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Full text of "Georgia state gazetteer and business directory ... 1881-82"

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3 1833 02408 1793 



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l^rUx'j JJf^r^'^ Jloliarn, 


.-.1 L/.:-: l"A. ■■-[.uhwiA 

J.i. V liarn-. 11 Cv (.'... I'l iii.i^ ami I'l'l-livu 



■ /r" r / r,v H' .U \-'^W' >"A>^ /<^^^-y. 

-'•ma^^ ^ ;^!V.T^C?ra^r^ 

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^j-:sT,iJU./sj/Kij nan . 

■ IXCOUI-iHL VJ7:h l;i(!7. 


F^ntcrtd accor-iin.v: to AlI of Con^rcv-,, in tlu: year iSii. by 

Standard Directory Comfaxy, 

In the OfTice of the I,it> of Cniisress, at WushinijtDn. 

- -> ^ .-O'l 



In presenting this volume of the Gazetiekk and Eusixkss Direcxokv 
to the public, we ask aaention to a number of new features adopted in our work 
i^iving it superiority over all others. In addition to a comprehensive index, 
t.cveral pages are devoted to Editorial iNotes or special mention of Foreign 
advertising patrons, which will be of great assistance to the examiner oi these 
pages. A special department for foreign advertisements fo'lov.'s page 684 ac- 
cui.ipaai^d by a co;np!efe ('assiried Busn.iess Directory. I'ollowmg this is a list 
of Sctiool Teachers in Georgia. Our Planters list is correct and reliable, giving 
number of acres, taxable value of land, iniprovcmenis, etc. 

The present volume contains over 100 more pages than any former issue. 

In the preparation of the work, wr have spared ruiMer skill, labor nor ex- 
pense. The compilation has been carefully niadc iroin reliable mtormaciun ; 
and the work is believed to be as accurate as can possibly be made. That 
errors are liable to appear in a work of tins nature we fieely admit, but taking 
It all in all, we believe this to be the best work of the Kind ever published in 
the South. 

Uur sincere thanks arc extended to tk.ose v. hi> ha\e ^o gencruUbl) sustained 
us in our labors and we trust none will ever have cause for regret. 

Very truly, 

ST\iS"DAKD DIKEC'I ORV CO., Publishers. 
Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 15th, i86r 



Abbreviations' 65 

Alphabetical List of Towns 65 

Alterations, Corrections, etc 6 

Classified Directory 529 

Classified Directory of Foreign Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . 765 

County Officers 25 

County School Cominlssionerb 776 

Court Calender 21 

Errata 6 

Express Stations 9 

General Assernbiy _..."'.. ..... . 19 

Islands 37 

Planters' and Farmer-.' Direitory 791 

Railroad .A.bbreviations 65 

Kailrijads and Siaiions 38 

Rivers and Lduding-' 47 

Shippers' Guide 9 

State Board of 1'dui.ation 776 

Sl;ite Office! s • ij 

.Superior Couits >\ 

SaorcUic Court 2i 

Teachers' Directory 779 

United States Courts 24 

/i>'D ) CUN.'ilN'oHAM & CO. 

::.M. >!>.>: r>'-i: !>i»j or 

L):- «.»i< ;;uciici-5;a.,l„ aosTo.t. 

Especially useful to Book-keepers in making 









•00-1$ 'iiEiAI Xq— 59ZIS e— ;3s y 
•33j^ Su!l!-^/V\ 3ldujES put? JEtnoji3 

Gr-.oKfJiA Statk Ga/i.titkr 

Scr- Fcrci'^i) .Id rn-HsiirJ l)cj)/i rtnirnt (did Cla .ssijlcd' 
Bnsiiics.s Dircrloi-ij, follmri :i'J ixfjr (JS.^. 


A i'''i;'|-,riA'riX() fully the suppLal cxtendfil lo the ( W;' )i;(;[a Si \ir: ("i \/.K,'n ki:r 
■^ ^ AM) I'.rsiN'F^s DiiarioKV frMin al>r->a'l. wc il<.->irc, uikIct Uiis head to call it- 
tcaii'jii to our numerous l"'iixigii I'atrons. ail of tlicai .-. 'vVi'.V //'v/ <V,;j.' repro>eiUaiive> 
> M I .... n t >. j , u ^ : ; ■. ■ ■ . • : 

\Vc uKm fot.'! proLiil ol" ilic iiljcraiity of the (!forj;ia Inisine^s comnnumy, hut no 
funiicr cijianieivlatioii fnun ii> could add lo the Cblahlislicd reputation of tiio.iC 
whose card-, app^ear liereiii. 

\'e!y truly. 

&/i/Ni/i/u/ / irecfc:ii 60., Squill >Ucl^. 

Al'35!-] STAT{()M:HY *.V !*AP'r:K CO,. 117 Fultm, and 52 Ann Street^, 
.\(.w York. A .-pecinieii <it the .\ < ////v;' 'I'ii:! pap-ji- made 1)\' thi> <"on;panv mas' 
be .--ecn upj^.-iic pia;40 y, ;U bead of ".shippers' iJuule."' dhis paper is ]nit uti 
in everv ei>neei\ a' le and eon\er.ieiit f'M'ni. 

AIK5X, 'LA'.^ini'irT ^^:■ CO.. _\^ Mmdcn I.;.ne, Xexv \\-^x\,. Man.nfnclUiors 
..r(.:.!d iv:>. 1; i ! ,. p.-iM-K ind !aii-l •• X. i\ eliie-' " i ii iVnei! Ch.T; \ii<. ddK-y 
liave iiianv new and el.-J'oiate de-.i<;ns n\ lanev 1 !':iv-. and -ii.v, t'i-,; 1 li-.i! i^-.-. 
i)ea!ei-< will cnii^ult their inleiest h\ exaniiriin'.'- rar i '<\\ in -ide- i):;ck cAer. 

AI^AI5A31A (rlJ'iCAT SOlTHiJJX UAflJfOAl), ' l.o koui Mo u 
tain Line, " L. IS. Murris'wi. (1. I'. >.V !'. ALjt, ( ''latianori^ra. I'enne^see. S<jaie 
of the finest ^eenevy in llio w.-nld is t" he f.e.ind aioni^ thd> route: the shortest 
and (pr'eke-t tei Mol.i!-', Xew ('rleaas. (ialve^uui, an'l all j/oint-i in Suutli- 
\\e>t'-rn d"e\a<. i\;_.v! ad verti-ellient :: I i-.ii^e >". 

AIJ5ANY JMnn OIJATIJ) \VItA!»lMNO IMPSn ( O., All any. 

X. V. Manu:'aetuieis i.f the Xew d'>>iler I'aiper. \.i ■> ;-:•_■ ci liiier a^will he 

seen he readiri;.; card -'!; T^n;,^- X\'I, For.-d^'n nepartai.enl. 
A.AirLKIC'AN\I> Pi'iNCn. CO^aSjand tS5 lenadway. X. \. Their 

e\\e w^n.k- le ;r, Ihiiv.ken, X. J.. \\v\ i!i-dr nianiuaclii' e-. cunddne tlie 

hiL;hest slandaid of excel!. -nee. !iie pno-t s;rap!iile. t!ie line.^t I'ivirida cedar, c'c. 

Read ca;dl ,u ]>i;^'e XX. I'lUei^oi 1 >ep.- riii'.ent. 

A>n:ij!<AX i'iH>'ro-!.i'rn<>(;»m(' ro.. l(Kh,r!u^ ir.cess , 

Jc^o ,',ndi ji.jS ili.ja^iw .!v. X. \. 1'.- r,d.ii-..l:ed ni !.S(io. !i:;~ proce-^ i- tlield.L;h- 
'.•>t Style ol the art and copie> niav he hio, mi lac---irade. id ,\\w si/e. I'aiiicc'ar 
atteiitiiui i> called t" llieir !'!imO ,- Reliel PhUc--, ii)r 1 e;;er-pre>s C(i]>vinL;. ."^eo 
-•i'eeiin-.-n at p.-'e S,;>. 

AXCIIOK I'fBrjSmX^; CO., -.;'i' l,..ids. Mm. <id>:;criptiMn Hn.,k puh- 
h^hei^. i h ■ : ^e e-;.:.>d d,."l m l,~-;c!, W l!.-:', N'u; ',\.-.'i' ^ nnd^i: nvniev, send n>i 
circ'.il.irs and ■tuns. e;c. 1'. il. i'. I'.h'i-,.r,., .ii th, 3', U iiiieiia.l! .-:.•' vt, Aiianta, 
('•;;.. i. the in.'.e '.-.'ei >• aoh. See ad \ >;nl>.-\ne!: t ;•, t pa'^i- IOi_). 

AXI>r:iJSOX <V ('.\>I5':K0X, n; I'nltcni ap..i 5\i Ann .Lreei>, Xew Vnrk. 
Manuf.ictUMi , and I nip- n ter> -u' ^LTtmner-" (.io ' . I'hey in-ert iierein at pa-^'e 
■XVI, i'oiei_:n l.>-:!.ar;nieio. mu id the ninri coiuenient s.ample sheet.> and 

And lii>INFSS I )l!'.LCi()KV 

price lists from wliich to onlcr your l.ihols. Do not inutilntf the pngf, but or- 

cU-r !iv nv:iilK'r. 
AXnJn':\VS, .v. II. *V CO., i^S au.l lo; \V...!.i,li Avciuic. L'hl^v^o, I!linoi>. 

A full lino ot S'-inuil I'urnii lire niiil Ajij) ir.Usi^ in.iiuii'aclurc'l aivi constaiitlv uii 

liaiiil. Atnlrcw-.' I'arlii- l''nMin;_:; llcN arc :nivt.-ltics well u-orth seeini,'. It will 

he time well -.]H-nt to rea.I t heir .Tlvcrtis;'iiu.-iit oiipo-,itr- I^'i^'^ 4^- 
AXTMOXV, I-:. AJ H. T. vV CO., .VJI I'.roa.i'.vaV, .\\w York. MaMufacluiers 

of every variety of I'hn;. .j^'rai)hic ap|)aratus ami niateiiai. Thc-o _:^o,:h!-, \vere 

awanle.l the iiii^liest nied.U at Vienna and Philadelphia. See aiiverti>einent, 

pai^e XX, I-'orei^n Department. 
APrLryrDX, 1>. AtCO., l, 2 an.l _^ llon.l >treet, Neu- Vorls. This n!d an.i 

|)Oi>i!iar puhlishinL: iim-e i- nin^t aldy reineseuted in .\tlanta, (da., hv .Maj. I. 

Van floh Xa-h. .See what they have to in their card on tlie inside front 


AUI^T & "\Vnj()ik<r, rineinnati. Old,,. F.u-:.>ry, foot of Xew street. .Man- 
nfichirei- of I'rintinL; Inks, X'arnishes, etc. Attention is aslved to their caid, 
pau;e J.XV'llI, Foreii;n Department. 

BAKF.i{, H. J. AL" 'hUO., New York. I'.v exandniny pai^e I.XVII in the 
Forei-:^ I/e; t., ir 'v\]\ ' e -^ev; l! -; >.h\- '■•■■ *'m- - _■- '-^•/■'- ' ' 'he ::■■ ...',. ■- 
Pho^tdiates; aiticloin \vldc!> I'lanier-. of (.ie^rcjia are so nvach ir.terestetl. 

BAIvEh, PIJATT A: CO., V) l;ond >treet, Xt^w York. Whojt-.ale liook sk- 
iers and Stationers : .Maiiufacturer> of tiie •• Id i\uiiph"' JIall and SehoM^I Furni- 
lure ; Importers of KnL;iis]i, F'rench and \ n.Mina fmcv goods, etc. ddiev serve 
their customers faith.fuily and promptly at very low price-. See can'l pa"-e 
XX\'. P'oreiy;n Department. 

UAlvl-^It, K.J. *V CO., r.aliini Md.. Ferti!i/d;i- material and I'iio-phates. 
rianlers are asked l« examine die ,t| •. erti-enient of this house as it contain- 
]-ioints of interest. See na^;e I.XIII. h'ore!'.,'n ! )ep.ii tment. 

BAl{Xi-:S, A. S. AL- CO,,' in and ii 5 W dli.uu .-treet. Xeu- Y-.-rk. The card of 
this h'lvir-e at Jia^^-e XX's'ill, Foreit^ii Deo;!rtnient, i;i\e- a complete ii-t of vaksa- 
ble library books, \vit.h prices ami ad\ ant terms. K.xamine thi- cata- 
h't^Mte of Karnes" Standard Publication,. 

BAKXIX>I, E. T., Detroit, Mich. iron an.l Wire Works. Fverythin- in this 
line manufactured by .Mr. Harnuni is first ela--. in every [larticular. See'hiscard 
in l-'orce..'n (di--ifed !^,l^:•^^•-^ 1 'necti.iry. 

BE(.'K, i;UAULI'.:S, oL-,; Ciie-Doil an.i i.^o. ^..S< a:.\ MO Jayiie -iree;-, Pliila- 
delpliia. Imporierartd .\[ami! ;ctiirer of an d D.Mlei- in everv '.ai iety iif Plain 
and Fancy coloreii P.iiiers. He m.;kes a-pecia!ty of Fancy P>all Pro>;ramiac 
Co\er->. Fas-els and Pencil-. Keail ad\ erti-emeiit in lo^reiLM! Dept. p. XIA'I. 

BEXSOX, C. W. Di-.. lOo Xorth l-du.iw -tre.M. I;du!n)re. M !.. manufacturer 
of llie celefuMied '.Celery and (.diamonu'e i'iil- and iwn ni- Si^in (Jure. Dr. P.en- 
son is highl)- endor-el i'y many of rh.e nio-a pre.iniiient ci:i/en< :•( Marvland. and 
Virj^inia and iiis rem ''lies .\:e o| si-.-rliiv.; \\o]-tii. Iiuaiivl- wd'ii do well in ccMi- 
sullini; indev h^r Dr. iki'-oiP- c,;rd. 

I^l-:ifLIX & JOXES EX VELOIM: CO.. 1.54 ■■■"'l i;,f> Willi.un street, Xew 

\'ork. A -peciaU'. 

■Stand. lid laiierr' 

d Plate i Japcr and Knvel 

c.pes. d'hev manufacture' a '.ery lar_L,'i: loi'- of Pu ■■- 'ei ies, NN'e-idinL; Stock, etc. 
Read card in f^irei^n Dv-partment. p.i_;e X X X \" II 1 . 

liElJIJY llSJOTllEir.S, iietroii. Miei.. Vdwui-he.-, hard ^.i! linMi .Ksjdial- 
tUTus and J.q.ans,, of -u|>eiior 'pndity. i his hou-e, estaldi-iied in tS;S. h ;- no 
superiiir and iuu few e'|U.ds!ii ihe e's';edeii;e of tiieir man uf aeture^. ."^ee their 
])0-r.dneiU cardial |'ac;e I II, oi lore:L,M Deoanmenl-. 

BLACK XN'JOEL. W." 1'. A: CO., Durhani, X. ( .. manufacture the only ( ;en- 
uiuc I'aiinuu Snid-,.i:.; I'.d.icco, tuc Ime-t, pare-t. i'e-t and nvisl eni jni-u brand 
e\er pai upon tlie ma.l.ei. \..iie i^enuun' withe.;; tiie Pedi on i'.\c p;icka:.;e. 
ddd- !• oacc ' IS -eid in e\ery >ecli -n of ;!,e lii' ■ .• :y 1 L;iV.'- ;ini\-e;-al -,ri-f.ic- 
tioii. .-si-c tiieir pieitv in-et i':>[;o-ne ■•,!L;e 1 .\\l!, foreign 1 'i-|ei rln'.enl. 

BUX'ir Al' CO., li"'> Fdm s'.iee-. ( i nci n n .1 i , i )lde,. !..ii-.;-; id^i,' ;n inufact urer - 
and D« coiation oiintiiii; iliuise- in .\mcrn;.i. .\t thi- hou-i- eiii lie (dit.uned ai 
once w dien ordered,;- of any nation and shield-, il.i',;-, banners, etc., 
for ail seicieties. Keaii ad verti.sement p.'c'.e XXXil, i'oren'n Deo.irtment. 

('.r.DRciA Statk Gazetteer 

I'lf \l>\ IS (illJilCItT A- MAi.T.OKY, Third ave. and (iro.-n .trect, 

!■ ""■' ,'" c-'c ' Thcv have t!uj lar>;e>t I'aper Bos Manulactory m Uie .^outh or 
v''' ri'i'imko a ^r-eciakv of ;lu/ni:umraciui-e of Court, 15aiik and Insurance 
„■;/;■ ■ ".cc M>ecinirn of their wuk. op|). pa-e LXIV, Foreign DeparLnv-nl. 

I'l-"\l>i I-:V, >UiyrOX & CO., Sprin-rleM, Ma^s. Kindcr-artca Material, 
, ; ami (.auK-.. I'i.-aeusin ,he mnnulacture of Forhcl'. Knuicr^^arleu Ma- 
.,.,,■1 Industrial Tov, a .-pecuillv. The most popular and rational > 
(',.inu- for home amusement, ^end for catalogue. Read card on page .\V 1, 
1 . u-i'jn Departnwiit. ,.. ,, i- i 

lliJOW'X A:. SANSON, ::9 M-^>nav .Meet. New \ ork. !• me I aper. l^'^^^-'-'P;'^' 
( ar.i- and Wed. ling Matiouery. See their a<lverti.,emcnt at page XX.WU. 
l-cni-n l)er>anmi-iu. 

i;ritLl'\(nX>N UAWKKYi:, r.urlington. lowa. Ihe most lopuiar la- 
,,cr in the Uniled Slater. The excellent emaiialiuiis Irom the facile pen o, i.oD 

It i> worth tea time-, the bul).-,cription pnce. 

Hunlette, originate m ihi-^ journa 

^•e rate> on pnge l.\'. I'oreigii L'el'artmenl. 
lirTLl-:!:, T. li. S- CO.. l-hdadelphia, I'a. Puhll-hers of I.utler .-, 

: - „■. (■.,.,.,':, K'- Mil •h,dl-.; -,r,,i o? her Tionulnr series of P.duca tiona.l Works. 

vil "tii'eu- |.u!.i;;-n. are -superior hook^.' m'cetmg with a large and ready sale. 

Mr. j.din'W. raul-ti, KnoxviUe. Tennexee, is the elUclent general agent tor 

the South. See I'lack leaf i;. .'p;,osite i-age Sq. _ 

I'Yl'Xl'' 1* <;o Line street, .\ashville, Tenn. KievaKn" manlacturer. 1 lie only 
' l-.ou.e'of this kind Nvorthv of note, south of the Ohio river. Mr. Uyrne gives 

hi< pei-s-Mial attention to the manufacture an'l erection of Elevators and his 

l,,:,.r pracm-.- w.irrint.s satisfac-.i...ii. See ad vi-; tiscment opposite page 624. 

1 li tuoukaphixc; .v r.XGiiAVixa co., i amciana 

•shelbv streets, DetiOit, Mich. A ni beaulilul specimens rd this _art 
are to' he t.mnd in thoe pages, but few show more artistic skill than that lur- 
i.islu.d bv this Tompanv on back of title page, and the title page also. 
C'\>I1*UI-:LL cV S.MITU, iio.i'id 112 Nassau street, New \ ork. Manutac- 
'lurers of the celebrated Nati^-na! Safety I'aper, prepared e.xprcssly for notes, 
diafls, checks, etc.. and is p.-siiive proof against all erasures or alterations. 
H.uikers and brokers are pariiciilariy requested to read their advertisement, page 
! ATI. horeiirn Depaatmeiil. ,.. ,. 1 

<-\u.>i)\ s: liUiVAS (;<>., i^.v;:.,u. Mas. r;,.p,teio,s M ihc < "•' i--;'^- 

vl,. re Mills establ.shcd in iv:>i. 1 iieir l.inen Ledger i'aper will stand the se- 
erest test of color, cli.nate, ink ..r wear. They will pay for every book rejected 
.,n a.-cnunt of lank in the ,.ape:. Read their card, p.vge XI Y. DqU- 

CH \>n*>EKS, .J. I!. cV- CO., Mint Louis ^nd Chicago. 1 he ohiest and most 
r.lii'.h- Su-scrii'ti.m i;>''k pai'dsiiers in the South and West. 1 hey oitei a 
h'..hb-'h..norab!.-, Us.fu: and i^leasant business to agents, an.l a sure w ay to 
nmke'monev. T. IL V. Ilk. , i wo, th. 3', Whitehall street, AtlaiUi, Ua., is 
their Southern manager, (kirdi at page I07. 

ill VS. STFAVMIT I'AIM-:!? CO., 139, U' ^ml 143- ^^alnut street, ( ni- 
cmnif Ohi... Slanufacturersand iobi,ers of every descnpuon ot I'aper; also 
a full hue of lUank Rooks. Line >iationery, etc. Lnn.ei^ and Stal.o.iers ar^ 
re.piested to examine a.l vertisemen t of this Co., at page XII, I-oreign Depart- 

< n K' \(iO SC \«J> CO., ^.'iiicau'o. His., .NRrnufacture more tlian 30O ibilerent 
v-r-t;' , f srih--' li pi '/'J 01 thc^iHst mater'al and fully warranted. Cietthe 
bt^st scries am! s.l^e money. Hec;,, Cregg, M Co., of .\tlanta sell the-e scales. 
I 'oiisult index fo.r advertisement. . 

cnritCII .JNO A.- CO., r.o W Ftmrlh street, (.incinnati. Ohio. ! lano, Di- 
,. ,,. s^in-'t Viisi.' >.;.; e:c. ri:.. ir f.icilities for furnishin.g everyihing m the 
mu'sicil line 'ar.''unsUiPass,M. and thev make it a p. .inl to tdl orders, large or 
s,n ol. tuoniiMv and . AlS.^v. >■ c caid page XXX. Rorcgn Department. 

< i\( INN Ml SOI rm:i:x kaii.wav, k. i. \^>l > c i.Agt., 

lincimiat., t.ino. 1 ,;re:t i.ue o.;t .s een . he North .tad South : oHermg superior 
tdvm- i-es in everv wav over the Louisville \ Xa-dtMlle. Ikulor, Sleeping and 
Di.iunr^ Ronu, co,;ciies to ,dl onportant cllies. Cousub adv. at page V.). 

(iKOK(;i.\ SlAIt: Ci A/K 1 IFIR 

CIXCINNA'll T^'I'i: I-'OINDUV, < 'iiuinniii. OhU<. Sterctypin- aii.l 
KlcLl;"tyi'i;i^' in .-.ii Im .'.iil he-. N ..-in -, l.o,.k aii'l j' >)i Ivpf in cv crv \.ii let y. l-'iii't 
the i>.iL;c "f [U\- h.M'-i' !iv con-ulliiiL; i;i'ic\ n;i'l -^lo \\],.\l thi.-y ntkr. 

CJjAIIK, II. C AL' ( '. S,, ( i'.Ac'.ui 1. ( 'hi'.. ( hi.-iiu-<l-. niid mniiuf.-io!urcr> i)f . 
the ccle!'i.Ti.'l .\::',i- r.i!!iiiii^ ( '. >iii | ..,in>i, w iiirh ihev >.iv, if it cvrr f.ii!- to .',.1 .ill 
they cl.Miu (■,■: it, tluy wiii refitiM th;- ni'.iiey .nr, 1 iinke the invalid a ]'i\~ent of 
>Ioo in c.;-ii. <.''.n-'.i!t iii.!e\ i' t tin :r ail vert i~. 'U-iU. 

CLAIJKi:, IvOnriirr a.- CO., >;eain I'lintei^. l-.m.ier.. l;'a(i!< I'.ook Miifrs. 
etc., ()I. '<] ,'ii'i 05. W . lor.'.lii -Irret, ( lii(.inn.ili, ( )li|o. Ilxery ile|.:ir: ;iien t i-. 
ill ch.irL;o ot e\i'eiieiice>l W'MKMiel) ainl the lu--.i e-t ami nio^t ai)[)ii'\ <.' I I'.a- 
thiiUT)- i^ u^ci till oiiu;ho-,i!. Thev aieiiirect iiiipoi lei^ of I-..reiL:;n |!o'>k-.. I'eri- 
o.jie.i!-. Mil-!.-. eK. ke.;il lh-:ii iloiH.l,.- pai^'c a.l \ ci ti-eiile li t o|ijM,iu- pi-e \1.. 

C()Tl"Hi:iJ., L'. P.. *V CO., S >i.riiee street. New \u^\<. I'mitin- l';e--< j 
iiiaiuif.v.f..icr>. Menu., r- of I he er U t are a-k .■ i lotuin tr, p.^'_;e I,\!.\' 1:; liie ' 
I'orei'^n ! k pii tiueiit anil .--ee what the-e ;^'e:il!eiiii. n liave to -av. .j 

CO.V, A, .J. tV CO.. v;hic.i-... IMii-.oK. ' i,,,ti.rai 1'. .ol. Mimiifacturci >. ^laiup- j 
inu,^ l.iiyv.- a ,;;,l!n-. Kra'i.i--,iiiL^', etc. K-t.-.,M;~Iie'i •ner Useiity ye, 11-, ;ui.! the 'i 
Icailiii;^ iiou^e of the .Vorthwesi in this line. l'nr,\- ni-aoli awai'led 'or .'.st \ 
z^'jia: at the Cirieir.iui;! Mx[i..i-ii luii of I.S77. See in-el iiiiiiie<lialei . CuKow in-^ 
Ihi, li,t. . 

Cini)r:H A: r.KO., Voik, V.i. If^okxellcr^. St.v.ioner.. cte. T!i-y make a 
specialty o; Tn ito MarriaLTe ( 'ertilicites. he.uuiful .-peciniciis of ai i. \ir.\\ ir.eir 
ail\ ei li-eniciit .^ • 1 er lli'!e\. 

ciu)\vi:ll, '!'no>i.\s v. ^v co., i,; .\-in i-kic.-. XewVoik. (•..ueti's | 

Neu I'lustratc'i K i;ti >n of St.iti'lar.l I'-r'U-h I'u'-t^ are el'-',;aiit puMi.-.iti' a- .ui<l 'i 

v.iluahle l'l>;arv aciiui-itiuii-. Kea 1 the iist, prux-s. etc., at pa;^e X\'I\', I'o.- 1 

ei_^ii 1 ) Ir.i:. :it. " ■ 

])AXXi:i;, .lOJiN", Cviloii, Oh.i .. Minufactvi'er ..f Kr-volviiiL; i'lnit, I»iy ' 

(loo.Uaiui i.roci-^y >he!ves an.l Ke\o|\iii;^' \\<,nl ( 'avi->. ]u< the thilii; t' -a\e j 

lal) jr. '1 luy are in li^tieii-iiile to i'l ■/!e--to:'.ai :nea an 1 .Merch \ni.-. See tail I 

particular- at p;;.;e [ XIl. I'or.ij-n 1 >rj-)ai-tniciit. \ 

i>AA"ii>.<. 'rnAi)ni:r.^ ^v co.. i-^r a.:.! 121 wiin-u >tr,-,.t. \- ■. y..:K. j 

1 lie •• hir-t I'l t_!iiiLiiti" Writing: Ink- .^i.'i l-laid-, .M ucilai_;e, Soalii'i.; \\',i\.. etc., 1 
ni \iuilactiiri-'l \>v th':^ rnni, ii i\'e i .vorM ■.erh^ Ci-f. 'o' ;iv. nuking iti • pt.i !:' \- v, : t Ii ' 
th-; '-■.'. n-''; I- r ;;,i.-:- M ••■ . 11 I la i'..rci -:■ I i/'.aVtiM -at .V ..'■- \.' 

J)rI..VM>, 11. A., \. V. l.iii 1 .i.;e,i; u;:h ,iiui.-a;e>l tac;;;iie. I - ,ii. | 
rctli!,; tie. puii.!i.i-e: to i!e-ir.;i)le':-. i'toii. , ! r... -- i- a ili-t iiij^ia-hi'i^ :eAtaie j 
"•f till-- ull'ice. ."-ee cud in I-orei','n I 'epartnuiit. j-a^e l.WI. , 

Dt-r^AM), 11. A. 4.V 1.. J, cV CO., laui-rt. V. V. Manufactaur- of - il- 
soija, -aler.itii-. -_)•!'. an 1 cUciuil il '.'.i.ta;.^' |i lu-ier. >..-c cai.l, pa;^'.: r.\'ll! I <r- 
ei ^'11 I >•_■; Mr tr e; ' . 

J)i:\NISO\ ."Nl\i-<; CO.. ->I Min. -treet. r.-.-to,,. Ma-. The fiinioar ,•,,.( 
i>f till-. \'.'\[ k'l.a. n ii u-e cm !ie -ee>i in ll'.eir cu-.'.iniarv ]il,i'e on ih.e ii.i, I,, t•••^■.• 
anil their p.!-e :- \1,\1I in t!;e loie;.;!) 1 ><■;■ ii tin..-:!t. henni-e'.. . 'V.<--- -n e 
kiio'.s ,1 I'.ij \\,r[ ': ,,v\i iiivl .ire ili-- iie-t male. la .\'.l tiiei'^ -taiioaer-' -pe> rltu-. 
tht y -' an ' at ! '.e hi -.a. 

1>1CSS.'VL", S., 4 M'.iien l.'.n--. Xeu V.>rk. liapoiter» of (.' ■\:^.^c\ 
i)i,i;njiil- . I ); -. ii.Mi.i -, i're . : i i- "^ti -iic-, ftc. .Mr. I )e>-a!i ni xke-. a spr.. -'.::'. ol 
valu-il':.' aril' le- of ih'- ii.'iai;. i.i.i i^ a iiio-t ri-li.-.M..- ;.;en;ir man. lie h..' "i.e 
cf the nil- : ; ■ .,.,•>!- Ill •:.- ho,,k at p,:-e l.I. F-'niv" 1 '•■parli'ie'it. 

DIT.M.W, -lOsi:i'|l <;. A. <'0,, ;.', i,, -,4 ^..nth .-.:x-h -tie.-'. ..-ur of 
J.une, I'll ii ■■ 1. :i hn. r.i. lilt- 1- pvi '1 li^ tlie !ar .:■ -t iioi-eni tiie I o^'atc^ 
ni.'.ne.fa.'uiiii-- ill! v. hoU--.-,'.e 'h .lU-r- 111 l'a;v.-r. ;^;/-.u..| Invelope-. .\'' nt'ou 
ot :■..-■!• ■ :•-■.'••••! to ;..,.,e- 111 ai,.; l.\V\ . i .'.i: n 1 ». p • . ; ,,k nt . 

DOWNJN, < il\'-. I... ; ;: !■• 11: -:r-.-. \m', \ a;,.' !• itei.l, :■ :,i. l ... ■. t.ic- 
• ; : 'i . : ! .; . ; '■ ' \ . . i i h : , I', n 1 r i ;ai.l I' mci! , th >■>!.• \ ; ■•■n tn t '1 1; 

V. . ; ; a ■■ : ■ - • ■ ■•.-'■:■■.. ^ce 1, : - ^at' i. 1 1 • 'ii t 1 ohe .-;! | , . e 1 .. 

i:A(iij: M.wi r.\rn K'!N(; <<)., -,7.11: ,.. i.^fi -net. --oro ai i. 

M..--. I'l; ei 1;. Miv.i.i: ;.ir..i , .iinj tiealers. .>ee \'.: -r cai.l on . .i-e 1 . .\ \ 1. l>'i- 
v;:o, I- oM... i-t. 
!:.\CI.!: l'r.\»;iC ( »>.. \,„ \-,„k. Manataetn.ei- of line IV.o.ii-, 

Anii r)rsi.\!-,>s DiRi-A rouN-. 

I ,.• ■,K,,,.u!.u i..i:i;iil u Jl kn.>uii " V.-.vj^'n: Olticc" mu! tlif " K.i^lc Aiitomalic'' ihe 
.; :.:'.• ui i.> rk.-'i'ii. lliL;li'--.--l .v-^;!!'! received at the ('t:iUciun;il KxliiLii i-in for 
. ,,1 .|...|iiv iiiiJ clii-M|>in->-.. \U-.v\ a.l\L-rti-cincnt. j^uc XX, Korei^n Ikj't. 

i: vsr i rNN!>si:i:, nikuima al (iicoiuJiA iiaiujoad, 

1 ;;•■- U. <>L;'icii, <i. K. X 1'. A^t. Is iiow'iilv, rciiiic-M.L-. J'lixii n.aif ii> 
'.\ .■.!ii!^'l'Miri;iUi'ii 'ix-, I'iiiKiil-lpliii. Xfw N'uik ni\a li-.^lnii. 'L'.iLl ihi. line 
, .: i!i>; u.Ueiiu,; pLuc-. in l.i-l rcnii(--ie ami X'n-nna. lull particular . -iveit 

i;i»lsrO r'jJOSPiiATr: CO., Cliarlc-^toi,, S. C. Kcrtili/in^- Material and 
• , i-piia'e^. Read iiicircM-d m l-'oreiLjii ['eiKUliiiem al pa^e I.XXII. 

i:i>\VA'K!>S, rJOnX it., iii.iiuifacluier >.t' i'.lanl. 11 ...k, <.r .-very .ic-c, ipi n.n. 

•■ 1 ,, ,• ;ue! sa!e-i-.",in 2, 4. !', S. lonnd 12 X^illi -Meet, iLdtiinuie, Md. !Ii^ 

|.ec. allies are \1 indla ( ). dcr Ho^-k-and I'aleiU I 'ertui atcd> I'lijkt.. Ikcarrie-. 

a' lar^'e an<l conipiete a>-.rtiueul of Ulank Uwik-. .^ee card ,a paye I\', I'orei-u 

I 'el 'ariiuent. 

V.LIjHp'V, a. <•., 727 I dic'.-iniil and 726 jayiie Mrcet, I'hiladclpliia, !"a., J'aper 
Wa.eliua^:-. Ample faeiiid.js (■.>.■ niaaufactu. i::- ; ni-ieraie price., lelialde 
y,. .,„[■, :ind kiri^e s^oek>. Try hi- I'.anker-,' lUnltin:,;, :^ru,irai;teed tir.-i c!a... and 
i li^cijiv.; ;I. ...."..;.•, ;!..'■. T'.'" f" 'ke index, find hi-> card nnd iea<l it care- 

{■:.s'iM':i{r,s{o<>K s'ri:r:L \'i:s co., 2l> .Ndm .-irect. Xew Vork, wnk. 

(amlen, X. I. I'.verv -;.un.)ner in the country i~ familiar wit!', the famous 
I'alcon, i;a.\"\\ rite; a'nd ilaid; pen-. I'iiey are ^tandartl arlicle. and inerea.- 
ia- in pr.pularitv. ivea-i tin- C )'- can-! on p.i.;e X.X\'I. F- ueii,Ml Depart mem . 

l';S'r^:.S cV I.Ar'iJlAT, I'eklidier.. je-n Wa-hin-lon stieet. i'.c-ioii, Mas., 
'uire-i md vcilli Ih;-. k-.a-e and L;el the best kook Iki'.k and Maiketir,;,; (iuide. 
.-^ee pa-e XX\dil, Ikuei^n ! 'epa r! men t. 

ICWVXS/ CMIAS. .^.1.. isjW. i'ouftli s;ieet. Cdncmn.iti. (Miio. dd;e artiticial 
iiini). ma k- l.y M ■-. LA an's, are sli icily llr-t cla.~ ,is liundr'-iis who ueaa' them 
can testify. He is m uui! ic: ir.ya to tlie l'. S. liovl., and -uarantees b, -i\e sat- 
isfaction.' K ■.; 1 lii-, card., pa. _• Id. Forei-11 i)e[airtnienl. 

IWK >!!•:}{, IJ'I'rJJ-: a.- r<>., 0^> ■i"'i 'XS I'"-^d.ivian street, Xew York. ^ Tyiie 
i-omideis, i'lint-rs Material, eic. An, oid an! reuai)ie liouse we'd kiioAii 
iIk-hi.jIi ;!i.. <,;u!h. T >nvc.i! t!;eir ad veitiseineiit at pa;4e LXXII. Fore!;.,'n Dept. 

i-'o3n;r.> !-m:(><;iLvriU{' >ixi-'(i (m>., li-i Decnsinre sueet. r.os- 

. ,,i, \i ,,.. -v,-, .,^.,emiei, i.pjM.M'.- p^-e ilJ. id,,: .'vikeitype Id-r.riii^s i/.,m 
thi- ko4,_- ar,; the la!--csi and :inesl kic-vmiie rcpn. dnctious of Steel Fki'e Idi- 
-ravin-s ever issued in this ec-unlry. Idiis Alkeitype Process is controlled ky 
'ide.-kes.^ Co.. an.d .d! w Iio Use illusi'ra tioiis o\ -oods etc.. should consult this tirni. 
I'OilDS, !L<>WAiM> ..V Ul'JJIt-:in\ i'uk!isl„,.rs. 27 I'ark I'ki.-e, XA'W 
\',n-k. 1 ne- !s.,!L- l'o.irc>.e'- .\'iu ncan 1! isO nacal X o\ tds— whicii ha.'.e had, re- 
. cMilv such sales--aml .>1;.^t \akiaide puolic Uioii^. ( 'aid al pa;.e XXVIII, 

r<»!n:j<;x \v!iori:sA»j: hkai.ksis axu mxfus. a lai-e, 

■■, ,-:l 111!,.-,! an.i i< iiei- .me!v ^kspk.ved deparinient. especially hu" <iui l-oreiL;n 
(•..lions can ke found on tiiit.d p.iper immediately after de- (i.i., <da.s~ihekt (ka- 
ines> Idrectorv. |>a-e US4. Fxaniine and ke convinced we have d, inore 
kain .niv other I'uldidicrs f-.r oui supporters and that our ettorts a re a[ipeciatedo 

l"K AXIvl'-], ('. i>., 1-7 ^^ elire.; streei. (di.uhsMn, .-s. (A ikirriaL^'e .m ' Wa-.m 
d.d.ers' .\[.;ieii.ii. .m'. Iroike one of ll\./ .md kesl as,..riel stocks 
in 'his line t > '•: kuoei in ka,- S..a!ii. d'arn to his car<l in the I' !>e|.art- 
im-nr. p.i-e i.Xil and ee w k.; 'la- lo s.iy. 

!-'i; AX!v'l/ix I'VPl-: S'OrXDUV. .Mii-<ni .x Smilh, p"op,ie!ors. 11..S \ine 
- o ■. I. > kiM II' .1 i, ' 'A {'■]^':r: kie-s,-,, I'liutiUL; \FHliinery a,nd a complete 

kiiiioi,' 1 arn:dii!i • \\ ai 1 i!. ■a-'-. Xo 'ain-r ina;se in .\moriiai .mioy, ,uch .1 
ie(.u;a;ioii ,is iMss :..: sup< ;i -r -....d- and proniplae-s in -.dini; ,ll' ooieis. Uead 
'kV:; .ark pa-e i d \k ;'...ra;o, i >. p-o tmeni . 

r"l!.L!-:it, \N'.\l{lM':X .V CO., \. rk, r... S:.o.. Wo.k,. .Vi iln- kmnd,ry 
- ai Mini.icliired ike .' me;, In.unond .^ lh:in wkkdl. there k.v.- k'eller 
,, ,::e in oket. I'll'- .n '■ x wdl di;ecl {■' tile IM-eof I h ; , loin. 

iiAli'NIX, !■:. r:. X <•<>.. l.;w l" I4J <-kaUre street. (Ao,neilA Ikiiklm.,), Xew 

(jKoKiMA SiaIK C'lA/l.lTKf K 

York. Thi- MiiiinLT M.u:Iiiiic'>, Drill l'ic>>r,, [Ian.! I ..\tli<-^. etc., nianii r.irUut'di 
by tbi-; tvu;,,.- nic /■'/.■/'.>.'. A cut ni ili^-ir Nd. z, I'oucr Milling Machine i> given 
'HI [i.-.gL- I.Iil, l-.)-,ti;.ni l)c]iarti!K.'nt. 

(.iliiSOX, JOSIX, 8; ;Tinl S4 i'.cc-kni.-m street. New VuiL. iJigiMvcr an ! Steaiu 
Power Liihogi-a|iliic I'liiUcr. I'.ig..' 224 i> (.■iiilK'Ilislicl wiih a >()ocimcn ct lith- 
ographing in. colors, by f.\r the- nio.i hcuitiful ii> the Look. Mr. Clil-soii has sole \ 
control of Stevens' celcNiatcl lOiighsh ValciUniOs. SilL iJook-marks ami W.Acn ' 
I'iclures. i 

GIl^LOTT, J()SI-:iMI ».V- SON'S, \ew York. Steel pens of this niannfac- ^ 
tare are sold by all "iealers ihioagii mt thi- wmiM. The faxorUc nnmhers are 
30_:;, 404, v;2, 551 and 170. Seerard, page WI, I'oieiL;!: 1 'epirlment. 

(ilXX, m-LVni «.V: (.'<>,, i,^ Tiemofu' IMace, Do^ion Mass. Educational 
rublicauuns, Music I'.ooks, the jo-,lin ( dohes, and lit/ (dohe and Hand Ho.ik, 
Sterling School Kurnituie, etc. d'hey also furni-.h [4jns and specituaii -ns for 
bailidiiig schooidir.'Usv/s. Reail liieir ad vertis. aneiit, pa-e \", KoreiL'r, 1 lupt. 

GO<)I>.'M.VX'''S t-U'SIXKSS < :< )!.! .l-Xi l':S. Vashvill.' and Knovv'ille. ^^,^. 
nessce. I'rof. 1 rank i lo'idman, ('! < sideiit. I f an v insunuimis in tlie Soatli arc 
deserving of special notice, they .ue (.otuhnan's ( olleges. Prof. Goodniaa is 
wfir'ring eiierf'eticallv !o osialilisli 1 id^iii-i -i" c-'lo 'e '-.Ido': '.'.il! in tii..^ cxiv.!,.'. 
to every principal city, ddiere will in- no ditVicuity in tinding (Joodnian's ad- 
verti.senients herein. See parlicula.rly the Idack page A, opj'osite page 8S. 

GOUllU'^V, if. I., i'irtsburg, I'a..' Pubiishers of su|ierior School P,.,ok,. 
Teachers and otticers are orfered !ib-:ral ternis for first inlroJ actions. Attenrioi) 
is invited to this genrienian's c.-rd. p.ige XXH. porcign I V partnieni . 

GltAXJ> JLVIMI)S«V IXDI.VXA RAIIJiO Vf>, ' Ihe Fihing I nc, 
A. 1;. Leet, O. P. Agt. llrand R.'.pais. M iciiig.m. Those seeking a Xoitiiein 
rcsort for comfort and pleasure would do wtdl to read ihe superior inducenicni - 
(offered bv this (.'onipanv in their c ird a; pa"-e S''- 

lIAlfXE>i.VXX 3U:r)lCAL COlAAHii: AX1> HOSPITAL, Chi- 
cago, Ills, ddiis old and popular in-iitiition is well knt.wr. throughout the 
X-Mthwc'-t for the etticicncy of its lacally. Full piarticrdar.s given at jiage 
PX\', Foreign r)epartnu:nt. 

HAKE, i*il., 02 to oS .\nu street and 15! to 155 William street, Xew \"ork. 
Flendquarter.s for Fine F.nvelooes. ( '.uds, Stationery, etc. Advertisement in 
F"o! dgn Deparinieiu, r..".ge X.XX. 

liAL!'], K. .5. tV. S<>'.S", I'adii-eei-. 17 ;dinr.,y street, Xew York. They are' 
also jobbers in all k:rt is of ISooksand -stationery, ;ind are Soiuhern men. See 
pa'_;e XXXII, i'oreii^n I'eparmenf, for card. 

lIAKTEiJ ».V iilfOTillOKS, Franklin .Souare, X'ew V.vk. ddie choice pub- 
licatious issuing troni this house are imown the world o^er. Harper's period- 
icals receive the highest endorsements from all the leadiiy journals. l<.ea'l 
t'leir aUertisonieiit, I'r.jiiL colored, i.ige (.,'. 

llAJnaSOX iJilOS. »S;: CO., JSfii and (.rays Ferrv Road, Philadelphia, 
\\\. .Manu.factuiers of striclly pure Wddte I.ea.i. and P.unts readv .lixe^l for 
Use. ddds house is one of the 'dde~l 111 tile country: cst d,>l!she>l hv luhii Har- 
rison in 17iiv i heir inset, oppo-ite page Iiij, :^ among the han'Is'unes'. in tile 
book. >am;.!.'s ot" o.n-.r, are thr-i- t;i\.;p and nvh % liuaMe informatioii . 

HAlJirOHl) L!l 1: AXXlii V I .NSl li.V X{ lU'O., Hartford, (on,. 
The S.iiely h'und >\-teniof ['r.'t.-ction, the I'eriei.tion r.t i 'o-npt-rati'Mi. Paid 
up ('ash capiital S2s0.e'iX). ll vou will turn to nniex, t'md their pag>.- and read 

it tlioroUu'tiiv vo' 

satisiu'd tha! :t is th-- i,e-t 

;n Ml e\iti 

t'has. .S. (.'lark, at 93Cliureh street. \'ash\iiie, rinii., will elieerfuHy give von 

full particulars concerning the 1 'on^panv. 
HASIiilOl'CIv A.- \V.\'rSOX, st Xa^-au siMot, Xew ^•.■.,k. Manufa, turtr.s 

of ihe e-!e! r.iled •• M. I 11. lU .tier Tablet^.' pai.;nte 1. d'his is one a' tile 

best an i iuosi con\en;ea; a: 1 an^.-uients eser!it to notice 'i.^v tin--:- w ii . 

write a gieat d.e.di. I'ui n to their i;.uel oppo-ite [-ages 114 and fis, and load it 

Illl^E, W. ii,, Woieester. d'he oMest established Inuise in the i'.>. 

for the irianetaetnr • ol maehine-niade !-',n velopes and I'.nselope .Ma.chiiierv. He 

ha>a!i atliaclive car.t in the horeigii I Kpai t lue-iit, on pa.;e XX.X\'!. 

And FjIsixess Dikkctorv. 

n(M.!>i;\ .MA-VrrACTTRIXlr CO., 3N X. Main >tn'et, Dnvtc.n. Ohio. 
! ,! . .;'■,. -c liiakc^ tlie laii,'f>'l line cf .\>r', ■///,-» foi tiie Hiuik atiil Stationciv trade 
■ >! iMv ii'iii-c ill America. Thi-)- hwu iiii nierou^ m :!.(i:il ! irs al! fully 'le^crihcd 
^i-.-lr rmr-paLTi' ad verti^caicnt opji. XXI\", r"(irei:;ii i )eii.iriniciit. 

H> »l ,! ,.\.N I >. JOSIX, 19 \V. l''ourth sirect, CinciiniUi. <.)hio. MaMrifdOfurcr 
, i,',ld \'::u>, I'ci! Il'.ldcr>, I'c'iicii (_'a>cs, etc. Tid- iinii.-e wa- cstnldi^hcd m 
i,S^2an>l lias a reput;ition lor excellence not suipa-^sed liy any. I-'ind card in 
(■.•■rii-n 1 >e[):iitMient, page XX\'I. 

(r<H,.>rj':S, r.OOTJi cV IIAVI)1':XS, street. Xeu- York. Fac- 
•1; ;,.■-. \\ ater!>iiry. Conn. Manafacturei> of McfiiU'^ Patent Fasteners, Sus- 
pending' RinL^s. etc. On j~iaL;e fA'I, F'TeiLijn 1 »ei)artrnent. can lie seen fac- 
-:niiie I'eiuesentat ions ut thesj artijies, with iniccs and terms. 

alwavs ^ive perfect satisfactH'ii. See card (jpposUe pace 624. 
UOWICS,'" IJAIJCOClv cV KWI^i.I., Silver Creek X. V. Mannfaclurer.s 

of .Mill .\(achineiy. l'ro[e.ioti irs of mills throni^hout the State uf (Georgia will 

tinlher their ci'.\'n interests hyre.iiinL; the annouuceincn t 'd" this tinu at patje 

!,\.\'1I, l-oreiu'n Departmen;. 
lN<ir:R.S()LL 'R<U'Iv DKU.L CO.. Xo. I Park lMa<c, Xeu- York. Man- 

lit.ictnrers of ivock l)ril!s, Air «/■ j.njnessor^. Minin^' and ijnari)- Maciiinerv, etc. 

<.->n page XI, III, Foreii^n Departmeiil, can he found some y;ood references to 

Ceorgia an.l Tennessee concern.s. 

IN'ISOX, llf.AKE.Al.VX, TAYLOR, & CO., 753 ^^^^^ 755 Uroa.b.vay, 

\e\-.' Sork. Mde aj^ents in the United .'^tites tVii- I'erry Oc Co's renowned .Steel 
I'en-.. These [>ens ,1 re ni'^jre extensively Uscdi iu Kurope 'han any other brand. 
S'.'e card., pai'r XXI. FureiLni 1 )e]iartment. 

.1 VrOBS, JI1-;XI:V a C'O.,, OIho. l]:-in is ^.fierin- ;o the 
■.L^rieul ii'.ral c >n!niuiiity scmiethin;,' entirelv new iu the u ay uf a (,"oin!)iii ition 
i - 1' ", lioe or a spade — as \-oii like. It ]o-n;ii i-es to hav e .a iar;.;e run, and those 
Mi ■■!:_; {■, ,., ii.fx t'j.i p.'! ti' ^..■o , are direc'ed t" p ;^v X i d X, F;'iei^;i 1 .'-jp't. 

.lOSJX.SOX tV Fllviji), K..'-!nc. \ 'M anula.turers (.>f 'the I^acinc 
I'arni and Waiehmis,; l-aniiinL: Mills. These mills are strmiL^ly I'uilt, of tlie 
\ery best nuiteriad, and are ui use hy l-'armers, Miller., and (Irani Dealers all 
■'xer the United "states. See ,' ! \ e: tiseiuent op|-..-,^ite pa_c:e 16. 

.JOXr.S BROTHERS ^V: CO., Cincinnati, IMiiladelp'hia and Chica-o. I'uh- 
li-luMs of the ind.ucti\'e fMncati. .■->eries— thtf most p.> Sc!ii'-ii I'.Moks 
e\er issued. . 1^',-n/s ,-.'(,';;/.■/ for their Stiudard lahrary wor!^^. See teiius, etc., 
in their doiilih- )iac^e in-et. 'ioi'''siie pa^^'e X'lll. F"reii.;ii i'epailment. 

.M)SJ':i»Jl 01 VOX CRrcnJI.!: CO., Jer-ey f'ity, X. J. Try riiNo-Cs Craplntes. They iiave' t iken medals v. herever exirioited in America 
ap.ii {".uropc. Kc id caril at \<.'\^^'.' .XXiY, l''.)i\.'i^'n Department. 

• M'\T-7r »X: CO., Canajoharie, .X. \ . I'ateatees and Manufacturers ■){ I'ime 
'i('>!ie-, Kehitive Time (rhi'u.-^, and rellurians. I'iiese (ll/oes are acknw\v led;;eti 

111 l>> thf li-'^I r'v r-r ni 1 le. 1\ .■iiri-sen l.i I I ves ot them ciii i>,' sei-ii iin ivi(r,< VI. 

the best e\ er m i 
i 'r^i^n 1 lepail-iient 

l\e[>i'esenl.iti ves them can he seen on iia'_^e .XI. 

i 'r^ij n 1 lep.ul-iient. 
•'. <;. SIt.VW Bl.AVlv IJOOK CO.. S; a;,.', S3 l)jxn<, strct, Xce N'ork, 
N. \'. I'iiis house makes a speciairy of Account. I'a.-s ami Memorandum liooks, 
ai!'! 1. crier Copyini-^ !!oi>ks, in everv v;uiely, for il!!)!l(■r^ md wliolcsaie dealers. 
A ;,',\t cardi <;n 'oe f..iind in. 11. ''e \'!1!, f.ns-iL';; 1 )l'1i ;r: nient . 

A ;,',\t cardi t;n in.- f..iind in. !..L;e \'ll!, ■ .,,,,... ./.j,..,. 
KRI-:iJS !JTIIO(iR.Vl'inX(; I'O.. Cin<a.::ia'i. t ihi... Idiespc-cimen fr-.m 

''"'■'■' ■■•■'■'■!>•! 1 ■ '■■ '■■■■ ■■■j)\ .n p:iy;e 14.}. has i^rowii to lie a liisliii- 

huice, aiul proves eiuiclusi vely 

staidish..-d inuis 
;^i!ishin;4 trade mark that c.n he rec . 1^111 /ei! at a 
■Icii ii'ine :ire superior to them in line. 

i V I » 1 • 1 •'!■ 1 « < ^ t V - ( I ^ ••. w'/ » Vk.' I'l, : 

I'me .u e supetu" m» lut.iii tit iin.o mie. 

l.A\l>R!:Tn, 1).\\TI> Jv.- SOX.S. rhiladelphia, I'a, Fh.nisi, and Seeds- 
' here I, ^..arcel) .i eouiity m tjeori^ia, ov any utiier State; in the Union, 

1 :iK 

(/KoKci \ Si \i 1 (; 

\/i-. I ni:R 

whc,c tin. oM an.l h,.,.,ral.Ic i,nn h,. n,.- in- , -.lurc.,1 tlu-ir ^.u-im ,..,!- 

'."''';'^' V" ■ '■'■•■ ''^'- ^'•^- ^■••"i^"" I'.i.t;-- i.\ iii.'i.wi. i.xxn, I V\VII[" 

rurL-i-n J V-pan inciil. ' ' " ' 

LK\ ISON^ IJLVI Hr: si AI !<)M:!C\ ( <>., .., oi. , ,, 

S,'''>'1M>'";' l-'ck. (,,VM. >..Mu, ,-nl \i.;a [;,U. .>e ',na,- p,,.c \\\ 

LEVY, Ui:SU\ ,S: S<>X, 477 Hnoduav an.l ^o M.av.r .-rcU. Xcu- York 

Mnnul.u-tur.r. ..( i-.u- l.,„i,,a (. i., a„:i Man-ncrs" riuv a^^ 

ag.m. for .cso,a! oxt.,,,n .j:„rni„.an l„a;,... Their |,:i,c~ arc um.,,. .!,-;i .m,,! 
SualKvof ^on,K^uara>,,o-.i. Conduit ikci. .i.ivcrn,^„„.nl in F.Moi'M, n.-,,;.^. 

I.iypKXAIl^ViCK. IM-:\KV. >; an,i ,7 !;„ s,r.,t. \.u VnK ^[ .„- 

ufacturcr of an.l ,!..-al,a- i„ I', , -, nn,l i'ap.r M.-.k. Hi- ,a. 1 cm 1,.,!' i., 
tnreiL^n I )-M'.irii!iciit. |..i-r 1 \ 1 II ' 

TJPinXCO'rr, .1. U. .^ ro., ;,,an.' 7'-M-k.t..rc.t. Pluk.l.Ip!,,.-^. 
ar..;.h.r,.-rap-,r,n.>l 1,...; ;;„,.... . ,.-.. . ,, . M:. M,,,,,,, V. <-alvi,;, A^uu^a 
<..a i^in^u-manapraiMMippiyaKont. D^partmcn. Souih. ■ ' R.-a.l 

Canf. front colnrfv! i):r', I' inn,,, ,1 1-. ;,■!.■ .,...^ :. .), . ,:,' - . , 

LORKXTZ ^ mTTi.Kn,So < ,n:..,,i":ai:- ,;;,.; 'aiH: '■M'.i'nu'f^uu-.a. 
ot h.m,cal.. .uper-I>h.,.ph,uc. an,l iVrtili.;,,;; nia;. liaU. Tlu-ir Alta An,.,,..- 
niatc, (,uan.. ,. .1.1 to kc .up.rior ;„ anv i„ ,!,, ,., ,rkK. Their kranci, h.., ■ 

I.01HK()I% 1). .K CO., I'ukli.k.a-. - Franklin ,!r,vl lk.,.,„, Mi..'^ I , 
thr.'P ^: ( <>. > ^r,,^a/,^.•> arc an,.,,,;; il,o n,...; p.„,niar PaMirai i.,n , i.,a,.<l 
l!.ur ],:..l.,n F,„ K l;ull,-l,P. puki:,h,.l auart^aiy, i. :, „ .-x.-dk-ni u;u,.k- f .r ,hc 


:'■ ' '.V !.;;\ cr . ( .1 th' laaiih. S.'.- ;!,cir c M-i ■: > i.^.- \ \' V I V i.' .. .;-kii 

'c.vs, .)<>Hx ^ CO.. i'ink.ic!phia;ik;;--Nranuu,.u,;;;\;? i'caiu-C':: 

lanu.. put up in ...n v,i,nc.,' p:irka;;c. rca-iy N.r um;. Kuil ■iirccth.u. .Mvcn -, . 
inUl'^ "" ' ^' ''''''' "' '' l'^-^'^'^'-- ^-^ '-^" n'lv,.-,tiM;moia a, rcfcnc^l t.. 

1.. K. HiyOWX P.\r|.i;CO..S..,hA.knn.M,.... MaMufu:t„rcr> . T F,r,N 
'^'■"- '"k^^-'V '^-'.; -I;- -;•.'■ ■■'"! ^-ci-a;. I :;,y have ..n<_ ..f ihc in.j.; at- 

3rA( Kixxox im:x < <».. 

-iM-c!, \,■^^ \-,,rk. M 

■a.^wiy an>i \ 

a.hcr^ -""'"' ^■-^^'"'''''^'^'- '^^'- ■'■»'" '" I'-'it CMlore.l pa-:.; Ik an-l rea.i 

MAI>\s(')x"!yorSIO, riaainnan. (.h,o. Ma., ..vci. near tl,,.- nver. Thi- 

;:'■'■ ^'•"'■'■'■'' ^"•'^'■J-^W'-rl,a,i-ol;,;(.,r, an I u„.| r.pair,. >ali-ku-. 

■'"■' '^ ^^^•■-"^'•''•-' .U v,,.,,ic,„,- pria-. 1: :, . .p-a; ' . lav an. I ni^kl. an.! 

Jj ";, '^^'' ''^^''-' Ml kor.-,-n Cia.s.hci l;,,..,,.-.. Diuai.ay an ka hca.l.n^ .,! 

3IAS'|\ J^OOS ^ CO.. N,aia.,i,,;,!, ,,p„. p;,.. [,,^„ -y^,,:.,,^.. ^vi., | J-'a^i- ■ 
n,a,:a.a.tnu-,, In- tin. ,n a, arc- .:..,n^ar.! .Iara:.:c. .,ii ran ,n a l;^ht >vin.i\u..l 
;!'l'-'-^'!- II.-- I-..-.- !k;n,p. an- ^nar,n'..c.l n-v.-r r. , ,V.e.c in u Ocr. 
. 'iLir aK,Tt..,..,„..H ,■:„ 1„. Pan,.' n: k-.r.-i. ■. F . ;,... ■■<.: ■' ,,. ■ | \\i\ 

^"'l*vV»M'.'^^/'I;'^'^'' '•''^'•^ rxi\ r:!:s,5 ! V or xasisvimj: 
ANO \ AXi)i-:ijiin/r rxi v?:i;>itv. \,.,iunK-. ik-ar i., i. \f 

t!i:-. F-. ri\ ia...!nk. i .( ;h.. ha. 


3u:>n»ms .v cn \{.*i.!:si'ox irviLi.'o.v o. i 

k^i;; !i:!.- -jf 1 aMi ..i.i I, !a 

I. i-na,\ - .,a. Ii an i-n.viaiil.; n/p 
I!'!- -U the ..r iJu- i.r..- 

Mi. \,i-a-.\' F.ral... 

1 hi- ni.i.i. r\icl- 

,;:-at In-l'.vay ^c!-' : ■ n ; k.- i; , .; an.i \V.-.t. Ii-a;.- 

Ml^"l'.fM'v'i, ■'!' ^";i*l'=;^- ■""' '"-■^■k,,-. kca:! a.!^cn>->■n,c^t a. pa.,.. ^.. 

3ll-JvinA\l, <;. A; C .sa,n,;li,.i.k Mas,. I'ai.ii^har, ,,! ,!,.• !:',t !)i.-n.,a- 

:ny ,n th,: xwn k i -AV.-! ,.• ar\ I 'na !, I i' v, a n.tcn.i t.. ..vt tin- ncu ,.'ki..M. 

nosv 1. v.air iiiti.-. >.ac -.v iiat I h' \ haxc i., ~a'v ak..ii[ ihi> 

'••■■-•'■■- !■•>:-•■ XXX. 1 -!-i ;n i '.-i.a. tnu-nl. 

narv n, on-a 






■ /^ S B 



..^o. . ^.E-:, Pi-idept. H. S. CBASE, Treasurer. 

V;ALTER N. dole, G.?i.e--al Ageut. 

"J'illS Amnria! l.cati.^r is ihc (.nlv .nhsutute for rpper T.eatlier in 
. i ,, .''■■''''<' ^!i;^f li^'-- proved satisfirtorv ami [.rncncal. and ihat rannot 
^""^':''''-!"~'-'^'^' f^'^?''^ lA'at!ier: it is vcrv durai.Ie : not aflected hy heat 
'"■- "•id: is^nnoLTMou^ [n uii <jr water, renderiii- it for raanv pnrjooscs 
■"-•'"'•'"' J" '-^^i!htr. as dio.e who Uavc a^jd it lu^ve voknitarilv testified: 
■'. '^ "^•'^"■' ;;' ''^'^^ -''^i !^^-vy uei-ht>, s.- that it can l.e substituted f^ir 
' -eap as wvu ^^^ <w.tly leather: and run h^m i ; to - ^ less, aecordin'- 
!') tne Kuid (.1 Leather iwr whirh it is sul.>tituted. It is made ia widtlis 
■■* .^" : nd 50 mrbe-^. and of anv mlny de>ired : also in -old, silver and 
^:"n/e. ' " ■ ' 



.^ t-fi.^ A^.^ ^ feX J. ^ J./J.c^iiill i^,l.«3j5t5 iilll;^!. £i 

iieo i) i;ic aoiAc 

u.uie I' :v 1 ,ea:iier. 

Send ior Samples and price J..i:;t. 

Office and SaiesiDcm, 92 PEARL STREET, Cor. of HIGH, 
KosTor^ _ _ _ 

W , ; 

A-^ : : 

Hi : ■- 




-- . 


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r"" 'i 


B -A 












VJ / -^ 




» — ^ 

^Morc liiaV; Si\ 5!im«l <*l oi" ih.-- r.isviin'-v ;ir«' in use -^^ 

ist till- rS'.ili'l! Sl.!l. - .iIM! ( ::!!. :':!. unl Uw (o\Sil 

tr> i><- v.;;li!>ut lUM . r.M- iSv.iNi'.S, ^ 

(»! il'T -■•.liii>in--. 


,,1 niK 

urniviHiFisii^ir OF" xjsi^njsssj^jis. 


,Mi.mi;i;k oi i uk A.\« vn .M ;-'.i)ii vi. i'nLLJi.K AhiMCi vi ii>.\.) 

•H-: i' 

? t 


; t 

- ~* _ I 

l-.:j;': 15U![.DiNG, Located o::: B.uuJ Strec-t. bjt. Hi.^h &. Vin.\ NASHVILLE, TENN. 

.._. ..._, .,.__..„■;'.. ^ 

Iku LflL utirliiiivirji 




s^DICAL coll£:qe. 



/ JPJ^C 

::ux.T3r. -<-. 



lIKiMAS \V. HU.Mi:s, D D . S. T. Ii , 

\V. V. (1I.KNX. M. I) . 

I'yi-sidiiit Li/ ihe Unh'eisft'y i'/ /'• >n:i.i.\ir. 

/V,y;-.ii-.;j-,./ (;.::.■>. t> and / '•■.f,f-//.'/rr .h!aio:i/v 


WII.I [AM P. joXKS, M. D . 
1 Prfsid.nt of t!t,- !\icui:y 

Dl'XCAX \.\V.. M. I" , 
i)-iin I'j til,' J'a. uity. 

w. K^ iv;)\vi,i;:i;. \\ iv. i.r, ix. 
DKl-.KIXd (^ K'TiKin -. M. 1).. 
/•.vyV,vA,.;-. ,y- :'■;•.-,..;,■ ,7,,. / /• •;. .-.■■. ,■ ,/ Mcdi. 
and Ci!i:;:al M-rd.\ii:f. 

W. C. P.I p.p. M. D., 
i J'ni/'fSS"'- i'/ .'■/,rr,-ri:! .1/,.:'/.,; .;<,,' Th.'rn^u-ut i(\; . 

1 'i'. o. .sl;^rMl■:k-^. m n., 

; rrv/..:i!,'r _y- /^•■_■•.,■/../,.^-I■ „r,r lV/;. ir.t/ Sur^-rry. 

VV. y\. \-l-RIKI.T S. M. D., 

■^,. !>.\/css-> ."' /'.VV../ I/,. ',.,.:• a"d C'i>!/,,'l Mrd- 


i 1 

J. ijKRKiLX LiXI>5Li?.V, M. i.< . L!,. i~' 

\VH TJA M G PPIKX. ^! Tv. PT I).. 
'■..' P>o/?,.r^- ,1^- Arcdjc^! /:,>i.^,:,d.::,-f, and Psy- 




Pi-.^rcssor -y Curinistry a>ul Si. if.- Fr ■■:■.■,; t 

^\■^.I.IA^[ p. joxks, m. n., 

i /'n-A'.-.v..;- ,./- !ns.t,.itv and .\fcn:.,l //:-/. 
: ■ ' f Aw.' >-/.';/ .v.] 

]. C. SIXCLAlk. M. I) . 

P,:-r,s.^-- -.,'" ^rcdi, a/ .-n.-d Xv .v./' a! Pis.:i..uf .y" 
"'• 1 ' .-,;•,■ Ajv, Far and fhyct. 



J. r.rXVAX STF.PHF.XS. M. !>,. 

/^>v/;-...r,v- ,y-o^i^,vrA-j- ,: 'td airi <ii M;,i.,d/. 

T. v.. PUCHAXAX. M. t) . 

: rroUss.'ro/':ny\Er:,^:!;s^ 

\ ROPT^ RUSSP.Ll.. -\P7\. I). D.S.. 

i /';;.Av.w.r,;/- I '.-nf-i' Sv^-^ery . 

rv. • 

i PAL'L K. t:\-K. M. It.. 

1 D':iiiotis:r.if,'r xif .'l/:a.'.'r.y\ a :: • i'rjs-^i-tir 1,1 the 

j v'luiir It/ Sur^rry. 

: nrxcAX kvk, m. d.. 

i J'HIX A. ROGPK^.-M. D.. 

/"n^-.fy 7/-. >/" .S'«j;;,'---r_v (!'.•:! Cii-ti-ai .S.:r^rr\ 

i Dc-!/!<i>:,c/!. !-.'!■ <!/' A a ai.^ !,!;■. and Prosrctar A> 

J. S. XOWI.iX. M 1)., 
' U'l-i:: ■•:, and /'israsr.t of Ciiil.irrr. 

i !!::■' Chair ■■/ .-! /. ttjr:v. 

,.-■ W. P. McCAMPP.K[.P, M. D., 
1 .-'o- (■/...',!•.■.' /''.■tih'/is.'ra:')- r/ .L'ia.'-'ri.'y . 


\ liie union of clinicai witli 'ii ];-,;tio 

eacibir,_:^ i-, eTrn-jd out to the fullest po.^siblc 

'■ extent in tlio curriculum of \\\c Xushv 

lie \[edical (.■•dieq;e, now the Medical Depart- 


' nuMil of tlie l'lli\■c^•^ity of 'rci-.nrs.-ee. 

For thi- j-urpewe, a /■'■-■ ( e/. ',;',■ /V,./rV;y,?/-r 

!k\s liL-cn .■•-tal^lishvc! 1>\- ilic l-\i.:Liil\ 

i>e.-iuc> t';-e ^!\ lecture^ am.! d^'Uionstrations 

daily ), and tht-re will iie n .u'^^at mm of di-e.i-e- and injuries in all the depart- 

uKiits of uu'iiioine and <ur;,''.-iy!- 

K-il tor ()li-er\ .v.i..n ami dia.i.Mi-.'-iN ; their p.cca- 

liaritie-^ e\i<laini.-d ; the pioj..;r ircatu 

enl ]ire^vnb>e.i, and sui-j^ical operations per- 

UirniL-il in t!ie pic.-cnce o\ tlic cIj,^-. 

-t cnipb;!-."!. i^ fa;:d>hed w;'h e-.ery ai?piiance 

; for nifuic.d l>.ai lun;j^. '\'\w arn; •!iiili.-,' 

Lie. ■.\iih < 'ii:-.''.i (..bie opera e!;a!rs—eai;Ii one 

placed ai r;i;hr aUL^lo-; with lIll' ro-ti i;in 

— A ill -eat 5.A' -.;ii:u_-!U>. and i- if.e liand-otnot 

: and nao-t -uitable K.-cturc r'-„.ui in An 

erica. !n the .:ui. >rory theie .'.re to be si\- 

' teen di>:.ccting ro.)ni>, cop.iiilctcly fum. 

i-ii/.-d with ad -nodern applian.ce-. and well 

liL^htcd and ventilate. i. 'I'lic dd^-eciii 

;_; rouin-; will lie --o ai-ran:;-.! that each das-. 

\y\\\ be .^e'lMrated h'-\\\ the .>;lior^. an ; 

rr.!n;.^enien'. C; <_ \.,.., h.nnd :o be -0 aiiean- 

lai^OiiU- in ov;r <;bi t:(.lle_:.,'e iniildiiiL,' ibr 

pr..!notin;: in -i • i'. thiu in Practical Anatomy, 

lli,-.i ino.^t iiiipoi-lant departuienr in Ab. 

■li.. .i! teacliiai;. 

Student- de>irii:i,' fnrt'ier i:; ibrnviU', 

a, -ih.idd lb i:., - ;b;- Itean, \n<] -ive in their 

L<>niiiiuni':atii;n-i, their iianie, ^own, >.'■ 


/'.„■-■ ,.■//;:■ /•;;,. vV;-. 


N.\>i!\"l bi b. TKNX. 

ma mmm\] of toe WMm of i[fii[ss[[, 



■ \1 AS U HrM!>. f I) . S. T. I> 

'I:i i. 1- Ri;sSi;i.L. M, I) . D IL S.. 
/'V.'/ri.-.-.'/- ry" C^/'^-m:::;- DL::ti.-.try. 

I V. CKAWKdRP. [1 D >^ , 

Ir'NCAV F.VK. M I) . 
■ 'r ,\f Oral SuJ\^::ry ci '../ Ciiiiiiul Siirgoy. 

KVAV.'S LIXl'SLKV, M. |)., 1.1,. \>.., 

i'i:--\--i- ,</ (_ 'tc'!r's!>y .ntd Mcti'.liu i g:y. 

..^r^lMatrria Mcdica ar:,! I herii!.,:utt.!i 

WlMl \M F. iW.KXK, M. P.. 

/Vv;A.v,f.v-y"(Av.-.-,v,/ and ^c^ial A>uuo:i-y. 

T. () SUM.MERS, M. 1).. 

Frc/,;^ ■'>■:•/ rhy.;ic::'-y ,ii:d Micri>AC.-f>y . 

\\ . G. inUKX, .M, Tt., II.. D., 

Fn./.-^sornj /v..'/.!/ Juris/'rud.-ncc. 

\\. L. DISML"KE>. n. D. S.. 

r;K(.i. 1'.. CI.KMI-.XT, D. D. s , 

\-;//i';ij-.'r,iAv,r c/" 0/.crati:'C and Mr, /uiiiica! 


W. F. FOWFF.k. D D. S.. 

I,,-.-..-,-/,,,,./ ,•,. ..•/.,■ Chai^ ,.f Of<,:ya!ivc D'-nHstry. 

P.A'Jl- F. LVK, M. D., 
JOHX .A,. K<M-,FRS. .\1. D., 
JJc!!i<ii:s:ratf;s cj AnatoiKy. 


! \ i;\;.G!-i;. li. n. S.. Alfx. H>.:,-iax, D !• S. . ].\ MooKK. D. I'. S . 

C. J. 'F..-.LI, H. ll. .-■.. M. A. F.LSMV I). Il .-,, F. S CuL^SHntM. H. D. S., 

T. J. Kev. I>. D. .S., Uohekt HiKss, Fi. I.>. S,. 

; . N- KK.-,TrK-,r,N, II. ij. S., G. \V. M.. Flh,\nev, I). D. S. 

i }:;.• Vfjjjular annual ^os^ion-; kA tli!> ln-~;it;!Uon wiU ci'iiitnence • ni the i^t MoiiHay 

■' '1^ ;ri!u-r of eauh vt-ar, aii'l cnntiniie mui! ihc la--t TiicMlav '\\\ Fcbiiiary lV)ili,\'.inL;;. 

ri.i: in>tructi< ti in .Mkcm.vN!.; VL. liiNii^ruv will iiicludo a cuii^iilerauon i.-f tlie 

• !• i; K- that lie. at clu- foundaticn of ihi^' 'iranch of dental .-cience, the various 

■': ■ :- •■•I f.irrviii;.^ into pracnca! c!;cLt iliDso piincij-'lc-^, the eivis ii) l)e sough',, and 

■..' :.;v.;r^ iiy w hieh liin-..' cniUasc; Lw !'e (jli;ai:Kv!. 'i'iu; \.ir-.';:- i-i.-jtj!-. and ni.Uei-ial,- 

:i;', i ••. ed in the manufacture of aiii!i'.ial denture- ; the CDn.-tr'.iction of set- nf teeth 

■n '^■'M. silver, platinum, rubber, etc.. nndl the regulation (.if teeth, v. ill l;e made 

.;' ,iet-< (A lecture.-- and experiment-, .^n 1 -tudent.- wWX be tauglit to put in |iiactice 

•.:■■■ in-triiction gi'.en under the --upesA i-i'>n ed jjiaclical teacher.-. 

l:-.-- v.iiion >if F'liMc \[. with I )!!■ v in teacliing i- carried out to the fui!e-t ]>os- 
'■'•'.■-' •■vieiit in the eurricaium. b'or thi- parp >-e ti J-':;\- C:'iu[^v CV.-'-v/V ha.> bei.-ri e^tab- 
i-'.:-d. fiy the l''acuil}-. and there uill be ;i great numl^eicf 'li-ea-eN in all ihe de- 
: ..r;i:iriUs of h^'iiti-iry furiii-hed fv^r ol.'vL-r\alion and tlia.giiii-ir- : their peculiarities 
a: ;,un< d : liie proi-er treatment prescribed, and operatiun> nertoriiicd in the pres- 
: ■.■ -f !iu; chi-s. 

i i.i- ( >jHa.uing an 1 Lecture Ro.imsiii the new (.'olicge I'uil'iing, on lU'iad -treet, 

■> .1^ p<-rfei;t in tlieir ajip' nntmonts a- can be ma<!e: being litted up with -.j'ecial ref- 

■ :■:■■. ic thiM-ough ,ind eiticien t teach.: iig. con tainirig Mirri-on'- chair-, and john-on's. 

''•*■ '-"i-"- v\ Elliott's I'ligiue-, of iht- i.i'e-l. iii.'i approveti and iiandsoniest design-,, 

'' ,•• -her uitli all other n>-ce---arv apo'b' ,! ;c-. 


.iila.;i(,n V,:c (p,,iid i'Ut oncci 

<■ ..u; 

1 >ein'Ml.-:;ati 
< d-.i^biad-.n. 

io oo 
to oo 

i.ccturc--, lO 

1 ;e:il-- ,M llviili-'.- dii -irir:g fuil'ier itifonuatcu rrhuise !c, ;his dciai liuelit, 
■ M addre^- the Lean, and .-luv.iM g;\e in ti;e!i- eoimnimi. .iii. ui-, iheis name-, town, 

'•>■ Jnd State. ■rCBSET-HUSSELL. D.r. S.. M.D.. Boa::, 

,\V. :• A '.-•/ M.r.r,-r --(r-.-.t. A'.(.>--v: ///.-, T.-nn. 

And Hi^iXK^-. niKKcrcKV. 

.■\1 !:!CK*l.\Tl .^INFO CO., I > nli.r.ii. Coiui. MaiinfaL-l .iicrs n[ a full liiu- ,.f 

^!, '. 'iicr^' Tin u.i.i,:,. i|.);i.,c i' u li) !-.iiinu; (InciN. Toilet W'.ut.', ijic. FlK-ii Sunk 
ilaiuili.' ( ':i-.Ii r.iM> :iri- the liol ii':''lr. 'rii<i>c in luc! "i Micli L;i'i'ii- ire rc- 
;u. -•':<! [u rcn-l -l-.-w- •' i \ o't i-i nu-n t. in I'^rci:^;! I Ifp.n; ;rvii [, \''yj,<^ XI. \'. 

.MIl'.Lr:!! A.- FrjW, ;,j l;'ck,nui s'r.-L-t? Xc.v \.,vU. \\h<,W->'A- l':ii<-r 

! '■.tcIli -. >.>lc .'m::;- I m- I't-in Im'i ■i.c Linen l.cil^ci -. a nrj tl,..- cclchiatL-il NMnpa- 

■i; !:lra;in- I', |ii. l!i-\ l;,:\ca licaulilul cai.i at paL^-c W 1 1,' Fiircii;ii I 'cpt. 

.^ir!t!Ml\''S SO.VS, \V>!:. v., 509 ihe.rnut ^t'lcei, i'lula^lcli.l.ia, [V,. 
I'iank II ■(;], an 111 ictiit'.ax ;,n.l .-,• (.-aiii-ji' .\\ lt I'rinicr,^. 'liii> iinu.>e wa> (.^l ilili^licd 
in 1^20. anil m.ikr- a sin-.nai i v nT I'lmkinL; anfl ka;l;i.a(; SujiDlies. (lilii nidlal 
aw anlfii at I'a'j- I-"\ mi' liti .ai. 1S7S. S-jc ilicii liau'k-,' mu' !'a:^L- XLI, J-'.iri.'ign 
! >■ ;.a'-;n!cnt. 

.■>a:vr:irs s.witauv i)i:P(>'r, 04 .-trect. Xov«.- y.n-k. i'>.t- 

tfi-y A'.;cnU aas.i \N"lr'lc-ale I'lutiilici-' ^ujipln:-. Tlu> i- an extensive e.-tailjlish- 
in„"!u. au'l i',,teiv>te'.i nartie.-. \'"il! 'U> well In cni-a'c liie a^l vei■li■^■.nne^t at ['age 
! XX\ 1, l-"i re-^n I (epai-rnien r. 

^AsIJ^ !lli:;csl\ttax<);)«;a ^.'^ saixt i.orss kaikv/vy, 

••■!lie I 7 real ia>nk.)Ut MouiUaiii Kmite." \\ . !,. l>aiiiey, (.. I'. v;v 1. \i;t, 
X.. Ir. i!!e, Tjn':'-,-.-. ( )ni- d?' th.. ke^t lines iif tra\ el in the South. Ianve.->1 
rates, i^Hiiekes: lime, ami lie^t facilities. g'>iiiL; Nwith oi \\ e>t. Cotr-ult adver- 
li-iuieiu "ppn-ite !'at;e ;('). 

NASHA'ILLi-: lXFlif3rAUY, Dr. M. ISaxier, Sni-efiiitendeiit, corner Col- 
lege and reai.oiiy itreei-. Na-iixilie, I'enn. This invtitation. estai)li.-,!-,eil in 
iNjt'i. i^ ii. the h.i_L,'hesi an.i inii>t ~aliii/ri,ai^ part uf tite ci'y, thorougiily e'liiip- 
ped and widt a d.iliel ei.>rps of iiiir>es in cr..nstant atter.-lance. S';e card o[i- 
iv.ixi I r <).\'j^!' (■>;". 

XATIOXAl. iJLAXiC BOOK {'0.,'.n.^nd kS Duaiie street, Xcw York, 
\. ^^ k'Mnt'i paiL^e IX, Fi.reiiMi Ilepartnieiu and n.ite t'le --pecialties vif this 
1 ' '. l"h'-\- 111 nu- 'die ratenl l\eti,-reni:e Inde.s. the nujst convenient File in use. 

XIA\', '1'., J2 J.ilin -uci t, X'fW \d.rk-. Mantu'aeturer <■'" I'repared i-'nofm;^ — 
(JemeiU, I'ell aitd Ciravi/l. Mr. Xew has st_-\eral vaiiiak'le patents (d hii nwr!. 
■■.liiidi he riilli,- e\'-dain^ ar r.a^..' L\'. k'^jieii'n I )'-i .n rtnieat. * 

xi:\v voKK r.'»-:i/nx(i axj> i\u'Kix(; co., John ii. ciiaever. 

knas.. -- and '.S kark Knw, .\ . ^'. I'he ()Me>l ami largest nianufact iirers of 
\"'dr:ini/e.i Kid,' e.- IddiL- ill V'- I iiited ^tate-. Xe'tice their advertisement 

Xr.W'VOKlC !»1..\X'K 55'. »Ol\ CO.. :o ami 31 I'ee' street. New 
^^M!^, .X. \ . .Maiink^.eiurer.- >>f artieio .-iieeiaily a laiuea tei the jtdidnn^' trade; 
■-ncii a> Ta-.- 1!ihii<^. M-emiM-,- nilnm--, lime Du^ks ami Half and I"uli-!/ouml r.<ii'\-. Vd'.eri icemen t can l.e Innnd on [iai;e\ I. l''oreij;p. I''.pt. 

OSCAX<ii: Jri>!) CO.. 7.^1 iana.Uvay.'^dle Astor Place, Xcv ^dr.rk. 
( ard tiii.e -cen mi pau;e XI I!. liU'dLMi 1 lepaitineii t. If y'lu aie in need nf 
ii'Jok^A'r !■" irini.-i--, ImmIs- fji Sp^ni-niei!. en Spi .rt -men- i 'infil.-, -.iid to this 
'■"VI {<".■ Ih -d- cv.d.. -lie and pi icedi'-t- of ad kit:.'- uf Uar.d i;.Mik-, etc. 

0S<;001>, .5.\7>i S-'S K. iV CO., l'nkli>her^, 211 krem-mt stieet, Ho. ton, 
?d.-.--. (di'iice- [!'• oks c.f .\rt, l',u,try ;ind |-iclioii. 'k!,e lle!i''type' i'ltntin;^ 
(/•.. is ai-> c.iidincted l>v [hi- fiim, an! they carry a line nf ileli^Uype 
rn;._'ravin->. K-ad their d.ntlde pa_^;e in-et, •>pj'"-.ite XXXII, Foreii;!! heiit. 

!*Alv{\\'. A. N., \ni='-knri^'. Ma--, d'his ^.^entieman ni.d-.e- a specialty if k'ine 
'■ ,i:;.\L;e-. IF- nia nadacture- Uai^ niches, ('.lapie-, R leka.w ays, etc., .d! id" the 
Vv . V de-t m;!. . .01 i !:![•■_■-•. 'le-i','!--. Kead 111- .ui vei't i -emcii t, ill knrei:^!] I)e-- 
:.i,tmenl. -.-e 1 XI. 

I'-Vi'IJOTT, JOllX W. 12.1 i;av >tr;,t, KnoxvUic, deniK--ec. I IcUcral 
■-.adiern ,i;.a:; n.-'ne i-ncd..; -e!,,;,,l li ., .k - i-ue I fr. an I iie !uu;se ^f T. [F 
i;.;'.--i v^ d..., ki, ; ; k-.piii.i.'k:. Mr. I'a ale' I ^ui! . keerfni iy and ; r. ■miaK' aii- 
-■■■:■.■: .id in'i air:e- c an ei ain'.; hd h;'a-e and ■iieir laikii^ aia m-. Sei- likud^ le.if 

i'OKTJ:!? A;<OA'r5:s, I'lidad.-lplii. 
-I ;,er.. ;■!!■■;. nr,e .: lull MMndle i..\,-c 

! \\. F.n-. 1^1, I lep.irinient. end'!.), ini; i'.dnca.ln ma 1 aii'i .M iscellaneou-^ I'aldica- 
ti m- fi,nii ill -• iini,! jii.pilku .ratlnn - 

, Fa. I'likk-h. r-. ituporter- .im! jiuok- 
I'atakatiie am! I'licedi-t ■ ipp, .-ire pa_L;'c 

(liv ik(.l \ S ! A ! K ( J \/\: 1 I i:i,R 

POTTi:!;, AlNS\\"<)i;'!-n ^V CO., lo; '"li.uiil.c.^ -ncut. New Vui-k. Piih- 

li-hcis,,i" i'.;\^on. iKiht .1! >•. ,^'. I i,.iu r -• v, urk--, Pi,!\'iii;_; r.Mik>, c!c. 'I'lii-c 

Cuiilcniii:.''.tn:- l!u_' iiruii kIcuUuii nf (Iraw iii^:. ^lionM (.-x-uniiit.- this tiiiii's caid, ;U 

|niL;c WW, I-' .r;-i-_;i! 1 'upai lin'jiit. 
1*1».VN<;, L. cV CO., ■!;..-(;, n. Ma.-. Alt nM>i 1 ..lucnti-iial I'nI.I..!,. i>. 

I'lMiiy'^ 1 ii: is; ra.i> ^'ii'l W-w \'cii t'.iiii'-, (, X.ihntiiK-. K:istL-i' (.'aiu-. 

ftc, aw v.ilc!\' i<!i')\\;i. Sli- ,iil\ ,;rli-L-in'jnl. 1'.il;i' \\I\'. 1''m: ti^Mi t>cj>l. 
Pl.'TNA3l'S SONS, U. r.. :r7 :iiia 20 W. ,:j.| -ncot, Nrw Smu. l*«l,Ii,h 

llic Iviiick^ri-DL Kfi Novels ami ilie\\<ii-k> nf Iia iii^;. 't a_\ ln|- Hond. ct'. Sit- 

car.!. I'a.;c \.W!1. 1-'..;;-l!l;ii 1 )c; .u lm(--iit. 

IvAN !),'>lcXAL!.'V' «.V"C<>.,i I ,S t.j I5J M,-.iir...- .tic-t. ciiiLa-.i. Hiiii..i-. 
i.M,hML;!';';'l!c!",-. iMiL;ra\ v:i-, I'lniters aiiii ruMi^li-rs (,[' iho popular 1 ivli-xt,-'! 
Maps of e\-ti_\- Mai,-- in. the Luion ami a.l! I'oicii;!', ( 'ouiilric-. >ce imlux lor 
tlieir p'a^'C, airi \\!:'_ri li.iiii'l, icait cavcfuriv. 

liAVNOll, SA3U'|-:i. iV CO., X.-v. Voik. 115 an-l 117 William .ticn. 
ria\c all tiio laciluic- I'wr manuractiiriiiL; .1 lowest co-t. l-juciopc-, I'a pclc-rit-. 
etc.. in tiic I'C-t slvlc and ^rcat^st varictv. See I'urei_^ii Depai imeii t, [laLjc 

IfEAI) ISOrsi:, Xunh street. opp.w,,f r.-lo,, I),'p.i, r-lv.M:M-,--a, Tcini. 
Jolin !'. Re:"!<' ..V Si-n, [iruprietors. T'li. huiise ka , been receiith eiilaru;c'l to 
double itsturmer -izt, ami reiittt-i! aivl re! urr.i-vhed tl.rotiC;!ioul. makiti^ it /v.' 
hotel o! the South. Lookout .Mountain IIoii>e is conducted hy the sani._' firm. 
Turn i > 1 ore it; 11 1 >c;;artnie!U. paL;c ii. ami see cut it hiiil'lin:;;, rates oS taie. etc. 

liOHERTS lUtOTHElJS, Pid.h->!iers, Kostun. .Mas-. A very conip.leic cata- 
logue of this hriu's latest puhlic-ations can lie found at [Kii^e \'I. i"ore;L:n li<:- 
()artn. ■_■;);. I hev i--ii_- the well known and ld;,ddv pormlar "Xi; Xante Seiic-.'" 
Read tileii- i.,''aloL:;u.;. 

llOBiXSOX, 1). W., S4 rranklin sireel, Xew Vork. Sole n-ents f.rl>. Lcon- 
hardt'Cs (/os ceieinated Meel i'eii-. of superior (P.ia.lit y. tiianiifactured iii liirniiriL;- 
liain. Kn^'. The-e pen- received ihc L;rar,d ineda!- a' .\|o^-(,\\' and \denna. .V 
liands'>n:e j .-.l,':-' — Xid\' — is <.d\en liii- liou^e iit liie l-'oaxi'/n 1 depart nu-iU. . 

KOniXSON i-:N<iKAA'!X<; CO., 25 Aivh," i;..--..a... Ma-.' dhc 
hand-oii'.e-t peclincn >'f stcti ciil;! a vu'.l; in the hook cm lie seen oiip'isile p.iL;e 
XLVIII, r"orei!.ni ] )epartnient. It i- certainly \ er\- ;: Itra; ti'.e. d'heir I'acilitics 
f ir dc-i.Mii'i^'. eii,;i<i\ in;_; audi printin;.;' I'l.ite \voric,.(ro unsitia i.i—o'i. Oecor.iled 

SAMJ021X. (i. !i. A- sons', 25 i'.eekmaa -lieel, Xev, V,.ris <;i-.y. Manti- 
faclviier- o! Paper li"\ .^I.d•.ers" inichinery. 'Iniw to their pa^^e I. XX, Forei;,;!! 
1 >epari!ni.-;'it. f-r lull n.u ticidars. 

SAXDKK.SOX, LCC'liON A: CO., ie\^ Devon-hire street, l;ostoii. Ma--. 
Solo iiianK^a.-tiii c , . :f •■fhi ii. \ei!Miiei.t !-oiuuain IVn" and ••[•.(.■moms" Letter 
and I'lili I'iic. 1 lie-e .ii'iicle- ;;re o: : ne-;iina!)l . \alue for o;iiee u-i-. ."-^ee their 
ad\erii-e,v;.M:! <at Icck colored I'^-eti. 

SCin'Ji^nOKJSOKX, j. \V1 .X CO., : L. l-our;een!h -ueet. near Lifth 
.\'.e.. ."^.ew \.,rk. I 'ii! "i^^iier-. 'd ioiufactarers an-i Dealers in School Ik^ok-, 
Scln.ol .••^upplie-. ^Jioo; f urniruie. i ;c. ddieir .\n!v ric.u: Scho.,| Li-tittite. e — 
tahli-hed in i'^5s. -.cures 'h..- 1.. .t .Vmerican atid fon.-i:;!! de.icher. to L.e had.. 
Rea.d .id '. erti-.-nri!!, p i:.'e X\', l'oii'i_;ii ] iepartm.-n! . 

SHI-:i{7.1 AX, CHAS. n. <V- CO., ,;2 S. k..ii;i!i -Mci-i. I'iiiiadtlphl.i, I'a.-. 
-iic^e--o)- '.:, iiio '.•. di known !ii.;;-eol [.liiii \\ , ( .kiddiii^. d hey in. inula' ture 
idank !;. r,k, ,,; ev._iy known va'iets.anl puMI-h 'he Xalloiia! ' Diarie-. An 
atti.ictiw in-et \\'';i iie I .and dy i.-lertin^ to I lie iiid';\. 

SXrj>[-:;i!XS SOXS, LOriS,' 1:1 W.-ium -tree!, runinmni. t'hio. I'aiper 
.M.nin.' ,\ . ; i\ ; ;■'■- :..,.i D dt i -. >■■■ m ii \ \' !;;;<-..-. r^ t 'a r. n;.; ho'.u th'- .'■■. >uth U v 
].'.■■'..: :■:■■--.■!.:- o .::,■ d-ad;-;. Idnd 1 1 'cir . a rd ■'• o- ,.■ 1 ,! \. j'oi i.-u Deo.. 

SOOi>V CO A J. CO., ( n.:::.oioo.;a, r-an. Wl..:, ..;d,"( ', ,a I. . '.dsc :i'..: \V.',.d. 
i h;- 1 .'.,, . :;\ ■'. ■ -o;,,.- .f (he :u>i < .. •' mine-- ih tlie >ond;. ..nd will cou!- 
j)Cte wiiii aii oti ci- til I'Tice- ,ia.l qu.ditv. A.;\ crii-emeiit tou.;d in i''oreij.;n 
!).-pa:-tn!.-ii!. ■. V- L\ 111. ■ 

SOl'Tin-'JvX SCJiOOL .\(;?:\CV, ^. S. \V.,.,lwine. Mana-er. -,5 ( h.tiivh 
-tici.-i. X.!-h.:l!.. leiin. kill, !- til.; oni\ tn-tit;i!i"n ui the knid in I he Suu! U. 

Axn r)L.-iNK>s l)iur.c iiiKV. 

.::,■! i> ;iiu>t r.l'i)' ;i!:ina.L;f'! l-y I'l-niV^-m- \\ uDlwine. ?!vci"v cue iiUt--rc.itt;<i will 
■ 1 i if t" hi-- "i I'l.!' U'h ,\iiI.;l;i.- U' cii^ult ail\ <.T[i-i:iiu-nt, ];c ~So. 

>iH"linV()!iTH (:<>., Mii:viKa.,iic, Ma». •• i;j:ik l.u'.lgci--' IViikt.. I'mc 

■• 1 nivi; \ ciimn'' aii'i " li';:-:!'.," '.'iiiiivicri-ial Xulc-. r'aj>>. I.t.-L;aU, ctt ., tic. A 

.[.fvi:.] i>\ i;k- Taper l^xhiiui at Plnladclphia. K.\|i..m; ion, .^a y> : ••The 

. i • liic^l anil lic>t w.n ,:u ]ia]iL-is in [he Ivvpo.^iiiini.'' 'J'uni lu |>a;,;i.- ^52, and sec a 

. i ••■li' iI,;ir4o ib- IJaiik i/.-ii;;'.r Mclium. 

*> i VS>I).V\, (jri'X). i>., 20 N. ^ liiiiy >tieel, Xa-h\iile, 'reiin. I'riiiu-r and 
jaiai^'ier. l.<jdL;e TrimiHL; and. l'ara[ih„'rna!ia a -.pecialty. Tlic --uiieiidr liandi- 
'vwik ')[' Mr. Maddaii e.ui lie .-.eeii iii all i'mal and liack colored pai;e,>, and in 
: ■ , M-.Mi I '.•]■ .rtiueiU !"• 'nu u jiil; paL^e fiS.j.. t,, inchidu- paye I.\'!. 

>.!"< »A KICS, fJ<jSJX \\'., Mdin. i)\\\o. Manuraciuicr of tiie Aui.Mnnric Sliad- 
■r.r^l i'eii. e>[)ee!aMv ii>e;ul M 1 um .lvd^ee|ieis in inal.iutj lod^jer lieaiH!i_i;>. p-'or 3 
^:■•,a:!nlt.■n ul work (ione'Aitli cue of these j)eiis, see j^ago inmiediately jirecedung 
•::i- ii-t. 

>r.M\i-:K. HEXIvV A. A: CO., 'diiea;;.). iik I'lddidiers a[ llie popular 
• ll.inunoek" a^id •• I ;< o,d.. ^ide" -orir>. Turn u, ilu: i,u!e\ a-i.l llnd their paye, 
V. liieii cou^idt loi- aitraelive i>ul)lii alions. 

'r!!<V^!!*^'>y. 55, ("., \rc!i!'iec-i. Xaduille. 'ienn. ("office. ^4 \. (/lieirv street. 
Mr. Thonip-on i^ tliorouyidy eoii\er>ant v. .di e\ery detail of lii- ptofession. 
i'iio eul lie L;'ive- ia his ads eili>eniem is (jf t!ie Mclveiidoee Cliurcll, Nashville, 
'■' ■ nne^t e'lit'iee in the' ."--oMili. See card, oppo-ile page 625. 

■|'{>\Vl-'Jv 35Xr(i CO., Stad. nery V\'areh m'^e. JSroad v. ay."e<,i ner I )';ane street, 
■■-e-.'. \'oik. 'I hi> i-> lu-ad,i]ua:tcr> foi' I'diie .uul .-^lapie .Staiiouery, Toy F.oo]<s, 
•kinie^. 1 .eallier < >Mod-, Wiilin^: i 'esk^ an.d e\ervthiny; de.^ired 1>}' stationei'.i. 
i' '.'.ili p iV \-ou I', turn ; ' tiii-- h> rei^n i )eprai nr.ent and rend the card 'd' this 
' ... a- p.i^^XXlil. 

'II !t\S-'JJ «X: II A Klv I.SOa'. I2tii and DuUonunod streets, I'liiki.ielphia, 
i'.i. .\la'a ulac! I! rer- ol lii;_;iiiy liidslied ,^teel !'en>: ins entoi's and sole pi ojirictors 

■ I ike -en ;s of Ri;~-ia Moheta t'i:n>. Theii l-ount:iia Srid) Ten i-- the pfip- 
idar and na^.^t d nr.dde l.e,.a! Ten in ii.>c. .'•^ee tiieii" leading stylos, Oil page 
Will, lorti-n Deparinunl. 

\AN AXTWKUl*, illJACni ..V CO., >. incinnaii ani Xew York. Puh- 
!i~;iers <.f the i'e-t and ehea; e>t ^cliO(d li-^d..-.. Idle J-".cleetic Ifdneational 
■-•■rie-s vOiiMiii a L':reaier nniwaPitol ehuice and iisefid matter ll'.an nn\' other 

■ ...-- ■•,' •) o;,~ p-.,ii.;sked 01 di.-> e aiiitrv. 'i'h^ ir ^ard eaa ke -een on p/ai:o X 11 !, 
i rei-n 1 n-par;nu ;i!. 

\ r.IOlONT r.V5:.>l >!ACIilM-:iJV CO., I'.ello.vs ral!>, Vermont. As 
':!e 'a.iuieof t lii- <f . jnipa n •>• imjdie--. tliey nianiaaefare and deal extendveiy in all 
kpid--.d' .\'_;ricL!i'. Machinerv. >ee their a'! vertisemeni, ['age I.X, k'oreign 

V. \!)i-:, 15. 3>, ^K. CO., 117 kalion street, Xev, ^■ork. Wade's I'nnta.g Inks 
■.■■ i( i.a V, !■'.-. -o to !..; tin: Lesi. See small card in Foreign 1 )e['artnicnt, 
p. :e lA III. 

\\ .\<;\S-:iJ. A3nUxOSi-:. (;!iatiano,,ga, d'enn. Iron and IJrass Castings uf 
ail kind--. ( Ira'es. i-eneiug. Niaeiiiiiei y, e;c. ^lr. Wkigiiia is an Ciiterprising 
g'H!, str,dgi)idor\. .ud in ali ids ilealings. anil -trict reliance can ke 
pk>; ed lii !iis v,..;- J an'' \\..i!v. L'onsuli the indev and f'm.i his card iXv fall par- 

'^V.\]J.;r: i»j;N ,^JXr<i CO,. llankdton, khe V.alke Fievikle Fount- 
.:'.■■: ['■■]: is i.o. .di.akie for i .-< T .^eep.ers, corre-r-ondieiils. cojlectoi's, and all out- 
';>"r woi!,. i'.esi 111 karat goid p.-u. Some Wucdd',; re.\ilng maiter and gipi' 1 
'.•> ari- I ) !'e loi, ud in ; li- 1 r e:'. rd. Sec oppi :siii- j..;j^(.- j jj. 

\\ \i.i..VC!?. .\. tv I--., ','1 kao.ilivay .Mid 1 \. 10 and iS. (dod,.y street, .Xevr 
"i . r.. i iiO'M , ■ - ol ih '■• I k !i;o IV ( iOM(k,. d: die X..ved;e- of i 'i.reign 1 i ties, 
'■■■■■' iSSi .i;,.l !>>.;. d 'ii-. 1"' ~' ,■ ■ ! 1 ,i( ; 1'- e s;,.,d. ■.■\'V eA'.knicii iri this eouiiir\'. 
^ ■■■ !\ • ; 1 i--nie!i!. a! p:;;.;-, XXiX. roieiL.n I 'e; .11; niel!!. 

^^ V1J,.\C?.1!. V.I J-i."!', 30 i'.wk Ida,. .se«-\dak. \Vh..!esile 1 nrporling and 
. r; .ui ide ."^;.o. 1, .1,(1 , ii .'f.d.ei - i.uuioi he -ui U'i ky this lioi'.se i I s.-enis almost 
a-.jk >s !•. liv ^1 •■••, hne. 1 a\^r.;'. i ng. I'la'.r I'lindag, 1 .il hoginpjhiiig, eiia. roe all 
■hi..- k;. Ml. \\ ,11.,. i, 111 !!ie s L-i y lil'diesi stsie. ^ee hi s e.irdi, ;i ( p.ige .\ X \A 1 1, 
' •■.■■■■•_{; i I. [. .rlni.MiI. 

Gf/iRGi \ .Sr.\ |-i; (', A/i. I I r.i-.R 

AVAiri), ;^I.AR(TS vV CO., R:.v,ii I'lstrr Wuk,, n.-lt";i-t. Am-rioan 
A,4ciu.v, (111 :r-,.i()i;, I .,:.;„■■,' .t-e/i. TiiHa 1 -Iphia. l'.i..u!-h Alhvl Iivl.i'i'l in 
cliar-f. (;. II. Fl.b.i, I'l ■ a,r .Mipli.hcl M.iv-Lr Smth. This h ,'i-:: i.-uc- 
the liii;i U.,Mij-.r Ciiri.iiin. ,i,, 1 \cu- Vlmt i ac U. in .-scrv c m.:-i\ ib!,- >u-le; ranL-teri..'-. etc. l'.,' pric.-sanl ijriii-,, >ce car.l' p.i^'j XXXIV, I'ov'- 
t\'^n I V-pAriincnt. 

WATEltS, HOifAf'l-: ^V CD., Sz6 r.r.xvlu.iv. \cu-. York. I'iaix.- ami 
Or^^iii-. Ihcii- organ- .w: of pt-ruliai- ^we-.t .\n-\ powerful tone, an! their 
pianos are sent on fifteen aay.> trial every one of llie>e in>triinient-, wrrraiUiil 
.SIX year- to t^ixe eiui re ..atisi'aciion. See tiieir -reat offer, oa pa-e XI. \ III, 
Fore!:.;n I >.-[iarr meni. 

AVES'I' JOHN C. cVj CO.. iSi an^ iS? \Ve>t street. Chica-o. Ills. 
I'ropr;etoi> r.f W e-t'< Nerve and I'.iain 'J'rer.tnien', a piepaiation that ivi^ a 
vri-le ai,-'nhuti..n. ^e_- i'or-i-n I >e;>artnie:u. pa^'a [.\"III. for their car, I. 

WH3^EL5-:5{. A. J., Xa-hvil!e. 'lenn. Ureehr .,f ar,,i DMler in re-i.-tere.i 
Jersey Cattle an. 1 ilerk-hire 1 'i .;-. Special att-iti-.n i.^'iven to tli- nrorriruiori 
of tiie pure-t inee-l .>f ferv-:v-. i i ^ 

WHEEIil':K CAlil{['/v<iii-: CO., Louisville, Kv. Manafaeturers of .Fi^^t- 
,■^l.-, jlM^j^i, ., J,.-,, , \' ..^^,,, , .1 iM ,, ,. -r},- ,. . __ ,, ., , ,,,,,_, ;. 

si)ocinUie-. and are iiii>a'-pa->ed in -Ivie ar,;!,. Tld, i. one of the •■sdid 
ixnu-ei!is"" (.f the South. '1 hey warrant ilu'ir aork for twelve months, and cun 
make it to your intcre-l to call v lieu in l.oui-vilie. Caidat pa!.;e I.'. Foreign 
Department. ^^ ■ & 

AVMEELi^Sf & OSIJOitX. jo X. rherrv .treet, XaMivdle. Tenn. llead- 
'[uartcrs uf llie SoUtlpve-t fir iSoo'k-. Scho;,| IJook-, Medical Cooks, 
Ml-cellaueou- j'.ook-. Fine Stati. nery. etc., etc. Ihnd.i.-, I'rinter- and w ln>le- 
-a!e Stati-aer-' Supplie-. li will repay yuu to C(Mi-idL th.eir a 1 verti-eir.etil op- 
posite |.a-e t.'<4. 

AVIUTI': iV <;K()|■:^■I•:. 50 Fa-i Day -neei, Charle-ton. .^. (\ Tho-phaie 
.Maiuifu lurei- and Deilei-. Fanner, cun-ultiiif; econoiuv of time a-id raonev 
cannot d > hetter than placir,- their ./nh.ns witli thi- house. .^ce [■•uei^u I jj- 
partinen;. pai^e l.X\'l. 

WIIJA'OA, .)A3I1-:S M. .SL- CO., 50-, .Min,.r ,-treet, Philadelphia. Fa. ^Mau- 
utacturers" and Comnd-n.n I'ai'cr W arehou-e. I'.,iiik Xote, W >n.\. I'archnu-nt, 

r.ook and Map Paper- alwav- .n li.o! i and made t -dei-. ddii- i- -i.e of t!i.' 

oh:e-i and ni--' re, i a Me a..;,- - la [i< : i' :)i_>u ; e-ta dIi -lied in I -J 2'). a- ivy Mills 
Del. C... I'a. See pa.-e XVXIII, F aei-u Depaniiient. 

AVII^TjI A^liS, D.VA'in, Slaiini^oon. Pa. 'Idiis -eutleman maiiuf ictnres a supe- 
rior (juality of Ijlack kooiinj; and Seho(d Slate- ; nhickhoard-. Mantels, Ceme. 
tery Slah-. etc.. etc. I le .itt.-in!- pr.miplly to all ■ aaiers l,y mail. See hi- card 
at pi;.;., X \' X 11 . i-ijiei'..n 1 'ei .'.riiuent. 

WIL.SON'S SONS, JOIlN..;i Maiden Fane, Xeu- Votk. Special importer 
ol Stationers' !l..|ida'. Xov.ln.,-. Id,.-.- have (,ne of the most attiaetive eard^ 
111 the ti.Md^. |M !,.• f.iind : ai f-;.n; e.d.,ix-,l |.a-r |) 

AVILSON'S SOlTHiOKN ! I J.i:(J K.VPIfK C01.EE(;i:s. K I. 
\\ ilsiiii \; (■,,.. p'oprieinr-. Xadivule. iV-nii., .ind .Vtlaua, i .a. 1 he-e Code'a-.'S 
are lesiin-' to in-coie.e s e, v j-opukir. and are amler the per-onal sUi.ervisi,-,.,ruf 
Mr. K. I. \Vi!se.n. a pr:o-ti-:al op.-ra;or of ^3 y^ars experience. 'Fele-raphv is 

tau'dit to h.ith 

'I "I I hi- ■fMVM 

AVILSON. W. 1). A: Co., ^j; IVarl -treei!"xew"v!:Hv!"^niV'printing Inks, 
etc.. manniactured l.ytlu- h-a-- aree.pial. if not -aperior. to anv in the market, 
lull partieukir- can be obtained U\ coiisiiitiiu; pa.L;e I.X1\ , Forei_;ii Department. 

The Leading Book Manufacturing House of the Northwest. 

A. J. cox & CO. 


THREE MEDALS awarJcd for Best Work al ik' Gincipnali inJuslrial Exposition of 1S7!). 
O 3E3E: X O u^- Gt- <0 . 

Extj-act from Report of tlic Board of 
CojjDiiissionei's Seventh Cincinnati In- 
(Instrial Exposition, tS/Cj. 

" Entry No. 583. A. j. Cox & Co., Chicago, 111., 
Publishers Book Binding in cloth. We find the samples ex- 
liiliiied to be of the highest order of merit. W'e would 
r«'C()mniend the granting of a [)remium." 

"Entry Xc 5S4. A. J. Cox c^ Co, Chicago, 111.. 
iob Book Bindint) in full morocco. The samples submitted 
l'\' tile Messrs. Cox cV' Co. are tlrst-class in style and 
workmanship, and coni[)are more than faYorabK' with the 
I'est London bindings, and are much superior to any- 
"diing in this line in competition with th( nv, and we re- 
connnend the granting o\ a prcjuiium to them." 

•'J'.NTRY X... 5S5. A. f. Cox c\: Co., Chicago. 111.. 
iob Book Binding in half morocco. The .samples submitted 
hkr the preceding enir)- (5S4),art' tirst-class in st}"l(t and 
workmanship, and would \'ki creditalde to anv binder, 
I'.uropean (^r American; :ind we recommend the graniing 
♦»! a premium to thr-m." 




anufacturers to the Trade, 

Attention is called to our facilities for Binding Editions of 
Any Work; furnishing all varieties of Cases, Limp Covers, 
Leather or Cloth Backs, when parties wish to do the 'oir.ding 
themselves; or do Stamping on their own work as they may 

Leather Side Titles in great variety and style kept in stock 
and made to order. These Titles are deservedly popular with 
the TRADE. 

Leather Back Titles for Law and IVIiscellaneous Work made 

to order in large or small quantities; used by three -fourths of 


the Law Book binders in the country. 

Stamped Cloth Sides for tlie leading publications kept in 
stock. These Sides are received with great favor by the Trade. 
A trial order solicited, which, if not found satisfactory, may be 
returned. Price Lists furnished. 

Music Contents Sheet — an elegantly colored page, very 
useful for Sheet Music. Sample furnished. 

Stamped Leather Backs for the leading Magazines, in sev- 
eral styles. 

All kinds of Edge Gilding, cither by Job or Edition, as weJl 
as every variety of Stamping and Embossing promptly exe- 

Any inquiry for prices of work in our line will meet with a 
prompt and cheerful response. 

Your orders solicited. 

A. J. COX &. CO. 


Smith W. E 71 


Alhanv Perforated Wrapping Pa- 
per Co xvi 


Aycock A. Mrs 75 

liecorder '. 77 


Parry A. N Ixi 


Cliuajd House S3 

!j:iinpkin R. H S3 

University of Georiiia 83 


Air-Lii'.e House 107 

Amtricaii luvtntor 97 

Auelior I'ublisiiiiig Co 109 

Aiiiiis C.S 617 

vi'plctoii 1). i<c Cn..In>-idf froul cover 

i;-ut(,'il H. M 103 

K..-(he R. C. &Co Iu3 j Pratt Ni P 

!'. .v.l I. S 95- R-forrn Medical Colle 

ivroAii C. M 98 i 

(';ui!inn Hoii>e 109 i 

'■.ninroii \V. H 100 

('.irr..ll (). C 103 

<'.nttr iS: Sol )tnoii 109 

< iKUii!..'rs J. H. ct Co 107 

'■i;ok University GO-Gl 

C.urke E. Y" '. 117 

<-ie M. iV Co lt'3 

^' 'ii-^tiuiiion 113 

<''>'.k <kTerhime 1U4 

<''-irr;iii i Co lul 

I'i-bn.w CJ. & Co lOS 

!*ixii- ]'\iriii.r 
y.nivry II. F. 
I'wriianks C. 





Cliemica! and Minim 



•■'TtriH Mutual R.-licf Ass'u ]r5 

urky J. \V Ill 


Haraisou F. L 101 

Harri3•:^ll J. P. & Co opp. 96 

Hendrix & MoBurney 119 

Hickman C. W 147 

Krcis J 99 

Kries A. W 101 

Ladd A. C 101 

Lambert L. A 99 

Leber H. B 1T6 

Lo-ian W. W 107 

Loreniz & Rittler 91 

Lynch & Lea 03 

]NicKinley N 653 

McI>endon J. S 125 

McNeal \V. S. & Co 93 

Milburn Watcou Co opp. 128 

Milledi^e & Haygood US, 12G 

Moore B. F 126, 529, 560 

Norrraan & Weed 95 

Paris J. A 99 

Peoples' Mutual Relief Assn 99 

Ptiiilips & Crew 105 

P.-.oenix Hosiery Mills 93 

Plii)U..L^rapb. 115 

Piedmont Air-L:u • 11. R opp. 529 

Pest 117 

Post Appeal 117 

, 93 


Ro(igers R. L 

SawTell I. Y. & Son 

Sclircde- J. C 

Soott G. W. &Co 

Sh\uu:bter J. T 

Snuliern Copying Co 

Southern Medical College.... 

Standard Directory Co 528 

Tlirower J. G 119 

Trippo R. B 

Ui-muC. R 

Vitiur B 

Widden it Sto.\e 

Walk-tT W. II 

W* 4ern & A'lantic It. R.... 

Wil-oii Hou.-p 

Wilson W. S. A- Brother 

Wil-on's Southern Telegraph-Col- 
U'ge opp 136 

Withers W. S 13S 

Zerbe F. E 97 








Georgia State Gazetteer 



Blaisikll F 151 

BoliltT & Pierrioii 155 

Calvin & Co 155 | 

Clironide iai(i Coiisiitutionalist... 103 | 

Delane & Hick^k 113 I 

Doolittle E. F IGl 

Furse & Eva us ..* 147 i 

Georgia Baptist IGl 

Globe Hotel 161 

Lippincott J. B. «fc to., 

front colored p. F 

Marshall O. W 147 

Medd T 155 

Miller A. J 159 

Pollard W. J 159 

Reynolds P 1,59 ! 

Sluehaa E 151 

Thompson & lleindel 147 

JLv/xtTA V_y ItfJ 

Volger G. i; Son 49 

WyseC. S 151 


Baker R. J. & Co Ixiii 

Benson C. W. Dr ^I'P- "''^''^ 

Edwards J. K iv 

Lorentz & liiitler 91 


Rogers J. J 169 

Taylor W. R 169 

Vermont Farm Machine Co Ix 


Carter, Dinsmore & Co 769 

Cunningham & Co., 

under table of contents 

DenuiHon ^Manufacturing Co xlvii 

Estts <fc Lauriat xxviii 

Evans' Artiticiai Leather Co., 

near hack of ti:l'. 
Forbes' Lithographic ^lanufac- 

turing C" opp. ll'J 

Ginn, Heath <t Co v 

Honghton, Mitlln &, Co vii 

Latbrop D. A Co xxxix 

Manchester Lcjconiotive Work.^, 

near Lack ot title 

Osgood J. R. & Co ' pp. xxxii 

Prang L. & Co.. xxiv 

Roberts Bros xi 

Itobin.-un Engravip.g Co... .opp. xlviii 
Sanderson L. «fc Co., 

liack colored ji. G 

Mabry G. B 189 


Burhugton Hawkeye Iv 


Mauk S. C. & Co 195 


Jiivet & Co xl 


Dauncr J Ixii 


Times 201 

WesL C. E 209 


DoselierB 766 

I'Mi.^to Phosphate Co..... Ixxii 

Franke C. D Ixii 

White & Groeve Ixvi 

Alab-.'.nia Great Southern R. R.... 57 

Read Hriise ii 

Siuldy C"al Co hid 

Wagner A 5 


.Andrews A. H. &. Co opp. 4*^ 

Chicago S<'ale Co opj». 3i)8 

Cox A. J. & Co head of inij^^x 

Halu:einann Medical Cidlege Ixv 

Kaiid, :\[rXidly & Cm ...opp. ll'S 

Suuj:; r Henry a. o: Co op]). 773 

Wi bt J. C. & Co Iviii 


Ault <fe Wiborg Ixviii 

Bio(d< & Co xxxii 

Charles Stewart Paj'er Co xii 

C'hurch J. «.t Co xxx 

I Cincinnati S'Utliem Ry 59 

C'inciniiati Type Foundry Ixx.x 

] Clarke 11. & Co opji. xl 

EvtnsC. M li 

Fra:iklin Type Fonu'iry liv 

Holland J xxvi 

Jones l>r()s. »S: Co f^I'P- "^dii 

Krel s Lith. 'graphic Co opp. 144 

Madison Mouse 769 

Sind r's Sons Louis lix 

Van Antwert". Bragg & Ci-> xiii 

Van Bililjei- & Co Is x vii 


Clark R. C. & C. S opp. SOS 

Hardeman R. V 216 

And Business Directory. 



Butler R. H. & Co 

Camp J. J. 

Graud Rapids & Indiiuia R. R... 

Parker R. A 


}'. iti'fl A Youiisj: 225 

!;r.-wtr J. J. ct Co 2-'5 

r.-!itt:il Liin- Steamers 2'29 j Metliodist College 

(• .jmiibiis Ffiiiale College 527 

Jli.tiuiierSun 229 

M.rker W. F 225 

Muiidav A Robinson 229 

.\JuM„.L'.e Mnfg Co 221 

rruvrrt-ssive Age 229 

\Villiam.sG. T 229 

Ktiikiii House 221 


D.wnsS. P 233 

Hiintnoiis G. W 648 


Camp T 239 


Hiiimnack J. D. & H. D 

Hixuu J. W 241 



, 289 
. 289 

. 56 

. 298 

. 300 



Bliip J. E. D 


SJiiuer MnfgCo ;. 247 

Worrell C 247 


C'ar^'on, Brown &. Co xiv 

Dawson Jourual 63 

S-.uth (leori^ia Male and Feniah' 

Bishop C. A 

Goddard House 300 

Rawls W. T 301 


Walker Pen Mnfg Co opp. 772 


Hr;hnc£;&:Miail:y ..... ^1 1 

241 ! Kibbee & Mariiii 311 

WaiteF. C 311 

Watson J 313 


Jo^epli Dixon Crucible Co xxiv 


E. Tenn., Va. & i. R. R 55 

E. Tenn., Va. & Ga. R. R., (Sel- 

tua Division) 53 

Goodniau's Business College 

opp. 88 
Paulett J. W opp. 89 


•'^miihM. L 

^"'llegH l)Hek tly H! Bradley, Gilbert & Mallory Ixiv 

Wheeler Carriaj;(i Co 1 

Smilli R. A 526 


Bryan G. W 351 


Barfield S. B 359 

Burke J. W. & Co 359 

back of title i Jones G. S 359 

Maeon & Brun.^wiek R. R 52 

Mix & Kirtland 3'i5 



HoMen MnfgCo opp. xxiv 


Barnuin E. T 775 

1'" rry r.ros lii 

Calvert Liili. and Eug. Co., 

M^Triam Mnfg Co xiv | p^^tp'^^r s!'& Co. 


Smith B. 

Southern Hotel 359 

H'acuwcu w. T.&CO .,,p. 1-ii j g;;;';!^- j':;";:;:;:;:;:.:;;;;;;;:::::;; ^ 


Tavlor \V. eV- E. V 355 

Hall I;. A 2G4 I 'l'*^l^S:?^'''''P'' "''''' Messenger 363 

Nh-Artlnu-"i''Gritii'ii".'.'.'.".'"!"*'.' " 

MeUa., W 



r^'^.aiid H. A lxx\ i Marietta Paper Mnfg Co 

l>eLund H, A. & L. J. & Co Iviii I Winn W. T. & W. J 


Anders-u C 369 

(JoberG. F 371 



Georgia Statk Gazeiteer 



Memphis & Charle-stou R. II 54 

Stoakes J. W After title 


Sunday Herald 377 


Ray W. J 381 


Southworth Co opp. 352 


Baxter M opp. 657 

Byrne P opp. 624 

Goodman's Business College opp. 8S 
Hartford Life and Annuity Iii- 

£ur:ir.ce Cd opp. 78i 

Howertou & Benson opp. 624 

Medical Dept. University of 
Naslivillt' and Vanderbilt Uni- 
versity op}), 656 

Medical and Dental Dej^t. Uni- 
versity of Tetin., Nasliville 

INIedical Col'ege Editorial Notes 

Nashville, Cliattanoogu & St. 

Louis Ry opp. 5(5 

Nashville Infirmary <'PP- ^•^" 

Southern Si'hool Agency opp. TSU 

Standard LirrCiory Co 5'_'S 

Thompson H. C (^PP- 6"_'5 

Wheeler A.J. back cover 

Wheeler & Osl)orn opj>. 6S4 


Acme Stationery and Paper Co. 

opp. S 

Aiken, Lambert A Co 

inside back cover 

American Lead Pencil Co xx 

American Photo. Lith. Co. ..opp. ^U 

American Sclionl Institute xv 

Anderson et Cameron opp. xvi 

Anthony E. tt H. T. & Co xx 

Ap[ileton D. & Co. .inside front cover 

Baker H. J. & Bro Ixviii 

Baker, Pratt & Co xxv 

Barnes A. S. & Co xxviii 

Berlin & Jones Envelope Co...xxxviii 

Brown <k Sanson xxxvii 

CampDell ife Smith Ivii 

Carter, Dliismore tt Co 7t:9 

Celluloid Nove!tvCo..Editorial Notes 

Cottrell C. B. & Co Ixix 

Crowt-ll T. Y. i<i:Co xx'w 

Davids T. ifc Co x 

Dessau S li 

Downs C. L front colored [). 10 

Eagle Pencil Co.... xx 

Esterbrook Steel Pen Co xxvi 


Ff'rmer, Little & Co Ixxii 

Fords, Howard & Hulbert xxviii 

Garvin E. E. ct Co liii 

Gibson J opp. 224 

Giliott J. & S')ns xvi 

Hake P xxx 

Male Fj. J. it Son xxxii 

Harper & Bros 6 

Ilasltrouck & Watson opp. 64 

Holmes, Booth & Havdens Ixvi 

Ingersoli Ivock Drill Co xlii 

Iverson, lilakeman, Taylor <fc Co... xxi 

J. G. Sliaw Blank Book Co viii, 

Koch, Sons & Co xix 

Ticvy H. & Son xxvii 

liindcjinifvi r Henry Ivii 

MacKinnon Pen (yO.front c )lored p. B 

Mdler 6; Flinn xvii 

?nIoss pjiigraving Co Ixxviii 

Aiycr's .'^.•nitar''- I>e"ot Irxvi 

Nash <t Bro opp. 797 

National Blank Book Co iy 

New T Iv 

New York Belting and Packing 

Co liii 

New Y.irk Blank Book Co vi 

Orantre Jiidd Co xlii 

Piioto Enirr:iving Co '.... ix 

Potter, Ainsworth & Co xxxv 

Power Manufacturing Co xxiii 

Putnam's Sons G. P xxxii 

Jiaynor S. & Co xxxv 

R)'hinsou D. W xliv 

Sanborn G. H & Sons Ixx 

Scitermorhorn J. W. & Co .>».. xv 

Towcr Maniif icturiu .- Co xxiii 

\'an Anlweri', I'.ratriT & Co xiii 

Wade H. D. i^- Co..; Iviii 

^\'allach A. ik E xxix 

Wallacli W xxxvii 

Wat.Ts H. i^- Co xlviii 

Wilson W. D. ct Co Ixiv 

Home Journal 407 


P.eck C xlvi 

Butler T. II. & Co opp. 89 

Ditinan J. (i. ik Co opp. iii 

Elliott A. G opp. 789 

Harrison Jiros. & Co op^). IGO 

Lan .'reth D. & Sons Iviii 

Lippencoit J. B. <k Co., 

front colored p. F 

Lucas John & Co opp. 448 

Murjihy's Sons, W. F xli 

Porter & < oatcs Ivi 

Siicrinan C. H. & Co opp. 788 

I'urner it Harison xviii 

Ward M. A Co xxxiv 

Willcox J. M. & Co xxxiii 

And Business Directory. 



(Jourley H. T xxii 

J,>!i:i8oii A Field opp. 16 


(ViiJral Hotfl 427 

I'i.rsytb tt Hoskinsou 427 


Levisou A Blythe Stationary Co.xxxv 


Jacobs H. & Co xlix 


.\c:ti!emy ol St. Vincent de Paul 443 | 
|w'>U)n & Savannah Steamship 1 

I,inp 50 I 

r.r^wn ,J. II. & Co 439 ! 

larrt'll H. Y 430 j 

Harnett House 439 1 447 I 

Lindonstrutli P 439 ! 



Ishniaelite 473 

Times and Planter 473 


Bradley M. & Co xvi 

Eagle Manufactuiing Co Ixvi 

Merriani G. <& C xxx 


Mast, Foos & Co Ixxiv 


L. L. Brown Paper Co xxxi 


Morgan & Higdou 475 

Singleton E. P 484 


Gulf House 493 


Maurirt- J. AV 4i3 

Mrll \V. P>. & Co -143 ; Milburu Wagon Co opp. 12 

Kiiliardson & Barnard 50 j moT-'^.-rTi >.- 

S.ivannal), Florida & Western Rv 51 | IREN J ON. 

S.nithern Farmers' Monthly 447 j Jacoway W. U. & J. P 498 

Till' Ei'iio, Advertiser and Tour- 

i-t's Guide 443 

Wliatley.!. L 541 

Wilson J. AV 541 

Wynn's Commercial House 443 


HuWfs, Ruboock & Ewell Ixxiii 


TROY, N. Y. 
Fuller, Warren & Co opp. 464 


Ashley D. C 503 

Hill W. H xxsvi 


Williams D xixii I Crider & Bro 






fdUerus and Models made to ordtr. Mechanical Draughting neatly eiecuted. 




Alterations, Corrections, Removals, 
for insertion in 

Etc. Information received too tali, 
regular €rder. 

Wilkes Countjj. 
Anderson John L., L'eiil store 
. Ander-on L. \Y., infill .store 
Lasbiter T. (\, uht-elwriglit 
Mathev\ s & TmUpv, i^t-iil store 
Quinii W. D., i'liy>:ri;(n 
Sisttosi v*w Ajs<le-?^0'i, '-renl store 
Wu!!:icc R. D., bhlci;^:M;th 
Walton John H., phvriiciuii 


Tray/ie County. 
JDcveiiflorf II. C, saw mills 
Dye AV. M. iS: Jiro., mnfr tiavu! stores 
P'arn II li L., mnfr iriva] s^tores 
Fairell <fc StrinliuL', 'Ji<^\\\ store 
jNIas-ie John, saw mill 
Sn)ilh C. H., r. r. exp. agt. and tel. 


Pillion Comity. 
Botian C. P , yuaiio agt 
Conley John L., attorney 
Connaliy S. X., attorney 
Connally 8. W., mill 
Gilbert Jo'^hua, jJiysieian 
Johnson, Thompson &Co., e^nl store 
Lyle & C<Minally, geul store 
Iseic'^ L. P., Hev 

Redwine J. O., grist and saw mill 
Roan J. T., physician 
Steed J. 1']., grocer 
Taylor S. Al^toll, pliysician and 
genl store 


Jlousiun County. 

Gilbert J. C, physician 
King McD., mechanic 
JMt'Coy B. I'ugetie, tei'clier 
ISIeCoy M. 31., genl store 
Mobley B. II., music teacher 
Bell J., mail contractor 
Storey R. E. Rev., Baptist 

Gibson County. 
Braddy C. A., co. coroner 
Calhoun F. L., eo. ordinary 
Dixon it Logue (Gib>;on C Dixon, 

Henry L')tn^^•), genl store 
Hattaway & Walden (Amos Hatta- 

way, "\Vi!liam Walden), grist mil! 
Kelly J. Li., physician and drugs 
Kelly Y. J. ]SI., pliysician and drugs 
Kitchens C. H., sheritT 
Kitchens Sfat)orn, co. surveyor, grist 

and saw mill 
Lane B. A., attorney 
LogUH H. & Co. (Ileiuy Logue, J. W. 

P, Whitely), genl store 
Ij(-giie \V. R. Sy.^ CO. tax receiver 
Xunn F. P., physirian 
Peebles J. S., co. treasurer and genl 

Raley J. C, physician 
IJoi^'ers K. B., elk superior court 

Hfid CO. com ^ 

Scruggs E. G., physician 
Snider J. S., co. ti'.x coiltr-etor 
Usrv J. F., physician, grist and saw 

Wilclier J. C. A., grist mill 


Franklin County. 

Camp D. M., blacksmith 
Cooper W. A., sfh(^ol teacher 
Goode J. F. Rev., Bai)tist 
Gori:<ni Tiiomas, blacksmith 
Ileiwbrt'e John, carpenter 
liolbrook AV. J , justice 
Underwood T. G. li-v., Baptist 
Yow T. R., genl store 
Yow & Harrison (R. D. Yow, M. A. 
Adams), genl store 


l')ni')hj Couuty. 

CIo;??^ Coney (P. C. Clegg, S. Vs. 

Coney), genl store 
Culpepper David S., notary 
Lewis J. F. «fc Sun, genl store 

And Business Dikectory. 

l^wls F. K., justice 
Viiicciit G. M., physician 

Cherokee County. 

('..gjiiis A. B., p. m. 
t;ri><>v»T J. K., genl store 
WW k Kay, genl store 
i:..lK't.s A. W., genl store 
K>)l>crts J. M., genl store 


Liberty County. 
('u*sels R. Q., genl store 
Kr;ist'r J. B., genl store 
rni>er W, A. & Bro., genl store 
Noriuiui IV. J.» geul store 

• *< I I 

Bulloch County. 
A Hodges, p. U). 
ir.-ev B. W. Rev. 
tr-ty \V. O. Kev. 
:ivi? Gtorge, mechanic 
ivis W. A., nuchanic 
rahani Jt'r-se Kev. 
uigt's E. \V. store 
iltlis T. T., piiysieiiiii 
iller L. Ij., mechanic 
11 er J. Jt. Rev., Baptist 
iller J. 8. L., plivsician 
"rel Y. II., genl store 
'uch T. S., phy.-^ieian 
■nre O. \V., physician 
'i'.-'iii J. W., genl store 


Liberty Coioify, 
Brov\n Joseph, genl store 
DauiflD. B. Rev., Baptist 
Fleming W. B. judge superior court 
Harden John L., attorney 
Harris R., physician 
HoUiday, Jordan ct Co., genl store 
Law He'nry ^1., attorney 
Mallard >Sanmel J., teacher 
INIillen, Joselyn &Co., saw mill 
Miller E. P., genl store 
Montgomery John W. Rev., Presby^- 

Quartermann I. S. K., phy.-ician 
Walthour Russell Mrs., genl store 

Troup County. 
Allisiin R. G., genl store 
leaker Karley, justice 
lifa.-k'y A. E., p'iiysi^ ian 
Kraihield J., physician 
Carletoii J. X., carriage mkr, notary 

and jiisiice 
Do/.ifi' \V. 1-2., priu Mountville 

.\ia Icuiy 
M'>'.nuvill>- Academy 
!■' rttr \V. C., blacksmith 
1 1 arkiT J. A., carriage and house 



Iluhdolph Connfij. 
I'ruwn Samuel «fc Co., genl store 
< litt- luleii i*. Hro., irenl store 
I'ftn I't, l'hfli)s, v'iu and mill 
1 ••rgusoii A; Oliver, warehouhe 
•'■ly »fc I'rice, saw mill 
i'heipb &. i'uyue, saw mill 

Wilkes County— lla-^A. Br. Ga. E. R- 
County scut. The pop-!; tio:i is 
2300. Has several churelie-, wtiite 
and colored, Methodist. Bnptist, 
Presbyterian, Episcopal and Roman 
Catholic, and several school's ; one 
weekly newspaper, Washington Ga- ' 
zette. " It is situated 18 miles from 
Baruett, 76 from Augusta and lol 
from Atlanta. E.xpress Southern, 
and telegraph Western Union. John 
F. Andrews, P. M. 
Anderson W. T., grocer and Kiloou 
Andrews H. F., [Wivsician 
Arnold House, George C Beal, proi>r 
Bank of Wasliington, Ga. Capital 
S1J5,000. Du(iley M. Duiyjse, pres., 
E. Y. Hill, Cashier 

Barneit Samuel, attorney 

Beal George C, pri'pr. Arnold House 

Benson James, genl stove 

Bigby i5. O., grocer 

Culla'n John M., genl store, gin and 
grist mill 

Candler, C C, genl store 

Ch.Hpmm i Ingram, pubs NVasinug- 
ton Gazette 

Clase SVildam H., drugs and exp agt 

Colley F. PI. tfc J. i)., attorneys 

Cordes Henry, jeweler 

Cozart, Jiinns <k Co., (G. P. Cozart, 
E. G. l>inns,J.P.C< genl store 

Crafton J .hii J., siientf 

Cramer W. T., b:iki,r 

DuBo>e DudKy M., attorney 

Dyson (-ieoigo, co ordinary and 
elk supr court 

Erwin iN; Fortson, ( J. 'T. EruMi, T. 
E. Forl-ouj genl store 

Ficklen James B., physitian 

Fitzpatrick E. 3I)>., milliner 

Floyd John D., inrniiure 

Fluke r \V. T. & Bro., gun smiths 


Cteorgia State GAZErrEER 

Foreman R. L., propr Washiugtou 

Franklin Abraham, dry goods 
Green T. B., dry goods and groceries 
Green T. M., dry goods 
Hardenum t^a:ii|)Son il., attorney 
Heard IJeujamin W., cliairmau 

board commi;-?sioueis 
PIfnatierry Jatnes, grocer 
Hill K. T., CO treasurer 
Hogue, Quinn & Duncan, (T. C. 

Hogue, H. P. Quinn, G. W. Dun- 
can,) geni store 
Irvin B njaminS., attorney 
Jesse Thoma«, confectioner 
Kemnie H. R., dentist 
Lane J. H. <k. Son, (James H. & 

James A.), piiysicians 
Lowe & Bro. (G. Y. & J. W. S.), 

Lyndon "hi. S., drugs 
]*.Iay C. M., ^eoi store 
jSIaxwell William, grist mill 
Moore ]NL V., gr(X'er 
ISIuUigan George W., physician 
Norton Patrick H., grocer 
■ Phillips J., ilry goods 
Pittard William D., gristmill 
Pope ^r. A., CO tax c<i. lector 
P(4te William A , grist mill 
Reese W. M. & M. P., attorney 
Richards R. T., confectioner 
Sale G. C, co. tax receiver 
Sims M. M. & Co., M. M. Sims, J. 

W. Sanders, S. \V. Wytiii,' L^rm-ers 
Sims, Sanders & Co., cS'l. M. Suns, J. 

W. Sand.jrs, S. \V, Wynn,) liouse 

fnrnishiiiir u'oods 
Siitis i^ S?l8iii>rick, (W. M. Sims, 

Edward T. Siuibrick,) attorneys 



mm £ SilUBBiCK, 

Attorneys at Lav/, 

'^Vti.'sliiii*>'toii, Ga.. 

Practice rpfrnlnrly in the contitips of Wllkos, 
Lincoln, O li-'horpc, Tiili.iftrro, Elbert, Coluiii- 
bLi, Mcl'iiUit- Hi.d \V;:rreii. 

Ji^'^CoUtctioD of cliunis of r.ou-rcsidents a 

Slatoii Hhiu-v p., 'jrist ttnd saw mill 

Smith Char!' s K , m^ocer 

Smith J. P», grist mill 

Smith J. II. , yrocer 

Sniitli Loreu/.o, carriage maker 

Smith Robert S., railroad agt 
Tiilum Wyley, co surveyor 
Terry CJeorge W., insurance agt 
Tooml)s Robert Hon., attorney 
Toomhs William H., attorney 
Tooney & l>rother, geid store 
Washington Gaz.ette, Chapman & 

Ingbrum pr()j)rs 
Washington Hotel, R. L. Foreman 

Wingtield Charles E., judge county 

Wood John M., saloon and livery 


Ware County. 
Shine Mary E., P. M 
Cason W. A., stiloon 
Cason & Knight, geul store 
Cottingiiam C. A., iniiliiier and laucy 

Folks W. B., physician 
Folks W. B. &Son., drugs 
Hahen-tein R., genl store ) 

Happin O. T., turpeiitine distiller 
JcDkiiis C. J., milliner 
Knox James, genl store 
Kuinit/.ki K., physician 
Lott Warren, it'.surance agt 
^tcDonald J. C, attorney 
McQuaig C, genl sjore U. D., railroad and exf agt 
Paxtnu [). B., turpentine distiller 
Koach vt Tompkins, brick malrs . 
Stanton Valentine L., tel opr 
Sweat A. J., saloon 
Sweat Bi.rrell, justice and notary 
Sweat T. M., genl store 
Wiliams H. C, attorney and gen. 

Wilson I.. A., attoriuy 
Wriglit J. W., saloon 

.TOll.N illl.LKIJGK. 

Wm. a. Hatgood 



Office : Coiaer Alabama and Loyd Streets. 
Opposite Georgia Depot. 

i/* 'A f' 


■ TUtOo 



r| t-\ I ^ ^J ^ 




1 THTiTFA f^'l> .1 'PW^WWigi, 


■ ^ ■ g * j»-a» "Tr^.\~q* ■?"*■" ^E" '?:f'^'^*i ra,'*^'^- V*""*^* ""f?^ "^^S* 


■/ J' 

Cfli, Peafl & Pins Sh., 


If p ^ - , 

i3sa?u5L:oi-BX^X3:jSX> ii^o" xoqs. 




^sssM ^^sg^ B^^pa 



nsAKxsn OF 




.met^. r^asa 










DaltoiX, Mab^. 

See exhibit with Jas. P, Harrison & Co., at 
Exposition grounds, Atlanta. 

IW" His Linen, Ledger and Record Papers, for 
County and State Record Plank Pooks, and all {)ur- 
poses where great strength and long use are required, 
are recognized as the best made. 

This is a specimen of our Neutral Tint Paoer. 

ill. H, 


117 Fulton and ^2 Ann Streets, 


Manufacturers and Dealers in 

F/;/e Manilla IVritiiig and Majiuscript Papers, 
Lawyers Briefs, Sfudeiifs Exercise Books, 
Reporters Note- Booths, Parchment 
Papers, Parclniieiit Letter Copy- 
ing Books, Files & Binders, 



' ^ru.A/^ V^ 

OPi;N FOK rsE. 

The above cut shows our new method of putting up 


For General Use, in the Fcllcving oizes : 


For the Trade Only. LETTER. For the Trade 0}uy. 


The attention of the trade ir, particularly called to this NEW LINE OF 

GOODS. They are handsomely bound in PORTi'^OLIO STYLE, 

with a sheet of best blofiirj: pap-::r r.ttachcd, rvin'-cirLj decidedly 

the BEST, ir.ost CONVENIENT, and handsomest 

package of writing paper in the market. 



1 ; 


!, ! 

This Is a specimen of our Neutral Tint Paper. 





:i Manufactured by the 

j icmc ^tatioiierii ^ mtr tfimpHnu, 

'I . ^' 

"1 New York, 









;t Legal, Bill and Foolscap, 

j:,! Congress and Bath Loiter, ' 

ji I Packet and Commercial Note. 

I \ DESK OR SCR A TCH PA DS Wnruled). In all si^es. 


\^-: ( Our pads or tablets are all bound 7i'ith our improved flexible gum). 

jiij BLANK HEADS ifor printing). 








''■■\ oircavs in stuck. 

j ;i Our goods are for sale by all first-class Stationers everywhere ; 

1:1 ask to see them. 


f!^w»»».^i.'.< y/flij / 




rrineipa! office, Augusta, Ga. Directory: H. B. Plant, president; George 
H. Tilley, secretary ; M. J. O'Brien, superintendent, 

Kastern Department: c! S. Plank, cashier, f.nd D. F. Jack, auditor, 
Augusta, Ga, 

Western Department: C L. Ix)op, cashier and auditor, Meuipbiy, Tcnn. 

Division Superintendents : AV. H. Clayton, Atlanta, Ga. ; H. Dempsey, 
Augusta, Ga. ; T. D. G.lltspie, Columbia, 6. C. ; H. C. Fisher, Memphis, 
ienu. ; F. R. Osborne, Nev; Orleans, La. 

All points in Texas are reached by this Company; the Texas Express 
Company cmnecting. 

.\bl>eviJle, Miss. 
Aboovillf, rt, C 
A'>l;oUsburg, N. C, 
Ab-rdeen, Miss. 
\rtun, 8. C. 
Ai'worth, Ga. 
Adairsville, Ga. 
.\i:un<, (4a. 
A'Imiih, Tenn. 
-"vtiims Kim, S, C 
Aiken, 8. C. 

ALjiiaiua Furnace, Ala. 
Aluany, Gix, 
Albany, Tenn, 
Al'ovy, Ga. 
Allatoona, Ga. 
AUrndale, 8. a 
Miens, Tenn. 
Alk'uton, Ala, 
•^ll-ine, Ala. 
-^l^ton, 8. C. 
-Viiihi-rsons. Ala. 
-^''neliaC. H., Va. 
Ani.jricus, G?i. 
A'jjit..'Citv, La. 

A'.dt.T.i(,U,\S. C. 

AniliTsonvillo, Ga. 
-Vnnistou, Ala. 
AiitiiH'h, Ga. 
-'M-i-l.-mii, S. C. 
Areola, Ijh. 
Ar(;hers, Fla. 
Argyle, Ga. 

Arkadelphia, Ark. 
Arlington, Ga. 
Arliiigton, Ky. 
Armiston, Ala, 
Artf-sia, Miss. 
Asuby, Ala. 
Ashepuo, S. C. 
Ai'hville, Ala. 
A-pt u Hill, Tenn, 
At hen.--, Ala. 
Alliens, Ga. 
Atluns, Tenn. 
Atlanta, Ga. 
Atoka, Tenn, 
Attala, Ala. 
Auburn, Ala. 
Aucilia, Fla. 
Augusta, Ga. 
Austin, Ark. 
Ayersville, Ga. 
Baiubritige, Ga. 
Bakers, Tenn. 
Jiakvrsfiort, Ky. 
]];\hl\vin, Fia. 
Baidwyn, Mits. 
Bangor, Ahu 
BamlKTg, iS. C. 
il'rdweli, Ky. 
Barks ialf, Va. 
B.iniesviiie, Ga, 
Burnett, Ga. 
Barrs, ri. C. 
Bartlfctt, Tenn, 

Barton, Ala, 
Bartov/, (J a. 

j Batesburg, S. C. 

Batesville, Miss, 

Bath, S. C. 

BaxJey, Ga, 

Bay Minette, Ahv. 

Bay St. Louis, Miss, 

Bear Creek, Ga. 

Beaufort, S. C- 

Beauregard, Missu 

Beauvoir, oMiss. 

Beaver Dam, Ky, 

Beebe, Ark. 

Bel Air, Ga. 

Beldoc, S. C. 

Belle Bueicle, Tenn. 

Bellefonte, Ala. 

Belltieid, Va. 

Bells, Tetitu 

Beilton, Ga. 

Behou, S. C 

Bennetts, Ala. 

Bennett-^, Miss, 

Benton, Ala, 

Benton, Aik. 

Berzelia, Ga. 

Bethany, Ga. 

Bethlfh'jm, Ky. 

Big Cbi'ty, Ky. 

Big Haicliie, Tenn. 

Big Siindy, Teun. 
, Biloxie, Miss. 


Georgia State (Gazetteer 

Birmingham, Aia. 
Black-, :<. C. 
Blacksiienr, Ga. 
Blaekstoek, rf, C. 
Blaekviilo, S. C. 
BUuleiiboro, 2s. C. 
Blanche', Ky. 
Blooniingii lie, Ga. 
Blount Sj)rinir.-, Ala. 
Blue Mountain, Ala. 
Bluff Spring, Tenn. 
Bogue Ciiittu, Li. 
Boguo Clotto, Miss. 
Bolegee, Ala. 
Bolingbroke, Ga. 
Bolivar, Tenu. 
Bollintr, Ala. 
B(ilton^, Miss. 
Bon Aqua, Tenu. 
Bonds, Tenn. 
BoUiiea;..-', S. C. 
Booneville, Miss. 
Boston, Ga. 
Bostwick, Ga. 
Bough ton, Aik. 
Box iSpring, Ga. 
Boyce, Tenu. 
Boykin, Va. 
Bracht, Kv. 
Brad for, i, Ark. 
Bradford Station, Tenn. 
Branch vi lie, .S. {j. 
Bradens, Tenn. 
Brandon, Ala. 
Brandon, Miss., S. & M. 
Bran(ior),Mi^s., V.&M. 
Brentwood, Tenn. 
Brewer, Ga. 
Brewton, Ala. 
l?ridgeiHjrt, Ala. 
Bridu'ewater, X. C. 
Brinkley, Ark. 
Brinsonville, Ga. 
Bristol, Tenn. 
Broad Tree Run, Tenu. 
Brock's, Ala. 
Bronsou, Fla. 
Brookhaven, ^riss. 
Brooksville, Miss. 
Brownshi ro, Ala. 
Brown's Station, Ga. 
Brownsville. Tenn, 
Branson, S. C. 
Brunswick, Ga, 
Brunswick, 'J'-nn. 
Buckatunna, Miss. 
Bucklicad, Ga. 
Bufoni, Ga. 
Bufords, T'-nn. 
Bullan'.s, Kin. 
Bull's Ci.'.p, Tenn. 

I Biirkeville, Aia. 
I Burkeville, Va. 

BuriH, Tenn. 
I Burns vi lie, Ala. 
j liiu-nsville, Miss. 
;B.itIer, (Ja. 
I Jiuzzard lioost, Ga. 
j Byron, Ga. 
I Cahot, Ark. 
i Cairo, (ill. 
! Caledonia, Tenn. 
j Calera, Ala. 

Calhoun, AUi. 
I Calhoun. Ga. 
j Callahan, Fla. 
I Calvert C^ty, Ky. 
I Camak, Ga. 
I Camden, 8. C. 

CJaindeii, Tenn. 

Cameron, (Ja. 

Camilla, Ga. 

Campt)e!lton, S. C. 

Caneyville, Ky. 

Canoe, Ala. 

Canton, Miss. 
j Carbonda'.e, 

Careys, N. C. 

Carlisle, Ark. 

Carpenter, Ala. 
I Carrs, (hi. 
I Canei-, Tenn. 
j Carter's Ildl, :Miss. 

Carter's Creek, Teun. 

Cartersville, Ga. 

Cass, Ga. 

C'astlel>errv, Ala. 
I Catawha. 1N. ( '. 
i Cave S;'rin;L;s, (in. 
I Cay<'(-, Kv. 
I Cecilia, Ky. 
I Cecilian Jurvtiin, Kv 
lCe<lar Hill, Tenn. 
' Cedar Kev.-, Fla. 
[Center, N. C. 

Central, S. C. 
jChappels, S C. 
j Ciiarlf-loM, Mo. 

Ciiarleston, S. C. 
I Ciiarleston, Tenn. 
I Charlotte, .N'. C. 
j Ciiat!i:i!n, Va. 
j Ciia*;ita, Tenn. 
j Cludtano i^'M, Tenn. 
I Chauie'ey, ( Ja. 

Chel^aw, A!a. 
j Cheraw, S C. 
, Ciierokt e, Ala. 


I Cherrxville, N. C 

Che-t^T, S. C. 

Clic-(* r, Tent). 

Ctustnut, Ky. 
I Chewaila, Tenu. 

; Chicamauga, Ga. 
j Childersburg, Ala. 
j China Grove, X. C. 

Ca it wood, Tenn. 
I Chula Va. 
I Chunuugge, Ala. 
; Cincinnati, O. 
\ Clareniont, 8. C. 
I CI irk's Kiver. Ky. 
i Clarksville. Tenn. 
I Clarkton, N. C. 
I Clanton, Ala. 
i Clayton, X. C 
I Clear Pond, Ky. 
i Clements, Ala. 
! Cleveland, Tenn, 
i Clietts, Ala. 
I Climax, Ga. 
i Clinton, Ky. 
I ('linfon. Mis?. 
I Clover, Va. 
i Coattield, Va. 
j Coaling, Ala. 

Coatoi>a, Ala. 

Cochran, Ga. 

Coffe^^ville, ^liss, 

Cokeshurgh, S. C. 

Coldwatcr, Miss. 

Coleman, Ga. 

C oleys, Ga. 

Colliersville, Tenn. 

CoUinsville, Ala. 

Columbia, 8. C. 

Columbia. Tenn. 

Columhiana. Ala. 

Columbus, Ga. 

C'llumbus, Ky. 

Columbus, Miss. 

Conjo, INIis'!. 

Company Shops, X. C. 

Concord, X. C. t 

Concord, Tenn. 

Conover, X. C. 

Conyers, Ga. 

Coopers, Ala. 

Coosawatchie, S. C. 

Corbandale, Tenn. 

Corinth, Ky. 

Corinth, IMis- . 

Corniuk', Ark. 

Courtland, Ala. 

Courtland, Miss. 

Covin^'ton, Ga. 

Covington, Tenn. 

Cowan, Ten)i, 

Cowles, Ala. 

Crawford. 3riss, 

Crawfordville, Ga. 

Crittenden, Ky. 

Crofton. Ky. 

Cross Plains. Ala. 

Crystal .Springs, Mis.s, 

Cuba, Ala. 


And BrsTNEss Dikectory. 


t;'-.l!«, Ala. 

« liVlTlOIl, Ufl. 

.\,(i)l-.'rlai)<i, Tenn. 
»\.'!iiiiK-*ville, Ga. 
V .i'M-lta, Ala. 
( uiiiNert, Ga. 
I».s!;i)ii, Ga. 
i-iiiville, Ky. 
iiwsvillf, Tenn. 
Iniivilk, Va, 
i'.iuville Junction, Ky. 
I>,iriiyvillt', Fla. 
l».irl!(igti)n, S. C. 
iKirwiii, Tenn. 
JiA\iilsoii College, N. C. 
i>.»vii>l)oroagli, Ga. 
I'.ivi-t Mills, Miss. 
I'aw.-on, Ga. 
Ji.iy'rt Mill, Ga. 
Jivvton, Tenn. 
!>• .irin^, Ga. 
IK clu-ril, Tenn. 
It-cutiir, Ala, 
1' «atur, Ga. 
I >• la|i!aine, Ark. 
Ih-lhi, La. 
IkiiiDpolis, Ala, 

l^^ Soto, Miss. 

I'r ValLs BInff, Ark. 
i»"Vereaux, Ga. 
i>>xier, Mo. 
i':tkHun, Ala. 
I'-: 1;^ )u, Tenn. 
i' v-tor 'i'own, Ga. 
iK,uul(l S, C. 
i»'r<iville, Ga. 

;>■•••.-., s. c. 

i ''ike's Branch, Va. 
l'r<'>*ien, Tenn. 
I'rv Fork, Va. 
i'-y Ki(ii;e, Ky. 
;»-'-k Hill. Miss. 
'>ulai)ev, Ky. 
^' ' I'oint, Ga. 
^'^iranl. Mis^. 
J'-iMiam, X. C. 
''.v.T, Tenu. 
^ •irlniL'ton, Ky. 
'-'fly Branch S. C. 

-U-ys, H. C. 
f-A'tmuu, Ga. 
; -'-tjver, 8. C. 
(i-t l'„iut, Ga. 
>.:.>t Vi.-w, Ivy. 
'-•»i"nt..ri, Ga. 

! i'lyviiie, Kv. 

'';<■" ton, X. C. 
|>^'.'tieh1, Tenn. 
•'-K''-!i.-i(i .June., Tenn. 
{> J wards, Mi S3. 

Elkmont, Ala. 
Elizabethtown, Ky. 
Elko, S. C, 
F:ilaviUe, Fla. 
Kllentou, S. C. 
Elliott's, Miss, 
Elmore, Ala. 
Emmett, Ark. 
Emorv Gap, Ky. 
EnfieiiJ, N. C. 
Enterprise, Fla. 
Enterprise, Miss. 
Erin, Tenn. 
Eubauks, Ky. 
Eufaula, Ala, 
Eutaw, Ala. 
Evergreen, Ala. 
Evansviile, Ind. 
Eviugton, Va.. 
EweHs, Tenn. 
Extension, Ga. 
Fau-bluiJ, N. i^ 
Fairburn, Ga. 
Falcon, Tenn, 
FalkvUle, Ala. 
Fall Creek, Va. 
Farmsdale, Ala. 
Fayetteville, N. C. 
Fayetteville, Tenn. 
Fernaniiina, Fla, 
Ficklin, Ga, 
Fiat Ruck, Ky. 
Fleming, Ga. 
Flintville, Tenn, 
Florence, Ala. 
Florence, S. C. 
Florence, Ttnn, 
! Flowery Branch, Ga. 
Forest, Ga. 
Forest, Miss, 
Forest ville, N. C. 
Forrest City, Ark. 
Forsyth, 'Ga, 
Fort Deposit, Ala, 
Fort Gaines, Ga. 
Fort Mott, S. C. 
Fort Fayne, Ala, 
Fort Va'lley, Ga. 
Forts, Tenn. 
Fosterville, Tenn. 
Franklin, Ala. 
Franklin, Tt-un. 
Franklin, Va. 
Franklin ton, N. C. 
Fullens, Tenn. 
Fulton, Ark. 
Fulton, Ky. 
Gadstlen, Tenn. 
Gailney, >S. C. 
Gainesville, Ala. 
Gainesville, Fla. 
Gainesville, Ga. 
Gainesville, Miss. 

Gallaway, Tenn, 
Gardi, Ga. 
Gardner, Ala. 
Gardner, Tenn. 
Garlami, Ala. 
Garner, Miss. 
Gaston, X. C. 
Gastonia, N. C. 
Geneva, Ga. 
Georges, S. C. 
Georgetown, Ky. 
Georgiana, Ala. 
Germantown, Tenn. 
Gibson, Tenn. 
Gibsonville, N. C. 
Gilbert Hollow, 8. C. 
Gillem, Tenn. 
Gilraers, Ala. 
Girard, Ala. 
Gleason, Tenn. 
Glen Mary, Tenu. 
Gogglu^ Ga. 
Gokisboro, N. C. 
Goodman, Miss. 
Gordon, Ga. 
Gourdin's, S. C, 
Graham, Ga. 
Graham, S. C. 
Graliam's X Roads, S. C. 
Grahamville, 8. C. 
Grand Bay, A.Ia. 
Grand Bay, ISIiss. 
Grand Junction, Tenn. 
Graniteville, S. C. 
Grantville, Ga. 
Gravelia, Ala. 
Grayson iSprings, Ky. 
Graysville, Ga. 
Green Bay, Va. 
Green Hill, Tenn. 
Green Fond, Ala. 
Greencove Spring, Fla, 
Greenfield, ISIiss. 
Greenwood, Ky. 
Greensboro, Ala. 
Greensboro, X. C 
Greensborough. Ga. 
Green's Mills, Ga. 
Greeneville, Tenn. 
Greenville, Ala. 
Greenville, Fla. 
Greenville, Ky. 
Greenville, S. C. 
Greenwood, Ala. 
Greenwood, y. C- 
Greers, S. C. 
Grenada, Miss. 
Gritliu, Ga. 
Gritlith's, Ala. 
Griswoldville, Ga. 
Grooverville, Ga. 
Grove Station, S. C. 
1 Guerryton, Ala. 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

Gunn's Mill, Ga. 
Gutitown, Miss. 
Guthrie, iCy. 
Guy ton, Ga. 
Haddock, Ga. 
Halcvon Dale, Ga. 
Halifax, ^\ C. 
Haniinoud, Lka. 
Hampton, Ga. 
Haniptou-j, Tean. 
Hanceville, Ala. 
Handy, JNTiss. 
HansoD, Ky. 
Hardeeville", S. C. 
Harlein, Ga. 
Harmony Grove, Ga. 
Harrisburg', X. C 
Harris', Tenn. 
Harrison, Miss. 
Harrodslnirg June, Ky. 
Hartsells, Ala. 
Hatcliachiibbce, Ala. 
Hatcher, Ga. 
Hattieville. S. C. 
Hawkinsville, FJa. 
Hawkinsville, Ga. 
H^v\- Iviver, N. C. 
Hazlehurst, Ga, 
Hazlehurst, Miss. 
Helena, Ala. 
Helena, S. C 
Helenwood, Tenn. 
Henderson, Ky. 
Hender.-.on, N. C. 
Henderson, Tenn. 
Henry, N. C. 
Henry, Tcup. 
Hernando, Ga. 
Henmndo, Miss. 
Hern don, Tenn. 
Hickman, Ky. 
Hickory, Mi?3. 
Hickory, N. C. 
Hickory, Tenn. 
Hiekorv Vallev, Miss. 
Hi'jch ]Vidc;e, Kv. 
High Point, N. C. 
Hill.-boro, Ala. 
Hillr;boro, N. C. 
Hinton, Ky. 
Ho;;au.sville, Ga. 
Hollow r.ockjTenn. 
Holly kSpring^, Misy. 
Homerviile, Ga. 
Honea Path, S. C. 
Hoover, S. C. 
Hope, Ark. 
Hopkinsville, Ky. 
Horn Lake, Mii;<, 
Hot Spring.^-, Ark. 
Houston, Fia. 
Howard's, Ga. 
Humboldt, Tenn. 

Himterville, N. C. 
Huntini^don, Tenn. 
Hunt's, "IVnn. 
Huntsville, Ala. 
Hurtville, AU. 
Icard, N. C. 
Independence, La. 
luka, Mis-. 
Jaek.son, Miss. 
Jackson, S. C. 
Jackson, Teun. 
Jacksonboro, iS. C. 
Jacksonville, Ala. 
Jacksonville, Fla, 
Jamestown, N, 0. 
Jarrett's, Va. 
Jasper, Fla, 
Jasper, Tenn. 
Jemison, Ala. 
Jesup, Ga. 
Jetersville, Va. 

JohCsOu, Tt'ilD. 

Johnson City, Tenn. 
Johnsouville, Tenn. 
Johnston, (fa. 
Johnston, fc!. C 
Jonesboro, Ala. 
Jont'sboro, N. C. 
Jonesboro, Tenn. 
Jonesbor<)U<i;h, Ga. 
Jonesville, 8. C- 
Jordan, Ky. 
Jiidsonia, Ark, 
Junction, Ala. 
Kelso, Tenn. 
Kensett, Ark. , 
Kenton, Tenut 
Keruernvillo, N. C. 
Keysville, Va. 
Kingston, Ga. 
Kings IMuiintaiu, S. C. 
Kingston Springs,Tenn. 
King^iree, S. C. " 
Kiugsville, y. C. 
Kink aid, K}'. 
Kiuston, N. C. 
Kismet, Tenn. 
Kittrell, N. C. 
Knoxvilic, Tonu. 
Kosciusko, Miss. 
Kushla, Ala. 
Kuttawa, Ky. 
La(Jrauge, Ga. 
La(irange, IV. C. 
LaGrange, Tenn. 
Lake, Miss. 
J,ake City, Fla. 
Ljinar, Miss. 
Laugley, 8. C. 
Larkinsville, Ala. 
Lauderilale, Miss. 
Laurel Hill, N. C. 
J^awreuceburg, X. C. 

