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Full text of "Srpsko ucheno drustvo, Belgrad. Glasnik"

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Cb 4iTorpB+. 9 ra(i4Hi(«, 1 ■•pToa« ■ 1 jHCTOVb rp6oia. 

fk '1! o r p « A y 


:-^'' ■ t857. 



Paa^HRe Hasie^y 63HKa Cp6cRora h XpsaTCKOFB. 

HanHcao ^. ^^hrhh^'b i 

PadMaTpaRfl o cxapunfb Cp6cKHM'b npasaMa. Ha- 

nHcao /^pi H. KpcTHhi ....... 6o 

CTaTyTi no^bHqKiH. no n. T. I]Ia4>apHRy. .0^% 

M. nonoBHha 127 

nper^eA^ saApysKROFb CTaHH Cp6a ce^HKa. Ha- 

nHcao M. ^. MH^nheBHh'B 145^- 

UlTaTHCTHqHH no^aTi^u lUKO^cRH saBeAeRiH y 

KHflSKecTBy Cp6cR0M'B. Oa*!* AP^ ^* CnacHha 162 ^ 
ORpysKie KpanHCRO. OnHcao H. Ilqe.iap'B . . 189 
TjiaBHuii HaBO^i. nonHca y Cp6iH roAHHe I85f. 

OA'b I. FaBpH^OBRha 224 

npocTop'bCp6cRenaTpiflpuiie.OAi>I-raBpH^OBHfea 22 7 
^Hn.iOMa BoeBO^e yrpoB^axiiicRor'b ToaHHa Mh- 

xan^a oa'b ro;^.'i596. 0^% ^pa H. II£a4>apHRa 243 
PyRonHCb KHnpifluoB'b. 0^% ^. ^^HHHBfaa . . 245 
FyROHHCb A^eRcae/^poB'b. Qp^ ^. /^aRHHflha . . 256 
^OAaTaKi K% onHcaHiio Cp6cRH Hosaqa. Oa'b ^P^ 

H. lIIa4>apHRa 268 

Fpa^a 3a €p6cRy c4>parRCTHRy. Oai> AP^ ^• 

lIIa4iapHRa . - . 287 

HaB^CTie /^pa H. lUa4>apHRa o H'broBOM'b nyxy 

y M^eTaqRy apxRsy h HCTpajRHBaRio cnoMe- 

HHRa Cp6cRe RCTopie 292 

HsBecTie o /^'baaRio h cxaHio ^PJ^^^^ Cp6cRe 

ClOBeCHOCTH ro^^HHe 1856 308 

CxaH^ Race ^pyuiTBa €p6cRe CJiOBecROCTR 1 856 r. 318 

HeRpOJl03H 320 

BB6aiorpa<»ifl 325 

^OA^TaRib H nonpasRe 34i 


Ha cTpaHH 22 y epcTH 6 o;^03AO ctoh ton MeCTO 
roH; cTp. 247, Bp. 6 :^^. m. i^ii, sp. so nocAXHlKV m. no- 
ciinNiKs; CTp. 249, ep. 4 nptcTOAii H. npftCTOnn, sp. 24 

TN M. TN; Cxp. 250, Bp. 6 npafiOCAARHfiH M. HpZlBOCSnBHCH; 
CTp. 252, Bp. 28 pOMNilA M. pOMHSS; CTp. 253, Bp. 6 0^03- 
rO BCeCReTMHh H. BCeCB6TUHMh; CTp. 254, Bp. 3 0^03^0 
HrOj!(HNKS MeCTO VrOj^NHKS ; CTp. 255, Bp. 25 OA03ro HO 
MCCTO no; CTp. 257, Bp. 21 CdKpCTNN- MCCTO COKpCTNH-; 
Bp. 37 RZlC€B2iaSISeNlie meCTO BSCeBASSR€HNe; CTp. 258, Bp. 

lis mecTo Ns; cTp. 260, Bp. 33 nAeuene m. nneMGNe; cTp. 

261, Bp. 2 AiOBOT|IS;(HA M. lliOBOTpSA"A 9 ^p. 4 ;C(^OMNMh 
M. JCpOMHMb, Bp. 30 6CH M. €CH; CTp. 262, Bp. 8 ilpABO- 
CAZlBHe M. npKBOCAABNe, Bp. 25 npHHOCNTh H. ilpHHOCHTh; 
CTp. 265, Bp. 1 BAH- MeCTO BAH-; CTp. 266, Bp. 22 C0BH- 


Hanucao J^. /^auuHuht. 

KoaHKO « Hiwe XpBaTCRO MyaeHO y ceexy, caM-b 
6 napo/^-b XpBaTCKiif spao nenoaiiaTb. Y hctoh rhbh- 
HceBHocTH KOii ce HaifBHure 30Be XpBdTCKa pacnpa a 
Koe cy XpsaTU. KaKO ce Hapo/^M HaMane pasauRyio 
H3Met)y ce6e eSHi^HMa kohmi) roBope , 6u ce 
u 3a XpBare HaHnoy3/^afii6 snaTu Koe cy KaA'<> ^^ 
MMis ce caanao esHicb. 63hki> HbiixoBi* paA*!* caMB 
noKa3aTH y obomi> naanKy h to B3'b KUBHra y koh- 
ua ce iMH HspeKOMB name ;(a cy niicane XpsaTCRHiii* 
63HROM'b HaH aRO cc y RoioH TO He Rame a oho e 
y HBOH esHR-b ca cbhmb onaRiH RaRaBB e y OHHMa y 
ROHMa ce TO RaHfie. A.y^a he to ^oHCTa Cbiti €3hrb 
XpBaTCRrH , Mome ce MMcaHTH h no Tome ijito 6f>i 
6bio 6e3B HMena ii ohb h napo^B roh hbhmb tobO- 
pH Ra^i* ce He Sm TaRo 3BaaH h iiito 6bi OH/^a HMe 
XpBaTCRO 6biao 6e3B uapo^a roh Su ce hbhmb 3Bao, 
epB CBaRiii APy^^^ HapoAi^ h 63hrb roh 6bi ro XTeo 
HBHMB 3BaTi[ HMa APJ^^ HMe. Te cy RHBure obo: 

SaROHB BMHO^oacRiH, HaiiiTaMnaHB y KOi/iy III, 
y 3arpe6y 1843. 

Pistule i evanyelya po sfa gpodischie harvatschim 
yazichom stumacena , nouo pristampana i s pom- 
gnom priuiyena, po nacinu nouoga missaia nareyena 
po sfetoy materi crichui. V Bnetcih 1586. 

n. XeRTopcBHha Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje 
i razlike stvari, izdao S. Ljubic^^ u Zadru 1846. 

Hanibaia Lucida Skladanja novoizdana troSkom 
Dra. Ljudevita 6a j a, u Zagrebu 1847. 

KojiHRo ce Morao ioiuB caMB ynoTpe^Ho h Xp- 
saTCRe CTapHHe lUTaMnane y ^obroiuhbumb RHBHraMa 



CBeSK* H. 

Cb jBT(irpa+. 4 Ta0jHi(e, 1 ■apTOM» ■ 1 4flcT0*« rpfioia. 

jp-jr^fn* 6 r p A A y 

y TjjS^o kr A*iH a H H »i: ctba cpBCKori>. 
.•>'*'■ t857. 



Rpaio MecTO u noKasyiohH BpeMe y Cp6a aoGia n 
nofMe itf, TaKO ra y Xpeaxa wowe h OH^a H.l6ai^HTK; 
no TOMe ocHMii Kada Bhhoa- 74, HMa h eda Bhho^. 
67, 244. {Hadu ne SHaHH caMO Mecro nero h BpeMe 
Bhhoa* ^^^» A ^^^ H^ caMo BpeMe Hero h Mecro Bh- 
HOA* t44). 

OsaKO e a y Xpsara h y obhmi, npHMepHMa y 
KOHMa ra Cp6H ueMaio: s^a^jtu IIhct. is, 75, 9B,Ayi\, 
90, ^-a-^t>^a IIhct. 13, 19, 37, XeKT. 68,^-a-^z^;r IImct. 
16, 21, 103, •lyn- 47, s-a-Ae IIhct. is, 59, is, .lyn. 57; 
s^a'^a (l-BuH na/^. aceHCK.) Ayu^- 24, 71, j-a-.«o IIhct. 
20, 75, S'tt^Aa (1-BUH naA- mh. cpe^H.) 2S. — A.ih HMa 
H 6e3i> a: sao IIhct. 24, 75, SJta 70, 3A^ 87. — Ct 
oBUMis a Ha.ia3e ce r^euiTO h OBaKH npHMepn: mu- 
c-a^Jifo IIhct. so, Ayjj^, 86, doAa-a-uw IIhct. 100. — 
OBaKo e « H y Cp6a h. ii. y penn danu, MecTO nera 
ce roBopH H dnu. — Ha hctju^ Ha^HWh MHcaHMi> ^a 
e ^,ouMO « H y M'O'He Xckt. 47, houito ce ^ H3MeI)y 
M H H H36ai^Hjio npeMa na^^sKHMa roh ra HeMaio* 
Ajih 6 h to Bpjio pe/^Ko; 

4. Kao iuto y Cp6a y np-fi'ded'h ctoh a mccto 
t, raKo y XpBaTa ajin Bpjio pe^RO HMa h y nanp-a-d 

BbhO/^. 326. 

5. Kao uiTo y Cp6a HMa padora^ paduru^ rano 
ce y XpBaTa Ha.ia3H a h y p-a^da IIhct. 31 (po6HHfl). 


6* MecTo Cp6cRora a HMaioXpBaTH ^ypenHMa: 
a) p^e-CTUf pecre IIhct. 44, i9,pecTUTe biyuape- 
cru 101 , npopecTe 56; — yspecr 59. — Obo ce Ha- 
jiaan h y CpScRHxi* RHBHSseaHHRa , h. n. y KanHhi^ 
pecTUTB Ropa6. 9, pecrumae ti, uapecTotue 25, nape' 
crao 44* 

6) np^e-cTU IIhct. 82, npedu to, t/xpede 10, ^Kpe- 
dy 45, npuupecTU ce Ayu^> I6, ucnpeda Ay^. 70. A^in 
ce Hantaan h a: upady IIhct. 15, ynpadoM Ay\\. 21. 

b) ep'S'Sat^ B. C KapayHhi* y kobh. i9^ h 6eai> # 

r) A'C'dyr Ayu^^ 33, HBauifiu. kobh. 22. A^h HMa 
vi a: ji-a-dyT Jlyi^ 84, 35. 

7. MecTO Cp6cKora o XpsaTH uMaio ^ y peHHMa: 

a) ap-e-d IIhct. 45, 48, 62, 65, Xckt. 57. Obo ce 
Ha.Aa3H H y Cp6cKHX'b KHBHmeBHHRa H. n. y KaHHha 
Kopa5. 54, 103, any napoAHHM'b necMaiMa (^'). 

6) T-e-TtAo XeKT. 36, TenJiUHa IIhct. 60, Xckt. 
97, creriAUTU ce IIhct. 34. 

y^ KOUMa o/^Ij OBWTCb pe4H npe^is e ctoh /?, y 
HBHMa mhciUmtj fl,Si e p ynnHH^o tc ce a npcTBO- 
pHao y e. A y ocTa.«HMa HMa u y CaoBeacKOM-b 63h- 
Hy e MecTO a hjih o. 

8. HaaasH ce y XpBaTa h r-e-ea IIhct. 81; .lyi;. 
61, T-e-My IIhct. 70, XeKT. 102, oe-e^My Jlyi;. so. Ajih 
ce OBO naaasH h y Cp6a, h. n. y Kanuha reaa Kopa6. 
35, oeejny 4o, 273, h y napoAHOH necMH: 

K.aKO ceanejn y. 6HTKe jynaKy. 3, 26; 
a Kao roA* iuto e y Cp6a pe^wo TaKO e pe/^KO h y 
XpBaTa, h Mome ^uth ^a e caMo npeivia v^aa h ce- 
ea TaKO /^OTepauo. (^'•*) 

9. Kao uiTO ce y Cp6a y noncTKy penn eeau' 
ieJtie e HaocxaB.iH na ce roBopn b eau^eA-k , xano y 
XpBaTa HMa h nucryAa uecTO enucryAa. 

Kao uiTO ce y Cp6a B-tomi, na^eHcy : uhOM'h 
Hhujm MosKe /^o/^aTH e na Rpaio: ubojne, Hbujte, TaKO 
y XpBaTa HMa h ohumb nyrejn IIhct. 77; tomb 
puHW Ayi\, 51, TBoioMe cpnboM Ayu^. 64, c MoioMe 
JlyH. 64, To6oMe Ayi\, 64, Har.;iHMe Ay\\. no, 6orOMe 
•lyi;. 21, cpi](OMe PaHB. 13, HcejiBOMe PanB. 13, Mpe- 

(^) C ^opAaM* [laB.iy epe6aK HCKonaiiie. 1, 742. 

(^•■^) A HecTO CTOH caMo ciHKa pa/^H, h. n. y Xck- 
TOpeBuha 40: 

Stavlja joj pokriv zg'ap — da ju pri gcotovi. 
Kad pokriva tega — podvig'ne do mala, 
Ugleda da svegca — rosa je popala. 


moBie 6/^HOMe PanB. 15, ^ymoMe PauB. 20; Tano y 
Jlyi^nha h y 2-roiiii> na^. mti.: ruxe 9t 

10. CTapo CaoeeHCKo t, mccto Koera Cp6H Hiwaio 
e^HH e, Apyrn e a rpetiH m, y Xpsata taslch u .* 6u^ua 
•/lyj][. 89, 6uHee IIhct. 91, 6ecuda Ayi\. 69, doAuaan 
•/ly^. 48, 6puMe Ayu,. 75, noeuduru Xckt. 35, ceudoK 
Bhho^. 1^1 , ceudoHacreo IIhct. 6, Uhho/^. i38, euhe 
IIhct. 84^ o^uroearu i4, 49, o6uTaTU Ayv^, Zh, 28, euK 
IIhct. 69, eupa 4o, XeKT. 51, eurap IIhct. 12, 
24, euuis Ayi^' 6, epux IIhct. 19, dueouna 30, dueut^a 

2, dUTUh 8, ^f<.iO 84, pasduAUTU 47, Jtff^/? 59, UUCTU 

Qhcth) Bhho^. 123, uudyhu IIhct. 99> uudpa Ayi\. zt^ 
douudpucMo XeuT. 33, uuadur' h9yKpunocTTLaCT. too, 
XeKT. 73, jnedeud .lyn. 22, jnucet^ IIhct. 52, mucto 
36, jiipuMce 74. »2ie/7 •^yM* 93, HUKU Bhiio^. too, nunes 
IIhct. 9:», nucau 11, Ayv,* 95, /7/?ti IIhct. 20, 98, Ayu,, 
17, 22, npud IIhct. 21, ih, nanpud Bhho;^. z^yUpuMa- 
uuTi IIhct. «a, puna Ayv^, »2, pun IIhct. 6, 3 7, ceur 
32, cujne 39, cycpuTOwe 83, cpure Ayi},- ti, Hecpuhan 
6, CTUHa IIhct. 29, crpuxa 71, rw^o 44, Xckt. 57, 
xjihu6 IIhct. 32. — TaKO edu IIhct. is, Bhho/^. 101, 
XcKT. 29, oedu IIhct. 63, oudu 7, ceydu Jlyi;. 25, easdu 
IIhct. 71, nocAu Ay\\. 89, docAU so, dou^u 35, noeu- 
6uA IIhct. 103, Ayi\. 55;« IIhct. 3, Ay^^ 83, /i^- 
JtUH XeKT. 90, opux Ayu,, 56. — hAvi ce Ha./ia3H h e: 
ceedoK Bhho/V ^®> ceedonacTSo Bhho^. |44, o6ehaTU 
IIhct. 78, Bhho^. 343, Xckt. 34, Ayn^ 65, (y oboii 
pe4H HMaio H Cp6H e y csaKOM napeHio, h. n. y Ka- 
HHha KopaC. o6ehao i<>4, a naaasn ce h y C^obch- 
CKOMii 63HKy, B. MHKaoumha vergL gramm. 1, «i), 
eeharu IIhct. 84 (ctf^Artwz^ BHhe), Jlyi;. 72, fl^w«i( Xckt. 
35, euderu IIhct. 85, eepa 86, Bhho^. 258, XeKT. 51, 
eepoearu IIhct. 21, 3«, Bhhoa- 94, epednocT XeKT. «'•, 
BpejneMa 84, aepetueHh Bhho/(. 78, o6ed h^^MevTO 432^ 


neru IIhct. 59, Ayi\.\o, HeaHHui. to, nerex IliiGT. 
42, 43, 47, nosu6eA Ayi\* 21, nped Bhho^. io4, 399, npeMO' 
j$uTi HBaHHTu. KOBH. tt^ csHa Bhhoji,. i \ t , TeJtecaTlHCT^ 
9, 44, (x)oTeJia Uhhoa* 3^^? tiBAoe IIhct. 25. TaKO osde 
IIkct. 18, JlyH- 21, owde IIhct. t, io, 18>Bhhoa. 9.'>,io2, 
doKAe IIhct. i, 20, :i3. Ayu^. too. noKJie IIhct. b, 49, 
JlyH- 49 (TaKO e o6oe ny Cp6a). — j& mbcto « ctoh 
H y cecTU IIhct. 102 (•^yw. 12. m), npucecru Xckt. 
92, odcedox Jlyi;. los, cede (3-he ani^e e^. npe})ai0. 
Bp.) IIhgt. 35, 39, ceo IIhct. «4. noce^u Xckt. 50; MoaKe 
(>UTH j\» 6 OBo ^OiiiJio H3i> npaBH.iHora cedy (3-he 
ani^e mh. ca^. sp.) IIhct. 23, cede (3-he ji. 64. ca^- 
Bp.) i^tycedu (2-ro a. sanoB ) i9, Kao uito e y Cp6a 
Hat cicTU npeiu.;io * h y cidejm mecTO e (a). 

11. MecTO Cp6cKora u XpsaTH HMaio yypenn 
eep^y^ea IIhct. i6, i)i, koh ce h y CiOBeHCKOMii 63h- 
Ky HajiasH cb ti h cb ^/ Bepura, Bef^oyra (Mhkjioiu. 
vergl. gramm. 1, 25). 

11^. y XpaaTa ce^ca^^auin^ra BpeMena y neo^- 
pe^eHOMii na'iHHy npe^ii a ne Mena y f/6 Kao y Cp6a, 
Hero caMO y 00 uaH ^0.* 'nocKaKoearu IIhct. 3, uau- 
CKoearu ^9, Kasoearu Xckt. 4i, ynuToeaxy IIhct. es; 
odcAyotceearu \9, uaeumheeaTU 5f, ucnymeearu^ nohe^ 
eacMo XeKT. 4i, odnymheearu IIhct. 82, ootcueJiieaTU 
78, npuKaoiceeaTu 28, npoMUwheaxy 18, pasmupeearu 
8, cepmeeaTU 78, yeameearu, — CaiMO e^anii nyTt 
HMaMii aaSejieaceno U6.* ocKponueame IIhct. 37. 


13. LUto CpSn HMaH) h. n. y nacb mecTO noach^ 
ceoea mccto ceoeea, r^e ce ^ea caworaacna ciosa pa- 
CTaSii'^HacaMo caa6HM'h r.^acoM'bii npeauBaio y 64HO, 
TO 6 y XpBaTa iouji) Meiuhe. Oa* o n a ohh HMaH> 
«: ^a {moh, HiCHCRorb po^a) Ayu,. 17, (reon mcch.) 
79; — o VI e: e: Me (.wo^ cpe^Hhra po^a) i9, to, 27, 


(1-Bufi na/(. »eH.) te, ree freoe cpe^.) 795 (2-riH naA* 
»6eH.) ts; — o vi y : y\ rey (reoto) n, 3t; — o vl o : 
o: Mou (Moiou) xt, reoii (reoioH) it. Kao iuto ce 
BH^H npomeHe cy one rpxoBO caMo y necMaMa^ a y ne- 
cmaMa hxi* HMaio h cTapH Cp6cRH icHbHmeBHHi^H. — y 
XpBara e u ocHiu'b necama Bpao o6hmho ku (l-Bbiii 
na^* 64.) IIhct. io, is, 19, so, 4s, 4'4, 57, Bhho/^. 120, 
205, XeKT. 54, 101, Jlyn- 5, 7, (1-Bbiii na/^. mh.) IIhct, 
14, 15, 16, 17, 100, Bhhoa- 57, HBaHHui. KOBH. 22, npeMa 
Cp6cKOMi> Koti/ — Kux (S-riii na^. mh.) IIhct. 30, 32, 

78, 84, BhHO^. 153, XeKT. 30, Jlyij^. 16, upcMa Cp6- 

CKOMe Koux'b^ — KUM (6-TbiH na^* 64. MyaK.) ^y^^ 25,26, 
npema CpficKome KouM'h; • — ne (4-Tiaif na^. mh. Mym.) 
IIhct. is, 19, Bhho<2^. 476, Ayi\. S2, (S-riH naA- ciA* 
»6eH.) IIhct. 35, -^yi;* 20, (l-Bbiii h 4-Tbiif na^. mh. 
Been.) IIhct. is, s5, Bhho^. 106, Xckt. so, t/tyi^. 16, 
npeMa Cp6cKOMe noe; — na (l-BiaH naA« ^A* »«eH.) 
IIhct. 17, is, BhhoA' c^i* !$eKT. 37, Jlyi^. 4, (l-BiaH 
H 4-Tuii naA* mh. cpe^.) IIhct. 17, 32, 84, Bhhoa* 304 
XeKT. 29, npeMa CpCcKOMe koh'^ — koii (S-hiit h 7-mwh 
na^* 6^. men.) IIhct. 27, 35. Bhhoa- ^4, XeKT. 33, 
•/lyjV 24, npeMa CpScKOMe uoiou; — kom (6-twh na^- 
e^. MseH.) XeKT. 93, .lyi;. 31, npeMa CpScKoMe xo- 
ioM'h; -^ Ko (1-bwh h 4-TbiH na^. cpe^.) IIhct. 20, 31, 

41, 49, 57, BbHO^. 73, •/lyj^. 20, 57. OCHM'b TorauiTO 

cy OBH npHMepH ca cbhmii oChihh a ohh npBH xeKii 
y necMBMa pi^OA^L^e^ paaanKy H3Me})y ^^nnxb h aPJ- 
THxii noKaaye h nocAe^nh ko, k06 6bi 6juao i^^, KaAi> 
6bi CBH OBH npHMepH 6bi..iH e^HaKH. nocae^HBH 3Ha- 
Hen^Mii HCTiiHa o^roBapaio Cp6cKOMe ;^o2< (ko6 HMaio 
H XpBaxH, H. n. Mym. 1-bbih na^- «A- ^oiJiu (choyi) 
IIhct. 24, XeKx. 29, 53, 60, 84, h kou XeKT. 84; Z-vui 
na^. MH. KoHux (choyih) IIhct. 8 4, Ayv,* 16, 6-twh 

MH. KoiiUM Jlyi;. 19; »eHCK. 6^* 2,-T\Vi HBA* Koe XeKT. 
48, 60, 3-&iHH7-MMH KOiOU IIhCT. 1 02, XeKT. 37, HBaH. 
21, 4-TBlJf KOW XeKT. 3 7, 70, HBdH. 20, 7-MbIH KOiOJH'h 

XeKT. 101, t/lyiv 13; cpe^u^ra poAa mh. l-Bbiii koh 


Hhct. 67, 68), BAH HHCj o^jy uhra CKpaheHH J Hero 
cy OBO odiiHHil naA^^^ npocTOra ku^ ro6 Cp6H hmbio 
y cioatenoMe Heuiu ^ ceaKtu. — One npejiasii y e 
H y creAu (cToeftn) IIhct. 6, i, 28, 53, loo. 

14. Kao luTO y hucom h Cp6H HMaio u wecTO e 
H e (He ecajnh), xaKO Xpfiarn HMak) h y S-heMi* ^Hu^y 
6^. HU (MecTO He e): epujne Moe hu iota dotuAo IIhct. 
38, 6pe3 jnene hu 6oea 4. Aau ce Hajia3H h hus Xenr. 
3 7, 01, 85, ./lyn. «8. 

Kao lUTo 6 OB/^e u ynpaBo nocTa^^o o^ e vi u 
(j), a ^ o^TjepQe) Hs&aieHO (Mhkjioui. lauU. 98), Tano 
ce y XpBara ^ ca ti upeTBopenHMij y w npeaHsa y k 
H y HUMaM IIhct. 21, S9, HUjnam 29, »«.«« Bhhoa* ^'^» 

9(5, XCKT. 38, HUJUaMO IIhCT. 54, 64, HUMUTe 51, HU^ 
MOW 10, BhHO^. 26, 10, XeKT. 59, Mt^JiafoAf^ nnCT. 107. 

A.«h 6 o6h4ho h i; ue ujna Xenx. 6o. 

O^ii u H e e u y obbnii pesuMa j^au 
(vlli) IIhct. i4, 27, Mahenu Bhho^. i94, tit, nomre- 
Huu (?) ApK. 2, 290; BHuie oBHXii peHH HeMaMT), a A. 
MamypaHHh'b y Ko.iy 3, 88, Kame a^ ce roBopH h 
KaMCHUy y^anuu^ aejiu, saeopu^ epoadoeu , epjnoeu ca 
/^yrHMiifiHa npaio. TaKO HMa h nudna Paub, 33 (^sa 
nyTa)^ aan e obo Bpao pe^KO. 

15* MecTO a VI o Ka^i* 6 npso na Kpaio e^^ue 
peHH a Apyro y no^eTKy APyre, naaaan ce h caMo 
a: ea ho epujue, ea so epujne ApK. 3, i42. tiHiue npH- 
Mepa HCMaMii, a A. MaHfypanHbii y Kojiy 3, 88, name 
A,2l thko HapoAi) rOBOpH. 

MecTO H* l^-rifi na^. e^. HMaio XpBaxH h ncio 
«*ff (gnieye) IIhct. 30, 58, 90, Xbkt. 70, Jlyiv 12> 
13, 47, 101, Kao lUTo cy h Cpdn ner^a HMaan. 


B, n, B, HI. 

16. MecTo CTpanora ^ HMaM) XpBaTH (? y HweHy 
Ocu6 (mccto k)cu0) IIhct. 2, 5, 8, 23, 4«, Ocu6y 7, 
8, Ocu6a 89, Ocu6oea 44, 85. Obo e Kao y Ciobc- 


Haifa baklja, birma, y MaJiopyca 6apea^ y Pyca^/?^- 
ofcu, y Hexa barva, bif movani, hrab^ , y IIOiAflKa ba- 
zant, barwa. y •lya€H4icHXT> Cp6a lucibar. OaaKo h 
naui-B MiiKaaa y penaHKy KMa daainu phasianus. 

17. MecTO crpaHora ^ HMaio XpsaxH n y pe^a 
noHUcrpa (fenestra) Hhct. is, 58, Kao iuto e h y 
Cp6a Crinawb^ Tpunym^ a y crapoMe CjiOBeHCKOMii 

H HNilNn^L, na|»AON!L, aA|»HC«N , fUAOCOni (MHK.IOIUUh'b, 

vergl. gramm. i, i96). 

18. MecTO e y IlHCTyaaMa HMa ^ , aa Koe mh- 
caHMii ;fa ra h^lar HHTaxH Kao «• Oho ce naaaaH 

a) Ha Kpaio penH: CAaeoc^o^ thy 55, 8i, ^aeu'- 
dotfi s, 14, a^u^ 19, sdpatfi zo,Kp^ 6, 3t,k3, is, Aw6affi 
St, no0 %hy wieoifi 4i, 99, odaoeopu^ xo, i9, 42, 51^ 
ocrasuifi is; 

6) aa Kpaio c^ora a npe^ii cjionowb d : o^de 
18, t6, 100, npa^da 7, 15, 93; — npeA^ Hsup^w 114^ 
yeJit^-k 10, sdpa^-b i4, 15, «T; — npe^i* «•' npudu^^ 
KqM9%\ — npevif'b.i.* din^Ay 62, diH0Ao^i^^\ — npe^i) 
^ft .• npunpa^JitHO t3, nocra^Aiu 6, 24, 65; — npeA* 
« •• 6p^Ho 7 3, dyxo0HU 84, o0Ha 58, pa^ue 4; — npe^T> 
/? •• •/lo^puHt^a 93; — npe^Tj c .• KpaJti^ficreo i, 75. 103, 
ofcudo^CKU s, nono0cKu 18, 24; — npe^i> 14 .• e^ada^- 
v,u 18, (7^2(e 19, 42, 66; — npe^Tj V.' o^HiH 70; — 
ape^i) /« .• ocTaeuifimu 65, nocJia^tuu 94, npuda^mu 
43, ymp^mu 107, pasdp^mu s4, CKyxa^tuu 2.>; 

b) y cpe^H caora Msa c a npe^^-b a .• ctfiana 6, 
ctfiaKU 26, 31; — npe/^i) e .• c^^ar 9, 66, 70, 76; — npe^T* 
II •• C0UT 1 1, 98; — npe^^i) o .• c^ow 4o, 51, 57; — npeAi* 
y : c^yuowe^^; — npe^ii p: c^pxy (sfarhu) 51, 58, 59; 

r)ynoHeTKy pesa ajiH nocae npCA^ora c: c^a- 

JHU 69, 104. 

Hail OBora 5fiice Mor^a hsho^hth anaTHa npa- 
BHjia Ka^ii 5iii ce ^ na oaHMib 'iiecTHMa HHTajio Kao 
ffi. Kah y IlHCTyaaMa ffiua npiiMepa, ucTHna mhofo 
Maab^ ca e (v hjih u) wecxo ^ (f) npema caaKome 
ropHhMy: npeMa OHHMa no/^-B a): epuxoe (grihou) 5, 


69, ecrae (vstav) 71, — npema OHHwa no^'b 6): oedu 
(oudi) 63, npaeda (prauda) 6, lot, npasden (prauden) 
6, 19, 31, 43, dineJia (diaula) 17, /z/^atf^^rt^ (praugliati) 
64, nocraejtim (postaiigflien) 62, npunpasua (priprau- 
na) t, nonoBCKoea (popouschoga) 42, oet^e (ou9e) 46, 
66; sttKAUHaei^e (zachlinauce) 54, euduemu (vidiusci) 66» 
odeoeopuBwu (odgouoriii^ci) 79, ynuHueviu (vciniusei) 
41, — npeMa OHHMa 00^% b) .* ceaxu (suachi) 46, ceer 
(suet) 16, 81, ceuT (suit) s, 9, 21, ceoii (suoy) 4, r., 
ceyKome (suuchosce) 4'i, cepxy (suarhu) 13, 23, csp- 
muo (suarscib) 68. 

Buuie nyxa Ha OBaKHMii mecTHMa y3i> ^ ctoh h 
e (v HJiH'u): eudue0 (vidiuf) ^, Aw6ae0 (gliubauf) 9, 
uapodoe^ (narodouf) 20, npae^deuoea (praufdenoga) 
19, /70^ra6^«ff^M (postaufglien) 10, oadpae^aiH^oxAr^UkU 
glien) 15, aacTae^jrbtio (zastaufglieno) 98, nosdpa'- 
e^A%HH (pozdraufglienya) 3, oKue^AibHw (xiufglienyu) 
13, AKoetfijihu (yachoufgli) 3^ Ha/i:^»t<0^f/y^(napuniufsce) 
48, dapoe^tuhuHe (daroufschine) 98. 

6aho ^aK^e 3a to uito Cw ce hst. caMnxi) IIh- 
cryjia Morao o5opHTH ceaKo npaBuao kop. 6f»i ce Hai* 
BBBXii HSBeao 3a opeTBapaH^ raaca s y ^ y rop- 
HBHMii npHMepHMa. a APy^o uito Tora neMa y 4pyrHMi> 
KHBHrama, ne MoateMona hho nero BajiA yseTH /^a <fi 
Hey obhmt) npuMepHMa e^HaKo rjace , u to 6^ Kao 
UITO 6/^HaKO raacH h ch h k. 

19. Ilpe^^^jiorb y CpSa^j a y CaoBeHCKOMi) esHisy 
Bi y XpsaTa 

a) H^H ocTae e: e ujne Moe IIhct. 17, e o6JiaKy 
1, e eocnoduuy i\, e epad 29, e epady Bhho/^. 9i, 
e deopu 469. — HcTHHa y IIhct. ctoh v He caMO 3a 
e (h. n, vase 30) Hero h sa y (h, n. vbiti 2i,vcite65» 
vda 82, vmriti 19, vri 3:> horarum), a u ne caMo 3a 
y (h. n. laxu 82, Issus 29) nero h 3atf(H. n. gouorite 
82, urati (redde) 76, tuoga 76, Dauidouu 4!,glauu 94, 
cuua HyBa 45); aan Ra/^i* ce e noTsp^ye h bsii ^pyrHXis 


KHBHra H uaA'b ce no pe^HMa A. MaHfiypaHHha ko^. 

3> 81 u /^anacb roeopH, ne MoaKe 6biTH cyMH'b. 

6) H^H ce c.tOBy fl Ao/^ae «, nao r^eiuTO h y 

Cp6a (h. II. ea bckii, 6a ciasy): na eune IIhct. 4i, 

1, ea BuiuHhux (vicgnich) 5, 4i, ea due Bhho^. 97, 

ea ocydy sos. 

b) HjiH ce npeTBapa y y Kao 11 y Cp6a:^»ft IIhct. 

30^ 10, y HBM Bhho^. 92, y BuHodoAy 7A, 

6p 6AHa A^fipoTay paB He AOBOAH. Xckt. i«, 
Ka^ Kora BH^HMoy arpHinanHy (^) cxaTH. iz, 
TaKO 6ory BHHHo ^b6po Me iiacTaHH.Jlyi; 56, 

y SaKOHH. HBaHHlU. KOBH. ^1. 

OBaKo H MecTO CpficKora ys CiOBCHCKora whi^ 
XpBaTH iTMaio 63 .* sseTU, Bhhoa* ^^9 ecnoMeueuue 
463; — eas: easeru IIhct. 4^ easuMaru 66; easMure 
83, ease 39. UIto A. MasKypaHnh-b koa* 3, 8i Be«iH 
^a ce e o^fianye (seru iwecTO ej^rify, h newawb 3a to 

Za y pe^iH eac (totus) h c^iomeHHMa e npe^ii c 

a) sp^o pe/^KO ocxae na cbomi, mecTy: ecana 
IIhct. 4, ecanojny ^^ecaKU Bhho/^. gi; 

6) iouijb ce pel) e oA6ai;y6:£?a»/7 oBa (haec omnia) 
IIhct. 6. — A. MamypaHHh'b Koa. a^ 8i KSiace ^a ce 
y BHHO^oay cawo Tano roBopH. 

b) uauBHiue mchh MeCTO ca c Kao h y Cp6a: e^/z 
IIhct. 9, 65, cee 74, ceu i, Jlyn. 4, ceeea IIhct. i, 4, 
6, 80, 98 HT^.; ceaKU 26, 31, 01, 69 HT/^., ceauoMy %^, 
Xckt. 34, Aja,. 81. 

21. B He H36ai^yM) XpnaTH y penn deueuyruj 
IIhct. 24, 30, Xckt. 4o, 103, ./lyi;. 85, 90. A.«h niwa h 
^esij e : duaaru Xckt. 85. * 

22 e npcTBapaM) XpBarH y jt y pe^n rpuc- 
M-en IIhct. 5 (sobrius) nao iuto e y CTapowe C40- 

(*) OsaRO MHO^iHN'b ^a GEO Tpe6a MUTaTH a ne ys 
epuutaHto Rao iuto e uixaiinaRO. 


Be«CKOMT> YI^'L-B-em H Y|»VM-kN!L, a y Cp5a I^'M'-UJIUTU 

1^3. Ha KpaiopeHHnpeTBapaio XpeaTH ^y h: ocan 
IIhct. 9, nan 62, e tttu 89. Bume npHMepa HeMami*, y 
KHBHrama 6 /^gK^e Ta npoMeHaBp-iope^Ra, ayroBOpy 
6 ca cBHMi> o6HMHa Kao iiiTO KaHcy B. C. KapapHhii 
KOBH. 18 H A. MaauypaHutiB ko^. 3, 87. OBa ce npo- 
Aiena najiasH Hy Cp6a: B. C. Kapai^Hhia noc.i. XXXIII 
(1849) BejiH ^a ce y IlamTpoBHhMMa TeuiKo Mo»e 
syTH M Ha Kpaio nero CBe h : eoeopuHy udeuy eodouy 
Hootceu f cedau , ocan ht/^. MecTO eoeopuju'h , udeMt^ 
eodojm, Hoa/ce^'h, cedoM^, ocajm, Hcto h y C^oee- 
HaiJ^a HecTO SuBa: dan mecTO daji (MHKaoui. vergl. 
gramm. t, S56). 

H, Jl, P. 

24. MecTO « Hiwa y Xpsara jn na Kpaio penM: 
npaeedajn IIhct. 71, ynuHtM 13, npuneceM 32 (Ka^a 
6h npHHecem), 6AaeocAoeAijn 1 2, — MecTO npaeedau^ 


A H ^ecH HMBH) y CTapH!tti> KHbHraMa: napln^ni, u5i- 
n^m, k^est^m mccto napln^n, ucin^n, kf est^n (IIIa€>a- 
pHKi> staroc. mliivn. t2; Hattala zvukosl. 94). 

IS5. n 6 npexBopeHo y ^ y penH MOJicTup Bhhoa- 
62^ MecTO MouacTup , Kao lUTO 6 y Cp6a sAaMeui^ 
MAoeo MecTO 3HajneH%^ Muoeo. 

2&. H HaocTaB^Hio XpBaTH y HMeHy Hdpin h Hdpuu 
IIhct. 31, 4i, 86 mccto Audpia^ Kao iuto ra h Cp6H 
HBOCTaBaaio y HMeny Hhuh Ancona h Kocxa h KocTa- 
<)2<M«, Koe ce najiasH H y cTapoMe CjiOBeHCKOMT> eSHKy: 
KocTAHkTHNi, KocTATHN^L (Mkkjioiu. verg*!. gramm. 1, 66). 

26. Kao iuto ce u ^Of^^B y utea (ejus) TaKO 
6 ^o^aHO H y pcHH nep (ep) Bhhoa* J58 — Kao 
IUTO ce y Cp5a y raaro^y uhu cjioH(eHOMT> c* 
npe^aoroMT) y , h y r^aroaHMa H3Be4eHHMi> o/^ii 
upocTora eru h Ca/ioHceHHuni ci* npe^tioroAfb c , ywe- 
he h: ynuhu , cuujnuruy chumotu , TaKO ce y Xp- 


BaTCKOATB 63Hfsy HaaasH yMCTifyTo h n y rjiarojiy 
eru caomeHOMii cb npeA-^osuma od, us, c : ceany «io- 
^y ^^ ^ MBHU He Hocu riAoda o d h e t u he IIhct. 98 
(loB. t.>, s); dpyeudau uaue dea dynara 7b (JlyR. to, 
35)9 ()a (^K UM ce eoJtune npu6uJie u da 6u ce one ah 
5 4 (loB 19, 31). MecTO oeaKora odueru uaJtaaH ce 
y HCTOMT* SHaneHio II OTCTU Sesfj «. H y ca^auinK- 
My ep. a no tomii h sanose^Ho naaasn ce eT> n h 
66311 H'lira: odneMem IIhct. le^ odcMu IIhct. 6o, ^iro •!» 
OKo reoe cjnyhye Te6e^ U3h e .n u eau odepsu od ce6e 
IIhct. 96 (M aT. 1 a, »); uaHnpeo u 3 m u 6peH0 us ona 
Teoea^ u nana hem nospuru da us Mem cAajny us okq 
6paTa reoea 13 (JlyK. e, 42), usmu XeKT. 32, .lyi;. 98. 
27. .1 Ha icpaio penn h^h CJiora ocTae He npe- 
TBapaiohH ce Kao y Cp6a y o : eeceJt Jlyi\» 63, duA 
XeKT. 99, duAHUK Jiyu,, 5,j«.«9, KocreA IIhct. 93, ^ti- 
caA Jlyiv 2^, opaA 96, nauaA IIhct. %%^noA 77. nocaA 
Jlyi;. 70, CaeaA IIhct. 36, cokoa Jiyu,. 73, co.« IIhct. 
109, TCjnnaA I8; — domaA 43, uamaA to, douecaA 25, 
pascyA 107. penaA 6, XeKT. 34, easeA Rhct. 3t, (^2/«ff 
100, tiy.« XeKT. 54, ./lyiv 103, pasdpA IIhct. 74, yjnpA 

8, USeu6aA 25, tftl()t/.« 9, XOTUA 24, ootcueuA 34, dpotcoA 

34, usdaeuA 103, ebeopuA 9, nanynuA no, poduA 61, 
nocraeuA 64, Bhho^. 28B, creopuA IIhct. 87, j»/7«i 76, 
()/7.i 5, nocAaA 33, usa6paA 98^ j0a.« 90, 6AaeoeaA 24, 
HuaoeaA Ayi^* 83, nomuAoeaA IIhct. 37. — A.^h ce Ha- 
i»a3H h npcTBopeHO y o h to HaHBHiue nocjie « : 
d«o .lyn. 62, duoHUK 7, KacTUo IIhct. 78, .««© •^7^* 
^£|» — doeeo IIhct. 72, e^o 64, nponao J^y^. tos, (Two 
IIhct. 46, 49. Jlyi^ 7!, yjitio IIhct. 72, nyo Jlyi;. 59, 
ocrao 14, cnoMenyo TIuct, ^t^noTaKHyo Ayi\,^,6oAUo 
IIhct. 52, oweAUo so, rpnuo Jiyu,. «, xotuo IIhct. 52, 
euduo 7:i, sanoeuduo 58, nonasao •lyn- 4 3, dao IIhct. 
43, eparuo 78, eosopuo 53, npoeouuo 7 7, usey6uo 74, 
sdpyoicuo 108, osdpaeuo 83, nynuo 7 3, aw6uo 7o, /?/>o- 
£?ttO 68, npocTUo 58, odnycTUo 75, CAaeuo 68, 0CA060- 
duo 59, ocraeuo 99, creopuo 5i, HBaHHiu. robm. 20^ 


npucrynuo IIhct. 99, yuuo 53 , xoduo 64, yxpanuo 
101, HUHUo n, J^y^* 59. 

2&, Cxapo npexsapaHl^ rjiaca p y |^t. no KoeMii 
Cp6H H /^auacb HMaio epehu (oatj «/>.^ .' epmejm)^ y 
XpsaTa ce Ha.iasH y obhmi> penHiwa: 6puhu (6pHhH 
Cy^ere BeceAiia Hferoea ce^aM^an) IIhct. si, (^) epuhu 
(no pHHH TBoioH xoliiy BpHhii MpuHce) 74, Ayu,. 6, 31 (^•^)5 
crpuku (cxpHhH cxpawcy) Bhho/^. tzt ,saupuncTU IIhct. 
29. — OBaKO ce y cxapowe CaoBencKOAfb esHKy npe- 
TBapa H ^ y us, Kao uito ce Ha.ia3H h y crapHMii 
Cp6cKHM'b KEiBHraMa H. n. nf^uBiiftiuTH ^/^aHacb npuey^ 
hu) y HfiHTiio CB. CHMeyna i4, 24, Koe e nHcao Ctc- 
<i>aHi> npBOBeHsaHbiH. IIo TOMe XpsaxH y BpudHpy, 
Kao UITO Kaase A. MamypaHHh'b Koa. 3, 89, roBope 
TAuhy BAuh MecTO TyhUj eyku^ ai?iH y KHBHraMa n Tora 
HHcaMB Haiuao, canio 3HaMi> ^a y ApKHBy 2, 293 HMa 


Ha oBaH HaHKHXi MecTO Cp6cKora p HMaio Xp- 
BdTH pu H y OBttMi> pe^HMd: v,puKea IIhct. 6, ycKpu- 
cuTU 106, Hpunaru 29, Cp6cKH t^pnaru ('*'-^^). 

(*) y II npe^. Bp. 6p3uxy IlHeT, 79. 
('^*) HcTHHa, y 3arpe6aqKOM'b HaAanio Jlyu^HfaeBBX'b 
necaMa na OBBAfB MecTHMa ne ctoh epuhu nero ephu : 
dto je to, neg'o li k nebu dvi6 
Visoko, za doli nize me pako v a r 6. — 
Ma kruno, tog^a ei6 ne htij se o d v a r 6 i 
Trojanski kraljevic da t' budem u sri6i. 
4.«H RaAi eph ctor j cihr^ ca deuA, a odephu ca y epuhu. 
Be M02Ke 6EaTR cyMuli a^ ^ Jlyi^Bhi HanBcao epuh h od- 
epuhu, a onaKo ciBRoee a^ ^J ^y aarp/j^Hje xjl^e pjRe. 
(*^*) Ao%H MeHB TH noM03H t^pnar' BOABqj. Hap. 
nee. 1, 4oo; 

Ha B0ABi](H AJeBoJRa, 
£fpna, jbeBa soAnqy. i> 4oo; 
Bapa ee B. C. Kapai^Rh'b uito yai oBaii nocJieAHbifi cthxi 
AOAae fl,a 6bi npaBHjiBie 6buio t^pne, Ifpncru ctoh npema 
nt^pnaru"' Rao «i2<rf< npeua ^Jbeearu^^ 06oe e A^^po " 
CBaKo RMa CBO6 3BaqeH^. 



29. •# ce He H36a^ye Kao y Cp5a nero ocTae y 
peHH HAoeuK IIrct. 6, ^y^^ 12. Osa 6 peHB Bp^o 
pe/^Ka 66311 •! / HoeuK XeKx. 103, Jiy^,. 103. 

30. UIto ce y BHHO^oacKHMB aaKOHHMa rAeiuxo 
HatiasH «i HenpexBopeiio y y : Bakoho^ . bahuA 34, 4o, 
TO cy ocTaTii;H caMO oHcaHfl CTapHHCKora. 

31. y HacTdBKy uu^ kohmt> ce penu H3BO,^e, npe- 
TBapa ce H y Cp6a h y Xpsaxa caMor^acHO u y cy- 
r^acHO u, re ce OH^a o^i* ^Ba iiu 6/^ho H30CTaBjifl. 
AjiH uiTa noc^e y Cp6a fiuBa, Tora XpBaTH HeMaio 
CBera. Ilocjie cjiOBa 3, c, j^, h peneno u ocxae y 
Cp6a 6e3'b H KaKBe npomeHe: Aoai (=iio3-H-e), uJtaci 
(=Kiiac-H-e), noduooict (=no^HOJK-fi-e)5 o^^uni (=06- 
.«HH-H-e). H y XpBara e TaKO nocae hcthxt* caOBa: 
Aosi . KJtaci ^ nodnoafci y o6auh% IIhct. 98, 11, 79, 51. 
AaH y Cp6a nocie caoBa 6^ e. n, m yMehe ce Ay a 
noMenyTO H ca caoBHMa koh npe^i> coOomi, na^e 
d, Tj Ay H npejiHBa ce y $, A, Ah^ uh: epo6A%y sdpaeAi, 
KOFiAiy 6e3yMAiy epoofc^ey t^eehey eeceA%y Kajneuiy — y 
XpBara nd^Kiy h nocjie obhxi> CBiio cjioBa ocxae caMO 
fi 6e3i> H RaKBe npomeHe, h. n. 

a) y caiiiocTaBHHMi> penHua cpe/^nKra po/^a: 
aa) nocae tf, «, /i, wpi.* sdpaei IIhct. i4, Bhhoa. 
202, XcKT. 76, noeAaei IIhct. 4, yeAtei (vggliefye) 
10, — «o/i* XeKT. 50, ./lyn. loe. 

66) noc.«e d, t: eposd-b IIhct. 19, — npumaAUTt 
88, ./lyn- 103, HBaHHiii. 22, KUT% (rami) IIhct. 4i, (?>«- 
HyT-k 12, eanyrb 20, do6uTi 105, easeri 4i, saKAeri 
115, cnoMeuyrt 101, nponerb XQby pacyri 8, nputuacri 4. 
. bb) noCiie ^i, «, nocae kohxi> cioBa TtiacoBHii^ 
He Mory ce OKcaTH cjioBOM'b *, epi. fiw ce on^a «*, 
.«* 4UTaiio Kao HhCy AhBy 3a TO y HHcaHio oBBxt r.ia- 
coBa Mopa ce o^CTynHTH oai> namera npaBonHca: 
eeceAue IIhct. 112, o6uAue 67, npucroAue 96, y^Mua 
(2-ri& na^. e^.) 22, — sAaMeniie I8, Kajtentie ni,6du^ 


Htie 16, HBaHHiu. robh. 2t, 6ueHue Brho^^. i4o> o6e' 
hanUe IIhct. 68, t/lyi^. 39, ucnoeudaniie IIhct. 85, eAa- 
dauue 4, eoeopenUe 67, npoeouhnue (progognenye) 
101, sepeuieniie Bhho/^. 73, sadpotcanue IIhct. 86, /i:po- 
dyotcenue 99, ti03dpa6A%Hue (pozdrafglienye) di, ana' 
Htie 76, tiudsHue 13, Bhho^* ^t^ Kptuheuue {\i9iv»ch\enye) 
IIhct. 4, Bhho^. 55, odKynjiinUe (odchupglienye) IIhct. 
1, AoeA-kuue (lofglienyu) 74, Mum^iuua (miscglienya) 
28, nAUH-buHa (plignenya) \oo, no cuuiniie {^o^ignenye) 
89 cnacenue 4, Teopeuue Bhho^. 391, y^anue IIhct. 
7 2, HUH%Hiie (cignienye) 9. 

6) y cai^ocTaBHHM'b pennMa ateHCKOra po^a: 
6paTA IIhct. 19 (TaRO y ocTaaHMis na^easHMa dparw 
IIhct. «5, 6paTuo 4, 6paTU0M 7, 6paT% ts, dpariiu ts). 

b) y npH^eBHMa, roh, 6y/^yhH ^a cy camo o^pe- 
J^eHH y o^HHaio, ^o6iflio y myniROM-b po^y ioiutj u : 
duei IIhct. io4, ro6 6biyviyuiKOM'bfo/i,y6hiAodueuu 
npeMa 6ootcuu (boxyi) IIhct. 3 h npCMa HAoeuuuu 
(clouicyi) IIhct. 98. — TaRO h rperi (Ireiye) IIhct. 
lot, rperiea (tretyega) 12, rperiMy (tretyemu) 9, h 
y l-BOMii na^.MyjR. rperuu (tretyi) 13. OBa peHB uajaan 
ce y XpBaTa h 6e3i> uacTaBRa uiij Hae^Haiena cb 
npn/^eBHMa Rao uito e h. n. oicyT'b^ rperoea IIhct. 
45, 58, 63, rpery 2, 10, 66, 78, rpero 3, 47, .lyn- 67. 
OsaRO e y XpaaTa hctuh nacTaBaRi* OA^aneH'b h y 
npn^eBy roh y Cp6cROM'b esHRy no npaBHJiy r.iacH 
eeAhu a y CTapome CioBeHCROiirb seAHU^ h ohI) e 
Hse^HaneH'b cxi npn/^eBHMa Rao iuto e 6eAuu: ee^oea 
XeRT. 64, eeJioMy 60, eejiou 36. OBaii ce nacTaBaRii 
iofiiit y CTapoMe CtiOBencROM'b esHRy noHHH-^ o^6a- 

I^HBaTHy CaMOCTaBHHM'b peHHMa, Rao iS^l^ftBHH H »A|^%6k, 
Mf^aBHH H Mf^AKh. 

32. HcTa paSiiHRa no^i* 31 H3Me^y Cp6cRora h 
XpnaTCRorb esHRa 6biBaHOH/^a RaAi> ce y mecTOMi* 
na^emy e^. y penn SRenCRora po/^a Roe ce cBpmyio 
Ha cyrjiacHO caoBO, u npe^Ti na^ewHHM'b nacTaB- 
ROMis y npeTBOpH y u : Jiio6aeio IIhct. \oz, npeto 11 4, 



tiAaew (navigio) 6'4,/iKOCTfo 103, muaoctw m, noMacrfo 

39, padoCTfO 9, CeUTAOCTtO 87, CMprW 93, TUXOCTfO it, 

coJttiy 109. 

33. H y CTpaHHM'b pe^Hwa Koe y Cp5a r^iace 
i^oK H ^aeo , y XpBdTa u nocjie d nperBopHBuiH ce 
y u ocTae ne npe^iHBaiohH ce ca ^ y ^ .• d/ine (dyache) 
IIhct. 2, dneJiy (dyaflu) 6t. 

