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^fje JHitcijell Hihxavp i, 

1 Jfounbeb 1874. i 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 





^c. ^c. ^c. 

Alfo, a Liil of the 












From JULT 1806, to FEBRUARY 18b3» 





t TABLE OF AI «0I> fMENTS, &c 

Fyom July 1806, till February I'soa 

August i8o6. 
.?rid. I 8 15 az 49 
Satur. a 9 16 23 30 
Sun, 3 10 17 <S4 31 
Mod. 4 II 18 45 
Tuef. 5 la 19 26 
Wdd. 6 13 20 1^ 
Thurf. 7 14 31 z8 

Mon. I 8 IS 24 Z9 
Tuef. a 9 16 43 30 
"Wed. 3 10 17 24 
Thurf. 411 r8 45 
yrid. 5 14 19 46 
Satur. 6 13 40 27 
Sun. 7 14 41 48 

Wed. I 8 15 44 49 
Thurf. 4 9 16 43 30 
Trid. 3 10 17 44 31 
S?.ttir. 4 II 18 45 
Sun. 5 14 19 46 
Mon. 6 13 20 47 
Tuef. 7 14 41 a8 

Satur. I 8 15 44 49 
Sun. a 9 16 33 30 
3VIon. 3 10 17 44 
Tuef. 4 II 18 25 
"Wed. 5 14 19 46 
Thurf. 6 13 40 27 
Prid. 7 14.41 28 

Mon. I 8 15 24 29 
Tuef. a 9 16 a3 30 
Wed. 3 IQ i'7 44 31 
Thurf. 4 n 18 45 
Frid. 5 la 19 a6 
Satur. 6 13 ao 37. 
Sun. 7 14 21 28 
January iSoJf. 
Thurf. I 8 15 14 29 
Prid. a 9 16 a3 30 
Satur. 3 10 17 44 Si- 
Sun. 4 II i§ 45 
Mon. 5 14 19 46 
Tuef. 6 13 10 a? 
Wed. 7 14 21 48 

February i8o7. 
un. I 8 15 4a 
Mon. a 9 16 a3 
uef. s 10 17 a4 
Wed. 4 II 18 a5 
rhurf 5 I a 19 46 
Frid, 6 13 20 27 
Satur. 7 14 21 a.8 

Sun. 1 8 15 aa 49 
Mob. a 9 16 43 30 
Tuef. 3 10 17 24 31 
Wed. 4 II 18 45 
Ihurf. 5 12 19 26 
Frid. 6 13 20 27 
Satur. 7 14 a I a 8 

Wed, I 8 15 aa 29 
Thurf. a 9 16 43 30 
Frid. 3 10 17 24 
Sa'ur. 4 II 18 25 
Sun. 5 la 19 26 
Mon, 6 13 20 47 
Tuef. 7 14 41 a8 

Frid. 3 8 15 aa 49 
Satur. a 9 16 a3 30 
Sun. 3 10 17 44 31 
Mon. 4 II 18 45 
Tuef 5 12 19 26 
Wed. 6 13 40 47 
f hurf. 7 14 21 28 

Mon. I 8 15 22 29 
Tuef. 2916 a3 30 
Wed. 3 10 17 24 
Thurf. 4 II 18 25 
Frid. 5 12 19 a6 
Satur. 6 13 20 27 
Sun. 7 14 41 a8 

Wed. I 8 15 aa 29 
Thurf. a 9 16 23 30 
Frid. 3 10 17 44 31 
Satur. 4 II 18 45 
Sun. 5 14 19 26 
Mon. 6 13 40 47 
Tuef. 7 14 SI a8 

August i2o% 
Satur. I 8 15 aa 19 
Sun. a 9 16 23 30 
Mon. 3 JO 17 44 31 
Tuef. 4 II 18 25 
Wed. 5 12 19 26 
Thurf. 6 13 20 27 
Prici. 7 14 ai ag 


Tuef. I 8152429 

Wed. a 9 16 23 30 


3 10 17 a4 

Frid. 4 II 18 a5 
Satur. 5 la 19 a6 
Sun. 6 13 ao a7 
Mon. 7 14 21 a8 

rhurf. I 8 15 aa 29 
Frid. a 9 16 a3 30 
Satur. 3 10 17 24 31 
Sun. 4 II 18 a5 
Mon. 5 la 19 a6 
Tuef. 6 13 20 27 
Wed. 7 14 21 aS 

Sun. I 8 15 aa 29 
Mon. 2 9 16 23 30 
Tuef. 3 10 17 24 
Wed. 4 II i8 45 
Thurf. 5 la 19 a6 
Frid. 6 13 ao 27 
Satur. 7 14 ai 28 

Tuef, I 8 15 a a 49 
Wed. a 9 16 a3 30 
Thurf. 3, 10 17 a4 31 
Frid. 4 II 18 2$ 
Satur. 5 14 19 a6 
Sun. 6 13 40 47 
Mon. 7 14 ai 48 
January 1808. 
Frid. I 8 15 44 49JAitl 
Satur. a 9 16 43 30 Aj(i 
Sun. 3 10 17 44 31 
Mon. 4 II 18 a5 
Tuef. 5 14 19 46 I 
j Wed. 6 13 40 47 ' 
I Thurf. 7 14 %i a? , 

TV . 



Adam, John, watchmaker, 50, Hlgh-flreet 
Adam', J. Prince of Wales' tavern, 33, Brunfwlck-ftr. 
Adam, M. EnglKh teacher, 402, Galiowgate 
Adam, Alexander, meal-feller, 65f Bridgegate 
Adam, David, grocer, 26, John-flreet 
Adam, Jofeph, tambourer, 3, Prince's-flreet 
Adamfon, Frederick, manufa£l, 74-, Glafbford-flreet 
Adamfon, John, mercht. 53, Virginia-ftreeti houfe, 

Aikenhead, James, baker, 49, Argyll-flreet 
Aikman, Rob. fpirit-dealer, Gibfon-ftr. Gallowgate 
Ainflie, William, foap and candle (liop, Gorbals 
Aird, Wm. faddler, Argyll-ftreet, corner of Virginia- 

ftreet^ houfe, corner of Dunlop-llreet 
Aird, Robert, faddler, Main-llreet, Gorbals 
Aird, Hugh, gluemaker, Bridgegate 
A.itchefon, William, writer, 78, Trongate*, houfe, 12 

Carlton Place 
Aitchefon, John, yarn warehoufe, 22, Virginia-ftr, 
A.itchefon & Smith, manufadurers, at the Crofs 
\itchefon, Bafil, joiner, head of Johh-ilreet, and IG, 

\itken, James, tailor, 39. Prince's ftreet 
^itken & Campbell, filk- mercers, &c. 38, Trongate 
\itken, William, cloth and furnilhing (hop, 39, do. 

lodgings, 115, Stockweli 
Vitken, James, £din. & Leith carrier, 33, Candlersggs 
'Vitken, John, & Co. tobacconifts, 123, High-ftreet 

AIT [ 6 ] ALL 

Aitken, J. hofier, S2, Wilfon-ftreet 
Aitken, James, flioe (hop, 181, Saltmarket 
Aiton, John, tailor, 112, Saltmarket 
Alexander, John, combmaker, Tontine clofs 
Alexander, James, warehoufeman, 62, Trongate; 

houfe, 55, St. Andrew's fquare 
Alexander, F. oil and colourman, 8, Argyll-ftreet 
Alexander, John, merchant, Horn's court 
Alexander, major John, barrack-mafter, at Mrs. 

Alexander's, 12, George's fquare 
Alexander, R. F. & Co. merchants, 23, George's-fqr. 
Alexander, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 89, Gallowj^ate 
Alexander & Milliken, flocking manufa£trs. 33, do. 
Alexander, James, grocer,^"220, High-ftreet 
Alexander, Robert, tobacconift, 20, do. 
Alexander, James, jun. grocer, 59, Trongate 
Alexander, Robert, merchant, 12, Candleriggs 
Alexander, Andrew, grocer, 126, Bridgegate 
Algie, Charles, Englifh, French, Latin, and Greek 

Academy, 421, Gallowgate 
Allan, David, fen. & Co. hofiers, 55, St. A. fquare 
Allan, Alex, jun^ & Co. Hocking manufac''^ 44, do» 
Allan, Mrs. James, haberdafher, 81, Bell-ftreet 
Allan, James, baker, 57, do. 

Allan, Thomas, vintner, 421, Gallowgate 
Allan, John, fmithi 23, John-ftreet 
Allan & Coats, yarn fhop, 79, High-ftreet 
Allan, Pvobert, ham fhop, 242, do. 
Allan, Charles, fpirit-dealer, 12, do. 
Allan, Wm. & Co. manufadurers, 5, Saltmarket 
Allan, Thomas, joiner, 92, do. 

Allan, Robert, joiner, Carapbell-flreet 
AiVan, William, manu'^a6lurer, 85, Candleriggs 
Allan, William, fpirit-dealer, 20, do. 

ALL [ *^ ] . AN]^ 

Allan, John, fpirlt-Healer, &c. 75, Glafsf 
Allan, Williaai, ipirit-dealer, 61, Bridgej o 
AUifon, David, teacher of Latin, Public ■ nni'»? 

School, 95, John (Ircet 
A lliron,' Thomas, flioe (hop, 35, Trongate 
Alfton^ell and Hervey, filk warehoufem .., r31, o-. 
Alfton, John, caihier, Thiftle Bank, Io^--:t, 56, 

Alfton, George, & Co. infurance-brokers - ^ee 

Alfton, John, ot" Wefterton, Oarltcn Place 
Aiilo/i, Thos Si, Son, manufadturerst 55^ St. A. fqr. 
Alfton, "William, merchant, Reid'^ land, Argyll-itr. 
Anderfon, James, jun. do. 14<, Trongate - .. 
Anderfon, John, & Co. do. Si, do, ^^ 
Anderfony Janies, fen. d'o. 15^ do. '' , -^ 

Anderfon J John, jun do. 15, do. *'^'^' 

Anderfon, Robert, writer, VValiace-court, Bel^^ftreefe 
Anderfon, Alexander, manufacturer, 31, do. 
Anderf^ii's Iniiitution, Lec'^ure rgom, S, johft-ftreet 
Anderfon, Bannatyne ^ Co. iTi?xn\iiM/^.^v<.-^uii'^ 19, 
Hutchelcm-ftr. coiinthig-houfe,;.JH^laf|tord-ftr^ 
Anderfon, James, tailor, 43; Prina 
Anderfon, Thomas, glazier, 122, Gl 
Anderifon, Matthew, baker, 219^, 
Anderfon, Andrew, at , Lidde) & Co's, Starling far« 
Anderfon, William, furgeon, 137, Stockwe] 
Anderfon, George, grocer, 135, do. 

Anderfon, A.lian, fpirit-deaier, 151, do* 
Anderfon, D. darnafk, diaper, and plain iir 
11, Tarbert-'ftreet, Deanlide 
■"Anderfon, R^obert, fpirir-dealer, IO73 ^n 

Anderfon, J. i^ealer' in farmtiive, II, 
■ Anderfon, John, b.iker, Greerx-flreet, C^ 
" Anderion, Thoj-'a-, vi-.tacr, ?8, H^^^h IL.^ 

AND p,M^% ] ART 

I, John, fpkit-deiiler, 4-62, Gallowgate 
a, John, rcedmaker, 442, do, 

II, Robert, jointr, 77, do. 
n, John, brickmaker, eaft end of dq. 

n, James, fen. do. Camlachie ' 

. rfjn, William, tanner, Old Vennai 

uideil'm, John, writer, Biackftock's laUd, 83, Saltm, 
AncUn >n5 James, portcr-houfe, 20, do. 

)n, William, fmith, 51, do. 

.'-.1 /, James, fpirit-dealer, 55^ Candleriggs 
Andrew, David, Shoemaker, 145, Gallowgate 
Angus, Archibald, meal-dealer. Great Dovehill 
Angus, Wm. teacher of Engliih, 74, Glafsford-ftr. 
Angus, Ja^ manufa6lurer, Sidney-court, Argyil-ftr> 
Apothecaries' Hall, Wilfon's court, 27, do, 
Arbuckle, James, & Co. 31, Hutchefon-flreet 
Archibald, R. h Co. bakers, Ingram- ilreet 
Armour, 'Johns fen. tailor, head of the Old-Wynd 
Armour, John, tailor, 459, Gallowgate 
Armour, Robert, haberdafiier, 116, Trongate 
Arneil, J bakctr, G, Siockwell 

Arneil, J. ifeuttlemaker, 23, & 24, Claythorn-ftreet 
Arnot, Alexander,lodging, Carfewell'scourtjGeo -ftr* 
Arnot, Thomas, manufa6lurer, 7, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Arnot,^eter, B cot ch cloth merchant, 10, Gallowgate 

Arrottf Cftlin & Co. merchants, 127, Trongate^ 
hoiife, Clyde Buildings 

Arthur, / rchibald, manufacturer, Charlotte-lane 
s. i.r, V, illiam, tailor, 302, High-ftreet 

Arthur, James, vintner, 5(>, do. 

Arihu^. Rob. & Jn. manufactrs. 51, Hutchefon-ftro 
leale & Co. 51, do. 

iiiUiUr-, rurnbuii tk Ramiay, linen printers colour- 
iBakeivv £1, Hutchefon-llreet 

ART [ 9 ] ' B 

^rtliur, Williano, manufadlurer, 29, St. / 
Arthur, Tho. & Rob.mariufa£lurers,32, Biuniv. 
Arthur, John, cooper, MaxweJl-ltreet 
Atwell, Wm. bafket-maker, 70, King-ftr^c t 
Atkinfon, Thos. currier, 32, do. 
Aflembly Rooms, 51, Ingram-llreet 
Auchre, Ure & Co. merchants, Poft-office court 
Auchinclofs, Mrs. fpirit-dealer, 81, John-ilreet 
Auchinclofs, William, at William Taylor & Co*s. 
Auchinvole & Cuthbertfon, ironmongers, 26, GaJ- 

Auld, Hugh, ironmonger, 429, Gallowgate 
Auld, Robert, agent, 78, Brunfwick-llreet 
Auld, William, hairdrefler, 25, Argyil-ftreet 
Auftin & M<Aflan, nurfery-men, 114, Trongate 
Auilin, George, merchant, 63, Hutchefon-ilreet 
Auilin, Mifs, raantua-maker, 93, riongate 
Ayieward, Michael, vintner, 312, High-itfeet 


Baillie, Robert, merchant, 15, St Andre w*s fquare; 

houfe 34, Kent-ftreet 
Baillie, Mift, milliner, 3, Wilfon-ftreet 
Baillie, William, manufad^urer, 459, Gallowgate 
Baillie, J. victualler, 91, Candleriggs 
Bain, Jofeph, mail-coach office, lb4, Trongate 
Bain, John, grocer, 103, King-ftreet 
Baird, James, o^l & colourman, 1 1, Brunfwick-flrect 
Baird, H. & R. engineers. Canal Old Bafon 
Baird, Andrew, fpirit- cellar, 31, New-wynd 
Baivd, John, fpirit-dealer, Main ftreet, Gc"'}'-^ ^ 

Band, John, iiioemaker, 6&, King-dreet 

BAI [ 10 ] BAN 

U (hoe (hop, Gibfon's land, 163, Saltciarket 
Baird, Thomas & Co. wine-meichants, and general 

agents, 23. Bell llreet 
Baird, Dr. Jo^n, 22/rrongate; houfe, 63, Charl.-ftr. 
Buird, Thomas* bleacher, P. Shaws, 6, Bell-itreet 
Baird, Thomas, merchant, 11, High-ftreet 
Balcanqual, William, cork-cutler, 35, Prince's llreet 
BaScanqual & Henderion, cork-cutters, King-ftreet 
Balcanqual, Robert, do. 88, do. 

Bald, William, fpirit-fhop, 384', Gallowgate 
Bald, Peter & ^^on, dryiaiterK, 18, St. Andrew's lane 
Bald, Andrew, furveyor of taxes, 18, do. do. 
Balderfton, William, baker, 43, High-ftreet 
Bdlfour, William, lott.^ry office, 123, Nelfoii-ftreeti 

houfe, 36-: Frederick-ftreet 
Balfour, Rev. Dr. Robert, North Hanover-ftreet 
Ballantine, William, (hoe-lhop, 34, Prince's ftreet 
Ballaniine, John, fhoe (hop, 61, do. 

BalUntine, Jn. copper and tin-fmith, 404, Gallowgate 
Ballantine, Wingate & Scouller, calico printers, 12",, 

St. Andrew's fquare 
Ballantine, John, Ipirit-dealer, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Ballantine, Alex leather* cutter, 80, New-Wynd 
Ballantine, George, fpirit dealer, 240, High-ftreet 
Ballantine, Andrew, manufacSlurer, 72, Beli-ftreet 
Ba Ham tine, Robert, faddler, 19, ^\rgy]l-ftreet 
Bailingal, Andrew, writer, 39, Glafsiord ftreet; lodg- 
ing, 52, John-ftreet 
Ballingail, Wm. merchant, lodging, 52^ John-ftveet 
Ball'nffall, J. at Henry Glafsford's, Virginia-ftreet 
Balmanno, Dr. John, head of Montrofe-itreet 
liahrFatlno, druggiil, .30, Trongate 
Bank oi' ocotlaiid, .23, Queen- ilreet 

BAN [. '^^ 1 BII. 

Banks, Wm. teacher of EngHfli, S3, Glafsford-ftr. 
Bannatyne, D. lodging, Carlton place 
Bannatynes & More, merchants, 87, Glafsford-ftreet 
Bannatyne, Arch. manufa£turer, 60, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Bannerman & Auftin, manufacturers, 5, Sahmarket 
Bannerman, John, joiner, 283, High-ftreet 
Bannerman, William, paper-feiier, 47, Beil-ftreet 
Barbour, Humphry, merchant, 30, Candleriggs 
Barclay, John, tailor, Poft-office court 
Barclay, John, foap and candle {hop, 93, Glafsford-ftr« 
Barclay & Smith, manufafturers, 18, High-ftreet 
Barony Seflion Clerk's office, 19, St. Andw. fquare 
Barr, Robert, manutadlurer, 84, King-ftreet 
Barr, John, manufacturer, 28, High-ftreet 
Barr, David, manufacturer, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Barrie, Archibald, grocer, 1 1 3, Rottenrow 
Barrie, George, joiner, &c. 139, Saltmarket 
Barnhill, James, & Co. tanners, Lancelield 
Bartholomew, John, manufacturer, 19, St. And. ftr. 
Barton, Benjamin, Commiflary Clerk, 177, Trongate 
Barton, James, perfumer, &c. 108, George-ftreet 
Baxter, Andrew, ftone-ware fhop, 56, King-ftreet 
Baxter, J. & Co. Italian warehoufe, 102, Candleriggs 
Bayne, John, manufacSlurer, 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Bayne, Archibald, agent, 94, Candleriggs 
Begerney, Warender, beadle, \6, New-Wynd 
Beith, Archibald, fhoe (hop, 3, Stockwell 
Beifh, James, beadle, 135, Saltmarket 
Beith, James, umbrella-maker, 5, Wilfon-ftreet 
Beith, William, at John Hamilton's, 78, Trongate 
Bell & M*Callum, ironmongers, 6, High-ftr^-^ 
Bell, John, lire brickmaker, Barrack-ftr. Galiowgatc 
Bell, Rob. brickmaker & builder, do. do. 

Beil ik J aekfon, ironmongers, '59^ c]c. 

BEL [ 1^ ] BIR 

Beil, Waiter, woollcn-drapcr;, !73, Trcngate 

Bell, Henry, architedl, 14i2, do. 

Bell, John, merchant, S 7, do. 

Bel!, James, agent, .St. AndreV s fquare, eaft-fide 

Belt, Mrs. dealer in filk and woriled, 633, Argyll-itr. 

Bell, Robert, lodging, Mrs. Bell's, 47, do. 

Bell, Hector, fpirit-dealer, 23, King-ftreet 

Beii, George, copperfmith, 69, Saltmarket 

Bell, Richard, & Co. fugar-refiners, 125, Stockweli 

Bell, James, merchant, 122, do. 

Bell, William, do. do. 

Bell, John, infurance-broker. Tontine buildings 

Bel!, Ballingall & Co. merchants, 26, Brunfwick-ftr. 

Bell, James, njerchant, 26, do. 

Bell & Son, printers, Trades' land, at the Crofs 

Bell, James, maltman, at the Calton Crofs 

Bennet, John, writer. Pro. Fifcal, City Clerks'Chamb. 

Bennet, William, & Co. infurance- brokers, 187, 

Bennie, John, baker, Anderfton 
Bennie, Wm. manufr. Bilhop ftreet, do. 
Bennie, John, grocer, 211, George-ftreet 
Bennie, John, keeper of Gorbals Toll-bar 
Bennie, Andrew, 29, Bell-ftreet 
Berry, John, baker, 114, Saltmarket 
Berry, John, merchant, 34, Milier-dreet 
Berwick Old Shipping Company, 132, Trcngate 
Berwick New Shipping Company, St. Andrew's fq. 
Beveridge, Thomas, brickmaker, Great Dovehiil 
Bewley, Thomfon, Ovington, & Co. 5, Cochraae-ftr. 
Binnie, John, joiner, &c. Jamaica- (treet 
Btggart, B manufacSiurer, Cochrane- (treet 

- Tiyre, A. & Co. merchants, 76, FlutcheCon (Ir, 
^hamj R, vintner, l::f>y, S'aUmi.irki't 

BIR [ 13 ] BL < 

Birrell, Alexander, leather-cutter, 37, Princ vU- 
Bifliop, William, reedmaker, 449, Gallow^ 
Bilfland, Alex, dealer in old books, 98, Hit m 
Bilton, John, tobacconift, 60, Trongate 
Black, John, & Co. calico-printers, Buchanan's court, 

Black, John, merchant, lodging, Jamaica-flreet 
Black, James, merchant, lodging, 25, George's fqr. 
Black, James, & Co. merchants, 54, Miller-ftreet 
Black, Ifabella, muflin and linen (liop, 78, Bell-ftr. 
Black, Alexander, manufadurer, 36, Gailowgate 
Black, Robert, vintner, 30, do. 

Black, James, vintner, 459, do. 

Black, Mrs. David, fpirit dealer, 124, do. 
Black, Dav. tobacconift, 38, do. houfe, 37, Charl-ftr. 
Black, David, ]un. grocer, 16, King-ftreet 
Black & M«Creadie, fpirit (hop, 55, High-ftreet 
Black, Thomas, & Co card fadory, 3, Bridgegate 
Blackburn, W. & Co. manufadurers, 12, Wilfon-ftr. 
Blackwood, John, tambourer, 12, do. 

Blackwood, Andrew, houfe, 24, Charlotte-ftreet 
Blaikie, Francis, general broker, and agent for Edin- 
burgh and lieith Shipping Company, Poft-Office 
Court, Trongate 
Blair, Robert, grocer, &c. 312, Gallowgate 
Blair, George, writer, 15, do. 

Blair, Walter, grocer, 1, Bridgegate 
Blair & Morifon, calemirers, 46, High-ftreet 
Blair, Alexander, trunkmaker, 3, Montrofe-ftreet 
Blair, Wallace & Co. yarn-merchants, 10, Wilfon«ftr. 
Blair, Robert, merchant, 55 ^ Charlotte-ftreet • 
Blair, James, baker, Main-ftreet, Calton 
Blair, John, & Co. hofiers, 85, Candleriggs 
Blair, John, vintner, 54, do, 


LA [ I'l^ ] BOV/" 

z:;. avid, manufr. hoyfe, 16. George's fquare 

Bi . rchibald, japanner, 9, ArgylUftrset 
' ■'•, J ohn, horfeietrer, 9, Stockweil 
-, John, jun. baker, Gorbals 
Blair, j\imes, manufadurer, 87, Saltmarket 
Blair, Wiliiam, grocer, 85, Glafsford-ilreet 
Blair, William^ mannfaclurer, 58^ Bell-flreet 
Bhir^ John, diantre-keeper, New-Wynd 
Blantyre Yarn Wiirehoufe, Charlotte-lane 
Blelhcii, John, timber-yard, 64, Bridgejjate 
Blyth & Lochore's boot and (hoe iliop, 92, Trongate 
Bogle, James, merchant, lodging, 69, Jamalca-ftreet 
Bogle, Arch ib?il<i, agent for the Imperial fire-oftice, 
60, Hutchefon-ftreet; k)dgiiig> 1, George's fquar« 
Eogle & Hamilton, manufrs. GO, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Bogle, Wm. poftmaPiier, lodging, 7, St. Enoch's fq. 
Bogle, George, merchant, 69, Jamaica-ftreet 
Bogle, Robert, jun. mercliant, 10, Queen- flreet 
Bogle, Hugh, do. 10, , do. 

Bogle, Allan, do. 10, do. 

Bogle, Andrew, do. 10, do. 

Bogle, Williani, writer, 302, High-flreet 
Bogl«„ James, do. 6, St. And. ane, Gallowgate 

Bone, David, grocer, 296, High-dreet 
Bonner, Jamea, bee-mafter and heney-merchant, 

NewVennal, High-fireet 
Bontrohn, Alexander, fmith, 9, Virginia- ft reet 
Borland, Robert, fpirit-dealer, Broomielaw 
Bowman & Smith, lock-fmiths, 97, High-ftreet 
Bowie, A. brufnmaker, 42, Galiowgate 
Bowie, John, grocer, 79, Havannah-ftreet 
Bowie, Robert, tailor, 134, Saltmarket 
Bowie, William, fmith, 33, Galiowgate ^ 
Bowie, Alexander, audioneer, 25, do. 

BOW [ 15 ] BRO 

Boyd, James, teacher, 80, Brunfwick-rtrcet 
Boyd, Geor<^e, manufacturer, 11, High-drcct 
Boyd, A. baker, 10, Frederick-hne 
"Boyd, John, fpmt-deAlQr,.BroomieIaw 
Boyd, John, fpirit-deaier, Queen -ftreet 
Boyd, Robert, merch-^nt, lodging, Greenher^d 
Boyd, Wm. te.^and fpirk-dealt-ir, Hofp.-itr. Hutch/r. 
Boyd's Pailty (hop, 28, Prince's itreet 
Boyd, James, bofier and glover, 109, Trongare 
Boyd, John, tdilor, S3, do. 

Boyle, V/iiliam, hatmaker, Tridc!^' \-j.rA, ^.t the CroCs 
Bradfute & Fleming, man.ufrs. 06, Glail^,ford-rtreet 
Brand, William, dyer, Oacen-ilreet 
Brafli, Robert, tea-merchant, Mitchell-ftreet 
Brain, John, arcbite6l:, 121, Brldgegate 
Brafli Sc Reid, bookfellers & ftationers, 170, Trongate 
Brebner, G. manufadurer, 49, Canon-ftreet 
Bredie, William, manirfadurer, 20, G?dio\vgat.e 
Bremner, Walt, joiner and trunkmaker, 68, Bell- dr. 
Brichen, Wm. baker, 391, Gallowgate 
Briibane, Walter, 8, G^^rthland-ftreet 
Broadie, Rev. John, lodgin^^, Cumberland buildings 
Broadie,D-. gardener, Grahamfton 
Broadly, A. tailor, 25f>, High-ftreet 
Brock & Fergufon, tailors, 108, Saltmarket 
Brock, John & Walter, msnufadt. 46, Candleriggs 
Brock, Robert, grocer, &c. 87, Argyll-ftreet 
Brock, J. & A. cotton-fpinners, Moodie's Wynd 
Brocket, And. mafon, Robertfon's-ftr. Anderfton walk 
Broom, William, mafon, Hanover-lane, Frederick-ftr, 
Broom, Ja«ies, teacher, Charlotte- lane 
Brotherfton, Mifs. board ing-fchool, Morifon's court 
Brown, Carrick, & Co. manufaCl. 149, MorUrofe-ftr» 
Brown, Dr» Thpp^as, 21, GlaCaford-ftreet 

BRO C 16 ] BRO 

Brown, Rdbert, at J. & A. Dennlftoun's, North 

Albion-ftreetj houfe, upper John-ftreet 
Brown, John, merchant, 56, Queen-ftreet 
Brown, Buchanan & Co. vinegar-maker$, Ruther- 

glen Bridge 
Brown, Js. & Jn. oil and colourmen, 103, TrongaJ:e 
Brown, George, & Co merchants, 13, do. 
Brown, William, feedsman, 84-, do. 

Brown, John, writer, 177, do. 

Brown, James, & Co. grocers, 151, do. - 

Brown, Robt. wig-maker, i>ldn-cy-coiirt, Argyll-ili?. 
Brown, Mifs C. dreft-maker^ do. do. 

Brown, Mrs. lets lodging?, 47, do. 

Brown, John, wright, foot of St. Enoch's fquare 
Brown & Coleman, manufacturers, 28, Glafsford-fcr^ 
Brown, Charles, faddle-tree rivetter, 151, Stockwell 
Brown, Allan, & Co. wine and rpirit-cellars, 30, do. 
Brown, John, vintner & au^tion^er, 168, Saltmarket 
Brown, John, mefTenger, 173, do. 

Brown, William, tailor, 63, do. 

Brown, Hugh, ftocking-mantifa£t. 74-, King-ftreet . 
Brown, Mrs. band-box- maker, 97, do. 

Brown, Rt. manufa61urer, lodging, 120, George C:r. 
Brown, Jn, youngeft, merch. do. 120, do. 
Brown, ts'icol^merch. lodging, aboveBrown & Carrick's 
Brown, R-obert, jun. merchant, 45, Virginia- ilreet 
Brown, Lilburn & Co. upholflerers, Poft-office court 
Brown & Co. tanners, Old Vennal 
Brown, Matthew, manufacSl. 82, Stirling- ftreet 
Brown, John, dyer. Great Dovehill 
Brown, John,^ at P. Carnegie & Co's, wine merchts. 
Brown, William, haberdafher, 81, Bell-ftreet 
Brown, John, grain-merchants, Alfton-ftrcet • 
BroM-n, John, joiner, Craignellock. 

BRO [ 17 ] BRU 

Brown, John, Scotch cloth fiicp, 319, High-ftroet 
Brown, Js. niufic and toy (hop, 1 14, do. 
. Brown, Peter, baker, 301, do. 

Brown, John, haberdafner, 131, do. 

Brown, S. & M. ftiroudmakers, 62, do. 
Brown, Mrs. H. dyer, 297, do. 

Brown, J. & N. manufa£larers, 46f do. 
Brown, William, grocer, 260, do. 

Brown, John, baker, 241, do. 

Brown, George, candle fliop, 82, Gallowgate 
Brown, Robert, fpirit & porter cellar, 65, do. 
Brown, John, fpirit flicp, 332, do. 

Brown, J. & Co. grocers, 62, do. 

Brown, Robert, vintner, 82, do. 

Brown, Mrs. A. grocer, S49, do. 

Brown, Jn. weaving- utenfil-maker, Gibfon-ftreet, do. 
Brown, F. vintner, Nile-flreet 
Brown, V/illiam, dyer, Spoutnncuth 
Brown, John, baker, 129, Bridgegate 
Brown, John, pencil-maker, Port-Dundas 
Brown, Edward, & Co. tinfmiths, 78, Hutchefon-ftr» 
Brown, James, manufr. Bifliop-ilreet, Anderfton 
Brown, John, jun. rnerch. 12, Buchanan-ftr. W. fide 
Brown, William, manufadurer, Kent-ftreet 
Brown, James, auctioneer, 1, New-wynd 
Browning, Robert, (hoe fliop, 32, PrinceVftreet 
Brownlie, Robert, joinerj Double-dykes, Calton 
Brownlle, W. & D. bookfellers, Poft-ofEce court 
Brownlie, J. mclTenger, 10, Bridgegate 
Brownlie, Thomas, do. 10, do. 

Brownlie, Alex, woollen-draper, 31, Gallowgate 
Brownlie, Thomas, merchant, 1, St. And. lane 
Bruce, Thomas, agent, 57, Candleriggs 
Bruce, Mrs. J. grocer, 285, High-ilreet 

BRU [ 18 ] BUC 

Bmnton, Alexander, faddler, 26, Argyli-ftreet 
Brundrett, Wm. fpirit-dealer, Back-wyiid 
Bryce, James, ham and cheefe fliop, 67, King-dreet 
Bryce, Alex. & Co. linen-priaters, 50, St. A. fquare 
Eryce, John, fpirit-dealer, 399, Gnllowgate 
Eryce & Heggie, brafs-founders, Mitchell-ilreet 
Brydon, And. mercht. Parlc-houfe, 309, Duke-ftreef: 
Brydfon, William, & Co. rape and muflin manu- 
facturers, 66i Hutchefon-ilreet 
Bryfon, Peter, grocer, 41, Argyil-flreet 
Bryfon, James, hatmaker, 166, Trongate 
Bryfon, David, manufaclurer, 297, Kigh-ftreet 
Buchanan, J. jun. & Co. cloth fli op, 165, Trongate 
Buchanan, J. Son, & Co. Rocking fliop, 48, do. 
Buchanan, John, jun. fun fire, and lottery office, do. 

houfe, York-ftreet 
Buchanan, James, & Co. hatters, 4, St. Andrew's fqr* 
Buchanan, John & Geo. merchts, 6, St. Enoch's fqr^ 
Buchanan, And. of Ardinconnel, lodg. 74, Ingram ftr. 
Buchanan, James, wooden diili fiiop, 47, Prince's-ftr» 
Buchanan, -John, wright and fhuttlemaker Camp- 

Buchanan, James, Thomas Hopkirk & Co. calico- 
printers, 26, Montrofe- ftreet 
Buchanan, Steven & Co. merchants, 30, Candleriggs 
Buchanan, George, & Co. calendrers, S3, do. 
Buchanan, A. & D. manufacturers, 8, St. And. fqr. 
fiuchanan, Ad. manufr. 6, St. And. lane, Gallowgate 
Buchanan, John, fpirit-dealer, 110, do. 

Buchanan, Alexander, ele£trlcian, 38, High-ftreet 
Buchanan, George, fpirit-dealer, 37, do. 
Buchanan, John, grocer, 286, do. 

Buchanan, J. High Church beadle, 1 8, Drygate-iane 
Buchanan, D. fpirit-dealer, 39, Jamaica-ftreet - 

BUG [ 19 ] BUR 

Buchanan, John, fpirit-dealer, Broomielaw 
Buchanan, James, grocer, Tradeflown 
Buchanan, J & J. fpirit cellars, 10, Prince's -ftreet 
Buchanan, Miffes, milliners, 9, Virginia-ltreet 
Buchanan, Alex, manufadurer, 29, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Buchanan, John, horfefetter, 4, Bel!-(lreet 
Buchanan, James, merchant. Tontine buildings 
Buchanan, Mifs, milliner, &c. 70, Glafoford-flreet 
Buchanan, John, of Ardoch, lodging, St. Vincent-ftr. 
Buchanan, Peter, manufadurer, 71, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Buchanan, Wiliiam, painter, 70, do. 

Buchanan, R. merchant, Union Place 
Buchanan, James, tertius, 1 1, Cochrane-flreet 
Buchanan & Co. manufadlurers, 32, Stockweli 
Buchanan, J. & G. cotton-brokerb, 32, do. 
Buchan & Grieve, upholfterers, 2, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Buchan & Gray, manufad. 23, St. AndrewVlbeet 
Buckie, James, groc€;r, 202, High-ftreet 
BuUochj John, grocer, 61, Argyll-ftreet 
Burges, "Daniel, at Carron warehoufe, 30, Queen-ftr* 
Burn, Ceorge, coach office, 639, ArgylUftreet 
Burnet, Archibald, grocer, 135, High-ftreet 
Burnet, Alex, accountant, 101, Candleriggs 
Burnet & Dow, brulhmakers, 15, Gallowgate 
Burnie, Jofeph, merchant, Finniefton 
Burns & Ruilel, furgeons, 92, Candleriggs 
Burns, Rev. John, lodging. Barony Glebe 
Burns, J. furgeon, 13, South Hanover ftreet, (hop, 

83, Trongate; ledure room, 29, Virginia ftreet 
Burns 5 James, joiner^ head of Buchanan-ftr. houfe, 

Morifon's court 
Burns, John, manufadurer, Urygate, fouth fide 
Burnfide, John, merchant, 56, CharJotte-ftreet 
Burnfide, Jamesj merchant; 64, Hutchefon*.ftreet 

BUR L 20 ] ' CAM 

Burton, David, hairdreffer, 58, Glafsford-ftreet 
Bute, William, wright and architect, Tradeftown 
Byers, Rich, manufacturer, 67, Brunfwick-ftreet 

Caddel, William, hairdrefTcr, 91, Bridgegate 
Caddel, William, tailor, 23, King-ftreet 
Cain & Hyde, merchantSj 312, High-ftreet 
CairnSi Robert, cork- cutter, 105, King-ftreet 
Calder, James, merchant, 2, George's fqr. weft fide 
Calder, Wm. mercantile academy, 102, Trongate 
Calder, Benjamin, tailor, 177, do. 

Calderhead, William, Charlotte-ftreet 
Caldwell, D. ftabler, Shut-Wynd 
Caldwell, John, grocer, 272, High-ftreet 
Cameron, Alexander, tailor, Poft-office Court 
Cameron, Thomas, reedmaker, 8, Gallowgate 
Cameron, William, merchant, lodging, Kent-ftreet 
Cameron, Ewin, houfe, St. Andrew's fquare 
Cameron, John, bookbinder, 38, High-ftreet 
Cameron, John^ grocer, 246, do. 
Cameron, Duncan, fpirit- dealer, 64, Candleriggs 
Cameron, J. tailor, 2, King-ftreet 
Campbell, Arch. & Co. merchants, 42, Virginia-ftr. 
Campbell, Archibald, 51, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Campbell Rivers & Co. Tontine back-buildings 
Campbell, Colin, agent and fplrit-dealer, Broomielaw 
Campbelly Daniel, ftrong beer houfe, do. 

Campbell, John, fen. & Co. 4, Buchanan-ftreet 
Campbell, Alexander, merciiant, at do. 
Campbell, John, fen. lodging, 6.5, do. 
Campbell, John, fhoe-fhop, 4), Prlnce's-ftreet 

)Ilc. !Y!I ' u;,LLi. lJt)KAKY 

CAM [ 21 ] CAM 

Campbell, A. D. mercht. at R. Muirheid & Go's 
Campbell, Peter, & Co. manufaas. 72, Bell-ftreet 
Campbell, James, & Co. faddlers, 62, Argyll-ftreet 
Campbell, Wm. fpirit-dealer and grocer, 629, do. 
Campbell, Char, mercht. Buchanan^s Court, 38, do, 
Campbell, David, baker, 33, Jobn-ftreet 
Campbell, Andrew; houfe, 29, St. Andrew's fqasre 
Campbell, Andw. & Co. manufa6lur«rs, do. dy^- 

works, Greenhead 
Campbell, Finlay, lets lodgings, at the Crdfs 
Campbell, Archibald, reedmaker, Old Gram. School 
Campbell, M. furniture warehoufe, 2'29, Saitmarket 
Campbell, D. dryfalter, 35, do. 

