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H U U K N T OF :? i A T B H i S i , . V, 



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•« K, 'Hart, 


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(This is a copy of the original index prepared by Jane Marlatt Taft - 
^ now owned by Helen Stuart Marlatt) 


1-2 PraliiBlaary - Introducing some Her lets of the present 

period in Frsaoe. 

3-4 Tftfi^tLTi ("The notes and records in these pages, etc.") 

5-10 The (iaiM (0-10 "Marlette") 

11-18 Gideon Marlett: His Saigration and Settlement 

13-lS Petition for 'lands, seed grain, and provisions for six 

19-23 Gideon Marlett *s sons on Statea Island, viz: 21 Joshua or 
Joaias, 22 Paul, 23 Joha, 24, 27 Abrahaa. 

24-25 Interpolation (Abrahaa'a son Abrahaa , only disc, sale 
grandson ol Gideon) . 

25 Joseph - unidentified 

26 Gideon ^ the Huguenot and sons. 

27-28 Abrahaa^ (Gideon ^) Marriage and children 

29-32 Abrahaa^ (Abrahaa^. Gideon^, vife and children. 

33-37 Tboaas^ (Abrahaa^, Abrahaa^, Gideon^) Wife Penelope and 

38-43 Moatgoaery Co., H. T. (changes in naaes of localities) 

44-50 Marriages and Itaptisas in Moatgoaery Co. (Old Caughnaeaga 
Church Records) 

51-54 Soae Moatgoaery County Land Records 

55-195 John^ (Thiif^, Abrahaa^, etc.) and descendants. 

55-64 John^ Marlett (Thoa.^, Abrahaa^, etc.) in Montgosery Co., 
K. y. 

56 - His deed of land (I7d9) 

57>61 - fiis history - Revolutionary, etc. 

62-64 - His aarriages and baotisos of c.hildycr, 

Y.lim.'i Tl'SJmM 

yamB&%q, ^3 to isj&l-'' ..>ai>a ^xij:c>. 

xk'ai ^et )ii&ii„<i4iyo'£4 ua^- ^Ai- 


a^ ja«A <.«,'»' 


c c?'.rt,? ti^5 

"^ ali 

f,- i^ii^-fj *■;/?<»€; . 

ai ci< 

^:'«-k''.i;?'ti: ■ ';. 

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" -I ft 

.■lit. ! 's's ,f»j 


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Pas* 2 

64-191 Gideon^ (Jotan^, Thammm^, AbrahaaS, etc.) 

05-08 - In Moatgoaarj Co., M. T. and (1804) to Mllford, 
Otsogo Co., K. Y. , thenc* In 1813 to Onondaga Co. 
72-76 - Bis Military rscord and history and iacldeats 
relating to hiuelf and wife Mary Quackent>ush. 

77 Births of children of Gideon and wife Mary Q. 

78-89 I. John?, (Gideon^, Joha&, etc. It Descendants.) 

90-152 II. Jereaiah? (Gideon^, John^, etc.) and descendants 

153 III. Willlaa^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

154-105 I¥. Peter^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

166-176 V. Abrahaa^ (Gideon®, etc.) 

177-178 VI. Mary7 (Polly) (Gideon*, etc.) 

179 VII. Cornelius (Gideon^, etc.) 

180-183 VIII. Susannah^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

184-188 IX. Margaret'' (Peggy) (Gideon®, etc.) 

187 X. Thoaas' (Gideon*, etc.) 

188-191 XI. Isaac? (Gideon®, etc.) 

192-194 Mary* (Joha^, Tboaas^) 

195 Giles* (John^ etc.) 

196-200 For records of Mark^ 

201-204 The Scipio, Cayuga Co. Marlettes 

205-208 The Jasper, Steuben Co. , M. Y. Marlatts 

209-210 Joseph Marlatt of Freehold Township, Monaouth Co.. M. J. 
and Allegheny County, Pa. 

211-214 John and Williaa Marlatt of Mansfield. N. J. (Two other 

brothers and sisters) 3ee Jaaes P. Snell's Hist. Sussex li 
Warrea Co., l«. J. P. 725 

211-212 John 

'•'..! i:*i?.s[ Tvs-.m^M 

oo A ».i ajtiff) 

xia rset 


-!.& HCtt,*.. 



:% i/^'OMii^ 



£^.(S"«"Sn:-'1^!: ^ 

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zs'xtLiii:' ' 

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y-Vif'-fy^ftt' % 


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rtW ,ij?e3 

?>a^ r«* 


>-.j.l -^fS, 



Pac« 2 

64-191 Gldeoo^ (Jotan^, Thoafts^, AbrahaaS, etc.) 

Q5-6B - In Uontgoaerj Co., M. T. and (1804) to Mllford, 
Otsogo Co., K. Y. , thencv in 1813 to Osoxtdaga Co. 
72-76 - Bis Military rscord and history and incidents 
relating to hlaself and wife Mary Quackenbueb. 

77 Birtbs of children of Gideon and wife Mary Q. 

,78-89 I. John'7, (Gideon^, Joba^, etc. It Descendants.) 

90-152 II. Jereaiah'^ (Gideon^, Jobn^, etc.) and descendants 

153 III. Williaa^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

154-165 IV. Peter^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

166-176 V. Abrabaa^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

177-178 VI. Mary^ (Polly) (Gideon*, etc.) 

179 VII. Cornelius (Gideon^, etc.) 

160-183 VIII. Susannah^ (Gideon^, etc.) 

184-186 IX. Margaret^ (Peggy) (Gideon®, etc.) 

187 X. Thoaas^ (Oldeon*. etc.) 
188-191 XI. Isaac? (Gideon^, etc.) 
192-194 Maryfi (Joha^, Thoaas'^) 

188 Giles® (Jobn^ etc.) 
196-200 For records of Mark^ 

201-204 Tbe Scipio, Cayuga Co. Mariettas 

205-208 Tbe Jasper, Steuben Co.. M. Y. Marlatts 

209-210 Joseph Marlatt of Freehold Township, Monaouth Co., M. J. 
and Allegheny County, Pa. 

211-214 John and Villiaa Marlatt of Mansfield, N. J. (Two other 

brothers and sisters) iiee Jaaes P. Snell*s Hist. Sussex li 
Warrea Co.. K. J. P. 725 

211-212 John 


fi »ajB^ 


< . o.^ 

■jjUios* , "^ :sos;^ji.;,^ 



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x.ti Uiia 



213-214 Wllliaa (spoiled Marlott In Saell's History) 

215-217 The fatter ? fron S. T. State to Mich. The sons Jaaes 
Silas, P«t«r, Slisha, Henry, and daughters. Jaaes Slias 
of Fairfield, Lenave Co., Mich., or Stoclcton, Portage Co., 
Wis. Peter S. of Lyons, Fulton Co., Ohio. Peter lives 
ab. 12 a. from Sacramento City, Cal., Elisha in Cal. Henry 
d. ah. 1692 In Addison, Lenave Co. Mich. His widov lives 
there yet (?1896) 5 daughters living near there now (1896) 

218-223 Mathan from "Mansfield Wood House'* Co. of Sussex, M. J. to 
Miagara, Canada, 1798 

224-225 Joseph Marlatt from Pennsylvania, U. 3. to Dundas near 
Hamilton, Ontario 

226-229 Paul, from Kewark, N. J. to Grimsby, Ont., 

230-243 West Virginia Marlatts 

244-245 Joseph Marlatt from Mercer Co. Pa. to Adams Co., Ohio In 

246 Loudon Co. Va. Marlatts - Daniel from (prob) Washington 

Co., Pa. perhaps son of Joseph Loudon Co. Va. 

247-257 Hardoin Marlett from Paris France to Philadflplixa, Pa. to 
Albany, h. H. and Bertbier, St. John Canada 

258-59 M. J. Records 

258 - Mar i tan aeformed Church Records (baptisms) 

259 - Reading tun Reformed Dutch Church Records 

260 larriage Licenses 

261 Court and Mev. War Records 
261-64 N. Y. State Rev. Records 

265-69 Emigrants vbose descendants are unknown or of different 
origin from Gideon Marlett of Staten Island 

270-291 Early records pertaining to Gideon lerlet and descendants, 
viz: Land Titles, Wills, Marriages, Births, etc. arranged 
under baptismal names. 

292-293 Soas books of reference. 

(ijnot'*!-^ &• f : 

., 5-ofi-sT^ ^itiflacfc) m.ntllt'^ 


('<> ;i'«d'<| ^ ^wi:^ 


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al: oiiiO , . oO eMubk 


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5f »fi« •:;» I a "S Tt C £S2lOOCi 




requests the honor of your presonce at the service of the twelfth annual 

SOIDiAY, OCTOBER 27, 1935, at 3 p. ■. 

—y^y*! CBOBCB or tbs bocusmots 

Euguenot Park, Staten Islaixd, h. Y. 

CoHBemoratlng the 250th Anniversary of the Revocation of the 
Edict of Mantes, and the Huguanot Martyrdoas and Worldwide Dispersion 
Dedication of the Pilgrim Crosses, and Memorial Tablets in honor of 
Heater Kabieu, Henry Jaques, Jonathan Devotion 
Abrahan Berlet, Gideon Herlet 

Reception at the 

close of the service Aaboy Road 

attBuguenot Avenue 

(Statenent re Gedeon and Ahrahau M#rlei made at the ^ 
above service by C. L. Marlatt:) 

Two additional Euguenot immigrants have recently been 
honored by having their names recorded in this edifice, namely 
Gedeon Merlet and his youngest son, Abraham. 

Gedeon lerlet was one of many Hmguenots who found refuge 
from religious persecution in Holland during the first half 
of the 17th century. Under the proiaise of lands and aid in 
getting started in the Mew World, he with some twenty-nine 
other refugees came over to the New Netherlands in October, 
1662, on the ship "Purmerland Church". With him were his 
wife and four minor sons, namely Joshua, born 1647; Paul 
born 1654; John, born 1656 and Abrahan;, born 1658. 

Barly in the year following his arrival, 1663, Gedeon^ 
Merlet, with six other Huguenot immigrants, joined in a peti- 
tion to the Director General and the Council of New Nether- 
lands for grants of suitable land, provision for temporary 
subsistence, and seed grain so that, as they stated, "the 
supplicants may exert their industry and zeal without obstruc- 
tion in the cultivation of the land, not only for their personal 
benefit, but also for the welfare and good of the whole country.' 
They also promised ultimately to fully repay the Council for 
such advances. 


ZA MMiassm II 

r p. f 3 r-, r.- ,, /? ••> *!• ;" ,-::«r ♦ ^iJ j 'i : 

•^.■r^ I yr'^i-ii -ill ■> 

9ii^ lo ae£i^oo^Q& end 

ijoi^ovoG r.i 

.r;/^?f -^nd-^.X 




(Jirji. Xu^lit 

c..j>o.-{ s.f^ H+ft'^ifpeii 

s a 1 ^ £*ioe9eiKaoO 

*C;xv'^,. , ^-.- 


'•ii;i'>?\'=s- ?■< '. 



i n'jcv 


C!— - • — 

V . wfiOfl 

aid hfjj3 :?? 


. ■•■■:*=,?? 

. --^^0 

s «oil 

J lo 

.. ^._^JJ«3 


- . - -^ ^ .: -af 

C niod 

;■ 'X*^'A. 

■s- , JeX-^sM 


- 2 - 

This petition, the original of wblch is now on 
file in the State archives at Albanj, vas approved, and 
in the instance of Gedeon Merlet resulted in the assign* 
aient of land to hlaself and his sons in Staten Island, 
much of it in the vicinity and possibly covering the site 
of this Church edifice. Here he lived the balance of his 
life, and his children grew to manhood. 

The fragments of the history of this period vhich have 
come down to us, in addition to records of land purchases 
and transfers, indicate that Gedeon Merlet, during the first 
British occupancy of Mew Netherlands, was appointed by 
Governor Francis Lovelace as a constable in Staten Island - 
(April 20, 1671). A little later, under the very brief re> 
occupancy of the Colony by the Dntch, he was appointed by 
Governor Coive as a magistrate (February 14, 1674). We 
have no record of his death, which must have occurred prior 
to 1683, as Indicated by the inheritance and division of his 

Gedeon' 8 youngest son, Abraham, through whom my family 
is descended, married about 1677 Christence Billieu, daughter 
of Pierre Billieu - a Huguenot immigrant of 1661 and prominent 
in the early settlement of Staten Island. Two children came 
from this union, viz., Margaret, baptized March 31, 1678 and 
Abraham May 16, 1680. 

We have little information as to Abraham, the youngest 
son of Gedeon, except that he was for a period Collector for 
the southern part of Staten Island. 

The name of Merlet very soon lost its French pronunciation 
and spelling, chacging to Marlet, Marlett and Marlatt, with 
many other spellings. 

From this beginning the Marlatt family has multiplied and 
spread widely In the United States and Canada. 

Mention may appropriately be made here of a descendant 
of Gedeon Merlet who made a long and earnest attempt to trace 
and recover the records of the family, namely Mrs. Jane Marlett 
Taft, wife of the late Chief Justice of Vermont, Bussell S. 
Taft. Unfortunately she did not live to complete her work, but 
her manuscript is now in my possession, and if not utilized 
and published, will be filed for permanent record in the Library 
of Congress in Washington, to be available for future students. 


a&ti 1. 

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Iw fisvo^fij- 

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THE \'\F.hi--x"i (?,'.i'RLET) FA/tlLY. 

PRI5LI!'IliARY: Introduolng aotne iierleta of tlie present 
period jii I'^ance, 

In pursuing my otudy of the I'.arlett (-.^orlet) family, I 
have rr»ado but all"-ht inventlfTation in France, and not any In Holland. 
A8 v/ill be seen, the above a^'iollln", "'^rlet, aeena to h .vc been ^ 
the orifiniil fori: uljc?. d, ttu nu.oxe-'iot, C-id«on Marlet vJhe:i iie 
caine over fron L'^yden to Ih^vt Apsterdan In 1663, 

In cor ; unlcatlon /Ith H, Leon Pajot, (archivcate paleo:;:3raplia 

llcencie ju lettres, r^Joldin'^ .1 16 rue ^iioi«jur-le-Prince, Puris, 

France ) I h.vo received uoine Information relatin" to French 

doacendanta of the present poriod r;iic oear the nai:e Merlot, 

J ron him I <[•! te :- 

"On rtjceipt of yom* lott ir ''utod Dec, 30, 1901, I 
. 'le Borr^ — "'•'■^inary roaearchoo of wiilch the folio '- 

:.]!- io -f,. t,:- 

Merlet ( ''/UDtave ) Profoasor of RTietoric at tnu Lycle Louls- 
le-Orand (Paris), a -.Titer, nae oom in Pariu, October 7, 18?8; 
he was educated b.t the Colle^'c "tinlnlr.g (natT^o?lc ird ecclRr^i^ntic ); 
ho died febrtiar^' lo, 1891, (£ n.-vo tia*co uiiLrunulat^Jc* v'jx\zrxy,s 

of the above write rb KorKs. J,?',T,) 

Hla brother. Monsieur L. ;''.:rlet, under tiie au8'"lcoa of the 
l:;.te '.\ike de Lln^e, publiahed tno record of the Vaux de uurau^ 
(Seine et Oi je ) now the property of the Rothschilds, 


His nephew )', ?.-erl t la Keeper of the Archives of the 
departr^ent of Eiure et Loire at Chartres. 

T)il8 farilly Ih throu.rhout Catholic aii^ does net appear to 

have had protestant ancestors, 

NOTE I,- In the separation of farillloa mipinp- the 
TV tion it 770'.ilcl ae'jr ".o-^ than i t 

d u.^-^. _nt3 found la France „t the :ov..,oi.u ■. Jd 
and cLeaoendantG of the Hu'iionot erl;Tanta o'vjiild 
trace uack to a co: non Catholic anceotry. J.!'. 2, 

It is perhaps, ori, finally fron Beaiice (a coimtrj of "hlch 
the ■ rinclpal cities Tore Dreux, Chartroe, Chateaudiin, extending 
over four present departKionta,- &.ire et Luire, Loire et Cher, 
Loire t, Seine et Oloe. 

Another M. Merlet la senator frcaa the departnent of Maine 
et Loire and lives In Paris, 4 rue Larrlbe. ' jrl^^t Is a 
dlrlnxiltlve of Merle (Latin, Morula) Enf^llsh, blackbird. 

According to the book of heraldry there vrere titled 

Morleta in Brittany, Homandy, Oaacony and Franche Contl," 

NOTE ii,- An Inv ■ ■'•' '■■♦--'? in thiu con •'-*^-" -■■-''■' 
be Interostinr; :. profltaole, 

■T the fact in not exi rossly atateci it may oe 

pru,,v.:j..wd" etc. 

THE WA.RLHTT {l^ZL'yi ) FA/'-J.Y. 

Tlw notes and records in theae pages relate 
principally to th^t rariily In the United States and Canada 
first Knovm as I'erlet or Marlett .nd at the pi-^sent leriod as 
Har»-l«tt and ISar-latt'. 

So far as I can discover, n^.. former effort has been 
Hide to feather records ^jnder this nane, and for that reason I an 
the more desirous that the resnltfi! of nany years labor on my 
part ahall oe preserved i'or the uju or those who in the futirre 
may find the interest and orportunity to continue the "'orK, 

Thus oarly 1 -"ovlri llKo to ac>:no77led,"^ ny indebtedness 
for the inte uBt, and, in iluo cia^^u, tjiithuslaan vrith vhich 
various descendants in the difforunt branches have necondod my 
of^*ort3 in coiiectlnrr records and in:^oxnation fron their;jiuxA, uu tnia ubolstance his contributed nuch to whatever 
of value thr Be pH.:!:e8 nay contain for lesoendanto in present oi' 
futiire (>:eneration3. 

The records vhieh I h-vu culxoctod In recent 
Keneratlons are of such farillea as nay claim descent frou tvx) 
distinct ei i Ttints, viz:- 

i, Oedeon Itorlct, a Hu.<5uonot ' cane fron Holland 
in the shipftirmerland Church in Oct. 1662, brin2:in" -vlth him 
hi3 "rife and four children- Joohua (or Josiis) 15, V^\\l (or PaiUus ) B, 
ouiui (dj.^i) b, .ibrah^j:. 4, _ud in April 1663 Joined the church 
at Kew Amsterdam, (See pp.;/^/i.L. -^Maroh 19, IC63, r/ith six 

others of his fellow voyai>:er8, he petitioned for "lands, seed- 

-THE \\k\m~ 

A study of the various chani^s In a-'ellln'r fron the 
original n.^nea of o\ir earij o-X.^txwUi to j\i.wri ou .vj-xi rev^.-^ 
sone intjreatlnp: facta. 

Many such change a occurred "Ithout ajrirent r'rj^i.eon- 

ornetimea, ptirhapa, throuf'h illittirao^' on tJio ; -.rt r the 
Keepors of to cords or throuf^h tholr o iforta to reconcile the 
spelllno" Trlth the j)rono' in elation as ?:iven the! , the recorder 
and aubject often oelng of a different n.itlonality . This 
applioa TiOie Siriously to the eurly recor'-la outside of New 

In th ;o pagos where acce o coiad be obtained to 
orlf^lnal records tiie exact n].eilinK of nai:^es In ouch records 
lo assured, biat It Is well knoT/n that copies, both printed and 
nanuscrlpt even i7hen of-lcially Oi'urt.-u-u, ^i.",; tjoi.A-ti. js .nex- 
cuaably unreliable, either throu,']jh carelessness or \\vd aub- 

titutlon, Vi'lthout exi lanatlon, of a nore nodern for- 

NOTE:- T>-.f^ little voliu u .. "•- .:,., ... 

tovTii recordu Iroii 1662 to 1705 ; A.) by I*. 

A, H, Mason, ia a .'.odt3l for ouoh dolinquenta and 
only second In value to a photo— -- — re- 
duction of the ori:-^nala of oiu w 
are no-^ inacceasible to tho public. 

As v/111 be 3«en, the nane of our first Knovm ancestor 

m Fr-ince and Holland, as t;o11 as under Huf^uenot influence 

following the eni^qration to Hev? York in Octob<».r ICG?, to 1671, 

as Merlet. This TTord ia conceded tQ be derived rron i erle 

tlie European blackbird or tliruah. 



It is si(>Tilficait that the earliest translation of oiir 
eiuigrant ancestors autorrpcii n .. o'.uched to the petition for lands, 
etc., in 1G63, is £^iven aa •Ocdeon Merlet" rrhich ar^T^es ^Tith the 
ancient form of his aurnarie as used in France, Thereafter, - 
T.'ith one exception (seeppi ) \intil early in the 18th contTiry, 

!:erlGt or M..rlett, principally the latter, Txere the accepted 
foms in NeTv York and Nor; Jersey, the onl^ localitieo OTitside of 
Staten Island ."her«5 the name appears, until l-tp-r onlgrations 
occurred to more reiote sections. 

In the yeur 1664 the Nov; llethorlands, \7hich had long 
buen under English influence, throu?;>; •'■'T"ia:;ion3 on their part, 
fell lander Kngliah rule and Knglish n.u.ios Fev; Yori:, Uqxj Jersey, 
utc,, apF'^ared and the Dutch names Not; Netherlands, llov/ Amnterclan, 
etc., v/ore di8ccntinui;d. The chan;';e in th-j 3i:elling of the 
naxe from Werlet to harlot nay have arisen fron its French pro- 
nunciation, AS the sound of ^ in rorle, fron rhlch ^crlot ■•'as 
derived, i*-.^ j.i. .•.j..;.itod in French by the sound of _a in dark, etc., 
or from the EngliBh pronunciation of o_ in such "'ords as 
c-l-o-r-k, D-e-r-b-e-y, S-o-r-j;-e-a-n-t, vl?::- Clark, Darbey, 
and sargeant- the latter word so ^ roii..iaicJd j^ all. lexicographers 
at present. 

In the orirlnal or correct pronunciation of the nai:ie 
the accent is placed u^on the first syllable, thus- ..:ar'-lHtt, 

As a possible and perhaps reasonable solution or the 
adoption of "l^Hrlutt" I hJuve the aBoertion of the older people, 
descendants through DtTtch intur arriagus, tliat the Dutch aettlors 



in Nov; YorK and Not; Jersey cornonlv pronounced the MaoA M'latt', 
hardly rocogiiizini: the iirat G^llable. This may accoxmt for 
the various spellings In the old Dutch records, viz:- Ullatt, 
Uelatt. Ifoiatt, J.lalatt and r.jtainin'- the r I'orlatt and Iiarl_itt,it/'/, 

The tv/o forr.^ i.iar'-lott and iiar-latt* are tno,;e 
principally used at present by descendants of Oidoon I'arlett of 
Ptatan Island, the fomer, Marlett, being more f^nerally retained 
by descendants of those who remained In eastern Ne-;? YorK and New 
Jersey, etc., and Marlatt by descenrliinto of those who aoon passed 
on to we«tern New Jersey, Vlrj^inla and further north and vest. 

The descendants of Hardoln llarlet ("Major ii Jdoin 
Merlet," p.iJi ) who renoved from Philadelphia to Canada soon 
after his enl^ratlon fror. Fr:.nce, nev-^r seen to h. vo deviated In 
their branch from the pr-ocnt fom, vis:- " '.a'lc:t*. 

In r.iy own branch i h.'.ve been afforded interesting 
opportunitloB for inve3tlf:atlon of the nair.o tlirou-h lnt,i;rvlev7a 
TTlth the older livin,^: descendants ana old docui.ienta, rucords, etc, 
in their posaession. As a possible and perhaps probablt con- 

firr.ation of the later change fron War*-lnt^to Mar-latt', tlrrou.^h 
Dutch influence, I nafi told by a daughter of ailes "'arlett 
(John, i'hoa., Abrahan;, Abrahun, Oidoon ) that my cr'iat-f^reat 
grandfather (hor <rrandf ather ) JOin, bp. 17?,5, himself u.-,od the 
earlier spellln;;,- Marie tt. 

This •.70\ild coEiplete the evidence in tnls line dO'.7n to 
the present rreneration, that, with the sin.^le exception of John's 
son aideon, born 1747 and v/iio married a Dutch vrife, Mar^ QuaeKenouah, 


■MARLETTE*,- A rocont in ovation and h077 it came to be 

A number of y^jars previous to n> talcing up this work, 
(soiT^wwhere about 1860) my father's eldest bro^'i r- w»i t.od to me 
the foilo\vin2 incident,- At one tine while visiting the city 
of Ns.7 York, and reeeivinc his nail at the conoral dollvory of 
the post Office, he accidentally discovertjd that a .-gentleman from 
Delaware standin;: near him and aloo receiving'; hin mail vruB of the 
sane n jae. The nane beinp: an unucual one led to some conversation 
on the aubjoct. none of the etran er's traditions including; the 
cociinr; of the ua'oal "four brothare" han been curiously verified 
by invostif'iation. He alao oeens to have been nearly accurate in 
their locations, or at loaat in tlie looationo of their n r^r 
descendants, viz:- that t-^o settled in llevv Jersey, one in Me-' 
HanpaViire (or rruo It -Tonn,? ) and one in lor-er Canada (Ouebeo). 
One of the tv-o in llf'T? Jeraey, iic -..CL-erted v/as his tmd probably 
our anceotor. In this he vras correct. He also c'jeclared 
that the then proprietor of the Praniain ilouao, Netr York, v?aa a 
descendant of the Ncr; Honpshire (or conn.) brother. I hive 
novn;r invee titrated tiiio point. 

His declaration th-it the n:^: e originally posseoaed 
a final ^ seeciod reasonable, v/hich, vm fortunately, led to that 
spellin/^ h vinp: been accepted at that tiir^e by some descendants 
of John of ]'ontr;or:ory Co., li. Y,, incluclinf^ myeelf. As has 
been seen this adoption of a final e is not sxibstuntiated by the 


/ - 

name in Prance, by the ai?.topppaph of the Huguenot CM da on, nor any 
other records e^ceptinp: in one inotance, vi:'. :- that under date 
of 1G71 on p. -V ^. For A'tx>L. instance aee f> ,^c'.'-> 

Such errors ae I have recounted in the adoption of 
the final ^ in the above inotanoe, prove espeolally embarraasins 
in senealogicca studies fror» tlie difficulty in aeci.irin,']; later 
correction by descendants and elimination from records. 



(His Emigration and Set-tlenent) 

(From C. W. Baird's History of the Huguenot Emigration 
to America, Vol. i, ijy.. 182-3. ) 

Ged- '•The increasing harshness of the government towards 

Protestant subjects at tMs period, led many of them to 


' remove from the Kingdom, 

As in case of the earlier emigrations, the greater n-jmber 
of those refugees made their way to Holland, and from Holland 
not a few, between the years 1657 and I663, crossed over to America, 
Per the most part they were natives of the northern provinces." 

The first list includes thirty two \?liOse places of 
birth are given. 

"Other French colonists whose places of birth aie not re- 
corded, emigrated about this time to New Amsterdam by way of 
HoiiMnd" . The second list numbering twenty nine contains the 
name of Gedeon :;erlet. 

"Though the fact is not expressly stated, it nay be 

presumed that the greater number of these immigrants, lilce those 

previously named, originated in the provinces of Picardy, Norinandy 

and Bretagne". 

See Documentary History of New York, Vol. Ill,, p. 60:- 

Came in the' ^'?'jnerland :hurch Oct. 1662, "Gideon Uerlit and wife 
and four children", 

(e) N. Y. Biographical and Genealogical Record, Vol, XV, p, 37: 
Gedeon Merlet came over from Holland to New Amsterdam in the 
^; --merland Church v/ith *lfe 'j.nd four children. 

nz as/' 

I . ,. . 

,iov ^aor. 


-jovijiin c'x&w Vitti*)" •J'-i 

i.teia Jbxii 

XW il 


(f ) RlKera Annals of Harlen, pp. 226-7:- "Merlet 

carae witli Vermilye, IS63, via. the Delaware River to Manhattan 

all having lived at Leyden, we presume, as -^e Imow had 

BucKhout, Culver and Venailye, and probably all Walloons 

except BucKhout. Vermilye and all his fellow passeng'^rs, 

save Culver and Buckhout, joined the church at New 

I663, Amsterdam April, 1653, no do\ibt by letter, 

Merle t brought wife and sons- Joshua, b. 1647; 

Paul, b. 1654; John, b. 1656; Abraham, b. 1656 and 

settled on Staten Island." 

NOTE:- I am unable to reconcile RiKers record 
"Via. Delaware River" with that of Doc. Hist, 
of N. Y. (See p. // ) 

, .11^. 

, ,8n^ 


I'riB MARLE'i:!' FAl/iLY, 


i'll.f lH.. hl-^-, \^ri.JO,j 

ice?, the old Dutch Manuscripts In the N. Y. r;+ ;te 

Marcn . 19^J 

Llorary at Albany, -under fiate of March 19, I6G5, v:e find the 

ori^iinal petition of I'iedeon iferlet and six ot!^>;r3, emigranta 

fron Holland to No-:; York in IGG2, of vyiiich tlio aocoi;:panying 

ia a photo (jraph. 

The original is accompanied by an early translation 

naning the second signer as "Oedeon l!erlet," The translation 

herein given is by^ Mr. 'Arnold J, P. V ai Laer, a native 

Holland«r and the preeont (1506) coripetont librarian in the 

raanuQcrlpt^of above nar.ed library, Hio translation 

of the necond signer's narne is '^-edeon "Merlect*, in '.7hich 

French authoritSeo do not concur a.nd for this reason I 

httve not accepted it. 




N, Y. Col. Mas., Vol. 10, part 2, p. 49. 

To the Hon, Director (Jeneral und Council of K. Ueth^rland. 


19 War. 

Shew V7ith due reverence iinci resiect to your Honorable 
"'ora':1r,[j, lllcojias DiiiuiJ, 'Tedeon Verlet, .Arnold Dutrolj, 
Jacques Cosoart, Loulja LttaKn^an, Jacob Kolf and J.^an Le 
Canceller, that the auyjlicarits rrhile in Holland, by the 


ticved to uetafce tnei-aelvee ..'Itn tncir ::hole far.liies to 

thnae re-"-- , in the '- - *" ' • -^ '"- . ^ ' ^eable 

to the a ^id No\7 ; to 
tnoir aiiolstance. The 8urr)llcanto ad^'rean tnenselvea there- 
fore to --■'-• '^n, -fc- - - "■- •■-- '■ -v^o -- ^ \ t 

. ou i;.a^' . J to !;. J - . t t. s 

and alao to furnloh then vrtLth seed- Tain and neoeasary 
provlslono for alx rionti ' , •» r -- ''" t. */-- . the - - ■- i- 
canta, riiiy exert thejr i; "..; mt ob Lion 

In tlie cultivation of the land, not only for thulr ].ersonal 

I 'it but aloo ror r' - •• .-. ood of the Tr;ole 

•y, expecting to 'Ct thenaelves in 

nuch rjanner that they -.7111 hereafter be Able to naXe 
•1 ■ ' ' .' • ith thanko all that h .a thug -" r been 
_v:aiL-'ju L>. 'JwE2 an;l whcit thi-;y nay cxrect fror; your 
[{on or a* usual bnnevoiuncc. 
This doing they remain 

Your Hon. Worohipa' 'jervanta, 

nicolaj du puis 

j:;ec;eori merle t ( 'ith i-u-ra.xi) 

Amoult du toict 

JacT'Xe (Toosart 

Lc)\iis Lac 

Jacob Kolver 

Jean Le c nee lie 



THE MAP.L?:TT family. 
M. Y, Col, :aa.. Vol. 10, part 2, p. 50, 19 Hurch (1663), 

The r-";f7UfiDt on the ravorso ;;lde of t'\in 
having boeii tuijec vip ^Aici Vkiixc, *n<.; voyioui rei-Iy ii> iHiide that 
at the firot o.;ortunlty suitable lands Till be a; oi??ied 
to then, but that tlie other v rt cinnct b(3 rrp-ntod on 
accoiint of its consequent erfecta, iiejreui-'on tne> jointly 
stated that It "ould be ini-osaible for them to subolat if 
the Company did not help th-^r a 

It it! finally reuwivod to «cctau:.;ociate each family 
aith eight o.r ten nchepela CPain on condition tli.t they 
ret^xni the nuno as uoon ac the (first) plan tin' shall bo 
rive. On the day aa above. 

Oedeon Of thoijo o von petltlonors eix are naricci. in eith';r 


the 2iid 0/ lat li.'t. ( Hoo p.//,/ )-v±'a:- Juan la Gonaeillor 

1CG3. ''^•i y^i-^tr) 

froii Koniandy, Amout du Toia^of Liale. Jlicholao Duriila 

l8 not noned, but Francoin Duplur. :.:•> fron PicarcL . -he 

ror:Litring four petitlon^jro bolon.^ tn the second liat ^rhone 

:.luce8 of birth are not r'iven. (See p. ) 



1671, (Prom Calendar of N. Y. Coxmcil Minutes, 1668 to 

April 26. 

1783, p. 13):- Gideon Marlette^ was called before the Council, 

April 26, 1671. (No further data given, but presumably 

explained by the f oiiovTlns )- 

1671-3 (N. Y. Will Abstracts, pub. by N. Y. Hist. 3oc., 

vol, I, p. 24):- Gideon Itarlet ^faa constable of Staten 

Isimd, 1671-2. 

NOTE,- The first mention of Gideon llarlett 
followlno: the petition, 1663, was April 26, 1671, when 
he v;as called before the Coioncil, and in 1671-2 served 
as constable of staten Island. At this date Joshua 
and Paul were over 16 years old (viz:-24 and 17) 
and thus entitled to rights, which vfould 
accoiont for the survey, March 31, 1675, on lands 
formerly owned by Gideon I.te.rlett and his two older sons. 

i ■■>>- '■'■ " - 

^Prom "Docunentary-Histor-/ of New YorK" (Vol. II, 

P. 684, ) "Whereas inhabitants of staten Island have requested 
Feb. 14, ^ 

1674. of me that an addition be made to the present nimber of their 

Liagistrates, which I have for reaoons granted and allov;ed 

then; therefore from the nominations made by them, I liave 

elected as Magistrates 

Gideon • Gideon llarlet 

Marie t. Nathan v/hltenan, 

and the inhabitants of the aforesaid Island, and all others 

whom such In any wise concerns are ordered and cominanded 

to acicnov/ledge them as such. 

Done Port William HendricK, 14 Feb., 1674. , 

Gov. Oen. Orders." 

1674, (N. Y. Collection Itss. Vol. II, p. 686J Gideon 

Feb. 14. 

Marie t. Magistrate of Staten Island under Gov, Golve, 

Feb, 14, 1674. 

— » •• l^t*^ •• 





1C75, { Calendar of Land Papers H. Y. State, Vol. I, p. 69. ) 

?.iarch ^1. 

Doscviption of a siirvey of 256 acros of land on the oouth 

aide of Staten I^iland laid out for Gideon Marlett and 

others- March 31, 1675. C^'-M'J^- '^• 

1675, CMarlet, Calendar of Land Papers V.. y. Rtato, 

Oct. 18. ^^r'l 

Vol. I, p. 65.) — 1C75- Oct. If', '•escriptlon 

of a sitrvey of about 250 acres of land on the south nlde of 

ntaten Island for Gideon Varlett anr? nonn, bv J-;n. Cortelyou, 

1C75, (Calendar of K. y. Liind Papers voi. i, ) , (• ,) 

llov. 1. 

copy of the bounds of 243 .icres of land on the eouth aide 

of Staten Island, &luo 30 acres of salt tieadows lylnc at 

the nouth of Fresh Kill, ; t^-nted to aidnon Ka^l^^tt ana his 

fo oons Joshua itnd Paulus, liov. 1, 17C.5, 

NO'i'l'^:- The Fresh Mil flovra vest into Rt-uten 
I Bland noiind about of t'na inland and opposite 

I'm n .rthern p-rt o le sex Co., 13, J. ' • " . •• 

1687,-4, (Cy.londar of JI. Y. Cm", ell i.:inutoo, p. "7.) •' .rch ;-'0, 


1663-4, uii order waa fpraiitcd on the petition of Josiaa and 

PaTiluo Marlitt for a «urvey and diviaion of their inherited 

land, part of vhich )k^s b-^on .<old t.r, Prti-v-n Pj nh.-rr^r;, 

NOTE:- Sri:p0GJn th ) a ovo v^c ■,... Indicate 

that GJdeon li^rlett' ;-; cleath occurred t- i'cv. 1, 

1675, and Mar. SO, 1G83-4 and as is probable, ?i© car- 
ried -.Then uboiit r:l ytjars old, the birth of Joahua, 1647, 
i;drht indicate, tl 14. t iie curried ..bout 164:5, i:^. vfhich 
case he probably v<xB bom about 1624 and -.rould be about 
38 or 40 at tirio of his emi-rration, and near 60, 
■; .-'.v'iia.iiQ , ut liiG (loath, " - ■ / •. ■ 7 ■ ^ ' 

1694, (Calendar of II. Y, council Minutes, p. 98.) A 

July 26. 

Oonfirr.iatory patent v;as granted to Abram Marlett, July 26, 
1694. (Ko location named.) 


Othor Records P.elatin.^ to aideon Marlett's 
Rone on Stat«n iGlxnd, 


' et<7een MARLETT - Tro brotiiery Paul if\d Abraharfi, 2?e aided in 

ix Staten Island between 1680 and 1700. (Olutes Annals of 

staten Island, p. '0,3.) C^--/-- ^nv^' 

1678, / MAELET or MLET- Abrahari r.ari"led Christine Pleters; 
March 31^ 

ri88ue, Margaret, oap. l^arcn 31, 1678, in Flatbush and Abraham, 



i^ip, ay IC, 1G80, in New UtrecJit. (Bergen's Early Settlers 
Kin^^s do., p. ?.00, ) 

^^'^ An Abraham J/arlet settled on the Raritan (N. J. ) and 

/ ^oy 

o>^J-.\n had a son Dirk, bap, there Oct. ?.7, I70b. (Borgon's '^arly 
Settlera Kind's Co., p. 200, ) 

NOTE:- He tths 'bram bap. May 16, 1680.^ as above! Seo_pp, 

lf;78, JJARLETT- lap. J.:arch .31, 1678. "pTiet, ohlld of 

March 51, 

Abran Marlet- v;ltnoases, Jan Crotjooson, Jr. an; <;..! riet. 

(Flatbuuh Ch, Rocordo in Year BooK of Holland Society, 189L, 

P. 106, ) 

1679 ? Baptised !^ay 16, 1679, Abrahan, child of Abram Merlet 
(or 1G80) 

and Ghritstine Petera of Staten l!-3j.ind. I'itneoaeti- yoan 
May 16. , 

■D.;udaia and f-iarle Croioson, (Flatbush "h\irch Records 

in Year Book of Holland Society, 1898, r.. 115, ) 
(napt. in Now Utrecht. ) 


( CL.) 

l^f^t P:x'auo- : j,rried Ly abet Btinwych and spears tc have 

May If.. 

uottled In ntuten island- loaue, Jagaetje,, bap, Itay 18, 1679, 
In Platbuur^. (Collection Eng'. Mas. p. 641 and Berrien's 
Early Settlers of Kin^s Co,, p. 200, ) 6"^^ ylA'^'Xva,?^.^;' 

1679, .'iai-tiaod V.ii.y lb, 1679, JanneKen, child of Pciratis 
?<ay 18, 

' vlQ% and LiobQt Biirvjlch. ffitneases- Jan Merle t and Lisbet 
Va"i:'crT7a«i, (yiatbush Chirrch Records in Year Book of 
uoii^nd Booiety lc98. p. lir. ) (S^jj^-'i~'^^;'^^i<'^-) 

A » 



The Rons of aileor Marly t. 

I, Joahua (or Jouias ) l^arlott (Olcleon) bom 1647. 
(lio iBGue discovered) 

A.8 we hiive seen. Joshua ^ind Puv;l Marlot are Lumtion^d 
in connection ';?ith their father, fti Vion Marlett, in 1G75, as 
hivin.';; patented to them 243 acres of land on the aouth aide 
of Rtaten island and 30 aoree of salt lioaaow liin-^ at the 
Ciouth of Freah Kill. V-.rch so, 16b.'>-4, an order T;aa granted 
on petition of Josiao and Pauluo IJarlitt for a ourvey and 
division of their "inhrtrited" land, part of rhich hao been 
oold to Puulua Richarria, <~S-»-- j^- 1^ -^ 

( L) Ovr next record of doahua (French JOtue* ) or, aa he is 

later Kiiov/n, Joalae, la in Woodbridrre, New Jeraey, Aufr. 21, 
1696, hen Stephen Kent of Wocdbridge a jIIs of JOisiaG iei-lett 
and AbrahiD Lentlne, l^te of ntaten Island, l/z of Freehold 
m Woodbrid.Te . ' S'.>-Lf,x l^xA 

(Cj Thereafter, in 1700-1, 1705, 2 707, 170C and 1709-10, 

he lu iticorded aa in iVoonbrlci'^e. ^'' 
(^ In 1708 and I70y-10, our icvtest da to a of hin, he in 

dlspoein,'- of iande in u^coabj'iu .e, ' L^ j^- ^'^-^ ^-ir-J 

Thoufih by no neans conelui^ive, yet v/e may infer fron the 
Indenture : ^de lA Ne?/ York city in 1708, oetv/ocn Josias Kerlet 
of Kev/ Jersey and . '.ildron of Ne\F7 York r;iiy- "in conaideration 
of the love he bears lils present T^lfe Rebecca" for Isinda 
bought of Stephen Kent in 1606- that said Pebecca ..^.. .lot liis 
first T/ife, pcrhi:ra, and that she ^ ib the daughter of tti, 
Waldron of New York. ' ^-<^ ^. > 



II. Panl >'arlett (Oid«on ) -born 1654. 
(llo aale issue discovered. ) 

(a.. J Paul the second son ia r:entioned ao land holder in 

Staton Island from M^rch 31, 1675 to ?,farch 20, 168S-4. 
He ny.rried Lysbeth Burv/ick and the baptiar; o" a dixurhter, 
c'ii:uicr.un or Jb.netje, lo r-jcurdod In Flutciu^n ..u^ it., 1679, 
I do not find fiunticn of hin outside of Staten Island, or 
later than 168.^-4. (^'ee ;,. ^'■^-) /ix.yip^ 't-Tt.) 



in aucceeding: generations I have only found riention 
of on • probable deocfnidant of Gideon boarin' this nar.o; 
a Vixul -Jho woht frori U'r-vari., r., ti . , to Canada pr^vic^uc; to 
or about IBOO and '.^hoao oldeot child, a son, v?ao bom there 
m IbOl. ( ^ J6 ip. l=L C - "Lt S'. ) 

Ce^j I can form no opinion aa to ;7ho r :v;3 Paulo tte 

Uerlott, perhaps frow Canada, ?;ho, in 1778 t'lth 300 l-'rench 
and Indians otoinned I'ort St. Joseph and founded Pooria, 111. 
(ka/razine cf American Hiatory, Vol, XV, p. 461.) ( r>ee v»t(.C(L.) 



ill, John Marlett (Gideon )- bom 1C56, 

(j2o p.ale Issiis dlecovered. ) 

* ?h-re ci2re oeverul allualonn to John Marlett of 

Gtatoii mxuiici. Jon liarlot narrlGd Llsoet Vanderwael cdid 
they were wltneoses iviay 18, 1679, for baptlan of YaneKen 
(JanneXon) child of Puulua Marlet and ::lfe Liobet Bitr?ryk., 

/,-.) Jean Merlet of Ptaton Island on lint of 

ooidlora r/ho voltmtooi -ju xor exi.ecliti -a at>ain3t Albjjiy 1690, 

Jno, J'erlot receipt for v^j or six Month' o 
scrviooo at Albany, 1698, and John Marlett from Staton 
Island a volunteer In expedition acilnut Canada, 171 1, 

All tiiese fjeen to refer to John bom 16i3G, 

L iV, Auralmc ^Marlett ( C-ldeon ' ) born 1658. 

For r-jcord of Aur-iiuJ.i m\'^ descendants aoe, , 



^•' So far as I can discover Abraham^ Marie tt, bom ICJG, 

in his son Abr^lian baptised May 16, 1G8O, in Neis Utrecht, Long 

Island, has f^ven us thie only male .prandchild of Gideon' Marie tt, 

and It In through hlE only that I have succeeded in tracing 

certain llnoa back to the Hurruenot Er-.i^rrant. 

Previous to the record of Abraham' and his deacendanta, 

therefore, I -cad like to enphaolze the fact that thoue pages 

include such reoorda aa I have boon able to dlocovor re warding 

the descendants of (Sidaon ferlett with accompanying dedixctlona 

'hich have aeemad roaaonable to ne- sone of v.hlch, poniupa, nay 

be further conflnried, corrected or modified to oome extent by 

lat«ir lnvoatl;'':ation9, 

^ ^ That I h.,v(j uuen unable to foiiov variouu proLtlsing 

inv'jstlgatlono to a conclusion, has iroved a serious dctrinont 

I an convinced, but in case tliia ahull be the lir::lt to ny ovm 

Qfforta, it i:> rry hope that the rejulta alri^acU' rtiaoaeci -.7111 

bo recorded as a -.Torthy beginning by some future descendant 

poBaeeeed . ith a conpellln'^ Inttiront, and a con: en sura tn Incone 

to pursue the work, aut uujl:, in France and Holl..nd, bixt also to 

complete ny unfiniohed investigations on this aide of the Tjater. 

Especially v/oiad I recomend a continurinoe of the ITetr Jersey 

inveatlgatlone v/herein It may be poauiule to ooiipieto and 

con .ect several added branches -ith Abraham bom 1680 and so 

•vlth the Huguenot Oideon, 5-<jt./--n.i 



^■) Unless or, i>erhaj;a, until that result be reached, I 

h-;ve not deemed It expedient to attenpt the arranf^irsent of 
any part of those rooords aocordinf^ to the most approved 
aystor;!, vis:- that Of the He'sv England Historic Oentjalor^ical 
Society, but preferably retain the nor« conpact or exclusive 
plan of Keeping the different unconnected branches lanto 
thoEselvea or In family ;3rouj.s, 

(^j I nilght add that this rrorK la intended more 

eepecially for ( f^enealorlcally ) liiio ducat (id clescendanta -rho, 
I think, •7111 riore roaclily undex'atanu. trio aiiniJlo arr-n:oi.iGiit 
m fainlly croups, cind I bcllave, alr.o, r/lli a])i'reciate ny 
^eneroua Introd-i.ction of ex7l-inatJ.on and dotiiil, nuch of T-hlch, 
nececaarily, -.vouici D'j eliirlnatuc m Ciiao of puDlioution, 

The TUildontlfleci. Joseih, born 1682,- and therefore 
contemporary rrith aidfion'u /craiidoon (Abrahan bom 1C80 )_who 
TTaa In rtaten Island in 1706, married, l7o7, Rebecca Doufort 
or Denfort (pi^rhaps Danforth) and later traa In ^VoorIbrl'i't! 
nlniht have been th- oon either of Jooian, P^iia, John or 
Abraham -vho, in 1682, Tjero amjd respectively 35, 28, 26 and 
24, but I find no record of hla birth and no l3;:.ue from 
hio EiarrlafTe. -/^-' 

Oldeon Marie tt cind Descendants, 


(Jideon Warlett born perhaps about 1624, 

presumably in Yranco, 

l!arriod, in Prcinoe or Hollar d, 

Probably they both died in Statan laland, 
he befojB ^'3-^ f^- i^d.. W^. ) 1683-4 

Children bom in Prance or Holland :- 

1. Jonhua (or Joaiaa ) bom 1647 

II. Para (or Pdulus ) bom 1654 

lii. John (or Je;m ) born 1656 

17, Abraiior : oom 1658 

(For e.'iircration and oottlwcient uee pp, / -^ ) 

1, Joal.13, .'.arriod (porhaps a stjoond varrja.".') Rebecca- and 
:7as of Staten Island and Woodbrld^e, Middlesex Co., N.J, (Ree p, l/^.) 

li, Paia, carried Li.sbeth rur'.7yck and nao of Stv.-.ten Island. 
They had child JaneKen or Janetje, ( f-no r, , .A) 

ill, John, narriGri Ll.iheth Vandorwael and "ran of f'tat^n Island, 
(See p, u..(r. • 

IV. Abrahajc, married OhriRtina Pietere or rather Chriatina 
Eallieu (etc.) and lived on Rtaten ioland. (fjoe J/t." 7+2.7/) 
Had children- Margaret aiid Abraham,' 

■^ Y 


IV, Abraham^ Marlett (Gideon' ) bom 1658, 

( j^. ^- ►, ^7S'-^) 

Mention of Abrahain Merle t or liarlett in Staten iJland 
io first nude March 31, 1678 and again May 16, 1680, .7hen he 
io twenty and trcnty t-o yearn oi'-l, at -^.he baptisms of Margaret^ 
and Abraham, cxiiiaron oi nimacli aiia'e Cliristlne or Christina 
Pioters or rather Christina Eillieu oi* "ialieu, daughter of 
Peter Ballieu, lUllon, etc., her narr.c. In t.ho -pecor^Tr., roiiovring 
tlio old Irutch cuatot: of \,^i\lii^ tne uai-tia::uii nar^o or tn^ 
father for the ournane of the child. (S^ j-, t7ira.. ^ 

In 1681, Abrahar.-i Varlnt anr! hlr ~l'^ "fToft. -n* (c^l^iatine) 
are mentioned, his age ^Iven aa ^^, uiui. plucln,:: riii; alrth six 
years earlier than the ship record in hln passage froE Holland 
to N!7r At:3terdain, in rrhioh nas*: hfi v.'OTild h vo boen oldnr th .n 
Paia and entitled to IcUid rights Tfith the lat^er und Joahua, 
therefore I D'ilieve the original record correct, *•) 

In 1G94 a cor.riTT.atory patent ^-.n -rnn^.cd to 
Abraham Marlett, 

The -.7111- dated 1699- of Peter Billieu (Blyon, Belleu, 
Blllop, Billon, etc, ) '^taten Island, hlnnelf In tho iTlll 
spelling his name Bi>on or Diyou, riontiono "l-fy daughter Cliristence, 
wife of Abraham Mttrlot", 

■Tho Balieu family in of nor.e prQoinence on f^tuten islan ,* 

In 1703 Abrahar; Hariet v.-ao colioctor for the southern 
filvision of Staten Isla:;d. 

Tho above 1b the latest record I find of bin, 



IV, Abrah;ija (Oideon) bom 1658 

In France or Holland. 

IJarrlod (perhaps about) 1C76 

daughter of Pioter or Peter Billleu, (B.aieu, Biyon, 
Billon, etc. See p. :^,^.) in rccorda tonried Christine or 
Christina "Piet>ira", ^ - .- i 7%---^.! 

Lived on Staten I aland. i^Se^ x-i-. a.^ ' 

Children :- 


1, Uar/^Tiot- bartiaod in Flatbuah, Long Island, March 31, 1G78, 
11. Abraham- baptised in Nev; Utrecht, Lon.T Island, May 16, 1C80, 
Witnes.oes to baptism of Marrcaret- Jan Croa >eacn, Jr. 

and Margriot, 


Witnesses to baption of Abraham- Jean Paudals and 
L!arie Croioon, 

II « Abrahan (Abrahati , (Jldaon ). 

li. Abraham (Abraham , aidoon ) baptised Klay 16, 1680, 
in Uev; Utrecht, L. I, 

Married Eli?:abeth 

and lived in Staten Island and In Plscataway, Somerset Co., N.J, 

He is recorded us of the l-ittar pi ce April 14, 1706, 
baptiBin of son Jorie or Geor;^.^ Sept. :, 1706, be oou -ht, of 
Robert Burnet, 600 ucres of land on the "Bound BrooK" for 155, 
In 1714 he nude his \7iii- no probate date- Xivt in 1717 his 
WidOT?, ?]lizab©th, bouf^ht 60 acrea ad.joinin'T above land. In 
his will and frora baptlanal rucorda of the Reiorraed Dutch Church, 
Raritan, noriyrsot Co., the nAriea of his children appear, ^Ree pp. 

Hia v.'lll names five sona and refers to dauc:htera, 
Elizabeth •Marlurct" (imdoubtedly nio mention was a daughter 
i;arp;aret) vho roarrled a Laforr^a- perhaps Prancio, or perhaps 
the son was named "France a" (Fruncls, ) r>ee p. '■- -^ -^- ^ 

It ia probable that the f^o older sons and the 
ciaut'i:htfcra vrere bom in Staten Island, ^nd baptiaod eiueTJhore, 
aa Geor.'-^e, Richard and John only a:. i..r on tho old R. D. church 
Records at Puritan. (See p, i^'V" 


II, Abrahan' (Abrahair: , etc.) and trife Elisabeth, 


1, Thomas 

bom (perhaps about) 

1698 7 

II. Oldeon 


1700 ? 

ill, Elizabeth 


1702 ? 

IV, Marrrarct 


1704 7 

Perliapo married Lafor.Te and had son "Frances" (Pruncis, ) 

V, Jorlo (Oeorrre )baptiaod 

April 14, 1706. 

Witnoaaea- .Javid V/illonoon, Vrou rfllioiiaon. 

VI, Derlck (Richard) baptised 

Oct, ?.7, 1708. 

Witneoaes:- Derick i'.lddah and Vrou (Angletie) Widdah, 

VII, Jan (Jonn) baptised April 35, 17ii. 

v/itnesaes:- Jan Thioniason and Vrou Thunlsson, 

I, II, III, IV- no i*ecord discovered, May 
hcive been born in Staten Island, 

'enciled notes by Mrs. Taft concerning Pages 31 and 32: "Pp. 31 & 32 for that Tudaich may 
)e deduced regarding Ab,(3)'s children - viz: Gideon (4) Elizabeth (4), Margaret (4) 
Jeorge (4), Richard (4) and Jan. (4) 



I, Thonas ' (Abrahar. "' , Abrahan, Gideon ), 

I, Thomas (Mjpahani , eto. ) born (probably) about 1698, 
In Gtaten Island, and presumably the oldest son as he received 
first nentlon of children in hia father's r/ill, 1714, 

He Married Penelope (Heelt^e, Ileeltie, liullie, etc, ) 
and nas of Piacataway, Boi.'.oraet Co., N. J, , .lyo x-ir 

In 1721 the baptlam of hia dau^rhter Mur:]Tiotje is 
recorded in the P, Of Chtirch Reovrds of Raritan, nonorset Co., N, J. 

In 1732 he sella to aideon Hcrlet, voavor, (hia brother) 
both of PlBcataway, for ; 100, 100 ucreo on Boiand .rooX 
"next land bouj-^ht by my father of Biirnet." 

In his will dated 1748, proved 1748-9, ho nentlons 
wife Nelly ^nd ueven children, tno rp.orc than ap2-ear on 
baptlanal reprister, viz:- Thoaaa u.;ici a daughter,- probably llelly. 