Lavernge, Tenn. 
Lawrence, Miss. 
Lawtey, I'la. 
Lawtou, Ga. 
Lawton's Bluff, Ky. 
Lawtonville, Ga. 
Lawyer's Road, Va. 
Leary, Ga. 
Lebanon, Tenn. 
Leesburg, Ga. 
Leesville, S. C. 
Leeville, Tenn. 
Leigh ton, Ala. 
Leitchtield, Ky. 
Lenoirs, Tenn. 
Letohatchie, Ala. 
Lewisburg, Tenn, 
Lewisville, S. C. 
Lexington, Ga. 
Lexington, Ky. 
Lexington, N. C. 
Lexinictou, o. C. 
Lilesviile, N. C. 
Limestone, Tenn. 
Lincoliiton, X. C. 
Linwood, Ala. 
Linwood, N. C. 
Litchfiekl, Ky. 
Lithonia, Ga. 
Little Rock, Ark. 
Littleton, M. C. 
Live Oak, Fla. 
Livermore, Ky. 
Livingston, Ala. 
Lloyd, Fla. 
Loach apoka, Ala. 
Lockhart, Miss. 
LockviUe, X. C. 
Ijong Creek, ]MiS3. 
Long Grove, Ky. 
Long View, Ga. 
Lonoke, Ark. 
Lorraine, Tenn. I 
Loudon, Tenn. 
Lovejoy's, Ga. 
Love's, Miss. 
Lowndesboro, Ala. 
Lucade, Va. 
Lucy, Tenn. 
Ludlow, Ky. 
Lumber City, Ga. 
Lumberton, N. C. 
Lylesford, 8. C. 
Lynchburg, Va. 
Lyuch's, Va, 
Lynnville, Tenn. 
MCComb City, Miss 
McKwen, Teun. 
McHenry, Ky. 
Mcintosh, Ga. 
islclutyre. Ha. 
McKenzie, Tenn. 
McKimsey's, Ky. 

And Business Directory 


M->finnn, Tenn. 
v'Mitniville, Tenn. 
M'Niirv, Teuu. 

y •Ville, Ga. 
>,!;4'an, Ala. 
'4 .icon, (I". 
NiniMij, Miss. 
M^ooii. N. C 
\!.iii-')n, Fla. 
M;*iii-on, Ga. 
VIri'lisoii, Miss. 
M:uii-;oii, Toun. 
•.?H(ilsonvilk\ Ky. 
Muiriiolia, Mis?'. 
M;ti,'iiolia, N. C. 
Mij'.vorn, Ark. 
M:\ls'era, Ga. 
M;iiH'!K'ster, Tenn. 
Mnnlesvilie, Ala. 
M iplt'WMOiJ, Tenn. 
MiititUta, Ga. 
Murion, Ala. 
Marion, Ga. 
M:irion, X. C. 
M:irion,S. C. 
M:irioM Junction, Ala. 
Murkeeta, Miss. 
Mar's Bliifl, S. C. 
M.'UNliallville, Ga. 
N!:irtiu, Tenn. 
.^turtin's, S. C. 
M;»rlinsville, Miss. 
M;i-<oi!, Ky. 
M;isi)n, Tenn. ' 
Matthews, Ala. 
M.itioax, Va 
M-.ivesville, Ga. 
Mavtield, Ga. 
Mayhew, Miss. 
Maxoy's. Ga. 
■M:ixv\fn, Teuu. 
M'-lKiusville, N. C. 
Mftiiiia, Tenn. 
^lolou, Tenn. 
Mi'lierrin, Va. 
-McUunville, Fla. 
M'Tiiphif), Tenn. 
M'Tidiati, Miss. 
MichiL^'an City, Miss. 
Mi. Mi. -ton, Teuu. 
Mi.ivilic, (Ja. 
Mi'iwav, Ala. 
Mi<lvvay, S. C. 
Mhluay. Tenn. 
-^lil in, Tenn. 
MiiiiHlgeville, Ga. 
Millets, y.C. 
Millwood, Ky. 
^Jiliier, Ga. 
MiuitTtii, Ala. 

MintersTank, Ala. 
Minturn, Ark. 
Mississippi City, ^liss. 
Mississippi Liue, Miss. 
Mitcliell, Ala. 
Mobile, Ala. 
Molino, Fla. 
Moncks Corner, S, C. 
Monroe, La. 
Monroe, N. C. 
Montvallo, Ala. 
Montezunia, Ga. 
Montgoujery, Ala. 
Moctniorenci, S. C. 
Monticello Jnnc, Fla. 
Morehead City, N. C. 
Mooresville, N. C. 
Moreland, Ky. 
Morgaua, Ala. 
Morgausville, Ga. 
! Morganton, N. C. 
I Morris, Ga. 
Morrison, Tenn. 
Morristown, Tenn. 
Morton, !Miss. 
Moscow, Ky. 
Moscow, Tenn. 
Mossin^ford, Va. 
]Mos^y Creek, Tenn. 
Motleys, Va. 
Mount Airy, Ga. 
Mount Juliet, Tenn. 
Mount Olive, N. C. 
Mou^e Creek, Teun. 
Muldon, Tenn. 
Muldraugli, Ky. 
Mullens, 8. C. 
Mum ford, Ala. 
Munnerlyn, Ga. 
Murfree.sboro, Tenu. 
Mu.=^h Creek, Ala. 
M. & M. Junction, Ala 
Nastiville, Tenn. 
Naylor, Ga. 
Ne'^bitt, Mis?. 
Neville, Teun. 
Newberne, Ala. 
Newberne, N. C. 
Newberry, y. C. 
New Castle, Ala. 
New Market, S. C. 
New Market, Tenn. 
Newnan. Ga. 
New Orleans, La. 
New River, Tenu. 
New[)ort. Ark. 
New's Ferry, Va. 
Newsom'.-, Ga. 
Newton, N. C. 
Newion, Miss. 
Nicholah^ville, K3'. 
Nichol's, ri. C. 
Niclioisou, Ga. 

Ninetv-Six, S. C, 
No. li, Ga. 
Noreross, Ga. 
Norfolk, Va. 
Normandy, Tenn. 
Norris Mills, Teuu. 
Nortonville^ Ky. 
Norwood, Ky. 
Notasulga, Ala, 
O'Kean, Ark. 
Oakrield, Fla. 
Oak Hill, Teun. 
Oceau Springs, Miss. 
Ochloebuee, Ga. 
Oconee, Ga. 
j Ogechee, Ga. 
} Oglethorpe, Ga. 
; Okolona, IMiss. 
1 Old Fort, N. C. 
I Oliver, Ga. 
1 Olustee, Fla. 
Ooltewab, Tenu. 
Opclika, Ala. 
Orangeburg, S. C. 
O.syka, Miss. 
I Otter Creek, Fla.l 
Otter River, Va. 
Ousley's, Ga. 
Owensboro, Ky. 
Owensboro June, Ky. 
Oxford, Ala. 
OxfMd, Ga. 
Oxford, Mi S.I. 
Oxiuoor, Ala. 
Paeolet. S. C. 
Paducah, Ky. 
i Paducaii June, Teun. 
Paint Rock, Ala. 
I Palatka, Fla. 
I Palmetto, Ga. 
I Palmyra, Tenn. 
Pauoia, Ga. 
I Paniuiore Hill, Ga. 
j Paris, Tenn. 
Parks, Tein. 
i Pass Christian, Miss. ^ 
j Patona, Ala. 
Peach Orchard, Ark. 
Pea Point, Tenu. 
I Pelahatchie, Mis;. 
j Pelham, Ga.^ 
i Pembroke, Kv. 
I Pendleton, 8. C. 
! Peusacola, Fla. 
I Pen.sacoln Juncti(;iu,AIa. 
h'erdido, Ala. 
I PerKins Mills, Ala. 
I Perry, Ga. 
Petersliurg, Va. 
Philadelpliia, Tenn. 
Pickens, Miss. 
\ Pierson's, Ala. 


Georgia State Gazp:tteer 

Pike Road, Ala. 
Pilot Kiioh, Tenn. 
Pine Apjile, Ala. 
Pine llou-c, S. C. 
Pine Ivnot, Temi. 
l-'insdn, IVnn. 
Plantor.-;ville, Ala. 
Ple.Hssai.t Hill, Va. 
Pleasant Grove, Tenu. 
Plyoiouth^ N. C. 
Poi^ahoiita?, Tenn. 
Point Bi;rn;^i(le, Ky. 
I'olkton, X.C. 
Pollard, zVla. 
PomariH, iS. C. 
Ponchatiiula, La. 
Poor Christian, Miss. 
Pope'.-!, Mi-iS. 
Poplar Blritf, Ark. 
Portersviile, Ala. 
Port IiOVitl, S. C 
Portsmouth, Va. 
Powhatan, Va. 
Prairie, Mi,-3. 
Preseott, Ark. 
Princeton, Ky. 
Princeton, X". C- 
Prcjspeot, Tenn. 
Pryor's, (in. 
Pulaski, Tenn. 
Quincy, Fia. 
Quitman, Ga. 
Quitnian, ?kliss. 
Raleigh, X. C. 
Ralston, Tenn. 
Ramer, Tenn.<lol[.li. Ala. 
Ratiiburn, Tenn. 
R:ivtov,n, Ga. 
RaVviUe, Ta. 
Red hank, N. C. 
Red C'iav. (xa. 
Red Hili.Ky. 
KeedV-, Ala. 
■KeeveV, S. C. 
Reio'y, Ga. 
Reidsville^N. C. 
Resaca, Gd.^ 
ReynoM'?-, Ga. 
Rieeville, Tenn. 
liielunond, Va. 
Rich wood, Kv. 
RldgeVille, S.'C. 
liidi^e Sprine, S. C. 
Ridgeway, N. C. 
PJienzi, Mrs^. 
liiley's, Ky. 
Rineyville, Ky. 
Rin^gol I, Va. 
Ripley, Miss. 
Rising Fawn, Ga. 
Rive'8 .St;i.fiou, Tenn. 
Roanoke, Va. 

I Robards, Kv. 
I Rohbin^. S.'C. 
hioc-k Hill,S. C. 

liockingham, N. C. 
' Rock port, ivy. 
i Roi-kwood, Tenn. 
i Rocky ]Srnunt. N. C. 
! Roger's Gap. Ky. 
! Rogersville Junc.,Te 
j Rome, Ga. 
; Rosine, Ky. 
J Ro.ssville,Tenr!. 
i Rough & Ready, Ala 
i Rowesville, S. C. 
I Ruttin, X. 0. 
j Russellville, Tenn. 
! Rutherford, Teun. 
! Rutledge, Ga. 
j Sadieville, Ky. 
I vSadlers, Tenn. 
I Sadiersviiie, i'enu. 
j St. Augustine. F'la. 
I St. Charles, Kv. 
j St. Elmo, Ala. 

St. Stephens, S. C. 

Salem, Ala. 

Salem, X. C. 
! Salisbury, N. C. 
I Salkehatchie, S. C. 
I Salter's, S. 0. 
ISaltillo, Miss. 
' Saluda, Old Town, S. 
I Sander's, S. C. 
I Sanderson, Fla. 
j SandersviJle, Ga. 
j Sanford, X. C. 
: S-intee. .^. C. 
j Sardis, Mis-;. 
I Saulsbury, Teun. 
i Savannah, Ga. 
! Saw Dust, Ga. 
' Searburo, f Ja. 
I Science Hill, Ky. 
I Scooba, Miss. 
j Scotts(.)oro, Ala. 
I Seottsluirg, Ky. 
: Scottsburg, Va. 
I Scran ton, Miss. 
j Screven, Ga. 
j Seaboard, Va. 
.Scale'.^ Station, Ala. 
j Sebasto)>ol, 0:\. 
i Setirec (;itv, Ky. 
i Sclnia, Ala. 

Selma, X. C. 
I Seneca City. S. C. 
j -enatobia, >riss. 
! Shannon, .Miss. 
I Sharon, Miss. 
I Sharon, Tenn. 
{Shelby, X\ C. 
j Shelby, Tenn. 
I Shelby Springs, Ala. 

Shelbvvillc, Tenn. 

Shell .Mound, Teun. 

Shelton's, S. C. 

Siiernian's, Ky. 

Shoe Heel, N."C. 

Shorter's, Ala. 

Shutuita, 3Iis8. 

Shnqualk, Miss, 
nn. Sikeston. Mo. 
I Siluria, Ala. 
j Silver Ijake, Ky. 
I Silver Sprine's, Teun. 
I Slaughters, Ky. 
I Smarrs, Ga. 
I Smartt's, Tenn. 

Smithville, Ga. 

Smyrna, Ga. 

Smvrna, Teiin. 

Snow Hill, Ala. 

Social Circle, Ga. 
[Society Hill, S. C. 

Somerset, Ky. 
I Somervilie, Tenn. 
I South B(jston, Va. 
! South Carrollton, Ky. . 
• South Pittsburg, Tenn. 
i Sparta, Ala. 
i Sparta, Ga. 
I Spartanburg, S. C. 
I Spring City, Tenn. 
I Springdale", iNIiss. 
C. I Sprint'tield, Tenn. 
' Spring Lick, K3-. 
I Springyille, Ala. 
j Springville, Tenn. 
j Stanton, Tenn. 
I Stanton Txiver, Va. 
I Starke, Fla. 
I Starkville, ^^i?s. 
j Starkville, Teun. 
I State Line, Miss. 

State Line, Tenn. 

Statenville, Ga. ^ 

Statesville, X'. C. 

Stegall's, C;a. 

Stephensburg, Ky. 

Stevens, Ga.' 

Stevenson, Ala. 
i Stewart, 'i'enn. 
j Stewart's, Ala. 
1 Stithton, Ky. 
i Stockton, Ga. 
j Stone Mountain, Ga. 
: Stonewall, .-\la. 
! Straw l)er'y Ph) ins, Tenn 
1 Strotiier's", S. C. 
I Suirblk, Va. 
I Sulpliur Sjirings, Ala. 
I Summerville, 8. C. 
Summit, ^Nfiss. 
Summit, S. C. 
Sumter, Ga. 
i Snmter, S. C. 

And Business Directory. 


- iiibrJL'hf, Tenn, 
*- limy Siile, Ga. 
>,jrr.!i'V, (i;i- 
>urnniru!t<l Hill, Ark. 
>a*!H-i)sion, Ala. 
Sr!ti;t'r!iu's, Va. 
S(j.vxiK't\ Oa. 
r'V.-nn')', Ga. 
.•>\vt',t U'jiter, Tenu. 
Switob, Ga. 
Svc.'iinore, Va. 
I'aitV, Tt'iiu.;^, Teun. 
Inlhuiftra, Ala. 
I'HUHhassee, Fla. 
riillHliatchip, Mias. 
'I'u'.lulab, Lu. 
'r.iinni'ahoa, Ija. 
i'arboro, N. C. 
r«teville, Ky. 
i.'iyliii '8, iilidj. 
'I'ayloi'.x, Teiin. 
'r..'!»anville, Fla. 
■IVouiuseh, Ala. 
'IVlford'.-:, Tenn. 
'IVniies.see Rid<;;c, Tenn. 
T'-rines-ee River, Tenn. 
'i>nnille, Ga. 
T'-rry, ]\iiss. 
Tt-xarkina, Texas, 
'i lu' Xarro\v«, Ky. 
'liiirJ Creek, N. C, 
riiomasville, Ala. 
'riiomasville, Ga. 
liiomasville, X. C. 
TLioinpson'p, Tenn. 
'i'ii'.m-ion, Ga. 
I ;M-ffX()ich lioad9,Ala, 
Tiul«-e, Miss. 
Ti«-kfaw, La. 
^r.'.latobia, Miss. 
'i'lllan, Ga. 
'rmunonsviile, S, C. 
;i i!> Top, Ky, 
i'jcooa, Ga. 
Tootnesboro, Ga. 
TiM.insul'SL, ;Miss. 
T.K.n's, Tenn. 
T'*rrtnro, Miss, 
T.iwn Creek, Ala. 
'I'oui!^. Ga. 
;i'r;ul Kidfre, Fla. 
1 raj^kwood, Ark. 

Trenton, Ga. 
Trenton. Ky. 
Trenton, Tenn. 
Trenton Roads, Teun. 
Trezevant, Tenn. 
Trinity, Ala. 
Trout man's, N. C. 
Tru^sville, Ala. 
Tuekase^ee, X. C. 
Tullaboma, Tenn. 
Tunnel Hill, Ga. 
Tupelo, Miss. 
Tuscuuibia, Ala, 
Tuskaloosa, Ala. 
Tuskegee, Ala. 
Union, Tenn. 
Union City, Tenn. 
Union Point, Ga. 
Union Springs, Ala. 
Uniontowu, Ala. 
Unionville, B.C. 
Upatoie, Ga. 
Vaiden, Miss. 
Valdosta, Ga. 
Valley, Kv. 
Valley He'ad, Ala. 
Vanees, Ala. 
Varnell's, Ga. 
Varnesville, S. C. 
Vaugban, Miss. 
Verbena, Ala. 
Verona, Miss. 
Vieksburg, Miss. 
Vine Grove, Ky. 
Wadesboro, X.C. 
Waldo, Fla. 
Wales, Tenn. 
Wailiaila, r.:. C. 
Walnut Ridge, Ark. 
Walthourville, Ga. 
Walton, Ky. 
Wards, Ga. 
Ward's Spring, Va. 
Warren ton, Ga. 
Warrenton, X. C. 
Warrior, Ala. 
Wart race, Tenn. 
Washintrton, Ga. 
^^'ater Valley, Ky. 
Water Valley, Miss. 
Waverly, Tenn. 
Waynes! H)ro, Ga. 
Waynesboro, Mi^s. 

Ways Station, Ga. 
Weaver's Station, Ala. 
Welborn, Fla. 
Weldon, X. C. 
Wellford, S. C. 
Well's, Tenn. 
Wesson, Miss. 
Westminster, S. C. 
West Point, Ga. 
West Point, Ky. 
West, Point, ]Miss. 
West's, Miss. 
Wetunipka, Ala. 
Wbeatlny, Ark. 
Whiiihnni, (Ta. 
Wbite Bluff, Tenu. 
Whiteball, S. C. 
White Plains, Ky. 
Wbite Pond, S. C. 
White's, Tenn. 
Whitesburtr, Tenn. 
WhitevUle. is. C. 
Whitnev, Ala. 
Whittles, Va. 
Williams, Ala. 
Williamsburg, Ga, 
Williarasiowu, Ky. 
Williamstown, S. C- 
Williston, S. C. 
Wilmington, N. C. 
Wilmore, Ky. 
Wilson, X. (:. 
Wilson ville, Ala. 
Winchester, Miss. 
Winchester, Teuu. 
Windsor, S. C. 
Wingo, Ky. 
Winnsboro, S. C. 
Winona, Miss. 
Winterville, Ga. 
Vv^tbe, Tenn. 
Wolf Trap, Va. 
Woodland Mills, Tenn. 
Woodstoek, Ala. 
Woodstock, Ga. 
Wooiiville, Ala, 
Woodville, Ga. 
Yemassee, S. C. 
Yocona, Miss. 
Youires, Ala, 
York, Ala. 
Youngsboro, Ala. 

"An Agricultural Journal is a First-Class Advertising Medium, i: 
coming eagerly looked for, its columns closely and continually 
read and referred to, the Paper preserved, making a 
ready and permanent Directory of Season- 
able Hints and Advertisements." 


A Weekly Joiirnai of Soolliern RgriciillLire and live Stock Industries, l 


On the first day of Jannary, 1380, a combination of the three leading Agrlcaltnral 
Journals of the South wsts effected. Th!g C':ml»inution gives three-fold power to the 
Journal v.'hich is the resuU of the conihinuiion. 

" THE DIXIE FARMI!:rt is a bright, handsome eicrht-page sheet, devoted to Agricallure in al! 
its branches, and ougiit to be we'corued by the farmer.s of tlie South, as no part of the country it 
more iu need of Journals devoted to farming interests. "—3'd!ff Tark Sun. 

'' We congrritnlate all concerned on the consolidatioa, and more than all do we congratulate the 
South, whicli will ijow have, at alow price, a single pi^ji-r, containing the excellencies of three, 
eqnal to any publi.^hed in Auiorica."— .l^^in^i O^r.-i. •'•;';(;';. 

" Is bound to be agreat euccesH. The conibiuation deserves success, and will command it."' 

[ya^hvitle Chri-itian Advocate. 

"Indeed, we doubt if any .ngriciiltural paper ever started. South or North, under more favor-i- 
ble auspices." — .Uonlffonwiy Adr'rliur. 

"The very best Agricultiiral paper ever pabli.-:hed Soulh." — ^a^h-AUe Banner. 


No objectionable advertisements admitted at any price. This feature atone is doubly valuable 
to both advertih-ers and reader.-'. Our readers place confiilence in our advertising columns, and 
©rder without hesit.ition, knowing' we admit noth'.ng but r<:-'i,i.'/'< aiirertUtminls. 

Considering oisr large nnd increasing circulation, and the tremendous inlluence we are enabled 
to throw iu your favor, the advertisio;; rates will be found low. 


A liberal discount on large or con:iUiu-d advw;Lseiiu-nt.-:. 

The DIXIE FAIiMEU is the most reliable medium of which an advertiser can avail himieLf 
for the purpose of bringing his business and his name into extensive and permanent Eotico 
throughout tMs and adjoining SLites. 

Tlie universal verdict of thoBU who have occupied space in its columns Las l.'cen that of satis- 
faction at results. 

We desiro your patronnge, and in order to obta'n it, we offer you a gixid invoRtment that will 
slways pay you. Trusting r,t: may be favored with your i.rder, 

We are, yours rc-pictfiilly, 



^^ JV 

yW yV jfW ^ti ans. jSm. J^ rfW ^t t jSfJLj&LjRi ^L. jfia ^V .■■ft. i^ .d R. J^ irffc. rf^. .,&i ,^ ^ .jR^ ,g\, ^.»t| 




Farm @ Waieliouge fanning: Milk. 



^ \ 



They are strongly bviilt, of the very best materials, highly finished, and 
l'o\id(.(l with Supeiior Altachnienls, Sieves, and are made in three different 
''•'cs, (jue f()r Farm use, and {wu fur WarchoiiS'j or .Miller's use. 

^ r 

These Celebrated Mills have long been used by the Farmers and most ^ 

1 rouiir.eiit Millers and (Irain dealers in the United States, who recommend i., 

^; em as being the Machines ever i)roduced for cleaning and grading ^ 

^^' heat, P.ailey, Oats.- Corn, Rice, Peas, Beans and Seeds of every description. L 

J iiey do the work more perfectly and ha\e greater capacity than any other t^ 

! »a:h:!n.'s. f 


C"orrts[)ondence solicited aiid de:.cripti\e circular and i.>nre list sent tree J 

' 11 -il'piication to ^ 

j"o:E3:2srsoiNr sz ^txex^id, ^ 


'VJ' ""V?^ X?' -Kyr -»yr w^ •.- IT Tur-Tgr «^it -i^v -m- -i« ■»« xrar -nyr -iiKj»- -pyr -tgy tj^-^JT -^je: tjjnsjw-ij^ :^fl- «gsr >j^^ 
(.nhii,K\ >v (.T:\nTm.i., I'niilns. !vtii\MMiK.i'. 

iV li^ zAiL i£k i^. ,At J^ ^^- rf^t ifia Ufa 

i w » rfh rti /< ■ .fh ^^jGi^jek.jB^ ^•«<^''-<<ivjsat.>!ftt jfikjs.^!>j 

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Send, for /)psivi/ilin' Calahi'^ue anil J'lici: Li.-<l , to 


:E^-"-c;xi-:E:. -^.vrs. 

U*' ""sy "n? -"er-i^y Ti}^ -RjE-^jr ..y. 

'^.'^M':rr;T(^^^,':f ,?(^^r isf).wthkTtf" "i'^ ^?' '«''^ %r -y- -?- -« 

^ttW^ 7 .^j«iyril1 » ' .-r '»1 " > 


y '\ 


>* M>.'V 


Atlanta, the capital. State House, 
Mariettu, southwest coruer Forsyth. 

Covernor-Hou. Alfred H. Col- 
quitt. Inautrurated, seeoud term, 
November, ISSO. Term of office, two 
years. S-ilary, $3,000. Secretaries 
Executive Dejiariment, Isaac W, 
Averv aud J. W. ^Varrell. Salary, 
Sl.oubeach. Adjutant General and 
Keeper of Public Euil.lin-^, Job'i B. 
Baird; salary $1,250. Warrant Clerk, 
R. A. Murphv, salary, $1,300. Miu- 
ute Clerk, T. C. Howard ; salary, 

Attorney- General — Ciifror«J 

Aud-rsou. Elected October 18s0. i 
Term of Office, two years. Salary | 

Cornptroller-Ceneral— wil- 1 

liam A. Wright. J-Jecteii, October j 
IKSO, for two years; salary, ^^'2,000. 
Clerks: R. U. Hardeman, salary, 
$1,800; Dr. William Kin^', salary, 
$1,200 ; Will Haralson, salary, 81,000. 

Secretary of State— ^'-^than 

C. Barrett. Elected October ISSO, for 
two years. Salary, $2,000 ; Bond, 
?:10,0(10. J. F. Jones, Clerk ; salary, 

Treasurer-D- N. Speer. Elec- 
ted, Octol'er 1880. Salary, $2,000; 
Bond, $2n0,000. Clerk, W. J. S[)eer; 
Salary, $1,000. 

Department of Agricul- 
ture— Kstabiishetl September 1st, 
1674. Annual appropriation, $10,000; 
priiitint:; fund, $1,0U!); salary of Com 
niissioner, ;i;2,0 0; of lliei.'lerk, $1,200. 
Total annual aiijiropriation, :f;]3,200. 

Jul in T. Henderson, commissioner; 
R. J. Redilintr, assistant commission- 
er; J. S. Newman, editing clerk; 
William B. Henderson, mailing 

This is the lirst department of a{,'ri- 
eulture establislieil (as a branch of 
the State government, uniier the 
(-•outrul of a salaried State ollicer) in 
the United States. Georgia took the 

lead in this measure, and has been 
amply repaid for it. 

In the' department are disjilayed 
samples of the products of the State, 
which are examined with much in- 
terest by strangers visiting Atlanta. 

The inspection and analysis of com- 
mercial fertili/.ers are placed under 
the charge of the commissioner, aud 
no fertilizer can be admitted to sale 
without his consent. Tlic result is 
that a worthless or very poor fertili- 
zer cannot he found on tbe market 
in Oeorgia. Georgia is the only State 
in the Union having and enforcing 
such a law. 

The analysis of fertilizers are regu- 
larly publisiied by the commissiimer, 
and circulated throughout the State, 
from which everj- person can see the 
exact value of every brand sold in 
the State. 

The fees for inspecting fertilizer? 
are fifty cents per ton. The season of 
18S0-81, 152,404 tons were insi)ected, 
bringing nearly $73,000 into the State 

The commissioner has appointed 
five inspectors who are paid ;^alaries 
—the highest not exceeding $1,000. 

These inspectors are O. T. Rogers, 
Savannah; Troup Butler, Brunswick; 
Samuel Hawkins, Augusta; E. It. 
Thomas, Ii.Iacon ; J. S. Eawton, At- 

Prof. H. C. White is the chemist 
of the department for tin- analysis of 
fertilizers. Salary, |.3,00U per an- 

The entire expenses of t!;e depart- 
ment, including salaries of tlie chem- 
ist aud inspectors, islcsstlian |23,0OO. 
It thus brings into ttie State treasury 
fully twice as much as all its expen- 

Geological Survey-George 

Little, Bh. i.*., State Geologist. 

The ollice of the iState (ieologist 
was created by an act of the Gt-orgia 
Legislature, ajiproved 27th of Febru- 
ary, LS74; and the present incumbent, 
Dr. George Little, theu professor of 


Gkokgia State Gazetteer 

Natural History and Geolopy in the! 
Universiiy of Mississijipi, ;i native of 
Alabama was appointed State Geol- 
oj^ist, by Governor James }>l. Smith, : 
on the 31st day of Au.irust, 1S74. j 

The law creatinii; the survey re- i 
quires tlie State Geoloi^ist to " make ; 
"a careful and complete i^eolosj^ical, ; 
"mineralogicnl and physical survey | 
"of tlie State ; to enter upon records | 
"to be kept for that purpose in his 1 
"oflice, an accurate statement of the I 
"locality and extent of all water \ 
"powers, woods, roaiis, s])rinp;s and 
"water-courses, and the climate and , 
"general physical character of the 
"country ; to collect, analyze, and 
"classify, specimens of minerals, 
"plants and soils, and enter the same ' 
"on record ; to cause to be preserved , 
"in a museum, specimens illasLratin^ ; 
"the geology, mineralogy, soils, i 
"plants, valuable woods, and what- 
"ever else may h^, discovered i.i 
"Georgia, of scientific or economical 
"value." i 

And to carry on tliis work the sum i 
of §^10,000 per annum was appropri- , 
ated. ! 

The work was entered upon in the 
fall of 1S74, and nearly half the State 
has been surveyed accordinij; to the 
requirements of law. Tiiere have 
been collcctt^d and properly arranged 
in the geological museum, in the 
capitol, fully lO.OiiOspecimensof ores, 
minerals unil rdcks, from every sec- ; 
tion representing every geological 
formation iix the State and locatimr 
all her valuable mineral-. Among 
these are gold, copper, lead, iron of 
several kinds, manganese, barite, 
soapstone, limestone, sandstone, 
granite, coal, bulostoue, asbestus, 
mica, slate, etc., etc. 

Maps have been made of many of 
the counties, showing cities, towns, 
post-offices, churches, sciiuols, mills, 
roads, bridges, ferries, every lot of 
land cotitaining valuable minerals, 
and shov/ing tlie land divisions in 
those sections where tlie lands were 
disposed of l>y Land L>ttf:ies. Maps 
of this kind for all the counties of llie 
State are contemplated, awti will be 
made and putili-hed with the liual 
report of the State (ieoioLrist. 

Besides these maps, tiiere is in 
course of preparation a larire map of 
the State, which, when finished, will 
be the only one ever prepared ap- 
proaching com[>leteness. 

Dr. Little has also prepared maps 

of the streams, showing all the wat(-r ] 
powers in the State, with full de~crii 
tions thereof, and giving their kx/a- i 
tio!is. ^ 

He has also prepared views of nat 
ural scenery— water falls, mountains 
gorges and- other places of interest in , 
the State. ^ 

The mineral waters and summer 
resorts of the State are located and 
described, and analyses of the waters 
of many of the springs of the State 
have been made. 

. Specimens of the valuable woods 
of the State have been collected and 
lilaced on exhiltition in tiie museum; ; 
also, an herbarium of dried plants ^ 
which constitute a botanical treasure \ 
— Georgia being particularly rich in | 
its flora. | 

Ahuust every strauicer who couies 
to Georgia to make investments of 
any kind, calls upon the State Geo!* 
ogist for information, and he is pre- 
pared, in every case, to give ir readily 
and reliably. If a man wishes to 
establish a manufactory of any kind, 
Dr. Little can tell him where every 
water power in the State is, its ex- 
tent, availability, etc. If one wants 
mineral land, he can show on the 
map, where all of Georgia's minerals 
can be Inund, their quality and prob- 
able quantity. If timl)er of any kind 
is vvanted, he can tell just where it is, 
and in what quantity. 

Scarcely a day passes, but that 
some int'rested yiarties call at Dr. 
Little's olUcc for information on these 
and other ]ioints. 

Many sampiles of the soils of the 
State have been collected, analyzed 
and placed on exliibition in tiie mu- 
seum. Farmers are learning an im- 
portaTit k.-son from the survey. The 
character of soils is generally deter- 
mined l)y the kind of rocks found be- 
neath them; and an experienced ge- 
ologist can look at the roviks found in 
any section and tell tlie composition, 
chemical constituents of the laud, 
and wliat productions will be^t suc- 
ceed upon it. The Geolo^^rjoal Survey 
will ill this respect, be of vast beuelit 
to the agriculture of Georgia. 

The survey has liiscovered marl in 

nearly loo places in tieorgia,— each 

place being accuraiely uieated, and 

75 of these marls have been analyzed, 

showing their exact value agricultu- 

. rall^', and the accessibility of each 

I ore of the deposits. In this re>pect 

i also, tlie Work of the survey will be 

And BcsiNESs Directory. 


of ^'rf^at benefit to the agriculture of 

t!4c Stale. 

Keeper of Penitentiary- 

S/xteenth Districi~J. H. Hicks, 

S'venteenth District— J. F. Brown, 

Nineteenth District— H. L. MeWhor- 
tor, Pen field. 

Twentieth Districts. G. Jordon, 

Twenty first District— B.. L. Storey, 

Ttcryvy-second Disirirt—J. H, Ba- 
ker. Zebulon. 

'Jhventy-third District— D. A. Smith, 

Twentfi-fourth Disirici--'W. B. Butt, 
Buena Vista. 

Ticmdy-fifih District— ^V. 11. Gor- 
man, Geneva. 

Twentfj-tiixth Distrivi—J. S. Boyn- 

Joiui W. NelniP, jn-ineipa! keeper. I ^^"^*'^|'^'' .i. r,- v • ^ t t >- i 
S.ilarv, ^2,000. Bond, $10,000. (}on \ ^,/^'f'^'*^^''^^ -D'^^'^"^^-^'^^- ^'- ^^al, 
xict.H leased from this otlice by con- ^VHrrenton 

Librarian— Frank L. Haralson. 
.'-■:il:ay, i;l,UOa. Bond, $2,000. 

Schoo! Commissioner — 

tJustaviis J. Orr. Appointed Janu- 
ary. ISSI, for four years. Salary, 
$2,000. Mark Johnston, clerk. Sal- 
ary, ^1,200. 


Jarats S. Eoyuton, President, Grif- 
fui: -NVjlliHrn A. Hams, Secretary, ton, GrilKn. 
T;-^al .el a ; H. H. Cabuu-ss 1< irst As- Ju-enti/seventh 
.Mstant becretary Forsyth; C. J. i Daniel, Monme. 
Uelluorn. Second As.;..taut Seere- ; Tweniy.ciqhth 
a y L!p,rsy>lle; J. T TaylcH", Jour- Reid, Eatonton 

• i^'T^'"^'^"^^V>,^.^' ^- Candler, r^vrnty-ninih 
C.lkuder (lerk, BlairsyiUe ; H. C. daU>, Danbury. 

l.eples, Inrolan- Clerk, At anta; Thirtieth District-^V. H. Mattox, 
J. h. ^Vooten, E.iiirossing Clerk, Sa- 1 Heardraont. 

\ aunah ; J. K Christy Mes^at;e i Thirty-first Di-^trict-S. H. Moseley, 
(I'-'ik, Athens; L. J. xVlbred, Door- i Toecoa 

keeptr, Jasper I Thirty ■ seco7id Distncl-^V.B. Frice, 

First Distru:t-V. W. Meldrew, Dnl,aIone-a. 

'"'i-'"l"''; n- / • . 13 -n T^ • X. Thirtu third Disirict-B. F. Sad- 

^_^^cond Distrtct-n. B. Harris, Da- [ duth, Homer. 

■r' ■ J r,. , . , r ■,-.-. ' Thirty- fourth District— V^\ F.Bond, 

i.ura District— Leiuuel Johnson, : Litjionift. 

A'wfT;." 7.- , ■> -o ^^ T-. - Thirty fifth Disirict-\y. J. ^Y•mn, 

I'onrth Distrid-B. N. King, St. -- •^•'- ' 


Fijth District-G. A. Smith, n> 

&ixth District -J. W. Harrell, Val- 

S'-rcnth District— T.. P. S. Den- 
mark, (Quitman. 

Di'jhth District— Js.». Ba^trs, Cam- 

th District— H. D. jSIc- 


7 u'enty- eighth District — John S. 
Reid, Eatoiiton. 

Iwrnty-ninth District— J. ^Y. Barks- 

Ninth District- A. L. Hawes, Xew- i R^bun Gap 
Ion. ' 


Thirty Sixth District— J. M. Wilson, 

Ihirty-srvcnth District— \s\ II. Dan- 
iel, Franklin. 

Thirty-eighth District— S. M. H. 
Byrd, Cedartown. 

Thirtg-ninth District— B. F. Payne, 

Fortieth District— W. A. Curtis, 

T:nth District— A. C. Westbrook, 


F[> venth District— Jumen G. Parks, 

Twelfth District — J. E. Carter, 

'Jh;rt<.enth District -DuPout Guerrv, 

Fourteenth Distrirt—J. H. Wood-! Mr.iic« 

Wanl, Vienna. j hOUSe. 

tijteenth District— J. T, Sniirh, j A. O. Bacon, Speaker, Macon; 
Lumber City. Mark A. Hardin, W. H. Harrison, 

Forty-first District— B. C. Dugger, 

l-orty-second Disfrict-.R. T, Touehe, 

Forty-third Di.^frict—S. G. Tread- 
well, Tiiion. 

Forty four iJi District- A. T. Hack- 
ett, I'dnggold. 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

C. P. Hansen, Clerks; Benson R. 
Miller Ddot Keeper. 

List here given by counties alpha- 
Appling — Lemuel Sellers, Baxloy. 
Baker— F. W. Jones, Newton. 
Baldwin— ¥. G. DuBignon, Mil- 

Banks— W. A. Quilliau, Homer. 
Bnrtniv—J. C. Branson. KinLrston ; 
T. W. Milner, Cartersville. 

Berrien— W. S. Walker. Allapaha. 
i?j66— A. O. Bacon, S. H. Jeraison, 
C. A. Tiiorpe, Macon. 

Brooks— T. N. Arlington, Quit- 
Bri/an—Jl. F. C. Smith, Bryan. 
Bullock— J. Wilson, Areola. 
Burke— J. F. Bates, Heath; S. I. 
Heath. Girard ; E. A. Perkins, Per- 
kins' Junetion. 
Buff^-n. W. Mays, Stark. 
Calhoun— James Reel, Williams- 

Vaniden—A. Wilson, Owens' Fer- 

Campbell— V7 . S. Zellers, Palmetto. 
Carroll— G. W. Autry. Sand Hill ; 
T. A. Jackson, County Line. 

Ca(oosa—A. H. Gray, Ilingi^old. 
Charlfon—JavA^H Thompson, Tra- 
der's Hill. 

Chatham— 1\. C. Bacon. W. .''. Bas- 
Binger, G. X. Xichols, Savannah. 

Chattahoochee- LaFayette Harp, 

Chattooga— J. W. Maddox, Sum- 
merville. ' 

Cherokee— \s . C. D:\l, Woodstock. 
Clarke — P. Barrow, Athens. 
Clay—B.. A. Turnipseed, Fort 

Clayton— Ji. E. !*Iorrow, Joneshoro. 
Clinch— i. L. Sweat, Homerville. 
Cobb— A. J. Hansen, Koswell ; I). 
W. Orr, AcwDrth. 

Co/fee— William Gaskins, Doug- 

Colquitt— ^\. B. McClelland, Tip- 

Columbia— (j. H. Shocklej-, Har- 

Coweta — W. A. Post, Grantvilie; 
U. B. Wilkinson, Newniati. 

Crawjord—C, H. Walker, Kuox- 

Dade—S. C. Hih^ Trenton. 
Daw.ion — Ji)hn i'ahnt'r, I'ixon. 
I)<catur—J. O. Farrell, \V. W. Jlar- 
rell, li:iiiibri<lK'f. 

lh:Kalb—]l. C. Jones. Decatur. 
Bodije — N. Biwlin-J, Ea-^tman. 
Dooly— i. Williams, Ji^bL-uezer. 

Dougherty— S . Y. Hester, J. Loron. 

Douglass— J. S. James, Douglass- 
Echols— J. F. Hall, Statenville. 
F.tjlugham — Edward Bird, Guy ton. 
Elbert— 3. H. Brewer, Concordia. 
Emanuel— 5. A. Brinson, Cauoo- 
/V<?inm— E. J. Henry, Morganton. 
Fayette— D. A. McLucas, Fayette- 

Floyd— J. W. Turner, S. Wright, 

Fornijth — A. J. Julian, Cumtning. 
Franklin— W. R. Little, Cirues- 

Fulton— Ueury Hillyer, W. H. Pat- 
ter^■■on, F. P. Ri(,'e, Atlanta. 

G'i^?ner— Jonathan Witlirow, Ella- 

Olascock — E. G. Sero.ggs. Gibson. 
Glynn— I. W. Lamb, Brunswick. 
Oora'on— W. R. Rankin, Calhoun. 
Grcenf—J. B .Park, Greenesboro; 
i W. R. Wilson, Woodville. 

Owinnr(t--:<:. L. Huteiiius, R. E. 
! ;Mitch"ll, Lawrenceville. 

Habernham—T. S. Duvis. Toccoa. 
Jlall—J. B. E-<tes, Gainesville. 
Hancock—,]. W. Moore, C^ilvenon; 
\V. J. Northern, Sparta. 
UaraUon-S. M. McBride. 
JLtrris— II. C. Cameron, L. L. Stan- 
ford, Hamilton. 

llirt—A.S. Mathews, Hartwell. 
II' (11 d—W . Sp*^arni;in, Corinth. 
H> nry—'/j. T. Zaclirey, Peacustone 

JFoHston -Edwin Marti x, A. L. 
Miller, Perrv ; W. C. Wiuslow^, Fort 
yri/'/n— William Branch, Tifton. 
Jack.-ion—A. T. Bennett, J. B. Sel- 
man, .TellVrson. 
Jasper— F. Walker, Monticello. 
Jr/rcr.<on-J. H. Polhill, James 
Stai")leton, Liuusville. 

Jo,'tnsu/i—\V. L. Julmson, Wrights- 

• ,/o/ies— James Let^ler, Haddock Sta- 
Liurcna—ll. M. Bureh, Dublin. 
Zee — Frank Jolmson, Leesi)uri':. 
Liberty— Jniiii Mdntosh, Mcin- 
Lincoln— A. E. Strotber, Clay Hill. 
Lcwndcs—r. B. WliUtle, VaUlosta. 
Lympkin — B. J. Davis, Dalilouega. 
^fcDuJ]i'i~ll. C. Rooney, Thom- 

McTntush—T. GoOvirich, Darien. 

And Business Directory. 


Mtcon—W. M. Dykes, Moutezu- 

Ii; ». 

M ifiison—Y. A. Daniel, Paoli. 

M.irton—ii. B. Story, Buena Vista. 

,\[r.riiCtthtr—W. J. iJarues, li. D. 
ll'ii.l.T, Greeneville. 

.SJti'lcr—J. V. Heard, Colquitt. 

M.Hun—T. L. Lewis, Alpnaretta. 

Mi.'chcll—W. N. S pence, Camilla. 

M'jitroc—G. G. Flyut, C. A. Tur- 
i;<'r. For.svtb. 

\{>iUgoinery—C. C. McAllister, Mt. 
Vt riioii. 

M'j'gan—F. C. Foster, Madisou. 

Murray— ^N. C. Carter, Spring 

.1/(/«co^ Crawford, L. F. 
« ...rriird, Columbus. 

Newton— 1j. B. Anderson, L. L. 
MMdlebrooks, Covington. 

Oconee— W . W. Price, Farming- 

Oglethorpe— 3 . M. Smitli, Winters- 
villc; W.M. Wlllill,^^llam, Crawford. 

I'itidding—H. A. Hoyan, Dallas. 

I'tckeas — W. T. Dt»y, Jasper. 

J'lerce—A. M. Moore, Blackshear, 

y^/:6'~E. F. DuPree, Zebulon. 

J'o/k—C. Q. Janes, Cedartowu. 

Pulaski— h. M. Lamar, llawkius- 

J'atna7ti—W. B. Wingfield, Eaton- 
t .n. 

Quitman — J. J. Crurabley, George- 

Iiabun — J. M. Ritchie, Rabun Gap. 

Kandolph — R. D. Crozier, Cutli- 


Uichniond — Jackson Davenport, 
S. W. Mays, 11. D. Twiggs, Augusta. 

liockdaie — W. L. Peek, Conyers. 

Schley— T. S. Raaiey, Eliaville. 

iV.rei't/i— J. L. tiiugleton, tSylvania. 

^\jaiding—J. J. Hunt, Gritlin. 

-'•^'twart—Z. 6. Collin, Florence; T. 
i->. lligli tower, Lumpkin. 

^Siantcr—J. L. Addorton, S. F. Flo- 
gaii, Anierleus. 

Tulf,ot-i. H. Martin, J. W. Rob- 
f ri-*, Talbotton. 

Tuliafcr7-o—B. F. Moore, Craw- 

Tut,iall—T. J. Edwards, Fido. 

laylor—i. J. McCunta, Butler. 

Ttlj'air — John Wilcox, Temper- 

7Vr;Yi7— S. R. Christie, Dav.-son. 

'lliomna—W . M. Hammond, ii. M. 
^•^\'\>, Thomasville. 

l/cu'/is— W. H. INIcClure, Hiwa-ssee. 

Troup^Q. A. Bull, B. C. Cook, La 
C range. 

2u.igg8—i. T. Glover, Bullards. 

Union — J. B. Smith, Young Cane. 

Upson— B. G. McKinney, Thomas- 

Walker- J. B.Wheeler, LaFayette. 

]VaUon—H. A. Carutbers, ^Monroe. 

TFare— William Deuton, Wares- 

Warren— W. A. D^'er, Warren ton. 

Washington — C. M. Summerlin, J. 
T. Youugblood, Sandersville. 

Wayne— A. Clarke, Jesup. 

WtiOster—J. B. Beatty, Pre'^ton. 

White— J, J. Kinney, Cleveland. 

Whifjield-C. E. Broyle3, Dalton. 

Witcox-fi. D. Fuller, Abbeville. 

Wilkes-A. W. Hill, M. P. Reese, 

Witkinson, B. F. Fordham, Steph- 

Worth — J. y.. Sumner, Isahella. 

Supreme Court— Court rooms 

Stale J louse, ^LineLta, southwest 
corner Forsytl;, James .lacksou-, chief 
justice; Logan E. BlecKley and Hou. 
Willis Hawkins, associate judges ; Z. 
D. Harrison, clerk; Hon. Clittbrd Au- 
tlersoii, attorney - general ; Henry 
Jackson, reporter ; J. H. Lumpkin, 
assistant reporter; J. G. INIcLiu, 
sherill. First terni commences sec- 
ond Monday in February ; second 
term begins first Monday in Septem* 


Albany Clrcuit-W. O. Flem- 
ing, judge; J. W. Walters, sollctor- 
general, Albany. 

Baker — First ^tonday iu May and 

Ca'/i<'!irt— Second Monday in March 
and Septemuer, 

Dccatiir—'Seeoad and third Mondays 
in May and November. 

Douijherlj — First, and third 
Mondays in April and October. 

J/;Yc/ttY(;— Fourth Monday in March 
and September. 

H'cr/A— Fourth Monday iu April 
and November. 

Atlanta Circuit— George llill- 

yer, juilge ; B. H. liui, Jr., .solicitor- 
general, Atlanta. 

i;'-A'((;'v— Third Monday iu March 
and .September. 

Cl.iyton — First 2.Ionday in March 
antl September. 

i''«^io>/i— Monday after fourth Mon- 
day iu March aud Septembor. 


Georgia State Gazeti'eer 

Augusta Circuit— Claiborne I ChirtUthoochi-e— Fourth Monday in 
SueaU, juili^e; Bu,vl;iii Wright, solici- j Murcli and yeptember. 
tor-general, A ii'^u-ta. i/dr/v'.'*— Secoud ^Monday in April 

Burke— Tiuni Monday in ^^ay and RU(i October. 
November. * J f<irio?i— Third Monday in Ai)ril 

Colut/ibid— Fourth Monday in March and Oe'lober. 
and Se[iteniber. Mu-^cof/ee—i<eco:\d Monday in ISIay 

McDi'jfic—'i^hlrd Monday in March and November 
and iSepteiuiier. 

Richmond — Tliird Motiday in April 
and October. 

Blue Ridge Circuit-James 

R. Brown, judge; (reorge F. Gober, 
solicilor-geiieral; Ijeiijauiin F. i'ayne 
oflficial Court re[iorter, Canton. ownm^/i-^^ .i.-^-... 

CAeroAw— Fourth ^fonday in Feb- i;,r/-^/iC— Second Monday in January 
ruary and second rvlonday in August, j and July. 

Cyi-fi- Second Munday in :^[urch and | C/^Wt— Second Monday in Febru- 
November. j ary and August. 

DincsorL—'\!\\\rd Monday in April | i>.a/t — Tliird Monday in March and 
and Septemoer. \ Septctnbcr. 

i-rt/t/ii/i— TnirdlMondayin ^Slay and \ Uoidon— Fourth. Monday in Febru- 
October. ' i ary and August. 

i''t»/-*^^A— Third Monday in February : J/'wr^'c//— Third Monday in Febru- 
anJ fourth Monday in August. i ary ami August. 

OiVwitv— Secoud Monday in May : Wkitjidd—Firat Monday in April 
and October. j and October, 

Zu»i;)^U(— Second Monday in April ^ CovVeta Circuit. 

and September. , . ^. , | Sampson W. Harris, juoge ; H. M. 

Talbot— ii,'<!ond ^Monday in Alareh 
and September. 

Taylor- -Fix^t 3Ionday in April and 

Cherokee Circuit. 

J. C. Fain, judge; J. ^Vatt Harris, 

^r-i^\\\r , ■ -I- , Sampson W. Harris, juoge; M. . 

3/ite/( — First Mondav m l-ebruary, i ,^\ .^ ' ,- ■.^_ „„,,^,.,,; ° ' 

, ., , ,, , . •. . ' ' 1 Keiii, t-oiiciLt>r-genei ai. 

Id third Monday in August. I Ca^A/Z-First Monday in Febi 

i^.cj...~loui tu Monday m Aprd | J^, ^^^^.^^^^^ 

andbeptembpr. (W/-/v;//-First Monday in April and 

Toiciis~\']\>\ .MDiKhiV alter f^'*"'"^'' : q .f,,^)^,,. 
Monday in .May, and Thursday alu^- . 'i^.',V,,,;_pi, Monday in March and 
fourth Monday iii OetulR-r. 'Senienibfr 

Unioa-VumO. Mon.iay in May and ' ];,„, ./,,,Jniinl >bnKlav in January 
^^■'^'^^^''■- lunl .\touday in July. 

Brunswick Circuit— ^'- I- /•w^/.v.v— Fuiutn Monday in jNIarch 

Mtirsbuu, judge ; (.re..i;4'- 1>. ^i^i'*!"}, : ^jj,j ^,,pt^.mi)j.i., 

solicitor general, Brunswick. | ihanl—'yh'wd Monday in March 

Appliao -'i\\\\:d Monday in March ; and September, 
and September. | J/,/ (drt //<€/•— Tliird Monday in Feb- 

6'(r//i(/(./i — Tuesday after second M n\- : j-y^py ^^^tX August, 
day in May and November. I Troiip—'Yhxxd Monday in May and 

C'^,n//c//i — Tliird Monday in M^iy i Xovenil>er. 
and November. i r- ^ /-i- -^ 

Clinch-FwA Monday in March and i Eastern CirCU Jt. 

September. : W. 1'.. Fleming, judge; W. G. 

Cy/fce— Tucbdav after fourth Mon- i (ji,arltoii, soUcitur-general. 
day "in April and' October. ; /;/;vi''—i'"irst Monday iu May and 

Cr7y/i;i~Fourth Mciulav in May and ; QctotH-r. 
November. ! ./>'/;/-a-A — Fourth Monday in April 

/'/.7r<f— First a^Ionday in -April atid j mitl Oc-lober. 
October. ' ' C'i';f/<'i''i— First Mon<lays in ^[arch 

Ibart?— Second ^londay in April and Jmu- and December. 
OetotnT. ' i AV/i/iyA'iw— Second Monday in May 

)Vrt^;it'— Fourtli Monday in i^iarch i and^Novemlier. 
and Septemlx-r. j Liberty— Third Monday in May and 

Chattahoochee Circuit— ^^"vember. ,, ,, , >r ^ 

J T \Vuii', Judge T. W., ; .y./.-.v-xA-Fourth Monday in May 
Bolicitor general. i and November. 

And Business Directokv. 


Flint Circuit. 

;.,„„ I...Stcnvar,,j.,lge, K. Won,- ru»ry„n,iA,,,u... 

Taliaferro— Fourth Monday in Feb- 

s.k, solicitor ^'enenil 

]('(i7/y/i— First Monday iu April and 

....-SeooiKl Monday m March , ^^;V/S-Fir5t Monday in May and 


J- < <t'plenil)er. 
;/,'irv-Tbird Monday in April and 

w^r.'.'— Fourth Monday in Febru- 

,^, ^-,,;i_'riiird Monday in March 
f, i S'^ptember. 
/'(b--First Monday in April and 

<,'■ t.-t.i-r. 

..,.;,/„/t,_Third ^Monday in Febru- 
arv :i:id August. 

^ ;,'/,„^_Pirst Monday in 1 ebra- 
e:v and A-.igust. 

■r;,v>H -First Monday in ISlay and 

fVlacon Circuit. 

Thomas J. tMmmous, judge; J. L. 
Htifdenian, «ol:ctor-general. 

Jit'fj-Fonrih Monday in April and 

( Monday in March 
and September. 

;/,/•/.<?('« -First jNloaday in, April 
nnd .Sei'tember. 

Middle Circuit. 

}?. ^V. Carswell, judgt; R. L. Gam- \ . 
blr, .solicitor-Keneral 

Ocmulges Circuit. 

Thomas G. Lawson, judge ; Pvobert 
A. Whitliebi, solicitor-general. 

Buldicin—Tinrd Monday in Febru- 
ary tvnd Auiiust. 

a rtene— tii-'cnd Monday iu March 
and Sei.tember. 

Jn.s;vr— Fourth INfonday m April 
and October. 

/o?u;«— Third Monday in April and 

October. , . ,r i 

Morgan— First Monday in March 

and iSepteuilK'r. 
P«//iam— Third Monday in March 

and September. 

Wilkuison— First Monday m April 

and October. 

Oconee Circuit. 

A. C. Pate, judge ; Thomas Eason, 
.soUci tor general. 

j^,j(lgc—Yii'^t Monday in ^Nlay and 

j)„oiy— Second and tiiird Mondays 
! in March and September. 

jrtrin — Monday after tburth ]Mon- 

i^:n.iniul -Tnird Monday in April , j-v-j^j^^j:^,^ ^^,;^i _^^,,^,^,,,,^^,l., 
and October. I . ,. , ■ 

Jrj/Vrc*(?7i -Second Monday iu May j 
and Xovt-mber. 1 

,/,;,.,wn— Fourth Monday in March ; 
»ii<l November. 

."><•)•{ i\n— Fit SI Monday in May and 
November. j 

r,jf/irj;;— Second Monday in April: 
and October. i 

Uds/iNi^^o/i— First Monday in March 
and St-ptember. 

Northern Circuit. 

E. H. Pottle, judge; G. F. Pierce, 
Jr., solicitor-generab 

AV.Vr^ -Second Monday in March 
»iid September. 
• G'f</.,(rocA-— Third Monday iu Febru- 
ary and August. 

/A: ?if/-W.-— Second Monday in April 
and Oi'tober, 

Jhrt— Tiiird Monday in March an 

Lnroln—Fourtii Monday in April 
and October. 

ifadii^on— First Monday iu March 
eind September. 

O-jUl/iorpe—TiuTd Monday in April 
and Octot)er. 

La?irens— Second Mondays in April 
and October. 

3Io!^(go}ncry-^Ycdnesdny after fourth 
Monday in April and October. 

y^r//a.sA-i— Second and third Monday? 
in May and November. 

2,,,^-ai>_Tuet-day after third Mon- 
day in April and October. 

T(ciggs-F\rr~t Monday in iSlarch 
and September. 

•H/,7^(,j_Fourtli Monday in March 
and Septem'ver. 

Patauia Circuit. 

Arthur Hood, judge; .Tames H. 
Guerry, -solicitor uenerab 

(^7,/^;_l.'ourth M->i!day iu 3larch and 

]r,„.^^_First and second Monday in 
" I April and October. , . , ., , 
jj I '3j;7/,.r— Tliird Monday m April and 

October. , ^^ , . -^ ,- 

^,,jY,,;,„i_ Tiiird Monday in Ma\ 

and November. 

]ia >uh>ph -Fiv-t :ind second xnIou- 
davs in M:iy and November. 

Terrell-Fourtii Monday in May 
and November. Holds two weelis. 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

Romo Circuit. 

J. W. II. Underwood, judge; J. I. 
Wright, solici lor- general. 

Char.O'jffa—FiTSi Monday in jSIarch 
and Si'ivteuiber. 

ployd— Fourth Monday in :March 
and Sfpteraher. 

Pauldin!/—¥ir^t 2^Ionday in Febru- 
ary and August. 

PolJc—iiteomi Monday in February 
and Augn-^t and liolds two wc'ek«, 

lJanil'<oa—"ih\fi\ :\Ionday iii Jitnu- 
ary and July and holds two vteks. 

Wal/cer—lj^^i ^[onday in Feuruury 
and August. 

Southern Circuit. 

Augustus H. ilansoll, judge ; R. G. 
Mitcbell, solici;or-general. 

Berrien— Thivd Monday in March 
and Hop I ember. 

2f,w;j.,— FirM Monday in ]\Iarch and 

Colqvilt—Wvdne^iday after fourth 
Monday in Marel» and September. 

Echols— S^.cond Monday in March 
and Sfpternber. | 

Loic7uies—Y h]rd Monday in 3lay j 
and November. j 

Thomas-'rhivd week in April and i 


Southwestern Circuit. ! 

C. F. Cii.'-p, judge; C. B. Hudson, 

Zee-Si'coml Monday m March and 
Noven\ber. . . -r^ 

,>/ac';/i— l•ir^U :Monday in December 
and third Monday in .May. 

<;chlty—Fouvih Monday in :\lurch 
and September. ,^ , . . ., 

Stetcart-Fou.ih :vronday in April 
and October. . 

Su!dtcr—fi<^ cond Monday lu April 

and O' lober. . • , , i 

iras'tT— First Monday m April and 


Western Circuit. 

A. S. Irwin, judge; A. L. Mitchell, 

solicitor-general. . . n » 

g,„i^.,_irirst Monday in April and 

October. _, • >r i 

Ckzrh- -Second Monday lu May and 

IsoveiVilH-r. . , 

Oom<:e-Fomth Monday in Janu- 

arv and Juiy. • » -i 

i-vYiftA//;. -^^ecoml Monday m April 

and October. . ,1 i 

(jtcinnctt-F':r?t Monday m March 

and Siptenibi'r. . . .■ 

J{uu!.hara-Th\vd Mondiiy m April 

and October. 

Hall— Third and fourth Mondays in 
:March and September, 

Jackson— Fir^t ]>.Ionday in February 
and August. 

/;,; 6?/ 7i— Fourth jStonday in April 
and October. 

17alto/i— Third Monday in Febru 
uary and August. 

1V7a^— First Monday after fourth 
Monday iu April and October. 


Northorn District. 

Composed of the counties of Banks, 
Bartow, Butts, Campbell, Carroll, 
C'atoosa, Chattooga. Cherokee, Clarke 
Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dade, Daw- 
eon, DeKaib, Douglas, Elbert, Fan- 
nin, Fayette, Floyd, Forsyth, Fiauk- 
lin, Fulton, Gilmer, Gordon, Greene, 
Gwinnett, Habersham, Hall, Haral- 
son, Hart, Heard, Henrv, Lincoln, 
Lumpkin, Madison, Meriwetlier, Mil- 
ton, Morgan, Murray, Newton, Oco- 
nee, Oijlethorpe, Paulding, Pickens, 
Pike, Polk, K.ibun, Bockdalc, Spald- 
ing, Taliaferro, Towns, Troup, Union, 
Walker, Walton, White, Wimheld 
and W'ilkes. 

Court Fsoom-Custom House. 

Circuit: Court-Convenes sec- 
oinl Moudav lu March and Septem- 
ber. Hon. Don A. Pardee, circuit jus- 
tice, Atlanta; Joliu ^,Bigbee, district 
aliorney; S. A. Daniel, assistant; Ju- 
{ lius L.' Brown, standing master in 
chancery ; A. E. Buck, clerk ; W. 
H. Loften, deputy; Gen. James 
! Loiigstreet, marshal. 
; District Court-Convenes first 
Monday in ZMareli and Sei»tember. 
Hun. John Erskine, judge, Atlanta; 
! Henry 1'. Farrow, district attorney^; 
iixcorge S. Thomas, assistant; A. E, 
j Buck, clerk ; Gen. James Longstreet, 
i marshal. 

i Com m ! ssioners— lawson 

; Black, A. E. Buck, W. B. Smitli, \V . 
; H. .Sniylii, Henry P. Farrow, Atlau- 
j la ; Alexander CI. Murray, (iritlin; 
I Junius F. Hillyer, Borne ; S. W. Le- 
i land, Aaron Ccilins, Cartersvilie ; S. 
' M. Herringion, Athens; 6. C. Dun- 
Jap, (iaitusvilie ; Jolm C. P^rittaiu, 

Daiilonega; Henry L. Carroll, Blairs- 
jviUe; B. Wilsonj Ellijay ; Spencer 

M.Smith, Toccoa; Orlando ilcLeu- 
j don, Newuan. 

And Business Direcioky. 


Eastern Distrjct-"Southern 

(,'< imposed of tln' couutivs of Ap- 
jlinir, Berrieu, l>ulloch, Bryau, 
I'.iiike, Brooke, Clinvb, Camdeu, Cof- 
Uf, Cluvrltou, Colquitt, C'liatljum, 
< ul.imbia, Decatur, Echols, Emau- 
tiel, ElliiiKliiUii, Glyuu, r;hi>cock, 
Irwin. Jellerdou, Johnson, L )\vudL'S, 
Liltt'rty, Montgomery, MeDunie, ^Ic- 
hitosh'^ Pierce, Kichniond, Screven, 
Tutiiall, Thomas, Ware, Wayue, 
SVashiugtoii, AVortb. 

Western Division. 

Composed of the counties of Baker, 
Baldwin, Bibb, But s, Calhoun, Cliat 
tahoocliee, Clay, Crawford Dodge, 
Dooly, Dougherty, Early, Hanco' k, 
Harris, Houston, Jasi-er, Jones, Lau 
r^".is, J,ee. Macon. Marion, Miller, 
Mitclioll, 'Monroe, Muscogee, Bike, 
Pulaski. Putnam, Quitman, Ban 
dolpb, Schley, Stewart, Sumter, Tal 
bot. Taylor, Telfair, Terrell, Twiggs, 
I'l'Son, Warren, Webster, Wilcox, 

Court Rooms-Custom House, 

Circuit Court — Convenes sec- 
<'nd .Monday in April and Tuursday 
after first Monday in November. 
Hon. Don A. B.irdee, circuit justice, 
Atlanta; Henry P. Farrow, district 
atlornev; S. E. Darnell, assistant; 
W. P.* Ward, clerk; W. M. Hey- 
v/urd, a.-sistant ; Gen. James Long- 
street, marslial. 

District Court. — Convenes sec- 
ond Tuesday in February, May, Au- 
i.'i:st and Novemb-er. ' Hon."^ John 
i^i-kine, judge, Atlanta ; Jf)hn S. 
Hi^bee, district attorney ; S. E. Dar- 
ii;!l. assistant; W. P. 'Ward, clerk; 
i'tt'U. James Longstreef, marshal. 

Commissioners— Francis F. 

iutne\, Alijanv; S imuel Lew, Au- 
KU-tu; T. J. F\iller, Blackshcar; C. 
H. Dexter, Brunswick ; L. P. Down- 
ing, Walter H. Johns.^n, Columbus; 
A. P. Whittle Macon; H. C. Wayne, 
iMward C. Wade, William Hanhn. 
l;a:io Beckett, L. H. DeMontm.iUen, 
> iviuinuh ; 11. F. Brimberry, Culli- 
'■<^rt; James Wimberlv, SN'avnes- 

Registrars in Bankruptcy 

— •v'.luiitii, Luwson Blaik; ( i.'iuuibu:-, 
'•••luuel '1'. Downing; GrilVu), Altx- 
*';"l';r (i. Murray; Madison, Albert 
\'- 1-oster; Savannati, Isaac Beckett; 
« I'l- n Point, W. W. Lumpkin. 


Second District. 

Composed of the iSoi eigiity-five 
counties of the western two-tliirds of 
the State. 

Ollice, Custom House, Atlanta. An- 
drew Clark, collector ; W. T. B. Wil- 
son, chief clerk and deputy. 

Deputies: W. S. Whitford, Albany; 
George W. Ware, Athens; T. D. 
Irish, G. B. Clark, Z. L. Morris, W. 
]>. Moore, Atlanta : Lassar 2^Iyer, 
Columbus; B. F, Brimberry, Cuth- 
bert; John A. Crawford, Cartersville; 
A.J. Liird, Daldonega; E. L. Lan- 
dum, Dalton; A. W. Post, Grillln; 
E. E. Freeman, Gainesville ; E. M. 
Brown, Macon; .John A. Stuarr, Mor- 
ganton ; Samuel W. Murray, New- 
nan; F. :\L Van Pelt, Rome ■; W. O. 
H. Siiepard, Toccou. 

Third Distiict. 

Composed of (,52 j fifty-two counties 
of tl>e State. 

Office, Exchange Building, S.avau- 
nah. Edward C. Wade, collector. 

Depuiies : F. W. Foster, Augus- 
tus Beall, T. B. Harper, Augusta; D. 
T. Dunn, Brunswick; T. C. Holden, 
Crawfordville ; B. T. Gibson, liich- 
[ ard Nelson, Gordon ; W. S. Maylield, 
ij. W. Svvann, Greensborougii ; W. 
! J. White, D. C. Brundage, :Milledge- 
jviile; M. C. Wade, Adolph Leers, 
I F. W. Blizard, i:. B. Belcher, C. S. 
; Ptirk, Savannali; D. F. Luke. Thom- 
j asviUe ; B. W. Taylor, Waynesbor- 
' ough. 


Appling— Baxley. 

iPoj-iulation, 5,275. ) 

James Tillman Ortiinary 

W. W. Graham Clerk 

J. H. Cook Sherift 

J. J.Smith Tax Receiver 

Silas Rober.-;ou Tax Collector 

Napoleon Weatlierby Treasurer 

Arthur Johnson Sm-veyor 

11. McEachen Coroner 

Baker- Tiewton. 

^Populatiuo, 7,obJ.) 

W. T. LivinLr>ton Ordinary 

]?enj. J. F. Hudspeth Clerk 

Jame> H. Bowell .-^heriif 

,)ames ,M. Odum Ta.\ Receiver 

Robert B. Odtmi Tax Collector 

Lawrence (i. Row ell Treasurer 

M. C. Lennox Suryeyor 

R. Gray Coroner 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

Baldwin- rWilledgeviMe. 

(Population, lil/Ji^'S.) 

Daniel B. Sanfonl Ordinary 

Walter Paine Cler'k 

Cbarles W. En^i^» Shcrifl 

J. Hunter McConib Tax Receiver 

T. \V. Turk Tax Collector 

L. J. Ijoraar Treasurer 

li. Ij. Hunter Surveyor 

W' , S. t^cotr Coroner 

Banks— Homer. 

(Population, 7,337.) 

T. F. Hill Ordinary 

Robert J. Dyar Cleik 

Elijah I). Owen Sheriff 

J( el 1). (iunnel^; Tax Receiver 

Martin L. McDcnal(i...Tax Collector 

Williain 11. Meeks Treasurer 

G. n. Bov»don .Surveyor 

William Aiflin Coroner 


:(Population, 18,604.) 

Jcreniiali A. Howard Ordinary 

F. M. Durham Clerk 

A. M. Friinkiin Siierifl 

Wihiaiii AV. CJunu Tax Receiver 

Bailey A. Barton... Tax Collector 

Humphrey W. Cobb Treasurer 

D. AV. K. Peacock Surveyor 

D. B. Mull Coroner 

Berrien— Nashville. 

(Population, 6,til9,) 

B. F. Lirdsey Ordinary 

Silas Tyjrart Clerk 

W. W. Rutlierford Sberift 

Joel J. Carter Tax Receiver 

J(>Ln L. Sutton Tax Collector 

W. D. (iritVin Treasurer 

J. K. McCramie Surveyor 

Kzekiel Parrihh Coroner 

Bibb r«^acon. 

(Population, 27,146.) 

.^obn A. McManus Ordinary 

AilK-rt B. Ross .....Cierk 

<;. S. Wf'stcott Sherifl 

Hubert J. Anderson Tax Receiver 

H«iiry .1. Peter Tax Collector 

J. C. Wiieeler Surveyor 

B.St. P. ^Juerrardie Coroner 

Brooks- Quitman. 

(Po]ailatiou, ll,7ti7.) 

Alfi.-mdir r. PiTham Ordinarv 

>\d,iMin (.'. r.tntlev C.'eik 

>NiUii. ni A. McNeil Sluriir 

Jai, ,-> \V. Phillii ^ Tax Rereiv. r 

>t*-ph. n S. Meadows.. ..Tax Colkctor 

*'• '• <'"il'ii> Treai^urer 

'T: "V tir.nin Surveyor 

I . I>. Piiukr Coroner 

Bryan— Bryan. 

(I'opulation, 4,9-,'9.) 
.J. B. Brown Ordinarv 

A. O. Smith Clerk 

B. A. Rittrour Sheriff" 

T. C. Rhodes Tax Receiver 

•JohH .1. Haymani? Tax C'Oliectcr 

Alonzo 0. Van Braule Treasurer 

Isiah Hart Surveyor 

Isaac Bush Coroner 


(Population, 8.05.3 ) 
Curtis S. Martin Ordinary- 
Jackson Franklin Clerk 

Thomas H. ^Vaters Sheriff 

Michael J. (ireen Tax Receiver 

E. Kennedy Tax Collector 

John 0. ^Villiams Treasurer 

Frederick S. V/illiaras Surveyor 

George \\ . Kickiighter C<>io'r;er 

Burke— Waynesboro Ugh. 

(Population, 27,127.) 

Thomas J.McElmurray Ordinarv 

Seaborn J. Pell Clerk 

B. Halseler Sherilt 

J. \V. Revnolds Tax Receiver 

G. A. Wiiird Tai Collector- 
Thomas Qninney lYeasurer 

James A. Lambert Surveyor- 

b, L. Foster Coroner 

Butts— Jackson. 

(Population, 8,311.) 

James F, Carmicbael Ordinar-v 

Larkin D. Watson Cleik 

James O. l>eaiu-liamp Sheriff' 

Stewart P. Vickers Tax Receiver 

William C. Nutt Tax Collector. 

Henry O. Benton Treasurer 

James C. Maddo-x Siirve3'or 

Jesse McI>eroy Coront r 

Calhoun— ft^ organ. 

(Population, 7,024.) 

A. J. ^[onroe Onlinary 

J. H. Corurn Cleik 

W. W. Gladden Sheriff 

Tliomas Conlray Tax l\eceiver 

John A. (Haddeii Tax Collector 

Charies H. Gee Treasur'er 

Jesse Mercer Surveyor 

Z. Lang (.'oroner 

Camden— Saint Gary's. 

(Population, C,4S3.) 

1'. M. Atianis Ordinary 

W. W. Gowan Ciei k 

John S. Rus-ell St eritl' 

John Silt tVu !d Tax Rrceivi-r 

John Pacety, Jr Tax Colltctor 

J. J. Rudol| I) Tieasurt r 

C. W. FJarrell ...Surveyor 

And Bcbiness DiKKuroKY. 


Campbell— ^airburn, 

^ Population 9,979.) 

U.ubon ('. B-avers Ordinary 

Mviri'li H. Woociall ■; Clerk 

;,.!ii! L- t'amp Sberilf 

JAine.-. A. Vickery Tax Receiver 

.^jn-ni-er Harvey Tax Collector 

Jaiuos L.Jones Treasurer 

(.Jf.'i^'e Latham Suiveyor 

.•»if|ilion Malone Coroner 

Carroll— CarroUton. 

^Populatio.. 1G,903.) 

Kobert L. llichards Ordinary 

J, .111. M. B. Kelly Clerk 

J.itnos >L Hewitt Sberifl' 

William W. Beall Tax Rectiver 

J.tiius >[. Hamrieli, Jr., Tax Collector 

Ia Hoy C. Maudeville Trea.-^urer 

J. I). Jordan Surveyor 

Gilbert Cole Coroner 

Catoosa— Ringgold. 

^Population 4,7.jy.y 

J. H Auderson Ordinarv 

\V. H. H.Clark Clerk 

J. C. }iryan Sberitt' 

I!. F. Harris Tax Receiver 

J. T. Bilbo Tax Collt-ctor 

WiJiiuni S. Inman -Treasurer 

.N. White Smith Surveyor 

N-itban Campbell Coroner 

Charlton-Traders Hill. 

(Population 2,161.) 

l;"'>ert Hatcher Ordinary 

Andrew G. Gowan Clerk 

Jyliii Brooks Sheiitl 

('. r. Creus Tax Receiver 

IVrry M. Courson Ta.x Collector 

Jolm Paxton Treasurer 

P. LiuL( Surveyor 

Junies Rubinson Coroner 

Chatham— Savannah. 

(Population 44,9J5.) 

John O. Ferrill Ordinarv 

Ciiurles S. Hardee Ci-rk 

•bjbn T. Ronan Sheriff 

M:ithi:is H. :Meyer Tax Receiver 

J'»nies .J. McGowan Tax Collector 

J'>iin William.von Treat^urer 

J'liiu ]{. Tebeau Surveyor 

^ieiijaniin F. SheiTtall Coroner 

Chattahoochee— Cusseta. 

^^I'upulaticn 5,670. ) 

Jnme. castieberry, { :;;;:;;:;^';;'S2Ji; 

I'- S. Howell '....."..'.'. ..!sheriff 

)V. B. Willis Tax Receiver 

J M- Davis Tax Collector 

^^ • i^. Howard Treasurer 

■J- '" ; D. Sbipp. Surveyor 

»>. S. Ha.ieij Coroner 

' Chattooga— SummervlTe. 

I iPopiilation 10,021.) 

Johi\ Mattox Ordinary 

George D. HoUis Clerk 

\ F:. M. Story Sheriff 

I Frank Cordle Tax Receiver 

1 John ]M. \Villiams Tax Collector 

j \V. D. Pope Treasurer 

J. A. Branner Surveyor 

J. H. DoJd Coroner 

j Cherokee- Canton, 

i (Population 14,3_'5.} 

I C. M. McClure Ordinarv 

' Jabez Gait Clerk 

Joshua P. Spear; Sheriff" 

Thomas W. Arwood Tax Receiver 

M. C. Cuker Tax Collector 

Jonathan L. Coggins Treasurer 

Fred. W\ Moon Surveyor 

W'illiam T. Kirk Coroner 

j Clarke— Athens. 

I (Population 11,702.) 
Asa M. Jackson Ordinary 

I John I, Huggins Clerk 

Josiah A. Browning Sheriff 

David E. Sims Tax Receiver 

Henry H. Linton Tax Collector 

Sidney C. Reese Treasurer 

Edwin K. Lumpkin Surveyor 

, G. A. H. Jennings Coroner 

I Clay-Fort Caines. 

i (Population 6,650.) 

R. R. Blocker Ordinary 

A. P. Ingraham Clerk 

John W. Sutton Sheriff 

F3. L. Brown Tax Receiver 

, Robert B. Peterson Tax Collector 

j^ohn McLeudon Treasurer 

W, J. Green Surveyor 

J. D. Owens Coroner 

Clayton— Jon esborough. 

(Population S.O'^S.) 

G. D. Stewart Ortiinarv 

F. M. Kimble Clerk 

William S. Archer Sherilf 

R. M. Elliott Tax Receiver 

S. A. Dees Tax Collector 

F31isha L. Hanes Treiisurer 

Parker E. DufTey .Surveyor 

C. B. Sims Coroner 


(Population 4,13S ) 

John L Morgan Ordinary 

Abrahnm Morgan Clerk. 

.Ferry ^L Jeltbrd ..sheriff 

Jolm C, Jones Tax Receiver 

^Iiidison' M. Caswell Tax Collector 

Flenry C. Moore Treasurer 

Geori^e M. Dane Surveyor 

Stephen D. Findley Coroner 


Georgia Statk Gazettker 

Cobb— Marietta. 

(Population -20,748. ) 

Hamilton M. Hainmett Onlinary 

\Viiliaiu R. Mont£,'()uiery Cleik 

Ale^cuuilL-r F. Gari,all Sherilf 

Geor-^'e 1.. Daniel] Tux Receiver 

James P. Glover Tax Collector 

"William K. Montgomery... .Treasurer 

Jool Malile Surveyor 

Jasper Cash Coroner 

Coffee— Douglass. 

(Population 5,070.) 

Eliiali Puulk...., Ordin?rv 

C. A. Ward Clerk 

A. )I. Ennis Sberitl" 

John Tucker Tax lieceiver 

]\. ^y. Douylass Tax Collector 

Vincent Rieketson Treasurer 

Paviil Sunjmerlin Surveyor 

B;ril Merritt Coroner 

Colquitt— Moultrie. 

(Populutiou 2,527. ; 

Henry Gay Ordinary 

A. D. Patterson Clerk 

J. K. Frasier Sheritl' 

Daniel Cooper Tax Receiver 

George F. Newton Tax Collector 

RicJiard J. Xorman Treasurer 

>[attliew Tucker Snrvej'or 

E. Gregory Coroner 

Columbia— Appling. 

^I'opulation lU,4G5.) 
George D. Darsev Ordinary 

r. -.,. r^ f Clerk 

George \>. Gray ^ Treasuier 

Bradford Ivy Sheriff 

John A. Green Tax Receiver 

Oliver Hardy Tax Collector 

Coweta— F^ewnan. 

(Population 21,lu9.) 

James 1'. R'-ewster Ordinary 

lUiniel Swint Clerk 

Jatues W. Anderson Sherill' 

P.iisha C. Cureton Tax Receiver 

J. M. North Tax Collector 

J. A. }5yram Treasurer 

P. A, lierndon Surveyor 

-M. F. Duncan Coroner 

Crawford— Knoxvi lie. 

(Population 8,65»J.) 

\'. .^. Holton Ordinary 

J. \V. Jack Clerk 

•M. 1'. Uevit-re Sheritl 

!'• <'• Hick- Tax Receiver 

li 1'. Ki-nntdy Tax'CoUector 

K. H. Wright Treasurer 

GeurKe \V. While Surveyor 

Sunders P,<jnd Coroner 

Dade -Trenton. 

(Poiai'.ation 4,703. i 

G. M. Crabtree Ordinary 

S. H. Tliurman Clerl; 

B. P. Majors Sherilf 

Joseph Coleman Tax Receiver 

D. E. Taturn Tax Collector 

Z. O Neal Treasmer 

W. G. Morri-on Surveyor 

Joseph Kizer Coroner 

Daws a n— Dawson vl I 'e. 

(Populaiiou 5,837.) 

Henry C. Johnson Ordinary 

William H. Richardson Clerk 

Horatio Tatum Sheritr 

Widiam H. Bcggs Tax Rt-cei wr 

James W, Perry Tax Collector 

Josephus Castiebi rry Treasurer 

John D. Palmer Surveyor 

James W. Wtutman Coroner 

Decatur— Bain bridge. 

(Population 19,071.) 

Martin O'Neal Ordinary 

John T. Wiraberly Clerk 

L. F. Burkett Siieriff 

S. Brinson... Tax Receiver 

Jacob Harrell Tax Collector 

H. C. Curry Treasurer 

E. y. Law Surveyor 

Peter Dauiell Coroner 

DeKalb— Decatufj 

(Population 14,497.) 

Juhn B. Steward Ordinary 

J. R. Rns.ell Clerk 

'' James Hunter Sheritl 

1. S. Tea^ Tax Receiver 

T. R. Floyd Tax Collector 

J. R. McAlister Treasurer 

E. M. Kittridge Surveyor 

Turner L. Evan? Coroner 

Dodge- Eastman. 

(Pol)u!ation 5,;;5^.) 

John J. Rozer Or. Unary 

J. C. Rawlins Clerk 

William P.. Sapp Sherlll 

John AV. Bohanan Tax Receiver 

B. Rynl Tax C'ulector 

C. 11. P<-acock Treasurer 

Jose{>h Hartley Surveyor 

S. B. Coody Coroner 

Dooly— Vienna. 

(Populaiion 12, 413.) 

J. D. Hargrove Ordinary 

J. E. Ldly Clerk 

F. T. Rape Siierili 

Z. T. Penny Tax lieceiver 

J. G. Dorrough Tax Collecior 

S. F. Rogers Trea-urer 

M. C. Jordan Suryey<^r 

J. G. (jilbert Coroner 

And Eusixkss Directory. 29 

Dougherty— Albany. ' R- W. Cle%-ehHi.l Surveyor 

^i^)pul:ltiun 12,622.) i J- ^^- Cami'bfll Coroner 

■f J oiiim Ordinary Emanuel -Svvainsborough. 

\\ i;,.v }'. IJurks C':erk ! i Population, 9,759.) 

K. (J.'Kdward^J SberiJl ^ Drurv S. Mo(.re Ordiuarv 

l; , l,;itd 8. Ilust Tax Receiver WiHiam R. Kemn Clerk 

J .1 U. Forester Tax Collector , j.,el R. Mooriu? SherilT 

WA-y \'. Murks Treasurer WiHJam San.-ter Tax R^rceiver 

!i. !irv C.>ok Surveyor Daniel G. Hall Tax Collector 

JiirUrt Wellborn Coroner , j^sje Moore Treasurer 

Douglas-Douglasville. i James L. Miore Surv^^yor 

(Population 6,934.; | p:dmuud C. Jenkin?< Coroner 

j,.hn V. Edge Ordinarv i Fannin— Rslorganton. 

S. N. Djrvett Clerk I (Population, 7,215.^ 

W. T. Lindly SheritT; George A. Thoma? Ordi-.ary 

]'..r. Cooper Tax Receiver;!,. (-. Cutoher Clerk 

N. A. Sayer Tax Collector : John W. Gray SheritT 

I' ^^'• ''rice Treasurer I ^y. D. Saiitli Tax Receiver 

JmIhi .Nr. Huey Surveyor ; s-d. M. Douihit Tax Codector 

"'■ . M >l'ifi:'hell,,. .,,..,., Comner' j_ C. Lc^an Sur"^'evor 

Early— Blakely, I James A. TarpJey Coroner 

(Population 7,605 ) I Fayette— Fayetteville. 

Jriines B. Jones Ordinary ! (.Population, 8,605.) 

Ja:iu-s \V. Alexander Clerk i l. R. Grief's Ordinarv 

Juhti S. Mosley Sberifl a. E. Stokes (ler'k 

•'• ''• I-ine Tax Receiver James :kr. Carli>le' Sheriff 

<;-orgo K. Chipstead Tax Collector John M. Piiillips Tax Receiver 

James Buchanan Treasurer ' Henrv C. Reeves Tax Collector 

iMvid L. Pickle Surveyor ; a. McEachern Treasurer 

James Butler Coroner ; o. T. Bannister Coroner 

Echols— Statenville. | FIoyd-Rorrse. 

(Population 2,553.) | (Population, 24. -118.) 

Juliu Rerudon Ordinary i Henry J. Johnson Ordinary 

-'!.uC. Guthrie Clerk ■ Adolphus E. Ross Clerk 

i'.ivi,! Herndou Sherirf M. C. Mathis ....Sheriff 

JtunesTomlinson T;.x Receiver j. H, Cooper Tax Receiver 

j^dhain Alderman Tax Collector John J. Black Tax Collector 

• hu C. McKinnon Treasurer k. IL West Taeasurer 

u-",V '''"'-"-^^^'«"c Surveyor Junies A. Arncdd Survevor 

^ idiain r. Green Coroner ' Lewis Coroner 

Effingham-Springfleld. Forsyth-Cumming. 

(Population, 5,979.) (Population, 10,559. i 

Alien N. Keiffer Ordinary F. M. Hawkins Ordin;iry 

J'liathan Sliarouse C e?-"k : Samuel B. Patterson ...Clerk 

i- B. .>-;mith Slieritr Wdliam A. Porter Sheriff 

'•'■ >^"vn Trout Tax Receiver Rufus ¥.. Guthrie Tax Receiver 

} «'. M(.ri;an Tax Collector ; T. W. Barley Tax Collector 

' "bii^K. Burgsteiner Treasurer Jesse M Cie'ment Trea.-urer 

_V 1"^- Powers Surveyor I John W. Vance .--Purveyor 

'I -rc-chel Dagger Coroner : Lewis B. Perry Coroner 

Elbert— Elberton. Frank in-Garnesvll!e. 

(Population, 12,957.1 ( P(»[)Ulation, 11,453.! 

*'-orge L. Almond Ordinarv Lemuel N. Tr.l ble Ordinary 

i!">inas A. Cnandler Clerk Andrew J. X:-al 'Merk 

''- P'. -Mexander Sherill John C. M> Carter Slierirf 

' S. (iiincg Tax Receiver M. M. Mr.Mnrray 'i'ax Recniver 

•r. ^^- Hill. Tax Collector Tnomas Sloval: Tax Collector 

''•'•(•rt ^L Heard Treasurer T. C. Burton Treasurer 


Georgia State Gazeeteer 

B^ W. Moboiy Surveyor , JaineR B. Park, Jr Treasurer 

W. A. ])eazley Surveyor 

J. F. Zimmeriuan Coroner 

H. H. Hayes Coroner 

Fulton— Atlanta. 

(Pojuilatiou, 4G,li'(3.j 

"William L Calliouii Ordinary 

>Cifero H. S rong Clerk 

Gwinnett— Lawrencevi lie. 

(Population 1 9,531.) 

James T. Lamkln Ordinary 

A. M Pvrkersou Sheriff j D. T. Cain Clerk 

J. O. Harris Tax Receiver i Jain; s M. Patterson Sheritt 

W. W. Clayton Tax Collector I W. M. Hunnicut Tax Receiver 

l^i'viie Treasurer j Jacob C. Lowry Tax Collector 

Walker Surveyor l R. X. Robinson Treasnrpr 

B. F 
F. A 

J. C. 

Hilburn Coroner 

Gilmer— Ellijay. 

(Population, S,.3S6.) 
Allen Ordinrry 

a. :s. iiobnison Treasurer 

R. X. Momtt Surveyor 

F. J. Peters Coroner 

Habersham- Clarksville- 

(Population 8,718.) 
R. X. Groves Ordinary 

Levi ]M. Greer Clerk 

H. M. Rramlett Sherifl' j h 7\ddisnn "'"^V, >- 

l^:[!^^:::::::::::::::::i::i^^ sheri^ 

J^T ^: ^-?- Surveyor | Ezekieliuner:::::::::;:::^^ cZZl 

George!, bmith Coroner jH. r. Lambert Treasurer 

Glascock— Gibson. 

(Population, 3, 577.) 

F. S, Calhoun Ordinary 

E B l?.)gers Clerk 

C H. r 

Vv p ^V "^"'V ;p ....Sheriff James B. M. Winhurn 

^^^^\:, l^V'^''"' J^ T^^' Receiver I G. C. Clements 

J .s. ^i^d^;r.. Tax Collector J. L. Gaines ' 

J.-JUU1. ^. Peddes Treasurer I M. B. Spwell Ta 

J. H. Ivitehens Surveyor 

C. A. P.radley Coroner 

Glynn -Brunswick. 

(Population, 6, -197.) 

'William n. P.errie Ordinary 

Thomas 0'C(Miuer, Jr Clerk 

Joseph E. Lambright.. Sherifl' 

William Turner Tax Receiver 

R. M. Tison Tax Collector 

John P. Lamb Trtasunr 

E.^ A. IV'iininian Survevor 

W. H. Bvnnett Coroner 

Cordon— Calhoun. 

(Population, 11,179.; 

Willi;,,,! H. Block Ordinary 

{y^ \\- ,\V'i-'f^»»i Clerk 

\N. <-. laylor Sheriff 

E-nuiel M. Simpson Tax R 

J. M. R bfftson Tax ("( 

Vr. Harlan.. 

ti. W. .M;,i-..b. 

•^"''" t.'.rdon Coroner 

Greene Greonsborousli. 

I'^pidation 17,517.'. 
I"' ^'i". 'xx-'V'"'" Ordinary 

J:-ph H. K,,,,.;,i::::::::::::;:::::;,f;;-|^ 

Vic ."!'""," TaxR,eeiver 

' '"'-^ -'• <-"i'tland Tax Collector 

, reiver 

John A. Reynolds Survevor 

William Edmunds Coroner 

Hall -Gainesville. 

(Population 15,209.) 




^^ , ,^ -Tax Receiver 

>joah Martin Tax Collector 

W. A. lirown Treasurer 

G. Harrison Surveyor 

Edward Lowry Croher 

M. \\ . Rideu X'otary Public 

Hancock— Sparta. 

(Population 16,989 ) 

R. H. Lpwis Ordinary 

James T. Andrews Clerk 

Thomas A, Stewart Sheriff 

LaFayette Powell Tax R^'ceiver 

John Turner Tax Collector 

Wjlliam H. Bass Treasurer 

Stephen E, Pearson Surveyor 

W. J. Rogers Coroner 

Haralson— Buchanan. 

(Population 5,97;J.J 

,S. M. Davenport Ordinarv 

j Heni-y C. Head Clerk 

!j'.'hn K. Holcombe, Jr Sherill 

, X. H. Xe!s(jn Tax R^^ceiver 

^: T^- Golden TaxC.dlector 

: ^^ • ^''- ^^ ^^-'>i^ Treasurer 

: (M'or-e >V. Griitrv Surveyor 

j E. H. B'.irden Coru'uer 


! (Pupulation 15,7t;4.( 

C. Williams Ordinarv 

Truett Clerk 

J. F. 
A. F 

An^d Bc3ine33 Directory. 


1!. II. Williams Sberifl' 

f. H. I'ritcbard Tax Receiver 

J. S. Irvin Tax Collector 

Hf nry C. Kimbrougn Treasurer 

M. M. Joues Surveyor 

W. J. iSaaith Corouer 


(Population 9,094.) 

r. r. StepbeDsou Oidiuary 

M. M. liicbardson Clerk 

Jaiii'.':> 11. Myers Sheritf 

J-.ptha M. Thorutoa'. Tax H-eeiver 

J.tuu-s L. Johnsou Tax Collector 

A. It. Brown Treasurer 

.<. W. Peek Surveyor 

.\!!.,-ii -MjGee Coroner 

Heard-Franklin. | 

(Population 8,769.) ! 

2. H. D.iiiicl, Sr.... Ordinary | 

ArsTi'dh T. Fuller Clerk 

I'^aiel T. Dansl:y Sberift": 

J ihn J. BleJ.Hoe Tax Receiver! 

\V:l!iaui J. Almou Tax Collector!'s F. B-vis Treasurer | 

J>!in A. Brett .".Surveyor i 

.Siihify Few Coroiier ! 

Henry— FplcDonougb. i 

(Population 14,193.) i 

A;>el A. Lemou Ordinarv 

Charles M. Speer Clerk! 

Willis Goodwin Sherifl'' 

J. Ttiurman Tax R-ceiver 

>\ ill-am Stantield Tax Collector 

l^ivid Knotr Treasurer I 

il'bert SandifL-r Surveyor j 

J ^lin Bjatner Corouer 

Houston— Perry. 

(Population 23,251.) 

Andrew S. Giles Ordinarv 

i'v.Trilli H. Culler Clerk 

J. K. Duncan SberifT 

J. H. Houser Tax Receiver 

JN ■lUi-.n H. Brua^ron Tax Collector 

ix-u • ^^'"'" Treasurer 

;^ ^iliiiui L. Carr S uvevor 

An !rew B. Scbilliny Coroner 


: Pjp il itioa 2,'] ^;.; ■ 

Tiuiaas B. Youn- Ordinary I 

1- \N. Cl.-ments Clerk! 

Jain^-s H. Miinn Sberill'i 

Jt;-.. R. .M.-C.,)ok Tax R.'ceiver ; 

J 'bu B. M ,Uh.y Tax ClU-ctor \ 

Y''''-:-^^- i\irkfr Treasurer I 

j •^H.-l lacker Surveyor i 

'>-^''id Clements Coroner ! 

Jackson— Jefferson. 

(Population 16,298.) 

H. \V. Bell Ordinary 

.lames L. Williamson Clerk 

Thomas A McElbanou Sheriff" 

J. W. N. Sanier Tax Receiver 

J. M. Saylor Tax Collector 

James L. Williamson Treasurer 

N. X. Pendegrast S irveyor 

W. A. Worsbam Coroner 

I Jasp3r-r¥lontlc©!!o. 

I (Population, 11,819.) 

I S. M. Swanson Ordinary 

i W. F. Jordan Clerk 

\V. J. M. Preston Slieriff 

William R. Gordon Tis Receiver 

J. T. L3wis Tis Collector 

G. F. Meriwether ...Treasurer 

W. A. R?id Surveyor 

A. W. Wdson. Coroner 

J e ffarij ^ ;i — L ou is v'i 1 1 e. 

(Population, lo,t3'j9. ) 

Nicholas Diebl Ordinary 

Thoma^ F. C.iulk ...Clerk 

R. E. Weeks S leriff 

William H. Fay T ix Receiver 

F. A. Siaquefield Tax Collector 

Caleb G. W^eeks Treasurer 

Isaac F. Adkius Surveyor 

J. F. Upton Coroner 

Johrrson— WrightsYJSIo. 

(Population, 4,800.) 

J. M. Hi^'htower O.dinary 

M. H. Mison Clerk 

W. B. Suell SberifT 

S. R. Williams T ix Receiver 

J. 1". Norris TaxCjilector 

M. M. S.ieperd Treasurer 


Jones -Clinton. 

(Population, 11,013.) 

Roland T. Rxss | Ordinary 

I Clerk 

Stephen J. Piiillips SheriiT 

Wdliam T. M )nis Tax Receiver 

Stephen J. Phillips Tax C.)llector 

Henry S. Givaves Treasurer 

Rich 11. Bjnner Surveyor 

Henry Jones Carouer 


(Poimiation, 10,031.) 

J. T. Dancan Oidinary 

Hardy Smiih Cierk 

JolI E. Perry Shorift 

.Fames B. Jouls Tax li 'ceiver 

Herrien B. Liudfr ...Tax (Jjkector 

H.irdy Smith Treasurer 

B. II. P>!ackshear Surveyor 

William R. Hester Corjuer 

...i. ..i. ._..>i<>.in iicaiuj 

James f. Taompson Survey 

Epbraim Turner Coroi 


Gkokgia State Gazettee 


Lee- Leesburgh. 

(l'o[nilation, 10,577.) 

George C. l^d wards Ordinary 

James Morgtii Clerk 

James Saltt r Sherill 

Joseph F. Deas Tax Reeeiver 

R. A. Forrcsttr Tax Collcftor 

AV. I). We'l^ Treasurer 

\V. S. J<)lii)S(.n Surveyor 

James I.eroy Corouer 

Liberty— V/althourvi lie. 

(Popnlatioii, 10,5tU.) 

Joseph Aslimore Ordinary 

J. 8k man Ashniore Clerk 

Samuel JL Zoucks .Siierift 

John 1>. Mallard Tax Receiver 

William A. Fleming. ...Tax CcHeotor 

W. iS. Harrison Treasurer 

AV. ]Sr. Zorn .Surveyor 

Flanders Tray Coroner 

Lincoln- Li ncollon. 

(Ropulatiou, 6,412.) 

B. F. Tatuni Ordinary 

Thomas B. Hoilingshead Clerk '< 

George 1'. Murjiliy Sheriff i 

John B. l^H'Utley Tax P.eeeiver 

William 'J'. Murray Tax Collector | 

Thomas B. IIoHingfthead....Treasnrei' ; 

Lincoln ]->. Eiani Survej'or 

Thomas B. Mitchell Coroner ! 

Lowndes— Valdor.ta. 

(Popi:lation, 11,04'.).) i 

Barnabas L. Stephens Ordinary i 

Robert T. Middleton Clerk ! 

8eth L. Martin Sherill' ^ 

F. R. (.'. Kills Tax Receiver ; 

R. F. Lini burger Tax CVdJector | 

W. T. Brinson Treasurer | 

Henry Davidson Coroner j 

Lumpkin— Dahlonega. ; 

(Popidat ion, 0,519) . i 

James R. Lawhorn ..Ordinary ' 

J. P Parker Clerk j 

William A. Sattertield Sherilt ' 

James J. Shed, Jr Tax Receiver | 

William B. Tu\vnsend..Tax Collector | 

James K< lly Treasurer j 

George T. llatlieh! Surveyor! 

John W. Sattertield Coioner j 

, McDufTit— Thompson. i 

(Population, 0,444.) ] 

Alexander B. Thrasher Ordirarv ' 

Robert H. P. arce Clei'k ! 

Solomon Mdiris Sherill': 

Altiert i:. \\'iky Tax iJeceiver ^ 

R G. Worrtil Tax Collector i 

Poberl 31. Pearce Trea.-urer ' 

Joltn R. W'illingham Surveyor 

T. H. Rted Coroner i 

Mcintosh- Darien. 

(Population, 0,241.) 

C. H. Hoj.ikins, Sr Ordinary 

W. PL Col ier Cleik 

T. B, Pdount SheritT 

W. FT.Irigram Tax Receiver 

W. C. Willy Tax Collector 

James S. Dunwody Treasurer 

L . ^ I c 1 n ; o ^ h S a I v e y r 

P. ]Max\vell Coroner 

• IVSacon— Oglethorpe. 

(Population, 11,075.) 
John M.Greer { "^''^'^{Hl 

:\ratthe\v B. Gilmore SherilT 

Joel y\. Bleilsoe Tax Receiver 

Miles L. Patrick Tax Collector 

xVllen H. Greer Treasurer 

H. W. Hicks Surveyor 

W. B. Hill Coroner 


(Population 7,978.) 

George C. Daniel Ordinary 

S. C. O'Kelly Clerk 

Fred B. S(*arborough SherifT 

John F. Brown Tax Receiver 

James \V. White Tax Collector 

John E. Gordon Treasurer 

W. A. Stone Surveyor 

William H. Bennett Coroner 

l^arion-Buena Vista. 

(Population 8,593.) 

Jaroes M. Lowe Ordinar\- 

Evan T. :Matliis Clerk 

Joe! F. Rusl.iu SlieriiY 

D. B. Wells Trx Receiver 

Moses J. Harvey Tax Collector 

H. Stevens Treasurer 

Newell R. TuUis Survey<'r 

J. L. Brasington Corouer 


(Population 17,051.) 

Andrew J. Hinton Ordinary 

A. G. Floyd Clerk 

O. S. Florence Sherill' 

J. W. Matthews Tax Receiver 

J. O. Christian Tax Collector 

G. Ju<!sou Aiitlion^- Treasurer 

O. F. Mtitthews Surveyor 

F. Addly Corouer 


(I'opulation 0,720. 1 

W ill ia m G rimes Ord i narv 

J. W. Loving Clerk 

W. T. Sl.etlield ^herilf 

J. A. Ibish Tax Receiver 

J.J. Kirkland Tax Collector 

G. W. Cirimes Treasurer 

And Business Dikectoky. 


J ) II >r. Wil-on Surveyor 

Wiiliam Mill key Coroner 

Milton— Alpha retta. 

William H. Xesbit Ordinary | 

H:uvvy I. Seals Clerk ' 

« nuU'U WeL.b .....Sheriir 

juiiu K. C. Siiirley Tax lieeeiver 

J. I,. llayL'Ood '. Tax Collector! 

J.>tin W." Jonc- Treasurer \ 

Iv-iijaiiiiu F Robtrts Surveyor] 

John C. Crisler Coroner' 

f/n'tchell- Camilla. \ 

(Fopulatiou y,G^2.) j 

Horace C. Dasher Ordinary ■ 

J..lin \N'. Pearce Clerk ' 

<i\Mirge \N'. Swindle Sherilt" 

J. )liii C. Wilson Tax Receiver 

}:>ljert II. Cochran Tax Coilector , 

James L. Stewart Treasurer 

(». }'. \Vri<,'ht Surveyor 

James F. Owens Coroner 

^;^onro©-Forsyth. \ 

(Population 1S,miS.; ( 

Kdmund Dumas Ordinary : 

I'vrus 11. Sharp Cleik • 

V'. A. King SheriJT 

Ji->seph Gray Tax Receiver 

(J. W, Whlker Tax Collector 

I'aiiiol San ford Treasurer 

Jauies M. Home Surveyor 

P. J. llani Coroner 

Montgomery— Flit. Vernon. 

(Population 5. :;>!.) 

I'l.i'.ip .\U Ordinurv 

A. L. Adauis Ckrk 

>. W. Wright Sheriir 

Simeon Sikes Tax Receivtr 

'■^Villiuni McLemore Tax Collector 

J I din MeCiregor Trea>urer 

Juhn G. Hamilton...-:-. Surveyor 

J. Z. Fou[ii;tin t^'oroner 

Morejan — FvladiGon. 

( Population 14,' 'U. i 

'iiiomas Ji. P.uJdwin Ordinary 

Pruauu. 1 Ilevser (.'lerk 

•■.irttT S::;ep!ierd Sherit! 

''^ i'liuin P. Rearden Tax R».'ceiver 

J-'iu^.- C. Anderson i ax Collector 

^}- P. High Trt-a-urL-r 

' P>. Riirow Survfvur 

^\'- 15. Wiiry Coroner 

Murray— Spring Place, 

lP*>pulatitin >,-'-■'..'. i 

)^'ilUam H. Ramsev Ordinarv 

'^•vi 'I'. Catnphtdl..." Clerk 

•'^- •'. I.oiran Sherill' 

J-iiue-s W. I'iitrie. 

W. R. Laugliridge Tax Collector 

L. .S. Oii-: Treasurer 

Thomas T, Wnite .Purveyor 

William Carter Coroner 


I Population 10,';22. i 

Francis ^l. Brooks Ordinary 

George i'. Pond Clerk 

Jacob G. Burru« SberitI 

Joliu C. Reidy Tax Receiver 

[David A. Andrews Tax Collector 

I Timothy Markliam Treasurer 

I John B\ Lamar Surveyor 

[Isaac T. Brooks Coroner 

! r^ewton— Covington. 

i (Population 13,G1"J.)' 

E. T. Edwar<is Ordinary 

John ^Y. ]i. Summers Clerk 

, Newton Anderson Sherifl 

J. \V. Owen'? Tax Receiver 

W. M. Langley Tax Collector 

S. N. Stallinss Treasurer 

; A.S. rVanklin Surveyor 

I J. B. P'reeman Coroner 

Oconee— V¥atkinsvi lie. 

! (Population G,349.) 

James R.'Lyie Ordinary 

John W- Johnson Cierk 

T, ,- 1 ,-K I > Sherifl 

B. Ivarl Overby - Tax Rr:Cei%-er 

John W. Johnson Tax Collector 

Thomas Booth Treasurer 

, William E. Elder Surveyor 

; G. W. Anderson Coroner 

Oglethorpe— Lexington. 

: (Population, 15,400. ■ 

Thomas D. Gilhara ...Ordinary 

George H Lester Clerk 

W. T. Doster SherilT 

Jost-pli T. Tolbert Tax P.eceiver 

Chark-s A. Amason Tax Collector 

David Pace Treasurer 

Jolui W. Tiller Surveyor 

James R. Bou'gs Coroner 


(P.'pulatioii, 1U,>SS.) 

T. C. Dun.\gan Ordinary 

W. J. F:un..'. Clerk 

W. C. -Mallliews Sheiilf 

R. J. Pnuard Tax litceiver 

Ilenrv Kink Tax Collector 

Z. J',."'i:iUlHjrrv Treasurer 

J,.-,c }l.'leM,;nr'e Surv.'Vor 

G. W. M' m- Coroner 


1 l\.|>ulation, 'nT'jo. j 

W. R. AlUn Orilinarv 

Tax lieceiver, E. Hood Clerk 


Gkokgia State Gazetteer 

R. S. Ileudersou Slipriff| 

^V. A. Simjxoti Tax JI -ceiVfT ^ 

Cnarle^ B. Price Tax Cidleetor : 

Jlfiuy K. Wooil I'ri'a-urer i 

Coluuifius G. Pettit S irvcyor | 

F. M. Cuwiirt Coroner j 

Pierce— Blacksh ear. 

(Population, 4,o3S.) 

Alfred J. Strickland Ordinary 

J. W. Strickland Clerk 

Geor;-'e ^V. ruten Slierill" 

J.J. Smith Tax li'r'Cciver 

Alfred Davis ....Tax Collector 

Benjjniin D. Brantley Treasurer 

Davis 'J'hornton Surveyor 

A. L. Dainer^^ul Coroner 

Pike— Zcbulon. 

(Population, 15,S19.) 

Harrv Wells Ordinary 

Hubert Y. Beckham Cl^-rk 

AV. P. Bii5>ey Sbcrid 

J. P. Morgan Tax Receiver 

B. H. Lip~ey Tax Collector 

James .-.. Howell Treasurer 

AV. J{. Howe Surveyor 

B. B. Akin Coroner 

Polk— Oeclartown. 

(Population, 11,954.) 

Joel Brewer Ordinary 

William C. Kui>J:ht Clerk 

"William G. Taylor Sherilt" 

Jam-s M. Arriii:,'iou Tax Receiver 

M. i:. .M -Craiick Tax Collector 

CiiarKs II. W.jcd Treasurer 

James C. Harris Surveyor 

Jeremiah Tiiompsou Coroner 

Pulaski— Hawkinsvi II o. 

(Pol)Ulation, 1-1,0GS.) 

Patrick T. McGrill" Ordinary 

Edward .\. Buroh ......Cierk 

Drury \V. Taylor Slu-riir 

B. G. L 'e Tax Receiver 

Jolui W. Linoaster Tax Collector 

D. G. Fl-min:r Trea^m•e^ 

Mrchael OTiricn.-.i Surveyor 

James C<>ody Coroner 

Putnam -Eatonton. 

(Population, 1 k''-'^!'. I 

I'^rank Beverctt Of.linary 

B. F. Adam-i <"lerl: 

S. R Liwr.-n.c SuLrill 

%V. II. <;i»pf'.n Tax R ccivfr 

H. J. D-Miiiis T.ix Cnlk'ctor 

J. M. .k>lin-oii Tifa~urer 

If. K. I'lidicrton Surveyor 

P. G. iXnt Coruiur 

Quitman— Georgetown. 

(I'opulatiou, 4,o92.) 

Willis P. Joriian Ordinar 

Benjamin F. Morris CierS 

Ii>bert(k Morris S:;erilj 

James M. ^McGebee Tax R-ccivej 

Thomas J. Fllis Tax CjUectoi 

James C. Ctiristian Treasure! 

Kobert G. Mjrris Corouei 

Rabun— Clayton. 

(Population, 4,034.) 

LaFavette Wall Ordinary 

W. i:'. Powell Clerk 

J. F. Godfrey Siierifi 

John W, Owen Tax Receive! 

Martin V. York Tax Collect*;; 

H*^-nry Datson Trtasurt; 

B- J. Junes Surveyoi, 

M. F. Jolinson C'.-ronet 

Randolph— Cuthbert. 

(Population, 13,341.,) 

Michael Gnrmlev Ordinary 

llcnrv 0. B •all.; Clerkj 

Philip Pcarce SherilP, 

Saunders Sranley Ttx lijceive 

T. A. Goodi-utn Tax C'dleL-to 

John F. Kiildoo Treasurer 

X. T. Crozier Surveyor 

J. C. Colsman Coroner 

Richinond -Augusta. 

t Population, o4,otJ0.) 

Anderson \V. Walton Ordinary 

SafiUi'/I n. (".-uni;. CIrrk 

\V:!lier!'o!-cc !> in:"l <:i.-rirr 

Richard J. NWl-on T i\ li • -rdvcr 

John A. liohlcr Tax C'dlecto: 

William M. Dunl^ar Treasurer 

lilno^'h W. P.rown Surveyor 

Louis A. Pieij'ict <" )roner 

Rockdale -Con vers. 

(Population, G,S3:. ' 

Oba'iiah Sea. nans Ordinary 

J. R. MrC.rd Ckr.v 

Arciiibald P. Mitcln-ll Sla-rilU 

WilHain G. ( J;:atr-Jter..Tax K-.a-ivt-r 

ICIias Wuol-'V Tax (• .1 -Cor 

K. S. Trc^iiuiU Ti.'a-ur-r 

G. W. Oake< (."MOiier 

! Schlcy-EIIavilic. 

I ( Po|/ulati(in, ■'>,'■> '-'. ' 

('. 1,1. \'arii'T <):di;,arv; 

J .bn N. C ii ii'-v <'..T-_ 

T. !.. M.'.r- .-;m i.:- 

J. M. 'l.-oi iitfii T,i.\ !;t.ivi'' 

' J. ii. Sci-piicu- 'lax (' >.!..i. ' 

' A. .\-kew d r.a-urei' 

: i. i:. Piielp- ^urvfy*': 


And Bcsiness Dikectory. 35 

Screven — Sylvania, ' Willi:uu T. Brooks Surveyor 

(Popuhitiou, i:,7SG.; j James M. Triplett Coroner 

M. M. I'otter Ordinary ! Tatnall- ReldsviHe. 

J'. H.r. >runmilly c.l'-^'l'H- (ropulutiou, G.OSO.j 

I; -u^r 1 \rnt^tf Tmy i>^^piv,^r C. \\ . SiiHth Ordinary 

H iiniiton J. Arneil iu\ JveceiNer ,j- _ , r^i i 

H. V, Tax Collector ; W' <; VvmY • C^i o- 

Ai'rani Jiurke irea^urer u c. r.. • , , i m t) 

Jauios H. Moore Surveyor I {?• ^- ^.^nekland lax Keceiver Parker Coroner 1 ^r. l^'P';'-^^-^'.';'^ lax Collector 

^ ... „ .^^ ^\ . A\ . <Todbee Treasurer 

Spalding-Criffm. g. R. Harden Surveyor 

(Populatiou, 12/jSo.j J. Hamuiock C'jrouer 

y W. Hammond Ordinary , TaylOf-Butler. 

Martm P.'>wdoin Clerk, ,,. ■' , .. <.. -,-,- \ 

n..WTt S Connell Sheriff' (Population, 8,oJo.)< n. Ilammoud... Tax Receiver Jame>j D. Rus-s Ordinary 

NNMlianiH.Horne Tax Collector' ^V. H. Jenkins Clerk 

William M. Mitchell TressurerC. A. J. J' Sheriff 

W. T. Jordan Survevor ^ James R. Hays Tax Receiver 

lkiij\.min ^V. Doc Coroner ' J''^''" V- J'')ks Tax Collector 

, , . W. P. Caldweil Treasurer 

Stewart—Lumpkin. I James O. Maugham Surveyor 

(Population, 13,09:s.j I Henry Peed Coroner 

J. B. Latimer Ordinary! Telfair-F/lcRae. 

I'TPT'-'A.^'- ^^''^^'^^ oF'^'^^l (Population, 4,^2S.) 

J j; (Jriiri'-' Shfriii i < ' 

y. T. HarriMm;'!!'"^!!'"/rax'RHeeiver ! ^'f^^^"'^':^ McDaffie Ordinary 

(;.. i-e \V. Ard Tax Collector 1 '^^^Vr ^^'^'^-^^'"^ oP'-'fi- 

S.S.Everett Treasurer ' -V ?.^- .V'Vy-'/- .........Sherifl 

J.imes A. Fort Surveyor , J;; ^l- ^.I-^.^ullit- .lax Receiver 

M.I). Davis Coroner 1 \\- L- bmith ... .Tax Collector 

Alexander McLachim Ireasurer 

Sumter— Americus. W. ]■:. Graham Sur%-e3'or 

(I'opulation, lS,2.S't.j John Farmer Coroner 

Thomas H. Stewart Ordinary | Terrell— Dawson . 

.'"-';-h }[. AIIl'U v.^'^r^V (Population. ID, 451.) 

.'••Mph \S". ^lize Siseiil! 

Pfomer S. Reil Ordinary 

J.m.s A. l.aniel .lax Receiver j,,hnc. V. Ciark Clerk 

r 1 • ;■ ^V''';?r^ ;.-• ^ ^^^'^<^"li<^'-^"'" L. 31. Roberts Sheriff 

V?', ; r.' -^'^^^I'i*'''^'^ Ireasurer , ^villiam P.Baldwin Tax Receiver 

J'";;l'^-J ^- I^';P" ^^I'^^'^^'o^" J.n. C.ouch Tax Collector W . Guerry C-roner , j.^„^ _, j^_ L.^i^,,, Trfasurer 

Talbot— Talboton. J- f^- (^mnon Surveyor 

(Population, H,!!--). > ! J^'^'" ^^-'^ifl Coroner 

I'drhard H. Reonard Ordinary' ThomaS— TJ-JOmasville. 

J;ino,-; MeNed Clt-rk ^ ( Population, 2o,oi)S.) 

J;'nirs A. Fn^ter .^herilf j,,.oph S. Merrill Ordinary 

V"'y'-*'n Callier lax R.vceiver J;,uies AV. Groover Clerk 

Ai:.irew J. Harris Tax folKx,'tor j. a. Hur:.t SherilF 

^V:l!i:im !•:. Rugland TreaMirer (j/l. p.aver Tax K.-ceiver 

J i.:i H Jiiehards surveyor I'lj,,,.- s, H-.eth Tax Collector 

^^ i.liain Bur-e ( ' ..roner Suiii, y AVilliams I'rea^urer 

Taliaferro-Crawfcrdsville. ^'^■- ^^VJV'''T','' s^.rveyor 

:P.,pu:ation,7,n,;4.; Sa.nuel H. Johns ,n Coroner 

<'..rl..A. IVa.lev 0:-,'inarv TovvnS"!-: ir^V. QGSCe. 

J D. Hammoek..'. Vlvk ( Poi)ulaU. n, .-..^o:.) 

"^I D. L. Ga.ger Sherill" W. TJ. Blackwell Ordinary 

-'• W. Farmer Tax Receiver W. L. Solton Clerk 

J"l;-i.n (.I'orham I'ax C.illeetor Andrew 1*. Norton Sheritr 

J- 1'. Hauimock Ireasurer Amlrew P. Cooper.. ...lax Receiver 


C-rF.ORaiA State Gazetteer 

J. 0. 
E. C. 

John W. Woo(l Tax Collector! 

William B:irrett Treasurer | P. Kiiisey Surveori 

William T. Sliarpe Coroner 

Troup— LaG range. 

(Population 2>,o']ij.) 

William C. Yancey Ordinary 

Jolin AV\ Sle«lii;e Clerk 

William !>, S. Mariiu Slierifl" Jesse E. Butler Ordinary 

H. ]{. Clark Tax Receiver Warren Lott Clerk 

E. J. Greene Tax C.>lleetor | Stephen F. Miller Sherill 

Daniel H. ]>ennett T,ix Pw^ceiver 

T. II. Morton Tax Collector 

W. S. B.iiley Treasurer 

W. T. Bennett Surveyor 

David Powell Coroner 

J. M. Aramons S'lerifT 

Chas. W. Harris Tax Receiver 

W. A. Rogers Tax Collector 

John W. I)avis Treasurer 

Lawrence Surveyor 

Edward Corouer 

Ware-Way Cross. 

(Population 4,159.) 

John B. Strong Treasurer 

Jolin H. Covin Surveyor j 

Thomas Davis Coroner j 

Twiggs— Jeffersonvllie. ! 

(Population 8,94-5.) 

C. A. Solomon Ordinary 

John R. Nelson Clerk 

William H. Stokes Sheriff 

Thomas H. J'jiies Tax Receiver 

Charles G.Johnson Tax Collector 

O. A. Solomon Treasurer 

Geo. R. Gallerijore Surveyor 

Alex. Thompson Corouer 

Union— Blairsvi lie. 

(Population 6,431. ) 

Joshua Anderson Ordinary 

M. L. Manney Clerk 

W. D. Teat^ue Siierid" 

David N. Crumlev Tax Receiver 

Ehjah Wilson ' Tax Collector 

Wesley E irle\ Treasurer 

F. M. Akin...' Surveyor 

David T. Meadows Coroner 


(Population 12,4(;0.) 

Amos Worrill Ordinary 

Julius E. F. .Alatthevvs Clerk 

J. T. fV.ster ..Sheriff 

Jacobs. King Tax R.ceiver 

T.J. Vining.. 

John Gibson 

Robert D. Shuptrine .'Purveyor 

J. W. Beall Coroner 

Walker— LaFayetto. 

(Population ll,UoG.) 

Miltou Ru:^sell Ordinary 

Robert X. Dickson Clerk 

W^iley M. McClathley Sheriff" 

B. F. Neal Tax Receiver 

Jacob Goodson Tax Collector 

George W. Clements Treasurer 

TT x^ T 1-1 Suivevor 

H. P. Lumpkin} (.,,,.j,^^^ 

Walton— Monroe. 

(Popul.i'ion \o,i)'22.) 

Thomas Giles Ordinary 

Johu P. Edwards Clerk 

V/arren— Vifarrenton. 

(Population 10,885.) 

Robert W. Hubert Ordimry 

Henry H. Fitzpatrick Clerk 

Thomas N. Shurley SheritT 

William T. Heath Tax Receiver 

J. P. Hubert Tax Collector 

John R. Swain Treasurer 

J. S Johnson Surveyor 

John R. Spence Coroner 

Washington -Sand ersvj lie, 

(Population 21,904.) 

Mnrk Newman Ordinary 

A. M. Mayo Clerk 

O. A. Roughtou ...Sheritl 

Robert H. Moge Tax Receiver 

W. R. Thigpeu .. T&\ Collector 

O. H. R igers .Treasurer 

William K. Cl.irk Surveyor 

Robert Tompkins Corouer 


(Population 5,980.) 

Richard B. Hopps Ordinary 

John Rumph Clerk 

..Tax Collector i Joseph D. Rot»erson SheritT 

Treasurer ; Aaron R. Ricliard-ou. . .Tax Receiver 

Isaac H. Highsmith Tax Collector 

Johu T. Bennett ...Treasurer 

James :McVeigh Surveyor 

G. Lane Corouer 

Webster— Preston. 

(Poi.ulation 5,237.) 

George W. Davenport Ordinary 

J. W. Jossey Clerk 

Daniel Davis SheritT 

N. F. Harrell Tax Receiver 

G. E. Denmark Tax Collector 

J. W. Jos5ey Treasurer 

White -Cleveland. 

(Population 6,341.) 

Isaac Oakes Ordinary 

J. P. Osboru Clerk 

And Business Directory, 


r. M. Castleberry Slieriff! 

J.uiit.'^ II. Black.' Ta^c Receiver ! 

Wilhatii F. Sears Tax CoUec'-or i 

William Nix Trea:-urer j 

.1 itiif'S C'jitliey Surveyor j 

\\ . M. Free C^runer ! 

Whitfield-Dalton. | 

I Population 11,901.) | 

William J. Underwood .. ..Ordinary ; 

H'.'iiry C. Hamilton Clerk j 

I'rcileriek Cox Sherifl'j 

\V. H. Wilsou Tax Receiver I 

J. P. Freeman Tax Collector j 

X. Wood. Treasurer; 

J, iine.-> H. Hamilton Snrvej'or j 

Ainus L. Sutherlaiul Coroner | 

Wilcox— Abbeville. 

(Population 3, lOy.) ! 

WiHara M. Gibb;^ Ordinary i 

S:f-|.hen Boweu . . Clerk i 

Willis Cason Sheriff 

Ciia.-. S. McCall T»x Receiver 

i'i\u<. Harv(-y Tax C'lllector j 

[.•■\vi> Ball Treasurer 

William W". Wilsou Surveyor 

T. N. Siatham Coroner 

Wilkes— Washington. 

Population 15,9S.5.) ! 

J'ihn J. Crafton Sberifl , 

<;. C. Sale Tax Receiver 

M. .\. Pope Tax C<jllector ' 

1-^. V. Hill Treasurer i 

\V;|..'y Tatum Surveyor j 

Wilkinson — Irwinton. i 

iPopulation 12,0G1.) I 

T lomas X. Beall Oidinarv I 

ii. F. Car.swell Clerk' 

^'!>!; T. Hugiis SberitI: 

'•V. r. D. Carlisle Tax Receiver ; 

1 J. I'ountaia Tax Collector 

■^ H. Rice Treasurer 

j- F. Peacock Surveyor; 

'-• J. Peacock Coroner I 


(Population o,S92.) 
m:.s M. Lippett Ordinary ■ 

' lia 



\ J- Tipton Clerk 

• W.Sjjriiig Siieriir 

■ p Vouui,' Tax Receiver 

J- >oiey Tax Collector 

liam F. Farmer Treasurer 

''• l>avis Surveyor 

'•■'* l'<:;iry Coroner 


Off the coa^t of Geori^ia, between 
the S-ivannah and Sr. >Iary's rivers, 
a distancf of about fSo miles. 

The arrangement here is alphabiti- 
cal, followed by nam-^ of Ctjunty to 
which each is supposed . to attach, 
and de.-cription given wherever it 
has been obtainable. 

Between the islands and the main 
land is the route of the Georj^ia and 
Florida Inland Steamboat Line. 

B(ar Chatham 

Blirk Mcintosh 

Blackbeard Nclntosh 

B'ythe Glynn 

Brovgliton Mclnfosh 

Burnside-^ Chatham 

Butler'." Mcintosh 

Cocl-fipur Chatham 

p-Qit Pulaski, named in honor of 
Brigadier Cuunt Pulaski, is situated 
upon this inland, 14 miles from S t- 
vannah. It was erected in 1S2-^, by 
Major Babeock, of the U. S Engineer 
Corps. It is a massive structure of 
brick, cost near a million dollars, 
and was about sixteen years in build- 
ing. Said to be the strongest and most 
perfect of the kind on the American 

Crispin Glyna 

Cumberland Camden 

This is the most southern of all the 
islands skirting the coast of Georgia. 
The ludian name was Miss<)e, but 
changed ^^ hen Oglethorpe visited it, 
at the request of an Indian ciiief who 
had received some kindness at the 
hands of the Duke of Cumberland. 
'I'he island lies south of Brunswick, 
covering an area of about three by 
tweny miles. The soil is light 
and sandy, well adapted to the 
culture of the celebrated Sea Is- 
land cotton. Cedar, live-oak and 
pine constitute the growth. Some 
of the timber of whicli the frigate 
"Constitution" was built came from 
this island. The remains of Fort St. 
Andrews, built by General Ogle- 
thorpe, areon the southwest side, and 
on the north end, or rather wliat is 
known as little Cumberland l.^laud, 
is a light-hou-e sixty feet high, with 
a rev(,lving light, wiiicli is vi.^ible 
twenty njiles at sea. Tiiemost noted 
place, however, is "Dungene^s," the 
iiome of General Nathaniel Greene, 
of Revolutionary ren(nvu, and where 
aLsO repose the reniains of "Light 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

Horse Hurry Lee," the gallant ca.'-- 
alry officer, 

Dcmere ^icTutosh 

Dohcy ;...., ^Iclntosh 

Elba Ohatluim 

Ore^n Chatham 

Ejinmock Glymi 

Horse Camden 

Hurd's Mc-Iiitosh 

If<k' of Hope Chutliam 

Jtfci/l Glynn 

A beautiful little island opposite 
the city of Brunswick: ; covers an 
area of about twelve square miles, 
and is a place of considerable rt sort. 
Its name was given by General Ogle- 
thorpe, in honor of Sir Joseph Jekyi, 
a lawyer and statesman of great 
ability, and a particular friend of the 

Laiiiaiu'is Mcintosh 

Liberty Chatham 

L(mg Inland Glynn 

Oakland Chatham 

Oaabaw Bryan 

PutteT!<on's Mcintosh 

Rainboic Glynn 

St. Oathsrine's Liberty 

About two miles wide by thirteen 
miles long; high, dry and healthy, 
with a sandy soil susceptible of the 
highest cultivation by the aid of fer- 
tilizers. It is noted as being once 
the home of a celebrated half-breed 
Indian woman, Mary Musgrove, re- 
cognized as Queen of the Creek Na- 
tion ; and who became the wife of tlie 
Bev. Mr. Bosomworth. AVith all the 
arrogance of a despot, she laid claim 
to the site of Savannah, and her 
threats of vengeance against the col- 
ony, at that time in its infancy, were 
appeased by General Oglethorpe 
ceding to her the inlands of Ossabaw, 
St. Catherine and Sapelo. 
St.Si/non's Gl3'na 

Between the Altamaha and St. Si- 
mon '.s Sound. Separated from the 
main land by Macoy's river. Area, 
three miles broad by twelve miles 
long. Frederica, settled in 1739, is 
ou the West sieie of the island, named 
for Frederick, Prince of Wales, only 
sou of King George the Second, and 
was the favorite residence of (leneral 
Oglethorpe, its founder. It tigured 
extensivoiy in tlie early history of 
Georgia, hut has greatly declined. 
St. Smion's Island was the scene nf 
a sanguinary battle between (ieneral 
Oglethorpe's rt-giment and a body of 
Spanish troops, the latter meeting 

severe loss and defeat. The place 
where this engagement occurred has 
ever since been known as the "Bloody 
Marsh.'' Dm-ing the war of 1812, a 
company of one hundred British sol- 
diers, from Cumberland Island, cap- 
tared St. Simon's and held po.-^sessiun 
nearly a month. 

S(. Simon's, Little Glynn 

Sapelo Mcintosh 

Sapelo, Little ^Iclutosh 

Skida way Chatham 

Ti/bee Chatham 

At the mouth of Savannah r iver, 
f'ighteen miles southeast from the 
city of S.ivannih. It is three miles 
broad by five miles long; has an 
excellent light house and a resi- 
dent population of about 70. This, 
with other islands in the immediate 
vicinity, are great summer resorts 
for surf bathing, etc. Fort 2>Iarte!il, 
upwards of one hundred years i>ld, is 
a prominent feature of this island. 
Steamers connect with the city daily.- 
Oysters, fish and water-fowl abound, 
and the islanders are most ho.-nitable. 
The Ocean House, on Tybee, aflbrds 
ample accommodations. 

Tj/bee, Little Chatham 

Warsaw, Great Chatham 

Warsaw. Little Chatham 

Wiite Marsh Chatham, 

WUmiiifjton .Chatham 

Four miles wide by six long ; eight 
miles southeast of Savaimah. 

Wulf Mcintosh 

Wri'jht 's Mclntobh 


Stations and distances over all lines 
wholly and part in Georgia, and 
others making direct communications 
with points in the State : 

Alabama Great Southern 

General onu'e«, Chattanooga, Tenu. 
John Scott, agent and general mana- 
ger; Fred. W'olife, hnaticial manager; 
( 'barles B. W.dlace, superiut'-ndent ; 
L. B. Morrison, general freight and 
pa-seuger agent. 

Co/i/welio/is —(I) Witli i.iiverging 
line-; (2) wiiii S )uth it North R. K. ;^3) 
witiv Alabatna Centra! U. R.; (4) 
with M"'''le «k Ohio, and Vicksburg ».\t 

And Business Direciort. 


/•->;:/« Chattanooga (1) to— 

\Vi!(i\v()0(i, Georgia 9 Miles 

M. r-.iiiville, " 12 " 

rrriitoii, " 18 " 

iM.ioniont, " 23 " 

K;si„g Fawn, " 26 " 

«■,..^vrlial.^ " 28 " 

Sulpliiir Sprlug.;, " 31 " 

Cul.iuitt " 33 " 

i'..rinirighain, Ala. (2) 143 " 

Tuscaloosa, " ' 198 " 

Vork, " (3j 268 " 

Meridian, Mis?., (4) 295 " 

Atlanta and West Point 

General ofilces, "2 Loyd street, At- 
lutifa, Cta. L. P, Graut, president ; 
.\. .J. Orme, general passenger and 
I'leight agent. 

Connections— [\) With lines diverg- 
ing; (2) with Savannah, Griffin <k. 
.N'lirth Alabama ; (?■>) with Western 
liaiJroad tf Alabama. 
Fruia Atlanta (1) to — 

l.ast Point 6 Miles 

ktd Oak 12 " 

I'airlnirn 19 " 

I'almetto 25 " 

i'nWfJi's 33 " 

N'ewnan, (2) 39 " 

I'U'kett's 40 " 

•irantville 51 " 

H-vansvilie 58 " 

^VhittiL•l(l 65 " 

1- .(i range 71 " 

l-- ngfave SO " 

West Point ^3) 87 " 

Augusta & Knoxville Rail- 

General offices, 737 Broad street, Au- 
t'u^ta, Ga. K. F. Ver<ierv, president; 
^5. V. Calvin, -ecretaiy; J. W. Clark, 
trvrisiirer ; A. J. Twiggs, superintend- 
'. tit. 

^^ont Auijusta to— 

J'l kins, Georgia 11 Miles 

^Valton Island, " 17 " 

l!!l;uans, '« 2G " 

I'.'tksville, " 34 " 

''"ni's Mines, " .40 " 

!'.< k-h.m, S. C, 40 " 

<! a.'Jts X lloads, " — " 

''r<-vi!W()(id, " OS " 

Augusta and Savannah 

(>;.frated l)y (>utr..l KiilrouJ . nd 
I'Mikin^r Courpnny. 

From All fiinta to— 

Hollvwoud, 12 Mil:?.. 

McBeaii's 20 " 

Green's Cut 20 

Waynesborough 32 " 

Muunerlyn 42 

Lawton 48 

Millcn 53 '• 

Savannah 132 

Orunswlck and Albany 

General OfHces, Brunswick. J.. 
De Neufviile, President; Ctiarles L. 
Schlatter, General Manager. 

Connections — (1) With Macon and. 
BrunEV.-icI; ; (2) v;ith 8:>^-Tnn;<b, 
Florida & Western ; (3) with l^avan- 
nah, Florida & Western and South- 
western Pailroads. 

From Brunsivick (1) to 

Hazlehurst, 13 Mi 

Jamaica, 16 

Waynesville, 24 

Lulaton, 32 

Buck's Still, 34 

Nahunta, 30 

Shaw's Mill, 40 

Coney Bay 42 

Hoboken, 43 

Burbage's Mill, 44 

Schlatterville, 50 

Franklin's, Mill, 51 

Tebeauville, 2; \ gQ 

Waycross, j 

Waresboro 07 

Hilliard, ; -^ 

Badev, \ 

Gray's Mill, , -3 

Pine BIuoiii, \ 

Millwood, . 78 

McDonald's :Mill, !^2 

F'annille, <S5 

Pearson's. 90 

Weston's Mill, 91 

Kirkland, 93 

Willieooehce, lol 

Allapaha 112 

Brookticld, 122 

Tifton, 130 

Riverside, l-'3 

Hil!-da!c, 137 

Ty Ty, i:;:> 

Snnincr, l-lo 

fsabclli,.... 151 

Tift's Farm, 155 

Davis, 101 

Albany (3) 171 


Georgia State GAZErrEP:R 

Central Railroad and 
Banking Co. 

Geueral UtTnes, West Broa^l, oorner 
Xjw, Suvaniinl). ]NI. Wad- 
It'y, Pr(:'si<l-Mit ; W. G. RaouI, General 
Maiincrer ; William Rogers. General 
Superintendent; G. A. \Vuitehead, 
General Freight and Passenger Agent. 

Co>inections—{l) With lines diverg 
ing; (2) with Augusta & Savannali 
HTll.; (,3) with Loui.-ville Branch 1{. 
R.; (4) with Sandersville & Tenniile 
R. K.; (5) with Milledgeville& Eaton- 
ton R R ; i»j) with diverging lines; (7) 
with Upson County R. 11; (8) with 
Savannah, Gritlin & North Alab.'.Ma 
R. R; ,9j with diverging lines. 

From S'trannah (1) to — 

Fooler IB Miles 

Eden ...10 " 

Murlow 26 " 

Guytou oO " 

Brewer 35 " 

Egvpt 40 '• 

Oliver 46 " 

Halcyon Dale 50 " 

Cameron 59 " 

Ogeechee 62 " 

Rjcky Furd 65 " 

Searboro 71 " 

Milieu (2) 79 " 

Cishingviile S3 " 

Herndon 90 " 

:Midville 96 " 

Sebastopol 99 " 

R'istic'k UKJ " 

Wadley (3j 107 " 

Bartow Ill " 

Davl.-boro 122 '• 

SuuHill 1.30 " 

Tenniile [4) 135 " 

Rohison.. 14') " 

O'onee 146 " 

Oconee Bridge 14S " 

ToomsborougL 155 " 

Melntyre lt;2 " 

Gordini (5) 170 " 

Griswoldville 181 " 

Macou(6) 190 " 

From SnrnniKih to — 

Macon (See Main Line) 190Miles 

Summertifcld 19S " 

Bohuul-roke 205 " 

Smarr's 1,>12 " 

Forsylii 217 '• 

C<jlliers 222 " 

Gogg'ns 228 " 

Barnesville (7, 2.!3 " 

Miiuer 242 " 

Orchard Hill..... 244 Miles 

Gritlin (Si 250 " 

Sunny Side 257 *• 

Hampton 261 '• 

Lovejoy 266 " 

Jonesijoro 272 '' 

Morrow 279 " 

Forest 2^0 " 

East Point 287 " 

Atlanta (9) 293 " 

Charlotte, Columbia and 
Augusta Railroad- 
Operated by Richmond & Danville 
R. R. 

From Auffudta to — 

Graniteville, S. C 11 ^liles 

Columbia, " 85 '' 

Cljester, " 150 " 

Charlotte, X. C ]!>5 " 

Cherokee Iron and Railroad 

Gener;:] othces, Cedartown. John 
Postell, general manager. 
From Carttrsiille to — 

Stilesborough 9 ]Miles 

Tavlorsville 14 " 

Ruckmart 24 " 

Piueville 26 '' 

Cedartown 34 " 

Cincinnati & Ceorgia Rail- 

In course of construction. Being 
built by tiie East Tennessee, \'iri,Mnia 
and Georgia llailnKid. 'i'lie line is to 
run from Rome, via Atlanta, to Ma- 
con. At the time of publication the 
exact line had not been decided u^^on, 
consequently stations and distances 
could not be given. 

Coast Lino Railroad Com- 

(Formerly Savannah, Skidaway & 

OfHce?, Savannah. Alfred Hay- 
wood, pre-itlent ; Frank Lamar, su- 
perintendt nt, The road has thirteen 
miles of track ; leaves th-? depot on 
Anderson street for Isle of Hope, 
^lontgomery, Beaulieu and tfkid- 

Columbus & Rome Rail- 

(Narrow Gauge.) 
General ofllces, Columbus. M.Ed- 
gar Gray general manager. 

And Business t)iRECTOKY. 


f' >in Colunihas to — 

(■.luinttus Factory 3 miles 

< •.•K'liorii 7 " 

iUiUoharil ... 11 " 

il ti.s 13 " 

( .itiiiila 15 " 

(.r;inborry 17 " 

!.iiiK-boro 20 " 

H;i:ni!t(m 23 " 

Hood 31 " 

East Tenn., Va. <& Ga. Rail- 

(it'iieral oflices, Knoxville, Tenn. 
v.. W. Cole' president; J. R. Ogdeu, 
^•.•■n•-'ral freight and passenger ageut. 
F- 'in Dalian to — 

\';irm*ll'8 8 miles 

KdClay 15 " 

Jihif Spring Station,..,.,,,.,, 21 " 

Clovelaud 2S " 

Knoxville 119 " 

Hristo! 241 " 

£• Iberton Air Line Railroad. 

(Narrow Gauge.) 
Under management of R. & D. R. 
!i. G.J. Foreacre, general manager. 
/Vy/n loecoa to — 

^J!'l■tiu 12 miles 

i Livonia 19 " 

J'-'wersville 25 " 

'W. -t liowersville 27 " 

i^'v.ston 30 " 

'•"wman 38 " 

f^il'-Tton 50 " 

^-oorgia Pacific Railway. 

^ In course of coustruction from At- 
lanta to Birmingham, Ala. The ^ur- 
vj--y was not suttlciontly far advanced 
■•' linjf of publication' to enable tht» 
■'i-i uriiig of distances and stations. 

Georgia Railroad and 
Banking Co. 

'Jeneral Ollices, Walker, soutl.ea?t 
■"^ni-jr Campbell, Augusta. John 
^> ■ CJreen, General ManuLcer; Carlton 
' J' by^r, .Auditor ; E. R. Dor-ey, (^en- 
" r:d Freight and I'as-^enger Agent. 


'J m Augusta to— 

:.•*'•*'■" •• 10 Miles. 

;;"^'^t, 16 " 

l/'^'-ha, , 21 •! 

"•'rlv-ru --i-^ (I 

'-AW D^^j ■ ~g ., 

V;''^'"^^ Z""''"'Z! 29 " 

''•v'UiHou 37 '* 


Mesena 43 Miles 

Camak 47 " 

jSTorwood 50 " 

Barnett 58 " 

Crawfordville 64 " 

Union Point 70 " 

Greensborough 83 " 

Oconee 90 " 

liuckhead 96 " 

Madison 103 " 

Rutlcdge Ill " 

Social ^;ircle 119 " 

Alcovy 125 " 

Covington 130 " 

Conyer? 140 " 

Lithonia 146 " 

Stone Mountain 165 " 

Clarkston IGO " 

Decatur 105 " 

Atlanta 171 " 


From Anguda to — 

Camak (main line) 47 " 

Warrenton 51 " 

Mayfleld 60* " 

Culverton 67 " 

Sparta 71 " 

Devereaux 79 '* 

Carr's 83 " 

:\rilledgeville 93 " 

Brown's Crossing 101 " 

Haddock's 106 " 

Robert's 116 " 

Macon 125 " 


From Augusta to — 

]>arnett 58 " 

Raytowu 62 " 

Ficklin 08 " 

Washington 76 " 


From Augusta to— 

Union Point 76 " 

Woodville 81 " 

Maxcv's 89 " 

Antioch 92 " 

Lexington 98 " 

Wintel-'s 108 " 

Athens 110 " 

Lawrenceville Branch Rail" 

T. M. Pr-c'j)l3s, Lawrenceville, presi- 
dent; G.J. Foreacre, Athiuta, gen- 
eral manager; W. J. liouston, At- 
lanta, general ticlvct agent. 

This road extends from Suwane e 

on the Piedmont Air Line (R. 6c T>. 
R. R.,) to Lawrenceville, a distance 
of 10 miles. 


Georgia State GazetteIsr 

Louisviiie Branch Railroad. 

John n. Wilkins;, president; Jas, 
C. Little, seeietary, Louisville, Ga, 
This <'oinpany has 10 luilta of track, 
connecting Louisville with tlie Cen- 
tral R. li.^it Wad ley. 

Macon &.. Augusta Rail- 

(See Macon Branch Georgia R. R.) 

Macon & Brunswick Rail- 

General offices, Fifth, corner Hazel, 
Macon. J. M. Edwards, general 
manager; A. A. Siiarp, general freight 
and passenger at;L-ut. ConhecticiiS, 
(1) with diverging lines; (2) with 
Savannah, Florida & Western R. R.; 
(3j with Brunswick & Alhauy R. R. 

Iir&m Maco7i (l) to — 

Reid's 8 miles 

Benson's 10 " 

Bullard's 15 " 

Pace's •... 18 " 

Adams Park 20 '• 

Buzzard Roost 25 " 

Magnolia 31 " 

Coley's 34 " 

Cochran 38 " 

DulK-is 46 " 

No. 13^ 51 " 

Eastman 56 " 

Godwiuville 6(1 " 

Chauncey G6 " 

No. Hi 70 " 

:S[cKae 76 " 

McVille 81 " 

Towns 80 " 

Lumber City 93 " 

Hazelhurst '... li'O " 

Graham 106 " 

Pine (^rove HO " 

Baxlev 110 " 

Goplu'r li!0 " 

JSurrency 126 " 

Brentwood 131 •' 

Satilla 136 " 

Jesup (2) 146 " 

Gardi 151 " 

Pendarvis 156 " 

Bnllldo 104 " 

Sterling 176 " 

Brunswick [3] ISO " 


From Mdcon to — 

Cochran 38 miles 

Hawkinsville 48 " 

JVlarietta & Morth Georgia 

(Narrow Gauge.) 
General olTices, Marietta. William 
Phillips president ; H. M. Ilammett, 
secretary ; J. B. Glover, treasurer. 
From Marietta to — 

Walkersville 6 miles 

Woodstock 11 •' 

Lebanon 15 " 

Canton 24 " 

rtlllledgeville <& Eatonton 

Operated by Central Railroad. 
From Oordoii to — 

Whiting 8 miles 

Milledgeville 17 " 

Tif^nin'q 30 " 

Eatouton 38 " 

r^ortheastern Railroad. 

Operated by Richmond & Danville 

R. R. 
F'om Lula to — 

Gillsville 7 miles 

Maysville 13 " 

Harmony Grove 20 " 

Nicholson 27 " 

Centre 30 " 

Athens 39 " 

North &. South Railroad. 

(See Columbus & Rome Railroad.) 

Piedmont Air Line. 

(See Richniuiui Oc L):;uviUe Rail- 

Port Royal &. Augusta Rail- 

General offices, I''enwick, Corner 
Sixth street, Augusta. Duncan C 
Wilson, president ; Ivobert G. Flem- 
ing, superintendent ; James S. Da- 
vant, genera freight and passenger 
From Augusta to — 

Jack.^on, S. C 15 aiiles 

Ajiploton, " 

Yemassee, " 

Beauford, " 

Port Koyiil, " 

From Avgxkda to — 

Vomessee, S. C 8^7 

Savannah River, Ga 123 

Savauuuh 141 

Rome Railroad. 

General otiiccs Rome. Ebeu 
yer, president; James A. Smitl), gen- 
eral ticket agent. 

Fromliome toKiugston, 20 miies. 

. 87 



And Business Directory. 


Roswoll Railroad Company 

J, \V. Kobereou, presiiient ; G. J. 
r.irt'jicre , Kfit^ral manager; W. J. 
Huiir^ton, geueral ticket agent. 
} f-n lioseicell Junction — 

Thirteen miles from Atlanta on 
Ji climoml & Danville K. R., to Rose- 
Wfll, ten miles. 

Richmond and Danville 

(Piedmont Air-Line.) 
General offices, 56 E. Wall street. 
T. M. R. Taleott, general manager ; 
I. Y. S<\ge, Superinteuilent ; A. Pope, 
general passenger agent ; W. J. Hous- 
t-ni. a-^sistant general pa.^.^enger atrent; 
Sol Hass, general freight agent ; B. D. 
(".•irpenter, aBsistant general frieght 

Connections— {1) With diverging 
lines; {•2} with Roswell R. R.; with 
Lawrencevillc Branch R. R.; (4i with 
North Eastern R. R.; (5) with Elber- 
(■m Air-Line R. R.; (6) with Green- 
ville A Columbia R. R.; (7) with with 
Spartenburg, Union & Columbia R. 
iv ; (S) with Charlotte, Columbia & 
AiigUHta R. R., and ^^laiu-Liue Rieh- 
!ii')nd & Danville R. R. 
From Atlanta (\) to 

Edwardsville, Georgia 7 Miles 

(ioodwina, '' 11 " 

Boswell Junction,f2) 13 " 

I'Taville, " 15 " 

Norcruss, " 20 " 

imluth, •' 1:5 " 

.Suwanee, (3) " SI 

Huford, " 37 " 

Flowerv Branch, " 44 " 

Gainesville, " 53 " 

New Holland, " 55 " 

White Sulphur Springs 59 " 

Lula, (4j " 66 " 

Ikdlton, '< 67 " 

I/jngview, *•' 74 " 

Mt. Airv, " SO " 

Ayersville, " 87 '• 

Toccoa, (5) " 93 " 

'I'lij^'alo, " 98 " 

l"t. M.a.iison, 8. C 102 " 

Harhins, " 107 " 

Westminster, " 112 " 

^••naoa, *' 121 " 

Kivfnids, " 127 " 

C. ntral, <• 134 " 

Lih^^lty, *' 141 " 

^-ii^leys, " 14S " 

^Hluda, « 154 " 

' Greenville, (7) " 160 " 

^Xvlors, " 16S " 

CrLere, " 173 " 

Dinieans, S. C 178 Miles 

Wilford, " 182 " 

Spartanburgh, (8) " 192 '• 

Cowpens, " 202 " 

Thiekery, X. C 206 " 

Gallrevs, '* 213 " 

Bhicks, " 221 " 

Wliitakers, " 226 " 

Kings Mountain, " 234 " 

Woolens, " 240 " 

Gastonia ' " 246 " 

Wrights, " 251 *< 

Garabaldi, " 256 " 

Steel Creek, " 263 " 

Charlotte, (9) " 267 " 

N. C. Junction, " 269 " 

Sandersvllle and Tennille 

C. R. Priuglc, Prcjident; H. N. 
HolIifieM, Secretary ; J. I. Irwin, Su- 
perintendent. A narrow-gague rail- 
way, three miles in length, connect- 
ing Sandersviile with Tennille on the 
Central Railroad. 

Savannah, Florida &. Wes- 
tern Railroad. 

General Offices, East Broad, corner 
Liberty street, tiavannah. H. B. 
Plant,' President ; H. S.Haines, Gen- 
eral Manager ; James L. Taylor, Gen- 
eral Freight and Passenirer Agent. 

Connectlo7ia — (1) With Central and 
Savannah & Charleston Railroads ; 
(2'i wifii Micon & Bnuiswick Rail- 
road ; (3) with Brunswick & Albany 
Railroad ; (4) with Soulhwesteru and 
Brunswick & Albany Railroads ; (5) 
with Atlantic, Gulf A: West India 
Transit Railroad; (6 and 7i with Jack- 
sonville, Pensacola tfc Mol)ile Railroad. 


Fro77i Savatmah (1) to — 

Miller's 10 Miles 

Way's Station 15 " 

Fleming 24 " 

Mcintosh 31 " 

Walthourville 38 " 

Johnston's..... 45 " 

Doctortown 52 " 

Jesup (2) 57 " 

Screven 62 '' 

Patterson 78 " 

Blackshear 86 " 

Waycros3 / 3^ gg ,. 

Tebeauvillo ) ^ ' 

Ghnmore 107 " 

Argvle 115 " 

Homervillo 122 " 

Dnpont 130 " 

Stockton 138 " 


Gkoegia State Gazetteer 

Naylor 143 Miles 

Valdosta 156 " 

Ouslcy'a 166 " 

Quitman 173 " 

Dixie 180 " 

Boston 1S8 " 

TboraasTille 200 " 

Oclilochnee 211 '• 

Ptlham 224 " 

Camilla 232 " 

Bacouton 242 " 

Hardaway 250 " 

Albany (4) 25S " 

Savannah to— 

Wavcross, Ga 96 Miles 

Braganza, " 103 " 

FortMudcje" 110 " 

Rice Pond. " 117 '< 

Spanish Cre'k 123 " 

Folkston, " 129 " 

Bonlogue, Fla 135 " 

Hilliaid'9, " 141 '« 

Dyal'B, " 146 " 

Callahan, " (5) 151 " 

Dinsmore, " 159 " 

Jacksonville" (6) 171 " 


From Savannah to — 

Diipont, Ga , 130 Miles 

Forest, " 143 " 

Stateuville, " 150 " 

JaRjjer, Fla 163 " 

Marion, " 16S " 

Live Oak, " (7) 179 " 


From iSavannah to — 

Thomasville 200 Miles 

Cairo 204 " 

Whi^ham 220 " 

Climax 227 " 

Bain bridge 235 " 

Savannah, Criffin and riorth 
Alabama Railroc!. 

Operated by Central Railroad. 
From Grijfin to — 

Brooksville 12 ISIiles 

Sonoia 18 " 

Turin 24 " 

Bbarp.sburg 25 " 

Kewnan 35 " I 

Birgeuts 41 " 

AVbitsburg 4S " 

Carrolltou 6i " { 

Savannah, Skidaway and | 
8eaboard Railroad. j 

(8ee Coast Line Railroad.) | 

Savannah and Charleston 

General offices, Charelston, S. C. 
From Savannah to — 

Savannah River, Georgia 19 Miles 

Hardeville, S. C, 24 " 

Yomansee, " 54 " 

John's Island, •' 99 " 

Charleston, " 105 " 



E. Tenn., 

ome and 

Operated by E. Tenn., Va. & Ga. 
R. R. 

Ray Knight, general 
agent, Selma, Ala. 

Co)meclio)is—{l) With 
Va. & Ga., and Western & Atlantic 

(3) Louisville & Xaslivi He Railroad ; 

(4) witli diverging lines. 

From Dalton (1) to — 

Starks, Georgia 6 Miles 

Millers, " 13 " 

Sutjar Valley, 16 " 

Skellev.s '' 22 " 

Plainville, " 27 " 

Piuson's, " 29 " 

Ridge Valley" 32 " 


Rome, (2) " 


Cave Spring, " 

Pryor's, ^ " 

Tecumsah, Ah 

Jacksonville, " 

Talledega, " 

Celera, (3) " 

Selma, (4) " 23G " 

South Carolina Railroad. 

General oilices, Charleston, S. C. 
From Augusta to — 
Hamburg, S. Carolina 1 Miles 












Southwestern Railroad. 

Operated l>y Central R. R. Co. 


Jtrom Macon to — 

Seago 8 miles 

Echeconnee 12 " 

Byron 17 " 

And Eusinp:s8 Directioky. 


r.!\vorsvilIe 21 Miles 

I'.irt VnlK\v, (luifaula and 

IVrry juuutiousj 1:9 " 

KviTttVs oG " 

Il-viiolds 42 " 

I'.jller 50 •' 

Ho-.vard CO " 

llu.tick G5 " 

(k-neva TO " 

Jtmiper 74 " 

Iv.x S{)rings 77 " 

Jones' Crossing S3 " 

Wiinberlv S6 " 

Hchiitulga 91 " 

Columbus 100 «* 


from Macon to — 

Fort Valley, (See above) 29 " 

IVrry \ 42 " 

(eufacla division.) 
From Macon to — 

Fort Vallev, (See above) 29 •• 

.MHr>hallvIlle .'^6 " 

Winchester 39 " 

F.rown's Lane 44 " 

Montezuma 49 " 

O^'ielhorpo ol " 

(irepu's Mill 55 " 

-Viiiiersonvilli.' 60 " 

.^tewnrt G6 " 

Air.i-ricus 70 " 

- Jiutr-r 79 " 

•^'.aithvillf, (Blal-iL'Iy junet).S2 " 

Hrown's 90 *' 

I'lwson 97 " 

< I'raves 101 " 107 " 

<"iitlibert,(Ft. Gaines June.) lis " 

Mirris 12S " 

Hi.icber 133 " 

( jf(ir;:fto\vu 141 " 

Fufaulu. Ala., (connects 

Hitli V. & li. R. li.) 143 ♦' 

(rjLAKrLY division.) 

hro:n Mneoji to — 

>::ulhville, (See above) S2 " 

Adanid SS •' 

'••<•- burg <jT '• 

AWaiiv ]ip; " 

W.iii<Jr 117 " 

!'->'r:tr 120 " 

H' It's Ijr, " 

'> •iry 1-ij " 

^^illianibburgh ll'.l " 

;^'' i:'st..n 142 " 

'•-lively loG '• 

(FOr.T GAINE.5 division.) 

From Macon to — 

Cuthbert, (See above) 118 " 

Colenniu 128 " 

Fort Gaines 140 " 

Upson County Railroad. 

Operated by Central R. R. Co. 

From Macon io— 
Barnesville. (See Atlanta 

Div. C. R. R.).... 43 " 

The Rock ol " 

Thoinaston 59 " 

Vicksburg ixnd Brunswick 

Operated by Central E. R. Co. 

From Macon to — 

F:ufaula, Ala.. (See Eufaula 

Div. S. W. R; R.) 143 " 

"White Oak, Ala 15G " 

Clayton, " 104 " 

From Brunsu'ich to— 
I Albany, (See B. ^c A. R. R.)!71 niiles. 
Sniithville, {See Blakelv 

Div. S. \V. R. R.) ^194 " 

Eufaula. Ala., (See Eufaula 

Div. S. W. R.R.) 255 " 

Clayton, Ala., (See above ).27C " 

V/alton County Railroad. 

General oi;:ce^, Mn-iro'.>, Walton 
j county. Ii. ^V^llk(.-r, }•l■.-i- 
! dent ;'janics W. L .'^Lnitii, Secretary 
land treasurer; Coleman T. Moblcy, 
I superintendent atul airent at Monroe. 
Connects at .Social Circle with Geor^da 
j Railroad, terminus at Monroe. 
I From Socinl Circle to — 
i M'juroe 10 miles. 

Western and Atlantic Rail- 

{Kcnneso.w Foufc.) 
General olfices, railroad junction, 

opposite F('r-.yth street, Atlanta. 

linn. Joscfih \i. P.rown, pre.^i.icnt; 

William Moliae, Buperir.t'Mideiit ; B. 
' W. Wrenn, ;^enerai pa-seus'er aeent ; 
j R. A. Ander.-on, treueral i'!\-;/ht a'_''-nt. 
i C'o.'n/(;cii'o.v.'.— I I i With luver-rnu' 
I line-'; t2; v.-ith Mnri*:'.;i and Ndrth 
i(;e>>r;_:ia railroad; ;.;' with Ciierokee 
j railror.d ; (4; wiih Rome railroad; 1,5) 
j with I'last d\'iin' s.^ec, \'irj.:iuia and 
I (,reori.'ia, and Selnia, Ki.uie and Dalton 

railroads ; i^i' with Cincinnati South- 
|cru railroad ; (7) with iii verging lints. 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

From AtlaJita (1) to— 

Bolton 8 mile? 

Gilmore 10 " 

Viiiing's 11 " 

Smyrna 15 " 

Marietta (2) 20 " 

Kennesaw 29 " 

Acworth 35 " 

AUatoona 41 " 

Bartow 42 " 

Stogall's 44 " 

Etowah 47 " 

Cartersville, (3) 49 " 

Rogers 52 " 

(^jji;^ 53 (i 

Kin-zston, (4) GO " 

Hall's r.4 " 

Adairsvillc 70 " 

McDaPJel's 7G " 

Calhoun 79 " 

Ke^aca So " 

Tilton 91 " 

Daltou. (.1) 100 " 

Tunnel Hill 109 " 

Catoosa 114 " 

KingcTohl IIG " 

Gravsville 122 " 

Chickaniauga, Tenn 12S " 

Bovce, " (H) i;;2 " 

Chattanooga, " (7j 140 " 

Cornpile'l from various hut authen- 
tic data, givinir source and outlet and 
Iaii<Jing.-J, with Ji--taiiC(.'S on naviu:a'oi-? 
stream-^, so far as obtaiuiiuie. 

yI//a/)aAa— Takes its rise in south 
central part of the State, i:a.s a south- 
easterly course, and empties inti^ tiie 
Suwannee in Floridn, a distance of 
ahout 100 miles. 

Allamaha — Largest stream in the 
State; formed hy junction of the Oc- 
niulgee and Oconee; llows scinlhca^t 
and eniiitie.s into the Atlantic by two 
outlets, the north brauLdi y.a~-;n-r by 
Darien tlirou^^h Doboy xjUud soith of 
Sapeio island, and tiie south iirarieli 
through Allamaha sounil .itjove Little 
St. Sitnon's island. Navi.-aiM'.' 2oiJ 
miles to the junction atjove n.iuiLd. 

Ai>pahic}Lec—\lix% its sonree in t!;c 
iKtrth cer.tral portion of tli" >ta;c — 
Gwinnett roup.ty — and runn'n:: .- up, 
east a di.->ta;K-f of 7" or h'i ni'ib s 
empties into the Ocouee river near Statr of Alabama until it is merged 
Greencrhoro. [in the Alabama river. 

Broad— \ tributary of the Savan- 1 Cnosdirattee — lirancli of the OostA- 
iiali; ri>es among th.e moinit.uns of ' naula; take.s its rise in (iilnier county, 
uortlieast Cirorgia, runs v(iuili.,:rt and j and liowing fiouthwcst, uuitc-i with 
discharges iutu tiie Savannah at a I the Cu!ic.-^auga. 

point between Elbert and Lincoln 

Caiinnhcc — TiCn^th, 150 miles; navi- 
galdt' oue-third the distance. Origin- 
ates in JCmanu-.-l cuunt\', and finds an 
outlet hy the Ogcechce river in Bryan 
county, a few miles above the S., F. 
& W. 3 tail way. 

C/'.cd{ahnochc€—Jum)r;Qst river in the 
State. Has it.s origin in the Blue 
Bidge, northeastern part of the State: 
11 .)W3 southwest witliiu seven miIe-3 of 
Atlanta to Wfst Point; thence south 
as a honudary between Alabama and 
Georgia until it is joined iiy the Flint 
rivt r ill J >ccatur county, when it takes 
the naine of Apaiaciiicola, and con- 
tinues poiTth. emptying into Apalachi- 
cola bay. Xavigabie for steamboats 
to Columbus. 
From ApnlAcldcola to — 

Howard, Ga 223 miles 

Fort G.'ines, " 241 " 

Franklin, Ala 242 " 

Otho, " 252 " 

Eufaula, " 277 " 

Flor'.ncf, Ga 302 " 

Jerni-an, Ala 307 " 

Fontaine's Middle Ldg, Ga...317 " 
Fontaine's Up;;<'r Ldg, "' ...320 " 
Bank's Lower "Ldg, " ...332 " 

AVriglit's Lower J.dg, Ala. ..337 '' 
Columbus, Ga...3o7 " 

C''j^/'('ooo'^--Small stream of north- 
we.-t iJi.v_;i'ii;'.. Haviru' it'^ source in 
Walker louuly, it liow.-, ^outhv,•est, 
and crossing tiie Alal»aina State line, 
empties into tiie Coosa near Grant- 
ville. T'lere is al.-o a stream of this 
name (or Cr-.atuga) one of the liead 
M'alers of the Savannah. 

