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Clje JHitcftell librarp 

JfounDeb 1874. 





Digitized by tine Internet Arcinive 

in 2011 witii funding from 

National Library of Scotland 



Eff^. ^^. Esf^. 


Alfo, a Lift of the 





__ -= rORTERS, 



"CAI'^L, ^ 










Froj7t JuLT iSOo, to February 1807, 



1 805, 

/3 %sos 

From JULr\%05, till FEBRUARY 1807. 

August 1805, 

February 1806. 

Thurf. I 8 15 22 2.9 Satur. 
Rid. % 9 16 23 30 Sun. 
Satur. 3 10 17 24 31 Mon. 
Sun. 4 II iS 25 Tuef. 
Mon. 5 12 19 26 Wed. 
Tuef. 6 13 io 27 riuuf. 

"Wed. 7 14 at 28 . Frid. 

Pnn. I 8 15 -22 29 ^atur. 
Men. 2 9 16 23 30 -Sun. 
Tuef. 3 1'-^ -17 24 Ivior. 
Wed. 4 15^8 *5 »i^'-^- 
Thurf. .5 12 19 26 Wed 
Frld. 6 13 20 27 rhurf. 

Satur. 7 14 21 28 Fnd. 

Tuef, I 8 15 22 29 Tuef 
Wed. 2 9 16 23 30 Wed. 
Thurf. 3 10 17 24 3' I'huff. 
Frid, 4 II 18 25 Fnd. 
Sstftr. 5 12 19 26 Samr. 
Su^. 6 13 20 27 Sur 

Alon. 7 14 21 'io Mon. 







8 ij 22 

9 16 23 
10 .7 24 
ti 18 2 J 

12 19 26 

13 20 27 
J 4 21 28 













1 8 15 22 29 

2 9 16 23 

3 10 17 ^4 31 

4 II 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

UARY l8c6. 

1 8 15 22 

2 9 16 7.3 

3 10 17 24 

4 If 10 25 

5 12 T9 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 SI 28 

1 8 15 22 

2 9 16 23 

3 10 17 24 

4 II 18 25 

5 IS 19 26 
613 20 27 
7 14 21 28 

1 8 15 22 29 

2 9 16 23 30 

3 10 17 24 3^ 

4 IX 18 2J 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 lo 

August 1806. 
Frld. I 8 Ij 22 49 
a 9 i^ *3 30 
3 lo 17 14 3s 
411 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 
Fhurf. 7 14 21 28 






















8 \$ 22 29 

9 10 23 30 

10 17 24 

11 18 25 

12 19 26 

13 20 27 

14 21 38 
May. ' 

1 8 15 2 2 29 

2 9 16 23 30 

3 10 17 24 31 

4 II 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

I 8 15 22 29 
a 9 16 23 30 

3 'o 17 i4 

4 II 18 25 

I 8 15 22 2f> 
a 9 16 a3 30 

3 10 17 24 

4 II 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 








8 15 22 29 

9 16 2'^ 3a 

10 17 24 31 

11 18 25 

12 19 26 

13 20 27 

14 21 28 







rhurf. 5 12 19 26 




Fhu f. 





6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

1 8 15 22 29 

2 9 16 23 3c 

3 10 17 24 3^ 
411 1 8 25 

5 12 19 i6 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 23 

1 S 15 23 29 

2 9 i6 23 30 

3 10 17 24 

4 11 18 25 

5 12 19 26 
Thurf 6 13 20 27 
Frid. 7 1.4 21 28 

Mon. I 8 15 22 29 
Tuef. 2 9 16 23 3c 
Wed. 3 To 17 24 31 
Thurf. 4 II 18 25 
Frid. 5 12T9 25 
Satur. 6 13 20 27 
Sun. 7 14 21 28 
January 1807. 
Thurf. 1 8 15 22 2c 
I'rid. 3 9 16 23 3c 

3 10 17 24 31 

4 II 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 %l aB 





- AD AI 

A<iam, John, watchmaker, 50, High-ftreet 
Adam. J. Prince of Wiles tavern, 33, Brunfvvick-nfto 
Adam, M. Engli{h teacher, 402, Gallowgate 
I Adam, Alex, cotton and worded (liop, 58, do. 
Adam, Alexander, meal- feller, 85, Bridge^atc 
Adam, David, grocer, 26, John-ftrset 
Adam, Mrs. midwife, (iorbals 
Adamfon, Frederick, manafaft. 6Bt Glafsford-ftteet 
Adamfon, John, agent, 2S, Hutchefon-tlreet 
Adshead, James, lapidary, 13, King ftreet 
sAikenhead, James, baker, 4-9, Argyll- llreet 
Aikman, Rob. fpirit- dealer, Gibfon-ftr. Gallowgate 
Ainflie, William, foap and candle fhop, Gorbals 
Aird, Wm. faddler, ArgylUlireet, corner of Virginia* 

ilreet, houfe, corner of Danlop-ftrett 
Aird, William, iiocking (hop, 1, Saltmarket 
Aird, Robert, faddler, Gorbals 
Aird, Hugh, glut-maker, Bridgegate 
Aitchefon, William, writer, 78, Trongate 
Aitchefon, John, yarn warehoufe, 22, Virglnh-ibt^, 
Aitchefon & Smith, manufacturers, at the Crofs 
Aitchefon, Bafil, joiner, head of John-ftreet 
Aitken, James, tailor, 39, Prince's ftreet 
Aitken & Campbell, fiik mercers, Sec. 38, Trongate 
Aitken, William, cloth and furnilhiiig {hop, 39, do» 

lodgings, 115, Stockwell 
Aitken, James, Edin. & Leith carrier, S3, Candleriggs 
Aitken, John, ^ Co. tobacconifts, 123, High-ftiu 

AI t 6 ] AI 

Alton, -John, tailor, 112, Saltmarket 
Alexander, John, comb-maker. Tontine clefs 
Alexander, James, warehoufeman, 34-, Tiongatej 

houfe, B5y St. Andrew's iquare 
Alexander, John, dentift, 449, Gallowgate 
Alexander, F. oil and colourman, 8, Argyll-ftreet 
Alexander, John, merchant, Horn's court. 
Alexander, major John, barrack-mafter, at Mr§, 

Alexander's, 12, George's fquare 
Alexander, R. F. & Co. merchants, St. A. fqr.eafl. fide 
Alexander & Miiliken, (locking manufacturers, 33, 

Alexander, D. baker, 239, High-flrect 
Alexander James, grocer, 220, do. 
Alexander, Robert, tobacconift, 20, do. 
Alexander & Scott, hik and worlled (hop, 116, 

Alexander, D. manufadurer, 13, St. Andrew's lane 
Alexander, Robert, merchant, 12, Candleriggs 
Alexander, Andrew, grocer, 126, Bridgegate 
Algie, Charles, EngUQi, French, Latin, and Greek 

Academy, 421, Gallowgate 
Allan, David, jun^ & Co. hofiers, 50, St. A. fquare 
Allan, Alex. jun. & Co. flocking manufac'"^ 44-, do. 
Allan, James, baker, 57, Bell-ftreet 
Allan, Thomas, vintner, 125, Gallowgate 
Allan, John, fmith, 23, John-ftreet 
Allan, James, haberdalher, 81, Bell-ftreet 
Allan & Coats, yarn ihop, 79, High-ftreet 
Allan^ Charles, fpint-dealer, 12, do. 
Allan, Wm. & Co. manufacturers 5, Saltmarket 
Allan, WiUiam, manufacturer, 85, Candleriggs " 
Allan, Thomas, joiner, 22, Bridgegate 

AL t 7 5 AN 

Allan, Adam, ihoemakcr, 20, Saltmarket 

Allan, Mrs. Hugh, vintner, 402, Gallowgate 

Allan, William, grocer, 61, Bridgegatc 

Allifon, David, teacher of Latin, Public Grammar 

School, 95, John-ftreet 
Allifon, Thomas, (hoe-fhop, S5, Trongate 
Alfton, Bell & Hervey, (ilk warehoufemen, S4, do. 
Alfton, John, merchant, lodging, 5hortridge's land,^ 

corner of Duniop-flreet 
Alfton, John, & Son, infurarce-brokers. Exchange 
Alfton, -7-—, of Wefterton, Carlton Place 
Alfton, Thos. & Son, manufadurers, 55, St. A. fqt^ 
Alfton, William, merchant, Reid*s land, Argyll-ftr. 
Anderfon, James, jun. do. 14, Trongate 
Andcrfon, John, do. 2 J , do. 

Anderfon, James, fen. do. 15, do. 
Anderfon, John, Jun do. 16, da. 
Anderfon, Robert, writer, Wallace-court, Bpll-ftreet 
Anderfon, John, do. Blackftock's land, 83, Saltm. 
Anderfon, William, furgeon, 1S7, Stockwc!! 
Anderfon*s Inftitution, Ledlure-room, 3, John-ftreet' 
Anderfon, Bannatyne & Co. manuf". warchoufe, 19, 

Hutchefon-ftr, counting-houfe, 87, Glafsford ftr, 
Anderfon, James, tailor, 43, Prince's ftreet 
Anderfon, Thomas, glazier, 122, George- ftreeC 
Anderfon, Matthew, baker, 219, do, 
Anderfon, Robert, joiner, 77, Gallowgate 
Anderfon, Andrew, al A. Liddel & Go's Stirling fqr. 
Anderfon, George, grocer, 135, Stock well 
Anderfon, D. damafk, diaper, and plain linen weaver, 

11 Tafbert-ftreet, Dean fide 
Anderfon, J. dealer in furniture, 10, Bridgegat^ 
j^nderfon, D. grocer, 70, High- ftreet 

AN t $ 3 AR 

Ar^^^y^ox), Alex, baker, Hutchcfontown 
/.nderfon, John, fpirit-dealer, 462, Gallowgate 
Andtrfon, Tho & CoV hardware iliop, 177, Saitm. 
Anderfon, Wiliiam, fmith, 51, Saltmarket 
A'^derfon, John, brickmaker, eaft end of Gallowgate 
Anderfon James, do. do, do. 

Anderfon, William, tanner, Old Vennal 
Anderfon, John, reedmakcr, 4*4>2, Gallowgate 
Ande fon, Tiipmas, grocer, 292. High^llreet 
Anderfon, .'^^Icxander, manufadturer, 72, BcU-flreetL 
Anderfon, James, porter-houfcj 20, tJaltmarket 
Andrew, Jaue^, fpirir-dealer, 55, Candleriggs 
Andrew's furnifhed lodgings, 11^, I'rongate 
Angus, Archibald, meal-dealer, Great Dovehill, 
Angus, Mrs taiior, New-Wynd 
Angus, Wilham, teacher ofEngliOi, 6B^ Academyj 

74, Glafsford-flreet 
Aoigus, Ja*- manufaflurer, Sidney court, Argyll-ftr. 
Arbuckie, James, glafs-cutter, 249, High ftr(ret. 
Archibald, -R. & Co, bakers, (53, Ingram- (Ireet 
Armour, John, fen. tailor, head of the Old Wynd 
iVrmour, John, tailor, 4c 9^ Gallowgate 
Arneil, J. baker, 6^ Stockweli 

Arnot, A\lexander, lodging, Carfwell's court, Geo.-ftr. 
Arnot, Thomas, manuffi<Slurer, 7, Hutchefon-flreet 
Arnot, Peter, Scotch cloth merchant, 10, Gallowgate- 
Arrott, Colin & Co. merchants, 94, Candleriggs 
Ai'fhur ^ Allifon, msncfafrurers, 459, Gallowgate 
Arthur, Archibald, manufaflurer, Charlotte-lane 
Arthur, William, tailor, Currie's clofs, High-ftreet; 
Arthurs, Meale & Go. yarnwareho. SI, Hutchefon dr. 
Arthur, Robert & John, manufadurers, 51, dp^ 
^l^nhur, James, yintner, 56^ Hig|i-rxre&f 

Arthur, William, manufa£turer, 29, St. And. flreet 
Arthur, Tho. St Rob manufa(f>urrrs>S2, Brunfw.-Rn 
Arthur, Alex- manufadurer 20, St. And. fquare 
Arthur, John, cooper, IVlv'Xwell-ilfect . 
Atwell, baflcet-maker, Weaver llreet 
A0emb!y Rooms 51, Ingrararftreet 
Auchie, Ure & Co. merchants, Po(l-ofHce court 
Auchinclofs, William; fpirit^deaier, 161, ' rongate 
Auchinc'ofs, William, at Wiiiiam Taylor & Co's 
Auchinvole, G. ironmonger, 26, Gallow'gate 
Aulei, Hugh, , do. 429, do. 

Auld, Robert, agent, 78, Brunfwickfireet 
Auld, William, hairdrcller, ^5, Argyll flreet 
Auftin & M'Aflan, nurfery-men, 114, Trongate 
Audio, George, merchant, 63, liutchefon-tlreet 
Aylev/ard, Michael, vintner, 312, High flreet 


BallUe, Mrs. R. cooperage, 132, Trongate 
Bailiie, Robert, merchant, 29, Ingram-ftreet 
Baiilie, Mifs, milliner, 115, Nelfon-dreet 
Bailiie, William, manufacturer, 123, Gallowgate 
Baiilie, J, fpirit- dealer, 91> Candleriggs 
Bain, Jofeph, mail-coach ofRce, 164, Trongate 
Bain, John, grocer, 103, King-iireet 
l';aird,Jame8,colourman,|3runrvv ftr. & 164, Stock well 
iS'aird, John, woollen- draper, 330, High-(treet 
Baird, H, & R. engineers, Cana! Old Bafon 
Baird, Andre v/, fpirir-crliar, 81, New-wynd 
Bnirdj John, vintner, 139, Saltmarket 
Baird, John, fpirit-deaicr, Gorbals 
Baird, Jt)hn, foot of 5t. Enoch's fquare 

Baird, Alexander, grocer, 64, Argyll-ftreet 

Baird, S. flioe (liop, Gibfon's land, 163, Saltmarket 

Baird, Thomas & Co. fpirit-dealers, 30, Stockwell 

Baird, furgeon, 94^, Candleriggs 

Baird, Thomas, bleacher, P. Shaws, 6, 
Baird, John, fpirit-dealer, 216, High-ftreet 
Baird, James, baker, Tradeftown 
Bdlcanqual, WiHiam, cotk-cutter, 35, Prince's flreet 
Bilcanqiiai & Header fon, cork-cutters, King-ftreet 
Balcanqual & dairns. do. 88, do» 

Bald, William, fpirit-fhop, 384-, Gallov/gate 
Bald, Peter & Son, dryfaJters, 18, St. Andrew^s lane 
Bald, Andrew, furveyor of taxes, 18, do. do. 
Baldfrfcon, William, baker, 43, High-flreet 
Balfour, William, lottery office, 13, Nelfon-ftreet 
Balfour, Rev. Dr. Robert, North Hanover-ftreet 
Ballantine, William, (hoe-fhop, 34, Prince's ftreet 
Ballantlne, Jn. copper and tin-fmith, 404, Gallowgate 
Ballantine, Wm. & Co. calico printers 12, St. A. fqr^ 
Ballantine, James, mafon, Tradeilown 
Ballantine, John, fpirit-dealer, 23, Qaeen-flreet 
Ballantine, Alexander, leather-cutter, Nev/-Wynd 
Ballantine, John, fhoe fhop, 61, Prince's ftreet 
Ballantine, George, fpirit-dealer, 240, High-ftree« 
Ballantine, Andrew, manufacturer, 7, St. And. lane 
Ballingall, Andrew, writer, 39, GJafsfoTd-{lreet,lodg» 

ing, 52, John-(lreet 
Ballingall, Thomas, writer, 13^, Trongate, lodging 

52, John-ftreet 
Ballingall, Robert, merchant, Virginia-ftreet, lodging 

52> John-ftreet 
Ballingall, John, do, do. do, 

Balmanno, Dr. John, head of Montrcfe-ftre^^ 

BA [ 11 ] BE 

Balmanno, druggift, 30, Trongate 
Bank of Scotland, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Banks, Jolm, fpirit-dealer, 309, Gallowgate 
Banks, Wm. teacher of Englifh, 33, Glafsford-ftn 
:Banks, Mifles, mantua-makers, corner of Drygate 
Banoatyne, D. & J. merchants, 87, Giafsford-ftreet 
Bannatyne, Arch, manufadurer, 60, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Bannerman & Auftin, manufadturiirs. Trades* land 
Bannerman, Johni joiner, 283, High-ftrect 
Barbour, Humphry, merchant, 30, Candleriggs 
Barclay, John, tailor, 150, Trongate 
Barclay, John, foap and candle {hop, 93, Glafsford-ftr. 
Barclay & Smith, manufadurers, 18, High-flreet 
Barony SefHon Clerk's office, 19, St. Andw.Jquare 
Barr, Robert, manufadurer, 84', King-ftreet 
Barr, J. & R. Ul, Trongate 
Barr, John, manufadturer, 297, High-ftreet 
Barr, David, manufacturer, 8, Nelfon-ftreet 
Barr & M<Into(h, manufa£lurers, 6, Bell-ftreet 
Barrie, Arch, grocer, 113, Rotten-row 
Barnhill, James, & Co. tanners, Lancefieli 
Bartholomew, John, manufadurer, 19, St. And. fir. 
Barton, Benjamin, CommifTary Clerk, 177, Trongate 
Barton, James, hairdrelfer, 108, George-ftreet 
Baichin, Birkmyre & Co. manufacturers, 76, Hut- 

Baxter, Andrew, (lone- ware fliop, 56, King-ilreet ^"^ 
Baxter, J. & Co. Italian warehoufe, 102, Candlerigs 
Bayne, John, manufadurer, 12, Wilfon-ftrect 
Bayne, Archibald » agent, 94«, Candleriggs 
Begerney, Warender, beadle, 16, New-Wynd 
Beith, Archibaidj fhoe (hop, 12,.StockweU 
Bei^h, James, ber.dle^ 135^ SaUmarket . , , 

- • - : : • M ■ 

Belth, William, at John Hamilton's, 78> TrongalS 

Belch, Andrew, 94, Candleriggs 

Bell, fames, merchant. S3, Vir^inia-ftrect 

Bell & Boyd, cloth and fiJk (hoo 37, Tronjrate 

Bell, John, fire brickmaker, Barrack-llr. Gallovvgnte 

Bell, Rob brickmaker ik builder, do. do. 

i3el] & M Galium, ironmongers, 6, High-ftreet 

Beil,. Richard, & Co fagar refia-rs, 125, 8tockwell 

Bell, Walter, woollen-draper, 173, Trongate 

Bel!/ James, agent, 8t. Ar.drev;'s fquare, eafl fide 

Beil, Mrs grocer, 63 Bndgegate 

Beil, James, do. 349, Gallovvgate 

Bell, George^ copperfmith, 69, Saltmarket 

Bel], Robert, lodging, Mrs Bell's, 47, Argyll-fl:reet 

Bell, James, merchant, 122, Stockwell 

Bell, Vv^illiam, do. do. 

Bell, John, infurance broker, Tontme buildings 

Bell, Ballingall & Co. merchants, '26, Brunfwick-fti'* 

Bell & . SsiU, printers. Trades' land, at the Cro§ 

Bell, James, maltman, at the Calton Crofs 

Bell, Henry, architect, 132, Trongats 

Belton, John, vintner, 26, Saltmarket 

Bennet, John,- writer. Pro. Fifcal, City Clerks* Chsmbo 

Bennett, William, infufance-broker, 187, Exchange^ 

lodging, Charlotte- ftreet 
Be-nnie, John, baker, Anderflori 
Bennie, John, grocer, 216, George-flreet 
Bennie, William, grocer, Gorbals 
Berry,. John, baker, 114, Saltmarket 
Berry, John, merchant, 49, Virginia-flreet 
Berwick Old Shipping Company, 132, Trongate 
Berwick New Shipping Company, St. ^Andrew's fq. 
Beveridge, Thomas, bncL maker, Great DovehiU ■ ^ 

6E £ i^ ] BL 

Sewley, Thomfbh, Ovington, & Co. maniifa£lur€M^ 

1, Cochrane- ftreet 
Btggart, B. 12, South Frederick ftreet 
Birmrngham, William, vintner, IS9, Saltmarket 
Birrell^ Alexander, ilioemaker, 1, New-Wynd 
Bifhop, William, reedmaker, 449, Gallowgate 
Biifland, Alex, dealer in old books, 98, High- ftreet' 
Black, John, & Co. calico -printers, Buchanaii's court, 

Biack, John, merchant, lodging, Jamaica-ftreet 
Black, James, merchant, lodging, 25, George^s fquare 
Black, James, & Co. merchants, 54, Miller-ftreet 
Black, Ifabella, muilin and Hnen ftiop, 78, Bell-ftrect 
Black, David, tobacconift, 38, Gallowgate 
Black, David, fpirlt-dealer, 124, do. 
Black, Alexander, 36, do. 

Black, John, hofier, 159, do. 

Black & M'Creadie, fpirit fliop, 55, High-ftreet 
Black, Thomas, card factory, 3, Montrofe-ftreet 
Black, James, vintner, 459, Gallowgate 
Blackburn, W. & Co. manufacturers, 12, Wilfon-ftr, 
Blackwood, John, tambourer, 12, do. 

Blaikie, Francis, general agent and broker, Poft 

Office Court) Trongate 
Blair, Geotge, writer, 15, Gallowgate 
Blair, Walter, grocer, S04, do. 
Blair & Morifon, caiendrers, 46, High-Rreet 
Blair, Alf»xander, trunkmaker, 3, Montrofe-ftreet 
Blair, Wallace & Co. yarn-merchants, 10, Wilfon-ftr, 
Blair, Bobert, merchant, 55y Charlotte-ftreet 
Blair, John, 8c Co. hofiers, SO, Trongate 
Blair^ John, vintner, 54, Candkriggs 
. B- 

%t C H J BO 

Bbir, Archibald, japanner, 9, Argyll-dreet 
Blair, John, horfefetter, 9, Stockwell 
Bliiir, William, baker, Gorhals. 
Blair, John, baker, dov 

Blair, W. D. clerk, Cefs office, Oneen-flreet:- 
Blair, James, maniifa£lurer, 87, Saltmarket 
Blair, William^ grocer, 85, Gl-afiford-ftreet 
Blair, William, manufaaiirer, 53, Beli-ilrest 
BJair, John, change-keeper, New-Wynd 
Blair, Robert, fpirit- dealer, 311, Gailowga^e 
Blajilyre Yarn- Ware-houfe, Cliarictte-lane 
Blyth & Lochore^s boot and &oe Tnop, 92, Trongate. 
Boaz, James, nionutr. Trades* land, Sultmarliet 
Bogle Si. Martin, inXurance-brokers, Exchange 
Bogle, James, mercliant, lodging, 69, Jamaica- flreet 
Bogle, Archibald, agent for the Imperial hre-oiBce, 
60, Hutchefon-ilreet; lodging, 1, George's fqu are 
Bogle & Hamilton, manufrs. 60, Hutehefon-fireet 
Bogle, William, merchant, lodging, 7, St. Enoch*s fq. 
Bogle, George, merchantj 69, Jamaica-ftreet 
Bogle, Craigies & Go. wine-merchants, 10, Queen- fin 
Bogle, Robert, jun. merchant^ 10, Queen-ftreet 
Bogle, Kughj _ do^. 10, do. 

Bogle, Allan, do. 10, do. 

Bogle, William, writer, Currie's clofs, Kigh-dreet 
Bogle, James, do. 6, St. And. lane, Gallowgate 
Bone, David, grocer, 296, High-ftreet 
Bonner, James, bee-mafter and lioncy-mei'chanU. 

New Vennal, High-(lreet 
Bcntrohn, Alexander, fmith,. 9, Virginia-dreet 
Borland, Robert j fpirit- dealer, Broomielaw 
Bowman ^ Smith, lock-fmiths, 97, High-ftreet 
Bowie, A. brufhmaksr, 12, GaUo'vVgate 

EC [ 15 ] BH 

Bowie, Robert, tailor, 134, Saltmarket ' 

Bowie, William, (ivAih, S3, Gullowgate 

Bowie, Alexander, au£lioneer, 402, ^o. 

Boyd, James, teacher, 80, Brunfwick-ftreet 

Boyd, George, manufacturer, 297, High-flreet 

Boyd, A. baker, 10, Frederick-laue 

Boyd, M^Limont & MarPnail, filk warehoufemen, 

<3, Trongate . 
Boyd, John, manufa<Slur€r, 94, Hutch efon-flreet 

Boyd, , fpirit-dealer, Brcomiehw 

Boyd, Wiiiiam, grocer, Hofpital-ftreet 

Boyd, James, manufacturer, 6, Beil-ftreet 

Boyd, John, fpirit-dealer, Oueen-ftreet 

Boyd, Robert, merchant, lodging, Greenliea.d 

Boyd, John, tailor, 83, Trongate 

Boyd's Paftry fnop, 28, Prince's ftreet 

Boyd, James, hofier and glover, 160, Trongate 

Boyle, William, hatmaker, Trader* land, at the Cfolf' 

Branjd, William, dyer, Oueen-ftreet 

Brafli, Robert, tea- merchant, Mitchell- (treet 

Brad), John, architect, 121, Bridgegate 

Bralh & Reid, bookfellers & (la'doners, 170, Trongate 

Brebner, G. rhanutaClurer, 72, Bell-flreet 

Bridie, W-illiam, manufas2:urer, 20, Gullowgate 

iBremner, Walt, ^'oiner and truukmaker, 68j Bell-llr- 

Brichen, ^ baker, .39 i, Gallowo;ate 

Brifbane, Walter, 8, Garthland ftreet 
Broadie, Rev. John, lodging, Cumberland building^. 
Broadie & Reid, manutadurers, 79, Beil-ftreet 
Broadie, D. gardener, Argyll-ilreet, weft end 
Braadly, A. tailor, 258, High-flrect .;. 

'Brock & Fergufon, tailors, 108, Saltmarket 
.Brock, John & Weaker, mauufaCl. 46, Cancllerlfr^s 

m c J6 ] BR 

Brock, Robert, grocer, Wright's land, 44, Qucen-ftr. 

Brock, J. & A. cotton-fpinners, Moodie's Wynd 

Brocket, And. mafon, Robertfon's-ftr. Anderfton walk 

Broom, William, mafon, Hanover-lane, Frederick ftr. 

Broomj James, teaclier, Charlotte-lane 

Srov/n, Carrick & Co. manufa6l. 149, Montrofe«ftr. 

Brown, George, merchant, at Bogle, Craigies&: Co's. 

Brown, Dr. Thomas, 604, Argyll-ftreet 

Brown, Robert, at J. & A. Denniftoun's> North 

Alblon-ftreet, houfe, IS, New-Wynd 
Brown, John, merchant, 55^ Oueen-ftreet 
Brown, Buchanan & Co. vinegar makers, Ruthef- 

glen Bridge 
Brown, George, & Co. merchant?, 1 3, Trongate 
Brown, William, feedsman, 84, Trong'^te 
Brown, Robt. wig-maker, Sidney court, Argyll-ftr. 
Brown, John, wright, foot of St. Enoch's fquare 
Brown & Coleman, manufaiEiurers, 28, Glafsford-flr, 
Brown, Allan & Co. 28, Glafsford-ftreet 
Brown, John, writer. 177, Trongate 
Brown, Rt. inanqfa<5iurer, lodging, 120, George ftr. 
Brown, Jn. yotingeft, merch. do. 120, do. 
Brown, Nicol, iTianufa£lurer, do. 121, do. 
Brown, R:obert>jun. merchant, 45, Virginia-ftreet 
Brown, Mrs, b;md-box-maker, 97, King-ftreet 
Brown, Js. & Jn oil and colourmen, 103, Trongat? 
Brown, Lilburn & Co. upliolilerers. Pod-office couri 
SSrown & Co. tanners, Old Vennal 
Brown, John, mefTenger, i7S, Saltmarket 
Brown, W^iUiam, tailor, 63, <^o, 
-Brown, Matthew, $c Co. manufaQ. 82, Stirling- fir. 
Brown, John, dyer. Great Dovehill 
Brown, Alexander, horfe fetter, SI, Gailowgate 

BR [ 1^ :i BR 

Brown, George, candle fhop, 82, Gallowgatc 

In. weaving-utenfil-maker, Gibfon-ftreet, do. 
John, vintner & audioneer, 168, Saltmarket 
John, Scotch cloth (hop, 319, High-ftreet 
Peter, baker, 301, do, 

S. & M. (hroud makers, 62, High-ftrcet 
Hugh, {locking- manufa6t. 74, King-(tree4 
James, joiner, Shuttle-ftreet 
J. & N. «ianufaO:urers, 46, High-ftreet 
Wm. dyer, Spoutmouth 
J. fpirit (hop, S32, Gallowgate 
Mrs. cotton-dealer, 13, King-ftreet 
J. & H. & Co. grain-merchants» Alfton-ftr. 
John, joiner, Craigneftock 
Charles, ipirit-deaier, 20, John-ftreet 
J & Co. grocers, 62, Gallowgate 
Robert, vintner, 63, do. 
Robert, 'fpirit & porter cellar, 64, do« 
John, baker, 129, Bridgegate 
William, grocer, 260, High-ftreet 
John, pencil-maker, Port-Dundas 
Mrs. lets lodgings, 47, Argyll-ftreet 
Edward, & Co. tinfmith, 78^ Hiitchefon-!lr. 
James, meal-feller, 198, High-ftreet 
James, mufic and toy (hop, 114, do. 
John, jun. baker, 66, Saltmarket 
Andrew, mafon, Gorbals 
John, baker, 241, High-ftreet 
John, (qu. merch. 10, Buchanan ftr. W.li4e 
William, manufafiurer, Kent-ftreet 
James, fpirit-dcaler, 22, Saltmarket 
ng, Robert, ftioe (hop, 32, Prince's ftreet 

BR t [■ IB ] BU 

Brownlie, Robert, joiner, Double-dykes, Calton 
Brownlie, W. & D. bookfeilers, 80, Trongate 
Erownlle, D. lets lodgings, 80, do. 

BrowiiUe, J meOenger, 10, Bridgegate 
Brownlie, Thomas, do. 10, do. 
Brownlie, Thomas, merchant, 1, St. And. lane 
Bruce, Thomas, agent, 57, Candleriggs 
Bruce, Mrs. I grocer, 2S5, High-areeC 
Brunton & ballaatine, ("addlers, 26, Argyll-ftreet 
Bryce, John, currier, New-Wynd 
Brydon, And. bookfeller and ftationer, 6S, Trongate 
Brydfon, Wiiiiam, & Co. t^pe and muilin manu- 

fa£lurers, 66, Hutchefon-Rreet 
Bryf^n, Peter, grocer, 41, Argyll-ftreet 
Bryfon, David, manufadurer, 297, High-ftreet 
Buchanan, John, & Co. (locking ihop, 48, l>ongatc 
Buchanan, James, & Co. hatters, 4, St. Andrew's fq. 
BucHanafi, John & Geo. merchant, 6, St. Enoch's fq* 
Buchanan, And. of Ardinconnel, iodg.74,Ingram-{lr. 
Buchanan, John, jun. agent for the Sun-Fire OiTice, 

7, Nelfon-ftreet, lodging, York-Ilreet 
Buchanan, James, wooden di{h (hop, 4-7, Prince's fir, 
B.^ichanan, D. tailor, SO, Trongate 
Buchanan, James, Thomas Hopkirk £c Co. calico- 
printers, 26, Montrofe-ftreet 
Buchanan, Steven & Co. merchants, 30, Candleriggs 
Buchanan, A. & 1). manufiidlurers, 8, St. And. fqr. 
Buchanan, J. weaving- utenfii-maker and joiner^ 

Buchanan, A'^. manuf^ 6, St. And Jane, Gallovvgate 
Buchanan, John, fpirit-dealer, 110, do. 

Buchanan, Alexander, electrician, 38, High-ilrect 
Buchanan, John; High Church beadle, Drygate lane 

Buchanan., John, grocer, 286, High-ftreet 
Buchanan, Mliles, milliners, 9, Virginia-fhreet 
Buchanan, George, & Co. calencirers, 33,Candleriggs 
Buchanan, Alex, manufadurer, 21, Glafsford-flreec 
Buchanan,, John, horfefettGr, 4,,Beii-ftreet 
Buchanan, James, merchant, Tontine btiildings 
Buchanan, Mifs, milliner, &c. 70, Glafsford-ilrect 
Buchanan, Johtl, of Ardoch, St. Vincenf-i'treet 
Buchanan, Peter, manufa£iurer, 71, Hutcheron-ftr. 
Buchanan, R. merchant, Gordon-ilrect 
Buchanan, Mifs, & Mifs Prentice, milliners, 631, 

Argyli-llreet . 

Buchanan, James, ieriius^ 5, Cochrane-ftreet 
Buchanan, William, painter, 70, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Buchanan & Co. manufadurers, 32, Stockwell 
i'uchanan, J .&. G. cotton-brokers, 32, do. 
Buchanan, I. jun. & Co. cloth iliop, 163, Trongate 
Buchan & Grieve, upholfierers, 2, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Buchan & Gray, manufa6h 23, St. Andrew^s ftreet >. 
Bulloch, John, grtsicr, £ilj ArgylUftreet 
Buntine, Natha^n, glafs- cutter, 8, Jamaica-flreet 
Burges, Daniel, at Carron warehoufe, SO, O^^-"'^''* 
Burn, George, Bull Inn, 639, Argyll-ftreei 
Burner, Archibald, grocer, 135, High-ftreet 
Burnet & Dow, bruftimakers, 15, Gallov/gate 
Burnie, Jofeph, merchant, Finniefton 
Burns, Rev. John, lodging, ijarony Glebe 
Burns, J. furgeon, 29, Ingram-fir. fliop, 83, Tiongatci - 

iedure room, 29, Virginia-fheet 
Burns, Robert, grocer, 87, Gallowgate 
Bums, James, Morriion's court, Argyll -ftreet 
Burns, Alex, grocer, 75, High-ftreet 
Burn?, John, manufacturer, Drygate, fouth fide 

BtJ t 20 } CA 

Burns, James, Belgrave Place, Young-ftreet 
Burnfide, John, merchant, 56^ Charlotte-ftreet 
Bur^nfide, James, merchant, 64', Hutchefon-ftreet 

Burrell, , goldfmith, 15, Candleriggs 

Burton, David, hairdreffer, 60, Glafsford-ftreet 
Bute, William, wright and architefl, Tradellown 
Byers, Rich, manufacturer, 67, Brunfwiek-llreet 

Caddel, William, hairdrefler, 91, Bridgegate 
Caddel, William, taibr, 23, King-ftreet 
Cain, Patrick, dealer in furniture, 85, Saltmarket 
Calder, James, merchant, 2, George's fqr. weft fide 
Ctilder, William, academy, 21, Giafsford-lireet 
Calderhead, William, Charlotte-ftreet 
Caldwell, D. ftabler, Shut-Wynd 
Caldwell, John, grocer, 272, High-ftreet 
Caldwell, James, grocerj 20. Kir^g-ftreet 
Cameron, D. vintner, Poft office Court 
Cameron, Alexander, tailor, do. 
Cameron, Thomas, reedmaker, 8, Galk /gate 
Cameron, "William, merchant, lodging, Kent-ftreet 
Cameron, John, bookbinder, 38, High-ftreet 
Cameron, John, fhoe fliop, 41, Prince's ftreet 
Cameron, J tailor, 2, King-ftreet 
Campbell, Arch. & Co. merchants, 4-2, Virginia-ftr» 
Campbell, Archibald, 52, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Campbell, Rivers & Co. Tontine back buildings 
Campbell, Colin, agent and Ipirit-dealer, Broomislaw 
Campbell, John, fen. cc Co. 4, Buchanan-tlreet 
Campbell, Alexander, merchant, 62^ do. 

C^rapbelli A. D. merchant, R. Muirheid & Go's, 
IJniun Place, lodging, 17, Stockweil 
am pbell, William, fpirlt-dealcr, 629, Argyll-ftreet 
mpbell, Charles, merch^ Buchanan's Court, 38,. 
:\rgyll-flreet, houfe, Turner's Court 
mpbell, Peter, manufacturer, 15, Candleriggs 
^mpbell, D; hairdreiTcr, 82, Bell-ftVeet 
Jampbell, James, & Co. faddlers, 105, Trongate 
Campbell, David, baker, S3, John iVreet 
Campbell, Andrew, lodging, St. Andrew's fquare 
Campbell, Andrew, & Co. manufadurers, 29, do. 
Campbell, Finl-^y, lets lodgings, at the Crcfs 
Campbell, Archibald, reedmaker, Old Gram. School 
Campbell, D. dryfalter, S5, Saltmarket 
Campbell, J. (lioe fnop, 37, Prince's (Ireet 
Campbell. James, fpirit (hop, 398, Gallowgate 
Campbell, James, merchant, Little Dovehili 
Campbell, Archibald, fhoe ihop 160, Saltmarket 
Campbell, George, merchant, 59 Qaeen-ftreet 
Campbell, Akx. wriier, Pavement clofs, 22,Trongatej 

ufe, Sidney court, Argyll- 11 reet 
Campbell, A. & Go. bakers, 30, Bridgregate 
CampbelI,n.(J'. furniture warehouie, 129, Saltmarkejt 
Campbells, Dale &Go, inkle-work, Inkle-fadory-lane; 

entry by North Albion- (Ireet and Shuttle-ilreet 
Campbell, Peter, vintner, 294<, High-ilreet 
Campbell,. Wm. Bi Colin, manuf'. 54, Hutcbeibn-Rr^ 
Campbell, A, foap and candkmaker, Gorbala 
Campbell, Daniel, ilrong beer houfe, Broomielaw, 
Campbell, Grant & Co. dyers^ ilnderflonj, ware- 

houfe, 41, Hutchefcn-Hreet 
Cjmpbellj-David,. Accomptantj 12j Fredeikk-lar.e 

Campb:^l}s, Miffe^j mantaa-rxiakers, 23, Kmg-ftrtet: 
Campbell, Alexander, turner, Stockwell 
Campbreli, Jame$, baker, 172, Trongate 
Campbell, P^clerk, at ChamberlaiM's office, 106, da. 
Canal Office, 61, Buchanan-direefe 
Carmichaei's lodgings, J77, Trongatfe- 
Carmichael, Mrs.- vintner, 19. Trongats 
Carmidiae); R. Cater, S5G, Gallowgat^ 
Carmichael, Bug'!, haberdafner, 46, King-itreet 
Carmiehael 8-z FotheringhaiD, joiners, Gorbals 
Carnegie, John, merchant, 77, King-dree t 
Carnegie, Captiiin, lotlging, 604, Argyll-flreet 
CaiTRe, Robertj caI?co-printer, at T. Shiels Sc-Co's. 
Carriek, Robert, caibi^r tc)' the Ship Bankj lodgingj,, 

above 6i'()j Argyli-ilreet 
Carriek, Alex, writer, 4-'$, Miller- ftreet 
Carriek and Jamiefon, yarn merchants, St. A. fqiiarc 
Carriek & Anderfonj manuf^'. 8t. And. fqr. N. frde 
Carriek, M. tea-dealer, 256, High-ftree.t 
Carron Warehoufe, '23, weft fide of Queen-Hreet 
Carron Shipping Company, 23-, do. 

