 

passed the inspection on: 

Sbina n 2002. 

Results of previous inspection on -^cz U^ovi- e /HVn <9 ''^-vxiX 

□ PASS ^m^n^mmm^imk □ closed 

lyl Enforcement action taken 


Public Health 

Med I 



For further information couti. PtMk at (4 16) 338-F(X)D (3663) 

or visit the Fiihlic / " /health 

E-niau. uinesa^^cii):.iunmlo.ouxa 

;• ^ 

Contenti)^ In a 







House League. 

Music • 

Arts and Literature... 

Tlie Year. 
















\ Tlif Ceoftiian [p^~^ 


Tlhink iou ,1 

.>^. f'^ 

mui lopfHil 
garden ■-' 

with ..-''-' "■-'" chrc^r - \cnTit uilh 
<n\lead vf i*oiiiutn m ^ '"rf 

Club L.A. 

. 8.79 

Ghlint brra 
on an oiiioi 

•'-» York 

a of chicken laycml trith 
•OH. IcIluiT. tomalors. ligrr ni;. 
htin - icned iiilh frrncft/n<' 

rri/,fni Vfw V'y»+ S/n-t- ' ' 


eavhookevi)- Tl^e cl^ef d 


\Vi' ot till' Koval rit'or^iaii I'lvss ri'fo^nizu tlu' iinpuriancf oi iIk- ivspun-iniiUN ijlaccd uijuii n> tm.- yi-ar in liic iikik- 
iiiK of the Yearbook. Although most of us signeil up hoping to create a nice break l)etween periods 1 and 3 we were 
shocked to find that in order to create a Yearbook, we would need to work. After an eight month battle for editor wej 
realized it was time to start the book. If you are reading this, you know that we were somewhat successful. 

Regardless of how many people tell you that they will keep in touch, in twenty years this book is all! 
vou'li have, so cherish it. 'i'iie following is a glimpse into our trials and tribulations as we struggled to not kill our- 
~( l\r^ ;iiul each other in making this book. Also, it should be noted that the theme is Food and Restaurants, just 
lirriii-, thcv plav such an essential role in the lifi> of all fu'orgians. -Ian Pattillo. .Surrogate Kditor 

Sn Sc()ool Graduation A^lireoiJ 


There is a wondeiiul sequence in a chil- 
di-en"s stoiy, which I I'ead to the gi-ade 
thi-ee class each yeai; dealing with the 
meaning of prayer through a relation- 
ship between a young boy and his grand- 
father At one point the boy asks his 
grandad if prayers are ever answered 
and the reply is so meaningful. . .maybe 
even timely. . . "Most prayei-s are not 
really questions", the gi'andfather states. 
"And if we listen closeh' a prayer is often 
its own answer. We pray because we ai-e 
here - not to change the world but to 
change om"selves." 

Fellow Staff Members, Members of the 
Board of Governors, the Georgian 
Parents' Guild, Alimini, Pai'ents, 
Honoured Guests, and most importantly. 
Members of the Gradating Class of 2002. 
"We pray because we are here — not to 
change the world but to change our- 
selves." . . .That is what you should con- 

What has taken place over the past fom- 
years that has not forced you to 
change. . .But rather has given you the 
opportunitj' to change. I won't burden 
you with the presumptuousness of 
advice but. . is what I believe. . . 

No matter what the incident, no matter 
how tenible the issue, no matter how 
overwhelming the problem or how deep 
a hole you find yourself in. . . There is 
always leaiTiing to be done. And a major 
part of learning is to be able to know 
how to take negatives and turn them 
into positives. Life long leaiTiing is a 
realits'. . . and those who embrace this 
fact and learn to live with the implica- 
tions will have gained a huge advantage. 

Lets face it, high school is an adventure. 
You began in grade nine, and no matter 
what you ma>- say about the cmrent 
state of gi-ade nine students. . .that's 
what you were like. There were many 
lips and there were crashing moments of 
agon\- and despair. . . that's 
reality and that's life. But this chapter is 
over. . .A part of >oiu- life is complete and 
the onl\- things lefl are the memo- 
ries and the learning. 

You .should be pn)ud....and at the risk of 
.sounding presumptuous, you should Ix? 
thankful. Pn)ucl and thankful to your 
famil\; esixx-ially to yoiii- iiarents. who 
have provick'd you with an ()pix)rt unity 


Headmaster Hal Hannaford 

throughout these past four years. You 
should now imderstand how much they 
cai'e for you, support 3'ou and love you. 
Tliey wO] always be there, believe me, 
(my father is here today, as is my wife 
Susan) and although 111 be sm-e to get a 
critical review of today's proceedings, I 
am sui-e glad they're here. 

I hope you are proud and thankful of the 
staff. Life long leamiiig begins with 
imderstanding the experience >'ou gain 
fi-om the daily interaction with all sorts 
of different personalities. When you 
reflect back I hope you realize how much 
they have given, how much they have 
cared and how much satisfaction they 
have gained fi-om youi- success. I have no 
doubt about the greatness of om- staff 
and faculty. We have om- issues, but 
that's wily we ai'e a gi-eat school. So. in 
this public fomm let me acknowledge 
the work of the staff and faculty. 

I hope you can be proud and thankftil to 
yom- school - Royal St. George's College. 
There ai^e not many places like it. This 
commimit\' is so stixjng. Yes, it is 
intense, and emotional, but at its core is 
a belief in the piinciples of respect, 
responsibilitj' and voice. Om- commiuiit\- 
is strong because of the commitment of 
so many including om- Boai-d of 
Govei-noi-s and in pai-ticulai- Ah-. .Andy 
Jones, The Chair, the Geoi-gian Parents' 
Guild, and in paiticulai- the president of 
this past year Mi-s. Joanne l>ove. Tlie 
Alunmi iind in pai-ticulai- the president 
Chiis Yelle, and of c-oiu-se our man>- 

Finally, I hope you can be proud and 
thankful of each other Your da.ssmates... 
Your friends... Youi- fellow Gi-orgians. 

These are the people who probably know 
you the best. 

Here's another point I believe in. . .Life 
long learning i-equii-es you to leai-n from 
each other, so keep m touch. Andi-ew 
Potts-Robinson came up with a biilMant 
term during one AP Economics class. He 
used the phrase "Cross Motivation" to 
explain how productivity' can increase by 
feeding off the energy of each other. 
Don't forget this, there is a lot of energy 
sitting in this i-oom today. Use it wisely. 

In closing, let me leave you with three 
small suggestions. My wife Susan insists 
that each year- 1 remind om- gi-aduating 
students about the value of being kind. 
So gentlemen, tiy to be kind. And when 
you ai-e faced with the most challenging 
time, that is when you should try to be 
the most kind. You will be amazed how 
far- it will get you. 

Secondly, try to separate people fiom the 
issues. If this year- hasn't iUusti-ated the 
importance of this, then I don't know 
what wiU. Everv' person deserves to be 
ti-eated with the ultimate respect, 
although at times, behaviom; separate 
from the people, needs to be dealt with 
appropriately. Life long leai-ning is the 
abiUtv- to learn fr-om om- inappropriate 
behaviour to become better people. 

Finally, there ai-e fom- long sei-ving, leav- 
ing facultj- membei-s who can provide 
valuable lessons. Learn fr-om there gen- 
tlemen... Leai-n something fi-om each. 
From Werner Schi-einer, you can leai-n a 
love of the outdoors and the true joy one 
can gain frxim committing oneself to 
one's family. From Jolin Bu-kett. you can 
learn about the value and importance of 
traditions.... ajid whv- they ai-e worth 
fighting for From Nfr. Ken- you can lem-n 
to appreciate the fact that with experi- 
ence can come gi-eat wisdom. .And fix)m 
Gage Love you can't help but learn that 
loving what you do is contagious. So love 
w hat vou do. Enthusiasm does go a long 

So it's the end. Off you go my fiiends. Off 
to conquer to enjoy, to learn. Yom- task is 
now to make us look good, and somehow 
I think you are going to be ju.<;t fine. 
W'hei-ever vou may be heading, tiy to 
rememl)er that my thoughts and prayei-s 
ai-e with vou. Gixxlbve, good luck and 
( ukI 

xfcf Gror^idii 

Jr. Scfjoof Prize Day) ADDredd 

Spoken as the final bai's of l.cniiard 
Bernstein's Chichester Psalms were 
played over the sound system; 


What you just heaiti. in Hi'hrevv, 
was the first verse of the one hun- 
dred thirty-third psalm. In English, 
it is translated as "What a {,'ood and 
pleasant thing it is for brethren to 
dwell together in unity". There is a 
certain synchronieity in that this 
version was composed by Leonard 
Bernstein for the choral festival in 
Chichester. England, about the 
same time as I was writing my last 
imdergraduate exams and about the 
same time as a small new school on 
Howland Avenue was completing its 
first year of operation. I heard this 
music several years later when I 
was working at Lakefield College 
School, which was used as the train- 
ing camp for the Ontario Youth 
Choir. It is a calming piece after a 
frazzled day. 

The idea of dwelling togeth- 
er in unity has a great deal to do 
with Jack Wright's oft-stated 
"Manners maketh the man": both 
are the measure of a civilized socie- 
ty. The creation of unity is not 
achieved through being passive. As 
is the case with anything worth- 
while, it takes a great deal of effort 
on the part of all involved. In build- 
ing a meaningful relationship - be it 
with classmates, teachers, parents, 
siblings, or with any kind of boss, 
each party must constantly strive to 
do the utmost to strengthen that 
relationship. Manners are certainly 
one part of the process, but the con- 
stant striving to do one's best, to 
expand limits, and to take responsi- 
bility (for one's own actions and for 
society as a whole) arc all kcs- cdni- 

Those of you in rt'd blazers may 
have only limited experience with 
these demands, but 1 do believe that 
you luiderstand their importance. 

John Birkett and the winner ot the i>'(. Georges Society Award. PaincK Hamer-Meunier 

Those of you not in red blazers are 
much more familiar with them, yet 
there are occasions when false steps 
are taken, albeit with best of inten- 
tions. As parents and educators, we 
are sometimes guilty of depriving 
our children of the very educational 
opportunities we seek to give. There 
is a desire to protect them from the 
possibility of making a mistake or 
to free them from the responsibility 
of accepting the consequences of 
their actions. This is to deprive 
them of two of the most important 
learning experiences they will ever 
have. I ask you to try and think of a 
time when you didn't learn from a 
mistake, and to remember the awk- 
wardness - even embarrassment - 
of having to deal with the conse- 
quences of a particular action. Both 
experiences help us grow. 

To the grade eights, who are going 
on to face new experiences in the 
si-nior school, I say that I too am 
wondering what I'm going to be 
when I grow up. To them, and to 
myself I give some excellent ad\ice 
taken form Shakespeare. In 
Hamlet, the elderly -and rather con- 
niving - Polonius gives advice to bis 
son Laertes, who is about to embark 
on a voyage. Having earlier men- 
tioned nnanrial matters, I'hoice of 

friends, and care in matters of 
dress, Polonius closes with the 

statement I now give to you: " 

and this above all: to thine own self 
be true, and it must follow, as the 
night the day, that thou canst not 
then be false to any other man." 

Thank vou. 

As the speech was ex tempore, what 
you've just read is a re-creation. 

John Birkett. Senior Master 
Tiiesdav June llth. 2002 


^ V^GElXBUKNot^egeUfrii 

•v!:' "i-i^.- 


Victor Adamo Axel Berggren O'Young Joseph Chang Hunter Hauswirth 

Mark Istvan 

Milan Koerner Safrata Neilson Koerner Safrata Timothy Lee 

Brian MacNicol waves goodbye 
to Grade 3 

Jamie Redford 

Colin Stitt 

^^^^^^^^^K f,^^^**T|j^^*'^W IN; J 





^. '^^p^/iH 







Chiiiin with DJ Rainbow (centre), Ms Kirkland and Ms Cook at MuchMusic 

Bnan MacNicol Joselito Maldonado 

A Nerval Staff Member (left) tells the group and Ms Cook 
(right) to be quiet. They're scanng the animals! 

) ■'-' 

Mr Koerner Safrata. Tim and Hunter eating breakie at 
Norval. Hey who got the Cocoa Puffs?!? 


^^.^^^ The Georgian IP^ 

R.ilnck Allen 

Malcom Angkis 

AiHlers Berggren 
O Young 

Graham Boaretti 

Rudrn Chakiabarti 

Ireland Comery 


Timothy Daly 

Alexander Ferguson 

David Ham 

Jack Keilty 

Richard Legresley 

Daniel O Kelly 

Hayden Phillips 

Michael Rome 


The Grade 4's were an 
interesting; lot. I cauRhl up 
to tlieni at lunch, in 
Ketchum Hall. They were 
a rowdy crew, scarfing 
down their hotdofj.s and 
croissant.s. I nervously 
approached and inquired as 
to what their favourite food 
was. To which, they replied 
unanimously: PIZZA PIZZA 
PIZZ.A (yes. that is three 
pizzas). Except for one 
meek voice, who cried 
Spaghetti. ..spaghetti. Well, 
lone meek boy. thank you 
for the spaghetti. 

Tiago Vieira and Richard Legresley enjoy a good read. 

The Grade 4 s in the rain! 

)Milli>( StiNiol 



David Axworthy 

Sepehr Banal 

E///OH Boake 

Edd/e Courage 

Ra;/n Dhaliwal 






^H. - ^S 

^^H^"*^ *" '■ 






^^L ^v 



Ms G/rvan 

Grade 5's Top Ten 
Favorite Foods 

1 . Pizza 

2. Hamburgers 

3. Candy 

4. Sandwiches 

5. Soup (Mr. Noodle) 

6. Salad 

7. Sushi 

8. Corn on the Cob 

9. Ribs 

10. Fried Rice 

*With an honourable mention 
going to eggs, potato chips and 


David Holman Harrison Howlett-Ben Daniel Krawczyk Brendan Lee Fraser Macdonald 

Henry Nozuka Nathaniel Pace Adam Raponi Haven Renaud Alexander Samworth 

Henry Nozuka thinks that he's the art master' Eddie Courage just thinks 
he's a dork 

Colin MacNicol 


Michael Badali 

Eddie Beqaj 

Hunler Blair 

James Bradeen 

lack Burashko 








HT ■ 

HL fl 




mtf m 


Robbie Charier 

David Clark 

James Dashwood 

Vincent DeMarco 

Daniel Geneen 







^^^1^ **^l 

W % 


ft J 






^A %■ 



Mike Mallin 

Kevin Marthinsen Patrick Merner 

Thomas Moore 

Andrew Murphy Patrick Sullivan Thomas Pepper Adam Phillips Andrei Varga 

Daniel Geneen ran screaming. Look! Godzilla Adam Phillips realized with mi;t.. ^ ,. ..c/if 

Is Coming!" With Eddie Beqaj standing there from Vincent DeMarco and his friend David Clark, 
completely stunned. that he could not do tlie People's Eyebrow 

Ms Graham 

Ross Golding 



John Harewood 

Jack Hinds 

Alex Last 









^Hl V 

■v<.> ««v 















^^ ttm 

Grade 6's Top Ten 
Favorite Foods 

1 . Pizza 


2. Pasta 


3. Hamburgers 


4. Fries 


5. Chicken 


6. Steak 


7. Sausage 


8. Shrimp 


9. Bacon 


10. Fondue 


*With an honorable mention 
going to cashew nuts, sushi 
and maple synjp. 



Stephen Bradeen Adam Burns Lucas Carravetta Matthew Chan Julian Daly 

Ms Bajin. the head honcho of grade 7a. 

Favorites among 

the Grade 

7a class. 

Fast Food Joint 


New York Fries 

Pizza Hut 




Pizza Pizza 


Pita Pit 







Taco Bell 



Burger King 

Sam Hutchison 

Christopher Jackson 

ira Lewy 

Matthew Lovenng 

Patrick Luckhurst 




BHF^m*^^ *m^H 



- T 

^^^■^^1 ' ^^^1 

^Hft'. . . ^1 

^^^IHP^ ^*~ t ^^1 

^^^^B'~~7 ^— ~ S .^^1 



^H^ ■«rr''^ ^H 

^^^^Baff*' \ ^^^H 






Andrew McKinnon Shaun Padulo Erik Reed 

Ian Reeser Phillip Robinson 

Philip Ruffolo Jordan Shay Brodie Townley Thomas Wade West Alex Woolaver 



"Yeah, that's right, I'm 'act'jally' going to eat it!" "Ewww he's actually eating it!" -Chns Jackson 

-Sam Hutchison 

"Uhlih. Iheie is a reason why my pants are 
off I swear!" -Javraj Dhaliwal 

Patnck Daley Mason D'Arcy Benjamin Dickson Dieler Fishbein Enc Gagne 

Christopher Harriet Joseph Latner A/ic/io/as Latremoitle . Frank Martin 

Chiranjeev Singh David Smith 


Geoffrey Squibb Jameson Turner 

Chns Rhind and Lucas Carravelta why is there a masked 
man taking a picture of us?" 


Ms Barchuck 

Favorite Fast Food Sur\f\ 

llu' yearlx)ok staff were curious to 
lind out which fast food joint was 
most popular amongst the Grade 
Seven population at Royal St. 
(u'orge's College. We wrote up a 
i|uick suney and handed it to an 
anonymous Grade Seven. After rip- 
liing it up and eating the piece of 
paper the suney was written on. he 
spat it back at me and ran awa>'. I 
suddenly became aware that it was 
not a Grade Seven with which I was 
dealuig but A GR.\DE SIX!!! I was 
liuky he didn't kick me in the cnx-hal 
I'l'gion or tell me my mom smells, and 
get all his friends to laugh at me. 
AnN^ways. I finally found the Grade 
Seven class and had them fill out the 
survey, and here are the results. 

Fast Food .Joint 

Pita Pit 


New York Fries 

Pizza Pizza 



Taco Bell 


Burger King 

Pi/./.a Hut 



Mr. Algarvio 

Favorites among the Grade 
8a class. 

Food Stars 





























Hot Dogs 










Onion Rings 







Carmen Electra 
Jim Carey 
Jaclfie Chan 
Method Man 
Britney Spears 
Nicolas Cage 
Tom Green 
Britney Spears 
Ja Rule 
Britney Spears 
Cameron Diaz 
Pamela Lee 
Wilt Smith 
Blink 182 
Mike Myers 

Carmen Electra 
Jim Carey 
Pamela Lee 
Our Lady Peace 
Pamela Lee 

Matthew Bradeen 

Nicholas Carravetta 

Keith Cressy 

Ross Curtner 

Thomas Hoddes 






^V^^ "" n 

H^ ^^H 

^^W '.^;. ^^^^1 

■VPv ?4H 











Sam Johnson 

Timothy Knowles 

David Liang 

William Locicero 

Cameron Loree 






K 1 

^^^^Hft '^"' J^^l 









Andrew Quick Jonathan Reuber Adam Roebuck Neville Sadry Max Sherman 

Their Favorite Food is... 

And their Favorite Celebrity is. 
Britney Spears! 

David Soule David Stirling 

H A \^ ▼ _3 tickets 

Left: Ya. sure these 
guys are Just selling 

Mohammed Al Rodi 

Joshua Ban 

Trerar CooAson 

^ ' . ' ■' 1 ■ ' . ■ , 

Pierre Eiras 



^Hc. . V 



^^^^^ > 

^^1 ^ 


Ai i 

^^^^^H ^ ^^^1 

k J 

Ht 1 


■^ J 

^^Hf J i^^H 



Kyle Golding 

Patrick Hamer- 

John Harncks 

J,/.snn Kirsch 

Zachary Korn 

Christopher Majewski Craig Milne Christopher Nicoloff Carl Noel 

William Ranscombe 

Ben Razulis 

Max Sisam Andrew Spears Thomas Toguri 

Taylor Townley 

Jeremy Wong 

Their Favorite Food is... 

And their Favorite Celebrity is. 
Pamela Lee! 

Everyone looks fine except thai guy with the messed up arm. 


Ms Uhre 

Favorites Among the 8b class 
Food Stars 

Al Radi 












Pamela Lee 
Bntney Spears 
Carmen Electra 
Adam SarxHer 

Chinese Food Ellon John 

Hamer-Meunier Pizza 


















Hot Dogs 











iHHitir :>( inHii 


Ryan Anderson Matthew Barrett Dylan Berryman Ian Best Stephen Black David Bleasby Michael Boultbee 

Andrew Bolton 

Warren Bush Michael Butler Fraser Cameron 



Argus Chambers Derek Chan 

Michael Deeks Trevor DeGeer Alexander Delwar Jonathan Deshman Alexander Durand Campbell Easto David Edwards 

Cody Ellis Anthony Field Duncan Fraser Alexander Goodall William Green Thomas Harlocker Diederik Heisey 

Taylor Imrie 


Rafiq Kanji Nicholas Kutzko Philip Lang Edmund Lee Gaetan Love 



Simon McCamus Kyle Mersky Michael Millward John Minnaar James O'Born Adam Optican 

Ttn Ceor))rdn 

Jonathan Pak Matthew Parker Adam Penny John Elliot Perl Samuel Perlmutar Alexander Plaff Scoti Pollock 

Jonathan Rae Jay Rhind David Ricketts Greg Robinson Adam Roth Anthony Ruffolo Sergei Shibaev 

James Shirriff Edward Smith James Smith Sean Sydney Paul Trebuss Stefan Vali 

jon Wallans 


Jesse Warfield 

David Wilson Nathaniel Wolfson David Wooder John Wooder Edward Wright 

"On the count of three, we are going to flank the enemy teachers and barrage them with the 
biggest potato ever to be mashed!!" 

Lookout Below' Fat dude landing"'" 


Ian Colterjohn 


Scott Ackley Samuel Bailey Jonathan Bell Aaron Bongard Todd Boxer Zachary Brandwein Adam Branston 

Jeffery Brown Matthew Burns Mark Campball Gavin Chan 

Simon Chernin Jonathan Cliff Liam Cohl 


Drew Copeland Charles Crawford Samson Danniels Zachary DeGuerre Taylor Drury 

David Evans Kyle Fearon Bryan Feheley IVlatthew Griffin William Gunlon lam Hall Derek Hepburn 







lies J 


Christopher Head Jonathan Holtby Greg Johnson Stephen Kaye Tyler Kee Paul Koven Michael Lambert 


Tony Law 

Jamie Lino Willuiiii Lockcit 

Stephen Teague Mackinn- 

Ivlacchione Russell 

Ian Marthinsen David McCarthy 

rfic Crnrfjtuit 

Taylor Scherberger Stephen Senders Andrew Somerville Greg Stark Benjamin Sulin Andrew Swinamer Cameron Tudhiope 

Gregg Verles Ian Walkington Owen Williams Matthew Yeung Bensen Yu Erich Zimm Ian Zondervan 

The Grade lO's at 

Jeff Brown sticks lus luind where it 
doesn 'I belong. Obviously he didn t 
learn his lesson the first lime. 

Lambert and Bailey saw down a tiev 
H.H wants more foliage on the piazza. 






















The Grade Tens, aka: 'The Hungry 

Cliff A man with a refined pallet 





Cameron Alguire Graham Atkinson Adam Beresford Zachary Bush Merlin Chambers Dick Chow Timothy Clark 

Ryan Cookson Nolan Davies 

Sean Davies Graham Dickhout _ , Christopher Fisher Kevin Fowler 


Devon Frost Andrew Gordon Kevin Green Scott Hall _ , Andrew Harris Matthew Hayles 

Douglas ' 

David Howe Winston Hugh Nathaniel Johnson David Jones John Josephson John Karantonis Albert Kong 

Jayson Lin Bradley McKinnon Shane Milne Haddon Murray Evan Norton Robert Parker Timothy Parker 


Remy Perrin Alexander Quick Borden Rhodes Jed Ridgway Michael Rieger Gregory Robinson Michael Roebuck 

\^^ T/,c 


Cody Sauer 

Colm Schlosser 

Adam Shier James Spears Jonathan Jam 

Jeffrey Thompson Chnslopher Todd Adrian Turchet Alexander Turner Lee Vyner Tyson Wachler Dale Wiseman 

Hey it's Haddon running, again 

Us a bird its a plane.. Noooo its 
ZZEEELLII to the rescue 

The restaurant of c/io/ce lor grade elevens everywl^cie' 


Michael Alguire James Appel Sam Bennett Tyrone Berryman 


Matthew Aurele DeBosset 


Ross Fraser Robin Gainer Robert Gleadow Adam Harris 


Mark Fox 

Justin Ho Darren Hu 

Thomas Jay Jolliffe James Kapches David Kerr- Ehren Liuson Michael Love Jonathan Lucas 

Hutchison Vayne 

Peter McGralh Alexander Aaron Mitchell Sandy Norton James Patava Ian Pattillo Linton Porter- 

McNabb Taylor 

Ttje Georgian 

Andrew Donald Pyper Chnstopher Joshua Reismaii Morgan Rubes Kevin Smith 

Potichnjy Reineck 

I nomas i>miin 

Patrick Swaine 


I'll touch youi hair, if you touch 

Jesse Todres Fergal Warde Matthew Wilson David Gary Wong 


Timothy Wong 




7/(1 ill I I ' r iV.ish Ourselves Club Proud hooligans rcsi'. 
for the scintillating scent the penetrates our halls 

Everything Else There s 


Michael Alguire 

Geoffrey Bolton 

Fraser Buchan 


Match the grads to the 
babies. For answers turn 
to page 39 





I spent ten of my most memorable years at RSGC. and have my parents to thank ever so much 
for pro\iding me with the opportunity of attending this great school. They ha\e continually 
supported me and will always be my number one inspiration. I also want to thank all the staff 
for their guidance and those who ha\'e shaped my character during my tenure here. Mr. 
D'Arcy, thanks for always understanding and being a great role model; Mr. Van Herk for all 
your help with the applications and being there for me; Dr. Skalinski for always motivating me 
to achieve my best; Ms. Miller for your kindness; Mr. Rankin for your wackiness; Ms. Hill 
and Ms. Wager for always caring and supporting me; and Mr. Hannaford for your encourage- 
ment. Finally, mad shout outz to; ML (since grade 1), MC (scar, bra 4 life), AF (remember the 
flamingo). CH (reppin' WWMS), AH (funny guy). AF (ford built tough). KG (we'll hit med 
school together). TS (raw comedy), MM, PT, Pauly T, UJ, and all the prefects. Thanks for the 
good times. 