CAci'i'ai'cf:— Tributary of theChatta- 
hoocliee, having its .source in Union 
county and an outlet about 10 mik-s 
lieiow Gaini.v-Villc. Gold is found in 
{laying quantities in tiie bed of this 

(J nivcRauga — One of the branches 
of the 0"-ranaul;i, i-i-<'S in flilinur 
County, ll I'vs north into 'leiin'r-^i c, 
ami lurniii'j: wc.-t, coint--- south ai,'aiii 
until it u:/iti-- with tht.- r(.);.M:uvat*t o. 

( r;osa— I'oriiifd bv ju:ic:io:i of the 
!",: .w:di -.U'\ 0.'-tj:i;u;la at !:-!ue. 
It- .'•(!. r-'' i- :!wnce sv>uthv,-i'-t into trie 

And Business Directory. 


y.t'.uah — Tliis streiini, oelebrateil 
f.>r its fxoellent vator puwer and 
rich alluvial soil, joins with tiie 
(.k)-t;iiiriula at Home, tf^ forui tlie 
l'o<>*a. Us head is in Lumpkin oouu- 
ty, vvbfiice it follows a ^()Utherly 
c.iur>e to a point near Auraria, cou- 
liuuing thence soutLlwo^t. 

Fllni—TTOiw a point in DeKalb 
(.•ounty, this stream pur>ues a some- 
wiiat devious course sourli and south- 
vicst for upwards of 3i0 miles, until 
it joins the Chattahoochee at tiic 
rxlreme southwestern corner of the 
^^trtle and unites in forniing the Apa- 
lacliicola. The latter has semi- 
weekiy ^tea^lboat communicatiou 12 
miles to the mouth of Flint, thence 
to Anahu-hicola, Fla. r.ari:e ship- 
ments of cotton go Dy this channel. 

Hicwassce — A tributary of t!ie 
Tonnt'.-see river, taking its ri-e in the 
lUue Kidge ; upj.'or portion of llaber- 
sliam County, and rollowinu' a norLh- 
wf^terlv course until it rtaciies its 
outlet. * 

Hudson— T\.\\% stream also has its 
orii^iu in Habersham county ; t'ows 
(southeast ami empties into Broad 

Liiilc ii/i'cr— Remarkable for its 
rapid current, is a stream of about Go 
niiles in li'nc;th and an iiv.poitant 
Mi]ip!y foi- i!i(j OcL>:iee. into which it 
eui|iti*.su few miles above 31il!eiige- 
ville, after asoutLieasterly course from 
lt>« head, in Walton county. 

ycirport (North'\ — Iti<es iu Liberty 
county; is^bout^i) miles in lengtii, 
iiuvij:iibli.' to Riieborou^'h, aiid em[i- 
tifs Kito the Atlantic oe-jan nl'Ove or 
••{'Iio.-itc St. Catherine's i--land. 

Xf.w port [South) — Forms the boun- 
<itiry V)etween Libert\ and .McLito-h 
countii.-,, and llosvs into sapeio 

O- hlochncc—llas its source in the 
^•■outh Central part of the State, fol- 
a s(Hithwesierlv course into 

J i'rida, then llows southeast and 
f-HiU into Shallow bay, an armof Apa- 
hirh. ,' iK'iy. 

^>il/< I —'Viikks its ri-e in Thmnas 
•■ouiity, nnd llowinLT >')Utii, euiu'dts 
hit.. Apalaclu-e bay, Fia. 

(.>.->nu/ifrr—\\'i^:<t branch of the Al- 
l^nuuha. Head waters in DeKalli 
niid Cwiiinett coui:ti> >. <iencral 
''">it>e houilH-ast, uniting' with iLe 
Ucon.e and formuijr tiie Ail.imaba, 

i a few miles east of liUmber City. 
\ i*oats of very ii^ht diafc can ply as 
: high up this stream as ^Licou, some- 
! thing over "JSO miles above the con- 

llueuce, or about 500 miles from I)a- 
j rien. Another small stream called 
I Little Ocmulgee rises iu Twiggs 

County and falls into this river at 

Lumt;er City. 

I Oco?iec— East branch of the A!ta- 
I maha. iL'»s its sourct in Habersham 
! county, and runniug east of soutii, 
(joins the (Jcmulgee near Luml)cr City, 
in Telfair county, and forms the Al- 
tamaha. I'he Oconee furnishes ex- 
cellent water power at Athene. 

Vgcc'.-hee—Yonns iu Greene coun- 

, ty, and followinir a souiiieasterly 

[course for more than two hundred 

miles, discharges its waters into the 

'Atlantic through Ossibaw sound. It 

I ha-< two tributaries, each know'n as 

' liittle Ogeechee ; one in Screven 

County, and the other from Ilancoeiv 

into VVashiugton county. 

0/iOo;ji?e— Finds an outlet by the 
Altamalui river at nortiieast corner 
of Appling county, after following a 
southeasterly llow from its source in 
AVashinglon county, a distance of 
one hundre<l. miles. Little Olioopee 
Aows into this stream in Emanuel 


O' ■•''--•/'<'; ;'ia—Foriv.ed of the w-ters 
of tiie Conne-aug:; a-'ui C jwsawattee 
rivers ; ilows souihv;;-t, and uniting 
with the Etowah at iiome, composes 
the Co'^a. Not navigable. 
i iS^. Jfar_'/'s — Navigable for sloops 
! about thirty miles, and for boats up- 
j wards of sixty milr-.. A very crook- 
ed stream, liaving three distinct 
I sourc'-s ; one from J^ai:e Spahiing, 
, atioti'.er from Luk*' ilanii^dpi!, and a 
't!;iid (i.nn Oke>-ivii.<' aw:uu!>. 
Flows swuth, then airiiu-t <iue north, 
[and a'^'iiiii ea-t, empling into the At- 
; laii'Jc Kt CumberluU'l sounil. 

I From S'. Mciri/'s to — 

i Port Henrv 7 niile.s 

i Wild's Landimr 12 " 

t (, tia 27 " 

; \S'o:, i-r .;. Mill, Fia -'J '• 

: i\.i:^.;'•^ i'"<nv, '• 31 "' 

i Oram-..' ImuL!, " ." 1 " 

[C.dcraine, " 39 " 

(\inip I'iiiknev. (Ja -h) " 

' ("alir.. Hill. ■ " fKS " 

; Trader'. Mil!, " (U " 

j iV/i^'-'"— A >mull stream ivholly in 


Georgia State Gazetteer 

Mclutosh county, finding an outlet 
through Sapelo sound. 

ASaf'iV/a— Sometimes called St. Ilia, 
has its source in Appling county, 
flows ea8t, thence south, and airuin 
east for a total distance ot 150 miles, 
and empties into St. Andrew sound. 
Navigahle a short distance above its 
mouth. Another stream, called Lit- 
tle Satilla, forms the boundary line 
betweeii Camden aud Glynn coun- 
ties, and empties into the Atlantic 
above Satilla river proper. 

xSai'annaA— Boundary line between 
Georgia and South Carolina. It is 
among the largest rivers of Georgia, 
and the iirsl; in importance. Tlie 
Chattooga (or Ci^aluga) river, be- 
tween Kabuu county, Georgia, and 
Oconee coujit^, Soui.u Carolina, meets 
tlie Tallulah, flowing from a noith- 
westeru source, at lower point of Ra- 
bun, where the Tugalo is formed, 
which in turn unites witli the Kio 
Wee at Anders(mville, South Caro- 
lina, continuing thence as the Savan- 
nah, about 130 miles, to Augusta, 
(nut navigable,) 116G miles to Savjtn- 
nali, (steaml)oai navigation,) and 
thence IS miles to Tybee island, at its 
nioutii. Ocean vessels run Uj) to tlio 
city of Savamiah. 

From Savannah to — 

Ptiresysburg, S. C 25 Miles 

C'vk's Ferrv, " oO " 

lOlien.zer, ' Ga 40 " 

Seine's Landing, " 43 " 

(Jallhev'sLand'g " 45 " 

Sist-r's Ferry, " 57 " 

Old Sister's Fer'yS.C G(J " 

Trowel's Land'g, Ga 65 " 

P.iraehucla, S. C 6S " 

Mt. Pleasiiiit, Ga 75 " 

Porter's Landimr, " 7S " 

Hudson's Ferry,' " 80 " 

Martin'sLand'gS. C 90 •' 

Poor Rubin, " Ga U7 " 

! Hager Slager, " 115 Miles 

• Brier Creek, '« 110 " 

I (Johen's Bluft; S. C 12s " 

'Mathew's BinlT, " 129 " 

i Saxon's Landing,Ga 134 " 

i Black's Landing, " 13;> ** 

iHershman'sLake" 147 " 

1 Burton's Ferry, " 152 *' 

Jolmson's Land'gS.C 100 " 

I Brown's Landing, " 172 " 

ISlony Bluff, Ga 174 " 

Little Hell, S. C 177 " 

Steel Creek, Ga 187 " 

Biigham's Land'.'i " 18!i " 

i Gritlin'sLandingV 1'.'7 " 

iFlaucock'sLand'g" 203 " 

j Point Comfort..... 20S " 

Demerv's Ferry 213 " 

Sliell Blnfi; Ga 210 " 

! Silver Biufl'. 231 " 

[Augusta, Ga ?no " 

/Swif'cmee—T.ikes its rise in Okefe- 

nokee swamn, follows a southeasterly 
I course and empties into the Ajjpa- 
I lac'acc bay above Cedar Keys, at a 
I point between LaFayette and Levy 

counties, Florida. 
I laUapoosa — F<-irms in Paulding 

county ; runs soutliwest through Har- 
! alson county into the State of Ala- 
j bama. Tliere is another stream called 

Little Tallapoosa in Carroll county, 
TaUvJah~I\.\<p?. in Rabun county, 

and flowing sou.iiOast, utrites witli ti"ie 

Chattooga (or Chatuga), to fornj the 


Tufjulo — Formed b\' uu'')n of tlie 
Chattooga (or Cliatuga), a' d Tallulah 
rivers; runs southeast and unites 
with tlie Kiowee, of South Carolina, 
to form the Savannah. 

7'«r//d— Originates in Wayne coun- 
ty and empties in St. Simon's sound. 
Navigable to Brunswick, ami air'ords 
an exeellent hartior. 

Withlacoo':h':e— A. small stream in 
tlie extreme south central part of the 

To Find What is Wanted, First Understand Where to Look for It. 


If full Information of a place is not given in its regular order, see "Alter- 
ations, Corrections, etc.," following Classified Business Directory. 







Lar^cest ISIanufactiirers in the Y/orld of 

Gol IFuriiiture and Apparatus. 











































St^itionary Top Tvi^nni 




>!i I) 













^ t^ 




















1— ' 






=5- ~ 





2SE^ H S •? - 

:se /?£?5/5 //fiye Ten Patents I One Million sold in 
little more timn Ten Years / 

ninh^S ! f^-^fst-s^ ] V^At^:P'}i\\Vi%fr\^t f 

1 Ku '-* > 

£•:> 3 S.-iJ-^ *.«.*/ v,} 

,,'7^r'?f^'^i' ■ 


Globes are i«k- ' 

equaled either in ; • • _ :'. ... • 

'''% Europe or Aru- ■: _. ■ C-" .' ■' . 

; erica. "''^Z'' ' 

: \ Caaip's Revised y, 1, ^ , 

Outline JDlaps. f".!TTr-rr:--::r:.::.:'r:- 

BlackboardSf I - :'■-•• '"";>,^. 

J v.^^ Forty kinds and ■• •, ^--r^^', 

|i sizes. ^-- : ^.z-' ;.^„' . a.. 

I Slated Cloth T-.n^ 
'V Pixper. 

~^yr *-!<:;, Ij. est qurciity cf 
Liquid Slalijag-, 

itless Crayon, outlasting Si;: .•■ . .. 

Chalk Crayons. '■"■''^-"-- —-_... - " 

t. The Dusilt'^s Erasers, tlio 'je-^t thini2; tver 

.-;j iuvented. Durable and Chc.-ip. 



(Burr PatGiit) Made in Twenxy Styles. 

Occupy one-fourth tlie space ^ .^, 

of the cuimsy common h(.::ls. / ■'^"'^'^'^'^''''^^ ] > ■ 

hencCjSavc Room-Rent I .V!l ^c-.., '■•..,-^ ' ""^-^.t^vW 

lhebcddinLC>pi'h-'\vsand ni;it- " .... .'''.".';; 

tress fold out of sight instant- 'K^"\:-::':/: ■''■::::/':::■:■": ' ■ ^."■-s^.- 

ly. The teinpered steel /• ' 
mattress spring goes Avith ' 
each bed, ensurinir>ri. 
Made \a form of .B'juk- 
cases, Dressing-cases, Sccre- .,_ 
taries, etc. 

s^flpa fi';ini ^';7 nvn?";^ 

1 SlUu Uv..j •4-'^&. UJj'iiUsiti 

■-..,■— 'L^ 

i \ Secretary Eecl Closed with ¥r;ticg Leaf Ope:^. 

--.. .-..-..^=^A^=- --^-^^ 'v-"^ These beds have the n- 
■'-.-'"' . - - - , -1 

:^ perfect Vi:ntii..\tiox ofar 

.. .■-;=.';; . ^ ^J bed everinade; sec cut sl;^ 'V. 

""■■■ -■.^/.. .. ...^^^'"'^-"^'^'^^''^'"^ '■: :• ing- the bed constantly oix 

"'"^ i' ■ '^^ II to the air wl;en Iblded. Th. 

are '-^n c^<.:-^ and ea^ih" r'" 

Secretary Eed Open. fi-om one roonj to another. T 

n'iain points of excellence in t;ic- 

beds no otb-er beds have, nor C: 

The Beds ars 


j^liijiiiBri bA 'tmtf •i^ >^ik tw i& •&( ■ 

iu.afuotured only bj 

After throe }>-ars' triulj the •'■ 
; mand is u'lt-rccedcnled. 

iy5 <Jc 107 Wnba^.h .\vo.. ClUC.Ud 

ii:!^t.vt^t_.tstt3z:t>, isiri. 


I :<; A i?>-i. 

\\hoie=.a'e and Retail D.-alors in 




C N-<fT^ 

.'•'■'■'■ "C-' "i. 


' if i ■■ V- " 

■ * -;•■ .'•• 

-:• , 

' .'>".' 

'i^^^, "".'O- 

>' ■' 

■.•^,.-^ ■ ' ■•.- 

N . ■^'>.' 


.fx ■■ ' 

■'-' -.'.'''t;--''i''tr'i 

'"- " i 

>"-> ';■■ ■ 


'v.: ) 

'■ A;^' 

,^J^ri^l-^i§\ i:/ 

'■T I' 
5 V/ 

1 x 

■ 'fev.' 

I >... 

.,^i-^...^ 4 ■-;- 

J 1 

^'Kier Globe Hotel, 

■■^. ^r.<;'r'» M ■ 


.. ;■■:: .■.^ I.. .-. ..- ., -.^i., wiil 



■vir r-'^-jHr/Riiji^jT' -r 

■f-'-'^^^^r-^^;-- ^' «!^^ 



H lA '\\ \ H II 

I 1^1 .L 1\ i vj 1 1 i 1 1_V 1 

i\! H 




MCil V tUlXlloljlJ- LUllLl .LiUKJliUXlg 


i;y 'Jifis v.'nrF. 

Ail Transhinment and Extra Handling: are Avoided. 

RlCfiARDSON &. BARNARD. Ai;ent3, Savannah. 
F. VV. VVILKERSON ^i CO., Agents, Boston. 


Savannah, F orida and V 



Baiiv/ay, ; 

o r* t:;i { A a^ !:<<:; 

L IIJ^ , 


V/HYCI^e^? sp 



TO :F'I_,o±^ 


The On IV All-R: 

ail Route! 



Savannah to Jacksonville ! 


Charlsston to Jackso? 


r/lacon to Jack 

£onvi!le I 

tVlontgomety to Jaeksonvilie ! 

//'t ///osf r/i'^'c7J/' J\2SSc'J/j;rr toinpiiicnt. SuprrO Drai^'iii^^ 
Ro'-'ui Cars. Paiicc Sucpis!}:^ Cars. Xczv, Pcz^rr/'il Loco- 
motives. S!crl Rails. Wostiu^houst Air Brakes. 
7an)!cy Couf'Icrs.'" Mil.'or Plat forms. 

j J'J.UiiliJA Uibi'AiUii \A.p\i^. . 

\ ^ox the Quick Disoatch and Through Movement of 

\ Freight without breaking bulk. 

; To Southern and .Soatii- Western Ge>jrg;a. C!',Hichee. Flint and 

! AiKiLichicola Rivers. 

j All poitits in Middle, East and South Florida. St. Aii'^ustine and all 
; i::dinj^s on the St. Joims and Ocklc.Nvaha Rivers. Tampa, Manatee 

I ■■■\\ the East Gulf Const. 

! 'I'ake euf vour Bill? of ladin;? bv the ALL RAIL ROl'TE. 

I .SVc' t'uit your tioiect reads via lU:- Wiiyeross Sio-' Lme. 

\ H. S. HAJfxIES, 

C, ,.•/ •/'(;(."/• 

JAS» L, T/.YLO':?, 

315 Eroaci^ay. New York. 

■■>>.;i/-«;,>-V .;:*;ijp6i^'if^j'« 





}'.-v^Ji5JiP^*j*»fT-^:^'*'iri'^ ■-- r^.f^^ 

VN I> 1111 

■?•''"/ /7 


■iiJiWerlana Koiim . 


j^jt; -i.'in. 

n^^i-M;'. above line ottVr'< ur.rivaii.-r! lime, faciiif.e? and cointorus from 
JL .M.'icoa and the contiL;uuus country to aii points in t'londa. la I'as- 
senger St-rvice. tliis ronie is pracii'"aUy one tram ijiii' kt-r tlian anv Lancr 
line. Leave Macon dail v . Sunday inclacied. via. 1 Irunswick and Kern,aadina. 
In conM.nience, appoiiiUiicnLS a.nd outnt tiic line i.-^ un^u! passed. Lucas 
Palace bl-jcpers on aii n;--iit trains. 'Lncre i.s ai-o a douijic claiiy ciuinL-ction 
over tlvis road, ail rail, via Jesup :;r.d Way Cross, to i'lorida. 

■OK^ w ywwn sv^ .^ ^^ *V' f^' 

g^ -^ i"^ 'vjT y^ 

r*°N *'^< -y-*^; vsr^^Sf* J»^'^ 

IN FreicrlH Servi-:e Sds line has Sreanier co!;ne(-tions. in a-ididon to its 
- i>'.vn, in" which superior and pronipt (iisi^vi: ;!; is oin-red in Irv'^hL, via 
Brunswick trj jacksonviiie. Fia., and ail [>o!nts on tne upper .St. Jolui s 
river; to St. .Mary's, Darir-n, and all pnu-;fs on tiie hai'i.a ri\c'r; to 

Cojiipaii} s Kain-oad ; t' > 'Jooai- L;. vs. and ;v u,: ;■; . ,n :he ( \\\\\ and to points 
on the Jacksonville. I'tJisacola and Aitjoii': Ka.droad, and to .Savannah, 
Ga., and L'aaricston. S. C. 

liates as Low as i!:e. Jvowest^ 

1" liL Macon and I'.rnr.swick Railroad furth.-jr, ha.-> LULL .aiv.l Lc_;U.\L 
la'diit'.es with anyotiier line in !r'jiL,dits from and to New \ o;-k. iioston. 
Idnladelpiiia. Ivuunior^, and a!! [;onU;-. NnRTH and LAS 1'. \ ;:. huv .nnan 
and iJrnnswick, Dirparc;; eon a; tn any line, ana to sonic ponu- greatly 
superior, hein;^ daily. All 'dai ns pronn-tiy ;.d::..-!cd. i-Or rau;-, roares. 
and any and ail infonnatlon, eiiher m i'a--cn-,!jr or l-i';;^;.t Service, 
please ^ onmumicate, in Arl;.nta. witn tlie Av^^'ni w! the inic at tiuu [JOint 
— K. L). M.\NN. No. 4 Kinihai! Mouse •- or cap:. .\[,Li:L! .\. -,1 i.vKl', 
(■caera; !'ra'.;-;;n^ L.i>-:-n;._,cr A:<ent, \iacoi!. *■■..... or Lapt. dii^'S. L. 
K' iSS, Loch! 1 ic.Ket A^^cnt of tin; i'.cvid. at Ai...-o!i. or the r,nd!-'.->;yned. 


JAS. R, OGD£hJ, 

Kncxviiie. Tei'in. 


'i ii-SM 

l^'i_iO-LJ c^^r. !n^ 

w ^. u 

liirj 110 L!i 

- ' T^V'T' '-'vWi' 




'/UiuA li..'iij, bUj\:j:ii bu-\i\i'iUilUi-i05 

At Convenient Distances, \vr,ere Trains \vi!! Stop '-ong 
Enoiig:li to Afford Anviie Time for the 
E n j o y m e n i. f I'A e a ! s . 

(>/■'< • I 

To Ensure Patrons Every Possible. Comfort. 

»«^ — •«_l.f»^«»^ .^uJttM^S^ .Hf*^^^ O »-•'« -f" ..V »>. .>. .^ < ^«^ S^.'rf.iJ.-". «-!.»'.«. W C\. •• 

xu ])i^;4Giv}:r:/inL}: xi'ijir rji.'iX(;}:si 

To secure the Advantages herein presented, see that 
you.- Ticket reads via LSie 

5~ ;"■' V j; , -J ■< '; : -' '. '■■;'; ■,%?'. ' -' < " 5 

5- ' V '-*• C fi i* ^ J . S L- J »'• I n \^J '«-: ■ \ I' i . . JL i Jo « k .^' i a 4.? a 

•x" .T r XT', o "LT ci- :i x i"* x o r^i yr. 'X' .*^ 

And AM Ncc::o?.'y Infc-rr. ■'tio,'; c-n be 0:-.t:tinfJ fron-; 


JAS. R. 0GDI>1, G. F. & P. A^t,, 

KNOXVil.Lr. 1 tf.N. 

■■^i ^ '"M i^'. ".^ 'T' 

I «-■* ..^ . -» ,; ■<,.■ M M ^ ^ y fc ,g- • -; »■ 


a.uiii Jiiiij '^^ uiitulioouUli 

=5:- ^zax.noii.r)- 


>1 •:]■] ' BETWKLX 

AlabanM and Mi^s^s:.!...--!. and w i:h it> con;;; riions, forn^s the 

Ds f-^^^. r"" /K>s ^^-"' -'^ r I /'-% i-'^. »^.f* B I r\ 5 f"^ 

r.i ru Li;>,' thi: .-i Ar;.> <.'t 

Virginia, North Carolina, Soutli Carolina, G<?org;a 
and Arkansas and 'i exas. 

The Appointments of both Fi'ji;ht and Passenger 
Departments of the Lir.e ar:- Coniploto. 

1'. U. \-jn;E::<.(y. W. a.- :. i).d...^. Trx .-. 

J AS. R. ("HU,)i:N. c. r. A- r. a. Kv. -.w-:'! . t.-it'. 

T.S. bAVANT, A-^s": <;. F. :l 1'. A.. >!.••;/:>. IVna. 

— >^'^- 1? X-X X3 ->v=4— 

I he Only uireci Kouie 


psiiiiiGioi! Immi Mi^mm, 


• SiimniGr BsBorls and Viatering Places 


' ThisR 








-0 to 

al! - 






a"". ' 

- ,.' G 


. s J 


Rails. S* 



n Ti s '. 

, U: 

; .: r 


1 '■' 


, ScentM-y 

K.'rf.:r:h-r ;:.r .-:.:.•.•;), ;;.;.'y !•. 


G-raud Eapids & Iniliaiia E. E. 




FaiRfliis Syiiifiiei, rieallli ao^ Gaioc fie^otls aod lalies 

Tin: V.'ATEr.S r-f t^e Gnv-'\ Tr.'.v.jri^'. r.-_-ia:i r.rd tlu- >: 'ciiijAU N.'rih WooJs ire an 

KKOOa •lUr'TI' .■^-'p-.i.a ij 111.? :;rt;;;-.:-, and tho f.taieii.< AMF.KICAN f.UAYI.INL; 
is found •:•::'.■■ 'n : .fc-.e w-it' r-:. ' 

berr in :!.•■ :;,..-.y '. .'ri, • aLid l:ikt.i< :- ■■•,' '.'::- t ■! r;M,.-y. 'i';:. ^;...r>!Ji 'U •-.'.ii ro.i'i:... ^.r.d 'riv- 
jihii-; of L-.- -'ci-: :;i i;i- fri.nd- i.'i' •' C.'iii " at hoaio. u.-- i.;-_- i<^r ;'.i:.:-::i:i_' '.'.^n c.wi :>-.• h;id nt 
nearly ail ; ••;: :-. 

TAICK V<'M; FA>!If.Y WITH VO'/. T'l'' rco:). ry of tSe N..rlh \V(;.,di m..1 I.:k..s ' 
is very 1' ;.•:•:• j . '1 !:•.■ : •:• iri \-\'c. d:y :::. I l:-.r;!>^. 

THK I I.:Ma:-': :- :..-.;vi:v ;.;, .;::.:;.;! :.j ih.-o -!::r.ri::^ wit-i IIAV :'i;\';-;i: ai:d 
ASTHMA ii ■ Al- .■ t'.'V' >\~. 

THR I'. ■!:::. ^r■ .'y'.l>-'i^\Tr^::< u,- i-;. ■ :'••;;•, .-.I wi;l i-o iar.- :y i::.;r.a?,d in 
lime f'>r ;:.. ■ .,,-.1. uf l-^-. ; .■ r.-.-. ■.■ :. d rjj ;.i ■'. . 1 i": .i;~. 

liiirt / ■;.,. ,. .-,.-; i;.i| X() ■{:.,[• Lxc; !;>!■, V ji. '■■: ■•:T-: Wir.l. f K -oLb AT 
iJtW l:.-; i : ,;. .L. ..: .a> ti^t; -r. .-, .".■•. ri.- ..,;•. fa ;■• •■•■•;:.-.- / ; *;..-■;;-,.. ;i. 


ir isul:; A'M tu make >'roi'. r-Mi-ix it-;i;l --Ar liOMK" ox tv.<-: kcl'Te. 

For -T .;r-^t-'GjiJ<:.'" a tl.,nd . v.,-' , l|i.,strot';.J B ; ' -. ..f I'm) Pa.;-,. Svi! rreo, 
■J'::ar' '•-::■ iv T. ..!■;:-. a;=.* Ui::.l^:: ;:;:..r: i.ra,-;, idd:-- 




I ^ 1 ^ A C^ f S^-. 1 ^ t ^''"^: A 1^ t"^ 

it i v^ V -f ^■. ^-^ > *' vr ** ft a 



MOILWE. LA., JACKSOjW fAiSS., ^ ' • 






i 1 

- It r.;r:ii:r: -';i i!.i \'. .:., >.i'i:',i Oi^ N"':-. A! .■..:'. - K. ,:'.:(..-•; f-r >'■ ..:,■ .:;:,.rv, F.iifjL'.A, 

in N'-/r".ii L'jLii.-.iv^n.i. .i:'.d : ^r ; l.'i.i- ■,!■ .Nj s^i^si^: i, \ ^z. ;.• 
and ^•I . / 1 .. -r K ;vcri. 

t> V "T \. (''":": C: 


CliaUaiioo^ia and Vicks'jiirir Wiihuut Chaiiire. 

:-■ "^Tickets fur ^i!:i at all oJ 
-•..:rs. Tl:::-. ■:: :., •:.:l u: ;- i.f -, 

r or I.irtn.t'r i;'l •: m.iu-n as in 

I. B. rv^CRRlSOrJ, Con"! P. c>. .'. /•..:.:<it. 

-"'IN SCOTT. C-!-,'! i.!.in,:,jer. CHAS. B. V.ALLAi.::. S^^.-.TinUnJ, nt. 

Gcnoj;il OfTicc, CJj.ittauoo/i;;!, To'iu. 








I ■ "i 





>■ ; 






J H 


( .5 



•«''' . 




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Southern Kailway. 



i:i 111 i^ OU U X ilL, 

Two Daily ExprciE TraiDS telwcea Cinciniiali M CtallaMcp. 


*-"'^- at Tenninal and Juiv:tional r<-!nts with Pullman, Woodruff. 
Waarner and Lei'j:hton, 









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W, H. CLE 


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! JlatKi'jer, 

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.s-.v. A<j>:nt, 

crJNTCin^:! '3<tj-jtx. 




J=LTLA.TS-T^. C^mOJ^^G-Z^. 


liEV. E. O. TIIA'iER, A.M., Pkesident, 'I'kro/cgy ojid Moral ScuJice. 

. \V. H. CROGMAX, A.:v^ Higher English and Lan.:iiages. 

F. L. MITCHELL, PRECEPrRKS>, . E)igUsh Clasilcs and Mathanatics. 

SIBYL, E. ABBOTT, A. B C-w/aw: English. 

KATE MITCHELL, Pfano and Organ, 

Mrs. CLAKA A. THAYER, Elocution. 

ZACIIARY T. SPENCE. . . . Siipcrintcndcnf Sciwd of C'rlcnfry . 
Mrs. C. C. Mri'CIIELL, . , Zuatron. 

Inote.— St--\cral iniportaut a(Jdi;io:is to tho Faculty will be rea<lesoou. 

m- f-m? pn mf ffn? 

AYi:u.\t.;K Annual Exlexsls, . . , Oyly So^oo. 




' [.AUK r.NlVKK.-^lTY i^ the tVntr.ii Nr;;.,(>! of rhe Mc-!l:o!ist ?:_[.i:^copal Church in 

• ■-.,• t. LO'-iiti-vl ;'.t Ali.uU-i, r!ie 'J;i;)U;il of liH; St.iio, mi :; very bc;ii;htiiU-lim:itv, il 

■ > i.v-''iiliur ;vd'.-,tiU.i'.;c:s to .^riidtiius. Ari:tiii.t ;~ x'.ic oi lUc iiio.^i; enlcri>r>:iig cuit-s jr. !lt.- 
•> -.i.'-.. Mliiiiti-d ;it lilt: junction of s<'? ^a',;^o.ld^■, il is very easy ol' uccii^s lor :U1 j/;iMs 

: ■.!< .■S.-iUe, iuiJ is ;i 'j:h::il buiiuc^i Cc-ulur. It !s cMiineiiUy ihc place lof a ¥ucct'>.'tul 


T:,..- Ac-uili'iiiic <^()iir-i's .f .vtjfiy ;;«-■ tiio E''.-'i#h. th-j Ndnii:.?, Tie Coll.'ijr Pro|iaratory 
..awl;-- hck-i-ac. Thi; L":iivi'i>!iy t;.ourees .-ii-'.- tli'.^ t'ullf^'^ am! Ike Tl-.i.'olo^tfal. .?[,ui1hih.-< 
' ■.::!); .fliiiL' eilhiT of tliu Ac>idfiii!c coui>L'S will he catitlud lo a' of KrailHatiou. 
; :■.■-! 11 iiiijiicllliC out! ul LDU L'aivL-iin,.> i.i.'.u^c.'^ " lii liv •.■iulliLi.. lo ><. u;i>lo;ii.i Iri^;:'. :hu 
' • ii.'} ,iiii! futlcus 

! !i-- JlLiL'ii^ii cour=(. p.'iiuires the thormi-.i cfiniii'.-ticn ...f /-.litliini'tic. Kiig! GraiiiTnar, 
'.•.■_-■■., pay U. b. Hi-^t■JI■y. Tlie Col.o;-,!-"i r iriuuory, N..!iu;i; and i-.c.-lix'tic i-oiii.~es aiv 

■ . . ■■.;m::il i" oiiL' :uioiUt:r. 'Xuiy incliidi' ilit t:tiL'-ii.-^!i (-'hui-.m:-, libd r<-'ii;i:ri; two years" i/.Ki!- 
. 1. 11 ,-tudy. Uit iiuoio:fi:-a. Cinit>e ii..-i,ide> iile ivi^uii.-li coairc-, and vei£iiiii-'S iliiee ye.-.i^' 

. :-.;,i'i;.ii >.'d(Iy. Tl'.e <„Oiic^'(' coat.c f.-gicrfii i"iir ytars alter t!i« coni,.iLtiou of ttir; I'n.'- 
! ■.•lii'i! y coiii>e. 


■!'';^ i.oarr-c niiy he tak.n by stud, ill- ivithonr intei-feriii'.,' wiiii their reijular school ila- 

■ ■• -. I !:!■^e ;n Lu/cour'^e are taii^'lu l)y .-fi-araie and !Uoi-oii;.'ii ie^.-i.'ii-^ to iiaii. ^aw. jilane. 
•1 'i-t •■.ib.iii L uiirk, to coii-iiiict s!lni>le imjidnii^s, r j iii jasu;ir luiuia-i-, to estimale luinl'er 
^'■ i'iiadin','<, ete. 


She euncatioii dr aiand'-d by the .?c.-i.or. d. ■n■o;^■^'- fo'' several c:ei>. n■.iion^i to come, i.s a very 
■' ■ ::■■ :i nae. a iniiuin^ Hi d aidUs !ii^;u ;a .luy way for tlKir ide-\^or;; l-? injiivioii-. 

■ .';■••. lu hlvet ;i,;- WMit, n ;^ liar ;^:.:-, ■.-; U> ^!;'UiiaiA i'^.iiU ':;> .an"U- ilc;. ■; ii!ii::ils 

• ■ ■ .:■ 'la: 'Jaileiit- a^ f.inii'. i>. liu-rli la-.c- a:.; !ii;-ine-s— ev'tnuiaL; i i.-.- 1' au ;'s la.-t a- 
••-.'.- .ire iiiiiii-hed. 1 tie id.a, whieii \'. i;l o..- uiore fuily -rt rorrti m liiiare cuaii:iar.s. iii- 

• ■ii;.- Sehool^ ol A^'ra iiaiiie. Iioii-work:!^i,'. i^'arjieiilry and I'r.'.cc.ea! i-.ii.-iues.-. The I're-i- 
■: •■". ■ .' ihe I'aiver.-iiy wid l>c liai'S'y to coin-;.oad wtia atiywho are dl.-rijosed lolielp, imie'a 

'-■■■.II'-, hi till-, direetioii. itiirhi;,' I'nr \<:i<i \ c:\v a .Sr, tjol of Ca.-iH-a;ry h.f iieea orL'-iiuzed. 
V ■••.■K-lr.(> jl.-cii.; tia.s iueii i.TLCted, i.anei.i;- and Co.a.^ Mipjiiied, aial liwlniciioii j^ivea ill 
-'' .a-.-i ;tii\'. hiiilduig afid ca'aael woi!-:. 


S::..i.;ai-; are aiiaiitiLd to t.hi- la-v. i r ('i.: ■ • - \\ I'.o .iri- a!'> ro r.. sd iv. II;.' l.iurth lie.ldit 

■ • ' ai!ii( i;i.;,.- .^uiidtord s (oi.iiiion >';i,.H.i .\ri;,(.aul;o. it. ;■■■ !.oii! oi a.-r ^-laool.^ tui'-t 

■ ■ .. ■ -Her- of di-.aii-'sai aud ndi iiin-L tiriti-^ .-ei tificate^ o! g"'"' p.h/i.d ch..rai^tei-. or i)c:i',.!e 
■•■ .'..I - oi-.i^;i,-[,>fy ii-!,-r,':ie<.'. 

_ ■- --hit'^: I'lx .'•//,■/'/••('..' In alt U'f, ii:-'i[l ;;..■- (./ ihi I'liif' t.^Uij viijiiiut. r'''j".i'i I'} ni.':>\ vo'fjf, 


Ui-r-;it"i,-r l,>i),-;i-d v,i:i he ciuir.'ed h\ tiu- week, and >l'.!deurs wiil be rea'.iire'l to -jiay hi 
"'■'■■■ e I'.r al ,■ ;i.i v.e--!;<. Tiie.'- ;iri' l>vo id..— ■■> ni bo;ird. The lir^t rai-^s j- j,."0 

■ ■■ _ '• ; ':<■ -• . ad ;...^:-, j ,:j'i a \i.-c-. i ae ;-ca'..)l vvm;- e. •.,•.-:> oi t'^Ti; ^;x ve-;';~. 

'■ ■ '■• b a;jN,'j\.i •.■-'!; vJ.'v'C'^i ■'••■. ..■..r.'V'ri ,. •'. '. 'il /Ko'l -['ila'^ '.; ^riae M. K. 


1 • \' 


■■ •• "'i i (•.■ :■, la.-ia'd waeti'de-iii'd. 

■ a-a'-^ Mia-it pi'", ide lhe;i!.--elve-v willi buoi-as before (aderhii: any elassti. ^'.adeiiis 
it ti,- reiTued ol; Sandiiy. 



-n ff" 



=i^O:]B^ CBrllOOXl-OX.^^. 


" i^--'- 

'■ '} "> . 



v;:j-v^i>;^ Ij "'^^"^""^^^^^^^S' ^■^i:^^-^^'^"')-^3F'£;^ 

..-i«; i''Ai. 

I. M. COMINGS. M. D.. Prrf. ss:.r An;it' r-w and S ::-^r.ry. 

J. T. COX. M. D.. [; Phy^i.vo^y .ind f.alvnu^v, 

S. F. SALTER. M. D.. rrr:t.:?>^ir Theory and Practic.:. 

J05. D. FRIEND. M. D.. PrviC-^.-or i >; <tc--;-ic~ ar:.! Pi.-vaiCA .-.i Vv'c:;u:; and CalidrcTi. 

W. C. JONES. M. D., l' <;f Chcrnisf-y and Toxico;..,.-.-. 

JOHN KOST. M. D.. i';-..fvs>or Materia Medi-a and Tbtrr..;-:-;:'.^. 

. :u-st -.■<^;.>i: .:f -!,:^ i;:.--h'^!ioi-ed !ri5li-uti-!i will .•'.i.i.vmc; .'^ ■rn-~d..y. November ir^t, liS:, 
; -.Nuhv'-t '.:.\'itT%->-.\^ju \:i\-.:\ ^^\Ar' \^ .^t, :■ v •. T;- Co;;r>c >. ; in>tr..; :;-.:i will be th'-rouyii 
•o!i:;;'i-;te, and e {ual t'j .tny C'"''iej.e iu '.'.:e '- ;.Ut ! >;.;!:■ s. 

-. ■>- '.'■ : : M ;;n\-u!.TC;on, f^.'.TO ; 

idi>n for n;;-; Fud C.);:'-e "•••t P'l.^-ln-i.:.. ;-t:':.';;;, .:'> d.,;-ir 

■^d. ever M,nri(;-:i:U:^jn .md Ltt;!i;.j:Hlr;U.'t'> i -^c. .\d Kts !n::-L !;■: i'.i:si :': .: :.: iv.i '^-. 


i O'' tuithei i<«rti';'<. adiire.-i 

Corner Brcod and Wjito.i St.ft-ti ATL,«.NTA. GEORGIA. 

'■' ■ ' ffl^i':f ' ?/Kf;/^:MVj/.^^'. 'i ^Jf^ j fl l l,M!m 3?^<: 



,-liEALEaS IN. 




— . 

























w :_ sr: 


:::; Cfnce: 12 Lcri 





'1^ H^ 


I P «^ n ! ' n !" '^ ^* r) ■ > 

;0 MARIETTA ST,. r%^^ 

i ' 

STATE or GCGRGIA. .-^-- 

Is in cveiy «ay superior 
to olht: makes, boii^s "'elt- 
oiling and self-re:,'ul.u;ni;, 
and THE ONi.V Mtl.L 
that itiinds on tlie ir.L^st in 


in g!r.-tr or out of gear. 
Aitovjclher, it; conibiiits 
more of the qualities that 
make a perfect Wind Mill, 
tlian any urhcr on the 

A niodil of t! 
call Le set n at 

- ^|v<>:\^*^:^^ 




27 Marietta Street, 

'AVEs G. Parks. ufiban l. weston, thomas h. p.ckett. 

EstaViishsd ISGS-PAEHS, V;:;STCN & FICZETT, Publishers, 

pp I ir^---^^-^ -v'PP'riTT' hijpri;:! 


i'!'' " 1' i;k';,\;, '■ an vxt'-nsivc- ciri--!lation in Tf.-n-r;!, \S Uandiiliih, 1 iO!i<lierty, 
' a;!ir^;n, Li'r, >iiiiit,-r and btr-^art iA..i;ritn;4, linking it une <f ll-.i: best advertislnj; 
II: >oi!ii-,west Gcorj,'ia. 

W(^'•'^!S!?S?9lg'?«^7^?if^■!^^^^■ ': ? vF-*s ■.v>^>.-.^v,"7 .V ■.: 


sotjtiiek:;^! Svisi^icikX- coi-i-sas. 

iir-i v.t'ik iij Marr.j. 

Tlu' finir-i: of" iii-itrnctio:: is tr.'i'-'iiu'li in ;ii! ilrpirfrn'iiN. oniiraciiu- liotl-, Di'lu-tic iiiid 
Cli!iic:U I.d-tiiio... by niilc tc;iciivi< in all Urui'-.he-;. Tiir !t.-.c|,it.i'i .uid Di<i)cn^:ivv in con- 
ut'ciiou wiiii ii;y (:,,;.'•■_'« furni.-i'. -ui ,in;|ii'' .-upply of cliivciU lUL'i-'rKil Ail ri.tcUin;^ is 
piiim aim j'M.. ;ica! in ( is.ira! ter. S;)>,'-i il f.inrs'-i ;irf rii.en l.i sriuleiits, \v\w (lc>ii'e U< -ivail 
th<;:n,si-!ve'J i<:' iiiL- i)!jiH-ir!.auitv-. _ 

A. S. PAVN'r:. M. ]> . ' ,TT)'i!X T!!AI>. JOHNSON", :\r^ D.. 

Prof. Principii- ar.u Pi^n-nro <•: M-!ki:ie. ; Prof. i'rir;( ipU - ;nul Piaf-ii.".. oi burgery. 

T. S i'OWKLL, M. I).. i \\. T. (i|-iLn^'?.r!TH, M. I>.. 

Prof. Ol'st .•ii'.<i Dis. of'fi Ia^-z'v or. i Pr(:.f,]ii>-.o:' Ciiii. A' ( iin.Lf c. "-.n (JyiMTOlo^y. 
Medical ivliics.-.nd McOical r/.Ujnr.ure. ! *■• O. KoV. >!. I'.. 

T:. r. \V()i;i>. T^L I>., i I'rof. M:it.M<'ii<M ai.ii I...i:fron Tov;Co'c;:y. 

Prof. P!iv>i')!o_'v A'.v.] L.-ciavcr on livirifiiie. ' il. I". S'H) IT. M. 1'.. 

Gi-:<». i,.VUA\Vi-'i)i;n, .M. D.. i Vro-. Mnl. aaii .-^uru'. I'is. Eye. iia-^ Throat. 

Pi-or.'«or ..;■ Op^'ninvc ar,(i Ciinici:! ^•;r.'l;ry. I '.V. l.i. VAZZEl.L. M. !>., 

\V.\1. PHKHJ.N Mi'()f,-ON. .M. I'., ' P!of..-..r of ('.■..■i;iU-ry. 

Pn>f. (U'li^v.ii ,.ii<i Putl',:M'v.;;;,ai .\:.,i:tvi;iy, aii'l , {D'sinonalr'ti'm ':f Ahtf'ji.'V '.•,•,././■ roL^rol ol 
l)i-:i:i ';; till? Kurtilrv. " PrO'' --■•'■r 'il' Aii<l('/ii''i.) 

JOHN Til.Vl). ;0!INsoN. >f.l').. prn:>^nr of P-i;:f m>!. -; :=ra Pructi-o ..f --(irj-Ty. 

J.'F. Ai.EX \NI)fiK, .\1 !• . i ■'. i . Ol.M^iKD, M. ]».. 

Ausi:i-iry of i'j' of Mciltino. Ucinrt-r on yn-M\u^\. nv, wy {)i:i::>.n< :ind\c- 

all•1'^^■o::l^(•l•l•n '"iiri. ,i; Mn;'.-:!'-. I !',-!>-al Di-.-an-, 

\V O o\Vf:S, M. !).. Au::. t'r.>r. !'■.■. -;'i!o;;v. i-id I,. <:;;;• r .-w ;>;-. ..f : ii- N.;-\.-.;!s .-y^N-in. 
Col.!,roK r-;;^. -Tic:. .--:.' .;. I/ci::':^^ -iVi.i; Mmmc-i a':^'ii. ri.o ) ; l>:--.,rr;n^ ~;''.v<'- 
Graa.uEio!'. ?.■■-">. Al; f-r- i-:;; ::-■ a: .-i-a-.j ..- ■.„■- -..n. i;..:. -- -a.;-! u;-,i-y arnir-^-- 
!'!■ I f '■> laa'.it "i'l! ra.- f)i.-aii for fai'ir-' ii.ivux'rU. l,oi.Ht !-<».a!-(i arm i-uL'tui: i-au no o.irauifa 
B-^ar 'hf Coi;.-'L- at frosii. *l.ry.t ro -:•.«)' i'.-r -.vreli. S; :<i..ii!<. iii>"t- :irri\.ai, v.ii! r.j>o;r. us 
~o'.!i a:- iio->''.io to liie lJ-..'ari or Janirr.i- ar 111. (. ..a ■-.• baiiiiir.,', ou Pi-rter, U a-.v.-.'i! U iieat 

ami l.iii'-- -trci,:-, ...til' i.jiiarc vcn\'.\ Mi> Kisnii ill ',;■''';;''; ,_ . . ^ 

Fur fufttuT i!:fori:iai;on, .i.i.lrL'->- TV.. I'ZZ'.'.':' "".'."^ZZ).' . ^. -., Zi:.z, Atlanta, Ol. 



P'l^ICES I^EX:>XJCEXD, (^XJ^^X^XQI'-S? Iivr^'3?;.0"\rElD. 

The most convonient. cheapest, neatest and most eonipuft shape in which writing 
; AjxT was ever put up. 




All the advantages of a portfolio, without the extra cost. 

No Table or Desk necessary. Everything in the way of Writing Paper. IMank 
K-rms, (Notes. Drafts, Receipts, Orders, Bill Heads, ifcc, cU-.,) u-sed by Ladies, P-rofes 
K.'iial Men. Students, Merchants and the General Public, put up in neat and elegant Pads 
« th a Blotter attached and protected by a rich covtjr. 

The paper is tableted, so that each sheet may be freely removed, leaving a perfectly 

• '.r:in, smooth edge. No pajier is w asted The sheet on which you write is always clean, 
- in.i,^ protected by the blotter. Tlie blotter, ni tlie full ^i/e of the paper, is so attached at 

■'!ie lop of the pad' that both sides of it may be \ised, and will last out tlie entire contents 
•f the pad, being always at hand. 

The blotter is kept clean, and also from wearing, by the card board cover, wliich is 
''•I'ic of a highly polished stock, perfectly smooth, and that will not catch dust or dirt 
•f"m the desk. The cover is richly ornamented on every pad, giving the whole a neat 
ami elegant appearance. All kinds of paper and printed blanks are put up in this form at 
iricfsas low as if loose; making tlie most complete line of staple and elegant stationery 

• ^'T otTered to the trade. 

One of the most conspicuous annoyances of every writer is the absence of Blotting 
i'.ipiT just at the moment it is wanted; or, if at hand, to tind it so hard, soiled and worn, 
■'■'lat it smears the ink over the paper instead of absorbing it. 

The urease and moisture from the timbers are what destroy the i)roiterties of the 
'>'"tter, tOLa-ther with the constant accunndation of dust that settles on every desk, table. 
^'"' ■• in wlurh Hlotters usually lie. There is no occa-ioii to touch the Blotter on tlie 
^' ^\: II. Tablet v.ith tiie hand, nor < an dusi -rt on it. :iiid >o render it us>'less. The cover 
;'"^<nls the iu).-~siliili!y in either ca-e. 







1— White 

2 — Liueu, , 

3-- Plated— Crtam , 

4 -Gilt E(k'e, Silk Finish 






50 I 

60 I 

S^Graml Quadrille . I . . 50 | 


' 6— White . 25 \ 

7_White, Priuted Date Line 40 j 

8 -Linen 40 

9 — Linen, Printed Date Line 55 

10 -Plated— Cream , 50 

11 — GilL Edge, Silk Finish 60 

12-Graud Quadrille ... : 50 


13-White 35 

14— White, Priuted Date Line 50 

15 — Linen 45 

16— Linen, Printe.l Date Line 60 


17_White ..' .50 

18— White, Printed Date Line C5 

19— Linen . CO 

20 — Linen, T'rinted Date Line 75 

21 — Grand Qn.Ldrille 80 

22— Plated Cream 75 


23 -White 50 

2 1 -White, Perforated CO 

25— Liueu , 60 

20-Liuen, I'erforated 70 

27— White, Not.; Size, Printed Headin-. 
28 — Linen, " " " 

29— White, Packet " ' " " . 

30— Linen, " " " " . 


31 — Note Size, Plain Heading 

32- " " Priuted " 

33 -Packet Size, Plain " 

34- " •* Printed •' 


3-")-- C's, Plain Heading , 

3G-4's, '• " 

37 3's, " • " 

38-2'.s, •' " 

39-6"s, Printed Heixding 

40-4's, " " 

41 -3's, " " 














-White, "Specialty," regular ruhd, 

- " 12 1b., 

14 •• 

- '• 16 " (Brief) " 

- " 18 " 

-Linen, 10 " " 

- " 12 
White, 12 

- " 14 

- " 16 

- " 18 
-Linen, 10 

- " 12 

(Brief) " 

Numbered Lint 

(Brief) " 

(Brief) " 

White, " Si)eo;alty,". . . . 


14 " 


59 — Notes 

GO- Drafts 

61 Pcceipts . . . 

62--Order.s for (J<)o«1m 

03— Orders for Money 

61 -I':ickage K. ctipi^ 

05 — Shipping lieceiiJt.s 

66 — Kent licceipt.s. Lir,t.s 

68- Salesmen's Orders 

69- x^cknowledgenients 

70 -Blanlc Cheeks 

7L Remilbmeo Blanks 


TTiclesalo ani Ectail Dealers in CAHPETS 
, Cil Clothe, Lc, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 





FOR 1881--82. 

In this section of the work is embraced an alphabetical arrangement of 
all citie?, town.s village-, hamlets, etc., whether post-ot^ces or not, giving 
a brief description of each, and following with an alphabetical list of all 
business and professional citizens therein. 



adv advertiscmeut 

agt agcDt 

asst assis'tnct 

av a vonuc 

bet between 

l>ldg biiildins 

elk cleric 

(f") colorcil 

com mer. commission merchant 

CO county 

cor corner 

■^ep deputy 

dept depanuK-nt | opp opposite 

dist district I pre* pre.<idet;t 

dlr dealer | pria principal 

E or e east [ propr proprietor 

cs east side rd road 

trenl f^encrnl ret retail 

7ns insurance S or 8 souiii 

mdse merchandise se south east 

mkr maker ss south side 

ninfr manufacturer I sw south wc.-t 

nr ucar ] sec s-ccretai r 

S OT n noitli ! siipt superinU-nueut 

ne north east 

ns north s de 

nw ncrth wes 

f -. 1 J 



west side 




A. G. S. R. K Alabama Great Southern 

A. & K. R. K Augusia A Kuoxv.lle 

A. * S. R. K Augusta & Savannah 

A. & W-P. R. P. Atlanta & West Poiiit 

B. &, A. R. K Brunswick & Albany 

C. It. l: Central 

Cher. It. R Cherokee 

<'. it R. R. R Columbus i Home 

E. A-L. E. U Elberton Air-Liue 

E. J, V, &G. R. K., 

East Tennessee, Virginia & Georiria 

Ga. P.. K (ii'or-ia 

l.nw. Hr. K. R Lawrencevilie Braiieh 

l-ou. Kr. R. K I.( ui«v:llc P.raarh 

M. & B. K. R Miicon X 

i E. R. R Milledc;f\ille & Eatonton 

& N. G. R. K :MarietUi JcNorth Geori'i i 

£. K. R Northeastern 

K.' k' . v. lionie 

&.!). U. K Richmond & Panvillc 

9. li K Roswell 

F i W. R R.. Savannah, Florida ^ Western 
G. A N. A. R. R.. 

Savannah, GritUn & >;orth Alabiima 

R. & D. R. R Selma. Rome & Dulten 

W. R. R Sduthwrsti-rn 

& T R K . . Sandersville &■ Tennille 

Co. U. R Lp-on county 

Jt A. R. R Western A; Atlantic 


28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 



finUflPSTF ^^ Pesphs' Mutual Pwslief Association. Atlanta, Ga. Monthly 

Circulation, 15,CC0. Good advertising msdiur. Send for copy. 

< . 



I*. • 



M ^ 
M a: 




^:-' ^' ' rm ppj'y3-.''7^yjg"^^?: 


lamber. Ship vi'a Brooks' station 
Was estalJi.-ibfcd as a pn^toliioe in IbSO 
and receives a seaii-wcLkly mail from 
Brooks' Station Ijy carrier. F. A. 
Tulnam, P. M. 
Blantou \V. P , Homing mill 
Putnam F. A., gcul store 
Scoie S. A., cotton gin 
Williams L. Miss, teacher 


Wi'cox Count I/. 
County seat ; estimated population 
75; Hawkinsviilp, 21 miles nortliwest 
on tlie M. i- B R. R., is the nearest 
railroad, express and telegraph olllee 
and baiildng t'>wu, '.'/'.; v,"hi'jh the dio- 
tance to Atlanta is 175 mile=. Ship 
to Hawkinsville. Steamboat trans- 
portation is atlbrded to tids i)lace by 
the Ocmulgee river. Cotton, timber 
and wool are the principal exports. 
Mail received tri-weekly by buggy 
from Hawkinsville. W. A. ^^IcLaue, 
P. .M. 

Ashley C. W. Rev., Baptist 
Ball liewis, co. treasurer 
Bowen Stephen, elk Superior Court 
Cason Willis, sheritf 
Davis J. W., lumber 
Fitzgerald R. T., genl :-tore 
(iibbs W. M., CO. ordinary 
Harvey Charles, tax collector 
.Johnson G. \V., genl store 
^TcCall C. L., dentist and tax receiver 
Mash burn J. W., Rjv. Baptist 
Reid A. A., senl store 
Statham T. N.. co. coroner^ 
Tiiigpen J. L., pliysician 
Turner Klias. Rev. JJaptist 
Wilsou W. ^V., CO. survevor 


Spa'dliKj C'iunfy. 
Located nctir the Flint river, 12 
miles from Grillin, the county seat 
and nearest express and telegraph 
ofliceand ijanking point, and G miles 
from Brooks' Station, its nearest rail- 
road btation. Has a jjoptiiation of 
about 45, a stoam tlouring mill, two 
saw mills and two gins, Baptist and 
Meliiodist eliurcbes and school. The 
principal shipments are cotton and 


Hall Counly. 
A newly establ-shed postoffice, from 
which we have been unable to obtain 
[any information. 


Cobb Count <j-W. ct A. E. B. 
With a population (>f 1,000, is located 
G miles from the Etowah river, 12 
from Marietta court house, 35 'rom 
Atlanta and 105 from Chattanooga; 
has otVices oi the Southern Express 
and Western Union Telegraph cotu- 
panies, two steam flouring mills, five 
brick churches and an academy with 
an average attendance of 100 pupils. 
Atlanta is the nearest banking town. 
Shipments ma<ie direct. Cotton the 
chief export. Mail twice per day by 
rail. T. A. Roouey, P. 2^1. 
Acwort'i High Schooi, Prof. J. C. 

Holmes, prin 
Alley L. C, livery stable 
AruTstronii <k Adams, 'John C. Arm- 
strong, '^Kiraui M. Adams), furni- 
ture niiifrs 
Avery G. S. &Co., (George S. Avery, 

E. L. Shut'ord>, genl store 
Avvtrev, Cooper & Co., (Merrill C. 
Awtrey James C. Cooper, Orlando 
Awtrt'V,) genl store 
Bailey H. C. & Bro., (Henry C. 

and V/elborn H.\ drugs 
Baker William H., tel opr 
Bate J. H. & Co., iJohn H. Bate 
I Julius L. Turner), jwelers, sewing 
I raachiues, etc 
I Brooks J. M., physician 
1 Cassidv Jose|)!i, carpenter 
] Cokor'E. R., furniture and undertaker 
Collins J. F. & J. S. (James F. and 
I John S.), genl store 
j Cotton Alon/.o, physician 

i:)ol>b ^Vyall, [O blacksmith 
j Eakin E. N., furniture 
1 Fielder William K., attorney 

B. H. BroomheadA Co. ! 

ioors, i^^as 


CARTER Sl SOLOMON, Importers auu 
Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Oibsi.m Thomas H., lil-.n-ksaiith 
Goodwin Hiram B., Lreiil siove 
■Gray H., oarpfiiter 
Holmes J. C, pria Acworth High 

Hurapliries John R., physieiau 
Jackson Joshun, trenl store 
Johnson A. G. Rev., Presb^'teriau 
Kitchen Howell W., gcnl store 
Lemon & Co. (Smith and James L. 

Lemon), geiil store 
I^itchtield KlAviii I^.^ hotel and 

Litehtiekl & Putnam i Lemuel A. 

Litehlield, Henry M. Putnam^, genl 

Logan & Lemon, tanners 
McEvcr Joseph, physician 
Maetrer R. C., disliller 


Bartow 0>nntij — IF. tfc A. R. R., 
Is a town of about 400 inhabiiantf', 
20 miles from Cartersviiie, the county 
seat, situated near the OotbcoloLni 
creek, wiiieh furnishes tino water 
power. It has one church in town 
and two near by, and a linf^ ficad- 
emy, Bartow Institute. Also express 
Mitchell Robert JNL, exp and railroad olllce, tele^n-aph ollice and banking 
agt and attorney i facilities. In manufactories it boasts 

Moore Iloyle, (Cj blacksmith , of two s'eam '4in=, tlouring nidi 

Moore T. F. <k Co. (Tarleton F. Moore, - and a cotton factory witli 2,000 spin- 
Smith Lemon, John F. Cowen i, grist dies, consuming about 20 bales of cot- 
mill I ton weekly, turning out nearly 4,o00 
Nortiiciitt Joseph J,, attorney ■ y^^i'J^ of goods daily, and furnishing 
INorthriitt & Johnso)! (Alfred M. ' employment to about 70 operatives. 
Northcutt, John X. Johnson), genl \ Tbe priiicipaUjxports are cotton, liay 

Osborne J. C, physician 

Phillips M. M. & C. 0., (Matthew M. 
& Christopher C). i;enl .-tore 

Pyrou Bros., grist ;iiill 

'J'yion Ji Williams (Tliotiia- .1, Pyron, 
George C. Williams), slioemkrs 

Rainey, McMillan & Co , genl store 

Reed Joel P., genl store 

Roonev Alva C., artist 

Ryals J. G. Rev., Baptist 

Scott W. Y. Rev., Methodist 

Smith A., ph^'sician 

Stidham James .■^., physician 

Stokely Xat, (c), shoemkr 

Tanner Lcroy IL, genl store 

Tanner <feHidl (John Q. Tanner, Reu- 
ben E. Hull), getd store 

Tanner & Williams (William J. Tan- 
ner, Harrison B. Williams i, wagon 

Thomas A. G. Rev., Christian 

Wheeler X. J., distiller 

"White Frank, shoemkr 

Williams (jr. (\, sb emkr 

Williams J. X. ic H. M., genl store 

Wood >k Cochran, genl store 















! and grain. It was established as a 

j post-otliee about 40 years ago and has 

ifour mails daily. J. H. Dyar, P. M. 
Allen & Echr>!--\ tin ware. 

; Anderson .T. Z^l , genl store 

I B'.iUew C. L., saloon 
Branch Isaae, machinist 

\ Gates 3.1. A. Mrs., millinery 

: Combs R. D. tt Co., grocers 

j Dickey L. C, teache'r 
Dickson C M., trenl store 

I Dyar ^ S^vaiii, genl store 

: Fitten J. H., teaclier 

i Gholston, Sun v.^ Co., genl store 

I Gray J. W. ct F. P., cotton factory 

' Gray & Venable, genl store 

! Hamilton A. M., genl store 
Hays it Elroii, saloon 
Hillinirn <fc < Gardner, genl store 
Johnson Thomas, drugs and stationery 
Manning A. F., genl store 
Mannimc G. 'SI , llour mill 
Mastellen D. ^^ B. F., tluur mill 
Pavloskie tk;Bri)., wagon mnfrs 
Reed G. O., confectioner 
Stanton 10. M., dry goods, etc 
.Stanton F. F., grucer 
Tatum J. H., grocer 
Veacl) J. SI. <t Co., Hour mill 


'- -hi 

r > 

< tl 


C. M. GOODMAN, 28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 




q rt 


JAS. P. KARRrSON & CO., Printers, Publishers and 
B i n d e rs , 27 & 29 Broad St., Atlant a, C a. 

ADA 6 8 AG A 

about 50 inhabitants; has saw and 
i grist mills and cotton gins; receives 

mail 8 time-* a week from Nashville, 
! jNIoultrie and Valtiosta. Primitive 
I Baptist church and one general store. 

J. J. Parish, P. M. 
I Chambers JamtJ, blacksmith. 
I Chestnut J. H , tenoher 

Plulchinson David G., grist and saw 
i mill 

! ]\[oncy D. S., notary 
I ^Morrison, D, "W., shoemkr 
I Parish J. J., justice 
i Shaw M. T., Cotton gin 
i Wise B. J. & Co., genl store 


Lee Countij. [See Enterprise. 


Fulton Cmtnty. I 

Estimated population 500; S miles | 
from AtlantM. th^ county seat and ! 
nenrest r;.ilroa(!, expn ss, and tele- 
graph oftlces, and banking town; ship 
gooils by wiigon frosn Atlanta. Sandy 
Creek forms a junction with the 
Chattaboocliee river here, which af- 
fords power to operate oiie saw nnd 
two giist mills. A saw ami gin mdl is 
run by steam. Cotton, wood and 
watermelons, iire tiie chief exports. 
Mail twice dailv from Atlanta and 
Douglasville by liack. A. H. G. 
Howell. P. M. 
Ale.vandoi' T. li., genl store and 

tissi slant p m 
Fletcher T., notary 
Ford E, L., wagon mkr 
Ford J. .T., wagon mkr 
McGee V>. T.. geid store 
Spain Gilbert, blacksmith 
Sugars F., sliofnikr 
Thompson tt (ireen, saw mill 
Wilson Samuel, physician 


Habersharn Counti/. 
Situated near Chattahoochee river. 
Iia> about £5 inhabitants and is 
scnnetimes called Cool S[)ring. Es- 
tablished os a pi)?tof1ice in 1:^S0. SI 
miles from Clarkesville, the county 
seat, and 90 miles from Atlanta, the 
neare^t banking town. Reeeivesmail 
twice daily from ]Mt. Airy, which is 
the nearest railroad and express sta- 
tion and telegraph oftice. Principal 
products ci>rn, wool and stock. Ship 
to Mt. Airy. J. .T. Verncr, P. .M. 
^'ei'iier J. J., genl store 


Gordoti t'onrifi/. 
A small place aioiit 4 nnles north- 
west from P'airniount. No post- 
otlice. Ifeceives mail at Fairmount. 


Berrien Count)/. 
Situated near Bear creek, 12 miles 
from Nashville, tlie county site, and 
24 miles from Valdosta, tlie nearest 
railroad aiul express station, tele- 
gra|»Ii oflice and bankin;^ point. Es- 
ablished as a post-otlice in 1S74; has 


Berrien Counfy. 
With a population of about 80, 
consisting entirely of farmers. Situ- 
ated on Bear creek, 12 miles from 
Nashville, the seat of justice, 21 from 
Tifton— B. & A. B. R.—V7a which 
Atlanta is '27o; aiul 27 from VaUiosto, 
the nearest banking town, telegraph 
and express oliice<. Shii> by way of 
Tiffon. The stream above nameil 
supplies power to operate a saw and 
grist mill. Cotton is tlie chief ex- 
port. Mail four times weekly from 
Nashville and Valdosta by carrier. 
G. K. Williams, P. M. 


Floyd CouK'h/. 
A newly established j^ostonice from 
which we have been unahle to obtain 
any information. 

B. H. Broomhead &. Co. ) 

isiiders' l^ardwore. 


el frcm finest Iir.poitaticrs 
, 50 V/'hitehall st,, Atlanta. 



Effingham County. 
A post-oliiee of small importance 
2sortou R. (i., pliy&ieian 
Smith, B. H., physifiau 
"Wilson S. A. & Son., geul store 


Hart County -II. d; B. R. E. 
Air Line is on tlie Hartsvell & 
Boweisville Railroad. Was e>taij- 
lished a3 a postolfic;e iti JS57, aud 
lias about lOJ inhabitauts. It is G 
miles from Hartwell, the county 
seat, 3 miles from B<)\versvi]lr', the 
nearest express and teleprapa, 
and 40 miles froai Athens, the uear- 
'.'St baiikiuL? '^oint. Is l_iet^<-'eep- Li'^ht- 
woodiog and ^lioal crec^ks, the latter 
of which furnishes water power for 
several mdh and gins. Tliere are 
-3 churches and tliree schools in the 
neighb )rhood. M:iil received daily. 
Ship via T<)ceoa and Bowersville. 
Thom.^s H. Wade, P. M. 
Adams J. A., grist and saw mill 
Air Line School, Albert Owens prin 
B.iskings AVilliam, machinist 
Brown A, L., ^-enl store 
Brown John, ghi, grist and saw mill 
Djucau M. A., chair maker 
Hays J. ]l., blacksmitli 
Jordan J. B., bl.u-ksmith 
3IcL.aiie liugls, civil engineer 
UvViius Alb-n. prin Air Line sebool 
Owens A. J., general store 
Owens A. J. & Co., saw mill 
Owens W. A., drugEcist 
Payne Francis, [ iiysician 
Puillips J. R., carpeiiier 
Richardson J. ]{. R.-v., Methodis^„ 
Scott J imes, giu and gnst mill 
Wade Tliomas H., geuei-al store 
Watson H. R., shoemaker 
Watson R. K., tanner 
AS'liite E. W., ajdarist 


Murraj Couutij. 
Population estimated at 2')0 within 
reach of the otlice. Situated at junc- 
tion of Jacks and Connesauga rivers, 
132 miles from Adanta, -ll from 
SpriuLT I'lace, the couu^v seat, and 32 
from \)alton, W. & X. R. R., the 
most available railroad, telegraph and 
express otlicfs and banking town. 

1 :3c«2^\xavac«ruc:AU3.-«BQa&: 

■^hip by way of Dal ton. Two grist 
and saw mills operated by jiosver de- 
rived from Jacks river. Country pro- 
duce the chief export. Mail service 
weekly from Parksviile by carrier. 
W. O. Kirhy, P. M. 
LiLiCier J. >\ ., griSt iiuu saw riiin 
Orr James W., general store 


Dougherty County— S. F. & Tr. B. B. 
Is the county seat and has a popu- 
hition of abjuc 3000. It is finely sit- 
uated on the west bank of Flint 
river, in the midst of a line farming 
district, and enjoys as numerous ad- 
vantages as any city of its size in the 
Slate. Is the terminus of four 
lines of railroad, viz : th^ S. F. 
& W. ; the Albaiiv Division and 
I Blakely Division S. W. R. R. and 
' tlie B. & A. line, making it the great- 
est railroad center in tlie .S'nuhsvest- 
ern portion of tlie State, and is des- 
! tined at no distant day to become one 
I of the commercial centers of the 
I State. Its merchants are liberal and 
I experienced business men, carry a 
: large and varied assortment of got)ds, 
and as a cla-^s are linancially and 
, morallv sound. Tnereisno liettercity 
; in the State tor investment of cajdtal 
; in com.nercia! enterprises, or one that 
I promises greater returns for judicious 
investment. The sanitary features 
I are excellent, the rise of ground from 
\ the river bank attbriiim:- piMfectdrain- 
! age ; the otlii-ers ot the city gov- 
ernment and police <lcpartment are 
, etlicient and energetic. Tlic town is 
legidarly laid out, the streets wide 
, ami pleasantly shaded, and are kept 
in good r.-pair. Hand>i>iue residences, 
line chuiciies of tiie dillerent denom- 
inations, exCf Heal c>)iuiiion and pri- 
vate si'hofds. two wiH^klv ii.wspainr^ 


f- sj 

i ^ 

MOULDINGS AND FR.VtISS at C. Irl. Gcoimin'S: 23 Whitehall strset, 
Atlanta, Ga. "Western Prio33 duplicated at wholesale. 

o ■ 

P < 

prnpi rO' Mutual Ile'ief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Lar^est.test and safest 
r uUr LuO Co-op3rative Life Association in the South. 



— the Alba)})/ y<.u's, \\\\VA\'^{\ea every 
Tiujri-day, ami th^" A/banj/ Advirfificr, 
published every Satiiniay, bear am 
pie testimony to the soi-ial, moral 
and intellectual a Ivanta^^es and .status 
of its inhabitants. An iron froundry, 
pl'.riin.g mil! and t'.vogrict mills in 
successful operation. It has a bank, 
ihree good hotels and four large cot- 
ton warehouses. The annual receipts 
of cotton auKiunt to about oU/iOU ]>ales. 
It has telegraph and expiess oflices, 
and is distan- from Atlanta '^09 miles, 
Savannah 208, Macfm IOl!, and 171 
from Brunswick by rail. Cliarles W. 
Arnold, P. M. 

Roliert \^. Rodcers, attorney at 
law, collecting, convevaticing and 
sunogate practice. Atlanta. (8ee 


Agency Central Railroad Banking 
Co. of Savannah, John A. Davis, 

Albany Library Association. Miss Sal- 
lie H. Bacon, librarian 

Albany News and Advertiser, Mcln- 
tosli & l-]van=, publishers 

Alfriend 13. ^V.. physician 

Armstrong Joseph, notary and attor- 

Bacon Sahie H Mi^s, librarian Al- 
bany Idirary 

Bacon Wallace W., physician 

Bailey Os 'ar, (o grocer 

B irnes House, M-rrick liarnes, propr 

Barnes Merrick, propr Barnes House 

Barnes, Yank^^y & Co. (Eugene H. 
Birnes, Jacob Yunkey^, J i very 

Bogen (iu-tavu<. clothing 

liugen G. -Mr-^., projir Jiagen House 

Biigen Ibui-v. Mis. G. ]'.ogen, iiropr 

lUuks ^\■ib•y P.. ilk sujierior court 

Clark ct Arnhcim iCheSier M. Clark, 
Louis Arnbeiui) insagts 

Cook A. J. & Co. (Hamlin .T. Cook, 

Samuel D. Irvin, Jr.), cotton fac- 
tors and com mers 
Collier Gcorge, genl store 
Cromwell Ijenjamin M., physician. 
Crine Pananuel baker 
Crine Marcu^, genl store 
CutlilT W. K. & R. J. (William E. 

an«i Bagan J.), genl store 
Daniel Cornelius Jr., books and sta- 

Davis John A., agt C. B. R. 
deGrafll-nried Lewis A., (c) genl 

DeJNIoss & Osluirn (Wiliam V. De- 
Moss. Craven T. Osburn;, dentists 
Dutl John M., hardware 
Do Pont T. 1) &' C>. (Theodore D. 

Dupont, Mrs. Henrietta Ehrlich), 

boots and shoes 
Edwards Felix G., sheriff 
Furk ;s Samuel, livery stable 
Farrington Orson J., tailor 
Female Institute, Mrs A, Scerue, prin 
Fields Albert, genl store 
Fields Leroy T., grocer 
Fleisher Adolph, barber 
Forrester Joel H., genl produce 

ami provision broker 
Forrester J R., tax collector 
Gideon W. S. & Co.. (c), ( Winfred S. 

Gideon, Solomon Oliver), grocers 
Gilbert W. IL, Agt, Sc Co. '(William 

H. Gilbert, agt, Francis C. Jones,) 

Golinsky B. Mrs., milliner 
Gortalowsky ^Morris D., genl store 
Gras- Joseph J., haruess mkr 
Greenlield & Brown, (Davis Green- 

fi^-ld, Samuel B. Brown), genl store 
Greenwood George S , sash doors and 

Greer Archibald P., magistrate 
Greer James A., grocer 
Greer ^t Floyed. ( Archibald P. Greer,. 

Anderson F. Flo-. edi, genl store 
Gunnison & Fleming, ; Samuel W. 

Gunnison, AVilliam S. Fleming), 

hardware and fpieensware 
Harrison William H., (cj, genl store 
Herrington James R., grocer 
Hester J.jhn T., genl store 
Hofmayer J. A: Co.. i Jon^-s Plofmr.yer. 

I'^llis Gundersheimer 1, dry goods 
Joiner J.-el \V., jeweler 
Jones Gil'jcrt, ict, barber 
Jones L»^\vis, (oi.genl store 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. 

•Mouldings, Brackets, &c- 

" £n at CAalEPv & SOLC-ISN'S, 50 V7hitehanst.,Atlanto 




Jones Sidney J., fitt.irney 

Jones William T., county court judge 

Jones & Walters, i William T. .t.uies, 

Jes-e W. Wallers 1, attorneys 
Kemp & ]Moek, (Burrell T. ICemp, 

John ^r<)Ck), saloon 
Kendall Jolin ^1., carpenter 
Leben Benjamin 1'., baker 
Jjebnian P'rederick, wagon mkr 
Lovitt Lawrence, genl store 
L^'on Abbott T., photographer 
McCarthy Frink W., barber 
McDonough Pt-ter, slujemkr 
McInto5h~& Evans, (Henry M. Mcln- 

todi, Fiank V. Evans), pubs ^'ews 

and Advertiser 
Mann W. D., agt B. Sc A. R. R 
McGruder liichard, ic) carpenter 
flayer ^-f^rr's, g( ti1 store 
Mayer S. & (.ilauber (Samuel Mayer 

David Ghiu-;er,, genl store 
Mercer Nathaniel F., genl store 
NeWQian David, agt.. genl s'ore 
OdOEii Zebxilou J., co. ordinary 

and attorney 
Oliver Ht^nry T., (o shoenikr 
Oliver S:>lomon, (c> grocer 
Oliver Wdliam, auorney 
Parmalee Charles H., cotton buyer 
Pattison Thomas, iron foundry j 

Plon'^ky Ciiarles, jank I 

Plousky L. S. <t L. C, (Louis S. and j 

Louis C.) genl store 
Price David W., mer tailor | 

Price Stephen F., genl st^re | 

Eeich & Geiger i Samuel B-ich, Louis 

Geigeri, genl store j 

Bobinson William, (c) grocer ■ 

Ramney Joseph A., tailor j 

Rust R:chard S., tax receiver | 

Bust Y. C. & Co. iYouel C. Rust, ; 

Sherman A. Barne-), genl store j 
Shaw Carrie U. Mrs., mdlincr i 

Sheflield & ]] 11 (John W. Shetrield, ; 

William S. IJll , hardware 
Smith >N"i!'i!aiu J'., attorney 


I will practiic in the Ci.nnt e- composing the 
AM any (M'cuir. 
OFFICE, in front Qi tbc Court IToJse, 

Up s'.aiis. ovjr Telegraph Oliice. 

Snell Tsa ^Nf-ss, lei opr 

Stephens J. G., grist m'll 

Steele J. T., u^ent S. F. & W. R.R. 

Steele i, T. tfc Co , !.L T. Steele, John 

Boynton, Abram B. Moore), 

Sterne A. Mrs., prin Femah' Institute 
Sterne Anson, grocer and confec- 
S'crne Sie2rmund, genl store 
Strother Wdliam A., physician 
Tarver Hartwell H., genl store 
Tift C. W. et Co., (Charles W. Tift, 

xs. & A. F. Tift & Co.S grist and 

planing mih and machine sliop 
Tift N. & A. F. 6c Co., (Nelson and 

Asa F. Tift, Ttiomas M. Carter), 

cotton and trenl store 
Tison Hiram, cenl store 
Vasoii & Al friend, (David A. 

Vason, Alfred H. Alfriend), attoi- 

Ventulett Jacob, saloon . 
Watson Willian. O., cotton gin mnfr 
Welch & ^In^c, (Mrs. Laura 1. 

Welch, Augustus V\'. Muse), dings 

and books 
Wes'.ow Adolph B., cr.tton buyer 
West William, grocer 
Weston & Davis, (S e]>hen Pv. Weston 

Jo'-f'ph S. Davis), warehouse and 

com mer 
Witiht E. L. (fc Co , (Edwin L. and 

Samuel B. Wi'jht, Srj, insMiis 
WiMer Wdliam W., agent Sai E\i.> 

WiMer W'. H. & Son, (William H. 

and Alexander T.i, furniUne 
Wo(.<l Z.chariah T., slioemkr 
\Vi)4KUv;ii<l Ktlwani I.., carriage 

aiid w.tgon mn'r 
Wol-tenholme H'-nry 1"., confec- 
Wooten Counsellor B., attorney 



small stati-in known aNo 


Bi?, Pv^irfk for PHOTOGRAPHS, and Frames siada to crdor 
AiVlS:.a stvle. C. M. GOODIdAN, 23 Waitehall street. A 

ar.y n-c 03 
Atlanta. Ga. 


m =64 












k I 









- H 



c* O 

Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 &. 29 Broad St. 




eg o 








■5 -^^^T'^ "'^'f^P^r 




INlount Pleasant, 5 miles from Coving- 
ton, the county .«eat. ]Nrail received 
at .Social Circle 6 miles distant. 




Burke tountij- 
'.iMtioa about 400, vvithlu ue* 
of this oliiee ; six miles from 
Thomas station, (Mannerly post- 
oflice), A. & S. R. 11 -the nearest rail- 
road ajiproach via which Atlanta is 
219 miles. 10 from Waynesboro, 
same line of road, tlie seat of justice, 
railroad, telegrapli and expres-i otti- 
ces. The nearest hanking place is 
Augusta So miles distant. .Siiip by 


Banks County. 
Located ou Hudson river, estab- 
lished as a post-otiice in iSlO, is 8 
miles from Homer the county seat, 
and 6 miles from Bellton the nearest 
railroad station, express and tele- 
graj)!) ottice. The nearest banking 
point is Gainesville, 20 miles distant. 
Has about 50 inhabitants, saw and 
•=;rist mills and cotton gin. Farming 
the principal business. Has mail 3 
times a week from Bellton. O, H. 
Bond, P. M. 
Allen J. ])., iniller 
Boling ]M;tcbell, miller 
1 Bond John, blacksmith 
I Bond O. H., cooper 
, Evans James, wagonmkr 
! Evans James H., chairmkr 
' Edwardd ^l. E. Mi-s, teacher 
White Joshua, notary 
: Wynu Robert, justice 


Berrien Counl>/—M. d: B. li. i?. 
A town of about 200 population, 

way of Waynesboro. Several saw I j^p.^^^^.j near the AUapaha river, 13 

and grist mills ojierated by steam in 
this vicinity. Cottun tiie chief ex 
port. Mail tri-weekly bv sulky. 
Thomas S. Bl mcluini,' P. M. 
Baxley W. H., physician 
lihincharJ T. S , justice 
Chandler A\'. IL, [•h-.sician 
Oliver J. H., physician 


Woitli Cviitfij -n. & A. E. A'. 
Send mail to Sumner. 


Pu'(i^!:l Ojunly. 
Ha-4 a popuhi:ion of about 30; is 
situated lU miles from Hawkinsville. 
the county site, and the nearest 
banking town, and 4 from C'<jchrati, 
the nearest railroad, expr.-ss and tel- 
e<:raiih station and shippinsr j'oint. 
Has a turpentine still, two steam saw 
mill-; anil a .'^ingl" mill. Luuihcr and 
turpentine ;'re the jirincipal ship- 
ments. Was established as a post- 
otlicein lhsl,and receives dailv mail-^. 
W. B. Lane, P. M. 

miles from the county seat — Nash- 
ville — 112 miles from Brunswick, and 
2S0 from Atlanta. The shipments 
from this place amount to about 1,000 
bales of cotton and 100,000 pounds of 
wool annually. One newspai)er. the 
Berrien County jS>v:s, is published 
here. Exprts-, Mitchell & Co.'s; 
telegraph, Western Union; banking 
town, Albany. E. O. Quiun, P. INI. 
Alexander l\ W., dentist 

I Austin M. C, boanling house 

j IJeriicii County iVows, W. H. 
Lastinger, prour 

I Elliott J. H., contractor and genl 

I store 
Fenn J. V., saloon 
Toglt' J. A., drugs and physician 
Fort W. A., drugs and iibysit-ian 
Gaskius W. W.,"live stock dlr 
Gay K. S., shotiukr 
Grace cV Youmans, gonl store 
Grillin ^'t McMillan, gin and grist 

Kiriiv J. IL, geld store 
Lasti"n;'er L. 1^. I'c W. II., attorneys 
l.a^tin-or W. II., propr 15erricn 

i County News 

BUILDERS' SUP.= LY HOUSE. , a=>7 ^. 
B. H. BroQmhiiad 4 Co. ' -.i -J J^ ■ 




Whclcsale and Eetail Teilars in CARPETS 
r^ 'JT!; t hs. J'jc.. 50 W hit ehalljt .^ Atlanta- 
3 ALP 

Moore "W. R., saloou 

O'Quiuu E., telegraph and exp agt 

Paulk, Gaskiiis vjt Co., geul store i 

Koberts AV. K., saloon 

Roberts ct S:ia\v, genl store 

AValker E. D., r r agt 


Bartow CounliJ—W. d- A. Ji. R. 
A place of about Co inhabitants, 
situated near Allatomah creek, aJid 
Etowah river, 7 miles southeast of 
Cartersville, the county seat and 
nearest bunking point, anil 4 from 
Acworth, the nearest express and 
telegraph ofllee. The above streams 
furnish water power to operate mills 
and iron v.'orks. The Bartow Iron 
"VVorliS, run by steam, are - miles 
distant. Cotton, iron ore and blooms 
are the principal shipments. Ship 
direct. AVas established as a post, 
ofHce about 5;) years ago, and receives 
daily mails bv railroad. T. C. Moore, 
P. M. 


liichmond Cuunt>/—A. d: S. li R. 

Ten miles south of Augusta and 
181 from Atlanta. Near the Savan- 
nah river. Populatiou about 50. Au- 
gusta is the nearesi banking and ex- 
press town. 


Carroll County. 
* Located near Jack's creek, 12 milt-s 
from Carrol ton, county s*at and 
nearest railroad othce. 23 uiilcs from 
:N'.nvnau— x\. H. W. P, and S. G. l^ ^■. 
A. H. It.— the nearest banking town, 
telegraph and express otlices. At- 
lanta iva Canolton and >\'ewuan is 
81 miles distant. Ship by way of 
Carrulton. Populatinu esiimated at 
50, mostly farmer.-. Tlie above 
named stream supjilies jiower to 
run a cott-(ni gin and Hour mill. 
There are two scIhujI houses, two 
]'>aj>tist and two IMetho(li>t ciuuches. 
Cotton is the chief exjuirt. .Mail 
vetklv, bv horseba'k. A. .J. Ader- 
boM, P. M. 

Bates J. AV , <renl store 
-Heard' n AV. J., bi ick.-niith 
llombree AV. A., trenl store 

Kiuir W. L., blacksmith 
McKiney A. G , geul store 
Teel B. J., genl s'.ore 


Houston County. 
A small settiemeul 10 mil. .^ north, 
of Perry, the counfy seat, Xo post 
ollice. Receives mail at Powersville. 


Tcljalr County. 

A place of inconsiderable impor- 
tance, with a population of perhaps 
30 Eight miles from ."\IcRae, the 
county seat and nearest railroad, ex- 
press and telegrapli stitiou, and 9) 
rfom 3Iacon, tht- neare.-^t banking 
point. Pla-* airris-t mill, two churches, 
— Missionary B.iplist and ^Methodist, 
— and school. Principal slipments, 
wo il, cott'.);i and cattle. .Siu]') via 
McRiie, M. & \\. \\. R. Was estab- 
lished as a piis:^ 'tliee in IS^^O, and 
has a weeklv mail by carrier. G. F. 
Brownini;-, P. M. 
Clark S. H., Miller 


Milton Counti/. 
County seat; 11 miles from Xor- 
cross— Piedmont A. Ij. H. R. — the 
neart-.-t •cle-rai)!: and ex- 
I'ress oiiice ; 2s miles from A'hinta. 
the nearest Ijankiiig" tovN !i. Ship by 
way of Norcro-s. Pooul itioa e>ti- 
niaced at 3'JO. Virkery's creek near 
by olibrds power for tunniu;/ a ll our 
mill and colioii uin. C >ttMn, corn 
and potatoe-^ ar" tiu-' eliief exp irt-. 
Has one '■••liool and 
church. IMiildailv, by (•a:Tier. fro,ii 
Marietta. Jshani 'iV:ii]y, P. M. 
]>:a('ksto<'k J. \\., ''enl stote 


ZZ Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 






PPn\finC ^^^ "'"" ^i"^^ ies tv a C 


CertiScatD in the PEOPLES' IdUTUAL 
Atlaiita, Ga. 



'v^^-^-J^-r- . i-^'T '.-)>v 


^■' •■ '^r 'y ^''^ 

■■ >;'^ >>:,; 

. J 

■ '''. ' 

'"/■,_s' -;' 

' 1 

. : vT^''.'"" -■'^■- ',. 





! King J. jNL ]>.. pliysician 
' lliehey Al'., jus'ice aud slioenikr 
Wyatt J. !>.'& 1\., gill and gristmill 

C'resler JmIih 'i'., rnroncr 

Dogdeii James A., atturney 

Grogaii W.. dei> sliuriir 

Havtrood Jt-sse, tax collector 

Honk G. I\r., att'iiipy 

Howell J. M., phy>ieian 

I[o\'\t'!I S. Teasl>. t'tnl store. 

Hunter. I. H.. coiistaliie 

Jonts Jolin W.. CO treasurer 

L'Hson 1. X., dentist, 

Ij"\vis T. L., nttnrnev 

Xesbit Williaisi II., co ordinary 

Pattei'son J. J., physiean 

rt')lx'rts Benjamin F., attorney and 

CO survey o;- 
Seals Ilai'voy J., elk snperiorcourt 

and geni store 
Shirley J.Am K. T., co tax receiver 
Simpson B. F., notary 
Spence James, ju.'^tice 
Tiioma-on (t. B.. physician 
Tiiomason i^- Tread we!!, druL'gists 
Vvebb Clint-n, shejitt" 


Established as a postolliee al'Ont 
IS.IT, has a i' I'li'atiin of 301, is 10 
rniies fn^m Snuim M-ville, the county 
seat, and ;-!t) tV<>:n R >me, the nearest 
railroad statio'.i, expie>s and tele- 
gr.iph otTice and banking tmvu. Mill 
Cif'ek furnislies water {lowtT f ;r .^ix 
mill- and gins. a:jd tliere are three 
run liy steam. Tl iia> four idnu'clies — 
I'resijyterian, 1?aji!i-l, Methodi^t and 
Coristian, — a)id thref sfhools. M lil 
received twirt' a wt-t-k from I^aFay- 
etie, Ga., and Gayl-vi'.;,', Ah:. C'o:- 
ton is tile iiriiicipai pri'dn.'tii'ii. Shij) 
t .B .nu- .1. B I) u-.-y, j'. yi. 
Agiiew & Kuig, gthl ^tt.rt- 
li'-anner Jc Smiti), eeni -toi-e 
B uos J. F , Justi e 
C.i-'-v William, coastaMe 
Ci-.ig W. A., I)l;i<'ksi,iieli 
Fr-'eman J. X., physician 


Talii'i'l (.'ovrilij. 

Ten miles frr)ii; Reidsvilie, the 
ccun'y seat, n'^r'li of, and near Alta- 
maha river; 10 iiul-s fiom Baxley, 
the nearest raihoad, telegraph and 
express oflice, xla Avtiich Atluiita is 
2o5 distant; 72 from Savannah, the 
nearest hanking place. Shij) hy way 
of O io<)i)ee and AVhite BIulT. Cot- 
ton and tiniher form the chief ship- 
ments. Has two gins, one saw mill 
and grist mill run by power ohtaiued 
from Slaughter creek. Oje Baptist, 
two Metliodist churches, and no 
scliool. Pojuilation about 150. I^Iail 
six times a week, John Pearson, 

j P. M. 

■ JvlcArlhur &• Tillman, turpentine and 

i lumber drs. 

i Pearson John, saw and grist mill. 


Hancock Coun 'y. ( See Fair Play. ) 


I Bail Is Covntii—rkdmrnit A Z. T!y. 
Twelve miles from Homer court- 
house, is a village of about 200 popn- 
! lation, better known perhaps as 
j Borgview; lias railroad, telegraph 
! and Southern Express oirires; 21 miles 
' fi-om Gainesville— Piedmont A. B. 
By. — the nearest banking; town. Lo- 
cated near Chattahoochee river, 
which, supplier jiower for running a 
tlour and ^r;st mid; has aBo cot"ou 
L'in and saw mih run bv stetim. One 
: Btptisi cliureh, no school. Colt<.m, 
I chickens, eggs, etc., form the chief 
shipments. Mail twice a day by 
rail. Z. F. Ciii SMi), V. yi. 
Barrett J. J., eeiil .■-lore 
Cash & Co. J. N.. cotton gin 
I Furtra-on .1. N., sreiil store 
I Gibson Z. l-\. iron I store 
1 CJrant C. (J., g- n! store 
j Shore F, T., cotton gin 
I Shore AV. C'., genl store 

D. H. Broomhead & Co. 




8 srsr.s r'-?-M in all pntterns, at Carter A Solomon s> 
LS^I^L^ySVig DO Whi tehal l street, AtSan ta. 





Hart County. \ 

A small pi ice of iiicon-iiderabie 
population, 10 miles from Hartwell, 
tbecounty seat and nearest ttlegrapb 
oflico; 3j milt-s from Bowniau, tbe ' 
nearest railroad and express ofli-e, and j 
35 from Athens, tbe nearest banking! 
point. Beaver Dam creek fiiraisbes j 
Avater power for a saw mil'!, flouring ; 
mill and gin, and tbere is also a i 
steam saw mill. Cotton is the prin- j 
cipal produ./t. Ship x:ia B )wman. | 
Was established as a postoffiee in j 
184S, and receivi^s mail four time^ a ; 
week fron:> Wt-st Bijwersvilie. W. i 
M.Brown, P.M. 



■? (if! ^0^ ';',;' 



Sumter C'juntij—E'ifau'a Div. S. 
W. Ji. IL 

Is ihe cmnty seat, 72 mi'es from 
Eufuda, Ala., and 70 from 31 icon. 
Is finely situated in the center of a 
fine agricultural di-^lrict and has a 
rapidly increasiiu' population, reach- 
ing near about 4 5 lO. The merchants 
aie in an unu~ually prosperous eoadi- 
tion, and c,irr.y a large and varied 
stock of goods. It has an express 
oftice (S)utiiern), telegraph ofliee 
(Western Union), two well-kept ho- 
tels, .' two wag m and carriaL'-e 
mannf.icrnries, a planing mill, 
grist mill, three banks and sev- 
eral large cotton warehouses. 
Tbe receipts of cotton amount to 
about 25,000 bales annually; in si>cial, 
educational and intellectual advan- 
tages few towns of its siz-:' equal it. 
It has four ciiufcliH-. Pre^liyterian, 
Biipt^st, Methodist and Cori>tian. 
The Furlow M i-ou'cFt-male C )llege, 
under control of the ^f isonii; fratern- 
ity ; good common .->-!iiols, and two 
newspapers — Ibr Smnpff'r E,epTil)li- 
tan, (semi-weekly o-. Wednesday 
and Siturday, weekly on Friday), 
and Tne AriK^ricu^ I^-^corder^ week- 
ly—both in a p:'o<[ierous comlition 
and enjoying a 1 wj.^^ and increasing 
cirr-ulation. Alfred ('. Bell, I'. M. 
AFiritton John L., ait>rafy 
Alf-xaniicr .[ame>, waiT'ti >ho}) 
Allen Jo-Tjjh H., clerk superior 


■ M 

y f^. 74 

Americsis llecoriK^-, 3t. Calla- I —^ 

way, proprietor i^ 'C p. 77) . ■..' ^ 

Anderson Henry, (c) barber 
Andrews Gerge, (c) shoemaker 
Ansl -y J. Adkins, attorney 
Ansley T. W., groC' r 
Aycocli. Agnes 31 rs., books, and 

stationer) ^ „__„„_ 



Books and Stationery, 

iMEJiiri S, <iA. 

Aye »ck A. F. Mrs., dres-njaker 
B'dley James F., grocer and confec- 

Bank of Americns, S. H. Hawkins, 

president ; M. Siteer, cashier 
Birlovv House, J. S. Eason, propr 
Barrett & Coker, (Mrs. Francis A. :''^'| 

Barrett, John iSF Coker), saddles i;' fS- | 

and harness i ■ '*•- ]% 

B-n Alfred C, pres Fu'st National ■■ " -I 

]5auk >l 

Bell A. C. & Co., (Alfred C. Bell, ;;. . - t| 

Frank E. Barke), cotton mers and ■% Ms| 

general brokers i'-slij;^ 

Bell I. A., (c) gro-pr irc^f;l!| 

B-U W. K., cotton buyer and com jrj;'j| 

mor iyr''.'| 

B 'sson J. A., books and stationery U'j-/':.j 
]>d(i S imuel S.-, Tilivsician c" 'S 

Black 11 )bert C, h) >ts, shoes, hats, :>',V-| 

Bialoek L. J., attorney 
Jiosworth Littl-^ton B., tTocer 
Brady James W., attorn y 
Braneh Ricliaoi, ■.,_■'. hla. kmith 
Brooks E. ,1., grocer 
Jirown William E., erocer 
J>uchanan A.J. vV r,r->., (Aluizo J. 

aiid Fi aticis 11. ) uToi-ers 
B.n-klialUT c*c Hoo:-..-., , 1>. C. N. J'.itrk- 

h.ilter, W. W. Hooks) guatio d^-al- 

ers and com nieis 

AND PICTURE FP.A'iTES, at WhcleiaU a Specialty, at 
aOjDIuAN'S. 23 Whitehall Street, Atlanta. Ga. 

The Press and People regard THE CHRISTIAN mOEX 
the best Advertising fViediLim In the South. 

AME ~ 


Eldridge Erwiu J., druggist and phy- 

Ellis James, blacksmith aud wagou 

Felder Calvert W., cottou wareliouse 

Eleisoliinan .SiiiKni, gonl store 

First National Bank of Aiuericus, A. 

C. Boll, ])res; F. E. Burke, caslaier 
Folsoii B. B.., saddles and harness 
Ford &Co. i M. H. aud J . J. W. Ford), 

Fort Allen, attorney 
Fort James A., physician 
Frioker Jume.~, watch mkr 

Bnrt \Vilii.s P., tientist 

Burt & Bel!, (o ( Marshall Burt, Wil 

liam Bell), cabinet makers 
Bussev Benjamin W. Kev,, Baptist ' Furlow J. W., agricultural imple 
Byrd 'R. T. & Co., (R)bert T. Byrd i ments 

J. B. Felder), com mers ' i Gyles F. A., clothing 

Cain House, B. H. Jossey, propr I Glover & Perry /Geor-o w. Glover, 
Cai!a%vuv 31., pro Ji'ecorder and 

real estate a<4t (See p. 77) 
Cameron Gilbert C, cabinet maker 
Carter Calvin, boo's and shoes 
Chandler George T. Rev., Presbyte- 
Chapman John P., sa'.oon 
Cohen A., dry goods 
Cohen Adol[/h, tailor 
Cohen .Simuel Jr., dry goods 
Cohen Simon M., grocer and liquors 
Cook Pnilip Hon., congressman 3d 

Cook W. H. I). c<c J. F. (William, II. 

1). and John F.), photographers 
Cooper GeorgH F., i)hysician 
Covington J. B., <':<■, barber 

James K. Perry), grocers 
Cranberry & Barlow i.I. J, Cran- 
berry, iSIrs. E. B irlow), dry goods 
Greene Thomas S,, carriage, bug- 
gy and wagou mutV 
Grinton Martin (e), blacksmith 
Guerry William W., co. coroner 
Guerry ct Sons. (William B., Du Pont 

and Homer), atttorneys 
Hall John E., drusgist 
Hamil Brus. (J. II. and A. J.), gro- 
I cers 

I Hancock Charles W., editor Sumter 
I licpubUcan 

I Hardy & Tommey (H. C Hardy aud 
I G. H. Tommey), cotton brokers 
Harduick William M., physician 

Cris}) Charles F., judge SuperiorCourt \ Hare G. B., saloon 

Cutts A. S, cotton and wool buyer I Harrold, Johnson & Co. (Thoma.s 

Cutis Claude S., cotton buyer 
Daniel James A., co. tax receiver 
Davenport H-^nry T., gro'H'r 

Harrold, Henry R. Johnson, Uriah 
B. HLHTold), cottou warehouse and 
com mens 

Davenport W. T. it Sju, (Walter T. \ Harris B. H. jrrocer 

and Jame.s A.\. druggist: 

Dean & M.Tyier (H. R. Dean, J. H. 

McTyien, genl store 
Dibble William J., ins agt 
Dudley Amht-w <;•), shr,emkr 
Dunn Williuiu T. A., genl storf^ 
Durliam M. Mrs., phy-iean 

Eason John S., propr B ulow House 

Ivli'u TlioiiiasM., guns uith 

Edmundsoii J. G., grocer 

Flam IL, livery stable 

I'^lani M. T. Mrs., millinery 

Eiaiu i^; Hawkes iS '.mut'l C. IClam 

and Wiiliaiu M. HaNvkes,) attor- 


Harris J. W. <t Co. (James W. Har- 
ris, James M. DuBose). hariiware. 

Harr.s, James & Willi ford iH. A. 
Harris, David James, J. J. ^Villi- 
ford), <renl ?tore 

Hart Isaac M., grocer, confectioner 
and ice aud meat dlr 

Plawkins C. C, groeer 

Hawkins Samuel H., pres Bank of 
j Hawkins Sion B., phy.-iekui 

llaAvUias ^ ilawKit!-, AVillis 
I A. and Eu'_'ene A. ), attorneys 

Hay GLajrm' M., restaurant 

Haynes A\'il!iam D., liveiy stables 

Head Bedford J., piiysieian 

GUILDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE, / C■0J-^01«^-i <>1" .A 1^1^ lvl>ri>; 

B. H. Broomhead 4 Co. ) i^" DRY OR IN OIL. 

I hCt^ P\\PTh\^\ ^"^^ LamtreqvJns, selected from finest Importatiors 
LAUU bun I HiiSO CARTER S: SOLCMCN, 50 Whitehall St.. Atlanta. 



2^^. c;^f^XjXj.^"vir.i\.-^, - - - 

d-itcr a-and. ^=rcprietc^r. 2^ 


Ha? a 1arc;e circulation, and is the best advertising medium in Southern Georgia, 
sample copy. 

Seed for 

Hill J):ivitl B., luruiiure and uiuler- 

Hinkle .James B , y^bysiciau 
Himon «k Mntht'W.s iB.B.Hinton and 

John C. MatlK-wsi, attorneys 
liollis Benjaiaiia I*.. aLtoruey 
Hallowav Daniel B., dentist 
lliuisoa A. J. ii, W. B. ( Abner J. 

and William B. ), druggi.-<t.s 
Hudi^on Louis N., genl store 
Hyatt Judson L., grc^cer 

Jonnson Nannie Mrs., dres?mkr 

Joiner & Nicholson (Tiiomas E, Join- 
er iiu(i John C. NiclioL-^on ), genl 

Jordan Joiin \V. Jr., live stock and 

Jossey B. II., propr Cain House 

King Kate Miss, millinery 

Langley James (c), harness maker 
Ijewis Walker Rev., ^Methodist 
Logan ^litchfcll G., co. surveyor 

^NlcCoy Lee F., attorney 
Matbis James E., grocer 
Mayo B. H. it Bro. i, Benjamin H. 

and William B.\, grocers and li(|Uor 

3!i^'rath J. \V., i)bysician 
^litcheil James (ci, baiber 
Mitchell Tliomas J., genl store 
Mi/.e Joseph W., idieritf 
Myer?s .Fatues E., grocer 

Neal iMimund, carriage maker and 

Oliver .S.- Oliver (John ^1. and 
Albert T.), carriage, Magou and 
buggy manfr 
Perrv G., i,c), shoemkr 
Phillips S,, blacksmith 
Piksbury J. P., judge County Court 
Powell Benjamin T., grcicer and 

Prince N. G. & J. K. (Noah G. and 

Josepli K.), livery stable 
Bagau Wiiliam G., car^ enter 
Baiues M. E. ]Mrs., millinery 
Rawson T. S., grocer 
Ifu^sell A. W., harue?s mkr 
^^chumpen, Koney A; King, lA. K. 
Schumpert, J. C. iioney, John R. 
King), grocers 
Shaw John R.,genl store 
ShetVield J. W. & Co. ^John W.. Shef- 
field, Charles A. Huntington i, 
hardware, etc 
Sheppard Charles C, co treas 
Simmons E. G. & W. C. t Edgar G 

and Walter C.) attorneys 
I Simmons J. 11. Mrs., conieetions 
j Sloan S. S. I'c Co. (Sidney S. Sloan), 
I lumber 

I Smith .%'. A., attorney 
j Smith Thomas IC, physician 
I Speer Moses, cashier Bank o( Ameri- 
i cus 

I Stapleton George, genl store 
j Stewart Thomas A., co. ordinal y 
I Stewart W. R., en. 'ax collector 
Sullivan John E., watchmkr 
I Sumter Republican, Charles \V. llau- 
I cock, editor and propr 

M0ULDIN53 AND ^.lAM^S a 
Atlanta, Ga. We:ter„ Priocs 

t C :i. G.-oinian's, 23 Whitehall street, 
dupli:at2d at wholesale. 

pCnpj CrC' MUTUAL belief association, Atlanta, &a. A Eenevcleni 
ILUI LuO Institution, conducted on lousiness'cles^ 




•;-/;>*.>¥ J •■rrj^.-'^vjTT^pK'-iiji^^'y;^' 'P 



SheHield AI).s:il()m Rev., 
Smith D. E., teuehor 
Wilder.s Jotiii, Cfnistalile 


Habersfiain Cov.ntij. 

Tavlor Ezckifl, ijenl store 

Toole ct McGarrah (W. T. Toole,; 

Samuel MeUarrab), warehouse and 

com mens 
Turner John W., tel oi)r j 

Ullmau Max, yenl store j 

Van Riper Daniel, photographei j 

Watts Harrison D,, gen) store 
Waxeibaum S. & Co. (S. «fe J. Wax- j 

elbaum :ind M. Grc-s^ dry goods ! 
Whaley Spencer, cabinet makr j 

Wheatiev Charles M., variety works | 
Wheatlev J. W. ^t Co. (John W. ' 

Wheailey, William H. C. Dudley), ; 

bankers I 

Wheatley Tiiornton, geul store j 

Williams Patrick H., grocer 
Worrill John R., attorney 

j -Known also as Mauldin, is located 
' near the Chat' ahoochee river, 7 n iles 
noithwtSt of Clarksville, tiie county 
seat, and Vl\ from ^It, Airy, its near- 
, est ship()ing point. Has a i)opulation 
' of 75. Methodist and Baptist church- 
j es, school, and grist mill run by water 
power furnished by the CMiattahoo- 
' chee river. Corn, bacon and flour form 
I the prin<'ipal shipments. Discontlu- 
! ved as a post-otUee in iSSl. 


Dawson Counfjj. 
Located near Big Amicolola river, 
58 miles direct from Athiiita, o-ii from 
Gaine:^villf— Pied men t Air-Li nelvail- 
ro;id — tele.uvapli, express oifice and 
banking town, 12 miles from Daw- 
sonville, the seat of justice. The 
stream above named supplies power 
fur running a saw and grist mill. 
Several churches and a good .-chool 
in this locality. Corn, tlour, sor- 
ghum and i)Oiic are the chief export^. 
Mail dailv by carrier. Benjamin J, 
Chester, P. ^r. 

Chestor Ik'ii^aiiiiii J., teacher 
Cochran Jolm, teacher 
Cochran John Jr., >hoemkr 
Crane B. C. genl store 
Ellis J. H. Rev., Methodist 
Eitlds ^^. H., justice 
]-'o\vler D. ^r., genl store 
Harbin Jesse ^L, justice 
Ling< rfelt J. W., blaeksDiith 
Rojjer Samuel Rev., Baptist 
Seitz John, tanner 


Laurens Count ij. 
A small settlement 12 miles south- 
east of Dublin, the counly seat. No 
post otlice. Receives mail at Dublin. 


Cobb Count u. 
A small place about 12 miles from 
Marietta, the county seat, with no 
postal faculties. Receives mail at 
Acwortb . 

Suu}i,i-Count>j—L>ifa>ila JJcc. .s. W. /?./?. 
Is apilace of LjO inhabitanls, situa- 
ted on tie Sweet Water, about 4 
miles West of Flint river, and 10 
miles northeast of Americu«, the 
county seat. It is the site of the once 
noted' "Andersonville I'rison," and 
now has one of the largest National 
Cemeteries in the United States, con- 
taining the bodies of 1-2,800 soldiers. 
Cotton is the princii)al [)roduct, about 
1,000 bales being sldpped annuall.y. 
It has a sieam <:in, grist and saw mill, 
Baptist and Methodist churches, high 
school with 65 pupils, and primary 
school. Is governed by a mayor and 
board of aldermen. Daily mail. M. 
P. Suber, P. M. 
Aycock »*c Glover, genl store 
Clark A. J. Prof., teacher 
Clark W. >r., drugs 
Dnnbar J. R, supt cemetery 


B. H. Broomhead & Co 


^lOLCi x2:o.i3^. 



at CAETSB k SDLQI^iCN'S, 50 Whiteh all st.. Atlanta^ 
79 All A 

Joiner B. fj., pliysiciau 

Joiner £5 1.., pnys ciau ^^r:^^^.^^^^^^ """^^ 

Kichter A: N;iyli>r, s;a\v and grist mill i |_^ ' ^w j?^ jy-^ 

v:^9^ ^'^ 

\ r 

untl gm 
Suber M. P. & Son, dry goods aud 

■\^'estbrook J. M. K., phydician 


Oglethorpe County — Athens Br. Ga. R.R. 
A small station also known as Solo 
monville, v,'ith no postal facilities. 
About 6 miles south of Lexir.gtor, 
the county seat. Poi)ulation about 
135. Receives mail at Stephens. 


Stewart County — {iSee Jlannahatchcc.) 


Troup Coui'fy. 
Has a population of r^.'j, aud is sit- 
uated 10 miles northwest of La- 
Grange, the county seat, and nearest 
railroad, express aud telegraph olliee. 
Hasa Baptist church. Daily mail bv 
carrier. Tn\ H. II. Gary, P. M. 


Ticiggs Count I/. 
A small place S miles northwest 
from Jellersonville, the count}' seat. 
No postal facilities. Keceives mail 
at Jefferson ville. 


Ckujton County. 
Is located 10 miles from Jonesbor- 
•ough, the county seat, and 6 frum 
Morrow's Station, its nearest railroad 
station and shipping point. Receives 
a weekly mail. H. I. Masters, P. M. 


Wilkes Counti/, 
Is located 8 miles southwest ol 
"Washington, the county seat. Xo 
postotlice. K-iceives mail at ^\'ash- 


r _^ ■ ^ 


Jackson Countij. 
An unimportant postdilice, abo 
miles northeast of Jelferson, 
county seat. 

ut 5 



Columbia Count >j. 
The county seat, has a population 
of about 125, situated on Great Kiokee 
creek 16 miles from Harlem station, 
its nearest railroad, expr^ ss and tele- 
graph station, and 35 miles from Au- 
gusta, its banking point, \l\x-i two 
churches — Baptist and Methodis' — a 
school, and Hour and grist mill ope- 
rated by water powt-r furnished by 
the afore-mentioned scream. Annual 
shipments of cotton about 100 bales. 
Mail received thrt-e times a week by 
carrier, A. S, Hardin, P. M. 


Franklin Cuunt\j—E. A.-L. i:i/. 

Also known as Lavonia, has a pop- 
ulation of 60. Situated 10 miles nortii- 
east of Camesvillp, the county seat. 
Has an express olliee ami one church 
—Methodist. Receives a daily mail. 
W. B. Hmrison, P. M. 


lliomas C<jiui<)j. 
Situated 7 miles northwest of Thom- 
asville, lias no mail 
advantages. Receives mail at Thom- 


Jasper C'.unty. 
A imall settlement, with no mail 

liHE, C. M. Goodman, 28 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga. 

Fl fi* 

THE CHRISTiATJ Sf^DEX-Establlshed 58 years ago. 
Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 





HaH County. 

No postofilce faciliti'j'. 
miles east of Gainesville, 


Located S 
tiie countv 


GdJtOiin County— Blalcclry Div. S. 11' 

I R. n. ' 

: Population estimated at 500, Lo- 
cated 12 miles from Morgan C'jurt- 
house, 245 from Atlanta and 33 from 
Albany, the nearest lianking town. 
Has railroad, telegraph ami express 
cilices, a steam grist and saw mil! : 
two each Metiiodist and BaptiM 

' churches, one each colored antl t'.vo 

] schools, one colored. Cotton and 

j wool the i-iiifef exports. .Sliip direct. 
]Mail daiU' excel t 'Suiiday. J. H. 
iSiiunders, P. M. 

I Beck-som S. G., justice 

] Blocker Ciiarles F., attorney, notary 
ajid giiano agr 

1 Boynton & Prather, geiil store 

t Butler .John A., physician 
of Butler Vv\ O.. t:uano act 

Ap (T^ A r^ r ff. 
Tk Si^ i^ k»' I /^^ a 

IhtU. (.(j^niitj. 

Distant six miles ;-ontheast ^^ ... ...^., _,^ ^. 

Gainesville, the county seat," and four Butler & Co., (J. H.and .LF. Buller), 
miles from Xew Holland, the near- . genl store 

est raili'oad station and .>-lii]iping Calhoun <.t Co., livery and warehouse 

point. Has a grist mill operated by Cordray Thomas F., gri^t mill 

wattr } ower turnished by ihe Oco- 
nee river. Prircipal shipments, but- 
ter, eggs, grain, etc. Receives a 
weekly^inail. M. M. Jones, V. M. 

Davis Wm. IL, grist mill 

Dixon vfc Scott, genl store 

Duke Fmma^Miss, milliner 

Eweli (.Te<M-ae R , 

Goocie H. ']'., carpciiter and black- 

Aj^COLA. ': Joncs'.Toseph J., llveiv stable 

r.uilorh Countu. : j^j^^^ ^^ Lehman, publishers 

Situated on .Black creek near the ' Kcatons B. F., saloon 
Ogteclwc river. 13 miks from States- ' Pivin<;>tou }.Iarv ^Iv^., iiotel 
borough, the ci.uniy seat, and 18 from IMcCluin G. X., nhvsician 
Hden, its nearest railioad station. McClaiu G. N. ilr.^-., milliner 
Has a poi)ulation of 20U. Has a Bap- :\rurcherson W. F., ]ihvsiciau 
tist cl'urch, school, sttam saw mill 1 Muse Thomas Rev., Baptist 
and two tirist and saw mills run by ^ Muse & FJlington i Thomas refuse, E. 
water j^owtr furnished by Black' S. Eliinaton), gf-nl store 
creek. Cotton is tlie !irinti[i:il {<ro- : RhwIs .]. M., genl store 

duct. ivCrcives a 
carrier. Samufl I- 

11(1 r couhtfi. 

Is S milps north of Gainesville, the 
county seat. Xo pnstcllice. Has a 
population of about o'b 


Ware CuUnty—S. ]'. d; li'. I^. I?. 

A small station situateil 19 miles 
southwest o[ 'sVay Cr'ss, the county 
seat, with no mail advunt^ges. 

weekly mail by ; Saunders Georgia Mis., milliner 
C4roover, P. M. i Saxton W. T., saloon 

i ISheflield Henry C, attorney 

I laud flgt 

j Smith L. H., teacher 

! Wade W. H., r r agt 

! Warelan .L P. Rev., Methoilist 

I Wel)b i^- iPightower, genl store 



.i-rrct'. ;; C(jiin{}j. 
Has no pos'-nllice. Is 15 miles 
south of Syivania, the county seat. 

'j(j;lders supply holwe. , 

B. H. Groomhead & Co. I 

Painl Biushfis of ail kinds. 

CARTER & S0L0i\10N7^?St^::Uty]i;lSil 






Flnyd Couidij. 

LocatC'l 10 miles i.ortlnvest of 
Kivaie, the county seat. >.o ih).-i- 


Doitfjiicrty County. 

Southeast of Albany, 10 luiK 
dress mail to Gintowu. 



Ware County -B. t£- A. J?. B. 
A nrwly established post-otlice, 20 
miles from Ware, the couuty seat, 
A, A. Walden,P. M, 
Bennett ii., iiilUer 
Holzendot ct .S inierliu, genl store 
Murray J. A; W., geul store 
Waldeii A. A., genl store 


Banks County. 
A newly establislied po.-t-offiee, 
from which we have been unable to 
obtaui any iuformation. 


LaririUi i'ounty. 
A newly estabhshed pnst-otl^ice, 
from which we have been unable to 
obtain any information. 


Troup County. 
lD-5 miles from LiGrange— A. & W. 
P. R. R. — the county seat and 
nnarest banking town, o from Ho- 
gan^vi^e— sainj line of road — its 
nearest railroad, telegrai)h and ex- 
press otSoe, via which Atlanta is t5J 
miles distanf. Estimated poinilation 
130. His a combined saw and gri-:t 
niill run by s:eam. Methodist an. I 
Baptist churches and two school-. 
Cotton the cliief export. M.iil semi- 
weekly bv carrier. J. II, Ringer, 
P. M. 

Brown B. If. & Bro., genl store 
Clevel lad & Bro,, t inners and shoe- 

iiiak -r.- 
'I-ay J. H., genl store 
H iiniuL-tt B., genl ^tore 
•Jonni:v,'s P. E.' L., l,'J!i1 store 



Loft in Eli M., cor stable 
Phillip-: ,T. L.. notary 
Uiiiyrer J. II., genl store and mag- 
Ringer W. J., grist arid saw mill 
Ware W. M., physician 


Clayton County— Atlanta Div.C. i?. li. 
Formerly ktio'.\n as Forest Station 
— name cliange«i in Mareli. ISsl. Lo- 
cated S miles from .lonesboro tiie seat 
of justice, nearest telctrraph and ex- 
press onice, !.'> fr'im Adanta, which 
is the nearest banking jilace. Popu- 
lation unknown. Mail daily each 

ff, R. 

is the 


Oarlce County— A. Br. Oa 
Tl'.is charming little city 
county seat, and is located near tiie 
centre of the county. Incorporated 
as a town in 180(3. Its growth has 
not been a rapid one, and when 
chartered as a city in 1872, 4,500 Was 
probably a liberal estimate of its 
population. Si ice then it has in- 
cr^\^-ed to considerably more than 
6,000. Built on both sides the Oconee 
river, on higli roMing land, with 
handsome residences, well kept 
grounds tastfinlly laid out and beau- 
tifieti, noble public edifices, extraor- 
dinary educational advantages, with 
a refined and intellectual )iopuIation, 
it is unsur{)assed as a iilace of resi- 
dence. It is the terminus of the 
Athens Braiu-h Ga. R. R., connect- 
ing at Union Pvjint", 4'» miles distant, 
with the main lino, and the initial 
point of the N. E. Ii. Ji., ooniif^-ting 
with the PieduK-nt A-Ii. Rv. at Lul:i, 

V, i^i, J 4jy 41 1^1 RSI, _ 23 V/hitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 

' "trriDt.TTr/w^ c-»- CI 



Of Peoples' Iilutual Twelief Associaticr.. Atlanta, Ga. Mcr.t"::-- 
Circulation, 15,000. GoccL advertisir.g ir.ediurr. Send for ::V- 


3'.) mites distiiiit, iti a Udrthwe.ster y 
(iirecti' II. It is loo uiiUs I'rom At 
lauta by tlit fornn r aiui 104 by the 
latter route. The r-ity is j^overned 
by a mayor and eiglil aldermen, tiie 
election oceurrinir tlic first AVednes- 
day 'jf each year. Kha a \\ ell orga- 
nized liie department and several 
secret organizatiot;-. The Oconee 
river, witli tiie Barnett, Tallaliassee 
and many oilier siioajs, aflords 
almost unlimited water ].o\ver, and 
manufactures, now con-ideraljle, wiJl 
no doubt increa.-e rapidly. Tbere are 
now tbree cotton laclories iu the 
vicinity— tiie Athens, Georgia and 
Princeton— witii over lOo looji;s and 
1,500 spindles, and which consumes 
about (i,riOO bales of cotton annually. 
The Atliens Foundry and ^lacbine 
Works, paper mill and other indus- 
tries ot minoi' imi-oitance. Tliete is 
a mercb.ant.^' excliauLre, two banks, 
gas-wori<s, cotton couipress, tbree 
weekly newspajiers — '^'ouflicrn Ban- 
ner, Wctklij Chronic'c i\n<] Soufliern 
Watchman— and a monthly pulica- 
tion — The S uthern ('"I'ivulor. Tl ere 
are eleven cLurcbcs— i wo Baptist 
(c)ne colored), three Methodist (one 
coloreill, two Ei'i.-eoji;'l, Pieshyte- 
rian. Primitive Baiti>t, Catholic, 
and Helirew Synairoguc. The Frank- 
lin College — State L'niversity c f 
Georgia— was located here in IbOi', 
and in 1872 the State College of Ag- 
riculture and the Mtchanie Arts was 
estaldished, witli Law iS''bo(»l in con- 
nection. Me(!ical D-partineut ai Au- 
gusta and Nortii Georgia Agricultu 
ral College at Dahlfmeg.a. The Lucy 
Cobb In.-.titute, one of the aiost 
ilouiisiiing female C(dleges in tlie 
Soutli. ;ind occufiying a beautilul 
building, founoed in 1>37 by tlie 
late Cien. Thomas It. (.'obi, for whose 

daughter it was named, is loca;. ; 
here; a«, also, Mme. Sosnowsk. '. 
Home School, and many (-tiie:-. 
Atl,e:s is a money -order po>t-('llic,-. 
rt ceiving and forwarding tnails uailv 
by rail, tri-weekly to Anderson c. 
H. S. C , and Faiinington, Ocon. ,. 
County, thrgugli Higli Shoals, Wai- 
tcncotuity, and weekly to Jug Tuv. 
em, Walton county, lias an exprt- 
and telegraph ollice. The princip.w 
shipments are cotton— of which it 
receives about 40,000 bales annually— 
a!;d (he products cif its factories. 'Dr. 
.losiah C. Orr, P. M. 
Adams T. A. Mrs , millinery 
Ath.ens Compress Comj)any) W. B. 

Tlifimas, mai\aeer 
Atiier.s Blade, G. 15. Davis, publisher 
Athens Dady P.anner, J. T. Water- 
ma;!, < ditor and proi)r 
Atheii-.Fouiultvand ^NlacliineWi rl>. 

J. W. Nicholson, pres ; P. Nieker- 

scn. supi and agt 
Alliens Gas Co., P. L. Moss, pres 
-Vtbens ^lanulacturing Co!, 11. L. 

BI<-omfieId, agt, (capital 51U6,i 00 , 

Cnttfui and woolen goods 
Athei;-; Mutual Loan As.-ociation, I. 

M. Kenny, sec 
Baldwin & Bnrnet', (Charles W. 

Baldwin, Wylie B. Burnett^, boot.- 

and >liocs 
Bank of the Univer-ity, Alt-iji Deur- 

ing"", cashier 

Bai'i'ow J). C, Jr., prof Univer::iry 

of Georgia 
Banow Pope, attorney 
I'eavers William R., can-iage mkr 
I'ernstine Selig, tirv gonds 
B(^u.-se Menry, genl 
Beu.->e .John H. D., sa!o(/n 
liiliujis Iviward S., dentist 
Bishoii Edward I'., real ei-tate 
Blair \V. D. c<c Son, ( William I), and 

Nathaniel P. \ rejiair shop 
Pdoon t'.eld k. Sauford, iPobeit K. 

Bloomlield, Ktlwanl A. Sanford), 

genl .store 
I'.ode C^'Sjier, baker and (;cnfecl:oii-r 
ISooth Asa J., gr.j( er 
B..yd Thaddeus, (<^i, shoenikr 
Bratton James Iv, unite broker 

Baowue Xlilliam .>!., prof Uni- 

veisity of Lia 
Prowning Josjali A., sberifT 
Ibninliv .rebn AV., hMiuer 

B. H. Broomhea(i& Co. 

iGors, Sasli. 


ftftr?r^rTOf carter & SOLOIV!ON, Importers and 
UAhrE; I Ol Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




C-iritlunv, Z. AV. Uetts, Jolin S. 

SiuUlii, geul store 
rarltxti Henry H., attorney 
Carlton James A., notary 

Brumbv J^. T. & Co., (Ri.-hard T- 

Brumby, Ephraiin K. Bruaiby), 

Bunee All ert L., carriaire lukr , _ . . 

Bur-ess R. J. & Co , (Benedi.-t J. i Carlton J. B., yhysinan 

ErB. Buri,'ess), fertilizers und \C nU^r Jjnu:iV..,'^vocev ^ 

Buike & Anderson, (J. W. Burke ! Ctiailnuiuier Levi I!., I'rol Uni- 

and Emory Y. Andtrson), books | versity ot lifor<iia 

and stationerv j Cbilders Henry, gent store 

Burns AVdliain A., geni store CbiMs, ^''^kerson \Vynn & Co. 

Cau.pbell C. D. Re\°, Baptist | (Waiter L. Cbdds, Buben ^Ieker- 

Campbell J. H., dentis'. 

Caritliers, Betts & Smith (Z. James 

so 1, Young H. Wynn, Washing- 
ton B. Jaekson), hardware, cutlnry 
aud agrfeuUural implements 

9 '"'l|ilr:'i: );i"' "^ ' » ' i'i'iL'.'.'-ij''' 

P. H. r^ELL, D.D., LL.D., Chancellor. 

These school, are con.biu.d « as to offer systematic courses of instruction of different types of 

^"^' The University buildings nre spacious, and contain convenient n,.d v.eU arranged recitation 
rooms, lecture halls and apparatus rooms. . , , , , ',■, 

The apparatus for illustration is extensive, the greater part of it beuv< lately purchased. 1 he 
Schools of Engineering^, of Cuen.i.try, and that of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, are 
well fitted up with apparatus to illustrate the principles of Science, and v^-i•h laboratories and «ork 
rooms where students can do pra. ti:-il wcrlv. 

The University also po sesses an extensive Library, and a valuable collection of mmera.s. 

Board is furnished on reasonable terms. 

Liberal provisi-.u is made lor admis-^ion, without payment of tuition fees. >,f youn^ men needing 

assistance . , i_ ■ i. /-' i a 

Tuition in the State Coile.-e free to as man ■ students as there are members ,n the G. neral As- 

sembly of the State. 

For Catalogues or further information address eitlier 

P. H. ft.^ELL, Chrsncelior, 
Or L. H. CHARBCriNlER, Secretary. 

tST-^AU comnniii-c.uionsv.-ill receive prompt attention 



H, H. LAMTkTh, Proprietor, 

Ath-ens, - - - Georgia. 

4,> ll':> i'^l^^'^^U'v l^'^a^*?:^^ Wall Street, Second Tcor fromB read 

l he tliiest appointeil bar in the city. 
The best of Wi.sKS, Li'jiC'KS, and Cigaks c< n- 
stanilv on hand. 

1 1- :;ant IJiliiard Ko. m attached. 

Lolite barkeepers and proiiipt attention ussur. A, 



















Childs A. K. & Co. (Asa K. ChiLl.<, 

Jlubeu Niekerson, William H' 

JiHif.s), stoves U'ui timvare 
Cliristy Ivbiidge J., ediior Southern 

Watch man 
Chirk Eli K., harness mkr 
Ciiuai'd Andrew J)., ]iropr Cli- 

nard House. (See page ^0) 
Olinard House, A. D. Ciinurd, 

propr. (See page 83) 
Oohb Andrew J., attorney 
Cobb Howe)], jutlge city court and 

Cobb L/. & H. (Lamar and Howel!), 

Cohen M. G. & J. (Mcver G. and 

Julius), dryt;oods and clothing 
Coleman Andrew, genl f tore 
Commercial Hotel, William and O. 

L. Wi.liams, proprs 
Cooper J. Z. & Son (John Z. and 

Charles W.), livery and sale stables 
Cymes Thomas, atlornev 
Dale E. If. Miss, dressnikr 
Daniel W. P. .<t Co. (William P. 

Daniel, William B. Pruitt), saloon 
Davis Cliarles W., photog- apLer 
Davis <k Plarris (c) (Geoi'ge Davis, 

Richard Harris), fcarbers 
Dearing All>iu P., cashier P>ank of 

the University 
Dobbs ^Stephen C, genl store and 

cotton \vareh</use 
Dorsey Albert S., irenl store 
Durham A. P. & W. M. ^A. Frank- 
lin and William M.), physicians 
Eberhart Kobert P., boots, shoes and 

Epps Thoaias (c), shoemkr . 
I'^ppes W. E. Rev., Episcopal 
Ferris B. V. Rev., Methodist 
Finck John F., meat market 
Flatau Jacob, grocer 
Flemine T. tt Sons, (Thomas, Josejih 

H., William and Herbert', hard- 




JAS. P. HARRJSOf^ &. CO., Printers, Publishers and 
B in ders. 27 & 2 9 Br oad St., Atia n ta, Q a . 


i''li>ch Leonard, confecti(jiis 
Friend Joseph, merchant tailor 
Gann Charles A., grocer 
Gann <k Reaves i David Tiann, James 

Pf. Reaves), livery, sale and feed 

Garrell Michael [c), blacksmith 
Gerdine John, !»hvsician 
Gray James M. Vc Co. (Robert G. 

and Cliristopher Gray), dry goods 
Haddock Isaac, grocer 
Hadway Thomas G., saddles 

i Plale W. G.. justice and notary 

' llaiHiUon Jaiaes S. Dr., 

! Princeton Factor^' 
i Hampton & Dearing (J. Hampton, 
! Thomas H. Dearina:), genl store 
I Harrington Sylvester M., justice and 

I Harris Hugh, physician 
I Harris ^Morris L., genl store 
Harris Samuel (o, shoemkr 
Harris Young L. G., pres Southern 

Mutual Ins Co 
Haudrup Nelson W., shoemkr 
Hauser George, cigars and tobacco 
j Head Jesse J., grocer 
i Hemriek David, cabinet mkr 
' Hoft'Samuel, merchant tailor 
{ Hogan John, physician 
I Hood Wiley F., saloon ajid genl store 
I Holman William S., sale stable 
I Home School for Young Ladies, 
i Mme. S. Sosuowski, Miss C. Sos- 
i nowski, principals 
! Huggins James H., crockery, glass- 
j ware, etc 

j Huggins John J., elk Superior Court 
j Hull, Augustus L, notary 
I Hull Henry, physician 
j Hurley & Smith (Dennis C. Hurley, 
I Frederick C.Smith ), carriage mnfrs 
i Hutchisou Stepney (c\ grocer 
' Jackson Asa M., ordinary and attor- 
I ney 

! Jackson B. F. H. & Co. (Benjamin 
F. H. Jackson, Jane E. Kemp), 
genl store 
Jackson George (c), shoemkr 
Jackson 'i'homas (c), tailor 
JacksoTi W. D., notary 
Jackson <t Thomas (Aia M. .Jackson, 

Lewis W. Thomas), attnrneys 
Jacob-^ I'L, genl store 
Jacobs Joseph, druggist 
Jennings G. A. IL, eo coroner _ 

B. H. Broomhead 4 Co. \ 



I A P P" P I ! R T A I f^j Q ^"'^- Lambrequins, -elected fr::n ^i^^zi Ir^.portatior.s. 
LMUL. UUll I tMiiO CAETSR ic ECLCIiiris, 50 Whitehall St.. Atlanta 




Johuson rallies, (c) dyer iiu 1 scourer ■• 
Kalvarin.skv Cuarleri, ci'j,-ats and l(^- •, 

;\;\f/.- 4 -?>:ri.* 

bueco j I'' 

Kenney Isane M., justice f; 

Kiug Johu, (c) blacksmith j i. . 

Kintibi\'\v E. C' , uttornev ' """ 

L'.itTerty Willi:im, <^eutTai store I l: 

Lampki 1 L. J. & Si^n, (Lewis J. aiul V, , 

C j!'b) ^'jeneral store i U ' 

LamiJlt i;i Ixobcrt Jl., saloon and h 

al.iernuin. (.S e pa:,'e 60) : •"'-' 

L'lne diaries W. Rev., presbyteriaii : ~"'" . tt ^ r T^ 1 

L'uvrence H. A., see Southeastern j J^^'^, P:'/i;icFi 11. .w.L.D , c. 

■p TO cellor L'niVf'rsitv ol G-o:^ri:i 


R. R 

Tjiwrence Henry A., dentist 

Lewis Plea-ant, i^rocer 

Lintoi: 11. H., tax eoUector 

Ling H. R. J., physician 

Long ill. C. & Co. (Edward C. Long, 
Arthur Long], drugi|ists 

Louis Francis, grocer 

Lowe it Co., (1-aac Lowe, John Co- 
hen, Jolin J^iiliips), whol liquors 

Lncas lIiMiry A., agt Northeastern 
R. R 

Lucy Coijb Institute, Miss M Rath 
erford, p-in 

^lell Thomas .'^., attorney 

]N[;'riwettier AVesley. blfk-inith 

Methothst Mesconger, AV. \V. Wads- 
worth, editor 

Micnat'l Isaac, dry goods 

INIiehael tfimoii, dry goods 

Mitchell Albert L., solicUor general 
and attotiiev 

r^IitcLell W. L. 6: Son. (William L. 
and Henry B.), attorney's 

Morris Casper, dry goods 

Morris Is-ael, dry gnods 

Morris Joseph, dry goods 

Lumpkin Edwin K.. co surveyor and i '^J'^'','}^ fr"^^''? dry go^xl 

Lynch & Flanigen, (Herbert T. 

Lynch, C. Douglas Flanigen), 

china and glassware 
Lynden E. S., p'l.N s'ci:in and drugs j 
McCartney ^laria Mi-<^, millinery j 
McD'rmott .Mary M. .Mrs., m'iili ; 

nery ; 

McDowrll Wdlinm & Hon, (William 

and Willi. ira A.), grocers | 

McGinty Mmassa B., planing mills, j 

door, sash frames, colli us, etc 
McKie Ciiarles D., genl store | 

McKinnon & Rivers, (Wesley 'M'r- \ 

Kinn:)n, Francis ^M. Rivers), black- 1 

smiths ] 

Mack ct P.rown, (c) (John R. Maek, ! 

Cyrus Brown), shoemakers i 

Mack tt Hug-ins, [c] (JohnHM.ick, i 

J.imes H Huggin-j, li-ii snd vet^e- i 

Middrey & Dale, (^[.)-^es Maddrey, 

^\^ A. Dal.'), tin and sheet i.roi'. 

jSIandeville Albert S., ji^weler 
Marks KingM.,!;.iiM;> 
Mathews, Jack-^on vie Co., iJohn R. 

^^atthews, Jolni L. J.ick- ti, 

Tnomas 1'. Vmcent i, geid .-^toiv 
Mays S'ahorii .1., notary 

■Nforris ^leudel, dry goods 

^[orris ,S>1 'inon A., tailor 

Z^Iorris S.^dvanus, a^ torney 

Mortou Wdliam J., agt Georgia Fac- 

M-oss & Triomas, ( Rufiis L., 
John J. 'I'lioraifsi, warehouse and 
com uicrs 

Myers M. &Co., (Moses ISIyers, Philip 
Stern), dry troods 

Nance A.Tj. ct Co., ( Almon L. Xance, 
Riehard B. Russell), fertilizers 

National Bank of Atliens, A. K. 
Ciiilds, pres: Jam s Wh te, cashier 

Newton John H., b .bbin nnifr 

Nich(Pon .loljn W., ;igt, propr 
Southern Watchman 

Noi-nseasterii UiviIioa<!, (j. J. 
Foreacre, pres; I.ymaii Wt-ll-, 
supt; H. A. I/iwrtn-'e, sec: R. Ij. 
Moss, treas; H. Jv. Bernard, audi- 

OFarrell Bros. i<: C.>., (Alonzo H. 
and tJeorir-/ K ). g>'nl store 

O'Farrell W. D., r ot.arv 

O Kll.'V James I'., pliot-'graidi and 

o'l-r c*c liui!!< r, 1.1 >s' ph M. Orr. Snu- 
U''l M. Hu'itoi->, co' iriye;s, tVr- 
t ili/, -rs and ni'i-'' 'o-ok-rs 

o ^ 

to c^ 

: • ^ 




fj - 

s-> < 
^ t'l 


" <i 

l-rl !-^ 


HU M.rJLDINa3 A-.TD FF.k:CZ2 at H. CT.oinun's, 23 Whitehall street, 
2J S Atlanta, Ga. Western Prioes daplioa.ei at wholesale. 

Dj pC' MUTUAL BELIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta. Ga, A Benevolent 


Institution, conducted on business principles 





, ^ 

. ,i,. ^ . 







Parker & Bro., (Ji-hu G. C. and 
Ptitrick X.I, s*"ul store 

Parker & C;im)) Bros., (Seaborn P. 
Parker, D^viil C. and Henry I\ 
Camp), dry goods, trri/eeries, etc 

Purr (';<lvin, p linter 

Patat Frank ,S., Inirness lukr 

Pioneer Paper 3Infg Co., John W. 
Nicholson, pres and manager 

Pipkin Lnu A. Mi.<s, manager \V. U. 
Tel. ("o 

Pittnian W. M. & .^1. M. (William 
M. and Marcus M.), genl store 

Pllner J. C. i!c Co., genl store 

Pope J. ]vi\vin, pjjysieian and sur- 

PiiiscotoiJ Fiit'tojy, Dr. J. S. 
JI uiiilton, pre.-> ; William J. Rus- 
sell, agt 

JvC ives, Nicholson & Co. (IJufiis K. 
lv*aves, Joiui WV Nicholson, Wil 

j .Southern Banner, J. T. Waterman, 
I editor and propr 
i Southern Express Co., William Wil- 
j llatns, agt 

I Southern Mutual In*. Co., Y. L. G. 
! Harris, pres.; Stevens Thomas, 
; gee 

I Southern Watchman, J. W. Nichol- 
son, agt 
j Speer Emory Plot)., attorney 
, Sjjoei' Kiistaee W., j professor Uni- 
I vcrsity of Ga 

I Staidey Mareellus, pres Bink of the 
j Univerdty 
Sterij Cliarles & Co. (Cliarles Stern, 

Simon Shjrnau), clotiiing 
Stern & Allen (M^yer Stern, Je.sse M. 

Allen ), s.doon 
Stone .Joseph II., editor Chron- 
Talmadge, Hodgson & Co. (CIovisG. 
Talniadge, John E. T-ilmadp'^ Ed- 
ward 11. Hodgson, Asi)ury H, Hodg- 
son), grocers 
Talmadtre William A., watch tnkr 
The Athens A^'eeUlj' Chi-oiii- 
cle. J. H. Stone, editor and {)ropr 
Thonias George D., attorney 
Tl)omas Stevens, sec Southern Mutual 

Ins Co 
Threlkeld John J., fru t.-, etc 
Thurmond Samuel P., attorney 
Tiltnn Nathan 1\., cahict^Miikr D. 0']\irrell), gr-.cers and dry r^^^^^ K^chaaue, If H. Lampkin, 

1.^"*' o 1 r. . pi'opr. v-'-t' I'age S3) 

eese .^ dney L. Co. treasurer ^J,.,,^!,. l^.;^ ^y ^ ,,,j.her 

KeidEnre.izou.). barber v of Georgia, P. H. 

uchardson Geo'ge >\ ., grocer ^^^.u ^^ i) j^, ^ y, chancellor. 

Itch J. E., bed spring | (s.^/pa^.e ^3.) 

Vonderlieth C. F. ^Nlrs., confections 
Wade Ivobert M., pliv>Hi:in 
Wadsworlli '\\'. W. P.ev , ISIethodist 

U )bertson Alexander K., marbk 

Kucker Kin-'ey W., attorney 
P.ussidl i;i<'liard B., attorney 
liuss<>n \>'iJ!iain .lohii, ogent j Witermnn John T., eiitor and propr 

PrinrcloM ••.•e-t^Tv I B inner 

Ildtheiford M. Mi.-'s, prin Lucy Cobb i Waters iS: >[.Mek iliiehi'.nlC Waters, 

jiisliiute I Charh's S. Meicki, irrne-Ts 

lliilherloul Williaisi. professor! Wells Lyiman, >upi X. E. R R 

I'niver.-ity of (i,i J Weil Pe'er, sip emkr 

Sip;' vV: Bydie u:\ (Ed\vard Sapp, ; \\'!>if e Hen : y <'., jn'of University 

Eugene \V. Bv.lie), i^arbeis i of(ie..rgia 

Sficiub John }•".," tailor i White J.-lin R., justie,» and notary 

Skill" Vah-nri!;e W., jeweler j Wiutrield J:imes, {r-\ blacksmith 

Sims Divid i:., 'ax receiver j >> iilc<»x Cvprian 1'., libraiiau 

Sin-ir M.iriiitaeturin^ V^k^ J. B. a.nd piof Eoivci-sity of CJeorgia 

Tontner, ngt '' \Viiiifurd John. S., real es'a'e agt 

Solomon i*c Jos^pii (S )lwm<>n Sulo Wilkins James C, stoves and tin- 

mon, Max Jov^ph), drv goods \ ware 

B. H. Broomliead i Co 

Mjiikiings. Brackets, Iz, 

at CAKTEE Sc S:l;l::N'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



"NVilkiiis J. H., pbysieiuu 
AN'iIIiains William, Si Ex iv^t 
WiUiams W. &. O. L. (William and 
O^veii L.), proprs Conuiierci il 
Wilson James F., furniture 
AVinklnr Fre.l L., watchtnkr 
AVitber.spjou Au^ustu>, pLuiin'^ mill 
■\V,tli"rspo->n li >''Jort li., painter 
Wood Wll am L , -rocer 
AVooiJnii WilliuHi G.. prof Uni- 
versity of G 'orij^iii 
AVurm A. J., pianos and org'^is 
Yaueey &C ran ford (G )odloe H. Yan- 
cey,* II )raee L. Crautordi, joij 
prill :ers 
Z-erbly W. R., jiHtice 

Ca m den Co u n \y. 
A small settlement witli no post 
-office advantaares. 




Capital city of G.'n-^'ia. -eat of jus- 
tice of Fulton coimty, b -aring the 
"well-deserved sobriquet of Gate City 
of the S jutli ; is situated in tlie north- 
ern part of tlie Sate, seven miles 
from the Cliatt?booeliee river, 1,087 
feet above the sea level, in latitude 
33 degrees 45 minutes, longitude 84 
degrees 23 minutes. 


Despite the fact tliat llie war be- j 
tween the States left Atlanta in; 
ashes, she ha? shown a power of re- 
cuperation unparalleled. Id 1870 the 
Census showed her to have a popula- 
tion of 21,789, and to bj the tit'ty-tlfth 
city in the Union; tl^e Ct-nsus ofi 
1^8) give.sher a population of 37,4ii9, > 
and makes her the tifty-first city in 
the Uai m in point of population, \ 
and siiowing tha' shp i-; only second ' 
to one cit^- in the S )Utb — Nashville 
— in respect to the rapivl increase of 
her population. 


Atlanta is emj^'iat^eal y a city of 
railr.jads. vShe lias now live railroads 
fully equipped c.-nte;ing here, viz : 
the W. & A. n. IL. from Arlanta to 
Ciiattin.H)ga; Teiin. ; tie Air L!ti'\ 
from Atlanta to Co irl -ttn, N. C. ; 
the Atlanta ami West Poiiu, fr uu 














Atl in;a to West Puint, Ga., where it 
connects with other railroads lead- 
ing to MontgoiU'^ry. Ala., and Colum 
l)U<, Ga. ; tlie (Jeorgia Iliilroad, to 
Au.:usta and beyond, and the Cen- 
tral, to jSIacon and other points 
sou 11. B 'Sides these railroad enter- 
prises already accomplished, others 
are projected, viz: the extensioii uf 
the Macon & B'-unswick ro.-ui fmni 

j Macou to Athuita; the Gt-orgia I'.i- 
cific, from Atlanta to Birmingham, 

1 Ala. ; the Alabanii Railroad, fr im 
Atlanta totheciKil ti^-hls of Ahibama, 
and arailro';d from Atlanta to R ime, 
Ga. All of -i'lese roads are under the 
miiiagem;Hit of men of means, and 
will surely be built in the near fu- 
tu.-e, and when built, will, by intro- 
dueitig cheap coal, make Atlan- 
ta the manufacturing as well as 
the railroad center of the South. 


Atlanta has now one street rail- 
road, connecting the centre and busi- 
ness portions of the city with Wt^st 
Fnd, Ponce de Leon Springs, th.e 
Fair Grounds ami the extreme por- 
tion of DK'atur street. Tnere is also 
proj^'cted another line to run tVoni 
I'tyor street al)ng the Boulevard to 
Ponce de Leon S.irings. 


The Union Pa.ssenirer D -pot, the 
finest in theSoulii; the '^ tlaiita Roll- 
ing iSIill, now the Georgia Iron 
Worlds, empl.ying .")00 hands; the 
Kimball Huu-e, one of the largest 
Hotels in tl>e S mlb ; DeCiive's Opera 
House, iiumer us iu»vv churches and 
many eleiraiit lesid uice-^ and bu^i- 
u'^ss block-^, were compl'ted by the 
■ •[■)-e of lis7(). Fr •to i,sT,! to IS-U and 
ls>!, many v-tlualdf impioveinent^ 
Il . ve l)een ma'le inthe<-itv. AmotiLr 

r % 

^^ h%AZ'^ f:r PHOTOaH.^rHS. and FraiT.35 nado to crdc-r. ar.y sizo cr 
ai'^iiud Etrl3. C. M. GOODI'IAN. 23 V/aitshall street. Atlanta. Ga. 


U a. 



^ o 

fe- .."'Sa 

tti — a 





d o 

p < 

r~- -■ 

: ""■'*':--'.■,' ' ■■' ■ ' 


' ■•-■-■ 

■':'"■-"■ rJJ^-:"''^ ■ '. . . ,^ . 

■■''■' i 


""'-"-—.'■"- '-'J: '--' '<■[. '-:- 


'■}. - ,t;\' ,J?^'-' 'i^:?':; ' : 

'^' ' i 




Jas. P. Harrison a. Co . , P i o p ' rs , 27 ^4 2 9:; G i o a d S t . 

ATL ^S ATL ~~ 

Were couij'letod at a cosi. of half a 
mil. ion of dollar-; but so rapid ha-' 
wen tlie iuert\;se in Atlanta's p :)i)u- 
■larinn that it is s"rln'.;>iy thou'Jiht th-tt 
ihe present woikswl' n')tsuji;.ly the 
(iemai.ii for \va er. IMr. H. I. Kita- 
liail r.t lio U'.-tiii; d:'y tu 
supjily Atl::utu ■'.villi \vui._i- from the 
Ch;it aVioocliee riv>-r, by m.-' ms of a 
eatial fr(;m ^•»!i:e point or river 

above tlie city. 


In ISGOa Board of Education wai- 
fJect'd, i:nii in 1^70 tlie ciJy cliartor 
\va.<^- anieiHied to e.str.b;i.?h and main- 
tain a ^ysu■m of ])ublic .school . At 
tlie pre^ei't time 10 school,-; aree^tab- 
IL-rhed, 7 white, and 3 colored, and 
IfCtw en 4,C0u and 6,H,>;i cljildren re- 
ceive in>tri,ctic'n from ;h!s source. 
The hchf (d? are locate*; as f(..iIo\vs: 

I3i>.\s Higli Seh&(vl,47 Wa-hington 

Girli' liigb School, 47 Washington 

Q,v(}\\ iSficet.'t'clK (d, 119 Crew street. 

Fair Sn cet iSchool, corner Keliy 

the number, the Un'ttd Statts 
Custom Hou^e, a vuy haip'Si me 
buil-.htig, fronting the !Stale Capitol 
on ]Maiietta stieet, and coveiirg al- 
most an entire blo(dv. In tin's build- 
ing is the Atlanta r«Jst-( iiic^, the 
Court rooms for the Circuit ami Dis- 

trict Coiirtf 


-S, tbC 

oflice of the Surveyor of ihe I'ort of 
Atlanta, and the offices of the eni- 
] loyee? and ofiieers of tiie two courts 
mentioned at)ove, and of the Atlanta 
Post-ofliee. The cost of the lot, the 
building and furniture wi'l augreeate 
1^500,01)6 Tlie Younj-n :M',n's' Li- 
brary Associatit)n has e/ected a very 
handsome Library riuilding on De- I and Fair. 

catur street. The iJarkhi.m Fi<>use, j Ivy Street Schoo', 173 Tvy street, 
a very large and c-'iiiinodious hotel, | Maiieita Sirtet School, 271 ^Nlari- 
i.s located near the P; s-«:nger 1)' pot, j etta street. 
anci was built by William Markham ! Walker Street School, corner 

between LS70 and IbSO. 'J he Atlanta 
Cotton Factory, commenced in 1S7.5, 
is now tlnished and running niiiht 
and day, .Sutuhiy al. ne excepted. 
The walls of Fulton County Court- 
house are now going up, and by or 
before th.e end of 1SS2 tlu' countv will 

Walker and Haync. 


llayne S reet Scliooi, 9S Mayne. 
Summer Fiill School, KJO MuVtin. 
Wheat Street SchooL 
It will 'bus be seen ttn\t th.e Schools 

have a court-house worthv of the city j are so located, as to be accts.-:ible 
of Atlaiit:.. it will cost," lot and all, from all p:<rts of the city. In addi- 
about 5;lOO,OOU. 1 lion to th> .-e S'bcok eslaMi-died by 

the city, the Atlanta University i-- lo- 
cated in this citv and receives .sS,0 JO 

There are in Atlanta banks (ioing 

bu-ine-s on the capita! m.utioned j P^|/'^^'"''i'" |''""' '^''' ^^^^^^; , ,. 
I^^^j^j^^. . ^ Besides the means ot educatmn 

Cav,itai and surplus. 1 furnished lite colored people already 

Bank of the State of Geor-ia.rf 1:20,010 ! 

James's Bank private. ! 

-Mendianfs Bunk ^^l'.^I.OCO - 

(iate City N;.tionLd \VA\k •2.!.s,0j0j 

Georgia Banking and Trus; 

Comjianv 77,."0'i 

Atlanta ^■^!ional Bank 170,0(0 

\V. M.&i l;. J. Lowry'sBani:.iuivate. 

Tn 187-') tlie Atl.-nii Waterworks 

mentioned, there is de All tnta I'.ap 
Tist Semnniry, I'oun.ii d in l>7'.i; Clarke 
Univer';s , chaiti red in bs77; S!ori''s 
S.dK.o' a.-.d I'ni-'M najdi.--t Scho,d, all 
located in the oity of A'da.jta. 


This Cspwdr.iou ll'.-it opens (Ji/tober 
'i, l"-"^'., and coirinue.s I'.r three 
moiitli>, is n'.t oiny exciting the at- 
tio.'i <'!' tlie peoj.le of '1;^ United 

B. H. Broonihe.ld 4 Co. 

MUli^ Lead ^nd Oil.. 

^nv | » > Ji ji L.,! « HH i ^n >"> gW^ffT" 

' "v A iV 





v.. ,.: I 

Z Ti 

■''=<■,-! v| 

A 'J. " 

' :, ;■ • 

w '- 







' ' > ' 


r . "^ U 




;'-.-■■- ^ 


- I 



/-" ": 


/ - ■' 

■^ ?ii 


•' , ? - 

V, -A 

'^■''■^. ■ ■ 

-A - 


■'•'■' y 

>/ ■•• 



'. V- 


^ ;■':;■. .^■■. ■.;; ^ ^- '3^^r''-:/ V''^ ■'■'-/!' 

''r-rr .'---■ 

"^"i^;'..;'*^^' S'4?^!^^:: > 

%■ , .-fevCtsr- 


" ' ' J,/' 







pnnUinC -^^ your Families "by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 
rnUylUL belief ASSwCIATION, Atlanta. Ga, 




■'^^^ ';rTf*''Tr' '^^■ 


E^ = 


'^; c 

Adair tt Bro. (Augustus D. am! 
(ireeu B.), guano and comrai&sidii, 
27 W. Alabama 
Adams House, Mi-^s Sallie Ad- 
ams, propr; 24^ E. ^Vall 
Adams Lorenzo D., grocer, 90 Peach- 
Adams Patrick, slioemkr, 328 Ma 

Adams ,'^allie Miss, propr Adanis 
Hous-^ 241 Wall 
, , ,, ,. , ^, , Adamson Ciuirles Q., grocer 2G2 De- 

>tat^s, but the attention of the peo* I (■•uur 

pie of the wiiole civilized world. Th^j .^,)'l^,j. ^Moses. wrapping paper, 81 
Exposition was sugue-ted by Mr. l ^^ I'road 

Edward Atkinson, of MH8saehusett^ ! A-rieohi' Herman A , baker, 57 I)e- 
m a speech delivered by him in At- citur 

lanta Ociober la, 18S0, upon the cul- \ Xiy-\Aiie House, Mrs. E. A. Till 
tivation, prep^iration and mannfae i ,,-,,3,. v,.-.v..- Jov S Prvor fS-n 

, .■ .t jll'l.. ■ rill-' IXi.fcil, f'I'i » ■"-'J -■ ^ ^J^^' ^t-^v 

ture ot cotton and allied topics, lliis | n.j<re 107) 

idea was ^e'z^d upon, Hiid a siock i a^^^I^^ ^ Bros. 'William T., Geotge 

company or-aniZH,l for the purpose; ^y_ j^,^,, J;uues K. P.), Flourin- 

of holding a grand International Cot- i ;^jiij^ .->-t t.; Forsvth 

ton Evposiiion at Atlanta for the | ;^j.;.-;i j;:^ ^ -^y g,.oeer, 51 Tat- 

displiy of ifXtile labrics, an.i all tlie 1 n.^p 

processes, implelnent^ machinery | .vii;,.,t ^Vil]i;vm J., attorney, 2.\ Ma- 

and appliances, trom the preparation i ,i,.t(^.i 

of the to grow tlie cotton or fred vidredge & Allen (John Aldredge, 

toe shee)., to the iimshe.l goods, and j ^,j^,,^ Allen), grocers, 112 White 

even the manner in wiiicli tiiey are : ■ 11 

put upon the market. Toe h^^^ \ ^^^.^uaev Jame^ F., pbvsiciau, G'J 

Exposition building O'-cupies a per-' P<achtree 

f.cily leytd space within tiie I'^jlf" , .vk,;,;,n,i,.r J. M. & Co. (Julius M. 

liule track inl>glethorpe Park. Ihej ^\,^^.,i,„{er , Adolph J. Brady), 

central room is 112 scpiare and ; ^.^;^^ hardware, 40 Whitehall 

two stones h-ii, ]:ie on- wnius ^^^^^ ,. ^,., ^^^^. j, ^^^^.^^^ market, 100 

are Oo feet ^v;de and b04 leet long. - ;M,i),„„High 

The full length ot this monst.r bull. Dexter W., restaurant, 13 E. 

mg IS ,2o teet, and wilth 4i.0 leet, ! Apii,i,-,vi 

giving a floor spuce of 88,500 teet <.r, .^fi^n EMas C, grocer, S4 Peacbtree 

two acres. 1 nis building will be 1 ; j, ^.j,^,,^^ r^ ^^y. McDon- 

peifectlv protected trom hre and I .., . o i 

peilectiy } 

lii^hted 'by electricity 

iaaiin Con lev, P. yi. 

Hon. Ben- 


Alley Alvin P., physician, 2] Mari- 

Aiijeiit'-ii!} Inventor., (weekly), 
J'. E. Zeibe, mn-r; 2S Wall. (See 

Robert 1^. R«d'-<'rs, attoiney-at- 

law, collecting, c(mi veyancing i[\\(] , page 07.' 

surrogate practice, Atlanta, (see | Amorous Martin F., Inmber, lath 

l>age '.»5i j and shin_'les, -U Marietta 

Ab.iott \' ]',ro. (L-wisIj. and Wil- 1 AncJior PiiI)Ji>Uii!-' Co.,^ sub- 

liam]>.), who! grain aini provis- 1 .sciiptbm bonk p'ildi-l:ers, T. H. 

ion<, tjl ]•;. Alabama ' \\ ];ioodsvorlh, niaugr, u] White- 

Ahvssjtija I.jiM-aiv tc\ J. A. I hall. -S'c i''''-'<' 1**'' ' 

Wood, Mcs; A. L. "Lrovvii, li!,ra- , Anderson Clitr.rd, aitorney-general, 

riaii; 1:^ S. I'ryor I State H 'U-c 

Ad .ir (;.(<;i:e W., real es'ate, Wall ' Anilers4Mi .lanu's A., propr iit- 
Adair J.)lin T., gro.'er, etc., 70 Dcca-I lanta C:.>h Clotinng Store, 4L 

tur ' ! \\'biieba!l 

B. H. Brooinliead & Co. 

sji.^t iii:\i>^' >iixi:5> i>.viTN'r 


yf=^ in all patterns, at Carter a Solomon s>, 
Big 50 WhitDhail street, Atlanta. 





























The Press a-^.d People re^^ard THE CK^?ISTBAf^ if^DEX 
the best /Advertising r^"1t Jiu^rj in the South. 




d C) 


f-™— — •?;-T:;:rr-^^'^;r?;^^ ! Arm-troi .i,' AVilliaui S., phy.-^iciaii, Gl 

I? r :p':'- ' ' "'W-'y: >;'; '•-.: : : /> Whitel.all 

I ■ ;V ^^'■■' i Arndt Brcis., ( Kuilolph rin<l William 

i, . .;/' ■• ji L.), saloon, 14 and IG Marietta 

j- ■•;- ,; ;,'.K- ;■:;:'■ ;^-. , ^ :-:\ Ar«oi<3 Frjuak A., attorney, G9 E 

I : v-.-.'--,;.'.\. '-^iV -,■■../,,- ' , -: I, , Alal'ania 

\ ' ' ■ ■ ~ ■ .- i 1 Arn<a..l Reuben, attorney, G9 E Ala- 

j ' ■ :; I baina 

j; vr •;.:.;:.. .-^-..s ...■:-•: : \: ,A i Arnnll Willian. ^I., furniture, 127 ^ 

-— .^ — .- 11-1 — ~ — HI ' Airowood Jeliu ^I., attorney, Ql 

xVnderf-on Janies A., atiornev, 27", j Wiiitfha 1 

Whitehall " ' A-lier AVilliavn C, dru^s and. physi- 

Anderson J. IT. i: C •., agrl iniple- | ciar, 212 :Marifctta 

nient.--, I'.'J S. Bruad i Ashlt'V AV. (.^., sa.^h, doors, blind?, 

\\inil<>u- !:!;!.--, etc., ?>'> >. ]^i-oad 
Atkins. M.K^i.iin & C'>., (Jo-eph W. 
Atkinr-, iluuli ]M. ^^leiveliin, J:.. 
Clay Atkins), boots, shoes and hats, 

William W.\ grocers, 147 W. Te- i Atlanta A,LaaeuUnral Works, Joseph 
ttrs j H. Johnson, propr; corner Marietta 

Andrew-, Kiteh i C^o. (Ansley H. ^nd ISIil 

Anur-\vs, Ridord T. Hitch, ! .s^tlanta Baptist Seminr.ry, (ci, El- 
M. Green i. eh-lhii:-, 10 Wnittdmll j \\u{{, nw cor Hunter 

^'^^^' J^'lf" '"^•' '^"orney, ^^^^\ xWnAxta^ Ca-^Ix ClomUxz ^iQVC, 
\Vlut(Mall ; J ^„,^,^ A. Anderson, pro]. r;Janies 

r-T'''\ r ■' ^^"'''^^ ^^,- '''■^'' ! JI. Jonns, supt; 41 Wiui.diall 

\}^^'^'^^ Av-'^'i'' 1 '■' ' ^ I Ail .nta Chamber of Conunerce, 41 E 

tilizirs, , \\. Alabama ., . 

An-ier N. L. & S .n, iNedoni L and :;"'' ;, Bewing Co., Henry S. 

