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Full text of "Getzendanner family of Frederick County, Maryland; incl. a sketch of the Buckey and Salmon families ... the ancestors ... of the children of Abraham Getzendanner & his wife, Mary E. (Buckey) .."

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.\ ^KKr.ii 111-- ill!: p.ri'KK'i and Sm.Mmv fami; 

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r^^o ^ m^ ^- Kinsmen:^^ 

P^very person wiio po><sesscH any pride, will, after he passes 
the meridian of life, if not before, turn liis thougiits more or 
le;?s to tlie past. Tliat pa.^t will embraee his aneestors. It 
will be gratifyiiiii to know soniethini; of them. 

To supply that information, and at the same time to pre- 
serve sueh facts as might be liad from documents in the fam- 
ily, and also such as may have come down as traditi<jn in 
the family, is the object of this unpretendintr pamjihlet. Be- 
yond an examination, by myself, of tlie will records of the 
Getzendanners, and the records of the (Jermanor Evangelical 
Reform ("hurch for the births and marriages of tlie Bucke\' 
family^ by Miss Laura (letzendanner, reliance has Ix'en most- 
ly on private family documents, bibles and on the memorv uf 
one or two of the oldest ol*the family. 

Fur a large part of the information about the younger mem- 
bers of these families, I have relied on my own memory, which 
after a tiiirty years residence, more than two thousand miles 
distant, must be more or less imjierfect. ConsecjUently manv 
facts I might be presumed to know will be overlooked, and 
often dates are approximate, and middle names forgotton or 

That tins family record is not as correct and full as it might 
be. is admitted; but it represents as mucW libor and time as I 
could devote to tlie subject. / J^ ///// .'^ 

iSuch as it is. — 1 [ilace before yi 

^f^^fe ® ^etjend(ap>.ne;r5. 


"Sorvimts of the (ifHls." "Fire worshipers-" i 

. i 

The earliest settlements of what is now Frederick County. 

Maryland, were made by a few English people from the tide 

water country of the state and a number of Palatines fiom 
Germany, along with whom were some Swiss and a few French. 
Prior to 1725 there were no settlements in that portion of the 
state, and comparatively spoaliing but few until 17o0. a,t which 
time the inllux of Palatines from (iermany and Germans from 
eastern Pennsylvania began to take place. Tlie earliest (Ger- 
man emigrants landed at Philadelphia, Penn., and mov^d 
across and along the fcrtle valleys westward and foithwes-t- j 
ward, and always located on the best land. They brought , 

with them their ministers, their teachers, doctors etc. 1 

These emigrants and their fathers had witnessed the relent- i 


less religious wars in Germany, and doubtless hoped to avoid | 

persecuti!)n and oppression in the now country. They were I 
mostly IjUthcrans and (Jerman Reformers, and soon had the j 
country dotted over with churches and school houses. These I 
German emigrants took up land in this new region ofthi^ wo'-ld, , 
and improved it, and their descendonts of to-day virtually 
own, with the exception of a few poor districts, the whole 

Tli(> Monocacy Valley, extending through this county, can- 
not be surpassed in beauty and fertility by any s{)ot on God's 
green earth, I 

(a) i 


■ Vpfroni the moiidows, ricli with corn, 

Clear from tlio cool SciitriiiluT iMorii, 
Tlie cliistercil spires of Krcilerkk sl.ui'.l, 
Grccn-wiiUoci by the hills of Maryland. 

Round about tlicm orchanls sweep, 
Apple ami peach tree fruited tloep; 
Fair as a ganlen of the Lonl. 

WlIITTIER'S Bahbara Frichie. 

The Susquehanna tribe of Indians, prior to its settlement 
by the whites, occupied this region of the country. They 
were of the six nations of our colonial history, and were said 
by Cai)t. John Smith of Virginia, to be the finest specimens of 
manhood he ever belield. They dwindled away in the civil 
wars of the tribes, and by the terrible scourge of small pox 
which prevailed among them. The miserable remnani was 
pushed back by tlie influx of the whites. Some few could not 
be induced to leave that Eden. One Chief, named Tom, lived 
and died on a creek which bears his name this day, and anoth- 
er in the same way gave his name to the Linganore. (Miller's 
Directory of Frederick County.) 