"You can have many things taken away from you- your money, your friends, your countn; 
even your health-but never your knowledge. It travels with you everywhere. "-Rudolf Nureyev 
I fast-tracked without realizing it! It is both unbelievable and satisfying at the same time. 
.Although my time here is coming to an end, 1 have many memories that v\ ill stay with me for- 
ever. Special thanks goes to Francis Teofilovici. Francis Powell, Mark Longo, Rob Gainer, 
Tim Wong, and Jay Jolliffe for being great friends. To all my other friends who remain in the 
school or who've graduated, thanks for the memories. To the staff, thanks for giving me an 
inspiring education and for nurturing my peipetual curiosity, especially Mr. Love for US 
History, Srta. Dcblois for Spanish, and Mrs. Miller for English. Thanks to evei"yone at 
Northern Karate for being both a diversion from academia and a life inspiration. And special 
thanks to my family for helping me keep things in perspective. 

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is. perhaps, the end of 
the beginning. "Sir Winston Churchill. 

High School was great, and Fve got a lot of people to thank for getting me through it. First of 
all, my parents (for forcing me to go to St. George's). Next, I gotta thank some of the teach- 
ers; Dr. Ryall (greatest math teacher ever); Tito (for putting up with all my sh**); and VH (for 
all his help). Finally, all of my friends. You guys made high school worth going to. Mike 
Chan (sex ed. in accounting); Godfrey (no common sense! Jokes!); Jamie, Ford and CJ Bad 
(the Donut Run and Paths of Destruction); Roofus (the Beer Room); Gable; Amir; Francis; 
Rains; MUJ; Catfish; and Tim. You guys were there for some of best times of my life; Cancun, 
Roofus' Cottage, Blue Mountain, Montreal and all the rest. 

Though hugely inadequate. I want to use this space to thank the teachers who have guided and 

supported me for the past ten years. Their dedication and passion has shaped my success not 
onl_\ as a student, but also as an individual. Mr. McElro\ for setting me straight from day 1. 
Mr. Birkett for teaching me to follow my interests, Mr. Love for showing me the meaning of 
passion and professionalism. Dr. Newton for pushing me to write, and express myself Mr. 
Ackley for always supporting mc athletically, and Mr. D'Arcy, for whom my respect grows for 
on a daily basis. It is because of teachers that I have grown to love this school. I also want to 
thank my friends for all of the great memories, but more importantly for all the support and 
giudancc they have given me. Lastly. I want to thank my family, and in particular my sister, 
for pushing me to succeed, and for making me realize m\ own potential. 



I wiuiiil like lo start b\ being unoriginal ami thanking my faiinU. \loni. Dad. Nini 
and Bennett I couldn't lia\e done it without \i)ii - ^■ol^^e awesome. The teachers at 
RSCiC are some of the best and I can't help but thank some of them: Ms. Wagar 
thanks for exerything! Mile. Deblois. Dr. Ryall. Dr. Leatch. Ms Hill. Mr. Evans. Mr. 
rhornbiHA aiul ihe liiiich huiics. jusi to name a tew. All ha\e molded me into the 
person 1 am now. Friends I ha\e made here at RSCiC will stay in my memories 
always. Parties (Wade's), open houses, prefect initiation. Sr. Soccer. Squash, anne.x 
crew-NM. (iDT. .IF. canciin. semis, grad room, 'jitz guy jitz', b-days (sink boy), 
porch siestas, park pounding. 'Woo bee woo'. Sappello. mini-sticks. Dale, 'think I 
frickin' care man.' 

"IVIiere Jo ne go now" - Axil Rose 

SO THIS IS I 111! The cnil of a pretty smooth stor\. What can I say'.' It's been a great 
fi\e years & I must thank main people for making this possible. First and foremost. 

1 would like to thank m\ wDiiderful parents w lu> ha\e supported me with constant 
lo\e and encouragement, thank ymi for beliexing m nic when I duin't belic\e in 
mvself. seeing the possibilities and solutions during the hard times, and for always 
being there for me. I'd also like to thank all the staff, especially: Mr. D'Arcy. Mr. 
Van Herk, Ms. Miller. Mr. Rankin(Suffering-succotash). Mr. Orlando, Ms. Hill & 
Ms. Wagar. Mad ShOuTz To: PT (Fine FE.ATHERED friends 4ever. WELL ACTU- 
ALLY). AF (1 guess so'.'), AR (Wl convos. about our girlies). JA (true friends stick 
together). Ostap (Friend) BOLO (sex education in accounting) also: FB. SN, SG. A 
Ford. MUJ. BIG C. FP. Ci. RC. KN. CH & the Prefects. Tracey. thank u for a great 

2 years. (143) I'm out ya'll. "Forget about the girl!" & Keep it smooth... 

My five years at RSGC have been great. Lots of special moments. Thanks go to m> 
parents, family. Chrissy. and Jcnn for being there for me. Geoff, thanks for the 
nicknaine you mooch. No more rides for you. monkey! Mario, not much to say 
without your hair. Amir. AA2'.' Kevin, known you for way too long! Clynn. hope 
you get a lot of afternoon classes. Mike, you'll do fine. If 1 left anyone out. I'll just 
blame myself since I wasted my space b\ putting ihis here. Well, thanks to everyone 
who made my time at RSGC great. Big thanks go lo Mr. D'.Arcy. What were we 
thinking'.' Grade 1 1 math in grade ')'' I guess 1 was taking "the other grade ^ math." 
I survived though, thanks lor \our guidance and iiispnation. Mr. \ II, thanks for 
getting me into uni\crsil\. Ms. Wagar. ihanks for all the uni\ersit\ help. 


Matthew Burashko 

Alex Carter 

Michael Chan 

Ronson Chjt) 


Match Ihe grads to tlw 
t<abios For answers turn 
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Ivan Chin 

Philip Chow 

Robert Cimicata 


Ten years, ten long years. Living through Mr. McElroy's threats of throwing us out 
the window in grade four to Dr. Leatch's inspiring grade six year where we met the 
wonderful Ferd Berful. Grade eight, the year where yawning and stretching would 
cost you 80 pushups. Then the Senior years, the years of sleeping. Sushi Thursday, 
anime, sleep, and more sushi. Thank you Vorpal. Alfred. Macs for making this stay 
a little more enjoyable. Fo/7;a/.' "Uniin yes. I would like a combo 1 please. "Macs: 
Food contest, anywhere, anytime. I'm still going to win. The only difference between 
roil and me is that I have eaten my fat man and you hayen't! Alfred: You're too damn 
smart for your own good. Thank you Kitsune for staying up till 4am doing absolute- 
ly nothing but discuss why homework is pointless, how to implement plan B.PH34r 
M3!!! h3h3 

I would like to thank my parents first and foremost. Thanks to: Mr. Love (all your classes were 
great). Dr. Ska (thanks for everything except the gray hair), Mr. D'Arcy (thanks for the nick- 
name). Dr. Ryall. Mrs. Miller. Doc Newton. Mr. V.. Captain KeiT. Mr. Doerksen. Mr. Farrar. Mr. 
White. Mr. Hannaford, Ms. Hill and the rest of the faculty /admin. The last four years at St. 
George's were a blast. I'm glad to graduate a Georgian. To the good times: keggers, semis/dances, 
grad trip (make it a double), bar nights. Moosehead. Kitch - always behind the eightball. ace 
mishap, and the rest of the adventures. Senior Softball - "No Pants on the Bus." Thursday night 
baseball. School Trips - NYC - How convenient were convenience stores? Winchester. Catfish. 
Skits and Assemblies. Classic Rock is Back. Shoutouts: Kitch. Renihan. Ford. CjBad. Usher- 
bones, Mario, Rains, Godfrey, Rufus, JW, Gordon etc. To my fellow grads: it's been great, cheers 
and best of luck. Noblesse Oblige: privilege entails responsibilit}: 

DW, LPT, ML, AH, JJ, K.S. DH. HC girls thanks for all the good times, guys - so 
many memories, where to begin? From Linton's party to Nat's cottage and "Who 
clogged the toilet?" All the times have been fun, and at least some of the memories 
have not been forgotten. Soccer, U16 (best team on paper, yet winless). Senior 
(should of won the nationals, only a disease could beat us). Lacrosse. 3 Game win- 
ning streak! We'll beat UCC. Ashley, thanks for always helping me out whenever I 
needed it, lots of great times! I'll love you forever! To the teachers and staff, espe- 
cially D'Arcy, Hannaford, Love and Ms. Hill, thanks for all your help and support, 
I'll never forget it. To the grads, Cancun & Jitz (Fooseball), what a great way to 
spend the year. Thanks to my family and everyone else for all your love and 
encouragement, it's been fun! 

Thanks to my parents, brothers and sister for helping me through high school. I 
would also like to thank Mr. D'Arcy and Gage Love for being the two best teachers 1 
luue ever had. There are many memories from these 5 years. Parties at Alex and 
Wade's, semi upon semi. New Year's in Collingwood, summers in Muskoka, GRAD 
TRIP! And as I remember these moments I hope that the Georgians I enjoyed them 
with will all stay in touch next year. It is scary to think that I'm actually done High 
School and onto University already because I can still remember my first day at St. 
G's in grade 9 so clearly. Good luck to next year's students, OAC was tossed 
because they were doing nothing at all in their last year. Keep your stick on the ice! 

Drew Clarlf 



Ivlnlch Ihe giadi, to the 
babies. For answers turn 
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We Jo not know the true value olOur momenis until iliev have undeiyone the lest nl menuin 

-Georges Duhaiiiel 

I came to this school noi uanlmg lo conic here, and now I l"mall> yet to lca\e. I hat\ not to sa\ 
it hasn't been fun. I don't think this was the place for me, but I'm happy at how I've turned out. 
I am \erv thankful for the opporiuiiiiies this sciiool has given me. For making the last fne 
years of my life so great I would like to thank a number of people. Mom & Dad thanks for all 
the food, money, love, and advice. I have to thank my dog Duke. Of course my close buddies 
is what made these past years fun. the\ don't deserxe abbreviations but I have no room; JP. MC 
Vll, SPH, TG. J LB. All the great teachers that showed passion and desire to teach and help; 
Mr. K, The Big Herk, JL, GL, Dr. N, Dr. L. CD, RDB, & SW. Son7 if I forgot anyone. That's 
it. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. -Mark Twain 

It's been five years and I can't think of a better place to have spent mv high school 
career. I would like to thank my family: my mother, Lynne, for keeping on track and 
staving up all those nights, my father. Doug, for always keeping my head on straight. 
Lori. Dodie and Cirandpa Ted - for all that they have provided for me. I would also like 
to thank Mr. Love, Mr. D'Arcy, Dr. Newton ( aka C-Newt Dogg), Tito, Ms. Wagar. Ms. 
Hill and Dr. Leatch ( aka Dr. Bald). There are a few guys that have stuck with me the 
whole wav : Rufus. Pat. Rains. Kitch, Rat, Amir, Powell, Bruce. To all the girls that have 
passed through or slaved fur a pint. 

Megs, my beautiful swccihearl. I love vou with all mv heart: you complete me. 

The problem with the world is I hat it's always three drinks behind - Humphrey Bogart 

The person I would like to thank first and tbremost is my Grandma Teddy, without 
her support, mv lime at RSCJC" would not have been possible. 1 would also like lo 
thank my parents and my girlfriend Jeniia for all of the unwavering support thev 
have given me these past few years. Since joining this family in grade 10. I've had a 
lot of exciting and strange experiences here - especially in my OAC year. Random 
StulT; Batterazizes. Hey Man, what's with all the hostility?, two of my manv nick- 
names: Biff (now tattooed) and Joey Crack, the unforgettable and numerous Lunch 
Trays hits, Rugby, after parties. Pita Pit and all around skclchiness. Best of luck lo 
all the graduating class and thanks for all the great memories. 

10 years. 10 long years I've been at this school. So what drops of wisdom have 1 to 
give to the younger generations of Georgians, to those that come after me? Well, 
here are some things I've learned over the years: Duct tape can fix anything. 
Branksome, Havergal. and BSS all have drive-throughs. Ride the Wave. Dogs don't 
eat homework, printers do. Keep evil elves away from Teletubbies. Snuffelufagus is 
an icon. Grade Nines are all hentai baka. Anyone younger than you is a rat. No run- 
ning unless death is imminent. Macs, Yoshi, and Vorpal ownz jOO. When all else 
fails, refer to Plan B. Murphy's Law. Sorry for 'Ephin' and 'Goap'. No, the llaming 
ball will noi work. .-Xdios amigos. 

Victor Cotic 

Cafe Cook 

NichoLis Cragg 

Adam Donald 


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batJies For answers turn 
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_, ^ 

Gordon Dunlop 

Graham Durrant-Taylor 

Alexander Edmison 


Timothy Enfield 


Match the grads to the 
babies For answers turn 
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I can't believe it's over. It has been an awesome journey. First, I would like to thank 
my Mom and Dad for their endless support and encouragement. I'd like to thank all 
the staff that helped me through the last seven years, especially: Mr. Reid, Mr. 
Latimer, Mr. Keenan, Mr. D'Arcy. Mr. Hannaford, Dr. Leatch and Mr. Rankin. 
Thanks to the grads of 2002, it has been an amazing year. Special thanks to Catfish, 
Renihan, CJ Bad, Ford, MUJ, and TE. I have so many incredible memories that 1 
will never forget. Cancun 2002 was crazy. Finally, I'd like to wish the graduating 
class the best of luck in the future. 

Ifs been really frickin fast here. I don't have a lot of words, so let's begin with the 
thanks. Thank you Mom and Dad. the money was well spent, Mr. Reid, Mr. Birkett, 
Mr. Keenan Mr. Coop, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Love, Mr. V, Mr. D'Arcy, Dr. Leatch, Mr. 
Schreiner Mr. Holdsworth, you made school fun and useful at the same time. Guys, 
it was fun. My friends know the good times, no need to waste words here talking 
about them. I'll keep in touch with some of you, the rest have a good life, we'll 
probably meet later. Library was fun, same with teams. I don't know what else to 

"Grad quotes are overrated" - GDT 

What can I say? it's been great! I've been here for six years and had the time of my 
life. I would like to thank my parents, David and Elizabeth and my Uncle John for 
their unbelievable support and guidance, I couldn't have done it without you! I 
would also like to thank my grandparents for all the opportunities they have present- 
ed me. A special thanks to Mr. Love; you're simply the greatest Sir. Guys, I didn't 
forget about you, all those hours in the Beer Room, the hockey convoys FP, PT, CM, 
and CC (BSS), the Montreal Trip AR, GB, JFW, Bambaleo, the Blue Mountain 
escapades, Cancun, tequila volleyball, coco bongo night. MK & AF you guys are 
jokes, MW I enjoyed all the spirited driving, PC can't wait to see you in 20 years. A 
special thanks to GC, UJ, and AR for being awesome friends and keeping me in 
trouble. Cheers boys, it's been Fun! Alex (Rufus) Edmison 

I have been at RSGC for seven years now, and I will not forget any minute of my 
time spent here. It's going to be sad to leave. I owe so much to so many people. I'd 
like to thank all the teachers who have made this enjoyable. Thanks Mr. D'Arcy, Mr. 
O, Mr. Rankin, for believing in me and making me laugh. Dr. Leatch for the life les- 
sons and friendship, Ms. McPhedran for inspiring me to pursue a career in science, 
Mr. Siewert for helping me love a dead language. Mr. Lee for being a great lacrosse 
coach and a true friend, Mr Doerksen for all the encouragement and teaching, to all 
the staff, to my family and friends for sticking by me and helping me every step of 
the way. I love this school, and I loved being a part of it. 

I am (jeorgian 

T. "Big Hanz" Enfield. 

The past ri\c years ha\c gone by quicker iluiii a blink of an eye. From ihe good old 
days of Mr. Pcngelly and Mr. Orlando to the days of Mr. Lee and Mr. Lee, St. 
George's has shown me plenty of good times thai I will ne\er forget. Special thanks 
to Mr. D'Arcy (You won't be hearing from my sister anymore), Mr. James Lee 
((ienllenieii. don't use the shovel) and Mr. Sarellas (Uig Guy, Selwyn forever) Now 
to all my friends: Kitchano (You're still a hobo); Mike C. (Smothness, I guess so!); 
Rains (It's all about the pipe); llsiungy (How's your summer?); Pat (Keep holding it 
down); Rufus (So how ya doin?); Krancis (play more defense); UJ ( LJsher-Bones! 
Where's the hwk?); Renihan (Reggie. Where's my green jacket'.'); Jamie (Semis. 
Belly's) Wargalla (All about the sane); Ostap (Teach me Shidoshi); Mitch (Kurva); 
Jerome (Bud burrito. coos-coos!); Mario (What is this?!'.'!); Ronson ( Courier will 
always win); Hep (It's a pretty good); Victor (so we got cut eh? Hobo); Sie\e (Best 
Doubles team IXTR); Jahrahani (Whai the fool J'). 

It's fiiiin) how \ini don't reali/e how iiuicli a certain thing means to you until it's 
gone. I'm in my graduating year and I'm just finally realizing how much I kne this 
place. I'm one of the luckiest guys in the world to have been able to attend such a 
spectacular school; and I owe the whole experience to my parents. Thanks Mom and 
Dad for your needed love and support. Mr. Love and Father Donkin: you have both 
been excellent mentors for me over the past couple of years. Boys, I would not have 
wanted to do il with out vou. We've had some amazing memories (well from what 
we can remember from the intoxication haze over our eyes 24hrs day. after all we 
ARE from St. George's). DONUT.RUN, BLUE. TRIPS, CANCUN. BOLTON. S5(), 

Ahhhh Grad quote time. .\ time to reminisce about all the memorable moments at 
RSGC". like when a giant bat flew into my finite class and carried away Mr. Van 
Herk. I must first thank my family. Mom and Dad (my parents). Melissa, Chris, and 
Chayse, thanks for everything! To my "brethren" at St. George's, Chris (CJ BADi 
Johnson, "friends through 15 years of school! What can I say man!?", MUJ, 
Godfrey, "fellow Brit." Bolton, Catfish "North York County", JFW, and everyone 
else, thanks for the great times, parties, and laughs throughout the years. BOB 
DYLAN Concert ' 2 (BOSTON). Cancun. Ice Bust in Ottawa. Doughnut Mission, 
Cottage Party, Montreal Trip. Blue Mountain. Trippy Bolton Trip. Krummin's Class. 
Rugby, Squash. Judo. Soccer... Thanks Dr. Leatch. M. Paulin, Mr. Keenan. and all 
my other teachers, coaches, and friends here. It's been fun. LATES!! "Time is an 
ocean, but it ends at the shore, you may not see me tomorrow"- Bob Dylan 

)/("-Mark I'waiii 
Manv I hanks. 

Matt 1 rciKli - Tiie Gooster is out 

Amir Fardshisheh 

Jamie Ferguson-Woods 

Andrew Ford 

M.itthcw French 


Malcti Itie grads to Ihe 
habies For answers turn 
to page 39 







Stephen Gable 

Christopher Godfrey 

Jeremy Gross 

Andrew Hepburn 


Mdt(,h //if giddi, to the 
babies. For answers turn 
to page 39 





What can I say? It's been a really great five years here at RSGC, which I'll undoubt- 
edly remember forever. I'd just like to express my gratitude to all the great teachers 
I've been lucky enough to have a chance to learn from, a special thanks to my par- 
ents, and an even bigger thanks to all the boys: MW (thanks for the rides), Frodo, 
CJBad, Jamal, RC. UJ. JFW. smooth, GB. AD, AE, CG, GR, and everyone else. 
Thanks for all the amazing times; Cancun, the semis, Montreal, and many others. 

Good luck to you all in whatever the future brings. 

We've had some amazing times and for that I thank my Dad, Bros and all the Grads 
for one hell of a high school experience. Cheers to all the boys who have made this 
memorable. CJ Bad, Ford (that was one hellofa tackle man), Bolton (no common 
sense), MUJ, Rufus, GDT (bartending, keggers + misplaced fluids), Jamie, Siiny and 
many others it's been a blast. To the sick times in The Beer Room, convoys (GO 
LEAFS), Montreal (Peel Pub + SS, the $400 weekend), various cottage experiences, 
Grad room (JITS GUY JITS), the Joyce, Gettysburg, Semis, Babic "math" "the 
extremists" and all the other crazy experiences. To all the teachers and staff who 
have actually taken the time and really taught me something: Dr. Ryall, Mr.PauIin 
Ms. Miller, Mr. Rankin, Dr. Leatch, Mr. Murray (KCS) and hopefully the soon to be 
Dr. Love. There's still more to come. And kids "If you don't want to be here, don't 
come to class. Nothing's going to happen's St. George's." (a teacher) 

My years at RSGC can all be summed up with one word: Popsicle. I came to this fine estab- 
lishment at a skinny short guy. Now I'm still skinny but I'm a bit taller. There are a few people 
I would like to thank for getting me through high school and into university. I am just going to 
go ahead and list them off: Barry, my parents, Sanchez, Guillermo. Mr. Rankin, Mr. 
Holdsworth, Mr. Paulin, J.K., G. Love, Mr. VH, Doc Leatch. Dale, Taylor Shennbie, and THE 
NEWT. Yacht Yeti Yacht dog Chianti Rwanda Chad Fishy Hot Carl KoosKoos You are flirting 
with disaster vemiouth Hey WANYA LORD KEGS. I ride the big horse and Reineck rides the 

Playing ball hockey on the uneven Tarmac. Representing the school at early morning debating 
tournaments. All of the teacher skits I was foilunate to be a part of (and never got expelled 
for!). It is memories like those that will be forever etched in my mind and made the past seven 
years so enjoyable. I can't begin to express my appreciation to those who guided mc from a 
shy kid in grade 7 to one who ruthlessly imitated the Headmaster in front of 250 people. But I 
will give it my best shot. Thanks to some of the best teachers around. You not only provide 
some great material for humour, but care deeply about your students. Thanks to my family 
(dogs included), who put up with me throughout my high school career. Finally, thanks to the 
grads. It may sound cliche but a school is made not of bricks but of people. The former is 
overrated and St. George's scores high with the latter. 

riuHigli my career at RSGC" has been cut shurl with my "tast-lraeking" and the dou- 
ble eohiirt year. I teel eomtbrlable making the next step in my life to uni\ersity. 
Making the choice to fast-track was very difficult for me. It meant leaving my 
friends, family, and most of all a comfortable life behind me. Through this decision 
it was the support from family and friends that really kept me sane. I know it's so 
cliche to ihank my Mom. and Dad but 1 gotta do it anyway. THANK YOU! I'd also 
like to thank sonic teachers such as Mr. Reid. Mr. McFlroy. Mr. Wade West, Mr. VII. 
Mr. Sarellas. and Dr. Skalinski. Why Dr. Ska when he piled homework on me con- 
stantly and called me BTL? Cause he taught me to put some real effort into school, 
and deep inside I know he rcalh isn't as mean as he likes to think he is. 

What can 1 say except what a \earl Thank you to eseryone who helped make this 
year's Grifter one of the best ever, even those who rarely met deadlines, namely: 
everyone. Thanks to all my friends, especially the ones who took the 'Z-Run' with 
me (the distance from the start line to Adam Donald's car.) Andrew and Graham, 
thanks for backing me up in the occasional debate and helping us bring home more 
than a few pieces of metal. Ami now for the freakishly long list of teachers: Drs. 
Leatch. Skalinski. Newton and liarlow. Misters Keenan. Love, Sicwart and Birkett 
and Mrs. Miller. These people are part of what is great about RSGC (note that 
almost half of them are gone or going.) Thanks to Mr. Flutlon, Miss Hill and Fr. 
Donkin for areat conversation. 

Coming to RSGC has proved to be one of my greatest decisions. I came to a school 
thai would pro\ ide me with everything I needed for my future and more. I ha\ e to 
thank all my family for their endless support and giving me the opportunity to 
attend this great school. My inother and grandmother are my inspiratii>n - ihank you 
for all the sacrifices you've made. The staff arc amaxing and I cannot thank them 
enough for everything they have done to teach me and help me succeed. To all the 
students who I've had conversations and made friends with, 1 wish the best for you. 
To all the grads - it's been a great 5 years and it was a pleasure to share the memo- 
ries. I also want to thank those who have already graduated, because they were 
great leaders during my time in St. George's. Good luck everyone! 

"When I first came to RSGC in grade 0, 1 thought that the cup was half empty. 
After my challenging five years. I came to realize that the cup was half full and also 
that a half-full cup of beer is not enough! I'hanks for my parents for putting up 
with my bichin and la/iness. and the teachers that helped me thru. Big up/ to all 
my bros in the bomb shelter and: parkpartics. trailsofdestruction. room I 07. 
gauntlets, husiaaicpuppics. w luiiiniappeiKHiinihaimov ic. heists, donutrun. cottages 
(docks and nunintains). blue (skipalrol c^ iceriin). Montreal, sketchinesscs. random- 
nesses. bcaimg the system, snowball rukus. rukus in general, before and alter par- 
ties, cjbad. cancun. school in|is. haitcra/i/c. ohio. trippytapes. Chinese clowns, 
bunch of nancvs. mmmmmiii I'm a man who Ktvcs his loffee mmm mmm. whitctccth. 
wise up! man, catch you on the flipsiiide." 

Terrance Ho 

Ethan Hoddes 

Clynn Hsiung 

Christopher Johnson 


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Geoffrey Keating 

Michael Kitchen 

Jordan Klein 

I have been at RSGC since grade seven and I will never forget a second of it. I don't 
think 1 could have had as much fun anywhere else. The seven years I've been here 
feel like one. At RSGC I have made my best friends and met my favourite teachers. 
Mr. Love was the first teacher who pushed me to do well. Thanks Love, if it weren't 
for you I would still be a lazy bum. Dr. Newton is one of the most interesting people 
I've ever had the pleasure of being associated with. Sir, I'd love to have a beer with 
you in five years. Dr. Ryall got me interested in subjects I didn't find interesting. Dr. 
Leatch always listened to what 1 had to say. Sir, after you retire you should become 
a standup comedian. I will NEVER forget high school because of the following 
guys: B.M, M.H., B.C., S.G., J. P., G.R., F.B, A.C., J.M., P.T. and last but certainly 
not least W.S. (party at Wade's). I will never forget any of you guys. Party at my 
house in ten years! 

Many thanks to all the grads who have provided me with so many great 
memories:Renihan, Rains, Rufus, Taylor, Cook, Amir & Victor(Hobos), Pauly T(Gitz 
Guy Gitz. Cinnabon). MUJ(Usher-Bones), Phil(Catfish!), Ronsooon. HSIUNG, 
Ostap (Cancun), Chan(Smoothness). Buchan, The Prefects and to everybody else!! 
Thanks to all my teachers especially: Dr. Leatch, Mr. Love. Mr. D'Arcy. Dr. Newton, 
Dr. Ska. Thanks to all the coaches and teammates I've had over the past 5 years, I'll 
miss playing for RSGC!! Things I'll remember: Grad Trip & Prefect initiation (from 
what I can remember), B-ball in Montreal, Senior V-ball Champs(GR, RC, CH), 
lntramurals(Go West!!), Gitz games(GDT, AF, VC, AC, PT), Semis, Skits, Dale, UI5 
B-ball Champs(FB. BM, SN). Special thanks also to Chris, Ashley & Kirsten for 
many great times and memories. Most importantly, thanks to my parents and family 
for their constant support and confidence in me throughout my five years at RSGC. 