C.arence), nisn^^ents, . ^\ Alabama ^^y.^,^^..^ ^^-^,^.3 xj^catur 
Aunis Cfjarlcs S.. inillwriaht and | ^tjanta Cutton C'mipi'e^^ '>'>"i<^ Ware- 

ag-^nt mill inaelnnery, uflh'e At- i iiou-c C->., Georu'e AV. Parrott, pres ; 

!a!it.t y,t urin- refills. ,S^e adv." " --"' " 

An>ley Y. J. i.t Co., ( Frank J. Ansley 

Andeiso!! IJ-.b-rt A., tre'.il f-t agent, 

W. & A. i^ K. 
Anderson R. -Af. v.t Co. .Robert >[. 

.-indHrsoni, hvery, 47 S. Forsyth 
Andersitu i.^ B -o. (.Juni'S A. and 

C, R. IL Cur W. Peters 

n>lev 1'. J. i.V:L()., ( trank J. AnslMy, , /v.,t^o.i. ir-.r-trtw H I 

nsley Je=;se A., real estate, 8 \\ all i ,'.'" , ' \\ ,„•',.., 

T"f' -?tlV'-, ^T;"-" ""' '^^ AUanw; ' S. C...,T.G.H..,l.y, 
dealer, <U A\huehall "^^' " t ir Ar?,,.. .1 ;..'..>..,.,„) tr^ns • 

Ap{>'er David W ., gen we.-tern agt 

Central R. R.. Decatur cor Pryor 

AiJ5>lctou D. *i Co , of New Y^rk, 

l.res ; J. H. Mecaslin, see and treas 
19: Whitehall 
Atlanta FeniaU- Institute, ^Nlrs J. \V 
Bdiard, l)rin; 173 Peaelitree 

















AicJier Jlin!>e, (Mr.-. Xiiui N. 
Ar'lur, pri>i)i; b] Mitcli' 11 

Aicliev Mna X. M\<.^ propr 
Airh^r HoUM-, SI Mitehidl 

AiCtic If' Co., William Ciiiloril 
Nell, projii"; wilicr' 70 IV-icl\ t Ice 

S P>road ,. , , 

Atlanta Xarbniul B.uik, Altre.l Aus^ 

t.-U, pres; r. Kwt:ui:e, ca-hier. JC 

]■: Alabatn:'. 
AUassi.i rsur-rraos ^^- Cole _ct 

(.<!., pioj) ; .\i; l)oii..i.^'hroad, , mile 

\^■i^■u city hiuils irje e ]>ag-:- 11)3) 

QUiLDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE. ^ C'OLOi Jj-i C> 1^' . \ JL^T^ Ivl>.'l>>'' 
B. H. BroomheaJ li Co. \ W" DRY OR IN OIL. 



I Arc r 1 1 R T A ! W Q ^"'^ Laml: requires, selected from finest Importation; 
LMUL UUn 1 MlllO C/.HTER ic SOLCMClN, 50 Whitohall st., AUar.t? 


(~^ r^ 

"^ ^ P /^ 

1 a 


ManufactuTLTS o' 

xji' \^ \^ y y !S 'tijy usu Si Mm xiiv ^SgT ^ y y ^^s^ a 

The Great Cotton and Corn Fertilhsr- 

General Agents kor Sale of 


Ammoiiiated and Acid Phosphates. 


Jr%.IUJiJ^J12AX^ m^ ^^^rO ^I^IE^ 

PuMisljers, Sool] sellers ami St ati overs, 

Sanday-school requisites and Lihr.irie? a specialty. Publishers of ti'.e " M Er :-iori^ r Advocatk. " 


^N. P. Pl^' 

mm.. ^. 

Will practice in the City and State Courts, and 
'.a the Federal Courts of Georgia. 

Ciinveyaiicin;; and the settlement of estates 
(or heirs, legatees, creditors, etc. 

OFFICE: 48 MarieUa, Street, 

Y/. S. McNEAIi & CO. 



Graipcrs and Kalsorpincs and Dealers in 
Graining Colors, 


-^"bla.n"ba., - - Georgia.. 

< scllci:' ■''. .ind iiromptlv att'. lulf d to. 


<'. A. IilX<;. I»r<>i»ri«'lor, 



< . 

H ^ 


P P n p } p C ' -'I-atu?.! E2I ief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, best and safo:: 
iLUrLLO Cc-CT35rative Life Asjociaticn in the South. 

• ATL 

Co-operative Life Association in the South. 


I Aiiifii Jiichard ^I., physician, ic 

j Mariftta 

I An ry Tii(ima.s J., saloon, 11] W 

! Avat-y Archer,, 75 Peachtrec 

...„.^ Avei-y 13. P. & Sons, (Bejijanuii 

J':",^;j{ I i"' 5 S.imu.l T. and George C. 

ciuriagep, wagf.ns and plow.'^, co- 

Alabama and For.syth. (See Adv. 

L'.ii;"^ I Avery Isaac W, private sec Execu- 

ip Atlanta Po^t-AppvaL;<iemocrat; I 13.^1,,, J.^^^,^^ p ^oui mer 91 S 
[|,j daily and seini-weL'kly - D. L. Cald- Ri-o-td 

•* ' r!^!|^' H tI^''^' '^''' ~*^ ^" ^'"'''^'^ ' '^^'^ Baber' James M., physician, 56 Stonc- 

Afianfa PtiMic I'V^xTi'ce, Cot- { ^acon K.bert A., secv E. R. Coni- 
ton and bJock K.^chaMse, J. j niissioncrs of- Ga , 12 E. Alabama 
l.Cummuigs, pre..; H- 1^^- <,utn- 13,,., Rodrick D., (c) dentist, 37 

miugs, st^cy ; J. B. Cumnuugs, jv^iehtree 

v.V'*"''\*' ^'i>*' ^'r'"' wir o iBnird Jarac8 B., physician, 63 

Atlanta Kepubhr-an, Wjlliam S. 1 Whitehall • t j > 

Cark, pr<-pi'; 35 Marielta ! p,.,}. jj^,,„.^^.^ physician, 188 S.Forsyth 

r-.1 ^I'^'^'l^^^^''^ ^;- '^•/-"■' "^^.-^''^^ XT ' Baldwin William L, Jr., grocer, 222 

£;-^ Wdhams, iropf; 3a. S. -Broad. I j.^,ji j^_ ^_ ^ ^-.^ j^_ ^_ ^^^^ q 

M aIV^'^'"^''^^^ ^^ ... . ! H. A. Ball), variety store, 19 

*;-%-'l u. 1. Clu'i.-toplier ct Bro., ITOps; : , , t ti^ at ■ * x. + 

tn 3-^S. Broad. (Seepage 115) ; Ballard J ^^ Mrs. pnn Atlanta 

^■- Atlanta TelenlionieExriiunoe, Henry I ^ t^m:ile Institnte, 1 ,3 Peachtree 

gv; II. Ja<'kson, supt; ollice " Kimball 1 i>-'l''i-<l ^"^ ^^''l'} -^m tnuisfer line and 

p'.^'l Hou-e j-e.staurant, LnionDt-pot 

mi Atbinta Univer>itv, (e) Tatnall, foot! Bank of the State of Georgia, F. M. 

tjfv:.] ofMitclull I Coker, pres; 1^. M. Coker, .Jr., 

W ; Atlanta Water Works Co., 6 E. Wall ' <^ashier, Marietta, cor Pea_ciitree 

IT Atlanta WorKlv Pc-t, E. y. ' Banks Ilenry. real estate, 3< Peach- 

J^ Clarive,;.^:' Broach (See ^ tree «, a.^-,, 
page 117) i Banks James, attorney, 61 White- 

^ Atlanta and ^Vc^t Vaint Kail- I ^ 1'*" , ,, , ,, „. ,„ „ 

h road, L. P. Grant, pre - 32 Loyd i B:" ford f rai.k Ix., grocer, ;,7o ^\ . I e- 

^ ■ ■'•- B"V(i ' i tt^'■-^ ,,, ,-- A^- 

v^^ AustHUAlCivd, pres Atlanta Nation- i Bai-low Inomas, grocer, lUu ^^ • 

" z al Jjink 15 F Alili-i'iri I Pfters 

^ Austfil, llob'inson c^c' .\ian'-iim. (Wil- Barnes .Tames J., com mer,47 E. Ala- 

^o liani AV. Anslell, AugnsliisM. Pvob- bama , ,, , ., -.^ 

^5 ins'Hi, Carson L. .Mangum), who] ^''™j'; Lewis, (c) blacksmith, lol 

1^ ;^ notions and \sliile good^, Pnyor, 1 >\ . 1 eters 

H g. cor Decatur " i Jiarnett Nathan C. Secretary of 
Oo Au>tell dc llice, (Alfred Austell, I State, 2 Statn Ilou.^e 
c^ Zacbaiiah A. Ric-i, com mers, 63 : Barrow Hugli \'., grocer, 81 Peach- 
ed Bro: d i tree 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. \ 

Xjii:xLO ^.33lc1 X^i^^xr*. 

at CARTEPw & SOLOI^iON'S, 50 WhitehalUt.. Atlanta. 












37i Broad Street, Over Cumming's Exchange, 



Will give special attention to collecting accounts. bilU, notes, drafts, checks, bonds, liens, judg- 
ments, executions, nT>rti;a,^'es; conveyancing, transferiiig titles by deeds, bonds, mortgages, leases, 
wills, assignments, partitions; settling estates for heirs, legatees, creditors, admini.s: rators. e.Kecutors. 
guardians, trustees. 

Will act .IS agent or altorne-y to rrnt. buy or sell real cst.ite, examine records of deeds, u-ills, judg- 
ments, i:.ventories and returns. 

Practice in idl the Courts of the State of Georgia, a'.^o in the Federals Courts. n 

Cor. Peachtree and Maricita Sts.. ATLANTA, GA., 


Watertown Fire- Iiisuranna Co.,- 

Insures against loss or damage by lightning as well as fire. D-.vkllincs a Si itcialt v. 


IDe^:c:cito:2. i.2i. CS-esr-rla. 


Columbus Insurance jind Bankiiio- Company 

Esublished 1852. Assets, January i, iSSi, ?4v4,8.'6. Deposited in Georgia, t25,ooo. 




-^.i •— iKti; 

CJ o 


THE CHRlSTiAN JiMDEX-Established 53 years a ^o 
_ -'^^s-P- Jl^rn son <^ Co. , Propnetors^ Atlarrta^C a": * 

— ^^^ 9(i ^ _^^zz 

Beiijaniin Bro^. & Co. (Siinoii ami 
3IiM-ris r.eiijiimh), J-rrvS. PiukiN- 
sohn), whol ci-ars aiui toh;;ee.. -r, 
E. Alahama 

Benn^-tt Benjamin F., iolj r.iMjte'- 
12 W. Alal.arna 

Heuiiett Lewi-, biack:swit!i au<Jv,a". 
on uikr, ^lo Decatur "^ 

Bentley Mu.^^fS H., (c) barber, 20 S 

Berusirom Andrew M., pi'inter 2'J 
E. fliinter ' 

Berry Eui^rene M.,, 25 Peach- 

Berry ^^ark, boots and shoes, 33 
Peach tree 

Bi'ttis & EskridiT, (Joseph E. Betti^ 
Albert Eskridg), grocer.*, 239 \v! 

Belts William E., meat markef, 19 
E. Peaciitrco 

Jlcutell liiiss M., stair huilder, 11 

Spring. (Seep. 103). 
Beyer Martin M., grocer, 90 Decatur 
Bijigers John M., physician, K'O S 

Bart(n Cliarles J., attorney, Vih 

Barwald M. & Co. (Morris B irwald 

), who] paper, 12 E. M tcliell 

Bates Edwin & Co. (Edwin and 
Charles K. Bates, Thomas R. Mc- 
GahuM, Charles S. Kingsbery), 
who! clothing, 2 and 4 S. Pryor" 
Beck, Gregg & Co. (Louis H. Beck, 
WdlianiA. Gregg. W. M. Crum- 
ley, Jr.), whol hardware, Pryor j 
cor Decatur j 

Bcckem William C 
263 W. Peters 

(c) shoemkr, 

Bedell William A., cotton buyer 37 i J^'^' {""V;"' ^^^'^^^'^^ocer, 38 Marietta 
s; Tirf^.>,i ■^ ' ' : Bird A: Haunson (liobeiT Rird T,.}.n 

aunson (Robert Bird, John 

S. Broad 
Beermanu Charles, barber, Kimball 

Beermanu & Kuhrt (Charles Beer- 

mann, fleiny G. Kuhrt 

and tobacco, 1 Whitehall 
Bell Fred & Co. (Fred Bell. John S. 

S. Bell), sewing machines, 31 Mari- 1 Black Lawson, register in bankrupt- 
^ '-'}}\, j , f-y ■'^nd U. 8. comr, 61 .^ E. Alabama 

Bell Marcus A., attorney and real Black William ^V., attorney. 

T. Haunson), stone pump mufrs, 50 
Bizzell William D., physician, 9^ 
Peach tree 

cigars , j^i.-^^^ jQ_ (^,_^ ^^.j^^, grocer, 10 S. For- 
' syth 

estate, 30} Marietta 
Bell Margenius A., attorney, 20 E 

B.ll William E., (c) shoemkr, 32 W^ 


Whitehall ' " 

Black W. Walton, physician, -^0 Ma- 

Blair Charles A., physician, 140 

S;:!! \\;'^''^^"^/Iv,g^'^cer -^^0 Marietta I Blakel^Chai^^^^ shoemkr, 12 

Bell \\. fe. e\c Bro. (W alter H. aTid Decatur 

\\ dham D.), lumber dealers, 147 Bleckley Logan E , attorney, es For- 
i.^TK"' .,„ r . syth s of Marietta ^' 

""' ^^ ^^'^^" (Allen J B. II. Jesse P. ! Block Frank F., mnfg confectioner 

1 .an ;, ^yrocers, 3oo Marietta | and baker, 3o-39 E. Alabama 

'"^:"z^^:!Ji^ '■'■^^'"^'■'' '■'■^='- «'oo..u .■;,, t.,„.,.., u. .... 

31 , 1,--'... , ^'^'"- (See page-; 1U7-10'.») 

iltudor n iJllaui, .saloon, 5') W. Boa/. George l:., livery stable and uu- 

__^.^^""f>l'' dertaker,16L oyd 

BUILDERS' SUPPLY H0U3E.(n„:^* H I / \V 7~- J 

3. H. Broo.He.d&co. iPaiHi BrusfiGs of all kinds. 

g^ EST,/L Bi^z s^3::EnD isso. 


^^ ^;^ 1 -.1/ • !' ,1 iyy. 

v^rv;^^ '1^'^ 


i^ li 

■!;?■■'' :^~'.'\r:^ :^M i.T?a li'-^n ^:--"'i 

■.•^^-■:- :-v'=*^--^.- ■ ^5' il !'• : 



L\i V 







> ' 






27 g 29 


'^^^^T^, g.:eo:e^^'^^'' 

I— ]3 








eg-rABusHCD iso( 



We are we'! prepared with the latest and 
choicest facilities to fill orders for 


TJiu j'j: ojj:ss ions ; 

Companus, iJauhs, ^x■^(iz%, (tit., 

In splendid style, and at prices in con- 
formity with the times. In a word, all 
kinds of PRINTING requirin;^ tasteful 
arrangement and handsome work, either 
in Gold, Silver, Fine Colors, or plain — 
specialties which "The I-'raniclin' "' is 
specially adapted to do. 

;; c^ 



In hope of secutini; a share of your 
lOV. PRINTING, we call your atten- 
tion to our establishment. The house is 
now, perhaps, more competent for the 
e.xecution of every class of Book and Joi' 
WoKK than any other in the State — 
certainly unsurpassed iu the South. 

We shall be happy to receive your 
orders tor 

Envelopes, Lcllcr Heads, Bill HcaJs, 

statements of Acts, 

Circulars, I'ostcrs, 

Pamphlet.s, Blank Books, Music. 

Ar.ything in the Printing Line, 

i/r""We iiave all the litt- ap:'rcved 
Stationery, Card Stock, etc.. and em- 
ploying none but skilled worknien, 
we make the finer cri'des of Printinsr 
a specialty. F.very di-scription of 
P>i-.\NKs furnished. 


iS^ Our purpose is to mekit the 
best class of patronage, and to 
anvays give satisfaction. We furnish 
county and other officers with al! 
needed Stalionery. 

Samples and estimates furnished. 

We were Awarded the First Premium at the Georgia Slate Fair for 


' J^'urnitl, [.fd^ 

'id Cc 

Bcoi:.' Best Ca'- i .tnd BiL' /'rin.'i:,^'.' 

Bi-si AVzi'j-/<!/r r in .'/;•-■ S'.iii-. \ !'/:■: Christ an Iiui;x.) 

The Best Books Ever Executed in Ihe South! 

\\'e print the Ge'ir,;;ia Supreme Court Reports, and sell all d,itc-s of tiie same. We supply I.e-^al 
Planks of every de-eription on anpiicitiou ; iu 'act. '.ve lurni-l\ C" ninty and oirkrrs with all 
needed Statium-ry at prices which defy competition. f_)rdrrs by mail receive as prompt attention 
as if in person. 

Tl :SP',-V^*^rW/b«f 

PRDTCP ^ CnSnTitlON wholesale and Retail Eealsrs in CAS PETS' 
bAnlL.n 6: OULUlSlUn, on Cloths.&c, so Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




^ ;:;^ TOP w^. ^, fr\ "^rf fr? ^mm'm\ .K::x 

j^ j Y ^y ^'<?-> Wnr.AteMnti «Nu-/M>a<!r 'titi ■%! . V-»»rai NikJi'', ViV.S' ■«>•«/ ^uMidt V^ — A »\ G) 


-^^ Corner Alabama and. Pryor Streets, ATLANTA, GA. h^-^ 
-% ^— 

TerrriSj, per Day $1.^30 

Single Xvleals or X-odging SOc 

J. I.. KEITIrl, I^rop'r. 



as "t^all 3-creGt,, i^.-fclan-L-a, C,a. 

Publishers of the .V ^J IHI « 1 C\>'' I>f%'3i:>*'T01 1, a iG page illustrated mechan- 
ical and icientitic Journal. Subscription .?i per 

W. S. WILSON', Xew ORi,e»>MS, L \. J. C. WILSON, Atlanta, Ga 

wr"s."WILSON &YrO~ 


Special inducements to parties wisliing- Coal, Liim', Laths and Shinij les by the ca r-load. 

We deal oniy in the best of goods in our line, and .juarantee 

Dr. Ch. R. Ubson. 



:N^OS-r:,ii;^VR/J\l:LKO^^T and LUNGS, 


t4 = 


es' Mntual Relief A:soo ation, Atlanta, Ga. Month:- 
Circulation, 15,000. Good advertising mecLium. Send fcr cot:-,-'. 







Bohvnd Ivtlls H. Dr., sec and treas 

National Surfjical Institute, Ala- 
bama, nw cor Pryor 
Bo'iles George F., book publi.sher, 40 

Bollmaii William, watches, clocks 

and jewelry, 10 Wliitehall 
Boniar & Peek (Flavins J. Komar, 

Solomon Peek), grocer.", l!5 W. 

Bookout John M., watches, etc., 21 

Boone K. L. &C0. (Kedar L. Boone, 

Jame.s R. Wylie), whol grocers, 

57 and 59 Peaclitree 
Booth William K., carriage mnfr, 72 

W. Petera 
Boring John M., phy.sieian, 61 S. 


Bosclse Iv. C. & Co. (Richard C. 

Boscbe and ), sign painters, 

under Kimball House. (Seep. 103). 
Bostwick Ttioraas K., troeer, 41 

BouUe & Logan (Adolph Boulte. 

William W. Logan), jewelers, 28 

Bowen Jonah (c), shoemkr, 75 W. 

Boyil Is^ac S., genl a!:;t .Southern 

Dept Watertowii Fire Ins Co. 

of Walertowii, N. Y,, and (ja Dei)t_ 

ColiisiJJjiJs lii-s and Bk;; Co. of 

Cohunbus, Mis.'^., Peaciitree cor 

Marietta. uSee page 9o>. 
Boyhm Jo,-^ei)li, noliniis, l:J4 Decatur. 
Boyiiton Bros. (HoUis A. and George 

H ), wliol j.'rocer.-^, 2S E. Alabama 
Boys and (ii;l.-i ot tiie South, 24 S. 

BradfuM Josiah, patent medicine 

mnfr, .39 8. Pryor 
Bradley Horace, arlisf, :'7i Whitehall 
Brady John D. & Bro. tJoh!) D. and 

Peter), bakers, 122 Wiuteliail 

Bradley John M., coal and wood, j 

Bladstreet C'om]')aTiy, (The) connnir- 

cial agency ; Henry C. Leonani, 

sup'; PJ. Alabama cor H. Pryor 
BrauniuUer O. L. & Co., (Otto L. 

Braumuller and Lndden & Batt\^ , 

pianos and organs, 00 Whiteliall 
Bi-ay & Gray, (WidbornM. Bray, 

James A. Gray), attorneys, 211 

Breiteiibucker Philip, saloon, VI 

I?reni»er Wjlliassi, mill furnisher 

and millwright, 320-322 Maritta 
liridger John C., coal dlr, 22 Broad 
Bridwell Cicero, grocer, luO W. 

Eridweli Jesse M., meat market, 192 

Brinsou D. W. & Co. (David ^^^ 

Brinson, D. P. Patterson), groceis, 

340 WhitehaU 
Brock Bros. (James T. and William 

I.'.), whol tobacco and cigars, 11 De- 
Brockett & Harris, (Clinton T. Brock- 

ett, George W. Harris), dentists, 

Pryor s e cor. Alabama 
Brooks E. W. & Co. (Edward W. 

Biooks), produce com, Loyd 
Broossiliead B. If. *i. Co., (Benj, 

11. Broomhead, Frank Tryon). 

builders' supplies, doors, sash, 

bliiid'^, hard-A'tire, etc., 36 Decatur 

(see bottom lines), 
Brotlierton William H , dry goods, 2 

and 4 W. Mitchell 
Brown Charles, fish, etc., 18 Peach- 
Browii Charles 31., job printer, 

\~\ E. Alabama 

OII.VS. 31. 131tOAViV, 


17 1-2 East Alabama street, 

I'lafn and Ornamentiil I'rintingf. 

B. H. BroomheadA Co. 




r \ 


CfipprTOf CARTER & SOLOMON, Importers and 
mSl fc i 0\ Dealers. 50 VJhitehall street, Atlanta. 




EesLr ^o dris _^'xi' 

Ilie People's 


HTbLIEP ASS0ir:l,-VT!ON', 

Allaota, Ga, 

Wm L. Baker, President; W.m. \V. ^ullette, Vice-President; R. '). Randall, Secretary: W. D- 
BizzELL, M.D., -Med. Ex.; H. M. Elstis, Ass't Sec'y.; Candle;'; A; Tno.\rrsON, Legal Advisers, 

-O-a-te Ci-t3r ^Ta.tio2rL: 


Furnishes protection to the beneficiaries of its members at actiiid cost, or about one-third of the 
Jimount usually charged by Life Insurance Companies. Membership fees and annua! dues paid by 
members are as follows : 

Certificate of :Ji,ooo - - Membership Fee $ 3 
" 2,000 - - ■ " ■' 10 

" 3iO>D - - .1 .1 j^ 

" 4,000 - - 11 .1 j^ 


.\nnual Dues $4 



Medical examination must be paid for by the applicant. The mortuary assessments are based on 
the "American Experience I'able, ' and slightly increase each year to the age or on. To pay death 
claims, assessments will be made on every of each certificate issued by the .Association, accord- 
ing to tiie fullovving tabic. One Assessment must accompany each application ; no others will be 
made until the payment of death claims reduces the fund in bank to less than j>5,ooo: 








i J 








C 1 




1 ^ 














< : 




1 <; 














I 02 



I 17 


j$ I 48 


§2 15 










I 04 


I 21 


' ^7 


2 30 









I 06 


I 25 


I 66 


2 .,3 









I 08 


I 30 


1 I 73 


2 67 








I 11 


I "5 


I S3 


2 88 






I --JO 



I 14 


I 41 


2 03 

t^P~Agents and members wanted. 

For particulars apply to 

R. O. RANDALL, Secretary, 

J^X'i.S.-T'-X.B. , 

-^T- -/^. :F^..d^:^Z3, & 

^01 1 ^c a lib Siqii "il.a i H I'c t>, 

Paper Hanging, Glazing, Kalsoming, Etc. 


fiofist and Hurseffinao, 

FKOPklErOK 01 


dealer in 

i'ruit Treevi, Grape Vin'?.-;, Roses, Rvorgroens, 
Grcenhoiise and l^cdding Plants ot all l:ind5, 
Vegetables and \ e-..;cla;i;e PUn:s in sea- 
son. -Special attention given to Bouquets. 
Floral L>esigus, Cut Flowers, etc. 

Leave orders with Taylor A: Mobhy, Druggists, 
or call at my Nursery, E. Fair street, south 
side cen\etrry. 


Stsam Cys Works. 

JACOB KREIS, Proprietor. 
ISTc. T "VvT". :E=eters Street, 

(Opposite Triiiity Cluirch,) 


Silk^V/colen and Cotton Goods 

DiKo IN THE Pest Manner and at Short 

NoTIi- K. 





















JAS. P. HARRISOM a CO., Printers. Publishers and 
Binders,^7_&^29 Broad St., Atlanta, Ca. . 



^-^,,.„ ,"rr;r?~:;?r^ I Burke Tiiiiotliv, saloon, 12.' 
i-'^v '1 I Burke William, butter, l: 


•H Denatur 
29 White- 

Brown Ebenezer B., boai<liij(r jo^ 

Loyd ■" "- 

Brown f'abian, cooper, 121 W 

Burke William B., manotrer Atlanta 
Auction Co., :0 Whiteliall 

Burkert John :M., locksmith and 
bellhaiiL'er, 10 Peachtree 

Bruncr Mitcliell, (c) -rocer, end of 

Burney Mitchell, grocer, 113 E. Hun- 

Bussey Hulbert H., hat mnfr, Peach- 
tree cor I^Iarietra 

Butler Lemuel C, irrocer, 169 Fort 

Butt AViJJiam M., justice, 77 White- 

Brown George H. le-state of), r-hina u T ^ 

crockery and glassware. S'2 White- I ^^"1?^^'^, C^^-'er K., grocer, 367 E 

hall I Peaehtree 

Brown Kenrv (c), barber, 9 Wall I ^'iS'", J;'^^^o'''tl'- niann.-er Gporgi- 
Brown James A., confectioner, 71 nil a^'--',,''-^^^'''^'''^'^'^ 

Peachrree | Calder \\ illiam, paints, oils, etc.,4a. 

Brown James .S., meat market, 211 'r/*^; ?'"'^'T. r^ - ^ 

W. Peters | CaJjUvoU Diivirt E.. publisher 

IJrown Josepli E. Hon U S Atlanta Daily Post Appeal and 

Senator nnd ores W c^- {' r" p' r. *^^"''-''' ^'ost Appeal, 20 >:. Broad 
Brown Julius E., attorn'cv, room' <-=^''')^.^''' J^^" J- physician, 72 Ma- 

4 Brown's block, E. Wall ' „ ^'^'^--^ , , ,,. , 

Brown Moses (c), shoemkr 7 q | ^-'^^^^I'^^i'' ^^^n^r AV., physician, 38 S. 

Broad ' ^- ! Broad 

Brown Walter R., attoriuv, 9 Wliite- ^''^l!^^'"" Moses, (c) hotel, 34 Decatur 

hall ■ I Calhoun \N illiam L., ordinary. City 

T>- r_ ..-._ _ .-.^ ,. ^ I Hall 

Brown & Simon (Felix Brown, AI 

exaiider Simon), restaurant, 7S 

Browne Walker G., dentisf, P.:]: 

Whitehall ' ■■' 

BroylcslMiuin X., attorney. Grant i 

bldg I 

Brumier C. W. & Co. (Ciiarles W. i 

and John W. Brunnen, produce | 

and com, 28 I'eachtree | 

Buchannan Thomas J., grocer, 248' 

Decatur ! 

Buchholz Herman, barber, 7 W.Ala- ! 

ha ma i 

iiucK Alfrtd i:., clerk U. S. i _ 

Caiuerou \V. IJarf. dentist, 48 

ini. Vi. IJAllT CA3iKKOA, 

X> El l^J =J? X ^. ^I? 

-i)^ ]Mai-ietta Sti-oot, 


Court and Commissioner Cnst.-m | Camp Benjai'^ A., gT^ m 
^^'^"■'^^ ' WhiteiiaH 

Buck Richard B., guano, ;5r, W. Ala- j Camp William A., manager Ameri- 

,'''""'' I can Sewing Machine Co., 5 Jvim- 

IJiuMen cS. Son, (Chark'S and Ed- ' ball Hou'^e 
ward J^.i, litliui.'r.t{)hers,2G W. Ala- j Campbell J. A. & Co. (John A. and 
bamii. (Seeatlv) i Slieldon H. Campbell), grocers, G6 

Burke .1. T. tt Co. i Jo-eph T. Burke, ! Decatur 
^^'il!ianl ]•:. ^^unroe, l>ewjs D. Campliell & Johnson iJame> Camp- 
Cam phtll), spicL- mills, 71 Peach-j bell, Cornelius P. Jolmsoni, sa- 
"'t''' loon, 44 S. Pryor 

"Th.I^ZTJ rT' .Uuildevs' Kardtt?are, 

1 A r P r 1 ! R T A 1 fJ ^ ^^^ Lambre'^uins, selectei from finest Importauons 
LHUL UUa \ Hlllv^ CAET2R & SOLOMCIT. 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




Ao L^o iLj^il 

3-»::2.ers.l —-i.-^eri.t 

/^^/?'e^-\ ;^ Ladd's Lime Works- 

;6^ V . 'si. 

r, If IWrT 1]? Q"|Lacld's Alkaline Fertilizers; Portland, 
a-S ^ i.v^ Ji^e ^ Ecsendale and Louisville Cements, 
^V (^J,^ V 5 Plastering Ha'r and Cal- 



10 S. rOKSVT2i .STitKET, 

JL-blan-ba^ - - - Georgia.. 

LUr i ilia uU., 

Office. 9;- Marietta Street, 

.ATLAf^'TA, - - - - GEORGIA. 

Made from all kinds of small pictures. Live 
agents wanted, to whom special terms are given. 

J. E. HAP PUTS, Irlang'r. 


Frank L. Haralson 

-^<^ouit$:cllai^ (it latu^^ 

Special attention to claim and sale of wild 

ORce. State House. 




Office, SO I.\<i;a.ri2tt3i, Street, 



A. W. KRSE3, 

I3i7/ Postei 


( Kear National FL^lci,) 



Speci.'il attention x;ven to the distrib'itioii <A 
-coiiimercial advr.'-tisui>;, and; thri)uj;li- 
■ oiit the '^lat.- 


K<:pairL-d and Rt;ii>, .• Ut-d through >'!t. 
R-p.iiir-d and I'piiolsiered. 

Renovated most beautifully on the lloor. 
Ailtl resn oriti'ra to 


PEOPLES' ?JS/«Sf f f =I\™^.«l-ta.Ga. A Benev.Uat, 

._^_ institation, conducted en business ^DTi■nr^^^^<= 


Cbamborlin, Bovnton & Co (Ed- 
ward P. CluimU'i]!.), Cljuiles E 
i>oynton, Henry 8. Johnson), dry 
good.s Jiofiniis, carpets aud shoes, 
CGatKj GS WhitehiiU 

Chamber of Cumnieroe, 44.'^ E. Ala- 

I y iChasalsers J. II. & Co., siibscrip- 

»-^^...._™ ^^^--........^ : P.loodworth, mngr; 3' Whitehall. 

I, bee pagf> 107} 

CiiapmairEdward M., groc^^r llA 
: Whiteliall ' ^ ' 

Chess, Cajley ct Co., H. p. Dowuincr 
nmgr; oils, 51 8. Pryor °' 

{Christian Itsdex, 11.11. Tucker, 
' IX J^., manau'ino^ editor. 27 and ''S 
i y. Broad. See page 9G) ! 
Christ <n)lu'r ^V. T. & Bro 
( WiJiiam T. and S. H.), proprs At- 
lanta riionofircrph aud job prin- 
ters, 82.1 8. Broad ^ 

I Church Tiuaes. (weekly), Bev 

I J;' ines 11., D. D., editor,' 
ivHV. i^. B. Tieknor, publisher, 
j Hunter cor Whitehall 
Cincinnati and Geors;ia I?. R„ 

(in Course of eonsa-jction), K W 
Cole, pres; 43] 8. Broad 
Clark Albert P., wliol grocer, 17 E:.. 
^, — I Alabama 

CaiToH O.vcn C, whol and ret ' Clark Andrew, U. S. internal reve- 
^viues and ).,uors, 5:2 IVnatur. ! m:e collector. Custom Ho 'i 
i8eepac.e]..3) : Clark Bichard H., attorney and 

Carroll Patn.k, saloon, 32 ifarietta . judge City Court, room 5 Brown's 
Carter^ Solomon, (J. W Car-' block ^J-tsiowns 

ter, Ji. II sol,,mon), carf)ets, wall ; Clark Universit*- Bpv v n 
paper, w.udosv .hades, curtains.! TU^.r^'^^'^l^^i^J:;,^;^ 

Candler & Tiu-mson (:\rilton A 
Candler, William S. Thomson)' 
attorneys. r,^.,m 3 Brown'.s Block 

Cannon House, Mrs. E. C Pur- 
tell, f.ropr, KJi Marietta.' (8ee 
page lO'j) "^ 

Canovarri Joi.n, fruits and confee- i 
tionery, 36 Marietta 

Caimcll Charlos A, manager 
bmith .American Organ Co 

Cargile Mitchdl, (c) undertaker, Q\ 
J vy ' ! 

Carmichael William F. 

ket, 318 i\rarietta 
Carpenter Lauder D. 

Carlton & Bro. (.lohn 

James K. P./, grocers, 134 Mariett.- 
^'\v ^^"^'^'' ( Vv'illiam H. Carr, W. 

N\. Fisher), screen mnfrs, 55 

Peach tree 

, meat mar- 
dentist, 47 
^r. P,. and 

etc., 50 Wliicehall. See pa 

(See page CO; 

^.,1 V 

rn«f.v wnunr./ / ■ 1 "^\i'";^' — ' I oee page ou; 
Sir ''''"""' '" "^"^"^^^' ^^'^ ^- : Cl-k William L., propr Atlanta Be- 

Ca.ssidy Bichard, ciirar mnfr. 4 Wall 
Castleman Humphreys, broker and 

Ills agt, ](i E. Alabama 
Custleman H. .s.- Co. (Humphn-vs 

Castleman, Georire A. B^svahi) 

provision brokers, 10 E Alabama 
( ate nng B.-iijamin 11., cientist, 7"' 

>\ liitcjialj 
Central Xnr 

.ery, A 

-I' air nr cenieterv. 

p'opr; E 

pajre !•;•) 
Challin James L., salooii 

cor Loyd ' 

Chambfiiain Samuc 
will cor P'oundrv 

jntMicfoi, 35 .Marietta 
Clark J. A. it Co. CJosepJi A Mrs 
Annie B,), gen! stor,., 2 i4 Marietta 
Claj-ko Edward Y. F'ropr Atlanta 
WtilJi/ Pout, 37;. s. Ikoad 

^^]^'}^!:^fV'\}^■^ ^St, bats, caps, etc., 
o \\ hitehal! 

Clarke ] . I., attorney, 2].^ E 
Alalia ma 
Lambert, i Clarke St-ed Cotton Cleaner :\rnff' 



grocer, i'.ald- 

Co., 5i E. Alabama 
Clirke T. M. .*c Co. 
aiid Boberi C. Clar 
Kirkpatrick, Job 11 
whol hardware and 

(Thomas M.. 
<(', Jolin C. 
A. Fitten), 
saddlery, 27 

B. H. Broomhead 4 co. 

— Illoiildings, Brackets, &c, 

at CAPwTER k SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall St., Atlanta. 







ATIjANTA, gkougia. 

M. COLE & CO., Proprietors. 


Standard and Dwarf Fruit Tree = , Grape \'ir.e'=. Small Fruits, Shurb-;. Ro!;es. Evergreen and Decidu- 
ous Ornamenta! I're'-s. Connected with the city by Tekiihiinc. Descriptive cataloc'ue free. 


'ecatur Street^ 


6 ¥all Street. 


(Under Kimball Mouse.) 


iitilSKa Ij >^ R 

Book C^ssSj C'ir::2 R:ilin:s aridHnrd Wood Finisher, 
Xo. u SPHIXG stui:i:t, a;j la:vta, (.a. 

First Premium awarded for Model Stair Case at the North Gcorijia Stock and Fair Assnciation. 
ill i88o. 

ITc^j^ola and. Ea-l-vAatGrcj .^l-wra-^a on. XXaiacl- 



Jas. P. H arriso n & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 

ATL 104 ATL 









Clarke, Thompsoc & Co. (Thomas 
M. Cluike & Cc. Knd A. P. Thomp- 
son), hardware, 45 Peachlree 

Clayton William W., co. tax collec- 
tor, 11 K. Alabama 

Clayton & ^yebb, (Joiin W. Clayton, 
Beniamin F. Webb), v.hol liqiion-^, 
73 Whitehall 

Clcaton & Johnson, (James D. Clea- 
ton, Charles S. Johnson), grocers, 
102 Peachlree 

Clemmon-* J. A. Sc Co. (J. A, Clem- 
nionp, Drurv Tye), meat market, 
lOS Whitehall 

Clinton r;forf;;e W , meat market, 
252 Marietta 

ClougU & Warren Oriraii Co. 

(Phillips & Crew So agt.-^), 6, 8 and 
10 Marietta. (See page lOo) 
Cohen A. E.. grocer, 120 \Y. Peters 

Coluisjlus'^ Ills, and nanftiii^ 

Coisipjiiiy, of Columbus, Misj.s., 

Isaac S. Bi'y(i, genl agt Ga dept, 

Peachtree, cur Marietta. liSeepatre 

Coiiley Dejijaiiiiii, IIosi. P. M., 

Custo'm House 
Co:d(\y ifc Sliumate (John L. Conley, 

William C. Siiuruate), attorney.-^, 

8i :Marietta 
Connallv Elijah L., physician, 24.\ 

Connallv Silas L., atteruey, 24 V 

CoiistiiuJiou (daily and weekly), 

34 S. (See |vai;e iVo] 
CoiistitisJioii E'liblisiiifig Co., 

Evan P Plowell, pres ; N. P. F. 

Finch, secy; W. A. Hemphill, DU9 

mangr, 34 S. Broati. (See page 

Continental Fire Ins. Co., of N. 

Y. (sou di'pt), Silas W. William?, 

mangr; Gi-'orge S. Woltbrd, supt; 

10 W. Alabama 
Convent of tl)e Immaculate Concep- 
tion. E, Lovd, near lTuat<-'r 
Cook David A., liotel, 85} Wb.itehall 
Cook, Fain & Stewarts (George W. 

D. Co<k, Jolm N. Fain, .-Vndrew P. 

and Fred fe. Stewart, Sr.), brick 
yard, I-Iunnicutt cor Williams 

Cohen L. & Co. (Levi Cohen, Eman- 1 Cook & Stewart (George W. D. Cook, 

nel Steinheimer), whol licjuors, 29 

E. Alabama 
Colien & S^■lig, Jonas L. Cohen, 

Emd Selig), clotlnng, 23 Whitphall 
Cole Kdniinul VV., pros K. T. V. 

& G., M. & C.,S. K. & D., ^L & B., 

and Cin. & Gu. R. Ks., 43i S. 


Colel^I. &, C.». ( Cole, Camp- 
bell Wallace, Jr.), props Atlanta' 

Fred S. Stewart), contractors and 
builders, W. & A. R. 11., w of 
Cook ^ Terltune (David A. Cook, 
Owen C. S Terhunei, livery stable, 
24 W. Alabama 

D. A. COOK. 



nurseries, MrDonough ro 

from ciiy limits. 
Collier George W 

Collier Henry Iv., card 

Peachtree, cor Line 
Collier &: Ccllier ijolin and Chailes 

A.), attorney-', Peachtree, cor Line 
Collins Mary K. Mrs., grocer, 14B 

Coi«|uitt Allied IT- Hon., Gov- 
ernor (;f (it-orL'i;!, odice State house 
Colcpiilt Huiih 11. , aiK^rne^', Pryor 

S. E. Cor Alabama 

,;;':|j j^'j;^^ Eeed, Sale and Livery 

>ee p 
attorney, S9 S. ST_A_BI_i"B]S. 

en"raver <At the old .^ rcher stand, fcrmcr'.v occupsen by 
■^ ' 1 ■ J. F. Redd), 

24 Alabpmaa nd4 6Forsyih Streets, 

A1T..VXTA, «.V. 

J^'T" attention givm to tlie Boarding of 
Stock. * 

Ci)ok & 'I'Lionison (Joseph S. Cook» 
Unsli Thomson), maclunists, 22t> 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. f *^'^ 2 J i! 4 &> 

Lead a 

f A R T P R 9 ^ n ? n M n Sy '^^cl^sale and F.etail De:.lers in CARPETS. 
Lkn I tn & OUlUIIJUH, Cil Cloths. &c., 50 Whitehall St.. Atlania. 






fop w m 

The Leading Piano For t9 of Amsrica ! 


irillt^S to l*lirfllil!r»0] 

t3&~ When selecting a Piano Furt_ .. _ .__,^ 

always prove to be a poor Piano. 2. 'I hat there iamore ec 
ment, at a rea.sonab'ie figure, than in purchaiini: another 

.. to remember — i. That a cl-fap Piano will 
economy in buying a r ally first -obss instru- 

, _. ,. ..., f, , ^.- merely because it is much cheaper. 3. 1 he 

best work and best material insure the best results, and therefore command the best prices. 



r'X.A.zcos S200 t- 

31, coo. 

Th« CLOVtill X- frAIHtlJX O HOAX liilicne.ircsi approach to a Pipe Ors'an made. 
SMOXl SG i:it OKir-iyS, celebrated and accepted as the best Or=;an for the money in the 
■world. Price. Sto, S75, Sgo. $io^. $:,o to .*503. 

\^~ SUyjiAySCUOOL noOKSot all kinds at the (leorgin ^fusic S/orc. Addres.s, 

for Catalogues , PHILLIPS & CREW, Atlanta, Ga. 

The Georgia lutual Eelief Association. 


G. J. FOREACRE. President. 

W. P. ORME, \'ice-Pre.^ident. 

ROBERT M. FARR.AR, - '- - - Secretary. 
JaS. F. ALEXANDER. M. D.. - - MedicalDirector. 
R. A. \'ARNADOE, - . - _ GExNeral Agent. 

XJeposi-bory, - 

i^-fcla-n-ta. Ua-biorxs-l Sarxlc, 

KEemtership Fes, (paid cnly en applying 

f:r Memteiship) : 
$ 8.00 for a Certificate of . 

lo.oo •' ■' •• . 

12.00 " " •' . 

14.00 " " " . 

16.00 " " " . 

£^ Full infonna'.ioa 
Officers of this As.'^ociatinn. 

1 applying 

Annual Lues : 

On a 



icate of $, is . , $4.00 

. . $1,000 



2.000 " . . J. 00 

. . J. 000 

3.000 " . . 6, CO 

. . 3.Q00 


4.000 •' . . 7.00 

. . 4.000 



5.0C0 " . . 8.00 

. . 5.000 

will be fi 




application to any of the 

PRflUinr '^- ''^^^ Families "by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 






ti . 


rh 2 

w • 

P i 

w - 

t> - 

i-i " 

W 5 

o ^ 



' — .. — ' 







i Culberson Marcus L., grocer, 505 

! Decatur 

jCumuiings P'rederick, suloon, 76 S. 

i Broad. 

jCuinmings James S., painter, rear 

Cunniiipliani John D., attoruev, 3.^ 
Whitehail ' 

Curraii ^^^ Co., (John M. Curran), 
mutties.s ninfis and furniture re- 
j.airers. 33 Marietta. (8oep; e:e 101) 
Curry Hardy, (c) s-'rocer, 1G4 Fraser 
Curtis E. H. & Co. (Iildwiii Curti", 
f Ml arks W. Posvell), com mers, G& 
S. Broad 
Curtis William ISI., druggist and p)iy- 
sician, l^Cio W. Peters 






r i 




















^ 1 





























Coolie William C, ins agt, 9 W. 

Co^lfilge Aurelian F., attonicv, C^ 

Cooper llufus (ci, tailor, 16'. ^Vhite- 

hall " , ..„ 

Cotter Robert O., physician, 30 Ma- I Curtis & Weitzell (James A. Curtis, 

rietia ' j Joh.p. >V. Weitzell), earringp mnfrs, 

Cotton John W., grocer, 128 8. For- ' ^5 and 87 Peaclitree 

sytb i Dade Coal Company, Joseph E. 

Cuiirson William E., physician, CO Bmwn, pres ; Brown's Block, E. 

Decatur j ^Vall 

Cox, Hill &TMomp^on aVilliam B. : ^.i\">' (V>iis<i<utioii, W. A. 

Cox, Wdliam R. Hill jMsenh i -t^f^^PliiH, Ij^^n'tss manager, 34 

S. Broad. (See page 11" 

Thompson, Jr.. J imes J. r,;ild\vin 
wlml liquors, 29 Peaclitree 

' , Dal^y ]\rarion TnI., meats. 62 Decatur 

wimi liquors, ::y I'eaiHtree : t; \- -^"";'''. ^"•' ^^'-^^i-- "- x-r^.^ui 

Cos H. T. & Co. ^Heury T. Cox, Ilor- ' l>alstoii A\ illiaiii «., medical 

ace D. .Smith), com mers, 11 y. | uooksl /^ E.Alabama. (See page 63) 

Forsyth I Daniel John F., attorney, 54 White- 

Cox Thomas II., grocer, 235 Marietta I -r,^'^^', . r, . T ,T 
Co.^: Wtsl.'V, ic) grocer, Tatiiall cor Daniel J. C. & I. (James C. and Is- 

Mitcheir i hanij, boots and shoes, 32 White- 

Cox & Furse (John W\ Cox, .Marion !^'\'^, „ ^, , ,T U ,, T^ • , 

Fursf), cnx-er-;, 10-1 Prachtree ' ^-''^}\^^ « Marsh (John B. Daniel, 

Coyea James, grocer, 51 Decatur Edam AX. ;uarsh, Jr.), whol 

Crane, Boylsfon <fe Co. (Albert Z • ^ '-~'''..^V*^^^''^"!i»- ■ . . 

Denor^sf. Hpnrv "Rovi^f .A , -iw -DanH^H Jaincs \\ ., variety store, 

Demorest, Henry Boylston), whol 
dry gootis, 65 Pryor 
Crankshaw & Co. (Hunilton Crank 

72 Whitehall 
: Dann Benedict L., cigars and tobacco, 
- 1 Peachtree 

sliaw, Heave:- Richardson, James ! Davenport. Johnson i^ Co. (James 

C. boA-eni, planing mill, H5 S. ,S. and James B. Davenport, Wil- 
., ■'^'^'■■'"■''t'* liam S. John.snii, p:dward L. Vuor- 

Cranston Oliver, mdse broker, 55; his,, mill and railway suoplies, CS- 

leachtree : 7u E. Alabama ' ' 

(-rawford .(;,,orgeG., physician, 14.\ : Davis Ciirlst..pher C, grocer. 43 

Wnift^hall Chapel 

Creed James, 1,'rocer, 412 Mirietta Davis John, brass founder, 221 Ma- 

Crenshaw William, dentist, 2i;J rietta 

W'hit^'hall , Davis Scwiiiz iMacItiiif Co., 

Cruft TiH>mas O., moat market, 259 (The), W. T. Wil.-cai, gen agt, 14 

W'. I'eters W. Mitclull 

<"ro<s Leon L., pliotographer, 323 • Davis Stejiben II., harness. 53 PVach- 

W'hitehall \ tree 

Cul;.i-rs.,n A. B. tt 11. L. (.\u-;u.?tus i Davis cV' Simmons .Mrs. A. Il Da- 

B. and Hiib-rt L.j, attorneys, 6U ' vis, Mrs. S. F. Simmon^), iiroprs 

E^Abibama ", Expo sition House, 39^ Whitehall 

BUILDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE, I 1J«.^ t IJ 10 A 1 ) \- :M T X I^^IO l^^^^HSTT 

B. H. Broomhead 4 Co. ( \\\ THE WORLD. 

I SyOi T'UM '" ^" patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
LHl^LLyid., 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 






iplion |Tool( IJilistiefs V 


Extend to worthy men and women seeking profitable employment a cordial invitation to enga/e 
with U.S. We offer them a highly honorable, useful and pleasant bu->iness, and an ai'sclutely ce-taiK 
chance to make fnoncy rapidly, vrith little or no capital, and ■wiikout one particle c/ risk. The 
following are a few of the many books offered to agents : 

" Foundations of Success nnd Laws of Trade, including the Rules of Public Business and Socia 
Laws," a book of practical value, especially jor merchants and rhe young man picparing for active 
business life ; "Life and Labor of Bisiiop Mar\iii,'' by Rev. T. ^L Finnty, D.D.; "To the East by 
the Way of the West," by Bishop Mars-in, also Bishop " Marvin's Sermons ;" " The Great Awaken- 
ing" on Romanism, Protestantism and TeraPerance, by eminent Catholic and Protestant divines and 
prominent temperance lecturers ; "Current and important Events," embracing a complete history of 
the great temperance movements ; "Errors of Romanism ;" " Literature, Art and Song ;" "Bible for 
the Young and Fireside Commentator ;" Revised New Testament, old and new version in one and 
Illustrated Family Bible, 

For terms, and all information on the subject, address 


Si. Louis, Mo.: Chicago. III., and Atlanta. Ga. 

PASCSlwEF. DEror. 

4t!:aiil(r, G;iit 

y ewe lev and Rngravep , 







18 Broad Street, 

Particular attention rai l to Grinding, Repairing and Polishing. Also 

The Press and People regard THE CHRISTtAS^ IWDEX 
the best Advertising Aledium In the South. 




















Dawson CJeorge T., grocer, 2^ 

E. Peiic-htiee 
Dav Samuel W., oysters, nsh and 

ice, 1 E. Wall 
De.iu 'IHiomas W., physician, 202 

D*-Foor Jftnies A., groier. I.'^o W. 

DeGive Laurent, propr opera house, 

^lariettaci r For?-ytb 
DeGroat William S., contractor, 118 

Deli.rid-e Allen J., ,c) shoemkr, 22 

Uestino Spiro, cii^ars and tobacco?, 

21 S. iiroad 
Dickey, Fain & Co. (James L. 

Dickey, William L. Fain, James 

S. Doyle, Van B. Crawfonl ), com 

mers and millers. 41 8. Jiroad 
Dickjon Henry H., printer, 32 S. 

Djsbro-'.v (ieo. At Co , (George 

Di.'^tirdw, — '), brewers and bottlers, 

12 Deeatur 


Brewers, Bottlers and Shippers of Geo. Disbrow's 

Orders by mail promptly atttended to. 

12 Decatur St.. 

Ditiler Alexander, grocer, Houston 

cor I'ort 

Di-vi«' !\\riner and F^ive Stock 

SIofiM'tl, Dixie Farmer Publish- 
iiiiiCo., pubs, 27 and 2'J S. Broad. 
(See pace IGi 

Dodd P. & G. T. & Co. (Phih'p and 
Green T. Dodd, Wdliam J. Tan- 
ner*, wliol grocers, :',2. E. Alabama 

Do(ison <k S e.)tt ( Willinm C. Duds'-n, 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. 

William H. Scott), printers, 38 
S. Bxoad 

Domiiu xVugust, saloon, 123 White- 

Doisiini Joliu, saloon and lunch 
counter, 19 Whitehall 

Donavaii John A., mmir R. G. 

Dun & Co., Alabama ne cor Pryor 
Donehoo E. F. &Co. ( Elijah F. Done- 

hoo, Frederick J. Allen i, oysters, 

fish and game, 3 E. Alabama, 
Dougherty" David H., dry goods, 39 

Peach tree 
Dozier Tliomas H., physician, 261 

Drake William G., physician 2-j 

Peach tree 
Drumheller Samuel P., coutraetor 

and builder, 12-3 Peaclitrce 
Duck & Co. (Henry Jl. S. Duck), 

paints and oils, 35 S. Brot'.d 
DuOy James S., grocer, 2 Pulliam 
Dutry .Tohanua Mrs., dre.ssmkr, 78^ 

Diiu K. G. fiCo., J. A. Donavan, 

mngr; mercantile agncy, Alabama 

ne cor Pryor 
Dunn, Alexander & Co. (John X. 

Dunn, Joseph M. Alexander, 

Zachary T. Johnson, Frai eis M. 

Kenney, Hugh A. INIcDonald), 

whol grocers, 40 E. Alabama 
Dunning Volney, grocer, .s4 McDon- 

Durham William W., physician, bO 

Dyer Thomas H.. cigar?, 64 Decatur 
Eagen Mary A. Mrs., grocer, 126 De- 
East Tcnn., Ya. & Ga. K. H.-, K. 

W.Cole pres; 43\ S. P»road. (See 

page 55) 
Eckford Joseph J., attorney, 21.i E. 

Eddleman <fe Bowie (Frank M. Ed- 

dleman, John A. Bowie), whol boots 

and shots .30 Wall 
Edwards M. E. ct Co. (Michelberry 

E. and L. E. Edwards), grocers, 

3(34 Dccatur 
Eisem u Bros. (Jacob, Moses B., 

Jacub B. and Gerson B.), clothing, 

5o Whitehall 
ElliuL'ton George (c), shoemkr, 4 

W :i I t'-n 

t-r* DRY OR IN OIL. 

I ftPP niRTMWQ^^^ Lamtreciuins, selected from finest Importations 
LttUr: UUn i mi'iO caETER & SOLOIylCN , so WMtehall st., Atlanta. 

ATL 109 ATL 



5§' ^^1 'J^^^' 


General Interior Ilonse Decoration, 
WludQW ShadQS and Wall FapQrf 

No. 50 V-'h|te^"all Street. ATLAP^TA , QA, 




Men of chara'ter and abilit>- wanted to introduce our Bibles and Rooks. W'ht n you want to 
MAKE MONEY send for circular^ of our Standard Works. Address 


T . H. ?■ BL QODWOETK, Ha nager. 3^ Whitehall Stree:. 

No. i6.V .Marietta Streei', 

Csntral Location, Largs Airy Rooms and Gpkndid Tsbk. 
RATES, $1 50"PER DAY. 


^^^ no '■ 7;;rr — -- 

l.ugene_W. E,li,), a^',etion and 
coDiinisMon, 21 Marietta 
Ellis Jonai bun M., groce/, 196 Hous- 

Eliis AVilJiam D., attorney, room o 
Browti's block 

Elsas, May .t Co. fjacob E]sa- 
Isaac May, Montz Adler. Julius 
DreyfusK bag mnfr«, 99 S. Prvor 

haU " ' *'^"°''"^^>'' '^1 ^Vhite- 

^fi7;\" ^T"^'?^^'^"^^'- ^^^«e broker, 
^d6.] K. Alabama 

Emerj- ITcnry F., ice, Msh an<l 
o.^ .ster''^, 15 Peach tree 


j Erwin Howell C, attoi^i^^Tls^M^j. 

Escridge Peter, (c) blacksmith, 151 

Decatur ' 

Estey Organ Company, Broad n 

\\ corAlabama 
Eubanks Gilbert T., ^.rocer, 67 S 

Evans ,% Bro. (William T. and Dan 

lel ii.),com mers, 51 Decatur 
Everett & tJoiiIdsmith (Alex 
; ander R. Everett. Theodore F 
; ^^ouidsmitli), wbul jewelers, 54: 
I \\ luteliall 

I Evins ^^: Elvea (John C. Evins,Theo 
j dure M. Elyea^ furniture, 52 S 
j ^ Broad ' 

i Expo.^sition House, Davis & Sim- 
^ mons, nroprs ; 39; Whitehall 
Fairbanks Chailes F., engraver 
stencil and stamp mufr, 7i White- 

FaiiJianksC. F. & Co. (Charles 
r. lairbanks, William F. Jlun- 
tooni, mnfrs rubber stamps, 7}, 
^ \\ liifehall. (Seepage ill) " 

Enitb John F., grocer,"i:9S Decatur 
r aJvey John J., grocer, 475 Mari- 

HF.NRY .F. EMERY, [i'^rnr Kobert M., sec Georgia 
AV>roi.ESALK ...r... .. ! ^^''^l^'-^^i"^' Association, A^^ 

, W. P. depot 

ICE FISH AMD nVQTTDO E'^'''.'-''' ^^'*'"^'' grocer, 217 W.Peters 
I^L, riOn AINU UYbl tnO, |Earrjngton Peter A., jeweler [7 

Ice Factorv at r,:.-.::!. on W v APR i- Peachtree 

Ice House Waii Street, fronting Kanroad.' I ^' ;'r'"t>\v Henry P., attorney, 4(» Marl- 
Canned Oysters a Sneci'iltv ' t?^^^'\ t- , , 
opp,pp .. ^Pecialt^> . Fay ctE.chberg (Calvin Fay, Alfred 
OFHCt. No, 15 PF.ACH1R£E STREET I V^" Eichberg), architects, 19A S 
\TT Ax-T * Broad 

Ail.AMA, . . GEORGIA. I Fears James T., mdse broker, 66.^ 

'~~~'~" ' E. Alabama 


English iames W., Mayor of Atlanta, 

■)0 >>. Broad ' 

FqiiitaMe Liie Assurance So- 
ciety 01 the Cnitetl State>, Joseph 
H. -Morg.-.n, ogr, Marietta 'n e cor 

Ergen/inger Alexander, furniture, 
^12 h. Hunter 

Erniint;er Henry C.. manfg con- 
(ectiontr, 15 E. Hunter 

Er.-kme Joim Hon., ju<!ge U S Dis- 
trict Onirt, Cu.-fom House 

Erskino W. ^ Co. (William Ers- i 
km.', James Fee;, whol linens, 42 I 

B. H. Broomhead A 

Fears Ji-r^^a W., mdse broker, 6G.i E. 

I Alabama 

j Fechter Euidius, saloon and grocer 

i 4'27 W, Peters ' 

I Ferguson vt lUount (Daniel P. Fer- 
guson, Barton M. Blount), agri- 
cultural implements, u Bartow* 

Fickel John, grocer, .stonewall cor 

Finch William ic), tailor, l.S White- 

Finclier John L., grocer, 251 W 


Fi richer ^.t Bro. (Jesse C. and Berry 
H.), grocers, tJ.S Peachtree 

"c°o^^^' [ X^ixno O.X1.CX 3S<e.l3r. 

at CARTER k SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



nnmrn mm\ 


^^ fil Manufactory (Si Engraving V/orks, ' •' ^'1 

^^^lli Whitehall Street, ATLANTA, GA. L.,i|\t DatCFS, GbaPgCablc TjpS, EtC. 

Otto Laist, Prest, Ben;. Eggleston, Treas., Prof. N. A. Pratt, Managing Director, 

Cincinnati, O. Cincinnati, O. Atlanta, Ga. 

^-^S^ THE ..i^-^ 

(xGorgia Chemical and lining Co., 

32 waii"s^!^Roo. 2. AT LANTA, GE ORGIA 


Attorney and Counsellor at Law^ 


ATLANTA, - - - GKOlKilA, 

Practices in all the State and United States Courts. Titles examined, 
Conveyances made, and all kinds of le^al documents drawn. 

Special attention given to the collection of claims in ail of the United States. 

Nervoi.13 Weakness, Deafness, Loss of Voice, 

Sense of Taste and Smell, Neuralgia, Faint 


Feelinrs, Disgusting Odors, 

'"^TCJt .-"/V^ Weak Sl-^ht, S^re Throat, Coughs, ^ -, .{jfx/^l^^ U^' 


/^^^^^^^^'/'^ -i^^bx Bronchitis, Asthrra, and all Dis- 2-;^^);^^^^'%^ 
'^'£^^' \ /-^l::.^''^ eases of Respiratory Organs, i£^^-^:^^,^\ ^^k 
^^:k:Yf-'^^-M}-- A use ^y i^>^%i '^t 

Eureka Catarrh Cure, ^^fv?^ 

A siJiK KKHK1' .».n:> a sri;j:i»v cntK. , ^ ' \V- jt'^"^ 

3' y I'" 
„ ... ^.., ., . , -- . - 

J. W. GURLEY, M.D., Atlanta, Ga. 



(J ^ 

THE CHRISTIAN I MDEX- Established 58 years ago. 
Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ga. 




■ -jJTtjijaBK^jiJTir^B fUfVTi^rrn: '.r -^-^ 


- .?"r . ; ' ! House, Janit-8 P. JI;uri-on <fe C'.-., 

piojib; publi.«htM?, ))rimers i\v.6 

hhuik book mnfrs, 27 and 29 tS. 

Broad (See pa^e '.'G 

Franklin <k Wilkiiis (James 11. 

M j Fi'Mi'.klin, Samuel WilkiiKSigrocer'^, 

•ii i IS W. Mitchell 

Fraser Allen (c), grocer, 1^0 Miirkharn 

Frase'r & Smith (Collins ISI. Fraser, 

Levi J. Smith), grocers, W. 

Findley Kobert {ci, Ijarljer, 24 Deca- 1 ^^^'-'^''t'L . -, . , -r, 

. '' ' ' I Frazier J. E. & Jeremiah D., grocers, 

Finlev James, picture copying, 58 : ,, ''^ ^^'^^'^'^''"'' , .v . 

Wliiteliall ' ^ »> ; l-rcM-man Anderson, <r) boots nr.d 

Finley Thomas, attorney, 2U Mari- ! ^I'-'t'-, o K- Mitcheli 

^j^ ' .' ) * I !• re- man Benjamin R., com CI deeds, 

Finney Andrew T., carriage mnfr, i .- ^ ^"^''™!'-*^' y^"^*^ . , , 

i"c: -Rrrvari I f rcv Jolin, p. O. inspector charge 

Atlanta division, Custom House 

ianos and organs, 28 

Fi.chJr Julius A., grocer, 2fJ4 Decatur ..^"^'^^''^V'^^ '^'''"1" 

T^ T , ^, • ; x^, .,,. , rreverl^. L., pia 

Fislier J. &, C. (pianos\ Piuliipsct Whitehall 

Crew so agts, 6, Sand 10 Marietta. ; Fj-i^.,-son & Leak 

(Sec i.a-e lOoi „,,,, -it pi^.p,. 

k. (Thomas A. Frier- 

Fishturn \V. P. H., phy..ieian, 10?, 33 Marietta 



is I 

P < 

^ i son, H. r^l-tcher Leak), real estate, 
-' 33 ]M arietta 
Decatur „_ ,^, ' Fritz John A., meat market, 444 Mf.- 

1-Jeming 1 nomas P., tmner, 0/ \ V . , rietta 

Til f^^^' IT .J • . ^r r^ I i Fry Abe, watches and jewelrv, 4 

Pletcher Harry, norist, McDouough Peachtree 

r lad '^ miles I 

FloersL Andrew, grocer, 80 Peach- ^ 'f''lV^\*^«'"^^«' '-T-, attorney, room 14, 

tree i ^ ^ , 5qj Decatur 

Fobom Ijcouard B., saloon, 11 E. FiE!sr«^i- John, human hair, G6 

Alabama AViiileball 

Fontaine Francis, comr of land and'Fii'ler KrasEtmis Q. ilev., editor 

State immi;:;ration. 37 ^Marietta Mcf/iodist Advocate, llO^WnUn^nn 

F.rce G. PL <k A. W. (George H. and Ftulet' (.ieoBgo IL, job printer, 111.:] 

Albert W.), boots and "shoes, 33 AVhitehall 

AVhiiehall ' ' i Fuller Jones C, ^.-rocer, 224 W. Pe- 

l-'ord Alfred, wines, 60 S. Broad j tors and 67 S. r>road 

Ford S. E. Mrs., dres.smkr, 20 E. i Ful er "Williai 

Mitchell ' elta 

iin A., grocer, 148 >LTri- 

Foroacse Geor^re J., jnes Georgia Fullei' ct Uglesby (Henry A. P^uller, 
^lut Kel Association, Wall cor Junius G. Oglesby), vhol grocers. 
Loyd 2U E. Alabama 

Forsyth William, blacksmith, 23 Vral- Gaines Marion, sLoemkr, G'j Peach- 
ton tree 

Fox Alexander, optician, 5 White- 1 Gnnnoii Annie Mis.s, hotel, 54-56 
hall '■ D.-catur 

Fox Amos, oils, 11 PI Alabama ; Gantt ct MilUoii (James Gantt, J. 

Francis Tiinmas L., grocer, 454 ISLi- i Islilkoii), L-Kxers, (>1 McDiniel 
rietta : Gai«5ufr iJrafiiloij >1'.. homopa- 

P>a:ik Mai'tha A. Mrs., confectioner, ; line j)hy.sician, ;')30 Maneit.t 

l'.»2 Marietta ; Gardner Closes M., jihotourapher, 

I'^rankliii Herman, stoves and tin- i 3U; Marietta 

M arc, 74 S. B -oad. ; Garland <.V 'i'ylcr (Willi:im If. (lar- 

Fi'aiiKIiii 31a\. whol fain-y goods : land J;., .Idhii K. Tyli-f), judpis 
and notion'-, 8 and 10 Decalur 77tc .Suiibur.-f, (iraii* l)ki^'- 

B. H. Broomhead i Co. 

Paint Brushes of ail kinds. 



-'-[ lirr >'i iMia>Wrii^nf'~^ri-i^"r"TirttS'-iWi^?-^'--'-M-rtafti 

■ - - - 

y.,}::-! t:^!-;-! ■;••-: -n ■■■^ -v k-; ^^l-.^ rH Ki kh ••■ir.- 

V^ V.i V.\ KWA-K^-VA r^AVA h+ H K4■^:^•K-l■i-:^•K^^:-! K-!K-! 

V— ^ V V^ V y V T^ -!^ 

'^^'^'^'W'^'W^'^ w^ 



^liBEpYPE El](5P^yiVIl]GS^-. 

Are tha Largest and "FiriEst fac-siniilB rEprnductinns of StEtl 
FlatB Engravings yst issued in this ccuntry, They ars printsd 
un irieavy plate paper, of the finest quality, and are sold at 
the uiufarm price nf 


We "w-nuld. also call attEntlaii Id the use nf the 
f ALl-iPr.RT'YPE Pro CESS far the lUustratinn of all 

kinds of inanufacturEcl articlES AA/liEre aa^ddcI cuts 
and phntD^raphs ars new used, All parties who 
nsE Illustraticns at tlicir gauds should send far 
samples and EstimatESj Eind it ^^A/ill be found that 
) I a he.ttRr lUustr alien can he ahtained at a Inwer 


->-BOpES •:• 60., •:• PlTBLISF^EPiS^^ 




— ►>^5- 

fAPTFR £ ^01 n^'lDN Wholesale and Iletail Dealers in CAnPE 
hMl \ Lit a OOLUlAUn, Oil Cloths. iL-c, 50 Whitehall st.. Atla 





»TX3:S ID-^XILj-^c 


Conceded by the public to be the bc'^t daily in the Soutli. Lively nn.l thouv;htfiil editorials, piquant 

paragraphs, and interesting mibcellanx ; llje latest news, the most reliable Market 

Repiirts. I'.est telegraphic service- of any daily in C.eorgia. 

$10 00 a Year; Six Months, SS.OO; Three Months, $2.50. Payable in Advance. 



Are complete in every particular. The latest styles of Printing and i?inding executed at 
short notice, and on the most reasonable terms. 

-Orders £rom tl^o Co\3.2i-tr-r :F;.ec«>i--e Tm.K1n.e3.i3.te©nti-ia. 


.^ '^._ . 



b'orty Columns of the latest and freshest news, comprising all teleyr.^ms received up to the hour of 
going to press, reliable Market Reports, and the most interLstin^ Miscellany. 

icvr.jtY i>i:i'.m:tmi:st or the u i:i:kIjY 

is full and complete, an'l in all respects it is by far the mo-t carefully edited publication of the kind 

in the State. 

TSni.^3 = OITE -Y-EilK, 01.SO ; SI22 IvIOlTTIIS, $1.00. 



.A.T3L..a.X^'3r-:^., O-^A.. 

jOTj'^'r Of Peorle-y Kntinl Reliof Assoc ation, Atlanta, G:^. Monthly 
\ifi-i \ C Circulation. 15,CC0. cod advertising aaediM m. Sand for copy. 








M .J 

M '■'- 

Garrett & iv<'. ^Williani .). aii 
Yoan^), pr.idiK <% 5U E. Ala'otima 

Gi'i-trell JosL-pi: E., attoruey, ;;.] 

Gartr-U Lucius J., attojiiey, 3?, 
W! site'. all 

(T-.isKill Charles B., attorney, Peach- j Whitehal 

Georgia Iron Work;^, Grant Wiikins, 

receiver, 470 ilarietta. 
Georgia MksIc House, PliiHii)s 

& Crew, proprs, 6, S ami 10 ]Man- 

etta. (Set' p-ii?':' lOO.) 
Geoisii* 3iuti5ai lUSiel Associ- 

atiosB, <J. J. Korcac:-'', pr s ; IJ. 

M. Farrur, secy ; Vv^all cor Loytl. 

(See pai^e ICl.) 
Georejia Post-Api»ea3, D. E. 

Caiaxvell, puijhsher, 20 N. Bro d. 

(See page 117.) 
Georeisa Steasjsi Broout Facto- 

ry,^fcciple & SouH, props; inulrs 

brooaiHaiuJ broom iiandles, 232-234 

(;eorgia Suit Co., dry goods, o9 

tre<' cor Ijine 
C;ati-!;eli Horace P., physician,- IS 

S. Pry or 
Gate City Notionrd Bank, L. J. Plill, 

,„-es; "E. S. MeCandler, casliier ; 

Pryor cor Wall 
Gate Citv ProiStsce aud GcttoBs 

i':xelEajJt?e, S. H. Phelan, ningi-, 

40 S. Broad 

Gerhie J. Charles, watchmaker, 25 

Gershon Aaron, Saloon, 93 W. Peters. 

Ghol^timfeZacIiry, (Louis Ghols 
thi, Wni. I. Zachry ), proprs Ar- 
lington ^lills n s W. A A. R. R., 
w of IJartow. 

Giflord James A., boiler mkr, 222 

Gates Thoi-^.as ?>., teas, 25 Whitehall I Gillam Louis M., druggist an<l phy- 
Gatliri-ht William E., .hoemkr, 13 j sician, 88 McDonougli 

Preaclitree Gillespie John W., grocer, 141 Cal- 

Galins Johii, grocer, Callioun cor houn 

Warren Place 
Gavan John H , furniture, 7S Peach 


Gleason John M., saloon, 9 Decatur 
(^;ieeson William, shot mkr, 35 S. 

Gay A.q.I.L^.Co, (Augustus O. i Gien» 1.. J. ^^ |«»mL J and H 

M. and Eloert H. (^ay), clothiers 
lialters and g-nt-.' furnishing goods, 
37 Peaclitree 

Gay Edward S., ins agt, loi ^;. 

Geary Patrick W., house and sign 
painter, U Marietta 

Georgia Academy of Science, C. W. 
Smith, seet>; Whitehall cor Hun- 

Ge-Tgia B.nikin;^ and Trust Co., 
Vincent 11. Tommy, pivs; Julius 
M. Patton, ea-hier ; 1- Wall. 

Georgia theiaical asui Min- 
iss;; CoKiiKii»J',Ott<> ij'i-[, lues ; 
I'rof. N. A. J'r.'tl, uumaging iiirec- 
tnr , 32 Waii. (S*-e pag»- 111.) 

(_;e:)rgia-Ec!eciie College, 60 
Peat; i arte. 

(Jeorgia ice MnfgCo.; J. M. B-atn, 
l)res and secy ; 50 W. Alabannu 

BUILDERS' SUP"UY HOUSE, . rr'J ^-r,^, j, f-. 
B. H. BroomheadA Co. , fS^ tL^ U^i fc . J> . 

C.), atioraeys, 19^ Whitehall 
>,oeuings Charles, baker and con- 

fectinntr, 50 Peachtree 
Golden Jesse (c), shoemkr, 102 

Gildsmith William T., physician. 

61 N. Prvor 
Goldsmith Bms. (Washington L. 

and John H.), guano, 69 E. Ala- 

Goldsmith J. W. & Co. (JeremiaL 

W. Gdbismitli, Thomas D. ^Slead- 

or), whol grocers, 57 E. A'abama 
Goldsmith &Huglu''^(Maik Y.. Gold- 

viuith, Ji'bn W. Huglus), hats 

and ge::ls furnishing goods, 9 

(ioodmaEi CScarJes M., whol and 

ret pi(!uu' ir lines, nioMinu-, <'n- 

^ravin;..-, eluonns, Ixackets, ele., 

28 Wliiteliall. (See toot lines 


C^PPPT^/ CARTER & SOLOlVIOrJ, Importers and 
MnrEiai Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




lESTuf^BiijisxaiizinD ix<r 3.a'7"7'. 

T H 




■C X3:. "v^ZXjIlilw^Z^vdlS, - - ISaitor £in..:3. :E=roprietor. 


The Gazette i^ the only strictly Sundiy paper in the State. It is now in its fifth volume, and 
•contains thirty-two columns of choice matter, being principally news, gossip and letters. It has sub- 
scribers in every county in Georgia. Circulates freely in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina 
Florida and Te.\'as, malting it an excellent medium for dvertisers. 





" It is aj ^'rijht and sparl^lioi; ai a ne-.v silver dollar, — Macjn 
Telegraph an J Messenger. 


.S^*:;^^^ rp -r- 3 . ^^ = 

£2; CO 

J. CO 


\ i \^ viJ?/^ ^^.^ ., ^>v.w .-v^c<k^ 

We make all kinds of COMiiE^CIAL ."CB PliriTTIi'j a spec.alty. 
''^ Write to us for estimates before i,ivin^'your orders. 


W. T. CHEL3T0PHSR k EF.O , Publishers, 

.'\T!.ANT.A, GeOKGM. 







' cr. 

JAS. P. HARRISON & CO., Printers, Publishers and 
B inders, 27 & 29 Broad St., A tlanta, Ca. 

A^'^L 11^^ ATL 

Gregory J. R. Mrs., artist, 40 S. 

Griflin Jolin L., liquors, 97 White 

Griilin lloLert J., grocer, 6S Peach- 
Griffin Thomas "\V., furniture, 202 

Gra^se Carl G., tailor, 29i Whitehall 
Gtirley J. \V. Dr.. jnopr Southern 

Surgical In.stitute, ')7" Whitehall. 

(See page 111 ) 
Guste Domiuick, tailor, 1] "\V. Ala- 

ba m a 


■ ? 

Gooilinau Maurice T., grocer, 7S .S. 

Goodwin Klma, saloon, ."37 S. Prvor John E., altornev/ 27i Gntymian Hannah M!^., grocer, 133 

Whitebail ' Peters 

Gordon Hui^h II., and wood. 45 , Guthnian Louis L., auction anu com, 

N. Prvor" I 22 Peachtree 

Gordon' 'l"hnma« W., j>]iysie:an, 62,^=''*'^ ^ ^ l^i""- (Aaron and Isaac 

Peacbtree " i G.), mdse brokers, 34 PZ. Alabama 

Gradv Stci-jjen 1'., saloon, 63 E. Ala- ' Hac:an 6z Wilkes (.John T. Plagan, 

barna i Benjamin M. ^\ilkesi. variety 

Grabaui John M., attorney, 6.V i ^tore, lUO Whitehall 
Wliieliall ' j Hainian Elias, plow mnfr, 370 Ma- 

Graliiiiti AVilliaiii A., druggist, *^ '' 

•58 \V. Peters llaiitcs JJros- fj>ianost, Phillips 

Graham vV Co )ledf.'e iJiihn M. (^ra- and Ciew so agts, 6. 8 andlO Mari- 

ham, Aurelian F.CooIedge), steno- , rietta. (See i^age lOoi 

grapbers, 6^ Whiteiiall ' i^-'^l <^'- "^V. & Sons (George W. 

Gran^lincr, Spaldine&Go. fJohn K. i ^^'i'^-'= J", f"^* J- ^P^igg), tobacco 

and Thomas A. Gramling, Robert ' Mni^r T" w ;i 7- f ^cc ^v -d t 

D. Spalding), whol bo^t. and .^hoes, ^^'''^ ^o^" ^^ •' ^^^^^'^t' "^^ ^^ • ^^^^^'^ 
14 Decatur ' ; Hall L. H. & Co. i Le%-i H. Hall. 

Gramling William S., drv goods, 31 Edward E. Kawson. John II. EUs- 
Peacbt'i-o " worth), coflin mnfrs, ZSTewton cor 

Grav .lames A., i)iiv-ician| SO; ZMa- ]-d'i(<tt 

rietta ' ' Hall Pius, -c barber, 11 Mitchel! 

Gray Jame-R., attorney, 3i Wldte- ' PIdl & Eandruin (?>Iicajah Hall, 
hall * ' Joiin y. Ijandium , grocers, 32 

Grav William, marble works, 77 I'^achtree 

E. Aliliama ' Plallman ct Candler (Marcellus B. 
Green Ciem.'ut C., county jailer. 34 Hallnian, Asa G. C-Lindk-r,, drugs, 

Eraser. ' 1 47 Peach tree 

Green Line Clearing House Agency, ' Hamilton cfcHudson i Lidie E. Ham- 
R. C. Rob-<,n, genl agl ; Grant; iltnn, William J. Hudson;, com 
P'UiWiiig nu-rcbants, 17 S. Broad 

Grc-en Sarah Mrs., grocer, 301 De- ; Hammock & Mea<lor ■Cicero C- 
catur J lam mock, Charles D. Meador), 

Green t^ Alexander ^ Harrison Green, ' md-e brokers, 5o E. Alabama 
Juniu> Alexanderi, blacksmiths, Hammond D. F. <fc W. R. (Dennis 
Line cor Ivy i E. and ^Villiam R. i, att'Tueys, 23 

Greeson & Moon Emmette Greeson, 1 ,^^^ '^'t*^"^,^^^ , ,. , . . ,. , 
John L. .Moon!, r^al estate and I^'^'^'i"«"'|;^<'f'l ^' ■> l'i'>'^'^'''''b I ^'-*t-b- 
• ■oliection agts, ''2\ Mariata t-"^-^' C'"" Marietta 

(Jrc^o'.y Durell S., grt)cer, S2 Peach Ilaiviiiioixl IVatlianifl .J.IIcii.j. 
tree ' attorney, 54^ Widiehall 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. 

Buiiclers' Hard'^are. 

\ APF pjjDTfiJJj C andLam'brequins. selected from finest Impoitatiots. 
LMUL UUn I MlilO CAETEE & SOLOKON, 50 Whitehall st,, Atlanta. 







P# WW'p^l^-^^W^ 

=T2IE GIKOnaUl rOST-^2=PEii.I- TU"ESI5-S.irS. 

D. E. CALDWELL, Publisher. 

The Post-Apteal has been tiie recipieiic of a gre.itcr auiubti of good notices than any pa^cr 
ever published in the South. It is A No. 1 newspaper, devoted to tiie interests of the State of Georgia 
ill every particular. Its facilities for gatherin'^ news are equal to those of any paper anywhere and 
it does not propose to be Uft behind in any'hin,:. 

czr^TLiiMs or tiik daily post-avj'I^al:-'^::^ 

One Month, 30 cents; Tares ll::\b:, $1.70; Six Kanths, $3.00 ; One Tear, $5.00. Paja'cle in AiT;,n:e, 
The Georgia Posr-ApfEAL is published every Tuesday, and comprises the cream of the reading 

matter in the Daily. 

Subscription Price One Year, 75 Cents; to Clubs of 20 or more. 60 Cents per Year per Copy. 

Direct all remittances a-, d coran unication> to 

r>. E. CAT.OWKT^T., 

Atlanta M^^eekly Post, 


Thirty-two large columns— Best advertising medium in Georgii— Circulation 200,000 copies a year- 

The favorite of the masses. 

Address the Publisher, 

E. Y. CLARKE, Atlanta, Ga. 

j^ soo2:<:__o:En 300 if'.A-Giiis. 


Contains Full Particulars of the Great International Cotton Exposition, at Atinnta. October. :83l. 

Sscni postpaid for $1, iu Cloth; ?5 ceiils in I'ni'er. Address the pubii-her 

E. Y. CLAF.Ki:. 


i r- 

I ! 

i '^ 

H K 

'flPI F^' ^^^^^^ BELIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta. Ga. A Benevolent 
.UiLLO Institution, conducted on "business principles. 




f- — 


^ ' 

^ •^-^■"ll. 




• .- 

■■ -^ -^ , 


JTamric'k tfc Mi/Elivath (Narer R. 
Hamriok and J^auusel A. MrEl- 
reath), dry goods S W. Mitchell 

I-Ianeock Franris G., paper box 
ranfr and whol stationer, Broad 
cor Alabama 

Plaulon Jo.-^e})li, grocer, 20 Fouiuir.y 

Hape Satniiel, Dental depot, 34 

Hciralsoii Fianlv L., '^^i^te libra- 
rian and attorney, No. 3 State 

House. (See pat:e 101) 

Harding Joscpli 1-2., uingr South- 
ern Copvins: Co., 91 Marietta. (See 
p;^gel01) ■ 

Harkin John, grocer, 169 ^Marietta 

Harp James (<•), grocer, 98 W. Pe- 

Harper Thomas J., jeweler, 7 Peach- 

Harralson M., Bros. & Co. (Madison, 
Philip PI. and Henry L. Harralson, 
Henry P. Scales), whol ttbaccoanci 
cigars, 7 Decatur 

Ilari-i?0!8 J. P. v*>^ Co., James P., 
George W., Zadok D. Hanison 
and Dr. James S. Lawton), pub 
lishers, printers and blank book 
mufr, 27 and 2'J .S. Broad. (See 
opji i)age 9G) 

Harrison Zadok D., elk Supreme 
C'ourt, S'ate Hou.m' 

Hanison it Bro. Liiidrum ^Nf. and 
^Sfassey W. /, coal and wood, 31 
Decatur and 42 N. Broad 

llaiTisoii ^Vi Pot'ples (Zadnk D. 
Harrison, Heiuy C. Peejilesi, at- 
torneys, State Hou-^e 

Harrison Ai, \> t'Jttliers (George 
M. Harrison, Edsvin H. Weathers), 
grocers, 309 \V. Prtcrs 

liart l-'rotlcrick W'., pash, doors 
and blinds, :',() S. Jkoad 

Hart F. \V. it Son (Frederick W. and 
Frederick W.Jr.i, nmfrssasb dm>!S 
and blinds, Fuller near W.ivA H.l\ 

Hartman Barbara Mrs., confectioner, 

26 W. Mitcliell 
Hartgrove Mary Mrs., dressmkr, 701 

Harwell & Bro. (John H. and Wil- 
liam D. ), grocers, 324 Marietta 
Harwell & Smith (John ^I. Harwell, 

William F. Smith), machinery, 

65 S. Broad 
Haslett Samuel P., grccer, 173 W. 

Haskell Wallace W., ins agt, 27^ 

llavjjood William A., attorney, 

G9"E. Alabama 





Office— Corner Alabama and Loyd 
Sis., Opposite Georgia Dq:)ot. 

Mr. Millidge being no longer Po- 
lice Judge, will devote his undivided 
time and attention to the practice. 

Havnes Wiliiarii A., watches and 
jjwelry, 6, cS raui 10 Marietta 

Havs George \V., -c), barber, 12 Wall 

Healey T. G. & Son (Thomas G. and 
Wiliiam T.), contractors and build- 
eis, 20 Peactitree 

Heath David II., pro<luce, 117 White- 

Hecht, Simon agt, cigars and tobac- 
co, 60 Marietta 

Heery Daniel O. C, physician, De- 
catur cor Pryor 

Heinz & Berkele (Charles Heinz, 
John Berkele t, guns and fishing 
tackle, 15 Whiteluill 

Ilondorsoii John T.-. State Com'r 
of AgricuUure, Slate House 

IIen<lri\ ^i, McBurncy iJolui C. 
Htndrix, James C. Mclsurney), 
real estate am', ins agts, 13 S. Pry- 
or. Kimlmll House 

B. H. Broomhead A Co. 

■Mouldings, Brackets, ^.c. 

at CAETE?, S: SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta' 






Agents for the Purchase, Sale. Exchange aud 
Renting of 

iiii AL Hu 1 a i 


No. 13 Pryor St.. Kinr-.bal! House, 


Mentschel GottlieVi, saloon, Gl E. 

Herrick Jefferson, niniiMger W. U. 
Te). Co., Loyd cor Wall 

Hevword \V. Iz:iri], iUtcrney, Tj 

Hi^h Joseph M., dry goods, 48 

lliglifowci' & Ilallmaii (Tliom- 
as J. llightower, .loliii C. ilalliiiau), 
whol grocers, 40 and 42 IVachtree 
and 21 and 23 N. Kroad 

Hill Albert (c), barber, S Peaclitree 

Hill B. H, tfcSon (lienjamin H. and 
Benjamin H. Jr.), attorne\'F, 40 

Hill D. P. & Son iD. Pike snd Rob- 
ert P.), attorneys, 2A Marietta 

Hill John M. & Co. (Jobn M. Hill, 
Samuel Prislea:i), whol liquors, IG 

Hill Robert (c), barber, 12 W. Mitch- 

Hillyer George, judge Superior Court, 
Ci"tv Hall 

J. C. f cBURNEY. j Hillyer Henry, attorney, 21^ E. Ala- 
— bam a 

I Hilton Winbam A., sboemkr, 185 

j Marietta 

! Iliumau (ieorge, furniture mnfr, 

j 32} Decatur 

I Hiiiman John W., matti-ess mnfr, 318 
{ Decatur 

; Hiisch Bros. (Henry, Morris aud 
j Joseph 1, clotbiiig, 42 Whitehall 
I Hir?oh M. & J. (Morris and Jo?eph), 
' whol ciotliing, SS Pryor 
Hircch S. & Bio. i <iinon and Isaac), 

dry goods, 46 Decatur 
Hirsh berg Jacob, jinjier and bag ware- 
house, G4 S Broad 
Hirshberg »fe Regenstein, paper deal- 
ers, 87 S Broad 
j Hitclicock William L., physician, 221 
j Fair cor Frascr 

I Hobl)» ArtltiirG., physician, S W. 

i Hodgson Valentine M., physician, 
I 202 Marietta 

i Hotlnian John, liyery stable, 47 S. 
i Forsyth 

1 Huge Edward F., attorney', 23 White- 
I hbll 

IIolbrookA. L. & T. A. (Augu^tus 
^ L. aud Thomas A), grocers, 79 
I Peach tree 

; Hoiiirook John ]M., cotton broker, 54 
! S. Broad 

jHolcomb & Hill (Thomas H. Hoi- 
i comb :!Dd Cnarles W.Hill), eonfec- 
I tioneis, 71 Det-atnr 
I Holland & Sou (Sidney G. and 
i Frank), dentist-, 24 Whitehall 
1 HolIeniiUi Jo-ci)!i T., attorney, rooui 
I 5, Brown's block 




C O > 'J" I i V C Jl^O J t I ' O I i 

Plain and Ornamental Plastering 




Will till all orders for Cement and Terra Gotta Drain and Sewer Pipes. 
^W Prompt attention giyen to orders. 

iU - 

tj< o 

Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 

[■ ] 


d o 




Hcilliday G. H. & Co. ; George II. and 

.lohn rf. Hojlidav), genl stoie, 101 

Hollidav liobert A., dentist, 32J 

}I()!lo\vny David F., painter, 25 E. 

H"lly Charles W., bhoemkr, 102 W. 

llolnian William D., grocer, 92 }»Ic- 


Holmes 2\ick (c), shoemkr, S3 S. 

Holmes John ^€!\ shoemkr, 63^ E. 

Ilooii ^ Smith i Addison C. Hook, 

Thomas F. fSmith), dry .coods and 

clothing, 05 and 07 Peachtree 
II >oks John C, grocer, 296 E. Peach- 
IIoDks Thomas J., attorue}', 6] 

H( necker Christian, grocer, Jo7 Ma- 

I letta 
lIo|)kins & Glenn < J()hn L. Hopkin«, 

John T. Gleiiui, attorneyt*, U 2^Ia- 

Horsey T. M. & Co. ^Thomas ^[., 

'I'homas A. and Henry S. Horsey), 

who! hats, 15 X. I'ryor 
Houston Tliomas F., physician. Hi 


IFouston >N'a<.hiii^ton J., asst 

genl pass agt. Piedmont Air-Line 
Howard George J. & Lro. i George J. 

and Charles H.i, drugs, SO Wall 
Howard .loiiri ;c), wheelA riglr, 153 

Howard Warren, grf'cer, 3S Decatur 
Ploward, Wood & Co. (Azariah G. 

Howard, Tiioiuas M. W(j,,d, Wil- 

li.'im A. PouelM, wiiol cigars and 

t(bacco, ;>> K. Alabama 
Howell Daniel H., i>hysioiau, 57 ]Ma 


I Howell Julius R., millwright anil 

mill contractor, 75 E. Alabama 

Hoyt Samuel B., attornev, 6S E. 

Iliibbard liios., James Morris, 
mngr; ))Ook publifchers, Pryur s e 
cor Alabama 
Hubbard W. L. ct Sou (William L. 
and William L. Jr.), grocers, 21 
Iluey John W., blacksmith, McDou- 

ough road -^ miles 
Hutr James C, grocer, 91 Whitehall 
Hull" William A., rropr Markham 

Hulbert William W., agt So Express 

Co., 24 and 26 Wall 
Hulsty c^ ilcAfeo (William H. Hiil- 
sey, Jerome ^I. McAfee), attorneys, 
Huuiphries George P., trav agt N. Y. 

P. &0. R. R., 13 Pry or 
Humphries Ledford, grocer, 176 De- 
Hunnicutt Joseph M., pat medicine.^, 

6 Decaiur 
Hunnicutt & Bellingrath (C. W. 
Hunnicutt, A. Bellingrath), hard- 
ware, etc., 36 and 38 Peachtree 
Hurst tk >rartin (William J. Hurst, 
Julius K. Martin), le^taurant, S E. 
' Alabama 
Hurt Joel, real estate and ins agt, 44 

Huss J. C, physician, end of E. 

Hatchings William D. (c), barber, 11 


Hutchison & Bro. (Julian A. and 

Humphrey G.), drugs, 14 Whitehall 

Plynes Isaac, clothing, 7 Whitehall 

! Huzzy K. H. & Co. (Robert H. 

I Huzzv), trunk mnfrs, 37 S. Prvor 

I Inmau'Hugh T. Sc Co. (Hugh T. In- 

i man, James W^ Plarle and James 

'> W. R. Jenkins), fertilizers, 41 S. 

I Broad S. M. »& Co. (, Samuel M. and 

! Walter P. Inmtui, Williian C. San- 

j ders), cotton buyers, 30 S. Broad 

i International Cotton Exposition, 

i Hon. Joseph E. Brown, im s ; J, W. 

! liyekman, secy; >I. I. Kimball, 

director generid ; ollice 4S r^Tariett} 

Ivie Ti)e.dore il., [-hotographer, 4(J 


I Irwin Young M., grocer, 4GS Mi^r[^t^f' 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. f fe"" 

ihite Lead ar§d Oil, 


"Wholesale and Retail Dealers in CARPETS. 
Cil Cloths, i-c, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta 



Jack F. M. & Vo. (Francis M. Jack, i p 
J. Perry Chisholui), confeetiouer.-', | S 
•43 Peaehtree j ^ 

Jack Gourde W., rraeker and candy | ? 
nint'r, rear2S3 Whitehall | "' 

Jack *i, Holland, (William F. : » 
Jack, Ediiiond \V. Hdland), whol : ' 
and retcoufeclioners, 36 Whitehall j n 

Jac-krfou Hfcury H., supt Atlanta | [ 
Telephonic Exchange ; ollice Kiui- ; £ 
ball House | „ 

Jackson Jesse W., int«-iligeu3e otliee, 
3h Marietta 

Jackson & Lumpkin (Henry Jackson, 
J. H. Lumpkin), attorneys, 40 

James John H., hanker, 20 Whitehall 

Jarral Willis, saloon, 15 Marietta 

Jarvis Williaiu L.., carriage 
miifr, 44 Line; repository 17 N. 

Jefl'eries Richard S., attorney, 23 

Jenkin? Cornelius (c\ blacksmith, 270 
W. Peters 

Jeiitzeu John H., saloon, lo5 White- 

Jervcy Henry, physician, 71 White- 

Jett Allison W., saloon, 3 Peaehtree 

John^on Allen D., physician, 17!'^ 

Johnson, Camp & Co. (James M. 
Jolinsun, Miller P. Camp, John S. 
Lowe), trroeers, 170 W. i'etei 

Johnson Charles J. (O), 

or n of Alabama 
Johnson D. & Bro. 

James), i^roeers, 253 Fair 
Johnson Elam, com mer. 

Johnson James L., harness, 

Johnson John T., physician, 

Johnson Joseph H 

tural implement; 

Johnson J. V. & Bro. (Jacob V. 

(Jeorge E 

bam a 
Joluisoii .>IaiU ^V. S, Co. (Mark 

W. John.M)n, L. C>. Xile.-»i, seed--, 

as^ricuKural implemt-nls aiitl ni:i- 

cliii^ety, i'7 .^Ia^n•tta 
Johiisc)!! <& Bidwcll, nieat market, 

334 Decatur 

Johnson & Maxwell (John M. 
son, (Jeor:::e T. Maxwell), 
cians, 48 Marietta 
Johnson <k Oit (Josiah 'M. Johnson, 
William B. Oir), n)eat marker, ;j6 
Johnson & Son (Benj. F. and Htn- 
ly F.), groc-rs, 110 Marietta 
W. Mitchell 
Johnston J. Ji. & Co. ) Joseph E. 
Johuaton, Livingston Mimsj, ins 
agts U Marietta" 
Jolly Moses W., trrocer, 182 Decatur 
Joll'v R. & Son (Robert and Joseph 

H ), sabion, 500 Decatur 
Jouos Alex, iv., attorney at law, 

Grant bld^' 
Jones Aiiuinius B., mugr Wal 

den <k Stow 
Jones Benjamin (c), baker, 22 Deca- 
Jones Edward L., banker, 12 E. Wall 
Jones John Jr., distiller, 20 E. Ala- 
lia ni a 
Jones John CJ.. tailor, 1 E. Alabama 
barber. Pry- jjones Paul, whol li<iuors, 22 E. Ala- 
Dennis and i Jones Rans ;n, grocer, 115 Wheat 

I Jones Roliert B., mngr National Pub- 
22 X.I li.shinirCo., 30 Whiteiiail 

I Jones W. I.., special agent and detec- 
22 W. tive, 2 Whitehall 

' Jones William O., livery stable, 51 S. 
m :Nra- ; Broad 

Jotu's & McGuire (Samuel H. Jones 
manfr agricul- i Cornelius McGu're), contractors 
Marietta cor i yiid builders, 44 Marietta 

i Judson William X., physician, 1 Fair 
"^''<-' I Karr John A., geni stoie, 256 .Mai ietta 
-^li-i" 1 K;irwi-ch Henry, baker and confec- 
! tioner, SS Decatur cor Collins 
Kavanauijh Bernard, patent medi- 
cines, 131 Whitt^hall 
Keely John, dry •_' -d-^, 5S Whitehall 
KeitJi .Ja>pei- L., proi«r Wil-'U 
Houst% Alabama cor Pry( r ,See 
V)airi^ 07 I 

lestauraut, S E 

28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 


O c* 

DRn\f!nC ^'^'^ your Families "by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 



W J 
pa E 

o ^ 














Kelly Jolui. saloon, Piyoreor Wall 
Kell^' William S., grocer, 199 W. 

Keltner Washington, sboemkr, 3 W. 

Kompner M.Mrs., hotel, m\ White 

Kennedy Mary Miss, milliner, 49 

Kf nner >!cTibbs (William B. Kenner, 

William B. Tibbs), com mers, 31 


KeiiiscsaAV 31ills Co., B. H. 

Pvicbanis, pres; 'S\. G. Whitlock, 
sec and treis; mnfi's flour, etc., 20 
E. Alabama 

Kenny Patrick J., billiards and sa- 
loon, Kimball House, and 7 E. Ala- 

Kerr it Fisher, (George P. Kerr, 
Augustas M. Fisber), notions, 56 

Kerstan Aup;nst F,, physician, 108 
B aw son 

Ivirkii.iilitcr Charles J., tjrocer, 104 

Kierbaw J. JI., fruits, 273 W. Ptteis 

KUbv William J., tailor, 54.», White- 

Kimball C'liarlntte II. Mrs , confec- 
tionery, 22 W Mllchell 

Kiisibitii Ilaiiitihal I., pres At 
huita C'itton i-'actory C(>., and 
Director General International Cot- 
ton Expo-rition, 48 Marietta 

Kinioall H. 1. lljuse, S^-oviile <.V 
I'erry, j)roprs; Pryor bet ^^'all and 

Kimball Joiui C., coal and wood, 11 
E. Alabama 

King AltXiiiider C, attorney, 23 

Kiiic: C'liiil'oi'c! A., hosiery mnfr, 
2o Marietta ,>See l)age 9".) 

King Fred, phy.-ician and drugs, 150 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. \ 

King J. Gadsden, ins agt, 61 S Broad 

Kirbe Lewis G., fruit stand, 21 Ma- 

Kircher Ferd, sboemkr, 9J Nelson 

Kiser M. C. & J. F. & Co. (Ma- 
rion C. & John F. Kiser, Wib 
liam S. Everett, Willis E. Kiganj, 
wliol drv goods, Pryor cor WmH 

Kis-^r M. P. »fe Son (Mtrriwettur P. 
and John B.),dry goods, 77 White- 

Klas-et Andrew, grocer, 9S Nelson 

JCiiabe >\'il!iain & Co. (pianos\ 
Pbillips & Crew, so agts, 6, S and 
10 ■Marietta. (See page 103) 

Knotl James J., physician, 4 W.W^all 

Kr.ox John S., fertilizers, 7 W. Ala- 

Koch & Bro. (Frederick and W^ll- 
liam), meat market, 34 M.-ri-tta 

K> fiber Philip C, grocer, 2S7 V/. 

Kreis Jacob, meat market, 113 

Kreis.)acob,propr Premium Steam 
Bye Works, 7 W. Peters. (See 
page 09) 

Kries Angii<Et»is W., bill poster, 8 
W. Wall. I See page 101) 

Knmer Edward H., music teacher, 
23 Williams 

Kubns J. H. <fc W. T. (Julius H. 
and ^V. T.), photograpliers, 33^ 

Kyle Wiiliain C, saloon, 45 S. Broad 

Ladd Aloiizo C, lime, cement 
lijasttrand tVriilizHrs, 16 S. Forsyth 
iSee iKi-e lol I 

Lagomarsino John, candy mnfr 
and whol confectioner, 4 White- 

L'lHatte Juliiis H., meats and fish, 
75 Peaelitr-e 

Laird Jnhn A., grocer, 12G Whitehall 

Liird William, grocer, 197 Whiieiiall 

i^aist ()H<), ures CJeorgia Ctiemical 
and Mining Co., 32 Wall 

Lamar James L, (c), grocer, 234 

Lamar Mary J. ]Mrs., grocer. 1S2 De- 

Lamar, B^nkin & Ijamar (H. J. Ea- 
rn ir. J. W. B lukin, H. .1. Lunar, 
Jr.), whol and retail drugs, Pryor 
cor Decatur 

I^aitibert Alpliouscpropr Central 
Nurst-ry, Y.. Fair near Cemetery. 
! (Sr-e pag e 99) 

5 1 : . V 1 :> '\' 3 1 1 X 1 : t> r» A ITS' t 


y&fOi ^lif^^ in all patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
l^yLfcyi^ii, 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




i<2 u 

I.jimlH?rt Catherine Mrs., grocer, 336 ' ?r 

Decatur i j 

L.intl William J., analytical cheuiist, j \ 

Decatur cor Peaclitrce |i 

l.amlis olomon, pattern mkr, 31; S. | , 

Hroad. ; 

L.uulon Walter H. (c), grocer, T at- | t , >" 

nail cor Markham i | ' ^ 

Imi^^ Maurice, slu'cmkr, 51 S. Broad | I 
Laiigston, Crane & Co. (Tiiomas L. j t 

Langston, Benjamin E. Crane, | •'-^" ^■ ^~" - 

Geortj:e \V. William?, Jr.), w\nA 

grocer.-:, 40 E. Alabama 

Leo Gustav E., architect, 3>jh E. 

Lars.'^oii Marie Miss, dressmkr, 30', ; , Alabama 

Peachtree I Leonard Ceor(,^e W., agt The bmger 

Latham Adam (c), shoemakr, 32 E. ; ^ -"^^tifg- Co 42 Marietta ^ 

Alabama I Leonard Henry C, supt The Brad- 

Latham James M.,wood, Chapel cor ' ''^^'"^^^ <^^-' Alabama cor te. Pryor 

Larkins iLeSMeui' .fosepli A., carpenter 

Lathrop *l- White fEdward ^:. La- I and baiiJer, 125 Whitehall 

throp, James T. White), carpets, 4tJ i Lewis Henr\, ib-iuing uiilis, 35 and 

Marietta j 37 Thompson 

Lawrence Thomas, erocer and black- 1 Lewis Oliver (c), barber, SO W. Pe- 

smith, south McDonough road 2 1 ^^^' 

miles from Atlmta 
Lawshe Er., je^ eler, 47 Whitehall 
Lawton James L., attorney, 3^ Ma- 
Lawton James 8. Dr., inspector of 

fertilizer?, 2'J S. I>road 
J^eber Horace H., whol cigars 

anil tobacco, 30 S. JV>'oad 


Lewis Thomas S., steam cracker 
and cake bakery, 54 to 62 E. Ala- 

Lidd.ll John B., physician, 212 Ma- 

Lieberman (i-Kaufmann (Tieon Lieb- 
erman, David Kaufmann), uunk 
mnfrs, 92 Zsliichell 

Linch (I'iles C., grocer, o'^2', Decatur 

Lindenberg William, watciunkr, ISo 
W. Peters 

Link & Thompson (J. A. liink, John 
S. Thompson), denti--ts, Go Wliile- 
I hall 
I Linn liliiza, gr^ cer, Jennings cor 

~ '^ ^^^ " ' "'^^ — ~'-^- I Linton George W., music teacher, 

i 3S Iv»-y 
■V;7-I3:OI_i3I!SJ^XjE. ■ Llpes Moses, contractor and builder, 

I Peachtree cor \\ tieat 
i Little Gt'orge Dr., .State geologist, 

S.,LK AGENT south: I .^[a^e HoUSl' 

.\mbrosia Tnbacco ' Li vely Wiiiiam E., grocer, 222 Fra- 

(Works. j ser 
Spencer Bros, i Co. ; Lochranc Osborne A., attorney, 242 
Morten Bro.<. ^ eacluree 

Loclirey James, dyer, 45 E. Hunter 


J. >f. Hahn, 

Lane Co.. Pa. 
J Keagy i- I'oj^t, 

A(J:im< Co., P:t. 
Tho.^. H. SiiU-r. 

York Co.. l';i. 

IwehanolV Aaron, cli. tiling, 12 Mitrii- 

liCe Jesse M., mdse broker, Pryor 

se cor Ala I mm a 

Lenfestev A. 
mnfr, 48 Decatiir 

Lockhart itiehard H , giocer, 72 

p. a(•lltrl■e 
L')ew ct Zauiior {Le(.>iKild L'ow, Se- 

lig J. Zander), jfwelers, 43 Whiie- 


;iO(-er and broi)m i Loijan Joliii il., pliv.>ici;in, <i4.'. 
1 Whitehali 

yOni BIMP*^ A^^ PICT'JEB FP.A:ffSS. at V.'holesah a Specialty, ai 
IflUyLliiS'^v^d G00D:iIAN'3. 2S Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 

■ ■••1 

; ;l 















The Press and People regard THE CHRISTIAN mDEX 
the best Advertising Medium in the South. 















Ligan J. L., wiLl land agent, Ala- 
bama ne eor Prv( r 

LoKan Joseph P., physician, 49 

Logaa WiJljam W.. jeweler and 
engraver, fJU ^Vhitehall. (8ee page 
107). ^ ^ 

Logan & Co. (Frank E. and James 

L, LoLran), Hour and grain, Alabama 
cor Pryor 

Longley, Robinson & Co. (B. T. 
Jjongley, Isaac Bobinson, George 
Ogletteej, planing mill, 25 N. But- 

Longstreet .lames, U. S. marthall, 
Custom House 

l.oreiitz .^ lUtfler (Bernliard A. 
Loretz, William H. Ritiler, George 
I. BechteP, tnufr.- 

Ijjncli & Leu (Patrick Lynch, 
William W. Lea), contractors and 
builders, builders' supplies, sasb, 
door and blind mnfrs, 12 Loyd. 
(See page 63) 

Lynch & Thornton (Michael Lynch, 
Eugene II. Thornton), books and 
stationery, 9 AVhitehall 

McAtlee William W., contractor, 
3^ Whitehall 

MclJi-ide 6^ Co. (Andrew J. and 
.Samuel L. McBride, Russell C. 
Johnson), china, glass, lamps, 
show cases and iiouse furnishing 
goods, 11 and 13 N. Pryor 

McCalla Bros. (Walter E. and Clar- 
ence W ', siloes, hats aud furnish- 
ing goods, 3 \V'bitehall 

McCariy Honora Mrs., grootries, 40 

McCayic Al>l)ott (Henry R. Mc- 
Cay, Benjamin F. Abbott), attor- 
neys, 7i Whitehall 

M»Ciain William H., grocer, 13'i 

McCiary *t Bro. (George B. and 
Isaiah B.), grocers, IIG Whitehall 

McDtvitt Agatha Mvf., grocer, 1S6 

McElveen Piobert D., grocsr, 86 

-- , cil of vitriol, , -. v..^^.,,.,. 

fertizilingmaferiiils and superphos- ; M<'FarIand Thomas, meat n^arket, 

phntes, 40 S. Broad. (Sfe page 9n. ' o4 Foundry 
Love William A., physician. '33 N. ; ^IcFanl James 

Foist th 
Lovejuy Edward B., liquor?, 56 


Lovejoy and Pitchford (Emorv W. 
Lovejoy, Daniel C. Pitch'jord^ 
stationer.-, 13 Peachtree 

Lowe George W., grocer, 33 \Y. 

Loi^e T. J. A: ]3ro. (Thomas J. 
an«{ John S.), grocers, 35 W. 

Lowry W. M. & R. J. (William M. 
and Robert J.), bankers, ti'J E. Ala- 
lia ma 

I-ioyd At Uro. (Calvin L. and Ben- 
ja.'i.iu S.i, caudv mnfrs, S". White- 

Lumpkin Berry (>■) shoemkr, SO X. 
F.;rsyth -^ ' ' 

Lynch Jerry, nier tailor, S White- 

Lynch J>)!in J , geni stor.-, 4t Deca- 

Lynch Peter, groeer, 95 Wiiitehall 

W., physician, 202 

^IiG^uiiliey John L., stock yards, 
96 W. [Mitchell and meat market, 
133 Whitehall 

McGeever c'c Breunan (Hugh Mc- 
Geever, Daniel Brennan), saloon 
and hotel, 40 Decatur 

^LGrifF it Sheridan, painters, I] 

McGnire Thomas J., mdse broker, 
2t]i E. Alabama 

McHan Charles H., grocer, 276 Fair 

McHenry Charles (c), grocer, 254 

McKay John J., grocer, 4.S Peach- 

31cKeiizie Alfxaiider H., house 
and si-n painter, 75 E. Alabama 

3IcKin!ey \atliai»acl,sigii, fres- 
co, banner and ornamental paint- 
er, H\ Decatur. (See ailv) 

IVIfLt'iJilirii .J. S ., brick mnfr and 
Wood dealt T, Bell Cor Pratt and 
299 Decatur 

BUILDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE,, eoi^Olt!-^ 1'^ .Vl.l. IvI?Si:>S. 

^. H. Broomhead & Co. 1 f^" DRY OR IN OIL. 


and Lamtrequins, selected from finest Importaticns 
CART3E & SOLOMON, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 






WOOD YARD, 299 Decatur St,, 

ATLANTA, - - - GA. | 

______^ __>_>»__^ I 

McManamau Emma I. Mrs., grocer, ■ 
71 Cbapel | 

McM:illan <fe Snow (John C. ^re>[il 
Ian, Y. Henry Snow), grocers, 25 j 
McXabb & Stewart (David A. Mc- | 
Xabb, James M. S ewart), meat i 
market, 86 Peach tree j 

McNaught AV. & Co., (WilUam : 
JNIcNaugbt, Tijomas Scrutcbin), 
proprs Sugar Creek paper mill, 
omee, 86AVbiteliall 
^IcNaugbt »t Scrutchiu (William 
McNaught, Ttiomas Scrutcbin'. 
hardware, 86 Whitehall 
3]cNf'il W. 8. c*c Co. (Walte-S. M-- 
>'eal), house }>aiiiter.s, grainers and 
dealers in grainers' col<3rs, i)]. S. 
. Broad. (See page 93) 
McPiierson Wallace, trenl sau aeent 
L. & X. II. R. and X. C. cV gSt. lA 
Ry, Pryor se cor Alabama 
3Iacoii and BiiEti^wick l\. R.. 
E. W. Coif, pres; 431 S Broad (See 
page 52 
3lcRae Wiiliaiii, genl mngr W. 

<k A. R. K 
Maddox, Rucker c^- Co. (Robert F. 
Maddox, Jeti W. Rucker, William 
L. Peel), bankers and com mers.SG 
W. Alabama 
Middnx & Vaughan, fWilliarn C. 
2>Iaddox, Ciiarlfs J. \'aughauj, 
grocers, 54 Peach tree 
Maguraii Jolni, shoemkr, G5 Decatur 
Malier Mi(,-haei E., li<juor.s, 11 Mitch- 
ell and 52 IV-achiree 
M.ihoney Michael, grocer, 124 De- 
.^Iakt'm>^Oll Asjdrew .!,, specta- 
cles, eye glasse.s, fruits and notions, 
40 S. liroad 

Mallartl Williani J., a'torney, 5i 

Peach iree 
Malone William J., shoemkr, Gl 

Maltry Pliilip, hair dresser and 

cigar dealer, 51 Whitehall 
Mangum Fulo!i C., saloon, 2.3 W. 

Mann James, blacksmith, 45 S. Broad 

and 64 S. Pryor 
Mann & Johnson, (Robert D. ^Nlann, 

Jack W. Johnson), R. R. ti ket 

office, 4 Kimball house 
Manning Alonzo A., attorney, St Ma- , 

Marcus ]\[ax, tailor, IfjPcachtree 
Marion Sylvester, Sr., grocer and 

saloon, 2S2 Marie: ta 
3[ai'kliaiii House, W. H. Huft, 

j.ropr; Loyd opp passenger depot 

(See adv). 
INlarkle & Gresham, (Asbury AV. 

Markle, William F. CJresbam), 

drugs, 424 Marietta 
Mariin Caroline V. Mrs., grocer, 186 

; Martin David N., attorney, 2\] Ma- 
i rietta 

i Martin Edmund \V., attornev, 7\ 
I Whitehall 

Martin E. INI. & Co. (Eugene M. Mar- 
I tin, Charles C. Cater), grocers, 
\ 157 Wheat 

i 3Iarlii» .John, whol and ret fruit 
; and confectionery, 4 Marietta 
I Martin Melville C, druggist and phy- 
! sician, 212 IX-catur 
, Marvin Ceorge AV., physician, '^■) 
I AVhitehall 

I Mashburn John H., grocer, 800 E. 
' Peach tree 

Alasf.n <?ic AVeavc-r, (John A[a-M!i, 
i John K. AVeaver), sal nii, 2 )'i Mi- 
! rietta 

Atlanta, &a. Westsru Prloes 

t C Iff. G;oimn's, 23 Whitehall street, 
duplicatad at wholesale. 

■ CO 


prnpi rC' MatualRjliefA-Jsociation, Atlanti, Ga. Largest, best and safest 
r uUi Luo Cc-operativs Life Associaticn in the South. 




-- '^f 


I Mihaloviicli Louis, liquors', 2t3 Deca- 
31illcdK;e John, attorney-at-law, 
(J9 E. Alabama 

^ --. '< 

John Milledge. 

Wm. a. Uatooou 



Office: Corner Alabamt and Lcyd Streets 
Oppo«ite Georgia Tepot- 

Masonic Mutual Aid Association of; 

Geor^M.i, room 1, 3i).l E Wall 
Ma-.^a Emit'.', irijit^, 19 Pep.ehtree 
Ma.tlievv-s Joltii II., lumber dealer 

iiiid i>'ii!d':':-, Tno>n;i'On cor Hunter' 
Max^\eil 'Jauies R., harness and I 

saddles, 51 S. Ba^id 1 

Maver, Son & V.o. (David and Solo< ! .^I^'- ^'illedgb beiDg no longer Pol ce Ju.lge. 
' ^f , „ T ' I » It- ^ ' Will Q'Jvoie his undivided Ume and attention to 

mon Mayer, Joseph A. ^lagnus), tho practice. 

whol li<iuors, 52 Whitehall — ■ 

M^ynard Robert J., book biniier, 1K\ >Iil!e«Jce is, Ilaygood (John ]Mil- 
S IJroad ' j leiige, WUliani A. Haygood), at- 

torneys at law, G9 E. Ahibarua. 

]Minor Jackson (c), baiber, 27 Deca- 

Mitchell Alexander W., cotton ware- 
housi'. 1(3 E. Hunter 

Mitchell Isaac S , grocer, 142 White- 

Meneely G H. .^ Co. .George R. \ Mile^ell Weslev D., grocer, 208 W. 
Z^Ieneely, Tlicmas ^^ . Gelmaii), ivter * 

Mavsou Thomas C., grocer, 3 Mari- 
Medcalf John A., grocer,75 Collins 

Meini>liis and Chailcstoii H. 

K., E. W. Cob, president ; 4oi ,S. 
]iri>ad. See ii ge 5-1.) 

brass fi.undt.rr', Marietta cor \ 

Menko M. .t Bro. l^^urti;l an<l Jc- 

seiih^ clothing, 2lAVhitebail 
Mer<vr E IwanI, saloon, 2o ^Ifuietta 
Merchant i^ Mosley ( J{. Mer- 
chant, .S umiel 1,. }*Iu.-ley!, wbol 

grocers, 27 E. Alalania 
Merebaiu- Biiik of Atlania, Camp- 
bell Wail ice, prts; .Jas. \\. Porter. 

ca'-hiei; 12 ami 14 E. Alabama 
^h'rr;!ielil George H., shi-emkr. 1 \\'. 

MerriUet .Sumnit'is (James B. Mer- 

ritr, Eiunk J. ."^umnu-rti, grocers, 

."64 D.-caMir 
."^Jclliodi^t A<l\<>raic. Walden A 

.^towe, ].i)b-; 110 Wliilfhail 
31el!!odi>t JJook Cojicciii. NN'al- 

dfu t*c .Stowe, auin.t.-; lio Wliitc- 

ball. 'Sec page V-\K 
^lit-Uelb.-rrv cV Wtdtl'Xi. i\Vilii.ini 

M. M.ektll erry. M. G. Whiilock), 

Com niers, 24 E. Alabama 
Midd'ebrooks William M., groeer, i>-' 

405 W. Pft.T 

■'^^'"- Moland John TL, (c), fruit.-, 99 AV 
' Peter 

31oorc lU'iijaitiin F. Prof., pres 
Moore'ai Business University, 38 
and 40 S. Broad 
Moore Clareuco E., attoruev, C'. 
I Moore, Mtirsh & Co. (William A. 
Moore, Ediviu W. Marsh, H. E. 
liarry, Joht! A. .^mitb, Joseph 
Kingsbery, ^Vm. W. Draper, Wni. 
T. .\.-liford , wlioldry g«ods. Prycr 
Cor L'ue 
31<)<»it*s Soimsoi-n ^3usiness 
liii* t'lsin". 15. F. Mo<jre, pro.--: 
;;>^ and 10 .<. r,ro.-.(! 


a-^Fbiii*i:■^- i3i*IIl^v'^-'- - ' ''j4i 


B. H. Broomhsad & Co. 

iUCjiDO.'XO IXlCL'Cl. jEiLe\.±T- 

iL bLy S lla at CARTER k SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st. , Atlanta . 


12 ( 


Moore, Hinis & Co. (Tlioiuas aiul 
JaJiics M. Moore, Frank A. and 
William I. Sims), inilU'r.-- and 
j^rain dealer.^, IS") ^lanetta 

Morgan Charles H , -roeer, 159 

Morgan Davis, harness and saddle 
nmfr, 80 AVbitehall 

Mort^an Joseph H., ins ayt, iNIarietta 
cor F<nsyth 

Morgan, Smith & Co. (^Samiiel Mor- 
gan, Spencer F. Smith, Noah F. 
Smitli, Charlrs W. Smiih), cotton 
buyers, 91) S. Jiroad 

MorKaii Sylvanus L., grocer, 315 W. 

Morgan S. L. Mr.s,, {iropr Watson 
House, •s2.2 Vv. Milcheii 

Morris Charles M.,groeei',] 15 Decatur 

Morris Jauies, mniir Iiul)bard Bros., 
Pryor se cor Alaiiania 

Morris John F., grocer, SS W. i'eter.s 

Morris J . S. & Sons ( Josej)li S., Lewis 
ti. and Jolni H.), grocers, wood and 
coal, brick mntrs, 196 Marietta 

Miirris llosa Miss, dressmkr, GO 

M(»rris William C, clorhing, etc., 21 

Morris & Brother (David P. and 
ElisbaS. ), grocers, 4G Peach ii-ee 

Morris ami Suttles, (Edward .Morris, 
Isaac C. Suttles), saloon, 14 Hunter 

Alorrison, Bain cV. Co. {.lolin Morri- 
son, Ponald M. B;un, Angus Mor- 
rison), whol barduiire, 10 S. Pryor 

Morrison Far<iuliar JJ., uphols- 
ter, OS Whitehall 

Moser George C, architect, Go White- 
- Moser James H., artist, 27^ Whilchidl 

Most'r John, arciiiteci and sup(.-r- 
intendent, 03 Whitehall 

° hi 

CO r 



Motes (^ylumbiis W 
32^ Whitehali 

Matos C. W. ii, Co. (Cwlumbus W. 
and William F. MoU-^, .John W. 
Gaines), harnes nmfrs, 1)0 White- 

Mountcastle, Coleiaan & Co. (Wil- 
liam E. ]Moun I castle, W'. E. Cole- 
man, George B. :Meeiaugbey),wh(d 
grocers and com, 15 S. ib'oad 

Mover Isaac P. (c), grocer, 149 W. 
Peters . 

.Moyers \VilIiani T., attorney, 30^ 
E. Alabama 

Mozlt>y Hiram, physician and drug- 
gist, i>S Whitehall 

3IuHan ic Uacklo (Joseph J. 
:>riii!an, Ciiarles i{-.ieklo), marble 
works, 14 S. liroad 

Muller Burton A., -saloon, 12 S. 

Mulligan William P,., projir Atlanta 
Hotel, 77 Decatur 

jNIurphy Anthony, i>Ianiii- mill, 73 
S. Forsyth 

Murjihv Elizabeth Mrs., confectioner, 
274 Marietta 

Mnrnhy James W., slioeniakr, 35 W- 

31ur|)i»y M. C, ontractor and 
huilder, 25 E. Hunter 

"^ M. C. MURPHY, 

Carpenter and Builder, 

Office and Store Fitting 
a Specialty. 

r'&-ALL ;oe:ii:o A"rEi:EEDrc.,jL\^ 


C. M. Goodman. 28 Whiteliali street. Atlanta, Qa. 


i; d 

'■--*IS'''^T«'5 ;1»'1 «"■'•• jSJK ^r./?!:-' a\ 

^\j^^^~ ^:^y&A'i^^idsi{k'^^^ 

< i Wiiit.n.i!! ^t^cec, o-. cr .S. 

Mosi's Hiiphael J., altornty, 4U xMu- 





THE CKRBSTIAN !P.'bEX-Established 58 years ago 
Jas. P, Har rison & C o., Proprietors, Atianta, Ca. 

AT L 1 OS ~^J^^^~ 

iViCOlsOlt >\ iliiillli l*01IIH, |,|iy. 

sician .-uul dean .Soutlicrii AUmIicIiI 
(.^ollc.uji', S \V. Alaljairui 
Nolan <fc Doty (A. A. Nolan, Williuu) 
Doty), boots and shoes, 07 Wliitt-. 

Noi'i'iitnii *i U'oed (G. L. Non-- 

nuui, Milton B. WcimI), archiUcis 
and i)ati'nlooH of fire proof frain- 
in'.r, 48 Marietta. (.See p. 95.) 
Xortheii William P., jeweler, 47< 
Wliitehall ^ 

Norwood Joiiu N., publisliers union 

24 S. Broad 
Nnnan 'J'iionias, pass n^t INfeniithis 

& Ciiarleston K. R., K, S. I'ryor 
O'iJrien Frank 11., physician, 77 .S. 

O'Brien James E., grocer, 131 E. 

O'Connor Daniel A., saloon, 30 Loyd 
O'Connor ICate Mrs., millinery, '57 

O'Donnelly John, tailor, 21} E, Ahi- 

O'Donahoo James, crrocor, 25") Fi'aser 
O'Keefe Lani-em-e E., mnt,^r Walton, 

Whnnn ct Co., Alabama, nw cor 

O'Neal John, meat market, 84 For- 
Olmsted John C., phvsiciau, 7* 

Oime Franeis IE, physician, IH 

Orni')ud Janie.s, ^paper mills, 43 S\ 

Orr Edgar IE, attorney, 7} Whitelaill 
On- LnustiiMi^ J. J Ion., StnU'- 

School Commi-^rii(jner, Stale lIoii~e 
Owen WMshinL^t(jn G., phssician, 14 

Pannell William A., fruits, 95 W. 

Pardee Don A. Hon., jud>.'e U. S. 

Circuit Court, Custom House 
Paris Jolaa A., house, si^n and 

ornauK-nial painter, loO-i Wliih'- 

hall. (See pai^e 99.) 
Park A. '1'., physician, 84 Ciiurch 
] l*ask >\ tlliaiii T., physician, 1- 

Parker IJiland IE, undertakers' nup 

l)lie'-, Hi)', l-^. Alabania 
Parkins ^ UriKo (William H 

Parluns, Alexander (!. Jiruce), in- 
ch itects, ] ', Marietta 

iNlurpiiy 'J'iui E., passenger a^t Cin- 
cinnati Southei-u R. P., 13 i*rvor 

Murray Eovick P., grocer, 174 Ma- 

:\ruse, S'.vift & Da'las, (Georg.' Muse, 
John N. Swift, Jr., (ieoruc ,\. Dal- 
las), cloiliing, oS Wliiteimll 

Mynatt & llowtll (Pryor L. 
Mynatt, tieorae A.Howell), attor- 
neys, 12 E. Alabanni 

Nace Anna J{. Mrs., tlressmkr and 
milliner, (]G Whitehall . 

.\ace .loliu 31., Fulton Planing 
Mill, 2S1, 285 and 287 Decatur 

Nally & Maher (.Martin Nallv, John 
C. Maher), saloon, 4 Wall " 

Nash Alphonzo E. (c), barber, 91 W^ 

Nasi! Joseph Van llolt Ma.i., 

i;enl so mngr branch hou-e 1). 

Appletou A Co., of X. Y., 44 lAEiri- 

etta. (See inside front cover.) 
National Coi)vini; Co., James Finley 

proj.r; 5^ Whitehall 
National Hotel, E. T. White, proi^r; 

(}, Band lOPeachtree 

National l»!ililisliiii- Co., H. B. 

Jones, nian^r; 3o Whitehall 

iVational Sur;,'ical Instiiiiie, 

Dr. C. L. Wilson, surj^uaju in 
charge ; Dr. K. IE Bolan.l secy and 
treas ; Alabama, nw cor ]'ry()r 

Nefl" William Clillord, [iropr^Vrctic 
Ice Co., 70 Peachtree 

Netl William Clilford & Co. (Wil- 
liam CliOonl and Clillbrd (ionion 
Nelf), proprs Atlanta Soap Work-^, 
70 Peachtree I 

Nelms John W., |)rin keeper jjeni- 
tentiary, State House 

Nelson, Barkei' it Co. (Eivi ]',. Nel- 
son, Charles P. N. I'.ark.r', la.nd 
and loan au:ts, :;7 Marietta 

IScwinan W iliiaia T.. city attor- 
ney, 35 S. Broad 

B. H. Broumhead & Co. 

iPaim Bmsiies of all Rinds. 


CE-TNTSUS O'F 1880. 

Full line of Pock' t J/c?Av. ^'/\?// .SV,7A-.v :?//.?' Tcnil'^rics, njui 
Proi'iiiccs of Canada, loifli coiiipitalion 'of alt Rail!\huls\ 
Civilities, Lakes, [st-i:ids. /vtrers ai-.t l^oieus, are nnteeeed in 
tlie aboi'e manner, and ceerv p^aee ean tjr loeated on I lie iiuC>s 
as easily as a loord ean be Joirnd in a dictionary. 

The popnlatioi, aeeordiia^ to the laie^t C\\\qvA and S'o.vU- 
eensns of coery Toion in eaeh State oi' lerritorv, is also green. 

Sijii ly luail, poif/^rhi. orinid in rlwU'lc c\!SlV, itpcii !\i\'ij"! of f\''lo~.''iii;^' pria- ^ : 

Itide.v M.!)'- 
Maps. with 'lit 

Index Mil- 
Maps, ^va:.. 

AlaijMiiin > 50 

.\ri,''ina Tciiit'iiy 50 

Arkansas 50 

(. .iliiuniia aivi Neva-la. in 

..:v. book ■ 75 

Culnra'ln. Town^lii!) 50 

(."'■luracln, Scctimiril 

Colora'lo^ (;ool,^ical and 


Lonnccliout 30 

Hakota Territciry ;o 

! I ;l;'.va' e and Ma.i'vLm' !. in 

Nc')ra>ka S 50 

J"-) Xcxa'la and L'alii' irnia. in 

New ! 1 am p-hirc ^cj 

-5 New J. ;-M'y..... 50 

;; New Mexic'i 'l\ii i;.ii }■ \o 

j-^ \,-\\ Mf\ivi.;;-.' 'l''>\vn.- 

^!'d- • 

00 N^^v \Mi-k 7:; 

\.M-lh Cai-.l-na 50 

2'-, Nuva Scoiin, Nov.- Krans- 

\vick. and Vv. i:d. MM.. 7; 

f I'Thia 


id i\u. IVnitorv 

[ihn,.!^ ; 


li' 'I'jri ilc>] V aii.i i\'\, 
in i)!ie o ii.)k 


ivansas, >cci,i"na! 

K cntuckv 



.d >.niK>i-.a. .•^fCtimK-d 50 

Marvhnd and i)i:l -w .'.o. in 

.>n.- lu.,ds 50 

M >-aciui^ett^ 50 

d nui.j -. i'.a ;o 

25 ' dd .. S.-,;:i'Min! 50 

i •niasdi), I'riivintc ni\( anada 75 

23 Drc^Min 5c 

23 IVn;i-_\ !\a'da 50 

23 (^)uri't.-c. l'!''i\ inc-' 'i;.i_'anada v 

Khu},: l.kmd 30 

25 .■swui'n <./,ir.dina 30 

23 Tennessee 30 

:t dcxasand lnd;a:i 1 erriinry, 

I e^o in one's 73 

23 I 'niit-d .^•.:i le-> from _\'ia}it;'' 

(. oa-l !.) l<.M,i^y .M.antdi-- 

23 I idled '-^i.ties iVeio .\:;autic 

23 to die Caeilie 

[':,.]> I'eiMlnrv ;o 

\ ■ 30 

23 \ iiL;;nia 30 

23 W'a-t. !'!.;;•. n d'eri;'. ,; y 30 

2; \\..^l Vdi.dnia ' ;o 

. ...' W ;-. .n,e;. \o 

23 Wv-ndu- le;aii..;e ;o 

M nitana 'l"ei ri[')ry '30 23 

lnd.,xeil I'oeKct \ia;i- i);.und in ti'ii). lo eeii 1 - .;ddi:i-i:a!. .Xddte^^. 

RAND, McHALLY & CO., Map PabliS'isrs, CMcatjo. 

[■n i (i. 'i;:s!-;vi:! l 

i^3f^'^55*''???^l5?w?^'T^^ y - • -^ •■ 


i*(,v K!:r v.Ai's AM> (u i!>r:s 




.\rL;iiarii>lan, sec I't r^i.i , ."-^ 

At'iica. in ihlcc -liccl-. U\(> bciiii^' 21^1.1 iiirhcs, .linl i.iie I^MI iiRlic>, anil 

^huu•i|lL; |> uf c; lies of AiL;i<-i ^ :\ii<l 'I'vinis -j ^ 

Ala-ka. I4\ I I iiu-lie^. Not kept m>t«>iU 

A-i.i. 71x14 ini lu'-. Nnt kcrji! ill 

Aiisi.iali.i ami Xcv>. /calaii'i. with plans. .f Syiliu-y ami I'ljrl Jai;k>oi;. 2r\l4in. 50 

Aiwirci-Huiigariaii M'Ui.'.rch}-, with, plan n'i X'icnua. 21x14 in-kc.- ■;() 

lJf!i;!ani and liie Xetlu-iiain'^, with plan ni' Ijni.-sfl.s, 14x21 iiwliL's .". ^o 

l!riu>h America il)'-min;< 1: uf (ana 'ai, 2!\I4 inils'.--. Xut krp; in ^tnck 

('er.'rai Anurica, 14x11 inclic^ :;o 

China, 21x14 inL■he■^ ^^o 

Cnlia 2TVI1 in.-he-, . - 50 

jicninai', with Nnil!) p..:ii'ni '4" the < Mainan Ivrnpise, cuinp'i i-^ing Sciilcswig, 

ni'l-teiii and 1 .ancnijiirg. 11x14 iiiciic-- ;,o 

i',ligh:n'i ami Wale-. 21x14 inehe.-. \\:t!i In>_tex to ciLie>, low n.-,, ele 75 

Euro[>L-, 21 X 14 iii,:he~ :;o 

France, 21x14 inclie-. wi'Ji T'laii nf i'ari^. :-.inl Index tu eilies. t"\vns, etc 75 

(leiniany. in iwa-heei-, 2 1 x 14 inche-- each, with. Index lo ci!.ie->. luun-., etc 1 OO 

(ireecc. and ihe Ionian I>iaiid>. 21x14 iticlu-s ;;o 

India, Ind'-rhin:! a'.:'i !'"ur!!ier Ind.ia. with j.lans .d" (^kdcis; !a ami iJoinLas-. 

2 1 \ 1 4 i n cii e- 50 

I'clai-id, 2ix 14 in. !ie>. \'.i'Ji Index loeitie-. town-, etc 75 

Ldy, 21x14 inche-- 50 

[ap.ui, in t\\ -1 >heet>, !.A\21 inch'.--- I oo 

Mexico, 21x14 inche- :;o 

NeliierhMid.-, -ee liel^iuni 

New Zealand, ^ee Au- tialia 

\.;-;!i .\nieii.;i. -hosvi;,- tile \\\-^ liioia Idai:d-- atid Ceiin-id America, 21X1! 

i;;J'c . N... ke; ; in -t. ci ' 

< 1. e:-i-. ic I, 21x14 il'.cl'.c- :;o 

rale-line, udtli jilat^ shnvcing Knvirons ol Jen.isalein. jonrneyini^s of Christ. 

and sketch -h.owinq; ii\i--ion into tiiln:.-. 21x14 inche-- ^O 

I'cr-ia. and A fgiianis'at/. 14x11 if.che-. ro 

furl 11 ^al, s-jc Spain 

Ra-.-,ia i lv,uopean I, I4x_'I ;o 

>c;i'.i"tn 1. 14x21 inch.^. with Imiex tocitnj-, towns, etc 7; America, in tw-. 21x14 inck.e-. sliowiiiL,' idans of Kav of l\io cie 

iai:eiro, !-thnui-of I'anania ami i'itvof Ihierio- A\ie- 7;, 

Sjiair. an'i i'ori'ii^'ad. with plan- "-f Ma-lrid .iml Li-kon. .■'1x14 ii!:!,: ^O 

>\v,-den an. 1 -\or\» ay, 14x21 im lie-.. . 30 

>'.vit;'ei land. 21x14 in 'he- :^0 

Tuikiviri .\sia(A-i.i Miual. and Tran-cac;( a-ia, 2ixi4inche- z^o 

'liokey in 11 a rope. 21x1} inche- :;o 

^V... 1 k ,.;, \K rcato:-'- Ih w;.-t tion. 2!x i j uiclie- 50 

Ui-: \I)I;KI:K-S (;| t I)I-:>.-- i;--'-ii::ii aiui H..|;..n..l, 5i.7- ; 'I'in.- Khiao. .?.■--.,: Xortl, Csrm my, 
s.i--: .-- s.-ii I ■.■•ri,i.i!i\- -J.;: >Ar! Ii f t..!v. ^.'.j- : S.^ili h.,!\ , 5 •..■; ; < '! I t;uy. i ■._-; • i'.ir'- 
Sj..;: --V. a -erl.nn!, 5- :-: i'.n--ln;e. a;;v! S\ r-.i. i:: t :, Lo u .-r l^s -.1 . :; ... 

\;;; 1.; :.- K';r..!.--,.r, C i.;- I;. ..I-; : ::- .•:-'.!%■:, .;-. : v-.l-in:-:-, \i r. , .. , J- .> Ii:ira -r^' l!:;:i;i. 
!;■ .-c '. r i r:>vt:l-:i> o' ] : -, <: .01.1 ( ^tr I- i -t -'. .: i , ' , t . .1! I>; n.. 11.. f •• i.o^ ■!, i r:o:r .■ i;,' :;..;i 
t!..a ,;:■;. ;,,r ,. 5; ... V..! !\ ' ,- ; ■u.o \ . .\ ;. -t r ..■ . I ^.C■ , i-.^ v;- 1. I an;.:'. . ■ ire-.:.-, nr.o.- s,. ,. Wl' 
III. >■■ .l,-.-r:..n.,i. i y .i. 1 ;■ .oii.irk. \..r.v:,v. s.v..-:,:,:, Kn-i.>. -.p.-i:,. :,-,.;t 5j.l-- M:.n.lf. .r.l■- 
!^..•::;l Al.'^i;! i ......!,. 11, -.,. ... Si;,..i:l'.,ra > I...L.i'.!i f.. .■.•■. st ..; H ..; . u'-i L'.ii.lon I oiiac. 

I' ■■Ji-.L". M ii'-- "f f -li-isvin.' ii;.--: \m>tvril nu, .\; ^i.mi-, I'L-rnn, (.' ;l.,iit;.!. C'.u.Umi, Cuii-i.Tiitui 
l>,ii!i.i. K.nni.ur-K. !,!-;■•::. l.i\ cH" ' I. -'^I.".'rM-!. M,,-..--mv. l'.,ri.. U,.nie,.<i. I Virrsinir^h, V i 
;.im1 W .ir-.iu . y.v.c.: ■ , , -!•:-.• i ie >■:"! ky .....4. : o-;. :■ prr.;..i,.!. .-n r.-^^.^i ..f price 

RAND, McNALLY & Co., Map Publishers, Chicago. 




-M~-^- ■^-'- 


T " ., '-- • "'^ 

- -^ 


'~.>'":-'''r '■ ■ 



!'w ;i:;|i 

!:;Mm' -1 

• -:J:-|'?i " 

■", ^'.-^~^ --'- 

--> ,A' ' - 1 

v^ 1 i /Oil 




iwc'/r^' r :-:''-■'■ -^ %:-'■ :' z-\ 

XiV./'ti 9'a//\V 1 -^^^"^ 


■-.-.■..v.-'; v.^ . r«, ^H i 

THK <>L?) F. KLI \?ii,f':. 

"*'•**' * s/** 1 — 


n. I.. Ai^\v,\Ti:!:, :^.ia 



- - -~ 



Nos. 39'.. 4! and 43 DECATUR ST. 



^'^'^'y^ p'tf'^c'^^^ 

A .% I J 

i^u_i_iisJi.^ \ 

SPilmG WAGO'IS, \ // V-/ V / \ y 


— AN i > 

> \ / 

13 :r> _a_ "y 







BTJG-GfZES. r7i\ 

n|- OUR OWN \\f> r,!-:Si' KASTiRN" MAM ' I'AC ! T !;]•:. 
fc£3" Prices as Lr?; a; G:cd lilaicrial and Skilkd Lac:r xill acl;nit. 

1' JT _-^_ a. T -T^ 3 ;e ^2 . 

CfiRTER & S0L0i.l0N/°"'"'=^=''='"''"'""°'''"' 

Cil Cl:th3, i-c, 50 V7hitehall st., Atlanta. 



I'arl..* '' .grocer, 127 Whitehall 
I'at'K'* v>illianiB., jthyjiieian,. 212 [ 

Mwietta ! 

P.itcli >r iry C. Miss, dre^-^aikr, 66 ! 

Putf Andrew J., shoemkr, 62 S, 

Patt'lloW.P. & W. F, (William P. 
anil William F.), ins agts, Pryor cor I 

D-'Catur j [_^ 

Paul ll>bert O., cigars and tobacoo, i ^^ 

^y^yi- . r> . . ^ r, , r ' Poikius Johu 0., pliv^^ioian, 4(5 
l*diil <fc lM?her (Robert O. Paul, L-\- > wiiitelriU 

fayette Fi-.her), root b er mnfrs, I p^.,.[.ij^^ ;(;.'l);jnl,)p f johu O. Porkiti^, 

213 Ciiapel ; Hii-h C. Djnlo[0, j jb printer.-, 46 

Payne 6c }> iker (Edward T. Payne, ; Wifitehall 

John S Bakerj, grocerc, 305 Mari- Phurr l^.^I!j.^min Y., watcbmkr, 220 

eltii I Marietta 

Pease Oliver L., sal >on, 107 J.)ecatiir ! Piielan .Sidney H., ninirr, Gale Cii\ 
Peck Edward J., physicistn, 4S Mari ; Produre and Cotton Exchauu;e, 40 

etta " I S. Broad 

Peck John C, paints and oils, 13 S. j PliiHips Frank, grocer, 124 Whitehall 

B-oad --" I Phil ips William R., grocer, S3 Peach- 

Peck John E., (c), shoemkr, 43 S. | tree 

n^'p''^' •, r. • . . ^a ^ jPiiillips .«c Crew, (Harvey T. 

Peel David G., restaurant, 10 b. , Puiilips, Benjamin B. Crcwi, books 

^'^oad I r^J■^,\ s'alionerv, nuisic and iiui.>icai 

Peep!es H-nry C, sewing raachines. j ,„j^,, ^^,[ pianos and organs, 6. 8 

2o Whiiehall | a„d 10 Marietta wS-e pa-e 10.-,) 

Peers John L., com mer, 5 E. Ala- ,,, . ^ > • .. -\r-i! r a. 

[,„,„„ ' ' riia'inx Hosiery 3lili^. L. A. 

," -^ I King, propr, 20 Marietta (See page 

Pellegrini & Cistleberrv (Pellegrino ^ 03 , ' 

cotta %vork,., lo Cuapv'l : ,,,, j ..ijvor pl-it.Mj w,->re. o Wl.itelKill 

I'einb-i!nn, Pullam ».'v Co. (Joiwi S. p;,.;;^.,t; A. F. Mrs., millinery, 4V 
Pemhertou, 'iiioin...s t-'ullum, \V;ii'.-lial! 

\ 1 

Janie>M. Win-ti'lii Vvhol drugs,,,,. , * l-. 1 :..^ /V\r^]^n,(^•^(\ 

jn\\-,ii -.-iiAJ ' Piedmont AiJ'-l.iiie, (ItK'Uiuo ui 

, ^^ ^^ • " ■" ' an i DanviI.e J^ B.>, A. Pope, genl 

lendi.jt.m u lano . . K. H. Rich- j, ,ss a^t, otlire Wall cor Loyd (See 

ard-, pre.-« ; E. A. Warner, treas ; ;, ;vi 
W. yi. Pendleton, c+nisiness mngr; p,i;^i^,;i-y John J., grocery, 10 W. 

62 8. Broad 1 Hunter 

Pen<ilet<Mi John T., attorney, 27^ ; i'lurkm-v Charles, physician. 2.j 

Wiiitehall ; JVachir-e 

I»e(»pl<'*s ."MiUual Relief A-^so- Pmcdcney John M., tailor, 40 Peach- 

Ciiit ion, ot Atlanta, Ga.; William tree 

L. liiUer, pres; R. O. Rindall, Pin-on AlbiniH J , physician, loS \\ . 

s.c; Peaehtree cor Wall. i^.See Pettis 

pige'.'vn Pii;-«)n & D^zieri'J'.hn L. Pins-n, 

Perk rs. 11 Augis M., sheriir, Citv I Jame^ S. Da/ier,., dra-s, 102 White- 
Hall ' j t.all 
Perkiii. S. I'raiik, mafrV ai,'ent I'ii Kle AVilliaui .J., miifr "Pirkle 

and ileal-.-rin machiiu-rv, .'i2 and ."'. • , IMiu'.ei," liw M.iricHa 

W. .Mitcli-il " . I'lleiiti'i-d Daub.:, magistrate, :'.] M:t- 

P.-i'kins Jabi'z W., photograpiier, 17L' ^ rifita 

.Mari.-ttrt 1 P.ttinan I).uii-«1. attnraey, S! Mariel ta 

V. IVl, UuUi^k;5Hi^. 28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 


V, .7 

















15. 2 
W J 

" I 

o < 

flnunPATCOf Peoples' Mutual Eelief A^soc ation, Atlanta, Ga. IiTonthlv 
AUVULA lb Circulation, 15,0 






Pi . 

H -I 

M Li. 

U c 

000. Good advertising medium. Send icr copy. 
130 ATL ^~ 

Pia<t Nathaniel A. Dr., man 

agiiip: (lirt'Ctor Georpia Cheinica! 
aiul iNfiniiig Co., 32 Wall 











riunib D. B. &Co. (Daniel B. Plumb, 
I^amnr, Rankin & Lamar), drugs, 
26 Wnittliull 

Plumnier Elijah T., v/atclimkr, 17 

Pope A., gpiil p;iS3 agt, Piedmont 
Air Line, Wall cor Loyd 

Pope FranoiH ]M., drj' goods an<i gro j 
ceries, 16 W. Mircheli 

Pope Henry (."., hats and C;ips, 2| 
Wliitehall ! 

Porter James H., ca-<hier Merchants I 
Bank of Atlanta, 12 and 14 E. Ala- 

Porter & Meakin (.Tames H. Porter, 
Joshna W. -Nleakiu), nniehiuists, 
93 Ga. R. R 

Post-Apiieal, D. E. Caldwell, edi- 
tor and propr, Broad eor Walton 
(See page 117) 

PoUs Frank M., wbol Ii(iUors, 19 E. 

! Pratt iVatltnuiel P. 

i Marietta. i-See page '93) 
Preiuluin Dve A^ orks, J. Lo' k- 

rey, propr; Ao F., ]£unTer 
PiemiiiJ»t SteaiM I>ye WoiSis, 

J. lvrei>-, propr ;7 W. Peters. (See 

j>age 99) 
Pric^ Get)rge W,, boots and shoes, 

24 Marietta 
Prior Garland S., grocer, 51 Peach 

Pursley & Bile", (James S. Pm-sley, 

Robert W. lUace), a;,'rieultui-:il im- 

jdemeuts, 21 INIarieita 
PurteJ! K. C. 3!ii's., propr Cannon 

House, 16i Marieiia. (>^ee page 

Qnillan Clayton C, physician, 212 

Rairland Frederick A., grocer, 114 

Rapsdale Elijah K., grjcer 18 S. 

Railroad Commission of the State of 

Georgia, R. A. Bacon, sec; 12 E. 

Raines Thomas L., physician, 57 

Ramspeck G. A. & Co. (George A. 

and Theodore Ramspeek), teas, ^Nla- 

ilettiv eor Line 
Ramspeck & Green (George A. Rams- 
peck, Jolin :sr. Green), fertilizers, 

16 S. ih-oad 

Po^.vell FioldinJT T., eclectic phy 

sician, 60 IVaehuee , ^^ .... . 

Powell J. J. & Bro. (John J. and | R:,nsiord Henry, grocer, cor White 

George W. L Poweh), gi'ocers, 26 i hal! and Garnett 

Peaelitree Rnsim-rs ^VHJiam, manager Lor- 

Powell Thomas S., physician and ■ en'z & BuiLr, 4(i .s. Broad 

pr^Kouth?" Medic'.I College, 89 Re.ui Charles A., a.torney, Brown's 

S Prvor t block 

PoweH'William r^i, barl>er, 194 Ma- I Redd James F., livery stable, 54 ^. 

rietti i Pry*"" 

Powell & Bro ^Charles and Robert R.>d wine Columbus L., pliysit'ian, 8 

Powell), furniture repairers, 10 N. W. Alabama 

Powers W. A' Son (William and Wil 

liam P]. Powers, William B. Watts), 

carriages and harness, e w eor 

Peaciitree and Walton 
Powers & j:gleston (Henry R. 

Powers, Tiu)nna3 R. Egleston), 

stock, bond and money broke;'-, 20 

Peach tree 

Redwino John B., attorney, 14A 

Helorm 3Iedical College of 

Geov;;ia5 15roadcor Walton. (See 

page 62.) 
Regenstein it Kntz (Julius Regen- 

su'in, Gabriels. Kutz),wliol and re- 
tail millinery, 32 Wall and -4 V,'hite- 

reacniree "•"■ .^ . , ,,, ,11 

Pratt James W.L., meat market, 106 I Register OMjorn J., produce, la 

Decatnr I Whitehall. 

B. H. Brooinn63d& C». 




h, Bliiicis. 

^T^/ CA??T^R & S0L0r;?10ra, importers and 
L I ^1 Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




KeinhariU & Osborne (Au2ustus M. ' (.-■•v--'-''--*»3?»'-'-^ifcrj<sf»^'^jr?©*i5^'?-^ 

Rdnhardt, G. Tliomaa 0^b()riie), i p:',^f?P^'l^'iO:K:l^C'^^I^:^^'^^1^^r$ 

-.( ^ 1 \\n. If ,.1, ,1 1 ' li'-'-'-, - '■■ . > :■ a\i "i'.'- :'• " •-'" . - * 



attorney-, 1\ Wliiteliall 
lloiick 'David L., laundry, cor ' 

Walton and Forsvtli \\ 

KevnoMs John G., real estate, 6 : « 

Wall i |; 

Reynolds Joshua C. , real estate agt, | \ 

24 .S. Broad j 

Reynolds Thomas S., job printer, 24 ■. 

S. Broad ..____„„_„__„ 

Rhea John, notary and ex-offieio jus ,p^,,,y^^^,j„_ Cam..b^ll & Cook ( Wil 

tio^e, 51, i Peach tree _ ,o. t^ ' li^'" O. Robinson, Williatn .1. 

Rhodes Amos G., furniture, 132 De- : Campbell, Ellison H. Cook), books 

T>''''*^J'"Ar- 1 ,wn ^^■ tj t.- i and stationery, il'.MVhi'ehdi 
Rice cV Mitchell (Franklin B K-oe, ' |i„i,i„^„n i.nxi^^, real estate aj^^t, 1^: 
Rus-jell C. Mitchell), lumber, o.i ' y^ Alabam-a 

^9^^}^)\ -D />T • J -IT ! R >binson John ic, blacksmith, 79 

Rich M. & Bro. (Morris and Eman- ; ^y Peier 

ij-'^T^^VWr "'''"'•"' .'^■V'''"'''''^"''i r. ' Robmson Joseph K, agt. grocer. 111 
Ilich Wdliam, whol wines and IiQ" pj-.i^er 

uors, 31 S. Broad 

Ri'diards Jabe/ J., grocer, 29S Mc 

Richards Robert II,, j>res Ken-^saw 
Mills C )., 26 K. Alai)ama 

Hichards Samuel P., books and mu- 
sic, 37 ^Vhitellail 

Ilichnioiid ami JDaiiville II. 
11., (Piedmont Air Line; A. Pofie, 
genl pass agt; Wall corner L')yd. 

RiSS^Annie L.Mrs., saloon, 10 E. j "l^^^^^f 'l^^i-*^"^ «»^ ^^"^'^i"" 
HLinter | ancer, 3..V 8. Broad, (bee imge 

Ridley Robert B., nhys!--; ■■■ •'- 95 

Peach tree 
Riker Tliomas, saloon, rear 

racks , 

Ripley Thomas R., china and glass-' ovinia 

R.ibinson Nicholas, shoeinkr, 172 

Robinson William G., pliotographic 
stock, 46 Whitehall 

R)bson Robert C, genl agt Green 
Line and Soulliern Car Clearing 
House Agencies, Grant Bldg 

Rockwell SVidiaiii C, grocer, 5 Ma- 

llodgers llobert L., attorney at- 

Roe Anthony E., tailor, 23.^ While- 



f* .VTNi> I'lc; 1 iJii s:r-<, Ol^ 

C. M. GOODMAN, 2H Whitehall Street, Atlanta. Ga. 



o m 
:^ O 

til. Ho John W.,,. saloon, 9 E.Ala- 
Romare Par.l, cashder Atlanta ZS^a- 

"., phvsi^.„.., ^-^ 

W.Peters ' i Ilosenriehl Soi>Jsie, gents' tur- 

R')l)bin-!, Bros. »fc Co. (Algernon S j nishing g>jods aiui cJothiug, 4S De- 

and John W. Robbins, Dewitt C. | calur 

Goza), marble and granite yard, 50 \ Ro.sser Egbert B., real estate ag:, 41 

Loyd cor Alabama tS. Broad 

RolH-rt Francis \V., attorney, 3i Ma- - Roy Gu-tavus G., physician, •lh\ 

rietta ' I Peachtree 

Roberts W. J. & Co. (William J. and ! Russell William A., whol cigars and 

Edward G. Robertsi, grocers, 49! tooaeco, 2 Peachtree 

Peachtree Uvan John, dry go,. ds, 01 White!iall 
Robertson Ul )f O. Dr., Atbmta , Ryan Matthew, dry goods, 93 Wbite- 
_ Health I nsiiru t^-, 178 W. Pete rs i Tall 

^1^1^ ivJ.rsJL>?5 


o = 

Z t3 

H W 

-n ^ 

r > 

< fc! 

m < 




(.1 e 












JAS. P. HARRIS©?^ a. CO., Printers, Publishers ancf: 
^ inde rs. 27 & 29 B road St. , ''A tlanta, Ca. 

ATL 132 ATL 

Scott G. W. ^ Co. (GeoTfie W. 
and (itorge U. ,Se'(<lt), dealers iu 
fertilizer?, 20 Forsvtl). (See ])age 

Sciple & Soil*. (C-ieor},'e W., (leor^e 
W. Jr., and Cli:u-]es E. i, eoa!,iinK-> 
jtlaster, cement, lumber, builders' 

|.:'';>~r-:.:'''i. ^-: -.- ".' { materials, 8 Loyd 

>K^- i> i-' ;, ',,■ ., i : Scott Henry F., physician, -15i Peach- 

^ ___-.;:. ^' " "- 1. ' \.^'£-^2jii!^'ji--J:i .: ■■-.i^-ii-Al i tree 

I t^cott William ^l., merchant tailor 

St. Geor^re William S.. K^nl a;.^; P. R. I »"(! pents' furnishing good.s 11 and 

& A. Ev C--., 10 E. Alabama 1 13 Whitehall 

Sa:?e I. Y., supt Pv. & D. R. R., 56 E. i ^'^^}^ f' 0'^;eil (Lot Scott, J. 0■^'eil),. 

\\.xU I stockyard, 59 \V. Cain 

r, \■^r■^^ tt o-. at • Scoville & Teirv (Levi W. Scoville, 

bage Wilhaui H, wagons, 3.J Man- | j^_ Stockton Terry), proprs H. I. 

^ ^ I Kimball House, cor I*rvor and 

Sahli & Lump'kin iG. G. Sahli, P. | \y,,\\ 

C. Lumpkin), grocers, 40 N. But- Seals J. H. & \\'. E. (John IL and 

l^'i" I William ]>.), proprsSunny South, 

Saloshin G. & S. (Gustavus Sr. and _ 24 S. Broad 

Simon), pawn brokers, 12 Peach- ; b^Mig Bros. & Co, (Signiund, Jonas 

tree | and_ Jacob Selig;i,^un bonnet mnfi-s, 

Salter Scaboi-n F., i)hysician, 53 ; ^'^ -^^ ^ '"•>""'" 

S. Broad ! Solitsa, lluiue ^ Dahon K. Ix., 

Sanders S. R. & Co. i James R. San-' E. W'. Cole, ju-es , 43:. b. Broad. 

ders, Patrick J, McNamarra), i (^<?e paae o3) 

liquors 56 Decatur i Seltzer Henry, china, CTC'ckerv and 

Saul &^Lawson , William S. Saul, ^ ^J^'^^'-'^^VrM' ^'i ^'r^'''""' i • 

Joseph T. Laws.n.. ci;:ars, etc.^ ^"^^f^^l^ '^^"'r ^f;- r'^':^'^^ l.onis- 
'^8 Wall ■ ^ 1 » ville & Zsa^hville laiiroad, lo S.. 

Sawtell Hfurv C, live 
9G Vv. Mitchell 

Sawiti! i. 

and LcDU P. Sasvted;, real estate 
and wild land agts, .jO ^Lirietta. 

i Pryor 
took broker, ! Sewell James W., -^aloon, 215 W. Pe- 
j ters 
*i Sou (Isaac \.;Shn!inon W. A A: Co. i William A. 
Stianimn, Charles B. Powers), gro- 
cers, 94 Whitehall 
(See page 101.) } j^,^^^p ^ ^ ^.,,_ ,j^,^^^,, ^j^^,.^^ j^^ 

Schelpert Louis, barber, 5 Peachtree * Lanaar, llankin <t Ivuman. drugs, 
Schenck A: Ttirower (^Lmil E. \ 202 M'irietta 

Schenck, Thomas L. Thrower), i Kheek <fc Co. ( Wilev and Mrs.Mariet- 

machinists, 30 W. Mitchell ; ta C. Sheek), hides, 12 S. Foisyth 

Sehlev Philip T., j.hvsician, GO Shelton William L., ticket liroker, 

Wliilehall " 28 Wall 

Schmidt Robert, frci^rht agt Centril >Sheritr PlKcnix C. (c\ slioenikr, 65 

R. P., AV. ^ritchell and railroad, W. I'etcrs 

cr.issi'.ig Shields Ad<}lphus A.. paio;>n, 23 iNfa- 

ScfnviJtT.lolm C, wind mill-, 59 f'^-'tta 

Mu'-ietia. Sec page»i:-;, :SlJiel(Is Jlfurv C, meat market, 

Schultz Ei'n.-t A., i-ria S ailhein Con- i ^^'^ Decatur 

Sv-rvatory of Mii^ic, Grant bllg ; Sli<'iiineei' Oigaii Co.. Philli^-^ t<c 
Schumann Tlioiiorc, drugs, 63; Crcw, Sou. aL't>^, 6, .S and ]i> >rari- 

Wldleiiai! I etta. iSeei)age lo5i 

Schwartz William M., grocer, 61 ; Shropshire. AV, Roiiert. who! cigars 

M okham and tobacco, 47 E. AhilianiH 

B. H. Broomhead i Co. ) 




and Lambreciuins, selected from finest Impcrtatiors. 
CARTER « SOLOMON. 50 ?7hitshill st., Atlanta. 



Sliropsbire & Jol\usoa (Andrew J. 
Shropshire, William A. Johnson), 
grocers, 10 W. Mitchell 

Shuttles Bros (James T. and Loren 
zo), jewelry and novelties, 8k Ma- 

:Silvey John &Co. (John .-^ilvey, Dan- 
iel O. Dougherty), whol dry j^oods, 
3 Decatur 

Simmons Charles C, saloon, oS De- 

Simmons F. S. & Co. i Frank S. Sim- 
mons), grocers, lOi) Whitehall 

Simmons Jusepli R., cooi mer, 15 S. 

Smith David, dentist, Gi^nVhit.diall 
Smith Francis P., grocer, 27-1 W. 

Smitii George B., grocer, 41 Ciiapel 
SiKiiimons Squire (o), blacksmith, Smith Hoke, aitorney, 6^ Whiteh-.'.U 
48 Ga. R. R i Smith H. L. & Son (Henry L. and 

i^imons & Drummond (.ToIju T. 6i- [ Alexander W.!, wtiol grocers, 05 
mous, George 0. Drummond), E. Alaliam.i 

whol grocers and com mtrs, 19 S. Smitli JiiniL'S C, grocer, 58 McDon- 
Broad I ongh 

Simpson Carolu.= 

A., pliyaician, 63 ' Smitii John M., carriages, 85 S. Broad 
■ Smith Josepli, grocer, 70 McDonoU^li 

Simpson Francis M., brick puut'r, ^ Smith J. D. &. T. F. (John D. and 
cilice 154 W. Fair • i Thc-odoro F.), genl dealers Wiiite 

Singer Mnfg Co., G.W. Leonanl, agt, 
112 Marietta 

Singleton James M., grocer, 324 De- 

Sissou Vardy P., printer, 26 S. Broad 

Slaughter Joliii T,, grocer, 143 
W. Peters 

Sewing; ^lachiun. 59 S. Broad. 

Smith Ozias A., roofer, 15 X. Forsyth 

Mrs., electrician, 


Fancy and Familf Sfocefies 


etc, 11 

an Co., 27 

SlaW;on John H., cigars, 

Small Samuel W., stenographer, 

E. Alabama 

Scnith American O 


Smith Alexander \V., grocer, HI "W. 