34. y raaroay koh y Cp6a raacH uhu RaAi* € 
caomeHi* cb npe;^Jio3HMa npeTeapaio XpnaTH nao h 
Cp6H u y a^ a^H no tomi> He npejiHBaio raaca t< ca 
c^OBHMa KOH 3a HBHMii H^y (t, ^ y APyra (h, ^): 

• usaiiTU IIhct. ik, nouru (poiti?)BHHO^. 7 7, xz^^uauTU 
IIhct. 30, uaudome 5, noiUdu 58, oraudocMo XeKT. 64, 
usaHdure Ayv^. 52, naudure Jlyi;* 52. — AaHcena^iaaH 
H uaahu h oduahu Ayi^. 48, doAu HBaHHiu. 21. 

35. r^e roAi» Cp6cKO ^ nocTae na ^pyriii Ha- 
MHHi> Hero uiToeKaaano uofl,iy 31 — 34, OH^e XpnaTH 
iwecTO H'tra HMaio m, h. n. 

a) y caMocTaBHHMi> pennMa ct% HacTaBKOMi> u (j) 
aa) nryuiKora po^a: eou IIhct. 28, Cp6cKH tfo$«. 
66) atencKora po/^a: p/i IIhct. 15, eocnon Jlyq- 

5, oicaa IIhct. 113, Xckt. 58, ./lyn. 97, Cp6cKH /?^«, 
eocno^a^ iMce^a. 

6) y npH/^eBHMa ct> hcthmii HacTaBKOMi>: ryii 

BhHO^. 266, XeKT. 48, Cp6CKH ry^«. 

b) y npH/^eBHMa nope^enHAfb , koh ce nope^e 
HacTaBKOM'b u 0): cJiaHu IIhct. 93, Xckt. 39, M^attu 
IIhct. 25, XeKT. 37, epuu IIhct. 48, Cp6cKH cjta$u, 
M^a$u, ep^u. 

r) y caMocTasHHAfB peHHiua ca^ c.io9KeHHMi> Ha- 
cTaBKOM'b HHUwh: epanuuH'h IIhct. 39, Cp6cKH epa- 

a) y APyrowe r.iaro.^CKOM'b npH/^esy (part, praet. 
pi^ss.) o^ij rjiarojia koh y Heo/i(pet)eHOMi> npe/^b Ha- 
cTaBKOM'b Tu HMaM) HacTaBaK'b u : soen IIhct. n^ypoen 
8, Happen 7, ypeen Bhho^. 301, cyen IIhct. 4, Bhho^. 
475, yrepen IIhct. 23,noa?yeH XeKT. 85, Cp6cKH eo^ewsy 


poiewB HT^. — ^ TaKo h y caMocTaBHHMi> pe^HMa Ha^H- 
HbHHM'B o;!^'!* OBHXi. npH^CBa: uapeenue IIhct. 98, 
noTepeuue i, ocyeuHe 67, xoeuue 9, Cp6cKH norep" 
l^eui^ ocyiewb^ xo^eui. 

t)) y fl,pyTOMe npe^auiHbM'b BpemeHy (imperf.) 
o;^i> rjiarojia koh y neo^pe^eHOM'b npe^i> HacraB- 
KoM'fc Tu HMaio HacTaBaKi> 21 H ft (ko6 6 y XpBaxa no 
§ 10 oneTt uj: eonxy IIhct. 30, xonme 17, oCxoHxy 
71, HyHxy ce 9, — cuHuie 31, 48, 47, Cp6cKH eo^axy^ 
xol^avie, Hylyaxy ce^ ce$ame, 

e) y r;iaro.^HMa koh y Heo^pel^enoMii npe/iiT> 
HacTaBKOMi) TU HMaio HacTaBaKii Uy naKi) npe^y f^et}y 
^pyre koh npe^'^b tu HMaH> 

a) a: pa/iru, Cp6cKH pa^aru. 

/?) eea (Koe e y Cp6a no § is «««/• ocywiohu 
IIhct. 31, noreptoe XeKT. ^lypaat^utoe IIhct. 88, or^/i- 
wto ti*, noepeearu, Cp6cKn ocy^ywhuy norep^yef pac' 
t^e^ye, ocea^yw, noep^uearu. 

m) y aanoBe^HOMe o^ii euduru (BNAftTu), noeu' 
duTu (noBft^j^ftTu), fi2/rrtf .* euu (vide) IIhct. si, euuMo 
(videamus) 5, euure 83, Ayi^» 58, no euu Jlyii[. 58, sanoeuH 
IIhct. 9«; — nouuHre (poyiyte) sa, npeiwa CiOBeHCKOiwfa 

BHSRA^9 BftSK^b, HX^h. 

h) npeMa CaoBeHCKOMi> |^osra>'Ctbo **^^ y Xpsara 
He caMo poucTso ApK. 3, i44. Hero h epaucnu IIhct. 
82, XeKT. 30, MecTO epadcKU, 

i) y peHHMa tojiukoq IIhct. t3, owy© Xckt. 4o, 
y ROHMa 2^ o^roBapa CpScKome $ y peiHMa rano^e 
N Of r leCnoM. 3, 25, t oy u r e ABpamoB. onHC. cb. ro- 
pe 24 (*), a C^OBencKOMe sk^ y cbSK^e, TiSRfte, takisra^* 

(^*) y n. I. I]Ia4»apHKa pamdtk. y xpHCOBjF.ibH Cxe- 
4»aHa HeiuaB'k Asa njTa na exp. 5 ctoh TOyNre. H y Aepa- 
MOB. onHC. CB. rope y HCTOH xpHCosyjibH aa CTp, 17 ctoh 
TaKo. MoaKe 6uth a^ J opHrHHa.iy une paaroeeTHo nanH- 
eano re ce ho Mosse pacnosHaTH e jib n b^b 6 u. A.ib 
^a B Ba TBiHi MecTBMa Tpe6a h, Rao uito ey TOyH (Aepa- 
mob. ODBC. CB. rope 49 bbujo nyxa) o Toue Be uory 


Ajih o^i* RyAd y oBHMi> peHHAta Cp^HMa i, XpBa- 
THMa fi H y C^oseHCKOM'b mjs^? 3a CaoBencKO sR^i^e 
y n%m]!^e (KisRb^i^e) mhc^h ce ^a e, CKpaheno sKb^eTh o^t> 
sKkftATH, TdKO /^a ce Ki-xj^e y sHaHeHio ca cbhmi) cjiame 
CT> t/laTHHCKHMTi qui-Ubet. A^h obo 3Ha*3eH^, KoeMy 
y Cp5a npeKpacHo o^roBapa no^aodfu)^ ue npH^HRye 
c.;iory sii^e hh y e^HOH H3Me:^y noMenyTHXi. penH 

OCHMls KlSR^e. OcHAfb TOra ^a 6 SR^e H y OCTa^HMl* 

peHHMa nocTajio o^i) ssh^eTh, OH^a MecTO mji^ ne 6u 
Morao 6wTH y Cp6a $ a y XpBara u^ Hero CM Sm^o 
ji«;*() Kao niTO e h. n. y epaoicda (o^i> epae'h ct* na- 
cTaoKOM'b ^a (k^a) Kao npae-dii). 4^Kae y ohhmt> pe- 
HHMa BatiA MHc^HTH ^a 6 x^e, ^By /^pyr^ie nocTaao. 
y HBHMa Cp6cKOMe $ a XpsaTCKOM'b u Tpe6a d vi u (j). 
IIpBo (d) y 3HaHeHio ko6 6auii> OB^e xpeSa MHCJiHAfb 
^a ce noKasye Hy FpHKHMii peMHina ode, (ade^ Toaotrde, 
TTiXixdcde^ y JlaTHHCKHMi> idem, ibidem, totidem. /^py^o 
(j) MHcaHM'b ^a 6 HacTaBaKii aa nopei^etrk (bh^^h na- 
npe^ib § 35 b), Koe e y obhmi. peHHwaynoTpeSatHO 
/^a 6w ^ewoHCTpaTHBHO snaMeHii peneHora d ioiuii 
nne 6uao Kao ro^i> iuto 6 h y CaoBencROM'b n|^«XA6 
(ko6 h MHRaomHhi) forml. n7 AP^>< Aa 6 KOwnapaTHB-b) 
a Cp6cKH npe^By y Koeiwy h ii^eao $ (w^) ^pacHMi. ^a 
e HCTO K06 e H y ropHBHMi> peHHMa , xaKO a^ npe 
CTOH npeMa npe^e hcto onaKo Kao tako npeiwa rano^e. 
36. IIpeMa CpCcKome ^ Koe nocxae no § 3^ na- 
jiasH ce y Xpsara u y 3anoBe^iiOMT> KaAi> c® «30- 
CTaBH H^CTaBaR u : noil (vade) IIhct. 8, 34, 86, Ayv^. 

cynuflTH, saRo ro^'b iuto hb e^'MHflM'b f^Si vk y nHcmy Ky- 
aHua 6aHa LUxaMDaBOMi* 3^ 11 I. IUa4>apBBa pamatk. cxp. 
t, J BpcTH 29 He Tpe6a rOM, Roe ]I]a<i>apHR'b h j lese- 
korn. 15 HaBOAR Rao rOHh, nero roH Rao uito e ujxaM- 
naBO y Cp6cRHiii'b onoMeHHi^RMa h j HsBtcT. BTop. ota- 
HMnep. ARa^eMiH Haj^Ri 1852, ],S2. Pcmb ^a^< y hctomi* 
sBaHBHio HMa UajMOTHk'b y KpHCTiflAH BHuie oyxa H. n. 

Ha CTp. t08^ 211, 223, TaKO H M. /J^piKHfa'b J O. IIoiJHlia 

antolog'. CTp. 62, 10. 


67, uoAmo (eamus) IIhct. 5, noHre (Max. 11, 4), Cp6- 
CKH nolff no^'juo^ no^'re. 

37. H npeMa Cp6cKOMe ^ , Koe nocxae o^'b e 
y cxpaHHint peHHMa 5 XpeaxH HMaio it .• auueji IIhcx. 
2, 3, 5, Qy ht;^., apKOHue^ t to, eeauueAiie ^5, B^i, eanue" 
Aue kz, eanue^ucTa, 1, EHunr i, Euunra %\, Gwnt^u 
(yeyup9i) 3, efo6avKu 59, ^puuuy (Friyiu, Phrygiam) 
69, uajiyep XeKx. 52. — Bp^o e pe^KO y OBHttfB pe- 
HHMa e: aueejiy IIhcx. 3, ame^oe 6, Eeunra 3, 12. 

38. u K06 nocxae no § 35 Bp.10 ce necxo h3o- 
cxaB.iH y peHH jney IIhcx. 1, 4, 9, 49, 66, 8I, 91, 106, 
Ayu,. 3. — Aan ce Haaaan vi H : jnew Bhho/^. i25, 

121, 164. 

Ulxo y XeKxopeBHha HMa otceia 54, jne^y 55, 
Heeu$eH 83, h y Jlyi^flha epa^anu 106, cjia$u h e^a^u 
85 , MOHce 611IXH ^a cy xaKO HSMenHjiH ohh koh cy 

39. Mecxo CpdcKora mr, noe nocxae o/^tb ct h 
^^K^ XpBaxH HMaio mh: 

a) Mecxo ««r o^Tfa ct : Kptahen IIhcx. 15, sdny" 
mheu 15, OHumheu 21, o^t<;/^A&»ziK (eunuchus) 64, od/7y- 
mhatiTe 40, oHUtuhyw 2, odnymheuue 55. 

6) Mecxo y/r o^ib £?»: t<i«A^ IIhcx. 13, HsaHHrn. 
20, »«!% IIhcx. 15, 37, Ayn,. 1, 28, utukyku IIhcx. 9, 
74, 041* ucKUTu; odTUtuhen Jlyjuf. 31 o^tb TUc(K)HyTU. — 
TaKo y peHHMa: mhedur Ayu,. 64 (CpCcKH tuTederu^ 
CioseHCKH niTAASTH o/^i* CKiKA), — mheut^u IIhcx. 19 
(CpCcKH mreHt^u, CancKpHxcKH shvan , CaHCKpnxcKO 
sh (hjih s) nocxae 0^1% k (Bopp , vergl. gramm. t, § 
21 a), H y OBOH Hamofi penH o^rosapa My ck Kao y 
CKopo, Roe MHRaomHhi> radic. ^oboah o^ia CancKpHx- 
CKora «Ar), — mhuT IIhcx. 83 (CpffcKH uitut, Jlnxas- 
CKH skytas, JlaxHRCRH scutum, Toxcrh skildus), uthu- 
TttK XeRx. 50, samhuTUTu Ayu,» 32, savtkuheu IIhcx. 
14, — ratuh IIhcx. 67, 78, 77 (CpCcRH towt^ Can- 
CRpnxcRH tucch, r^e e ch „e«tartung der lautgrup- 
pe «A«, Bopp, vergl. gramm. 1, § 14, a npBO c cxoh 


csLMo ^pyrome 3a ;iio6aBi> 6e3i> h KdRse Bpe^ROCTH 
38 eTHMdoriK) (^) H OTyA^ H3Be^eHO tuhera Ayi\. 
52 (Cp6cKH MTera iwecTO TamreTa Kao mrut^a mccto 
damrund), — TaKO h y HacxaBKy mruna, koh e cio- 
aceHik o^Ij c« (h. n. rocno^-CK-o) h una (h n. 6e,i- 
HHa): dparmhuna Bhho^. lii^^'^ynemAuHa (lupexchina) 
IIhct. 28, aJiohydmhuua Qb, nuTOjnmhuHa ^ydapoetuhu- 
ua 98, uenAodtuhuHa ii5. — TaKo y HacxaBKy umrey 
y Hoewb onexTi ctoh mr mccto ;//v o<?^t> ck (Cao- 
BanH HMaio ohnisko): eodumhe TIhct 4, 21, 9i, Jlyn. 
VI, cudoAumhe IIhct. 99, npucTauumhy Bhho^. in, 
noceeruAUtuhe IIhct. 9, 19, 58. 

MecTO uiT HMaio XpsaxH wk h y obhmi) pe*iH- 
Ma^ y KOHMa iouii* ne SHaMis Kano cy nocTa^H th 
rjiacoBH: iomhe IIhct. 49, Bhho^. 65 (oiiihe), Xckt. 'io, 
npumh B. C. Kapapahi* y kobh. i7, eumh Xckt. i, 
TiAauih IIhct. 'id, Cp6cKH iotuTe, npumr^ eemr, nAamr, 
3a eeiuTt mhc^hmis /^a ce He Mome ^oboahi'h ynpa- 
BO o^t B«TH-^ 6pi> 5bi oH^a y Cp6a mccto ///r a 
y XpsaTa iwecTO ///A Qvlao h, TaKO hh 3a ruiamT'b hc 
Mory npHCTaTH /^a ^oaa3H o^t nAarna , epi, ce He 

KOMl) , Hero HH Cb nOJlBCKHAfb HH Cb HeiUKHMTi, y 

KOHMa ce UIT K06 ^oaasH ynpaBo o^ii r saMeHioe 
^pyrHAffc raacoBHMa a ne obhmi, noe HMaio y plaszcz 
H plasf. Ofia peHB npe Mome 5biTH ^a ^o«ia3H o^t> 
nA!ECTik , Cp6cKH nycT (coactile), h OH^a 6bi y hboh 
Cp6cKo uiT a XpsaTCKo mh 6f>iao ca cbhmi> y pe/^yno a). 
IIpeMa pcHH 6amTUHa, sa koh) II. I. llIa^apHKi* 
Iesek5rn. ii7 bcjih ^a 6 OA*^ Byrapa ^oiuaa Cp6HMa 
He npoMeHHBiuH ByrapCKora mr y Cp6cKO A, HMaio 
XpnaTH Camhuna IIhct. 16, 24, 2 7, 88, ^aK^e hh y 
HjbHxi) HH6 hhcto XpBaTCKa (aKO e ^OHCTa Byrap- 
CRa), a^H IIIa«apHKT> na hctomt> MecTy Kame ^a y 

(^) Do ^iHTdBCKOMe tuszczas, r^e cz nocTae oai* t> 
Mor.10 6bi tUT y iiaineMj TatuT'h cxaHTii mecxo ct, a.«H « 
H OHO r Mor.10 nocTaxH 04% ». 


RBHXib HMa H 6ahuHa. — TaKO h tuTawh , crapHHCKO 
cram^ y Xpeaxa rjiacH tuhan. 

40. Kao iiiTO ce y Cp6a r^eniro roeopH nymru- 
TU iwecTo nycTUTu^ raKO h XpBaTH hhcto ct jmck- 
uiasaio y tuh^ ajiH spjio pe^KO, h. n. ceeTomhu (sfe- 
toschi) flHCT. 82, npuTUAomhu (pritiloschi) 80, npunpoui- 
hu Bhho^. i4, uae^auihuuM 356. — OsaRO ce h *fHCTO ck 
na^^asH ymeKiuaHO y mh: KMermheea Bhho^. 84. 

41 tuT ^ Koe nocxae o^t. ht^ ocrae xaKO h y 
XpBara: uumrap IIhct. 4, Bhho^. 85, tUTye Xckt. 4o, 
nomreHo 4o. Y OBViWb ce , pcHHMa ^ocTa necro na- 
jiSiSvi HanHcano v wecro ;//: huhtup (nictar) IlHeT. tz^ 
noHToeau (poctouan) t6, htuvi (ctisc) 64, HToear' XeKT. 
58. — A.1H ce H oBo wT HccTO Ha.«a3H yMeKuiaHo y 
mh y peHH mro cjiomenoif ca ««, y KoioB oH^a we- 
CTO o CTOH e\ uumhe IIhct. 49, Bhho^. 69, Ayu^* t8, 
H OTy;^a HSBe^eno Humhera IIhct. i6. 

42. MecTO mh no § 39 Ha.ia3H ce h caMo h y 
pe^H han IIhct. 34. 

npoTHBi> OHora iuto 6 Kaaano nofl^b 39 Hajiasif 
ce mr mccto mh: npamratoh \eKT. iio, samruTar Ay u^.^ 
R06 MOM«e 5MTH ^a cy n lUTamnapcKe norpeuiRe, h.ih 
6 yaeTO no CTapoMe nHcaHio Rao h eopymra Jlyi;. 5. 

43. IIpeMa (§ 35,h) Ha./ia3Hce h AMecTO r: Kjneh^ 
cKOMy Bhho^. 168 (r/^e e HduiTaMnano kmetdskomu) 
MecTO KMercKOMy. 

44. Kao uiTO ce y XpsaTa yMCRiuaBa mr TaRO 
ce yMeRuiaBa h oicd , Roe h y ocTaaoMe H^e no^i> 
e^Ha npaBH.ia ct> ohhm'b. IIo TOMe npeMa mh o^i* 
mr 6bi o^-b oicd ^a Cy^e oic^, ajin rjiaca ^ 
XpBaTH He HMaiohH Hero ra saMeHioiohH r.iacoMnb u^ 
HMaH) H oB^e oicu MecTo oicl). PeiH ca oicd neiiia mho- 
ro, a OBy npoMeuy nauiao caMB caMO y oBHMa: mo- 
otcHHU IIhct. 6o (Cp6cRH jnootcdauu, r^e oicd ctoh iwe- 

CTO 30IC O^'b 38 (MO-3r-a) RaO niTO CTOH *mT MeCTO CH 

o^T. CK y umrejmjf daoicuu (imbres) IIhct. 58, XeRT. 
39, daoicn (imbris) IIhct. %ty 67, h OTy/^a HSBe^eno 


daatcHuTu (pluere) IliiCT. 4t, iio« iit^ daatciHuAo ei, 
dao/cHu 16^ — uujtcw XeKT. 5 t (o^ib eaduTu). Ha Kpaio 
peHH OBO ce f? noc^e ate HSocraB^H: daotc IIhct. is. 

45. MecTO caMora otc Hamao caniB 6^aHi> njTib 
ui c^yw IIhct. te (Jlyw. is, 29) mccto cJiyoH:y=^cJiy^ 
sOtcuM. IIIa4»apHKi> lesek5rn. 66 nnuie ^a ce uajiasH 

H Moe MecTO Moatce y HeaHHiuesHha ^ h 6oe mecTO 
6ootce y BaH/^y^inha. 

MecTO caMora u nauiao caniB e^anib nyrb uih: 
tuhu ApK> 2, S9t, MecTO Hu (cujus). 

46. u CTOH iwecTo a y IJamKou (Paschalis) XeKT. 
34, MoucTup ApR. s, 84, MecTO MOJicTup (§ 25), Rao 
y Cp6a cTouHUu mccto ctoahuu. 

47. ^a ce y XpsaTa iouii* roh r.iacoBH aaMe- 
Hioio raacoMis u^ h. n. nomy/ij to hsi* RHBHra noTBp- 
/(HTH He mory. 

48. ^ e ^OMeTHyTO y Hweny Hdpin Rao uito e 
H y Cp6a H. n. y pe*iH wrpo^ a o^CaneHO e y Hwe- 
Hy Ocum. TaKO Hinaio u h npe4i> zi y naA^maMa, jihh* 
He 3aMeHHi;e xpebera .inii^a: uujh (yim), Mt^j? (yih) 
IIhct. 34. 

A, T, ^. 

49. T MCHfl ce y () a no tOmi> h k npe^t HBHM'b y 
f y penn: edo Bhhoa* 92> 3i4, nuedo 99, Hot, uuedope 

445. A.1H 6 MHOrO o6H«IHi6 OHdRO RdO UITO 6 y Cp- 

6a: TKo IIhct. i9, Ayr^. 21. — MecTO CpCcKora d 
HMaio XpsaTH r y pe^H Jtaffyr Jlyn. 35, 84, ^e6yT 33, 
HsaHHui. 22. — Y BHuo^oacKOArB saKony Ha.ia3H ce 
no CTapHHCROMB nncaHio h ot I68, mccto od 134. 

50. Kao UITO Cp6H y peHH ctukjio roBope h i^ 
MecTO ct: i^anjio, TaRO y XpsaTa umantia^Ao IIhct. 
56, MecTO cTa6^o IIhct. 11, 96. 


195. Y nHCTy.«aMa fiesB x Hiua cyocr 56. 


52. Obh ce rjiacoBH meHflio npe^ii u (cTapo h 
H u) He caMo y camocTaBHHxii pe*iH Kao iuto e h y 
Cp6a, Hero h y npn^esa, Kao iuto e h y Cp6a ne- 
r^a 6tAjio:MH03uJlncT. «, 9, dysu Ayvi,, 15, h^/u Ayu,. 
38, TauVfU wlyn. 15, xaKO h huii,u (Iob. 7, ts) IIhct. 
33; TaKO ce Ha.ia3H y 6-tomi> naA» e^. h y 2-roM'b 
na^. MH.: sJiacoM e e ^u t^u m IIhct. Z0yy603ux IIhct. 
13, MH03UX IIhct. 1, 8, Xckt. 88; dpyaux Jlyi;. 43, 
109, oeat^ux ceat^ux^ 67, dpasujnu , r^e ci moHse 6U- 
TH ;^a CTOii MecTO s np eiua ResHiisMk, a^^aMOBSjvk (pL 
gen.) , HCAKOBSMH , K06 ce Ha.ia3H y nosHinMib Cao- 
BeucKHMi> KHBHraivia (MHK.iom. formenl. § 88). Aan e 
o6H4Hi6 6e3i> OBe npomeHe: Be^nHKHin IIhct. 30, KpHn- 
KH IIhct. 16. 

53. MecTO CpficRora u npe^ib nacTaBROMib ku 
HMaio XpBaTH m: aptanu IIhct. 51, 54, pa36otiHumKy 
76 (*), KptuKoea^ rpo6Hunmoea ApK. 2, 311. OsaKO 
HMaH) H CaoBeHi](H^ Obo VI ynpaBO ctoh MecTo vc, 
H no/^y^apa ce ca HeuiKHM'b c mecTO oicc h mc\ 
bosky (Kao IUTO ce roBopn), cesky (Kao uito ce h 
roBopH H UHuie) MecTO bozsky, ceSsky. 


24. PeHB mro (vkTo) y XpnaTa neiua uacTaBKa 
TOy no TOMe y3T> npe^aore ocTae caMo h: 3a u IIhct. 

3, 8, 28, 33, BhhOA* ldl> XCKT. 59^ 85, •^y^* 4, 80, 

HBaHHui. KOBH. 21; — HO H IIhct. 43; — y H J^y^* 
102; — HCTO TaKO H ciomeHO ca hu: huh Xckt. 52^ 
Jlyn^. 52, 73. A Ka^ib 6 desi* npe^aora /^o6iH a (nao 
UITO 6 ra Han npe/^aori) ca mccto c^) : ua IIhct. 2, 

79, XeKT. 30, 38, ^yH- 27, 54, 87, 98, 103. — CjlO»e- 

ho ca HU Ka^i) My ce ioiuii Ao^a pe (= see) h^h ca- 
Mo p 6e3'B e^ 3a/^p9KaBa HacTaBaKi>, y KoeMy mecTO 


.iaM» nneauo garschi, razbojnisehu , ajiH MucjiBii'b aa ue 
Tpe6a HHTaxH -ck- eero -uib-, nao h muschogca Ohct. 5 7. 


o MecTO CTOH a (*): uutarape IIhct. 13, i6, 79, ««- 
mrap 4, 6, ««, 33, 4i, i4, Bhhoa* 85, Xckt. t9, 59, 60, 
Humrope Ayii^. s, HUtarop 44, 80, i06. OfiaKO caoHceuo 
aJiH 6e3i> /?e Menfl HacTaBaRi> no § 4i : uumhe IIhct. 

49, BhhOA- 69, 114, 193, tse, 434, Ayu^. 28, 43, 97. 3^ 

Bhho^. 66 HMa H Huhe^ Roe Mome 6fdTH caMo a^ 6 
p^aBO npoiHTano. — Hhcto iuto ^ocxa e pe^RO : 

tUTO XeKT. 58, 86, 105, J^JU,. 106, 30 tUTO (za Cto) 

IIhct. is, XeRT* 47, 53, 59, 60, Ay\\. 64. 

55. IIpH^eBe ynope^eHe nacTaBROMii tuu^ Rao 
lUTO 6 y Cp6a ^entuu^ HMaio XpsaTH h OBe: do^htua (^^*) 
IIhct. 84, eeKuiu to, 29, 37, 53, 78, eeumy 97, naueeK' 
ma 79, — HaujnaHbtaejny J HaHMauhmu 17, uaujnaH^ 
me Bhho^. 294, — crapuieaa IIhct. 25, — MJiaumu 
(iijial)H) XeRT. 36, ajiH HMaio h onaRO RaRo 6 y Cp- 
6a: eehe Xcrt. 59, naueehu Ayj\, 13, jnawb IIhct. 12, 
HauManto ^AHO ^. 351, uauMaHhu, TL^kt. 37, 99, jnauhu^ 
jnawk .^yi^. ii> 21, crapuuu Xcrt. 37. — Ci> nacTaB- 
ROMi> u^ Rao lUTO 6 y Cp6a dy6^hu , uMa y XpsaTa 
H jiunjii XeRT. 66, nauAunJii 56, nau.iunAio 33; a.iH e 
o^HHHie Rao y Cp6a : naiiJiunme XeRT. 39 , Aunuia 
Ayu,. 29, Ha&Aunma 20. 

56. y 6po6Ba pe^HRxi) cjiOHceHHX'B pe^ib ce He 
iiORaaye /^pyrHM-b CpoeMi. Rao y Cp6a (h. n. deana- 
ecThiH) Hero npBHMi> a fl^pyriPi ocTae noRaayiohH 
caMo RO.1HRO : neru ua decre dan IIhct. ^ifSoduui' 
Ae n e T o na decre 4, y nedu^fo nery ua decre — 
H e re p r y ua decre — r p e r y ua decre 78, npopo* 
nacreo ce d M o ua decre — dpyeona decre 60,61, do 
H e re pro 8 a ua decre due 52. Ka^ib e npsbiH 6poii 
edawh HaaasH ce MecTO npeu npocTO edawh h oha^ 
ce pe/^i) noRaaye ApyrHM-B 6po6Mi>: y ueduAW eduuy 
nadecry IIhct. 77. Obo HMaio h CpCcRH CTapH rhbh- 


(^) a CTOH H y C|)6a : uumra^ mra, aa Roe mhcihmi 
Aa 6 AOA^HO nouiTO e o oA^aneHO nao h. n. j do6poea, 
(^^) y BubHSM 6 HaiuTaMoaBo bogclsa. 


57. FjiarciH koh y HeoApel)eHOMe npe^i* tu ne- 
Maio ymexKa nero hmI) 6 deai) H-l^ra aaBpiueTaKi* », 
KaAi> npel)y Mel)y rjiarojie ctb yMeTKom-b « ne ^oChhio 
npe^ib OBaii yMeraKi* u^ Kao luxo dbiea y Cpffa : aa^ 
KJiunaTU riHCT. 43> npoK^uua IIhct. 16. TaKO h o^t* 
cnoMenyTU : cnoMunoTU IIhct. 45, cnoMUuaxy Bhho/^. 
18, a.iH oneTi) Hiua nponuuATu IIhct. 6, noHuuHtue 
IIhct. 83, npoKJiuun •/lyx^. 66, Kao ujto Cp6H h oho 
npBO HMaio y cfapHMii KHBuraMa. 


58. I'BfiiH na^. mh. Hina y XpnaTa ^ocTa necTO 
ca CTapHMi) HacTaBKOMi> e (nao ii|to e 6biao h y Cp6a, 
H. n, rpasBA^Ne/^ymaH. saK. 109): 

a) o^i) peHH MyiuKora po/^a na uh\ Pa^ujieHHe 
IIhct. 69, epaane 39, 98, deopaue .52, 53, Ayi\, 53, 
EJiaMuhaHB IIhct. 69, ^»do«& 12, 3t, 6I, Hcpae^uhaue^ 
It, KaJideHHe 61, Kaudunue 69, J^adu/me ^9, HapTUHne 

69, PuMJiHUe 69, 112. 

6) ioiuib o^t OBe HCTHpH peMH myiuKora poA^ 
ca 00 npe^i) HacTasKOMT* : ea^oee IIhct. 11, 92, o/?- 
•<o«^ 85 , nonoee 20, 30, 46, 8I, Bhho/^« 36, cunoee 
IIhct. Bp.10 necTO. 

b) o^i* peHH i^ku : nhepe IIhct. 8, to, Kao iuto e 
y Cp6a o^'h motu : jnarepe. — OBaKiH e 1-b^h na^. 

MH. H HBTUpe 3a MyuiKlH pO^* : HBTUpe CTapVfU nO" 

dome IIhct. 91, da cy nerupe Mucet^u so '^ aan ohi> 
^ojiaSH H MecTO ocTa.iHXT> na^ema : do eodumh ocajn- 
decer u nerupe IIhct. 8. — 6;i^aH'b nyn> caMB ua- 
uiao H eoAUue IIhct. 54 (^a 6h hhm ce eoJiuue npH- 

59. y pcHH AseHCK. po^a na a Haaasn ce h na- 
CTaBaRi) u MecTo e y 1-bomi» na^* i^h. : 6auoicuku 
Bhho^. 207, 212. — TaKO H ynpH^esa: 6jiuo/cuku dy- 
dure npocTU Bhho/^. 212. 


60. 2-riii na^. efl,. y peHH SKencRora po^z^a na a 
Ha^asH ce h cb HacTaBKOMi* u mecTO e y Bhho^oji- 
CKHMTi saRORHMa : epajfc(fu 410, jfcenu 139, cujtu 105, 
361, TaT(fu t35, tos, Aah 6 h y Bhho^. saROHHina o6hh- 
Hie ca e: e^aee 115, otcene i45, onhune 133, Tad6e 
110, s4i. 

61. y peHH cpe^Hl^ra po^a ROe y 1-BOivrb na^. 
6^. o^fiaii^yio RpaHH'b m, Ha^iasH ce 3a S-riii na^ e;^. 
H CTapuii HacTasaRi* e MecTO a: rMejnene Bhho^. 191. 

62. 2-riif na^. mh. y peiH myiuRora po^a, 3KeH- 
CRora Ha a H cpe^H^ra HeMa nacTasRa: 

a) myiuR. po^a: dan IIhct. 9, Xcrt. 101 , ^yj^. 
43, ded Bhhoa* 1'^» dynar IIhct. %^,KMeT Bhho^. 134, 
so4 , Kpuotc IIhct. 68 , *4ae Jlyi;. 98 , Aanar IIhct. 
64, Aouan lis, (77a2( i,Bhho/^. \9y Ayj\. i^^ nuHes IIhct. 
45, nucat^ 15, non Bhho^. 65, npuHre^h XeRT. 83, ue^ 
npuHTeJih IIhct. 91, cAunat^ 28, crapat^ 96. — TaRO h 
OH^a RaAi> npe^i* HacTaeROM'b Roera neMa ^ojiasH 
oe^ Roe XpeaTH HMaio y sHuie penH nero Cp6H: anile' 
jioe IIhct. 43, anocTOAoe 49, 6oKoe 3, eaAoe (fluctuum) 
1, eujieuuKoe tio, euresoe Ayu,* 33, eurpoe IIhct. 6, 
eoJioe 13, epxoe s, ej/Koe Ayu,. 69^ epadoe IIhct. 13, 
epedoe 6, epuxoe 5, Xcrt. 19, epumuuKoe IIkct. 100, 
epyAtenoe 55, daofcuee its, dapoe ^Xenr, 84, du/ieAoe 
IIhct. 88, douTypoe 9, dpanyHoe 110, dyKaroe Apn. 1, 
2o4, dyxoB IIhct. 19, Xyduee is, aoKOHoe 88, ssunoe 
94, KosAuAee n, Kpa^ie 4, 1, upyxoe 16, nycve 15, 
Memaee 94, uaaMHUKoe 25, uapodoe 8, nacTupoe 98, 
n^yeoe 73, nopoTuuKoe Bhhoa* 3'72, nonoe ApR. 2,88, 
noTOKoe IIhct. 81, npopoKoe 63, nynoe 96, nyroe I8, 
59, 94, ApR. I, 208, pa36o^HUKoe IIhct, 18, pasyjnuU" 
Koe •^yi;. 68, ceudoKoe IIhct. 47, cuuoe 8, cpedpuHKoe 
42, cydoe 10, rajteHToe 26, reo/caKoe Q9,y3daxoe Ayu,. 
16, ynenuKoe IIhct. 13, 22 (ht^), ynuTeAte 98, ^apu'- 
seoe 2, xJihu6oe 32, v.«06fiK0tf (o/^ ^bhh) — ) 36. 


S) meHCR. po^a: aa^uu Jly^• 105^ eop IIhct. 2, 
eocnoii Ayu, 15, 25, otceu IIhct. 91, •^yiV 899 otcueun 
IIhct 96, seusd 100, ^ejna^h 33, Bhro^. i52, j^t<« 
IIhct. le^ no, t^aap -^y^- 38, nuhue IIhct. 20, Mpe zz, 
Hos 6, oeUv, 10, /zrzft^ 110, pan 23, /?fi^ 32, pu6u%i, 15, 
/?ttK 12, /?^K 91, poc 25, c«ttr 44, etfttA 87, cjiya 59, 
IBhhoa* 188, •^y^. 109, CMOKae IIhct. us, cynauh 11, 
Tucyh 96, j^ea;/ 3, ;xrf<jwr 81, t^puKae 12. 

b) cpe^H. po;!^a: «/?a7 IIhct. 62, eoeed Bhho^. 
83, eodutuh IIhct. 8, Ayu^. YI, de^ Bhho/^. 376, dps 
IIhct. 58, hH ii4, aut 18» .Mt/cr 8I, nep Ayis,. 21, /?a- 
Men Jlyi;. 7 5, cuda^umh (sidalisch) IThct. 99, cpdat^ 
4, cTa6a^ 41, cflr (o^-b cro) 7 7, ycT 4. — H y penn 
cpe^H'l^ra po^a najiasn ce noMenyTO oe : no^unoe 
IIhct. 96, 97^ 99, cujnenoe 11, cradoe 23, ydoe 94 (bh 
ecTe THJio HcynpcTOBO h yda o^ ydoe). y CTapome 
C.iOBeHCROMi> 63HKy HajiasH ce oe y OBaKHxi> penn 
y S-henrB na^. e^., ajiH pe^RO: s^jeatorh, AHi|eBH, MOpie- 
BH (MHRjioiuHha verg^l. gramm. 3, § 27, 29). 

AyUfVitvb HXeRTopeBHhTi HMaio h a a^n ^ocTa pe^- 
Ro: Ayv^vihrb : daua 82, dapa 68, dapoea 67, deopoea 
67, duTuAa 97, naca 57, yadaxa 22, 6ecuda 69 , d»Ka 
12, 101^ deopKUHH 67, ^y6poeKUNH 67^ otcena 25, j^ti- 
jda 91, 103, 8Jio6a 61, ueapa 56, K^Aa 30^ Tyaa ^ hB' 
6eca 103^ nydeca 103; XeRTopeBHh'b : ()/ar»a 85, 84, 
puift^a 33. Mnore o^i> obhxI) penu CToe Tano c^HRa 
pa^H. r^eRoe HMaio h a? na Rpaio, ro6 mhcihuhi /^a 6 
caMo hobmh HaHHHi> nHcaHH no RoeMy cy RHBHre ose 
npemTaMnaue. y nHCTy.iaMa caMo caMB na e^HOimb 
MecTy onasHO osaH na^emij cb ai npucHuna (azy- 
morum) 45. 

63. H3Mel)y penH myiuRora^ po^d ROHMa ce 
(Rao H peMHMa HsencRora po^a na cyraacRo) ocho- 
Ba, T. e. oho Ha ihto ce HacTdBii^H 3a na/^eme ^o- 
^aio, o^'b crapHHe cspiuHBaaa na u (Rao uito cy 
rocnoji^ift, rocTh, nofTb, YphBb) neRe cy y XpBaTa Rao h 
y Cp6a y Z-vowb na^. mh. 3aBpuieTaRi> u, 


KOH npnna/^a TdKOBHAfb pe*fHMa: Awdu IIhct. ^^y 31^ 
66^ Bhho^. tif 134. A^H KaKO cj ce pCHH oBora pe^d 
iouiiB y cxapoMe CiOBeHCKOM-b esHKy none^ie me- 
luaTH CB /^pyrHMi> pe«iHMa iwyiuKora po^aysHMaiohH 


hH CBO6 (h. n. y 2-roMii na^. e^.: rocnoji^a h rocno^ii, 
y IS-roMT> na^* mh.: hofiti h nofiethh, y I-bomI) na^. 
Mil.: ovvHTesHie, bhtai^hk, mahshk, nacTUf^HK, iiscapnie h 
ovYHTesH, BHTAi^H, M&iRH, nacTUpH, i|«ca|iH, y 2-roMT> na^. 
MH.: MiKXHH H MiKSRh, B. MnK^ouufha vergl. gramm. 3^ 
20 — 21, 41 — 48), aacHO ce MOHse mhc^hth /^a e obo 
Menian^' y no3Hi6Mi> esHKy XpBaTCROMi* ioiub Behe. 
TaKo ce y H'liMy naJiasH o/^i* obhxb peiH 2-riH na^- 
MH. ca u\ euresu IIhct. 54, 9t, dapu 90, deopauu Ayjj,. 
96 (y ciHuy), dudu i4 (y c^HKy), dunapu Xckt. 53, 
eABMeuTu IIhct. 8, o/cu^hu •/lyi;. 57, j^^f/ IIhct. lo, 

83, 103, UMBTU BhHO^. 456, KUeSU ^, ^^^jKpUOWuWvL^T^ 

68, Jiaeu Aya^. 69. (y cjiHKy), MaproAocu h^,Mupu io6, 
MUceVfU IIhct. 27, 5% 67, jnyoicu 48, 80, 86, 89, 97^ 
Bhhoa- 5, HaynuTe^hu IIhct. 98, opjioeu AyiJ,. 9o (y 
c^HKy), nacTupu IIhct. 5, noaanu Ayu,, io4(yMHKy)> 
nonu Bhho^. 76, 85, nenpuHreJihu IIhct. h^, peduhvL- 

HO^. 132, COAdUHU 56, CTapU IIhCT. 76 (CTO CTOpU 

nmeHHii^e, ^yK. i6, 7), roeapumu ss, ffiapuaeu S9,t4apu 


nyTa oBaKiH 2-riH na^. h o^t> penn Koe ce cBpmyio 
Ha K ue npoMeHHBuiH i^ Ha ?< : noporuuKu 427, cee^ 

doKU l4l, 186, 269, 478, CJiyOK:a6HUKU 168, 196; H Ay- 

i;h&i> HMa y ciHKy npoMeHHBuiH i^ Ha t( : eyt^u 47. 

HsMe^y peHH cpe^H^ra po^a naaasH ce « y 
OHHXik KO6 ce CBpmyio Ha ue (nie): eAadauuu IIhct. 
61, oHUToeauuu %3, Konuu Ayj\. 73, KO6 6 nocne/^nJ^ 
lUTaMnano ca x Ha KpaH). Ca cbhmi) 6 pe^KO y Apy~ 
rnxi): ycru XeKT. 90, 99, ^yi^. 107 (y ciHKy). 

Obo 6 u npeiuao h na pein HceHCRora po^a 
Koe ce CBpiiiyH) na a, Kao uito e h y Cp6a y r^e- 
KOHMii peHHMa: sacraeu IIhct. 43, ypu (horarum) 35, 


Tucyhu 26^ 31, noxAenu 66^ nenu Bhho^ 45 i^ mysu 
Aja^ %^ (y caHKy). 

B. C. Kapai^uhii y robh. is h A. Ma3KypaHHhi> 
y Roji. 3, 90, KasKy ^a OBaRiil )^riH na^- ca u uua 
ioiUTi H ;r Ha KpafO : nyrux ^ eoAy&ux ^ npcTenux^ — • 
6paeux, kmbtux^ nonux^ reoicat^uxy ceedot^ux, y cxa- 
pHHaMa XpsaTCKHiiiii lUTanfoaHHM'b y ApKusy % , na- 
jiasH ce H npaaux Z9z, co^dunux 288, 29 1, 281, tO" 
TUX 290, t^eKUHux S93. A^H y IlHCTy^aMa Haiuao caMjb 
caMO meHtuux 83, 6^aeocJioeux 93. UIto y Jlyii^Hha 
HMa 3y6ux 7t, Kotihux 14, Cp6^hux 82, MOiKe 6jutii 
Aa 6 ^o^aHO caiHo no hobomis npaBonncy. Haiwe^y 
peHH cpe^Hbra po^a osaKO HMa npu6uea^umhux IIhct. 
11, d HSMe^y peHH aKencKora pb^a KOe ce cBpuiyio 
Ha cyrjiacHO cjiobo: sanoeudux IIhct. los. MeJ^y OBe 
nocjie/^H^ peHH H^e h decer, tslho ce h o/^i> nh y 
/^pyrOMTfa naA- mh. Ha.na3H decerux IIhct. -n (Mey 
Koxape decerux rpa^OB). OBa9 ndifl^emrb ca uo? hhc 
ynpaBO S-rin, aero 7-mi,ih (cRadar.) y HeRHXi> penn 
npdBBiif a y ueRHxi* npeRpoenib npema APyH^^) ^^ 
ce ynoTpe6yiHBa mccto S-rora. TaRO e uerupex cxa- 
puii 7-Mjuii na^emis, na ce naaasH meCTO 2-rora: od 
H e T u p e X eurpoe IIhct. 6, no cpudy npuero^ua u 
H e Tup e X oicueuH 98, npujiuna o6pa3a h e t u p e x 
oicueuH 98, eume ohux uerupex 98, a o^t> uerupex 
HaaasH ce npcRpoeHO uerupux: okojio npucroAua u 
crapat^ u u e ru pux otcueun IIhct. 96. TaRo e h OA^b 
7-Mora na^enca rpex npeRpOeHO rpuxy Roe ce HdiXa*- 
BH MecTo npaBora S-rora na^cHca TpHH: od rpux 
Jiff6pui^ ApR. z, 82. MecTO OBaRora S-rori* na^ema 
O^i* rpu fx Herupu aa^ai^H ce h rpuiOy uerupuw (rbo 
H y Cp6a) npeRpo6Ho npema l^roMi* na^emy /^BOHne 
(dual): i^ptts od oeux rpuw IIhct. 3S,eyoTUx deufo 
UAU rpufo ceudoKoe 21, od h e rup uw (^) eurap 85. 

(^) y KHbHSH CTOH cetiruju* 


T p e h i if n a a ^ HS ib. 

64. 3-hiH naA* mh. y penH caMOCTaBHHXTi nocjie 
HacTaBKa m neMa a Kao y Cp6a, y kohxt^ ^HCAviwb 
^a 6 a ^o^ano hslo y do^poea^ a npeAi> HacTaBKOMi> 
HeMa c< Kao y Cp6a , y kohxt* mhc^hmi> ^a e saep- 
uieTaRi) oBora na^^^Ka ^oxepaHi* npensa saMenHii^H 
Tpehera ^iHu^a ujm^ uhUMa^ uero 

a) o uaH e^ npensa rjiacy roh 6 npe^i) hbhmi>, y 
pe*iH MyuiK. H cpe^. po^a, Koe r^eiuTo HMaio h Cp6H: 
eAadaet^ejn llifCT. 82^ duTukejn 58> do6uTKOjn wo^oicu- 
doeoM ijy o/cydue.m so, udo^oM 7 6, hsukom 61, JiaeoM 
100, jnydapi^eM 28, jnyotcejn 6i, ^yn loi, napodojn 
IIhct. 13^ nuci^eM io'4, npuuiJtat^eM 88, ncojn t9,nt/K0Jt 

4l, CAo6odHUKOM 83, TCO/CaKOM 24, t/HeHUKOM II, ^A- 

puseoM 70, 79. — TaKo H ca o« npe/^t HacTaBKOnfb: 
eoAoeoM Ay^> 109, cuhobom IIhct. 19, 7 2, 112. — 
Cpe/^Fi. po/^a: eparoM IIhct. 35, dti^^oji 39, otcuTOjn 110, 

KOAUHOM 6^1, CUjneHOM 78, CTa6^0M QQ^ycTOjn 54, XeKT. 

69. — y XeKTopeBHha HMa no CpficKOWb ca «: npun^ 

TeAhUM 84. 

6) a y peHH meHCKora po^a ua a: 6Jiuo9cuKaM 
Bhho/^. 205, eopam IIhct. so, dueut^aM ion, o/careAU' 
t^ajn 11, MOAureajn ill, uoeaM 79, 062(ajf 19, noe^a- 
eut^ajn 91. 

b) e y pcHH HteHCRora po^a Roe ce CBpiuyio na 
cyrjiacHo caoBO: koctbm IIhct. 6, punem 67, X6rt. 
69, creapcM IIhct. 94. — O^'b pein MyiuRora poA^ 
Koe ct oBBMii HceHCRHMT) H^y y e/^aHT> pe^-b, canto 
Awdu Hajiasio caMB y obomt^ na^escy ca ejn : JiwdeM 
IIhct. 2, 5, 29, 82, 96, loi, 110, Xckt. 29, ^yx^. 43, — 
Bpo6BH deceTj cedaM^ nerupuy koh o^t. CTapnee H^y 
y OBaii pe^i), niviaio Betii* nopeMeheni* OBan na^encb 
ca 2i.9f MecTo eM : d e c e t u m dueut^ajn IIhct. io3, 
c e d MUM v,pUKenM 96, h e t u p u m noeAaeui^aM 9 1 , 
v^7t/j9t«^ auue^oM 96. 


65. 4-TUH na^- mh. 3a penH MyuiK. po^a Kao 
uiTO 6 eocT (b. Hanpe^i) §63) una r^eoiTO h y Cp6- 
cKOMi> eauKy cxapbiH HacTaBaRx> u : eocru. Tano e 
H y Xpsara, canso uito ceyHBHxi> Hajiaaa h y Apy- 
ruxi) pefH: eocru Xckt. 33, duu IIhct. 2, 3, is, 84, 

87, 64, 69, 10, 75, 85, XeKT. 59, Jlyi^. 16, 93, 10£, 108, 

Jiwdu IIhct. 7, KMeru ApK. t, 308, ncu ApR. s, 295. 
OcHMi> oBHxi> peHH ioiui> ce ca z< Hajiaan: «o.«ti A. 
MaiKypaHHtii> y Ko^iy 3, 90, jiuctu Apn. 2, 312, /ror- 
Koeu Ayis, 108 (y caHKy), npaau ApR. 2, 292, otfMti 
ApR. 2, 292. Ha OBe pena mhcjibmi* ^^ e u npeuijio 


HHMa HMa ceudoKu 421, Ty MHC.iHMi> A^ ^ CTapo u 
saMenliHO r.nacoM'b u. OBaRO ce u H'a.ia3u h y npH- 
^esHMa: tko he euduru duu do6pu IIhct. n^, caj/oic- 
6eHUKe H c y Kp c T o e u ^y ceedoKU eepo e aHuKnuo^, 
262. TaRo ce h o^ii pe*iH sRencRora po^a ro6 ce 
CBpmyfO Ha a najiaaH: pynu Bhhoa* bi, 6ecudu ApR. 
'2, 286^ a XeRTopeBHhi> Hiua 3a cpe^HBiH po^'b ycru 

61. y CBHMa 6 OBaRHMB pe^HMa 06HHHi6 Rao UITO 

6 H y Cp6a : eocre h nymuKe IIhct. 9, dane 3, no' 
noee h duAKe ty cuHoee 107, do6pe Koni XeRT. 47, cee- 
done Bhhoa* 888^ nopoTHune 435, do6pe jnyotce ApR« 
2, 308, npuQ/ce crape ApR. 2, 31 ]. 

66. decer HMa y 4-tomi> na^* ^A* ^a Rpaio ^ Rao 
H y CioseHCROMii RaA'b ctoh nocjie npe^-^ora ua y 
6poeBHMa cjiosReHHAfb H3ry6HBuiH e HcnpeA''^ 'fi eda^ 
uadecre IIhct. 68, deanadecre 9, 13, 22, 32, uerpua' 
decre 12. TaRO h uerupe : yuuHUuie nerupe duAe 
IIhct. 54, uerpdecer u uerupe rucyhu 7. 

67. CTapfdJf MCTBpTwfi naAesRib saMeHHi^e Tpe- 
hera .^Hii^e e (le) Bpao e peAaR*!* h y XpsaTa: »^ IIhct 
87, sa Me Bhhoa. 85, ua ui Xcrt. 6i,^yn. 15. MecTO 
u^ra odHHHiH e na^^nvb S-riH ux : aa uhux IIhct. 
40y Hux Ayvi. 69, 92. 



68. Kao lUTO Cp6H oa'^ penu NiyuiRora poA^ 
Koe SHane hchbo iuto Mecxo neTBpTora na^esKa HMaio 
Apyriii y e^HiiHH, TdKo XpBaTH ^ocxa hccto HMaio 
H y mhoxchhh: oh ecr daA cranoeuTo mui^u x a n o- 
c T o A o By uut^uxnpopoKoe^ a d p y au x e eau' 
He Jiu c T i a u HU X nacTupoe u y uu t e Ai e 
IIhct. 9a, KaKOHO cuh o e npu d p a 3U x eac ceumky 
989 soBBM T e otc a t^u X MasKypaKHhi) hoa. 3, 90. — 
Oco6hto cy OBaKO y o6HHaio npH^eBn: e^ycux e 
HUHUo CAumaru u uujnux eoeopuru IIhct. iiyKuhe 
npuTU u cnaceuux ynuHUTU uac 3, napa^Te n a a^ 
c u X, npuuuMAhUTe h e m o A n u x zt, ku e nocraeAiu 
od 6oea cyduru oicu e u x u m p t e u x 62, CKynutue 
c e u X KU X Haiidome: d o 6 p u x u 3 a au x 83, c eux 
y 6 o 3 u X u H e B o Ah HU X, x p o mu x u c AU nu Xy 
c y X u X u K A H c T u X ysedu oede i4, none U3eoHUTU 
ceux oHUx KU npodaeaxy u Kynoeaxy I8. — yat 
npeA.iore pe^aKi* e ^pyriii na/J^eHCb mccto 4-Tora: 
eduoM e yjnpA 3a epuxe name: npaeden 3a uenpae- 
denux IIhct. 64, nped uu e d nu x dpyeux c y- 
dan ApK. 2, 291. 