Carfe, J. baker. 620, Argyll- ftreet 
Carfewell, Wm. & Js. upholilerers, 7, Hutchefon-ftr, 
Carfewell, Wns. S: Js. joiners, 213, George-ftreet 
Carfwell, James, cloth ihop, 466, Gallowgate 
Carfwell & Duncin, heiiers, 227, High-flreet 
Carfwell, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 8t, do. 
Carfb, John, fpirit-dealer, 69 1 btockweil 
Carfs, Robert, tinfmith, 40, Argyllilreet 
CaiTiis, David, fpirit cellars, South Albion-ftreet 
Cafiils, Wm & Co. do. 58, High-flreet 
Cadils, Robert, ccnfeciioner, 24, Glafsford-ftreet 
Caffils, V7in. dyer^ Burr.lide laae, New Venniil 

CA [ 23 ] CL 

Cater, John, Steven's fpirit cellars, 23, King-flreet 
Caufer, Edw. Veterinary furgeon, at Mrs. Swatweli's, 

27, John-flreet 
Caw, J. N. & 5. merchants, 52, Brunf'A'ick-flreet 
Ccfs Office, 9, Queen-Pireet, L. Craigie, colleQor 
Chadwick, John> & Co. cotton-fpinners, Mile-end 
Chamberlain's oflice, 106, Trongate 
Chambers, James, cloth (hop, 5, Trongate 
Chalmers & Lindores, fmiths, Gcrbals 
Chalmers, John, wright, 294', High-ilreet 
Chalmers, John, & Co. cloth mop, 1, Trongate 
Chalmers, John, grocer, Canon- ftreet 
Chalmers, John., flater, 37, Stockwell 
Chapman, George, at Ure and Bryce's 
Chapman, Robert, printer, 101, Candleriggs 

Chapman, teacher, 65y Wilfon-ftreet 

Chapman, William, joiner, 91-, High-ftree'c 
Charity, Mrs. mid',vife, S3, High-Rreet 

Chiiholm, ■, haberdaiher, 143, Trongate 

Chiftiolm, A. vintner, 19, Prince's-ftreet 
Chdftie, Thomas, ;painter, 29, Steckweli 
Chriftie & Fouler, turners, Gibfon-ftr. Gallowgatf; 
Chriftie, John, hairdrefTtr, 158, Trongate 
Chrillie, John, joiner, Craignellock 
Chriftie & Stewart, agents, and foreign brokers, 109, 

Ghriitie, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 157, Gallowgate 
Chriftie, Wm. mufical inft:rument-maker, 83, Trong; 
Clark & M«Gown, tailors, 43, Trongate 
Clark, Robert, fpirit cellar, 88, Candleriggs 
Clark, John, painter, 449, Gallov.'gate 
Clark, Walter, maiiufadurer, 29, St. And. fquarie 
Clark, A. fuxgecn, IIS, Kigh-llreet 

CV t 24 ] Co 

Clark & M'Gilp, manufadurers, Montrofe-ftreet 
Clark, A. & A. & Co. do. Si, Bell-ftreet 
Clarke, J jhn, writer, Galloway's court, Glafsford-ftr. 
Clarke, -~ — , fpirit-cellar, 57, Bridgegate 
Clarke, Dan. Greenock mail guard, 86, New Wynd 
Ciarke, Mrs. j^jrocer, 32, Wilfon-dreet 
Clarke's Academy, 19, Prince's ftreet 
Claflon, Andrew, painter, €04', Argyll-ftreet 
Cleghorn, Dr,Le6lurerinChymiftry, 1 1, George's fqr. 
Cleland, John, merchant^ 120, Argyll-'dreet 
Cleland ,& |ack, trunkmakers, &c. 28, Virginia-dn 
Cleland, James, lodging, 28, do. 

Cleland, James, writer, 421, Gallowgate 
Clow, James, (hoe fiiop, 51, Prince's (treet 
Clugflon, teacher, and Barony fefiion clerk, 19, St, 

Andrew's fquare 
Clyde Iron Wareho. Jamaica-dr. Jof. Outram, manag. 
Clydefdal?, WiHiatn^ joiner, 139, iSaltmaiket 
Coats & Burnfule, n:ianufa6l.urers, 37, Bell-iireet 
Coats. James, yarn merchant, 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Coats &c Hcnderion, dryfalters, 15, High-ftrect 
Coats, JamcSj maniifaOurer, Drygate, fouth fide 
Coats, Arch. & Wm. linen-manuf''^ 37, Canon-ftr. 
Coats, John, do, 297, High^ftreet 

Coats, Andrew, brafs-four^der, Gorbals 

Coats, , fak room, 49, Wiifon-ftreet 

Coats, Archibald, manufadurer of copper, pewter, 

brafs, tin, wrought and catl-iron goods, Saracen's 

lane, Gallowgate 
Coats,A.ironSc brafs founderywareho» 598, Argyll-fir. 
Cochrane, John, yarn warehoufe, 73, Bruni\vick-Hr, 
Cociirane, Jn. jan. merchant, 616, Argyll-ftreet 
Cochrane, Hugh, grocer, 12, King-flreet 

CO L 25 ] CO 

Cochrane, Andrew, grocer, 630, Argyll-ftreet 
Cochrane, John, manufadurer, 6, Bcll-ftreet 
Cochrane, John, mefienger at arms, 87, Saltmarket 
Cochrane, William, baker, 102, Gallowgate 
Cock, Thomfon, & Co. merchants, 131, Trongate 
Cockburn, Vv''iilii4m, vintner, 40, King-ftreet 
Coggan, James, ihoemaker, Charlotre-ilreet 
Colon, George, padry (hop, 31, Wilfon-ftrcet 
Golquhoun,S audiioneer, Wiifon's land, Tradeftown 
Colquhoun, M. grocer, 168, High-llreet 
Colquhouii, James, fpirit-deaier, 57, Gallowate 
Colquhoun, James, jun. 437, do, 

CoIviU, Robert, book-binder, Old-Wynd 
Coiviil, Steven, hairdreffir, 51, BelMlreet 
Commiffioners* office, for Property tax, Dunlop-ftreet» 
Commiilary C!erlv*sofIice,i3uchanan'sland,177,TrGng. 
Connei, D & J. merchants, 34?, Virgmia-ftreetj lodg- 
ing, St. Vincent-ilreet 
Connei, John, & Co. manufadurers, Nelfon ftr, 
Conne!, Thomas, & Co. hofiers, 94«, Candleriggs 
Connei, James jun. Hnendraper, 133, Trongate 
Connochie & Bontrohn, ironmongers, 16^ Gallowgate 
Cook, James, & Co. cotton-fpinners, Gorbals 
Cook, James, engineer, Hutchefontown 
Cook & Cumming, pattern-drawers, 3, Prince's ftr. 
Cook, D. Itocking-manufadurer, 62, High-ftreet 
Cooper, W. & A. & Co. Ofnaburgh and ilitching^ 

thread warehoufe, 33, Fligh-ilreet 
Cooper, Samuel, do. do. do. 

Corb. t, Cunningham, merchant, 5, Queen-flreet 
Corbet, W. Colledor of Excife; lodging, 14, Miller-ftr, 
Corbet, colonel, James, 30, St. Enoch's fquare 
Corbetj Park Sc Hunter, wine & rum merch. S^Prin.nn 

CO [ 26 ] ' CR 

Corbet, James, fpirit-dealer, 459, Gallowgate 
Corbet, RuiTel & Co. merchants, 4, Qaeen-ilreet 

Corbet, , furgeon, Gorbals 

Corbet, James, timber-merchant, Gorbals 

Corbet, D. manufacturer, 6, Beil-ftreet 

Corbet, Waiter, fmith, 49, Saltmarket 

Cork, Mrs. furnifhed lodgings, 23, Hutchefon-flr. 

Corkindale, Dr. James, 158,- Saltmarket, 

Coubrough, Archibald, bookfellcr &. (lationer, and 

circulating library, 24, High-ftreet 
Coulter, Samuel, tilemaker, Gallowgate, eaft end 
Couper, Dr. profeffor of allronomy, College 
Couper, William, furgeon, 64, Brunfwick-ftreet 
CoupcT, James, Ipirit-dealer and agent, Broomielaw 
Couper, James, leather ihop, 30 Prince's (Irect 
Couper, Js. joiner and cabinet-maker, 46, Saltmarket 
Couper, J. vintner, 158, Trongate 
Cowan, John, & Co. brewers, x'^nderfton 
Co'vvan, Robert, furgeon; (hop, 12, Hutchefon-llreef^ 

lodging, 125, John-ftreet 
Cowan, Robert, & Sons, corn-fa£>ors, Grahamfton 
Cowan, Gilbert & Co. manufacturers, St. And. Str. 
Cowan, Wm. & Son, feedfmen, €32, Argyll-ftreet 
Cowan, Alexander, corn-merchant, Grahamftoii 
Cowan, John, corn-merchant, 42, Dunlop-itreet 
Cowie, John, lock-fmith, Little Dovehiii 
Craig, J. Sc W, plumbers, 94, Stockwell 
Craig, Ja'T-es, jun. do. do. 

Craig, James, manufa£lurer, 9, St. And. fquare 
Craig, Wm. & Co. fpirit-deajers, 16, Stockwell-flr. 
Craig, John, baker, 60, Trongate 
Craig, W, & J. & Co. timber-merchants, Jackfon-Rr. 
Craig, John, merchant, 52, Ch^rlotte-Cireet 

. CR C 27 ] CR 

Craig; J. Jamiefon, manufa£iurer, 312, High-ftreet 

Craig, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 357, Gallowate 

Crag, James, f]->irit-dealer5 Grahamfton 

Craig & Young, corn-merchants, 6S3, Argyll-ftreet 

Craig, John, (lioe r.nd leather fliop, l^S, Sahmarket 

Craig, John, do, 159. Bridgegate, and 167, do. 

Craig, Thomas, baker, Drygate 

Craig, Alex, tailor, M'N air's land, 92, King-ftreet 

Craig, James, tailor, 158, Trongate 

Craigie, Lawrence, merchant, 8, St. Enoch's fquarCj 

counting houfe, 54, Miller-ftreet 
Craigie, Black & Co. merchants, 54', Miller-flreet 
Crawford, George, writer, 79, Stirlirig-ilreet 
Crawford, David, merchant, 316, High-ftreet; lodg- 
ing, Queen-ltreet 
Crawford, John, lodging, 13, George's fquare 
Crawford, Charles, hairdrefTer, 1, Jamaica-iireet 
Crawford & M'Kenzie, printers, 154, 
Crawford, John, manufadlurer, 94, Candleriggs 
Crawford, Adam, grocer, 68, Gallowgate 
Crawford, William, plafterer, 39, Saltrnarkct 
Crawford, W. meal-dealer, 3, Prince's ftreet 
Crawford William, brullimaker, 462, Gallowgate 
Crav/ford, William, grocer, 54, Bell-flreet 
Crichton, Robt. & Co. coachmakers, Dunlop-flreet 
Crichton, A. fmith, Old Vennal 
Crichton, J. chymical and phiiofophical inflrument- 

maker, Charlotte^fireet 
Crichton, Andrew, hatter ] 5, Sahmarket 
Crichton, David, manufatfiurer, 29, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Crichton, John, jun. warehoufe 29, Ingram- dreet 
Crombie, James, & Co. nnanufa6lurers, Ander{l:on 
Crombie & Carnegie, cotton fpin. NaiTau-court, do. 

CR im J CU 

Crombie, Humphry & Co. merchants, Union Place 
Crombie, — — , portvait -painter, 129, Saltmarket 
Crooksj Adam, 118, George-ftreet 
Croom, William, merchant, 22, Trongate 
Crofs, William, 24, 5^t. Enoch's fquare 
Crofs, Robert, cotton-fpinner, TradeltowU' 
Crofs, R. & R. manufadurersj SO, BrunKvick-lTn 
Crofs, Hugh, & Co. manufa*f>urers, 29, Brunfw. ftr, 
Crofs, Johnj & Co. Monkbnd coal company's ofBce- 
Crol3, Js. fpirit-ceilars, 120, Bridg*. lodging, frat above- 
Cr uden, George & Co. yarn mercht. 54;, Glafsford-dr.. 
Crum, A & J. print & muflin vvareho. 20, bt. A^. fir. 
Crum, John, faddlcr, 72, Galiowgate 
Culbertfon,. D. grocer, 4.8, G.*llowgate 
Culcreuch cotton yarn warehoufe, 50j Glafs ford- fir. 
Cul'en, Robert, & Son, manufacturers, 58, Bell-ftr, 
Cullcn, John, manufacturer, 75 Wilfon-itreet 
Cullen, J$. yarn warehoufe 46 Brunfwick-fli-eet 
Culkn, Mrs. midv/ife, il7, Gailowgate 
Culien, DanieL linen llampmalkr, Curriers clofs 
Cumin, P. Profefl'or of Orieiital languages-, College 
Camming, Js. wheelwright, Gibfon-!tr. Galiowgate 
CL^jiming & Dobbie, hairdreffers, 69, Fligh ftreet 
Cumming, J. n-lefienger at arms, 39, Galiowgate 
Cumming, Mrs. midwife, 104, High-ltreet 
Cumming, John, & Co. haircloth work, Old Vennal 
Cumming, P. flioe-lhop, 82 rrongate 
Cumming, M. & J,. 293, fligh-ilreet 
Cunningham, George, flioe-fhop, 147, Trongate 
Cunningham, M. baker, 212, George-rireet 
Cunningham, Alex, accomptant, 19, Maxwell (Ireet 
Cunningham &Telfer haberdafl^iers, IGO^CandleriggS ^ 
Curl, James, -vintneri 18 iy Trongate 

CU [ 29 ] DA 

Carrie, Wuliam, timber- merchant, Craigneftock; 

houfe, 10, George's fquare 
Currie, Daniei, grocer^ 45, Argyll- ftreet 
Currie, Thomas, Dunbar*s court, Trongate 
Currie, Wiiliam^ vintnerj fugarhoufe-clors, King- fir. 
Cuftortjhoufe, New AiTembly Room buildings, In- 

Cuthbertfon, William, merchant, 12,9, George-fir. 
Cuthbertfon & Syms, yarn (hop, 9, Bell-ftreet 
.Cuthbert, William, meal-feller, 63, Bell-ftreet 
Cuthbertfon, John, maltman and brewer, Calton 
Cuthbertfon, John, grocer, Gorbals 
Cuthil, Archibald, writer and clerk to the lower 

ward Lieutenancy, 69, Gla.fsford^ftre^t 


Dale, David, merchant, 40, St. Andrew's fquare; 

lodging, 43, Charlotte-ftreet 
Dale, James, merchant; lodging, 95, High John-ftr. 
Dalgleifti, R. Falconer & Co. calico print. 44,Bell-{b:^ 
Dalgleifli, WiUiam & James, manuf".^4,Candlerig^S 
Dalgleilh, Rob. & Co. candle {hop, S, Hutchefon-itr. 

and 37, Argyll- ilreet 
Daigleifli ii Frame, calico printers, 27, Hutchefon-fln 
Dall, And. porter for the telegraph, 1 1 5, Trongate 
Dallas, Alexander, grocer, 115, Argyll- ftreet 
Dalmuir paper warehoufe, 32, Bell-ftreet 
Dalfholm do. 75, do. 

Dalztel, Mrs. boarding- fchool, head of Virginia- ftn 
Dalziel, William, baker, Gorbala 

I5A [ SO 3 DE 

Darling,' John, writer, 94', Candleriggs; houfc 

Graham's building?, George-ftreet 
D*A{li, Alex. French, &c. teacher, at James Hun- 
ter's, 27, Stockwell 
Davidfon, J. & G. baflcet- makers, 414-, Gallowgate 
Davidfon, William, manufadlurer, 110, Nelfon-ilr. 
Davidfon & Love, 55, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Davidfon, William, tanner, Spoutmouth 
Davidfon, Thomas, ftabler, 210, High-ftreet 
Dividfon, Thomas, manufadliurer, 55, St. And. fquafe 
Davidfon, D. vintner, 56, Saltmarket 
Davidfon, Bryce, vintner, 113, Trongat6 
Davidfon's lodgings, George's fquare, fouth fide 
Dwidfon, J. combmaker, 15*, Gallowgate 
Davidfon, A. meilenger; office, 107, Bridgegate 
Dividfon, Alex, (boemaker, Grahamfton 
D vis, Times, bruflimaker, 294i, High-ftreet 
Dawfon^ John & James, brafs-founder?-. Old Vennal 
Deacon, J. & Co. but ton makers, li>, Wilfon-ftreet , 
Deans, \¥m. diftvi^i; adjutant, Hutchefontowa 
Dearie, Charles, engraver, 124?, Trongate 
Dempfter, John, Adam's Court, Argyll- ftreet 
D'Egville, Mife, teacher of dancing, "29, Virginia^ftr, 
Dempfter, A. painter, 95, G 'llowgate 
Denholm, James, landfcapepainter, &c. 3, ArgylUftr 
Denovan, J. ham fliop, 21, Prince's ftreet 
Denny » David, merchant, 17, Trongatcj lodging, 6^, 

Denniftoun, Rob. merchant; lodging, Buchanan-ftr, 
Denniilcun, George & Robert, & Co. merchants^ 

Tontine back buildiiigs 
Denniiloan, Ricl^ard, merchant, 31, Miller-ftree't ■ 
"Dennifcoun, J, & A. merchants, N. Albion-ftreet 

t)E t SI 3 D(J 

Deuchrafs, J. au£lioneer, comer of Prince's ftreet 

aud King-fireet 
Dick, Rev. John, lodging, North Hanover-flreet ,/| 
Dick, Uichard, merchant, Great Ruffel-ftreet fj: 

Dick, Andrew, tobacconifi, Wallace's court, Bell-fl^ 
Bick, Fatiiek<5 manufacturer, 62, do. c 

Dick, Dougks, manufadurer, 124, Trongate ^.^ 
liick, James, baker, SS^, Galiowgate ff 

Dick, William, & Co. grocers, 148, Saltmarket :■ , 
Dick, Robert, ironmonger, ] S5, Bridgegate | 

Dick, Mrs, mid^vife, 227, High-ilreet r 

Dick, James, hofier, 124-, Trongate r 

Dick, James, baker, Grahamfton 
Dick, Jn. furgeon, 16^ High-ftr.j houfe, 74, King ftr. 
Dickie, William, agent, 31, Candleriggs 
D'ckie & Provan, Scotch cioth fhop, 314, HIgh*ilreet 
Dickion & Arnot, manufacturers. 40, Hutchefcn-ltr. 
Dickfon, James, 17, S.t. Andrew's fquare 
Dickfon & M'Farlane, fpirit cellars, 20, Gallowgate 
Dinwiddie & Pateribn, manufaClurtrs, Monrrofe-ftr* 
Dixon, Adam & Co, vSmith'b court, Candleriggs 
Dobbie, William, fpirit- dealer, 108, Bridgegate 
Debbie & Cowan, watclmiakers, 304, High-ilreet 
Dobbie, John, do. 276, do. 

Dobbie 8c Bulloch, cloth merch. 26 and 31, Trongate 
Dobbie, James, fpirit-dealer, 63, Bridgegate 
Dobbie, James, & Co. grocers, 67, do. 
Donald, Alexander, tailor, 173, Saltmarket 
Donald, JameSj brickmaker," Gallowgate, eaft end 
Donald, James, fhoemaker, College (leps 
Donald, John, painter, 257, High-fueet 
Donaldfon, James, flater, 2, Hamilton -ftreet 
Donaldfon, R. grocer, 105^ High-Ilrect 

DO t n ] DR' 

DonaWfon, ' Ari(!fevi', {buttle- maker, &c. Kirk-flreet,'- 

Donaldfon, J. &: Co. yarn wareho. 45, Hutchefon-ftr.. 
Donaldfon, James, merchant, 45, do. 
J>onardfon, JameSi fpirit- dealer, 58, MaxwelWtreefe 
Donaidron, Bw manufacturer, e, Bell-fl'Teet 
I>ougaJ, George, ffi©e O^op, John-ftreet 
JDtougald, Andrew, meal-feller, Calton moutli 
Douglas, John, writer, 32, Hutchefon-flreet 
DouglaSj George, baker, 139^ Stockwell* 
D'ougks, George, plunnber, Gochrane-ftreet 
Bouglias, GajT.pbtiljfa^orfor Lord Douglas, Jamaica 

Bougla-, T: D. hr^tmaker, 27, Glafsford-fireet 
Douglas, Edward, flater, l'2f, Trongafe 
Douglas ^ Klboles iron-wtre drawers, Tradeftown; 
Douglas, Jam^s, corn fa^'or, Grahamfton' 
Douglas,, Arch, & Co^ merchants, 28, Virgrnia-flr*. 
Dougla?, A^rchibald,. glafs-c utter, Ton till e ciofs 
Dbwlals iron^warehoufe, South Albion-ftreel 
Downle, iohn, dry falter, 95, Eing-ftreet^ lodgings 

8, Glafsford-ftreet 
Downie, D. fhoemnker, 103, George-flreet 
Dow ^" Downie, fpirii^-iealers, 126, Salt market 
Downie, John, fmith and farrier, 382, Gallowgate 
Downie, William, do. do. Back-wynd 
Dov/, Andrew, &■ Co. bruflimake/'s, 36, Gallowgate 
Drew, William, woollendraper, 9, Nelfon-ftreet 
Drew, William, tin- plate- worker, 4-8, Wilfoh-Hreet 
Drew, John, fpitit-deaier & horfefetter, 71, Stockw. 
Dre^v, A. makes burying-crape?, 1 7, Trongate 
Drew, John, meal-feller, 9'2, Bridgeg^ite 
Drew^ Y/'iliiam^ fruit and fpirit fliop, 592, Argyl-lilr. 

prummond, J. foap and candle-maker, 55^ Saltmarket 
Drummond, James, turner, GSy High-ilreet 
Drummond, Alexander, contra£lor for iighting City 

lamps, Adelphi-ftreet, Hutchefontown 
Drummond, Mrs. W. tobacconilt, &S, Candleriggs 
Drummond, George, baker, 124', George-ltreet 
Drummond, Andrew, porter, 8, GalJowgate 
Drummond & WilHamfon, Scotch cloth ihop, 306, 

Dryfdile, John, groci^r, 122, Trongate 
Dryfdale, John, baker, Calton mouth 
Duffv F. dealer in furniture, 89, Sakmnrket 
Dafour, Mr. French teacher, 14, Hutchefon-flreet 
Dumb rton Glafs-work Co. Morifon's court, Arg.-ft»^. 
Dumbrec, Alexander, vi<llualler, 289, Gallowgate 
Dun, William, watchmaker, 165, Stockwell 
Dun, William, frame- fmith, Calton 
Dun, John, grocer, 215, George-fireet 
Dun, John, fen manuFadurer, 8, Nelfon ftreet 
Dun, John, jun. do. 8, do. 

Dun, William, machine-maker, 75, John-dreei 
Dun, John, mantifa6lurer, Drygate, north fide 
Dunn, David, tailor, 69, Trongate 
D-uncan, J. & A.bookfellers and ttationers 1 *^7,Trong, 
Duncan, Richard; lodging, 75, Charlotteriirtet 
DuiicanjTho. printer, Gibfon's land, 159, Saitmarket 
Duncan, Andrew, baker, 86, Frongate 
Duncan, John, manuiadturer, 127, do. 
Duncan, Thomas, do, 9^iy do, 

Duncan, John, jun. Good's court, Argyll-flreet 
Duncan, Go & vV. grocers, 422, Gallowgate 
Duncan, Andrew, fpirit-ftiop, 31, Bridgegate 
Duncan, James, jun. bookleiler, IS, tiaUauike? 

BV I S4. J ED 

Duncan, Gardner, furveyor, Port-Dundas, lodging,* 

Duncan, George, (hoe Ihop, 55y Trongate 
Duncan, William, wiiter, 631, Argyil-ftreet 
Dunean, John, baker, 30, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Duncanfon, J. glover, 109, Trongate 
Duncanfon, A. baker, 31, Glafsford^ftreet 
Dunlop, Robert, merchanc, lolging, St. Vincent- itr. 
Dunlop, Alexander, furgeonj 60, Queen-ftreet 
Dunlop, William, do. 9-, do. 

Dunlop, Hamilton & Co. linen-merchants and bleach- 
ers; warehoufe, Crawford's back land, 51, Beii-ilr. 
Dunlop, James, 63, Charlotte-ilreet 
Duulop, Williain, tailor, 177, Trongate 
Dunlop, lames, infuranee- broker, 17, Trongate j 

lodging. 12, Jamaica-flreet 
Dunlop, John, baker, S6, Glafsford-flreet 
Dunner, M. calendrer, 294-, High-flreet 
Duntocher Spinning Company, 75, Hutchefon-dreet 
Durie, John, reednuik&r, S07, High-ftreet 
Dykes, James, yarn Ihop, 446, Galiowgate 

Eadie, W^llliam, baker, 392, Gallowgafe 
Eaion, Alii: on & Co. Smith's Court, Candleriggs 
Eailbn, James, fpirit-deaier, 5, Bridgegate 
Ballon, Robert, manufadlur* r, 7, h. trederick ftreee 
Kaftoii, James, manufacturer, 1 1, Hutchefon llreet 
ccles, Robert, & Co merchants, 61, Buchanan-ftr. 
.dgar, J. & T. merchants, Montrofe-itreet 
l.dgar, Wm. cotton aad wovlled fiiop, 37, Gallowgate 

ED t 35 3 FA 

Edinburgh Friendly Infarance, 15, Ingram- ftrcet 
Ed:ngton,T. & Sons,Phcsnix foundery » 52 Queen-ftr. 
Edmond, J, paftry (hop, 17, Prince's Itreet 
Edmond, Joieph, manufa£lurer, 29, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Edmonftone, James, fpirit-dealer, 18, Argyll-ftreet 
Eider, James, writer, 94?, Candleriggs 
Elder, Mrs. midwife, 268, High-ftreet 
Eilis, R. yarn warehoufe, 4?3, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Ellis, Peter, yarn-ftarcher, Browniield 
Elliot, lames, vintner, 8, Gallowgate 
En (lie, Charles, do.- 53, Trongate 
Erfkine, J. & T. hatmakers, 24, Saltmarket 
Ew^ing, Patrick, & Co. cloth (hop, 178, Trongate 
Ewing Maclae, Walter, of Gathkin, 73, Ingram-ftr. 
Ewing, Janies, merchant, 73, do. 

Ewing, James, & Co. merchants, 73, do. 
Ewing, Greville, preacher j lodging, Carlton Place ■ 
Ewing, William, lodging, 4-8, John-ftreet 
Ewing, Alexander, grocer, 87, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Ewing, Alexander, of Balloch, Broomielaw 
Ewing, John, grocer, 126, High-ftreet 
Ewing, John, writer, 101, King-ftreet 
Ewing, J. M. writer, at Graham and Mitcheirs 
Excife Oiice, 13, Miller-ftreet 

Falrlie, James, (locking needlemaker, !17, Gallow^, 
Fairlie, Mrs. James, trunkmaker, 33, High-ilr^et 
Fairlie, James, grocer, Gorbals , ' 

Fairley, Ralph, tea and fpirit-dealer, 24-6, High-ftreet 
Falconer, Thomas, writer, 98, Trohgate 

FA [ 36 3 FE 

Falconer and Buchanan, manufacturers, St. And. fqr. 
Falconer* Rev. John, lodging, 9, Virginia-ftreet 
Falconer, William, do. do. 

Farquhar, A. haberdafher, 53, Trongate 
Farquharfon, Francis, Clyde iron warehoufe Jamaica- 

ftreet, agent for hoops, rods, nails and callings 
Faulds, And. vintner, M Nair*s!and, 92, King ftreet 
Fenton, John & Peter, 29^ St. Andrew's Square 
Fergus, John, organift, teacher of inftrumental raufic^ 

Morifon's court, Argyll-ilreet 
Fergus, J. grocer, 24, John-ftreet 
Fergus, Hugh, hofier, 455, Gallowgate 
Fergus, Pettigrew, and Gilfillan, 51, Beil-dreet 
Fergufon, Peter, fiater, 459, Gallowgate 
Fergufon, J. & Co. merchants, 127, John-ftreet 
F«ergufon, Alexander, grocer, 624, Argyll-ftreet 
Fergufon, James, cloth- merchant, 10, Trongare 
Fergufon, George, grain-dealer, 69, Bridgegate 
Fergufon, D. fpirit-dealer, 250, High-ftreet 
Fergufon, Wm. Scotch cloth (hop, 4, Gallowgate 
Fergufon, James, joiner, 36, Gallowgate * 

Fergufon, D. vintner, 276, High-ftreet 
Fergufon & Stewart, cloth fhop, 461, Gallowgate 
Fergufon, John, meffenger at arms, 26, Nelfon-ftr. 
Fergufon, D. tailor, 78, Saltmarket 
Fergufon, Wm, yarn warehoufe, 459, Gallowgate 
Fergufon, Archibald, tailor, 10, Frederick-lane 
Fergufon, A. fpirit-dealer, 99, Bridgegate 
Fergufon, Duncan, fiioe lliop, 30, John-ftreet 
Fergufon, James, do. 107, George-ftreet 

Ferric, Mrs. combmaker, 455, Gallowgate 
JFsrrie, Rob. joiner, Graham's buildings, George-{lr. 

FE £37] FL 

Ferrie, J. baker, 38, King-ftreet 
Findlay, Dr. Robert, profeflbr of divinity. College 
Finlay, J. & Co. manufadurers, 74, Brunfwick-iire 
Finlay, Kirkman, merchant, St. Vinceut-llreet 
Finlay, Alexander, cloth-merchant, 4, Trongate 
Finlay, Alexander, carver and gilder, IM, Trong:ate 
Finlay, George, trunkmaker, 60, Sakmarket 
Finlay, C commercial academy, 39, Virginia-iireet 
Finlayfon, D. vintner, 181, Trongate 
Finlayfoij, James, machine-maker, 32, Havannah-ftr- 
Finlayfon J W. & J. manufadurers, 72, Beli-ftreet 
Fennie, Mrs. A. tobacconift, 111, JJridgegate 
Fifher & Greenfiiields, pocket-book-makers, al dvc 

59, Trongate 
Fifher & Lockhart, manuf". 21, Glifsford-areet 
Fiftier, John, bookbinder, 29, Virginia-flreet 
Fiflier, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 64, King-ilreet 
Fifher, Alexander, tobacconift, 159, Stockwell 
Fleming, Wm. mercht. SawmiIl-ficld,byPort-Diinda5 
Fleming, Matthew, merchant, lodging, 95, 
Fleming, Matth. & Co. manuf". 66, Glarsfoxd-llri 
Fleming, Hugh, jun. counting-h.oufe, 23, Brunfyvick* 

ftreetj lodging, 3, George's fquare, weii fide 
Fleming, John, writer, 26, Nelfon^ftreet, hpufe, ^1^ 

Fleming, Robert, -merchant,, S6, B^runfwick-ftreet 
Fleming, R. D. manuf^ Carfwell's court, George-ilr. 
Fleming, John, & Co. cotton yarn Hierchants, 52^ 

Fleming, William, 8, Nelfcn-Hreet 
Fleming, M. man u fact arer, 533, Argyil-ftreet 
Fleming, Peter, land-fur veyor^ ab^ve J. Bartcn'p, 

hairdrelTerj Gecrge-ftrcet 

PL [ 38 ] FR 

Fleming, W. k R. hofiers, 628, Argyll-ftreet 
Fleming, Bowman, mamifaclurer, 29, Brunfwick-ftn 
Fleming, James, manufa^urer, 25, St. And. ftreet 
Fleming, J. baker, 40, Gallovrgate 
Fleming, Archibald, joiner, &c. Anderfton 
Fleming, John, do, 43, Bridgegatc 

Fleming, John, fmith, Nelfon-ftreet 
Fletcher, Mifs, thread-maker, 213, George-ftreer 
Flynn, John, paymafter for the weflexn difl:ri£t, 58^, 

Foote, David, plaflerer, Gorbals 
Forbes, David, carver and gilder, H8, Trongate 
Forgie, J. tobacconifl, 108, Gallowgate 
Forlong, William, merchant. North Hanover-ftreet 
Forreft, Andrew, fpirit-fliop, 352, Gallowgate 
Forreft, William, 2% St. Andrew's fquare 
Forreft, John, manufaQurer, 11, High-fl:reet 
Forreft, Mrs. grocer, 335, Gallowgate 
Forrefter, Rob. woollendrapcr, 130, Trongate 
Forrefter, Willis, & Co. hardware warehoufe, 169, do. 
Forrefter, Robert, teacher of Englifti, 21, John-ftr, 
Forrefter, James, fpirit-cellar, 93, King-ftreet 
Forrefter, D. vintner, 44-2, Gallowgate 
Forfter, & Corbet, manufaOurers, i, Cochrane-ftr. 
Forfyth, Robert, meflenger, 268, High-ftreet 
Forfyth, John, leather (hop, 16, Prince's ftreet 
Forfyth, James, fpirit-dealer, 218, High-ftreet 
Forfyth, John, joiner, &c. 74, Wilfon- ftreet 
Forfyth, John, fpirit-dealer, 167, Trongate 
Foulis, Jaipes, joiner, Gibfon-ftreet, Gallowgate 
Foulis, Allan, timber-merchant, George-ftreet 
Frame, James, joiner, Gibfon-ftreet, Gallov/gate 
Frame, Julian, teacher of Englifli, 113, Trongate 

F^ C 39 3 GA 

Frame, Robert, calico-printer, 79, Bell-ftrecc 
Frafer, James, vintner, 164', Trongate 
Frafer, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 349, Gallovvgatc 
Fraffer, John, hair-cloth, manuf^ 132, Stockwell 
Frafer, James, 76, Hutchefon-ftrcet 
Frafer, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 149, Gallowgate 
Freebairn, John, fpirit-dealer, Broomielaw 
Freeland, J. & Co. yarn warehoufe, 52, Wilfon-ftr, 
Freeland, John, grocer, BalmannOrftreet 
Freer, Dr. Rob. profeflbr of medicine, College-court 
. Fryar, Thomas, brickmaker, Gallowgate, eaft end 
^. Fullarton, Allan, meflenger, at J. M'Crone*s, High-ftr. 
Fullarton, Coal-work Company, 78, Trongate 
Fulton, Wm. & Son, anchor-fmiths, Mitchell-ftreet 
Fulton, John, vendue mailer, Black-friar's Wynd 
Fulton & Cook, manufa6lurers, High-fir. Anderfton 
Fulton, John, & Co. fpirit-dealers, 23, Bell-ftreet 
FyfFe, James, merchant, 54, Virginia-Ilreet 
FyfFe, P. reedmaker, 135, Saltmarket 
FyfFe, James, coal-agent, Broomielaw 

Gairdner, James, merchant, 2, Gcorge*s fquarc, 
Galbraith, James, fpirit-dealer, 13, High-ftreet 
Galbraith & Inglis, fingeing-houfe, John-flreet 
Galbraith, James, calendrer, 25, Virginia-ftreet 
Galbraith, James, coppcrfmith, 28, Bridgegate 
Galbraith, J. combmaker, 180, Saltmarket 
Gallaway, Jn. & Cha. corn-merchants, 102, Trongate 
Galley, Andrew, tailor, 27, John-dreet 
Galleti, Anthony, carver and gilder, 10, Nelfon-ilr. 

GA [ 40 ] GA 

Galloway, James, writer, 52, Virginia-ftreet 
Galloway, Robert, flour-merchant, Mitcheli-ftreet 
Galloway, N. baker, 66, Argyll-ftreet 
Galloway, Alexander, brev/cr, Moodie*s Wynd 
Galloway, William, maiiufa6lurer, 49, Canon-dreet 
'Galloway, Henry, vintner, 154, Trongate 
Galloway, Mrs. circulating library, 408, Gallowgate 
Galloway & Anderfon, joiners, 220, George-ilreet 
Galloway, Robert, grocer, 100, Gallowgate 
Gammel, Rob. & John, tobacconifts, 145, Saltmarket 
Garden, Francis, merch, lodging, weft fide, Geo. fqr. 
Gardiner, David, manufadurer, 12, Wilfon-ftrect 
Gardner, John, fen. Young-ftreet, BeJgrave Place 
Gardner, John, jun. merchant, do. do. 