Smith Benjamin H., livery, 15 X. 

Smith Bryant T., Lcrocer, 211 W. Pe- 

Smith Charles W., attorney, 27 ^ 

Smith Si rah E. 
lOOi Whitehall 
Smitl'i WiUiam B., U. S. commis- 
sioner, 3} Marietta 
I Smith "William H. (c), blacksmith, 
- : 277 \V. Peters 

Smyth ^V^lliam H, U.S. comrnis- 
; sioner. Post otiice 
1 Smythe&Perkerson(,Angust3mythe, 
I David Perkersnai, grocers, 13 
' Mitcliell 
) ! Snook Peyton H., furniture, 7 Mari- 
! etti 
Snowden William H., cotton broker, 

21. \ E. Alabama 
Soloinonson Solomon L., jeweler, 35 

Soulh Frank, saloon, 456 Marietta 
Southern Car Clearing House Agen- 
cy, It. C. Robson, genl agt. Grant 
Soutlu-rn Cftn-.t.'rvatory of Music, E. 
A. Schult/.c, prin, Grant bldg 

Sonthern Copyiii:; Co.-, J. F. 

Harding, mngr; t*.^ MarieUa (See 
page 101; 
Southern Cultivator, (monthly), Con- 
stitution Publishing Co., publishers, 
W. L. Jones, editor 34 S. Brotid 

M0ULDIN.j3 and 7?.K'AZB :/. C M, Jroimxn'g, 23 '.Vhitehall street, 
Atlanta. !>a. Woct^ra Pri:33 du-licatad ac wholesale. 



o ■ 

■ c/a 




'< in 






P F n P I F ^ ' ^^^^'^^ BELIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta, Ga. A Benevolent 
lUUr LE.0 Institution, conducted on business principles. 




'{i-TSS^^ '■ ^V^>i7^pft^?f' 




Soutliern Expr.-r.< Co., \V. H. Clay- 
ton, supt, 30 E. Wall 

Soijt Ik-mi .^l<'tlical Coliece, Wil- 
Jiani ]'.Xic<il.-(>n, deiu), es I'l rter al 
• nr Line (St-e j^age (J4) 

' Steinheioitr J. & Co. (Jacob Stein- 
j heimer), whol cig;u\s aud totacco,. 
I 52 Whitehall 

Sleinhe^raer & Krei^le (I?aac Stein- 
heiiuer, Alexander Krt-ifle), cloth- 
ing, oU U hitchall 

Stephens J. & < o. (John btephenp. 
PetfrF. Clarkeij wiiol grocers, 41 
E. Alabama 

Stevens J. P. & Co., -.vateb-es, clocks 
and jewelry, 34 Wliitehali 

Stevens & Gibbs (John Stevens, Wil- 
liam W. Gibbs), planing mill, 185 
S. Forsyth 

Stf^vart Grisham J]., whol llqucrs, 
Ifi.j and 107 W. Pt ters, and saloon, 
98 S. Broad 
tewart Joiiu J., meat market, 315 

Souiht'iii ."♦it'riical Ixecord, | ^t^^^^'^if Job 
( month! V), Pviweli ct Word, iropr, V»'. Peters 
-• ^ ^-' ■ Stewart<kBro.,grocer.^, 204 W.Peters 

;-;0:. s.,d 

Soutli( Yi\ Railway and i-?tfam^hip As- 
giiciation, E. B. Walker, genl agt; 
Grant blug 

Soutiii'Dj Snrt:ica[ Ijsstitute, 

Dr. J. W.G'iilc-v, propr; 67 White- 

iial! (S''<-'lll) 
SpahrOtio, mii>ii' teacher, 20Garne!t 
Sparkes & Tolbert (Wilhani C. 

SparktH, William C. Tolbert), 

meats, 12 Decatur 
Speauv ct SimtU'-ns (W. J. Speair«, 

Cornelius . I. Siuinuuisi, atlurneys, 

179 Marietta 

Ste'ivait & Kol)eits (Andrew P. 
Stewai-r, William T. Itobtrls), 
]'lKmbin<r, ga.s fitting, htoves, etc., 
GO Wliiteuail 

Sticfrlitz Frederick, 1 akcr, 168 White- 

Stilsc n Fred J., watchmkr, 53 White- 
hall • 

Stocker & Castlehcny (John D.- 
Stocktr, M. T. C;'.si]eberrv i, furni- 
ture, So Whitehall 

Stod-ihili James .H., phy.sieian, 25;^ 
Peach tree 


Spcer Dauifl X.. state tn a^urer, ! «'-'^";'-' ^'•>=^*' physician, 102 White- 
State Htuise ■ ^ o. • x- T , • 1 • • on 
c, >- ^, • 1 /->, • /.I Siroui! E. Lumrdiin, idiysician, 20 
Spence rsathaniel C, carrmge mnfr, Lr.yd 

45Deeatnr ,,, St r^Io Alexander W., carpenter and 

'^'"v'.M-'-^^'l"''"'^ ^•' ''f^^'^'''?^^'' ^^''I budder,.^0 Marietta 

\\hiiehall r-,,. t>, 'Suu.-r Creek Paper Mills, Wdiiam 

Sperm L,.v, ( . >;doon, G. ^^ . Peters , ^M,.Xaui:ht ct Co., proprs; ollice SG 
Spmks James iNI,, truit, (1\ Peacl.tree ; -^x'l.w^i'.'.ii 



W 7f 


Si>ink.s .t Osyensi William II. Spinks s^nhurst The, Garland <fe Taylor, 

Stephen C • O,^-^;^'-^-, P^ilH'r and | ., .„ ^^ant I'ld- 

parvtr basis, 90 S. Bread - ., . ,. rr tit-,,. 

' ' -■ I Suis<!ay(iazeUe, C. H. Wilharns, 

Ktflnfirirfl Hifpr'tfirV PpilTiSnU ^ S. (Ste page 115) 
OldllUnlU L..fcc-L|V OliLjictliy, ,^,;,^, ^. .,^,^-^,,^ j h. ^c W. B. Seals, 

(Incorporat.'d . j proprs; 24 S. Broad 

(A. J. ^^■he.■i^■I•, p:e-; C. \\'.Xorw()-d, ' Su'tou Henry (c-, shoemkr, 52 S. 

sec ; M. M. Kluie. su;>t ; puitlishers j Prv( r 

State and City Directories, j ^^;i'^ ,^"^'^'^1^^ ^^^ "inlcrtaker, 47 

27 and 20 S. Br..a-I I^' 3'"' 

Stanton W. L. ^*c C<'. (\Villiani L. Swift T. L. & C<>. iThomns L. Swift, 

Stanton, Beijami'.i F. ^NleGee), ,' J^ rry W. G'ddsmiih, Thomas D. 

groci rie^, S7 S.Br, ad \ Mtadorl, <riiano, .' 7 M Alabama 
S'ark Jitnif'N H., grocer, 20S Mnrietta i Taber Fairman F., physician, 82 De- 
Steele James K., i'arber, IS Marietta I (.'atur 

B. H. BroomSead A \^i. 



at CARTER & SOLO I^ON'S, 50 Whiteh all st., Atlant a. 

135 ATL 


Ta^er Martha A. Mr^., restaurant, 
210 Marietta 

Talcott T. 31. R., f?enl manager 
llicliiuond & Duuville K. K., cG E. T;;, 

Tannt-r Geori^'e H., attorney, notary 
and judtict-.^lGi Wliitehall j \ 

Tanner Joseph B., real e:^tateagt, 10^ , 
Decatur I H^ 

Taylor 31. J. & Co. (Mack J. T ty 

lor ), llour, grain and liay dlrs, 

Pryor Sf cor Alabama 

Tavlor Thouuis H., saloon, 7 N. 

Taylor Walter A., druggist, Peach- 
tree cor Marietta 

Terry William M. , grocer, 330 Deca- 

Tliavor E. O. Rev., pres Clark 

Thoma-i George S., attorney, Peach- 
tree cor Marietta 

Thomas iienry W., furniture, 90 

Thompson Augustus (c), blksmith, 
60 S. Pryor 

Tibi)s Charles H., grocer, 214 W. Pe- 

TicUnor Frank JJ.. job jrinter 
an.l publidlier, Hunter cor Wiiite- 

Tiddwell Hadie Mr?., restaurant, 87 

Tidwell Reubiu W., grocer, 27 W. 

Tidwell & Caldwell (M. M. Tidwel', 
Joiuj G. Caldwell;, attorneys, 7] 

Tift Edmund H., mnfr ladies neck 

Wear, Ih Wlutehall 
Tider James A., saloon, 04 W. Fe- 
Thompsan George, grocer, GO W. I ters 


Thompsou Green, saloon, 148 Deca- 

Thompson Isaac P., watchmkr, SCO 

Tillsuaji Eliza A. 3Iis., propi 
Air-Luie House, 4'J] S. Piyor. (See 
page 107] 
Tmes W. H., shoemkr, 12 Broad 
Todd Jamts S., physician, 30^ ^la- 


Thompson James R., wood, 136 E. | rietta 

Himter Tolbert J. J. &■ Co. {J:tme3 J. Tol- 

Tnompson John B., saloon, 300 Deca- bert, Wdliam W. Kic>'), grocers, 

tur So Hunter 

Thompson Rachael 'SI. Mrs., grocer, Trauluoin William, coppersmitli, 50 

285 Fair i S. Bnad 

Thompson Robert G., restaurant R. , Trayjiliam & Hay (William L. 

R. cor Whitehall Trayniuim, Demps J. R ly ), ; laii- 

Tliompsoii Warren R. D., phy.-^iciau, ing mil!, sash, doors, bh.nds and 

2So Fair ' builders' .-upiilies, 6S Dccaiur 

Tliompson ^Villis W., grocer, 19'i ' Tiez--vant William H., iTriglit ngt 

Decatur I E T.,Va. A Ga. and M. ct C. R. R-., 

Tln-esher & Co. (William Thresher,; 10 E. Alabama 

Xichohis Goodwiuj, saloon, 91 i Ti-ii>o«l AugJistiis i'., iiouse ai.d 

D.'Catur j .>i-;n p dultM-, 21 .Marieaa 

TlirowtT Jautes G., ornamental Triple Robert 15., a'^^'O'^'^yj^'r-ii''- 

plas'erer and dlr in plastf-rer-,' ma- ! i< o-. (,->t"- i^igf 111) 

leri;ds and teiiMcutt.i d;ain a., i Tiippv.- Willi. im T., attorney, -01 

sewt r pipe-^,12 fjnyd. (See pai;e ll'J) | E. Alabama 
Thi.rman .fames C.^ barber 200 Mar;- | Tr<.y Steam Eauistlry, I^^'vid I.. 

etta j iC' noli, propr; s./ l-di' l''ui.--ylfi and 

Thurmu! .fames T., blacksmith, GOO j Walton 

Deealur I Truilt Sihis :M., W(v, ;!. ],-<; W. Pet* rs 

Thurman William W., .saloon, 210iTurk(.r Henry II., Jr., attorne.v, H 

^[arit•tta 1 M. "iietta 

CD Af .-li"^ for PHOTOCtRAPHS. and Frames mad^. to crier, any Jiza or 
fi «£Hi-jiiI^ stvls. C. 31. GOODI^AN. 23 Whitehall :tro3t. Atlanta. Ga. 




w J 






J^as^ P. Harri son S t. Co., Pr^p'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. ' 





/--fcr-.nri-'-^'O ■i^T' P^^i^sir.' •■ 

^- "'I 

■ 1 

,-,v ..-T^;,;,.- 

' ■ . ' '■'5 

^ ■■ -1 

.tzi::f-', ^r^t-^^L:! j;: J'^J-TL. 

■ ■-■..:•-. .,-..^5 

Tucker Walter J., physician, r,0 De- 

Turner & Co. iWin.i^uit IL ami Mrs. 
Atjne.'^), milliner.';, 31 Wliitelmll 

Tye Drurv, meat market, I'A'J White- 

Tyler Addistij» 11., niiiyr Smith 
American Oriiau Co., 27 Whitehall 

Upshaw John W. (<.;}, grocer, 3G3 W. 

Upson Charles K., nnpe, ear, 
throat and lungs, 6'j and OS White- 
hall. (See page 07) 

Yau Epps & Callioiiu (Howard 
Van Epi'"^, Patrick Caihounj, attor- 
neys, 40 I\[arietta 

Van Stavoren Joseph H., portrait 

i Walker James A., publi.'^hers' at:t, 

j 23,1 Whitehall 

; Walker S. G. & Co. i Samuel 0, 

Walker, Henry C. Erminger), pic^ 
I tured and frames, 15 E. Hunter 
! Wallic-rWsHiaiii IT., mnfr church 
i and parlor pijie organ^^, 142 Deca- 
' tur, (See adv.) 

I Wallace Cau-ipbel!, pres ^ylerchants' 
j Bank of Atlanta, 12 and 14 E. Ala- 
I ha ma 

! Wallace Richard, ^voud, 276 AV. Pe- 
j ters 
I Walton John, marble works, 11 E. 


Wahon, Wisaast *. Co., L. E. 

I O'Keefe, nianairer. lertilizers, Ala- 

' bama, nw cor Forsyth 
Warlick J. & Son, (Jud.son and W^il- 
liam J.), tinware, plumbers and 

I roofer?, 61 I'eachtrec 

i Warlick & Ma!)in (Charles D. War- 
lick, John Mabin), planing mill, 

i Rhodes cor Elliott 

' Wariicr Herman, saloon, 359 W. Pe- 

I Waters & Lockey (Samuel T. Wa- 

I ters, J. M. Lockey), meat market, 
190 .Marietta 

painter, 73i Whiteliall 
Van Wiiilile K. & Co. (Edward Waterto^^ is i'irelnsCo. of \Va- 

Van Winkle, W.Wallace Boyd), tertown, X. Y., I^aac S. Buyd, genl 
iron woi'k.^, cotton gin uiufrs, 214 i agt Southern Dept., Peachtree, cor 
^Tarictta i .Marietta. (See page 05). 

VaMur Lewis (c), blacksmith, W'atkin.i, Joix^.s ct Co. (Julius C. 
Humphrey near W. Pete)-.s j Watkins, Charles S. Jone.*, George 

Veal Benjamin F., grocer, 503 De- j A. Wei>t>ter), com mers, 03S. Broad 

Venable Samuel H., gin'^, cotton 

presse.--, plow?, etc., iSIarietta cor 

Veriioy Alfred A., pa^s agt E. T., 

Va. &G. Pv. B., 13 S. Pry or 

\'i<ti!r ]icriihart, 

ti o 

and grindini 
page 107). 


miitr cutlery 
Broad. (See 

Watliins & Co, (William H. and 
James L. Watkins i, whol beer, 
wines and liijuors, 20 Peachtree 

"SVatson Charles C, sewing ruacbine?, 
9 ^V. Alabama 

Watson House, Mrs. L. Morgan, 
propr, 22A W. Mitcliell 

Watson Isaac M., grocer, 21 W. 

Wadlow JvichardH., boots and shoes, ' AVatson James A., dry goods, 20 W. 

206 .^rarielta 
Waits Andrew M., meat market, 97 

Waldeai v**, Siowe, agts Methoilist 

Book Concer.), 110 Whitel'all. 

(See page 03). 
>A'al!i< r, Claridy & Co. (Crevon 

B. V.'alkcr, Olm Llaridyi, buok 

binders, 19^ S. I'road 
Wa!ker Edward B., genl agt So. Ily. 

«.tS. S. Association, Grarit lihlg 


Watson J. S. & Co . (John S. Wat- 
son, Charles Pleinz), dyers, S6 S. 
Pry or 

Watts Albert ic), grocer, 107 Fraser 

Weaver George N., tailor, 32 W. 

Weil Sanuul, attorney, iV- Wiiite- 

Weinmeistir Cai'l J., hotel, 10 For- 


"irr.".T";Ulli8£€5 Lead and Qll 

r»»n-rrn cni nfUlflfa Wholesale and Eatail Lsalers in CARPETS, 
CftnTER & oULUlUUri, Cii Cloths, £.0 , 50 Whitehall st. Atlanta. 

"^ ATL 


Wellboupe & Sou (Meyer and Hen , ^ 
ry), nnifr paper and bugj^, 36 L. |J 
Alabama . ^ ^^ , 

Wells Ctuirles W., livery, 79 S; Broad 
Werner llermanu, saloon, •3)9 \\ . 

We^-ley John [C\ shoemkr, 9/ NN . 
Pt'ters _ T ^^' ^ 

West A. J. Co. (Andrew J. West, 
Henry Cran->ton), com mers 55 
Peach tree 

Westeru anti Atlantic Rail- 
road Hon. Joseph i^. Brown, 
ptes; Wm. MacRie, genl mugr; B 
W. 'Wrenn, Mcnl pa^s agt. Geul 
offices: Forsyth and railroad cross- 
ing. (See page 59.) 

'Westiiiorelaml I^aac (ci, slioe 
nikr, Kiy Whitehall 

Westmoreland John G., physicuui, 

14 Lovd 
Westmoreland Thomas P., atttn-m^y, 

271. Whitehall 
Westmoreland Willis F., physician, 

57 Marietta 
"Westmoreland & Griffin (Robert W. 
Westmoreland. Eli GrilVmi. phy- 
sicians and druggists, 20 Loyd 
Wevbiirn E. D., mngr Wheeler &, 

W'ilsnii Mnfg Co., 71 Wbitehall 
^Veyinouth Levy E., attorney, 27^ 

AVhaling William J., ins agt, Decatur 

ccr Fhvor 
Wlietler & Wilson Malg Co., 71 

"White Claude A., physician, 102 

AVhite Ebenezer T., propr National 

Hotel, 0, S and 10 Peach tree 
White Jonah H., pass agt A-s<Knated 
Northern Lines, room 2 Brown's 
White Sew ins; 3Iacl»isies, J. D. 
& T. F. .Smith, dealeis, ."'9 8. 
Whi'e Walter J., billiards, Mark- 
ham Hoii-e 
Wiute W. Woods, ins agt, 24 Peach- 

White & Barclav (John J. W :.ite, 
John V. B in-lay), engines, etc., C(;r 
liroad and Hunter 
Wldth-y Th^ma^ 11.. <iruggi^t and 

l)hy-f(jiLUi, hlJ Decatur 
Whitlock MilledL-e G., -c^ and treas 
Keiu-saw Mills C^)., 2'} E. Alil>ama 

Whitner Jolm C. & Son (John C and 
Jolin A.), ins agls, 43i Whitehall 

Whitner & Clarke fJ.'im A. AVhit- 
ntr, Robert M. Claike), ins agts, 
43\ Whitehall 

Wiard William L. P , wagons, 90 b. 

Wilkins et (Herbert C Wd- 
kins, Marcellus M. Mauck), pain- 
ters, 15 Hunter 

WiSIiaius Charles IL, propr Sun- 
day Gi.zette, ;JOA S. Broad. i>ee 
! page 111.) .^, ,„ 

Williams Isaac (e), blacksmitn, o(j 

j E. Mitchell ^ ^^,., 

I WlliamsJ. J. & Co. (John J. Wil- 
1 liaras, Fh>rinda Taylor), gram dhv, 
i 17 S.Forsyth 
>Vi!!iaiiis Silas W., mngr Conti- 
nental Insurance Co. ot N. Y., 1<' 
W. Alabama 
Williams Th<jmas H.,co tax receiver, 

51. \ Peach tree 
Wilhams William :M.. produce and 

com broker, 511 Peachtree 
Willingham Winburn, J., lumber, 9o 

Wihnoth William, meat market, 25S 

Wilson A. McD. & Co. (Arthur Mc- 
D. Wilson, James P. .McDonald), 
fancy groceries, ^0 Peachtree 

AVilson Lharles A., physician Nation- 
al Surgical In^tiLUte, Alabama ne 
cor Pry or 
Wilson Charles L., sur-eon in charge 
National .Sur>,dcal ln>t!tute, Ala- 
bama ne cor Pryor 
Wil>ou llou-e, J. L. Keith, propr, 

j Alabaui;'. cor j'ryor. (See ] age 'J. ) 

! WiNon .r. St;i;nl.a.-k, physician and 

I i.a!hs, 14 Loy.l 

I W l~ou Richarl J., grocer, 1<9 Ma- 

I net' a 



I 3 

i" .'V 

b. ram Ijyiiyi'ViiAsIs 23 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga. 

DRn\/inC fcr your Families ly a Certificats in the PEOPLES' KUTUAL 




>:>.!^?)%.-; *'i%'' 




. — __-.,^.,._~««.»«.™^.™_™»^ Wood &, 8un (Allhan P. and Walter 

r' ■ ■''"'!•#'"■ '"" ' ■ '""' ■ "" '^^ J.), stoves and tinware, 87 White- 
" --' ' hall 

Wood.-} William B, Hon., Jus- ice Su- 

preuie Ct urt, Custom House 
i Woodanl B. & Co. (Butler Woodnrd, 
I Sidney C. McCami less), cotton buy- 
1 or.*, G3 S. Bioad 
Woolley IJasil 31., projjr opium 
cure, o"o-^ VVhiteLuill. i^See f;ont 
fly A.) 
Word Robtrt C, editor Soutborn 
Wilson >\ llliain T., gt-nl a-t The Medical Record, and pbysician 30i 
Davis Sewing Macbine Co., J4 W. i Wbiteiiall. 

-'^litflJtll I Wreun Albert B., pa s agt X. C. & 

Wilsoii ^y. S. & Bro. (William S. j St. L. E. R.. 13 Pryor 
and John C), coal, wood, lumber, i WreniE Beverly W.? genl pass 
lime; siiain office 10 X. Broad ; i ai;t W. cc A. H. il., oliice K. K. cor 
j^tores 7 Spring, on W. & A. E. R. ' Forsyth 

(See page y".) I Wright John J. (e), sboemakr, 48 N 

WilK)n & Tvner (Henry L. Wilson, I Broad 
Charles 6. Tyuer), drugs, SO Ma- ^Vriglit John T., grocer, Calhoun cor 
rletta ' Hou^tou 

WimpV John A., attorney, 14,^ I Wright William A., comptroller 

Whilebail "! geneial. State 

W^inent Jidia Mrs., meat market, I Wright Robert Vv^, publisliers agt, 4^ 

100 Mari-tta ! Loyd 

Winfiam Edward L , pribler, H Ma- 1 W right & P^^vfy (^^ ''^''^f" ,, ^ *. 
rietta Wiight, Riifus V. Dursey), attcr- 

AVinn Loch J., attorney, Gi White- ! ney^, 3.^ Widtehall 

Ijjil] -' - i VVi.rzburgljewis, mibmery andfancJ' 

W, . , -P, ,y-, 1 n 1 .-> I tjoods, 54 Whileball 

Kish.p ^ Bro. (Georgeand Roberta, | ^y ^.^ j^^,^^^^ j^ ,,.l,^, ,,^,^^^ 3.3 ^^,^^, 

iron works, cotton giii and press ! •ma.' }>p .,,| 

n.nfrs;Fuunorycor W. .fc A. cross- | ^^.,^ A.C^B. F. ^ Co. (Au-usline 

\\'f!^f" .. f o r T ic- . I C "and Binjamin F. Wyiy, Jarnes 

\\ inter & Brown uJauio.LWir.ter,, }>,,,,rj; Charles E. Cayeriv, 

Clmton 1 brnu-ni, whol grocers, , (.,_ ^^^^^. ^vhoI grocers, 51 

^'^^•••■'^^''=""=^ I E. Alabama 

\V it!u'i-s \\ aiter S., iron foundry, ; A,Vvna Amanda M. Mrs , stove? and 
:;« Calhoun : •Juware, 12 :\larietta 

Wviin J. O. & Co. (James O. Wynn. 

ATLANTA IRON FOUNDRY' B.'iuanun F. llarlow), Hgars^md 

I ti)bace«) broker--, 33 h. Alabama 

Young F. S. >.^- Ci'. ( Florien S. 

Y(U!ng), wbolcig; Vr . -•)]•>. Alabama 

Youiig 3lcii>' I^i!)!ary Associa- 

tioit, Julius L. 1m-i)Wij, {res; C. 
E. Hurinaii, iil-raiau; A. C. Bi!- 
lu{>s, asst sec; .'JO Dv catur 
Younublood & Hall (Addi-ou P. 
Ydlagblood, Tuoni:;S X. HalP, 
milse brokers, 31 E. Alabaih.a 
Zatlirv Jauics (.;., aiLoruey, 54.j- 
Wob-.. H.^iiry, -r.,cer, .^4 \Vb;i-halF Wiritebail 

Wo1h>/<! (»i^-or:;e S. S., .^uit Con- ' Zfibe Francis i:.. oat. nt agency In&urance Co., iO W. Ala- I ami publi.-iier American Inventor, 
ban, a ! l!-2 W.'.l l (See p ag>- 07) 

b'JILt/£r<S- SU?>PLY HOUSE., 15o!^t lil'LVl>^' MI X TIO I'^VI^NI? 

B. H. Broomhoad & Co. ! IN THE WORLD. 

M;iiii!f:icriirf-r of all kinds of r.i>:;iiii_', Fcncin;; 
(fo. OilicL' '^.irt >linp ci-ri HP Li:lb>.'Un St. 

LifrfOi f^ilM in all patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
H^yLLyUI^ 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Zimmerman & Gordon (Richard P. 

Zimmerman, Hu;.:h H. Gordon^ 

mnfrs wattr elevators, junc Wheat 

and Pryor 
Zinszer Peter, silver plater, 50 S. 



Decatur County. 
Jjocated on Attapuli^us Creek, 12 
miles from Bainbridge, the cour.ty 
seat, wliicli is also the nearest rail- 
road station and express and tele- 
graph otlii-e. Ha^ about 50 inhabi- 
tants, ^rist mill, Presbyterian r.nd 
Methodist churciies. Receives mail 
three times ;> week from Bainbridi^e. 
E. B. Lasset^r, P. M. 
Gritlin J. C, justice 
Presnell M. E.. justice 
Nicholson S. I\I., physician 

For further information see iud« x 
to places received too late for general 


Giiimuit County. 

Has a population of about 140. 
Situated 10 miles east of Lawrence- 
ville, the county seat, and nearest 
railroad station, with which place it 
has staf>e comiiui.iication. Has Bap- 
tist and INlethodist ciiurches, an 
academy, and a grist mill operated 
by water power furnished by the 
Appalachee river. Cotton is the 
principal product. Maiisemi-weeklv. 
J. S. lihikey, P. M. 
Bailev N., gin and mill 
Itlakcy & Cosby (B. A. Blakey, 

W. P. Cosby), gcnl store 
Fithridge & Kobeit, gin and mill 
Ethri'Ige & Brown, gin and mi'l 
Hinton S. L., pliysician 
Hinton & Uu\ ard, gin and mi 1 
Lanier 11. S. D., genl store 
Parks W. W. & Son, g'enl store 
Perry & Smith, genl store 


Thornds Couitfy. 
liocated IS miles soutlieast of 
Thomasvillp, tb.e county* seat, and 
nearest exjiuss otlice. IVn luiles 
south ofBxston— S.F.& W.ll. P..,— i; - 
ii'iual depot, and 9 miles lu-rch oi 
Monticello, blorida. Has a ] opula- 
tion of ai))Ut 90, and receives u 
weeklv mail by carrier. O. F. Bacon, 

P. M.- 


Richm<md County. 

The county seat, situated on ihe 

Savannah river 250 miles from its 

mouih ; l.">2 miles from Savannah by 

rail, and 171 fr'nu Atlanta. The city 

was laid out in 1735, and the first 

house built in that year. Its growth 

was steady v.]> to 18G0, when it con- 

I tained a population of 12,493, which 

! was increased to 15,3>6 in 1S7". The 

I United States census of ISSO showed 

I a poi)ulation of 23,023, an increase of 

j more than 50 per cent in the last de- 

' caiie. 

It is rightly credited as being one 
of tlie handsomest cities of its size in 
tlae United States, Being regularly 
laid our, the streets extremely wide 
! — Broad and Greene streets each 
j having a width of 105 feet— tlie for- 
! uu r being the x.rincipal business 
! thorougiifare and tlie latter the resi- 
dence of its iniiabiiauts most favored 
by foitune with worldly po.-sessions. 
i Both ends of Broad sireet away from 
I the immeiliate portion, have beauti- 
! ful rows of shade tre^s in the centre, 
' and Greene street is sliaded and 
j adorned l)^' a quadruple row of mag 
I niticent trees its entire lengili, form- 
j ing a jiromenade unetpialled for 
I beauty and pleasure. 
; Augu-ta is at present rlie terminus 
: of six railroads — the Georgia, Cen- 
! tia , INIacon «fe Augusta, Soutli Caro- 
I liiui, Cliarlotti-, Culumbia & Augusta 
and Port lt.\:d *te Augustn. Tlie 
Augu-ta tV Kn'ixvide, t;ow in 
I course of ct'U-tructioi), wiii i<,irin tlie 
; Sevenlli. 
\ As a manu'acturing and commer 



|Jf|?|| np..«f«C^ ANL PICT'jr.S FRAIvIES, ai Whclesalo a Specialty, at 
ISfitUlLblii^iKl GOCEJiAirS. 2S V7hitehall Street, Atlanta. Ga. 

Sk - 


The Press and People ree;ard THE CHrJISTIAfVI SfiDEX 
the best Advertising Medium in the South. 


bundsome siore.«, well stocked, grace 
the city, worthy of mentidu umon- 
whk'h is Delane ct HickukV. Thi- 
building is 40 feet t'rout by 125 decji, 
and is three stories high, lias uii irori 
front, is tire proot und J'urnislied wilh 
all nioderu conveniences for the ac- 
commodation of its custoniers. 

The press is ably represented here 
by the Aug>(i-(a Chronicle and Connli- 
fufioniliit, a morning daily, tri- 

r.;.ii r.o,,t.-,-. (-1,;-. ;t,. : , ,,,i -i .- i Weekly and week) V, and the ^l»r/H.s('a 
cial centie tuis city s enualea bv te\v r- , • at- i -i i i i 

;>i ti,o -M.fK xiii ;.)i p^, '\ : -TjV. ntng News, dady and week y. 

Jurdr nTnf "' T'T' --'red ., the GcorglaBoptU. ' 

;Vd 1 TS .M!';"'T,''-!^'<?1^. W conducted and altording 
made m 1S44, An.X the c-a'ml budt, i ,,-, '^j^. .^,4,,^,^,,,,,,^,;^,,^ ^,, ^,,^ ^^,^^,^[1 

with a width of 50 feet and a depth 
of 7 feet, and water admitte<l into the' 
first level Xov. l'3, 1846. In 1S75 it 
was enlarged, and is now 150 feet 
wide and 11 feet deep, its available 
power being estimated at U.iOO horse 
'of which some 2,0U0 is now in u^i^e;, 
and its entire cost amounting to 
about a million and a half dollar 

In size, as _to^width and depth; it;is ;!iii,,„^l institute in ihe United 

ing public. Tlie mo^t prominent are 
the Globe and Planters. The moral 
and educatitjnal advantages are su- 
perior, there being alK)Ut twenty 
churches of ditlerent denominations. 

Among the institutions of learning 
may be mentioned the Jliehmond 
Academy, incorporated in 17S3, be- 
the lifth oldest incorporated edu- 

secoud to but one in the wor.'d 
>Suez ship cana 


States; the Medical College of Geor- 
gia, incorporated in 182S, now the 

Among the mdustnes operated l^y I medical department of the Univer- 
this power are the Jollo.ving cotton I .sity of Geortria, having a library of 
mdls, viz: the Augusta Factory, En- more thau o.UOO volumes and a fine 
prise Factory. Globe Mills, J. E Mc- I chemical laljoratory ; St. Marv's 
CcHiuellys Ml!], Summerville Mill, ! Afudeiav ami tlie Academy of the 
^jbley Mill, McCoy's Mill and the i Sacred Heart, under charge of the 
King Mill. Ihe Sibley and King t Sisters of Mercy, and a public school 
are not yet completed. The total i system comparing favorably with 
number ot spindles run by the above ! any in the country, 
mills— on Cijmpletion of tiie Sd)ley ' 
and King — will amount to 126,500. 
Augusta is pIso the market for the 

goods manufactured by the Langley 
Factory at Langley, S. C, 9 miles 

There are several banking institu- 
tions, the combined ca])ital of which 
aggr^'irate :i-6, 000,000. The city gov- 
ernment is composed of a mayor and 
board of couiuilmen. Tiie Auirusta 

•hstant, and vna LTramievuie -f ac- 1 Orphan A.syluni ( R nuan (Jathoiic) 
tory, located at Aiken, S. C, V2 miles ! is located here. Several tine monu- 
<hs^ant. riiese t\v<j mills run 4],00u i u^euts tend to grace the city -one 
spindles, which, added to tlie above, | erected by the city in 1S51 at a cost 
«ive a grand total of 167,500. About j of .i;.3.000 to the tuemorv of the Geor 

5,00.) Operatives find emiiloyment 
throuL'h this source. In a<ldi'tiou to 
the above are the Georgia Chemical 
Works, manufacturing fertilizers; 
three la rtje flouring mills, lurningout 
about 450 barrels Hour and ],5L0 liush- 
<ds meal daily; a cotton seed oil mill 
and two large iron foundries and ma- 
chine shops, i^arge, conveident and 

^,ia signers of the declaration of m- 
depiendence, llali, Walton and Gsvin- 
nett ; one erecteii by the St. .James 
^lethodist Sunday-school to the mem- 
ory of tl;e former teachers and .-ciiol- 
ars who fell in the Confederate ser- 
vice, and a tliird erected by the La- 
dies' Memorial Association, at a cost 
of over SI 7,00), to the memoiy of 

aUlLDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE. I CX) J^OIJ S 01'^ -Al^T.^ JiliNL>!-;. 

B. H. Broomhoad 4 Co. ( t-Z?" D R Y O R IN OIL. 

LhI/LI UUfl I Kllld j:aETER & SOLOJiI.N. so Whiiehall st., Atlanta, 





the men of Richmond county who 
lost their lives in the Confederate 
cause. Charles H. Prince, P. M. 
Uobeii 1^. Kod^ers, attorney at 
1k\v, collecting, conveyancinLr and 
surrogate practice, Atlanta, Geor- 
gia. iSee page 9.j) 
Academy of Richmond Co., Louis 
A. Dugas, M.D., L.L.D., president; 
Telfair cor Sixth 
Adams' D. L. Son (AVilliam Adams), 

cotton factor. 20 Eighth i 

Allen John C, meat market, 309 '■ 

Seventh | 

Allen Joseph E., physician, 613 i 

Greene i 

Allen J. V. H. & Co. i Joseph V. H. , 

and George H. Alien), ins agts, , 

stock brokers, ~'M t'road 

Allen :M. C. Mrs., dressmaker, 412 

Alexander James H., whol and ret 

drugs, 70S Broad 
Alexander William F., cotton bro- 
ker, 7ol Pieynolds 
Amonitti Elaioie D., barber, Central 

Ander.~on "\Villi:im T., drv goods, 740 

Apel J. William, boots and shoes, UAO 

Arciic Ice Machine Co., R. W. Rob- 
ertson, sec; 712 Broad 
.Armand c^ Russell (Joseph T. Ar- 
mand, James J. lUis^ell!, cotton 
com, 3o Seventh 
Armstrong Thomas, grocer, Ultl 


Asher Abraham, clothing, 60S Broa-i 

Atkinson ii Son (George S., 

Frank II. and Charles D. i, prjpr- 

Globe Hotel, highth cor liroad. 

(See page 161 ,i 

Auvrusta Evening Ne\\\--, AVm. H. 

Moore, e iitor, >i23 liroad 
Auiiusta E.\chant;e. Wni. M. Pkcid, 
pres; E. T. Miller, si-r ; 167 Rey- 
Augusta Factory The, William 1'. 
Jackson, i)res ; slieet iigs anddrill-; 
(illice 705 Bruiid 
.' ugti.sta Gas Lght (.'o., 706 ]5road 
Augusta Hotel, .Miss M. K. Rich- 
mond, i)roi)r ; ti;i7 i5i(jad 
Au_'U.-ta lee Co!, 7U> l':ilis 
.\u-usta Oj.era, N. K. Butler, 
^ungr; otlice Oi>era House Arcaiie 

August;! Public i*i<»<late mul 
Cotton Es:clian^t', T. H. Brown 
ct Co., proprs; lOS EiL'hth 
AiiJiiista Savines Iitstitutioii of 
Atieiista, Alfred Baker, pros; 
Joseph S. Beau Jr., sec and treas, 
811 Broad 
Augusta Waterworks, 212 Seventli 
Auuu>tii ajcl Knoxville R. R. Co., 
F. F. Verdery, pres; M. V. Calvin, 
sec; J. W. Clarke, treas; A. G. 
Twiggs, supt; 737 Broad 
Augusta and Port Royal Compress 
Co., William M. Bead, sec and 
treas; 104 Eighth 
A\iiiii'it.T aisd SiiinjneivtJIe 
IxaiSfoad Co., (street railroad), 
James J. Davies, pres and tr^as; 
Edward G. iMosher, supt and s.'C; 
513 Thirteenth 
Ijailie George A., carj)ets :ind giocer- 

ies, 82S Broad 
Bailie James G., carpets and grocer- 
ies, 713 Broad 
B;;ker Archili:dd H., I'hysician. 

( ireene 
liulk C. J. Taeodore, dry gootis 

milbneiy, 024 Broad 
Balk Henry A. L , dry goods. 

Baldwin John, ice. 510 Reynolds 
Barnsley i: Hickuy (William 
Barnsley, Ivimund J. Hi; 
l'arl>ers, Globe Hotel 
Bank oi Augusta iTbei, William S. 
Ki)berts, lires; E. H. Walton, cash- 
ier, S13 Br.iad 
Barnes Andrew J., grocer and saloon, 

nil Fen\\ick 
Ikirdes <k Cuinming ((leorge T. 
Barue.s, Jo.-epli li. Ciimming-, :u- 
torneys. 13 L:iw Kaiii;e 
Barrett'William H., whol drug-, S22 

Barrett vfc Caswell (Tiioina^ <i. l>;ir- 
rett, Tlieodore J\ C;i>Wvli', eoui 
mers, 012 liroad 



, 004 





■ rn 

2 ^ 


MOULDINai AN'D ?S.Mi:.3 at o I;!. G-oiman's, 23 'WMteliaU street, 
Atlanta, G?,. Wester:. Priocs duplicated at wholesale. 

















\;i^;' V 


H -I 


Prnpi rC' Mutual Helief Association, Atlanta, &a. Largest, Issst and safest 
LurLCO Cc-:peratire Life Association in the South. 





-'- . 

.. ' ■ ■ 

• '"^ .^'• 


■ '■ ■■■-'^ 

i - )'••■-■■' .'■ 


' '■.r-.f^r^- 

« :^^^ 

'•i:TV-- f - 


-^1 «>-> ^t -^* 




I BHvan P"'iv(ierick, saloon, 540 Brouii 

I Bignoii Aniian<i F., dentist, 438 

I Broad 

I Biirnon A. P., oysters, fish and game, 

501 Broail 

Bi.--ell Kent, com nier,. 113 Eiirhih 

Black Jas. C. C, attorney, 702 Broad 

UlaistU'll Frank, civil engineer 

contractor, insurance a^t and real 

estate broker; agt Travelers Iii- 

hiiraiice Co.. of Hartfcjrd ; l*e- 

tersljurs; CV'a.) Insurance and 

I Sa\"inc;s li»stittite ', 75 Broad. 
(See page 151) 

j Bligh Thomas C, glass and china 
ware, 9J5 Broad 

iiaiton Joan J^. *v Co. Jolin E 
Barton, Jotm T. :kIrCluskey ), Sew- 
ing jMacoine Depot, 1010 Broad 

Btirrow AVilliam, saloon, 1032 Broad 

Barry Edward, drugs and fertilizers, ! Elanchard Adiel J. W., nuigr J. C 
827 Broad I Ludlow A: Co., 711 Broad 

I'.attey R)bert (c), carriage mkr, 311 j Blunt Patrick, variety store, 118 
Seventh Fifth 

Baum x\doIp!i, clothing, 1031- Broad ■• Bolder John A., co tax collector, G40 

Baum Julius, clothing, 1115 Broad j Br<)ad 

Bead & Co. (M. R. Beall. Louis A. I BoSiler & IMersou (William A. 
Uardede, Joseph B. Davenport), ' Bolder, Cljarles A. Pierson', car- 
uruggists, 612 Broad riage mnirs, fJleventb cor Broad. 

BeecluKir Daniel S., saloon, 901 (Ste patre 155) , , r, 

>^'j„jl, i Boiidurant, Jn{)iing & Co. (John P. 

B"^an Tliomas S., attornev, 3n3 Sev- ' |j?.V;'"''''".V ^'''^'''1"! ^^\ J^P''''^' 
^,,,1j '' j AVdliam B. LoweV brick ninlrs, s 

Bnlirmann AVilliam, varietv store, I „ "f' ^''""J'' ^"""''''>' .,, , ,. 

457 Broad " i Bones, Dougherty <fc Co. ( Mrs. J. M. Eugene R., dep col internal " Bones, Mrs. S. J. Dougherty, Mrs. 

r^'v. 113 Eighth 
Bell Fr. Ilk, grocer, 101 Wvlde 
Benat Clunles, grocer, 5S2 Third 
Benli"ld A'rahara S. ic), shoemkr, 

212 Sixth 
Benson A. M. Mrs., hoarding, 945 

B?nsou Berry, cotton broker, 34 Sev- 

]M, D. Amain, hardware, S49 Broad 
Bosweil Wilber, grocer, 535 Broad 
Boucher Peter, shoemkr, 55S Ellis 
J^ouiineau G-^orge E., llorist, 313 

Borg Ljo A: Co., grocers, 1460 

Bowen Wdliam D., gunsiiiitb, 842 


^''■''^'' ,,..,, ,. . ., ^.,,-,1 Bowles J. L. ifeCo. iJo-^ephLBowles, 

Beii^on ^\l] E., mcr tailor, .oO; ^.^jj^^,, ^^ Liudsav,i furniture, 717 

^^•"^^^ Broad 

Bennett ct P .yniM William Bennett, ' ]i,)Wer.-. Martin E., physician, 918 
Jerenuali C. Flynn), grocers, HIS: J}foad 
Ninth ^ V 

Bennett &i Howard (James A. ]3en- 

nett, George H. Howard), grocers, 

^iK)?) Ninth 
Berry Jiles .M., brok<'r and com nier. 

'.'32 Walker 

Bovle Hugli, saloon and restaurant, 

Brad Mreet Company The. B.C. John- 
son, supt, 040 Broad 

Brahe Frederick A., jeweler, 702 

B</i-i-y Thom.-.s H.^ grocer,! Twiggs i Brannen Thoma>< Mi-s., grocer, 1440 1>e>-i«' Mrs., millinery,! Broad 

1312 Broad 
B.ssiuan J. W., wh'l liquui's, 904 

Bevan Evan, com nier, 553 Bn)iul 

Bredenb, rg John J., grocer, 142 

Brenner John A., supt W. U. Tel. 

Co., G15 Broad 

-'"rH'Ur.^^r" : X^xsoa© S.I1C3. X-Xa-lr. 

II P8 nTII^ ^^'^ i<iattin:-s. finest assoetkent in geohoia, 

,L ifLU i UO at CA?.TSE a; SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st.. Atlanta. 




THIEl TI^/J^XDE 'Fj^.HjJl.CH^. 


. -.t^Hli'^'^i^-^^^-'rSf^'-"?; 

i^ ■; 'J ,'/ 



4.ti-- ;::;M. .VJf4 •■•'-•1' "^;;:.r'-:ir^-!.'M 

-1 •••■;■ ^v-/'--^v,-' ■••-v-,/'- x\-'/.-' '^f—i' 

^ ' •-: 







V^Lj. i'yi^ 

'if ■<■ 

^^\v:^^v: ■'■-.^ 



<>■ ■ ■ 

V ■•:'■•! -< 

■ * •;."■ 


■ :-,;:jj 




■::: f^': 

:....,. ;' 

''', ^'t^-'.:: 

----• ■' 



■;'■-- !,;^.-'^\VV^vi.ju^,^.^ 


Foreign and CDmssti: Dry Gjods. 


630 Broad Street, - - - AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. 


M H 
M "■ 





!" ; -■-■■'" %:' 

1 ''-"-''•'-^■^"-i'^'."": 

i " r^l'tyt-' "■-;.. ■,^"^ 

i^ , .," ;na^U■.Cr&^>-• 

^ ..vk-iisUJi.^ J 


8 = 

cq o 


THE CHRISTIAN mOEX-Established 58 years a^o. 
Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 

AUG 1 44 A UG ]f 

' ByrriL'^- William, curiieiiter aud 

builder, 110 Sixth 
Calhoun Jamt'--;, jjKuliK-e, 113<5 Broiul 
Calhoun & Wilson (Frank A. Cal- 
houn, James J. Wilson), boots and 
shoes, 548 Broad 
Catiagheu Ellen Mrs., grocer, 124S 

Callaghan Maggie, confections, 424 
^ Nintli 
3* ! Callaghan Timothy, grocer, 1501 

Brenner Peter, jiiaii*. maker and i ^ , '."'^', , ,, ,,rT.w., 

tuner, 1350 Br .ad ! ^^^^'^''^^ Andrew M , grocer, 119 Fifth 

Brigham Clarence R , grocer, 516 i Calvia Mavlin V., aijt, J. B. Lip- 

liroad I j'ineott & Co.'s publicati(ins, 740 

Brigham William H., grocer and: Beynol Is (See front colored page F) 

com mer, 524 Broad ; Calvin i<, Co. (George AV. Calvin, 

Brislan John, dry goods, 113S Broad ^ Thomas M. Piiilpot and James M. 
Bro'jks Henry, clothing, hat-, boots I Philpot), gnvers, '?]3 Fifth /See 

and shoes, 614 and G;jtj Broad ^ pai:el55i 

Brown Chester, C), saloon, 3!9Fi-hth Campbell A. Sibley, physician, 112 
Pwown En' ch AV., CO. surveyor ^>eventh 

Brown Jesse P. H., dentist, S:39 Broad Campbell Pienry F., surgeon, 7 
Erowu James, grocer and saloon, 1242 Broad 

^'i'i^h Camp.field Ileiirv T., dentist, 813 

]>rown Joseph T., saloon, 92S Broad : Broad 
Bi'own T. H.& Co.(Tneron H Brown, Capers P'rank AV. Jr., attorney, 130 

Jiimes F. Lyon I, proj)rs Augusta ; Eighili 

Public Produce and Cotton ' Ex- 1 Carroll Annie Mrs., ' rnilliiier, 932 

cliange, IDS Eiglith ; Broad 

Bruuner Charles \V., com mer, 561 i Carroll Michael P., attorney, 824 

Broad | Broad 

Buckley John T., Ijooks and station- | Carter J. S., physician, 733 Reynolds 

ery, 632 Broad I Carr J. P. Mrs.," grocer, 830 Ninth 

Bu-- William T.. grocer, 416 Thir- ; C.isey Lewis, grocer. 13 !7 Broad 

K-entii Carwiie ZacbM'iali \V. .Jr., giain aud 

Buri-h James AN'., bo ts and .-hcjc.'^;. ' jM-ovision broker, 723 Broad 

562 anri 914 Broad i Central Hotel, 730 Broad 

Burdell Josp]ili 3L, cotton factor amP Clia{)man Bros. (George AA^. and 

ins aut, 106 P:i-hth ; Thomas L. i, p]umi)ers, 318 Eighth 

Burke House, :Mrs. William O'Brien, Chess, L'ariey iV Co., A\'illiam L. 

j.ropr, 6;i2 Broad ; Patterson, mnirr; oil d^alres, 200 

I'lrus Benjamin, drv goods, 518 '' Seventh 

Broad ■ : Chew ^- Kelley, < William Ciiew, 

li.iium dt Bro. (John O. and Heiirv i Edward 1). Kelley i, cotton brokers, 

^M."!, grocf-rs, S42 Broad " I 28 Seventh 

Bi.rum P G. ct Co. (Peter G. Puruni, Chrtmicio ami Cou^tttiitioE^a- 

l>urt O. -Millen, whol grocers, 825 ^ list, 'dadv, tri v.'oeklv and wfk- 
,, ^''■"■"' i lyi, Patrick AVaPh, pres ; G.^(,rL'e 

I.u-.-ey H., grocer, 521 Thirteenth ' Adam-;, sec ; 706 JJroad, 7(i9 l-:ilis 
i>!--e> cV Carswell I James S. Jiu.ssey, (Ser- page l(i3) 

.lames F. Carswcli), grocers, 6u9 Clark Jac'kson, urocjr, 10 ' Third 
„^''"^'';' ; Clark Joim T., liv.^rv stable, 1832 

Putts Janifs A. cV Co. I'n, (James A. Elli-^ 

A. Bolts, Cravviord C. Cuvy, bar- Clark X. Prom, rjolliner, 19 Pr^ad 

b.a>, 94U;ru,.d , Ciark Ral],!i J"., whol cunicctJoner, 

l^vrne John H 

Hiemkr, s05 Ellis 

922 Br .ad 


ii-uiLno auf-t^LY HUUSt. / n ■ t r-j I r II 5 • 1 

B. H. Broo.headico. fPaiiii BiiisfiGs Q i Qii kiiids. 




,.---r> 1 frV^ p y' '■■■■ \ 

• ;^ 5'>«.-^— =.«. . , . .'*9^i■ 



^ -p 


:^. Vy>N>^~ ^-j;i€ ,^ iMf i^^'^' '^^^ 




Wholesale and Ketail Dealer in CARPETS 
Oil Clcths, ^0., 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 


Clarke Ostuoud M., druggist, 112, 

Clnrk'.s John >I. Sous (Amos K., 

John W., Charles R, Job A , A. 

Sv., Frank K. and Chirenoe E.), 

flour ami cotton mills, 90S Eroad 
Clayton E. P. »fc Co. (Edwaid 1'. and 

ClilTt I'd W. Clay ton;, coLlon fautur.~, 

901 Reynolds 
Clinton H. 1-1, agt bottling works, 

134S Broad 
Cohen C. Henry, attorney, o03 Sev- 
Cohen George, watche.-!, etc, 538 

Cohen Jt)hn J., bond and s;ock Ijro- 

ker, 723 Broad 
Cohen J. J. & Sons (John J. and P. 

L.), banker-, (523 Broad 

Dal^- et Armstrong (James Daly, 
Jolui F.'Arnis rcnig), <lry goods, 722 

Daniel Wilberforce, cotton factor, 805 

Daniel Wilberforce, sheriff Rich- 
mo iid county, Court House 

Colclough Miciiael, grocer, 953 Broad ' Daniel Z. ct Co. (Zachnrinb Daniel, 
Coleman L. W. & Co. (Lindsay AV. Frank J. Miller), grocers, 745 Broad 

Colemani, com and feed, 915 Broad D'Antignao Harris H., notary and 
Collins Patrick, genl store, 1133 Broad I ex-olllcio justice, 814'. Broad 
Collins V. V. Mrs., china and gla.-,s , Davant James S., genl freight and 
ware, 910 Bi'oa<i I pass a.^t P. R. & A. R. R., Fen wick 

Ccmm<-rcial Bank of yNugusta Tlie, , cor Mclntosli 

W. T. Whele-^s pres ; L. T. Tnlia- j j^.^^.ijy,,,^ WJiHam T., notary and 

ferro, cvish; 8 )o Broad - ^,,„^^ ,,f j^^^,,^ y ^ Kv^hiU ' 

Convey Patrick grocer, 102 Miller 1)^^,-1,,^,,,, j. s. & W. T. ,Jobu S. 
Lonway G. W. Mrs., bair -ood-, 94o .^,„j W,lliam T.), attornevs, 118 

Broad i YA'ihih 

Conway Ue-.r-e W., livery stabl e j p,^/^.-"; qjI^,^.,., (^.^ ,,,,,^,yj,^ 807 Eighth 
lU-.-J.road ri . ,o T> j Day,Tannahdr& C >.( o.eph H. Day, 

^""-^'w'/n '^'••' ti'e'^^C^-iiti'alR. R., Samuel Tanuahill, Samutl H. Sib- 
0.4 Calhoun ,., o- , lev), carriages and saddh s, 735 

Costello Edward J., grocer, SOI Sixth ' iyc,i\.\ 
Cotter Ellen Mrs., grocer, 802 Ninth j^^^^ \^ Paimer i Willian 
Cotter -Nicholas, groceries and li- , William M. Palmer), - 
C(Uors, 92/ Ninth I ^.^eventh 

ni J. Dea."-, 
rocer.«, 221 

Cowart John W , restaurant Central 

Cox Atmie Mrs., varieties, 524 Eighth 
Cox Vaiantin<^, grocer, 828 l^'ifth 
Crane Elijah J., jeweler, llU5 Broad 
Cronnin R. Mr-., urocer, 724 Tavlor 
Crump vSamuel If., elk co. court, 

Cuiniuiog John, grocer, 218 Forsytli 
Cummiuuj Montg(jmery, attorney, 803 

Cunuin;:liam John, grocer, 218 

T wed til 
Cunnii.uhani Dutch ('0, undertaker, 

rear of iJlO Broad 

Dchuu' .^Hifkok (William De- 
lane, John J. Hickok', dry goods, 
G30 J?road. (Seepage 143) 
Delpli Wallace f., stoves and tinware 

.^31 Broad 
Denning Jabez T., produce cum mer 

(dl liroad 
Derry ct l/xw (Edgar R. Derry, 3lc- 

Kinne Law), grocer.-, .Sl5 Broad 
Dcver. Fames, grocer, 1111 Broad 
Dicks .1. J. & Bro. i James J. and 

iv.' F.i, grocers, 523 Broad 
Dodge Edwi.rd W., job printer, 121 
Ciinnin_diain Edwin R., grocer, conir j D .dge Geor-e R., dyer, 519 Kroad 

of deeds a'ld notary, 12^ Fifth { DoolittU' 11/aa V.. house, sign, 

Curry Cieorge P., banlcer, 03.3 liroad ornamental and carriaire paiutei', 

Curt^is L., pli vsiei an. 925 Greene I 1 17 .Seventh. (See patre 101 ) 

^. M, i3^}\3Umk\iu 28 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga. 







!'■■ . 




t . 










. C5 




tn . 
M > 



I/. 'A 


Of Peoples' Mutual belief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Monthly 
Circulation, 15,C00. Gocd advertising nedium. Send for copy. 







Doseher Edward E., attorney 

magistrate, GIO Broad 
Dosclicr Henry A., grocer, 801 Fifth 
Doh^cher John & Co. (John Dos- 
eher, George Hains), grocers, 600 

Doughty J. J. & Co. (John J. and 

James P. Doughty), cotton factors, 

17 Seventh 
Doughty WiUiam H., pliysiciau, 003 

Doughty William H. Jr., physician, 

603 ElUs 
Douglass & Gillette (Robert Douglass, 

Simon O. Gillette), omnibus line, 

521 Mnth 
Dowling Ann Z^Irs., grocer, 1319 

D.jyie William, grocer, >ii3 Eighth 
Dryer John, grocer, GUI Third 

Emanuel P. C. & Co. (Phillip C. 
ICmanuel, Eliis livons), clothing, 
J, ! 1005 Rroad 
'ij j Enterprise Manufacturing Co., Geo. 
:', T. Jackson, ]'rt's; X. W. Arm- 
■,; ' strong, sec; cotton faetorv. Ollice 
■'♦ ! 127 Eighth 

,^1 j K«Hii table T.iile Assurance So- 
^\ I cjety of the V. S., Josejih S. 
IJean' Jr., agt;Sll Broad 
P^sitrbrook K. II. , physician, 1026 

" 'cene 
li^ve William, judge co court, Court 

Evers Geoi-ge, balder, 117 Fifth 
Evers .John F., grocer, 115 Fifth 

Kxcelsior Boltiiiig >\'oikS5 E. 

Sheehan, propi'; 1025 Greent'. (See 

page 151.) 
Eye Theodore, grocer, 463 Broad 
Fagin John, grocer, 830 Seventh 
Faiks James H., dentist, 821 Broad 
Fargo L, W., physician, 314 Seventh 
Farr William J., la nips and oil, 543 

Farrell John J., sewing machines, 314 

Feary John PL, jeweler, 729 Broad 
Ferber Kasper, ijaker, 1034 Broad 
Ferreol A., shoemkr, I'.^l Ellis 
Ferris John C, mer tailor, 216 Sev- 

Dub BeniSiai'd, propr Planters i ,.,,^,-,„ Ti,ii.,,. a oftr.r.,ri' ftjo 
TiT^^^i 0.1.1 J .,•>•> T> 1 Jbit^mmg Julian A., attorne>, b4U 

Hotel, 929 and 933 Broad ; -,, ■? ' '" 

Disgas George C, phvsician, 024 

Diigas I.iOuis A., pliysician, 624 

Dugas TiOuis A., solr geni co court 
Dugas ijouis A. Jr., aitorney, 10 j 
Law Hange j 

Dunliar William ISL,co treasurer { 

Dunbar W. M. «k Co. (William M. 

Dunbai', William J. JL^llings- | Fleming & Lotlin ( James L. Flem- 

wortli), indse l)rokers and steam- | ing, Jamt-s A. Lollin), grocers, 816 

lioac agts, S32 Broad | Broaii 

Dunn Itosannuh Mrs., millinery, 534 j Fogerty Thomas Mrs,, grocer, 202 

J^roiul Twiggs, 

Hutrher Salem, attorney, 628 Broad ' l-'oice Louis Ij., irrocer, 212Eiglitli 


Fleming Porter, com mer, 738 Reyn- 

Fleming Roln rt A., cotton factor, 903 

Fleniing R<ibert (}., supt P. l^ & A. 
R. R., Fen wick cor Mcintosh 

Fleming Thomas F., drugs, 926 J5road 

Fleming William 11., attorney, 826 

D\vy,T Charles E., drv 

l;^li)ert J(xseph (c), tailor, 315 Nimb 

Ford ]>» San.-sure, physician, Proad 

cor Sevi'Uth 
Ford J. W., >h(H'mkr, ."iid Xirttli 

U H. BroomheadA Co. 


basil. ^ 

r CARTER €<, SOLOWIOW, Importers and 
I Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 





y 1> 

i?" c>. 

v^r-x* S^'x— ,,-.,v.-3 -^:J '-:.■ 




"S: -a 

-- tr 

S - 
t3 ^ 

#D00RS,SA5K' •-:.■>; 5, 



Iff, p^ 

'^^^ m:'^' 






























lOFS, Sisl, Bli'ilj, Mildiap, Bractet;, N:;i8ls, Yeliow FiiH Laiiilisr 



"Window Olass and Builders^ IdCardAvare. 

EYE, E AE and """^ 

117 Campbell Street, ^ - - AUGUSTA. GEORGIA. 

t^R^ Office Hci 

9 to 12 and 3 to 5. 


fire aod life Insurance, 


Kris Grsj's Biiilfc, - ADaUiTL GA, 


217 Seventh Street, 


I Garments Cut. Triir.nieii and M:ide in the 
2E?2S:EiIT!:TJ T::.Z':-Zl.iZZ ::L'?Ai:iI3. j latcs'. stylc. Business suits Cut, Trinnned and 

Madtf, Su.'X). I'ataloons Cut, Trimmed and 
Made. .>2. 50. Kit^ Ki^arantei-t!. Also, Clcaiiin;, 
Scourini; and Rt-pairinvr. Cottonade ^^uits a 
spttiaity durirg tlie Summer season, t'roni ^4.50 
to $0. 

f'weUiii'^s, St.jr.'s. MerL-nandise. Gin Huases 
•""t all kinds of prop'ir:'/ insured at!t 



















JAS. P. HARRISON «& CO., Printers, Publishers and 
Bind ers^^_&j^^road^ St., Atlanta, G a . 

ATG 1 48 " -^^~I Z 

Garrcir tt Latimer (William A Cm-. 
relt, Wi]li;im A. I.atiiiiiri, cUon 
ts>ei( rs, 25 St-vtnth 
(■Jjfry c<e ('ran>-t<)n (William A. Gaiv, 
John 'SI. CraiKston), attoniev?;, li-j. 
Bn ad 
Geddiii^s E:l'.v:n\l, plivsieian, Ti'O 
; Broad 

j Gehrkeu Die Irich, grocer aud li- 
qiiors, 466 Broad 

Gcoi^'ia lJai>tist PiiiiJiiis; Co- 
Foster En<.'ent>, phvsiciaii, 41'.» Broad ^ ^^ idiaui J. White, L-eiil iiiai)<.r: 
Foster Marce.Ius >., attomev, TO"^ ' Beynolds se lor Sevtnib. (See 

Broad ' | page 101) 

Foster William H., physicinu, (d6 I Oeoiiria Baptist, weekly, Georgia 
^Beyiiolds j Baptist Briutiiig Co., iiublrs ; llev- 

Fou Wall Moy, greet r, 12'i7 Broad j nolds cor b'tveiiU). (Seepage 1611 

^^"^inoo T>'' ^'\^'*^"''' 8"" ''^■^' J'i^^^-ii'ill', Georgia Ciiemieai Works, Alfred 
1029 Broad i ^.j.^ ^j^ ^^^ ^,^^.^„ ^^^^ ^^^^. 

ins Sarah Miss millinery, oo4 Broad: treas ; mufrs fertilizers, 785 Rev- 
Fraccis (<c W liele>s i.Jan,es C. Fran- : nold-^ 
xH.')^'!"'^"^ ^- '^^'^'^'^-^' Wesley ; Georgia Taint Co. ^The), J. H. AUx- 
^ .W heless ., com mers, 910 Walker : atider, pres ; cffice and wks, Walk- 
FraiJliliis Bros. iSacniel and Hen- i er 

ry;, cotton factors and dealers in ' Georgia Bailroad and Bi.nkinir Co., 

fertiliz- rs. Ml Beynolds ; Chailes H. Phinizv, pres ; Geoige 

Frtderick E. L.,gr(,cer. sof l)ouiidarv ' P. Bmler, cash. Bank, Broad cor 

Freeman Joi 1 N., watcluuaker, 613 j Seventh. Bailroad ollicts. Walker 

Rroail I cor Campbell 

Freem;in IMathew L., watrlimaker, , GeratyA Arm^trong (Bernard Gera- 
12G Seventh i ty, 'Patrick Armstrcing', crocers 

Fulcher James A., grocer, 3G4 Broad and lifjuors, 9e9 Broad" 
Fulglium tl- Weltrh iWylie P. Fill- ■ G<^!,'^"'^f' liii(J*-'lf O., [ihysieian, 534 
gluitn, TlionutsT. Weltcii ', j.tocmv, ' "^'"^"'^ 

940l;rrad ', Gibson A Brar.dt i William Gibson, 

Fullertou David L., stoves and tin- Adolph B;andti, atton eys, 113. 

ware, G2S Hroad , Eighth 

Funk, Son &C(>. (Sf-bastian and John ' ^''"'-"'> ^^'^"'t'l -^^ , coal aud weed, 
Funk, :\Iichael J. Dcpre\ meat: COS idall 

"■■ ' Glasner George, shoe mkr, 213 Sev- 

tileason Patrick, shoemkr, 125 Sev- 
CIoljc Hotel. Ackinson ct Sons, 
projrs; Inroad cor Eighth. (See 
pa-e Itil) 
Glover Thomas R. (c), shoemkr, 217 

market, 218 Nintli 
Fiirsc ^ Evans i William (i. Furse, 

Robert E. L. Evansi, geid ii:s agts, 

640 Broad ! Ste pagM"l47 >. 
Gain Jacob, grocer, 1110 Broad 
Gain ^licliaeJ, grocer, 1204 Broad 
Gaines Clark(c), shoemkr, 516 Eighth 
Gallaher James, genl ^tore, 1201 

Broad _ ' GiMiin Jules, walches and jewelry' 

(rallaher Jay J., bf)()ts and shoe<, 907 <,;; i ]Jr<,ad 

r.^nlT^ T 1 I . i,o-,. ,' Goetchins C. T. A: Co. (Charles T. 

Gallaher.Iohn, genl store, ESoBroad; (jottchins. Charles Ilahn), drug- 
G'anahl Joseph, attorney, 035 Broad j gists, 594 Broad 
Gammon William, tailor, 1l'3 Sev- j Goldstein Horn. ra Mrs., grocer, 430 

filth Twelfth 

(Jardtier William S. ic), saloon, 4'i2 Goodrich Edward C, physician, 315 



B. H. Broomhead & Co. 

B IS i i d e r s ' Hard^f are. 


and Lani"bre^uins, selected from finest Importations 
CARTEH k SOLOjION, 5: Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



'.G')W .Tiimes L., I)ooks anil stutiouery, j 
l)OOk biudtT :iud job printer, 8:23 

Gi>\v, \Veij:le & Moore (Junes L. 
Gow, Joim M. Wfigle, William 
H. .Moore), 'props AugiHta Even- 
ing News, 823 Broad 

Gray & Co. (Cbri.stopher and James M' 

M. Gray), dry gojds, G3S and G4iJ I 

B:oad y 
Gr;iham Almond A., physician, 91S „— — >.,o-^ — ■■ — — — ~- 

Broad " I Harper & Br >. (James E. and 

Graham A. A. & Bro. (Almond A. j Cbarles A.i. attorneys, 735 Broad 

and John F.), druj;.s. 910 B-oad [Harris Cbarles W., "ins agt, 727 

Graham David, grocer, 429 F.fth j Broail 

Graham .loseph, grocer, 4'3G Calhoun j Harris & Rhind (Ciuuies W, Harris, 
Grandjean Mary Mrs., confectioner,: Col len K lind/, stock brolieni, 727 

320 Eighth I Broad 

Granitevilie C >., H iHanis Binjamin (c), shoemkr, 515 

H. Hicknaan.pres an 1 trr'as; J trae^ I Jjlli 

H. Giles secv;cotton factors', OlHce 

110 Eighth ' 
Gregg Z.\chariah B., shoemkr, S17 

Green & Lee (c), (Brutus Green, 

Warren Lee), bhick-smiths, Telfair 

cor Eighth 
Greene Joim W., genl miiirr Ga. R. 

K. office, Campbell cor Walker 
Gi-itrin Butler (c), blacksmith, 1118 


Hirris R., dry good-;, 52) Broad 
Hit •her E iward J., agt S)uthern 

Expres-; C )., G21 Broa J 
Heard Louis (c , barber, 1121 Broad 
H •flenian Tim )thy, grower, 022 

H.'g^MC Bros. (Xewton and Evans 

A.", livery stai)le, 73S Ellis 
H'ir,'ie R. "C. & Co. (UifusC. and 

William J. Heir^iej, furniture, 83;» 


Grinin Jerry (o), barber. Tenth cor 1 Heidi IvlwarJ, grocer, Fifth cor Rey- 

Broad I nol Is 

Grifiin John R., shoemkr, 839 Elis | H-nry Tnoma^ W., hats and caps, 

Guien Augus:, florist, MS') Br )ad I, /'^^ ^^'^yr , f „ . .,f q^- 

Gurlev S. M. Mrs., dressmiker, 04s , H-nson Cnarles (cj. restaurant, S..0 

Broad I _B!-^'-iii , . ^ , , 

John n.), grocers, E. Boundry 

cor Carolina ave j 

Hike Barttiold, druggist, 901 Walker ; 
Hale William (c), oyster.-, fish and 

game, 507 Broad 
Hammond Patrick, genl store, 102 

"H ii\-berger Peter, cigar mnTr, 70ij 

Haj^p Hvman, clothing, 022 Broad 
HiU'tiitr George, watches and jewelry, 

_519 liroad 
Harker Gor>lon C, deuti:>t, 537 

Harling J.evi IL, ■'t'lve'^ and tin- 

wiire, 5 JO Broad 
Harp John M., tin^mifh, PtOT Inroad 

pros-< alley 
He,s Henrv, produce, 211 Fifth 
Het E isvard, '.'rocer, 022 Fourth 
llickuiau Ciiailos \V., ccullst^ 

urtist anil laryn^^oscopist, 117 

Ninth. (.Sec pa-re 147) 
11 iH 31. M. S. Co. (Mjnroe M. 

\i\\\^ ), job printers and hook 

binders, O.ieru House Arcade 
Hillyer Carlton, aulitor CJa. R. R., 

Walker cor Cam[>bell 
Hitt Vir.;iiiius G., physician, 304 

S 'Veiith 
Hook Jamvs S. it Edward li., attor- 

iiev-, 30''> Spventli 
Hookey (iorgt- S., grocer, KOI 


IV MD'JL-DIN53 AND FH.IMSS at C K G;oini:n's, 23 Wh-tshill str3et, 
' i Atlanta. Ga. "Wistern Prloss d-aplicatsi at wholesale. 




Hahu' John D,, baker and confec^ 1 ^^f "^ >» l:-^^'^'^- restaurant and sa- ^ 
tioner 503 B'-oad ' loon, .302 b-'veuth K-i 

Hains Bros. (George, Louis F. and i HerbortG iston, supt R. Portner, Ex- | 


En PI F ^' ^'-^"^^'-'^^ BELIEF ASSOCIATIOIT, Atlanta. Ga. A Benevolent 
Ur LCO Instituiicn, conductca on tusiness principles. 




■^ij*f>»"or3*9ir«'.- — ^■'^■' ',<'^-^y'''**^'.'^''^ 

Ji.hii.-nii F. P. & Ck. (<■), (Francis 1'. 
Ji^.Iitison, James Harper i, bofk- 
aihl stationery, 1113 Broad 
Johnson, Forci cV: Co. (Francis P.. 
Johnson, James S. Melson, Georgf 
J. Seoti), grocers-, 937 BruaJ 
Johnson John A., watchnikr, IISG 

Fen wick 
JohuHon Joliu M. (c), blacksmitl), 

1119 Ellis 
Johnson Joseph H. (c), ice cream, 

11.';^' Fen wick 
Johiixm William R. [c), carpenter, 

723 Ellis 
Jones Cliarles C. Jr., attorney, 80;> 

^ Jones Jerry (c). dyer, Bll Ninth 
and Cljarles H. Howard, Samuel j Jones Julia i\Irs., pioeer, 511 Ninth 
P. Weisiger), cotton factors, 20 i Jones William S., physician, G2.3 
Seven til I Broad 

Hudson Edward 'c), produce, 314 Jordan Henry S., clothing;, 736 Broad 

Holmes Ftdix 15., barber, 124 Seventh 
Hol^onbake Abel, physician, 1272 

PIoops John C, ice, 319 Ninth 
Howard W. H. & Sons ( William H. 

Hyatt Thomas, grocer, 116 Twelfth 
Hyams Mordeeia, real estate, 120 
. Seventh 

Hyram Shadrach C. (ei, tailor, 2*9 

lob Michael, grocer, o'Jl Ninth 
Ivey & I^upo ^Billington .S. Ivey, 

Sol. L. Lu[)0j, saloon, 901 Ellis 
Jackson Davenport, attorney, 824 

Jacksou Geortre T. c^i Co. (George ^ Keenan Peter, boots and shoes, 722 

T, and Walter M. Jackson, George i liroad 

Herbert^ excelsiur llouring mills; Kelley Alice :Nrrs., gr<- cer, 601 Sixth 

oilice 747 Broati Kt.41y Patiick, saloon, 730 Ellis 

Jackson K..bert <k Co. 'Robert Jack- Kenny John, shirt mufr, 126 Eighth 
on, Edward A. Smith), barbers, i Kernaghau George H., livery stable, 

JoiiriiJil of PiOKiess, (weekly), 

Wright A: Co., publishers, oOl Ninth 

(^See jjage 101) 
Judkins Alliert N., contractor and 

builder, 540 Ellis 
Kabrs N. & Co. (Nicholas Kahrs, 

Christian PJchers, Fred Gehrkcn), 

grocers, 401 Greene 
Kaufman Charles, drv goods, 949 

Keefe T., t-rocer, "^30 Calhoun 

S04 Ninth 
Jackson William E. Jr., attorney, 

705 I'.road 
Jacobs John J., I)a];er, 924 Ninth 
Jaillet W. H.\t i^.ro. (William H. 

and .Tames K.}, tin, copper and 

sheet iron workers, bu7 Ellis 
Jansen Catherine ^Irs. , groctr, 21 

Jansen John W., grocer, 215 Seventh 
Ja worsky Edward, grocer and saloon, 

1017 Broad 

820 Ellis 
Kidweil James B,, confectioner, 312 

Seven til 
JCiiliM^r^^worth Wesley, grocer, SOI 

Kimble Arthur S. (c), blacksmith, 

nil) T'lllis 
King Jolin P., ^^luig Co., (John P. 

King, pres, pro teui; J.anes P. 

Verdery, see; Charles Estes, vice 

pres ; cotton mnfrs 
Ivoenig L. M. Miss, milliner, 938 


Jed'erson Albert J. (el, shoemkr, 427 ■ Kramer George, shoemkr, 125 Sixth 
Fiftli : Ivrug Charles A., baker, 51S Ninth 

Jolm-Mii Edward E. [O, barber, HI ' Kung Chung, grocer, 455 Broad 
Finli " ! K.usel Louis, clothing, 746 Broad 

Johnscm licdford C., supt 'Ihe Brad- Laboii.-eur Ad(d|)h (J., grocer, Cal- 
street C'^, 040 Jir^ad i houn cor Fifth 

B. H. Broomhead 4 Co. I 

•Mouldings, Brackets, &c, 


I'f ALL rHrEn at carter & sololion's, — 



50 Whitehall £t., Atknta. 

^m C. S. WYSE, 


553 Ellis St., - AUGUSTA, GA. 

Repairiiii: Joue at ttie Storlest Nolice 'M in llie Mcsl Woiiin^iililie Meaner.. 



Stockj BoncliEeal Estate Ej 

715 JiJCOAJ) STllKKT. 

_A.Tja-TJST^ - a-EOI^OI_^. 

Qf'PnTTPTTT'PQ Special attention given to buyln-and selling Gold,, Bondp. 

ODU U iXiL J. 1 DO Stock? and other Securities. 

RIMIj K.STATE — Some unusually desirable p.ircels of city and country property, for sale at 
less than value. 

LO.-VXS XEGOTrATFl>- Money to loan on tcid collateral securities, at a fair rate of inter- 
est. Information and advice cheerfully ^iven,and s.itisfaction guaranteed. Coaimi-iion for Renting 
and Selling, 2'; per cent. 


References— H. B. Plant, President Southern I .\press Con-.pany, and Merchants and Banks of 
Augusta, generally. 

'4i V 

1 r^a^ tffisni r^iaaB ^xiutaBsea loexsuFa «r:»a cnArM aetCam ms^tat ■»■ ^ h^mef* 

•(0 25 Green© Street, 

Pure Sodca Water, Sarsaparilla and Gringer Ale 


-£ N— '■ w -T, 

J'ive ]nr ct-ai* il isrouitf on Oi'dfrs oj iftsv Gross or more, 



Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop 'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 


Lnliouseur John C, grocer, -l(3o Brotid 
L:»(levt'ze Charles A., picture.s and 

picture framo?*, 5-57 Br(.a(i 
LainlJohn W., grocer, l(i02 T..nth 
Lamb Theodore, plivsician, 428 

Ninth ' . ^ - 

Limhert cv Joiiii^on (John B. Lim- 

hert, Wiihani P. Jolinsou i, saloon, 

602 and 503 Ninth 
Laruh-im & B itlor (Henrv W. Lan- 

drim, N. Kimhl^ Butler, Jr.), drv 

goods, 82) Broad 
Landrum, B )th\vell & Co. (D.miel J. . ... , ...„ 

Landrimi, James T. Bothwell, ! Lo\viov Jaco)) II., wa^on mnfr, 

John C. L-o),liats, boots and shoes, | 902 to 010 and 92.) to 924 Ellis and 

G03 Broad 302 to 301 Nintli 

Langley ^^I uuifacturinp: Co., William i Ludlow J. C. & Co. (James C. Lud- 

C. Sibley, pres; cotton factors, 102! low, J. AVeeks J. Gilder), cloth- 
^-^'"tl> I inir, 711 Broad 

Lavery Annie Mrs., grocer, 1240 Lulus Ciaus IL, -rocer, 4(!0 Broad 
^ Bi'":'(] Lvnch E. Mrs., tirocor, 1131 Br(.ad 

Lawrence Bryan, meat market, 1302 lVous Ellis, drv^goods, 920 Broad 
^ -^'"'1' LvonsJud-onW..^auL'er, lb] Eighth 

Lee & Loth well (John C. Lee, James! Lvons 3Iary Miss, grocery, 427 

T. Bothwell). grocers, G13 Broad I "Twiggs 
L^e Dorsey «fc Co. (Dorsey Lee, Ching! -Nb'Andrew James, geiil store, 1002 

Liixlstrand August, tailor, 610 Broad 
I.i5)S>eiicoft J. 13. *. Co., AI. \'. 

Calvin, agt ; text book pulilrs, 740 
Beynolds. (.See coloreii page F) 

Lockiiart Ered T., attorney and no- 
tary, ,303 Seventh 

Logiic J., carpets, 712 Broad 

Lorn hard (.ieorge B. & Co. (George 
B. Lombard, Harmon R.wley), 
founders and machinists, 1014 Fen- 

Loo Chong AV. <fe Bros. (William, 
Thomas and Ciiarles), grocers, etc., 
537 Broad, 520 Campbell and 102() 

Lookum You, grocer, 930 Broad 

Lot/, Frederick, grocer, 553 Broad 

I>nt-/ Henrv, grocery and saloon, 505 

Loveda^- Joseph, job printer, 727 

L'^vrll James L., meat market, 92S 

Lowe J{uflin (c), watches and jewel- 
rv, 313 Ninth 


G O 

Chang), grocers, 2)9 Fifth 
Leckie LniisaJ. ^Nliss, milliner, 025 

L^'ckie M. A. Mrs., umbrella repair 

er, 954 Broad 
L-^-on Henry D., attorney, ex-officio 

justice and uitary, ll."i"S-venth 
li-ong Ho Wf, grocer, 22s 'i\vi'jirs 
Lfsser .Simeon, cotton dlr, slO Bey- 

nol is 
L«^V3- Samuel, attorney and com of 

deeds, 302 EiLrhth 
liovy Ahiaha.n & S >n (M s. Bosina 

A. and I^aac C), cl others, 714 

Ii"wis Carlo, un.lertal;er, 511 Ninth 
L"wis Little B.. jiropr Mansion 

House, 80(3 Jiroad 

McAu'iiTe Patrick, plumber, rear of 

S23 Broad 
BJcCaiiy l><Hvai'd W., cigar mufr, 

502 Jac;:son 
McCarthy John D.. sal'Min, -512 Ninth 
MeClennan Alonzo C, physician, 710 

E lis 
MeCord Charles Z., attorney, 809 

MeC..rd Z. A: Son (Zachariah and 

Lewis F.), whol grocers, 84S Broad 
INIeCord & Foster (Zachariah Me- 

Cord, Frank W. Fuster), cotton 

factors and com mors, 104 Camp- 
M C'lrmick Julia Mrs., grocer, 502 


Liebscher Emii, ice and fisli, 221 ! AleCoy William (e\ blacksmith, Sev- 
^■^isbth ^ enth cor Fir.-t ave 

'T"ir::^:;r'^(l^hite~Lesd'^anil Oil. 

CARTER a S0L0rf10N,^°^SS,f ^^'^'^^">'^=" "^^"^' 

<Scc., 50 "Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



M'Coy William E., mnfr cotton yarn 

and'mac.:iiU' waste, EieveiUh cor 

B ly 
]M.'l)t'rni itt }iri(lget Mrs., groeei-, 

1117 liroad 
31. -Donald Michael, LTOcer, 1107 

ISIoGrath Robert N., architect, 310 


MoKeon John C, grocer, 1421 Broad i | 
!McKnii{ht c\: Whittendale (Bobert; ' 

Mi'Koight, Christopher Wiiitten- 

dale), boots, sboes and hats, 833 

M.'Laughlin William, painter, 210 

McLaws Abram H., land aud 

mining agt, 132 Eigiith 
M'-Leniure C. E. Mrs., drcs'^ninker, 

843 Ikoad 

May Robert H. & Co. (Bnlxrt II- 
isiiy, Alfred R. G )odyear, .lames 
T. il.iy, Sanuiel S. Parnielee), car- 
riage,' harness aud wagons, 7u4 

M lys S. Warren, attorney, 304 Sev- 

31edd T5ioma>i, 5, 10 and I'j cent 




M.'Malian, Stokelv & Co, f Jolin J. C. \, 512 Broad. (See page l-.o.) 

MoMahon, Stephen H. and Royal i Medical College of Ge >rgia, IVltair 

D. Sto udy J, cotton factors and com ' cor Sixlti 

mer-, Eighth cor R-vnolds | Mercer Wdliara N., cotton factor, 

McWh^rteV Fannv Mrs. ijoarding, \ 114 Eiglith 

GOl Br-n^d " \ Merzeau Louis, confectioner, 942 

Mib-v & Pendletou (Matthia?? "W. j Broad 

Mibrv, Martha A. Pendleton), | Meyer ]^:mma Mrs., mdlinery, 134 

druggists, 819 Twelfth | Eighth 

:SIadilen Hosea, blacksmitii, 835EllisiM^yer Monica Mrs., grocer 522 
Magaralian Jarnes F., genl store, 72 M I Eighth 

Fenwick I IVIiller Aii<lre-%v J., real estate, 

^Slaher C. Mrs., grower, 14'55 Broad I stock and bond brokei-, 12S Sev- 
Malion^^y Patrick L , grocer, Twiggs' entli. (See page 159.) 

scfBoiinih-y '^ i Miller Frank H., altornev, 705 

Mdrine Miles A., ujotrr '1 lie Singer 

Mnfg Co., 547 Broad ^ 
!M msion Hoivse, Little B. L<^wis, 

propr; S0t3 Broa<l 
^Marcelli". Josci>h B., giocer. Seventh 

cor S. Bi)undry 
Marcus Madison J., sale stable, 828 

Martin Josej^h A , grocer 802 Seventh 

3Iark'.va!ter Theodore, ni trl)Ie 
•and irraniie works, 5.U Broad. 

r.r .ad 
Mdler James, dry goods, 801 Broad 
MdlerTliomas J., grocer, G35 Broad 
Miller William K., attorney, 705 

Miller ct Bussey (Josiah Miller, WiN 

Ham W. Bassev), whol grocers, H02 

Miller & Co. (Mrs. A. M. and Mr-. 

^l. F. Milieri, tl our milh, Twiggs 

cor .1 ickson 

(t>r'e adv ) T. , , 

3Iarslia!l (). \V., tailor and dis- 'Mi'"^ --^'I'^n (c) shoemkr, S17 Eighth 

trict J)e[.t Grand B irde t; ■rnian ; >) i|^"--5 O. D. Mrs., boarding, ,\i. 

Order Hungari, 217 Sf'Veuth. (Seei Broad 

page 147.1 ' , Miteludl J<)hii E. (c), produce, b'li 

Must"'john B., machinist, 520 Ellis ' Fenwick 
:Mathewson J. O. & C.>. (.Fisepli O. Moller John IL, grocer, 127 Fifth 

Mathewson, Ciiaries A. Doohttle), ^NLtutgoniery Wi.h.mi H., attorney. 

com mer, 9 "3 Broud 11 Law Ruiue 

May Peter (ci, ca--!.. r, 11:'.G Fenwick M^.r.- Lindsay, i'la.-k-inilli, 71i) 
Mav Robert 11 , m.ivor of Augu-^la, Ellis 

211 Seventl i " : Morgan T'et.r (c), '^hoendo-, J2^_Enis 

V. iVlo UilUlSl^iiW'^e 28 Whitehall Street. Atlanta. Ga. 


for your Families Toy a Certificate in the PEOPLES' luUTUAL 






<^ a 

Neely Benjamin, supt Public Schools, 

Si'G Rro.ul 
Nees William & Son (Williiim an J 

George), s-tatlonerj^, 631 Broad 

Neibliiii; John II., magistrate, 

l ■ Ellis cor Sf-vi nib' 

Nelson John S. (c), tailor, 317 Eighth 

2sew Martin V., meat market, 321 

I .■.r"'^. •'' "^ '"^""' ;"■ H Ninth 

"~- ' ^ - -, .^ ;r. ,s I Newman John p., grocer, 454 Broad 

L ■ -^.^.^. ,^^ ^.^ . . -. .^„... :; ^-^. ^^^-^ ^ . J I 's.^^^y Bernbar.l, saloon, Opera House 

Moore Henry P., hardware, ^^^^\y^!^\ Franklin (Lionel E. 
mS^Jo John Bone., hardware, 627 Nowel!,B. Franklin), cotton brok- 

>T -'^^L 1 ) fv,- e«^ -o „ , ' Numbei-.'er^Vdam, dry good^^, 552 

Morris Solomon, clothintr, b4b Broail : ii i ^ t j & 

' ' i Broad 

x^loslier Kdwanl G.. s>Jpt'^»« : Xnmherger William H, grocer, 550 
secy Augusta i^Suramerville.^treet «-,<,<! 

Ar^'h^VV^r''^'moo"«^ oi iOakmau T. & J. L. (Thaddeus and 

^Nlobher J., ice, 1020 Broad \ -r i- t \ tf .. - ,.\, ooot:!,. >wi 

AT i> 1 ..f \x ,^, 11 oil -LMiv. ! Julian L. , attorneys, 9uJBioad 
Mos;<l{')bert 11. e , baker, 914 Fibs L-w . r< ,. X \ Vr.,.:uJ r..,.i ..iTicir-ni 
AT I r I rr n - ' ( Ki te>i (tC" UP A., uoolvs and musical 

Mobrmanu .John If, grocer, H^ j " ,,,i,^^ ^of p.,o,[d 

"^;^ban Patrick. baker,123 i ^'}X%' ^^•/•' ^'"^ '"''' ^' Y.^?Co., 
dkeyMaryJ.Mr..,dre.smkr,032,^,^l^--i,,^^.^^, ^^^ ^^^^^^^ SO, 

Mulherin William & Co. (William I ^,,^^'^-'^^. t^,,, „-.„ff..^-., .^i-^ 4r,c. 

Mulherin, Alexander J. Goulcv, i ^ f.^'-'T •^^^"' "lattre^. mkr, 4ob 

PatricK H. Rice), boots and shotvs ^^^'-^^^ 

913 Broad • O'Connor M. .1. INIrs., milliner, 80S 

Mullaiky A. &(!o. (Austin Mullarkv. Broad 

Patrick I). Horkan), dry goods, SloO'Donnell K.Mrs., dressmkr, SOS 

Mullen'^P., tailor, 259 T.lfair i O'Dmmell & Burke (Edward 0'J3on- 

Murpby Dani^ 1 (\, -rocer, 814 Broad "^.^^ J^>'^'^'^ l'^"''^^'' S'^^'^'^^' ^^^ 

Muruhv E. T. A: Co. (Edmund T. , .,,-E^^'"^, ,r- i i , t-.^.. ^,.t^,. qoi 

and Closes C. Murphy), grocers, ; f)'!;^;^^;;^;;^;'-'''''''^' ''*^'^" ^''''^'''' ^^^ 

M^.^'S' W. .t Co. iXelson w., i O'lS^^Sallie, grocer, 1027 Broad 
Edmund T. and Most-s C. Mur- ! OGorman James, saloon and izrocer, 
pliv 1, boots and shoes, .564 Broad ' 14"1 Ninili 

Mnrfy Tliom:'-^, livery stable, »j:j4 O'Gorman Jolm, saloon and grocer, 
Ellis ; Sivanniib rt);(d 

Mustin Kite V. Miss, dressmkr, S45 | O'Hara :sl. Mrs., -mcer, 1305 Bron.l 
Broad I Onllerick Jolm C. H, grocer, 801 

Mvers Charles, grocer, 125 Fiftti .Seventh 

Mvers S. A. Mrs., drv goods, 9:'2 Oetjen C. H. ^S: Cx (Cord II. Oetjeu, 
Broad " i Charles T. Pund), grocers, 84S 

Mvers A: Marcus i Joseph Mvers, .Sol- \ Broa<l 
omon Marcus), whol dry good-, ; Oetjcu Josepii, i/rocer, 2o8 Broad 
bhoes, etc., 83SBri)ad : Olin W. .Milu, justice, 301 Sixth 

National Bank of Augusta, Wiliiani : Oppenheim .lulius H., hide-, iron, 
E. Jackson, pres ; George M. ' ni--, etc., 017 INvnolds 
Tliew, rash; 7o7 Broad i ().4)urn Henry, saddles ano harness. 

National Excliamre Bank 'Tlic) of 2ls Sixtli 
Augugta, Allied Baker, pres ;, Oswald Zacheus, hhoemkr, 123 
Josepij .>-\ Bean, cash ; .^17 Broad , Eighth 

BUILDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE, i Uojs t J i lil-V IJ V 3i:iXl'>13 I'^^ITVT 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. i IN THE WORLD. 

I IP^IflE EU^-^i i" Q" patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
Llfc^yl-iUyilfl, 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Sa/e and L^ivery Stables, 


HORSFS and MUIf > sold at trie lov.est price?, and in a'.l cases guaranteed as represented- 
BUGGIES, CARRIAGES. HARNESS. WHIPS. BLANKETS. Etc., on hand and lorsale. We 
.sell good work and misrepresent nothing Horses and Carnages for hire at all times. 


c TOZjiis: 





%WMr ?M Sfeu-U ^^^.^t^i^ (iM fe^k&^t. 

No. 213 Centre ^'th^ Street, between Broad and Ellis. AUGUSTA, GA. 

,10 A 

\Vhole=.;;e ,ind Retail Dealer in 


lllOMAS ?li:i)U. I'rojirirtor. 

Carriage and Wagon Fflaniifactiirers, 

Broad, Corner ntb Street, 

Kejiiiirinj prC'mMiy attend'fd to by tirst-cla'.s workmen. 

A jTaclieal -.vorkman at the head of every department. 

Also horsc-shueing done in the be-t manner by a skillful 


M L. 



The Press and People regard THE CHRISTIAN IKDEX 
the best Advertising FVledium in the South. 






















■^^T^-rr-^. ,.T '"";''• , '""'■"t3'-;-t^"~7;^«.'?^.'»wp'S<^'-.'' • 




SV ^ 

...v^n.r;i^vr .V:-; ,v ■ 


.i:.":%..i^' : : „j. .£fii2:t«..±. . 


Ott;i A<iaii), toys and confeeliouer, ! 

503 Broaci j 

Oweu A. »k Co. ^\lf^e^i Owen, Robert i 

H. Ert?;tt'r]n)'_'i, oiMcer^i, 45'2 Brond 
Owens Simoon E., saloon, Globe 

Hotel, 2-9 Ei-hth 
Pacigett Leinufi F., fuvuiture, llOi 

Paine Sarah INIi^s, grocer, 1485 Broad 

Palace Sale asid I.,ivei"y Sta- 
bles, C. Toler, propr; tJ24 Ellis 
(See |)age loO; 
Pankuin J. W.,drnggirit, 522 Broad 
Parker George B., briek mufr, S. 

Bouiuiry cor E. Boiindry 
Parker James, irrocer, 11") Walker 
Parks W. E. & C. (William E. 
}'arks, Clarence V. AValkeri. fur- 
niture, 74:> Broad 
Parnell Nelson, slioemkr, lOS Fiftli 
Paschal Will'am C, ice, 1221 Broad 
Patterson William L., agent, 206 

Pearce, Ander-on & Co. (Philip E. 
Pearce, James M. Anderson, N. L. 
Willet), cotton factors, 19 Eighth 
Pelot & Cole (Alma A. Pelot, jaraes 
D. Cole), j)hotogrd])liors, (jiS Broad 
Pendleton Armistnad F., books and 
statio lery, S )4 Broad 

Peinlletoii Jaisies C, dentist, 

Peiidielon Philip T., phvsician, 

lioij Broad 
Peiulleton P. T- & J. C. (l^hilip 

'J'. :.nd James O, dru:gist~, 1210 

Pendieion & Bro. ("Williani and 

J')hiii, founders and machinists, es 

P'Jeventh, s of Walker 
Pt-rkinsifc Bro. iShtppard E. and Si- 
meon M.\ doors, Misli and blinds, 

Calhoun iir Central dej^ot 
Perrin Geori,'e T., druggist, 1109 


Peteishmg (V.tJ Ills, and Sav- 
ings Institution, E. Islai.-dell, 
agr ; 715 B[0;id. (See page 151 ,i 

Peudier Mary Mrs., confectioner. 1023 

Phinizy Leonard, attorney, 112 

Phinizy F. & Co. (Ferdinand, Stew- 
art and Jacob Phinizy, .lames To- 
bin), ins agts, IS Beynolds 

Phinizy t.^ Co. (Stewart and Jacob 
Plunizy, James Tobin), cotton lac- 
tors, is Beynolds 

Picquet Augustus D., lawyer an<l 
justice, 310 r^eventh 

Pic'juet L'-uis A., Cu coroner 

Pierce Robert L., attorney. 702 

Pniat Charles L. (c), shocinkr, 30? 

Piidcham Fred L., attorney and no- 
tary public, 303 Seventh 

Pis-rHarris, dry i^oods, -53 • Jiroad 

Planters Hotel, V>. Bub, propr ; 
9 JO and 933 Broad 

Planters L lan and Sivinjs Bank, T. 
W. Coskerv, pres ; J. T. Newberry, 
cash ; 812 Broad 

Piatt Bros. (Cnarle^A. and AViUiam 
li.), furniture, 710 Broad 

Pollard \> iSliani J., cotton fac- 
tor, com mer and agrl impls, 734 
and 730 ll-ynolds. (S^-e paj,'e 159) 

Port Royal vt Augusta Railr >ad, Dun- 
can C. Wil-on, pres ; llobir' G. 
Eieming, supt ; I-'euwick cor Mc- 

Poi'tner Kol>ert, la^er beer depot, 
G. llerbort, supt ; Express alley 

Potts Sarab ]■:. Mrs., millinery, 102G 

Prager J. <.^ Son (Julius and Abra- 
ham M.), clothing, GIS Broad 

Preston Jcj-eph J^., genl agt Central 
R. R., 803 Reynolds 

Primrose Patrick H., grocer and meat 
market. 954Br<jad 

Pritchard M. L. Mrs., milliner, 814 

Prontaut J'diii H., watches, clocks 
and jewtdry, 0_'G Broad 

Puud C. 'J'.'^-c Co. (Ciiarles T. and 

Purcell Netlie Miss, milliner, 720 
13 road 
llt-niv Pundi, grocers, 902 Seventh 

Radehlii- ^^: Co. (James D. JvadL-litle, 
William H. iSlixson), com mers, 
541 Broad 

B. H. Broomliead & Co. \ 




and Lam*bre::<T:ins, selected from finest Importa.icns 
CAHTEK S: SOLOMON, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta.'' 




R:ie John, shoemkr, !>02 Ennui 
Rahner FriUM'is J., t^roeer, 1127 Broad 
Rains Georij;e\V., pli^sioian antiiieaii 

Medical College of Ga., Telfair cor 


Raiuey .ToUn D., produce and com 

mer, Woo Broad 
Ramsey William A., com mer, 213 

Rappnld John, salof-n, 461 Broad 
Ratliir Julius W., grocer and saloon, 

010 Broad 
Reab & (.)'Connor (Lawrence A. R. j 
Reab, Eugene J. O'Connor), li- 
quors, 917 Broad 
Reed James (c), shoemkr. 94G Broad ; 
Rerikl Antone, jeweler, >lt) Seventli i 
Renkl George, diy goods, ooG Broad j 
Reese Enoch 1)., grower, 1:202 Eroad 
Reid Frank W., cottou buyef, 104 

Reid James, baker, 221 Fifth 
Reyitohls Patrick, marble woiks, 
Campbell Ninth cor Telfair, (See 
page lo'J). 
Rhoiies Charles A., ice and produce, 

rear 921 Broad 
Rhodes Thomas R., Son & Co. (Thom- 
as R., George C. and Thomas V. 
Rhodes,) grocers, 54G Broad 
Rice M. Mrs., millinery, 632 Broad 
Rice M. A. & B. iMis> Mary A. and 

Bridget), !uilliner\', 034 Broad 
Richards V. & Bro. (Vernon and Cal- 

vus;, dry goods, 921 Broad 
^lichards W. T. & .Son (William T. 
and Joseph M 
and jirinlini:, S29 Ei'oad 
Richmond Mary E. Miss, propr Au- 
gusta Jlott 1, 5116 Broad 
Ridley Elyses A., mer tailor, 122 

Ried James Mrs., confectioner, 930 

Rigsby John W., boots and shoes, 

817 Broad 
Rittel Frank J., tailor, 113 Fifth 
Rival Jules, contectiontr and toys. 

72(i Broatl 
Ili'ach Patrick, grocer, 1269 Broad 
Robbe Clu.rles A., plumber, 7;]4 Elli.s 
Roberts W. S. A: Son iNVilliaiu S. 
and JohnP.'.om mers and ware- 
house, 103 ."-Jtventh 
Roberts & Co. i William .'^. and 
James ^F. Roberts, J. Jones (Jardi- 
ner). whr-l grocers, 116 Eighth 



Robinson G. O. and Co. (George (.>. 
Robinson, and Luddcii & Bates), 
pianos ami organs, s31 Broad 
Roche Patrick, shoemKr. 128 Eighth 
Rodes T. R. S n & C^. (Thomas R., 
G. C and Thomas V. Rodes), gro- 
cers, 621 Fourth 
Rodger James B., contractor and 

builder, 626 Ellis 
Rogers Edward G., furniture and un- 
dertaker, 549 Broad 
Rogers Elijah H., gunsmith, 56u 

Roesel & Keener (Albert Roe-el, 
Jacob Keener), meat market, lido 
Holey M. Mrs., grocer, 1253 Broad 
Roonev James, grocer and saloon, 

] oOl 'Broad 
Root W. K., drugs, SOI Greene 
Rosenlleld Louis, cl.jthiug, 
i Broad 

I Ross B. H., baker, 914 Ellis 
\ Roulett Tiiomas P,, grocer, 
I Broad 
hooks, stationery ! Rowland Charles R., city bill poster, 

" ' 811 Ellis 

Russell ct Potter (Henry F. Ku<sh11, 
Robert W. Potter), cotton e.xp 'rt- 
ors, 1 Seventh 
Ryi'ii Patrick, grocer and saloon, 

'1414 Eighth 
St. Mary's Academy, in charge of 

Sisters of Mercy, 7()S Telfair 
Sacreil Heart Aeademv, in charge of 

the Si-ters of :Mercy, 1258 Prills 
Sabel Joseph, leather, hides and 

wool, .•;0S Eigbtli 
Sammerall Jo.-cph, grocer, riSBrt)afl 
Sauc'ken Ueidiick, saloon antl rotau- 

raut, 540 Brotid 
Sarling Bertha Mrs., dry goods, 951 

v-Savare.-e Jiilin. fruit<, 220 .Sixth 
.Sciundlele P'rcderick', grocer and sa- 
loon, 221 Sixth 




MOULDINaS AND FR.\!fIi:s at C M. &:oiinan's, 23 Whiteiiall street, 
Atlanta, &a, W£:t:r:i Prioes duplicated at vrhclesale. 

















Prnpl rQ» Mutual Selief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, test and safest 
LUr LCO Co-operatire Life Association in the South. 






y%p . :.■> 

. .. ■ ■>.>?''' ' 


.-.y^- . 





-^Zt A, 

u. ^-. ' ■■- 

/ "'. ■'-'•,/ v 


. .Mii^ -S;-- 

r'lT .^T. 'r;-%^:j;yirjj":i. 

_ .'^ 

Sibley & Jdninn ( Georjj;e R. Sibley, 
William M. Jordan), cotton factors, 
S47 Reynolds 

Sibley &'01iver (A. W. Sibley, Casper 
N. Oliver), cotton factors, 733 Rey- 

Simmons & Elzy (c), (Thomas H. 
Simmons, Richard Elzy), g;rocers, 
4-27 Tliinl 

Singer Mnfe Co. (The), M. A. Malone 
rangr, 547 Rroad 

SlackUriah, wheelwright and black- 
smith, 109 Twiorgs 

Sledge Panl R., agt S. C. R. R., 511 

Smith A. M. Mrs., dressmkr, G13 

Schai)p Mary 3Irs., grocer, 1031 

Sclilem Frederick, shoemaker, 119 
A Seventh 

|i Sehmitt Anna Mrs., grocer, 1132 

E'l Broad ., . , -o • • ^ t t ,, 

tA Schneider Ernest R., wines and ' ^""^'' Benjamm H. Jr., cotton 
H liquors, GOl and 802 Broad ; broker -44 Reynolds 

t I c , -, r ,r /TT 1^ Suntli Edward A. c), barber oil 

I: % Selineiker & Meyer (Henry F. Broad 

I Schneiker Charles PI R Meyer), c^^jiti; 5,^,1^,^^ ^^j^s., clothing, 1009 
/ A grocers and liquors, 0O2 Broad Broad 

r; '] Schroeder Frederick W., grocer, 13 n Smith Hiram, physician, 534 Ellis 
kyi Broad Smith J. D. & T. F. (John D. and 

K.,:j Schwantes Hannah Mrs., dry goods, i Theodore F.), sewing machines, 
[v; I 1242 Broad , 503 Broad 

vtj; vj Schweigert John, shoemkr, 207 Smith Peter (c), blacksmith, G17 
fcV'l ISIouument ' Ellis 

py'^ SehweiLiert William, watches and Smitli I'v- Crane (Andrew J. Smith, 
fv . I jewelry, 732 Broad William H. Cranoj, whol grocers, 

&. '1 Sedgwick Maria Miss, boarding, 627 ■ 906 Broad 
K; '■■| Broad Smytlie E. D. & Co. lEdmnnd D. 

^ ■ '5 Sharkey iVrarv A., drv irnod-^, 222 Smvthe, ■;, china and 

^■. 1 Fiftli " ■ " glass, 712 Broad 

I -A Suarkev Patrick Mrs., black-^mith, SneadClaiborue, judge Circuit Court, 
^ ?'^ 218 Fifih Court House 

1:^14 Shefron A<iam io), barber. 12S Eighth Snelling ZvL P. \- Co. (Martin P. and 
r^'l ^l>tdl1eld Albert, baker, 026 Ellis James :.!. Suelliug), painters, 216 

Sliec'han E«l\vard, propr Exeel- Sixih 
sior Bo-.tliiij: Works, 1025 Greene Southall «S Co, dyers and scourers, 
(.See paup lol 1 113 Ninth 

Sherman Williatu L., saddles and S)utliern Bell Telephone and Tele- 
harness, 9>0 Broad graph Co., D. A. Carson, acting 
Shewmake Joiui T., attorney, 735 siipt; 615 Broad 








»- "- 



M -i 




Shole^ A. E L<c Co. 'Albert E. .Sholes, 

P'rank Smyth), stoves and tinware, 

924 Broad 
Sholes ct Co. (AUtert E. Sholes, 

Charles F. Weariierbv;, directory 

publisiiers, 924 Broad " 

Southern Express Co., H. B. Plant, 
pres ; M. J. O'Brien, geul supt ; 
621 Broad 

Spaetli Charles, saloon, 427EiLj;htli 

Spears Jo.-eph H., cotton factor and 
com mer, .Seventh cor li \yn >lds. 

Spears William E., denti-t, 93 P^road 

wSibley ^ranulacturiiig Co., William Speir William E , architect, 3 Law 

C. Siblev, i>rf.s ; coitou l".ict(jrv, Range 

otiifc lt»2 Xintii ' Statl'.ird A- McDonnald iTiiomasH. 

Sif.loy William C, pres Lini,dev and Stail')rd, John C. McDonnaldi, 

Silib-v Mn'L'Cu.^, 102 Ninth " cotton l)rokers. 115 EiL'hth 

B. H. Broornhead A Co. 

Hilxir^LO o: 

at CARTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st.. Atlanta. 







'St i ' 


-«t: ABJ 

Gor. of GampLell (,91V) ariJ Telfair Streets, 

One Square from Union Depot, 


MoniiniGnis, Head Slonss, Tcnib 


Furnished at Short Notice, and at prices lower than ever 
offered in this city. A large number of new and beautiful 
designs on hand'. All work for the country carefully 
bcxed and delivt-'-- '' at d^por without any extra charge. 
When necessary 1 will go and put up the work. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed. 



Bond and Stock Broker, 

Next to Georgia R. R. Bank on 7th Street, 


Special attention given to the Buying and Selling of 

Real Estate, Stocks, l^oiicls g all Other Securities. 

\V. F. Jackson, President National Bank; lohn Davison, of the Georgia Railroad Bank ;^ Alfred 
Baker. President National Exchange Bank ; Frank H. .Miller, Ksq.; Hugh Dempsey, Si)pt. Southern 
Express Company. 



Manufacturer of and dealer in 

"W. J, Fcllard's Champion Cotton Gin, Neolett k Goodrich's IXL Improved 
Cotton Gin. Smith's Hand-Pcvv'cr Cotton and Hay Prc^s, Reid's 
Automatic ccrew (Power) Presj ; Steam Pipe, 
Findings, Fittings, Etc. 

(R.SERAl. AijV-:.T ^'1R 

Grain Threshers, Separators and AgricLilturai hnplenients. 

Talrott ,t Sons, Richmond. Va. C. & G.Co^ .v C'., -Mt. \-ernon, Ohio, 

V.'.u tM.iv, N Stsam 1:ni.:ne Co., \Va-e;tiiwii. N. N. 

Fairbanks & Co.' s Standard Scales, Goide'.l & Water's Wood-Working 


Established by John Harrison, 1793. 






lNHl'IiI*A!SSi:J» for WIIITICT^ICW^, KI>»IC>JESS aiicl IiOI>V. 

,cry ii.i>;e o^ Harrison Bros. 

i.:--i j'CKi-: irHiTE lead 

■\ ( guarantee ; and as the nianu- 
ic.TS I'Kice th'.ir name only upon 
lutly I'ure," parties buying White 
i hranJed '•Harrison" are sure of 
.inin^' d />c-r/i\l/y fure article, 
his brand of White Lead has been 
uifaciured continuously since i8o6, 
us the oldest in the United States, 

with one exception. It was awarded 
the highest premium at the Centennial 

E.\position,iS76,andat many other E.\- 
hibitions. At the South Carolina Indus- 
trial Exhibition, ibSo, it was awarded 
a silver over all competitors, 
and after the v.ost thorough practical 
and chemical examination ; and is 
considered by the most critical painters 
the finest and whitest in the market. 






They are the only Ready Mixed Paints manufactured on a Pure V/hite Lead Base. 

Uo'Sriiil jnr J'rire and hfii titi/iil S'litipir Curd, s/ioirhif/ titirtii-tiro tints i^^ 


JT.-M. I.Js.tit. r>. V>«rU. 


;--(.■■■.; i. re i!M!vi -.<.■■•. I'lr :.,! k ;::•:- ..t" I'.^i: ! -. ; ri\.-^..:,\v l-r K/.W >.>/(" ULiXP:.. A(;\''Cr.\ rrEAL 
I'i.hMlX JS,s //,. i.l//..\(;/.\/;.V. /A'i'.\"A'.l//./.\(...^. v.'-.-,. (('.lev/ JUUUESaiu! AiX. iiM: II (W A', and 
' U,r ordinary u-,c,s, a> its i;reater enveriiii; power iij.ikes u .utu.iily cheaper than interior and l-_iwer priced greens. 


j'Unils of every descriptioji for Painters, Dccorafojs, Ma)iufaetiirers. 

^ *»~.\!l Colurs br.mded " I/arrisi'n" are marml'iCliire'; •■:" •.!".■ chfirest materi.d. The mn'^l iiripmved machinery and 
■^-^•^t skill in- twed to oht.iin the brilliancy ..nd linenc^^ Icr w h;ch tiievare noted. Only the ijc^t or i.'/v.. .'/_>' /«'v go. ids 
'■ - l.r.indcd •'yAi.>-r.''ri.«."- ,:.,n *-»■, '- 

onice and Wareliouse, 117 iuUoii Street, TSi:%V VOIIIC. 
>laiii Oflice, .?,>tli and <;r;l^^. I trrv i^io^id,! ..»,,. tiii.i i»isi * 
Itiaacli onice, 101; SojjlU S rout H.irtet. t ' i«s«-^ *»»«-« »»».*. 

I'riiicipxil lactories at Cirays I'erry, I^liiUideli»l»i:». 

I'C-M-IjcjSl [nVF.kJ 

Established by John Harrison, 1793. 

Harrison Brothers & Co. 

Al,SO :»ZA?«ilTFACXntK 

Oil of Vitriol, Nitric, Muriatic, and Acetic Acids, 

Aqua Fortis, Aqua Ammonia, Nitrate of Iron 

Muriate of Tin and Ox}'muriate of Antimony, 

Crystal Alum, Pearl Alum, 131each Alum, Aluminous Cake, 

Sugars of Lead, White and Ikown, Acetate of Lime, 

Wood Alcohol. 




t-. - .'-'r, 'I,' ,..■,-1., ...... 1 „- r ■7.w>^^^if^ >-...(„_-. ,r .,.-. -.:,: 

^^y.y r^ 

X . 

-•- t-Ci ■^- 

- I 



.■jrt'-«>i.,' :• 

>;- ■- ■■-, ' ■■'■ ■■•.t.> ,;,,..' ". c 


Grays Ferry Chemical Works of Harrison Brothers & Co., Philadelphia. 

" Till.- actii.Tl output of ( );1 Vuri'i! at Grays Kerry is ikav ijo.cxx) carhoys. oi' 180 j^oiiniU eacli. per aniuini, rciuiruV 
7.?<-o,o.<-> poimd.s iif Ilnmsioin;. .-\ lar^e p'Tiiini ci' tliis is i;ori--uintci in tlit; iii.uiv.i'.icturu of other .XLiiis, I'c.irl Ahii"- 
Colors, Sie. Cbanilicrs, now projected and dcni.ircded, will iiicre.isc this oiitptu to Carboys, rc'Hiirin.i; _:o.c-- 
]>i'un<!s Jirlnislunc tiaily. Tli is product is piohaMy not exceeilcd by any other F.ictory in the United States. J' ''' 
Harrison, llir- 'oiitider of the house of Harrison Drother-- >"t Co., niamifaettirei! I 'il \'itriol Iti 179-!. and was the pioiv.i ■ 
in important indnstry in this country. He «as ih.e ttrsi. in the Uniti d St.ites, if not in the world, to apply ri.itine.e; 
to the eonLentratiotiof >ulphnri<; .-\cid. As ( )il N'itriol is the prime a,;;ent in all eliLiaical ni.iniilai-ture, he ni.iy be jnsil) 
re^.irdej as the fathe'' of tlie ehendcal industries of America." 


Hakkison liKOTiil'.KS v^c (Jo. weic the first \o iiitrndure to a;.;iiciiltiiri;,t.s the phin <■! 
mixing ur coiiipouiuling tlicir own niannrcs, thus savins; the consumer froni tlie trau<!'^ 
practiccil in the sale of many of tlie reach -made articles. 

l'ami)hlets .are furnished ;4raluitously, Jj;iving formulas, {ireparcd w ith great care anil 
expense, tor various crops. 

I-'or I'aiiit *4aiii|>loH and fuirtlier iiiroriitatioit kco prect-cliitji patje. 

The "Town & Coumry" Ready Mixi;i) P.aix 


Are for sale by the following \sell-known dealers, to whom all parties inter- 
ested are referred for evidence of \.\\q\v great durability, bnlliaficy,^r\d gcntyn/ 
superiority, and who will furnish tint cards of colors, prices, &c., upon 

Crayton Adams, . 

Alexander City, Ala. 
Allred & Beard. Troy, Ala. 

Anthonv & BuRDiNE, Verona, Miss. 
E. P. Armistead, Newton, Miss. 
Henry Behrens, Waco, Texas. 
Wm. M. Bird & Co., Charleston, S. C. 
Brannon & Carson, Columbus, Ga. 
Brown & Bro., Pontotoc. Miss. 
Osceola Butler. Savannah, Ga. 
Cri'itenden & Bro., 

Ward's Station, Ga. 
Frank E, Jahn & bEELHORST, 

Brenham. Texas. 


Denison, Texas. 
B. F. Harwood, Uniontown, Ala. 
O. B. Heidt & Bro., Selma, Ala. 
L. IluTH & Son, San Antonio, Texas. 
E. M. Lazenby & Son. 

Forest Home, Ala. 

P. K. Mc Miller, Demopolis, Ala. 
H. C. Moss, Calera, Ala. 

George Neville, Paris, Texas. 
Dr. J.O. Paitcjn, Montgomery, Ala. 
PiiELRS & PAVNE.Ward's Station, Ga. 
Price, Kellinger & Co., 

Baltimore, Md. 
Purcell,Ladd& Co.,Richmond,Va. 
B. Radkey, Austin, Texas. 

W. J. Sedberry, Jefferson, Texas. 
Shields S; Young, Dallas, Texas. 
Smith, Riley & Co., Wesson. Miss. 

A. Stollenwerck, Greensboro, Ala. 
TTiEo. K. Thompson, 

Galveston, Texas. 
Tipps, ClexMENs & Faust, 

New Braunfels, Texas. 
Saml. jM. Todd, New Orleans, La. 
\V. T. Watt, Hcarne, Texas. 

B. W.Williams & Co., Opelika. Ala. 
H.W.Wilh AMS & Co. Shcrrnan.Tcx. 



H. B. Andrews, Mcc-Prcsident and General Manager of the Galveston, 
Harrislnirg a)id San A/itonio Raihcay, says, " I have used tliem and found 
them suitable to the climate, retaining their color and durability. The 
facility with which they can be applied is a strong recommendation." 

Jos. S. Carr, Attorney-at'laxu and property owner, says, " The \er)' best 
white lead and oil paint mixed by hand soon dissol\'es under the influence 
of a Texas climate, that within six months after the paint is apjj'ied it begins 
to fade. I was induced to trj' ' Tov.n and Countr\-.' Two cuats made an 
even and glossy finish, more satisfactory than any tliree-coat work with hand 
mixed paints I liave ever seen. My house has been painted a little over six 
months, and the paint is as hard and smooth and as gloss\- as when it was one 
week old. This paint seems impervious to water and inJestnieiible by sunlig/u." 

J. Pasche, an experienced painter, says, " I have aluays been much preju- 
diced against all ready mixed paints but since having seen your ' Town and 
Country,' I am bound to admit that it is all you claim for it ami the best 
paint I have ever seen. Houses I have painted uilh it, two coats, are the 
Handsomest jobs in the city. Two coats of it are more than ecjual t(.) three 
coats of any lead that was ever made." 

TAPTCD 9 QHin^lON "'^^iiolesale ar.i Retail Dealer in carpets 
Uttn I LH y( OULUlviJll, CilChths,^-:.. 5] Whitehall St., Atlanta. 


■ !01 


&.. S. JLTKIlfSOI & SOIS, Proprietors. 

E^" Remodelled. Newiy Furnished. Lai-ge Sample P corns. ""^^ 

Broad St.. Cor. 8th, (Fro fifing North and West,^ 

|nit$ii. ^irjn, S0;it| iin^ 0i|H,imi]Hk! 





This paper is the organ of the Colored FJapti-t denomiaation. It is now right months old, and 
goes to over 2od (jost-otiioers in ci.;;htecn States of the L'nion, including the District of Columbia. 
The circulation is r.ipidly increasi.nj; in ail j-.-.-rts of the Suuth, especially in (iforgia, Soutli Car- 
olina and Fl'jrida. It i; an excellent advenisir.j' mediuin. 
Corner Reynolds and Seventh Streets. W. J. WHITE, 

Editoi and liusiness Manager. 

^^^•JO;'. \V>'.):\K neatly an. i che^,- ■ Minute w )rk a specialty. 




<■> _ 


« I 

o - 




- . -J 

r ■' 



Of Peoples' !<Iutual Relief Atsocation, Atlanta, Ga. I.Tonthl^ 
Circulation, 15,000. Cood advert ising medium. Secdfcrccpr. 

Walton W. A. A J. M. (WiilianrA 
and John M. ), attormv!^, 1:J Law 
„ Eange 

-{ WanlJaw Thomas P., cutton s-lili,- 
J I per, ]0i Cami,bell 
I AVardl:-.w William C, dentist, b37 


I WaintM- Eo.'^a Mrs., dry goods, ■,;JG 


Warren Albert M., grocer, 1404 Broa.l 

Warren John (c), saloon. 614 Eighth 

Weathersbee Joshua P., genl store, 

1019 Broad 

Vincent Jennie [Mrs., dressmkr, S2o 

Greene , 

Voelker William, undertaker, 4.5G ! ^^'^^'* '^^'^^"^■1 F., attorney, 304 Sev- 


Voider Gtisfaviis, whol and ret 
wine.-, liquors and cigars, 037 
Broad. (See i>af,'e 49.) 

VoIa:er G. & Sou (Gus'avus and 
Guj-tavus G.), whol and ivt clears 

Webb TiioDias G. (c), shoemkr, S09 

Welch 31. Mr«., grocer, 1267 Broad 
Wenzel Jolm II., drugs, ,5i:7 Broad 
Werner William, blacksmith, Elev- 
enth cor Bevnolds 

and tobacco, 74S Broad. (See page j Wheless & Co! (W.' T. Wheless, E. 

W.'.de Lucius X., photographer, 70G 

Walker C. V. & Co. (C. V. Walker, 

W. E. Park^, J. 8. Bean Jr.), real 

estate, Ellis cor Sixth 
Walker James W., city collector and 

treasurer, 214 Seventh 
Walker Nelson (c), shoemkr, 450 

Walker & Mann (c), (Thomas G. 

Walker, Jlirri.-'ii W. r^Iaun , bar- 
bers, 124 Eighth 

Wallace & Cran'^b^n (John W. Wal- 
lace, ^ViIliam J. Cranston', cotton 
factors and agts safes and scales, 
729 Jie^'noMs 

T. Yarbrough), cotton and com 


AVhite James B., dry goods, 724 Bread 
White Marv A. P., 3Iis., variety 

store, 948 Broad 
White Sewinsr Macb.ines J. J). & T. 

F. Smith, dlrs, 525 Broad 

Wliiio William J., genl manager 
Ga. JiaptisL Prjnting Co., Reynolds 
cor Seventh. (See page 161). 
Whitnev Seymour M , cotton factor, 
1 10 Eighth* 

I Weigaud John, organs, G31 Broad 
' Wii!gin Green A. (c), grocer, 615 

Wilcox George A., physician, 312 

WalsSs Patrick iron., presChron- ! wi„irtield John B., hardware, 532 
icle and Ci>n.stitutionali.-;t Pub Co., | Proad 

Walsli c^_ Wriuiit (Patri<-k Walsh, Wingtield Thomas T., hardware, 94/ 

H. G. Wright I, mngrs Chronicle 
and Constitutionalist, 706 Broad. 
(See page 163.) 


Williams Aloczo H. (c), barber, 319 

Walton Anderson W., ordinary, WiiH.nms C. A. ct Co. (Charles A. 

Court Hou.-e i ^yiHiam- Tliouias J. Bobtic), cciiii 

Walton David [r], barber, 20S Fifth mors, 915 Broad 

Walton (Jeorge W. {c), barlier, Au 1 Williams Henry (c), shoemkr, 833 

gusta House { Reynolds 

Walton L. W. <t Co. (Leonidas W. | Williams John (c), shoemkr, IKS 

Waltop, Rirhurd B. .Morris), com j>,.,,a,l 

mers, 551 liroad | ^yjnianis Newton (c), furniture, U'30 

Walton Robert & Co. (Robert and ' Broad 

Tlionias C. Walton), com mers, 941 j Wimbish tfc Patrick, produce and 

Broad j com mer-,737 Broail 

B. H. DroomheadA Co. 1 b«y|SCsJi ^5, 



TARPPT^I^^^'^^'^ ^ SOLOMON, Bmporters and 
rii^'L^L^l J^tjaJGrs^ 50 Wjjiteh.HS! streot. Atianta. 



^[ THEE 




hmm m liliiMlllliliyMllli} 


Published Daily, Tri-Weekly and Weekly, 

The DaUy conUiins Latest News, Thoughtful Editoriitk upon (.nrrrnt Affairs, Spicy 

Paragraphs, aud i.-? a consistoct, vi.yjro!;-' sdvocafo of the interests 

of Its sfcctlou, and ot the Deiuccraiic party. 

Per Year $10 00 j Per Year $5 00 

Six Months 5 00 SixMonths 2 50 

Three Months 2 bO I Three Months 1 50 




Contains au Epitome of the News from the diiiy i'^sues, M.irket Re[)orts, Telegram-*, Agricuiiaral 
Iteins, with choice Literary and >iiscoilaucoLi3 Si'lections, thii* making it au 
Instructive, Eiitertainiiig and Valuable Fumily Newspaper. 

^&trir£i.3 per TTGar, 

$a.OO; Siac ]Mon-tl-iQ, 


Is prepared to eiccute nil order?' iu the Latest Style at MhorUst notice and lowest prices. 
Orders from abiOiid lectivt- j>routpt attcmion. 
Address all commuiucations to 'TO'ilX^SSI £c "WIR-IGI^IT. 

CHRONiCI.l; X CoKfl nxlIDNALlt-T, 



JAS. P. HARRISOPJ & CO., Printers, Publishers and 
Binders , 27 & 29 B road St., Atlanta. Ca^ 

AUG 164 AUG 


Lumpkin Coanty. 
liOcaled near Etowah river, 6 niiU's 
from Dalilojie.ija c-ourt liouse, and V.) 
from Gainesville, its depot, express 
and tek"j:raph olllee via wliieh At- 
lanta is 72 miles distant. The rivci 
above named, in ci:)nnection with 
several smaii streams furnisli. power 
to run five stamp mills, for crashiut': 
quartz. Three more are run by 
steam. One school, Methodist and 
Baptist churches. Mail tri.weeklv 
by carrier. ]Nrrs. M. E. Wood, P. M'. 
Howell Daniel, <;eul store 
Hall F. W., genl store 
Lilly Thomas, geul .stoi'e 






\Vinklei' George 

Willis Henry (c), grocer, 12G Fifth 
Wilson Duncan C, pres P. E. & A. 

R. K., PYnwick cor iMcliitooh 
Wilson Louis, barber, 931 Broad 
Wilson Richard J., co. tax receiver, 

Old Cr,v<i»-H> 

Wdson & Ilountree (il. B. ^V"ilson, 

Milledge A. Fvountree), grocers, GOU 

Wilson & Co. (K. E, Wilson, ^Villiam 

H. Moore), tobacco mnfrs, o Ninth 
Withers Tiiomas (cj, barber and 

baths, Opera House Arcade 
Wolfe Samutl B., (.Iry goods and 

clotldng, 629 Broad 
Woods Mary E. Miss, confections, 

620 Broad 
Woods Michael, grocei-, Greene cor 

Wright Boykin, attorney and solici- 
tor genl circuit court, 635 Broad | 
Wright David R., ins agt, S32 Broavl ; 
Wrif lit SteiJheii IL, whol wines ! 

and liquors, S34 Broad 
Wright tStepheu B., saloon, (.'eidral 

Wright Thomas R., physician, 924 

Wright & Crane (John S. Wright, 

George W^. Crane, William F. 

Herring, special), cotton factors 

and com mers, 102, Eiglith 

Wyse Chesley S., carriauie and 
wagon mnfr, 553 Ellis. (See page 

Young Robert T., grocer, 1213 Broad 


Berrien County. 
Eighteen miles from Nashvillei 
the seat of justice, and 30 miles frooi 
Valdosta-t^. F. & W. R. R.,— the 
nearest railroad, t(de<jraph and ex- 
press otlice. Popubfion not known. 
Locited near Litlle J^iver which af- 
lords power to ran a grist mill. Has 
Methodist and Baptist churche?. 
INIail 4 times weekly by carrier. S. 
Whitburst, P. M. 


Franklin County. 
'bed ii-; a pu.-t()lii( 


lias a pnprdation of about 100; js 9 
miles fiom Carn"svil!e the county 
seat, and 1 mile from Martin the 
nearest railroad and express station. 
The nearest lelegi'apli ofHee is Toccoa 
10 miles, and the nearest banking 
town Athens 40 miles distant. Is 
situated on Eastanollee Creek which 
furnishes power for several jurist and 
saw mills. Baptist and Methodist 
churches, and several schools in th.- 
nei;^hboriiood. Receives inail twice 
daily by E. A.-L. R. R. Principal 
product is cotton. E. M. Gow, P. M. 
Camp D. N., blar-ksmitlj 

Young William B., grocer, 9uJ Broad Kskew Jacoi!, millwright 

Zeke Doctor, (c), dentst, 317 Ninth 
Zinu Rozelhi C. 2^Irs., toys, 538. Broad 
Ziziuia Tiiomas, cotton buyer, 104 

Zularsky L. L., com uier, 80o Rey- 

B. H. Broomhcad & Co. 1^ &i i 

Gow R. 

T. H., carjienter 
D., saw mill 

<ji<«\v R. I). &. I'. 31., genl store 
Locney T. M., contractor 
►Smith C. P., saw mill 
iStnitli George, strjn;' mason 



inilLnmbra^uins. selected froni finest 
C.^^irza & SCLOMDN. 5D vVnitehall st,. Atlanta. 





Pufn nn Co'tn't/. 
No mail facilities; located G m'les 
west of Eatoutuii. 


Itandolph Oju.-Uij. 
No postollioe. Small se::tlem'3at. 


Ilabersham Co^intij — Piedmont A-L. 
li. R. 

Estimated population 100 ; 9 miles 
from Clirksville court house. G miles 
from Toccoa, same liae of ri.ul, at 
the junction of J']. A-L. Ry., the 
Clearest telegraph commuiii.;'ation, 
and 35 miles fr'Mxi Gune^vilie, it-^ 
banking town. Has one sau" and 
two grist mills :un by power oijtained 
from Dicks creek ; Baptist church. 
one eomm in school an 1 S)utliern 
Express oirice. Ship direct. Chick- 
ens, eggs, lime, etc., form the chi-i-f 
shipments. M.iil dailv. Isaac T. 
Sellers. P. -M. 
Avers C. F., geui store 
Dooley J. W., genl store 
E'lge B. E.. teaclier 
Hulsey Almond,' guano and sewing 

Kytle ii, Selloj"-;, genl s:ore 

l,h?-< w ate. pi.vj. t>i .411-- >nl ^ n\ 
mills; als.>, 111' steam mil-; aiid cot- 
t->ngia>. P.aa'ipxl i> 'o I i ;', c tttou. 
Has e\-pres-i and tel'^rraoh otlice. 
Mail received daily. E. T>. Glausen, 

P. y\. 

Glauseii E. D., genl store 

BAILEY. Count!! -B. cO A. i?. 7?. 

Small station 71 milni from Bruns" 
wick. No mail fa<-ili'.ie-. 

SASL^Y'S m\u^, 

CJicrokce Cou-it)!. 
A recently esta!>lishod i)ost-otTice. 
Located 9 miles south of Canton, the 
county seat. 


llenrij Cktunty. 

Establislied as a poscollioe in ISSl : 
has al'iout 25 inhabitaats. I- 7 mile-; 
from MeDonouudi, the county seat, 
and 5 from Plimpton, the nearest 
railroad, ex;:r.*ss au'l teh'^'raiih 
station and banking: town. Walnut 
-creek furnishes water power. Twu 
Methodist chm-ches. Cotton is the 
principal product. Mail received 
semi weekly from Hampton by 
WV.XM1. A. \'. McViclver, P. M. 
^^)''^'r Elij ill. cotton gin 
_McV'ickei' A. V., _vnl s.ore 


micheU Cntnty-^. F. cc W. R. E. 
Has a population of about 00; 11 
mili-s I'romC imilla, the couaty seat, 
iind I'i fr'">m Aloany, tiie u .'ai-est 
banking town. R icoon creelc -;u.>- 

MrJLDi:Ta3 AN'D F?..i-:-ri3 a 
Atlanta, ua. V/e:t2r.. rrioe 

Decatn:- C"ii,i!j—s., [•'. d- IP. /?. 12. 
Toe eonnty seat. Has a population 
of 1,450, is situateil on Elint river, 12 
mile-- I'r.iin its ion'a"i\ an 1 at th;' io^.iil 
or navi!_ratii)n. 1 ) 'r.i'ui' cnii'vi- in llie 
extrem ■ s -.nth-.vest C(n'n<'r of thp-tate. 
The s lii is extremely fertile an i pro- 
du -tivj, larg'- crops of cotton, urain, 
etc.. '.H.'ing rai-e.i, nearly ail of whidi 
iiaisa ready market in B liubrid^e. 
T.ds [)lace does a thri.vir.g tiasnn'-'- 
witli the va'ious landiiur^ on the 
Fiiiit, Chattaho >chee i\\v\ Apabflii- 
rula river-, steamboats making semi- 
weekly tri|)s, i)rin.zing va-^t amounts 
of cotton liere for sliiiiment to Savan- 
nah. (' otlon i-; the main shipment. 
more tiian 1'\'I0) bdi^s bein^' mar- 
keted annually. Toere me thi'i'e 
I'hurche.s — Pre^iiyterian, liiptist and 
Metho li^t— comm ni schooN, an 1 a 

W.;._-klv paper, the B'lhlhrift;!- Dr.:,)'j- 
'•ro'. Southern Express and Western 
Pnio-i T-leLrri!.h. Miil daily. Wil- 
liam .1. B : iiton, P. M ._ 

t C I'I. ^;oi:nin's, 23 WhrvOha'il strie;, 
duoiicited at whaleEale. 




•2 ^* 

prnpi re IC'JT-JAL I.ZLI2F ASSCCI/.TICK,Atlatt.%Ga. A Eenevclert 


b d: 
h I- 





r ■;: 'I 






















LO Jr 

siitutioE, ccnducted en tusiness prir.ciples. 


Baiubiiilge lJciiiuii;it, T>. E. lies 

sell, pr..| r 
Bttnjctt M. K. & .Son ;:ilM,ris E. aril 

Mark C.\ geril .-t.a-^- 
Bi:ttle Marcus Tv.. cie),ti~t 
Beach Cliajle;* L., O; rihicc mnfr 
BfC'di C. li & Cu! iC'!:ar!e^ L. Beech, 

Ellington J. JNIoiir; u), ("riij.s 
Bjuunl Yv'iiliani M., coUon -R-are- 

Born Jacob, paddles r.iid harness 
Bower ifc Dtnalson, iBvron B. Bow- 
er, John PI Donal'^on', attorneys 
Briiison Sinui n, tax leceiver 
Broom W. <k C >. v"\Villi;im Broom, 

Noali L Cloiidi, hardware 
Broom &Lewi- (\Viliiam G. Broom, 

Joseph Tjfwi.-', trenl stoie 
Bniee William X., ]ihy.^i('ian 
Buchanan Mo>s, ehoemkr 
Burkett Levi F., sh.ritl 
B>utts Judson A , jil.ysician 
Camphell James ^F., dep elk Supe.. 

rior Court and magistrate 
Cloud Ahrani :r-1. Majd^ndrli 
Colhert Benjamia F., jcwelcr and 

sewiii<r i;iarliir.< s 
Colhim Hc-ury ic';, Mnck>ni-th 
Curiy Henry C.,<-, tna-uitr 
Curry }I. C. i<c C •. ; \U r,iy C. Curry, 

Tiioina.s H. ITot'rki.-- , l'-c! 1. store 
Daniels ChaihsK. st.-re 
3)aidel IVti r S., e^-ioiu r 
I)ieker'>on J. P., r.i-at hrcker 
T)iek(r-on (■.'.•dir el ('' , caip-.-nttr 
Elird<h H. li. v^ C.> i Henry 1!. Flir 

I'cll, Jlidd:-^ >>'u.->i ;iUm), ;j( id st(>re 

FoKiham v^c Skippf 1 ( Ani')> W. Ford- 
ham, Bi( h; ni E. ^-k'pi eri. -r(xer 
and ."-aloc!!! 

Craves James J! , t< 1 «']'r, ; L't Stai. 
]-]x. Co. and new s t'-.t-] ot 

CiriHin Charles IL, L'tii-milli 

Cirdlin GKiifre ]>., live ry sitiLle and 
'Oil' n w; r' I I Kc 

('iiv Aliner ('■!, .^iwicnkr 

llairell Ja.cob, tax collector 
; Ha.rreil J. D. & B:o. (John B. and 
I Charles L.\ trenl store 
j Hinds A. A: Bro. (Alexander uud 
I SiimueF, genl st( re 
I Iticrram J. .M.A: C<\ (Join ]M. In- 
j grjm), meat market 
j Johns- u Emery, stoves, tinware and 

sewinj.' niacldnes 
I Jones Lucniii C., genl st(.re 
Kinney liandle (c), blacksmith 
I Ivivdtcki 3Iax, genl store 
j L:uv E. Starks, co. surveyor 
Leon Albert K., saloon 
L'-oh Jonas, genl .store 
IVIeGiil Ba.niel, attorney 
M< rgan Eilie J. pliysicinn 
Xoi ion Ciiarles W., grocer 
O'Neal Maslon, co. oriiinary 
J'utterscn Samuel, gristmill 
P' ac( ek L. IL, ih:>>icii.n 
Piddman & Co. (Edward A. Pohl- 

man, James K. Gnives'i, grocers 
Pr3>e &; McLendon (Henry A. Pope, 

AV.dliam McLer.den, Jr.), dtugs 
Reynolds ^Mary J. Mrs., milliner f.nd 

farcy goods 
Bobinson John, carpenter 
Btisti um Oliver, tailor 
lUissell Benjamin E.,propr Democrat 
Bussell D. A., attorney 
Kuiherford \\'illiam E , livery stable 
Scott Milton ]S., genl store 
Sharon John, liolel 
Smi!h Frederick, baker and grocer 
Smitii <fc Traub • Alaaham IZ. Smith, 

Heiinan 'J'rar.b;, genl sti re 
Sieininger Jubi;.--, gen! store 
Slults Da^id D., genl store 
Subers \V;lliain C.,, decks 

and Jewell V 
Terrell. Gmhyt'c :Morrison (Itol ert 

K. TeMcll, OiiNer G. Gurky, Hal 

A. C. Monisojii, attorneys 
Townsf nd Arthni- L. , attorney 
'J'ov.r.seiid H( ratio O., attorney 
AVardellThf odore B., drugs 
Watson A. D., jil/\sieian 
Westmoiland CJeovge AV., notary 

public and ex-ollicie* magistrate 
Williams Uley J., groetr 
Wimbeily John 'j'., elk superior court 


Ogl'-fliOjjh ('(>'/ ))f I/. 
Ijocated near ju)cti(>n of the Ath- 
ens Hraiudi (.'eo',i_'ia Btnlroad, with 

B. H. Crooinhead S. uo. ( 


Brackets, &g. 


LSI at CARTER S: SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




tlie m lin line, 11 miles from (ireer.-- 
boro, tlie county seat, 2 from Wotnl 
villc, the nearest railroad ainl express 
office, 7 from Union Puiiit, its nearest 
telegraph station, 32 from Athens, 
which is used as a liankin •■ plaiv-, 1U2 
from Atlantaando fro.n Little river. 
Is a vill:i,^';e (jf about 200 people, con- 
tains a steam gin, grist and saw mill, 
carriage shop, Bajitist church, good 
school, and has a daily mail. Sii:p di- 
rect. Cotton a'ld wool are the chief 
exports. J. L. Wilson, P. ^l. 
Callahan Thomas (estate of), genl 

Callaway J. S. Rev., teacher 
Davant J. M., physician 
Guill J A , carixMiter 
Haley Ciuirles. shoetnkr 
Laiuirum 31. M., phy^-ician 
Mini-; John, tailor and barber 
Richards Tiiomas, tanner 
Straton H. D. D. Rev., Baptist 

enl store 
mill and 

Wiisou J. L.. 

Wilson W. R'., 

Young C. F., genl store and 





II lU Counft/. 

12 miles northwest ofj 
, the county seat, and j 
no:ire;,t raiirjad, express and telt- i 
graph station and I'anking poiot. I 
Has a Baptist churcli and common j 
schools. Cot'o!) and corn are the | 
piincipa! shipments. Has semi-! 
weekly stage communication with ; 
Gainesville and I) liil meL'a. M til '■ 
receive 1 semi..wee:;l v hv wagon. 11. 
H. Stephens, P. M. ' ' ! 


Elhr-Tt Co mill. 
Has a r'opnla'ion of al'iiut h'^O, and 
is lorated ()n Ji'M id river, 12 mil'S 
southwest of Eibi'i'ton, tl;e i-ounty 
seat ami n- .•>■ 'St rii'r ^ad and e^cpress 
station. C'tro;! i^ the princip il pi-o- 
dtict. Jh'.s a -emi-w.'t'kly sja'/e ctMii- 
miuiicatioti with \V;,-,hiiu' and 
Elbe: ton. E P. Starko, V. M. 


Clierohce Coiiid>j. 

I>ocateti on tlie Etowah rive'-, 11 
miles from Cant'm, the county seat 
and nearest rail'oad station, and 33 
from ^Marietta, tlie nearest express 
antl te'eirranh station and banking 
town. Has about 75 inhabitants, 
one church — ^r^'thodist— and a com- 
mon school. Also steam saw and 
grist mill and cotton gin. Sliip via 
Canton. JNI lil receive 1 four times a 
week from Ca^:^■rsville bv horse. S. 
P:. Lyons, P. .M. 

Beardeii v?c TTawkins ( Ancil Bearden, 

A. M. F. Hiwi;ins), genl store 
Darby O. P. notary 
Fasher Joel S., blacksmith 
Hawkins A. 3L F., physician 
Nelson John D., gunsn'iith 
Suiith H )ra"M J.^ genl store 
Tliack-n L. S., ttucher 


Co^cr Ccu,ify. 

A sinai: })l:ice 20 nvies from D jul'. 
1 L-, the county sea!, tj from Kirkl ,n'!. 
the nearest railroad and express st ;- 
tion, ;ind 7 from Pear^iui, tlie ne;ir-sr 
telegriph ollice. Hig creek funii.-ia's 
water p(»wer to operate a grist mill 
tuid c.'t^on gin, and theie are steam 
saw nidls, uir[ientiiie minnfaetorw 
and rii'f clnan'-rs witiiin reai'.h. AI^d 

has a 31 -i 

olli"e in 
times a 

P. M. 


. (' 

<'l\in<'h a III 


ma I 


1 f-ll! 


i w,.,l an 
J<hn Fu 

f:r ?H0r0^2\rH3. 

;*iin23 mia-2 to c:aer, any i\^-c cv 






















: j 





1 w 



'JOODMilT. 23 \7::i-ehall nro:t. Atlanta. Ga, 


^ O 



Jas, P. Harrison & Co. , Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 

BAN " 




rJ^T?^-^ I Athens b\' wagou. T. B. Arnold, 



[^«-.- .,A-, :S.----i ^:k'\.f _<:. . .":-, //'i,:,'i/iJJi2C"i£;....i." -xj 

I Aiclu'.y n. B., pottery 

j I Arnolii 8. (i., >aw mill 

i ! Arnold T, IJ., geiil store aud i.a\v 

i I mill 

Bomai) S. v., Ki'i'^l. "lill 

^McDonald D. .1., teacher 

]'oweli W. B., maehinist 

Tucker ^M. J., teacher 

Wilson J. Y., chair mkr 


Franklin Count}]. 
^ No postal advantage?. A small 
place G miles northeast of Carnes., 
ville, tlie cuuntyseat. 


Lincoln Counfij. {See QosJien.) 

c» « p iLf r? o f o. c T O r» f? 

Floyd Count II . 
A small hamlet with no mail ad- 
vantage ; 6 miles southwest of Rome 


Banks Count jj. 
A village of 150 jieople. Contains 
two cotton gin?, tiour and grist mill, j the county .seat 

lun by power derive^i from Huiisou j 

ii\cr. Also, saw mill am] cotton jrin I 

lun by bteam. Metliodist, Bapti.-tl B ARi'^ESVILLE. 

and Presbyterian chu'-cles, and two n-; /- j , <J7 ^ m- n 7-. 7-> \ 

,i,„„i, r :>.... r. 1 V- .>,;i ■■ u ' Pike Loioitij. [Atlanta Div. C. F. B.) 

St iiool,^. l^ooated .b miles nom Homer, ; •-' ^ ' 

the county s(.at; 9 from Harnionv' Located at the junction of the At- 

C^tove— X.E. II. R.— ' '^'^^^ ^'^^'- ^- -^'''- !•• ^"^^ tlie L'p.son 

and lelegr.iph oinee; 'JG from Athens. ! County Railroad; is 10 miles west of 

(he near.-st btiiikini;- town, and 94 
t'(M\i Atlanta, (/(( Ltda— Piedmont 
\-L. IJy. Crjiin, piit..'(H-.> ;-ind cr.tton 

I IHI the cilit.'f L-Xpcl I.-. },rail -cUli- 

wtckly by carrier. .John II. (Tiuiiiel-, 

P. M. 

jiii!i:- D. M. & Bro., geni store and 

w.rist mi 1 
Ci wford c^c Ciutchfi. Id, saw mill 

(} illiun H. P., drugi'i>t 

\\ right U. H. & Son, mill 


.Jacl.^on CoHntii. 

Zebulon the county seat. 

The Gordon Institute— which has 
about i^no pu})ilsin attendance— is lo- 
cated liere. Ttxn'e are Pic.-byterian, 
P>:ipti.~t and Methodist churches, two 
carria>:re and wagon maun factories, a 
l)ank and a hotel, as well as an un- 
usual nnml'cr of stores will stocked 
wi'.li every v;iriety of goods. 

Tho Barncuville Gozittc nud I^ike 
Comity A''«'.i' are ] iibli.-lied here. 

Bnrnesville lia- a poiiulation of 
1,0G2, is ple.isantly ^ituated, and con- 
tains many tine residenees. Tlie 
Southern exprc.-s and Western Union 
te'egr;.i)h companies liave ollices 

•Situa-ed on the creek from which it ; l'*''"*-^- Hein-y H. .S watts, P. M. 
derives its nam»\ near the Oconee | Adams Ti.omivs, sru.i'iii 
river, 12 miles frmn Jetler-on, tlie ' Alexand.r John D., pub Pike Coun- 
county seat, and 15 from Atliens, the | ty Ne^vs 
nearest r:ulro;uI, expiess an^l tele- | A-kt;w .J;tuies, sidooii 
^'■i-:ipli station and U-.mkiiiLr tou-n. ! Barnesville ( ia/.t'tte, .].C.^[c^^icllael, 

H;i> a population (,f 2oo. i' our 
cliurehes ami tu'o m.-Iiooi-. v.iioit, 2 
mdt^s; also, ste:im irin and saw mill. 
Cotton is the priricijial produrt. Slop 
n'" Athens. Mail senn'-wtekiy Irom 

Ikiiii'.-sville .■^avimr IVmk, R. ,1. Pow- 

r!l, luv-: M. P. P..well, ca-ii 
lilalock John T., feed and livery 


B. H. Brco.Tihead i Co. 

Qim MtTjr £^ 

4 *-» 



Whohsale and 
, Cil Cloths, & 


3tail Dealers in CA?.P£TS 
50 Whitehall St.. Atlanta. 

Bloof] worth, Huut & Co (Elijah H. 

Bio Alworth, John T. Hunt, Arte- 

miis O'^rurpliey ., cotton wurthuu.-c 

antl iron foundry 

Brown Cluirles \V., r r a.Lit \ 

Cauthen Enmia J. Mr.-., milliner ! 

Cauthen Thomuri L., manager l>yon , 

Hou!<e j 

Cliambers Hoiiry R.. hardware | 

Chambers Joini T., confectioner and : 

re.staurant ' 

Cook S. K. & Co. (Samuel K. Cook, 

Cnarle.s E. E'.dert, clothing, .'-hoe.-, 

Cooper Wiley G., slioemkr 
Dickey John" T., pliysician 
Duma's Moses L., saloon 
Elder Emmet \V., agt, variety store 
Fogg Jame.s L., tlrnli^t 
Gordon Institute, C E. I.ambdin, 

Higgins Oliver S., watches, clocks 

and jewelry, pianos, sealing ma- 
Hightouer David C, grocer 
Hightower J. W. & Co. (John AV. 

Hightower, Heury H. Swattsi, 

Holmes Charles C, genl store 
Holmes M. C. Mrs., milliner 
Howard Morgan G.. dry guous 
Hunt Jo-eph A., attorney 
JoUv D.>ck W., meal market 
Larnbdin Charles E , pres Go; don In- 

Luiigne-t Jolm ?•[., jeweler 

Jjyon House, T. E.. Lyon, propr 
Lvon Thomiis B., proi>r Evon House 
Lyon T. ]>. & Kenn»'<ly (Thomas B 
*Lvon, Jolm L. Kennedy), genl 
T-vtle Atilla T. W., iihysician 
"VifDiiiiiel Georue M., ]>hys)cian 
^rcMichael John C, i)ul)ir Gazette 
McMichael J. C, furniture 
Mann Samuel E., drugs and books 
^Faver John, tailor 
Meiules Joseph E., dry goods 
Middlebrooks i!i; Graddiek 'William 
S. Miiidlel)rooks, liobert. >L Grad- 
diek), confectioners 
I ^Nlurphoy Ambrose, livery feed and 
i sale stable 

' :M\irpbey A. & Sou (Ambrose and 
' TiuKldeus E.), drugs 
i Murphey E. J. & Co. lEnistus J. 
>[urphey, Thomas D. Dewberry, 
John T. "Murphey), livery feed and 
i sale .stable 
Min-|.!iev TharMeus E., atioi'iiey 

^Attorney at Law^ 

1^. \- 


Joseph J. Rogers, 



^ *^ 

Respectfully tenders h.s servicers f- the public, prompt .uk: Knnv,<!iate attention to all ^-^^ 

business entrusted to his care. 

References— r..irne^viHe Savings l;;in'-:, !;.Tnc.-viUe, Oa ; 
Moore, Marsh i: Co., Atlanta, G.i.: H. M. Conner .V Co., .-avannah. ^..i 

l~biiry. Ke-pcsi A: Co., M.icon, Ga. 




t> z 

i-t « 

pq £ 
o - 


f:r your Families "by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 

B \R 




Wartien Ctunty — O'i. R. /'. 
Jiinction of the Wiishiagtoii hrauch 
I ^'Z^r . ■ .v> :-'^'': 1^ ., ;,lf ' of this line, loiniU'S from Warren - 
{^.-w^^L-vi-v ■ '"'' ■ ;■'■ "jS ton, the county si'at, and 5S from 

!-■- .'.-Vii'-.rr 5 ' Auiiust;i-, the nearest bankin>r town. 

'''''•■"?'■-"--•• '• , .. , ij Has S.nitlicrn Express and Western 

if .--^^ ' Ai: i; t. ^^^ ■■ - ii Union Telegrapii otliees. A grist 

\i K^■W'" :V:;.. V;V': Vi;^^^.M- :'■': -ll and tlour mh run by p.)\ver derived 
^iii£ti^^sSsiS2l^S2^^^&^.iMr&;ii^ ' from OLrecehee nver, one steam saw 
^ — ----«._--^^_^.:L~_Jl___.IIL~Z. — _ mill, "B-iptist and ^r-tliodist 
MtiD'hfv \V. K'. cf; Co. (William Iv. ! churches. Ship direct. Cotton is 

and .Jnlii) T. Miophcv, Toomas C. ; the chief export. Mail daily. E. fS. 

Bink~, Piiin.-ns A. Murphey l, ^ O'Rrien, P. M. 

yeid >[ore ami harduarc : Battle Janips .J., magistrate 

Xussl.anm Mosf.s M , drv goods ! Howard A. G. & G. W., agts, goal 

C/!)urn B., siioemkr ' ^^^\"'''^ t , r, . ^^ . 

Perdue Hiram, pi.vsician I ""^''"^ ^ '^^ *-- ^'" tax collector 

,-,., ,, X' T r^ , 1 , : Mdler Ira H., srrist mdl 

PikeComny ,\eu-«, J. D. Alexander, , o4j,ien Louis P., guano 

l:*"'^''^^^' iPilcherW. H.. physician 

Powei: Hilnan P., cashier Barnes : sii^^^t, Henry "NV., grist mill 

ville Savings B ink i Thoinas 'M. H., dentist 

Powell R .hert J., pres B irncsville \ Wicker Nathaniel A., notary and 

Savings B ink 
Reiding John F., attorney 
Raiding J. E. 6c C > (James E. Red- 

dini-% Junes T. Rose, Benjamin M. 

TaruerK cotton warehouse 
R ddiui: c<c K .-e (James E. Ttedding, 

Jann-sT. R)-e), uenl store 
llogeis Josopli J., attorney and 

CO I'-i-tiiiu: a^ent (See page 1G9) 

8 'ott Joiill p., LM'OCel 



WhitjUd Coun.fl/ -[See Cove City.) 



H a 



Dawaon Cou/Ui/. 

Located on the Erowali river, 7 

imnu-r- .V- ?*rnrpliec (George L. ' n:iilc.- tV >ni 1 >,. \vs>m) viJ!.-, Ihe C'linly 

Sumoe 1-, Erastas J. IMurnh^v), seat, 20 from Flowery Branch— Pled- 

carrirtj- mkrs * ' ! mont A. L. lly,— the nearest rail- 

S nith J ck^ .n G., carriage mnfr '■ ''"^'i aiul expres-^ otll v, and 20 from 

Soiilev Tiu.uMs T.. j weler ^ Gainesville, its hankm- place and 

8 .eiefe f;-..r^e W.; drv goods and ■ telegrai^i olh-e. 1 oe r,ver above 

■ji^jlljii^.,.,. - ^ : named tarnidies p')Wer tor running 

o, ,v 1 i> , , f . K^ ■ T , ; a saw and ilour mill. A cotton gin 

Stan..rd 1, alock ck ^-- (Aivi^ .John , ^^,,^, ^^^^^. ,,^;,, .,,„ ,^,,> (,,, .^eam. Has 

\\ and J tnies A. .^tallord, Andrew ; j, ^p^ist and M ah odist cliurches, two 

J. Blilo.-K; gedstore I common >eh,,oIs and dailv mail 

sjHwainEhC.ici, oirber i from Daw^onville by Pop- 

.stroud I)iv;d A, -.-..ecr and hotel ^ ni-iUon • of about 1».J. JohnK. 

laylorJ..,;, I-.,grn,.er ' B irrett, P. M. 

Taylor ^^ iiSJaHi ii., attorney iJ-aircU .John 1\., genl store 

tS -e I) I-.- hit, • li ,nd .). W,, g.-nl store 

Tourm m ^T irion T.. ].hotMu-ra:.her . CUiik P. J., n.aary 
Wail G,'.,r-.- i\., -pr W. U. Tel Co. i Lmgf u'd J. C, dentist 
WabaKtM- W Ui no S. H., attonon' L otip.'r S. T., piiysician 
Wri-io, Wdliain A., drugs and piiv- ■ McGhc'> r<aae, genl store 

sic. an ' . Piau-tt J. C., b'a<-her 
Woodall R .b.-rt D., L^enl store i Westrv 1. V. Mi-', t'^:i^^!K;r 

BUILDERS' SUPi'LY HOUSE./ 1 Iiv-,t liIOAl>^' >3IXI-:i> I*.VI?S''X 

B. H. Croomhead & Co. ( IfJ THE WORLD. 

I iri!fl! FIS?'^ '" ^" patterns, at 
Lil^yLEyhi^ 50 Whitehall s 

Carter & Solomon's, 
street, Atlanta. 



P. AT 


Jefferson Countij—C. li. li. 
Also known as Spit-r.-, h:is a pop'i- 
latioii of over ilOO, and is sitnattil 10 
miles southwest of Louisville, ttie 
county i^eiit. Ic lias a .Metiioli-t 
chureli, schools for wiiite and col- 
ored, a steam saw mill, and express 
and telegraph otik-es. Shipm'i'nts 
througli tills pi.-vce are very larg.^, 
being estimated at 15,000 biles of 
cotton and loO of wool, in addition 
to quantities of iNicswax, iiides, tal- 
low, poultry and e:;gs. Dady mail 
by rail and bv sta^i; to LoUiSville. 
W. J. Evans, P. ?.!. 


Barioic Counfy-}V. S- A. R. B. 1 
Has a population of over o'JO, and \ 
is situated 5 miles from Cartersville, I 
the county seat and nearest exnre?sj 
ofTice. It has two chufcdies — Bip- 1 
tist and Methodist. Tlie principal ! 
feature of the place is tUe iron fur- I 
nace, from wtdch it deriTes its name, i 
and which manufactures large qium- ; 
titles of ]iig-iron. Daily mail. W. 
H. Chamberlin, P. M. 

jTi •, ..• t' ■ k? ■- i a 'a J- , ^ 


■S\ '. 


! Scrcvcii County. 

Also known as Rascom's Academy, 

! recently re estaltlislieii as a post of- 

I fice, 8 miles from Sy!v;tnia, the 

I county seat, 2! from ()i:eeche/, the 

nearest railroad and exf)ress station, 

and 25 from Millen, the nearest tc e- 

gra}ih ortice. 


Habcraliuiii ( '(ntnti/. 
A small hamlet with no post-of- 
tice, 10 miles norihwest of Clarkes- 
viile, the countv seat. 


Jackson Lounfij ~X. E. R. R. 
Also known as Centre Station. 
Populition al)()ut 100, and contains 
two each P.eshyterian, Methodist 
and B iptirit churches, two common 
schools for the white, a church and 
school for the colored people. Tiwee 
steam saw mills and a saw and 
grist mill ran l^y power derived 
from O "onee river. L tcated V2 
miles from Jetter-snn court house, 
7 from Athens, its banking town, ex- 
prcss and teleLrra;)li oMices, and !)7 
from Atlanta via Cnion Point. .*>hip 
direct. CottiMi, wool and lumber 
form the chief shijiaients. Z\Iail 
daily. Josephus Pider, 1'. .^[. 
B irton J. W., blacksmitn 
Cnand er C. II., gin mill 
Colts John IL, s.iw and grist mill 
Jjord John T., j:enl store 
I^Eattiier .1 ihn ^f.. attorney 
Rich \Villi;iin \\'.. |>liysician 
Iliiler .loNi'phiis, L'erd stpre 


llichynond Counfij. 
Has about 40 inhabitrints, and is 
I situated IG miles southwest of Au- 
jgusta, the county seat and near -.-t 
i banking point, and 7 from Ber/e!i;i, 
its neare.-t rai!roa<l ami express stn- 
lion. Il'irlem is the nearest t. i. - 
I trraph ollice. It is Io..'ated on hi-h 
,trr..und, ],SO0 feet above August-t. 
j Peaches, crapes, sirawberiies and 
i other fruits ate extensively rais-d. 
1 It lias a Pre>byterian cln;rch and 
'school. Was established as a I'o-t- 
I oHlcH in IsTS ;,nd receives a M/uii- 
' weekly mail by Inu-k fr .m B' r/eba. 
: Mrs. E. P. Pat'terson, P. M. 


i Jvlni^on Co'infi'. 

j Situa'ed on a small stream from 
I which it derives its n iiv.e, and whicli 
• furnishes )v")wer to operate several 
I nides, 10 miles northcist of Wrights 
I ville, th" con;ity scat, and b! soudi- 
I West of P>irtow— Central R R. — its 
: nearest railroxd station. It has t'\() 



FRAT^SS. at Wholesah a Scacialtv, at 
GOODMAN'S, 23 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga.' 


r W 

> ^ 













CI -^ 

The Press and People regard THE CHRISTIAN INDEX 
the best Advertising Medium in the South. 


iurolies— Ija])li>t nuii — 
coiuQion scliool ami claiir..-^ a popula- 
tion of 500. f'otti.m, L'l'ain, tioultry, 
ejj;g-', wool and syrtip torm the }iriii- 
cipal shipinei)i«. Ileeoives mail three 
times a week bv hack. 

BAUGH'S jYiOUrrrAini. 

Gordon C'ounf/j. \ 

About? miles west of Callioun, the j 

county seat, with no mail facilities, j 


TolOot Co"n'i/. \ 

A small place with no mail faeili' 
ties, 8 miles we.•^t of Talbotton, the; 
county seat. j 


AppUiig t.nuntij—}f. if- B 

aie Alta- 
ni Bruns- 

PaiKer ^\ . V. ^ IJio. ( W. C. & J. 

A.), genl store 
Patterson James S., j?enl store 
Pike C. ^V. (kCo., .-aw mill 
Koberson Silas, tax collector 
Smith II. .J., genl store 
.Smith J. J., tax receiver 
'rilliiiuii James, co ordinary 
^Vealherby X., ('o treasurer 
Weiss L.-, genl store 


Eninnucl ('oiint;j. 
Located 15 miles southwest of 
Swain.sborongh, the county seat. Is 
a small country postoffice with the 
usual church and common school fa- 


Gwinnett Counfi/. 
Sitn.Tted on the creek of the same 
name. Is about 7.V milfS from 
Lawrenceville the county seat, and 
nearest railroad station, au<] So miles 
from Atlanta its nearest banking 
town. A tt legraph station will soon 
be established at Lawrenceville. Su- 
wanee 17 miles distant, is the 
nearest express otfice. Population 
about fifty. The creek has good 
shoals and furnishes abimdant water 
powei-, operating a lloiiring mill, saw 
mill and gin. Mount (iilead Academy 
is one mile from the vilhiu^e. Tliere is 
a B;q'ti?t church. C.Mion is the nrin- 

County seat: l>,'ca!ed i>i 
maha river, 70 iniks f: 

wick, S7 from S.ivat nail and 210 from ciparproduct. Sliip via Lawrence- 
Atlanta. Has a po))ul,ition of about ville. Was established as a postoffice 
200, and contains Soutln-rn Express i,j 1^70, and receives a weekly mail 

and Western Uuii n Telegraph otlices, fi-om I^olmuvI 

three churches — one Bai)tist and two pmt.t P. 2il. 