IleTuu n SL^eTSiJi, 

69. OcHMT. OHnx-B pcHH y ROHMa ce M y Cp6a 
canyBao HacTaBaKi) y^ uMa y Xpsara h y penn cuh: 
cuuy IIhct. 5, 6, 9, i4, 24, 26, 82, loe. AjiHceHa^asH 
H e: cuHB IIhct. 33. 

70. KaKO 6 OBdH na^emib y mho»&hhh e^HaKi* 
CT> l-BHMi>, HMaio H y H'^My HacTasaKii^ one pe*iH Roe 
ra HMaio y I-bomi?: my oicu oicu d o e el IIhct. 70, jnyoicu 
H a p a eAU T au e ^3. 

lUecTbiu na^^^KXi 

71. 6-TfiiH na^. e^. penn secHCRora po^a Roece 
CBpuiyio Ha a Ha^asH ceyBHHO^o.iCRHM'b aaROHHMa 
ca y MeCTO ojh: eoAw 135, ceoto do6py eoAfo ^s\z^Q\ 
oiceuy 40 1» Hueduy neuy 162, pory 94, 4 11, ouy pory 
310; y IIhct. i6 HMa ne xtuH Tpy6Afo rpyCuru 


npud T060M (MaT. 6, e), — ajiH to Mo»e 6jutii ^a 
6 4-TbiH na^. a He 6-tuh. Tano y BHHOAO^cRHM'b 
aaROHHina Hina h o^i* saMenH^e oua: m wo 360, sei, 
H o^T> c?^.* j!f^M> co6y 125. 0^i> ^aart/ najiasH ce oaaH 
aa^emii ca #&•* jnarepw IIhct. 9. Y penn meacKora 
po^a Ha cyrjiacHO Haaaan ce m Mecro y : nacruM 
Xesi, 99, 104, xapuocTUM io4, najneruM 83^ npenO" 

CTUM 83, MU^OCTUM 89, ypeduOCTUM 89. 3^ CTapHHaMa 

lUTaMnaHUMib y ApRaey s, y KOHMa hh6 hhctuh 63hki> 
XpBaTCRiH^Ha^asH ce y penHwa nao uito cy nocae/^- 
H'b oM. H oH/^a 6 z< npeTBopMBitiH ce J u npe^H* 
BeHO ca 7 y A (npoTHBi> §32) : hocAom 80^ 86^ 87. 

Bpao 6 pe^Ro y obomi> na^ensy y XpBara camo 
II : cjnpTu Ayu,. 84 y c^^HRy. 

7E. yMHomHHH y obomi. naAcmy o^-b penn Mym- 
Rora H cpe^HKra po^a uecTO Cp6cRora ujna XpaaTH 
HMaio crapbiH HacTdBdRib u (u) roh ce r^euixo h y Cp- 
6a iouii* HaJiasH: 6o3u Ayvs. 3i^ ^yt^u 109^ duAuui^u IIhct. 
{4, audu Ayu,* so, suaui^u IIhct. 9, ^^^ti 80^^ nsut^u 68, 
69, KOHhu 21, Kjneru Bhho^. i64, KpaJihu IIhct. 86, 
Jioenut^u Jlyi^. 13, 83, aohi^u IIhct. 4i, ^avti ks,Jttyafcu 
./lyu^. 28, napodu IIhct. 86, hohuhu 6, nyru 20, podu" 
Te^hu 9, ceedot^u Bhhoa* i98, c^tiHti IIhct. 21, 31^ 86> 
109, reoicaVfU 12, yneuui^u 31; — cpe/^H. poA^: «<?.«« 
IIhct. 21, eparu 27, d2«.«» .lyDi. 35, KonHu 106, ^crw 
IIhct. 1, 85, noatce^UHUU 11 4. 

73. Pe*fH meHCRora po^a na a HMaio y obomt> 
naA^Hsy CTdpo mu ct* yMCTHOM'b a npe^ik hbhimti mecTo 
ca/i^aiuHbra* CpScRora aMa\ saymHat^aMu IIhct. 47, 
MBTAaMU 19, JModpUi^aMU 66, ^o.«ei7da.9fti 8, noe^aeU" 
i^ajnu 4, na^uxi^ajnu 43, pauajnu 7 7, pynaMU 37, c»f^- 
aajnu 83, cysajnu 39, craaaMU 2. — IIpeMa obhatb 
peMHMa Jlyi^HhTi HMa OBaii HacTaBaRi» h y cpe/(H'kMi» 
poAy: ycTOMu 22. 

74. PeHH meHCRora po^a Roe ce CBpuiyio na 
cyr.iacHO h pe*iH MyiuRora poA^ ^^^ d> RBHMa H^y 
y e^^wb pe^i* (b. HanpeAi> § 63) HMaio y oBonrb naA^my 


CTapo Mu: puHMU «Ayi^. 35^ 61, 9s; — ' AwdMU IIkct. 

66^ 100. AjIH 6 HCTO TdKO o6hHHO H CdMO U: BAttCTU 

IIhct^ 112^ aanoeudu iii, uejHohu Z9, najteTU ii4, 
hydu Ayv,. 88; — Afodu IIhct. lo^ I6^ 8i, tot, Bhhoa« 
127, XeKT. 99. — noMCHyTO MU npeuijio 6 H Ha ^py- 
re peMiH MyiuKora h cpe^nkrii po/^a: auHeAMU IIiict. 
115, eaacJHU 4o, 45, SAacMU 50, jnyoicMU 8o, poamu 

58, CUHMU 92, 112, — SpaTMU 10, CAOBMU 51, 71. 

npe^i* OBO .Mt< ^ouiao 6 iouii* ti peHHMa rpu h v^- 
Tupu : rpuMU Bhiiq^. lie, 321, 330, uerupuMU IIhct. 
7. TaKO H o^i* cedajij deeer HMa: cedjnujnu JBhho^. 
76^ deeeruMU IIhct. mo. MecTO caMora u XeKTope- 
BHbii HMa UMU y penu: ucKaniiUMU 68. MecTO mu na- 
aaan ce h Cp6cKO uma: punuMa •^yi^, rpuma XeKT. 36. 

75. H y saMeHHUfaMa h npH^esHMa caiysaaH cy 
XpsaTH HacTasaK-b mu : uaMu^ eoMU IIhct. 23, uhu- 

MU 29, XeKT. 73, Ayi^> 29, CBUMU IIhct. 104^ XeKT. 

99, reouuMU IIhct. 15, csouumu 31, eduuMU i, wieo^ 
eUMU 115, eeceAUMU 10, do6puMU Ayu,* 88, eeAUt^UMU 
IIhct. 50> soaumu Ayn^, 28, dpasuMU Ayi\, 66, owyduiL^ 
CKUMU IIhct. 51, HcycoeuMU 78, JtaruHOKUMU 5i, mho^ 

nodo6HUMU BhHO/II. 198^ nyHUMuHiiCT,'A\,HUCTUMU h^* 


76. CTapfJH 7-ME>iii naAeHCfc cb nacTaBKOMii u 
(mecTO » H h) pe^aKi} e y XpsaTa: v penn MyiuK. 
po^a: sasMU IIhct. 67, eprAU IIhct. so, 53, deopu Bh- 

HO^. 469, ^y^• 31, SaKOHU HBaHHlU. 21, BpycaABMU 

IIhct. 29, ceiuru 68, Xckt. 93, Jlyi^. i4, 25, cww IIhct. 

8, 9, 23, 44, Jlyi^. 2 1, CTOHU XeKT. 69, CTOAU 3i; — 

cpe^H. po^a: epuMeuH IIhct. 43, duj^u 12, muctu 35, 
Bhho/^. 101, He6u IIhct. 38, 65, 74, 79, Xckt. 99, ./lyi;. 
25, noAbu Bhhoa- Jiij py6aHuu 42 1, cpii,u Jlyi;. 62; 
TaKO If y npHACBa cpe^H-fera po^a Ka^t ce ysHwaio 
3a npnaore (adverb.): y 6p3u Jlyiv 52, ua nyuu Bh- 
HO^. 126, y caKpueeuu IIhct. 16 (MaT. 6,4 — ej-ycKo^ 


pu XeKT. 48, ./lyn. 16. — O/^'b da» HajiaaH ce y OBOMii 
na^eHcy h ()»& IIhct. is, Bhuo/^. 91. 

MecTO OBaKora ce^iviori> na^esKa oShhrih 6 €!> 
HacTaBKOM'b 3-tiera Kao h y Cp6a: wymK. po^a: ^^o- 
ey IIhct. 3, BuuodoAy JBhho^. 78, epady IIhct. 5, 8, 
39, 91, Bhho^. 131, 241, epuxy Bhho^. 390, epo6y 
XeKT. 96, deopy 98, dyxy IIhct. 16, oicueoTy 89, Bpy^ 
coAUjny (-^yK. 2, 43), o6^aKy 12, osum 23, ocydy Bh- 
HOA» 202, nocAy IIhct. i4, /lywy 101, nyry J^yfJ,* 104, 
pa36opy 94, pasyjny IIhct. 84, ceury 5, 22, 4i, 99* 
cnacureAio 3, croey Bhhoa* 1^2; — cpe^H. po^a: ay- 
•if»y Bhho^. 100, adpaeto Xckt. 76, spt^aAy IlHaT. 13, 
KaMeuHy 17, KpoAtecrey 96, mucry 28^ 36, 69, Mopy 
10, 12, »e^y 25; 27, 111, /70.«7& (pogliu) zk^ npucTauU" 
«^Ay Bhho^. 117, £?e.«y IIhct. 10, cpi^y 39, JLyi;. \o, cyn- 
t(y IIhct. 1, cT&openuy Bhho^. ^zz^ eudunuyllacT. 51, 
MHUHuy XeKT. 102, nootceAUHuy 3?>, Huwbuuy (cignienyu) 
15. — TaKO e H y 3aMeHHi;a h npH/^eea: w^^wy IIhct. 
34, 73, 98, 99, 114, XeKT. 35, Ayu,. 25, 62, 6I, 80, 32 
Hejny XeKT. 4o, oeojny 57, Ayi\. 92, HBanHur. 20, ca- 
Mojny IIhct. 79, cstjny Jlyu,^ 71, Teoejny IIhct. 92- 
•/lyi;. 11, Koejny Xckt. 102, ceaKOjny IIhct. 84, Ayu,* 
81, HUKOMy XeKT. 102, eduoMy IIhct. 9, reomy 90, 
^aeudoey 5, 3Ay 15, ceery 16, euHwhjny 29, a HMa h 
ca e Ha Kpaio Kao y Cp6a: ohomc dyxy IIhct. 76. 
OcTaTi^H CTapora 7-nior'b na/ieHca 0^% sameHH^a na- 
jiaae ce Kao h y Cp6a: h%m IIhct. 32, 33, 35, 50, 53, 

13, 76, 81,98, 114, BhhO^. 92, AjV,* 28, HfiaHHUI. 22, 

OHOM IIhct. 35, 36, 69, obom 12, 23, tom Bhho^. 390, 
^y^• 94, c»«.« (na— CBHTy) IIhct. 5, 22, 4i, 99, 79,J[yn. 
63, MOBM IIhct. 69, reoajn 23, XeKT. 96, ceoejn 101; 
Me^y OBe ocTaTKe H^e h OBaKiH 7-Aibili naAeHCb koh 
TaKo^e H Cp6H Hmaio h koh e nocieAHJbHMii r.ia- 
coM-b M 7-MwH, a camorjiacHHRfb cioBOAfb Koe e npe^t 
M S-hiH: He6ecK0M IIhct. 96, iopdaucKOjn 4, doo/cuejn 
26. ^OBO.iBHo ce BH^H ^a 6 OBaH na^escB HSAfeuiaHit 
Cb TpehHAfb Kao h y Cp6a, TaKo h XpBaTH Hwato h 


npasiiifi 7-Mbifi mecTo 3-hera: cynporuea odekau^y 
6ooic%M IIhct. 18j h%m (ei) 29. 

Bp^o 6 pe^KO y obomi* naAemy CTapo mhu 
(mi^nh) MecTO Meuu^ y Bhho^. 442, 445 jnue. 

77. y MRQafiUHH canyBaaH cy XpeaTH OBOMi>n9- 
^emy HacTaBaKi} j? ^ koh r^eiuTo h Cp6H HMaio. 

a) f^ (« H h) y peHH MyuiKora h cpe^n^bri* po- 
^a: 6Aadoc4O0Ux IIhct. 93, saajnux 6«, epe6ux 106, 
dycux 7 3, aanoHUx Bhho^. 18, 3tf6ux •^y^* 73, Aysux 
Jlyi;. .61, jnenmux IIhct. 7, uapodux i, npoponux 4, 
nyruixi \t^ ii3, ceedot^ux Bhboa* 336 , rpsux IIhct. 
92^ Tpydux 12; — 6duHUUx 12, eparux 23, eodumhux 
IlifCT. 9; d2/.i2<.a7 22, ^/ivti»vz»Mf/a7 (zacignianyih) 83, j.ia- 
Meuuux 72, He6ecux 16, noAhux (poglih) 93, 11O5/70- 
ceeruAumhux 3, npucTOAuux 17, nucjnux 4, ycTUX 7, 
cpv,ux 7 1 , HeAUX 7 . 

6) a y pe4if HtencKora po^a noe ce CBpuiyH) na 
fl : aeuadax IIhct. 1, Vly^. 103, nuhueax IIhct. 4, wf- 
eoAHx 67, Hoeax 36, pynax 36, ceurax 68, craeuax 92, 
t^puKsax 12, 22, 102. IIpeMa obhuh* peHHina HMa h eodo' 
upwhax IIhct. 9, 10 cpe^Hl>ra po^a. 

b) e y peHH meHCKora po^a ko6 ce cBpuiyn) 
Ha cyr.«acHO caoBo: eAacrex IIhct. 61 , epcrex 57, 
^anoeudex 79, ueMokex 13, nucuex 83, /zpf^v^o? (^) 32, 
npurauex IIhct. 6S,puHex 101, creapex 47. A naaasHce 
h y OBHAfb peiHMa << : ofcaAQcrux IIhct. t6,HanacTUx 49, 
nucuux 11, •^yx;. ^3> npucHOCTUx IIhct. 62, npura- 
Hux 11, puHupc 97, 106. -^ CTapo ^ ce h y 
peiH dan : duex IIhct. 42» 44, 45 , 47, 68, a npena 
HBOH3H Ha«^d3H ce H y OBHM-b; dapex IIhct. 3, na r^ex 
IIhct. 75 (^upar terrain). 

78. TaKO H ofi^'b 3aiiieHHi;a h npn^CBa HMaio Xp^ 
BaTH CTaphiH 7-iiKiH naA*: nac IIhct. 73, sac 46, 
uhux 19, ceux 82, oeux 68, MoHux k^f reoHux 73, ««- 

(*) y i-Bom e na^ewj e^. npuran IIhct. 13, 70. 


mux 24^ H%eoeux 34, ceanux ii, &nAUx 6Sj$uHHhux 5, 
eocnoduHhux 93, mhosux %t, 47, 68. 

79. npH^eBH neo^pe^eHH caiyBaan cy yXpea- 
Bara y S-heMii h 7-mom'i> naA^my »ceHCKora po^a 
CTapidH HacTaBaKi* a HHcy ra nao y Cp6a H36AHa- 
HH^H Cb OApe])eHHM'i> : y eeAUKu o/caAocru IIhct. 

25, 770 pUHU 8 O C n od U Hh U 37, 106, tf d O 6 p U 00- 

.ibfi 9, e najneru d y x o e uu 8 4, no CJiaeu o t huhu 
57, jnarepu u% e o e u 8, cJiyotc 6u ut a o e u 25, » 6^- 
cautt Khepu 6 AKuHu H Uf k otcenu loaKujnoeu, 
30, Mpuatcu 3 a c T a s A%u u 103^ Moioil jnoA6u h e d O" 
c T oHhu 1 06, if ofceuu u e hu c t u \9, e cjnpru h i-> 
e o e u lb, no muaoctu h i a o eu 5, Kyhu Hk o e a hu 
15^ e xuowu lOduuu 86, no puuu H c y up c t osu 
IIhct. 86, ea sau eoAbu Bhho^. 175^ no cjnpru hu^ 
uu u M a T ep UHU Bhhoa* > < ^9 Fpat^uosu ^ o e pun- 
heeu XeKT. 89^ up uA-b eu muaoctu AyiJ,* 59^ na 
eopu H e u 3 Mup uu zt, y eopu s e a e uu PaHB. 19^ 
y MyiifU npuAW tu 26^ na rpaeu 3 e a e uu 32^ 43. 

80. OcTaTiJ^H ofl.'b /^BOHue (dual.) uaaaae ce y 
XpBdTa OHaKH KaKBii H y Cp6a; caMo ce iouiii ya'b 
peHH oHu H yuiu Ha.ia3ii H npH^eBi y ^bohhh: ohu 
Motiu IIhct. 34, ovu t e o uu IIhct. 8, 21, ohu ce ouu t9^ 
OHU ut 8 o eu 34, ytuu c e o uu 6'^KaKo cy tu ohu o r^ope^ 
u u^ 3^, OHU OH utii h e uu 91, euduAu cy ohu mouu 
cnaceuue reoe 88, 6 Aaatc e uu ohu kou sude in, ohu 
e am u zo\6 a a o/c euu npcu 26. \jiVL ce HaJiasH h oBaKO 
KaKO 6 y Cp6a : ohu reoe IIhct. 34, ohu c e o e 35, 23. 

CTapuH /^pyriH na^* abohhc oa'b »ihihhxi> aa- 
MeuHi^a AOCTa 6 pe^aK^ : sa 1-bo .iHii^e : do uata 
MUAB jnauKe Xckt. 52, cpuha uaw 56^ 105, u aw muau 
aocnoduue 49; cepx uaio Ayu^. 5o; aa APy^^ anqe : 
ceanu saw XeKT. 34; sa Tpehe Avu^eiuhufoJiviuof^. 80, 
Ayu^. 10, 30: 


Oa iq>hhx ohhh), khmh KaA nosHpam, 
CjiacTH) HHKOM MfrttM) A^uy MH noAHpaiii. 
HCTU^ naAeHsi} A^AasH h MecTO 4-Tora Kao h oai> 
ocTa^iBX-bpeHHr/Tyi/Mrttt «a«> Xbkt. 52, 8i. — HctmS 
naA^aKi* HMa •/lyi^Hh'b MecTO 2-rora na^* >>h*5 Kao uito 
ce H y Cp6a 2-rifi na^* A^* Kocrifo roBopH mccto 
2-rora na^ mh.: «aio 14, i5, o() m^m) 109; 

nana Hena npH^y o^ csHTa ^a^^octia 
H CTaee na cpH^y cse i/frtiio pa^ocxH. 9. 

ysii 6poH ()tfa KaAi} ctoh peiB o KoioH ce TaK 
6poii KaHce, ona ctoh y hctom'b na^eacy y komii m 
6po&, a^H He y ^bohhh nero y mhohchhh: deujna eo" 
cnoduHOM flnCT. 78, deiuna crapt^eM 31, no deuto dnea? 
^z, 45, y 05f/^ d02<7& aanoeudex 19, ()0tt.ii^ eepyeajnu 
9t, cuMUMU deujna dueouKajnu 30. y ^bohhh ce o6e 
HaJiaae camo Ka^i* oy y npfiomi* na^* h to onaKO 
pe^HO Kao UITO e h y Cp6a h« n. deu ctu IIhct. 31, 
64 HMaio H Cp6H (^) a o6u cTpanu Ayu^. 56, 96, HMaio 
Cp6H y cTapHSfb KHBHrama. H 6po6BH rpu, uerupu 
y3HMaio ce y A^OHHy Kao h y Cp6a, h no tomij ce 
H y ocxa^OMii H36AHaHyio cb dea: rpum ceudoKoe 
IIhct. 81, no Tpufo dnex IIhct. 47; aan cy ^ocxa 
o6h4hh h y MHoacHHH CToefin y na^eacy y komb e h 
caMocTaBHa penB ya-B hbhxb: ohu rpu jnyoicu nadotue 
IIhct. 61, rpu npaAhu uctohhu ./lyi;. 97, rpu eodumha 
IIhct. 27, rpu wnaKe do6pe uou-b Xckt. 47. 

y XpnaTa deuw hh6 caMo aa hcchckih po^i* nero 
H sa MyuiKin h cpe^HBin: Koaa here od deuw da bum 
nycTUM? IIhct. 44 (MaT. 27, 21), od deuw uJtoeuKoe 
36. llpeM^a ce y XpsaTa 6po6BH BHuie MenHio no 
naA^sKHMa Hero y Cp6a, ohctb ce y hbhxb Kao h 
y Cp6a HaJiasH 4-thm'b naf^emeM'h oai> 6po6Ba nape- 
HeHO KoaHKO , na ce o^nb Tora naA^^KSi ne o^ycTae 

(^) H. n. y II. QeTpoBHha FopcKOM'b Bieni^y CTp. 33: 
Borj uiyhypi* deicru cy roAHHa, 
r^e CTU CTOH luecTO cxapora ciTit Rao pu6u uecTO piisft, 
a det 6 CTapa ABOHna sa cpeAHbin poA'B. 


Ka^i* 6hi Tpe6ajio rojihhhhh koa a Behi* TdKO H3pe- 
Hena ;i,SiTH ioiwb KaKRO anaHeH^ Roe Hmaio na^eacH, 
H. n. a (cum3 dsu dusoHiKe IIhct. 30,c deu dpaee ndt/' 
Ke «Ayiv 18^ edan od dea ua decre IIhct. 86. 

81. Kao lUTO ce y Cp6a oeau h ouau naaaaH h 
ca u^ KOHM'b npH^esH ueo^a^pe^eHH nocTaio 04pel)e- 
HH, TaKO 6 H y XpsaTa: o02< (naosHK) sa^ 40, 51, 5^> 

I85 XeKT. 40, 95, J^yjJ,' 75,82, 103> HsaHHUI. 2I^PaHB. 
38, OHU (yHCHHK) IIhCT. «, 1, 14,20,31, 50, XcKT, 35, 
51, Jlyi;. 5, 26, 31, 84,HBaHHIU. 21. XeKTopeBRhi* HMa 

H Tu 99 MecTO rati (H.1H To). TaKO ce HajiasH u ^o- 
^ano H peiHMa tsou, ceoti: ua Mup reoiiu (iuoyi) 
IIhct. 76, noMUAoeaA ecT nyn ceouu (suoyi) IIhct. 
37, HeKu ceouu euHoepad Koa. 8, 93. TaKo e y 
Cp6a Kou (kojh), K06 HMaio H XpeaTH: Hcyc kouu 
(choji) eaude od eac ua nedo IIhct. 68. Mhofo cy o6h- 
HHie OBe pcHH Sesji OBora u : oe (tko e otf?) IIhct. 

6, If, 18, 23, 29, 33, 68, XeKT. 36, Jlyq. 16, 23,28,82, 

OH (tko e oh hjiobhk?) IIhct. i, 9, 20, 24, 31, 45, 53, 

BhHOA- 303, 328, Jlyi^. 16, 55, 79. 

PeiHMa KOAUKu h ranoe naaaae ce na^e»H Ka- 
KBe HMaio caMOCTasHe peMH: KOAuny (3-tiifi liaA- 
e^.) Ayu,. 38; ranoea (2-iH na^. 6A-) ^y^' 38, 37, 
Bhhoa.393, rmnoey (S-hiHnaA* e^,) Aysi^. 91 (y cjiuKy). 

SZ. IIIto a. MasKypaHHh'b kojio 3, 88 bcih a^ 
XpBaTH HMaio 6yKH, trkh, aoRH, ciiiOKH,HcaMB namao 
caMo Ha 6AHOM'b MecTy aoku ApK. 2, 296, npena se- 
My Cp6H Hikiaio jifo6u, A Kao uito e y Cp6a komu 
TaKO 6 y XpBaTa h nJiaMu : onajiu ux nJiaMU oeniHU 
IIhct. 61, U36u fiaomu oentnu ua nehu IIhct. 4. 


83. y XpnaTa FtAaroait {o)duTu (Cp6cKH oderu : 
HUM here ce oduru IIhct. 7a MaT. 6, 25) y ca^. Bp. 
HMa Kao .Jtiri/ HP ysHMafotiH nn^e^'h yMeTKe HaHHHe 
HacTaBKe: naea o d u e cbbtom. IIhct. 19 , nada eu" 


dum uaea^ oduH uiea TIkct. is, oduem Ayu,. 8, odti-« 
wh Ayu,. 08, aadwo J^^jis* 80. 


Ka npe^ii aHiHRMii HacTaBu^HMa: dti^ IIhct. 34, 86j "78, 

BhrO^. 394, XeKT. 3t, 93> duw IIhCT. 89, du HhCT. 63, 66, 

XeRT. 71, dure IIhct. 34; camo 3-be ^Hi;e mh. He MoaKe 
6&1TH fiesi* jMeTRa ()t<#o XeKT« 99 (ko6 6 nocTajio o^^i* 

du-'O'HT), — OfiaRO 04% rUTUTU {iUTUA XeRT. 54, fUTU^ 

uu IIhct. loi, Roe e HSMe^y raarojia Rao iuto enjt$' 
CTU npeuiao me^y raaroae Rao iuto e moautu) naaasH 
ce ca/iiaiiifi^ Bp. 6e3i> noMeHyTHxi* ymeTaRa: mru 
IIhct. 45, Xcrt. 6i, 101. OfiaRO e Me^y HCTe rjiaro- 
jie npeiu.10 H npot^TUTU {npot^TUJia Ayij,» 10) o^^ii 
npot^eacTu. F.warojiCROM'b caiviocTaBHOMi> penio wre- 
Mtie (stenye) IIhct. 8, iouiTe mruru ctoh Me^y rjia- 
rojiHiua Rao iuto e FMecTu.^-^rAaTOA'bneTu (canere: 
nerex aane^ gallus cantavit. IIhct. 43) y ca^auiKhMCb 
Bp. npe^i HacTaBi^HMa r.«aoH /T02< : ^a/706'IlHCT.42, 7«. 
MecTO UMaru y XpBaTa ce najiasH h umutu 
IIhct. i, 24, 42, 78^ Bhhoa* 55, eo9, XeRT. 55, 102, 
~t< h q/^i> Hkra CBe npomene Rao 04i> ymeruy ochmi> 
caAauiH^ra BpemeHa^ h. n. umuwKu Duct. 5, 9, 20, 39, 
83, 964 uj^uure BHHO/ii. 235, UMUtue (babebat) IIhct. 83, 
^3, ffjvuo?^ (habebant) IIhct. 7i,XeRT. 32, umuaWvlq^t, 

31, 53, 89, XeRT. 53, UMUHUa BhHO^. 47 !• O^liUMU- 

Tu caAdmnh Bp. Ha^aano caiMB caMo y CTapHuaMa 
uiTamnaHHM'b yApRHsy : ujnue z, 89. — Aau e viujua- 
TU y o^HiaH) ca CBHMa npoMeHama: ujnaru IIhct. 79, 
XcRT. 102, Ayu^^ 97, UMOM IIhct. 39, XeRT. 85, ujnavi 
XeRT. 84, 91, u^a Bhho^. 93, ujiomoHwct, iQ^UMaro 
IIhct. 49, 67, Bhho^. 68, ujnatohu IIhct. 66, iz^umgu 
IIhct. 74, ujnaiue (habQbat) IIhct. 44, ujnaxy IIhct. 
38, UMtt^a IIhct. 46, UManuua Xcrt. 32. 

y XpsaTa ce it Ji^^.«2<2r2i (sRestTii) na^asH ci> ona- 
RHMii upoMenaMa RaRBe y Cp6a Hina ymeru : Jiwdu 
QiceAUto IIhct. 95, owejguwhu XeRT. 90. OsaRO Ay- 
i^ithi) BMa H MHUwhu 45, a XeRTopeBBhii H dapufo 


99. A ymuTu (oyuttTN) pasyMUTu (fii^ovMtTN) na^Aaaii 
ce y caA- Bp. y CBHMa jini^HMa ochm'b 3-bera mh. 
Ceai* yMeTKa npe^ii ^hhhhmii HacTaB^HMa, Rao iuto 
e H y Cp6a; h. n. paaymu IIhct. 84, yjnuM XeRT. 83, 
Aja,, 65 , yjnum Ayu^. 89 , a Cp6cKH hctohho paay- 
me HT^. 

Me^y rjiarojie Rao imto e cmuhtu ce y Xpsara 
H/^e H uaduHTU ce (na/^aTH ce): uaduHTu ce XeRT. 
48^ 68; nadufo ce (spero) Jlyv^. 43, 52, undue ce XeRT. ii. 

C a A d ut H K B p e M e. 

84. CTapo caAamnli np. Ceai} ymeTRa b«uii ca- 
HyBatiH cy XpBaTH, a.iH hhcto camo y I-bomii Jiwa,y 
6^. H MH. H y IS-roMi> MH.: 02^^ IIhct. 35, XeRT. 38 
92, 93, euMo (r^e 6 caMO na Rpaio ^ouiao o 
Rao H y ocrajiMxi) raaroaa) IIhct. 66 , eucre IIhct. 
102; a y S-roM-b .iHny e^. npoMenivHO e cxapo cu 
na m : eum XeRT. 57, Jlyi^ 80 , — y 3 he mi* e^- 
o^nao 6 H aHHHfdif HacTaBaRit (Th) h nocaeAHBiii 
r.iac'b oAi> Ropena (() o^'b Btji^): «t/ Bhhoa- 289, — 
3-hera .iHu^a mh. HHcaMP» Ha.ia3RO. — TaRO e h c^o- 
»eHo: nosuiu XeRT. 51, sanoeum •^yi^ 20. CaoHceno 
ce najiasH y ca^aiuH. sp. h HseAHaneHO Rao yCp6a 
Cb raaro.iHMa Rao iuto 6 euderu: noeudujn, 

llpeo AUt^e ed. 

85. Kao IUTO Cp6R HacTaBaRB m Cb yMeTROMii 
o npeTBapaio y y CBar^a y Moey (MecTO Moe^ojn) h 
xohy (MecTO xotU'Om)^ a Ra^iuTO h y eu^y h bcaw 
(MecTO eudu'OM, ecAu^oM)^ TaRO XpBaTHHHue y rjia- 
roAa cBaRora pe^a , roh npeAi* noMenyTHM-b XvLHwawb 
uacTaBROMii ao6hhio yMeTaRi*. H. n.'y r.7[aroaa, roh 
y HeOApe^enoMe upe^i* tu 

a) HeMaio APy^^^s^ nacTasRa: eedy «Ayiv 4*7^ ^•<^- 
dy 109, cedy 25, ttd^ IIhct. 36, 6i, npudy 20, io4, 
noddy 6*7, 89^ io4, (^^<)^ 95, «Ayxv 32, .it^j^ «A7^- ^^3 
41, sacny IIhct. 82 (JlyR. 13, 8), usepay 13, peny 33, 
1, 10, 50, 90, TCKy 12, Ky«jy Jlyn- «o, nonuw (popiyu) 

TIhct. 52 H H35ai](HBiuH uf FioFifo (popyu) 43, Hanto (napyu) 

IIhCT. 82, — Mpff IIhCT. 26, nOTOpff 32. 

6) KOH HMaio HacTaaairfe ngr: npucrauy Ay\\. 65. 

b) KOH HMaio HacTaeaKii « (y Xpeara u): euw 
IIhct. 6, 32, XeKT. 51, 6oAto ce Jlyn* 75, eejtto Ayv^. 
109, oicuBJim IlflCT. 69, 13, MHH) (mgniu) 39; oaaMO 
H^e H 60W ce IIhct. 2^, crofo Ayi\> 10. 

r) ROH HMaio HacTaeaKis u\ eoeopy IIhct. 1, 15, 
33, 89, uaey6Aio 106, uadoio 32, cepuiy 30, moaw 23, 
64; 84, XeKT. 91, Ayu,. 24, XBaAW IIhct. 51, huuw 21, 
39, 51, 104, uaxow 50, 53, ea6yw 35, useow 36, n^taAy 
12, epahy 10, rpahy Ayi\,. n, nyuihy IIhct. 44, uomy 
96, npotuy 15, 84, •^yi^. 101, Ata6Afo IIhct. 7.3, io4, 
nocraeAM 33, osdpaeAto 10, 15. 

;^) KO6 Hiuaio HacTdBaK'b a.- AaoK^y IIhct. 12, 9i, 
umhy 37, Ayi\, 7, 28, /7t<7//y IIhct. 91, Ay\\ 84, yofcu^ 
Jtcy IIhct. 12, nato ce Ayu,* 32, dato IIhct. 76, io4, 
tanAW 2, 6, 66, 88, 91, OFiepy 27, 30. 

^) K06 HMau) HacTaBaKi* 00a: 6Aaeyio IIhct. 24, 
npunopyuyio 51, uaeuwhyw 5, o6cAyo/cyto 37, padyto 
ce XeKT. 84, luTyto IIhct. 37, Xckt. 104, otf^r^w XeKT. 
52, npuKoayto Ayxs,. 44. 

A.AH ce y HCTHXit oehxi* rjiarojia Ha.ia3H h ^, 
KO6 ce Kao H y Cp6a HacTaBaa Ha hcto caMoraa- 
CHO Ha Koe H oCTa^H anHHH HacTaBi^H, H. n. npudejn 
IIhct. 15, npuMCM Ayu^, 101; — eudum Jlyi^. 8, otcy^ 
duM KoB»i. 19; — aoBopuM IIhct. 108, deopujn Ayu,, 
7, eoduM IIhct. 53, ocAo6odujn 15, 17, KpcTUjn 64, 
no duo CUM Ayu,, 9, nojnpcujn IIhct. 32, nopaauM 42^ 
MOAUM 15, 68, Ayi\* 101, cAasuM IIhct. 37, aobum 
JlyH. 20; — daejn IIhct. 77. — y .lyiJtHha HMa h mo^ 
otccM 64 ca He^ Kao lUTo e y Cp6a caoHceno noMoatceM, 

^pyeo Aut^a ed. 

86. Crapo u aa Kpaio uauiao caMB caMo 6/^aHi> 
nyTi>: 6ydeiuu IIhct. 15. — MecTO cu oAi* ec'u Ha.ia« 
3H ce H caMo c: ohoko Kano c eepoeoA 6ydu Te6u 
IIuct. 15; — do6po c peKAa: uuMajn jnyafca^ aau cu 


ner jnyotcu umuao IIhct. 29. — V uMacu{\mhBy)livLCT. 
25, MHcaHMi» ^a 6 lUTaMnapc kb norpeiuKa mecTO 
ujftaui (imasc)y nao iuto e y 6oAbcu (bogisi) loo me- 
CTO 6oAhtuu (boglsci); TaKo h odeoeopac (odgouoras) 43 

Tpehe AUt^e ed. u mh, 

86. Bp««o ce, necTO na^asH na Kpaio t: 

a) y 6/^. cjneTCT IIhct. 85, ii, cycpurer 7, 46, 
6ydeT si, douder (doydet) is, nouder (poydet). 
10, uaauder (izaydet) 9, catider (saydet) 77, ep^ 
Qicer 76, 98, nocuHer 76, odyneT 7, npujner 27,/7aj- 
^ffer (razbiyet) 23, paaraper 23, yjnper 19; — ecrO' 
ner 68, noHUHer 99, onoraKueT ce 3S; — docroHuT ce 
64, e36ouuT ce Z3, uauru her 95; — najiupuT ^9fUany» 
HUT 3, odnycTUT 73, oadpaeuT is, ocyduT io, oreopur 
68> noepduT 7, noeparuT 18, noHUo/cur 7 7, npocAaeur 
99, yaeutttUT 79, yuuHUT ii, is; — * noMUAyer 18, /70- 
lUTyev 41. 

6) y MH. npuMoeyr IIhct. 91, npuMyr 76, 6ydyT 
10, 7o; -^useunyT ^9, ycrauyT 18, sa; — c-if««>r 84; — 
o6paTeT 4. oKycer 74, ocraeeT 76, cAuder 39, cyder 
Bhho^. i6jS> xeaACT 107; — auator IIhct. 66, odny^ 
tahafOT 4o, CKOHHawr S7, npu6ueafOT it, 19, 26, era- 
patOT ce e^rpenehyr 107, paacrpuyr ^6] — odnyuthyfor 
82, — ^c?yr Bhhoa- 165, cyr IIhct. 76, 78. 

Aaa OBo 7 MHc^tHMii ^a HH6 ocTaTaKi* CTapora 
HacTaBRa aa Tpehe aHi](e(^) nero e Kopeni* oa'^ a^- 
MOHCTpaTHBHora ro , naKi* ce A^A^e a^ ^^ CeceAa 
6bi.ia a4a, Kao y Hexa f . Tano mhcihm'b a) no tomc 
uiTO ce aaaasH nysi} TpeheaHii[e r.Aaro.ia ()ar/v: daure 
H d a T ce eajn IIhct. 73 (./lyK. 6, 37 — 38), uaKo jny 
cu daA o6AacT ceaue nyru, da ceanoMy Koea my cu 
daA ^ dar jny oicueoT euuuhu 68 (Iob. 17, 1 — 2), 
FAe 6u ce npeAi* t canyBaao h c (asct) 8aR.«o- 
h^ho HJbHMii 6yAyIiH, KaA'i> 6m t 6biAO HacTaBaKii. 

(*) OcHMi noc.veAHbRX'b npHwepa hs* Bbh 0^0.1 ckhx'b 


5) inTo ce HajiaaH h ysi* Apy^^ pe^H : b € or dpa* 
auHH MOM IIhct. 9t,e $ o t com eocnoduH 6oe saw iiy 
OKO apHO nmcHUt^e ne yjnpe^ o h o t cajno npu6uea toA^ 
do-6poT e XeRT. bZi oeoear e rauthe pedoauuuiTBO 
IIhct. 67 (JIk. i, 20). b) iuto ce HaaasH h ru: da- 
nac TU e aanoeuduA IIhct. zq, eeo tu ce npudAUo/canu jne 
he usdaru 43, tho am6u atcueoT ceou, oh tu U3ey6u dytuy 
cBoto 41, ceaKU ku huhu sjio^ oh t u hc Houde ceuTAoct 
ie, u OH TU he jnene npoceuTAUTU 67» tko eodu cno<^ 
eudu da e cuh 6ootcuu Hcyc^ e wbjn tu 6oe npu6uem 
13, — TaKO H noc^e 3-hera JiHi^a: ocraeuTU xohe cee 
xydo6e nauie^ u u aep otc e t u e dyduny jnopcny IIhct, 
Siy Ku eodu CAaeye npyxa oeaea^ oic u e e tu y eune 

nHCT. "73 (lOB* «, 59). 

OeaRo ce t najrasH h y Cptfa: fcejiiBs ^n ce yobhm 

pOjIiHO, TOT H6CT CTSp. II. nOCHtlOBHh'B, HdCJ. 44, — 

OKo AU 6u odeoeopuo da e eume nyTa o6ehao a was 
HUnad o6cAyaicuoy t o t uu no^oToey ne mope ea od" 
pumuTU HU no tuTo, M. ^o^peTHhi*, 6oroCji. 97. 

IIIto B. C. KapapHhi* kobm. is ^iioyLVi^\ numedy^ 
eoeopudy, Tora y KHBHraMa HHcaMB na^asHO, caMo y 
CTapHHaAia mTamnaHHM'b y ApKHsy t, Hina: uepady 88, 
CKynAHdy, onoMunndy ai. 

O^'b xoTCTu 3-he Avas,^ mh. HMa y Xpsara xoTe 
IIhct. 23, xao lUTo ce HaAasH h y Cp6a, a Hnia m 
xohe: KpunocTU He6ecKe xohe ce eauyTU IIhct. 1, 
ymu eAycux xohe cAumaTU IIhct. 3. 

IIpe^amH'I) Bpeme npBo (a oris t). 

87. Cb HacTaBKoaffc x 6esi> yMeTKa, Kao iuto e 
y Cp6a douex's , HMaio ra XpsaTH h oai* raaroaa 
pehu : pux XeKT. 31, 34^ 53, pucMo XeKT. 53, Koe 
HMaio H Cp6H y cTapHMi* KHBHraMa; a oat* raarojia 

neCTU OCHMB OHUXb AliiU,9L KOfl HMaiO R Cp^H y Xp- 

BBTa ce Ha.ia3H h 3-he 6A*: douu XeKT. 55, Ayi\. 28, 
96, oduu Jlyiv 31, 31, 102, oduu Ayi\, to; HMaMHo cy 


dBdRO y oBOM'b Afiv^y yseAH KHi>'kMeBHHi;H na ch- 
jiy npeMa 1-bomi» ^Hny, nao iut6 cy ^HHnaH k cxa- 

PH Cp6cKH KHBHHCeBHHt]^H (h. O. ryH/^yjlHhT>), a HHTH 

ra Hifa y Cp6cKOi»n> e3HKy hw y CTapdme CAOBeucHoin'b. 
H 04'b r.Aaro^a e^crw (XpBaTCKH uuctu) Hwa OBa- 
RO Bpeme : 3a 1-bo Jiwa^e mh. : uucmo XeR^. 33 , 3a 
3-he .iHi^e 6^. : Aio6ae xuotce reoe u 3 u Mene Ahct. 
38, iipeMa CaoBencROMe a;irE, h:;«, naiii (MHRaoui. for- 
menl. crp. 85^ in) h npeMa Cp6cROM6 ff;r«, Roe HMa 
B. G. KapapiBhiiypeHH. roai> ;jeCT'ii«5 a.iH hc shIsimi* 
HMaio JH ra Cp6H h y ocTaaHMii jufx^HMa e^. 

IIpe^aiuHbBp. Apyro (imperf.). 

88. y cTapoMe CaoBeHCROAfb esHRy yiiieTaRi> ak 
^ocra HecTO Hse/^Ha^ye a ca t, Te ce mccto «a ua- 
^a3H itiL (pscffttuie MecTO pucittane) — 2l 06a ce 6AHa- 
Ha caoBa Mory h eji,Hviwb sameHHTH. TaKO HMaio 11 
Cp6K y CTapHMi} KHBuraMa nectne, ns6T6ui€ (Cxe^aHii 
FIpBOBeHHaHMu y mHBory cb. CHMeyna le^ 28 h 2, 38) 
a H ^auacb HMaio 6ix^ (=:Btt;vi=B'Ka;ici, Roe nocjie^- 
H fe TaRO^e HMaio roBopehn 6eax \l 6u/ix)^ a y rhbh- 
aceBHHRa ce Ha.ia3H h oai> aW^^*^ roarojia, h. n. 
Ka^uh'b HMa: pecrume PasroB. n, pecruxy Kopa6. 
26, soeume Pa3roB. i32, UMudume le^ ujnaduxy I8, 
anadume 132. y XpBaxa e mccto i^eaora «s MHoro 
o6H*iHH6 CRpaheHO % Roe y bbbkb (Rao niTO e no- 
3HaTo) raacH u; ohh ra HMaio y rtTiaroaa hoh y neo- 
4pel)efioMT> npe^-B tkacTaBROMi* tu 

a) HCMaio Apyrbra HacraBRa: epeduuie (ibat) Ilifcr. 
9, ihi 83, epeduxy (ibant) 5, 29, 35, 58, KAaduxy Ayj\. 
105, Kpedume IIhct. 82, pecrutue %,t^eaTUtae HBaHHui. 
22, epusume Xcrt. 55, rpecutae Ayi\.9i,TetiumeXeKT. 
3^5 Tet^uoi^p IThct. 65, icRT. 34 (*), Cpsuxy (observa- 
bant) IIhct. 79, crpsuxy (servabant ^ anocx. 12, 5) 

(^) Ha ^j^pyroM'b Mecxy nwa XeRTopeBHli'& h MecTO 
t( : TeHUtu6 QlyBtio HBe tnTaunapcRa noi*peinBa. 



IIhct. 91 (^)» Kyuuuie (maledicebat) 66, nynuxy (ma- 
ledicebant) 66, crepuxy ii£, crepuwe AyY\. 69, eepux 
ce ./lyn. 56; — no obomii BpeMeny np^e osaMO h: da^ 
duwe IIhct. 25, uduxy ^enr. aa, 6ydutue (erat) IIhct. 
20 (y CTapHRfb Cp6cKHMi> KHBHraMa BOf^tttc , B. EQa- 
4»ap. lesek. 109, CTapo CiOBeucKH BAjj^tuie, b. MHK.toiu. 
vergL gramm. i, 96). O^i. r.iaroaa OBora pe^a ca 
caMoraacHHMii caoBOM'b npe^is nacTaBKOMi* tuj oea- 
MO H^e nAoeutue XeKT. i6, caoeuxy ./lyn. 38,ocTaTHH 
o^i» CTapora nAoeejn^ cAoeejn o^-b rtAyru h cAyru^ — 
H duxy (dicebant) IIhct. 34, so, oAi* duru. 

6) Kou HMaio HacTaBaRi*. ny: rouuxy IIhct. 58 

(2 MOHC. 14, 25). 

b) koh HMaio HacTaBaKi> «, y XpsaTa u : yjnuxy 
XeKT. 61, xoTume (volebat) IIhct. i6, (i, a^omary IIhct. 
66, He xTUtue (nolebat) 4, 26, n, Xckt. 61, xoruxy 
JLyH- 105, ue XTUxy IIhct. 82, -/ly^. 12, xfuxy Xckt. 
61, cjHutue (audebat) IIhct. 8o, ujnume (habebat) 82, 

25, XeKT. 54, UMUCMO XCKT. 53, UMUXy IIhCT. 30, 75, 

XeKT. 37, MHuxy AyUf* 55. 

r) KOH HMaH) HacTaBaKi* a, aan H3iiiet)y HBHX'b 
camo OBaKH: aoeuwe (vocabat) IIhct. 42, 44, 47, 89, 
aoeuxy 9o, JVyjs,. 58, nepuxy (lavabant) 19, 74, 6epu-' 
tue Ayij,. 69. 

y ApKHBy 2, 281 HMa H OA*^ raarOtia koh HMa 
HacTaBaKis u : uuuuxy, 

89. yMeTaRii Hsme^y HacTasaKa sa speMe h aa 
.iHi^e pe^aKT} e Kao h y Cp6a: 6ux'0'Mo IIhct. 8, 32, 

MUnX'O'MO 100, UCKaX'O'MO 32, UCKaX'O'TB 9, HUUH" 
X'O'Te 31, dux-'O'Te 26, 66, 77. 

90. Obo 6 BpeMe o^ii raarojia CBpiueHHX'b Bp.AO 
pe/^Ko: eAuaume (introibat) IIhct. i6, npucxaHUxy 

XeKT. 67. 

(^) y KBbHSH CTOU StaZlhu, a.lH MRCMHM'b ^^ 6 HO 

rpeuiRa NecTo starzihu, ko6 ce qaxa crpauxy. 


FjiaroJiCKH npHJiorii ca/^. h npel). sp. 

91. Osa ce raaroacna ^opiua h y XpsaTaspi^io 
pe^RO MeHA no naA^^^^^^ R^o npH^esii: u esAu na 
eAaey niea cudeheea IIhct. 42, yuunu ce rydi syn 
U3 ue6a Kauo dyxa uaeJioea np o x o d e h a IIhct. 69^ 
— 3a TO ioH ocTaBaflRfb OBO HMe K06 idH 3HaHH ad- 
verbium. Ona ce ^ocTa necTO Ha^iaaH ca CTapHMi> 
e na Kpaio mccto u\ aa Bp. ca^aiuH-L: npufohe PauB. 
32, o/cueyhe IIhct. 9, ujnutohe 35, Kynehe 5, odeoeapato^ 
he 3, 18 (oh odeoeapaiohe HhUM pene)^ 6AaeocAueAHio^ 
he 90 (eoeopatue d^aaocAueaHiohe 6oea); — aa Bp. 
iipe^aiiiH^: craetue IIhct. 18 {craeme us daAeuaysdeu^ 
auyme eJiac)^ nocraetue 41, eudueme 42 (euduetae yue- 
Hui^u TO, paacpdutue ce)^ 53, QS, 14 (ny creap eudue- 
me Ilerap^ nade na KOJiuna), loi, uanyuueme 48, o<)- 
aoeopuetue 4E (odeoeopueme ilerap peue), 18, ocra- 
eueme 74^ oreopueme 58, o4, 70, loi {oreopuetue ycra 
ceoH yname uux eoeopehu)^ npucrynueme 43 (npucry- 
nueme Wda k Hcycy pene n whMy)^ 44, 48, 65, yxu^ 
Tueme 79, ynuHuetue 5 7, noKapaeme 50, cAutuaeme 42, 
He xaneme 83, nocAaeuie 83. 

A.1H 6 u iouiTi 4emhe: aa sp. caAauiHiv: uudyhu 
H ntohu IIhct, 99 (yiduchi i pyuchi), epedyhu 9, crp^ 
eyhu 30, eudehu 32, 44, 5 7, cudehu 40, oicueehu 25, 15, 
Jtcueyhu 22, dpoicehu 83, 6oehu ce 30, cnehu 42, eoeo^ 
pehu 18, 24, 68, 69, npocehu 13, uocehu ^15, snafohu ik, 
uepatohu 94, urahyhu 9, 74, nAauyhu 64, nacAudytohu 
10; — aa Bp. npe^auiH'li: ysdeueuyemu IIhct. 109, «»-* 
duemu 66, ocraeueueu 65, 82, nonapaetuu 50, CKyxaemu 
25, cAumaemu 95, nocAuemu 94, npudaewu 43. 

91s. y KOHxi} ce r.^aroaa ocHOBa, na koio ce na- 
CTaB.iH HacTaBaKii 7/^t/, CBpmye na cyraacHO ciobo, 
OHH no CTapome npaBH.iy, Koe cy h Cp6H HMaaH a 
r^eniTO h ca^ii HMaio, npe^i* nacTaBKOMii tuu neMaio 
e, a no tomI} hh a npeA'b hbrmci*: epeme IIhct. 43» 

odepeme 67, odepeuiu 5, peutuu 4i, 42, 46, XeRT. 55, 



66, 61, Jlys^> 11, 90, noTenmu IIhct. 25, 11, 18, noreK' 
me 61, npuTenme \o^y o6yKiau 50, cet/KmuAyi\, 3, eAUS' 
me IIhct. 47 (vulizsce), eAusmu s, 9, 18 (ulizsci), /7ad- 
mu 9, 17> 3l, 61, 83, nadme 6i, 86, onadmu Ayi\: I6» 
ceituu XeKT. 6i, domadme IIhct. 7l, domadmu XewT. 
83, Ayu,. 3, odumadme TIhct. 49, uamadme tos, namad- 
mu 90, uaamadme 7i, 19 (H3auiaTiiie), lol, uaamadmu 
43, 91, o6umadme 69, nomadme 62, 65, 69, 81^ nomad- 
mu 24, npumadme 75, npumadmu s,Mujnomadme 5o,(*) 
pasnaumu 6i, nponaume 47, noHautuu 3i, 89, nonajn- 
me 50, HMwe 13, 8i {Hcyc rada Hjnme ea 3a pyKy^ya- 
deueny ea), eaaajnme 4i, 41, 7 7, easajnmu ii, 3i, 32, 
3l, 14, noHMVie 58, nonjnmu 46, npuHjnmu 14, CHajnme 
48, 51 (^cuajnme ea saeu ea nAaTuo^)*{^*) — y r.ia- 
ro.iia Kao -niTO cy yjnperu^ paadperu^ nocTperu. cep- 
luye ce ocHOBa na p , Koe e y HeKHMi> iipoMeHaMa 
(h. n. yjnpAa) caMorjiacHo. a y HeKHM-b (h. n. yjnpe) 
cyr^aCHO. y r.iarOiiCKOMi> npn^iory npel). sp. oho « 
y XpsaTa wao h y Cp6a caiworjiacHo, no TOMenXp- 
saTH HMaio Kao h CpSn e npe/ii'b mu : yjnpemu IIhct. 
107, pasdpemu 21; ajiH ce najiaan h ^es^ ei pro- 
starsci IIhct. 59, 92, ano ce os/^e a ne HHTa OH^a mh- 
c««HM7> ^a HH6 Ao6po (Kao lUTO He Cu 6biao a^^^P^ 
Hytuu iwecTO nyeviu)^ ano .«h ce a HHTa OH^a « ^ cy- 
rjiacHO H ca CBHM'b e Ao6po Kao pacnaumu. — y 
XcKTopeBufia HMa h domaemu 3i. 