Gardner, Eph. tanner, at the new Glafgow tan-v/ork 
Gardner, William, mefiengerat arms, 94,Candleriggsj 

houfe, Grown-flreet, Hutchefon-town 
Gardner, Alexander, grocer, 110, Argyll-flreet 
Gardner, Mofes, furgeon, S8S, Gallowgate 
Gardner, Thomas, tobacconift, 22, George-ftreet 
Gardner, John, Star Inn, Ingram-ftreet 
^^t^aaiiBcr, Mifs, milliner, Craig's land, 47, Argyll-ftr. 
Gardner, Andrew, manuf^ Aiton-court, Old Vennal 
Gardner, John, & Co. ironmongers, 99, CandleriggS 
Gardtier, John, manufadurer, 68, BelKftreet 
Gardner, Mofes, hatmaker, i, Nelfon-ftreet 
Gardner, Wm. merch;int, Inglis* land, St. IMungo-flr. - 
Gardner, Arch, ftocking needlemaker, IS, Bridgegate 
Gardner & Hutchifon, bookfellers, 151, Trongate 
Gardner, James, Paifley carrier, Back-wynd 
Gardner, John, furveyor for the city, 43, Bcll-Ilreef 
Gardner, J. & J. math. inft. makers, 43, do. 
Gardner, James, wright, K"irk-ftreet, Calto^ 

GA [ 41 ] GT 

Gardner, James, wright, 316, oppofite the Barracks 
Gardner, George, fpirit-dealer, Calton mouth 
Gardner, W. vintner, 43, Prince's ftreet 
Gay wood, George, hatmaker, 162, Trongate 
Gearey, Mrs. midwife, 402, Gallowgate 
Geddes, J. Verreville Glafsworks, 35, Argyll-flreet 
Gemmil, Js. agent for the Belfaft Packet, Wood-lane, 

Gemmil], John, grocer, 598, Argyll-ftreet 
Gemmill, William, grocer, 78, Bridegate 
Gentle, William, baker, 108, High-ftreet 
Gentle, Thomas, do, 284, do. 
Gentle, John, (hoemaker, 35, do. 
Gentle, W^illiam, do. 227, do. 
Gentle, James, baker, 94, Gallowgate 
Gentle, Wm. jun. manufa£lurer, 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
C^ihb, James, merchant, 3, Garthland-flreet 
Gibb, John, calendrcr, 42, High-ftreet 
Gibb, Archibald, baker, 147, Gallowgate 
Gibb, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 52, High-ftreet 
Gibfon, John, corn-fa<fl.or, Grahamfton 
Gibfon, John, writing^mafter, Sidney-court, Argyll- 
ftreet; lodging. Pollock's land, Mgxwell-ftreet 
Gibfon, D. culler, 421, Gallowgate 
Gibfon, C. fpirit- cellars, Canon-ftreet 
Gibfon, L. grocer, 41, Candleriggs 
Gibfon, John, watchmaker, 85, Bridgegate ' 
Gibfon, William, manufadurer, 26, Nelfon-flreet 
Gibfon, William, & Co. Old Vennal 
Gibfon, Alexander, grocer, Mitchell- ftreet 
Gibfon, James, teacher of Latin, public Grammar-' 

School; lodging, Paul's land, Tradeftp^'n 
Qibfon, John, furgeon, 283, High.-fbpe'et 

GI [ 42 ] GL 

Gilbert, Andrew, jr.fu ranee- broker, Exchange; lodg^ 

ing, Miller-ilreet 
Gllchrift, James, grocer, 89, Gallowgate 
Gilchrift, Edw. fpirit-dealer, Sidney court, Argyll-ftr. 

agent for Edinburgh and Leith (hipping company 
Gilchrift, Hugh, yarn warehoufe, 34*, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Gilchrift, R. manufadVurer, Montrofe-ftreet 
Gilchrift, John, builder, Tradeftown 
Giichrift, James, merchant, 9, St. Andrew's fquare 
Gilchrift & Co. fpirit- dealers, Nile-ftr. Gallowgate 
Giifillan, Ts. rope-work, new road, near the Barracks 
Gilfillan, Alexander, baker, 232, High.'ftreet 
Giifillan, Js. merch. at Robt. Kennedy's, Ingram-ftr. 
Gilfill^an, Michael, writer, 302, High-ftreet 
Gillelrpie, William, $: Co. calico-printers, Anderfton 
Giilefpie, James, & Co. manufr'. School-wynd, do. 
Gillefpie, A. calendrer, Charl.-lane ; houfe flat above 
Giilefpie, Colin, & Co. merchant, head of Miller-ftr. 
Gillies, James, bookfeller & ftationer, 290, High-ftr. 
Gillies, Angelia, muflin and print (hop, 15, Bell-ftr. 
Gillies, W. furgeon & druggift, 31, High-ftreetj 

lodging, 287, do. 

Gillies, Archibald, fpirit-dealer, 22, King-flreet 
Gillies, W. fpirit-dealer, 37, High-ftreet 
Gillies, John, yarn-merchant, 46, Wilfon-llreet 
Gilmour, David, baker, 81', Gallowgate 
Gilmour, Mrs/ milliner, 82, oppofite the College 
Gilmour, Wm. & Co. Manchcfter Warehoufe, heatj 

of New-Wynd, Trongate 
Gilroy, John, & Co. agents, 49, Canon-ftreet 
Gird wood, Pinker ton & Co, machine-makers, Gorbals 
Glafgow Sc Frew, manufacturers, 76, Hulchefon-ftr. 
Glaf-ow New Tan work Company/51, Gallowgate 

GL C -^3 ] GO 

Glafgow Pottery Warehoufe, 92, Glafsford-ftreet 
Glafgow Glafswork Company's Warehoufe, Clyde-nr! 
Glafgow Rope-work Company's Warehoufe, and 

counting-houfe, 112, Stockwell 
Glafgow Fire Office, 13, Trongate 
Glafgow Public Library, Miller's School, Gecrge-ftr. 
Glafs, John, dyer, 87, Saltmarket 
Glafs, John, fpirit-dealer, 19, Candleriggs 
Glafsford, Henry, of Dougalfton, counting-houfe, 

53, Virginia-ftreet; lodging, 16, George's fquare 
Glafsford & Henderfon, merchants, 53, Virginia-fcr. 
Glen, William, writer, 154?, Trongate 
Glen, Alex. & Co. Ruffia merchants, 0, Queen-ftr. 
Glen, W. timber- merchant, Buchanan- Hreetj houfe, 

Glen, George, 32, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Glen, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 322, Gallowgate 
Globe Fire Office, 13, Trongate 
Goodwin, Robert, baker, 76^ King-ftreet 
Goold,Wm. teachcrofinltrumental mufic,32,Hut-ftr. 
Goold, James, tea-dealer, 62, High-itreet 
Gordon, Alexander, merchant, Buchanan-dreet 
Gordon, John, do. 64, do. 
Gordon, Cairns & Co. merchants, 35, Hutchefon-(lr. 
Gordon, Adam, fpirit-dealer, 323, Gallowgate 
Goodwin, Alexander, grocer, Havannah-llreet 

Gourlie, grocer, 114<, Rotter>-row 

Gourlle, William, fpirit-dealer, 19, Bridegats 
Govan Coal Company's Office, 10, Argyll-fireet 
Govane 8c Stirling, manufadlurers, 12, Wiifon-Ureet 
Govan, Mrs. grocer, 454^, Gailowgate 
Govan, Alexander, merchant, 13, King; dree t 
Gow, BenjaauHi tailor, 132, Trcni^at : 

GO [ 44 ] GR 

Gow, Walter, horfefetter, 27, Stockwell 
Gow, James, tailpr, 13, King-ftreet 
Gow, George, fpirit fhop, 355, Gallowgate 
Gow, William, horfefetter, Swan-clofs, 93, Trcngate 
Gowdie, J. G. & J. manufadiurers, 177, do. 
Gowdilock, Mrs. Wm. ftocking (hop, 82, King-llr. 
Grahame, Archibald, calhier to the Thiftle Bank, 

56, Virginia-ftreet 
Grahame, Thomas, writer, 80, Trongatej lodgingj 

Carlton Place 
Grahame, Peter, ftockingmakcr, 312, High-ftreet 
Grahame, Alexander, cooper, 38, Stockwell 
Graham, James, jun. yarn warehoufe, 34?, Wiifon-dn 
Graham, James, manufaftiirer, 55^ St. Andrew's fq. 
Graham, James, do. 55y do. 

Graham, James, do. 459, Gallowgate 

Graham, Walter, baker, 42, Saltmarket 
Graham, W. & J.hofiers, 71, do. 
^^Graham, R. Sc A. Mitchell, writers, 24, Ingram- fin 
. Graham, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 265, High-ftrect 
Graham, A. brafs-founder, 97, do. 

Graham, Adam, jeweller, 100, King-ftreet 
Graham, John, jeweller, 100, do. 
Graham, Peter, fpirit-dealer, 69, Hutchefon-flreet 
Graham, John & Co. manufadlurers, 62, Beli-ftreet 
Grahame, Archibald, grocer, 90, Gallowgate 
Graham, John, Graham's Buildings, George-ftreet 
Graham, Rev. Matthew, Young-ftr. Belgrave Place, 
Graham, Thos. & Co. manufadtrs. 28, Glafsford-ftr. 
Graham, James, & Co. joiners, &c. Cochrane-flreet 
Graham, William, grocer, 14, King-ftreet 
Graham^ James, joiner, &c. 56, Saltmarket 

Graham, Robert, {later, 16, Canon- (Ireet 

Graham, Robert, baker, 48, High-ftreet 

Graham, John, & Co. M'Ewan's Land, High-ftreet, 

Graham, James, Si Co. joiners, Gorbals 
Graham, Charles, tailor, 25, Trongate 
Graham, James, baker, 21, Argyll-dreet 
Graham & V/ardrops, pewterers and tin-plate work- 
ers. Turner's land, 44, Argyll- (treet 
Graham, Walter, mailer of Police, 12, Charlotte-It?; 
Graham, Wiiliam, leather- feller, 64, Candleriggs 
Graham, Lieut. Col. lodging, SO, Miller (Ireet 
Graham, Rob. manufadurer, 94, Candleriggs 
Graham, Miln & Co. grain-dealers, Mitcheli-dr. 
Gtaham, W. & Co. manufadurers, 51 y Giafsford-ftr- 
Graham, James,. ^fr//V/.f, 5i, do. 

Graham, James, cutler, 94, Glafsfbrd-flreet 
Graham, D. merch. at Hopkirk. Cunningham & Cd>^ 
Graham, Mrs. midwife, 63, King-ftreet 
Granger, Allan, baker, 443, Gallowgate 
Grant, Alex. jun. lodging, 76, Hutchefon-ilrest 
Grant, James, writer, 6, Kiog-Iireet 
Grant, John, tailor, 24, Stockwell 
Grant, Alex. jun. & Co. manufacKirers, S7, Bell-lh- ' 
Grant, John, (locking fhop, 467, Gallowgate 
Grant, Alexander, linendraper, 16, Willcn- (Ireet 
Grant, Adam, writer, 17, Trongate 
Grant, David, Englifn (lone wa-rehoure, 27, King-ftr. 
Gray, Robert, & Son, goldfmiths, 129, Trongat^ 
Gray, James, jeweller, 123, do. 

Gray C< Todd, engravers, 34, do. 

Gray, John, bo&kfeller, 627, Argyll-ftreet 
Gray, Mifs. fsrnifhed lodgings, 386> Galiov/gate 
^, F "■- 

GR [ 46 ] HA 

Gi'ay, John, haberdafher, 155, Trongate 
Gray, Archibald, 402, Gallowgate 
Gray, H joiner, 633, Argyll- ftreet 
Gray, John, wright, Tradeftown 
Gray*s Carntyne, &c. coal-ree, N, Frederick-ftreet 
Gray, Benjamin, (hoe fliop, 106, George-llreet 
Gray & Murray, dyers, Spoutmouth 
Greenfield, Mrs> muflin & print (hop, 71, Bell-ftr. 
Greenftiields, Samuel, cloth ihop, 122, Nelfon-ftf. 
Greig, John, ftrong beer houfe, 173, Saltmarket 
Greig, Benjamin, merchant, 63, Candleriggs 
Greig, William, grocer, 255, High-ftreet 
Grierfon, Adam, grocer, 119, Argyll-ftreet 
Grieve, Joh-n, furgeon, 51, Gallowgate 
Grieve, William, 25, do. 

Grieve, D, holier, 4-68, Gallowgate 
Greenar & Stenton, iron-founders, Gorbals 
Grimman, William, joiner, St. Enoch's Wynd 
Grindlay, William, & Co. bakers, 113, Jobn-ftreet 
Grmdlay, James, do. Gorbals 

Grofart, Peter, vintner, 322, High ftreet 
Gunn, William, tailor, Tradoe' land, Gallowgate 
Gunning, Archibald, grocer, 415, do. 

Guthrie, Thomfon, & Co. man^frs. Wallace- court, 

Guthrie, John, merchant, 62, Buchanan-ftreiat' 
Guthrie, Thomas, grocer, 78, StockweU 


Haddin, Joh^ merchant, |3, N^w-Wynd 
Haddin, Jchii, jun, manuf^^rer, 101, Candleriggs 
Haddin, William, do. 101, do. 

HA [ 4.^ ] HA 

Haddow, Rob. merchant; lodging, N Hanover-llr;, 
Haddow & Dale, 37, Glafsford-ftreet 
Hagart, Charles, & Co. merchants, 23, St. And. ftr. 
Hagart, Robert, merchant; lodging, 30, Dunlop-ftr. 
Haig, James, accomptant; lodging, 48, John-ftreet 
Hair, A. marble-cutter, Great Ruflel-ftreet 
Halbert, W™. clothier & watchmaker, 182, Trongate 
Haldane, James, engraver, 154, d©; 

Haldane, D. & Co manufrs. 101, C^pdleriggs 
Haldane, R. laftmaker, 29, Bridgegate 
Hall, Mrs. makes grave-clothes, 449, Gallowgate 
Hall, William, manufacturer. New Vennal 
Hall, James, writer; office, 116, Trongate 
Hall. J. teacher, academy, 29, Virginia-ftreeC 
Hall, Richard, meflenger at arms, 46, High-ftree;t 
Halley, C. French teacher, 633, Argyll-ftreet 
Halliday, Samuel, grocer, 132, Bridgegate 
Hamilton, John, wine-merchant, 78, Trongate; lodg- 
ing, 8t. Enoch's fquare 
Hamilton, Arch, collector of land-tax for the county 
of Lanark, and agent for Paifley bank, 1 7, Trongate; 
houfe, 64, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Hamilton, Gilbert, & Co. merchants, and agents for 

Carron Company, 20) Queen-llreet 
Hamilton, Gilbert & Son, agents for the Bank of 

Scotland, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Hamilton, Archibald, merchant, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Hamilton, Garden & Co. merchants, 11, Ingram-ftr, 
Hamilton, John, writer, 56i High-ftreet 
Hamilton, Alexander & Scott, pipe-makers, 20, do. 
Hamilton, Gil!)^ $c J^. infurance-brokers, Exchange 
Hamilton, J, fen. ^ Co. merchants, 20, Qallowgate 
Hamilton, John^ at James Hamikon^ fenior'a 

■HA [ 48 ] KA 

Hamilton, Chudj colle£tar. South Hanover-ftreet 
Hamilton, Walter, & Co. manufrs. 40, Trongate 
J-Jaf^ilton, Alex, fpirit dealer, 153, Saltmarket 
.•Hamilton, Patrick, merchant, 459, Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Hugh,^agent and broker, 132, Trongate 
Hamilton, James, -writer, 94^, Candieriggs; houfe., 

459, Gallowgate 
Hamilton, James, grocer, 149, Stockwell 
Kamilton, Wm. & Co^ infurance-brokers, Tontinfe 

Hamikon, T. mufician, lodging, 32, Kutcheron-ftr*! 
Hamilton, James, v/riter, 459, GaJlov/gate 
Hamilton, Mr?. H» ihbler, near the Aims' houfe- 
Hamikon, Giimour & Co. timber-yard, Stockwell, James, grocer, 128, Trongate 
Hamilton, \Y. & J. merchants, 57, Candleriggg 
Hamikon, A. & P. tobacconiils, 152^ Stockwell 
.Hamikon, Jolm, merchant, 44, St. Andrew^s fquar-e 
"Hamikon, David, archttet^:, South Hanove^'-flreet 
Jiandyfrde, J. Carlifie yarn-warehoure, 73,Wiiron-flr. 
Hannah & Ileid, manufaQurers, 297, High-ilreet 
Hannington, Wm. watchmaker, 17, Argyll-ftreet 
Hardie, Henry, lodging, 49, Virginia- ilreet 
Bardie, H. Sf Co. linen warehouie, 43, V/ilfon-ftn 
Hardie, Xs. jun. 43,Wi}fon-ilr. iodgiag595,GeoAge-Itr. 
Hirdie, Thomas, dyer, St, Enoch's lane 
Hardie, Jan>es, do. do, 

Hardie,, ftabler, 258, High -ilreet 
Hardie, Rob. & Co. lobacconills, 2GG, High-flreei 
Harley, Wm. & Co. manufa6iurers, 7, S. Fred.-ilr, 
Harper, John, threadmaker, Rottenrow 
Harris, Thomas, poulterer, 25, John-ilrert 
< Harris, Robert, fpirit cellar?, 24, rrince's fueet 

HA C 49 ] HE 

Harrifon, John, & Co. fpirit-dealers, 34, Bridgegate 
Harrifon, Mrs. makes burying-crapes, 393, Gallowg. 
Hart, Robert, baker, Mitchell- ftreet 
Harvie, Andrew, grocer, 305, Gallowgate 
Harvte, James, foap & candle {hop, 275, High-ftreet 
Harvie, Alexander, do. Good's Court, Argyll-ftreet 
Harvie, James, grocer, corner of Rottenrow 
Harvie, John, do* 125 y High-ftreet 
Harvie,' Alex. do. 24-7, do. 
Harvie, James, teacher, Q5y Trongate 
Hay 5 James, tailor, 22, Trongate 
Hay, George, joiner, Mitchell-ftreet 
Hay, John, draper, 445, Gallowgate 
Hay, David, upholfterer, above 59, Trongate 
Hay, Alexander, manufafturer, 31, Bell-ftreet 
Ikdderwick, M. hecklemaker, 5Qy Saltmarket 
Hemming, Mrs, George Inn, 18, George's fqu are 
Henderfon, John, manufacturer, 74, Glafsford^ftreet 
Henderfon, John, fpir it-dealer, 273, High-ftreet 
Henderfon, Patrick, cork-cutter, 38, Prince's ftreet 
Henderfon, Robert, furgeon, 75, Glafsford-ftreet; 

houfe, 65i Trongate 
Henderfon, William, cloth {hop, 8, Trongate 
Hetiderfon, Riddel & Co. mercht^ 53, Virginia- {Jr. 
Henderfon, Richard, writer. Turner's court, Argyll- 
ftreet j olBce, City Clerks' Chambers 
Kenderfon's oyfter houfe, 101, Candleriggs 
Henderfon, James, Englifli carrier, 33, do. 
Henderfon, P, fpirit-dealer, 36 i, Gallowgate 
Hendry, Ebenezer, tailor, 21, High-ftreet 
Henry, Alex. & Son, cotton-fpinners, Greenhead^ 

warehoufe, Q6, Wilfon-ftreet 
I^enry h Jarvay, ropework, Grahamfton 

HE I so ] HO 

Henryj John, haberdafher, 95, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Henry, John, fpirk-dealer, Adelphi-Iireet 
Hepburn, Watt ^ Co. manufr^ 12, Wilfon-ftrect 
Hepple, Mrs. midwife, S, Bridgegate 
Herald & Advertifer office, 44, Bell-ftreet 
Herbertfon, J. colledlcr of canal dues, Port-Dundas 
Heron, Wm furgeon, 136, Stockwell 
Herriot, Andrew, manufacturer, Poft-office court 
Hf riot; Alexander, agent, 44, Argyll-ftreet 
Hervey, Robert, merchant, 28, Giafsford-liieet 
Hcrvey, — — , wright and glazier, 61, do. 
Heughan, John, miniature painter, 49, Trongate 
Hewit, Mrs. midwife, 49, Maxwell-ftreet 
Heywood & Ellis, manufadurers, 76, Brunfvvick-ftr. 
Hiatt, Jacob, {later, 60y King-ftreet 
Higgens, J. hairdreffer, — -Penny Poft-office, 104, 

Hill, V^v'sdy leather-feller, 110, Trongate 
HiU & Dempller, manufacturers, 15^ Candleriggs 
Hillj Jimes, writer, 49, MUler-ftreetj houfe, St. Vin- 
cent -11 reet 
Hill John, grocer, 131, Stockwell 
Hil! & 'A'alkfr, nDannfaaurers, 58, Bell-ftreet 
Hill, John, jun. & Co. manufrs. 18, St» And, line 
Hog, John, tinfmith, i09, Gallowgate 
Hood, Robert, cooper, 63, Candleriggs 
Hood, John, do. 12, do. 
Hood. John, merchant, 94, do. 

Hood, Andrew, cooper, 371, Gallowgate 
Hoorae, John, furgeon, 15f Prince's flreet 
Hopldrk, James, merchant, 34, Miller-flreet 
Jlopku-kj Thomas, merchant, St. Vincent-ftrejit 
Hopkld^Cunmngham & Co. merchts. do. 

HO C 51 1 KU 

Horn, James, laftmaker, 159» Saltmarket 
Hofie, Andrew, manufa6lurer, 11, Deil-flreet 
Hotfon, Andrew, ironmonger, 85, Candleriggs 
HouldfworthjHenry & Co. cotton •fpinners,Anderfl:on 
Houfliold, George, fugar-broker. Tontine buildings; 

houfe, 88, Argyll-ftreet 
Houfliold, Charles, cooper, 62, Jamaica-ftreet 
Houfton, Alex. Sr Co. merchants, 4.4', Argyll- (Ireet 
Houfton, Wm. & Co. yarn wareho. Garthland-ftr. 
Houfton, John, grocer, 75, Stockvvell 
Houfton, And, coal-agent &fhore-mafterj Broomielaw 
Houfton, Alexander, St. And. fquare, north Hde 
Houfton, A. teacher of vocal mufic, 153, Trongate 
Howat, Charles, horlefetter, 416, Gallowgate 
Howatfon, J. & T. manufa.tlurers, 62, Beli-ftreet 
Howden, Moodie & Co. corner of Glafsford-ftreet 
Howey & Co. Englifn carriersj Montrofe-ftreet 
Howie, R-obert, ironmonger, Bridgegate 
Howie, A. grocer, 609, ArgyU-ftreet 
Howie, John, & Co. fpirlt-dealers, 20, Stockwell 
Howiefon, Robert, threadmaker, 427, Gallowgate 
Huffey, Wm. cptton-fpinner, Graham's fqr. do. 
Humphries, T. print-cutter, 56, Saitmirket 
Hunter & Rainey, merchantG, Ingram's court 
Hunter, William, do. do. 

Hunter,, jun. brewer, Mcntrote-ftreet 
Hunter, James, wright, 27, Stockweii 
Hunter, Alex, merchant, lodging, 54, ingram-ftreet 
Hunter, W. manufacturer, 180, baitmarket 
Hunter, JameSv & Co. tga ft.op, GiO, Argyii-ftreet 
Hunler, A.lex. jun. m.erchant, 106, — 1, 'irongate 
Hunter, John, & Co. fpirit fliop, 34C, Galiowga'-e 
Hunter, Archibald^ m^reh. at Patnck Ewing & Co's 

HIT t 52 3 IN 

^ V Hunter, Samuel, at the Herald and Adtertifer Office 
Hunter, William, vintner, 25, Trongate 
Hunter, John, & Co. fpirit-dealexs, 34?6, Gallowgate 
Hunter, James, grocer, Gorbals 
Hunter, John, fpirit-dealer, 58, Argyll-ftreet 
Hunter, Andrew, coal-agent, 16, New-Wynd 
Huntsfield, John, vintner, S9, Prince's ftreet 
Hutchefon, Charles, 18, Frederick ftre&t 
Hutchefon, Thomas, baker, 264, High-ftreet 
Hutchifon, John, grocer, 112, do. 
Hutchifon, Rob. & Co. manufa£lrs. Hutchefontown 
Hutchifon, David, writer, Robertfon's land, 1(1 wed 

of Virginia-ftreet 
Hutchifbn, James, calico-printer, Poft-ofHce court 
Hutchifon & Coulter, manufacturers, 27, Hutch.-ftr. 
Hutchifon & Young, calendrers, 3, Montrofe- ftreet 
Hutchifon, Robt. bookfeller & ftationer, 10, Saitm. 
Hutton, Mrs. grocer, 77, Bridgegate 
Hynd, John, Campbell's lodgings, at the Ciofs 
Hynd, Talker, & Co. general agents and infurance 
brokers, 78, Trongate 


h^jperiai Fire Office, 60, Hutchefou-ftreet 

Ingiis, David, calico-printer, 9, Virginia-ftreet 

Inglis, John, haberdaftier & filk mercer, 32, Trongate 

Ingiis, James, hat manufadurer, 140, do. 

Inglis, James, calico-printer, Parkholm 

Ingiis, Ewing & Co. caiendrers, Smith's court, 

Inglis, Walter, cloth-lapper, 28, Stockwell 

IN' [53] J A 

Inglis, James, Carfsvell's court, George-ftreet 
Inglis & Galbraith's fingeing houfe, John-ftreet 
Innes, G. fpirit-dealer, Cochrane-ftreet 
Irvine, WiiL & Thos. merchants, 63, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Irvine, Thomas, hoGefi lodging, 9, Garthland-ftreet 
Irvine, Wm. do. do. Union Place 

Irvine, Mrs. lets lodgings, College buildgs. High-ftr. 
Irvine, Samuel, tobacconift, 433, Gallowgate 
Iryine, H. manufafturer, 65, Wilibn-ftreet 


Jack, Alexander, wntlng-mafter, Dunlop-ftreet 

Jack, Wm. merchant j lodging, 2, Clyde Buildings 

Jack, John, beadle, Campbell-itreet 

Jackfoti, James, poftmafter; lodging, 33,CKarlotte-ftt. 

Jackfon, James, ironmjonger, 419, Gallowgate 

Jackfon, Archibald, fpirit-dealer, 42, Queen-Ilreet 

Jackfon, William, fpirit-dealer, 39, High-ftreet 

Jack, Thomas, bookfeller, 101, do. 

JafFray, Mrs. grocer, 164, Ge<irge*ftreet 

Jaffray, Robert, & Co. dryfalters and warehoufemen^ 

Spreui's court, Glafsford-ftreet 
JafFrey, George, merchant, Leitch's court; houfe, 

Carfwell's court, George-ftxeet 
Jaffrey, William, merchant. Turner's court 
Jaffrey, Rob. jun. & Co. fpirit-dealers, 72, Trongate 
Jamisfon, Rpbert, baker, 31, iCing-ftrect 
Jamiefon, Allan, fpirit-dealer, 30, do. 
Jamiefon, John, furgeon, 43, do. 

Jamiefon & Struthsrs, mauuP'^ 456, Gallowgate 
Jamiefon, Wm jun, manufadurer, 39, Glafsford-H'r. 

JA [ 54 T JU 

JamIeron,Wm. merch. Stir]ii.g:-(lr. lodg. Hern's court 

Jamieibn, joiner, 132. ^^altmarket 

Jamiefon, Hugh, merchant, 72, Trongate 
Jamieil^n, James, groeer, ^76, High-ftreet 
Jamiefon, Wm. manufacfturer, 5, Saltmarket 
Jamiefon, George, vintner, 39, Gallowgate 
Jardine, George, profeflbr of logic. College new court 
JardinCi Peter, Buck's head inn, Argyll-ltreet 
Jarvie, John, meafurer and vintner, Port-Dundas 
Jarvie, Rob. merch. at Js. Hamilton fen. & Go's, 

houfe, Charlotte-lane 
Jeffry, Dr. James, profefTor of anatomy and botany, 

College court 
Je kine & Smith, boot and fhoe {hop, 308, High-ftr. 
Jon.ifon, James, currier, foot of Havannah-flreet 
Johnfon, David, jun. 21, Glafsford-ftreet 
Johnfton, Charles, painter. 28, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Johnfton, A. fign and houfe painter, 58 y Wilfon-ftr. 
Johnfton, ^ — , baker, 60, adjoining the Star Inn 
Johnfton, Mrs. T. vintner. 94, High-ftreet 
Johnfton, J^mes, fpirit-dealerj 15, Jamaica-ftreet 
Johnfton, D. vintner- 173, Saltmarket 
Johnfton, William, 83, grocer, Havannah-ftreet 
Johnfton, R. tobacconift, 40, Saltmarket 
Johnfton, Thomas, baker, 81, do* 
Johnfton, Waiter, mafon, Old-Wynd 
Johnfton Sc.Neilfon, tea vi^arehoufe, 107, Trdngate.. 
Johtiftone, W. & J. oil and colourmen, 8, John-ftr. 
Johnftone, William, infurance-broker, 8, do. 
Jones, John, bookbinder, 43, Trongate 
Jones, N. v/riter, Dunbar's clofs, 164, do. 
Jop, '"!, fmitr and farrier, Gorbals 
Juftice of Pe?ace Clerk's Office, 21, Giafsford-ftreet 

KA Z B5 •] KE 


Kalley, Robert & Co. tea mercliants, 13, Trongatc 
Kay, David, cotton-fpinner, Grahame's fquare 
Kay, \Vm. & Co. manufacturers, Hutchefontown 
K --'j Alexander, manufacturer, 31, Bell-ftreet 
K.y, J. & vo. Wrights, foot of Saltmarket, W. fide 
K y, David, accomp'ant, MelviJl i Iice, 132, Trong. 
Kiddie, Archibald, bookbir, 'er, 3 Prince's itreet 
K^ith, J & M. muficiv 40, Trongate 
Keir Walter, porter, 82, ' la-vannah-tlreet 
Kelly, Wm. cotton and yarn wareho. 36, St. A. fqr. 
K'-iTip, J. accompt. Thiftle Banki lodg 95, Geo-ftr. 
Kennedy, Duncan, agent and accomptant, 39, aaltm. 
Kennedy, A. grocer, 158, Stockwell 
Kennedy, D. baker, 77, Saltmarket 
Kennedy, D. jun. feedfman, Grahamfton 
Kennedy, Robert, yarn warehoufe, 71, Ingram-ftr- 
Kennedy, Daniel, fpirit-dealer, 26, Saltmarket 
Kennedy, William, merchant, 34-, Trongate 
Kennedy, Robert, ham fhop, 69, Argyll-ftreet 
Kennedy, Gilbert, fpirit cellars, 38, do. 
Kennedy, D. fmith and fpirit-dealer, 19, Gallowgate 
Kennedy, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 63, Glafsford-ftreet 
Kennedy, James, haberdaiher, 617, Argyll-ilreet 
Ker, Stewart, beadle, 2, Great Dovehill 
Ker, James, at David Kay's, accomptant 
Ker, James, tailor, 181, Trongate 
Ker, James, yarn v/arehoufe, 17, St. Andrew's fqt. 
Ker, Howe & Co. manufadurprs, 50, do, 
Ker, Archibald, at William AUa-n's, Canikriggs 

KE I 56 -] im, 

Ker, James, brufhmaker, 25, Gallowgate 

Kcr, Norman, tinfmith, 104, Bridgegate 

Ker^ Hugh, writer, and flicriff clerk depute, 59, 

Wilfon-ftreet; houfe, Slatefield 
Ker, William, vintner, New-Wynd 
Ker, A. & J. tailors, 181, Trongate 
Kibble, Forfter & Co. calico-printers. Good's cour!, 

Argyll- ftreet 
Kiddj John & Alexander, agents, 132, Trongate 
Kid, Mark, mufician, 18, High-ftreet 
Kidfton, Rev. Wm. Young-ftreet, Belgrave Place 
Kidfton, Wm. merchant, at Alex. Glen's, Queen- ilr, 
Kilpatrick, Mrs. lets Icrdgings, 52, Prince's ilree^t 
Kincaid, John, grocer, 396, Gallowgate 
King, John, cotton- fplnner, Anderlton 
King, Alexander, tobac-conift, 161, Stoekwell 
King, James, manufacturer and dyer, Anderdon 
King, Mrs. lodgings, 40, Hutchefon-ilreet, 
Kmg, Mrs. vintner, 22, Prince'^s (Ireet 
King, James, writer, 22, do. 

Kingan, John, manufacturer, 1 3, Fredeirick-dreet 
Kinnibrough, tinfmith and pewterer, 435, Gallowg, 
Kinnear, Robert, merchant, St. Andrew's fquare 
Kippen, William, manufadurer, 94, Hutchefon-ilr. 
Kirkland & FiQier, manufatlurers, 30, Trongate 
Kirkland, John, manufafturer, Gorbals 
Kirkland, J. tobacconift, 29, Gallowgate 
Kirkland, J. manufadurer, 287, High-ftreet 
Kirkland, E. & Co. milliners, 122, John-ftreet 
Kir kv/ood, James, (hoemaker, 39, Glafsford-ilreet 
Kirkwood, James, faddler, 72, Ar^yll-llrcet 
Knight, J. merchant, Stirling-ftreet 
Knax & Galbraithj haberdafhers. 1^.8, Trongr^.ts. 

SM C 57 ] LA 

!tnoK, J. Sc Sons, yarn warehoufe, 6S, Glafsford-ftr. 
-Kyie, W. land-farveyor,corner of KentandSuffolk-ftr, 

Laidlay, John, fen, foap and candle ofiice,70,.KIng-ftr. 

Laidlay, John, jun. ac R. B. Niven &-Co's 

Laird, James, merchant, 61, Buchanan-ftrset; houfci 

12j Adam's court 
Laird, David, merchant; houfe, 3, Adam's court 
Laird, Daniel, hatter, 27, Saltmarket 
Lamb, D. merch. 125, George-ftr. lodg. S6j John-ftr. 
Lamb, James, Wallace-CDurt, Bell-ftreet 
Lamb, James, merchant, 4-9, Virginia-ilrcet 
Lanab, John, joiner, 442, Galiowgate 
Lamond, Daniel, baker, 25, Saltmarket 
Lanark & . Chorlton Company's cotton yam ware-, 

houfe, 42, St. Andrew's fquare 
Lang & Robifon, writers, 19, Virginia? -ft rect 
Lang & Cowan, furgcons & druggifts, 1 03, Gallowg. 
Lang, J. haberdaflier, 56, Bell-ftrect 
Lang^ Jofeph, fpirit-dealer, 83, Stirilng-llreet 
Y Lang, David, writer, 2, Hurchefon-fireet 

Lang,Win. & Son, tlove-grate vx^arehoufe, Old-Wynd 
. Lang, William, printer, 62, BelWlr. houfe, 58, do. 
Lang, W. College gardener, Blackfriar's Wynd 
Lang, R. dryfalter, 56,-Prince't; (Ir, houfe,! 73, Saltm. 
L^ng, James, vi£lualler, 138, Strjckweii 
Lang, Gilbert, maniifaclurer, 6, Queen-ftreet 
Lan;; Sc Turner, manufadurcrs, Poft-ofHce court 
Lapflie, Mrs. William, fpirit-dealer, 2, Virginia-ilr. 
Lr, William, fpirit-dealer^ Stockweli 

LA [ 58 ] ■ tE 

Lauder, Robert, yarn w^rehoufe, 44, Bell-ftrec't 
Launie, Mrs. lodging, 24?» lugram-frreet 
Laurie, John, merchant, 13, Trongate 
Laurie, David, jun. corn-fafior, Uaion Place 
Laurie, Daniel, yarn (hop, 440, Gailowgate 
Laurie & Pinkerton, corn-fadors, 88, Argyll-ftreet 
Laurie, George, merch- Carlton Place, Lauriefton- 
Laurie, James, do. do. do. 

Laurie, James, & Co. do. do. do. 

Laurie, W, & R. & Co, manufr*. do. do. 

Laurie, D. ygft. at Coke, Thomibn & Go's, 1 S 1 , Troft. 
Laurie, John, & Co. ironmongers, 138, IVongate 
Lau-'iej HSnry, joiner, Cochrane-ftreet 
L?uric, ihoilias, billet-maiitr, 1, St. Andrew's lana 
Laurie. D. timber-rmerchant, lodging, 142, Stockwell 
Lavi'» James, tinfmith^ 87, Bridegate 
Law, David, fooe (liop, 59, Prince's flxeet 
Lawrie, William, writer, Pofl-olFice court; lodging, 

427, Gallowgate 
La-.' V!e, Mifs, milliner, Sidney-court, Argyll-ftreet 
Lavvlon, James, fpirit dealer, 117, Stockwell 
Lawfon, And. timber-merchant, at J. Lindfay & Go's 
Lawfon, Archibald, manufacturer, 55, St. And. fqr. 
Lawion, William, hardware fnop, 81, Saltmarket 
Lawfon, William, (lioemaker, 406, Gallowgate 
Lawfon, David, joiner. 120, Saltmarket 
Lawfon, John, gardener, Gorbals 
Lawfon, James, turner, 268, High-ftreet 
Law foil, John, woollendraper, 5, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Lawfon, James, (hoemaker, head of Old Wynd 
Leckie, V/. & Co. ftocking-manufi^. 410, Gallowg.. 
Leckie, John, writer, 47, Virginia-ftreet 
L-Qkie ^< Alesin'der^ maiiufrs, 70^ BrunfsYick-ftr. 

LE f 59 ] > LI 

Leckie, John & Co. hatters, 17, Saltmarket 
Leckie, George, manufadlurer, ] 1 John- ftreet 
Leechman & M*Viccar, tinfmiths, 40, Bridgegate 
Leechman, W. fmith, Townhead 
Leechman, W. ironmonger, Brunfv/ick-ilreet 
Leggat & Colder^ joiners, Tradeftown 
Leighton, Mr. Barton's ofiicejhoufe, Old Vennal 
Leitch & Smith, merchants, 119, Gsorge-ftrset 
Leitch, Daniel, watchmaker. Gorbals 
Leitch, T. penny-letter carrier & ftabler, 126, Gallov/g. 
Leitch, N. tambourer, 382, Gallovvgate 
Leitch & Eafon, painters, 13, King-dreet 
Leith, Andrew, grocer, 2I4j High-ftreet 
Lemmon, Mrs. grocer, 602, Argyll-ftreet 
Lemmonier, M. French teacher, 51, Bell-ftreet 
Lennox, Gavin, framefmith, Calton 
Lennox, And. £c Co. cheefe ftop, 81, Glafsford ftr, 
Lennox, James, faddler, 300, High-ftreet 
Lennox, J. vintner, Buchanan's court, 177, Tro'igats 
Leflie & Reid, manufacSliurers, 28, G las ford- ilreet 
Leilie, M'Intofh & Co. Tobago-ftreet, Caiton 
Lewis, George, grocer, 262, High-i- reet 
JiCy, George, mafon, foot of H:^v?prjah-(lreet 
Liddell, James, vintner, 179, Trorgate 
Liddell, A. oil and colour (liop, 101, do. 
Liddell, And. Sc Co. Ruffia merchts Stiding's Place 
Liddellj Wm. & Co. manufacturers, do. 