Campbell, James, fpirit (hop, 146, do. 

Campbell, Archibald, (hoe Ihop, 160, do, 
Campbell, James, merchant. Little Dovehill, 
Campbell, George, merchant, 59, Queen- (Ireet 
Campbell, Alex, writer. Pavement clofs, 22,Trongatc; 

houfe, Sidjiey-court, Argyll-ftreet 
Campbell, A. & Co. bakers, 30, Bridgegate 
Campbell, Wm. fpirit-dealer, 94-, do. 
Campbells, Dale & Co. inkle- work, Inkle-faftory-lane^ 

entry by North Albion-ftreet and Shuttle-ftreet 
Campbell, Peter, vintner, 294-, High-llreet 
Campbeil, Finlay Sc Co. woollen-drapers, 328, do. 
Campbell, Colin, & Co. manuf''^ 54?, Hutchefon-ftr„ 
Campbell, A. foap and candlemakers, Gorbals 
Campbell, Grant & Co. dyers, Anderllon; ware- 

houfe, 41, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Campbell, Colin, merchant, houfe, 49, Virginia- ft reet 
Campbell, Peter, auctioneer, Nile-ftreet 
Campbell, Daniel, lirong-beer-houfe, Broomiel^w 
Campbell, William, manufa«9:urer, Gibfon-ftreet 
Campbell, Duncan, grocer, &c. S3, New Vennal 

CAM [ 22 3 CAR 

Campbell & M*DougaH, grocers, 15, King-ftreet 
Campbell, Robert, tea fbop, 88, Glafsford-ltreet 
Campbell, Duncan, grocer, 304<, Gallowgate 
Campbell, John, ftabler, 343, do. 

Campbell, James, baker, 172, Trongate 
Campbell, P. clerk, at Chamberlain's office, 106, do. 
CandliOi, Mrs. board ing-fchool, 21, Charlotte-ftrefet ^ 
Carmichaers lodgings. College Buildings 
Carmichael, Mrs. vintner, 19, Trongate 
Carmichael, R. flater, 356, Gallowgate 
Carmichael, Hugh, haberdafher, 46, King-ftreet 
Carmichael & Fotheringham, joiners, Gorbals 
Carnegie, John, merchant, 77, King-ftreet 
Carnegie, Patrick, & Co. wine-merchts. 10,Oueen-ftr. 
Carnegie, Patrick, lodging, 684, Argyil-ftreet 
Cairnie, Robert, calico-printer, at T. Shiels & Co*$- 
Cairnie, Charles, do. ' do. 

Cairnie, John, & Co. diilillers, Tobago ft r. Calton 
Carrick, Robert, cafhier, Ship Bank; lodging, above 

640, Argyil-ftreet 
Carrick, Alex, writer, 48, Miller-ftreet 
Carrick and Jamiefon, yarn merchts. 6, St. A. fquare 
Carrick & Anderfon, manufrs. St. And. fqr. N. fide 
Carrick, M. tea-dealer, 256, High-ftreet 
Carron Warehoufe, 23, weft fide of Queen ftreet 
Carron Shipping Company, ^3y do. 

Carlaw, A. milliner, 118, Argyil-ftreet 
Garfe, lames, b>iker, 620, do. 

Caifsj Robert, tinfmith, 40, do. 

Cari'^, John, (pirit- dealer, 69, Stockwell 
Carfewell, Wm. & Js. uphold erers, 7, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Carfewell, Wm. & is. joiners, 213, George-ftreet 
Carf'vvell, James, cloth fbop, 466, Gallowgnte 
Carl wf 11, Robert, fp hit- dealer, 18, New Vennal . 

CAS [23 ] CLA 

CafTils, David, fpirit cellars. Sooth Albion-flreet 
Caffils, Wra. & Co, do. 58, High-ftreet 
Caflils, Kobert, confectioner, 24, Glaffford-ftreet 
CafLls, William, dyer, Durnfide lane, New Vennai 
Cater, John, 8teven?s, agent, 23, King-ftreet 
Catrine Spinning Co. Snmith's court, Candleriggs 
Caufer, Edward, Veterinary furgeon, at Mrs. Scot's, 

58, Glafsford-flreet 
Caw, J. N. & S. merchants, 52, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Chadwick, John, &;Co. cotton- fpinnei's, Mile-end 
Chambers, James, cloth fl^op, 5, Trongate 
Chalmers & Lindores, fmiths, Gorbals 
Chalmers, John, grocer, 2^, Canon-ftreet 
.Chalmers, John, llater^ 37, Stockwell 
Chapman, George, at Francis Blaikie's 
Chapman, John, fpirit-dealeri 64, Jamaica-flreei: 
Chapman, Robert, printer, 1 01, Candleriggs 
Chapman, James, teacher, 83, Hutchefon-llreet 
Chapman, V/illiam, joiner, 94, High-ilreet. 
Charity, Mrs. mid'^:ifej B4, Bridgegate 
Charles, J o.hnj.& Co. cioth-fhop, 1, Trongate- 
Chifliolm & Davie, haberdafcers, 143, do. 
Chifholm, J. & W. clothiers, 134, do. 
Chilholm, A. vintner, 65y do. 

Chriftie, Thomas, painter, 23, Stockwell 
Chriftle & Fouler, turners, Gibfon-ftr. Gallowgate 
Chriftie, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 157, do. 

CSriftie, John, hairdreffer, 158, Trongate 
Ghriitie, Wm^. muftcal indrument-maker, 164, do. 
Chriftie, John, joiner^ Craigneftcek 
Chriftie & Stewart, agents^ and foi^eign brokers, 6^^ 
- Wilion-ftreet 

Clark, John, painter, 449, Gallowgate 
Clark Sc M.*GowDj tallorsj 4S^ Jtor.gz%it 

CLA [24 ]• COG 

Clark, Robert, fpirit cellar, 88, Gandleriggs 
Clark, A. furgeor>,Ji8, High-ftreet 
Clark & M<Gilpj manufacturers, 3, Montrofe-ftr. 
Clark, A. & A. & Co. do 31, Bell-ftreet 
Clarke, John, writer, Galloway's court, Glafsford-ftr. 
Clark's eating-houfe, 57, Bridgegate . 
Clarke^ Mrs. grocer, 31, Wilfon-llreet 
Clarke, John, umbrella- maker, 57, do. 
Clarke's Academy, 19, PrinceVftreet 
CUlTon, Andrew, painter, 604, Argyll- ftreet 
Cleghorn, Dr. Lecturer in Chymiftry, College-ftreet 
Cleland, John, merchant, 120, Argyll-ftreet 
Cleland, James, lodging, 28, Virginia-ftreet 
Cleland, Barnes, writer, 421, Gailowgate 
Clothing Society's warehoufe, Main-ilr. Andcrfton 
Clow, James., (hoe-fliop, 51, Prince's ftieet 

Clugflon, , teacher, 19, St. Andrew's fquare 

Clyde Iron Wareho. Jamaica-ftr. Jof. Outram, manag* 
Clydefdale, William, fale-room, 168, Saltmarket 
Coals k Burnfide, manufacturers, S7, Bell-ftreet 
Coats, James, yarn-merchant, 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Coats, James, manufacturer, 79, Bell-ftreet 
Coats, Arch. 8i Wm. linen-manufrs. 37, Canon-ftr. 
Coats, John, do. 297, High-ftreet 

Coats, Andrew, brafs-foiinder, japan and clock-dial 

manufacturer, Muirhead-ftreet, Gorbals IBH 

Coats, auctioneer, 49, Wiifon-ftreet «f** 

Coats, Archibald, brafs and iron founder, &c. Sara- 
cen's lane, Gailowgate j- w'arehoufe, 598, Argyll-ftr. 
Cochrane, John, yarn warehoufe, 73, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Cochrane, Jn. jun. mefch. 17, Virginia-ftreetj houfe 

Sijtjney court 
Cochrane^ Thos. furgeon, AnderUon . 

coe [ 25 ] coK 

Cochrane, Mrs. muflin (hop, 118, Nelfon-ftreet 
Cochrane, Andrew, grocer, 630, Argyil-flreet 
Cochrane) John, meffenger at arms, 87, Saltmarkefe 
Cochrane, William, baker, 1G2, Gallowgate 
Cock, Th©mfon, & Co. merchants, 131, Trongate 
Coke, Thomas, taylor^ 62, do. 

Cockburn, William, vintner, 4*0, Eing-{lr«et 
Colon, George, Hope tavern, 13, do. 
Colquhoun, 8» auctioneer, Wilfon's land, Tradeftowa 
Colquhoun, M. grocer & joiner, 168, High-ftreet 
Colquhoun, Walter, 11, Miiler-ftreet 
Colquhoun, Jamesj fpirit- dealer, 57, Gallowgate 
Colquhoun, James, jun. 4*S7, do. 

Collier, Samuel, machine-maker, Miteheli-ltreet 
Cokill, Robert, bookbinder, Old-Wynd 
Colvill, Stephen, hairdrelTer, Sly Bell-ltreet 
Connel, D. & J. merchants, 25, Virginia-ftreet^ lodg- 
ing, St. Vincent-ftreet 
Connel, John, & Co. manufaftorei<s, 107, Nelfon-ftr. 
Connel, Thomas, & Co. hofiers, 94, Gandleriggs 
Connel, James, jun. linendraper, 133, Trongate 
Connoehie & Bontrohn, ironmongers, 1 6, Gallowgate: 
Cook, James, & Co. cotton- fpinner-s, Gorbais 
Cook, James, engineef, Tradeftown 
Cook & Camming, pattern-drawers, ^, PrinceVftr, 
Cook, D. ftccking-manufadtivrer, 256, High-ftreet 
per, W. & A. & Co. Ofuaburgh and flitching- 
bread warehoufe, SSj High-iireet 
oops^r, Samuel, do. do. do. 

Corbet, Cunningham,- merchant, 5, ^ueen-ftreet 
Corbet, RuiTel, & Co. do. 4, do. 

Corbet, W. Colle£lorofExGife-, lodging, 14,Miller-ftr, 
Corbet, colonel, James, 30, 8t. Enoch's fquare 
Corbet, Park oi Jiuuter, "wine & rum mereh. 5^ Prin. ft j?, 


COR [ 26 ] CRA 

Corbet, , furgeon, Gorbals 

C-.rbet, I), minutadurer, 6 Beil-ftreet 

Ci'ik Mr? . boarding and lodgings, 88, Hutchefon-ftr, 

Corkindale, Dr. J^mes, 150, Saltmarket; houfe, 15, 

St. And. fquare 
Corrie^ Wm. ijofier, 818, Gallowgate 
Coubrough, Archibald, bookfcller & ftationer, and 

circulating library, 24, High-ftreet 
Coulter, Samuel, tilemaker, Gallowgate toll 
Cruper, Dr prcfefTor of aftronomy, College 
Couper, William, furgeon, 64, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Couper, James, fpirit-dealer, and agent for Belfaft* 

Inverary, and Lochgilphead packets, Brobmiehw 
Couper, James, worded ihop, SO, Prince's ftreet 
Couper, Js. joiner and cabinet-maker, High-ftreet 
Couper, J. vintner, ]5, C^allowgate 
Gowan, John, & Co. brewers, Anderfton 
Cowan, Robert, furgeon, 12, Hutchefon-flreet, lodg- 
• ing, 125, John-ftreet 

Cowan,R.<Sfbons,meichts andGorn-fa£iors.Grahani{i-, 
Cowan, Gilbert, & Co. manufadirs. S9j St. And. fir- 
Cowan, Wm,. £i Son, feedfmen, 632, Argyll- ftreet 
Cowan, Alexander, at Woodlands, near Glafgow 
Cowan, John, corn-merchant, 42^ Duniop-ilreeS: 
Cowan, Alex, grocer, 251, tligh-ftreet 
Cowie, John, lock fmith, Little DovehiU 
Gr^bb, D clothier, i41, Saltmarket , .^ 

Craig, J & W. plumbers, 94, Stockwell ? 

Craig, James, manufa£iurer, 9, St. And. fquare 
Cratg, W. & J. & Co. timber- mer<:hants, J ackfon-ftr; 
Craig, John, merchant. 52, Charlotre-ilreet 
Crai,,, Robert, corn merchant. 63S, ArgyU-Iireet 
Crait{, Roert. jun. 633, do. 

Grc^ig, R. &; A. loap and eandi-e o&ce, II, Sttockw.^ 

CRA [ 27 ] CRO 

Craig, J. Jamiefon, Shetland hofier, 312, High-ftreet 
Craig, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 357, Gallowgate 
Craig, James, fpirit-dealer, Grahamftan 
Craig, John, fhoe and leather (hop, 1 4-3, Saltmarket 
Craig, James, do. do. 167, do. 

Craig, John, do. do. 169, do, 

Craig, Thomas, baker, 127, Drygate 
Craig, Alex, tailor, M'Nair's land, 92, King-ftreet 
Craig, James, tailor, 158, Trongate 
Craig, John, baker, 62, do. 
Craig, Geo. at Clyde Iron warehoufe 
Craig, James, Cowcaddens toll-keeper 
Craigie, Lawrence, calleOor of cefs, S, St. Enoch's 

fquare; counting-houfe, 10, Queen ftreet 
Craigie, Wm. vintner, 136, Trongate 
Crawford, George, writer, 79, Stirling-ftreet 
Crawford, David, merchant, 91, Glafsford-ftreet 
Crawford, Charles, hairdrefler, 1, Jamaica-ftreet 
Crawford, James, manufa<Sl:urer, 94<, Candleriggs 
Crawford, Adam, grocer, 68y Gallowgate 
Crawford, William, plafterer, 39, Saltmarket 
Crawford, W. meal-dealer, 3, Prince's ftreet 
Crawford, John, fpirit-dealer, 60, Bell-flreet 
Crawford, William, muflin agent, 54, do. 
Crawford, William, bruihmaker, 462, Gallowgate 
Cree, John, grocer and fpirit-dealer, 125, Trongate 
Crichton, Robt Sc Co coachmakers, Dunlop-ftreet 
Crichron, A. fmtth, Oid Vennal 
Crichton, J, chymical and phiiofophical inftrument- 

maker, Charlotte-ilrect 
Crlchton, Andrew, hatter, 15, Saltmarket 
Crichtov), David, mnnufatiurer, 29, Brunfwlck-flr. 
Crichton, J. maniifr. warehoufe, 29, Ingram- ftreet 
Croil, James, rrierchant, 7, Orunfwick-place 

CRO [ 28 3 CUR 

Crombie, James, & Co. manufadurers, Anderfton 
Crombie & Carnegie, cotton-fpin. Naflau-court, do. 
Crombie, Humphry, & Co. merchants, Union Place 

Crombie, , portrait-painter, 129, Saltmarket 

Crooks, Adam, at Leitch & Smith's, George-flreet 
Croom, William, merchant, 22, Trongate 
Crofs, William, 24, St. Enoch's fquare 
Crofs, Robert^ cotton-fpinner, Tradeftown 
Crofs, R. & R. manufa<3:urers, SO, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Crofs, Hugh, & Co. manufadturers, 29, do. 
"Crofs, John, & Co. Monklaml coal company's oiEce 
Crofs, Js. fpirit-cellars, 120, Bridgt. lodging, flat above 
Cruden, Ceorge & Co. yarn mercht. 54, Glafsford-fer. 
Crum, A. & I. print & muflinwareho. 20,St. A^. ftr. 
Crum, John, faddler, 72, Gailowgate 
Cubiei, Adam, pottery work, do. toll 
Culbertfon, D. grocer, 48, Gailowgate 
Culcreuch cotton yarn warehoufe, 50, Glafsford-ftr. 
CuUen, Robert, & Son, man^ifadurers, 58, Bell-ftr. 
Cullen, John, manufa6lurer, 75, Wilfon-ftreet 
Culien, Wm. grocer, 245, High-ftreet 
Cullen, Mrs. midwife, 1 17, Gallov/gat« 
Cumin, P. Profeffbr of Oriental languages. College 
Cumming, Js. wheelwright, Gibfon-llr. Gailowgate 
Gumming, M. & M. haberdafeers, 293, High-ltreet 
Cumming, J. mefienger at arms, 25S, do. 
Cumming^ Mrs. midwife, 104,. do- 

Cumming, John, & Co. haircloth work, Old Vennal 
Cumming, P. (hoe-iliop, 61, Trongate 
Cumming, Thos. fpirit dealer, ,&c. 11-9, Argyll-ftr. 
Cunningham, George, ihoe- (bop, 147, Trongate 
Cunningham, M. beef-ftcak-lioufe, 2 12, George-(lr» 
Cunningham & Watfoii, manuirs. 37, Beli-flrejft 
Curl, James, bulb tavern,, ISi, rxongate 

CUR . I 29 ] BAR 

Currie, William, timber-merchant, Graignedock, 

houfe, 10, George's fquare 
Currie, Daniel, grocer, 45, Argyll ftreet 
Currie, Thomas, infurance-broker, Dunbar's courts 

Trongate-,' houfe, 21, Glafsford-ilreet 
Currie, William, vintner, 139, Saltmarket 
Currie, Mrs. milliner & haberdafher, 71, Bell-ftreet 
Cuthbert, William, meal-feller, 63, do., 

CuthbertfonjWm.& Don. factors &accomptants, 9, do. 
Cuthbertfon & Syms, yarn-fhop, 9, do. 

Cuthbertfon, William, merchant, 129, George- ftreet 
Cuthbertfon, John, maltman and brewer, Calton 
Cuthbertfon, John, grocer, Gorbals 
Cuthii, Archibald, writer, and clerk to the lower 

ward Lieutenancy, 69, Glafsford-ilreet 


Dale, David, merchant, 40, St. Andrew's fquare; 
Dale, James, merchant; lodging, 95, High John-ftr. 
Dalgleifh, R. Falconer & Co. calico print. 44, Bell-ftr. 
DalgleiQi, William & lames, manufrs. 94,Candleriggs 
Dalgleifh, Rob. & Co. candie^fhop, S, Hutchefon-ftr. 

and 37, Argyll-ftreet 
Dalgleifh & Frame, calico printers, 27, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Dall, And. porter for the telegraph, 115, Trongate 
Dallas, Alexander, grocer, 1 15, Argyll-ftreet 
Dalmuir paper warehoufe, S2, Bell-ftreet 
D^'lfholm do. 75, do. 

Dalziel, Mrs. boarding-fchool, 22» Virginia-ftr. 
Dalziel, James, 18, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Darling, John, writer, 7, Brunfwick place; houfe, 

^, Graham's bwildings,' Georgt?-ftre,et 

DAS [ 30 ] DIG 

D*Afti, Alex. French, &c. teacher, at James Hun- 

ter*s» 27, Stockwell 
Davidfon, J. & G. baflcet-makers, ,414, Gallowgate 
Davldfon, William, tanner, Spoutmouth 
Davidfon, Thomas, manufafturer, 55^ St» And. fqr, 
Davidfon, Bryce, vintner, i lf5, Trongate 
Davidfon*s lodgings, George's fquare, fouth fide 
Davidfon, J. combmaker, 14, Gallowgate 
Davidfon, A. melTenger; office, 107, Bridgegate 
Davidfon, Alex. Oioemaker, Grabamfton 
Davidfon, David, foap and candlenaaker, Anderfton 
Davidfon, Alex, haberdaflier, 87j Trongate 
Dawfon, John & James, brafs-founders. Old Vennal 
Deacon, J. & Co. buttonmakers, 74, Wilfon-ftreet 
Deans, Wm. diftriti adjutant, Hutchefontown 
Dearie, Charles, engraver, 124, Trongate 
Dempfter, John, Adam's Court, Argyll-ftreet 
Dempiler, A. painter, 379, Gallowgate 
l)enholm, Js. landfcape painter, S<c. 3, Argyll-ftr. 
Denwat^, |. ham and fpirit ihop, 44, Prince's ftreet 
Denny, David, merchant, 13, Trongate; lodging, 62, 

Denniftoun^ Rob. merchant; lodging, Buchanan-ftr. 
DenniftcMin, George & Robert, &c Co. merchants. 

Tontine back buildings 
Dcnnifloun, Richard, merchant, 31, Miller-ftreet 
Denniftoun, I. & A. merchants, N. Albion- fireet 
Deuchrafs, J. au6licneer, comer of Prince's (Ireet 

and King-Hreet 
Dick, Rev. John, lodging, Nanh Hanover- fireet 
Dick, Richard, merchant, lodging, Great Rufel-flr. 
Dick, Andrew, tobacconift, Wallace's court, Bell-ftr- 
Dick, Patrick, manufaClurer, 62, do. 

I^C'k, Dou^iaSj mauufaifluTer, 124, Trongate 

Die [ Si ] DON 

Dick, James, baker, 334, Gallowgate 1 

Dick, William, grocer, 148, Sakmarket 

Dick, Robert, ironmonger, 1 35, Bridgegate 

Dick, Mrs. liiidwife, 100, George-ftreet 

Dick, James, merchant, 124, Trongate 

Dick, William, manufr. 21, St. Andrew's fquare 

Dick, James, baker, Grahamfton 

Dick, Jn.furgeon, 16, High-ilr; houfe, 74, King-ftr, 

Dickie, Rob. mercht. at R. White & Cv>'s5 houfe^ 

Sauchy-hall road 
Dickfon, James, tailor, 4.56^ Gallowgate 
Dickfon & Arnot, manufacturers, 40, Hutchefon-flr. 
Dickfon, James, i!0,- Gallowgate 
Dickfon, M4*'arlane, & Co. {biritccllars,20,Gallowg- 
Dickfon, John, thread-twiner, Blackfriars' wynd 
Dinwiddie & Paterfon, manufadurers, Montrofe-ftr- 
Dinning, John, wrher, 49, Milier-Rreet x 

Dixon, Adam, & Co. Smith's court, Candleriggs 
Dixon, Jitmes, fhoe-lhop, 162, Sakmarket 
Dobbie & Cowan, watchmakers, 304, High-ftreet 
Dobbie, 'John,. do, 276,. do. 

Dobbie, Peter, wigmaker, 69, dow 

Dobbie & Bulloch, cio:h mei"eh> 26 and 31, Trong- 
Dobbie, William, %irit-'deal£r, 108, Bridgegate 
Dobbie, James, fpirit-dealer,, 63, do. 
Dobbie, James, grocer, 67, do. 

Dollar & Lyle, manufrs. 297, Kigh-ftreet 
Donald, James, & Co,, brickmakers, CTallowgate toll" 
Donald, James^ Ihoemaker, College iieps 
Donald, John, painter, 257, High-ftreet 
Donald, Colin Dunlop, Mrs. Donald's, 44, Dunlop-^ftr.^ 
Donaldfon, James,, flater, 2, Hamilton-ftreet 
Donaldfon, R. groceir, 105, High-ftreet 
Bamldfoa^ Altx. mercht. 40^_ D*iJilop~llrc.e2r 

i)ON . [ S2 ] DRE 

Donaldfon, Andrew, fhuttle-maker, &c. 26, Ktrk- 

ftreet, Townhead _ . 
Donaldfon, J. & Co. yarn wsreho. 45, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Dcnaldfon, James, rr.erchant, 45, do. 

Donaldfon, James, vintner, 58, Maxwell- ftreet 
Dougal, Geotge, fhoe^fhop, 113, John ftreet 
Dougal, James, fen. & Co. viduallers, 76, Gallowg. 
Dougald, Andrew, meal-feller, Calton-mouth 
Douglas, John, writer, S2, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Douglas, John, 16, Miller-ftreet 
Douglas, George, baker, 144, Stockwell 
Douglas, George, plumber, Cochrane- ftreet 
Douglas, Campbell, fa6lorforL, Douglas, Jamaica- ftr. 
Douglas, Coc-k, & Co. cotton-fpinners, and machine- 
makers, Muiihead-ftreet, Gorbals 
Doughs, T. D hatmaker, 27, Glafsford-ftreet 
Douglas, Edward, Hater, 124, Trongate 
Dough's, John, gardener, Clyde terrace, Gorbals 
Doughs, James, corn-fa6ior, Grahamfton 
Doughs, Arch. & Co. bofiers, 29, Virginia- ftreet 
Douglas, A^rch. merchant, 29, do; 

Doughs, Archibald, glafs-cutter, 297, High-ftreet 
Dowhis iron warehoufe, South Albion-ftreet 
, Downie, John, dryfalter, 95, King-ftreet, and Melville 
place-, lodging, 8, Glafsford-ftreet 
Downie, Thos. fpirit-dealer, 295, High-ftreet 
Downie, D. ftioemaker, 103, George-ftreet , 
Downie, John, fmith and farrier, 382, Gallowgate 
Downie, William, do. do. Back-wynd 
Downie, M. do. Maln-ftreet, Gorbals 

Drew, William, woollen-draper, 9, Nelfon-ftreet 
Drew, William, tin phte-vrorker, 48, Wiifon-ftreet 
Drew, John, fpirit-dealer & horfe fetter, 71, Stockw. 
Drew, A makes burying crapes, 17, Trongate 

DRE' ■ [ 33 ] .DUN' 

Drew, John, meal- feller, 92, Bridgegate 
Drumrnond, J., foap and candle-maker, 55^ Saltm^ 
Drummond, James, turner, ' 66, High-ftree£ 

Drummond, J. & Co. Scotch cloth (hop, 306, do. 
Drummond, Alex, contrador for lighting lamps, of- 
fices Bell- ftr.'^ houfe, Adelphi-ftr. Hutchefontown 
Drummond, George,' baker, 124, George-itreet 
Drummond, Andrew, porter, 8, Gallowgate 
Dvyfflaie, John, grocer, 122, Trongate 
Dryfdale, John, baker> Calton-mouth 
Dudgeon, Wm. brickmaker. Hanging Shaw; ordei-s 
received at 81, Gallowgate, and 161, Stockwell , 
Dudgeon, R. accomptant, 81, Gallowgate 
Dudgeon, Mrs. fern (trefs, do.. do., 
Duff, P. dealer in furniture,. 89. Saltmarket 
Duff, Robert, manufacturer, 94, Candleriggs 
Dufour, Mr. French teacher, 14, liutchefon-ftreei 
Dumbarton Glafs-workCo. Morifon's court, Arg-ftr^ 
Dumbrec, Alexander, viduailer, 289, Gallowgate: 
Dun, William, watchmaker^ 165, Stockwell 
Dun, William, frame fmith, Calton 
Dun, John, grocer, Sec- 216, George-flreet 
Dun, John, fen. manufadurer, 8, Nelfon-ftreet" 
Dun, John, jun. do. 8, do. 

Dun, William, machine-maker, 75, John-ftreet 
Dun, John, manufafturer, Drygate, north fide 
Dunn, Jamtes, fifhing-tackle-maker, 88^ Trongate 
Dunn, David, tailor, New-v/ynd 
Duncan, G. ftioe fhop, 55, Trongate j houfe, Gorbal^- 
Duncan, John, baker, SO, Hutchefon-flreet 
Duncan, Andrew, fpirit-fhop, S2, Bridgegat€ 
Duncan, James, jun. bookfelier, 13, Saitmarket 
Duncan. Thos. printer, Gibfon's land, 159, do, 
Duncan, Robert, {hoe iliop, 158, do. 

DUN [ 34' ] DYK •" 

Duncan, J. £c H. manufadurers^ 127, Trongate 
Dancan, J. & A. bookfellers and llationers, 137, do, 
Buncaln, W. bookleller> 155, d ex 

Duncan, Andrew, baker, 86, do. 

Duncan, Thomas, manufafturer, 93, do. 

Duncan, Thomas, grocer, &c. 601^ Argyll- ftreet 
Duncan, William, writer, 6SJ, do. 

Duncan, John, jun. Wilfon's court, do- 
Duncan, George, aecomptant, 55, Queen-ftreefe 
Duncan & Gillies, hofiers, 9, High-ftreet 
Duncan, Alexander, baker, 239, do. 
Duncan, A. merehant-tailor, 4-9, Pi-ince's-ftreet?' 
Duncan, Gardner^ furveyor, Port-Dundas 
Duncan & Dick, 'manufa£lurers, 6, Beil-ftreet 
Duncanfon, J. glover, 112, Trongate 
Duncanfon, A. baker, 31, Glafsford-ilreet 
Dunlop, Robert, merchant, lodging, Si. Vincent-ftfc 
Duniop, Alexander, furgeon, 60, Oueen-ftreet 
Dunlop, William, do. 9, do. 
Dunlop, Hamilton & Co. linen- merchants and bleach- 
ers; warehoufe, Crawfurd's back land, 51, Beli-ftr. 
Dunlop, William, tailor, 177, Trongate 
Dunlop, James, 121, George-ftreet 
Dunlop, James, jun. infurance- broker, 17, Trongatej 

lodging* 12, Jamaica-ftreet 
Dunlop, John, baker, 36, Glafsford-flireet 
Dunlop, Robert, joiner, 268, High-ftreet 
Dunnet, Mrs. M. calendrer, 268, High-ftreet 
Buntocher Spinning Company, 75, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Durie, John, reedmaker, 507, High-ftreet 
DykeSj James, yarn (hop, 41-6, Galiowgate 


Eadie, William,. baker, 392, GaUowgate 
Eafon, Alfton & Co. Smith's court, "Candleriggs 
Eaflbn, James, fpirit-dealer, 5, Bridgegate 
Eafton, Robert, manufa6lurer, 7, S. Frederick-ftreet 
Eafton, James, manufadurer, 1 1 , Hutchefon-ftreet 
Eccles, Robert, & Co. merchants, 61, Buchanan-ftr. 
Edgar, J. & T. merchants, 3, Montrofe-ftreet 
-Edgar, Wm. cotton and woifted ftiop, 37, GaUowgate 
Edington,T. & Sons, Phoenix foundery, 52, Queen-fir. 
Edmond, J. paftry (hop, 17, Prince's ftreet 
Edmondfon, G. carver and gilder, 20, Glafsford-ftr. 

^i^dmonftone, James, fpirit-dealer, 18, Argyll-ftreet 

^ ' Elder, James, writer, 94, Candleriggs 
Eider, Mrs. midwife, 268, High-ftreet 
Elder & Strang, grocers, 609, Argyll-ftreet 
Elliot, James, vintner, 8, GaUowgate 
Ellis, R. yarn warehoufe, 43, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Ellis, Peter, yarn-ftarcher, Brownfield 
Emflie, Charles, do. 53, Trongate 
Erikine, J. & T. hatmakers, 24, Saltmarket 
Erikine, Robert, fpirit-dealer, Laigh Kirk clofs 
Ewiiig, Patrick, h Co. cloth (hop, 178, Trongate 
Ewing Maclae, Walter, of Cathkin, 73, Ingram-ftr. 
Ewing, James, merchant, 73, do. 

Ewing, James, ■& Co. merchants, 73, , do. 
Ewing, Greville, preacheri lodging, Carlton Place 
Ewing, Wihiam, lodging, 48, John-flreet 
Ewing, Alexander, grocer, 87, Hatchefon-ftreet 
Ewing, Alexander, of Baifoch, Broomielaw 
Ewing, Walter, houfe, 21, Charlotte -ftreet 
Ewing, John, grocer, 12^, Hjgh-ftreet 


..EWI . ., £56 ] -FER 

Ewhig, John, writer, 101, King-ftreefc 
Ewing, J. ilocking (liop, 1, Saltmarket 
Ewing, J. M. writer, at Graham and Mitchell's 
EwiDg & Co. calendrers, Smith's court, Candleriggs 

Fairlie, Mrs. James, trunkmaker, 302, Hlgh-fireet 
Fairlie, James, fpirit cellar, 102, King-ftreet 
Falconer, Thomas, viriter, 98, Trongate 
Falconer and Buchanan, manfaiElrs. 15, St. And, fqr. 
Falconer, Rev. John, lodging, 9, Virginia- ftreet 
Falconer, William, do. do. 

Farquhar, A. haberdaflier, 5S, Trongate 
Faulds, And. vintner, M'Nair's land, 92, King-ftreet 
Fenton, J. & P. damafk- weavers, 314-, G alio wgate 
Fergus, John, organill, teacher of inftrumental mufic, 

Morifori's court, Argyll-llreet 
'Fergus, J. grocers, 24, John-ftreet 
Ferg-us, Hugh, hofier, 455,-Galiowgate 
Fergus, Pettigrew, and Giliillan, 51, BelWlreet 
Fergufon, Wm. Scotch cloth lliop, 4, Gallowgate, 
Fergul^jn, Peter, (later, 459, do. 

Fergufon, James, joiner, S6, do. 

Fergufon &; Stewart, cloth (liop, 4^6 i^ do. 
.Fergufon, Wm yarn warehoufe, 459,^ do, 
Fergufon, Alexander, grocer, 624, ArgylUftreet 
Fergufon, James, cioth-meTchant, 10, Trongate 
FtTgufon, George, grain-dealer, 69, Bridgegate 
■Fergufon, D. grocer, 39, Iligh-ftreet 
Fergufon, Duncan, clothier, 39, Saltmarket 
'F'ergufon, John, Iklpper, York flreet 
■iFergufon, John, melTcnger at aimS; 26. Nelfon ftf. 

houfe, Kutherglen bridge - > 

FER C 37 ] FI^ 

Fergufon, Archibald, tailor, IG, Frederick- lane 
Fergufon, J. & Co. merchants, 127, John-ftreet 
Fergufon, Daniel, flioe-ftiop, 30, do. 
Fergufon, lames, do. 106, George-ftreet 
Ferrie, J. & Co. combmakers, 4t55, Gallowgate 
Ferrie, Rob. joiner, Graham's buildings, George- ft r^ 
Ferrie, Adam, manufr. 44', St. A. fciuare; houfe, 695, 

Ferrie, Richard, fpirit-dealer, 272, High-ftreet 
Ferrie, J. baker and fpirit-dealer, 38, King-ftreet 
Findlay, Dr. Robert, profeflbr of divinity. College 
Finlay, J. & Co. manufa<Elurers, 74*, Brunfwick-ftr, 
Finlay, Kirkman, merchant, St. Vincent-ftreet , 
Finlay, C. commercial academy, SO, Virginia* ftp. 
Finlay, Duncan, & Co. 45, Dunlop-ftreet 
Finlay, Alexander, carver and gilder, 1 44-, Trongate 
Finlay, Alexander, cloth- merchant, 4j do. 
Finlayfon, James, machine-mak^r, 32, Havannah-ftr^ 
Finlay fon, W. & I. manufaflurers, 31, BelUftreet 
Finnie, Mrs^ A^ tobacconift, 111, Bridgegate 
FiOier, Wm. pocket-book-maker, abow 59^ Trong^. 
Fifher Bi Pollock, manufrs. 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Fiftier & Loekhart, manufrs. 21, Glafsford-ftreet: 
Fifher, John, bookbinder, 76, Hutehefon-ftreet 
Fifher, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 64, King-ftreet 
Fiftier, Alexander, tobacconift,. 159^, StockwelL 
Fleming, W^mercht. Sawmill-field, by Port-Dimda*. 
Fleming,. Matdiew, agent for Falkirk. Union bank^,. 

66, Glafsford-ftr. lodging, S5, George-ftreet 
Fleming, Hugh, ju«. counting- houfe, 23, Bruxifwick^^ 

ftreeti lodging, 3, George's fqaare, weft fide 
Fleming, Ja. & Co. yarn meEchts.. 48^ Glaf^foid-ftr* 
Fleming, Jn^writer, 26, Neifon-ftreet, hoafe, 2i>dow 
Fleming, R. D. & Co. manuf-ars. S3, Ginakrig^ 

l^E - t S8 ] FRA 

Fleming, Robert, rnerchant, S6, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Fleming, B. manufr. 538, Argyll fir. and 29, do. 
Fleming, W. & R. hofiers, 628, ArgylLftreet 
Fleming, James, manufa6turer, 25, St. And.-ftreet 
Fleming, John, & Co. joiners, 92, Saltmarket 
Fleming, John, fmith and farrier, Neifon-ftreet 
Fleming, Pet. larid-furveyor, above 108, George- fir. 
Fletcher, Mifs, thread-maker, 213, do. 

Fletcher, Thomas, tailor, 73, Saltmarket 
Fiynn, John, paymafter for the weftern diilri<ft, 4, 

Clyde buildings 
Foote, David, plallerer, Gorbals 
Forbes, John, accomptant, 24, Brunfwlck-place 
Forbes, F. fpirit-dealer, 24-, Candleriggs 
Forgie, J. tobacconift, 10S> Gallowgate 
Forlong, William, merchant. North Hanover-dreet 
Forreft, William, -at R. F. Alexander & Go's 
Forreft, Robert, grocer, .332, Gallowgate 
Forrefterj D. vintner, 44-2, do. 
Forrefter, Robert, vvoollendraper, 130, Trong: 
Porrefter Wiliis^ & Co. hardware warehoufe, 169, do." 
Forrefter,, fpirit and ham (hop, 93, King itr, 
Fcrrefter, Robert, teacher of Englilh, Cochraiie-ftr. 
Forfter, & Corbet, manufacturers, 5, do. 

Fovfter, James, cork-cutter, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Forfyth, Robert, mefienger, 268, High--ftreet 
Forfyth, James, fpirit-dealer, 218, do. 
Forfyth, John, leather Ihop, 50, Prince's ikeetj houfe, 

39, Saltmarket 
Forfyth, John, joiner, &c. 74, Wilfon-ftreet 
Forfyth, John, fpirit dealer, 167, Trongate 
Fouiis, James, joiner, Gibfon-ftreet, Gallowgate 
Frame, James, do. do, do. 

Frame, Robert, cahco-printer, 79, BfiU-ftreet 

•FRA [39 J GAL 

Frafer, James, vintner, 164, Trongate 

Frafer, John, hair-cloth, manufr. 132, Stockwell 

Frafer, Alex, fpirit-dealer, i4<9> Gallowgate 

French, James,»{hawi-manufa6lr. 26, St. And. fqr. 

Freebairn, John, fpirit-dealer, Broomielaw 

Freeland, J. Sc Co. yarn warehoufe, 52, Vv^ilfon- ftr. 