1 had an amazing time at RSGC. After being captain of the varsity basketball teain 
for 3 years I decided to dump my head cheerleader girl friend who resides at St. 
Mary's College and decided to go on a business venture. After 3 years 1 managed 
successfully to market sombreros as the new "in" style. But I was falling out of #1 
position in the school academically so I had to sell my Fortune 500 business to a 
homeless man for a penny. After being drafted into the; NHL, NBA. MLB. CBA, 
CFL, NLL, English Premiere League, and the WNBA, I decided to pursue a career 
as a gynecologist my true passion. This is the pinnacle of my life, part student part 

Signed, Lieutenant Governor, Dr. .Jordan Klein. Hsquire 

PS. I wanted to write some nice things about myself but "modesty forbids". 

"// Is iioi the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man 
stumliles or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs 
to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and 
blood, who strives valiantlv. who crr.s and comes up short again and again because 
there Is no effort without error and shortcomings, who knows the great devotion, 
who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows In the end the high 
achievement of triumph and who. al worst, if he fails while daring greatly, knows his 
place shall never be with those timid and cold souls who know neither victory nor 
iUfcat." - Theodore Roosevelt; I would like to extend the sincerest and deepest 
thank you to all those who have supported me through my years here at the College, 
you know who you are. Mom. Dad. Palri/ia and (Jlenn. thank you for your example, 
patience and unending love. 

Mark Lonao 

iMI ^ 






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babies. For answers turn 

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It's been a great three years at RSGC. Lot of good memories. May 24 in Muskoka. 
ehe/ Pari, semi's. Tarragon plays. Final Curtain, basketball praeliees that would 
never end... 

Shout out to west enders. ballerz (even those that still play below the rim), the 
rugby pla\ers (don't sellout just 'cause I did) and to all the guys that made high 
school tolerable, even you Big B. 

To the teachers that gave nie an inch even though I took a mile, to EL Newt whom 
I've only seen lose it once, to the big guy thanks for the COD. to Dr. Leatch that 
teacher that I had once, Mrs. Hill for never giving me an infraction I didn't deserve, 
the Big Herk for giv ing some competition in 3-3. 

OOOOHHH MAN! High School is over. My time at RS(it has been great and I'm 
glad I decided to come here. Big thanks to Mr. D'.Arcy for everv thing he has done 
for me (best teacher ever). Thanks to: Mr. Doerksen for trying to turn me into a 
Mathlete (lol). Dr. Ryall for finite (one of the best classes ever), Mr. Lee (DR=CR). 
Mr. Evans (great coach) and Mr. Love (you know West is the best!). Thanks to the 
rest of the facultv and administration for keeping me on track. Does Hal Hannat'ord 
ever stop talking? W hat is this? Garbage! QI07 is the best station. Long hair is cool 
Be nice to Dale. Long Live The .Annex! 

Thanks for everything. 

" You <,'t7 whai you piii in. and people gel wluit ihcv (teserve" - Kid Rock 

Thank you to all the people who have helped me in any way during the past five 

From academic probation to honor role. 1 finished. Mr. Orlando you turned me 
around. Hannaford. from KCS to RSGC thank you. Mom - Dad. you are always the 
best. Thanks for everything. Ash - Jenn 1 couldn't ask for two better sisters, you 
rule! But now for the Georgians. Pauly, Bruce (your grandparent's house. 
Barbados Cindy). Kennedy (you're nuts guy). Wade (party at Wade's). Brad. .\le\. 
Keats. King. You all made the trip through St George's a bumpv but fun ride. Sr. 
soccer. Big T and Ostap, you made the start of school exciting. Hockey. Doc 
Leatch's D-line. Lacrosse, keep the tradition. Jonsey, Zelly, Atkinson, Roebuck. Gr 
10 Babic, Roy boy. Semis, grad room, jilz, school trips. Dr. Ryall, Doc Leatch, Mrs. 
Miller, Mrs. Hill, you covered mc always. Ms. Wager thanks for the office seat, you 
would win the fight. Last but not least Etobicoke it has been fun. 
"No bird .soars loo high, il he soars with his own wings." - Michael Jordan poster. 

Alexander (Spike) Macrae 

John Mulvihill 


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batnes For answers turn 
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Kevin Ng 

Andrew Potts-Robinson 

Francis Powell 

1 can't believe it's been five years. It's funny how time manages to sneak past all the 
ups and downs, tests, ISPs, physics, trips, dances, and parties. These past years have 
been the best of my life and I would like to take this chance to thank the many peo- 
ple that supported and believed in me: first of all, my mom and dad who have 
worked their butts off to garner my tuition; my brother (you know what I think of ya 
= ); Mr. D'Arcy (Thanks for supporting me since day one and putting so much of 
yourself in your classes; you will always be my favourite teacher!!); Mr V-H and 
Ms. Wager (for listening to my endless prattling about universities); the Grads and 
12s (too many to name with a 150 word limit); and all my junior school kids! It has 
been fun while it lasted, thanks for the ride. Out. 

Although I know it's a cliche, I have to say it anyway: the last five years at St. George's 
have been the best of my life. When else are you privileged enough to do almost any- 
thing, but lack the responsibility to have to give a $#!&'? Don't get me wrong - adoles- 
cence and high school aren't a joke; it's not so much about the material learned in class, 
but a journey of self-discovery and an important step in life. I learned a lot about 
myself and the world in which I live, and i could not have done it myself. Thanks to 
all those that have helped me along the way; my parents, my friends, my girlfriend, and 
all the dedicated members of the faculty - HH, the language and English departments, 
a certain social sciences doctor, and, of course. Big Red (it takes love to set out and 
write your own textbook!). Your interest and enthusiasm has been inspiring and I too 
one day would like to do something that I truly enjoy. One last thing: it's not whether 
the glass is half full or half empty; just drink up and order another one. 

The past 5 years at St. George's have been amazing. There are many people to thank 
for this experience, my family who supported me through all my highs and lows. My 
teachers for all of their guidance and support. You have my sincerest thanks. To all 
my friends and the memories we share. You have made these years fly by. The Beer 
Room crew; AE, CC, PT, CM. AF, AR-blood was not drawn. Blue Mountain, con- 
voys, BSS, Cancun. AF- I will never forget you. AM-thank you for the support you 
have given me. IRM-you have been there through the good times and the bad, and 
no matter where life takes us you will always be my boy. To all the grads; Good 
luck and keep in touch. 

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space." - Colin 

Thank you all for the memories. 

To all of those who taught and inspired me the most, And those who've shot on me. 
and hit the post. 

To those who've said blyat, gvalt, and zayobat (MT. AP), and the one who said 

(niiice, mint, caramantias, teef and not tonight(bul maybe next time) Pauly T. you're Ihe best. 

To the pot-bellied guys teaching us health, and how to get sonic action. And the nice lady cut- 
ting me some slack and not giving an infraction. 

To the one we all love and know as Gage, 

Uon't worry sir, it's only the start of a new page. And fmally to Mama, Tato, Chris, Mat\iyko, 
and Tetyana, 

1 am in debt to you all, as 1 leave 120 I lowland. 

Ostap Prokipchuk 


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I only spent three years at R.S.Ci.t . yel it I'eels like it's always been my home. 
Ha\ ing been taught by such great teachers, and to be aided by such a well-rounded 
statThas truly been a prisilege for which 1 will always be thankful. I \sould espccial- 
l\ like to thank my parents, who have always pushed me and had faith in me. even 
when 1 didn't give them good reason to. I am also very grateful to my family for 
their const;int support. finally, to my friends: 

ML'J (brrr...aii kakaka). .AI- (Beer Room until I'm too old for stairs). MK (ooo ooo 
ah ah). PT (never lacking in Geeness). C'C (Convoys and the Bullet). .AF (Cackmir. 
long live the pipe!). GR (grounded'.'), MC (so rigid). PC (subway stories), JFW 
(OCD), FP (blood was drawn). CI (not so bad), all the ladies (especially DP and 
CM), and all the others \\ ith which I've shared a beer. 

•Ml right, seven years at school here and I finally graduated (hopefully). Clynn, 
Kitchen, and Ronson - F1NALL^' Senior \olle\haII champions. Carter and Ford sou 
know 1 owTi you both at squash, so just gi\c up. Li)ng live Senior Softball and the How 
tie "Chicks dig guys, with bow ties". I'll remember the cra/y limes, which coincidently 
always included liquid courage: parties, semi's, sitting alone in m\ basement (remem- 
ber its never drinking alone, (iod's always with you). .Any teachers who let me get away 
with things 1 probably shouldn't have, thanks. Mr. White and Dr. Newton look me up 
when I'm in the Major Leagues. Mr. D'.Arcy "STOP IT!". "Guy, I'll kick your «/ SS"- 
Paul. Bruce veiling, emergency sleepovers, Pigott when I'm 30 I'm still going to call 
you all the time. Pebble Beach Golf. Leah- My high school sweetheart. I'll remember 
you always. Thank you to everyone who made these years special. I'll remember all of 
you (and if you become a millionaire you bet you'll be hearing from me!) |>o^i 

"This is not the end. nor the beginning of the end. but perhaps the end of the begin- 
ning." A great man said that once, so I'll start by thanking a great man. Thank you 
Dad, you have always been there for me. Mom. you have made me proud to be your 
son. Didi. thanks for helping me find myself. Uncle Bubli. thank you for being my 
second dad. Thanks to the teachers that made the difference. Mr. D".\rcv. Dr. 
Leatch. Mr. Love and Ms. Miller. To all my brothers. BC. MH. AC. JNLGK. DC. 
GR. PT. and FB. we are truly kings of debauchery. Parking sign vigilantes. May 24 
boozehounds, Cancun(NUTS!), wade's I mean rubbishe's keggcr, semi madness, 
chief kegbeer. truck full of mud. .Alex's endless new year's parties, fral 
keggers(F"()&k! ). Roadblock in Rosedale. Prefect initiation, lip sync(\\hat lip 
sync?). Here's to always making our presence known boys. Cheers! 

"And I will never, ever, ever, ever grow so old ui^ain" --\'an Morrison-- 

It's hard to think of what to say. as these are the last words anyone will ever remem- 
ber you for. My Thank you: Mom. Dad, Vorpal, Gabriel, Alfred and Kiqi: for every- 
thing you've done, and all your love. My Advice and wisdom: Ijijoy vourself. don't 
live for school. There are infinitely more things to worry about than how you did on 
that Chem Lab. Life is an experience, experience it. (Words to live hv ) If you gri- 
mace enough people will think you're bitter. Live for the moment, when the future 
comes there's nothing you can do about it anyways. Love and be loved, it's the most 
important thing in life. Never accept the "norm," challenge what you know. Then 
there are my 1^37 .5!<! 1 Iz!!!!!!! 1 13' 3 rOxxOrz jOO fuxxoVz. and always remember 
that it was all in uood fun. 


Andrew Rains 

Geoff Renihan 

Wade Safini 

John Seitz 


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iabies For answers turn 
10 page 39 




Jonathan Stetham 

Patrick Taylor 

Paul Ternamian 


Trevor Thompson 


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babies For answers turn 
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This is rushed as I have a last period spare and I want to go home, so what do I 
want to say? Not much, in fact nothing really. The last two weeks of school have 
gone the way of 'week old pizza' left on my kitchen table after a night of hard party- 
ing. The only advice 1 have for any students who actually read these quotes is 1) 
take a Doc Leatch class, they are the best and you actually might remember some- 
thing you're taught. 2) Play rugby, it hurts you and you get to hurt others, that and 
it's a good excuse for getting bad marks; just say you got railed in the head. 3) 
Watch Army of Darkness it's a good movie. Lastly, when school is getting you down 
just remember. Beer is proof god wanted us to he happy and to quote F. Teofilovici 
Yon are never wasting time, if you are wasted all the time. 

I am proud to be a Georgian. I am proud to have been a part of something so unique. As a grade seven stu- 
dent, 1 neglected to realize the significance of what school I attended: school was school. However, as a 
graduating student, I have now matured enough to entirely appreciate tlie deptli of my fortune. Royal St. 
George's is so much more than a fine academic institution. It is a second home: a unique association of 
knowledge, deconmi, duty and fiiendship. As I take one final step, I graduate fi'om a place that has nurtured 
me for seven years. I w ill miss it dearly, but 1 will never forget it. To all my teachers, for tlieir endless sup- 
port and encouragement, especially Dr. Leatch, Dr. Newton. Mr Rankin, Mrs. Miller and Mr D'Arcy, my 
ad\ isor and mentor, to whom I owe so much. I thank you fi'om the bottom of my heart. 
To my boys: Cale, Mike Chan, U-J, Amir, Edmison, Rains, Kitchen, Powell and JFW. tlianks for the good 
times. Keep holding it down. 

Chloe, you have 2i\'en me more tlian I could ever have asked of you. I love you. 
Mom, Dad, Jeff, Ryan, Granny. Grandpa- Thank you for your invariable support. I love you 

all. Success is an attitude before it is a reality. -Judd Moldaver 

To tlie greatest family. Mom. Dad. Miran. Joe THANKS for supporting me and always being there. A huge 
tlianks to the #1 advisor Mr. D'Arcy, Mr. Hannaford, Mr J Lee. Mr Reid, Botli Tliombiuy's, Mr Sarellas, 
Dr. Leatch, Di" Ryall, Mr Rankin, Mrs. Miller (tliere will always be a seat up at the fi'ont for me) Mr. 
Ackley, Mr Van Herk, Dale, Ms. Hill, Ms. Wagar("Pauly Man"), Mi-s. Hall, Mile Deblois (my Broax Tale 
bud) and to MrE\ans (who can only play handball against a curb) Tliank you sir for teaching me to always 
gi\c it my best. Tlie Boyz: Abraliam, Buch, GDT, Potts, Rcnihan66, Wade(Maf s guy Mafs) Brad(tliink 1 
care man), Kitchanolguy I'll buy that Cinna bun place). Longo. Big B, Peeeeegs, Keafing, CJ Bad (BAT- 
ERAZIS! ) Ken. Kinged late niglit JITZ, I'll dust you guy) Na Ostap Na(your mint! ). Money C. Johnny 
M(how do you spell Bachelor?) Malex(your crazy, but still tlie Greatest) MUJ. Ford, my bud Silny, U15 
Soccer Champs, all the boys in Blue(YORK 4ever), statf still can't beat us in Ball Hockey( 1-0-1 ), legal and 
illegal JITZ GUY JITZ, Get out of my faaccee man. and All my Annenian Boys. Thanks for the great- 
est time ever! 

"They measured his height ami said he was too small, they measured his weight and said he 
was too light, hut the one thing they never measured was the size of his HE.4RT." 

I can hardly believe that I've spent ten years of my life at this school. The time just seemed to 
tly by. First and foremost. I MUST thank my parents who are the best for sending me to this 
school, and for believing in me, thank you. I also want to thank some teachers, bear with me, 
this is going to be long: Mr McElroy. Dr Leatch( 10 things..). Mr Reid. Mr McMaster. Mr. 
Wade-West, Mr GOODENUFFORJAZZ Martin. Mr Rankin, MR LOVE SIR!(football SIR). 
Dr. Ryall(for helping me pass ALL my math), Mr. D'Arcy (for believing I could pass compsci) 
TheNewt (Dr Newton), Mr Jamieson. and Mr VanHerk. FinalK. memories. Far too many, but 
here are a few. Grad trip, the music trips, the RSGC keggers, all the parties, the shad\ opera- 
tions with Jer, Rubin's basement, Heisy's basement Rubin(NO P.R), Olive. Pineapple. Daw 
Mike. NOOO. Lu. Arian. John. Christina. Helen, the gradclass. and anyone who I forgot to 
mention. HEY SPEARS!! 

I had a lot of fun guys, being the most hated man at RSCiC and all... Til keep you posted on all 
of my music opinions and SeeFish RULES!!! 


My highschool days are llnali\ finisiieii! When I first came to St. George's in grade nine. I 
thought the day would ne\er come when Td be relleeting upon the last tlvc years of my life 
w ith a diploma in my hand. But here I am. completely speechless. I don't know where to 
begin; I ha\e so many memories, and so few words to say them in. Here are just a few: Rugby. 
Hockey. Montreal. C'ancun. Beer room, the bull, frat house, semis. Brrrr. Ak-k-k. convoys, and 
models. I'd like to thank Miller. D'Arcy. Lo\e. Rankin, Ryall, Somer\ille. Leatch. and Sarellas 
for always belie\ ing in me and for being great teachers and e\en greater friends: Wager and 
Hill for putting up with me; AR. PT. AF. CJ. CC. FP. MC. MK. GB. CG. PC. WS. AC. AE. 
JFW. and the rest of the grad class for the great times, many laughs, and for always having a 
shoulder to lean on. ..I'll always remember you guys; and most importantly my family for 
their kne and support. Wcwr ihink oj the liiiiirc. It comes soon enough. ' - Albert Einstein 

Well. I really don't know what to say in this thing. It's been a good 4 years and for that I can 
thank... myself for one. parents for sending me here, and my brother Tyson (cus it's nice to 
mention siblings). Also, "big up's" to all of you who ha\e e\er taught me... good job! 
Thanks go out to my friends; you guys know who you are! We've had our good times and our 
bad times, and that's a lot of times. I would also like to confess that I ha\e always had a secret 
"schoolboy crush" on both Sra. Deblois and Ms. Uhre (who may not know who I am. but 
maybe someday we can change that...?) Fm sorry, but I just can't help it! It's been a great time 
at RSGC and I wish everyone a happy ending. 'Pci s got things Jar you to do. and Mother 
wants vou. I know she does. ' 

It's been a savage good time at St. G's. I'll be glad to go but sorry to Iea\e. My greatest mem- 
ories come out of RSGC. There were the grey tleecc pants that I wore for three years without 
any notice. Madison's has always been there for weeknight studying. CC never let me fail. 
There was John. dirt\ brown and Moose. Git/ filled the gaps of spares and classes that I didn't 
want to go to. Savaging is intense. espccialK in the Annex and litobicoke style Il-core. To all 
those from back west in the I:-Tobe-l-Cokes keep it up hardcores. Parents, it meant the 
world. Mr. V. Doc Newt, classes were the awesome. Miss Hill you've been nothing but the 
best. Everyone left lighten up. St. George's isn't all about work, keep the spirit alive and real. 
Finally Ms. Pacnian is a great game. Peace 

Brian Tod 

Michael Usher-Jones 

Jesse Wach(er 

Jeffrey WargjILi 


Match ttie gmds to llw 
■■'•-.<: For answers turn 
10 39 




Mark Wilkins 

Nicholas Wong 

Bruce Curtis 


Matthew King 


Match the grads to the 
babies. For answers turn 
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When I started at RSGC in grade 9, I wasn't sure what to expect. Everything was 
new to me. Fortunately, it didn't take long for me to get comfortable and feel at 
home. All of my teachers have inspired me to work hard and succeed throughout the 
years and for that I thank you. For all of those times when school got in the way of 
racing, or racing got in the way of school, and for the support I have received from 
everyone, I appreciate it, it means a lot to me. The commitment that the faculty have 
to the students at RSGC is outstanding. They have prepared me for the challenges 
that I will find at university ne.xt year and I feel confident that 1 will be able to suc- 
ceed. You are all friends that I will never forget. 

Mark Wilkins 

All I can say is it's been a crazy two years!/its been tough but i maintained/though 
its been short i'll never forget my time here/first and foremost thanx to mom and 
dad, u guys never let me be satisfied with mediocrity/jon, thanx for keeping it 
real/special thanx to all of my teachers, u have made my time here special/a special 
thanx to Mr.D'Arcy, Mr.VH and Dr.Ryall for all your help and guidance/big shoutz 
out to all the grads thanx for all the memories and good luck in the future/to every- 
one else: big shoutz to CHAMP (crazy 4 years) wha gwon systren! tissue?!/special 
thanx to kiril for puttin up with me for all those years/all u guys are da best/and 
finally to RSGC thanx for everything. nothing else to say i'm done/its ova! peace. 

"No matter how hard the past, one can always begin today. " - Buddha 

LATE ADMITTANCE SLIP (plea»e return to Ms. HHI) 

I want to thank my parents for funding this long endeavor and my grandparents for 
allowing me to stay with them for the past couple of years, without all of you I 
would have never finished. I would like to thank Dr. Leatch, Dr. Newton, Mr. Love, 
Mr. VH,. These teachers are the main cornerstone to St. George's and I thank them 
for all the help they have givin me over the years.. All the parties at Wade's and the 
Leaf's "sessions" at my place, Barbados, grad trip, semi's.... I had a blast. Shout 
out to all my friends at St. G's; Mike, Wade, Mulvihill, Keating, Kennedy, Brad, 
Fraser. Kiiig". CooV." Potts, Pauly, and Renihan. I had a blast - thanks a lot guys!! 


Mom, Dad, Paul, .Andrew I could never have done any of this without you. ..Mom 
(Chasing down the bus every morning to try to get me to school on time) - Dad, Paul, 
Andrew, your support is appreciated, 1 love you all... I've been at RSGC since grade 
7, some would say that's too long, and I would agree. I've had some good times, and 
lots of memories. Thank you staff, especially: Mr. Love (why are you retiring, you 
made me love history) Mr. D'Arcy (you never let me give up on myself, or Calc), Dr. 
Leatch {]0 things), Mrs. Miller (teached me how to spoke English, good) Dr. 
Ryall, (Finite Casino), Ms. Hill (thank you for all your advice and support). Ms. 
Wagar. Mr. Van Herk, Mr. Orlando, Dale (keep it real. Buddy), Sherry and .leanne 
(nicest lunch-ladies ever) - My baby Deanna (1 love you), Pauly (jilz guy). Ken-dog, 
Mulvihill, Bruce, B-rad, Pigott, Potts, Keats, Fraser, Roy, Wade, CalcT CJ Bad, Ford, 
Payner. Faulds, Ferg, KW, Carter, Shannon, Bea, the rest of you gorgeous gals in 
LP.. .IF Boys, Grad Class, Greg, Brooks, Dara, Leo,, Mike-cous, L.P. 
represent Garage Life, Pac, Pong, and who could forget KING KONG! 

LATE ADMITTANCE SLIP (pi.«.. r.ium to ««•. miii) 
This place has given me the best and worst times of my lilc - and I'm grateful for all 

of it. No matter lun\ miin\' names I write here. I will forget someone so I apologize 
in ati\ance. Thanks most of all to the (irads - I could list all \our names but 1 onl\ 
get 150 words! You've all been there through thick and thin. (Caneun was great and 
Penin's Mold was. well memorable to say the least.) I've known some of you longer 
than others, but without a doubt you're all a part of who I am. Same goes to the 
teachers - the best group of people a student could possibly wish for. D'Arcc. the 
Love Gage, fi-Mar. Big VH. the Senseis, SWagar. father D., CNewt Dog. Red Fox. 
Tit-uhh Mr. Lee. WW. oh boy too many to write - i hanks a tonne! 

Lqdiesaiul Gentlemen, take my advice - pull down your pants and slide on the ice! 

LATE ADMITTANCE SLIP (pi.... return to Mm. hhi) 

It was fun. 7 years and 4 Skalinski courses ago 1 came to St. George's. There was no way 
1 could ha\e prepared for this journey; the nice thing is now I feel I am prepared for my 
joanic^ ahead. Thanks to some of the tlJSiffitfPsPthat niade it so fun; The (ikne. CNewt. 
Big Red. Dr. Ska (e\en though we had our differences). Hal (my main guy). Doc. Ryall 
(golf team Nazi). The Big O.. and Ms Hill. I will ne\er forget any of you. A shout out to 
aH,i^^jfp^nd.s from the past 7 years at RSGC; Big B. Keats. Fraz. King. Pigs. Brad. 
Sa'ndy. iteni^maiioon. Roscoe. Potts. Kitch. IJJ. and of course Mr. Sahni. To my mom. 
thank you for e\erything and I mean l:\T-RTIllNCi. to my dad thank you for always 
belie\in" ill iji,e..,Vsj3ecial tribute to the girl who managed to put up with me while lov- 
inf'tiTc'lOTtiTc last year and a half, my girlfriend Janna Miller. Always remember my 

TiJitviWu'' you like, hut like what you lake. 

Michael Haughton 

David Hurlow 

Shahrooz Nikouei 

Jeremy Piggott 

Mitchell Tomulka 

Name That Baby!!! (Answers) 

Pi; 24 - al Buclian hi Bollun cl .Myuirc dl .\hrahaiii 

Py. 25 - al R.than b) Burashko cl M.C'han 
d) t artcr (Good Morning Carnation Baby) 

Pg. 26 - a) Chow b) Clarli (Heinz Bumblcbcriy Pit- 
Baby) c) Cragg d) Chin 

Pg. 27 - a) Coolv (Heinz Mi.ved Cereal Baby) 
b) Colic c) Donald (Pablurn Oalmcal Baby) 
J) Cimicata 

Pg. 2S - a) Edmison b) I nllcld c) Durrani-Taylor 
d) Dun lop 

Pg, 2y - a) French b) I ardshisheh dl I ergUMHi 
Woods d ) Ford 

Pg. yo - a) Godfrey (Mu.seum Kid) b) Hepburn 
eTGablc d) Gross (ItalPasia Baby) 

Pg. 31 - a) Hsiung b) Johnson e) tlo d) Hoddcs 

Pg. 32 - a) Keating b) Kitchen c) Longo d) Klein 

Pg. 33 - a) Mani//o b) Mulvihill (Hein/ Barley 
Cereal baby) d) Milne 

Pg. 3-t - a) Prokipchuk b)Ng (Apple Raspt>crTy 
Criianies Bab\ ) c) Polls Robinson I Rice Cereal « 

Apple 1 dl Powell 

Pg. 35 - a) Renihan b) Soil/ e) Kalns d) Sahni 

Pg. 3f> - a) Thompson (Baby «ilh a Bottle I 

b) Temaniian e) Taylor d) Stethem (Hein/ Baby i 

Pg. 37 - a) I'sher-Jones b) Wai^aila (Finger Painting 
Kid) e)Todd)\\achter 

Pg. 3S a) Wilkins (Burping Baby ) b( Cunis e) King 
(Worried no Dinner Baby ) d) Wong 

Pg. 3'* - a) Haughton b) ttuggics Baby cl Ro>c«k- 
d) Manha Slewan's Orange I aling B.ib\ 

-fflT "M"^ 


Mafc/1 the grads to the 
babies For answers turn 
to page 39 








Back: Mike Kitchen, Alex Carter Middle.Wade Sahni. Grafiam Durrant-Taylor Andy Potts Graham D-T:Since the jitz table came. Graham has 
-Robinson, Brad Milne, Paul Ternamlan Front: Head Prefect. Mark Longo, John Abraham averaged 2.3 classes a week. 