Liddell, And. merchant lodgings, 1, liorr/- .: - urt 
Liddell, Wm. merchant, lodgings, Buchanan, ilreet 
Liddel, James, framefoiith, Dempfler (ir-et 
Liddel, J. fmith, 1 ft fiat i joyd's land, Stockweli 
Liddel, Davidj faddler, 25, Hutchefon-dreet 
Lightbody, J^naes, hatmaker, 44?^ Gailowgate 

LI t GO ] LO 

Lightbody, Alexander, horfefetterj Kentftreet 

Liliie & Johnfton, manufatlurers, 37, Bell-ftreet 

Liiklfay, J. & Co. timber-merchants, Broomielaw 

Lindfay, John, merch. 75, Hutchefon-flr. lodging, dd. 

Lindfay, Robert, lodging, do. 

Lindfay, William, joiner, 65, Hlgh-ftreet 

Lindfay, J^ manufaclurcr, Craig's court, Tobago-ftr. 

Lindfay, W. & B. do. 8, Nelfon-ftreet 

Lindfay, Alexander, baker, 60, Argyil-Ilreet 

Lindfay, A. vintner, Back Wynd 

Lindfay, George, Wright, 71, Saltmarket, keeps ths 

Trades' Mort-cloth office 
Lindfay & Ballingall, writers, 39, Glafsford-flreet 
Linen Stamp Office, Carrie's clofg, High-flreet 
Linn, Robert, grocer, Gorbals 
Little, David, druggid, 53, Saltmarkst 
Little, John, fpirit-dealer, 49, High-ftr. & 30, Bell-dr, 
Little, Fleming & Co. ironmongers, 95. Glafsford-ftr, 
Littlejohn, James, grocer, 290, HJghftreet 
Liverpool Fire Office, 28, Virgiuia-ftre^t 
Livingfton, Robert, broker, Brootnielaw 
Lloyd, H. grocer, 113, High-flreet 
Lobon, George, grocer, 89, Trongate 
Lochead, William, fen. joiner, 52, Bridgegate 
Lochead, W. joiner & trunkmakcr, 120, Saltmarket 
Lochore, Robert, & Co flioe fhop, 95, Trongate 
Lockhart, James, hardware ffiop, 174-, Saltmarket 
Lockhart, ReV. Dr. John, 40, Charlotte-ilreet 
Lockhart, Jamts, plumber, 9, Virginia-ftreet 
Lockhart, John, tailor, 164, Trongate 
Logan, W. merchantj Canal office, 61, Buchanan-ftr- 
L^gan Sc Mather, wine & rum cellar, 61, do. 
Loganj Thomas, grocer, 67, Gallowgate 

LO I SI 3 Lt 

tiOgan, Williamj watchmaker, 387, Gallowgate 
Logan & Menzies, manufadlurers, 31, Bell-ftieet 
Logan, J. tea-dealer, 12, Duke-ftreet 
Logic, William, hairdrefler, 44, Glafsford-flreet 
Longmuir, John, merchant, 5, Virginia-ftrect; lodg- 
ing, 106, Trongate 
Lothian, Wardrop & Whyt, manuf". 177, Trong. 
Lothian, Geo.jun. manafadlurer, 45, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Loudon, M. & Co. candie-office, 26, King-ftreet 
^ Loudoun, Craigie & Co. agents for the Phoenix Firfe 
office, King-ftreet , 
Loudoun, Morehead, lodging, 40, Dunlop-ftreet 
Loudoun, John, do. do. 

Love, Hugh, & Co. grocers, 12, King-ftreet, and 

fugar-refiners, 64, John-ftreet 
Love, John, baillie of the ram's horn burying ground 
Gordon's land, 582, Argyll-ftreet 

Love, Rev» , lodging, Browoheld 

Lovi^ry, Lamond, & Co. merchants, Poft-office court 
Lumfden, James, &.Son, engravers, 22, Argyll-ftr, 
Lumfden, George, bookfeller, 637, do. 

LylCj John, fhoemaker, 23, Glafsford-ftrcet 
Lyon, John, tinfmith, 618. Argyll-ftreet 
Lyon, George, copperfmith, 80, Gallowgate 
Lyon, John, bookbinder, 15, do. , 
Lyon & Boggie, bruih makers, 300, High-ftreet 
Lyon, John, yarn-merchant, Hutchefontown 
Lyon, George, Verreville Glafs Warehoufe; lo4gmg 
28, Hamilton- ftreet 


MA C 62 3 MA 


Mabon, A. B. manufaaurer, 13, St. Andrew's lane 

Mabon, David, do. Drygate, north fide 

Machen, Matthew, lodging, 67, Brunfwick-ftreet 

Machen, John, brafs-founder, Old-Wynd 

Machen, Andrew, writer, do. 

Machen, David, Vans, at Alex. Carrick's, writer 

Machens & Laird,oil of vitriol makers, near Woodfide 

Mack,W. G. writer, 21, Glafsf.-ar. lodg. 132, Trong. 

Mack, Mrs. grocer, 75, Saltmarket 

Mackie, George, feal-engraver, 31, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Mackie, James, tea-merchant, 80, do. 

Mackie, Thomas, fingeing-houfe, 55, St. And. fquare 

Mair, John, & Co. merchants, 38, Argyll-ftreet 

Mair James, do. do. 

Mair, John, merchant, lodging. Plantation 

Mair, John, vintner, 14-, Saltmarket 

Maitland, Hugh, plafterer, Gorbals 

Mail Guard to Edinburgh by Falkirk, &c. Parcels 

left for him, at Cameron's, Pod-office court 
Maitland, A. fpirit dealer, Gallowgate-bridge 
Malcolm & Reid, manufa£lurers, 9, St. And. entry 
Malcolm, R. & D. audlioneers. 94-, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Manford, Rob. & Co. manufafturers, 20, St. A. fn^r, 
Mann, James, fplrit-dealer, 149^ Saltmarket 
Mann, Hugh, writer, 92, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Mann, John, writer, 15, St. Andrew's ftieet 
Mann, Davi4, audioneer, 3, Prince's ftree: 
Mann, John, gunfmith, Gorbals 
Mann, Wiliiam, do. do. 

MA [ 63 3 MA 

M^nn, Robert, flioemaker, Gorbals 
Manners, J. plane-maker, Saracen- lane, Gallowgate 
Manfon, William, fpir it-dealer, 73, High-ftreet 
Manticha, G. & Co. carvers & gilders, 34', King-ftr 
Marquis, N. & J. grocers, 107, do, 

Marihall, Thomas, writer, 65, Saltmatket 
Marfhall, William, fpirit-dealer, Broomiehw 
Marfiial!, Steven, baker, Gorbals 
Marftiall, Claud, wri.ter, Stirling-Ilreet 
Marfhall, William, writer, 1 32, Trongate 
Marftiall, David, & Co. inkle-work, Craigneftock 
Marftiall, Js. cotton and worfled fliop, 25, High-fir. 
Marfhall, Jolin, baker, 13, Candleriggs 
Marftiall, William, baker, 269, High-ftreet 
Marftiall, Robert, writer, 9, Miller-fl:reet 
Marfhall, James, manufa6turer, 82, Bell-flreet 
Marfhall, John, accomptant, Ship bank^ lodging, 

Ropework court, Stockwell 
Marftiall, James, manufa6turer, 13, St. Ai^. lane 
Marfhall, J. fen. baker, 362, Gallowgate 
Marftiall, William, merchant, 18, St. Andrew's lanej 

houfe, 29, St. Andrew's fquare 
Martin, Malcolm, infur^nce-broker, Exchange 
Martin, James, & Co. merchants. Tontine buildings 
Martin, James, & Co. ironmongers, 13, Argyll-ft;r, 
Martin, Mrs. heddlemaker, 33, Gallowgate 
Martin, Mrs. makes burying-crapes, 21, John-flreet 
Martin, Geo. writer, at John Fleming's, Nelfon-ftr. 
Mather, Wm. & Co. manufadurers, Charlotte-lane 
Mathie, Benj. writer, Monteith's land, 40, Hutch. ftr„ 
Mathielbn, Kenneth, mafon Sc builder, Balmanno-fl:r. 
Mathlefon, C. fpir itr dealer, 64-, Bell-fl;reet 
Ma.thiefon, Thomas, tailor, FoU-oflice cour^ 

MA t 64. 3 ME 

Matthew, Wm,- pocket-book- maker, 39, Saitmarket 
Maver, William, bookfeller, 9, Saitmarket 
Maxwell, John, writer, 19, Queen-ftreet 
Maxwell, John, jun. do. 

Maxwell, Peter, fpirit-dealer, Grahamflon 
Maxwell, John, hairdrefTer, 46, Glafsford-ftreet 
Maxwell, Archibald, writer, 22, Trongatej houfe, 

57> Hutchefon-ftreet 
Maxwell & Keith, print-cutters, 124, Trongate 
Maxwell, Houfton, ftone-ware (hop, 10, King-ftreet 
Maxwell, Robert, baker, 86, Candleriggs 
Maxwell, Miller & Co. copperfmiths, 127, Saitmarket 
Maxwell, Robert, haberdafher, 426, Gallowgate 
Mayne, William, jun. $1, Giafoford-ftreet 
Mayne, Robert, manuia£lurer,'37, Bell-ftreet 
Mearns, James, fpirit- dealer, 56^ Maxwell-ilreet 
Mj^ek, Thomas, writer, 71, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Meikle, William, baker, 397, Gallowgate 
Meikle, William, plafterer, Maxwell-ilreet 
Meikle, John, manufafturer, Hutchefontown 
Meiklejohn, Wm. fpirit-dealer, 250, High-ftreet 
Meikleham,Dr. Wm. profeffor of Nat. Philof. College 
Melifs, John, merchant, at J. Pattifon & Co's*, lod^« 

ing, 47, Hanover-ftreet 
Melifs, William, & Co. 2, Saitmarket 
Melifs, George, accomptant, 73, Trongate 
Melles, D, tailor, 54, Saitmarket 
Melles, D. grocer, 58, do, 
Melvin, Andrew, agent, St. Andrew's fquare 
Mennie, John, grocer, Grahamfton 
Mennons & Co. printers, 44, Bell-ftree^ 
Mennons, John, do. do. 

Meujzies, William, difliUcr, Gorbah 

ME E 65 ] MI 

Menzies, Archibald, jun. lint-drefier, 8, Highrftrcet 

Menzies, James, grocer, 9iS, Bridgegate 

Menzies, And. & Co. fpirit-dealers, 263, High-ftreet, 

and 52, Beil-ftreet 
.Methuen & Wotherfpooii, 27, Hutchefon-ftreet * 
Middleton &Tennent, manufadurers,??, Stiriing-ftr, 
Middleton, Hugh, plafterer, Gorbals 
Miliar & Ewing, cioth^merchants, 145, Trongate 
Millar, Df. Rich. ledurer in Materia Medica, College 
Miller, John, merchant, 44, Charlotte-ftreet 
Miller, James, Turner's land, Argyll-ftreet 
Miller, M. & Co. haberdafl^ers, 72, Trongate 
MiUer, G. & W. & Co. do. 157, do. 
Miller, James, merchant, counting houfe, 164, Tron- 
gate*, lodging, North Montroie-ftreet 
Miller, Mrs. J. milliner, 62, Bell-flreet 
Miller, John, calendrer. Old Vennal, High-dreefc 
Miller, Wni. weavingrutenfil-maker, 112, Gallowg. 
Miller, M. baker, 425, do. 

Miller, Rob. & Alex, fpirit-dealers, 47, Saltmarket 
Miller, rlleKander, dealer in furniture, 72,. do. 
Miller, James, reedmaker, 287, High-ftreet 
MiUer, Robert, joiner, Nelfon-ftreet 
Miller, P. fhoemaker, 82, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Miller, Alexander, ilioemaker, 122, Saitmarke> 
Miller', James, fpirlt-dealer, 354, Gallowgate 
Miller, James, coppersmith, 128, Bridgegate 
MiUer, William, (lioemaker, 271, High-flreet 
Miller, Alexander, flabler, 40, King-ftreet 
Miller, M. vintner, 50, Bell-ilreet 
Miller, William., fpirit-dealer, 133, Rottenrow 
Miller, Robt. manufiiaurer, 28, High-llreet 
Miller, T. vintner, 87, New-Wp,ri 

MI [ 66 ] MI 

Miller, , marble-cutter, Jamaica-ftreet 

Miller, M. fpirit-dealer, 107, Bridgegate 

Miller's furniture fho-p, 117, Saltmarket 

Milier, Mrs. William, barley-office, 87, Candleriggs 

Miller, Thos. merchant, Inglis* land, St. Mungo-ftr* 

Miller, T. merchant, 64, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Milier, H. gunfmith, Gorbals 

Miller, James, mafon, do. 

Miller, Andrew, baker, 80, Bridgegate 

Miller, Thomas, coal-agent, Broomielaw 

iiiiler, William, lint ihop, 17, High-ftreet 

Miller, Yv^alter, do. 67, Saltmarket 

Miller, Thomas, & Co. grain-merchants, Mltchell-ftr, 

Miller, Hugh, furgeon, (hop and houfe, 76, and 77, 

oppofite the College Church, High-ftreet 
Miller, Rob. jun. Sc Co. manufadh-s. 29, St. And. fq. 
Miller & Warden, framefmiths, Calton 
Miller, James, profefTor of Mathematics, College 
Miller, Menzies & Coats, manufadrs. 38,High-ftveet 
Miller, H. baker, 53, Bridgegate 
Miller, David, baker, 122, do. 
Miller, Robert, baker, 289, High-ftreet 
Miller, William, fpirit-dealer, Laigh Kirk clofs 
Miiligan, James, manufacturer, 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Milligan, Andrew, grocer, St. Enoch's fquare 
Miiligan, J. fpirit fnop, 345, Gallowgate 
Miln, James, turner, Gorbals 
Miln, John, joiner, do. 
Milne, William, merchant, at James Black & Go's 
Milne, James, watchmaker, Gorbals 
Milne, James, profelTor of moral philofophy, College 
Milne, George, agent, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Millsj William^ merchant, 94, Candleriggs 

MI [ 67 3 MO 

Mirrlees, Peter, faddler, 634, Argyll-ftreet 
Mirrlees, Wm. faddler and faddle-tree-rtiaker, 34, do, 
Mirrlees, William, gluemaker, Bridgegate 
Mitchell, D. tailor, 116, Trongate 
Mitchell, M^CuUoch & Co. merchants, 50, Argyll-ftn 
Mitchell, Harper & Co. manufrs. UO, John-flreet 
Mitchell, Robert, turner, 633, Argyll-ftreet 
Mitchell, John, Hater, 23, Klng-ftreet 
Mitchell, Rev. John, Antiburgher-meeting, Anderfton 
Mitchell & Ruflel, watchmakers, 18, Gallowgate 
Mitchell, David, feedfman, 448, do. 

Mitchell, Alexander, plumber, 16, Jamaica-ftreet 
Mitchell, William, feedfman, Grabamfton 
Mitchell & Dougall, manufa6lurer, 46, High-ftreet 
Mitchell, Thomas, grocer, 420, Gallowgate 
Mitchell, John, hairdrefler, College-ftFeet 
Mitchell, Alexander, merchant, Buchanan-ftreet 
Mitchell, Alexander, tailor, 119, Saltmarket 
Mitchell, Thomas, maaiufadurer, 94, Candleriggs 
Mitchell, Thomas, merchant, Gordon-ftreet 
Mitchell, Mrs. midwife, 13, High-fir. lets lodgings 
Mitchell, Thomas, ropework, Graham (ion 
MofFat, Galloway & Wyld, wholefale MancJiefter 

warehoufe, 43, Trongate 
MofFat, John, jun. ftocking (hop, 4, High-flreet 
MofFat, Thomas, cotton- fpinner, 34, Havannah-flr. 
Moir, James, porter-houfe, 23, Prince's ftreet 
Mollefon, Alexander, bookfeller, 19, Glafsford-ilreet 
Mollefon, D. & P. manufadurers, 25, St. And. ftr. 
;. Mollefon, Francis, fpirit-dealer, Gorbals 
! Monach, Duncan, manufacturer. Smith's court. Can- 
I dleriggs-, houfe, Morifon's court 
Moaach, James, cotton-fpinner, 48^ Canon-flreet 

-MO C 68 j MO 

Monach, Andrew, jun. at James Monach's 
Monkland Coal Company, 47, Giafsford-ftreet 
Monro, George, grocer, 44<, Stockwell 
Monro, John, reedmaker, 502, High-ftreet 
Monro, John, brickmaker, Gallowgate^ eaft end 
Monro, D. turner, St. Milngo's lane 
IvSonro, Alexander, tobacconift, 6, Nelfon-ftreet 
Monro, George, tinfmith, 240, High-ftreet 
Monteath, Walter, mercht. lodging, Buchanan-ftrc 
Monteatk & Miller, caiendrers, 6, Ingram-ftreet 
Monteath, James, manufadurer, 59, Queen-ftreet . 
Monte-ith, J. furgeon, Adam's court, fiiop, 99, Trdng* 
Monteith & M< Arthur, druggifts, 99, do. 

Monteith, John, merchant, 40, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Monteith, Henry, merchant, 52, Milier-ftreet 
Monteith, Henry, Bogle, & Co. yarn warehoufe^ 

Charlotte- lane 
Monteith, James, tailor, 51, Gallowgate 
Monteith, Alexander, grocer > S3, High-ftreet 
iVlonteith, J'ames, bleacher, Biihop-ftreet, Anderftori 
Montgemery, James, Graham^s fquare, Gallovvgate 
Montgomery, Rcbt. cotton-fpinner, Havannah-ftr. 
Moody, Hugh, wine and rum-merchant, 24, King-ftr* 
Ivloody & Harley, manufacturers, 37» Bell-ftreet 
Moody, AfHeft, corn-fador, 102, Trongate 
More, John, caftiier. Royal Bank, 38, St. And. fcjT. 
Morifon,Waddel & Sym, upholfterers, l77, Trongate 
Morifon, James, joiner, New Wynd ' 
Morifon, James, & Son, merchants, 94, Candleriggs 
Morifon, Jn. merchant, Morifon's court, Argyll-ftr. 
Morifon, Mrs. makes grave-clothes, 25, Trongate 
Morifon, D. fpirit-dealer, 180, Trongate 
Morifon, James, baker, 71, Gallowgate- 

MO [ 69 ] Mtr 

Morifon, James, & Co. manufr% 48, St, And. ffen 
Morifon's lodgings, 132, Trongate 
Morifon, P. fpirit-dealer, 38, Saltmarket 
Morifon, George, jun. tea fliap, 16*, King-dteet 
Morifon, George, fen. fpirit cellar, 10 i, do. 
Morifon, James, grocer, 30, .iigh-ftreet 
Morifon, Peter, joiner and cabiiietmaker, Ailderftdh 
Morifon, Daniel, comptroUer of cUlionis, lodgingj 

Morifon, Williar^i, ftringing-rhaker, Hutchefontown 
Morifon Sz Wallace, 29, St Andrew's ftreet' 
Morifon, James, writing-ma{l:er and accomptauti 

3, Mootrofe-ftreet 
Morris, H. & Soiis, nierchanh, 65, St. And. fquar^ 
Morris & Biaikie, manufa6hirers, do. do. 
Mudie, William, audlioneei:, faie-room, 22^ Trongate^ 

lodging,, 2d fiat above 
Muir, George, joiner, 24, Stbekwell, and St. A. ftr. 
Muir, James, furgeon, lodging, 51, Glafsford fti'eet; 

(liop, 33, Trongate 
Muir, James, & Co. manufr''. 45, St. Andrew*s far.. 
Muir, Miites, manrua-makers, 312, High.ftrqct 
Muir, Mrs. midwife* 8, do. 

Muir, John, brickmaker, 'fradeftown 
Muit, William, (tabler, SufFolk-fireet, Galiowgate 
Muir, Wm. Son, & Frafer, yarn merchts. 26, Bell-ilr, 
Muit, Archibald, fpirit-dealer, 76, Candieriggs 
Muir, J. joiner, 4g, Candieriggs 
Muir, George, fad<ile-tree- maker, 112, Argyll-ftreet ' 
Muir, David, umbrella-maker^ 45, Stockweil 
Muir, Wm. & Co. brick and tiiem.akers, Trrideltawf? 
Muir, Robert, H. 456, Gallowgate 
Muir^ John, niufician, 21, High-itreet 

Muir, James, tailor, Poft^of&ce court 

Muir £< Scouller, fplrit-cellars, 42, Prince's ftreet 

Muir, Mifs, lets lodgings, 47, Argyll-ftreet 

Muir, J. joiner, Grahamflon 

Muir, Hugh, manufaauier, 31, Bell-ftreet 

Muir, Brown & Co. manufrs. 52, St. And. fquare 

Muir, John, paper- cellar, 20, Prince's ftreet 

Muir, Robert, writer, 1ft ilat above Sheriff Clerk's 

office, Wilfon- ftreet 
Muir, Thomas, manufadurer, 22, Trongate 
Muir, George, writer, 8, High-ftreet 
Muir, Archibald, grocer, 89, Havannah-ftreet 
Muir & Burns, furgeons, fhop, 83, Trongate 
Muir, James, manufad^urer, 71, Wilfon-ftreet 
Muir^ William, fpirit-dealcr, Grahamfton 
Muirs & Fleming, yarn warehoufe, 30, Candlerlggs 
Muirhead, Alexander, ironmonger, 6, Saltmarket 
Muirhead, William, baker, New Wynd 
Muirhead, James, grocer, 329, Gallowgate 
Muirhead, George, A. faddler, 1, Argyll-ftr. lodging. 

Turners court 
Muirhead, Michael, & Son, merchts. 591, Argyll-ftr. 
Muirhead, Robert, drugglft, 287, High-ftreet 
Muirhtid, Robert, merchant, 5, St. Enoch's fquare 
Muirheid, R. & Co. timber-merchants, Union Place 
Muirkirk Iron Company, 73, Ingram-ftreet 
Mungal, James, grocqK,1Sl, High-ftreet 
Munfie, Dav. joiner 'and cabinetniaker, 84, King-ftr. 
Mun fie, John, do. do. 159, Gallowg. 

Murdoch, M* Murray & Co. upholfterers, 30, Trong. 
Murdoch, Peter, merchant, lodging, 10, Queen-ftr. 
Murdoch, James, merchant, 5t), Glafsford-ftreet 
Murdoch, Jas. & Son, in fur^incc- brokers, Exchange 

MU C 71 ] M'A 

Murdoch, Mrs. John, chair-office, 93, Trongatc 
Murdoch, Buchanan & Co. 5, Cochrane-ftreet-, dye- 
work, B urn (ide- lane, Duke-ftreet 
Murdoch, Robert, vintner, S9, Saltmarket 
Murphy, John, & Co. tambourers, 22, Trongatc 
Murray & Brown, infurance-brokers, 27, Pod-office 

court, Trongate 
Murray, Alexander, manufa£lurer, Charlotte- lane 
Murray, John, Tontine Porter-room 
Murray, M'Gregor & Co. ironmongers, 149, Trong 
Murray, Maurice, joiner, &c 12, Miller-ftrcet 
Murray, James, tinfmith, Calton 
Murray, Alexander, baker, 43, Quecn-ftreet 
Murray, George, glazier, Gibfon-ftreet 
Mutrie, D. & R^manufac^urers, 22, George's fquare 
M*Adam, P. & J. manufadurers, 26, Bell-ftreet 
M*Adam, Walter, watchmaker, 410, Gallowgate 
M'Alefter, J. haberdaOier, 121, Nelfon-areet 
M^Alifter, Colonel, 46» Dunlop-ftreet 
M^Alifter, Walter, cloth merchant, 20^ Trongatc 
M^Alider, Charles, tailor, 65^ do* 

M'Allifter & Hadden, calendrers, 62, Bell-ftreet 
M^Allifter, Walter, iron-liquor-maker, Tradeftowu 
M* Alpine, Duncan, haberdaffier, 46, Trongate 
M*Alpinc, Daniel, Jan. baker, 7, Argyll-ftreet 
M* Alpine, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 65, Trongatc 
M' Alpine, J. fpirit-dealer, 1, Bridgegate 
M*AIpine, John, grdcer, 2, Jamaica-ftrect 
M'Alpine, John, & Co. calendrers, 6, Frederick-ftr. 
M'Andrew, George, fhoe ll)op, 614, Argyll-ftreet 
M« Arthur, John, tailor, 43, Trongate 
M< Arthur & Fergufon, grocers, 150, Saltmarket 
M* Arthur; John, furg^oij, 142, Stockwell 

H' Arthur, Duncan, tailor, 70, Saltmarket 

M' Arthur, James^ manufadurer, 5, do. 

M' Arthur, A. tailor, 164, Trongate 

M« Arthur, R. fpirit^dealer, Broomielaw 

M' Arthur, Alexander, fpirit-dgajer, J16, Bridgegatej 

houfe, 121, do. 
M*Ai^thar, Daniel, teacher of Latiii, Public Crammar 

School; lodging, Johji^ftreet 
M' Arthur, James, at James Campbell Sc Co*$, 105„ 

Trongate; lodging, 2) Dunlop-ftreet 
M<AuIay, J. 8c J. feed (l^op, 15% Trongate 
M^Aulay, Hill ^ Co, manufrs, 7, South Frederick. ftr. 
M^Aylay Be Monacli, grocers, 409, Gallowgate 
M'AuIay & C?irrlck, fpirit and porter cellars. Tur- 
ner's Court 
J^I*AuIay, Peter, merchant, 49, Gallovi-gate 
M^Aulay, John, merchant, 55, St, Andrew's fquare 
JvItArrow, Mrs. midwife, 224, High^ftreet 
M'Brair, Arch. & Alex, dryfaiters, 59, Candlerlgga 
M*Brair, Kobert, 4j CochrancTftreet; lodging, 6, do. 
M'Brayne, Stenhoufe & Co. caiico-printers; warer 

houfe, Cprrie*3 clofs, High^ftreet 
M'Brayne, Neil, manufr, to be found at GGy Trong, 
M^Bride, M. hairdrefier, 34, Glafsford- ftreet 
M'Bride, John, (pirlt-dealer, Jamaica-ftreet 
M'Broosn, E^phraim, tailor, 2'?, Prince's ftreet 
M-'Cacliern, Donald, grocer, 34, Gallowgate 
jVICaJl, Alexander, merchant, Bucbananrftreet 
MCall, Geo. n\ercbant^ lodging, 81, ^ohn-ftreet - 
M'Cali, John, do. ' do. 38, Miller-ftreet 
M'Call & Thomfon', merchapts, 49, Brunfwick-ftn 
MCallum, Alex iivJer, grocer, 601, Argyll %e<:t 
M'Qallumj Duncsiij grocer, 4 5. /Cell- ftreet 

M ^Galium, William, haberdaflier, 6, Hutchefon-llr, 
M^Callum & M'Farlane, do. 90, do. 

M'Callum, Duncan, fen. meafurer, S2, Stockwell " 
MCailum, Dunqan,jun. do, Nile-ilreet, Gallowg, 
M*Calium, John, & Co. tobacconifts, 50, Bridgegate 
M<Calli;m, John, fpirit-dealer, 20, Argyll-ftreet 
M'Callum, John, fpirit- dealer, 151, Stockwell 
M'Callum, Munro & Co. 26, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Callum & Campbell, agents, Nile-ftreet, Gallowg- 
M*Calman, Alexander, grocer, 67, Trongate 
iSICaft, Thomas, lock-fmith, 24, Canon-ftreet 
M^Cadi, John, ironmonger, 45, Gallowgate 
M'Caul, Alex, merchantj lodging, Buchanan-ftreet 
M*Caul, John, merchant, §, Trongate 
M^Caul, Gilberrt, {l.oe (liop, 13, Hutchefon-ftreet 
M^Clunie, John, & Co. grocers, 154, Saltraarket 
M'Clure, Robert, writer, 32, Hutchefon-ftreet 
RlCoI!, H. grocer, i33,SaItmarket 

M'Coms, , brickmaker, Gallowgate, eafl end 

M'Canechy, James, baker, 350, Gallowgat? 
?fA«Connel, I, ironmonger, 169, Saltmarket 
M'Corkle Sa Henry, rope-fpinners, Gorbals 
iVl«Corkle, Wm. Edinburgh an4 Greenock carrier j, 

IvI'Corkle, Archibald, (hoemaker, Grahamilon 
M<Cormick, John, merchant, at W. Stirling & Sons* 
M^Cormick, Duncan, candle (hop, 400, Gallowgate 
M*Cracken, John, vintner, New Wynd 
MCracken, Alexander, grocer, 3$1, Gallowgate 
M'Crae, — — , milliner, Gl afsford-ftreet 
M'Creath, lames, wright, 9, Virginia- ft reet 
K'Creddie, Arcliibaldj 7, iMiller-ftreet 
MCreddie, 1 hcavaFj fpirit-dealer, 130, Saltmarket 

M'Crindell, W. merchant, 50, Argyll-Rreet 
MCrocket, Boyd, baker, 52, Brldgegate 
M*Crone, James, meiTenger, 307, Higb-ftreet 
M*Cubbm, Clarkfon & Co. manufrs. 442, Gallowgate 
M<CuIloch & M<Dougali, grocers, 11, King-ftreet 
M'Culloch, George, teacher, 21, Glalsford-ftreet 
M*CulIocb, "Robert, wheelwright, Campbell- ftre^t 
IVPCulioch, Penny & Co. manufrs. 29, St. And. fqr. 
M'CuUoch, Mofes, ironmonger, 388, Gallowgate 
M'Culloch, John, lodging, 12, Jan^aica-ftreet 
M^Culloch, David, do. 69, do. 

Mdilioch, John, plane- maker, Gibfon-ftr. Gallowg. 
M'Culloch, And. bobbin-maker, Biackfriars' Wynd 
M'Culloeh, Andrew, merchant, Buchanan-flreet 
M*Cu!loch, Thomas, grocer, 594, ArgylUllrcet 
M*CuUoch, John, vintner, 19, Trongate 
M*Culipch, Thos. cotton-fpinner, 34, Havannah-ftr. 
McDonald, John, grocer, 78, Trongate 
M*Donald, A. jeweller and medicine- vender, 117, do. 
McDonald, D. 38, ArgylhAr.-, lodg. 37, Dunlop-ftr. 
M'Donald, John, chairmailer, 43, Argyll-fcreet 
M'Donaid, M. gardener, Gorbals 
McDonald. A. rupervifor,lodg. near Pollock's land, do. 
M'Donald, R. faddler, 90, Glafsford-areet 
M'Dcnald, James, painter, 12, Stockweli 
M*Doiiald, John, {tone- ware (hop, 42, Beil-flreet 
M'Donald, Roderick & Co. merchts. 46, Dunlop-flr, 
M'Donald, M. fpiric- dealer, 88, Rridgegate 
M*Doniid, A. grocer, 2, Kirk-flreet, Townhead 
M 'Donald, Robert, grocer, cSO, Candieriggs 
M'Donaul, Robt. merchant, at W. E, M«l,ae's. 
M^Dougal, John, agent, 57, Queen-ftreet 
M'Dougal,, Don^dj 57, dp\ 

M*Dougall, Peter, grocer, 282, High-ftreet 
M'Dougall, Duncan, jun. grocer, 75, Trongate 
M'Dougall, Mrs. John, grocer, ^68, Argyll-ftreet 
M'Dougall, Duncan, manufatlurer, 9, Trongate 
M*Dougall, Duncan, grocer, Calton 
M'Dougall & Hunter, manufaclrs. 29, Brunfw.-ftr. 
M'Dougall, J. uphoiiterer, 82, High-ftreet 
M'DougaJI, Hugh, tinfmith, 1, Georgc-flreet 
M*Douga]i & Barrie, furgeons, College Buildings 
M'Dowail, Andrew, feedfman, 39, Argyll- Oreet 
M'Dowall, James, & D. liort, jun. & Cc. calico- 
printers, S9, Virginia-ftreet 
M'EIdoe, R. to be found at Murray, McGregor & Go's 
M*Ewan, John, writer, 1 13, Trongate 
M*£wan, James, cloth merchant, 7, do. 
INI'Ewan, Andrew, baker, Anderfton 
M*Ewan, James, grocer, 19, High-flrect 
M«Ewan, William, do. 395, Gallowgate 
M'Ewan, Jamee, S<. Co. manufacturers, 6S, Eell-ftr. 
M<Ewan, Mrs. ihrt)udmaker, 154, Trongate 
M'Evvan, James, bailie of the High churchyard^ 

lodging, 110, Argyll- flreet 
M*£wan, Walter, G reenock carrier, 6.5, Bruufwick-ftr, 
M'Evvan, Samuel, tailor, 180, Saltmarket 
M'Ewan, D. tailor, 13, Trongate 
M'Fadyen, Neil, candle fiiop, 441, Gallowgate 
M<Fadyen, J. fladonery & mufic {liop,3y,Wiifcn-ftr. 
M'Farlane, W. chaife-hirer, 124^, Trongate 
M*Farlane, Thomas C< Alexander, cotton-rplnner?, 

Clyde-ftreet^ Anderfton 
M'Farlaue, A. flioemaker, 82, Giafsford-ftreec 
M'Farlaue, Mrs. Robert, grocer, 23, C,,ii:,dleiig|jv 
M^Farlane, William, nerfur.-er. 24, ;\i-.?''!-flrc ■■.. 

M* [ 76 ] M<G 

M'Farlanei Peter, plafterer, Portland-ftr. Dearifidd 
M'Farlane, Daniel, fpirifceliar, 180, Saltmarket 
M«FarIane, R. baker, 214, George-ilreet 
M*Farlane, Duncan, hofier; lodging, Frederick-ftreet 
M<Farlane, D. & Co. i^Ocking-manufajSlurers, i 1, do. 
M*Farlane, James, fpirit-dealer, 80, liigh-ftreet 
M*Farlane, Walter, cooper, Mitcheli^ftreet 
M'Farlane, Robert, grocer, 148, Stock well 
M«Farlane, Andrew, joiner, 77, High-dieeit 
M«Farlane, J. jrafier, 52, John-ftreet 
M<Farlane, James, grocer, 113, Stockwell 
M^Farlane, William, cbtton-fpinner, Gorbals 
M*Farlane, Walter, currier, Tanivork clofs, GalloWg; 
M<Farlane, D. teacher, 116, Trongate 
M*Farlanej P, meafurer, IS, 8t« Andrew's laAe 
M Farlane, Walter, grocer, 79, Candleriggs 
M'Farlane, George, vintner, 164, Trongate 
M'Farlane, John, bellman, 135, Saltmarket 
M^Fariane, Robert, baket, S91, Gallowgate 
M'Farlane, John, fpirit-dealer, 418, do. 
M'Farlane, William, baker, 2, Prince's ftreet 
M*Farlane, Daniel, fpirit-dealer, 10, Stockwell 
M^fariane, Malcolm, cotton-fpinner, Buibie, to be 

heard of at J. & G. Buchanan's, 32, Stockwell 
M*Farlane, William, cooper, 93, Stockwell 
M'Farquhar, James, merchant, IS, Glafsford-ftreet 
M*Feat, V/alter, & Co. ilation ^ >, 125, Trongate 
MFee, John, & Co. calico-printers, 17. St. And. ilt.. 
M*Fee, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 65, Beii-ftreet 
M'Funn, Peter, manufadarer, New-Rreet, Caiton 
M'Funn, Daniel, & Son, do. Chariotte-ian«: 
M*Ganra, Peter, joiner, Spoutmouth 
M'Garvie, J. (hoe (hop, i, John ilreii; 

M^ Gavin, William, at 125, George-ftreet 
M'Geachie, John, grocer, 116, Stockwcll 
M«George, A. writer, 74, Glafsford-ilreef, office, 

Towa-clerks' chambers 
M*Gibbon, D. mt-fchant; lodging, 27, John-flreet 
^M'Gill, Rev. Dr. Stevenfon, North HaMover-ftrt:fet ^ ■ 
M Gill, Thos, jun. m nufaaurer, 19, Fre 1 -ick-flr \ 
M'Gilchrij'l, Jn. & Son, woollendrapers, 2, Gallowg,, 
M'Giivra, M. & Co. merchants, 36, Brunrwick-ftr^ 
M*Go\v-an, A. vintner, 358, Gallowgate 
M'Gown, Campbell & Co. ilationery Sc mufic (liop, 

10, Argyll- (Ireet :<Mm^C0^^^^m^m^ 
M'Gown, Robert, writing-mafter, 67 Brunfwick-flr* ; 
McGregor, Dugald, vi'oollendraper, 12, frcngate 
McGregor, Peter, & Co. calico-printers, St. A. fqr. 
Pvl^Gregor, John, grocer, 5, Ntockwell 
M'Gregor, J & Co. manufaaurers, 29, St. A. fqr» 
M'Gregor & White, woollendr'apers, 86, Hutch.-ftr6 
McGregor, Hugh, grocer, 295, High-ftreet^ 
M'^Grigor, Alexander, writer, 20, Gallowgate ' .^ 

M*Grlgor, James, cloth merchant, 11, Trongate 
M'Grigor, James, do. 28, do. 

M*Grigor, John, hatmaker^ 165, do. 