Freeland, John, grocer, Bilmanno-ftreet 

Freer; Dr. Rob. profeilor of medicine. College-court 

Fryar, Thomas, brickmaker, Gallowgate toll 

Fullarton, Allan, meffenger, at J. M*Crone's, Hfgk- 

ftreet; houfe, Adelphi-ftreet, Hutchefontown 
Fullarton Coal-work Company, 78, Trongate 
Fulton, Wm. & Son, anchor-fmiths, and iron-foun- 
ders, Mitchell-ftreet 
Fulton, John, Fox tap-room, 312, High-ftreet 
Fulton, John, fpirit-dealer, 41, do. 
Fulton & Cook, manufa£lurers, High-ftr, Anderfton 
Fyffe, James, merchant, 18, Miller-ftreet 
Fyffe, P. reedmaker, 135, Saltmarket 
FyfFe, James, coal-agent, Broomielaw 
FyfFe, James, reedmaker, 442, Galiovvgate 


Gairdner, James, merchant, 2, George^s fquart 
Galbiaith, James^ fpirit-dealer, 1 3, High-fcreet 
Galbraith & Inglis; fingeing-houfe, John-ilreet 
Galbraiih, James, Sc Co. calendrers,25, Virginia-dr., 
Galbraith, James, copperfmith, 28, Bridgegate 
Galbraith, J. combmaker, 180, Saltmarket 
Galbraith, John, grocer, 420, Gallowgate 
Gsllaway, Jn, & Cha. corn-merchants, 102, Trong. 
Gale, R. mufic-feller and ftationer, 20, Bruufw.-llr, 
Galley, Andrew,- tailor, 27^ lohn.-'jlreet 

GAL I m 3 GAR 

Galleti, Anthony, carver and gilder, 10, Nelfon-ftr. 
Galloway & Wyld, Manchefter wareho. 34, Trong. 
Galloway, Henry, vintner, i54!, do. 

Galloway, James, writer, 52, Virginia-ftr^et 
Galloway, Robert, flour-merchant, Mitch«ll-ftreet 
Galloway, Rob. fpirit-dealer, 62, Argyll-ftreet 
Galloway, N. baker, 66, do. 

Galloway, Alexander, brewer, Moodie's wynd 
Galloway, William, manufaflurer, 9, John-ftrcet 
Galloway, Mrs. circulating library, 408, Gallowgate 
Galloway, Mifs, milliner, 408, do. 

Galloway, John, grocer, 100, do. ' 

'Galloway & Anderfon, joiners, 220, George-llreet 
Galloway, George, rufti and cane bottom chair ware- 

hoofe, 20, John-ftreet 
Gammel, John, tobacconift, 145, Saltmarket 
^Garden, Francis, mercht. lodging, weft fide, Geo. fqr. 
Gardner, John> fen. Young-ftreet, BelgraVe Place 
Gardner, John, fpirit cellar, 419, Gallowgatie 
Gardner, Mofes, furgeon^ 383, do. 

Gardner, £ph. tanner, at tlie New Glafgow tan-woilt 
Gardner, William, meflengeratarms, 94,Candleriggsi 

houfe, Crown-Ilreet, Mutchefontown 
Gardner, Mifs, milliner, Craig's land, 47, Argyll-ftr. 
-Gardner, Alexander, grocer, J 10, -do. 

Gardner, Thomas, tobacconiH:, 221, George-flreet 
GardnerjJohn, Star Inn, 57, Ingram-llreet 
Gardner, Andrew, manufr» Aiton-court,01d Vennal 
Gardner, John, & Co. ironmongers, 99^ Candleriggs 
<jardner, Mofes, hatmaker, i , Neifon-ftreet 
-Gardner, Wm. merchant, Inglis'Jand. St. Mungo-(br. 
^Gardner ,& Hutchifon, bookiellers, i48, Trongate 
Gardner, John, vintner, 169, do. 

!rGardner, J a;iies> Piiifley carrier, Back wynd 

GAR lit 2 GIB 

Gardner, John, furveyor for the city, 43, Bell-ftreet 
Gardner, J. & J- math. inft. makers, 43, do. 
Gardner, James, wright, Kirk-ftreet, Calton 
Gardner & M*Intyre, manufrs. 18, Brunfwick-ftrecf 
Gardner, James, vintner, 43, Prince's ftreet 
Gardner, C. wigmaker, 35, St. Andrew-ftreet 
Gardner, Wm. bowling-green inn, Townhead 
Gardner, James, wright, 316, oppofite the Barracks 
Gardner, George, fpirit-dealer, Calton-mouth 
Gay wood, George, hatmaker, 110, Nelfon-ftreet 
Geddes, J. Verreville GlaTsworks, 35, Argyll-ftreet 
G«mmil, Js. agent for the Belfaft Packet, Wood-lane, 

Gemmill, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 7, Montrofe-ftreet 
Gemmill, John, grocer, 5G6, Argyll-ftreet 
GemmilljWilliam, fpirit-dealer and grocer, 78, Bridg. 
Gemmill, D. & Co. haberdafliers, 97, Candieriggs 
Gentle, John, leather-cutter, 35, High-flreet 
Gentle, William, baker, 108, do. 
Gentle, Thomas, do. 284, do. 

Gentle, William, -do. 227, do. 

Gentle, James, baker, 94, Gallowgate 
George, Andrew, fpirit-dealer, 39, King-ftreet 
GeoTge, James, manufadlr. 13, St. Andrew-lane 
Gibb, James, merchant, 3, Garthland-ftreet 
Gibb, Archibald^ baker, 147, Gallowgate 
Gibb, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 52, High-ftreet 
Gibb, John, caiendrer, 42, do. 

Gibfon, John, furgeon, 283, do. 

Gibfon, D. cutler, 420, Gallowgate 
Gibfon, John, corn-fatlor, Grahamfton 
Gibfon, John, writing-mafter, Sidney-coort, Argyll- 
ftreet ; lodging. Pollock's land, Maxwell-ftreet 
Gibfon, Johii, watchmaker, 85, Bridgegate 

GIB [ 42 ] GIR 

Gibfon, Alexander, grocer, Mitchell- ft reet 
Gibfon, James, teacher of Latin, public Grammar- 

School; lodging, 63, Stockwell 
Gibfon, Thomas, grocer, 15, Jamaica-ftreet 
Gilbert, Andrew, infurance-^broker, Exchangej lodg- 
ing, Mrs. CampbeU's, Miller-ftreet 
Gilchrift, James, grocer, 94?, Gal'owgate 
Gilchrift, Hugh, yarn warehoufe, 63, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Gilchrift & Smith, manufacturers, 5, Cochrane -ftr. 
Gilchrift, John, builder, York-ftreet 
, Gilchrift, J. cotton yarn mereht. 9, St. Andrew's fqr, 
Gilfilian, Js. rope- work, new road, near the barracks 
Gillillan, Js. merch. at Robt. Kennedy's, Ingram-ftr. 
Gilfillan, Michael, writer, 302, High-ftreet 
Gillefpie, Richard, 6c C\?. calico-printers, Anderfton 
Gillefpie, James, & Co. manufrs. School-wynd, do. 
Gillefpie, A. calendrer, Charl-lane; houfe flat above 
Gillefpie, Colin, & Co. merchants, 26, Miller-ftreet 
Gillen, William, glazier, Mitchell-ftreet 
vGillies, James, bpokfeller & ftationer, 290, High-ftr, 
; Gillies, W. furgeon ^nd druggift, 31, do. 

lodging, 76, Stockwell 
Gillies, Amelia, muilin and print (hop, J5, Bell-ftr. 
- Gillies, Archibald, fpirit-deaier, 22, King-ftreet 
■ Gillies, Mrs. furnifned lodgings, 74?, Giafsford-ilr. 
Gillies, John, yarn-merchant, S2, do., 

Gilmour, A. perfumer, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Gilmour, David, baker, 84, Gallowgate 
Gilmour, Mrs. milliner, 82, oppofite the College 
Gilmour, John, fpirit-dealer, 9^, Bridgegate 
Gilmour, Wm...^^ Co. Manchefter Warehoufe, Mel- 
ville Place ,, 
Gllroy, John, & Co. agents,^!, Glafsford-ftreet 
-. Girdwood, C. machiiie- maker,. Govan-fir. Hutch.-T- 

GLA.. [ 43 ] GOW 

Glafgow & Frew, manufadlrs. 76, Hutchefon-flr. 
Glafgow New Tanwork Company, 51, Gallowgate 
Glafgow Pottery Warehoufe, 92, Glafsforddreet 
GlafgowGiafswork Company's Warehoufe, Clyde-ftr» 
Glafgow Ropework Company's Warehoufe, and 

counting-houfe, 112, Stockwell 
Glafgow Public Library, Miller's School, George-ilr» 
Glafgow Wire Mill Company, Tradeftewn 
Glafs, John, dyer, 87, Saltmarket 
Glafs, Alexander, grocer, &c. 121, Argyll-ftreet 
Glafsford, Henry, of Dougalfton, counting-houfe, 

head of Virginia- ftreet; 
Glen, William, writer, 13, Brunfwick Place; houfe^ 

Clyde Buildings 
Glen, Alex. & Co. Ruffia merchants, 6, Queen-ftr. 
Glen, W. timber-merchant, Buchanan-ftreetj houfr, 

Gordon- itreet 
Glen, James, ham (hop, 75, High-ftreet 
Glen, George, manufacturer, 32, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Glen Alexander, fplrit-dealer, 28, Saltmarket 
Goodwin, Robert, baker, 77, King-dreet 
Goold, James, tea-dealer, 62, High-ftreet 
GorbaF. Spinning Company, Muirhead-ftreet 
Gordon, Alexander, merchant, 33, Buchanan-llreet 
Gordon, John, do. 6^y do. 

Gordon, Cairns & Co. merchants, 35, Hutchefon-ftr^ 
Goodwin; .Alexander, grocer, 94, Havannah-tlreet 
Gourlie, James, grocer, 114, Rotten-row 
Gourlie, William, fpirit-dealer, 19, Bridgegate 
Goyane & Stirling, raa^ufadurers, 12, Wilfon-ftreet 
Govan, Mrs. grocer, 454, Gallowgate 
Govan, Alexander, merchant, 13, King-ftreet 
Gow, Benjamin, iviiiorj 132, Trongate 

GOW [ M ] GRA 

Oow, Archibald, fpirit dealer, Broomielaw 
Gow, Walter, horfe fetter, 61, Oueen-ftreet 
Gow, James, & Co. tailors, 2, King-ftreet 
Gow, William, horfefetter, Swan-clofs, 93, Trongate 
Gowdie, J. G. & J. manufa6lurers, 177, do. 
Gowdilock, Mrs. Wm. flocking fhop, 82, King-ftr. 
Grseme, Rob. Sheriff fubftitute» Horn*s Court, Ar-# 

gyll-ftreet, houfe, Rock Vale, Canal Old Bafon 
Grseme, Cameron, mercht. Horn's Court, ArgylUftr. 
Grahame, Thomas, writer, 80, Trongate; lodging, 

Carlton Place 
Grahame, T. & M. Montgomerle, writers, 80, Trong. 
Grahame, Alexander, cooper, 38, Stockwell 
Grahame, John, grocer, 83, Havannah-ftreet 
Grahame, Peter, ftockingmaker, 312, High-ftreet 
Graham, Robert, fpirit- dealer, 265, do. 
Graham, Robert, baker, 48, do. 

Graham, Js. jun. yarn warehoufe, 34, Wilfon-ftreet; 

houfe, 44, do* 
^Graham, James, manufa£lurer, 55^ St. Andrew's fq. 
Graham, James, do. 55y do. 

Graham, James, do. 459, Gallowgate 'M 

Graham, James, tailor, 456, do. 

Graham, James, nrianufafhurer, 26, Nelfon-flreet 
Graham, William, leather- feller, foot of Sahmarkefc 
Graham, Walter, baker, 42, do. 

Graham, W. & J. hofiers, 71, do. 

Graham, James, joiner, &c. 56, do. 

Graham, R. & A. Mitchell, writers, 24, Ingram-ftn 
Graham, John, & Co. manufa£lurers, 62, Bell ftreet 
Graham, Peter, fpirit-dealer, 177, George- ilreet 
Graham, John, Graham*s Buildings, do. 
Graham,^ftfiliam, grocer, 14, King-ftreei 
Graham, Mrs. midwife, 63, do. 


Graham, Rev. Matthew, White Vale 
Graham, Robert, flater, 16, Canon-flreet 
Graham, Adie & Go. tailors, SO, Trongate 
Graham, Charles, do. 25, do. 

Graham, Walter, merchant, 12, Gharlotte-ftreet 
Graham, Lieut. Col lodging, 36, Mlller-ftreet 

^Graham, Robert, manufadurer, 94-, Candleriggs 
Graham, James, joiner, &t. 51, do. 

Graham, Miln & Co. grain-dealers, Mitchell- ftreet 
Graham & Wardrop, tin-plate workers, 44, Argyll-ftr, 
Graham, James, baker, 12, do. 

Graham, Alexander, 123, do. 

Graham, W. & Co. manufa£^urers, 51, Glafsford-ftr. 

Graham, James, t^rUuSf 51, do. 

Graham, James, cutler,^ 94, do. 

Graham, Thos. & Co. manufa^lrs. 28, do. 

jGraham, Mrs. lodgings, 69, do. 

Graham, D. merch. at Hopkirk, Cunningham &Co's; 
houfe, upper Montrofe- ftreet 

Granger, Allan, baker, 443, Gallowgate 

Grant, John, ftocking {hop, 467, do* 

Grant, Alex» jun. lodging, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
, Grant, James, writer, 101, Candleriggs 

Grant, John, tailor, 24, Stockwell 

Grant, Alex. jun. & Co. manufacturers, S7, Bell-ftr, 

Grant, Alexander, linendraper, 16, Wilfon-ftreet 

Grant, Adam, writer, 17, Trongate 

Grant, David, Englifh ftone warehoufe, 27, King-fir. 

Gray, John, bookfeller, 84, High-ftreet 

Gray, Robert, & Son, goldfmiths, 129, Trongate 

Gray, James, jeweller, 123, do. 

Gray & Todd, engravers, 34, ^p. 

Gray, John, haberdafher, 42, King-ftreet ^ 



GRA C 4.6 ] ^ GUT 

Gray, Mifs, furnilhed lodgings, 586, Gallowgate 
Gray, Arch. & Co. manufadlrs. 402, do. 
Gray, H. joiner, 633, Argyll-ftreet 
Gray, John, wright, Tradeftown 
Gray's Carntyne, &c. coal-ree, N. Frederick-ftreet 
Gray, Benjamin, (hoe-fliop, 104, George-ftreet 
Gray & Murray, dyers, Spoutmouth 
Greenar & StGnton, iron-founders, Goi;bals 
Greenfield, Mrs. milliner & haberda{her, 59, Bell-ftr. 
Greenihields, Samuel, cloth-ftiop, 122, Nelfon-ftr. 
Greenfhields, Thos. pocket-book- maker, 62, Trong. 
Greig, John, ftrong-beer-houfe, 173, Saltmarket 
Greig, Benjamin, merchant, 63, Candleriggs 
Greig, William, viiStualler, 255, High-ftreet 
Grieve, John, furgeon, Craig's Court, Argyll-ftreet 
Grieve, D. hofier, 468, Gallowgate 
Grieve, William, 25, do. 
Grieve, David, fpirit-dealer, 159, Bridgegate 
Grimman, William, joiner, St. Enoch's Wynd 
Grindlay, William, baker, Argyll-ftreet 
Grindlay, John, hofier, 104, do. 
Grindlay, James, & Go. baker?, Gorbals 
Grofart, Peter, vintner, 322, High-ftreet 
Gulller, Robert, brufhmaker*, 88, Trongate 
Gunn, William, tailor, Trades' land, Gallowgate 
Gunn, R. ^ Co. yarn-dyers, Carrick-ftr. Brownfield 
Gunning, Archibald, grocer, 116, High-ftreet 
Guthrie, James, manufa(9:. Wallace-court, Bell-ftr. 
Guthrie, John, merchant, at Leitch & Smith's 
Guthrie, Thomas, grocer, 78, Stockwell 

HAD [ 47 ] HAM 


Haddin, John, merchant, 13, New-Wynd 
Haddin, J. & W. manufaaurers, 101, Candleriggs 
Haddow, Rob. merchantj lodging, N. Hanover-ar. 
Haddow & Dale, 37, Glafsford-Itreet 
Hagart, Charles, & Co. merchants, 23, St. And.-ilr. 
Hagart, Robert, merchantj lodging, 30, Dunlop-ftr. 
Haig, James, Melville Place, lodging, 48, John-ftr. 
Hair, A. marble-cuttcr, head of Buchanan-ftreet 
Halbert, W^. clothier & watchmaker, 182, Trongate 
Haldane, James, engraver, 154, do. 

Haldane, R. laft and boot-tree-maker, 29, Bridgegate 
Hall, Mrs. makes grave-clothes, 449, Gallowgate 
Hall, William, manufafturer, 49, New Vennal 
Hall, James, writer; office, 7, Brunfwick Place 
Hall, Colonel, lodging, 13, Carlton Place 
Hall, J. teacher, academy, 29, Virginia-ftreet 
Hall, Richard, meffenger at arms, 46, High-ftreet 
Halley, C. French teacher, 633, ArgylMtreet 
HaUiburton, M. Sidney-ftreet, Gallowgate 
Halliday, Samuel, grocer, 132, jBridgegate 
Hamilton, John, wine-merchant, 78, Trongate; lodg- 
ing, St. EnocKs fquare 
Hamilton, Arch, colledor of land-tax for the county 
of Lanark, and agent for Pailley b^nk, 17, Trong.; 
houfe, 4, Queen-ftreet, George's fquare 
Hamilton, Gilbert, & Co. merchants, and agents for 

Carron Company, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Hamilton, Gilbert & Son, agents for the Bank of 

Scotland, 23, Oueen-ftreet 
Hamilton, Archi^ld, merchant, 23, Queen-ttreet 

HAM [ 48 ] HAN 

Hamilton. Garden & Co. merchants, 11, Ingram-dr. 
Hamilton, John, writer, 56^ High-ftreet 
Hamilton, Alexander & Scott, pipe- makers, 20, do. 
Hamilton, Gilbert, infurance-broker, Exchange 
Hamilton, John, at James Hamilton, fenior's 
Hamilton, Charles, Turner's Court, Argyll-ftreet 
Hamilton, A. lodging, 40, Miller-ftreet 
Hamilton, John, baker, 76, King-ftreet 
Hamilton, J. fen. & Co. merchants, 20, Gallowgate 
Hamilton, Patrick, merchant, 439, do. 

patnilton, James, writer, 459, do. 

Hamihon, lames, fpirit-dealer, 323, do. 
Hamilton, Gavin, tile & pottery work, do. Toll 

JIamilton, Wm. manufa6l. houfe, 17, George's fqr. 
Hamilton, James, tobacconift, 51, Bridgegate 
Hamilton, Claud, colle£tor. South Hanoyer-ftreet 
Hamilton David, architect, do. 

Hamilton, Walter, & Co. manufrs. 40, Trongate 
Hamiltpn, James, grocer, 128, do. 

Hamilton, Alex fpirit-dealer, 153, Saltmarket 
Hamiltpn, Hugh, agent and broker, Melville Plaqe^ 

132, Trongate; houfe, 8, Garthland-ftreet 
Hamilton^ James, writer, 7, Brunfwick Place; houfe, 

S6, Gallowgate 
Hamilton, James, grocer, ^c. 149, Stockwell 
Hamilton, Corbet & Co^ timber-yard, do. 
Hamilton, A. §c P. tobacconifts, 152, do. 
Hamilton, P. lodging, 26, do. 

Hamilton, Wm. ;nfurance and (hip broker, Tontine 

Buildings; Jiouf^j 185, George-ftreet 
Hamilton, T. mufician, lodging, 32, H^tchefon-ftr. 
Hamilton, John, merchant, 44, St. Andrew's fquare 
Hamilton & Co's. marble work, &c. Buchanan-ftr. 
fisnd'yfide, J. CariiHe yarn w3rehoufe5 73, Wi!fon-llr* 

HAN [ 49 3 HEN 

Hannay, A. & J. haberdaflierSj 64, Trongate 
Hannay, John, meflenger at arms, 98, do. 
Hannington, Wm. watchmaker, J 7, Argyll-ftreetj 

houfe, Robertfon-ftreet, Anderilon Walk 
Hardie, Henry, merchant, lodging, 46, Virginla-ftr. 
Hardie, H. & Co. linen vv^arehoufe, 43, WiJfon-ftr, 
Hardie, Js. jun. 43, Wilfon-ftr. lodging, 95, George-ftr. 
Hardie, A. dyer, St. Enoch's lane 
Hardie, James, dyer, Virginia-ftreet 
Hardie, Rob. & Co. tobacconifts, 266, High-ftreet 
Hardie, James, ftabler, 258, do. 

Hardie, Mrs. vintner, 261, do. 

Harley, Wm. & Co, manufafturers, 7, S. Fred.-ftr. 
Harper, Church & Co. do. 66, Glafsford-ftreet 
Harper, John, threadmaker, Rottenrow 
Harrifon, John, & Co. fpirit-dealers, 415, Gallowg, 
flart, Robert, baker, Mitchell ftreet 
Harvie, Andrew, grocer, 305, Gallowgate 
Harvie, James, foap & candle (hop, 49, High-ftreet 
Harvie, Alexander, do. Wilfon's Court, Argyll-ftr. 
Harvie, James, grocer, 34, Kirk-ftreet, Townhead 
Harvie, John, do. 125, High-ftreet 
Harvie, Alex. do. 247, do. 
Hawkins, — — fmith and farrier, Mitchell-ftreet 
Hay, George, joiner, do. 

Hay, David, upholfterer, above 59, Trongate 
Hay, James, tailor, 22, do. 

Hay, John, draper, 445, Gallowgate 
Hay, James, fpirit- dealer, Back-Wynd 
Hay, John, tailor, 5, New-Wynd 
Hemming, M. George Inn, 1 8, George's fquare 
Henderfon, John, manufacauref, 74, Glafsford-ftreet 
Henderfon, Robert, & Co. dry fakers, 15, High-ftr, 
Henderfon, John, fpirit-dealer, 273, do. 

HEN C 50 ] HOG 

Henderfon, Patrick, cork-cutter, S8, Prince's ftreet 
Henderfon & Campbell, cabinet-makers, Argyll-ftr. 
Henderfon> Richard, town-clerk, Turner*s court, 

Argyll-ftreetj office. City Clerks' Chambers 
Henderfon, Alex: grocer, Main-ftreet, Gorbals 
Henderfon's oyfter-houfe, IjOI, Candleriggs 
Henderfon, James, Englifti carrier, S3, do. 
Henderfon, P. fpirit- dealer, 361, Gallowgate 
Henderfon, dentill, 6l, Glafsford-ftreet 
Hendry, Ebenezer, tailor, 22, Trongate 
Henry, Alex, cotton- fpinners, Greenhead 
Henry & Jarvay, ropework, Grahamflon 
Henry, John, haberdafher, 95, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Hepburn, Watt & Co. manufrs. 12, Wilfon- ftreet 
Herbertfon, J colledor of canal dues, Port Dundas 
Heron, Wm. furgeon, 136, Stockwell 
Herriot, Andrew, manufacturer, Poft-office court 
Herriot, Alexander, agent, 44, Argyll- ftreet 
Hervey, Rob. mercht. 28, Glafsford- ftr. houfe, above 
Heughan, John, miniature painter, 49, Trongate 
Hewit, Mrs. midwife, 49, Maxwell-ftreet 
Heywood & Ellis, n)anufa6lurersj76, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Hiatt, Jacob, flater and fpirit-dealer, 22, Candleriggs 
Higgins, Wm. foap and candle fliop, 38, Bell-ftr. 
Kill, David, leather- feller, 115, Trongate 
Hill, Rob. & Geo. manufacturers, 15, Candleriggs 
Hill, James, writer, 49, Miller-ftreetj houfe, St. 

Vincent- ftreet 
Hill, John, grocer and fpirit-dealer, 131, Stockwell 
Hill & Walker, manufadurers, 58, Bell-ftreet 
Hill, John, jun. & Co. manufrs. 18, St. And. lane 
Hiflop, John, manufacturer, 107, Nelfon- ftreet 
JJodge, Thos. fpirit-dealer, 122, Bridgega:e 
Hog, John, tinfmith, 109, Gallowgate 

HOO [51 ] HUN 

Hood, Andrew, cooper, 358, Gallowgate 
Hood, Robert, cooper, 63, Candleriggs 
Hood, John, do. 12, do. 
Hoome, John, furgeon» 15, Prince's ftreet 
Hopkirk, Thomas, merchant, St. Vincent-ftreet 
Hopkirk, Cunningham & Co. merchts. do. 
Hopkirk, James, merchant, do. 

Horn, David, tailor, 324, Gallowgate 
Horn, James, laftmaker, 159, Saltmarket 
Hofie, Andrew, manufaaurer, 11, Bell-flreet 
Hotfon, Andrew, ironmonger, 85, Candleriggs 
Houldfworth,Henry &Co. cotton-fpinners, Anderfton 
Houfliold, George, fugar-broker. Tontine buildings; 

houfe, 7, St. And. fquare 
Houfliold, Charles, cooper, 62, Jamaica-ftreet 
Houflon, Alex. & Co. merchants, 44, Argyll-ftreet 
Houftoun, Wm. & Co. yarnwareho. 4, Garthland-ftr. 
Houfton, John, grocer, 75, Stockwell 
Houfton, And. coal-agent & (hore-mafter, Broomielaw 
Houfton, A. teacher of vocal mu6c, 158, Trongate 
Howat, Charles, horfefetter, 416, Gallowgate 
Howatfon, J. & T. manufa£lurers, 62, Fell-fl:reet 
Howden, Moodie & Co. corner of Glafsford-ftreet 
Howey, T. & Co. Englifli carriers, Montrofe- ftreet 
Howie, John, fkinner, 7, Bridgegate 
Howie, R. & J. filk fliop, 37, Trongate 
Howiefon, Robert, threadmaker, 427, Gallowgate 
Humphries, T. print-cutter, 56, Saltmarket 
Hunters & Rainey, merchants, Ingram's court 
Hunter, William, do. do. 

Hunter, James, jun. brewer, 18, Montrofe- ftreet 
Hunter, & Kerr, joiners, &c. 27, Stockweli 
Hunter, W. manufadlurer, 180, Saltmarket 
Hunter, Andrew, do. 180, do. 

HUN C 52 ] HYN 

Hunter, Alex, merchant, lodging, 54, Ingram-ftreet 
Hunter, James, & Co. tea- (hop, 610, Argyil-ftreet 
Hunter, John, fpirit-dealer, 58, do. 

Hunter, Alex. jun. merchant, 106, — 1, Trongate 
Hunter, Archibald, march, at Patrick Ewing & Co's. 
Hunter, Thos. manufacturer, 12, Wilfon-ltreet 
Hunter, Dickie, & Co. 52, Glafsford-ftreet 
Hunter, £ben. frnith & (huttlemaker, 50, High-ftreet 
Hunter, Samuel, & Co. printers, 44, Bell-itreet 
Hunter, William, vintner, 25, Trongate 
Hunter, John, baker, 347, Gallowgate 
Hunter, Andrew, coal^agent, 34, New-Wynd 
Huntsfield, John, vintner, 15, Prince's ftreet 
Hutchefon, Charles, 18, Frederick-ftreet 

Hutchefon, Thomas, baker, 264, High-ftreet 
Hutchifon, John, grocer, 112, do. 

Hutchifon, Rob. & Co. manufaiSrs. Hutchefontown 

Hutchifon, David, writer, Robertfon's land, 1ft weft: 
of Virginia- ftreet 

Hutchifon, Jn. Manchefter wareho. l,Brunfw. place 

Hutchifon, James, calico-printer, Poft-office court 

Hutchifon & Coulter, manufadurers, 27, Hutch-ftr. 

Hutchifon, Mifs, lodgings, 40, do. 

Hutchifon & Young, calendrers» 3, Montrofe-ftreet 

Hutchifon, Robt. book feller & ftationer, 10, Saltm. 

Hutchifon, Wm. trunkmaker, 24, Beli-ftreet 

Hutton, Mrs. grocer, 77, Bridgegate 

Hynd, John, Somerviirs lodgings, Meikle's land, 

Hynd, Tafker & Co. general agents and infurance 
brokers, 78, Trongate 

ING [ .53 ] JAM 


Inglis, David, calico-pTinter, 9, Virginia- flreet 

Inglis, John, haberdaftier & filk mercer, 32, Trong. 

Inglis, James, hat manufadurer, 140, do. 

Inglis, Wm. joiner, Tradeftowij 

Inglis, James, Carfwell's court, George- ftreet 

inglis & Galbraith^s fingeing houfe, John-ftreet 

Innes, G. fpirit-dealer, Cochrane-flreet 

Irvine, Will. & Thos. merchants, l,Brunfwick Place 

Irvine Smith, Thos. hoGer; lodg. 9, Garthland-ftr. 

Irvine, William, do. do. Union Place 

Irvine, Samuel, tobacconift, 433, Gallowgate 


Jack, "Wm. merchant; lodging, 2, Clyde Buildings 
Jack, John, at R. & J. M'Nair's, Queen-ftreet 
Jack, Thomas, bookfelkr, 101, High- ftreet 
Jackfon, Archibald, fpirit-dealer, 42, Queen-ftrcet 
Jpickfon, William, fpirit-deakr, 580, Argyll-ftreet 
Jackfon, James, druggill, 69, Gallowgate 
J^ffr?}, Robert, & Co. dryfaltersand warehoufemen, 

Spreul's court, Glafsfcrd-ftreet 
JalTiey, George, merchant, 7, Brunfwick Place; houfe, 

Carfv/ell's ccurt, George-ftreet 
JafFrey, William, merchant. Turner's court 
JafTrey, Rob. jun. & Co. fpirit-dealers, 72, Trong'^te 
Jamiefon, Wm. mufiin fiiop, 49, King-ftreet 
Jamiefon, Robert, baker, 31, do. 
Jamiefon, John, furgeon, 43, do. 
Jamiefon Sc Struthers, manufrsw 456, C^llowgate 

Jamiefon, Mrs. George, vintner, 39, . do. 

JAM [ 54. ] JOP 

Jamlefon, Wm. jun. manufacturer, 39, Glafsford-flr. 
Jamiefon, Rev. Alexander, 25, Stockwell 
Jamlefon, Hugh, merchant, 72, Trongate 
Jamiefon, Thomas, do. do. 

Jamiefon, Robert, tailor, 93, <lo. 
Jamiefon, Wjh. merch. Stirling-ftr. lodg. Horn's court 
jamiefon, Wm. mAufadurer, 5, Saltmarket 
Jardine, George, prcBfibr of logic, College new court 
Jardine, Peter, Buck's head inn, Argyll- ftreet 
Jarvie, John, meafurer and vintner, Port-Dundas 
Jarvie, Robert, merch. at Js. Hamilton fen. & Co*s; 

hoiife, Charlotte-lane 
JeiFry, Dr. James, profefTor of anatomy and botany* 

College court 
Jenkine & Smith, boot andfhoe fhop, 308, High-ftr. 
Johnfon, James, currier, foot of Havannah-ftreet 
Johnfon, David, jun. 21, Glafsford-ftreet 
Johnfton, Wm. fpirit-dealer, 348^ Galiowgate 
Johnfton, Charles, painter, 28, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Johnfton, , baker, 60, adjoining the Star Inn 

Johnfton, Mrs. T. vintner, 94^, High-flreet 
Johnfton, James, fpirit-dealer, 16, jamaica-ftreet 
Johnfton, D. vintner, 19, Prince's ftreet 
Johnfton, XVm. fpirit-dealer, 42, Bridgegat^ 
Johnfton, R. tcbacconift, 22, Saltmarket 
Johnfton, Thomas, baker, 81, do. 
Johnfton, Walter, mafon, Old- Wynd 
Johnfton & Neilfon, tea warehoufe, 107, Trongate 
Johnfton & Mitchell, cloth merchts. 6, do. 

Johnftone, W. & J. oil and colourmen, 8, lohn-ftf 
Johnftone, William, infurance-broker, 11, do. 
Johnftone, Wm, fpirit-dealer, 4:2, Bridgegate 
Tones, John, bookbinder, 43, Trongate 

?p, Wiliiara, fmith and farrier, Gorbalis 



KAL L 55 } KER 


Kalley, Robert & Co. tea-merchants, 13, Trongate 
Kay, David, cotton-fpinner, Grahame's fquare 
Kay, Wm. & Go. manufadurers, Hutchefontown 
Kay, Alexander, manufafturer, &4, Bell-ftreet 
Kay, J. & Co. wrights, foot of Saltmarket, W. fide 
Kay, David, aceomptant, Poft-office court, Trong. 
Keddle, Archibald, bookbinder, 3, Prince's ftreet 
Keith, J. & M. muficians, 40, Trongate 
Keith, Wm. patternrdrav^rer, I,New-wynd 
Keir, Walter, portfer, 82, Havannah- ftreet 
Kelly, Wm. cotton and yarn wareho. 36, St. A. (qr. 
Kemp, J. accompt. Thiftle Bankj lodg. 95, Geo.-itr» 
Kennedy, A. grocer, 158, Stockwell 
Kennedy, Daniel, fpirit-dealer, 26, Saltmarket 
Kennedy, D. baker, 77, do. 

Kennedy, D. jun, feedfman, Grahamfton 
Kennedy, Robert, yarn warehouie, 71, Ingram-ftr, 
Kennedy, Duncan, agent and aceomptant, 1S6, Irong* 
Kennedy & Gibfon, fpirit cellars, 62, do. 

Kennedy, Gilbert, agent for Britifh liners compy. do. 
Kennedy, Wiiiiaii^|faerchant, S4, do, 

Kennedy, Robert,^^m-{hop, 69, Argyll-ftreet 
Kennedy, D. fnii^ and fpirit-dealer, 19, Gallowgat^- 
Kennedy, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 63, Giafsford-iireet, 
Kennedy, James,' haberdaftier^ 617, ArgylMtreet 
Ker, Stevsrart, beadle, 2, Great Dovehiil 
Ker, James, at David Kay's, aceomptant' 
Ker, A. & J. tailors, 1^1, Trongate 
Ker, JameSj tailor, do. do. 
Xer, James, yarn warehoufe, 16, St. Andr€w"'s f^ 
Ker, Howe &. Co. maau|a£luBrs, 55, ds> 

KER [ 56 ] fclR 

Ker, Archibald, at William Allan's, Candleriggs 

Ker, Norman, titifmith, 104, Bridgegate 

Ker, Hugh, writer, and (heriiF clerk depute, 59, 

Wilfon-ftreeti houfe, 83, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Ker, William, vintner, New-Wynd 
Ker, James, brufhmaker, 55y Gallowgate 
Kerr & Wilfon, card-makers, S6, xlo. 
Kerr, Charles, manufa6lurer, 8, Charlotte-lane 
Kerr & M^Grigor, fpirit-deajers, 73, BelMlreet 
Kerr, John, manufadlurer, 159, Saltmarket 
Kerr, Js. fpirit-dealer, Crown- ftreet, Hutchefontown 
Kibble, Forlter & Co. calico-printers, S3, Candlerig. 
Kibble, Js. wire mill, Tradeftown; houfe, Kingftoa 
Kid, Mark, mufician, 18, High-dreet 
Kidd, John & Alexander, agents, Melville Place 
Kid ft on. Rev. Wm. Young- ftreet, Belgrave Place 
Kidfton, James, teacher, 204, George- ftreet 
Kidfton, Wm. merchant, at Alex. Glen's, Queen-ftr. 
Kilpatrick, Mrs. lets lodgings, 52, Prince's ftreet 
liincaid, John, grocer, 373, Gallowgate 
King, John, cotton- fpinner, Clyde-ftreet, Anderfton 
Kinsj, Alexander, tobacconift, 161, Stock well 
King, Morifoh ik Co. merchants, 48, St. And. fqr. 
King, James, dyer, Anderfton 
King, Mrs. lodgings, 40, Hutchefon- ftreet , 
King, Mrs vintner, 22, Prince's ftreet 
ICing, James, writer, 22, do. 

King, James, manufa^lr. 85, Candleriggs 
Kingan, John, manufacturer, 13, S. Frederick- ftreet 
Kinnibrough, tinfft^ith and pewterer, 435, Gallowg. 
Kinnear, Robert, merchant, St. Andrew's fquare 
Kinnear & Fleming, joiners, &c. Shuttle-ftreet 
I^ppen, William, manufadlurer, 94, Hutchefon ftr. 
Kirkland, John, manufaduref; Gorbals 

KIR [ 57 ] LAN 

Kirkland, J. tobacconift, 29, Gallowgate 
Kirkland, J. manufacturer, 287, High-ftreet 
Kirkland, E. & Co milliners, 38, Argyll-ftreet 
Kirkpatrick, W. fpirit-dealer, Corbet's land, Gorbals 
Kirkwood, James, faddler, 72, Argyli-ftreet 
Kniglit, J. merchant, Smith's Court, Candleriggs 
Knox & Galbraith, haberdalhers, 1G8, Trongate 
Knox, J. 7, St. Andrew's fquare 
Knox, J. & Sons, yarn warehoufe, 68, Glafbford-ilr. 
Kyle, W. land'furveyor, corner of Kent andSuffolk-ftr. 
Kyle & Lawfon, umbrella- makers, 180, Saltmarket 

Laidlay, John, fen. foap & candle office, 275,High-{lr. 

Laidlay, John jun. at R. B. Niven & Co's 

Laird, James, merchant, 61, Buchanan- ilreetj houfe, 

12, Adam's court 
Laird, David, merchant; houfe, 3, Adam's court 
Laird, Daniel, hatter, 27, Saltmarket 
Lamb, D. & Co merchants, 125, George-ftreet 
Lamb, James, merchant, Wallace- court, Beil-itreet; 

houfe, 49, Virginia-itreet 
Lamb, John, haberdalher, 61, Bell-ftreet 
Lamb, Robert, manufadlurer, Ingram-ftreet 
Lamb, John, joiner, 442, Gallowgate 
Lamond, Daniel, baker, 25, Saltmarket 
Lanark & Chorkou Twill Company's warehoufe, 

houfe, 42, St. Andrew's fquare 
Landlborough, James, 34, Trongate 
Lang & Robifon, writers, 19, Virginia-ftreet 
Lang, J. Manchefter warehoufe, 24, Nelfon-ftreet 
Lang, Jofeph, fpirit-dealer, 83. Siiriing-llrect 
Lang, David, writer, 2, Hutchefon-flr. houfe, 51, do. 

LAN [ 58 ] LAW 

Lang, Wm. & Son, ftove-grate warehoufe, Old-wynd 
Lang, William, printer, 62, Bell-ftr. houfe, 58, do* 
Lang, W. College gardener, Blackfriars' Wynd 
Lang, R. dryfalter, 66y Prince's ftr. houfe, 173, Saltm, 
Lang, James, vi(^ualler, 138,» Stockwell 
Lang, Hutchifon & Co. 34, Trongate 
Lang, Gilbert, manufa6turer, 6, Queen-ftreet 
Lang & Turner, manufad;urers, Poft-office court 
Langhorn, Abm. guard to the Camperdown Coach 
Lapflie, Mrs. William, fpirit-dealer, 2, Virginia-ftr. 
Larmont, William, £pirit-dealer, Stockwell 
Lauder, Robert, yarn warehoufe. 44, Beil-ftreet 
Laurie, J. merchant, 13. Trong. houfe, ..jreenhead 
Laurie, David^ jun. corn-fa(^or, Union Place 
Laurie & Phikerton, corn-fadors, 88, i^rgyll-ftreet 
Laurie, George, merch. Carlton Place, Laurieiton 
Laurie, James, do. 8^ do. do. 