DpH^osH ce OBH Haaaae h Ceaii «tfti Kao y Cp- 
6a: eudue IIhct. 5, odaoeopue lo, 19^ 12, 5i, deueny e 
Ayi\. 98, eeuepae Xcrt. 6i; — a no tomc h : domad 
^ef£T. 33, 58, io4, •lyiv 106, 109, nomad XeKT. 32, 
U3uamad AyUi^ 74, easaM XeKT. 39, pacnau Ayu,, 102, 
noHan Xckt. .69, Ayij,. 73,105. — yXeKTopesHha HMa 
H nomae 53, namae 56. 

93. O^-b eoperu (y XpnaTa eopuru) Ha.ta3H ce 

OBaii qpiijiorb ca^* ^p- cay npe^i* Aw .• eo'pyhu Hhct. 

(^) I. Panb'B y Uoyn, 1, 25 Hina yaiajj^iUH, cauiil^^iUH. 
(^^) TaKO BMa H. q. h Kannbi^ ; ysajrtmu Paaroa. 2I. 


19^ TaRO y IIhct. HNa h eudyhe 49; OBaiJd JtyqHK'b 
HMa Hd e^HORTb MecTy mr mecTO h : eopymra 5, aan 
My 6 oSH^Hie eopehu io4. 

94. J^ rjiar. npnji. ca/^. sp. fi Ha Kpaio spiAb ce 
pe/^KO HSOCraB^ifl: npamrawh Xckt. 4o, a?rM 51', JfyBj. 
26, 69» jnneh Ayu,* 56> 97. 

95. Bpao 6 pe/^ani} oBau npHjiorfe o^'b rjiarojia 
cjBpiueHHXi>: norepdehu h noKaa/cyhu Bhho;^. 460, cao- 
dodna ynuHU camoea ce6e c au ay K e c npuok^a IIhct. 
47 (Map. 15> 30), noUde eopamu noreoicehu ce e 
epad ofcyduUcKU 3, cAumeku 9, enurafohe 9, odufoh 
Ay Iff. 68. 

96. flpHJiosH Kao xoTe XeKT. 34^ nye 69, edeope 
73, Aeofee Ayii* 9S, e^edae z\, cKOHuae XeKT. eo, no^ 
3upa6 Ayr^. 11. nojnutuAHe 64, r/z^raff PaRB. 34, — peA- 
KH cy H y XpsaTa, a noanaTO e ^a ce Hdi)i^3e h y 
CTapHxi» ^y6poBMaHa. 

rjiarOiACKiH npH^eBi) npsuK. 

97. rjiaro^icKiii npH^esii npsuH (panic, praet. act.) 
o^'b r./iaroJia koh npe/^is nacTaBKOMi) tu HMaio na- 
CTaBaKi) ti, Ha.ia3H ce y MyuiKonfB po^y y Hbbbh- 
lueBHha Ceais »{ na Rpaio: naKo com ce HayHU*neTU 
20, da caM e o e o p u 20, naKo cu y hu hu 21. — Oaa- 
KO 6 H y Jlyi^Hha mo a I6 y cjiHKy. 

FjiarojiCKiJi npiiAeBi> /tpyriii. 

98. rjiarciCKiH npH^eB-b ^pyrift' (partic. praet, 
pass.) oA'b rjiarojia ci» nacTaBKOMii uy npe^i* tu, y 
XpBBTa ce najiasH cb nacTaBROMit CHy npe^i^ rohmii 
ce y o^ii Hy HSOCTaBjia: nojnaKuen Bhho^. 138^ i4o, 
339 (lUTO 6 Ha nocAB^w^wb MecTy npeiuTan^iiaHO 
npomaknjen'*, mhc/ihmi} ^a 6 norpeuiRa); — no tom1> 
6 H r.Aaro.ACKa caMocTaaHa pe^B: ocTaneuu BHHOf'i. 30^* 

99. 3a rjiarojiB uahu oaafi ce npH^^Bi* HaJiasH 
04i> mad (oAa uiTa 6 h npabifi rjiarojiCKiii npH^ei^'ii 
Hamaojy cb HacTaBKOMi> r, npe/^B kohmb ce d npe- 
TBapa y c : nataacT IIhct. 25 (uaeu6aA 6ume u h a^ 


macT e, Jtyn. 15, 24), 42, 8o^ 9o, Koe HMaio r^euiTO 
H Cpfiu: uamacT A. KaHuhi), Kopa6. 14*7, A. MH^e- 
TH^ii^ noH. caoB. 129; — no tomi* 6 h rjiarojiCKa ca- 
MOCTasna pe^B npumacr-k Hhct. 4. — •lyi^Hh'b HMa 
uauatuTeH 43. 

100. FjiarojiH cb HacTaBKOMi* % (koa e y Xpea- 
Ta u) npe^i) ruy HacTaB.Aflio y obomis npH^eBy no 
CTapoMi) npaBHjiy HacxaBaKi) » na obo u : eudun IIhct. 
23 (o(ydo6HO ecT cpt^e HAoeuni uueuaeuduno) 87, 
114, otceAUH IIhct. 9», 115, 84 (dparuo moh npudpaea 
u npuQfcejiuHa)'^ — no TOWb 6 h raarojicKa caMOcra- 
BHa peHB : euduuue IIhct. 12, 21, 33, 44, 51, 58^ 70 
(MJiadt^u eamu he euduru eu d u uH a /^. anoCT. 2, 11), 
ofcueuniie XeKT. 29, 54, 90^ \oz, Ayi\.^^^TpnuHue Ajti^. 
11, ofCPAUHue IIhct. 110, Ayi^. 101, nootce^uuue IIhct. 
13, 5, ffMUHtie 93, XeKT. 29, 58, 90, pasyMUHue IIhct. 

2, 6dUHUe 16, 92^ HBaHHUl. Z\, XOTUHUe XeKT. 102, 

Ayj\, 43, 54, noxoTUHue IIhct. 6. — A Ha.ia3H ce Kao 
uiTO 6 H y Cp6a: ycrpuxbHue IIhct. 7 8, 83, oicueA^'- 
nUe XeKT. 53, 57, 90, 92, 101. 

ByAy^c Bpewe. 

101. y XpBaTa e Sy^yhe Bpeme 

a) H.»H oHaKO Kao uito e y Cp6a: y c t a r u x O' 
hyunouTU hy k 0Tti,y MOMy u pehu hy IIhct. 
25 (-^yK. 15, 18); 6uTu he rada crauoeuTo otca^ocT 
eeJtuua, na hu 6uAa od nona^a ceuTa^ hu g cada^ hu 
Af 6uTU 85 (MaT. 24, 12); npocure u npunru 
here 33 (Iob. 9, ^\\ cMpr here eocnoduuw h a e u- 
mheearu 51 (1 Kop. 11, 2g); ne eucre y ko epuMe 
CUH HAoeuHacKU npuTU xohe 102 (MaT. 24, 44); 
TKO e OH^ Ku he usdaru rede 7 (Iob* 21, 20). 

6) H.AH 6 ca^* Bp. cBpiueuHxi* rjiarojia h 6yAy- 
he: paapymure rejunaA oeu^ u e rpu duu ua ctoho- 
eut^e eadeueuy niea IIhct. 32 (Iob. 2, 19); ceanu 

KU HUHU 3AO^ OH TU He HGude C OUT AOCT 10 {\OB, 3, 20); 

Ka eodu saeeotceTe na aeMAhu ona 6ydy aaeeaana u 


na He6y^ u na eodu odputuure ua acMAhu oua 6ydy 
odpumeua u na He6u 2 7 (Mbt. i8^ is); Mapua e uau' 
6oJihu duA odpa^a^ ku ce ne o d h e jn e od ni uuedape 
94 (AyK. 10, 42). 

b) HjiH TA9iTOJVb y Heo^pe^eHOMi} HaHHHy ca CBp- 
uieHHM'b ca^aiuHBHMii BpeMenoMii rjiarojia 6utu: 6 y- 
de ce 3 earn cuu 6ooic{iu IIhct. 3 (-/lyR* i? 35); Jiw- 
6uTU 6yd eta ucKpuiea reoaa a ueuaeuduTU 
6 y d e tu uenpuHTeJia reoea 15 (MaT. 5^ 43); hutko ne 
MUUTU 6yde da ce xeacrajn 13 (2 Kop. 12, 6). 

r) HjiH rjiaroai} y Heo/^peJ^eHOMB HanHHy ca 
ca^aiuHBHMii BpeMeHOAfb r.Aarojia ujnaruf 6duTe, aan 
He snare e ko epuMe eocnodun earn ujna npuru. 
^ OHO auaUTe da ano 6u aua^ orat^ od o^utuau e no 
epuMe Ayneotc u m a npuTUy 6duo 6u ee^e do6po 
IIhct. 102 (MaT. 24, 42); Mopere au nuru namy ny h 
uMaM nuTU 23 (MaT. 20, 22); koa ujnafo npuru 
61 (loB. 16, 13); ujta fiAaruT Bhho/^. 123. 

Bp«io HecTO paajiHHHH obh naMHUH cToe e^aHii 
yai} ^pyriH: oh he 6nTU ecAUK^ u cuh npueutuHhu 
a earn ce 6yde IIhct. 3 {Ayn, 1, 32); — do jnaAo 
u He 6yd ere euduru jnene^ u oner do moao e U" 
dure jnene 66 (Iob. 16, 17); — saAux sao n o e y 6 u, 
a euHoepad x o h e h a h t u uhum reotcanoM , ku My 
6ydydoxodaK daearu na epuMena ceoH 24(MaT. 2t^4i). 

OBano 6y^yhe Bpeme ca 6ydeM Bp^AO e secTO 
H OH/^a H^Lf^'b ceyCp6a saNenioe caAaiuHBHMi» speM. 
CBpineuHxi) raarojia: nada 6 y d e t e euduru oea da 
ce Hune, auaure da 6Auay ecr npaA'iecTso 6oa9C% IIhct. 
to (JlyR. 21, 31); da ceaKU uoilu eu p o e a ru 6yde 
ynh He noeuue^ da 6yde ujnaru atcueor euHHhu IIhct. 
10 (Iob. 3, 16). A Ha./ia3H ce h ohbro Kao iuto e y 
Cp6a: KU 6yde eupoearu u upcru c e^ cnacen 6yde^ 
a KU He yseupye, y ucruny ocydur ce IIhct. 68 
(Map. 16^ 16). 



102. 3-he jiHi;e sanoBeAHO aameHioece y XpBa- 
Ta 2*riiM'b , K06 H y Cp6a fiuBa., ajiH pe^Ko; ceauu. 
HAoeuK 6 y d u 6p3 ua cAumanue a Kacan ua eoeope^ 
Hi&e IIhct. 67 (Hk. 1, 19); ne cjnyru cecprt^e sa- 
me^ HU ce cTpaviu \o'\ (Iob. i4^ 2*7); npomnb emue 
no 3 H au T e ce npud 6oeoM 2 (<I>hjih6. 4, e); ceana 
dpaea ce h a ny hu u ceaha eopa u epmau ce nonu- 
otc u ^ {Ayn, 3, 5); 6 y dure 6ov,u eamu npunacanu 

102 (JlyK. 12, 35). 

103. 3anoBeAHO ce HajiasH h 0^% r.Aarojia xre^ 
TU: (nao B y Cp6cRHikii> cTapHMi> RUBHraMa) h to 
oaaRO Kao juto ra HMaio rjiaro.AH roh H^y y e^ani) 
p^^i> ca paayjneTUi ne x o t uHt e aearu nnCT. 22 
(I^aT. tk3» »), He XTUfStre ce 6ortu 5 (AyR. 2, 10), 
«^, X T u ikre ocyeearu u ne Sydere ocyenu 73 (JlyR, 
6, 3.i), He X T ua da re 3J10 do6ydey da tu do6ydu 
dfidpoTOM 3Jiody 10 (Phm. 12, 21), He xtuu sehe ca- 
epumeearu 31 (Iob. 8, 11), xtuH Xcrt. 58, — H o/^i* 
Mohu najiasH ce sanoBeAHO: ne mosu oh Henucru 
dyx eehe Hanacroearu IIhct. 87; — meCTO ne jnosu 
na^asH ce h nejuoii Rao iuto e h y Cp6a: hcmoU' 
T e ce CTpaiuuTU IIhct. 28 (2 Mofic. 20, 20), h e m o u- 
re cyduTuu ne here 6utu cyenu IIhct. 73 (JlyR. 6, 37). 

Wk. IIpeMa CpScROMe eu^(u) y XpnaTa 6 euu: 
euu pyne jnoe IIhct. 66 (Iob. 20, 27), ny euu Kano 
ea AtodAHuie 36 (Iob. 11, 36), euujno (videamus) 5, 
eu&re (videte) 1, 85, raRo h noeuu Ayu,. 58, sa- 
noeu^ IIhct. 45; upeMa Cp6cROMe ei^fu) Hiwa y Xpsa- 
Ta: noiiuuTe IIhct. 52. 


105. B. C. Kapai;rHh'i» robi. i» nHiiie ^a HaMHHi> 
ueoAp^^eHbifi (infinit.) XpBaTH roa'^ cbhh) r^aroaa 
roBope Seal) u Ha Rpaio: nucar^ mojiut, eyh. Tora y 
RHBHraMa ueMa, Hero 6 RaoHyCp6a: nAanaru n»CT. 
47, d^aaoearu 25, xeaAuru , cAaeuTU 82, cxpauuru 
Bhhoa. 11, TiAaTUTU 74, nouTu 134. BesB u y khbh- 


raMa 6 onaRo pe^RO Kao h y Cp6a: FMarur B^iboa* 
199^ nottr X^RT. 9 2. 


106. IUto Maa&ypaHHh'b y Koay 3, 89 noMHHK 
6uH (=6um)^ 6um^ 6umo^ 6uTe^ 3a to HMdMis caMo OBe 
npHMepe: da 6um euduA Bbho^. 4^3, xotua Sum 
ApR. 1, 205. Hna^ie caMB CBy^a Ha.^a3Ho OHano Rao 
uiTO 6 y Cp6a : oko 6ucTe 6uau od ceura oeo^ 
ea^^eeuT 6u Jifo6uo oho na e nieoeo IIhct. 98 (Iob. 
15, f9); — auo 6ux ue 6uo domaJi u auo 6ux Hum 
ue e o e o p UJij epuxa ue 6u u jt u au 99 (Iob. i 5, 22). 

^BOHuay rjiarojia. 

107. Hh) caMB najiasHO caMO y XeRTopesHbe- 
BHMi> necMaMa, h to camo y csL^auinhwb BpeMeny 
rjiarojia Suru (esse): 

^Ba MH CTa(^) CHponaxa Ajro spnne Apyrosaja, 
vIhbo th era Apjroaa^a, h Jinno ee Aparosaja. 4l. 
l^epe era ^ea BOHbHi^a mhofo .ihdo pasAB.iHJia. 47. 
4Ba MH era Hpa^i'bBHba^ Asa hh cr/? Kpaa'bBHfca^ 
4Ba MH era KpajiiRuha o^ 6oHRa ne Ao6er.ia, 
A.IH era y6HeHa, nra (^^) sKHsa o^BeAeHa? 
Hhcj th y6H6ua, ^a hhcj th y6HeHay 
Hhcj th y6HeHa, ^a xcHea mh era oAseAensL, 
^BBa era oAeeAeHaic i^apy IIa83HTy ua nopvy 52. 

Hat OBora ce caera Mome BH^eTH ^a cy Hafi- 
raaBHie paa^Hue HSMet^y Cp^cKora h XpaaTCRorb 
esHKa oBB xpu: 

1. IUTO Cp6H HMaio rjiacb ^ a XpaaTH ra HeMaio 
Hero MecTO irKra u (b. § 35 — 38); 

(^) BesT* ejMH'b obo Tpe6a oeaKo quTaTH, a ne Jiu- 
CTa^ Kao lUTo ctoh y HOeoiue 'SaAapcROMi* HdAauio. 

(^"^j Ha 06a oBa MecTa y uoeoMe 3aAapcKOM'b H^^a- 
HH) CTOH mra, Roe e o«ieBUAua norpeiuBa. 


2. uiTO Cp6H raacb ti koh y nacTasKy ud no- 
crae o^i) u cb r^acoBHMa H3a rohxI} Aot)e npeJH- 
Baio y Apyre, a XpBaxH ne (b. § 31); 

3. lUTo Cp6H rjiac'b a na Kpaio cjiora npeTsa* 
paio y o, a XpsaTH we (r § 27); — obo e xpoe h 
noTpe6HO h ^obojibho ^a ce Mome HafinoysAaaie 
paaasHaTH e aia iuto nucaHo Cp6cKH hau XpsaTCRA. 

^a 6u UITO KopHCTH o/^i) OBora HaanRa 6faao 
H OEHMi} Cp6HMa ROH HB MHTaio pa^o OBaRo cyxo- 

napHHX'b CTBapH, eBO HeROt^HRO BpCTa HSI) RHBHre, 

ROH 6 nHcana XpBaTCRHMi} esHROarb Haii4aCTiHMi» h3- 
Aie^y CBiio ApyrHXT> Roe Hmaxi) npe^'b coComii hh- 
luyhH oBaii HjiaHaRi>. 

IlHCTyae 19. Iob. 5. (*) 

1. fiHiue Aaa 6.«arAaaa xsyAB^CKora ^ h esHAe Hcjc 
B 6pycaaeM. 2. A ecT b GpyaojBMj .lOKBa, Ka ce aose asy- 
ABficKB BeTcaHAd 9 a to ecT Ka^H ce oBi;e aa DOCBeTH- 
•iHinhe nepHXj , n obojo ce6e dct npHCTpHiiiaR uMuaie. 
3. H b HbHX JieHsauie seaBKO mhohstbo neHofeBHROs^ cwIh- 
nai;, xpoMBx B cycBX, kb qenaxy ranyT'fe BO/^e. 4. AhUba 
xa/ia fioscBuno BpflMenv cxofline b ^orbj b cMjfeeBaiue BO^y* 
H KB RaanpBa c^Bafline b jiobbj no CMybeBfiy BO^e , 3ApaB 
6yfl^nvae, o^ kb toab BeMo&B HeMofean 6Bme. 5. A 6Biue 


BeMO&B CBoioif. 6. OBora xaKO brab Hej'C ^esKeha, h no- 
3Ba Ad Be.iBRo BpBMe 6Bine bmbj b neMohB cboIoA, peqe 

(*) y opBFBBajy e oa'& o^oaa ao cjoaa osaRo: 

1. Bisce dan blagdana xudiyschog^a^ i vzide Issus v 
Yerusalem. 2. 4 jest v Yeruzolimu loqua, cha se zone xu- 
diyschi Betsaida , a to yest chadi se of9e za posueti- 
lischie perihu , i ocholo sebe pet pristriseaeh imisce. 3. 
I V g^nih lexasce veliko muoxtuo nemochnichof , slipa99 
hromih i susih^ chij cechachu g^anutye vode. 4. Anyel ta- 
da Boxji po vrimenu shoyasce v lochuu i smuchieuasce 
vodu, I chij naypria slizisee v loquu po smuchenyu vo- 
de^ zdraf budisce, od ke gcodi nemoehi nemochian bijsce. 
5. A bijsce niki ciouik onde trideset i ossam godisch imiyuki 
V nemokt suoyoy. 6. Ouogca kako vidi Issus lexechi , i 
pozna da velicho vrime bisce imil v nemoehi suoyoy, rece 


H^My : xoheui .ih fl,a 6yji^eui a^pas? i. OAroBopa iiy ne- 
MohHRK : rocnoAHHe, qjosHKa HHHaM kh 6n me nocTasH^ 
B aoRsy oH^a KdAa ce cmjth eo^a. 6pe fl,OKAe n npHAy, 
HHR npfl MGHe B Hio C4H3J. 8« Pe4e H'bMy Hcyc : jCTaHH 
ce, H Ba3MB nocre.iio tboio> h xo^^h. 9. H ry^-b SApas 6b 
M^OBBK^ B Ba3e 000X6410 cBOfo, H xofline. A 6BUie cy6oTa 
B OHH A^H' 1^* ^ roBopaxy ^y^HHR oRony kr sApas 6r- 
uie yqau^H: cy6oTa ecx a^b^^^^ h6 apBCToiiRce Te6H BsexH 
nocTejiK) TBOio. 1 1. A OH HbBM oAFOBopH: KB 6 ueBC SApasa 
yqBHB4, OH MH 6 peKaa: BasMB nocTejiio tboh) b xoab. it. 
H BaHTame u-bra: tko e oh qjioBBB, rh th e peKa.i: Bas- 
MB nocreAW tboio h xoah? 13. A ob, kh 6uuje oaApaBJi'bH, 
He 3Haine tko 6Hiiie. Hcyc xaAa yR^oHB ce oa MH02KTBa, 
Ko ce 6fluje CKynR^o osAe. i4. IIo tom Tora uafiA^ ^^ 
Hcyc B Tenn^y, b pene H'bHy: ero cb yqBH'ba 3ApaB, lOpe 
HexTHJiBefee carpHUDBTB, a^ I'm i^ui rope hhh ue npHAe. 
15. H noHAe OH 440BHK B HaBBCTH ^yAueM A^ Hcyc 6h- 
uie, KB sApasa u'fera ecT yqauH^. 

§;iiieinu: hoekiesciida budesc zdraf? i. Odg^ouorimu ne- 
mochnich: gospodine, elouicha nimam chi bi me postauif 

V loquu onda chada se smuti voda. Yere dochle ya pridu, 
ini pri niene v gniu slizu. 8. Rece g^niemu Issus: ustani 
se^ i vazmi posteg^iin tiioyu^ i hodi. 9. 1 tudye zdraf bi 
clouich, i vaze posteg^liu Buoyu, i hoyasce. A bisce subota 

V oni dan. lo. I g^ouorahu xudiyi onomu chi zdraf bisce 
vcigrnien : subotta yest danas , ne pristoyi se tebi vzeti 
postegliu - tuoyu. ii. A on g'nim odg'ouori: chi ye mene 
zdraua vcinil , on mi ye rekal: vazmi postegliu tuoyu, i 
hodi. zz. I vpitasce g^nieg'a : tcho ye on clouich, ki ti ye 
rekal: vazmi postegliu tuoyu i hodi? 13. A ouf^ ki bisce 
ozdraufglien, ne znasce tcho bisce. Issus tada vchloni se 
od mnoxtua ^ cho se bisce sciipilo onde. 14. Po tom to- 
ga nayde ga Issus v templu, i rece gniemu: eto si vci- 
g'nien zdraf, yure ne htiy vechie sag'risciti , da ti yosc §^ore 
nic ne pride. 15. I poyde on cluouioh i nauisti xudiem da 
Issus bisce , chij zdraua gnieg^a yest vcinil. 






Hanucao Ap'b HuKOJia Rpcruh'b pedoenuH uAam APH' 
uirea Cp6cKe CJioeecHocTu^ npoffiecop'b npaea npu Jiu- 

t^eto iCuHotcecTea Cp6ie, 

HaciOBii MOH pasMaTpaHfl npoMeHio caM& aa- 
TO naHBHuiej uito hctuh HacaoBi> neo^roeapa bh- 
lue HHMat^o caMO]iii> caAp»&aio oBfa moh paaMaTpaHfl. 
IIpBa MOfl paBMarpaHfl ne^aTana y FjiacHHKy VI. 
Morao canib ci> npaBoin'b ^FasMaTpaubMa o ^yuia- 


^a by HCTHMi) pasMaTpaHKina oBaKo npocTpaHi* 
o6HM'i> /^aTH. y FjiacHHKy YII. na^nHCb ,,Pa3MaTpa- 
Hfl o ^yiuaHOBOiH) aanonHKy^^ Betii> nie o^roBapao 
Ha^aexcROMii H340«eH0M'b Tamo npe^Mery; epi* ce 
Tamo Behiir ^yuianoBi) aaKOHHK'b ynope^ye Cb ocTa- 
jiiiLWh H3BopHMa CTapori* cp5cKori> apaBa; h afiori* 
OBe Hecab^CTBeROCTH H3Me^y HacjioBa HcaMori> no^ii 
HacjioBOMi} H3JioaKeHor'b npe^^Mexa a caMB ce xpy- 

4io H3BHHHTH. ^a CaMB H OBC rO^Hlie HCTiaif HaCJlOB'b 

3a;(pmao, Suo 6vi RpaiiHk necjib^CTBeH'b, nocraBBB- 
lUH no HacjioBy 3a ochobb moh pa3MaTpaHfl ^yma- 
HOBi> 3aKOHHK'b, a OBdMO caMB npeA^^TB H3jia»&y- 
hu H pa3flCHflBaiohH naBo^HMa, i^pnji^HHMa hsi* cp6- 
CKH nHCMeHu cnoMeHHKa, koh cynjiH MHoronpeH^H 
MBoro ^^OL^Hisnocjie /l^yiuaHOBorb 3aKORHKa nocTa.ffM. 
/I^a caMB opBUMi) MOHMB pa3MaTpaHBMa Behi) ya-b 
4yiuaHOBi> 3aKOHHK'B nocTdBio 3a ocHOBi) H ocra- 

Ae cp6cRe Hseope, 6ao 6bi uena nHTanfl o 'hoah- 

THHHOMi, cTank) cp6cKif ^pmaBAHHSL iiCHie Haaomio, 

Hero lUTO caMB to ynMHio na ocHOBy /J^yuiaHOBorb 

saKOHHKa. Obojihko caMB CMarpaoaa Ay^KHocTJb cbo- 

ra HSBHHeHfl pa/^H HaBecxH saTO, iuto caMB npo/i^y- 

meHHM'B MOHM'B pasMaTpaHBMa J ^aBiuH iifM'b Apy~ 

riH ocHOB'B ^ H Apyrifi npe^meTy cxoahih HacjiOBi> 






Bjia/^aTe.«BCKa npasa, koh cy cp6cKH KpajilbBH 
H i^apeBH y cp6cROH ^pataBH HMajiH, hsjiohcio caMB 
Ha ocHOBy MeHH noaHaTBi H3Bopa y FjacHHKy VII. 
H THMe Ha HeKiii HaMHH'B o/^roBopio caMB Ha npBo 
3HaTHO y ApHfiaBHOM'B npany nHTanb: kg 6 HMao npa- 
BO Bja^a^aHfl h ynpaBaaHH? Haik hctof'b cacTasa yBH- 
^a ce 4a 6 cp6cKa ^^pncaBa uMajia bhai> orpaHHse- 
ne Monapxie. y Koiou 6 B.ia/^aTe.AB BehBHOMi) no npa- 
By Hac^^/^CTBa Ao.Aa3io na npecTOJiis, a Haca^^Hsao 
6 CBaKa^i} HaiicTapiH eaa/^aTe.^bB'B chhii. yna^a ce 
/^aAh HSb HCTorii cacTasa js,Si e HaHBHuiy ynpaB^^a- 
lohy H cy^eiiCKy BJiacTB HMao BjiaASTejiB y cbohmi> 
pynaMa, ^a e ohI) HHHOBHHKe nocTasjiAO, koh cy 6bi- 
jiH o^BesdHH nKroBe aanoBecTH HSBpinaBaTH, epi* kg 
KHBHry i^apesy — aanoBJ^CTB — uie Hcnynio , CMa- 
TpaHi> 6 3a i^apeBorb npecTynnHKa, h SuBao e cxpo- 
ro KaaHbHis. 


HeorpaHH*ieHe bojiK Bjia^aTeji^Be. 3a r/^HRoe aa* 
Kone HCTHHa bcjih ce ^a cy no i^apeBoii 3auoBecTH 
nocTaaa, aAH i^apesa sanoBecTB caMo e oR^a GtnAa 
saROH'by HaA'b 6 HaA*^e»(Ho H3/^aTa ^ujih. Ifpn Hs^a- 
eaHfo aaKOHa CBaKaAi> ce cpficKiH Baa^aTeaB c./iy»io 

ca6opuMa , y ROHMa CKynji\iH^ cseTCKK h i^pRseflH 
B^acTeaH (bh/^k FjiacHHK'b VI. cxp. 107 — 115; h Vasl- 
CHHR'b VII. CTp. 59) 40H0CHJIH cy ^OTHHHe aeiwa.iB- 
CRe saROue. npH aeMa^BCROH ynpaen Bjia^aTejiBH 
ey npHHy^enii 6fajiH cayHCHTH ce HHHOBHHi^HMa, roh 
cy B^iaA^TejiKBe sanosecTH H3BpiuifBajiH, HyoSmre 
GTapa^M ce o nope^Ry h 5e36e^\HocTH y scm^bh. 
BjiaASii'^*^^ ^ BpxoBHfiiM ynpaBHTea£> ^pmaBe 6bio, 

HHHOBHHJ^H 5bIJIH Cy Opy^d, ROa 6 npH n064HHUMT> 

MacTHMa aemaaBCRe ynpase Baa^^TejiB ynoTpe6.;iA- 
Bao, H ROH cy My ua pyii(H gujiH, ;^a ce ^pxcaBHa Ma- 
uiHua y pe/^OBHOMT> RpeTanio Seai* HRdRBor'b aa^p- 
aKaBaHA o^pwa. Ca6ope ;^aRjie h hhhobhhrc Mopa- 
Mo cMaTpaTH Rao opraue npH cpScRonfb ApAcaBHOMT> 
BjiaA^*^^ ^ ynpaBaflHio. Ca6opH cy motph.ih ^a ce 


Ma ue^OHecy HURaRBH npoTHBnpaBHH saROHH, h ^a 
ce o^pHce npaBa h noB^/iacTHi^e, Roe cy iioe^i^HHe R^a- 
ce cp6cRif ^pmaB^HRa ymusaae. Hhhobhhi^h naRi* 
H3BpiuaBaaH cy sanosecTK B.AaAaTejiH h /^ysRHH cy 
6uaH HCnyHHTH cse iuto e saROHHMa npe^i^nHcaHO 
6biao; HHHOBHH^H 6hijiA cy, Rao H ^aHacb IUTO cy, 
OA* nacTH noRpcTHa CHjia, rqh 6 nejiy ^pmaBHy wa- 
uiHHy y RperaH^t ^o^o fl^viJi2L\ o/^i> nacTH cy ohh 5iii- 
Jin came cacTaBHe nacTH tc ^pmaBHe MaiuHHe. Fo- 
BopehH ^aRjie o cpficROMi) ^pmaBHOMB CTpoio, nysR- 
^HO 6 onpe^KjiHTH no40maH roh cy y ^pmaBHOM'b cp6- 


ma^H; H onpe^ejiHTH, ro^hro 6 Moryhe yujiViB-b, roh 
cy ca5opH na aaROHo^aBny BaacTB HMaaH, h Rpyri> 


Hie MH Hym^HO ^ORasHBaTH^ ^a ./ih e, h ro.ahro 
BaatHO^ ^a ce niTO acnie HcnuTa, hsjiosrh h paaa- 
CHH Her^aiuHBiJi cpScnin ^pacaBHuii aRHBOTi*. A caMB 
BehB e^HOMit ner^H penao ^^^a mh HCTOpiio Haiuer-B 
Hapo^a AOH;^e HeheMo a^bojibho nosHaBaxH, a^kt* 
ro^'b He5yA6 paacBCT^^HB Haiui> iipaBHUH nerAam- 


HBIH HCHBOTl>. 3a npaSHblH naR'b SKHBOTli e^HOrb HB- 

po/^a HaHBehy .saHfiHocTB HMa ApataeHo ycTpoftcTBO; 
y KOMB ce Haaase ochobh nocToaBiuH y ^pmaBH 

yCTBHOBa, K06 MOpaMO CMaxpaTH 3a »€HBJl^, fl31> ROH 

ce cse^ lUToey Hapo^y A^Spo h 340 Cujio, pasBH^o. 
ysMHMo canio ua yMB, KaKO e pa3JiH*iHo ^^a^lh^ /^p- 
HsasHe B^acTH y MOHapxia , apHCTOKpai^iH h ^etno- 
Kpai^iu, y MOHapxiH orpaHHHeHOH h HeorpaHHHeHofi, 
RaKO cy pa3JiHHHe noRpexue CHJie y /^pmasH e^HoSi 

U Apyrofi, H pa3JIHHHH H3BOpH, HSls ROH CBaRB O^li 

HBH CBy CBOio Mohjb i^poH; na hemo CMecxa yBH^HXH 
RaRo BejiHRiii , npeBjiaAHbiH yn^HBi) y CBe ^ora^ae 
HeRori> iiapo^a HMa CTpoii /^pataBe. Be3i> no3uaBaHa 
^pmaBHOri> ' cxpoH HeheMo MohH ca3HaTH yspoRe mho- 
FH /^ora^aH, ueheMo MobH npoualiH asBope Hecpeha, 
RO6 cy Hapo/^B nocTHrae, h ro6 heMo norpeuiHO 


uiTo HCTe necpehe npBufi saneTaR'b. oeHOBT> h raa- 
BHUH cBoii HSBopi) HMaio y Manaina h ocRy^Hn^aMa 
ApmaBHon» CTpok. 

Be3'i> cyMH^, noe^HHa aHaxna aiii^ay roh y py- 
Rama HMaio /^pmasHy BaacTB, Mory Bpjio mhofo nyxa 
Z^aTH snaTaHB no4eTi> Hapo^HOMi* /^ejiaHio , Mory 
Hapo^i), ROH 6 y po5cTBy 5uo noHHaKeH'b , npo6y- 
/i^HBuiH y H'bMy Hapo^Hy cBecTB , ocjioSo^hth po6- 
CTBa, ^OBecTH ra y pe^^B nesaBHCHBi napo/^a^ HyHH- 
HHTH /^a H3Mel)y ocTajibi Hapo^a 3ay3Me v^octohho 
noaoHceHfe. /I^Khctbo OBaRBu SHaxHu noeARHBi aui^a 
66ihe y to^hro Behe , y ro^hro he HeorpauHMeHie 
pasnoaaraxH cb B^acxH, roio he y pyRaMa HMaxH. 
Ajih aRo ^pmaBHa ynpaBa ^yp^e ua hbh BHiue no^e- 
iA^ua, OH^a he acxHea y jj\,^m2imii fibixH BHiue rapan- 
1416 3a o^pH&aiili «iHHHe cjio6o^e cbbrofb noe^HHOrB, 
aaa OH^a camo y xomb caynaio MohH he /^p»caBa h 
napo/^B 3HaueHHxiH Hanpe^aKB ynnnHxH, aRO he cbh 
;^oxH«iHH, ROH he na ^patasHy ynpasy yn^Hsa HMa- 
XH, y cp;!^qy hochxh /^pa&asHBiH aanpe^aRBy aRO he 


npe/^% OHHMa HMaTH ,o6iuTe Ao6po, aKO lie opH o*5. 

lIITHM'b fl^-hAHma 3a6opaBJIflTH npffBBTHe CB06 KOpH" 

CTH, aKO he npK nocTHsaBaHio oSuiTa HHTepeca 
y aaSopaBii 6ai;aTH ahhub yBpe^e, Behi* aKO he ce 
ca CBaKHMi* cnoHBaTH , ^a ce o5TUTe i^Kjih nenpo- 
Maiue, aKO ko^is ^othmhu nehe 6biTH remnK aa npH- 
BaTHOM'b cjiaBOM'B H BjiacTH, aKO cpi^a HBiOBa Hehe 
6uTH noKBapeHanaKaeHOMiiaaBHCTH H ra^HHMii CBoe- 
jiio6i6M'B. Ako jiH he ohh, koh he na ^pHcaBHy ynpa- 
By ynjiHBa HMaxH , no^jiomeHH 6bith cnoMeflyTHM'b 
H ^pyrHMi) raAHHMi> nopoi^HMa, to he ohh CBoioMi* 
naKocTU npeiHTH CBaKiH hbhbih nanpe^aRii, Haii.ien- 
lue H naiiKopHCTHie ate-ib h Te»€Hi> noe^HHbi ^o6po- 
MHCjiehH JiHj;a HSi) npHBaTne Mp»Hh ocyehaBahe, 

HeHMaiohH ySBHUieHlH nOHHTlfl O ^pmaBHOM'b »CHBO- 

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H TemehH aa npHBaTHHnfb cbohm'b KopHCTHMa ynpo* 
nauihaaahe ofiuixe ^o6po, ocyehasahe oSuixe nhaH, 
yHHuiTasahe Hapo/^is h ^pmaBy. 3a /^oKaaii Hsao- 
»€eHora a 6m BHiue npHMepa Morao liaBecTH h3i> 
uaiue H CTpaae Hcropie; ho h to nehy ^a hhhhmij, 
epi) HHcaMB HayMaHii onHCHsaTH ^o6pe h 3jie CTpa- 
He Her^aiuHhr'b nauierb ^pmaBHorii ycTpoHCTsa; ae- 
ro HaBo^eha ^K.ia (facta) noKaaaTH: KaKBO e hcto 
ycTpoHCTBo 6biAO, Obo HeKa 6 o TOMe ;^ocTa , na 
hy 3aTO fl,a npeJ^eMii na caMi* npe^MeTi* moh paa- 
MaTpaHfl, H TO npBo na ca6ope. 

1. Ca^opHuif HaHHH'b caaeTOBaHH o o^uithmii, 
HapoAHHAfb /^JD^Hina o^Ti HaHCTapiH BpeMeaa caoif- 
cTBenrb 6 cBHMa CjiaaeHCKHM'B Hapo^^HMa , na tbko 
H Cp6HM^. HcTopifl noe^HHiu C^aaeHCKH napo/i^a to 
AOBOJiBHo cae^OHH. r. Mai;^ioBCKi£r y cboIoh hcto- 
piii CaaaeHCKH npdaa aaBO^H Kao neuiTo , ijito e 
oSniTe no3HaTO : ^a cy CnaaeHH pa^* pfeuiaaa- 
Hfl BamaiH npaBuiii nHTana ^o^asH^H Ha Beha e%ha 
(seyrny). ^CAaeenu^ Be-ia ohii na ^pyrowb itf^CTy 
nCKynAHAU cy CB y othu^hc CKynUiTUHiB , Ik ry ce ca 


CTapimuuaMa, kog cy cajnu aa ynpae^awh neuhum no" 
CAoeujna 6hipaAU^ caeiroeaAU o yHyTpamuhujifh ceo- 
ujm nocAoeujna". {^') Ho noAHTiiHue one cKyniuTHHe 
CTapu C^aeena Hesa^fl ciwaxpaTH sa ycTpoene na- 
po^He cafiope , m nap^aMenxe , Kao iuto ce Aa- 
Hacb na^ase y MHoruM'b ^psKaeaMa. ^pmaBHuif sch- 
BOTI3 KOAis C^aBena nie cKopo 6f>io padBiaHik 
y Bpemena, KaAi> cy cbh CaaBeHH y aae^HiiHH 3kh- 
BHAa^ a oB^e e roBopi> o HapoAHHMi> cKynuiTwuaMa 
obw 4peBHbi BpeMeiia. Mchh ee mhhh, ^a Her^aiu- 
nfi no^fiTHHHe CKyniiiTHHe HaiiiH iipaoTai^a ^ocTa' 
^odpo MomeMo yno^o6nTa caseTOBaHBivia nauiH 06- 


OBHiiii> o^uiTHHCKHMi) caBCTOBaHBiMa Hie cxporo onpe- 
fl,eA^HO , KO? 11 KoaHKO npaBO HMa npH pemaBaHio 
HCKH oSlutbi ^e^a? cbh n^auoBH o6inTHHe o6hhho 
Mory ^otiM Ha cKyniuTHHy , ajiH onexij SoraxiM, h 
anaTHin HjianOBH Hiviaio npecy/^Hwn yn^inBij y peiua- 
Banh oSriiTHHCKH y^ejia. Hh ko^b cxapw C^aBeHa Hie 
CTporo onpe^e^ hiHO Sbiao, ko hmh npaBO ^otiH y CKyri- 
uiTHHy, H r^acoBdHhM'b HMaxH yn.iHBa y peiuaBawk 
o6uiTH /\eaa. Ha crape cjiaBCHCKe CKynuiTHHe ^o- 
jiaaio 6 CBaKiH, koh e nena oSuira CBOHCTBa HMao. 
y oBOMB cMHcay H F. ManLioBcuH npe^cxaBafl HaM-B 
crape caaBencue ca5ope, roBopehn: ffa etha do^a- 
3UAU cy ceu HAauoeu uapoda , kou cy mosau opy- 
oHst HOCUTU , u Ty cy ce nob'b npedc^daeantjm «j- 
dpauoe'h HUHOBHUKa caeiroeaAU o odmreM'h do6py. 
Aau Kod'b sanapnaTCKU CAaeena npaeo npedchdaeauH 
Ma 3 emajih CHUM'S CKyntuTUHajna ujnaAu cy npuTHOtca- 
TSAhu nAodue^ u no tomc 6oeaTe 3eMA%y u oeu cy ce 
3eaAu eocnodapujfta Jtcyne^uAU o/cynaHUjna'' . C^***) 

(^) ,yficTopiH CaaeeHCKU npaea^ od^ /iP^- Bav^a^ 
ea Mat^iioecKoe'b, npeeeo ^p. HuKOAa KpcTuk'h y By^ 
duMy. 1856, §§. 3i. 37. It6. 

("*^*) y cooueHyToim A*«*y r. Mai^'bioBCKor'B §§. 3o, 16^* 



HapoAHe CRyniUTHHe, Koe cy CjiaBeHH hmb-iH) 
40ici> cy lOiinEa cbh y sae^HKHH skhbh.ih, sa^pmsLAH 
cy noeA^HB c^aBeHCKa njieMena h oh^b^ rb/^i> cy ce 
pasi^ennaa y BHuie HapoAa, h Ka^i* Behi* H3Mel)y 
noe^HHbi rpana caaBCHCKorb napo^a HHcy nocTOH- 


Ber^if cy Behnfa Her^H Mank 6^jie paBBieue^ aaa 
iii Ha.ia3HMo roa'^ cbiio c^aBeHCRn njieMena, rob cy 
cBoio HeaaBHCHocTB caMysajia. 

npe^a3ehH hb nocMBTpaHt^ crapbi cpCcRH ca* 
6opa^ SB Hym^Ho HBJiasHM'b cnomeHyTH, ^a moh paa- 
MarpBHfl HemeJiRM-b paanpocirpeTH hb BpeMe npe B^a- 
^aaA nopo^ifi^e HeMBHtiha. HcropiB ep6cRorB napo* 
AB npe HcMBHifha Bp^o 6 c;ia6o paacBexaliHa , hh 
iiaKr.AaBHi6 MoMCHTe y HCropiH OBdn> speMeHB ne- 
MomeMO TBRO aano otipeA^^^^HTR, o npaBnoMii naRi> 
BtitBOTy e^BB 6m itiforo/^tt pehH Mor.AH. CpScRifi na- 
pOAt* y oBoiwfe BpeMeHy paz^^x\i\vf> e 6wo hb mho- 
re hbcth; ofiiufe 6.AacTH9 rob 6m cptfcRiii Rapo^'^y 
xapMotitf*iHofi CBeBH AP'Ka^a, h ii^ra na ^e^aH't noRpe- 
ra^a, It y ^ejiaitio ynpaB;ifi.%a, nie 6m^o; nie 6mjio roa^i* 
Cp6a oCuire Temufc, oSiutm t^-fejiiii^ na aato Htro- 

BO A^'iaHis ycaOB^HBBJlO ce CBaRBAI^ HetlHROM'k OA1> 

yapORa, cno^^fcHO J\^¥itt^y^Qt\vl^ a Hie 6m;io cvhA^TBO 
pBBBieHonb HBpoAHOrT) MRBcra, h apskbbhm ycTBHOsa. 
HcTonfb cb npBHM'fa fleiiiaHBOMi> ^^a^w^ cp^CRonb 
napoAa noHHai* a^^ihth noAnyay caMocxaviHOCTB, 
H iiocxa^ y cTporoMB cwHC.iy a^-^b*'^ cp6cRori» na- 
poAB. Pa3A^*^^HH y nmoro npoBiiH^ifl Cp^H homh- 
Hio ce OAi> HeMaB*> I. noA'^ eAftoMt ofiniTOMi, 
B^acTH o'liAiiiMiBaTif; OHM HMaio cBO€ v^A^^ ROB no- 
cTHhd ycif.iHBaH) ce; npeitia Apy^HMt cyceAR^M-b hb- 
pOA^^M^i «5ifff ce noBft^iotd cainocraviiiA, a^-^^^a "^~ 
RA^jnEohR, AH )ieM« tiHRora, rob ^Sm ifiMB mvo sano^ 
BeABTH Morao; Spane ce npOTHsy cno.tBHM bbhaab^ 
rb, h otta OA^iflio^ caBexyio ce o cbohmb yHyTpaui- 

H^HSfb ;^eaHMa, h yt^TpOHsaio ce: e^HOHib penv Cpfin 
ULOA'b HeMaiiE^OM'b I. ^o6iaio cboh avHjbiji, ^pma^HiaH 
HSHpoTii. — roBopeha o ^pHcaBHoM'b CTpoK)^ a OB^e 
noce6HO o caSopaMa, Hwahy y BH^y ^aKae ^pmaB- 
HUH ^c(iBOTi> cpScKorii Hapo^a, kom ce cb BaaAOivfb 
npBora Hemauli noHHH]i, a koh ce Kpoai* BHuie h^- 
ro 200 ro^HHa npoAy»ye. Obo e Ha»3HaTHi6 BpaMe 
y cboh cp6cKOH HCTopiH, xpy^iiMo ce, ^a ra, kojih- 
RO 6 BHiue Moryhe, paacBeTJiHSio. 

Ko 6 casHBao ca6ope ? 

KaAf> H r^H cy ca6opH casHsaHH? 

Ko 6 aBaH*!! 6uo na caSope? 

O Hewy cy ce ca6opH caBeTOBa^H? 

KaKBy cy ca6opii npeMa BJiaABTeABUMa HMaaH 

Obo cy taslbhih nHxaHfl noa ce Mory o ca6o- 
pHMa iiocraBHTH. /^a ce Moaue Ha osa niaTaHfl 40- 
Bo^BHO onpe^ealbHo Q/^roBopHTii ; HMaaH 6u ^oCTa 
flCHbiH oSpadB ca6opHon> /^eaanfl y cpScKOw ^pnca- 
BB, ^a AH peiaen^ OBbi niaTaHfl Hsia 3a Hacb BasK- 
HOCTH? CBaKiH he jiaKO H3BecTn o^Ty;^*i>5 lUTO ce 
ca5opH y crapoH cp5cKOH fl,\>msLBw^ cMarpaTH nropaio 
Kao opraHB aaKOHo^aBHe ^jibcth , koh y pasBHraifi) 
npaBHOrii^HBOTa csaKorBHapoA^ upeBaaAHia yuAUB-b 
HMa. Ha aocTaBabHd uhtslhh o cp^ckhm'j^ cad^opH^ 
Ma pehnhy oho, mro caniB o HBHMa h3b cpScuH h3- 
Bopa HdiBecTH Morao. 

Ha upBO nHTaH^^: Koe caaueao ca6op'h? cb ny- 
HOMB onpe^ealiHOCTH mo^««mo o/^^oBopHTH.• ^a 6 
CBaBa^i) B^a/^aTejiB seMaaBci^e ca6ope ca3HBao. y 
HSBopHMa HHF^H Ce HCTHHa HecnoMHH't , ^a BaaA^- 
TejiB HMa npaBO h o6Be3aHOCTB ca3BaTH ca5opB; 
aaH TO npaao h o^BesanocTB 6uaa e HyHCA"^ cjife^- 
CTBo npasa B4a^aHA , Koe e cp6cKOMB Bjia^aTejiio 
npHna/^aao. Cp6cKiH B^aA^TejiB CTaao e ua nejiy 


pao /\aKji9 HMaTH BviacTB, Koa e HyHfiA<>a 6Biaa, ^a 




nai^HH HS-fc cpCcKe npomjocTH yeepaBaio Hacb, ^a 
cy ce cp6cKH Baa^are^BH h cjiymHjiH obbmi^ npa- 

BOMl) HSpHHHO CnOMHHfllofiH , /^d Cy /^OTHHHH Bad^a- 

xeaBH casBaaH caCTopTj. TaKO ce y »cHBOTonHcyIIe- 
MaH'li I. KOH cy HanHca.iii HKroBu chhobh cb. npBO- 
BeHMaHbiK Kpaaib h cb. Casa iiapHHuo naBO^H, ^a 6 
HeMaHfl 1. casHBao caCope; (*) xaKO ce h aa /^yiua- 
ua flCHO roBopH y po^ocaoBiio apxHenncKona^aHH- 
aa, ^a 6 y cboh ^Bopi> CeepuuHh casBao na caSopi* 
cBe one, KOHcy npaBo ynacTBOBaHfl y ca6opifMa HMa- 
jiH. (**J 3a ocxaae Baa^s^TeaK HecnoMHH'K ce Hur^H 
HspHHHO ^a cy cawH caaiiBaaH caCope, aaH nonewb 
6 Bani) CBaKe cyMHli nocTaB.iLHo to, /^a cy ca6opu 
^psKaiiH fitiaH H no^ij ^pyrHWb Baa^^aTea^Hiua , h 
noMewb cy caCope HeMaHfl I. , h i^api) ^yuiaHT> — 
Baa^axejiBH, koh cy xaKO AyrHivn, BpeweHOMTj e^ani} 
oj\,iy Apyror-fc y^aafeHH — caaifBaaH , ca hsbKctho- 
CTH MomeMo pehH, /^a cy h ocTaaH Baa/^axeaBH npa- 
bo ca3HBaHfl ca5opa ynpasKHHBaair, h ry o^BeaanoCTB 
TOHHO HsnyHflBaaH. 

Cb obhmb 6bi ce Morao noCTasaliHO npBO nn- 
TanK cMaxpaTH aa peuieHo, KaAi* mh ce neCw na- 
meTaaa cyMHB: da au cy 6hiAU odeesauu cp6cKU e^a- 
dareAhu od'h epejnena do epejnena casuearu ca6ope^ 
llHTaiib OBO y CBe3H CTOH ca nocraeatHHMB APy-- 
ru!viB niiTaii'KMB.* Kad'b cy ca6opu casueanu 6hiAU?n^ 
hy aaxo na o6a nuTaHfl aae/^no o^roBopHTH. 

fl MHcaHMB, ^a ce cb wsBecTHOCTH Mome pehn, ^a, 
HsyaHMaiofiHe^aHB 6/^hhbih cayiaii, KOHhy HHaceHaBe- 

(^*) Oee HtHBOTODHce oe^aTao Q r. n. IUa4>apHR'b noA'b 
HaoaoBOMT* ., Pamatky d i* e v n i h o pisemni c tv i Jih o- 
sl o V a n ti V*' I85i. 3^ Ilpary 004% nasHSHMa. ,,4 i v o*t s v. 
Sjmeoiia od krale Stepaiia" h 4fvotsv. Sy- 
meoiiaod sv. Sav y.''' CpasHH oacTaea boat* npBBMi* 
nasHBOH'b 6p. VT. X; a noAi> Apyrnwb HasHBOM'b 6p. XI. 

('*'•*) Panh'b, WcTopiii Cep6oB'h II. cTp, 133. 