M*Grig6r, Charles, fpirit-dealer, Jamaica-flreet 
M<Grigor, John, vintnet, 442, Gallowgate 
IVI'Grigor, W. & Co. agents, 58, Glafsford ftreet 
M'Grigor, J", jun. & Go. haberdafliers,428, Gallowg* 
M'HafEe, David, & Co. 11, St. Andrew's fquare 
M Halhe, M«GuUoch & Co, manufrs» do, 
M'Hutchlfon, James, manufaaurer, 67, Brunfw. ftr« 
M'Hutchifon, William, joiner, 90, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Butchifon, Robert, grocer, Gorbals 
M^ilwham, Ji manufadlurer, 79, GMsfoid-ftreet 

M<I C 78 ] M*IC 

M*Ilwraith, Andrew, (hoemaker, S^, Canderiggs 
M^Indoe, John, copperfmith, 123, Saltmarket 
M*Indoe, Alex. Scotch cloth (hop, 329, High-ftreet 
M<Indoe, Walter, perfumer, 48, Argyll-ftreet 
M*lndoe & M'lntofti, calendrers, 9, Garthland-ftro 
H^Indoe, George, vintner, 1, King-ftreet 
M<Innes, Mrs. midwife, 79, Saltmarket 
M^Innes, Duncan, grocer, 46, Gallowgate, 
M'Innes, Daniel, vintner, 34, Saltmarket 
M*Innes, M. milliner, 117, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Innes, Wm. beadle, 91, Glafsford-ftreet 
M'Inroy, Parker & Co. counting-houfe, 25, Mi!ler-llr. 
M*lnroy, James, lodging, 60,Buchanan-ftreet 
M'lntofti, G. & Co. Cudbear work, nigh Craig*s park 
M*Intofh, G. & C. chymifts, at the Cudbear works 
M'Intofh, Andrew, lodging, 100-8, George-ftreet 
M^Intofti, Charles, at Mrs. BelFs, 147, Argyll-ftreet 
M*lntofh, John, jun. Adam's court 
M'lntofii, Alex, vidualler, 16, Candleriggs 
M*Intofh, Hugh, lodging, Adam's court 
M*Ihtofh, Andrew, merchant, 41, Glafsford-ftreet 
M'lntofti, David, grocer, 110, High-ftreet 
M*Into{h, D. mufician, 243, do. 

M*Intyre, John, Scotch cloth (hop, 1, Gallowgate 
M*Intyre, John, cloth (hop, 3, Trongate 
M Intyre, John, fmith, 33, Gallowgate 
M Intyre, Archibald, do. Maxwell-ftreet 
M'lntyre, Patrick, fpirit-dealer, 22, Stockwell 
M*Kay, R. joiner, Campbell-ftreet, Gallowgate 
M*Kay, Hugh, grocer, 21, Saltmarket 
M'Kay, Mrs. fpirit cellars, 9, Candleriggs 
M'Kay, T. tailor, 98, Trongate 
M*£ay, Daniel, eottou-fpinner, 34, Havannah-ftrest 

M'K [ 79 ] M'K 

M'Kay, Hugh vintner, 307, High-ftreet 

M'Kay, William, plafierer, 46, do. 

M'Kay, D. vintner, 21, do. 

M<Kay, William, agent & broker, 185, Exchange*, 

lodging, Pottery land, Finniefton 
M*Kay, Henry, grocer. 91, Hutchefon-ftreet 
M Kay, John, grocer, 83, Bridgegate 
M'Kay, Hugh, joiper, 92, Saltmarket 
M*Kean, Alex, merchant, St, Enoch's fquare 
M«Kean, William, beadle, Grayfrlars' Wynd 
M'Kechnie, Alex, merchant, 6S, Bell-ftreet 
M'Kechnie, John. Inveraray carrier, 33, Candleriggs 
M^Kellar, D. merchant, SO, Miiler-ftreetj houfe, 15, 

George's fquare 
M'Kellar, CEneas, teacher, Morifon's court 
M*Kellar, A. fpirit-dealer, 459, Gallowgate 
M Kendrick, Andrew, plafterer, Hutchefontown 
M*Kendrick, Andrew, tinfmith, 238, High-ftreet 
M'Kenzie, James, merchant, 53, Virginia-ftreet , 
M*Kenzie, Rev, John, foot of Drygate 
M'Kenzie, John, merchant, 27, Charlotte- ft reet 
M«Kenzie, MIfs, fewing-miftrefs. 19, Max well- ftreet 
M'Kenzie, James, manuF. lodging, Tradeftown 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, grocer, 71, Trongate 
M'Kenzie, Peter, ftioemaker, 81, Hutchefon ftreejC 
M'Kenzie, Hugh, fpirit-dealer, 212, George-ftreet 
M*Kenzie, Donald, tailor, 33, Gallowgate 
M<Kenzie, Daniel, inkle-fadory, N. Albion-ftreet 
M'Kenzie, John, upholfterer, 17, Hutchefon-ftre^t 
M'Kenzie, A. tailor, 65, Trongate 
M'Kerlie, Alexander, merchant, 9, Trongate; houfe, 

36, Dunlop-ftreet 
M*Kerlie, A. cotton-works, Gorbals 

M'Kimrhie, George, brufhmaker, 414, Gallowgate 

M'Kin^ming, , brulhmaker, 3i, Saltmarket 

M'Klnlay, D. cooper, 2$, King-ftreet 

M*Kinl.iy, Walt, r, fpirit-dealer, 607, Argyll-fireet 

M'Kinlay, H. baker 64, -llgh-dreet 

M'Kinlay, P fpirit (hop, 424, Gallowgate 

M'La. hlan, C. merch. at G. & R. Dennifloun & Go's 

M^Lachlarij lln^h, faddler, 4, Areyll-ftreet 

H'Lachlane, Hugh, writer, Galloway's court; Glafs- 

ford -11 reel: 
M*Lachlane, D (hoe Oiop, 5, Wilfon ftreet 
M*Laehlane, John, manufacturer, ^5, Candleriggs 
M'Lachlane & M-Keand, cloth fhop, 327, High-itr.' 
M*Lachlane, James, iron-founder, Gorbals 
IM'Lauchlan, Lauchlan, cloth diop, 463, Gallowgatei 
IvVLaren, Rev, J. Adelphi lireet, Hutchefontown 
M'Laren & Leechman, ironmongers, 13, Gallowgate 
M'Laren, John, grocer, 99, High-ilreet 
H'Laren, Mrs. furnilhed lodgings, 15, Argyll-flreet 
M Lsren^ R. Britannia tavern, 154, Trongate 
M'Laren,Henderfon &Co. Manchelter wareho. 98jdQ. 
McLaren, Grierfon & Co. do. do, do, 

M*Laren, D. cooper, 56, Bridgegate 
M'Laurin, James, quiil-manufadurerj 13, St A^.Lane 
M*Laws, W mo leather-cellar, Back^Wynd 
M'Leanj Andrew, linen-merchant, Trades' land 
M'Lean, Alexan4f r, fmith, 147, Stockv/ell 
3Vl*Lean 2^ M'Alpine, manufacbarers, 28, High-fir, 
M'Lean, Rev. J?anes, lodgipg, Gorbals 
McLean, M. & Co. caleudrers, 8, Ingram-flicet 
McLean, Finlay, cooper, Jamaica-ftreet 
M<Lean, Lachhne, trunkmaker, 91, Nelfcn-flreet 
Id^Lean, H. fpirit-dealer, 70^ Bridgegate 

M^Lehofe, Robert, boolvfeller, 251, High-areet 
M-Leiih, Alexander, grocer, 51, King-ftreet 
M«Leifli, ^lexarider, & Son, fkinntrs, 16, Bridgegate 
M'Lellan, John, manufa£lurer, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
M'Lellan, Duncan, woollendraper, 119, Nelfon-ftr, 
M^tibllan, John, print-cutttr, 268, High-ftreet 
M*Lellan, James, cloth (hopv 23, Trongate 
M^Lellan, O. meal-feller, 77, Stockwell 
M'Lelland, Danbar & Stonehoufe, coachmakers, 21, 

Miller- ftreet 
M'Lenochan, Peter, fmith, 32, Saltmarket 
M^Leod, Dr. H. Trofcfibr of Church Hiitory, College 
M'LepVl, George, furgeon, 98, Glafsford-llreet 
M'Lepd, Cornelms. tanner, Old Vcnnal ^ 

M^Leod^ Alex. & Co fpirit-dealers, 85, King-ftreet 

M^Leod, , milliner, 127, Bridgegate 

M'Leod, Angus, hatmaker, 164-, Saltmarket 
Macleroy, Finlay & Co. manufa6iurers, Craigneftock 
M^Luckie, John, plaOierer, Charlotte-lane 
M'Luckle, Thomas, tailor, 180, Saltinarket 
M'Luckie, Vv'illiam, haberdafherj 83, Bel!- ftreet 
M^Luckie, Wm, fpirit^dealer, Blackfriars' Wynd 
M'l.-yniont, James, & Co. curriers, 38, Bridgegate 
M'Michael, David, manufadurer, 72, Beil>ftreet 
McMillan, Walter, manufaQ:urer, 44-9, Gailovvgate 
M'Mijian & M ^Arthur, taifors, 113, Saltmarket 
M'Miilan, Janrses, tailor, 2, King-ftreet 
McMillan, Andrew, candle fliop, 42, Argyll-ftred 
M<iVlill4n, Dan. u Son, leather cellars, 132, Trong. 
McMillan, Daniel, Ik Co. ft^oe (hop, 79, do. 
M'Milian, D. fpirit-deal^-r, 79, Saltmarket 
M'Miilan, John, fpirit-deakr, Broomielaw 
M'Murray, Thos, & Co. D^anufadurers, Nile ftreet 

M'Murrlch & Forlong's wine and fpirit (hop, 17, 

St. Andrew's lane 
M^Murrich, J. timber-merchant, Union Place; houfe, 

62, Jamaica-ftreet 
M*Nab, Arch. & Co. manufrs. 29, Brunfwick-ftreet 
M«Nab, M'Farlane & Co. merch. 60, Brunfwick-ftr. 
M«Nab, Archibald, at J. & G. Buchanan's 
M<Nab, R. & A. manufadurers, 20, St. And. fqr. 
M'Nab, Alexander, lodging, do. 

M^Nair, Robert & James, fugar-refiners, Queen-ftr. 
M<Nair, Robert, bookbinder, head of Back-Wynd 
JVl^Nair, Alex paper warehoufe, 33, Bell-ftreet 
M'Nair, John, agent & broker, 107, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Nair, James, fmoke-do£bor, Calton mouth 
M<Nayr & Elder, writers, 94-, Candleriggs 
M'Naughtan, J. grocer, 597, Argyll-ftreet 
M<Nee, R. grocer, 403, Gallowgate 
M'Nee, William, grocer, 94?, Trongate 
IVI'Neill, Stewart & Co. merchts. 59, Charlotte-ftr. 
McNeill, William, merchant, lodging, 59, do. 
M*Neiil, Alexander, grocer, 59, High-ftreet 
McNeill, Mrs. D. grocer, 46, A.rgyll-ftreet 
M'Neifh, J. furgeon, 1 U, Argyll-ftn^ fliop, 606, do. 
M^Neifli, J. K. do. Turner's court, diop, 606, do. 
M'Nico], Ronald, merchant, Turner's court 
M*Nicol, Archibald, cloth (hop, 315, High-flreet 
M^Nicol, James, fpirit-dealer, 343, Gallowgate 
M*Nicole, Nicol, writer, at Arch. Maxwell's, Trong. 
M*Owat, William, fpirit-fl^iop, 47, Beli-ftreet 
M^Phail, J. Greenock maiico^ch-guard, 94,01d Wynd 
M'Phail, D. cotton-fplnner, Tradeftown 
M*Pherfon & M«^Lachian, writers, 21, Glafsford-ftr. 
M'Pherfon, James, manufa£t. 5, St. Andrew's lane 

M*P [ 83 ] NE 

M'Pherfon, John, grocer, 90, Candleriggs 
M^Pherfon, Archibald, grocer, 8, King-ftreet 
M'Pherfoii, Duncan, grocer, Mentrofe-ftreet 
M*Pherfon, Duncan, yarn merchant, 6, Bell-ftreet 
JVI<Pherfon, D grocer, 54, Bridgegate 
M*Phie, Alexander, grocer, 143, Stockwell 
IM 'Queen, Robert, rope-fpinner, CampbelUftreet 
M'Queen, J. Ayr mail-coach guard, 158, Trongate 

M*Rae, , milliner, 83, Glafsford-ftreet 

M*Ruer, J. wright & timber-merchant, 595, Argyll-ftr. 
M'Turk, Wm. Profeflbr of Church Hiftory, College 
M<Tyre, W. & J. (hoe (hop, 5, Argyll-ftreet 
M*Viccar, Archibald, watchmaker, 112, do. 
M* Waters, John, brickmaker, Campbeli-fl;eet 


Nairn, John, tailor, 25, Gallowgate 

Napier, John, iron-founder, Jamaica-ftreet 

Napier, Archibald, lodging, Greenhead 

Napier, George, 182, Trongate 

Napier, William, coal-agent, 56^ Saltmarket 

Napier, John, linen-printer, Parkholm 

Napier, Robert, & Co. fpirit-dealers, 67, Stockwell; 

Naifmich, W. & Co. manufafturers, 6, Charlotte-lane 

Neafmith, David, vintner, 45, Trongate 

Neafmith, William, leather (hop, 166, Saltmarket 

Neil, Mrs. heddlemaker, Blackfriars* Wynd 

Neilfon & Hunter, manufrs. 46, 8t. Andrew's fqr. 

Neilfon, William & James, builders, Tradeftowri 

Neilfon, J. meafurer & builder, 94, George-ftreet 

Neilfon, William; candlemaker, 359; Gallowgate 

NE [ 84 ] KI 

Neilfon, Th. cbeefe & ham warehoufe, 19, King-ftio 
Neilfon, T. & H tobacconifts, S9j do, 

Neilfon, p. fpirit-dealer, 160, Gallowgate 
Keilfon, George, merchant, 51^ Beli-ilreet 
Neilfon, Mrs. ftabler, 2l4^, High^ftreet 
Neilfon, Napier, calendrer, South Albion-ftreet 
Neiifon, James, Helenfburgh carrier, 45, Stockwell 
Newall, A. ager t. 12, Stirling-ftreet 
Newbigging, A & J.&|Co. manufrs. 27, Montrofe~flr. 
Newham, D. & Co. manufadlurers, 1, Cochrane-ftr, 
Newlands & TannabilJ, Irifh and RuiTia linen mer= 

chants, SI 8, High-ftreet 
Newlands, John, tailor, 20, Saltmarket 
Newlands, James, jeweller, 98, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Newman, William, joiner, Shutile-ftreet 
Newton, William, confe£lioner, SOO, High-flreet 
Nichol, Colin, {hoemaktr, Laigh-kirk clofs 
Nichol, James, dyer, liavannah-llreet 
Nichol, James, (Cotton and worfted fiiop, St. And. llr, 
Nicbolfon, Peter, archlte£l:, 604, Argyll-dreet 
Nimmo, ^. writer, clerk of police, 75, Charlotte-fir, 
NimmO, V/illiam, writer, 75, do. 

Nimmo, Jolin, M. D* Spreul's land, 106, Trongate 
Nimmo, W. &Co.tea&fpirit-dealers,613 ArgyJl-ft:r« 
Nimmo, Alexander, meal-feller, 34?, Bridgegate 
Nifbet, John, timber- meafurer, Tradeftown 
Nifbet, Alexander, faddler, Grahamfton 
Nifbet, P. dyer, 135, High-ftreet 
Kifbet, John, grocer, 337, Gallowgate 
Niven, R. B. foap and candle fhop, 124, Bridgegate 
Niven, R. B. & Co. do. Gorbals 

Niven, David, bcokfeller and ftationer, and 

State Lottery-office, 139, Trongate 

NI r 85 ] OS 

Nlven, Napier & Khull, printing-office, Poft-office 

Court, Trongate 
Niven, Charles, horfefetter, 22, Candleriggs 
Norrie, W. A. cutler, 77, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Norris, James, oil-fliop, New-Wynd 
Norris, Alexander, cotton-fpinner, Greenhead 
Norris, Alexander, joiner, Grahamilon 
Nerval, William, bruflimaker, 102, Trongate 
Nerval, James, conibmakerj 72, High-llreet 


O'Flaherty, David, furveyor of cuflon^s; lodging. 

Wood-lane, Broomielaw 
Ogilvie, Thomas, manufaflurer, 14, Hutchefon-ltr. 
Ogilvie, E. tailor, 30, Gallowgate 
Ogilvie & Craufurd, joiners, Sidney court, Arg.-ftr. 
Ogle, Maurice, bookfeller, 8, Wiifon-ftrect 
Oliphant & Corbet, manufacturers, 39, G)afsford-(lr. 
Orhart, White, Role & Co. manufrs. 459, Gallowg. 
O'Rourk, Hugh, tailor, 125, Saltmarket 
Orr, Francis, pocket-book-maker, 15, Prince's ftrcet 
Orr, Andrew, bookfeller & ftationer, 155, Saltmarket 
Orr, James, fpirit-dealer, 160, Stockweli 
Orr, Robert, baker, Gorbals 
Orr, Charles, writing-mafter, 61^ Ingram-ftreet 

Ofborne, — , filverfmith, 29, John^ftreet 

Ofbcrne, M. mathcmat. inft.-maker, 406, Gallowg. 
Ofborne, William, (hoe (hop, 165, Saltmarket 
Ofborne, George, boot and fhoemaker, 51, Trongate 
Ofwald, Alex, merchant, lodging, Madejra-court 
Ofwaid, James, , . do, do, 


OS c m I PA 

Ofwald, George, & Co. merchants, 112, Stockwell 
Ofwald & Hall, wine and rum-merchs. 81, Stir.-ftr. 
Outram, Jofeph, manager, Clyde Iron-works 
Owen, Robert, merchant, 42, St. Andrew's fquarc 

Paillow, Peter, miniature painter, 15, Argyll-ftreet 
Pairman, Thomas, tanner, 77, New-Wynd 
Paifley Bank and Cefs OfEce, 17, Trongate 
Paifley Union Bank, 15, fngram-ftreet 
Paifley, James, accomptant, Hutchefontown 
Panton & Couper, furgeons, 174, Trongate; houfe, 

15, St. Andrew's ftreet 
Park, William, grocer, 372, Gallowgate 
Park, Patrick, threadmaker, 25, St. Andrew's ftreet 
Park, G. D. ironmonger, 22, Gallowgate 
Park, Robert, agent & dryfalter, 153, Stockwell 
Park, George, dancing-mafter, 1 58, Trongate 
Park, Allan, baker, 175, do. 

Park, Thomas, jun. hardware (hop, 4, Wilfon-ftreet 
Parker, James, baker, 45, Saltmarket 
Parker & M'Kinlay, manufa(5lurers, 58, Bell- ftreet 
Parker, James, grocer, Gorbals 
Parker, Wm. & Co. manufa6>urers, 85, Candleriggs 
Parker, James, jun. baker, 436, Gallowgate 
Parkhill, Mrs. midwife, head of Back-Wynd 
Parkhillj Barry, umbrella-maker, 7, Wilfon-ftreet 
Parlme, Ure & Co. calendrers, 51, Bell-ftreet 
Parlane, Alexander, horfefetter, 144, Stockwell 
Parfell, Mrs. John, fpirit cellars, 5, Candleriggs 
Paterfon, William, confedioner, 22, Trongate 

FA t«7 3 PA 

Paterfon, Jamiefon & Co. manufrs. 55, St. And. i^. 
Paterfon, James, fugrar-refiner, 399, Gallowgatc 
Paterfon, James, Oak tavern, 636, Argyll-ftreet 
Paterfon, Rob. diaper and table linen mcrch. 600, do* 
Paterfon, J. & T. hatmakers, 54f, WUfon-ftrect 
Paterfon, James, 47, Charlotte.ftreet 
Paterfon, Mrs. George, meaUfeller, Ncw-Wynd 
Paterfon, Mrs. ftabler and changckeeper, do. 
Paterfon, Dugald, yarn warehoufe, 80, Glafsford-ftr. 

lately occupied by Knox & Son-, lodg. 92, Stockw. 
Paterfon, Thomas, card (hop, 12, Saltmarket 
Paterfon, John, jeweller, 146, Trongate 
Paterfon, D. foap and candle (hop, 431, Gallowgatc 
Paterfon, Alexander, hairdrefler, 95, do. 
Paterfon, Henry, plaftercr, Gibfon-ftrect 
Paterfon, D. fpirit-dealcr, 103, King-ftreet 
Paterfon, Elizabeth, grocer, 7, do« 
Paterfon, Francis, -do. 83, do. 
Paterfon, James, cheefe and ham (hop, 87, do. 
Paterfon, J. lace and fringe-maker, Claythorn-ftrcet 
Paterfon, J. & G. grocers, S6, King-ftreet 
Paterfon, Robert, calendrer, at G. Buchanan & Co'$ 
Paterfon, John, fpirit-dcaler, 111, Gallowgate 
Paterfon, James, vintner, Moodie's Wynd 
Paterfon, Andrew, vintner, Gorbals 
Paterfon, Daniel, fpirit-dealer, 103, King-ftreet 
Patterfon, Wm. baker, Calton Crofs 
Paton, Jofeph, fpirit and fruit {hop, 88, Saltmarket 
Paton, Charles, fpirit-dealer, 28, Argyll-ftreet 
Paton & Fergufon, manufadurers, 29, Brunfw.-ftr. 
Paton, George, wooden di(h ftiop, 9, High-ftreet 
Paton & M*Gibbon, manufafturers, Trades' land 
Paton, William, fpirit-dealer, To^ynh^ad 

PA I 88 2 PE 

Paton, Jas. Colleaor of Pofting Diftrias, 87, Saltm^ 
Patton, Andrew, fpirit cellars, 54, High-ftreet 
Pattoi>, Andrew, jun. do. do. 

Patrick, Alex, manufafturer, 459, Gallowgate 
Patifon, David, manufadurer, 27, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Pattifon, John, & Co. manufadurers, George's fquare 
Pattifon, Wm. merchant, head of Frederick-ftreet 
Pattifons, Mifles, boarding fchool, Montrofe-ftreet 
Pattifon, William, plumber, 40, Dunlop-ftreet 
Pattifon, Peter, porter, 136, Trongate 
Paul, James, manufadturer, 217, High-ftreet 
Paul, William, fpir it-dealer, 18, Argyll-ftreet 
Paul, James, tanner, 49, Bridgegate 
Paul, James, fpirit dealer, 16, Bell-ftreet 
Paul, John, manufadurer, 7, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Paul, John, boot and fhoe fhop,, 90, King-ftreet 
Paylcr^ Jofeph, faddler, 51, Argyll-ftreet 

Pearfon, , Rope work, 112, Stockwell 

Peat, James, merchant, at Glafgow New Tanwork 

Peat, , librarian, Stirling's library, Ingram-ftreet 

Peat, Robert, brewer, Shut-Wynd 

Peddie, Robert, painter, 177, Trongate 

Peddie, William, & Co. merchants, 13, Trongate 

Peebles, William, & Son, diaper and table linen 

warehoufe, 69, Trongate 
Peebles, — — -, manufaaurer, 34, Deanfuie Brae 
Pender, Arch, manufadurer, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Pellance, Simon, carpet warehoufe, 34, Havannah- 

ftreet; lodging, George-ftreet 
Penman, Wm. furgeon, 621, Argyll-ftreet 
Perfton, M. & J. manufadurers, 20, Montrofe-ftreet 
Perfton, Mrs. muilin fliop, 1, Bell-ftreet 
Perfton, J. vintneri 8^ Prince's ftreet 

Vt [89 ] PO 

Peter, Thos. codon-yarn warehoufe, 56, Wilfon-dr. 
. Peter, John, druggift, 310, Trongate 
Peterkin, J. D. royal bank; lodging, Clyde Buildings 
Peters, John, at Anderfon, Bannatyne & Go's 
Peterfoji, Peter, writer, Ingram's clofs, 25, Gallowg. 
Phoenix Fire Office, 26 King-ftreet 
Picken, Andrew, grocer, 86, Bridgcgate 
Picken, Andrew, tape manufaclurer, Canon-Ilrcet 
Pinkerton, Wm. fpirit cellars, 12, St. Andrew's lane 
^inkerton, George, do. 12, do. 

Pinkerton, Mrs. W. brewer,Turner's court, Argyll-fir. 
Pirrie, Rev. Alexander, Shuttle-ftreet 
Pirrie^ Robert, cooper, Old-Wynd 
Pitcairn, Thomas, manufadurer, 79, Bell-flreet 
Phillip, Alex, watchmaker, 86, Glafsford-ftreet 
Phillips, John, brafs-founder, 23, King-ftrcet 
Playfair, Patrick, & Co. merchts. Tontine Buildings 
Plenderleith, C. glafs warehoufs, 40, Glafsford-flr. 
Police OfRee, 7, Candleriggs 
Pollock, Thomas, wooliendraper, 27, Trongate 
Pollock, Mrs. William, vintner, Tontine Clofs 
Pollock, Mrs. James, vintner, Gorbals 
Pollock, John, fpirit-dealer, 589, ArgylUareet 
Pollock, Allan, jun. grocer, 140^ Stockwell 
Pcilock, John, & Co. manufr«. 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Pollock, Alex, manufadurer, Whitehall, Anderllon 
Pollock, William, chaife-hirer, Maxwell-ftreet 
Pollock, William, fpirit-dealer, 423, Gallowgste 
PoUok, Allan, 2, weft fide George's fquare 
Pollok, Jas. manufadurer, 23, St. Andrew's ftreet 
Poliok, John & Arthur, grocers, 70, Trongate 
Porteous,'Rev. Dr. William, 16, Jamaica-ftreet 
Porteous, Alex, oiaiiufad^urer, ll, Bell-ftreet* 

my £ 90 3 RA 

FoTtcous, Mrs. vintner, 54, Trongate 
Forteous, William, fpirit-deakr, Canon-ftreet 
Fortcr> Thomas, hatmaker, 24, Gallowgate 
Potter, Lewis, baker, 223, High-ftreet 
Fott & M*Millan, merchants, 449, Gallowgatc 
Prentice, T. hofier, 41, Trongate 
Prentice, David, & Co. 29, Brunfwick-ftreet '\ 

Fringle, John, joiner, 62, High-ftreet 
Fringle, John, fpirit-dealer, 11, Jamaica-ftreet 
Pringfe, Thomas, fpirit-dealer, 103, Bridgegate - 
Proudfoot, William, glover, 50, Trongate 
Proudfoot, William, jun. glover, 97, Hutchefon-ftr, 
Froudfoot, Hew, glover, 103, Candleriggs 
Proudfoot, D. do. 58, Trongate 

Provan, John, manufacturer, Deanfide Brae, 
Piovan, Robert, baker, 36, High-ftreet 
Provan, James, vintner & ftabler, 66, Ingiam-ftreet 
Provaid, James, merch. 38, Hutchefon-ftreetj lodg- 
ing, Clyde Buildings 
Frovand, George, merchant, 71, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Furdon, Robert, hingemaker, Cowcaddens 
Pardon, George, meflenger, Old Vennal 
Purdie, Thomas, joiner, 386, Gallowgate 
Purves, Thomas, wright, 151, Saltmarket 
Porves, Alex, grocer, Gorbals 
purves, John, grocer, North Frederick-ftreet 

Rae & M'Viccar, timber-merchants, near the Qal- 

lowgate toll 
Rae, James, foap and candle (hop, 109, High-ftreet^ 

RA [ ^ 1 RK 

Rae, William, tea dealer, Saracen-latie 

Rae, Robert, tailor, 351, Gallowgate 

Railton, John, vendue-room, 11, Saltmarket 

Rainer, A. & J. 49, Trongate 

Rainey, Robert, merchant, George's fquare 

Ralph, John, vintner, 21, High-ftreet 

Ralfton, Wm. (hoe (hop, 158, Sakmarket 

Ramfay, Sam. merchant, Turner's court, ArgylUllr. 

houfe, 10, Henderfon's court, Jamaica-ftreet 
Ramfay, William, 51, Hutchefon-ftreet; lodging, 

Mrs. Ramfay's, Kcnt-ftreet 
Ramfay, E. haberdafher, 14, Bell-ftreet 
Randolph, Thomas, tobacconift, 21, King-llreet 
Ranken, Andrew, fpirit-dealer, 44, Prince's fircet 
Ranken, Rev. Dr. Alex, head of Montrofe-ftreet 
Rankine, James, fpirit (hop, 146, Saltmarket 
Rankine, William, manufadurer, 46, High-ftreet 
Rankine, James, vintner, 62, do. 

Rankine, James, tobacconift, 114, Bridgegate 
Rattray, James, fpirit-dealer, 2, MaxvsrelUftreet 
Read, Rev. Wm. lodging, 115, Argyll-ftreet 
Reddie, James, advocate, 7, Frederick-ilreet, oSce, 

City Clerks' Chambers "^^ 

Reid, William, & Co. printers, at the Crofs 
Reid & Mochrie, calendrers, 68, Bell ftreet 
Reid, John, cabinetmaker, 600, Argyll ilreet 
Reid, Thofbas, grocer, Kirk-ftreet, Townhead 
Reid, James, jun. manufacturer, 22, Trongate 
Reid, Jn. & Co. provifion warehoufe, 62, Argyll-llrv 
Reid, Alexander, engraver on glafs. Union Pbce 
Reid, Frances, watch & clockmaker, 142, Saltmarket 
Reid, Hugh, ftabler, oppofite Dovehill, Gallowgate 
Reid, John, Tootine Tavern & Hotel, at the Exchange 

RE [ 92 ] RI 

Rcid, John, wrjght, Saracen's lane, Gallowgate 

Reid, William, ftabler, 74<, -do. 

Reid, John, & Co. grocers, 4, King-ftreet 

Reid, John, tliread- maker, Duke Itreet 

Reid, Daniel, ftabler, St. Andrew's lane 

Reid, And. houfe and warehoufe, 35, St. And. fqr. 

Reid, Robt. mercht.68, Bell-tlreet, houfe, 127, Trong. 

Reid, David, watchmaker, 95, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Reid, Patrick, marble-work, Jamaica-ftreet 

Reid, James, mafon and carver, Cochrane-ftreet 

Reid, Andrew, cooper, Gorbals . ' 

Reid, Henry, bookbinder, 159, S'altmarket ,,' 

Reid, James, grocer, Saracen's head, 107, Gallowg. 

Reifs, J. L. merchant, Stirling-ftreet 

Renwick & Dougald, grain-dealers, 76. Gallowgate 

Rennifon, William, painter, 48, King-ftreet 

Refton, Mrs. Ict^ lodgings, 72, Brunfv.'ick ftreet 

Richards, J. umbrella-maktr, 89, Hutchefon-ftreet, 

and 2, Wiifon-ftrect 
Richardfon, William, profeflbr of humanity. College 
Ricaardfon, M. merchant, 12, Tontine back build- 
ings j lodging, 1, George's fquare 
Richardfon, £. manufadurer, 28, Glafsford-ftreet 
Richardfon, planner, 1 0,NewWynd 
Riddoch, Barbour Sz Co. 26, Bell-ftreet 
Riddell, William, reedmaker, 297, High-ftrect 
Riddell, John, furgeon, Dunlop-ftrcet 
Riddell, Wiiiiam, merchant, 69, Jamaica-ftreet,. 
Riddell, Andrew, Dunlop-ftreet 
Riddell, Robert, fpirit-<lealer, 127, Gallowgate 
Rintoul, J. dealer in tea and lace, 1S2, Trongate 
Ritchie, Alexander, at J. S; J. Ritchie's, Broomielaw 
BJtchif, Rev. Dr. lodging, Miilcr-ftreet 

Rlrchie, Henry, cf Bufble, mercliant, U, Queen ftr, 
lUt-chie, John & James, tncrchants, clofe by Smith- 
field, Broomielaw 
Ritchie & .Stevenfan, merchants, 24-, Charlotte-ftrcet 
Riichie, James, mahman, Gorbals 
Ritchie, James, & Co. fpirit-dealers, 109, Bridgegate 
Ritchie, Thomas, hahdrefTer, S7, Argyll-llreet 
Rifle, James, & Son, I, Cochrane-ftreet ' 
}lobb, David, fpirit-dealer, OX), Gallowgatc 
Robh, James, writer, 22, Trongate 
Robb, George, at Culcreuch yarn-warehoivfe 
Robert, John, gra^ln-dealer, SI 5, Gallowgatc 
Roberton, John, engineer, Tra-deliown, and iron- 
founder, Gorbals 

Roberton, , vintner, G9, Glafsford-ftreet 

Roberton, J. & W. muflin manufrs, 13, Wilfon-ftr, 
Roberton, R. D. tailor, 4-3, Trongate 
Roberts, Mrs. fewing miftrefs, 120, SaltmaYlcet 
Robertfon, John, lodging, 29, Dunlop-ilrect 
Robertfon, James, tea-{l)op, 88, Glafsford-ftreet 
Robertfon, J. Sl A. manufrs. 72, Brunfvvick-flreet 
Robertfon, Robert, cooper, foot of Dunlop-flreet 
Robertfon, James, merchant, 23, St. Andrew's ilreet 
Pvobertfon, Tate, Kinnear Bz Co. manufrs. 22, do. 
Robertfon, Wm. yarn-warehoufe, 44, St. And. far. 
Robertfon, Hugh, & Co. manufadurers, 17, do. 
P.obertfon, E. watchmatcer, Graharnfton 
Rol)ertron, Eben, watchmaker, 98, Argyll-ftreet 
Robertfon &Wigham, manufrs. 23, St. Andrew's ftr, 
Robertfon, A*iex. writer, Poft-office court, Trongate 
Robertfon, J. & M. printers and bookr€llers,18, SaUm, 
Robertfon, Peter, mRnufa<Slurer, 38, Argyll ftreet 
Robertfon, D. {jVirltKleakr, Broomielaw 

no [ 94 ] RO 

Robertfon, J. fpirlt-dealer, 21, Candleriggs 
Robertfon & Co. wooUendraperSj 310, High-flreet 
Robertfon, Williamj drugg;i(l, 267, do. 
Robertfon, James & Wm. rope-fplnners, Grahamfton 
Robertfon, J. grocer. 111, S^iltmarket 
Roberffon, Andrew, grocer, 152, Saitmarket 
Robertfon, William, grocer, 27, Bridgegate 
Robertfon, Brown & Co. Smithfield, Broomielaw 
Robertfon, W. & J. merchants, do. do. 

Robertfon, J. M. 8c W. jun. do. do. 

Robertfon, W. & R. timber-merchants, Port-Dundae 
Robertfon, Robert, grocer, 103, ArgyU-ftreet 
Robertfon, Mrs. chair-office, 154, Trongate 
Robertfon & Kadie, hofiers, 176, do. 
Robertfon's lodgings, 102, do. 

Robertfon, John, fnoemaker, 63, Gallowgate 
Robertfon, John, vintner, 164^ Saltmarket 
Robertfon, James, fpirit-dealer, 6, Back-Wynd 
Robertfon, William, joiner, 30, Candlerlggs 
Robertfon, John, & Co. grocers, 78, do. 
Robertfon, James, manufa£lurer, 9, John-flreet 
Robifon, Robt, writer, at J. Lang's, 19, Virginia-ftn 
Rodger, James, manufacfturer, 63, Wilfon-ftreet 
Rodger & Carmichael, joiners, &c. 43, Candleriggs 
Ronald, J. threadmaker, at W. & A. Cooper & Co's 
Ronald, B. glover and breeches-maker, 76, rrongace.j 

lodging, Viliafield 
Ronald, James, vintner, 302, High=(lreet 
Ronald, John, baker, 73, Trongate 
Ronald, John, vintner and ftabler, New-Wyrd 
Ronald^ John, fpirit cellar, 62, Prince's ftreet 
Ronald, John, cloth (hop, 2, Trongate 
Ronald^ JoJm, manufacturefj 68, Beil-Hrcct 

RO i 95 2 RU 

Rofe, John, vintner, Laigh-kirk clofs 
Rcfs, John, at Henry Hardie & Go's 
RoiSj James, ironmonger, 411, Gallowgate 
Rols & iViuir, manufadurers, 72, Bell-ftreet 
Rofs, Francis, clerk at the Town's Hofpital 
Rofs, A clothier, 104, Trongate 
Rofs, John, tailor, 27, Stockwell 
Rothefay ^pinning Company's Warehoufe, at Au- 

derion, Bannatyne and Co's 
Rowan, James, of Bellahouflon, Thiftle Bank 
Rowat, Gavin, 421, Gallowgate 
Rowand, Michael, merchant; lodging, Broomielaw 
Rov/an, Alexander, baker, S2, John-ftreet 
Roy, James, porter cellars, 410, Gallowgate 
Roy, William, dyer, Spoutmouth 
Roy, Adam, grocer, 412, Gallowgate 
Royal Bank, 39, St. Andrew's fquare 
Royal Exchange Affurance Office, 17, Trongate 
RuiTel, David, merchant, well fide George's iquare 
RuiTel, John, fpirit fhop, 12, do. 

Ruflel, William, grain-dealer, 163, Stockwell 
RuiTel, William, grocer, 134, do. 

RulTeJ, Alexander, fhoemaker, 79, King-Rreet 

RulTei, , furgeon, 105, do. 

RuiTel, Robert, meal-feiler, 74, High-ilreet 
Ruffcl, Buchanan, fpirit- dealer, 159, Saltmarket . 
RuiTel, .Mrs. J. dealer in furniture, 73^ do, 
RuiTel, James, jun. grocer, 45, High-flreet 
RuiTel, James, do. 60> do. 

RuiTtl, Robert, do. 93, do. 

Ruiiel, Mrs. midwife, Gibfon-ftreet, Gallowgate 
RuiTelj Henry, grocer^ 34, do. 