1 Guys put your arms down already, you're scaring 

2 the girls away with your stench! 

Photo taken of Brad Milne jusi seconds 
after getting squared in the south 

Sahni: After 1 sip. 

Favorite Foods 

Abraham: Lasagna 

Carter: Chicken Satay 

Durrant-Taylor: Pad Thai 

Kitchen: Kraft Dinner 

Longo: Homemade Spaghetti 

Milne: Pizza Pizza (with garlic sauce) 

Potts: Beefaroni 

Renihan: (Jrillod cheese with KD 

Sahni: Chicken Wings 

Ternamlan: Chocolate/Cinna Bun 
Top 3 Favorite Savinps 

Renihan: "That's Horse" 

Ternamian: "Jitz Guy Jitz" 

Milne: "I Dominate" 

The Stewards 

Tun Enti(.'l(.l ■ Menlor Program 

John Seitz - Senior School Newsletter 

Pat Taylor - Admissions Ambassador 

Mike Usher-Jones - Community Service 

Andrew Rains - Mentor i'lo^'rain 

Andrew Hepluun - Speaker's Union President 

Trevor Thompson - House League 

Ethan Hoddes - Editor of drifter 

Jesse Wachter - Stage Managing 

Jamie Ferguson-Woods - Cc)inmunit>- Service 

Alex Edmison - Admissions Ambassador 

Brian Todd - Music 

Chris Roscoe - Head Server 

Kevin Ng - Junior School 


Back: Ethan Hoddes. Alex Edmison. Andrew Rams. Jesst .'. Middle: Kv.r 

Ng. Pat Taylor. Mike Usher-Jones. Andrew Hepburn Front: .^;...j n^:>coe Bram Toil 
Absent: John Seitz. Jamie Ferguson-Woods. Trevor Thompson. Tim Enfield 


Left: Eraser Buchan. John Abraham. Trevor Thompson. Ivan Chin 
Absent Adam Donald 

Mention to 

Sandy Gibson /^eft. Eraser Buchan. some random guy. Trevor 

Thompson. John Abraham. Ivan Chin. Adam Donald 

. nsinXi jnA Lifrrj 





Royal St. George s Staff... 



1 "'' 

J ciiKouic. 




Mark Ackley. 

"Do I look fat In this sweatsuit?" 

Glen Algarvio; 

"/ brush with Sensodyns- It noticabley whitens. 

Cherene Bajin. 

"There can be miracles... When you believe. 
Though hope will fail... I'm sorry. I cannot go 
on. It's too emotional." 


Delia Cartagena 

"Somebody cut off Delia before she gets tipsy ril have another please, and why is Bruce In 
and starts talking to me about Cr^nta. " Santa's lap''''" 

Bruce Carter (and Santa); 

Santa- "Bruce, do you really think Ivlrs. Clause 
will let me give you that for Chnstmas. Just go 
to a single's bar." 

tlje CeorgitiH 


Mike Devereaux 

"Over my career at St George's I have single 
handedly destroyed 12 square miles of rainfor- 
est for paper If I make it 15 1 get a discount. " 

Gerry Ooerksen; 

"Wait, don '( take ttie picture. Let me get as 
close as possible to the camera. " 

Paul Oarvasi 

'As a matter of fact this sweater-vest is from 
Winners. It came off one of those ships full of 
illegal immigrants, so I got it at a pretty fair 
price. ' 

Christine Buchanan 

"I'm not just Hal's secretary. I do other things. " 

John BIrkett 

"This is downright humiliating. If they want me 
to retire they should just say so. I'm too deli- 
cate to be pushing snow around. ' 

Rachel Oeblois 

"/ ran up the C/V Tower's stairs in 5 minutes 
flat. I have just one thing to ask you my furry 
companion, where is '/OUR gold medal''' 

Chris D'Arcy 

Interior Monologue- "I'm the king of the castle 
and you're the dirty rascal!" MUAHAHAHAHA 

'Sorry Ms. Cook, but this was the only photo of 
you we could find. We have deadlines ' 

'I'm co-owner of the Bubba-Gump Shnmp 
corporation ' 


Jon Evans 

"This pizza IS bigger then I am. so if I eat 
it /'// double in SIZE!!" <chomp> 

Elden Fulton. 

Alison Graham 

"They placed me beside Fulton again... that guy 
never says ANYTHING. " 

Keith Farrar lleana Fedluc 

"Ummmm . Well GOSH gents, what can I say... "Let me see. I enjoy candle-lit dinners, slow 
golly .... hmmmmm. ..." walks on the beach " 

Sherry Fitzpatrick; 

7 can I wail till some kid opens this bag and 
finds what I left in it. " 

Ruth Hall. Hal Hannaford 

"/ have said it before Paul, absolutely NO pom "This yearbook is looking "Pretty Special." 
on the computer!!!" 

Natasha Hill 
■/ now control the school, not even Hal can 
match my power and infraction giving ability ' 

Richard Holdsworth. Dale Hume Tim Hutton 

"Did I ever tell you about the time when I was "Hey Buddy, get away from that leaf pile ya fruit 'C'mon guys. I dont live' in the library. . I do 
acting over in London...." cake, before I whack you." have a life!!" 

Charles Fowler Douglas Jamleson 

"Tell me something, do I look like I just sat on a "If you take this picture. I'll look like a cross 
tack?" between a zebra and tiger ' 

Norman Juan 

1IS":o messy Kids 


More Staff Photo's 

Lome Katz 

"Hello, what's your name? Would you believe 
my real name is Clark Kent?" 

Catherine Kirkland; 

"I smell bacon. " 

Andrea Kaye. 

"Hurry up and take the photo. Where do you 
think he's looking?" 

James Leatch James Lee John Kerr 

"Do you think it's sexy that I ride a horse?" "I wonder if anyone will notice if this caption is "It sucks to be liere on a Thursday afternoon. It 

completely incoherenakjy ykahkj uiys uiya!" sucks a lot. " 

^^^^ Tlje CcoTffiai 

How much do you 
really know about 

the staff? 

lest lonr L'liow It-d^L- lis iii.iU liin^' (hi- Lici- l<i llu- Ittticl. 

a) Spring Rolls b) Grits c) Polish Sausages 
d) Communion Wafers e) Cup-a-soup 


Gary Martin 
■/ hate my life' 

David Lee Laura McPhedran. Evelyn Miller 

"What do you mean where did all the fashion 'I wonder if anyone is watching me seductively 'I'm watching you Laura. I'm always watchirtg 

for access money go? What's that, oh, you tike devour this chip?" you. " 

it? It's Armani. My Sears suit was getting worn 
in the seat. " 

Gage Love Sensci Don Miller 

"My name is Gage My name is Gage... My "I wasted forty years of my life to get this black 

name is Gage... My name is Gage My name is belt, and I am very comfortable with my naked- 
ness ' 

Sean Loucks 
'For the last tmio I am not a babysitter' 


4;**~WELCOME « 

Staff Secrets revealed! 



Christopher Newton. 

"Allow me to perambulate. I am overquallfied 
for my position In this school. " 

Paul O'Leary 

"Hey C. Newt! I peed in your gas tank! What 
are you going to do. smart guy? 

Dave Rankin 

"H/sssssssssss G day my fine feathered 
friend. " Note to reader In the light that this 
photo was taken It was possible to see through 
Mr Rankin's teeth and Into his black heart. 

Morris Reid: 

"Nobody loves me. Has anyone seen my 
flask. . of water'>" 





His feet are^small 
His hair is graying 
He totes a bible 
And he's al 
His calcul 
And all 
Are factoJ 

"Why do 
Its all ove: 
You know 

Mark Ryall 

■7 am single handedly responsible for writing a 
report on the Ministry of Education. I got 
S20.000 Did you ever get $20,000 for a report?" 


T&f Georgian 

Peter Sarellas 
'My watch and sunglasses were stolen from 
the dressing room. ' 

Alex Shum 
~My Internet lover thinks Im 6 teet tall. ' 





Gerd Siewert 
'Uh I dont know... I've been framed (heavy 
Germanic accent) ' 

Peter Skalinski. 

Where do you think my left hand is?" 

Sandra Skinner 
"This sweater was knit by a dying Ethiopian 
named Guan. Isnt it beautiful?" 

Janet Sommerville 
File Photo taken from TO Police Dept Special 
Investigations J Sommerville going to a secret 
meeting with Denis Bock Scandalous affair* 

Werner Schreiner; 
"One is the loneliest number I'm crying on the 

Heidi Girvin: 
Wow. slow down Heidi. "You wouldn't want to 
swallow that. 


Caroline Newton 
"Who wants baguettes^ Shutup I wasnt 
talking to you I have a 2 year old. ' 




BATMAN! (and staff) 


Brenda Taylor 

Contrary to popular belief, she is not one of the 
Ninja Turtles. 

Anelita Teofilo 

"Hair-net? what hair-net?" 

A. Thornbury 

"Hey kid. do that thing where you think you're 
good at soccer, yeah that's it..." 

Sharon Tonkin 

"I'd rather be rich than stupid. ' 


Rudy Stephens 

"Where'd Dale go?" 

Mr Stevens Kevin Trombley 

This is all he wants for Christmas and he Responsible for the mysterious phlem-wads on 

also got some beer! some of the locks. 

Kirsten Uhre. Nick Van Herk 

"The face of a child can say it all, especially the It takes a big man to cry. but it takes a bigger 
mouth part of the face. " man to laugh at that man. 

John Viljoen 
Head spokes-man for Mr Clean 

Tom Wade West Shirley Wagar Gerry White 

"/ wonder how long it would take me to eat an "Yeah i know it's not my coffee break, but if Hal "I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get 
entire person" can milk the school, so can I! it" 

Hal Hannaford 

Having fun at someone else s expense. 

Andrew Whitley 

Out hero! 

Dr. Ska 

Everyone run> It's 'The Science Gremlin 







Under lo Soccer 

Back: Alexander Ferguson. Daniel O'Kelly. Hayden Phillips. Alexander Samworth. 
Michael Rowe. Jamie Reford Front: Victor Adamo. Neilson Koerner-Safrata. Milan 
Koerner-Safrata. Brian MacNicol. Mark Istvan. Hunter Hauswirth. Tiago Vieira. 
Benjamin Wong, Colin Stitt 

This was the first season for the Under lO's 
and that is always tough to get used to. 
However these rising stars rose to the chal- 
lenge and headed into the final tournament 
at UCC with confidence and potential. They 
fought long and hard, beating teams with 
amazing skill, and made their way into the 
championship match against Sterling Hall. 
After a solid pep talk from their coach Mrs. 
Cook, the boys ran out on the field and were 
hungry to win. Unfortunately our guys lost 
a close match to Sterling Hall and ended up 
in second place overall. Great Job! 

The Under 10's pregame warm up. just before they destroyed UCC. 

The Under 12's this year, coached by Mr. 
Ackley, had a variety of rookies and veter- 
ans. In every game they gave it there best 
and most of all they had fun. Their record 
this season was 5 wins and 7 losses. 

John Harewood. James Bradeen. Thomas Pepper, 
Harnson Howletl-Ben. Michael Badali. Phillip Robinson, 
Eddie Courage. Henry Nozuka. Sepyhr Banai. Adam 
Burns. Eddie Beqaj. Ross Golding. Robbie Charter Rajin 
Dhaliwal. David Axworthy. Thomas Moore. Cory Thnetti. 
Spencer Vibert 

Back: Chris Jackson, Patrick Luckhurst. Javraj 
Dhaliwal. Geoff Squibb. Matthew Lovehng. 
I\4ichael-Warren Sonosky. Ms Graham Front: 
Eric Gagne. Kevin Marthinsen. Brodie Townley. 
Andrew Bilak. Michael Clayton, Joseph Lalner 

Coach Smurf 
Leads Team to 
Winning Season. 

The Under 15's, coached by Mr. 
(Smurf) Evans, had a winning sea- 
son. They battled hard throughout 
the year and made their way to the 
tournament semi-finals. They 
played against UCC in a tight affair 
and lost. 

Strong performances this year from 
Cam Tudhope, Taylor Drury. Adam 
Brandston. Jason Salzman. and 
T\ler Kee. 

Tudhope: All Mr Evans does is talk, Blah Blah Blah 

Under 15 Soccer 

Back: Coach Evans. Taylor Drury. Taylor Kee. Bennett McBhde. Adam Branston. Da^c l .vg 
Kyle Golding. Chris Majewski. Cam Tudhope. David Edwards. Pierre Eiras. Front. Jason 
Salzman. Sam Perlmutar John Elliot Perl. Taylor Townley. Ross Curtner Kevin Drury. Alex 


Pass it here! No to me! No over here! 


Staff vs Under 15s 


Senior Soccer 

From Left to Right: Brad Milne. David Zhang. Paul Ternamian. David Winterbottom. Ryan Cookson. Fraser 
Buchan. Graham Atkinson. John Mulvihill. David Zelikovitz. Rob Cimicata. David Kerr-Vayne. Spike Macrae. 
Alex Carter. Jay Jolliffe. Wade Sahni. Victor Cotic. Andrew Harris. Ostap Prokipchuk. Donald Pyper Coach: Mr. 
A. Thornbury 

Compared to previous 
years, the Senior 
Soccer team did not 
have a record season. 
For the past two years, 
the team consisted 
mostly of veteran play- 
ers; however, this 
year's team included a 
lot of rookies. The 
team went into the sea- 
son knowing that com- 
petition would be 
fierce, and that oppo- 
nents like SAC. UCC. 
and Ridley would pres- 
ent a tough rivalry. 
Against these teams, 
we fared well, and 
played to the bitter end 
of each game. In the 
end. the team's record 
stood at 2 wins, 9 loss- 
es, and 1 tie. This was 
a very memorable year 
for the team: we stood 
beside each other 
through thick and thin 
and felt that we had 
accomplished some- 
thing great by the end 
of the season. No one 
player stood out as a 
'star', rather everyone 
worked together to 
attack the season with 
an unrivaled ferocitv. 

The team in all it's gloiy! 

Pyper feeling the burn. 

Kerr-Vayne givin' the header 

Ostap kicks the ball . 

\r' T(,e 


Under 14 Volleyball 




1 ^^ ^ 



V^' '% 

Left (0 right: Top row J. Deshman. J Harncks. J. Ban. M Sisam. W. 
Schreiner. Bottom row: L Carravetta. C. MacNicol. C. Hamel, C. 
Rhind. N Carravetta Missing: K Cressy 

111 Volleyball Team 2001 

After a very promising start to the 
season our team seemed to falter at 
the last minute, losing several 
frames by the closest of marfiins. 
Hack from last year and providing 
the nucleus for the team were Nick 
Carravetta and Cam MacNicol; both 
contributed talent and leadership. 
All the players made a great deal of 
progress with serving and jjosition 
on the court. In spite of the losses 
during the season and in the play- 
offs the morale and enthusiasm 
remained high. 

Under 16 Volleyball 

Vali: He's 
sooo hoi! 
Could you 
stop It: I'm 
trying to 
serve. ' 

. 1(3 Vollevball Team 2001 

The boys started off the season 
with minimal knowledge and 
expertise but evolved throughout 
the season into a skilled, consis- 
tent, volleyball machine. Team 
captains. Derek Hepburn and 
Chris Hoad. led the team with 
newly developed skill, inspiration 
and die-hard determination. 
Setters. Hepburn and DeGeer. 
ran the offense using the hitting 
forces of .Andrew Bolton. Mike 
Butler and Chris Hoad to build 
l)oints. The huge blocking forces 
of Stefan Vali and Alex Johnston 
along with consistent serving of 
(laelan I.^ne and Jamie Smith 
proved to be an obstacle for many 
of the opponents thmughout the 
season. Coach .Algarvio is 
extrt-mely pleased with the 
progress the boys exhibited 
throughout the entire season 
and looks forward to the 
beginning of the next years 

On Yer knees son 

Senior Volleyball 

Clockwise from top left: Mr. James Lee (Coacfi). Mike Kitchen. Geoff Renifian. James Patava. 
Morgan Rubes. Aaron Mitchell . Clynn Hsiung Absent: Jonathan Lucas 

The 2001-2002 season was a 
breakout year for the Senior 
Volleyball team. Led by our 
Coach, Ml'. James Lee, four third 
year veterans rounded off our 
starting lineup making us 
unstoppable: filled with veteran 
leadership and experience. Early 
in the season, we faced the hard- 
hitting team from UCC. 
However their hitting was not 
enough to match the skilled spik- 
ing of our all mighty power hitter 
Ronson "Soon" Chan. For the 
rest of the season, teams were 
unable to beat the impressive 
blocking of Mike Kitchen and 
Aaron Mitchell, and helpless 
against the finesse-setting of 
Clynn Hsuing and James 
Patava. Some great hustle and 
beautiful digs by both John 
Lucas and team captain Geoff 
Renihan rounded the team. 
Alter an impressive burst of 
heart, RSGC came out the victor 
(keeping our unbeaten streak 
alive.) For the first time in 
school history, RSGC got the 
honour of hosting the Finals. 
Our first match was against 
Pickering College, who we 
defeated handily 

(3-0). Then it was time for the 
true test: the finals. We faced 
CDS to see which team would go 
home as Champions. After los- 
ing the first game, we battled 
back to take the next three 
games and the Championship. It 
was a great year, and I'd like to 
extend our thanks to a great 
coach: Mr. James Lee. 

Rubes you want 
me to do what?'?'." 

Lucas: "Hey! Are you 
talking to me''!" 

Renihiin Huie it 
comes baby!!!" 

Tlie Ceortjitirt 

Junior School 
Cross Country 

Ms Bajin: 'No boys, you cannot 
hitch a ride in the back of that 


Clockwise from top left: Colin 
MacNicol. Pat O'Sullivan. Andrew 
Phillips. Craig Milne. Alex Last. 
Andrew Harris. Cameron Ross. 
Absent: David Clark 



The Look of 

Senior School 
Cross Country 

Hattillo: 'Uooohhh...Jim. not in public! 

The Cross Country Team 
was made up of a dedicat- 
ed bunch of runners. 
Lured into the sport at 
the beginning of 
September by Mile. 
Deblois' philosophy of 
"Personal BestsI" We soon 
discovered that Mile. 
Fediuc had an equally 
invigorating philosophy of 
"Barfing is ok. just not on 
me." After numerous 
Cross Country meets 
where each member was 
instrimiental in finishing 
at all different places and 
times, they finally made it 
to the CISAA finals where 
we spent the whole day in 

This year, the junior school has 
two new faces coaching the 
Cross Country Team. Ms. Bajin 
and Ms. Uhre rounded off the 
coaching staff: lending their 
experience and time to the 
team. This year, the team was 
small but had a great deal of 
heart. Through rain and shine, 
these dedicated runners prac- 
ticed, each attempting to reach 
their personal best. They were 
definitely successful as the 
team finished 5th place overall 
in the Under 12 category. 
Congratulations to everyone 
and thanks to Ms. Uhre and 
Ms. Bajin for being dedicated 
and positive coaches. 

And here he is Ladies and 

Gentlemen Our head prefect. MARK 


a tent older than any member of 
the team, just to In- photographed 
by Mr. Siewert when they crossed 
the finish line, with varying 
degrees of victory. They were a 
force to be reckoned with and 
shall remain .so! 

Coaches: Paul O'Leary. David Lee. 

Back row: Paul O'Leary. Taylor Townley. Jamieson Turner. Tom Toguri. David Smith. Alex Mather Cameron 

Loree. Chris Jackson. Spencer Brennan. Fraser /vlacLean. Sam Hutchison. Eric Gagne. David Lee 

Front row: Andrew Quick. Colin MacNicol. Adam Roebuck. David Stirling, Cameron MacNicol. Patrick Daly 

Absent: Jonathan Rueber Jonathan Perry. Andrew Spears 

Above: Our speedy junior ath- 
lete demonstrate his puck han- 
dling skills. 

Under 16 Hockey 

^j^fji -Jr ^ 

Before: David Jones beats his man for 
the rebound. 

Coaches: Dr Ryall and Mr Fowler. Record 4-4-2. Goals Against: 33. Goals For: 38. Back Row: Adam 
Branston. Adam Penny. Haddon Murray. Greg Johnson. Gregg Vertes. Graham Atkinson. David Edwards. 
Sam Danniels. Front Row: Mike Butler E J. Smith. Dale Wiseman. Absent: Adam Roth, Steve Kaye. 
David Zelikovitz. Jonathan Deshman. Jamie Smith. Tim Clark. Dr Ryall. Mr Fowler. 

After: Jones misses the rebound and 
decides to run the net. resulting in 
some good old fashioned ruckus. 


Coaches: James Lee. James Leatch. Trainer (puck bunny). Wade Sahnr 

Back Row: Drew Clark. Bruce Curtis. Sam Bennett. John Mulvilhill. Evan Norton. Mike Kennedy. David Jones. Cody Sauer. Andrew Rains. 

Michael Roebuck. Chris Johnson, Mike Usher-Jones. Front Row: Mr Lee. Pat Taylor. Cale Cook. Mitch Tomulka. Alex Edmison, Or Leatch 

Senior Hockey 

Rendezvous at the RSGC team bench. 

Record: 2-4-1 


Above: Chns Johnson liattles for the 


Under 12 Basketball 

Back: Will Badger. Andrew Bilak. James Bradeen. Adam Burns. Robbie Charter Thomas 
Moore. Front: Thomas Pepper Michael Badali. Eddie Beqaj. Jai Paul Singh 

This year the Under 12 Basketball 
team was a hard working team 
that put alot of effort into the bas- 
ketball year. Mr. Ackley was fan- 
tastic as our coach. He taught us 
how to work as a team, move the 
ball around, motivate each other 
and to play solid defense. The 
team worked hard on all of the 
aspects listed above. Over all the 
basketball team had a year with 
few losses and some wins. On 
behalf of the team we would like 
to thank Mr. Ackley for making it 
a good season and for making it 

By: James Bradeen and Robbie 


Under 13 Basketball 

The under thirteen basketball team had great success this year. They won 
the RSGC Annual Invitational Tournament against Armbrae 
Academy(Halifax). Selwyn House School(Montreal) and St. Andrews 
College(Aurora). In addition, they finished in fifth place in the National 
Independent School Tournament in Vancouver. Lastly, they competed hard 
in the powerful ISAA league, only to fall short to Hillfield Strathallan 
College(champion) in the semi-final. Strong performances came from 
guards John Harewood and Thomas Wade West. Stephen Bradeen and Carl 
Noel were also outstanding in the forward positions. Overall, a fine year. 



Thornbury Above: "Oh come on Ackley. 
what the DULY YO is Going on" 

Thornbury Left: "Okay which one of you 
punks wrote KICK ME on the back of my 

With only a handful of rt-turning players, 
the U 15 team took some time to gel as a 
unit. Many players brought experience 
from the U13 team but had troui)le adjust- 
ing to the more physical level of ball at the 
U 15 level. With 30 players trying out. 
there was clearly no shortage of interest or 
enthusiasm on this squad. We had moder- 
ate success during league play, beating our 
closest rivals, UCC and Crescent, in close- 
fought battles. Poor shooting percentage 
throughout the year prevented us from 
making the playoffs (the team finished 5th 
of 11). The highlight of the season was the 
BSS Invitational Tournament in 
Lennoxville. QC. The team won two of 
three games and clinched the Consolation 
Final thanks to a spirited performance 
from tournament all star Michael Decks 
(who broke his foot scoring the game win- 
ning points.) Every member of the team 
experienced some degree of improvement 
during the season - hopefully this will con- 
tinue as the majoi'itN' of the team moves up 
to the U16 level. 

Under 15 Basketball 

Back: Mr. Van Herk. Simon McCamus. Stephen Vali. Andrew Bolton. Jonathan Rae 
Greg Robinson. Front: Tyler Kee. Jason Salzman. Steve Black. Sam Perlmular. Michael 
Deeks. Absent: John-Elliot Perl. David Liang. John Minnar 

Under 16 Basketball 

Feheley receives the pass. 

Back: Mr Thornbury. Scott Ackley. Jonathan Holtby. Paul Koven. James Spears. 
William Lockett. Front: Drew Copeland. Zach Brandwein, Bryan Feheley Jonathan Bell 

Left: That's it boys, do what 
you do best. 

Right: "Oh my gosh the ball 
IS smiling at us!' 

Ball: -HEHEHE please doni 
hurl me I'm just a little ball ' 


Back: Donald Pyper. Tyrone Berryman. Aaron Mitchell. Adrian Turchet. Michael Chan. Mr Sarellas. 
Amir Fardshisheh. Jonathan Abraham Front: Ronson Chan. Fraser Buchan. Spike Macrae. 
Michael Kitchen Absent: Shahrooz Nikouei. Cameron Alguire 

Berryman: Tyrone showing amazing 

Pyper tight on the defense. 

Nikouei also on defense. 

Squash Team 

Ski Team 

Carter Left: This was the Sappello 
monster that stole our squash team 
photo so we had to take him out. 

Members: Andrew Ford. Alex Carter 
Geoff Renihan. Paul Ternamian. Brad 
Milne. John Lucas. Ostap Prokipchuk. 
Teddy Durrant-Taylor. Kevin Green. 
Sam Bailey. Andy Potts Robinson. 
Simon Chernin. Fraser Cameron. 
Scott Pollock. Jonathan Cliff. Todd 
Boxer Christopher Hoad. David 
Evans. Ian Colterjohn. and Mr. 

Pattillo right: What does our champion 
skier do when he's not winning cham- 
pionships... he washes Mr Kerr's Red 
Chrysler in the middle on the night. 

Skiday at Alpine 
Ski Club 

French and McNabb: Love is in the air. 

At Alpine Ski Club if you get tired you 
can sleep and have people pull you 
around, or you can break your foot 
showing off to the girls 

Hee. hee I like to snowboard 

Till' ski (lay this year 
was a huge success and 
all the 200 students 
who attended had a 
ireat fun filled day. The 
host of the day was 
Alpine Ski Cluh in 
beautiful Collin^nvood. 
We all look forward to 
next year when we {:;ei 
to go again and have 
the memories that will 
last a life time. 

sk/ party begins with Mr Jamieson Mr Martin and Mi 




U 14 Badminton 

Left to right: 




David Clark. 

Pierre Eiras. 

Eric Ng. 