CTH, HHane cp6cKH BJia^arejibH iiHcy 6jujih ofiBeaauH 
y HCKo onpe^eafeHO Bpeiwe casHBaTH ca6ope. CpCcKifi 

4P»iaBHf>IH MtHBOTl> y CTapOH CpSCKOH /^pSKaBH Hie 

^omao 40 noAnyHorTj, caBpnienor-b pasBHTKa , na 
3aTo H HHcy 6i>i.ia aaKOHOMii peiuena CBa niiTaHa 
KOfl ce na /^pmaBHO ycxpoHCTBO o^HOce. Haiwe^y 
OBaKBiii HepeiueHfai nHxaHH uaaasH ce h ropH'K no- 
CTaBji^HO nHxaHh. Vl'srh cbih) /^oKasa, Koe o apneas- 

pO Cl:i HCIIOCTH yBHl)aMO, /\a 6 O^T> BJia/^aTClfeBC BO- 

ji^s saBHCH^io. Ka^ii he caSop-b casBaTH. O^HHaeMii^ 
MHC^HMi), 6 onpe/i^e.iKHO, /^a ce sa aP^^bhuh 
HCffBOTb BaaKHifl nHTaHfl oeaii ca6opcKori> casexoBa- 
Hfl HepeiuaBaio, a BjiaAaxe.iBH cy no cbomi> yBH^e- 
HK) onpe/^eaflBaJiH /^a jiif e ^oTriiHO noflBHBiue ce 
HHTan^ ^ocxa Ba»ciio , ;^a ce caCopi^ casoBC. — Ca- 
MO npH CTynaHH) B^a/i^aTe.ifl nanpecTO.i'B, penao Cu, 
6bio 6 Bjia^axe^b oCaeaaH'b casBarn ca6opi>. Hcth- 
Ha, HH OBa oCaesanocTb Hie y HSBopuMa HHr/^n hs- 
peHHO onpe^e^liHa, a^H npHwepn: /^eHaHCKorii, ^y- 
luana, h M^aAori) i^apa T^pouia ^aio mh iiOBO/^a mh- 
c^HTH, ^a cy cp6cKH Bia/^axejiBH npn cxynaHio Ha 
npecToaii o^BeaanH 6bi.iif casBaxH caCopii, Ka/^it cy 
ce ye/iHO no ycBoenoM'b oji,i> Bpewena npFOBCHHa- 
Horii Kpa^fl Cxe^ana ofiifMaio h aeiisajiH na npe- 
CTO.i'b. 3a ^e^aHCKOTB h ^ymaHa hchc HCTopHCKe 
^OKaae HMaMo, /^a cy, crynaiohH Ka Kpaa'^BCKiii npe- 
CToaii, casBa.iH ca6ope, na KOHMa cy BennaHH 6biaH: 
9%Ht^ejm Kpa^iecrea, (*) 3a M^a^orii i;apa yponia 

(*) Cb. Ctc*. /^eMaHCKiH y 4HrrJiOMu A^poBauoH naaa- 
CTHpj Jl^e^aHHhia ae^H „li BoroMk A^pcBAHHMk B'kHi^eMb Kpa- 

iteECTBA cpbnCK.^rO B'kHHAHK B^Xb HA KpAA6B€T60 Bb 6^HHb fi^hHh 
Cb CHHOMb A^OHMb Bb aIITO SiDk^ I^U6U,A ViHO^pA S A*^Hb HH- 
^HKTA e Bb lipA3AHHKb B0r0IZIB/\6HHKI. Bit ArOC40B6HHeMb H pi^KOiC 

npfiivcseipeHHAro Apx'i^nHCKonA Hhkcaha\a h BCfcx^ (riHCKOnb h 
Bcero cbBopA cpbBCK^ro'* Cp6GKU cnoMeuui^u m. I. 6p. 
n©. CTp. y Beoepady is^o. 4e*jaHOKiii npBenau'b o^t, 
FeAeona IocH4»a lOpHiUHha. y H. Ca^y 1 858. .oTp. '17-61. 


nMdMo 4oBOJrno ^CHOBa peliH, ,4a e tatto^e ttpn cry" 
nanio iia npectOA'h cadeao caCopts , epT> oat y ae- 
KOH /(Htt.iOMH oAi) 10. AnpH^^a 1357. ro^ane aehti 
cnoMfciHh: /Tia ce ^i^orOB^pao ca caCopoM'B, roh e aa 
^^AO O^Ma itdc^ie ^yUiaaoae cMprn cadaao , a aa 
fcx!)mtl> ^ OH-b nap^jKHMTj fteaneifct BeH*iaaib 6wo. (*) ^a 
Ce nd6.^e ^ymdHa cp^cwifi /^p»«aBHia^ HCHBOTt^ AX^^ 
Bp^Ateaa 6ed*i> npeRH^ana, a^6^.^t> aKaaaM npenoaa 
pdsaiao 6bio, 9a i^t^^o Cw ce crpoatie onpeAe^ajio 
6^jid: KaA'Ei f^^ oCaeaaa'b 6fil¥it a^iaAareJi^ ^a^itarli 

Hh 9d MecTo, y aoe ce Mopa vaCofb casBaTM, 
Heaa^asH^Mo y aaBopaMa HHaaKBu onpe^ejieaa. Ca* 
MO aa 6AH0 MecTO aa/asHMo y aaiuHMik iiaBopaMa 
onpe^e^ii^ao: ^a ce y nhny jnopaw ^paiaTH ca6opH, 
a TO e MecTO: i^pKBa /fCuna. koio 6 cb. npaoBeanaHH 
Kpaab ca cbohm-b mmoJA'b Pa;^oc^aBOM'i> ca3Hv!^ao, 
onpe^e^HBiiiH: ^a ce y tou ij^pkbh nocTasjaio: apa- 

•li:»BH, MHTpOIIO^IfTH^ enHCKOHH, H HryMdHH. (***') Ilo^'fc 

noc TaBaHH]sMi> apaafl pasyMeaa ce: hbiobo BeuHaH'^ 
aa KpaahacKiH DpecTo.iii ^ a noAi> nocTaBjiaaljM'B 
MHTpoDo^^uTa no GBoii npifaHj^a paayivie ce: HaSopi*^ 
H xHpoToaacaHl>; a 06a oaa npe/^MCTa, t. e. Kpa«A'K- 
BO BeHHaBanii ua npecToai., a aa^opi) MHTponoJiHTa 
cna^a^^a cy y a^pyri, cagopcaor^ A^Jiana. Ocanfb 
Xune aa ocia^^a MecTa uhf^h aeaajiaaHMO cnoMeny^ 
TO, ^di cy saitOHOMi, aaaBHM'b onpe/^e^J^ua 6uaa aa 
cafiope. KacHiii B^a^aiejBH o4CTyHH.iH cy o^i> ype^- 
6e npaoaeHHaHorij apaaa, na cy ce h y ApyrHurb iwe- 
CTHMa BeRHd^ajiH aa BjiaAaTeaBCHiii npecTOJii> , aao 

3a 4>'m^"^^o i(pjrHHcaH% na €a6opy Ha^iaati ce AORaax 
y Panhy rb aatieAeROM'B uecTj, h y ApjrHMi* nssopiiMa. 

(*) Cp6. CnoweHimH. 6p. 46. CTp. si. 
(*^) 5,Painalky'* h t. a- doai. HaHHsoMi. .,Okazkj obcan- 
skeho Pisemnictvi-^ CTp. 6. 


rO jl^'b UlTO H MHTpOnO^HTH H HCy 6uj|H ^HpaHH CdNO 

y JRhhh^ Hero h y ^pyrHiwb MecTHMa. Ho cboh npH- 
AHv^H y pe^oBHHiM'b OKO^HOCTHMB casHBaHf} % ca6opB 
y npecTOJiHO mecTOj Kao iuto 6i>i ce to Mor«;io h3«- 
BecTH H3ii peniH, Koe ce y miiBOTOnHcy HeManb I. 
Haaaae, aa uorb ce Beau, ^a 6 ^OTHHHay caCopuMa 
yiacTByioha ahu^sl „«« ce6u npuseao^^- Ho TOMe /\a- 
KJie HeinaHH I. cadHBao e caoope y nputuTuny. ^e- 
HaHCKiH ce no cboh npnaHi^K y HepoduMAhu seHHao 
BeHi^eMT) KpaaJ^BCTBa, h xaxo e obo MecTO sa uKro- 
Bon> Baa^aHH 6biao MecTo 3a ca6ope. 3a ^yujana 
ci> h3b1>cthocth 3Haiiio ^a e cassao ca6ope y Ceep^ 
Huwb^ Ka^'b 6 nocie cnipTH CBora oxj^a BeH4aHi> ha 
KpaaJ^BCsiH npecTO.i'b, y CnonA-h, icaAi> 6 nocraBJiKHii 
MHTponoaHTib loaHHKie 3a narpiflpxa, h Ka^'b 6 no 
CBOH npii«iHi;M H ^yuiaHii 3a u^apa nporaauieHik ^ap- 
CKHMii BenqeMT) BeHHaHT> 6bio; h y Cepes'b^ Ka/^i> « 
1349. ro^HHe no cMpxH naxpiflpxa loaHHKifl CasalV. 
H36paH'b 6mo 3a cp^CKorii narpiflpxa. Hij^api) ypouiii 
no CBOH npH^Hi^H y CKonjii ca3Bao e cafiopii; h Ty 
6 i^apcKHMii seHi^eMii BeaHaH'b Cmo, epi* h ^Hnjioma, 
KOio caMUb BHuie rope naBeo, H3AaHa e y CKonaio no 
CBOunpH«iH£(H nenocpe/^Mo OA^d nocae Tora, Ka^i) e ohi> 
i](apcRHMi> Beiii;eMi> 3a cp6cKori> ippaBeH^aHi* 6uo. 
3a Baa^axea^ nocae ^yuiana hhf/^h ce HecnoMHH*]^, 
^a cy ce npH 3ay3iiiiidHK) saa^e BeHi^eM'b Baa^aTeaB* 
CKHMii BeH*iaBaaH, npH cBeiifb tomi) , uito ce ^^no-* 
AieHB ca6opa iovarb h nocae KocoBCKe ^htkc y v^^ 
BopHMa Haaa3H. Pa3CTpoMCTBO , K06 6 nocae HeMa- 
HHha y cp6cKOH ;^pmaBH oBaa^a-^o, ecxe yapoKi), ^a 
ce CBe*iaHocTJb BenHauH ua Baa^aTeaBCKi^ npecToaii 
H3ocTaBHTH Mopaaa. — Hanocae^Ky Hehe, MHCafiM'b, 
cyBHUiHO 6f>iTH OB^e HaaecTH, ^a cy crapH Caase- 
HH BBHa caBeTOBaHH ^pmaaH y xpaMosHMa cboh 6o- 
roBa, a o^xy^ij ne Gest^ cafe^^^CTBCHOCTH MomeMo 
H3BecTH TO, /\a cy H Cp^cKu ca^opu Ca3HBaHH H 4p- 
acaHH gbian y CBeTHAfb xpaMOBHMa , nao iuto to h 


cnomeHyTO ycTaHOBjienK cb, npaoBeHHaHorii KpajiH 
3a upKBy 3KH4y oA'b nacTH noTsp^ye. (*) 

BaaKHO 6 Tpehe o ca6opH.Ha nocTaB^^Ho uHra- 
nh: Hoe seam 6hio na dpowaene ca6ope? h TaKO ko 
6 Morao HMaTH yTHi^afl na peuiaBanb BamHiH ap^^- 
BHu /^eja? Ha obo nuTanh caMo heMo OH/^a MohH 
aaAOBOjiHBaiohiH o/^^OBop'I> /^aTH, awo ce Cy^eMo crpo- 
ro npH/i^pHsaBajiH ^oMahn H3Bopa noMHHiohH o/^ii Bpe- 
ineHa HemaH^ I. na cse /^o cMpxH BfaicOKorii Cxe- 
^ana, Ka^ii ce cp6^CKa AP^i^aBa KOHasHopacTpoHBaTH 

HcnHTyiofiH HSBope yBepaBamo ce , A^ y npsa 
BpeMeua nie Suae onpe^e.vKHo: ko he no3BaHi> gu- 
TH Ha caCopHa caBeTOBana ? B^a/^aTejiBH cy y ca- 
6ope nosHBa^H CBaKorii, koh ImmI) 6 Morao y iieMeMi» 
caBCTa A^'t^ i a camo ce no ce6ii pasyMe , ^a Hs-b 
oBaKBu caBerOBaHH HHKa/^'b HHcy 6£>i^a HSKiAioMena 
AHi^a , KOA cy y BHUjeMi) cBeuixeHOM'b HHny 6biJia, 
iiJH KOfl cy 3HaTHifl dBauia o^npaB^flaa. HcropHCKH 
npHMepH acHo cee^OMe , ^a cy ce cbh B^ia^aTejiBH, 
3a Koe ce 3tia, /^a cy caSope casHBajiH , y hcthmt, 
ca6opHMa caBexoBaan ca HaH3HaTHiHM'b jiMi^ama ^p- 



ce HeMome, ^a cy Bjia^arejiBH o6Be3aHH ^hkAWHeuo^ 
ea y cafiopna caBeroBaiiA nosBaxH , na 3aTO CBe, 
uiTO € Baa/^are^B y /^oroBopy ca nosBaHMwa na ca- 
BCTOBan^ pernio 9 6mo 6 sarsoHB koh 6 o6Be3HBao 
CBaKorii fiesB pa3aHKe, ^a .ih 6 y caseTOBaHio y*ia- 
CTBOBao H^H He? KacHie cse ce Behiwa onpe^e-^fl- 
Baao: KO he na ca6ope 3BaHb 6fiiTH/a no^ii ^yuia- 

HOMls 6 nHTaH'l» OBO KOHa^HO pemCHO THMe, UlTO e 

noAi> CTporoMi> KasHH oHHMa^ koh HHcy HMa.^H npa- 
Ba /i^ohH na caSopua caBeTOBana, 3a6paH}>HO 

y oBaKBHMT, caBexoBaHBMa ysacTBOBaTH. 

. 1 - 

(*) HcT. CjaB. opaea. §. 126. IlosHaTO e, Aa ey y 
cpeAK-bMi* BeKj 11 3^ Ap^^ruMi* ApHtaeaMa seMa.tbCKH oa6o- 
pH casHBaHH y ce. xpaHOBe. 


3a ^oKa.i'b Hase^enora neKb mh ce ^osboah 
^a iiaBe^eMT) caMe name A^i^>ahe H3Bope , hsii koh 
he ce HaifSojife yBH^HTHjKO 6 y cp6cKOM ApsnaBH y ca- 
^opHMMi) caBeTOBaHJFiMa ynacTBOBao. 

Ho CBe^Ci^t! CB. npBOBeiiHaHor'b Kpa«;ifl HeManfl 
I. nosBao e na caCopno caBeTOBanb: „cRcero ApxuHe- 
p£p 6RbAHWHtzi riiarc.\6MA, II MpKHbi^e ch Hroy/VUHH cbohmh, h hi^- 
cTHkiB epene, CTtfpKne »:6 h BeAh;wcY»;€ cBoe, cTb MA/»a h /yo b€- 
MfK(\ HXb" H ^pyriw nyTi>: ^nOApoy^KMs cbcb h ckiHKi CBoe h 

ApkXMHepeiZI C6CerO,KA/1HHHKa p€KCl\ArO, H npHCT:)RHHKH ^'kAOMh, 
H KHe36 36MhAH CB06, M>K€ H,i/V,b BA>»CTh1IH, BOSBOAH :K6 H BOHHm'*. (*) 

Cb. CaBa xaKol^e y atHBOTonHcy CBor'fc OTj^a cno- 
mhhK Kao ynacTRHKe y caCopHOiw-h caBerOBaHio: b/»a- 
ropOAHoyio ^'fe'Tbuiy (CTe^ana jipBOBeH'iaHori,, h ByKa, 
epii y TaH wa cb. CaBa BehB nie 6faio ko^i* po/^H- 

Te.lXtCKOrii /!^OMa) H H3apAHkl6 CH BC.lRipe MAAkie II E6AHKkie'S 
K06 HHHie Ha3HBa: „BCr \T(i H i<y603H, CTAp'iH H iOHIH^^ a 3a 

CBe y CKyny bcjih „cbT8jpH o^k/iohhtm ce HapoAoy": C*"^') 
iiiTO ce hstj HaBe/^eHbi npniviepa yBH^a , no^'fc He- 
MaHBOMi) I. Hie 6bijio oripe^ti-ihHO, ko he y ca6op- 
nHMi) caseTOBaniiMa ynacTBOBaTH. Mbic.i(iMi> /\a Hehy 
iiorpeiuHTH , aKO KdmeMi) , 4a cy no^i) HeMaHsoMi. 
I. ^L^pBKOBHHi^H^ HiviaviH MaHbH yQjHBii y peiuasaiih 
HHCTo ^pjKaBHorpaljaHCKH ^eaa , Hero aw CBexcKH 
.iio/^H, a H3Mel)y cbhtckh /^pHcaBanna ohii cy Behma 
yT.'!najiH y ^p^KaBuy yiipaBy , koh cy sehe aKTHBne 
ycayre /i^pusaBH hhhh^h , na ce saro cnoMHHfO Kao 

yiaCTHHqH y Ca6opHMa ^HPHCTAKHMKH A'^^^^^* 5 KH636 36- 
A\bAH CROe, H2K6 »Af^h EitACTbMH, R06BCAH ^e H BOHHkl^. H TO 

ce ye^HO hs-b HaBey^enbi ^ oKasa yBHl)a , ^a cy ce 
BaacTeaH BehB ^e«iH4H na jna^e h eeAune, npein^a 
HH cB e^HOMB pe^qoMB HecnoMHHk ce pasaHKa^ 

Koa e H3Met)y e^Hu h Apyrn nocToa^a- — Ho Ka3H- 

' ■ 

(*j Pam^tkj; 4ivot. sv. Symeona odsv. kr. Stepana. 
6p. Vf. X. 

(^'*'*') ^ HCToiwb Aej>: 2ivot. sv. Sym. od sv. Sa vy 
exp 3. H T. A. 


BJiHio apxienHCRona ^anujia icpa.ii» ]VlHjiyTHHi> case- 
TOBao ce y GafiopRiwa: c eaachah h MHorH/nH BCiiMoxcAmn 
cBOH/v\H, (*) a y /^HntflOMH HeRofi ^ KOK) e aa ii^ejio npe 
1302. ro^HHe Hd^ao , Bean caMii aa ce6e Kpajib Mh- 

ayTHirb, „h 3rCB0pHBC€ Kp.liieBCTBO MH, C ApXI^nHCKOnOMK BTC- 
6A6H0Mb H Cb BCbMH 6nHCK0nKI CpbBCKklHMH^ H HdSHaHye HMe- 

Ha /10TH4HW eoHCKona. (**). 3a ^eiaHCKOrii € xaKO^e 
HSBecTHo 9 /^a ce y ca6opfiMa caeeTOsao c apx'i'^^hckc- 
noMz, enHCKonHMA, h cb baactcah ae^AbH cepccKiA, ko6 apxie- 


luanii, aKeaehH ce eeHHarH na KpaahBCRiii npecToai» 

^coTBopH nocAtXHi'e K7^ npeocBAi|jeHOMy /^ahhav, h ccAiy npeocBA- 
ip6«o/ny npHiueAiuv <^ 6nucKonbi }K6 h HryMeHM, ti Bc^A\b npMH- 


t^ApcTtAiz A^^P* CBcpHHt" H y cafiopy caaeToeao ce 


MO c BHiuHMi) ^aaropo^CTBOMii , c jno^Ma , ROH cy 
HMaaH /^"l^JfCTBHTejiHorb ysacTifl y ynpaBH ^pmaBHu 
Aeaa. (***♦) 

H3i» Hase/^eHbi ^oKaaa ^ocra ce acho yBH^a, 
A^ cy y ca6opHUMi> caeeTOBaHBiMa ynacTBOBajin i^pB- 
ROBHHi^H H BaacxeaH) a H TO ce HSB Haae/^eHfa /^o- 
Rasa Mome HsaecTH, ^a cy j^pbrobhhi^h caiao y pe- 
luaBBH^ OHu ^eAa no/i^iiyHO yxHi^aaH, hob cycBi^p- 
RBo¥i> HeiuTo y cBesH 6hijiSL , a ab y caseTOBaHB o 
HiiCTO /^pHcaBHHM'b ^e^HMa MHOfO nyxifi HHcy HH no- 
aMBBRH CuBBaH. louiB Hie 6f>iao ocHOBHora aaRona, 
ROB 6u CTporo onpeAeaABao: ko Mt>otce u cmc, a no 
uecjne y cadopna caeen^eaun dohu? OBaRaBt ocho- 
BHfii2i 3aROHi> ^OHenieHi) e (uo no/^'b /^ymaBOM'b, h 

{^) PaBfe'b T. II. OTp. 587. 6U. 

(**) OoHcaHie ^pesHocTiii cp6cKH y cb. Fopn. y Beo- 
rpaAy 1847. 6p, 6. exp. 34. 

(***) PaHhi T. II. cxp. 663. 690.692. Cp6. Cnowe- 
i^H dp. 176. cxp. SS4. 

(****) Panb'b T. II. cxp. 633. 742. 755. 


TfQjiaf3if ce y ^yuiaHOBomtt saRonnKy, na 3aTO ucvhiH 
daROHHR% H eCTb noHaHraaBHiH H3BopT> aa pemeniv 
noCTdBjiKHorB ntfranH : ko e 6faio nosHsaHf* na ca- 
6ope, a KO e hsii obm H3K.noHeHi> 61110? y yso^y y 
3aRoHHHi> Kao ynacTHHmi y ca6opHMa Haso^e ce: 
narpiapx'h^ apxiepeu, i^phKoenuKU jna^u a eeAUKU,t^ap% 
H eAacTCAu jnaAu h eeAUKU, Hcxa oHd ^Hi;a ^aK.«e, 
KOfl ce H npe ^yinaHa wao caCopHH yMacTHHUH cno- 
MHHio, HdBo^e ce H y OBowb yBo^y y /^ymaHOBi> 3a- 
KOHHKi), KOH 6 nocTdB^i'bHii 6uo ca6opoM'i> y carjia- 
ciio Cfiiio flaBe/^eHf»i y4acTHHKa. Ona pa3JiHKa5 koa ce 
lipe ^yiuaua onasKa , m no koioh i^pKBena .^Hi^a ca* 
Mo ce OH^a Kao ynacTHHt^H y ca6opHnMi> caBeTO- 
BauBMa cnoMHHH) , Ka/^'B ce npey^mexii oBaKBOr'b ca- 
BCTOBaHH o/^HOcio Hd i^pKBCHa Ae^a, npecxa^a e ^y- 


Ha jiHiJ^a yTHii[a^a y saKOHO^aBCTBO ep6cKe y^pHcase, 
M TaKO y f^ejiiky koh cy o^Tb upKse iworjia ca cbhm'b 
o/^B06Ha H pa3.iHHHa 6wTH. BamHocTh , Koio cy np- 
KBCHa jitiii[a HMa.ia y cpScKoH ^pmaBH o^^ii CTapbi 
BpeMCHa, no^urHyra 6 ^ymaHOBHMi, saKOHHKOM'b na 
HaHBHuiiH CTenefli). Osy BancHocTB HHcy 3HaaH i^p- 
KBCHH jiioAH y nyHOH MepH Kpo3'B CBa BpeMena oAp- 
»caTH ; epi) o^ma ^yuianoBe cMpTH cbctckh 
B^iacTCiH npHCBOHviH cy ce6H xoaHKy npexery h Ba- 

HCHOCTB, ^a cy IJ^pROBHHKe OA1> AP^^BHbl ^e-ia CKO- 
pO ca CBHMli H3KJlH)fHJIH, H /^a CC yilAHWb I^pROBHH- 

Ra y /^pssaBHa ^eaa 3a Ay^Ke Bpeue tbko npHrano, 
Aa ra mh e^Ba onaaiaMo. CBeTCKH BJiacTe^m to cy 
THWB jiaKiue MoraH yHHHMTH 5 inxo cy ohh nopcAis 
nojiHTHHHbi npaBa, koh cy yacHBaaH, caHuuHBaaHBoe- 
Hy CH^y cp6cRe AP^Kaae, HiaajiH cy a^^-^^ y CBOHifB 
pyKaua MarepiajiHy cnary, koiomii cy ce npn nocxH- 
aaBaHH) cboh qbaiH nocaysKHBaJiH ; j^pkobhhi:^h naKi) 
HHcy OBaKBv MaxepiJiJiHy ceary 3a noAynnpaHfe cboh 
npaBa Hwa-^H, epB cy, Kao nixo ce m3'b tahkoh h3bo- 



cyce^He uaMCb ynrapcKe, oco6Aot)eHU 6biAH 0^1* ^y-- 
HCHOCTH BoeeaHfl. *). Ohh cy ymiina^iH ji,aHAe npaBa 
663% o^BeaaHOCTH, a.iH 6sLui'h rune H3ry6H.iH cy cey 
CBOio MaTepiHJiHy iwoht, H3ry6H,iH cy cpe^CTBO, ko- 
HMi> 6bi ce Mor.iH 6bi^if y yncHBaBio nOviHTHHHbi npa- 
Ba H OH/^a o^pH&aTH, Ka^ii y cpScKon ^pHcaBH Hie 

*) Hemory caoBiiMi* oDpe^ej'kHO pehn j a» cy cp6- 

CBB l^pKOBHHI^H OCJOOo^eHH 6bl^H OA1> ^^^"0^1*" B06Ba- 
HH. epi* J\,ORa3Hj KOB 06 Hd.iase O TOMe J RSBOpHMB, MO- 

ry HMdTH H j^pyr'iH CMHcao. I'aKO /^^iiiaHi* o^^apiu e^Be 
Ke^ie y CB. Topn pa3^HMHHMi» cejHua, h oTpoi^Hua, Kt)6 
6 ocAo6oji^io odz eoucKe, (Ohht. ap^b. y cb. Fopii 6p. 
5. CTp. 30; 6p. 10. cTp. 46 cpaBH.H 6p. 18. cxp. 63). 
JIosHaTO 6, A^ ^y cp5cuH AP'^'^tB-'AfiH 6tikA\i o6BeaaHH bo- 
BBaxH 3aTO, iiiTO cy HMaJiH seuJiK) 6aiuTHH^, na TaKo noA^ 
noMeHyxHM'b oc.io6o^eH'kii'b oai* BOHCKe uoaie ce paaj^iie- 
TBj A^ ^J ^^"^ dyjiCHOCTU eoeeann ^bmh oc.«o6o^eiiH. 
Obo npeAiiocTaBJflHi; noTBpi^aBa (^e tiimi* , inxo ce y 
cp6cKOH ncxopiB iieenoMBHii, a^ cJ ^i upKseHa Jini^a yqa- 
cxBOBa^ia y 6oeBHMa, Kao luxo ce xo cb HSBecxHocxH 3Ha 
3a ji'HrapcKO Ay^OBeiicxBo; HanpuxnHi* 3Ha ce • a^ '\V ce 


eaHB y aeM.ifliua, y KOHua cy 'sanonoMi* 6i>mh o6Be3aHtj A3 

BOK)H>, H A3 BOHilHRe f^^W (HcX. C.iaB. DpaBd §§. O"? — 101. 

H na Apy^'*'^''^ mecTHMa). Ajh iioa'b ocjodo^aBdH'bM'b oai* 
BOHCKe MOHse ce paayiuexH oc.io6o^eH'k oai* o5Be3aHocxH, 
npHMHTH BoiicKy Hd RoiiaKi> , oc.io6oiyeH'l; OAI* xepexa 
npuceAUi^e^ epi ce xo ociodo^aBau-b h cnoMHR'b H3iiie- 
^y ocxa.ibi pa6oxa , isoHMa cy o6h<iho oxpoqH Bviacxej- 
CKH seiuavifl 6bi.iH oo,vio}KHii. Kpa.ib fl^e^\?k\icis\ik y croIoh, 
AiinJiOMH AspoBauoH luonacxHpy 4^'*^"'^i^^ bc^h ,,a 3A pA- 
TAe, KOAHKO HM.i HPSMeHb n/t2$rcBb cy K06Mb ci^'k a (0 xorA rape 

C6AA A^A nOCTABMpJ»XAfc(pATHHKe?)KCra \0¥iif (Cp6. CnOM. 6p. 335.) 

uixo 6bi, a^ a^^P^ MauacxupcKa, na cmypHo 
HH Apya i^pRBena, Hiicy 6bKia oc.io6oJ^eHa oai* xepexa A3- 
eaxH BOHiiHRe^ caMouiToce AjaKHOOXb BoeBaua uie pa3- 
npocxHpa.ia h na caivia i^psBena .iHua^KOH cy y cBeuixeHOMi* 
■iHHy 6bija. y yBrapcBoii 6 Be.iHKH i^pKOBHHRa 
(Prelati banderiati) roh cy cBoe aioAe ooai* cbojom'b 3a- 
cxaBOM'b y pOH b.ih caMit boah^h, imh noAi> bouboaomii, 

KOrb cy OIIH HaHMeH0Ba.lH llJH.1fl.IH. BOHCKa ^pyVH UpKOBUH- 

Ra BoeBa.ia 6 noA^ ynpaBOMis auyaaua (Comes Coniitatus]. 


Behjb 6biAo CHaJKHfai Baa^aTe^iH, koh cy y npe^auiHH 
BpeMena i^pKOBBHKe, h HBioBa iipasa (SpaHHaH, h 3Ha- 
THO jBehaBajiH. Y roiwe, iiito i;pkobhhij[h HHcy 6wjik 
CHaMCHii o/^pHtaxH CBO^^i no^nyuhiH yn4HBT> y pema- 
BaH>i /^paKaBHbi /^e^ia, Ha^asHAfb e^anii o^b anaTHiH 
yapoKa , koh cy HacTynMBiue pacTpowcTBO cp6cKe 
ApHcase no^noMaraaii. h KOHa^Hy nponacxB cp6cKe 
BeaaBHCHOCTH ycKopMwiH. I](pKBeHa jiHi;a , BMaiohiH 
CBOH cBerwH no3HB'b cjiyjKHTH Bory, h Hapo^'i> yiH- 
TH, c nyHOiWB HeKopHCTOJiiofiHBOCTH 6bi.iH 6bi ce o/^a- 
^H Hapo/^HbiMii ^e^HMa y oBa TyȣHa BpemeHa, Ka^ii 
cypaa/^op'fc HysaaMHa paa/^pameHocxB Hswe^y cbctckh 
B^acre^a, h HBioBa ra/ina resKHB sa caMOBaacTieMi* 
^pmaBBe cnae oc^a6jiBBa^e. h Ka/^B cjiaGa pyna ^y- 
maHOBor'B asLCAh^HHua Hie y cxaHio Sw.ia ^pwaTH 
y c^iorii , e/^HHCTBy h no/^HHH'fenocTH ocii.inBiue ce 
B^, I](pkobhhi^h 3a^o6H^H cy nocae oneTt ne- 
KVH ynjiViB-b y /^pmaBHa A^-^^^i ? ^jh e cwaa cpficKor-B 
Hapo^a" oH/^a neh'b Kaonyaa 6wjia. A Ka^'f* e cpScna 
^^pHcaBa HarySwaa cbom) HeaaBHCHOCTB, napo^'B aeH- 
MaiohH CBCTCKe rjiase, HarySHBiiiH cBoe BJia^aTe-ifc 
y naTpiapcHMa noHHTOBao e ne caiwo u^pKBeHe ap- 
xHnaCTHpe, h /^yxoBne yHHTe^ii. , nero e y HBHivia h 
CB06 rpal)aHCKe ynpaBureAh ua^aaio. Hie oB^e Me- 
CTO, /^a ce y oCuiBpno pa34jieHBBaH'K ynycTHiMB , y 
KOJiHKo cy apxHnacTHpH o^rOBapa^iH .lenoM-B h bc- 
•iBKOMi) JiOBepeHK), Koe € HapoA^* y H*»" no^arao; 
a^H Ce HeycTpvsaBaiwb pehw, ^a 6w ce aa ne^o cp6- 

CKIM iiapO^B y ^a^eKO SO-^KmB CTaHlO. H CBaKOBp- 

CTHOWb BcheMB pa3BHTKy Haaasio Cfaio , Hero iuto 
CMo ra y noHexKy oBora CTOJifexifl HauMB, /^a ce no- 
cjie H3ry6jifeHe /i^paKaBHe He3aBHCHOCTH, ^apB cp6cKa 
epapxia luorjia o^z^pmaTH y npBaiuHBOH He3aBHCHO- 
CTH. CHJH, H y Her^aiuH']?M'B ijfBery. 

OcHMB naxpiapxa h apxiepea cnoMBHio ce Kao 
ynacTHHuH y ca6opHMa: t^phKoeuut^u moau h eeAUKu^ 
H sAacreAu moau h 0e.«2i»tt. BehB caMB y YI. CBesKH 


r.iacHHiea Ha crp. 107. peicao, ^a ce nome mhcjihtm, 
Aa cy y npyrb bcjimkh i^pbicoBHHKa cna^a^H excap- 
cu H ueyjnauu. OSiUHpnie HsnHTHBaHl) cp6cRH hsbo- 
pa yxpenjiflBa Me y oBon'b MHiu^eiiio. ^octo 'hctbo 
HryMHa y cp6cKOH ^pjkbbh Smjio 6 Bp^o SHarHO, mo- 
HacTHpH , kob cy 5f>ijiH HryiaaHie, yncHBajiH cy oco<- 
Gbtb opaBB, H 6f>ijiH cy o^i* cp^CKB BJiaAaTejia 3Ha- 
TBO noRpoBHTe^BCTBOBBHB. EncapcH cy TaKol)e cna- 
/^BtiM y npyri) BejiHKH u^pBicoBHiiKa. y CTapa BpeMe* 
BB 5biJio 6 TpB CTencHB CKcapxai eKcapcH I. crene- 
BB, noHCCTHH , B nepio/^eBTe. Obo nocjie^Hk HBJia- 
3HMO B y cp6cKOH ^paKaBB, Kao lUTO ce BB'b 38. 4y- 
luaBOsorB saKOBa ysB^a. Ohb cy 6juaB uo^hbbIibh 
BaacTB enHCKona > MHTponojiBTa b narpiapxa, h 6&i- 


Ma«iif D^pBKOBHBKa tuory ce ctbbbtb epeu^ t. «. CBe- 
urreHBi^B npn BejiBKHM'b i](pKBaMa, h mobbcb b31> mo- 
BBCTBpa, BOB cy (bi^b MryMaHie, €pi> ce epeB b na- 

Ay^epB HB r^BKOHAfb MeCTBMa y Cp6CKBMf> B3BOpBifa 

Kao yHacTBBi^a y ^pHcaBBBM'b ca6opBMa chombhr). 
Pa3JiBRy B3Mel)y sejiBRB b mbjiu BjiacTe.ta a caub 
BaaHBHio y YL cb. FjiacHBRa bb cxpaHB 114. b 115. 
reBepa^^KOMit onpe^e^ieHio , Roe ce y MuorBM'b 
RSBopBMa HaaasH, b no ROMe ce yBB!)a, a^ ^Y yp^* 
luaBaB'K ApmaBBbi ^cia yxBu^aaH i^probhb^b b bjib* 

(^'*) EHcapcH nptiori cTeoeaa 6fai.iH rj enncKODH. 
ROB cy noA'B co6oM'b BBUie enBCBOHa HMa^in. y hctoi- 
BOH pHMCKOu /XpHSBBii 6biJo 6 06x1 eKcapxaxa: Ahthoxbckih, 
AjieKcaHApHCKiH, E4»ecHiKi KecapcKin, b XepaR.iHCRifi. ITo* 
MecTHbiii BRcapcB 6biJ« «y enBCRonfi, b CTaHOBaan cy y 
»«feBirB BapomBMa, a RacHie oy obh«% RMeuoM'b 03Ha«ia« 
BaBH iiiiiTpOBo.iBTB« Ilepio/ieBTH eRcapoB 6mjb cy, rob cy 
y pasHBH'b A^JiBiia no Ba.«ory enBCRona no enapxiBva 
oyTOBaJB. Enchiridion juris ecclesfastici edidit Nic. 
Joan. Cherriep. T. I. pag^. 18^. §. 20s. Posonii 18^8. O 
KpJ^y ACJiaHff efccapxa nepioACBTa bbah: Thomas Broug'- 
tbo«&: Historis^hes L«xicao aller ReligioHeii derWelt etc 
uoAi> peqa: Exarchi^. p4g^. loi)^, Presden j^nd L^^^ t3d6« 


CTe^H , npHy^aTH sa^a saCpany, roio 61. /^ymaHOBi* 
aaKOH'b caAP^aua, h no koioh e 00/^1* CTporHUfb Ka- 
3HHMa 3anpeheHo 6ujio, /^a He^o^^iaae Ha ca6ope ohh 


ifpKOBHHKa H B;iacTe^a cbh ocrajiH /^pHcaBjianH h3- 
KJifoneHH cy 6mjih ^aKae hsi* caSopnu caBeTOBana^ 

a THM'b HCTHM1> nOTBpl)eHO 6 6blAO OpaBO I^pKOBHH- 

Ka H BjiacTe.ia, ^a na caSope ^ojiasHTH Mory. Ha- 
KJifOHene hsi* cafiopHM caBeroBaHfl HasaBa ^ynia- 
HOBi> aaKOHHK'b ce6pHMa, o KOHMa caMB fl eehB e^- 
HOMi* y r.AacHHKy ofiiuHpnieTOBopio. Bpe^HO 6 oB^e 
cnomeHyTH, ^a ce pe*fB ce6ph ochmb ^yiuanoBorb 
saKOHHKa y ^pyrHMB cpCcRHMib H3BopHMa HeaaaasH, 
H K) 6ap% HflcaMB Morao npHMerHTR. 

OcHMis cBiio OB^e Haae^^eHfa y«facTHHKa y ca- 
6opHHM'b caBeroBaHBiMa ^ytuaHBy xpHCosy^BH, koio 
6 1349. TOf^. y CKon.iH) aa^ao, aejH, ^a ce ioiui> ca- 
6opHO caaeTOBao j^ck B/tArcHhCTHsoic h xP**c'roitic6HRoio np-k* 
6MC0R0I0 ayroycrVeic BAAroB'kpHOic i^ApHi^eio KvpA 6y)eHoio, i^a^h- 

l^eU I^ApCTBA MH. fl Cb BOrOAi^pCS.AHHklMb H np'fcBK3yilOBA6HHM/l\k 

cKiHOMb HAio KpA/iiME Oypoiii6ME''- (**). /^a cy B^a^^aTe^^BH 
CHHOBH, H y o€uiTe can HjiaaoBfi Bjia^aiotie nopo^HiJ^e 
y ca6opHMa ynacTBOBajiH, me ayaKAHO /^OKasHsaTH, 
'epB ce TO noTBpl)y« aaKo ^OMahaM'b asBopaMa, Ta- 
Ko H npHMepHNa cbik) aeMdiAfl , aoe. cy y cpe/^H^Mi) 
Beay aniajie napjiaMeMTapauH 3khbot'b. HecBOucTae- 
HO « cpCcKOMB npaey to, iiito ce ^yiuaaB h ca cbo- 
ioM-B cynpyroMB caCopao caBCToaao. y obomb ^y- 
uiaHOBonB nocTymcy , kohmb e ohb cboh) cynpyry 
y cafiopaa caBeTOBaaa yaeo , Tpefia TpaacHTH y- 
apoRB, lUTO ce ii^apHi^a Saeaa nocae ^ymaaoae cMp- 

(^ HaeeAeHbifi aaKOH'b naaasH ce no^'b HaaHBOM'&XXV. 
CbBopy, a caM'b saROHii oeaKO r^acn: ,>6it CeBpcBa cbBO- 

pA p^\ rrbCTK. KTO /IH C6 U;6p'kl|J£Tb CbBOpHHKb, fi,lS M^ C6 oytuH 
Oypll^llTA, H A^ C^ UUCAiaA^I'** nOABOHH6,'' 

CTp. 5t. 


TH rpy^Hjia, ^a y CBoe pyKe 3aAo5i6 ^pmaoHy ynpa- 

By, lewy Cy CBH Cp6CKH BJiaCTCJIH npOTHBHB 6blAH^ 

HexoTchH ce noKopaBarM meHCKOH B.iacTH, y obomi» 
^yiuaHOBO!viT> nocTynicy xpasKHTH xpefia ye^HO h ce- 
itfe pas^opa, Koe e H3Me})y B^a^areaH h cp6cRH ejia- 
cxe^a iioceflHO ( YuAHWh^ now cy Ka^KaAi^ Hce- 
He y cp5cKa Ap^^siBHa a^*^£^ HMa^ie, 5(>io e iiiTeTaHi* 
^paKaBHbiMi'B HHTepecHiua^ Kao iiito Hacb HCTopia 
^ocxa /^oBOJiBHO yBepasa, Besii cywuK Bjia^a ^Z^ec- 
noxa BMCOKori) Cxe^aaa 6f>i^ia Qbi /i,a^erso Aia , /^a 
6 KHerHHfl MHaHi^a o/^i> ApHCdBHbi ^ejia cacBHMii yKao- 
H'JbHa Cwwia. BoifHHSKiii Ayxt, koh e OH/^a y pe^OBH- 
ma cp6cKH B^iacie^a B.ia/\ao, Hie ;^03BOjiABao, ^^ ^^ 
OHH no^Bprny yijpaBH caa6e HiencKe pyKe. PaayaAa- 
HOCTB, II crpacTH B.iacre.ia iwor.ia e cawo y cxerH 
;^pmaTH CHaiKHa MHtiiiii^a lOHaKa^ a He nhmHOCTB h 
XHTjieHocTJ> atene. — Onpeya^e^ena uocTaBuia 110^1% ^y. 
luafiOM'b, aa^pHta^a cy u nferoBe cwpxH cboio 
saaiHOCTib. LJ^pKOBHHi^H II Bjacxe^H 6bijiH cy ysacTHH- 
mi y ca6opHMa h ^yiuaHOBe cwpxH; a^H ys'B 
HBH cnoMHHio ce H Maxepe B^a^axeaa wao ynacxBH-' 
ne y ca6opHHivn> caBexoBanBnfa. TaKo y A»n.ioMH, 
KOK) e i^api) ypo/u/b Mjia/^biH 1357. roA- 10. Anpajia 
HS^ao, cnoMHHh ce ca6op'i>, y komtj cy ynacxBOBa.iH: 
t^apeea jnaru GAeua, narpiapx-h , MUTponoAuru^ ^^V" 
jnnnu , h ceu eAacreAu eeAjnootcuu. (^) A h ^ecnoxij 
BHCoKiu Cxe*aH'i> cnoMHHh. ^a ce y caSopy ocHWb 
naxpiapxa , MHxpono.iHxa, h B.iacxe.ia canexoBao ca 
CBoioM'fc MaHKOM-b KHerKHBOMii Mh^^hi^omtj. (**) riocjie 
C:\ipxH ^ecnoxa BHCOKorij Cxe^ana HecnoMwHio ccbh- 
iiie ca6opii y cpScKHMii HSBopHMa. HacxynHBfjie xyatHe 
OKO^iHOcxH 3a cpCcKy ApmaBy, h KOHasna npowena 
ApsKaBHori) ycxpoHCXBa nncy ^onymxajie, ^a ce wno- 
cjie cMpxH BHCOKorb Cxe^ana caSopw casHBaio. 

(*) Cp5cKH CnoMeHHqH 6p. ^6. exp. 57. 
/ (**) OnHcanie ^peBHOCTiii ep6cKH y cbctoh ropH. 6p. 

18* CTp. 63. 

81 6bi aanifMjiBiiBo, naAt^ 6u onpeA^- 
jil^Ho Mor.iH o/^roBopHTH Ha nHTaH'K: „0 ncMy cy ce 
cp6cKU cadopu caeeToeaAU?"" t. fi. koii cy npe^MexH 
y Kpyrfa ca6opcKor'b caseTOBaHfl cna/^ajiH? Ha-b o/^- 
roBopa Ha obo nnxaHii motjih 6f>i HaH6o.«K h cib naif- 
BehoMi) cjife/^CTBenocTH oi^enHXH yn^HBii , koh cy 
cp5cKH ca^opH y ^pacaBHa jyeA^i HMaan , k onpe^e- 
•1HTH rpaHHqy ;^o Koe ce BjiacTB cpCcKn BjiaAare^a 
npocTHpajia* Y o^roBopy na obo OHTanlb neiwory no- 
CTaBHTH cneuiifljiHd nanejia, hsI) koh 6bi ceyBH/^HTH 
Morao Rpyn> /^eaare^HOCTH cp6cKH ca6opa, epii na 

OBdH npe^Mexi* O^HOCehH ce Cp5cKH H3BOpH HHCy 

^OBoaBHH, ^a ce Ha nocTaBjil>HoaHTaHk cb nynoMi* 
onpe^h^eHOCTH o^roBopH. H ^anaci), Ka^i) cyn^wb 
ycTpoHCTBa eBponCKH /i^pHcaBa tojihro noanaTa, h 
KaAi> TdKO oSHjina cpe^CTBa HMamo ci> /^pHcaBHHMi> 
ycTpoHCTBaMayno3HaTH ce, TeuiKoCfai 5biao crporo 
HaaHaHHTH npe^MeTe, koh y Rpyrix abhbi caBeTOBanfl 
coaAaio. y o6mTe Mo3Ke ce pehH, ^acy cnHBamniH aa 
ApmaBHuii MCHBOT'B npe^MeTH aaKOHO^aBCTBa, a/^MH- 
HHcrpau^ie, na h caMe cy^CHCKe B.iacTH cna^ajiH y 
Rpyrb ca6opcKH caBeroBaHA. FeHcpa^iHO obo nane- 
AO MOH(e ce HanecTH naii cnoMena noe^^HHJU npe/^me- 
Ta, KOH ce y cp5cKH mib naBopuMa na^aae a aa Koe 
ce ana, 4a cy y KpyrTtflBHu caseTOBAHa cna^aau. He- 
he cyBHuiHO 5f>iTK noe^HHe obc npe^meTe ner^aujH&H 


ripe Hero ihto ce y Ha6pa hhIi npe^iwexa hbhw 
cpficKH caBexoBana ynycTHMi> , MopaMi> cnoMenyTH 
^a ce hbho caBexoBanK o ^^m^Ln^hiwb fi,eAviw9i y 

CpGCRHMli H3BOpHMa n0HB.^I06 y ^BOCxpyROItfb BH^y. 

3a r^HRoe npe^mexe bcjih ce AS^ cy peuieHH y ca- 
6opy, aaa^pyre HaBo^n ce ^a ce o HbHiwa Bjia^axe^B 
caBexosao BaHi* ca6opa ne ca CBHMa, nero caMo ci> 
r^HKOHM-b cafiopHHMi) y4acxHHjLipHMa. y oBaRBHM'b cne- 
ififl^tHHM'b casexoBaHBMa , roh ce y iiaeopHMa ne- 
cnoMHHEO nof^'b HMeHOM-b ca^opa, peuiaBaHHcy npeA* 




CTHMa HHcy MoraH Guth npe^^jiarauH pemaeaHio yKjr- 
uHorB ca^opa. Ca6opH cy caaHsaHH gbieaaH y na- 
npe/i^'b onpe^ejilsHOM'B ^ecry, cneiv^^Ha caBeToeaHH 
/^pasao 6 BjiaAdTe^B ou/^e h on^a, r^n e h RaA^ ^ 
3a A(>6p^ Hamao. y cafiopuMa ynacTBOBaaH cy cbh 
40TMHHH i^pKORHHi^H H BaacTeaH, y cnei^iflaHa case- 
TOBdHH no3HBao 6 Baa^axeai* war caMO noBepenie 
aio^e, HaH oHe, koh cy ce y H'kroBOH oKoaHHH naaa- 
3HaH. y ocraaoMb , a MHcaHMii , ^a cy h OBa cne- 
L^iHaHa caBeTOBanfl ^eAaah Baa^aTeaa orpanHnaBaaa. 

H3Mel^y npe^MCTa ca6opcKH h hbhu caBexo- 
Banfl cnoMHHH) ce y H3BopHMa caK^yiohH: 

1. Onpe^eaflBaH'l) mepa , ko6 cy nyHCy^He Suae, 
^a ce 4HCTotia peanrie canyBa , h o^paftH. IlpBbiH 
o OBOMii npe^Mexy cafiopi* ca3Bao eHeMaHfll. no^'b 
KHMi) cy npBMH nyTi> penao 6bi o^i* cp6cKH ^p»a- 
BHu BaacTiii Hs^are uape^ge , Koe cy cwepaae ^a 
ce yxBp^H DpaBocaaBifl, a HSRopenH y cpCcKoii ^p- 
maBH epeCB. Ha obomi> ca5opy 6i>iao 6 saKatOHeno 
^a ce opyHcaHa caaa Hsauialb npoTHBy epeTHKa, A^ 
ce HeKH epeTHi^H cnaae , HManK Apyrn epexHRa fl^B 
ceysanxH h chpoxhhbh no^eaH. kanaaHHRy epexMRa 
o/^ceRaH cy esnui^^ HKroBe RHBHre cnaaKne , OH'b e 
npoFHStHB, H HS^axa e sanoBecxB, ^a My ce hh hmb 
y Sy^yhe ne cnoMHH'b. IIpBOBeHHaHWH RpaaB Bean, 
Aa 6 HeMaHfl 1. obumb Ha^iBHonrB HSRopeHio epecB, (*) 
ROfl ce Mel^y xhah* Racnie onexTs noBBHaa 9 na cy 
3axo y ^yiuaiioBOAfb 3aROHHRy HOBe Mepe 3a ynu- 

{*) CeeTbiH npBOBeHHaHUii Rpaab xaKO jenHii% peq- 
MB onnc^re qejy pacnpy , Koa ce nopo^Haa 36or'b paa- 
opocTpaH'bHe y cp6eHOH ApxcasH epeen HSMei^y cp6cKH 
eaacTe^a, koh oy na aeMa^bCKiii ca6op'b noseaHH 6biaH, 

Aa CaMb MHC^JO I^eO /^OTH4Hblli §. OA'b peHH Ao p6<]H Ha- 

BecTH, aaH Me OAiTora orpaHH<ieHOCxb r^acHHROBor'b opo- 
CTopa aa^psKaaa. Pamatky. 2ivot. sv. Symeona od krale 
2it$pai)a 6p. VI. CTp. 1. 


uiTenfe epecH a o^pHcaHh h HCTohe npaBOC^asiH y^iH- 
H^ne, H HOBH cy saROHH ^^oHeiueHH. 

Z. YcTyneiH-h iipecTO^a, Koe ce ^BanyTii y cp6- 

CROH HCTOpiH nOHBAtOei n0^1> HeMaH£>OMl> 1. H no^Ti 

KpSLAhtAiy ^paryTHHOi»ii>. 3a HemaHio cb Has-kcHOCTH 
3HaMo Ad 6 ocTaejiHiohH ce ceeTCKe eaacTH, m aanie- 
pant 6y<2^yhH npuMHTH „AHr€/»bCKWM h anocTo^bCKWH wepaab" 
Kao iiiTo CB. KpajiB Be^H , npe^ao ^pmaBHy Bjia^y 
CBOMe HaHCTapieM'b CHHy Cre^aHy npe^Tk ^Hn^ama, 
KOfl cy y ca6opHHM'Ki caBCTOBaHBMa ynacTBOsaaa. 
Obom*!! npHJiHKOAfb nocTaB^^HH cy H r^iasHH ochobh 
npecTO^Horb Hac^K/^CTBa , koh cy ce h ci'l^Ayi^^'^ 
BjiaAdTe^BH npH^paKaBa^H. (*) — 3a^paryTHHa necno- 
mhh]^ ce HCTHHa HHr^H ^a 6 ApanaBHy B^a^y npe^ii 
ca6opoM'b M^ia^eiucKi cbomi 5paTy MnjiyTHHy npe^ao, 
a.iH ycxynaH-b npecToaa raRO 6 BamaHii aa 
cpiScKy /^pmasy npe^MCTix, a^ c^ ct ocHOsaHOCTH 
MOHce pehH /^a e obo yCTynanfe npecxojia xeirb y 
/^oroBopy Cfa ocTajtHMii B^iacTCJiKMa yHHHhHo. 

3. Ha BCiHKe Hapo/^ne CBesaHOCTH caaHsa^H cy 
cp6cKH Bjia^dTejiBH TaKol)e cse, roh cy y ca6opHMa 
ynacTBOBa-iH, nao iuto nacb npHimepH cb. IIpBOBeu- 
HaHori> Rpa^fl, H Rpaaa Bjia^BcaaBa yBepaaaio. no/^ii 
npBOBeHHanHMB Rpajil^Mi> npeneuiene cy hsi* Xb jien- 
^apa CB. MouiTH HeMaH^ I. y Cp6iio^ h nocTaBJitne 
cy y MaeacTHpy CTyAenHUH. IIpeHomeHt obo fiuao 
a noHaifrjiaBHiH hobo/^'b, tc cy ce aaBa^HBiua ce 5pa- 
ba ByR-B h CTe4;>aHB hsmhphjih. (**) no^B RpaatwB 

(*) HaBe^eHO fl,e^o 6p. IV. CTp. 'i. 
(**) Ebo yspoKT. HaeoAB cb. Caea, ujto c}^ mouith cb. 
CniieoHa HeMan^ nai XHJieH^apa npeneuieHe y Ctjao- 

RBqj:„Bb CTpAHt TOH Bb3/V\6T0U1€ C6 eSkll^H, A 6AA:K6Hkl WTbl^b 
HAlUb TAMO A€;KHTb. C C6Mb MOAHMb TBOIO (CB. Case, epi CB* 

Caea oBe pe<iH naBoj^n no cMHCAy nnciia, ro6 cy uy no- 
cjia.iii H'feroBa 6paha or. npeoBeHqaHbiH Rpa^b, h Bjr%) 

,,MOAHTRO\% rOCnC^A pA^H /H^A Henp'kapHUlH HACb. Rb3MH :K6 MbCT- 

Hkie Moi|JH rccnoAHHA hki, cV^ewHA, h npHHecN hm e c£mo a- 

KO /^A HCnAbH6H0 6AArCCA0B6HY< erO HBHTb €6 HA HACk^S A CB. 