RU [ 96 ] SC 

jRuflel, John, merchant, 451, Gallowgate 
Ruflel, John, & Co. manufa<fturers, 21, St. And. fqr, 
RuiTel, Whitehea<l & Co. manufrs. 46, High-ftrceti 
Ruffel, Alex, mefleuger, at Graham & MitcheU's. 
Ruflel, James, grocer, 396, Gallowgnste 
Ruflc], James, tailor, 322, High-dreet 
Ruffel, Alexander, flater, 56^ Candierii^gs 
Ruffel, William, fplrit dealer, 60^ Bell-Oreet 
Rutherford, James, joiner, Clyde-ftreet,. AnderfloT> 
Rutherfurd, George, 3, George's fquare, well fide 
Rutledge, Rev. William, 69, Glafsford-llreet 
Ryder, Mrs. fewlng-miilrers, 1, Kent-i^reet 

Saflev, John, f.mith, Gorbals 
Salmond, James, lodgings, 42, High-flreet 
Salmond, George, writer, 21, Glafsford-ftreet 
Salmon, Archibald, rum-merchant, 1&, Stockweli 
Sampfon, William, horfefetter, 146, Stockweli 
Sanders, T. fpirit-dealer, corner of Sidney-ftreet 
Sandeman, ]. G> a'^ent and linen warehouie, whcle- 

la!e and retail, 21, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Sanders, Tames, auctioneer ofScer, Excife office 
Sanderfon, John, wriring-mafter, 22, Candleriggs 
Sawers, Robert, grocer, 339, Gallowgate. — OrueTS 

for P. Sa-^^ers, bleacher, Netherkirk, left here 
Scales, John, writer, 13.. King-ftrcet - 
Scott, Son & Lawiie, timber- merchants, Clyde-flr» 
Scott, Allan, timber-merchant, Ccchrane-ltreet 
Scott, W. fen. merchant, 601, Argyll-flreet 
t3catc, W. jun. leather merchant, 20, St. And. lane 

SC [ 97 ] SE 

Scotr, Jofeph, merchant, 7, QMjeen-ftreet 
Scott, James, copperfmith, 619, Argyll-ftreet 
Scott, David, cabinetnvaktr, &c« South Aibion4ir. 
Scott, James & Wm. manufadrs. SO, Candleriggs 
Scott, Js. & Jofeph, manufacturers, 17, Virginia-ltr. 
Scott, James, fen. linen warehoufe, 18, do. 
Scott, William, faddler, 4^31, Gallovvgate 
Scott & McDonald, men mercers, 8, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Scott, V/m. & Co. manufrs. 76j houfe, 18, St. A. lane 
Scott, Rev. Andrew, lodgings near the barracks 
Scott, L. ilaticner, 8, Nelfon-llrect 
Scott, Robert, b?ker, 298, liigh-drcet 
Sccit, John, rpirit-dealer, 85, Candleriggs 
Scott, John, tileniaker, eafl from the Barracks 
Scott, Hercules, rnanufafturer, South Albion-ftreetj 

lodging, 120, George -flreet 
Scott, Gavin, baker, 407, Gailowgate 
Scott, Williamj tobacconift, 300, High-ftreet 
Scott, Robert, jun. & Co. grain-dealers and wine 

cellars, 157, Stock wtll 
Scott, James, & Co. doth (hop, 118, Nelfon-ilreet 

Scott, , [urgeon dentill, 6, Miller-ltreet 

Scott, John, Engliih carrier, Brunfwick-rtreet 

Scott, Mrs. lets lodgings, 58^ Glalsford-ltreet 

Scott, William, cooper, 4'5, Candleriggs 

Scott, John, baker, t^2, John-ltreet 

Scouller, John, fpirit-deaier, New-W^ynd 

Scouller, J. baker, Kent-ilreet 

Scruton, John, furgeon, 611, ArgylhOreet 

Scryrngeour, J. printer, 297, High-ftreet 

^Sellers, Andrew, boot and ihoe (hep, 16I,Saltmarket 

Semple Robert, do. 157, do. 

Seople, John, ipirit^dcalsr, - 12-i, do. 

SE [ 9S J SH 

Semple, John, bleacher, Finiiiefton 

Senior, jofhua, wholefaie MancheOer warehoufe,< 

116, Trongatej houfe, 42, Miller-ftreet 
Seton, George, merchant, 427, Gallowgate 
Seyer, N. French teacher, Belgrave Place 
Shaddon, John, merchant, corner of Hanover-flreet 
i>hand, W. & x-^. manufadlurers, 74, Glafsford-rtr. 
Shanks, Mrs. John, baker, Argyll-flreet, weft end 
Shanks, Thomas, & Co. cloth Oiop, 24, Trongate 
Shanks Sc. Langmulr, turners, 421, Gallowgate 
Sharkey, Edward, fells furniture, 115, Saltmarket 
Sharp & M'Kenzie, 27, Charlotte-ftreet 
Sharp, James, tailor, 72, Trongate 
Sharp, John, F. wooilendraper, 93, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Shaw, James, manufa^lurer, 5Sy Bell ftreet 

Shaw, — , timber-merchant, oppofite the Barracks 

Shaw, William, do. Broomiekw 

Shaw, James & David, agent, 28, ICing-lbreet 
Shaw., Robert, viciualler, GorbaJs 
Shaw, William, do. do, 

SHaw, James, joiner, do* 

Shavf/, James, manufacturer, do. 

Shaw, , joiner, 162, Gallowgate 

Shearer, Mrs. J. grocer, 12S, Bridgegate 

Shearer, John, wool and worlted lliop. 78, King-fcr. 

Sheddan, Thomas, manufacturer, 32, High-itreet 

Sheddan,T. jun. filk HKF manufacturer, 277, do. 

Shepherd & M'Pherfon, manufa<5lurers, 32, do. 

Shepherd, Phillips & Co. manufacturers, SO, Prong. 

Sheriff Clerk's Office, 59, Wilfon-ftreet 

Shells, J, vintner, 294, High-ftreet 

Shiels, John, haberdafher, 120, Nelfon-ftreet 

Shiels, Thomas, & Co. calico-printers, 26, BelWlr, 

Shiels, James, manufatlurer, 46, High-ftreet, 
Ship Bank, 640, ArgylMtreet 

Sliifra, Robert & Co. calendrers,23, St. Andrew's dr. 
Shirra, Wm. & Cp. wine merchants, Sidney Court 

Shirra, William, merchant, Wallace-court, Bell-ftr. 
S; irreff. Robert, & Co. merchants, 131, George- ftr^ 
SMr^cff, Robert, lodging, do. 

S^.o^trldge, W. merchant, lodging, George's fquare 
Sibbald, A. yarn warehoufe, 16, St. Andrew's itreetj 

lodging, Park Place 
SIme, David, merchant, Turner's Court 
Sim, D.tvid, tallow Chandler, 27, High-ftreet 
Simfone, J. & R. joiners, 12, Charlotte-ftreet 
S ^<.^ons, Miifes, lodging, Stirling-ftreet 
Sunpfon, James., majtutacturer, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Simpfon, Robtrt, grocer, 3, Stockwell 
Simpfon, Jofeph, manufadurer, 85^ Candleriggs 
Simpfon, William, manufacturer, 28, St. And. fqr. 
Siinpfon, D. & J. fpirit-dealers, 86, Saltmarket 
Sinclair, J. dealer in old books, oppofite College 
Sinclair, John, reedmaker, 291, High-ftreet 
Sinclair, John, muflin and Imen fhop, 70, Bell-ftreet 
Sinclair, John, fplrit-dealer, Gorbals 
Sinclair, fmith and farrier, Cochrane-ftreet 
Sinclair, D. tobacco pipemaker, 382, Galiowgatc 
Sinclair, Duncan, fpirit-dealer, 87, Stockwell 
Sinclair, Angus, fmith, Gorbals 
Sinclair, Archibald^ farrier, Calton-mouth 
Skinner, William, leather Oiop, 31, Prince's ftreet 
Slater, J. iloneware (liop, 82, Candleriggs 
SloaHj Thomas, fpirit (hop, 64, Saltmarket 
Sloan, Robert, (hoe (bop, 65, Argyll ftreet 

SL [ 100 ] SM 

Slofs, Edward, Hater, 19, Prince's Areet 
Smeal, William, tea-dealer, 85, Gallowate 
■Smcliic, J., haberdaflier, 458, Gallowgr.te 
v>m€llie, Robert, fpirit-dealer, S4«0, do. 
Smellie Sc Graham, Manchefter wareho. SO, Trong. 
Smeiiie, William, fpirit-dealer, Caltpn-mouth 
■Smellie, Richard, mafter of works, Dtinlop-ftreet 
Smith, Archibald, merchant, 118, George-dreet 
Smith, Hugh, merchant, at Charles Hagart & Co's 
Smith, Archibald, writer, 88, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Smith & Anderfon, cork-cutters, 74^, Trongate 
Smith & Wardlavv, manufadlurers, S. Albion-PiTeet 
Smith, Rebert, cloth fhop, 18, Trongate 
Smith, Thomas, tea fiiop, 4-17, Gallowgatc 
Smith, George, mesl-feller, 45, Bridgegatc 
Smith, J. watch and clock maker, aHove 75, Trongate 
Smith, John, fmith, li, Frederick-lane 
Smith, Thomas, Sr Co. faddlers, 4, Argyll-ftreet 
Smith, Peter, baker, 23, do. 

Smith, Hutchefon & Co. h'nen wareho. 177, Trong. 
Smith, Mrs vintner, i5S, do» 

Smith, William & Son, hofiers, 56^ Candleriggs 
Smith, John, & Co. candle fhop, 10, do. 
Smith, Alexander, umbrella-maker, 1, Wilfon-flreet 
Smith, J. & Son, bookfeilers and ftationers; Glafgow 
circuiatinglihraryandreading-reom, 85, Hutch.-itr. 
Smith, Robert, architeO J S6, North Frederick-ftreet 
Smith, Stewart, mercht. at Smith, Hutchefon & Co's 
Smith, J fpirit-dealer, 25, Bell-flreet 
Smith, Wm. fpirit-dealer, 413, Gallowgate 
Smith, Thomas, grocer, 417, 6o. 

Smith, Robert, manufaOurer, 23, St. And. f^reet 
Smith, Archibald, jun. writ-er, S, Garthland-Rreet 

SM [ 101 ] SO 

Smith, David, edge-tool maker, 421, Gallo'vvgate 
Smith, David, boot and (hoe (hop, 176, Saltmarket 
.Smith, William, fpirit-dealer, &2, Stock well 
Smith & Galloway, ruih bottom chair-makers, 31 , 

Smith, Forfyth Si. Co. manufa£lurers, 6, Bell-flreet 
Smith, Pt ter, Hater, Broomielaw 
Smith, Peter, ironmonger, 111, Trongate 
Smith, John, vintner^ 1^4, do. 

Smith, William, bricklayer, 13, Stockwell 
Smith, Andrew, manufaflurer, Stirling-ftreet 
Smith, William, cloth (hop, 96y Htit^rhefon-ftreet 
Smith, Dav. mcrch. 15, St. A fqr. houle, Whitevaie 
Smith, Robert, doth fl^op^ 18, Trongats 
Smithy Gilbert, joiner, 92, Saltmarket 
Smith, P. lint O^op, 22, Hij^h-ftreet 
Smith, James, fhoe (hop,^ 53, Prince's ftreet 
Smith, David, dO. 57, do. 

Smith, William, do. 170, Saltmarket 
Smitli, John, tinfmith, 7^, Bridgegate 
Smith, John, machine-maker, Gorbals 
Smith,, George, writer, 316, High-ftreet 
Smith, John, (locking (hop, 5, do. 
Smith,. Wm. hair-cloth manufacturer, Craigneflock 
Smid:v, David, rcpe-fpinner^^ do. 

Smith, Davidy & Co. ma-nufaQurers, 2, King-ftreet 
Smith, Wm. merchant, Good's court, Argyll-ftrect 
Smith, Thomas, manufacturer, do, do. 

Smith, J. & Co. iron-liquor-makersi Ladyweil 
Smithy James, fpirit-dealer, 34, Saltmarket 
Smith, Robert, joiner, 45, John- ftreet 
Snell, William, manurfaiflurer, 59, Candleriggs 
Sommers, Mrs. lets lodgings, 40, Hutchtfon-ltre^t 

so [ 102 3 ST 

Somervill, W. & Co. merchants, Old Vennal 
Somervill, Robert, watchmaker, 421, Gallowgate 
Sommervil}, W. vintner, Calton-niouth 
Sommervilt, John, Scotch cloth fhop, 321, High-ftr. 
Sommervil, John, hat (liop, 4, Sahnnarket 
Sorick, Simon,clocknfiaker, 15i, do. 
Sorley, John, ironmonger, 2., do. 
i>orley& Smkhj.merch'^^ waTehoufc,69,Glafsford-ftr. 
Spears, Robt. mereht. and Infurance-oiFiGe, Tontine 

back -buildings^ houfe, 32, btock well 
Spears, J. baker, 27, Prince's ftreet 
Speirs, Brown & Co. (locking wareho. 34',Virg,mia-ftr. 
Spencer's lodgings, 3, Argyil-itreet 
Spreiil, James, city chamberJaiin, 1C6, Trongate 
Stamp.'OiEce, 88, Trongate, T. Stevenfon, clerk 
Stark, W. & Co. circulating library, 99, Giafbfordilr. 
Stark, W. woollendraper, S, Saltmvirkct 
Stark, T. yarn (hop, 44?, High-tkeet 
Stark, M. grocer, Canon-ftreet 

Steedman, David, & Co. merchants, 124, Trongate 
Steel, James, writer, Pavement- clofs, 19, do. 
Steel, John, & Co. boot and ihoe fliop, 97, do. 
Steel, John, fpirit-derJer, 54, do. 

Steel, Thos. & Co. Morifon's eou5ft, 595, Argyli-ilr. 
Steel, Gavin, manufadurer, 21, Glafsford-flreet 
Steel, Mrs. J. muilin (hop, 36, Bell-llreet 
Steel, James, bookfelkr, 16, S^iltmarket 
Steel, William, vitlualler, Gorbals 
Steel, William, joiner, do. 

Steel, Matthew, haberdadij-r, 45S, Gallowgate 
Stetl, Peter, fpirit-dealer, 59, do. 

Steel, Thomas, grocer, 94-, do. 

Steel, Dr. druggia, 79, do» 

ST [ 103 ] ST 

Stenhoufe, John, furgeon, 283, High-flrset 
Stephen, Charles, turner, 6U, Bridgegate 
Stephenfon, Amirew, manufa(!^urer, N. Albion-ftr. 
Steven, Blair & Co. ma^uf''^ above 33, St. And. fqr. 
Steven, John, faddler, 389, Gallcvgate' 
Steven, Robert, combmaker, 464', do. 
Steven & Rowan, merchants, SO. Candleriggs 
Steven & Pettigrew, ropemakersj Gallowg. eaft end 
Steven, James, mufic (liop, 35, Wiiron-llreet 
Sreven, John, bookfeller and Icationer, 152, Trongate 
Steven, Thomas, mail-coach guard, J. Smith's, oppo- 

fite to the Tron Church 
Stevenfon & Robertfon, grocers, 8i, ^ridgegate 
Stevenfon, Mifs, drefs- maker, 32, Brunfwick-itreet 
Stevenfon, Nathaniel, writer, and Procurator Fifcal 

for Hamilton and CampGe, 63, Qandleriggs 
Stevenfon^ Nathaniel, merchant, 63, do. 
Stevenfon, W. writer, 177, Trongate 
Stevenfon, Adam, wrlting-mafler, 8, Nelfon-ftreet 
Stevenfon, John, mciTenger, S22, High-flreet 
Stevenfon, James, n^eal-f^iler, New-Wynd 
Stevenfjn's Itone-warehouie, 70, Wilfon-ftreet 
Stevenfons Sc £afon, manufacturers, 85, Candleriggs 
Stewart, Thoma€, bleacher, Glafgow field, Townhead 
Stewart, John, ihoemaker, 105, George-ftreet 
Stewart, James, watch and clockmaker, 40, Trongate 
Stewart, Charles, haberdafner, 153, do. 

Stevvar^, P. & L. manufai3:urers, 81, Brunfwick-lirt 
Stewart, Peter, fpirit -dealer, 50, Saltmarket 
Stewart & Moir, tailors, 80, do, 
Stewart, John, tailor, 117, do. 

Stewart, John, grocer, 118, do. 

Steven, John, lapidary, 56, do. 

















-ST t 10f4 ] 'ST 

Stewnrt, Alex, merchant, lodging, 20, St. And. fqr, 

Stewart^ Alexander, jun. yarn (hop, 29, High-dreet 

Stewart, Robert, grocer, 

Stewart, John, do. 

Stewart Sc Campbell, reedmalcers, 

Stewart, William, jun. grocer, 

Stewart, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 

^Stewart, Alex, youngefl, grocer, 

Stewart, W. tailor, 

•Stewart, Mrs. John, tobacconill:, 

Stewart, James, merchant, at J. Finlay & Co'^ 

Stewart's lodgings, 15, ^rj^yll-flreet 

Stewart, WilHam, fmith, 54^y Stockwel! 

Stewart, Daniel, joiner, Maxweli-ftreet 

^Stewart, Douglas & Co. manuf"*. 73, Brunrwiclc-^fcr. 

Stewart, John, dealer in furniture, 9^ Bridgegate 

Stewart, John, do. 40, do. 

Stewart, John, grocer, Adelphi-flreet 

St-ewart, Rev. James, Anderllon 

Stewart, Neil, joiner, Blackfriars' Wynd 

Stewart, Mrs. Robert, fpint Ihpp,. 80, King-flrcet 

Stewart, ,R. grocor, 1, do, 

,^5te wart, John, cloth fnop, 99, do. 

Stewart, Peter,, fpint'dealer,Broomielaw 

Stewart, Alexander, manufa£lurer, ,55, St. A, (qv. 

Stewart, Peter, fmith, Calton 

Stewart, Andrew, kather fiiop, ^5, BeiUftreet 

Stewart, Andrew, fpirit-dealer, ^4, do. 

Stewart, John, writer, J 3^2, Trongate; Icdging, oppo- 

fite Bull inn, 6, Argyll-ftreet 
Stewart, Oliver, melTenger at arms, 421, Gallowgat-c 
Stewart, William, fpirit-dealer, 25, do. ; 

^;tewart, James, grocer^ - 32G, do. 

ST t 105 ] SU 

Stewart, Robert, manufaOnrer, 35, Glafsford-flreet 
Stuarts & Co. yarn merchants, 61, Wilfon-flreet 
Stkling, Charles, merchant, 19, Mliler-ftreet 
Stirling, Gordon £z Co. merchants, 54<, Virginia-ftr. 
Stirling, WilUam, & Sons, calico-printers, counting- 

houfe and warehoufe, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Stirling, Jn. merchant*, lodging, Queen-dr. well fide 
Stirling, William, merchant; lodging, do. 
Stirling's library, Hutchefon's Hofpital, ingram-flr, 
Stirling, David, 55, St. Andrew's Iquare 
Stirling, James, & Co. ironmongers, 7, Saltmarket 
Stirling, Robert, manufacSlurer, 312, High-ftreet 
Stirling, Robert jun. manufadurer, 26, Saltmarket 
Stobo, James, fpirit (hop, 93, Candleriggs 
Stoddart, James, grocer, Havannah-llreet 

Strachan, , pattern-drawer, head of Old Vennal 

Strang, R. & Co Cleland's buildings, 29, Virginia-ftr« 
Strang, Robert, lodging, Kent-ftreet 
Strange William, .vintner, Calton-mouth 
Strang, John, fpirit cellars, 137, Stockv/eli 
Strang, George, wright, Gorbals 
Strathern, Alexander, lodgings, 83, Glafsford-ftrect 
Stronach, William, print-cutter, Gcorge-ftreet 
Strong, Davi<l, agent & braker. Tontine back build- 
ings; lodgings, 1, George's fquare 
Struthers, Robert, & Co. brewers, Greenhead 
Struthers, William, manafadurer, 28, High-ftrect 
Struthers, William, mufician, 291, do. 
Stupart, John, hofier, 94-, Candleriggs 
Sun Fire-office, 7, Nelfon-ftreef, J. Buchanan, agent 
.Sutherland, Mrs. grocer, 91, Trongate 
Sutherland, Thomas, druggift, 98, Glafsford^ftreet 
Sutherland, -Mrs. Forbes^ vintner, Laigh-k'irk clois 

sn L 1^ 2 TA 

Sutherland, R. iron warehoufe. South Aibion-flreet 
Sutherland, George, grocer, 14-9, High-ftreet 
-Sutherland, Alex, baiket-maker, 139, Saltmarket 
Swanfton, John, & Co. grocers, 126, Trongate 
Sweet, George, & Co. manufrs. Poft-office court - 
Sweet, Thomas, manufadurer, 626, Argyll-Qreet 
Sword, Hey wood & Co. yarn merchts. 55 yWiKon-dr, 
Sword, Alexander, ironmonger, 32, Galiowgate 
Sword, jatnes, & Co. do. Cumberld. Buikls. do. 
Sword, James, jun. do. do. do. 

Sword, W. C. do. do. do. 

Sym, Mrs. Hugh, grocer, 95, High-ftreet 

Sym, , teacher of languages, Blackfriars* Wynd 

Sym,, J. matliematical iriftrument-maker, 2, Bell-ftr. 
Svrae, John, cotton-fplnner, Duke-flreet 
Symington, j furgeon, High-ftreet, Anderflon 

Tait, J. & Co. fi(h bookmakers, 181, Trongate 

. iTait, John, writer, 52, Prince'^ ftreet 
^'ait, VVm. printcT, journal office, 52^ do. 
Tait, David, {butiie-maker, S10,oppofite the Barracks 
Tannahill, Robert, teacher of EngHGi, Campbell-ftr. 
TafSe, James & Thomfon, maaufrs. 36, Hutch. -fir, 
TaiTis & Dick, manufa<Elurers, 21, St. Andrew's fqr. 
Tallie, William, glover, ^4<, Saltmarket 
Taffie, John, glove (hop, 1 12, Trongate 
Taylor, Andrew, writing- mailer, 4-9, do. 
Taylor, Wm. &Co. merchants, SO, Charlotte-ilrect 
T^yior, Johnj merchant, do« 

Taylusr, Wiiii-i«'* vintaer, 22, Trongate 

TA [ 107 3 TH 

Taylor, WiUum, threadiuaker, Chsrlotte-iane; lodg- 
ing, 31, Cliailoite-PiFeet 
Taylor, Jcfcph, mufic & toy (hop, 18; Hutchefon-ftr. 
Taylor, Joleph, joiner, &c. Anderiton 
Taylor, Aiexandcr, grocer, 517, Gallowgate 
Taylor, I), ihoe iiiop, 106, do. 

Taylor, John, grocer, 52^ do. 

Taylor, Robert, grocer, 53, do. 

Taylor,. Robert, baker, 56", ck>. 

Taylor, James, grocer, 54<, do. 

Taylor, Martb. writer, vShortridgtj's iarwt, Dii^nlbp-ftr^ 
Taylor, A. & A, mUHners, 9, Hu^tchefon-rtreet 
Taylor, John, manufailurer, 48, ikunf wick- ftreet 
Taylor, Rev. Dr. William, fen. Friacipal oi: the Uni- 

verhty, College Court 
Taylor, Rev. Dr. William, jun. 142, Slockwell 
Taylor, A. tailor, 9, rrongaie 

•Taylor, J. turner, patent leg-maker, 37, Hutch.- ftr,, 
Telfer & Calder, merchants, 3, Ganhland-iireet: 
Tclfer, Stuart, lodging, St. Mungo-ltr. Townhead 
Telfer, William, boot and ilioe ihop, 33, Argyii-itr, 
Telfer, James, uphoHlerer, 90, Saltmarket 
Telfer, B. F. manufadurer, 76, Hoichefon-ftreet 
Templeton, And. agent for the Edinburgh Friendly 
Infurance, and Paidey U. Bank, 15, Ingram-Ureet 
Templeton, John, manufacturer, S97, High-ftreet 
Tennant, John, jun, cloth ihop, 460, Gaiiowgate 
Tennent, John & Robert, brewers, "Drygate-bridge 
Tennent, John, jun. at Dunlop, Hamilton, 6c Coa 
Tennent & Knox, merchants, Townhead 
Tennent, John, cloth-merchant, 6, Trongate 
Thiftle Bank, 55, Vlrginia-ftreet 
Tlioai & Falconer, hardware ihop, 172, Saltmarket 

TH [ los ] TH 

Thom, John, coal-agent, Monkland- canal bafon 
Thorn, Jaiiics, Ipirit-dcaler, ]04j George-ftreet 
TPhomas, M. oftrich feather-maker, 67, Wilfon-ilr. 
Thomas, Mrs. J. ftarcher, 50, Drygate-llreet 
Thomfon, J. & R. briuhmakers, 400, Gallowgate 
Thomfon, H. accomptant, 39, do. 

Thomfon, WiUiam, tailor, 8, dc. 

Thoiiifon, James, merchant, 36, do. 

Thomfon, John, dyer, Campbell-ftreet 
Thomfon, Robert, & Son, 59, St. Andrew's fquare 
Thomfon, William, merchant, li^7, Brulgegate. 
Thomfon, Allan, horftfetter, 3^, do. 
Thomfon, Roheit-, fpirk-dcalcr, 14, do,. 
Thomfon, John, tinfmith, 96, do, 

Thomfon, John, copperfmlth, 96, do, 
Thomfon & Lawfon, nianufrs. 19, St. And: fquare 
Thomfon, Robt jun. niantrfacturer^ Frederick-lane 
Thomfon, P. fpirit-deakr, 67, Wilfon-dreet 
Thomfon, John, fen. manufai^urj?r, 46, High-ftreet 
Thomfon, John," fen. resdmaker, 46, do. 
Thomfon, John, jun. clotii n>op, 311, do. 
Thomfon, John, locking (hop, 7, do. 

Thomfon, Peter baker, 45 John-ftreet 
Thomfon, Henry<, writer, Tantine Biiildings 
Thomfon, Robt. writer; othce, City Clerks' Chamb, 
Thomfon, John, butter and cheefe iliop, 71, King-ftr. 
Thomfon & Brown, porter cellars, 23, do. 
Thomfon, John, nailer, Calton 
Thomfon & Hatchefon, haberdaOiers, 156, Trnng^ 
Thomfon, George, tea-Ihop, JiO, do. 

Thomfon, John, tailor, S3, do. 

Thomfon, Thomas, reedraaker, 1G8, Sahmarket 
Thomfon, Wm. joiner, Tbiftle-ftr. Hutchefontowii 

TH [ i09 ] TU 

thomfon, Robert, Sc Buchanan, cotton-fpinners, 

Thomfon, Andw. racrcht. lodging, 43 Erunfwick-ftr. 
Thomfon, Rev. William, lod^wg, Hutcbefontown 
Tbomron, Elizabeth, grocer, CaarJotte-lane 
Thomfl>n & Watfon, agents, 29, Hutchefon.areet 
Thomfon, James, garcientr, 221, ^ do. 
Thomfon, Alexander, grocer, 35, Stockwell 
Thomfon, Robert, grocer, 114, do. 
Thorbun^ A. f])oe and leatber {liop, 9, Prince's ftr. 
Thorburn, , infunincc.brol^er, Dunbar's clofs; 

houfe, Moodie's Wynd 
Tindal's academy, 2 13, Hlgb-flreet 
Tinning, Francis, & Co. tobacconifts, 12 I, Saltmarket 
Tlnnincr, James, manufaaurer, 2S, Glafsford>areet 
Todd & Stevenfon, cotton-fpinners, Springfield 
Tod'i S< Shor.tridge, calico-printers, 23, George's fqr, 
Todd & Gray, ^ngtayers, 31<, Trongate 
Todd & Walker, manufadurers, H, Johu-ftreet 
Todd, Robert, & Co. merchants, Tontine Buildingsj 

lodi-^ino;, 24^, Ingram- ftreet 
Torrance, James,, 129, Gallowgate 
Torrance, William, fpirit dealer, 6^, Stockwell 
ToQi, George, cslendrcr, SO, Candkriggs 
Tcv/art, HygH, writer, Stirling-ilreet 
Towers, J. furgeon, lodging & Qiop, 47, G4afsford-ftr. 
Trueman, Jnmes^ ropemaker, Clyde-fircet, Anderlipa 
TurnbuH, David, baker, 78, Gal.lowgate 
Turnbull & Eajtcn, rilverfmixhsj 158, Trongat.e 
TurnbuU, John, fnirlt-dcaler, ^14, do. 
Turnbull, J, A. furgeon, ^9, do. - 

Tuoibull, S. agent, 25, St. Andrew's ftreet 
LurnbuU, Colin, erocer, 101, Ar|;yU-ik«t 

TU [ no ] XJR 

Turnball, John, writer, 11, Moodie's Wynd 
Turner, Pvobert, pev/terer, 58, Briclgegate 
Turner, Duncan, coppermilth, Gorbals 
Turner, Duncan, ironmonger, 104, Ai^gyll-Hreet .' . 
Turner, Archibald, do. 8, Saltmarket 

TuT-ner, Jnmes, tobacconiil, 244, High-flreet 
Turner, A -cbibald, writer, 40, Trongate 
Turner; James, carrier, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Turpie3 John, falt-merchant, 1, Stockwell 
Twadde), W. glafs-fpirit-proof-maker,^?^, Saltmarket 
Twaddel, James, vintner, Nile-ftreet 
Twaddel, John, fpirit-dealer, Gcrbals 
Tweedie, M. grocer, 15, Hutchefon^ftreet 


Ure & Bryce,' cnlico-printers, 50, St. And. fquare 

Ure, Dr. Andrew, 19, Argyll-ilreet 

Ure, Peter, flioe (hop, Grahamfton 

Ure, Alexander, bakery 10, Hutchefon-Pireet 

Ure, WaUer, calendrer, 55, Sto Andrew^s fquare 

Ure, J^. merch« at Neilfon & Hunter's, St. A. fc[. 

Ure, I. A. at Logan & Mather's, Buchanan-ftreet 

Ure, James, Scotch cloth-merchant, 320> High-flreet 

Ure, Alexander, dealer in cheefe, 29^ King-rftreet 

Ure, John, grocer, 444, Gallov/gate , 

Ure, rJanies, baker, 105, Bridgegate 

Ure, John, baker, 60, Stcckweli 

Ure, William, grocer, 28, Saltmarket 

Ure, Hugh, fpirit-dealer, 312, Gailowgate 

-Ure, Andrew, joiner, 177, Irongate 

Uric Be M'Nair, manufadlurers, Montrofe-ftreet 

Urie, VViiliamj ccoper, J 9, Stcckwdl 

VA [ 111 J WA 


Vallance, Hugh, grocer & fplrlt-dealer, 87j Gallowg, 

Vallance, John, currier, 294, High-ftreet 

Vallance, John, joiner, do. 

Vane, James, grocer, 26, Bridgegate 

Vaffie, T, 0-ioe (hop, 72, Wilfon-ftreet 

Veitch, Mrs. Thomas^ eating-houfcv GO, Bridgegate 


Waddel!, James, tobacconifl:, 308, Gallowgate 
Waddeil, R. cabinetmaker, 14^2, Stockwell 
Waddeil, Robert, confedlioner, 42, Trongate 
Waddeil, John, do. ' Shut-Wynd 

Waddeil, Alexander, mafon, Hutchefontovvn 
Waddeil, Wni. cotton-broker, 25, Jjrurifwick-Rrect 
Waddeil, James, Englifh academy, S9, Prince's fir." 
Walker, M'Kenzie, & Co. manufrs. 72, Brunfw.-flr. 
Walker, G. & W. (locking {hop, 457, Gallowgate 
Walker, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 158, do. 

Walker, Charles, grocer, 50, do. 

Walker, W^illiam, hardware fliop, 171, Saltmarket 
Walker, William, feiRon clerk, 120, do. 
Walker, James, baker, 82, do.- 

Walker, John, manufadurer, 46, High-Hreet 
Walker, J. baker, , 23, do. 

Walker, James, beadle, 4, Stockwell 

"Walker, — ^ perfumer, 22, Glafsford-ftreet 

W^alker, Robert, haberdailier, 2, Hutchefoii-ftreet 
Walker, D. vintner^ Old Wynd 

WA [ 112 ] WA 

Walkefj Robert^ hoiTt-fctter, Tontine clefs, TrongaLe 
"Walker, D. fen. m atiu fad tire r, GorbaU 
Walker, D. jun. do. d^y. 

Walker, George, leather-cutter, Laigh-kirk clofs 
Walker, Robert, hcncr, 119, Bridgeware 
WalkinPiiaw, Robert, wri-cr, ]53^ Stockwell 
Wallace, Young & Covran, furgCvOns, 12, Hutchef-flr- 
Wallace, Rob. furgeon, SyM-eul's Lind, (hop, do, 
Wallace, Kobi. writing Hiafter, 67, S.'L-nfwick-lIr. 
Wallace, Archibald, merchant, 23, Cj^ueen-itreet 
Warden Si Walker, manufuclurers, 27, Hotchefon-fli- 
Warden, Archiba'd, merchant, Ingra.Ti's Court 
Wardlaw, W. & J. tTianufaaurers, 2K Oaistnrd-f^r 
Wardlaw & Nimrno, do. i5, St. And. fqr. 

WardlaWj Y/illiam, lot?ging, North Hanover- ilreet 
Wardrop, Henry, japanner, Maxweihlireet 
Wardrop, T. grceer, 32, Kigh-dreet 
V/ardrop, John, mr-Tchant, 41, Frederick-Rreet 
Wardrop, Alex, at j Sorley's, 2 Saltmarket 
Warren,, Mrs. pouUry office, 9L King-ilreet 
Warfon, Robeit, fpirit-dealcr, II, New-Wynd 
"Watfoo, Robert, r:-ddler5 9al Glafsford-flreet 
WatfoDj J. & R. bankers, Poii-riTjce court 
WatTon, William, nielTenger, 84, Kini^-flreet 
Watfon, Robert, manufa£lur;-r, 15, John-ftreet 
Watfon, Jame.^j Joiner, oppoHie the Barracks 
Watfon, Ja^rries, manufacturer, at Brown 8c Cafrick's 
WatfoDj Archibald, meffenger, at Bogle & Gi]fillan''s; 

houfe, Wallace-court, Btll-dTeet 
Watfon J Arthur & Co. calico-printers, 46,Hutchef-flr. 
Watfon, Yv^ni. writer. Ingram's clofs, 25, Gallowg. 
Watfon, Robert, baker^ 328, do. 

Watfon^ Revn — , lod^, Belgrave Place; Young- ilr. 

WA [ IIS ] WH 

Watfon, E. (tir/iTiaker, Currte's c!o(s, High-ftrcet 
Watfon, George, fpirlt dealer, 288, do. 
Watfon., Andre w» ihoe (hop, 29l>, do. 

Watfon & vVighton, linen-merchants, 15, Cand}er!j:ji;s 
Watt, James, pbyficiani Difpenfary, 17, GaUowgatej 

i'o-dging, 427, do. 

Watt, Thomas, tailor, 137, Saltmarket 
Watt, James, & Co-, fpirit -dealers, 66y BelKftr^et 
Watt, Kob, joiner and cabinet maker,, Bo-chaaan-dr. 
Watt, Alexaii-der, joitier, Cam-pbei1~(lreet 
Watt, Willian-i, joiner, Tradeiiown 
Watt, Thomns, & Co. n-.anufrs. 15, vSt. And.-ftreet 
Watts, W. H. miniature painter, 11:^2, Trongate 
^'^'ebfler, John, eatin2;-hoafe, 150, StockvvrH 
Weems, Thomas, reedniaker, 3.5, Gallovvgatc 
Weir, Andrevy, rintner, 9^5, King-ltrett 
Weir, John,, joiner, Tradeiiown 
Weir, Matthew, hoficr, 15S, Trongate 
Weif, John, teacher of mufic, 10, New-Wynd 
Weir, Mobert, dealer in porter and ale, i59, Saltm, 
Weir, Tofeph, cork-cutter, 605, Argyll- ftreet 
Weir, Gilbert, fedan chairnjafter, Sidney court, dov 
Weir, Walter, engineer, Mitcheil-ftreet 
W^eir, Waher, calico- printer, 26, Nelfon-flreet 
Wemyfs, Major-General, 56y Ingram-ltreet 
Wighton, Alex. lodg. Graham's buildings, Geo- fir. 
WliighaiT), Robert J & Co. manufadUirers, Trades' land 
White, James, & Co. manufac. 76-, Hiitchefon-ftreet 
White, Arthur & Co. oil-of-vitriol-maksrs, Napier's 
Hall; writiug-roo!B, at White 5c Bain's Gallowgate 
W^hite, James, horfefelter, 8S, Trongate 
WhitCj Wm. at James & Robert Watfon*s, bankcxs 
Wliite, Andrew, fa x- drtfTcT, 11,. High-ilreet 

WH' [• 114 J WI- 

White & Bain, iron-liquor-makers, C74f, Gallowgatx? 
White, Bain, & Co. fugar-of-iead-makers, do. 
White, Andrew, writer, 4-21, do. 

"White, William, cotton-broker, 102, King-f'treet 
White, Alexander, uphoillerer, ^^2, Trongate 
White, Robert, & Co. RuiHa and irifh linen ware- 

houfe, Si 6, High-ftreet 
White, William, ropework, Great Dovehili 
White, William, lintwork, 159, Saitmarket 
White, William, fpirit- dealer, 20, do. 
Vv^hite, John, threadmaker, Biackfrlars' Wynd 
White, James, joiner, Cochrane-dreet 
White, William, tea merchant, 297, High-flreet 
Whiteiaw, John, perfumer, 52, Trongate 
Whitelaw, John, joiner, &c. 150, Stockwell 
Whyte, William, yarn-merchant, 58, St. And. fqr. 
Whytlaw'Sc Boyd, cloth and-ulk (hop, 81, Tronga:e 
Whytock, James, manufa<ilurer, 28, High-Ptreet 
Wilkie, John, (locking manufac. 66^ Glafsfoid-ftr. 
Wilkie, P. fpirit-dealer, 61, Saitmarket 
Wilkie, John, grocer, 47, liigh-flree-t 
Wilkie, James, wheelwright, 74?, Bridgegate 
Wilkie, John, Tpirit-dealer, 4, Prince's iUeet 
Williamfon, Js. nurfery ?md feed iliop, 56, IVongate 
Williamfon, James, haberdafher, 87, do. 

V/illiamfon, John, ilioe (hop, 57, do. 