Laurie, Robert, lodging, do. do. 

Laurie, W. & R. manufrs. 2, South Frederick-ftr. 
Laurie, John, & Co. ironmongers, 1S8, Trongate 
Laurie, D. yglL at Coke, Thomfon & Co's, 131, do* 
Laurie, Henry , joiner, Cochrane-ilreet 
Laurie, Thomas, biilet-mafter, 1, St. Andrew's lane 
Laurie, D. timber merchant, lodging, 142, Stockw. 
Law, James, tinfmith, 97 Bridgegate 
Law, David, flioe-(hop, 59, Prince's ftreet 
Lawrie, William, writer, Pod-office court; lodging, 

427, Gallowgate 
Lawfon, James, fpirit-dealer, 117, Stockwell 
Lawfon, And. timber-merchant, at J. Lindfay & Co*s 
Lawfon, Archibald, manufa£lurer, 55, St. And. fqr. 
Lawfon, Alex, merch. St. A. fqr. houfe, Browntield 

Lawfon, & Son, umbrella- makers, 6, Wiifon-ltr, 

Xiaw£9fi| Davidy joiner^ 120, Saltmarket 

LAW [ 59 ] LID • 

Lawfori, John, gardener, Gorbals 

Lawfon, Henry, grocer, &c. 44?, Queen-ftreet 

Lawfon, John, man-mercer, 5, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Lee, Wm. manufadlurer, 28, High-ftreet 

Leckie, W. & Co. flocking- manufrs. 410, Gallowg. 

Leckie, John, writer, 47, Virginia-flreet 

Leckie & Alexander, manufrs. 70, Brunfwick-ftreet 

Leckie, John, ftabler, Duke-ftreet 

Leckie, George, manufadurer, 11 John-ftreet 

Leechman & M*Viccar, tinfmiths, 40, Bridgegate 

Leechman, John, fmith, Townhead 

Leechman, W. ironmonger, 16, Brunfwick-ftreet 

Leggat & Golder, joiners, Tradeftown 


Leitch & Smith, merchants, 119, George-ftreet 

Leitch, Daniel, watchmaker, Gorbals 

Leitch,T. penny- letter carrier & ftabler, 126, Gallowg. 

Leitch, N. tambourer, 15, Shuttle-ftreet 

Leitch & Co. painters, 13, King-ftreet 

Leitch, M. beef-fteak houfe, 22, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Leith, Andrew, grocer, 214, High-ftreet 

Lemmon, Mrs. grocer, 602, Argyil-ftreet 

Lennox, Gavin, framefmith, Calton 

Lennox, Andrew, & Co. ham and porter cellars^ 

Lennox, James, faddler, 300, Hi^h-ftreet 
Lennox, J. vintner, 19, Trongate 
Leflie & Reid, manufadurers, 2Sy Glafsford-ftreet- 
Leflie, A. &• J. bookfeHers, 56, Gallowgate 
Leflie, M^Intoih & Co. Tobago-ftreet, Calton 
Leaie, M 'Naught & Co. merchants, 39, Miller^ftreet 
Lewis, George, grocer, 2C2, High-ftreet 
Litidell, A. oil and colour ftiop, 101, Trongate 
Liddell, lames, vintner, 179, do. 

LID C 60 ] LOG 

Liddell, And. & Co. Ruflia merchts. Stirling's Place 
Liddell, Wm. & Co. manufadurers, do. 
Liddel, And. merchant, lodgings, 1, Horn's court 
Liddell, Wm. merchant, lodgings, 57, Buchanan-Ilr. 
Liddel, James, framefmith, Dempfter-ftreet 
Liddel, J. fmith, 1ft flat Boyd's land, Stockwell 
Liddel, David, faddler, 25, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Lightbody, James, hatmaker, 44, Gallowgate, 
Lightbody, Alexander, horfefetter, Kent-ilreet 
Lillie & Johnfton, manufafturers, 37, Bell-ftreet 
Limeburn, M. wigmaker, &c. 17, do. 

Lindfay, J. & Co. timber-merchant-3, Broomielaw 
Lindfay, John, merch. 75, Hutchefon-ftr. lodging, do. 
Lindfay, Robert, lodging, do. 

Lindfay, William, joiner, &c. 66, High-ftreet 
Lindfay, J. manufaiSlurer, Craig's court, Tobago- ft r. 
Lindfay, W. & B. do. 8, Nelfon-ftreet 
Lindfay, Alexander, baker, 60, Argyll ftreet 
Lindfay, A. vintner, Back-wynd 
Lindfay, George, wright, 71, Saltmarket, keeps the 

Trades' Mort- cloth ofHce 
Lindfay & BaHingall, writers, 39, Glafsford-ftreet 
Linen Stamp Office, Currie's clofs, 302, High-ftreet 
Linn, Robert, grocer^ Gorbals 

Little. Fleming Sc Co. ironmongers, 95i Glafsford-ftr. 
Littlejoim, James, grocer, 200, High-ftreet 
Living, Hon, Robert, broker, Broomielaw 
Lioyd, U. grocer, 115, High-ftreet 
Lobon, George; grocer, 89, Trongate 
Lochead, William, fen. joiner, 52, Bridgegate 
Lochead, W. joiner Sctruakmaker, 120, Saltmarket 
Lochead, Mrc. poultry {hop, 180, Prince's flreet 
Lochore, Robert, & Co. fhoe {hop, 95, Trongate 
Lockhart, James, hardware {}:op, 174, Saltmarket 

-toe I ,61 ] -tYO 

Lockhart, Rev. Dr. John, 40, Cbarlotte-ftreet 
Lockhart, James, plumber, 9, Virgmia-dreet 
Logan, W. merchant. Canal office, 61, Buchanati-ftr. 
l.ogan, Mather, & Co. wine & rum cellars, 61, do.- 
I.o^an, A. & Co. wine and fpirit fliop, 85, King-ftr. 
Logan, William, watchmaker, 387, Gallowgate 
Logan, Thomas, grocer, 67, do. 

Logan & Meazies, manufa£lurers, 31, Bell-ftreet 
Logan, J. tea-dealer, near the Galic Chapel, Duke-ftr. 
Logie, William, hairdrefler, 44<, Glafsford-dreet 
Longmuir, John, merchant, 5, Virginia-llreet; lodg- 
ing, 69, Jamaica-ftreet 
Lothian, Wardrop & Whyt, manufrs. 177, Trongate 
Lothian, Geo. jun. manufa£lurer, 45, Hutchefou-itr. 
Loudon, M. & Co. candle-office, 26, King-flreet 
Loudoun, Craigie & Co. Phoenix fire office, do. 
Loudoun, Morehead, lodging, 40, Dualop-ftreet 
Loudoun, John, do. do. 

Love, Hugh, & Son, grocers, 12, King-ftreet 
Love, John, biilie of the ranVs horn burying-ground^ 
Gordon's land, 582, Argyll-ftreet 

Love, Rev. , lodging, Brownfield 

Low, Ifaac, grocer, &c. 363, Gallowgate 
Lowry, Lamond & Co. merchants and manufac- 
turers, Poft- office court 
Lowry, Rich. merch<int, Muflin Grove, Grecnhead 
Lumfden, James, ScSon, engravers, Dunlop ftreet 
lumfden, George, bookfeller, 637, Argyll-llreet 
Lyie, John, Ihoemaker, 23, Glafsford-ftreet 
Lyon, John, tinfmith, 618, Argyll-ftreet 
i>yon, George, copperfmith, 80, Gallowgite 
Lyon, John, bookbinder, 15, do.- 
I yon & Eoggie, bruilimaker^, SOO^ High-flr^'et^.' 

MAt t 52 1 MAR 


Mihon, A. iJ. maii(ifa€l:ur€r, 13, St. Andrew's hm 
Machen, Matthew:, lodging, 67, Brunfwick-llreet 
Machen, John, brafs-fourider, Oid-wynd 
Machen, Andrew, writer, 101, Candleriggs 
Machens & Laird, oil of vitriol makers, nearWoodfide 
Mack, W. G. writer, 21, Glafsford-flreet} lodging,^, 

Mack, Mrsc grocer, ?5, Saltmarket 
•Mackie, George, feal-engraver, 625, Argyil-ftreet 
Mackie, h. tea-mercht. 80, Hut.-ftr. houfe oppofite 
Mackie, Mrs« fetnftrefs, 72, Trongate 
Macome, — — , furgeon and man-midwife^, Tobago- 

ilifeet, Calton 
Matr, John, & Co. merchants S 8, Argyll-ftre^t 
Mair, John, merchant, lodging, Plantation 
Mair, John, vintner, 14', Saltmarket 
Maitland, Hugh, plafterer; Tradeftown 
Malcolm, R. & D. aU^lioneer?, 91v Biutehefon-ftr, 
Maniord, Rob. St Co manufacUreirs, 20, St. A. fqPo 
Mann, Jamer, fpirit-dealer, 39, Saltmarket 
Mann, Hiigh, writer, 92, Hutchefon-ilreet 
Mann, David, aud^ioneer, S, Frit^ce's Itreet 
.Manrt, John, writer, 3, do, 

Mann, lohn, gsnfmithi Gorbah 
Mann, Wiiliim, do. do, 

Mann, Robert,'. iheiemaker, do, 

/Manners, J. plane-maker, Sarateh-krte, Gallowgaffe 
jVJanfort, Wiiliam, fpirit-dbaler, 73, High-flreet 
'Manticha, G. & Co. carvers^^ gilders, 2-^, King-ftr. 
;Marchhahk, W. Greenbek Mail guard, 129j Sakm. 
JJi^yq^iis, Ni ^ i. gvoc^ts, iOT, King-itr€et 

MAR - [ 63 ] MAT 

Marfhallj Thomas, writer, 65y Saltmarket 
Marfhalt, John, beadle, 151, do. 
Marfhall, William, fpirit- dealer, Broomielaw 
Mar/hallj Steven, baker, Gorbals 
Marfhall, Claud, writer, Stirling-ftreet 
Marfiiail, JSbenei^er, writer,. 132,' Trongatc 
Marfhall, Thomas, grocer, 82, do. , 
Marfliall, David, & Co. inkle-work, Craigneftock 
Marfhall, Js. cotton and worfled iliop, 25, High-ftr;. 
Marfhall, William, baker, 269, do. 

Marfliall, J. paflry baker, 279, do, 

Marfliall, John, baker, 13, Candleriggs 
Marfhall, Robert, writer, 9, Miller-f^reet 
Marfhall, James, manufadurer, 82, Belj-flreet 
Marfliall, John, accomptant, Ship bankj lodging^, 

Ropework court, Stockwell 
Marfnall & Glen, manufa(Sturersj 13, St. And. lane- 
Marfliall,. John, fen. baker, 362, Gallowgate 
Marfliall, William, merchant, 18, St. Andrew^s laee^ 

houfe, 29, St. Andrew's fquare 
Martin, D. & M. merchants, 88, Trongate- 
Martin, Peter, grocer & fplrlt-dealer, 48, King-fir. 
Martin, James, & Co. merchants^. T<jntine building*- 
Martin, James, &. Co. ironmongers, 13, Argyll-fir. 
Martin, Mrs. heddlemaker, 33^ Gailowgate 
Martin, Mrs.. makes burying-crapes, 21, John-flreett 
Mafon, William, wigmaker, Ml, High-flreet 
Mather, Wm. & Co. manufadlurers, Char sot te-lane. 
Mathie, B. &,D. writers, Melville Place, 132,Trong.. 
Mathie, Benjamin, writer, lodg. 39, HutGhefon.4ir* 
Mathie, James, hairdrefier, Stirling-flreet ' 
Mathiefon, C. fpirit dealer, 6^ Bell-ftreet 
Mathiefon, Johuj do.> 68, do. 
Mathi&ion, Kcrjnethj^mafon & builder,, Baimannbiilri* 

MAT [ 64 ]■ -MEN 

Mathiefon, Thomas, tailoi*, Foil- office court 
Matthew, Win. pocket-book-maker, 30, Saltmarke'f: 
leaver, WilKam,.fa]e room, Weft fide do^ 

Maxwell, Johi\, writer, 19, Qaeen-flreet 
Maxwell, John, jun. do. 

Maxwell, Peter, fpirit-dealer, Grahjtmfton 
Maxwell, John, wigmaker, 46, Glafsford-ilreet 
Maxwell, Archibald, writer^ 22, Tiongatej houfej 

57, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Ivlaxwell, Andrev/, pr hit- cutter, 1^4, Trongate 
Xvlarweli, Houfton, ha'm & cheefe (liop, 10, King-Rr,- 
I^laxwei), Robert, bake/. Si, CandJeriggs 
Maxwell, Robert, hab^rdailier, 426, Gallowgate 
I>Iayne, Vv''iirMm, p;ittern-urawer, Meiviile Place 
Mayne, Robert, r^i.ii/afa(f^urer, 44, Bdl-ftreet 
Mearns, James, fpivit-dealer, 56, Maxwell- ftreefe 
Meek, Thomas, writer, 71 j Hutcbcfon-ftreet 
Xileikle, C George, iklnner, 47, Klng-ftreet 
l*Ieikle, Wjllrarp^ baker, 397, Gallowgate 
Meikle, Richard, do. 97,. do.. 
Meikk, Mrs. mi'dwife, 414, ^o. 
Meikkj Wiilhmj p'alterer, Ms^.well-ftreet 
Meikle, John, nraiHifa^'-iii/rfr, Hutchefontown 
Meikleham, Dr. Wpa. prcfeffor ot Nat PiiiloL College 
l^lelifs, William, & Co. 2, Saltmarket 
Melifs, John, & Co. merchants, 13, Trongate 
Melifs, George, accomptant, 13, do. 
Melifs, Andrew, do. 

Melles, D-. tailor, 54, Saltmarket 
Melviir, Andrew, agent, St. Andre w*s fqiiare 
Memiie, John grocer, 5S, High-ftreet 
Mennons, John, Jearifieid, by Glafgow 
Menz'es, Archibald }uii. lint drefler, 8, High-{Vreet 
MenzicS;^ Andrew, fpiat-dsaler, 303, do. 

MEN [ 65 2 MI^ 

Menzies, \VH4iam, brewe?, Gorbals 
Menzies, James, grocer, 98, ['ridgegate • 
Methuen & Wotherfpoorij 27, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Middleton, Hugh, plafterer, Gorbals 
Middleton, Wm. manufr. S5, Glafsford-ftreet 
Millar, Dr Rich. ie<3:urtr m Matena Medicaj College 
Millar Si Ewing, cloth-merchants, H5, Troiigate 
MiUer, G. & W. & Co. haberdaihers, 157, do. 
Miller, Alexander, ieather-cutter, 177, do. 

Miller, Andrew, fpirit-dealer, 93, do. 

Miller, John, merchant, 44, Charlotte- (Ire^t 
Miller, James, Turner'^s land, Argyil-fireet 
Miller, James, merchant, counting houfe, Dunbar's 

court, I64f, Trongate-, lodg. 98, N. Montrole-ilr., 
Miller, Mrs. J. milliner, 62, Beil-lireet 
Miller, M. vintner, 51, do. 

Miller, John, ealendrer, Old Vennal, Hi^h-ixreet 
Miller, Menzies & Costs j man-ufrs. 38, do. 
Miller, William, ilioemaker, 271, do, 

Wi. i Ik r, 1 a m es , reedm a ker, 287,' do. 

Miller, William, lint fiiop, 17, do. 

Miller, Wm, weavmg-utenfil-maker, 112 Gallov/g, 
Mdier, M. baker, 425,, do. 

Miller, Robert, raanufat^tirer, 462, do. 

Milier,^ George, grocer, &:c. 374, do. 

Miller, Rob. & -^leK. fpirit-dealers, 47. Sakmarket 
Milier, Alexander, dealer ia fuisniture, 72, do. 
Miller, Stepheis, copperfmith, 
Miller, Alexander, muilin fnopy 
Mdler's farniture warehoufe, 
Miller, Walter, lint (bop, 
Miller^ Robert, joiner, Nelfon-ftreet 
Miller, Wm. type-fouader^ College- (teps 









^ Mil: [ m J Mia 

Miller) Gab. writing-mafter, 17, HutcKefon-ftreet 

Miller, P. fhoemaker^ 82, do. 

Milkr, T. merchant, 64, do. 

Miller, James, copperfmith, 128, Bridgegate 

Miller, Andrew, baker, 80, do. 

MiUer, H. do. S3, . do. 

Miller^ David, do. 122, do. 

Miller, Alexanderi ftabler, ^O, King^ftreet 

Miller^ John, teacher, Old-wynd . 

Miller, Thomas, ftabler, Blackfriarb' wynd 

Miller, John, marble-cutter, Jamaica-ftreet 

Miller, Mrs-. William, barley-office, 87, Candlerlggs 

Miller, Thos. merchant, Ingjis' land, St. Mungo-itr, 

Miller, H. gunfmith, Gorbals 

Miller, Thomas, coal-agent, Broomielaw 

Miller, Thomas, & Co. grain-merchants, Mitchell- flri 

Miller, Hugh, furgeoB. (hop and houfe, 76, and 77,, 

oppofite the College Church, High-ftieet 
Miller, Rob. jun. & Co. manufrs. 29, St. And. fqr. 
Miller & Warden, framf:{miths, Galton. 
Miller, James, profeiTor of Mathematics, College 
Miller, William, fpir it- dealer, Laigh Kirk ciofs 
Milligan, James, manufatlurer, 12^ Willon-flreet 
Milligan, Andrew, grocer. St. Enoch's fquare 
Milligan, R. fpirit fhop, 346, G-allowgate 
Milligan, James, agent & accomptant; 61, Buch.-ftro 
Mills, William, merchant, at Colin Arrott &. Go's 
Miln, James, turnery Gorbals 
Milne, James, watchmaker, do. 
Milne, William, merchant, at James Black & Co*s 
Milne, James, prof efTor of moral philofophy, College 
Miirlees, William, gluemak^r, Bridgegate 
Mirrlees, Peter, faddler, 6S4, Argyll-fireet 
Mirrlees^ Wm. faddler and faddie-tree-maker, 3i, do. 

MIT I ^ ] '^CJN 

l'>!;tcKell, M'Culfoch & Co. merchant8,50, Argyll-fir, 
Mitchell, Robert, turner, 633, do. 

Mitchell, Harper & Co. ihatiufrs. MG, JoKn-ftreet 
Mitchell, D. tailor, 83, Trongat^ 
Mitchell, John, Hater, 23, King-ftreet 
Mitchell, Wm. watchmaker, houfe, Greenhead 
Mitchell, Rev. John, Antiburgher- meeting, Anderflott 
Mitchell & Ruffell, watchmakers, 18, Gallowgate 
Mitchell, Rob. fpirit & porter cellars, 3S, do. 
Mitchell, Alex, fpirit-dealer, 103, 6o. 

Mitchell, David, feedfman, 44-8, do. 

Mitchell, Thomas, & Co. grocers, 420, do. 
Mitchell, Alexander, plumber, 16, Jaraaica-ftreefe 
Mitchell, John, manufacturer, 33, High-ftreet 
Mitchell, John, hairdreflerj College-ftrect 
Mitchell, Alexander, merchant, Buchanan- ftreef: 
Mitchell, Alexander, tailor, 119, Saltmarket 
Mitchell, rhos. manufadisrer, at Heywood & Ellii'a 
Mitchell, Thomas, merchant, Jordon-ftreet 
Mitchell, iV'Jys. midwife, 13, High-ilr lets lodgings 
Ivi'Kc'it'll, Thomap, ropework, J3raham0.on 
Miff it John jun. Hocking fiwp, 4, High-ilreet 
•IvloiBt, ^^ alter, fmith Muirhf-ad lireet, Gorbals 
Moir, jsmes, poiter-houfe, 23, Prince's Slreet 
;]y]0lltfoj2, Al-xander, booklelier, 19, Glalbford-{lre??t 
Moilefon, D. h P, 4ria-imraaureri, 25, 5t. And {lr» 
^Mollefon, .Francis, fpirit-dealer, Gorbals 
-Monach, Duncan, manufadurer. Smith's court, Can- 

dleriggs; houfe, Morilon'b court 
Monach, James, coiton-fpinner, 48^ Canon^ftreet 
Monach, /Andrew, jun. at James Monach's 
^MoncriaT, fl. book publiPner, Laundrefly, Barrow- 

field bridge 
Mfenitland Ccak Cem|?^ny, ^r?, Gkfsforsi-ilreel 

MON ^ ^^ J MOR 

Monro, George, grocer, 14j Stock\veIl 
Monro, John, reedmaker, 302, H^gh-ftreet 
Monroj George, tinfmith, SiO, do. 

Monro, John, brlckmaker, &c. Gallcwgate toll 
Monro, D. turner, St. Mungo's lane 
Monteath, Walter, raercht. lodging, Buchanan-flr. 
Monteath & Miller, calendrers, 6, Ingram-dreet 
Monteath, James, manufacturer, '59, Queen-ftreet 
Monteith, ]. furgeon, Adam's court, (liop, 99,Trong. 
Monteith & M'Arthur,, drugglfts» 99, do. 

Monteith, John, njercht. 56, Giafsford-fireeti houfe, 

9, Carlton Place 
Monteith, Henry, merchant, 52, Miller-ftreet 
Monteith, Henry, Bogle, & Co. yarn warehoufe, 

Monteith, James, tailor, Bl, Gallowgate 
Monteith, Alexander, grocer, S3, High-ilreet 
Monteith, James, bleacher, Bifhop (Ireet, Anderfton 
Monteith, David, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Montgomery, Matthew, writer, 80, Trongate 
Moody, Hugh, wine and rum-merchant, 24'> King-Hr. 
Moody Sc Harley, n^anufadlurers, 37, Eell-ftreet 
Moody, AfHe6l, corn-faflor, 102, Trongate 
Mocdy, John, carver and gilder, 84, Bridgegate 
More, John, calhier, Royal Bank, 38, St. And. for. 
Mcrifon, James, & Co. manufrs. 48, do. do. 
Montbn, Waddel & Co. upholfterers, 177, Trong. 
rioriiGn, Mrs. makes grave clothts, 25, do. 
Morifon, D. fjirit-deaier, 180, do. 

Morifon's lodgings, 132, do. 

Moviibn, George, fen. fpirit cellar, 19, do. 

Moriibn; James, joiner, Nev/-\vynd 
Moriibn, James, & Son, merchants, 9.4, Candlerigg? 
Kcrffcn, Jn. roep:^rdnt) iVJorifcn's court, Argvli-l'.r. 

MOR [ 69 J UVi 

Morifon, James, baker, 71, Gallowgate 
Morifon, P. fpirit-dealer, 48, Prince's ftreet 
Morifon, George, jun. merchant, Melville Place 
Morifon, James, grocer, 30, High-ftreet 
Morifon, Daniel, comptroller of cuftoms, lodgiog, 

Cowcaddens \ * «i'^»l »*''•' - 

Morifon, William, ftringing-maker, HutchefbnfbW-ti- 
Morifon & Wallace, 29, St. Andrew's ftreet 
Morifon, Js. writing-mafter, &c. 3, Montrofe-ftrect 
Morris, H. fenr. merchant, 55, St. Andrew's fquate 
Morris & Blaikie, manufa<Slurers, do. do. - 
Morris, R. H. merchant, houfe, Greenhead 
Muckart, Lauchlan, Ihoemaker, 76, Glafsford-flreet 
Mudie, William, auctioneer, fale-room, 22,Trongatej 

lodging, 2d flat above "^ s-il:iln- 

Muir, George, joiner, 24-, Stockwell, and St. A; 1^1"^ 
Muir, James, furgeon, 83,Trong. lodg,51,Glafsf.-{lr. 
Muir, James, & Co. manufrs, 45, St. Andrew's fqr, 
Muir, Brown & Co. manufacturers, 52, do. 
Muir, MiiTes, mantua-makers, 312, High-flreet 
Muir, Mrs. midwife, 8, do. 

Muir, John, mufician, 21, do. 

Muir, Wm. Sc Co. brick and tilemakers, Tradeftown 
Muir, John, brickmaker, do. 

Muir, Wm. Son, & Frazer, yarn merchts. 26, Bell-dr, 
Muir, Hugh, manufacturer, 26, do. 

Muir, Andrew, grocer, &c. SS, King-ftreet 
Muir, John, tinfmith, 62, do. 

Muir, Mrs. fhroud-makex, 6, do. 

Muir, David, umbrella-maker, 15, Brunfwick-Placc, 

and 43,l5tockwell 
Muir, Thos. fpirit-dealer, 104, Gallowgate 
Muir, Robert, H. 456, do. 

Muir, James, tailor, Poft-oince coijrt 
i '^ ' . 

MUI C 70 ] MUR 

Muir, Thomas, manufadurer, 5, Saltmarket 

Muir, James, brewer, l-l-g, do. 

Muir, Wm. jun. at Rob. White & Go's, lodg. S«, 

Muir & Scouller, fpirit-cellars, 4-2, Prince's ftreet 
Muir, John, paper-cellar, 20, do. 

Muir, Wm. fpirit-dealer, &c. Grahamfton 
Muir, Robert, writer, 1ft flat above Sheriff Clerk*! 

office, Wilfon-ftreet 
Muir, James, manufadlurer, 71, do. 
Muir, Archibald, grocer, 89, Havannah-ftreet 
Muir & Burns, fur geons, {hop, 83, Trongate 
Muir, George, faddle-tree-maker, 112, Argyll- ftreet 
Muire, Mifs, lets lodgings, 47, do. 

j Muirs & Fleming, yarn warehoufe, 30, Candleriggi 
' Muirhead, Alexander, ironmonger, 6, Saltmarket 
Muirhead, William, baker, New-wynd 
Muirhead, James, grocer, 329, Gallawgate 
Muirhead, George, A. faddler, 1, Argyll-ftr. lodging,, 

Turner's court 
I Muirhead, Jn. Ikinner & gluemaker, 36, Bridgegate 
! Muirhead, Michael, & Son, merchts. 591, Argyll-ftr, 
(Muirhead, R. bone-fetter, &c. Stark's land, Drygate 
Muirhead,, Alex, joiner, Tradeftown 
Muirheld, Robert, merchant, 5, St. Enoch's fquare 
MuiAeid, R. & Co. timber-merchants. Union Place 
Muirkirk Iron Company, 73, Ingram-ftreet 
Mungal, James, grocer, 61, High-ftreet 
Munro, Wm. at Geo. M'Intofh's Cudbear works 
MunCie, Js. joiner and cabinet-maker, 84, King-ftr, 
iViunfi«, John, do. ^o. 159, Gallowg, 

:JV'Iurdach., M^M-urray & Co. upholfterers, 30, Trongi;^: 
Mu-rdoch, Peter, merchant, lodging, 10, Queen-ftr. 
Mur4ecb; James, merchant, 50^ jGlafsford-ilr^et 

MUR [ 71 J M'AR 

Murdoch, Jas. & Son, infurance-brokers, Exchange 
Murdoch, Mrs. lodgings, 23, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Murdoch, Mrs. John, chair-ofEce, 93, Trongate 
Murdoch, Buchanan & Co. 11, Cochrane- ftreet; dye- 
work, Burnfide^lane, Duke-ftreet 
Murdoch, Robert, vintner, Maxwell-ftreet 
Murphy, John & Co. tambourers, 22, Trongate 
Murray, John, porter- houfe, 173, Saltmarket 
Murray, M'Gregor & Co. ironmongers, 149, Trong; 
Murray, Maurice, joiner, &c. 12, Miller-ftreet 
Murray, James, tinfmith, Calton 
Murray, Alexander, baker, 43, Queen-ftreet 
Murray, George, glazier, Gibfon-ftreet 
Mutrie, D. & R. manufadurers, 22, George's fqr, 
M«Adam) P. & J. manufadurers, 26, Bell-ftreet 
M<Adam, Walter, watchmaker, 410, Gallowgate 
M'Adam, John, fpirit-dealer, 65^ Jamaica-ftreet 
M'Alifter, Colonel, 46j Dunlop-ftreet 
M'Alifter, Walter, cloth -merchant, 20, Trongate 
M<Alifter, Charles, tailor, 65, do. 

M'Allifter & Hadden, calendrers, 62, Bell-ftreet 
M*AUrfter, Walter,, iron-rliquor-maker, Tradeftowift 
M*Allifter, James, haberdaiher, 121, Nelfon-ftreet 
M* Alley & Munnoch, grocerSi 409, Gallowgate 
M< Alpine, Robert^ fpirit-dealer, 65i Trongate 
M'Alpine, John, grocer, 2, Jamaica-ftreet 
M'Alpine, Daniel, jun, baker, 7, Argyll-Ptreet 
M'Andrew, George, boot & (hoe (hop, 614, do» 
M< Arrow, Mrs. midwife, 22 4^ Highrftr.—- remorcs^ 

the toothach 
M' Arthur, John, tailor, 4^, Trongatr 
M^ Arthur & Fergufon, grocers, 150, SaUmarket- 
M< Arthur, John, furgeon, 142, Stockwell >. 

M* Arthur, J.ohri, mercht. 55i St. Andrew's fqiiare.- 

M«AR [ 72 J M^CA 

M* Arthur, John, ^un. Renfrewftiire Bank 
M^Arthur, Archibald, manufacturer, Anderfton 
M<Arthur*8 academy, 12, Prince's ftreet 
■ M* Arthur, R. fpirlt-dealer, Broomielaw 
M* Arthur, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 116, Bridgegatej 

houfe, 121, do. 
M* Arthur, Daniel^ teacher of Latin, Public Grammar 

School; lodging, 95, John-ftreet 
M* Arthur, James, at James Campbell & Co*8, Iodg» 

ing, 2, Dunlop-ftreet 
M'Aulay, J. & J. nurfery & feedfmen, 159, Trong. 
M*Aulay, Hill & Cp. manufrs. 7, South Frederick-ftr. 
M*Aulay & Carrick, fpirit and porter cellars, Sid" 

ney Court 
M*Aulay, Peter, floneware fiiop, 84, Candleriggs 
M'Aulay, John, merchant, 55, St. Andrew's fqaare 
M'Bean, JEne^Si merchar.t, 56^ Ingram-flreet 
M*Beth, Daniel, teacher, 113^ Trongate 
M^Brair, Arch & Alex, dryfalters, 59, Candleriggs 
M*Brair, Robert, & Co. dryfalters, 14, Cochrane-ftr* 
JM'Brair, Archibald, houfe, Duke-ftreet 
M*Braryne, Stenhoufe & Co. calico-printers; warc- 

houfe, 302, High-ftreet 
H'Brayoe, Neil, manufr. to be found at 66, Trong. 
M'Brayne, David, manufacturer, 5, King-ftreet 
M^Bride, M. hairdrefler, 24, Glafsford-ftreet 
M*Bride, John, fpirit-dealer, Jamaica-ftreet 
M*Broom, Ephraim, tailor, 22, Prince's ftreet 
, H Cachern, Donald, grocer, 34^, Gallowgate 
IMCachern, Hugh, tailor, 110, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Call, Alexander, merchant, Buchanan -flreet 
M*Call, Geo. merchant, lodging, 81, John.ftreet 
MCall, John, do. do. 38, Milier-ftreet 

M<C^ & Thomilbn, merchants, 49, Brunfwigk-iir, 

M'Callum, Duncan, grocer, 45, Bell-ltreet 
MCallum, D. fpirit and porter cellars, 121, Sahm^, 
MCallium, Mrs. fpirit-tlealer, 8, High-ltreet 
M<Ca]lum, William^ haberdalher, 90, Hurchefoii-ftr. 
><l*CaUum» D. jeweller, 6, do. 

MCallum, Duncan, fen. meafurer, 32, Stockwell 
MCalium, Duncan, jun. do. Nile-ftreet, GaUowg. 
M*Callum, John, & Co.fpirit.deaiers,292, Argyli-ftr^ 
M*Callum, Munro & Co. merchts. 26*, Nelfon-ilreet 
lV1*Calman, Alexander, grocer, 67, Troiigate 
MCafh, Thomas, lockfmith, 24, Canon- ftreet 
M'Calh, John, ironmonger, 45j Gallowgate 
M'Caul, Aiex. merchant-, lodgmg, Buchanan-ftreet 
M'Caul, John, merchant, 9? Trongate 
M*Cafal, Gilbert, ihoe ihop, IS^ Hutchefon-ftreet 
M*Clunie, John, & Co. grocers, 154-, Saltmarket 
M^Ciure, Robert, writer, 82, Hutchefoii-ltreet 
M'ColJ, H. grocer, 133, Saltmarket 
M«Coll, John, fpirit-dealeTi J 3, Prince's ftreet 
M*Come, William, biickmaker, Gallowgate toll 
M'Conechy, James, baker, 378, do. 
M*Connel, J. ironmonger, 377, Saltmarket 
M*Corkle & Henry, rope-fpinners, Gorbals 
M*Corkle, Wm. Edinburgh and Greenock carrier; 

M'Corkie, Archibald, (hoemakcr, Grahamfton 
M'Cormick, John, merchant, at W Stirling & Son'^s 
M*Cormick, Duncan, candle (hop, 400, Gallowgate 
M'Cracken, Alexander, grocer, S31, dp. 
Iv3<Cracken, John, vintner, New-wynd 

M'Crae, , milliner, 83, Glafsiord-flreet 

M'Creath, James, wright, 9, Virginia-(lreet 

M<Credie, Archibald, 7, Miller-ftreet 

JdCreddie, Thojmas, jlpirit-dealer, 130, Saltowrkel 

M«CR C 7* ] M'DO 

M<Crindeil, W. merchant, 50j Argyll-ftreet " 
MCrocket, B. baker, & flour merch. 52, Bridgegate- 
MCrone, J. autSiioneer and agent, 307, High-ilreet 
MCubbin, Clarkfon & Go. manufrs. 442, Gallowg. 
M*CuIloch, John, grocer, 11, King-ftreet 
M^Culloch, George, teacher, Virginia-ftreet 
M<Cullbch, Robert, wheelwright, Campbell-ftreet 
M*Culloch, Penny & Co. manufrs. 29, St. And. fqr. 
M'CuUochj John, lodging, do. 

M<Gulloch, Davidi do. Jamaica-ftreet 
M^CulIoch, Mofes, ironmonger, 388, Gallowgate 
M'Culloch, William, grocer, 115, do. 
M'Culloeh, J. plane-maker, Gibfon-Or. doi 
MCulloch, And. bobbin-maker, Blackfriars' Wyni 
M*CulIoGh, James, clothier, 46, Trongate 
M^Culloch, Thomas, grocer, 594, Argyll-ftreet 
MCulloch, Thos. cotton-fpinner, 34, Havannah-ftro 
M'Curtain, William, grocer. 113, High-ftreet » 
K^Donald, John, grocer, Melville Place, Trongate 
M*Donaldy A. & Co. jewellers & medicine vender^^ 

1 20,'^rongate 
M*Donaid, John, writer, 1, Bmnfwick Place 
M'Donald, D. 38, Argyll-ftr.; lodg. 37, Dunlop-ftr. 
M*Donald, John, chair-mafter, 43i Argyll-ftreet 
IVl'JJonald, M. gardener, Gorbals 
M* Donald, A. fupervifor, lodg. near Pollock*s land, Aoi 
M* Donald, R. faddler, 90, Gbfsford>ftreet 
McDonald, John, ftone-ware fliop, 42, Beli-ftreet; 
M -Donald, Roderick & Co. merchts 46, Dunlop-ftr*- 
M'Donald, M.fpirit dealer, 88, Bridgegate 
M' Donald, Peter, fpirit-dealer, 50, Saltmarket 
M iJanald, Ronald, grocer, 80, Candleriggs 
McDonald, Robert, rrerchant, at W, E. IWLaeV. 
M^Dougaii, Robert, grocer, &c. 7S, KiDg-ftree-t 

M«DO ['75 ] M«FA 

M«Dougall, J. agent, for Hull and Dundee traders, 

57, Queen-ftreet 
M<Dougall, Peter, grocer, 282, H^gh-ftreet 
M^Dotigall, Duncan, manufadurer, 9, Trongate 
M*Dougall, Duncan, jun. grocer, 75, do, 
M«Dougall, Mrs. John, grocer, 68, Argyli-ftreet 
M'Dougall, Duncan, fjen. grocer, Caiton 
M'Dougall, Peter, manufadurer, 2^, Brunfwick-ftre 
M<Dougall & Barrie, furgeons, College Buildings 
M*Dowall, Andrew, feedfman, 39, Argyil-ftreet 
M*Dowall, James, & D. Hort, jun. & Go. calico- 
printers, 39, Virginia- ft reet 
M<Ew.,n, James, cloth merchant, 7, Trongate 
M«Ewan, J. & T. Ballingall, writers, 69, do. 
M«Ewan, Mrs. fhroadmakeri 154, do. 

M'Ewan, D. tailor, 13, do. 

M*Ewan & Campbell, cloth merchts. 1 76, do. 
M*Ewan, Andrew, baker, Anderfton 
M<Ewan, James, tea-dealer, 19, High-ftreet 
M<Ewan, William, grocer, 395, Gallowgate 
M'Ewan, James, & Co. manufacturers, 68^ Bell-ftr. 
M*Ewan, James, bailie of the '^ High churchyard*, 

lodging, 110, Argyli-ftreet * 
M<Ewan, Jonah, cabinet-maker, Grahamfton 
M«Ewan & Gunning, tailors, 53, Saltmarket 
M*Ewan, Samuel, tailor, 180, do. 
M'Fadyen, Neil, candle ftiop, 441, Gallowgate 
M*Fadyen, J. ftationery & mufic (hop, 30, Wiifon-ftr. 
M^Farlane, W. chaife-hirer, 124, Trongate 
M'Farlane, T. & A. cotton-fpinrs. Clyde-fir. Anderft. 
M'Farlafie, A. (boemaker, 82, Glafsford-ftreet 
M'Farlane, Mrs. Robert, grocer, 23, Candleriggs 
M^Farlane^ William, perfumer, 24, Argyll- ftrectj 
M Farlaae, M. B. haberd.ifher, 89, Hutchefon-ftreet 

M<FA [ 76 3 M«GA 

M«Farlane, Dickfon & Co. fpirit cellars, 20,Galloi?;^g. 
M'Farlane, Peter, piafterer, Portland-ftr. Deanfide 
M Farlane, John, 60, Brunfwick-ftreet 
M«FarIane, Daniel, fpirit-cellar, 180, Saltmarket 
M'Farlane, John, bellman, 1S6, do. 