It was in this Monocacy Valley our ancestor cast his lot, 
and where his descendants, for years, lived and many of them 
still live and ilourish. 

'^f^eimir^ ® I|istorjj.i^'^ 

Christian Gctzendanncr arrived in Philadelphia, Pcnn., in 
the sliip ''Allen", James Craige, Master, September 15th., 172U, 
in comi)any witli Joseph Brunncr, his father-in-law, and fifty 
Palatines. (Rupps Collection of oO,000 Names, publislied at 
Harrlsburg, Pa., 1S5G, page 16.) 


He was? born in Switzerluml :im(1 u-ft tlmt lU-puiilic uiMkr 
}>apport given in 172;-^. Ho left (lorinany tor tin' AnuTicai) 
t'oluniesi April Titli.. IT'J!*. in with his fatii<r-iii-l:i\v. 
Jii.-^cph Brunnrr. who v.vw from the (iovTiuu nt ot' I'i'ltztr 
Schiverstadt. with sons ami ilau;iht<'r as follows: Jaioh. .J<iiin, 
Ellas. Henry and Catharine, wife of Christian (ietzendaiinfr. 
Christian G.. and Catharine Uarbara Brunner were married 
April •JOtl... 172;-;. (Cetzendanner Family Meinorand'im. ) 

From Albaugh's memoranda of the Brunner family it ap- 
pears that --Joseiih Brunner eameform Manheim. (urmany. in 
172i). and <=;ottled on CarroUs ereek one mile northwest of whi-'X- 
Frederiek now stands. Une of his daughters married Chris- 
tian Cetzcndanner. A younger one married Remsburg." 

Christian Cetzcndanner. the original founder of the family 
in Frederiek County. Maryland, eame over from Switzerland 
in the early part of the ISth.. eentury and settled in the for- 
es;ts aliout two miles west of the >|(.it where Frederiek City n )W 
stands. The old homestead remained in the family until 
about 1875, the last owner in line being .John D. CJelzendanner. 
u direct lineal descendant, through eldest sons, of the original 
settler. Clnistian (J., as wa,s very eomoii in those days, houudil 
of an Indian Chief some three thousand acres of land, e.ttend- 
ing from the foot of the mountain wlicre Fairview now stands 
eastwardly towards the Mom.eaey lllver. l{elying(ui this ti- 
tle he did not take steps to have the purehase eontirnieil by 
the I.oril I'roprietor, until one O'Neal located on the eastern 

]K\vt of tJic triu-t ;in(l proruroi! a ))atent or <rram to about one 
thonsaiid acfL-s of the land. Tliis opened the eyes of Christi.iu 
<ji., and he }»ct)eeeded to make hit< title solid to a.< inueh of the 
traet as wa? possihie. One of the <;i'ant.s. wlihh 1 havf sefMi, 
fovers about 0(X) at res. wat? applied for in 174.'3 and and issued 
in 1752. under the name of "Chiistian's Choioe." The original 
settlement was made on this tra<t. The house was built of 
h)gs, and stood on the farm till snme twenty-tive years ago. 
say 18()5. when it was torn down. Around this eabin the (orig- 
inal settler on many a night, with his gun on his shoulder, 
stood guard to ward off hostile and thieving Indians. Tliis is 
from statements C)f memlxMs of the family, prineipaily of 
Thomas Cietzendanner. brother of .John 1).. hereint'efure men- 
tioned, and great, great grand son of the origiiial seitler, and 
eame to Thomas, for the most pari, througii Daniel Uetzeu- 
danner. Ir^r.. unele of Thomas. 