1, Thomas ( Abrahan.,' AbrahaE, Gideon 

and vTlfe Penelope, 








Margrie t je , ( Margare t ) 


Jan/ (John) 

Catholyntje," (Catherine) 

Thornua (In ttHI ) 

'larKes, ' (MarK) 

baptised April 2, 17r^l; 

baptised March 17, 1723; 

baptised Jan, 10, 17?5; 

baptised Jan, 14, 1728; 


baptised Oct. 24, l7o4; 

(In rrill a daughter- probably Helly, ) 

Eirthj^ in Placa'away. Baptisms recorded in 
re^^istero of R.D, Church of Pari tan, Somerset Go,, H,J, 

5th Oeneratl.n,- Marria.Pies of children of Thos,'^ etc.) . 
and the baptisms of th; ir chll<iren are fou...u xcitor in 
Readint'^ton^(p, ).and otill lat^ir some of them may be 

identified in land and chiirch records of Fonda, ontgomery Co,, 
N, Y, Marx's baptism and ba^ tiiims of his children by his 

TTife "Sovia* op "f5ervya" in Readington, and Sophia Ponteyn 
(Fontaine) in itontsoioery Co., ■^ives the only instance of the 
name "VarK" T'hich I have found <-Jither aniwii^ tuc early 
or later Murlett or Marlatt sottlers. See pp.- 

NOTE:- I -^' 

sattl rs first, t. 
connections later, ) 

the i"ecord of the i unt 
up the branches of ux. 

"y CO, 



Poncilod notes by Mrs, Taft concerning. Paces 35, 3G, 37: "For typinc anythine recardlnc 
children of Thos, (4) other than John (5). If not enouch s.^ace thon add 37-a, 37-B, etc." 



Mont^onier./ Covjity, IT, Y. 
Chanp:es in Hanes of Lo call tie a, 

Sone i'sio'uled^'.-. ^'S ti'o ncuriuij under v:hich various 
localities jn ttiie section of Novr YorK state have been Knovm 
at different periods 7?ill exrlain the confusion arisina^ from 
Eierbers of a forily recordinT or four different h_ ^..j ^.b 
a birth place r residence •:-^hen tnoy v.ere of the n ae tovm und 
0Or;e tines of the sane houaohold. 

This does not iirii:e fror t'neir giving tiie nar-^ hy 
wiich the aectlon wua KnoTm at the tine of birth or reaidence, as 
root of tm Chan ,"68 rrere of cor purativoly rocent rirtte, out one 
record ray huvc the oricii"--t n^i.^, ^noth«r the .. j .. of a l-it^^r 
date an'l still anotlior tii-a nuri>j bv .vhlch it ia laio-x7i ut preBont, 
For Inntanco, one r cord may glvus th',; name Churloaton aa a birth 
plucu, .iuui,o(3r, a brother p.:rhaps, Glen un . otill uiiotiier 
Avirieoville, '.7hon all nay ht^ve buen DOi*n in the oar.iQ house, A 

clear underotanrlin^ r.ay be had of tho different naivjs under -^hich 
this aection of i;« York -Jt^.to ii; 'lojjcribed Oj ttie follovinr:. 

Orl;7inally i\ont^^on«ry Co, wjiU a part of Al:);^ny oo., tho 

Lttor fomod :iov. 1, 1683 and confimed Oct, i, 1C95. Tryon Co, 

v:a3 taKen off from Albany in 1772, nai.ed for '^■, Tryon, coloni.a 

Tovemor. April S!, 1784, ita naiae vras changed to •ontgor.ory Co., 

in honor of (JeJi Richard Wontpror^ery o*'" the Revolution, 'Tov, TrjOn 

u-LVini^ b«en a tor> , Ontario uixB talcen off rrot) ; ontijonary Co, 

in 1789, Hv^rKii .;r, otje -o aiid 'I'lo^u in 1791, Hcir.liton in IbiG and 

l''\Uton in 18.^8. It. litis on dOtii sides of the Wohawfe oentiiaiiy 
distant 39 miles from Albany and contains 4",6 square miles. 



rf^i, ^ 

Tr/on no. -la dlvl "ed into aix cliotricts, vls:- 
1. :'oha-.7k , acijoining Albany, ^.,- C'ura.ioharle Oii tiiO south aide 

of the Mohuwk, and 3,- Palatln, ( Stono Arabia) on tho north ex- 
tGPcWn- ir thfi rivni* to Little Fal.l3. 4,- G«rT:'.an Fl.-ita and 

b,- ivin/jiaiig utiil farther up the river und 6,- Ola jlri'aand 
district v/est of the nusquehanna. The first, five of tlieae dis- 
tricts era formed ''H-r-r^h 04^ 1772. On the 8th o^^ ?'..rch the 
orl^'^nal Stono Araoia waa chan;'ed to Palatiiio , Oeman Flats 
to Kln.raland and Kinpjeland to Cten-:an Fl.ita . Old ?)n,Tlan(l district 
-r-An forr od April 3, 177R. r vv».. v.nor ..^^ovo »errn;Ji Flats, 
Li^rcn ii, 1780, that portion of l-'ohcA-vlc uiatrlot north of the river 
waa BOt off and naried Cau?;hna:u-:a, formed '.o^vn March 7, 1788, 
It ernraced all that lurt of I'ont*' t -•»-> r.o, 1 iji - r^orV.- of tlie 
Mohaft'K uiid oaat of a line extondin,- frot, tlie Jiouea (See Root, p. 39) 
north to Canada, This tov.n ( "au^hnavfapia ) r-xsi divided In 1793 Into 
Ar-a^HrdaK: , Kay field , Droadalbin an d Johnsto^rn, A:::: ordaD .^ 
forr,<ed fron Gaug:hna?7aga March Iv, 179:=5, 

The old Dutch aettlonent of Cau,'>:hnaTTan:a was l/s inile east 

of the Ccurthnunn at Fonda, but io ■""''" Included v.'ithin the incor- 

I ora tod villa i ox' i'onua. The coiinty aeat ~-^r^ re::oved fror. 

Jolmatovm to Fonda in 1836, caualng; gpreat diasatlnfaction 

..nd t'no rllvjninn of t.hH ftonnt.^ In J838, j!)iuietOYm bcinc no • In 

Hilton '■;o\Uit,y, A; uUvCan (P. 0. Yillar-e ) Incori orated April 20, 

1830- forrerly called Vaedjourp; . 

Trlbea Hill (F.O.) op ''ohTaK oppoal'-f^ TTn-ni ,•?.-, ooP'-'Tctod 
by a v/ire suspension bridge. 


MontgOTnery r,o., :;. i, 

Al30 Haganano r.ills {p.v.) rircuiesville (p.v.) and Wanny'e Cornero, 
Cana.loharle (Indiiin narne- ^/ ). Minden v/as taken off 
in 1798, a j.^a-t of Root 18?.3 ana a part oi i..inden 18i9, 
CanajoJiarlo p.v. incorjjoratcd Ap*il 30, ib?ri, bridre croases+l.^ 

Uohawk at thJ s i-'.^int con ectlnr .-Ith Palatine Brid-^e, (]j,v.), 
Amos (p.v.), Euel (. .v.), Si.rout brooit (n.o.), Hapleton and 
Mar a hv ilia are hainleto. 

Charl'jston vTan forned fror. y-olia;?}: Hurch 12, 1793, C-len 
and port of Root talcun oi'. in 1823. xt iu xiig i.:UJt ooutheriy 
to.Tn in thcj :cuiity, anri the only one not borderin,? on the MolmwK, 
it lies ••■net of So^ohxrie nr. eK, ; nrtonville (p.v.) ?. }";. corner 
of tov^Ti. C-rk.rioatoa i onr Cornoro (ivV.),:, .,, crnor aiid 
Charl«8ton (p.v. ) near the north border. CarytOTm and OaK Ridn:e 
are hui'lets, A r.ort.lon of rharlciton .ug included in the patent 
of 24,500 acres Tani-cid to ..r.. Corry in 1770 ;^id I'hoo, Machin's 
patent of 1787. 

Florida v/aa formoc! fror IfohawX f'arch 12, 179.'^, it 
inoluden that p^.rt of tiio C-'iuU* li ing soutn of the .una-.K r.iver 
and eaBt of Schohario nrooK, The Erie Canal crosaea Schoharie 
CroeK between Florida and Olon. 

Port Jackson (^.v.) opi-osite Ai .oterdir.:. • inaville (p.v.). 
Fort mmter ( .o, ) Indian naije- Icanderogc. or Teondelorra, at the 
r>;Outh of Schoharie GreoK and Hootch Bush near border are 
hamleta. One of tim three x,:oaj...'k cautluu aa Situated -aI r:outh 
of Schoharie Croak at advent of whites. First irhite aottleinent 


TTnr tf^omery County, N. y, 

QuyvjOBed to be In Florida. I-ort Hunter built by unites In 1711, 
Queen Anjie Chapel bi'.ilt soon after, THe parsoricige of atone still 
standing and aupi-osod to be the oldest building 7?oat of Sohenec^ady. 
Fort f^rrisontia until after French var, '.vinen it was abandoned, but 
durinfr Revolution the chapel aa encloaed ?/ith palin.idfin a.nd con- 
verted into a utronn fortress defended uy camion, x;i I7o0 aevoral 
houoea ./ere burn<^d on the opposite aide of the Creek under Sir 
John Johnuon, but the fort "an not -^oieatod, 

Qlen wua foriJtsd froi;: cu-rx-iSton April 10, it-r.-'S. It Ilea 
in the a. r;, angle forried by the junction of Sclioharie Cr^!eK and 
the I'ohawK, Principal ntreans Aiirlon Cr'jeK, trlinitari' of VohaTJk, 
und irinh crouK tributary or ^icuiiurio. (First ynjj.oii'OT :. ter 
Revolutionary Tras ^7aB Rev, Thomas Ronayne, (Ref, Prot« Dutch) 1784, 
This iten belongs to Florida. ) 

i'ultonville (.joat Or ice '.'iiiai:© ) tu-iown aa "Van r 
Swamp" during Rev, ) aituatod on Wohawk and Erie Canal, 
Vorheesvllle (Oler. p. v.) n ar or to-n ^nri Aurlenville (p.v, ) 
on Canal ^^d ■', R, near r.outh or AuriJti cruuK, Auries Creek or 
■Aurles Kill" la Dutch for Aaron's Cr'^oK nar.ed for an Indian in the 

CoduuMirlty (titaep bank) aoout s miles above noutn of 
Soliorarie Creek is a high bank fomed by a land slide. The 
land bordering upon the rivev \7a3 granted in 10 putwnto to 
different pcjreons in 1722 to 1726 and tne ^rjater part of tiie 
remainder to James De Lanoey in 1757, 


Monte:cinery County, N, Y« 

Peter Qiiackenbiish ;3ettled on Rcott'a Patent near Auries 
CryeK soon after it rras secrured and was probably the firot v/hlt^ 
inhabitant of tho torn. The first chvirch (Ref. Prot. D. ) r/aa 
forried at Qlen, Rev. Henry V, Wyckoff firat piistor, 

Tliio to\7n T/JL3 the soene of many int.Ji^.n'Jtinp- incldonts 
conrecied with the Rev, War. ( i;ee Gazetteer State of H. Y,, by 
John H, B-rench, Pub. 1860 at Syruouoe, H. Y. by H. P. Smith, pp 
413, 414 vrith notes, alBO other historiey of Mont. Co, ) 

Ulnden forred fron CJmJoliarle Maro/i 2, l7Db, The later 
: oh i77K „7as forced from Johnoto\7n April ?, 18S7, Lioa on north 
bank of l!oha'.7k river near centu-r of north border ">' ^oiuity, 

Fonda (p.v. ) aituated on iiohawk is Coiaat> seat. Tribes 
Hill (p.v, ) on border of ALiotwrclara. r-itu of preoont villap.:; of 
Fonda was called Cauchnawugu o., tho IndJ.ano and a favorite resort 
of the i'ohar;ka, Tribeo Hill (r,v, ) on tli© border of AiiiSti^rdan, 
A stone chxirch (Ref. Prot. D, ) at Caup:h!iawar:a erected in 17G3 is 
atill ntandinfr. Rev, Thoa. Pomayne firat pastor in 1772 and died 
in 1794, In 1795 oucceeded by Rev, Abraham Van Home, 

Pal gP tine formed as a district by naine of .ntone Aruuia , 
'arch 24, 1772, tne nure chanc^ed in 177.?, it ■ formed as a 
to:7n 1788, including all territory- bet een Little Palls and tJie 
Noses, and from the Mohawk River to Canada, Salsbuty (rierkiner 
'^o, ) taken off 1827, Stratford (Fulton Co,) 1805, Oppenhein 
(I'lilton Co.) leos and Eupra'ata (Fulton Co.) 18?.7, It lies along 
north bank of lohawk, v/eat of center of coiAHty, ntono Arabia (p.v, ) 

ontganovy county, ii. Y. 

near center of t.o?m, Palantine Pridce (p.v. ) on Mohuwk opposite 
Canajohano, j'^latlne ahurch (Palatine p.o, ) on o.jt border a 
hanlet. rirat eettleinent nade in tcvn in 1713 by Ck3n.ian Palatinates 
!Tho carriQ over in 1710, 

The lari'er part Of the rtone Arabia Patent '.vas vyithln 
the linlts of thio town, WLl. Fox aottied near Palatine Church and 
PettJr War-'onor a little belo-.^ on the L'ohawK in 1715, The early 
records of the buttlcnent j.rj i^ut, \ i3tocKaa.u uaiiud. Fort Paris 
(ruina atlll violblo ) bui;t In Stone Arabia and another Fort 
Keyner 1 rdle, north. 

The Ref , Prot, :.utoh cmu'ch at Stune Araj.ij. lo on\j of the 
oldeut in ttie I'ohuwk Vallay, The rec rda of this church comj.'.enco 
jn 17.^9 •7hen it hud but ten readers. The isroaent edifice 
erected in 17B5 uiid cliurch reor;^jjiisaa. in 17S0. A Lutli. church 
built at r,tono Arabia in 1770 \taa burned In 1780, 

Foot forr.ed frcm nana ioharie and Charl ronton Jsm, 37, 
18S3, Lieo 90utn ooiij; of j.ioiiav.'K. iiuar center oi C^uhlj , Tlie hijlh 
hills Just below Si^raKors on opposite banics of river arc called 
■The H03ea». 

tilrM ri:;,:j nji.r eutJt uui'uer xa •Stone,:-'b", uri.x,ii'Tv±lle 
(Root ji,o, ), C-urrytorm (naj..ed fror. Wtr;, Curry, paten t'je ), 
SpraKers Basin (p.o.), Flat Oreek (p.o.) and IJroan's iioilow, 
Yatosville, a hanlrtt on Caiial, The first chvjpch (Ref, Prot. 

Dutch) Y7aa fomed at Curry town, 

St. Johnsville foriued from Oppenhelia (I'^alton Co.) 18^6, 

north bank of !;ohawK, yoot.irn part of county, "t. John!3Ville (p.v.). 


Mont!^«!iery Cotinty, H, Y, 
Old CaughPa ar^a Glrarch Records at Fonda, Hont. Co., N, "Si. 

(L. 1778, Oct. 18 THOMAS FARLAT to 

1779, Oct. 21, PETEP FRFD7P1CK to 

"" • 1780, Jan 27, f APRAM nOVi::;.',:0\'E]. to 


By Rev. Abrahoi.i Vtui Uorrto, 
,/. 1799, Sept, 7, WILLIAM MELATT to 

MACHTEL (Mat una) CLUl'E, 

^ 1801, Jan. 29, JELLir MELAT to 


f' 1603, WILLIAM LAMDER to 



y 1635, Dec. 34, OARPJrr J.CBLATT to 

Mar'-- "-md 
ELI/5A MARIA BLOOD, both Of aien. ViasctW 

Prom records of blrtli of chliriren v-^-, al^o laarn that,- 



*" :l^RK 1,!ARLP1TT nar. 

? . ENOCH MARLBT : ap. 

^ ANNA (Hannah Goj^PHEIi, 




Montgomery Oo\mty, K, Y, 



Feb. 24, 






1794, , 

-5 ? ^. 

J .ill. 1* 


;iay 25, ^ 

Sert. 5, 



Sert. 4. 


A rll r^4, 

ec. ?.8, 


-y 11, " 

Bnoch Molat 
Anna Sutphen 

Peter PrederlcK 

Elisabeth I.!arlLit 
I Gideon Harlat 

Maria QuaoKenbUGh 

Abraia Harlot 

Polly Mat tan je 
t John Lielatt 

Ciity AuT-ock 

Wi. NevvKirk 

Hary l^arlat 

Oideon itelat 
' Maryche ^nackenbuBji 
iJohJi I'elat 

Hannah Shelden 

aidoon Melat 

Merltie OuacV^enbush 

Mark Melat 

SopMa Fontoyn 

Oidoon Ftelat 

Maria Qtiackenbush, 

Oidoon Marlat 

Iterytl© Qiiackoiibush, 

Gideon ftarlet 
aria Ouack 

Alte Sutphin 
ivov. 7, 1794. 


Feb. 32, 


Apr. 15 


Dec. 17 


S«pt. 29, 


liOV. 11, 1793 

Jan. 4 
July 31, 



Lena Predrlck. 

Hend., Putnan. 

lierei iah 
(b,1775 by far .rec'd. ) 

Aug. 20, Susannah 


Jan, 4, 
n«c. 1, 
April 5, 

April 15, 

Gideon Melatt 
«arla J-telatt 

(b.Jlov, 27 by fan.r-JcH 
John "elatt 
Ba-tie ■ 
Loid.s Clement 
Cattelyntye Clernent 
Jerenlah QuackenDUsh 

vta. ouacKonbush 
Catrinu " 
Mynders v/.ouackenbus h 
Maria " 


Maria (Quack) Piitnan. 




llov. 29, 



..uutgoniery cotmty, U. Y. 


PtJter Fre fieri cK Christiana 

Elir.abeth rarlot Aj^ril 13, 

Gideon Ifariet Pegf^y 
Marltje Onaclcenbush, 20 Auc 

YJii. KeT/kirlf ool-in 

I'ary I'arlet Uov. 27, 1793, 

Gideon !'elatt l8a;-c 

mn. Hall 

AnjonatjG Hall. 
Oldeon Liiiriat. 
I'ary Marlat. 


laauc Colyer 
I/ary OuacKonbush, Dec. 31, 1796, Racliel ( Q\iacKenbuuh )colyei 


Win. HorKirk 
I'ary "elatt 
Johannes Klyne 
f^arah Melut 
Jeremiah X«elat 
Klinabeth Hill 
Abram Lfelat 
*'ary "on tony 
Jonathan HmTT 
I'argaret Melatt 
Wr . C. NewklrX 
'bry Malatt 
JeillG ifelat 
Rachel lIe:7klrK 
'fe. Kewklrk 
f'ary ffelatt 
Wfti, Landers 
Maria Melatt 


Doc. 2, 1796, 

Po t ^r 

Oct. 1, 1795. 

I'ary tie 

r-ept. 1!'>, 1795, 


IIov, C, 1794. 

Alexander leeXfl 

Feb. 21, 1815. 


'^c. 10, i: 10. 


April 21, lilO. 

Oerrlt cornel lus 

Sept. 22, 1807. 


Feb. 3, 1807, 

Comellua llerrklrk. 
y^rytio ■ 

fTidoon I.«elat 

. ur, tie QuaoKenbush, 




MontgoKery County, H. Y, 




' V'fr!i. NewKlrX 
?fary Helatt 

' Oellls J'elatt 
Rachel Ne-^kirk 

I John Melatt 


i Caty AiinocK 
Peter 'felatt 
Elizabeth J5vans 
Wbi. Uelatt 
Mary Clute 
Ufa* Lander 
Mary K^elatt 
«n, »^elatt 
( H:itilda ) Machtel Clute 
I Jonathan Huff 

Marpraret >telatt 
Wn. Rewklrlc 

Uary Melatt 

(Jonathan Huff 
MaTr^^oret Melatt 
JePBialah Ifolatt 
■ i Elizabeth Hill 
1796 MlohEol J'elatt 

Margaret Frederick 



Bom 71 1 « 


Aurr. 15, 1805. 

'Jerri t Kewklrk 

Oct, IG, 1805. (Oct. 17 In far.,reo'd.) 


Mav 7, 1805. 


'ay '5, 1805. 


Feb. 1?., 1605. 


April 36, ISC'"). 



April 21, 1800. 

I'ar. 17, 1799, 

Apr, 30, 1798. 

Apr. 34, 17n8, 
Au;:'. 27, 1796. 

^Vfe, Van Biiren 
Oath, Piitriian, 







Hontgomery County, 1'. Y 






Enoch Merlatt 
j Anne Sutphen 
imoch Melatt 
Hannah Sutphon 
Jeremiah llelatt 
Elizabeth Hill 
John iJoeiaer 
Mary Ifelatt 
Wir.. Kev/KlrK 
1 ary Melatt 
Jellls Ltelatt 
Rachel He'.7klrk 

John Sutphen 

June 4, 

Obed Hunt 

I'ciy 20. 

Anny te 

Apr. r.0, 


May 4, 1799, 

Marl gre t a ( Mar garti t ) 

Oct. 31, IbO?., 


Sept. 2, 180S. 

itary te 


Mary "Jvimatt (.lolutt) Llay 12, 1800, 

Slrion }Iat>ee An^^elica 

Hannah Melatt Jiuie P.S, 1S28. 

Jonathan Huff Liary 

r;;;.r:-^arf}t I'alatt Aug. 10, 1796. 

mn. WewklrK Neeltle 

Mary Jfelatt Dec. 3, 1796. 

John Marlat Jellis 

Hannah Sheldon Oct, 3, 1777, 


Old. Ctuir^hna^aga f^hiarch Pecorda. 

Married, Oct. 21, 1779, Peter Fj.'ederick to Ellr.abeth 

Marie t , 

I.Helena, born Feb. 2?., (biip. Feb. ?4 ) 1781-2 (p. 4 J- ^) 
2, Chrjotiana, born Aj^r, 13, 1786. (p.4(>«:.) 

^, Frori Pearson's itarly Fettlere of Po^ienectady , II. Y,, 
p. 74:- Pottfr Frederick and Ellza'>qt h ?/{arlet . 

-^■PranclQ, oorn July 20, 1788, 

C- ■ Pearson's E-^iTly rottlera of nchencota-'.y , . . .. (, . 121) 

Sinon I'.eblo (uon of ra.jor Jacob of Cornelia) and 
Eva (dau,";hter of Sinon Van Paiton ) was married l\-^y 7, 1827, 
to Hannah Marie tt, 


i. Eve , b, June 29, 1829; 

li. Maria , b. Mar. 7, 18.^1; 

iii, Jacoo , b, Oct. 7, 1B34; 

IV, Catharine Filiza . b. .;ov. 1, IB.^7; 

V. John Alexander , b. Feb. "0, 1840. d, |%r, 16, 

VI. iliAryaJ'et Ann , d, Feb. 18, 1844; 

Vii. Heater Jane , u, Aup:. 17, 1846; 

Vlil. Rachel Frances, b. Aug. 20 (or 30) 1849. (p. 


Old CaUi'^hna-Raga Church Records at Fonda, i^ont. Oo.,Ii,y, 


By Rev . T hos , Ror.dne , ( Ronal i ie ) . 

(•1757 Hs recorded in a Book of Marrla^a at Albany, 

pursuant to „. .. ^ , ul rcqulr«rents of the tiie".) 

■Tr^on Co. -.^aa create'd from Albany Co. urv h 12, 1772, 
Previous to that tli.e looK for record of r.arrl-.^s in Albiduy." 

The naiio wua changed fron Ti*yon to Uo/i; -^ Co., 

Airll 3, 1784. 

Sone LIonteorf;8ry Coxiiity Laiici xiecorc.t;, 

Pai?e 654- 1764, Nov, 13,- Caveat by Wri. Harper as 
agent for V/llllar- H .11, la-ac Culyer, Manuel 'Teelcg a'^rl (?!<!« on !'Arl^ t, 
d'^ainat granting; a truct of 2000 ucres of land on tna ;;'eat aiclfi of 
Schoary Creek, nettled on by ther>- ("ol, XXXViil, p. 84). 

Par-o 704- 178C, 0.- 1. 1.^- Affidavit of jonn 1 ii« 
reopecting tho title to the poaneaaiona of '?/llllai Hall, r;ainuol 
Wee lea, 01 do on Oorlat t and Vincent Scott '^uacKenbosa In Vont-^onory 
Cc-vinty- ('-^01, XLI, p. 22). 

1786. - Oct, 16,- Cory of ^. Harpor'fi locution -iti a-ent 
for vVi... Hall, iciaac Golyer, * ._' uui ..aci.Li, Qiciuon . ^rl-it. :;icr.. 


Pj lyck, Vincent Ouacquenbush, and Harrnanuo Mable, of 1:^00 acres 
of land In tho connti of Wont^onery, bqiinded east by Schoharie 
Creek- filed Feb. 17th, 1785- (p. 29. ) 

Pa-c 781- 1789- J -. ,- Pield-booK of the locatlonn rade 
uy \ftr., :i:^rpcr, m tiie nai.iu o/' ;.'iiiiaii Hall, Sar.uel .JceKu, 
Vincent Quadhenbush, Isaac Collier, liicholaa Van Slyke, Oid'^^on 
Marliittji Hurr cnls Malbee ...rKi. Adan Pi'.tnun, near Fort Hunter, 
untii-'Uery Ccai;itj , (''^ol. .-:LVI, p, 100), 

Mentions affidavit/, of '.'llllar^ '^iiachenbO!:; ■., Aioran D. 
'^uachenbosa and Hlcholay O.uacnmiooiL; ajid Auranixi:; OuachenoOMcj, 

Some Montgomery Covin t> Land Renords, 

Pa '© 783- I7b6- Oct. IC, Ar Iriavlt of John Winn that 
ai >,oon ]^arl-ii/t , TJr:, Hall, WeeKo, vmcent S, Ouachenbotis, 
Nicholas S. Van SlyKe, Jr., Marrianua Mabee, Oerrit C, He-.7kirk, 
Aclaii Putnai., Jacob KewkirK and BenJ<ar.".in llo-'klrk Tore friendly 
and loyal to the Anerican Caiiae during the Revolution. 
(Vol. XLVI, r. 12). 

1785 - ?opt, ?8,- Certificate f Justices Jolin C. Van 
El^rj uiid I'lcholue O\iachenbouo, th it Qldeon Uarlatt po3ae?<8ed a 
house and lands lying on the uouth aide of the hlr;h7/ay loading 
from Schohary Creek we.stv/ard u> the Mohawk river froia the 
yeur I7b0 until aate. (Vol. XLIV- p. 1^5 X 

Pace b07- I7fc9- Ijcc, 2iJ, Retvim of survey for Fred 
Cluet of 300 acrea of land,- for Vincent Scott Ouachenboao, 
'JVtn. Hall, Sara. '.Veeks, laaac Collier, Uicholao Van Slyke, Oldeon 
!'urlatt , Oerrit n. Ne^vkerch and Hamanus Mable of 145 acrea each 
ill lying on the aouth a'de of the ''oh^wk river, ttnd on the weat 
Mide of Schohdry creek. (Olen, Montgoaery no, ) (Vol. XLVIII, 
p. GO)- rap of the uaiie. 

Pane 799- 1787- Juiie 1, ;-;- orial of tfeijor Hardoin !'erlet , 
aottin" forth hia elain for land as a Canadian Refugee- (Vol. 
XLVil, p. 14C). 


oV: 4, p. 3f)n. 

not , InV: pale ; 
1'^ llp-nt noor; / 

oK 1, p. 400, 
y 4, 1708, 

Ok 3, P, 40R, 

oV: "7, p. 401. 
r. 1, 1*793. 

olc 0, p. 2J4J?. 
y 1, 1305. 

Ok 9, p. 54?^. 
t. in, 1790. 

ok 1??, T), 11. 
ly no, 1807. 

U A n L A '^ '^ . 

John jlarlatt, anri T^nnnel Marlatt of Moliawktown, Ho. of 
Montp-omrry, Rtatn of H. Y, , to Alnx. Rhelrlon of Mo- 
"nav^ktown- Lnni in Mona^'ktown, 

TTloholflF! Bayarrt , ^t, al. , of Nftw York nity to John Mar- 
latt of the Ooiinty of AlTwny, N.Y, , farner- Lot "q, 
1, nonnty of Al>5any, Ro, nldf. of Mohawk river to 
south «lrie of Aries Kill, &. weRt of Port Himter, 

John "v. Hall et al. of yohawk town to Mark Marlatt of 
Mohawk town- Lan-i at ArleR kill, north ni^e of nairt 
Kill in the County of Montgoiue]ry, N.Y, 

Ahraharc Marlatt nnft ]jlary hir, wife, of Mohawk town to 
AnrTrew Mir^Aleton et al.- Lanl in Mohawk town south 
Bifle of Mohawk T^iver. 

A^Drahajn Marlatt o-r Oharlefitown, Do. of Montj^onery and 
)-lary, hi?? wife, to niohnr'^ J.owngberri'' , formerly of 
Ulster no,, N.Y,- Lot No, la of ''Tn. Ourryanrt p patent, 

Ai)rahan Marlatt et al, of Mohawk town, Montp-onery Oo., 
N, Y, , to Jaooh R ter nherp of Jlohawk tovm, N.Y.- 
hfijv\ at Catteo known as }.Iarlatt's Ininh, 

y . 
Henry uiaf?53 i\n\ wife Eli!^a"beth of Oanoioharle, tj, y. , 

to Yellea Marlatt of Oanojoharle, Wontpopiery Go., 

W. Y, , - Lanfl at Hanojohatie. 

NOTE- Moh«wk town v/as ahollRhert >-Iaroh IP, 1793, 
anil ItR territory ereoteri into Florlfta 
and Charleston; the present Mohawk, Jler- 
klToor County, v.'as inoorporatert April IB, 
1844. (N.Y.Rtate Oa^ietteer. ) 


■ U A L Ji E T » 

Lug. 10, 18^3. I. 

?oo'K 10, p. 3'5, 

>ept, 8, 1824. f!j.^ 

)OOY. 19, p. 23^, 

)ec. 31, 18^4, 

)ooy. 10, p. 43J>. ^■ 

teLTCh ?>4, 18??1. /. 
look 10, p. 448, 

ran. 16, 1818, ^< 
}ook 19, p. 46^, 

ran. 0, l8;^fl. 

Pnilo )iall«t «•: Rhofta^ ''liR v;if«, of nRno;iohRTie, to 

Himter QinaokenVjush of same plRoe- Lann in Onno^oliaTie, 

Roswftll Mallet anrt Rally his wife of nanojoharie to 
Rllaf? Hiintlfty- Land in nanojoharie. 

HoflWfiH Mallet an^ Rally his wife of Oanoioharie to 
Ira Beaon- Lan.i in CaJioJoharie, 

Gran'tlf^on J'lallot of nanojonai-ie to Jam^^s 0, »J>» 
of RoheneotafTy, Rohenectarly no., i:.Y,- Lanr' in 

P)iilo Mallet anri Ti)\inloe hi a wi^e o:^ fianoioharie to 
Jaivs •Tniane" of Rohehflota<1y, Rohenpotarty Oo.,>T,Y,- 
Lanfl known a»? OoaTjy'e patent, town of Oano^loharir. 

Delizon ;-Iallett an<l Anna >larie hlF. wife et al, of 
nanoJohaTi«^ to John ^. VanE^^erea o-f* Canojoharip, 
MontcroTCflry Oo, TI.Y,- Lot No, n on RoMth Ride of 
i^ohawk river, nounty of Montpro'iory, 


In Montgomery Co., }\, y, 

John Mario tt born "neur the Bound Brook" 

In Pi8cata-.7ay, SCaaerset Co,, H, J., hi r, hnrtlRr rtv--'jntnr.-d 
Jan, 10, 1725, in tho T^eforrjed Dutcn f^niircn .;ecorcia or itax'itan, 
Soraeroet Co., T7ae of Readln^ton, Hunterdon Co., botreen 1751 
and 1767, Inclualve. ' :-V/..t^^ 7..-..-:ot. 

Roon after 1767, viz:- in 17C9, e find r.m i:i ont- 
gonory Co., II, Y,, where ho oettled on land lyin?: along the 
r,outh nlfle of )'oh'i-7k Plvor and "to the uo-'Jth* of Aiirlen Kill 
or Auriui. or ;.;j;, xiiia aoction vtuj. tnun luciuaoo in Aioun-j 
Co., after /ard set off as Try on Co., and later chan;:ed to its 
nre;5Gnt nar.r», "cnt.ror'n-r.' f^o . 

The deod or tnij land ttus given "in the ninth year 
of the reigft of King Oeor^ce the Third of Ireat Britain, Franco 
and Ireland, Klnrr^ Defenrier of the fajth". -^te,, -x'j dated 
May 4, 1769 ana recorded iod. i, I7d.^. (londa, ;;. Y., Vol. I 
of Deedn, p. 499 ), 

The rrantora rrere Illchol'j'3 Payurd, f^ai:uel Payard 
and •.'/illiai.; liu^ard, nercnantn or ;.. i, city, bon orotncr and 
nephew of tho late owner, Nicholas Bayard, deceased, they 
being three of tlie surviving executors of his last Trill and 
te8tar«nt (two others, his sons-ln-laa, Jerer.iah Van Reniuselaer 
having died, and John Van Courtlandt Having renounced his 
exeoutopahlp ). 



The f-renteo rraa "John L'larlatt of the Co. of Albany 
In the aaid province of liov; YorK, fanaer,* The land is 
deacribed as situated In Co, of Albany, U, Y,, on the south 
side of the Mohawk Riv^Ji*, to the south side of Aurias Kill 
and to the Trcsf.vurd of Fort iiuntar knomi by the name of "Lot 
Ho, 1, which begins on the south comer of the land heretofore 
granted to Capt, John Scott deeoaaod, by a tron riorked no. 1, 
which tree Dtaiidvi one hundred and twenty uix chains on a 
South thirty aix defcrees West covirtie from the nouth of Auries 
Kill where it falls into the MohawKi River, and runs from thence 
Korth thirty six degrees EoSt t^renty five chains, und South 
Sixty eight do, /rues r.-at^t t^renty three chains and forty links 
and Routh thirty six degrees ':ro..-\t ruivonty tv,-o chains and North 
fifty foxur deirreos, Jest thirty eii^ht chains and North thirty 
six dogreee Jslast thirty one chains and fifty links, and North 
fifty four Degrees VTitst forty throe ohaina to Aries Kill and 
alon.p; the oaid kill to the land belonsinti: to the Heiro of Cai.t, 
John Scott doceased, and alonj.: the said land South fifty fo^ir 
do Frees Bast fifty six chains to the 1 1 loe v/horo It first began, 
contrtinlnR tvro hundred «ad fifty yit'^ht scree, etc, Wit, 
Mathev: Pender, Frederick Laaher," 

The deed above rnf 'Tod to ly on record at the town 
niurk's offictj, Foncu^, i., x, 

I qxiote fr(an Mr. John Hoff, descendant of Mary 
liarlett (John):- There uaed to bo ix :3L?tM.irnnt called 
"Mariettas iruoh" ruachlng; from Axjirikesviile aH-.oot to Olcjn villa^'e 

t> 7 


on both sides of Auries crock. The old btorying pla.ce iiaed to 
be a little above Fultonvllle." (W;3 this the old Inrlian 
coi etory referred to by collier Quackenbusli of Ai^riesville in 
1896, as having but one tonb atone left 3t.aiirlin?:, that of 
Juciob e^xackenbU8h? J.r.T, ) 

A piece of paper noney such aa rraa used in the 
Revolutionary period belonfjinp: to James Marlett (Willicii! , 
Jereniah"^, etc.) of Schenectudy, II, Y,, a^'d dated Sept. 1, 1790, 
oipTied by S, r. Kiener, atated that bearer woiad receive payment 
at "ny stores at Fort Hunter, Marlett* a Bush or Cau|]^hna*.7ar:a." 
(Printed "uy r.\y a, r, an'i ^-. Vfebst^r, ) 

Otht. I earl., . otirs and recoi'dB refer to Uorlett'a 
and Murlatt'a Bush. 

In r ;,rirj-,atl''" ■'^ "^ . Hoff'^ .<sf;.t.MT,f.-t that the 
ection under auove nofuU exturided both oldco Oi" Auriea CreoK, 
i rind under date of June 24, 1790, ^ deed to Mark Warlatt of 
>.tohr.r'k to-^n "l.nrl at Arle:i Kill north side of nr:ld Klll,» etc. 

u huvo the «t-tonont of Mary'' Marlutt, dau,':hter of 
John* and V7lfe of VT;. HoTrKlrk, ^ that sne oarae fron ■.'^ottordain. 
This i.uat rufcjr to that portion of Rchenc^ctady ^f!+ ofr ,3 Rottordan 
in 1830. Mail of the HarJ.Jt by that nana now recoivod at South 

chenectady. tlary ( Marie t.t) MtJTsrkirk was bom In 1774 and If 

her father John !•..+, tied at tino o"^ 1 in^ohuHe upon the land tho deed 
of ^'hich he rocoivod in 1769, h- r atatement iiuat refer to tho previous 
residence of her father. i can find no records in Albany, Schenec- 
tady or elsewhere referrlnfr to early r vit^ In t^at vicinity. 



and, froi. the date of his arlvent In I'ontKomery Oo,, fils residence 
In Rotterdam probably, if at all, r/ay of ohort duration. 

From Montg-irary Co, recorclB --e lear" that John Karlett 
took u pror.;inent part in the history of his section of the 
ooiinti'y and in the prelirinary rovenentn of the Povointjonary 
•'far, being a r.cnour of tlie "Council oi S^ioti" in it, yn Co., 
Chairman of the Kohawk district, and a deleo-ate to the first 
Provincial Congpeos h«lcl at Albany in June 1775. 

I. 1774, From- the 3?nf^ll8h j'oa. Vol. ] 1- ) Petition of II. B. 

( J'jne B ) 

et al. for the apiolntment of John Uarlatt aa Justice of 

tilt) P'.iuce for Try on Co, 

1774, Pecurds of Tryon Co.- In Calendar of N. Y. Council 

Jan. 1776- 

rinutoQ 1668-17RS, In 1774 John I.(drlott, ras apTOinted 

.iuutice of the Pfuce for Tryon Co. r.euoved Jan. 1776, 

(501 & 506). 

" 1775, -' 'i •*^^t^>ld. John M.trlatt one of the Aasociaten }?ay 26, 
(May 26) 

1775, Of the Provincial Conr:re5}3, 

Colonial Hist, in New York aa^a:- Johr I'arlett 
Dele-ate to the first Provincial Con.c'i»ou8 in 1775, 

(l«'ron Carpbell'a '•Annals of Tryon Co., or Border 
Warfare," paj-^^e 44; pub, by Htirpor, 18S1 ):- "On the oecond 
of June 1775, a neotin.^ of the Tryon Co. conr:ittee \7aa 
held at rrnich the members fror. the Mohawk diutrict were 
for the first time prooent havin,-^ been kept away by the 


NOTE:- The Johnaons vrere loyalists living 
botvTeon the ' .Plotts an< the place of r eetinr. 

■The TTnole cciinty ".Tan now represented and as tiis v/as the first 

united neetin;:' it nay bo interesting to give tho naner. of thi3 

body of r.en who had ao often profeased their willingness to 

peril their ljw«e and property in defense of the liberties of 

tlieir countr;. ."- 

June 2, "John Varlett"- the first name nentioned from 


v.ohawK district. 

Ibid. p. G?,. "The first dele.mtes to the 
Provincial ConTroCH vore Joto !.:arlatt and John Moore." 

(Irojn "Hist, of HerKiner Co., K.Y," Pub, by F, :. 

Feui'b .- CO., H. Y. 1879- j;].. 4B- ^^ ) "It iu vrell to record 

the nanes of the ^orn-ittee of Safety in Tryon Co., names that 

must never be lost from the hi.aory of the MohaTjK V:.iiey 

and of the Revolution," "The Tryon '^o, CoLxaittee convened 

the 11th or June and havinj?; received a letter from the 

Con^r^Tcas of the Province reoor'Tendinj: the appointriv?nt of 

delegates to th.t body, chose C. P. Yutes toid John ";irlett 

as such dele ,^a tea," 

John Marlett, 

From the Mohawk Bistrict, 2nd June, 1775, 

Com, of Safety. 

The first deler:ate3 to the Prov. Cong. 
Jolm I'urlatt and John Moore. 

I. Life of Joseph Brant, p. 114, Pub, by I'unsill, 
1865, "John ilurbatt Oct. 30, 1775, Lel.ter to General Her*iir-er. 
Ohairrian of the Cor;!: it tee." 



The following copy of a bill '7lth exi:)lanatlon I 
received from Mr, Victor A. Putnan of Aurlesville, .ont, Co., 
II. Y. m it;93. It. io to be re":rett.;d that tho bill itself 
is n 't dated. 

■This i3 a copy from an old paper I found 
tti03e of i:ry grandfather, Victor C, Putrmn, It "/ould ueeir- 
thc;t the :; .Id John Marlett's pasaa^^e of provision Euat h-;.ve 
been up tho MohawK river en a craft called 'batteaoix' -^hich . 
Plyed the river in those early daySj, 7, A, P." 

"The E3 ate of Joiin Iturlett, Dec. flr, 

TO Jn, r, Pruyn, 

Aug, 14 To Ms pauj-irie lip of provision 0, 16,0 

To Intireat 

fl^aae pay the above stas to Victor Potr^an, 

Tills roc. Jill bs) a HUfficlent Diachurpe from 

Your huji.bie Serv. 

Jn, F. Pruyn, 


III John (5) (Thomas (4) etc.) 

The following copy of a bill with explanation I 

received from Mr, Victor A. Putman of Auriesville, Mont. Co., 

N.Y. in 1893. It is to be regretted that the bill itself 

is not dated. 

"This is a copy from an old paper I found among 

those of my grandfather, Victor C, Putman. It would seem that 

the said John Marlett's passage of provision must have been 

up the Mohawk river on a craft called 'batteaux' which plyed 

the river in those early days. V.A.P." 

"The Estate of John Marl ett, Dec'd Dr. 

To Jn. F. Pruyn, 

Aug, 14 To his passage up of provision 0, 16,0 

To interest 

please to pay the above sum to Victor Potman, 

This rec, will be a sufficient Discharge from 

your hucble Serv, 

Jno. F. Pruyn. 

Documents relating to the Colonial Hist, of the 

state of New York, Vol, 15. The Revolution Vol, 1, 

Berthold Fernow. p. 295:- 3rd Battalion (Mohawk) 1st Company, 

Ensign-Gideon Marlatt-reappointed June 25, 1778 

The following list of names appears in a vol, of New 

York State troops. Revolutionary period, John Karlatt 

Gideon " Lieut, 

Gideon " Ensign, 

John " 

John " 

Michil " 

Thomas " 

Thomas " 

Michael " 


111, JOHN' MABLETT (THOM/IS, ARFAHAM^ rtc. ) of Hew 
Jersey and I.'ont prone ri' Co., N, Y. 

ill, John (Th03,', etc.) bapt. Jan 10, 1725, Baptism 

recorfied in Peforeied Dutch Church records of Rarltan, Soj eroet 
Co., .1, t) , See p« - ■ 

He lived in PiacatuTTuy, Middlesex Co., "near the 
Pound Prook«»j Roadin^rton, Gor.eryet Co., Hew Jerao;^ and in 
Montr;oncry Co., IJ, Y. 

He married (l) Jfario f^ 

Ho r.arried (2) Jane Van Sickle 

both of I?eadin?:ton, Kunt«rdon Co, 

fiondsnan,- John Van Siclle, Jr.,. same. See p. 

He Married (3) Baatie or Batie (Bv-rtha ? ). 

She is recorded in Montgomery Co., imder dates Jan 4 and May 25, 
1772. ' See p. 

He J^arried (-4) about Dec, 1772, Hdcnnah Slieldon 

of Rhode Island. 


NO'i'E:- ]y-:--- \-^ - - -" • cnt Co, in 1B96, 

I first learned ; r of (John, 

Thoa,, (;tc, ) that har r tlier, Hannan FJhelrton, 

' .r; the fourth v.-lfo of Joru •"■•t.t- only tvo 

.-• the nunber Knorni in lent :„ Co.- and that 

Gideon (Joim , etc, ) mxa lnnvno or the firat marria/^, 
and the f-i-' • * of John's chlldjcen. Ten i/.^ars later 
I '.vas en ., to confirm tiiia by Ne-.v Joraey 

invent! cations. 



Xil. JOHN' (Th08., Ab., -tc. ) of Ne^ Jersey 
and Montj>;oiaery Co., : . Y, 

Ohilaron of John (ii-ou., ^;tc. ) and ^ife (1) Maria- 

I. ilarETietje (Margaret) bap, Sept. 2iJ, 1751; 

il, Old'jon, born 14 Jan, 1747, ■ ■ 29, 1751; 

Cliiifiren by vrife (?.) Jane Vaii Sickle, 

(Harried Sept. 25, 1752.) 

Ill, Abrahan ' bap, Oct. 7, 1753; 

IV. Thonias, ■ Hov, 27,1755; 

V. John, ■ June 8, 17G3; 

VI, Jacob'^, ■ Jiino 2, 1765; 

VII. Wioltio (Helly), ■ J -one 14,1767; 

I, li. Hi, IV, V, VI, Vil, naptlsna i^cordnd In J>ntch 
PeffiBfir cf Peadlngton, amtoraon co.,^ V" 

I, J.{c:rgaret, And li-Giaeon, probably born before 
removing to Rcadlngton, -i- /v v ly ^ ^.-i. ) 

I find no ! .arrlage rccor::cd nor childron by ttIjPb 
Baatle or Batle. 

Children by wife (4) Hannah Sheldon, 
Vlli, Perrr- (t!ar.?uret ), ,bom 31 July, 1773; ^j-^ 

IX. I'ary, bom 25 llov. 1774; '- 

died 23 Sept., 1824; 

X, Ollea (Jelles, Ooiles ), born o Oct,, 1777; 

died 28 nee, lc;i8. 



JOHK Of j'ontcoEiery Co., H, y. 

r ( 

The eldest oon of John Marlett, vi^;:- Gideon, and 

nany of Oidoon'e descendants loct^ted in parts of Mew YorK state 

convenient for ir.y personal examination of church and other records, 

also affording interviews nith the oldeat livin:: descendanto. 

For that reason I have gained a better V:nov/ledi7e and r:iore conplete 

records of hia thun of tne descendants of other of John* 3 children. 

The records and information :7hich I have been able 
to gather of the latter Trill be foimd on the folio, in,^ pa.Tes. 




C~'=I., 2.^- M-j ^G- /• 




, (;,^-~ /i 1 




'i-'y-i f- 




<- . 







.. ^, 




^;,. . 




- y (p 3 UJJ 4 . 




I'l 1- t^ 





The above named are the only ones of John's cildren 
whom I have oeen able to identify . ith certainty. There are 
reasons fur thinking Klichael v/as son of John, th0U:'?:h he raay have 
been either his brother or a nephew. 



Gideon" luarlett, (John^ ThosT, etc.) 

Lease of luiid in Hontrcomeiry Co, il.Y, 

A lease t.ade April 22, 1789, in iiioh the mayor, 
alduiman and oorjionalty of tte city of Aloany are lesaora and 
Oideon Mallett of i.'ontgomory Goimty lo louaee, conveys to said 
Oideon Uallett for the term or seven years froLi August 26, 
1788, a fam or tract of ittnd situute in 
in Montgomery County, and by the hl/rhway at the south 
westerly corner of lot n.u u-r seven, miO. runs .oi.i,^^ji> uloiig 
said hL-^hivay thirty chains- thence north nine de-^^roeo .vest, 
fourteen chains and fifty linku to t>ie bank of the river- 
thence northe-.tJterly alonf; tj^id riv-.r uaiiK t'^Tonty five chains 
to said lot nuLiber seven, and thence along tl» 3ai::e soutii, 
twenty seven degrees and forty five iiinutea east, seventoen chains, 
Lo tlie place of, The rental reserved Iti onu L»iu,iiel 
of f^ood Cierchantable v/inttjr vrheat for each acre of said pretiiuos, 
.^ayable annually on or before January first. 



A deed lade July 3, 1792, in xihloh the fnyixntor is 
Nicholas A, VanSlyke, of l."oha73'Kto\7n, ?'ontp;onery Coiinty, New York, 
dHd the /p?antoe i3 Oicl' on Tro'iett, of the eane to^ni, oonveya a 
lot or ti'act of land ia i.iontf^umery County, on the south aide of the 
Itoliawk river and on the trect side of nchohurie CreoK, near Fort 
Huntt:r, more larticularly described aa foliov/a:- Beginrlng 

■here txie low itind ..oins to the uirland at a larr:e rocK on the 
road and running thenco aouth, t.vo de:Tee3 vxest, eleven chains to 
a amall riarlced pine troc- tnen south eif^htoen deprees -est, one 
hundred and two chains to a tract of land granted to Janiee Delancey 
and others- then along the saj.e, as the needle points in the year 
1737, north, fifty four dePToe:- .. t, ye von oh ins to a tract of 
one hundred and forti five acres laid out for isaac Collier- 
then along the same north, f^elve degrees east, one hiuidred and 
two chains, to the aiToresaid road and low lands, and along the 
oarae to the i-lace of beginninp^- containing one himdred and forty 
five acres. The consideration naried in the deed is lf)0 i.ounds, 

and the deed is described ao an indenture. In t'jr change ably signed. 
The deed piorports to be a deed of T7arr:inty, the only covenant, 
however, being that the grantor ;7ill warrant and defend "the 
above bargained prenises in the peaceable posse soion of the 
party aforesaid of the second i art, iiis heirs and assigns, 

gainst all and every person or porjons lawfully". 

Although not nairied as one of the rqjantors, the deed ia signed 

also by Abigal VanSlyKe, rrnich night indicate th^it the premises 

conveyed ^Tere the VanSlyKe horneotead, ; ortlon th'^reof, 

Abigal Van Sly ke, 

w'iiiiaia v/ample. 


(JIDEOH' ( John/ juic-. 

1775, Gideon Kttrlatt an Ensi^ in col, ilen^i^or's l-o^i't, 

Aug. 26, 

(Payor. Land Papers,- ProbaiJly- p. 654; 178-1, ::ov. 13:-) 
■Caveat by 'flti, liciTi^er as a^ent for Vftn. Hall, Isaac Colyer, 
Sanuel Weeks and Gideon Ilerlat a2:aini5t a tract of ?:000 
acres of land on thu v.-otit ulde of Sciior.ary CroaK settled on 
by tiiorj." Vol. 37, p. 54, 

1784, Bond- Affidavit Victor C. Putr.aj;.. 

July 8. 

1786, Affidavit of J. W. re-arootiir^ title of Gideon 

Oct. 13, 

Oarlatt, otc. p. 1:9- 'J. '., vol. U^l ^ 

1739, Affidavit Jiicob Colyer reapectin,^^ Gideon Marlatt's 

Jan. 31, 

title to landr, -jost side nohoh.irle r^rcefc. Voi, 44, p. 131, 



Gideon Marlett, born, X4 Jan, 1747, at 

Died, 13 riec, 18S0, at ?.^arcellu8, Onon. Co., N.Y, 

Married at 

Mary (Maria) Ouuckenbush, bom, 8 )^arch, 175.'?, at 
Died, 25 Nov, 1S25, at lluroellus, Onon, Co., 1!,Y, 

At first th^y lived and all their children TTorc 
bom near thv r'Ov.t^ of Schoharie CroeK in the to'-m of 'vhat 
?;as then caxxou .yjiaricutu^/n ( c^f ter^'ard cien ) : um.,:',i^v;r^ Co,, 
H. Y. 

In 1804 h© r«riOved to Milford, Otisa:;© Co., II, Y, 
The farm yrhlch he bou,:')it tiru-y tiujolned his eon Peter's 
and the date of deed, 1804, and of sale of hlo pew in the 
old Cau^hnaraga church the sane year. See p. 7'i' and 

In 1&13 he sold hln farm in Milford to a nan n^ned 
Lane and r ;: uv(;d tc Marcellub, Onon, Co. la children, 

T7ith the exception of Peter and Susannah, also settled in 
Onon. Co, 


6^ ^v e \ 


In the name of God ar-iain. This 9 day of Sept. 1819 I 
Gideon Mu.rlatt of Ivlarcellus in the county of Onondaga and state 
of New York being q±o\i in body yet soimd in nind thanks be to 
God for the sane and calling to mind the mortality of i.:y body 
Knowing it is appointed for man once to die I do make and ac- 
Knowled,:':e this riy last will and xxx testamentxxx That is to 
say principally above all recommending ny soul to God who gave it 
and as to my oody I recommend to the dust to be buried in a 
Christianlike manner at the discretion of my executors hereafter 
named not douoting but at the general resurrection I 3haJ.l re- 
ceive the same again loj the pov/er of God. Nov7 as to touching 
such v/orldly estate v/herein it has pleased God to blesc me 

I give devise and dispose in the foliov/ing manner, via: I bequeath 
to ny beloved v/ife Mary lliirlett one third of the income of ny 
real estate for her uoe during her natural life and like\7ise give 
her all my personal property during the sane. And v.'hatever 
personal property may remain after the death of ny beloved v.-ife 
Mar>' shall be equally divided between 

(probably ny ) daughters or their heirs. Item, I give 
my son Abram one hxmdrod and seventy five dollars, I ten, I 
give my son John . ne hundred and twenty five dollars. Item- I 
give my son v^illian one himdred dollars. Item- I give ny son 
Jeremiah one hundred dolla-s. Item- I give my son Peter one 
hundred dollars. Item- I give my son Isaac one hundred dollars. 
Item- I give my son Thomas one hundred dollars. Item- I give 
my daughter Polly one hundred doll:irs. Item- I give m.y daughters 
Sunannah one hundred dollars. I give my dau.-;hter Peggy one hundred. 
I rive to ny son Cornelius all my real estate on condition of 
his paying the fore mentioned suras to the heirs. The installments 
of paym nts as follOT/s. First, one hundred and seventy five 
dollars to my son Abram v/ithin one year after my death. Next pay 
ny son John -.vithin fr.'o years aft-^r iiy death. The remainder to be 
paid to my oth'^.r heirs .vithin eleven years after ny death. 
Lastly, I nominate and appoint my beloved friends Lemuel Barrows 
and William Lander to be my only sole executors of this my last 
■ill and testament, revoking and disannulling all fomer r/ills 
made by me and acknov/ledging this to be ny last ;^ill and testament. 
In witness hereof I affix my hand and seal. In the year of our 
Lord Sept, 9, 1819. 