. M*Farlane, R. baker, 215, George-ftreet 
\ M*Farlane, Duncan, hofier; lodging, Frederick-ftreet 
T"^M«Farlane, D. & Co. ftocking-manufaaurers, ll,do. 
^^ M<Farlane, James, fpirlt-deaier, 80, High-ftreet 
s^ M«Farlane, Andrew, joiner, 77, do. 
^ M<Farlane, Walter, cooper, Mitchell-ftreet 
M'Farlane, Robert, grocer, 148, StockweU 
M«Farlane, James, grocer, &c. 113, do. 
M'Farlane, Daniel, fpirit-dealer, 10, do. 
M<Farlane, Mrs. Wm. cooper, 93, do. 
M'Farlane, J. hofier, 52, John-ftreet 
M'Farlane, William, eottoil-fpinner, Gorbais 
M^Farlane, John, boot and fhoemaker, Main-ftr. do. 
M'Farlane, Walter, currier, Tanwork clofs, GallowgJ 
M'Farlane, John, fpirit-dealer, 418, do. : 

^^ M«Farlane, D. teacher, Brunfwick Place , ' 

^ M*Farlane, P. meafurer, 23, King-ftreet 
A M'Farlane, George, vintner, 164<, Trongate 
•^ M'Farlane, William, baker, 2, Prince's ftreet 
^ M*Farlane, Malcolm, cotton-fpiniier, Bufbie, to be 
1^ heard of at J. & G. Buchanan's, 32, StockweU 
M'Farquhar, Js. mercht. Wilfon's court, Argyll- ilr, 
M<Feat, Walter, & Co. ftationers, 105, Trongate 
M«Fee, John, & Co. calico-printers, 17, St. And. ftr. 
M<Fee, Alexander, {piric-dealer, 65y Bell-Itreet 
M«Funn, Peter, manufadr. i 3, St. Andrew's lane; 
houfe, New-ilreet, Cakon 

l<Funn, Daniel, & Son, manufadurers, 62, Trong, 
(i-Garva, Peter, joiner, Spoutniouth 

M<GA ■[ 77 3 M-HU 

M^Garvie, J. (lioe fhop, 1^ John-flreet 
M^Gavin, W. at D. Lamb & Go's. lodg. 38, John- fir. 
M*Geachie, John, grocer, 116, Stockwell 
M^George, A. writer, 74?, Glafbford-ftreet; office. 

Town-clerks* chambers 
M^Gibbon, D. merchant, lodging, 27, John-flreet 
M'Gili, Rev. Dr. Stevenfon, North Hanover-ftreet 
M'Gilchrift, J. & Son, wooliendrapers,460,Gallowg. 
M'Gilp & Shirra, wine merchants, Sidney Court 
M*Gilvra, M. & Co. merchants, 36, BruRfwick-llr. 
M*Gown, Robt. writing-mafler, 67, do. 

M<Gown, Campbell & Co. ftationers, 10, Argyll-ftr. 
McGregor, J. & Co, manufadurers, 29, St. A. fqr. 
M'Gregor, Peter, Sc Co. calico-printers, do. 
McGregor, Alexander, do. houfe, 1 3, Charl.-ftr. 

McGregor, D. woollendraper, 85, Hutchefon-ftreet 
M,Gregor, Hugh, grocer, 292, High-ftreet 
McGregor, D. & H. fpirit-dealers, 263, do. 
McGregor, Dugald, woollendraper, 12, Trongate 
M*Grigor, James, cloth merchant, 11, do, 
M'Grigorj James, do. 28, do. 

M*Grigor, John, hatmaker, 163, do, 

M'Grigor, John, vintner, 184-, do, 

M^Grigor, Dugald, meal-feller, 612, Argyll-ftreet 
M*G?rigor, Alexander, writer, 20, Gallowgate 
r>I*Grigor, John, vintner, 442, do. 

M'Grigor, J, jun. & Co. woollendrapers, 428, do. 
M<Grigor, W. & Co. agents, 58, Glafsford^ftreg!: 
M^Grigor, W. agent; houfe, Robertfon-itr^et 
M'Hr.ffie, David, & Co. 11, St. Andrew's fquare 
M'Haffie, David, at do. do. 

M*Haffie, MCulloch & Co. manufrs. dq. 
M'Hutchifon, James, manufr. 67, Brunfwick-ftreet 
M^Hutchifon; Robert, grocer, Gorbai^ 

M<IL [ 78 ] ■ MfKA 

M'Tlwham, Thomas, calendrer, Sidney- (Ireet 
M'Xlwham, J. manufadurer, 79, Glafsford-ftreet 
lV[*Ilwham, J. merchant, lodging, Hyde Park 
M^Indoe, Mrs. A. Scotch cloth {hop, 329, High-ftf. 
M*Indoe, Walter, perfumer, 48, Argyll-ftreet 
M*Indoe & M'Intofh, caiendrers, 9, Garthland-ilr. 
M<Indoe, George, vintner, 1, King-ftreet 
M'Innes, Mrs. raid wife, 76, Saltmarket 
M*Innes, Duncan, grocer, 46, Gallowgate 
M'lnnes^M. milliner & haberdalher, 117, Nelfon-ftr. 
M*Innes, Wm. beadle, 91, Glafsford-ftreet 
M*Inroy, Parker & Co. counting-houfe, 1 l,Ingram-ftr. 
M'lnroy, J^mes, lodging, 60, Buchanan-ftreet 
M*]ntoih, G. & Co. Cudbear work, nigh Craig^s park 
M'Intofli, George, merchant, lodging, do. - M 

M'lntoih, G. & C. chymifts, at the Cudbear works 
M'Intofli, George, fplrit-dealer, Broomielaw 
M*Into41i, Alexanxler, vidualler, 1 6, Candleriggs 
M^Intofh, L. vintner, Poil-ofhce court 
M'fnto{h, Hugh, Ipdging, Adam's court 
M^Intofh, David,, grocer, 110, High-ftreet 
M'Intofe, John, merchant, 60, GLifsferd-ftreet 
M*Into{h, Andrew, do« 41yd0,houfe,,lOO,Geo.-ftr 
M'Intofh, D. mufician, 243, High-ftreet 
M*Intofti, Knox & Co. barm cellar, Back-wynd 
M*Intyre, John, cloth ihop, 3, Trongate 
M'Intyre, John, at Colin Campbell & Co's 
M^Intyre, Archibald, fmith, Maxwell-ftreet 
M<Intyre, Patrick, fpirit-dealer, 22, Stockwell 
M'intyrej Johc, Scotch cloth Ihop, 1, Gallowgate 
M'Intyre, John, fmith, .33, do, 

M*Kay, R. joiner, Grxme-ftreet do. 

M'Kay, Hugh, grocer, 21, Saltmarket 
M'Kay, Mrs. fpirit cellars, 9, Candleriggs 


M*Kay, T. tailor, 98, Trongatc 

M'Kay, Hugh, mercht. at Todd, Shortrldge & Go's 

M'Kay, William, vintner, 68, Bell ftreet 

MKay, Hugh, vintner, 307, High-ftreet 

M*Kay, Archibald, joiner, Portland-ftreet 

M*Kay, William, agent & broker, 185, Exchange}- 

lodging, Pottery land, Finnic ft on, 
M'Kay, M. & H. rum & virlne cellars, 91,^ Hutch»-ftf-- 
]M*Kay, John, fpirit-dealer> 83, Bridgegate 
M-Kay, Hugh, grocer, 317, Gallowgate 
M'Kean, Alexander, merchant, Union Place 
M'Kean, William, beadle. Gray friars* Wynd 
M*Kechnie,, Alexander, merchant, 68, Bell-ftreet 

M*Kechnie, , brickmaker, Gallowgate toll 

M Kechnie, John, Inverary carrier, S3, Candleriggs? 
M'Keilar, D. merch 30^ Miiier-ftr.houfe, 15,Geo-fqr 
M»Keiiar,, Angus, teacher, Morifon's court 
M'KeUar, A. fph-it-dealer, 459, Gallowgate h, 

M/Kendrick, Andrew, plailerer, Hutchefontowil :;.-. 
M*Kendrick, Andrew, tinfmith,. 238, High-ftreet 
M'Kenzie, James, merchant, Virginia- ftreet* 
M^Kenzle, Rev^John, foot of Drygate - 

M*Kenjjie, Wm. tea & fpirit Ihop, 8^, King-ftreet. 
M*Kenzie,, John, merchant, 27, Charlotte-ftreet 
M*Kenzie, Mifs,.fewing-miftrefs, 19> Maxwell ft reetit^ 
JifI*Kenzie, John, fpirit-dealer, &€. 25, John-ftreet i 
R1*Kenzie, Alexander, grocer, 71, Trongate 
M^ICenzie, D. printer, . 154, , do. ••.. 

M*Kenzie, Feter, Jhoemaker, 81,,Hutchefon-ftr^C£.' . 
^i<Kenzie, John, upholfterer, 17, do; 

M*Kenzie, Donald,, tailor, 3 S, Gallowgate • 

M^i-Cenzie, Daniel, inkle-faO:ory,, N. Albion-ftreeil ' 
WhK^nzky Feter,. balket^maker,. 98>, Candierigg|i^ * 

M*Kerliej Alexander, merchant, 9, Trongatej houfcj 

S5, Dunlop-lfreet; cotton- works, Gorbals 
M'Kimming, Geo. jun. brufhmaker, 414, Gailowg, 
M'Kimming, George, do. 1, New-wynd 

Rl'Kinlay, H. merch. at Tod^, Shortridge & Go's 
M'Kinlay, D. cooper, 23, King-ftreet 
JVMCinlay, Walter, fplrit-dealer, 607, Argyll- flreet 
jM'ICinlay, George, grocer, 25, Caftle-ftreet 
H*Kinlay, Jimes, manufadlurer, Greenhead 
M*Kin]ay, P. fpirit (hop, 424, Gallowgate 
M^Kinlay, John, lodging, 12, Clyde buildings 
M*Lachlan, C. merch. at G. & R. Deiiniftouii & Go's 
M«Lachlan, A. do. at Mrs. Brown's, 47, Argyll-ftr* 
M<Lach!an, H . faddler, 4, Arg -ilr. houfe, 1 1 , Hut.-ftr* 
M^Lachlan, D. & Co. Grahamfton 
M*Lachlane, Hugh, writer, 21, Glafsford-ftreet 
M*Lachlane, D. (hoe (hop, Brunfwick-ftreet 
M*Lachlane, John, manufadurer, 85, Candleriggs 
M<Lachlane & M'Keand, cloth ihop, 325, High-a?, 
>l*Lachlarje, James, iron-founder, Gorbals 
M«Lac, Adam, hofier, Little Dovehill 
M'Lauchlan, Lachlan, cloth ihop, 468, Gallowgate 
McLaren & Leechman, ironmongers, 13, do. 
M*Liaren, Rev. J. Tradeftown 
McLaren, John, grocpr, 99, High-ftreet 
McLaren, Mrs. furniftied lodgings, Queen-ftreet 
McLaren, R. Britannia tavern, 154, Trongate 
M*Laren,Henderron & Co. Mancheiter wareho. 98,do> 
M*Laren, Grierfon & Co. do. do. do. 

]M*L3ren & Stalker, agents, 51, Hutchefon-ftreet 
M'Laren, D. cooper, 66, Bridgegate 
M<Laurln, James, quiii-warehoufe, 13, St. A. Lane 
M^I^aws, Wm. leather-cellar, 15, Brunfwick-ftreet 
M*Lcan, John, autlioneer, 2, Candleriggs 

M*LE [ 81 ] M*Lt.T 

M*Leaii, James, umbrella-maker, 12, Stockweil 
M*Lean, Alexander, fmith, 147, do. 

M*Lean & M<Alpine, manufrs. 74-, Glafsford-ftr, 
M'Lean, Rev. James, lodging, Gorbals 
McLean, M. & Co. calendrers, 8, Ingram-ftreet 
M*Lean, Fin. cooper and dealer in lifh, Jamaica-ftr* 
M'Lean, Laehlane, trunkmaker, 91, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Lean, Mifs, milliner, 11 4*, do. 

M'Lean, John, at M. M^Gilvra & Go's 
M'Lean, H. manufacturer, 127,Trongate 
M'Lean, Archibald, 17, Saltraarket 
M'Lean, Hugh, grocer, 222, High-ftreet 
M<Lehofe, Robert, hofier, hatter, glover, & umbrel- 
la-maker, 160, Trongate, oppofite Tron fteeple 
M<Lei{h, Alexander, grocer, 51, King-Creet 
M^Leiih, Alexander, fkinner, 16, Bridgegate 
M<Lellan, John, manufadurer, 76, Hutchefon-itreat 
M*LelIan, Duncan, woollendraper, 7, Nellon-ftreet 
M*Lelian. John, print-cutter, 268, High-ftreet 
M'Leilan, James, cloth ihop, 23, Trongate 
M*Lellan, J. & W. manufrs. 40, do. 
iVI'Lellan, D. & H. hardware-men, 178, Saltmarket 
M< elland, Dunbar & Stonehoufe, coachmake^, 2 1, 

Miller- 11 reet 
M'Leod, Dr H ProfeiTor of Church Hiftory, College 
M*Leod, George, furgeon, 98, Glafsford-ilreet 
M*Leod, Cornehus, tanner, Old Vennal 
M«Leod, Alex. & Co. fpirit-dealers, 1 7, King-flreet 
M'Leod, Alexander lodging, 13, do. 

M*Leod, Mifs, milliner, 112, Nelfon-ftreet 
M'Leod, Angus, hatmaker, 21, 8altmarket 
Macleroy, Finlay & Co. manufadurers, Craigneftocfc 
M*Limont.& Marfhali, nlk warehoufemen, I3,Trong, 
M*Luckie, John, piafterer, Charlotte-lane 

M^LU [ 82 ] M*NE 

M*Liickie, Thomas^ tailor, 180, Saltmarket 
M'Luckie, William, haberda&sr, 83, Bell-tlreet 
M'Lymont, James, Sc Co. curriers, S8, Bridgegate , 
M Michael, David, manufadlurer, 77, Bell-ftreet 
McMillan, Walter, manufacturer, 4?49', Galiowgate 
M Mitlan, James, tailor, 2, King-ftreet 
Ivi'Millan, Andrew, candle (hop, 43, Argyli-ftreet 
M'Millan, Dan. & Son,, leather cellars, 132, Trong, 
M'Milian, Daniel, & Co. (hoe fhop, 79, do. 
McMillan & M' Arthur, tailors, 136, do.. 

M*Mil!an, D. fpirit-deaJer, 79, Saltmarket 
M'Miilan, John, fpirit-dealer, 56y Stockwell 
M-Murray, Thos. & Co, manufacturers, Nile^ftreet 
M'Murrich & Forlong's wine and fpirit fhop, 17;>. 

St. Andrew's lane 
M'Murrich, J timber-merchant, Union Places houfe^ 

€2, Jamaica-ftreet 
M'Nab. Archibald, lodging, 7, Carlton Place 
M'Nab, Arch. & Co. manufrs. 38, Hatchefon-ftreet. 
M*Nab, M'Farlane & Co. merch. 60, Brunfwick-Hr^. 
M'Nab, Archibald, at J. & G. Buchanan*s 
M^Nab, R. & A. manufaaurers, 20, St. And. fqfo 
M^Nab, Alexander, lodging, do. . 

M'Nab, Rob. manufacturer, Stirling- {Ireet 
M'Nae, H. accomptant, 8, G^irthland-ftreet 
M'Nair, Robert & James, fugar-refiners, Queeii*-ftr». 
M'Nair, Robert, bookbinder, head of Back wynd 
MNair 6t D4ck, whoiefale grocers, 38, Argyli^lreeS. 
M'Nair, John, houfe, oppofite Adam's court, do. 
M'Nair, Atexander, pap^r warehcnife, 33. Bell-ftreet 
M*Nair, James, fmoke-doCtor, Calton rriouth 
|yI*N aught, D. manufacturer., 1 2, Wiifoii-itrect 
M'Naughtan, J grocer, 597, Argyll-itreet 
M*Nee, Jl. gioccr, 403, Gailo\^'gate 

"M*NE [ 8S ] M*WA 

M«Nee, William, grocer, 94-, Trongate 
M'Mee, M. grocer, 78, Stockwell 
M*Neii], Stewart & Co. merchts. 59, Charlotte- ftr. 
McNeill, William, merchant, lodging, 59, do. 
M'Neillj Alexander, grocer, 79, Candleriggs 
McNeill, Mrs. D. grocer, 46, Argyll-ftreet 
M'Nicol, Ronald, merchant, Turner's court 
M»Nicol, D. grocer, Shuttle-ftr^et 
N^Nrcol, Archibald, cloth-(hop, 315, High-flreet 
N«Nicol, Alexander, ftabler» 216, do. 
M<Nicol, John, Inverary carrier, 9, Jackfon-ftreet 
M*Ni{h, J. furgeon, 114., Argyll-ftr. {hop, 606, do. 
M'Niih, J. K. do. Turner's court, (hop, 606, do. 
M<Owat, Waiter, fpirit-ftiop, 85, Saltmarket 
M'Phail, J. tailor, 140, do. 

M'Phail, D. cotton- fp inner, Tradeftown 
M<Pherfon & M'Lachlan, writers, 21, Glafsford-ftr. 
M*Pherfon, James, manufa^l. 5, St. Andrew's lane 
M'Pherfon, D. & Son, fpirit-dealers, 35, Canon-fir. 
M*Pherfon, John, grocer, 90, Candleriggs 
M<Pherfon, Arch, grocer, 8, King-ftr. houfe, above 
M^Pherfon, D. fpirit-dealer, 54?, Bridgegate 
M^Pherlbn, Gilbert, ftabler, '277, High- ftreet 
M'Pheiibn, Angus, merchant, 287, do. 

M*Queen, Wra. tobacconift, 289, do. 

McQueen, Robert, rope-fpinner, Campbell- ftreet 

M'Rae, , milliner, 83, Glafsford- ftreet 

M'Ruerj J. wright & timber-merchant, 595, ArgylUlir. 
M'Turk, Wm. Profeflbr of'Church Hiftory, College 
M<Tyre, Wm. boot & ihoe fhop, 5, Argyll-ftreet 
M<Waters, John, brickmaker, Campbell-ftreet 
M^Waker, John, brickmaker, Crown-point 

NAI [ 84 ] NEW 


Naifmith, W. &Co. manufacturers, 6, Charlotte-lane 
Napier, John, iron-founder, Jamaica-ftreet 
Napier, Archibald, lodging, Greenhead 
Napier, George, 182, Trongate 
Napier, William, coal-agent^ 56^ Saltmarket 
Napier, Robert, & Alex, fpirit-merchts. 67, Stockwell 
Napier, Mrs. George Inn, 18, George's fquare 
Neafmith, David, vintner, 43, Trongate 
Neafmith, William, leather {hop, 67, Bell-ftreet 
Neil, Mrs. heddlemaker, Blackfriars' Wynd 
Neil, James, teacher, 82, High-ftreet 
Neil, Daniel, & Co. 26, Bell-ftreet 
Neilfon, Robert & James, 26, do. 
Neilfon, George, merchant, 51, do. 
Neilfon & Hunter, manufrs. 46, St. Andrews' fqr, 
Neilfon, William & James, builders, Tradeftown 
Neilfon, J. architect & meafurer, 94, George-ftreet 
Neilfon, John, manufacturer, Bilhop-ftr. Anderfton 
Neilfon, William, candlemaker, 359, Gailowgate 
Neilfon, T- & J. tobacconifts, 40, do. 
Neilfon, P. fpirit-deaier, J 60, do. 

Neilfon, Th. cheefe & ham wareboufe, 19, King-ftr. 
Neilfon, Mrs. ftabier, 274, Kigh-ftreet 
Neilfon, Napier, calendrer, South Albion-ftreet 
Neilfon, James, Helenfburgh carrier, 45, Stockwell 
Newall, A. agent, 12, Stirling-ftreet 
Newbigging, A. & J. & Co. manufrs. 27,Montrofe-ftr. 
Newham & Denny, manufacturers, Stirling-ftreet 
Newhara, D. manufadr. houfe, Graham's buildings 
Newlands & Tannahill, irifti and Ruilia* mer- 
chants, SIB, High-ftreet 


Newlands, John, tailor, 33, St. Andrew's fquare 
Newlands, James, jeweller, 98, Hutchefon-Ilreet 
Newman, William, joiner, Shuttle-fcreet 
Newton, William, confedioner, 300, High-ftreet 
Nichol, Colin, fiioemaker, Laigh-kirk clofs 
Nichol, James, dyer, 35, Havannah-flreet 
Nichol, Js. cotton and worfted fliop, 6, St. And. llr^ 
Nicholfon, James, manufadlurer, 6, Bell-ftreet 
Nicholfon, Peter, architedl:, 13, Brunfwick-Place 
Nimmo, R. writer, clerk of police, Candleriggs 
Nimmo, John, M. D. Spreul's land, 106,Trongate 
Ninimo,W.& Co.tea&fpirit-dealers, 613, Argyll-ftr. 
Nimmo, Alexander, meal-feller, S5, Bridgegate 
Nimmo, Robert, merchant, 44, Miller-ftreet 
Nifbet, John, timber-meafurer, Txadeftow^n 
Nifbet, Alexander, faddler, Grahamftcn 
Nifbet, Alex. & Son, grocers, 41, Gallowgate 
Nifbet, John, grocer, 337, doo 

Nifbet, P. dyer, 135, High-flrfeet 
Nifbet &Mackie,Kilmarnockcarriers, 57, Brunfw.-flr. 
Nifbet, Wm. & Co. oil of vitriol makers, 13, do. 
Nifbet, Thomas, joiner, &c. Mitchell-ftreet 
Niven, R. B. foap and candle fhop, 124, Bridgegate 
Niven, R. B. & Co. do. Gorbals 

Niven, David, & Co. bookfellers & ftationers, and 

State Lottery-office, 139, Trongate 
Niven, Napier & Khull, printing office, Pofl-oflice 

Court, Trongate 
Niven, Charles, horfe fetter, 22, Candleriggs 
Norrie, W. A. cutler, 77, Hutchefon-flreet 
N orris, James, oil-fhop, New-wynd, and cooperage, 

34, Cochrane-ftreet 
Norris, Alexander, cotton- fp inner, Greenhead 
North Quarter Vidualiing Society, 133, Rottenrow 

NOR [ 86 ] OWI? 

Nerval, William, brufhmaker, 102, Trongate 
Nerval, James, combmaker, 81, High-ftreet 


O'Flaherty, David, furveyor of cuftoms; lodging, 

Wood-lane, Broomielaw 
Ogilvie, John, glafs-warehoufe, Clyde-ftreet 
Ogilvie, Thomas, manufacturer, 14, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Ogilvie, E. tailor, SO, Gallowgate 
Ogilvie & Cravi^furd, joiners, Sidney court, Arg.-ftr. 
Ogle, Maurice, bookfeller, 8, Wilfon-ftreet 
Oliphant & Corbet, manufadlurers, 39, Giafsford-ftr. 
Orhart, White, Rofe & Co. manufrs. 459, Gallowg. 
0«Rourk, Hugh, tailor, 125, Saltmarket 
Orr, Andrew, bookfeller & ftationer, 155, do. 
Orr, Francis, pocket-book-maker, 15, Prince's flreet 
Orr, James, fpirit-dealer & horfe- fetter, 160, Stockw, 
Orr, Robert, baker, Gorbals 
Orr, Charles, writing-mafi:er, 61, IngTam-ftreet 

Orr, , writer, 88, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Ofborne, Jonas, fiiverfmith, 29, John-ftreet 
Ofborne, M. mathemat. inft. -maker, 406, Gallowg. 
Olborne, Vv^illiam, flioe fliop, 165, Saltmarket 
Ofborne, George, boot and Iboemaker, 51, Trongate 
Ofwald, Alex, merchant, lodging, Madeira-court 
Ofwald, James, do. do. 

Ofwald, George, '& Co. merchants, 112, Stockwell 
Ofwald & Hall, wine and rum-merchts. 81, Stir.- fir. 
Outram, Jofepn^ manager, Clyde- Iron-works 
Owen, Robert, merchant, 42, St. Andrew's fquare; 

iiouiej 42, Charlott'€ fireex 

PAI [ 87 ] PAT 

Pairman, Thomas, tanner, 77, New-wynd 
Faifley, James, accomptant, Hutchefontown 

Panton, Dr. , houfe, 52, High-ftreet 

Panton & Couper, furgeons, 174, Trongate 
Park, Allan, baker, l75, do. 

Park, Patrick, threadmaker, 25, St. Andrew's ftreet 
Park, G. D. ironmonger, 22, Galiowgate 
Park, Robert, agent & dryfalter, 153, Stockwell 
Park, Thomas, jun. hardware fliop, 96, Candleriggs 
Park, A. baker, 100, do. 

Parker, Wm. & Co. manufadiurers, S5^ do. 
Parker, James, baker, 45, Saltmarket 
Parker & M'Kinlay, manufacturers, 58, Bell-ftrect 
Parker, James, jun. baker, 436, Galiowgate 
Parkhill, Mrs. midwife, 97, New-wynd 
Parkhill, Barry, umbrella-maker, 7, Wilfon-flreet 
Parkiiill, J. O. plumber, 62, Candleriggs 
Parlane, Ure & Co. calendrers, 51, Beil-ftreet 
Parlane, Alexander, horfefetter, 27, Stockwell 
Parfeli, Mrs. John, fpirit cellars, 5, CindleriggSv 
Paterfon, William, confe^icner, 22, Trongate 
Paterfon, John, jeweller, 1 46, do. 

Paterfon, Matthew, tailor^ 322, High-ftreet 
Paterfon, John, fkinner, 71, Bridgegate 
Paterfon, Jamiefon & Co. manufrs. 55^ St. And. fq?- 
Paterfon, James, Oak tavern, 15, Argyll-flreet 
Paterfon, Rob. diaper and table linen merck. 600, doo, 
Paterfon, J. & T. hatmakers, 54, Wilfon-flreet 
Paterfon, Mrs. George, meal-feller, 6, New-wynd 
Paterfon, Mrs. ftabler and changekeeper, do. 
Paterfon, Dugald, yarn warehoufe, 80, Giafsford^ftr. 
lodging, 92, Stockwell 


Paterfon, James. 47, Charlotte-ftreet 
Paterfon, Thomas, card ihop, 12> Saltmarket 
Paterfon, D. foap and candle ftiop, 43 1, Galiowgate 
Paterfon, Alexarider, halrdreffer, 95, do. 
Paterfon, WiliiaiB, vintner, 60, do. 

Paterfon. James, fufyar-refiner, 399, do. 

PaterfoD, John, fpirit-dealer & paftry baker, 111, do> 
Paterfon, Henry, plafterer, Gibfon-ftreet 
Paterfon, Arch, manufadurer, 17^ St. Andrew's fir. 
Paterfon, E!izabeih, grocer, 7, King-ftreet 
Paterfon, J. & G. grocers, 86, dc. 
Paterfon, James, cheefe and ham fliop, 87, do. 
Paterfon, J, lace and fringe-maker, Claythorn-llreet 
Paterfon, James, fpirit-dealer, Calton mouth 
Paton, George, wooden diili (hop, 10, High-flreet 
Patton, Andrew, fplrit cellars, 54, do. 
Paton, Jofeph, fplrit and fruit fnop, 88, SaltmarkeS 
Paton, Js. ColleaorofPoflingDiftrich, 87, do. 
Paton, Charles, fpirit-dealer, 28, Argyli-ftreet 
Paton, Hugh, manufacturer, 29, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Paton, James, jun. manufa6lurer, Trades' land 
Paton, William, fpirit-dealer, Townhead 
Patrick, Alex. manufa£lurer, 459, Gallowgate 
Patifon, David, manufacturer, 27, Hutchefon-iireet 
Pattlfon & Howat, grocersi, 75, King-ilreet 
Pattifcn, John & Co. manufacturers," George's fquare 
Pattlfon, John, lodging, 2, Carlton Place 
Pattifon, Wm. merchant, Taylor-ftreet 
Pattlfon, John, jun. lodging, Jamaica- (treet 
Pattifons, Miffes, boardiitg fchool, 3, Montrofe-fir, 
Pattifon, William, plumber, 40, Dunlop-itreet 
Paul, James, manufacturer, 217, High-ftreet 
Paul, Jameo, tanner, 49, Bridgegate 
Paul) John, ipstnufa^^urer^ Melville Place 

PAU [ 89 ] PIC 

Paul, John, boot and (hoe (hop, 90, King-ftreet 

Paul, William, fpirit-dealer, 1 8, Argyll- ftreet 

Payler, Jofeph, faddler, 51, do. 

Pearfon, John, Ropework, 112, Stock well 

Peat, Js. merchant, at Glafgow NewTanwork. Coy*s. 

Peat, Robert, brewer, Shut-wynd 

Peddle, William, & Co. merchants, 13,TroHgate 

Peddie, Robert, painter, 177, do. 

Peebles, William, & Son, diaper and table linen 

warehoufe, 69, Trongate 

Peebles, , manufadlurer, 34, Deanfide Brae 

Pellance, Simon, carpet warehoufe, 34, Havannah- 

ilreet, lodging, George-ilreet 
Pender, Arch, manufacturer, 67, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Penman, Wm. furgeon, 621, Argyll-fireet 
Perdon, M. & J. manufaaurers, 20, Montrofe-Hr. 
Perfton, Mrs. muflin ftiop, 1, Beli-ftreet 
Perfton, J. vintner, 177^ Trongate 
Petrie, Robert, tailor, 180, Sakmarket 
Peter, Thomas, cotton-yarn warehoufe, 56,Wilfontftr. 
Peter, John, druggifl, 30, Trongate 
Peterkin, J. D. Royal Bank; lodg. Clyde Buildings 
Peterkin, Alexander, fucceiTor to Provan & Dickie, 

314, High- ftreet 
Peters, John, at Anderfon, Bannatyne & Go's; 

houfe, 44, John-ftreet 
Peterfoa, Peter, writer, Ingram's clofs, 25, Gallow- 

gate; houfe, Brownfieid 
Philip, Alex, watchmaker, 86, Glafsford-ftreet 
Philips, John, brafs- founder, 23, King-ftreet 
Phillips, Laurence, manufacturer, 44, Bell-ftreet 
Picken, Andrew, tea warehoufe, &c. 44, King-ftreet 
Picken, Andrew, tape manufacturer, 27, Canon-ftr. 
Picken, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 6<c.4i5jSaUmaik,et 

PIN [ 90 ] PRI 

Pinkerton, Wm. fpirit cellars, 12, St. Andrew's lane 

Pinkerton, Geo. do. 12, do. houfe, Clyde buildings 

Pinkerton, J. cooper, 34*, Saltmarket 

Pinkerton, Mrs. W. brewer. Turner's court, Arg-fir. 

Pinkerton, Allan, manufatlurer, 13, Trongate 

Pirrie, Rev. Alexander, Shuttle-ftreet 

Pirrie, Robert, cooper, Old-wynd 

Pitcairn, Thomas, manufa^burer, 79, Bell-ftreet 

Playfair, Patrick, & Co. merchts. Tontine Buildings 

Pienderleith, C. glafs warehoufe, 40, Glafsford-ltr. 

Pollock, Thomas, woollendraper, 27, Trongate 

Pollock, Mrs. William, vintner. Tontine clofs 

Pollock, Mrs. James, vintner, Gorbals 

PollQck, John, fpirit-dealer, 589, Argyll-ftreet 

Pollock, A. ftrong- beer- houfe, Cochrane-ftreet 

Pollock & Fulton, manufrs. Whitehall, Anderfton 

Pollock, John, manufa6iurer, 12, Wilfon-fireet 

Pollock, William, horfefetter. Maxwell- ftreet 

Pollok, Allan, i, weft fide George's fquare 

Pollok, Jas. manufacturer, 23, St. Andrew's ftreet 

Pollok, Gilmour & Co. merchants, 119, Stockwell 

Porteous, Rev. Dr. V/illiam, 16, Jamaica-ftreet 

Porteous, Mrs. vintner, 54<, Trongate 

Porteous, William, fpirit-dealer, 22, Canon-ftreet 

Porter, Thomas, hatmaker, 24, Gallowgate 

Potter, Lewis, baker, 223, PLgh-ftreet 

Pott & McMillan, merchants, 449, Gallowgate 

Prentice, T. haberdalher, 119, Nelfon-ftreet 

Prentice, David, & Co. 29, Brunfwick-ftreet 

Prentice, Mifs, milliner, 154, Trongate 

Prefton Pans oil of vitriol Coy. head of Virginia-ftr. 

Fringle, John, joiner, 62, High-ftreet 

Pringle, John, fpirit-dealer, 11, Jairaica-ftreet 

Pringle, Thomas, fpirit-dealer, 103, Bridgegate 

PRO [ 9i ] RAM 

Proudfoot, William, glover, 50, Trongate 
Proudfoot, W. j un. glover, 97, Hut.-ftr, houfe, oppofite 
Proudfoot, Hew, glover, 103, Candleriggs 
Proudfoot, D. do. 58, Trongate 
Proudfoot, Alexander, hairdreffer, 46, StockweU 
Provan, John, manufacturer, Deanfide Brae 
Provan, Robert, baker, 36, High-ftreet 
Provan, James, vintner & ftabler, 64, Ingram-ftreet 
Provand, James, merch. 34, Hutchefon-ftreet; lodg- 
ing, Queen-ftreet 
Provand, George, merchant, 71, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Purdie, Thomas, joiner, 386, Gallowgate 
Purdon, Geo. meflenger, 420, do. 
Purdon, Robert, hingemaker, Cowcaddens 
Purves, Thomas, wright, 151, Saltmarket 
Purves, John, grocer, 6, North Frederick-ftreet 


Rae, William, tea-dealer, Saracen-lane, Gallowgate 
Rae, Robert, ham Ihop, 351, do. 

Rae & M'^Viccar, timber-merchants, near do. toll 
Rae, James, foap and candle (hop, 109, High-ftreet 
Rae, James, ftabler, 287, High-ftreet 
Railton, John, vendue-room, il, Saltmarket 
Rainey, Robert, merchant, George's fquare 
Ralph, John, vintner, 21, High-ftreet 
Raifton, Wm. ham and fpirit fliop, 123, Saltmarket 
Ramfay, Sam. merchant, Turner's court, Argyll- ftr. 

houfe, 10, Henderfcn's court, Jamaica-ftreet 
Ramfay, William, 51, Hatchefon-dreet j lodging, 

Mrs. Ramfay's, Kent-ftreet 
Ramf ly, E- ready made linen warehoufe, 14, Beli-ftr. 
Randolph, Thomas, tobaccoaift, 23 j^et 

RAN [ 92 ] RE[ 

llankeii, Andrew, vintner, 39, Prince's ftreet 
Ranken, Rev. Dr. Alexander, head of Montrofe-ftr, 
Rankine, James, vintner, 149, Saltmarket 
Rankine, William, manufadurer, 46, High-ftreet 
Rankine, James, victualler, 62, do. 

Rankine, John, grocer, 330, Gallowgate 
Rankin, James, tobacconift, 11 4-, Bridgegate 
Rankin, Robert, joiner, Caftle-ftreet, Townhead 
Reddie, James, advocate, 7, Frederick-itreet, office, 

City Clerks' Chambers 
Reid, William, & Co. printers, at the Crofs 
Reid & Mochrie, calendrers, 68, Bell-ftreet 
Reid, John, cabinetmaker, 600, Argyll-flreet 
Reid, Robert, merchant, Sidney Court, do. 
Reid, Mrs. Thomas, Kirk-ftreet, Townhead 
Reid, James, jun. manufacturer, 22, Trongate 
Reid, John, Tontine Tavern & Hotel, at the Exchange 
Reid, William, architeCl, 101, Candleriggs 
Reid, Francis^ watch & clockmaker, 32, Saltmarket 
Reid, Henry, bookbinder, 159, do. 

Reid & Fergufon, clothiers, 66, do. 

Reid, John, ham and cheefe fliop, 440, Gallowgate 
Reid, Hugh, ftabler, oppofite Dovehill, 380, do. 
Reid, William, ftabler, 74, do. 

Reid, John, wright, Saracen's lane, do. 

Reid, James, grocer, &c. Saracen's head, 107, do. 
Reid, Alexander, engraver on glafs, 236, High-itr. 
Reid, John, thread-maker, Duke-ftreet 
Reid, Mifs, milliner, 113, Nelfoii- ftreet 
Reid, John, & Co. grocers, 4, King-ftreet 
l^eid, Mrs. Daniel, ftabler, St. Andrew's lane 
Reid, And. houfe and v^arehoufe, 35j do. fquare 
Reid, Robert, whole-fale carpet warehoufe, 68, Bell* 

ftreet J houfe, 127, Trongate 

REI • [ 03 3 ROB 

Reid, David, watchmaker, 95, Hutchefon-llrcet 
Reid, Maleolm & Reid, 27, do. 

Reid, Patrick, marble-cutter, Jamaica-ilreet 
Reid, James, fculptor, Cochrane-ilreet 
Reid, William, grocer, Gorbals 
Reifs, J. L. merchant, Stirling-ftreet 
Rennifon & Colvill, painters, 48, King-ftreet 
Renwick, J. grain-dealer, 76, Gailqwgate 
Refton, Mrs. lets lodgings, 72, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Richards, J. umbrella-rnaker, 76, Candleriggs, and 

2, Wilfon-ftreet 
Richard, Robert, at James Finlay & Go's 
Richardfon, William, profefibr of humanity, College 
Richardfon, M. mercht. 23, George's fquare, S. fide 
Richardfon, William, & Co. 177, Trongate 
Richardfon, E, manufacturer, 28, Glafsford-llreet; 

houfe, Clyde Buildings 
Richardfon, planner, ]0,New-wynd 
Riddell, W^illiam, reedmaker, 12, Candleriggs 
Riddell, John, furgeon, Dunlop-ftreet 
Riddell, Wm. merchtv Adam's court, 97, Argyll-ftr. 
Rintoul, M. draw bonnet-maker, 63, Stockwell 
Rintoul, J. dealer in tea and lace, 132, Trongate 
Ritchie & Brown, infurance-brokers, Poft-office court 
Ritchie, Rev. Dr. lodging, Miller-llreet 
Ritchie, Henry, of Buil)ie, merchant, 14, Queen-fir, 
Ritchie, John & James, merchants, clofe by Smith- 
field, Broomielaw 
Ritchie & Stevenfon, merchants, 131, George-flreet 
Ritchie, James, maltman, Gorbals 
Ritchie, James, & Co. fplrit-dealers, 109, Bridgegate 
Ritchie, Thomas, hairdreffer, 57, ArgylKlreet 
Riik, James, &:. Son, 5, Cochrane-ftreet 
Robb, George, at Culcreuch yarn-warehoufe , 

ROB I 94. 3 ROB 

Robb, James, writer, 462, Gallowgate 

E-O'bb, John, do. do. 