In Liber "A" No. 1. ^\'ill lUiords of Frederick County, 
Maryland, page *J7(J. is recorded the will of Christian (ietzen- 
danner, made during his last illness, dated December 21st.. 
17(JG. I'roved up January 'JDtii.. 17l)G ? 7. He recognizes tlie 
exist*lice of (^od; provides first; for jniyment of all just deiits 
and bet|Ueaths, as follow.-: 
•J. To Adam Cietzendanner. his eldest son (born 17"2-}.) all 

the land upon which he now resides, called resurvcy of 

"Christian's Choice", and 


8. Beque&t to son Baltis '( born October 11th., 1730. ) £50, 
pefces of 2-8 and 7-G each etc. 

4. Bequest to dauglitei- IMargaret, wife of Gilbert Kemp, £'25, 
etc. (Born July IL'th., 1720.) 

5. Bequest to wife Barbara, 101b well hackled tlax annuallv 
and other property. 

6. Bequest to daughter Catharine, wife of .John Thomas, per- 
sonal properly etc. (Born November 10th., 1734.) 

7. Bequest to daugliter Anna IMaria, wife of Thomas St liloy. 
(Born March Gth., 1739.) 

Gilbert Kemp, Executor. 

Note. — The eldest son received all of the real estate. Be- 
quests of money etc., to the others 'XV-hich was made a charge 
on the real estate. 

In Will Records No. 2, page 1, may be found tlie will of 
Adam Getzendanner, eldest son of Christian, dated August 
8th., 1783, proved up September loth.. 1783. After commit- 
ting himself to Divine Providence, he wills: 

1. To his wife Elizabeth, personal j)roperty and two thirds of 
land during widowhood. 

2. To eldest son, John, the plantation upon which he lives of 
200 acres, known as -'Adams Content" including mead'iw 
poplar tree etc., marked for lines etc. (Born about 1764.) 

3. To second son, Christian, the lower plantation wlicre Law- 
rence Bullard, a tenant now lives, containing 190 acres and 
his part of meadow to run to poplar tree above mentioned etc. 

4. Totliird son, Jacob, plantation containing 184 acres known 
as part of resurvey of -'Good Luck," where George Waskey, 
tenant now lives etc. 

- (6) 

5. Wife Elizabeth and son John, Executors. . • 

6. Sons made residuary logatoes. Adam married Eliz-.ihoih. 
daughter of Christian Kemp, May 12th., 17G3. Widow, 
after Adam's death, married a Mr. Hotrman. No heirs by 
fcecond marriage, Elizabeth Hoffman attained the age of 80 
years and died at her son's, John Getzendanner. 

In Ledger G. M. E., No. 2, p.age GU-l, may be found tJie will 
of John Getzendanner, eldest son of the foregoing testator, 
dated October 24th., 1883, probated April 6th., 1841 (Codicil 
October 24th., 1839) in which he bequeaths among other 
things as follows: 

1. To eldest son, Johnathan, parts of resurvey of "Adams 
Content;" field notes called for marked Poplar as in pre- 
ceeding will (at least 18 lines to this survey,) also two small 
tracts of land called ''Neighl)ors Agreement," in all 153^ 
acres and tU| acres of mountain land. 

2. To Daniel, second son, part of resurvey of "Adams Con- 
tent," bought of Jacob Getzendanner, containing 143 acres 
of land, also part of resurvey on "Choice," bought of Peter 
Buckey, also 53:^ acres of mountain land, al.-:o water right to 
saw mill etc. 

3. To Abraham, third .sop, part of the resurvey of "Adams 
Content" lying on south side of turnpike road and west 
of Johiiathan's tract, also all that part of a tract of land 
called "Alle Mingle" conveyed by Jacob Getzendanner of 
Gabriel, also part of a tract called ''Trllle," also part of a re- 
survey on Frankford, conveyed by said Jacob G., also a tract 
conveyed tome by Betsy Noland, all 134 acres and oU| acres 

, of mountain land. 