Gideon Uarlatt, 
In presence of us 


William Baher 

Surrogates Office, Onondaga County, May 3, 1821. 

Approved, allowed and recorded in book^G of wills, pages 158 ckc, 
' James Porter. Surrogate. 

t^- V- 


OIDEOK,^ (John ^^' J^^*^.- 

Thoi buried ut liuroollus, Onon, Co., H. Y., in the 
old "JacXson Oemetery" foniierly sltuatod on the road to ISarcelluo 
villa,p:e called the State Roa.d. At tiiia point the direction of the 
road hao bnen changed, and the entrance to the cenetery ia no-^; a 
quarter of a rile or ao north of tije road tfUX'u^:ii a field uituated 
about one mile v/ost of llavarine villup^, 

Goi-neliuB Marlett (Gidjeon, oto.) left in his ".'ill thtit 
torbfltonoo nhculd be provided I'or iiia "honored fatnur aiiu i.other", 
and his ;;idow i^sotsy (Stclp) i/.arlott carried out the instructions, 
Gideon died in lb20, but the toL.ubtone vfron.^iy '-ivea the date 
-l8 1821^. The inocriptlonu on tnc toiauu:.. iiuu tLL-- aa follov/s:- 

■C'ldeon l;arlott died Dec. 13, iyl<- (ahotud be lb20) 

"ar^ed fZ yearo & 10 mo." 

•I7ith Gonr-s let ua follov? his flip:ht, 
"A"- • "lint -rj": - ■ 1 -j * ■ vo; 
■E J to r it, 

"And log'd in the Kdcn of love." 

L, ?; tan ton. 

The design hujiuiiiii tiie iiibcrjption contains an hour 
glass in the lorrer left hand, comer. On the rl?;ht hand of thlt 
ij the figure of a female weepin,^, r/ith hor handicerchief in her 
left hand applied to her r.^^.i .hile i.^r -jiuovi rests upon a p^rt 
of the tor.bstone at her left, and this shaded by a v.-eeping rillo?; 
^t the left of the toiab stone. 

The deni.Ti auove the second and snall^r stone io a 
tonustone with a weuping \7iiiow on each aide and the inucription:- 


r ■ 


'Kiairy M, wife of Gideon Marlett. Died lov. 35, 1825, A. 

72 years, 8 mo. * 17 Ds, 

"Tis flnisiied, tis done, tho spirit is fled: 
"Tho i:rl3or.«r iu gone, the Oiristian is dead; 
"Tlic CliriGtian is living throu^ii Jesus' lovo 
■And gl-idly roceivinf; a i.ingdom above." 

Gideon's r/lll, after oecrueathlng legacies to hln other 
children, loft hij pi'operty to hio son Comeliuu, The receipta 
for those l«o':ctciea are still in existanoe. 

The terms of the r;iii are explained by the fact that in 
their later yearn their eon Comoliue with his T7ife was invited 
to live vrith and care for them durlnp- the renalnder of th'^ir 
lives, Throufrh the -Idow of Cornelius, Mrs, netoy ( Stolp ) 
Marlett, -(j have many tales prenerved illustrating the lives 
and characters of Gideon and his ?rife Mary Ouaokfsnbuoh. 

none of the nore interesting of these tales come to us 
through Cornelius (Peter, (Jideon, John, etc.) and his family, who 
as ilia uncle CorntJliua wdc childless, renoved to Marcellus after 
his narriage and lived trith hie; imcle Cornelius ('^ideon, etc.) 
b'.^coTnin.^: as a son to the old poople. 

As I'rs. i^etsy (f^toip) Mnrlstt lived t be nearly 
eighty novon yearo old, those tales aro yet J.'reah in the family 
of the i'Otmgor comeliua. The tale best teotm and cftenest 
told anong all descendants of Gideon and liary'o children is 
hero related. 

From CaLTTTell^ "Ar!'.- in of Hvycrt C.c, or r^ordRi" ".'u3*f , " 


GIDEOK '' ( John ,'~iUr^) 

P. 164, r/e learn that O'iUfiinu'.vii,:!* v/ati ourned Dy Cir ijorm joniivior., 
Oct. IB, 1780, 

Frop t.he pen of Uen "zo •'arlett (Pa tar, at , ) I quote :- 
"Vmilo the battle of oOhnatowii v;a.j raginf.';, gramdfatiivir ueing in 
the flf^ht aa a major, [^ancLnoth«r V7aa at homo "'Ith the children. 
She had ;) t^-lten a bal^ln - of bread fron! the oven vrhGn looklnp- 
out of the v/in'-.o . rurti of in:ii:^.a joning." (Tnoy 

v/ore on their ?7uy to join Sir John Johnson, tlie trail then 
pannlnrr by the hoiine of Gidoon on the cant end, iS I had pointed 
cut to ne vhllo viaitino: tiio ola plj^ce^ *J.. .T.) "She took 
fatht^r, an infant, in h«r amiB smd :'atherinff the three older 
children b.v the hand turn rt in the o?.^ onlta dir -ction and fled 
Into tilt.; •.-.'ooas. The maianu dcvourca tne jroad, u.nd Durncd 
the houoe and ail it contained, Grandfather then put up the 
hour^c yoti wrote about •^hloh i hive vi3it<-;cl once anc^ is now 
occvi].'ieci Oj tuiidiitu," 

Fror.i the pen and lipa of the y-un.t^r Cornelius' and. his 
dau.r^hter, Mro. Kaight, rrc ruin arldltionul facts. ''ritoa ?!rs. 
H-ii^-jht, "X ii^vtj heard t/i'j otory uo r.;any tinea xroni ;];ruati aunt 
retsy that I KnovT it by Jieart and she had it fron r:reat-sreat- 
rrandjriothcr hcrat^lf . 

Said tne Jidow of Cornelius (Gideon^ etc,):- 'in relating 
her experience she t'''^^ Ouackonbuah) said that ahe spent the 
ni^ht sitting TTith ^cr ':-ack :;--ajnst tha trunK of a tree nith 

K 73 

GI TiT.OYi ( John', jc.-^ 5.. ; 

7 7 

Jereniah and Willlaiii, and. the faitli-fiil dog vrhich had accompanied 
tiiera, huddled arovmd hor, Thay weru near enough to rritnasa 
tJie conf laceration an-; to hear the noise, and if thu uaoj ii;-d 
cried or the doi; UarKed it would 1 uve revealed thei.'. She said 
"The dog seer t:d to realize the danfrer of the Dituataon" , The 

next n rning she Tiada nor .va^ to Fort Hxinter, 

On ono oocaaion .7hen repeating this tale to her chiluren, 
K^rs. HaiTht'a yonnf' dotusrl^ter exclained ■Juat think what a chiinr^e 
ono cry fron tuat u^o^- or a uurk rroL; thit dog v/ould have i de- 
-hore would j7e be7" . It la quote probable that had not the 

Indiana D;en in harite to Join the scenes which they Knew rrere oeinj: 
enacted ut JohJiuto-.'n, our a .• )U ■ Sw vonld not h .ve escaped the 
toiTiahaTTlc of the aava/^es. Aa waa ovidonojd the Indians '.yere y'lllln^ 
to full in :Vith civilized practice by devouring; the '.7arri bread, 
bllasfully ixnenlljo^htened rezarding thiit riodern tyrant. King 

The houae built on the site of the one destroyed and 
-There the reniaininf: ni.rjber of their eleven children ere born ia 
.fit atandin?; (1905), it ia Btill in reasonably f^ood condition. 

^t hna paaoed out of fne family and 1p no';7 called the old HaucK 
■ouse. It in situated on a riae of prcund and (-rives one a 
agnificont vieT7 up and dovsn the Mohawk valley, 

aidoon ie described ?7hen in his seventies aa "very ajsry 
;.nd active and unuoually atrai.-'rit- not stijoped at all." He 
an very proud and very particular in hia dress, wearinp; Knee 


01 siEOV- ( John ,^'J^Xt..^ 

j'cints •vvith :iilvor bucKleu, allr'. atoc!:in -q, una lor; sjlioeo .ith 
■jilvor buckler. It ao his habit to lie down before dinner 
and one dciy wh«n his 7rlfe went to oall niri to dinjier he -raa 

Although, as no h ve seen, Mar> Oimckenoush M .;rlett 
.'d.3 brive, Ghe also v^a ^entlo uPfl lovaole, for aaid her claup;hte:t>- 
in-la.'.v, "She hcj.i a very S'-^-et dlspooifon .Line: ulrraya oroke 
in a B?/oet lov? volci;.* 



Whesn c-ok atovea first care in \xc,e her son bcu^fjt one 
and. had It set up, /he next r ominf: hia EOti'iGr oaid to hlxn, 
"Cornelius, 1 could not sleep luat nlp;ht and all I could aee or 
tMnX of v/aH thut droudfTil ,-'r*iat black tiiin- -■'•. the kitchen- 
I do not llKe it." t.q her uon t^oK it dovm uxid sold it ind 
they u.^ed th'j fireplace co ion"' xb ahe live;'.. 

Dood of Old re?7, r;,;e 2 . 

21. . di DKOM " ( J ohn '^."^ jlT^ . 

For riiitary record, of Gideon, born 14 Jtin., 17:7, see 

In adflltion t the titles Fnai-nr -md Lie -it ., he '"^a 
also Uajor In the I^.ev, 'ffar, 

Alt/iou^h i hiiVH not the ofricitil reoord of hia 
a: i olntiient, it '7us 7?lthout qiiaation jir.ion/; his c/Hldrnn and 
f^andchlldren, ix^'^a io confin-.ed by the follov.'ln • incic.ont fron 
: '.y father's Ijps to us Ms children, '>uld he:- "One cold 

-.'/inter'a day vhen I vmu ii child, a r- r -as ti'irchuiiln- ^uln at 
ny fathtjr*8 fans, ana, lucKln^-^ surficlunt ua^G, latnor said 
to ! e, 'I^a.^or, run to the house and bring some bii^s* upon v/iilch 
thij . ^n e-cclalr.od 'Ma.jor! r IdtI- -ffh/ do you rlvo a child nuch 
Li ncii-;e?' The reply va.a ''jtic^Ui^c rie lo nai.ed lor ny fa'.hor, 
Gideon '.arlett, who was a Vajor in the Hrtv. V7ar, and I llKe 
to u.'je th^ title'". f in ry^r thn :isual .juvenila 

affliction l;i cold weather, t;.e's cioiiinr: co;- ont "A anotty- 
iioaod Hajor he" afforded nuch anuseiaent in the faiiily and 
prevented ny fathor ever for 'Tttln-' thn nirn-irRt-inco. 

( / 

JJ, Gideon Uarlett 

/ " /7'y 

D. I'i J^n, I7'i7; a. 13 ^ec. 1820; 

I'ary '^u.iokenbush Mario tt b. 6 Hur. 1753; d. 25 i;ov, 1B25; 






















la xc 

(Accordlnr to 


b. 4 clail. 1773 

o, 20 Avrr. 177r> 

b, 1 <!C. 1777 

b. 4 :inr, 1779 

b. 7 Oct. 17.t;i 

u. 15 Aj.r. 17t3 

b. 3 Se:.t.l7b6 

b, 13 Juno, 1789 

b. 20 Aui;. 1791 

6. 19 May, 1794 

b. 31 Dec. 179G 
Aurora recorda, 
1706. ) 




. 17 Oct. 1869; 

1. ae. ab. 93. 

' • 

d. 4 Nov. 1837; 

'".. 4 Avr.. 1:^0; 

d. lii iiay, 1877; 


C. 13 Feb. 188C. 

All bom in CharlestCiTn ufte3"".7ard called Olen, that portion 

th t 18 no-?? Aiirl03ville, v. t. Co., ii. Y. 

The dates of birth In old faraily Bible for II. Jerer.iah 

and ill.- T/lliiain, ,'^lve the ynara as 1775 and 1777, rrhlle 

the old CicUffhnawa'-'a church rt^coruL. oay 1774 ana 1776. An 

iho old Bible belon-' ^d to the parents, Gideon and Mary 

( OuacKenbuah ) 1 .rlott, i-^Al*tic itt-eor2s*«4. 

ftl- \ 


JCHN (lirlcion, Johnlof ^:ont. Co., W, Y. 

I. J'tim Llai'lett, bom 4 Jari., 177:2, ^.t CTnarleGtori, ::ont. Co., K.Y. 

Married -At /iiringville, 

Catherine Ormacl- or Au,:iOCl: , toi-n 

■^or hone r-. p! let":oen Pul-t,onville and AurieRvil] o. 

Ti e y li ved in Au ri e s v il 1 e, 

Rc:noved to MilfOKi, OtBCfco Co., and ii: 1318 to Ilarcelluf, N. Y. 

(P. 0. li'-.varino . ). 

He dlod about 1054 "-vhiln living •■^Itli IiIr non Ipaac at lT>^>varino. 

Sho died la It at Lirle, Brooae Co., TT, \,^ while liviri;;^ 'ith 

'-•-^r ro n Arli'ow. 

j?he old fe-iily Bible of Jolun. r;lth the record of his c'llldron 

wan buiTind "' 

e hO'Ose of '.in son Corn'=^liug. 







Anno ■* 













Tophi a 


A3.1 of above childrori d' 





Sept. , 

1300 ; 

Vo m 


7 I'^y, 180 

C; died 20 5^eit.,1384; 




1811; died " -^ct., 1S92; 














- » 

Grsorse , 

-r.o vfi'- living in 130G. 

^7f } 

J-. JOHN (aideou, John; Jt/t,^ 

I, Oideon (Jolin, etc) Marlett, bom 29 Sept. ,1800, 

at Charlouton, i.Iont. Co., M. Y. 

^ent to Pennsylvania, ooine.^vhero i-n ir the noxmtains to 

in lunbor buaineaa and never :7aa hoara from oave incilrectly. 

II, Pojjy l.iarlett, bom 


Died at 

Had one daUe':;hto«P, Amelia, born. 

-"ho nar-'lnri ATon3Q rrith. 



THE llARLFi'-r FAMll-Y. 
I.JOHN^ (aideon,' John'^^iX- 


7 May 1805, at 
20 Sept., 18S4, 

Ij.1. Ann Marlett born 

Auriesville, Mcnt, Co., Ij, Y. 


in Chlca'-o, iii, 

Mar, "f.7o years previous to birth of hoy", tl^jerefore about 1823, 

9 Oct., at Oeddes, Onon, Co., ]i, Y,, Rueben Ho^73er, bom 

AT)ril, 1801, at 
Wed 9 Oct., 1S60, at 

South Onondajra, (P. 0, Navarino ), 

After tho 'louth of h r hunband ).'r.'3, Howoar lived in GhlcaffO 
and r.outn Qiionaaga, -.aui onilrlrfin. 

■^^'- • / 

i^eir?':- #ti3 the marrlapre and death of Reuben Hoi5Ger 
both r^ Oct.? If not -.^lich Is rl, ; t? Alao birth 
and! aoath of iV, J.jaeu J'yron both 11 ilov,? 









Leroy ' 
Alon":o "was tv/o yoara younger than Roy", there "o^^e 

born ao. 1825; died 

Abrar, Alonzo 

J.iTten j?yron 

Charles Rathcone 


Mary Elizabeth 

Anne Jane 

Catharine Amelia 

born ab. 1827; died 8 res. old. 
bom 26 May, 1829; d. 4 June, 1895; 
born 11 I:ov. 1831; ci. 11 Nov., 1874 or 5 
born Sept. 1833; d. 22 Aug, 1880. 

bom 1 Ja.n., 1835; d. 13 ?50pt.,187> 
boT-r. 90 Juno, 18.'^8; 
born 11 Oct., 1810; 
born 19 JiUy, 184.>; 


J. JOHN ( Gideon, ' John, iX«"^ 

ill. Ann cmidren of lil, Anr. J.'arlett and Reuben flowser, Con't, 

:^. (^ : or ne Henry bom is Dsc, 1845; rt. 

Xi. l.-.ics f5ophla bom 83 Jtay, 1848; 

I, II, bom In Goddsa; III, Oavogo Palla; V. born Marcellus 
Viiiaff«J, (and perhaps IV I'Lirof) Hub ); VI. Mavarlno; VII, VI il, 
IX, ''nKth Onondarca; :;, XI, Old l^imaoe- "'^- ElKwood. 

II, died '?.;roellufi; ixl, IV, chica.To; V, died K. Y. City; 
\rt, Eyraouoe (^inwood ); IX, died "o. Ononda.^a, X, munwood. 

1, Loroy ^ (Ann, John,'^ etc. ) 
For Leroy vrrlt, >i8 dau, Josephine, ' ar, iionry Roiir.-erD and 

llvos voinoj , OBwero Co., N. Y, 

She han "^ '^"nlldren, Hho trill '.rrlte of IV. Jari^ .. ..j -j-nd 
Leroy i.tti'. sisters,- Mwry J.'\n« H-Hl and Ruth Hull. 


II, Aion^o, taom at Geadaa. 

Diod 8 riionths old. 

T.JOEH (aideon, *Jo]in,z 

Children of III. Anne Marie tt & Reuben Hovrser, Con*. 

Ill, Abran Alonzo, bcm QranQ^ Palls, 26 !!ay, 18?.9; 

Died 4 cjiiie, 1895, In Chicago, 

IXarrdSd in Gliica;^, Comoiia Ranoom, and haa tno ciiildrtjn; 
I, Julia 


I Julia, Vjlney Richardson and liveo in Chicago anj they 

have t..'J v-ij-xcLL-v^ii,- 
I. Ethel 


IV. Janes Myron, bom p rhaps Uiroellua, 11 Nov, (?); d. 11 
liov., (v)i874, in G.>iica,"0. 
He mar. Ruth Hall 

and had a daughter Carrie living, near Mrs. P.orTiar:?, v.'ho cbh 
give hor f 'ther'a record. (nee I. Leroy,' p,^/. ) 
Roy 'a .;ife -.vent to Now York ■jd\u nursed her slater at birth 
of Cari'io,''^ 


I.JOHN 7 ( (Tldeon/ .johnl>t.^M 
Children of Ann Karlett i Roiiben Ho^^ser, Cont. 

V, Cli<-.rles Rathbone , born i3ept. 183i>, 

tov.ti of iLa-cellus, 

Diiid 22 Alig,, 1K3C, 

in Hew York City. 

Mar, at Joaephine Hinder, 

iio children. 

NOTE:- Mra, Sori-era ■ ,^ can ;5ive 

reoordt, facta, otc, ''rs. K' 'lei, alao, and 

tos, Nichols '.Till find cij?.te ^ and send, 

(nee "li and VIII. r. f^J^ 5-1 


VI, Juliette, bcm 1 Jan. 1835, ai 

Ifeircellu'j vili, -, 

Died 13 Rept, 1671, 

;'ar. .t Ly gander, vrillarr! (Tijtrrlnga, r.bout 1856 or 7, 
(Mrs. Sorir.itirtj ivlil euy. ) 

Children :- 
I. Nellie P-:rr:rtlla bom ?.'.arcell-i3, ?, Jan, 1858; 

II, i<c:j .\rsGiiu, bom Ha»arir.o, 20 Auc. 1859; 

/ Mar, at Kalanazoo, Mich,, Oiilver Spencer, 

lil, Albert, born 



I.JOHN ((Jldeon; Joiin, >*^/c. 
Children or AniV' Mi^rlett & Reiiben Howson, Cont'd. 

IX. Alice ^and VII L^s. M, E, Kenyon, 129 So. Rjoria, G'nlcago, 
III, u' to Uay 1 (1896). After that in care of Klra. D. B, 
Jones Ux -Ar.iQlia) 3640 So. Roby, r!hioa;TO, 111. 
Dau. Jane, I?ra, W. , :iichoia, South Onondasu, IJ, Y. 
Ask Mra. f^onrnars (r>ee l.-Leroy) to reconcile diiteo. 

VII. Mary Eliaauetn, Ljorn 
South Onondaga, N. Y. 
Married at 

David B. fvQH^on, uorn 

Branksville, N. Y, 

He died 

20 June, 1638, at 

20 Au^;, lo36, at 

23 Oct. lliiA, 

Vlil. Ann Jane, born 11 Oct., 1840, at 

Soutli Onondaga, N, Y. 

Mar. at 

%n. IJichola, son of John Teft liichois (Obed) and Sally 

(Stevens ) Nichols, born 

Mrs, W. i'. Hicholt!, South Onondaga, i:. Y,,-(A»;c ror record 

of her deacendanta if any, ) 


JOHN' (Gideon, uoriii,>ta.. 

Children of Ann M rlett & Reuben Howser, Cont'a. 

IX, Catherine Aiielia, boim 19 July, 1843, at 

south Onondaga. 

Mar. 3 Oct., l«80, ut 

David Pd chard Jones, bom 19 July , in 

W.ae8. Came to thla country -hen 3 nos. old, 

Mo chilrlren. 

Adflresa lo 3640 So, Robe,,, OhicaTO, 111, 

After Thankagivinc Alice Sophia' (L^rs, Ohurlee) and Mary E, 

(Mrs, Kenyon) Trill live 139 So, Peoria,, Onxca.'p, 111,, up 

to May first, Aftor that in care Mrs, Jon o, (Catharine Amelia jt 

X, Oeorge Henry, bom 13 Dec, 1845, 

XI. Alice Spphla, bom 25 JvQy, 1848, at 

the Old F\irnace no?; Elnv/ood, II. Y, 

Mar, at 

George Charles, an Englishman (born in Canada). 



I.JOHN ((Jlfleon; Joh..,i^U> 


IV, Cornelius Marie tt, born 
AiJiriesville, Montgor.eir> Co., N, Y. 
Mar, at 
imanda Balcer, born 

17 Feb,, 1811, ^t 


They lived In Warcelluc. 

He died at to'.m of rarcellua 

S^J8 (Ued 

S Oct,, If.O?:. 






Children. - 
Helen Lelina born 14 lIov,,lb3fl 

Er.c.a Jane '' 
Jionea Albert 
Churls 8 Delos 
Francos Maria 

bom 8 nept,,lG42 

.yoim 1'-. AT;r,,1815 

born 14 Aug., 1855 

bom 4 July, l. 5G 

cl. 17 June, 1 889. 


d. 6 Hay, 1875. 

I, Helen, V, Prances and their father (Cornelius) anr: r other 
are burled In the Maroellus State Road (old Jackaon ) Cer:etery, 
where Gideon and hia /iPH ''-'rv n*^ hnri ^ri. 

I. Helen D. married 

and had dau. 


Addle , who narrlerl. a Rloo, 

II. Krj:a Jane nar. 

•mitnore (l) and (2) 

Hcai . 

Her adore ys Is Havarlne, K. Y. (lBS6). 

IV, Churlen D. lives in Ctiica'^'O, 111, (1896). 

1. JOHN ^ ( Gidoon/ John^ VL . / 

y. Andrew, bom at 

ATAriesvillQ ( tonn of (Jlen ) i'ORt, Co., n. Y, 
Ifetr. at Llole, riroome Co., II. Y, 
Almirs Gridley, born 


Want to LiGle, Broome Co., his cotisin (Jideon Lander, son of 

Polly JJrlett (CJideon, John^.i^^accompanyinf; him, 

Hl8 ROthsr naa livinr' ith him In Lisle, at tine of her death. 

He died at Belvidere, Boon Co., ill. 

Ai one time they (Andrew A wife ) lived in Syriiouoe, N. Y. 

VI, Suaan, bom at 

l<ar. Ck3or?:e W Hall, bom t 

Renoved from Navarino to DOTsrariac, !?lch., and died the re. 








Julia Anne 








Hiraci, nife and eon live in Omaha, UebrasKa, 



VII, Abpaii Iciarlett, born at 

Mont. Go, 
Died at Kavarino, N. Y, 

When a younp; man about 20 years old he fell fron a chestnut 
tree 75 ft, hlp:h and nas 3:illed, 

■The height "vub so sroat that the Iroi^resaion ntide in tne 
groimd by his fall reralned r.any years after." 

VIII, Isaac Marie tt, born at 

Maroi!lluo, Onon, no,, N, Y, 

Har, Percy Vinton, born 


fie died Casa oo,, Mich, Ilia vjJdOT/ P. !rcy (Vinton ) H.irlott and 

a aon, Ketrell B., live to;'cthor in PoKagon, CasG Co,, Mich,, 

(1896) iiOLd a son Scott lives 164 Seminary Ave., Chlctip-o, 111. 

V f 

Isaac and Ptsrcy had a dau, Alice '^ho narriod Hua'h Mackin cOid 
had t^o sons, Pr nK and v/illian. Prank is dead, (1896), 

S-- ^9 

1. JOHN ^ ( oideoni' JoJhi^'a/c, > 

iX, Sophia^ i:arlett, ooni at 

liavarino, ll. \, 

Mar. Sarruel Hunt 

Died in Onondaga Co., vrhen 22 or ns yours old, leaving a 
dau. -.-.'ho was adopted by Spaulding (Otisco tray) rrho 

removed to Nla.:«Ta Falls, 
She inarrled Jaries Corriln and llv u Lockport. 

X. 'George Marie tt, born at 

Marcel 1U8 7 

Married at Chicago, 111,, bom 


Addrouo ox' iKiorja (lo96) ?52 or 9 '.Y, Gon.-reaa St,, Chica;:©, 111, 

I , Nancy bom 

Married Mr. Taylor 
II, Jehial bom 

ill, Ckjorge or r;harles, bom 

ii. Jei^niah'^ (Gideon, John^ riios., etc.) 







Joreniah I-terlott b. Aug., 20, 1775, at Charlooton 

(later calleo. Olen, probably in that portion which 
is nor; Auri^ioVille. 'ont. Co., H.Y. 

Irtd Kay 

Auri^ioville, ''ont. Co., 
Died in Will Co., Illlncia, 

Chenan?:;© Co., N.Y, (accordinn 
Marie tt ), and probably at Nerr 
resided, Elisabeth Hill 
in Rhode Island. 
03V/'e£i:o Co., ::, y. 

Elizabeth'' HI 11 "ras d 

Jonatiian-; S, l) and K 

youngest dau, Catherine 

her say that ah' 

In Maaa. H r . 

at that date (1777) rao 

find the record of h ^ 

Her mother died '.7hon 

her father married and 

about 1794, in 
to Mrr,. Betny ( Stolp ) 
Berlin where her father 
bom July 20, 1777, 
, 18 "7, In Cranby, 

r of Caleb (B. 
1 (Hill) Hill. 



(I.tarlett) Raton remernberod 

"' Ode I: ' -^ - 

'. in r , 

a part of R. I., but i do 
■ in Srranzey. 

ten rontha old, (1778) and 
brouf^ht U]' a fari^ily by a second 


^ht up 
, rrhlch 

wife, tT70 of the children havinfj the niiineo of Polly 

(Mary) and Ii3\lben, 

After hia narria>:e Jerenlah kept a hotel 

rrMch 'vas In^^Tu^ie^ with the land o-Tied b., 

Crideon''( Johny^T.rovlous to hia ('^i-'eon'c) 


The Old hotel ..uildi' '111 i3t 

rei;!Odolod and ia in . n of 

(Gideon,'' John,''' etc, ); in in Caudaurrhrlty 

Pile from the Aurioavllle io;-;t office, j -• - f. .. -^ ?'' 

Pror. IV, Suaan*(:'arlett ) HenderLion, daii, Jerei,'.iah.^(dtc,), 

we learii that the riniator \7ho iiarrioci her r-iirenta Once 

vinit.jd them at their hotel in;i;"j ty , Unrortunately 

v;hen he arrived, there -^an a dance in prof^rons bv the 

younr: people in that vicinity ^Thich did not agree .vith 

on the faun 
hi 3 father 

renoval to Otnc'C 

It Jiuo Dcxjn 
nta of f5usannah 
din trie t one 

the .-^ood ran 'a ntrict notions, and ht 

at thia itiid the welded fact that the r 

eluded bevera?^js aonewhat atronj^r than tea and 

She relator: tn at on one occation hor father, di 

of the exotJoSive nmiber of cats on the place, d: 

. in- 


■ t, ;hed 

aeven of tlioin. Within a fe^ "JieeKs thereafter seven 
hia horses died and fron that tine on nothinp: wo\ad 
induce iiir. to consent to the liillinc: of a cat. 
About 1814 or 15 Jerenlah rcnoved to South Hill, a part 
of I'arceliua, Onon. Co, In 1831 or 22 rei oved to Clay, 
then called Cicero, on the old Hanlln place oituated 
about one half nile aouth of the old Mor^ran church. 

In 1834 he renoved to Cranby, 
about four miles froi.i Fulton, 
died of dropsy. May 1837, and 
ce -y by a ochool hou<oe o i 

yc -.. jt daughter Catherine, - 

0"f;;e'^ Co, 



lie re Elizabeth, hi;j \7ifi8, 
?7a9 buried in a ar.all 
oaite 1 , as said her 



II. Jeirer.lah; (Oldaon, John^, Tlios,, etc.) 

Catherine v^aa .jevonteen yo.iro old at tho tirae of her 
notiior'a death, living at hone and teaching; the school 
referred to, opposite the fann. 

When Elisabeth died the family broKe \xp and i-enioved to 
Clay for a tine, Jore*. iah ^living vrith hia daughter, n.'iOda, 
then -ith hib son, 'X'hor uS,*' near Auburn, M.Y, Prom 
thuro iie removed to East Aurora, Kane Co., Illinois, 
about 1842, living for a time '.-rith each of his sons, 
(Jideonf Jerei;:iah^und Peter/ ;.. 

On renovinr; to Uliin >is Poter' occupied a part of aideon'o 
iioii >e on Cor. of and Gts,, vrhich 

houao mis still standin,^, well preserved, in 1893. 
Aftor./aTfls he re' oved :.'ith Peter Ho a farr; in Will '^o., 
111., on the '"■" laines River, six nilec:. Tiov. LoclCi)Ort, 
about tvronty fron Aurora and throe f^ron Athena, 

Here he died of a fever in 184t>, His son Davia^'sayo he 
la buried twenty riles fror. Aurora. Cornelius,^ son of 
hlo brother ?<5tor,7 aayis at Napierville, twelve miles or 
so east of Aui'ora, -7111 '^^^ieoler, yon of hif? daughter 
Rhoda^uayn at Ll^ ^ -^-if^ii, 77111 Co. Ira A.^(Peier,» 
Jeremiah, 'to, ) it Napierville and Sai::uel P. 

(Rjter,/ etc, ) at Lockport. I hope some descendant 7?ill 
try and reconcile t - discrei ances. 

He r;aa a small 8i2 .;'. WaK a fine ricler on horsebaclc 

and a lovor of fine horses and always Kept them. He .^as 
onco riding for a prlr.e af^alnat a ■■ "^"•': '"lan who trl/vi to 
puJ.1 tiici off his horse V7hen they c ;, i., but l¥3 hung on 

clinching to the horses neck and v/on the priae, too, 

(Told by h:*- ' ^ — ^^--la, ) a-. '.. 

A luttor r , Hal.^ht d»«e»ft444ftt^of Jerenlah's 

brother Peter/ says:- •Tnc^ro vras an old .-yentlonan 
uoed to live h re in Onondaga Valley, 77ho lived near 
Aurieuville 7hen a boy, I have h^cird hlia say many tines 
that they (your p:rardfather and ^randnother ) v-ere 'such 
good people- *' -alv.'ayj so jolly, and that she v/aa a fTne 
co'o'k,* Ho aaid he en.-joyed r^in,^ there '.;lth hia father 
bijc.;u:ie Hro. Marlutt never for;rot to supply hln Trlth a 
Uenerous sized fried cake." 

Many arc yot livinj^ (189G) -vho can testlfi' to this 
virtue iiuvinT been inh< rited Largely by all nor 
dauffhtors vho lived to ecor.e hou ^ekoepers, and as for 
her pons, not one .'as ever found lacking in just 
appreciation of this virtuee. in oth^^ra. 



C'nilciron of 

H- Jerer.iah'(aidecn,^ etc.) and Elisabeth rlill. 



i-aria (or 




15 Sei-t, 

or Ifov 




April 24, 




IZinjicih (or 

Aiinyte ) 


April 20, 



SiiScUi ^ 


Oct., 8, 





Jan. 11, 



Calob ^ 


P<.-j tor * 


Way 14, 



Rhoda " 


Jan 30, 







Sarah ^ 




Jerei iah'' 


Isur. 30, 






Jioiie 16, 



fll chard Davia-^' 


Jxine 6, 


d. Dec.l3,1870^»o./^-) 

d. May 4, 1870;pp.f?_/^/ 

d. fall Of IQZ-ip-ioi 

d. Oct. ZtlQGb\pp-in-n 

d. May 3, lQ^0',pp./i3-3t, 

died in inf ancj; /j- /3J" 

d, Oct. 23,188];/'P./5j:/v 

d. Aug. 4, 189Q/)y»/n-« 

d. 1830 p./f^ 

or 31. 

d, 1873p./y4 

d. Mar. 12, l88Q/'^./4'Xj 

d. Sept. 8,1895 /'■/^o 

d. Apr. 22, 190a/.^-/J/-j 

First ten cliildiron bom Charl-ston, L'ont. oo,, i;, Y. 
Eemaining foiir children bom Marcellua, On on Co., N.Y. 
On Jan 3, 1840, \1I- P.-ita/and Xlil- R. Davis 
reuoved to Illinois, 


^ II. JEREHIAH.^ (Oldeon,'' Jonn/lhos^, etc.) 
!• -Maria 
(Warlett ) 
Jaclcaon. ^ 

I.Maria born llov. 15, 1795 at (Jiarleston (now Glen) Llont. 

CO., H. Y. Died Dec. 1?;, ib70, on the asir.e farra about 1-1/3 m. 

west of l.:odina, H. Y., on ?;]-ilch they settled in 1823, being 

ai:onc the pioneera of that oeetion, 

llarriQd at Feb. 21, 1819, Jaces Jackson b. 

Mar. 29, 1798 at Dwaneaburp:, nchenectatay Co., N. Y, 

Lived Iiortina, N. Y. 

He died 5/edina, H, Y., Jan. IG, 1898. 

Children :- 
Jaclcaon- I, Betsey ^ b. Dec. 6, ibi9; d. May 1854, 

II, John ^ b. July 19, I83i; d. 14 yob. 1893. 
ill. Charles • b, i-iuy 16, 1823J 
IV, James ^ b. Jan. 28, 1825; d, 6 Mar, 1891. 

V. Spencer ^ b. July 9, 1827; 
VI, Catherine b. Jan. G, 1830; 
VII, Yfealoy ^ b. Oct, 6, 1832; d. 10 May, ie9l» 
Vlli. Iteria ^ b. Dec. 6, 1834; 

IX, Francia'Au^.-.iotiuj, b, Jun. 6, 1837; 
X. Julia? b. Jiay 1, 1841; 
I, II, born Marcelius, Onon, Co., the others in ;V3dina. 

I. Betsey JacKson b. Dec. o, 1819, in Onon, 

CO., II. Y. 

Marrt.ed at Medina, IK Y. (Orleans Co,) 22 Feb. 1042, Lucius 

Thrasher, b, iit 


She tUed at May 1S54. 

He died 

Thrasher. rhjlcJren: 

1. Prank'" u. 1817; d. 1887 or 8, 

2. Eoland'^ h, 1850; 

1. Frank b. at Beloit, iVis., d. 1887-8, -ied. Prai^.k 

Has instantly Killed "-hlie cou}:lln!y oaro >. --c; in Central 

Mow York, 

TT Roi an<* b at Peiolt wi^. i|S/ roarrjed. 


II. John Jackson b. July 19, 1821, In Ivtarcellua, Onon. 

CO., ii. Y. 

■yltrried at Lttllville, Orleans Co., K. Y., J)ee. 3, 184-4, Itoily 
Droaaer, bom cit 

Tbey lived on the heme fcom l/g riie,owe3t or Kfeciina. 
He dlod at Medina, M. Y., B^ob. 14, 1893. 




Children :- 


DeWitt C. 

'^ b. 


I '^^ "C V. 

)0 b. 


.: A. 

/^ b. 


Griiiries li. 

"> b. 

All born at Medina, 

I. I3ev,'ltt C, '° m&rried at Medina, Mary 

She Trae bom i, 

He haG tuo children, i.Boraton andlMary^' 

Lives Alder, N, Y. 

P., Isadore V, ^^ Married \7111ian Beraton who d. 

Ko iouue. 

3, Oeorf^nB A. '* Married and lives in Chicapp. 

4. Charles ^'. ^ Unnarried and since death of father 
carried on h ti 1/2 r.ile^:ioat of ifedina, living 
ii7ith hio notii--. .->..-i ,.j..-tGr. 


III. Charles JacKson b. May 16, 1883, at Liedlna, OrlCJ.nG 

CO., li, V, Married Dec. 1846, at Shelby Basin, 

Orleans Co., Mary Rons, b, 


They lived 


1. Alice ^'^ b. 1847 ? 

2. 13 tefontz '^ b. 1849 T d. 186S ? 

Twinat) John) ' ' b. 

(4 Anna) '"^ 



1. Alice b. near Mlddleport, Niagara Co., II. Y. 

nhe -738 larriod to J. Peter Clute. She has four cnildron. 

2. Ildcfontz,' b. near Mlddleport, 11. Y. She died at 
Albion . 


S. John, b. n.iar Mlddleport, U. Y. He has been rarried 
twice and has cliildren. 

4. Anna'%. neur J'iddleport; She r^"^-' ' T-- ■'ah B. 
Htidnut, a Methodist minister of the Oti . ^^ 

Hudnut. ^^® '^^° th3?ee chllclren, the eldest of t/hoei, Wary Belle 
is married. 

-i- . f/l'»-'^-%.^ , t; 




IV. Jamea oackson b, Jan ?;e, I8g5, at llecllna, Orleans 

Co., 1'. Y. n. liov. 1846, at Naahville, Tenn. 

(.1 ) Elizabeth v/ebb b, at 

Lived in Locicport, >;. Y, 
Sha dlad 

Jarieo Carl b, at old noneotoad, Medina, 

Live. 3 in Loclcport, N. Y. Ilarried .'.'■iry Gardner, Sept, 30,186a 
Ha 3 one son Gardner/' 


IV. v'cunea JacKson m, 

(2) B-.ily lltch fc. at 

They lived 
ni-ie died at 

He died of apoplexy In New York while there on a business 
trip, March 6, 1891. 


V, Spencer Jackaon b. JiUy 9, IS??, at Medina, IJ. Y, 

arrled Dec. ?.7, 1848, noar Lfedina (l) Laiira Tilbon, b. 

They lived 

nhe 'lied 







Fred •' 



yark " 



Burt F. ' 


Inez b. near .. i.'arried tc Vfci, A, Puthorland, 

a lawyer of Kov,. .^otor, ll. Y. Child- Carroll. '^ 



IIIX. Mark b. near Medina, l/arried 

and lived in Cedar Rapida, Iowa, 

IV. Biirt F^^b, near Medina, I/arried Jiyrtie H, Pratt, 
Oct. 0, 1886, 
Lives Cedar Rapida, lov/a, (458 A Avenije. ) 

V, Spencer d n b. July 9, 185!7, narrled (s) 

Has •.v^i-al children by this narriappir. 

/I, Cathjrino Jackson b, Jan. 6, 1830, at Medina, N. Y. 

arrltid T^ac. 50, 1852, at Lfedina, II. Y., Saruuel C Bovren, 

born at 


G ll i 1 ciT*6 n. * ^ 
Boon. I, Wilber An;nj.ptus "^ b, 'Dec. 14,1855.. 

II. Lena Qertrude ' b, Feb. 8, 1<67. 

Ill, Bortha Kate '- b. May 9, 1859. 

I. V/ilber Au^Tastus''''b . at 3'odina. n. Agpnes Yer,':^y, June 6,1889, 

at Pottato;m, Pa. Pi*aviou3 to 1690 lie 7/as asst. State Sec. of the 

Y.H.c.A, of Pa., for abo\it ten years. He has t>70 ciilldren, 
/. Catherine" undiRobort. 

-r y f<s, 



il. Lena Oertm-ide 


to. at Medina. 



III, Dertha »ate, u. ^t Ifedlna. rfcirrled Dec. 18, 1879 

to FrunK Janee Sqi;lreB at Medina, ChilcLren- /.Carl^^ 
j'id2.,ciifrord'''aiid is novr living: at Su^phiir Sprln,-rs, Texas, 
Su^sQ llr. Squire G is principal of Central C!ollo:;^e, a 
Conference School, 

VII, Wesley JaoKeon b, Oct. 16:^<2-3 at Medina, N. Y. 

d Jimo G, lo55, at Black Rock, Erio Co., II. Y, (near 
i-u. -xO ) Frtinoea n. Moore, b. May 22, 183§, at l.^edina, il.Y. 
The^ lived Portland, Orejion, 
He died Portland, Oregon, May 10, 1831.- 

(} ackson . 








Children :- 

Wesley Jam^e b. Sept, S3, 1C"6; d. Aug. 17, 1P76, 

Anna rfracie '" b. Oct. 4, i&.iLii 

Lizzie Mooro '" b. Sept. IB, l&GO; d. July 1863. 

Oarl Henry i'^ b. Jan. ?.6, 1872; n, 

wife died 1894. 

Ama Qraoo married Janes C. Shofner, b, 1852, near 

'■ "^'iiifc, Tann., of the U, n. :lrr:-y a;id Uvea in Portland, 
' ■; WU3 of the fa^iily of Daniel Boone, 

(1.) ary EllT^abeth" 

(2.) Weoloy J. ■" 

(.>) P'r-mK /' 


(4.) I.Iay Frances 

(5.) V/ebb Clayton," 

(C) Henry Boone," 

(7.) Caroline ntrong^ 

(8.) v/ealey Jackson," 

b, Jtay 27, 1680; 

b, Oct. 1, IL'ti; d, same r.ontU 

b. Uov, 16, 1682; d. T)ec.l8. 

b. May G, 1884, 

b. Au/T. 12, 1886; 

b, Dec, 27, lb.7; 

b, Jime 1, 1L91; 

b. Mar, 5, 1893; 

Vlii.Uaria JaokRon b. Dec. 6, 1834, ut Medina, li, Y, 

t. 2:^., 1S58, at I'eciina, li, Y,, Richard Munson 

She died 
He died 
Grur: on Children :- 

I. Le'.7is " 
II, Lizzie D, '^ 
lil. Julia 0;rtrudo "> 

Uarcn gy, 1889, 

b, June 10, I85r'; 
b. Oct. 10, 18G1; 
b, June ?A, 1871; 

I, Lewie born l.tedlna. i'rirriod Li:;z:ie Baker, Biiffalo, u 
IJo i^irrue. 


II. Lizzie D. ' bom Medina. Died about nine yeara old. 


i-ii. Julia "-ertnide, born 'ledina. cirrled Aug. 12, 1893, to 
Orin Curaon ■^\. Brooklyn, 11, Y, 



X./VL-e>-«x-t. ^ f 


IX, Francis Aur^iotus J 

Married Dec. ^ , 
Caroline Joneo 
Tliey live 

■ C t«*i*< i< » _W- 

I, b. Jan 6, 1837, at Lfedina, 

>3 at Medina, 'i. Y. 








Children, - 

Belie '" 
Fred '° 
Er-rry '- 

jjellei'^bom at I'cdlna; married to LLc. Proenan, 
Has two children. 

Fred,"^bom at Ucdina. la umnarrioa. 

Harry I'' born at Hedirta. Jlarriod. 

Biirt/''bom at Medina. J'arriod, 



Julia Jackaon b. July 1, 1841, at Medina, 

IJ. Y. Married iJec. 1, 1&69, ut Medina, 1^. Y. to 

John Allen, •^. 

They lived Mi.idina, W. Y,, rucl^water, ll. Y, ai.d at 
Syracuse, II. Y, and Medina. 



Helllo Jtaia Allen, 
Roches tor, 

Ed 'I cit '^ 

'Jr-; Jd JUi , - -', — 

graduatin,'^ in olaafs of 1895. 

born Fov. ?,.?, 187^5, at 

... Y. 



Williaia ( Jereriaali,"^ aideon, John^J^-^-) 
II. v/llliaia borR 24 April, 1797, at Charle,8ton, to\vn of Glen, 
Marlett. Montgomery, '^o., H. \, Married 7 nept, 1817, at 

ononuaca (;o,, H,Y,, ov Rev, }!r. Conkey, Luci'' Balch, (dau of 

John Balch, soldier of Rev, & drew penfjion of Ol2,00 per mo, ) 

born ?,0 iiov, 1791, at 

They livof Schanectiidy, N, Y. 

He died at Schenectady, May if- 1870, 

She dlad Davenport, la,, at the homo o-f har dau, Maria, 27 

Jiine, 1866. 


I, Maria ^ b, 17; Kov., 1818; 

II, John B. "^ 0, 3 Jan.,- 1820; d, 10 Deo., 1820; 

HI, .1-.'" T-;-'-',r>n,^b. 13 May, i822; d. ."51 Jan. 1895. 

IV. t,"^ b, 18 Jan., lb;;-i; 

V. Lucy Ai-ai, i b. 10 ]'..r., 1826; 

VI. '- .^ jn J. ^ ,1). 11 r..y, lBr;o; u. 15 Aug, 1828; 

VIX, 1 KQni-.edy,b, ?.l Feb., 1831; d, 8 Aug. 1833; 

Vlil. Priiicindor Tmittleuoy,* 

o. 9 Sept., 1833; 

In connection '.vith Gen, Albert 'f, Dunhari, under f-im name 
of ■l.lurl'jtt ^ Dunhara," William J. was engaged in corctruction 
of the "Erie Canal Enlarr/ement" under contract fro^i the atata 
of N. Y, Prom 1827 to 1833 was in the vrooda of Pa, and Ohio, 
building canal3. In 1634 novod to Onondaga Co.- in 1835 i 6 
on the Chenancjo Canal- ir ] 837 to 42 on the enlarcoment of the 
Erie Canal, in 1837 ronoved to Schenectady. 


J Maria Uarlett, born 13 ■'ov. 1818; ::urried by Rev. John 

Hott of union Coile,7e, to BaKuo Eirchard, at Glonvllle, Schenoctaey 

Co., IT. \,, 27 Oct. 1842; bom at 

They lived 6 or 8 miles from Davenport, lev..*, on OaK Hill fam 

nhe died near -vavenport, lov/a, 1882, 

He died 1892. 



II, m.\llm-^ (JereraiahJ Gideon^ ouit.i^i>Cel . ) 

I. ^ 

Maria Chilciren:- 



Birchard. I. Lucy Ann, born nari'ied iTJn, A, Fosts^;, 

living in Ohicaf^J in 1896. Had two childron who died yoiuig; 

. miliar; A. 
Foster^ a larryer of DLivenrort, Iov;a, at one tine a mer.ber of the 
Legislutuire. Later he iroroved to China:;©, He defended "BoKfra", 
the anarchist ouccesofvily, and opposed ths brin(; into Court, 
from hi3 cafe hiding place, Paraona, '.7ho tJiereby lORt his life, 

II, Tilllan J, born Married (1) Frances 

Taylor of Davenport. She died and he narried (2) Harriet Fay, 
He is a lawyer In Davenport and waa ,1udge of Supreme court. 


HI, Ida 3±Bhard, bom married Charloa 

Lar:rarf'e, lived in Rcott Co., iott;:., not fpr fror. her ftithcr, 
t^^v^^t j{.^^ ^^Q chilflren, ;Tirl8, nhe died about 1890 and ho la married 
again, nhe iivod with the fath<ir after thf? r.iother's death. 

III, Jsones Jackson itirlett, born l!ay 1?., 1822, at 

Marrlod by itev, John Nott at Rotterdam, (South Schonectady ) 

H. Y,, 13 April lb42, Susan iUli^a Merlett, dau. of Giles^of 

John Vxirlett and Rachel NewKirK, born 15 April, 1B19, at 

They lived ^Schenectady , H. Y, 

He rrlth hi« sions rras a publisher and editor of sovoral 

rchonecta'iy nc?rpi:)apers, "The ucf lector, " "The Star", and "The 

Daily Gazette." He died at Schenectady, 31 Jan., 1895, 

She died at 'Schenectady, il. Y., Mar., 1904. 


I, Ocor£:e Washlnpiton/" b. 18 Oct,, 1S42; 

II. John Balch,'^ b. 23 Jan., 1845; d. Jan 30,l8Gi; 

HI. Albert Auiruatus.'" b. 3 Jan.. i«a7- 

IV. millam J. " b. 7 Feb., 1851; d. 9 July, 1853; 

V. William J, ''^( 2d) b. 185p; 


XI. v;illlaEi ''(Jeremiah/ Gideon, Joftn.-oXt., ) 
James ' 

JacKson' z^ 

Marlett. I, Oeor^e V7, riLirried I'arch 8, 1864 in Schenectady, 

Harriet L, Qiovt.qq, She died 9 July, 1893, at nehenectady , 


1. William Rrounce ^^ 

2, Ohcirlub Parfc^r '/ Both raarrled. 

IIx, AlDort A. '^ Had two dau!y;hter3. 

1. Alberta " 

2. EdJia', narriel Ed:7in Conne, 

V. ?rillian J. ■'^ bom 1858, narried llov, ?.8, I883, 
Kate King. Hho died JtinQ 17, IJcT. Ul live Schenectady, 


Seneca bom lb Jan., 18ij4, in Onondaga Co., 31, Y, Married by Rev, 

Hunt /f ; 

JtiTlutt. D^. Tiffany at vfaahiiv^^ton, n, c., Alice In.^^han. She with 

her nother 'vaa nald-ng a visit in Washin(^tcn, her hone being 
in California, She vraB born l-l Feb., 1850, near Altor, 111, 
She had a brother who viq a lawyer in Davenport, la, 
Seneoa iiiint in 1840 attended the Troy Conference Acadomy at 
■./eat Poultn^y, Vt. He i« a civil ent'inoGr, Lived in Carson, 
Nevada, and novi (1897) livin,^: in Los Angeloo, c&lifornia, 


Lucy bom 10 ?'.arr!h, lo26. Marriad in Io-.7a, Levi 

Ann 9 

LLirlett, GhambQrlin. 

He died !?• to 15 yeara a^o (now 1B96), She lives in D-.venport, 
Iowa, Lat«r livud at Clinton fjn the V.Ibb, 30 or 30 nilos above 
i^^u^. 3uvenj)ort. Had one oon, a luwyor, in navenport. 

VI and VXi died young. 

2r.Wllliani^( Jurenliih,^ Gideon,'' Joto ,* x^CL . ^ 

Vlil, Philcinder VHiittleaey narried. Julia Kline- 


no ciiil Jren. ' Ivod in CamoTon, Pa, & '^ayl md, Jrteriban Co,, il.Y. 
Seneca Hi^nt says (if n?) that the last \^ Kne?* of 

Philanler <rnittleaey ^ } liarlett, he ^;aa livint^ in Cameron, Pa, 

2-. Jereolah' (Oldeon, Jonn.4-<^«) 

III, Hannah, bom at Charleston, Mont^T^cnnery Co., N,Y,, 

20 April, 1799; 

Died fall of 1834. unF.arrled. 

Died in Granby and ^ras burled there in aaine cometery 7;hore 
her mother was biirled ldt>.^r. 


IV. Susai (Jeremiah,' Oicleon, JohnJ^i^^ 

Suaan i^ 

Ifurlott ) XF. Susan Harlett, bom 9 Oct. 1800, at Glon (then 


Charleston) "ont^onery Co., V., Y, 

Uarried at !4iroellUE, Jom-hllenderson (John) bom 2 Jan., 1798. 

Lived Syricuae and Kavarlno, N, Y. 

She died llaTarino 3 Oct., 1865. 

He ■ • B April, ISB'l. 

Henderaon , 

I. Joseph b. 

II, I'ary Ann b. 16 Jan. 1821; 

III. Laura ' b, 27 14ar.,1625. d. 

IV. John ^ b. 

V. Jcreriilah b. 

VI. Sii7:a Ann -^ b, 25 Jxay, 1831; d. 21 Miir.,1875. 

Vli. Sarali Cath^jrlne b, 7 May, 1856; 

Vlli. Harriet b. 18.38; d. 6 Uar., 1847. 

IX. Janes Hubert b, 2 Jan., 1841; d, 

X. Julia Prances' b, 27 Mar., 1843; d. 

I, Joaeph Honderson, born at 

married at 

(1) Ruth fowler dau, of Podney and Sally (Hull) Powlar, bom 

at Navarlno, K. Y. Died 6 Ai.ig., 1865, 

Lived first at i.uvarino, rcnoved to Delta, Katon Co., ?.fich., 

four El lea fror. Lansing, 1^1 ch. 




IV, Sv.aai. " {Jei^Jiniah, Qideon/ John^te^/!^, j 


Honrlercon. ^ 

— - - " % / 



Sarah Stta, '^ b. 


John '^ b. 


K(3tta '^ b. 

I. Bcirah Etta^,"^ narried at Cleveland, Ohio, Jun. 10, 1869, 
John Porter of BaidwinsHlile, N. ?. 

near Lansinp;. 

^s^ Married 

(2) Harriet 












r^y , 



Frank (France a 


11. Mary Ann Henderson, born 16 Jan., 18J?1, at 

Harried at 2 Jan., 1840, Williara TorniklnB ^ 

Davla, : . D. , son of Ddvld ^/ avig and vfife, Charlotte Abbey. 

He born 27 Nov., lol8; 

Died at 10 May, 1891; 

They lived in Marietta, H. Y. 


I. Frank Banjjamln,^. 7 Jiily, 1841; d, S5 Aug., 1871. 

II. Ella Mar-y b. 12 May, 1853; d. 28 June, 1889, 

III, Sarah June, b. 5 April, lo56; 



IV, Susa: (Jereiiiah; Gideon, John, xX^c^,) 

IV. y 

[Ti, Tillla Kai'Y'^Maiv Arn. (FrnderRon) Davia, Susan ( Marie tt) 
Henderson^ ■. . . ) bom 12 Ltay, 1853. 

Married at 18 Dec, 187s, John rrjane Amldon, 



born ?.l ])ec,, 185?, eon of ifc.'lind Clarlnda (Jaclcson) Anldon 
Jacob = Phoebo«t ^Rnada. 
he dlnd 






Children .- 

28 June, 1889, 
b. 14 Jlll^', 1874; 


Prank Jay 

araco Eleunoz'e'ib. C May, 1876; 

Ev^m lllluLi^' b. 18 July, 1878; 

Clarlnda 1^ ''' . " ^ )cc., 1684; 

Lottie Inez,'' u, s Jvme, 18o7; 

d. 25 Jan. 1890. 

d. 3 iJOv., 1892. 


d. 6 Av;£;.,1895. 

(L. 22 Auc,18e7; 

II, Oraco 5^1eanorc ncirrlod 25 Sept., 1892, Oli;i J. Baker. 