BjiaA^caBOMii ^OHemcHe cy moiuth y ByrapcKoir ywp- 
Aorb CB. Caee y Cp6iio . KoioMi> npHjiHKOM'b e Rpa.iB 
BASLA^CASiBrb Ha OBO wa^ocTHO TopHcecTBO CBC yna- 
CTHHKe y ca6opHifivi'b caBeTOBaiiBMa no3Bao. 

4. riHTaHK: xohe jin ce boahth paTi> h.«h ne, 
6b]jio e Behi> no^ii MHayTHHOMt npe/^Mer'B HBHOrb 
caBeTOBanfl. A h 3a ^yujana 3HaMo, ^a ce o obom% 
nHTaBH) caseTOBao ca cbohmtj BaacTeaiiMa. (*) 3a 
^enaHCKonj cbmo ce Hara^axH moace, ^a ce xaKO^e 
HBHO caBCTOBao ca CBouMXi Baacre^HMa npe nero 
iiiTO 6 BOHCKy npoTHBy ByrapcKorii MnxaH^a noA"- 
rao; a 3a KHe3a •/la3apa CKopo 6 y Hapo^no npe/^a- 
Hie npeuiaO; ^a ce hbho A^i^oBapao ct> cbohmi* B^a- 
CTejiHivfa xohe avi ce cb Typ^HMa 6hth hjib ne, 'h 
Benepa y ohh BH^oBa fl^ue HHuiTa ^pyro Hie. ho caMo 
nocae^nK o obomt) npe/^Mexy abho caBeTOBauh. IlpH- 
po/^a npe^MeTa npii obbm^ caBeTOBanjbMa saxTCBaJia 
e, ^a ce CTBapn uito fipme p^iue , Baa^aTejiBH cy 
ce 3aTO caseTOBa^H cb OHHMa, koh cy ce oro hbh 
Haaa3HjiH, H KOH cy Ha hbho caBeTOBaH^ 6e37» ^y- 
rorB o^ASkTema Mor.iH ^ohvt. J^3poK'b uiro e obouh- 
TanK y Kpyri> hbhu, ^pmaBHu caBexoBaHH cna^a-^o, 
y ToMe ce Haaa3n iuto cy cp6cKH B.iacTejiH casH- 
HABa^H 63rpy h HaHBehin ^eo cp6cKe BoiicKe , na 
3aTO npH CBOH cBoioii o6Be3aHocTH BoesaHA, Mopa- 

Kpa.ib Be.fH, 4a e iiauel^j ocxajora oBonHcao ceoMik 6pa- 
ry ce. CasH: ^T'k^b »€ HinpecT^HHO MOAoy Te, u; np'fenoAO- 

6bH6 (VTbHS HAUlb. CabO, nOCytOyiUtlH r/lACA BLCHAai01|JArO TH H3b 
ri\OY'BHHKI Cpb^bt^A, H Henp£3pH /MCAeHHIZI A\OerC. H CKJ^TABb MO- 

i|iH cseTAro, H np'bnoA^BHAro, h CTBopb c haa\h MHAOcrh, noTb- 

qjABb C€ H CA^b npHH6CH BAArOCyX^""^ MOlfJH CBeTAro , p^A npO" 
CB'kTHTb C€ IDTbMbCTBHC CPO ripHHCC€HH6/V\b iUClpH 6rO H npHlUb- 
tUHMH, H0VBH6HA BklCTb KpbRbil\H> H BbriAACXCMb Bb nA'feHb HHO- 

nA6M6HhHKiKb^*. Oenifb^HbHM'bpeHma rmepa cb. npajib 
na pacnpj, koio e cb ju.ia^HMi* cboum'b ^paTOAfb Bynowh 
HiiaOy H Pamatkjr: no^i* cnoMeujrTHiui* HasBBHiia. 
(*) PaubbT. II. CTp. 581, 155. 


AH Cy 6biTH nHTdHH 33 CdBeT'Ii: ^a AH 6, H^H He, 3a 

^pmasy iipo6HTaHHo fl,^ ce j^nycxe y paT^ ? 

5. IIperOBopH o WHpy 6aAH cy no^i) ^enan- 
cKHMi) y 4Ba Ma iipe/^weTif abhu caBeTOBanA, y koh- 
Ma cy caMO CBexcKH Baacre^H ynacTBOBa^iH. A h 3a 
^yuiana ce cnoMHH:^, ^a ce npH o6caAH rpa/^a Co- 
ayHa caBexoBao „cb chahki/vih oThMhCTeTa ch'^ o MHpy, kob 
6 HMnepaTopi} HCKao. J^yuiawb bcjih, ^a ce ca chhomi> 
3^pouieM'Ki H CKi Baacre^HMa caBexoBao h on^a Ka^i* 
e ^y6poBsaHHMa ^wnaoivioM'b oA'i> 1350. ro^. Cenx 
ISO. npaBa h noBaacxHi^e Hene noxBp/^io. (*) 

6. MmiyxBHTj ce casexoBao ^jCb mhophmh b€aa\o- 

^AA^H CBOHA«H'' O XOMe.' KaKO ^a 6yA^ KaSHKHl) H^rOB'b 

CBH'Ki Cxe^aHik nocae KpaaB ^eHaHCKiH, aixo ce ycy- 
^io opymie no^Hhu npoxHBy CBora oxi^a. OBaii npe;^- 
Mexi* 5bio 6 BamaHii sa cpficKiii ^pmaBHbiii aKHBoxii* 
Cxe^J^aHi) 6 6bio cxapiH cuhii MHayxMHOBit , ohI) 6 
HMao 6f>ixa Haca^^HHK'b cpCcKorii npecxoaa , na no 
XOMe y HbroBOM'Ki JiHi;y xpefiaao e nosHxoBaxH 6y^y- 
herij cp6cKori> KpaaA, a ye^Ho nasKHXH Henocayiu- 
HOcxB CHHa npeMa oxi;y , h /^pcKOCXB 6yHXOBHURa 
npCMa Baa/^axeaio y xoaHKO BHuie, uixo xo Hie 6f>io 
npBfkiH caynafi, a^ ^^ chhti h fipax^ npoxMBi^ oxi^a 
H 6paxa Baa^axeaa no^Hrao. Hym^"^ cy Suae cxpo- 
re Mepe, 4a ce y 6y^yhe vshhh KpaR oBaKBHMii no- 
RymaHMa. O obhmt* MepaMa caaexoBaoce MHayxiiHt 
cb Baacxe.iHMa, aaH Heys^aiohH ce moska^^ A^ ^^ 
Heo caSopij o^oSpHXH xxexH cxpore Mepe, Koe cy 
npeMa ^esaHCuoMij ynoxpefiafene, h 6o€hn ce , ^a 
OBO HHxaH^ He^a noBO^a pacnpH, koa 6bi Bp.10 aam- 
ue nocaK^Hi^e 3a Ap^asHUH HfiHBOx'b Moraa HMaxH, 
H H^roBe y obomi* norae^y naMepe ca cbhmtj ocye- 
XHXM, a nanocae^Ky h 3axo, mxo e ^e4ancKiH 6e3'b 
cyMHfe y CBOHMT* HaMepaMa npoxwey cbottj oxna no^- 
noMaraHi) 6mo MHoriiM'b BaacxeawMa, MHayxHH-b pe- 

(*) PaHhi> T. II. cxp. 690. t4«, Cp6cKHC^oMeHH^H. 
6p* 43. cxp. 5S. 


uieH'K npe^MeTa nie npe^ao ca6opy, Hero ra e peiuio 
y AoroBopy cb mhofhm'b B^iacTeaHMa , a.iH 3ai;e.«o 
CB OHHMa, 3a R06 6 yeKpcHi) 6bio ^sl ce nehe npo- 
THBHTH niiroBOH BO^BH, Hcro ^a he na H-fcroBe npe/^- 

aore OArOBOpHTH : 55BAArCH6tTHBklM Kf>AAIO fi.osp'k m cmm- 
CA6H0 Btl|J/)AZ eCH*'. (*) 

7. HsGopii apxienHCKona , a noc.«e naTpiapxa 
6hio 6 npe^MeT^B caCopcKOr'B caBeTOBanii. ^o Kpaaa 
^paryTHHa nocTaBaao e apxienHCKona npa^B y ca- 
raaciK) CB i^pKOBHH^HMa caMo, (^'^*) a oai> BpemeHa Kpa- 
AH ^paryTHHa HMaaH cy ynjiHBa y naCop'B apxienn- 
CKona H B^acTe^H raRO, ^^ ^ ^A*^ obof'b BpeMena 
Hsfiopi) apxienHCKona 6bio npeAMeTii ca6opcKorB 
caBeroBaHA, nao nixo HacB a^^ojibho o TOMe yB-fe* 
paBaio npHMepH: cb. EBCTaxiii I., HHKOAHMa, ^annaa 
apxHenMCKona, loaHHKiA, Case lY. naxpiapxa, aa Rpe 
CB h3b1=»cthocth 3HaMo, ^a cy y cafe^CTBy ^pHiaBHo- 
ca6opHon> caBexoBanH H36paHH Cmjh na BiacoKO 
i^pKBeHo aoctohhctbo. (***) 

8. BeH4aBaH'b cp5cKorB BJia^arejiH na npecTOji'B 
Aora})ajio ce raRo^e y npHcycTBy aP^^^mo*"* ca6o- 
pa^ Rao uiTO TO npHMhpn: ^esaHCRori* h ^ymaHa 

AOBO^BHO CBe^OHe. (*^»*) 

9. ^oHouieH'b HOBbi 3aKOHa , H noTBp^aBaH'K 
ype^Ca, Roe cy B^a^aTeaBH ns^aJiHy a RoecvHMaae 
RapaRxepi) saROua , 6biAO e npe^weT-B cafiopHorb 
caneTOBaHA. ^yinaHOBis 3aROHHR'B, Rao mxo ce fiea- 
cnopHO M3'b yBo^a y hctwA 3aROHHK'B ysatja, fiwo e 
nocraBjiKH'B caH3BoaeH'l>M'B ap^^^^h^^''' ca6opa , a 

(*) Panhi T. II. cTp. 611. 

(**) FjiaeuHRi* VI. cTp. 30. 

(*♦*) rjiacHHKi> VI. CTp. CTp. 33, 10, PaHfei. T.n. If. 

618, 747, 761. 

(****) Cp6cKH CnoMeHHUH6p. 176. CTp. 3t1, AenaH- 
CKifi npBenai^'b cTp. 5i. PanKi T. II. cxp. 733, 7*7 761. 


CHrypHo saKOHH h npe h nocjie ^yjuana HS/^aBaHH, 
/^OHouieHH cy Ha flf^maBHH^Aii ca6opHMa. (^) 

10. TIoAapHBaH^ semjih y cp6cKOH ^pmasH Ma- 
HacTHpHMa , Kao /^a e xaRO^e Ofl;b BpeMena ^enan- 
CKorb 6bio ^pe/^MeT'I> cafiopHori) caseTOBaHA. TaKo 
^eHaHCKiif y CBoioii ^HnaoMH /i^apoBanoH ManacTHpy 
^enaHRMa sejiH: „h nApeKoxk ero HPcv/vi.€H'rizi oBqie M'kCTO MpbH- 

l^6Mb Cb BAArCCACB6Hl'eil\% TOCriO/I^HHA MH OTL^A ^^AHHAA H BCk^l^ 

enHCKcnb h Bcero cBopa cpscKaro^' r^H ce noA'i> 6AaeocAoee' 
Hiejm o/(o6peHK ^pmaBHoris ca6opa paayMeBa aaro, 
lUTO cy oBOMii ManacTHpy WHore seiMa^ ,^h mhota npH- 
tch^ahVizi ia:Ke Ha KpbMcy^^noAapeHa. Hero TaKO ii ^ecnoTt 
BfacoKiH CTe^aHii . meaehH oS^apuTH ManacTHp'b 
KHjieH^apit Be^H ,,h aroBopHXce cb rocnonu^b h MAHKOMb 

MH KHerHHWML /llHilHl|U;Mb H Cb rCCnC^HHWMb np£lUCBei|l6HiHMb 

pHMa 3aTO 6 Morao 6biTH npe^MeTi) cafiopnori) ca- 
BeroBaHfl, uxto cy ca seM^BOMis cKonnaHH 6biaH paanH 
TepcTH, o^-b KOH cy ManacTHpcKH ^iK)/^H ocjiofio^a- 

BaHH 6filBa.lH. (**) 

11. Haib 150. Ayui^HOBori) saKOHa MOHce ce if3Be- 
CTH, ^a cy cp6cKH BjiaAaTe.iBH ^B.iacre.ioM'b h B.iacTe- 
jiMnHKOMi)^^ /^aBa.iH ,,Ha CB^opy aeMB^io h rpa^OBe y 
^^pBHcaBy-^ T.e. noAi> ynpaBy, o^Ky^Ti 6w ce Mor^o 
paayMeTH, /^a 6 noAapHBaH^ bhiuh aP^^^h" ssaHiA ra- 
Ro^e HeKOH KOHrpojiH ApHcasHorii ca6opa. 

(^) Cp6cKH B.iaAaTeJbH R3AaBajii cy ype^^e, yKaae^ 
noA^ HasHBOM'b noeeAiuiA^ roh cy o6Be3Hy CHjy aaRona 
HMaaH, a.iii roh e aP^^bhuh ca6opi» ycBOflsao, h HaKua- 
AHO noTBpj^asao, Kao uito ce cb ocHOBOM'b hst* fl,y\m' 
HOBor'b aaROHa moskc iisBecTii. r^H ce Hsmel^y ocxaJbi 3a- 
KOHa caoMHHH) npea noeeAiuiA Rao aaRouH , Koe e ca- 
6op'b oAo6pio, H ycBoio. 

(^*) Cp6cKH CnoiieHHi^H 6p. 116; OiiHcauie aP^bho- 
CTik y CBeTOH FopH 6p. 18, cxp. 63. 


Obo cy npe^MeTH, koh ce y cp5cKHMi> H3BopH« 
Ma cnoMHHio^ H 3a K06 ce 3Ha 4a cy peiuaBdHH hb- 
HHNfb caseTOBdHtiM-b B^a^aTe^fl, i^pKOBHHKa H BaacTe- 
•«a. Besi cyMHh ochmis obu npeMera 6 h Apy- 
TH, ROH cy y Rpyri> cafiopHori) /^eaaHA cua^ajiH, a.«H 
Koe MH He3HaMO aaro, iuto HaMis HHcy no3HaTH cbh 
H3BopH CTape name npouuocTH. y xpHcoBy^flMa, h 
Ha^iiHCHMa, ROH he ce 663% cyMRl3 y aenoM'b 6poio 
y BocHH, XepneroBHHH, ByrapcRoii, a ocoShto Aji- 
6aRiH H CTapoH Cp6iH Ha.ia3HTH, cRpHseHO ./leacHBe- 
^iHRo 6oraTCTBO no^araRa 3a crapy cp6cRy HCTopiio 
H npoiujuH npasHMH mifBOTii. OcRy^Hij^e , RO6 ce 
ca^i) onaHcaK), nonyHHhe ce MosR^a y TenaiOBpeMeHa, 
^ORi) ce ^OMahH H3Bopa cpScRe npoiujocTH yMno- 
we, nosna^y h paacBer^ie. 

TIocie^H]?, a h anaTHO nHxaH^, ro6 caMB 
o ca6opHMa nocTaBio, €Cti>: ^^Kaney cy ca6opu UMa^ 
•ifi BaoK^HocTh npejna SAadare^bUMa", O^roBop'B Ha obo 
HHTaH^ noRasao 6f>i naMi) Mepy caCopcRori^ ynjiHBasa 
ApHcaBHbiii mHBOT'b , II onpe^eaio 6hi o^hocti roh e 
H3Me^y B^ia^aTe.ifl cb e^ne crpaHe, a i^pBROBHHRa 
H BJiacxe^a ci> Apy^t* crpane 6wo. O^roBopij na 
OBO nHTanK Hay*iio 6bi Haci> /^a ^h cy cpficRH ca- 
6opH y pyRaMa B^a^aTe.iH Guah cawo nrpanRa, RO- 
ioMij H B«iaAaTe.iB worao shhhth iiixa e xxeo; hah 
cy cpCcRH cd5opu 6biAn cryfioBH, Ha ROHwa e Ap- 
maBHUM crpoH uoHHBao, H pyRe, cpe^CTBOWfa roh e 
;^p»&aBHO xe^o CBOH) CHary H3flBaBHBa«io. \ah o^ro- 
Bopi) MOH Ha nocraBjifeHo HHTaHfe Hebe mohn niwa- 
TH ToaHRy BasRHocTJb, ept ce HeycyljyeM'b Ha OBOHH- 
TBHh Cb nynoM-b onpe^eabHOCxH o/^roBapaxit 36or'i» 
xora, jLQxo HHcy ^obo^bbh H3BopH, na ROHMa ce OA- 
roBopi> ocHHBaxH MoaRe. 

HcnHxyiohH if3Bope oai' HeManL I. na ao yRH- 
Hyha cp6cRe HesaBHCHOcxii h ROHaHHori> pacxpofi- 
cxBa cpScRor-b y^pmaBHorB HCHBoxa , yBepaaaMB ce, 
Aa cp5cRH ca6opH HMcy hm^^h CBaKSL^ii eAHaRy sa- 


HSHOCTJb. IIoA'b HeMaHBOMii I. noflBjiioio ce ca6opH 
BHiue y BHfl,y HeKorii nopoAH4Hor'Ki caBera^ nero jih 
^pmaBHe Kopnopai^ie, hoh e 6bi^a nosBaHa, a^ f&a* 
cuie peiuHTe.iHbiH ynjiHB'b 3a^o6i6 y ^pH&aBna Ae.ia« 
y ca6opHMa , koh e HeuauA I. caaBao, narp apxaji* 
Hbiii sKHBaaB ce hko onaasa y ^pmaBHOMis ycrpoii- 
CTBy, na saxo h Be^M cb, upa^B CTe^j^aHB y skhbo- 
TOnHcy CBorb orqa , 4a e ohi^ HeMaHA I. bbho na 
ca6opy H3o6.iH4io one, koh cy 6f>i.iH nocv^/^OBare- 
jiBU apieBe uayKe^ a cb. CdBa cqomhh^ ^a e HeMaBA 
1. ca6paHe B.iacTe^e HaauBao: ^Me/^A moa bls/iicbaVbhaa h 
BbcnHT'kHaA MHoic" , liJTO 6 saHCTa 3HaKi> Hepaasie- 
Hor'Ki naTpiapxa^HorB »cHBOTa B.iacTejiii h i^pBKO- 
BBHi^M y OBo Bpeme caMo cy caBeTOBaHKMi> cbo- 
HMi> ^ yTHi^a.iHy ^pma^fHa A^-^a? hbiobb yn^HBi> 
6fkio 6 orpaHHMeBB, uBiOBa bo^a h miiiu^^hI^ caMo 6 
Ofl^a HMa^o BaacHocTH, KSiA'b ce ca MHuiAhwhM'h Baa- 
AaTCwiH noAy^apaAo, Bo^a B^a^aTea^Ba Guaa 6 aa- 
KOHi>, KOH 6 CBaKorB o5BeaHBao, na aaro ce y obomii 
BpeMeny Btiuje , Hero Kacnie doabjiioh) cp6cKH B^ia- 
^aTejiBu Kao rocno^apH npeMa cbohm'b iioaihhJ^hh- 
Ma, Kao OTai^i) npe^a cboioh nopo^Hi^H. Y oboh 
noA4HHhHOCTH aa^pH^d^iH cy ce cp6cKH ca6opn fl,o 
Cre^aHa ^^saHCKorB, hoa'b kohmi^ cy ohh aaAo6H»iH 
Behy BamnocTB. koa ce iioai> AyuiaHormiy yxBpAHaa 
M yMHoufiHja. Kpa.iB Mn^yTHHB ioiiiB e Morao npe- 
CToaHora HacakAHHKa .iHiiniTH BH^a. h 
ra H3i> HacAhfl,iHj iuto a^bojibho noKaaye uoa^hh^' 
HOCTB B.iacre.ia npema B^aAaxeaK); ^eHaHCKiH nanpo- 
TMBT) canaBo.ieH^MB ca6opa ycTanoBjiABa ManacTHpii 
^enane, h onpe^e^ABa nyaKA"^ ^a naApHsaBaH^ mo- 
Haxa aen^h. ^e^aucKiii e BoaBOMi> BaacTe.«a Aoiuao 
Ha Kpaa^BCKiH npecroaB , na aaro cy B^acrean h 
aaApAcaxH Mor^ii ynwiHBi>, koh e ^enaHCKorii Haii I^a- 
pHrpa^CKorB nporoHCxBa y oxenecTBO noBpa rio , h 
nocie MH.iyTHHOBe cMprn Rao aaKOHorB npecTOji- 
Hor-B HacjihAHHKa na npecTOJiB ya^Hrao. Ca6opHcy 


ce noAnyuo pasBHjiH noAi> ^ymaHOM'b, koh e, ko^h- 
KO SHdMo, HaHHeiuhe h naiisHaTHie ca6ope casHsao. 
HoA'b ^yuiafioM'b cy caCopH ynpaffCHflB^.«H y expo- 
roM*!! cMHCJiy 3aKOHo;^aBHy BJiacTb , Kao iuto Hacb 
no/iayHO yBepasa ^ymaHOB'b aaKOHHKii^ koh e ca- 
HSBOJieH^Mii cp6cKorb ca6opa Ao6io cboio BaffCHOCTb. 
Hy^HO 6y j^a 6 ^yuiaH'Ki^ kob 6 nor.iaBHTO bohbhri* 
6uo, HaifBHuie yHHHio, ^a ce cpCcKiil ^pncaBubiHSKH- 
BOTi pasBie. a.iH h MHCJiHiifKi, T^a 6 ^yiuanii oco6hto 
THMii yMHOSKio CH.iy cp6cRon> opymfl, iuto e bbhuh 
acHBOTii ocjia/^io cbhmb B^acTejiHMa, koh cy ce cb 

HIiHMl> 3a6^HH4RH Tpy/^HJIH, ^a CABBy OTe'lCCTBa, CB 

KOHMii 6 H HBioBa co6cTBeHa 6yAyhHocTB HaiiTemH'K 
CKODHana 6uaa , noAHrny , yxeMeai"! h ^o i^BeTaHH 
^OBe/^y. — rio^B napeM* ypomewB M^aAHMB CHjia 
cp6cKH ca6opa raKo e ne^HRa Gujia^ ^a 6 i^apB 
ypouiB, 3ay3HMaiohH npecxoa-B , bbho ofiehaTH mo- 
pao , ^B he ce npn^pmaBaTH saRona , ROe e no^B 
^ymaHOMB ca6opB nocraBio. (*) IIo^b ^ecnoxoMB 
BfacoRHAiB CTe^aHOMi, naRB bh/^hmo, /^a Cp6cRH ca- 
6opu 0CTO TBRO, Rao uiTO 6 TO cjiysaH 6wo y IIOJIB- 
CROH H <i>paHi(ycROH , H HaHBHuiy cy^eHCRy B^aCTB 
H3BpmaBaio, ■**^) epB y ;^HnjioMH o^b 8. IOhih 1411. 

(^) y AHOJioMH cBoiou 0^1* 24. AnBH^a 1301. se^H 
i^apb ypowb: „HHce hc^ ^oep'b ^CTpAiziici|j^ /v\h no 3akch;S 

^CTABiteHHOn^ BCe4bCTHAP0 3B0pA , H'/K6 np€}K;\6 rOCflO^HHCMb 
H (i0fi,»TiA6Mh I^ApbCTBA MH, CB6TCriOMHBIUHMk l^ApeMb, R}Ke ^SCTA' 

Cp6. CaoM. 6p. 46, cTp. 56, 51. 

**) r. Mai^'kioBCKH nncAH, ^a cy ca6opH y rioJiLCKOil 
THMi sehy BasKHocTb Hiia.iH, UITO cy y3i» aasoHOAaBHy, r 
cyAekcny saacTb HSBpiuaBaaH. Hot. CiaB. npasa I. •!. 
§. 127. HanpoTHB'b Kap-ii PoTTeRi» j cbomc A^-iy ^^AUg'e- 
meine Geschichte^* Ehrenausg'abe , Braunschweig^ ^ 1851. 
Bd. 8. pagf. 32.), roBop^hn o TOMe, KaKo 6 Jly^BHK'b XIV. no- 
Moby cboh MHHHCTepa pHiue^'fea h h MasapHHifl cboio ne- 
orpaHH4eHy Bja^y ocHosao. bb^h aa napjaiMeHTb „Es — 
das Pariament — war jezt weni^ mehr, als was es ur- 
spruuglich g^ewesen — ein Gerichlshof." Oay^e ce y ocxa- 


y mecry HroAaok (flroAHHH?) („BhAtTo st^Ai 6019 mh- 
^HKTHWHb A ^H^ VcyHVia h oy IzlroAHOH") eejiH ^ecnoTii bu- 
coKiif CTe^aifb: „6rAAQBi^3BpATH( /i«i|jHre XTHTopoy nonoy 

3ApAAH HH C6 H6 CBH^'k npABe^HC fiM,3ji,0\f llpHP^/MATH ^D TOyH^A^^X*^ 

TpoyAOBb". (*)^a AH cy cp6cKHca6opH h npe buco- 
Korxs Cxe^i^aHa ynpaasHflBaaH cy^eiicKy BjiacTB^ hc- 
Mory onpe/^e^HTH. y HSBopHMa HHcanub o roMe na- 
mao KHKaKBori) caoMeHa. 

H ci> OBHMCb CBpiuaBaiM'b CBOH roBopis o cp6- 
CKHMi) ca6opHMa. Hail HSJiOHceHora ysH^a ce, ^a cy 
cp6cKH ca6opH aancTa Gu^h opraHH ^pmaBRonb B.ia- 
^aHfl H ynpaBaflHfl. Cp6cKH cy ca6opH HMa*iH sna- 
TaHi) yn.iHBit y pasBHTaKT} Her^auiHKrb nauierb /^p- 
maBHorb rnHBora. Cne , iuto caMB naiuao y hsbo- 
pHMa Menu noBHaTHM'b , 3a OBaii npe^MeTii ^ocTa 
ocKy^HHM'b, HaBeo caMjb, Tpy^ehH ce no moryhcTBy 
pasflCHHTH KpaTKy, awiH CBHuy npoiuJiocTB Haiuera 
napo/^a. Cp6cKa /^pmasa nponajia 6 npe Hero uito 
6 Mor.ia yatHBaTH aAO^OBe ycrpoHCTBa, ko6 e norjia- 
BHTO OAB ^yuiaHa AoSnaa. y obomti ycrpoHCTBy, 
HoeeyMHoroMe nc^oSHO 6uao ycTpoHCTBawa ocra- 
Abi eBponcKH fl^pmsLBa , Haaase ce MHore mane , bah 
^a HHcy nopoii^H cp6cKH Baacreaa yHHiuTHaif cpficKy 
HeaaBHCHOCTB, oBe 6a ce MaHe BpeMenoMB .yniiuiTH^e 

.lOMi Mo»se npHMeTHTB, A^ rj J HaHCTapia epeMeiia nap.ia- 
MeHTH (oA^ peHH' parabolare=eolloquium habere, Aoro- 
BapaTH ce) 6bi.iH He cano HaHSHuiH cyAOBH (placitum ge- 
neralc) Hero MecTa, tah cy ce caKja.ii^HH iJ^pRBeuH h rpa- 
^aucKH B^acTe^H, o CBHsia ap^^bhumi fl,eAHMaL AoroBapa.iH, 
H raMo oxh OHAa , saA'B 6 ,,C onseil prive du roi'^ 
noqeo peuiasaTH ApHsasHa A^Jia, Hapasi ^parlameniiim'^rto- 
Meo e oanaqaBaTH HafiBHuiiH eyA"^* Ursprung' und Werth der 
Geschwornenanstalt v. Daniels, Berlin 1858. §. !• 45. h 
npHM. 6. 

(*) OoHcaHie ApcBHoeTiH epiScKH y cbctoh FopH 6p. 
17. exp. 61 — 62. 

H Ha aOCTdB^lKHHMIi OCHOBHMa MOrjlO 6hi CC 6filwlO 

pasBHTH /^pmaBHO ycTpoitCTBO, K06 6tA y cxaHfO 6hiAo 
i^eaocTB cp6cKe ApHcase ^o AanaiuHBH /^ana cany- 
saTH. CB06^io6i6^ saBHCTB, 3ao6a, H Bpjio Ma.«a aio- 
6aBB ktj Hapo^i^y h oTenecTBy ecy yapoKt cp6cKe 
nponacTH. Obo MMaHMo ;^o6po Ha naMeTH, obo Hes% 
Hacii ynyTH, ^a ce aa caa BpeMena HyaaMo nopoKa, 
KOH he csaKa^ii Ka^pH GtiTH /^pHsaay, h nope/^'fc ua^ 
caspmeHierb H-^Honb ycTpoHCTBa ocjia6HTH, ynpoDa- 


II. Ca6opH cy 6uaH norjiasHTo opraHH ^pmaB- 
Hor* BAa^ana , y ^pacaBuy ynpaBy ca6opH cy no 
CBOMe nosHBy Beh^ hmb-ih MaHJbiu ynaHB^b , epi* cy 
B^aAdTe.iBH sa /^pmaBny ynpasy uMa^iH HHHOBHHKe, 
K06 cy no paanHMB crpyKaMa ynoTpefijiflBajiH. H ca^^a, 
Ka^ii cy ^^pHcaena ycTpoHCraa no^nyno pasBieua, 
HHHOBHHi^H ce cMaxpaH) 3a oprane /^pmaBne ynpaae; 
OHH cy y Her/^aiDHBOH cp6cKOH AP^a>^H oprann /^p- 
jKaane ynpase thmi> bhiuc 6uair. iiito cy HMa^R npo- 
CTpaniif Kpyrt A^Aaan^ iuto HHcy 6fiijiH t04hko orpa- 

HHHeHH H nO/3t^HHkHH BHlIlHM'b B.iaCTHMa , KaO lUTO 

cy ASiHacB. Cbh hhhobhhi^h 6e3'b paaaiiRe , Ma ce 
no^^B KaKBHiMii HMenoM'fc cnoMHHio , Cbi^H cy no/^HH- 
r'Khh Baa«2^aTe«i[0 , h ^ymnn cy 6fii4H nl^roae sano- 
BCCTR HSBpiuaBaTif, ep^ e BAa^areAii (Tbio aaHBHiuili 
^p»aBHfiiH ynpaBHTC^B; aan ^e^epaTiiBHuii mHaaaB^ 
KOH e npeB.«aAHO oH/^a y /^pHcaBHHMb ycTpoHCTBaua 
sayauMao ma , ocraBjiao 6 ^obo^bho cioCo/^hopb 
KpexaHA noeAHHHMB HHHOBHHi^HMa y Kpyry HBiOBorb 

Hie HH Moryhe, ^a npe^MeTB o cpficKHMB hhho- 
BHHi^HMa y HaA^^cHCHOMB chctcmhomb pe<^y pa3jio> 
mHMB. Mhoth hhhobhhij^h cnoMHHio ce y HSBopHnia 
caMo no HMeny, a KpyrB HBioBe ^ejiaxeaHOCTH neua- 
B04H ce. 3a r^HKoe mhhobhhkc 3HaMo, uira cy pa- 
;^H.iH, aAU rpaHHL^a Hbioee B.iacrH Hie naMB noauaTa. 
y3B HMeua r/^uKOH ^HHOBHHKa cno6Ha cy pa3Ha no- 

HHTiii, KaKO y paa^HHHa BpeMena , Tano h y e^no h 
HCTO upeiue. Cse oee TeiuKohe na ocHoey naiuH /^oh^ 
KOuiHi>H H3Ropa , B MHCJiHMi> , Hie Moryhe noAnyno 
caB^ia/^axH. HMCHa mhofh bhcokh asaHia y Teiafo 
BpeMena nperpnuaa cy Bpjio anaTHe npoMene , h 
ynoTpeC^iHBaHa cy y HaHp'aSiXHHHieM'b BHaneHio Tano, 
fl^a 6bi y Bp^o BejiHicy norpeuiKy nao CBaRiii, roh 
6bi HMeHHMa, ROH cy Be^HRd^ocTOHUHKe oaRanaBa^a, 
3a CBaKo BpeMe /^ao e^naRO SHaHeH-Ji^ h e^naRy Ba- 
HfiHOCTB. r^HROfl HMCHa osHaHaBa^a cy HdHnpe caMo- 
CTa.«He HAH 6ap'i> nOixycaMocTajiHe BJiaAaTcaK , a 
nocjie cy ce thmt) HmeHHiwa uaaHBaJiH B^a^aTe^BHUia 
HnojiyBjia/^arejiBitMa no^iHHj)HH RjieTBeHHi;H(vasalli). 
^pyra naRB HMCHa oauaHaBaaa cy Haunpe B^ia^a- 
Te.iK) no^HHH^He 3eMa.iBCRe Be^HRO^ocTouHHRe^ roh 
cy noc^e no^i* hcthmb HRieHHMa nocrajiH caMocraJiBH. 
IIpoMCHe, R06 cy ce ;9^oro/^H«ie ca HasHBHMa: jM7y/7aH«, 
KHe3^y soeeoda, dam vl t. ^. mo6 RaaHBauli ^atOBOjiBHO 
npaB^au) h nOTsp^aBaio. HanocjicAKy ysB cse obc 
TeuiRohe MopaMiiHTO HanoMenyTH, /^a r/^iiRoa HMcna 
03HaHaBaio hbko seauie , a h crenem B.iacTeacTBa, 
na Hie csaRa^B Moryhe ci> nynoMi* H3BecHOCTH onpe- 
^ejLHTH, ^a JiH ce y e^HOMi) hjih y /^pyroMi* cMHCay 
/(OTHHHa pcHB ynoTpe6^flBa. Cbc obo HMaiohH yB«. 
/^y, Ha'^aM'fc ce , caaRiH he Me if3BffHHTH, aRo y pas- 
•laraHio OBoris npe/^meTa ne^y^ewb nocBe CHCTeMaHi>. 
r. MaiyiiioBCRH CBe caaBeHCRe hbhobbhrc ^ejiH 
Ha ee^uKodocTouHUKe ^ h Ha HUNoeuuKe aejna^hCKe h 
deopcKe'^ h BejiH ^a cy 3eMa.«BCHH mhhobhhij^h ro^^b 
CiaBena npenosHaxH fifaan, nero ah /^BopcKH. (*) 
Obo pa3;^e.«eH^ mohcc ce ycsoHTH h aa cp6cRe hh* 

HOBHHKe, a,IH npHMCTHTH MOpaM'fc, ^h CC HOJI^'b HMe- 

HHMa, ROH cy Be.iHRoAocTOHRHRe oaHaiaBajia, hccto 
y HaBopHMa Haao/^e .«Hi^a, rob cy ce CBaRaAi^ npH 
4Bopy 3ay!^p3KaBa.ia , na cy 3aTO y npyrb ^BopcRH 
HHHOBHHRa cna^^ajia. HeMome ce CTporo onpeAejiH- 

(^) HcTopia C^ae* Hpaea I. §§• 46, 4i, 4ft.. 


TM rpauMi^a, koh e 6biJia MSMe^y BejiMKOAOCTofiRHxa 
ABopcKH H aeiMaabCKH HMHOBHHKa; H Bpao 6fii rpe- 
luio CBaKiif, ROH 6bi noA'b e/^HHAfb HasHBOM'b camo . 
Be^HKOAOCTofiHHKa, a noAi) /^pyrHMi) caMo ^^Bopcicorb 
H^H aeMajiBCRor'b HHHOBHHKa paayMeaao. 

Be^uKodocToi&HUiiUMa one HasHBaMii, koh cy hjih 
no po^eHK), H^H no aBaniio, Koe cy o^npaB^fl.«H, anar- 
Hie yTwofiiAfA y peuiaaaH']^' ^pmaBHu /^ejia. Ohh cy 
ce OAi) aeMajiBCRH HHHOBHHKa pasjiHROBajiH ysBHiue- 
HHMis no^omea'l^M'b h SHaTHouihy. rok) cy y ^pacaBH 
HMaJiH. Mor^H cy ce h npn B^a^are^BCROAfb ^Bopy 
HaaasHTH, HyTOMB c«iy4aio y CBOHfb jiHi^ycnoaBaJia 
cy cBOHCTBa RaKO Be^iHRo^ocTOHHHKa, rano h /^aop- 
CRorB MEHHOBHHRa, a^H cy ce Mor.«H H BaHB /(Bopa 
naaaaHTH, h dawii thmb cy ce pasjiHKOBajiH o^^^i* ABop- 
CRH HHHOBHHKa, KOH cy ce CBaKaAB npH B.iaAaTeji^- 
. BOMfb ABopy H o6hiho yai) BiAaA^TeaKBO ani^e Haaa- 


SeMajihCKUjui HHHOBHHifHMa one HaaHBaMii . roh 


cy HAia^H MaHH> SaaCHOCTB aa AP^KaBHuil aKHBOTIi, H 

roh cy MaH'K BamaocTH ^eAO OAnpaB-^a^H. F. Mai;K- 
ioBCRH HHMaiio HacB Heynyftye, mhm-b cy ce 3eMa.«B- 




BpeMCHa HerAaiuHM> CBOK) BasKHOCTJb, pe^y (*) semaaB* 


^eopcKu cy hhhobhhi^h ohh 6u.ih , roh cy ce, 
Kao uiTO 6 rope npHMehcHO, Ha.ia3H;iH npu BJia^a- 
TcaBCRoMB ABopy H oChhho y3'B cawy B.,iaAaTe,iifcBy 


i^ioBCRorB HeyBHf)a ^obojibho ^a cy ^BopcRH hh- 
HOBHHi^H nocTa^H o^B cjiysKHTejifl, KOH cy npH^aHH 


ii^HMa. ./laRuie e BepoBaxH ^a cy ce ^BopcRH ihhob- 
(*) CpasHH §§. 48, 49, 50. y hct. Cjias. Ilpaaa 4. 1. 



HaaHBii Hehe ce, hhhh mh ce, o^hochth camo Ha A^op- 
CKe HHHOBHHRe, Hero Ha cBe 663% paaaH- 
ise. C^) Bpjio 6 BepoBdTHo, H noroTOBy npHpo^HO h 
TO A^ ^y ABopcKti MHHOBHHi^H KacHie nocxajiH Hero 
JLH aeMaaBCKH, a y cp6cKHMT> usBopHMa Ao ^yiuaHa 
6AHa ce H cnoMHHio. ^BOpcKa SBaHiH oAnpaB.ifl.iH 
cy cBaRaAi> SHaTHiH BaacxeaH, h CfajiH cy npsH BJia- 
AaxeailiBH caBeTHHji[H. 

HaaoacHBiUH y KpaxKo pas^H^e, ko6 ce onaHcaio 

H3Me^y 3BaHifl, KOH ce y Cp^CKHM-b HSBOpHMa HaBO- 

Ae, HyjKAHO e, npe nero juto ce y HS.iaraH'li Kpyra 
Aejiare^HOCTH noeAHHU HHHOBHHRa, ynycTHMCb cno- 
MeHyTH A^i <^6 FAHROfl 3BaHifl cnoMHHH) y ^yiuaBO- 
BOMi> saROHHRy, APy^A caMO y rAHROHM'b xpncoByaH- 
Ma H HaAnHCHina , a rAHROfl camro h 6Ahho y HeRHMi> 

(^') Kpa.ib CTe4>aH'b ypomi 3'HHHio e 1289. roA. He- 
Ky MHJocTb 4y^pOBHaHHMa, npeA'b cbohmii e^yrana: /^pa- 
eocAaeoM'b h ByducAaeoM'h XeaAhHUKhoM'h ; a soe- 
BOAa PaAHMb CbHKOBHfab y HeKOMi» Aoroeopv c'b^y6poB- 
HRKOM'b 0;^% 1399. roA. ABrycTa 25. aaK^eo ce ca cbo- 
ioH'b: 6paTiojH'b cb eAacreAU b cAyeajiu; a na obhmii 
mecTHMa penb cjyra daBcxa HeoanaqaBa npocTor'b CAy- 
sKUTejifl , Hero B.iaAaTe.fkBOPb no;^HHH^HKa, ciyry y bh- 
uieunb ciMHCiy, Bao ujto ce to oco6hto yBH^a HS'b ne- 
Kori yxaaa /^ymaHOBorii oxh 1346, 24. Ort. r^H ce coo- 
MRH'b cAyaa ^o6uo§cue7> Kao HeKiH t^apuHUK'h, h ■lOBeR'b 
y B^acTH, KOH 6 Morao Tpeose onpeAe^iaBaTH, h L^apHny 
oXh Kyn.i'b ysHMaTH; oiii> e 6bio ^ B.iacTe^HH%y epib ce 
flciio y ynaay Ka»!e, ^a /foduofcue'b neysHna uapane na 
Tp'b6HHii ^^u ecat^u e^acTeAU kou re (be) ctohtu no 
do6ujfcuey^ da neysUMa v,apuHey Cp6cBH CnoMeuHi^H 
<Sp. 33. cxp. 4o; 6p. 86, cTp. 111; 6p. 4o. 40., CTp. 50. 
Hehe (SbiTH cyBRiiiHo, a^ obao HanoMeHeM%, Aaeyee6.ia- 
ropoAHBUB B y ynrapcROH ssajH y,servientes regcis'^ a 
oBo 6aaropoACTBO HiieHOBa.4o ce ,^coetus servien- 
tium reg'aliu m^^ epi cy Rpajia 6paHHTH, utmy opy- 
sK-bMi* Ha c.iyx(6H 6utb Mopa.«H. y yHrapcRofi nocie i4. 
BeRa cBaRiH e 6mo BJiacTe.iBH'b , rob e 04% B.ia/^aTeaH, 
najiaTHHa> h t. a* Ao6io 6aiUTHBy sejiio. 


HCTopHCKHMiiCnoifeHHiiHMa. Kpyn> ^ejiaTejiHOCTMCBa- 
Kon> no6AMHon» MHHOBHHKa Hie MH Moryhe onpe^e* 
•fBTH , 6pi> ce r^HKOii SBaHifl y H3BopHiiia i;aMo no 
HMeay naBO/^e; ajiH HnaKi* xpy^Hhy ce cnoueHyTH, 
CBe lUTO re y nsBopHMa mchh no3BaTHMi> o noe^n- 


y pe^ii BejLHRO^ocTOHHHKa Her/^aniH'h cpCcice 
ApHcaBe cTaBjiiMi> Knesa^ Qicynaua^ eoueody^ Cana^ ivft- 
3Hhu,a H AoeoTera. Obh cy Seaii cyMH'b ee- 
jihrIh yn^HBi> HMaJiH y peiuaBaH'1^ /^pacaBHbi ^ejia 
H npe Hero uito ce AP^aBHono^MTHHHfaii HtRBOTi* 
pasBio, H nocjie, Ka^b cy ce ^pHsaBHbi ca6opH ycxpo- 
H^H , H Ka/^i) cy noAnyay BasKHOCTB y cp6cKoii ^p- 
HcaBH 3aAo6H^H. IIpBa TpoHi^a nocTaajiH cy HaCiXb- 
^iemi* Be«iHKo^ocTOHHHD[H; ^octohhctbo 6aHa 6bijio 
6 KaAKaA'i> cano Haca^b^Ho ; a K£>3HBip> h ^ororeT'b 


npBa TpH BejiHKO/^ocTOHHHKa osHanaBaio cxeneBi 
B««acTe.iCTBa, roh e y nopoA^i^aMa Hacxfe^aH-b Cuo, 
a«tH ye^HO h SBanie, Roe e HeRO o/^npaBaao. Ohb, 
ROM cy iiacjil^/^ieM'b nocTafl.iH RHeaoBH , mynanH , h 
BoiiBO^e, CBaRa«2^'Ki cy 6hijk^ y^AH^ " /^pHsaBRH BejiH- 
ro/^octohhhi^h; a roh cy aBanie'RHesa h Hcynana o^- 
npaBjiA.iH, HHcy Mom^a CBaRa^ii pe^y BejiHRO^ocroH- 
HHRa npnna/^aaH. TeiiiKo 6 y CBaROMii noe^HHOMii 
ciynaio , Ra^T* ce y HseopHMa obh nasHBH najiase, 
onpe^e^HTH. ^a .ih ce uo^ji HbHMa pasymieBa CTe- 
neH*!! BdiacTCjiCTBa. hjiu o^npaB.iflHo SBaHie. 


cy: decnoT^^ ceeacTOKpaTop^^ Kecap^^ nporoceeacTh, 
npoTOHUCTiHp'h, npoTocnarap'h y deopodpo/cut^a , eAa^ 
creAum^ crteoHoma^ a y neROMi, uovAef^y AoeoTeT%t 
KhSHht^h H duauh. Behii caMH HasHsn f/^hroh obu hh- 
HOBHHRa noRasyio, ^a^a cy ohh npHnaAa«AH Bjia^aTe- 
A^Bowb ABopy, a na-b hctu nasHBa yan^a ce ye/^uo 
H Rpyrb HbioBorb ^eaaHA. HsysHMaiohH ^Bopo/^p- 
acHiJ^y , BJiacTejLHna cxI^roHomy^ h ^HaRa^ cbh ocTajiH 


HasHBH ecy rpnicH, h yaallMaKHH cy 0^% rpnaorb A^op- 
CKorT* R&HBOTa, a H cama aBanifl aaBeAeaa cy sehH- 
HOikTb no^'b ^yiuaHOMii, roh e cBofi BJia^aTejiBCRii 
ABopi» TaKO ycTpoio, Rao luro e 6bio rpHRifi Hiine- 

paTOpCRiS fl^BOp-b yCTp06H'Ei. r^HKOH Haifel^yOBBI HB- 

3HBa Hemaio onpe/!itea^Hor'i> aHaneHii, a Aoeoreru, «»- 
3Hbt4U H du/it^u cna^a-^R cy y peAi* ABopcRH mhho- 
BHHRa aaro^ uito cy ohh AP^RaBHe AyaRHocTH, ajiH 
o6hhho yait .vhhhoctb B^ia^axea^By HaaaaehH ce, 


Cse ocTa.«e MEHHOBHHRe, RO6 y npBa ^sa pe^a 
HHcaMB cnoMenyo, HaanBaMii seMOAhCKUMa. F^hroh 
HaaHBH ynyhyio aacb mhcjihth ^sl cy obh HHHOBaHi](H 
HCKe boShhi Ke ^ymaocTH o/iinpaB.«AiAH. Kpyri* ^eaa- 
HH H nojioH&eH'K MHorH aeMaaBCRH HBHOBUHRa Hie 
HaM'b noaaaTO, r^HROH cy 6biAH cxporo noAHHH'bHH 


Rao CAyre, ror cy /^pyrHMi* MHHOBHHqnMa npHAftHH 
6bijiH y noMotiB^ aa aeRe MomeMO pe&H^ a^ cy off- 
uiTHBCRa aBaaifl oAnpaBaaaH. 

HaaoacHBuiH cae uito ce o MHHOBHHiJ^HMa y 06" 
inre Mome peha, npeaaaaiii'B aa noeARae aaaHBe hh- 
HOBRHRa, ROH ce y cp6cRHMii HSBopHMa BBJiaae^ onpe- 
Ae.«HBaiohH CMHcao , y roktb ce noeARHH HaaHBH y 
paaaa apeMeaa yiioTpegjiHBaio. CnoMeayhy aafinpe 
aaaHBe Be^HROAOCTOHaaRa ci» paa^HHaHMi* aaaMeHi^M'b 
MCT&i aaaHBa, nocae ABopcae h aeMajiBcae HHHOBHHRe. 

Me^y BeaHROAOCTOHHHi^Hiiia aa npsoifb MecTy 
cnoMeaa aacayasye: 

HHe3^, ROH 6 no CTeneny BJiacTBjiCTBa CBaRaA'b 
y peAi* Be.«HROAocTofiHHRa cnaAao, a h no OAnpa- 
BiAflHOMi> aaaaiio oShhro noaafiaaaTaie mbcto y aP" 
jRaaaofi ynpasH aayauMao. Y npsa speMeaa nepio- 
Aa HeMaaHha peHB Knes'b aenoBBaioe ce Rao aaaHBA 
BjiacTCJicRorB CTeneaa, aero ce ynoTpe6iAH>6 aa oaaa- 
MeaL oAnpaa^HHOr'B aaaaiA, na aaTO IIpBOBeBHaa&ifi 
RpajiB y acHBOTooHcy caora OT^a HeAiaH']b L seiAa, 


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^a ce HSMe^y ocraAhi caseTOBao c Kuesoeujta se^ 
MA^y {*) T. 6. cb Jno^Ma, ROH cy noe^HHe nacTU, t. e. 
OKpymiH, H.1H npoBHH]:;i6 cp6cKe ^paKase jrnpaejiflaH. 
KneaoBM cy HMa^H spAo BejiHRy Ba»HocTB y cptf- 
CROtl ^pHcasH, 6biAH CY ynpaBHTe,«BH HHTaBbi npo- 
CTopa. Ohh cy camo y o6uithmi> ^pmaBHHMi* i^ejimua. 

6hiAH nOA^HH^HH B^ia^aTejIlO, 6iiI.«H Cy oCBesaHH BOB- 

BBTH na ^pinaBHe HenpiHTea^i, a^H cy HMaiAH npaBO 
ynacTBOBaTH y peuiasaHio cbih) ^pmaBHid ^eaa, HMa- 

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TAw He caMo HenpiflTe.xBCRa nanaAdHa na ^pmasy 

Ojl^6\HTHj UlTO HMT) 6 6hiAa AJ^HOCTB . HCrO Cy 06 

MOr./iH Seal) B^a^aTe^^Borb caH3BO.xeHfl h y caMi» 
paTi> ca CTpaHHMa ynyiuTaxH. BasKHOCTB OBy aaAp- 
HtaJiH cy RHcaoBH H ofl^a, RaA*** ce ^pscaBHO ycrpoK" 
CTBo noAnyno pasBH^o. y /i,huaomh, roio 6 maaAufi 
i^ap'fe Ypojuiy 1362 ABrycTa 22. H3Aao , h KoioM'b a 
yTBpAio ^y6poB«iaHHMa npaea , koh cy o^ii npel^a- 
lUHBH cpCcKH KpajiJ^Ba saAO^HjH. cnoMHH^ ce: AA ce 
RHeaii BoHCJiaBii h rpaA'^ Koropi) saBBAio 6bio cb ^y- 
5poBHaHHMa, ROH nocjaBiuH CB06 nocTiaHHRe MiSaAOMi» 
i;apy ypouiy, moahak cy ra, ^a iti cis BoHC,«aBOMi» 

H KOTOpOMl> H3MHpH, RaO lUTO 6 TO H y^HH'feHO. (**) 

OnaH npHMepii^a nie sahhiiIh y cpficRoii HCTopiH, a^* 
BOjiBHO AORaaye Be^HRy moIib HerAauiHbH npoBHHi^i- 
a^Hu ynpaBHTejia y cpCcRoii ap^'^^R^ ^ caa6y caeay 
Roa 6 nsMet)'b hbh h BJiaAare^ia nocTaa^ia. Oaa no.^y- 
saBHCHOCTB npoBHHi;ia.xHU ynpaBHTeJia, h BCiHHa 
MOhB, ROH) cy no6AHHH ynpaBHTejiBH RaApR 6biAH 
pasBHTHy fl,aAe cyBHuie nyTiiinoBOAa pacnpaMa, Roe 
cy HSMe^y BjiaAdTCia h nhmy hoa^Rh^hu RueaoBa 
nocTaaae^ h cy cnocoCHHiwa hctc RneaoBe, 
Aa Mory CTynHTH y aBHe A^rOBope ca cxpaHHM'B ne- 
npiaTeiXBHMa CBora BJiaAarejia. — IIo ^y^*"^"^***^ 


^) Pamdtky. 2ivot sv. S^meona od kr^le Stepana. X. 
^^) Cp6cKH CnoMesHi^R 5p. 55. 


saKOHHKy KHeaoBH 6fiijiH cy ynpasHTejibH rpa^oBa, 
H HBioea 6 /^ymnocTJb 6fai^a 5ahth Ha/^ii 6e36e^HO- 
CTH apocTopa, kohmt> cy ympaBAHAH, — Y HSBopH- 
ma cnoMHHio ce Ka^iuTo ee^uKu Kuesoeu^ koh cy xa- 
KO^e 6ujiif ynpaBtfTea&H npoBHrnj^ia. TaKO cb. Casa 
BCAH, 4a 6 HeMaHH I. ocTaB^fliohH npecTCii* HaficTa- 
pieMi* CBOMii CHHy CTe^any y Mjia^erb cuHa Byaa 
nocTasio 3a „kh63a EiiCm h BbAoysH F^s\i 3eM/iic AcsoAbHoy'' 
/^a BftHMii ynpaBjia ocTaiohH no^4HH'bH'i> 5paTy Bjia- 
^^aTe^H). (^) TaKO h noAi> Kpa^fe.wb ypoiueMx* Be.«H- 

KHMl) CnOMHH^ Ce y H3BOpHMa „KH€3h B6AH, X^^^t^^^^** 

^HbAP'kH. (*^) Ho BaHi> Tora, luro cy khcsobh 6bi«xH 
npoBHHij^iajiHif ynpaBHTe.iBH, Hcxa pent* nna h f^^yvo 
SHaneHK. KHe3i> 6 osHaiaeao h He3aBHCHon> Bi^avata- 
xeaa^ Kao uito to Kasyio npHMbpH: i;apa .Ia3apa9 
H ^ecnoxa BHCOKori* Cxe^aHa. LJ^api) .la3api> h cauii 
ce5e Ha3HBa na HeKHMii MecTHMa KHe30Mi> , a thmi* 
HMeHOMi) 03Ha*iaBaK) ra 11 Apy^t< cp5cKH h3b6ph 
Hs/i^aHH H 3a u'broBa sKHBOxa a h noc^^e cMpTu. «la- 
sapi) e 5bio KHesi) npe nero iiito 6 uocxao cp6cKiii 
3yiaAaTejiB, na 6 to Msie sa^pH^ao h nocjie, KaAi> ^ 
aa BJia^aTe^fl HS^panib 6mo, a ^ecnoT'^ bhcokiS Ctc- 
4^aHT> cib^yiohH npuMepy CBora OTxi^a, h HacibAHBiuH 
HbroBii npecToai*, saApncao 6 h HasHBii KHe3a, Kao 

lUTO ce y rAHKOHM'b HSBOpUMa CnOMHHfe. C^'**) K.He3'I». 