4. Bequest to wife Catharine, of personal nroi)erty ami ohO 
third interest in hind for life. 

5. To daughter Margaret, wife of Jacob Houek, liousc and 
lot to use througli trustee. 

6. To John, Wil]iaiu and Cathaaine Reynolds, children of 
Catharine, a deceased daughter, house and lot. 

7. To daughter Mary, wife of David Miller, house and lands. 
S. Some general provisions. 

9. Made wife, Johnathan and Daniel executors. 

Note. — One of the daughters married Henry KeifTer, but 
she died childless and before testator. Margaret Iloui^k was 
by a first wife, consequently half sister to the other children. 
The second wife was Catharine Tabler, marriage May 81st., 
1789. The first wife was jMiss Margaret Fout, marriage Sep- 
tember 7th., 17S3. JohnGetzendanner, testator, was a soldier 
of the Revolutionary War. His son Johnathan was a mem- 
ber of Cajit. Alexander Getzendanner's, (his kinsman,) com- 
pany in the war of 1812. Both were mere boys at the time of 
the respective wars. One of the Avild ones, as Captain com- 
manded a vessel in the Lafitte fleet. He was a noted Cliief- 
tain in Tvafitte's forays upon the ocean. The offence was com- 
pletely wij)ed out by his gallant conduct at tlie battle of Xcw 
Orleans, 1815. {See "Latitte," a novel.) 

The family has always been noted for thrift and financial 
solidity, and no one of tjie name was ever known to have been 
detained behind the bars of a prison. 

The issue of John Getzcndanner & Margaret Fout, hiswife,was : 
1. Margaret, born January 27th., 1787, who married Jacob 
Houck. Issue as follows: John, Henry. Margaret, Dan- 

iel and Edward Houck. 
Issue by 2nd., marriage, Catharine Tablc-r his wife, as follows: 

2, Johnathan, born March ISth., 17^)8, who married Eliza- 

beth Derr. The former (Uc<i about 1855. the latter about 
1880. Ibsue of this marriage was: 

a. Mary, who married Dr. John Bcchtol, and died 1SS8 

leaving issue. 

b. Catharine, who married Henry Lighter; left issue. 

c. William, died about 1840. Young and never married. 

d. Louis, who went with Walker to Nicaragua on his fili- 

bustering expedition and never returned. 

e. Rebecca, who married William Hughes, of Baltimore, 

died about 1875. Left two sons and one daughter. 

f. Thomas, married a Miss Wilcoxon; is living in Balti- 

more and have, issue. 

3. Daniel Gctzendanner, born December 23rd., 1800, married 

Mary Derr. Died about 1870, Ic^-ing issue: 
a. Edward, who married a Miss. Schafifer and after her death 
a Miss Young. He has quite a family of children and 
lives in ^Montgomery Co., ^Maryland. 
. b. Elizabeth, died young and unmarried. 

c. Daniel, married Miss Margaret Winebrenner of Frederick 

County. Was for a number of years the leading merchant 
in Frederick. He with his wife and children, some five 
or six in number, now lives in B^irkley County. Virginia. 

d. Jolui, married Miss Margaret Martin, has two children 

now grown up. All live ih Fort Worth, Texas. 

e. F. 'Marion, married a Miss Sarah Schaffcr. Now lives in 

Montgomery County, Maryland. 


f. George, married and lives in Ohio, has issnc. 

g. Anna Maria, married A. J. Wilcoxon. Have lived and 

do now live in Frederick. Have an interesting family of 

children, some of whoTn are grown up and married. 
h. Eugene, married a Miss Smith, sister of George William 

Smith, of Frederick County. Live in Frederick. They 

have four or five daughters. 
i. Martha, married Dr. John Getzendanner. died about 

1880; left one child. 
k. Harrison, lives in Missouri; is a minister and married, I 

1. Calvin, died young and without issue. 

4. Elizabeth, was born May .DOth., 1790, married Harry Kief- 

fer, no issue. 