III, Sarah Jane Davis, born at 
Mi'.rrled at 
Ariariah WoeKs, bom 

5 Apr., 1856. 
h^ Dec., 1874. 


W06 K8 ft 




Lena Maud, 
Alt a l.iay. 


bom 17 May, 1878; 
born 1 Junr;, 1881; 

Benjardn liarrirron, bom 8 Oct., 18S8; 


I. Lena Maud, narried 25 July, 1894, LeRoy Redway. 


IV. Rusan. (Jererlah, aideon, JoIm,jKje^> 

Laura ' 

(Hendor ; n ) 

Balch. fl- 

Hi, Laitpa Henderson, born at r^7 Mar, 1835. 

Harried at I'c-^rcellua ?.8 July, 1845. 

Jaiaes Balch, born at xiavarino, N, \, 7 y^ay, 1819. 

DlGd at llarietta, ]:, Y. 14 Feb.,li>9?., 

She died •» « » 8 Feb., 1894. 

They lived at ;.tariett<i<^iJavarino, near Adrian, Mich,, and 

retum^jd to Marietta wnore they died, 

James Balch was son of and (BaKer) Balch. 

Balch, ^^, 

I, Hiran Jay/ b. 30 iJov., 1852; d. 27 Jan., 1861; 

li. Delia llm:£i'^ b. ?A Apr., lbi^5; d. 

LL, Delia Brr£. narriod at Marietta, .'^0 ec, 1886, Peter 

Fit2 Patrick- 

I. i'u^^le Edna '^'' b. 19 llov,, lci:7; 
11, ho-vurc Jay ' u. 2 Au^,, 1889; 

The> lived at Marietta. Delia E. died there. 


IV, John Henderson, born Navarino, K, Y, 

Llv^d Syracune, Havarino and went :/u;jt. 


IV. Susar '^ (Joreni ah/ Gideon,'^ ^OiW^ x/^- . 

Henderson. j 

V, Jeremiah Henderson, bom at Navarlno, iJ. Y. 

ttarried at Onondaga Hill, II. Y. (1) 3!;irtha VHiitney, 
bom at Onondaga Hill, M. Y, 

t^ Turriod £.. 

Lived S/racucje ;&! ilavarino^ and lived at one time in Cleveland, Ohio, 

Lives in Ne-5TburKh-Ou-t.hc-Huct3on, 119 jmiiaias J^t. 

Hm8 a larrte Tooery store. Had tv/o sons^y 2, -kv-/ '< . 

Kin elder noii rrao ahot by burglara and died April 3'"., 1894, 

Uia yotin/'er oon ia married and lives v;ith his rath r, 

% B one son, bom Jan. If .8, 

VX, Eliaa Ajin i&nderson, born 35 July, 1831, 

at Navarlno, H, Y, 
Married at Navarino, i!, Y. 18 llov., 1852. 


Hiram Smith EaKer, bom 10 Oct., 18.'?0, at M;arcellus, son of 
Aiisoii (Ezekiel ) BaKer and wife Adeline (Jerod) Allen, 
Lived at ;: roollus ? (P. 0. li^varino). 

She died at ■ 31 M'lrch, 187r.. 

I. Enna Fidelia " bom 15 Dec, 1B54; d. 28 Auc, 1879. 
li, Adeline Melvina, jom 10 Aug, 1662; 
iil. Jennie Aloretta,'''bom 27 Oct. 1870; 

All bom Marcellus. (P. 0. liavarino, Onon no,,) 

Hiram Hr.ith B .Ker raarried (2) Mii5s liJr^lly Wood. She died. 

WR-poh 1895. No 1'- iii»- 


r-^ IV, Susar ^ (iloreniaJi, (Jldoon, Johr!. izXt ■■ 

: Henderson) ^^/^v-vi,a-««- 

Baker. I. «±±a Fidelia Baker, bom 15 D«c., 1854, 

at ltf£pceaiu3. (P. O. Ilaviirino. ) 

Married at. Murcellus IC Mar., 1B73. 

(1) Al"*^ ^Jucknon, son of John and .-.'ifo Harriet:^ tjom 3 Aug. 

1853, at M rcellus. 

Lived !l.rcellU8. 

Ho died at 'arcellus, 7 Lee, 1875. 

Married (2) at Marcellus, 16 Sept., 1877, John D, Wood, son of 

Stephen and Uraivla ( vliitnBy ) Wood, bom 

The/ renoved to Saline, Mich, 

She died at Saline, MlcM., 28 Au£:, 1879, 

II, Adeline Melvina Baker, born 10 Aaf>;., 1863, 

at MarceliuG, (P. 0. liavarlno, ) 

Harried 22 llov., 1882, at Mjpcellua, Austin Gray ^cXoff, 

bom 15 July, 1856, at Kavarino, Onon Co., i". Y, 

He was eon of Auatin (Jonothan) ("/yckofr uiiii v.iie, Uebecca 

(Benjamin) Eggle;aton, Live Kavarino. 

wyckoff- ^ I 

i. feiia r:ii!5a ' born 18 Aup;,, 1683; d. IG ..i^r, lbS4, 

II. Elsie 0. '' born 13 May, 1885; 

III. Christopher Oolurbue,' boiii 10 Feb., 1891; 

ELIZAJ{.{1V, Suscin, Jeraiiiiah, aidcon, John. «../.. . 

Eliza 4.^ 


III. Jera-:ie Alorotta BaKer, bom 27 Oct., Io70, 

at iJarcollus. (P, 0, i:aviirino, ) 


Married 11 Sert. 1889, 

at Marcel lus, Fred Dwane, son of Charles and Bnna Jane (Mario tt) 

Hall *x Corn(jiiu3 iJarlett. (John, CJideon, etc J See p.„ 

He was bom 8 Dec., lBe7, 

at Marcoiius, r. y. 

Live (Vt ILvcellvj^ in the old riccieatead of her parents, Hiran 

and Eliza (Henderson) Baker. tj.<^ - ^ 


I. Lena Florone " bom 17 July, 1890- 

II. Leslie Hiran. " bom 3 May, 1332; 

Both born in old homestead at Maroellus. 

Cathorlno ' 

IVIi. Sarah Catherine Hendornon, bom it 7 ?.fay, 183G; 


ij.IcTrlGcl at Havarino 4 Jan., 1856; 

Baker ,"^' 2. ' 

Madison Leroy^Anidon, ..v.n op Jacob - toldon -( :=^=-)=and 

Phoebe (Canada) Anldon, born at Navarino 11 June, 1835. 

They lived at Navarino and Wt-atport, a mjljvrb of Kansas city, 

Jackaon Co., Mo. Addrt;sa (in 1898) 59th & Holmes nt. 

Arldon, ^ 

I, .'illis Monroe born 9 Feb., 1857; 

11. Frank Deloss bom ?. July. 1860; 

ill. Harriet De Ette ' bom 19 Deo. IfaGG; d. 27 luy, 1889. 
IV. Lina May born 1 Oct., 1872; d. 4 ilov., 1884; 

*i. ^Ix. ,„yA^A« P«ile _. born 27 liay, 1875; 


/ 7 U J' i^ ■ 

IV. Susan (Harlett) a3nderBon ( J'^rer.iiah, f?ideon, Johr.JMc- . 

S^rah ':!. 

(Henderson) /^ 

Amidon. V. Lillle Belle, riarrled Dec, 1897, 


Vlil .Harriet died aged 8 yeuirs. 

IX. Jamea Hubert Henderson j Susan (iferlett) Hendernon, bom 

at SKoneiitelea, Onon Co., H. Y. 2 Jan., 1841;. 

Liarried at Navarino, Onon r:o., M. Y., 11 Sept., 1859, 

Uary I '^ Delano, bom at Benton, Yat<::a Co. 10 Jan, 1841. 

daunhter of Rev. Vta, H,~(Dunif5l) and Clarissa Ann (Chapin) DelaJio, 

He died 


I. Lilllo lone/ bom 13 J\ily, i860; 

11, Cora Estell^^ bom ?. Mov., 1862; 

III, Janes Hubert'''' born 23 Dec,, 1864; 

IV. Mary Ella "^ bom 131 Nov., 18GG; a. 6 Dec, 1892; 

V. Edr/ard Myers'' bom 7 De;-., 1872; 4, 12 Mtir. 1874. 

VI, Edith (Jracie'- born 2 Jan., 1874; 

VII. EdiTurd ^'^ bom 18 Oct., 1875; cl. 25 July, 1876. 

Vlil. Anna Maud bom 3 June, 1877; d. 11 June, lS8g; 

I. Lillia I one -.vae born Piiltncy, Stuben Co., N. Y, 
All the o there in Clovoiand, Oalo, 


Vlil. Annie Ifaud v;as .irovnied in nountain otreiiT" in r.olcoro, 

">r ,,1, t 


IV, SUBdn (Jv^ranlah, aidtjon, 6o'viXijjuCLA 

Jareo „ 

Hvibert ' 

H^ndornon, lo 

I, Llllle lone Henderson, narrled at Cleveland, Ohio, 

19 Jan., 1877, (1) rieor.f^, son of Kfeithe^ & M .rtha { ) 




I. Flora Belle " bom 13 Fab., 1879; 

ii. Hinr.le Miiud '' bom 20 Sept., 1888; 

HI. P!aclio " born le Apr,, 18b4; 

4^ Liarried at Tor/KobTJury, },(ac.^., 'Loula Herbert BroTm, 1 May, 1897, 
son of Hcj-iuul and. klury (ROirers) Brown of YonKers, Jl, Y, 

H. Cora iilatell, married at 13 Apr. if^as, 

Josepn Lemetta strike r, born -t 

son of Oeorge Henry Striker, (Oen. Oarrett striker). 

He 77..a drormj^d at '^arutoca Lake on tiioir wedtllng trip tt70 

months after n^ri'i..;o. Tlo l-inue. 


r:=;on,Jr.III, Janeg Hubert Henderson, Jp., narried at Horbinrgh, 

H. Y., ?.7 llov. 1B90, Adeline Jaynes, 


Hondoraon , y / 

I. aail Willlncton, bom ?.0 April, 1393, 


IV. Suaaii'^ (Jureiaiah/ OicLson,*' John.tu/^,") 

Jaxneo ^ /o 

Hubert f IV. '^ary Ella Hend^Tson, F.a.rrieci at Leadvilie, (Coi,?) 

H snderrjn. 

5 Jan., 18B3, (1) Dr. Pobert ]1. BohKi, bom 

He died 10 April, 1.5, 

BohT'. I, nobert H.,'^Jr., bom 1 Arm, 1834. 

Married (2) F S Clever, .^t 9 ILorch, 1888, 

He vjas of ?;illlan3port. Pa. 

GTilvcr. 1. Anna llaud, bom at Baltiiuore, Md., 2 Sei^t., Ib90; 

V. Edward Myera Hendirson, died aged s yea -s. 

VI, Edith Grade Hsnderaon, r.arried ut Newton, Maos,, 25 Oct., 

1892, Edv7ard 0. Wlnot, Boston, Mass. 

He died In Caouta, S. A., 1897. 

Minot. I. Edr/ard ^, bom at Lowell, ;:asE., 11 ilc/., 1893. 

II. Mar,-Jorlo H."born at NeiTbtirgh, N. Y., 7 Oct., 1894; 
Edith CJrace, narried (2) at Horthfield, vt., Shaw. 


IV. Susar (Jereniah, Oideor., John, jt-/^,) 

X. Julia Frances Henderson, bom at Marcellus, On on, Co., 

87 March, 184,'5. 
Married at Havarino 3 Dec, 1861; 

Sclcanon David Crardinor, born 2 Oct., 1835, 

at Crdifr, K, Y., son of Lynan and Roxena (Robinson) Gardiner, 
S2ie died at Kavarino, 
Liv<^d at iJav urine, K, v. 


V. GXrgou' (Jereidah/ Gidejn, iorsi\ ^<^.) 
of i-'ontfOEor-j no., r.Y. ) 

V. fJideon Marie tt bom 11 Jan., ISOI, at Olon, 

-Vontgociory Co., K, Y, 

lurried 27 JUir., ^X L,ij.;i:,t,- 
then called "Foot Hettlei eirt-" a suburb of Syracuae, Onon, 
Co., II. Y., by Pav. laaac WJPifTht, Sully Uelisaa Cornwall, 

corn e No,, 1B07, c.t Phuru\irne, 
Chencin-o Co., :;, Y, 

They ;7lth anothfor young oouple were r^arri-;d in church at 
clone of Puriaay tivonlnp; oervice, 



?he \, i;.urnter or EllsvTorth Com ell (Ozl;ts= Suaaniiah 
Roblnaon, Johns Elizabeth aibba, Yft:i.s= Eater Pavajj©, Wta.= Esther 


Ward, \»n. = J.iary Bull, \lfta.= Mary ) and Sally 

' 3 

Bldred (Eldrid.fre) dau. Daniel Eldred and R«bec-oa nteadjnar 
dau. T'nos, (Thoa, ) ( 9ee CornT?ell Ten, p, 63,) 

He died Syracuse, N, Y, 3 May, 1670, 

She died Syracuse, 13, Y., 21 Feb, lti&4. 

They are buried at Syracune in OakT700d Cei.etery, 



▼. OXDEON*^ ( Jereraialv; Oideon;- John,' etc, 
of ]''..nt2oi!!ery Co., ... Y, ) 

cnild?:"f?n :- 

I. Edwin Ruthvan ^ born 8 Feb. 1832; d. 30 Nov, 1871; 

II, Helen Ellza^ bom 2 May, 1834; d. 16 Minr, I80i; 

III, Jaj.iea Theodore' born ?.2 June, 1836; d, 4 Oct. 1836; 
xV, Surah Jane^ born 9 Au?:, 1838; 

V, Caroline Lucy^ jd. 14 Aug, 1847; 

Dorn 17 napt, 1841( 

)VI, Vftn, Janes ^ )d. ?•! ^lov, 1847, 

VII, Frances Melissa' bom 10 June, 184 ■^;d. 19 Mar. 1849. 

1, II, lil bom in Clay, Oncn. Co., JI. Y, IV, born 
Blackuerry, Kane Co., 111. V, VI, vii, L>om Aujcora, 

Kane Go,, ill, 

il, V, Vi, Vil died Syracuse, N, Y. Ill filed Clay, 
OiiJn, Co,, II, Y. (Roe Cornwall CJenealogy, p. 62), 

For recorda of I, II and 17 aee pp, -ftS-— fte^/ //>"- 
III, V, VI, VII buried in tjie old neneteiy at Clay. 
1,11 buriod in OuK'.TOod Cenetery, Siracuse, 




(J- -• 

I. r' ■■■■ > ■•t"-T<*"' 

Onon, Co., i:, . . 

• « 



i« At . . p, idra (Pro'v-ryodf 

o ' irr . ^ .- J a i i' , x-\ 36 « 

He cr 

'.1 Cc 

^U -f , 

,4 V- ♦ .. I 

In CO r action with the eyft 

'"It once Jo 1« 

.■• i • 

"cri'iol at GiT.ic 'yst. 

C 1 tt 

■n Co, , 

T life, Ir. r 

oxelufjlvely to offltta jxreotio* 
, etc, ne<i F, 

tx5r. 1" acy, 1*^5? ♦ a* ou^e, 

died BC? KiVt 1000 ♦ -it Parln, 

bo ijyv, 1847, &t 

rr.i-c -o, •:, Y. rion of J«as««« n 

) Jr- :"«• 


TW. " 
of .-y Co., T7. V. 



Clilldr'^n of Flor«nof» Jonr le (i^Tlett) dM Col, 


S>Tncu?»o, K, Y, 

lir (Su-jtwil Yclo Cr5llor«, o 1- tb af 

born Oct, IG, 

XL 7loroTTo^ T. 

III. Urirl'^tt 

'om nrrt, 1^, l''?4. •^t Svr'jounn, 

IV, Lnura Cathorire \x)m July 10, I'^n?, nt 

rrarrlnl at ny «, July 0, ' ' . Alfr«<l it. Durftar., 




of MontcroL^ri' Co., K, "v , 
OIDBOn/ (Jerenlah; Oideon,"' Johr *'^ -v/^>., } 

il. Helen Elisa ' 
CO., K. Y. 
at Syracijr.e, N. Y, 
Horatio NetTton' HuestiB 

bom Itei' 2, 1834, in Clay, Onon, 
died I'ar. 16, 1901, 
Carried Oot. 5, IbSfe.. 
bom 1837. 

died Jan. ?.r>, 1874, ct Hyracuse. 
.son of Lot und narah Ann (ii-.v/ton) Huoatia, 
Resided SyracMae, II. Y., lOledo, Ohio, Chioar;o, 111. <iiid 
SyraouBO, i!. Y. He served in War of Rebellion, enlisted 

dl8 narTed 

Children :- 

Hues tin. 

I. Jennie Elizabeth 
a. Win. Nerrton '^ 
5, Edwin Marie tt '" 
1, 2, born Ryracuao, II, Y. 

bom April 15, 1858. 
born June 27, 1859, 
bom liay 30, 1868. 
3 born Chicago, 111, 

2, \V^.!. l.'o'-.'ton 





married (1) o. Ivla Belle Eaker and had 

P^mrl ' 

Married (2) Dec. 5, 1895, Anna Jofjephone,' 
daupfhter of Lyman and Caroline (Miller) Plaiated. 

-1. Helen Caroline Hueetia bom Jan 4, 1899, 

died Dec. 8,1900. 
Ro aides Syracuse, N. Y, 


Of Montj^onery Co., II. Y, 

k 7 

V« 01 loon (Jere:?.iq^, etc.) 


f 9 

;^, Fd?rin irsrlott (Holon E. ) Ix^rri 30 Way, 1333, nt 

Ch io riro .Til, 

-iTirriol Liec, C6, 1305, 
at Mexico, OfT/rero Co., IT. Y. , Alta Vinerva l.?unn:er, 

■bom ^?v. 4, l"^^^, at 
Ne^r Hcven, Oswrto Co., •jlau;T.:L^r ^- Croorrre 'innry (.iiraLi) 
and Ca dlle Lo.dna (Johnpion) irun.iTor. 
LiVG Syraou^e, N. Y. 

THE i.:arlett vamly 

of " 'on tgoiiiery Co., ^, i. 
V. aidr'on ( Jerenlah, Olleon, etc. ) 

V\ narnh Jano born Aup:. 0, 1833, at Blacl:- 

bcrry, Kai.o Co., 111. 

Vrrriod at Syracuse, Onon. Co., 
::. Y. , -r July, i-ryi, (l) •:;;. ^.-0. "V-tt, 

torn r3 Jan., 1333. 

Married n7 June, 1876, at 
SyrQCu^o, ?J. Y., (C) iiuDoell Sirdth Taft, born ?3 Jfin., 1-35, 
at Wllllnton, Vermont. dlol pt Burlinp'ton, Vt. , 22 March, 

lOOw. S<^ a.'pendcd slt'^tch of his life. 

Chi 1 dp. 


Hurnell ••'••1 " T-'ft borr & "'-y, 1-7^. -t "'^l '^o , 

Unto net., Tiorl in rX ou . VoxTiO n t , 

Kducr^tnd at Ut, Plnisant Institute, Araliornt, Mass., 
W.n. K, Naah, Principal; Burllrr't^r. , vnr -^nt , '^r^ "cMonl- 
Cl".ns of 1.104 and Univ^ rriity o: Vor ont, ci r^s o; 1390. 
Studied law rrith Jud^e Torrey T., Wales and admit tod to Ver:.x)r.$ 
b'^r 1-"" I'^'^n, ]:n'^±^n^ f^.Pi , '^irl inrtnri . Vr^. r,rt. 

Mr^rrica :^g, 16, IDOI, ;5t 
"? Tlir.f^ton, Vt., V.'inona Leos I5rirba:n, lx>rn 10 July, 1"77. 

Robert 3rierh?m Taft born 4 Oct., 1002. 

' /lo 

Of JJonte:on«ry Co., 

V. GIDEOH "^(Jorerjiah,"^ Oideon,' ioim^jJ'c^') 

The foilo-^lTi;^ facts and exioriances both huKorous 
and pathetic, aa well as tragic in r,orr:o Instances, are 
compiled l?ron r.y 07m, and from the merory of older mejab jra of 
ny father' G family. They oelon^' in the lives of a plain 
C'juj/le, hH a descendant of famerB, and who, throufrhtthe 
influence of early aeoociatlons ro-iild remained a 
farr:er -by choice. 

Orl^jlnally they were not intended as a part of, and 
rrere r;lthheld from those typed records, but have been restored 
for their i/resorvation,by the requtjat of others, and may be 
paaoed over by turn in 7 to p. 

•"rideon 'irltttt = > ' •'ire f^ally Melissa Com7/ell 
lived in Clay, Onon, Co., \uitil Ib.^7. in the v/inter of 
183C ho vvith a neif^hbor n^j.ed Chase vent to Illinois to select 
a hone, aonding r'or th .'' ^' f^riiiliieu in the srrin/ of 18S7, 
He took ui> land in BlaftlCoeiTy on DlacKberry croek, Kane Co., 
abovit six riilea Trsut of tho then villapre of Aurora which 
conf.lHto of East and \Y- st Aurora, divided by the Fox River, 
In East Aurora an wide, Isaac Llarlett, had located about 
this tine, and in West Aurora an aunt, Margaret Marlett, the 
v7ife o" ,T.-,-..i -h ^toip. See pp. On ♦- > land choaen 

he put Ui^ iiid 10;: house and eotabllaiied hla family consisting 
of his Trife and two older children, a third iicivln,r died in 
Clay, In 1893 C visite- this section ...... called upon the 


Of Montgoner:,' Co., H, Y. 

t07m clerK v/r o Iriforr-eri r.v^ th.t j +. -^oiild be inpoaolble to 
locate the laiia iis cieeaa^ not i-'ocordod in that section 
liiitil a later period. 

In th? TTorstom -Talrle lunclo at this oarly day, the 
prairie ;TOlr aiia vynoi..ouo roptiles abounded and wore often 
unwelccna visitors at the honeB of uettlers. I huve heard njr 
nothcT' say thtvt in 3t«].ping fron the door of an ev mlnr a 
liChtod torcjh uaad to frl;^hten a .ay. the fomer. On one 
occasion niy mother aaw a rattle anaKe raise its head through an 
apertiire in the floor. ""he directed my brother and sister to 
f^t upon the bed v;hile ahe dexterously cau:7ht the snaKe'e head 
?.'ith the tonr's and dispatched it. The rattles, seven in 
nvmber, urc still preserved. '^llo llvln" here an incident 

oocvirrod^^- the co\ira[re or l:; orotncr ..r^en a ciiild of six 
years. In asoendinfr a ladder on the outside of the house to 
obtain f.orio one of tho articl^^s T7hich In those early an:l rude 
accoi i.oaationd v/ora often tnuo ueutor/ed, ny nother i^ell oreaKing 
her frrist. Hho was alone r/ith h'^ir t?f0 children and perhaps 
myself, an inf .nt, ny father beln- at -rork at a dlntanr-e of 
three miles (periUipo tnia Incluciea u\^ return) t;c. taKlng her 
first born to the road ohe turned his face in the ric:ht 
direction and nald ""o stral'^ht :ihc::.-'; till •.'•■■• none to the 
place Tvhuro ^ ou v;ili aee . uur xatnor v.iti. otaur :.jii ouiiaiiiij a 
house and tell hira to come", which he accomplished rvmninp; oat 
o^ the way aj; it -."O^ad seem, for thei r^iturnc" in an Incredably 
snort tii:^e ocnLJiauriii • the diatance, uu u.u.^t xiL.v<j i.uaaed 

Of 93ontr''or:^ry Co., 11. Y, 

sights likal, to frighten one so younfc ao venorioiia snakes and 
otixiT otrarii^e creaturus T.ere not unusual in oiir country rar.bleo 
-if ter i bccane of, age to renenber. 

My birth occurred horo in 1838 and it v?a8 rrhile I i7as 
still an infant that -vc r.^noved to the viliu^r^e of Aurora. 
}Xy earli(;st recollectJon ir. the oirth of tho twins in Aurora, 
17 nept., 1641. The unusual otir created by the advent of 
a double blestjini-, tho f^enoroua bentor/al ur;on the tiny Elites 
of a chair api -ce in a wart; corner by the sitting: roora stove, 
iind ny o-7n inr;edl.ite re le elation to the back^'iTOund ao a pernon 
2f Inportanco, all sei'vn fn fix thin ro-io-^ indelibly upon 
my nind, 

ffe '70 re living; in a house situated on a bluff above 
tho prouont ^. ^. otatlon. (109.^). Thi:3 land rrhore tho station 
nov; stands ■.vua a iii^rshy section b --rderinp: the river and termed 
"the slevT", The house on the bluff rras still standing and 
n noofl cop.ditlon -tn-hen I visited it in 1893, it l'.s on the 
oornor of i^nd streets. 

In 1843 he removed a block or tvro south to n. g. corner 
of and streets. 

Ha al\yayn claiii«3d to be a fairner and that such ~as the ideal 
life to live, but he -Taa skilled in tho nanufacture of barrels 
also and with both of those homes in Aurora I renenbor an 
ad,joinin~ part ot building called the "coopera-o", a shop for 
tho nanufc»cturlr.p: of barrels "hich, as most of the worK -.'Jua 
then donf' b> htind, ""ds a lar.'^e and profitable in^'^'^t.^v. 

TilE Hy'.PXETT rAf.m.Y 
Of J.'.ont.-joEiory Co., I,', Y, 

Among the bright racoliectlons of this period iiro the 
vi3ita of ourselves and some of our favored riutes to the 
cooperage to oee and hear the v/orKmen as Volvj pounded 
the hoopo TThich encircled each barrel fimly into pi ice by 
striking with a mallet upon a blunt, v/od^e shaped inplenent, 
both r-ade of hard wood. In porfornini- this service thoy 
nfiinbly stepped round and round the barrol uniie blithely 
chanting for their own and our anuaement an acconpanirAcnt 'toII 
tided and toned to the necessary atroKea and, for effect, the 
unnocecuary Intermediate clattering of the Tudce against the 
sides of the barrel- "Goopor-dang! Cooper-dang! Coope3> -dan^ - 
dang-danj; ! Cooper-dang! Coopor-dangI Cooper -dan g-dang-dang l * 
roneated jid Inflnltigi and all so rapidly as to P'ive a tun 
la'.ous effect of atrokea and utterance. 

Added to tht5 above, an irj-ienue fireplace of blazing 
lop:b in intur and a remote pile of shavings In which ^?e ^7ere 
allOiirod to tun.ble at :vlll nade th»'. coopera. e an attractive place 
indeed. Occasionally, horevcjr, an older vortoan became tired 
of our frolics and, sittinf: astride hi3 bench, 'Tould elevate 
the stave ho was shaving in a threatoninn attitude, either 
raal or pretended- thour^h fror. past favors, no doubt, we chose 
to conBidor it the latter- ^\\\\q hi' exfilained in a loud voice 
■Attontionl iior you yotin;^st'jrs take then twins and puf - 
pronouncod to rhyrie '.Tlth foot. 


Of MontiTOKery Co., N, Y. 

"Then tr/lns" were our brother and sister, ostonalbly 
the Kost important peryon:ij^ea in the party and ?/hQ eq-aally with 
U8 enjoyed the sport. Headless to nay ^e "rut." 

The Itnd bolonflnp: '.7ith this property extended eant 
to the next street above on tho comer of which a ne>7 and 
pleasant homo vras nearly cmpleted !7hen Mr. W;u Lyon fron New 
York attf.t« oar.e proapoctinr; for the purpoao of exchanrln- hla 
farm in Chatarqua co, for wentem prop'isrty. 

Owing to the exoesoive danriinf^ of the Fox River and 
the Ir-rerfeot drainage of thn narRhy lands bordorin'-' it and 
else^rhore, Aurora Traa no excji-tion to the rialariiil condition 
then foimd in 90 nany sections of the westom prairie lands. 
My father's fai'ily and hf^ hirself -vere an 3\ita;iecta of 
nalaria, ttJiT'.ed in v,x;,.itern parlance "fcjvor and afnie", added to 
vrhich the confinement of hlH occupation had flven rise to the 
unT/iJlcone :nalady o-*" ■XY^v^-^'^t'Xy and this opportunity to r«tum 
to hi>? native u-^ate una e:ij;a^e in fanninp: sesriGd providential, 
Therefore with little hesitation he exchanged his Aurora property 
for the ChciUtavqaa farm, unseen, to vrhich he ronoved in the 
fall of 1845, uy vay f the firuat Li^Uces. Deed of fam dated 
Aun. 21, 1845, recorded neo. 21, 1845, The location of the 
farm was three inllns northeast of Mayville in a bee.utifT-a 
uitoation or! Ghautu\:qua luKo, Our ahort rcisidence in Chautuaqua 
CO, is a delightful rocoliection of rides and rambles in the 
TTOOds and on the lal:e uhore, not the loast plea&ant being the 


of i'.ontjTO&ery r;o,, ll. Y, 

hapj.y exiA^rionces comiected with country Gchooi iifo. The 
house hich overlooked the laKe had been built for and formerly 
used as a hotel and furniahed anple or-portunity for Inside 
dlveraions during unpropl'lous weathor. 

One of r.y Gloareat r-^icollectionc of our Chautauqua 
life is connected vrlth a circ\D.-.otance tiupoufh rhlch con- 
oiderabl'^ loas occurred to my father and, -Ithal, rather tending 
to diocr<^.dlt his .^ood judrnent a3 an experienced farner. 
Our moat un7;elcor.e vlnltants ":e e the poetiferoun little animals 
Rnovm US s^kiinfce. My father's efforts to dentroy then or 
dininioh their number were heroic. Or.t^ of the above nar.iod 
aninalB hud talten lod.T'-f-r'-t under the floor of an addition or 
ahed adjoinin,'^ the inain part of the house, a portion o-'' rhlch 
was partitioned off as^ a otore roo: -"c^ fam. ..roducts auch as 
butter, err.'s, cheeoe, maple suj'^ar, etc., from r^hlch retreat, 
foeiinp; secure no doubt In the wsjeaty of hin r^tren^th, he 
persistently refuoed to be coaxod or driven, upon -Thlch my 
father unv/iaely brou.'Pt Into service a board or tlnber of 
sufficient length, oecured help, and, either .vith Intention 
or by accldei'.t, I never kn-r . nioh, succeeded, not in dloloCTing 
hin, but in literally pinnin,; him af^inst the atone wall against 
v/hich he r^ated. The succeeding weekn and liOntha fonred the 
r.u.'it uncorfortable period of our hone life, I7e not only 
uuatainod the lous of the farr.i stereo alluded to and other food 
producta, but a li£:ht grey a\iit of my father, "•hich he 


/ 9 ^ 

Of l.'ontf:craery Co., ;:. Y. 

wore on the occaoion, and rhich he as advised to uiir^y for a 
tieaaon In order to restore ito ori,7;in;4l tnoffenaiveneon nust 
have been so de^jply intorrod us to preclude itn poycible 
r'''ourr«ct:ion ua it never aftsrvard appeared m the far.lly circle. 

For various rnusons fannlnn: did not ordt iilm ae of 
old boaldes ?rhich this Ttaa too n ar old frioncio, r^JlatlvQe and 
tiie old hoi.e to brinr'- contantnort und he noon aold o\xt (1347) 
and completed the Journey to f-iyr^icuso, Thia ,i ■urney was fcy 
-r/ay of the Frle Canal, it being af^out the tine of the opening 
of tlxi N. Y, Central P. R., until •.-hlch tine the canal ras the 
approved ::'ethod o-' travel, ond of the events or each day in the 
to^THs located along ita line bcinc the comlnr^ in of the "pacXet" 
or paa3onrn}r bout, drawn b, horaes and Its decks ororrded ■ ith 

in nyraouse v?o first lived on JTast Railroad St., novj 
called VJaanlnrct; n ""^ , and h-^re Caroline Lucy died 14 August, 

1847, We soon rei.oved to Halina, nor the first .ard of 
Syracuse, living dbout the third house west of Sallna St., on 
north side of Crii?^1r "+,, TMf' street -a^^' th-i firat one north 
of and purellel -A-ith iiear fit. xt 'vaa hero that v/ii, JiTiee died 
21 Koi., Ib47, apparently of a olovr fever never having seemed 
v/ell after the death of nl:^ - oro vigorous f.rin .-;i..t(rr. 

We next rtunoved to 7.vjur St., in a houoj opponite 
the old rurton foundry, Eaot of this houa© was the "barrel 


THE MA-iLiJu:x x..i..iLjf 
of Montgomery Co., K, Y, 

store housv^* a large buildinc; extendin;: rron the street a lone 
clintance tc the rstir, I'orth of tMn "'-^.n anct.hnr ivllfl.jn'*, 
tiio coci>er.A^ or ;>ri0p ror i:;aiiui..cturi:i(: tne i;ari*els, it -.vus 
Willie livin.?: hore that Frtuicea ellsoa died in 1819 of scarlet 
fevor. It l:-3 a sad rorory in connection v-lth her death that 
tiit; aiucuae .vaa jiveii aur oi' a ^ oun^: pnyaician v:no •.v-.l; m 
attendance iipon my nother'a illneos, and who \7hile playing rith 
the little one, allorerl her to taV:c hie renpll, for'-cttin-^ that 
iione tij:.j .• reviouux^- nv ii-ia uuec. i^ zo i.rcaa ciovm tiie tonjruo of 
another child 7;ho had the dis-tioe. Thic; in his ip^ief he con- 
foHsed to ray parents, rrho "'^ile vlerrln" hir? deed "Ith horror, 
u.l.7ayu expressed for tn:.. t<iu ueuijuut u^^.i-atiiy. iiiu ov;a aeatn 
follov/ed not long afterr.'ard, and hia vridOTT exr-resjoed her belief 
that it T/ua ^iaatencd hy his caroIer^s act an'- Informer' iir^ that 

no ni.i^ht the cniiu. :iied he ;.ij.±uj<u. zno iloox", accu^:ia,:j i.iUoQlf 
of her death and rcfuoin,';:: to be conforted. Undoubtedly such 
nlstaKeo i • t)ie :-.edical profession ortvxr oftcnor tlian -c ?Lno'.7, 
bucuui-ui retictuict.', ::t;rl:mp3, lu zii<j ii-iLuru-. courac, v;aij.c; xn 
thin case phyaical v.'ealaiess and extrene conscientiousness 
conijelled oonfseni' n. The tragic clrca'^atances in coniiection 

■.ith thij ai.'Ovo u^atii '.■ere e:'.cj.:itjauc. i.=-;riuii.w uy Luat oi oulj^h 
Thjodore 7?h08e birth and death occurred in IS.36. ity fatlier 
had ocoaajon to vlolt Syracuse, rhich r-.^.n about nine niles from 
their hone in Ola.., . . ;: , r.^ i.tuv.n-U' vj.Lii ,ivj xju'caib ;; ,ui .- 


Of Montr'orAery Co., N. Y. 

panied hln ao far as the honie of her aont and uncle in Salina, 
.ith fJior? a?-ie had lived after her raother'o ..v..^th, the forner 
hor L'lOth'ir'a uiater, and of both of whora s/ie vao very foad, 
'JWien ny father called for her on the rafum hor uncle ot: :r:8 3ted 
that US tlie baby wue worryinp- it little she allo^v hii.. i^ ive it 
a aoothin.T cordial. 'i'hou.-h the infant was imused to thoao 
thin,7a she cona^nted on account of the ride before thoin and he 
prepared v/Jiat he awnosed y;as a teawpoonful of paregoric, but 
v.'hich proved to be laudnvaa, with the reault that the child 
died in her anaa before reachinr: hone, 

noon after the death ^^ F^ '.noes on Fiear rt., -.fe 
renoved to a houa© .n Halinu St. ad,jOlning the former property, 
there l^ing no other buildinf:G betireen then on either otroet to 
V p. oo-'n,«v or nalina and Bear, save the "barrel atore house" 
v/iiich i httve doaerlijod. 

j or reasons ^hich I v/ati too yoimg to understand, the 
Mmi? ^oturinc of barrels in the .aat ''^'■'^ not brin^-: the saiiie 
i-ronta aa m the v/eat, and rdth sor.e ioaa, as I recoll-3ot, he 
•-ive it \Ja>, and began the manufacturlnfj of some aimple con- 
voditios Buch !i hn.'i.i+.h T-onedieo, toilet soaps, n^i other like 
useful production^'. ,ve all contributed a share in the haae 
->'?rvico of this business .vhile r^iy father regained his 
jn the oti.t. nf d::nT'n Jlfp. r-n-nnrtfn'nrT by its Iniru.'Ainti on and 
ciiiJtoaul. 'ihi^ provs^ci a o0i:.077nut teL:pora*y uuui.uuulj at tiie 
tine to bo reeuraed lat^r on and continued to the end. 


of : ontfionery Co., !!. Y. 

Frov thir? hoi);-'.e ro rerroverJ. to 'T^'racuae livin" on East 
iiurrioon Pt., ri'Jtm i.a'j, in one oi' a rc-.v ci" taiioraonta ov.nod 
by a Mr. Roberta, so nany of them and so exactly aliKe that 
tne renicienta vrere alrxay:; ^anrierin;' into thf^ir neighbor's doors 
throuf^h miotahy. For z.iinj ^^.-^ra uft«r ovir return from the 
W93t waa a period of rantlnj^ our habitations and in conaequonoo 
one of frequent ror-ovals, X rfinenber llvln; on th?3 *^ast aide 
of Miab-rry, now State nt., north of Madl«on r+, ., at .viaeh 
tine ny father h^d an eating houao or resttirant near the R. R, 
atation, nhich otatlon had no refUiirant until Its raroval to 
tho preoont location on Clinton and Joffcrson Rtn. I 
ren;e' bor a cook smd aculatant in tlilo vonturo nar;:ed Kllno- 
bour:nt or turn ?rt over with the oonccirn- ^'alnnd considerable 

.j-i-a^athy throu,'ijj a tili£i:ht laneii^uu on hlo rx .ul l^x-'j, clalned 
\<: have ro8iUt'3d fron a conaplououn s'-TOlllnr: in clooe proximity 
■A'lth hla trouBoro i-ocK-t. b^'.t trhlch 8wel31n'-, t;^^v1oiis to tils 

ij:Vi':;tUaj. di:iChar2;«, '.■.:.:■ i-c; ..ut-"jd rrlthOUt uliu auuj.-T,ai!CO Of a 

ourc^oon, as it turnsd or.t to have been Kept In shape and 
proportions l-)> continual peculations from the b\.'.r;ino93. 
From J'ulberry St, we reinoved to the comer of 
Miaborry and V^at«r St8., In a double houae ovned by a \*t^. Van 
Sooten who lived next door ^^^eat on Wat^^r St. This r-ou^e vraa 
..iiared by a Mrs. Hiniiuri .iiiv";. adult dau-;,i,"rr^. 
attondin" a achcol Kept by Mrr, Puller, an attnt of Charlie, 
Hattio and anerson Youn.^^, ohil<Iron of Josoph or 'i^, Youn?;- 


or i'.ontf.-oi.iery Gc., i;. Y, 

ono being tJio loncle. These peoiiie lived on V/ater St., th 

Blclo anf\ oest from ?.*iaberry, and the school r.-ao a few doors 
east o-f* +T - ■''» '-•-^ +■>■«- V -nn--.^ X +"•■■ ■■!r +••?'! r^ootlou liaa long 
ceaaed otjing d riLiaiuent P-^rt of tirie olt> , Trora hare to a 
la.PKe double brlcK hcii;:c on Pujlro^d, novr Wanhin^ton, Stroot, 
:»rii+,]-! ■-'!'":.->. >i'-.*.t<iori ifi-5n + -.-r-,'-,^-vr gjici '''aTTen f^tn . , '■ oclte t]ie 

:t end oi"^ tile arsoi^rir or "ilutiron" block at tiio intersection 
of Ocnefico arid P.. R« HtR, I attended No, 7, now Putii , 
diotrjot ae'"'^l thon locttte'^ "^ the oorne-^ '-■''' "'^ntgoiaery and 
jeffcrf5on nu^, 'jihti roon t-.txoh&r, a Miss lUlKiiiaon, ;;ile 
livlnr: hcr<-'- re Kept boaxdfirs, my father at firct 8ti31 keeping 
tho ^' '+iu'ant, '?'^ -■•"■'■• *v£illy dealing only in fruitL,. At 
t!il:j tir.e ny j.otiier cai.^e nuur fL/in^ of an llli^ . Her 
physician raa Dr, r;, H. PotL.:r who was clean of a ledicul col- 

bx'Othor'a liaolt of readlHc; aiul it .TciB tiiroui:-2i nia inj lueiice 
that my brother onten^d hia office an l the coller'a as a stiident 

r-,-0' •■:h.->t. >■'-- irraduagO'' ^^ icsr.^, afterwa. '-^■'.enentary 

couriKi m Pi il I.e., t : .. ';it^-x•ing into parti.v " th 

Dr. Potter. 

rT»n * ^^Ifl ho I '•"■'' ♦•"■. '".••'■■•.4 'r-v,o + + -. ff ^ ■ vv'- !,;a and 

not fur frox! tiw c.-ot b-uiiv of Onou. Gr . liia waa in liiSl, 

i^or '^Mch we ?rere a^aln llvinj^ on R, H, St., louth side, 

nearly ■'. ■'•.0'--i +- ■>-•" ■f'- ■ t" 3-7, -c'n.^r-^ a. 

•-ouse on Jv^iiit iai'.jtta "t., iioiM. ■ dicie or .-jti'yet and n«3xt aast 





to corrKir of Gr ,p<j St., While livin,^ in tiiooe hones and that 
of WeMt Fui ott-.. St., I wa'c3 att.-^vclin,-^ Hra, Nanoy U, Hubbell's 
•'^'^ '■'nciry". nh widoiTed aister of ■ Dr, ;ottir and 

the ochool v:ih first situ'ited on j-'uat ■& St., n^iir tiie. old 

Con^^o, chnrch, north aide of str-jot and ^uot weat of M.ont2;aaery 
f' . , ji' -ovod to roor.s on oeoond floor of Diiidye BlocK, 

north o:iat comor of Salina and ilaot Fayotte f)ta,, afti. r..'ard 
?te(Tart)iy'3 djr/ ^^-oods bnildlng, Tiieti with Wre, Hubbull 'jjo 
ronter' ;ceonri floor of a buildln.T on oou-ih aide of ''unt 

Gcnooeo next «ti^t to the oomor of : ;y nt., on which 

corner the? J'y**^'^ blocX vaa then In courbc of orection. 
We ooci'a.'iw . ... .tk.. o i' at .uid lire, Hvibbelj. on woet part as 
a boarding a::d day ochool ntill called "i'Vji^ale Koiinary". 
After this wo bou e on Kabt Fayette St., 

north ;-l'le of street, -.vest ^^i ^i.^. n ^i- t:;- oorner of Leron St., 

"d 117. Ihjn ve L ti.o rlaoe next ..oat of this 

nutrb^jr^d 115 to vthlch wo r-.T ovorl rHrt+.ln;* +h« for: cr M co. 
I'Tvontuall .iold out hox • o.ii.. L./'.)a^.i't, j...-i.-, --u ^v.^'t^wu -i.ii<i 

L<;r-.on ntc, ith a nov hoivo'js, lio, 124, , or. j-,ontl>- 

naat cotter. This vaa cociplctod and bac snt hone, 

-or. ^"vlotialy my father had antered .um.^ .. ,o.'(,.ir,„.^jaij 

■'ith Dr. Zen.rj Sorbin ii furrwr priictic ^yiilcian of Liverpool 

on J3, and rcii. aiufacturo of nrteicln.'^B con- 

fcimii); ,hlG busintiSB tlM retaainder Oj. i.j.- ^j.^^.- ... first 

occrjiiyin,,^ .. j:: ■ on Eaet F t., iii b ..-nHr nioclc 

11 r %l\t'. comor of Mulb.irry novi ntiite nt., vhero Dr. Corbin 
r :.' :.incd rhlle he tr.-.veilc;fi thToir-n it. f^. and Canada, 


or }\.ntr:oraury (To,, '.i, Y, 

l*y earliest r'.'collsctlon 1b of both i^3nt3 belnc 

nsnborr. n-f* f.y-n. t»:*hor^jnt ■?^:1^f;o•nnl fiTntrch and th-^t th'*" hnd 
rjtrlct vic.TG on rciirrlcu:; r.uiijucta. !»?y ttother .raa u.i;;iii^3 
faithful thouc-^h quiet In the r.crfo-n-'nnco of hcsr irsllrlo-ua 
;^.:t^^~.3, -TViirr rr/ fathoir r!or:>?-'H-::t to thn nly anvr!cr*'-'nt of his 
cilvlrcn uo v/e yeew ola er.o-ac'ii to aT:.rcciate t/'.c jituatlon. 
Id, at tlnuQ, become •luKo-'am" or •bacKnlidin^:" in his 
tondcnclea, but en o.^rrani on- Sty^n" mll'^l'-.uR revival"-; rrrj.ld 
veneTT hla zeal, tIujii he -cuiu roGurio rjjniiy prayers otiior 
ovlclano3S of an enthuuntlc ryuTrakenlnrr, vrhlch Is the nean 
fii^n >iad been ccnalgnoi^ to rn- rot-'h-r. 

He rtdB gimcrouG -.vitr; r.ia fa3Jlly and outsiaa, »nd over 
crediaoua rG.;Tardlnjr the good faith :od intentions of others, 

Tfhlch, on several oc*r.'A:^-^c,r[n in >t1 r? 7lf(» brcu^ht lonn '.rT" rrlef 
to hlr.oelf and hla roU..iiy. in orrorin^ oorae i^insj.:, v.-crcia at 
hia funeral sarvlcoa the Rev. TJ. H, Thii^rnton added •Asoitrodly 
hf5 liad hlB fa-.ats a- t^o or nrr hav^^ not, birt he -•-.S ■ ^r-ic 
friend to no and to tiui vu;rortunatc, ir neroua ana, ■uiiout-ntwtiouQ 
In his ifta, and it -Wa-s not -anusual in proasing my hand at 
pciPtlni^ that. T -raimt^ .^ •ro*.'' x-letlv :^l±vvi'.^. f^'roirs*. 
ToMperate In .ua o.ra n;j.bltb nc -j-iz ^jxi.z'^c.xr.iz m au deii-.uicia- 
tlon of the. 36 faults in o there and I hvive on many occasions 
•cVitneanod the rmriirirjo of the drrmKard, the vae? of tobacco 
or or profano ian^v^.-^e at rcccivir.g on u-ixon^ioa jor x-aproRan* 
for these offonsea. 


Of Montgorery Co,, N. Y. 

Both !ny parents v/ere strong aboill lonlata in prin- 
ciple. As "usual lay fathor Traa an onthusiajtic preacher of 
what he believed and ever ready to practice ^hut he preached, 
in that he v/as one of that resolute band in r.yracuije who vjere 
enirafied in tho farnoue "Jerry I'eacue" of Oct. 9, 18r>i, nhcn the 
fri,::htened U. r>, V^arshall ;juBJped fror. a windOT? in the court 
roor.' Tfhich t-^s cituated in the aecond story of the building 
overlooKing the Erie Cama at the south end of rJlinton St. 
bridno, preferring thus to nv,3t death, aa fie believed, rather 
than at the handa of a nob, but eoonping with nothing core 
serious than a brokon bone. As will be r«r\oir.bored, the ne.'p?o 
Jerry, vrho by the -.Tay 7/as <n industrlon!, 'stt JH)haved man, 
wan spirited u-'ay to Canuua ay the ■uiuiorgruund railroad", c,o 
called, and there died a froo nan oorio years later. To 
those who are not funili--?' -i th thf' circif-t-y^^'^ ii"i f^^ ection 
with this rescue, I will aciu that it 'tus attv.; ptoa to prosecute 
soiiQ of the loadin ' citiaena of Syracuoo '.7ho ^wero Janovm to 
huvo instlt.rated and be»n nn - -rr-.A in it, but it -/a., "r-mn iri- 
poBsiblo to Obtain convictionti, o»nu thua Syracuue, M\g *Gity 
of conventions", ulao called "The hot bed of ab. li tt^ionisn, • 
nade f^od her claim that an escaped slave «>ir,vid not be tuKen 
uacK into bondage fi'oni that city. 

It was a nost re{:Tettablo deficiency in ray father's 
qualifications that while ny rothor h n on-^- of t.iip. r.. potest 
and most dsli(?:htfiil soprano voices one over h>:;urU., a gift 
which she inherited from h«r mother and Trhich rjas inherited 

Of Montcotiery Co., ij, Y, 

in a lesser degree by her children, ny father could neither 
vvMi;tle a not« nor sinj: a ttme -.^ith sufficient accuracy to 
give a listener any idea of his intent, hjiI^.m: , perchance, 
you caught aoins of the v/ord i..> j.^\.-^ ort. -.^.-. 

repertoire never included aJi> tiling outelde of th-3 ciore 
lugiibrloua old standard hymns, and one of the rost dreadful 
and unmerited puniahnortB o jhildh'- o -■r►^^•- 

the evcninro in Illinc n\ ny fat)ior v?ould voiuiit'var to 

oare for "tlie frrins* whllo la/ i.Tot-'-r, ac ied by ny older 

sinter,, at^' ..vvj\jl,' iJi.-j,^\ ^^jl^a ;.> .. ^vj\.j-i ,» 

unfortunately, ite htid otion tiiat babioi; 

Kiuat be :ung and roc^.;rt to nloop, and with on.=* on each arm, 
the harder the +'t ■ • 

rocked, or jOltou— oy ciiwio** in a eliair without rooKt^vt/ 
and, in reveroe order, tlu: \ . he aang and rockodT or .jolted-* 

the >>•-■"'-•■>■. the.>- . x- criou, I have n^ -o -^i^^ uo..^. ...i-.t 
the tvjiiib or I ever went to Bleep under thiB infliction 
the. avippoae it nuet hav aed, occaaionally. 


II, Jereiaifih (Oid-on, John, otc. ) 

"I. Caleb clied youns« 

VII. Petor TTarlott, born 14 May, 1003, 

•)t Trlon, Lfon tfTcianry Co., N, Y. 

l^ferrled at Cl'iy, ?I. Y. , (1) Lydin Diol:inr?on, born 

J'^n. 3, 1940, Peter rnnovod to Aurora, 111, Tlis lather 

jnr^^ "* '' ■^1"'^ ranoved to Aur-'ra, probably '^' •'^ e ga..;p time. 

"-^rriaJ IP Loo., 134rj, f) Loulnn ''^rla Vfoodbury, -rldow of IjIt. 

Johnrr>n, a Captain on LtJce 'Prie ndd drorned in p ntorm on that 

\-y , "le ••"^- ■'^-■rr / ''-v. l^ri, t Aurora, 111. 

TTe renovftd Ttom Aurora to a ffirm 3 iniles from Loclcport and 3 

inH'C fr-om Athena, 111. }Iere Jnre;:ilnh (Clldeon, etc.) died of 

a fevor. ~^. 1854 reaovod t^ "^^'nesota 3 uilV^-^ --.-t--- Aiiotln 

on t'.o Big Cedar River. In 13Gc? to I-tochefjtor , lliiii.. In 1870 

to :^irray Go. In 1375 to California (San Berr.ardino ) and 

tti 1^73 returned to ''urm.y Co, 

:io lied v7iTllo living one and one ..-jlf ..ilea frcm Carrie, 

Ifurray Co., JXinn. , nn Oct. liSl, 

"' r> dloi nt 'nnvf»5polic , ifurroy Co., ifi'n., IE April. I'^cto, 

Andrew JacliPon Marlett (Pf-ter) PRy<? that t' r^ ol^ rn::iily Bible 
of hif? fpit^nv in in ponnescion of hin step-brotnor , Stephen H, 
Jolmson, arv Main St. S.E. , Minneapolis, :.!inr.. 



/ <i 5 ' 

II. Jerealnli (CJideon, John, rstc.) 

Chili mn of 
ini, retor :arlett, l.y I'^t nairria-e, Lydia Dickinson. 

1, Ch??rle3 l?to.' 

i.>orn 5 Nov. 1330; ^. 3 Dec. 1394, 

By nnd i2arria:ret (I'rp. Jolinr^on,) 


Ira Alolbert 


Jjio. ifenry 


Lauina Lucrotia 


Sai3ucil Peter " 


ulchnM D-'.vl"^'' 


■^rancifj clarion 


Kerinald ruinore 


■larriet ^'ali.r'da'" 


AairoTv j :i:.j.-jon 

born ni July, 1343 

born ir» Au<^. 1044 

born IC Oct. 1346 

born "1 Mar. 184B 

born ir^ Oct. 1849 

bom in Apr. I3rl 

born 28 DOC, 1353 

bom 10 !: y, IS'TE 

bor- " ■'•''/, 1^'" 

a. 4 July, 1-^3(3 

d, '"1 Au.n;.139[i 

IV. L.v.iina Lucrotia died at Rochester, . x n, 
VII. T^nclrt "arlon'didd at Victor, Gal . 

Cliild by flrf?t '-rife, 
1, Caai'lnG ?mi; born r Nov. 1330, 


7!h«n a cMld Chorl'^o V?, reinovod ^th hie father to Aurora, 
Kane Co., I L' . in 1349 Tent to Californir in quo-t of ,ppld. 
W'^s ^uocef7r!f■al, r<=^turne:l onst and inarried. Reti^ninf: to 
Cnllfoirila h« dlfid at nan Jone, Santa Clara Co., 3 Dec. 1394. 
■fed one cliiia. - '■^-v"' i r. 


VII. Petor (II.Jpre:.;i?}h, airleon, John, otc. ) 

II. Ira A3'=!lb(^rt,' oorn ?.\ July, 1343, 

at AiJTora, Kano Co., ill, 

Morrlel at Kochester, Ol^irted Co., :iinr, , 11 Feb. 1866, 
Sara^i A ::uphart, bom 


nesilcl Roohcntcir and C?urri3, ^^l^r^f:y Od , , I'lnn, 
We onllgtea Ir the ?7ar of Rebellion, Tnird Iflnn, 't of 
Vo lu n t '^'' fT" , ^o"Vp»'i f T-f*^ ycai's aiid r<^— '^' t ^ '• ■»'■•'' ^'f>Tyv ■ ui'itil 

clonfi or -nr. 

Cnillren of Ira Adelbort anc?. Sarali (Burhsrt) Msrlett, 


" 'Tan E 


IIclllc I 


Ella L 


Ira Albert 


C top hen n 


Lulu M 




\7illiaa A 


Susan W 


Aiina Kettle 




irorcaret Y. 