Williamfon, James, Ihoemaker, S, King-ikeet 
Williamfon, Gavin, boot & Jhoemaker, 225j High-fir. 
Williamfon, John, merchant; houfe, Adelphi-ilreet 
Williamfon, John,,& Co. 94, Candleriggs 
Williamfon & Boog, manufrs. 29, Brunfwick-llreet 
Williamfon, James, manufad. lodging, BrownfieM 
\V illiamfon, John, merchar.t, 26, Neifoa-ilreet 

WI [ 115 1 WI 

Wllliamfon, Rev. A. lodging, Gsorge-ftreet 

VZillis, George, fpiarit-dealer, 4., Ingram-flreet 
Willox, J. teacher, Hutchefon's hofpita!, Ingram-dr. 
Wilfon. John, teacher of Latin, «public Grammaf- 

tSchool; lodging, 13, New-Wynd 
Vv^'iiibn, Thomas, mafon, Broad clofs, 82, High-ftreet 
Wiifoh, Thomas, hairdrefrer, 278, do. 

Wilson & Neil, teachers, 72, do. 

Wilfon. Jolin, do. houfe, 77, do. 

Wiifon, William, manufacturer, 49, St. And. fquafe 
Wilfon, Js. writer, S3, Saltmarket; houfe, Cowcadderis 
Wilfon, Wm. and Jn. Stewart, writers, 132, Trongate 
Wiifon, James, haberdailier, 45, do. 

"Wih'bn,, Alexander, bookfeller, 142, do, 

Wiifon, Andre vy, meffenger, 169, do. 

Wiifon, John, fen. wire-worker, 158, do. ^ 

Wilfon, -, fedan chair-maker, 184, do. 

Wilfon & Kerr, cardmakers, 36, Gallowgate 
Wilfon, James, furgeon, 99, do. 

Wilfon, Samuel, grocer, 401, do. 

Wilfon, Mrs. midwife, 459, do. 

VV' ilfon, John, grocer, 403, do. 

Wilfon, Robert, grocer, 30G, do. 
Wilfon, James, brafs-founder, corner of Sidney-fir. 
Wilfon, John, iand-furveyor, 51, MaxwelUdreet 
Wilfon, James, fpirit-dealer, 73, Bridgegate 
Wilfon, Js. joiner and trunkmaker,. 168, Saltmarket 
Wiifon, Andrew, & Co. 5, do, 

Wilfon, M. grocer, 8, Stockwell 
Wiifon, Archibald, ii^irit-deaier, 508, ArgylLflrect 

Wilfon, 5 paltry fl^op, 59, do. 

Wilfon, John, manufa<^lurer, 6, Bell-ilreet 
WiJfon, James, vintner, "62, do. 

-wi I i^^ 1 wo 

Wilfon, 'Robert, merchant, ,53> BrtiHfwk'k-rireet 
Wilfon, John, grocer, S, Kirk-ftreet, Townhead 
V/iifon, Andrew, type-foundeT; lodging, Coilcge-ftr. 
Wilfon, John, V'-i and fpirit-deakr, 18, King-fireet 
Wihon & Craig, wire- workers, oppolite the CciFee 

-Room, entry ISO, Saltmarket 
Wilfon, Alexander, Tiater, 204, Gsorge-flree-t 
Wilfon, William, (later, 206, do. 
Wiifon, John, joiner, 20.5^ do. 

'Wilfon, Andrew, joiner, Tradeftown 
Wilfon, H. .p.!firy fnop, 73, Glalsford-flTeet 
AVilfone & Liddel,fmiths& ironmongers, 154,S!:ockw. 
"Vv'ilfone, Charles, furgeon, 153, do. 

V/iifone, J. ironmonger, Spreufs land, Trongate 
WilfonejM. J. & L. mantuamakers, 106, do. 
V/ingate, Andrexv,.haberdafi]er5 44, do,. 

"Vy^ingate & Harvey, haberd-alliers, 47, do. 
"Wingate, Js. & Co. manufadurers, ,17, Sr. And. ftr, 
Wingate, J. & Son, do. Charlotte-lane 

Wingate, John, fpirit-dealer, -113, Gallow.gate 
• Wmgate, Jchn, jun. rnanufaa urer, 75, Brunfwick-ftr. 

V/inning, -, threadmaker,.S7, John-flTeet 

Winning, R. H. fplrit cellar, 19, Trongate 
Winning, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 45, Glafsford«-ftree4 
Wood, Francis, manufaaurer, Drygate, fouth fide 
Wood, Alexander, at Wilfone & Lidd^li's 
rVVood, Henry, merchant, 44, St. Andrew's f<]uare 
Wood, John, Greenock long coach guard, B8, Trong. 
Wotherfpoon, Robert, baker, 254, Migh-fireet 
Wotherlpocn, John, fpirit-deakr, 156, GaUowgate 
Wothtrfpoon, John, bread-Ihop.,.94,'King-(irect, an<a 

62, Ingram- ftreet 
m'otbt^rrpcon, A!cx..eombnri5.ker, 19, Sixltiriiirkei 

wo [ 117 ] YO 

Wothefpoon, John, cloth (hop, 29, Trongate 
Wotherfpoon, D. agent, 13, do. 

Wotherfpoon, M. merchant, 2, Qa^een-dreet 
Wright, Geo. Manchefeer-wafehoufe, 12, Wilfon-ftr. 
Wright, Dr. Peter, 1ft clbfs v/efl of Virgirsia-ftreet 
Wright, John, & Co. manufadurers, 8, High-ftreet 
Wright, Adam, dealer in tin-plate, Mitchell-ftreet 
Wright, R. writer, 22,Trong. houfe,26,Charlotte-ftr: 
Wright, Mrs. grocer, 635, Argyll -ft reet 
Wright, J. ftaymaker, 6, Wilfon-ftreet " 
Wright, David, Scotch cloth-merchant, S, Gallowg, 
Wright, John, joiner, &c. 449, do, 

Wright, ^ , fpirit fhop, -347, do. 

Wright, BiiTet & Co. coachmakers, 8!, do. 
Wright, Janves, hardware fhop, 179, Saltmarket. 
Wright, R- {^rong beer houfe,' 173, do. 
Wright, James, joiner and builder, Gorbals 
TVright, Archibaldjdraggifi,' 66, Trongate 
Wright, Mrso lets lodgings, Poft-office Court 
Wright, Robert, manufadVurer, St. Andrew's fquare 
Wyld, John, grocer, 622, Argyll-flreet 
Wylie, James, tinfmith, 53, Wilfon-ftrect 
Wylie, Alexander, manufaclurer, 21, High-flreet 
Wylie, Js. & Geo. manufaclurers, 44, St. And. fqro 
Wylie, Willifim, jun. '7, Sidney-ilreet, Gallowgate 
Wylie, W.'jun. & Co. counting ho. 51,Glafsford-ftr. 
Wyfe, Thomas^ ftoneware Ihop, SO, King-llreet 

'Yoiing, John, prbfeiTor of Greek, College 
Young, George, edge-tool-maker, 158, Trdiigate 
Young, Robert, 27, Hutchefon-ftreet 

■¥0 [ 118 ] ZU 

Youngs Johrij joiner, Shuttle-ftreet 
Young, Jajnes, merchant, 221, Gallqwgate 
Young, Archibald, furgeon, lodging, 24, Ingram-ftr. 

Hiop, 12, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Young, John, manufadluret, 26, Neifon-flreet ■• 

Young, Stephen, printer, 52, Prince's ilreet 
Young, William, mafon, Bridgcgate 
Young, David, merchant, Union Place 
Young, William, potter, Delft-field 
Young, James, & 8oji, joiners, &c. Canon-ftreet 
Young, Rofs, Richardfon & Co. printiield ware- 

houfs, Smith's court, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Yownie, John^ grocer, 84-, GJaTsford-ftreet 
Yuille,R. timber-merch^ iS^ Wood-lane,; Broomielaw 
Yuille, Geo. & Co» yaru warehoufe, 2, Garthiand-ftfo 
YuiUe, Geo. merchant; lodging, 22, St. Enoch's fqr^ 
YullIe, Thomas, writer, 307, High-ftreet 
"Yule, Robert, porter licufe, 459, Gailowgatc 

Zuill, John & Andrew, cloth fliop, S3, Trongatc 
:Zuill, Andrew, tailor, 1S8, Sahmarket 
2^.ui'ii.& Thomfcn, fpirit-dealers,'ll7, Bridgegate 

Nutnes omitted in their proper place. 

;Black, Robert, vintner, SO, Gallowgate 
Coats, James, manufailurer, 79, Bell-ftreet 
Donald, Colin, Danlop, writer, 44, D,unlop«-(lrect 
Donald, Mrs, Thomas^ lodging, 44^ do. 

[ 119 ] 


jh!pBank—&20,Argy\l.{'ueet* open from 10 to 1, and 
from 2 to 3 o'clock, (fhuts at 12 on Saturday;) no 
DiaFtson London or Edinburgh given after 1 o'clock; 
Bills for difcount given in on Monday, before I o'clock, 
and called for on Tuefday, from 10 to 12 o'clock. 
Robt. Carrick, cafhier; John Mardiall, accomptantj 
Mich. Ro wand, treaflirerj Jj. Edmond, ttUerj John 
Crofby, porter. 

Thyik Bank— 55, Virgin ia-ftreetj open from TO to 1, 
and from 2 to 3 o'clock, ((huts at 12 on Saturday,) 
Drafts on London or Edinburgh given on thefe hours^ 
Bills for difcount given in on Tuefday, before 12 
o'clock, and .called for fame day, between 2 and 3 
o'clock. Arcli. Grahame, calliicr; John Kemp, .John 
Graham, and Richard Duncan, accomptanlsj Jolm 
Dempfter, tell(:;r; Wai. Morifon, porter. . 

hoyal Banl—t9, St. Andrexv's fquareiopen from 10 to 
3 o'clock, (fhuts at 12 on Saturdayj) no Drafts on 
London or Edinburgh given a^fter 2'o'cloek^ Bills for 
difcount given in between 9^and 10 Monday morning, 
and called for on Tuefday, between 1 1 and 1 o'clock. 
Dale and More, caPniers; D/Stitlaig, Alex. Feterkin, 
Rt. Bell, Alex„.-Donaldf>n, jun. Jn, Frafer, Rjch,, 
Braimer, Alex. Main, Edw. Fairlie,..ind Arch, Doug» 
las, accomptants; J. D. Peterkin, Jn. Cunningham, Jr^ 
Rofs, and Js. Lumfden, tellers; Wm. HallMay, and 
James Dick, porters. 

Pai/li'y Bank—VU Trongate; Archibald Hamilton, agents 

Fcti/lcy Unkn Bank — 15, Ingram-ilreet; And. Temple^ 
ton, agent. 

Brii'ijh Linen Company — 54, Virginia-ftr. Js. Fyfie, agent. 

Bank of Si:odand~^2% Queen-iireetj Gilbctt Hamilloo 55 
Son, agents. 

Greenock Bank, 1 -n n t^ r^ t ^ -^^ ,^^ ^ 

Stirling Bar.i, i ^''^;J;^: ^='''"' - * ^" ^ '''"""'• 

Kilmarnock Bank^ j o ' "" 

Falkirk Bauk^SQ, GallowgHte; Charles ^^alker, agent. 


Le'uh Banl — 3, Hulchefon-ftreet; Richard .Dick, a-rrcnt, 
Ayr Bank — David Stirling, Royal. Bank, agent. 
Renfrtivjhtre Bank — 132,, Trongate; Bills for difcount 
enclofed in letters, addrefTed to the R-enfrewfiiim Bank 
Company, Greenock, given in on Saturday before 
3 o'clock, and called for between V and S o'clock, oa 
Tuefday; Hugh Hamilton, agent. 
ferth Bank—S:. An6. fq. John More, R. Bank, agent, 
Falkirk Uriien Bcwk—Ge^ Glafsford-ilrerij M. Fie^ning, 


Aherdeen hifurance OJlce — lil3, Nelfon-ftreet; W. Balfour,'.' 

A(Imirahy O^ce — at the Crofs; James Reddfe, Judge Ad- 
miral depute, Janyes King, clerk 

CommyfK)ners for the Income T^a;— office, .48, Dunlop ftr„ 
Matthew Taylor, clerk. 

Canal Company* s Office — 61,. Buchanari-itreet;: Walter 
Logan, fuperir<tendent. 

Cefs Offi.ce for the City — Ouee,n-flre£t ; Laurence Craigie, 
colkaor; W. D..Blai'r, clerk. 

Cefs Office f r the County — sjppofite. to the Exchange; 
Archibald Hamilton, colledor. 

City Clerk* s Chambers — at the Crofs;. James Reddie, 
Richard Henderfon, and Robert Thomfon, clerks. 

CheimberJain^i Office — SpreuFs back land, Trongate; James 
Spteul, chamberlain, .Peter Campbell, clerk. 

Commifjary Clerk^s Office — Buchanan's land, 177jTi*ongatej 
Benjamin Barton, clerk. 

Commiffary Clerk of Ham'tJion aird. Camjffe—O&ce, Stir- 
Hng-ftjeet; Claud Marfnall, clerk. 

Cu/iom Hcufe—-A-^tm\i\j room buildings; Claud Hamil- 
ton, coUeftor; D. Morifon, comptroller, J. Kirkwood, 
J. Dick, A. Scott, and W. Miller, clerks. 

Juffice of Peace Clerk's C'^;>^— Glafsford-flreet; John 
Clarke, clerk. 

Sheriff Clerk's (T^^f— 59, Wi1fon-ftr. H. Ker, clerk depute^ 

Mail Coach ^Jflce-^^K Jofeph Bain's, 164; Trongate. 

r 121 

Glafgo-ioCourur OJfice—^t the Crofs; Wm. Reid k Co.. 

■ ' _ yp,.-^»;/ Ci^.-f— Prince's llr^ct; William Tait. 
^Htrdd l^ Jdveriijlr Jo.— 44^ Bell-ltreet ; Men- • 

nons & Co. ^ • /i ' ' 

Poft Office 1^1, Trongate; James Jacklon, p0ftmaft<:^j , 

>L Haliburton & J. ScouUer, derks; M. M'Cailiun, 
John Cameron,: J5. Wife, Robt. M'NeiU, and Allan 
Rofd, letter carriers; J. Liddell, forter; A.. Stewart, 
and T. Leilch, penny-poll letter-carriers; A. Miiliken, . 
clerk. Penny-letters difpatcbed at 8, i 2 and 2 o'clock. 
Stamp (9//zrf— SO,-Trongart; Thomas Graham, djiirsbuior, 
State Lottery 0Ju-es~~-i2>d, Trongate; and 7, and.liS, Nei- 

^on-ftreet. .. , 

Excije Office— 13^ Miller-ftreetj Wm. Corbet, colleaor, 

^^ A. Mitchell, A. CailiJs, T. Hay, packing officers. 

J:imes Sanders, auftioneer oiTicer; Thomas WatioDj 

W. Hay, .and P. Heughan, clerks. 

Sur'veyor of T^x^j— Office, 1 8, St. Andrew's lane, Gal- 

iowgate; Andrew Bald, Surveyor. 
Phisni:^ FireOffice~\^n\g-^xrcti; X^oudounj Craigie &.Co. 

Seffion Clerk's OJice— 120, Saltmavket ; Wm. AValker, 

SeJIon Clerk's -Office— B^^onyF AYlih, 19, St. And. Sqr, 
^SwJ Fire Office — Nelfon ftr J.' Buchanan, jun. agent. 
Edinburgh' Friendly 4ffiurana 0^^^— 15, Ingram ilreet; 

Andrew Templet on, agent. 
P.oycd Exchange ^Jurcvnce — oppofite to the E^rchange,. 

Alexander Allan, agent. 
Brlt'i/lo Fire OJJice, and We^mirjler OJiceftr Infurance of 

Ei'ves — Tontine back buildings; R.- Spiers, agent. 
Dundes, Hjfurarice Office —D. Stirling, agent. Royal Bank. 
Mtifier oflVorks' Office— Mr. Smellie's houfe, Dank.p-ftr, 
Jwpcriid Fire Ojice — 50, Hutghefon-il-^reet ; 'Archibald 

Bogle, agent. 
GlaJgoivFireOffice — i3,Tfongate;DavidDenny,Secretaryo 
Liverpool Fire Office — 28,.Viiginia-ftr. Cleland & Jack, 
' Ntni'caflle upon Tyne Fire 0jffice-^6Q% Argyll-ftreet; C. 
Hamilton, agent. 
Caledonian hf '-ranee Company — -St. i^ndrew'sfqnave; Joha 
More, Royal Bank, agent. 

[ 122 3 


As fixed by the Magistrates, January i^thy iBoo. 

I. From any place within the City, including the Newtown, 

to any other part thereof, not herein after mentiooed - - i o 

a. For going to and returning from the fame place, includ- 
ing one hour's waiting - - - -•' - Z o 

3. Forgoing from any part of the city or Newtown to the 
High Church, Cakon and Grec;nhead I 6 

4. For going to and returning from either of thefe places, 
including one hour's waiting - - - - - », 6 

5. For going to Barrowfield Bridge, to beyond the Green~ 
head Bridge, to Rutherglen Bridge, to Annfield, to Ander- 
llon, or to any place of the like dillaiiGe from town - - a O 

6. For going to and returning from any of tiiefe places, in- 
cluding one hour's waiting - - - - - 3 <> 

7. To any part of the Country, not above-mentioned, for 

the firft mile -------ao 

And for every half m;lej'\v:thin five niili^s .--06 
For returning from do. inciuding aiiliour's attendance, an 

additional - - - -- - - -.le 

8. Forgoing five miles and up^'ardsfrom town, ?nd return- 
ing before ten o'clock at hj>jhr, fcr each mile outwards, in- 
cluding two hours*' atteiidante - - - - I 3 

For every hour^s atttud.mce after two hoars, till ten at 
Slight, an additional -----.. 10 

(^. To do. and returnint; at ?.nv time between ten^nd twelve 
o'ciock at nighiv, in addition to the abovf,.for every hour - I 6 

And for waitin-* every other hour, after twelve o'clock at 
nighr, an ?.duiiioiial ------ I* 

10 From any pi -re in the City to any other psrt thereof, 
from 9 to 10 o'clock at nifjht - - - - 2, o 

And if between JO an-:? I J o'clock at nigy-it - - 3 o 

II. Frcni any tn the Ciry, itjcluding the Newtown^ 

to any o:her part thereof on a Sunday « * _ ^ o 

) 2 . To any place n^ rhe country after 9 o'clock at ni+^ht, m 
addlrio'^ to the above rate^ ior the country, for each mile -03 

13 On time within th. City, or fubuib*, on vifits, cr at- 
tending at Shops, tor the fir!> h* ur, - _ « % o 
Vox every ha!f honr aftt-r the firft - - -06 
If a be detained befure uCng it, for eveiy quarter of 
jj:j hour ------ - _ od 

^Ir4i, J\l\ diiiances t© the country to be meafuredfroni the C'toi** 


[ 123 3 

As fixed by the Magiftrata, March \ft^ 1798. 

f. a. 

I. Every Lift of a Sedan Chair in Town, though for ever fo 
lh<jrt a diftance - O 6 

z. From Campbell-ftreet, or thereabout, to the Wynd-head 
or Hij!;h Church, or thereabout - - - - I 5 

3. From CampbelUftieet, or thereabout, to Grahamfton, or 
.thereahout ------ -10 

4. From Campbell-ftreet, or thereabout, to any part of the 
Nfwto-vn _.------ 10 

5. From any other part of the Gallowgate Weft of Cdnip- 
foel'.-ftreet to any pnrt of the Newtown - - - 09 

6. From Charlotte- fireet to the Newtown - - I O 

7. From St Andrew's Square to the Newtown, or to any 
part of Argyl^ftreet, and to the Streets running Southwards 
and Norrhwards of Trongate and Argyll-ftreet, and to St. 
Enoch's S.qu?re - -. -- - - - 09 

8. From any part in Trongate to the Weft fide of Jamaica- 
fireet inclufive, and includinj^ the different ftreets, running on 
the North and South of Trongate, ArpyU-ftreet, and St. 
Enoch's Square, ro any part in the NewtowtT - - O 9 

9. From the Sdtraarket, Bridgegate, Ciyde-ftreet.BroGmie- 
law, and weft ward of Jamaica-llreet, to Grahamfton, to any 

part iii the Newfown - - -.-,«. - I © 

10. Froni ^he Trongate to Wynd-head and High Church i o 

II. From the Bridgegati?, or any cf the Streets running 
to North ?.nd South of the Trongate and Argyll-ftreet. includ- 
ing St. Enoch's Square, to the Wynd-Head or High Church I j 

13, From the Bridgeeate to the College, or like diftance, 
ard from the Merchants' Hall to the College, or new Court 
there - - - - -- - - - 10 

13. From the Crofs to any part in G«rbals - - 13 

14. From any place above Cell's wynd and below the Col- 
lege to Calt.on Crofs ------ I 3 

15. Do. and to Barrowfield Bridge - - - % o 

16. From any place aboveBeil's wynd and below the Col- 
lege to Gorbals - - - .- - » - I J 

if. Frorn Gorbals to the High Church or the lik€ diftance % o 
1-5. From the Crofs each raife round the fame t - a O 

19. F«r eveiy hour a Chair waits (unlefs eng.^ged for fore- 
noon ind afternoon) befides the ftated hire herein provided, 
,for -the fifft hour ------- © .^ 

A"<! for every fubfcquent hour - - - - 06 

10 For « chair attending from three or four o'clock after- 
aoon, till iweive o'clock 2t night, for ;hefirft hour - 6 f 
if or every b«ur after the 6rU ----.<) ^ 

I 124, ] 

at.'From JaKiaica-ftreet to the Crofp, or'thefilce dulafice o -p 
22. From the New Affembly Hall to Graharnfton, jdmai- 

ca-rttcet, Burrell's Hail, Charlotte-ftreet, Bridgegate, or St. 

Andrew's Square - - - - - - - oio 

13. Fccrj do. within thtfc places - - - - 08 

24. From do.toCampbeM-Hreet, or the like diflance - \ o 
^5. From Grahamfton or J^maica-ftrect to any place ahove 

Burreli's Hail, the Infirmary, or thereab'.ut - - I 9 

i6. F'-om do. to any place in Bridgegare - „ 09 

27. From Grahamfton or Jam-rtica-ftreer to Gorbals^ 1 3 

28. From do.'to B-un's Wynd,or the like diftance - I 3 

29. From do. to the High Church, Infirmary, or the like 
diftance - - - - - - - - - 19 

30. For each mile carrying to or from the City of Glafgow z O 
31 For every Lift after one o'clo^-k in the morning, double 

hire^ excepting on AlTembly and Bail nighLs. 

3Z. itvery douhie i.ifc to pay double hire 

33. I'wo childrfn,ej<rh not exceeding thirteen ye-a^'s old, or 
enc child m a perfon's arms, are to be excepted, and confidered 
on'y as one Lift 

:^4. Every perfon engaging a chair and not ufiog^ it, to be 
liable for the difappointment in - - - - 06 


As fixed by the Magtfirates^ March i/?, 1 798. 

' By an AtSl: of the Magiftrates and Town Cotincil of Glafgow, 
no Porter' fhali refufe employment, when he is not otherwife en- 
jiaged, under the penalty of 23. 6d. frerling for the firft offence, $%. 
for the fecond, and los. for every fnbfequent offence; and all Porters 
who fay they are engaged, Ihali fpecify the pferfon by whom, and 
the hour at which, they are engaged, and they Ihall not refufe to 
be employed in the interval, between the time they are required to 
ferve and the hour of their engagement, under the penalties aforefaid. 
As the Porters who wear badges on their breall, find i^ecurity for 
their honetly and fidelity, the Magiilfates recommend it to the in- 
habitants to employ only thofe Porters in matters of importance. 
The following is a Table of their Fees: 

/; i. 
- Carrying a letter or letters, parcel or parcels, not exceed- 
ing 7 pounds weight, from any part of the City or New- 
town to any other place therein - - - - o I 

Carrying a letter or letters, parcel or parcels, not exceed- 
ing 7 pounds weight, from any part of the City or New- 
town, to any other place therein, if delivered to the Porter 
• After RJnc o'clock at nighl, - - = ?■ - O "■% 

[ 125 ] 

Carrying a letter or letters, parcel or parcels, not exceed- 
ing 7 pounds weight, from any part of the city or New- 
town to Anderfton, Bridgetown, New Bafon of the Canal, 
or any place not exceeding an Engliih mile from the crofs o 3 
If delivered to the Porter after eight o'clock at night o 4 

For running an exprefs with a letter, or fmall parcel, for 
every Engliih mile outwards in day time - - • i 

If ni the night time, that is, after eight o'clock at night o 4 
Carrying a back load, not exceeding eight Englifli flone, 
from any Ware-room in Glafgow to any other Ware-room 
or Calender, where the diilance does not exceed 500 yards o r 
Do. where the diftance exceeds 500 yards - - - o % 

Carrying aback load, not exceeding 8 flone weight, from 
the crofs to the Broomielaw, Calton or Gorbals, or the like 
diftance - - - -.-q. 

Carrying any load, not e\ceeding two one-^half hundred 
weight, on a wheel-barrow, for the fame diflance - O t 

For weighing a ton of goods, fuch as iron, &c for the fiffl 
ton - - - - - . 04 

For every other ton - - - -03 

For taking down and putting up the fcalcs - o a 

For weighing each bag of cotton - - 01 

For taking down and putting up the fcales, if done by the 
Porters - - _ - O i 

For carrying each bag of cotton out of a cellar, and put- 
ting it on a cart - - - - o % 

For taking each bag of cotton oiF a cart, and putting the 
fame into a cellar - - - _ 01 

N. 3. Two thirds of the foregoing fates to be paid for 
pockets, and bags of cotton, not exceeding one and an half 
hundred weight 

For a day's work at articles not fpeciSed as above, to con- 
fift of ten working hours - - - a ® 

For a week's work - - - - _ loo 

Far the firft hour's work where not employed a whole day o 4 • 
For each fubfequent hour's work, when not employed a 
whole day - - - - . o % 

For .carrying a load of two bolls of mdal, for each ftair o i, 

For carrying a load of two bolls of meal, into a clofs o I 

For each night's watching - - » % ^ 

As fixed by. the Magifi rates, Dec. 22d, 1802. 

T. For every Cart Load from or to the Broomielaw, the 
length of the head of Queen- flreet, along George-Ureet, down 
Montrofe-ftreet, by the Weigh-houfe, Candleriggs, Bell- 
ftreet, the Well above the Crofg, to the Spoutmouth in Gal 
\owgate, and thence wellwards - - » 

[ 126] 

/. J. 
a. For every Cart Load of Sugar to the Stockwell and 
CJueen-ftreet Sugar Houfes, -when taken off with a crane o 7 

3. For 2 puncheons of beans or meal, or 2 yarn bales, or 
any other large calk about i ton weight, or a cart load of cork, 

as much as can be laid on for the fame diftance, as above - 1 % 

4. For every other place of delivery within the Royalty or 
Kewtown, per cart load - - - \ % 

5. For every I o bolls of oats, beans ^nd wheat, and every 8 
bolls of barley, to all the Granaries at the Broomiela-w, Jamai- 
ca-ftreet, Grahamfton, Stockwell and Argyll-ilrect, the Cnr- 
ters always finding fufficient bags, and carrying the whole of 
their load up one ftory, or into a ground fiat, without any 
affiftance from the employer, per cart - - 1 O 

6. When the cart load is tobecanieu yp mcrethanone ftory, 
the employer fhall pay the Carter per cart, an additional O ^ 

But in this laft cafe the Carter may carry up the half of 
the load at his own exp^nce, the employer being at the expence 
©f the other half 

7. For every cart load of Grain to any other part of the 
Royalty or Newtown than is above fiated , - - IS 

The carriage in this laft cafe to be fubjecfl to the above 
Regulations as to delivery up one ftory or inro a ground fiat, 
cr up more than one ftory. 

8. Carters employed to remove furniture or fimilar articles, 
that require long time to load and unload, Ihall be paid for 
the firft hour they are fo employed, and fo proportionally 

for each cart - - - - - I © 

And for every other hour, and fo proportionally, for each 
cart - - - - - - 09 

The Carter, In fuch cafes, fhall always aiTift in loading and unload- 
ing, but to remain always by his Cart. 

In all cafes Carters are to load and unload fuch -articles on their 
Carts, as they are capable of doing; and in other inftances, they 
fhall aflift in loading and unloading their Carts. 

. All fuch quantities as are to be confidered as a fingle Cart load, 
and likewife all rates of fares, not before fpecially provided for, in 
cafe of any difpute concerning thofe between the Carter and his 
employer, fhall be fectled by the fitting magiftrate. 

No Carters, or fervants of Carters, flvall exadi higher fares than 
thofe before fpecified, under the penalty of five ftiillings for each 
offence, to be levied by a fummary warrant from any of the Magi- 
Urates of Glafgovv^, and by imprifonment till payment of the fines. 
"be made, bcfidcs fdrfeiting the fares overcharged. 


Enafled to be paid by the Shippers of Goods npon the River Clyde, 
by an A6t of the MagiftYates and Town Council of Glafgow, 
dated 2 2d. December, i8oz. 
.Anchors per ton, 5s. Afhes, per birrelj jd. Allum, per ton, in 
hhdsj c?r bulk, 3?. 6d. 

[ 127 ] 

Bark, pi?r ton, 59. Beef, per tierce, SJ. Barley, per boll, 4d. 
Barley, per bag of 2^ cwt. 6d. Barley, per bag of 3 cwt. 7i, 
Brazil, per pocket, 6d. Brick or Tiles, per thoufand, 7s. 6d. 
Bottles, per grof?, 9d. Butter, per ton, 3s. 

Canvas Yarn, per bale, gd. Carpets, 12 pieces, per bale, 4s. 6d[, 
C ift Meta! Boilers, per ton, 5s. 6d. Cheefe, per ton, 4s- 6d. 
Coals, per hhd. 2s, Coals, per cart, is. 3d. Copper in Sheet?, 
per ton, 3s. Copper, in Veffels, per ton, 4s. 6d. Cordage, 
per ton, js. 6d. Cork, per toii, 13s. Cotton, per bag, from 
a to 3 cwt. IS. 2d. Cotton, per bag. upwards of 3 cwt. Is. 4d. 
Cot»on, per pockets, each, 7d. Cudbear, per ton, 6s. 

Dry Goods, in puncheons, per puncheon, is. 8d. Dry Goods, per 
hhd. 2s. 

Empty Herring Barrels, esch, id. All ether empty cafics, to pay 
half freight 

Flour, per bag, 6d. Flour, per barrel, jd. Flax Seed, per hhd. Ts. 
Fniir, perched, 8(1. Fruit, per half che{l,4d; Ful];ic,per ton,4&, 

Gabert Freij^bt, per ton, regifter, %>'. 6d. Guns and Shot, per 
ton, 3s. 6d. Gaberts loaded to or from G'-eenock to a vtfTyl 
in the R.oad, if affifted by the crew of the veffei, 4O8. Gaberts, 
if not affiiled by the crew, 50s. 

Herrings, per barrel, 6d. HiJes, Bullock, per hide, 2d. Hides, 
Cow, per hide, j^d. Hemp, per too, 7s. Hides, Buffalo, 
per hide, id. 

Iron, Pig, per ton, 2s. 6d. Iron, Rod, ton^ 3s, 

Kelp, per ton, 3^. 

Linen, per bale, is. Logwood, per ton, 4s. I>eather, person, 7s. 
Lime Stone, per ti-n, 2s. 6d. Lead, Bar and Roll, per 
ton, 2s. 6d. 

Mahogany, per ton, 4=. Mcliffes, per puncher^n, as 6d. Mar- 
ganele, per ton, 3s. Madder, p?r butt, 28. Meal, per bell, a-Jd. 

Oil, per ton, 5s. 6(L Oil, per jar, 2d. Oats, per boll, 3d. Ofna- 
burghs, per hale, li pieces, 2s. Ditto, per bak, 9 piece?, 
is. fid. Ditto, per hale, 6 pieces, is. 2d. 

pipe Clay, per ton, 3s. Pots, prr ton, j«. 6d. Porter, per hhd. is. 3d, 
Planks, per ton, 3s. Paint, pi-r keg, l^d. Puncheons and 
Hhds. Packed, per package, 4d. 

Quercitron Ba'k in hhds. 28. 

Rum, per puncheon, as. 6<i. Rum, per hhd. is. 3d. Ralfins, prr 
barrel, 4d. 

Sugar, Raw, per ton grofs, 3s. Sugar, Refined, 6s. Sugar Mould* 
per wiggcn lotd, 7s. 6d. Seroons and Pockets, 6d. Skins, 
Calf, per bale, or 9 dozen, is. 3d. Skins, Calf, per bale, or i> 
dozen, IS. 9d. Staves, Butt, from i-| to 2 inches, per thou- 
fand, 7s- Sta'^res, Butt, from a to 3 inches, per thouH^nd, 306, 
Sf.gves, Btit-t, 3 itu:hes and upwards, 33s, Staves, pipe, per 
thouf-incl, 8s. Sf^aves, hlid. per thoufand, 7s. Staves, barrel^ 
per thoufand, 6s. Stone Ware, per crate, 28. Stone, in hhd«, 2«. 
Slates, large^ per thoufand, as. 6d, Slates, ordinary, per thou. 

C 128 ] 

fand, I.S. So?,p and Candles, per bos, ad. Starch, per 
hhd. 2s. 6d. 

Tobacco, per hhd. Trunks or fmail boxes under three feet long, 
per trunk, yd. Trunks or fmall boxts three feet and upwards, 
per trunk, lod. Tar and Turpentine, per barrel, 6d. Tar, 
Archangel, per barrel, 8d. Tin plates, per box, 3d. 

Wine, per pipe, as. gd. Wine, per hhd. is. jd. Wheat, per 
• ton, 2s. 6d. Whitening, per ton, 4s. 6d. 

Yarn, per bale, z?. ad. 

Veffels from ;is to 50 tons burden (hall remain three lawful days 
without charge of demurrage, and after that to be paid demurrage 
for every lawful dry day Ten Shillins^s. Vcflels upwards of 50 tuns 
burden Ihali remain foyr days, and for every lawful dry day after, to 
be paid Twelve Shillings 

■ Mailers and Ov/ners of Veffeb arriving at the Broomiclaw, Port 
Gkfgow or Greenock, who are not previoufly hired or engaged, 
and wbilft they remain there unengaged, fhall be obliged to accept 
of the firft Freight at the rates before fpecified that is offered, under 
the penalty of i'wenty Shillings for each offence; and if the Mafler 
or Owner of any Veffel, fhall aflc and demand sny higher Freights 
than thofe before fpecified, he ih.ili be liable to a like penalty of 
twenty Shillings fteriing for each offence. 

Afrer Freights at the forefaid Rates fli'^U have been agreed for, or 
offered to Mailers or Ownersof Vcffels, jr Ihall not be lawful to nor 
in the power of any other fhippers to difappoint the firft freighter or 
offerer, by bargaining wirh the M?.fter or Owner for a freight at a 
Jiigher rate; all which fecond bargains and agreements fhall be void 
?.nd null, and th? M*fter or Ov/ner who makes them (hall be liable 
in a penalty of Twenty Shillings for each offenfe. 

WThefl a ^shipper or Shippers conjundkly fliall fhip the whole goods 
conveyed in any veffel for a trip or voyage, without having goods 
belongiiig to any other perfon or perfons on board, the Mafler or 
Owner Ihall be entitled to a full freight for the veffel at the rate 
aforefaid, although the freight of th^; goods might be lefs than a full 
freight if it were feparately calculated, at the rates aforefaid, upon 
the different articles of which the cargo confifled. 

Farther, ordain the Owners or Mailers of Veffels, when required 
fo to do, to give receipts for the goods fbipped in their faid veffels, 
under the penalty of Ten Shillings flerling for each offence. And 
prohibit the Mailers and Owners of Veffels, and all other perfons 
ravigating the River Clyde, from exa<5ling or levying higher freig^hts 
for tranfporting goods on the faid River than tkofe fpecified in the 
foregoing table. 

Estraded from the Minutes of Council, by 

ROB. THOMSON^ Dep. Clk, 

C 129 ] 


To LIVERPOOL.— r/^^ Merfey — Cyde—Perfeverance—}. Likly 
& Co. agents, Greenock; W. JaiFerey, agent, Glafgow. The 
Alert — ASiin/e — Evander — Jeanie — Hopeivell — Harmony — (and 
occafionally Diana — Union^—y & J. Rankinc, agents, Greenock; 
D Strong, agent, Glafgow. 

To BRISTOL — Sifien — Severn — A. M'Gown, agent, Greenock. 

To LEiTHffY THE CANAL. — Ihe Ceres — Clyde — Elizaheth — 
Leith — J. M'Alpin, agent, Greenock. The Antoepe — George — 
Experhnent — A. Bain, agent, Greenock. — K.aty AndretUy and Katy 

To BELFAST.— 7Af Courier— Frlendjhip—}. Miller & Co. agents, 
Greenock. The George and Sophia. — Betfeys, Roberts — Margaret ^ 
Nancy.—]. Gemmill, agent, Woodlane, Broomielaw. 

DUBLIN PACKET.— William Humphry, agent, Greenock. 

To PORT-DUNDAS. — Dumbuck—}ohn Brown, agent, Glafgow, 

To AYR.— Ti^^ P'-ggy Bigby. 

CAMPBELTON.— T*<^ Campbelton Peggy. 

To ROTHESAY. — The Ingram— M'Dougal'— Lady Bute-^TeU- 
graph, Larh. 

To LORN AND MULL.— T/j^ Peggy. 

To INVERARY.— ii^ Peggy. 

To LOCHGILPHEAD.— TZ-^ Lochgilphead Packet. 

To STRANRAER. — The Stranraer Packet. Gibfcn; once a month 
N. B. Several fail failing boats for Paffengcrs, every tide, from 

Port-Glafgow and Greenock, to Glafgow: and a great number of 

heavier Craft for Goods. 