Ian Reeser 




Senior &U 16 Badminton 

Pictured: Senior Badminton are: Mr Evans. Jason 
Salzman. Marco Yeung. Dick Chow. Kevin Green. Kyle 
Golding Absent:Alex Carter Ronson Chan. Mario 
Maruzzo. Jon Abraham. Paul Ternamian 

Under 16 Badminton are: Jon Tarn. Jason Lin. Gramham 
Dickhout. Ryan Cookson. Edmund Lee. John Elliot Perl. 
James Sherriff.Alex Goodall. Rafiq Kanji 

Both Teams finished in 2ncl place overall in 

the ISAA Championships at Humber 

College. Under 16 gold medalists: Jon Tam 

and Jason Lin 

Senior gold medalists: Alex Carter and Kyle 


Senior silver medalist: Ronson Chan 

Senior bronze medalists: Mario Maruzzo 
and Jason Salzman 

Senior bronze medalists: Jon Abraham and 
Paul Ternamian 

The Jr Track Team are: Victor Adamo, Chris Comparey. 
Brain MacNicol. Jamie Redford. Colin Stitt. Joselito 
Maldonado. Tim Daley. Jack Keilty. Daniel O'Kelly. Daniel 
Krawczyk. Corey Thnetti. David Holman. Michael Badali. 
Eddie Bequi. James Bradeen. Hunter Blair Alex Last. 
Robbie Charter Colin MacNicol. Andrew Harris. Phil 
Ruffolo. Cameron Ross. Brodie Townley. Julian Daly, Chns 
Jackson. Adam Burns. Craig Milne 

t/;c Ctoftfitin 

Sr Golf Team 

Senior Softball 

Left to right. Ian Colterjohn. David Edwards. David Wilson. Dr Ryall. 
Kevin Fowler. Scott Hall 

Lett to hghtSam Bennett. Alex McNabb. Mike Kitchen. Geoffrey 
Renihan. Mr Kerr. Andrew Potts- Robinson. Philip Chow. Andrew 

Rains. Clynn Hsiung Greg Robinson Cameron Alguire 

Ui2 Softball 

U 14 Softball 






' ■'.t^ 


Lett to nglit Dr Newton. Thomas Pepper Eddie Courage. Patrick 
O'Sullivan. Willam Gunton Front row: Sepehr Banai. Alexander 
Ferguson. Stratton Townley. Harrison Howlett-Ben. Henry Nozuka. 
Thomas Moore 

Back row. left to right Mr Algarvio. Joshua Ban. Paul Trebuss 
David Sterling. Jonathan Deshman. front row David Smith. 
Jameson Turner Max Sisam. Keith Cressy. Alex Woolaver. 
Cameron MacNicol 



Tennis Team 

Collin Rubes: Both hands on the rac- 

Who are you? 

Drury is going to take one in the head 

Taylor Drury prepares to serve. 

Disco Stu says tennis is cool. 

Anthony Field takes a high one. 


Lacrosse Team 

Back row: left to right. Cody Sauer David Jones. Michael Roebuck. Morgan Rubes 
Front row: Zachary DeGuerre. Evan Norton. Graham Atkinson. David Zelikovitz. 
Andre' ' Gordon. Christopher Fisher 

Mr Field loves the camera. 

Good form sir! 

Senior Rugby 

Tim Enfield. Nick Cragg. Winston Hugh attempting to pass a 
sobriety test. They failed because you're not allowed to lean 
on each other like that. 

Atomic wedgies for all. Sweet Fatherless Child. 

Under 14 

Coach Sarellas demonstrates how to blind an opponent with a balding 

Left lo ik;!'! : ■: Lovenng 

i'.ivid Soule. Mjlthtii\ Budcon. Djwj Stcinn^ .'U'j;:: Roebuck. Tayior 
.iwnley Middle Row Dr Leatch Timothy Knowles Cameron Loree 
Bennett l^cBnde. Ben Razulis.Alex Mather Mohammed Al Radi 
Carravelta Nicholas. Andrew Spears Will Ranscomtie Front Row 
Thomas Togun. Lucas Carravelta Shaun Padulo. Enk Roed. Kevtn 
Drury.Fraser MacLean 

"Ahh my eyeeees. what is that blinding light!" 










York Pride! 

Ternamian. Ford, and Usher-Jones representing YORK. 

I'd like to thank the boys in BLUE for another successful 
year and for giving it their all every time we competed. The 
year was filled with ups and downs, but in the end the boys 
showed York pride and represented their house with enthu- 
siasm. Some highlights during the year were four top ten 
finishes in the Terry Fox Run. Don Pyper(lst), Andrew 
Ford(4th), Mike Usher- Jones(6th). and Zach Bush(7th). A 
2nd place finish in house drama, with a Best Actor award 
going to Steve Woodiwiss. Co-captains, John Mulvihill and 
Paul Ternamian, led York to another Indoor Ball Hockey 
Championship, beating Winchester with ease. Next Year 
the York line ui:i is filled with great potential from the 
Grade 9's, lO's and experienced OAC's who will do an amaz- 
ing job to lead the way. Once again I want to thank all the 
guys in York especially the senior's for helping out and 
showing everyone what the liest house is all about. 

YORK RULES! -Paul Ternamian 

Tarn: Sprints to the finish 

Godfrey protecting his flag from those hooligans. 

Edmison, Chan, and Godfrey showing their true colours. 

Mr. Winch 


Alguire all smiles as usual (but secretly plot- 

VIC". VICTORY, victory is our battle cry. thc-^c were the mur- 
murs in assembly as the house standings were announced 
and Winch rose victorious. This year has been our finest ever 
seen, marked with our usual overwhelming spirit and partici- 
pation as well as a crushing defeat over our arch rival West in 
the psycho ball finals. Winch has always been the rowdiest 
house and dominated for as far back as I can rememin'r. 
However, our success was not achieved without a sense of 
remorst'. This \ ear we bid good-bye to our most honored and 
celebrated member, Mr. Love. Sir > ou have been the heart 
and soul of Winch for almost thirty years and much of our 
success is owed to you. You're simply the greatest sir and we 
will miss you dearly. To all those returning to St. George's we 
trust you to carry the Winch inn h and keep it burning for the 
years to come. Ooooh ungowa Winch has got the powerlll 
Cheers bovs its been fun. 

.\lc\ I'lchiusdii 




Eager Andrew Helpburn 

The west spirit in a nutshell, (terry fox run) "cut through here 
guys no one is watching!" 

House Captains; Chris Johnson, Sam 

We had a triumphant year, although a 
bunch of slackers would rather admit to 
defeat and succumb to the ever decreas- 
ing house spirit than burn a few calories 
by yelling their lungs off at house 
events. "GO WEST, WESTSIDE" and 
is what we WOULD hear if it were not 
for the house captains skipping assembly 
90% of the scheduled time. BUT the 
west house drama team finished first 
due to an incredible performance by 
Greg Johnson and Matt Burns among 
others, and third in ball hockey. It was a 
good year fellow westsidians, and 
remember; knowing is half the battle. 

Matt Burns the holy-pygmy sacred West flag-bearei 

John Karantonis. sportin the West color! 


House Captains: Michai-l Chan. John 

These two hooligans did not care 
enough ahout their house to submit a 
writeuiJ. <ind copying last years cant 
writeup was too much work for Cant. 
So in order to fill this space 1 will elab- 
orate on how Chan sings nice songs. 
His voice comes not from his voicebox 
Init from an organ located further 
south, almost as far as his pocket mir- 
ror and comb but not quite, he sings 
tVom the heart and he is driuik on 
hj< iiwn Idiik-^ CkiuiI \\ni-k (',inii'i-tinr\ ' 

Tyson Wachter loves you. He really loves you. YOU 

Jon Lucas 'Yes. I have my arm around Mike Chan. So sue 
Canterbury House Captains 











, ■ . . -•l^liKtr\.43i^ 






The bass kicks in with trumpet close behind. 

The sax tno: Wade-West. McBnde. Dairy and Patrick Hamer-Meunier 

'A' Band Tour ol Quebec 

Wo had a wonderful 5 days in Cjuebt'C. We 
started, as some of you know, EARLY on a Saturday 
morninfi. and then had a marathnn bus ride to (Quebec 
Cit>\ The weather was mighty cold! Tiie following 
morning, we played at the "Classic Music Festival". 
The "A" Band and the Stage Band, went very well, 
and the boys in both groups were awarded a rating of 
"Excellent". We had a tour of the Old Town that after- 
noon and finished up at the Museum of Civilization. 
The ne.\t morning we had a lightnnig tour of the 
Quebec Citadel, and then hit the road for Montreal. 
We arrived very late for our i)erformance at St. 
George's School of Montreal, but they graciously 
accommodated us, and thi- boys went on to play a fiiu' 
half-lioiir cnncert. .\s nicntiDncd in llic Fricl:i\ Fill'. \m' 

had groupies afti-rwards.We went l<j .sec the 
Canadiens/Senators game, including the return of Saku 
Kfjivu from cancer treatment. If the Canadiens won. they 
would clinch a playoff spot for the first time in five years. 
They won! We will always remember the walk along rue 
Ste. Catherine after the gami-I Many thanks to Mile. 
Barchuk and Ms. Uhre, and thank you to the 'A' Band par- 
ents for supporting the Band. I hope that the boys have 
iiian>- happy memorii's of their visit to l.i belle province! 

The choir has enjoyed a busy and hectic year, highhghted by performances at 

the York Club, Harbour Castle Hotel, RCYC. ROM, Arts and Letters Club, 

and weddings, to name a few. Once again the choir triumphed at the annual 

service of Lessons and Carols at the Cathedral Church of St. James. The 

boys of the choir owe a big thank you to Doug Jamieson, the Choral 

Director whose patience and knowledge guides the group to excellence year ™® ^''°"' ^' '"^^'9° '^'9'" 

after year. Finally, the students and staff of the college owe a big thanks to the choir for providing us with music 

during chapel even on really hot days when they would rather be sitting down in the pews trying to stay cool. 

Alex Woo\a\/er and Will Badger 

M ^ 

Just a whole bunch of kids singing 

Fraser McLean. Alex Mather. Thomas Moore. Christopher Rhind, David Clark and Colin MacNicol Patrick Merrner John Harricks and Andrew 


^^ i (h* Gi'iirf^iuil -V I 

Sam Perlmuter busting a tune 

'Stephen Black. Jotin Wooder. Matt Barrett and Jalm Minnaar 

The Trumpeters of Grade 9. trumpeting 

"Stefen Vail and Jesse Warfield' 

On May 21, the senior school bands dazzled a packed house with theii' 
musical talent. Mr. Martin and Mr. Wade-West led their bands to play such 
music ranging from classical concertos, to modern pop. The night was a 
poignant celebration of all of the bands musical achievements this year. 
Although the school year is over, we look forward to many new and exciting 
performances for all of our bands. A special thanks should go to Mr. Martin 
and Mr. Wade-West. 

The cleaned up Dr. Death boys. 

Ross in a very testive mood (and he jusi found 
the open 'beverage centre) 

(^nco again. Dr. Death has had an in.>ipirint; year under auspices of Mr. 
(lary Martin. A small start up group, they have managed to wow many 
people at many interesting venues. They have also managed to wake ever>"- 
one up at the heginning of various assemhlies just hefore the caffeine starts 
to kick in. In the opinion of this humhle journalist. Dr. Death is going 
somewhere (where, no one is quite sure) but they have the support of the 
entire school hehind them. 








Q> O 




The Cast 

Interviewer #1- Matt Hayles 
Interviewer #2- Stephen Woodiwiss 
Interviewer #3- Nat Wolfson (Latin sensation) 
Interviewer #4- David Hurlow 
Applicant #1- Rob McLean 
Applicant #2- Michael Makrimichalos 
Applicant #3- Jesse Todres 
Applicant #4- Matt Burns 

Burlap Bags 

Manitoba- Stephen Woodiwiss 

Finley- Jeremy Gross 

Tannahill- John Seitz 

The Company- Sharing 43 different roles 

David Bleasby Matt Hayles 

Jeff Brown Alex Turner 

Tim Parker 

"I found that Burlap Bags, like Interview, 
requires a little thinking to try and understand it. But my 
interpretation of the play's goals may be different from Len 
Peterson's or Richard Holdsworth, the director. That is 
what partly makes this play great, the fact that it can be 
set aside from other tj-pical plays, and can be re-interpret- 
ed inside everyone's mind. 

"The basic plot is centered on the eccentric lead, 
Tannahill. The story begins set around two old blokes, 
Manitoba and Finley. both residents of the same building 
house, and the same as Tannahill's. They are pondering 
and marvelling at the left over belongings that they found 
in the dead man's apartment. The real goals of the play 
come out here as the ensemble of actors start to take you 
on the twisted journey of Tannahill's writing. Fi'om six 
men trapped inside a piano box, to every character wear- 
ing, or craving a Burlap Bag, it is here where I think the 
play's real message begins to come out. What is a burlap 
bag, and why does everyone wear one? Burlap Bags repre- 
sents the masks we wear in public and in life, that hide 
our inner feelings and who we really are... " 

Bv Matt Burns 

"Burlap Bags was a thought-provoking and eye opening play deeply rooted in abstract, Brechtian 
and Artaud styles. The Director's vision was clearly presented through the grit and determination 
of the cast, as they strove to pose to the audience questions about society, challenge and change. 
This contrasted well with the exciting pace of Interview. Both productions were modern commen- 
taries and dazzling representations of the world through the eyes of some unique individuals. This 
theatre-goer was most amused when Abba started blasting from the speakers and the green turtle- 
necks busted out the wild Swedish dance moves. Good work, to aU." Ian Pattillo 

The cast of Interview, jumping through hoops 

Presented by the 

Royal St. George's 

Junior School. 

Drama Coach: 
Mrs. Heidi Girvan 



Ms. Michelle 



f-' •5^^^^'' ' '-^^^M 

Set Up and Stage 

. ^'^^'^^ 

Mr. Paul Darvasi 

Mrs. Lori Cook 

February 19,20,M^002- 7:30 P.M. 

Ticket Design: 
Mr. Charles Fowler 

Posters and Ads: 
Grade 5 

Mr Gary Martin 

Costumes/Make Up: 
Mrs. Sandy Philips 
Mrs. Cathy Clark 
Mrs. Sonja Berggren 
Mrs. Doris Murphy 
Mrs. Kelly 

Cressy: "I asked for 
Pellegrino in my dressing 
room. NOT PERRIERU! I'm 
trying to work here peo- 
ple! !r 

Men: 1 11 trade you my tiat for a piece of pizza. Its a beret! 

Robinson: Sure I II sell you 
the whole school. want 
Ketchum Hall too?" 

Reid: Pretty in Pink 

The Richler Family 

Michael Levine, for his help in getting the script 

Nicole Arends, for her support and on going directoral guidance 

(and for her Manitoba connections) 

Sharon Tonkin - for taking care of administration 

Nicoloff: "No more 
autographs. . please. 

c.-. - — ^ 





|| Michael Ro^:t 

as Fred the 
, Farmer 





.r V 



Rowe: "I cant believe they gave me a gun' 

J.Daly: "It's tough to be a dinosaur. 

For the 2001/2002 school year, a challenging play by 
Mordecai Richler was chosen and performed by an 
extremely talented cast on three evenings, in Ketchum 
Hall. The cast selection was perfect and Daniel 
Genoen. as Jacob Two-Two did an outstanding job! 
Mrs. Girvan woi'ked her usual magic as Drama Coach 
and Co-ordinator (a daunting task!) with the help of 
Ms. Barchuk who managed to come up with amazing 
props, and Mr. Darvasi who did a super job with set 
and stage management. Even our very own talented 
Father Donkin got into the act by designing and paint- 
ing the backdrop! Mrs. Sandy Phillips and a group of 
very devoted and handy Mums worked endlessly to 
ensure that each and every one of our outfits were just 
right. What would we do without you? Many, 

many people worked together as a team to put togeth- 
er a fabulous, funny and entertaining performance 
that was enjoyed by all. I have been so lucky to have 
the opportunity and pleasure to pursue my love of act- 
ing through our school plays here at KSGC. All, in all, 
yet another tremendous success! 

I'll say that again, "Two" times!! 

-Christopher Nicoloff 
Role of the Father of Jacob 



Jacob T^o Two 
Aunt Ida 


General Bailey 
Wes Mesley 

1st Paleontologist 

2nd Paleontologist 

3rd Paleontologist 



Pizza Man 

Pleaser's Security I 

Pleaser's Secun'ty 2 




Yes Man I 

Yes Man 2 

Yes Man 3 

Yes Man M 

Daniel Geneen 

Tinr>othy Daly 

Christopher Nicoloff 

EriK Reed 

Julian Daly 

David Clark 

l<eith Cressy 

Adam Phillips 

Andrew Harris 

Pip Robinson 

Trevor Cookson 

Haven Renaud 





Mark Istvan 
Joselito Moaldonado 
Tinrwthy Lee 
Hunter Hauswirth 

Colin Stitt 

Christopher Comparey 

Adam Bums 

Michael Rowe 

Timothy Dcily 

Patrick Allen 

Danld O'Kelly 

Rudro Chakrabarti 

Axd Benggren-OVoung 

Jock Keilty 

Rajin Dhaliwal 

hloyden Phillips 

Richard LeGresiey 

Fraser Macdonald 

Jannes Dashwood 

iaa Gang 

Victor Adanrv) 
Joseph Chang 
Jamie Redford 
Brian MocNicol^j^fj*; 

|r. V(iNvll*Llv 


(ffenior Q9frt VPrize ^^Winners 

Mark Longo. Portrait. Oil on Canvas 

Below: Andrew Potts-Robinson. Figure. Oil 
on Canvas 

Above: Marl< Longo. Floral Still 
Life, Oil on Canvas 

Mark Longo. Figure. Oil on Canvas 

Below: Andrew Potts-Robinson. Portrait, 
Charcoal and chalk on paper 

intermediate cS^rt W^rize 

Stephen Kaye. charcoal 
and chalk on paper 


Greg SXark. charcoal and 
chalk on paper 

(S^till Sife Whintings 

Zach Bush, Oil on Canvas 

Mark Wilkins, Oil on 

Taylor Sharpe, Oil on Canvas 


'^Watercolour "Perspective 


Edmund Lee 

Ryan Anaerson 

David Bleasby 

Anthony Ruffalo 

Mr. Gafie Love 1971- 2002 

I'cxl of the speech f^itcn to honour (iu^e Loiv at his retire- 
ment reception, Wednesdciy May I'tth, 2002. 

Hi'llo. My name is Stephen Beatty. I am a proud alumnus of 
Royal St. Georfje's C'olli'Ki'. and a former student of all of the 
honourees tonight. I'm very pleased to say a few words on behalf 
of my friend. Gage I.K)ve. 

Normally, one would congratulate Gage on his retirement, but 
that would presume that he is currently working. This, as we all 
know, is not the case. With (Jage. it never .seemed like work. 

Gage Love has been bouncing around St. George's for 25 years. 
it's hard to believe that in all that time, he's never had a bad 
day. Bad haircuts, perhaps. But never a bad mood. Although, he 
has been known on occasion to get a little "pissed ofT', you knew 
you could always get a giggle out of Gage. 

My own memories of Mr. lx)ve are many. In grades 9 and 10. we 
longed to get into his History classes for grades W. ]'2 and 13. 
dajje had his i)riceless colli'ction of Continued un I'afie 126 ... 

Mr. John Birkett 1972- 2002 

A Ti-ibute to -John Birkett, delivered by Douglas Jamieson, 
Wednesday May 15th, 2002. 

My introduction to John R. Birkett was indeed a novel experi- 
ence. Of course I knew John by reputation, such was his stature 
in the St. George's community ■ a rather complex mixture of 
classical scholar, gifted linguist, dancer, artist, musician, gram- 
marian, chef and flower arranger par excellence: in sum, a sort 
of Mr. Chips on steroids. 

1 was naturally fairly circumspect when dealing with this curi- 
ously multi-tasking wizard. My initial attempts at getting 
acquainted ending in my being deeply puzzled. Our first "con- 
versation" contained references to a: "chorus sans singing". 
"your basic", "march et manger", "dejeuner devoir" and "Pierre 
Colline". I had no idea whatever what this man was talking 
about. Add to this the fact that he did Continued on Page 127 

Mr J J Kerr 1968-2002 

A Tribute to John Kerr, spoken by FJevlyn Miller before an admiring croud 
in Ketchum Hall on Wednesday, May 1 5th, 2002, in Honour of his 
Retirement from Royal St. Georfie's Collcf-e. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

In seeking to perform this most huniiiling of tasks - to otTer an adequate tribute to 

my dear friend, mentor and colleague, John Kerr. I spoke to John and to others. I 

had some questions. How did John come to be at St. George's in the first place'.' 

Why did he stay'.* What had he been doing here for the past thirty-five years'.' Had 

he really taught eight thousand student.s'.' Or only a third of that number'.* Did he 

riMiirmlxT all iheii- names'.' 

I rouiui answ^ers. .And some significant truths emerged. 

l"'iist 1 realized that it was imi)ossible to separate John Kerr tiom St. George's. 

Did the school shape John, or did John shape tiie schoor.' 

C ontiniicd on I'tifje /1'6" 

I nUilr 


Food For Thought. . . 

Serving up some of the best from inspired Georgian minds. 


Matthew Hayles, Grade 11 


My grade five class man- 
aged to get our teacher fired. Or 
so Seth told me. I only later 
realized that he lied to me a lot. 
Seth had been a friend of mine 
since Kindergarten, when we 
used those blue and white con- 
necting sticks to build some 
object of our juvenile fantasies. 
We remained in the same class, 
through three different schools, 
until the end of grade six. 
Throughout those eight years I 
absorbed a plethora of baby- 
powder-white lies. Even now I 
have difficulty differentiating 
between what is true and what 
Seth told me. A large proportion 
of my teenage years has been 
spent weeding out what I took 
for granted only a few years 

Not that any of it mat- 
tered, we were having fun. 
Once, when I sat cross-legged in 
my sand box, he buried me up 
to my waist and my parents 
took a picture of it. When we 
went tobogganing for my birth- 
day party at Withrow Park, I 
plowed over top of him, which 
we all had a good laugh at, even 
after he claimed that I had frac- 
tured his skull. I did it again in 
grade four, when he walked 
behind me on the swings and 
my penduluming rear-end 
sprawled him out flat on his 
back. When he discovered devil- 
sticks in the same year, I just 
had to buy a pair, and I did. 

quickly becoming better at it 
than he was, although I was 
never quite as good at express- 
ing this. On our last day of 
grade six we sat on the ramp 
facing the REDASS wall and 
discussed how a spaceship trav- 
eling faster than sound for a 
long period of time would even- 
tually gather a large enough 
sonic boom to destroy a planet 
simply by entering its atmos- 

This is not to say that 
life was complacent. It never is 
when you're at an age that 
doesn't yet require shots of cof- 
fee in the morning. We had our 
fights, our petty-squabbles and 
our who-did-what-first's, but 
over all it was a pleasant time. 
The lowest point of our friend- 
ship was probably when he and 
a certain girl had been enlisted 
by the teacher to clean the 
chalk bag. They came back 
laughing their heads off with a 
crazy story about how the chalk 
bag had exploded in Seth's face 
and he had been covered in 
white powder. And as hilarious 
as this was, I couldn't help but 
notice that she was having a 
fun time with a different guy. 
So, with my primary-school rea- 
soning I decided that the best 
thing to do was to prove that 
other girls could have fun witli 
me. This involved slapstick 
comedy to attract the attention 
of mv now-verv-attractive 

board-cleaning partner. Looking 
back, I'm not sure if Seth even 
knew he had offended me, and 
since I forgot about the whole 
incident by the next morning, 
life continued as usual. But, the 
important thing is that we man- 
aged to get our teacher fired. 

And, as kids are nrone to 
do, we did it happily, and with 
no sense of compassion for"Ms. 
Walker. Then again, how could 
we, our delinquent minds had 
no comprehension of love or 
romance, beyond that of our 
grade-school crushes. 

Love is important to this 
story, because, unlike us, Ms. 
Walker had an immense amount 
of it. It just wasn't very stable. 
She had been through at least 
three husbands, possibly more, 
and I'm now sure she loved each 
of them. It only occurred to me 
recently that she never spoke 
badly of them. But, in my naive 
youth I had no comprehension 
of this. So. whenever she fin- 
ished telling us a story involv- 
ing husband I, II or III, Seth, I 
and a bunch of others would 
recess behind the hockey arena. 
play REDASS, and make incred- 
ibly witty, incisive remarks. 

I don't know wh>' we did 
this, and 1 probably never will. 
It madi' pei'fect sense at the 
time, when wo were awash in 
tile flood of juvenile emotions. I 
guess 1 thought she was a had 

teacher, although I can't think 
of a single instance to illustrate 
this. As far as 1 know, she 
taught us the matei'iai as hest 
she could. .And she didn't do a 
bad job of it either. 

I actually have very little 
recollection of Ms. Walker, 
besides a memory of a slightly 
wrinkled, middle-aged face, and 
an intense dislike for it. That 
and her hand cream. In the end 
it always came hack to her iiand 
cream. As I said, we had litlU- 
comprehension of love back 
then, and what we did not com- 
prehend we had no interest in. 
Now the hand cream, that was 
something else. My eleven-year- 
old mind understood hand 
cream quite perfectly. What 1 
couldn't work my mind around 
was why Ms. Walker needed so 
much of it. Whei^^e were work- 
ing, she wouj^l'^o to her rich- 
brown de«i., lean back in her 
chair^nd apply hand cream. I 
coul^see her perfectly from my 
hexagonal group-table, since I 
usually ended up facing her. I 
wish I could say there was some 
benefit to this, that by facing 
her I avoided the glare of the 
sun streaming through the huge 
bay windows, but unfortunately, 
I can't. Our windows faced 
north, so the most light we ever 
got was reflected from the semi- 
detached houses lining the 
street just beyond th(> fenced-in 

field and playground. The play- 
ground was great fun. A field of 
sand, enclosed by foot-high 
walls of wood on all sides, out ol 
which rose a contraption of 
wood, metal, tires and red plas- 
tic that would have been confus- 
ing to anybody but a childhood 
eye. While the teachers prowled 
around the outskirts of our 
area, the class would chase me 
all over the twisting poles and 
chains that was our pirate ship- 
monster-obstacle course -alien 
world. I say class, although a 
more accurate portrayal would 
be our two groups that made up 
the segregated world of grade 
five. Sometimes the guys chased 
me. Sometimes the girls chased 
me. It was much more enjoyable 
to be chased by the girls, espe- 
cially the aforementioned chalk- 
bag-girl, although you would 
never have gotten me to admit 
that, short of heated shish 
kebab skewers and painful toe- 
nail extraction. 