3uy No-yLon 



bom ?Xj July,130» 

^"bom 19 Dec. 13Q0 
'°born 17 Aur. 1""T 
'°bom Oct. 1372 
'"bom T.^- Peb. 1-74 
•"' b-T-. ■^ " "pp. T"r"^ 
'" born 2r Aac. 1077 
^'' born Oct. 1278; 
'"born 3 :'i',r. i:ro 
'^born IG Oct. 133r> 
■'° born 23 Apr. 1334 
'' born in Dec. 1335 
u_rii 10 Jane, 1-37 

-I.e. Oct. 138.?; 

'1. 11 ■^ec.l33P. 
\,?.Q Aug. 1377. 


bom 19 Jgn. 1301 

Tlirp»e .'.ore O.ildren died In infancy, 

!?om, I, II, Til, IV, VITI, Rochoster, :!lnn. otliers at C.irrie, 

Minn. Died in , VII, at C.irrie, ?^'lnn. VIII Roc-ioster, Hinn, 

T^ ri\i<LF,i:T pa'.3:ly 

ir. VII. Peter ( Jereiiiah, Gideon, John, •-■:c,) 



I. rarah E ''''I'nrlcnt, bom 1 S'^pt. 13C3, st 

14)ohe3tfir, ':inn, 

Mnrrioa at 'A'ebstor City, Iowa, 17 Feb. 1835, 

Thomas 'torris, "om 


II. Neilio I Harlott, ix)rn no July, 1363, at 

Koohoster, Minn. 

Married 30 Oct. 13-3 7, 

at Currie, ".inn,, Anrli'ftw Evenpion, "born 



III. Jas. Hnnry^Marlotl(fl^*^bom ^ If: Aujr. 1344.^ ^x 

MyrriRd p.t 

l^llnto.i In l^Cf^ ir thn nlnt- ?,!lnn, R<-.r*t '•r ^flvn + r'. 

Starved three yoars, Praaotod ^o ccrr'^-^i^'t .a^or. .er.x Tost to 

the Bt?tc of 7/anhln^ton, r ^ard of for several 

yo^in, TTn Tjof '.I'trrlr?':' nri "'-Ti t~o boyr and one iru£'htfir. 

All axvo in: or.-oxi on oe..-« iro:.; [:ci.".uel Peter. . r- brot>ier Ira 

A. sayfi they have not henrd from him rtince 1300, An:Tre?' (Peter, 

etc.) <in:,"- Jrx-pf? TT,:.i-.ry' lived in Tfrieria, '.'ontana. (130?), 




*> ' , — 

g- > 

"'/II. Petor (Jcreaiah, Gidteon, John, etc;.) 

IV. Louln^ Lucrotia '"n-rlRtt, "h^-^r ^t 15 Oct, 1346. 

Married at 
George Buitiart 

Sho died p.t uoo:\nst'~.jr, I'.trr.,, 4 July» ir??C. 
Che migel a Itirce faidlly. 

V, rai.uel Peter M?»Tl«tt, bom PI M?^r. 184?^, at 
Married at 10 Oct. 1Q''3, 

Edith E Mahollnnd, tram 

Lived Montocello, Minr,, iron idv^r, Bayfield Co., 7^15., taliinp; 
up honie:^tead 1^ all'^r Into the pine -n^rfflt an I 6 railop f ro : 
nar>*nt nei^ihbor. H«re I'xv, H, lived alone with her cnildren 
n±x yeirn to "ociire'honiofitead ts^.IIc her hunb'>nd ^^r- in 
"bTLfine*?'-^ at Iron River rr^lng to far.ily once in t-rc -r^es^g 
carryinr prcvloio^ s and resralnin;; a day or so. 

Enllr-tod in ?7ar of Roi^ellion in 13C4 and served until its close. 

Children ^ 
I. i;vel:,T. L "" bom 10 Mnrch, IBB?; 


II. Marguerite born 21 March, 1802; 




VII, PetRT ( Joreidah , ai<leon, John, etc.) 

VI. Idcliord Davin' l!arlett, bom IJ^ Oct. 1<540. 

Married at r;n Oct. 1374. 

Ida F. Ycunc, borr. at DO Jar., 1353, 
Lives St, Paul, Miim. 

Hlrn address (l''P8) 1340 Jo'nn«?on St. i;.^. , :!i: noapolin, l!inn, 
Sam, P. of Waple, Wis., Juno 8, 1307, nays "My brother Hlchard 
Davifj '^^'^ V'-^'* IT--, -i to St. P^Jl. Mir]., i^" -ill be up here 
again taia fall -ioout the firot of Cept," 

C: ill iron •'- 
I, Kt'nol L ^^ bom TO r^ept, 1""'?; 

II, Jaianc Morlo " bom ?A Itey, 1 "^r; 

III. Cecil L ^"born 30 June, 1000, 

■'/ll, "^ancin ''arion T5*irlett, bom at ir Apr, 1851, 


In 1375 ""rt to Califor ia Tith hirs ■^'. '■i,>t. r. ,-...,. : ,^ reioalnod, 
Andi'ew' r.ayr. that Prn.ncis Marion liV'/)p> in Saii lieriiardino, Cal . 

He died at Victor, Cal. ri Aug, 1395. 




.5. " US 

VTT, Pctor (Joreniah, aic!»eon, John, otc . ) 

VTII, uo^inall ailnorf^ '^''rlett, ixsm at Aurora, 111., n3 Dec.iooa 
Harried at -4 Feb. 137a 

;^nr!rn.Ti ,M~lTn ■"* , 'horn nt '''^'^?»., r;(5 Deo.l3C3 

Lived Croo-T'^ton nn-l Arrrylo, Minn. Adirena (1^07) Ar':'ylo, llinr., 

c:ill.lre:i •- 

I, LuUiera Fay ^^ bom IB Sept. 137C. 

died 14 not. 1='76. 

II, Archie OiLiiore" born 3 Peb. l'?70; 

III, 7;illl'''- Rf>y ■ born 7 Oct. 1 30; 

lY. ivou-rt ..a^t r " - " ■ ^-^ -ly,' l-^-^r; 

V. Vida Etta -Jj--.. 7 ^ a. 1' "7. 

i:c. ■Tarrlftt Kalinda Ilnrlett, born at 19 May,185fi 

"'TTi'lnd r>t 

L'.'onard j.- '' Voy?ir;, 

oOTved In VJar of Rebellion. Doad (1"03) "A /--^nr or 00 n^o" , 

r^ay^ ?n •■:•■. pii :^^tr.r. (1 . '). 


Andrew J»>.cl:r!on ??ayr?, addrocio of TIarri«t !.!allnla is Forrus 
Falls, Kill. . (1803). 

X. Andrcv; JfacKnorf '.Tai-L^tt , bor?-- "t '' ''sy,13c7. 


We-^t to California in 1?75, but returned. 

vm.Rhoda (Jftrenlah, Gideon, John, otc, ) 


VIII.K>T0.1a "-^rlott, bom 30 Jan., 1310, at 

CIiarl-'iRton, Uont, Co,,N, Y, ?.fsrried at 

tiy Hev, Isaac 'Vrin-it, 13 Feb., 1331, I'ofjef? Wheelor, 

•x^m rso July, 1804, 

at ::taden, Mont, Co., Il, Y, 

Lived in Clay, Llve-'pod and Onondaca Vall^-'^y, Onon Co., TI. Y, 

She died On n, V-illny, N, Y. , 4 Aur. iroo, 

" " CO Deo, 137?, 


^bom 10 !f-v, I'^ril; 

borr. .-U ];dv. 1333; 1. ns July, 1S79. 

born 17 ?5opt,18.?5; 

bom 15 May, 1337; -l, n Cept,, 1037; 

He diod 





'I'^nry H, 




T.'^rtha ' 




Fannie ^ 



■'^om CC Oot. 183«5; 
Far.nie ^Unab^'th. bom '^O Jnn, 1"41; 1,18 Oct. 1002. 

"born r:3 June, 1343; d. 
Ml born In CLay, Onon. "o,, N. Y, 
II.H«nry H. died in Syracuse, N, Y, 
IV, ^"irths" ^.ird In Clay, ", Y. 
'71., j lizabnth diocl in "l-'alton , :;, 

I. illiain W. vm^eler, born 10 rrov., i'^31, nt Clay, nnon. 

Co., N, Y. ::arri.ed at Pernardina, Florida, .?1 Oot,, 1337, 

T.trn . Cat"*ierlne IT IT Robinson, 

llo C";.ll. iT'on, 

Ho diod Onon Valley, >I. Y. 



i^3 " ^ 


VTTI,R}7o4a' (Jr^rnnlah, ^llf^on, John, otc. ) 

V/heel nr . 

II, Hf^nry H. lieeler, bom r?l Nov., 1333, ?it Clay, Onon. 

Co., ■!. Y. 

T/arried at syraou=»e, v. Y, , ro Oct, 1356, Adelia P. Van 

Houaen, bom at 

ThRy lived '^^/T-iou r"^ , N, Y, 

Ho died S:rrac.ur», H. Y. , HB July, 1370, 

No oh' T Vr»n, 

III. Onc-rr' ".nr-^in-, bovr. 17 Cept. , 1=?35, nt Clay, Oron. 

Co., i:. Y. 

?.tnrTlocl at in O'st,, L^G6, ramnntha 

Pil"T>r, bom Ht 

I. Com A bom 

II, Groorne '" "bonr. 

III. ' -^ "'3y born 

T, ''orn A ''*' ^'hfff^lrr, Lirrrle'l "Prod '711'bort, 

IV. rlJia dlod yotmc:. 

VIH.Elaoda (Joremioh, Oideon, John, etc.) 

V, spencer Wlioelo.r, lx)m S5 Oct.» 13.?3, at Clay, Onon. 

00., r. Y. 

H^aTied at Liverpool, ?'. Y, , Tarn^ Peane, boTn 


Thoy llvod at Syreoune, IT, Y, , for rT.aoved to tho went. 

No chllclra':. 

■"rr. "yriricos ril2al:eth v; . . J- r, born TO J^r,, 1941, ?\t Clay, 

Or.on. Oo., H. Y. 

Married at Liverpool, N, Y. , 10 Oct., l^^C, Lym.'^n H 
Pnt 1 .-r^on, 
Li ve :l I'Ulton , N . Y . 

nhe died at Hilton, K. Y. , 13 "ct., I'Or;. 

I. Fan.iie Loui'^e, born 

Patto rnon 

II. FrcdericK, " bom 


1. Pa^ rie Loulr^e Patternon, born 

Vorr-lnrt nt 3 Hept., IHOO , AjrthUr M. 

iPovor;!, jDom at rilton, N. Y, 


PrCVD3t // 

I, H'^r-nli, "^O" r 


VTII.ll^iCda ( JerniTilali, CI aeon, John, ntc.) 

VII. -^lily :.']:enlor, 
Onon. Co., ::, Y. 

N. Y. 

bom rs June, 1343, r'.t Clay, 


'"•t r^:yTacur^e, 


II, Jore.nlrih (OidRon, John, f^tc. ) 

IX. niza :^=.^l^tt, lorn 13ir^, at 

Unnarri. '^'^ . 


D.i.eA 1830 or ?1. 

r,«rnl: KRrlctt, bom 1214, nnrr 

Navaririo, TT. Y, 

lied 1?73. 

Lived Clxiy, irith hor sirter Khoda 

(•"irlr'+*> 'Vh'^olor, in nirpgou'^e , K. V. -• i Londoi., Olaic , 
Dioc ir. i.or. ion, Ohio, 1373. 

/f ^ -^ 


IT. Joreiniah CTideon, Jolm, etc.) 

IvT, Jei-onlnh S, llnrlott, born SO March, 1''17, In lovm and 
County of Ononlafa, N. Y. ''^.rrled in Liverpool, r. v., 

at LlvoJTpool, ::. Y. rie wan of Clay, ?;, Y. , r?iio of Liverpool. 
Aft'^r mnrrlaf fs lived In Mv-fpool. 

He dlf^-i r<t nro'-.'i^'-T. Villn-^', V, .. T^ '■Mro''-', 1^''^, ^y^^•r^■^ o:r\ st 

Onon'i;;^,.^ il-Ij.. 

Sl:etr 1-^ l.ifn,- J^n. 3, ir4'" . ovf^d to Illlrot n. 

The folio ^In/T l*? frcia the pen of «Iercy (C:..ith) 
■"^T-inM , -1''':'- Df Jtp:-.!-'" r*. "My hu'^h"-'? T(«»-nt t^ C^lif^rria 
in iJl'j, :lc am hir. i.oi^nov;, .'lor.eca ?"^rj.:-!ii (..■.:.,, etc.} jiinod 
a party of about fifty nt Albany, They went to Now York City 
rir^- ■OLi-p'^.'hnrTn.:! n vnnnl 'iv ^ t'areo years ijro vinionn, Snile<l, I 
:. ::, njout tno Q.i; o- '^y. 7/ont around Cape Horn Euid. was on 
the son five .r.or.tlin. The ;^or<t of hln t\i?.^ rrr. ilveres Co, 

"'o ~^_fr ■f'liT'p in «j?.i n'^^'^•It elg'nt years, Cojno '.-[onc. t-,Ticp in 
ti;o tl;.'.o or. visltr-, Thn Irat ILne, ne bou^'ht the farji in 
Yofl:vllle 15 Tiileo froa Aurora, 111., a;:d lived f.reo 

yn:?:-"," AT:3i:t lfl70 ";o '"'^rt t" ■Ti''~^rn. r-rn Tftor '-ort 
i: ' i: Fallc, La^!?r ro...rvci lovra. 

In 13^ ret ff"'!^'l eant -i VaHey, Tf. Y. , "''^: '■>■?'' their 

r.'^'-i "^.r; ""*""" ■•* t nn"^^?^'''f?d '"hen he tiled, nt the home of hi" 
3i^"-;r luiooa ( -.^:^x•^;';tt ) WaccJ.rjr. 


II, Jore Irjli (CJldeon, Jchri, f^^tc, ) 
C'lilcben of Joreaiah S. and Uercy (mnlth) M?rl^tt,- 

I. Anr.^iln bom 14 Oct., 184r; died T: July, 1^74. 

II. f'il.?s born in Feb., 1^45; 

Til. ^"11 n Adole^ borr '^■'^ c^"---' . , l'=!r>4; 

1, \->oxv Llv«=>rpool, ii. y, ; died Derver. Col. 11. born Aurora, 11 3, 
TIT, ^m Dupan*^, 111, 

I. Anj: lip/'.:nrlctt, born Livorpool, !T. Y. , 14 Oct., ir4S;; 
'Jarriod by i:ev. A. 'I. JohriRor, at Ororr^ J. i^sty, 

borr) at Reiaovod to Denvor, Col, 

Ghe d1.od at Denvrr, Col., July, 1374. 


III. Cilns Thonfi^ Harlot t, borr 10 Fob,, 184G, at Aurora, 
Kane Co., III. 

Uarried by Hev, B. D, Marniiall, -it l3uiflalo, IT, Y., 19 Sept., 
:-■"■■, KolliG robin, born at DuiTalo , !I. Y. 

Livod at llianars Falls, it. Y. 

I. ■^lar^r Lincoln, born ''1 l!ay, 1303, at liiP^ara Fa 11??. 
TI, ■.'■rcy''' lorn De-. l':01, " " " 

I. Elanr Lincoln Uarl«^tt, born at Niagara Falln, 'l ??ay, 1338, 
-larried at Buffalo, M, Y., Oct. 1?91, Anria Kronenb'^rr, born 

Livod :?afralo and Niagara Palls. 

:r.lldrer. '- 
I . L levrel l:,'n bc> rr. 

TI. ' born 

IT. Y. 

?.t .Mffalo, N,Y, 
1393, lit _i|;aga Falls, 

II. Jeroolah (Gideon, John, etc.) 

lA^A, ^ < 

III. Ella Adele Iterlctt, born :^0 Jan., 1S54, at Dupare, 111. 

Married by Kev, F. ", 3uoK, torn of Le-rLnton ( revll 'r Hole) 

lIlacarR Co., M. Y. , 23 April, 1373, TTilliam Charles ?/oolson, 

bcrn ^.2 Juno, 1853, at Pol:ln, ITiapara Co., H. Y. 

I iv<?l 

He die! at Hir^rara Falls, IT. Y. , J?5 June, I'TO. 


I. Alicfi Aj.gffllc ]^x;a born 3 Fob., •1874 

bom. 13 Jan.,l?7i^ 

bor-n r3 sort. 13^2 

born 31 • ly, l"^"?; 
died E :.:ay, 138 O, at 

born 26 Sopt.1^1*; 
I, born Leiwiston, Ifiarara Co., IT. Y. ; II, Sunpenoion 3rl'ic«» 
N. Y.; in, born TTijirl pool, 'AiaznTa Oo , , :;. Y. ; IV, 
V7 irlpool, Tllac^ff*^ Co., U Y. and V bom at Buffalo, M. Y. 







kutii Adele 

Buffalo , 

N. Y- 


J ncTard"" 

I, Uico Aag(;lla Enaia Woolron, born ^ ''^"). , in74, at to--n 

of Lev.'iston, Nlrr:r,ra Co., N. Y. 

MfttTlnd by Hov. J. 11, Si:r.pVinn , . at Ninirrra Falln, N. Y. , 

ir July, •■•--"^. -->' r. r-r.-^f-'T- p-ivnr, borr " June, in33, at 

Towanda, Pa. 

Live at 




.: I.. 

II. Jorftinlah (ail^xjn, John» etc.) 


XII. CntT-:orl"o ''"T-le*', bom 16 June, iniQ. -\ " rcellus, 

(i.oM- linvariio) Or.on. Co.» TI. Y, 

"a-'x'iec'. at SO Aug., 1B44, an his second 

'.nfe. z^l. vpth?-^ -p. Eaton, bom C April, inoo, in Albany Co. 

Lived tjiay a.. a onoiUaga Hill, !: . Y. 

T/aon 16 yenrR old Ch-r: torir.o taught the lif^trict nchool, 

opror^'tp hor father 'n ^'rm in Granby, II. Y, After '-r-r aether 'i? 

■■! ■ ' , ay, 133C, t;.c ra^.ily -";?; brolron up ai.i luny rcs-aoved 

to Clay, Catly rino, t'ltai 17 yej'.PB old, tonchi ol nr?ar 

— •» ..'-_.-• _ » I « 

Xi at ; .c ;-iO.;o of her rtep-daur^^. t<T, "atio :;aton, ("irs. 
Liberty Luidinston), DeV/itt, K, Y. , 8 Gept, , lior^. 
!Io 41 rr! it T.-n. Hill, '"'* ?=!"rt., I^on, 

Children •- 

I. "^rn,.i: ii.;.Ty,^bom 5 July, laoL", at OnonOnca nili, TI.Y. 
II. "Florence ■■".y,^bom P9 ]:ov.l361, at Clay, Onon. Go,,rT,X 


w - -Terry TTaton, born r July, 1333. 

'arrloc». Ir ^e'."lM. nnon. ::o., IT. Y. , n au-., leec, Jennie F. 
Tri;;j, ;^ .r ncm 


LlV'^4 OnonSa^a lUll, nyt-^cu'^r , N. Y. vvl Elrr."'->od, no?.' n part 
03" r>ypnGar!o. 

I. wM.U'ico ..e..ry,'w.:r:; iu 7eb., 1300, at Onond.ig2 Hill, IT. Y 


II, Catharine ^'OTfTUcritc, born 13 T.ov.^ 1303, v.t riCTTOod, 

ttit: marlts-t TAraiY 
II. Jor^aiah (GUl'^on, John, '^to.) 


aIII. idc hard Davis ^fai'T-^- {'-'• -^ '■■■'• '"'^ -"- '"'" ■r-^-Loinn, 

Dr. i\ic ?;rd Davin of l!nrco.llas, :;, Y. ) "oorn G J'ar.e, .— m, at- 

Ifercollup, Onor. Co., ??, Y, 11 -^d "^f? April, lOCO . 

•'■r.fini ri; . /■.■aror?j, Karto Co., l'.^., 1C5 Jur.r , ■'^-'^, 

.iifi coarii, l^^ry Stolp- (See p,/y^,iX. .'ar.^^irftt (>^sj?lett) Ctolp, 

Oldeon, Joto, etc.) ■born 18 70b,, l^.?4 , at '"ntnrio, Way^ie Co,, 

N. Y. 

:.!hcy livcjd 

In looO, Hiciifitrd JUavia ar.d L'.rAry, hin rife, roi:iovod tc Ac^ley, 

lo^'a. 'vhn-a t^ii->7 -"-'-'i-'n-? Jntii 1351, ■'■ ^■^". f - - -r t'T-T to 

laooLiiioia, Juv^:^ CO., lo'.va. In 1834 I .loy .•.■L-:iri.oa to AoKley 

■wh^'f- lied. In h«^ r«:.;ovod t- Aurorn. 

C- ) TT'* ri-rried Mnrcy, rvi.loTT of Jorociah S., 7 mrt., I'^^^Q. 

At tho time of hin nof^^r'r^ 4e-th and th--^ir rftxvpl ii-on 

ai-ortby to Clay, ilicliej?d DrvIs .v^}\^ liis homo rrlth hir; "Intnr, 

Itiioaa ( : '• ' -"T o* 1 1 ""'^olnr, ^'<^ livnd -Ith hi n Tf-olrs Tho'.r.-n • 

(aidRon, Joim, ota.) 'vlir-n ho TT'^.n IC ye^irr; old (.1=3?) 't 

SI:aneatola3, N. Y, TM*? inoth'Tr'n d'^nth occurred 'Then he 

•"'Ta 14 yo'-r^ old. 

Mary (J^^olp) '/^Tlnt.t died st Acl'.ley, lovra, n /ipril, l-nn. 

Childrw of i^lolu-rd D. !?rd Ifory (Ptolp) lT-:r?ett,- 

I. '^'^c;:r inrer.c,^ hern !■" ^'TCh, ISGl; 

11, ,,vr; Crioca, u'jii) "' '-'i.f i^rs; 

I II . \r t imr v; ill i ain , bo m Au^ . , 


THE MARL-'^ ' ^A" ILY 

7 (- 6- 

II. Jomalnh (o-.'docii, Joiin, «to. > 



Davis J, 

Marlett '. n-c^r Tlagnno !r?rlott, boi^, IG Itarc:,, lo"l, at 

17i"3t Au2X)ra, iCaiie Co., Ill, 

Married at Aurora, t^ane Co., Hi., rj7 Fob,, 1S77, Martha 

Unrla RandnT'. in".. 'xim n4 Don., l'^r;4, 

ftt TrnttermaJi, DoiCnlb Co., Ill, 

Rooide -Test A-iror". 

C-llllT.r.r ,- 


:;ila riorouce 'bom c> J ., I'lVO; ^t Aurora. 

II. :.ray Loulae bom 3 Jan., i:?l; " 

Til. Dean Richard bom Ti Aug.,13 5r; " 

III, Art.iir '".illian^'.'arlett, born Aui.:. nt 

V: . ■ + 

Fr:. .. 
.'-. .c, April IC, 18C0, rae C66 Oak Ave., Au:'or3, 111, 


III. ^llliai-i (aiieon, John, eto, ) 

III, millan "nrlr'tt, ^^tv. 1 'oo. l""^?. p.t CTinrloston, 

(now 51 en) l£ont,'':>JU(:ry ;;o.. . i. 

T'jirrled 7 -^'vt., 1^99, at ?rlen, N. Y. , 

).laolite3 {^'-^XW-lVi) Clute, boDi 


'^irt b-ir^r.^ ir. LonKport, H. Y, , nany yrfjr?! aro . T-^ of hio 
and t'liftlr "oth'^r TPre llvinp: in 'HchJ.p'ar.. 



ir,<)rif) ^ 

born ?'^ov. n, 1900; 



born Fob, n, 1805; 


ar;d otrif^R 




TV. PE^I'ER ( ai ::Lc cr/^ Jo^,r , etc . ) 

IV, Pol'-r ^ 

j'^ri --c-: 17V9, at CharloGton, 

Married 17 P'^b, , 130S» ?t 
bom S9 July, 17BC, fit 
died 17 Oct., 1309. 
±Lod f?? Sept.,13Sl, 


Elizabeth ?*v?inR rc^'n daujr-tor of and 

(Coo ley) rvans, 

Tho '^bi tumry rotlcof5 ot t e tlm*' of bis ''oath spn?i-t of Poti^fr 
■"^e)rl«»* t ?» a Kind fp.tbor» an affectionnto canpanion, ar.d ini one 
J.J. >,o?:t honored ?-nd ronpected oltisf^na. 




' • 




' T 




.•et :.;arlcittf born ??n :/ay, ISOC 

Maria " ■ born "H Dec. 1307 

."ilao ' " lx)m .-^ Juno, 1300 

i;iiza * " 'x>rn *?! A-pr^»;r311 

born IC Liar. ,l''l'i 
bom 17 !/-r.,lSlG 
born 3 June, l'^17 
born ?3 :.:ar.,l-lO 
born ir; JUro,l'^"l 
born rr? !r'»y, i?r3 
born ""'' •^■^ ^t."''''>4 
bom 30 Jily,inr'? 
trn, born sr Aug..l3P3 

Fveline " 

"E^zra ft 

0';^ rip li a " 

I"?fiC " 

Cornf'liuri C." 

:ren,TO ' • 
Teorro "' 

died /V^rll, IBSn; 

diod 1 J-.i., l--?9; 

lied c:' Deo., lB7o; 

d^.ed IC Jun^, 1337; 

livvl 17 Apr., 1335; 

died nn ^ob., I3ur; 

'dlod *"? riar., 1343; 

dlod in June, 1373; 

died "3 Jnv. , 1303; 

^.iod :"^ -' 'T^o, IDO:;; 

died 4 l-ec. , 1336; 

I, ^.'d-r^-.v^X "'■^■■■'"tt, born n? W-'y, l?On, nt Ifilfcird, 
OtTerro Oo., ::-riri- t ::iir,:^::'il, r3 June, 13S3, riervey Keyer!,ti 

Lived "'t., to - n of L vror.n. .lie died 7i Ai^.M.l, l^"ip, at 
"t . V- "■ n, ''o died "'t 

toyog- C:iil-l:-fln- 

I. n ?^ 

I. v.. .... <^s ?^ bom in ;,urr., i-^rn; 




TTTF '''.•"•JRL'Tr? 'FA7TTIY 

'/ - .^ ^• 

I. ^'ARaAIffiT (Pctf^r, aiJlr»n, Jo2;T«, etc.) 


II. Onnr''^ i?crn ro Tept,, L?3l; 

III. Jor-.ia.i J.^ born la Jar... l?3n; 

!""■. J-^'-ipf? :T<»rvey "bom 10 July, 133o; 
^ V, "IramH. ' "bom 9 Sn^t., 1-30; 1. 4 July, 1352. 

VI, "•':''quiG Lf2faystte, born ^4 Oct., 1-41; 
^7111. ujlville bora 13 Ja . , -345; 

I-. ^-v- : , bom 1 Jan. , l"47; .i, ir. :^ob , , 1350 ; 

I, 'fery; III, Jonlah D.; IV, j-^r.-^v "., born at Laiirens, Otnerro 
30,., !'. Y. ; r. r; 7, .. .>om at Mt. Vinion, Otae^ 

00, , '.■.; -.T., -•o-^,,.i'' I.; IX, irvin Ixarn '^t. Virricn; 
VITI , :.'vilie, born Laup^mn, 

I. ur/ K<^yoR', born 16 Au»:,, 10^3, in torn of Laurcrs; 

].{ai-ri<^d at Mt . Vision, 1 Jan., 1360, to 'I^nry niiove, borr. 13 
^'^0, in to-7n of LauT'ina. 

i—.vci She '.tied 

*le died ro Cr^-a., l'^3n, at his liono near 7n. Vinion. 

Ivllle ' bom 14 Jan., l"^?!; 

II. Hirai!;"' bo-n 3 ^cb., 1330; 

. Yi'^iDH in tovr. ol lO, OtaCTo Co., N.Y. 



1?. ' -T, borr^ "0 Sept., 1331, . Virion. 

- - .. I'ov., 13C9, nt ^'t Vini, , ...ry ^T. C'acney, born 

6 Juno, lf?39, Pt "Ply Creek, Ot'^o'^o Co., K. Y, 

l/iv(^l '10 lirid 19 7eb,, l.'iOO nt Laurenrs, 

Ktiyn'^- .„ 

I. 'V .". C. K-'ycT, fjorn C July, in.:.3, at Mt, 



/.T^ .X 

5- " i ^- 

T. "ARIAR^T (Pc+.^r, Tii-^on, John, «-to. ) 

ill, Jp-lnh D. Kftyep, liom 1^ J"-"., !».="»?, Iniiron??. J!. Y. 

•'STTted, S3 Dec, 1^G3, in Lauj.--:G, r, -.ii-ot E. L';i!e, ocm 

re ITc>v,, l??r?G, in tfrrn of TT^rt'TioK, !T. Y. , -Jaufnter of 

Chrnolluf? and Rebecca ( ) Lane. 


Keye?3- ^^ 

I, Irvin J, Kf'fyea, torn rp Spril, 

II, L-nvci'i. c, • bom -: tu;';, .. .:i; 

■n-^t?-, ■'x-T'^- -^r to-.7n of Lauronsi, N. Y. 

X. Irvin i3 . J^'yeo, "bcrr fp Ai'ril , , In Lcur^rr , 

,n..>v.-.w. 1 Tr j-.^.. , ■''^7:«, in ''iiroi-u, . ., rnnret A 
■•-'•plli-jan, born 17 June, inc4, it yilforl, of Alfred 

V" ' "'sr-r- '."'ellnnn. 
T -; V r. 

Ho diort nt :Tled at 

II. Lavor:; C, ile.yoij, born 4 Juri*^, l""^?,, in Lnirenr, N. Y, 
MJCrind 10 J -Lie, nX', in Otf?^:^, Fally V Day, 

■^-^ r. ■ - )^ vT. » 1*^50, in Otrrf^-'o, daufUtor of Rn: nr^rlr-r and 
■'9r.»er<-itta ( ) '""V, 

IV, JroOog Hf^rvey K^^ye??, bom 10 JUly, 193S, in Laurong; 

Married 7 Aurr. , 13SS, in Lpurer.f?, (1) Aci.eliza (3 Lane, 

b..-r - -Tin..-, 1-/'^, *.- Tiart-;rLcl: , o^---- ^ ., ^\ y., laiirnter of 

Lived (>i"!Oonta, II, Y. 

He died Sho died r'4 0ot,,ia7C, nt Oneonta, 

otncro wO., N.Y, 

c:rvl "i-nn,- 

I. T-rvny L. borji ."7 Sf^i^., IZZ" 

II. J- -Tf^ F "^ bom 7 Jan., 1-^70 

TJI. Ar.ra M ' born ir July, 1-^71 
All born in Oneonti. 


Tirn "LY /^ 

MARGARET ' ( P'^ t ^T* , ,", i '■• ^r^ - . ,rn-y^,,,) 


IV. J^ir.ea K. Kcyef5, bom 10 July, 1836, in LTarciir?. 

MTT-ir-';-' '"r! cec, l'^7-<. r T ) L-'Ur^- <T . "nT^t-fnT't, '-rTr: '"'' April, 
183G, m Cr-" Mji', i-cin^.-'.r'-- Co., " . /. in i: CU rra^ved -rlth 

h^TT porer.tfi rrom Unadilla, !I. Y. to, ot, Paul, Minnesota. 
IV» J'Tl'-'^ 'T. ]:->-,'^r' —ri^j^tfii^ nt "^nrt "^d-^Tri C-jll'^^l-'t- Tnr?tltuti 
\7?.n-.iri(rLon Uc, "ii. i,, July 1"C0. Lu-toi- atuo^cj. i.:i~. • : ' -aa 
aduillocl to tjx-aotioe ii all the GourtP of tl.o .-stntr^ cf Now YorK, 
16 Nov., I'Gl. Deo, no. l'^4, -^n'- ncti1to5 to i-)r?ct1ne hefove 

th ■ full tench oi the .co't oi tiiC Uni^e^. St?}ter at 
thf^ City of Wa-hinrrt in, D. c. In 1375 ■ octed Surrorate 

of thfl C'r'rty or ot'^oro fr t'^'c t^'Trri of njy y^ar'^, 
I'- ,x:.u-.i-:x. iu Onecfta, i:. .. 

1, Harvey L, Keyos (Jn :o3 II; , t-tc,) ixxrn f? Coi:t.,l^G6, 
Ir, Otnojo Co., !'. Y, l.:-!rrl<»(i ""H A'^r., ir^rr, r-.t 
Grand Rapiln , Uich, , Flororco Roblr.ror , >j.j. 
nt RjolvjTord, yicMp'p.n, In j.-ht'^r of 
Li 're 'irrnd Rapl''9, •^loM'^'^r., 

V. ^*r"r. '\ Kr^yf^r, >-rv S^pt,, ' .^, nt "t . V-lon, 

. - ^ :% I'T,!, ::i .t,, Virion, 

VI. v'i"- L."^Kcy«3:?, borr. r?4 Oc>t., l-^-il, - I '^t. 'rin ' ; . , !T.Y. 
Aj'iril. . t snaron , SoM.ohnrio Go,, V. , Y, Live ?neort^.. 



---^ 3«ul?>i ■ '"^ "■ June, T^77, -^ ^-■■--- ^ -,'T.Y. 


II. -eFor^'r-t 'oom r Dec, n78, -..t Cr ,:•.■.¥. 




»#«nTTTt»r? TTimfT-T' 


"r^-iu:. .; 


!rho .i-'.o 3 

* • 

Vioton V 

I , LI AirrARTT ( :'' n rji- , . : i :;oor. , Jo rji , etc.) 

VII. i" iDlnnl:. 

VIII,V*?lville :'r>yen» borr. IG Jan., 1!345, nt L!\arer.r , Co., 

T!, Y. 'larri d f?r Aur. , ^'^'^O, -t 

Elizabeth BasRette, born 1 Jan., 1845, at Laureris. 

Ilvod I.9aC"on5, IT. Y. f-nd Oneont -i, 


I. Iteiph ?.:. ICny^ft, tern 14 l.Tr-.y, 1870: 1. 1 Jan, 1074, 

/o "t Or/K)nta, 

II. v;ar^hir.,Tt.on 73- K-yo:-, ■orr. 17 Au3.,1371; '^. Oct. '',l."'7f>; 

" "jorn r3 j^uv-." -^''.':; J., ic ii.i^.i372; 

• bom rr? ^ t. ,1:174; 

'' ■ oci-n 10 J?-., 1.^70; 

arlon Winrield^*" born ra ^.,._.,lo50; 

VII. 'iriTjaret H " bom ir: June, 1383; 1. r-,l"?85; 

VIII. . ^rot 3oe Joy " uom 13 J;iii<-;,1 C; 

I^, rli'tt oaoGo^a C" voi'n 10 Ju.k- , ^ 

All «.Tcepti:ig I. vn at Onoontn.. I, born Laurens, 

i::. Irvln^Kfiyr.'T, borr 1 Jan., 1' ■": llrrt ir "Pob. . 1850. 
■X)rn and died at Vt. V ric;- . 

if&rlB T\ / r ^ ^- 

(p. U-^ria TATTlett (P^^tor, lideon, Jo'">n, '^tc.,)bnrn rr D-^n,, 

t^7, ^ •-■Iford, Ot«^ero, IT. '^. ^'-r--' -' ^ ' -3) July, 133S, 

at . ■ H-'/iTlaon, born 30 »'ov., l.'^oi,rit Lmrnn;?, 

Tji'jy liv^d 

n.o. .\io'A 1 Jan., i^^.i. ^t Tiaia^erp. 

HO diod 10 \ar).'^, at 

H?!rrir7on- r?blld- 


iod " 17 Apr., 1^;:.?. 

'^r;.-*."? ^'■"Tri'^or, b:*m La'-ir^nr, lo Feb., 1?00; 

I"7. rl .^ "^ (Tilnnn, John, oto.) 


m. .TilRS "'-^Tlett, bom P'-' Juna, IROO, nt lUlitord, Otnero Co., 

N. Y. Varrl'>4 r Jan. l^r??. -kX, 

x<aoh<!^l ■'arler.'bore;, "born 3 '/ay, 1110, at lien, ■::onii::c;;iory jo,, 

N. Y. Thoy livnl 

He lied rs D-x-. 1^75, "t "♦ . Ylr-'.-^r. 

r^nn •" •■•' " JU'O, l-'O-l, . '■ :. 

TFo niiil-lren. 

IV. Eliza M-irlr5tt, bom ri April. .at Mllford, 

.;;trri''d ??? _ . '•l, ot Milford. N. Y. , (1) milnia Ly^.an, 

bor' ■' . ■■ ■•''^' , ,,.--_ 

Lived . . ; . 4, Dt Uilloi'd. 

Eliza ( U".r I'ii 1 , .Tied 13 Sept., V"' 7 , 't ' :i7>:rd 

(r^) :!n:iry ' . 13 April, •---. 

L.'!'. :• . . 7, iji i,aur«tiu--. 

7eb., l^Cl, in L 

i T» ■ < '-" •-' "♦ 


boTTi 11 * . ^"; 

"boiTl IP TTov, 1841 ■; ''1, I I'-^y, 1355 

V.-... r.r, n-.^^ T^V*; 

norrl ed in F-v,)!.. 1^C7, at Coopersto- , n'o,-,-i q-, , 71, V, ^ 
rib'-Tt Rirore . m in Aprtl, 1^37, -^t J-xr. -ville, 

Oroniap-^, Valley, rr "Peb. l-X^. !Te Hod ■ , . ., 




" ■ ie M. 




^ 1 .-1^ ; J, 


Infant son 

Al 3 T! m 

1n Laur^ . 

T 1. - i ■ 

^7 Oct., l'-.?0. 

?riiit;aan- ,0 

]. .ToRalo E ^^ 'r^-rn :^6 Dpr-,. . .. ; . .O-.,l-03. 

11. :'t T'UjTene .-n 19 .v. l37o. 

X .J ».< . i. 

IV. prr^R (en (loon, John, 


Flisa ^ 

(Marl-^tt) I. Joenie E, T/hitoan (I'':r:ilie V. (Tfopltina) "niitnan) 


or -r '^'^ '^ec, If'^F. ot «— r^--»-~*i "^pWr^rf ^ ^ ... 

•-•!('- -^7 Oct. 1-^-7, ai ji.-iv' ^'-^lley, VJilixai:; :::. ::ran, 

borr. rf? April, 1?"", In N'^'? Yorl: city. 

Llvnl r^-!* 41."' . •■''. nt Her PRCRtur, 

Aln. • ' ■ -. ^ ■ ■ . ■ ... 


Irfnnt Pcn ^n" ■borr? Ir"; oot. IRP? r.r<l -Ura 13 Oct. l'>''c . 


i, -.lilnn L. . ":*-*-.. "^'-;. ?, Otsego 

» » 


Co., K. V. LiVf 

ixim In Lhnrfii.!', 
' , "t Lqarerifi, T'rMTil': T.. winder* 


V. -■ "" , lr3 itoroh, 1313, at Hllford, Otsego 

or3'^t1 - 

:■... ... . 1340, (or 1.0 DC'i. l^'^r- ?) -xX Kilforl, 

J- />'^ '■Cnott'^, yyoiT o.'l April, I'-i:?, at fJtnrV.a, :;o.,rl,Y. 

In i,.j.'.^j.'a, xLeme Co., 1 ... ---"^■"••■i -: • fanning 

rjafft r ilatoi quite a fc ■ in i- 

Ohe ^Xr.^ 17 .'.yril, l^^C, ni Aurora, 111. Te lied '■C! J^ . , 

i""',' . ■■-pora, i*'!'. ., 

T. ■ 

.1. : rr& ' -lett, -^^om 17 March, 1 . 'fl, N. Y, 


■'•' ■■■ ' .,..:!. . '^*'-'^ 'o Co. , . . /. , 

•, born r li-^wn. Ot'=!f?r'o Oo , , 

- y li v.'d . ■ . - - - - ^ - ^ . 



17. p-'-R n-'if^r-,. Jo"hr.. -■'.■n.) 

-lett- ^ 

'..!ary V^rlf»tt, ohillof Ezra and Cllmona Mnrlett, bom 

7 '"■ot.. '', °t . M^e.^o Co., ?i. ., -r'if^'l 1 f^"*, , 

IJ. V, 7h^.y livod 

II. ^ ? 

--'!olir> "■^■^. Coivifil- ■.'-.-^-•f, ^ .^- - June, I'^IV, qt 

ITT. . 

1, t.t- 

'l-rri'^d M r)*»c. , 1^4.'-?, (1) Ft. ■=^. P. 'ValKor, borr, nt 

■ried 3 Juvr , . <n) Dm^H O. C*irr. of r'^t'^rflraT-p'* VA. 

0/ IX. T^^nc "^vif^-^t, born in Junr», inri. ?• t >/iirorcl, Otnero 


"o ■•^. . ' . ■ ■* .•■•-••••■ . -^ ^o. , 'i • . , 

:faria :>:'. Clnr- . • , , at 

rhey I'.ved V"roTr . "^ . » HI. He di «d at 

.. -1 ■ ^ 

I. .t, -T" July, l^or, Aui-ora, 111. 

• t . 1. .uroi" . 

J J. c . , oorii 9 April. . ' irrlr»d. ) 

I. . .-u.;. ary C. . . "'^■*. 19> 

1^^'^, oom SeT)t, 11, 1' . t Tnv.-Tl^."^^^ 111. 

/. c: 


I^n^^olln ''prlett, — ; In .d,arunlyCo. 

TT " " •+ " "Til 

III. . 'IMtt, 

If li 



V {IV. Pster^ , Gideon^ , John^'f^to, ) 

jliuc r:. !--:arlett. ^z 

X. OcmeliuG G, ;arlett ^ • bom. 23 May, 1833, 

at r/llford, Otr-ofo Co., H, Yi Married 7 Jan. 1847 

at La>'i"'"n, ntrj-r^A nn. :■. v. tJary Av»>-> iToniiKi.-^ ^, 

3 pert, 13^1, at L^iur'-'ns, u lu, oi' Henry and f»aty (John con ) 

Hopklno, In f.iarch 1817, thoy rsroved fror Laurens 

to r,-Tn-daf^ Va.l ■''?--', Ononda/^a Cic. . . o-m '•>!-■ f-T-r" no?' kno^.n 

as tlie i'/alnut Grove traot. He Wd,B a strong; uetiioorat, 

war. Postmanter undnr OloYel.and'r! adTrinlctration, had 

bo.'U'd. ;ie di.ed at Uno:-idaiTa Vailny, Jan, Sojlv^Ju. Uhe 
died at Onondaga Valley 3 J 'in, 1 ... 

Children . 


I. i/atio Klizatooth V'^,r3f<tt , r>rir- '^7 n-rf .t-j,-/ 

at Ononda/':o 


II. H'?nry HopKlnc Marlett, bom and died 1? Feb. 1861 

at Ononarj^a Valley. 
]. TTatle K. "arlett ?T«arried ?6 Juno ,1*572 , Alfred 
■^iird Halrbt, non of Georfre R. and Maria (f'abeo) HalKht, 

born 2U. Aur. 1""", vt, j6ur.le?'-v' 1 T •• . '•'onr..-'Or nrv '7o , .Y . 
Henide at Onondaga Volloy, 

He is a joum;iliEt r»id -wan for years connected ^th 
the Syraouo^ Oourier and litnr '1 '.h nr.?ir>r r>nr:f>,r-,. 



1^, '•■ary Klizabfelji i'aight, •>. 'I Octobor 137'J-, at 
Onondafra V-xlley. 

rjhfl nnrnleted th«7 four ye-irn course ip r-n^nlo '^.t 
8yracuno UnlvGrsity, tau;i;ht pl.ino several yOiira, and then 

took the course at the Orpine NoiTial Institute of .Ifusic 
at Potod-'jn, !T. Y. praduatin,'^ fror: thcr-^ in 1906, Ince 
•.vhirih rinc nhci has beon oiiporvisor or rnu.-.ic in the 

sohoolR of Wanr.ena , .7. 

II. r.oorfTG Tiarlett Hal'-ht , h. 5 Oept. I079 . at 

On ondasu Valley. ' arxied, June 27, 1906, at L;ryracu8e, 

H. Y, Gertrude Hargarot Hyde, b. I5 Au^r. 1880^ d"^"^*"^ 

of !iorton A. and iMla ('^alnth) Hrde. 

He r:r<'i'iuatGd irorri UyraoufS'i Univerr. ity , dep:rGo of .A. B, 

in olaRo of 1901, and froir^ tfco Ijor^ Oollofje, olasti oi' 

190^1, derr'?* of I,L. ■. Refr.l'l<r»d firrt at Codus, . . 

v/ar: jirincipai 01 uoduc :ii^-.:n jciiooi -lit e y^j-ri:. Jan. 

1910 qnterod into^partnernhlp with Hon, John T. Roberts 

vindr^r ftrr- title of '^^ob^^rts and Hai'^ht, office Ko. 504 

The dascaoxc, .jyrac:u3G, 



?Iaip:ht. Jeannette Hyde Halrr'Tt, 0. July ^"'7,3909, at Godun.N.Y. 


I^\ PFTIR (HclRon, John, oto. ) 
::i. Hi ion f;. -rorltttt, born '>6 Sept., 1?,?4, at :'llfbrd. ntse-o 
^., ■ . Y. Married in or r^O July, insi, nt Vllford, 

J'lliette ''rilft, bom r*8 Cept,, 13SB, at Oneorta, otHP-^o i>i . , 
■. . ''. Live T^iurw!'', Otnp»fo no., W Y. 

Hirift at 

Chlilrer. '>- 

1 ' V T>-' <^ " ' '. ."^ .-.•♦ • • ./-. T.I- 1 r» -«'. • ^ -r-, ^ ., « - ^ 1 -!■'..« -y, -1 ;il V 

II. L-.».v?i:.tia " ' orn rn rov., 1053, pt jnurnr>T, TT.Y. 

III. ITerr: . ■ 'oorn \1 Jiily, l-^GS, pt Lmiron^, I'.Y, 

I, llaria A.' born 17 ooc, l^rp, nt Mllfor l, N. Y. 

>f'---ioT I'r rr^,-^^ ^ Comeliu.' --. >v-irn 

■X) '.lay, ll-l':" . Laurens. 

'00 lhuu"o- 

^.-...- . . -'-Ihouse, born 13 Doc,, 1368, '•' ■•■>•-•, • .•^'. 

Isrrlel .vroA, 1"<00, nt Wer^t Lsurenrs, 3 lane he «u.^b«11, born 

Sept., l?7S, - % Oteego C- . , • . \. 

-;•,. He '♦ 

"-lo nt 

H. lavant:^- ^tt (Gimon, Pet«r, oti.) born .'^8 Nov., 1353, 

at Lriurons. "rvlf^a '"9 Oot. , 1"?0, at Tl^rt^ck , otpero Co., 

r. v.. -im- ^, TT^well, born f- ^'-■^ . s inoi, "t ^-•rt"'icl-:. 
Live He Jit 

^rreii 1. Hottie D. ' bom VA rov. , 1-??:; 

II. " ■ born 4 Iiov. , ""^4 

III. . bom 13 Deo., '0 

IV. Jenr.lo J bom DS Juno, l-Oo 

V, " ' -'y.V, ^ bom r!'" "" • . . ^^0 

VI. -.0 C. ■ ):r>rn 1 

All 'osrr L^urer.n. 


/ ^ or 

IV. PCTER (aideon, Jolin, f^Xr.,) 


.(arlett- f 

III, .inrtry '^''^ V'rlrtt, 'born ic tTi-ily, ir6r, ^,t Lpjarcnr!, 

Otrwp'o Co., K. Y, :(!iTrlerl ir D'^c,, I'^'^C?. r^t Ednentor, rtr5e<70 

Co.. . "■', , Je-^-io 3utt«?» born PI J-^r^. , l.n?4, ^t Inurrrr;, 

Live lie '■■t 

Co ., 'T, Y. ■i'^4 ?5 t^ev' . . . . , 

1,1 V - •". 

• • dl'»d 

aIII, . rli-s't, born ?2 A, . , -^3, it I^llforl, 

O.t.«kjr:o C5.. . . rrled 1 Hopt., 1858, at Lnurens , 

'larriet E. Willcox, bom rr Junw, 1^30, nt Ift. Vlnion, ""toejro 
vO • • ... y . 
llo dlipd 4 Dec, IP -6, nt lit. Vin - 

"o c'.iilir'^n. 


ABMM-^ (rridoon, John, etc.) 


!<{arlett. r 

V. A'orara ir^rlntt, bom 7 Oct., 1731, at Crlsn (then 

Charleoton) Uontcociery Co., II, Y. 

Died r?oi.TRwhere about 1374 p.t St. Charles, 111., a^ed about 93. 


born at 

Thoy lived :i:ircelluf3, Onon. Co., H. Y. In roixived 

to Oranby, Of7"^oc:o Co., N. Y. Later he rni-roved tc r;t, Charles, 

m., ta'::ing all his daughters oxcecxiris Charlotte, 

Tfe died at 3t. Charles on the "Pox River, 111. 

She dind 

He lived in Canada for n short time, ;ro oaoiy at Bay Qiainte 

^ere his son "Jillla'n lived. 


vailian r'arlett bom 11 Oct., 180*3; :l. r'" Aujt. , 1337; 

Ezehiel • bom died young; 

John " l)om died 

Charlotte " 

t « '' 

(I, Wra, and 111, John and Eze1:lel '7ere born st 

Uarcollus, Onon. Co., N. Y. ) 

L'ary MTrlett bom 


" born 


* born 


" bom 

Prsnoes ' 

" bom 

( Order o f births no t l:no'.?n ) . 


V. ABUjVJ (Gideon, John, etc.) 

P/m. ^ 

Warlett , ^ 

I. "'lllla^ Ma-rlett, born 11 Oct., 1306, nt r'arocll-'- . '^non. 

Co., ]< . y* Married 20 Llarch, 183C, ?.t Cfranby, Os-^eoo Co.» 

K- Y., Sunannah Perry, born 9 Msy, 1317, at 

LlvnA -fn aranby, Os'.vego Co., Lyp:ander, Onon. Co., 3ott*s 

Cor no r ;:- , EL bri ^,e , N . Y . 

He died at 22 Auc, 1837; 

She died at 13 not., mns. 

Both buriod in "Fairdnle Hannibal*, Osweco Co., I!. Y. Alno 

VTII, lia liny/ 

? / ^ 

"illlain (Abnm, lidnor, ntc.,) In l^'r^f* --ar; livlr'- 1^ Tr-rby, 

Os'vorp Co., !.'. Y. In 1?34 in Or anno, Ohio, in 1337 ■•near 

Bnllevillo, Cay (^inte» Ontario, Canada. In 1840 hid ret'irned 

to aranby. In l'^4? Ir Cnto, Cnyn-'n Co., v., Y. In I'^no in 

Erorld|5;e (Bett'o Co more) Onon. Co., ::. Y, m Flbri-i,"c v7crl;od 

for Jerome Whitney and aleo for Jaiieg Ayur. 

Chll 'iT'Ti- 

T. AbramMarlett bom f>9 July, 1334; 

II. Hiram " bom 10 Oct., 1835; 

III. ?;illiatT5 Honry" born 3 Sept., 1.^37; d.l7 J^n.,1844 

IV. John Perry ' ■ born 29 Nov., 13^; 

y, aeorf^e Lyinan " bom 31 Dec., 1340 1 d.7 July, 1843; 

^/I. Sidney PecK • born 20 Nov., 1849; 

vrr, Molloaa Elizabeth born 10 Juno, 13G0;- 

VTII, laa May born Mnrch, 1361; d.26 l!ay, 1337 

f " 9 

I, Abra:% II, 'lireia, bom Orange, Ohio. Ill, ^. Kenry, born 

nrar Belleville, Ontario, Canada; died Cato, Caioica Co.,N.Y. 

IV, John Perry,' born near •Belleville, ^--- -^ainte^, Canada.' 

V, Ceorce Li born and died in aranby, ' Co., K. Y. 

VI, Cidney Pi born Cato, ?I, Y. Vll , I!f3ii53sa E,^ br^rn Elbrid^e, 
Onon. Co., ?T. V. \ri:ii, i-xq Uay/bom 


I ' 

15 r • T ^Y TT7 T* > ' 'T "^ V 

I. ^/ra. '' (V. Abraa, :>iaeon, Johri, otc. ) 

T. Abr?3n ?»nrlott, born "^0 July, l'^34, at Oranfe, O^^-io. 

liarrinl 1 J'eb. , 1865, at Fulton, Oswefo Co., N. Y., Fliza Perry, 

boin <? Warhh, IA49, at Sranby, near 3o^en'?5 Cornern, Os'-^ego 

Co., N, Y. 

Lived '^rranby, Of57?ef^o Co., Ne'? ""ven, Dunn Co., Wis. and Oranby 

and Doxtorvllle, Oswefo Co., K. Y. 

He died ?.t 

She Hod nt 

Cn 11 dr' on, - 



Irn AVran 


Georire Dardel 


Archibald Eugi 


Ella llfty 


Albert f^ldney 


'.71 11 lain Edr:ar 


Lura Dell "* 


Ora Boyd ' 


Ep-^.-'-.t ^''ri-^'-'y^ 

/ o 



born 3 Peb. , I'^CC; 

born 1 Apri, 13e7; d. Oranby, 

r?4 rrnr.,13a8; 

]Y> ,.r- 1 'vr., "^7'^; -I, Oranby, 

9 Juno, 1.^70; 

born ,'^4 Oct., 1 ■771; 

X3 rn n3 Dec . , 1373 ; 

• » - 

born 10 L<^o.,1379; 

born n7 Doc. ,l""r; 

■h->Tn r> July, I'^^n; 

I, Ira A., 11. J o. D. , III, AroA. E. , born in aranby, '^sirego 



CO., N. Y. IV, rila ::. , V, Albert 5., VI, ••'illlain E., born in 
No-? TTavon, mnn Co., ■.'Ir;. VII, I.ura D. , b-^-^r! Tranby, N. Y. 
VIII, Ora 3.'! IX, Fr^-^t H. Oranby at UeTt,-villo, Octoco Co.,N:y 

I. Ira A. rrrrlett mnrriod 5 Jan., l-'OS, TJettie 

Cain, P. o, A'ldrorsp, ( 1«^07 ) Ly^^ander, "non. Co., N. Y, 

II an.l III diod younn. 

I. ''?ra, (V. Abr-'.;.!, lideor, Jnhn, ntc. ) 

IV, Ella M. (Abraiu, etc.) aarriel at 25 May, 1990, 
Wa. J. Rudl, bom 4 Ai^rll, 1367, Harribol, Onrofro Co., 11. Y. 

?. "^ , Allroor? O-^'-eco F?illa, N. Y. (1-^07), 

RuM- „ 

I. C'nnrlpq Alvir born fS July, l''9l; 


f?, Elirior o^ay bo^"- ■*''- July, 1303; 

V. Alberts/ P.^.Al'lTPPP, Psterboro , ""''i"-.. . . , .Y. (1307) 

^TL, Willlnm E. P.O.Adror'". •-"+ -v! lie, V. Y. (1307). 