Robert, J. grain-dealer, 315, do. 

Roberton, John & James, engineers, Tradeftowiv 

and iron-founders, Gorbals 
Roberton, J. & W. muflin manufrs. 13, Wilfon-ftr. 
Roberton, R. D. tailor, 43, Trongate 
Roberts, Mrs. femftrefs, 120, do. 
Robertfon, James, tea-fliop, 70, do. 
Roberfon, John, taylor, 30, do. 

Robertfon, Mrs. chair-ofiice, 154, do. 
Robertfon & Kaftie, hofiers, 169, do. 
Robertfon, J & A. manufrs. 72, Brunfwick-fkeet 
Robertfon, John, lodging, 29, Dunlop-ltreet 
Robertfon, Robert, cooper, foot of do. 
Robertfon, Ebenezer, fpir it- dealer, 25, Bell-flreet 
Robertfon, J. manufa6i:urer, 6, do. 

Robertfon, James, merchant, 23, St. Andrew's flreet 
Robertfon, Tate, Kinnear & Co. manufrs. 22, do. 
Robertfon & Wigham, manofa6lurers, 23, do. 
Robertfon, Wm. yarn-warehoufe, 44, St. And. fqr. 
Robertfon, Hugh, & Co. manufadurers, 17, do. 
Robertfon, Robert, do. 43, do. 

Robertfon, Alexander, writer, 142, Stockwell 
Robertfonj James, at Archibald, Douglas & Go's. 
Robertfon, John, h^am fhop, 21, Prince's ftreet 
Robertf6n, J. Tron Church beadle, 456^ Gallowgate 
Robertfon, John, ilioemaker, . 63, do, 
Robertfon, E. watchmaker, Grahamfton 
Robertfon, James & Wm. rope-fpinners, do. 
Robertfon, M. printer and bockfeller, 18, Saltmarke 
Robertfon, J. grocer, 
Robertfon, Andrev/, grocer, 
Hobertfon, John, vintner, 







ROB [ 95 2 R03 

Robertfon, W. furgeon and dniggift, 267, High-ilsr. 
Robertfon, William, grocer, 27, Bridgegate 
Robeftfon, Brown & Co. Smithfield, Broomielaw 
Robertfonj W. & J. merchants, do, do. 

Robertfon, J. M. & W. jun. do. do. 

Robertfon W. & R. timber-merchants, Port-Dundas? 
Robertfon, Eben. watchmaker, 68, Argyll-ftreet 
Robertfon, Peter, manufa^lr. 38, do. 
Robertfon, Robert, grocer, 103, do. 
Robertfon, David, tailor, 22, John-flreet 
Robertfon, William, joiner, 30, Candleriggs 
Robertfon, John, & Co. grocers, 73, do. 
Robertfon, James, man ufadurer, 9, John-ftreet 
Robifon, Robt. writer, at J. Lang's, 19, Virginia-fir.. 
Rodger, James, manufacturer, 64, Wilfon-ftreet 
Rodger, Wm. timber merch. head of Buchanan-ftr, 
Rodger ci Carmichaelj joiners, &c.' 43, Candleriggs- 
Rodie, William, dyer, 102, Stockwell 
Ronald, J. threadmaker, at W. & A. Cooper & Co's 
Ronald, B. glover & breeches-maker, 76, rrongatei, 

lodging, Villafield, Townhead 
Ronald, James, vintner, 302, Hlgh-ftreet 
Ronald, John, cloth fiiop, 2, Trongate 
Ronaldj John, baker, 73, do. 
Ronaldj John, vintner and flabl'er, New-viryntl 
Ronald,. John, fpirit cellar, 62, Prince's ftreet 
Ronald, John,, yarn merchant, 66, Wilfon- (Irest 
Rofs, James, merchant, 13, Brunfwick-ilreet 
Rofs, John, at Henry Hardie 5c Co's 
Rofs,. James, ironmonger, 41 1,. Gallo wg9.te 
Rofs, John, harfefetter, 414, do. 
Rofs & Mulr,.manii£a£lurers,. 72, Bell-flreet: 
,llof^, Francis, clerk at the Town's Hoipital 
Rofs &- Lockhart^ clotliiers,., 104^ Trongate 

ROS ' [ 96 ] RUT 

Rcfs, V/iliiam, taylor, 9, King-ftreet 

Rothefay Spinning Company's Warehoufe, at An- 

derfon, Bannatyne and Co'sj 87, Glafgford-ftreet 
Rowatt, Gavin, 421, Gallowgate 
Rowand, Michael, Ship Bank; houfe, Horn's court 
Rowan, John, heddlemaker, 19, Bunns-wynd 
Rowan^ Alexander, baker, 32, John-ftreet 
Rowan, Thomas, writer, Melville Place 
ivoy, James, porter cellars, •llO, Gallowgate 
Roy, Adam, grocer, 412, do. 

Roy, William, painter, SO, Trongate 
Royan, James, manufacturer, 72, Bell ftreet 
RulTel, J. & Co. Dalftiolm paper warehoufe, 75, do. 
Ruffel, John, fpirit fiiop, 12, do. 

Ruflel, William, hairdrefler, 3, do. 

RulTel, William, grain-dealer, 163, Stockwell 
RufTel, William,*grocer, 134, do. 

Ruffel Alexander, fhoemaker, 79, King-ftreet 
Ruffel, Buchanan, fpirit-dealer, 159, Saltmarket 
Ruffel, James, jun. grocer, 45, High-ftreet 
Ruffel, Robert, do. 74, do. 

Ruffel, Robert, , do. 93, do. 
Ruffel. James, do. 60, do. 

Ruffel, Jas. manufafSlurer, 46, do. 
Ruffel, James, tailor, 322, do. 

Ruffel, Mrs. midwife, Gibfon-ftreet, Gallowgate 
Kuffel, Henry, grocer, 34, do. 

Ruffel, Wm. ale & porter cellars, 89, Glafsford-ftr, 
Ruffel, John, merchant, 451, Gallowgate 
Ruffel, John, & Co. manufacturers, 21, St. And. fqr. 
Ruffel, Alex, meffenger, at Graham & Mitchell's 
Ruff.;!, Alexander, Hater, 56j Candleriggs 
Rutherford, James, joiner, Clyde-flreet, Anderfton 
Rmh'^rfordj S. 29, Arg.^ftr.; houfe, 20, N.Fred.-ftr. 

RUT [ 97 ] SCO 

Rutherfurd, George, 3, George's fquare, weft fide 
Ryder, Mrs. fewing-miftrefs, l,Kent-ftreet 

Safley, John, fmith, Muirhead-ftreet, Gorbals 
Salmond, G. writer, 50, High-ftr. houfe, 34,Fred.-ftr. 
Salmon, Archibald, rum-merchant, 18,StockweU 
Salmon, Robert, Hamilton hill, Canal old Bafon 
Sands,, grocer, 2., Kirk-ftreet, Townhead 
Sandilands, John, mullin agent, 18, High-flreet 
Sandeman, J. G. agent and linen warehoufe, whole- 

fale and retail, 21, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Sanderfon, John, writing- mafter, 22, Candleriggs 
Sawers, Robert, grocer, 339, Gallowgate. — Orders 

for P. Sawers, bleacher, Netherkirk, left here 
Scalesj, John, writer, ] 9, Prince's fireet 
Sclanders, Andrew, baker, Argyll-ftreet 
Scott, James, copperfmith, 619, do. 
Scott, W. fen. merchant, 604-, do. 
Scott, Son & Lawrie, timber-merchants, Clyde-fir, 
Scott, Allan, timber-merchant, Cochrane-ftreet 
Scott, W. jun. leather-merchanc, 20, tyt. Andrew-lane 
Scott & Ronald, man ufafturers, 29, do. ftreet 
Scott, George, counting-ho-ufe, 13, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Scott & Co. Engli(h carriers, SG^ do. 

Scott, J. & R. manufrs. lodging, Belgrave Place 
Scott, Jofeph, merchant, 7> Queen^ ftreet 
Scott & M*Donald, men-mercers, 8, Hutchefon-ftr» 
Scott, Wm. & Co. manufrs. 76, do. 

Scott, David, cabinetm.aker, &c. South Albion-ftr. 
Scott) Js. & Jofeph, manufa£turers, 17, Virginia-ftr, 
Scott, James, fen. merchant, 18^ do. 

Scott, Rev, Andrew, lodging, near the barracks 

SCO [ 58 ] SUA 

Scott, Hercules, manufadurer» South Alblon-ftreeEa 

lodging, 57, Hutchefon ftreet 
Scott, William, faddler. 43 4<, Gailowgate 
Seott, Gavin, baktr, 407, do. 
Scott, L. ftationer, 8, Nelfon-flreet 
Scott, James & Wm. manufadrs. 30, Candleriggs ? 
Scott, John, fpirit- dealer, 85, do. ; 

Scott, William, cooper, 45, do. 

Scott, John, tilemaker, eafl from the Barracks 
Scott, William, tobacconift, SOO, High ftreet 
Scott, Robert, baker, 298, do. 

Scott, Robert, jun. & Co. grain-dealers and wir^e- 

cellars, 157, 6 toekwell 
Scott, James, & Co. cloth (hop, 171,, Trongate 

Scott, J furgeon dentin, 6, Miller-ftfeet 

Scott, Mrs, lets lodgings, 53, Glafsford-ilreet 

Scouller, John, manufacturer, 79, Bell-ftreet 

Scouller, j. baker, Kent-ilreet 

Scruton, John, fiirgeon, 611, Argyll-ftreet 

Scrymgeour, J printer & bookfelier, 1, Hutchef.-Rf* 

Sellers, Andrew, boot and (hoe (liop, 161, baltmarkeJ^l 

Semple Robert, do. 157, do. 

Sample, John, porter & beer cellar, 124, do, ^ 

Semple, M. uierchant,-.23, St. Enoch's fquare 

Semple, John, bleacher, Finnieilon 

Senior, Jofhua, whole fale Manchefler warehoufe^ 

115, Trongate; hoafe, 42, Milkr-ilreet 
Seton, George, merchant, 427 > Gailowgate 
Seyer, N. French teacher, 72, BeiWlreet 
Shaddon, John, merchant, o£ Hanovsr-dreet 
Shand, W. & a. manufadurersj 74, ..viaisford41r,- 
Shanks, David, baker^ Aigvil-ftreet, well end 
Sha^..^,, & Co. ealendrers, S. Haucver-il?:.,- 
Sha.nks & Langmuir, turners, 42 i^ Gallowg^ata 

* SHA [ 99 3 SIM 

Shanks, Thomas, & Co. cloth fhop, 6, & 24,Trong. 
Sharp, James, tailor, 72, do. 

Sharp & M^Kenzie, 27, Charlotte-ftreet 
Sharp, John, F. wooUendraper, 93, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Shaw, — — , timber-merchant, oppofi^e the Barrac|06 
Shaw, William, do. Broomielaw 

jhaw, James & David, agents, 28, King-ftreet 
Shaw, Robert, viclualler, Gorbals 
Shaw, William, do. do. 

Shaw, James, joiner, do. 

Shaw, James, manufacturer, do. 

Shaw, , joiner, 162, Gallowgate 

Shearer, Mrs. J. grocer, 123, Bridgegate 
Shearer, John, wool and worded (hop, 78, Iving-ftr. 
Shearer, James, boot and Ihcemaker, Mitcheil-ftreet 
Sheddan, Thomas, merchant, 4, Garthland-ftreet 
Sheddan, Thomas, manufadurer, 32, High-ftreet 
Sheddan,^ T. jun. fiik HKF manufadurer, 277, do. 
Shepherd, Peter, manufa(^Uier, 32, do. 

Shepherd, James, & Co. manufacturers, 80, Trong. 
Shells, J. vintner, 294, High-ftreet 
Shieis, John, haberdather, 120, Nelfon-ftreet . 
Shiels, Thomas, & Co. calico-printers, 26, Bell-flr. 
Shieis, Thomas, lodging, 4, St. Enoch's fquare 
vShirra, Robert & Co. calendrers,23,St. Andrew's, fir 
Shirra, Wm. & Co. wine merchants, Sidney Courf, 

Shirreff, Robert, & Co. merchants, 131, George- ft r. 
Shirreft. Robert, lodging, do. 

Shortridge, W. merchant, lodging, George's fquare 
Sibbald, A. yarn warehoufe, 16, St.. Andrew's ftreet; 

lodging, Park Place 
Sibbald, John, coal agent, 39, Bell-ftreet 
Sim, David, merchant, Melville Place, 122, Trong, 

SIM [ 100 ] SMI 

Sim, George, tallow-chandler, 27, HIgh-ftreet 
Simpfon, James, manufadurer, 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Simpfon, Wm. horfe-fetter, 146, Stockwell 
Simpfon, Robert, grocer, 5, do. 

Simpfon, Jofeph, manufafturer, 85, Candleriggs 
Sitnpfon, J. fpirit-cellars, Nile-ftr. houfe, Greenhead 
Simpfon, William, manufadurer, 28, St. And. fqr. 
Simpfon, Robert, mullin-fliop, 36, Bell-ftreet 
Simpfon, D. & J, fpirit-dealers, 86, Saltmarket 
Simfone, J. & R. joiners, 12, Charlotte-llreet 
Simfons, Miffes, milliners, 283, High-ftreet 
Sinclair, John, reedmaker, 291, do. 
Sinclair, J. bookfeller, College- ftreet 
Sinclair, John, muflin and linen fhop, 70, Bell-ftreet 
Sinclair, Duncan, fpirit-dealer, old Bridge toll 
Sinclair, fmith and farrier, Cochrane-ftreet 
Sinclair, D. tobacco pipemaker, 382, Gallowgate 
Sinclair, Duncan, fpirit-dealer, 87, Stockwell 
Sinclair, Angus, fmith, Muirhead-ftreet, Gorbals 
Sinclair, Archibald, farrier, Calton-mouth 
Skinner, William, leather-cutter, 31, Prince's ftreet 
Slater, J. ftoneware (liop, 82, Candleriggs 
Sloan, Robert, (hoe ihop, 65, Argyll-ftreet 
Smeal, John, machine-maker, M«Kechnie-ftr. Calton 
Sm-al, William, tea-dealer, 86, Gallowgate 
Smellie, J. haberdafher, 458, do. 
Smellie, Rob fpirit-dealer, 340, do. 
Smpliiei & Graham, Manchefter wareho. 30, Trong. 
Smellie, William, fpirit-dealer, Calton-mouth 
Smellie, Richard, mafter of works, Dunlop-ftreet 
Smith, Arch of Jordan hill, iiS, George-ftreet 
Smith, Hugh, merchant, at Charles ,Hagart & Co's 
Smith & Wardlaw, merchants, South Albion^ ftreet 
Smita, John, fmith, II, Fredtrick-lane 

SMI [ 101 ] SMI 

Smith, David, edge-toolmaker, 421, Gallowgate 
Smith, James, grain-merchant, 313, do. 
Smith, Thomas, tea (hop, 417, do. 

Smith, Wm. fpirit-dealer, 402, do. 

Smith, George, fpirit-dealer, 355, do. 
Smith, John, & Co. grocers, 275, do. 
Smith, J. watch and clock-maker, above 75, Trongate 
Smith, Hutchefon & Co. linen wareho. 177, do. 
Smith, Stewart, merchant, at 177, do. 

Smith, James, vintner, 158, do. 

Smith, Peter, ironmonger, 111, dp. 

Smith & Anderfon, cork-cutters, 74, do. 

Smith, Robert, clothier, 63, do. 

Smith, John, Royal George guard, 164, do. 
Smith, Thomas, & Co. faddlers, 4, Argyll-ftreet 
Smith, Patrick, baker, 23, do. 

Smith, Wm. fpirit-dealer, 20, do. 

Smith, Wm. merchant, Wilfon*s court, do. 
Smith, Thomas, manufa6burer, do. do. 

Smith, J. & Son, bookfellers and ftationers; Glafgow 
circulatinglibrary and reading-room, 85y Hutch.-ftr» 
Smith, Geo. rufti bottom chair-maker, 69, do. 
Smith, D. & Co. manufacturers, 19, do. 
Smith, William, clothier, 96, do. 

Smith, Archibald, writer, 88, do. 

Smith, Thomas, lodging, Graham!€ buildings 
Smith, John, & Co. candle (hop, 10, Gandleriggs 
Smith, Alexander, umbrella-maker, 1, Wilfon-ftreet 
Smith, J. fpirit-dealer, 51, Bell-ftreet 
Smith, Robert, manufadurer, 23, St. And. ftreet 
Smith, George, tanner, Old Vennal 
Smith, James, manufacturer, Stirling-ftreet 
Smith, James, merchant, at Leitch & Smith's 
Smith, John, do. do. do. 

N ''iu^ii-fcfiLLL Library 

SMI [ 102 ] Sl^E 

Smith, Thos. lodgings II, George's fquare 
Smith, David, boot and fhoe (hop, 176, Saltmarket 
Srakh, William, fhoe Ihop, 170, do. 

Smith, James, hardware mai^, 179, do. 

Smith, William/ fpirit-dealer, 62, Stockweli 
Smith, William, bricklayer, 13, do. 
Smith, Peter, llaier, Broomielaw 
Smith, Andrew, inkle & niuflin mannf. Stirling^(|jC, 
S lith, F. lint (hop, 22, and 29, High-ftreet ' 

Smith, George, writer, 316, do. M 

Smithj John, ftocking fhop, 5, do. M 

Smith, James, fhoe fhop, 53, Frince-s ftreet 
Smith, David, do 57, do. 

Smith, George, meal-feller, 45, Bridgegate ^ 

Smith, John, tinfmith, 15, do. 

Smith, John, m^cl^irie-maker, Muirhead~ftr. Gorbals 
Smith, Wrp. hair-cloth manufafl^rer, Craigr^^ftpck 
Smith? David, rope-fpinner, do. 

Smith, R. joiner, 45, John-ftr. houfe,36, N. Fred.-ftr. 
Sn^ii, William, manufadurer, 59, Candleriggs 
Sornmr,;s, Mrs. lets lodgings, 40, Hutchefon-dyeet 
Soraerviii, "W. merchant, 13, Brunfwick Place] 

houfe, Old Vennal 
Somervill, Robert, watchmaker, 421, GaUowgate 
Sommeryill, John, Scotch cloth (hop, 323, High-ftr 
Sommerville Sc Aitken, carriers, 38, Brunfwick-ftr. 
bommervii, John, hat ftiop^, 4, Saltmarket 
S crick, Simon, clockmaker, 151, do. 
Scrley, John, ironmonger, 2, do. 
Sorley &Smith,merchts.warehoufe, 69, Glafsford-ftr 
Speirs, Rob. mercht. and Infurance-office, Poft-offic« 

court; houfe, 32, Stockwell 
Speirs & Charles, agents for Liverpool & LeitI 

traders, Tontine buildings 

S^PE C 103 ] STE 

Speirs* j. paftry baker, S7, Prince's ftreet 

Speirs, Brown &Co. (locking wareho. 34, Virginia^ftr. 

Speirs, James^ houfe, 59, Queen-ftreet 

Spencer's lodgings, 3, Argyll-ftreet 

fepaden, James, lapidary, S3, Hutchefon-fVreet 

Spreul, James, city chamberlain, 106, Trongate 

^tark, W". & Co. circulating library, 99, Glafsford*ftr» 

Stark, Rob. woollendraper, 2, Gallowgate 

Stark, T. yarn (hop, 44, High-ftreet 

Stark, M. grocer, 28, Canon^ftreet 

Steedman, Pavid, & Co. merchants, 124, Trongate 

Steel James, writer, Pavement-clofs, 19, do. 

Steel, John, & Co^ boot and fboefhop, 97, do. 

^Steel, John, fpirit-dealer, &c. 5, St. Andrew-ftreet 

Steel, Thos. & Co. manufrs. 12, Wilfon-Ilreet 

Steel, Gavin, manufadurer, 21, Glafsford-ftreet 

Steel, James, bookfeller, 16, Saltmarket 

Steel, William, viatlailer, Gorbals 

Steel, Will, joiner, &c. Crown-ftr. Hutchefontowil 

Steel, Matthew, woollendraper, 453, Gallowgate 

Steel, Peter, rum & porter cellar, 396, do. 

Steel, Dr. fliop, 79, do. 

Steelj Js. cooper, Argyll-ftr. oppofite Adam's court 

Stenhoufe, John, furgeon, 283, High-ftreet 

Stephen, Charles, turner, 62, Bridgegate 

Stephen, A. & J. manufaaurers, 6, Beli-ftreet 

Stephenfon, Andrew, manufaaurer, N. Albion-llr. 

houfe, Parfon's green, Townhead 
Steven, Robert, combrnaker, 464, Gallowgate 
Steven, John, laddier, 389, do. 

Steven & Rowan, merchants, 30, Candleriggs 
Steven & Pettigrew, rope makers, Gallowg. eaft end 
Steven, James, mufic (hop, 35, Wilfon-ftreet 
Steven a Robertfon, card-makers, 168, Saltmarket ,. 

. STE [ 104 ] STE 

Steven, J. & Co. bookfellers & ftationers, 152,Trong. 
Steven, Thomas, mail-coach guard, J. Smith's, oppo- 

fite to the Tron Church 
Stevenfon, grocer and coal agent, 81, Bridgegate 
Stevenfon, Mifs, drefs-maker, 32, Brunfwick- ftreet 
Stevenfon, Nathaniel, writer, and Procurator Fifcal 

for Hamilton and Campfie, 63, Candleriggs 
Stevenfon, Nathaniel, merchant, 63, do. 
Stevenfon, W. writer, 177, Trongate 
Stevenfon, Adam, writing-mafter, 8, Nelfon-ftreet 
Stevenfon, John, meflenger, 20, Saltmarket 
Stevenfon, James, vidualler, 98, New-wynd 
Stevenfon, Robert, ham {hop, 32, King-ftreet 
Stevenfon's China & ftone-warehoufe, 70,Wilfon-ftr. 
Stevenfons & Co manufadurers, 85, Candleriggs 
Stewart, Thomas, bleacher, Glafgow field, Townhead 
Stewart, John, (hoemaker, 105, George-ftreet 
Stewart, James, watch and clockmaker, 40, Trongate 
Stewart, Charles, haberdafher, 153, do. 

Stewart, P. & L. manufa£lurers, 81, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Stewart, John, grocer, &c. Gorbals 
Stewart & Dow, fpirit-dealers, 1 36, Saltmarket 
Stewart & Moir, tailors, 80, do. 

Stewart, John, grocer, 118, do., 

Stewart, W. & Co. brewers, Haghill 
Stewart, Alex, merchant, lodging, 20, St. And fqr, 
Stewart, Alexander, jun. yarn (hop, 2, Bell-ftreet 
Stewart, James, merchant, at J. Finlay & Co's 
Stewart, William, fmith, 53, Stockwell 
Stewart, Daniel, joiner, MaxweJl-ftreet 
Stewart, John, dealer in furniture, 3, Bridgegate 
Stewart, C. tailor, 121, do. 

Stewart, Alexander, fpirit-dealer, 47, do. 
Stewart, Craig, beadle, Carrick- ftreet, PrownfieM 















STE C 105 ] STI 

Stewart, Js. grocer & fplrit-dealer, 223, High-fir. 

Stewart, John, grocer, 

Stewart & Campbell, reedmakers, 

Stewart, William, jun. grocer, 

Stewart, Alex, youngeft, grocer, 

Stewart, W. tailor, 

Stewart, Mrs. John, tobacconift, 

Stewart, Archibald, grocer, 

Stewart, Rev. James, Anderiton 

Stewart, Neil, joiner, B)ackfriars* Wynd 

Stewart, Mrs. Robert, fpirit (hop, 80, King dree t 

Stewart, Robert, grocer, 1, do. 

Stewart, John, woollendraper, 99, do. 

Stewart, P. vintner, Trafalgar Place, Broom ielaw 

Stewart, Alexander, manufadurerj 55, St. And. fqr. 

Stewart, Peter, fmith, 49, Saltmarket 

Stewart, Andrew, leather (bop, 35, Bell-dreet 

Stewart, Andrew, fpirit-dealer, 34, do. 

Stewart, John, writer, 132, Trongate; lodging, head 

of Back-wynd 
Stewart, William, fpirit-dealer, 90, Gallowgate 
Stewart, John, grocer, &c. 376, do. 
Stewart, James, do, 326, • do, 

Stewart, James, BuU Inn, 640, Argyll-llreet 
Stewart, James, baker, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Stewart & McMillan, painters, 84, Hutchefon-flreet 
Stirling, Charles, merchant, 19, Miller- ftreet 
Stirling, Gordon & Co. merchants, 18, do. 
Stirling, William, & Sons, calico*printers, counting- 

houfe and warehoufe, 23, Queen-ftreet 
Stirling, Jn. merchant, lodging, do. 
Stirling, Wm. do. do. do. 

Stirling's library, Hutchefon's Hofpital^ Ingram-ilr-j 

Mr. Peatj librarian 

StI [ 106 ] swo 

Stirlingj David^ 55^ St. Andrew's fquare 
Stirling, James, & Co. ironmongers, 7, Saltmarket 
Stirling, Robett, jun. marmfadurers, 26, do. 
Stirling^ Robert, manufacturer, 8, High-ftreet 
Snrllngs James, tailor, 302, do. 

Stiven, William, haberdafher, 118, Trongate 
Stiven, Blair Be Co manufrs. above 33, St. And. fqf. 
Stobo, James, fpirit ihop. 93, Candleriggs 
Strachan, John, umbrella-maker, 46, do. 
Strang, R. & Co. IS, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Si^trang, Robert, lodging, Kent-ftreet 
Strang, William* grocer, &c. Calton-mbuth 
Strang, John, fpirit cellars, 137, Stock well 
Strang, George, wright, Gorbals 
Strathern, Alexander, Swan Tavem, 3, Argyll-ftreet 
Struthers, Robert, & Co. brewers, Greenhead 
Strathers, William, manufacturer, 13, St. And. lane 
Struthers, John, Tontine porter room 
Struthers, W^iiiiam, mufician, 291, High-ftreet 
Stuarts & Co. yarn merchants, 61, Wilfon-flreet 
Stupart, John, {locking manufr. 18, Brunfwick-ftr* 
Sutherland, Thomas, druggift, 98, Giafsford-ftreet 
Sutherland, George, fpirit-dealet, i4r»,, High-ftreet 
Sutherland, Alex, bafket-maker, 139, Saltmarket 
Sutherland, 13. tailor, 9, Bridgegate 
Sutherland, Mrs. bifcuit fliop, 91, Trongate 
Swanllon, John, & Co. grocers, 126, do. 
Sweet, George, & Co. manufrs, Poft-ofHce court 
Sweet, Thornas, manufacturer, Greenhead 
Sword, Heywood & Co. yarn merchts. 55, Wilfon-ftr. 
Sword, A. ircnmong. S2, Gallowg. houfe, Greenhead 
Sword, J. & Co do. Cumberland Builds Gallowga.te 
Sword, Jas. jun. do. houfe, 41, Charlotte-ftreer 
Sword, W. C. do. do. Annfie'd 

S^YM [-107] TAY 

Sym, Mrs. Hugh, grocer, 95, High-ftreet 

Sym, Thomas, vpholfterer, 154-, Tror»gate 

Sym» J. matheinaticalinflrument-maker, 16, Bell-fir. 

3yme, John, cotton-fpinner, Duke-ftreet 

Tail, J. ^ Go. fiOi hookmakers, 65, Trongate 
Tait, Wm. printer, journal oiiice, 52, Prince's ilreet 
Tait, John, writer, 52, do. 

Tait» Day. fhuttle- maker, 310, oppofite the Barracks 
Tannahill, Rotjert, teacher of Englifh, Campbell-ilr. 
Taflie, James & Thos. manufrs. 36, Hutchefonflr. 
TafTie, James, & Co. manufa£lurers, 21, St. A. fqr. 
TTaiBej William, glover, 84-, Saltmarket 
Taflie, John, do. 104, King-ftreet 
Taflie, Walter, counting houfe, Duke-ftreet 
Taylor, Wm. & Co. merchants, SO, Charlotte- ftreet 
Taylor, John, do. do. 

Taylor, And. writing- mafter, ^9, Trongate 
Taylor, Williapi, vintner, ^2, do. 
Taylor, A. tailor, 9, do- 

Taylor, Robert, manufad^urer, 5, Saltmarket 
Taylor, William, threadmaker, Charlotte-lane 5 lodg- 
ing, 31, Charlotte-llreet 
Taylor, John, manufadurer, 76, Kptehefon-flreet 
Taylor, A. & A. milliners, 9, do. 

Taylor, J. mufic & toy fhop, 18, do. 

Taylor, Mrs. milliner, 36, do. 

Taylor, J. turner & patent leg-maker, 37, do. 
Taylor, Matth. writer, Shortrldge's land, Dunlop-flr, 
Taylor, Rev. Dr. William, fen. Principal of the Uni- 

verfity. College court ■* 

Taylor, Rer, Dr. William, jun. 142, Stockwell 

TAY [ 108 3 THO 

Taylor, Alexander, grocer, 313, Gallowgate 
Taylor, John, do. 52, do. 

Taylor, Robert, do. 53, do. 

Taylor, D. ftioe (hop, 106, do. 

Taylor, Robert, baker, 56, do. 

Teal, John, plane- maker, Nelfon-ftreet 
Telfer & Calder, merchants, 3, Garthland-ftreet 
Telfer, Stuart, lodging, St. Mungo-ftreet, Townhead 
Telfer, William, boot and fhoe Ihop, 33, Argyll-ftr. 
Telfer, James, upholfterer, 90, Saltmarket 
Telfer, Peter, hofier, 1 16, Nelfon-ftreet 
Templeton, And. agent for the Edinburgh Friendly 
Infurance, and PaiQey U. Bank, 15, Ingram-ftreec 
Templeton, John, manufidiurer, 297, High-ftreet 
Tennant, John, jun. cloth (hop, 11 7, Trongate 
Tennent, John & Robert, brewers, Drygate-bridge 
Tennent, Robert; houfe, 44, George-ftreet 
Tennent, John, jun. at Dunlop, Hamilton & Go's 
Tennent, Knox & Co. merchts. St. RoHock, Townh. 
Tennent, John, cloth merchant, 18, Trongate 
Tennent, H. manufacturer. Barony Glebe 
Thorn, John, hardware (hop, 172, Saltmarket 
Thorn, John, coal-agent, Monkland canal bafon 
Thomas, Mrs. J. ftarcher, 50, Drygate-ftreet 
Thomfon, J. & R. brafhmakers, 400, Gallowgate 
Thomfon, James, merchant, 36, do. 

Thomfon, D. & R. & Co. tobacconifts, 87, do. 
Thomfon, John, dyer, Campbell-ftreet 
Thomfon, William, merchant, 127, Bridgegate 
Thomfon, Allan, horfefetter, 38, do. 
Thomfon, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 14, do. 
Thomfon, John, fen. manufadurer, 46, High-ftreet 
ThomO n, John, fCn. reedmaker, 46, do. 
Thomfon, John, ftocking fliop, 7, do. 

THO [ 109 3 THO 

Thomfon, Robert, & Son, 59, St. Andrew's fquare 
Thomfon, Robt. jun. manufai^urer, Fretkrick-lane 
Thomfon, J. & Co. fpirit-dealers, 112, John-ftreet - 
Thomfon, Peter, baker, 45, do. 

Thomfon, William, merchant, 63, Charlotte-ftreet 
Thomfon, Henry, writer, Tontine Buildings 
Thomfonj Robert, writer; office. City Clerks' Cham- 
bers; houfo, High Montrofe-ftreet 
Thomfon, John, butter and cheefe (hop, 71, King-ftr. 
Thomfon, Robert, hairdrefler, 113, Argyll-ftreet 
Thomfon & Brown, porter cellars, &c. 622, do. 
Thomfon, John, nailer, Calton 
Thomfon, Alexander, haberdafher, 156, Trongate 
Thomfon, George, tea-foop, 110, do. 

Thomfon, Alexander^ clothier, 156, do. 

Thomfon, Thomas, reedmaker, 168, Saltn>arket 
Thomfon, Wm. joiner, Thiftle-ftr. Hutchefontown 
Thomfon, Rev. William, lodging, do. 

Thomfon, John, merchant, 19, — 6, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Thomfon, Hugh, & Sons, agents, 29, do. 
Thomfon, Adam, Charlotte- (Ireet 
Thomfon, Robert, manufafturer, 21, Glafsford-ftr.9 

houfo. Cowan's land, Grahamiion 
Thomfon, J. chaifo-hirer, St. Mungo's lane, Gallo wg. 
Thomfon, Robert, cotton-works, Adelphi Place 
Thomfon, And. mercht. lodging, 43, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Thomfon, Elizabeth^ grocer, Charlotte- lane 
Thomfon, James, horfofotter, 19, Candleriggs 
Thomfon, Mrs. H. grocer, 17, do. 
Thomfon, Alexander, grocer, 35, Stockwell 
Thomfon, Robert, do. 114, do. 

Thorburn, , infurance-broker, Dunbar's clofsj 

houfo, Moodie's Wynd 
Thoiburn, A, ilioe and leather fiiop, 9, Prince's ilr« 

TIN [ 110 ] TYR 

Tindal's academy, 19, Prince's ftreet 
Tinning, Francis, & Co. tobacconifts, 121, Saltmarket' 
Tinning, James, manufa£lurer, 28, Glafsford-ftreet 
Todd & Stevenfon, cotton-fpinners, Springfield 
Todd, Shonridge & Co. calico-print. 5, S. Fred.-ftr. 
Todd & Gray, engravers, 34>, Trongate 
Todd & Walker, manufacturers, 11, John- ftreet 
Todd, Robert, merchant, Tontine Buildings; lodg- 
ing, 24, Ingram-ftreet 
Torrance, James, fpirit-dealer, 129, Gallowgate 
Torrance, William, fpirit-dealer, 64, Stockwell 

Torrance, -, fpirit-dealer, &c. 42, Argyll-ftreet 

Tolh, George, calendrer, SO, Candleriggs 
Towart, Hugh, writer, 65, Wilfon-ftreet 
Towers, J. furgeon, lodging & (hop, 47, Glafsford-ftr. 
Trail, A. boot and (hoe maker, 77, Bell-ftreet 
Ti ueman, James, ropemaker, Clyde-ftreet, Anderfton 
Turnbull, John, fpirit-dealer, 313, Gallowgate 
Turnbull, George, do, 423, do. 

Turnbull, David, baker, 78, dd. 

Turnbull, John, writer, Nile-ftreet, do. 
Turnbull, George, filverfmith, 158, Trongate 
Turnbull, J. A. furgeon & druggift, 6Sy do. 
Turnbull, Colin, grocer, 101, Argyll-ftreet 
Turner, Robert, pewterer, 58, Bridgegate 
Turner, Duncan, copperfmith, 422, Gallowgate 
Turner, Archibald, ironmonger, 8, Saltmarket 
Turner, James, tobacconift, 244, High-ftreet 
Turner, Archibald, writer, 40, Trongate 
Turner, James, Edinburgh carrier, 65, Brunfw.-ftr 
Turner, Alexander, manufr. lodging, Belgrave Plac< 
Tvupie, John, fait merchant & vidualler, 1, & 164 

Stockwell; houfe, 595, Argyll-ftreet 
Tyre, Jas. grocer and jea-dcaler, 26, Hutchefon-ftr. 


TWA. [ 111 ] VEI 

Twaddel, W. glafs-fpir it-proof-maker, 76, Saltmarket 
Twaddel, James, vintner, Niie-ftreet 
Tweedie, M. grocer, 15, Hutchefon-ftreet 


Ure, Dr. Andrew, 87, Glafsford-ftreet 

Ure, P. (hoemaker and leather-cutter, Grahamfton 

Ure, Alexander, baker, 10, Hutchefon-ftreet 

Ure, Walter, calendrer, 55y St. Andrew's fquare 

Ure, Js. mercht, at Neilfon & Hunter's, 46, do. 

Ure, J. A. at P. Carnegie & Co's. Queen-ftreet 

Ure, James, Scotch cloth-merchant, 320, High-ftrect 

Ure, George, baker, 64, do. 

Ure, A. cheefe & ft one warehoufe, 29, King-ftreet 

tJre, John, grocer, 444, Gallowgate 

Ure, James, baker, 105, Bridgegate 

Ure, John, baker, 60, Stockwell 

Ure, William, grocer, 28, Saltmarket 

Ure, Robert, 57, do. 

Ure, Andrew, joiner, 177, Trongate 

Ure, A. manufadurer, 49, do. 

Ure, John, brick maker, keeps New Bridge toll-bar 

Ure, John, jun. lodging, 52, Montrofe-ftreet 

Urie & M'Nair, manufacturers, 3, do. 

Urie & Baillie, coopers, 19, Stockwell 

Vallance, Hugh, grocer & fpirit-dealer,S98,Gallowg. 

Valiance, Johi], currier, ^94, High-ftre^t 

Valiance, John, joiner, do. 

Vane, JameB, grocer^ 26, Bridgegate 

Vaffie, T. {hoe (hop, 72, Wilfon-ftreet 

Veitch, Ivirs. Thomas, eating-houfe, 60, Bridgegate 

WAU I 112 ] WAR 


Waddeil, James, tobaccdnift, 308, Gallowgate 
Waddell, Johri, fhcerr^aker, 93, do. 

Waddell, R. cabinetmaker, &c. 142, Stockwell 
Waddeilj Robert, confe6lioner, 615* Argyli-iireet 
Waddell, John, paftry ftop, 64, do. 

Waddell, Alexander, rnafon Hutchefontown 
Waddell, James, Engliih academy, 21-, Glaisford-llr. 
Waddell, Wm. cotton-broker, 18, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Walker, Knox & Co. manufrs. 72, do. 

Walker, G. & W. (locking (hop, 457, Gallowgate 
Walker, Alex, fpirit- dealer, 158, do. 

Walker, Charles, grocer, 50, do. 

Walker, William, hardware fhop, 171, Saltmarket 
Walker, William, feffion clerk, 120, do. 
Walker, James, baker, 82, do* 

Walker, J. baker, 23, High-ftreet 
Walker, James, beadle, 4, Stockwell 
Walker, — — -, perfumer, 22, Glafsford-flreet 
Walker, Robert, haberdafher, 2, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Walker, D vintner, Old-wynd 
Walker, Robert, horfefetter. Tontine clofs, Trongate 
Walker, George, leather-cutter, Laigh-kirk clefs 
Walker, D. fen. manufacturer, Gorbals 
Walker, D. juri. - do. do. 

Walker, Robert, hofier» 119, Bridgegate 
WalkinOiaw, Robert, writer, 153, Stockwell 
Wallace, Young & Cowan, furgeons, 12, Hutchef.-flr, 
Wallace, Rob. furgeon, SpreuFs land, (hop, do. 
Wallace, Rob. writing-mailer, 67, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Wallace, Archibald, merchant, 23. Oueen-dreet 
Warden & Walker, manufadurcrs, 33, Candleriggs 
Wardenj Arch, merch. Meiyilie Place, ,132, Trong. 