6 6fiio H ABopcKiH HUHOBHaKii , Kao lUTO ce MOHCe 
yBH^HTH HSB AHOJiOMe i^apa ypouia MaaAor'b,u3Aa- 
xe ^noAtk flpHap'kHOMh ha pHSHHi^'k AnpHAA ka R aIlto ^su;3$e^ 

6865 1357, y KOiOH ce CnOMHHK) „KH630B6 U^ApbCXSA MH, 

(*) Pamdtky. 2ivot sv. Symeona od sv. Savy. IV. 

(^*) Pamatky. Okasky ob<^ansk6ho Pisemnielvi. cxp. 
10. Cp6. CnoM. 6p. 4. 

(^**) Cp6cKiH Jl'bxonHC'b oa'b roA- 18*7. h. IV. cxp. 5C. 
OnHcauie ap^bhocxIh cp6cKH y cb. FopM 6p. 16. 18. Cp6-. 
cKH CaoMeHHi^H 6p. 73. 90. 91. H X. A* ^ AHQ^tOMH Aoc- 
noxa BucoKor'B Cxe<i»aHa noA'B 6p. I8 BaaeA^HOfi Ha eAHOiirb 
Mecxy cxoh: .^eeAUKOjny kh ay •/Jlaaapy^. 


KOH Api^^^'i*'' KoyKio L^apKCTBd MH^', a H y /i^HiMOMaMa Socan- 
CKH Rpaa^Ba aajiasH ce cnomeHi* „d€opcKu Kueao' 
€a*^. (*) KneaoBHAia cy ce Kan^a HasHsajiH h ceocim 
noraasapH, rom cy Mor,«H 6uth no^HViVL\iHH BJiacTe- 
aHMa> epii ce y HeKHnfb HaeopHMa HaBo^H a^ ^Y ^s* 
Me^y ocrajiH jiHii^a h rhcsobh 6iaaH noA^HHHBaaH 
ifpRBaMa Rao saacH, h OH/i^a ce Rnes'b ua npBOsi'b 
MecTy cnoMHHt. (**) — Hanocae^Ry pe^B RHcai* osHa- 
HBBaaa e CTeneHi) BjiacTe;iCTBa, roh 6 6iao uacalv- 
Aani*. B.iacTeaii rhcsobh nncy 6hiAH nof^^Bwh^m ca- 
MO Bjia/i^aTejiio, nero h noeAHHHMi* npoBHHi;ifla0HM% 
ynp]eiBHTe;iBHMa, roh cy ce6u no^^HH^He BjiacTet^e 
paauiii CTenena Hma^H. Hehe 6mth cyBHuiHO OB^e 
ioiiTB H TO HasecTH ^a e pe^b RHea^ h ^aHacb no- 
snaTa y cpScRonfb napo^y , na ^di m AS^Hacb osaa- 
Haaa Rao HeRaAi>: npoBMH^ia^iHorb ynpaBHTeaa , ne- 
aaBHCHOFb BjaAaTe^fl, ceocRori) noryiasapa, na h ctc- 
ncR'B BjiacreacTBa. Pchb Hcxa RHesi* noanaTa e ro^'^ 
CBiio caaseHCRH Hapo^a o^i) HancrapiH BpeMena , h 
HMaaa e. a HMa m /i^aHacb pa3.^HHHa aHaneHH. 

Ha ApyrowB wecxy Hame^y BejiHRO^ocTOHHHRa 
cnoMena aacjiymye: 

BoHeoda^ roh 6 RaRo no o/i^npaBJiaHOM'b aaaHiio, 
TaRO H no cxeneny BiAacTejcraa Bpao anaTHO me- 
CTO y ApmaBHOnfb CTpoio aaysHMao. y cpCcRofi .^p- 
acaBH noAi> HCTOM'fe pen h paaymeBao ce uannpe 6Ah« 
HO ^BOHHHHRiti yupaBHTejiB^, Rao niTo ceyBH^aH3% 
mHBOTonnca HemaHi^ 1. aa Ror7> cb. IIpBOReHHaHufi 
RpaaB BCJiHy A^ € y caBCTb no3Bao eoeeodu h eou^- 
uu; (^^^*) a H^l^ymaHOBT* aaROHHRii cnoMHa-b BofiaoAy 

(^) €p6eRH CnoneHBi^B 6p. 47; 136; n t. a* 
C^^) y AHB^OMH CB. npeoeeHHaHor'b Kpa^a Aapoaauofi 
MoaacTHpy ^Khhh cnoMHHt oe rpb^b Khweab, Kon e aasAHO 
cib Aaii^OM'b DOK.ioBio HCTOM'b MaHacTHpj; a Rpa^b Ma-iy- 


AapcKoll iJ^pRBB CB. BoropoABi^e. Pamatkj. Okdzky ob6« 
piBDi* CTp. i; ODBcanie ap^bb. ep6cRH y cb. Fopn. 5p. 6. 
(***) Bhah CTp. 98, npHMev^y* 


Kdo ynpasHTe^fl BOHCRe. BoHso^a e hmho spao se- 


Hinao, HbroBe saaoBe/iiii Mopao e CBaRiH crporo Bcny- 
HflBaTH, HHane ce cmaTpao aa i;apeBon> npecTyoHH- 
Ra, H 6iiiBao 6 RaaH-J^HB, Rao ^a e caMe i^apeBe sano- 
se/^H npecjiyiuao ; a.^M y npecyt^HBanH) nHTaaa: ^a 
jiH 6 HeRO RpHBB HJiH He, a Mom^a H y onfef^eAeaH^ 
RasHH 3a ocBe^OHenorB RpuB^a CuBao e Rau/^a orpa- 
HMiaBanii oai> MajiH h BeaHRH cy^osa^ roh cy ce 
ys'b BOHCRy HaaasHjiH. (*) OnaH, ROMe 6 b^homi* sp'o- 
BHa ynpasa c BOHCROiii> noBepena Cu^a, HasHBao ce 
BOHBOAOMii, ma Rori* HBane CTeneHa B.iacTejiHH'b 6uo 
aan Ay»HOCTii bohboa^ HHcy 6fii.«e CTaaHe , h npe- 
CTaaae cy cb npecTanRoMB para. BofiBO^a e on^a 
aaysiiMao hah npBauiH'b mccto , ro6 e y aP^^bhoS 
ynpaBH 3ay3HMao , hah e ^oSiao hobo onpe^eaeHfc. 
BoHBO^y 6 Ha3HaHaBao cBaRaAi> B^aAaxejiB^ na aaxo 
r. Mai][kioBCRH MHCiH y A^ cy BOHBO^e HHCTO A^op* 


HeAio»e, epi* BOHBOAa caMo e Morao, slah nie mopao 
6biTH HSB peAa ^BopaHcrsa. (^j KacHieHSMeHio ce 
RpyrB BofiBOAHHorB A^«^aHfl , bohboa^ cy nocxa^H 
ynpaBHxejiBH noeAHHu npoBUHi;ifl, h penB bohboaa 
BHiue 6 03HaHaBa.;ia cxeneHB BaacTCiACTBa aero ah 
OAnpaaaano SBaaie. Bohboa^ R^o ynpaBHTea^ npo- 
BHHi][iay cp6cROH ApacaBH HeHa./ia3HMo, bjih aa^asHMo 
iS ocoChto y nosexRy 15. aeRa y Bocaa , tah cy 
OHH HCTO TaRo Be^HRy BasRHOCTB HMa.ia, Rao y cp6- 
CRofi ^pmsiBH RHe30Ba, na cy aaxo mofjih 663X1 ca- 
raacia Rpa.ia ao abth paxB ca CTpaHHMB ApacaBaifa- (^^^) 

(*) Bhab tio. aaK. j ^yui. aaKOHHKy Pam^tkj. Okie- 
ky ob6. pism. cTp. 4o. 

(^^) HcTopifl CdiaB. Ilpaaa §. 41. 

(^^^) Cp6eKH CnOMeOHI^H 6p. l 16. „PA3MHpb6, N ^AXk 

H 3AA BOAci'^ Rao lUTO ce ua HaBeAeHOM'b MecTj bbjih, koii 
ce saaeTBjaa HaMel^y 6oc. eoeeoAe PaAocaaa flaBaoBRba h 


^dCTOHHCTBO Be.lHROri> BollBOAe y BOCRH 6hiAO 6 

Aaci^^HO , H e CBaKa^is Ha HaliCTapierb 
CHHa, HjH na Hafi5jiHaKeri> a HaficTapiert cpo^HHRa. 
^ei;a H 5patia Be^HKorii Bo^soAe 3a Hi>roBa »HBOTa 
RasHBa^H cy ce KnesoBHMa, koh cyyaBHHM'b nocjio- 
HHMa CBaKa;^!) .inaMeHHTO ynacTBOBajiH. (^) RoifBO^e 
Rao ABopcKe HHHOBiiHKe , H,xH Capis Kao .iHi^a , KOa 
oy ce npH ^Bopy aaAp^KdRa.ia, na^aaHMO y cp6cKoJi 
ApmaBH Behi) o^-b BpeMeiia ^enancKorb Kpa.iH, 6pi» 
Ha ;^HnjiOMaMa, ko6 e HCTbiji Bjia/^axe^B H3/^ao, HSMe- 
^y APyi*" CBe^oKa no^nHcaHH cy h Boiiso^e, iuto 6 
SHaRi, ^st cy ce ohm ysiy AHv^e sABfl^areAhBO na^a- 
3HJ1H. lUra BHuie , BOHBo^e ce cnoMHHio y cp6cRoli 
ApacaBH H nocae KocoBCRe 6HTRe y pasHHM'b /i^Hnao- 
MaMa, R06 cy ohh nao CBej\o^H Behe BepoBaxHOCTH 
pa^H no ycBoeHOMi) h yTBpI)eHOM'b Behi* OH^^a o6HHaiO 
no^nHca.iH. C^*) ynpaBHTe.isH noe/^HHu o6.«aCTiJi 
Be^. RHe30BH , H Be^MRC BOHBO/^e , HMa.iH cy ceSn 
no^MKHtsHe Baacre^e, a Hswe^y hbh f^hroh cy ho- 
CHji^ HasHB-b BOHBo^e. (^^"^^ IlocJie nponacTH cp6cRe 
H 6ocaHCRe ^pmane, BasKHocTB, rok) cy HeRa^'fe Boft- 
Bo/^e HMa^e, H3ry6H.ia ce ca cbhmij. 

rpa^a ^y6poBHHRa 6bija 6 ^rTHiijana 6ocaHeKHM% Kpa^'bii'b 

IE^e4>aHOMb TephTKOMb* TRpbTBosHheiH-b i4i33. IVlapxa t» 

(*) Be^HniH BOfiBOAa Ciui^a.!!* iiMao e 6paKj RHeaa 

BjRi^a H Kue.ia B«iKa; a.iH MyulKe ^ei^e Hie HMao. IIoH'b- 

TOBOil eiMpTH nOCTRO '6 ae.lHKHMl* BO&BOAOM'b CT'bnaHib , 

CBHi KHeaa ByKi;a XpaHHba koh e CHrjpHo npe ('aH^ajia 
jMpo 6biO, Cx^nanib 6 Huao cuiioBe RHesa Bja^HCtaBa 
H RHeaa B.iaTKa. CpaBHii Cp5cBH Cnoiu. 6p. 96. ca 6p. 
115. 119. ISO. Boeso^a Pa^ocaB'b [IaB.iOBHKi> HMao 6 CHHa 
BHeaa HsaHHuia, koh e nocjie 6bio BOSBO^a. CpaBHH Cp6. 
CnoM. 6p. 117. ca 133. 

{^*) HoXb 4^<iaHCKHMl> CnOMHH'b ce BOBBOAa iWAA^^Hk, 

AeAi B^TRa BpaHKOBHfea, BOHBOAa ^etHk MAHb'bKb. ITpe b 
nocJie KorOBCRe 6HTRe chommhiO' ee pa.iHe BOHBo^e. Cp6. 

GnOMeBHI^H 6p. 36 37. 73. 90. 91. 111. H T. A. OnHca- 

Hie 4peB. Cp6cKH y cb. Topn. 6p. 15. 

('^^'*) Cp6cKH CnOMeHHI^H 6p. 61. Il4i. H T. A, 


Htynawb e TaKO^e Bp./io shs^tho MecTO aayaH- 
Mao y opficKO-ApHcaBHOM'b crpoio. H oBa peHB osna* 
^aea o^npaBjiflHo SBauie, h cxeneHi) BaacTe.<CTBa; h 

pHKa HMa pa3./lHHHO 3HaHeHJ). n03HaT0 6 Hdli 0CTO- 

pi6^ AS' ^^ HtynaHH kbo ynpaBHTe.ii>H nocAMHiii cp6- 
CKH^ ofijacTiif noHBi^ioio Behii y npBHM'b CToaKTiaM^ 
node nocje^Hii ceo6e Cp6a . IIpBH obh mynauu, 


AarejiBH. 3eM./i^ ko6 cy CpSn nace^HAH , 6i>Me cy 
rpHue, cp6cKH H&ynaHH 6iaaH cy noAi^ rpHKHMi} ro- 
cnoACTBOArb ynpaBHTe^BH obu seMa^fl ^ aau cy ce 
Tpy^H^H oxpecTH ce o^* rpHKon> rocno^CTBa , h 
nocTaxH CBMocTa^HH. BuAO 6 BHuie Hcynaua, koh 
cy ca noAHHB^HHM'b ce6H Hapo^oM'b ^o^t^l ueaHBif- 
CHO ynpaB./iAjiH. IIpeoSiuHpaH'b 6bi Suo, KaAi> 6111 
ce ynycTio y pasJiaran^ cy^CHHe obw noeAHHu cp6- 
CKH HcynaHa; hbiobb aCTopia 6fd.ia 6bi ye^Ho hcto- 
pifl cpCcKori) Hapo^a ohm BpemeHa. npe.ia3ehH cto- 
jibTifl CB hyTantMi> CTaHHhy ce npH noHCTKy ni^- 
pio^a HemaHMha, h pasmoTpHhy. uira cy o^'b OBori» 
BpeMeua 6bi^h xcynaHH. IIoshbto e, ^^ ce CTe4^aiiib 
HeMaHH I. KBAi* 6 cp6cKy ApmaBy ycxpoio, h oAX(e- 
nHBuiH ce o^-b FpKa caMOCTaauHAfb hb^hhio, hbsh- 
BBO ^BeAUKUM'h otcynanoM'b^^ a A^ b y npea BpeMCna 
CB06 BAa^e H HlsroBi> CHHii Cre^awh nocae npBO- 
BennaHBiH RpaaB, raKo^e obbh hbc^obi) jySeAUKoe'h 
atcynana"' Hocio, kbo iiito ce to aoctb bcho yBHJ^a 
HS-b AHn^OMe, koh) 6 HeMana 1. 1198— 1199. A^poBao 
ManacTHpy XH.ienAapy. (♦) Y obomij BpeMeny A^KJie 
^eeAUKiH o/cynawb^ 6iao 6 Ap^dBHbiH ynpaBHTe.;iB} h 
paa^HKOBBo ce oa^ oSaacTHu ynpaBHrciA xHiirb, iuto 
cy Htwy noAMHH^iHia 6f>iaH wynaHH, ofijiacTHH ynpa- 


*) ODHCaHIG ^peBHOCTJlI ep6<3RH y CB. FopH 6p. 1« 

Pam^tky. Okazky ob6anskeho pisemnictvi 6. V. crp. 3. 


^a ce, ^B e y cpScRofi ^pmaBH uofl,'b HemaHBOMii I. 
H npBOBeHHaHHsTb KpajibM-b 6bjjio o(>.iacTHiiiynpaBH- 
Tejifl, ROB cy ce nasHBaaH myasmvi, bak to cRopo Cb 


naHH cnOMHHio no^'b ypouieMii ee^HRHMi* , b Cre- 

«aBOMl> ^eHBHCRHMls, a II UOA'b Rpaa^Mii Mh^jth- 

8011%, aa Ron> apxienHCKoni> ^anHjiib Raaye , 4a 6 
no oApBcauoii naAi) SyrapcKHMis Kpaji^iMb IIlHiuiiia- 
Ronnb no6i>fl^H cbmo 00/^% thmi* ycaosieMis HaHHHio 
Cb ByrapHMa mupis , bro IIlHuiMaH'b y SpaRis CTynn 
Cb RbepH HeHorb cp^CROFB Be^Mome, h RaAi* e UIhih- 
1188% na TO npacTao, MH.iyTHHi> My e ^ao aa jih>6ob- 
Hy RhepB CBora mynaRa /^paroTe. (*) TeiuRO e onpe- 
A^^^HTB, ^a jiH epeHBmynaHb y oaa BpemeBa oana- 
MBBaaa caMO o6aacTHor'b ynpaBHTda, h^h canio cto- 
neBi> B.«acTejCTBa. HaiiBepoBaTHie 6, ^a cy aKynauH 

6hiAH RBHO 06;iaCTHH ynpaBHTejlBH, TdRO HCTO H Bjia- 

CTean BHiueri* pe/^a^ epii Ha^i) ce y /^HnaomaMa no^nH- 
cyio Rao CBe^oj^B, noBBjiioio ce sHuie rbo BjiacTe.«H 
BHiuerfc pe/i^a , h to Rao ^BopanH , roh cy ce npa 
BiXa^aTe.ij^BOM'b ^aopy HajaaHan; HanpoTHBx> y hh. 

Cliy, ROe 6 ypOUIb BeaHRlHnHCaO ^^KOVnAHOvTBpbTbKOV** 

HCTuii BcynaR% noHB^ioe ce rbo o6jiacTHufi ynpa- 
BHTeJiB, ROMe y^ouTb HopyHye , ^a ce ocaeTH ^y- 
6poBHaHHMa aa Henpaa^y , roh) cy ohh cpScROM-b 
ApaRBBaflBHHy Bpcereeu yHHHH.iH. (*^) JKynanH o5aa- 
CTBH ynpBBBTeaBH HinaaH cy BeauRy b^bctb y cbo- 


AVL CBOiO coCcTBeny opymany ca^/iy, iuto ce BehB h 
M3B BBBe^^eHorB nHcma aejiHRorB ypouia yanl^a. HCy- 
naaa t^hroh oCaacTiH, hcto TaRO rbo RneaoBH h 
BoHao^e , HniaiohH Be.iHRy CH./iy y cbohmb pyRBMa, 
vecTo cy ce no5yNBHBajiH npoTHay cboh Baa^aTe./iA^ 
o^iifiUxs^ixBBAVLcy ce o^b oCuiTe /^pmaBHe CBeae, no^- 
HHHBBaaH cy ce cT paaHMB BJiaAaTejiBHma, h npoTsay 

'*) Cp6CKH C DOMeHHI^H 6p. tl. 37. PaH^B II. CTp. 559. 

'^*) CpCcRH CnoM. 6p. 34. 



cp6cRH BAa^SiTejiH yTBp^HBajni cy yroBope cb Hbio- 
BHim* HenpiBTejiBHMa. (*) Cbb obo ^onasye , KOiAHKO 
cy OBH Be.iHKH BjacTe^H o/^i Baa^^arejifl HeaaBHCUH 
6biaH. ^ocTOHHCTBo H&ynaHa HaHAyace ofl,pmsiAO ce 
y BocHH, r^Hcy ce OHH iouii) 1461. HajiaaH^H, KaouiTO 
Haci> 6ocaHCKH HSBopn ^obo^ibho ysepaBaio. (**). — 
y Tenaio BpemeBa penB oicynawh noneaa e oauaHa- 
BaTH H iCTeneBii BaacTejicxBa , m y obomi> norae^y 
penao 6bi ^a cy mynanH HeiuTO Man^rB CTenena 
B.iacTe.iH Cbijih, Hero RHeaoBH h BOHBO^e. BaacTCia 
mynaHH ^uah cy no^MitHi^HH ne canio Bja^are jBHiiia, 
Hero H oCeiacTHUMB ynpaBHTCiBHina KHeaoBHina h 
BO^Bo^aMa, Rao iuto ce h3b MHom M3Bopa ^obo^b- 
HO yBH])a. (♦**) HeBepoBaTHO mh ce hhhiIj iuto F. FMa- 
4^epAHHrB BeaH, ^a cy o/cynanu 6hiAVi cTapemuue Ma- 
AU ceocKu odfUTUHa, crapemune oicyna^ ^»»*^^ gp.j, auy. 
na HeosHBHaBa ceao , nero e y mynu 6vlao Birxue 
ceaa, ROfl cy moraa HMaTH paane rucno^ape , na cy 
3aTO H CTOH^a no^^B pasHOMB ynpaaoMB. Morjo 6 
HCTHHa 5bith rocno^apa Hcyna, koh cy ce SBaan a&y- 
naHHMa, aaH 6bijio 6 h TaRBH myna, Roe pasA^^^H^ 
Ha BBiue co^CTBCHHRa BHcy Morae HSfaTH e^HorB 
CTapeiuHHy T.€u»ynaHa, aRO ce noAi> CTapeiuHHOMB 
paaymeBa rocno^apB h;ih ynpaBHTCjiB myne. (*****) 

(*) iKjraaHB PaAoc.ias'b cbbi Knesa An/ipee XjibM- 
cKora, HaaBBaiobH ce6e s^eTBeHuKoiiB ,,rH2^ KpOkAi 2Srb(>b- 
iKoiAP* cTyna j eaiosB cb A3'6pobhbroii'b npoTHBB Kpa- 
.m ypoina 1S54. Man S2. Cp6. CnoM. 6p. to. 

(*^) Cp6. cp. 754. 

(***) ^ynaHB OArosapa paqn: Comes, koh « osna- 
^asaja o6jacTHorB ynpasHTejifl, Foisp^n^ a ye^HO h ctb- 
neHB BjacTeacTBa: Graf, ^a cy o6jiacTHH ynpasHTejibH 
HMaan no^B co6omb aKynane, bh^h Cp. CnoM. 6p. 86. 

(****) IlHCMa o HCTopiH Cp6a h Byrapa o^b Xhji- 
4>epABitra, npeseo MnaanB MHaHfeeBHhB cb. 4. CTp. 189. 

(**^**^) r. 4p* Hhko IIIa<i>apHKB onoMeHyo iie, 4a ce 
y cp6cRHMB H3BopHMa cnoMHHio HaABopHH sKynaHH (Co- 
mes palatii)^ ajH a cnoMCHB obu isynaHa y cp6cRHMB aa- 



cp6cRe ApmaBe HecnoMHnh ce HHr^e y cp6cKHMi» 
HSBopHMB. y EocHH If XpBaTCKOH Haaa3HMo 6aHe 
y pasna BpeMeua, a F. Mai^KioBCKH mucah, as^ ^ AO- 
CTOHHCTBO 6aHa HeKa^a h y cp6cKOH ^pacasH nocTo- 
HJio, BejehH /i^a cy MecTO a^ynaua h 6aHa y CpfiiH 
Apyra a^^ SBaHiaycTaHOBjibHa, h to aeaui^ .iodor&ra 

H npijHUKUpie {*). ObO MHluahuti Cp6cKH ll3BOpH /^o* 

Bo^BHo HenpaB/^aio , epi) ce uasHBi* Sana naysH- 
Maiohn BocHy h XpsaTCRy — HenoflB^ioe y cp6cRofi 
HCTopiH y u^eaoM'b nepio«2^y HeMauHha, mynaHH naRi) 
iouii* 3a BpeMena ^esaacRorfc Hpaaa cnoMHHio ce y 

cp6cRHM'b H3BopHMa, a y CycK^HOH BOCHH noCTOfl- 

jiH cy H Ha CTO ro/(HHa cRopo uoc^e cp6cRe npo- 
nacTH na KocoBy. y Eochh 6bio e 6aH'b uesaBHC- 
HbiH ynpaBHTe^B EocHe, yxcHBaiohH 6631* BRaRBorb 
orpaHHHeHB BAa^aTe^bCRa npaBa; a^iH e hccto OBaii 
HaaHBT) OBuasaBao h no^y3aBHCHor'b ynpaBHre^a 
EocHe OH^a, Ra/^T» 6 OBa Tyl)oii BaacTH no^MHubHa 
6bkAei. Behb ce 3a XBa./iHMHpa RpajiH XXXII. sei^H, 
^a 6 cBOio Rhepjb y^ao sa einet^Koe^ 6aHa , a Bi' 
net^'b 6bio e rpaAi» y Bochh Ha phRH BpCacy (*^). y 

BopHMa HHcaMb npHMexio. y j!^Ha.iOMaMa koai* Schwandt- 
nera y ABAy: reriim hung'aricariim srrip tores 111. 1 05. 156. 
HaBO/^e ce obh naaHBH sKynana: Zupanus palatii . Ziipanus 
Cavallarius, Zupanns Pincernarius , Zupanus Comitissae. 
HcTop. Caslb. npasa. 1. apHMeT6a 22,1, 

(^) HcTopifl CjiaB. npasa. I. § 47. IV. 

(^*) PaHfei T. II. CTp. 286. Hie cyoHuiHO, 4a OB^e 
npHMexHM'B, fl,Sk camo MHMorpeAuo cnoMHH'feii'b HMe 6aHa 
npe HemaHHlieBorB Ao6a 3aTO, epi cp6cKa ^psKaBa jioji,'h 

CBOHM'B Be^. 3KynaHHMa^ H nO^l* Rpa^'bBHMa Aa^MaTHHCKHM'B 

na CBe fl,o HeMau'fe I. uie 6ujia /^OBO.ibHO npasHO paasie- 
Ha. Kao uiTO ce h3'b HaBe^eHori* mecTa ysn^a , y Boc- 
hh cy 6hiAH no3HaTH 6aHH o^i* cxapH BpeMena, a Koh- 

CTaHTHHi» nop4»HporeHHT% Befel> CnOMHH'b H y XpBaTCROfi 

6aHa9 KOH e 004% co6oM'b HMao Faii^Ko noA'h , h npe^eje 
peKe Kp6aBe, h »lHKe. Ochmi> 6ocaHCKH h xpsaTCHH 6a- 
HOBa cnoMHHio FAHKOH y OBOMi A^6y 6aHOBUHe 3ax.iM- 


BocHH cy 6aHH HiwaaH ycTpo6Hi> BJia^are^BCRiH 
;^Bop'b, H CB06 ^BopaHe , H3Me^y ROH cnoMHHio ce 
CBH creneHH B.iacTe.xa, KueaoBH, BOHBO^e , acynanH. 
O^-b BpeMeua, KaAi> cy ce 6ocaHCKH 6aHH noneaH 

UaSHBaTH Cp6CKHMl> H 6ocaHCKHM'b Kpaa^^BHMa , He- 

cnoMHHH) ce BHLue y iisBopHMa 6aHH saro^ iiito cy 
TH 6aHH o^ii TO 406a ^MAH Kpa^Ti^BH. EocaHCKiii 
6aH'b TepTKo^ cuHOBai^'b o^i) ^yuiaua yrHl>TaBaHori> 
6aHa CTe^aua , casHaBuiH ^a e BJia^axe^BCKa no- 
po^Hi^a y CpCiH HsyiMpjia, ^omaBuiHy CpCiio, nac-ils- 
^ieMii sayseo 6 Kao uito caMT> seAu y ^HnjioiuH, kok) 
6 1378. ro^. Anp. 10. H3/^ao, „npecTc/tb iwoh\t, np^po^H- 
TiAh^ rocnoAS cpbBbCKe , 3aHe bc th e^kx^ '^oh npApo^HTeAHH 
Rb 3eM/ihHlL/\ik i^apcTBt" II T. ^. H HOAnHCHBao ce „Cti- 


H T. A« oAHOce ce na AP'KaBHO ycxpoiicTBo yHrap- 
CKe^ H HecTOe hh y KaKBofi CBesH ca cpCcKHiwh ^p- 
H&aBHHM'b ycrpoHCTBOM-b , na aaxo h npejiaae npyrb 
MOH paaMaTpanA. 

CSy, Tpe6HHbCK^ , H T. A. ^ JHrapCKHM% HSBOpHMa CHO- 

MHH'b ce xaKOJ^e y paaua speiteHa aoctqhhctbo 6aHa. y 
yurapiH 6biJH cy 6aHH sejiHKH BJiacxeaH , h Hiia^B cj 
3flaTaHi> yajtHBi j pemaBafl^ ApHcasHbi ^e^a. Hame^y ocxa- 
jibi 6aRa cnoMHHib ce y ynrapcKOH: CeeepuHCKiHf Ma- 
ueancKm, UpuMOpcKtiij Byeapcuiu 6aRi> (Banus Seve- 
riensis, IVlacsoensis, MaritimuR, Bulgfariae etc.) h t. a. 


J CTapa BpcMena nucy 6biJia Hacji^AHa, h CTa.iHa, xaso 
ynrapcKiH Kpaai> CTesaHik V. bc^h sa 6aHa Po^aR^a 1270. 
TO^. „Bnro iste cum regni nostri smnper status altissimos 
tenuisset , aliquando Palatinatum. quandoque Banatum di- 
versos plures Comitatus/^ etc. Fejer Codex diplomaticus 
Hungariae VII. 2. p. i4. Frank: 4 kozig'azsag^ torvenye Ma- 
gyarhonban. 3udaa, 18^45, I. 122. lap. 

(^') €p6cKH CnoitieHHi^H 6p. 66. Hctuh Kpaub Tspb- 
TKO roAHHC 1375, 4>e6p. 9. noAnHcaHi> e Kao 6aH'b 60- 
caHCKH. BaHi* Ky.iHH'b cnoMHH'fe ce y neKoK saKJieTSH se- 
ke 1189. ro^HHe. €p6. Coom. 6p. 1. 


Hanoc^eARy MeJ^y BeaMome Her/^amuK cptfcxe 
ApaKase crasjaM'b KasHat^a h Aoeorera , roh cy no 
CBOMe seaHiio anarHO mccto saysHMaaa y ^pa&aBHofi 
ynpaBH« 06oHi;a noHBi^iofo ce kbo ^aopcRH hbhob- 

HHI^H 3aTO, UITO Cy ce 06aMH0 yais iAUHHOCTB BJia- 

^axejiH Haaa3u.«H, bjh HnaRi* no cBone BaaHiio bh- 
lue npana^aio pe^y BeaHRO^ocToiiHHKa, aero ah j 


. KaaHuVf'h (RbSHBiipb) cy^eha no aasHBy, cTapao 
ce o ^pmaBHOH Kaaua,. npaKynjiao e ^pmaBae npa- 
xo^e^ MoaK^a e paape^Hsao AOTHnne npapeae, b no 
HapeA^H BjiaAaTejiflynoTpe^jHBao e^pHCBBHe npuxo- 
^e Ha o6iuTe i{e./iH: e^HOMi* penu RasHau^'B sajiBAa e 
6iao HeRiH BH/^i> MHHHCTepa <^HHaHci6. Kpyris nb- 
roBorb ^eaaHH no HaiuHMii H3BopHMa HeMo»eMO o- 
npe^e^HTH, epi* ce y CTapHMB cnoMeHHu^Hiiia RasBa- 
i;h caMo no HMeny cnoMHHio. SsaHie Raanai^a 6iajio 
e saacHo, epi cy Raaaai^H CBaaa^'b Be.«HRB B,«acTeaH, 
HBJiasHaH cy ce npn BaaAaTeafeBOMii /i^Bopy> h no^** 
nHCHBaaa cy ce na Ha/^aHHMi* o^'b BjaAaTe.«fl f^vL- 
UiAOMaMa Rao cBe/(oi;H. KasHaicb ce cnoMHH^ Behii 
y HeROMii nHcmy RpaaBHi;e 6^eHe, maTepe Rpaaa Mh- 
•lyTHHa, ynpaajKHOMB hb 4y6poBaHRon> RHeaa Ma- 
pHHa HCopma, y romb hctb RpajBHi^a o6ehaBa, a^ 
tie /^ydpoBHaue ocTaaHTH y yHCHBaHio npaaa, Roa 
cy oAi> h-Khofb My»a h cana ypoma (Ma.iyTHHa) 
A06H.XH. Obo 6 Rpa^BHi^a G^ena o6ehajia npe^'B 
Ay6poBa*iRHMB nocaaHH]:;HMa ^ a o^b caoe CTpane 
npe/i^B Tpa cae^ORa, aaMe^y roh e/^aaB e Cuo ka- 

3HbL^b AVpbHAHb. Ilo/^B ^eHBHCRHMB TdRO^CpB 6 nO- 

CToaao SBaaie Raaaaii^a, a noanaTO e Cjujio h y Bochh, 


Kb3Hbi^a CAHbKA, ROH 6 HO CBoii npHjiHi^H ' HBiinpe SRy* 
naHB duo, h roh e hmbo CHna soesoy^i^ ?^p^w^^ CbHKo- 



anmo na nasHKb „v£UMfiir« pusnuytcu** roh ce I^bB' 
nyrb noAi> AecnoTOM* l^yp^eMi* chomhu^. (*) 

./IoaoTeT% — y ^HnjioMaMa Ha^iasH ce uanHca- 
HO : .loroeeTB, ./loro^eTB , jioronexB — raRol^e e 
o^npaBaHo y cp6cKofi AP'KaBH suaTao aeaHie. Ka^i> 
6hi oBo 3BaHie ca caASuiHBHM'b ROHftii> SBanieMi* yno- 
pe^HTH XTBAH^ MOF^H 6hi ^oroTera yno/io6HTH /^p- 
HcaBHOMB ceRpeTapy^ hji^ HaneaHHRy ApmaBHe sjia- 
/^aTeabBe Raui^e^apie, roh ce o6hhho Haaaaio yaii 
Bjia^axeatBy jiHHHOdTB, cb BjiaAaTeji]kMx> e iiyxosao, 
HibroBe sanoaecTH HSBpuiaBao. F. Mai^^ioBCRH Be- 
•lu, ^a 6 aBanie jioroxeTa ycTanoBio ^yuiaH'B, h aa- 
Hcxa npe 1349. ro^iiHe a HHcaMb hh y e^HOMi* cp6- 
CROMii cnOMeHHRy npHM^Tio, /^a ce chomhh^ ssanie 
aoroTexa^ lUTa BHuie, hh na caMHSfb ^yuianOBBMii 
^HnaoMaikta nenaaaae ce no^nncaHH aororeTH , He- 
ro ce npBbiii njTB cnoMHHio y /^yuiauoBOMi* saRO- 
HHRy, a 0^*^1357. ro/i^HHe coomkhh) ce ;ioroTeTH npao 
HecTO y paaHHMis cxapHM'b nncMenHMi* cnoMOHHi^HMa. 
IIor.iaBHTa ^ysRHOCTB aoroxexa 6ujia 6 nncaTH, t. 
6. cacTaB.niHTH xpHCOByaK , a no cboh npHaiii^H h 
caa ocTaaa nucMa, roh e na^asao Bjia^aTejiB. Ohis 
6 Hyaao Be^HRiH /^pmaBHidH nenaTB, h y^apao ra 
Hd ^HnjiOMe, na Tome 6bio 6 Rao HeRiH ROHTpoaopB 
a ye/^H o h ^ecua pyna Bjia/^aTeaa npn Ha^aBanio ^nnjio- 
Ma, H cacTaBaflHio ^pmasuBi nncaiMa, roh e ohii no 
B.iaAd'TC'^^BOM'B na^ory cacTaBaao^ Rao uito ce to 
yBH^a H3B paaHBi nperoBopa cp6cRH Rpaa^Ba ca ^y- 
CpoBaHROMB penyg^HROMBy na ce aaxo h noHBjiM)6 
•AOroxeTB H Rao ^aopcRH hhhobhhrb thmb BHnie, 
uiTO ce na BHuie Mecxa cnoMHH^ y^Auo h Rao mh- 

JipCTHHRB^T. 6. CBC^ORB, ROH Ce Hd ^HUJlOMy pa^H H^He 

(^) Cp6cRH CnoMeHHqH 6p. 32. R 37; cpaBHH 5p. 

19. H 86. BHAH 6p. 137. 138. Kb3HI»I]f'B y Cp6CK0£[ AP^^^- 

BH Moxce ce ycnopeAHTH sBaHiio, Koe e o^npaBJiflo: Ca- 


Behe BepoBaTHOCTn no/^nHCHsao ; (*) 2lam to naeb 
ya^HO ysepaBd, ;^a cy ^lorOTerH Be^HRO^ocTofinH* 
i^H 6bijiH , noMeMi) cy ce Ha /^nnaoMaMa aa CBe^OKe 
camo Aio^H Buiiieris HHHa, h CTenena Bi^acTeacTBa 
o6hhho ynorpeSAHBdiAH. no/^i* i^apeMi* ypouieMi, 
MAB^HM'b ynoTpeC./ilsH'b 6 .loro^eTT) ^^dnib aa no- 
K./iHcapa, epis y HenoM ^unaoMH Hcrora B^a^^are^fl 
ctoh: kako ct€ mh ncpoyHHAH no Aorofi,6Tt i^ApcrsA mm ^ea- 
H-k M no Ppbra'pt, C*"*) o/iKy^T» ce ye/^no h to ysH^a, 
^a cy B^a^aTe.iJbH y hcto Bpeue ^ea a cnrypHO h bh- 
lue .lororeTa HMajiH. y osa BpeMena noCi^aBHi^H 
^o6iajiH cy oChhho ycTMena ynyTCTBia , koh cy ce 
npH cbohmii. Cb AfyvHM'b ^^pacasaMa nperoBopHMa 
npH/^pmasai^H , na saTO e h ynoTpe5a]sH'i> Hapaai) 
„nopyHH.iH". .^oroTCTM cy cacTaBjiA./iH a h cbmh 
oHca^H ^pmaaua nHcMa , bob hckih bh^i ;^p- 
HtaBHM yroBopa HMaio , ajH cy CHrypno cacTaa^a- 
AH H nHca.7iH H ^^HnjioMe, Koe cy Baa^aTC^bH ^aaaJiR 
npHBaTHHM'b ^Hi^HMa, H ohji^sl cy nanaahiiBaaH neKe 
TaKce o^i> OHM , KOH cy ^HnaoMOMii HCKy semjiio 
^oShah ; ai^H hctc raKce HHcy npHMa^H jiorOTeTH 
sa nHcaH^i ^^nnaoMe, Hero sa xpucoeyjih^ t. 6. sa 
sjiaTHbiH nenaT-B, koh cy ua AwnaoMy ct^baraia, 
TaKce cy one ^ocTa Be^HKe 6hiAe, o6AapeHbiH ^a- 
Bao e o^'h CBaKori) ceaa^ Roe e y 5aiuTHHy ^0610 
no A=: 30 nepnepa aoroTCTy. (^•*'^*) 

H ch oBHMii caMb pcKao cae, uito caMb ua o- 
BOMi> MecTy o cpScKHM'b BeaMomaMa Morao pehH. 

(^) Cp6cKH CnoMeHHi^H 6p. 47. Kao mh^iocthbi^h no^- 
nacHBaHH cy aoroxeTH hb AHnaomaMa nocae cmpTH i^apa 
ypouia^ a npBbiH nyxi* y ueKOH , ^HnaoMH BjKa BpaHBO- 
BHha o/^'b 13 70. ro^. Anpnaa 5. Cp6. CnoM. 6p. 62. H 
nocte KocoBCKe 6HTKe cnoMHHio ce aoroTCTH; TaKO 1.406. 
cnoMHH'fe ce AoeoeeTh Boedauh, koh e i429. 6bio npo- 
TOBHCTiapb; a ua H'feroBO luecTO 6bio e AonJU^eTb BoHxaa. 
€p6. CnoM. 6p. 90. 111. 

(^'^) Cp6. CnoM. 6p. 53. 

(^^^) Bhak 114. aaKOHib y AJUiaaoBOM'B saKOHHisy. 


Hehe 6iiIth cyBHUiHo a^ h to npHMeTHMii, ^a ssa- 


Hero ^a e Morao seaHKiH B^acre^HH'b paana aBdHia 
6AHO 3a ApyrHMi) o/i^npaB;iaTH. 


rOBopHTH, KOJiHKo o BejLAiomaMa, epi) ce BehnHOMi* 


ce caMO y HCTopacKHM'b fl^eAtivist^ hah y neRHMi* naA- 
uHCHMa, a y ^yiuaHOBOfuvb aaROHHRy e/^aa ce fahroh 


HsMe^y ABopCRH HfHHOBHHRa HaifSHaTHiH 6hio e: 
/fecnoT'b^ ROH ce cnoMHHJh y PaaheBOH HCxopiH 
H y r^HROHM'b cTapiflMi) HaAnHCHMa. yseufdu r. Ila- 
Bje IIla^apHRi) Bean, a^ 6 AecnoT'B saysHMao opBO 
MecTO y i^apcROMi> ABopaucTBy. (^'*) il HHcaMB Morao 
HahH HHr^H y cpScRHMii HSBopHMa, ^a ce A^cnoTi> 

HaBO^H Rao HeRiii ^BOpCRlH HHHOBHHRl). IloSHaTO 6 

Aa ce Cre^f^aHTt CHHi) Rneaa .laaapa, crynHBiuH no- 
CiAe KocoBCRe 6HTRe na npecToai*, naaHaao p^ecmo- 
TOM-b, a RaARaAi* h RHesoMii; ajiH y obo BpeMe f^ec- 
noTii Hie BHuie 5uo npBUH CTenewb A^^O'OHHCTBa 
y BiAaAdTejiBCROMi} A^opy, nero e xa penB oaaana- 
Ba.iia caMori} noayaaBHCHorib B^aAaTe^Aa. Moryhe 
6 Me^yxHAfB, H BpAo BepoBaxHO A^ ^ CTe«aHi> y 
ABopy CBora orii^a iomi) npe KocoacRe CaTRe Cuo 
AecnoTi}, na e Taii aaaaBis aaApacao h nocae^ rba*!* 
6 H caMy BjiaAy HaAi> cpScROMi) aP^^^^'^'^ Y cbo« 
pyne yaeo; iiito e thmt, aepoaaTHie, epi* Panhrb Be- 
au, A^ 6 rpHRiH i;ap'B A.ieRCH AnreaB KoMHeai) Cxe- 
^ana, nocae npBOBeHsaHor'b apaaa, RaAi> 6 hctmh 

(^) Mhc4h r. n. l]Ia<i>apHBa o CTenenHMa ABOpcKM 
AOCTOHHCTBa J cp6cKoii AP^^BH y KpaTKO 6 cnomeHyo r. 
H'broB'b CHHOBai^'B ^p% Hhko ]IIa4»apHK'b j rjiacHHKv V. 
CTp. 299.; Ha OBO MecTO qeuihe by ce nosBaxH y xeqaio 
oBe pasnpaae. 


H-KrOBy RhepB yaeo ceCn sa jiio6oBi;y, nonecTBOBao 
/^ecnoTCKHiunb caHOM'b, a h HeMaHa I. npe, Hero iuto 
6 ocTaeio cBercKy Bja^y^ nocTaeio 6 Hcrorb CBorb 
cHHa CTe^ana cp^CRHM'b /fecnoroM^. (*) F. Mai^'b'- 
ioBCRH Be,«H, fl^Sk cy ce meHCRe o^ty Bja^aTejiBCKe 
nopo^Hife y Cp6iH HasHsa^ie decnune^ {^*) o neiiy 
ce Hs-b cp6cRH H3Bopa HHCaMB Morao yBepHXH. Y 
^ymaHOBOM'b aaROHHHy HasHBi* /^ecnoTa HenajiaaH ce. 
CeeacTOKparop'b 5f>io 6 no r. lUa^apuRy /^py-* 
riK CTeneHi> ^BopflHCRorB ^ocTOHHCTsa. MeHH cy 
HenosHare nbroBe ^yscHOCTH , aaH e na CBaRiil aa- 
HBHii saysHMao SHaxHo mccto y pe^y Her^aiuHBH 
cp6cRH ^BopAHa. Behi) HemaHH I. y CBoioii /^Hn^o- 
MH, HOio 6 1198 — 99 ^ao ManacTHpy XH^ieu^apy, ua- 
SHBa CBonb CHHa CTe4^aHa ceeacroKparopojm. (♦**) 
Pan hi Be AW, a^ e JJ^ywaniy ceBaeTORpaTopoMi> Cp- 
6iH nocTaBio /^enaua , 6oj^ ^eana, iuto ce h ^y- 
luanoBOMi) ^HnjiOMonrfa oai> 1349. ro;^. hotbp^hth 
Home; epi ce y hctoh ^HnaoMH chomrh^ ceeacro* 
KpaTop'b /fiamy h aa H^ra bcih /^yuiaHi> ^^ ^ ^^o 
„6paTbt^apbcTea jptu*^,{*'^^'^)JioTai^'b ByRaBpanROBHba 
6bio 6 cesacTOKpaTopB , h cdomrhI) ce y ^Hn««OMH 
M^Tia^orb ^apa yponia o/\i> II. Mapra 1369 (swor) a 
r ByRB BpaHKOBHhB caMB BeJiH, ^a 6 chhb ceaac- 
TOKpaTOpa BpaHRa. (**^**'*'j y ByrapcROH cy TaRol>e 
6yiAn no3uaTH cesacTORpaTopH, Rao iuto ce yBH^a 
H3B Ha^nnca, HaJiaaeherb cey i](pRBH BohhcroK ro^*!* 
Co^ie oA'fc 1255 (s^asa), r^H ce cnoMHH-Jb epaTyne^-B 
i^apa 6yrapcRorB a ynyRB cp6cRorB Rpajia CTe«a- 
na Ka/ickHk ceeACTOKpATopb. Any ^oroBopy roh cy 

(^) PanhB T. II. CTp. 409. 

(**•) HcTopifl Cjas. npasa. I. § 39. 

(***) OnHcanie /^peBHOCTifi €p6cKH y ce. FopH 6p. 
1. Pamdtky. Okazkj ob5ansk^ho pfsemnictvi C V. 

(**^*) PaH^B T. II. 750. OnHcame ApeBHOCTiH cp6- 
CKH y CB. FopH 6p. 12. 

(*****) OnHcaa. AP®»« <^P^- y cb« Fopa 6p. 13. 15. 


npoTHBy cp6cRorb Kpajifl ypoma 1SS3. lOnia 15. ^y- 
6poB4aHH ca 6yrapcKHM'b i^apeifb AcenoMi* aanjifo- 
HHJiH cnoMHH't. 06.* 36X1} i^apa 6yrapcRonb ceeacro- 
Kparop^ tlerap'h. (*) Ha* Haee^^eHon* ysH^a ce/^a 
cy ceeacTOKpaTopH ro;^i> Cp6a h Byrapa 6&ijiHno- 
snaTH ^a^eRO npe ^yuiana h ^a cy cesacTORpaTo- 
pH cBaRaAi> 6bi;iH cpo^HHi^H sJia/^aTejiKee nopo^H- 
i;e , Rao lUTO CBH HaeeA^^HH npHMtepH aobo^bho ^o- 

Kecap'h 6fao 6 no F. IIIa«apuRy Tpehift CTe- 
neHTj AocTOHHCTBa y Ay^^HOBOMT, ABopy. Pauhi* aa 
BpemeHa /^yiuauOBa chombh^ Kecape Upe^yAy Fpu- 
eopiH H Bouxny. (**) Kecapt Bonxna cnoMHuK ce y 
HaAnHcy Ha saB^kcH bc^hrh i^apcRH ABepiii npeAi* 
oJirapoMi, i^pRBe xHjienAapcRe o^-b ro^. 1399. roio 
e saBlicy rIih Recapa BonxHe, a aioGoBiva A^cnoTa 
yrjifeuie ManacTHpy Xa^^eH^apy ^a^a. Kpyn> Reca- 
poae BjiacTiH no cp6cRHM'b HSBopHMa neMome ce 
onpe^'L.iHTH. ^ecnoTis yrjibma, CpaTi) Rpajia By- 
RauiHua , 6bio e naiinpe Recapi*, (^^^) h ynpaB^iao e 
^paMOM'B, H oATyAi> 6bi Mor^H H3BOAHTH, A^ cy Re- 
capH H o6jiacTHH ynpaBHTe^BH 6biaH, na Aa e pens 
Recapi> npe aoctohhctbo, Hero ah aaanie oanana* 

Baaa. y Cp6CRHMl> ^VlllAOJAWAdL ^ H y /^yiuaHOBOMli 

saROHHRy HHcaMB Morao onasHXH, a^ ce Recapi> cno- 

HpoToceeacT'b hjih Rao uito ce rAHrAH HCUHcye 
npoToceeacTUToc^ 6bio e MaHl^rb CTenena a^^P^*^^^ 
HUHOBHHRii oAi^ RecBpa, 6pi> cy RecapH oa'^ npoTO- 
cesacTa nocTaaan, noHeMi> ce y HeROMi) HaAnncy 
y ManacTHpy PhJicrom'b oa^ roA* 1335^ cnoMHH^: 

(^) r.iacHRR'b VII. CTp. 190; Cp6cRH CnoMeHHi;R ((p. 
16. Pamatky. Ok^zky obC. pisem C XVI. CeaacTORpaTop'B 
llexap'b HMao e aemjiiOy — ApxcaBHuS npocTopi, hobm% 
6 jnpaB.iHo; na HaseAeHOM'b mcctj cxp. 18. 

(*-) PaHfe-B T. II. 750. 