VII. Lura r>. rnnrriod Charlos E. Doxter, oorn 

ns Jan., l=?74, at 'icllandl City, vichl •' . P.O.A'drHr^n, Os^eTO 

7alln, OnwofTo Co., H.Y, 

Dexter- '''' 

Leila \KnY Hexter, Tx>m 7 June, 1^^; died IC Deo,,l"00, 

^Tlll.Ora 3/ liven at hoae. (1^07). 

IX. 7*ne?»t H.^^livon st hone. (1B07). 

II. nirarn Lterlott, born 10 Oct., 13nc, at Orar.fre, Ohio. 

i.'^rried at 

bom 'it 

FnliFited no July, 136C, In Co. I, 110th Hesr't., N.Y. St. Inft. 

Left the Her 't in t'^« "rath, onn ^:^^n r-vA enlisted in Scott 'n 

Kine Hundrod, nyracu'^e, v., Y, 

(l'^07) Llvlnr in Clayton Co., leva, trLth third wife. 


I. Wn, (7. Abraia', G-idcon, John, eto. ) 

IV, John Perry Y^rrlett, born ?0 T'ov. , 1333, near Belleville, 

Bay Quinte. Canada, 

Diod Tt 

Unrriod at 

Living (I'^ov) in Tiffany, Dunn Co., r/in. 

He 7:39 Irrfted Into a '^ln^e*Tota Re^'t. f>t L<»Kfl City, vj 

Y. aeorre L. diel youns^, 

71. niln^ Peol' Marlett, born 20 Nov., x340, r.t C?.to , Caya^a 

Co., N. Y. :'?irrioa r?7 April, n70, at Os^^ogo, II. Y. in 

M. r. CiniTCh, Mary PtTrry, bo3n 10 Too., l^no (1840 ?)*, nt 

Grnnby, Or "eno "-., t:. y. Lived 

Fnllnted in Co. I, 110th i.'^-'t i:. Y. Rt. Inft., July noth, 180S. 

DlGOharEed Auf^ot rsth, 1^05.' 


I. Flora bomDe Fob., 1'*'74; d. 

II. Jonnie ' bom TO Kov., 1377; d, 

I, Florn, tt^tti ^^anby, ''\ y,', Tf , -Tcnn-io, born "Pairdalo 

Hannibal", oh'^oco Co., ::. v. 

I. Flora -iarried Charles rzallace, born IG L'arch, 19G0, at 

Albcijny, K. Y. T^nv "^ero mrriod 1 I'-^rch , 1^00. r.t S3rr'icune, 

Onon. Co., :i, Y, 


fallaco- ^^ 

I, Florence Inabolle. bom 13 nept.,1391; in Jiyracune; 
IT. Cr^rald nidney om 14 Oct., 1^03, in TTannlbal; 

III, yranoeq orn .?(3 June, 1895, in OfSTvego. 


V. ABRAl! (".id«on, John, etc.) 

^- i 

VTI, >fellf?Rn Elisabeth Marie tt, lx)rn 10 June, 1850. at Elbrldco, 

r. y. 'trrind '.'ar :. , l"^?!, at Fi=ilriale HGnni'op.l . Oswego 

. . ' ■. ) Joseph Eupernor, a Fronohr.nn, ..^^w. in Cana:la, 

Lived in Syracuse. N. Y. 

He -raB hilled by fallinp: of -Tall of building that had bumod. 

'■'-'I - ^vciMl c 11 -Iron, 

Gh'.? -..cirrlfii (!^) Croorrre K«yi;ior'd. Tivnd :n "Pn'-^iun. Onon. Co.,!T.Y. 

snn/ y 

III, John LSarlext, born nt l^Tccllun, Onon. Co., 

N. Y. 

iffaTi'-d -t 

Lived Folton, H* Y., aranby, N. Y. 

Tie died st Ononda(?H '^111, suburb of rtyrr^ou'-e, >'. Y. 

rr^i^ ,11 ed 

I. Geor:re i.'.j.rtln bom 20 Junn, 13C0; 

TI. r-'-.r-i r-o p. -vn-- d. 1^73 

III. rti'-iOe I^ab.aia \,ztx 

(Is th'a'o or; elder nir^ter n?med Aticlift, "?r}K3 is narried 
and lived near Aurora ♦ Illinois?) 

I. Oeorf^e llarti:/, >jom Pulton, Osroso Co., K. Y. , "0 Juno,lS2a 

"-rT-lf^d 13 Sept., ^^7-^, nt "^fT>:-!lP, -^T-nr. r-r, . , r. T. , 

trs. iLiily A}-:ioliP> { ) 7/hltn-^y, "corn 2- Nov., l''4n, nt 

:iif?, K. Y. 

Iplvfd T^alto-^, otto-'o Co., Tr . Y. , JfH::."Til<; in-! r:--r''a-.:nn. 1*T, Y. 

Children- ' 
I. 'irirry Ooo r^e '" born "^4 J-.r-p. i/'?.'^; 

II. Belle Hat tie born no Ju:in, i; i; 


TflE U/vRLI!ffT VMUhY 
V. A3Ii\M (aideon, John, etc.) 

III. .. 

:^. "eor~e'Ufirtln (John, oto.) "'arlett, v^hen about tvTO 

ynai's of ar^e t^aa rwnovod from his home and later tal-en into 

tht^ family ot An«»on M, ixmcan of Pular^Ki, IT, Y. , hoarin^: the 

name of CJoor^e Duncan, vrhen he wao seventeen, I'r, Duncan 

rranovod tr Cnl. "'oorprw then Ifjirned Tot the firrtt tine 

that hlf rlfT'it npine was Vitirlntt, ^Te then wont to live rrith 

V7;n, VJ. Paine of Pul'-f^i, :: , Y. , -■ — ^.-t-r -- -v-i. tr ''nion, 

itooK Co., VJlfi, He reuained ?Tlth V'r. rfdir.e until 1851, ^hen 

he en 11 -^^ tod at V^dl'ion, Win., In the Td Wis. Vol. Inft. mid 

"'•'Tved until 1 Jan., ''-'^a. —^-^nr, %» re— en 1 ■'.'"■♦ '^'^ •^"' <' v^t'-'i-'-n 

vol. at Giilpepper, Vrt,, ani nerved until 15 Jv*ly, lo65, v/hen 

he war- honorably d'-9Ch:'rred and returned to Evannvllle, TJIb, 

Here he -vorlced 'i* '-nT«-i»-.~ urtil 11 Aur., t^.'^6. Then '■" 

enllptod in L troop, "tii J, G. C^v. for live yo?\rs, v/liich 

ras loon ted on the frontier. He frns dl«charpel 27 June, 

1''71, p.t Waynenboro, So. Cirollra, Hp n-^'^e to Syraoure, n. Y. , 

tT?re he Inarr.-^^d that he had rein tl von, ("For d"'Rcrlption of 

^the ::jeetinfT in ca .p of brothers for flrnt tine after infnncy, 

r!Re pace 174, Oh'^rles 11. (John. otc. ), 

July :U l'"71, hp i-?ttlr»f' iv. "nnpTvr. . m^ y^ . ^„ -j^g 
Mr.t"ll 1372. rince : ijor. Iio ha?.; lived or tiio ell hOiaeotoad 
belonfrirfr to his father-ln-la^. Tn 130 r-js lirln'r In 
nyrncvi-'e, V. , ^ , 

' f 


A3RAM (aideon, Jonn, etc.) 

Ill, ^ 

'0 •^ 

I, Harry rj, ('leo. '.:, , otc. ) !-'rried 3lnhohe Tnoinas, 

"bom 5 April, l"ao, daiifr/iter of cv.arlos ?: Rof?ina Themes. 
?Iarry 3, liven roar Elbrirlfje, K. Y. and In r firinrr. 

T. CI a ale ^^ bom ."5 Doc., 1^00; at I?lbri4re, N. Y. 

II. Korsina X.'' born 11 Jiine , 1''00; "^t -p^brl -v---. tt.y. 

/7f ' 

III. JOTIN (Abran, fJldeon, John, etc, ) 


II. Clarion 






Ho ilea 


Ho onlintod in the 14th II. Y. Vol. Co. 71. ir.ft. The rofriaent 

•"•irj lyln.'T at !^ rt Coroorn", Va,, ^ftfr "^■"f^t bpt.tlr* of 

Ju-i .oLn, '2\iri rnoetiiir/ oi uue tTO brothers, Geo i^:© and Charles, 
Ocourrod in tldn -^jse •- VTnilc Oeorjce :TaR riding: by trm ca;-:^ 
?it '^■^rl.'''^, he T>r5'.t*s"d to hf^&r th--^ roll oallod of n'J^ovo -o^iment, 
b^i. ._ uupr'j-^;Gd i . , . ■ .^^ ^.^^ ^^ ^ 

I the na;ne •Cjiarlos H. r^arlett* \7an chilled he lair.edir-.t'^ly 
'i^r; 'noun ted ^.id tyir.r* •iln horr;e tc - tror; 'inde "lin way tt •:!oon 

■• j,^r jc iX'juui. . 1,'j ..'i ■ tent 0^ ,_ .r:':'x: iiantjo. :'.r.i in tie 
convern^tion whioh follo^red, the diaoovery waa made that these 
Vto were o-??n brother*!, havinr b'^en oeparatnd from infancy 
and having lont a^j. \ iio,?ledfro of each otlior, 

^ r 

III. (Jertrudo Isabella :?rirlett (John, etc.) bom 

'At Warried at T^ulton, N, Y., 

A. E. (or E. A. ) *^ox, bom at 

Lived in T^e;ap"ii3, M. Y., ^.th different faiiiilie?5, nainely,- 

Dr, Carl, Col, £3icney, Mr. TTatoh. 

She learn«»d that there TTore peopln in Syracurje na;ned ''arlott, 

:r.T.,„„ ishe oaiao for information of ' r* ;jar«ntage. Here she 

'' :1 :>!' " -.tet f.;ft:i for the first tine, 

:.^.- ... in Ly . r, .. . -^ . .o ved to Bett'^ ' Cox'nors nonr T'^ilton 
•JTith her unol« v/llllai.^' bi-otlier of her father, John Marlett, 
Aft ■■:•"• \ r- • .Iton, IJ.Y., a!rl t'-,cre :f 

'- ... i in 1900 "'ere livin-^ "'.■^^ ..c,:!, Conn, 

V. A^RV. : ^ { aicl'->on , John , ^to . ) 

/75 " 

. . 'atl-jan Day, bam 



11 Iren- 


Iftorro Dsy 









OPTe.TS Co^ 

I, Greorge in 1S97 livnd in irinpeGota, 


II, Imruo In :-^rrlod and Uvea (1"»97) v., 'larinlbal, Oa-?nfr:o 

Co., II. Y. 

III, T.zvtx T?ent •iOTTn Eant" ('197) Troy, N. Y. 


Slips 3ort;:x-i^LU'j, uj iTi 




'Wont ^,7«?7t.« 

Lucy M^l«tt, born- 



I^aiTiey Shoots, b sm 


Livod In or nf^ar nt. Ciorlofi, RooT: no.. Til. 

V. A3i<AM ' (CJideon, Jolm, ntc. ) 


Arma :>?nrlett, l-om 


Harpi fJl 

I?utc!i»on (^nitc'r-lnson? ) 




'larriet Mnrlett, bom 




y V^-^--^ 


Snow, bom 



"'lYent West." 

DID a 

■Intt, hnim 

Whito, bom 



Lived Lit. G.::ji'le3, I'..i, 
Dead and I thinK buri«d t': 

m "^ 

VI.. -Y (Mieor.t John, -tc.) 

'.T:. "' -' ( Polly : '--l©tt, born 10 iVyrll, 1733, 

(Auricnvlllft) Tr-^.'itT rsr^ry Co., Y.. Y, 

I'aiTioa, probably at Crlon, 

'.7n , Lai idnrts , bo m 

'. Aurlorsvllle, 

Tney both dtod ir. Oliic, 


I, '•'-.-ah ^ uom April m, '-30C, in A-'^rlosvli:^ 

'T-'prlf*! "Vflno* Covftt. 

■'nrlR r^firy-Po .} . . ^^^7. 

■'rriod In Auri'^^nville, .'"'nTto burn. 

III, "'!. loon horn 

'; Co., . . 

Tio i:ppt a hotel in Llffle. 

IV, John' bom "--^ ""'vol 

fjouth of Clevoiand (probably Solon) 0. . 

'ff ^0 look up hln brot;if»r ivlf^itod 

relate ^■"'^ •i • f^^--' , "''■illf'y. 

Urn, .: tny (; tolp) V'-irlett, r^idor of CornnliUB ( rideon, 

fjtc.) '.^'A -: , (Poter, etc.) su-t hin, 

TIOTP.- " '-y (Delano > " ■••-■^'.nrf^on, nldoTFr of Jnine?^ fr^ir-an 
Morlfjtt- "^on, Jp. '., eto, , nopf p./^ 9 ) p 

ii.".r,:Q Co., Ciiio . .■■i-o llvln,: tocrc a low year:; ::::o , 


(i.o. prnvioun t ?), ■»■'.. L-nd rn ':i:\d son Rich' rl and 



THE ?,fARI.^7 FATniY 
s-v ^ 71. "ARY ' (rriclpson, John^' etc.) 

othera. Jen-y had three f=!onn, Frarih , Ho^^arl anl Jay, 
Jerry's rafe'p name -^aa Saraii," 

Afx>ve ?,1T!, and Jerry Landers -"Rro probably brothers of 
CJideon and John and '^ona of Polly (Varlett )La:'^d«rf? , 

Rath burr., ^ 

IT, Polly (L^.r torn) i^athbum lived Routh of Aurora, 111, 

'.'rr^. Rathbuirn h*td ■ or np .rd 

I. Porinalia (or A nila) Rathburn, livin'^ there or 

Plrdnflold and aHrrlnd, 

y 1- 

CJoxrellun :'p.rlett (Petor, etc.) aar her rhen virjitinr in 
Aurora in 1503, 

II. Polly nnd h^ \ Raxton Kathburn, rf'i'.ovwd to 

northern part of Illinoi*^ -"hero ho died and she rftturred to 

Plalnfield or near ♦'"—-, 

■r ;< ?. 

I3u ""fjtijftr Ann Kathbum (Polly or l!iry, Mary 

1.T or lott -Landers) born ll"P«b,, 1-340, at 

Ohio . 

Hais-led HO :iarch, 18f:8, at Wheatlnnd, Kane Co., 111., 

Norton Faton , bom H3 Aupr. » 1931, fit Rutland, Verraont. 

T:i«y renlded ~\y<x Pnje, '7111 Co., 111. 

Eaton- Children, - 

I. "'^.itv T^Rt-.-iTr/Vatcn, bAr- -n 't-r., l^SO. d, 19 Wov,13($ 

II, Mary Albert/.a ■ bom la Apr,, 1363; 

Ill, irrtce CTer trade ■ bom f20 Aa^. , 1374; 

IV. Cnrclinp ^"tflla* bora 27 rov. , t-.70,^ 

All bom ixi P'^.rf^t ••il-l- ^o»» 1^1. 

f /7i 

YI I. COKNELI US ( i deo r / Jo - " . ■ Vc . ) 

VII, Cornellupt 'Tsrlett, born 3 Sort., IvrJG, n-^--" "^ort Hunter, 

ry rto.t y, Y, "r^rrlcd at ''^rcnllus, Onon. Co., If. Y, 
:, 1114, T'llsn'ooth (nctr^^y) ntolp, :lnuplitcr 

bom 13 Oct., 17R8, 3t 
Ct ., r, Y. 

rccll ' rr\ov., Vr^: ' 


11 •^, -"hi If on n vlt^lt, 4 Nov., If5r!7, 

1 f»t ^ . . "1 A'!"., 1^74. 

-■;.-w1r>-7 »+ -^v,-. ,. -f ■T■',^- 

• , • • • 

I-) ai'^d "'/illej on a vlTlt to Anrlftqvi lift, N, Y, and 
aftnr 'I'^at'a to Onon, VaUoy. 

A-f't. V --■ ' . ■ . . "■ "'"' V '1 rn fi-^if -TDr^ in 

i'yior '"olio- , rcelluf? , for r. tljv ''vccl to iai'in ol 

In fnthep Jlieon, ari'.l cared for the old pfjople until thny 
Coo 'Till of aii'^ 

f O V 

/". 7T ".-.■7IY 

'Ill .\ (Gideon, Jo Tin, etc. ) 

TLH, Sunsnna '.fnrlfitt, born 13 June, 17^9, at 

Cli^rlofttr^r. , -^♦^-"^T.Rry Co., K. Y. rri«d at Susquet'ianna 

(Tfllfcra, Otne.^w Cp. ) T^arent ("r^rney*) Van Buren, 

born 10 Jrin, , 17?^3, at 

Thoy 11 vol at Sunqueharma and Olon. Aftor tv«»lr unrrlap;© 
at Suaquehanna, Su'?nnn8 •« hunbard returned with hfer to "^len 
M--1 '^urc:ip.ned th<=* hotol far'' ""' "''""•■ ■ "^ lo-r-r.^ ir.ri + '. c-^-* 11 
O'TT; ( IPC"? ) and ocn«' V. Tho old liotel iDi^ouerty '^raa conveyed 
1^3 from Peter V/ood to Vincent CuacV-enbun . 
o^-'ff>yr»d fawn VInoont Qune'.'onbUH'' +• ""r-i^-' "^^^^ ->i,to- . 
"The Old Marlett fv.rrt. (farm of Cridooiu Jomh, oto.) ocii->s 
tho old 'lotel faiTTi on tho north wet f;ide.* T-.r; old hotel 
houae i" -nc lile from Aurif^sville ii-i r^i.-Mr-iri *y ^n'-f^i 
dlrtrlGt. (?. C. Aurlenville. ) Tiiis lh tuo lioose r;.i ;re 
Jorailah (Cfideon, Jojm, etc.) 1 npt hotel before his 


v:-.!.; .ior lai.K:;!", :ildLeo.., v7aJ.i"ii.£ tne i>iu.r uilcn a.u loraii^;; 

th -wlc Rivor, t'lon putting on her shoes and at cKinj^n 

'.'hiT. '^.1 crirrlf^l for t^.*^ ^•Tmo-tn of -nrrinr Ir clT;rcTT , 

fjuc. u(^^.x".v t.i!c cunio:.^ at< -haz iii/ie, ;£oe copy ot dcel ci pew,p,/s" ' 

She di<^d 4 kx^,^ 1-no, at AurioF.vllle, !.!ont. Co., N. Y, 

:^ liod at AurloBvlilo, 7 Jtirfi. i"''''. 

Both lied In t:'.« old liotel hou'-^, Carl;;,; ar. u. -j.^ ;,i-iot, 'Uid 

I. In Aurif?nvllle C'5ra«tory. 

Van 'j)^^-:-" 


I. ;7iiiici:i >iom '^0 oc,,, j.:^!; :i. ~" ., 135.?; 

fi^xhju^ II. J-^:-'^::lr.;-: bom TS Aug., l"!'^; 

311. Cat?ialino ^ born 15 Oct., I'l^; '^. '^n j'lJ.y, l??r;r}; 

I, "illituj Vnn S-Ton, borr '"^ '■■•-.., ' ""' . • ,..■.-. ij. '.<-.;■. t, 
. rriod at IXlll Point :ihrriet P?j)lkner, dau, 

of Daniel' and Ilannpb (P"tte-.:) "PnTiiynrr, borr 9h ppo., 1''17, 
at ':ill Point. - — ^. ' --^l-' t-- .. :,. 

He li<-Jd nt Cadaupirrity, no Jr.. 
Sh'^ Ji'-Jd at C .-ity 1(3 0C^., 13D4. '-.' <n- 
I. 3arnoy born fO """.t. , 1330; 

II. Dani«l Faar-.nor, bom 10 Apr., 1?4'?. 
I. 3arnoy'*V'^ "' ■"■' . '' "^r- '"'^ ""t., v-jo.i. <,♦ cadau.f^iirity, 

Mont* Co., TI. Y. "';rri«d Pt A-riesvillft, in tlT^ old "^ideon 
rlRtt lio.nwntead, ^2 Oct., 19?7, Anr'a*"ltoTarf^art, daughter of 
Dnvid' •" ■! ""'firy (Kelly) McTR5'<^nrt, torn '^ April. ■'~-"~. ••^- 

THE ?T 7AriI'' 

71 n . C jPANTIA. ( c.± deo n , Jo hn , n to . ) 


A;Ariogvi :nt« Co., ][, Y, They reF?lcted nt "f^onda, H, Y, 


"-VV. l^/UAx 

1. LauT5 l^ ^' 00m nr !.'ay» l-^TO; 

.totij bom at C- rity. 

irity, (P. 0, Au^^rt^ville) N, Y. nrrled at Cadaur rlty 
nr? Oct., 1370, charlotte :^li:?at>(»th ?-r'!b1.«, d: i' of !!'»nry '' 

' ' \ - < • » • • 

ii'jru.U' at -a.lnu,"iii*ity, 

Joro:niah ^ ' \., 

IT. .'^'(Suna- trlffltt, etn.) Vnn !3uren, "barn ns Aup:,, 

l"ir? , at nuocjuehn"^'"''. ^vt.;.^.-.-i "■•'-■', '^i'^^, 

^ Jan., \''Art, : 

Cn'^lp, rv:)rn 10 jr: ., iTO, nt Tfill Toi'^t. 
livftd Aarlonvllln- ^- ' +;' -^^i f ^^ ■« -f . 

•'n -Uf'-l P-1 , .. ;. •!rv'il\ . ■. vi ir — villo 

■ -y. 

A- /^t' '•". 00 rn at Cadaii,T:';rity Gottioiiient, 

4 Feb., ir^C. 

VIZI . SUCAr A^O^ideon f Johr. t' et.o . ) 

n. - 

:.iiry'Vaii Buron, tom 4 Poo., 1340, at C.?aaa,:;'r.i"ity ^^ettlociort. 

:.f'irrled rit Aariesville, by Kev. John Nott, D. D. , Sept., 1^64, 

John Vedlor Putuan, ?3on of Victor Abra.a nnd (Van Horr.e) 

PutiiMn, born x4 vrnroh, 1344, :•. i.. iill Poii.l, Aia'i')n:vilIo, 

He died June 13, 1009, at Aui'ir>flville, 

■Pro:n hl'j oblt.iary notice in t:s .^iiatordara R«cord«r, I condense 

tio fbllowing •- 

For nany yurr; he vraa ■• \ 

. "?r. At on.T t i3t*^d r^tore - 1 

Go:.i y ii'I at Auricfjviiio ard - -tioe oa' tiie per.on. 

' ■" ""'LtiCS ?H9 ■:^P'' " ^♦^,,-. , .. ., 1..^ 

-1 Vac torr n 

bouri of rrupor' . . ?ran pro;aiJior.t 

<•..,.--.-, „^ _ _ •" ■ '" isatli 

no ryoTv* 
Jl:c . Pct-r A. 

■ of . , 

and lil-o'.rin9 contributor. The i mt in Linpie 

Avonue C -iPti"rry "^t "' ' ■ '-'^ "''■''. • ^"^"^ vf 

^'ultonvillo 10'3<::n c. I the . Pjrthi^s 

lodse of T\iltDnvill-\ 

I. c-irrie " born 10 April, 1" •"; 


IT. ".brflin Victor w<>T.r '^n Juno, I'^vs; 

I, Carrie Putnan, born 19 April, 1367. ?it Auriesville, Uont. 
Co., ?:. Y. Tarried Auri onvi ?,!'-- . - J-m^, l"*"^. 'f^rtrdinand Judd 
'loapt, non of born 3 liJircli, iooO, at Dryden, 

: "Inn CSo,, N. Y. They rnolded Aurifisville n l/n yearfi, 

and then at "Pultonvillo, -'ont. n-. . , ". v. '■.->- n "n Tinv^-rnvllln 

I, I'abel lutitla'' bom S3 Oct., _ . _ ^^villa 

II. Victor Put;3an, " bom 13 Feb., 1801, Itonvillf* 


IX. .'t'rarot (Pe.T^y) (Cfldoon, Johr.. oto . ) 

IX. l!n.rj:arftt Marlett born Au^. 20, 179C, nt Chsrleston 

( "rlnr ) L:ont . Co . 

Married at :'■ i-cellus, r. Y. , IJe'o, 12, 1813, Joneph^Stolp, non 

of JoVm and (Jordon) :^tolp, "born \\ re:: 1, 1734 ♦ 

at Jlobl*^!-^ ■•'- rn,. ro Tjievi lie) ?!. Y. 

They livod ..iTroellas, Onon. Co., N.' Y. a:id Wayne Co., !I. Y. 

on Lai:e Ontario- bouf'ht of a -v?. n. -od Robin, In 'n'ob, 13.?5 

Hao diud Gatarday, '-lay 1;^, 1^77, :.t 

>Vest Auroi'a, Kaiie v'^o,, ill. 

'fo .1lo,1 t'- TTi? "nT'r».-, ."n, T^'^n. Tit'- ■t:rii-*l in 7«. A.j^OT'.'^ 


ctolp- c;.ii.U''ffi- 

I. Poter ?':irlf>tt Stolp, i»m ^ov. 30, 151.^; d. Dec. lf>, 1804 
T-^. r-rnr>llun ^ " '--r r . ~. l'"*l : 

!_:;.. '.ury ' " " . , :-;j:;4; i.Aior. .3,130a 

IV. P'-.ilnndcr L'-p» .M-t^n" . born Jan. r7.,1830; d.Avir.r?3 ,133(:i 
Phi I'l-inf Tor- -nfj nr.cA^^rt' illnd- 'burlfi'l -^t 

Aurora Cti.eia;:j^ .ir,i :'rii"'d, 

I. P*>tGr born at . Y. ; II , "Ir:- '>liun "v IV, 

Phll'^'idnr I. A.". ■ bom si . . '. ; Jtt, "%rv, 

oorn at nntari.:^, i; . Y. 

Aco-rHn.n; to -et 'n family bible church 

j,„r;ov.^,,^ f^he ?.'•;>'» b^r'i lvo*5. !I^r 'Ti.t-iBr ■fid^■^•' '?? f'^nily 
Dinxfj rays 1791. ^ ^^-j ■ 


IX, rnTTTir^at. rr^o.-yj ( ^i -i.-^o ,-, , t-. , ''.a.) 

retf?r Mnrlett stolp, Taom Hov. 30, 131B, at "nroollvia, 
Onon.flo,, >-. Y, Marrir-d at April 0,1848, 

(1) ?ara!i Jnrr' nnjniiton, brm nt iMrlir-*. , 

111, Ropllod at oil ho.aestond w. Aurora, Til, -Uftd ?/. Aurora, ILL, July ?1 , 1=^71. 

^ "lil?.- 

Marrlod Harilton, 


P'?tor '"^rlett r-tolP. -iel (") at OP'^'^ro, 111., T'oT5,,2n, 

- - . - -. ( ) T- 

■■"'"■ Ir ■^'"' "^1'' '" "^1 oi, 

Doo, IS, 18: . 


II. L-^Fi ?tolp, i3c . ". . . ayne 



" C!, Cfl.. .3VCU, Ut .Jl>:".e 


III. !f^ry Stolp. T-n Teb. 19. 

.,...Aa . •• '-•, 

■» ">'-'^ • err> c 

pl^./i^-z.^j' i'( ai'l- onj Jonn, etc, ) 

at ' .-.,>:. Y, 

!Jv . " .. Mm 1:t 'Tr^-'t Aur?r- rtion 

-L , 

::..t3 ctLod Api'xi o, ' . -:roru. 


TI. rvn "rl"-a/ r:-r" ^ct 

III. Art:iur :l^.J bcv' 

r?oo R. Darin CJ^^ronlaj^, oto. ) T.rnrlott(fp./r/ 





')t (Oiaeon, John, etc.) 


I. Oscar 

• » 

Kcoiie :.-.t "cot 

- "arl'-tt, borr Mr.rch ID, 18C1, • t 


T, rila ricrenr-e, 
IJ . Louise, 

117, De-n i , ' 

twrn JC-. . . ■;•.:■; 
born Ja:t. 3, 1:^:^1; 
borr. . . r;, 


X, TiiOiar.3 CGidoon, John, etc,) 

X. :^o-r^ "irlett, born Uny l"^, 1704, 'nt "Mo:;, ::oii.. ., !T.Y. 

Wni* lod at, (M'^.roolTun? ) 

(1) .-'ir.n Phllllpn (nintftr of Asa Piitlllp*? ''ftei- '^:'5n r^iUlipn- 

vill - ( ^ rs- oovveffo Failn) "^^ ri?.iod,- nn-^r ^'ilton, (Hhe ^?) 

livod -.Ith fatl-ier In Otno^'^o Oo , 

Livod »it v:'roRllu8 rxr.^T Slcsneatoiae, ^l. Y, 


Car , 

livod at Uavarino and tiioi - 

11. n, 

'.Vent to sy?" '"\-''^ 
Sa:iuol Phi: 



r. --? •»■ 4. 

nlok f^.;: dlo:i. 

V/orden rrora 

:.d tx> Illinois- 

III, Laarn, 


.y. 1 th :* 'c 'J " •■'. 1 'Hr'^r Ti"' rr V- re nl lurj , 

c-iiu'ty.: live.i •--; . Ca~-. .(-iiun (CJidnon, etc.) after their 
-^.DtJy^r'T deat'n until thoir fgt^er'rr sooond ir.r^:n*ia.p;c. 

- M?.rlett, bom "r\y la, 170^ 

1 C^) ■^nn-'^lo 

■vvcfl to rrrr rncnnoatolnr:, N, Y. 



1 ■'■^*', ^f 4 .'N 

(Jorenifth, '•rli<^:r., Pt-. ,) iivf?d rlt!i Ma nrtor I'llr: :xr..-;^r'n 
tn- Tbcn lie was 16 yoars old (19r^3), 


^ VViJliijI 

T, Ioa?iC ( 'iiclcxiii, John, etc.) 

:<I, Ir^asic T.l'a-lolt, lx)iT. 31 Doo., 1706, or perhapp?, Jnn. 1, 

l"-", •+ r>',arlogton, l! Co., .. . 

T -Ij bl"blo of al<lf;or. (John, ntc. ) and the old 

churc,;-: rocor^lp at I^nA?:, !I. Y. , rlvn thf an + r- of 
blrt T'Oa. T:\9t cMlclr-^r of Ir«->.^-^ ■-''■■-■ -^ ♦ ^ — ". ** ----ni,» 
rnrji'.i-/!^ the corfunlon arlnno froia Ida havin:* beo.i lioi'*. aftnr 

•0. 31, 170n. 
"'^r^-'n'l 'r'^' '^'♦. T" '-iTsr-Tiu-. ""TV Ann 

Aiioi. , joxii .Li Ja.."., . ~, .ut'^! at A.iroi"^, 111., . . 

•Ir '. - of l'"^7 •■'M 

to 11 cl (pr V ) :-t . . ., .. ~'. 


JI, i.iirn Avu " ooi-n J. ■■■-:t., jljC8; 

III. Caroline Bolinont" bom If Oct., l?no; 

IV. Jorojio P,ro"'ii " l>orn P f^-^pt,, inf?0; 'l.lf? Aiir.1360; 

.'■. 'i-a/tt liii " borr ^ '"•., 1641; 

VI. itary /ii'n Allen • born 11 ■••y, irA^', 



::i, T-nuc ( 

I, Solon Mar Marietta "com 15 April, 13.?5, at 

'•n-r-o-i "t Sr? '^ct. , 1345, Jeroi-iO ''■"^••'n, 

bom ni July, 1^17, -^t Lltohri-arl, Conn 



Be IT! t.L Aar . " 

\ m 
l.iy :j. 

E ir. :. . 

ard f'»nily hr. ve lo '^t t i. 

« .. „ ^ (^ J <» 

« « - ' i3 . 

1 at 

, LX)rn 1 Oct., I?r3, rt 

. -. on " '» ♦ TOOT »>♦ 


II* 11:^2 AiT". (''rrlett) Tc'i'ler, "t 

*/ny T-^z/lor , 

;}■; "botli -. larriortjs. »<^^' 

/f ^ < 


J, I?5aac (Gideon, John, nto.) 


III, Caroline 3elinont llr'rlett, "oorn ir '^ct., l^no, at 
Married at 13 Apr., 1358, Alonzo D. 

T^amer, born ? Apr., l?'^^, at 

-^^ .->y T'^-^lile A;arora, III, 

Fred CurtiR . >x>m 

II. Jennie ?. 

• rod m. 

171. ^If^lllo P. 
.ill bo m at 

'iX>i-i\ "1 Jiiiy, in"!; 

II . to ■?, 'TnT'i^ 

-■'.-'1 ^t 
Cic]:?;, vD;:in 
Monl le 

in nftiit. , I'^'^O, ^'■r'm""ft 

:■•. ♦ 

t -.•!-! 


1. v.'arnor "topp, ooi'n f22 Gept, , ""^1; 

r. "^ " bom 19 Hov, , 4; 

e bOiT! «t 

III. ^>lll9 P. 

:■ lived 

31 July. 1, ^-t 

rn !Iov,, I'^'^O, rJh'rlon Henry 
bo n 1 a t 





t -)'-'.'? 

i. J* 

IV. J^roiiie 3roffn MrTlett, born 9 Sept., 183C, at 
X'jrriod at lec, 18C7, De Fttc T/all:or, 

cjri. st 

l^\r^Y r'^Pldecl Pt 

V, ■ . born .? Oct. , ' : , - 1 

'.r-rri-ad at .? Oct., 1^'^'^, 

liary A "^ -v ■ • , '-— -■* 


'n . Mien llTTl ' . . \ -,t 

^ 'rrrl '=*(! n t o v . , l ~ ?,? , 

Samuel t: Cranoe, horn 

Reside ^t F.t, Jonr!75h, Uinnouri. (l"^'^). 

np. 1?? r.iirl, nr f n . , "- n, •■. ,, TT-'0>^ 



Mfiry M'irlett (John, -'to.) bom Nov., ns, 1774; 

William c/'' ' " ' , oo ;t. :;ov. r" , '--•. 

ffo" rf ■'riiTot ^. b'^rr: 17^0 or ?" nnf. ''''"^\ 'bush) 

"'^n J'.rr. ^6 , 18r?, 7 . . 

'irivo ncroRH t'lc r "le CroeK on tne loe orponito .^n 

'I - ' . •■ ^ ■ " ■■• '■ - ' ■•--■- ■ •- 


W 1, T. • of " .'CTt 

1- ■ ■ -'- T 

:t!'. :iorT.r Van Dorn 'r "llln." 

t'vc or thrne yfara." 

I. 'Garret Coriiolius . j. ^i, 

di >. 1", : 

IT. John ^ ^-"- '-v. r7, l^?:-!. 

cT . r. 17, ir-A. 

f c .... 

ITI. .\ ... '^- T. 1, 17or.. 

IV, Kelly or 21r)i\noT, b: 





^^l. \f?3ry b: 


iv,iA, ^ 

(' --• 


/f 3 

:.Jary ( Mario tt) llGnrltlrK (etc.). 

711, I'^r^nret KrwiTiri: boi^ Oct, ??1, nOf?; 

diod Aar. HO, 1333; 
Mnrried Wm.J.Uartir;, 

Martin- (Throo chlldron liviiig- porluips boat to 'rritp l!rr?. Leonard 

L. "■ '■ , ~ ♦•■•--,, jof • '. Co., IT. y. or to '.frn, Flloanor 

n , -, C3_., . 7-rf-r--r Co., •-. -'. ) 

Vlll.iiacliel ' :;(:v;:vij-:; l,^ ;. 13, i-iOG; 

d-. ^-. 11, 1^7-^; 

'. Parln, 
('■'rlL.^ '. ''■ . ^ "r]-, ;j :rnn— : .:, . -Txr; ^c, K, Y. 

-^ t,o '; . . .)yr?/; 

i::. -ut Ooiti'j-.xao^lfo-i^cir'-." - - ~- -. ^^,^ 1?07; 

J ■ « i. . . » 

(1) ^"- -- ,.-..,„ 

{'^) born D<w. r, ia?0. (^ •111 oe© 

that yo t:.e Mir!tory of tlrlr^ fn.ily" mid ":\ Jo ""o'^f. 

y«t^in- inoo. j.i'.?. ). 

A. "arinah ?"o-r',:lrV (rnd) bom ))oc. in, inii. 

.1 • • « • 

XI. Susan Pllrjaboth >:rri:irl;, born I'ob. 4, ; 

di«d June 1 ", _ , 

/ ___ 

17. Hdly TJcwKirk, br- . . —-- ^ 

A'' . , .;. 

J , '■■ r, 1.0.0,, -''.I, -l^r'4, (by Hev, Van 

^ ■- } Jocob Hoff (H:'- - ■ ''; "'•?/) > -y; • p, 30, 17?"; 

'Tjf^d J;\ o '^O, 1": I . 

Ilofr- I. . IIo-rl:ir1:'HolT, bom '^ct. 11, ; 

"'■r. '^ct. 11, irr.;n ' •. A. H. 

« ■- XLl. 4 i '. « « 4 « .^ ■_ '_' » 

I. Bary '^^.'-^'r •r"uoff , bom ':';2-. irj, L?'?; 

Vai! Vr.-yiKen) to Ja/ H, 7aur.r- er 
Faull'.nnr- 1. Abrr^r. M," " born July 10. 

'-:"r. Sej't. 1":, , . .- ,-:.arah J, 

lll-ir, by Rnv. Boyd. 

£. Olen H,'*Paull;Tior, born May C2, lo;?e; 

Hoff- II. .x:iizRl-)fith Ar-rTHoff (v.'i.:. NiV ii'i ; ntf,.) 


i-ifiy. . . . ■' ;«v. J. P. 

Dyr.ert to -^; it A. xiool:T7f;ll and 


Rockrroll- 1. Ar'^.pR H.'^'riDckTell, bo... ... 

". Frnnlc B,'" * born Deo. 11, 1 

T'illlnn '' • . :rn Apr. " 

4. — " 



:r.RY (Jo'm; Thor., eto.) 

Wn. lle-^vlrlc TToff^ 'Telly ^He?Tl'.li*..^.^ y "f >'Tlf-tt ) Me-1cirlt , 

III, CJoxT.oiiUQ J.'^'^Tff, bovn .vvi,;, _. t J.'""}; 

nar. Oct. 10, 1^70; ^y -Hev. a.W. 
nroT-Tie' to Ila d, ^arlo^v ard hr.-?. t-'o c il^r-- ,- 

I""",T> " » /» Tir-,-'- T.I. - . ■ - . 

• . . • » '^ • » 

•^ " ^ -. -r /# T,. 

Hod AujT. fv^nom 

T7, '^rr-j.cttp A/ '^Off , 

1-oin 10 Oct. , i""n: 
-r. 80 • •. . \ ~~, ( i i-.vv. ravid 

oomexiui. J. 



. r . 1 ? - , ^ r-^r"-f* 

1-1- .IT ■♦ r«- 

r. 1 Jnn., 1350, ^ 

V. A.H. 

-orno-Ll'i F'off , 

^^nl J. 

... .. .-. .'. , I'^as; 

= r. 4 /Vpril, 1?73, by .pv, u, e. 

III. ;'r.ry M'->r'-rT'nt -:oli, 

r.. l-^'^"; 

]-.-.Df, to J 

:; A. :Uoo;l, 


IV, joh: ':nfr. 

iwrn ir ' ?v. , i 

ot aarried. 








:it)tt' ■ 

xii a, ;m I'iiOura 


- vicinity. 




'lie; -;'irioLi, borr. ." 'X!t., 1777; 

KachGl rJeT/kiri-:, bom 5^ llov. 17S5, at 

• t r;^ Dr!o. l-^lB; 

• ' * • — » 

' ■ i ri 1 ▼ r. ' ' . •-« A S r> • I* o ;- '1 --'»> + r* 

LufffTty or "Lubbery" ^rlc;'. a cln . to 

Gj'sui'e 71c t . : ifT-ilnrjt loo" tV":"<»^^', 

•Vlt.- . Ip. 

T. ioTixci'' bom r nept, , 1302; ^ " " "'^v., .1337; 

11, '.' bom 13 Oct., 1804; -^ old; 

TTI. 7nr'.'-t Hflr^hlrl^born 17 Oct., 130?; iie'l 31 Ji". , 1?05; 

IV, ■■'•^ITcor Vrc-—^" "■'--pie, bcr- '^ " .. "^'^'"; \ , ,t'.137Q 

V. -\ T ^1 ■., iPio; a '.. 1173, 

"•nf-^ of <jJ.-Ton T'nbir' from Itottordairii' says Jolm Hotf . 

71. 'f'.-~i.n'' be 7-- T- ^-''y, 18L?; di-"' ^^ ""'-. 10S8- 

^ • rmod. 

TTI. Mbert y^'lrlrlCfbDm .'• .. "7; rUod in ., l^^Ol; 

^TIII. Sv lisa,^ born ^ .. lO: dl-^d -., 1004; 

'^^ -''— -^t^^o^mfeto) 

Iir.^'"Tret^"^-^le'* t,;rTrJRd nirfp. v-^rlp j^Icort, Deo. "4, lr?S5, 
C./-t.,- ':.r"r' ; '. '^'w, Vif^cior.) "• ' ^ ■ vf:d in "leri ' "" " " "ifciV/^ -t- 
7TT. M-hf»Tt 'Intt ' -^r! ^on -; .^ "oViT C." ^ '''' 

:: Viltonville- Id a polivioi - - v-- 

Pages 196-200 

Penollod xmto by Mrs. Taiti Pages 196-200 inc. for reoords of 
Mark (5) (ihos. 4 etc.) 





h TO. , 

I ■*-%} " ■: ■•im c 

■T frrict.t. 

.'0/ Dwr.n 

r. If; July, l-^ff^. 

O"., 1/ 

: ■ • - • « 

to ::i .. 

irlr^., .:c Co., N. Y. , 

'.(T. i;o? e of tne Ronfi r<^nove-.> 

,_ J. » 




;> rcy 
YII. Petrr 



-• - • 

Ml. J, 
XIII. ,^ 




Jr- ♦,., 171---; 

11 Oot. \^?-:\ 

r1. I'r Ocr 

It a.-^.-'. 



L,Gi ic, Gcvrc ^', t". 


■:iv, Jfr 
(ICrS) in ■ 

' '2^'' 

f^r-i"?^ PCX. 

W, Morroc Oo. , 

. u€r' 

II .AVrrhr.r. ^ 


1 (■).: 

' A 

), her 

In Lit 



i< T van 



"^ n J. > 
111, EllKRoetli, U'U-^ -., ^rvTtolu?;, 

" ■'■ynol ■ s eh . ^ 

■ . Loui.TC IT.. "iokr,, (aMrr-ns T/ebster, !T, Y. 

ner rn^tiier (') cih Pvtrr) tolo her ^Mt ^Jey frand- 
. :: er frc*-T) ' ' uo So:iplo f^ror !' ■ ■ *' " .. •". ". 
iei3. Vl-io Is ;Ta3i r. -if Tint +, . 

iilolts an •cov'TSiri'*? 


IV. r?eti"bGn. 
V, a *■ . Gl>rlna Pet tit h, 6 Kov., 1SC4, 

i/t • r-n Jane, n. Ilortry, 

jJanrr Horr -^ "b. TalrpoTt, June 20, 1036, an^i repldeo 
' - - _ ^^ 

thcTC (li.;:*-) 


VI. Mercy (Peter) i,. IVOV. v.. \lc-th. 

i. iicler. ::, .' d. Ir 10P7. 

^nnler I.!!ary -^ n. 'Verier. Hcd 3 oMl. 

/.;_ ^ ^ r . Jlorton. 

■» ... 

5'.-. .1 



t?. Georrr 

In let' T flatoi5. Jan. HR. 190C, Mrr*. '„fe:ry Cr.clcr neys:- 
"Lnnt r&'-tor oonrlr: Eroth Wllnon dlcl ritli ir-e- ]'.;.',1 3ivp(l 
ritli ne .?? yrr, Ho-^ • "irr-, C*s 

flrnt covcln. T-'ro re... . , , ....-•:•, 0. bprie'^ 

her ron. Ocorrc Heatli Casler of ??0,-rr,- nicl: one 

VII.Peter.^(^'/'^tL.^ ') 

VTII.Hll.lnll B.^ ^/>^-^ ' 1.. Sciplc, ::. Y. GO^fov., IGCf;. 

;■. In Penflelfl, '.lorroc Gc. I'r Sc-t. 1826, 
Sf.reTi GoodTln i^v.xi, CTinvr.Qy Rnl Rnrsh ( 1) GoolTJin) 

Tie cli, _--, .--■11, 24 Feb., It-.-r, 

After Pisr. rfrjove-l to Hochectrr, IT. Y, ana -rorked Rbout 
a '/or.r as oj-.rner.ter an-l biillrter, tvcn ror-.ovo'l to SteuTser. 
OneMa Co., IJ. Y. an-l to loni.", ill-h, in 1S3G, faTrdly 
folloTrinr In 1837. In 18C2 Iter. Tili;)-:; B. ronovcr^. to 
.St. Lcnils, llicH. to live vrltli Her (ten. Mt". OiifT. Is 
still llvl^.f In irc7. 







I. niohar-^ -£ly ' h. 

li-iTlott, III. Si- 3 » 

IV, Gella SopUla*' " 

12 Vr-r, , i83r; 

d. 20 liar., lees. 

» nS Oct., 1632 


. , icos: 


\;n. laenin' Hcrricor^ i , ?1 July, 18<.l; 

« IS A-r., ir/£: 

■■* Ionls,» Hi Gil., 

•" Cept,,18<2 

•^T. Y, and V, 

VI. llaiTlrt. rvellne ^ 

I, II, III, IV, rr,-" 

VI, boiTi loriin, :{1 

I, T?loh?rrT iriy.'^r-oTr BteiiTien, One-i^v, Oo., "'. Y; c(j.e<3 in 
II. Y. r- ' - , Lsttcr - — ■" "' ^ '" '•"■•=-^cd ir ----'; 
\7ny c K, nict. rj I /, 

Dio^ Har., ilO. 'l£C5 nt Dn\rinn' IclsJi ilofrvitnl, N, Y, 

III, r^nrv.h '^tIt/ Llvjn;- in £t. I^uls, Crot.iot Co., 

. . J rrai^jah T1.'*- Pct.PT) r.. lonift. Ionia Co., 

'loll, ill .".'iy, I'Ml t:. In -or, lonln Co., 

'^'^ Nov., IfiOr.^r 


T - 

II \ 

r-1 i: 


vie- or 

17, 3; 

... Infant-r/, 
Me of Pair Oalin, 

Vcl. Ir.f. Dlr/Glif-rrcd frz^- 

:ctv. , !■! 

, ' llflrcr, 

"* h. 14 '' 

■ <- 1. l-: .-^n., icri 

■ 1 * ; . 4 Air-. , IP^-'S 


Albert \.llp-on'' r. In 
188? ClriT, III- : ' . 

I. -c^t>" t-. r? Oot., lec^: 

IT. 'brvi;*' •{,, ;; Apr., ITCI; 

f). 13 Doo., 18^0: 
a. 20 Avif:. , 1373 
nt, Mnn. , 30 cc- t. , 

VI. Tlf.TTipt 7^'«-llre-^ (''ll.lrl: Tl.'- Prt.r) 73. Ions. 

lone Co., [ic):., IG April, 1£^3. n. nt IIii^UiT'lntcn , 
lona Co., '.:ic]i,, 10 tec, ir^ o. Oii-rf. !>. 

n:r.vAoT„ Vt., ir M-'y, ifi3G. ^; 'r oy he rerovcrt 

^•Ith liir fr. *lirr to JacVrron, ^dcJi, At t3ic IiTcnklnf 
oiit r' Civil E'^r pnlirtc^ Ir. Co. r, p.Trjt. Inf. 

Ixlch. .^., nir.i r. -•- ' t.-- -:t.'- -in-r. ' ac in battles 
Pc-ry^/illc. ^bl- . trtiri ar ' 

■ • -• - . - 

. )Ot:lon of 
'Affl^'r .i,f^ PiT-1^^ir;i^ 'Of* 55en. 

Aorysuorourn arxi Bcntonviiic-, ]i. (J. and vivr rur-ter- 
©d cnit In Drftrolt, Mic}^.. vitr. the "^Irt. T'nc held 
r-finy officer? oi' tr-,r,t; ".r: lam for of rice fifteen 
tipcs nntl nover defeated lAit ono©. 

1 2-y ^"^ 

1. riorence T^rellrx h, r f;eT>t, . 1B90: ;:t !!;;■):■■; rr le- 

st op., llioH; d, IV 0o&.,'l83r.; at St.. Lotiis, lilcti, 

2, ^ornce rai.lnli '^ d. 1 Feb., 186S; d. in Oct., 

". NciT^nr! 5"ly ^ l , IB Oct., 1S6*?; r.. 6 lin^^^ 

lfi9e:, ?rclllc Ai.l)Ctt o:r Arlrl^n, Ulcli. ?To nhllel. 

4. v?r,. H. !I. ^ > . r- Sept., 1560 nt nt. Lorls. 

n. T^RP.ifli 0, " r,. ,-^4 oot,, inrO'/ «• •» 


TFIE J.-/ . ., t-".^en Co., IT. Y. r^ARLATTS 

"> . , Ne-r Jersey). 


"idnon '''i'!lr.?ty ?f N'^-" Yorl: City, borr 15 April, 1753- 
^il ott- lip ? 

Died ., ■ . i-i-j-ed Va. iernyp of l.ic ... . 

. :n i •: er oo cX nrs , 



I, :.iQttiii)!3 

II. John Cr, born r Aug,, 17?6; diod 1733. 

IJI. Abraham In tv « '"".r of I^IP or t'- ■ frontier . 

T^K J'^^'^ph In ^ tier. 



• , - 1 


3ry by Millard F. RDbertJ5, piiblinh^d 1 In nja'acuse, 

:.':., o 434 and 4 "C, 

I'Tlatt'T Corners. 
ppr© 486. "Oideon "^^rlRtt Ilr ■ , -'-ttled on the 

' nt'^r "'"'^"?, ■^o'T't of iT"«''"f?r four r!OT*n*?r'', 1811, '^i*? wife 
:• ■ • ^.^.ily. / of 

in dR'^oend- '- adjacent to'.ms." 

"jFiil :foHir'^ ly retnovod from tiie to-m of ?reeholc\ 

. ^. (iloni ~ '" . ). AiTived Feb. T", ■'•""'^. Eleven children 

bom to niarself and vrife I'ary :.!firlett, -i- -ried T'ob. 5, 180a 

Ten oifp- np op/i inrrled an follo^a- miliars iiiar. Olive 'C.rubbs; 

■-■•"■':-■ . Cady; 71.1 len raar. James '7ood; John ; •. '-^y 


rriel^nd; o^nne -r, ^\t Barnard; Phoebe \:.t^ . Honry r^r-'eland; 


': -i ■ rr. Olive A. Woodrsrri.; Cli writer A. >nar. Sarah A, I'd'.v^-rds; 
''ophronia mar, John Cro sura r burr;, Zaof^o •^"'^ settled in Jaj^per 
after thoir .".r, Jar^rer the youngest child died a^ed three 


The J -•— . ■ -., ". Y. TLIELXTTS. 

I'j, Hcyinles? lived to the a:;e of 32 yearn. But tiro of his 

J 3 

chlllren arfl no'^ livln-, -v'-i?:- Hiran: and Ch'^ntRr A. "li nncl 
J'nn (""cVir.''.--^ ) "^-rn-^r-l hr.l throf=i! C-i ' liren, ".'r.ry D. , TTo-rr^O'^ P., 
anl John :{. , ai-i cl r.ior.i arc cf Jasper (1391). John, ^on of 
Unal Mc!.:indcs (and ITary !.!arlatt (?fideon) nir?r. Miry, dau;;hter of 
A'':'rah?r.i ■Pr'^nlrr.'i. nhil:!ron- Aloert, liJnily, Su;^nn, Jonnnn+'t p, 
A. ran -la, .'. .ilbr.. I'h^ Istter -sirried ?lora lau.'^i.ixrr of 

h ra, 1P73, Their oiuldren are John, born 
Jan, n, 1''70; Al.aon, born ^'ept. 1, l''''i; Lynan, born May 10, 1886. 

'•John Maria tt and faanily roinoved to Jasper from Freehold, 
Monmouth Co., r. Y, , at sa_^ ■ lite ;7lth Usal :.o;:indos, Feb. 2P., 1310. 
John G, Marlatt carriR about 1311 and cottled at :'j»rlatt's Corr.n, 
He died in 1373 at thf- ar^ of 87 y^arrs, 

'Jh''^ fir«jt ritore nituat*^! or stato • "i Bath and 

-^oxvillR, Pa., a?rl l^arlntt", Th*^ iKirt offlcf^ b' ^n ob,1oct 

" can't' ■'"'"i bet'^oen rival corn'-r^ n:- in chan,?;o ' '- ".larlatt's 
GornoT'^ ^- John 3, Maria tt became post ujasto . oxhodint 

Chnr^'i in nia. '^testin'^s held in richool houre at I'arlatt'a 



I. ^'itthian lei't nuraerou?:: pror'^ny. 


-TI, John <1, ?ddr;'A tho iTiidcUe letter (G) t~ ':i?^ name b(?caunG 
thoT?f=- -"-er'^ f<o iiiany John Marlatts Ebout N. Y. City and Morraouth 

. "^ . ^;.. .-;-,—-•, n ^- 'J^i^1;l fyoia f . ' " ■"'''it 

. :itVi, ^x-o ilclyi: anl Lroniiiouth, i* . J., 1:1. ia li^e 
ancJ found many i-olativea yet livi:. ovm in younfar 

'■""y^, ■. >. alr.o -xi.y of their lescendantn. 

The Jigppr, Steuben Co., N. Y. IIAET^ATTS. 

III, Abr.olTm had a vory lai^e family. His ^rmr record in 1812 
conctitutel a three months nervice on the ?iia'::ara frontier. 

He "Tar. in ono pinall en -jaf;: orient or sltiriiifh, 

IV, Joneph I'^ft a n^jinerouH family, nic war r'^cor' nhoiit 

the name length <^f Abr^ihani's. 

V. ricleon'g profreny wan alno rumerous. 

J ^ ' 

Matii'jf. (John Cf, '^ricToon) of ^'obrasl'-a ir> deat^.,* (Deo. l'=>96 ) and 

ilFC ^.11 hi n cliildren, Several dleci younp;. Three daurht'^rs 

4 3 

married, ""ar^r ('!^:thl'3'», et..) the olde?;t married a rcan by the 

nane of I^sbert Kenzle and bore hira never al children who may be 

11 vi :■; " in 2Jobra B::a , 


rohn .r. ( ;i:Tnon) born r Au'^. , 173C, near "• . '^. City. 