5. Mary, born June 26th., 179'2, married David Miller; she 

died in Frederick, Maryland, about 1802, leaving issue 
as follows: ^ 

a. Joseph Getzendanner Miller, who married Sarah C. Conk- 

lin, of Pennsylvania. He was for many years the leading 
merchant in Frederick, and has held ollices at the hands 
of the public. He resides near Frederick and has one 
child only, a daughter, now grown and married to a Mr. 

b. Catharine, married a Mr. Gorrel, of Virginia. After his 

death she married Harvey Hedges, also of Virginia. 
Left issue. 

c. Harrison, married Sarah Schaffer. Live in Frederick 

County, and have issue. 

d. Mary, married John Smith. Live in Frederick County, 


JliU'O isMio. 

e. David, married Sarah Ro<\'iO. T,ivc in saim^ comity and 

liavo issue. 

f. Saraiu married CHiarles W'eller, of \'irginia. Now live 

in 0' County, 111. Have issue. 
G. Josejih, born Xovoiubor i)th., ]7i)l, died July 12th.. I"**;'). 

7. Catharine, born June l;Uh., 17!)(), married Sinnuel Rey- 

nolds, of Frederick, died abmit IS.'tS. leaving two child- 

a. CathariiH' Alice, who married (ieorge Cramer, about 

IS-I.") i.r ■>(». !.- still living and has 4 .sons and 1 daughter. 

b. John, who married Miss TraViue. of Tennosseo. lives in 

Wills Point, Texas, ar.d has a family of five or six 
children, nearly all grown and most of them married. 

8, Abraham, born December ItUli., 1811. married Mary 

Elizabeth IJuckcy, daughter of Peter Duckey in 1883. 
and died April 18th. ,(?) 18.58, leave?; issue as follows: 
a. William 11., bora May 14th., 1834. Took degree of A. B. 
at Dickin.son College, Pennsylvania, 18.58. Moved to 
Tcxa.s, 18.58. Practiced law in Ellis County. Texas. 
Entered Confederate Army. 13(31; became an (^ilicer of 
the line; was wounded twice; serve temi>orarily, after 
fighting was over, as Assistant Adjutant Ceneral of 
Brigade, and also as Quartermaster of V2\h., Cavalry 
Kegiment. After war, married (August 2nd., 18()5) 
^^'illie E. Ncel, widow of Hon. T. C. Xeel, and daughter 
of John 15. Latimer, of Hancock County, Ceorgia. Ha-s 
two children living; Willie, a daughter, born October 
18G0, and Ralph, a son horn Octol)er, 187-5; and three 


dead; Mary Lou and Clyde, daughters, and Paul Lati- 
mer, a son. The three died (^uite younsx, the niili-t not 
quite four years. William II., has (juite lari^e nli'iuing 
and land interests in Ellis and other eounties in Tt/xas. 
Was a memher of the lianking and law tirni of Ferris 
(Judge) & Getzendanner, from 1808 to 187.'). and of the 
banking iirm of Getzendanner it Ferris (It. A. ) frMin 
1875 Lo iSS4, at whicli time the bank of Gotzendiinner 
vt Ferri.?, was merged into and became the Citizen^ Na- 
tional Bank, of Waxahachie, Texas. He became Presi- 
dent of th.e bank and so continued until his retirement 
from business in 1887. He was also the first Mayor of 
Waxahachie, Texas, and for four years represented in the 
Senate the 21st., District of Texas composed of the 
Counties of P]llis, Hill and .loln^.son. 

b. Anna Catharine, born March 18;5G, married John Wtlkr 

Esq., of Martinburg, Va., about 18 )7. Is now living in 
Ogle County, 111. She has four children; Julia Scott, 
married Arthur Irvine, 1882; ]\Iary I)Uckey, married 
George Shryock, 1886; Anna Virginia, married Prof. 
Hannahault, 1888; Carrie Lee, just grown and unmar- 

c. Milton L]dmond, l^orn 18;>8, moved to Ogle County, 111., 

Married a MissTliomas, 1875, and hav^ issue as folkiws: 
George, Fannie, Ednii, William and Anna Lain-ie living 
and 2 dead. Has held some public ollicies in the county. 

d. Laura Virginia, born 18li\ living in Frederick, Mary- 

land. Never nnirried. 
c. Nettie, liorn about 1857, married James I'rown. 1888. 