-Methodist (one colored) — a good 

school, steam saw mill, and several 

SiW mills and tur[ientine distilleries 

run by power derived from above 

named river. .Ship direct. Cotton, 

lumiier an 1 turpentine are the chit-f 

exports. ^laii liaih 

P. M. 

le t'V carrier, 

yi. p 


Ci'iniden Co'/nfi/. [ .S 

:t Iki^ky's Mills.) 

W.C. Parker, 


]icai-h iV- Powf-Il, ijcn 

Cook J. H., sheriir 

IXivis .1. .)., teacher 

f>ean T. S , genl store 

<Jraham A. .1., druirgist 

'iraham W . W., elk superior court 

■I'llinson Arthur, co surveyor 

.Mclv.ichcn H., CO coroner 




tScrtctJt L'oii/i'u. 
Known also as Brier Creek, 
situated at the coiiUucMce of 
above stream with the Savannah 
river. Was established as a posioflice 
in ISSO, and lias about fifty inhabi- 
tants. Is 12 iniIe-1 from Sylvania the 
county seat, 22 fi-'Un Halcyon- 
dale tile ueaie-t railroad and express 
station : 25 b'um O^eechee, the 

B. H. Broomhead i Co. \ 



and Lam'cre^uins, seleotsi from finest Iraporta io.i 
CARTER & SOLOM.N, 50 Wnitehall St., Atlanta. 




nearest telegrnpli office, and 60 1 
from tSavaininli and Augusta, tlie i 
nearest banking ixsints. Hascluirch- i 
es of the Baptist, ^letliodis', Episco- 
pal and Christian j>ersuasious, and 
common schools in vicinity. Pro- 
ducts, cotton, lumber, and general 
produce. Snip to Brier Creek Land- 
ing by Savaijuah river, or Ogeeciiee 
No. 6, Cenfral li. R. Mail received, 
4 times a week from Savannah and i 
Augusta bv steaujl'oat. William D. 
Thomas. P. M. 

Bazemore A. J. & P., genl store 
Bowie W. C, plivsician 
Davis & Scott (John G. Davis, Wil- 
liam H. Scott), genl store 
Maner William J., attorney 
Tlioiuas W illiaiii J)., genl store 


^.« tij t.^ 


Henry Counti/. (See Ilanrpfon.) 


Liberty County. '■ 

Established as a postotlice about 
!S5l', is situated on the stream from 
which it takes its name and which 
furnishes water power to run a grist 
and saw mill, rice cleaner and. gin. 
Has an inconsiderable population, j 
and 3 churches. Is about 2U miles 
lron\ Wahlioursville the county seat, 
14 from Joimstou's the nearest rail- 
road and express station; 21 from 
Doctortown the nearest tekgraph 
oflice, and 56 from Savanmtii the 
nearest banking town. Principal 
produfts, rice, wool and cotton. Ship 
via Johnstori's. ^lad i-eceived 4 
times a week from Johnston's bv 
horse. J. E. Howard, P. M. 


liandulpJi County. 

Small village with no m-Ml facili- 
ties, S miles south of Ciithbert the 
county seat. 


Whitfula County. 

Ijocated on the Conasauga river 

near the Tennessee liuf, 1") miles 

from Dalton— W. it A. K. R.,— the 

seat of j usMce, nearest banking place, 

telegraph ofhce and generally used 
as a shipping point, lied Clay, 8 
miles distant on tiie E. T., V. & G. 
R. R., is the nearest ndh-oad ap- 
proach. Ship by way of Dalton. Is 
a place of about 60 inhabitants, con- 
taining a steam grirt mili and cot ion 
gin ; also two grist mills and cotton 
gin run by wa or power. Near by are 
three churches— Methodist, Baptist 
and Cumberland Presbyterian— and 
district school. Grain, i)ork and cot- 
ton form the chief export. Mai! tri- 
weekly by carrier. D. Cooi>er, P. M. 
Baker R. H., teacher 
Brown Cieorge 11., pliysiciau 
: Cooper J. T., genl store 
i Cooper J. r. & P., genl store 
Dean E. S. Rev., Methodist 
Fletcher L. O., miller 
I Fletcher R. L., miller 
' Foute George W., pliy<ician 
(irooms Je-se, black.-^mith 
' Haddock William Rev., Baptist 
Leach Thomas, physician 
]M itch ell M. P>., justice 
Payne M., miller 
Smitii Johii, miller 
Staflord William, blacksmith 
Wilson J. C, ji;stice 
Wilson J. G., I»]acksmith 
! Wommack Jess , cotton gin 


]Vashir,gion < 'nuntij. 
I A i)lace of inconsider.d)le popula- 
tion, 15 miles from S;indcr>villf the 
I county Scat, and 11 from 'IVrinille, 
I its nearest railroad, lelegr;<)ih aii-i 
! exi^ress station. Has steam grist and 
I saw mill. Was made a jMjst office in 
IS.sO, and receives mail twice a w>-ck 
from Davisboroui-'h ov carrier. Wni. 
Kirkiand, P. M. 

Iv ilk (a ml William, genl store 




m i- 

tS' L'J 

Atlanta, Ga. Westsru Prioes 

Lt C X. G:oia%n's, 25 Whitehall street, 
duplicated at wholesale. 




u . 

H -i 

M ^ 
»^ a: 



' Mutual Eelief Association, Atlanta, Ga, Largest, "best and safest 
Co-operatire Life Association in the Sout?i. 



JIarabi.n Covnf>j. 
Post ('like diicoutinued — muil 



Frojik'in Counfi/.—{,SccC-sdarOrove.) 


E'iGhmoad ('ountij— Ga, R. R. 
A small village of 100 inhabitant?, 
ou Butler's creek, 10 miles from Au 
gUbta— the courthouse and baukintr 
place — and 161 from Atlanta. Ship 
direct. This place has a Baptist and 
Episcopal chwreli, and mail daily by 
rail. S. C Batchelor, P. M. 

Jiatchelor '^^'. A.« senl store 
Mays S. W., <;r:.-t mill 
Sinitli T. J., physician 
Wynne Thomas, cotton gin 

Talbot Countij. 
Established as a post-olliee about 
lS:2o. ha-* a population of about 75, a j 
PresViy terian cluireli and an academy, j 
Is 7 miles from Talbotton the county i 
seat, wliicb is also the nearest rail- | 
road, express and telegrjph station, i 
and 35 fi- mi Columbus the nearest { 
banking town. Sliip via Talbotton. 
M.iil received 3 times a week from [ 
Talbo:ton l>v wagon. T. H. Mo I 
Dowell, P. M. I 

I^ryan J. H., physician ' 

Biyan J. II. ct W. T., carpenters 
Dordan JIal (<:), blacksmith 
Holnu-s E. O., Lrenl store 
Mel) nveli J. S., t*aeher 
31cl)o\vell T. If., genl store 


A-L. R. R. 



County — PieduKjnt 
A ] lace of 500 inhabitants, con- 
taining two churches -Bai>tist and 
Methodist— common schocd, steam 
flour and ^ri-t mill-; also flour and 
grist mill operated by power derived 
from Chattahoochee river. Onicts of 
Southern express and Western Union 
teleu'rapli. Is II miles from Gaines- 
ville eourt-hou:->e ; (.6 from Atlanta, 
wliich is used as a banking town, and 
'.'01 from Cliarlotte, ^'. C^ Ship di- 
rect. Cotton, pr.-duce, etc., form the 
chief exports.. Mail dailv bv rail a 
hack. J. V. Myer-, WV-/ 
Arndel & Wallace, genl store 
Bell E. C, black-mi th 
Buice .Matison. saw and grist mill 
Carter L. C. & Son, genl store 
Carter W. P., genl store 
Coggins J, W., gtnl store 
Daniels E. A. Mrs., hotel 
Hammett J. L.. hotel 
H ippcock W. B., livery stable 
Hughes J. B. & Co., genl store 
Hutchens W. B., blacksmith 
IvingJ. B., attorney 
Martin Hichani, genl store 
^.fyt-rs F. 'SI., slioernkr 
31vc'fS J. .>!., irenl store 

Myers S. E., millinery 
Qiiildan J. C. tV Bro., genl store 
Wilson J. T., teacher 



Hancock County. 
small place, also known as 

Zion, about'7 miles nortli of Spart;^, 
the county seat. Xo mail advanta- 


Putnavi County. 
Small hamlet 2 miles south of Ea- 
tonton, the county seat. Xo mail 


Fulton Coi'it'y. 
Also known as Mt. Gilead X 
Roads. Has a population of 50, and 
is located 9 miles s,.u;h\vest of At- 
lanta, the county sea\ Has a Meth- 
odist church, a high school, known 

GUILDERS- SUPPLY HOUSt, . -«- -S -^-v-fi rf^ 
B. H. Broomhead A Co. i -* — aJ-J.J.M.X^ 

^xxc3L lES^li:-. 

tl^ at CARTER cc S0Lj.\0N'3. 50 Whitehall ct.. Atlanta. 



Randolph Couniy. 
.Located near the Chattahoochee 
river. Has a pojjulation of about 35. 
Is about 9 miles northeast of Cath- 
bert, the county seat, which is also 
the nearest railroad, expre-.s and tel- 
egraph station anil bunking town. 
Has two churches — Bupti-t and 
?kfcthf>diL-t- and an academy with 
about 50 pupils. Cotton is the jirii- 
cipal product. 8hij) to Cuihbert. Tri- 
weekly mail from Cuthbert, Lump- 
kin and I'ataula by wa^on. Peter 
E. Keesp, P. M. 
Barnett Paul Piev 
Oodfrev James E. Rev 
Hartslfeld Henry R-v 
Jenkins Willis, ec)tt!)n gin 
Keese E. A., tfaciur 
KiiiJiUtoii i^is Kccso, genl store 
Shelby W. P., physician 

Bnllo'i-h C'j'ni'u. 

Located on Big Lots creek, v.hich 
furnishes water power for four saw 
miljp, cotton gins and rice cleaners. 
Has also two steam saw mill^. Pop- 
ulation about 25. Is 9 miles soutli of 
Statesborough, the' couuty seat, 22 
from Ogeechee, the neatest railroad 
and express station, and 51 from Sa- 
vaiinali, the nearest telegraph sta., 
tion and banking towu. Principal 
produ(/ts, cc^tlon, rice and timber. 
Ship to Ogeechee, C. R. R. ]M ill four 
tini's a week from Xo. 5, C. 1\. R. 
William B. Corey, P. M. 
lirannin & Olive, saw mill 
Buford ]1, saw and grist niill 
l-orey \ViIli:jm B., geul store 
Groover X. \V., cotton, gin and saw 

Olive, Brauniu & Daughtry, gin and 

grist mill 
Riiru's A. R., saw and grist mill 
Wjlliams A. C, blaeksmith 
Williams J. G., CO tax receiver 

Ware L'oun'ii. 
A small ])lace 15 miles we>t of 
Waycross, the county sea^ Xo post- 


Gw'.nmft Count u. 
Distant 9 miles from Lawrence- 
ville, the county scat, 6 from Dulutti, 
the nearest railroad and express sta- 
tion, the same distance frorn Xor- 
I cross, the nearest telegiai-)h otlice. 
j and -21 front Atlanta, its bunking town, 
i Braver Run creek furnishes water 
; power to operate two corn mills and 
I a machine shop, and there are also a 
saw mill and llour mill run Ivy steam. 
Population about Go. General pro- 
duce forms the shipments. Sliip via 
Duluih. Was made a post otlice in 
IST'J, ami receives a wt-ekly mail 
from Duluth liv carrier. JaiufS Gar- 
ner, P. M. 
King W. S. & A. v., saw and grist 

McKinney C. A., geni store 


Banka t'oimti/. 
Xo mail advantages. A small 
placr locato<l one mile east ot Homer, 
tile county seat. 


Camden Co'inhj. 
A small hamlet about G milvs north 
of !-t. Mary's, the couuiy seat. Has 
no mail facilities. 


Direct mail to Jerusalem, 3 miles 




C. M. Goodman. 2S Whitehall street. Atlanta, Ga. 



















Jas. P. Harrison & Co., 

BEU ] 



Ilenrij Counti/. 
Located 7 mik\s nortbeant of Mc- 
Doiiougb, the county seat. Is a small 
place witli no postal advantages. 


Columbia Count t/ — Qa. li. li. 

Located 12 miles from Appliug, the 
scat of justice ; 21 from Au<:usta, the 
nearest bankiuL: place, and LjO from 
Atlanta. Has Southern express and 
Wesieru Unuin telegrafdi otlices. 
Several paw and irrist mills run b.y 
power derived fi-om sniall s'.reams in 
tlie ncigbliorhood, and a number cf 
churches are within 5 miles of this 
place. Cotton, grain, lumber, latlis, 
shingles and timber are tbecliief ex- 
ports. Ship direct. Population about 
2o(). Mail daily. H. D. Leitner, 1\ :N[. 
Carter James, r r ULt 
C i.sey R., wheelsviiglit 
Haskius A., contiactor atid builder 
Jngiet T. \V., wheelwright 
j^oitiior H. J).^ lumber, laths and 

^[i-Nair R., phy.-ician 
]N[a(Mo.\ L, [ihysjcian 
Mar.-^h P., millwright 
Mt-rry P.. grist mil! and genl store 
Merry H. A., '.'■r^nl store 
Pa-cluil 'i'lioma-', lumber mnir 


Je[f'erson <'onnfy. — {S,c Wadley.) 


G'l//n/t Count II. 
A small town at the bead of navi- 
iration on Turtle rivci', Lj miles uliove 
Brunswick, 2 from Jamaica the near- 
est railroad station and post ollice, ; 
and f) Wavnesvillc the nearest ex- 

Established 58 years ago. 
Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 

76 BIG 

press and telegraph oflice. There ;ui 
three turpenpine stills in the neigi.- 
borhood, and immense cjuaniitie.- nf 
timber are furnished for St. S'lniou'.- 
aiid Brunswick s iw mills, and build- 
ing jetties in tae harbors. Poinda- 
tion, 3U. 

Allison J. R.. turpentine distillers 
Atldnson E. P., attorney 
Atkinson D. J)., dentist 
Barnes &. Co., turpentine distillers 
Covington (fe Clasgow, turp distillers 
Jones <fc Livingston, lumber dlrs 
Sheill H. T., physician 
Tison J. M., dry goods 


Vtllhinson County-— [See Jru-lnton.) 


Forsyth Connty. 
Population about 175; has several 
churches, good schools, steam grist 
and saw mill, and several saw and 
grist mills run by power derived from 
Cliattaiioochee river and Big cieek. 
Ts 7 miles from Gumming court- 
house, 10 from Puluth its nearest de- 
pot, express and telegra])h oftlces via 
which Atlanta, its banking town, i- 
35 miles. Ship by way of Luluili. 
Cotton, corn and whe;it tV^rm the 
chief shipments. !Mail daily by car- 
rier. Mrs. Sarali A.Huteliins, P. M. 
Anglin J. C, tanner 
}iact)n E. ^f., ]>hysician 
Biigley Ross A., jeweler 
Jiagley Thomas, genl store 
Bagley W. S., magistrate 
Bell W. J., pliysician 
Blackstock A Walker, saw and urist 

Brown Jerry, blacksmith 
liuice John Rev., Baptist 
Cloiiieiit W'jjiiaiii, genl store 
Cunningliatu iV .-^on, cotton giu 
Fagin 0. W., genl store 
Hay ues I). R., physician 
.Tames II. S. Pev., Baptist 
.March Buily ic), blacksmith 
Mooa George, genl store 
Moore «fc Midlin-, cotton gin 
Pndlips .1. W., bhu-ksmith 
Riders Hiram, physician 
Pucker Ehjaii, ida<'ksmith 
Stone Tnoma- *.*c Co., saw and 


B. H. Broomhead & Co. 

Palm Brushes of ail kinds. 

77holesale and Retail Dealer in CAP.PETS 
Oil Cloths, &c., 5D Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




Tedder T. P., sboemkr 
Veuable R, K., uotiiry 



Twiggs Coioity. 
A newly estiibli.sht'd post oflice, 
from which we huve been unable to 
obtain any information. 

Daivson County. 

A small village of perhups 150 in- 
habitants, locai'-d in an agricultural 
district on the Etowah river, 8 miles 
from Dawson ville, the seat of justice, 
18 from GainesviH<^ — Piedmont Air- 
Line Railv.-ay--its depot, expre.-s and 
telegraph ofliee, via which Atlanta 
is 53 miles distant. Large Hour and 
grist mills are run here by power de- 
rived from the above named river. 
Ship by way of Gainesville. Cotton, 
corn, wheat, etc., form tiie chief 
shipments. Mail daily from Daw- 
sou villa by carrier. R. A. Gober, 
P. M. 

Chamhers Samuel Rev., Baptist 
Gober Robert A. & Co., geul store 
McClure R. B., irenl store and grist 

Palmour Silas B., gristmill 
Wade W. D. R^v., Baptist 


the same di>Lauc- A-'mh Herndon, 
No. 9, Central Railroad, wiiere it re- 
ceivei) its mail. 


Cobb County— (See Kenncsaiv) 

Bie SPR8r*3G. 

Hancock County. 
Located about 7 mil^s soutlieast of 
Sparta, the county seat. Is a small 
village with no mail facilities 

Screven County. 
Estabiisiied as a post-ofiiee about 
18.36. Is situated on a small stream 
from which it takes its name, near 
its junction with the Savannah river. 
Is 11 miles from Sylvania, the coun- 
ty seat, and 15 from the nearest rail- 
road station— Xo. o Central Railroad. 
Has a por)uIation of about 100, Bap- 
tist and ISlelhodist churches, two 
schools, two grist mills run by water 
power and two steam gins. Products 
cotton and general produce. Ship by 
river to Poor Robin Landing. Mail 
reCtMved semi-weekly bv wason. M. 
L. Bryan, P. M. 

Billing W. J., s;in and grist mill 
Brov.n L. 15., dentist 
Drake J. R., teacher 
Freeman J. C, wharf master 
Garnett J. G., cotton gin 
Hunter W. II., grist mill 
Laflitie J. v.. laaciiinist 
Noonan Willium, physician 
Overstreet Causey, co tax collector 

o ■ 
<^ n 


Tat i nail County. 
A newly established post-onice, 
from which no iufurmati(ni has been 

Ikitdain Coun'y. 
Located 5 miles east oi Mille Igi-- 
ville, tiie county st-at. I- a small 
hamlet with no mail advantages. 


Pierce County — S. F. a- ir. By. 
Is the county seat, 9 miles from 
Tebeauville, ilie nearest telegraph of- 
fice, and S7 from Sav;vniiaii, Us near- 
est banking town. Plas a population 
of about oUiJ, six_cjuirciies— iinePres- 

f^ ^ f* <ni f^ 1^-^ p Pi A r-,^ 1-^ I o 'V U ^^ 1 1£. t^" Si . V. M iii ^ . 

Wtm U'i^ijf^H'Ai'i'i^* 28 Whitehall Str 



Burh' County. 
A small place about 12 miles south 
of Waynesboro, the county seat, and 

treet, Atlanta, Ga. 




o t-r- 

8 » 

finVfirfHT °^ ^^°P^^'' ^'^^^^ ^'^lief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Mcnthl- 
M U V. U bh i_L^rculation^l5,000. Good advertisi ng nedrorn. Send for c:/^ 

bytcrian, two Baptist and three 
MethoLiit<t, iuclmiing one colored — 
express otlice, sieaui saw, flour and 
grist mills, and a weekly news- 
pai>er, the B'ackshear News. Cottou, 
luml)er and turpentine are the priu- 
cipa! exports. 8hip direct. Dailv 
mail, T. J. Fuller, P. M. 
Acosta E. J., gen I store 
Blacksbear News, E. Z. Byrd, propr 
Brantley B. I)., genl mdse and naval 

Brown Allen, dentist 
Ih-own :\r. A. E. Mrs., hotel 
Byrd E. Z., sherifl and editor Black- 
shear News 
Byrd T. J. & Co., genl store 
Callahan A., genl store 
Cannon B. C, gen! store 
Carpenter Itobert W., genl store 
Carter S. S.,gtnl store 
Cochrane Alfred E., attorney 
Cohen Morris M., genl store 
]>avaughn A. ti., genl miJse 
Dickson & Byrd (Andrew J. Dickson 
and Dred Byrd), genl store and 
grist mill 
Harper J. A., genl store 
Hitch Simon W., solicitor general 

Brunswick circuit 
Knoles Daniel E., hotel 
liatimcr C. T., ]'hysiciau 
JNIoore A. M., piiysician 
Nichols John, attorney 
Noble William, dentist 
Phillips W. B., attorney 
Purdour John M., tax collector and 

Shaw John M., saw and grist null 
Smith A. W., g^nl store 
Smith C. H., druggist 
Smith H. J., genl store 
Smith J. S., saloon 
Smith M., genl store 
Stricklaml ASlrrd ,)., co ordinary 
Strickiaml J. AV., j,'eid store 

B. H. Broon.head& Co. ) idiQ 


Strickland & Davis, genl store 
Watson Washington, genl store 
Wdhams H. H., teacher 
Willis J. H., teacher 
Woods & Hyers, genl store 


Zaurens County. 
Is situated on Big creek, w^hich 
furnishes power to operate a mill 8 
miles north of Dublin, the county 
seat. No post-olliee. ^ 

Stewart County. 

With a population ofabout 30, lOi 
mdes from I^m-jk-'r t^ 
=<:>., t 1^1 f ' -^'--"i'^^'M t'^"- county 
seat, Lj.> from Georgetown, the near- 
est radroad and express station, and 
l/.fromEufaula, Ala., tlie nearest 
te egraph ohice and banking point 
Bladen creek lurnishes power to op- 
erate a grist and saM" mill. There 
are steam gms, three churches and a 
school. Cotton is the principal pro- 
duet. Ship via Georgetown or Eu- 
faula, Ala. W^as establi.-,hed as a 
post-of5ice in LSSO, and receives a 
daily mail from Lumpkin by carrier. 
A. J. Foreman, V. M. 
Adams James B., uenl store 
Foreiiiaii. A. J., mill and ^Qn\ 

Grimes AVilliam, genl store 
Trammel & Trammel, genl store 

Union County. 
Situated on Xotlev river which 
furnishes wat.M- p.ow.. r for two llour- 
ing nulls— is the county seat, 52 miles 
from Gainesville, the nearest rail- 
road, express and telegraph olfice 
and banking town. Has a po].ulation 
ofabout 100. Ji.iptist, .Metliodistand 
I'resbyteriau churches, and a high 
school. Principal products, Hour, 
corn and poultry. Ship via Gaines- 
ville. Daily mail from Cleveland 
and Morganton. William J. Conlev, 
P. M. - Ji 

Akin F. M., co surveyor 
AmltTsoii ,?r)NSiua', co ordinary 
l;ell 'i\ .]., genl store 
Bowers &Jiro., genl store 

rsj, Sasli- BiiSdsI 



r^CARTER & SOLOMOS^, Importers and 

\ Dealers. 50 V/hitehall street, Atlanta. 




I'litl James A., attoniej' 
lUitt T. J., gen I store 
(inunley David N., eo tax receiver 
Cniini) E. G., phy.-iciau 
Duiicaii \V. Jl., yeiil store 
Ivult-y Wesley, co treasurer 
Ifaralson T. J.,geiil store 
Hughes Thoruas ^I., attorney 
Jj;iiice J. v., geiil store 
Lawreuee William, caliiiet mkr 
Logan Z. T., millwright and carpen- 
McAfee G. W., genl store 
McAfee James F., geul store 
^lauuey M. L., elk Superior Court 
Manning L. E., teacher 
^[ayor L. A., genl store 
^leadows David T., co coroner 
Moore J. L., physician 
Kogers E. D., blacksmith 
'J'eague W. D., sheriff 
Wellburu & Candler, attorneys 
Wilson Jiliijah, co tax collector 


Early County. 

County seat; present prospective 
wester-i terminus of tlie Blakely 
]:)iv., S. W. R. R., 15 miles froai Ar- 
lington, its nearest railroad, express 
and telegraph otllees. Ship by way 
of Arlington or via Howard's landing 
on the Chattahoochee river, at which 
place the Jilariy Couiity iManufacturs 
ing Company have their works. Ha- 
Metho(li.'<land Baptist churches, com- 
njon school, steam saw and grist 
mill, several mills operated by water 
I)ower, and ayjojiulation of about -ii-'o. 
Cotton, wool and syrup form tlie 
chief shiiimcnrs. Mail daily by 
buggy. H. C. Fryer, P. M. 
Alexander J. ^V., elk Superior Court 
Brown E C, attorney 
Buchannan James, co treasurer 
Butler (fc James, saloon 
Chipstead George E., co tax collector 
Corley J. H. Rev., Baptist 
Duster B. R., physician and druggist 
Early County Factory, Holmes, 
Hutcheus & Wade, j^roprs ; cotton 
Early County News, AV. W. Flem- 
ing, pubr 
Fleming W. W., pubr Pearly County 

Fi'Vt'r II. C, njacistrate 

> ' si ,1 « I 


U-. ..^, 



Graham Joseph, ?aloon 

Henderson Bros., genl store and hotel 

Henderson Thoma'^, hotel 

Holrae.^, Hutchens Sc Wade (George 
Holmes, Anthony Hutchens, John 
I^l. and Reuben W. Wade), proprs 
Early County Factory 

Howard Thomas ]M., dentist 

Jones JaiBies B., co ordinary 

Jones J. D., hotel 

Jones & Cliipstead, livery stable 

Jones & Freeman (Thomas F. Jones, 
Robert Freeman), geul store 

Lane Joseph P., co tax receiver 

Moseley J. S., sheriff 

Pov/eUR. H., attorney 

Powers A. F., denti-^t 

Robinsoti B. 11., genl store 

Singleton A. S., attorney 

Smith & Brunson, geul store 

Standife-r W^ B., physician and drug- 

Standi [er W. ]M., physicia.n 

Wade J. M. & R. W' ., genl store 

Williams Thomas, notary 

Wordlow J. P. Rev., ISIethodist 

^f(lsc'>:Ji'c Couhty—G. d- n. n. n. 

Eleven miles from CoUuiilnis. Xo 


Bulloch Cuunty. 
Establisljed as a })ost-of1ice in ISHO 
Is 10 miles from Statesborough, tlie 
county teat, 2 miles from Ogeechee, 
the nearest railroad aixi express sta- 
tion, 12 miles from Hali-oiidale, tlie 
nearest telegraph oHice, and (JO miles 
from Savannah, thenearest liaidiiug 
town. Has steam saw mill and gin, 
Methodist and Baptist churches. 
Principal i>roducts, cotton, rice, 

i»ic' I iiii i:h, oi^ ^vi^x^ 

M. GOODMAN, 23 Whitehall Street, Atlanta 

CO ' 



P D 






I;'-""- I 





15 t 
b ° 

JAS. P. HARR^SO^i a CO., Printers, Publishers and 
Binders, 27 & 29 Broad St., Atlanta, Ca. 




'iiiltry. SI I it I to 
R. Daily mails 
waojoii. W. H. 

WOO), l)i(ii's !in 

O.uet'chee, by (.'. R 

from Ogoecliee by 

Blitch, P. M. 

BSitch W. IJ., genl store 

Brijwn James F., jihysician 

Coleraau "William, physiciau 


Wilkinson County. 

Established as a post-ofifico in 1S75, 
Is 10 miles from Irwi-.ton, the county 
seat, 7 from Molutyr.^, tne nearest 
railroad and expix-ss station, 11 
from either Gordon or Milieiigeville, 
the nearest telegraph otdces, and SO 
from Macou, the nearest banking 
town. Has a population of about 
100. Black creek furnishes water ^ 
power for grst mills, and it has | 
steam saw miils. Tlie jirineipal 
products are Cotton and iruit. Stiip 
via Milledgeville. Mail received 
twice a wetk from INIidedgeville b^' 
horse. J. K. Branan, P. M. 

BraiiaJi.T. K., genl store 

Byington M. L., saw and grist mill 

Crawford G. G., saw, gin and grist 

Davis J. W., cotton gin 

Deason \V. A., urisr mill 

Eady D. M., justice 

(.rol(feii V. Q., wagonmkr and gun- 

Golden & Ea<!y (V. Q. Gulden, Jas. 
A. Eidy), ain, grist and saw mill 

Hattield R. E., cotton gin 

Parker W. C, cotton gin 

Pennin'.'.ion A., nouiry and ex ofTicio 

Shaw li., blacksmith 

Smith A. M., cotton gin 

Temples John, cotton gin 


Chatham County — C. If. Ji. 
Fifteen miles from Savannah, 
mail point. 



Jones County. • 

Has a population of 211,antl is dis- 
tant 10 miles northeast of Clinton 
tile county seat, and 7 northeast of 
Haddock's its nearest railroad sta- 
tion. Macon — 26 miJes — is its nearest 
banking town. Principal product — 


White County. 
A small farming settlement about 
5 miles from Cleveland tlie county 
seat. No mail facilities 


Fannin County. 
A small place 5 mdes south of Mor- 
ganton the county- seat, and -10 from 
Dalton, its nearest railroad, express 
and telegraph station; with Baptist 
and Methodist churelies and a com- 
mon school. Receives a weekly mail 
by carrier. 


Dougherty County. 
Four miles southeast of Albany. 
Mail to Humboldt. 


Gordon Cuunty- IS .jR. d- IK R. B. 
Also known as Miller's Station, 8 
miles from Calhoun the county seat, 
5 from Resaciv the nearest express of- 
fice, 3 from Sugar Valley the nearest 
telegraj>h sta;i,,n, and 13 trom Dal- 
[ ton the nearest banking town. Has 
j a population of al)OUt 35. Blue 
! Spring Creek furnishes \\ater power 
j fur corn and floiirinij mill-. Cotton 
and wheat are the jirineipal products. 
I Wasestabii.died as a post-oftice Hbout 
' 1871, and receives daily mails. A. 
' G. Holcomb, P. :M. 
Alltoun & Wood, genl btore 
Faitli John, miller 
lloicomb A. (i., t:enl store 

B. H. Broomhsad A Co. 




JHf I fVHt 4< ! ■ ! J <»JI <•■ - liHW/W* ' » g---^!" 

I R P C P 11 D T 1 1 i^ ' C ^^"^ Lambrequi-s, selected from finest Importations 
LALL bUri I i41l'^d CARTER & SOLOMON, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 


Luie J. JS"., mechanic 
Mali' 'US J. L., cotton fjin 
Strain W. Ij., n-i']l;>- 


Laurens Couiitj-{Scc Iii rdi/ Spi'ings 


C'ki]/ Count I/. 

A small p-'St village with a popu- 
lation of 175, 14 miles from Fort 
Gainej the county -si/at, 13 trim Ar 
liugton — Blakely Division S. W. 
R. R. — its railroad, expres>^ and 
tt'leyr:iph oflices, and 150 from Macon. 
Has two churches — Baptist and 
Methodj-f — onf^ pflionl and several 
saw and grist mills near here opera- 
ted by water power. Sliin via Fort 
Gaines. Cotton is the chief expor\ 
Mail semi-weel;ly by carrier. J. T. 
Lay, P. M. 

Andrews D. C, teacher 
Bigby George A., carriage mkr and 

Collins D. L. , genl store 
Harrison W. R. & Co., genl store 
Humphreys C. T., cabinetrukr 

Cherokee Contifi/. 
Has 150 mail advantaires; 16 miles 
i- northeast ot Cautiinthe county seat. 

Franklin. Counti/. 
Located Smiles southwest of Carnes- 
ville the county seat, and 12 north- 
east from Harmon}' Grove tiie near- 
est railroad station. Population, 45. 
Nail's creek furnishes power to 05)er- 
ate a flour and corn mill and gin. 
There are also steam saw mills and 
gins and Pres!>yter;an and Methodist 
churches. William G. Alexander, 
Alexander Williaai G. & Bro., 

genl store 
Carson George L., genl Btore 
Carson & Alexander, cotton gin and 

grist mill 
Cartledge G. H. Rev., Presbyterian 
Crow J. F., physician and cotton gin 
Holbrooks J. T., physician 

Langston S. A., genl store, gin and 

^-rist mill 
Little C. H., cotton gin 
Veruer James O. Rfv., Methodist 

^for)rne Countu.— Atlanta Div. C. 
B. R. 
Known also as Colaparche. Has 
a population of over 50; is 11 raih^s 
from Forsvth the seal of justice ; 13 
from Macon its tiankinti: town, and 
88 from Atlanta. Has railroad 
and express otlices, and a steam cot- 
mn gin. Ship direct. Cotton is the 
chief export. Mail twice daily. T. F. 
Walter, P. M., and genl store 

Fulton County.— ]V. ct- A. R. R. 
Station known as Bolton. A place 
of 1:00 inhabiiants on ChMttahoocliee 
riv.-r and Ptaehtree cieek; 7 miles 
fiom Atlanta the seat of justice, and 
its telegraph, express office ami bank- 
ing place. The place contains three 
churches— Bnptist and two Metho- 
dists— commou schools, two brick 
yards and an ice factory. Brick, ice, 
Hour and meal are t!ie chief ship- 
ments. Mail daily. Thomas Moore, 
P. M. 

Atlanta Ice Mnfg Co., mnfrs of ice 
Bondurant, .Smith v.t Co., hrick mnfrs 
Ci'-^cv Joliii H., ci.tton gin 
Cook & Collins, brick mnfrs 
I Moore Tiiomus, box and furniture 
i mnfr 
Moore & Son (,Tljomas ami J. M.), 
I genl store and grist mill 
! Rondeau & Co., brick mnfrs 

! Tiviggs Onintii. 

I A small hamlet of about 50 inhabi- 






3 AND FP.AM.-3 at C. M. G:oiman's, 23 Whitehall street, 
Atlanta, Ga. Western Prioes duplicated at wholesale. 

y I Atlanta. C 



MUTUAL BELIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta. Ga. A Bencvolcr.: 
Institution, conducted on business principles. 





i^.^ew-S/T^B ' t»j^A y^,,^ 

'-"r'S^Ty^''' ^ 7^' ' ■ ' t*^ ' "^ 


,^: . 

tants, 15 miles from .Teffer^rnville 
the couiitv seat- 3 Diiles from Reiii's 
Station— iSL & B. R. J-:.,— 9 miles 
from Bullards tlie nearest telegraj)!! 
office, and 12 miles from ^Nlaeou the 
nearest express station and bankint^ 
point. Has a steam Kiw mill and 
grist mill, one white and three eolored 
churches, and two scliools. Principal 
shipments, cotton and fruit. Ship 
via No. 18, :v[. & B. R. R. Was es- 
tablished as a postoflice in 1877, and 
receives mail semi-weekly by carrier. 
Thomas Bond, P. M. 
Cornelius S., school teacher 
Bond J. B., genl store 
Bond J. T., g-eul store 
Bond S. J., penl store and dentist 
Bond S. J. & J. T,, saw and grist 

lioiKl Tiiomas, genl store and saw 

Bull W. H., physician 
Denson AuL^ustus, physician 
Kdge -Tames, physician 
Edge P. W., attorney 
Howington Sallie, teacher 
Lee George, b.acksmiiii and wheel- 
wright " 
McDonald Elijah, teacher 
Rice T. M. C, physician 

Carroll County. 
A small hamlet S miles southwest 
of Carrollton, tlie county seat, with 
no mail facilities. 

Bor^p^Y Doon. 

Jeffcr.^on Coin if j. 
A small village 1'2 miles liorthwcst 
of Louisville, the county seat. Has 
no ])Ost-ofiice. 


Wilkes Counfy. 
No mail advantages. An incon 
siderable settlement 7 miles easi of 
"Washington, the county seat 


Jefferson County — C. B. R. 
No postal facilities. 

Talbot County— S. W. B. li. ' 
Is at the junction of the Talbotton 
branch. No post-office 

Scrnitn County. 
Has no postal facilities. Loeateil 
on Savannah river, 15 miles north- 
east ofSylvania. 

Thomas County— &. F. & W. R. 7?. 
Estimated population 375. A tieal- 
thy and thriving little town, located 
12 miles from Thoniasville, the 
county seat, and nearest express and 
telet;ra)ih oflice and l)anking town, 
and 299 from Atlanta via Albany. 
The place has 5 churches— Presbyte- 
rian, and two each Melhoiiist and 
Baptist — twoscho()ls, eoiton gin,. saw 
and grist mill, run by steam, and 
several operated by water obtained 
from Aucilla creek. Cotton and 
watermelons form llie chief shii>- 
ments. Sliips dir(-ct. Mail daily by 
rail. J. Nevius Carson, P. M. 
Bennett O. P., genl store 
Blood D. R., genl store 
Brooks W. M., genl store 
Butler H. M., painter 
Carters C. H., saloon 
Clark D. C, livery stable 
Cook M. L., genl store 
Culpepper J. T., physician 
Currie William, blacksmith 
Eason W. C. ct .1. B., grist mill 
Fitzgerald W.T., genl store and liv- 
ery stable 
Flipper J. S., teacher 
Floyd W, F. ll.'v., Metliodist 
Goode B. PL Rev., Baptist 
Hall O. C, grocer 

B. U. BrooMhead <!. Co. '* 

■mouldings, Brackets, U. 


at CARTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




Harm.'in J. J., g>'iil ntore 

Jarett F. L , drug's an.l pbysician 

.loiies W. N., Kt-''il store 

Tj • J.'J\, liriclv imjfr 

fjiiililfoot .1. v., ( liysician 

Mcl^onaM J. H., ni,ti:istrate 

MeMurra V J(i!::i Mi--^, teacher 

^[ili.^an E. A., attoinry 

Moody A. Q., ttarhiT 

Norton & ytacey, drugs aud pliy^^i 

Sta<3ey M. W., contractor and builder, 
Stacey }i\. E., drug-abt aud dentist 
iStacey R. E., i^eiil store 
Stone B. J., exp and r r agt 
Taylor J. \V., genl store 
Vann H. A,, pliysi'iau 
WiLsou W. T., g'enl store 


Smnier County. 
A newly establisiied post-ofOce, lo- 
cated 15 miles sontlnvest of Aiueri- 
ciis, the county srat, with a pojaila- 
tioii of about t^O. NViUiam T. ClarJc, 
P, M. 

Ci.ii'R Wil!ia?ss T., blacksmith 
Cato J. E., physician 
Dean H. R., genl store 
Howell L. P.,"i;eTiI store 
Youagblood Ij. A. Mrs., ,'^enl store 


Crri-oH C'i'iulij. 
An incorpoiMfcd town of about SoO 
inhabitants. Has tlirei* ehurchca — 
one Baptist and tv.-o ■Nfelhodist — a 
good scliool, steam cotton L;iu and 
saw mill, ami also several otiiers, in- 
cluding a wool'^n factory operated by 
power derived from Little Talla- 
poosa river and Indian cre^-k. JjO- 
cated 12 miles we.stof DHrroilloii — 
terminus of S. «.. & N. A. R. R. 
— the county f;eat and jiearest de- 
pot, via which Atlanta in 77 
miles distant. Newuan, 38 miles 
southeast, is its express and tele- 
graph ofliee and banking' tov.ii. 
Ship via Carr.illton. Cotton is the 
chief export. 2>rail da.ilv. N. Shel- 
nutt, P. M. 

Adarason J. W., geiil store 
Adaiiison i<c Smith, genl store 
Aderhold L. J., ])!jysieiau 
Barrow & Wright, genl store 



i^eok J. W., pres Bowdon College 

Beck & Halley, grist mill 

Bov/don C:o|]eti:e, J. W. Beck, pres 

Buchanan William, saM' mill 

Burns William, gin and saw mill 

Crews & Crews blacksmiths 

Davenport J. >S., irin aud saM' mill 

Downs J. W., genl store and tauner 

Durrett Jame.-i, cotton giu 

Hood T. E., druggist 

Hunt J. T., harness aud shoemkr 

Johnsou A. Z., blacksmith 

Jones W. D., shoemkr 

Knowles E. M., genl store 

Little tt Sous, genl store 

Lovvorn W. D., wooleu and saw mill 
and cotton giu 

McDaniel S. A., gin and saw mill 

Miles Jabez magistrate 

Mitchell A. B., saw mill 

Hbeluutt John, genl store 

Shelmstt N., genl store and at- 

Simms 1*0 Simon, gin and saw mill 

Stead A. A., tanner 

Tweedell W. S., genl store 

Walker & Crowell, gin, saw and grist 

West Q. W., .'rist mill. 

AViliiams H. M,, physician 

Word & Johnson, genl store 


Jlall Conufy—fUiliiiont A. L. Ry. 

Formerly known as Lomonville, a. 
small settlement G miles northeast of 
Cia.inesville, tlie county seat, and 
nearest express and t^legrajjli oflice. 
The Lomon silver n\ines are located 
here. Daily mail. 


Wilcox Co'jnii/-—{See Jlouse Creek.) 

m " 
m ^ 

30 w 
2 ^ 

r Kj 
< o 
^ -I 
m Pi- 

for PHOTOGRAPHS, and Framos mado to order, any size or 
stvls. 0. III. GCOililAN, 23 Whitehall street. Atlanta, Ga. 

K 'i 



° If) 

w J 

U Q. 


^ O 

FRAr<IKLir4 STEAftfl PRirSTSflC HOUSE, Atlanta, Ca. 
Jas. P. Harris on & Co., Pr o pers, 27 & 29 Broad St. 

BO VV 1 84 BO X 

es, one school, steam ooltnii giu and 

br-dstfad factory. Mail daily. ;<liip 

direct. Cotton, shingles and lumber 

form the chief .shipments, Bunyari 

Bowers, P. M. 

Bates P. G., confectioner 

Bowers B!iiiyasi,sewiDg machines 

Brown A. F., gen I store 

Brown John, geul store 

Clieek T. K. & Co., genl ttore and 

Johnson M. M., genl store 
SchaellerE., geul store 

rf o 


Carroll County 
One and a half miles from Whites- 
burg station. S., G. & N. A. R. R., 
its depot, 12 from Carrollton court- 
house, and 1? from Ne^^na!), the near- 
est telegraph, express office and 
banking place. Has about 200 in- 
habitants. On Snake creek, from 
which is derived the power for op- 
erating a cotton, paper, two saw and 
three flour mills. Several shingle 
and sav/ mills near by are op'^rated 
by steam. Has Methodist and Bap- 
tist cluirches and a good school. Cot- 
ton is tiie chief export. Ship via 
Whitesburg. Mail daily bv rail. J. 
H. Barrov/, P. M. 
Amis William, lumber and shingle 

Barrow J. H., pres Bov.enville 
High Schonl 

Bowenviile High School, J. H. Bar- 
row, pres 

Bradley J. J., blacksmith 

Brown J. C, physician 

Duncan J. A., biack>-mith 

Duncan J. \V., blacksmith 

Harper A'-a, blacks:, ith 

Holland J. H., millwright 

Hornsley C. C., ]iottery 

Hutcheson A. & Co., cotlou factory 

Smith J. N., blacksmith 

Wilkinson U. B. & Co., paper mill 


Hart Couiity—E. A.-L. Ry. 
Has a population of about 70, is ten 
miles froui Hariwell, the county seat, 
2.3 above Elbi'rton, and 25 from Toe 
coa — Piedmont A. L. Ry. — via which 
the distance to Atlanta is 118 miles. 
Has ofllcos of the Southern Express 
and Wt'stern Union Telegraph com- 
panies, Methodist an<l Baptist churoh- 

Oglethorpe County. 
Situated S milco south of Licsing- 
ton. A small village with no mail 

Elbert County— E. A.L. Ry. 
A station on tlie E. A.-L. Ry., 12 
miles froniElberton, the county seat, 
and nearest telegraph station ; 131 
from Atlanta, ihe nearest banking 
town. Has an olllce of the Southern 
Express Company, two ehurclies— 
Baptist and Methodi~it— grist and 
savr mills run by water power fur- 
nished by Beaverdam creek, steam 
saw mills and a population of about 
111'. C 'tton is ttie principal pr.jduct. 
W;is established as a p ist-oifice in 
1879, and receives a daily mail from 
Elberton and Toccoa. A. R. Elliott, 
P. M. 

Burden J. A., blacksmith 
Eaves J. A., blacksmith 
EHioit A. U., geul store 
Glower Isham Ci. & J. D., genl store 
Heudrick F. M., millwright 
King W. H,, gin and saw mill 
Vickey W. J.liev. 
Walker S. H., physician 

BOX SPF??f.3C. 

Tatbot County.— {S. W. R. R.) 
A small })ltice of perhaps 25 inhab- 
itant-, conlaiuitigotlice of the South- 
ern Ilxpress Company, and 
s;iw r.iill. Located on Upatoie cnek 
15 miles from Tulbotton the seat of 
ju-tice ; 7 friiiii Geneva — same line of 
road— its telegrai)h otlice ; 23 from 

B. H. Broomhezd i^ Co. ! 

!imt^ Lead and Si 


Wholesale and P.etail Dealers in CASPETS, 
Oil Cloths, &c., 50 "Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



Columbus the nearest banking phice ; 
77 from Macon, aud ISO from At- 
lanta. iShip direct. Cotton is the 
chief export. Mail twice daily. Wil- 
liam Green, P. M. 
Chapman J. J., ^^enl store 
Collier F. C, mai^isUate 
Green V/illiasu, genl store 
Green & Heltns, saloon 
May C. T , genl store 
Smith J. T., com mei 


Montgomery County. 
Has no postal advantages. A f<mall 
hamlet located 12 miles southeast of 
Mount Vernon the county seat. 


Burke County. 
A newly established postofBoe from 

which no information 

has been ob- 

Ragsdale Joseph, notary aud ex- 

olVicio justice 
Ragsdale \V. A., gin and saw mill 
Kakestraw J. R., liourand grist mill 
Si^oggins H. C, t-.^acher 
Wasliton J. D., cotton gin 
Wiglcy Joseph L., stone mrson 
Wigley William P., wheelwright 


Mitchell County. 
No post-olTice. A small settlement 
8 miles suuiheast of Camilla the 
county Sirat. 

Marion Covniy. 

ofiiee. H:;s Methodist and Ba[)tist 
cliurches, one school and a steam cot- 
ton gin. Ship by M'ay of Geneva. 
C<)tton is the chief export. Mail 
sumi-weekly from Geneva and Buena 
Vista by buggy. W. J. Short, P. M. 
Benson W. D., carpenter 
Jellbrson Wesley, physician 

point. Is a small place of inconsid- 
erable population. Sweetwater creek 
furnishes water power to operate a 
flouring and corn mill, and there is 
also a steam mill and gin. It lias 
three churches and two schoni--. The 
.principal product is cotton. Was es 
tablislied as a po^totQce in 1874, and 

receives a daily mail by stage from i - ■ — > i ---■ 

Powder Springs, Marietta and Dallas. I Milner Sanders, blacks 
Ship via Marietta. Oliver P. Cooper, i ^loore J. P., teacher 
p. ^,l, Nelson F. G., genl *^"^- 

Armer Wiley, justice 
Babb W. J.,' carpenter 
Cooper Oiivei" P., dry goods 
Penton J. G. Kev. 
Echols Roades, miller 
Foot J. B., hotel and genl store 
Griffin G., grocer 
Grirlin W. R., teacher 
Lester C. J., carpenter 
Parris N. I)., blacksmith 
Parris, ISfoore & Co., saw mill 
Pool J. C., teacher 

IVelsoif &;, Kust, genl store 
Royal Z. C, carpenter 


Towns County. 
Population, 40. Address all mails 
to Track Rock. 

Wuy)ie County -M. /• B. R. B. 
Has a population of 100, 15 miles 




^^'^'IM ^^^^^' 

1 J "2^ 111 iy^i^.,y\.rviE:s. 

23 Wnitehall Street, Atlanta. Qa^ 

ts --4 

1— -Ci 



^ 1-5 


m rfinmrM '*44"MS-4 



r - 

H H 


PRnUIRF ^^^ ^°^^ Families by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 


/rom Waynesville the county seat 
H. G. AVadley, P. .M. "^ 

l?obei'son & Moody, eenl store 
Wadley 1). R. & Co., lumber mufrs 


Effingham Comdij—C. li. I^. 
^Sometimes known as Brown's and 
No. 3^, is a small station witli no 
mail facilities, situated alx.ut? miles 
northwest of Spi-inj,'lield the county 
seat. "^ 


Newton Comity. 
Located 6 miles east of Covington 
the county sejH, is a small settlement 
witli no mail facilities. 


'"yriririi. CouiJij. 
A small place situated on the Sa- 
vannah river, at the mouth of the 
small stream from whicli it derives 
Its name. It is the shipping j)oint 
for Buck's creek, the nearest post- 
ofhce, 7 miles distant. 



\Douglti.i County. 
Situated 6 miles southwest 
Douglasville the county seat, and 18 
from Wliitesburg ils nearest railroad 
station. Has one church— Metho- 
dist. Cotton is the principal product. 
IteceivfS a semi- weekly mail by 
carrier. M. G. Butler, P. M. 


Burk( County. 
Also known as Cushingyille, is 2b 
miles from Waynesboro the county 
eeai, and 4 from Millen, the nearest 

telegraph office. Has a popuhiuTi^," 
of about 40, and 2 churches. Cotton 
is the chief product. Ship to K... s 
C. R R. Was established as a jto^t- 
'dlice in 1870, an.] has a daily mail 
H. H. Daniel, P. M. ^ 

Prison A. C, guano agt 
Brisriii H. R., guarm a-t 
Daniel II. II., gtnl store 
Danid John H , ^^tu\ store 
Hood G. PI. Rev 
Walker Nathan Rev 


Wilk<-s County. 
Established as a post-office in 188:j. 
Is 18 miles from Washington the 
county seat, winch is also the nearest, cxpres.s and telegrajih sta- 
tion and banking town. Ilroad river, 
about 1, furnishes water 
]K)wer for grist and saw nnlls. A 
grist and .saw mill and gin are riui 
by steam. a Baptist and Meth- 
odist church and f.vo sch( ols. Ship 
to W.nshington. r>aily mail from 
WashingUui and Elberton by wagon. 
Grimes Wansley, P. M. 
Harralson John, shoemkr 
Neal A. A., miller 
Neal K. E... teacher 

:brdad rever. 

Elbert County. 
With no mail facilities, is a small 
hamlet located about 10 miles west 
of Elberton, the county seat. 


Walto)i, County, 
Located 5 miles southwest of Mon- 
roe, the county seat, is a small set- 
tlement with no postal advantages. 


Bcrrie/i. Co/nty — B. <t A. 7?. R. 
Situated near AUapaha river, with- 
of Camp creek, 8 

in a few mih 

miles from 'I'ifton, the nearest tele- 
graph office, 20 from Nashville court 
house, 50 from Albany, its banking 
town, and 258 from Atlanta. Ship 
direct. The place has a j'opulation 
of about 50, contams a Methodist 

B. H. Broomhtad & Co. 




rU%'^ in all patterns, at Carter <fc Solomon's, 
,£.y|tfi, 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 



cliureh and steam saw mill i 
it. :i short distance from here. Cot- '' 
ton, spirits, rosin and wool arc the 
ch ief exports. Mail daily, W. S. 
S. Bussey, P. M. 1 

IJussev W. S., genl store 
Hardy "Cliarles'A: Co., genl store and ; 

<,' mill j 

Harrell J. W., genl .stare 
Harrell Sim, genl store and rnafr ] 

naval stores 
Wood & Jvobertsou, geul store and 

mufrs naval stores 


Madison Cuunty. 
With no mail advantages, is an 
unimportaut place located 9 miles 
southeast from Dauielsvilie, the 
county seat. 


WortJi Cuujitii. 
No mail advantages. A former 
station on the B. & A, H. K., between 
Isaliella and Davis. 


Rainlolpli C'l'inty. 
Twelve miles northeast of Cuth~ 
birt, ies post-office. 


Fayette Co'/nty—S. G. u- .V. A. U. 11. 
Located near Flint river, 13 miles 
south of Fayetteville, the county 
seat, and 12 from GrilUn, the near- 
est express and telegraph office and 
banking i)oiut. E-^timated pojuila- 
tion 40. Cotton is tlie principal sliip- 
ment. Ship direct. Was made a 
post-ofTice in 1S70. and rei.'eives daily 
mail. J. L. Hetliu, 1'. M. 

Chiittonga t'o'/nty. 
Has no postal facilities. A small 
settlement 5 miles northwest of Sum- 
merville, the county seat. 


Effingham County— {&<: Brewer.) 

jT7)B-' ^r 

I-^li-:^ t3C ^*^ ^T: ^T<.'- 


TernU County -[S 


c I\nc,rs.) 



p^cialty, at 

1.^^!^^ e'siP^!lf»f^ AND PICTTCS PF.a:>3S, at 77hcle:rA9 a Hp^cialt 
lvlil'yL,yfcl'^y\^ GOODMAN'S. 23 Whitehall Strast, Atlas^ta. Ga. 

5 K» 

o bl 

< < 


Forsyth Coiuity. 

Established as a post-office in 1875. 
Is situated ou the Chattahoochee 
river, 12 inih^s from Cummin'^^ the 
county scat, 5 from Flowery Brancli 
tlie railroad and express of- 
fice, and 9 from Gainesville, the 
nearest telegraph office and banking 
town. Has a population . of about 
250, several cliurehes of the Baptist 
and Meliio<list denominations, grist 
and saw mil's, Hour mill and wool- 
carding mill, run by water power 
furnisLjed by tlie ChHttnhoochee 
river, and steam saw mills. Th« 
]irincipal pmduets are flour, nieal ami 
furniture. .Shi}) to Flowery Branch. 
Mail received weekly from Gaines- 
ville, Gumming and Chcstatee by 
horse. M. W. Brown, P. M. 
Austin J. M., eenl store 
Brown 3i. W., genl store 
Clark U;iver, gnst, saw and v,-ol!en 

Morgan C. C, genl store 
Scr(»ggins John, miller 
Wings J. C, })hysician 
WooditrGe jrge F., justice 

BftO¥/l^'S CROSSIP-C. 

Bahhclri County— M. ci ,-1. R. R. 
A place of inconsiderable popula- 
tion, located S miles southwest of 
Milledgeville the county seat and 
nearest express and telegrai)h oilice, 
and 24 miie^ from Macon, its bank- 
ing town. Has steam gri^t mill and 
gin. Cotton is the principal product. 
W^as established as a. post oilice in 
1.S7S and receives a daily mail. C. 
E. J'.rown, P. ^l. 
Brown D. W. ct Co., genl store 
Griswold D. T., inilhT 



— <o 

M _| 

c^ O 























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the best Advertising P^ediurn in the South. 





'Macon County — Eufaula I)iv. 
Forty-four miles from Macon, 
and 147 from Atlanta. 


PaidcUnfj County. 
Stage communioationa is had with 
Powder Sprinj^s and Carrolltou. It 
is 11 miles from Dallas court liouse, 
18 from Marietta its nearest 
nearest railway station via wliieh it 
is 38 from Atlanta. Has a pop- 
ulation of about 5 ). Baptist and 
Methodist church, one academy, cot- 
ton gin and jurist mill operated by 
power obtained from Sweetwatin* riv- 
er. Sfdj) via Marietta. Cotton is 
the chief export. Mai! tri-weekly by 
carrier. A. L. Bartlett, P. M. 
Bartiett A. L., genl store and at- 
Dorri.s IMi:-s MoUie, teacher 
iMcLart^' Geo. W., ph3\sicion 
Meadows Jacob, Rev. Baptist 

BRU his WICK. 

Glynn County — ^f. & B. and B. 

d: A. 

B. U. 
The county seat, has n population 
of 3,500, is situated on 0'_dethori)e 
Bay, 5 miles from tne Athaic Ocean. 
The liarbor is one of the finest in the 
United States. Slioltered from the 
ocean by Jackyl Island, it atiord.- 
]>rotection from the rou2;h seas and i 
its extreme depth admits vessels of 
the lar;4- St tonna<^. There are two 
regular lines of 8ieanis!iips touchini; 
at this point — one from New York 
to Fernandina, Fla.. and t!ie other 
from New York to Jacksonville, Fla. 
There are also three lines of steam- 
boats, two from Savannah to Palat- 

n. H. BroomheaJ & Co. 

< lJ>i.0 2 

i ka, Fla., and one from Savannaii to 
i Satilla River, Fla. It is the terminus 
of the JMiicru & Brunswick ami 
I Brunswick & Albany railroads, both 
'of which p 'Ss through a country 
heavily covered with ))ine and i)ro- 
duciug large quantities of naval 
stores, nil of v,'hicli seek a northern 
and Enr(>pean marki-t tlirougli tliis 
place. liUmlter, nuval stores, whale 
oil, cotton and wool fi rm the ])rinci- 
pal shipments, amouniing in value 
to more tlian a million and a balftiol- 
lars annually. It has several large 
sav/ mills, a' flouring mil!, a stave 
factory, iron foundry, cotton com- 
press, express and telegrapli oflicos; 
banking facilities, and well stocked 
stores ; also a v.-cek!y paper— the 
Brunswicl- Adv<:r(mr, published Sat- 
urdays. There are 5 churches, l^rts- 
byteriau, Ej)isijop)aI, Meiliodist, Bap- 
tist and Catholic. Linus North, P. 

Advertiser and Appeal, T. G. Stacy 

Bacon D. C. & Co., lumber dealers 
Bennett Williaai G., co coroner 
Berric WilUam 11., co ordinary 
Berrvman AVilliam M., ticket agt M. 

&B. R. K. 
Blaia James S., physician 
Blain James T., drugs 
Borcbardt Abram, grocer and meat 

Borchardt Samuel, attorney 
Briesnick E. & Son., (Ernest and 

Robert E.,) genl store 
Brunswick &■ Albany Railroad, J. De 
Neufville, ])res; Cliarles II. Schlat- 
ter, genl mngr and treas; K. £>. 
jSIeader, siipt 
Carbona Jolm, confectioner 
Carswell Louis L., express agt 
Carter James ISI. [c), barber 
Carter .Junius fc), restaurant 
Chandler George, grocer and saloon 
Christopher :Martin J. (c), wheel- 

Cook Bros. &Co. (John R., INIrs. I.J. 
and Cliarles S. Cook), lumber and 
genl store 
Collins JoUsi T., collector of cus- 
Dart Edgar C. P., magistrate and elk 

of ordin;u-y 
Da vis D av[( i , genl store 

-^ OS-" vi^I^ lvI]NJL>S?, 



p 8 5 p T S I Bk^ ^and Lam'bre^uins, selectoi from finest Importations 
buiU HI Sid CAKTEP. & S0L01'::N, 50 WM 



itehall^st. , Atlanta. 

baulcer and mdso 

DfXter Chailes II 

Dexter Joliii M., brok^.-r, ins and real 

estate agt 
Doertlinger C'liarle.s J., jeweler 
DoeriliiJiier F. Jo-;e)'b, s iluoii 
Doerliinger Williani F., watehes, 

clocks and jewelry 
Driiry Le Buroii, British consul 
Dunn Henry T., deputy collector of 

Dunu & Co. (David T. and M. T. 

Duuii), geul store 
Friedlander G. & Co. (Gustavus 
Friedlander, William Anderson), 
geul store 
Froiiklin A. F. & Co. fAii!>ustus F. 

P>ankliii), feed and com 
Fliut Benjamin E., furniture 
Forrester J. R.. provision broker 
Gale Alvin D., dentist 
Gale Frank P., dentist 
Glogouer S.MUuel M., grocei- 
Glover William T., music and sta- 
Go'den William P. (c), saloon 
Gooilbread Robert F., cigars and to- 
Gray H. P. & Co. (Henry P. Gray, 

John S. Burns), f)undry 
Harrington Judge (c), restaurant 
Harris Herman L., jeweler 
Harris *i Kf?y (Francis JI. Harris, 

William F^, ivav), attorneys 
Harrison William" H., hotel ' 
Haj'wooil, Gage &. Co., ice 
Hazlehurst Robert, physician 
Heius A. Emil. confectioner 
Heins Annie Mrs., grocer 

Hilibaid Col5!?iil>Ms, stevedore 
Hirscti Benjamin, geid store 
Holzendorf Bros. (Preston 
Reginald R. ), grocers 

lloyt L I). <x Co. (LL-mdf^rD. Host, 

M. James Colson). Iiardware ainJ 

Isaacs Aaron, baker and eonfeetioner 
Johnson William A., shociakr 
Kaiser A. «fe Bro. (Arnold and Ma- 

cnaeiasj, geul store 
Krauss Peter, baker 
Lamb John P., co treasurer 
liambright .fames E., notary and 

Lambi-ight Joseph E., sherifl 
Liltleiield & Tison (S. C. Littlefield, 

Joiin M. Tison, Jr.), com mers 
Long James (c), barber 
Lundin Charles J., balh hoi;se 
MeC'nllougli J(-lin H., lund)er dealer 
3IaljiJ"y €rt';:;.rire IJ,, tdtomey (See 

page ISi)) 
Mad(!eu James M., drugs, banker 

and brc.'ker 
Meyers Rachael Mrs., genl store 
i\riciii'Kon J. A J^>ro. (Jacob and Mor- 
ris), geul stcne 
Mills Edmund, grocer 
Moore Charles G., underteker 
Moore & McCrary (John E. Moore, 

Harrison S. McOrary), grocers 
]\rooro <fe Merrifield (Daniel A. 

Moore, George H. rslerrilield), shoe- 
i mkrs 
aTul I Xeubauer William, slioemkr 
I Ni>rth Linus, n.ews d!r 

l/m i^j^ 

^t\ I r Is' f ■ II- 1 1^' v^ t^- h ^ ^^'^ <i^ p- -! 



" in 

(Solicitor-Gemlral Bkinsv. icK Circuit. ) 



< . 







^ -4 

Is" J 




^ . 






M -J 

I,! U. 

H rr 





prrtpi rc» Hutnal belief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, test and safest 
I CiUf LlO Co-orerative Life Association in the South. 







O'Connor Thoiniis Jr, 

03;letliorpe House 

Peniiimai) ¥/. AuL,'u,stn.s. co f*urveyor 
Patuaui Andrew T., livery stai)le 

and ,a:rocer 
ileppard Robert R., Innilier dlr 
Jlisley l)ouL!:las G., cisrar mnfr 
IlohaYts &' Co. cNIrs. Annie E. 

Koharts), drugs 
Rowe M. C. iSIrs., milliner and fancy 

Ku.ssell Jacob A., grocer 
.Sapp James & Co. (Jame.s Sapj), 

Josepii E. Lambrighi), grocers 
.Smith Jra E., atiori.u'y 
H()iomoi! Elijah, gcnl store 
tSpears Jolm J., gt'iil store 
fSymmes & Aikins(;n (Courtland 

iSymmes, .Spencer K. Atkinson), 

Tatnall Harry, stevedore 
Taylor Silas T. (c'l, sai'Miji 
Tison xtobert jNI., co tax'collector 
Tioup ^farsliai T. (c), grocer 
Turner William, co tax receiver 
WanUe Frederick, mer tailor 
AVciss Leo[»old, eecil store 
^Viide^ J., tur]H'ntine.snlI 
Williams Hettie, }vli.-s, milliner 
Williams William, county judgt 

V\'illianis W. J., attorney 
Wimbeily Charles JL, grocer 
Wimberly George \V., saloon 

Wood A. v., naval stores 



Spaldiu'j Cmnity. 
An unimportant st-ttlement of lirn- 
itcd population, located nt-ar a small 
stream from which it di.'i-ives its 
name, 7^ mih^s east of Griiriii the 
county s('ut, nearest railroad, exi)rfss 
and telcgrajih station and l>:uiking 

point. Principal product cotlon. 
Ship via GrilTm. Recii'ves mail twiir 
M weeu by carrier from Gritlin and 
Jackson. B. S. Hatcher, P. M. 
JSatcher ]J. S., genl store 
Kice W. M. & H., genl >.tore 


Bryan C'ouniy. 
Countv seat. A newly established 
post ottice from which we have been 
unaljle to obtain any information. 


OM County. 
Ajnaceof about 125 inhabilanis» 
containing live churches, two ?.leth- 
odisc and three Bajitist, two good 
schools, saw mill and two cotton gins 
operate<l by steam; grist flour and saw- 
mill and cotton gin operated by pow- 
er derived from Chattahoochee river 
Sweet Water creek ; is 8 miles from 
snjyrna the nearest railroad station 
and Vl\ miles Irom Atlanta, is ex- 
press and telegra]>h oOice and link- 
ing place. Ship rid Smyna. Cotton 
is the chief export. Mail daily. S. 
K. Cochran, P. li. 
Ballard Benjamin, magistrate 
Cociirau S. K., saw mill 
Garrett T. C, iihysician 
Howell J. H., cotton gin* 
Howell W. B., magistrate 
Hutcbins Harris, cari)enter 
iSIoss A. Y., genl store 
Murra F. A., teacher 
Starnes W. L., physician 
Strickland S. S. Miss, teacher 
fucker P. T., cotton gin 
Wallace A. J., carpenter 
Wallace Augustus, wheelright 


lltralson. County. 
Establishfd as a post olllce in l^oO, 
is the county seat, 16 miles from Ce- 
dartorn the nearesi railroad and ex- 
j.ress station, and 'My from Borne 
the nearest telegraph station and 
banking town. Has a population of 
about H'O, tW(j churches, Ba[)tisl and 
Methudist, school, t^rist mill run by 
water power furnished iiy ("cKdiran 
creek; and steam sa\v_inill_and cal^i- 

p. H. Broomhead A Co. 

XjIxxlo ;^xxc1 DO:£x1: 


O at CARTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



uet shop. Cotton is thf priiicipixl 
product. Daily mail received from 
(..'edartowu tiud Cari-oiltoii Uy wagon. 
Sliip ^'ifl. Cedartovv'n. C. ?i{ouroe, P. 

Brock W., attorney. 
Burden E. H., co coroner 
DavcuiJOit S. 31.5 CO ordinary 
Purneli M. T., saloon 
Fultz & Son, genl store 
Gentry Geor<:e AV., co surveyor 
Golden N. L., co tax collector 
Head A. J., saloon 
Head PI. C, elk superior court 
Head W. J., attorney 
Holconib J. K., co sherilT 
Holcombe & Osborn, genl store. 
McBritie J. M., aUoriicy. 
3Ionr«o (\, \^eu\ store, 
Nelson N. H., co tax receiver 
Iliddespurger T. X., genl store 
Koberts G. M., getd store 
Robertson \V. F., physician 
Smith F. R., physician 
Smith & Reanes i W. A. Smith, W. J. 

Keanes), saloon 
Wilson W. E., CO treas 


Scrtven Voi/7i(jj. 

Claims a population of about 50 ; is 
located 6 miles northea^-t of Sylvania 
the county seat. Tlie nearest express 
ofHce is No. 6, C R. R Cotton is 
the principal product. It has two 
churches, Baptist and r\Ietiiodist, and 
receives a semi-weekly mail by car- 

BUCK e:ye. 

Johu.yiu O.iuiili/. 
Has a po])ulation of about 400 ; is 
10 southwest of Wrigiitsville, the 
countv seat, and ll2 miles from Oco- 
nee, the nearest railroad and express 
olllce. Has steam sau' )nills and gins. 
Cotton is the }>rinci[KU product. Sliii) 
via Oconee No. Ji! (;. R. R. Was 
established as a post ollice alwnit I'O 
years ago, and receives a weekly mail 
from Oconee by currier. .J. F. Norris, 
P. M. 
Burnett Inman, saw mill 

Graytield Leon, physician 

Hix'Henry, pliNsioan 

Haines Alfred J.. physician 

Hiirris Thomas L. 
Johnson & JtMikin 

grist mill 

.Norris J. F., i^enl store 


Fulton. Couiit'j. 
Mail to Atlanta or Ed wardsviiie. 


}for(jini County — <ja. II. R. 
Seven miles froiTi Madison the seat 
of justice, and nearest express, tele- 
graph oliic-e and bankiiiir town ; 75 
trom Atlanta and 90 from Augusta. 
Has a poj>ulation of al)out 150; grist 
mill and cotton factoi-y operated by 
power derived from Apalacbee river. 
Ship direct. Cotton is !iie chief ex- 
port. Mail daily. R. H. I^IcWhor- 
ter, P. M. 
3IcWl!0!tci P. IT. &- J3ro., genl 


Sati'old S. P., cotton gin and i!,rist 


Laurent t\>i/n(f/. 
Estal)li,-'.!ied as a post-oliice in 1S79. 
Has a population of 50, and islocateil 
about 17 miles west of Dublin the 
county seat. 


Wni//if (/ijiiiiti/ — j>. cl-.l. JL R. 
A small station with no po-^tal fa- 
cilities. Mail to Lulaton. 


Marion County. 
County seat. Pofiulation aliout575. 
Has a steam cotton trm and grist 
mill, saw awd grist mill ojH'rated l)y 
water power derived from streams 
near by. Is -0 miles from Geneva, 




WL C. M. Goodman. 28 Whitehall street, Atlasata, Ga. 




















p < 

THE CHRISTIAN II^DEX-Established 58 years ago. 
Jas. P. Harri son < Sc Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 

BUP: __^ -i9? > BUL 


Qlynn County— {See Alcntut Fleii.'sant.) 


Oicinnett County — Piedmont A-L. liy. 
With a ]iopu]iitiun r,i over 500, is 
located 13 mik-s from Lawreuceville 
tlie county seat, and 37 from Athmtti. 
I Has Metbodi.-it and Baptist chun-tu's, 
! steam grist mill, ollicesof the JSoutii- 
ern express and Western Unioii tele- 
graph companies and daily mail, 
.^hip direct. Leather, cotton and po- 
tatoes form the chief shipment. \y. 
B. Haygood, P.M. 

Allen B. & Bro., tannery 
Allen R. H. & Co., saddle and har- 
ness mnfrs 
Blackwood R. INI., geul store 
Cloud & Yeal, geul store 
Ilaygood ^ Kvaiis, genl store 
Johnson J. A. & J. L., wagon mnl'rs 
Keuerly T. E., genl store 
Martin JR. W., geul store 
Pool & Williams, genl store 
Possey J. M., wagon mufr 
Smith J. S., genl store 
Spencer J. & J. W., genl store 
Ti;ompson &Pattillo, genl store 
Wilson W. W., tinner" 

Ilancock County. 
An inconsiderable place, 8 miies 
south of Sparta the county seat. No 
1 postoffiee. 

the neare.--l railroad, telegraph and 
cxpre-s oiHce; 27 from Americus, its 
banking place, and 173 from Atlanta. 
Baptist and Meth.idist churches. 
Ship via Geneva. One paper, the 
Buena Vista .(47'^««, is published here. 
Cotton is the shipment from this 
])oint. ISIail dailv from Americus by 
hack. William W. Singleton, P. M, 

Ansley J. N., druggist 

l>a ker J. L., physician 

Brcsington James L., co. coroner 

Biseioa Yisfa AssuSj W. W. Sin- 
gleton, ediior 

Butt E. M., attorney 

Piutt W. B., attorney 

Coh en Simon, grocer 

Hair M. & Son, genl store 

Hair W. M., grocer 

Harvey M. J., co. tax collector 

Jackson A. P., wagon mkr 

Johnson S. P., hotel 

Jorii;.!; Pw. J., grocer 

Kemp Morgan, notary and ex-ol!icio 

J^ovie James I^I., co. ordinary 

Lowe & Bu.-.hin (J. M. Lowe, J. R. 
Rushin), genl store 

McCarkly James, attorney 

McCray Vv'illiam, blacksmith 

r\lathis E. T., physician 

Miller E. W., attorney 

Roberts .1. W., genl siore 

Jlushin Frank, sheritr' 

SingJc'toii Wiiiiaiii "W., editor 

Stevens II., co. treasurer 

Slukfs &Si)n, blacksniitlis 

Taylor .\Tuk'rs )n, wagon mkr 

TullisXewell H., co. surveyor 

AVf'bh E.. carrbige mkr 

Webb I^ewis, magistrate 

Wells J). B., CO. tux rei'eiver 

WiUiains R. M., cabinet mkr 

Wiiliams Wlieehr, grocer 

Wisdom F, L., physician 


'Tat nail County. 

Located near the creek from which 
it derives its name, and which fur- 
nishes power to run a grist and saw 
^ mill ; lu miles northeast of Reidsville 
I the county seat. Timber cuttinir is 
j the chief industry. Plas a Prindtive 
Baptist Church, a common sciiool, 
and receives a semi-weekly mail by 
; carrier. 


Twiggs Couidy. — M. d- B. R. IL 

Population al'out 30. Located 12 

miles from JcU'ersonville the seat of 

justice. Fifteen from Macon its 

banking town, and 118 from Atlanta. 

■JILDESS CiUf-PLY !-:0U.>;:, 
B. H. Brnomhead &. Co. 

Paini aimsiies o[ ail kinds. 


"Wholesale and Retail Dealer in CARPETS 
Oil- Cloths, &c., 53 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




JIas railroad, telegraph and express 
oflict's. CottoU) peas and fruit, form 
the chief shi)iments. Ship direct. 
Maily daily. H. F. Laud, P. ^l. 

]5:irelay J. A. Jr., f^enl st.ire 
DtMisan 11. A., pliysiciau 
Howell W, ]!., geiil store aud justice 
l^aietl H. F., ^enl store 
O'Dauiel W., physician 


Clierokee County. 
A newly established postoffice from 
which no infcmatiou could be ob- 

Pierce Omnfy. — B. & A. R. R. 
A small station with no postolBcfr. 
Mail to Hobokcn. 

Pickens County. 
Located seven miles from Jasper 
the county seat, and 40 from Car- 
tersville the nearest railroad and 
telegraph station. Has a Baptist 
church and school, grist and saw 
mills, and a wool carder. Corn, pork 
and bacon, form the principal ship- 
ments. Receives a weekly mail from. 
Amicolola by carrier. Isaac Burleson, 
P. ~M. 

Jones Julia Mrs,, teacher 

Ware County. 
Located about 7 miles northwest of 
Waycross the county seat. Is a 
small hamlet witli no mail facilities. 


Burke County. {See Mi'hille.) 



Rabun County. 
Also known as Powellsville; a 
small village of over 100 inhabitants 
consisting mostly of faraiers ; on the 
Tallulah river. l(i miles from Clayton 
the seat of justice ; 2S from Mount 
Airy— Piedmont A.-L. Kaihvay — its 
nearest shipping, ex[)ress and tele- 
graph ortice via wiiich Atlanta is 108 


miles distant. It has two cliurclies 
—Baptist and Methodist— one acad- 
emy, saw and grist mills, which are 
operated by power obtained from the 
stream above named. Ship via 
Jilouut Airy. Mail semi-weekly from 
Clayton, Ilinwn^see nnd Clavksville, 
by carrier. S. M. Lilly, P. ^I. 
Burrong S. 'M., teaclier 
BurtonAV. C, blacksmith 
Camp H. S., genl store 
Darrick John H., genl store 
Darrick S. M., genl store 
Lovel \V. B., blacKsmith 
Ijyon B. iS., genl store 
^McClain James, blacksmith 
Smith James F., magistrate 
Tallulah Academy, S. M. Burrong, 

Thilgaw W. E., notary 
Wood Jeptha Kev., ISIethodist 


Houston County. 
A small settlement with no ])Ost- 
ollice, 12 miles northeastof Perry the 
county seat, 

Taylor County. — -S'. U\ R. R. 
County scat. Has a population of 
about 450; express and tel.-^graph 
(jflice, steam cotton gin, 2 Cinircbos 
— Piaptist and Tvletliifdisr -and male 
and female college, and a weekly 
newspaper the Bntltr Heroic^. Is 50 
miles from bol'n Macon and ("oium- 
bus, which are the neaiesi l)auki!ig 
towns. ' Trincipal products, cotton, 
—of which it sliips about ;! OO) liaks 
annuallv — wool Hiid fruits. Dtilv 
mail. Dr. John Walker, P. M. 
Allen Richard E., dry goo'ls 
Bateman Wilhain G., genl store and 
s;iw mill 


» 28 Whitehall Street. Atlanta, Ga. 




^ . 

H =) 
H ^ 

Of Peoples' Mutual Belief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Monthly 
Circulation, 15,C00. Good advertising medium. Eerdfcrccpy. 


Peed AVilliuni J., pln.sieiun 

Peed & Halley (Wflliam II. Peed. 

liobertG. T. llalleyj, Renl store 
Pope Culli'U A. J., slu'iifr 
Pope & Peeliles (Britteu Pope, Isaue 

F. Peebles), genl store 
Respess J. K. Rev., Piiniitive P>aiitiHL 
Rowe & Bro. (John R. and Stephen 

H.), gi'ocers 
Rueker Lucie Miss, teacher 
lli?>s Jaiiies D., attorney and cu. 
o , , 1 T 1- ' ordinary 

.son (Ja.per and Julius j g^^^jt,^ j^/^.j^j j^ physich^n 

Sturdlvani & Holbrook (.Miss iMary 

Siurdivant, Mrs. E. V. Holbrook) 

Terrell D. B., genl store 
Tickling W. X., saw and grist mill 
Tickling it Uixoii, genl store 
Tonilin & Cameron (Robert G. Toni- 

liii, John A. Cameron), saw mill 
Turner A. I)., genl store 
AValker John, jthysician 
AW'ilker & (Jaim (John Walker, 

^V^ F. Gann), druggists 
West Auslin >»'., grocei- 
Wigijins Robert L. Rev., Methodist 
Willis & Dasher, saw mill 
Windhaoi John J., gri^t mill 
Wright Bros. (William H. and 

LeoTKird R.), genl store 

W., propr Butler 

Bullock J. < 

H.), genl store 
Burn-' William 

Butler Herald, W. W. Burns, j^ropr 
Butler Mah' and Female Institute 
Caldwell William P., justice and co 

Carithirs William II., hotel 
Carson Ali)ert A., attorney 
Cheney William M., attornev 
Colbert Obadiali M., attor-iey 
Colbert & Co. (Obadiah 'M. and 

Charles B. Cdbert), grocei s 
Dozier John W., pres Butler College 
Dunn E. C, telegraijh operator 
Edwards \Mlham P., attorney 
Ferifll Dicusou B., grocer 
Fickliu'j: William IL, grist mill 
Fowler Nathan T., watchmaker 
Foy J. W., saw mill 
Hartley John T., grocer 
Hays James !>'., co tax receiver 
Hill \j. tfc Son, genl store 
Holtot) Abraham [c), shoemkT 
Ilolsey Julius H., attorney 
Jenkins Wesley H., elk superior court 
Jenks John F., tax collector 
Lipsey Jeremiah W., genl store, sa- 
loon and hotel 
McCants Jackson J., saw and grist 

McCrory P.ros., saw mil! 
McElnuuray J. H., genl store 
Mangham James 0., co surveyor 
MiiulU S. C. 6i Co. (Sabastian C. 
Maulk, Jenniuirs J. Thompson!, 
livery and undertakers. (See patje 
Monttbrd Richard, cotton gin 
^loulton F. rvL, genl store 
Moye J. P., dentist 
Ogburn Chariton G., geid store 
Oliver William J., saddles and har- 
Peed Henry, co. C(M-oner 


Tcri,;js rn,!,n'i/—M. <.[• n. IL R. 
Situ;Ued oti the Ocmulgee river; 
IS miles from Jetiersonville court 
house, 10 from Ihdlard's, i;s express 
and telegraph (^ttice, L'5 from Macon, 
tlie nearest banking town, 161 from 
Brunswick, and iijS from Atlanta. 
Has a population of about 50, MeUio- 
dist and Baptist churches, steam saw 
anil grist mill. Ship direct. Cotton 
is the chief exjiort. Mail daily by 
rail. Frank P. McClendon, P. M. 


C"jh'i. Vouiify—i See Durham's Mills.) 

D'K-bi County. 
Located on Turkey crtck 11 miles 
nortliwest of Vienna, tlie county seat, 
and the same from Montezuma — Eu- 
faula I)ivi>.ion S. W. R. R.— its near- 
est railroad, express and teleirraph 

B. H, Broomhead& Co. 



l*^ *%x <^ "?>j, 






&. SOLOf^/^Ori, Importers and 
50 ¥s/hiteha!l street, Atlanta. 


station. Cottou is tbe principal 
shipment. It has a population uf 
1)0, Methodist and Baptist cliur(;hes, 
u conimou scliool, and reoivos a 
daily mail bv carrier. William F. 
By rum, P. M' 

Houston Caunty—S. W. R. R. 
Also known is Jackson; 17 miles 
from Perry, i\\e seat oC justice, 12 
from Fort Valley, the ueaj'est tele- 
1,'raph office, 17 from Macon, its 
banking town, S3 from Culumbus 
and 120 from Atlanta Is a place of 
f.bout 400 penplp. ."ontainint: Baptist 
and Methodist cl^iurche's, two schools, 
Keveral steam giii and saw mills and 
oltice of Southern express company. 
Cotton is the chief export. Ship di- 
rect. Mail daily. D. F. Waite, P. 

Anderson J). W., shoemkr 
Baskiu R. H., physician 
I'askin & Stiibbs, genl store 
ikiteman J. W., attorney 
Dasher J. F. & S., saw mill 
DuPree C. M., attorney 
Gaddy E. B. Mrs., millinery 
Gunn U. M., attorney 
Hardison A. J., magistrate 
Hurlley J. D., genl store 
Hartley K. "W. A; Co., genl store 
Jackson E. W., notary and ex-otf 

Jackson Felder, grist iiiill 
JiihnsonAV. H., carpenter 
Mcintosh J. M., genl store 
I'arrott J. C, teacher 
i'tjavy W. H. & Son. genl store 
Hicliardson C. H., physician 
Ptichardson C. H. Jr., teaclier 
Richardson Jc Walton, genl store 
Kichardsou & Warren, druggists 
Smith J. F., carpenter 
Taylor K., genl store 
Thomas G. W., eotton gin 
VVaite D. F., express and railroad 

Waite & Jackson, genl store and 

wagon makers 

W^altou J. A., cotton gin, grist and 

saw mill 
Warren (\ A., physiciiUi 
Warren T. D., cotton gin 

Monroe County. 
A recnitly established post-office 8 
miles from Forsyth, from whieli no 
report Was received. 


Canukn County. 
A small settlement with no mail 


Gicinuett County. 
Known also as Hog Mountain; a 
place of T)er;ia]w 7o inhabitants, con- 
iaini)ig a B.tpii-t <*hurc!i, one school, 
steam cotton gin and grist mill run 
by power obtained from Ivy creek. 
Located S milt'^- from Buford— Pied- 
mont A.-L. lly.— the nearest sJiip- 
])iug, telegraph and express station, 
'32 Tron:i Gainesville, its banking 
l>lace, 45 from Atlanta and S from 
Lawreneeville, the seat of justice. 
Ships oia Bufoi'd. Cotton is the chief 
shijimen; from this i)oint. Mail 
semi-wenklv bv carrier. C W. 
Wood, P. 5l 
Cannon G. A., gerd store 
Forrester J. C. Kev. 
Ma<id<)X William, constable 
Pass T. J. Rev. 
Pool C. P>., uenl store 
Roberts Gi'iflin, ycnl store 


Mules, Horses, Carriages, Buggies, 


e-cttxjEI^, 0-2^:0.^^0-1.^1.., 




-^ ^^ 



o i 
z to 




1 'a '^ 

JAS. P. HARRBSOSil &. CO., Printers, Publishers and 
Binders, 27 c4 29 Broad St., Atlanta, Ca. 


Teagle N., geul store 
Williams S. C, teacher 
"^^'ood C. W.. aia-i-istrate 


Thomas County— S. F. 6: W. B. R. 

Located 15 miles west of Thomas 
ville, tl!e county peat and nearest 
telegr;i})h olTu'e and hankinic town. 
Has an office of the Soiilhei'ii Ex- 
press Cotj.pauy, steam .-aw mill and 
giij, Bai» and ^lethodist cluirclios, 
and an academv. Popnlation 4()U. 
Daily mail. S. ±\. Roddenl.ery, P. II. 

Bryant & Riehter, genl .store 
Clowi-r P. vS., pJiysician 
Davis .S. W., drugs and pliy.siciau 
Griflin M. L., geul store 
iMcManu.s B. \Y., wheelwright 
IMaddox G. C, grocer 
Powell William, railroad agi 
Rigshy W. J., blacksmith 
Kodcieisljery is. A., genl .store and 

Wilmot H., Tihysician 
Wright & Powell, genl store 

Wilkes County. 
Located ahout 15 miles north of 
Washington, tlie county scat. Is a 

small hamlet 

with no mail advau- 


Cordon. C<nuity — W. ct- A. L'. IL 
The county seat. Has a popnlatioti 
of over COO, Metijodist an(i Baptist 


Decatur County. 
Located 20miles southeast of H.un- 
bridge, the county seat and neart-^i 
telegrupn oiliee, and 10 from liar- 
re!l, the nearest railroad and ex^ae-s 
station. Swamp creek furnishes pon ■ 
er to operate a saw and grist mil!. 
Has a Baptist church and sehudl. 
Cotton is the principal product. 
Weekly mail. D. L. Maxwell, P. M. 


Warren Countjj — Ca. R. R. 

At junction of M. & A. R. R., 4 
miles from Warrenton the county 
seat ; 47 from Augu-ta the nearest 
banking jilace ; 7s from ]Macou and 
124 from Atlanta. Has a population 
of about 7U. Ortices of iSouth<-'rn ex- 
press, and Western Union telegraph 
companies. Has a grist mill operated 
by power tierived fruui I'>Iiddle creek, 
^iethodist church and one comim)n 
school. Cotton is the chief export. 
JNIail daily by rail. T. A. Brinkley, 
P. JNI. 

H^older J., miller 
Kinscy J. F., hotel 
iMaycs A. J., genl store 
Mayes S, !>'., physicsan and geul 

Smith H. W., teacher 


Scrtven Qjunly — C. Jx. R. 
Has a population of 50. Is located 
15 suuthwesi of Sylvania, and 7 from 
Halcyon Dale, the neartst telegraph 
otllce. CiJtton, rice and farm produce 
are tlie principal products. Daily 

Ttlj'air County — {l<<.e Vvlii'iille.) 

Mifchdl County—S., F. d- W. R. R. 
Coiinty seat, on the Albany division 
of aliove lii\e <>/ railway ; l;!2 miles 
from .Mai'on, 2:;:! from Savannah and 

ci;nrchesand couunon school, express 235 irum Atlanta. Is an in"orporated 
and telegraph ofiices. Cotton and ■ town of about 700 popnlation. Gov- 
gruin form the principal exports. ] erued I'y a mayor and .'» conncilmen. 
Mail daily. j Has 4 ehurches, o schools, carriage 

B. H. Broomhead & Co 



I ft r •" P n ^ T A 5 ?*J Q *^^ Laralirequins, selected from finest Importations . 
LAUt bun I kli«-Cj CARTSa k SOLOMON, 50 77hitsliall st., Atlanta. 




ji):im)faetory, a large cotton ware 
ljuii>e :uid .steam and j.' tiud paw 
niill^. Cotton, liide:? anil hiniber form 
(h»' chief shipments from this point. 
Southern ex))re.s,-i and Western Union 
t'le-raph olHces. Albany— 26 miles 
distant — is its bankint^ tc^vn. Mail 
«laily. Charles A. Koles, P. M. 

Bairi^s <fc Collins (James Bngijs, L. A. 
^Marlon Collins), ^cnl store 

Huiley Jeptha H., genl store 

Bennett F. R., co. commissioner 

Brimberry !Marion F., genl store and 
express agt 

Brimberry William IT., carriage mkr 
and genl store 

Bush <fe Lyon (Isaac A. Bush, Thos, 
R. Ta'oii), attorneys ;ind b'-;nl;ers 

Butler"^*?.- Turner (i)avid K.Butler, 
John C. Turner), geul store 

Callaway Jarues, attorney 

Camero7:i IS!., magistrate 

Camilla Academy, C. Russell Twitty, 

Cochran Robert H., co tax collector 

Collins & Co. (L. A. Miiriou Collins, 
Charles M. Baggs), turpentine dis- 

Cull B. J. A., physician 

Cullen F. T., attorney 

Daslier Horace C. eo. ordinary 

Davis Clinton 0., attorney 

Einstein Maier, geul store 

George M. K. Mr,--., i;otel 

George P. ]M., dentist 

Harrell A. H., cotton buyer 

Hartsfield & Hari-ell (William F. 
Hartsfield, Marcus I. Harrell), gro- 

Heath B. D. & Co. (Benjamin D. and 
John P. Heath), geul store 

Heath G. Lee, carriaire mkr 

Heppe AVilliam, confectioner 

Hurst Wiley A., hotel and black- 

Jackson G. W., co. commissioner 

Jones Jacob (c), b'lacksmith 

Jones J. S. & Bro. (John S. and 

< 'James A.), genl store 

KoUjie Charles F., shoemkr 

Morgan William H., grocer 

Owen James T., co. coroner 

Palmer J. II., attorney 

Peaice John \V., rlk siii)erior court 

iScaife J. II., attorney and co. com- 

Bchlesinger Henry, genl store 


Hloan H. E., saw mill 

Spence H. W.. co. commissioner 

Bpenee J. H., attorney 

Spence William A. J., drugs and 

Spence ■\ViHiam N., attorney 

Stephen* J'">hn H.. r r agent 

Stewart James L.,'co treasurer 

Stewart & Cochran (James L. 
Stewart, James H. Cochran), gro- 

Sv.'indle George W., sherifl' and 
livery stable 

Tinslev William J., physician 

Twitty C. Russell, prin Camilla 

Twitty J. B., physician 

Twitty P. W., justice 

Twitty W. W., physician 

Twitty i Culpepper (W. Watson 
Twitty, Vvilliam H. Culpepper), 
eenl sr(.re 

Wilson John C, tax receiver 

Wright O. r., tea^ii<-r and co sur- 


Union Counti/. 
Located 12 miles northeast of 
Blaii-sville the comity seat, and 60 
from Gainesville the nearestraiiroad, 
express and telegraph station. I'lour, 
bacon, dried fruit and live stock, 
form the principal exports. Has a 
Baptist and Methodist churches and 
a high school. Weekly mail. 

CAMP [k^^lLLS. 

GwiiDiet* G'unt;/. 
Formerly a postotVice, discontinued 
February 15, 1S7'J. Heud mail to 

o ^ 

f IxlOULDinss a:td TR^:ZZ2 at c 
Atbnia, Ga. V/estern Prioes dupl 

:.I. !'VS; 23 Whitehall street, 
icatod at v.'holesalo. 



P p (1 D j r C ' MUTUAL P.ZLIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta. Ga. A Eencvclcr 
r Lui LLO Institution, conducted on "business principles. 





Charlton Conntu. 

A small village the Florida 
boundary with no postal facilities. 

iSIixou E. P., physioiati 
Tiij^i^le R. J., attorney and justice 
Wilson A. H., physiciau 
Woodall J. A., saloon and groetr 
Wooiiall J. B , slioemkr 


Townn Coaniy. 
A place of about 60 inbabitraits, 6 
miles froiu Hiawassee the county 
seat ; 50 from INIount Airy the nearest 
railroad, express and telegraph sta- 
tion, and GO from Gainesville the 
nearest banking town. Bra-^stown 
creek furnishes power to operate a 
flour and eorn mill. The principal 
shipments are llour, corn, liaeon and 
general produce. Ship via GainesvilLi 
or Mount Airy. Was establis.iied as 
a postoffice in ISSO, and receives mail 
twice a weelc from Blairsville and 
Hiawaseee. George W. .lolinson, P. 


Telfair County. 

A small place with apo]iulation o[ 
about 30, nine miles from ^NIcKac. 
the county seat and nearest raiirofui, 
express and telegraph station, and .S'i 
from Macou, the nearest bankintr 
town. The office of the Georgia Laiui 
and Lumljer Company is at this 
place. The company'' ojieratcs about 
21 miles of narrow gauge railroad. 
Their timber is rafted to St. Simons 
Mills. Snip via Mollae — No. 11 M. 
& B. B. R. Was established as a 
post-olTice in 1879 and receives a daily 
mail from McRae by special carrier. 
R. Oberley, P. M. 

iieorgiii Laitd ai?(l Ijuml>er 

Papot James A. &Co., contraetore 

Camphell Count ij. 
Ou the Chattahoochee river S miles 
from Fairl)ur)i— A. & W. P. R. R., 
its railrf.'ad, express and telegraph 
oflk'cs, and !M direct from Ati-.'.nta or 
by rail via Buirburn, 27. lias a popula- 
tion of over liii). Baptist and ]N[etho- 
dist churclie-, one school, and mail 
tliree times a we;^k l\v carrier. Ship 
by way of Fairiuirn. Cotton is the 
chief expoit. J. L.Latham, P. M. 

Brown A. H., wagon mkr 

Brown .7. \V., carpenter 

Cameron J>. H., geni store 

Hailey J. E., druggist 

Hin<iiiian A. .L, notary and black- 

Humphreis E. F. & A. C, saloon and 

gen I store 
I^atlsani J. L<., geul store 

Fierce Count >/ — B. d- A. B. JR. 
No post-office. Mail to Hoboken, 


Emnnuel Couaty. 
Eight miles from Swainsi^oro, tlie 
county seat, 10 Irom Herndun— No. 9 
C. R.'R.— its railroad and express of- 
fice, 26 from Millen, tlie nearest tele- 
irra])h station. Augusta, 30 miles, is 
used as a banking place; 207 from 
Atlanta and lO-'j from Savannah. 1:>* 
a place of CO inljabitants, containing 
four ciiurclies, one school, chair and 
carriage f:icto;-y, and two each saw 
and trrisl miil run by steam. Ship 
via ilerndon. Cotion is tiie chief 
export, rvlail four times a week by 
buggy. A. R. Redding, P. M. 

Brown L. H. & G. H., cotton gin 
Bryant N. ^V. Rev. 
Bull W. M. Rev. 
Cowan Zaehariaii Rev. 
E'ienlield D. .1., carriage maker 
Newman J. }>., chair mnfr 
Proctor A. 'M,, genl store 
lleiltliisg A. ii. Rev. 

B. H. Brooi.ihead & \^o. \ 


at CAETSR Ss SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall St.. Atlanta. 





Roumltiee W. P., genl store 
S:iniples C. L., phvsician 
Williams H. H. Eev. 


Cherolcee. County— M. & N. 0. R. R. 
County seat. Located mi the Eto- 
wah river, 22 miles from M.irietta — 
AV. & A. R. R. — its pre.-eur express, 
telegraph olliee and bankinji^ town, 
and 42 from Atlanta The place con- j McO.llum William T., black-^mith 
tarns about375 inhabitants, two each | MeMurrv .Tohn A. Rev., Baptist 
Methodist and Baptist churches, two 1 ^Martin M P. Rev 
common schools, steam cotton t,nn, i ^loore Fied W.. co survevor 




saw mill and erist mill operated by 
power derived from tiie above named 
river. Shij) direct. Cotton, corn and 
whisky form the chief shipments. 
Mail daily. W. B. Whitmore, P. M. 

Arwood Thomas W., tax receiver 
Attaway .T. D., attorney 
Attaway J. ]\r., teacher 
Averv Jacob C., genl store 
Butler P. P. Rev, 
Chanilee George W., disiiller 
Chandler T. B., railroad agent 
Cherokee Advance, M. A. Thomas, 

Coizgins .Jonathan L.. co. treas 
Coker M. C, tax collector 
Coleman Watson L., physician 
Crisler Benjamin F., genl store and 

shoe ninfr 
DuPree P. \\\. attorney 
Duval ]). P. Miss, teacher 
Ellis William M., genl store 
Gait Jabez, elk Superior C'Uirt 
Greene Williaia A., druLcs and 

Holland E. B. & Go. (Eugene B. 

Holland, Joseph B. Hardin), genl 

Jarvis John W., watches, clocks, 

jewelry and ])hotoji;rapher 
Jones Robert T., genl store 
Keith J. V. & Bro., distillers 
Kilby & Patterson, saw mill 
King .lames H., sewing machines 
Kin^' J. H. Mrs., millibery, etc 
Kirk William T., co coroner 
McAffee House, W. B. Whitmore, 

McAil't'e Jasper M., genl store 
McAllVe Jost'[ih M., genl -tore 
31cCl{ire Ciiarles 31., genl store 

and CO onlinary 

Xewtuaii *;. Atta'woy (Howard 
W. Newman, .lohn D. Attaway), 

Parker A. M., physician 

Patterson &. (Gordon (Reynolds L. 
Patterson, John W^ Gordan), cot- 
ton gin and planing mill 

Payite & DtiPree (lieiijamin F. 
Payne, Perry P. Dul'ree), attor- 

Quilfian Henrv M. Rev., Mathodist 

Sewell Newton, physician 

Sewt'll S. P , physician and drugs 

Spears Joshua P., sherifT 

Speir, Lathem & Co. (James Speir, 
George Lathem, William ISl. Can- 
non), treul store 

Teasley Georire I., attorney 

Tea-ley William A., attorney and 

Tliomas "Marshall A., pubr Cherokee 

Turk John M.. drugs and ]»hysician 

Vanci' .John M., harness mkr 

Warlick Wil!i;im M., blacksmith 

WliitBJiore WeUs B., postmaster 
and propr ^IcAfee House 

m ^ 
_ a 

< o 

^ h 


Sere ue 11 Cuuhfy. 
A recently established pos^toflice 
from which no report was received 
in time for publication. 


Whitfield County.— ,3'',' C'"ve City.) 


Jonrs Cu'in'y, 
Located 10 miles northwest of 
Clinton the county s^'at, anil S from 



h f^Ji 


for ?::OTOCjIIA?Ho. and rr:.r.:c3 r.ade to order, any si^o or 
stvle. 0. M. GOODMAN. 23 Whiiehall street, Atlanta, Ga. 



Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 

CAK " ~ 






d o 


Bolingbroke the iit-iirest railroad sta- 
tion. Has a Metijodist church and 
school. Poultry and butter are the 
principal shij)ment,s. Keceivcs ii 
seini-wcekly mail. 


Franklin County. 
The county seat. Has a populatioji 
of nearly 200. Toccoa is the nearest 
telegraph and express oUice, and 
railroad station. North Broad river 
furnishes power to operate grist niilJ, 
and there is also a steam irrist and 
saw mill, Baptist and Methodist 
churches and a high school. Cotton, 
corn and oats, are the principal ship' 
ments. Daily mail. 


Carroll County. ~S. G. ib JY. A. B. E. 
The county seat. Is the terminus 
of ihe S. G. & X. A. R. E. Newuan I 
26 miles distant is the nearest tele- j 
graph and express ollice. Population 
nearly ],00n. Has Presbyterian, Bap- 
tist and ^Nletliodist churches, com- 
mon scliools, a nesvspaper — the Car- 
roll Connfij 2///;f.'?— flouring mill, and 
sa-di, door and blind factory. Cotton 
is the principal product. Charles H. 
MerrelJ, P. ^I. 

Almon Moses N., notions 
Askew & Bradley (James F. Askew, 
James F. Bradley, John W. Mar- 
tin), geul store 
Austin George W., attorney 
Baskiri d;Strii'Iing (John W. Baskin, 
Wesley C. Strij)ling), genl store , 
BriHs Jumes A., guano anii cotton | 
B:i.\ter & Sims (James M. Baxter, I 
D ivid W. Sims), Hour mill i 
}'>e;d! Wiili'im A., tax receiver i 
Bennett & Burns (James K. Bennett, j 
B'-nJamin F. Burns), geid store | 

Beusou Eli, hotel and distiller 
Benson William (c), livery stable 
Brown & Brown (Wamuel J. and 

Henry C.), academy 
Butler Franklin M., shoemkr 
Camp <fe White (Andrew J. Canop, 

Samuel T. White), genl store 
Carroll County Tiiues, Edwin 

II. Sharpe, ju-opr (Seepage 201) 
Chambers Ciiarles E., furniture 
Cisaiisliers House, William B. 

Clutmbers, propr 
Cheney Isaac N., physician 
Colilii & i3rov/n (Joseph L. Cobb, 

William F. Brown), attorneys 
Cole Gilbert, coroner 
Cole Joseph F., physician 
Cole Wilham 1'., attorney 
Easson Elijah P., meats 
Fain Nicholas, com mer 
Fields J. M. & Co. (John M. Fields, 

George W. Koop), geul store 
Fitts W. W., physician 
[ Fitts & West (William W. Fitts 
George H. West), drtigs and sta- 
Gaines & Brown (Robert J. Gaines, 
James R. Brown), fertilizers nnd 
Gardner George A., r r agt 
Gaston J. J., carpenter 
Gaulding AVilliam, physician 
Glass Marcus, cooper 
Gritlin Jesse R., tinner 
Hamriek Jamc- ?•[., tax collector 
Harris Sampson W., judge t'uperior 

Hewitt James M., sheriff 
Iline Robert {<:), barber 
liolisses Jassses J>., confectioner 
Houston John P., blacksmith 
Jolitison William, drugs 
Jordan .lerry H., co surveyor 
Juhan James J., attorney 
Juhan & Pope (Daniel B. Juhan, 
Mrs. M. E. J'ope), dry goods and 
Kelly John ^i. B., elk Superior 

Kirby J. T., timner 
KirSJey Wi JJiasti P., genl store 
Kraiuer I03'v?e.->t G., genl mdse 
Long & Co. ( llinry W. and Thomas 

L. ), genl stole 
Lowe James M., genl store 
McDaniel dc White (Rnnsoru C. Mc- 
Daniel, Sanui.iC. White), dentists 
Mabry Thomas A., genl store 

B. H. Broomhoad i Co. 

b 'J 

initc Lead aiid Ci 


^ Wholesale and Eetail Dealers in CAHPETS 
J«» Oil Cloths, &o., 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




Mandeville lieroy C, genl store and 

CO troHsurer 
."Mantlevilie ^<ii. West (Lenti P. 
Mutuleville, Thomas H. West),, doors and blinds 
Mathews & Smith (Patrick V. Math- 
ews, Wesley W. Smith), jewelers 
.Merrell Charles W., attorney 
Merrell E. B.. attorney 
Merrcll W. W. & G. W. (William 
■ W. and George W.), attorneys 
]Mitebell John A., harue8smkr 
New William C, genl radse 
Perdue Isham ]>., genl store 
Pierce & Lepard (I\Iicajah Pierce, 

William E. Lepard), senl store 
Pope Jasper iN., genl store 
ReeBe Augustus C, select school 
Reese &, Adamscn (Oscar Reese, 

Charles Adauison), attorneys 
Ricliards Robert L., co ordinary 
Robinson Henry R., livery stable 
Roop Henry O., eenl store 
Roop William W. Rev., Baptist 
Sharp A. F. & Bro. (Albert F. and 

James T.), genl store 
Sbarpe Etl-«,viii K., propr The 

Carroll Countv Times 
SJicluutt k. "Mes-rell (John N. 
Sheluutt, Grisham D. Merrell), 
genl store 
Simonlon Charles B., genl store 
Smith S. Owen, cot com raer 
Stewart Johu}i., photographer 
Stewart J. W. 6c Sou, ^J. W 

Wiley G.). genl store 
Tanner William S., saloon and gro- 
Thomason James R., physician 
Thomason & Bro., (Miss Emma M 

Turner it Chambers (Alfred D. Turn- 
I er, Joseph P. Chajubers), genl store 
I Wells Edwin W., livery stable 
'' Wells Howard, (c), blacksmith 
j Woithy Z. P. <fc Son, (Zachariah P. 

and ■\Villiam H.), genl store 


Hancock Co>.i)ii>/. — J/. tO A. Ji. H. 

Located lO miles southwest of 

Sv>arta, the county seat, and 10 from 

Milledgeville, the nearest telegraph 

i oliice. Has steam and water grist 

I and saw mills, Baptist and Ivlethodist 

; churches, school and express oliice. 

j Population 45. Daily mail. Julian 

West, P. M. 

Baugh & Rives, saw mill 
I Benion >\ B. Rev., Baptist 
I Butts J. AV., physician 
Can- .1 . D., genl store, exp and r r agt 
Carr X. J., grist mill 
i Ellis J. T., genl store 
i Fralev II., urist mill 
! Hall W. S.^justice 
Hari)er B. I., genl store and grist 

Jones T. J., physician 
iivj,iu..-Miz v^v. ....,., v^.i. ...... ^^...... .... ; Morris W. R. «fc Co., genl store 

and Junius W.), dry goods and mil- j Palmer J. A., genl store 
linery I Palmer W. S., grist mill 

Trussed & Sims (Daniel L. Trussell, | Thomas & Morris. (J. B. Thomas, 
David W. Sims), carriages ' W. R. ^Morris), srist mill 



Editor and Proprietor. 





The Timf.s is the only paper pubUsh-d in Carroll county, one of the larcest and most populous 
counties of North Geor-ia. CarroUton, the place of publication, at the terminus of the S. G. A: N. 
A. R, R., is a flourbhing town of some 1200 inhabit-ints, with a bri,i;ht future before it, being at the 
proposed intersection of the Coluiubus & Rome and Goorjiia Pacific from Atlanta. 
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Taylor County. 
A recently establislied post ofliee 11 
miles ijorthwest of Butler, the coujity 
seat ami nearest railroad, express and 
telegrapli statiou. Population about 
C5. Ilas a iuetuodibt ciuirch, school 
steam mill and gin. 
Carter A. M., genl store 
Mangbam J. O., teacher 
Monk S. 8., geul store 
Searcy John, mill and gin 
Singleton F. P., physician 


Gihner County. 
Ten miles from Ellijay, tbe seat of 
justice, 45 from Gainesville, its rail- 
road, express and telegraph offlee.^ 
and banking town. In the vicinity I 
are four churches — one ZMethodist and i 
three P>;iptisl3 — one school and t\^'o 
flour nulls, (^ounfry produce is the 
chief shipment. Mail Daily. W. A. 
Allen, P. M. 

Allen Samuel D., magistrate 
AlJeti W. A., geul store 
Clui>^e D. W., grist mill 
Davis J. M. Rev., Baptist 
Ellis James M. Rev, Baptist 
Heath GJeorge W., geul store 
McPIan "Wilkey, genl store 
Smith George F., physician 
Smith R. L., genl store 
Smith (fc Swain, grist mill 
Teen M. V. & Sou, genl store 
Vandergrift B. B., genl store 
AVcst Jam.'s M. Rev., Baptist 
West M. J., notary 


Murray County. 
Located 10 miles southeast 
Spring Place, the county seat. 



Clinch County. 

A small settlement about 17 mil.:^ 
wes': of llomerville, the county simi, 
with no mail advantages. 


Appling County. 

Has no mail facilities. Situated 1') 
miles southwest of Baxley, between 
Big and Little Hurricane creek. 


Bartow County— W. & A. R. II. 
The county seat; is on the W. <t 
A. R. R., at the junction of theClif^r- 
okee I\. R., 40 miles from Atlanta. 
Ore iind minerals abound in this sec- 
tion, which is also one of the fine.^t 
farming regions in the State. Has 
four churcihes— Presbyterian, Epis- 
copal Methodist and Baptist — tlireo 
schools, two weekly newspapers-- 
the Express and Free I^'ess — several 
secret societies, express and tele- 
graph ofiices. Population over 2,000. 
Daily mail. Jesse R. Wikle, P. M. 
Aikin & Aikin (Warren T. and 

Jolm), attorneys 
Alley Isharn, genl store 
Anderson John, stoves and tinware 
Anderson John P., livery stable 
Anderson Joint R.. saloon and I'il- 

Anderson Oliver D., furniture and 

Attaway Shelby K., attorney 
Auerbach Ciiarles, dry goods 
]5;'.ker Thomas ii., phvsician 
Baker & Hal! (William C. Baker, 

Plenry PI. Hall), hardware 
Ban on tt Bro. (Augustus L. and 

William H.), grocers 
Barton 15ailey, tax collector 
Baxter Thomas W., machinery and 

Bell John F., grocer 
Bowler William O., harness and sad- 
Callaliau John W., shoemkr 
Cartersvi41-e Exp*e.^, C.Willlngham, 

Cartersville Free Press, C. H. C. and 

A. !M. Willitiirham, ])ubs 
Cobb H. W., CO. treasurer 
Conner James J., attorney 

B. H. Droomhead & Co. I 

s< i?r 


J!P*^' -. ■" • 


in all patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
Vi, 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Couyers James B., attoruey 

Curry David \V., drugs 

Piiiifl Fnmcic^ M., grocer 

I) ;(l;;t'ii Jotiu C, grocer and saloon 

Durham F. M., elk superior court 

F/hvards William C., barue.-s aud 

r'nlow James D., hotel 
Fitei\. W., attorney 
Kite Kichard L., physician 
Foote Thomas A., genl store 
Foster J. W., physician 
Franklin A. ^I., sherifl' 
Gait k Maeger (Henry Gait, Richard 

J. Manger), saloon 
Gilbert \V. H, & A. D. (William H. 

and Alfred D.), genl store 
Gdreath M. H^& Co. (Miller H. and 

Gilreath Nelson, grocer 
Ginn W. W., co tax receiver 
Godfrey Benjamin F., grocer 
(jiraham h Foute (Edward D, Gra- 
ham, Augustus M. Foute), attor- 
Gray Franklin P., attorney 
Harwell John F., guns?uith 
Harwell Thomas J., blacksmith 
Hicks & Brevard (iSeaborn T. Hicks, 

Aliiert 8. Brevard), cabinet mkr 
Hdburn John, brick mnl'r 
Ho.Ks Landon C, propr St. James 

Hoivard J. A., co. ordinrrv 
H..v,;ird J. J. & Son iJohu 'J. and 

William H.), bankers 
UudgiuH Anson R,, grocer 
Jones Robert H., buggv and wagon 

lunfrand genl store 
Johnson Lindsay, pliy^ician 
Johnson McConnell L., attorney 
Johnson Pomp (c), restaurant 
JohiisuD William (e), barber 
Kin;/ Ah'xander (c), shoemkr 
i<-ii!^'ht A. & Co. (Aaron Knight, 
J^rancia M Ford), grain and pro- 
Uake William W., physician 
Merikee & Hansen, photographers 
-MUner & Harris (Thomas W, Mil- 
ner, Watt Ifarris, Jr.), atCtjrneys 

Monutcastle H. M. & Co. (Hilliard 
M., Charles W. and Edward V/. 
ISIountcastle), books and music 
]Mountcastle William R., jeweler 
Mull Daniel B., genl store and co 

Mur[)hey R. W., attorney 
Neel .Taaies M., atlcrney 
JSTorris John T., ins airt 
Norris &. Tones (.T.^hn T. Norris, Rob- 
ert H. Jones), cotton warehouse 
Owen John T., jeweler 
PadgeUe E. M. Miss, milliner 
Parrott Robert (c),siioemkr 
Patterson & Miaier (c), (Ellis Patter- 
son, Haynes Miiner), blaeksmitlis 
Pattillo R.; M. & Co. (Robert M. Pat- 
tillo, liobert F. Bradford), grocers 
Payne Edward, grocer and saloon 
Pa\ne Mort E., saloon 
Peacock E. W. K., co. surveyor 
Pyrolusite Munganense Co., W. H. 
Hacket, supt ; E. H. Woodv/ard, 
Roberts Richard C, livery stable 
Roberts & Collins C^terling M. Rob- 
erts, ISIiles A. Collins), grocers 
St. .James Hotel, L. C. Hoss, propr 
Satterlield Georye W., genl store 
Satterfi.^ld Reuben W., genl store 
Satterlield William, grocer and sa- 
Seheuer Broa. (Albert and Moses), 

uenl store 
Shaw Francis M., wagon mkr 
Shepherd John T., plivsician 
Shockley Leo Miss, milliner 
Shockley Thomas B,, genl store 
Skinner A. A. & Co. (Richard A. 
ClaytoTi), grocers 

-Myntgoniery & Son ^Gcorgo M. and i Stansell Matthew R., attorney 

Jolin G. ^L), genl store 
-Hooii Cliarles A., boots aTid shoes 
Moon Joseph M., attoni-y 
-Moon Pleasant L., genl store 
■Morns Henry (c), barber 

Stephens J. A. <fe J. F. (John A. and 
Jasper F.), grocers 

Stevenson &. Taylor (Hugh Stephen- 
eon, Daniel Taylor), founders and 


^ AND PICTUF.S FFvAT-IES, at Whclcsah a Specialty, at 
^ GOODMAN'S, 23 V/hitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 









The Press and People ref^ard THE CHRISTIAN IWDEX 
the best Advertising IViiedium in the South. 




M I, 

Stokekn, Williuo- A Co ' Wind C 
WilliamR, Robert G. Mays, Mrs. 
M. A. Stokeley), ^'enl store 

Stover John A., grocer 

Tavlor John (c), harber 

Todd E. & Co. (Edgar and John M. 
T^Ndd). f^PTil ptnr'^ 

Tumlin George S., attorney and 

Upson J. D., dentist 

Vaiidivere Alfred G. B., meatnmrkct 

Vandivere A. D., grocer 

Walker F. M., shoenikr 

White Cliarles H., genl store 

AVikle W. H. & Co. (William 11. 
Wikle, Charles H. Tomlinson), 
hooks and stationery 

Wikle & Wikle (John H. and Doug- 
las), attorneys 

Wilhams Martin G., drugs and phy- 

Williams Virgil L., stoves, tinware Baptist and ^tethodist churches, one 
and queens ware academy, and a steam t-aw and grist 

Wilii:uns William A., blacksmith 'mill. Ship i'/-:' Cass Station. Cotton, 

Willingham Cornelius, publr Ex- ' wlieat, corn and hay torm the ciiiet 
pr^sg I shipments from this pomt. Mail 


Bartow County— \V. cfc A. E. li. 
I A small village of about 75 people, 
j 4 miles from Clartersville, the .seat i.t 
I justice, 1 mile from Rogers i^tation, 
'. its telegraph office, 53 from Atlanta 
i and 87 from Chattanooga. Ship (U 
direct. The place has an express of. 
! fice and cotton gin and saw mill.. 
{ Mail twice a day by rail. W. J. 
J Simpson, P. M. 


Walker County. 

Lolated 12 miles uorthv/est of La- 

I Fayette, the county seat, and S from 

j Rifting Fawn, its nearest railroad sta- 

tion. na'= INTf^^iodict P"d, ^fippionnrv 

Baptist churches, common schools, 

and several water-power grist mills. 


Bartow County. 
Located on Two Run Creek, 7 miles 
from Cartersville-W. & A. R. R.- the 
county seat, and its tele^jraph office 
and banking town, 2 from Cass Sta- 
tion, the nearest shipping and express 
oihce,t'/a which it is 65 from Atlanta, 
and 89 from Chattanooga. Is a place 
of about 225 inhabitants, containing 

Willingham C. H. C. & A.. M 
(Charles H. C. and Alexander M. 
l>ul)lrs Free Press 

Wottord Absalom P., attorney 


Wilc&x County, 

A small place of about 30 inhabit- 
ants, 12 miles from Abbeville, the 
county seat, and 15 from Hawkins- 
ville, tlie nearest railroad, express 
and telegraph station and banking 
town. Cotton and wool are the prin- 
cipal products. Was established as 
a post-oltice in lS7!j;uid receives mail 
twice :i week from iiawkinsville and 
Wolf Creek by wagon. David Casou, 
P. M. 

daily by carrier from Cass Station. 

R. B. Smith, P. M. 

Barber Thomas, shoemkr 

Battle R. J., physician 

Brown M. S., physician 

Chum W. A., genl store 

Garwood J. »fc Co., gribt and saw mill 

Hawks J. P., genl store and magis- 

Headden W. & Son, wagon and plow 

Holmes H. H., carriage mnfr 

Kinnebrew J. W., physician 

Mevers W. M., blacksmith 

Siiiitli K. -B., genl store 

Tear W. E., shoemkr 


Lowndes County. 
Population estimated at 50. Hag 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. \ fc^ DRY OR IN OIL. 

t ft r^ r n 1 1 D T Ti I f ' ^^ 2^ Lamtrsquins, selected from finest Importations 
LAlt bun I ikUiQ CAETEE ii SOLOMCN, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 






xwo cliurcheri— and B-i))- 
, .J — oiic .seliool and a saw and grist 
i:iili, Mpeiiited by power obtained 
J.-. nil Cui Creek. Valdo.'-ta, 12 milts 
,;i-f;inl, is the counly seat, and near 
, -t radro;i(i, tele^napb, express office 
aiid iKinkiiig town ; Atlanta is 322 
iUiii Saviiunaii 169 miles distant. Siup 
lAi Vaid(jsta. Cotton is the chief ex- 
>.,rl. Mail semi-weekly by buggy. 
Sir,. Mary E. Griffin, P. M. 

Uatlle W. L., millwright 
Ik-.itiy E. M., carpenter 
(Iridin S. 1^., genl agent 
Hayes J. L., blacksmith 
J.rome 11. P., genl store 
Kt-lly E. M., Carpenter 
'lyler J. M. & Co., genl store 
TvltM- W. M , carpenter 
Williams C. M., teacher 


Harris County.— C. c& E.H. i?. 


Floyd County.— S. JL & D. JR. B. 

Cave Spring is located on Cedar 
Creek 16 miles from Kome, the 
county seat, and nearest banking 
town. Hasan ouice ui Luc Sualiicm 
Express Co. and telegraph ollice. 
Has 4 churches, Presbyterian, Epis- 
copal, Methodist, and Baptist, t^op- 
ulation about 450. There are two 
I large academies or institutes, one un- 
der control of the Baptist deiiotninu.. 

"^ I uer coniroi ui lut- jjapLi^^mt-iiviniin-- 

A place of very little importance, } ^j^^^^ ,^^(1 Q^e other tiie jNIethodist 
Willi a population of 50; is 8 niiles i r^j^g' g(;,^tg Asylum for the deaf anc 
from Hamilton court house, 15 from I (jm^jl, j^ also located here. Coda 

Columbus and 115 from Atlanta 
Has railroad and express otlices 
Sliii) direct. C. M. llamley, P. M. 
Hrewistou T. F., physician 
Moaue J. H., genl store 
Kodgers E. W., teacher 

Catoosa County. — W. S: A. R. R. 
The station for Catoosa Springs. 
Xo post-oflice. 


Catoosa County. 
A summer resort 4 miles from 
Ringgold, the county seat, 2 from 
Catoosa station, the nearest railroad 
and expressstation, and 20 miles from 
Cliattanooga, Tenn., the nearest L'ank- 
ing town. Ttiere are more tiian fifty 
"I'Tings of ditrerent nT-^<iicinal prop- 
erties tlowin<: within an area oi two 

acres. Telegraph oilice at the hotel. 
Sliip CM Ringgold. Wascstabli.-shed as 

a po^i-otlice in ISSl, tsnd receives ai Kuymond T. M. Kt v., T'resliyteriau 
paily mail by stage. W. P. Camp- | xi^;.^ h. K. B.^v., Epi-cupal" 
bell, P. :\L Robins J. B. liev., Metliodist 
i^prings Hotel, Dr. J. R. Reynolds Samuel J. H., physician 
and Mrs. M. E. Caniuiii, mngrs. ' Sewell G. F., physician 

MOULDINuS A.nD F.'.,'^:tIi5 ac y.. u-.oAmi.i's, 23 Whitehall street, 
Atlanta. Ga. Wester:; Prices duclicated at wholesalQ. 



Creek furnishes water power to oper- 
ate a flouring mill, saw mill and wool 
carder. Cotton is the i)rincipal i)ro 
duct. Was cstablislied as a post- 
olHce in 1840, and has a daily mail by 
railroau. R. H. Smith, P. M. 

Bunn P. ]^L :^lis.-., teacher 

Burns W. M., justice 

Conner W. O , piin. State Institute 

for deaf and dumb 
Culvertson W. A., physician 
Davis T. J., notary 
Dickevsou T. K., livery siable 
Dickerson T. E. & Son, genl store 
Dozier J. T., druggists 
Gray M. W., physician 
Hardin A, D. & Co., (A. D. Hardin, 

J. H. Samuel, W. A. Culbertson), 

groceries and ilrugs. 
Harper & Carroll, (A. T. Harpqr, J. 

:M. Carroll), grist and woolen mills 
Kiiii: P. J., teacher 
McCall D. T.. physician 
McKenzie Thomas J., r r agt and tel 


'< pi 




N -I 

M "- 



' Mutual Relief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, best and safe;t 
Co-otserative Life Association in the South. 






Sims W. B. & Co., f^rncers 

Simmons O. C, teacher 

Simmons W. S. & D. W., genl store 

Smitti II. N., grocer 

State [iistitijie for Deaf find D'jra'i. 

W. O'Connor, prin 
ScricklaTifi B. M., drugs 
Tilly R. C., hotel und livery stable 
Trout N. l3. & Co,, srrocers 
'J'rout W. P. & Co. (W. P. Trout, A. 

Shaw), geiil store 
"Walker J. M. & Son, genl store 
Watts James C., plij'sieian 
Wriglit A. W., drugs 
Wright C. W., genl store 


I'atnall Cvuniy. 
Is a place of about 100 inhabitant^, 
10 miles from Reiilsville the county 
seat, and 40 hom No. 3, C. K. K*. 
the nearest i-ailroad and express sla- 
tion. Cedar Cieek fiom which th.' 
town derives its name furuisiuh 
water power to operate a saw mill, 
rice and corn mill. It has also steam 
1 -aw mills and gins. Cotton and 
I timber are the principal shipments. 
j Ship via No. 3, C. R. R. AVas estab- 
lished as a postollice in 1S78, and re- 
ceives mail 4 times a week from 
Statesborough and Reidsville. J. A. 
Callaway, P. .M. 

P>ir.i Elbert, genl store 

Rrewton J. B., genl store and mill 

Eason E. A., physician 

Hendricks G. E.,'genl store and mill 

Smith J. B., saw mill 


Y/nlker (Jounty. 
Located 10 miles from LaFayette 
the county seat; 25 from Chattaiu>o- 
O /^ \/ E? ro r* s- »» ff'i its railroad, teleu'raph, express of- 

t^AVUI\.U^It. ^^^^ and banking town, i-Za which 

Lumpkin County. Atlanta is 16G miles distant. This 

Located about 4 miles uoi-theast of I place has a population of ovt-i- 300; 
Dahlunega the county seat, with no! two (.•hurclies— iNlettioiiist and P>;ip- 

mail facilitie-. 


Hancock County. 
Located 14 miles from Sparta the 

tist~oue excellent academy. Flour 
and grist mill run by power ol)tained 
from Chickaiuau^H creek, and a saw 
and gristmill, cotton gin and shingle 
mill, run by steam. Ship toCliutta- 
nc^oga. Cotton, wheat and pork form 
the chief siiipments. Mail 3 times 

s-Mi>8ionary Bap ,st and ^^letho-L.^^^.^^^.^^ ^. ^v., physician 

hst-anda Ingb .chool. Cotton is (j^.k^r S., wagon mkr 

I)e prnicipal product. Snip t'^« ! Coltron & Andrews, saw mill 

county seat, nearest railroad", express j weekly by carrier. J. F. Smith, P. M. 
and t'ele-rnph station, and banking j^^..,^,i.^ yi,},^.^ blacksmith 
town Has a steam j^m, two church- (.,^,,^,,^ j. '^., ,vM.:on mkr 



Greensborough. Was made a. post 

olViee ill 18S1, and receives a semi 

Weekly mail by carrier from (xreeus 

borough and Sparta. John W 

Cawthon, P. M. 

I'atde Mary Mi,-s, teacher 
t'uwthou .John AN ., genl store 

Evitt C. W., genl store 

I'^vilt J. H., tanner 

Evitt N., blacksmith 

Head J. W., blacksmith 

Hill G. W., genl store, cotton gin 

and sa'.v mill 
Javkson iJerry, lilacksmith 
St. Mary's Aciuiemy, JohnT. Wood, 

Simmons W. B., jibysician 

wrenre Mary Miss, teacher 
Lowcy (ieorge L., teacher 
Owens Giles, grist mill 
Jl;inkiu \V. K., contractor and builder 'S mith Ilir am, genl -^tore 

B. H. Broomhejd 4 Co. 1 

six-xfLO <£?.i.iLei. lh2L^/l3.*- 

at CARTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall St., Atlanta. 



villi Ml J. F., magistrate 

i.tllt'V \V. H., boot aud shoomkr 

U'.ini A., shoerakr 

Ward R. R., watch uikr 

WlK-eler J. R., geul store 

Wliilo E. E., tanner and nmfr pat 

WmiuJ John G.. teacher 
U',M)(i John T., prin St. Mary's 



Gwinnett County. 
Situated 16 milea from Lawrence- 
vUle tlie councy seat, and nearest 
radroad station ; IS from Buford the 

.V'hens the nearest express oliiee and 
tMukini; point. A local stream fur- 
ui-^hes power to operate saw, corn, 
>:ri#t and flouring mills. Also has a 
j-tcam shingle mill, and a population 
t'f al)out G5. Cotton is tlie principal 
nroiiuct. Ship via Lawreiiceville. 
lias ht-en a post otlice about 8 j'ears, 
and receives mail 4 times a week 
fri)ni Lawrenceville and Jetfersou by 
carrier. H. X. Raiuey, P. M. 

Uearn 8. T., genl store 

ilotiMe »fc Jolmston, blacksmiths 

McGavit E. N. Rev 

Slielnutt A. D., painter 

riuninond W. .1., phv.sirinn 

Wliite .t Bra<ibnry ('Robert White, 

L. Y. Bradbury), grist mill 
Willinms J. N., blacksmitli 


Johnson C'oiintij. 
Hns no post-otHce. A small village 
10 miles southwest of Wrightsville, 
tlie county seat. 


]\7>itfield (Jountij. 
A j)lace of about 35 inliabitants, 
"ituated in Coalinllah crepk, 5 miles 
friun ])alton the county seat, ubich 
i'< "ho the nearest railroad, exj.ress 
and telegraph station and banking 
'"wn. lias Jurist mills, saw mills and 
;:Uis opt-rateil by water powei' fur- 
ui'^hed by above'named stream; also 
M.'am WW mills. lias 3 churcties— 
H t pi ist Mot hod isUuui Presbyterian 






and one scliool. Cotton, corn, hay 
and tobacco are tiie piincipal pro- 
ducts. Was established as a j»ost- 
(jllice in 1874, and lu^.s a mail each 
Wfek day from JJaltu'U and Si'ring 
Place by wagon. James A. Maddox, 
1'. M. 

Black P. H., blacksmitli 
Carter Natiian, wlieelwright 
DdiardT. P., miller 
3]iiddox James A., grist and saw 


Neitton County. 

Located about 3 niiles southwest of 
Covington, a small place with no 
postal advantages. 


Early County. 

With a population of about 40; is 
16 miles from Blakely the seat of jus- 
tice, 5 from i'orter's Ferry on the 
Chattalioochce river, ihe neareet 
shipj>ing ])oint ; 125 from Columbus 
and 275 from Atlanta. Several saw 
and grist mills in operation here. 
Sliip by way of Porters Ferry. Cot- 
ton and corn the chief shipments 
from this place. J. S. Mosley, P. M. 

Hayes A. B., genl store 
Hayes Charles, blacksmith 
Lai'ie J. P., CO. tax receiver 
Musley J. S., sherifl 
31osley Yancey C, warehous.^ 
Sheflicld W.B., genl store and cotton 


I\>lk County. 
Located some 2 mik's northwest of 
Cedartown ; is a small settlement 
with no mail facilities. 


m ^ 


*|R» C. M. Goodman. 28 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga. 

G o 

THE CHRISTIAE^ IS^DEX-Establlshed 58 years ai^o. 
Jas, P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 

CED 208 CEI) 





Polk Co'iaiij— Cherokee E. 12. 

The county seat. Ts the terminus 

of the Cherokee R. R., and lias a 

population of 950. Has Presbvte- 

,.;.... ■^rr.tUf.ri:.-.*- .,.,.) T3,.,,i; ,f ,.liii,.,'i|w,. 

xttiAiy *ijlv. ».*.. v/^ x^t- ..*i^^ _*_.•.. j^y t, lot LLlUii^ULo 

and three schools; also one of the 
largest iron works in the south. Cot- 
ton, grain, hides and iron form the 
principal shipments, tlie receipts of 
the former amounting:; to about 5,009 
bales annually. William C. Kni'dit, 
P. M. 

Adams R. A. & Co. (Richard A. Ad- 
ams, George W. Lindsey), gcnl 
Allen, Wheeler & Co. (John C. Al- 
len, l^obert H. Wh:'eler, S. G. 
Blanco), genl store 
Arringtou James iNI., co tax re 

cci ver 
Baker, Hall & Co. (AV. C. Bakpr, 
William F. and Henry If. Hall), 
hardware and harness 
Barnes Thomas C., gunsmith 
Barr <^ Leake (John \V. Barr, George 

G. Leake), genl store 
Blance Joseph A., attorney 
Bradford c*c Walker (William Brad- 
ford, James M. Walker), drugs and 
Brewer Joel, co ordinary 
Burbank 'J'hadUeus F., drui;s 
Camhron Henry L., blacksmith 
Cedar town Advertiser, D. B. Free 

man, propr 
Cherokee Iron and R. R. Co; A. G. 
Wcbt, i^res ; J. H. Barber, see; 
irun mnfrs, grist mill and genl 
Chisolm George W,, physirian 
Coojjer J. R., meat market 
Crabb Judson, grocer 
Daniel ARadclilFe (Thomas R. Dan- 
iel, Thoniaf A. Radciiirf), black- 
smiths and wasroumkrs 

Davis Frank, wagonmkr 
Doig Edmund, blacksmish 
Dougiierty Alexander, saloon 
Dufley J. P., sadiUe and harnessmkr 
England William G., physiciim 
Eves Jotiu F., confectioner 
Feutherston G. W. & Bro. (Giles \V. 

and William S.), genl store 
Freeman David B., propr Adver- 
Glenn James, attorney 
Gibson & Wood (William T. Gibson, 

Clarence J. Wood), genl store 
Harris Charles H., physician 
Harris James C., co surveyor 
Harrison Richard T., grocer 
Ht'.rriso'j ■-^' Jnh>''S'''^ '^,r;nne'=! TNT. ^fr>r- 
ris(5U, John P. Johnson), liveiv 
Hayes John R., tailor 
LLuutington «fe Wright (Alva Hunt- 
ington, Newton 'M. Wright), genl 
Janes & Richardson (Charles G. 
Janes, Armstead Richardson), at- 
King John M., attorney 
Knight William C, elk superior 

Led better D, H., photographer and 

Led belter Louis S., dentist and no- 
Lidueli Joseph A., physician 
Liddell Muses F., physician 
Lovele.'-s iSamuel S., shoemkr 
Lowery J. B., grocer 
McCormick Milton C, tax collector 
Mee Isaac T., stovesi and tinware 
Morris James M., genl store 
Noyes James S., genl store 
Peek W. V. & Co. (William F. Peek. 

Russell E. Cobb), genl store 
Philpot, Dodcls*& Bros. (Calvin, Phil- 
pot, Joseph H., James A., JoUn W- 
and Calvin Dodds), genl store 
Phillips Mill Co., saw mill 
Phillips W. M. & Co. (William -M. 
and John U. Phillips, E. D. Higii- 
tower), genl stor(> 
Price James IL, mattress mkr 
Richardson i-^verartl H., pliysician 
Robinson W. & iS lu (c), Williaui 
Robinson, Walter C. Black), grocei- 
Rolhenbach Lawrence F., baker am! 

dUilq[:rs supply housl, i 

0. H. Broomhead &. Co. ) 

Paini Brushes of ai 




%le and Hetail Dealer in CARPETS 
5 ' V7hitehall st., Atlania. 



<::.:umm E. G. & Co. (Elbridg 
•,;i.i S;(mii.-1 ]\r. Slianuon), livt^ry 

^:i.-I>ai.i S P., saloon 

S'.>!lr.-';,'tMi Il'ury, erocer and baker 

.-•rirkluiid Ge >fg<-' W., iiotel 

S ubi-s A C >. (John S. Stubli.-?, Thom- 

:i< M. Puce, R. Grig.sby H.-rber'), 

Lc-'!il storo 
Tiylor Willi mi G , slieriff 
riionipson I\'y F., attorni'y 
■luoinp'^on J.M'emuili, CO. coroner 
Tboinpsou Jtseph A., a'loeinkr 
I'uonipsou IjUiMus L., cabinet uikr 
'rurini|).snri ]{. P., pliysieian 
'Iiirner Willijini F., attor.iey 
\\'o>f Chai'Ies K , attorney 


Attorne}^ at Law, 


Sji<->cial attention given to collections. 
Prompt attention to all legal busi- 
ness entrusted to niv care. 

If- X"^ - -. ;p-7"««<5-«l'\ -^ 

Sit.iate 1 
the count\ 

o tuiles e 'st I'f Tall»o*^ton, 
seat. Xu ixr^^tai f'acil ties. 

cE'>:trs valley. 

H IS no mail advantages. A small 
hamlet located 8 miles north of 
S iring ioace, the countv seat. 

Wdliams S iniuel P., blacksmith and 

wagon mkr 
Wood Charles H., CO. treasurer 
Wrigh!; M. A. & Co. (:N[ili^-r A. 

Wriglit and ), clitljing 

NVynn J. A. &. Bro, (Julius A. and 

•^ iniu''l M.). gejil store 
Voung Andrew J., saloon 


C/on-'tcn CuHJifij. 
A small postoHice located 
nortt> of Traders llili, the 
seat. Population about tJo. 

7 miles 

B'lrto.T Con tit I/. 

Is a place of small population, 12 
niiies trom CartersvilL^ the county 
seat and nearest banking town, and 
2 [rora Kingston, the nearest railroad, 
e::pre5^ and telegraph station. Con- 
iiasaugicreek furnishes wa'er p<)\ver 
f''r Hour an 1 corn mills. Pin steam 
cement mill<, the only ones soutn of 
LouisvidH", Kv, Tue prin.-ipal ship- 
m'^n's iw:) eement, colto]i, wool, 
griia and lumber. ,S'up vit Kings- 
ton. II IS dailv inuii. Ireorge H. 
Waring, }'. M.' 

^\ arliig Gcos'go If., cement nrifr 





G^rinneit C-Jvnty. 

Locate 1 on the Yellow river, 11 
miles from Lwvrenccvdie the seat of 
j istiee ; 8 fr lUi S onelSIoanta'n— (^:i. 
R. K.,— its raii!.'>ad, express and tele- 
graph ollice. via which it is 24 to 
Atlanta the ii-arest banking town. 
Cotton is the chief exj'ort. Two 
schools, Methodist anil Paptii^' 
ciiurche-. Toe place has a tlour, ^uw 
an<l grist n;il s, and furniture fact(n-y, 
operated by po^-er derived from 
Yellow river. Miil weekly. T. J. 
\ Miuor, P. .M. 

: B'tt-, Campbell <<c Giizzard, cotton 
: gin 
Biady Thorn is, wagon mkr 

Gues-.J M., phy.^ician 
: H trris G. W., teacher 

Han is J. X., mnfr cotton planters 
! Hmuah iSc B igmell, geni store 
! Ilolleyr'. A., Carpenter 

II i!l.-y T. A., stone cutter 
I II obey A Harris (C. A. Ib.lL'y, J. N. 
' H irrisi, etijitraetors an<1 budder, 
\ King M. P., ex oltieio justice 

28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 




B* 2 

. . .^lil^:'^^^^^^2U5^0C0^ocd advertisicg mediurr. Send for corv 

CHA 210 ~~ 

us nearest r.iilr ad station H' 
three chnrches-two Baptist ami onV 
Metliodist— and tlave school,-;. Th - 
Anawakiecreck lurninbes j>o\ver ta 
operate a cotton factory uu,] ..ri^t 
mill. '^ ■ 

IMcDaniel & Minor, i;pnl store 
Maguire J. P":. & ,T. H. C, tlnn- mill 
Minor T. J., patent uieciicines and 

gen I store 
OMs Daniel, gin and saw mill 
.Sawhous W. 

iiexiei A. P., leaoiier 

Gordon Covnty. 
Located about 16 miL'S northeast 
ot Calhoun, the county seat Xo 


Colquitt County.. 
Situated near the Ochlochnee river; 

l\. & R., furniture /3^'^"?,^*^(^«ear the Ochlochnee river; 

111 miles Irom iMouhrie the county 

seat. Ts » phtnp ,,vith -1 t^nn.-i ition Af 

al)OUt65. brhlochnee is the nearf'dt 

CHALYBEATE SPRif^CS i ^''^'^^'^^^ station, and Thomasvillethe 

.l/mVe^;.v r..«/ " i .V;;;^^ and telegraph otlice 

-rr , ■ \ '^ !'^"*^ bankinfr point. Tue above 

Has a population of about fifty. Is ; named stream affoMs water powcrto 

16 mile.yrom Greenville the county \ operate grist and saw mills and i^in 

seat; 12 Irom lalbotton the nearest Tiiere are 2 churcbes-both Primi- 

nu road, express^ and telt-raph sta- 1 tive Baptist-and several schools. 

tion; and 42 from Columbus the i Cotton and wool f(,rm the principal 

nearest point. I. a pi ,ce of ! shipments. Was made a post-oil ee 

summer resort, and has accommoda . in J8S0. and receives a weeklv mqii 

tion.s for 500 -ucsts. Has saw and <■— ^ rnu^./XSV,'^-^ ^\etki> niaii 

grist mills, gins and planing mill. 

Cotton is the principal juoduct. Ship 

via Talbotton. Has daily mail from 
'J'albjtton from June to October, and 
three times a week the ija'ance of 
tlie year; also twice a week from 
Greenesville by back. John A 
Cheney, P. M. 

Bowden & Pearson, saw mill 
Jiullock I). H., geid store 
Campbell JN'. CT physician 
Ciieney l{. >[., geni" store 
Cunniii'jham ]). T. &Br.>., genl store 
Harris C.W., physiL-iau 
Johnston T. L., genl store 
liOe John \V., saw mill 
j\I<'Kay M. J., engineer 
J'heli)s George D.," blacksmith 
Thoiupsoii *i. t heiU'V, .'-nl stne 
and proprs of Ciud} btate Sj rin ;» 


Dofiglui County. 
Known also as Holly Sprimrs. is 
odles south of I>oui:lasviiie tl e 
coil rd\ scat, and ]■{ from Fairbuni 
B. H. Broom headA Co. 

from ThomasAille by carrier W 
M. Adams, P. M. 

Adaisss W. 31., genl store 


ChatLooya County. 
Situated on the Chattoo.^rx river, \n 
miles soutiiwest of S::inmerville' the 
county seat, and L>,5 irom Borne, the 
nearest railroad, express and tele- 
graph station, banking and shipj.ii,<>- 
point. Plas Presbyterian and B;t])tis't 
churches and a steam cotton -iu. 
C(>tton is the prineipal product. \Im- 
ceivcs a daily niaU from Sammer- 
villc and CVntre, Alabama. Popula- 
tion, %'y. 


Dodg,' (',„u,fy-M. J- U. li. R. 
Located 10 miles southeast of Kast- 
man the ctunt,- snaf, an 1 ncar.-st 
telegraph onue. JIas one church, 
in which the I'.aptist and Methodist 
\. orship. Cotton, navai stores, svrup 
;•■ nd shingles form the i)rincipal ship- 
Uierits. l):i ilv mail. 

^oorj; SasSt;, Blinds. 


CARTER & SOLOMON, Importers and 
Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 





Banki Count)/. 
A small placti with a popalatim of 
al>.)Ut 33 ; 5 mile.s from Homer the 
..■ounty seat, 12 Irom ]M.iysville, the 
ii'-are~t railroad aud cxi>rt'.-?3 station ; 
17 from Hellton, tlie nearest telegraph 
t^lViL'O, and 30 from Atliens, the near- 
est biiikin;LC town. Tue Hiidsou river 
in tlie virinity furnishes power to 
run a tionri'i^ mill, and there are 
.-tt>am saw mills. Tiiere aie churches 
of the Baptist and Metliodist pursua- 
siou, and a school. C^itton is the 
jiritioipal product. Ship via Har- 
loony Grove. Was established as a 
j>o.-;t-ortice in ISSO, and receives mails 

4 1.1U1C3 rt vve>ik I'lu.ii Ij.uuier and 

Carnesville. W. A. Quilliau, P. M. 

(iirrison J. F. A, Bro., tr^nl store 
Mearlers B. J., genl store 
<|uillian ^V, A., genl store 


Stewart Count)/, 
Has no mail advantages. An un- 
important hamlet of limited popula- 





GUmcr Cvnati/. * 

■ Small county po;^t-otiire with a 
i population of 50; is 11 miles f'Om 
j Elijay courthouse and Go irom Car- 
tersville. Has three churches and 
' one school, saw and grist mill run 
I by power derived from Cherry Log 
I river. Country produce is the chief 
I shipment. ^M^il four times a week. 
j Lucius Chambers, P. M. 

Lively Thomas, blacksn:)ith 
ISearey J. C, teacher 
i Scarey O. L. genl store 
j Sharp J. H., teacher 
I Watkius jr. J. & A., ixenl store 
I AVishow E. O., genl store 


Fo'Kiith Couhtj. 
A place of limited poinda'ion, situ- 
ated 12 mile-* tast ef Cummiiig'", the 
county seat, S 'Yom Flowery Branch, 
the nearest railroad and express sta- 
. . ■ . ^ ,, tion, 13 from Giiuesville, the nearest 
1L-, Its point, 8 ; telegraph oilice, and cOfrom Atlanta, 
!'i',!^oo^:.';l':'''^ M.!\!V! ^?^: the nearest banking point. Has 
good churches and a high school, a 
steam giu, grist and saw mill--, and 
,,,.1 ^., ■!< 4 • I ■-.. ' "m •' ; gi'i I'll" 1^'V water power adjacent, 

i i I s.a-A-mi]i. Agui andgnst millis !5^,t^„„ i, th'e principal product. Ship 
d^o run bv steam lu the vicinity ; i- pp^.^.e^.y i>',,,n,l,: Was establish- 

e<l as y post-ulnce in ItSl, and receives 

Cherokee County. 
His a population of 90; S miles 
''rim Canton court house, 3 from 
Holly Sprin 
from Acwoi 

press ofllce, and 32 from Athinta, its 
''.uikiiig town. From Little river 
power is derived to run a gin. irrist 

thf^re are tliree churches and one 
'■ommon school. Ship viri Holly 
S;iritigi. Corton is the chief export. 
1'. L. D.^say, P. M. 

Desriy V. 1^., genl store 
I^ -viagood Eh, grist mill 
M i-^ger Richard, mnfr nava! stores 
'aynS. K.,>renl store 
J<'*'iiietc A. M., miller 
'f >h;nett & Bie.ers, blacksmiths 
'■;lder II. W., attorney 
^> iiceler N. J., mnfr naval stores 

a tri wecklv luai 
Branch. A.'C. Bel 

P. M 
Bell, j:ilio<t *w Co., L-enl 



Gicumett Count >/ 
An unimportant settl<a;ent about 
10 miles southeast of Liwrenceville, 
the county seat, with no mail fa- 

C. M. GOODMAN, 23 Whitehall Sireet, Atlanta. Gs. 

Howery \. 























(5 £ 

b '^ 

. p. 



HARRtSON &. CO., Printers, Publishers and 
inders. 27 ik 29 Broad St., "Atlanta^ On. ' 




I.ocatccl 10 miles iiortlita-t cf La 
Fayette, the (<;iuit>- km, ar.d \\l 

small stream which furnishes wah r 
]>ower for 2 mills; is^ 7 milet- Iron: 
C-'arntsville, tiie coiiLty seat, aiul 
two iroiu Bowersville, the n^ar(.>t 
liiilruad, expre-^s jaid telegraph si.- 
tion. It has steymgiivs lor cotlci!, 
\^ hieli is the iiriucipul j.rodaol. 8hii' 
to Bowersville. H;is a i-emi weekly 
mail fr..m Caniet-vilk by i' !^. 
G. ChildP, 1'. M. 


Telfair Covn^y. 
IIj-.s- a ]iopr.latioi( ef 80 ar.d is lo- 
c;.itd 20 miks southvii-i of McIJaCr 

A from lliiir-Rold, the" iieartU railroad j the coimly f-eyt, and r.caresl railioad 

cbiii'chfs and ecniiiK-i^ s, hools. Col- 
ton, grain and I ;.(■( n are ti e j.rinci 
jud exj.oi ts. 


l-(iunin C( niiU;. 
Located 13 miles vxstef IMorcan- 
ton, the county seat. Fi^ihtcutL.wn 
erc< k {i.iinish('s )lo^\^r to operate a 
^risl t.nd saw mill and \vooi carder. 
The ])rincir"'^l sh.i]«meTits are farm 
produce. Has lia.j list and Metho- 
dist churches aiui schot;.-. 

fyTirf«^e find t. les'T'ii'l! sthtior^ H?" 
Metl.(dipt and ^ r^iii tist churclts 
and K-hools. Cotton, uool, syru} 
and timber furnish the ]>rincii{d 
prticles of shipment. 


Girhiufit C'< I'lity. 
Five miks ]•( ilh< ast ot LaMreict- 
ville, its }!0St cfnee. 



Ci^vhfy. — [^-fc G'. 

•[■(Jmons X 


Jkiil C<un(,;. 
Located about 14 miles south of 
Gainesville, the county seal; is an 

— west of (kiinci 


Union L'ouiiUj, 
v;,.n■„^^uu•, .u. ...,.,., ..-.., .. ..-: Scvcu milcs from Blairsville, the 
unimportant stttkment with nopost | county sral ; 40 from (/.amesvi.le, tne 
ofiice I nearest shipping,' point, express ar,d 

I tekgra} h otVici , r/a wliich Atlan-a 

CH^STJaUT P^CUf^TASl^.M^t.a'iuiks distiud. lias a^aw and 
l!nU<\i,,nr 1 grist mdl. C..un!!y ].roduce IS he 

„ ^^'-'^^'■""^'- ., I Chief export. Mai; daily by Ci^rnei. 

A small sittlenvi:!, with no maik ,,. /-..iii' i> -^,j 

facilities. Skua'ed 10 miles south- I"'; ^ ^'';^' ■,";,.,,,•,- 

Lrrry Lbas, il;iei-..-inun 

Campbell Dver, s<iw mill 

Collins F. J., Fdacksmith 

C(diins J. K., ^rist mill 

<"«niiis T., nvt.'-ry and nu.^ristrate 

Has no po^tal faediti-s. I>is:aiit i ^j^ji^.^j,]^. .].,,;, es, L'unsmilh 

from ])ii\v.-on, the ( oi.nty seal, " j (jonder It. A., ^eul stoic 

mik.', soutlu , llaynes W. J., jiliTsician 

— ■ • .lacV>on W.. Blacksmith 

CI-;iLDSVILLE. 'Mdhr \\.^.,v^■v■\^un^ 

jy.iiiUiu i'-'ltnU/. ; Nix James, hlacksridlh 
A small i-hu-d cf about 4 ) inhabi- : S..uther i Land, naval store mnfr 

BUiLDirts SUPPLY Ho'jo::. ' p y ^ I ^ e r s ' Mard twaro-^ 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. U,^ 1^ ^ i ^^ '■*' » '^ 


'.JO a'^i Lambreq'ii.'.s, sehctsi from fir.3st Importations 
Mv CAHIBS & SCLOI'ICIT, 53 Whitehall ^t., Atlanta- 


•J 13 



Giriniiett County, 
JI IS a ) postal privile^L's. A .■^inall 
V lla.'O about 10 miles .si)Ui!isvc'>t of 

■\\ '.\ J! -< ( /F-. .1, 


Fliyl Count I'. 
A place of aiiuut 10;) i;i'i:i!>itants, 
oil a small sti'eata ouilel Spring 
Creek, which a!F>r Is powr tic run- 
ning: a gin, -aw wvA two ilj.u* Tuill-; 
•I'S) gin aaii gr.^t (ii^il lUi Uy steam. 
IIhs thrte chiuches — ^letho'Iist, 
i'rimi'ive -xw \ ?^I;5~io,iary 1j tpti -t — 
both -.vhite .-tnl >.• A ire.l sdio il-. It is 
ten miles ior^. Ri\\\\ tlie o<)a ity 

St.-'ai illlii llT-.l •- -■, ^a:U v-.^-, t'-ic.-,4"^('.i, 

shippin;^ orlL.-e a, ni i)a ikiug place. 
It is OJ milas tV()tn At'iiuta. Saip 
yt'f Rjnae. (J it'aMi :•. :i 1 I'uah-r ,a-e 
the eiiief shipfOi-'iiis tVoiu this place. 
Mail NS'er'kly bv carrier. Jl. C M.iy- 
hew, P. M. 

Alexan'ier B. F., geul store 

Bass N. JI , irenl stare 

Clayton II. M., ^^enl store 

May Slew li. C, gri.-t mills and 

genl store 
Shores W. A., geul store 


3/ii /•;'(? a Co I in' I'. 
Ha-( uo mail facilities. An unim- 
portant spf.leinen*', iliatanC 12 miles 
south of Bueua Vista. 

Beriv \V. Vs'., gio.l store 

Coe 3Iinuie 1!. Mis-^, le'-chtr 

CiiitwoD.i 11. A., i.'e::ls'ore 

Church .t J'vae-, hvery stahlj 

Crane W. 'r , atorney 

E laiumis WMliam, <■•.>, e(u-aner 

K'!'\"ar!-^ A' CliUrch, hou's and slioea 

Eli-A'ia \V. S., uttoiaiey 

Fuller j•^/ ■ki''i. CO, ia>c coliector 

Fuller L. R. M, ^, h-c-l 

Fuller J. W., blacksmiili 

Gher-ievT. J., shori:!' 

Grant AV. IX, blacl;s;ni;ll 

Grov3-i K. II , eo. ordhiary 

Hvris NV., Mi::er 

Hwuee .r. W., saloon 

Ho'istcn A. P., physici:;u 

Hunt Ju'liie, genl store 
j Hunt J. W., blacksmith 

Kylle J. \V., ec. tax r- a-eh-er 
I Liimbert P., C , ho-»ji 
I Lambert S. R., genl stor»^ and county 
! treasurer 

• Lamb(_a-L W. W., iiarness and sad- 
I dk-ry 
I Lndeu F. F , .-:\!oou 

McMillan R. E., mayor 

Nichiils A. J , genl store 

O'Callahan D. J., genl store J. P., physician and nrdler 

Reynolds .);)hn A., co -urveyor 

Raberts J. A., saloan 

R ask \V. J., ptu'sii'ian 

.Stanford C. A. Sli>s, hotel 

Sa;ton I. H., attorney 

Van P>in-fn J., attorney 


lid her-ihi !.'% Co >i a ty . 
The county seat. Is .-ituited on 
■Soquee river, wliicli furui-iiies water 
power to run grist and saw niilH, 
Ha.s steam saw laillsals*. I-^piscopal, 
i'ri'-bylerian, Baptist and ^Iethodist 

"'tiurches, nnd good schools. Is Si v .m i>ui-rio., «v.i../. .^v^. 
miles from Mt. Airy, the nearest rail- ; West F. P., physican and genlstore 
road, express and telegra]>h station, j Wtst J. W., gt-nl sttu'-j 

tnd SO from Atlanta. Population _ 

at»aut 4U0. Country produce and live j 
*'took are the princi[)al shipment.* 

Has a daily mnil from Mf. Airy by 
hack. T. M. Bradford, P. M. 

Addison Florence Misi, teachc-r 
AdJisoa J. A., elk superior court 
Aildlsou S. A., miller 


I. raff 07 li Co'inty. 
Situjited on Spring Creek which 
furnishes power to o\n r.ite corn and 
wheat mills, ."^aw niWi and gin, 5 
miles southea-t of Kiioxville the 
county seat, ami 10 from Fort Valley 

BnV M0'JLriN33 A'TD 7?.A!S33 at 0. JI. a;oira%n'3, 23 Whitehall street, 
^ B Atlanta. (Ja. Wastjra Prioas iuplioitei at wholesale. 


MUTUAL RELIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta. Go,. A Eencvc].;: 
Institution, conducted on business principle?. "" 




■■ ;'- TTWrrr-ro "^^r* '^^' •'T'^i 

'''f-i^fr^;*^^'^^^??'^^^^?^ 5'j 

tlio nearest railroad, ox pre-s and tele- 
graph station, and i):;nl;int: point. 
Population 30. Has a >Jeil)odist 
church ;ind common ;cl.ool. Cotton 
is tfie principal product. Receives a 
daily mail l>y iiac k from F rt Valley 
and Knox VII le. J. .). (, iark, P. Ivi. 

Clark Josiiili J., giist ad 11 

A rec-ntly e.stahlis'ied postofTice 

from wiiicli no ivpori wa- 
in time for publiialion. 

l)eKa!l> Coufi(i/. — G". IL I?. 
A Btation on the Georgia radroad 
5 miles from Decatur t!:c county stat, 
and nearest express ollice, and 11 
from Atlanta the nearest leletrrsiih 
station ai:d hankin,<-c town. Has a 
population of about 40. Has saw and 
grist mill and ?ins. run by water 
power furnished by Ptachtree creek, 
and steam ^ins and i-aw mills ; aLso 
church and school. Principal pro- 
ducts, cotton, wood and lumljfr. 
Daily mails. J. J. N( rmau, P. M. 

Duren L. INT., geni store 

Duren ct T^oosher, grist and saw mill 

Pmcher T. II., ^'rist and mill 

Liddell F. A., physician 

Mattox Fuldin^r, grist and saw ruill 

Jiloore \V. C, ^ltly^iciHn 

Norman .1. .1., genl store 

Itowland \V. H., genl store 

Smith \V. P. S., teaclier 

Vnughnn J. C., genl store 


Linwhi County. 
Situated 11 miles south of Lincoln- 

ton the C()Unty teat, and 18 fn r;. 
I Th.omscu the nearest railrf'Ud m,,: 
I express station. Little river fi.r- 
1 nishes power to cpeiaie a grist nnii 

saw mill and' gin. 11;. s ISIetii((ii,-t 

and Baptist churcbe?. Cotton is li > 

priucipul shipment. 



Eaiun Couuty, 
County seat ; 27 milts from Toccoa. 
i the nearest railroad. ei])rtss, and teic 
j praph f fation, Mid the same distant'' 
I from ^VaIhaila, S. C, the neansi 
i bankii;g towu. Population about 
I ouO. Bcoil's uiciL ^u; iiilLcx; pcwc;' tc 
operate a grist mill. Genersi produn 
i the [irincipal shipment. Has a daily 
j mail from Walballa, S. C , Tocci'a 
! tind lliawassee, Ga. J. B. Murra* 
j P. I^I. 

' Btcks S. M., justice 

i Blecklev F. A., notary 

! Bleckley T. J, grist mill 
Cannon H. B., justice 
Cannon H. W., grist mill 
Curtis W. A., teacher 
Curtis & Garland, genl store 
Dotscn Henry, co. treasurer 
Dover S. W.,* cabinet mkr 
Duncan D. T, ^-i D. J., genl store- 
(fodl'rey J. F., sberiit 
Hughes W. H.. attorney 
Johnson ^lanley F.. co. coroner 
.Jones P^nymau J., co. surveyor 
Bong O. W., juttjcc 
McCurry AmoF, shoemkr 

.Aliiri-ay .1. I?.? genl store 

Powell W. F., elk superior court 

Pritchford J. H., attorney 

Queen John W., co. tax receiver 

JU^tchie J. M., justice 

Smith J. F., justice 

AVnll A. M., blacKsmith 

Wall i>aFaycttc,co. ordinary and 

scliooi com 
Wall Penson, grist mill 
Wall Bro.-., genl store 
Wiiitmore A McCurry (W. S. \Vbi»- 

more, John MeCurry), genl store 
Wood F. H. Rev., }>Iethodist 
York James, justice 
York Martin W., co. tax collector 
York & Dunlap, genl store 

B. H. Brtamhead & Co. t 

jf;ouidings, Brackets. &g. 


at CAKTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 





Telfair County. 
Located ou the 0cm ulgee river ; 15 
miles from ^^Ictwca eourt-l.oiise, 7^ 
from Lumber City-M. & B. R. 11.— 
jtd depot, expres-s and telegiaph of- | 
fice ; 80 from Savannah, its banking' 
town, and :i03 from Atlanta. Ship 
by way of Lumber City. The vd- 
lage lias about 7o inluibitautj-. Meth- 
odist church and one school. Cotton, 
lumber, sawed timber and naval 
stores are tlie chief shipraentp. ^lad 
4 times a week by canier from Lum- 
ber Citv and Jacksonville. H. Mc- 
Lean, P. M. 

B-:ite'; Robnrt. Parpen I *^r 
Ber^stiner L. E., genl store 
Cook Frank, steamboat capt 
Georgia Land and Lumber Co., saw 

Murrill Isaac S., carpenter 
Powell Bt-rry, pUot 
Wooteu & Cook, genl store 


ifuicoogce County— C. d- R. li. E. | 

A small hamlet with no postal ad- j 

vantages; 7 miles from Columbus i 

the county seat. j 


White County. 
Known also as Y< nal;, and is tlie 
coun'.y seat, situated 25 milfs from 
Gainesville— Peidniont A L. Ky — its 
shipi)ing, express and telegraph ofVci 
ami biitiKing cown, <ui whitjii Alh.n 
ta is 78 miles ilif-tant. This place 
ha? a population of about 150. Meth- 
odist and Baptist churches, and one 
common scliool antl one newspaper 
— Blue Jiidgc Echo. Ship via Gaines- 
ville. Country j)rodnee is the chief 
export. M u! daily by carrier. E. 
L. Stephens, P. :\[. 