But. of course, the teach- 
ers would always end up ringing 
those dumb brass bells to call 
us in. and I would stagger out 
of the boy's bathroom and join 
the line waiting outside. There 
were two recess entrances to 
the school, one was at the front, 
and was rounded-up by Ms. 
Palmeri. the vice-principal, 
later principal, who made me 
cry on m\- first day of grade six. 

The second line was at the side, 
and was where a girl admitted 
she wanted to marry me and 
then told me she had said it on 
a dare, a tactic that thoroughly 
confuses me to this day. 

Once all the stragglers 
were lined up in the hallway. 
Ms. Walker would open the 
massive-relative-to-me blue 
door, and we would hang our 
accoutrements in the cloak room 
at right, and go sit in our segre- 
gated groups. I, of course, sat 
with Seth. and we conspired, 
bragged and lied the way chil- 
dren do. Why we did this I can 
only guess at. Looking back, it 
seems totally ridiculous to claim 
to know how to divide, only to 
find out that in grade one. 36/36 
does not make 23. But of course, 
he continued to claim to know 
things, and I continued to know 
them too. It was this type of 
behaviour that in grade two 
earned him the title "walking 
encyclopedia" and me the "walk- 
ing dictionary." 

That was how I spent 
much of my childhood: sitting at 
our table, scheming schemes 
and boasting boasts. And in the 
end, we managed to get Ms. 
Walker fired, along with her 
three-plus husbands and oceans 
of hand cream. Or so Seth told 


Harlem Nig 



Diederik Heisey, Grade 9 

I stood on the sidewalk and waited 

The combo picked up the beat 

Change of pace. 


The sax wailed. 

A sultry horn. Seduction. 

Ground my stub into the pave- 

The coronet moaned. 

They cling and then retire. 


The bass kept the pace. 

The evening's been long. 

The sounds of laughter, 

A lively tune. 

The ladies swing into their wraps. 

The tinkling of the piano. 

Toes tapping. 

The gents gather their hats. 

Caressed my ears. 

Bodies swaying. 

Two steps up. 

Beckoning me to enter. 


In the cool night air. 

1 pushed past the man at the door 


I stand on the sidewalk and wait 

Into the dim, smoky room. 

The blur of brightly coloured cl 



Two steps down. 

As the ladies twirled on the dance 


Grind my stub into the pavement. 

The clinking of glasses, 

The interplay of the black and 

white tux. 

I whistle a tune. 

The bubble of champagne. 

Squeals of delight. 

As I walk down the street. 

A festive mood. 

It's a Harlem night. 

It's a Harlem night. 

It's a Harlem night. 

The World As We See It 

Matthew Lovering, Grade 7 

It is strange, almost how we see the world. 

Things happen but yet we still move on. 

Our blood is spilled through acts of war of which small children are not 
even aware. 

Hidden danger lurks in the shadows like an ambush waiting for the 
right time to strike. 

Again and again the church bells ring for those who fight not only for 


David Axworthy, Grade 5 

Wolves howl together 

Lightening crashes 
They run in the night 

The Woman With The Red Hair 

James Patava, Grade 12 

I happeni'd across a woman named Ruth, someone who never could be called 

'I"hc lil)rary is her domain, where she struts with her red mane. 

I^'i'om North Toronto is where she hails, but RSGC is where she truly regales. 

A tribute to Ruth is what this is for, because "Yearbook is my lifi'" is now a 
phrase I deplore. 

The Jollijfe Collection 

A Compendium of l^oems Written by Incoming Head Prefect Jay Jollijfe 

This series of poems deals with the trials and tribulations that people face when choosing a belief 

Just A Joke 

Masked as a joke, hut intcncU'd to mock 
The douhle edged sword strikes my 
body feel my stomach drop 
A laughing matter this joke was not 

Words shatter and crumble 

As they try to make way aci-oss my 

vocal chords 

I can feel a quiet nunble 

My presence is becoming less than 


My eyes glare like light from a prism 

I was taught to strike first and tliink 


When attacked about Judaism 

I now ask. is my pride worth activism? 

I have discovered this as a minorit\- 
It is something 1 must handle myself 
Outside the knowledge of authority 
Two hand motions proved my priority 

The Boy Who Sits Beside Me 


He sits beside me growling. 

He is gradual!)- filling with sik-nt i-agt- 

The ethnicity of others matters to him. 
yet he is mow ethnic, 

Kven more so than the rest of us around 

So angry, yet so sensitive, he is always 

Sorry foi- his angry emotions, 

even whi'ii they an- not t'Xijressed. 


Let's Get Together 

Let's get together. 

As two people, of two cultures, who live two separate lives 

Which cross paths 

Let us raj). 

Alxnit the rapture of our people, and this so-called hate 

We have for each other 

Born as a child. 

Wlio understood only what he was taught be his elder"^ 

I have grown 

Raised as a man. 

Who can come to his own conclusions and dissolutions 

Without any help 

And You too. 

As the beautiful being you are. you listen only to yourself 

Stubborn as a bull 

Let the hate. 

Surround us rather than come between us, let's walk and hold 

Tile hand of the enemv 





' txcelleiile source de 
thiamine el defer 

• ■hie en gras 

• ine source de sepi 
autres elements 
milrilifs essentiels 

First Day Back and TTC 

Photo Day 

Milan and Mommy on the first day 

What can possibly be said 
about the excitement of the first 
day. the community service fair and 
TTC photo day? These events are so 
important that personally. I think it 
is an outrage that they have been 
forced by our oppressive editor(s) to 
share a page. None the less, the 
community Service Fair was a big 
hit and Mr. David Lee has been 
grinning ear to ear ever since. Our 
friends at the TTC visited us again 
this year and were kind enough to 
equip us all with student cards. 
Fortunately, we were there to docu- 
ment the event. 

From Left: Alex Edmison. Pat Taylor. Mike Usher-Jones. Philip Chow 

Service Fair 

"Hey Dale, is that a broom handle?" 
(muses Mike Love) 

Just Chillin' At High Park... 

Mr Rankin-"For the last lime, take off that shirt!" 

Mr Holdsworlh and Ms. Miller 
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours' 

I 111' sun was beating down on 
I li^'h Park once again this year as 
the whole of St. George's assembled 
for what was promised to be an 
exciting day of events. The band 
played, the runners ran. and Mr. 
Farrar sold illegal donuts from the 
trunk of his car. The gun sounded 
and they were off. What some call 
the most important race of the yeai- 
had begun. Defending his title and 
glory. Donald Pyper had a slow 
start. It is rumoured that some- 
where around the first turn. Hal 
Hannaford. in a desperate effort to 
once again place in the dirty dozen, 
attacked several of his fellow com- 
petitors with his shoes. When they 
finally crossed the finish line, the 
results were as follows... 

Sr. 'A' Run 
Dirty Dozen + 1 

I ) Don Pyper 2) Haddon Murray 
3) Scott Ackley 4) Andrew Ford 

5) Sam Danniels 6) Mike Usher-Jones 
7) Zacti Bush 8) Mike Alguire 

9) Simon McCamus 10) Jeremy Pigott 

II) Jay Joiliffe 12) Tyrone Berryman 

13) Ian Pattillo 

Don Pyper and Ian Pattillo 
"I had to sleep with him for this T-Shirt' 

Head Prefect Marti Longo 
"White Power I mean. West Power' 


Jamie Lino: Oh God this is gross, but I must 
shovel it in 

This year's Oktoberfest was better 
than ever. With countless sausages. 
Uve music and as always, lots of fun 
games there was never a dull 
moment. The line vip for the sponge 
throwing competition was seemingly 
endless. Although there were the 
prefects who in turn got soaked one 
by miserable one. There was a 
major dilemma among the sponge 
throwers, whether to hit Shahrooz 
Nikouei or the epitome of sports 
himself, Mr. Evans. As seen on the 
picture to the right, Mr. Evans was 
the more 'popular' candidate to 
receive a soaking from the vast 
number of students. The band and 
the sausages were a great success, 
with even a little drum playing by 
Mr. Hal Hannaford. And as always, 
the strudel eating contest was the 
highlight of Oktoberfest. With two 
pai'ticipants from each house, the 
battle for stuffing-it was a close one. 
There was even a casualty, Mike 
Chan couldn't keep it together and 
quickly found solace with a near by 
trash can. The winners were Jon 
Karantonis and Jamie Lino. 

Nuff Said. 

We want to look 

Bad for dem 

Big German 


(From Left) Mark Longo. Graham Durrant- 

Taylor. Paul Ternamian, Mike Kitchen, and Alex 


Tyson Wachter; What are you looking at?? 


When you get a detention, you have to meet 
with HIM!"' Mr. Shum. the dark angel. 

alliAvtfii, tiK' tiiiK' ufywu- wlicn stu- 
dents and toachei-s join together to drL-ss 
up to show oH' their make-up masten' 
and. [XThaps the most im|X)i-Uint tiling', 
to scare young childn-n. With a costume 
contest for an all exix-nses ])aid kmch 
with Mr. Hal Hann:ilbixl'llat the 
pix'stigious JJ Mugs and aU ait)und 
dix'ssing up of the students lind facult>; 
what moiv could \ou ask for on 
I hilloween? 

'nie c-ostumi' contest had a wide Viuiety 
of ideas, th)m the short-shoits of Jeremy 
Gross* 70s jogger to the devious gang- 
sters of Mr. Schix'iner's acKisoi- gtT)ii]5, 
But all those couldn't a)mpiuv to Ms 
Hill's hocke>' team (winners of the con- 
test) with an honorahle mention going to 
Mr. Ijce's impression of Mission 
I nijx).s.sihle's Ibm Cinjise. 

Costumes that didn't make it were: 

- Ralph Wiggium's "Idaho" 

- Cross-dressing school girls 

- 1 )ressing up as Mile Deblois 

- Mrs. Miller Wanna- Bes(Hippies) 

- Tfeachers di-essing like students 

Pal Taylor came to the conclusion that 
Casual Thursday and Halloween could be 
the same thing. 

Participants in the costume contest: (Left to Right) Chns Roscoe. Alex Pfaff. Mr Lee 
and a mysterious masked assailant. 

Deblois - 'You Look So Dumb ' 
Fediuc ■ 'Pm. So Do You ' 




Remembrance Day Service 

On November 8th, 2001, St. 
Alban's Chapel was filled with 
solemn reflection as 
Remembrance Day was observed. 
Because of the events of 
September 11th, the service took 
on a new meaning for a genera- 
tion of Georgians:who had never 
seen the horrors of war. Father 
Donkin led the dignified service, 
which culminated in a procession 
down the main aisle in which 
black cloths were draped over the 
pictures of deceased war heroes. 
This ceremony helped to give a 
face to war and to help people 
understand that many of the peo- 
ple who died were the age of some 
of the students in our school. The 
service was poignant and memo- 










Alex Edmison. Chris Roscoe. Jonathan 
Abraham playing 'Last Post' 

Father Donkin and the Bagpiper after the 
Remembrance Day Service 

September nth Memorial Service 

Donald Charter speaks 
at his brother-in-law's 
Memorial Service 

Mr. Cloud pictured here with his family 

The combined junior and senior choirs. 

Thursday. November 1st, St. George's hosted a benefit concert. The concert was a tribute to Mr. Cloud, a junior 
school student's uncle who lost his life in the terrorist attack on September the Uth. It was also a way to raise 
money for the New York Education Fund set up to aid victims of that tragedy. The evening was headed up b\- 
Music Steward. Brian Tod. and was a great success. The arrangement featured trumpet players John Abraham 
and Chris Roscoe playing the Last Post, conducted by Mr. Martin and the Grade 11 Concert Band, conducted by 
Mr. Wade-West. Both bands were very well received and the whole school looks forward to hearing more perform- 
ances from each of them as the year continues. The whole evening was a wonderful and apj^ropriate concert that 
was enjoyed by all. 

Saucer Debating Tournament 

Fraser Buchan: "Man. I don't feel so hot. .1 think the chili was a 
little off. ■■ 

Ms. Fitzpatnck & Ms. Teofilo "If they only knew what they were 


John Seitz. Borden Rhodes and Robin Gainer prepare to 
debate Georgian style (sneaky and underhanded) 






The Ladies of 
the Saucer 
prepanng for 
the swimsuit 

On .\o\einbLr 17. HSCC had tlu- pleasure of hust inn tin- 
2001 Saucer Debating Competition. The competition 
involved students from a variety of schools, all represented 
by the cri-me de la creme of the debating world. The re.solu- 
tion was: B.I.R.T. The media has a moral responsibility to 
society. This resolution was a new step for the debate, as it 
was the first time that a Saucer Tournament had revolved 
aroiuid the idea of ethics. Unfortunately, at the last minute. 
storm clouds began to brew over the competition. Two 
unnamed schools decided to remove themselves from the 
tompetition just i)rior to the start time. In true (leorgian 
spii'it, Mrs. Miller rose to the occasion and supplied two 
hastily assembled swing teams consisting of: Matthew 
French (recipient of the Spirit .Award). .Amir Fardshisheh. 
.Sam Bailey. fJim Kajxhes. Jonathan .Abraham, and .Mike 
I her-Jones. These two swing teams, combined with our 
I >'^ular team (consisting of Borden Rhodes. Robin (lainer. 
and John Seitz). The keynote speaker was the Rev. Max 
Woolaver. who gave a rousing talk on the topic of ethics. 
Thanks to the Reverend for a sensational speech. Other 
important contributors to the day were Andrew Hepburn 
(Head of the Speaking Union) who emceed the event, and of 
(oui-se .Mi's. Miller, who managed to overcome adversity and 
liiist a truly enjoyable event. Thanks to the kitchen staff for 
the ck'lectahle huich. and a sjiec-ial thanks should go to all of 
the niotlerators. judges and timi'rs for a job well done. 
Because of a scandal in the tally room, RSGC did not win 
(Lakefield College triiunphed). however everyone present 
seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Siiney Says... 

"What was tlic rcfivshiiuMil of choice at 

the Saucer?" 

3%-ChiH in a Bread Bowl 

97% - "Conipiimentan"' l^ottletl Water 



Where: Yorkdale Mall 
When: November 21 2001 
What: Fun with books. 

Miller: "I know what you think! I'm just happy.' 

Gleadow. Love and Potichnyj: Brushing up on their reading, 
(look closely at the titles) 

Love: Justin. your last 
name is Ho 

"Jim. the Dali Lama does not exist " 

"Who's grabbing my gluteus maximus^" 

Dennis Bock 
Comes To RSGC 


" Number one, number one. " 

Dennis Bock the 
acclaimed writer, visited 
the chapel to read from 
his book, The Ash 
Garden. The book is 
about the interconnect- 
ing lives of various people 
affected by the dropping 
of the Atomic Bomb on 
Hiroshima. A most enjoy- 
able day was had by all. 

"Thank you Captain Spock for 
coming to visit us on Planet 
earth. " 

Bock: "What do you 
want? I am very busy 
man. I'm a writer" 

"This is a huge tree. I like il Id put 
one of these in my ash garden" 

Mistletoe Market 

Once a year, on 
the night of 
November 15, the 
chapel is trans- 
formed into a busy 
market place, 
while the parents 
schmooze, the kids 
spend. The guild 
mothers whip into 
a flurry of activity 
for the event to 
raise money for 
the school and 
ultimately for us, 
the students. 

Hoad and Boxer: "That one was 

Miller: This is cheaper than 
Ross doing what he does best: flirting with the "Duuuuuuuuuuuude" BiWay! 


'Whoa. Mrs Hannaford. slow down, 
let Mr Fulton Help you ' 

Colm Do you sell pols and pans, like 
for cooking? 

Mrs. Love: Do you know who I am? I own your donkey. I own all of your 
donkey's. Don't mess yo . bling bling. Except for you Mrs. Hannaford 
you re cool. 


Our head prefect Mark Longo. Jokes! 
"Shine your shoes for a penny sire!" 

Wow, that's some dog Tim Enfield! 

If you l<new what he was thinking about YOU, 
ya wouldn't be smiling! Francis Teofilovici 

Our Head of Student Council. Jay Jolliffe 

Boys will be boys, and Justin Ho will always 
be one of them. 

'Like I said, half now and half when the assas- 
sination is completed. " Ryall and Shum. 

Jesus doesn't need to open his 
eyes, he can see through the eye- 
lids. Mario Maruzzo 

GIfJIP! Cheese! Mike UJ falls victim to the wet floors. 

Paul, size isn't everything jusl look 
at me! want a doughnuf tvir Evans 
and Paul Ternamian 

Junior F^ll Dance 




Come Enjoy Our Magical Evening 

Alright. ..who invited the Brankies...and 
why are they wearing their uniforms??? 

Chan: "Yo man, we just be chillin' with 

these mammas, bling blang!" 

Girl: "I can't believe I even talk to these 


Chow: "Hey Renihan, your eyes 
are looking a little red..." 

In Mid-September of 2001, the tar- 
mac was once again a hot spot of 
juvenile deUnquency as we celebrat- 
ed our first dance C.O.M.E. (Come 
enjoy our magical Evening)". After 
some scandal regarding the title of 
the dance ("what does COME 
mean?") everyone was paid off and 
things went off without a hitch. The 
usual characters were there in full 
form (i.e. Phil the Ice Cream man) 
and the police didn't have to drive 
too far when trouble broke out: they 
were already there!!! The Prefects, 
once again, outdid themselves. 
least until next year. 

Jolliffe: "Morgan... you complete 

Haughton: "See that box girls, that's where 
I keep my BMW keys. 

Girls: "oooh. Mike..." 

Hutchison: "She said she'd like me if I 
bought her a slurpy". 

This Magical 

Evening Made 

Possible by: 

X-tra Large 

Girls: "Nice try boys, we work for L7s and JD' 


Janna: 'The pashmina doubles as a skirt!!!" 

Lucas: 'Walkin'the Dawg..." 

Kapches: 'You know what they say about a 

man with dreadlocks. . ' 

The Perfect Couples 



Kitchen: "You .me. ..bathroom. 5 minutes I'll 
bring the body paint ~ 

Buchan: "Ha ha ha ha ha!, no I would not like 
to buy a used Toyota!" 

As, is traditional in early 
Xovember. chaos once 
attain reigned supreme as 
RSGC descended on the 
Houlevard Club (conve- 
niently located. ..well, 
nowhere really). After 
some scandal regarding 
the name of the event the 
latter half of the name 
was dropped and "Good 
Vibrations" was settled 
on. Upon arrival at the 
swanky soiree, all buses 
were cleared of all things 
alcoholic by the powers on 
high because of some 
issues with glass objects 
spontaneously hurling out 
of louses with some of the 
first arrivals. Besides the 
small setback of a sober 
semi, a good time was had 
1)\ all. Thanks to the pre- 
fects for a night of good, 
cli'an. wholesome fun 

One Girl. ..Two 

Is this her date??? 

Or is this...??? 



2002's most fashionable accessory; 



on the stage!!!!!!!!! 

Wliat will they think of next? 



n '' fl 

m ^I^^Hrib^^^ ^^Hm^^^H 


* XBHK ^^^BBBk^^lH^^^H 

The ladies of Branksome bravely sporting 
their horizontal stripes. 

On May 2nd Georgians and sup- 
porters of the school's arts pro- 
grams gathered in Ketchum Hall 
for a showcase of the variety of 
talents existing in our community. 
Artsfest,' as it was affectionately 
named was once again a success 
thanks largely to Ian Pattillo. 

"They said if i stared at it, it would become 



Beiiil cd^ tU^ <Jf0cJ2e4j, <M^ 

You guys do know you should be with your dates and not playing this kid's game right? Right?? 

Wow! Matt actually found a girl with teeth that 
are even whiter than his hair! 

Be^Md^-Quie^ QoufUeA^ 

Cale with his girlfriend Megs 

Wade and his airl Lucv Leg 

Burashfio actually found a date that was shorter than he was. im 


An Adventure m 
Food With soon 

to be 

' Head Prefect, 

j Jay 

1) One afternoon, Jay was sitting in Ketchum Hall enjoying his Ritz crackers 
when all of a sudden, he came to the bottom of the bag. "Oh No!" Yelled an 
anxious Jay. What to do? Luckily, Dale was nearby opening and closing the 
windows while cussing at jay out of the corner of his mouth. "Hey you doofus, 
why don't you eat some Cheesey 
Pots?" Dale yelled. Jay being the 
learned man that he is knew that 
kids go Potty over cheesey Pots, and 
was at first put off, but wanted some 
none the less. He quickly ran to 
Stan's Variety and Grocery store ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ j^^ ^^ p^^^^ 

where he frantically searched tor a ,. , tt i i ^ i ■ 

box of Cheesey Pots. Much to his ^nd panic he did. He cracked out his 
chagrin, they had expired around the cell phone and called his mom who 
time Hitler was forced out of the quickly informed him that there was 
Rhineland. a falafel feast just down the road. 

Jay took off on foot and arrived at 
the palatial Gazelle in time to be 
swarmed by two half clothed middle 
aged entertainers named Candy and 
Tanya. Assuming this whole scene to 
be a bust Jay focused his efforts on 
some Peanut Butter. 

4) Jay learned a lot that day. But it 
wasn't until he ran out of money and 
found himself begging on Howland 
Ave. for money to feed his addiction 
that he realized something must be 
done. It was time for an interven- 
tion. Strung out and full of peanuts 
Jay knew what to do... 
Looking back. Jay says he's grown as 
a person through the experience, and 
feels it will only aid on his giving 
back to the Georgian Community. 
The End 

3) Having heard from a close friend 
that eating Peanut Butter and run- 
ning is a brilliant and unbeatable 
combo Jay decided this was the only 

I way to go. Jay jogged around for 
three hours that day. Stopping at 
every Rabha he could find in the 
Greater Forest Hill area. 

Food Quiz. You Are What You Eat. 


Case scenario: it' s 

cne semi 


tnere is 


dinner party, wh 

ere do yoi 

1 take yo 



e to get 



fore the big night? 

a) Wendy's - 

Drive Thru 


b)North 44 - 

Keep in mind paying 



is illegal. 

c)JJ. Muggs 

- It's cool, 

Dana only 




d)Sushi Time 

- Sake it to 

me baby. 


What type ui tuua au yuu mui^L 

resemble in mind and appearance? 


b)Chili chili cheese dog. 

c)Mexican food. 

d)Rare and expensive cuts of beef. 

5) Ketchum Haii is best known for 

it' s: 

a) Former: Chili in a Bread Bowl 

b) Christmas Feast. 
c)Three Bean Burrito 

d) Former: Fish & Chips 

4)Which fast food 

chain has the best 

tasting French Fried 


a)Swiss Chalet - that would 

include dipping sauce. 

b)Harvey's- Routine. 

c)McDonald's- straight up 


d)Wendy's - Biggie size my 


5) Your pare:.'-' .v .r:!. .-.:..! r..:-: _, . .. '. . 

dinner tonight as both are very busy. You 
do what? 

a) Kraft Diner and Wieners - Easy Mac is not an 
option. These are your parents. 

b) Cook a well-balanced meal taking from all the 
food groups - delicious and nutritious. 

c) Leave the house never to return. 

d) Attempt to pass of Swiss Chalet as your own 

Answers - Find out what type of food person you are. 

1)8) 1 

2) a) 2 
3)8) 3 
4)8) 3 

b) 4 
b) 1 
b) 4 
b) 1 
b) 4 


d) 2 
d) 4 
d) 2 
d) 3 
d) 3 

Add up your answers. 

5 - Extremely food challenged 
10 - 15 Mediocre kitchen school 
15-20 Food Master 

tIw YMr 


Intergalactic Robotics 

Well it's all over now.... kind of. 
We'll be doing some stuff through- 
out third term and summer but the 
actual competition is over. 

So how did the tiny team from 
RSGC do? Well, the competition is 
actually composed of a number of 
things: Web site, documentation, 
video, etc... and most importantly 
the Robot. I'm not sure how we did 
on everything else (they haven't 
sent us anything yet) but our robot, 
Bushakalamazoid III did really 

Provided that we missed 2 out of 6 
heats due to malfunctions, and we 
had to oveiTome a dozen problems 
during the competition we finally 
got the robot to working order in 
the last heat. Our robot was amaz- 
ing in the last heat and we scored 
90 points! (the best robot with the 
highest score in the whole competi- 
tion, scored 500). 

To have a small team of about 4 
core students who worked on the 
robot with only one mentor and NO 
workshop at school and NO experi- 
ence... we did amazing. Compare 
our results to schools like Turner 
Fenton (champions) with 80 stu- 
dents or Havergal with 50 students 
and 3 teachers and 6 mentors, we 

succeeded in doing quite a bit. 

Our robot beat Havergal because of 
our stellar final heat by 5 points. 
Havergal and Korah should be 
noted as a great help, they helped 
and supported us a great deal. 
Although we are "bragging" that we 
actually beat Havergal they really 
helped us and we wouldn't have got- 
ten nearly as close as we did if not 
for their help. And I'm just compar- 
ing us to them a lot because they 
have a bit more expei'ience, more 
adults and a bigger team! (plus we 
gave them 15 points by accident). 
So, I think we came in about 12-14 
(not sure the exact number) out of 
26 in terms of the robot competing. 
Throughout the whole competition 
we were around 19th and really 
improved as we went along (and as 
our robot finally passed the debug 

We'll be coming back next year with 
a smarter and bigger team. It was a 
monumental challenge to just get a 
robotics team to compete, and we 
did it pretty well! We had a ton of 
fun. got little sleep but learned so 
much... Thanks to the team and to 
the teachers who supported us! 

Tim Wong 


from left to right. Justin Ho, Dan O'Connell, Aurele Debosset. Tim Wong. Clynn Hsiung. Ivan 
Chin. Pat Swaine. 

Justin tries to come out. but tiis teammates 
shove him right back in again. 

Ross learned to love the nickname his col- 
leagues had given him. "Igor fetch me a brain. 

Hsiung and Wong: "It's been a long day.. 

Bushakalamazoid III. 

Leadership Conference (L2K2) 

Mike Love and Rob Gleadow working (he 
^ef^esl^me^ls. gaining experience for their 
future careers. 

The L2K2 National Leadership con- 
ference, "LeadershiiJ at a Hifjher 
Level", which KSCIC hosted from 
Thursday, February 21st to 
Saturday. F'ebruarN' 22nd. 2002 was 
another testament to the liberty 
and support that we, the students, 
are privilet;ed to have at the 
College. Anything is possible, and it 
sure was for a small team of dedi- 
cated individuals: Jonathan 
.\hraham. Chris Roscoe, Kevin 
Smith, Jay Jolliffe, Linton Porter- 
Taylor and Brian Todd, who were in 
charge of all aspects ui the organi- 
zation process. Through the theme 

of Servant Leadership, and the 
unique set of speakers, workshop 
leaders, activities, etc. the 75 
attending delegates from across 
Canada were given an opportunity 
to learn, not only the characteristics 
of the underlying theme, but also 
from each other's experiences and 
leadership qualities. But, as stated 
before, all this could not have been 
possible witht)ut thi- overwhidming 
support of the College, and more 
specifically Ms. McPhedran and 
Mlk'.Deblois. Thank you sincerely, 
once again. Mark Longo. 