One child James Paul. 

f. Marslial A., died about 1672. un-narrioil. 

g. Winlield Scott, moved to III., th^h to Kaiipas, where lie 

married Lihhie Mabry, riaup;liter of Major Mabry, I'. S. 
Vol. lias two boys. Frank, aiiont 1-5 year? of acjo and 
Eddie about l.'i years. They live in Parker County, 
h. Fannie A., born May I808, married .John Trejiallas about 
1878; has issue: Lirace, Eleanor and -lolm Leland. 
They reside at Grafton. West Vir^iinia. 

Two brothers of the name came over to the American Col- 
onies from northern France and settled in what is now Fred- 
erik County, Maryland, in tlie year 1745. They were of Hu- 
guenot stock, and the name as above lias been anglicised. 
It appears in the earlier Evangelical Reform Church Records, 
as Putjuet. 1 'ouimctt, Bueke. Buckey and Bockey. It is known 
that several of these spellings were used by the oliler members 
of the family. 

The name of one of these brothers was Mathias. He mar- 
ried Anna Maria (^lary) Hoffman, whose brother, Peter Hofl- 
man. moved to Baltimore, and became the ancestor of the dis- 
tinguished 1-altimorc family of that name. The fattier of 
Mnry and Peter, came from fJermany and .settled on a farm 
in what is now Frederick County, Maryland. 

The issue of this marriage was: 


Mnthias, born April ir.tli., IT-')!), who mairi<d ( iiri.-tia't 
Ra-iiur (Jfot-rh, wiilmv of ('a|n. (hos- !i, of the Kc'nlu- 
tioiiary Army and ilaii>,'litcr .if.Jolni Mi-lia,'! Ko'mcr 
and Ainiiia Hiitvanft, dauglilcr of a (icrinau Cavalrv 
Margavn. 1)., who marriod a DamuT, and one sou of whom. 
Joel A., reprfscntC'd the Ccttysbuig. IVnusyhania, Dis- 
trict in Cttngrosr- ali<-nit iS.'iO. 
John, i.orn O.toln-r •_':>tii.. ITC.-J, is said to liav.- -narriiM; a 

Miss Tlionias of Marybmd. No ndiablf rerc.rd. 
Catburinc born .Inn. ■ -.'.'.tli.. 1772. married Naibaii Eug- 

buid. l.cft issnr. 
N'ali-ntine, marriod Charlotte ricmspcrgoi-, January 2'.!tli. 

1798. Left issue. 
George, married a Miss Kroigcr. a sister of Daniel C'reager, 
of Mt. Pleasant District. He lived and di.l business 
(Tanning) at BiKkeystown, whenec name of ihat town 
and district of Frederick County, ^laryland. 
Peter, born February I'itli., 1775. married Mary Salmon, 
dangliter of ('apt. Kdwart^Salmon, of Frederick County 
and an o'lieer in the Revolutionary Army. Married 
May 17th.. llUC. Peter died IS-IS, aged 7o years and 
4 months. Mary Salmon, his wife, died Manh 2()lh., 
18G4, aged S(i years. Issue of Peter I'.uckcy and Marv 
Buckey, his wife as follows: 
Edwar'l, horn March 7th.. 1797, served several terms in 
Maryland Fegislature, died Octi>ber (Uh. ISSl. Never 
John P>., born October 17th., 179,S, died ISOU. ' 

(11) ' 

Eliza, horn ITtli., ISOO, luarricil Danirl C.Sinitl., 
being his seond wife, and died in liondon County, Xi''- 
ginia, Feb., 1S41, leaving Three sons; (a) Kdward IJuf-k- 
oy Smith, Kx-C'ol. C. S. A., and for some years Prof., of 
Math"inatics in Kichmond, N'irginia, and a very [irom- 
inant actuary and noted mathnnatieian. He married 
Miss Lucy Cabell, of tlie '•I'niversity of Virginia, and 
has some four or five ehildn/n living. (1)) Sunimei'field. 
next son, was with Stonewall Jackson, anrl died in the 
service of the Confederate States. No issue, (c) How- 
ard, next son. represented Albemarle County, Virginia, 
in the Legislature for several terms. Died tSSH. No 


Eleanor, born August llth., 1802, became tirst wife of Dan- 
iel G. Smith, above; died in 1832, in London County, 
\'irginia, leaving one son, Francis H., who has for some 
thirty-five years been proflcssor of Philosophy etc., in 
the University of Virginia. He has attained much dis- 
tinction as a teacher, lecturer etc. He married a daugh- 
ter of Prof. Gessner Ht««<ion, of the University. He 
has 'piitc a large family of children. 