Bell W. B., hotel 
Black JanuM II , co. tax receiver 
Blue Pvidge Jicho, Alex. Chuich, ed- 
Cathey Jesse, co. surveyor 
Ciuirch Alexander, editor Blue l^idge 


Iiee ^V . ^L, CO. coroner 
^onh County. Jarrad H. A., genl store 

Has no post oftice ; 5 miles west of Keniiimer R. T., genl Btore 

Isabella the county seat. 

Union County. 
A small jtlace with a i)opulation of 
about 1^5; 13 miles from Bdirsville 
the county se;it; 4S fr^.in Gaine.-,ville 
the nearest railroad, express and tt-i- i 
egraph station, ami Oj irom Atlanta, I 
the nearest banking point. Toccoa 
river furnishes water power to ope- 1 
rate a grist mill, lias Baptist and 
Methodist churches. Produce and 
grain are [>rincipal ^^^lipments. Ship 
Via Gainesville. Was established as 
a post-othce in IfeSO, and daily mail 
communication l)y liorse widi Blairs- 
vlllc, Dahlonega and Morgantou. 
C. Ca vender, P. M. 

Kin-ey J. J., attorney 
Nil William, CO. treasurer 
Oakes Isaac, co. or linary 
Osb' rii J. P., elk superior court 
Scroggs G. W., teacher 
Sears William F., co. tax collector 
Stdre Nathan, gun and locksmith 
Underwood A. F., attorney 
Piiderwooil .lasi er W., jihysician 
Underwood J. \V. H, attorney 
Williams W. K., attornev 


Millrr County. 
Located G miles south of Colquitt 
the county, is an unimportant settle- 
ment with no mail advantages. 


for PHOTOGF..\PHS. and Frames nade to order, any tize or 
stvlo. C. M. GOODMAN, 23 Whitehall street. Atlanta. Ga. 

FRAf^KLIf^ STEAm PRmTlfiC HOUSE, Atlanta, Ca. 
Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 




Decatur Counti', — ,'-'. F- d- 
A small isl.'itioii with 
l)rivi leges. 

W. R. n. 
no postal 


LIiiH County. 
Formerly a pi^sti tlicp, hut diseon- 
titui^'iL Mail ti(j\v j^nes to Flowery 
nraiicl>, 6 miles m rth. 

Pliiilips Stephen J., sluritf and lux 
col lector 

Pur.- ley G. T. oi S. C, phy:?ician aud 

Koss Kolasid T., ordinary and elk 
superior eoi^rL 

Turk James W., dry goods and gro- 


Putnam Counti'. 
A farmers postoffice. Al:-o known 
:;s Cl<:pti<n's Miils, 10 miles from 
Eatonton the county seat and nearest 
railroad, express and telegrapli sta- 
tion. Cotton is the prineiijal ))roduct. 
Ship via Eatonton. "Was establislied 
as a po-^toftije iu ISiO, au.l rcCc-ivcs 
mail twice a week from Eatonton hy 
Wilson. \V. P. Key, P. M. 

the rearest 
mdi^s from iSIacon 
wliich i-^ the nearer 


Joru'i C"U,i)r. 
seat. EiL:ht mil.s 
station -M. c>i; A. R. 
fX press otiice. It 
by wagon 
t leie.i:raph 

is 12 
Cotton is the prineil)al exporr. Meth- 
odist church i'.nd twosehuols. Popu- 
Iriiion al)out .''>*iO. Miil r> ceiveJ (.iaily. 
t Mi~s Z. Woroham, P. M. 

j liarron James F., physician 

Boi:ner llichard H., oo. surs'eyor 
1 C'lristian »fe Kingman, grocers 
^ Dnirey T. W., L'n.cer 
i'.Ti reaves ilenry S., co. trcc^surer 
sa Sriii-jlomaii R. V., attorney 

Attorney at Law, 

Johnson Richard, attorney and judge 

county c( urt 
Jones I-^^■I.ry, c<^. coroner 
M< rris William T., tar receiver 


Dade Co"iitj;.—A. 0. .S. A', i?. 
Ten miles from Tienton the seat of 
ju>tice, 2 from Rising Fawn its 
express and telegi'apli ottice, 28 from 
C'luittanooga its usual banking place, 
and 1G8 from Atlanta. It is a place 
of 43 inhabitants, and has a Baptist 
church, one school, and a saw and 
grist mill, which are run by power 
derived from Lookout creek, 
direct. Eumberaiid tan bark 
cliief .-<bipm<nt-^. Mail dail}'. 
Taylor, P. M. 

Bible O. A. R,, co ordinary 

Blake K. J. G , grist mill and uaval 

Forrester, Bible &, Lommack, grist 

Forrester Peter, gen! store 
MoreUind Thomas, magistrate 
Ni^bet J. Cuoper, iron ore a!id tuu 

Tatum Wells, stock dlr 
Taylor W. J., genl store 


are the 

W. J. 


Loiciules (Jouiity. 
Located near Little river, with a 
jynpulation of about 30, is 11 miles 
froni Vnldo~t!i, the county seat, near- 
est railroad, express and t^'Iegrapli 
< tllces and banking jdaco, via which 
Savannah i-^ <iistant 168 and Atlanta 
321 miles, lias sevt'ral churches and 

B. H. Broomhead 4 Co. 

ISIiite Lead asncl Oil- 



Wholesale and retail Dealers in CARPETS., 
Cil Cloths, &o., 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 

CO c 


oue Si:boul. Ship via VaKIoata. Cut- 
ton, rice and a;rpentine ava ihe chief 
shipineuls. Mail ;?emi-\veekly by 
currier. K. Y. Liuie, P. M. 

Arnold C. \V., ,' ui:ll 
Caswtll M. yL, nj;i.L;is'rHte 
Clyiitt J. M., ^ mill 

CiV'^**^ J* -^^" *»' ^«i*? *ti"l 5tore 
Dy.siin .r. K., teacher 
L;iue W. T , sivw null 


Forsyth CoaiUrj. \ 

Estimated pop ilatiou 125; tive 
miles from Cum ming Coiuc-Ikhisp, 12 
from t'lowery Braneii — PielincMit A. 
Ij. Ky. — its neai'est shipping ottiee; 
17 from BL;f .:•!, it:: telegr-'p'< -^f.ition: 
'1^ from Gainesville, its bankir;;^, 
place, and ofj rr«;ni Atlanta. I'he j 
place tias Baptist and ^[etiiodi^t ] 
c;bure!ie-, !;ne school, steam y:in, grist j 
and saw juills, also tlour mill ran liv 
water power. Cotfoii and corn are | 
the chief exports. Mul seiiii-weekiy. j 
T. L. Lipscoml), P. M. I 

Harrison A. Cr., blacksmith ; 

Harrison T. W., macuincst j 

Hearil J, P , yen! store . I 

Lipsco!2il> T Siouias L., physiciiui I 
Pilgrim A. F., leaclier i 

Vance J. W., co. surveyor I 

Wllklnmn Count >j. 
A small settlement with no mail 
facilities, 6 miles south of Irwinton, 
the county teat. 


Telfair Countj. 
Known also as Cameron's Mil!^. Is 
located 10 miles south of ^[cU•le, the 
county seat and nearest railroad, ex- 
press and telegraph station. Popu- 
lation about 30. Cotton, wool, hides, 
poultry and eggs form the principal 
articles of export. H;us a Methodi.-t 
church, also saw and grist mill op- 
erated by water power furnished by 
Mill creek. 


Pali»ki Cvuniy—M. tt- B. 11. R. 
__Fornurly known as Dykesboro ; 

3:atioti X. 15 on the >r. & B. B. K., 
at the junction of the branch leadintr 
to Hawkinsville, the eouniy seat, 
miles soiuheast. Has grist, sav/ and 
planing mill-, gins and a cotton fac 
tory; exjire^s and tele<:raph ottices, a 
weekly newspaper, tiin ('ockran Kn- 
terpri^f, iiatmsL ainl McLl.w^i...t 
clunclie^, hiy;h sehonl, etc. Cotton, 
timber and produc ■ fv)rin the princi- 
pal shipments, about 9,000 bales of 
cotton being received aunually. Oaily 
mail. Popuiutiou 8^ 0. 

Bashiiisld & Mackotf, geci store 

Bootlie W. E., builder and bu Iders" 
sup [dies 

Carroll J. B., physician 

Case D., artist 

Cochran Enterprise, T. F. Walker, 

Coleman ^^^ R. & Bro., grocers 

Coley J. A. D., geul ttore and guano 

Cou^e .J. T., tinsmith 

Davis J. T., irenl store 
I EngUsli E. H., jeweler 
, Grantiiam W. B., grocer 
j Green Francis B., attorney 
j Herndon Bufu^, fruits 
I Hermaiui P^lias, attorney 
1 Her/.e M., dry goods 
1 Hud.-on P. Iv., physician 
I Ingram .John A., hotel 
: Jobuson J. II., blacksmith 
j Jordon T. J., u'ei'.l store 
I Jordon »i: Boothe, grist and planing 
1 mdl 

j Kels(n' Will)ur F., attorney 
I lyimb it Joiner, blacks iiiths 
1 Land Mimiie Mr-., millner 
I McBaniel J. C, biaeksmith 
jMcVay & Cijoato, i:enl store. 
I C 'tton havers and warelionse men. 
j Fertilizers and plantation maciis 
j Maas v-t Bro, <;enl >tor'', cott(ni buy- 
' ers and waretiouse 






















^« Isle yajyL;it/«i4l'l« 28 

Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 


fcr your Famiiies by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 






Martin Xancy Mr?:., boarding 
flayer c'i: Waits, p:ener;il j-tore 
^Morgan Y. H., physioian, drugs and 

guano agent 
Newman ^lartin, baker and confec- 
Ob-r-y J. L., livery zL\hU- 
Oberry, Peacock & Co., geul store 
Peacock & O berry, gin and grist 

Pendergrast J. H., watch mkr 
Richard.son 8. L., phy.siciau 
Roland Daniel, saloon 
Roland David, geiil store and ware- 
Ryle R. F., grocer 
Ryle W. N., meat market 
Searlirough ]Nr. A., genl store 
Schofiel i J. H., gin, grist mill and 

cotton factdiy 
Sherrill AV. A., saloon and restau- 
Srinth F. A., cabinet mkr 
Solomon P. M., gunsmith 
Solomon & Waters, grocers 
Stfnlej' & Floyd, carriage mkrs and 

Stocks J. D., ice and confectioners 
Tliomas O. H., ice and coufcctionfr 
Thomas James A., attorney and hotel 
Thompson A. J., genl store 
Treble \V. B., meat maiket 
Trutnmell S. C. Mrs., licitel 
IJrquhart A. P., geul store 
Walker T. D., physician 
Walker T. 1)., drugs an<l guano agt 
Walker T. F., editor Cocbrau En- 
terprise and physician 
Wa;d T. A., grocer 
Wa^-ne R. S., attorney' 
AVit,'^:in-i Laura Mrs., dressmkr 
Wriglit J. O., saloon 
Wyiy W. li., attorney 
Wynne «fc Nit-hol-, genl store 


Murray County. 
Siuated 14 miles from Spring Phu-e. 
the county seat, on the Conasauga 
river, which allords power for rau- 
ning a gin, flour, grist and saw mil!; 
IS miles from Dal'.cu, the nearest 
railroad, express and telegraph ollii-e 
and banking place, llSfrom Alh'.iitii. 
and 50 from Chattanc(ga. sliiprm 
Dalton. Cotton, wlieat, corn am! 
oats form the chief s-hipments. P>ap- 
tist and churches, out- 
sclio' 1 and a poptilation of about C.u 
people. Mail three times a wtek 
from Dalton bv carrier. Jehu F. 
Henry, P. M. 

Cochran, Siiiiih & (jo., geni store 
Grigs by Samuel, notary 
Grooms J. >L, blacksmith 
GunnS. A., magistrate 
llaijgjrd 1~^. ^L. genl >U re 
Hammond C. C. piijsician 
Pleadick John, blacksmith 
Hemv Joltij F.. geul store 
King \V. li., miller 
Qtiinn W, tilacksmith 
Wilson \W. 3il., genl stc)re 


Monroe County— [Se Eolingbroke.) 


Elbcit County. 
A re-established post-f IMce, sitn- 
a'ed about 7 miles north of Elberton, 
the county seat 


Dade County. 
Eight miles from Trenton court 
house, 6- from Shell Mound, Term.,. 
— N. C. <fe Si. L. R. R. — its express 
ollice, nil. which Cijattanooga, the 
nearest banking town, is 2S miles 
clisuint, and 1G8 to Atlanta. CosJ 
and coke are the <'hief exports. Is a 
('lace of about TdO inhabitants, con- 
taiuing grist mill and machine sho^iS 
run by hteam. The mines of the 
Dade Coal Company are located 
here. A sin; 11 railroad iK-loiii-dng to 
tlie coal ctimpany connects ttdspltU'O 
with Shell Mound. Mail d;iily by 
rail. J. A. Fainsworth, P. M. 

B. H. Broomhead i Co. )" 

U<'sst i«ii:ai>a^ 3ITX1:I3 1».\.IT^X 



in all patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Burtclniel W. E , contrHctor 
Dade Coal Coinpauv, geni ."tore 
Fainsworth J. A., ^^enl store 
Renew M., notary 
Wells B. E , supt Dade Coal Co 


Randolph CoinUy—Ft. Gaines Div. 
S. W. E. R. 
A place of perhaps 23 inhabitants ; 
located 10 miles from Cuthbeit, its 
express and teleiiraph office and 
usual bankin'^ j lare, 12 from Fort 
Gaine?, 12.S from ^Iaeon and 231 
from Atlanta. A number of .urist 
mills are in the neigiib rliood which 
are opera ed by i)Ovver obtaitjed frou) 
Fog crpf k. Al^.n lias a steam cotton 
gin. iVIethodist and Baptist cl-urches 
and one commoa school. Cotr( n is 
the chief export. ^laiidailv. H. F. 
Ruker, P. M. 

Davis W. F. miller and notary 
Joues M. Mi-s, teacher 
Rodgers William, piiysician 
Rukci* 11. F., gen I store 
Saundert^ S. J., genI stcre 


Pulaski County— M. d- B. R. R. 
A small station with no mail fa- 


Monroe CounUj— Atlanta Div., C. 
R. R. 
A small place of about 90 popula- 
tion, 5 miles from Forsyth th.e county 
seat, and nearesl expre-s and tele- 
graph oflice. A saw and grist mill 
are run bv power obtained frum 
Reeve's creek. Ship direct. Mail 
daily. J. M. Collier, P. M. 

Collier J. 31., gen! store 
Holbiiid J. B., teacher 
Maua J., cotton gin 
Phinazf-e U. Rev. 
Todd Flliza Miss, teacher 


Miller County. 

County seat. Located 265 miles 

from Atlanta via Arlimrton, on the 

Albany Div. S. W. R. !{., and about 

equal distiince— 20 miles— from Ar- 

lington, north ; Blakely, northwest; 

and P.ainbridge, soutiieast. Mas a 

population of about 300, twochurchts 

—Baptist and M<-thodist- good 

school, and several saw and grist 

imdis. Cotton, syrup and hides are 

jthe chief expor.s. Mail daily by 

i bugtfy. S. F. Morton, r. M. 

Brown S. M., gri>t mill 

Bush E., drui:gist 

Bush J. x\., blacksmith and co. tax 

Bush William S.. saw mill 

Cl'ffon J. S., uenl store and grist mill 

Grimes G. W.. co. treas 

Grimes William, co. ordinary 

Heard J. V., peni store 

Heard N. A. E. Mis^ m;]tinfr 

Hunter W. E., druggist 

Kirkland J. J., co. tax collector 

Loving J. W., elk superior court 

Morton S. T., geni store and liquors 

Molkey Wdliam, c<>. coroner 

Miillifim C. J., phy>ician 

Piatt F. :M , geul store 

Scarnorouiih L. F., grocery 

.Sbetiieid D G., attornev 

Siictlivld \V. T., sheriff 

Wilkin P. C, iren! store and drugs 
. Wilson John M., co. surveyor 
\ Wilson iS. J., carpenter and furniture 





Muscogee Con-Jy. 

•'Queen city of ihe Cliattahoochco.'" 

This city, the county seat of Mus 

cogee county, is beautifully situated 

367 miles a'bove the mouth ot the 

Coattahoochee river. 

Columbus has tiie advantage of 
both water and railway transporta- 
i lion. Tlie greater {>art of the year 
i the river is navigable and much of 
1 the produce of the surrounding coun- 
! try is thus carried to market. In 

FRAMSS, at Whclesala a Specialty, at 
23 WhitehaU Street. Atluita. G*. 


o W 

The Press and Psople regard THE CHRISTJA^S IWDEX 
ftledium in the South. 






lloman Catbclic di, uominutioii"-', ainl 
six colored cliurebes, Baptist aii-i 

Columbus is coniiecttd witb Gi- 
rard, :\Iar.sliall aud Browneville, on 
tbe Alabama side, by sevtral sub- 
stantial briii^'e.'*. 

I Tbe tire dep;a-; men t is conducted 
ion tbe vulunten- .systt-m, bas two 
steamer.-^, tbree band engine?, one 
' chemical extiiiij;ui-ber and a book 
' and ladder truck. 

I Tbere is now projected aud 
: construction a stteet railway, wbicl>, 
' wben completed, will murh facili- 
' tate travel tliro'igiioui ibe city. 
! The telepbone" bas found its way 
I to Colunious and is in use by many 
; cifzcns a!;d bunines^ bou^--^. 

Tne fall of tbe Ciiattabocchee at 
tbis place is 120 feet in three miks, 
afloniing an availahle power of over 
30,(i03 liorse, or sutlicient to I'rlve 
tljirty times tbe number of spiudks 
n<jw in opiration. Tbis unused 
power is destiueil in the near future 
to come into active play, and will be 
an immense facb r in tbe future pros- 
perity of tbe city. Her popalation, 
acconling to tbe census of 1S50, is 
10 123, but within tbe suburbs about 
is!o00. Western Union Telegmpb 
and rioulberu Express. Walter H. 
Jobuson, P. M. 

Kobeit I.. Ko<^xcr*, attf)rney-at- 

law, coUectinLT, conveyancnia; and 

surrog.ite practice, Atlanta, Geor- 

ia. "(See pai,'e 9'i ' 

addition to tbis sbe bas th.e follow m 
lin^s of railway: Tiie Cilumbus & 
Rome, tbe Mobile & Girard, the 
Southwestern and tbe Western Rail- 
road ol^ Alaham!'. Cnlumhus btis two 
daily pauers, tbe Enquirer- Sun, es- 
♦:\br-h. (.) in >r-!y, is-'«,a-id the Time^, 
es'ablisbed in 1S75. • 

Tho manufacturing intt rests of 
tbis citv extensive, and ber 
title, " Lowell of tbe South,' is found- 
ed on fact, not faney. In lt:4-l tbe 
first cotton f ictory was erected ; now 
tbe banks of tfieChattah.oocbee i-re 
lined with ibem, the lanre.-r of which, 
and tbe lars^e.-t in the South, is tbe 
Eagle and Ph(.enix factory. During 
the war Wd^ai's raiders destroyed 
all tlie uianu'actories, hut since tiien 
ibey have been rehuilt upon a larger 
scale than before. Not content with 
her natural water facilities, Colum- 
bus now proposes to have tlie wa'er 
of the ChatHbi,'ocbee carried to the 
door ot every inh.abitant of the city. 
Soon ber water works will be in op- 

C^^iSus bas iron tVumdaries a plow 1 A^ott ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^. 

factorv, large tiouring mdl-, carriage I l>^^^ \^ 'I :''^'; ^^' -^^^^^om,, „ro 

factory, planing mills trunk factory, V^t-^. r" ,»' , roepries and bnuo-s 

an oil relinery and brickyards. There ^"^'ii^^V ^ n^^ 'h a n 

are four hanks wi:b a C; pital of about j ^ ^''"S'';'^^''. ",:,;;, ^ 36 Randoh.h 

.2,0.)0,.0.XU0 ; tbe Georgia Home | Aton.Un S. >^(^, ba^l^. Ku^" acK 

Insurance Companv, one of the most i Ai'i" V ""n Ur 

reliable in tbe South, with a capital , ^{^^.d^^r^,. B. and Edward^. 

and as-etts of .i60i),i,i0i),('0. They have 
one of tbe handsomest buildings in 
the Sou til. 

The city has an exctdlent system 
of public sciiools ami over 1,000 cbd- 
dren areeiir<41ed; also, the Columbus 
Female C^ liege, now in tbe seventh 
yoar of a prosperous existence, with 
a birge attendance of pnpiN. 

Tli-reare ten wliite cluH-idic-", rep- 
resenting Baptist, Methodist, ICpi-co- 
palian, i*rest)yterian. HrhrfW aid 

dry goods. (J9 I'road 

Allen Mary Miss, dres-mkr, 30 Broad 

\l!en & Ilenfroe (Josiah Allen, Al- 
ford J. Ilenfroe), livery stables, W3 
O 'letb<.rpe, n of Crawford 

American Union Tel. Co.. Robert K. 
Munn, mngr; 37 Randolph 

Amvet William D., grocer, Ogle- 
thorpe, ne cor Led 

Andrews Davis A., co, tax collector, 
118 Broad . 

GUILDERS' SUPPLY HOUSr.., eO-L^Oli?^ S?„*i,\D'^,t' JtIi "^^^"^ ^' 

awn u ,^ X r. : i^ DRY OR IN OIL. 

I A P F P 1 1 R T A 1 ^J ^^^"^ Lamlore^iTiins, selectel from finest Importation?. 
LHUL UUniRli'ad CARTEa & SOLOMJN, 50 Whiiehall st., Atlanta. 




-«l:JOHN SCllERF, Proprietor. 

Entirely TsTew in all its Apartments, and strictly 

First Class. 


G. P. SWIKl. I'ros't, 

W. A. SV.iFT, Src. A 'ireas. 



— ^v,^- MANUFACTURE ^— 


1 1 "• ^. ■ 





••«i^ /I 


J !' 

Osnal)ur^"s, Duck, Cottonades, 

i^^:R.i\r, K.oiPiH], ETC., 


Front St., oppossits Franklin, 

Pr p I C C ' Hutua] Helief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, best and sa fest 
L.Ui LuO Co-operative Life Association in the South. 











,T^^^5lsi^«ir» -^.-(ax ;. 

carriages, Web 

. 1' -, ^.>&C«!JirV^-J>'' ■ 

,'^£ji:^'i»',fti,- iS'ia 




. ( 



(J. J. BradfunI, 
, stoves and tin- 

groeer, 4o St. 

(James A. 

w s O^de- 

Anthony John, .saloon 

thorpr, nr Ramhdph 
Austin vS.ahurn J., phv,<iciau, Web- 
ster bMu- 
Aviett !■:. yi.&D. (lidwin M. and 

Davidj, grjcers, O^^lelhorpe, se cor 

B.;coi» J'-^'ih E., pLj_>.sit;i;in, i07 Broad i 
Banner Adolpb, genl store, Broad, 

cor Warren 
Banner Louisi, dry s:ood.-^, C6 Broad 
Barllett D. D. & C<\ (DeL^sline D. 

Bartlett, Felix Watts), carriage 

mn/rs, Bryan, e of Broad 
]j:i?s A. C, physician, 37 Randolph 
liatesi Ac Voiing, machine made 

brick. (.See ])age 225) 
]iausc'h John G , furniture, 155 Broad 
Beach Wni. & Co. (William Beach, 

Louis J. Schuessler), bardware, 96 

Beard Jesse A., saloon, 60 Broad 
Beck Martin M., grocer, Franklin, 

cor ^Varl•en 
Bedell ^Vidiara K., boots and shoes, 

86 Broad 
Bergan Martin T., grocer and dry 

goods, 16 Front 
Berry Benj miin A., grocer, 196 Broad 
Bize J).miel R., grocer and saloon, So 

N. Ogle'.horpe 
B ackmar Jotm, real est and broker, 

:n S-. Clair 
B'aiichard ^rcDufiy, jihybician, 14S 

BltncLard & I'.ooth (William R. 

Jilancliard, John E. Booth), dry 

g(>nds, 123 Broad 
B anchard ct Ikirrtss (Thcmas E. 

Rlanchard, Lawrence M. Burress), 

C'jni mers, Fronc, cor Crawford 
Bi .ndfoni lV U-drrard (Mark II. Bland- 
ford, liouis F. (jarrard), attc^rneys, 

ti? P.road 
B>jk(rl>. L. Mrs., florist, Thomas. 

cor OgIethor}>e 
Boyd Alban A., grocer, 127 B.road 

Bi ad ford Mark A 

ster bldg 
P>radford & Everett 

Henry F. Everett) 

ware, 142 Br. .-ad • 
Bra ti ford P.easant S 

Bradfoi'd & Osborne, 

Bradford, James M 

painters, 47 .St. Clair 
Braniion & Caison, (Alexander M. 

Braunon, Robert A. Carson), drugs, 

12 and 131 Broad 

JJiC'wei" Johis J. & Co., (John J. 
and Joseph C. Brewer j, rubber 
roof paint mnfrs. 111 Broad (see 
page 225) 

Brewer R. T. i, Co., (Thomas Brew- 
er, Jonn L)romgoole), confection- 
ers, 77 Broad 

Britt William R., grocer, Crawford 
e of Oglethorpe 

Brooks J. H. & Co., (Joseph H. 
Brooks, George N. Daniel), grocers, 
50 Crawford 

Bramhall Joseph II., watchmkr, 99 

Bidder Louis, cigars and saloon, SO 

Burrus Jacob, grocer, 47 Crawford 
Burts Duncan II., attorney, 91 Broad 
Bussey Henry C, mngr Columbus 

Transfer Co., 7S Ogletliorpe 
Bussey Hezekiaii, attorney, OS Broad 
Cadmau Antiiouy, lock and gun- 
smith, 34 Broad 
Cadman A. Mrs., confectioner, 34 

Cameron Hiram (o), funuture rejiair- 

er, Bryan, e of O.^letliorpe 
Cantrell Bros. (Terrell A. and Virgil 
ll.\ dry goods and groceries, 167 
Cargill James E., dry goods, 70 Broad 
Cargili John W,, grocer, Odd Fel- 
lows' Hall 
Carter Robert, drugs, SI Broad 
Carter Willis (c), shoemkr, 
thorpe, cor St. Clair 

Ceiiiral Litje Stcaiuci?, 

Thomas, cor Biiy.SanjuelJ. ^Vtdto- 
s;de i;enl agt ; (teorge R. White- 
side s'C and treas; (see page 229) 
Central Hotel, 110 Broad. 
Ciiallin Tliomas, buoksc'ler, 92 Broad 
Cliatin Thomas P., physician, Si 


r*, H. Broomhaad A Co. 

' XjiXXXO £XlL\€l JE^^^'llT- 

at CARTSP. Sc SOLO^iON'S, 53 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




Ciiiimpayne & I'^nslami, (D.ivid W. 

Ciiainpayne, li'-uboii H. Eiiu;lanii), 

architects, es O^l^thoi-jje n of Ji lu 

(^iiappell Lucius H., provi-iioii broker 

ami ins agt, 110 IJroad 
riiattahoocbee Natiotuil Ikiiik, Henry 

H, Epping, pre.«; Ht-zikiah W. E'l- 

warils, cusb; 57 IJroaii 
Chess CharL\v &Co., D. H. Summer, 

ii'^t, oil naval stores, 119 Broad 
CLirk Williiun L., supt M. &G. K R. 

onice at depot 
Clegs A. & Co. (Anthony and John 

F. Ciegg), check mufrs, Jackson cor 

St. Clair 
C!ienaents John W., grocer, 111 Broad 
Cohn Wolf, ciotlung, 121 Broad 

Collins Daniel, trunk mnfr, e s O^le 

thorpe, n of Bryan 
Colsisn^>MS Iron AVoiks. W. R. 

Brown, prcs; George B. W'Jiiteside, 
see and treas, iron founders and 
machinists, foot of Tiiomas 
Columbus Public Library, Webster 



<\ ■t'*^ ' 



Deaton James E., genl store, loti 

P.dgnan Richard, dry goods, Craw- 
ford, cor Front 
Dexter Charl;s E., cotton buyer, 

Front, cor St. Clair 
Di'jrnen P;ftrick, eeul store, Ciawford, 

w of Broad 
Disbrow & Co. (John Disbrow, Johu 

Bass), livery stable, 79 X. Ogle- 

Dixon Ciiarles F., drugs, 44 liantlolph 
Downing Lemuel T., attorney and 

U. S. commissioner, 107 ]5road 
Dozier Alonzo N., attorney-, l-Q Broad 

C^olumbus Times, Wvnne, Do Wolfe Drake, Persons ct Co. (John W. ^\ . 
& Co., proprs; 42 Randolph Drake, P^rank S. Persons, John W. 

-' • ' ° ^^ ^ ., » , ,, . ■ Osliui, drugs, 74 Broa.l 

Droragoole liros. (Thoma.s A., John 
B. and John P.), grocers, 53 Broad 
Dudley Thomas J., planing mill, 
Mercer, nr pass depot 

Columbus & Rome Railroad, Edgar 

Gray genl mngr 
Colviu & Donnelly (Mrs. J. A. Col- 

vin, Miss A. V. Donnelly;, miilin- 

ers, 100 Broad 
Cor.!\or & Co, (Jerry H. C<innor, McGovern). genl store, 

145 Broad 
Cooper Isham, saloon, 36 St. Clair 
Cowdery L. L. & Co. (L-ster L. and 

Iif>ster L. Jr. ), china and alassware, 

120 Broad 
(. rane Robert S., grocer, 68 Broad 
'Jiawford Bennett IL, attorney, H7 

Ci iwford Peter F., grocei-, Ogle- 
thorpe, s of Lee 
''rawforl R^ese, attorney, 114 Broad 
^'rown N. tt Co. (Nathan Crown, 

'"V'illiam E. Coggini, tinware, tij 

Culverse Andrew J., grocer. Front, 

cor I)iliiug!iam 
■-''JTan :Marv Mrs.. i;r(jcer, ns Craw- 
ford. 2,1 e Front 
■*'nii'I James T., ^-ocer and saloon, 

J ' Crawfvir 1 
'Vivis Heury R. (o), shoenikr, O^le- 

toorjie, e of Lee 















Eigle and Phenix Mnfg. Co., G. 
Gunby Jordan, stc and treas ; cot- 
ton and woolen mills, Front, bet 
Randolph and Bryan 

Eagle and Phenix Savings Bank, G. 
Gunby Jordan, ca.^hiej, Front, bet 
Randoli>hand Bryan 

Echols D. Walter (/•), painter, Bryan, 
e of Ogleihorpe 

Edmunds Tiionuis T., luraiture, DS 

Edmundson & Saxcn (Jchii J. Ed 
mund~on, Calvin Saxon), grtceis 
anil .-aloon, P^ay, cor Dillingham 

Filler Philip, gun.'-milh, Plo I'-r^ad 

Elleilge Andrew .M., maible works, 

Emri(di Willi:' m, dry goods, 17 Broad 

England Janus P., 1". B. I'alnier, as- 
signee, carriigtis, 71 X. Oglethorpe 

KiiquiitT-SuiJ, Jchn King, propr 
and laiblr; St. Clair, e of Broad. 
(See ]iai:e 2'29). 

C. M. Goodman. 23 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga- 


r- Kj 

< ° 

-7 ^ 

THE CHRIS r£AN IWDEX-Established 58 years tf-o. 
Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 




Gilkiert Tlionm!^, book :uid joli ].:!;, i. 

e-, 42 Ramiolph 
GilI'LTt Ja-s-jier >'., drugs L!S P.r >:. : 
Cof'tchius ct Cliaiiptll (Hei ry 3: 

GootehiUK, ThoiDiis J. Cli;ii-|i!i, 

attorneys, G9 J>'-o;-:d 

Golden Fraitk. elk R:iiikii; 11. u-c 

Gohlnuiitli AVillia'ni (c), furniture ;■ ■ 
pairer, Oglethorpe, e of L^f 
;^| i Gordon IMelville C, dry goodn, sj 

Gorton Wiliinm ]?., baker ana (.■or>- 

Este;^ C. 'i G. (Cfiarles and Georgej, I fectioner, 10 Broad 
grocers 121; ] '.road i G av Eduard, genl mngr Colinuhu 

E-tes; J. M. & S(,n iJ. :\rarinn and' <St'R ,nie R R * 

Edw-in C.\ boots, .<bors and bats, , Qj.,^^. i^y. C'.'Mrs.. bote! 151 J^.oad 

126 Broad 
>";c»,c ,^ s; ,,-, /Han.enn S. and l^i«_'bard 
^I].^ hardware, 113 1 Greenwood J 

Fee AVilliani, s'ovts and limvaris 174 1 Broaci 

Green WillUun G. [c), cabinet nikr, 
Lee, e of O dethorpe 

ob, clothing, 12") 


Feller Dor i A. ZMr-s., baker and con- 
fectioner, Ciawford, cor Ogletlior]ie 

Fiewellen Wdliain \V. pi vsician, Oj 

Fl-t<iier & liulloch (James II 

Greer R ibert, grocer, 56 ?. Troup 
Grillith Jasper X., notions, 4 Br tad 
Grimes Thomas \V., attorney, 7t-^ 

Grimes & Grhncs (Thoma'^ W. and 

George J.), physicians, 76 Broad 




d o 


a 5 


Fletcher, Ob rn C. Bulloch), liv- | Hallenbake John M., grocer, svv cer 

cry stH^lle, 7!.t N. Ogletiiorjie ] Jackson and Commerce 

Fogie William J., [diysician, 119 Hamilton John II., genF^tore, OgU- 

Broad ' | thorjie, cor Franklin 

Foran M. J. ]Nrr<., groeer, For-ytli : p^arvev Jerrv (e), blacksmith, S\ 

cor Thomas i Clair, e oflirofai 

Fr:i/.er J. A. <?.' C<>. ( John A. Frazrr Iha-rell O.-Car C, mngr AV. U. Tel.. 

\'ineent R. J^'razer), hardware, V-'j 3;; St. CI ail' 

J'i''>iil 'Harris J. C. t^; Sm (Jeptl)a C. M'>: 

JM-azer J.d,nM.,treas:\r. c^.G. Jl. II., , John K.h clothing, 6J Broad 

oniecatde]>.)t ! Plan is Fellkowitz. drv goods, 114 A\'t?ley lS., gr(jcer, 44 Craw ' p.ruad 

f"''l 'Hatcher Samuel B., attorney, O'' 

Gager t*c C'>mer (Cleorge ]■'. Gager, > l]r .ad 

Fr.iiieis M. Comer), gr^iCtr-, Craw- ' Jlarrh- I>. t*c Co. (Letrkowitz Harr~, 

f-iid cor Mercer William Ivy), coal and wood. 

Gaines Georg" 1'. lo. black^-mitb, ; jui.c C. <fc R. and W. R. R, (>gie- 

Lee, se cnr Juk.-MU i ibdrpe 

Ganimoi; JaniL> ']'., grv.cer, 54 Crav, - ; JIarris *fc Esies (E. T. Harris, J. F- 

f.ud ; Esies), erocers, 42 Bread 

Ciarrett i*; Joni s (Joseph S. Giurett, Ilarnson Aaron Jj. grocer, 17o I'aoad, 

Jloberl J. Garrett, (ieoiue J. Ji'ht si, , saloon, 16U Broad 

Avhol \vhibkie> aiui loimcct , 121 Harii>on Charles S., auctiocee'". -'^ 

Broad Broad 

tJeorgiii Home in-uranc» C-'nipany i Ha.y Jilbert X., stoves and tinware, 

<>f Coiundiir-, (in., J. Rluuies | hjo J'.rwiid 

r>i(>\\ lie, ]r. >: S; encer, j He( ht ,lac(di, aiatien and con., -'" 

sec ; lis RroaO : J'.naid 

< iilisnii l)avid X., g]-. c» ]•, hJ J'.ioad ! HeclU cV Rrannon iJoMph H'cl.t, 
*''11'ord J'jenjai.nn V., contr.icl'r, j James li. B:ini.(,nj, (lr% goi'<lsaia! 

(>L'I.-(M<)r|.(', s ..t J{:iiiil()iph I gnic* r-, l."i7 Jh'i ad 

BUILDERS SUPPLY mooc^. . .. ,,,,,. ^,,_ , ^_, ^ >. ^H (rinr^O 

(» - 

\ *■■ . -/'^ 




y / 

1 i ^^ 


2 & U Beekman Street, 





* Suadaj Setod lewaid Oard 
3!;titk Tiaks, J)rnBs ini^ ^c(ci|ils, J 


evens' Cslelsrated 

.ir.l', Tr^i" 



0tevei)s' >Silk 8oo!; jMarks h.i\d Wovcq ridturc 

A full set of Samples, consisting of aV)oiit 200 different styl'" 
Advertising Cards, will be sent on receipt of $1.50. 

CARTER & SOLOMON, ^^"jf-"^^-'-!^"'"-''^^^^^^ 


:icths, Sec, 53 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



Macliine-Made Brick 

■s 03sr :Ea:./^iNriD. 




Dealer in 

30 Broad St reet, Columbu^^, G-a. 

— — 3n jsxvs^n'S 


The public are hereby notified that we are now prepared to furnlsli Brewer'i Celebrated Rubber 
Paint, Varnishes. Cement. Etc., to P.uilder^, M.«r.ufart.urer5, R -ilroadb and at wholci^ilc. 

This wonderful paint, bein< Fl RE-PROOF and WATER-PROOF, should be by everybody, on 
the roofs of yo\ir houses, on your stoves, your farm imiilerncnts, your machinery, your pumps, your 
railways, and fences around yards, fanners' lots. ete. It U the cheapest, best, prettiest and 
durable pai ,t inuniifactured. Agents v.antcd in every Town and County in the United States. 

TItSrO. T. SZEiZE^^Vi::!^ «Sc co.. 


Exclusive Mar.ufaclurers and Sol-- Vropnetors. 


ADVOCATE "r^iJS;' 'f?™ r''^=' f =".'""■ ^*'"'^' °"- M»"'My 

i-ircUa^ion^laXOO. Cood advertising mediBm. Sisiktco^-- 

t nr ~~ ~ — ^J' 




Johnsou AsbLiry,^B^-,Ku| 

Johnson Ephraim :M., t-i-ocer ^•■^■> 

Broad . e^iOLtr, i,._ 

Johnston James D. Jr.^ hardware 

141 Broad 
Jones Andrew (e), shoemkr, es O-de- 

thorpo, s of Brvau ° 

' Jones Claiborne JL, tailor, 102 Broad 

Jones Henry J., grocer, Front, cor 

Jones J. S. & Co. (Jauies S. Jonc^ 
Jumes A. Lewis), dry goods, 154 
Jones John W., saloon, 45 Randolph 
Jordan J. L., physician. 93 Broad 
Jon an Seth N., physician, 81 Broad 
Jordan A: Blackinar (G. Gunby Jor- 
dan, John Blackrnar), ins agts, 31 
•St Clair 


Hendricks Mattie xMi^s, drcssmkr, 74 


Hey man Charles & Co. (Charles Hov- 
'-an, Edv^ard Kurniker), saloon 
JUKI restaurant, 136 Broa.i , .^n^i-nr 

xidl N>^niiam v attorney, 55 Broad I Joseph Jacob, dry c^oods, 59 Broad 

HlnH^P? *^o^"-*-^'' (William H. i Kaufman J. &J.'(Jacob'andJu us 
Hmde, Peter Freer, Abraham 111- ' '" 

ges) jute bagging mnfrs, St. Clair, 
cor Jackson 

Hirsch Marcus M.. com mer, 169 
Broad ' 

Hochstrasser Charles K., grocer and 

liquors, 116 Br.^ad 
Hofling Jacob, clothing, 88 Broad 
Hogan John L., ice and lisli, 79 Broad 

Holmes Chester G. & Co. (Chester 

G. Hohnes), cotton buyers, 67 

Broad ' 

Hoist J. B. & Co. (Johano D. Hoist 

Herman Weber), cotton buver-= 7 

I ; road ■• ' 

Hood B. B., physician, 93 Broad 
Hood M D. & Co. (Martin D. Hood 

Jolin L. Jordan, Erastus E.Hoou)' 

drugs, 93 Broad ^' ; 

Hooper & Waddell, attorneys, lis! 

Howard James W., ji,nk dealer, ws ' 

Oglethorpe, s of Lee 
Holbruok Jeff F., blacksmith, 77, 

U^dethor|)e : 

Howard M. R. Mrs., milliner, 34 lian- ' 

doljih i 

Iluiit Charles D., grocer, 55 Broad '■ 
lugram & Muther (Porter Ii,tr..m. 

Henry Q Mather), attorneys 

Broad, cor St. Clair * 

Jackson Andrew (t-), grocer, 70O.>le- 
thorpe ° 

''^nd*;v;!^in^**!'^"^ero^er, liquors ! LdtnerChaJks B 
_j^no^_h:ur-jngj^^^^jiroad ^J^nndolph 

B. H. BroomheadA Co. ) 

whol grocers, 14 Broad 
; Kelly J. Mrs., grocer, 38 Randolph 
I Keller Randall (c), shoemkr, e s Ogle- 
I thorpe, n of Brvan 
j Kerii & Loeb (Mrs. B. Kern, Solo- 
I nion Loeb), grocers, liciuors, 61 

Kmibrough Thomas J. S., physician, 
^/4 Broad 

King David E., shoemkr, 49 St. Clair 
Kins: JoUu, propr and pubr En- 
King & Daniel (Joseph King, Asa B. 
Daniel), grocers and saloon, 45 
Kiryen J. Albert, dry goods, 90 

Klink Auu'ustus B., restaurant, 112 
1 Broad 

I Kurniker Gus, fancy grocer, 13S 
j Bioad 
I Kyle & Co. (Joseph and James P.) 

dry goods, 106 Bi'oad 
LalR-oitz Marcus, dry goods, 54 

Laliekl George :\r., baker and confec- 
tioner, 190 Broad 
Latield James M., confectioner, 49 

J^ayender Wiley R., grocer, Broad 

cor Franklin 

Lawhon &C\>. (Samuel E. Lawhou, 

George W. Rosetto), machinery, 

Oglethorpe cor Bryan 

Lee Michael H., millinery, 102 Broad 

physician, 46 

^GBi-B, Sasli, Blinds. 





& SOLOJV50^3, Importers and 
50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 


Lennard James ^f,, iittoruey, 114 

Broad ^^ 

Iievvis James A?^ Co. (Janips A. 

Lewi-;, Robert T. Gret^ury, William 

I. AtHiek), whol dry goods, 152 

Lewis «feCo. (James A. and Artemus 

Lewis), boots and shoes loO Broad 
Liefrauk Deck, artist, 44 U.\udol|»h 
Liudsey James B., gn,cer, Ogle- 

tlior|)e, cor Bryan 
Tjiadsey & Sanders (Gilbert Lindsey, 

John W. Sanders), cliina, glas-, 

etc., 173 Broad 
Little William A., attorney, 79] 

Loeb Moses, dry goods, 19 Broad 
Long A- Ph-I^v f^^lw-.r,! T. Long, 

EobertP. Farley), grocers, 11 Broa^j 
Lopez Cayetana, cigar mkr, IS Broad 
Loudenlier \V., saloon and 

mnfr, -11 Randolph 
Lowenthal Louis & Co. (Louis and 

Julius Losventhal), variety store, 

117 Broad 
McArdle Frank J., tinner, 22 Broad 
McArthur Green (ej, grocer, 52 Craw- 
McCauley Henr\', estate of, marble 

works, 40 Broad 
iicCook Josephine Mrs., grocer, 

Thomas cor Mcintosh 
McDaniel William \V., grocer, e s 

Oi^lethorpe, n of Fraoklin 
McGehee & Hatcher C'uristoijher C 

McGehee, Benjamin T. llatcheri, 

cotton and com mers, Front opp 

St. Clair 
McGough J. &Co. (John McGough), 

drygoods, 115 Broad 
McJunkin John D., mattress mkr, n 

8 Oawford, e of Front 
McKee Hockley C, carriage, wagons 

and harness, Guuby building 
McMillan J. E., physician, 171 Broad 
McNeill & Levy (Jumes M. McNeill, 

Lionel C. Levy, Jr.), attorneys 118 

Mahone William A. (c), barber, 39 

Marcriiiu James F. & Co. 

(James F. Marcrurn, Walter A. 

Fry), grocers and confectioners, 

146 Jiroad 
Murcus Van, ju'^tice, 171 Broail 
Markham Ctiarles, saloon, 141 Broad 
Markham Timothy, co. treasurer, 50 


1^ mjmr'- ' 

Markham Timotliy W., grocer, Ogle- 
thorpe, cor Rindol))h 

>[ason John J., physician. 119 Broad 

Mason Joseph M., dentist, 34 St. 

Mever L'lssar, U. S. dep collector, 69 


Matthews W. D. & Co. (William D. 
Mattiiews. llennau J. Meyer), sta- 
tioners^ 208 Bro i<l 

Merchants and Mechanics Bank, 
William H. Brannon, pres ; Al- 
fred O. Blackmar, cash ; 110 Broad 

> W. T., house, sign and 
ornamental painter, 30 Broad (See 
page 2-5) 

Me\er William, boots and shoes, 104 

Middlebrook & Helms (Thomas E. 
Middlelirook, Samu'd Helms), gro- 
cers and saloon, *J Broad 

Mitchell F'rank, grist mill, foot Com- 

Malion Mitchell (c), barber, 21 Craw- 

Moore James F., grocer and saloon, 
lis Oglethorpe 

Moore &Jarkson (William R. Moore, 
Henry T. Jackson), grocers, Broad, 
nw cor Thomns 

^^oslle!l Jacob H., blacksmith, ws 
Oglethorpe, n of Crawford 

3l!iiiday & UoliiiiJ^OH (William 
Munviay, Thomas C. Robinson), 
liverv, 8;) Broad. ■ See page 229) 

Murdoch Rot .-rt P.., insagt, 92 Broad 

Miisco2;ee 31auufactiiri«g Co., 
G. P.Swift; pres; V>'m. A, Swift, 
sec and treas; S. G. Roberts, supt ; 
cotton factory : Front, opp Frank- 
lin. (See page 221) 

Names Tliomas, genl store, 19 Craw- 

National B'lnk of Columbus The, J. 
Rhodes Browne, pres ; George W. 
Dillingham, ca-<h ; 118 Broatl 

for PHCTOaRAPHS. and Frames mads to order, any siza or 
stvle. 0. M. aOODMAN. 23 ^rnitohall streot, Atlanta. Q&. 


O I 

JAS. P. HARRISON & CO., Printeis, IFubSifhers and 
Binders, 27 & 29 Broad St., "Atlan ta, C a. 








lr, i::,,is.^iM^j^'<^ii'^iiilj£MM-k£<L"B i^ir^^ 

Pirrie & Justice (Samuel Pirrie, R(j1)- 
ert Jiistieo), grocers, Oglcthorc, cor 

P('er William S., grocer, 2 Broad 

Ponce Ai;tonio, ciyar rukr, 51 Craw- 

Pcol William T., denfist, ITS Ilroad 

Prrter FJcliard B. (ci, barber, 6o 

Puogressire Aeje, John W. Thomp- 
son, proi-r and piiblr; Og!etlK)rpe, 
C(.rEandolj h. (See jiage 229). 

ProfuDu* Frank X., confecliouer, 43 

Posada A. Mr?., cigar mnfr. So Ran- 

Nearc Georire, candy nikr, 1-U.) Brca<l 
Needham Wlliam S., groctr, 13 

NewU n J. M. & Ci>. (James M. New , ,,i)ipii 

ton, William P. McKinUy), salccii, | p^ ^, janies F., attorney, 107 Broad 

■ioBrca*! JRaifirlv Lavs rt nee J., saJooii, ISl 

Newman Tooias, ice and beer, 50 1 p,,-oad 

Broad 1 Raiferd E. G. Mrs., hotel, Broad, cor 

O'Brien Matt V., agt Sou. Ex. Co., I Crawford 

41 Broad 1 Raiikiii ll€iJ«c, John bcheif, 

Ogletree L. Mrs., dressnjkr,107 Proad i projir ; Flank Golden, elk ; Broad, 
O'Neill Levi [O, blacks-mitii. Ogle-; cor Crawford. (Sfe paL'c 22U. 

Ihorpo, so cor Franklin ' Redd Niciiols L., justice 114 Broad 

Owen Henry T., grocer, Jackson, cor ' Redd & Ingiam, ',Lock W. Redd, Bat 

Wasbini'tcn " | Ingram, 'jr.\ groceries, 15 Broad 

Palmer (\ B. & Co. (Cl.avles B. and ! Heihl & Manjey iCbarles A_. Ecdo, 

John H. Palmer), drugs, 4S Craw- I Jcdm^P- Mr.nky). grccene., 12b 

Passmore Nathan i^., grocer, 47 Ran- ' Redd ' Adam E., carprntf r, Ogle- 
(^ohh i thorpe, corlhomas _ 

Patterson P. B. & Co. (Ple.a^ant B. ! Reedy John C, co tax receiver, to 
and M..dis.,u L. Pat. im ni, hard- ' 
ware, stoves, etc., 109 BmaU : Remin.tu,, John C. gr-oer saloon, s 

Peacock Gideon J., clothing mnfr, ^ e corner Oglethorpe and 

Pe^atody' Francis D., attorney, 107 ' Reej-e^ J^-nus, (c), shocmk,, 45 St, 

l\Sn'dv A Brannon ( Jcdin Peabody.. : Bid.He Andrew J., photographer, 
WihiLm^H. Brannon,. "tto. neys, , ^lc.1 Lro^d ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^_^ ^^^^^^^ ^. 

?::;^: ^lii::^; J^rm^gr w;^l W. ' R^iS;: Shepherd,barb. r, Oglethorj e, 

■^ >r Co 40R->iM'ilph n e corner Biyau 

Peti'rc.''<fe Bin ford (Thomas J. Pearce, K<il>oiis S. J., M'pl M"scog(e 

R.ul.n J. Bu.n,rd), grocers, 20 ^J;l^^;^^,,,.^^^^ ,,^ confectioner. 

Pta-e John W.. b'.okseller ai.d rau- 194 Eroao 

sical inslruaunts. 7G Bn.a.l llooiu'y Lawrtncc, lurn.ture, S.> 

INoples' Bine Steanu rs, 1 nice Broad, ,■»'''";'*' .. , .r<.r,.r,^\\T Ttn- 

. cor Thon-as; Thomas H. Moore, Ro.ette .V- Lawh._n j^^^'^^V?^ ^ f o 

.'cnl a'-t ■ William P. Moore, pas. sette, bamuel E. Ea^^b<.n^ carn- 

^ " ' ri^•-e^. OwleUK.rpe, cor Bryan 

Pioneer Co-o: vc Co., Isaac Jo- Kowt Wdliam B., grceer and saloon, 

Rii.b r.res-' O. S. J( nian, treas; 90 Oiderbi-rpe 

wi\:!l^Vroo,"rs .ind h.iuors,'lM-on.;:Hu^Hell Cna.les R., a'torney, 55 

corBrvan ' i^'"'^'' 


iLDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE, '. R ng J § d s T s ' llardwara. 


s,naLamor£q.uin3, selsctoi fr:in fines'. Importations. 
CABTZa Sc S0L0M3N. 5D <V.r.t3;ull sV. Atlanta. 




iefitial 1^08 Qleamsrs 




Steamer GEO. W. WVLLY. 


<n.i> itr.M \in.j;. 


hM\ ^' lantiscap^ M\i[ 

STsriEOSCOPES AMD VIZ"': I :?e:ialt?. 

OFFICE, Thomas corner Bay Street. 

Sam'l J.Whiteside, General A^fni. 
Gf^o. B. Whiteside, Sec'y and Treas. 


ITogressiYG Age 

'^ (Weekly ) 

J. W. THOMPSON, Prop'r, 

SU33C2IPTI0K P2ICE, |1.:0 PS2 T2A3. 

Every style or size Plvt.>,^r.'.;)li frn;u Lif'- or ' Id 
I'lCLurc. Chroiuoi, i-'i^ni'c^, (ilass and Ei.x- 
taras. Prices lower than any place. 

Remember the Gallery is over Kern it Loeb's Store, 



The "" circulates lari;ely in Geori,-;-!, Florida, 
>Iississippi and Alabama. Advertising ra e; \ 



U 1 i\ 11/ IX "- o o 


Is the Offi-ia! Organ, State and Municipal, for this section of Georgia. 
Everybody tak:s it. Everybody reads it. Because it is 

at abDUt o.-is-haU the price of other publications. The only paper in Columbus 
publishing th:; Press Dispatches. It is the b.;st advertising medium in Georgia, 
Florida, or Alabama. 


Daily, twelve months $7 oo 

Weekly, twelve months I lo 

Sunday, twelve months, i oo 

All of our Factory Population read the Sunday. Estimates furnished 
promptly. Send for specimen copy. 

JOHN KING, Proprietor, 

Columbus, Ga. 

< . 




' MUTUAL BELIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlarta, Ga. A Benevolent 
Institution, conducted en tusiness principles. 




':''T^t^''T^1^7r^^^'~.-V^'f^^^i^iJ?^^^fl'^^'^< 5S v ;:^Ti 


Sauls WiLiam II., cigar mntr, 172 ' 

P>roa(] j 

Scliorf John, propr Raiik'U House, I 

Bro:i(], cor Crawford, (sfo p^igt^ 251) I 
Schk'V Edward B., physician, 114 

Sol.-.b;r "\V. Mr.. "u:::.!!!;!! 39 

Schouil'Uit: Carl, watches and jew- 
elry, lO") Broad 
Scbrini^hire & Culkld (Thoma- 

Selniiiibliire, "William Cofiekij, 

grocer ', IIC 0;,deth()rpe 
S(diubi''Sky Simon, drv goods, 32 

Scott <fc Hdt (CnarlHs J. ScoU, Heurs- 

M. H tt), ice, 19-J Jiroad 
Sidlnian John II., lailor. 134 Eroatl 
Shackelford & Turner (.J.ihn F. 

Shackelford, .Tohn P. Tiirnen, 

drugs, lu7 Broad 
Simon Solomon, oj'tician, 3S Broad 
Simons Aaron, grocer, Crawford, cor 

Simons M. & Co. (Moses Simons, 

I^eopold Ivowerdnal), genl store, 

Baldwin, Cur Mercer 
Slade & E heredge (James B. Slade. 

Charles A. Elhere<ige), cotton com 

mers. Front, cor Kundolidi 
Slaughter Farley, soda water mnfr, 

Oglethorpe, nr depot 
Smith Freeman, printer, 72 Broad 
Smith .Simeon, hlacksmith, Ogle- 

tl)ori>e, e of Fee 
Siuitli & liusscll (James M. 

Sadlli, James M. lUi^se.l), attor- 
neys, room 1, 171 liroad 
Snycier Jesse, grocer, ne cor Jackson 

and Jj^e 
Solomon Cullman, dry goods, 24 

Sjiear Horace K., provision and cot- 
ton mer, 101 Inroad 

Spear Tliomas S., watches, etc., 101 

Speir J. & Co. (John M. Speir, Wil- 
liam V. Futrtll^ genl mdse. Broad, 
Cor Warren 

Springer Francis J., grocer, Craw- 
ford!, cor Ogleuiorpe 

Spencer Perry, grocer. 120 Broad 

S])encer & Banks (Henry Spencer, 
Jerry Banks), blacksmiths, Ogle- 
thorpe, n of Crawford 

Stanford Francis A., surgeon, 37 

Starr H. H. & Co. (Hcmier 11. Starr), 
cotton broker, (59 Broad 

Steam Cotton JSIills, ws Oglethorpe, 
n of Bryan 

Stevenson H. Mrs., confectioner, 36 

Stone Thomas J., grocer and saloon, 
ws Oglothorpe, u of Crawford 

Stntpper Ignazio G., confectioner, 72 

Swift Geoiire P., pres Muscogee 

Switt George P. & Son (George P. 
and G<^oru'e P. Jr.), cotton factors 

Swift \\'iliiai5i A., sec and treas 
MuscoL'oe INlnfg Co 

S A iit & AVilliams (William A. Swift, 
George P. Williams), cotton mills, 
ws uglethorpe 

Talley Fruhcis M., grocer, Ogle- 
thorpe, tic cor Frankliti 

Terrv Carhsle, pliysician, 101 Broad 

Terry W. E., harbVr, 134 Broad 

Terrv <fc McGee (Wi liam E. Terry, 
Joseph L. McGee), barbers, 46 

Thomas Grigsby E. Sr., clothing, 
107 Broad 

Thompson John W., propr Pro- 
gressive Age 

Thornton Beverly A., attorney, 114 

Tl'<-nias Grigsby E 

Cary E., 

Tii< rnton 


Henry J., 







Broa<l I - - ^ 

Sontlurn Ex-press Company, Matt I Thweatl A; Snider (Jamea 1. 

V. O'Brien, agt : 41 Br ^ad ' ] Tliweatt, William F. Suider), cot- 

goutliern Plow Company, W. P. | ton buyers, li7 Broad 

Brown, pres; T. E. Golden, St^c I Ticknor Douglas C, physician, 81. 

atni treas; Frotit, cor Dillingham Broad 

B. H. Broomhead & ^o. 

i^ouidinKS, Brackets, &g. 

WALL I fir Ell at CAHTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall St.. Atlanta. 





Ti^'iier Wt'sley F., dentist, 3 

Tiliiiiau William L., grocer find dry 

goods, l-i3 Broad ^ 
Up.^hot John (c), "--•^■' 

s of Crawford 
Velati Angelo, 


Waddle J. >I 

Waddle, J. .A 

h '-ri''-' Si t'l « ' ■» "SiV *,sV 1 •> , « m i -i -* ■■J 

1; ""- •- ^."*^^i,■>i.'jr^^.^"•• ' 

rest;%irant, Front 
cigar mnfr, 35 St. 

V**? iJ'j? «'•' 'r* i'^,""^ 


& Co. (Joseph ]M. 
Cade), saloon and 
restaurant, ns Oglethorpe, s of Sf. 
Walker J. A,, carriages and bucrgits 
Watt W. J. & C. H., grocers 
Wells Louis, barber, Broad cor St. 

Norris X. Curtis), whol and ret 

boots, slioes and leather, 73 Broad 
Weems Oliver, barber, 2n Kandolj)h 
Weinberg Gustav, atzt, gr )eer, necor 

Oglethni[)e and Washington 
Westt-rii Union Tel. Co., Oscar C. 

Harrell miigr; 33 St. Clair 
Willeox DeWitt F., insagt, 71 Broad 
Willett Isaiah, grocer, se cor.]aeksou 

and Comineice 
Williams Alpha A., photographer, 

67 Broad 
Williams Daniel E., genl freight and 

pass HL't M. & C4. R. R. 
AVilliaiiis Ciilcs T., photographer, 

Gl Broad, i >i-f paue 220 ^ 
Williams William H , ticket agt C. 

R. R. 
Williams William F. , attorney and 

ex-ofilcio justice, 9") Broaci 
Willingham & Co. (William A. Wil- 

lingham and Columbus Iron 

Work.s), builders' supplies, 3S and 

40 Oglethorpe 
Winu Thon:as J., agt Singer IVIufg. 

Co., 1G3 Broad 
Wittich & Kinsel tAdolphus Wi'- 

tich, Cliarles M. Kinsel), wMtches 

and jewelry, G7 Broad 
Woolfolk John C, irrooer, 44 Broad 
Woolfolk Joseph W., cotton factor, 

81 Broad 
Wood Joseph J., grocer, 1,53 Broad 
Won.i William R., grocer. 91 Broad 
W<)odrufr Georu'e W.. 11 un- mill, I 

Thomas, cor Front ! 

Wrighthurst Ah-xander(c), shoemlcr, ! Mfrriman A: Stunlev, m 

St. Ciair, e of Bmad ; Tilley S. ()., attornev 

W', De Wolf <t Co (Thomas K. 

Wynn;^ Joljn H. aMariin, W. S. 

De Wolf, John S. S ewart), projirs 

Times, 43 Randolph 
Young ThonitisS., grocer and saloon, 

s\v cor Oglethorpe and L e 
luktiig \\ iiliuiii 11., ^iiaii\7, Guio'V 
You're ifc Crimes (Edi.vard 10. Yonge, 

Cliir B. Grim"S,) brokers and ri-til 

estate agts, 79^ Broad 
Zacharias I-aik)re, drugs 33 Ran 



Muscor;^e,Cuithiy.— C. ct A'. 11. B. 

A small station with no postal h\r 
cilities. Three miles from Cuhimbi's 
the county seat.¥5iss!orNSErj. 

Wilkinson ('(Ainlij. 
A reoetitly established postolllce 
from which no report was received. 


T'iI/kjU Coun'ij. 

A small hamlet of inconsiderable 
population, situated near the Ohon- 
pee river wldcli furnishes wafer 
P'twer for mills. Has chuiclies and 
!-cl)ools, and steam mills. Is 4-J miles 
from R"idsville the eoutity seat; 3') 
from Johnson's Station tiie nearest, 
railroad and express station, and 70 
from Sav.'innali its neare-t banking 
point. Tlie princi{)al shipments aie 
timbf^r, wool and cotton. Ship tvV/ 
No. 4i, S. F. & W. R. R. Was made 
a prisfoflice in IS'^O, and rpctives a 
week'y mail Irom Hax!c\;nid Rrids- 
ville by carrier. S. O. Tiiley, V. M. 
Hancock 1\. H., inider 


pDAPj-'^CO for PHOTO'^K.^PHS, and 
■ «S#^r«S£^ gtvle. C. M. GOODMAN. 

00 f 

_ ti 

^ o 

30 in 

< 2 


Francs nade to order, any £i20 or 
23 Whitehall strest. Atlanta. Ga. 























Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 

C' )X 




yy^iy-'j'^sntsy' -v- 





Daicson Connty. 
Nt'ar Forsyth county line. Three 
miles ui>itlu'ust of Higli Tower its 
mail supply. 


Jd'^pcr County. 
Distant 5 miles west of >Tontieelio 
t!ie county seat, :mi unim{)ortant 
lianilet with no mail {irivileges. 


I'ike Co'in^ij. 
Six miles froai Z^nulon tl'ie county 
seat, 15 fromGrifhu its depot, exi)iess 
and telegraph ofhce, and bunking 
]), and 75 from A'lanta. I> a 
place of about 50 i)opu]atioti, and has 
a B;){)tist ehurelt, one scLiool and a 
pr.s* mill, fiperated by ste;im. 8!iip 
via (Jrillin. Ci>tton is the chief 
lioit. Mail three times a week 
bu.^L^v. J. W. McLendon, P. M. 

Ad;im3 J. H., blacksmith 
(Vic \1. C, riiiiuisiiate 
H..oien E. INF. Rev.r J5 tptist 
iMcLeiidfn Ai- 3Iat)it'\vs 

and T. L. Mi Len(ieu, 

INI iihews), yenl store 
M idden J. F., ,'renl store 
ISrathews J. B.. teacher 
AX'iliiamson T. J., grocer 
Wright J. ]j., notary 

I c6ndor. 

j Laurcnn County. 

I A place of about 45 inhabitants, 4 

' mdes from Dul>lin the county seal, 

; and So from Is'o. ll, C. J{. 11., the 
nearest railroad, cxpr>-ss and teh- 
graph station. Macon and Savannah 
are the nearest banking towns. }ias 
two steam saw mills ^Methodist and 
B:i|'ti^t churches, and school. Tlie 
principal products are cotton, hides, 

^ and wool. Ship b-y steamer tin 

! Oconee Brid<;e, or is'o. 11, C. R. R. 

' Was established as a postollice in 
1S7S, and has a weekly mail from 

, Duldin and Furiner. Dennis Kea, 
P. M. 

I Beacham L. C, saw miU 

j Bush E. G., gin and grisc mill 

: Carer J. G., pliy^acian 
Drew John S., nolary 
Fuller J. F., siiw mill 
Holmes C. L., geni store 

i Ivca J)eiinis, geiil store 

I Ivf.i We.-li'V, t,aw mill 
Pope C S., genl store 

[ Tapiey James, car])enter 

'Tapley J. C. wagon nikr 





licrii'.n Coun'y. 
Situated G miles south of Nashville, 
the county «eaf. Is a small place 
witli no mail privileges. 


Elbert County. 

Located 7 miles norlh of Elb.^rton 
the county aea% and nearest railroad 


Murray County. 
A small place of inconsiderable 
population, IG mile.s from Si>ring 
I'lace, tljc county seat, and 27 from 
D ilton, the neaiVst raUroad, express 
and telegvai'h s'ation and tiaiddng 
town. Holly creek furni.- lies power 
to operate a saw and grist mill, and 
tiiore is an extensjve tannery being 
t'stal)lisheii to be run by steam. 
Country produce and stock are the 
princii)al shipments. Was estab- 
lislied as a iiosl-ollice in ISSO and re- 
ceives a mail each week day by from Filijay and Spring Place. 
Joseph King, P. M. 

UMd ox|iress ollice. H ts a M-tlioilist I B -atright Alonzo, tanner 

church, also L'rist m lis operated by : iving ,J<»-;<']>Ii5 miller 

water power furnishe I by ColdwateV j MrL lurd William, tanner 

and liertvcrd>m creek>-. I Turner T. J., tanner 

'^i^L^ir^r^imhiie Lead and 05 i . 



Wholesale and K stall Deakrs in CAIiPETS, 
Cil Cloths, cco., 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



JRockdale Countii—Ga. R li. 
Toe county .se:i'. His :i population 
of 1,25 >. Cotton and grain are the 
principal exports.— th<j receijits of 
the former amounting to about S.ODO 
bales aniuially. Has otliees of the 
youthern ex})rt^s and Wt-ster.i Union 
telegr^pli cjiuiianies. Presbytt-nan, 
M-tlu)Uirta'id Baj) isc cliurciic-^, '-^ooii 
sciiools, and two weekly newsp^ipers 
—the Exnminer and Courier. Muil 
daily. P.J. Jones, P. M. 
A'-ree Tilden, hotel 
Almand H. 1'. c'i D. M. (Henry P. 

and David ^I.), genl sti)re 
Almand H. P. & R. A. & Co. (Henry 

P., l>.ivid T\i. anii Richard A. Al- 
mand), warehouse 
Almand Jolin F., genl store 
Ahiiand J. H. S:)ii A; Co. (J-seph H. 

and J ihu H. Almand;, g'^nl store 
Almand John \Y., bhii-k.-^nutli 
Almand b. D. & S )n iSimoun D. and 

Charles J.), genl <tore 
Almand Wel'-ome. w:ii;onnikr 
Ayers Jane W. Mrs., 'ji-iA .store 
BiMitley Josepii llev., I\I^thodi-t 
Butler David rf., resiaurant 
« 'jtrr Wdliam J., taih^r 
<'urr AV. J. Mrs., miihuer 
Chris ian Piesley P., justice. 
ClemmunsA Petty iGe .rj^e W.Clem - 

nions,Wi!li:nn il.l-Vtty), ir'Md sIoVl- 
Clotte'ter William C, co. tax re 

Connaly George W., watchmkr 
Conyers Examiner (weekly), W. E. 

Harp, propr 
Conyers Male and Fern ile College 

Kobert A. Gunn,T. Dean O'Kelly 

Conyers Weekly, Hul^ & White, 

Cowan S. J. & Si'ii, (Samutl J,, and 

William S.), gem sto.e 
Cowan & HarpiT(Mis. G. V. Cowan, 

Afrs. K, Harjier), milliners 
DivisMaryT. Mrs., mdlmer 
Downs Shelly 1*., carn:;ge and 

wajioii mnfr and undertaker 
Di)wnsS. P. Rev., Methodist 
Downs S. I*. *i, Co., (Shelly P. and 

Mrs. E. C D;wns and Mrs. C. 

Gieaton George V\'., attorney 

Gh-nn J. Niidv, attorney 

Hale & White ^Jolm N. Hale, 
Charles \V. White), pr iprs Con- 
yers We dcly 

Harp Wdlia n E., pro}>r Conyers 

Harper Vel M., grocer 

Helms Andrew M., notary and at- 

H^'uderson Hi'nry, carpenter 

Hudson Daniel N.. g id .-tore 

Hu.^on WniiamT , genl store 

Jewel Edgar liev., Rap'ist 

J.)biisi)n (Teo'i^e W. (cj. barber 

Junes G. M. & Co. (Green M. Jones, 
Josejjh A. Stewart, Jr.), genl store 

Jones John (C), bLicksmi;' 

Jones Reuben A., dentist 

Langford John W., wagon mnfr and 

Lre A. :M. Mrs., mil'.inery 

Lee Widiani H., druggist and phy- 

Liicas ct Simonton (George A. Lu- 
cas, George R. h^unontou), geul 

McCada August C, attorney 

McCiilla A Overbv (James M. Me- 
Calla, Wd iam Z. Overby), cotton 

i >'<•" . . ^- 

McC»>rd J. Riifu^, elk superior court ^ ,^ 




H.\.M. FACTl'KKK Op 

Hicks), uiillitiery 
I'^dliott George }*., genl st< 
Flowers Bf'njamin J., tan 






o tr- 

«« 28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 

•*VT»TTT3W«:7? ^r^JTfWr,-^?- 


w >• 

ft i 


nnni/inn" f-r your Families ty a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 
r n U l« I U I- HSLIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlanta. Ga. 




V ° 

H K 
t) O 

M. Cord & C<K (H'm-y Y. MtCon!, 
Joseph A. Stewart, Jr.), warehouse 
^r-Lfaii Joseph 8., harness and sad 

d es 
?.Iinldo>c Jiimes V.., iren] sfore 
iNiiteiieJi A. P., feiifiiii' 
Moore Georye R. U-v., Bantist 
New William, marble works 
Nii'_'koll- Shelly S., grocer 
Oakes Ge )r::;e A., co. coroner 
Osborn An<-'ustiis B., meat market 
Pierce Andrew J., geni store 
Perry Augustus ('., attorney 
QiiL'g Henry Rev., Pi^sbyterian 
]\i('hardson P. A. Mrs., milliner 
Roberts Elisha, stoves, etc 
Rosscr Janit-s P., phys:ciun 

Seamans Oi)aclia!i, en. ordinary 
Signian Tiuis F., venl'store 

Siitiiuoiis George ^V., millwright. 

(Sre alv). 
StewM I John 1j., express agt 
Sewart Joseph A., phy.sician 
Stewart Joseph A. Jr., nenl store 
Stewart Matthew R., (]ru;.;gist 
Stewart Tliomas D &, Co. (Thomas 

D. Stewart, Leonidas F. Scott), 

niercliaiits, banker-; and collectors 
Tavis A. Campbell W., pb^ysician 
Taylor Mary F. Mrs., millinery 
Tilley James P., railroad agt f.nd tel 

Treadwell S. F., co. treasurer 
Tread well & Moiris (William E. 

Treadwell, James F. Morris), livery 

Turner Columbus IF, physician 
^Vardliw Julius H., baker 
AWaver George W., geid store 
Weaver G W. <fc P>ro. (George W. 

.■iiiii Reulien D.'t, grocer 
Wnihurn William G. Rev., Baptist 
N\'oolley Ellas, tax collector 
>'- lehry & Whitehead (John >F Zach- 

f.V, Francis J. Whitehead), i:r.icers 


Mucon Ounnty. 
A small place with a population of 
about 25, eight miles from Ogle- 
thorpe, the county seat, which isnlsd 
the nearest railr<^iad and express sta- 
tion ; ItJ miles from Montezuma, liie 
nearest telegrapii station, and IG 
from Araericn^, tiie nearest banking 
town, (,'otton is tlie principal (iru- 
duct. There are two steam gins.. 
^Fiil semi-weekiy from Oglethorpe 
i)y wagon. Felix F. Smith, P. M. 
Clount Sallie, teacher 
Coogle Jo.-^eph M., millwright 
Cordell N. T., phvsit'ian 

, O^wel! G. T., I«lncksmith 
Elmore J. S., teacher 
llulley R. T.. physician 
Halsted S. B.,"teticher 

, H dsted S. H., carpenter 
Smith Felix F., genl store 
Willis Henry, exp agt 


I Appling (Jo'inty. 

' An unimportant settlement with 
; no postal advantage. Situated on 
i Fig Hurricane creek, 10 miles south- 
] west of Baxley ttie county seat 


]VilcoT C'-'uniy. 
: A small place with a j)opulation of 
I 30, from which no information was 
i received. 


I Heard County. 

A small place with a population of 
about 2.'). Is located 7 miles from 
Fran: lin the countv seat; 9 from 
i Hogansville-A. & W. P. R. R.-it? 
I ns'arest jiiilroad. express and tcle- 
J graph offices; 15 from I^iGrange, 
; wliich is its banking pi ice, and 67 
! from Atlanta. Situated on New 
' river, which afTords power for ope- 
; rating Hour and gri-t mills ; also has 
\ a sieam gin. Ship via Hogansville. 
: Cotton is tiie chief export. Mail 
^ daily liy buggy. John D. Cook, P. M. 
; P.uttrell J. M., geul store 
I Cook II<M>e if , genl store 
I (jouk J. i). & J. \V., physicians 
I Cook W. H., attorney 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. ) 

MiiAi)^' :%tixico l'.^^J[I^x 



in all patterns, at Carter & Solomon's, 
^ 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Wilkimon Coudy. 

A place of about 70 iiihabitauts, 13 
v\\\\^:< from Irwinton. the county 
seat, ]S miles from Toomb-borough — 
No il C. R. R. — the nearrst raihoad, 
express and telegratib station, and 4U 
from Maeon, the nearest bank- 
ing town. lidS one steam saw and 
gri^t milK Cotton is the j)rincipal 
product. Ship via Toombsborough. 
Has a tri-weekly mad from Stephens- 
ville and Jeflers-nville by stage. 
Alexander Stuekey, P. M. 
Burke John, genl store 
Cnrltou G. E., ph^'sician 
Cook Joel, genl store 
Dang t; try ij. U. A , geni store 
J).^pree I. W., physician 
Creen Franklin, physieian 
Green J. J., ju.--tice 
ijt-e L. W., juitice 
r^Ieredith John, genl store 
Sticknev Alexaiider, genl store 

and haw mill 

Jjckion Covnfy~N. E. R. R. 

A'so knov/n as Nicholson, is dis- 
tant S miles southeast of Jelierson, 
the county seat, and II from Athens, 
the nearest telegraph and banking 
town. Has an ollice of the Southern 
i'-^press Conapauy, two steam grist 
liii.ii, Bapiist church and high 
School. Cotton is the principal ship- 

Cash N. B., ph.ysiciau 
I'.ivi-j William, genl store 
Har.o.ick. Bush & Co., cotton gin and 

-:r:<t mill 

'' ' ■.!■' » ■A'Vi vy ^ ■■"■■ .-' 

2 CO 


lonei^a the county seat 


Sitiiated on Ciil>in's creek 
function with Coo 

H..wk; R. H., teacher 
Hi-r-land E. H., shoe 

M ~-:.n- D. R., genl store 
**iell Abner, geid store 
J' r;er I{ussfll, genl store 
i-^v f>ank E., blacksmith 
Rich \V. W., physician 
^^^i'.ti Charlo-, genl store 
•".■■Eith Thomiiii, venl store 
^^ a^uer J. C., blacksmith 


Lumpkin County. 
ruatfd 12 miles north west of Dah- 



at its 
. river, is niso 
known as Coosaville. Is 11 miles 
from liome the county seat, which is 
also th<^ nearest ruilroad express and 
telegr.ipb statim ;in i banking town. 
Population al)ont 10 >. Has churches 
of the Pre>by!erian, ISIi-tduxli-,' and 
Baptist persuasiiuj, a high school. 
Saw and grist mid, and cotlon gin, 
run by water power furnished by 
Cabin's creek, and steam saw ond 
grist mill. Cotton is the principal 
[>roduct. Shi|i by Co )su river steam- 
ers. Receives a semi- weekly mail 
from Rome, Ga., and Ga<lsden, Ala., 
by steamboat. R. B. McArver, P. M. 
Blake B F., liquors 
Connor C. W., iustice 
Cowe A. S., baihtr 
Craton D. N., cotton erin 
Earley T., gin and grist mill 
Hanna Ij M., blacksmith 
King A. J., ir:-ist mill 
Kiufr J. C teacher 
McArver II. O. cK;. Co., genl store 
Mapi) J. J., physician 
Maiiicws Watson W., justice 
Saye W, M., t(aelier 
ShawT. M., pliysician 
Turner J. F., niilh-r 
Vaua W. E., liquors 


Union County. 
Gainesville, — Piedmont A L. Ry — 
GO miles di-taiU, is iis railroad, ex- 
press ami telegiapli otlice and ban!;- 
ing town, T'/a which Atlanta is 113 
mill's. It is 4| from thecounty seat — 

AND PICTURE FHAICES, at Whclesab a Specialty, at 
GOOD^tlAN'S, 23 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, CJa. 

and harness 

■n t* 











fT- — 


The Press and People regard THE CHRISTIAN INDEX 
the best Advertising iVledium in the South. 

^6 " COR 





19 £ 



Kcwtoa Connly. 
A recently establislieii post-on-'u 
which no report nmis rcceivtMl 


Colquitt County. 
■i^ I Small lianilet, 12 luile.s norihoabV 
"Z. '' of Moultrie, it.s post-ollice. 

Bairsville, A small strfam, beariug 
the s.iine i.anv, atlnrds jiower for 
running several s,-'u' a:.d ;^rist mills. 
Tiie place ha>* a }>opiilation of 160. 
Meihodi-s: aii'l B:i]inst churches, and 
school. Mul 4 t! int'3 weekly by 
crriiF. Ci-ri], wiicat and livestock 
form the chief shipments. N. P. 
Walker, P. M. 
Bowen I). W., i^enl ftore 
Uuucun \V. ]{., geul store 
McAfee G. W., geul store 


Gordon, County. 
Ijocated lo miles northeast of Cal- 
houn the county sti-at. Has 2 church- 
es— liaptist aiui Metiiodist— ct)mnion 
.school and steaiu mdl and stiintrle 
mill. Cotton is tlie principal ship- 
ment. Po[inI itinn, 5'i. Ship direct 
by river or ruii via R-sac i. 


Dodge County. 
Estimated popaiathin, .00. Located 
near the Ociiuil^jee river, 16 miles 
southeast of Kasiman, the seat of 
justice and tid.-^raph otlice; 1-1 from 
Cliauncey— M. & B. R. R.—tlie near- 
est railroad and express orlice ; 2o 
from HaWiiinsvide, a Inch is Used as 
a banking place, an:i 17-3 from Atlan- 
ta. Cotton and lumber are thecliief 
exi)orts. Melhodist and liapti.^t 
churches, one fcchoo', steam saw mill 
and mail 4 limes weekly by carrier. 
l;. M. Ryuls, P. M. 
K<it:er8 W. (-!., j^'enl store 
Kyals J). M., timber dlr 
KvhIs John, timber dlr 
Wiiite J. (i., phy.ii(Mari 


JJtard County. 

Established a^a post-offi.'e in May, 
1879. L KMtted 11 miles from Frank- 
lin tiie .«eftt of justice; 5 from llo- 
^^„svill^— A. tt W. P. K. K.— tiie 
nearest raihMad, exprt-ss and tele- 
<,M-aph oiiices; 15 fr.-m Newiian, il> 
T.anking place, ami 63 from Atlama. 
Has a population of 50, two Cluircln-s 
— M'-thodist a ltd Baptist— one hi^h 
FChool and dady mail by carrier. 
Cotton is the chief export. Sniprij 
Hoi^ansviUe. I. H. Pitman, P. M. 
Buttrill James, genl store 
Copeland J. F., g'enl store 
Coriu:h High Su-hool, J. H. Covin, 

prin . 

Covin J. H., prin Coriiitli High 

Martin P., eenl store 
Piljnaxi i. ii., genl store 
Wisdom L. C, puysician 


Butts County. 
H!i3 no postal privilege:^. A small 
place about 8 miles southeast of Jack- 
son, the county seat. 

B. H. Brocmhead &. Co. 


Jones County. 
Known alMo as Grab All. Is loo- 
ted 15 miles norinwest of Clinton, toe 
county feat, and about thesaiue iroui 
Forsyih, the nearest railroad, cxpr..s- 
,aml telegrapli station. Ocniulg^e 
I river, near by, fundshes power to 
operate a grist mill, and there is al- 
ia steam gin. Baptist church and 
I common Pcnooh — — 




and Lam"b re quins, selectetl fr:ni finest Importaiions 
CARTEP. & SOLCMCN, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 


( ov 


Chattahoochee County. 
Sitii.'ited oil tl'.e higii range of laud 
fi r\v (.■(.• n the Cb;ittiilK>iiclir-e tivt-rand 
Oi'.vitciiet; creek, \j liule.s hoLU Cus- 
st'tH, the county seat, aud 15 from ; 
Colunibu«, the nearest railroad, ex- i 
pres.-^ and telegraph otiice and bank- 
ing town. Has a grist and saw mill i 
run tiy water power, Baptist church j 
and school. The jinncipal export is i 
cotton. Ship via Cody's LandiiiL^, ! 
Cbattaiioochee river. Receives mail j 
four times a week from Columbus 
and Fio]'ence by carrier. Dr. W. A. | 
Snpp, P. M. 

Sappj W. A , physician 


^Miitfeld Count','. {Scc Rol Chiy). 


Clay Cdunty. 
Formerly a post-office. Six miles 
southwest of INIorris station, its pres- 
ent mail supply. 


Randolph County. 


Floyd County. 
Mail for this hamlet should be sent 
to Van's Valley, 5 miles southwe^t. 

Fort Gaines, hs mailing point. 

frrv Lsr^E. 

Carroll County. 
A small place situated 18 miles 
from Carr'illtori, the county s"at ; '3 
miles from Whiteshur^o, [he neaest 
railroad station ; 12 miles from Pal- 
metto, it-^ nearest ^'.xiress and tt-Ie- 
^raph otlice, an the same di.--iarice 
from Newna'i, its nearest banking 
point. Woll creek, near by, furnishes 
w;ite to (>pi'r:ue H corn mill and 
flourins; mill, and there ire also two 
^'t<'ani saw mills. Cotton and lumber 
form tile pi iueipal shipments. Siiip 
via Whites I'll rirb. The County Line 
Academy is h( re, ;nii there are ihre- 
cnurches— Primitive Ba[>tisr, Cnileil 
Baptist and Methodist — in the iin.. 
mediate vicinity. Mai! -eaii-weekly 
by carrier from AVhitesburgh and 
Campbelitou. H. M. Head, P. M. 
Aycock "William, s.iw null. 
Head 15. W., teacher 
Mu.-<ic W. M.. saw mill 


Whitjitld County.—.'^. JL d- D. li. IL 
Barnett is tlio depot of this place, 
which is also kuo^'.•n as Carbondale, 
10 miles from Dalton, its bankinu' 
town and 9r» from At Ian t:^, iv'a Til- 
ton, on the W. & A. R. K., its express 
ancl telegraph nlhce, 4 miles east of 
Smainiamh-t 10 miles nortt:east of Swamp Creek near by, affords power 

for operating a saw and grist miii. 
Has Metluxlist and Baptist elunches 
and mail daily fiV'm Dalton. Slup 
direct. Country produce is the chief 
export. A. J. Ba:nett, P. M. 
Adams S. W., mp.cistrate 
Uai'uett A. .)., genl store 
.Smilii B. F. . s:r;>t mill 
Smith J., nhlliM- 

Tiiomason L. \V., uf'taiy and ox- 
.illicio justice 


Einoniii! ijm hty. 

Located on ttie Ohoupe river 8 

miles southwest of .Srt a in.- borough, 

trie county stul, 2oir.iin Midvihe, the 

n> arcst railroad expi c.-s and lelegraj>h 

elation, and 90 ffoio Savannah, its 

lankiiig to\\ii. I'i e above luuucd 

. rivtr furnishe-i good water (ioWer,but 

i it is not uiilized. Tinii'cr, \vc(>l .-md 

I cotton are tiie chiei pi-i>(i\:c:-. Sliip 

j via Midville. Popniaiion aij(-ut ■:.0. 

I Receives a semi-wt cklv mail. L. A. 

! Mc Lemon-, P. .^L 

M0ULDi:;:-3 a:td ■?r..\:i£:3 at c ::. a-.oira; 

:3 "Viii: shall street, 



Atlanta, Ga. Western Prises dupiioatei at wholesale. 



lEvitual Eelief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, test and s::fo;: 
Co-operative Life Association in the South. 




Clark, Ko,«sor & Co. (William (\ 
C!ark, John F. Rosier, Willi;in, 
Clark >, wiii-L'bouse aud com nur-s 
Clark & Pact' ( William W. Ch.rk, 

James M. Pace), attorneys 
Corlcy James T., gvn\ store 
Covington Hotel, Cary Cox. propr 
Covington ."r^tar, (weekly), Ji.mes W. 

I Anderson, }iropr 

I Cox Cary, propr Covington Hotel and 

\ livery 

: Cruse House, Rufus Cruse, propr 

\ Dauiel Robert [ci, barber 

; Davis & Stevens (Alexan(ier H. >. 

i Davis, Walter Stevens), genl store 

! Dearing & Guinn (John J. Deariu.y, 

i Thomas D. Guinn), genl store 

' Dickson Capers, attorney 


Newton Couii'i'. — Gn. R. R. 
The county seat ; has a population 
of 1,415, express aud telegraph of- 
fices, Presbyterian, Metho(li>t and 
Baptist cliUi»^hes, u.nJ tv.o vrcdily 
j>apers— the Georgia Entery.rht and 1 Edwards Ellijay F., co. ordinary and 
Covington iS^ar— and a female col- \ attorney 

lege. This place receives more cot- : Evans & Hortou (^^ William H. Evan", 
ton than anj' other point between | Henry I. Horton), saloon 
Atlautaand Augusta, the annual re- i Everitt Kichard 31., saddles, 
ceipts amounting to about 13,000 i harness, wagons and buggies 
bales. Mr. Thomas Camp is erect- ; Farriil Andrew J., sheet iron worker 
ing machine shops here, which, ; Floyd John J., attorne}' 
when completed, will he one of the ' Franklin Alfred S., co. surveyor 
largest in the wSouth. The inhabit- : Frcfland Lewi=, carriage mkr 
ants are progressive and energeiic, ; Freeman John S., co. coroner 

and the town is ranidlv iniprovmg. 
William T. Well^, P. M 
Albea Benjamin C, saloon 
Anderson L. M., attorney 
Anderson Xewton, sheriff and geiil 

Anderson & Hunter (William P. 

Anderson, Nicholas P. Hunter), 

genl store 
Bagby Robert W., saloon 
Boon TaylorV(c), dyer | 

Bradshaw Annie B., teacher | 

Bradshaw John X. Re\\, presSouth- \ 

ern Masonic Female College ' 

P.raJshaw S. M. Mir:?, teacher I 

Georgia Enterprise (weekly), b. 

W. Hav, kins, Arthur Gleun, 

Green William J., genl store 
Guinn Elia Mrs., tel. opr 
Harper Joseph, saloon 
Harris John P.. notary 
Heard, Wiiite & Co. ^Edward Hear-l, 

Charles H. White, Joseph W. 

Purington), erenl store 
Henderson Edward L., photographer 
Henderson Jolm F., genl store 
Henrv Henry T., dentist 
Houi^'h A. 8., attorney 
Hutchins John F. M., boots and 


Brittaiu J. M. Rev., Baptist 

Brown Isham W., r rand express agt ' Johnson George W..(c), barber 

Brown William S.. druggist , Kelly W. A. & Bros. (Wilha 

Camp Benjamin F., confectioner 
Caiup Thomas, propr Pioneer 

Machine Works i.See page "Jo'j) 
Camp \\ illiaiu J., undertaker 
Carter & Casiijj (James W. Carter, 
William J. Camp), carriages, wag- 
ons and buggies 
Clark, Brooks &. Co. (James C. Clark, 
Courtney C. Brooks, William H. 
-Ivy), genl store 
Clark Jam-L-s C, physician 

atu A.. 

JoLn H. aud Pleasant P.), genl 

Langley Walter M., co. tax collector 
Lattimore J. E. & Bro. ( Jacksou E. 

and Walter S.), genl store 
Lee William B., genl store 
Middlebrool; <?c Edwards (Elijay P. 

Edwards, Lucius L. Middlebrook^ 

Nixou S. Few, genl store 
Norton John, blacksmit h 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. )' 

X^ 1.130.0 


at CARTEH j; SOLjI'/iON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



( RA 

N'ortun William N., grocer 

(J'JvL'lIy K. S. Mr:?., grocer 

Owens Jesse M., livery stable and 
tux receiver 

I'ace James M. (c), blacksmith 

Puce James M., insagt 

l\-rry Alfred C. phy-'iciau 

Pierce James Rev., Methodist 

Piojjoer j>lachine Works, 
Thomas Camp, \>ro\n ; agri- 
cultural machinery, hardware, 
etc. iSee page 239) 

Pitts Thomas N., grocer 

RankiJi P. H. (c), shoenikr 

Sinims & Simms i James P. aud Ar- 
thur B. ), attorneys 

Shepherd T. J. & Son (Thomas J. 
and William B."*. treni store 

.Spencer Mary Mrs., teacher 

iSourhern Masonic Female College, 
J. N. Bradshaw, pres 

Htaiiings Simeon N., co. treasurer 

."^'tailings William S., iieni store 

.Summers John W. B., elk superior 

Swann, Stewart & 
('I'tiomas C. Swaun, John A. B. 
.Stewart, David A. Thompson), 
genl store 

Tiuniipson Robert H., wagon mkr 
Tbompson Horace, bla^k-^miih 
Thompson & Stewart (Samuel P. 

Thompson, Jefferson D. Stewart), 

genl store 
NVflls William, genl store 
Wliite M. A. Mrs., milliner 
Wingard & Evans (Daniel J. Win- 

gard, William H. Evuns), machine 

Williams James, watclimkr 
Willi>i li. Webb, physician 
Wood-on John V., justice and attor- 

' ancey Erastus H., physician 


Wulfon Coundj. 
Located 2 miles southeast of Mon- 
roe the county seat. Is an unimpor- 
tant, settlement with no mail privi- 


Banks Counly. 
An unimportant postoffioe located 
hi miles from Plomer the county seat, 
6 from Bclltou the nearest railroad, 
express and telegraph station, aud IS 
Thompson ! from Gainesville its banking point. 
Has two churche:^. Receives mail by 
stage and carrier three times a week 
from Bell ton and Homer. J. T. 
Goode, P. M. 


ERiert County. 

An old postodice before aud during 
the war, discontinued, but re estab- 
lished in 1S75, has an inconsiderable 
jiopuiation, and is located on the Sa- 
vannah river 15 miles from Elberton 
the county seat, and 13} from Plart- 
well its nearest railroad, express and 
telegraph station. The river furnishes 
abundant water power but it is not 
utilized. Hasasieamsaw mill and 
two gins, two chnretits— ]'antist and 

02 ■ ^ 'vK^ N 

^YT T_ 

:erMacnine woms. 

THOIvIJiS CaMP, Prop'r. 





-iias CoaacLensers, ZEtc. 
■ - - GEORGIA. 
















— i 






THE CHRIS riAM IPJDEX-Established 58 years age 
_ Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 

Cl I A 



?kff lljo<ii.~t aii.U\v(i se}:()(i]s Coitoii 
is thepiir.ciiKil iToiiiK-)-, ami Hartwell 
its shipping point. R^ct-ives mail 4 
tin;esa week by wagon from Bucks- 
ville un<i Anderson, S. C. J. D. 
Craft, p. M. 

Ainiivwo [Clla ?>ris,-, ieacl.ur 
Cral't J. D. &. il. P., p;enl store 
Go-s Lizzie Miss, teacher 
llailey F. M., teacher 
Hulmne I. }I. G., ^'enl store 
Tamer P. ^r., wagr.n mtcr 


Girdon Couhti/. 
A recently estahlishttl< tlice. 


Walker Count)/. 

A farmers posfolfice of uiiout lifty 
population, eontaininfr two eliurclie,^ 
—Baptist Hwd Mt'tlit^dist — common 
scliool, gin, saw and shingle mill 
ot erattd In- ])o\ver <ierived from small 
.streams near hy. Wheat, eorn, 
baccu and colton, form the chief 
shipments lrt>m tlus point. Situated 
13 miles I'rom LaFay<ttecoui l house, 
aliont tlie same di>Iance fnnn C';'.- 
noog:i, Tennessee— its ladroad, ex 
press an<i teleurHjdi olllce, and hat.k- 
ino; place, !,nd ]-2() from Atlantri. Sliip 
via ChattanooL-a. Tern. Mail dailv 
bysti.-e line. J. ^f. Lee, P. y,. 
Blaloek .T. T., h'neksmith 
Glenn P,. [j , i.rrist;>nd saw mill 
GondMin .Jacol", lax collector 
Jane- <;. W., p''ysician 
Kirkpatriek .1 T , maii'strate 
l„ee Ja I550S >!., g( id store, saw and 

^Ti-t mdl 
Meyers L. \W., raa;;istrate 


John Hon Corinli/. 
Has nopostoHice. A small hamlv-t 
3 nules east of Wrightsvillc the 
county seat. 


Oglediorpc Coanly. — AtJwns Branch, Gn. 
U. R. 
Known also as Lexington Station. 
Located 3 niites from Lexington the 
county .-eat. Ih Irom Athens, 98 frmii 
Aucrusta, and 117 froni Atlanta. Is 
a \illago of jjerhaps 4u0 inbahitants, 
containing two churcbes— Baptist 
and Meiliodist— one school. Steam 
gin fnd !;r!>^t m'lh Oof ton is tl'.e 
chief export. Ship direct. Mail three 
times daily by rail and stage. C. S. 
Hargrove, P. M. 
Armstead J. ISL, genl store 
Arnold D. H., hotel 
Arnold ct C--., getd store 
Colhreth J. T., ^blacksmith 
Dolle V. V,. Mrs., milliner 
Hall O. C, genl st<-re 
Ila.rgr«vp C 8., genl store 
Jarrt 11 J. L., saw mdl and gin 
Jai'rell J. W., genl store 
Jarrell W. PL, physician 
Little M. G., druggist and dentist 
McMaban H. A., genl store 
Martin R. S., eerd -tore 
Moore c'c Wnhngham, physiciuus 
Pace H. ,L, grocer and saloon 
Paynes J. B., attorney 
St«.kelv, .Mc>tahan & Co., genl store 
Tucker W. A., carrii^ge mnfr 
Weeks 11. FT., gin and saw mill 
Witch' r & Johnson., genl store 


Monroe Gvuniy. 
Situated 12 miles Irora Fcr.'^ytb, ttic 
county seat. Has no postal facili- 
ties. A small village of inconsidt ru- 
ble popidaii(jn. 


'laliiiftri-o County — (]a. li. Z"". 
Tlie county seat. Has a popula- 
tion of GoO. 'Express and t'd-gr;'!''^ 
otlic-es. Jiaptist and Metlni<ii ' 
ciinrches and good schools. Cott' ! 
is the principal product— tlie receij '■' 

^uiLosRs- SUPPLY Housh. , n^;,.,* 

B. H. Bronmhea-i i Co. ' 1 dill ! 

ijrtjsliss of all kinds, 

Wholesale and Eetail Dealer in CAEPETS, 
Oil Cloths, &c., 5^ Whitehall st., Atlanta. 


iiinouutiii^ to about 4.000 bales an 

nu:il)y. Has one weekly newspaper 

—the Crawford I'illn Democrat.. M. 

T. Gorman, P. M. 

Akiiis Tiiomas, saloon 

Andrews IMaroJiall Z., editor Craw- 

fonlvi'le Democrat, and attorney 
Askia M. A. Mr^., mill ner 
iJcazeley Cliarles A., co. ordinary 
Jiergstroin diaries, genl store 
Boggs C. T , justi -e and teacher 
Branch William A., grist mill 
Brooke William H., attorney 
Browne Edwin V., notions 
Chapman John X., carriage mnfr 
Chapman William H., notary public 

and ex-offioio justice 
Collins Abrauaiii (u), blackjimitii 
Crawfordville Democrat, M. Z. An- 
drews, editor and propr 
Darracott John W., genl store and 

CO. comr 
Evans D miel (c), shoemkr 
Farmer Joseph W., co. tax receiver 
Farmer Sylvester J,, physician 
Farmer & Smith (Joseph V\\ Far- 
mer, Vincent T. Smith), genl store 
Flynt Henry H., saloon 
Foster William, saloon 
Gee Kate Miss, milliner 
Qooger Marcus D. L., eberiff and 

Qorham Jackson, carriage mnfr and 

CO. tax collector 
Gorham Monroe T., confectioner 
Galucke Edmund, furniture 
Qunn William R., genl 6t.>re 

Ilamutack Joseph D., elk supe- 
rior court and co. treasurer 

irammack J. D. & II. T. (Jo- 
Beph D. and Henry T.l, cotton gin 
mufrs and undertakers. (See page 

Hiroji Joint W., attorney 

Holden William F., exp and r r agt, 

grist mill and cotton gin 
Jeuning L. R. N. Rev., Baptist 
Jones Cinciiinatns (c), shoemkr 
Kent John J., physician 
Kirkpatrick John K., tannei 
Myers Casper, genl store 
Norton William J., contractor 
Reid James F., attorney 
Reid Redden J., physician 
Reid & Reid (Kedden J. and William 

R.), druggists 
Rhiides John W., phyeician 
J-t.chards Titus, genl store 
Sanders Dennis N., co. surveyor 
Shields Siimuel S., physician 
Smith Henry S., druggist 


Attorney at Law, 


Will practice in «11 State and Federal Courts. 
Any bunness entrusted to his care will receive 
prompt personal attention. COLLECTIONS 

A SPECIA.LTV. 0;"n:e in Mitchfl Buildin?. 




"e have m:inufacturcd the al.ove-named GIN for tTventy-nve ytars past, and from our succew 
''u! '^'< f^<^l warranted in saying thry are equal to any Gins made. 

Vi c can give hundreds of the best certificates, if desired, from parties who have used our Gins. 

^EZvery O-Ixl "^vVar ranted, to I^erform. "'v'v^ell. 

•-*^ -^-d G;c= repaired in the best manner, and »t reasonable cbartrei. Addrew, 

J. i:». «.fe XI. 1^ iia?.imac;k, a 

■ • • ^ : ..>, V - . ,. ■ i . '. . Crtwfordvil'.e, Gtorjia. 




finynp^TP Of Peoples' Kutual Relief Assoc'.ation, Atlanta, Ga. Koathly 
MUbUuM t L. Circulation, 15,000. Good advertising medium. Send fcr copy. 






Stephens Alexander H. Hon., mem- 
ber of congress 
Stephens John A., attorney- 
Stewart & Bristow (Sylvester Stew- 
art, Thomas E. Bristow)) genl 
Strom Asa J., jeweler 
Triplett James W., co. coroner 
Trope Mary C. ISIrs., notions 
Tucker Geruon, genl store 
Williams Lucelia Mrs,, hotel, livery 

and general store 
Williams Washington (e), black- 

Fannin County. 

A place of about 20 inhabitants, 
12 miles soutlieast or iNIoreauton, the 
county teat, and GO from Gainesville, 
the nearest railroad, express and 
t('legrai)h station. Has Baptist and 
Methodist churches, school, saw 
mills run by Avater power furuinhed 
by Laurel creek and Tuccoa river. 
Principal shipments are grain and 
general produce. Ship via Gaines- 
ville. Was established as a post- 
office in ISSO, and receives mail 
semi-weekly from DahJonegu and 
Cartecay. L. C. Allen, P. M. 

Allen Ij. C, mechanic 
Bridges William, mechanic 
Cbastain J. C. & Son, genl store 
Garnett Jose{)h, gold niiuing 
Garnet William, gold mining 
Gataer K., gold mining 
Greenwood A. J., genl ssore 
Greepav.'ay James, eul store 
Green a way G. W., cooi>er 
Hughes Jack, carpenter 
Ray John, cooper 
Swaney Stephen, cooper 


Spalding County— S. G. t& N. A. 7?. li. 
Located on Lead's creek, 8 miles 
from Grilliu, the county seat, nearest 
express and telegraph otlice and the 
usual banking jdace, and 111 from 
Atlanta. The place has a population 
of about 60, a steam gin, and ono 
small school. Cotton, corn and po- 
tatoes are the chief export<^. Ship 
direct. iSfail semi-weekly. J.H. M, 
Barrett, P. .^I. 

Barrett, J. JI, 31., physician 
Bates John, wlifelwright 
Dufler James W., shoemkr 
Fravis W. S., school teacher 
Horn William A., tax collector 
Moore Thomas, saw mill 
Norton B. F., genl store 
Norton F. J., saloon 
Parker G. S. W^., notary 
Touchstone W. H., physician 
Vaughn J. W,, guano agt and wheel- 

Franklin County. 
Seven miles from Carncsville Court- 
house, on Nail's creek, whieha fiords 
power for running a gin, saw and 
grist mill. It has a common school, 
2*IctliOvli3t, Presbyterian and Baptist 
churehes. Cotton is the chief export. 
Koyston, 9 miles, is the nearest rail- 
roail and express station, via which 
it is 132 to Atlanta. Population about 
35. jNIail six times a week by carrier. 
James A. Hall, P. M. 
Bennett Simon, miller 
CanledgeG. H. liev,, Presbyterian 
Cromer J. D., saw mill 
Crow T. J., physician 
Crow & LeGrande, genl store 
James L,, wagon mnfr 
Looney Sallie Miss, teacher 
Nelms G., blacksmith 
Presley J., cabinet mkr 

B..H. Crocmhead & Co. 

} User 


Ilabtriham County. 
A small place with no mail privi- 
leges, 4 miles south of Clarksville, 
the countv seat. _ 



W^y ^ '' >*■ ^''-w-v^y^gy^'**'';'*' " " 

CARTER & S©L0P*10PI, Importers and 
Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Camj'bell County. 
Id not a post-office. A small bam- 
Ut Hitiiated al)oiu 7 miles north of 
Ftiirburu, tLe county seat. 


Pulaski County. 
An unimportant settleinetit located 
10 uult^H soutlieast of Hawkinsville, 
with no postal advantages. 


Bibb County . 
A small village 3 milee north of 
JiIhcom. Kg postoiiice. luaii to 

Divid H. B , grist mill 
Davidson W. D., genl store 
Doutclas R. G., genl store 
Jla-sey O. W., cotton gin 
O'Douuell M. Miti , genl store 


BeKalb County.. 
Goodwin — Piedmont A.L.Ry— one 
and one quarter miles is the depot 
Riid station of this phice. Doraviile, 
3 miles distant, is tlie nearest express 
oflice, 9 miles from Decatur, the 
county sent, and 12 from Atlanta. 
Ttie place hasflour and srist mill oper- 
attd by power derived from Nancy's 
Crcfk ; s'eam gin, B iptist and Meth- 
odist churches, one selionl and mail 
Bix times weekly from Goodwin by 
carrier. Ship via Doraviile. Cotton 
is the chief export. T. F. Walker, 

r. iM. 

Davidson &Bro., pottery 
Hfirt C. C, phvsiciau 
Holbrook W. C. Rev., Methodist 
Humphries G. L., miller 
Polk James II., genl store 
Walker 0. L. & T. F., lumber dirs 
Walker H. H., attorney 
NN'alKer & Klliotf, cotton giu 


Dairson County, 
Ha.s no mail facilities. A place of 
trilling importance, 7 miles southeast 
^ Djiy^""^'*^'^'! ^he county seat 


enow HARBOR. 

Camden Coiinty. 
Has no poi^t-oflice. A sma^l settle- 
ment about IG miles north of St. 
Mary's, the county seat. 


Fhyyd County. 
Thirteen miles from Rome, the 
county seat, and nearest railroad, ex- 
press and ttl< grajih oflice imd bank- 
ing town, and 93 frcm .Atlanta; a 
place of about KG hundred inhabi- 
tants, containing Methodist and 
Baptist churches, one academy, a gin 
'2 ^awand 2 Hour mills run by power 
obtained from Armuchee Creek. 
Cotton is the chief product. Ship xia 
Rome. Mail daily by hack. Abner 
Echols, P. M. 
Armuchee Academy, J. C. Cochran, 

Chuflln T. J., carpenter 
Cociiran John C, prin Armuchee 

Ecliols Abner, saw and grist mill and 

cotton gin 
Espy Joseph, carpenter 
Espy J. B., magistrate 
Games R., constable 
Grace William, shoemkr 
Grace William Jr., constable 
Jackson A., shoemkr 
Liudsey John W., carriage and wag- 
on mnfr 
Marshall A. A., teacher 
Massey J. W., carpenter 
Sclmon J. L.,i)hysician 
Selmon J. W., magistrate 
Selmon W. L., genl btore 
Story P. M., blacksmith 
Wrijrht CInirles E. lU-v., Baptist 

^^hylViii^ C. M. GOODMAN, 28 

Whitehsll 8U«tt, AUtiU, Oa. 


JAS. P. HARRISON & CO., Printers, Publishers and 
Biriders , 27 & 29^ B r oad St., Atlanta, Q a. 


ton is the pr'i'<-'Jp^il jiroduct. 1; 

Hillare, P. M. 

Aubra J. C, physician and notary 

Culver B. C, penl store 

Culver L. E., miller 

Culver J. L., r r jie;t 

Culver, iSloore & Culver, genl store 

Hillare J{., geul store 

Howell J. ^I., wheelwright and 

Ingram C, blacksmith 
Moore Annie Mi>«", teacher 
Moore K. H., r r ngt 


Monroe County. 
Located 16 miles from Forsyth 
court house, 15 from ]larnesville — 
Atlanta Division C. E. li — its usual 

ra!!rORd, pyt-irr>cc n]id tf'lrPTnrih f.ffiop 

and banking jjlace, and 75 from At- 
lanta. A jilace of abrut 450 pojujla- 
lion, and has Methodist church, tv.o 
Fchools, cotton gin ard grit^t mill. 
Cotton is the chief export. Ship via 
Barnesville. Mail three times a 
week by currier. J. O. Holmes, P. 

Adams Edmund, (c), wngon mkr 
Anderson E. M., notary 
Barler Robert C. (c), V'lacksmith 
Bonner G. E. Pev., Methodist 
Brown A. M., genl store 
Cook J. E , pliysician 
Floyd C. L., teaclier 
Goodin M. J., genl store 
Harrison A. F. (cj, shoemkr 
Hilsman C. G., genl store 
Holmes J. O., genl store 
Hnpuly 8. P. Mrs., grist mill 
Jackson 8. E. (c), shoemkr 
Jordan B. F., genl store 
Jordan M. G. W., physician 
Kelly T. J., teacher 
Lesueur C. S., physician 
Moreland Jackson, blacksmith 
Noltee C. W., cari)enter 
Oxford Jonathan, (iisiiller 
Putherford P. W., cotton gin 
Win field J. L., genl store 
"Woodward O. S., grist mill 

r;^ CULVSRTOri. 

■3 ^ Hancock County— M. <t A. JL R. 

l) -J A Blntion on Ihe^T, <fe A. P. P., 5 

r» ^ mil»^e from Siarta, tlie cunty seat, 

C which i.s al^'O flie nearcNt exirtss and 

H feleuraph station and bajiking town, 

t. Has a population of about 75. Cot- 


Camden County. 

A small settlement on Cumberland 
Island Pfi irMfs from St. JTary's. tin- 
county seat. Cattle is the ]>rinciii:il: 
shi].ment. Ptceivesa weekly mail 
from Brunswick by steamer. H. ^L 
F'ader, P. M. 

Burba nk W., hotel 
Ross E., hotel 

FonytJi County,. 

County scat. Located 12 milcv 
from Buford— Piedmont A-L. Jvy— 
its nearest railroad a])proach; ISfr^ni 
Duluth— 8>ame line of road—its ex- 
press and telegraph ofllce, and 4(' 
fr.^m Allnnla. Is a place of perha]'i^ 
650 inhabilantP. Containing 3 i*.o\ir 
and several saw mills. Baptist and 
Methodist churches and one good 
school. Daily mail liy hack from 
Duluth. Cotton, country produce, 
etc., form the cliief ex])ortH. Biiip 
by way of Buford. F. H. Nichols, 
P. M. 

Bacon E. M., physician 
Clarion, I. 8. (.Memons, propr 
Clen)en8 I. 8., propr Clarion and ftt- 

Clemens Jesse N., co. treasurer 
Davenport W. 8., genl store 
Duf!ey James F., watchmkr 
DuflVy Vestal M., shoemkr 
Eakes Robert A., wagonmkr 
Eakes it Groover, tamjers 
Echols I. E., genl store 
Edmonson L., geul store 
Estes I. "\V., genl stove 
Guthrie Pufux J'l, co. tax collector 
Hawkiit.s F. IM., co. ordinary 

B. K. Brcomh«ad & Co. 


- 1 l lawK i H.s t^ . i>i., CO. oru inury_ 

dors' Marciwars 


and Lambrequiis, sabctei from finest Importations 
CAHTSP. S: SOLOMON, 50 Whitehall st., Atlar.ta. 



Hookenhull Jolin, physician 
Hudson J. L., Magoti mnfr 
Humphrey J. F., geiil store 
]vi)Ox James R., physieiati 
Leytf-r & L*^.stt r, 
!N[(.'i\.fee & Knox, geiil store 
Moore & B<-ll, genl .-^tore 
Nicliols F. 11., phy>ieian 
I'atteri-oa Samuel B., dk supericr 

Tatierson & Foster, geul store 
Perry Lewi:-, co, coroner 
Piiol 'SI. L., physician 
Porter Wiiham A.. sherifT 
Riilen H. P., physieiati 
T.ilbot Jame.-', stioemkr 
Vance John W., eo. surveyor 
WeUiter George A., hotel 


Wiin'en County — {See Barnett.) 

Floyd County -S.. /.'. d; D. R, E. 

A sniall station 10 miles southeast 
of ll)me, ttie couuty seat, with uo 
•mail facilities. 

Dude County. 
Known also as, 
ton, its mail supply, is four 


CURRY'S n.^lLL. 

Gliscock County. 
Au incon?<iiler 'hie hamlet with no 
postal facilities, 7 miles southwest of 


Carroll County. 
A recently established post-office. 

iColumbii«, it- railroad, express, tele- 
j graph otttce and banicing town, vbi 
I which xVtlanta is 156 miles distant. 
{Ship by wav of C dumbus. Popula- 
i tion about -'20. Has three churches 
for the whites and two for the col- 
ored, one coniiuoii bCliDul and astcani 
saw mill. Cotton is the chief ship- 
ment. IMail <laiW by buggy. N. N. 
Howard, P. M. 
Bowman, J. .T., shoemkr 
C.istleberry James, ordinary and elk 

superior couit 
Cobb J. H., genl store 
Divis J. M., CO. t;ix collector 
Fus^ell I). J., magistrate 
Haden W. L., co. coroner 
Howard C. N., drugs and physician 
Howard W. L., co. treasurer 
Howell P. C, sheriif 
. King B. [c), teacher 
I McLester Lee, at'orney 
iO-!cen O. M., >h .cmlcrnnd tanuet 
ISliipp J. K- 1>M attorney _ 

|~~TirD. SHIPP, 
Attorney at Law 





Greene County. 
Send mail for this jioint to White 
Plains, 5 miles northeast. 


Burke County. [See BrimonoiUf.) 


Chattahoochee County. 
Conntvseaf. Located IS milpR from 

Shipp W. W., teacher 
Stevens John, s/enl store 
Wdkerson W. K., s-aw mill 
Willis T. D,, CO. surveyor 
Wyuu 1)., physician 


Fannin County. 
Located on Cutcane creek, which 
furnishes wnter power for a grist 

^3 <i 

y\f M0ULT5IN(}3 AlTD PB.\H33 at 0. 1€. G:oimin's, 23 WMtchall street, 
a Mlaata. Ga. \?'c-stsra Prloss duplloatoi at "whjlesab. 


Institution, conducted on "business principles. 

i -'i 




rnill. Has a populatiou of about SO, 
and is 65 miles from Clevelnud, 
Tenii,, the nearest railroad station, 
and 8 from ^lorg-anton, the county 
seat. Was established as a post-othce 
in 1876 and receives mail four limes a 
■week from M'jriranton by horse. 
Joshua Owenby, 1*. M. 


Walton Count}/, 

Located 10 miles northeast of Mon- 
roe, llie county seat, and 20 from ISo- 
cial Circle, the nearest railroad, ex 
press and telegrapli station. Three 
grist mills are operated by power de- 
rived from the Appuhichee river, and 
there are two Bajjlist and two ^leth- 
odist churches and good schools. 
Population 160. W. B. Tread well, 

r. M. 

Bell J. W. & Co. (James W. and 

James), grist mill 
Breedlove Joel C, geni store 
Darby J. W., wheelwright 
Hayes Marshall, justice 
Louis G. W., carpenter 
Smith Green ^V., geid store 
Timinons J. T , teacher 
Tread well B. t*c Co., grist mill 
Tread well W. B.,genl store and grist 



liiindolph County— Eaf aula Die, S. W. 
Ji. Ji. 
The county seat. An incorporated 
city with a population of 2,129, a 
volunteer fire department, Ih'e 
churches— Presbyterian, 2 liaptists, 
(one colored), two Methodists, (uue 
colored), and three white and one 
colored schools. The Andrew Female 
College is li>cated here. Also has 
otiices of the Snirhfrn Kxpress and 

Western Union Tt^legraph Co'k 
Cotton firms the principal Hiii[>- 
ment.s. T\v.» newspap- rs— tlie Aft 
peal and Enteipyii^e. Jordan Dun- 
can, P. M. 

Albrlrton Pnillip (c), biacksmitli 
All son Frank M., urot-t r 
Allison & Sin)p->n (James A. AUi 

ton, Cliarles I!s, Simpson. Jr.), j/t-ni 

Andrew F^^male College, Rev, How- 

ard W. Key, ]>re-i 
Anthony Raljiii J.,stov*SHnd tinware- 
Baldwin .Marion A., pli\siciaii 
l^.irnes Carney 1-5. u-), tinware 
Jk'all Henry O. elk superior court 
Bethune Frank, saloon 
IMrick A. F., OMrpciiter 
lirook George W,, pliysiciau 
Brown Thomas B., grocer 
Bussey J B., aitoniey 
Ctirver J. A. 8r,, hotel 
Chastain Litileton S., attorney 
Clarke Clarence C , watch mkr 
Cobb Je.-SH C, meat market 
Coleman Jam<-s C, co. coroner 
Cooper Mary L. Mrs., milliner 
Crozier Nathan T., eo, surveyor 
Crumbiey & I^itikston (James D, 

Crumbley, Juhii G.Pinkston), genI 

Cuthbert Appeal, James P. Sawtel) 

Cuthl)ert Enterprise, Stanford and 

Cooper, editor.-^ 
Di.xon William B,, genl store 
Domingus Isaac, lilacksraith 
Douglass Anne I\Ir.-i,, hotel 
Douglass Euyenius L., attorney 
Duke Isaac \',, ^enl store 
Easlev Isaac, saloon 
Ellis i Co. {\^. W, Ellis, J. T, Moye), 

Fielder Herbert, attorney 
Fliesber Isitii.rf, birber 
I'oster James •\,, genl store 
Foster & BraniK-y (James A, Foster, 

Thomas Brantley), iron fc^undry 

and machine works and planing; 

Geeslin Richard, grocer 
Gibson ElU'n Mis., milliner 
Gillespie Adolplius W., genl store 
(iuntatowsUy Henry L, watch mkr 
<70()drnm T!iom;i,s j,, co tax collector 
Goijaiey 3i5C!iael, co ordinary 
(junn John Me K., genl store 
Harris I'hiliip, dry l-ooiIs 


Filouidings, Brackets, &c 


ALL rkr La at CAETES & SOLCHON'S, 50 Vniltehall St., Atlanta. 




Hfllliron Tbeodore, genl store 

}{(K><i Arthur Hon., judge eup court 

>{oriie Oran A., ttlopr 

HoiR'k & Cobb (Mr.-. Sallie Houck, 
Mrs. Martha R. Cobb), milliners 

Kenipiier David, penl store 

Kcnnon & Hood (Richard E. 
lloiuion, Arthur Hood, Jr), attor- 
neys and real estate agts 

Key Howard W. Itev., pres Andrew 
p'emale College 

JvicJdoo John F., co trea=iurer 

Mi'Bride J. S. F., carriai^e rakr 

McNeil Richard, (c), blacksmith 

McWilliams J. B. & Co. (Jared B. 
Mc^Villiams, William H. Buch- 
anan,) genl store 

Makes Augustus G. (c), saloon 

Miipp A. Ij. ^fr«., milliner 

Mapp H. H., justice 

Matthews Homer B,, g-^nl store 

Owen & Sealj (Jacob K. Owen, John 
W. Sealy), genl store 

Palmer Jolm .1., shoemkr 

Pearce Philip, sheriff 

Powell Thomas 8., drugs and books 

Price Patrick A,, g':'nl s^tore 

Pulaski F. & Co. (Frank Pulaski, 
Morris L. Kline, Emanel Tittle- 
baum,) genl store 

Bedding J. M. & Co. (John M. Bed- 
ding, OcgocKJ A. Barry), v.'are- 

Rhodes John (c), barber 

Saundert; Stanley, co. tax receiver 

Bawtell James P., editor Cuthbert 

Smith J. B., physician 

Bmith Rufus (cj, shoemkr 

Bnell B. F., grocer and saloon 

Btacy John W., grocer 

Rtandley Charles, saloon 

Stanford James W., druggist 

Stanford «fc Coojier (James W. Stan- 
ford, ^^■illinm H. Cooper], proprs 
Cutlibert Enterprise 

Tiiarp T. J., mugr Singer Mnfg 

The Singer JVIaiiufacturiug 
Co,, T. J. Tliarp, mngr 

The Singer ITiaiiiifacliiring Co., 

Manager for Southwest Georgia. 
CTjniitir.riT, ci a. 

Thornton W. R,, dentist 
Tison W. H., gunsmith 
Toombs J. P., druggist 
Toombs Robert E., physician 
Tumlin C. L., livery stable 
Wooten James R., livery stable 
^^'oirill ^\ ilSiaisi C, attorney 

Attorney at Law, 


Youug JuUus C, (c), grocer 

Worth County. 

A small place 10 miles from Isa- 
belle, the county seat, L'i from Siiu:- 
ner, the nearest railroad and express 
station, 12 from Tifton the nearest 
telegraph oilice, and 2.S from Albany, 
the nearest banking town. Has a 
steam saw mill. Lumber .uid naval 
stores are the princijial shiprnents. 
Ship via Sumner. !Mail daily. C. 
Graves, P. M. 
Graves & 3Ioss, genl store and 



Dade County. — [Sec Cureton.) 


Lumpkin County. 
This, tiie count}' seat, is a town of 
about 501,1 i'lliabitau's, located one 
mile fro'ii Yalioola rivi-r, the same 
distance from Cane Creek and (1 miles 
from FItowah river. It is 25 from 

for PHOTOGE.^PHS. and Framos made to order, any size or 
stvls. 0. M. GOODKAN, 23 Whiteliall etrest. Atkata. Ga. 






3 o 

Jas. P. H arrison & Co., Pr opVs, 27 & 29 Broad St. ' 



Gainesville, tlie nearest railrojul, ex- 
press and telegraph ^tationand bank- 
ing town. Is also connected hy tole- 
[ihuue with Gainesville and Da\vson- 

llardiu Dick, slioeinkr 

Platfield Benjamin, co. surveyor 

IJope Dock, livtry stable 

Howard N. F., pljysician 

Howell & Jieck, proprs The Moun- 
tain Sii^'nal 

Hughes G., genl store 

Jones Dr., physician 

Kelly James, co. tieasurer 

Lawliorii J. H., co. ordinary 

Lombard T. H., a-^>ayer 

McAfee W. H., genlstore 

Martin A. Rev 
j IMeaders B B., genl store 
! >ro()re M. R., blioemkr 

Mile. lhepiincip:d business in the ; o-.-.i^v p \r , i,v~iri«n 

surrounding country is gold-miuin^, 
themajoiiiy of tiie mills and mines 

the town. The town derives its name 
from this metal, the name being an 
Indian word signifying "\ellow mon- 
ey.' An U. S. branch mint was lo- 
cated here from 1{^3S umil ISGl. Tiie 

Paiker J. B , elk suptricr court 
Price W. P , attorney 
Rice tSttphen, wnee'iwright 
Rice Thomas, shoemkr 
Roy J.C., barl)er 
t^attertield John, co. coroner 
Satteifiehl W. H., shcritJ" 
Shed J. J., CO. tax receiver 

;:!;;r "i:":'i'i':'ri"<:r;^'.'^!^- «!..,„ iB,-.,.;ge„, 

The Mountain Signal, 
Beck, proprs 
I.,- ef^.,,>-. tJ I . ■ '' Townsend William, tax collector 

\\ itt oc totp.nton, genl store 
Wo'iten John, blacksmith 
Wurley AVilliam, justice, shingle and tlouiing mills, 
stamp mills for crushing gold ore, 
tanntryetc. There are also stamp 
mills run ' ' - 


Tiie North Georgia At-riiultural .i 
lege and Military Insii ulc is located 
here, occuiiyiig tlie old mint buil<l.^ 
lug, which w;is donated f(^r tins jmr- 
pose by the U. S. Congress in 1872. 
Tlie endowment fund amounts to 
s;?,.500.00, and there are about 2rX) 
students in attendance. There are 
also two private .-clio^ Is. The ATou/i- 
■ tiiiw Sifjnnl (we(kly) is the county 
pap<;r. Mail d:.ily from Gainesville, 
I'^lhjay, Cleveland, Moivanton, etc., 
by hack atui carrier. S'dp via 
Gainesville. PT-ank W. Hall, P. M. 
r.aker R. H., attorney 
iiaker R. H., cci. school commissioner 
Heck E. \l.^ civil engineer 
}5urn>ide Bro-^., geid' store 
Ciiapman B. F , physician 
Bovd yi. G. Rjv 
Boyd W, Rev 
Branham H. R. Rev 
Deck Jacob, nofjiry 
(taddis John, meat market 
Gurley & Crawford, uenl store 
Hall F. \N'., gvnl stor^ , mining ma- 
__i^li]nery,^l<';ifbcr and luml)tr mnfr 



Howell & 

DALE'S r^llLL. 

Wayne Count y.—S. F. d; W. i?. /*. 
Distant from Savannah, G6 miles. 
Send mail to Screven. 


PciuU'iitg Co II hi y. 
County seat Papulation 170; 13 
miles from Acwcrth its nearest rail- 
road station, 20 from Marietta tlie 
nt-artst express and tih'graph otllce, 
and 3.3 from Atlanta its banking 
to\\n. Pun)pkiii Viuecreel; furnishes 
water power to operate grist and sa'.v 
mills, und u woolen factory. Gold, 
silver, copper, iron and asbestos 
abuuud, but are not d..-velopetl to any 
considerable e.xttnt. Co: ton, cattle, 
poul ry and honey, form the princi- 
pal slnpuient-. Sliip r«£ Atlanta or 
Acworiti. 'i'here are ttin-e churehes 
— Missionary, Primitive Baptist and 
Methovlist— and two colored — M'etho- 

ERS' SUPPLY HOUSE, / T.flg E-a " ^ 
H. Broomhead A Co. f Li* EI B I 


Wholesale and Eetail Dealers in OAE'^^TS, 
, Oil Cloths, &c., 50 Whitehall st., ' .*tnta, 




.list ftnd Missio'iiry Biptist — aho 

a high scIiodI. M lil daily froai il;i- 

riettii, tri-\vi-okly f'D'ii Cirrolltou, 

aiul .semi-weekly from li )ckuiart autl 

If jtJtsvill?, by wagon and carrier. 

W. J. Fain, P. M. 

Allen S. X., blacksmith 

H')iie J. T., blanks nith 

B illock X. T., genl store 

Carter P. M., cott-jn gin 

Cooper J. P., gin and gri^^t mill 

Foote J. B., geul store 

Foster T. J., physician 

Gauii F. 31., genl store 

Mditis O B., CDtron gin 

O^'en G. A., grist mill 

Owen J. X., saloon 

Parker G. T., physician 

li-yuoMs \V. 'vV., grl-.t mill a,nd giLL 

K-^ynoId-ife O mn, s doon 

Kjberts N. W. & 8jn, undertakers 

and carpenters 
Robertson S., pliysiclan 
8 rickhvnd S. L., genl store 
Wigley John Jr., gin and grist mill 
Underwood G. P., sa'ooa 

Dalion Female College, K.W. Smitli, 

Djltou Machine Co., R. Hill, lessee 
Davis \V. R. & Co. (Warren H. Da- 
vis, Liwrenee W. Barrett), genl 
; Davis Warren R., tax collector 
! Di.'.Journeice & Co. {Vrililaiii an J 
j James R. Dc'Journette), groetrs 
Denton & Lynn (John F.Denton, 
Alexander W. Lynn), warehouse 
I and provisions 
i Fann Jobn P.. dr^ntist 
I Farnsworih W. P. & Co. (Wyly P. 
and Anderson Farns worth), g<?iil 
! Folsom Lewis A., physician 
! Freeman Cliarles B.. attorney 
i Gaston Alexander W. Rev., Presby- 
I Glenn J^sse A., attorney 
Glenn William (\, attorney 
GoriU)n Charles P., physician 
Graves J. & J. B. (Mrs. Jane and 
John B.), millinery and fancy 
James j Green Benjamin E., betel 
Gudger James B., books 

llais W. M. & Co. (William M. 
Haig, Phillips & Crew), books, sta- 
tionery and furniture 
Hale James R., grocer 
Hamilton Gt-orge W., grocer 
Hamilton Henry C. elk superior 

Hamilton James H., co. siirveyor 
Hanks James A. R., attorney 
Harben Bms. (William N. and Wal- 
ler L. ), genl store 
Henderson & Bogle (Tliomas J.Hen- 
derson, John BogL), .-j-oves and 
Herndon Benjamin Z., attorney 


and sta- c 


, WhitfieU Vvaiity— \V. & A. R. R. 

The county ^eat. Has over 2,500 j 
inhabitants, and is 1 )rated on the W. 
k A. R. H., at the jur.'ction of ihe E. i 
T., V. & G. and 8., R & D. R. lis. It \ 
has two newspapers — the Dalton Ar | 
C)'-'i ami yorth dcu/'fjia t'i'!:r/i—rves- ' 
bylerian, E|>i'Copdiaii rvlelhodist, I 
Biptist and CatlioliC churches, two 
collegts and priyaie schools 
Rdey, P. M. 
Bt-rry T. A. & S. E. (Thomas A. and 

S;imuel E.). hardware, iron and 

B'anton Jacob A., genl store . 
Brown Edward E., jeweler and auc- 
Buk<.f2ier & Rus-'cU (David Bukof- 

zier, Kusxell), furniture mnfr 

Capue Frc'-.erick, shoeinkr 

C;wh Wdli im P., jeweler 

t'arler Clarence W., genl store 

C.ithov Wdliani, shoemkr 

Cox Fred»'rick, co. sherilF 

Crawforl College, J. R. Bitting, pnn 

C'orry & liatlle (c), (Marsliall E. Cur- 

ryi Alfr. d T. B ulle;, shoemkrs ^.,.. ., . ., 

I^jI on Argu^, Willingham & Ham- Herron J. & d .n (James and liobert 
_J't^!i, pul.l •»< I N K <lrv ifoolM 

• i'«l« yyiiyisflHtli. 28 Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 



w . 







Efor your Familhs by a Certificate in the PEOPLES* KUTUAI. 







:■,!: J . 

.. l^^^itiii*^. :x.l:«^ «fai 

Hill llobeit, sjilouu aiKl Jt^.>>t;c Iviiuiuii 
Macliine Co 

Ilornn G. & C<^. (George Horn, ) 

bilkers and fjr.ici ^■^ 
Holland Jmnt-s. icirness mkr 
Jlolland Jess •. livery stjihle 
Humphreys Enoch, jrenl -tori^ 
Humphreys David \V.. }itto>ii»^y 
Hunt & Dut'ii'-y (Divid G. Hunt, J. 

Tarry Daimey), dnu'-^ 
Joliiison J'untsE. (c) s'neuikr 
Johnson & M-Amy [J ni^-s A. W. 
Johnson, R )ijerL J. MeA ii\ ), al- 
Jones ThoniHS R., ntturney 
Joyce Thonia , trf nl 6U>re 
Kelhir John, jmik 

Kenner <fe B yant (Jos^'ph H. Kt-n- 
ner, D. Calvin BryantJ, whul yro 
cers and com in- rs 
Knorr C'larle.s. jir ocer 
Lee J. W. Rev. Mr-tiiodist 
Ivfiwis J. Q. \., prcpr National Hotel 
Ijongley Jo'ni A., aMnruev 
Lovenian D.ivi«l R., dry g'-tods 
L >wrv Jame>! H., meat market 
McCall W. C. R.-v., Baptis 
M'-Cutcliiu & ^liuui t' (C'cero D. 
MeCutchin, Ign.tiius E. S .umat»), 
Jkladdox Samu*d P., attorney 
Main Henry K., drLUisand phVMician 
Miller A. R' tt Co. (A. Jtaymond and 

J.imes ]NLiler), ineu Luarket. 
^Lller John C, grocer 
M:)oro W. K., iittcrney 
Morris Fraiiiv B., ir'-iil store 
>torro\v Johnson E.,(xe luai<lle nuifr 
National HAel, J. Q. A. L wis, 

N.-alon >L»rtin N., genl store 
Nichols J. T A C •. (J »■• pli T. Nich- 
ols, Newton A. Bracil<-y(, g m ^lore 
North Cxeorgia Citizeo, J. 1'. Wliil- 

— -™r»^ »)h|.liant ^ Munds (c), (i{ol>crt If. 
"^' '~''^« ()liphJlnI,^V;H^ m Munds), proctri, 
O 'V L. S. & H. B. (Lewis H. and 
Henry B.), v ul store 
Mv.'-on M"rri>, g'-ocer 
I'r'.d. n W. H.&Co. (William H. 

P ud^ n, , tannery 

K.-vnol s J. E , r r ai,'t 
i{ !• y Jam 8, r ■•••-r 
oliM.-on V. K., LM'-cer 
;u-sill Will 111 <i.. livery slab!© 
Siiiitii. i>- K.J. Mrs., mi liner 
S ni h Willi . II '«., trroi-er 
Siiilii rland Am - L., stoves and tiu- 

^ ;in , c C"r' 11' r 
Tii'.m sSi.nio- 1 M. D., tailor 
T i'l- W. L. A- Co. iWdli .m L. and 

Wdiia o IL r I'll ), ireiil store 
rroMei .[i^s , . <■ 1 .-lort^ 
Tr.iiir& B." (J - e Trotter, David 

P. Ha^~), u 1 -•' ri' 
Uiiilerwoocl William J., co or- 

. >naiy 
Walke'S'-th M., a:toruHy and U. S. 

< 'oninn->ioin I 
Walk.-r T'.o,n ,s (c), brlicr 
v\ loim.n J 111- s .11 T., cuhrs Citizi^n 
Wiliim^ii; m & Hamilton (Chail. s B. 
Wdlingi aiii, H nry C. Hiujilun), 
y)iil)is Ar n- 
Wiisoii Willi mU.,cotax receiver 
v\'( He Mei ill . gniism'th 
Wo leii J. F. tt \ .', (D . John F. 

Wooteo ami ). drug^ 

W >riliy 'oil. C.,s;.l -on 
Wr e'lt ]{. F. 6c C'. Dr. R-iiben F. 
\Vrighi,L .. iii< C. S mmoni,), drugs 


l-.nny Lcrun'.y. 
F fteen ni l*-- tV..m Blakfly court 
hows., lUlr-oi Ail.iigion-Blakely 
Div., 8. W. R. li. -« »• nearcsi riil- 
r.ait, e.\prts> an I telegraph otlice, 
mid -^47 Ironi Ailantn. Is a place of 
iil.ouL 75 inh.daianis, contamii g a 
Jlelho isl cliurch, oi,p school, stcaaa 
gm and nri.-.l mill. tShij) cin Aril g- 
loi.Miilstnu e. kiyby bugyy. Mrs. 
Ij. L. K. aion, P. M. 
Douglass .». E , pliysician 
J.iujes H. F., u< 111 ^'ore 
Lamer & C ■., »vMo!^roW--r3 
J.e^i-'R. A. & Co., ^«iol;;rower8 
L dlon G. O. phy-iciaii 
MceMain \V. IL. i'liyH eian 

man, propr , . . 

O^Kcefe Jiui&es, agt Singer Mnfg | M. & W b>', ^enl siore 
(Jo l^a'serN. Miss, milliner 

BUILDERS' SUPPLY HOUSE, I JL5c'k(. J Sl'J^.V 1> ^' M i X i'^^O IP-^^r-Jl^ 
B. H. Broorrht.d <. Co. \ IN THE WORLD. 

Lll^ill K^^f:M In ali patterns, at Garter & Solomon's, 
ir^yLLiJsVS, 60 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Wfbb G. D. Mrs., milliner 
^Vt't>t) Z. T,, grist mill and gin 
Webb & Higbtoxer, genl store | 


Wilkes Cuuaty. 
Ijocated 12 miles irom Washing- 
ton, the county seat, and nearest rail- 
road station, liius a population of 
275, and the usual church and school ^ 
advantages. | 

DAr^li:LL'S r^lSLLS, 

Douglas County, 
Situated on Dog river, 10 miles 
from Douglasville, the seat of justice, 
14 from Whitesburgh, its railroad 
etation, and cib from ALltiuiu, its ex- 
press, telegrapb oliices and banking 
place. Has four churches, one s^cbool, 
a gin, flour and grist mill operated 
by power derived Ironi the above 
named river. Shipria Wtutesi)urgh. 
Mail four times weekly. G. M. 
Daniel, P. M. 
Builer D,, teacher 
Daniell G. 31., mill repairer 
Floy (J A. T., genl store 
Biiey H. Miss, teacher 


Madison County. 
County ecat. Located on South 
Broad river, 15 miles from Athens, 
its railroad, express, telegraph orRce 
and banking place, and 119 from At- 
lanta. Ship by Nvay of Athens. Has 
a popula'ioii of about 400. A num- 
ber of cotton gins, flour, grist and 
Eaw mills operated by })o\ver fur- 
nished from the above named river, 
also saw mill and gin run by steam. 
Idethodist and Presbyterian church- 
es, one academy and a weekly news- 
Saper—tije J/adiiion Yeoman. G. T. 
ohnson, P. M. 
Bennett William H., co. coroner and 

Boram Alonzo, shoemkr 
Brown John F., co. Uix receiver 
Carilhers Joseph W., magistrate 
Carrington W. D., carjK-nter 
Dmiel G. C, piiysiciau 
Daniel J. O., saloon 
Danielbville Academy, B. N. White, 


Vliil '•< 

jperior court and 

Eberhart E. P., propr Madison Yeo- 

Gordon J. E., genl store 

Gordon John E., co. treasurer 

Greene J. A., hotel 

Hall James P., wagon mnfr and 

Henry C. B., attorney 

Hulme Easton L , genl store and no- 

Johnson Emma Miss, teacher 

JolsEison G. T., genl store 

Kelly S. C. O., elk superior 

Lane John D., shoemkr 

Long Oliver, blacksmith 

McGee J. W , carpenter 

Mahry & Williams, editors & publrs 
Madison Yeoman 

Madison Yeoman The, E, P. Eber- 
hart, ])ropr 

Nash Gabriel, attorney 

Scarborough F. B., sheriff 

Soiriil^ It. P., pliysieian 

Stoiie W. A., CO. surveyor 

Strickland J. J., attorney 

Thompson B. M., physician 

Webb A. J. Mrs., hotel 

White B. N., prin Dauielsville acad 

White J. W., CO. tax collector 

Williams B. O., wheelwright 

Williams W. W. carpenter 

Wynu D. H., wagon mkr 

Sumter County. 
Fifteen miles east of Americua, 
PostoHic'e at Drayton. 


Mc Tnfosh Cu n n (y . 
The county seat. lf;is a popula- 
tion of over 1,500. and is situated at 
the mouth of the Aliamaha river. 

2 &» 
O M 

-n > 



-3 f] 

n p. 

o W 

r^ to 


F^fOj^ AND PICTUES FEAME3, at Whclesals a Specialty, at 
ii'^ya GCODIIAN'S, 28 Y/iiitehaU Street, Atlanta, Ga. 

The Press and People regard THE CHRIST! AN IP^DEX 
the best Advertising fVledium in the South. 


\ '■ 



Has fi tint' harbor, tlie bar aiiniittinj; 
vessels dnr.vins 20 feet of wiit«-r, and 
those drawing 14 feet can be taken to 
the wharves. Is cue of the larirest 
timber marts in the world. Has 
communication with Jacksonville, 
Fh'., and Savau!!a!i by steaintr— 
tri-weekly. Has Pre>-hytf rim, Bap- 
tist, Eiiiscoprfhan, Methochst and 
Kouiau Catholic churches and com- 
mon schools. 


Uo M ^ Lju Co a u ty . 
Is a smsll country po-t-otTice, four 
miies west of Doiigfasville, the coun- 
ty seat, 24 from Marietta, its rail- 
road, express and telegraph otlice 
and bankinjr town. Has several gins 
and grist mills. Ship lia Marietia. 
Mail 4 times a week by carrier. J. 
W. Anderson, P. M. 

Kiuey .?. A. &. iJfo., geul store 

Strii'klin J. N., millwright 
Winu J. H., geul store 


Liberty County. 
Located 7 miles from Walthour- 
ville, the county teat, 10 niiles from 
Mclntosh-S., F. &. W. lly.--the 
nearest railroad and express si ,tion; 
20 from Fleming, the nearest telt- 
graph oflii^e, and 38 from tSav.-uinah, 
the neartfct baiikiiig })oint. Taylor's 
creek furnishes the necess.^ry power 
to operate a grist anti saw null and 
gin. and there are three steam gritt 
and saw mills and giiiH. Population 
about 30. Ship n'a Mclrito-ti. Has 
an academy, two churi-hes— Metho- 
dist and Mis^i^)^ary P.aptist. Ke- 
ceives a semi weekly mail from Mc- 
intosh and Reidsvi'Ue. H. N. An- 
drews P. M. 

Andrews, R. N., artist 

Bradley <k (.^rice, ^eul store 

Daniels A. B., pliysician 

Daniels C. C, dentist 

Daniels E. & C. (Enoch and Capers), 

saw mill 
Danitls J. W., dentist 
Daniels & Wilson, saw mill 
Floyd A , blacksmith 
Harris S. R., gt'tii store 
Hendry A. J., phyi-ician 
Iveiineiiy W. A , wheelwright 
McCiillis Henry, genl store 
Mills Georire M., tt-acber 
Mnoney ^NI. D., physician 
Mooiiey 31. li,, physician 
Rustiu S. B , Lli^cksmith and wheel- 

Weiis .J. Vv., bridge buiiuer 

B. H. Brftomhead & Co. { 

DART'S f^ilLLS. 

Coffee Couhly—B. cf; A. IL B. {Se^ ifc- 
Donald's Mill). 


Houston County. 
A recently established post-oflico, 
from which no information was re- 


DougheTiiJ Count<j.—B. ii; A. li. B. 
Distant from Bnmswick 101 miles. 
Mail to Albany. 


Wilcox County. 

Has a population of about 65. la 
12 miles southea.^t I f Abbeville, tliO 
comity sear, atid 30 Iruni Hawkins- 
viUe, the nearest railroad, express 
and telegraph station and banking 
point. Ruiidall's creek, near by, fur- 
nislies water power to operate saw 
and grist nulls and gin. There are 
live churches aud a school in the 
neighborhood. Receives a semi- 
weekly mail by carrur from Haw- 
kinsville aud VVoif Creek. N. T. 
Sun til, P, M. 
Ashley C. W., magistrate 
Smith A. W., yenl store 
'Jay 1 ( ir D. W. R ev 



sand. Lamtrequins, select©! from finest Importation 
> CASTER & SOLOM.N, 60 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 





Washington County. 

Located 18 miles east of Sander.-^- 
ville tbe county seat, has express and 
telegraph o/lices and ediicaiional ad- 
vantages. Population 150. 


Taylor County. 
Thirteen miles northwest of Butler 
its postofiice. 


Whitjidd County. 
Eight miles from Dalton court 
house, its railroad, express and tele- 
graph ollice, ana banKJng town, auu 
108 from Atlanta. Churches—Cum- 
berland Presbyterian, Baptist and 
Methodist. Population about 150. 
Flour and grist mill here operated by 
power obtained from Coholla creek. 
Alail three times a week by carrier. 
William L. Comber. P. JI.* 

Barton W. W., physioian 
Comber Webster, genl store 
Crouch J. M., constable 
Davis William W., notary and mag- 
Farnsworth James L., blacksmith 
Farnsworth Robert C, carpenter 
Fraker G(3orge W., carpenter 
Fraker William, carpenter 
McJa-,kin Joseph, blacksmith 
McNabb William, magistrate 
Smithey Jeremiah, live stock dlr 


Habersham County. 
Situated about 5 miles west of 
Clarksville the county seat, a email 
settlement with no postofiice. 


Terrell County— Eufanla Div., S. W.R. R. 
The county seat. Plas a population 
of abotit 1,700. Southern ii,xpress and 
Western Union Telegraph Co's ofii- 
ces, volunteer fire depanment, Bap- 
tist and Methodist churches, and 
ceveral schools. The Southern .Msde 
and Female College is lo(3ated here. 
Cotton is the principal article of ex 
port. The iJawson Journal, a weeklv 


newspaper is pul>lished here. Moees 
H. Baldwin, P. M. 
Adams B. C. Accts M., prin com- 
mercial department South Georgia 

Iitale and Female College 
Allen John P., watchmkr 
Aiii,->i W. II., A. 31., prof Pmiih 

Georgia Male aud Female College 
Anderson Augustus fc), blacksmith 
Andrews J. 11., shoemkr 
Anthonv Mattie M. Mrs., milliner 
Baldwin A. J. & Co. (Andrew J. and 

Moses H. Baldwin, Jr.), genl etore 
Baldwin Moses H., gen: store 
Baldwin SpeiRht, genl store 
Baldwin William R., co tax collector 
Baldwin & Geise (A.J.Baldwin & Co., 

G. A. Geise), grist mill and cotton 

Barnes N. B., watchmkr 
Beardslee S. W., prof South Geor* 

gia Male and Female College 
V>vi\ Hotter S., CO. ordinary 
Bennett Kobert (oj, shoemkr 
Beck worth Dallas (c), barber 
Bragan J. W. & Sou (John W. 

Frank M.), stoves, etc 
Brown Charles C., grocer 
Brown Samuel V., wasjou mkr 
Cannon J. A., co. eurveyor 
Carver William D.. grocer 
Carver & Bussey (W\ D. Carver, J. 

F. Bussey), genl store 
Chambers Orlando I., grocer 
Ciieatham Clement A., druggist and 

Chea'tham Walter B., druggist and 

Cliristie & Stevens (Samuel R, 

Ciiristie, Obaiiiah B. Stevens). 

warehouse and com mers 
Clark John C. F., elk superior court 
Corley Japtiia G. R-v., Baptist 
Corley J. H., Rev., Baptist 
Crim'johu B., genl store 
C'roucli Henry O., ^.Tocer 



o "^ 


O V> 


\ 1 



^■^^n/ KOULDINaS AND FS.VjISS at H. G;oim%n'8. 23 Whitehall itmi, 
B Atliat*, Qsn Weatsni Pri:es duplio^tei at wholesale. 

Prnpi rQ» Kutual Belief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, teat and eifsa 
HUrLLO Co-onerative Life Associaticn in the South. 









Crouch J. H., CO, tax collector 

Dauiel Jobn co. coroner 

Dawsoii Jountal (weekly), 

Park?, Weston <fc Pickett, editors 

and publr3. (See }*age adv) 
Dawsou Manufaetiiriug Company, 

Ov/eii O. 2>'ei6ou j'lt-s; lounury 
Farniim William W., hotel, livery 

stable and exp agent 
Crif^ln John L., dry goods 
Guerry James H., attorney 
Harper llobert G., attorney 
Hart Thomas J., carriage mnfr 
Holliday Charles E., tol opr 
Hood B. H., fertilizer mnfr 
Hood & Cleveland (B. H. Hood, O. 

C. Cleveland), warehouse and com 

Hoyl Levi C, attorney 
Ivoy John A. Rev., Baptist 
Janes Corriiisie Miss, teacher 

South Georgia Islale and Female 

Janes J. Lamar, attorney 
Janes J. K. & Sons (John R., Wil- 
liam A. and Thomas C), druggists 
Jones Rufus G., dentist 
Jones Thomas M., genl store 
Keudrick William C. physician 
Key Benjamin W. Rev,, 'Methodist 
Laiug James D. , co treasurer 
Laing & Bro (James D. and Joseph 

A.), genl store 
Lee Henry S., hardware, wagons, 

sewing machines, etc 
Lennard Ludwell M., justice 
Lowrey John W. F., genl store 
McDonald Britt(.u, grocer 
McDonald Charles A., attorney 
McXiilf y E. 15. Mrs., prin female 

dept South Georgia Male and Fe- 
rn jde College 
^MrXuKy Martin A., A. M., pres 

Soath Georgia Male and Female 


Mabry K. B. IMiss, ^teacher South 
Georgia Male and Female College 

Martin Ellen 31iss, tcaclur 
Souih Georgia Male and Female 

Martin Thomas Y., saloon 

Melton Bros. (Roger L. and Williani 
R.), genl store 

Mercer J . R. & Co. (John R. Mercer 
John B. Perry), plantationsup})!ie3 

Mercer & Peeplts (John R. Mercer, 
William M. Peeples(, com mera 

Mize Charles L., grocer 

Mize C. L. Mrs., milliner 

Orr William F., genl store 

Parks James G., ins agt 

Parks, Weston *t Pickett (James 
G. Parks, Urban \.. Weston, 
Thomas H. Pickett), editors and 
publishers Dawsou Journal (See 
page adv) 

Perrv John B., hanker 

Pickett & Parks Thomas H. 
Pickett, James G. Parks), attorneys 

Powell Uriah, cabinet mkr 

Reeves J. G., boots and shoes 

Roberts Bros. (J. B. & J. W.), genl 

Roberts L. M., sheriff 

Rogers William H. (c), barber 

Sharp James P., saloon 

Simmons James ISL, justice 

Simmons Reuben F., attorney 

Sonth-Georejia Male and Fe- 
male Confp:e5 ^NI. A. McNutty, 
A. M., pres ^See Back Fly G.) 

Thornton William M., genl store 

Turner T. W., grocer 

Williams J. 11., professor South- 
Georgia Male and Female College 

Wooteu Joseph W., grocer 

Wooteu William, banker and grocer 


Daicson tounti/. 
County seat. Twenty-two miles 
from Gainesville the nearest express 
office, telegraph and railroad station, 
and 76 from Atlanta. Has Baptist 
and Methodist churches, one school, 
grist and saw mill run by water 
power derived from Shoal creek, and 
a population of 20O. Flour, grain and 
cotton are the principal ahipnieuts. 
jMail daily. 

Bishop J. ^L, attorney 
Boggs V/illiam H., co. tax receiver _ 

B. H. Br«»mh«iidl L C». 


■Hlfllll .L,. ]lt^W^ 


at CAETES Si SOLOiaON'S, 50 V/hitehall st., Atlanta. 



liurt W. H., physician 

Hurt ct Smnmeraur, t^'eiil store 

C:ir.v 1'. 11-. aroliitfct 

Canili'ljerry Jospphuj, co. treasurer 

Cif*tk'berry J ¥., i;eiil store 

Kill-' J. C, blacksmitli 

Howsor Henry, liotel 

Joliii:^oii Henry C, attorney and 

CO. ordinary 
Littner R. P., attorney 
Lillfy J. P. & Co., gcnl store 
McHan J. F., slioenikr 
Man in S. T>., shoeuikr 
>[nrt;an F., blacksmith 
Fnlnier John D.. co. surveyor 
liiehardson William H., elk superior 

Rmith F. G.. shoemkr 
Smith H. B., srtnl s-^re 
Smith 3Iarslia!l T^., attorney 


Attorney at La"w, 

Dawsonville, Dawson Co., Ga. 


Tatum Horatio, flierifl" 

Haralaon County. 
Also known as Wolf Pen X Roads, 
8 miles from Buchaunau the county 
Beat, and 11 from Carrollton the 
nearest railroad and txpress ofllce. 
There are three ctiurches and tsvu 
echooLs in the nei.^hborhood. Re 
ceives mail four times a week from 
Buchanan and Cai roUtou by carrier. 
T. M. Carroll, P. M. 
Bush A. P., millwrij:;ht 
Carroll T. M., piivsician 
Holland L N., blacksmith 
Ijovvorn T. W., cabinet mkr 
Nelson W. A., teacher 
Kobiuson J. N., carpenter 

McDuffie Covnty.~Ga. Ii.E,~-{Se-d Lcmi- 


DeEalb County.— Ga. H. R. 
Ix>cated about six miles from At- 

htnta. Has a population of a little 
more than 800, and is a place of resi- 
dence for Atlanta business men. Is 
the county seyt and has Presbyterian, 
Methodist and Baptist churches, and 
good scliools. 

Anderson R. H., blacksmitn 

Anderson Wilnam (c), wheelwright 
Bridwell Frank M , grocer 
Burdette Stephen (cf, blacksmith 
Candh-r Charles ]\r., attorney 
Ciiiver- Thomas H,,genl store 
Connalley J. H.. physician and drugs 
Crocket .James P.. gen I '.tore 
Crockett James P. & Co. (James P. 
Crocket', .lames Hu;iter), distdlcrs 
Crockett & Hiinttr (James P. Crock- 
ett, James Hunter), saloon 
Decatur Academy, Benjamin S. 

Crau', prin 
DeKalb i\ewp, E. M. Ward, editor 
Durham William W., physician 
Evans Turner L., co coroner 
Floyd Richard T., co tax collector Donald Rhv., Presbyterian 
Gdberi Wdliani A., gen 1 store 
Goss John H., i)hysician 
Green William PI., physician 
Heath W. D, iU v., ISIethodist 
Hunter Janie-, shcritl 
Jeweti & Goss (Henry R. Jewott, 

John H. Goss), drutjs 
Jones Henry C, attorney 
Jossey William W., hotel 
Kirkpatrick James W., notary and 

Kittridge Edward M., co. surveyor 
Lan^fonl Robert J., saloon 
!vIcAlis!er James R , co. treasurer 
Ma.shburu A. W., contractor 
iilason James A., justice and genl 

Mayson Asburry S., physician 
Morgan James M., attorney 
i'ate John N., r r and express agi 


KOULDINGS AND FEAKSS at C 31. G^oiaan's, 23 'v^bitebAU ttraet, 
Atl^t%. Qsh Westsni friosi dur>lic%tftd at whol&£Al«. 

Jas. P. Harrison & Co., 



















9 = 



Established G8 years ntjo. 
Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 




Riraspeck G. A. & Co. (George A. -I 
and Theordore E. Kamppeck), geiil i 
store ■ i 

Eussell James 11., elk superior court | 

Suwnton John ]} , cotton gin i 

Steward John B., co ordinary 
riiid at^or"--" ' 

Teat Irwin L.', co tax receiver 

Walker R. M., grocer 

Ward Earnest' M., editor DeKclb 
News and attorney 

Ward Robert C, physician 

AVinn Locblin J., attorney 

O t^ r^ L> ^ ■ 

Thomas Counfy.—S. F. d- W. Ti. Ji. 

A small station and post-office es 
tablisbed in 18S0, 7^ miles from Thom- 
asvilje, the county seat and nearest 
express and lelegrapb office and 
banking point. Abundant water 
power is furnifhed by Barnett's 
Breek near by, and two gritt cii'ls, 
one saw mill and agin are operated 
by it. Has one pchool. Ship direct, 
prepayiDg freight. Receives daily 
mail by railway. William L. Dekle, 
P. M. ' 

2\^o(e : This oflice was discontinued 
August, 1831. iMai! to Thomasville. 
Ballard H. B., miller 
Ballard T. W., cabinet mkr 
Dekle W. I^., genl etore 

Up^on County. 
Four miles nortli of Thomaston. 
Bend mail to Tiie Rock. Population 
of liamlet about 2b. 


Lowndrs County. 
Is 9 miles from Valdofta, the 
^gnn^y peat, and negrest ra ilroad, ex- 

Bi;iLDERS' SUPPLY HOUSt. , n S\ ^ Ti » £ VI V' TT" 

B.K.B.OO.KC..4CC. fPaifii Brushes of aii Kinds. 

preys and telegraph officeB. 



Doilge County.— M. d: B. 7?. 7?. 
Five miles from E;istman, tlu- 
county seat, express and telegrupli 
office, and 154 from Atl.uiia. 't'l.c 
place has an estimated population of 
lOo, 3 steam saw mills ami dailv mail 
by rail. Sinp direct. James A. Duke 
P. M. 

Betts J, S, & W. T., lumber dlrs 
Diike JaisEes A., turpentine dis- 
Edwards & Co., turpentine farm 
Peck k Allen. luml)er mnfrs 
i'oweli & Kencner, lumber mnfrs 

Putnam County. — C. B. li. 
Forty-five miles from ivfacon and 
13 from Milledgeville. Direct mail 
to Eaton ton. 


Floyd Couuty. 

A small village on the Oostanaula 
river, one half mile from Rome, its 
railroad, express and telegraph of- 
fice, and 76 from Atlanta. Has a 
population of about ^00. Steara Hour, 
grist and taw mills, Methodi^it church 
and one school. Ship to Rome. 
Mail daily. Z. B. Hargrove, P. M. 
Andrews J. M., genl store 
Austin J. F., groceries 
Beyseigel, C. F., genl store 
Biakesnam T. E., groceries and 

couutr.v produce 
Duvall T., livery stable 
Gibson J. T. Jiev., Methodist 
llargis T. T., genl store 
Hanis Bros., genl store 
Johnson W. J{., genl store 
Langham E. J., grocer 
Larry P. H., teacher 
MeCrary C. F., genl store 
Mitchell D. R., grocer 
Reece »fe Bro., genl store 
yhurp ^V. F., genl store 
Trammell A. B., genl store 
Trammeli Asa, brick yard 
Wardlow A Jones, grocers and com 



Wholesale and F.etail Tealer ir. CAUFZTS. 
Cil Cloths, &c., 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta 



Hancock County— M d: A. J?. 1?. 

A small vilhige of aljout 125 in- 
li:il)it:uit:r, S miles from Sparta, llie 
couu'V seat, and its lelegi'aph oilic- 
and usual banking ytluce; 71» from 
Au'jjusta, 46 from ZNIieon, ami 1-10 
from Atlanta. Has olliee of Soutli- 
erii P'xpre.-s Company, Methodist an( 
I'aptJst churches;, one academy, two 
steam saw mills and mail twice a 
dav. Ship direct. H. W. Bass, P. 

Arnold M., notary 
liass A. S.J r r and exp ao;t 
liassM. J. Mss, teaclier" 
M-TiS *;. >fo;itp. gen] store and gii 
liiiigh & Rives, saw mill 
Coleman W. M. <fe Son, genl store. 
Coulson J. JNI., physician 
Culver J. L., genf store 
Hail W. S., magistrate 
Harper B. I., genl store 
Jones. T J., pliysiciau 
Balmer James A., gnil store 
Palmer W. S., grist mill 
Pearson J. C., grist mill 
liines G. S., grist mill 
Bives & PVank^j prist mill 
Smith ct Butts, genl store 
Starrell J. P., saw mill 
Tye P, F., magistrate 

Gilmer Ojunty. 
Situated at the foot of the Blue 
Bidge, distant from Pillijiy, the coun- 
ty seat, 16 miles, and 00 from Atlanta, 
its raih'oad, telegraph and express 
fitation and banking point; has a 

D\0¥.EimOirS STOKE. 
lk:a!ur (/"u.-i'i/. { S':c ,-tcani nii'l.) 

PaiTe Count)/. 
A smnll settlement lo'^a'ed abotit 
15 miles northwest of Blackshear. 
Population, 31. 


Vi^iilker Cuua'i/, 

A small coimtry postotlhw located 
14 miles from IjiFayette, the county 
seat; 9 from Bising ]<"awn, lis r.iil ■ 
road station, and 23 from Ciiattanno 
ga, Tenn., its express, telegraph 
oftice and banking town. Ship via 
Bising Fawn. Mail twice a d;iy in" 
carrier. Mrs. T]. L. Howard, P. iNl. 
Bryan T. "SV., fruit grower 
Burroughs William, teaciier 
Forrester H. L., fruitgrower ar^d live 

stock dir 
Hardy C. L. , fruit grower 
Howard E. L. l\Irs., teacher 


CJiiittiXina Coantj. 

Distant S miles southeast of Sum- 

merville, tJie county seat; hasapop- 

J'opulation of about 40. Local streams ulation of 50. Rome is tiie nearest 

atlbrd water power to operate grist railroad, express and telegraph otJIeo 

and banking town. Presbyterian, 
Baptist and Mr^thodist churches are 
in the immediate vicinity. Daily 

and saw mills. Has twochurchc; 
Baptist and Primitive Biptist— and i 
one school. Gold and other metaN, 
taolin and garnets are to be found ; 
f-alphur, nitre and a stone closely 
resemhliug a diamond — from which 
the settlement takes its name— are 
found here. ^NFmeral springs fn the 
"^■'^•inity. Ship via Atlanta. ^William 
^V. Konizey, P. M. 

l^ t'Hizey Joscpli A., teacher 
''^"i|th <fc Anderson, genl store 

^* 111. OUy^^SiiM^^. 28 Whitehall street, 



Broo'zs County -S. F. d- W. JL R. 