WAR [ 113 ] WAT 

Wardlaw, W. & J. merchants, 43, Ingram-ftreet 
Wardlaw & Nimmo, marufrs. 15, 8t, And. fquare 
Wardlaw, Ralph, pr<^acher, 2, lodging, George's fqr. 
Wardlaw, Williana, lodging, North Hanover- ttreet 
Wardlaw, Robert^ merchant, 53, VI ginia-ftreet 
Wardrop, Henry, japan-ier, MaxweK-iireet 
Wardrop, T. & Co. grocers, 32, Tligh-dreet 
Wardrop, Alex, ironmonger, 9, altmarket 
Wardrop, John, merchant, 41, Frederick- ftreet 
Wardrop, Alex, ftarcher, 40, Duniop-ftreet 
Warren, Mrs. poultry office, 91, King- ftreet 
Watfon, William, meiTenger, 84, do. 
Watfon, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 11, New-wynd 
Watfon, Robert, faddler, 96, Glafsford-ftreet 
Watfon, J & R. bankers, .Poft-oiRce court 
Watfon, Robert, manut'adurer, 15, John-ftreet 
Watfon, James, joiner, oppofite the Barracks 
Watfon, James, manufacturer, af Brown & Carrick's 
Watfon, Arthur & Co. calico-printers, 46, H utchef.-ftr. 
Watfon, William, 32, do. 

Watfon, Robert, 72, do. 

Watfon, Wm. writer, Ingram's clefs, 25, Gallowg, 
Watfon, Robert, baker, 328, do. 

Watfon, Arch, m.efienger, Wallace-court, BelUflr. 
Watfon, Rev. Wm. lodg. Belgrave Place, Young-ftr. 
^ Watfon; Thos. mercht. Poft-office courtj houfe, ^6^ 
Watfon, William, grocer, 66, Stock well 
Watfon, E. ftaymaker, Currie's clofs, High-flreet 
Watfon, George, fpirit-dealer 288, do. 
Watfon, Andrew, Ihoe fhop, 299, do. 

Watfon, Jofeph, ftabler, St. Andrew's lane 
Watfon, P. lodgings, Gordon-ftreet 
Watfofi & Wightonjlixaen-merchantSj 15,Candlerigg$ 

WAT [ lU ] WHl 

Watt, Dr. Jas. Difpenfary, 17, hotife, 427, Gallowg. 
Watt, Thomas, tailor, 137, Saltmarket 
Watt, Rob. joiner and cabinet-maker, Buchanan-ftr. 
Watt, William, cabinet-maker, &c Tradeftown 
Watt & KeiTen, cabinet-makers, Moodie's wynd 
Watt, Thomas, & Co. manufrs. 15, St. And.-ftreet 
Watt & Barr, filk warehoufemen, 78, Trongate 
Weems, Thomas, reedmaker, 247, High llreet 
Weir, Robert, dealer in porter and ale, 60, King- ft r. 
Weir, Andrew, vintner, 96, do. 

Weir, John, joiner, Tradeftown 
Weir, John, teacher of mufic, 10, New- wynd 
Weir, Jofeph, cork-cutter, 605, Argyll-ftreet 
Weir, Walter, engineer, Mitchell-ftreet 
Weir, Walter, calico-printer, 13, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Weir, Matthew, hofier, 158, Trongate 
Wetherburn, A. vintner, 40, do. 
Wighton, Alex. lodg. Graham's buildings, Geo.-ftr, 
Wharrie, John, fpirit-dealer, 394, Gailowgate 
Whigam, Robert, & Co. manufa£lurers, Trades* land 
White, James, & Co manufrs. 76, Hutchefon-ftreet 
White^ James, horfefetter, 83, Trongate 
White, Arthur & Co. oil-of-vitriol-makers, Napier's 
Hallj writing-room, at White & Bain's, Gailowgate 
White & Bain, iron-liquor-makers, 274, do. 
White, Andrew, writer, 421, do. 

White, Wm. at James & Robert Watfon's, bankers 
White, Rob. & Co. confedioners, 19, Brunfwick-ftr. 
White, Jofeph, fpirit-dealer, 99, Bridgegate 
White, William, cotton-broker, 102, King-ftreet 
White, William, pipe-work. Great Dovehill 
White, William, lintwork, 159, Saltmarket 
White, William, fpirit-de-iler, 20, do. 
White, John, threadmaker, Blackfriars' Heps 

WHI [115] WIL 

White, James, joiner, Cochrane- ftreet 
White, William, tea merchant, 297, High-ftreet 
White, R. & Co. RuffiaS: Irifli linen wareho. 316, do. 
White, Andrew, flax-drefier, 11, do. 

Whitehead, John, rnanufaiSlurer, 46, do. 

Whitelaw, John, & Co. perfumers, 52, Trongate 
Whitelaw, John, joiner, &c. 150, Stockwell 
Whitelaw, George, brewer, Kirk-flreet, Gorbals 
Whyte, Bain, & Co. fugar-of-Iead-makers, 274, Gal^ 
Whyte, William, yarn-merchant, 58, St. And. fqr. 
Whytlaw & Boyd, cloth and filk {hop, 81, Trongate 
Whytock, Js. fcotch cloth & yarn (hop, 310, High-ftr. 
Wilkie, John, grocer, 47, do. 

Wilkie, John, (locking manufac. 66, Glafsford-ftn 
Wilkie, P. grocer, 61, Saltmarket 
Wilkie, James, wheelwright, 74, Bridgegate 
Wilkie, John, fpir it-dealer, 4, Prince's ftreet 
Williamfon, J. & G. nurfery and feed (hop, 56, Trong. 
Williamfon, John, (hoe (hop, 57, do. 

Williamfon, John, merchant; houfe, Adelphi-ftreet 
Williamfon, Gavin, boot & (hoemaker, 225, High-ftr. 
Williamfon, Robert, bookfeller, 85, do. 

Williamfon, John^ & Co. 94, Candleriggs 
Williamfon & Boog, manufrs. 29, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Williamfon, James, manufad. lodging, Brov/nfield 
Williamfon, John, merchant, 26, Nelfon-ftreet 
Williamfon & Dixon, 8, Garthland-ftreet 
Williamfon, Mrs. lodgings, 32, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Williamfon, J. cheefe & ham {hop,24, Hutchefon-ftr. 
Williamfon, Rev. A. lodging, George-ftreet 
Willis, George, fpirit-dealer, 4, Ingram-ftreet 
Wilfon, Thomas, mafon, Portland-ftreet, Deanfide 
Wilfon, Thomas, vintner, 42, High-ftreet 
Wilfon, William, manufadurer, 49, St. And. fquare 

WIL [116] WIL 

Wilfon, W. faaor for Sir J. Maxwell, 132, Trong. 
Wiifon, John, haberdaflier, 45, do. 

Wilfon, Alexander, bookfeller, 142, do. 

Wilfon, John, fen. wire-worker, SO, do. 

Wilfon, Andrew, meffenger, 6, Prince's ftreet 
Wilfon, R. grocer & fpirit-dealer, 306, Gallowgate 
Wilfon, James, furgeon, 85, do. 

Wilfon, John, ftabler, 51, do. 

Wilfon, Samuel, grocer, 401, do. 

Wiifon, Mrs. midwife, 459, do. 

Wilfon, John, & Co. grocers, 54, do. 

Wilfon, John, grocer, 403, do. 

Wilfon, John, grocer, 18, King-ftreet 
Wilfon, James, brafs-founder, corner of Sidney-ftr. 
Wiifon, John, iand-furveyor, 51, Maxwell-ftreet 
Wilfon, James, fpirit-dealer, 73, Bridgegate 
Wilfon, Strang, & Co. fugar-refiners, 64, John-ftr. 
Wilfon, Js. joiner and trunkmaker, 168, Saltmarket 
Wilfon, Robert, candle-maker, 166, do. 
Wilfon, James, writer, 83, do. 

Wilfon, M. grocer, 8, Stockwell 
Wilfon, Geo. paftry fhop, 59, Argyll-llreet 
Wilfon & Barr, manufacturers, 6, Bell-itreet 
Wilfon, James, vintner, 62, do. 

Wilfon, Robert, agent, 53, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Wilfon, John, merchant, 17, Virginia-ftreet; houfe, 

Morifon's court 
Wiifon Sc Moffat, plumbers, 21, Candleriggs 
Wilfon, Robert, agent, 53, Brunfwick ftreet 
Wilfon, John, grocer, 3, Kirk-ftreet, Townhead 
Wilfon, Andrew, type-founder; lodging, College-ftr. 
Wilfon & Craig, wire- workers, oppofite the Coffee 

Room, entry 180, Saltmarket 
•Wilfon, John, tea^nd fpirit-deaier,- 18, King-ftreet 

-j^ ^ >«Si .^r JL 

. WIL [ 117 3 WRI ' 

! Wilfon, Alexander, (later, 204-, George-ftreet 
Wilfon, William, Hater, 206, do, 
Wilfon, John, joiner, &c. 205, do. 
Wilfon, Andrew, joiner, Tradeftown 
Wilfon, H. paftry (hop, 73, Gla/sford-ftreet 
Wilfone, Charles, furgeon, 153, Stockwell 
Wilfone & Liddel, fmiths, farriers & ironm» 154, do. 
Wilfone, J. ironm. houfe, Spreul's land, 106, 2,Trong. 
Wilfone, M. J. & L. mantuamakers, 106, do. 
Wingate, Andrew, haberdalher, 42, & 44<, do. 
Wingate & Harvey, haberda(hers, 47, do. 

Wingate, J. & Son, manufa<Slurers, Charlotte-lane 
Wingate, John, fpirit-dealer, 113, Gallowgate 
Wingate, J. & J. lodging, Belgrave Place 
Wingate, Jn. jun. manufacturer, 72, Brunfwick-ftr. 
Winning, Andrew, threadmaker, 87, John-Rreet 
Winning, Robert, fpirit-dealer, 45, Glafsford-ftreet 
Wood, Francis, manufacturer, Drygate, fouth fide 
Wood, John, joiner, &c. Thiftle-ftr. Hutchefont©wn 
Wood, Alexander, at Wilfone & Liddell's 
Wood, J. haberdalher, 80, Bell-ftreet 
Wood, Henry, merchant, 4^4^ St. Andrew's fquare 
Woolley, Thomas, fpirit-dealer, 75, Candleriggs 
Worfley, R'. Sc T. fancy dyers, Camlachie 
Wotherfpoon, Robert, baker, 254, High-ftreet 
Wotherfpoon, John, fpirit-dealer, 156, Gallowgate 
Wotherfpoon, John, bread-lliop, Cakon mouth, and 

63, Ingram-ftreet 
Wotherfpoon, Alex, combmaker, 19, Saltmarket 
Wotherfpoon, M. merchant, 2» Queen-flreet 
Wotherfpoon, John, cloth fliop, 29, Trongate 
Wotherfpoon, D. agent, 13, do. 

Wright, Archibald, druggift, 66, do. 
Wright, Wni. yam^ftsrcher, 80/ weft- end, Rottenr, 

; ■ • ^ - 







WRI t lis ] YOU 

Wright, Dr. Peter, 1ft clefs weft of Virginia-ftreet 
Wright, Adam, dealer in tin-plate, Mitchell-ftreet 
Wright, Mrs. grocer, 635, Argyll-ftreet 
Wright, J. ftaymaker, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Wright, David, Scotch cloth-merchant, 3, Gallowg. 
Wright, John, joiner, &c. 449, do. 

Wright, Rob. fpirit ftiop & grocery, 377, do. 
Wright, Biflet 8< Co. coachmakers, 
Wright, John, jun. merchant, 
Wright, Mrs. black Boy tavern, 
Wright, John, lodging above 42, St. And. fquare 
Wright, Mrs. R. ftrong beer houfe, 173, Saltmarket 
Wright, Malcom, trunkmaker, do. 

Wright, Walter, jun. currier, 38, Bridgegate 
Wright, Mrs. lets lodgings, Poft-office court 
Wright, Geo. Manchefter-warehoufe, Melville Place 
Wyld, John, merchant, do. 

Wylie, James, tinfmith, 53, Wilfon-ftreet 
Wylie, Alexander, manufacSlurer, 21, High-ftreet; 

houfe, Anderfton walk 
Wylie, James, manufa6lurer, 44, St. And. fquare 
Wylie, Wm. jun. lodg. Kingfton, weft of Tradeft. 
Wylie, W. jun. & Co. Melville Place, 132, Trong. 
Wyfe, Thomas, ftoneware {hop, 30, King-ftreet 

Young, John, profefibr of Greek, College 
Young, George, edge-tool- maker, 158, Trongate 
Young, Robert, 27, Hutchefon-ftreet 
Young, James, corn-merchant, 633, Argyll ftreet 
Young, James, print-cuttcr, 149, Saltmarket 
Young, John, joiner, Shuttlt-ftre^t 

YOU [ 119 3 ZUI 

Young, Robert, agent, IT, St. Anorew'sfquare 
Young, James, merchant, 221, Gallowgate 
Young, James, ftabler, 127, do. 
Young, Archibald, furgeon, J2, Hutchefon"llreet5 

lodging, 24, Ingram-ftreet 
Young, John, manufacturer, 26, Nelfon-flreet 
Young, William, mafon, Bridgegate 
Young, Andrew, do. 278, High-ftreet 
Young, David, merchant. Union Place 
Young, William, potter, Delft-field 
Young, James, & Son, joiners, &c. Canon^ftreet 
Young, Rofs, Richardfon & Co. printfieid ware- 

houfe, Smith's court, Brunfwick-ftreet 
Yownie, John, grocer, 96, Gallowgate 
Yuille,R.timber-mercht. 13, Woodlane, Broomielaw 
Yuille, Geo. & Co. yarn warehoufe, 2, Garthland-ftr. 
Yuiile, Geo. merchant; lodging, 22, St. Enoch's fqr. 
Yuille, Thomas, writer, foot of Stockwell 
Yule, Robert, porter houfe, 459, Gallowgate 

Zuill, John & Andrew, cloth fuop, S3, Trongat« 

Zuill, Andrew, tailor, 138, Sakmarket 

Zuiii, And. & John, fpirit-dealers, 1 1 7, Brldegate- 

Names omitted iu their proper place. 
Ferrier, Mrs. haberdafher, 30, Beli-areet 
Brown, 1. merchant, 68, do, 

Birkmyre, Amelia, woollendraper, Bruniwick-flreet 
Chryftal, Wm. teacher of Latin; Grammar School! 

lodging, Cochrane-ftreet 
Semple, Wm. manufa£lurer, 3^ Montrofe-ftreet 

[ 120 ] 


Slip Banh-^^^O, ArgylKftrcet; open from 10 to 1, ami 
from 2 to 3 o'clock, ((huts ^t 12 on Saturday;) no 
Drafts on London or Edinburgh given after 1 o'clock; 
Bills for difco'jnt given in on Monday, before 1 o'cLck, 
and called for on Tuefday, from 10 to 12 o'clock. 
Robt. Carrick, cafhier; John Marfhail, accomptant, 
Mich. Rowand, treafurer; Js. Edmond, teller; John 
Crofby, porter. 

Thyik Bank — 5.5, Virginia-ftreet; open from 10 to 1, 
end from 2 to 3 o'clock, ((huts at 12 on vSaturday,) 
Drafts on London or Edinburgh given on thefe hours: 
Bills for difcount given in on Monday, before 3 
©'clock, and called for on Tuefday, between 2 and 3 
o'clock. J"hn AKton, ca(hier; John Kemp, Johrs 
Graham, and Richard Duncan, accomptants; John 
Dempfter, teller; Wm. Morifon, porter, 

JRoyal Bdrik — S9, St. Andrew's fquare; open from 10 to 
3 o'clock, (fliuts at 12 on Saturday,) no Drafts on 
London or Edinburgh given after 2 o'clock: Bills for 
difcount given in between 9 and 10 Monday morning, 
and called for on Tuefday, between 11 and 1 o'clock. 
Dale and More, cafliiers; D. Stilling, Rt. Bell, Alex. 
Donaldfon, jun. John Frafer, Rich. Brainier, Alex. 
Main, Edw. Fairlie, James Peters, and Arch. Douglas^ 
accomptants; J. D. Peterkin, John Cunningham, Johfi 
Rofs, and Walter Wood, tellers; Wm. HalHday, and 
James Dick, porters. 

'Patfley — Vj^ Trongate; Archibald Hamilton, agent. 

^aijley Union Bank — 15, Ingram-ftreet; And. Tempk- 
ton, agent. 

Briti/h Linen Company — 62, Trongate, G. Kennedy, agent. 

JSuni of Scotland — 23, Queen-ftreet; Bills for difcouiit 
given in on Monday before 3, and called for on Tuef- 
day before 1 o'clock; Gilbert Hamilton & Son, agents. 

Greenock Banh 1 Court, J. & R. Watfon, 


Mitmarnoek B^nk^ 3 

f'alkirk Bank — 50, Gallowgatej Charles Walker, agent, 
Leith Bank — 3, Hutchefon-ftreet; Richard Dick, ageni. 
4yt Bank — ^Dj^v'd StirHng, Royal Bank, agent. 

. /^ cr.. ~ II 

'^'-jiJr^ ^Jr^^^' 

[ 121 ] 

Renfrew/hire Bank-^1^2, Trongatc; Bills for difcount 
enclofed in letters, addreffed to the Renfrew ililrc Bank 
Company, Greenock, given in on Saturday before 
3 o'clock, and called for between 1 and 3 o'clock, oa 
Tuefday; Hugh Hamilton, agent. 

Perth Bank — Su And. fq. John More, R. Bank, agent, 

Falkirk UnlonBank — 66, Glafsford-ftr; M.FleiTiiig, agent. 

Dundee New Bank — 132 Trongale, A. Warden, agent. 


Aherdeen Injurance Ogice^l^^ Nelfon-ftreet; W Balfour, 

Admiralty Office — at the Crofs; James Reddie, Judge Ad- 
miral depute, James King, clerk 

Br'ii'ijh Fire Office, and JVeJlminffer Office for Infurance of 
/.isy^x— P' :ft-Office Court; R. Spiers, agent. 

Comntiffioners f r the Income Tax — ofiBee, 4-8, Dunlop ftr. 
Matthew Taylor, clerk; and Poil-office Court, Robert 
Spears, clerk. 

Caledonian Infurance Company — St. Andrew's fquare; John 
More, Royal Bank, agent. 

Canal Company^ s Office — 61, Buchanan-ftreet j Walter 
Logan, fuperintendent. 

Cefs Office for the 6';Vj'— Queen-fireet; Laurence Craigie, 
colleaor; W. D. Blair, clerk. 

Ccfs Office for the County — oppofite to the Exchange; 
Archibald Hamilton, coHefkor. 

City Clerks* Chambers — -^t the. Crofs; James Reddie, 
Richaid Henderfon, and Robert Thomfon, clerks. 

Chemberlain*s Office — SpreuFs back land, Trongatej James 
Spreul, chamberlain, Peter Campbell, clerk. 

Commfffary Clerk's Office — 177»TrongatejBcnj.Barton,clif. 

Commffary Clerk of Hamilton and CampJie—^O^cCf Stir* 
ling-llreet; Claud Marfhall, clerk. 

Cujlom Houfe — AiTembly room buildings; Claud Hamil- 
ton, colledtor; D. Morifon, comptroller, J. Kirkwood, 
A. Scott, W. Miller, and John Scott, cleiks. 

Dundee /Iffiirance Office — D. Stirling, Royal Bank, agent. 

Edinhrgh Friendly Affurance Office^^\5j Ingram-ftreet^ 
Andrew Templeton, agent. 


[ 122 J. 

Exclfc Office^\% Miller. ftreet; Wm. Corbet, coileaor, 
T. Watfon, P. Hug}iaii, and J, Watfon, clerks; A. 
M'Donald, D. Campbell, and A. Campbell, fupervifors; 
A. Mitchell and J. Fergufon packing officers; James 
Sanders, auftioneer officer, commlffioiied to tjike affi- 
davits; James Cullen, port officer, 
Clohe Fire Office — 13, Trongatc, M'Limont and Mar- 

fhall, agents. 
Glajgoiv Fire 0^^^— r.l3,;Dav.Denny,Secretary» 
Glafgo-w Courier Office — at the Crofs; Wm. R'eid & Co. 

■■ Journnl Office — Prince's ftreet; William Tait, 

— ^ -Herald and Ailvertijer Office — 44-, BtU-ftreet; 

. \ S. Hunter & Co, 

^^^. Imperial Fire Office — 50, Hutchefon-ftreet ; Archibald 
^^i Bogle, agent. 
^ ^ujlice of Peace Clerk's Offce-~21, Glafsford-ftreet; John 
s; Clarke, clerk. 
.^ Majer oj Works' Offce—Mr. Smellie's houfe, Duniop-flr. 

^^,^ MtJi^ Couch Offjices — at Jofeph Bain's, 164, Trongate, and 
-.. \1 Mr. Barn's, 640, Argyll-ilieet. 

^^^f^'Uewcofile vpon Tyne Fire O^f^— 43, Argyll-ftreet; C. 
'^'N^ Hamilton, agent. 

^ i*S/? C^^a-— 141, Trongate; William Bogle, poflmafterj 

<^ . M. Haliburton & J. Sceuller, clerks; M. M'Callura, 

, ^ John Cameron, Js. Wife, Robt M'Neill, and AUaa 

• X^ Rofs, letter-carriers; J. Lid4ell, forter; A. Stewart 

*s» and T. Leitch, penny-poll letter-carriers; A. Milliken, 

'^ clerk. Penny-letters difpatched at 8, 1 2 and 2 o'clock. 

>>;•> PoHce-Offlcc — 7, Candleriggs; James Mitchell, Mailer of 

^% Pohce; R. Nimmo, Clerk and Treafurer; A. Bald^ 

^-^^C^* Surveyor* 

^^ .Phoenix Fire Office — King- ftreet; Loudoun, Craigie & Co. 

Permit Office^zt No. J, Brunfwick Place; at 13, Miller- 

'***^»«jiftteec, and at 36, Great Dovehill; open from S till 

morning, and from 10 till 3, and from 4 till 5 afternoon. 


Royal Exchange Affurance — 1 7,Trongate, A. Allan, agent. 

^tamp Office — 80, Trongate; Thomas Graham, diftributor. 

State Lottery Offces-^ISO and 48 Trongate j and 123,- Nei- 

Surveyor of Taxes 1 —Office, 18, St. Andrew's lane, Gal- 
Jirjl Difria. \ lowgate; Andrew Bald, Survey of » 
Do. Jecend Diflria-^^Zf Argyil-ilrj C. Haaiiiton, dak. 


[ 123 1 

UeriffChrh's 0^^4r-59, WUfon-ftr. H. Ker, clerk depute. 
Sun Fire Ojice-^4<Sf Trongate, J. Buchanan, jun. agent. 
Sefton Clerk's Office— 1^0, Saltnnarket; W. Walker, clerk, 
S^Jfton Clerk's 0^^^— Barony Parifli, 19, St. And. Sqr. 


As fixed by the Magistrates, January 13/^, 1800. 

s. d, 
I. From any place within the City, including the Newtown, 
to any other part thereof, not herein after mentioned - • I O 

a. For going to and returning from the lame place, includ- 
ing one hour's waiting - - - - -.- ao 

3. For going from any part of the city or JfTewto^vn to the 
High Church, Calton and Greenhead I 6 

4. For going to and returning from either of thefe places, 
including one hour's waiting - - - - - 46- 

5. For going to Barrowfield Bridge, to beyond the Green- 
head Bridge, to Rutherglen Bridge, to Annfield, to Ander- 
fton, or to any place of the like diftance from town - - a O 

6. For going to and returning from any of thefe places, in- 
cluding one hour's waiting - - - - - 3 ® . 

7. To any part of the Country, not above-mentioned, for 

the firfl mile ao 

And for every half mile, within five miles ---06 
For returning from do. including an hour's attendance; an 

additional - - - - - - - - I O 

8. For going five miles and uj» wards from town, and return- 
ing before ten o'clock at night, for each mile outwards, in- 
cluding two hours' attendance - - - - 13 

For every hour's attendance after two hours, till ten at 
Bight, an ad'^itional - - - - - - I 'O 

9. To do. and returning at any time between ten and twelve 
*\loct at night, in addition fo the above, for every hour -I 6 

And for waiting every other hour, after twelve o'clock at 
nigh*, an addiional - - - -- - lO 

10. From any place in the City to any other part thereof, 
from y to lO o'clock at night - - - - a o 

And if betv/een joand iz o'clock at nigiht - - '3 © 

J I. Fff m any place in the City, including the Newtown, 
»{) any o.her pai t thereof on a Sunday _ _ _ 30 

} 2. To any place in the country after 9 o'clock at night, in 
additior to the above rates for the country, for each mile -03 

I 3. On rime witlun the City^ or fubu/bs, on vifits, or ac- 
-' eating ai t'Sliops, far the iiril h-juT, - « >. a O 

[ 124 3 

For every half hour after the firft - . . 05 

If a Coach be detained before ufing it, for eveiy quarter of 

aaJ^o"'- 06 

Nofe. All difbDces to the country to be meafured from the Crofs. 

As fixed by the Magiftrates, March \ft^ 1 798. 

I, Every Lift of a Sedan Chair in Town, though for everfo 
fhort a diftance --._... q 

a. From Campbell-ftreet, or thereabout, to the Wynd-head 
or High Church, or thereabout - - - _ j 

3. From Campbell-flrect, or thereabout, to Grahamfton, or 
thereabout ------. j 

4. From Campbell-ftreet, or thereabout^ to aay part of the 
Newtown - - - --_ . . jj 

5. From any other part of the Gallowgate Weft of Camp- 
bell-flrcet to any part of the Newtown - - » © 

6. From Charlotte-ftreet to the Newtown 

7. From St. Andrew's Square to the Newtown, or to -any 
part of Argyll-H:! eet, and to the Streets running Southwards 
and Northwards of Trongate and Argyll- (Ire et, and to St. 
Enoch's Square - - - - - - -o 

S. From any pan in TroEgate to fhe Weft fide of Jamaica- 
jf^reetinclufive, and including the different flreets, runn!r>g on 
the North and South of Trongate, Argyll ilreet, and St. 
Enoch's Square, to any part in the Newtown - - o v I 

9. From the Saltmarket, Bridgegate, Cly de-fl reet, Broomie- 
Jaw, and weftward of Janiaica-flreet, to Gr^ihamfton, to any 
part in the Newtown ------ic 

10. From the Trorgate to Wynd-head and High Church i o 
n. From the Bridgegate, or any of the Streets running 

toNorth and South of the Trongat. ■. ■ ' Argyll-ftreet,includ- 

ing St- Enoch's Square, to the Wynd- Hfad or High Church I 3 

la. From the Bridgegate to the Ci'lie^e, or like diftani^c, 
and from the Merchants' Hail to the College, or new Court 
there - - - - -- - - - i't5 

13. From the Crofs to any part in Gr^rbals - - i ^ 

14. From any pbce above Bell's wynd and btlow the Col- 
lege to Calton Crofs ---:--- I 3 

15. Do. and to Barrowfie'd Bridge - - - a o 

16. From any place abov: Bell's Vv-ynd and below the Col- 

)<ge to Gorbals ------- 13 

17. Froii'Gorb^ls to the High Church or the like diftance % o 

18. From the Crofs e^ch mvle round the fame - - % O 

19. For every hour a Chair waits (unlefs engaged for fore- 
i»oon and afternoon) befides the ftated hire herein provided, 

ior the S'fthour 09. 

Aud for every Aibfe^uent hcur - - » * 6 

[ 1^5 3 

g. 4- 

i| »o, For a chair attendirg from three or fowr o*cloct after- 
Ifioon, till twelve o'clock at night, for the firft hottr - of 
ii For every hour after the firft - - - - - o 4 
i(J ai. Frotiijamaica-ftreet t&the Crofs, orthelike (fiftance o % 

32. From the New Aflembly Hall to Grah tmfton, Jdmaj- 
a-ftreet, Burrell's Hail, Charlotte-ftreet, Bridgegate, or St. 

ALndrew's Square -------or«r 

23. From do. within thefc places - - - w o ? 
*4. From do. to Campbell-ftreet, or the like diftance - JO 
25. From Grahamfton or Jamaica-ftreet to any place above 

Burrell's Hall, the Infirmary, or thereabout - - I 9 

a6. From do. to any place in Bridgegate * - 09 

47. From Grahamfton oc Jamaica-ftr-^er to Gorbals Jt 5 

a8. From do. to Bun's Wynd, or the like difVance - 15 

29. From do. to the High Church, Infirmary, or the like 
liflance ---------19 

30. For each mile carrying to or from the City of GUfgow % o 

31. For every lal't after one o'clo'-k in the morning, double 
lire, excepting on AlTembly and Ball nights. 

3a. Every double Lift to pay double hire. 

33. Two children, each not exceeding thirteen years old, or 
^ •:. child in a perfon's arms, are to be excepted, and conGdered 
, I- one Lift, 

, Every perfon engaging a chair and not ufmg it, to be 

t; for the difappointment in - - - - 06 


'• As fixed hy the Magifirates^ MarcK ifty 1798* 

^ By an KSt of the Maglftrates and Town Council of GlafgoWj 
o Porter fhall refufe employment, when he is not otherwife en- 
aged, under the penalty of as. 6d. llerling for the firft offence, 5s. 
)r the fecond, and los. *or tvtr<j fubfequent offence; and all Porter,s 
ho fay they ar^-.enguged, fliall fpecify the perfon by whom, and 
K hour at whicii, they are engaged, and they fhall not refufe to 
employed in the interval, between the time they are required to 
xve and the hour of their engagement, under the penalties aforcfaid. 
s the Porters who wear badges on their breaft, find fecurity for 
:eir honefty and fidelity, the Magiftrates recommend it to the in- 
ibitants to employ only thofe Porters in matters of importance* 
'he following i& a Table of their Fees: 

s. d. 
Carrying a letter or letters, parcel or parcels, not exceed- 
g 7 pounds weight, from any part of the City or New- 
wn to any other place therein - - - - O I 

Carrying a letter or letters, }mrcel or parcels, not cxceed- 
g 7 pounds weight, from any part of the City or New- 
wn, to any other place therein, if delivered to the Porter 
itt nine o'clock at night - - . ' - -, 05 


r 126 ] 

Carr^^ing a letter or letters, parcel gj; parcels, not'exce.j-d- 
ing 7 pounds weight, from any part of the city or New- 
town to Anderfton, Bridgetown, New Bafon of the Canal, 
«r.any place not exceeding an EngJifli rnile from the crofs o 3 
If delivered to the Porter after eight o'clock at night o ., 4 

For running an exprefs with a letter, or fmall parcel, for 
every Englifh nrile outwards in day time - - o j 

If in the night time, that is, after eight o'clock at night o 4 
Carrying a back load, not exceeding eight Englifh ftone, 
from any Ware-room in Giafgow to any other Ware-room 
or Calender, where the diftance does not exceed 500 yards o r 
£k). where the diftance exceeds 500 yards - - O a 

Carrying a back load, not exceeding 8 ftone weight, from 
the crofs to the Broomielaw, Calton or Gorbals, o^r the like 
diftance - » - - - -03 

Carrying any load, not exceeding two one-half hundred 
Weight, on a wheel-lsarrow ^ for the fame diftance - O. 3 

For weighing a ten of goods, fuch as iron, &c. for the fii-ft 
ton - - - - - - 04 

For every other ton - - - -03 

For taking down and putting up the fcales - O a 

For weighing each bag of cotton - - O I 

For taking .down and putting up the fcales, If done by the 
Porters - » - _ 1 

For carrying each bag of cotton out of a cellar, and put- 
ting it on a cart - - - - O a 

For taking each bag of cotton off a cart, and putting the 
fame into a cellar ^ ,- - - - OX 

N. B. Two thirds of the fpregoing rates to be paid for 
pockets, and bags of .cotton, not exceeding one and an half 
.liundred weight 

For a day's work at articles -not fpecifiea as above, to con- 
fift of ten avorking hours - - - - a O 

For a w^eek's work - - - - lo O 

For the firft hour's work w^.erfi not employed a whole day o 4 
For each fubfe^ueiit hour's work, when not cmploy-ed a 
whole day - - - ■ - -03 

For carrying: a load of two bolls of meal, for each ftair o I 

For carrying a load of two bolls .0 meal, into a clofs O 1 

For each night's watchieg - - - a O 


As fixed by the MagiftrateSy Dec. 22)i, I 802, 

J. For every Cart Load -from or fo the Broomielaw, the 
length of the Lead of Qiieen ftreet, along George-ftreet, down 
Montrofe-ftreet., by the Weigh-houfc, Candleriggs, Bell- 
iftreet, the Well above the Crofs, to the Spoumiouth in Gal- 
-^w^ate, and thence wefiwards " ^ ° 


[ 127 } 

%. For every Cart Load of Sugar to the Stockwell and 
Queen- ftreet Sugar Houfcs, when taken off with a crane o 7 

3. For z puncheons of beans or meal, or 2 yani bales, or 
any other large cafk about i ton weight, or a cart load of cork, 

as much as can be laid on for the fame diftance, as above - I a 

4. For every other place of delivery within the Royalty or 
Newtown, per cartload - - - I 'i^ 

5. For every 10 bolls of oats, beans and wheat, and every 8 
bolls of barley, to all the Granaries at the Broomielaw, Janiai- 
ca-ftreet, Grahamflon, Stockwell and Argyll-ftreet, the Car- 
ters always finding fufficient bags, and carrying the whole of 
their load up one ftory, or into a ground fiat, without any 
afliftance from the employer, per cart r - 10 

6. When the cart load is tobecarried up more than one ftory j( 

the employer fhall pay the Carter per cart, an additional o A 

But in this laft cafe the Carter may carry up the half of 
the lead at his own expenee,the employer being at the expence 
of the other half 

7. For every cart load of Grain to any other part of the 
Royalty or Newtown than is above :lated - ' - 1 a 

I'he carriage in this iaft cafe to Be fubjedl to the above 
Regulations as to delivery up one ftory or into a ground flat, 
or up more than one ftor^-. 

8. Carters employed to remove furniture or fimilar article?, 
that require long time to load and unload, fhail be paid for 
the firft hour they are fo employed, and fo proportionally 

for each cart - - - - I O 

And for every other hour, and fo proportionally, for each 
cart - - - - - - 09 

The Carter, in foch cafes, fhall always aflift in loading and' unload- 
ing, but to remain always- by his Cart. 

In all cafes Carters are to load and unload fuch articles on their 
Cart;, as they are capable of doing; and in other inflances, the/ 
fhall aflift in loading and unloading their Carts. 

All fuch quantities as are to be coiiiidered as a Gngle Cart load,, 
and likewife all rates of fares, not before fpecially provided for, in' 
cafe of any difpute concerning thefe between the Carter and his. 
employer, ihall be fettled by the fitting magiftrate. 

No Carters, or fervants of Carters, fliall exaA higher fares than, 
fhofe before fpecified, under the penalty of five fhillings for eacli 
offence, to. be levied by a fummary warrant from any of the Magi- 
firates of Glafgow, and by imprifonment till payaient of tlie fin^ 
be made, befides forfeiting the fares overcharged- 



Enabled' to be paid by the Shippers of Goods upon the River Clydcj, 
, by an Aft of the Magiftrates and Tov/n Council of Glafgow,, 

dated 4:d. December, 1802^. 
Anchors per ten, 5s. Afh.s, per barre', jA. 

hiid?., or bulk, 5s. 6x1,. 

[ 128 ] 

Hark, per ton, 5s, Beef, per tierce, 8d. Barley, per toll, 4^. 
BurJey, per bag of 'j;-| cwt. 6d. Barley, per bag^ of 3 cwt. 7d, 
Brazil, per pocket, 6d. Brick ar Tiles, per thoufand, 7s, 6d. 
Bottles, per grois, 9d. Butter, ;'<°r ton, 3s. 

Canvas Yarn, ptr bale, 9d. Carpets, i a pieces, per bale, 4s. 6d. 
C?.fi. Meta! Boilers, per ton, y:. 6 J. Cheefe, per ton, 4s. 6d. 
Coals, per hhd, as. Coals, pt r eart, is 3d. Copper in Sheets, 
per ton, 3B. Copper, in Vtffels, per ton, 4s. 6d. Cordage, 
per ton, 5s. 6d. Cork, per t( n, 138, Cotton, per bag, from 
a to 3 cwt. IS. ad. Cotton, perbag upwards of 3 cwt. 13. 4d« 
Cotton, per pockefs, each, 7d. Cudbear, per ton, 63. 

Dry Goods, in puncheons, per puncheon, is. 8d. Dry Goods, per 
hhd. as. 

Empty Herring Barrels, each, id. All other empty calks, to pay 
h-l! freight 

Floui, per bag, 6d. Flour, per barrel, 5d. Flax Seed, per hhd. •s. 
Fruit, per cheft, 8d. Fruit,per half cheft, 4d. Fuftic, per ton, 4s. 

Gab^rt Freight, per ton, regifter, as. 6d. Guns an(i Shot, per 
ton, 3s. 6d. , Gabcrts loaded to or from Greenock to a veffel 
in the Road, if iifhfted by the crew of the veffel, 40s. Gaberts, 
if not aihiled by the crew, 50s. 

Herrings, per barrel, 6d. Hides, Bullock, per hide, ad. Hides, 
Cow, per hide, l^d. Htmp, per ton, 7s. Hides, Buffalo, 
per hide, id. • 

Iron, Pig, per ton, as. 6d. Iron, Rod, ton, 3s. 

Kelp, per ton, 3s. 

Linen, per bale, as. Logwood, per ton, 4s. Leather, per ton, 7€, 
Lime Stone, per ton, as. 6d. Lead, Bar and Roll, per 
ton, as. 6d. 

Mahogany, per ton, 4«. Molp.lTes, per puncheon, as, 6d. Mnn- 
giinele, per ton, 3?. Madder per butt, as. Meal, per boll, a^d. 

Oil, per ton, js. 6d. Oil, per jar, ad. Oats, per boll, 3d. OJna» 
burghs, per bale, li pieces, as. Ditto, per bale, 9 pieces, 
IS. 6d. iXitto, per bale, 6 pieces, is. ad. 

Pipe Clay, per to!V3s. Pots,per ton,5s. 6d, Porter, per hhd. is. 3d. 
Planks, per ton, 33. Paint, ptr keg, i^d. Puncheons and 
Hhds. Packed, per package, 46. 

Quercitron Bark in hhds. as. 