Anna, was born Nov. G, 1804, married Edward Howard, 
and died in Fredrick 1870, leaving children as follows: 

a. Mary, who married Lloyd Keider; 

b. Charles E., who married Miss Grover4^_^^- 

c. Virginia, who married (ieo. ^^'m. Smith; 

d. Emma, who married a Mr. Cookson; 

e. William, who n)arried a Miss Culler; 

f. Annie, who married a Mr. Veitch, an Attorney-at-Law. 


f;. \'ictori:i, who inariitMl a Mr. IV-ano, an At1(irnoy-at-Law. 
G. William died youiiL:, 1S14. no is^suo. 
7. Cathai-ino, was l>'n-ii Apni 'iS. l.^O'.t. and lannipd (ico. ^^'. 

Hoflfnian; died AuLrust 1S47 in London Co. VivLnnia. 

leaving some six or cij;ht children. 
S. Valentino, was b>iru . married Eli:^ali^'th 

Remshurtr. He died Nov. 19. IS-JO. His wife died in 

9. ;Mary EHzalieth, youngest child, was horn March 18, 1814. 

married Abram (letzondanncr, 1S.3.']. and is now. Aj-ril 

12, 1890. living in Frederick. .Maryland, sjjrightly as a 

girl and with hair of raven darkness. 
There ure seven children hy this marriage now living. For 
names reference may he had to the (Jetzendanner family liere- 

Harriet Costley the good and faithful family servant, knnv.n 
and loved by all the grand children of Peter and Mary Sal- 
moon Buekey, died December 30, 1880, aged 74 years. After 
Grand-Mother Buckcy's death. Uncle E. Buckey movtil to 
Fredrick, taking Harriet along and lived with my motlier, 
Mary E. Getzend,\nner. Both remained with her and Ix^tli 
died at her house. 

. y 'w ^ 

Edward Salmon, the head of the Salmon family in Mary- 
land, was born in England August 19.1743. Being th(> young- 
er son, ho was given a place in the F^nglish army, with the 

law of pri)ii(t;^oihituio wliirli {zave the tiifat iandr-'l r-.-tato iii 
liis oldest brntlitr. lie rL'tircd from tho aniiv on half j)uy an.l 
caTiie over to the Colonies an 1 locat'Ml in F-eilciek I'ountv. 
Maryland. Dnrin.f!; the Revolution lie sewed a> an of 
the line and partieii>atetl in th.' battle of IW'aiidy wine ete. He 
adopted school teaehinsi as a jjrofcssion. Manv of the ])roni- 
inont men of Frederick County wjlere" twiight by him. He 
married a Miss Keller, of Mount Pleasant Distriet. The issue 
fif that marriage was: 

1. Mary, horn Feb. 10, 177S, who tnarried Peter Bnekey. 

2. Charles, who moved to Baltimore and was the ancestor of 

a prominent Pialtimore family of tliat nan.e. 

3. Edward, of whom nothiuff deliu^te is known. 

4. Richard, of New Market, the father of Hon. \Vm. Salmon 

and Cliarles. 

f). George, lived in Frederick. Was married hut died with- 
out issue. 

G. Catherine, who married a Mr. Reitzell. l.cft issue. 

7. Margarette, first married a Mr. Phillips and aft'T his 

death a Mr. Keller. The Salmon family l)ible eamo 
througli this lady to Mrs. Mary K. Cetzendanner of 
Frederick. Maryland, who now holds it. 

8. Elizabeth, married George Getzendanner. Eeft issue.