Linton Porter-Taylor. Bnan Todd and Jay Jolliffe. role models. 

The "leaders" of tomorrow, wondering how they ever got tricked into 
doing this. 

Special guest speakers made this day exhila- Our guests enjoy the lunchroom cuisine, we soon discovered that there werent 

rating! enough washrooms to go around 

Beach Pa 

I bet you are asking yourself... "Why 
on earth would we make a 'Beach 
Party' complete with a sand pile, 
freshly BBQ'd burgers and 
Hawaiian shirts?" Well the 100% 
truth is that I really do not know, 
and I even talked to our Head 
Prefect Mark Longo and discovered 
that even he didn't know why we 
were doing this in sub-zero temper- 
atures. But something that I do 
know about the beach party was 
that the line was long, the burgers 
were plentiful and Mr. Van Herk 
was found hiding in almost every 
picture that I looked at! 

Is it just me. or do these guys look like ttiey are 
having WAY too much fun at the BBQ? 

The sight of the unforgettjijiv Polka Dot Sky' 
causes Mrs Newton to almost lose her lunch. 

1^ ,r 

Ronson: "Burger's today - Salisbury Steak Longo's got his hands in something he shouldn't, and IVlr. Van Herk is hiding, can you find him this 

tomorrow. ' 



Can you find Mr. Van Herk?? 
{HINT: Look behind Roscoe's head) 

QUICKiii Go diid yuil) Ml Vdii Heik he's seen everything! 

The Georffriiir 

Kevin Drury: Who stole the rest of my bike??' 

Joseph Chang: Ummm. are they 
or 'Boo-urns'?" 

ent Night 

A li)t of interesting and ver>' won- 
derful skits were played on Talent 
Night: F]vervthing from a Unicycle 
performance, a solo singing per- 
formance by Ms. Bajin. yet another 
piano number by Mike Chan (with 
some support from Hal Hannaford 
on the drums) and even a strip 
show from Brian Todd with his 
partner Geoff Renihan. And even 
though Mr. Van Herk was NOT 
playing "Where's Waldo' during the 
events, a great time was enjoyed by 
performers and audience members 

"Dont cry for me ARGENTINA!. 

1 Part Lead Singer 1 Pan txhtoitiomst '■ 
Pricelessly Disturbing for Brian Todd. 

Don t you just L-O-V-E my piano skills!?!' 

Maybe it's just me But do you think Ross 

Fraser is trying to compensate for something? 

Mr Ben "With tins egg I holdeth willnn doth fin- 
gers. I proclaim thai it is better looking than I ' 


Mjico Young Do you thinK , 
this entire mike?' 



Mr. Love 


White Sox paraphernalia on the 
wall and it made his room look so 
cool. Plus he drove a Ti-ans-Am, 
with white sox plates. 

When you finally got into Gage's 
class, the curriculum was equal 
parts History and fun. Sometimes it 
was like there were no adults 
around to tell us what to do. We had 
parliamentary debates, and held 
round-robin wrestling tournaments. 
We learned about John A. 
MacDonald, and had sing-alongs of 
John Jacob Jingle Heimmer 

As I look back, I'm amazed at how 
much History we learned. Gage is a 
great lover of History and this was 
transparent to his students. To this 
day, I can tell you about the Battle 
of El Alamin. the end of Czarist 
Russia and the Tet Offensive. I can 
also tell you that Lawrence Taylor 
was the greatest Linebacker ever to 
play football. Gage taught me these 
things. Gage taught me to write an 
essay. He taught me how to study 
for exams. Gage taught us all that 
school can be fun. I am a History 
teacher myself, now, and I'd like to 
think my kids look forward to my 
classes the way I looked forward to 

Gage's secret is obvious to me now. 
He never grew up. He loves doing 
stuff like wrestling tournaments, 
and. more importantly, he under- 
stands that teenage boys need days 
like that. 

Everyone in here has special memo- 
ries of all of our honourees. I 

remember Gage as a History 
teacher. Others looked to Gage as 
the man that got them into 
University. I think all of us share a 
common memory of Gage. And it's 
not in the classroom. Your place is 
on the tarmac, with the kids, gener- 
ally sticking close to the opposing 
team's net. Not one to spend a lot of 
time inside his own blue line was 
Gage. Old gloves, sharpened hockey 
stick, sweats and, of course, your 
tinnie. My shins hurt just thinking 
about it. 

I imagine at a time like this, you 
will assess your career. Gage. With 
your indulgence, I'll add my 2 cents. 
This job must have agreed with you 
as you are clearly, immune to the 
aging process. As, I should add par- 
enthetically, are JJ and John. 
What's the deal with that? A little 
spooky. I know your colleagues are 
lined up to assume your spacious 
office, but they will miss you as a 
touchstone to the past. As an aging 
alumnus, I will miss knowing all of 
you are here. Gage, you're leaving 
this school better than you found it, 
and along the way, you've made 25 
years worth of students better peo- 
ple because of the education you've 
helped give them. Gage's lessons: 
Enjoy yourself, do what you love 
and let your students see that you 
love it, tell your students you care 
about them through your actions. I 
will say about Gage, the very best 
thing one can say about an educa- 
tor. You always put the students 

But, the highest compliment I can 
give you Gage, is you made it look 
fun. That is success in any career, 
by any measure. Enjoy your retire- 
ment. Gage, and congratulations on 
25 years of fun. 


Mr. Kerr 


Now, this is not quite a chicken- 
and-egg proposition. Remarkable 
though this may seem, we do know 
that St. George's pre-dates John 
Kerr - by three years. The college 
was three years old when John, 
fresh from the Faculty of Education, 
got a call from Jack Wright. It was 

Having attended an independent 
school himself, John rather though 
he'd like to teach in the public sys- 
tem. But there turned out to be 
something very attractive about (in 
John's words) this "funny little 
place." So John signed on. 

That first year, he taught grade 7 
Science, grade 8 English and grade 
10 History. Time went on and John 
thought he'd likely move on, but - 
though he made a few forays into 
the outside world (Like teaching 
night school at North Toronto colle- 
giate) - he continued to be happy at 
St. George's , and. well, time went 

What did he do? John has been a 
teacher of Science. History. Latin 
and English. He has been Head of 
the English Department in the sen- 
ior School; he has been staff repre- 
sentative (twice) on the Board of 
Governors; secretary to the Alumni 
Association; he has served in vari- 
ous capacities on executive commit- 
tees of the Alumni Association: he 
has edited the school newsletter: he 
has been a coach of gymnastics, 
cross-country and downhill skiing; 
he has coached the swim team 
(until being knocked out by a bas- 
ketbaii); he has coached Softball and 
put togctlier the yearbook. 

Then thei'i' ni-c all the odd little 
"unoflirial" idles Jobn has assumed 
ovci- till' Years, some of which 

^.^ The Georgian 

include: during the early years, 
helping to maintain the physical 
plant - like turning on the furnace 
when it mysteriously turned itself 
off: building sets for school plays, 
fashioning new pews for cha|)c!. 
designing programmes for school 
events. ..and a general di.shursement 
of wisdom. John has shared his gifts 
most generously. 

When I asked John what he would 
miss most about the school, he said 
- the people. Well, that fits. John 
has always been a person with 
whom I could share sad stories 
about colleagues or students, 
because he is compassionate, funny 
stories, because John has a rich 
appreciation of that which is droll 
about the doings and sayings of 
Georgians of all ages - but he has 
never been one to laugh at another's 
expense. In addition, we have all 
been the beneficiaries of the balance 
in John's character. He is a man of 
common sense and sound judge- 

At this point I must say thank you 
to Cathy, who has been inextricably 
bound up in the Gordian, or, I 
should say, Georgian, knot that is 
the relationship between John and 
St. George's. I've sometimes thought 
that Cathy knows as much about 
the workings of Georgians and St. 
George's as John. And that is con- 
siderable. Certainly, behind every 
great man there is a wonderful 
woman, and Cathy has been part- 
ner to the warm hospitality and 
love for and interest in us all that is 
distinctlv "Kerr." 

Now, to return to where I began. It 
is not possible to separate our 
school in its formative years from 
the influence of its longest serving 
members. John Kerr among them. 
May we continue to honour their 

Thank you, John. 


Mr. Birkett 


it all while skillfully disemboweling 
2 red peppers, stuffing them with a 
sort of light salmon mousse (topped 
with fresh chives). And offering all 
in the staff room a slice of pineapple 
upside down cake he'd whipped up 
with the 7's in "domestic survival", 
and you can imagine how I felt - 
rather like Martha Stewart locked 
for eternity in a totally empty room! 
John invented multitasking and 
then doubled it. He has been active 
in his fraternity since university 
days, served in prominent positions 
on the volunteer committee of the 
National Ballet for some 15 years, 
assisted in the annual ball of the 
National Ballet School, been heavily 
involved in the life of Trinity 
College, U. of T, Chapel, pursued 
musical interests that have taken 
him to Nashville (Bronco Johnny B.) 
sung in the St. George's college 
Choir, served as de facto organizer 
of just about everything here, 
including presiding over the school's 
most popular club for aspiring 
young chefs, arranged the coffee, 
arranged the tea, the canapes, 
arranged the flowers, arranged 
lives. And, while doing all this, 
served as a full-time mentor, col- 
league, surrogate uncle, friend and 
teacher to countless adults and 
most especially boys, for twenty- 
nine vears. Twenty-nine vears. 

In the nu'antime of course I learned 
a few things- his unique mixture of 
languages - especially the novel use 
of French, an enduring puzzle to us 
all. though I have managed to gain 
a smattering of 'Birkettese" over the 
years - Pierre Colline, for example 
was Peter Hill, our chaplain at the 
time. 1 have yet to get a haniile on 
some of the more complicated 
phrases. Perhajis John will produce 
a reference liook in his oft time. 1 
was once tempted to ask, like Alice 
in Wonderland. "What's the French 
for Fiddle-de-dee?" But lie'd proi)a- 
bly know. 

Before taking up his life at St. 
George's, John had already enjoyed 
a variety of postings form the exotic 
two years in Ghana back to the 
more homey life as a student at 
Western thence to the sylvan set- 
ting of College Lac Terrain, I mean 
Lakefield College, for 4 highly pro- 
ductive years. Then came a cross- 
roads of perplexing diversity, the 
main arteries of which were diamet- 
rically opposed - one offering a 
career in interior design, the other 
St. George's where in those days at 
least interior design considerations 
were limited to whether or not port- 
ly staff members could squeeze 
between the drink dispen.ser and 
the wall to get at their lunches. 

In his own words, John "Tossed a 
coin. St. George's lost!" so how have 
things changed here as a result of 
this dynamic presence? Well for one 
thing, the art work is a lot more ele- 
vated and placed at the proper 
height. But seriously, it has had an 
inestimable impact on the boys of 
St. George's. I asked several of them 
what do you think of when 1 men- 
tion Mr. Birkett'.' Some of the 
answers, freely offered: "He's tough 
but fair." 'He knows everything!" He 
talks a lot but he's interested in 
what I have to say too." " He's a 
laugh." "He's fantastic." "He's really 
something." With praise like that 
from the world's greatest critics. 
John Birkett is not in need of testi- 
monials from anyone. But I can't 
help adding my words of praise, too. 
.And neither can my colleagues - "A 
great man." "A fabulous teacher." 
"unbelievably dedicated." ".A vicious, 
die-hard defender of St. George's 

.Among our .Alumni. John is a leg- 
end. They continue to delight in his 
unconventional manner but are 
especially touched that he 
know them all • remembers 
them all. and is genuinely 
interested in them. Of course, 
we all know that John's 


staggering memory for people and 
the things that are important to 
them is an awesome phenomenon. 
- And. has also spanned a few irrev- 
erent recollections in which some 
have imagined that John knows the 
balance owing on the mortgage for 
so and so's property in Port Carling! 

John is direct. He is a devout 
Anglican who takes the words of the 
Prayer Book to heart - that we 
"should not dissemble nor cloak 
'anything.'" He's certainly not shy- 
when it comes to expressing his 
opinions - on a vast range of issues! 
But he is not a complainer: he is a 
doer. His criticism is always con- 
structive, coming as it does from his 
deep love of this place and his 
desire to make it as great as it can 
possibly be. This college is "his son" 
and he a devoted father. 

John Birkett is so complex a charac- 
ter that I am unable to even begin 
to describe what he means to this 
place nor indeed what he means to 
us all collectively and as individu- 
als. John has striven all his life to 
give everything to his stvidents, 
wanting them to blossom not as off- 
shoots, but as thriving individual, 
fully-realized young people. "Speak 
in French when you can't remember 
the English for a thing and remem- 
ber who you are." (Jabberwocky) 
"The true teacher defends his pupils 
against his own personal influence. 
He inspires self trust. He guides 
their eyes from him to the spirit 
that quickens him. He will have no 
disciple." (Branson Alcott) No disci- 
ples for John Birkett perhaps but 
legions of inspired and grateful 
young men and boys and a host, 
who as long as they live will utter 
fervently as we do this evening, 
"Thank you, Mr. Birkett." 

A speech given by Mr. Douglas 
IJamieson. Choral Master of The 
'College in honour of John Birkett, 
at his Retirement Festivities, 
Wednesday May 15th Ketchum 
Hall, Royal St. George's College. 

Mr. McMaster and Mr. Schreiner drinking Soda 

Mr. Kerr checking out his new Trophy 

Hal Hannaford begins roasting the three retirees 

"Smile and clap and we'll be out of here soon" 

"When you spend half your life here. Mark, 
you'll get a jacket too. "" 

Soul Food 

The Bible Club (from left to right: Justin Ho. Ryan Cookson. Mr Farrar. Mr Reid. Borden Rhodes, and Timothy Wong} 
look up for a photo op 

and bnefly 

This year there was a Bible study group at the school, small in numbers but servinfi a purpose. The purjMise of the 
group was not devotional, but to explore the Bible as literature and as a cultural influence. The participants would 
ask questions and the group would answer them. We discussed themes, languages used, events and characters. 

ancient Near Eastern history and philosophical ideas. 

It is hoped that the club will gathei- momentum and attract larger numbers and continue for next and subsequent 
years. The club met on Tuesdays and Wednesda>s. 

-Mr. Reid 

And on the eighth day. God 

Al/cucxi ••'V 

-«* -»* CAM 


,1-: ^4*fV^T; .-., }£!«»= ■ 


Aiit wiedersehen 
Thank you j^ 



Sorry, we only accept 

■•» -M 

Grade 9 & 

Lunch tastes so good up here, but where's the food 

We're just chiltin in a group. 


Sleeping off a heavy kegger. 

Nice hats fellas. 

Grade 10 
goes to 

Left: Kaye. Sir 
John. Sutin 
Below: a bunch 
guys on a tank 
paying respect to 
those who 

Corporal Burns doesn t realize that 
he's wearing a woman's uniform. 

Hepburn is 

a secret 




on a fake 


Lino: Dude lluii i> ,i 
cool car 

Seaman Boultbee 

Thcij'.hii ' s meet the ladies from Ottawa /. 
their having as much fun as I am wnting this caption 

Prague, Vienna, Budapest 
Band Trip Extraordinaire 






College Gruppe 
Royal St. George's College 

Sa.2. Feb. 19.30 h 


Look at that HUGE dome'" 








L .--1 



9 1 





1 ^ 




"Fa/te Care to Notice the small child vomiting towards the centre of the picture. 


Prague, Vienna, Budapest 
Band Trip Extraordinaire 


Pfaff: "Yes. that's right... I am looking at you..Do you not find yourself swooning 
over my sexy, bedroom eyes...? 

Norton: "This just gets better and better 

^^ypsy. Wail you mean this isn't a dog'''^'^ «&$«' 

Till' LillOL! I);iiul tour in<liicii-ci a tiiur of tht- 
Eastern Kuit)puan cities of Vienna, Prafjue 
and Ikidapest. Under the auspices of Mr. 
"(Jniar" Mai'tin, Mr. Siewert and Ms. 
Sonierville the tcroup of Georgian way wards 
set out across the Atlantic, landing in 
.\insterdam and then transferring to Vienna. 
This city had a long history as the capital of 
the entire Austrian empire. So. after we had 
recov-ered from our long trip from Toronto, we 
headed out to Schonhrunn Palace. This 
palace was essentially the "cottage" of the 
Habshurg Emperors, although the size and 
splendor of it would not lead you to this con- 
clusion. We toured through the interior, as 
well as the gardens that surrounded it. It 
was an impressive first stop on the 2002 band 
toiM-. We had a chance to display our own 
musical talents as we played in the first per- 
formance on the tour. The concert was located 
in a spa outside the main city of Vienna. It 
was an excellent first performance that left 
.\lr. Martin scrambling to find another piece 
to play when the crowd wanted a third encore 
- which may have had something to do with 
tile complimentary cigarettes being ofTered to 
the audience. 

Budapest w-as the band's next stop. Omar's 
hiainchild "Dr. Death" regaled the masses at 
the Cafe Imperiale. and partied long into the 
night. We stayed in the club for most of the 
evening, leaving only when it closed. The 
next day began with a toiu- aroinid this won- 
derful city in which many beautiful artifacts 
were observed. 

.After Budapest was Prague, the long-standing 
capital of the Czech Republic. An ancient city, 
the band was given the fortune of playing in 
one of Prague's central cathedrals. After 
much sight seeing (some of which involved 
watching a show in which a man made a 
horse sit down - see picture) the band pre- 
pared for their triumphant return to Toronto. 
With onl> one or two international incidents, 
the 2002 t)and tri)) was a success. Thanks to 
the hardworking teachers who organized the 
trip, and especially the band, who managed to 
stav in tune., .most of the time. 


Trip of Canons 

Old man: " Now the canon wheel is important because it's what made the 
canon move. " Lucas and Clark show their amazement at learning such valu- 
able information. 

Historical photo found by RSGC stu- 
dents while at General Picketts' Buffet 
raised question as to what Abe was 
really into. 

A Canadian bus was hit by friendly fire while touring Gettysburg. USA. 
Investigators believe that alcohol played a factor 

Yeah I toured with the Doobie Brothers 
in the early 70s. Man those were some 
messed up times. " 

The largest, banjo playing tour guide.demonstrates how he smashed The large, banp playing, tour guide Over yonder is where I shot and killed 
,his banjo at Woodstock 94. "V f''^' "^"^0 "^'"9 ""« "^^^ '^^"°" 

The Cold, Long Hike... 
(Grade 8 Outward Bound 2002) 

This is the last surviving testament of the Grade 8 Outward Bound 
Trip. They battled wind, rain, and tall standing telephone poles in 
the middle of the woods. This is their stoiy... 

Walkington: "And here we have a pair of 
stunning polypropylene long-Johns..." 

And here we have a courageous duo battling 
the evil pole, doing their bit to rid the woods of 
all evil poles! 

Liang: 'Why is this person so happy it s cola 
and I'm standing on a very high rock'' 

Knowles: 'Don't talk to me, don't even say a word 




•'< i 

Tijc Joy of Camping. 


f )(/Ji/Jii/ f ja//ii(utc//C'S 

>i/my . 

Our sandwiches are served with your choice of 

French fries, pasta or potato salad unless 

otherwise specified. 

Smothered Chicken 8.99 

A 1.1. Muijys farourite - breast of chicken 
smothered with Swiss cheese, bacon, sautced 
mushrooms and onions on ciahntta. 


Salmon Sandwich 8.49 

Pacifw salmon fillet coaled with seasoned 
crumbs and crisp fried - seri'ed with 
Wiisabi mayo and Asian salad, instead of potatoes 
or pasta salad. 

Grilled Eggplant and Portobello 6.99 

A delectable combination of grilled eggplant. 
Portobello mushroom caps, sliced tomatoes 
and Provolone cheese in a ciabatta bun. 

Hand-carved Breast of Turkey 8.79 

A fresh hot turkey breast open faced 
sandu<ich. served over ciaballa with mashed 
potatoes and our pun yruvy. 


Crabmeat and Brie Melt 9.49 

Atlantic crabmeat salad on a lightly toasted 
brioche, spread with roasted pepper mayonnaise 
and topped with »«<■'""' "•■'> cheese - served with 
garden "■■' .. instead of potatoa oi /.. _ '"d. 

Club L.A 8.79 

Grilled breast of chicken layered with 
Cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes. Tiger sflucf 
on an onion bun - served with French fries. 



^'°w York Steak Sanr* ;^„ 9.89 

A G oz cnui-uniiica New York Steak topped 
with fried onions and peppers and served on an 
Italian roll u'ith French fries on the side. 


Coaches; Dr Ryall (senior chief leader grand puba big cheese kahvma el capitaine), & Mr Shum. 

These young scholars 
have mastered the art of | 
mind battling and the 
strategy required to 
defeat our opponents in 
the Toronto Secondary 
School Chess League in 
the South Division; A 
round-robin tournament 
where five players from 
each school meet head- 
to-head every 2 weeks. 
And they're good looking 



Gregg Vertes 

Rob Gleadow 


John Wooder 


Edmund Lee 

David Wooder 


Philip Lang 

Dick Chow 

Steve Black 

Jonathan Rae 
Jay Rhind 
Sean Sydney 
Stefan Vali 

Tim Wong 
Borden Rhodes 
Patrick Swaine 


Cody Ellis 

Anthony Field 


\Ne're playing chess not checkers! (Wooder & Anderson) 

"Good game 'cough* JohnDavicT cough*" (Steve Black and one of the 
Wooder Twins) 

"Dude, this is better than TV" (Jason Lynn, Marco Yeung and Dick 


^mji^y \ J^ 

Ohhh man, I guess it's that time of the week again, where you 
' dress me up in ladies clothes. (Mr Siewert's pup) 

Members: (icrd Siewcrt, Clary Wong, 

Aurcio DeBosset,Graham Dickhout 

The Photo Club has only 
a few but dedicated 
amateur photographers. 
They attempt to chroni- 
cle all aspects of school 
life, (such as: sports, 
Oktoberfest, visitors, 
club activities, dances, 
excursions, plays, and 
any other venues staged 
by students or faculty) 
for exhibition & publica- 
tion purposes. Members 
of the Photography Club 
receive free film and a 
copy of every photo they 
have taken: a terrific 
deal for anyone interest- 
ed in the art of photog- 

Lt'l nic show you where the "secret" pictures 
are located. (Aurele Debosset and Mr Siewerl) 


t/;c Ceordin 



AttiT listening to a few moans and 
grunts, the weight lifting club told 
me exactly why it is they weight 
lift. "To protect the school from evil 
villain.^" said one, "shuttup meat- 
head" replied Pigott. "We weight lift 
because we like muscles, and to 
attract women." Obviously they 
were unaware of the smell protrud- 

"Wow. these vibrations are amazing. " (Benson Yu) 

Whos your daddy?! WHO S you 
daddy!?! WHOS YOUR DADDY!!! 
(Jeremy Pigott) 

lain Hall showcases his python 

ing from the FTC on the second 
floor. The only female they will be 
able to attract is the shower Fairie. 
Our weight training team has been 
victorious so far in all the weekend 
brawls against rival private schools. 
Keep up the good work boys! 

Members: Mr Farrar. Ryan 
Anderson. Warren Bush. Derek 
Chan, Corcoran Conn-Grant. Bryan 
Feheley. Duncan Fraser. Will Green. 
Iain Hall, Taylor Imrie, Michael 
Millward, Adam Penny. Alex PfafT, 
Greg Robinson. Anthony Ruffolo. 
James Shirriff. .Andrew Swinamer. 
Nick Kutzko. Diederik Heisey. 
Adam Optican. Sandy Norton. 
Terence Ho. Benson Yu. Matt King. 
Jeremy Pigott. 


Ian, Dr Leatch, Tom and the space alien err I mean 
the teacher. 

Dr Newton training lor battle 

Every week a small, 
but dedicated group 
of equestrians wove 
their way through 
Sunnybrook hospital to 
the stables. Highlights 
of the year were many, 
as were the memories. 
Hopefully the cavalry 
club will continue 
sucessfully into future 


Ms. Nrtstcii 
!>. N(^\1i«l 
limi lluii-liMii 
Jim Kiiiiix*: 
Jiinitvi IMtHMi 


Richard LeGresley is doing his impression of 'Crouching Tiger l-lidden 
Dragon " 

Note - to - self : Clean toe-jam from feet as soon as possible ■ 

If you don't play fair in the Judo club you get thrown out LITERALLY 

The Judo Club continued its upward climb this year, 
adding more classes, more competitions, and most 
importantly - more people. The team now has practices 
every day except Friday and it is always packed. In 
addition to the increased practice time, the Judo 
team/club also welcomes a new Sensei (visiting us from 
Japan), Sensei Aikida. 

Team members participated in a tournament in 
October: they didn't fair quite as well as they had 
hoped, but there are many more still to come. In early 
March, Grade 8s from BSS came to the school to learn 
Judo from our Grade 8s - the practice was a big suc- 
cess. In April and May the team will be participating in 
more tournaments, all culminating in the Ontario 
School Championships in late May (we have been the 
defending champions for three years now!). We look for- 
ward to again besting our arch-rival Crescent School. 

Senseis Dave and Don Miller have continued to mold 
students from Grades 3-13 into little (and big) fighting 
machines as part of the regular Phys Ed program and 
look forward to expanding this even more in the future. 
Helping them out in this regard has been Sempei Chris 
Roscoe, who will be graduating thi.s year. 

-Chris Ixoscoe. 


Who wouldn t want to stay after school 
and just watch TV? 

The Film Club has always been 'in the 
dark. ' 












LOOK!! Mr Hutton is coming with 
more movies. 

From Left: Brian Todd (looking loo involved in that paper). Jay Jolliffe and Ethan Hoddes (both 
looking like stuffed-shirts). Mrs Ruth Hall, the elusive Ferd Skidvice, Ian Pattillo (I don't want to 
know why he's giving us that face). Ms Natasha Hill, John Seitz and Lee Vyner (Looking like he's 

trying to grab Seitz s well his shirt). 