Married :'ary :,!:?ore, 

[n hi?: younfr^r dayn he lived near N' 'v Yorl: , .ibered -rorl-J-nr: 

In 3r^ ?I'.lyn aiii .[omnouth Co., ". J. ancl reuioved from the town of 

•freeholl, ITonmouth Co., 7:. J., to scioio , Cnyufra Co., ■'T. Y. , and 

h^'M tiiere to Jo.'^per, Steuben Co., "^.Y. , in Jan., 1"1C, -.'here he 

iiod '<'' -■ -rn oil in 1871. 

Nine oMldren- (Do not ":no7r the order of birth), 

Usal ^ , 

'^?.::ilton born r?4 July, 1=!11; died ::ay 1339. 

"■••■' ^ - ^ of TTebraslca. 

, 3 

.'Vnson • livlnc; in Ja'^per, c5teubon Co., Tl. Y. 

■"aryAnn-^ ^irri-^i and died; 

■•.' ril'-to ■' 


'!ary Ann-'^(Snd) born after death of fir«?t. 

] i 

Usal ^d Hamilton born Scipio and the otherf? all bom in Jasper, 

The, Steuben Co., 11, Y. MARLATTS. 
JQ'rHT a, (Gideon. ) 


II. H-'jnilton M^rlatt, borr ?4 July, 1511, at scipio , Cayuaga 

Cto . , ". Y. f'arried (1) Julynnn (3urji!=?ey, "born 1318, 

at Shepherds Croelc, Tiopra Co., IT. Y. 

J Ohl Idr en- 
T. "Vilson born ''G Nov., 1337, r?t J-i'^per, C^teuben 

Co., TT. Y. 

IT. John (J. "bom 19 Aup;., 1344, "HUoodhull , Eteuben 

Co., TI. Y. Marrlod and left no fainily- both dead, 


n , Haiiilton llerlatt^^ married (f) 

Had dau^fntrir III. Ir^.a liarlatt. '^e removed from Jf-rper 

to Woodhull, !T. Y., Oct., 1840. He died ^lay, 1=?89. 

Wil'^or "^T*l^.tt, bom '^9 Nov., 1"'^7 , ^-^j.--'^ n^-i -'rvcy Ann iOouty, born 
Re.Tioved from Wooimull, N. Y. to Hornell"=?ville , I'^cO . to Buffalo 
L883, to Niafjara Fallr;, IQ'^B, to Ilarrinburfr, Pr^., l??r *o 

Kochf=ff3tcr , N. Y, Addrenc in 1909, G30 De'vey '" ., Ivoci. -t-r. 

I. Pnroy D. born ri Dec, Idr 3; fiod 14 April, l-3n, 


II, ^r-u-i-!"' t/Tn TrvinT^ :' - An-'-., T'^'^n. 

[I, Ha:r.ilton Irvin:» :.'nrlatt, born P. April, 13Sa, 

^'npT'-' r.'"" 11 Jar., ■''^'^.'. T..^-nTi.^ -:. K'n-rr--^ ^ . '--r^ 

Liv.^ ::niff,':lo, TI. v., Wont TUiipor ■ ., ("or-.. 1"^, •,?:".). 

Anrton (John 7., etc.) ^'rvlatt, bom 

T/p.rri '^ 


Had rva ?.l. 

i:arlett, :l\:<latt, etc. 
JOSEPH 'MHLA7T of Froeholl ToTnship, IferLiiouth Co., N.J. 
and Allegheny Co., Pa, 

Jof3nph Marlptt 

Agnes Hyers , 







ChsrleB Marlatt 


v.l 11 ia:.i Iloriry 

Ulias "^ 

John ITyros 

TTarrsrot -"^jir. 

JaTiBH Wesley 

3 line y '*' 

Ellas '^(ni-^ri ?) 

bo in Freehold TorrnRhip, ''onraouth Co 
Co. H. J. , June 7, l^rv; 

born Treeholl Tominhlp. 

bo m ■ " 

born " " 

bo m " ' 

be rn • " 

bo m " '• 

bom AlleChf^ny Co., Pa. uiol 

born ■ 

bom " " " lied 

V.'altor WcTPlatt, ne\\-iGV. ley , Alleirrheny Co., and Ulias Marlatt, 
5030 Ittd^o Avr-., -^1. . LdliIs, ""■ . , '---■'■'-' -"'' nily records. 

^7 *^, 

::.\KLFTT, :V.iJ.ATT, 'He. 

JOSKPH MAHLAT:: of Prr»ehold, Monmouth Co., N. J, 

Char Ion H^irlatt 
Monmoufi Co., V, J. 

"Sofai" D-'ellin 

Co . , Pn. 

Ent.ia 'j'rTcrAvet 

v/illlan \teKf;n"ey 

ailbort Wallf^ce ^ 

nom Juno 7, 1327, Freehold Town'shlp, 

'oom oopt . 17, 1833, ii: 'o"tr,;or'"lan4 

born July 11, 1903: :Iie'5. r.'-~^t, ^4, 13645 
horn Feb. 10, 1237; lied :.:ay 13, 1360; 
bom Juno 11, 1374; 

Tnfor.iation fr^n Charles T'arlatt, bom 13^7, of SO Charles 
rt. , All0C::eJiy , Pa, 



llev; J :.Isrlattf5. 

(Inrcrriation o:^talne:l April 1.", I'^OC, or lator from 

Georce !feirlatt of Oxford. :m. J, , iDorn Mar.sflell,!I.J . ,FeiD.5,lB25), 

John ir^rlatt 

T""o otior brothers ( thinlcs one ?;r«! JgcoTd) ancl also sisters. 
The traittion i^ that John 'and V/l 111am Trnnt to l,!angfiRl:T,ir..J. , 
■Trnn rr-n Yf^, f- rtrti^- T'''^"' Y-^t*!' City or near t'i^r'=*- •'^"'r-ilo t;"o 
o^h -rn -vent north to Canaaa anl still others "ottl nd in R.Y. 

John rr^rlritt . h^rr 174^, '■'ir.'i 1343- a hundi'ed yr-v'.- ol'".. Lived 
at ^ta nn f i ej. .t , :; . «; . 

Chi 1 '.Iron- 

born r April, 1704; died 30 0"t.,lSG4; 

Abrfsn V. 



John ^ 






'Villi an 






3- / 

A-l- oznoTi :'..isfleld» Warren Co., l^i.J. Jo.i" (John) died in 
Spnn£;fiold, Oaiaand Co., ifich. 

JohD^MpjTlatt 'ocrn ,? April, 1704, at llannfiold, Warron Co. ,11. J. 

•'arried l-': J-^- ., t"'''", -+ ■' f^.'^ld, r. J. , ■. . ...v-ort, bom 


TlTey lived !,fansfinld,N. J. 

TTn 'i.ied at Sprino:fleld, Oa::laiv" rr , , "i.r-Ti . . r^(y o-t., \^"A. 

Che diod 

Clii 1 dren- 

I. ChriGtianna T/arlatt, born 15 Tlov. ,ni9;d.l7 Au^.,1335; 

n. Jacob ^ " bom lOnept. .laniM.U-rept. ,1833; 

III. lerlte " born 17 -^^r. ,l""3;d.n3 Oct. ,1303; 

IV. _ -o 5 " iinrm r. "^ ■:■!-., i"'^~;d. 


Ne-^f Jersey ^'AHIATTS, 

V. John IL-^.rlntt born 14 Sept., 1533; died Spring of 1396. 

VI, Jemr.e^ * 

born 4 Oct., 1835; 

All born Mansneld, it, J, I, ji.ied GernantoOT , Atlantic Co., ll.j, 
II, died Sprin??:field, Oaiaand Co., :':ich. Ill, died :ransfl=!ld, 

V/arr'^n Co. , H.J. 

Georcf? ^farlntt- 

r;. Goor.p-e Varlatt, born 5 Fob., 18^:5, at '^ansfinld,lT.J. 

"nrrled 23 Jan., 1:348, at ;ansfield, riirrnbeth P:irlcn, 

bom 18f7, at 

Tlipy llvpd Orford, Manfltfl<?ld and TIop'^, K. J. , Sprin'irflold , 

Mich., und Oxford, H.J. 

Tie died 

Slie died ?.t Cxf-ird, N.J. , 13 Jan., l?^oa, 

Chi lire n- 

bcm 4 Oct. , 1-35; 
born "? Oct., 1843; 
bom 10 Dec.,185.'5; 
born 14 Sept. 1854; 
bom 9 liar, , 1856; 
born 30 Jun3,13o8; 
bom 7 J^r.., 1971; died 5 Sept.,19Cl. 

I, cm Oxford, !!. J.; II, bom 'Tar?5fl«='ld, n. J.; Ill, IV, V, 

"/I, born iTopo, K.J.; VII, born SiJrinfcfi'-ld, Oalcland Co., rrich, 


G^eorne -ferlatt in isr? had :?0 {grandchildren and 1 great fxrand 
child, vis- ITay G, S'rayze, Oxford, N.J., Popst Offico 3o« 30, 





_3t "^ 


Hacael '^ 


V'n::lcy '^ 


A'^:.a - 


a Arvilla, 


ley )'ried 

Mawley, Brool'lyn, N.Y, No children 

Mllia:- MtjTlatt born at Varried at 

Xlizabeth Bro^Tn o f Indep-ndence. '7arrr;n Co., nail TTacl^ettetorTn, 

^T"? ciied 3.t 

She died nt 



• 'J 

Will lam 

Not Jersey ttarlaTTS. 

From "History or Sussex ancl Warren Co. 's, Nev,' Jersey," 
"Compiled by Jas . P. SP.ell", page 7n5, Ilansfield. (J^pelled 
Itarlott in Vnir? History. ) 

"T^o brot;.ers na .od John and '.V.t. Marlott settled tiinre 

prior to the fli-st vTctsf Tlth GJroat Kritain, William caiae v;hen 

•^evon y^ar;^ of are. He learned thn. blacltnmith 'f5 trade and 

Oij-med a ol:)op in Boattytc i:. Soon after tlriiFs he warried 

ELisabeth Brovm of Independence tormshlp, Tliey had fourteen 

c?dllp<'m, nine '-en*' rr d five dauprnterr', all of ^hom .^e^ up but 

tare. One of t/.T^ ^onr, Jacob P, J'alolt in nov; liv ^'" 

HacliettatoTn, seventy oicht y^ars of afe," 

NOTE- ::r. ll, D, "'illiaia'^ of Plalnfield refers we for 
furthPT inforiflation to Tfrn, !^-i:a Ander-^on, I"! she "J^raa 

vrlfe ■• . ■ ' • M. -^J. -xA .-"'^t-r of 

Am: r ■, . of C'-lT'^.do? 'information 

fro r, Aaron Robinaon^ //arlatt (Jacob p! , .) 


Jacob Pence '^url-Ui, \y^vv. died a:<red £9 yrs. 

13 day^. There Tverc fourteen children, nine sona and five 

d?.u.r;iters, all of whoiTi rreii? up b^t two, Jr.cob Pence in tlio only 

n:i...c} giver. In iDOl ail of "flllia's children -'ere dead, 


Pe^iGc^ Jacob Pence^ lariat t, uor;: --t 


'Tarried Rachel Hance, born at 

i:e died ared Q^ yT-^,, 13 days. She died 8 Jan., 1368, 

af:nd ."^9 iT*^., born 1809, 

Aaion Robinson Addt-ess- Hac" et^.sto^yn, N.J, 

John-^ • " 

\7illiam^ " Washington, D.B, 

Ezra' " 2-70 Broad '^t. ,!IewarK,:ij 

:'rs,Y;. D,T,'illlans, A'ldr^ss ^".'oodhul «i: : 'artin, Plalnfield, N, J. 
Danl-^1 vM '» 7;yl:ertoTn,oUSP.ex Co., N,J, 



Aaron Robinson T'arlatt, born 

Ifeirriecl Phebe Hlnney Caskey, 10 T'eb,, 1370, boEn near Stanhope, 

;.!arch, 1342. 

He has resided at B'^attntovm , lit. Bethel and Hacl'ettsto?rn, 




Ida l.Iay 

All oom at HaC ettstoTn. 

:.:arlatt ■«'a:.!ily. 

The father ? from N. Y. State. 



Jnmes 7 









■ a dauc3it(>r, marriod Nicholas Pace. 

He livea at Rollin, Wlch. r-he died about 188S. 

VI. ? M^^^latt, a dau^c^hter, carried ? Paul; 

Both JRad in 1^96. 

VII, VIII, the two othRr daic-itnrs, (^/II ? (Ill ?) 


I. Jaiupg Elias, born TI. Y. Stat-, dec^n-ed in 1?96. 
::arri fid about 1353 in nv v^-^t ■^ni-rfi^T i, -r.n-r.-p. r;-!., 7!ich., 
Jane Wlnr^low, r;till liv^nc In l~;)G. Zaq '=var? about the 

3th p: feneration from M^'ard V/inslOTr of Mayflower. 

Aft'-'T' iPTT'l nr«"> Jry^<^. ^'\^r■'~ yt ,-'-■- r -j.-^ ^ tr, ?^+.^i^' -^•■^■^ , Port^^'i^ 0'^., 
'.ir-.y ".'herc! four c/J.l;lren "vV-r.^ born, three living in l30G,Yiz.- 

I. Peter E of Ly^^'?, "^Iton H'^ . , m-^ n, narriod 

and h'lj? five children. 

?. Alice married ? ^nvrr. Live in 

Plover, IVir., a; :' nave t^jree children. 

.p It '\ 


The father ? from >T. "'. Stat.-. 

3. H A lives Plover, Porta^re Cto . , '7is.» (1393). 

n^irriea Dec. '-'il. 1-34, anl hnr? ? a son, oorn 27 Doc. ,1336. 

She 7ri.zo of H A. 'lied r^O Doc., 1196, 

(1) Tninx E. , (")Alioe^and (3) H. A, "all born EtocKton, 

Por ta ge ilo . , , i- -^ . 

Jane ('^iItt'j.oit) Uarlatt, ^iclo'^ ? ' jD.cT^g Ella'^, carried for hor 
nocond hur^Taand 'Tnorre Iw^ell ar»d liven Plover, 'Vis, 

1. JaLie?^ Elian enlir^tel in " " ^ '^ • . ~-'*.. ' ••" ' '■' in 

service and never r-^^aohel . 'i think he ^aR buri-^d in 

Washinc^ton Cemetery" paid ■^, A, * • rlptt. 

11. ? 'tor 'j.!Erlatt live? - . " l ■ GrQ..i' :.ity, 


III. Eli3ha if' rjo^neThere in Cal, 

IV. Monry died abou* ~ Jlfon, Len- o., I .. " "^ 

T-.oy md five -laui-^-'.tors- four o- liviri:: near there no-. (1390). 


fror.; , i. State. 

1. Clarynora (?) Ti.i'-l^y, Po . nnd (Jnneva, Pa. 

RduM La'-e, Lcna-^'^o Co., "'i'-.^. 


2, Lotto ^arntoBr, Rollin, L'^naweo, !'ic"h. 

n. ntolln, .arried ? Hoal^y, i^ollin, L'lch, 

4. ricGta 33it1o1 ? S^Tia^ley, A.lilRon, 

Lonaweo Co., I'ich, 

nollin, 'ioh, R'no dtod about 1 '.?., i'lioy iial 3 ooyf? a::fl 2 
flrlr:!. 3oyg all live by their father. Their names are George, 

yral: "■■'■' "*'=^h''T^. T'"^ -i-r-i.., ••.>t i -.o,*^^ laarriel Page; 

^"va .'trrit^d Royce, AcldreGBea Rollin, 


^/I. A lau^'ntor .^jried Poul- Zoth oLesd, 


L-^ft a "cn by na^e of Eleth Paul. Hid ad'irof?r! irt Fairfield, 

L'^nr'T'oe ^^ . , "lf/1.. T- ■! r "'^n^T + fvp j-^rif^ '..inrrli^d 

Jo]inr:o]i, 01 I'aii'riolcl, ■.;!■:• Ji. 
y\ro t h fT da Ufr "n ter unl:noTn , 

IiATII\:: ::arLATT or «;,Iangfi(?l'lWood- House, Co. of 
Sur!??ex, !7. J., to Niagara, Carja'Sa, 1793, 



no ar Dr '.o I: ly n , " . Y . '» 

Tte :lied 
She 11 el 

born 7o.-. 2, 17 53, "in Nnw Jersey, 

M'^rrii"! at 

b:>rn ApT^l If't 1300, at 

Oct. 1, 1707, hn c,oi--: -.-i™ „..,T ^_^^ + : . ,,„ •.. +^...,,,,,^^ , ^^• 

il.«ll "/■'Dd llou^e," .;'"ex Co., "'. o^'^'-frgHy, containing 116 
acres '^nd T3od lot of r^O acres tc Joseph Ander^ion for 4'"0 and 
100 pounds porsneoslon '■•''' i- -'^" +^ vo -i ' - 11 10, 1708, oj\6. 

jf rx -l lot Sept. 1, -olio.''in>T, Zne T/itiiesBos '."ere JaiaeB ^till 
and .^bt, Beauor"'.. •II- 'nd t- . ". 

"'T,;. t"*''''' -^nt^ o *' ■ •T.^-r»- ■ f+.r^ 1- line 

ir, Lii^ooli- fio . , Cjn... fjv r ..11-^; --^t of " ^ ''all"." 





John ''' 




Mary ^ 

( V. 

I.yUi ■-' 

All b.^rr. Nfrv Jt^r-^ey. 

born y-ro>. " , l?-^?^ 

!->•}.<. "^.-t . -^0, 1737 

bom J-n. 1", 17D0 

born July in, 1793 

born J.^n. 17, 170.3 

boir. 7-n. I", 1-^3 


ICARLZTT fa::ily 
NATHAIT f"0!3 :fansfinld V/ocd House, II. Y. ■'o Canada. 

I. :>aor<:re (llatl-iaTi ). 



'f^TPOfo iT^rlatt 

bom March 7, 1733, in 

IT . J . 

I. ITatiian 


born Ilov, 4, 1808, at Thoroia, Out. 
aied Jan. .?0,1840, at I!our!;hton,Ont . 








•' i- • 

xl^ ( '> dV 

373 in 

Alex jriria, Va. 

'Tl anl r-nr-. living 

I, Uatiian (Oec, rtn.) 

norn "errr.T.i-r, '>nt. , T^f=h. .'^3,13-'3^; 
ilGd 3r:i:itir.r-a," 1890/ 

'.lary ".'.aria 

bo-- "ri--:!, ,;..:. ,.1, r. 3, 

\x>r " " D«c.20, 

boni ole.rhoii.'i, " i^n^i^ 


"ARL7TT ^A^rriY. 
ITAIIIAII il'oni I'ansfield, . J. to Canadp. 

Georfte ''Nathan), 

I. aeorge Henry (TTatl-ian, etc.) 

^•7 vi.'i, (:!'ithan, "tc. ) "bom April <?, 1?.?7, in 7apt 

1330, T?rano .'? Henry Turford, born July 30, inrc, in ../j-'ii/isby, 

O^t. Ho cliPKi Oct. ro, isni. in Tirantford.- 

llPiT adAress (IfPOe) "-"-^ . '"^■"'^ ' ■ t-o. 

y 3 

4. Pd"'arcl S'lr (Nathan, etc.) 


NATFATT ": __ _.L .olt 'Triv-.p,^ Sussex Co., ^-^ J. 

to CsnaJa. T. anorr:??, J^athan. 

II, I^real (CJ<^o,, Tl9.thur.) ".-jom 

? Jo'^eph llataan (Ipreal, o-.o.) liven Unl fnto -n^V/asningtqB 

? J ? A ? "^"born ^eb. ?, lasr^. Youn'^'-Tt 

Of'.na:! a. 

III. 'firan ( 3 o . Nat.iar.) c^m 

r/. JorJi (^oo. Natbiin) bom 


J 2, 



ITATTTAIT of lTT:-fif>ld T^oo5 Hou"??, TU'T'^eT Co., N. J. 
to Canada. I. rreorge, Hathan. 

o' .2. 

\T[, '-'aria (fleo. etc.) 

in Aloxandrin, Vn. , 1" 1^7S. 

narried ?/. ■. V.'ard and -^ar living 

II. John V^^rlatt 

born in Ne~ Jor- 
lied It 

. r0,1737. 

III. ITathan :.^'arlatt , 


. 1-?, 179C, 



IV. :.:ary Variott ( 

-.) bom July in, 1703. 



Jorep^i (TIathan) 

"bom Jrm. 17, 1703, in N^v J^roey, 


VI. LydJ.H 'tarlatt 

tx»m J'ln. 17, 1706, in Mo-: Jersey. 

Jl/iKLETT FfaahY 
Kathcm fror *?anefiold,Gto. , H. J. to flan.-ivla, 

VII. Froderi-rk Marlitt boi-n U. J. ;.; 'Xoh 10,179^'. 


W H bor« 

H*»r>ry youngest brother of ', H, ? 

ai'ju ab. 1393. 

M'jrriod FJ * th 

.The living? in 18 9S. 

^ 5 2. 

( Jcrrcph T.'at.han ( I«rael, (^*»o, eto, ) oalls i^. H. 


j-ij. ixanry oouelna. 3eo p, ) 

I ..mLif " ^-' 


^?^TT, ms'DM.Ti^ eto. FAMILY* 
J03!^rf? r-'ARLATT froiT! PennBylv^snift, n, G. to 0?mad?u 

bom at 

H© '.'Tith the reciainder of his f^iislly Tiront from 
I»eiir»3ylvania to Canada nhortly follo-rlnpr hie son John, 
'"ho nettlod there aboiit It'CO, loo itln^ at iiuniiar? near 

Hamilton, OTt. 

I, Johr 


III, Geor(»e 
IV. Oarwol 
V, r 

VI, i'.arah 
VTT. r-riohttl 
Vtll, t'.liaa 
L'C, Lydia 


bom f; April, 1777; cJ. /^.^e '7 

T)nrtoP"'tTrt8 Htlll llvln 

'VI '.,'1 ■ ' n 


JOHN ^ ( Joaeph') KURLATT 

John^ )^arlatt Vjorn April 8,1777: 

died />-- 7 . ae 87. 


John '•'?.rlntt. r'-.'-ov^i! t.n Hr-mn !n. -.'hi^iit ^t^/'":) r'rm" 

H ■■'Tor by trade and run thr iMrr.t £;:ririt mill 

■hh'^rn, Lonrn^*] Mr t.rT.:r> i" Vtrj^lnlrj. an hp) nt'it.r>-1, TI<^ 
it iJi • . 

r^vo In ion recoived in XC-Jl lYcxm Jote'r 

A not« of" "vr, th"t TT^ator ^f-ilott of 

Wlndfior, Ont, In 1.U1.CXC o. .wove ..; » ... 

• • 


*. ^ 


PAHL ".TTi-rMss I , Ti, J, to Gririsby^ Gwt., 

latt in ooir'TP'ijny '-"ith a ooi.t;tlJi n^T^d /*.br:,is?- 
-•f^r^t ♦^^-rlTssby^ Ont., fJanad-i "b^^t'^^cn 1790 •"■f^^ ia()0, la 
i,y o'-it-vj^ fch^y llroil n«tt* whftt was then ois3.1o<l the eld 
Lof^ .T)il in or In tho vlolnlty of thn »t nty of 

It, - r. ntHtcd "by^■'aul nrothf^rs Tfi-* 

T- dncu in .., .;« at above location* Aboist 18t«3 a ceyu«in 
vlnited the !^ ly - '^•s.n 0. carrl ir^r- r.?.kr3r of Nc"^arl:, 

P'iwl ''arlatt had three nr n^ three daufi^tor^^ * 

'llin ronr; wore If: ? ; , . loO',; 

•,'alib^ , b, ..^.Mv.t 21^1501 i; tho; d;tti^htf>rs 

'i'+.Br7, Haohol and Zoruiah, 

Child rnn 
• )-:0b '■"•*-■■ . . ; . 

I;; ;/ic ^ hotK\ .lc";03j d , 

. (.'1. *• *-. . .«»» 

' a_ 



'■vJ.-l' '.rlatt horn Ait-, S-1, 

in . , . 

J-;- ; ' ?->d "^!''> (iif»<i Oct, 


h*" ( P--Al' ). 


I, Isaac 3, bom Auf^j, 'i,1626i u« Mui% ?^H^1B65* 


II. rsRil bom :.";opt,i*-, ir, ?; 

TTT, ord Doar. bom Auf^.ll^l.^'^O; 

..» Jofiathar \ ^ ^"^m ^xly 31,1333; d» Apr, 7,lv'6f* 

V, Porez J3. ^ bbm rob, :^9,1">56: <U Jctn* r>n»l~ '. 

VI* Zr , ^ bom . ; . . 3 7.1' . 

VJ i , DwnnlB Alb!3X't bom i>pi , ; 

VIII» C -^ • . , f-{ 

I, l! , in^ IV, borr C , , . V.vr, 

IX •>. ^A. Jaltfleat, r'anada* 

I, Ina'io n, horn AuiP!, «<,1 



• > 

OM^b- i i>:,r,ui ), 

II Ti ■': .rrcrid Dean 

bom A 

■Jftin-^ fift .'. 

-4 1 

'iri-i trir^^^ . 

Qpoil G 

l^r- . 



U"! u'. 

J -r- 51.1 

/. 'I -1 ■» « 

VI T . 

loam Auf:. 3 

( 1: 

rl Oi 


« ; J 

tttt o 

■10 M-rlatt bom \ r\t Y^^naiesvli: -^ , 


TT« dl«?a 

, '.y;ii;. 


Ohl Idx- -ni- 

ne m 


.h ' 

i >rir<l 

oor • 

.Of- ij).')',-!! There no ir: 

X« iiuju.e Mro k 

'on-' •■■-Ida }• 



l^f^7, --.t ^--'--vill'-'. 

M:\r« :-;:;y ",x. ..•■, .-t; .v^;p'-;;.^; :;it.y,A,o, 

i^ \iom a«i>t. 1863, It ifuscatinet fio», lor-it 

Oh ' ;• d- 
I ' : -ao u o p 3 v-:;e '^ o o : TJ u u±y ^ , J. .■; v H , 

I J Irr'.i-.rr Mv^n.;K - tlji» fathox- of I«?aae wau* Isa-'ic or 

r^lr-^ ■ - ■ . •■■ '- -- . -• , - — 

Ivfi y '-rr; ■■.-.r ■:■;-•.- izi uity ' : ofrlo®. At 

i;; .:; -vb Andni'SiOts Ave, 'v.jn- tin Oltj- , u. 

._.,. .•.■-, /!.,; '^^ 1,- -i^ 


Abrom (1) J'Jarlatt - born 1759, probably in Parltan, K,J, 

■arried Ann Linder August 2, 1785 at Martinsbxirg, «>• Va« 
died ?ayne Co., Indiana about 1832, havln(; moved to Indiana 

1623«24 «ith his son Abrahara and his four children* 
ouriod v^ayzM Co* Inciana in Franklin C meter 7 
Hit urife died in Tountain Co* Indiana about 18&2» 

He was on© of te/o sons, trhoeo father, Abram, removed from H«» Jersey to near 
RedgoBville, icet Vircinia (not for £rom Martinoburg), about 1760, or &bout the 
tine that territory was opened for settlemont, owning one of the best fQLra0 in the 
country on tl;ie Bi^ uend of the PotocBae HiTer^ and hinself "a ^entleaan in the full 
sense of that term at tlie tine*" It ie claimed that he was a loyalist during 
the Rev* War, but his two sons Abrasi (1) and his brother Richard (1) - born 1761, 
volunteered and oerved through the war* Abram (1) enlisted at 17 at uSincheBter 
in the Partisan Legion, under Col* Anoand for 2 years and later enllBtod for the 
durati n of the ar, ibram (1) vfaa the ialloat nan in his con^any and rode at 
the head of the coluan. He «as known as a c-ontloEum'e son and wore the finest 
oue, and was one of the best swrdsmuu and at the close of the war was a raenber of 
Lee* 8 Legion* 
Jane - sister of Abram (1) - vmo born in 1763 and married John Bodine* 

Kotei ho one of the luuce Liurlatt now (1896) lives near feartinsburg or Hedgesville, 

K, Va. 



kmum (1) UARIATT 


I* Sebooca (2) 

U, George (2) 

III. Mary (2) 
IV, Abram (known as "To«") Born JUne 1790, died iiaroh 20, 1877 

V, Haohel (2) 

VI, Jacob (2) 

VII, John (2) 

VIII. Albert (2) - bom 1804 

DC. lAura (2) 

X. Jane (2) 

XI. Dove (2) 

All born near ?<iartineburg .'.eat Virginia and reaoved to Ohio In the fall of 
i and to Indiana in 182o-24, The six sona, with one emeption, lived to ^rorr 
uid < oise familiea* 

I. Rebeoca (2) married villi«B Bodine and lived near Covington, Indiana, 

Had 5 sons and 3 daui^htera. A eon, John (3) Bodine ItveB near Covincton (in 1906) 

y i- 


concerning I.Iarlett, I^Iarlatt, eto. Panilies 

in U. S. and Canada. Berkley Co. West Va. llarlatts, 

Abraia Kiarlatt. 

Ii. George vras in War of 1L12. Lived at or near Covington, 
Fotintain Co., Ind. Married and had 
I. ? 











Willian (blind) 






(!:r3. S. King of Defiance, Ohio.) 
Harried and lives Covington, Ind. 
M. T Sloan of Covington, Ind. 

Has a son C. B.F.Sloan of Covin'^;ton. 
The T/ife of a Methodist preacher. 

III. Mary (Abram*) 
Conover- j 

I . I/ary 












lAarsare t 





Wcir. Joseph Conovor and had 


never married; 

died in infancy; 

Mar. JaKe 7olf; 




Lucinda, lived near CenteTrvilie, Ind. Died in her 



V. Abraa (2) - known as "Tor". Bom Berkeley Co. v^eat Virginia tRine 1790» 

Died ayne Co. Indiana March 20« 1877 
Mar. August 8, 1616 Elizabeth Beller 
« was nick naai*d "Twr" atid k: own in Indiana as Ihomas* He served in 
ar of 1612 oe a rich man's awbetituto, and waa discharged under his own naae 
Abram). In the fall of 1822 with his wife and four children he started for 
iidiana, wintering in ?*«urron Co., Ohio, and in theoprir.j; of 1823 oontiTiued 
lis journey to Kite xater, oyno Co. Ind., where eioht more children were 
om and whert he lived the life of a prosperois farmer and died of old a;]e 
Xi 1878, loaving • sons tind 4 dau^h ore, all of whos married and raised families. 
*Ost offices wore Cviterville and '. ilton, Ind. 


1. Rebeeoa (S) bom Berkeley Co. Va. Nov. 14, 1616 

2. Elieabeth (3) born 1818 

3. Qveline (3) born Jiino 1, 1620 

4. Janes ^^lllisB^'^m Augtist 25, 1822 

5. Thoaas (S) bom 1624 

f. Mary Ann (?) born Jan. 8, 1827 

?. Washincton (S) born Jbne 28, 1829 

8. Harrison (3) born March 1831 

9. Joseph (3) born 1833 (died In infancy) 

10. Abron M. (3) born Juno 27, 1835 

11. Albert (3) born 1657 

12. Lydla Ellen born 1640 

Ihe ! oia* older children born near Hedi^eeville, Berkeley Co., If. Va., the others 
born »hlte Vator, layne Co., Ind. Sons save one (? Joseph) al\sfayB voted «ie 
Republiean ticket* 


W»st Va. M/J^I*ATTJ3. 


VI, V •..-o'f- . ' 



1. J.-- 

?, Jacob 

';'^\ni '.•>■ 



6 . A d^oi.rhter 

YII, .Johr nevnr 

and 1.1 VQd •v>nr fJcvinrtcn, Ind, 

Itvod Oovinx-ton. 

lived near Porj-yvi^-lo, Ia4, 

vxii. A3rbort --^r- -• ' ' .->^ :^.^- -5^-^. 
■y-y i c Ivtter at Oovinr^ton , Ind. 

and lived at Mlasilabur « 

-..-.J..,. •rf,v>iv 


( .•'. A boy t 

• I ::.! .'. .--;■*-■ 

l«d at oar-ip trr::. 

' >..>-/•. 


A duur;htcr r^ath. 




ABRAM (1) 
I, Laura (2) narried Andred Perry - lived at Kroll'p Mill near Milton, Ind, 

Perry • 1. Uinerra (5) 
2. Rachel (3) 

• Jane (2) norrled Abrea Kroll and lived i Uero^ Co* 111* and later rcraoved 
KanBAS* They had six ohlldren* 

I. Dove (2) Uar« uid lived on Coal Creek, 

guntain Co. Ind. liad TTilllam (5) killed at battle of Prairie Irove and John (S) 

ad probably other** 

ABRAM (2) (Ton) (Abram l) 
. Rebecca (3) (Abraa 2, Abran 1) - bom Kov, 14, 1016, Berkeley Co., .Vest Virginia. 

■arrled Tiashinf^ton 'olfe Oct. 19, 1839 
ovod to Keithburg, 111. in 1844 

X. Mvy (4) at home (1906) 

e. Txm iU (4) 

8. Oooree (4) bom 1643 died 1938 - fou^t iu tho Civil <l/ar. Moved to 
Caiifornlu ao export nurserynan In flrat orange g*'©''''® ^^ 
Los ASi^oloa area* 
4. Joke (4) 
5* I^la (4) 

6. Richard (4) - Kon (190C) in lenver. Col* 

7, ? - a son 

2-5 6 

AlJ:uV '" ( Abrair ), 
?. Ellaal^eth ;<■ vrlatt hon\ 

axii i-ci'ovwu to ■ ilj.t?x-8burr-:. 111, 



ISIS: n.s>ir Martina ten. rg , 



5. l!5a 

~*■'^-.t Vu. . at 

Solomon ^.olf rirsd r«.'r oved t.o K-'lt.>^ , 111. 

'\:^r: n 1'.-- hfi->'' pf :-1 ^ llVO:! -O -rO'^ Up , 

'Cloven r;lrls 




. Davl'.l Javl3or», 

. >;.CUlUI'0» 

•th^ t?.:r.. ^■•illlGjn Doniff. 

^(I'T- ■ .... Kiddo .(Their son Solomon lives 

ir; Chicago, 111, and spends winters in Arizona) (1957) 


ra-ir. J'y^'GO Kr'i 

AIT nt -•■■>!-»Vo 11 V'"^ 1 o iiv- ^■\^■^',T fr,-.1 f>.; ■"nurjIJ;, 111. 



/^ . '-r ''-'■ 

A^:, r1 

.~T} s.Zl. 

u'«li.; /i£u~-vi. ,u^::cj 

Kind had tiro ahildr«?n. ot} 

ir •::,:* 

< '• '^ 



2; , r-^-fi V4 (.*'■■ 

3. (:::t_ ^-6^-- 


ii .1 

•■ '-^ -d 

AU llvl 




litem, !•• . 

M*n!-^' -{-i r--tMl« l-ir b-<r i't -:■•)■. of 'l rulf^. 

1 • J'vu , 

6. ?*^*ry Ann J^arlatt 

11 rod. ns-i.r L^n-jy, Ini, 

born .I»n, 6,1836. 

WBBi vmaiuu m/ilriatts est 

AHQAM (2) (Abrsa l) 

rashinciMn (3) liarlatt - bom ayne Co» Indiana Juiao 28, 1829 

(B«A« A«bury Collc^ie, frreencastls, Ind. 1853 - K,A. 1867) 
Lieonae*?. as a lay prc^.cbsr ir« 'Jb/i Methodist Church In 

Indiaaa in 1854« 
'Hont tc Tansas in the spring of 1€G6 (It »^s vhen Kansas v^-ae 

torn in two as to whether it xwra Id be a free or a slairo 

State, ctrA every vote counted) 
One of tho faiDdors uad Secretary of P.luanont Central Collego 

A>s*n. (How Kansae :tato onivoraity of Agrloulture and 

Appliod Scic-itcos, konhattan, Kansas) ISST'-lSSl 
Princiiml of BlueB3:mt Central Collece 1860-61 
itxrrit'X April Z, loSl Ailiw AOii B&iloy (bom Galea Ferry, Conn, 

I/eoee^^er 17, 1628, the daughter of Isuao Bailey and 

Uannah Lenter. Died Sept, 20, 1911) 
Died Sept, 27, 1909. Is buried in Sun«ot Cemotery, Manhattan, 

Kansas, as is his wife* 

■• had 6 ohildrani 

1, TVilliMi Bailey (4) - born Ukj 7, 1862, died Sot, 2t, 1876 

£• Charloo Loster (4) - born Sept. 26, 1863 - died Uaroh 3, 1954* He married 

(1) Florence L. irovm buocnbcr 1, 1396 (she died, withoi;t issue, 0ot,28,190S) 

(2) Helen Stuart Uackay-Sisith (daughter of Bishop and Mrs* Ale3»nd«r 

Mackay-Sraith of Philaoolphia, I'a.) iu Seal Harbor, Maine, Jiily 5,1906 
(See "'.%o*8 ^»ho in Maerioa •• 19.'iO»51 for Charles Lester i&irlatt) 

4. Ifery Alice (4) Horn Got. 8, 1666. Aiarried tYederioIc rinball Sept. 24, 1910 

Died Oct. 9, 1944 - 

5. lYoderiok Albert (4) Born .K\?jy 29, 1667, Merriod Ar.nie Ldndsey Aug, 20, 1915 

Died Sept. 6, 1944* 

6. Abby Lillian (4) Born March 7, 1869 - nwrer narried - died Jwne 23, 194S« 

She was for many years Head of the rloete EconoidAS Department at 't^e 

University of (isconsln, >^diBon, Wl«» (8e«j**''Tio'e who in America 

Volume 18 - 1954-35) 


ABRAM (2) (Ahrsa 1) 

ison (3) Marl«tt - bQrn Iferoh 1631 

Mw. (I) Ann twiGhar - livod near MlXton, Ind. 
(2) JfrB. licr. 

Area - from flr»t unlcni l» i»llo6 (4) - atrried Doddrig* 

2t lAftry (4) autrriad Clcven^er 

S. ."frlUr U) BU.rrio.i - hftri 1 child, Arthur 

4. ¥^nk» (4) Married I«uok 

6* Arma (4) married Kaons 

from saeocd union • a son, Elnar 

ph (5) - bom 18S3 - dl*d In infancy 

■ K'vwton (5) born Juno 27, 1836 

aarrlBd Arjna liaria ColHne (bom Maroh »0, I860) 

an a Mathodlst pronohor and stationed at rerioua towns in Southeast Indiana and in 

was lecetad at Corinersrllle, Ind« Had otst 12 ehildren, ai^ht af whon are now (1906) 


Mary C - bom ^-ugust 5, 1866 - nerer nax*rl*d 

Sallia M« born March 31, 1870 - narriad — — — — ?oholl - had Z daughtara 

Walter T« bom February 19, 197t - married and has a son, Byron - lives (1943) 

In . ieconsin - on staff of 
Chicae;o Tribuno* 

Anna 0«, bom Sapteiaber 17, 1378 - married Dr« Brenner (Iran) - now liring 

107¥ort^ £ast Street, v.inohester, Indiana 

Ellalia, oom itey 20, 1880 • married —Miller, has 2 children 

Pearl, bom ;.^aroh 2^6, 1667 - married — ..-»«..«t-;illis, has one son 

( Ernest E. - a twin • bore r^ay 24, 1892 • Editor of Kebosha Kewa, vieocnsin 


( Earl B* • a twin - borr Ms^r 24, 1892 - Professor of Philosophy for many years 
at hoston llniyersity - row, 1960, liTing with his sister, 'Ars» Ivan 
nrmner at 107 »(orth East St«, inchestera Indiana* Never married* 
See "Who's P^ho in America" - 1950->S1 



ASaAM (2) (Abriiin 1) 

:i. Albort (S) born 18M 

aiftrrled — .— — — .Jonea 
died 1906 

Had 4 ohildront 

Robert (who had 9 children) 

Hiiry llorard - aarrled Baldwin - had 5 children 

iaisaboth - married Martin Harloer - lives (1960) 533 : • 14th St*, IWMHWtlti^ 


rlanoha - married Barondor - had 6 children - lives (1Q60) 

Hcnroaatle, Indiana* 

II I«rdia Ellon (3) Born 1840 

Married John valkor - lived at New Caetle, Indiana* 

John (4) •> who had 1 aon« jJorl - livec at Newoastle, Ind* 

I A) 
Myrtle -'never married 

Mary ^- 'had ono dai::t;hter, Mab«l 

Al loo -^married C.F. -111181118, livoB (1960) 5214 . oodvleir Ave., 

Austin, Texas* 

Jake ^ ' •> married but had no children 

fro ..rtii;:-;Siurg, sest ¥;i» to Warr<m Oo., Ohio 

%n IS??. /^X,^.^J ^ 

j^ary (f.voc4'-in) •^llo' or Jiw^a K^rl*tt (l!»or?"i in XBQ7) sha 
bftinjK fjlfrhty-four y^ay?. old ?tt tr '% 

Of hrir h!Jiiband»3 f'^fh-'t- c^hr^ «i?iyri~ • as to hir. .nm&& 

Jf«tor , )>ut hlfl inoth«ro n-un« wae Jtime," 

( A Pot'^r ?T-?rlnt.t., 1r, ISIS, ft ynare ©14 , s^a?* a Hev, 
pcnnlcmr hir; rftBiaonoo bfjln-^; BerJ'.l*y So,, W»(-jt V.i, 3enate 
T>-Ovr"rtm , T'^mtort Poll, lat, Bef, 2"^ Conr. p . 3V^» ) 

't'h« f-i.thnr 11 M -r^!3r! 'TTrlrritlr!-^ fror"' Vf.. to Ohio i» 1832» 

I, At) 

XXI, .:ohn 

IV, Old.'^on (t, 7?!any. yoMrc (Xf-^o near Troy, Ohio, fho f-miiy 

o'* ,T-5r»-''^H r''!r'Arhrvr n. vt "it ■*"rR'- n-'df^on, 

V, Klaixnor " Mar, atm iXiVln, 

i/I, fslisiihoth "^ . vv«>r. 

VII. ♦•".rt.h":. "^ '^-zir. Ott'^r 

VIII. Voter 

XI. ''; " 

XII. J;,' -",~horti 30, ..crt, 1S07. d. -^p t. * P ; ,-1553 . 

, I, AT?, etc, 

fha farrily from ^ont. '-'a., to ^^4rr«*ii :■©.. Ohio. 

h'lrr, ;''^^u, (loodwin, bom thero April 30,1309. 

Ho 41.0.-1 WrooKvlllff', Pr n CJo,, In<t., .^©pt. ?3, !€?"',; 

^ ..* w^.. , . , ...... 





:,.-.. ■ 


Llvod ^ 




K. ^ 


P. ^ 

■To" rvr»-i.T 

.t ^«^^ "^ 

■ Warrled 


••■! fron Indlt»i'*^^-^^*^'i, Ina. to 
L*r, Itint, P rlrr of Oounty. 

Loo of Td«hE«nci, Ind, 

' " ) liys.'j 

Difni if I in.i'UTvy, 

1 - ^ 

i!;-rg'4?ri'T, ttj^ fiLPrr? , ^^Ai'Ti/^'r, etc, T'^v^iiy* 

rcmlly oi" '7of:.t Va. to Ohio in 18 .'. 

Jarjol) ?li.vlatt O'' oot Va, ne^r HartljiBbtvr?!, He io thoi'.jr-^t 

to It'V' bo '11 ■'•. nm o " P', thotv-r^t t^ h.nv-' bnrri •. nnn of 

Jr^ob TC'irried Nolly l^orlr^.tt of Va. - no JsnaTii relation , 
J,V^O^ 5i.-v; n. rnn ^llJ1;jn — no other nhlldrnn lr--o-n, 
Wlllliw- hi^; licni-y una ^.j-ry Hliza, - v>o ot-nor f;hil.irfn kno-vn. 

In July 1696 v.-iaorror H<>nry .livinr: .At jUoSaruion, t"lo. H >rry 

h?4d a. non Wr.. ITr-piry, bom ab<'*i: Ti in Ohio 

I,lnrr1r>.1 Ovf-.. '^1,1''^' nt rT --v--! -.jt! , 0., Jul'^i. Cnthcrir.ft 

dm, o:^' (lerwiua i.oa.-, -ra '. . ho!51.:;qc ul jvcsx .ju, 

^m, W* ** a Istr.v:--/: o'" th- I'lm Trerir^Tsy and M.j-latt, ^^J? 300, 

i.T'-iry 'li' Intt f '?fr-,, J-noh n "oh, 7,18U? ri.t 

, iOiJ. !(S,156i> at 
Thc^n ' born. 

oujr :jt irry born ran, X/^JL.Jto; A, Au*;, .;,ii;69. 

Hay '^ iioi'n July :34,1 '• ; 

r.^-^rl ^ born Junr* '^^»,l.'^?n; 

.vaua Dorr .;t" . , ; ;a. . .;,lfc;i5.:« 

Ray iltirry "rlih fJu^roninf-'- <*i- 31q! cr., ->, Ohio, 

Llnrcer Co., Pk. 


v-^ ^ 



Ko;.-:ovod fl*0Tn W^rcev Co., Pa., to Adaias c:c . , Ohio, in 1317. 
vtp Tn.oo. o r,-irj-{p-« i-.-, fVQ rrar of 13in, V/as a mill -rirht by traclQ 














) XT, 

Jarao.T Iforlatt 

CJoo rre 

Jn neph 

lia t'lan 








J OT7 fi 




):cvi. Cyrus 

J"^ :Gg , bom 1?04, 'v.s 1? vir 

■born 14 

born '^7 

"born 1" 

iK'm 1'? 

'-■^■r 19 

born "0 

born 7 

1x3 rn 4 

'..■•m "7 

b'^. TT. 

born n3 

borr. ""l 

born m 



July . 

, 1300 ; 


, 1806; 

" ' -' 

, 18 OS; 

Apr . , 



, loll; 


, in 13; 

Junn , 

, i?^i4; 

Apr , 1 

» 1317; 


t 1 


T O'^T • 

J ■■:- . , 

• ■ t 

Jan. , 


rn~. , 


■* ■■ 1 /--• 

1330 ; 


urrfh , 



fiercer Co., P:i., MARLATTS. 

X I 

George (Joneili), 

Ixl. CffX)rpe Marlatt oorr: in "Iprcer do., ?a,, If^ Oct. ,1803. 

Varriod in Spencer Co., lora, 1835., 

to Mr>iin1«! c. Porter, 

GeOirc:«''i*H, lovf^d to Alanis Co., Ohio, -ith father in 1317. is a 
mill "'rlpilit by trade. He lived in Pittsburch, Pa., befbre he 
rer.t t? Illinois in 1343. 


13r57; • 



13 ro: 

VIII. Mlron P.^ Vcrn r:3 July, l-^CO. 

I, II, III, IV "b-^m i' -(^^ Oo., lo-^?." (T'l'^re Ir no 

,....„^,,* . . . -HP, the 

.'.our ' t, ) 

Geo rr^e cervei in 112 Illinois voluntf^flrs and died in Li'Vcy Prif3q[L 

V, ^i , 'T:I, ^7I:I, •■-•- -^^ -*--' "-., Illinois, 

VIII. Miron P. r.nrried Cat ere ii ^r=, lllinoisi 

Children - 



Dr.i -ilirn 






Jo r;eph"^ 






"illiain V.l 



I-femer '. 



Albert v\ 

bn ri ■ 


^•'l. --'^ .>^^.-^^. "1- 111---. ., --, 111. 

.11 .jOve inforaatlor from ''iron P. '!-.rlett. 


Loulon Co., Vu,, :/.ui-lattn. 

n-^.n!'-"! '.'•-irlr^tt to Als.~n Co., Ohio, ^^rot^^bly fro-n '^?.n!-iir.r-ton Or., 
Pa., poriiap" son o i cO 'o/li ? rr:;u Lcuior; 3c., Va., to "''xc .l::<;:ton Co, 

Tralition is t'lat fatlv^r nf Dr:nir-l rrrved i. Rov. V.'ar, 
Danir.l' Ysrlfitt born Lculon Co., Va., about 177S 

"Jf^t t? O'hlo at ai" nrirlv l'?tr% ^^or'^.r'/-'^ sbout I'l^OO fron 
Vaihircton .o . , Pa. ■ rv'ci zr. oi ii^l". !)ied 1343, anei ^G 

2 I 

"i. I'-rr if-rl-^tt (I --^ >1 ) It IjOS , in Alarcs 

Cj., ^^-o, ;::i^ liv-:l if-. "^^ " about 1-^C5. 

H5l ten cMldiron, flvf> «?3np anl i" 

1. villiam'^Clinton :.rvjl.att, bom March 28, 1341, in AlaTis Co. 

OIilo , nr-!-?. r'^^vpd tn ""^rr'^^rr^burr;, Johnr^on "^o , , Ifo . , about 1S86, 

'^Tbort R "'^rlatt, a lavryr, Jit. Lot'.1!=!, ": . 

"I'llronr^ 70<'5-7I0 '.'harloton 11:1". 3-^rn '.'arrRnnbur^T* -lo., 

Jo^fifph ( Jo:^nUJi)-i)e3Con..lantf? of Joseph livr in Pitt£?burr;h, Pa, 

Pages 247-8-9 

>enoiled rote by Mrs, Tafti For supplementary inforiUiition - 247-8-9 





OoiTT or letter tiutatl *Kontrf , 

'-^'' '^T-.'.thriniol ."'irlot of iir-yr5tfor<i, iJr-i^. 

ir',t 15"; 7" ^'^^ 

Itol oX 

•iTicRi of C\n4<Ui, n^. *-»■, 

I r 



to rtiir .-r,;t±n* 

!Vl'^ f'd t.o ^ r'- 

♦Tl': . t I - 

^t<^"TJ, but • 
Bhs ' '•■ 

tO VOTI , 1 

It i ' 

t?1»> ?':i,!<«lr 01' *J 

It 1 


t 11 

lf*t*t I'arir. , 


, !Ut DG 

11 evoi" Kinoo 



ho ' 
'ill ' 
v.o t 

V>Ut ifT. 

aoal ot r.c 


et "-ho 

>1 f 

In 1 

He '^.'n.r? f. 
'.'■nut 'li 

', + T . J, 

tKit I 
f! jt»e x'oi ev 


• o 

1 'jj^d 

■f- ■. At. the 

* ■ 

:. . -^ - ^ 

► : — 4 CT 


•r 3.^v**fJ 


- • 

i? thon 


.,„ h.*id, -i.. 

: 3 I- 

IVP.n, I nfja ; 


^ f. 

He ir; 





I h'!V 

•1 nr lyi ola 


I. . , 'rliat .Is 

+h ^ time he a. 

- • 

•■ old 

arr«ofl ^ri th ' 

o\i n f ?.y 


i ' 

■ ■ » 

*T< >f ^i, , ^ .,^, .,.;. ._ 

. wfcejcjt 

' v^ 3 f^ ' 

'lom vou, 'ui 1 it 

i:: th« 

. - I 



^, ., ..... V * 

_ , ... * ^ . ■ ., 4, _ 


; lU not 


)Our affftoti 

.. .V . . ....... -is« 


Hardoin Marlnt funiftratod trcm Paris, FrcUioe, al^out 
1773 0'- I'^rln.TJr n""lirr, !!ir- f".t,bor '^'i? ••■. ^"ealthy ph'-Tnian 
of Pn,ric, ^it; t-iV- wrun:; o;. ii.::.i-doin*:; cni^-r.Lion no :^ia u 
alitor ?r>3r6 th€» only nhildrcn or his p-irents but thoy may 
hrvG h.v-l otho::- oMldx-'-n .tfter . IT xrdoin Tran vei-y yoiang 
when he .rrived j,t Phir.idclphia -'here he met a»d married a 
Vr.ry yoiing v^ldory bom in Irolind and named Mm, .Mary (0»Lo .ry) 
HnlTlnloy, aha hn-i nc childrf^rj >)t HcKinloy and Hvrdoin 
cold noi' property una uzisy rri; ovcu Lo Albany, ♦ . Thren 
children Trore bora to thera, *!?;:- Adriiin, Jooeph tnl Hasry, 
ITjr.loln wv-jnt to Bcrthinr, "t . John, C .o:idi for trude .'in-i 
v..:,*; hi partneraiilp "It.h ;i nun naired Olivier* Ho :Gnt lo. 
hlc furdly and w f^ cucoons ."^il In aocuraulatlng iponny, hwt 
Irtnr iHod and hio partner dofraudod hli- f.jnlly of their 
intor. ;:t. 

In n.-aon lar of Land Papprs, •'. V, 3tato p ;--• 799, 
17S7, J'<^'' 3., "rr- f1nl - "riworlal of M'>,;jor ?Tr\rdc1,n "?->rTot 
sottiniit i'cr'vh Hi ciuiin lor i.oiii itc a U;maili-'jn roiuf;t!G, 
Vol. , p. IHo, Fxorc th« ai>ovo it woi,ild o«en that whv-n 

111 Alhv-iv ;.t thf tir>'^ of blri:h o ;" Adr-rln, I77J?, h^ h-r> loft 
U,.a"ioda on ^ciuvjnt o. tir; i<evoxut-iori a-y var lixiu xrosu iiiu 
titlo or lienor ^ '^^° neworial or 1757 that he B»i-vod In 
the ^ar, 

" 'U^ht-'r c: u-..-.:cin ■= ;rlGt,'vhoc:: Kon Hixdoiii Lio«ia^ 
\ xrr . -i-t - Lionaln^Hardoin ) qi^otes her us «uyin^ 
that her r-;.r,hrr "Irrt Pirlr ^M-.nnt, l?"- at th(? tiyr-r- o" 
fcho Prenoh ■<i7yoa'.-i,io:'i , " 


HAKDoifT mvijm, 

For re-ironn •^''hich -'111 r thla 1b a wistn^e, ;jho iriif-^t 

h^.v* r'^f erred to f.h" Arrterlcun !novolu?:5.'^r> ■:'V/\ th« '■late hnvf? 
br-vn 1773 Inato .■. u^" 1793» or th^- rr^.trr. .-^. in u; e-^' ir.wc 
bf?'>n thit of th<^ trrltnr, n\rdoln Lionain, 

Harioia I'erlfit, 
wan bom 

in Pari.--, '^-uice, died 179'^, ij^ 

BdrtJiler, 3t, John ■/ Ocmadrj., Mai-. 