To GRANGEMOUTH.—^ TraB Bocfl. for goods and Paffengers 

every Fuclday, Thurfday and Saturday, fets off at half paft eight, 

To IMm.—Andre'W b* Katy— Keatty—} & A Kidd, agents, 

Glafgow. Robert — Fame-^]o\\n RI'Dougal, agent, Glafgow. ^ 
To DUNDEE, — Peggy Concord — PVilliam — Nervcajile and Berivici 

Paciet—J. M'Dougal agent, Glafgow. 
ToHULl..—Haivi—M^illtnm l^Ann-]. M'Dougal, agent, Glafg. 
To NEWCASTLE. — Friends' Incrmfe—Glafo-w Packet — Eliza-^ 

FriemlJhip—lAvrr'iz & Pinkerton, agents, Glafgow. 
To Aberdeen.— C^r« and Jean—}, M'Dougal, ?gent, Giafgow. 

I 150 3 

£.ifi of the arrival and departure of the Mail Coachej^^ 
the places from ivhetue tkey fet off^ a»d the Fare 
annexed to each. 

Foreign Mails for the continent of Europe, depart every Thurfday 
and Saturday — For the Eritifti Weft India Ifles, depart the 
Sunday before the firft Wednefday of every month, and that day 

Lsndon — by.Haipilton. Douglas,, &c. and all on this fidp 
London, arrive at Mr. Bain's, Dunbar's Clofs, Trongate, every 
morning, and depart from the fame place, at 2 o'clock, every 
afternoon. — London, and all beyond it, arrive every day at the 
fame time and place, (Wednefday excepted) and departs every 
day (Thurfday excepted) fare to Carlifle, 45s. 

jdyr — By Kilmarnock, Irvine, &c. to Port-Patrick, alfo the Jrijh 
Mail arrives at the Bull Inn, Ar^ll-fbreet, every day, at i o'clock 
afternoon, and departs from Mr. Bain's, Dunbar's clofs, every 
morning; fare to Kilmarnock 9s. — to Ayr, 13s. 6d. 

Gr«nock — by Pailley, Port- Glafgow, Greenock, Largs, (Rothefay 
once a day) arrives at Mr. Bain's, Dunbar's clofs, every day, at 
J o'clock, afternoon, and at Mr. Burn's, BulUnn, at 7 at night, 
and departs every morning from Mr- Bain's, Dunbar's clofs, and 
from the Bull- Inn, at 4 afternoon; fare to Paifley, as. to Greenock, 
7s. 6d. 

Edinburgh — by New-hcufe and Livingfton, a coach from the Bull 
inn, at 8 Sunday morning, and half paft 8 on other days, and ar- 
rives at 3 afternoon; fare \ 63. outfide 9s. By Falkirk, Linlithgow, 
&.C. eaitward, and by Kilfyth, Stii'ling, Perth, S^c. northward, 
departs at 8 every nigJit, and arrives at 7 o'clock, every morning, 

Dumharton — by Lufs, '1 arbert, iiiverary, &c, to the Weft High- 
lands; arrives at the Pofc office, and departs every forenoon. 

A L>ift of the Departure of the Stage Coaches, and the 
Fare annexed to each, 

/frpy/Zr— Diligence for Inverary, from Mr. Gardner's, Star Inn, on 

Tuefday, at 7 morning, leaves Inverary on Thurfday, and arrives 

here on Friday; tickets, 25s. 
Cariyic — By ."^anquhair and Dumfries a coach from Mr. Bain's, 

every Monday, Wednefday, and Friday, at 3 afternoon; fare to 

Dumfries, 27s. 6d. to Csrliflc 35s. 
^<//.»fi5«rsr^—^ A coach from the Bull-Inn, at 7 o'clock, morning, from 

the Star In«, at 4 every afternoon; fare 166. arrives at Edinburgh 

[ i31 3 

in 7 hours. A long Coach, from J. Reid*s Tontine, at j o'clock 
afternoon, fare I2s. outfide 8s. Alfo a coach from D. Morri. 
fon's, i8o, Trongate, every la\vfu] day-, and at Mr. Bain's, 9,t 

9 o'clock, morning; fare, I2s. outfide 8s. 

i'tfjy^^y— Coaches from Brafli &. Reid's, bookfcllers, Trongate, 9f, 

10 o clock, forenoon, and at j o'clock afternoon, every day, 
except Wednefday, when the hours are 9 o'clock forenoon, an^i 
5 and 7 o'clock afternoon; fare 23. and from O. Morifon's, 180, 
Trongate, at 7 afternoon, fare is. 6d outfide is Alfo the Cara- 
vans for Pafiengers, arrive at Smith's, oppoiite the Tron church, 
and in the Nevv-Wynd, every forenoon, and depart at 6 at night 
every day (Sunday excepted) fare is. 

GteL-nock — -The long Coach cvtry lawfol day, by Paifley, at 8 morn- 
ing, from iMr. Bain's, the Bull-Inn, and Star [nn, fare 6e.- Alfo 
a lo!>^ Coach at 4 afternoon, every lawful day, from Mr. Bain's,, 
the Bull Inn, and Mrs. Wrights, 635, Argyli-ftreet; fare 6s. 

EHrling~¥vom the Bull-Inn, and from Mr. Bain's, on Tuefday, 
TJiurfday, and Saturday, at 8 o'clock morning, fare 8s. 

Hamilton — A. Coach from Mr. Brown's, 81, Gallowgate, every 
Monday, Wednefday and Saturday, at 6 o'clock, afternoon ; fare 2s. 

Dumbartan—A Coach from Mr. Burn's, Bull !nn, every Monday, 
Wednefday and Friday, at .5 o'clock, afternoon; fare js. 

Heienjhurgh — A coach from the Star inn, every Saturday, at % af- 
ternoon; returns on Monday; fare 6s. outiide 4s. 

Carriers* ^<irterSy nvith the Days of Arrival and 

Ahirdeen, at the head of Brunfwick ftreet; arrival and departure 

every day. 
Aherfoyl, at Gow's, 27, Stockwell, once a fortnig^ht. 
Ayr^ at Provan"s, 66, Ingram-llr. and at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet^ 

arrive on Tuefday and Friday, and depart fame days. 
Airdrie,at Fulton's, Spoutmouth, at Robb's, 60, Gallowgate; arrive 

on Monday, Wednefday and Friday, and depart fame days. 
Alloa, at Miller's, 40, King-ttrcer; arrives and departs on Wed* 

Apptn, p.t Gow's, 9"?, Trong.3te, once in three weeks. 
Auc/jierjfder, ^t M'Luckie^s, Blickfriars' Wynd, and at Fulton's • 

Spoutmouth, onre a fortnight. 
Aucbtermuchty, at Millar's, 40, King-ftrect; arrives onThurfdaVj 

and dep^r! s fame day. 
BaJfron,Sit Provan's, 66, Ingram-flreet, and at Ronald's, New-wynd 

and Blair's, C^ndleripfg*, twice a v/eek. 
BatquhiddrVy at Blair's, Ncv^'-wynd, once a fortnight. 
BurtnocJihurny at Millar's, 40, Kiiig-ftreet} arrives on Wednefday, 

and departs fame day» . , 

C 132 ] 

Satbgate, arMillai's, 40, King-ftreet, arrives on Friday, and depart, 
fame day. 

Bellshtll, at Allan's, laj, Gallov/gate; arrives and departs four times 
a week. 

Seitb^ at T. Millar's, RonahJ's, and M'Cracken's, New-wynd; ar- 
rive on Tucfday, and depait on Wednefday. 

Berrvick, Old Shipping Co. 132. Trongate; arrive and depart almoft 
every lawful day. 

JStrivuky New or Union Shipping Co. St. A. fquare; arrive and 
dtpart alniofi; every lawful day. 

Siggary at Fulton's, Spowtmouth, and Lightbody's, SufFolk-ftreet, 
once a week. 

£onbill, at Ronald'Pj New-wynd; arrives on Monday and Thurfday, 
and departs on Tucfday and Friday- 

Borroiv/ioiinn/'f.iyZt Mrs. Faterfon's, 78, New-wynd, once a week. 

Bucbunan, at Blair's, 76, Ntw-wynd*, arrives on Tuefday, and de- 
parts on Wednefday. 

Buihlyvie, at Prov::n's, 66, Ingram-flr. and at M'Luckie's, Biack- 
friars* Wynd; arrive on Tueid.iy, and depart on Wednefday. 

Colder, ( Eafij at Muter's, Suffolk- ftreet, once a week. 

Callander, zt M'Luckie'-, Bl^ckfriar'^s Wynd; arrives on Wednefday, 
and departs ©n Thurfday, weekly. 

Campfie, at Anderfon's, 68, High-llreet; arrives on Wednefday and 
Saturday, and departs fame day. 

Cambufneihan^ at Somniervill's, 343, Gallowgate, once a week, at Sme'lie's, 340, Gallowgate, once a week. 

Cafile Douglas, it Miller's, 40, King-ftreet; arrives on Thurfday, and 
departs fame day. 

Carnivatb, at Fulton's, Spoutmouth, Gallawgate; once a fortnight. 

Carluke, at Reid's, St. Andrew's lane j^ arrives and departs twice 
a week. 

Catbrine, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet; arrives and departs on 

Critu/urdjohn, at A-iHan's, 40a, Gallowgate; arrives on Tuefday, and 
departs fame day. 

Criijf, at Arthur's, 57, High-ftreet; arrives on Wednefday, and de- 
parts on Thurfday. 

Cumbemavld, at M'Luckic's, Blackfriars' Wynd, and at Mrs. Neil- 
fon's, High-ftreet, twice a week. 

Cumnock, at Millar's, 40, King-ftreet, Tfid at R^onald's, 73, New- 
wynd; arrive on Friday, and depart fame day. 

Dalmellington, at Miller's, 40, King-ilreet; arrives on Thurfday, 
and. departs fame day, once a fortnight. 

Dairy, ac Robb's, 60, Gallowgate; arrives on Tuefday, and departs 
on Wednefday, 

Dirvel, at Ronald's, 73, New-wyndj arrives on Tuefday, and de- 
parts on Wednefday. 

Denny, at Arthur's j; 7, High-ftreet, and at Ronald's,- New-wynd; 
arrive and depart twice a week. 

Douglas, at H. Reid's, 3^0, Gallowgate; arrives on Tuefday, and 
departs fame day. 

iJry.vr^n, c't TJul'- 'x, ,1'), Ki ■ 10..,- ,:-e^ Blair'-, Cdndlcr^-rcr,, -jj^J 3^ 

Provrtn'?, (?;;. .^ -r:!::' iir^^t; -rnve ou Tuefduy and F'li!-^ ''^ 

part or. We(r:aJ;y a.:.i S ;fMrd,.y. " 

Bumf'-i^s, .t ^^;^r;•s, .;o. King-fir?.ei; and at RonafJ'a, N>:77.%yr;t!. 

dr: • V ;:'s ^^ -, id? >', aiicl ■;': pnrts Himc day, 
Durnh^. i:,n, ar Pro-^;;.i^^ 66, Ihg,-am-ftreet/nnd nt Ronald's 73. New. 
_^y.jv\f^.l ;.r^iv.= o:, Monday and Thurfdny, and depart on Tuefdar 
"■' ~aT)d Friday. 
Dvnfsy^nltnc, at Vliller's, ,40, King-ftrcet; arrives and departs on 

-D/z-^S?^, at MillcfV, 40. Kinjr fir. at (lie Weioh-hoiifc; ?r--,r:' rrd 

I)--nid(i, zt Arthur's 57, Fiii^h-frr, arnval ano dcn.:,^ ..,: -ia-cruin. 

Jiar/r;S-.7K, at Curric's, SakiTuTkfr er ;.•• a -.-c-; 

LUnlitrgb, nt Ai'krn's. Cur.lic :; .- ■: M'C ^ulc';, .„d at Tur^ 
rer's, ■Brunfv/icl-l'r ■;:€?:: -t' - j>,r; ,.,,-.:,•■; ;i,,;!v, 

I'nnhur^h ntxd Lt-ih ?>'\--^\,..<^ Co, :x'i' : ;.c.-': :=: Jnfwick <Tr, d-v;- 

i^Tif/^:^ arrf^,-,. to Lci dc:--, ^7 -- '■C^-;:.:,, Man.hci)-'r^ &-. 
Kcott, lirunfwick-lh-' i', ;.r. . .■ ~ t^;-'-., . .■ j'. Hr-df if-^ 

•C'^ndleritj-gs, arrivf ou "vToCicj-. ','..;- i.-d:. ■. :..'d p:ii"rda- '-id 
depart feme. day. To f crcJon, hy Edurnir!. ti, Ncsvcs't!:. LeLdj 
See. Howfy oc C\>. \^;^i)trGie-th-e.ti dai y Poft Wag^^:as, fcV 
j^oods and p-lT^iij^e-f.. 

Fu'/'irk, At GislVs, 19, Cdr.J!e-i^rg-B, at Rirs. P'terfGn's, 7S. Ne-^r 
wynd, at Miiirr's,, 40, Kinj^-^reet; airive en Vv -d^.c/day aid 
Saturday, and depart lar.rc dsys. 

/■i«//7, at Arthur's,' an^l at T.>? -.ilon^. :-.h-.:^i*'..>^ ^n^ ;,c 
Prov:^n's, U, Ingrani-ftreei, arrive on Tu.kul, and deuart oii 

foryc's,!it Rcid's 3^0, G-:!--i<atf; r^'riva; and <'r;;,amre uncertain, 
FurtiviUfam, at Gov/'s, 93, '!>■ r^r..t. . oa-e .; montii; Arrival and de- 
parture unce-tain. 
CuHn-wjy an.l lVb:ihorn,zt h'^'^'^^■(^% ,r'. Km^-^.r, srd at M'C.^ «. 

en's, New-%vyn'J, once ia -, -v, ei^^ a,, J a Proven'*, 66. Ic. . ;ni 

ftrect, arrive on ri,urid;y, wrd 0;,,.-.-: .,0 Friday, e^ery .. t-k; 
G:;>ff, at M'Civckf n's, .94 Nc .v- Wy .u, arrives on Wedne'd .v, md 

doparrs fame day. 
■C.n-tmf>re, at .Blair's, NvW-Wy^d; arrives on T.crj ,y, and depme 

on Wcdntf/lay. 
-G-ri^./.-r, at Mllier'^; .10, ICin^ {l;;eet, and At .Acid's, St. Andrew'-^ 

lanq arrive on 'i'lui' f.Kiy, ^nd depart fan.e d y. 
Crecncck^, at M'Ewan's, arid at M'Corkle's, Brtinfwlek flreet, arrive 

and depart daiiy. 
-Kamili<^n, at f ulton's, SpoTitmouth, at Reid-a, ^t. Andrew's l'.i-€, 

and .:t Snith's, Gall. wgate-; arrive on Monday, Wcdnciaay, 

Friday, and Saturday, and depart fame days. 
Pa-wicL, at Hugh Reid's, Gallowg^te, once a fertnighto 
Hdhrfiurgh, at Nelfon's, 45, Stockwell, and at Bry Ton's, Argyll-ftr. 

OR 'I'hurfday, once a week. 
Huntly, Bt Crkhton's, High-ilreet; arrives and departs once a month 


Jnvurar/ry, atM'Nicol's Jackfon-flreet, and at Jackfon's, 31, Gan^Ie- 

riggs; arrive and depart cnce a fortnight ~ 
Inniernefs^ at Miller's, 40, King-ftr. arrival and departure uncertain. 
Irvine, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet. and at Mrs. Paterfon's, 78, 

New Wynd; arrive on Tucfday and Friday, and depart Wednef- 

day and Saturday. 
'Jqhpjlon^ at Rtid's, St. Andrew's lane, twice a week; arrives and 

departs fame days. 
Kilbarchan, at M'Farlane's, I48, Stackwell; arrives on Wcdnefdayj 

and departs iame day. 
Kilmarnock^ at Arthur's, 57, High-ftreet, at Miller's, 40, King-f^rect, 

and at Ronald's, New Wynd; arrive on Tuefday and Friday, 

and depart ii^xat dsys. 
Kilfytb, at M'Luckie's, Blackfrjars' wynd; arrives on Tuefday and 

Friday, and departs fame days; and at Neilfon's, 274, High-Hr^ 

arrives. on Wednefday and .' aturday, and departs fame days. 
Kilxi'inn'mg and Skecch^ at IV'iilliTr's, 4C, King-ftreet, and at Ronald's, 

73, New-wynd; arrive on i uefday and depart on Wednefday. 
Klmardlne, at Samuel. Ljing's, Caudleriggs ; arrives and departs once 

a v/eek. 
Kinrofs, at Mllkr's,, 40, King flreet; arrives on. Thurfday, and 

departs fame day. 
K'^lhride, at TI9, Gal'owgate; arrives and departs four times a week, 
K'ppen, at M'l.uckie's, Blackfriars' Wynd; arrives on Tuefday, 

and departs on Wednefday. 
Kirkcud'jriyht^ at Miller's,. 40, King-ftreet; arrives on Friday, and 

departs iauie day. 
Kirkintilloch, at . Buchanan's, 4, , Bell flreet, at Hardie's, 258, 

High-ftreet, and at Ronald's, Currie's clofs; arrive on- Wednefday 

and Saturday, anvi depart fame days. 
Xrtwari, at M'Gregor's, 44a, Gallowgatc, at Maitland's, 471, 

Gallowgate, and at Reid's, St. Andrev/'s lane ; arrive on Mon- 
day, and depart on Tuefday; and at Fulton's, Spoutmouth; ar- 
rives on.Thuffday, and departs en Friday. 
Lffmahago at Robb's. and Smith's, Gallowgate; arrives on Monday, 

and depa.rts on J'uefday. 
Linlithgo'w., at Glafs's, 19, Candlfriggs, and at T. Miller's, New- 

WynJ, arrive on W«.-dnefday, and depart fame day. 
Letcbnuinnoch; afe Rcbb's^ 60, Gallowgate, and at M'Cracken's ^94, 

New Wynd; arrive on Wednefday, and depart on '1 hurfday. 
Langholm^ at Provaa's, i>b\, lngra:n-ftreet, once a fortnight. ' 
Leadbiils at Allan's, 125,. Gallowgate; arrives on Tuefday, and 

departs fame day- 
La^kball, at Rcid's, St. Andrew's, lane, arrives and departs on 

■^ufs, -u Gow's, ay, Storkwell; arrives on. Thurfday, and deparf^ on 

Mauchline. at Provan's, 6«^, Ingram-fir. and at Miller's, King ftreet; 

arrive oc Tuefday, and depart fame day. 
Mayhole, at Miller's, 40, King llr arrives and departs on Thurfday. 
_Mofet^ at Arthur's, High-ftrcet, once 3 fortnight. 

C 135 ] 

MinUand, (Ne-wjzt Dollar's, ^Tc, High-ftreet, once a week. 
Muirklrk, at Reid's, St. Andrew's lane; and at Lightbody's, Suf- 

folk-ftrcet; arrive on Monday, and depart on Tuefday. 
NeilJion,'&t Vane's, Brids^cgate; arrives and departstwice a week. 
^'eivcajile, l!fc. at Hendcrfon's, Candlcriggs; arrives on Monday 

and Thurfday, and departs on Wednefday and Saturday. 
jV<»wOT;7/x, at Ronald's, 73, New-Wynd; arrives on Tuefday, ani 

departs on Wednefday. 
Neiuion Doitglas, and fVlgiori., at Frovan'.s, 66, Tngram-ftr. and at' 

Ronald's, New-wynd, arrive on Thurfday, and depart on Friday, 

once a fortnight. 
Naiu C.alloivay^ at Miller's, 40, Kingflreet; arrives and departs 

on Thurfday, once a fortnight. 
Olan, at M*Nicol's, jackfon-llreet, and at Gow's, 93, Trongate; 

arrival and departure once a fortnight. 
Fertb and Dundety at Brunfwick-ftreet, every day; Jackfon's, In- = 

gram ftreet, twice a week; and at t.ang's, Candlcriggs, once a 

week: alfo, at Mrs. Neilfon's, Old Vennal. 
Port of Moiiteithy at Mrs. Johnftcn's, 94, High ftr. once a fortnight. 
Faijley, a Caravan at Gardner's, Back Wynd; and another at 

bcoulkr's and M'Cracken's, New-Wynd; and at Smith's, 

Trongate; hkewife carriers at Auchinclofs's, i6r, Trongate, 

and at Provan's, 66, Ingram-ftr. who all arrive and depart daily, 
Peebles, at Fulton's Spoutmouth, once in three weeks. 
Renton, at Provan's, 66, Ingram-ltr. arrives and departs 3 times a 

Pobertan and IVipon, at Allan's, 1*5, Gallowgate, once a fortnight. 
Saltcoats, at Miller's, 40, Klng-ftreet; arrive on I'uefday and Friday", 

and depart on Wednefday and Saturday. 
Sdnfuhar, at Ronald's, JN'ew-Wynd, on Thurfday once a week, 
Stszvarto/t, at Miller's, 40, King-ilreeti arrives on Tuefday, and de- 
parts on Wednefday. 
Sbotts, at Reid's, 380, Gallowgate; 3 times a week.'- 
Stirling, at Aliller's, 40, King flrect,. and at Mrs. Neilfon's, OM • 

Vennal; arrive on Wednefday, and- depart fame day, and at Ar- 
thur's, High-ftreet, twice a week. 
Stonshaufe, at Craig's, 119, GalIovvgat<;, once a week. 
St^-anraet , at Ronald's, New- Wynd; arrives on Tuefday and Frlda^f, 

and departs fame days. 
Sti-at/jwuen, at Brown's, 81, Gallov/gate; arrive on Tuefday and' 

Friday, and depart on Wednefday and Saturday. 
Svrri, at Provan's, ^6, Ingram-itieet, once a week- 
St. Ninisn's, &t Miiier's, 40, King-Hrceti arrives onWednefdajr,' 

and departs fame day. 
Tu'-bolion, at \-.iUer's, Klng-Hreet; arrives and departs on Tuefday, 
Thornhill, it Millers, Kiug-ftreet, on ihurfday, once a fortnightj' 

and at Mrs. Johnfton's, High-ureet; arrive on Wednefday, and 

depart on Tliurfday. 
IVhithiirriy at Fulton's, Spoutmouth, and at Miller's, 40, King ilr€et| 

arrive and depart on Friday, onct; a v/eek. • 
IVifiaiv, at Rcid*.=!, St. Andrews lane, once a "we.k'. 

[ 136 

^^^:■.:.v.L^,. i.:^. £Zr;:-^Gt;iS-HING FIRE. 

Kfv to be loui.d in t atricii. : ixuai .i, .j,lu.:,;r, Uid Graaimar 

School Wynd 
Ho. B- Stands clcie by the Potiio Market; Key to be found wjr.hi 

Ed;vardDoi;gi,:s, ; " <, I ron^^atc, and u\ the Clerks' Chamber. 
No- C. ocii'od'^ clc.''; by the Poti.'io- Market; K-.y *o be iound la the 

hou'lit; of ii:or„.,iS i'l-nd;:^, ll,j c; , IxlI-Ih .^ManJ, Sakinarket. 
'Ne, D ttands (d-de by the died r'.,ari,c :' o.;;.i r>_d-iLivi;c; Key 

10 b? found la rhe hcaJc of ^ '.cx;i-.)dr:t Vvdlioii, fl*tcr, 204, 

Nc E Stc-nds cledc by the Patafo-A d.vket; .Key to be found with 

f^ua:.s Scn^n.ei'-dic, E-.dv\Vyi-.d. , 
Kc- F otc.?ids clok I'V ;Ue j. ^tatj-AJarkec ; Ilcy to be found with 

rd .-Uid l)ouid.:S;. I 4, i longvXii, where keys :my be had for 

?C)ur Lr :^t C dies for urppiying th- Enj^ines with water, iland at 
ihc 'b^yCi.L En' ot' the Wynd Chureh: Keys to be h;uud as above. 

•Glifojo.v Firi hifuranee Coinpau) '_■, iiijc^ines, Hand in ciois, 116, 
I'roii^r-tc, F.eyi to hf foimd \s i^h VV. Wdlibu, -.06, George-ilrcft, 
in the i'o'ice Offu:e, 'he i^ire OiU'.e, and in tht^ Police iiox, at the 
Lead cd die Old V. ynd. 

MciUagers of ihe 'POLICE of the City of Glasgoiv. 

THE Lord Provofl, three Baiiiies, Dean of Guilci and Deacon 
Convener fx ojjicio, and twenty-ifuir Commifiionors, chofen by Inhab- 
jcants pcirefTing hoid'es ol /," 1 c . year iy rent and upwards, i" he I'unds 
for dtirayinj^ the Lxpencc to be rar'ed in the following manner. 

iyhi annual ajft-jfrncnt net 
At 4]. and under 61. lie. h:);i^ yearly, - /;d. per pound flerling, 
Ax. 61. and uuder Tol. do. - 6d. do. 

Ax. loL ?.nd under 15I. do. - 9d. do. 

Asd at liLitcrling yea'-lyor iiwwnrds, ; izd. do. 

The Civy is divided i'l*.:. c-.v. ,r' / rmjr W^rds, or Diflr.ds; under 
t/.e inipedioii of twent;. ' ''^I'l C u-^iid; jiiers, chufen ',!'5:)u the Hrlt 
Monday of .September ■^; ./i >!!; I'lr. VVaher Gr.^^;3rt^5 Madcr of 
Police, i$ Oiliccr", 3 ci =.-l7 ..,',: a.e Coallabies; 74 Wacchmeii, 
ai:d l4ScaveiJticrs. 


A. Conftib'" v.'f^h fc j: of :h;; above Officers attend regulsrly 
at the Police Ot£cw, 5* ■cTcie,-i-^;s, to c.dl ti'.e rnli of tbe Wat.dunen, 
iiriif jn hovr f^-'fc c t?.':'^ their tlatioji^^ ajid aiark fuch 

[ 1S7 ] 

as- a"-" Pthfev.t. The CoiiftjMc and Ofticers are t..^ :'^' ' ; .; 
p?,t"s:!e the Itrcets rjitil between two and rhrec in the . , ■, -^ 

ur io;ig: r if neccirary; to < bfcrvc if the V/Mtchrntin artdoin. ■.-;,,r 
duty; CO api-rchcud vagrant^-; an4 dilordci'l^' pu'rlorr^r, and to ^ive, 
Jn writing, a itpf>rt <.£ the T.vhol« -cr.ini.iiiLijns, in the iTiorniri"-^ to 
the'-L'r of i\j;u-r.. 

The Watch-rien Lire tr. he on their refpeilivc Stations, in tlr 
Dio'.itiis ol' April to tieptfr.ilie-i' incluiive, at lo o'chick at v.l^rht. u.iid 
cc-ntinue till 5 in the nioniiiig; and vn tlie luourhs of Odloher ts- 
M.-jrch 9. o'clock at ni^lit, and coniiuue until 6 in the 

fff of tlh IVjyk b.-Jino; ohia;n, 

.'J a corniilcta Copy if th, 

r.,i,ibjr.ri-y tu, borfe., Jl:._pi, Izf c 

■ IvAi'H Hi Clly^'n A'^--. 

hi 'i ,-»..y r,ii !)■■ urt Uliu.ctphil. 

U' a iilii^un lo I'/'^ei ■■ , ...j 

f..Kt cf nij'oi )}' itirin and iuvl'ou t 

•hi i!ih.:l)iiants. 

■16,G3. h. 

THE l.nrd Provod and Pvlngiflratcs havin;^ givrn orders ih^t ail 
the ii. afe-, (hops, warfh..!.i;cs, ZA\a tujfrs, <.r >A.c^ entries within 
tile C)ty liialP e iiunrl.LM-cd with ii-ures paict^d oa th-j dno'-? or 
other C"i)i';iicuoiis parts iherco!'; ap.d the njnu' af euch Itreet Ihail 
he painted on the Ci-r-'^-r h-Ju'Vs, '^iiid h.avin;^ rcLuticd the ex cirion 
of it to the Bo.ird of Cuiniiiilli iirt.-s iiad.-r riic Police A-il, iutiaia- 
tion isdicrcny given, th^.t auy pcif 'n who firah wdfuiiy deface any 
of ti^ei'i- luimbt) s or riames of ^ti-c;cts, -vvhtn pr,ii,tt'd, fnalj, for every 
fuch clfeiice, foileit a iuin nor above 40>. nor uiui-r 10-. Srciim'f 
and, ill furnre,,in all new pointings of ftiop doors, &c. where 3 tem- 
porary dif-^fhig vi the number may be u;ia-/o;dab:e, tile oct.uoier 
wiL be cHrci'vilto repiac*; c'-.c oriuiiial nurab.r en a couhjicu^tis njrt 
and in a fitnirr eafily h'.',ible, wiihm the I'oace nf i(r:c\ days after hav- 
)n<j hc^n fo di iatc^cernf;, hij^^ to tbofe \vi;o rtfufc or nej.);l£d to do 
io, if rheir doors be Without number for above 10 day-, that they 
are Uable in the i'lm? penahies as thofe are, who vvdiiihy. deface 
nuniler^, as nitiuioncd above. See A linttilfi/mit pub'ijhed m pjl 
the Cnhf^iv Nnv/p:!ier,^ an J p:JieJ arl p,t up on ike rnoji cofjpi.uuus 
part.! (if th-i ('lij, .:atcd 2Glb Api .1.^ 1802. 

'fhc fhl!ovvir.g- 1.S the ydaii .f,^ pred !;y the B^ard of Pohce in con- 
Icciuence of the above remit iVoaa the Ma,j;i;::r:jtcs. 

I. 'i'lic n: rvie of e\e'y btrcet i;, painted on fcach of the two Cor- 
ner lioufcs, at c.u;heiid of it, and, alio on each vJoraier-Iiutife where 
it crofieb npy other Street. - 

II. livery Struct has a frt of numbers for iiftlf, heoriunincr -.♦ No. i 
£nd ^oing-on progrtfuvely to ti.c f.rcateil Nu iiber contained in it! 

Hi. Every hrout-door in the Gr; nnd ft, and every intervening 
Cl( fb or iintry, has ?. progreflive Number-, for ex-,niple, No, ij be- 
ing a Shop or iioufc, a Clofs or Entry coa;:xng r.e>;t, is l\Jo..2 'and 
a Shop next again, is No. 3, and lo on. 

IV. The- No. I, in ea,h Street, is put on the fir a Fron^ door on 
the left- hand fiJc, und contmuinjj en that liuc v/itii th.c iNhaxibcrfe 

[ 138. ] 

progreffively, to fhe extremity; it crniTes over to the o^^pofite fide, 
and the following Number is pairted on the firft Front-door there, 
continuing the prrvgreffion to rhe end onpofite to which it began, 

V A* a Groun(l-fi«t pre'ently entered to by only one Front door, 
may be alcred into Shops, &c. lo ?.' to have two or more Front- 
doors, ?.nd therebv occ<:l\on an alteration in the numbers; sr> order 
to guard ?.gainft this, where any fuch h'.nfe occu-^s, as mnny Num- 
bers are omitted as it may be thought this houfe may produce of 
additional Front-doors. If rhe Houfe is fifty fett long, three Num- 
bers are omitte'; if forty fi.--et }ong, two Numbers; and, »f thirty 
feet ion"", one Number. For esmiple, if fuch a houft; fills to be No. 
50 and if fifty f-'ft long, the one Door that is in it, is painted No. 
ao, and the Numhrrs it, tl, and 23, are omitted; ('ut, i-"^ the 
houfe has no Front-door, hut enters by a Clofs belonging to the :id- 
ioininii; Tenement, tiieii !So. zc, is a'fo oriiitted) and thenext door 
©r Clofs is painted No. aa: hut this rule is confined to Streets 
where there is a probability of fucji alterations taking place, 

VI. As in feveral of the New Streets vacant Grounds occur, a rule 
fimilar to the laft is ohferved; that is hy omitting four Numbers 
for cv^ry fiftv feet of vacant Gi ou xi, and fo in proportion for a Icfs 
quantity of Ground. 

VII Every C'ofs or other Et/.ry, has wiithin it a frt of Numherj 
for iffelf, begiiininj? at i<o. I, and going on progiefiTivcrly to rhe 
greateft Number cont.iined in it.. For example, a CTbfi. whatever 
its Street iiumber m.ay be, the firft Houfe, Warehoufc, &r. within, 
en the left-hand fide, is p-iiiiicd No. I; the next No. 7, and fo on to 
the head of the Clofs; then croffing, it returr-s go the rigrht-hand 
fide, back to the Clofs: but where it harpens that a Ctof-^ has no 
H« ufes on the left-hand fide, then the No. i. is painted on the Door 
that is fartheft up in the Clofs on the right-hnnd fidej and where 
a S'. air-cafe contains more p-ijITcfrions than one, after tiae Numbers 
I, t and fo on, have been painted on the feveral Doors, whatever 
Number it contains inwhole, is painted in abridgment on the Lin- 
tel or f.ntiy to it. For example, if it contans fivt Numbers with» 
in, ♦here is punted on the Lintel or moil confpicuous part of the 
Entry into it, No. i.„to 5. 

VIU. I'he blanks left by omJ'tino- Nnmbere, as in Claufes V. 
and VI. it is probable, wiU be found fufficient for a'l adrIitio-;al 
Front-doors, Ahich may for a lont; time be produce^!. Bur, if it 
fliall happen that a Fr(>nt-door is produced, for wh^clj no Number 
has been left, fuch Door is to be painted v/ith an intermediote 
Number. For example, if this Do')r comes imme^'iate'y hetwcea 
No, ic, and 21, it i^ to be painted No. \-. to fignify, thi>,t it is the 
IcccndfwfTeffijn of this Nupber. 

This rule will eafily apply to pofTefTions divided within ClofTc.^ 
&c. and is greatly prefenable. 6n many accounts, tn r^ny attempt fo 
reeulatje, by ne-wpninting, the whole Numbers in a Street, or in a 
CiV.fs. .■ . , . 

If the Inhabitants are attentive to keep up their N;>mhers in a 
legible ftate, at^ree?.bly-to the above, it will be eafv for the Ptibliflier 
ol this Woik to give the ihcrteft and at Lme tiaie tlie '.noft accu- 

[ 1-S9 ] 

rate olreclion to their lo(Iging<i, even where tKefe arc within ClefTefl, 
•by in'.erting the name, Street rumber, ?nd interior number, all in 
a line, K. G. J'^'hn Brown, No. ai, ii, High-ftrcet; that is, in 
Llols, No. i2, and No II, within' th t Clofs. And they will obt 
ferve, that if thty luiFer their Nurobeis to be obliterated, and do 
not JnmeUJately replace them, thjy incur penalties. 


BitLS, PROMissony Notes, ^ffe. on Demand or after Date, 
For . . . £2 and not esxeeding;^5 : 5 . . .One Shilling. 

Above £5 : 5 ditto .30 One and Sixpence. 

Above 30 ditto 50 Tv/o Shillings. 

Above SO ditto . 100 Three Shillings. 

Above 100 ditto 200 Four Shillings. 

Above 200 ditto -j^. • • • 500 Five Shillings. 

Above 500 ditto .'t^. . 1000 Seven and Sixpence, 

Above 1000 Ten Shillings. 

N B- For jC2 and not above J(^5 : 5s.. EightpcBce if on demand. 


For any Sum not exceeding £l00 ... One Shilling. 

Above ;Cl^O and not exceeding SOO . . . 'IVo Shillmgg. 

Above 200 ditto 500 . . . Three Shillings. 

Above 500 ditto 1000 . . . Four Shillings. • 

Abcve 1000 Five Shillings. 

Every Bill of each Set, is chargeable with the refpeaiv* Duties. 


For jC-2 and under IOjC- • • • 2^- 

For 10 20 ^rd 

For 20 50 . . . .. 8d. 

For 50 100 ... Js 

For;^ lOOandunderSOO;^. .. Ts. 

For 200 500 3s. 

For 500and upwards, .... 5s. 
In full pf all demands, .... 58. 

Tke RecefLer 0/ the Money to pay the Stamp. 

^Pr«mium not exceeding £10 . . . Fourteen Shillings. 
Above Xlt> and under 20 . . . One Pound Nine ShUHngs. 

20 50 ... 1 wo Pounds Nine Shillings. 

50 ........ 100 .. . Four Pounds Nineteen Shil. 

Agreesnents t6»— ^AwariU sjjs. — Bitls of Lading 3&— .debentures 4s Protefts ja. 

Sum Kot exceeding . . . j^lOO . . . Nineteen Shillings, 
Above >C !00 and under SC6 . . . One Pound Nine thilh'ngat 

300 500 . . . One Pound Nineteen ShiL 

5C0 ICOO . . . Two Pounds Nineteen Shil. 

' 1000 £000 . . . Three Pounds Nineteen SMI. 

iSO&O ,,, .^000 .... four i^ounds Nincteea Sbii. 


d^.ati of A<-"-\-:: .:^j:li io have Soldiers B 'dieted on the Gc£tifieri„ 

All tindi-r Z.3 ex.'mpied ajtoa^thcr. 
Jt Z.'^ anJ tiva'er X.J . . 2 SMieK.tfjr I Wcel, cr, Is. C'ch. 

5 lo . . a — - — - 2 a do. 

10 15 • . a 3 ■ 3 rfo- 

15 . 20.. a 4 4 do. 

20 3,0 .. 2 5 5 do. 

30 40 , . a • 6 ■■ ■ ■- 6 do. 

40 JO . . a — 7 7 do. 

JO and upwards . . 2 - ■• — ' 8 — — • 8 do. 

No h^Tifes tQ. be Biil«t<'d unon a fecond time, tl'lthe v.-hqlo 
'f-Ioufes In tiie Oity liable, fhall bave been regularly g'^ne Q,ver. 

The Public are Yjquested^ytiSS^emovals take place, 
er Change of Partners y i^c. to leave notice thereof at , 
the Shop of ^/t^P lib lis hers y on ojihefore the 1st of June ^ '^ 
in ofljder that they may be inserted in their proper pi-act 
in the ne ^jl-gJlt i hw. 

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1*rint«d by «ivcn,- Kapler ^Khull, Tfongats, Cksjow. 

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