Not present ■ Graham Durrant-Taylor. Tom Hutchison. Jim Kapches. Mike Haughton. and John 

The Grifter is one of the very last 
open forums where students can 
freely express their opinions on any 
issue in or outside of school. Almost 
everything of interest to students 
has been in the Grifter's pages. 
Sensitive issues such as Casual 
days, to the attendance in chapel, 
and even the content of the skits 
have all had articles devoted to 
them. For the fust time ever. The 
Grifter has even produced issues 
twice as large as the usual four 
pages. Classic Grifter writers again 
this year were Ian Pattillo and Tom 
Hutiliisoii who continued to con- 
trihuti' tiu'ir iuumuu- columns. Dr. 
Ferd Skidvice with his satirical 
advice colunuis. Some of the new 
writers that the joined the Grifter 
thniil\ this year included Ciraham 
Durrant-Taylor with his sports 
views. Hrian Todd with iiis opinion 
on music, and Mike Haughton withj 
aci-rhic commentary on. well, every- 

- F'^than Hoddes. Editor 


The Extreme Club, led by Chris Godfrey, is a club 
where students get together to teach and show off 
their skills. Bikers, Bladers and Skateboarders take 
it to the extreme trying and mastering new tricks. 
The guys use a quarter ramp and a number of 
jumps to get maximum height and to just have 
some fun. 

Pull up those pants you SKID! 

Todd: YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaa! 

The Fencing Club, lead 
by Mr. Stevens, is held 
once a week. The boys 
showed determination, 
potential and had a lot 
of fun. Club Members: 
Evan Minaker, 
Christopher Nicoloff. 
William Gray, Nicholas 
Latremoille, Jordan 
Shay, Shane Milne. 


/ Will poke you with my sword 

The Georgian 


It would be fair to say thai tin- 
R.S.G.C. Speaker's Union strives to 
replace empty arfjuinjj with 
informed persuasion. While House 
League debating does not command 
the numbers of Ball Hockey, our 
members are dedicated to their 

Andrew Hepburn. Head of 
Speakers Union 

craft. Most Wednesdays, after school 
saw two of the four houses square 
off in disorganized, humourous, 
often counter-productive shouting 
matches. Special thanks to Will 
Gunton for his constant tabulation 
of house points throughout the 
yeai'.In addition to debates within 
R.S.G.C, the Speaker's Union pre- 
pared and sent students into the 

lough li'irain of inter-school compe- 
tition. In October. Ethan Hoddes, 
Graham- Durrant Taylor and 
Andrew Hepburn ventured into 
Winnipeg for the International 
Independent Public Speaking 
Competition. As a team we placi-d 
an impressive 6th out of 25 schools. by some magic stroke of luck, 
the perennially unprepared duo of 
Hepburn and Hoddes walked away 
with the Cross-Examination 
Debating crown. Deciding that 
Winnipeg didn't suit their fancy, 
Graham and Ethan, though their 
speaking prowess and some improb- 
able breaks, competed in British 
Columbia at the National 
Championships after advancing 
from the Provincials. At Glenlyon 
Norfolk School they placed a most 
impressive 5th as a team. February 
saw the reuniting of the 
Hepburn/Hoddes debating duo at 
the Metro Regional Debating 
Finals. Ethan took 1st place with 
Andrew a close 3rd. Both advanced 
to the Provincials in April. Finally, 
the school competed in two Fulford 
Cup tournaments. At the February 

edition. John Seitz and Ethan 
Hoddes comprised the Senior team, 
with Shawn I'adulo and Jeff Brown 
as the Junior team. April saw 
Graham and .Andrew at the final 
Fulford of the year, and ultimately 
their R.S.G.C. debating careers.On 
behalf of the Speaker's Union, many 
thanks to all those who participat- 
I'd. The biggest thanks of all goes to 
Ms. Miller, though, without whom 
R.S.G.C. wouldn't fiild the ( :iliber of 
debaters it does. 

Mrs Miller: "No Amir, that's not the nght recipe 
for my magical cookies ' 

Ethan and Team Ontario ' 

Prokipchuk: 'Hey. What did you say about UKRAINE!' 




Fergusdn Award tor Excellence in Cross Country Running : Scott Ackley 

The Junior Volleyball Award : Cameron McNicol 

The Most Valuable Senior Volleyball Award : Mike Kitchen 

Junior Soccer Award : Kevin Drury 

Edward Assaf MVP Soccer Award : David Kcrr-Vayne, Ostap Prokipchuk 

The MVP for Judo : Sean Padiilo 

The MVP tor Squash : Alex Carter 

Trusler Ski Trophy : Morgan Rubes 

Junior Hockey Award : Cam Loree 

J. W. McMaster Trophy - MVP Senior Hockey : Pat Taylor 

Junior Basketball Award : John Harewood 

Lomax Memorial Basketball Award : Adrian Turchet 

Bowlby Trophy Senior Basketball MVP : Mike Kitchen 

Junior Softball Award : Cameron McNicol 

The MVP for Golf : Robin Gainer 

Jr. School Rugby Award : Alex Mather 

Senior Rugby MVP Co-winners : Haddon Murray + Andrew Ford 

Junior School Track and Field Award : Chris Jackson 

R.K. Eraser Senior Track and Field Award : Scott Ackley 

David Reeser Memorial Badminton Award : Ronson Chan 

Athletic Directors Award : Morgan Rubes 

The V.C. Pascoe Trophy for the Best Junior School Athlete. Co winners : Jon 

Harewood + Alex Mather 

The A.C. Tudhope Trophy for the Most Valuable Athlete in Grade 10 or 1 1. Jason 


The J.S. Housser Trophy for the Best Athlete in the Senior School - Co Winners: 

Mil<e Kitchen and Ronson Chan 

Athletic Letters are awarded to student athletes for outstanding contribution to 

RSGC Athletics over many years: 

Frascr Buchan, Alex Carter, Ronson Chan. Rob Cimicata. Alex Edmison, Andrew Ford, 

Mike Kitchen, Mark Longo, John Miik'ihill, Ostap Prokipchuk, Patrick Taylor, Paul 

Ternamian, Geojf Renihan 

Cameron MacNicol and Mr Algarvio with the 
Jr. Badminton Award 

Ian Reeser. Ronson Chan and Mr Evans with 
the David Reeser Memorial Badminton Award 

Mr Sarellas and Mike Kitchen winning the 
Basketball MVP 

David Winterbottom only comes for the '-'^^'^ Jones. Chns Fisher and Graham 
open bar Atkinson enjoy a cold beverage. 

Rob Gainer and Dr. Ryall with the Golf Award. 

li}c Ccorfjiiiii I 

Junior Prize Day 

Mr. O'Leary. Alex Mather winner of the Jr 
Georgian Award & Ms. Kirkland 

Alex Samworth winner of the Jr Music Award 

I II kK > \wiird : jamiL' Rcjuu. 

I irikic 4 Award : jaipal Sing/i 

liraslcy Award, Grade 5 Award : Alc'.\cmii<.T Stiinuin't/j 

Ci.n. Hay Award, Grade 6 Award ; Mi<./ui<.'i BtiJiiii & Andrew KUirjthy 

Scott Kovas Award, Grade 7 Award : Patrick Daley 

IR.E. Garstant: Award, En^jlish : Oaiji; Mi7iu' 

Mathematics Award : Trevor CDoksiin 

Frencli Awartl : /'utricle Hamer-Meunicr 

St. Cieorye's Society Award, Social Studies : /'utricle HamtT-Mc'wnicr 

Scieiice Award : Chris Nicolojj 

leish McCarthy Gossage Award, Acting; : Keith Cressy& Treixir Cixtkson 

John R. Latimer Award, Puhhc Speaking : Shaun Padulo 

hmior Music Award : A/e.vaJiJcv Sumuort/i 

Leslie Taylor Award, Most Improved Chorister : David Liang, & Fraser MacLean 

Most Imprined InstrLimentaiist Award : Tommy Hoddes 

lohii L"). Allen Award: Religious Knowledge : Chris Nicoluff 

Henry Caw thorne House Award : Canterbury 

Best Instrumentalist Prize : Matt Bradeen 

Senior Choristers : Keith Cressy. Alex Mather, John Harricks, Evan Miiuj/cct . Daiid 

Liang, Andrew Quick, Fraser MacLean, TaylinTownley, Cameron MacNicol 

lohn L. Bradley Awartl, Best Chorister : John Harriclcs & Evan Mimtker 

John Birkett Art Award : Tom Toguri 

Max Denis Community Service Award : Keith Cressy 

Perfect Attendance : Rujin /5/uiliu'al - Grade 5 

Sivtiiion TouTiley - Grade 5 

Vincent DeMarco - Grade 6 
Georgian Parents' Guild Award : Zachary K'oni 
\. Paul n. Steinhauer Memorial Award : Josh Barr 
L.B.J. Rothwell .Award : Cameron MacNicol 
liinior Cjcorgi.m .Aw.ird : Alc.v Mat/ier 
Valedictorian : Jolin Hcirriclcs 

Ms. Nancy SleiiUhnit I ,'. A'. \ Steinhauer 
present Josh Barr with the Paul D. Steinhauer 
Memorial Award. 

Ms Uhre & Shaun Padulo winner of tlw 
John R Latimer Put>lic Speaking Awan- 



Gordon Dunlop wins the Computer Science Award from Mr. D'Arcy. 

Mr. Doert<sen and Mr. Slium presenting tlie Grade 11 Matli Award to 
Dicl< Chow. 

Pattitio and Patava shower Mr Kerr with gifts, he conceals his cutlass, 
and thinks to himself that maybe now is not the right time. 

Ethan Hoddes (Captain Gnfterj and Tom Hutchison & Ian Pattillo receive 
their Newspaper Awards from Mrs. Hall 

The Senior English Writing Award, obviously James Appel & Pal Taylui Ihivc nuslered the art of using a 

^^^ t(;c CearglaH 

Mr. Schreiner presents his last Grade 9 
Science award to Edmund Lee. 

Hamlin-Douglas gets yet an-,:- ■_ -lory award 

Mr Hutton presents you: 
with a politics award 

.;.,c w„.^.-.^^/) 

The drama department awards Gross and Hayles for their excellent performances. Mrs. Miller 
closes her eyes so that there is no proof of her red-eye. . 

Dr Leatch you better not have a bigger smile 
than me" as Pat Taylor gets the History award 

Andrew Frodo is handed the World Issues Award, and Mr Rankin got 
excited. Weeee 


PRESENTED MAY 3 1 , 2002 


Intermediate Art Award 
Intermediate Art Award 
T-hu Grieve Senior Art Award 
T-hu Grieve Senior Art Award 
Agenda Cover Design Award 
Agenda Cover Design Award 
Intermediate Business Award 
Senior Business Award 

Greg Stark 
Stephen Kaye 
Andreu' Pom-Rohinson 
Mark Longo 
Andrew Potts-Rohmson 
Mark Longo 

Borden Rhodes 
Mario Maruzzo 


Canadian Geography Award (Junior) 
Ancient History Award (Intermediate) 

Physical Geography Award (Intermediate) 

OAC World Issues (Award) 

AP Human Geography Award 

Canadian History Award (Junior) 

American History Award (Intermediate) 

OAC Canadian History Award 

OAC Modern World History Award 

OAC Modem World History Award 

AP American History Award 

AP European History Award 

OAC Politics Award 

OAC Politics Award 

Canadian Politics & Citizenship Award 


Grade 1 1 Philosophy Award 

Classical Civilizations Award 

OAC Philosophy Award 

OAC Philosophy Award 

Junior Latin Award 

Senior Latin Award 



Computer Science Senior Award 


David Edwards 
Matthew Hamlin- 

Matthew Ha?7ili7i- 
Andrew Ford 
Michael Usher-]ones 
Matthew Griffin 
Cam Alguire 
Francis Teofilovici 
Jesse Todres 
Michael Lhher-Jones 
Michael Alguire 
Patrick Taylor 
Michael Alguire 
Patrick Taylor 
Ryan Cookson 

Haddon Murray 
Fraser Buchan 
Timothy Wong 
Mike Kitchen 
Corcn7'i;j7i Conn-Grant 
Jonathan Lucas 
Ryan Cookson 

Gordon Diinlop 

The Arthur Pegler Cup 

Joim R. Latimer Puhlic Speaking Award 


Senior Drama Award 

Senior Drama Award 

Most Improved Actor Award 

Junior Drama Award 

Spotlight Award for Stage Managing 

Best Supporting Actor Award 

Best Supporting Actor Award 

Best Actor Award 


Junior English Award 
Junior English Award 
|InteriTiediatc English Award 

Intermediate English Award 
' John Kerr English Award 

John Kerr English Award 

Senior English Writing Award 


tlfiiin Hoddes and 
Andrew Hcphimt 
A7itireu' Hepburn 

Jesse Todres 
Steve Woodiwiss 
Michael Makrimichalos 
Matthew Bums 
Jesse Wachter 
Jeremy Cjross 
Malt Hayles 
Steve Woodiwiss 

Diederik Heisey 
Sam Bailey 
Matthew }hiyles 
Alex Quick 
A7iJTe«' Hepburn 
Michael Usher-Jones 
Patrick Taylor and 
James Appcl 

I (n- Gc» 


Pythagorean Award 
Pythagorean Award 
Pythagorean Award 
Grade 9 Math Award 
Grade 10 Math Award 
Grade 1 1 Math Award 
Grade 1 2 Math Award 

Jock Armitage Senior Math Prize 
Jock Armitage Senior Math Prize 
Jock Armitage Senior Math Prize 
Senior German Award 
Junior Spanish Award 
Junior Spanish Award 
Senior Spanish Award 
Senior Spanish Award 
Junior French Language Award 
Senior French Language Award 
Junior French Literature Award 
Junior French Literature Award 
Senior French Literature Award 

AP French Language Award 

AP French Literature Award 


Junior Music Award 

Grade 9 Beginning Band Award 

Intermediate Music Award 

Senior Music Award 

Intermediate Choral Award 

Intermediate Choral Award 

Senior Choral Award 

Senior Choral Award 


Grade 9 Physical Education Award 

Grade 10 Physical Education Award 

Grade 10 Physical Education Award 

Grade 11/12 Physical Educatiiin Award 

Grade 11/12 Physical Education Award 

OAC Physical Education Award 


World Religions Award 

The Acolyte Award 


Grade 9 Science Award 

Grade 10 Science Award 

Senior Science Award 

Chemistry AwartI 

Biology Award 

2002 Ontario Association 

of Physics Teacher's Contest 


Cjritter Editor's Auard 

^V^lr|■'ook IVsiLin Auartl 

Most \'.ihi.iMe ( 'onlnhiiler Au.ird Gritler 

Simon McCa7nits 
Dai'id Wilson 
James O'Bom 
Edmund Lee 
Gavin Chan 
Dick Chow 
Mattheu' Hamlin- 
Mario Maruzzo 
Brain Tod 
Kevin Ng 

Stephen Woodiwiss 
Ian Colterjohn 
Ian Martinsen 
Michael Alguire 
Victor Cotic 
David Edwards 
David Kerr- Valine 
Alexander Goodall 
Taylor Drury 
Mattheu' Ha7nlin- 

Aurele de Bosset 
An(i7eu' Potts-Rof7inso7i 

Ou'en Williams 
Scott Pollock 
Ross Fraser 
Ivan Chin 
Jonathan Bell 
Joirathan Holtby 
Robert Gleadow 
Donald Pyper 

David Edwards 
Scott Ackley 
Derek Hepburri 
Taylor Sharpe 
David Zelikovitz 
Geoff Bokon 

Alex Twiner 
Chris Roscoe 

£tl7nu77ci Lee 
Gai'in Chan 
Philip Chow 
T7notli\ \V'o77g 
k'ei'iii Ng 

Dick Chow 
and Tim Wong 

Tom Hutchison and 
Ian Pattillo 
km Pattillo 
Fihiin Hoddes 

Valedictory Address 

Good morning. 

We ha\ e gathered here todaN'. 
for the most speeial eelebration 
of our high school careers. It is 
a time wlicrc we gaze in two 
directions... on where we came 
from, and on the journey we are 
about to embark upon. 

1 would like to take a few 
moments to briefly touch upon 
these two paths... 

Most of us have gone up 
through the years here at the 
College with one main teaching 
- "manners maketh man". We 
were taught to do our best, 
dress our best, be our best in 
whatever we did, not only to 
benefit ourselves, but to honour 
the privilege that was bestowed 
on us by our family. As the 
years progressed, our focus 
expanded from personal growth, 
to applying that same level of 
attention in fostering relation- 

We were encouraged to focus 
on the small things, to pay 
attention to the details, and that 
in turn would lay the foundation 
for friendships and relationships 
that shall last a lifetime. 

I would like to invite the entire 
grad class to stand now. togeth- 

Head Boy 2001-2002 Mark Longo 

...please turn around and look 
at each of our parents and 

To our parents, thank you. You 
were there from the start to 
guide us and to provide the 
foundation for the individuals 
we have become. 
To our teachers and mentors, 
thank you. You were there to 
continue our parents' mastery in 
moulding us in all facets of 
education, into the iiniqtw indi- 
viduals we have become. 
To you both, as you see us 
today - may this gesture, where 
words are not enough - allow 
you to feel honoured and satis- 
tied in all that you have done 
for our sake. 

Thanks guys, you ma\ be seat- 

Todav we w ill be mo\ inu on. 

and in following our dreams, 
our paths will diverge. But may 
we carry forth with us. that 
w hich we were taught: so that 
we may now take our place 
among our mentors, and also 
one day reach that moment of 
honour where we too will be 
looked upon and told ...thanks. 

Mom. Dad - I love you both - 
thank you for your love, your 
example, your sacrifice and 
your dedication all these years. 
1 hope 1 ha\ e made you proud. 

Grads. we stand on the thresh- 
old of what many consider the 
best years of our life - that 
which is still to come. But, the 
outcome of those years is up to 
us now. Therefore, let us go 
ahead and make that ditTer- 
encc.May we always be pru- 
dent in planning, courageous in 
taking risks, patient in suffer- 
ing, unassuming in prosperity. 

fhank you for your time. I w ish 
you all, the greatest of bless- 
ings... always. 

Speech deli\ered b\ Mark 
Longo at the graduation cerc- 
monv on .iune l.^^th. 2002. 







A. Carter is congratulated. "Yeah!" 

Mr. D'Arcy: "Blue and White are slimming 
colours, don't you think?" 

Mike Usher-Jones and relations. "Free Juice for All!" 

Pat Taylor and Alex Edmison "My Boutinniere makes me pretty. " 



—-tit: — 






T4 ; ^^-^ 


" H 


^■l ^^1 

■ i 




Gordon Dunlop and family 

Kevin Ng and proud parents 




1 m '■'25^**^? 


y^»*'.»^3» ^. 






RSGCs 2002-2003 Prefects: D. Woodiwiss. D. Winterbottom. K Smith. D. Kerr-Vayne. M.Rieger. T.Barryman. R.Fraser DPyper CSauer 
C.AIguire, Mr. James Lee. outgoing Head Prefect Mark Lonqo. J Jolliffe (H P) & R Cookson 

T T(,r 



JUNE 13, 2002 


m UK 

David Lee presents Community Service 
Awards to Paul Temamian and Jon Abraham. 

Mr Kerr. 
Mr Love & 
Mr Birkett with 
Kevin Ng. 
winner of the 
JL Wnght 
Medal & 

^ Chns Taylor 
Pat Taylor 
Mr Hannaford Sr. 
& Susan Doherty 
present Pat Taylor 
with the Georgian 
Spint Award 

m ^ 

Mr. Kerr and Mark Longo receiving the 
Chairman s Medal 

Matthew Teichman presenting Mike Usher- 
Jones with the Teichman Award. 

Chns Roscoe accepting the J L Wnght House 
trophy for Winchester from Gage Love 

Ronson Chan, Joanna Love and Mano 

Bruce M. Hia>Au..ra 

.lutuiliuin AhriiKim. 

Paul Temamiun 

VX'ynn Buitcrwortli McJ;il 

Wark hmRo 

t^!o\ L-rriLir Gcncnil's Mcihil 

Kevin Nfi 

\x\TT\ Pepper Memorial Awart.! 

Phil Ch„w 

1. L. Br.iJky Award 

Brum Tud 

W.P. C.ilhriJe Trophy 

Chns RcBLik' 

Teicliman AwarJ 

Mihc L'shcT-jinu's 

^ "liaimian's Me*.!.)! 

Mark L)n(!ii 

TIk- (.iiiilJ Tniphv 

Ripiisim Chan, Miirii) Miini;; < 

Marion Mcl^mell Tropin 

Alex Ednusim 

ieoryi in Spirii Aw arJ 

Pat Taylin 

! 1. Wriylil 1 lou>e Trophy 

Willi Ju-.MlT 

1 1 Wrifl.. 

kVt III \'i' 

Mr Whiteley and Thoniati ■ 
present Phil Cfiow witli tiiv o.f » 
Pepper Memonal Award 


QRADUATION FORMAL - acrobat lounge 

Roscoe! Stop trying to steal the spotlight from those ladies. 

Jess Potter : "Hey. look at all the pretty stars. " 
Anna Harris : "Well at least it's not a full moon. 

Just some of the boyz (From Left: Edmison. Hepburn. Stethem. 
Ternamian. Fardshisheh. Wilkins. Taylor Ferguson-Woods and Cragg) 

Ford, this isn't a photo shoot! Get off that couch. 


Everyone Open wide as possible dud sDiiltjl (hion) Left King, Thotnpson, Teinaiiudn. Cuiei. Tzol. Godfrey. Prokipchuk and Zoe) 

The Georgian 


Cale and Megs 

Pal and Chloe 

Nicholas ana Jenna 

Seilz: 'And now with 
a wave of my magic 
wand, watch me as a 
pull a rabbit out of 

my hat I err. 

hmmm damnit' 

Ivan Chin (wearing the ears) and his date, 'Birdy' and Adam Donald 


The Sr Rugby's starting line-up 
still want to kick some butt 
(From left Jon Stethem. Bnan 
Tod and Nick Cragg) 

Girl 'Let me in. lei 
me in ' 

Godfrey 'Not by the 
hair of my chinny. 
chin, chin ' 

OraO lonnal 


Board of Governors 

Mr. Jones, Mr. Hannaford. Mr Whitely. Mr Keilty. Mr Singh. Mr Mather Mrs. Green. Mr Squibb. 
Ms. Harvey. 

Mrs. Green, do you think I can fit this entire 
hors d'oeuvre up my nose? 

Mr Birkett: "Mr Mather. Mr Whiteley I know 
you'd answer me truthfully Do you think this 
sweater makes me look fat?" 

The list of members in the Board of 

Governors are as follows: 

Honourable Chairman: The Right 

Reverend Terence Finlay, Lord 

Bishop of Toronto 

Chairmen: Mr. Andrew Jones 

Treasurer: Mr. David Mather 

Principal: Mr. Hal Hannaford 

Secretary: Mr. Andrew Whiteley 

Board Members: Mr. John Boultbee 

Ms Elaine Danson, Ms. Jean Green, 

Ms. Jane Harvey, Mr. Derek Hayes, 

Mr. Stewart Istvan, Mr. Robert 

Mr. Gary Singh, Mr. Wayne Squihh. 

The Rev, Dr. Rarry Parker, 

and but certainly not least, Mr. 

Christopher Taylor 

You're on the Board of Governours eh? Hey I've 
got a dynamite stock tip for you! Ever hear of a 
company called Bre-X? Well they're making a 
come back and are on their way to the top! 

Tlie Guild 

(From Back Left) Lily Wong. Barbara Golding. Kathy Parker. Darlene Fraser. Joan Boxer. Carol 
Lucas. Jean Green. Denise Millwood. Catherine Moore. Shelagh Drury, Alix Gifford. Kate Mather 
Joanne Love. 

We would like to acknowledge all of tlioi^e vohiiiteers -who give their 
time so geiiewush/ to RSGC. Thank you for all that i/ou do and all that 
you have done to keep making our school a great place to be! 

The Guild is a fii-oujj of parents who 
take time out ol' their busy lives to 
run school events such as Mistletoe 
Market or even the Dragon's Lair. 
The Guild Executive are as follows: 

President: Joanne Love 

First Vice-President: Catherine 

Treasurer: Anne Hardcastle 

Secretary: Carol Lucas 

Past President: Gloriana Field 

Artsfest: Joan Boxer and Alix 

Board of Governors Representative: 
Jean Green 

Choir: Ellen Woolaver and Angela 


Cominunit\- S(>rvice: Denise 

Dragon's Lair Shoppe: Barbara 

Celebration 200.1: Maureen S(|uibli 
and Cliristine liaponi 

Interguild Representative: Kate 

Junior School Grade Parents: Susan 

Library: Christine O'Sullivan 

Mistletoe Market: Ivana Clayton 
and Debbie Walter 

Poinsettia Sale: Shelagh Drur\- and 
Heather Reuber 

Senior School Grade Parents: Sue 

Mr Algarvio: I really had nothing to wear lonigni 
for this party, so I had to steal a students blaz- 
er Do you think I look good? 

Social: Adele Imrie and Darlene 

Used/New Textbook Sale: Lil\ Wong 
and Debra Burns 

Used Uniforms: Bunny Vyner 

Welcoming: Barbara Bolton 

Barbara Golding looking after every piece of candy in the Dragon's Lair 







Barbara & Kim Bolton 

Robert & Tina Buctian 

Dominic & Diane Ctiow 

Louis & Wendy Cimicata 

Doug & Lynne Cool( 

Viviana Zothiner & Andres Cotic 

Elizabetii Clarice & Leslie Colbeck 

Alexandra Dousmanis-Curtis & David Curtis 

Larry & Ann Dunlop 

Pamela Durrant & Colin Taylor 

David & Elizabeth Edmison 

Larry & Ctiarlene Enfield 

John Ferguson & Sandra Woods 

David & Carolyn Ford 

Brian & Teresa Gable 

Mark, Andrew & Ian Godfrey 

Penny & Allan Gross 

Maggie Haughton 

William & Anne Hepburn 

David & BartDe Johnson 

Armand & Pat Keating 

John & Susan Kitchen 

Bernie & Eva Klein 

Malcolm & Lizanne Rains 

Bruce & Sue Renihan 

Janet & Bill Roscoe 

Patricia Doyle & Addy Sahni 

John & Gail Seitz 

Christopher & Shelagh Taylor 

Artin & Eky Ternamian 

Terry & Carole Thompson 

Ian & Mar/ Tod 

Rick & Linda Tomulka 

Mary Usher-Jones & Brian Usher-Jones 

Richard & Wendy Wachfer 

Steve & Wendy Wargalla 


Warning: The Content on this pace 
in-house lunching facility. . .Ket; 

The OAC's enjoying their lasl lunching experi- 
ence at RSGC 

.Iciiiics I'dUlVd 

L.uuvc^ • Pasta e»A^ 


pokes serious fun at our 
chum Hall 






Nicoi Trust me. he imes it' 


tnkg got 


All Rights Reserved, 2002