Ill IhiladnJphla, Pi, Mrr3. r^'.ry (O'Lnary) 'icKlr'Jkcci' 

Ijora In Irgl-md died 1S09, 


It ' ontroal ?, v-hllo livlnn with her deai/rht'' y, - Hre, 

1778: 2 led 



Ad rain horn 



Jcrjorh born 


•'.y i>om 

I, -vid prnbaMy IT' r*nd IIX bom Alb 


I. Adritm bcrr Ir. Albany, . . 1778. 

"'II'. In 

■noaotnrj Or- 

Kt th" death .th'^r, ■■ rdoln -'Hrl^'t ir> 17^-^', 

Adrain and hlr brother -Tooeph .1 ■'* -^rthi' . . ^^^ . 
roliipf to Littlfi vork ( "o*r Toronto ) and fater o^ttllnf? ut 
Inoaster, NeA« Hartltor , Out, In (no«y) .':io. tworth, 

(Old Gorfi dlntri-t. ). 

Quotritionft frnr lstt??r of Mr. JTathaniel ( /.drain » «tfc ) 
■"-^•■''•t of Bra''-*- ■ •■■-■'.'•, nv>aor a*ite of Deo» 30, ir^' : - 

" ?^ >Trandi'.ithflr*B nacra© ^Tas Adr?J.ri fiarlet; I 'v.'.va in Try 
poonoRPlon an old powder horn inad© by hirrt (ir.i hin nar^e onf^:ravo4 
in fu3.1. "Ttw- I •■'"'• - boy «rv IVithr^r tol ' ■ - -* - ■■ th--* o?ily 
rocV 'Apical "Tork ho cvor kner/^ his father to do» Tho horn •??ao 
ppoo^^ntO'l to tm fifty ye\~r^ :\"» ■^Ith the request to lilrrayt? 
keop it. y.i\^'' I hT,v« 1 ?^:>,nonlc cortlfioato aiid ^rkci -vhich 
alfso b<Mrfi hin r»tvr« chcr'^ln.^ that ho waa irade a mjmon in th«9 

:. ] 'ItcM, wpner Canada, li\ Barters Loap:<9 5'o, .10 - 

new 2«ovm a^- - u. :i, -.*; m inquiry t-^" '•:' 1 Icde-ft^-oorrirm? tills . 
vty prraJi/lfAthwr, Ail urlet^ wasj by profesnion a otvll ^ngtit^ar 

irrl Icind, •'vrv"v>r, T»f> mtrvored rnny of thp tcr-mahlps in Ourj^rla, 
(Ontario}, „, ^ %'i — i .-,> tijiwaU Adraln aftor i?y griindfatlior," 

Adralr bom 1778 In yateaTjy,N,Y. 

find wif- 

Oh lid r on:- 
'dral.n bom 1'1'i <li»d .lii?i<» 1" *'. 

Jonerjh horn dl<^d 

bom ^A'50, 

•^ IV. Po.Dy bo^n diffid 

All bor*' A . ... 1." T89*;>t tho only ono living 

vf ;,!.; Jooeph •-"■"" nnt". 

I. Adraln ( Adrain ,. etc, ) diftd i.fiddleport , -'"-' 

I. .A:'-4n ( Adx-iHn etc, ) bens i^^i^ at 

MO Cted .:i^.iij>pc.t, Briint :o», June 1S9'U 


N H 


II. iTie -n died li=;£J3. 

IV. fti««l yonnr. 


' « 4 i A> Mk *.jk -^ '•*&-• 

A ftor bom 

Vifjld a poeltloji In a to"r\ In Jfevn :. ^t an sveminp partj- 



:ath.'>rlnG f Adrain , -to, ) hoj-yj 

Ad'ic Book , - ''JOth dcrod in 1893 • 

nrlfl-ht iTar.bit 

lAvo In ;^:i.nltco-,. { 1S93 ) 

Child i-on: - 

X. Adrain rw^vtr, an^ Hv«e Urantford, (I3v3). 
11. ';llaa * Kar, Hamilton 'tcKelvoy Lived 'fuoorgrora^l^J 3. 

^ iinrtle 

II, Jor.-ph ( Adrtiln , «to. ) bom Anotuitwr, Ont.^iJ^m. 

Ltvefi fjo«'>#^or'« In -h** 'Tfigt (1'"'^). 
II. J<>"-cT^h { ■ •r-h-»i*> ^ >icm ^*»rh>APJ:^ I'* Al>^any,j»Y» 

In 179 i! , '"^^«n, ^th Adr^Un^ hl« brothoa-, ho l<*ft Bert . John 

It ^;'vn sr.-n- c:^'>'l • orkjli^. ^. > >)Wt ^an Ic^t traco or 

at this tine ana n-: -ow a^siJi «o far as hi a aiatar 

jJary ind bi-cthor ' 



9 I 

be 211 Aiic '.Ptr;r^ Ont,, oan» 



of tJio first to enter for a hor^eBtft-irt in OarsiJiHC Oo . . 
■Tor; nie i5oiti?5>- 

' .ntf ord , I 'juoto ref«»r to tiio namiixg or & t vv 

Iho '''<:',, Mloh* s '«, I your v«r«5lo« 1j» 

jt^Viff ••■<•"'■ "I 1 \r /•<-i ;-■'■-•?,, .Ta 'irt .'.^ 

1 . ■: 

ii-y , 

■ .•,n-.1' 

Of iny i' i,thej.i;-»o ai'.t?jr, '''ily, ««-*ii one of th t to eater 

for a MomnRtniMl, 'l*i« twon '•;« onoe told nc, 'Itiioi'.t 

n-rwi'ij » ;%viM y<r rv!*rt^f»f> fiv 

'^nrleti but h«w th'-v r. - r. *,o add 

i'^e a'.iUitioi)<U. Ifttft; tt I Oii.-ot n:<pl-\ln.' , T«tfc« • 

inocrporated J'arch 10 , 

III, ry ( nr ' irln ) 


rrr'^.ibly til 


Hnrdoin Li. or ale 


'■- ia F, Pollajit , 

i' Hardotn LJ 

rdciri. ) 

I'M) r ■ '•'; 

7H"-' ''''■P.Lr.'PT F/iWILY, 
Pari tan 'Rftfontned IXttoh Ohuroh KeoordG. 
iJorlnt, Warl^t, llalet, S.^ollv?t, '^tc, F*iterles5 on the baptls'-al 
r?»irJ ptora of the 7'«fort?i«d Dutch Ohwrch of arlt^m, nor.srnot 
no., ; . . t'row 1699 to IP^OO, 

^, April m, I7.:x 





Joricf Dutch for > DaviU ■j^illor'Tje* 

'' li';5ab«4<;ii ; ' Vrou ^lllorrser 

^. Oct, 


17 ■ 


( :iiohard ) 

V • 

- '?* . 


( Joh,n ) 

■ St J ' -or 

^, April ^, 

17' 'J 


^~ ■■.a'fih 



. Ahrahair* 

?'ol.iot f / "' *■ 'i'f -^w ) 




Jan ^ 

'. ^ lot ' 4,%'>'%.) 

,. .T.--.. 



^ 'itholynr,.TT 

■ "t /'. i- V <; (L.h 
( ltv«v 




^« *', 

t ittid oeyrt i/^-Wf-i 




V<ttriJ«on ' ' 


,] Jorls ~ t & '^4^^^ A. ^ 





tJldoon - / 

. 3-r.t. 




-;oto -Morlet t'^. ?iatta 

()uc»ry - :i^iT. for ""Vanson & Vftshefy ? 


Readlngton Reformed Dutch Church Records. 

Marlet, Merlett, Merlatt, etc., at Readlngton, 
Hunterdon Co., Hev: Jersey. Entries from Dutch Register, 
1721- 1800. 




Jan. 1, 1737 
Kfe.rch 18, 1739, 
June 6, 1741, 

Jen, 1, 1744, 
Ij Sept. 20, 1751, 
i SeptV 29, 17 [51,^ 
\ Oct. 7, 1755, 

June 17, 1754, 


DircK l/iarlet and wife Jannetjr (/'-^ s-^?^^ 
Dirck Marlet & wife Jannet^e 

Joost' (Eng. Dirck Marlet & Jannet^e Schamp 
Justus, Geo . ) 





Pieter Nelly, 


Dirck llarlet & Jannetje Schainp 
Jan Marlet & Maria Marlet 

Do . Do , 
Jan Mariettas: Janetje Van Slckien 

Abraham Marlat & l.iirtha Veai 

' Nov. 27, 1755, 

June 8, 1763 

J all. 13, 1765, 

June 2, 1765, 

■ Feb. 15, 1767, 

June 14, l*/67, 

Aug. 7, 1792, 

July 31, 1796 







Polly; , 

(b. 6/7/92) 


(b. 4/28 ) 

Jan Marlet & Jannet^je Van Slckien 

Jan Merlatt & Jannetje his wife 

Mark Merlatt & wife Sovla 

Jctn Merlatt &^je 

Mark Merle tt & wife Serviya 

Jan Merle tt & wife Jannetje -' 

Jost Merlat & Hiinnah Van Siccle ■■^S^'^-] 

George Merlat 2< Hannah Van Sickel^'^^'^'^°' 

NOTE:- Joost and Joris = George. 

1 V? 

(■L.) '^j^y-^ ^ N^< 

/ J 1 r-J 



■ lD 


^hn\l ,V1 t 

laO 91 



• > 

^•'. ^D, X77 - 

ov, ?';, 177? - Ititt, . on T.., .J. 

on , 

{iu.f>p. ^l + jlJ-Ya,,^.^.^.,^,,.^. .,,.^ 


o.-.: ■■ ■ ,- lain Vinraf o .'.''ft, 

« > • 



- L 

^ ' '' • ■•rll ft^rrc - 

r>t. " On r''f5 0,*mi?imo© re 

■.r.y- -^^''t , 

-OGr-cutO tiiit? suit*" 

'-:-"^"V-V "'M-^<^5-:V^'? /:: 


'f.<»o; ; 




1777_ 1 


u « il C 

. el»'. . , 

.; ??mtertlon.j vilfjo .Jtato troop©. 









in tho :.iovoIt- t1or», Tryon -n, 
'■"'hi Tfi !^»r 1 -"^ ' . 11 1 M I* . 

A-:! ,iu taw t (?ld<><»r> >nrl'i tt . 
:•., r» It 

V, IS"). > IllM'i- viyon -• . 

',?,in .'^'•llio loada A«r.o»,i .t'ju, 

Uarl«ttfi of "rvrr! f rr * ont ) !5/>. In J^i<> Rovolutl^n. 
'fryon Oo. 'illtla ^ IrU^d U' Rirhto ) third R©«% 

l)oour»orit iC to Oolonial Hlrt. of ■, . by fJorthold 

mev f. Ool. M , . , . . .- . ristt 

nd i!r, vratUnc bo a nomnitt*?© to forR -aid r«port a proper amn*w»»nt 
Hitia ftf thlJi r!^ ■■ "' ^■•■' t *>'<^v ■ ^-^^,.-.^1. v.^t.'l .'.VJ nnnVf^r.l.-^rit 


Vol. 1, 995* "^hird ifctitallon ( 'ohar^k} l;?t. ''^o. 
V •. r. ^,i77r. r-nr^iicrn Gid«o»i '''-rlatt - i-- .proir-t."'; ,?ur'- , :''•'<. 



Docu»""^ntJ; rnl'itiri^:; to tho aolonial Hist. Ot^it*^ or ;:. V, 

i.evi'-r cf ilitl;., Vi-ron ^o,, 'ri . " ( rh^r-}': > l"t. 

V, :7ir.l{"n ro-V!';; o).r;teti ..iu;.7o d:^un, X(ij — uiacoa ...iiX l'^. 

■■'5- . / . '■ /. ^ 

hose records Trr^ro rtiaooverad , arrfinnr'^tl aifei ol^jsslfled In ISW-^^-T-o, 
V Jir-"t •'>., :>vOb«irtc, :'r'T!tro.Tl?»r, lAib, 3.f50«, 

Onrorma V , .■?or4nir!-!<f»n'^'7f! c' ».h" A. '^cv* ( relating 

to f'V'^yiuo './fii.'^n occjuri'Hi ' 'nity » Jiy cis unu r'tthse'fh) 

y D. i}loodrco'l,18'?A^ 3ft» r. 

. irt the Hov. Tryon 

ilrrit .{G;T.- :ol. ' ' "--- ; 

» '.'i or, -J ot\n Hlut^n ; 
•"..lor John NwrltirK; 
f, <■}, Tilt "" ^ <-. , Pn tei' (tonyn ; 
>iujut'j'C John O. ItJtnnlnrh, Jr, ; 
Adjut^uit ?ldecn l-ariattj 
'.3;^''irtf^r '"r«.pt<*r, M-^odorur: r, ^lorino; 
ruc^rtc: :■;..?*■ , ..orara Vsin iorrt; 
•jjAAirtor "'•i'^tt'^r, -Jl^^n Veed^r; 

Ui r i :«-: 0:1 , . Potry • 

2 ^V X 
2.6 f 

: V 

SnolAy* fM^eoiri urlJito; i^nr^Txiu ; :^lz p. i_j.. 

Ibid, t). . -iTifl Lire- - rrti llory ts fnct 

ilf?nt,lflod U ^ John l*all©tt. 

\ o^, n ^^.. 

' •^x.-'-: 

o #f a.^fety, ohawk i)ll«t,rl?jt; (»etl«r: 

hrjd .luno , 177' , '. P. ''7^ - . - 

oty^ Job 1 otJi«rc. ( • -r© of 


'Hie ?,' 'A to 'ta •??hon<» 

ly ^ifl'orojit 
OAdeuii ''i3rl0t or Gideon 1-ifirlec.t 

— o-r 

'.llett of iiftt-o , . :ury ti.iU, ox' Ohiei t'lusticp Prrih-iXi. 

Fror inp.»3 Oounoil or Va., iv^roh 9, I606--7. 


VI \, in If- J{ — ro««^ihIy t-h<» Th', orX^itt" *ho in Iv 

Fob. 16, 

?/''■'". '^•' •• "— I'"- 8X th--^ •■'^' ■ • of aureesotic, Uoe "Lintn 

"e ion, ^y Jr. n iiotr- - '• fb? Llvlnft 

■ 'nritflnla." - ^'«t of Aaa«i« 0* tftc ll7~ 

irii' i:t '.It , ^'e'^* io^ If.-'*, P. -I69, rlvsn Thorj-uj 

;?;:•"' e.t1. t,y-t>i,"ht othrrn, H« 1 ! in 

if . ' . . • : -^jt 

in IC '\iVir- ra- 

« • 

•'•" •'fill c . <Tuxo:i, Arshbisiiop or Ocu-jtorbury 

1' , IftOG, ii-.'.ib'-t.h rr-.Tof-fc, 

tore " i, . .IV, p. ■•';'/•). Pierre 

<- ^v^ .?*•(■■. Oi" 

. Of 

.'i i.1- ' • tiiM „ 'oti on ij:x7 of 

// f 

Qu^ ^ Dc, 13 .IfiijC , :!(>d,- lIor»?)3jl .T?.iyi r?^! i , ho .lor (Yofil 

t. .77,1687. Ird'K Mi 06. 

lfUT»t ivv'M.,! , /.■'.) 


June .1, 



, Vol. XV,p. »«;i. )^5.*j^/./-.2-'^e';i 



• « 


, • . 790 y 

iCl. >a*Vj.,L, p. ±'M^, /ok. cLiy 7 _2. S-, 

Conn, ( .-T-pr- i' Livirv-f*©**^ ) i;. ru,.iU!LiIj. •& 
It.- leld CJc, vUsnn. Trom Orcutt'n . , 'i. 

3..^3. Oidrcr •-.llntr, "nrbnr o:' Or no ^H-rf-h,- To??:- ifil] - 

... of 

Jr." . , . tin" illnt. ' 

(.■cno.'.iocy - •■■ , 

t,, k4-C(kS 0'-'^^^ '^L!rrv.,rT_c^/^,^'c2»-v<-«<«.r , /?a.-i-;^i 7 


I'hc do-tjcr; • JarjT ^ or Jaaaa 14uioi; in later 

rnaore^: i confused -rith thof^fl of (>i«S©oo T%rlett, m^ 1 

t.hor'?7'r-r.-» Plvn hi--; hlrtc— .-, 

( iilno EJ. r) JIu/nianotB ily directly 

/ , Vork 

■:ftoT her ■^r-r4v:l, , , . 

vriao"^ '■narrioa yH ■ ^4 to ;;oiit;n J. rciina 

t • inr her t?ro 11 Irlo nith 

■■\lrt - ;'■■ ? ) 0-; I^i^i;- or rrt.'l.t.roT 

IJcrs- York. ( "o\iV:- ' Lri T ;e* p. 

19^ . ) 

?;hoin, UTin rocord nny: T-.ivic .J-: Ji ilo:-. i .J.r,o "■nt --tth .'^i:^ ncti-jcr 
to O'^nti'T', 

Tnptlftnd •"■• ■' rol f "--^n '^i- r-v ](^,roh 3 U^^H , 

VrxTthr- u ,-,n r- ^VJ^^ • ch ?:ler''. ( '^^'worus . rexich 

Chui'«h, J'<»^ York J V^l* II>P* 6?. no Ooli^otloois Hti,'?u<*ni:?t '«cioty 

111 /'■rftrlo:*. Vol. 1,p. 9. ) 


- ■ and K'Saart^ft Mg.Tfff. h^rr. ^t Hr- Vn-J-: ^niv,. 

"ofurnoR In n, v. . h un-ioitbteily itorn 

iiCPion, ""''• . . ' '' ^'"' ' •'V'T. »-« — ■'■':■ ■><y'f 

Ohirlfirt.OK, 1 . . ' rooords of ?ren«h 

•''^ftifToes 3 -I "'ton. 

■ ' trl 01 )•'<'» ?>3ot, nofiroth^r. Rap, Frrnich o^*J^cll , 

rT«- -.ork, ((.!ol, R'./^U* '.-cc, of ARnarloa, ' t.-- , , Vol. 

I, p. 9.) 

169';. re fcn of . . M BttlJ ) 


■:oc. i^^ , i. !♦ V. < . ) 


-mr: i^ 

It r ■■-'■,: 

not 'Joj. i." .■••orio-a, ''ol, I, . .) 


1 '.^ 



Tnacaorc — 
v-'irRh ?6j 1739 • '-'mn '. <>»<i oJ" 

r ^ynrn o" T"lrh^"-'.yn "or Vlii •Icr-CTC Co. ( '.Id' 1 

IJOOtic; " 
i XiJO'l, so , P« jititi. ; 

nvr.ol . . 

2-7 3 

166?. harlot, Oodeon, 16^7 or thoro'ibtmtt; \ j.„.6,? ) 

o;w?!f« to J5ev/ /i»r.tordU!n via. Kolj.,'ixid, probably fvoci PloOrdy, 
'Tom'indy or Brot»^iif!nc» ( Balrd^s I!&Pt, n«r\i<^rtotr 1, 183. ) 


// o^,^>^»') 

166 n 

C 166 3. 

lr;6? In t; 

T'T. ^^. 

n'Aiw of t": 

lit rinA.Hi,ti' ji., u ohlldron oame Oct, 
l".wd ' . ( Doo, t?jet. . . 

" pkrrrrre 

' J 

n In ai early 

Purr'-'rl'tn i Ic a to' -n in :'nll'ind "--.ItuitP!! nnar .^na 

noivth — t, of 1*.' 

a'tf^.i?, eT3f 

fldv uincd 

t ' L V. 

via;- » '."^''rf 1- 



r to 



•rind no outhorl t.y 


c 5 

^»C '^'-t'- 

AJr*fiterd ait! i.. 
ohildrnn, ( : , ' 
Vol. If;, p. ?7. ) 

pr^numoj f.r- ?*« kno- 

cue i ) I .>.-^ < . .' .f vv i >>^ <!_*.,-.- , ^ 

JMod y»rob?:OO.y. "vlJ hl.R f<3"! 

1' ■ OK. ioil tnd to How 

Hjroh v/lth "«'l<ff« ^"i.. our 
J3iofjfraphlcal and Gfjnffialof;loal Keoord, 

• Ui V<?rmlTy» lr(-3 via ]>elG>ru.r9 
inc livt:-.; .vt Loyden "•o 

t , "mlvor and Vomdly^ 
anr^rm , «ikv^ fXilver ?\nd 

i^ckhcut jffnod tho ohuroh at Ti,fr' /:ja«terd*iH , Arrll 16^? 5 > 

no doubt by l^^ttor^ j^ ;i.rl cit brca^ght wife and titftiB - Joshua 
born 16^'/^, fiiul , ^orr 16*54, Jolii^ , r.-orxj 1<^.6, /braha?gt , bora 
1658, ixna sottl«<i an litat-rn It5l;.mu. ( Tdkore Ansyxlti cT KarleJs, pya 

?^0T'",:- I IT'' ot, "nlf to TQconcile Itikor'n rr^eord 
(via Dol-^v-are Plvcr* ) '^Ith that of Doc. Hint, of ' . Y. 
unloBB u r^-^tako "'- "^ - tlon, 


Apr* 26- Olcloon Hirlettc ^rua called hcTovi-: the (tounoll, 

Jlprll 26,1671. ( .^alend^-r of (?T,Y. ) O'oi^n^-ll J.fltutos;, 

1668 - 178^, t r-. 1^. p. '''o..^. 

1671 ~,? J^lUoon ""y.rlet wan oonatab^e oi" 'Jtaten Ial^:jrifl 

1671 -?• ( , V, will Abstraatn, pub, hy r» Y« Hiist, :;on. 

Vol. I» P. ?V'. ) ft?«f p. 17 a. ■^'] 

I67U, " vih'^roa:: InhJ^hltHnto of ataten Iclimd h-ivn 

rcqu -^tfjd of tff that nn iiddlhlon oe a:a,de to tho pr«»-' 

"nt m«i«-f^'»?* o' triftir Ma£;lfttr=iteo, hich I have Tor 

rear-ons iji* -nted lUaa allo*?ed them, therefore frois the 

nondn.-.tiona isjidn \(f then I hrvvr: elftotsd as rwi^jlf^tratets 

Oldoon llarlat 
Hxth^ui «hlt«ir.iui 

and the in>vil)ltantP 01' the iforesivld Icliind rind Jill 

othars v/liojn cuoh in ariy •■•'ise conoems arc ordered nd 

oomir'tnded to aclcnowlad c then as r.uch. 

IJope Fort Villiaw Hondrici:, Feb. l';th 16 7^-. 

G-ov. f^<;^, Ord'^r;?, ** 


Soi/vv«L ^'Jtijt^ ^TtitiA , i^tc-. V-^-^vy 
I67'f, 1^ P«b. 167" - Appointoci an lfiifi:lr.ttrate of Otaten 

(?^!. X. ;;ol. L*nr.. vol. Xi, r,686. ' iv-./^-L ^ 

"'"'v, '=irch 31, 16 V- >oeripr.ion Cx" a nurv -^y Oi ?}j(i acrec 

?1. of Itind on tho oouth nide of St'itnn Icl^md laid out Tor 

Gideon ■'■^ ■yn.t. ot.hare» ( 0-xlrm Lir of Land "p-x^fiT^^ ?I. Y, 

.1. (.lilond- of L'lnri Pir^ort^, v. y, ^ vd, j, p» 66.) 

167'-' f ov, J., ocry 0* trin oounan 01' 2U3 acrctr of laid 

on thft 00'.' th cldc of Otatfin Inlmdj csl.-^o 30 acres ol' i?(U.t 

r.«-v'.owfi lyl ■!'^ ^.t, th/* rr th of Prof'V' Y^\y ^ r-.vtontnd f.o 

uideon. Max-lott c<x\^ hin two sohk, ..To aim ; i^ - uui j ';.mXii^. 

note:- Th« l^poh Kill flp^s west Into 

1 ^ _ . - , .-_ ilcaex Co. , 

II. .T. . - , . / Vc» , 

K'.n^ -!t y -rch "^0, 1685 - ^, An ord^r -r'^.r rrnrTt.'vI ot» the 

praition o:. oosian ;wd PrJtulun i!arlltt for a '::u:-v-:ij jjnu 


dlviiiion r >i.r innArit«<l l''«n(l part of v^Moh ha« 

bnrn r»ol'3 *o r-'ulun lUobai'ds. ( In i'.);il«>na-;Lr or -ounoil 

fjirratnr: , 16 6. .-178 3-^, p. 57 . ) i^^^ f>'l?iL, ->i-«^tc..) 

.6 iU, July r'6,l6ti«>~ .\ ac»>rirrro.tory patent vr...r- ^atitcd 

ruly r:6. 

.•*)raJ3trar!M.-i.r.lnt.t. f tJo location r-.f^n . Jonod. ) ( Ciil'ir^dar of 


ii mimtcr: 1668 -17S3, P. 9c.) (ji^^p. io sl. 


Tilt HARLXTT FAKILY., Jxtie.4 i If-JMi , MJcj , f Uj-»i,.j 
'-•• JftrBrty, Hint, "Iddlesax ^o., . . , p. 'pS? - 

17-59. Landholfl^re and freeholders 168-j- In PiacatiT-'ay, «r, 

Molot alian 2^ H:'.rhind (?) p. 5S«. 1739- c^l<-(«o« ?^'rlott. 

X. tTOf-^JlIUA (or . JG0IA:J ) HJ^.'tL:n.T.fStI^ji.08^'} 
696, 16 96, .^lUii, ":1, atephon Kont of ¥QQdbrld^t^ to 

700-1, « -TV-- 7,-^ 1700-1.) 

■«'-»« 10, rl-^t hi ft da' "*ttle, horfjes, 

i'l-ht, fjur »?'■»*• ye Uip r .' ya eux ...^ aiothor ;:litt aut 
in yft nni^« rr-Arnrr on ye b^ci: ntdo of 70 near ear.* 

17<>':-, Oct, ?U, 1705 - Josr-i' A*e.l»t ft John iJr:Uco 

Oct. j?i;, 

-nnt bond for T'llzanath Piatt Ot Plsoat^wstiy as ad-irln- 
iatratrix ol" her }T,inbnr.'*»a cutat**. ( He wa« R^n©© Hatt , 
ali'io L'-iVlo-er 01 L-r.'fiUr, 1 Fronnh lluntAonot. ) 
( n. Y. A/v^hiv**-?, XXIII, ?57. ) 

L707, Oct, ^9,1707 - ""^i^-^n lard out for ug under " ■'•^-^d 

Dnt. ,'r9. 

for ::^t'>Vf>r K«nt & -^ rlat ^ e«oond dlvialon lot in 

rfdbrldr« Horon Oor»tair»inf? t«r^nty t^o acrco S* ono half," 

( ~r-.r>n-- -l!' '^ ^re-jholdor«a ^JooJc p. 16.) ( ■:;;-u"--/vrn, ) 

TK3 V: TLY. 

170S, Oct, 6, 1708 - Indsrtur© nade In ^% York City 

Oct. 6. 

between J og -l'-.r- ??orl.?t oS* Sf^'S" Jers<=55r, yaor-rai, ir.d 1^, waldron 

of H, Y, Oity ~ ( In oonolderation of th*^- love he bsOi'S 

his 7>ror>ont v.'ii'o Rebecca ) For Ifirida bot ot Stephen K??nt 

1709-10, P»h, 7, 1709-10- Josias >Jqrlattf yooT^-^in, ilowl to 

Feb. 7. 

Jo}!:" Adie, >it>t*i of ■?7oo;l hrldpre for attract of thlrtlc aores» 

for i 11 . ( A lulffoftx Oounhy loui't Heoordn, v.. ) 

, PAUL J- 

ate ": E:HiA_'^^5*3.0t -m*:! ? of ^ I:a*a«a 

vrero for bduotion of a oerv:w\t* 

>7S. Ordore for di- o of 3^:>ul H arlott 

3oo p. 

3 79, Pawlufj r vrriod lysbnth ^iurr^Jrck and appocirs to hav* 

ly If!. 

aottl'^:! in Gtntf^n Isl;m4, ISRue:- J;met Jfi ^ b.ip> .^.isy 18^ 1679 
in FlatbLi«h, ( ac CollooMon ?5ne, Mac, p. 6;'l, Bonjen^o 
Hirt. ffin,-.- Oo,» p. ?wj) ^-^ / y 


-' '. . Hay lo,l6ji.J^ ahlOxi of r^fc 

i'wi'i .-Jilabf?th 3u.i^-Tric. '! f.; J .in Vr^r\->t -aid Llcboth V- mdciTfagl, 
( i'latbiinh (Jhurnh flecoidr; in Yo'-xr nooh of Moll?ind s^oclnty, 
1^93, P. II?, ) 

I^auLJ.^ '^x\t\ Abraham Miiilett ( brothffrs ) lived on 
^00. Otntrjn Inlrmd between l(^gO and 1700 , ( 01ut©»6 Aniiale 

of 'Haton Inl'tnd^ p. 303. ) ' 


16v '. " hfrit of fvoiaiors trho volxuitoercd ror e^-riidltloii 

atJitrsn Inliwid ,- 1 oloth for 5 rhil, ( H, Y. Hist. 
Rftportn, Vol. I, - . ) 

16 . H'soeipt for jjyay for r.ix nontlio aortioe in /»iir«.rd 

at /ilbnjiy, l6Qg Jno > Jforlot. 2, 5, 3^ ( . *'. Hlat. 
napcrt©, I, 399 a«a II, ^9.) 

17-''^. Johri.J4iiz-lett from ataten Inland vu: a volmitccr 

in the oxpAdition "•rainnt Oinala 17,1^ , (. N. ?♦ Hl<?t. 

I?nportr, v'ol. I p. 'J'!?. ) 


16S0 Two brothers Faiil -:?«v1 A.^- '.J.Nrlftt Uvod o?j 

171 . rjtntfm Inlajnd bctr-non 3^680 vv.) r. . aiuto'a imnalt=t 

of Ot>,t0n Iol;\nd, p, 303, ) 


rJhiGtina Piotnro. Icm*n!- M-v .. .u ban. ... ZlflC>7o 
May 16. Ir r.bunh, and ,. bap. Jaay 16, Ijbc^O in Nsn--? 

Utreoht. ' . ..,;^i-. : >rly rn n !0.,p. POO) 

-.31. ^,lnnd T, ;<:7w> M. X '•>»ll<:i oi' Ab£Mi 

' 1 •+; "-l- ,- t7;ui (^roagopozT , . iid llorgriet. 

( Plattoasjh iluij'oh Hocordo In Vo -; Book and lioctatj 
1S9K, p, lOo. ) (^S ^^ / ■ ■ . ^1 '^. ) 

Oar Baptinod IC?,y ? 16 , 3.679 (l6fiO ? ohild or 

.'^^ram III 

1679V /^brah<-aa .Korlnt orifi fihrj-^tlna Pot'^ro ( rs B^ailcu ) or 


""•^^^O , 3t-it''n lolaid, ""!♦. ,- Jf5-Ji B3Ud:ii.n '.'.ni'l ^^'^^^^ ^rolaon, 

7 16 

(Piatmirnh Jhfcroh Vioordn in Book oi' -ol.}>Mnfl .3o«ioty 

1C9<1, P. *5, ^ //^^ ) O -^ A '. . 7 a. , 1 7 ^. 

I60I, Thj? BtHtr?n Iol■^n',•I ?!ourt i<e':si^rds s-at© that ort Jan. J 

/C^/ AbruhsiJa H arlfft^ a/^-i •^^, and Gorton ( evidently Ohrifstins? 


onll-my, Vol. p. 10.) '' 2,7f. ) 

169*^, •- -.0 :'•' — 'tory pat'-^t ••' - -r nte4 to ^br-:ihfun 
JvJ." ■"'6, 

ll-xrlntt, July P.6, 16 y^?. ( Oniondar iU V. GourfOil lanuten 

P, 9'::. location TTH?nt ion ed. ) Ice. /if^. i ?ji^ -j .2.) 1 yf.^Xj.) 

1703. In 1707 ^). ^-Irit wan collector for tho 

Oouth'^m divl'-^^on of P,fxtfrr. Inl-yr>d. ( Otill*roll«s 
&<sne?ilor:lc'a iflaeoll-^iiy, p. 50. ) 

1T18 rdfe Ohrlfttla-n - CJhrl -tine, '■■■■'.: 't •i-.vvrhter of 
Pr^tr-r- ^llliou, ( aiyov, Baliffu, lUllop, -^ty,) of Stnt^^a Ir^lawi. 
( , ;, -'ill - iV>r.tra-.-tn - 3, .3'iV.) '>hc J "• n:Jr;ed In her i'^it.hi-^j* 
■-ill, 1699, ns OJirl.'stnnrso, -Ij-o 4f Abrai^aan Mario fc. 
Her father, In thr will, spalt ^, ^ or iilyoxi. 

* It l8 a rarrlly of nonft proTOlneno© aa "t.' ^ ^ - Xsl'-wd*" 

170s, • " /-an A'br-ihaBJ M=u'let vfhc oottlcd in the 

Oct. ?7. 

Raritan Valley ( :. J.) ijod imd ft «on iJdrok ( HlohHi-d ) 

baptiyod thero Oct, a^,170r;. In -hlch locality f^auillor, of 

IVirlntti rjc- ( ) r9Cid«. ^4**^-. 

'^ird (rCKJoratJoja. 

•-!?W! ron of Abrah-orj ( Oidtooa ) Ho otJvjr rr.iln 
gEsndolifcld of f^ldoon ^>^.f> inirai-^not h n (tlfxsovored. 

yofij I nr;T»t. H , I7t)6 , J^chnr-t ftimot, one c:' propriotors, 

to /i ^raha m liarjett ox' Hao ita".:.y. 600 licioo on ■'•pi;,?i(X Brfiolc 

for / 15-. "( Abroh-ir^ i_^ «to. ). (S-«./v ^ 6-Sr ^>. ^ 

170;:^ m^ 5^irl«t R«tt3.f3<i in naritrun vrai^jy, :;, j, ti«<i 

Oct., r'7. 

had a son JjH rcji:, ( JL'. .) 'Qap-lJ3«d th< re Ortt,. P7f I7r;g^ 

in -hlnh looriil tv f-vrlTifj- of WarlatS now ( / 1 

roslfio. ( Bergen 'n i.xXy af?t,tlftrn oi' JClnrm ao,p.20< ) 

"( AbraJioffi, 1^ etc. ) -( '^ ---*- f^- /"} ^.^ -l ^-Yl.) 

Jimo'*-; Trwton ?<lllr!. ^ -ett oi.' Pincat .-r^y^ 

yc.or>ajn, D?atf>d Junn 6,jJ3.i;; 'lo probato to date, 
r^'lfn , 'llaabnth; Ohlldron.- ' " "; 

?i £! ^fi L'v^orFre, ) 

( / brah;ijr,2©to, ). ' -S -c^ > 

/7/7 ^'^y 10,1717. John Jivrrlnon- Gof>«jrf}et Oo. to 

'=aiaate«th, -ridor/ or_, ri ?,;orl.>tt, Haoata^-ay, for ^ 35 

60 aor«R adjoining hor Ivmd, 


Adrrln, or* >^oth estf.t^^fj war. rr'^j^tGd C©-t, 5> IfTS , to 
? Onrah ;.50J.j.otT. ut.:, Jacoi.^ :'.i'jj..f*y, ( i'hei"<* Ic ixotiiln^^ to 
rfjv^M %yhat relation trero thff peii'tinn to eao?i othor. Or in 
"'hat ^!<-» thoy J'ved. ) ( -U «r. lilla^ Lib. 16, 256.) 




Defjo ■5nd?jit3 of a 'fth. cind Xater £1:6 ne rations. 

jUi^.) ( 5 -c.-y..'2.5''^^.- Trenton Vfllls, ) (^ 3,^ y. . 1 6 ^ ^. ) 

1777, Trenton 'Ullc., - vr^^liarlett !?:?:i^tlni; 

_ Meh.?. 

Pr<<i.l77', to'Ta, fiuntfjrdov •. • . , Y - >• , iroh ^= ^1777 

Jun't; 3. . 

>■— ^">d Ju.'-- I,1Z1«.. 'hildren:- Q±dppp\ Jo?in . P^tpr ^ 

U2id Jib , V aivl a (Minor) d.^«» ( Ife le ) 

Idas, ^ 

Juno 6, Tied Jtinc 6,1.'^C^, /ibrahctn of aound 

Broo}- -^'"^ ^'-"' ' Kin/TBton ol' nt'vtftn Itsltind. ( 'Jiin 

rcoord froi: Rov, AIfr»d K, I)en:*.ror!t of Port Htchtnond , 

ntatpn Ifilmd^ ?T. y. , Feb. 5, 1S96.) 


, . datod Jan, Si, 1R?5. Proved JVu/^. 19, 1825. "ii*® 

Joanna (ipO. ioxi Uioiiard fco liv^j ith }xiv. Rioth il 

hinr doath tb^rn to > 'v use of thn property loft 

to >' ■^. '--^^•>..^o'"'■: John T%rlatt, Hr. , ^d tia, 

TitO'-orthM -'. J. w'ill», Wirr on Co. i'ilea, 1825*) 


1777, (Tx-entcm Wills, ■ " - \rlQnt. - ' ^'iiscat^iv/Fjy , 

-ro^'t'l vcoTron. Dat^ t.h . ^V; 7. -a, f}, 1779. 

To- non Abr?Jr r « : fd j,ui'«>n " :..■ - .■ , _ ■= 

duuf^itor-ln- , ^^th.** to'. 5 dor- or 

^1719, &eorr:<i ?-^-?-?-it , >*1fl^!lpr . to Jclw 
Way 9. 


? , <^:;fi- f,s. Marlett oi" P4ec ^ , "'.-,■ ■ to John 

J*.tr». 97, Wobctor o' . Afrrof^nont In . 4 > . 

17'^0, ( jrit!dlor,n:c ourt ReooxMs ) r Ilott, 

Oct, 27. 

ono of 7 tn»r^f*'^'■o^B of Kl">''-"rTrr Ir c'>.''f» r'^rt-^lnlnf; to a 

four rond ' ^ l-lid c;:. . ..c.-a-7:ici;i- -r^t/O^,?^. c?', 'v 

iniP. , Co£iX^ il'irlatt , Intoftato, : . n !!o. , 

":ar» c 


Aim, ;3"y"t '.'^^ 'r- 

^0. fJl>?n, -:, .7.' ■Wins, IH09 - . ■ 


-^-i -^ 

Addition to Page 284 ; 

GIDEON. Descendants in 4th and later generations 
A. 1683 History Middlesex Co.. N.J., p. 587-Landholders and Freeholders 1683. 

'• '""" VJll 'Z,T '"'^'^ '^^''''' '^'^'''^ ^^^--' (^^-^ Ab.^ cid.l) 

J. / ' ■ 

Mar. P.7, 

Xstid out foi ' r, 

'Girl^on ( />'•'. , /.h., «d?oo. } 9^ /^, xs-o <<..j 

1. V V ^ • ) 

Thor r.'to Gidoon/ — ThoFan M«rlat tc C^d^:^?i 
w-^?*l^it-, •^6"V'->r, '^fth c" Plno-if^TT, for / 100 , 100 acres 
on i}s^xia .'-ircpj- na::t x;;;:iu co»t« cy :;;y i.ivr--r' 
of numet, (5^-/- ^»^^.) 

iov«.Mb. ^3., >?1/^^ ^ ^. ' ) 

Jan» ". 


oi' Burnett . ^5-*-^- /l- ^t,-<!r f. ~ ix-i^ ^"*{jMm. ^» , fju^nJi'-^h "^f^- ^ 


April 2, 

r:-iaeon ; .-, 1-'m. , Pinc-ita-sfa^-, u -.i-^' ;.J.e:?Oj . 

JofK'ph Fits I<?indolph o 


r. 7' 


w\ -hlGh grantor r,o-- d*J"-lla or ^Bycck. 100 acres, 

•^ideon^ ( Atorf^^ «tc. ) (s.^>i,. z V if ^._^,..-: 


{ i'r;-'r-or.,:/iljLii. ; v;!.v:..oori*Marl<;>t ^ Ooworaet Oo, 

M... ^t*^^ 


,'i2c"'ju^o-"', '-••■■•- and frionda, ii. 

Ggp. lfarl«tt -wid ot.hf?r«. Inv. !.■? Ar^rll, .1 ?U7- not footed up..^^^ 

(}y1 XI n ».T A .1 -^-ll j/^ 



J^ -*--^eUL.yy^JicU^yJ^ •-'«/>- ^X-/^. a—^n-xL. dCoJCuf^-, ■^.A^.tA.(iCfeJ#-^t^ ^>»->.^ 

1779, Rol'orr-«>d Dutch Church of Pra?ehold, at i£-rlboro. 

3-^^ 19. 

; r'orlit rraa rcarried to Anre '^jrron. 

Dy.tod Aur:. 10,j.?gO. Pri^feated aept, H),17?0, Fife Lydla; 
179^, Letters o.r Adrrlnlntra of Jc?ir? "orlattj 

''-*..'^ nf *'1»1r!V-.'--T ., •-r-ri> -^-'-^rr^A '^'\ ,.JJ56_.T'0 Jacob 

>':i.y ?1. 

3797, . 

Feb. 17.'i" : 'oriatt , Jr. Int^'tt. -t..-*, 'iusseoc ao», . . . , 

Ailmlnl ntrator rlia7?or ^^ith ol' .?£_'£.. !3ond«ri?jn 


1S2U, Fill, JfiJm P» Molatt, nflold t^,,aun?5ox ro., 

. '. -•t.-.s .Tniv A, Isr^n^ •pr.'•v^'*•^•«- «v % 17, If J'.. 
/V 2.jV^. Provi'.ioc Uiut |?d:: -^.li'o, "^Ith I»oi i"i:.,Jly, ohttll liavo the 

\ian of hj » l-Tua until the y-. t la ;?!« Refarc to 

hlo o)»ll(l?''^!' v**!* iOi'>" rtf-t. M "••^'f^ ^> «>!'', !^ocvit,orp!: — 
^ilM-'i;" Ooopcr mvl Jucob Her.ry* Inventory tai:?sn July 19, 
1S'»H, by Bivnajrih Owstln and Ja^san "I'vito , -.;k..'Fj tot=il Of 
^^It^ll.^f''. ( ^•. -T. "riiin.^a !?ex Co . flles^ 152'}-. ) 

y 7 

/ r C' jL if. 

'■.... 4- '■!_ 

John f^ fr^.\ 

vT. VaiTT A-lViT/rt. Titeoirtorn: 3or»o Jp lip rm^i J, yi pb i-'-ir 1 r t, t , 

<). )r3 to havf. «!jual shrxrcn of mor.icc:* Grortdautihtor 

l*^'^' Invrintory t.ikon L'ay H, IS«tl, f.-ho'ved total of 01151.1.V, 
(:;. .1. "?il.Tr;, barren p_c. rilos , Igni. } 


. ■ Til:. J' <L; T: lil-^ILy. „ 

/--t^>^-4.>-- .A v-^ ( ^e{., tJL^yuAj»^^-- M 

^ 1706. 

15?, #!ivcr a cor.eufj of th»> InhhM' mte «>f titxt^n lali-^d, 1706. 
TTt? n---*?^ Jprrrh '^-rl^tt 'rt*^. ?^ 1*^ ''IV'^. - list incllKlGS 

not Tncr';j.y '_:; : r.c.iii:: p>- - niJi'js, out. ^:urw';i"t.3 to be -x ' ■" t, 
of pv««ry cm*i livlnr* <^n tho Irlind. "o othTO of thf f^,«7iily 
bpinr rnrtloTifd li''!i ^^!•^t e7p"'-y>h ^ '«■■ iocl, ( Hits 

a^e^ c''i , in 17'-* "oiia paii^jo 11: r niiLi; zn j.u.j..'«; Poscioly 
thin Jon©-nh r^'lrht 1 fcho con nithr. of Joahua (Oloftiaa), 

Paul, Join or jlbra'i'ir, -ho In 16^2 rrnre nr.od remeotlvoly 
35, .'J 3, ?6, cii!'.i 24, 

It '^OL-li 'Of< int^r<^.rtlr\' to d' 

was! oontTHporHry ^ith oldoon'D only kno^"' 

. ■' , ( Hecrrur: o .'.'Bforir^Ci ;ut.t';i ''huroh ' 

York, Vol, 1. ) Jonorll Mwrlot licI Hobeooa D«u*ort tr:ir. i>»o» U, 

( ;jo.'i :.: , ;, L^iie:.JLc' ' '' n:. :jio;:i"..!.i':u. ? '«). r.uuuiu, .*j,» -'- ,i' '-»■■■ 

I71f' , 

on tfitatff of Jfi^iiiiili «i.rl«?tt or Tfoodbii i,. ., (iont^t,, granted to 
/'.Icx'indcr Walker jf prlru:ipi»l crftditoi'. 

1715, -.tor ■fills- ,71'-'. "ond cf fi-ir-Oi Mario t 

ap Adr, of th<» 96tHt« of har lat<? hur'^ >•* ' Jogf>yn yarl^tt. 
d«G»d, cf ->, Follow bon<l'r'..;iii * Geo* ".rLrl<>t.t , 'nos. Chon; 



RichaTd. Jj.^L'Y- . 

Jan. 16, 17G5, Married- DirV: (Plchard) Morlett and Jennet;)e 
Vlier"boom, v/idow. ^ t-^.. 

Marriage licence. Nov, 23, 1772, RiohaTd Marlatt of Read- 
ingto^m, I^nterdon Co., and Nelly Marlatt, Bondsman, John Low 
of Reading Town,^ rHe-* Richard^ of Richard"* ( ATofeaham^'^ , Gideon-^ 

She- Nelle or Nelly^ ( AbTaham^ , Thos,"*, A'braham'^''^ , Gideon-'-. 

-See 'jv?- «9© ,- ^»d:il 4€t*ed Mi»ro]» fr ^ ■ iy y7. ^ 

^cKtcX^V^^U), ^:X^i %^,J •,6U;^*7c. 


The will of George Schajnp of Reading tovmship, Himterden 
Co., dated 1760, names dan, Yonika (p.lso given elsewhere as 
'Vjniclja, Yanaika ^: Yanaka,) late wife of Derick Merlat 5: her 
children- (not named.) Seejip. aw, ^ v^A-., i''"f^*'.c,.^-y 2-^5^^' ^ 

Doc, 3, 1770, Margaret Soharap, widow of Geo, Sohamp, late 

of Hunterdon Co., N.J,, deceased,- to various heirs of Geo, 

Scharcp, including sons and daughters of Yonicka, daughter of Geo. 

Schamp and late wife of Deriok Morlett. Children: Atraham, 

George, Derick, Gideon, Margaret, Eli?;aheth, Yonicka,- ^11 named 
Morlett. Not named in order of tiirth. For baptisms see p. ge%. 2 <ry 

■'■^r-^rr ^05V 

r ,8 .oof 


\ t T^\r 

^'',• ■■■. + rT' r' 

■'■■■ r-rr-r 

, , ■JJ.'i'J, 


, ThORBT t'^ qtoepn, Uhrah ""'', I'^'SP, "^s. i-Ierlat to r:iy!ron 

Mprlnt, v-'cnver, t)ot,h of Pi«o«tav7Ry, -Tor - 100, 3 00 acre a on 
T^oim-i ^ooK, npxt l&nS Towp'^t. vy Ry fftthry of "FMrnet. Thpnep"* 
?• OMeon^ of AbT8h«»*^( AV.rahftn'\ qirteon-^.) fpc >->, r"77, -iRtef! 

l^Cf^, 1'70R, l"?!-?- iHlflO I'?!'''. 



(Trrnton ^illfl) - 'PlAoTnaa Marlfttt , v.owTset Co., clatfxl Aur, 

ed ?i", 1*74^, proved 1*748/0 . rsniidTen; Abraliam* ipiw^ Thoriae, l4ark. 

Alno three 4m>rhter?! (not narKut, ) '•'Iff^ Nelly, Mentions hoitse Do* 

In ■"Iroetavay "neftT tlie Pound T^ook." Tixeoutora, wife end Jonn 

Poimrt, ,]T» iJaiZM'fJt and Catnerlne two,. d'auprhterR , ^-,prol)aMy 
N«lly the tnirrt. Ree p. rrR; also iip. 30-1-r, 

'mi Ian, 

^, Mrllrtr, Ronernet no,, datpd Apr, 4, I'J'SR, Proved 
Sept. n, 1780. '"l-Te Oharlty - 1/3 of" entate, Children; '"j.lllr.r' . 
Z112!2— .• '^^"7lty , •ll'^rii'Ot]! and ?oi?eooR i-!flletr, Kxeoutoro; wife 
OTmrlty, non '"lliiaia, Capt, ,Tonn Lltle ' Thoc, ""IfTfTlne, ("'. J, 
'"illP, Borneraet Fllrp, i'^ao. ) C^pp )i« depoendar^t of Jonla^ ) 
roc p, PI, 


A'prl. '1. 


^"^ ■' • { 3-^^^. '2.S"!>- ^"^ ^0^^ 

IfJf^l. I711.t Of LL ?« i^ ._,, i5n, 

Monricuth ^-o., . •' . , u tt«d 5J«>v, 5, 1S?1. ?rob.-ti?<i 
liov. ?7,1-".'K IIitrpB rrif"^ loabil- house •an.d lot 
wher<!i I nor? llvr. ^^hildrrn Lldlxi M?if;achan , 

Jawae -A, Itarlatt, •< , , irlatt^ Lft7J.r ?Jariar( L®ah 

Gr::uTl •,.1;,!'. '^ 111 ) dri'*. of n«T! .fc'-"" 

loll. fjlohciol Worlatt, rr?««hold tT»p, Intestatft, 

AdTnln, ( 1 '?«»b» 3, l'*I?, to «To'}oph F.-.tterKcn, 

Inv«r>t;r>ry t '}"^r» D'?o , ^.i , , b;? tl-'.r'v»f>i Pr«sl«r & 

John L*?' , .ri-l-Hl^'!?: ': . . . -. «iil« 

A'^onraeuth . :'iloj» If^l;^-!' >), 


TTll]- Ji" -^rlatt, Pro'^hold^ Int<*stFit.f5 . 

i), Oorov^Tj . '. .1^.:::..; •-: ; . . ■-. Jillfj^ ^onr^outh do, 

i?iioK, ism-ib) 


AmjP:» 23. -^^ 

lBl>3nU ni'C'-.nod k\w.* ?^, j,n;'I, by upr.ettlnr or 

canoe, ('^>1. I,P» (:.> ) /?4 ?f» Y, Will 

Abatraot::., pub, H* y* Hiet. Ooc, ) 

1772, (^'ar. Lloenneo ) Dec, .31, 177? » An^l J.^sirlet 

Deo. 31. 

' "fff, O'lvl?, r?uiifi*x '^<>, TJornicKun Adum Vim* .ge 

Doc, 7. * "J'p a21 p«roon« th-\t i»»ay iH» '«oncQiTiod KJtio»Fr 

yo that John Talller »!raa r^a^ le4 to H;u-y ^*ttrlct, -idorr 
D«or»wb«r y*! 7t.h, 1635, i3y m? iJ.'KnUol Halt;. ( A .iiistico 

( Aocve fostfid iqidor thn T«a, in the airyf^ndlx t,o 
D»a»l»y«e Woodbrlcin^*, . "■^. 

• '• ;- A John Tailler hfjrt by 'Tif* 8ar^>i» 

■ldr*5n - ?^'!.ry»l676, cr^^ lA.-th 1675 » bo:n 

•^ ISOO, ?"irlbcro(" .) Oh, Records? , f.^arried 

• -W 19. 

Gar all. 
^ 1{?0^, r 

Juno '^. "•■•■rv-led Jiuvj ;>6,iao3, aar-^h yi:'cvrl«t & Joseph ^oolf 

•^tft_-n_£»C 'X it^i-C^ yfi^-J 'jJ^' 

May 6. 

BartoJ" { Barton. 


July I'l. ( UarrlafT^ llo«n'-- "^ ^' ''•- "• " ,LI1Q.» Oat horiyxa 

I'lt WJd John t^'Oldtr.-yt), •* -o, Che a wldO«^« 

rrnll-. . 

/ A-^t', ) 

176.1 » 

Juno 13. ('ur 1 i f Liccnoon.) June l"? , 17'?X.. fHy ?(arl«t 


> 1- Joh-s 'o, ( S -t.-< f^- uO> 6 A- 

?Tov,30. ^ -t Merlrit ^, 

?I, J,, and Jrioob ??illi ir.Ecn. "v>v. 30,iZI?„. ondswan- 

P^lrrard T/lIrrot, Jr., of RftulSn^: v.cnahip, (- ;,\.-^y-;>' 2.(.- 



oomo Books oi i^si^orencG, 

H* Y. Bl. fit Gffn. Roo. Vol. l!;,p. 37. 
•Mnrlltt., Gldoon, -rii''t rmd fovvr ohlldron, ir>, 8,6,»ij Oct. 
1663." In /lint o"' ^- • ''- Ir!mlx?;r;mtB to ??ow l?«therl:mdQ.'' 
In iTnlp TJo. 35, vl?-.: - xiMT^orlajnd ciTuroh, ( Fron- LeyUon, Moll and. 

^ . , i..var. . c^ Blo^rraphiccil rfdoor'i , ^- , , . ; 
Rocordn o^;' the Poforr:'*.! Dutch :hurch l:* If*'' .'ork, 

3©«* Dooi»i«^nt-.r-y if 1st.!* of JU Y. t^arto, Vol. MI, 

•or," ■; r/"'-: oi ".*»ttl«»rc In ;,'0noolHorwyok fr<Hii 
I6.3n - Jt^iW")":^ 

*^anc 0< 0'ai-^iri»r •■'A'.'t, of Ne-^ I?ethcrl«ndr;, Vol. T, 

">.""•■'■ taJf^Ji ^'^'''-^•the Roll of Oathr- li? Kinr^j ■:^o,, 

-^3e*s Deo, Hint, of thr^ Otat-^ o ... ^arto , Vol, 1, 

or Kary 7orJc, Vol. 1;.. 

The Txovolutlon, Vol. I, Berthold P-^rro'^', p^^-^e 295. 




4. Tnifd Battalion ( Moha-rjt;)^ Xut, n©,, Aug* 26, 

1775, T^Riffti , r^ldcon -^'arlott - Heappointod June J?5»177S. 

A copy tn L-Tvv Llbrjuy, Washington ^ D, 0, of 
folios of Vn. f'n. ind Tjonorln r.f Vt,, Oo» 

Hp'' Lint. In Baocn'r P»\^<jllion. 

^. r.f.-'%t*n "^ ".-r-.orv of Va. in; referred t-"- '^w- 

(/-juTtpooll '.t"J irx-iiUK Viji-y ruii oi' uatiile of early S0ti.lQ.x^a» 

Boxaf^on-.ry. tleKlnir.con'iOS of th'? /i^^Hcim 

HeTolrition ( rolatlnr to ^vj^ntB rrhlch occurea ii^ .n- 
vlolalty of .Albany on tho -;. .^ n, Bloodr-coct, 1566* 

3«« p.