Kum per pvncheon, as. 6d. Rum, per hhd. is. ^ Raifins, per 
barrel, 4d. / 

Sugar, Raw, per ton grofs, 3s. Sugar, Refined, 63. Sugar Mo«!d« 
per waggon load, 7s. 6d. Seroons and Pockets, 6d. Skins, 
Calf, per bale, or 9 dozen, is. 3d. Skins, Calf, per bale, or 1% 
flozen, IS. 9d. Staves, Butt, from i|; to a inches, per thou- 
fand, 7s. Staves, Butt, from a to 3 inches, per thoufand, 30s. 
Staves, Butt, 3 inches and upwards, 338. Staves, pipe, per 
thoufand, 8s. Staves, hhd. per thoufand, 79. Staves, barrel, 
per thoufand, 6s. Sxone Ware, per crate, as. Stone, in hhds, as. 
Slates, large, per thoufand, as. 6d. Slates, ordinary, per thou- 
faud, a«. Soap aud Caudles, per hoi,, Ad. Starch, pet 
^iid. %i. 6d. 

[ 129 ] 

Tobacco, per hhd. Trunks or fmall boxes under three feet long, 
per trunk, 7d. Trunks or fmall boxes three feet and upwards, 
per trunk, lod. Tzr and Turpentine, per barrel, 6d. Tar, 
Archangel, per barrel, 8d. Tin plates, per box, 3d. 

Wine, per pipe, 2s gd. Wine, per hhd. is. jd. Wheat, per 
ton, if. 6d. Whitening, per tea, 4s. 6d. ' 

Yarn, per b.iie, a?, ad. 

N.B. Tonnage on the river, for Coals, 8d.; other goods, is. per ton. 


To 1.1VERVOOL.— Harmony, Wilkie—Hofetvell, B&ird^ yeame, 
Thomfoii— ^lerty Caflle — ^<5?/w M'lver — DifpaUh, Duncan— 
Evander, Gillies — i^ gents, J. and J. Rankine, Greenock; Spears 
and Charles, Glafgow. — Alfo, Mary, Jn. Ritchie; Mary, Munn; 
Maria, Greigg — Diamond, James Ritchie — Agent, Robert Reid, 
Sidney-Court, Glafgow. ' 

V RSION— r^&^^^z/fj, Woodburne. 

To BRISl'OL — Sijien — Severn — A. M'Gown, agent, Greenock. 

To LEITHby the CANAL.— ii&f Ceres — Clydc~£lizabetb 

Zeitb —]. M'Alpin, agent, Greenock. 'lue Antelope — George—' 
Experiment — A Baia, agent, Greenock. — Katy Andrew, and Katy 

To hEl^VA^T,— Margaret and Nancy, M'Indoe — Hoherts, Biffet— 
Betfey, Galbl'aith — Agent, Js Gemmell, Woodlane, JBroomielaw. 

DUBLIN PACKE ] .—William Humphry, agent, Greenock. 

To PORT-DUNDAS.— iy«»?3a,ri— John Brown, agent, Glafgow. 

To AYR. — The Peggy Bigby. 

CAMPBELTON.— r^f Campbelion Peggy. 

To ROTHESAY.— r.t^ M' Dougal—Marcbiona of Bute-^Telt- 
graph. Lark. 

To LORN AND -tAXHA.-^r he Peggy, 

To INVERARY.— Z^^ Peggy. 

To LOCHGILPHEAD.— 'Ji.? Lochgilphead Paiket. 

Td STRANRAER.— r^^ Stranraer Packet. Gibfcn; once a month 
N. B- Several faft failing boats for Paffengcrs, every tide, from 

Port-Glafgow and Greenock, to Glafgow: and a great number of 

heavier Craft for Goods. 



To GRANGEMOUTH.—^ Trail Boat for goods and Paflengers 
every Tuefday, Thurfday and Saturday, fet9 off at half pafl eight. 

To LEITH.— ^«^«TO Vf Kuty—Keatty—] & A. Kidd, agents, 
Glafgo\^, Ji«b*rt-^W»^e — John M'Dougal, agent, GJafgow. 

[ 130 ] 

To DUNDEE.— Ptf§-j-^ Concord— Willram—Ne-a'ca/lle and SerivicS 

Packet — J. M'Dougal, agent, Glafgow. 
To HULL. — Haivk-— William c5°yi««— J. M'Dougal, agent, Glafg. 
To NEWCASTLE.— /^,7V«fl'/ Increafe— Glafgotv Packet— Elixa— 

Friendjhip — Lawrie Sx. Pinkerton, agents, Glafgow. 
To ABERDEEN— Cfr^j and Jean—^. M'Dougal, agent, Glafgow. 
rrom-HULL to GLASGOW Charlotte Amelia Helen 

Agents, Spears and Charles, Glafgow-^- J. Dickfon, fenr. Leith.. 
To LONDON—Z. and L. Packet— '^uno and Frieud,—cou{\.iii\t 

traders, take in goods at Glafgow "Wharf, London, for Port- 

Dundas, &c. — M'l^ab, IVrFarlane & Co. agents, Glafgow. 

Lift of the arrivai and departure of the Mail CoacheSy 
the places from ivbence thej^fet ojf, and the Fare 
annexed to each. 

Foreign Mails for the continent of Europe, depart every Thurfdajr 
and Saturday — For the Britiih Weft India Ifles, depart the 
Sunday before the firli Wtdnefday of every month, and that day 

London — by Hamilton, Dotiglas, MofFat, &c. arid all on this fide 
London; arrive at Mr. Bain's, Dunbar's Clofs, Trongate,- every 
morning, and depart from the fame place, at % o'clock, every 
afternoon. — London, and all beyo.ud' it, arrive every day at the 
fame time and place, (Wednefday excepted) and departs every 
day (Thnrfday excepted) fare to Carlillc, 4 is. 

vJjr — By Kilmarnock, Irvine, &c. to Port- Patrick, alfo the Irijb 
Mail arrives at the Bull Inn, Argyll-ftreet, every day, at 1 o'clock 
afternoon, and departs from Mr. Bain's, Dunbar's clofs, every 
morning; fare to Kilmarnock 7s. 6d. — to Ayr, 10s. od. 

Greenock — by Paifley, Port-Glafgow, Greenock, Larg«, (Rothefay 
once a day) arrives at Mr. Bain's, Dunbar's clofs, every day, at 
X o'clock, afternoon, and at Mr, Burn's, Bull Inn, at 7 at night, 
and departs every morning from Mr Bain's, Dunbar's dois, and 
from the Bull Inn, at 4 afternoon; fare toPaifley, 2s. 6d»to Green- 
ock, 7s. 6d. 

Mdiniurgh — by New-houfe and Livingfton, 3 coach from the Bull 
Inn, at 8 Sunday morning, and half paft 8 on other days, and ar- 
rives at 3 afternoon; fare 16&. outfide 9s. By Falkirk, Linlithgow, 
&c. eaft ward, and by Kilfyth, StirHng, Perth, ^c. northward, 
departs at 8 every night, and arrives at 7 every morning. 

Dumbarton — by Lufs, larbert, Inverary, &c. to the Weft High-- 
lands; arrives at the Poft-ofiice, and departs every forenooiu 

Stage Coaches Depart to 

Jyr — From the Star-Tnn, and D. Morifcn's, Trongate, at 9 niarn- 
ing; fare lOS. outfide, Is. 

Ciirlijle — By Sanquhair and Dumfrie?, from Mr. Bain's, on Mon- 
day, M ednefday, uud Friday, at 4 afiernoon; fare to CarIi{L-« 
355. outfide, 23(3. 


££»l>urgh~-from the Star-Inn, at 7, morning, and 4 afternoon, 
from Bain's and Morifon's, at 9, morning, and from the Ton- 
tine, at 3 afternoon; fare las. outfide, 8s. 

Gr<?^«oc^ — From the Star-Inn, D. Morrifon's, Trongate, and Mrs. 
Wright's, Argyll-ftreet, at 8, morning, by Paifley; and from the 
Star-Inn and Mrs. Wright's, at 4 afternoon, by Renfrew; fare, 
6s. outfide 4$. 

Perth^-From the Bull-Inn and Mr. Bain's, at 8, morning, every 
lawful day; fare ays. 6d. outfide 1 6s. 

Psf/Iey — Coaches from Brafli & Reid's, bookfellers, Trongate, at 
10 o clock V forenoon, and at j o'clock afternoon, every day, 
except Wednefday, when the hours are 9 o'clock forenoon, and 
5 and 7 o'clock afternoon; fare 2s. and from D. Morifon's, r8o, 
Trongate, at 7 afternoon, fare is. 6d. o«tfide is Alfo the Cara- 
vans for Paifengers, arrive at Smith's, oppofite the Tron church, 
and in the New-Wynd, every forenoon, and depart at 6 at night 
every day (Sunday excepted) fare Is. 

Girling — From Mr. Bain's, at 4 afternoon, on Tuefday, Thurfday, 
and Saturday; and from the Bull-Inn, at the fame hour, on 
Monday, Wednefday, and Friday, fare 8«. outfide 4s. 

Saltcoats by Beith — from ThomfoKt Intiy Paifley, at half paft 11. 
forenoon, every lawful day. 

Hamilton — A Coach from Mr. Brown's, 8r, Gallowgafce, every 
Monday, Wednefday and Saturday, at 6 o*clock, afternoon ; fare 2s. 

Ihiinharton — A Coach from Mr. Burn's, Bull Inn, every Monday, 
Wednefday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, afternoon; fare 58. 

Helenjburgh — From the Star Inn, at 4 afternoon, every lawful day; 
fare 6s. outfide 4s.; and from Gow's, Queen-ftreet, at 11, 'fore- 
noon, every lawful day; fare js. 

Carrurs' ^larUrs^ nvhh the Days ^f Arrival and 

Aherdeen^ Brunfwick- (Ireet; arrive and dep?.rt twice a- week. 

Jiberfoyl, at Gow's, Queen ftrtet, once a fortnight. 

*^yr, at Provan's, 64, Ingraai-ftr- and at Miller's, 40, King-flreet; 

arrive and depart on Tuefday and Friday, 
Airdrie^. .at Fulton's, Spoutmouth, at >^axerfon's, 60, Gallowgate; 

arrive and depart on Alonday, Wednefday and Friday 
AlLa, at Millti's, 40, King-ilr.; arrives snd I'cparts on Wednefday. 
•^fp:n, iit (.:.(;w's, 9.:;, Tro-igate, once in ihrce weeks. 
AuchierArJer^ at Miller's, Bi ickfririrs' V/ynd, and at Fulton's, 

Spoutnloutb, arrives on Wednefday and departs on Thurfday, 

once a fortnight. 
A-uhierhf.icht'j, at Millsr's, 40, King-flrect; aiTivcs and de^^artson 

ThurfdHy; Jind at Pr'-.van's, Ingram- ftreet, t^^ice a v;eek. 
S.-il/run, at Provan's, 64, Ingram- (Ireet, ami at Ronald's, New-wyrd, 

and B^ir's, Cjndlerig>j;s, twice a week. 
i? iquhdd.iy at Blair's, New-wyiid, once a fortnight. 
Hannockl'irii^ at MiUar'ft, ^o, K-ng ftreet.; arrives and de-parts on 


C 132 ] 

Bathgate, at Millar's, 40> King-ftreet, arrives, and clept>rtsrtn Friday^ 
JBellshiil, at iCe'ici's, St. Andrew's lane; arrives and departs three 

times a week. 
Seith, at J. M'Keaa's, RonaWs, and M'Cracken'?, New-wynd; cw- 
rive on Tuefday, -and depart on Wednefday. 

£erivhi, Old Shipping Co. 131. Trongate; arrive and depart ahiioft 
every lawful day. 

Ser'whk, New or Unioii Shipping Co. St. A. fquare; arrive and 

depart almoft every lawful day. 
Biggar, at Fulton'e, Spoutmouth, and Lightbody's, Suifolk-ftreetj 
arrives on Wednefday, ?.nd departs on Thurfday 

£onh!U,zt Ronald's, New-wynd, Bryfon's, Argyll-ftrect, and Gow's 
Queen-ftreet; arrive on Monday and Thurfday, and depart on 
Tuefday and Friday. 

JBortoivJlournefs, at Mrs. Paterfon's, 78, New-wynd, once a week, 
and at Brylon's, Argyll-ftrect; arrive and depart, on Wednefday 
and Saturday. 

JBu(.hanan, at Blair's, 76, Ncw-wynd, and at Bl;ur*s, Candleriggs; 
arrive on Tuefday, and depart on Wednefday. ' 

JBucblyvie, at Provan's, 64, Ingram-fkr. and at Millar's, Black- 

. friars' Wynd- arrive on Tuefday, and depart on Wednefday. 

Calder, (Eofi) at Muter's, SufFolk-ftreet, once a week. 

Callander, at Miller's, Blackfriar's Wynd; arrives on Wednefday, 
and departs on Thurfday, weekly. 

Campfte, at Anderfon's, 68, High-llreet, and Ronald's, Currie's clofs, 
arrive and depart on Wednefday and Saturday. 

Cambufnethan, at Campbell's, 343, Gallowgate, once a week. 

Cambujlcng, at Campbell's, 343, Gallowgate, once a week. 

Ccijrle Douglas, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet; arrives and depart^ on 

Carnivatb, at Fulton's, Spoutmouth, arrives and departs on Wed» 
nefday, once a fortnight 

Cariuke, at Reid's, St. Andrew's lane; arrives and departs on 
Tuefday and Friday. 

Catbrine, ai Provan's, Ingram-ftrect ; arrives and rfeparts on Tuef- 
day and Friday. 

Crnuft4idjtjbn^ at Allan's, 40i, Gallowgate; arrives and departs on 

Crisff, at Atthur','^, '",7, High-ftreet; arrives on Wednefday, and de- 
parts on Thurfday. ^ 

Cvmbernaulii, at Miller's, Blackfriars' Wynd, and at Ronald's, Cur- 
rie's clofs, High-ftrtet, arrives and departs on Wednefday and 

Cumnock, at Miller's, 40, Kin;j:-(lr€et, and at Ronald's, 73, New- 
wynd; arrive and depart on Friday. 

Cupar F'/e,H Provan's Ingiam-ftr. arrives and departs on Monday. 

D<:lweil!ngton, at MtH-j''s. 40, King-ftreet; arrives and departs on 
Thurxdr.y, once a fortnight. 

jy.Jry, at Paterf n's, 60, Gallowgate; arrives on Tuefday, and de- 
parts rn Wednefday. 

Darvel, at Rott'ld's, 73, New-wynd; arrives on Tuefday, and de- 
parts on Wednefday. 

Denny, at Arthur's 5 7, High-ftreet, and at Ronald's, Ntw-TVjnd, 
itrrjve and depart twite a we-tk. 


Doufss^ at H. Reid's, 3B0, Galbwg. arrives and departs onTuefday. 
Dotvrij at Mrs, Johnfton's, High-llreet, once a week. 

Drymen^ at 1" lilfer's, 40, King-ftreet, Blair's, CAndleriggs, and at 
Provan's, 64, Ingram-ftreet; arriyc on Tuefday and Friday, de- 
part on Wednefday and Saturday. 

Dumfries^ at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet; and at Ronald's, New-wynd» 
arrive on Friday, and depart fame day. 

2)ww^ar<o»,- at Provan's, 64, Ingram-ftreet, at Gow's Queen-ftreot, 
and at Ronald's 73, New-wynd; arrive on Tuefday and Friday, 
and depart on Wednefday and Saturday, 

Vunfermtine, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet; and at Provan's Ingram- 
ftreet; arrive and depart on Wednefday. 

I>unJeti at Miller's, 40, King-ftr. at the Weigh-houfe; arrive and 
depart on Wednefday, once a fortnight, and at Brunf. ftr. daily^ 

DisnkelJy at Arthur's, 57, High-ftr. arrival and departure uncertain. 

Maglejham^ at Carrie's, Saltmarkct, once a vv'^rek. 

Mdinbrtrgh^ at Aitken's, C*ndlcriggs, at M*Corkle's, and at Tur- 
ner's, BrunfwiGk-ftreef; arrive and depart daily. 

Bdinburgh and Lettb Shipping Co. at Turner's, Biunfwick-ftr. daily, 

Mnglijh Carriers^ to London, by way of Carlilfle, Manchefter, fee 
Scott, Brunfwick-ftreet; arrive and depart daily. Henderfon, 
Candleriggs, arrive on Monday, Thurfday, and Saturday, and 
depart fame day. To London, by Edinburgh, Ncwcaftle, Leeds, 
&c. Howey & Co. Montrofe-ftreet; daily Poft Waggons, for 
goods and pafiengers. 

Fatkirky at Mrs. Paterfsn's, 78, New-wynd, at Miller's, 40, King- 
ftreet; arrive and depart on Wednefday and Saturday, 

f'tntry, at Arthur's, and at Mrs. Johnfton's, 94, High-ftreet, and at 
Provan's, 64, Ingram-ftreetj. arrive on Tuefday, and depart oa 

Forres^sx Rcid's, 380, Gallowgate; arrival and departure uncertain, 

Forivtillram, at Gow's, 93, Trongate, oncc a month; arrival and de- 
parture uncertain. 

Gailcivay and Whitbom, at Miller's, 40, King-fir. and at M'Crack- 
en's, New-wyad, once in 3 weeks, and at Provan's, 64, Ingram 
ftreet, arrive on Thurfday, and depart on Friday, every week. 

GaJJion^ '3.1 M'Cracken's, 94, Ncw-Wynd; arrive and depart on 

Cartmere, at Blair's, New^Wynd; arrives on Tuefday, and departs 
on Wednefday. 

Gtrvan, at Miller's, 40, King-ft'-egt, and at Reid's, St. Andrew's 
lane; arrive and depart on Thurfday. 

Greenocl', at Turner's, M*Corkle's, and at Sommervill & Aitken's, 
Brunfwitk ftreet, arriv^e sand depart daily. 

Hamilton, at Falton's, Spoutmouth, at Rcid's, St. Andrew'.s lane, 
and at Rofs's, Gallowgate |. arrive and depart on Mondayg 
Wednefday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Hawick, at Hugh Reid's, Gallowgate, once a f«rtnight, 

Jidltitjhurgb, at Nelfon's, 45, andM'Farliane's, 148, Stocki^ell, afid at 

* Bryfon's, Argyll-ftreetj on Thurfday, once a week, 

Huntly, at Crichtoa's, HJgh-ftrcet; ^rives and departs once a month 


Jnt^eraray, at M^Nicol's, Jatkfon-ftrcet, and at M'Kean't, 33, CaJi* 

dleriggs; arrive and depart once & fortnight 

Jnverttift at Miller's, 40, King-ftr. arrival and departure uncertaiav 

Jrvinet at Miller's, 40, Xing-ftreet, and at Mrs. Paterfon's, 7 ft, 

New- Wynd; arrive on Tuefday and -Friday, and depart Wednef- 

day and Saturday. 

yohnfon, at Reid's, -St. Andrew's lane, and Bryfon's, Argyll- ftrcct; 

arrive and depart on Wedncfday and Saturday. 
XHbarchany at M'Farlane% 148, St-odcwell; arrive* and departs on 


Kilmarnock, at Aptlixir's, 57, High-ftreet, at Miller^s, 40, King-ftreet, 

and at Ranald'*, New Wynd; arrive and depart on Tuefday, 

and Friday, and at Nifbet & Mackie's, Brunfwick-ftrect, daily; 

alfo, a Caravan, at M ilUr's iCing ftreet, on Tuefday and Friday. 

Xiilfyth, at MUler'g, Blackfriars* wynd; arrives and departs on 

i'uefday and Friday; and at Neilfon's, 174, High-ilreet; arrives 

and departs on Weiinefday .and Saturday. 

iKtlwirtHiftg nnd Shoch, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet, and at Ronald's, 

73, New-wynd; arrive on Tuefday, and depart on Wednefday. 
Kincardine, at Provan's, Ingram-ftreet ; arrives and departs once 

a week. 
Kinrofi, at Miller*s, 40, King ft r.; arrives atid de|>arts on Thurfday. 
Kilbride, at 1 T9, Gallowgate; arrives and departs four times a week. 
JCtppen, at Miller's, Blackfriars' Wynd; arrives on Tuefday, and 

departs on Wednefday, 
Kirkcudbright, M}\\tx\y at 40, King-flrcet; arrives and departs «a 

JCirkintiUoch, at Buchanan's, 4, Bell .ftreet, at Hardie's, 158, 
High-ftrcet, and at 'Ronald's, 'Currie 's clofs; arrive on Teufday, 
Wednefday, Friday and Saturday, and depart fame days; alfo a 
Caravan at Ronald's, on Wednefday and Saturday. 
i^anark, M M'Gr^^gor's, 44a, Gallowgate, at Allan's, 4ar, Gal- 
lowgate, and aJ; Reid's, St. Andrew's lane^ arrive on Monday, 
and depart on Tuefday; and at F^llton's, Spoutmouth;; arrives 
and departs on .Friday. 
Xe/mabago, at Paterfon's and Rofs's, Gallowgate; arrives en Mon- 
day, and departs on Tuefday, 
ZinHthgQiv, at Mrs. Paterfon's, and at M'Kcan's, Ncw-Wy^nd, ar- 
rive on Wednefday, and depart tame day. 
i.ech'U'innocb, at Paterfon's, 60, Gallowg. and at M^Cracken's, 94, 

New Wynd; arrive on Wednefday, and depart on Thurfday. 
fLanghdvi, at Provan's, ^64, Irjpfam-ftreet, once a fortnight. 
Leadhills, at Allan's, 125., Gallowgate; arrives «n Tuefday, and 

departs fame day. 
I.,arkljall, at Reids,' 8t. Andrew's -lane, arrives and -departs on 

Liifu at Gow's, C^een-ftreet; arrives on Thurfday, and depart? on 

Jilauihiine, nt Pfovan's, 64, Ingiamnftr. and at Miller's, King-ftreci; 

arrive on Tuefday, and depart fame day. 
_MayhoU, at Miller's, 40, King ftr. arrives anddeparts-on TKuriday. 
Moffat, -At Arthur's, High-Orect, arrivei>-«i> 'J«cfday, aad-diepiuu' 
;«n Wednefday, once ^ fortni^^t, 

MonilanJy (Niiv) at DoUar's, 215, High-ftre«t, enct a wteii. 
Mmrkirl,\t Reid's, St. Andrew's lane i arrives on Monday, and 

departs on Tuefday. 
J^eilfort, at Vane's, Bridgegate; arrives and departs twice a week. 
Ncwcajile^ tffe. at Henderfon's, Candleriggs; arrives on Mondary 

and Thurfday, and departs on Wednefday and Saturday. 
Neivmiils, At Rom\d% 73, Ncw-Wynd; arrives on Tuefday, and 

departs on Wednefday. 
Ntivton Douglas J and Wigton, at Ffovan's, 64, Tngram-ftr. and »t 

Ronald's, New-v/ynd, arrive on Thurfday, and depart on Friday, 

once a fortnight. 
N£%i^ iialloivay, at Miller's, 40, King-fbreeti arrive* and departs 

on Thinrfday, once a fortnight; 
Nfvton Stewart; Wigton, JVhithorn^ and places^ adjacent, at ROJIl- 

aid's, New wynd, on Wednefday, once a fortnight. 
Ohan, at M'Nicol's, j ackfon-ftreet, and at Gow's, 93, Trongatej 

arrival and departure once, a fortnight- 
JBerth and Dundee^ at Brunfwick-ftreet, everyday; Jackfon's, Ib- 

gram-ftreet, twice a week and at Provan's Ingram-ftr. once a 

week: alfo, at. Mrs. Neilfon's, Old Vennal. 
fort of Monteitb, at Mrs. Johnfton's, 94, High-ftr. once a fortnights 
Jfaijley^ a Caravan at Gardner's, Back- Wyud ; and another at 

M*Kenzie's, and M'Cracken's, New- Wynd; and at Liddle & 

Forfyth's, I'rongate, and at Provan's, 64, Ingram-ftrect, all ai* 

rive and depart daily. 
Peebles, Tit Eulton's, Spoutmouth, on Wednefday, and departs oe 

Thurfday, once a fortnight. 
Renton, at Provan's, 64, 1 ng ram-ftn . arrives and departs 3 times ft 

Rcnfrezv, On Wednefday, parcels left for hina< at R. Robcrtfoa*a, 

103, Argyll-ftreet, 
Roherton and- WifioR, at Allan's^^ 42I) Gallowgate, on Tuefday, once 

a fortnight. 
Saltcoats, at Miller'sj 40, Klng-ftreet; arrive on Tu-efday and Fridayj . 

. and depart on Wednefday and Saturday. 
Sanquoar, at Ronald's, Ncw-Wynd, on Thurfday once a week. 
Sie-wartoHy at Miller's, 49, King ftreet^, ai-rives oa Tu-efday, and de- 
parts on Wednefday. 
5' Ao«/, at Reid's, 380, Gallowgate; 3 times a week; 
Stirling, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet, and at Mrs, Neilfon's, OlAi 

Vennali arrive anddepart oa Wednefday and Saturday, and at. 

Arthur's, High-ftreet, twice a we^k. 
Stonehoufe, at. FuUoa's, Spetttmouth; arrives en Tuefday,. and dc-- 

parts on Wednefday. 
Stranraer t ,at Ronald'*, N<:w-Wyndi arrives on Tuefday afid Friday^,, 

and departs fame days. . 
Strathavsn, at; Fulton's, Spoutmbttth; arrives on Ttt«fday aads 

Friday, and departs on Wednefday and Saturday* 
Horn, at Provan's, 64, Ingram- ftreet, once a week. 
St. NinSam't, at Miller's, 40, King-ftreet ; arrives on V\'ednefdaf>', 

and Friday, and departs fame^day; 
2kr^/i?«, at Miller's, King-ftreeti axrivcs aai departs on Tuefdayj • 

[ 13S ] 

Thotnhill, at Mliler'sj Klng-ftreet, on Friday, once a fortnight, 

an3 at Mrs: Johnfton's, High-flr^et; arrive on VVednefday, and 

aepart on Thurfday. 

Whiihurn and Blackburn^ at Fulton's, Spoutmouth, and at Miller's, 

. 40, Kin^-ftreet; arrive and depart on Friday, , 

Wijhaiu^ at Reid's, St.- Andrew's lane, on Friday, and at Campbell's, 

343, GalIowgate,«arrive and depart an Monday and Wednefday. 


No. A. Stands firft door above the Meal- Market, Montrofe-ftreet; 

Key to be found in Patrick Smith's, Slater, Old Grammar 

School Wynd. 
No. B. Stands clofe by the Potato- Marketj Key to be found with 

Edward Douglas, ii4,Troiigate, and in the Clerks' Chamber. 
No. C. Stands clofe by the Potato- Market; Key to be found in the 

howfe of Thomas Fleriiing, flater, Barbers' land, Saltmarketa 
No. D, Stands clofe by the Meal Market, Montrofe-flrcet; Key 

to be found in the houfe of Alexander Wiifon, flater, ao4, 

George- ftreet. 
No, K Stands clofe by the Potato- Market; Key to be found- with 

James Sommerville, Back- Wynd. 
No. F. Stands ciofe by the. Potato-Market ; Key to be found with 

Edward Douglas, 124, Trongate, where keys may be had for 

all the Engines. 
Four Large Caflcs for fupplying the Engines with water, {land at 
the North Enci of the Wynd Church; Keys to be found as above. 

Glafgow Fire Infurance Company's Engines, ftand in clofs, 116, 
Trongate; Keys to be found with W. Wiifon, Z06, George-ftreet, 
in the Police Office, the Fire Office, and in the Police Boix, at the 
bead of the Old Wynd. 

Mctnagers of the POLICE of the City of Glasgom. 

THE Lord Provoft, three Baillies, Dean of Guild and Deacon 
Convener ex offidis, and twenty-four Commiffioncrs, chofen by Inhab- 
itants poffeffing houfes of ;£ 10. yearly rent and upwards. The Fui'.ds 
for defraying the Expencc to be raifed in the following manner. 

I An annual ajjejfment not 
At 4U "and under 61. fte: ling yearly, - 4d. per pound fterling, 
At 61. and under roK dp. - 6d. . do. 

At lol. and under 15I. do, - pd. do. 

And at 15 Lfterling yearly or upwards, lad. do. 

The City is divided into twenty-fniir Wards, or Diftridls; under 
the infpe<5li;m -f twenty-fAu' Commifli.3ners, chofen upon the firft 
Monday of September n^ nually. Mr. jamcs" Mitchell, Mailer of 
Police; 15 Officers, 3 of 'whom are Conftables; 74 Watchmen, 
and 14 Scavenger?, 


A Condable with four of the jbove Officers attend regtilarly 
at the Police Offic'e, Candleriggs, to call the r( 11 of the Watchmen, 
half an hour \tioxt they take ihevr ftation, and mark fucbi 

£ 1S7 } 

as are abfeiit. The Gonftabk and Officers ar« ther«.aftcr t*^' 
patrole the ftreets until between two and three in the morni%, 
or longer if neccifary; to obferV? if the Watchmen, are doing ^heir 
duty; to apprehend vagrants and diforderly perfona; and to give, 
in writing, a report of the whole tranfailions, in the mornings to 
the Mdfter of Police. \ 

The Watchmen are to be on their refpedllve Stations, in the 
months of April to Sej^ember inclufive, at xo o'clock at night, and 
continue till 5 in the morning; and in the months of Oftober to 
March inclufive, at 9 o'clock at night, ^nd continue until 6 in the 

'Tbe Compiler of tlit IVork l>.:'»:ng obtained a complete" Copy 0/ it* 
' flan adopted in numbering the bovfes^Jhups^ ^c. ■within the City, in A(>ril 
1 802, be thinks it may nut be an unacceptable addition to injert it ui 
tttigih^jor thefeie of ififormjtf»n and caution to the inbubitantt. 

THE Lord Provoft and Magiftrates having given ©r(^ers that all 
the houfes, fhops, warehoufes, and ctoffes, or other entries within 
the City (hall be numbered with figures painted on the doors or 
other cmfpicuous parts thereof; and the name of each ftrcet ftiall 
be painted on the corner'houfes, and having remitted the execudon 
of it to the Board of CovcmiiTioiiers under rhe Foiicf A<5b, intima- 
tion is hereby given, th^.t any perfon who fhail \VilfuIly deface any 
of thefe numbers or names of otreets, when painted, ihall, for every 
fuch offence, forfeit a funi nor above 40s. nor under JOs. Sterling j 
and, in future, in all nev^ piin:ings of fliap doors, &g. v/here a tejn- 
porary defacing of the number may be uoavaidablc,"the occupier 
will be careful to replace the original number on a confpicuous-partj, 
and in a figure eafily legible, within. the fpacc of ten days after hav- 
i ug been fo defaced, certifying to thofe who refufe or riegleift to do 
fo, if their doors be withont number for above 10 day*, that they 
are liable in the fame penalties as tho^'e are, who wilfully deface 
numbers, as mentioned above. See Advertifrment -fubUfbid in ali 
the Gafgoiv Netvfpapersy and fofied up on the moji confpicuvas parts of 
the City, dated ZOih April, l8o2. 

The fol'owing is the plan adopted by the Board of Police in con- 
fequence of the above remit from the Magiftrates. 

I. The name of every Street is painted on eadi of the two Cor» 
ner houfes, at each end of it, and, alfo on each Cbrner-houfe where 
it croffes any other Street. 

Ill Every Street has a fet of nutyibeisfor-itfelf^ beginning at No. f ,. 
and going on.progreflively to the greateft Number contained in it. 

III. Every Front-door in'the"Gtound flats, and every intervening^ 
Clofs or Entry, has a progre3ive Number; for example, No. i, be- 
ing a Shop or Houfe, a Clofj or Entry coming next, is No. 2, and 
a Shop next again, is No. 3, and fo on. 

IV. The No. f , in each Street, is put on the firft Front door on 
the left fide, and continuing en that fide with the Numbers 
progreffivcly, to the exT mity; it cri.iFes over to the oppofite fjde» 
and tht? following Number is painted on the firft Front-door there, 
continuing the progreflioH to the ead oppaS.te to whack it began. 

'^: Ai a Gr6ttn3-8at pfefently entered to by only one Front door, 
Inay be aVercd into Shops, &c. fo as to have two or trore Front- 
doors, and thereby occafion an alteration in the numbers; in order 
to guard againft this, where any fuch h^Mife occurs, as many Num- 
lierB are omitt<:d as it may he thought this houfc may produce of 
additional Front-doors. IF the Houfe is 6fry feet long, three Num- 
bers are omtttel; if forty feet long, two Numbers; and,, if thirty 
ftet long, one Number. For example, if fuch a houfe falls to be No. 
ao, and if fifty feet long, the one Door that is in it, is painted J^lo. 
ao, and the NurrvbcTs ai^ az, and 23, are omitted; (but, if the 
bo^fc ha« ho Front-door, but enters by a Clofs belonging to ♦he*ud- 
jiMnrng Tenement, then No. ao, is alfo.O'nitted) and the ntxt door 
or CI0& i^ painted, No- 24: but this rule is confined ta Streets^. 
tvhere there is a probability of fuch alterations taking place. 

VI. As in feveral of the New Street* vacant Grounds occur, a rule 
fitnilut to the laft is obferved; that is> liy emitting four NumWers 
for evepy fifty (tet of vacant Grooiid, and fo in proportion for a lefs 
quantity of Ground. 

VIl Every Clofs or other Entry, has within it a ftt of Numbers 
for itfelf* beginning at. No. I, and going on progreflively to the 
^reatcft Number contained in if. For example, a Clofs, whatever 
its Street number may be, the firft Houfe, Waiehoufe, &c. within>. 
on the left-hand fide, is paintad No. i; the next No. a, and fo on to- 
the head of the Clofs; then eroding, it returns on the right-hand 
fide, back fo the Clofs: but where it happens that a Clofs has no 
,Houfes on the left-hand fide, then the No. i, is painted on the Door 
that 16 firthcft up in the Clofs on the right-hand fide; and where 
a Stair-cafe contains more pofTeflions- than one, after the Numbers 
t, a, and fo en, have been rainted oa the feveral Doors,. whatever 
Number it contains in whole, is painted in abridgment on the Linr 
Cel or Entry to it. For example, if it conta'ns five Numbers with- 
in, there ^s^ painted^ on the Lintel or- mod confpicuous part of the 
Entry into it. No. I to 5. 

VI TI. I'he blank»^ left by omitting Numbers, as in Claufes V; 
and VI. it is probable, will be found fuSicicnt for nil additional 
Front-idoors, which may for a long time be produced. But, if it 
IHall happen that a Front-door is produced, for which no Number 
has been left, fuch Door is to be painted with an intermediate 
Number, For example, if this Door comes immediately between 
No. ao, and ai, it is to be painted No. ^—, to fignify, that it is the 
fecond poffVffion of thi§ Number. 

This rule will cafily, apply to pofFeflions divided within GlofTce, 
&c..and is- greatly preferable, on many accounts, to any attenipt to 
regulate, by new^unting, the whole Numbers in a Street, or in ». 

If the Inhabitants are attentive to keep "p their Numbers in a. 
legible (late, agre»^bly to the above, it will be eafjr for the Publilher 
of this Work to give the (horteft and at the fame time moft accti-. 
rate^reiftion to their lodgings, even vyherethefe are within CIoITcr^, 
by infertinj^ the name, StreeMiumbejc;''£ttd interior number, all in 
a line, E. G. J/ihn Brawn, No. ai, 11, High»i>reet; that is, th. 
Clofs, No. ta, and No. i r^. within "th?.t Clofs. And they will ob- 
ferve, that if they fuffer theirNumber^ to be obliterated, and dd 
not iiamediaccljr replace thcni». thef incur g^naities. 

C 189 3 

" . , ".1 .1^' - 



SiLis,pROMissoRT NoTEs, ^con Dtmanditr ofUf 3^att, 








. £,2 and not exceeding ,C* : 5 . . . One Shiiting. 

^5 : 5 ditto 30 One and Sixpence* 

30 ditto ,.....,. 50 .... . Two ShiUing*. 

50 ditto 100 ..... Three Shillings 

100 ditto 200 ..... Four Shillings. 

200 ditto . 500 ..... Five Shillings. 

500 ditto 1000 Seven and Sixpence, 

Above 1000 Ten Shillings. 

N,B. For £2 and not above £5 : 5s. Eightpence if on demand. 


For any Sum not exceeding • • • • £ 100 . 
Above >ClOO and not exceeding 200 
Above 200 ditto ,....,.... 500 

Above 500 ditto 1000 

Above 1000 

One Shilling. 
Two Shilling!. 
Three Shilling*. 
Four Shillings. 
Five Shillings, 

Every Bill of eaeh Set, is chargeable with the refpcftive Outie*. 

For jC-2 and under 1 0;^. 

For 10 20 . 

For 20 50 . 

For 50 100 . 


. . 2d.[For>C lOOand tinder200;C« •• 2a. 
,. . 4d. For 200 500 . . . , Ss, 

8 d. For 500 and upwards, . 
Is. In full of all demands, . 

The Receiner of the Money to pay the Stamp.. 




•Premium not exceeding >ClO . Fourteen Shillings. 

Above ^^lOand under 20 . . . One Pound Nine ShiUJngg, 

20 50 . . . Two Pounds Nine ^hillingf , 

50 100 .. . Four Pounds Nineteen Shil. 

Agreements i6» — Awards 29s, — Bills of Lading 3s — Uebentures 4s-— I'rotefts 3*. 


Sum net exceeding jClOO . . . Nineteen Shillings. 
Above 5^100 ditto.. 300 ... One Potmd Nine ShtlUngs. 
300 ditto . . 500 . . . One Pound Nineteen ^il. 
500 ditto . . 1000 . . . Two Pounds Nineteen Shil 
- 1000 ditto . . 2000 . . . Three Pounds Nineteen Shil 
SOOO ditto . . 3000 . . . Four Pound* Nineteen Shii , 



C 140 3 


it% er, I/. eacV 

KtHe of Rents UalU to have Soldiers B^ 

Al! under i.3 eteemfUd 
Ai L.% and under L-S . •% SoLdisrsfor t 

^ -,-^ — 10 . . 1 

JO 15 • • 1 

15 • 20 . .■% — 

aa 30 • • a — — 

39 40 . . 4 

40 — 50 . . » —r- 
50 and upwards . . » -*— 

No houfes to be Billeted upon a fecond time, till the whoie 
Houfes in the City liable, (HaU have been regularly gone over 



a do.SlN 


3 d»y 


4 do. 


_>- — 

5 do. 


6 do. 


7 do. 


8 do. 



■— — 7^/ 

2"^^ Public are requested^ nvhen J^emovals take pi ace , 
er Change of Partners, ^c» to Ij^ave notice thereof at 
the Shop of the Publishers, on or before the 1st of June, 
in ordef that they may be inserted in their proper place 
in the next edition, -^ '' / ^ 


Fiiatc* by Nivcft, Napier 8e KhuU, Trongatc, Glasgow.