Situated ISl miles from Savannah, 
2SG from Atlanta and 12 from Quit- 
man, the county si'at and banking 
town. Has a population of about 

225, ISIetliO'list church and one 
-— — — — —^ 

Atlanta, Ga. 


flnynpfiTr Of Peoples' Uutual Relief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Mcnthlr. 
HUli U{jt\ I L Circulation, 15,0C0. Good advertising mediun:. Send for c:r7 




school. Ship direct. ^Nlail daily. Cr. 
W. Austin, P. M. 
Atistiu G. W., genl store 
lioiiiig Thomas, physician 
Jovct" Lucy M:'~= tenf^Vior 
McLean J, N., iiinfr naval stores 
Oesterreicher J., blacksmith 

the county seat. Has a populatio!! t ; 
50, express and telegraph ollir.-. 
Methodist church ami conminn 
school: also a steam saw mill. Liiui- 
ber is the principal arcicle of export. 
Daily maiJ. 


Mcintosh Count u. 
A small post-office lately estab- 

Price J. J., cooper 


Daw von County. 
Six miles southwest of Dawson- 
ville the seat of justice, and 15 from 
Gainesville— Piedmont A.-L. Ry— 
its raih'oad, express and telegraph 
otlioe, and banking town, via which 
it is GS to Atlanta. H'gh Towt r river 
aflords power to operate a grist mill. 
Has a jjopulation of 30J, one church 
and one school. ^Nlail daily by " 
rier. Mrs. Sarah Barnes, P. M. 

Barrett A. ^I. Mr.-^., teacher 
Bird C. C. &Co., L^nl store 
Black J. ]NL, grisfmill 
Black N. D., genl store 
Black R., genl store 
Elliott R. N., teacher 
Grillin J., blacksmith 
Harris D., bhieksmith 
Jay J., blacksmith 
Looper J., grist mill 
McClure R., grist mill 
Palmour B. F., genl store 
Preston S., genl store 
Roper H. J., teacher 
Smith George, bluclismith 
Stephens B., grist mill 
Ste])hens L. A., cotton gin 
Taylor A. J., grist mill 
Thompson H. C, physician 
\Vingo J. C, physician 


Wayne County.S. F. d- W. R. /?. 
Four miles northeast of Jesup, the 
county seat r;nd nearest tpler;ranh 
otlice. Has a population of IGO, Of- 
fice of the Southern Express Co. 
Timber forms the principal shipment. 
Daily mail. 

JJarris County. 
Situated on the Chattahoochee riv- 
tr, at the mouth of }»lulberry creek, 
which furnishes water power to op- 
erate grist and flouring mills. H.i-< 
also steam grist and saw mills. Is 1 3 
;i ou.^ via^ v^L..^^ miles from Hamilton, the county 
:Mail 'dailv by car- ! ^^at, and 12 from Columbus, its near- 
'-*'-'' jest railroad, express and telegraph 

station and banking point. H - 
Methodist and Baptist churclu-. 
white and colored, and a commoa 
school. Ship via Columbus. Semi- 
weekly mail from Mulberry Grove 
by carrier. L. E. White, P. M. 
Abbott D. Q. Rev., Methodist 
Alexander R. H., gristmill 
Bartley S. W. Rev., Baptist 
Beasly T. ISL, grist and saw mill 
Crawford C. [C), blacksmith 
Riddle J. W., genl store 
Teall Samuel, genl store 
Vardaman J. A., wheelwright 
Walker E. C. Miss, teacher 
White A. W., wheelwright 
Whitley W. L., genl store. 


DeKalb County — Piedmont A.-L. 

Located between Peachtree 

Nance's creek.'^, which furnish ^^'''•.^'■,'^ 

power to operate jurist and saw uiih-' 

und H furnitu re factor y ; hasjt P'jK'.; 



Ware County.— B. d A. R. R. 
_ Located 11 miles wes to fWay^Croes 

Si ■^^ 




CARTER & SOLOMON, Importers and 
Dealers. 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 



l.iiiou of about 75, aud is 10 uiiles 
ti irtli of Decatur, the couaty seat, 5 
fr^'in Xoreross, the nearest telegraph 
olllo*', au(i 15 ffom Atlauto, the near 
.-i bankina; town. Has au express 

• ■rlloe, steam saw mill and gin, lle- 
( irjiiec! Presbyterian, Methodist and 
Mi^-ionarr Baptist chuiche!=, and a 
i;o()d academy. Ship direct. D lily 
i.i.dl by rail, and by hack from ilos- 
wfll, George N. Flowers, P. M, 

Ai>ornathey John H., teaclier 

♦ '.irrollJanies M., grist mill 
<'"!lios J. il., shoemi^r 

I'lowcrs George X. & Bro., genl 

;-tore and railroad a'^t 
(i.xxiwin W. H., physician 
<J'>><8 J. G., phj'siciaa 
J.icUson L. P., blaclvsmith 
.)oti it Carroll, genl store 
Jones L. H., phy^ician 
IMman John :\r., blacksmitli 
Widiace \V. B.., furniture 


Liberty County. 
Has a population of about 200; sev- 
ciitoen miles from Wallhourville, the 
»'>inity seat, 12 from Fleiuing, the 
!)"arest railroad, express and tele- 
Ki'.iiih office, and 36 from Savannah, 
>^ nearest banking point. Has steam 
^••'i^t mill?, gin and rice thre.sher, a 
. .r^byterian churchand good schools, 
-jiip via Fleming— S., F. & W. 
i^v— or by boat from Savannah, 
^- na-weekJv mail from Fleming by 
^^•i^'on. Edwin A, Fulton, P. M, 
I'd^erB.^T., teacher 
;''lt'i:el E. F., physician 
■ ;■ !'-:tl J. 1\., genl store 
* I'ltou Edwin A., genl store and 

..hvy .stock dlr 

'Y Her K. F., genl store 
•^JTk'au J. D,, wheelwright 
i^'.'erts William, wlieelwright 
'•'te Alexander, genl store 

DORi^ilSNSY'S f/ilLL. 

I r will County. 
^■•i^diteen miles northeast of Irwin- 
;••'■, the county seat, and 34 from 
-1 ^■,"h^, the nearest railroad sta- 
-, ''^- /''tton is the principal product. 
I^'i'uhition 25. Has .Metho.list ami 
i''i''t<'hin-ches and common scho(d. 


Lincoln Counly. 
Situated on the Savannah river 10 
miles southeast of Lincolnton, the 
county seat, and 83 from Augusta,the 
nearest raih'oad station and ban King 
point. Gold silver and copper ore 
abounds. Has Methodist and Bap- 
tist churches and common schools. 


Cpson Cvuiity 
Eight miles west of Thomasrton. 
Direct mail to Pleasant Hill. 


Wi'Treii County. — {Ste Barnett,) 


^fitdi.^on Comity. 

A sniall settlement S miles from 
Daniellsville, the county seat, 5 from 
^^'■interville, the nearest railroad sta- 
tion, aud S from Athens, the nearest 
telegraph and express ollice and bank- 
ing point. Brusiiy Creek furnishes 
water power to operate a flouring 
mill, saw mill, gin, etc. There are 
also steata saw mills in the neighbor- 
hood. There are three churel'.cs — 
^Methodist Baptist and Congregation- 
al Methodist— and the "Betiiel Acad- 
emy," with GO pupils. C'ltton and 
tlour are the princiiial shipments. 
Ship vin Athens. Established as a 
post-office in ISSO, and receives a 
mail each weekday from Athens and 
Daniellsville by wagon, John W. 
Sey'more, P. M. 
Paulding Frank, t)locksmith 
Putton S, W., magistrate 
Savers 'i'. W., niilh r 
Se\vell J. W., physician 


'^JiaUilflvit^ C, M. GOOD^ 

AN, 2a Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ga. 

5. !* 

O 1/ 

r if 
m ^ 

- .J. >'u'inni»apiiiijiiuifp^(«^!iiiji»s» 

JAS. P. HARRISOf^ & CO., Printers,^ Publishers sir 
Binders. 2 7 & 29 Broa d S t., Atlanta , Ga. 


nil A 




jiVuj. Dowuy Mills ■ ! 

Smith }'• iT.v," wlieelwriu'M 
Thoini'soii A. J., coii^talile 
\Vir.rrey G. W., coiiJ-.iabk- 


W':i/nc Count;/. -M. d- B. U. 7.'.— (&e 


Ccjl'cc Coll lit II. 
Is the county ^cat. Has a ]iopula.. 
tiou offitt\-, 15 luilfs troiii Ivirklaiid 
Ibt: ne:^ivsl railroad and express sta^ 
tion, and 17 Ironi Pfar^on the nearest 
tele^Muph oliiee. iSavannali is its 
iui|resL banking point. Cotton and 
rice form the princit al siii]iments. 
Mail daily. George Young, P. M. 

Dent rvobert. uri<t mill 
Dent AV.II. Uev 
Denton J. -NL. atloi-ney 
Douglas?, B. W., CO. tax collector 
Enni* A. IL, shi-rill' 
liOtt Daniel, geul store 
Men i It I'-vri', eo. coroner 
Paulk j:iijali. eo. ordinary 
Petei>ou Jh nry,' hotel and geulstore 
Peter.-on M., masistraie 
Pdcketson Vnicenl, eo. treasurer 
Sumnierlin David, co. surveyor 
Tucker John, co, tax receiver 
AVard C. A., elk superior court 
Young T. *i G., geul stoie 


Douglas Count ij. 
County .':eat. A place of about 90(i 
inhabitants, eontaining Dapiibt and 
Methodist eluircius, one sctiool, gin, 
saw and grisi mill, run by power ob- 
tained from Sweetwater creek ; also 
paw mill run by steam, and the new 

M inchestcr jNIills manufucturi;-.- 
mettles, 27 miles from Atlai,;., 
1 Ailroad. exi>ress, telegiaph . :' 
nd hanking pilar-e. Ship </(/ A' 
M lil dailv \iy hack. S. ^'. P 
P M. 

Pieuett, Mitchell & Co., saw nn.. 
{ ooi)er II. T., t:ix reCLiv.r 
J)o!!'sett S. iV., cik superior e 

uid geid store 
Durseit ifc Price, cotton gin 
Don:jl:>sviile High School, J 

ISrable, prin 
Duncan V. M., 

High School 
Kt!t;c John A , 


reeiCj «. J., IV.. \ 
Choline A. L., cal 
Harper \V. H., blacksmith 
Huey John jNI,, co. surveyor 
James J. S., attorney 
James & Maxwell, genl store 
Laud J. A., carriage nmfr 
Lewis AV. A., genl store 
Lnidlev AV. T., sherilf 
Mcintosh (fe Dorsett (A. C. ^Iclut ■ 

S. N. Dorsett), projn-s Kew -i. 

Chester JNIills 
jNIcLartv A. W., geulstore 
McLartv G. W,, physician 
Mable John, prin Douglasvihe H 

prin Gordon 
,, CO. ordinaiy 

linet mkr 


cut I'. 

Masscy K. A., propr Weekly 
iMitchell F. M., cu. coroner 
Kew Manchester Mnfg Co., 

tosh <fe Dorsett, proprd 

Pitt man & Lowe, genl store 
Pool \V. H., physician 
IMce t^ Duncan, genl store 
Pichards A. J., attorney 
Saver W. A., tax collector 
Sel'mau J. L., druggist 
Stewart G. !>., saloon 
Turner G. li., saloon 
"Watson 1. jNL & M. P., genl stovtt 
AVatson J. P., genl store 
Weekly Star, P. A. Massey, \n\ ' 


Grcne Count;/, 

Has no mail facilitiep. ; an I'lii!- 

I portant liamlet situated C n'.i-; 

I northwest of Greensboro, thecuui-- 

! sear. 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. i *»°^ 

Biiiiciers" Kard^^sro. 

I ft PC pimTR I*? C and LamlDre^uins, selected from finest Importations. 
LAUt UUil S Hli'iO CASTZE :v SOLOMDN. 53 .Vhitehall st.. Atlanta. 





ElbeU County. 
A small post-olliee 7 miles from 
KllxTton, tlie county seat and near- 
est railroari, exjuvrss and teleirraph j 
.-tation, and 35 fmrn Athens, its ban k- 
iiii? place. Cotton is tlie chief ex- 
txirt. ]\Iail dailv by carrier. A. C. 
.-itovall, P. M. 

Deadwyler H, E., genl store 

Ilarahon County, 
Txicated 10 miles eastof Buchanan, 
tlie county seat, and about 22 from 
Rflckmart, its nearest radroad sta 
tion. Has Baptist and Methodist 
cluireheH, common sehools, and a 
population of lliO. 


Dooly County. 

Vienna, the seat of justice, is 10 
miles east, 17 miles to ^lontezuma, 
the nearest railroad, express, tel 
^graph office and bankint; town, via 
wliich it is 1G9 from Atlanta. In the 
vicinity are several tioar, grist and 
*aw mills run by power obtained 
from Pennabachee creek. There are 
two churches and one school. Mail 
tliree limes a week tiy carrier. L. ]<\ 
Collier, P. M. 

Krown James M., grist mill 
l*t'es J. M., cabinet mkr 
Morgan A. G., grist mill 
-Morgan H. J. & C. R., saloon and 

Kty T. j. & Bro., gen) store 
'i' George, saw mjil 

VV'ilks John, teacher 


WashiH'jtoiL- County. 
Eighteen miles s.utiieast of San- 
it rsv'ille. Mail to Whittle. 


o *tJ 



Barks County. 
Small place 9 miles from Waynes- 
the county seat and nearest 

f'lilroad, express ami telegraph sta 
lion, and 100 from Savannah, its 
baiikiug point. Buckhead creek fur- 
"i-hes water power to operate grist 
''^dl-*, and two gins are run by steam. 
^'*Mu-week!y mail from Waynesboro 
•'y wagon. H. Wnite, P. x\I. 

Mims_W^/L^genI store 



nHjlj County. 
A recently established fanners' 


2'. LI' mas CjUhiy. 
Boston, miles southwest, is the 
post-otHce for this hamlet. 


Banks County. 
Jklail for this bamlet goes to Ho- 
mer, 2 mils South 

La'tnns C'U/i'y, 
County seat, has a population of 
323, and is 23 miles from Toomsbor- 
ough, the nearest radroad, express, 
or telegraph olil'e. Hn four steam 
saw, grist and planing mills, bap- 
tist and Methodi-t churches. Dublin 
Academy with sixiy pnpih and a 
select school. There are two weekly 
newspapers published here, the Ca- 
zelte ami Post. Tlie Oconee riv.-r one- 
half mile distant, is navigable to this 
point. Cotton, Imniier and turpen- 
tine are the [>riiieip.dshipments ; the 
shipment of cotton amounting to 
abi.ut 5,000 bales annually. Slup by 
Ti)oui>bor..u-h, N... 15, C. B. R., or 
by water to Oconee Bridge. Has a 
dady mail from 15 C. H.U., by carrier. 
Ariiau Kil>ert .M., blacksmith 
J^'b'lK-r G. Y/., livery suidsale stable 
Benton & Kowe, saw mill 
Bla<'ksheHr B. H., co survevor 

K07LDINGS AND r?.A.M^3 at :5. & oimin's, 23 Whitohall streat, 
Mlaata, Ga. "Westora Prioes dupUoatsd at whole sals. 




' ' MUTUAL BZLISr ASSOCIATION, Atlacta, Ga. A Eenevclc: 
' Institution, ccr ducted en "busineEE principles. 

262 ~~ ~ DUL 

.:.i^_„. ':jMS^:mrt^ 




Burch 11. ,M , urii'izir- 
Chavou>) x\iK'il, stiddler 
Crowder C'luirlts 11., jeweler 
Daniel & ]^i)]i'n>oi), geiil hiore 
Dublin Ac;uleiiiy 
Duncan John T., co( ilinary 
Hrtrrin^':tuii Kdwurd, ^ijidcer 
Harrison Funuie Miss, tea( her 
Harrison Irby H.. pliysiciun 
Haynos Alerter, attorney ins agt and 

Judge County Court 
Hester "\V. R., eo eoroutr 
Hicks J. E., att< rney 
Hicks Iv. 1j., jir^pr I'ost 
Hightoucr J. V.., at oriK-y 
Higlitower K H., pIiNsician 
Higlitower K. J. & J. E., saw uiill 
HightowerR. .1. &8oii,iitnl store 
Hooks George S., irrocer 
H iward G. M. & Ci'., t-aloon 
Howard & Rol'iiison, geni store 
Jackson Wdiiam, wagon mkr 
Jones James ]'.., cotax re-eiver 
Junes ^^^ R. it Co., genl store 

turpentine disiiilt-rs 
Keen J. E. JNTis., hotel 
Lasseler W. I\, geni store 
Linder Rerr en B., co tax collector 
MeDanitl J. i"., saoon 
Maas, Rn)> tt C''., gei 1 store 
Maiid(,x G W., sm]..ou 
Moore J. I ., feitilizt-rs 
Kance Rlauti-n, smIuou 
Newman Fannie Miss, nuisieteacber 
Oconee Steam lioj'.t Co 
Peacock J. \V. .i Co. druggists 
Perry Joel VI., slieritl" 
Perry L. C. & Co., geul store 
IVrry & LMld^ r, geni s ore 
Ramsey \V. S., co school < oni 
Rovve T. M., fertilizers 
iSear'iiorouLrh W. 11, blitcksmith, 
Smith Capt. Mis., musie teacher 
Smith Hardy, elk suiienor court and 

CO trea-urt r 
Smith J. T. l^ov., teacher 
Staiilnv R. A.. Httirnev 


Steplienson G. W., painter 
Stephenson G. W. ISIrs., milliner 
Stub!>s J. M., attorney and i^r. ir 

Gazette J. ]\r., grist and planing iui;i 
Til ery W. PL, geid store 
Tillery & Williams, milliners 
Walker K. H., fertilizers 
Ware D, ]\Ir.-., hotel 
Weekly Post, li. L. Hicks, propr 
Wolle J. R., genl store 


nodge Ccmdii—M, <{■ B. J?. 11 
Estimand ponlation 200. HasBiip- 
tist and INIetliodist churches, a ste;i!;. 
shingle and four saw mills, and ex- 
press oflicp. Located 9 miles fron 
Eastman, its tele^'rapli ollice, ani 
12 from Hawkinsville, the neiir.'s; 
lianking town, and 1-^0 from Atlanta. 
Cotton, InnU'cr, rosin and turjuii- 
tine are the chief exports Ship <ii 
reet. Mail daily by rail. D. Sapi', 
P. M. 

Aribin- <t Dean, saw mill 
DeVaiu'hn ]\L R., saw mill 
llmil & Wiuss, genl store and na- 
val stiMC miilrs 
IMarlin c*c Perkins, saw mill 
Rniford <fe Hunter, shingle mnfrs 
Sapp David, druj/gist and physician 
Taylor c'i: Comes, saw mill 


Walkn- County. 
Six miles from LLiFayette, the sost 
of justice; £0 from Rins:gold— W- >';; 
A.R. R.— its nearest telegraph an'i 
express oflice. Has two churolt" 
and cotton gin. Sliip via Chaitaue'> 
ga. Mtil tri-weekly by carrier, 'i- 
J. Blackwell, P. M. 
Blackwell W. P., genl store 
McCounel J. D., genl store 


Dougherty Courdy—JUiikdy 'Div. 

Located 13 miles west of AlbaU;'. 
the county seat. No post-olli«.'' • 
Population 60. 


Gwinnett Coiaiiy—riabn'int A.-L. r.„- 
Has an oftlee of the SouthernJ-j; 

s. 5r, 

B. K. Broomhead & uo. ) 

ilouldings, Brackets, 



at CAETEE .5; SOLOMON'S, 60 \7hitehall st., Atlanta. 




fress Compauy; is 10 miles -west of 
/ftwreiieeville, the county seat, iind 
6 from Norcross, the nearest tele- 
prrapU oftlco, PojHihitioa about 250. 
Cotton, grain and bay, form tlie prin- 
cipal shipments. His Methodi'^t 
church and common school, and dai- 
ly mail. 

"^^^"^ ifi tJ 


Thoinrii: Count 11. 

About 10 miles southwest of Thorn- 
asville. Mail to jNIashes. 

Ifurrai/ Co'in'y. 
Located G miles from Spring Place, 
the county seat, and 17 from JJalton, 
the nearest rail'-oad, express and tel- 
ep;i'aph station and banking point. 
Has the usual chinch and scliool ad- 
vantages. Has weekly mail from 
Spring Place by private conveyance. 
C. C. Keith, P.\M. 
Iiates Cleopatra Miss, teacher 


Walker Oninty. 

Located 18 miles frofu LaFayettf, 
the county seat, and 8 from Ciiatta- 
nooga, Tenn., the nnarest railroad, 
ex})ress and telegraph station au'i 
banking t-oint. Siiip via Ciunta- 
no:)gd. yiiW Irl-weekly. \V. .>'. 
Davis P. M. 

Keith C. C, gcnl store 

5 t' 

Lougbridge J. H. & E. F 

and saw mill 
Koblet, A. J., hlacksmith 

C, grist 


Clinch Count I/— ti. F. A- W. By 


Hart County. 
Has a population nf about 50, i- 
located on North BcavHriiam crc-k, 
8 miles fr,)m H irtwell, tlie coun y 
seat, and nearest railr>ad, exfirtss 
and telegraph stat:<m, and 32 fr un 
Athens, the nearest hanking point. 
Has three chur'/lies — two Baptist an" 
one Presljyt-'rlan. Semi-weekly mail 

Ix)cated 8 miles southwest of Ho- from E'beVton. II. H. Bower-;', P. M. 
merville.the county seat, on the Su- ! j,,,^,.^.,.^ p_ p^ ^,,.„, ^j,^,^ 

vanee river; has a population ^^^^u,^-^^y^^^^^^iU.,\^^x^n\an 
1.0, express and telegraph orh.e, a . j..,,^^.^^,^ ^y_ ^, j,^,{l 

Methodist chur ch an I high school. , j^,.^,^.„ j^ (-,_^ contractor 

I Brovvn R. A., shoemkr 
I Cason E. T., carpenter and wheel- 
! Wright 
miles '■ Cliristian Ciiarles W.. blacksmith 

I Johnson D. G. it J. A., gin and grist 
I mill 

.Tohii-on D miel G., mi!Wrii:ht 
M'Connell W , w .gon mnfr 
Mason \V. A., millwriiiht 
White J. F., shoeniakt-r 


Emanuel County. 
Discontinued postoflice, 9 
southwest ot Swainsborough. 


Coffee County. 
Known also as Byrd's Mills, three 
rniles north of Pearson. Its postofhce 
is Douglas, 11 miles north. 


Floy'l County. 
A small postolhi'e IS miles south - 


Fultoa County —Athintu Dir. C. R. I!. 
Situated 6 miles from Atlmta, at 

^__ the junction ot tlie A. it W. P. .-md 

West of Rome, the county seat, and ! C. li. Rs.; has a j) .pul.itioii ..f -Jd), 
2 from Cave .Spring, the nearest rail- i and the u.-^u;tl chnr;'h a.d school ad- 
Ttful station. I Dailv mad. 


:* for PHOTOGH.^PHS, and Frames niade to order, any dze or 
^ stvle. 0. M. aOODMAN. 23 Whitehall street, Atlanta. G&. 


.^m-jp T'^-?w«''w^ 

H _| 



cq o 


Jas. P. Harrison & Co., PropVs, 27 & 29 Broad St. * 





• .j-^Iirr^ 


bitJes of cotton, 10,000 biimls .,f 
rosin, l.oCObairels of turpentine, ami 
35,000 })onU(]8 of wodl. Has duilv 
mails Is considerable winter resi.rf, 
having; a large four story hotel wt 11 
tilled each winter, William A. Mor- 
gan. P. M. 



Gordon, County', 

Two miles southeast of Resaca 


I'lanldtn Co mi (v. 
Eleven miles from Gainesville the 
county seat. Toccoa — Piedmont 
A-L. E. Py. — is the nearest 
shipping and If-Iegraph station. 
Tlie distance to Atlanta is 9S miles. 
EastanoUee creek lurnisbes power 
for operating a gin, jjrist and 
saw mill; cotron is the chief exjx.rt. 
Population, 75; mail daily; W. L. 
Mc-]?ath,P. M. 

Ertxl erger J. E., carpenter 
Ertzberi^'er N. H., nj ill w right 
Hayes L., shoeiuuker 
Play<s AVilliain, .-•. am gin 
Kay B. F., carpentt r 
Lovney A. ('., earj-enter 
Lovney F. M., caipenter 
liovney, M. L., carpt-nter 
ISfosely, J. A., grist mill 
iSIosely S. W., grist mill 


Thd^ie L'oHu'ij- »/. tt- B. R. i2. 
The county seat; has a population 
of abouf 40'J Ir is -56 miles irom 
Macon its banking town. IJ'O miles 
from Brnusw ck, and bj!) (rom At- 
lanta. Hi^s three chnrebes— Pres- 
byterian, P,aptist and INletnodi^t — 
iin aeadeitiv, express and telegraph 
ollice, s eungri-'t mill and tjiii, one 
newspaper, the Tiine-t, and m;tnu- 
(aelories of naval stores. Theptin- 
cipal shipments are cotton, wool, 
:>n'l ^i-'v I s-<,r''-\ acruTf'irH'intr 1,500 

Aiimstioug Cjtaiics R., agt Sou, 

Exp. Co 
Armstrong c^c T'lsher, (Charles ]l. 
Armstrong, Dr. Harris Fisher", 

Asliliurn AVilllaui W., bon('» 

stock and mojiey broker and real 

Rohanan, JolnrW., tax receiver 
Bonds John J., grist mill, cotton 

gin :i!id b]ksn;;th 
Bisiiop James J., genl store and 

sewing mcbs 
Bi-hip James, Jr., attorney 
Buchan James IM., drugs and physic 

Biiicli 3Iicljael L., pub and prop 

Eastman Times (see adv) 
Coudy S. B., CO coroner 
Coleman George, genl store 
Kastjuaii Times., M. L. Burch 

pub anil prop (_see adv) 
Eastman ^\'illi;(m Pitt, real estate 
Fisher Harris, pbysieiau 
Garry Robert (c), shoemkr 
GrifTin John W., r r a^zt 
IJall J>.iitl!:ci- A., aitornev. 



Attorney at "S^sCW^ 

Will attend to business at Eastman, Hawlvins- 
villr, Oocliran, ChauijC';/, Dublin, Abbeville, Mt. 
Vernon, liaxley, .\U \'i!!e. Lumber City, Uruns- 
wick. and Macon, and in the Supreme Court of 
the Si;'te and the I'r.ited States (.ourts. 

Handl W. W., livery stable. 
Harrison John J., confectioner 
Hartley .Tames, co surveyor 
Herrman .Solomon, ^^rocer 
Je.^up P. A. Rev.. I'aptist 

31c\itkur .^ GiiiJln (Walter T. 
McArtbur, Jolin W. (irillin), real 
estate O'^ts {see page 2l>o) 


B. K. Broomhead 6, Co 

'"""■' "°"''- 111 hit 

f.,^ ny Wholesale and F.etail Doalers in CARPETS, 

hi U 11 , Oil Cloths, &c,, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




-V7*. rr. i.jzo^rai'x-x- 

j. -VT". g-:six^:f^i;>t- 

.ws.Sia ■i,\vSv\\CJi'..v.vAv5,'a awa '.a,'.„v;-.::\ »:„..,;»■' is^aitaii -ti^.f.\,* 'i^'i.iV -s;.:;!'.;..*. .i..:..:. „ .a ,xv^.,..>.v Ik...-.., w ■■ ^ 


ana ana Keai rm 



5o,ooo Acres of^ L^and, 

Situated on and near the Macon & Brunswick Railroad and the Oconee and Ocmulgee rivers, in 
the counties of Dodge, Laurens, Montgomery, Pulaski and Telfair, ia lots to suit purchasers, upon 
which are some of the most desirable locations for 


in the United States, and so pronounced by experienced Saw Mill and Turpentine men. To those 
vrho anticipate engaging in 

this section offers superior advantages— the range being inexhaustible, affording ABUNDANT 
NATURAL PASTURAGE for sheep and cattle during the entire year. 

For farmers, it will compare favorably with any section of the South, as most of the lands lie high 
*nd rolling, having a natural drainage, and are therefore free from malarial or miasmatic influences. 

The soil is a light sandy loam, having a good clay sub-soil. The water is cool and limpid, being 
• ntirely free from lime or ether impurities- And the « 


Fruits and vegetables of almost every variety do exceedingly well in this section, and can be grown 
*nd kept almost the year round, thereby rendering it very desirable for 

MarketGardening and Truck Farms. 


CO . 

M >: 
n '^ 

W . 

I-. « 

" J 
o < 




Act your FamiMeB "by a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 


'or^' "-^;*^^'^Wjr-"' 

■■^^- :/^. 


266 EAT 


Futrmn County— M. d: E. Ji. Ji. 

The county seat lias a population of 
1,400; tlie usual educatioTial advan- 
'i tages : churches, (while and col'irtd* 
of diflert'iit. donoaiiiiations, cxjire,->> 
and tt'legniph otrit\^s, and a news, 
pa])er, the Kafonton jV\-yscnger. Cotton 
IS lilt- jirineij^al product, about IG.OijO 
hales ])eing shi])])ed annually. iSid- 
^ . ^- . _ I ji^^^. Q Pi'udden, postmaster. 

Mcllae William, attorney, and co j ^J.j,^g Benjamin F-, elk Superior 

Adams Irhy H. Sr., ins agt 
Adauis ]rby H. Jr., geni store 
Adams James Q., grocer and saloou 

and ex]) aiit. 
Anderson Wiley C, hotel 
iJeok J-Jarnweli R., dry goods 


w. mcra: 

Attorney at T aw. 

X2^VST3I.A.>', GA. 

Will practice in the courts of Telfair, Dodge, 
Pulaski, \Vilcox and Laurens, and elsewhere, by 
special contract. 

Mason Solomon (c), barher 
^[urrel] Cl-ailcs B., genl t^tore 
Kewuii'.n 11 )sa Mrs., genls ore 
Peacock CMuirlts H., co treas 
Peacock Charles H., genl store 
Peacock Levi M., grocer 
I\.>\sliiis J. Calvin, elk .-upeiior court 
l?ohertsifc])i-Lacy (David M. Jiober.s, 

J')hn F. D.'Licy), at o-neys 
B')yal iS'> tlie Miss, miliiner' 
liozci" Jolm .1.. CO ordinary 
Hyals Bildie. co lax collector 
Sapp William li., sherilt 
Sapp W. B. ife Co. (Wi Jiam B 

Janus W.Saj'p), ^enl siore 

Sapp »fc (Hiram J. 8 


John D. Ilamiltotj), m-nl store 
Scofield C. 2s. & F. PL, mngrs 

Upland's hotel 
8ext(in Ailon N., agt Ga. Land and 

Lumber Co 
Thomjt^on Jnhn 8., 
Upland's Hotel, C. 

Scofn hi, mngrs 
AA'aitt" Jt'S>c I., 

I'Uilder, luriiiture 
AVhiting L. ^L Iv-v, 
^Vilkins Kli-ha E., tel upr 
^V(>^,(|u•:lrd Jiarney D., genl 

irenl store 
N. and ¥ 


contractor and 
ami uiideriaker 


I'oatwright Jolm PL, genl store 
B>)ring Isaac A., attorney 
Branliam A. L, academy 
Branham I. R. Pev., Baptist 
Branhani Jolm 0. (c), htirher 
Brown & Etheridge (Simeon E. 

Brown, James A. Etheridge Jr.), 

Ballard Jamc? IS., saloon 
Bart I\[ack (c), blacksmith 
Cameron A. L. Mrs., milliner 
Champion E. iS. & Co., (Mrs. E. S. 

C'liampiou,llutcliinson 6c ilespess), 

Clapton William H., tax receiver 
C(>x J. ^L ^.V- Co. (Junes ISL Cox, 

John C Colli us worth), grocers 

and saloon 
Davis Clark M., genl store 
Davis James T., genl store 
Denharn James C, grist mill and 

Dennis Harvey J., co tax collector 
Deimis Lee C, rragt 
Dent Peter G., co coroner 
Dodge W. A. K-v., Metho.list 
Dusenbcrry Laura Miss, tel </pr 
Eatonton Messenger, George 

Adams, propr 
p]theridge James A., ]divsician 
Ezell E. B. c*c Co. (Evan B. Ezel 

and lieujamin W. Hunt), geal store 
Gibson J. G., piiysician 
Hafner Adam, jeweler and machinist 
jHammett J. Llarvey, Academy 
1 Harve} Evan, geni store 
j llearn ^\ illiam H., grocer 
I Eearn ^\'illiam T., <:rocer and saloon 



B. K. Broomhead & Co. } IN THE WORLD. 

yf-fi \n all patterns, at Carter &; Solomon's, 
itflf 50 Whitehall si ' " 

street, Atlanta. 





Herman Isaac, dry goods 
Hudson Jolin R., jurist mill 
Hutchinson & l{ (Rolln "\V. 

Hutchinson, William 11. Ilespess;), 

dry goods 
Jenkins Hudson A., attorne_y 
Jenkins ^Vm. F., attorney' 
Johnson James >!., co. treasurer 
Lawrence Seaborn 11., sheriff 
Lav.sou Tlionias G., judge superior 

Leonard Charles D., gin, grist and 

saw mill 

Leveret t Fraitk, grocer and sa- 
loon, and CO. ordinary 

Little Tiioinas K., notary 

Marsliall Willis (c), blacksmith 

Ivlartin Carrie Mrs., milliner 

KibUi-t 11. li. vSc J). }i. (Reuben B. and 
Dennis B.), }»bysieians 

Overman Frederick (<-), grocer 

Balmer & Bro. (William W. 
John T.), boots, shoes and 

Phillips & Wittenbert? (Adolph Phil- 
lips, Isadore V. Wittenberg), genl 

Pinker ton Henry 11., co. surveyor 

I'rudden Sidney C, genl store 

Reddiek <fe Wlieeler, grist mill 

Reese Joseph E., ftrtilizers 

Reid Alex. S., gri^t mill 

Reid Richard (c), shoemkr 

Reid R. A. & S. A. (Robert A. and 
Samuel A.), feriilizi.-rs 

Reid Samuel A., attorney 

Rice Berrien, carriage m'kr and har- 

Rossel David, grocer and drugs 

Spivey <fe Armor (Thomas C. Si)ivey, 
J, ICdward Armor), genl store 

Stubbs Robert, grocer 

Thomas George W., physician and 

Todd James W., livery 

Turner Joseph S., attorncv 

Turner & AU-u (WilliamL. Turner, 
John C. Allen), ins agts 

Wardwell George W., grocer and j 

Wingfield Walter B., attorney 

Young Robert, grocer and ius'agt 

■A yi n •-.! ) ' 

Vienna the county seat, andSS from 
Hawkinsville its raiiruad, express 
and telegraph station, and banking 
point. Cedar Creek furnishes water 
power to run a grist mill. One Bifp- 
tist church. The princioalshijiments 
are cotton and syrup. Sliip via 
IIav,]ci;isvi!lc. Receiver w.:\)] 4 times 
a week from Gum Creek and Tifton 
by carrier. C. A. Wil iams, P. M. 

Wiiiiaisis C. A., genl store 


ITousltm Count)/.— &. ]V. Ji. 11. 
Reccatly established as a postoilice. 


Early County. 
Discontinued April, 1879. 
ij its present mail suj'ply. 


Bryan County. {Sec Bryan.) 

Dooly County. 

An unimportant postoflfice estab- j McConned William F., phvsiciau, 
lished in LS79, situated 17 miles from ' Monday John H., tel opr ' 


AND PICTUES FRAIiIES, at; Wholesale a Spechlt7, &l 
G00I3^Ai<'S. 28 Vfhiteli&U Street, Atlaat*, Ga. 

2 w 
o tn 

r ^- I 

Effingham County— No. 2, C. E. E. 
Located 16 miles southwest of 
Springtifld the county seat. Has a 
telegraph and express ottice. ChurL'h- 
es: Baptist (vviiite). Baptist and 
Methodist (colored.) W. A. Craw- 
ford, P. M. 

Austin Jicob R-^v., Lutheran 
Baker William E. Q., genl store, exp 

and r r agt 
Blunt George A R-'v., Biptist 
Burroughs Charles J., physician 
Crawford Allen, justice and grist 

Cutts Anson D., mnfrs naval store 
Edwards II. A. IMrs., hoiel 
Lanier Thunias M., saw mill 


o W 



^ D 

« _i 

cj O 

The Press and People regard THL^ CHRISTIAM INDIEX 

the best Advertising Pwledium in the South. 

r 1 



Hi a 








Hahn M. S. ?^Ir.<., cenl s^lure 
R lya L. ^^., phy.-ii-i:ui 
Smith Hubert F. C, uttcuHey 


Ji uii'n CoiUtty, 
Fifteen miles from Irwingtou. 
dre^s mail to Ocilla. 



DeKalb (jouniy. 
Located about 3 miles from Deca- 
tur, tbecoiintv seat. It is principally 
a place of residence for Atlanta busi- 
ness and professional men. Hay 
schools and a Methodist cluireh. 
Daily mail. Mrs. V. E. McFail, 
P. M., 

Rridwell John, carpenter 
Brooks ]■]. W., fruit ^rrower 
Foote W. P.. K>-v.. ^r.'th.Klist 
H'lmmonil ,J, D. Rev., Methodist 
Hunter Tliomas, genl btore 
Xeal Charles, uaclier 

^lail for 

Elbcit County, 
of Klbertou about 10 


liamltit i'oes to Crafts 


Fulton County— Fuduiout A.-L. liy. 

Has an estimated poi)ulation of 3-3, 
a furniture factory, yin, siiingle mill 
and box factory ojierated by steam ; 
located 7 miles from Ailanta, the 
^oat ofjustice, express and teieyra 

Gilliam &. Johnson, box factory and 

Mayson James W., physiciaa 
Plasters D. H., cotton gin 
Waiker V. L., shiuL,le mnfrs and 

cotton gin 


Effingham County— C. J?, i?. 

Twelve miles from Springiield 
court-house; 40 from Savannah, its 
usual banking place, and 253 from 
Atlanta. Has a population of about 
75. .and contains telegraph and 
express oirices and steam gin, 
gri t and saw mill. Ship direct. 
Cotton and rice are the chief ship- 
ments. Mail twice daily by rail. 
Chris F. Foy, P. M. 
Brewer H. P., notary ^public and ex 

otlk'io justice of the peace 
Foy K. K., r r and express agt 
Morton D. M., genl store 
Norton R. D., physician 
Smith ]i. H., physician 
Wilson Allen, couhtatile 
Wilson Carrie Miss, geul store 
Wilson S. A. & Son, geni store 

ciiief export 
Wiiiiam A 

oi'tices and u-iual liankiiig place. Ship I mail L>y rail. 

diiert. C ittou is th 

Mail daily bv rail. 

(-Tawforii, P. >r. 

C rit\v£«^ Hi ^y i^]|ajm A ., ge nl store 

8, H. Broomheid & Co. 


Elbai County— E. A.-L. Ry. 
The county se^it, with a population 
of about ]OijO; is situated in the midst 
of a fertile country, between tlie Sa- 
vannah and Broad rivers. About 
10,000 bales of cotton are marketed 
annually. Elbert High School-- 
male,— and Elberton Collegiate Insti- 
tute— female,— are locattd here; and 
there are three churclies— Presbyte- 
rian, Baptist and ivlethodist— also 
three colored— two Methodist and 
one Baptist. Beaverdam creelr, 
about three miles north, furnishe.3 
power to operate saw and grist miUa 
and gins. This place was settled in 
about ISIO; has tri-weekly stages 
running to Abbeville C. H., 8. 
C., Wa-dnngtou and Crawford, and 
semi-weeklv to Danielsville, Lin- 
colnton and Montevideo. Is a mon- 
ey Older oillce, and receives a daily 

AijuOi.i<S tJeojno T^., CO. ordinary 

. carriage aud ';VS^.r> 

A uUi .i«sia||.-,i-' 

on mnfr 
B aiiey Eldridge P .:- .wheelriyrbt; ^ 

t^DRYOR-tM OIL. j 


.and LaniToreciuins, sclectoi fr:m finest Importation 
► CAP.TZP. & SOLOMON, 50 Whitehall st., A tlanta 




Baruett J. tSainuel, judge co. coin-i 

iin<l attonii'V 
livntlM.v & Jloberts (A. J. BL-ntloy, 

William It'jbi'rt?'), foutruelur.s 
Bri4i)l Gc-(>rg.> \V., hotel 
Ca£U!:1»ell .>^ iiear<l Meptiui E. 

Campbell, ^Villlam li. Keard, Jj'), 

meat market 
Carlton Thomas C, priu Elbert 

ISIalf Hi--;i School 
Carpenter tf. Newton, attorney 
Carr ^hu>^hall M., (Imps 
Clark Jvlward K., blaek<nii-th 
Chedel Caesar, watchmaker 
Darlin.LC Jo^ejih, hotel 
Davis ]»hili]i \\'., attorney 
])ea<.hvyler Milton P., physician | 

Edmunds Henry C. i)r., drugs j 

Edmunds t*c I'liomas (Henry C Ed- 

nninds, Jlein-y Thomasj, livery 

Elbert INIale High .School, Thomas 

C. Carlton, priu 
Elbertcm C.jllegiale Institute, 2>Irs. 

Louise S. Jones, priu 
Elberton I'ubli^lnng Co., pro]is the 

Gazette ct News 
Fountain Jiichard (c), shoemkr 
Gaines Oliu A., tel o;>r 
Gairdner A: Arnold (Henry K. Gaird- 

iier, MoAlphin Arnold)', genl store 
Garreckt Cornelia ^.Irs., inilliner 
Gazette & News, Tue, Elberlon Pub- 
lishing Co. ))rojis 
Grograii Cieoige C, attorney 
Hape Albert, dentist 
Harris Morris L., genl store 
Hester Ilobert, attorney 
Hitcliins Alonzo G., genl store 
Jacobs Abraliani, genl store 
Jones Dock (c), barber 
Jones J. H. & T. A. (John H. and 

Thomas A.), genl store 
Jones Louise S. Mrs., priu Elberton 

Collegiate Institute 
Jones SVilliam B., cotton gin and 

lumber dlr 
Koou J. A., shoemkr 
Land Alexander J. W., tailor 
Long Nathaniel G., physician 
Lumley J)owling T., r r and exp agt 
JSIcLanahan James, grist niih 
>IcMillan Ferdinand IJ., agrl imps 

and farm machinerv 
Mc3Ii!lan F. D., OSiver ^ Co. 
(Ferdinand D. McMillan, Ahrt-d 
S. Oliver, Jeptha E. Campbell), 
cotton gin 

:-^« f!il(*;-rj;ic--rt'.yii;7» 



U MDITLDINJ3 AND FKAWSS at C M. S.-oimin's, 23 vrmtehall street, 
i Atlanta, Ga, Westsrn Prioos ■wa?lesala. 



o ^ 


Matthews Albert C, I'hy-^ician 

Matthews David A., !'liy>irian 

Melton ]Mis>ouri F. :\Iis., milliuer 

Myers ]Nlyer, genl stnre 

Oglesby .\ In h^ genl store 

Osliorn Jilin T., atturney 

Prc^vl^y A\'iJHa?ss C, saddles and 

Reese Wdliam W., variety store 
Roebuck Henry A., attorney 
SuJitlers Jiisijos O., fancy groeer- 

ShansiOH Jol'ii P., att(»rney 
Shumate W'dbam M., confectioner 
Smith W. C. A: Bro^. (William C, 

Russell and David C.), genl store 
Southern p]xpress C(j., D. T. IjUui- 

ley, agt 
Strauss Jo^e)>h, genl store 
S^vil't Bros. (Tuomas ZNL, John K. 

and Daiic G ), genl store 
Tate Edmond B.. ecnl store 
Tate K. F. .<^ Co. (Robert F. Tate, 

Jtobirt:M. lh:n], Robert F.Wri-bt, 

Diinstan R. iil.ickwell), genl t^tore 
Taylor C.I*. .*c ]Ji-o. (Cbailes P. 

and Zacharial) B.}, billiard hall 

and confectionery 
Taomi)Son J. L., llourmill 
Tolly & Wilcox (George F. Tolly, 

Will'am M. Wilcox), furniture 
Treadwell, Turner tt Co. (Thoma.s J. 

and W. E. Treadwell, Luther H. 

Turner), genl store 
White 'I'iiomas I'L, marble 
"Wilkius James C, stoves and tin- 
"Willis William, genl store 
Worley <fc Carlton (Joseph N. AVor- 

ley, Thomas C. Carlton), attorneys 


Scidey Con id y. 
County scat. Has an estimated 
population of 2^^'). Located 14 miles 
from Americus— Euf'aula Di\isi(>nS. 



o * 

pj r 



IS *A 

" t/a 


* Kutual Relief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, test and safest 

Co-operatiye Life Association in the South. 






M -J 

•^ a: 

W. K. K.-its usual depot, express 
ctlicp, tflejjiapli t-tation and Laukiiig 
town, and IGs trnm Ailan'a via Ogle- 
thorpe, The place con U. ins steam 
saw and grist uiill>-, three churcLes 
and one sclioo]. 8hip via Americns. 
Cotton is the chief export. Mpil 
daily by carrier. B. A.. Strange, P. M. 
Allen A., grocer 
Asken A., co. treasurer 
Bivins J. H., ruaijistrate and notary 
Bivins B. T., attorney 
Chenev Jolui W,, elk su})erior court 
Coekrell H. W., magistrate 
Davis Henry (c), blacksmith 
Dixon Eu(:ene, Renl store 
Dudley & Wortliy, wagon mkrs 
3-Judson C. B., attorney 
Livingston & Bro., saw mill 
McCrory C. B.. attorney 
McCrory W. H., attorney 
oNIurpliy & Sellars (R. M. Murphey, 

Willhim Sellursi, liour mill 
Myers 'J\ B., sherilf 
Peacock C. S., dry goods 
Scarborough H , genl store 
Scarborough J. N., attorney 
Scovill W. T., hotel 
Sears W. J., dry goods and physician 
Smith C. H., drugs and jiliysician 
Stevens J. H., tax collector, 
Strange IJ. A., genl store 
Strange C. B., co. surveyor 
Thornton J. M , co. tax receiver 
A'ariier C. II., co. ordinary 
Wall M, J., attorney 


Harris L'omdi;. 
Twelve miles from ifamiltou the 
seat of justice, G from Cat aula— C. & 
R. R. \{. — the nearest r;u]road and , 
express otllce, 17 from Columbus its I Smith George T,, co. coroner 
telegraph otlice and banking point. I Smith J. W, physician 
Ship \ia Cataula. The place has Watkins K. W., physician 
about 100 inhabitanss, two churches, | Wa tkias John M., phy sician 

i oue school, and a steam grist mill and 
I cotton gin. Cotton is the ehief ex- 
i port. Mail semi- weekly from Colum- 
bus bv private conveyance. R. F. 
Carter. P. M. 

Allen J. W., wheelwright 
Ashford Thomas K., physician 
Carter K. F., genl store, flour mill 

and gin 
Howard Sallie Miss, teacher 
Stripling T. J., wheelwright 


Gilmer County. 
The county seat. Has a population 
of about 200', and is 40 miles from 
Dalton its nearest railroad, express 
and telegraph station. The Ellijay 
and Caitecay rivers, in clo.-e proximi- 
ty, furnish po»-er to run tlouring mills 
and wool carders. Ship via Dalton. 
There are three churches— two ^feth- 
odists, and one Baptist— and an 
academy known as the Ellijay Semi- 
nary, with 130 pupils enrolled. The 
:Marietta & North-Georgia railroad 
is under course of construction to this 
place. Receives a daily mail by 
carrier from one or the other of the 
following places: Dahlonega, Spring 
Place, ^lorganton. Carters and Talk- 
ing Ko.k. ^V. F. Hipp, P. M. 
Allen J. C, attorney and co. ordi- 
Bates M. G., teacher 
Bishop A., genl store 
Carnes .lames A., co. surveyor 
Chase D. W. A: Co., grist mill 
Cobb J. P., grist mill ond genl store 
Combs W. F., pro[.r Ellijay Courier 
Crago T. W., co. tax receiver 
Edijay Courier, W. F. Combs, propr 
Frady B. It., blacksmith 
Gates G. W., co. tax collector 
Greer Levi M., elk suitcrior court 
Greer Thomas F., attorney 
Hipp J. W. & F. M., eeul store 
Hipp W. F., genl store 
Jan-Llt E. S. Mrs., hotel 
Johnson James R., physician 
:Mears M. J., geui store and hotel 

B. H. Broomhtid & Co. 

[Xj.i23a.o 4^rL<3. :o:^i3^. 

at CARTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st.. Atlanta. 





Twiggs Count tj. 
Discontiouctl postoffiee, six miles 
northwest of Jefferson ville. 


Campbell County. 
Mail for tin's hamlet should be ad- 
dressed to Fairburn 3 miles south. 

Decatur County. 
Two miles southwest of Pine Hill. 
Send mail to Pond Town. 

Screven County. 
Located at the eoutluence of Bar- 
tow's branch with the Savannah 
river, 16 miles from Sylvania the 


courthouse. 13 from Madison — Ga. 
]^. Iv. — its shipping place, express and 
telej^raph otlice and banking town. 
Has Baptist and Methodist churches 
and daily mail. Ship vii ^ladison. 
Population. 125. S. V. Roberts, P..,AI. 
Akius & Co., grist mill 
Pennington William & Co., grist 

Spears F., physician 

county seat, 10 from Oliver the nearest ! Spears Thomas, physician 
" ' " ■ " Spears William, jgrist mill 

Wyalt J. T., notary 

railroad antl express siation, 15 from 
Halcyondale the nearest telegraph 
office, and 48 from Savannah its 
banking town. The above named 
branch furnishes ])ower to operate 
a saw, gribt inill and gin. Has four 
churches and two schools. Receives 
a M'eekly mail from Savannah and 
Augusta by steamboat. Thomas J. 
Euecks, P. M. 

Downing J. J., cotton gin 
Kiicclts T. J., say.' and grist mill 
Enecks W. W., genl store 
Garuett J. G., genl store 
Jarrell Bros., saw mill 

Berrien County. 
Distant IC miles from Nashville, 
the county seat; 4 from Brooklield, 
the nearest railroaii station, and 5U 
from Albany, itsltanking town. Al- 
apaha Ls the nearest e;:press and tele- 
graph office. Mill ereek furnishes 
power to operate a gri:-t mill. Mail 
daily. J. A. Ball, P. M. 
Wood L. F. & Co., naval store 

Jasper County. 
Located near "jittle river, which 
aflords power for operating one gri.^t 
niill, ia IG miles frotu Monticello 


Htanl Count ij. 
Situated near the Chattahoocliee 
river, 7 miles northeast of Franklin, 
the county seat, and 15 from New- 
nan, the'nearest railroad, express 
and telegraph station. Population 
about lUO. Has ihe usual cuiu-eh 
and educational facilities. 


Lc6 County— Blakdy IK». >S. W. E B. 
Population about 59. Located 
about 7 miles from Lee>-bnrgh court- 
house, G from Sniitliville, its tele- 
graph office, SO from Macon and 101 
from Atlanta— known on the rail- 
road as Adan!s. H:is express office, 
stem saw mill and daily mail. Cut- 
ton is the chief export. Ship direct. 
T. .M. Booker, P. M. 
Thompson Sc Hayes, saw mill 


Carroll County. (&c Moanl Zij/i.) 


Banks County. 
Located 12 milts from Homer, the 
seat ot justice, 7 from Harntony 

\l%h, C. M. Goodman. 28 Whitehall street.'_Atlr,ata, Ga, 







V) ti 

n ^ 

_ a 

^ o 

30 w 

2 ^ 


r *< 

"1 ^ 


Jas. P. Harrison &. Co., 


Established 58 years ago. 
Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 

72 Ei/r 

:''--■• •-'-■' '"'-" _ ^ 

-< :■> 

.:;.....■........-...-...:.. -I; 


Grove— N. E. R. Pv.— its siiif^iing 
point, 2-' fiom Atlicns, tlie tolf Lraph 
ollu-e iiiul liaiikirij; town, and OMrrm 
Atlanta. H:is a iiopulation of abijiit 
35 and a jurist mill and saw mdi. 
8hip via Ilavmony Grv>ve. 
semi-wceHv by carrier. i(. B 
gess, P. M.' 

Ihii'C'oss K. 15.., geni store 
Eaietan^s W. H., l)Iacksmith 
Risener G. N., grist mill 
Sewell J. H., pbysiciau 
"NVhite II. y., shoerakr 


I via Tecunis-et, AUn: mail daily by 

carrier. W. P. West, P. M. 
I Brewster J. P. S., trenl ptore 

Breivster V. A. liev.. Baptist 
I Camp x\. A. & J. W., saw mill 
', Dukes ct Pearson, blacksantli 
i Edmonson }I. A., notary and justice 
' I'^bell Jerry, genl store 
|McCo)ma'"k >\r. E., co tax collector 

and teaciier 
: INfercer J. .■*!., genl store 
\ NoV'Ies ct A<ikins, blacksmith 

Seurrv J. P., plivsician 

We:^tT. J.,ueiil store 
i We.-t ^^^ p., uenl store 
I West tV Haekney, grist and saw 
I mill 
i AVlieeler C. IM. &Son,sa!oou 


Mevureiher Coun.y. 

Also known as Enu ]Milis, is located 
near Flint riyer, 17 miles uortbeast 
of Greenville, the county seat, 10 
from Senoia, and IG from Griiiin, the 
nearest express and tele,LM;>,pn cilice 
and banking tnwn. 'J'lje above 
named river furnislies i)Ower to 
operate llouring, gri^t, saw and iath 
mill. J'opiilatiou aliout 25. Peeeives 
a daily mail from Grillin and La 
Grange by hack. 31. E. Waldrop, 
P. INI. 
Sullivan IT. G. & Sons, (H. G., J. W. 

and T. C. ), grist and saw mill 


Polk Count I,'. 
A place of about 169 population; 
containing three ciiurciies — Ciiristian 
J^Ielhodist, and Baptist— and one 
ECliool. Steam gin, grist, and saw 
mill ; and Hour, grist, and saw mill 
operated by power obtained from 
'J'arrapin creek. I.(x:ated 10 uiih'S 
Ironi Cedartown, the eounty seat, 5 
from TecuMiFeh, Ala., its shipiang 
l>oint, and telegraph oHice, 30 from 
Pome and 95 from Atlanta; e)up 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. ) l clini 


llall Count II, 
Z])istant 9 miles northwest of 
Gainesville, the county seat, nearest 
railroad, express and telegravih sta- 
tion and banking point. Poultry 
and Corn foiin the ]>rincipal shiji- 
ments. Has the usual church advan- 


Joni:K Counlii. 

Tranquilla 5 niilcs west is the post- 
office for this hamlet. 

I ETf^A. 

I Uarahon Count ij\ 

\ Mail for this point goes via Buch- 

I anan, 5 miles sou'th. 


Bartow County— W. & A. J?. R. 

P\irty-seven miles from Atlanta 
and 93 from Chattanooga, Tenii. 
iVfail to Gartersville, two miles dis- 


Floyd C'-unty. 
A recently established postofiice. 
No report. 


Crawford County. 
Ten miles north of Kuoxville, 
Its poptollice is Russellvilie. 

Brushfis of al! kinds. 


'VT'holesale and Eetail Dealer in CARPETS, 
Oil Cbths, &c., 5: Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



FA' A 

Columbia County, 
Eight miles from Appling, the 
county seat, 3 from Seott s Ferry, on 
the .Savannah river, its neiirest sliip- 
jting point. About 23 from Augusta, 
the nearest express and telegraph 
othco and banking place, aud ltJ4 
from Atlanta. Population about 50. 
Mail Semi-weekly. James L. Reeti, 
P. M. 

Chainblin Eli, blacksmith 
Cobb Tliomas, blacksmith 
Culver E. P.. phyncian 
Eve F. Yj., attorney 
Eve M. B., magistrate 
Lyons W., carpenter 
Morris Pickens, grist mill 


Jasper County. 

This is a small country post.oftice 
of about 40 inhabitant-;, located near 
the Alcovy river, 'sviiich afford.- pow- 
er to operate saw and grist mill and 
cotton factory. Covington, 15 miles 
distant, is the nearest railroad sta 
tion, via which it is o3 to Atlanta. Is 
10 miles from Moaticello, the county 
scat. Ship via Covington. Mail t 
times per week. H, A. Brown, P. M. 
Allen Albert, wagon mkr 
Bonton L. t^- D. B., genl store 
Brown ii. A., physician 
(^haflin Thomas P., magistrate 
Franklin John C., notary' 
"NValker G. L., carpenter 
White, Thomas & Co., cotton factory 

and grist mill 


Bartow County. 
Situated on the Creek from whicli 
it derives its name, 9 miles from 
Cartersvilie. the county seat, and 2^ 
from iStatesborough, the nearest rail- 
road station. Cotton is the principal 





,-^v. ■■^S"-^.,S. 

i:. ^;t)- 

iHawkinsviI e -M. & B. R. B.-the 
j neaiest shipping point, telegraph of • 
I fice and banking place. Has two 

churches. Baptist and Metlisdist ai d 
1 one school. Cotton is tlie chief ex- 
I port. Ship t'/a Hawkinsviile. Mail 
1 4 limes wet-kly by hack. N. Ii. 

Mobley, P. M. 

I BuUington R. Rev., Baptist 
I Et bridge M., notary 
! FuUington Ci. W. t'c Bro., grist mill 

Johnsf)n M. B., physician 
I Leggett E. Ii., iiliy.-ician 

?^Ias-<ingale W., shoemkr 

rvlctbley L. W., physician 

Spencer A. B., magistrate 


Dooly County. 
Estimated population oo. Situated 
1- mik-ri from Vienna court house, on 
the Wagon road running from Plaw- 
kinsville to Drayton, 15 miles from , from which no report was iec>=-ived 


Ellicrt County. 

Situated 7 miles from Ell)erton, the 
county seat, and nearest railroad, ex- 
]iress and tek't:r;iph statinji, and MO 
from Atlanlp, its banking jioint. 
Cotton and Hour form the principal 
exports. Ship via Elberton, Beaver- 
dam Creek furnishes power to operate 
a flouring mill and gin. Has on'i 
church and a school, Roceives a 
triweekly mail from Elbcrton by 
carrier. JNI. J. Thornton, P. M. 
Bell J. B., physician 
Blackwell AVrenn, blackstnitli 
Day Il-^ed, carpenter and millwright 
Gray W. W. ^Trs., grist mill 
Grogau & Tiiorntoii (John II. Gro- 

gan, M. J. Thornton), grist mill 

and genl store 
Henry B. A., physician 
Rucker Barry, blacksmith 


Tdfair County. 
A recently established post ofhce 

t. mmhm: 

28 Wlitteiiall Street, Atlanta, Qa. 


p ^ 











ft. <♦ 


5 b- 
O P 


■, ' J!. ' J< i <Hl.n «i n l> H 

/inynPATF ^^ Peoples' MutTial Eclief AsBOc'.ation, Atlanta, Ga. ilLo-::t'i.\r 
HUB UUH I C Circulation, 15,000. Good advertising medium. Serdfcrciir. 


:-!*§?,'. y'0: 


J74 EXC^ 

ISIohley John B., blacksmith 
Prescott Li. J., magistrate 


Macon County, 
Ten miles from Oglethorpe and 5 I Everett T. P., giu and 


Floyd County. 
Eighteen miles from Eome, the 
county seat aud railroaii, expn.--", 
telegrajih oilice and banking to\V!i| 
and 107 from Atlanta. Populuiio:! 
about 50. Cotton and corn are tL-j 
chief exports. Mail semi-weekly. 
Solomon Everett, P. M. 
Everett S.JcC. C,. genl store 
ist mill 

east of Montezuma ; the latter its 


Glynn County. 
Eleven miles from Brunswick, 
the seat of justice, and nearest tele- 
graph office; .0^ from Sterling— M. & 
B. R. II. — its usual shi})ping station, 
and 300 from Atlanta. Ship via Ster- 
ling. Population about SO. Cultiva- 
ting rice is the chief occupation ; has 
six steam thrashers for threshing rice. 
Mail daily. F. G. Troup, P. M. 
Ashley W. M. P., machinist 
IselsonDuncan, genl store 
Wright G. W., genl store 

Fj'i^i'ij Iricin Couiity. 

Has a population of about 100. Is 
located within 1 mile of the Ocmulgee 
river, 2S miles from Irsvinville, the 
county seat, and 30 from llazlehurst 
— :M. \t. P.. li. K.— its nearest rail- 
road, express aud telegraph station. 
Has one mill run by power, fur- 
nished by aljove named river, and 
one steam mill; also a Methodist 
church and a school. The principal 
shipments are cotton, hides and mo- 
lasses. Ship via No. 8A M. &; B. K. 
R. Mail daily from Hazlehurj-t and 
Pearson by wagon. John B. Mobly, 
P. M. 

Dorminy Jacob, genl store 
Fussell A. & M. (Anderson aud 

Mather), genl store 
ZSIoCook J. J{., CO. tax receiver 
McLeud A. 1".., lumber 
Mobley Alexander, lumber 
Mobley liird, carj>enter 

B. H. Brocrnhead & Co. 

Everett <& Bro., genl store 
Henson T. W., blacksmith 
Tanekstone B. B., grist mill 
Vy'uite ^V. D., shuouikr 
Zuber R. S., grist aud saw mill 


Crairford County.— S. W. B. B. 
A small place of about ICO inhabit- 
ants, containing one church and n 
steam saw mill, 12 miles from Ku 'X- 
ville, the seat of justice, 7 from Kcrt 
Valley, its exi)ress, telegraph otVi'-O 
and banking town, 36 from ^lao-ui 
and 139 from Atlanta. Ship direct. 
Mail daily. John Howard, P. M. 
"Williams W. D., genl store 


Bulloch County. 
Located on Ten-iNIile creek, ICmilci 
from Statesboro, the county seat, ■::-' 
from No. G Central R. R,, the near- 
est railrotul, expax-ss and telegrajfii 
office, and oG Irooi Savannah, K^ 
banlcing town. It has saw and gr;-: 
mills run by power furnished by th'? 
al)ove named stream and steam sa-.v 
mills and gin-f. Ship via No. 6 C. !•• 
R. iSIail live times a week I'roni 
Statesboro and Way's Station by car- 
rier. J. S. Jones, P. M. 

Alderman J. F., blacksmith 
Bulloch Banner, F. J. Ingraham, 

De Loach W. IL, millwright 
I'^ason M. W., physician 
Excelsior High School, F. J. Ingra- 

ham, eupt 
Ingraham F. J., propr Bullock B^U" 

Tier _ 

ws^ Sasii^ Blinds- 



& SOLOSViOrJ, Importers and 
50 Whitehall street, A tlanta, 

275 FAI 

In graham L., physician 
Vf.irtran A. H. ^t C'o.. t^aw mill 
OJitf W. W., geul store 
•--litli A. A., furnituae 
Wiliiams L. K. M., carpenter 
^Vlllium3 II. J., hotel 


Pierce County— S. F. & W. i?, R. 

Also known as Colhord's Mill. Is 
f^ miles from Jilackshear, the county 
K-:vt, 3 from Teboauville, the nearest 

I,.; v/l>» 

w'",»--j:/9^, :r.*'-^«-»^; 

J p 

Ransom Jiros., tannery 

express and telgraph oirice, and 90 | Stone William Ilev., Baptist 

from Savannah, its banking town, 
Has a population of 450, a church, 
school, steam saw mill and shiniTle 
ami lath mill. Lumber forms the 
principal export. Mail daily. S. L. 
Sirickiand, P. I^f. 
Cohord J. T., saw mill 
Strickland S. Iw., geul store 


Dtcutur County. 
Ten miles north of Bainbrldge, its 


Gilmer County. 
Located about 8 miles west of Elli- 
jav, the county scat; a small place 
with no mail privileges. 


Gordon County. 
Has a population of over 90. Is sit- 
>i:Ued near a pniall stream called 
'■"alacoa creek, 17 miles from Cal- 
l'"ini, the county seat and nearest 
fiiilroad, express and teletrr-inh sta- 
|i'»n.and 21 fiom Carttrsville,its bank- 
'Hi; town. Two churclies— Baptist and 
Methodist — and an academy. Grain 
■^"I'i cotton are the principal exports. 
•^'lail daily bv carrier from Oarters- 
villo and Talking Rock. W. H, C. 
'•'''>yd, P. M. 

Atherton & Fhich (.Tames Atherton, 

H. A. Finch), grist mill 
I'l-wiri J. G. B., genl store 
»->oy(i &TaIley (William C. Lloyd, 
^ H. T.iUevt, genl store 
•;' 'jor 11. H., blacksmith 
j'J'>-^s f;., blacksmith 
' 'tton J. Aj'., ciu'ars and tobacco 

Warlick A. S., blacksmith 
^Varlick & Ashworth, genl store 
^VaLts II. G., g(-nl store 
\V:'vtts P. i\[., Kenl store 
White & Hutchison, blacksmith 


Hancock County. 
Eight miles southwest of Sparta. 
Mail to Linton. 


Murgnn County. 

Not a postofllce. Situated 10 miles 
northwest of jNIadison t'le county 
seat, and nearest telegra{)b, express 
station and postofficp. Population 
Ponder George F., genl store and 

grist njill 
Williams Bavi.l, geul store 


Franklin County. 
West Bovrcrsviile, I2 miles east is 
the depot, express and postoliice, for 
this point. 


Milchcll County. 
Direct mail for this liamlet via 
Camilla, 11 miles southwest. 


Campbell County.— A. d- W. P. P. P. 
The county seat. lias a population 

of 550, and is distant 19 miles from 
j Atlanta its nearest banicing town. 
I Has express and telegrajdi (illices, a 
1 steam saw mill, two chnr<'hes for 
I Mhites— Bapii'^t and Meth"<iist— ai.d 



M. GOODMAN, 28 Whilohal! Street, Atlint*, Gi. 


n ^ 

JAS. P. KARRISOf^ a. CO.,.' Printers, Publishers arc 
Binders. 27 & 29 Broad St., ''Atlanta, Ca. 





■•' ■ V- 

- . . . ,. 



,■:_,. ^;r 

.<■_• ; 

'a : . 

:/> ;^ 





- 1 


'■} '- 

: 'ir-^ 



1 -^V;. 





Murray County. 

Five miles eubt of CohiUta Spri! 
its pcstoflice. 


Coffee County— B. tf ^1. 7?. A'. 
Eightj'-five miles from Ijrunswi, 
jNlail goes to McDonald INIilL, 

three for colored. A tine school with 
over lUU students is also loiated here. 
Cotton aud grain form the principal 
exports. Mail dail". Spencer Har^ 
vey, P. M. 

Beavers Reuben C, co. ordinary 
lirantie\ iS. ii., confeciioufr 
Brooks J. ]M., confectioner 
Brown, Jones & Co., genl store 
Camp John Ij., sheriff 
Floyd E., whgon rnkr 
Foster A. J., saloon 
Harvey 31, P., genl store 
Harvey iSpencer, co. tax collector 
Harvey AV. S., saloon 
Hearn J. T., saloon 
Jones J. F., drugs 
Jones Janub L., c. treasurer 
Latham Geage, co. surveyor 
IvIcCnrry W. A., genl store 
Malone Ste]ihen, co. eon^ner 
Pennintrtoif & Hopkins, drugs 
ReitI II. M.. attorney and solicitor 

genl Co\s'eta circuit 
Roberts W. T., geiil store 
Stephens J. T., genl store 
Stephens, Riveis ct Co., genl store 
Strickland it Gonuman, genl store 
Thompson & l5ro., gc-nl store 
Vickery J. A.,co tax receiver 
Vickers tl- Sw anson, genl store 
Westbrook, Lester & Co., genl store 
•Woodall Merrell H., elk superior 



j Decatur County. 

I Three miles south of Oliver. 
i to Fowlstown. 


Milton County. 
Alphnrelta, 5 miles west, is t: 
post-office for this point. 


Gih.ier County. 
Postoflice Ellijay, Smiles east. 


Oconee County. 
Six miles from Watkinsviile, t! ' 
f'ounty ^cat ; 14 from Alliens, 
neartst railroad, express, tek\ur;'i • 
ofllce and banking town via win 
Atlanta is IIS miles distant, li ■ 
several gins, saw and grist mills oi • ■ 
rated l)y water power. Metlu-i-' 
and Baptist churches, and one ecu.- 
mon school. Daily mail by carrif 
I'opuh'.tion i!.!)out 200. Sliij^ )•/;/ A'.:.- 
ens. G. W. Anderson, 1'. ls\. 

Anderson E. C, phvscian 
Anderson G. W., wheelwriglii 
Hal! Thomas, blacksmith 
Hester James T., physician 
Hufrjaracs, miller 
Marshall Jolm, cotton gin 
Mayne J. P., gin, grist and saw n:;- 
Moon E. Miss, teacher 


Spalding County.— C. /?. 7?. 
Address mail mutter to .Sunn> 


Glynn County. Fayette County, 

Distant from Brunswick, the coun- I Is ihe county seat. Has a ])op"' 
ly seat, nearest railroad, f.xpress and i tion of about ISo. Is 9 miks \r^ 
telegraph ofllce and banking town, 6 \ Jonesborough, the nearest railr' 

ex})ress and telegraph station, 

B. H. 3roomhead & Co. 




and Lamtratiuins, sslectecL frora finest Importations 
CARTER Si SOLOMON, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



t'.-.'it .'SO from Atlanta, its nearest 
•.nkiiig point. C'')nlHins two church- j 
4.»— Hiptist and Methodist — an excel- \ 
:,. -it htliool, a steam cotton uin in 

• ..*n, iiiul several grist mills in sur- 

• i;ihling country. 8liip via .Toucs- 
;. r-mu'li. Receives a daily mail from i 
,i !i./>h()ronoh by hack. 'Josepli H. 
\!uri)l)y, P. M. 

!'.inister"0. 1''.'. co coroner 

*» a.lies V>, S., teacher 

-'M ''UK. C, mill ami machinery 

'■ 01 n tt J. a., jihysiciiin 

.:..(!( ckZ. B., genl store 

-.iiliH'k & Cain, genl store 

' irii-ile James A., sheriff 

I^rinan Richmond, wheelwright 

'.^jrvoy E. F., g<-!il olore 

i' rsev, North & Ok (R. T. Dorsey, 

K. 6. North), grist mill 
.'"iver I'aul, physician 
;• ullt-r W. B., attorney 
•-rice Q. C., attorney and teacher 
<'ric;2;s I^. Ji., co ordinary 
v';iikNon J. i\I., genl store 
.'^'•obs William J., co tax collector 
-kitchen J. W., genl ssore 
|-uii;ston T. P., shoemaker 
"'■Kichen A., co. treasurer 
'I'-Lucas Daniel Rev 
-'•rrell Robert, attorney 
^lu» j»hy Jogepli li.j'justice 
^'^•<U J.ihn, genl store 
'-!i!ipj()iin M., CO. tax receiver 
'■■'iwme W. P., hotel 
•'"i'insouN. B., genl store 
•■^■■'kes A. E., elk superior court 
'VeUlou Elijah B., pliysician 

llaraUon County. 
l/>caled on Tallapoosa river, which 
•■-••rds power for. operating saw and 
'^■''^f mill; 5 miles from Buchanan 
■■■-irt house, U from Cedartown, its 
•,'''f>ping station, and 30 from R'>me. 
,'^'Ul daily by carrier. Wjlliam Wil- 
'^'"3 P. M. 


Chatham Counly—S. tt C. It. R. 
'trnierly known as Monteith; has 
"puhition of about 35, and is dis- 
t abaut 10 miles from JSavannah, 
nearest express and telegraph 
''^'•jnKi bankini; point. There are 

three or fdur ste;»m rice mills in the cd 

the vicinity, a large turpentine still, "^ 
and others in course of election ; two f] 
churches and a colored school. Na- \ k 
val .stores and vege'.ables are the i ': 
principal shipments. Was made a \ . 
post-otlice in I'-Sl, ai.d receivtci daily , 
mails. C. G. Fennell P. M. 
FeiiHcll C. G., genl store and r r ^ 

Hinely A. A., genl store 
Xewton I). C, genl store 
R-id S. G., teacher 
Winkler A. N., genl store 

FEf'ir^'S BRSDGE. 

Jefferaon County. 
Also known as Hudsouia. Ten 
miles west of Louisville. Mail to 
Davis boro. 


G'ffee County. 

Situated near the Ocmulgee river, 
20 iniles from Douglas, the county 
seat, 25 from Hazlf^nurst, its nearest 
railroail and oxiuvss station, and tlie 
same distance trom liUmber City, itd 
neaie-.t telt'eraiiii otliee. Savannah 
is the nearest bankiirj; point. Has a 
grist and saw mill opt-rated by water 
power. Cottoi\, wool, hides and rice 
are the principal export<». Stiip vifi 
No. 8^ M. & B. R. H. R reives mail 
four times a week from Dorminey's 
Mill and II i/.lehurst by carrier. A 
Fusfell, P. xM. 
Fiisselt A. & i\l., genl store and 

grist mill 
Wilcox James M. Rev., Methodist 


Wilh^s Coun/y—Gii. R. R. 
Near line of Taliaferro county, 8 

[ ^ 

f MOULDINaS A%^D FR:*^M^3 a 
Atlanta, Ga. Western Prioos 

t I»I. G;oimin'3, 23 V/hitehall street, 
daplioated at vholesala. 


prnpi r q' mutual HELIEF association, Atlanta. Ga. 
r LUr LLiO Institution, conducted on Tousiness principles. 

A IcnET'.'.et 


mile-; frotii Wa.shingtou. Adtlress 
mail to S'laron. 


TRvijitn County 

A newly established post-office 
from "wbicU no rejiort was receiveil. 

FIELDS' x:roads. 

Millon Counti/. 
PopuVAion about 300. Located 4 
miles from Alpharetta, the seat of 
justice, 20 from ■Slariettn, its ship- 
liii!g station, expiess and telegrai)h 
offices, and oOfiom Atlanta, its bank- 
ing place. Two churches, one pcIjooI, 
a gin cuid f^aw milh The cliitf export 
is coltou. i>lail weekly from Alplia- 
retta by carrier. J. ' M, IIpshaAV, 
P. M. 

Defoe liros., mnfrs wagons and plows 
Upsliaw J. 31., genl store 


Gordon County. 
An unimportant post vihage. 


WhifftUl Couniy. 
Five miles from Dalton court- 
house, its nearest railroad, exj>ress, 
telegraph oflice and banking {>lace, 
via wiiich Atlanta is 10r» mdes dis- 
tant. Topulation about liHj. Has two 
churches and one scliool. Keceive s 
mail three times a week. IShip via 
Dalton. C. Strader, P. M. 

35err>- II. Miss, teacher 


Pike County. {See JJney's Stare). 

B. K. Broomhead &. Co. 


Polk County— Chi rolr,' 7?. A'. 
**Also known as Fish Cr^rk. I- 
cated S miles from Cedar town. \ 
county seat, 6 miles from Hoc!;,'-.., 
the nearest express otlk-e, iimi 
from Cartersvilie, the rjt'iuv>t •• 
graph office and bankiuir town. !; 
a population of about 30, six >!. . 
saw mills and une shingle mill. \x. 
her {orn:is the principal shipii;- 
Ship ti<i Cartersville. Keceivc- i-;.. 
mail from Cartersville :uid «\;. 
town. William Philpot, P. M. 

Camp C. M., saw mill 
Cowan 'W F., saw mill 
Horton <x Co., suw mi 11 
Morris & Tracy, saw mill 
Stewart & Pliilpot. genl sti :• 
Taylor & J^uris, saw mill 
Wright J. H. & Co., genl store 


Elber-l Couniy. 
Address mail to Elberton, 9 in: 


Carroll County. [Sec Sand IhU]- 

FIVE peirrrs. 

Jones Caunty. 
Located 7 miles from Clinton, ' 
county seat, and 15 from Mac</n, 
nearest railroad, express and '■• 
graph station and banking and ■■ 
point. Has a pojiuhitiuu of a!- ^-'^ 
two Methodist and one Vy^\ 
church, three schools (one coi''.' 
and agin run by steam. C(5ttoii i- 
principal product. Mail fonri!' 
a week iro'm ^lacon i.nd ^b'n!:| 
by carrier. T. J. Harkins, V. >'• 

Davie J. 11. , tea' her 
Glover *i IJ ark ins, genl h\>- 
Cordon <k: Ero., genl store 
Harkins T. J., genl stoie 


Berrien County. 
Population GO. Four miles rx 
of Nas hville, its post- f ti l* v^_____. 

■iouldings, Bracksts, U 


at CAETER k SOLOMON'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 



J^e County, 
Address all mail matter to Enter- 


Pike County, 
A small settleineut with uo postal 


Mcriwctfi'T County. 

With a popul ition of 7-3. Is pit- 
iiated near the Flint river, 10 miles 
cast of Greenville tlie county .seat, 
aiui 21 from GritHn the nearest rail- 
road, express and telegrai)h station 
ami banking towu. The a'uove named 
river allords ample water facilities 
but thev are not utilized. Cotton is 
the prine pal ])ro(lui.'t. Ship via 
Griffln. l).iil\' mail l)y carrier from 
BarnesvilU^ and Oakland. J. ]SL 
Head, P. M. 

Freeman James C., grist mill 
Head Jaiues M., jihysieiau 
Head & IlL-ad (Li. W. and James), 

genl store 
Thrash E. C. Rev., Baptist 
"Wirabish Willis, blaclvsmith 


Elbert County. 
Named from the institution of 
learning located lipre. Has a popu- 
tionofTo, and is 10 miles southeast 
of Eltierton the county seat, and 
nearest railroad, express and tele- 
graph station. 

Chirk .1. 8., r r agt and ti;l o])r 
Clark N. IL, genl store 
T^ightfoot William, genl store 
Kobcrts William, genl store and t ir- 

pentine distilitr 
Way W. J., cotton gin 


mtcJn-n CounfyS., F. if W. R. B. 

With a population of about 125. Is 
located 6 miles from Camilla, the 
cotmty seat, and nearest express and 
telegraj)!! station, and 20 from Allia 
ny; its nearest banking town. lias 
steam saw and grist mills, and the 
usual church and school accommo- 
dations. Naval stores, cotton a'ld 
lumber form the princii^al ship- 
ments Established as a post-ctlive 
in 18sl. It receives a daily mail from 
Savannali and Albany. L. A. ^I. 
Collins, P. M. 

Poehran G. C, genl store and mill 
CoSiiiis J^. A. M. & Co., genl 

store and naval st'ircs 
Dickson W. D., saloon 


Carroll C""n'y. 
All mail matter for this point goes 
via Siaisviile. 



Liberty Counti/.—S. I. ^fc 11'. J?y. 

dir^f' 1>nr'i'f nni:'/'™,? W=u! rUUT RIVER FACTORY. 

thourville tlie county seat. Has ex , Ipson County. 
press and telegraph olfices, and the j Formerly a post-otricrt but now dis- 
usual church and school advantages, j eoutiiUKHr; 10 mih-s fnnn Tooinas- 
Ilice, cotton, M'ool and bides, form j ton, its nearest -sliipoinu' and c.\pr.-s 
the principal shipments. Daily mail. I station, and So from Atlanta. Ls a 
AxtcU Joiiu, contractor and j place of about 2.5J inbal)itants. Con- 
builder; dlr in machinery; presjtaining a cotton factory and erist 
Seabor^i Agricultural Society niill run by power olitained from 
Butler B. S.,turi)entiue distiller [Flint river. One chuicli ami one 
Clark James, geul store and turpeu- I schoul. Cotton is the chief .ship- 
_t.ine distiller | ment. 

FPr ^JI^C* for PHGT05EAPIIS, and Frames made to order, any size or 
llMlviL*3 stvlQ. 0. K. GOODMAN, 23 Whitehall street. Atlanta. Ga. 

k i 


C If 


Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Broad St. 



Btovall & Bro., genl store 
Summer W. H., photogrupber 


Bloyd Couniy. 
Population 40. Twelve miles north- of ll<:)me. 
Hammon's Mills. 

Address mail to 

Chappell \V. R., <j;rist mill 
Cr .nie C. M. llt-vi, Baptist 
Kiiiijht Georu'e, grocer 
Kespess A. S\vift, cotton factory 


Ft a n kiln Cou/t lij . 
Five miles northwest of Games- 
vjlle. Mall to Toccoa. 


St'Wdit Couniy. 
Situftted on the Chattahoochee 
river, IG miles west of Lumpkin, the 
county seat. H;-is a pojiulation of 
1-5, and tlje usual religious advan- 


Ilari County. 
Distant 10 miles from HartwcU, 
the county seat, 2a from l^avonia and 
3 from from Bowersvillc, both of 
tliem railroad and telegraph stations. 
Has a population of at)0Ul 275. Bow- 
trsville i.s its telegraph station. 
Cotton is tiie princi])al product. Ship 
via either of the ahovc named sta- 
tions. Semi- weekly mail from 
Carnesville and Reed Creek by car- 
rier. Samuel White, P. M. 


Up^on Coun'y. 
T'iii-^continued March, 1879. Mail 

to Uarnesville--ll miles- 

-or to YatOd 


Hall County— Piedmont A-L. R. R. 
I/ocated !) miles southwest of 
Gainesville, the county seat. Has a 
papulation of 310. Cotton and fruit 
are tlie chief s-liipments. Has tiie 
ti-ual church and school facilities. 
Daily mail. 

Bennett F. S., trenl st.>re 
JVrii.g A. MahattV'y, eenl store 
Davis F. '!'., i;enl .^^tore 
Kstes G. P., UHol store 
Foster & B^-M, gt^nl store 
Graham »S: Haw kins, ^enl store 
liiii'inoci .k Caiiiiiiiq^, L'enl store 
Hayiic- tt llaitt riiian, t^eul .store 
I.iirlit A- Harnon, saloon 
Miirhcli G A., phy.-ician 
Newman V. M , physician 

B. H. Droomhead & Co. f B J KS I « 


Burke County. 
Has a population of about 40. Is 
located near Buckhead Creek, 14 
miles northwest of Wayne.-borough, 
the county seat, and nearest railroad, 
express and telegraph station. Au- 
srusta is the nearest banking point. 
The above named stream lurnishes 
powi-r to op.erale a com mill and 
wheat mill. Cotton is the principal 
product. Ship via Waynesborough 
or Louisville. Receives a semi- 
weekly mail from Waynesborough 
by carrier. D. P. Duncan, P. M. 
Duncan D. P., physician 
Jotin-on Jj. D.. grist mill 
Svkes \V. B., physician 
WatkiusJ. K., wheelwright 


Clayton County, — C. R. R, 
Thirteen miles from Atlanta. Pop- 
ulation 21. Send mail to Haj-eville, 


Clinch County.- S. F. i^: W. li. R. 
About 23 miles from Homerville. 
Mail adilress to Withers. 



V/holesals and Retail Dealers in CAHPETS, 
I Oil Cloths, &c., 50 Vhitehall st., Atlanta. 



Floyd Count!/. 
A small settlement near Kome, 
where it receives mail. 


Monroe County. — Atlanta Div. C. 7?. It^ 

County seat. 25 mil 'm from Macon 
and 78 from Atlanta, the place has 
a population ofllOo. Tliree churches 
— Methodist, Presl»yterian and Bap- 
tist — one hank, weekly n^wsjiaper — 
the Monroe Adrerther—awA otllcesof 
the Southern Express and Western 
Union Telegraph Companies. Cot- 
ton is the chief export. Ship direct. 
Mail daily. Miss Mary L. llodJy, 

J. . ^tl. 

Adams George \V., r r agt 

Alexander & Moore (Lemuel B. Al- 
exander, King P. Moore), drugs 
and physicians 

BanksJames A., dry goods 

Banks J. William, (Iry goods 

Battle Tliomas C, attorney 

Bedini^field George, saloon 

Berner <& Turner (Robert L. Berner, 
Cicero A. Tiu-ner), attornes-s 

Bramblett & Bro. (Alfred' H. and 
Augustus W.), carriage and har- 
ness mkrs 

Bridges Thomas, Jr., saloon 

Brooks R chard P., grocer 

Bryant Elward (c), b^acicsmith 

Bush AVilliam J., grocer and saloon. 

Cabaniss Henry If., editor Monroe 

CabanisH Thomas B., attorney 

-Colbert Augustus (r), grocer 

Dutuas l^^dniiiiKl., co. ordinary 

Dumas & Allen (JeJlerson Duma*, 
George D. Allen), gri)cers 

Edwards & Bro. (H^nry F. and 
James B.), meat market 

Edwards & Watts iJwIin C. El- 
wards, William P. Watts), grocers 

Ensign Isaac W., books 

Giddings Thomas', tel opr 

Gray Joseph, co. tax receiver 

Greenwood Marcus, dry goods 

•Qreer & Bro. (Josepli Q. aad Leon- 
ard F.), livery stable 

Ham Cicero ^L, grucer 

Ham Peter J., oo. coroner 

Hammond A. I)., attorney 

Head William H., banker 

Hill James ic), cu-(ienter 

Hill & Center (Daniel P. Hill, Jr., 

Charges W. CVntei'). drugs 
Hoijan (fe Tnomas (Jetlerson Hogan, 

James M. Tnomas), cotton ware- 

Home James ^l., co. surveyor 
Plussey John J., grocer 
Jacobs Tliaddeu-, attornov 
Jaugstetter &, Hanson (Tlieodore F. 

Jaugstetter, George S. Hanson), 

Jenkins J imo^ (c), grocer 
Jordan H Mirietta Mr-^., iDilliner 
Jordan William W., grocer 
King C trev K., ^^heri(l 
Lo-iry J. .1". & Co. (Jackson J. Leary, 

R .bert S. Cruicher), furniture and 

sewing mafhiuf^s 
Mobley Stephen D., cnt<on com mt^r 
Monroe Advertiser, H. H. Cabaniss 

Moore C. L. , ilentist 
>b)ise L. S., dt-iiiist 
Na|.ier Wdliam M. (c), barber 
Ponder .lames M., dry goods 
Proctor D. G. Mrs., hotel 
Proctor Daniel J., gnx'er 
Proctor James D., ir^nl store 
Proe or & .Acton (D.iniel G. Proctor, 

William D. Actun), lumb r 
Pve William A., gruCrT 
Pye tfe Bei-u-lutm (William A. Pye, 

S. Fredt-rick lierkham), hardware 
Roidey AlltMi C. drugs 
Suif(»rd Dmi. 1, oo. Ireas 
Sli-arp Cyrus H., elk su|ierIor court 
Smith J. H. & Co. (.) un-^s H. anil 

Ihomis D. Smith), clothing 
Smith Thum is D., dry troods 
Sut-ed Ar.diiluld H., express agt 
S.>ionMn & Mount (Mirk S 'lomon, 

IsadorM B. M >unt), <r.nd -tore 
Stone Will. am 1)., attorn -y 
Thomts Fre^-mau M. (c), blacksmith 
Trippe R ijtTt P., attorney 


r I 







» 28 

Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Ca. 

Ua CO 

M >: 

o z 

w . 

o < 



for your Families ty a Certificate in the PEOPLES' KUTUAL 







S 3 

L) ° 

..-■-/- . -. -y... ■™.T^,--_-.i.jir!r'^T,".JV,ii^l viS^'jV— !*f',<-^ -■- -'. 



....--.-.-'.• .,•--,. "».■;■■; -i ^ ■ - ....-">•; . 

■ -3 

--- _ r^-l:.:A-..i'.i:;..^/:.,.:;:l:.^ftitoav:-.. 


Trippe Robert P. Jr., cottou ware 

Turner James H.. attorney 
Tinner Miles G , groeer 
Tyus Rose (a), slioenikr 
Viiieburtrli Isaac, jewt-ler 
WmII-'t Gefirue W., co. tax < olleetor 
\Vat.-oii Auiriistus {o\^ blacksmith 
AV'ilder C. Mr«., miliiiier 
Wilder Solon F., inulertaker 


Br I/' in Count I/. 
Ten miles north of Way's Station, 
its post-ofiice. 


Cherokee Couniij. 
Has a population of about 6-5. Is 
located on Town creek, six miles 
northwest of Canton, the county seat 
and nearest railroad rotation, 25 from 
^lariitta, the nearest express and 
telegrai)h oflfice, anii 45 from Atlan- 
ta, its banking jilace. The above 
named stream furnishes water powt-r 
to operate corn, wiieat and saw mill> 
and pin. Ship via Canton. Good 
churches, good .'^(diotds and good so 
ciety. Daily mail from Canton and 
Dawsonville by wagon. Jell'ersou 
Tlioma^, P. M. 
Green Allen, teacher 
Ciu-ek C. F., teacher 
Cobb W. S., genl store 
Clark R. B., nhllwr^ght 
I'owda A. A., shoemkr 
(hurison D. W., hlacKsmith 
AViiiteT. A., black-mith 
Wilson W. >., miller 


Clay County— Ft. Onine.s Inv. S. W. 
J!. B. 
The county seat. H;is a population 

of about 900, and is situated on the 
Cliattahoochce river, by which it lias 
steambfiat coii.niuidcation with Co- 
lumbus, Ga,, ami 1< ufaula, Ala. Has 
tiie usual cbuich facilities, an iii,-ii- 
tution of haruing known as tbe 
''Fort Gaines Academy,'' a wci-kly 
newspaper— the Fort Goi/ir.s 'Iri- 
fiune- iii\i\ express and teltyra\)b of- 
fices. Cotton is the principal ship- 

Adams David C, hardware and 

Bass .Tiihn, dry goods 

Bloc'kei- IJichard K., oo. ordinary 
and attorn y 

liriwn B. L., co. tax receiver 

Prn\vn Jamt:'S P. H.. I'cnl store 

Brown Thoipas ]\I., gmcer 

Burnett Benjamin F., genl store 

Coleman James F., grocer 

Coleman & Bro. (Stephen I), and 
.Tohn O. '. saliioi) 

Coleman & Grim-ley (Stejihen D. 
Coleman, Jeriy W. Grimsley)^ 
genl store 

Freeman & Co. (Cliarles C. Free- 
man), drugLfist 

Fort (7aines Academy, Richard D. S. 
Rel], prill 

Fort Gaines Tribtme, S. E. Le',*-is, 
j editor 

I G>-aham William R., r r agt 
I Greene William J., co. surveyor 
! Grist Frederick E . dry l^ooU.s 
i Gunn Daniel F., physician 
' Ilorne William S., attorney 
iHatclieit James M., druggist and 

; H.)ward H. E. INIrs., hotel 
: Howard lit lu-y E , watc imkr 
j Ingraham A.'P., elk superior court 
I and attorney 
j Jeringan Wil'iium H., grocer 
1 .)ohn.son William .J., physician 
jKennon Richard E., attorney 

Kennon Sidn.y (c), blacksmith 
! Lendon John, co t-easurer 
^ Lewis Sanuiell^., justice and editor 
1 Fort (-Jaines Trilume 
j Linck Phillip, genl store 
j Eoel> Eliza Mrs , gful store 
i >ri-Lend()n John, giocer 
i .McLtndon Seaborn A., attorney 
j ISIcJjeod Josephine A. Mrs., milliner 

Mandeville John T., physician 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. ) 


Lil'lfii EIB^I '" Q'' patterns, at Carter &. Solomon's, 
liHiyLeyif!., 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




Morris, Groon^' & Co. (Corneliiis V. 

Morris, William J. Greeue, Wil- 
liam iviori'is), genl store 
Morris W. J., wai^on mkr 
Kix General I. (c), harbt-r 
Owens J D., eo. coroner 
Palmer Gei>rt;t- W., '^hoemkr 
Paullin J. E. & Co. (James E., Clem 

antina G. and Lewis PanlLu), gen! 

Ren f roe & Speight (Tliomas M. Ren- 

froe, William M. Speiu'Lit), grocers 
Peterson l^)beIt P , eo. tax collector 

and liotf'l 
Pittman Mareellus (c), blaeksmiih 
Simpson A: ]jro. (James C. and John 

ii.). ^Toe. rs 
Simpson & Vinson (John R. Simp 

son, Jo.-eph Vinso.ti), geni store 
Steriibt-rt; Samnel, geiil store 
Sini'bsS W. Rev, Metliodist 
Sugjs Jonathan T., ^'roeeraud notary 
Siiilive .lame- R., 'juano 
Sutlive Ross, vteambnat atrt 
Sntlive & Smith (J itnes W. Sutlive, 

J. L. Smith), genl ttore 
Sutton John W., sheriff 
Tfiiniiie Frane:s T., gt-nl store 
Turnipseed Richard A., attorney 
Wel'S John C, attorney 
Wells Jolin C., grocer 
Williams Reubtn J)., livery stable 




Mddison County. 
Situated on Lamar Creek, near tlie 
Hudson river, 10 miles northwest of 
DHnielsVillc, 14 miles froni Harmony 
Grove, the nearest railroad station, 
and 22 from Athens, tiie nearest ex- 
press and telegraph otlice, as well as 
its baiiking t«jwn and shipping point. 
It lias a steam gin and a corn and 
flour tnill and saw mill, operated by 
"water power furnished by above 
named walerr). Ce-tton is the jirinci- 
ple product. Contains a population 
of about 40. Receives a tri- weekly 
mail from Carnesville and Daniels- 
villc by carrier. C. H. Andrews, P. 

Aaron G. W., grist mill 
Camp B. F., attorney 
Collins J'l, urist mill 
Cromer J. D., woohii mill 
Goss J. IL, pliysician 
Itlontgomerv J. H., irin 

r o 

< < 

Nash Galiriel, attorney 

Tabur W. A., grist and saw mill 


Murrnu Omnlij. 
A small county postofTice of about 
GO inhabitants, containing dour unu 
saw mill, run liy power derived from 
Holly Creek, Baptist church anil one 
school. Located three miles from 
Spring Piace, 15 from Dalton, and 
116 from Atlanta. Ship vin Dalton. 
Mail daily l)y carrier. Mark M. 
Leonard, P. INI. 
Keith M., teacher 
King J. C, saw mill 
Leonartl L. D., attorney 
I^eonard 31iirlt ?*!., genl store 
McCain A., floar mill 
Scwell J. a!. , rim facl<-iry 


Chatham L'ouuty. 
Fourteen miles southeast of Savan- 
nali, its ]»ostothee, near the iiioulh of 
Savannah river. 


JIouHton County.— 8. \V. Jl. R. 
Population ahout 1,850. Located 
13 miles from Pi-rry, 28 from ;Macon 
its usual Ivuikirm place, and 132 fr(;m 
Atlanta. IlasJ^apust, >rethodist and 
Pre-byterian churches, several good 
schools, two steam ?-aw mills, and 
i llour and saw mill run l>y jiower ob- 
tained from Mossfy creek, two papers 
and otiices of the Southern Eximos 
and Western Union Telegraph Cos. 
George \V. M;id<iox, P. M. 
Anderson William ()., confectioner 
Avery 15enjamin F., grocer 
Barnett Lucius .NT., j^rocer 
Bassett Stephen IC. Rev., jretliodist 



AND PICTUHS FP.AMES, at "Wholesah a Specialty, at 
GOOLKAN'S, 23 WhitehaU Street, Atlanta, Ga. 

P< - 

M il 

Tho Press and People regard THE CHRISTSAPI I^IDEX 
the best Advertising fVledium in the South. 



_ c 










::'^^ '^ 


' ■>...-:> ;'^;;:: 

r ' X" 



1 ■::;,;ij.:A;,,-; 


A.^4-;C> i; 


I- ij 




•■^vr^^,*- J 


I5;iyiie Bros. (Marmaduke G. and 

Henry ¥.), grocer?! 
J?ayiie 3Iai'i»ia{luke G., attorney 
Ijivjiliam I-liaiu H., attorney 
Brown Bros. i^Jonas, Felix and Gus- 

tave), genl store 
Brown ]'], & J. W. (E Iwin and John 

\V.), eeiil store 
Brown Satuuel B., dry goods 
Brown Walter E., banker, ins agt 

and genl store 
Burr Seneca B., editor Fort Valley 

]?yington L, Mrs., hotel 
Clark Aaron PL, watehmkr 
Collier William E., attorney 
Cooi)er M. L. & A. iMiltou L. and 

Augustine), grocers 
Corbitt \Villiani };?., jrroeer 
Cro3s JJeiijaisiiu 11., blacksmith 

and plow aikr 

Davis & Riley (Buford M. Davis, 

Aloiizo C. Riley), attorney 
Evans John A., groeer 
Evans Martha A. Mrs., milliner 
P^verett Jarue-, notary and justice 
J'eniale Seminary, Mrs. Mary Per- 
sons, prin 
Fort Valley Mirror, S. B. Burr, propr 
Fulwood Daniel A., watehmkr 
Glass Ab°, genl store 
Glass Michael, dry goods 
Gray Bros. (J. :M'ouroe and Charles 

G.), genl store 
Gray B;idget Mrs., grocer 
Goodin Lucius J., erocer 
rJreene Alva B., gioecr 
Greene Orville 1j., grocer 
Greene Wililam I., pliy.vician 
Jhirris Heury C, banker and genl 

llobbs liro*. (Francis & Joel), drugs 
llnbbs Joel, pliy-.isian 
Holt Bryan C. Sr., shoemkr 
Houser Frank C, gen l store 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. 


llouser & Cooper (Edwin J. Houser, 
Milton T. Cooper), livery stable 

Houser & Houser (JefJerson D., Ed- 
win J), cotton factors and com. 

Johnson Henry C, saloon 

Jones Henry (c), barber 

Jones William L., physician 

Jones William L. Rev., Methodist 

Jones W. Tj. & Son (William L., 
Charles T.), drugs 

Kersh William M., genl store' 

Lilly George L., genl store 

Jjong A. H., genl store 

McCrary Bros, (J. W. and Homer 
W.,) grocers 

Maddox George W., justice 

Male Academy, William C. Monk, 

Marshall C. E. & Co. (Charles E. 
Marshall, William H. Harris), con- 
Mathews William B., physician 
Mathews & Cook (William J. 
Mathews, Wilham W. Cook), mu- 
Miller Osborne II., mnfr and dlr 
in cotton gins, carriages, engines, etc 
i\L)nk AVilliam C, prin Male Acad- 
Moody Edwin A., stoves, etc 
Moore Atlas S., dentist 
Murray Amos W., genl store 
Mullart George, exp agt and tel opr 
Ousley Newdigate B. Rev., Metiiodist 
Pusc'hal Henry (O', blacksmith 
Persons Mary Mrs,, prin Female 

Potter John M. Rev,, Methodist 
Ross Betyamin L., pliysician 
Ross, Greene &. Co. '(Benjamin 1j. 
Ross, William L Greene, William 
B, Mathews), drugs 
Rtjssell Thomas B. Rev., Methodist 
Russell T, B., school 
Skellie Albert D., r r agt, and guano 

Sommer Bros, (Emil, Emanuel, 

William), genl store 
Sturges Sirah L. Mrs., milliner 
Watson & Bariiett [c\, (James Wat- 
son, Gideen V. Barnctt), black- 
Wheeler & Cooper (Billings Wheeler, 

Jr., Milion L. Cooper), ice 
Winslow Warren C, attorney 
Worsham J. V. Rev., Presbyterian 
Wright Jellerson F, Rev,, Methodist 




and Lambrequins, solectei from finest Importation, 
CAETER & SOLOKCN, 50 "Whitehall st., Atlanta 





Baldiciu County. 
Four mile.s south of Milledgeville, i ; 
it8 post-oHice. 


Emanuel County. 1 

Socated 18 miles southwest of; 
Swainsborough, the county sent, and | 
SO from Bartow, tlie nearest raih-oad ' 
station. Pen<lleton creek furnishes | 
necessary power to operate mills, i 
Cotton and syrup form tlie ]irinc'ipal 
shipments. Has tlie usual reli^^ious 
and educational advantages. 


Jones County. 
Clinton, 5 n)iles southwest, is the 
post-oflice for tliis hamlet. 


Cherokee- County. 
Address mail matter for tiiis point 
to Canton, 5 miles northeast. 


Chattooga County. 
Situated on the Chattooga river, 
which alTortls power to run a gin, 
grist and liour mil). Has a popula- 
tion of about 150. One church and 
one school. Snmmerville, y miles, 
is the county seat ; Rome, 2S miles, 
is its railroad, express, telegraph of- 
fice and banking place— n'a wliich 
Atlanta is 108. Cotton is the chief 
export. ISIail semi-weekly. K. R. 
Foster, P. M. 

Driskey John, shoemkr 
Foster K. Ji., genl store 
Foster 6c IMcLemore, mill and tan- 
Lewis J., teacher 


Henry County. 
Eight miles west of McDonougli, 
the nearest post-oftice. 


Hoyd County. 
A newly established post-ofllce. 

; f- v^ 

!■:■- Is 





Decatur L'ourtfy.. 
Located near the Flint river, nine 
miles soutii of BainbridLre, the coun- 
ty seat and nearest railroad and ex- 
press station. 


Marion County, 
Ten miles northeast of Buena Vis- 
ta, its post-ofllce. 


Heard County. 
County seat. Poi)u!ation about 
40O. Situated ou tlie (. hattahoochee 
river, IG miles from Ilou'ansville — 
A. & W. P. R. R.— the nearest ship- 
ping station and telegraph otilce— via 
which Atlanta is 74 miles distant. 
Has steam saw mi!!, (lour and grist 
mill operated by water power. Two 
churclies — ^Methodist and Baptist — 
and an excellent school. Daily mail 
by can'ier. Sliip via Hogansville. 
A. T. Fuller, P. M. 
Abbott W. H., shoemkr 
Akin E. K. Rev., Methodist 
Armstrong J. T., genl store 
Askew R. X., genl store 
Askev,' W. S., genl store 
Beall .1. B., genl store 
Beall <fc McCutcheu^-, proprs Frank- 
lin iS'ews 
Bevis J. F., wagon mkr 
Bird Wiley, genl store 
Buttrill D. B., genl store 
Chapmen W. B., drugs 
Daniell E. A. Mrs., teacher 
I Daniell J. A., teacher 
I Daniell J. h'., physician 
I Daniell J. W., physician 
1 Daniell W. H., attorney 
I Faver L. D., genl store 



o h3 

: Vi 


l\y MOULDINCtS and FSAMSS at C, M. G;oinians, 23 Whitehall straet, 
Atlanta, Ga. "Wester:! Prioes duijlicated at wholesale. 
























< > 






PF n P I F Q ' il^utual Eolief Association, Atlanta, Ga. Largest, best and safest 
uUrLuO Co-operative Life Association in the South. 





M -I 

M ^ 






Franklin News, Beall <i McCutchens 

Fuiler y. T., c!k superior court 
Harris B. F., hotel 
Joues Ida Miss, music teacher 
Joues L., teacher 
Lane T. C, genl store 
L')ftoij F. S., atioruey 
Merrill J. B., attorney 
Smith J. M., blacksmith 
Strickland p]. H., attorney 
Tourlin F. M., wagon mkr 
Wade P. W., saw mill 
Wilder A. J., cotton gin 
Wood W. T., genl store 
Wynn J. A. llov., Baptist 
Zachery T. A., genl store 
Zachery H. W.,"geJil store 

FranUtn Couni)j. — {S^e Rnyston.) 

Pierce County— B. d A. Ji. R. 
Fifty..oue miles from Brunswick. 
Mail goes via Sclilatterviile. 


Glynn County. 
Located on Saint Simon's Island. 
Mail to Saint Simon's Mills. 


Gordon County. 
Direct mail fortius point to Cal- 
houn, 10 miles southwetrt. 


Milton County. 

Has a poi)nlation of about 115, and 

.situated S miles north of Aliiharetta, 

the county seat, 12 miles from Holly 

Simngs Hm\ Boswell, the nearest rail- 


B. K. Oroomhead & C». 

road stations 22 from Marietta, the 
nearest express and telegraph ollice, 
and 33 from Atlanta, its nearest 
banking point. Has two churches — 
Primitive Baptist and Methodist— a 
good school and cotton gins run by 
steam. Cotton is the principal pro- 
duct. Ship to Holly Springs vi'i 
Marietta. Receives mail four times 
a week from Canton and Cumming 
by carrier. C. H. Maddox, P. ^I. 
CantrellJohn G., physician 
Johnston J. W., genl store 
Maddox U. C, physician 
Maddox C. II., genl store 
Newton A. K., tanner 
Newton T. B., magistrate 
Rhodes J. W., shoemaker 
Sliackei Laikin, uiKcksiuilh 


Wali>:e}' County. 
Population about 25. Located 12 
miles from LaFayette, the county 
seat, IS from Chattanooga, Tenn., its 
shipping point and banking place via 
which it is 15S from Atlanta. Has 
two churches, one school and flour 
mill and cotton gin. ^Slail three 
times per week by carrier. A. M. 
Howard, P. M. 
Colquit H., wagon mkr 
Fulton S., teacher 

; Johnson T. J. &, Bro., grist and sa^y 

; mill 

j Kiigore Peter, magistrate 

I Muusou INI. A., blacksmith 


Bmke County, 
! Situated on the Savannah river 15 
I miles east of Waynegborough. the 
county seat. Ship via Griflin's Land- 


Fult-m County W. d: A. JR. B.—{See 
Boltonv-iUe .) 


Polk County. 
Seven miles south of Cedartown, 
its post-olVice. 

X-bIxiclo c3.13.c^ X^^tlx* 

at CARTER & SOLOMON'S, 50 V7hitehall st., Atlanta. 





Calhoun County. 
Leary's, 3 miles west, is the post- 

p?r-.j^^,^^-,^^^ij.j.^.^^.j^^^ .. „-^^ 

office for this hamlet. 


Union County. 
Ix)cated 17 miles southwest of 
Blairsville, the couuty sent, and 40 
from Gainesvile, the nearest railroad, 
express and telegraph station and 
banking point. 

Mall County. — Piedmont A.-L. J?y. 
The county seat. Is the most im- 
Ir.nt on the abnve named rail- 

is governed by a mayor and board of 
ahiermen, has a tire engine, and is 
steadily imj)roving, as tbenew build- 
ings Constantly t»f^ing erected testify. 
Tite shipments of cotton amoimt to 
about 6,3u0 bides annually. It has 
daily communication by stage with 
road. Is situated within four miles of! Dahlonega and ClevehiLnl. ouuthtrn 
the Chattahoochee river, and 53 frcm i Express and Western Union Tele- 
Atlanta, is in a portion of the state | graph. P. F. Lawshe, P. M. 

noted for its beautiful scenery ; 1,4(J0 
feet above the level of the sea, and as 
desirable a summer resort as the 
state contain?, having a climate 
equal to that of Italy. The first house 
was built heie in lS-1, and the growth 
was moderate until the Air-Line road 
was buih, which gave it a great im- 
petus, la 1870, tlie population was 
about 450, which has increased to 
nearly 2,000. There are several 
springs located near this place. TLe 
White Sulphur Springs located about 
C miles to the nurthwe?t, the Porter 
Springs 28 miles to tbe north in the 
mountains, the Xew Holland Springs 
two miles east on the Air-Line road, 
and the Gower Springs one mile from 
town easily accessible by street rail- 
way. They are all of ea^y access by 
comfortable conveyances and afford 
ample and elegant accommodations 
for guests. There are three white 
churches— Presb> terian, Methodist 
and Baptist — two cohered— Baptist 
and Methodist. Three colleges — 
Gainesville College, the Metliodist 
College, and the Georgia Ba[)tisl 
Seminary, eacii of which has an 

Adair KoHjcrt B., dentist 
Alexander Davis, genl store 
Amoss & Dozier ! Benjamin 13. Amoss, 

Joel H. Dozierj, grocers 
Arlington House, B. F. Msigs, agt, 

Atkins H. & Co. (Hugh Atkins, 

Christopher C. and !Maynard M. 

Sanders), fertilizers and provisions 
Banks & Bru. (Joseph H. and Dun- 

stan E.), bankers 
Baptist Banner, J. M. Wood, editor 
Barnes J. II. & Co. (James Iv. Barnes, 

James P. Evans, Uriah L. Gor- 

dan), genl store 
Blackstoue James, meat market 
Boone & Rudolph (Josejdi 11. Boone, 

Amzi Itudolpb), genl stcre 
Bostain Plarvey W., yhoe mnfr 
Breaker D. U. <fc Son (Daidel M., 

Hemming M.\ proprs Christian 

JJtnh'i- II. il. w^ Co. (Keese H. 

I5uiler, John H. Alexander and 

Willian\ C. Mount), pro))rs Pied- 
mont foundry and machine woi ks. 

(See page 2.s!<") 

ellicient stall of leathers ; two weekly ; CaisM* Joseph J., plajiing mi , 
newspapers-the Gainesville Eagle \ mmr sa.h doors bluuls, and on- 
and the Gainr.,cille Soufhron-Z^a\ tractor and budder. (.bee page .iS9j 
two religious weeklies— the BnjJtiKf i Carroll >r. E. Miss & Co. (.Miss Mar- 
Bamier and tlie Christian Monitor \ garet E. Carroll, Miss 2sancy W. 
(Baptist); also steam saw and planing i Clarii), milliners 
mills, a machine shop, etc. Tlie city : Cheshire H eiidrix L., ins agt 

iL CM. Goodman. 23 Whitehall street, Atlanta, Ga. 


p p 

!l yA 

v> O 
m « 
n Si 

r Kj 

■7 W* 

-.-■an*' ,-«jmffsmi^ 


THE CHRISTIAf^ ir^DEX-E:stablished 68 years ago 
Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Proprietors, Atlanta, Ca. 




Landrum p:dgar L., deputy colloctnr 

in t rev 
Lane S'<mnel T., A.IJ., pies Gaines- 
ville College 
Lawslie J*eter F., projtrietor Tlio 
Soutliron. (See adv) 
Lil y Charles A., whol grocer auj 
slioe nnifr 
n ; Loden John N., \vatehes 
j| i Long Henry J., druir-ist and phys-j. 

' cian 

~~" : McLendon Oapel, livf ry stable 


/'v,,,,. ., Ai i -r , , x»i-eijeini()! v.anej, iivfrv stable 

7> At X'y. ..I rr. I J »<-eKj.> ,, Mf.ddox dc fetnnuer Iveiiben C. ^fad- 

Daniel <k ]5ro. (Joseph H. and Thorn 

as A.), penl store 
Dawsonville, DahJonepaand Gaines- 

,.:n,. rr,} u , i 'i^ i . - ; „ ,. /. 

1{. F. Williams, pres ; J. O. Scott, 

Dixon Emraett E., physician and 

Dobbs O. JvL, snddles and harness 
Dorfcy Jasper N.. attorncv 
Dim lap Sanmel C, attorney 
DuPre Charles W., genl store 
Duskin George AV., shoe mnfr 
Edmondsou & Hawthorn (John C. 

Ednjondson, Terrell C. Hawthorn), 

genl store 
Estes J. B. & Son i John B. and 

Claude) , attorneys 
Evans D. E. & Bro. (DeLos E. and 

AVilliain ]).), watches and jewelry 
Findley James A., saloon 
Fowler ]JanieI, grocer 
Gainesville College, S. T. Lane, A.B.. 


Marlor William L., attorney 
I IVIartin Harrison, livery stable 
I ]\readows Louis Q., livery stable 
Meigs Benjamin F., agt, propr Ar- 
j lington House 
j Mengs H. T., marble works 
i Merck Thomas M , truss mnfr 
; Methodist College The, liev. C. 
j B. LaHatte, pres. (Seepage 2S9) 
Miller John W., barber and drug- 
! gist 

IMorton Benjamin F., shoemkr 
Owen James M., genl store 
Palmour, Castleberrv & Co. [R. Pnl- 
niour, Z: T. Castleberry, K. L. 
Boone, J. T. Telford), geiil store 
Pietlmoiit Foimdij-^k. Machine 
U'orks, B.H.Butler &Co. proprs. 
(See jKnge 289) 
Pft ffer Fredf^rick, genl store 
Persons M. Mrs., milliner 
Perry C. Erskine, genl store and 

flouring mill 
Perry Henry H. , attorney 

''tpl:;£:;!:i^^^'S:^:l'^il i ''^i-™' ^i-'.-^"- «: T™„,a,on, 

Geogia Baptist Seminary, ]?ev.W.C 

Wilkes, jM-cs 
Gower Ebenezer X., hotel 
Gower Tliomas C, carriage mnfr 
Henderson Warner G 

ex-oflicio justife 
ifood William ^V., job printer 
Holland ]{. J. <t Son (Kademanthus 

J. and Joseph G ), genl store 
Hope Alberl, livery stable 
Hunt James H., genl store 

.Johnson Fletcher 31., attornev 
Jolmson Wil 
Keller GeorL- 

Prior Garland PL, mayor and attor- 
Puckett William M., dentist 
lu'dwitie John \V., job j^rinter 
- , , r Lich Henrv W., undertaker 

notary and j Bichards .t Co. (J. J. and S. P.), T. 
S. Campbell, agt, books 
Richninnd Ilonse, J. C. S. Tim- 

hurlake, propr (see adv) 
Rideu 31astiu ^\'.. attorney, no- 
tary and U.S. claim' ;!gt 
Rojyers P'arly, photograpiior 
Sliafler Andrew J., vlivsiejan 
un L., r r and expagt: Shocliley Ai Trli^iinjell, (Wil- 
M. t'i Son, bakers j liam J. Shocklev, John W.' Tram- 

l.aKatte ( hailes JJ. Jiev., 

MetlK (list C<d!ege 


B. H. Broomhead & Co. 

null), agricultural imiile«reuts and 
farrnjnachinery and mdse brokers 

; Paint Orusnes of a!! kinds. 

PfiDTCP 9 CninMO^J "Wholesale and detail Dealer in CAEPETS, 
UAn I LH OC OULUlylUil, on Cloths.ajcSDWhitehallst., Atlanta. 


The l\ 


^i Loiieo-e, 

REV. C. B. LaHATTS, President, 
GiLi2srssvii-i-s, aiEiOTLauL. 

This College is devoted to the THOROirCH CO-EDUCATION of the sexes. It is conducted 
by a Board of Directors- JOHN A. SMITH, President of Board. 


between Methodist and Baptist churches. t^~ For full particulars, address, 

YLKV. C. B. LaHATTE, President. 


o :pi:e]id3^/i:o'±tt o 


E. H. BUTLER & CO., 


Manufacture ^ Repair All Kinds of Machiiiery, 


Engines and Boilers, Saz^ and Grist Mills, Gold Mining Machinery, 
Railroad Castings and Bridge Work, 



R. H. BUTLER, Supt. 

Manufacturer of 


M!o-aldingo,^rets, ^-bc.,, 53-bc- 

Estimates Given and Work Guaranteed. 




r Of Peoples' Ktttual Belief Associaticn, Atlanta, Ga. Kcr.f:.:- 
*- Circulation. 15,000. Good advertising mediun:^. Send fcr ::•;■:■ 



G 1':n 

•■,•-■.■"";-■ '-"^ 

1: .^.M^/'a: 


Wa)/e Cointttj.-M. & B. Ji. J:. 

Sniiill station of aliciuL <J0 inliai.; 
aiHs, situate. I 7 miles lioni .I^^l 
court hou-c aud its teleiriai)!! oili' 
3o t'roiii Brunswick und 2oG t'ni.ii .\ 
lanta. iSlii]) dirert. Yellow i ,! 
lumber, sui;ar, syrup aiul ri<-e tm 
the cbief sliipmet.'ts from tliis jih;, 
:Mail daily. Robert.!. Smilli, 1'. } 
Forr C. A. Miss, teacher 
Fort II. R., teaeber 

Simmons Piiilip R., attorney 

tSmith Alvali, restaurant, confection- | Gaischer H. K., blackamith and ji;- 

tionery, etc 
Stnitli Joim A., p;enl store 
iSmilii William P., livery stable 
Sinitb R. H. & Co. (Robert H. Smith, 

H. N. Peck), com brokers 
Ppence Jolin, l.iilcr 
Southron, The, P. F. Lawshe, 

propr (see page) 
Stringer & Erown (William M, 

Stringer, \\'illiam L. Rrovvn), 

meat market 
Sulphur [Springs Telegraph Co., J. 

O. Sooit, mnirr 
Thonipsou Jlo^i'ai'd, attorney 
TjjiibcrSake .James C S., propr 

Richmond House (-t-e adv) 
TovNfcrv Janu'S 'SI., att(>ruev 


Plarper E., Rpnl st<'re 
.lackson J. \V., teacher 
Lan<i G., eo cor(jnor 
Lane W. J>., notary and justice 
Smith R. .)., r r aixi express a;.;t 
SEiJtiili 11. J. & Co., geul store 


Eaily Vou-'Jy. 
Country settlement 7 miles noni;- 
east of Blakely, its post-ollice. 

Tnlhot County-.^. W. R. R. 
I Located? milessouth of Talbott'. 
,, -r , ,, -,,. . ^ ! the county seat, and ."0 from Coli;^ 

Iramuiell John G., propr Piedmont | ^^^^^ j^. ,),,;L,est banking town. W 
^\^^^^ j a population of o7o, express and t' 

Walker George W., f^arriatremnfr 

W'helchel W. 1). k H. H. ( Willhm D. 

and licnjamin il.j, geul siOie 
Wilkes William C. Jvev., pres Geor- 
gia BatMist Seminary 
Wiley Elijah S., gen store and tin 

Wdliams W. S. & Co. (William S. 

Williams, Joseph PI. Butt), geni 

store and real estate agts 
Yearwoud & ITerrin (Larkin D. 

Year wood Miluird C. Herr.n), su- 



MaccTi County. 

I>ocht d 12 miles northwest of 
Oglethorpe, the county seat, and 9 
from lieynolds. the nearest railroatl 
and express station. Cotton and 
syrup form the principal shipments, 

B. H. BroomheadtSt Co. 

graph otTices, steam saw and gri-i 
mill, three chnrcbes— Presb\ t^■l i:i:'- 
Methodist ami J^aptist— two scbu.']- 
Cotton is the j^rincipal product. I'l • 
ceives daily mail by rail, and al-oly 
carrier from Bnena Vista. Geoi;.;' 
W. Jordan, P. M. 
Barkesdale Bros., grocers 
Benson H. J., shoemkr 
Calhoun Calvin C, attorney 
Candler A. T., cotton buyer 
Chandler I. C, gin and grist mill 
Dillard Josiina (c), blacksmltli 
Douglass A., barber 
Durden Addie ;Miss, teacher 
Fivans R. F. Rev 
Fulton A. E., ISIrs., boarding 
Fuller J. E., teacher 
Griggs & IloUis, drug :ind genl st'rc 
Uarvey & Jordan (W. Thomas li if- 

vey, John Jt. Jordan), g'i--'- •'"'' 

planing mills 
Heidiugslelder I'hilip, genl store 
ilongh James D., genl stcre 

1 Ociers, Sasiij Biisids.. 

flS mf*, rtir^rvr. 




CARTER & SOLOrJlOrJ, gmporters and 
Dealers. 50 V^hitehall street, Atlanta. 




JiiiK^snn George A., justice 
Ji-ukiiis William A., wareiiouse ar.d 

lv'H-r.I. W., physician 

Keiidriclv li. 

saw mill 

Lanier J., boots aiul slines 

Li-on W. J. & Co. (William J. Li- 

goii, Henry H. Cosby), geul store 
McCrary J. B , cottoij buyer 
McCrary Jav vV., genl store 
MeCrary J. W., livery stable 
McCrary W. B., notaVy 
McCrary it Fuller, ceiil store 
Maxwefl S. R'^v., Baptist 
Morris P. A. S. Mrs., hotel 
Mellichamp John J., drnj^s 
I'ascbal Kobert A., tel opr, exp and 

r r act 
Be^-nolds Wyatt, blacksmith 
Smith JaoiesM., nurseries 
Turner Ansell, genl stove 
Wall Lee W., genl store 
Wiikerson & Hatcher (Aucustus R. 

Wilkerson, Benjamin T. Haleherj, 

i;;enl store 
Wynn Anderson W., pliysician 
Wyuu H. P., confectioner 


BanJcA County.— {See Jcicelhille.) 

W «!'■ Count)/. 
A recently established i>ost-office. 
No report. 

Pi.ll/c County — Clierokfc R. H. 

Twels'e miles ea-^t of Cedartown. 
Address mail to Roekmart 


Qnilmin County — EufauUi Div. 
^ a. R. 

The county seat; has a population principal product, 
of 375; is situated near the Chutta- i — 

hoochee river, two miles from p]ufau- 
lu, Ala., on the opposite side of the 
river, its lianking town. Has ex- 
press and telegraph facilities, a good 
t"-hool, and churcii advantages. Tlie 
principal shipmf-iits are cotton and 
isiea!. R. G. Morris, P. ]\L 
l^ludsoe F. M., physician and drugs 
Hoone & Sons, genl store 
P.yrd F. W, ifc C )., geul store 
''tiristiHiiJamtH C., co. treai 
I>:ividson D. M., genl store 
Hlli.s Thomas J , co. tax collector 
<hltiiberry W. \l., teaciier 
<«<)r«loii WiUis I-., CO. ordinary 
•GiMict' James M., co. tax receive.-- 

Olascuck County. 
The county seat. Has a popula- 
tion of about 125, and is 14 milt-s from 
Warrentoii, ilie nearest railroad and 
express otlice. Has the usual ehurcli 
and school facilities. Cotton is the 

Screven County. 
Located 9 miles souti\west of Pyl- 
vania, the coimty seat, and 5 from 
C'eechee— C. R.R. Has the usual 
church and scLool facilities. 


Mercer J. W , genl store 
Morris B. F., elk supei'ior court 
^b>rris Robert G., slierill" and coro- 

Morris & ^fann, genl store 
ShHtori T. A., genl ^tore 


Emnmicl Co'int>i. 
Direct mail fortius point to Horace 


Bat. hi O'unty.—y. E. II. R. 
Located 8 miles from Homer, the 
seat of justice ; 7 from Lula, its tele- 
grapli oflice, and 72 fn^m Atiiens. Is 
a place of about 110 iaisabitanls. 
Containing two churches— B:iptist 
and Methodist — one common ^^cliool. 
Steam Kin and saw mill Daily mail. 

ilrslndtJ'd C. M. G0( 

GOODMAN, 23 Whitehall Street, AtlanU, Ga. 

JAS. P. HARRISON & CO., Printers, Publishers and 
Binders, 27 & 29 Bread St., Atlanta, C a . 

Bras^vcl!, \V. II., k^hI store 

James Tlioiiia--, tt-ueher 

6t rouse Ella T. ISIiss, teacher 


Burlce County. 

Sometimes enlled Liberty Ihil'. 
fjocatrd ilO miles froiti Wa.Mieslio!.'. 
lilt' seat of jusiiee, and its slii])iiiii^' 
point and telegraph otliee, ainJ ;; • 
from Au^n.s'a. The plare iras a po;- 
ulaiion of a!)Out 200. MetluvHst ai,.; 
litpti.-t c.hcreiifs, two schools, ;i:,.i 
bteain gin, gri-t and saw mill. ('■•■.- 
ton is the chief export. iSIail pf ni: 
weekly by carrier. N. A. Buxton, 
P. M. 

Hrigham J. C, phyt^ician 
Brigham William, genl store 
Hux'on G. O., toaclier 
Buxton S. 11. cS. Co. (S. IT. &N. A 

Buxton), genl store 
Cliaixlier ^Vliliam, genl store 
Dixou W. J{., genl store 
J^llison S. J., geid store 
(Jritlin W., hlMcksmith 
ILath J.B.. l-!ack-niith 
Hickmnn Divid, niiller 
Mobley B. H , hlacksmith 
Wiinberly M. E. Mrs., teacher 

Cotton and country pr^j lu-e form the 
chief shjpmeiits. Siiip direct. R. D. 
Hawkins, P. M. 

Bryan <fe Jiryan (James and "Wil- 
liam), gri-t mill 
Builington William, magi.^trate 
Carter ^Samuel L., cari)enter 
Davis G., cabiriet mur 
Garriiou I'.ula D. Miss, exp agt 
Garrison J. X., r r agt and hotel 
Harris George & Bro., lathe mnfrs 
Ea^vliisis U. 
cabinet n]:il>r 
Hawkins 6i McMillan, genl store 
Landers B. li. & Co., eenl store 
Landers, Crane *!c Crawford, saw 

Headers F. ¥., carpenter 
«,;sborn E M.. feaclier 
Petti John J. W., genl store 
Pool J. B. & iSon, saw mill 
Q nil Man G. >L, j^'t-nl store 
Quillian & Suddatli <G, \T. Quillian, 
Z. T. Su>ldath). gin and grist mill 
Smelly John, magistrate 
Snddath Newton, gin and grist mill 
Siiddath & Br<\, genl store 
TlKunps-.n G. "W., blacksmith 
"White & Tumlin, lathe mnfrs 

C<M County.— W. <!• A. li. B. 
Ten miles from Atlanta and 130 
from Chatianooga, Tenn. Vining 
SlHtioa the post otlice. 

Oglethorpe CoiiiU}i—{SeG Point 
ttr.) ' 



WorOi Conniy. 
Small country post ollie 13 miles 
from Isabella, 6 from Hardaway— S. 
F. & W. K. R. — its shipping point, 
and 1"_'-^ fr'iu Albany. Cotton, wool 
and rice are the ciiief exports. 2\lail 
fctir tirnes per wi-ek. \Y. H. Bras- 
well, P. J^r. 


Jut<jJir (.'(junty. 
Bi-tant 15 miles sf)nthwest of Men- 
ticell'>, ti e county seat, and the saiiK' 
distance from Forsyih. 


Tnoma:< Cuunly. 
Seven mih-s soutliwest of Thomo'*- 
ville, and 5 soutliwest of Boston ; U"" 
latter it« posl-cylTice. 


Marian County. 
Located 12 miles northwest '""I 
Buena Vi-^ta, tlie county seat, aii'« 
14 from }v,x Springs, the iitiir.-t 
railroad station. Cotton is the pi"' 
cipal product. Has the usu;il chureU 
and school advantages. 

B. H. Broomhead <& Ca. \ 

tiiidors' llard^are. 

LAl»t UUi1 I IWiiO CABISa & SOLO-MDN. 53 <Vnit3aill st- Atlanta. 




Fit)/et(e County. 
F:iyotteville, 10 miles nortlieust, is 
Ihf jiost-onice .for this hamlet. 

cle-:e^ svioore. 

liarknn L'onuty. 
Four miles west of Kingston, the 
ueureat pust ollice. 

Ware County-S. F. & H'. i?. /?. 
A village of perhvips 2") inhnliit- 
ants. L')Oate(l 12 milos from Way 
Cross, the oouiT.v seat, lOS from Sa- 
viniiali, Kiid 300 from Atlanta; is a 
t'lace of ve y liiile iiiiponaDOe. Sliip 
tiireot. Cotion. rice, etc., form the 
I'liief shipments. Ma^l daily. Wil- 
liam P. Babcock, P. M. 

Ilabcock VViJljaiu P., r r agt 

•lames W. T., notary 
Jolms J. M., genl store 
Kawlsli. II.. genl store 


Dodge County . 
Located 5 miles Foutlieast of East- 
man, the county seat. Has a popula- 
tion of 75. 


Monroe Coioi'i/ — Atlanta Div., C. 
Ji. E. 
Station known as Goggius, 38 miles 
from Macon, and 65 froni Atlanta. 
Forsytii, the county seat, is 11 miles, 
and JJarnesville, its express, tele- 
graph oltii-e and banking place, is 5 
miles we.-t. Tiie p!<Hce htssixiy in- 
habitants. Flour, grist and saw mill, 
run by power obtained from u small 
stream near by; two churches, one 
School, and daily mail. Cotton, corn 
find meat are th'^ chief e.xp »rts. 
'^iiip direct. U. C. Fuml)ro, P. M. 
l'''aiuI>ro IT. C., genl store 
Ingram Will. am, gristmill 
Mjys tfe Wrigiit, genl store 


Fulatiki County. 
Cochran, S), miles, is the nearest 
8hip[)iiiir point and telegraph ottice, 

via which it is l.'d miU's to Atlanta. 
The count V seat, lia-.vkinsvillp, is 20 
mile=; f-outhwe.'-t. Has a Baptist 
icliurch, onH> school and steam saw 
laud grist mill. Siiip via C')Cbran. 
i Cotton is the ciiit-{ export. Mail tour 
1 limes a week by buggy. J. T. Allen, 
I P. M. 

1 Fuiikhouser N, E. teaclier 
|Funkhou-er& Faw<'ette, genl store 

ITenson James, genl store 

Hornn J. M. & Bro., SiW and grist 

Smitb John R., groceries. 


Cobb County. 
Address mail for this place to Ma- 
rietta, 8 miles east. 


Scnvcn C'ttiity, 

Situated on the Little Ogeechee 
river, \shicb supitics power to oper- 
ate several trin^, Jurist and saw nulls. 
Toe place has Itiree churches, one 
s.-liooi aiul daily mail; 5 miles from 
Svivania. the 'county seat, 8 from 
Oge.'Chce, its nean^st shippine: sta- 
ll n, via which it is li3!Hr -in Atlan- 
ta. Sliip ?'?■'' Og ccbee. Cotton is tlie 
chief exp .rt. \V. R. Call, P. M. 
CasI WiilJaiii II., genl store 
Divis Florence Mi.-^s, teai-ber 
HolliiitrswortM J. ('., m\gi-trate 
Hoovers & Water", mill 
Peterson & Z/igler, saw and grist 

\Vjllian)s & Wilson, genl store and 

turpentine distillery 


Walton Cmnly. 
Six and a half milfs east of ;Mon- 

i Atlanta, Ga. Wectir:. Pnoo3 

t, C IS.. 3 oi-nin'a. 23 ■Vbitehall street, 
daplicatoi at wholesale. 


' MUTUAL F.HLIEF ASSOCIATION, Atlar.ta, Ga. A Eencvolc: 
Institution, ccr.ducted en tusiness principles. 





■--... --(--- 


■ K- •'-■ "' --" 

J • ■ r): 

roe, tlie county suit, 14 froiij Social 
Circle, its expi'os^ and shippinL: st;i 
tion, via wliicli AtJantu is GO miles 
distan". Tliis town lias a population 
of 200, Pr mitive and ^Missionary 
Bapti-it and Metliodist cliurches, 
wiiiie an(] colored scln.ols. Jack's 
rreek fnrnislies power to run <;ri:-t 
and saw mill and j;in. The jirincipal 
articles of export are cottf-n, poultry, 
f girs, butter arui p'>fatoes. Aliout 6U0 
b^des of cotton sliippeil ]>( r arinUM'. 
Mail dailv by back. U. H. Dale, 
P. M. 

Allen C Woodson, frenl store 
Dale II. li.5 genl store 
JIali Rol)ert H., ^renl ptore 
Ixiii-T Jmhu'S 1>. , physician • 
MiclKU-l John "NV., wa^oii rakr 
Xunally William H., rn-t^iry 
Hotiison James M., <jrist mill 
S'leats Eiu'enie C. Miss, tea<'lier 
Slieats }i. W. {i\eir>), ^risj mil! 
Sbea;s M:itlie O. Mi s, teacher 
Waikins J. F., blacksmitli 
AViliiams el- Allen (David Williams, 
C. W. Allen), genl store 


Frank in Count}/. 
With a population of about 4"), is 12 
miles noi-tbea«-t of ( 'arnesville, the 
County seat, and 4 fr.>m M;irtin, the 
nearest railroad station. Cotton is 
till' principal i)roduet. Has the usual 
church advaiititye-^. Gum Ijog and 
Kastanollce creeks Jurnisli water 


Fayeite County. — 6'., G. d- N. A. 7.'. 
{i^ce Brooks' tit<itioit). 


DeKidh Couniy. — Piedmont A.-L. J: 
Twelve miles from Atlanta. Di-j 
for Cross Keys post-ollicc, 1[ lu 


Harris Count//. i 

Ivnown also as Cliipb-y. Eitrbt ' 

miles north of Hamilton. Post-otiice ; 

di-continned and mail now seut to j 

Wi-d(Mn'^ Stor*-. I 


Wilkins-^n County— C. li. R. 

At junction M. ct E. R. R., Pi mile.-f 
from Irwinton court-house, 20 from 
Mai-on, 170 from Savaniiah and li.: 
from Atlanta. The place has aiiom 
475 inliabi an's, three churcbos. two 
schools and steam gin and gristmill. 
Cotton ami fruic are the chief ex- 
I>oris. Mail <laily each way by no;. 
Shij) direct. Mrs. F. A. Nelson, P. M. 
Barclay F. S., grocer aud saloon 
Eriinaa J. 11., grocer ami saloon 
Pranau J. W., distillety ^nd grist 

Brewer D. Jr., notary and exofUcio 

Bridjicr B. F., genl store 
Bridger W. J., getil store 
Burnev J. F., livery slahle 
Ciiambers & Co., genl store 
Denarii 8. I., grist mill and mfigis- 

Frasuer Eli, grocer 
Frasner V. A. Mrs., genl store 
Gihsou R. T., hotel 
(iil)son Thoiiuts, jjliysician 
Gibson W. C . physn-ian 
Harrison J. G. Rev., Methodist 
Hooks A. C, grocer and saloou 
Hudson J. T., phvsiciau 
Ivey B. H. R-v., Baptist 
Jones L. M., pliysician 
Lee Lewis, alt(>rney 
L nd-ay J. F., saw mill 
McMillan W. L.,-groc. r and saloou 
Mas>ey E. J., physician 
Massey J. A. & Co., saw mill 
Merkisoii J. F., hiacksuiith 
Mitchell F., teacher 
Patter-on S. L., t-'cnl store 
11 ice A. II., taxrecfiver 
i\ice S. Co., ^*'"i store 
ilu^ar A. R., ttaclii^r 
.Sauilers J. W., genl store 
.Sanders K., tretd store and grist_n\'" 

B. H. Broomhaad &. l^o. J 

J^iOuldinRS, BracRets, he. 


at CAETSR k SOLCIION'S, 50 Whitehall st., Atlanta. 




Solomon S. \V. Mr-., tea-'lu r 
Stevens Callie & Ann:i ^Iis=e: 

Stevens J. T., geul store 
.*<t<*veris JauiC--, grocer 
Walker E. A., exp and r r ngt 

Wliltjidd Count u. 
Also known as Xeal's stor'. Is 12 
m!les from Dilton courlhniise, 9 irom 
Tininell Hill its hi[>pini:^ station and 
telegraph ofViee, and US I'rom Atlan- 
t;i via Tunnel Hill. The place has 
t%vo churches, one sehool, and a gin, 
ll Miir and grist null. Cot'on is the 
chief export. Mail daily. Rjhert P. 
Neal, P. M. 

Ness I Robert P., genl store 
Wilson Mary Miss, teacher 


Lincoln Countn. 
Located 20 miles from Washin<iton 
its nearest r.-dhvay station. Has a 
popnlaiioQ of 100. INIdl creek fur 
idshes the necessary water power for 
driving mills. Gdd, silver, copper, 
lead, and precious s'ltnes, abouncl in 
this section. Cotton is ttie chief ar- 
ticle of export. iShip via Barksd ale's 
Ferry, Savannah rivt-r. Has the 
usual church and school advantages. 


Jones County. — {See Cornucopia.) 


Wfiile Cj'infi/. 
Located 6 miles from Cleveland the 
county s^at, and 20 from Gainesville 
the nearest railroad, express and tele 
gra{>h station, and banking to^vn; 
near Bhoal creek which f.iruisties 
water power to operate a saw mill, 


Fulton County. — Piedmont A.-L. Jiy.- 
[See EdirurdsLiUe.) 

Appling Cuuuty. — ^f. d: B. R. /?. 

Containing about 100 iQhabitanr-% 
one steam saw mill, two church':^.- — 
Baptist and Methodist— school, and 
office of Siutheru Express ; 10 miles 
from ]iixley, the seat of justice, luG 
from ^Licon and 20'.) from Atlanta. 
Lmnber and naval stores form the 
chii-f exports. Ship direct, ^fail 
daily each way, S. F. Sellers, P. M. 

Crosby ifc Co., genl store and mufrs 

naval stores 
Dyal it Collar, genl store and lumber 

Higgs IsTic, grist mill and gin 
Hyman 6c C-k. "enl store 
Jo'ijiison J. W. & Son, gin and grist 

.Jolmson P.& Co., genl store and mnfrs 

naval stores 
Mohley B. li., genl store 
?e-soms A. ifc Co., geul store and 

mniVs iiaviij st.ires 
Stewart J. II., teacher 


Harris Conn'y—C. <£• IL 7?. 7?. 
Seventeen miles from Coluinhus. 

K ^ 

corn and flouring mill. Has two Ad. ire-s mail to Khigsborough, three 

churches in the neighborhooil and a ! miles di-tant. 

^ood hchool. Grain, meat and cotton 

ure the principal exports. Ship lia 

Gainesville. Receives mail each 

Week (lav from Duhlouegaby carrier. 

A. W. Smith, P. M. 

Holding Tnoinas, teacher 

('hristojdier Joseph, blarksrnith 

Shepp \Vdli im, shoeaikr 

Hmith A. W., genl store 


Ml icon Co amy. 
A place witli a population of 50, 
nine miles from Ogletlnwiie, the 
nearest railroad and expr-.s station, 
and 11 from Montezuma, the near, sc 
telegraph oltice and banking town 
Camp creek furnislus powtrto ojier 


for PHOTO^EAPKS. ar.d Frane3 made to order, any Eize or 
Btvle. C. !£.. aOODMAN. 28 Whitehall street, Atlanta. Ga. 

-">, ' I ' 1/ 1 > " w( t)HB 


Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Prop'rs, 27 & 29 Bro ad St. 


G:irrett & Zellers (W. J. G:irrolt, 

G. E. Zeiliirs), geni store 
Harris J. R., i>liysician 
Hayes 8. K., painter 
Joliiison J. E., shtiemkr 
Joinisoii & Johnson, saloon 
Leii^li »S. K., teai/her 
Martin Si!a-, <rrist an(i saw mill 
Post A^^ A., attorney 
Puckett I>. I.., carpenter 
Smith Joseph, paiuter 
Smith ]Nr. y., Kuano agt 
Smith W. <". Eev., Metho< 
Siallings J. 3]., physician 
S rood A. 15., r r a<^l and printer 
Taylor li. PL, carpenter 
"White ik Glower, physicians and 

Wood E. G., dry^ goods 


Terrell Conniy.— C. II. R. 
Forty.. two miles from Eufaula, 
Ala. Mail to Uawsoii, 4 miles dis- 


Jones Oniniy—M. & A. li. Jl. 
Is located 7 miles sontiiwe.'it of 
Clinton, thecounty seat, and 1") from 
Macon. Is also known as ^Voo]!l!lk 
Station. A local stream fiirnisliea 
power to drive a grist mill. Cotton 
i- the iifincipitl product. Thonji'.s J. 
W'oolfolk, P. ^I. 
StubhsS. B., genl store 


Ware Coumy. — {&:e Pine B'omn,) 

ate a grist and flouring mill. Tiiere 
are fonr churches— Luth^-ran, Mt-tho 
dist, Baptist and Free-AVill Baptist. 
Country produce f(. rms the |)rinc!pal 
exports. Sldp via Oglethorpe. Re 
ceives a daily mail from Oglethorpe 
and Bueua Vista by carrier. S. K. 
Johnson, P. M. 

Apperson Joseph, teacher 
Childs AVillinm T., s.•ri^t mill 
CoxwillG. T., wheelwright 
(;ulj)e)iper James M., physician 
Howell S. B., mnLMstra:e 
Johnson Samuel Iv., genl stnre 
Kimhl.> Jflme^ A. J., teacher 
Smith B. C, physician 
Turner Levi G., p!)vs;cian 
Wheeless F. A. Bev 


Coxceta Connfy.~A. tf- 11'. 7^. R. R. 

Twelve miles from Xewnan court- 
house and ul from Atlanta. A place 
of about G50 population, containing 
two churches— Methodist and Bap- 
ti^st — two school-j, oiHces of Southini 
Express and Western Union Tele- 
grai)h comjiaiiies, and steam gin, 
flour, saw ami gri.-t mill. Cotton, 
corn and bay forui the chief eij'orts. 
Mail d lily each way bv rail. P. J, 
Sewell, P. M. 

Banks & Sims (X. Q. Banks, J. R. 
■ Sims), genl store 
Bellamv J. \V., blacksmith 
Boyd W'. E. E., black.-mith 
Brown Bennis, slioemkr 
►■■•ryant J. H., saI'<on 
Clower C. J., liotel and guano agt 
Collinsworth k, Lovejoy, genl store 
Cotton E. &, Sou fjl ana J. R. ), genl 

Dean Richard, carpenter 
Durdaji John, carpenter 

B, H. Broamhead & Co. i 


Catoof^a Counly— W. d- A. R. R. 
Situated on the Chickamaugi river 
6 miles north ot Ringgold, thecounty 
seat. Plas a population of ?,'lb. Tim 
river affords water power to run * 
grist m:ll and machine shop. There 
are two cliurches — ^Methodist ami 
Baptist— two schools, express and 
telegrapli ollices. Lime, fltair, niea! 
and grain form the i)rincipal ship- 
ments. Dailv mail. O. P. Stuaitr-*, 

P. :\L 

Burger Michael, blncksmiih 
Church C. J. ->L, physician 

e Lead and Oli. 


Wholesale and Ketail Dealers in CARPETS, 
Oil Cloths, &o., 50 Whitehall st,, Atlanta. 



Church iS'T. M., r r agt 

Dickson M., justice and notary 

Diiiiu William, inilUvriirht 

Godsey William G., bLitksmith 

(iray A. II,, attorney 

GrayC. W. & Co., genl store, giist 

mill and lime mufi.s 
Jenkins G. AV., gro-er 
MeKe:', J. H., physician 
Parker J. H., justice 
Parmtt J. H. Rev 
Staiues O. P., genl store and exp 



Steivart Coun'y. 
Located 14 uiiles of 
Lumpkin, the county seat, and 25 
from Columbus, the nearest rai]rv->ad, 
express and telegraph station. Has 
ttie usual churcli advantii^^'es. 
Gordy F. M., physician 
Gordy Jolin T., \:.^i\\ store 
Lee J. W., })liysician 
l^owc O. JS., genl store 


Walker Couni^. 

Population not known. Situated 
10 miles from LaFayett^' eourt-hou^e; 
IS from Tunnel Ilill-W. .t. A. ll.R. 
— its shipping station; 2o from Dal- 
ton, its express, telegraph ottire and 
banking town, and 127 from Atlanta. 
Has tiour and saw mill operated by 
water power obtained from the Bi^ 
Armucliee river. Two Bi'ptist and 
Methodist ciuirches and one school. 
Cotton is the ciiief export. Mail 
daily. A. II. Xeal, P. M. 
Hiiatt W. C., carpenter 
Little William, geni store 
McWilliam F. H., maiiistrate 
McWilliam G. W. & Son, genl store 
McWiliiani J. C., geid store 
Maroney S., teaclier 
Marsh J. J., pliysician 
.N'oal U. P. &' A. Jl., cenl store 
Porier H. II. liev., Cumberland 

Storey F. H., physician 
Storey J. H., carpenter 
Suttle J. T., flour mill 

c. M. mmMMU^'Se^i^^. 


Colquitt Count II,. 
Distant 7 miles southeast of Moul- 
trie, the county seat, and ahuut 20 
from ThouKisville, its nearest rail- 
road station. Ihis the usoal adyan- 
tages for religious worship. Cotton 
is tlie principal {(roduet. 


Meriwether County. 

County seat. Located on a small 
stream "known as Walnut creek, 74 
miles from Atlanta viu Hogansville— 
A. & W. P. K. K.— its depot, 10 miles 
northwest. Estimated populatinn, 
700. Four churclies and .S schools. 
One weekly new-paper— 3/eri?i'e;'/;?r 
County Viridicator. C 'tton t!ie cliief 
export. Mail daily. Miss Cornelia 
Gresham, P. M. 
Adair K. D., drj' goods 
Ad'uns .}, E. Mrs., teaclier 
Addly J. J., c(». coroner 
Anthony G. J., co. treasurer 
Anthony J. C, dry goods 
Atkinson Thomas A., attorney 
Baldwin A. ]M., dry goods 
Banning F., dry goods 
Br )wn C. R., wheelwright 
Christian J. O., co. tax collector 
Cline J. H. Rev,. Bar>tist 
Cunningham & Douulus, grocers 
Ellis l>aniel dry goods 
Ellis K N., dry goods 
Floriiice O. S., sherilF 
Floyd A. G., pliysician, dentist and 

elk superior court 
Freeman Alonzo IL, attorney 
Freeniai) H. H., ijrocer 
Fuller J. C, CO. commissioner 
Gates Hampton (c), blacksmith 
Gray J. D. llev 
Gresham Young, groear 
Hall Ilohert F., jdiysiehin 

IS <\ 

»— 'O 

'^ P3 





Street, Atlanta, Ga. 


o f* 



r Families I7 a Certificate in the PEOPLES' MUTUAL 


i J 


Harris E. Rev 

IHsiton^ A. J., CO. ordinary 
Huntley W. II. Jr., teacher 
Irviii & Sntton, grocers 
Lan^ley Frank (c), blucksniitb 
MoLaiii,'lilin Benjamin F., attorney 
Ma' hews J. \V., co. tax rec iver 
Mathews O. F. co. siir^eyor 
Meri\vetii»-r County Vindicator, W. 

T. Heville, propr 
Nelson J H., grocer 
Nelson W. C, grocer 
Park John W., a'toruey 
Parker K«>I)ert A., attorney and 

CO. coniiiiissioner 

Attorney at l^a-^r^ 

business faithfully and promptly attended to. 

Peavey George L., attorney 
Peavey G. L. Mrs, music teacher 
lleville W. T., projtr Meriwether 

County Vindicator, and leaclier 
Robinson W. C, physician and drugs 
Kanford IMiss, teacher 
Terrell ]•:. 1"}., physician 
Terrell J. ]•> G., pliysioian 
Terrell J. K. G. & Co., drugs 
Wiiiilow F., grocer 
Vv'inslow J. ii., grist mill and hotel 
York y., CO. commissioner 

Foil: County. 

PostolVioe discontinued November 
1S7-. Address mail toCedHrtown. 


Burjce Counftj—A. & &. I!. li. 

Located 6 miles north of Waynes- 
boroULdi the county seat. Has an of- 
fice of the .Southern Express Co., and 
the usual eliurch and scuool facilities. 
Population 45. 

Macon County. — C. Ji. Jl. 
Fifty five miles from Macon and 4 
from Oglethorpe; the latter its post- 

Oreene County. — Ga. 2i. E. 
The Cf>utity seat. Has a population 
of about 1,700. Has exijre.-s and tele- 
L'raph ofiices, five churches— Baptist, 
PresbyteriaUj Metlioilist, Episco- 
palian aijd Catholic— and two weekly 
nevvsi)apers — the QretnKborovgh 
Herald mu] [he J{o}ne Jour/int. Ten 
milf-s iiorth of iiere are Watson's 
Springs, noted for their mineral wa.. 
ters. Was established as a i)ostoffice 
in 1804, ami receives daiiy mails. 
Cotton and wool are the principal 
products. James W. Godkin, I'. M. 

Ailams William E., physician 
Allen lieiijtimin W., saloon and gro- 
Arringtoti William B., physician 
Barnhart John, livery 
Beazlev Waller A., co. surveyor 
Bell Hon,-e, A. J. Bell, la-opr 
Bethea William h., physician 
Brown James L., attorney 
Burk Jolm J., saloon 
Cooper Ij. C. Miss, tel opr 
Copelan Edward A., grocer 
Copolan Miles G., co. tax collector 
Davis C. A. & Co. (Chaibs A. and 
Charles A. Davis, Jr., Vv'illiam R. 
Jackson), geni store 
Doherty House, John J. Doherty, 

Durham William G., tinsmith 
English Jose] ill H., slientf 
English Robert H., saloon 
Fleming George (.-':■, tilaeksmitli 
Georgia Home Journal (weekly), 

Madison Knowles, editor 
Gheesling J. H., phy.-ician 
Godkin J()lin K., physician 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. i 

it iii:Ai>\ >?ixi:i) i^aVirsT 



Iggi.^ in all patterns, at Carter &: Solomon's, 
!ito^ 50 Whitehall street, Atlanta. 




0()0<l\viii L. C. Mrsj., grocer 
Greeiicsboro Henil.l (weekly), H. T. 

Lewis, editor; Columbus Heard, 

GrilVies WiUisuii H., blacksmith 
Cirillin Joliii A., druiru'ist 
Grilliii Jolui A., uulni'v 
Hall James F., cor ton buyer 
Heard Amorei te Mrs., milliner 
Heard Columbus, propr Herald and 

Hightou'cr Samuel O., meat market 
Holt David S., physician 
Irwin John (c), blacksmith 
Johnson Bernard, dry goods 
Joimson Wdey G., justice 
Ki«sBl»ros!!;ili W. A. & Co. ( SVil- 

iium A. Ki:i;bruu-h, W-Iliam P. 

Davis), gciil store 
King Charles M., exp agt and fertil- 
King Henry H., r r agt 
Knowles Joshua Rev., Episcopal 
Knowles M-ilison, propr Georgia 

Home Journal 
Laster Alfred ic), shoemkr 
Lewis H. T, & H. G. (Henry T. and 

H. Graham), afiorneys 
Lumjikin William W., co. solicitor 

and attorney 
Mc^Yliorter John A., attorney 
Markwalter Mariin, jeweler 
Moore Cyrus (c), liaruer 
Norton Charles C, cotlou buyer and 

ins ngt 
Park James B. Jr., attorney and co. 

Pennington Hinton C, genl store 
Robinson Mary E. Mrs., select school 
Robinson I*hilip B,, attorney 
Rossman WiJIiam, paw mill 
Scott James T., xuloon 
Bitton Homer C, wheelwright 
Slorey Josepli M., genl >tore 
S'orey William E., gen! store 
Tarv,-ater James L., tailor 
Tiionipson (ireen H., co. tax receiver 
Thomp?(^n Henry C, butcher 
Thornton John F., co. oniinary 
Torijert Samuel A , confections 
"Walker John E., drugs and physician 
Weaver WidiauJ M., judge county 

VViljon Je*se P., elk superior court 
Wood J. Henry, giist mill 
Zimmerman John F., co. coroner 

Greene County. 

A small village of about GO inhabit- 
ants, containing two churches— Bap- 
tist and Melhodist— tW() schools (one 
colored , and steam gin, gri'^t and 
saw miii. Located 10 miles west of 
Greensborough conrl-bou~e, 5 north 
eastot Buckliead — Georgia R. ]i.— its 
shij^piog station and telegraph ofiii-e, 
ami 75 from Atlanta. C?otton and 
grain form the cliief exports. S.'iip 
via Buckhcad. >Lail se mi weekly by 
horseback. J. V. Tliomas, P. M. 
Cartwright J. F., carpenter 
Davis E. F. Mrs., teacher 
Giles C. R., physician 
Gresham J. T. &Co., genl store 
Gresham V. D. & Co., gin and saw 

Thomas J. Y., genl store and 

blacksmith shop 
Wood T. B., carpenter 


Spalding Onmty— Atlanta Dir., C. R.R. 
The county seat. Ls at the junc- 
tion of the Atlanta Div. C. R. R. 
and fe., G. & N. A. R. R. Has u 
population of 4,200. Has expressand 
telegraph ollices, two newspapers — 
Driili/ and Wcefdi/ jVt:ws, and the 
(rrl/li}} S'ln— two bank<, churches of 
the'Baptist, Metho,list, Presbyterian, 
Episcopal and Ciiristian denomina- 
tions. Tiie Sam Bailey Institute and 
Grillin Female College are located 
here. The city is governed by a 
mayor and board of emht aldermen. 
James H. Logan, P. M. 

Allen & Co. (Nick E. Allen), lumber 
Anthonv Edward 11., physician 
Bass ifc Heard ( Ji'scph L. Ba-s, Em- 
mett A. Heard), genl store 

■n I 
O w 


o td 

— o 

f'.^falSl F^i^.lPf* -^^^D PICTURE FRAMES, at Whclesalo a Specialty, at 
wiyyLy£l«yd GC0L2[AK'S. 2S WhltehaU Street, Atlanta, Ga. 


The Press and People regard THE CHRSSTI ASM ir^DSZX 
the best Advertising rViedium In the South. 



■T j Brown Fannie Mrs., milliner 

II I Brown Mary R. -Mr.-., mill.ner 

11 i Burr Henry C stove>, etc 

l| : (\irson James li., barl'er 

1 i City National }i:ink, Gilinan J.Dra 


Bates M. L. & Co. (M. L. Bates, W. 

M. Mitfhell), sruano 
Beck & Beeks (E. W. Beck, Walter 
C. Beeks), attorneys 
Beeks Cnarlea P., furnilnro 

prea ; J. G. RlieH, oaslir 

Clark Audrew J., y:roeer 

Ciark George W. & Son (Geor;^e AV. 
and James H.), ^'foc* r-* 

Clevelaiul James il , dentist 

Cole William T., cotton and guano 

Ct>ndHn Lawrence, stone 

Connell Kobert S.,co. slierifT 

Cos; ler Joseph W., tailor 

Connell & Hudson (Robert S. Con- 
nell, W. B. Hudson,) saloon and 

Beel-8 Walter C, judge county court 1 Cunningham Geor^o A., grocer 
JJi>il»oi> Chpr!>"« A. 5 grocer | Daily and W'cAily News, Nile? & 


Dealer in 



9th S'reet, corner Meriwether, 
CJIin^FT^*', - - - OA. 

Blakely I'enjamia J{., grocer 
Blantoa B. P. & Co. ( Bonjimiu P. 
Blanton, Henry E. Williamson), 
grocers and millers 
llowdoiii Miiiliii ()., elk supe- 
rior ('(JUrt 
'Boyd Joseph D., cotton warehouse 
and com iner 
Boynton John Q., contractor 
Roynton & Hammond (James S. 
J?oyuton, Edwin W. Haoimoud), 
Bowden & Shackelford (Charles 
Bowden, Azmou B, Shackelford), 
' 1 stable 

^ Bray Thomas H., marble 
H ^ Bruwner James >r., ins agt 
(5 t Brawner lienrv T. it Son (Henry T. 
cjj ^ and James M.), books an<l music 
UZ. Brewer & Ilanleiter ^William H. 
Brewer, William R. Hanleiter), 
PJ "% guano and cotton 
Jd ® Bridges J. C, salo<ni 
Bridges Wiley J , saloon 

"c Brooks & Mills (Tiiomas J. Brooks, 
n "* Joini B. Mills), t'Miil store 
H Brown Ebenezer M., deputj collector 
H int rev 


Mdler, proprs 
Darnel Robert T., a'toruey 
Deane Richard J., pliotographer 
Deane Samuel H., grocer 
Hismuke Frederick D., attorney 
Doe Benjamin W., co. coroner 
Drewry Demarius E. 6i Son 

marfus E. and Eugene M.), 

Drewry Nicholas P.., druggist 
Duncan Thomas (ri, l>ailK>r 
ICady Henry, wheelwright 
Ellis Jamet: T., physician 
Engel Jo-eph, genl store 
Flemister E. J. & Co. (Edward J. 

Flemister, Alexander C. Sorrel), 

genl store 
Foster Joseph P., railroad agent 
Foster Robert R.,co commissioner 
Fuller Warner, hlacksmith 
Georgia Hotel, J. S. Sh.ll. propr 
George William E. c^ Bro. (c), (Wil- 
liam E. and Clo.ide B.), saloou 
Geortie William E., gmcer 
(TC'.rge & Hnrtnett (John D. George, 

William H. liariuett), grocers and 

liijuor dealers 
Godihutl House, Lucius Gofldard, 

propr, Jiroadway cor Brooks 


3L.-C7CIXJS aor>T:)il2^r>, Prop. 

liroadivay, Cor. Jirooks St net. 

Rates $1 50 per day. 


Soecial rates for loncer 

B. H. Broomhead & Co. 


LhPr niPTA!f\IC ^^^ Lamtre^uins, selected from finest Importation. 
HbLl bUa 1 iUliO CARTER Sc SCLOMwN, 50 V/hitehall st., Atlanta 




Goddard Lucius, projr Goddard 

Housi*, Bio.ulu nvcor Bi'ookd 
Goddard Ijiieius W., grocer 
(Jret-ii Pt^ter (c), blMi.-ksinith 
GrillH Daiikm^ ('ompanv, ^I. L. 

ButL^s, pre.s ; W. M. Mitciiell, caslir 
Gritliii Feaiale Coik'ge, A. B. Nilt'.s, 

GrilRu Sun, William R. Haiileiter, 

Hall .lohti T., attorney 
llauijuond Ediviii W., co. ordi- 

Haninioiul Joshua, ro. tax receiver 
HamiiKnid William B., grocer 
Haiileiter William R., propr Griffiu 

Harris Joseph N. A Son (Joseph N. 

and Walter J.), dri;-« 
Husselkus & Patrick (Hugo W. Has- 

selkus, Marion J. Patrick), boots, 

eliocs Hiid leatiier 
Hawk James A., shbemakr 
Hill J.sliani, .saddles and harness 
Home HoNvell C, liquors 
Home William H., co. tax collector 
Hudson William B., livery stable 
Hunt & JohnscMi (John J. Hunt, 

Cliarles R. Johnson), attorneys 
Iiiman Samn<d N. & Co. (SanuH'l N". 

Inm;>n, Walker P. luman, Wil- 
liam C. Sanders, Samuel K. Dick), 

cotton warehouse 
Ison Emanuel I., saloDU 
Tson Franu M., saloon 
Ison Ji.hi), grocer 
Json Oliver H., saloon 
Johnson diaries H. v& Son (Charles 

H. & Robert II.), hardware