(*'*'*) raacHHKt V. CTp. «99. 301. 



npoToceeacrarocb PeJtJi /fpaeoeoJtJt , a y ^pyrovtb 
ua/^nHcy o^is ro^. 1341, koh ce y HCTOHfb maHacTH- 
py Ha^a3H, cnoMHHi> ce: „Hecaput^a, vynpyaiCHUt^a Pe- 
Jii /fpaeoeoAi**, o/^KyA* ce yBHl)a , ^a t^ HCTiaff Pe- 
jifl nocae 1335 roAHue ^ofiuo CTeneHis Recapa. A 
Behi> ce no^is Kpa^'KMi> MH.iyTHHOMis cnoMHH^ npo* 
TOCeBacTis, epis hctuh Rpa^B y HeKOH ceoioS ab- 
njOMH Be^u, A^ e rpaAi^ IIlTHni> .iH^ao npoToceBacrb 
Xpeaa, uiTO Hacb yBepasa , ^a cy npoToceBaCTB 
TdKO^e 3HaMeHHTa Mecra y AP^^Biiofi ynpaBH aay- 

3HMaJlH. (^') 

DpoToeucTiap^ 6bio 6 no r. IIIa^apHKy 5. ctb- 
nen-b ABopflHCKori» AocroHHCTBa y CpfiiH. y cp6- 
cKHMis nHCMeHMMii cnoMeHHi^HMa, KOH cy npe ^yuia- 
Ha, a H oAi> caMorii /J^yiuaHa Ha^aTH. na hh y ca- 
MOMis ^yiuaHOBOMT) 3aKOHHKy uecnoMHH'K ce a^cto- 


y ABopoBHMa cp6cKH B^a^aTejiA 6iaao^ yBepaBdMi* ce 
OATyA"*** uiTO ce y AnnaoMH ^yp^a A^cnora oa* 
1429. roA' 13. /l^eK. cno^w^^^ npoToeucTinpt Boedawb^ 
a HajiasH ce cnoMeHi> npoTOBHCTinpa h y Apy^BMi) 
crapHMi) cp6cKHMi. nncMeHHM'b cnonieHHiifHMa 14. h 
15. BCKa. npoTOBHCTiflpH noAnHCHBd^H cy ce na ab- 
naoMaMa — nao miijiocthhi;h t. e. CBeAoiJiH, a y Bo- 
CHH npoTOBHCTiApH HcnyHABdJiu Cy KaAiuTO Ay*^HO- 
CTH aoroTexa, wao iiito ce yBH})a hst* AHnaoiwe 111x6- 
«aHa ToMauia CocaHCKori) Kpaaa oaI) 1444. y noiofi 
npH Rpaio ctoh: ^^Iz! pecxce npcTOBHCTAphSnHCAXb no 3Ano- 


(*) r^acHHKi* Vll. 18«. OnHcauie aP^bh. cp6cRB y 
CB. FopH 6p. 6. 

(^^) npOTOBHCTiflpb BorAaHi* 6bio e najinpe Jloro- 
TeTb^RaouiTooaMbuacTp. i toy npHM.cnoMeHyo.PecToenpo- 
To6HCTapi> ocHMi> HaBeAeue ahu^omc nncao e APy^^y ^^A- 

1451. /^eK. 18. „S CTIWHO/WK NKUTi i BCBOBl^^." IIpOTOBHCTiflpe 

HMa.iH cy H noeA>iHH ynpaBHTeabH cp6cKH o6.iacTiH; Kao 


npoTocnarap'b^ kojihko 6 mbkh aoanaTO, necno- 

MHH'fe Ce HHtpi^H y Cp6CKHM'b nUCMeHHM'b caoMe««i|H- 

Ma, a HH y JJ^yuieiHOBOM'b saKOHHKy. Panti'b eeaa, 4a 
6 i^ap'b ypoiwb wAaAbiH ByfcauiHHOBori> Gpara yrjib* 
fuy yRpacio npoTocnaTapcKHM'b aoctohhcbtom'b. He- 
Mory onpey^bjiHTH, aau e. B\kpoBaTHO, ^a 6 y CpGiii 
npoTOcnaTapi> to 6f>io, iuto 6 Ko/^'b ocTa«tfd Caa- 
Bena fiuo gladif^r^ m roai> Pyca m%hhuk%. (^) 

/feopbdpbo^ut^a, cy/^ehn no HMeuy 6bio, e /^Bop- 
CRifi HHHOBHHKii, KOH ce CTapao o A^opcKHM'b no- 
Tpe6aMa. CnoMHH^ ce caMo y aaKaexBii^ koio e A- 
jieKcaHAepis rocno^HHis KaHHuK h Asaony noaoa&io 
oii^a, KaAi> € 3a Ay6poBa4Kori> rpa^aHHHa Hs^paub 
6bio. — y^ ^HnjioMH Cre^aHa ^a6Huie 6ocaHCKor'b 
Kpaaa oAi> 1392. ro^* lya. 17. cnoiviHHb ce: deopcnu 
cTauht^h , KOH 6 Taico^e , Kao h ^Bopo^pa&Hi^a no/^- 
oHcaHis Kao CBe/^oRis Ha ^HnaoMH, h koh e Mom^^ ^'^ 
ABopoAP'K'HqoM'b e^HaRe ^yaKHOCTfi o^npaBaao. {^*) 

BJiacreAuna CTiaoHotay'TSmotye CTaBaanfb y upyrb 
/^BopcRH HHHOBHHRa 3aTO, IUTO ce H y ^pyrHMii Ap- 
HcaBaMa HaaasHjio ^BopcRH aBania OBora HMena, h 
/^OTHHHH HasHBajiH cy ce aaTHHCRH vexilliferi t. c« 
crbroHOiue, (^**) a CHpanu cy 6hiAH CBaRa^i^ »<3* wpy- 
ra BHuiH BaacTeaa. Y cyct/^nofi yHrapcKOHB'aacTe- 
•iH CTKroHOuia (orszag zaszlosai, barones banderiati) 
o^npaBaH.iB cy naHBHUia ^pxcaaHa SBaHia, h oBHftrb 
SBaHiHMa paaaHRosajiM cy ce oai> octa^iu BeaHRo^o* 


Aatcjie CTl^roHoma — baro banderiatus nie — 6mo oco- 
fiHTuIr neRiH hhhobhhri>^ nero 6 to 6hio nacjioB'b h 

H. n. Baama, AJ^a fl^psLHKik 1385; Fwpeh rocnoAHBb 3«t- 

CKoll H nOMOpCKOH seinabH 1386. Cp6cKH €nOMeHHI](H 
6p. 111. 136. 140. 70. 71. 

^) PdHbi* II. 829. Hct. Caae. opaB. I. § 51. 
^*^) Cp6cKH CnoMeHHi^H 6p. 61. 81. 
(**^) Hex. CjiaB. npaaa I. § 51. 




c.i1%;!^CTBO OAnpasaflHor'b ^py^r^ aBanifl. y 4yma- 
HOBOifb sanoHHicy cnoMHnh ce B^acTe-^HHi* crl^ro- 
Houia caMo na e^noM'b Mecxy h to y 157 saRORy m 
caMo no HMeuy, na aaro Rpyrii ^KjiaHfl B^acrejiH- 
na crJ^roHOuie HemoxceiMo onpe/i^.»HTH. Hl^roBo ce 
SBanie no csofi npH.;iHi^H y roM^b cacTOa^o, ^a « y 
BpeMe para BjiaAarejibBy aacTasy (crl^rii) npe^ii Bi«a« 
Aareji^BOMii hctomt* hocio. (*) 

Hehe cysHuiHO Cuth ^a oe^e HaiiOMeneMi*, /^a 
cy ce BjiacTejiH na^aaehH re npn BJiaAaTeal^BOMi> 
4Bopy HasHBaaa: ^Bopane BjiacTejiBcqK. Ohh ce cno- 
MHHio y 144. ^yuiaHOBOMi> aanoHy, y romis ce onpe- 
/^IbJiHBa: Aa ce cy^HTH Mopaio oopoTOMi>, aRo ynn- 
ne neRO sjio y /^Bopy. Hai* Hcrorb 6fa ce Mor^o 
H^aecTH, ;^a cy h neBJiacTeJiM mofjih Cuth ^BopaHH, 
noHeMi> HacjiOBi) HCTori> saROHa r^acn: „IU A^^P^Hexb^ 
a y caMOMii aaRony cnoMHHio ce ocHiifb B^acre^a h 
ce6pu, ROH cy ce npecy/^oMii 6omioM'i> MopajiH upaa- 
;^aTH» aRO cy o6TymeHH 6bi.iH, ^a cy sjiohhrctbo 


(^) 3ftaTHiH B^acTB^H CT'broHoine j yHrapcRoil 6vL' 
jm cy: Palatinus reg*!!!, ura loeumtcTirntidrius reg'ius; Co- 
mes Curiae regis; Banns Croatiae, Slavoniae ac Dalmatiae; 
Summus Camerariiis (nie an to KbSHbi^b?). Cy^^hH no o- 
BHM'b HMeuHHa H no BaHSHOCTH sBaHifl^ KOfl cy HHenoBa- 
HH se^HKo/^ocTOHHHi^H o^npaBafl^H , sBa^H cy cc 3aT0: 
Barones banderiati, uito cy cBoe co6cTBeHe 6aRAepie9 
CBoe CTCroBe-^aacTaBe — HMa^H, h cb HCTHMa eosBajiH; na 


npOTRBi* y ynrapcKoJi bc^hkh B^acTe^a, koh cy ce aaa- 
•IB: Barones regni.KOB cy HMaan cBoe 6aHAepie, cTeroae ; 
aan koh cy y CTporoMi CMHc^y o^npa^flaH ^BopcKa 3Ba- 
Bifl, Kao B. n. nexapHHK'b , KomopHHK'b^ h t. 4. koh cy ce 
CBaKdA^ npB ;^Bopy, h yai ^nqnocTb BJia^aTea^ay Ha.ia- 
8B.iH^ a KOH cy HnaKi* HaHdHaTuiH ynaHBi y aP^^bhoII 
ynpaBH HMaan. IIo OBome h cpdcKiH ejiacrej^uwh crbeo^ 
noma Morao e 6uth Be^HKiH B^acTe^HHi*^ koh e no^i 
CBOHM^b CTeroMi Boeaao^ r hob bib Mopao ^R^^pcso 3Ba- 
Bie oAnpaB4flTH. 


OcHMii HdBe^eHU nsLJiase ce iouvb f^hroh na- 

8HBH HUHOBHHKa, K06 6hi HAH y ^B^'b BeaMOHCa fiaH 

HOCTH, Koio cy Moac^a y cp6cKoii /^pmaBH BMajiu , h 
no SBaHiH), K06 cy oAnpaBJifljia; ajiu ko6 caMB ype/^i* 
aemaajbCKH HHHOBHHKa CTaBio hah aaro, iuto ce no 
^ocTOHHCTBy Be.iMomaMa ycnope/^HTU HeMory , h^h 
lUTO cy ce, cy/^ehn no iiAieHy, npeoBJia^Ho Cb ae- 
MajiBCKiiM'b noc^iOBHMa saHHMajiH, H no TOMe H 6atiyb 
ano cy ce npH A^opy h ua^aaHJiH , aayauMajiH cy y 
pe^y /^Bopana cano no^iHubHO MecTO. Hpu cno- 
Meny /j^oth^hu HHHOBHHRa npHMCTHhy ^a jih 6fii ce 
Mor^H npH/^axH BejiMoxcama mjih /^BopfcKHM'b hhhob- 


3eMaJlBCKH HUHOBflHl^H paSJlHKOBa^H cy ce OAl) 

HMa^H, H UITO cy no/^HHH^HH 6ujiH BeaMo»aiiia ; a 


cy o^B ABopa y^ajifeHH Gujih, h^r aRo cy ce y ab<>* 
py na^iasHjiH, HcnyRHBaJiH cy caMo Mau^ ^yHCHOCTU. 
y pe^y semaaBCRH HHHOBHHRa na npBOMB MecTy cno- 
Mena sacaymye: 

JKpauiuHUK'b^ T. 6. B^iacTejiHHB^ ROB 6 RpaHmra, 
rpaHHi^e ^paRase nysao. KpaHuiRHi^H cnoMHHiO ce 
y ^yuianoBOMB saROHHRy , ohh cy 6%aah ynpaBwre- 
•iBH norpaHH<iHbi ^pmaBH&i ORpyxcia, a Mom/^a Hi^e- 
Ahi o6^acTiif, aa aaro ce h bcih sa hbh: „eaacTeae, 
Kou Kpaumra dpj^e.^ Ho samHOCTH , roh) 6 uiiaao 
HyaaHb ^pmaBUfai rpaniii^a aa caaRiK napo^B h no 
TAHROHMB npHMepHMay ROH ce Ro/^B CTpaHBi BBpo^a 
uaaaae, mofjih Sa pehu . ^a cy RpaHuiHHi^H 6fai«iH 
H3B pe^a cp6cRii Beanoma, a^iH aeJiHRa o^roBop- 
HOCTB, RoioB cy sa cboa j^eAa npn ynpaan CBOra 
RpaauiTa noA*^omeHH Cujim, ^ae mu ocBoaa MHcaHTH, 
Aa cy ce RpanurHHi^H oab aejiMoaca paaaHRoBaau, 
aaH cy HoaRBy ap^^bhoh ynpasn sHaTHO Mecrosa- 
ysHMa^M , H aaqeao cua^a^H cy y 6poS aaiiBehH 


BeMajifcCHH MHHOBHHRa. Ohh cy ce crapaaH o nopeA- 
ny H 6e36eAHOGTH csora KpaHuixa, pacno^ara^H cy 
opyacanOM'b ch^omii, koa hmib e noTpeSna Cujia 4a 
P6Ai> 7 KpaHiJiTy AP^^? ^ ceaKo cno.iBHO Hana^aalv 
o^is CBora KpaHiuTa o/^6ifO. A^h aKO cy RpaHmnni^i 
y HSBpiuaBaHK) cboh ^ymHocTiH HemapHH 6hiAH , na. 
cy y c^kAd*By tc neMapHOCTH h^h TaxH h rycapB^ 
HJiH CTpana BOHCKa KpaHuiry, H /^pyrou i^apeaoit seM- 
jiBH HeKy luxexy HauejiH, OH^a cy ohh CByxy niT^- 
Ty H3i> cBora i;iena ApacasH h npHaaTHHMa naKHa^a- 
Ba.»H; a BKO cy Banis rora cb xaTHiua h ryoapuMa y 
CBesH 6aLAH , 6biBaaH cy Kao h caMH th ajiOHBHi^fi 

CTpOrO KaSH'^HH. {*) 

IIpijnuKupie cnoMHHio ce y 1^4. /^yiuaHOBOiH'ii sa- 
KOHy H3Me^y ocra^Jbi a/^MaHHexpaTHBHu HHuoBHHRa^ 
KOH cy 6hiAH o^BeaaHH cxapaxH ce o SesSev^^HOCTH 
ce6H noAHHHJiHbi oCaacTiH. Kpyrb ujbioBorii ^^eaaaa 


Ma ocHOBy cp6cKH H3Bopa HCMoaKe ce onpev^^eaiiTH. 
r. Mai^^ioBCKH ee^H, ^a 6 ^yuiani) np-^MHRipiesaBeo 
MecTO SHynsLua. Saanie npLmuRipiA — primicerus — 
nosHaTO. 6 6iaJio y rp^Koii Behi) noj\'b BeJiHRHMii Teo^ 
^^ocieMis, H Primicerus (primus in ceram et tabulam 
relatus) cnoMHH'K ce y MHorHMi> senuiaMa. h caaRa^'b 
6 BHcoRorB CTeneHa MHHOBHHR'b 6bio. 36ori> TOFa, 
lUTO Rpyri> 4eaaHH npliMHRipie HHRaRo Hemory onpe- 
^ejiHTH, HucaMB iH Haaeo y pe/\y cp6cRH Bea^oiRa. (**) 

C^) €p6cRH R.iacTeaH RpaHiuHHi^H Mory ce ycnope- 
AHTH qyaapHMa rpanHi^a, roh cy y cpe^H^M'b BCRy n<X3Ha- 
TH 6hiAH nofl.'b HasHBOM'b „Granzeng^r«if.^ F. Mai^-feioBCKH 
(I. § 103) cmaTpa RpaniuHHRe Rao ^HHOOHHRe na rpanH- 
i^H, H HeAae ilfMi HHRaRey BasKHOCTb. O RpaHuiHHi^HMa ro- 
Bope 1^2. H 137. saKOHH ^yiuaHOBOri* aaROHHRa. 

(^'*^) Primirerus odHanaBao e CBaRa^nb npBorB, uaii- 
BeKen HHHOBHHRa j hcroh ctpjrh ^pxtaBHe ynpaBe; oana- 
qaBaaa e xa peqb y cpe/^H'feMi> Beny: ^pHcaBHorb ceKpe- 
xapa, Rani^ejapa; hcxo xaRo h npson* qHHOBUHRa npn ne- 
KOM^ o/j^^e.iy BOHCRe; a ye^uo n r^aBHon* cjiysRHxe^ii ue- 
sorb B^^HRor'b B^acxejiHHa. 


i^afiHUH Han BoeHuii MHHOBHHR'b, a o^TyA^f iiiTO ce 
y ^yiuauoBoMii saKOUHKy y 6poio oCTa^ibi aAMHHH- 


HejiuHi^H cy TaKo^e necTo npHcyxcTFOBa.iH iipn h3- 
/j^aBanio ^nnaoina Kao CBe^oi^n, ua^aaH^H cy ce ^a- 
Kae npH B^a^aTejihBOM'b ^Bopy, na iii saTo MomeMo 
3a HCKe ^BopcRe MHHOBHHise CMarpaTH, oco6hto aKO 
ill ynope^HMo ca BOHHHfKHM'b ynpaBHTe.iBHMa BJia- 
AaTeahBbi nysapa (rapA^)? koh cy ce npn CBHMa A^o- 
poBRMa iiaaasHjiii, h koh cy cBaKaAis hsis pe^a se- 
jiHKH B^acTeaa 6HpaHH Sm^h. (^) SBanie. HejiHHRa 
nocTOfljio 6 iouiis no/^is /^eHaHCKHMi> , a naaasHMo 
ra y cp6cKOH ^pmaBH h nocjie KocoBCKe 6HTKe, epi* 
KHeais CTe«aHix h dparis My B^brb nocaa^H cy BiiLKA 
MeytHHKA /^a HeKHMi> MecTHMa u'^Teuiy A^€re (iwe^e) t. e. 
^a HaanaHe rpaHHi^y. Ochmi> leaHHKa chombhio ce 
y HSBopHMa H eeJtUKu hcahui^u^ koh cy TaKO^e Kao 
CBC^oifH npH HB^aBaHM) ^Hnao^a ynoTpeCA^HH; h to 
Hacb yBi>paBa, a^ e bhiuc creneHiii neannKa 6Mao.(**) 
Ke0aMn 6bio e noraaBHTO aAMHHHCTpaTHBHfiiii 
MHHOBHHK'b , KOH 6 HSBpiuyiohy BaacTB HMao y py- 
RaMa, a y e^no e h neKe noanu^aHHe aj^hocth 04- 
npaB^flo. KpyiTj nhroBe AeaarejiHOCTH newoweMO 
crporo onpe^ejiHTH ^ aan cy HaMB nnaKB noanare 
HeKe 4y}KHOCTH Re^aaiii. Ohh cy Sejjih ynpaBHTe^BH 
BapoiLiiH, H cpeaoBa^ h cxapajiHcy ce o SeafieAHocxH 
Mecra H npe^eaa , koh cy hbIoboh BaacTH aoA****- 
nkHbi 6biaH. Ke^aaie HMaae cy y BapoiiiHMa raMHH- 

('^) Ako cj ne^HHi^H aoHHHqKH ^aopcKH hhhobhhi^h 
(nAAi\y Mory ce ynope^HTH ci qHHOBHHi^Hnia , koh cy y 
yHrapcKOH no3HaTH 6biaH w^^i» HasHSHMa: Comes armi- 
geroriini reg'is, Mag-ister ensiferoruni regis, Conies Clitio- 
pum et Bucharlorum. Fejer Cod. DIplm, V. 1. p. 195; VI. 
I. p. 169; IX. 3. p. 304. Frank. I. pag^. 122. 

(*^)Cp6cKH CnoM. 6p. 36. 90. 91. 137. OnHcaHie 
ApeBHOCTiH cp6cKH J cseTOJi ropH 6p. 19. 


^e noA'b CBOHRTb HaASopoMii, aaH 8anoBel)eHO e 6aAOj 


ec3b KHHre i^Apcse^, ep-b cy y npoTHBHO«!i> cjiynaio nJia- 
haaH i^apy ^ncTb cbTb nepnepb**. Ke«aaiflMa e guao nOr 
BepaeaHO nyBan^ nyroBa y cMecHHMi> xsynaMa , r^H 
Hie 6fao e^aH'b.rocno^ap'b, ohh cy HMa^H CBoe CTpa- 
me, Cb KOHMa cy Ty ^^ymnocTB o^npaBaaaH Ci> tO- 
aHKoMb o^roBopnoCTH, A^ cy HSb CBori) i^ena MopajiH 
HaKHaAHTH lUTery, koio cy TaTH h;ih rycapn HaHeaa 
nyTHHi^nma, a caMH cy nocjie o^'b Tara, rycapa, hjih 
CTpa»ca,K06 cy nyTOBe lysajie, norpaaKHBaaH HaKnaAy* 
UyTHHi^H H HHcy MopajiH Henocpe^Ho o^ii Re^aaifl 
noTpaacHBaxH naRHaAy » nero cy h ^oCiajih h oai> 
cy/^ifl» KHesoBa h i;apa, t. e. oai^ cbIio /^pmaBHu aaa- 
CTifi , K06 cy ce nocae HanaahoBaae oai> Ke^aaia, 
ROH cy H aa one CToapH o^roBapaaH , ro6 cy nj- 
THui^H npe^^a^H CTpamaMa, na cy ce nocae H3ry6ujie. 
Ke^aaie cy CTaHOBa.AH h no rpaAOBUMa^ h 6hiAu cy 
HeRH no^HHH'bHbi sHHOBHui^H, HMaaH cy upaBo saxTC- 
BaTH ^a HMi> BapoiuaHH — rpaacAdHH — npoAdH) whto, 
BHHO H meco y nojia i^eue, hjih rbo iuto y saROay 


HHOMY 3A AB^**) a BaHi> Tora HMajiH cy h aPJ^^ ueRe 
AOxoARe, R06 cy no aaROHy y3HMa;iH, roh cy A^n^e 
SBROHOMi* hjih o6H«ia6Mi> oupeA^-tl^HH 6jE>iaH. Ke«a- 
jiie cy nomarajiH cyAie npH H3BpmaBaHM) npocyAa, h 
o^BesaHH cy 6hiAH HaapuiHTH oho , niro hmi* cyAie 
aajioxce, h ano nncy cyAienocjiymajiH, ^ujio e npeA- 


cjiyMaeBHMa ne^ajiia uohbmoio ce Rao cyAie^ Rao uito 
ce H3i> 105. Ayui. saROHd, h h31> hcrh apJ^h nacMe- 
Hbi cnoMeHHRa yBH^a. (*^) CnoMeHb He^aaia BaAaaB 

(^) Cne UITO caMb o Ke<i»aaiHMa peKao, HajiasH ce 
onpeAe^i^Bo- y 54. 159. 163. 178. ii4. ^JuiaHOBOM'b aa- 

(^^) no ^uiauoBOM'b aaKOHHK^ peKao 6bi, Ke<i»aaie a^ 
cy OHAa cyA^HCKy BaacTb H3BpuiHBa.iH, BaA'b ce HCKa j^h- 


ce y cpficRHMii H3BopHMa H noc^e KocoBCRe 6HTRe. 
ynpaBHTeaBH noe/^HHu ofiaacTiii hmb^h cy raRo^e 
CBoe Re^ajiie. (*j 

/JuiKh y ^UHK'b cnoMHH^i ce eehis y ^HnjioMii 60- 
caHCRori) 6aHa Kyanna o^^b Z9, AerycTa 1189. Bug 
6 RaHi^eaapiiCRiH HHHOBHMR'b, npenncHBao 6, a H caM-b 
6 cacraB.iAo CBa nHCMa, ro/i cy B^aAaxe^BH, ^p»ca- 

BHe BaaOTH , H n06/^HHH BA^CT^AW H3^aBaJIH. ^HBRls 

e 6wo noA^HH'^Hi) Aovorery , a^H e hccto h caMe 
^yw«HocTH aoroTera o^npaB.iao, h Morao e 6faiTH h 
HSis pe^a HeBjacTe.ia MaSpaH-b , oa aaio cy HhroBa 
/^ej^a y pe/^i) Meponimiha cna^a^a , epi^ caMo xaRO 
MOHceMo paayivieTH, RaRo e Rpajs MHayTHH-b Morao 
i](pRBH ApxHcrpaTHra Mswet^y ocTa.iu .iio^^iH do^mh- 
HHTH BAada duHKoeoe^ cuua^ epis 4a e ^haris BJiacxe- 
jiHH'b 6bio, 3aii[e^o 6bi h H^roBi) chhis pe^y Bjiacreaa 
npHna^ao, h oH^a Bjia/iiaTejiB HeCu morao tbro cb 
HbHiMi) pacnojiardTH. Bbi^io 6 BHiue CTenena ^HARa, 
ep-b ce y HeROH ^Hn.ioiHH Cre*. ^enaHCRor'b o^t* 
22. Ian. 1325. cnoMHHK: ^^^\Hfi^\i'k^h M^pHHb Ba^^ahhhl*^, 

H'bHa mTCTa nyTCMi a/^HHHHCTpaTHBBHMnb HaKHal^liBa^ay h 
OB^a cy Ke<i>a.ii6 BehHBOM'b npHCjTCTBOBaaH Rao HSBpuiB- 
TcabH, B. n. Ka^nb 6 RCKo noTpio Ty^e xshto, /^y»<BRi;R cy 
npoi^eRB^u iDTeTj npe^'b Ke<i>a.«ioM'b, na e Ke<i>aaifl Ty npe- 
cy^y R H3Bpiuio; h^h npeiuaR cy rycapR hsi* Ty^e aeu^'b 
y cp6cKy ApsKaBy , yqHBHJiB ^lo^Ma uiTCTy 6e3i» ^a cy 
AOTuqae cTpanse rycape onasHae, b noxBaxaae; uiTCTa 6 
6uaa npoi^QB'bRa , npa npoi^cBH e b Ke<i>aaifl 6bio. IIo 
noBca'bBiio 4ymaB0B0]ui> o^t* 20. CenT. 1350. ro/^. ^y* 
6poBqaRH KOB cy ce Ba.ia3BaB no rphsoeexh, ho^bocb- 
^B cy CBB cBoe Tyxs6e i;apBBBi;BMa, KBe30BBMa, b.ih Ke<i>a- 
aiflMa /^OTHHHbi rpa^OBa , h obh cy Ty»(6y BcnHTBsaaB, 
npecy^y no saKOHBRy uspni^ajiB B3y3HMaH)liB bckc cay- 
qaeBe^ a do cboh npH.iiii^R HspeqcBy npecy^y o/^Ma r 
B3BpiuHBaaH. Cp6cKB CnOMeHHij(B 6p. 32. ^oi^Bie Kao ^a 
cy y OBOMt norae^y Apyre Mcpe ^OBBTe. y hctomi* 
^eay 6p. 73. 

(^'•) Cp6cKB CnoMBBBi^B 6p. 61. 11. 91. OnRcaBie 
ApeBBOCTiu cp6cKB y cb. FopR 6p. 19; 


HOB « CHrypHo cTapeiuHHd naAi* ocTajiHMi> auhmj^umb 
6hio H o^npasjiflo ^y^KHOCTH, ro6 cy nocae upe^aae 
jioroTery. Ka^i> e hcko o^b i^apa fl,o6io cejio , h^h 
acyny y 6auiTHHy, Mopao e A^flKy sa nacau^ ^aUiXO- 
Me naaTHTH 6 nepnepa. F. Mai^^KioBCKH no aohslshua 
XareKOBHnfB aeaa, fl^Si cy u y HeuiKoii l)ai;aMa (2ak) 
uasHsaJiH one roh cy asHa nacMa naca^iH, (^') 

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Rao lUTo My HMe noRaaye, yaaMao 6 i^apuay. U^apH- 
aa ce ysKMaaa oai* Tprosai^a, roh cy cboiom'b Ry- 
njiBOM'b T. 6. ecaanoMii ^ojiasaaH y cp6cRy /^pmasy 
fi:iH H3'b cp6cRe AP^£kBe 04.1a3H.iH y Apyi'y AP^Kasy. 
IfapHua ce ysHMa^ia aa MecTy rpsra, t. 6 OH^e, r^e 
% TproBai;!! CBOH) Rynaio npoAasao , aaH cy HnaRi* 
6f>i.ia HeRa Mecra HaaHaHeaa, y ROHMa cy CTaaoaaaH 
i^apHHHi^H^ H y ROHMa ce ysHMa^ia i^apana. Taneo 6 
ii^apaHCRO MecTO 6vlao netvb aa BpeMeaa ^po- 
ma BejiHRori> Bpcuoeo. y romi^ cy ^yCpoB^aaH AaBaaa 

«A<€6TbKb W^k CO/IH*^ ^yiliaHOB'b SaROHHR'fa 3a6paHBH- 

sao 6 noAiicrporoMii HOBHanoM'b Ra3HH i|;apHHHi;Hiia 
3aoynoTpe6HTH cBOM> BJiacTB, na aaro cy i^apnaHi^H 
Mopa.«H 3 — ^500 nepnepa njiaxHTH, aao cy rproBi^a npa- 
Mopu.iH, Aa Hwt cTsapa MaaBOMB i^enoMB — y 6e3- 
ifbaie — npoAa> h.ih aRO cy nhroBB ecnaoB pacTO- 
BapH^H, H TproBi^a saApafiaaa , re Hie Morao OTuhn 
y CBoe BpeMe aa Tpn>, tah 6 mhc^io cboio aynaio 
npoAaaaTH. I^apHHHRB 6 y HeRHMB cayi aeaaMa 6U0 h 
cyAia, Rao iiito ce yan^a hsb noseji baia ^ymaaoaorb 
OAB 80. Cenr. 1350. roAHHe. I^apana , ROio cy xp- 
roBi^H aa TpBroBHMa OAi* aynah naahajiH, y aeaoMB 

{^') Cp6cKH CnoMeHHi^H 6p. 1. 37. OnncaHie APCBHO- 
CTiil cp6cKH y Cb. Topn 6p. 6. ^uiaHOBon. aaEOHHKa 
114. saROHi.; HcT. C^aB. IIpaBa I. § 154. A* ^y aee^a- 
CTeau, oco6hto Heponcn Moran HsyiHTH KHbHry, yBH^a ce 
H3'b ^eqaHCKOFb f^inTiAoney AapoBane ManacTHpy ^^qauHMa, 
y Koioii HSMe^y ocTaaora h obo ce nape^je „aKC ah /wt- 
ponuiHKb KHbMry m30ymm a* e /nlipcnxb". Cp6. CnoM. 6p. ne. 


noBeAfeHiio Kpa,/ifl sejiHKon^ ypouia Haanpa ee „ao- 

rJio6ape cnoMHH% ^ymaHom aaKOHiiH'b, y komi) 
cy HBioae ^yaKHOCTu /^ocra acho Hsaomene. r4o6a- 
pH cy CTafl.iH ysjy cy^ie, koh cy rao6ape ynoTpe- 
6^aBa^H aao HsapiuHTeab npecy/^a y cjiynaeaHMa, 
Ka^is 6 ofirysKeHJUH Mopao naahaxH rjio6y. Cy^iacy 
^asa^H rao6apHMa nHcmeHfaii Ha.«ori>y Kora a ko.shko 
^a or;io6e, h ohh cy ce Mopaan caora Ao6HBeHori> 
ynyTCTBiH npH/^pacaeaTH. Ako e hcko o/^'b ^pKBenia 
jno^iii 6bio ocy})eH'b, ^a n.iaTH rao6y, OH^a cy ii^p- 
RBCHH .iio^H nocTaBaAHH 6uaH aa r.;io6ape, n caMO 
cy OBH ysHMa^H ^OTH^ny rjio6y, h ^aBaau lo i^pasH; 
i^api^ H Ke^^aaie y reyn^i^Hk obu rao6a HHcy ce nfe- 
luajiH. (^*) 

np%6%eaph 6hio 6 Kao Heai^ nojiui^aHHUH hhho- 

BHHRli. CnOMCH'b O HisMy HaiUaO CdMB CaMO Y eAHOM'b 

nHCMy, Ha KOAfb 6 no^nucau'b „Ct6^ah% K(>dAb k cb BoroMb 
cAMo^pb^Kei^b c^^ncKH** H y KOMe ce Bean ^h np'kB'brApb ^ik 

H£84AAA HIAt" NHMH** T. 6. Hd^'b /^y6pOBHaHHMa, ROH Cb 

TphBOM'h xoAe no cp6cRofi ^pmasH. (***) 

C^) Ay^^B*^ ^ 1346. 3a6paHio 4^6HxcHBy, 4a HeyaHMa 
Ha Tp-fedHRbH i^apHHy ^jHHko/hv h kto rp^A^- ^V A^V^P^""**'^'^* 
(h) M3b A^V^(^^^"^i^^'^ Cp6. CnoM. 6p. 4o. A CTe^an-b y- 
poui'b bc^h: h K^inu^H i|ic necy Kjinytic, ^ko pACTOSApH i BpbCKOst, 

AA HAATH t^ApHHS, AKOAH .WHMCHece p^^ V^ic, n^Cfii,Ci, ri H IJ^ApHH^ 

AA nAATH'^ Cp6cRH CnoiieHHi^H 6p. 21. 22.24.43. rocno- 
AapH 3eTCKOJI h IfOMOpcKOJi acM^bH HMaJiH cy Taso^e cBpe 
i^apHHHKe y npeACJHMa, koh cy no^b HeftianiiKHMa cacTa- 
BHC qacTH cp6cKe ^pxsaBe 6ujiH. €p6. CnoM. 6p. 11. Cpa- 

BHH iouib 105, H 106 SBKOHb y ^yuiaHOBOMi* SaKOHHKy. 

(^^) r. Mai^'bioBCKH bcih , ^a cy r.(o6apH 6biaa Kao 
HCKe c^yre , npH^ane BHuiHUb canoEHHi^HMa ; h yno^o- 
6^fiBa in qeuiKUMb floCopti^ujna , pycKOMC Bupuuny , h 
M^HHUKiff H no^bCKOMC jluKTopu, (HcT. Caao. IfpaBa I § 
54. II § 58). O rao6apHMa y Cp6iH cpaBHH 183. h 195. 
AyuiaHQBe aaKone. 

(^^*) Cp6. CnoHeRHi^H 6p. 42. 


nptoTaHUv,u y KOH ce y 124. ^yiuaROBOni'b^sa- 
KOHy cnoMHiiH) , H KOH cy peKao 6bi to hcto 6biaH 
iQTO H npucTaenuKU n npucraeu^ Cujih cy noMohHHii^H 
pasHJu ApyrH ^HHOBHHRa. y }KHBOTonHcy HeManK L 
cnoMHHio ce ^npucraenuKu dijtojuh^ a y SocancKHSfb 
nHCMeeHMis cnoMeHHi^Hivia Ha««a3HMo ^npucraee Kpo" 
ji%ecTea^ h ^npucraea odh deopa^, koh cy ye^HO b 


cy oco6hto npH cy^OBHMa ynoTpe6^BBaHH. roBopH- 
^y ApyriH nyxT*. (^) 

BJtadaAhi^u cnoMHHio' ce y ^yui. aaKOHHKy nao 
HeKiii ynpaBHTejiBH o6.«acriu h rpa^OBa. O^^roBapa* 
jiHcy Kao H Ke^ajiie aa a^OHHHCTBa , h oco6hto aa 
Kpa^y, KOB ce y hbiobbmii o6^acTHMa ^oro^Hjia. Y 
rpa^OBHMa cy y CBesH cb rpaACKHM'b CBeiuTeHCTBOMi» 
cy^HjiH rpa^ancKenapHHi^e. i^"^) B^a^aaBi^H h ByiAAoy- 

ipTH BL 36MALH, KOH Ce nO<^l> ^yUiaHOMli CnOMHHlO 

(oHHC. AP^B. y Cb. Fopn crp. 46), 6bi^H cy no cboiI 


CeeacTh cnoMHHb ce y pe^y a^MHRHCTpaTHBHia 
MHHOBHHKa oco6hto Hocjie KCt^aaie h Kneaa. Ilo^'b 

KpaJlbMl) MHayTHHOMl) cnOMHH'k Ce „C€BACTb lUspAAb 

MAHHciKh^ H sa H'fera ce BejiH ^a e „TOy MencoyTccA" t. 
*6. onpe^-baio e r^B\iviJJ,e naiauu^a Aaffuneea, y Byrap- 
CKOH cy TBKo^e no3HaTH 6biaH ceeacru, (^*^) 

CbTHUKb H Craeujtat^'b cnoMHHio ct TaKot)e Kao 

HeKH HHHOBHHI^H, aJH Kpyp-b HBlOBOrii ^e^aHH HeMO- 

ry onpe^ejiHTH. CnoMeni) cbthhkg naiuao caMb y 
nHcmeHOMii ^oroBopy mynaua Pa<^oc«iaBa, cnna Beji. 
KHeaa XaBMCKor'b Au/^pee ca ^yfipoB^iaiiHiwa npoTHB* 
cpCcKor-b Kpa^iH ypoiua o^-b 22. Maa 1254. (Cp6. 
CnoM. 5p. 20). CxaBH.ian'b 6wo e pe^a B-iacTejcKor-b 
H ynorpeC./iflBaH'b e 6wo aa cse/^OKa npn ^pmaBHHWb 

("^'*) O npHCTaBHMa cpaBHH Cp6.CnoM. 6.39.95. 118. 136. 
(''''^)l24. 125. 161. 173. Ayui, saKOHH cnoMHHH) Baa^,a.ibi;e. 
(^'^'**) OnHc. ApeBHOCTiH cp6cKH y cb. ropH 6p. 6. 10. 
Pamatky: Okazky obd. pisem. C XIX. 


nperoBopHBia, h npn HSAaBaiiio ^nnjioiaa. CrapuHUi^u 
6UJIH cy ceocKe h SKyncKe CTapeiUHHe, a ynOTpe- 
6ji']bHH cy 6biau Kao cse^^oi^H npn onpe^^e^flBaHio 
me\)^. MujiocTHui^u HB^viB^Aiicy ceB.iacTe.iH, koh cy 
Kao cBe/^oj^H npHcyrcTBOBa^H , RaAi> <^ Baa^arejiB 
H^H KOH BejiMoma ueROMe neKy mh^octb y«iHHio , h 
KOH cy ce Kao CBe^oi^H h na ^OTHnne iHHaocTRe 
KHBHre T. 6. ^viiiAoyie B^aAaxe^iA h BeaMosKa no^nH- 
CHBdJiH. MecTO Hspasa mujiocthui^u ynoTpe6jiflBa ce 
y SocancKHAfb nHCMeHHM'b cnoMCHHi^HMa Hspaais pyn- 

Obo cy Ha3HBH BejiMoma, ^BopcKk h seMa^BCKH 


K06 caMB Ha3HBe HSis pasHu nHCMeHu cnoMeHHKa 
CKynio, h no MoryhnocTHonpe^e^io. HecyiWHaMi* ce, 
^a 6 ocHM-b oB^e Haae^'^eHbi MHHOBHHKa 6biao y ner- 

^aiUHBOH Cp6CKOU ;^p3KaBH H ^l^yriil , K06 H HHCaMB 

cnoMenyo, epii in HHcaMB cMoxpio y HSBopHMa, Koe 
caniB npH pynH Hniao; a h to ^^onyiuTaMb , ;^a cy 
r^HKOH HaBC^eHH mhhobhhi^h o^npaBaflJiH h APyre 
nocaose ochmi) ohbi, ko6 caMB cnoMenyo. FfpaiuHHa 
noKpHBa MHore cp6cKe /^hdjiom^, MHora CTapa nHcma, 
H na^nMce, HaHBepnie cse^oKe name Her^aiunl^ npo- 
lUJiocTH. H HaiiHCTHHHTie yHHTe.i'L naiuer'B npom.^or'B 
sKHBOTa. BesB cyMHb npoHatiHhe ce y nanpe^aKi) 
ioiui) MHOFH nHCMCHH CDOMeHHi^H, cdMo he TpcSaTH, 
;^a CBe iT3Bope ^owahe ^oSpo npoywHMo , HBiOBonfb 
noMotiH npa3He jiHcrose naiiie HCTOpie nonyHHMo, 
CBe lUTO e /^ocaAi> y HCTopin norpeiuHO h hcocho- 
Bano, iionpaBHMo^ h raKo uayKy name ^oMahe hcto- 
pie KOJiuKO 6 BHiue Moryhe ocBeT^iHMo h ycaspiuHMO. 

(^) CTapHHHi^H cnoMHnio ce j ^HnaoiuH Kuesa (^eenoTa) 
CTe*aHa, h 6paTa wy BjibKa. Onnc. ;npeB. cp6cKH y cb. 
FopH. 6p. 19. CTJBH/\Ai;b MMAuniib Ha^asH ce no/^nHcan'b 
Beh'B y 4HnjOMH Cxe*. y^eMaHCKon. o^-b 1325. Cp6cKH 
CnoMCHHi^H 6p. 37. Bh^h ^a.i'b y hctoh KHburn 6p. 61. 66. 
O jnu^ocThHUi^ujna, h pyHuut^UMa bh/^h 67. jiyui, saKonob, 
H Cp6. CnOM. 68. 83. 


Ha OBoMii Meoty Hanoo^e^Ky rpetfajio 6u urn 
cnoMeHeMi} H ycrpoHCTBo Her^auiHBM cp6cRH otf*- 
uiTHHa» SLAU o TOMe, HaysHMaiohH no^aTRe hsW noe- 
AHHU Kpaeea, y KOHMa cy Cp6H }khbh.iH) aie movyhe 
neroTOey HHiura RaaaTH aaro, iuto ce o tomi» npoA- 
MeTy y cp^cRHMii HaeopHMa HeroBopH. Ha 6/^HOM'b 
caMO MecTy cehaMi^ ce ^a cbmb HHrao, RaRO ce oiS- 
seaao saacTe.suH'b, koh 6 CBOii ce.«a Apyi^^i^^ npe- 
npo/^ao, Hjiu ycrynio, A^ ^^ caBCTOBaTH crapeuiHHe 
cejia, Aa MapHo npHaaa^y BJiacTB HOBora rocno^apa, 
oAKyA'^ HasoA^iMi), Ad ce o6iuTHHCRi£i hchbotIs cb 15. 
seROMi) Betii> iiOHeo HeiuTO paaBiaTH. y ocrajioirb 
no ORO.»HOCTHMa OHAaiuHBH BpemeHd , KaA'^ e cea 
B^acTB y pyRaiua noeAHHu aaacreaa 6u4a, RaAi> ce 
BoiiHHSRa cHjia AP^dBa cacTOfl.«a h3i> CRyna Haopy- 
manu B-iacrejicRH aioAiH, RaA*!* « CRopo cBa 3eM««H 
paaAea^Ha 6i>i.ia uaMe^y BjiaAdTejia , i^pRBe h B««a*- 
CTCJia^ ROM cy rocnoAapn n cyAie na aemjiBH Hacra- 


BpeMcna o6iuTHHCRiif hchboti> HMao e ^ajieno maBio 
BasKHOCTB Hero caAi> 9 RaAi> cy BJiacrejicRa npasa 
yRHHyra, h RaA'fc ce AP^KaBHa moIib h cnara ocHHoa 
na chAh noeAHHbi oCuiTHHa. 

y BeorpaAy wa l^yp^eBB AaH* 1857. 


(ilo /7. /. niajfiapuKy y ^Casopis-^ 6e8keho museum'', 

1H54. ce. II.) 

Ha CBaRiH Ha^HHi) mm CaasenH , iuto ce THne 
6^ara h o6h^hocth CTapHHCKU cnoMeHHica o npaify, 
HeMomemo ce yuopeAHTH hh PHMJianHMa hh FepMa- 
HHMa; a.iH HnaKi> hhcmo 6aiui> hh raRO CHpomauiHH, 
;^a HayKa o HCTOpinf npaea He^u .sene rpat)e aauijia 
H Hd Haiuofi ;ioMahoH seMaBH. HenaMH a c;io6oaho 
y o6aiTe HanoMenyTH HeRe Ofl,!* nOt^jiasHTiH. no npo- 
CTpaHOMB caaBeHCROM'b ao^M) pacyTu cnoMeHHRa obo- 
ra po^a , roh ioui'b e/^uaRO yaa^yAi^ neRaio a^ ih 
Roro^ii y pe/^B ctMh h ochobho paaacHH. Ilo ce6u 
ce tiaRis paayne, ^a cy omh moe ynpaBji:Lue caMo na 
iHCTO ciaaeHCRe, Ha cjiaeeHCRoii semjBH HspacraB- 
lue H na Hapo^HOMt, cjaBeHCROiMi> esHRy Hama npC''^ 
/^ane cnomeHHRe o npaey, ogH^aaehn cse ycxaHOBe 
fl 3aROHe, ROH cy h^m roa'b C^aBena nHcann 6fai.^H 
HSBopHO ^aTHHCRH, HJiH HSB rp«iRora, ^axHHCRora H 
HeMaHRora 63HRa na cjiaBeHCRiH upeBe/^eHH. TaRoJ^e 
HCiMoace ce oba^ ofianpii yaeTH hh na Behe A^Ry 
MeHTe h uHCMeHa anxa oa^ tiaaCfiii. 

Mel)y CBHMa C^asenHMa PycH ce OA-'iHRyio cra^ 
pHHOMfb H HHCTOTOMiy cboh CDOMeHHRa o npasy. Te 
HJbHOBe cnoMeHHHe aanoHHHl^ ^Upaeda pyccKft/t^ o^'h 
BejiHRora Rnesa ApocjiaBa BjiaA^MHpoBHha oro roA* 
1016. H 1080. (PycK. 4ocT. T. I. iBld. u 1843., Ka^a^ 
HOB'h I84S.J Kii OBofi ce npHRaioHyfo , ano h y npit-^ 
jiHHHOMlb npocTopyBp^meHa: ^aaKouu sejiBRora RneBA 

Heana III. BacHjiieBHha'' o^it r. 1497. {KaJtaHdoBUHi u 
CTpoeei, 1819., ^KTfu ucTop, T. 1. 1841.), h ^Cyde6HUK% 
i;apa H Be.iHKora Kneaa Heaua IV. BacfiaieBHtia^ o^% 
roA* 1550.^yxoBHO aaROASTCTBO^ o Konie OB^e hh6 pe^B, 
KO/^i) Pyca H^e ioiui) y CTapia BpeneHa, a HMeHO y 
BpeMeua deaHKora Knesa B^ia^HMHpa CBHTOctaeHha 
ujiH y iiocjieAH^i roAHHe 10. cro^eha. — CrapiH nojiB- 
CKH saKOHH H3-peAa cynHcaHH jiaTHHCKH (Bantdtkie, 
Jus pol. 1831.), HO HHiuTa MaH^ ioiiii> ce pano oce- 
TH.ia noTpefia Aa ce ohh pasacne cpe^CTBOMii Ha- 
poAHOra 63HKa , o lewy cBe^one ne caMo „Ksi^gi 
ustaw polskihi Mazowieckich'S o^-b roA. 1449., 1460., 
1503. H 1504. (Leiewel 1824.), nero u 6e.«o-pycft]fi 
npeBOAi> CTdTyra, HaAauoray Bhcwihe^h roA* 1347. Rpa- 
ji^Mi} Ka3HMHpowT>. KiueToBCKH cyAOBH no iwarAe- 
SypuiKOWb npaBy (Orlyle przysi^znlkdw praw^a Mag* 
deburskiego), koh cy iouii) y XV. CTOJiehy npeae- 
ACHH 6i>i4H (V\Mszhiewski 1843.), caMo oai^ ^acTH, t. 
6. lUTO ce TH4e 63HKa , npHHaA-16^6 OBaMo, 6pi> cy 
yaeTH ca Ty!)era noASi. — HanpoTHBi* Be«iopycu mo- 
ry ce noxBaaHxH MHOrHMis BaaKHHMi> cnoMeHHi^Ma 
AOMaheri) saKOHOAaxciBa y HapoAHOMit eaHicy. Oaa* 
MO cnaAaio ocH\n> Behi cnoMenyxonj cxaxyxa bh- 
cjiHHKorb: ^Cror^r* BjiaAHCjiaaa II. flre.iona OjirepAO- 
BHha" OAT> roA. 1420— 1423. (^wrfc^^a/y. /'ore. M846), 
AdJiK ^MaucTaT'h ujtu a/cajtoeauua/i apajnora KopoJia JKa* 
auMupa^ OAt roA- 1457. (xaKo^e Taiwo). ^Cyde6HUK'h^ 
Kpa./iA K.a3HMHpa flre.^OBHha,H3i> roA. 1468., a mhmo cse 
TO npeKpacHbiu „Statut litewski** oa'i> roA- 1505., 
1521-29., 1564., 1588. (Dziatyiiski 1841). — ©Aib Hem- 
KH onoMeHHRa obab he ce y-npaxKO HanoMenyTH ca- 
Mo HaifCTapiH: „Kniha star^ho pana z Rosen- 
berk a i; i I i Nail c en f opraxi u soudu zero* 
s k ^ h o" CT> KOHi^a XIII. h.«h H3'b noneTKa XIV. cto- 
aeha (Palacky, Archiv 1. 1840.), „R a d p r a v a zem- 
sk^ho" Ha-b XIV. CTO.ieha, H3BopHo, MoaKe-SuxH, 
cacTdBakHB aaTHHCKH H3Me]^y 1348. — 1351. a Hanem- 


KiH 63HK1) npoBe/^eH-b nocjie 1378. (raKo^e Tamo il. 
18-12.) H Aii/^pie ^ySe „Vyklad na pravo zem- 
s k ^ 6 e s k e", H3Mel)y J 394. — 1400. (xaKO^e Tawo): epi* 
„Majestas Carolina 1348,", 6yp,yhki e .^laTHHCKw canw- 
HKna, ci'poro yacBiuH neciia^a awo, npeM/^a e xpn- 
nyTTj HGHiKH npeBo!)eHa. — Mttorocy pe^H, h MauKra 
oSMMa, cnoMeHHUH cxapora aaKOHO^axcTBa ko^'^ij iohc- 
Hu CiaecHa. Y Cp6a ce Ha.iasH ^SanoHUK'b t^apa ^ytua- 
na'' H.3'b r. 1349. h 1364. (Pamalky Jihosl. 1851.). ^ Xpea- 
ra cy hctomt> ne ^aBHO neKe oManfe ycTaHoee luxaiw- 
noM'b oSFiapoAOBane 5 HivieHO: ^sanom BuHodoJicmu"' 
HSTi ro^. 1280. (Kolo cb. III. 1843.) h .^CraTyT'h ocrpoea 
KpKB^ hstj roA. 1280. (Arkiv II. 1852.). O ocTa.ii>iMi> loro- 
cjiaBeHCKHMi) cnonteHHi^HMa npaBa, Kao o ^^CraTyry 
UoAhUHKOMe^^ KacreBCKOWb (?), BecnpHHCKOM'b h t^ 
^•5 Ao-ca^a cy ce ivie^y yHenHMTj .iio/!^Ma caMo pa3HO- 


By^^yhif caMB o;^i> BMCOKoyHeHonj h 3a HCTopiii- 
CKe Hayne, a oco6hto 3a apxeo-.ioriK) MHoro3acjiy- 
Hcenorb npooecopa Kapape {^^ y MjeTi^awa v^o5io 
6V^aHi> v'HoSap'b npenHCb ^CTaryra HoAhUHKoea"', 
H CKyna o^'b uhra onyHOiwoheH'B, ynoxpeSnTH ra no 
BOjiBu MoiOH na no.i3y Hayne: to HeoKjieBaM-By cbct-b 
ra nycTHTH h OHunia, koh ce raKOBHMB CTBapma 3a- 
HHMaio 5 o HCTOMe , ^o-ca^a luaKH e/^noii HayneHw 
jno^iu caivio no Hweny nosHaTOMB craxyxy ^axH 
KpaxKO H3Becxi6. Moe he ce HSBecxie orpanH^HXH 
caMo Ha KHBHmeBHO-HcxopiifCKO pa3HCR'bHl>, epii yny- 
xpauiHio oi^eny ca xoHKe npaBocjiaBHe riopaRTB ocxa- 
BHTH y4eHbiMT> npaBocjiOBHMa. Ho np'e nero iiixo 
npHcxynHM-B ki> onHCHBaHio caMora cxaxyxa, MopaMB 
Heuixo pehH o reorpa*iiicKOMB. noaosKaio h cxa- 
poH HCxopiH no.iBHi](a. (*^') 

06jiacxB 5 provincia, otcyna noAhUHKo aemr y 
ca^aiuHBOH /l^a.iMai;iH y owpyry cnjiexcKowB na npn- 

(■*'*) Ca/^a ce eefe-B npecTaeio. Ilpee. 

(^*) Pe<iL ^UoabHi^a^ neutrum e plurale. 



Mopio H3Me1^y Cn^era h OMHuia, h to TdKO, /^a npe- 
ma ceeepy h^ih nyxewb k-b Cnjiexy rpaHHHH HaSnpe 
peHui](OBi'b iKapoeHuv,oM'b^ a /^aji'Jb Ma«io aTapoiiffi aaii- 
Ka KAucttj npema HcroKy h lory peKOWb IferuHOM'bj 
KOfl OB^e npaBif eejiHisy e^ny OKyKy, a npema aana- 
/^y MopeMii. HaHCxapiH onncb oee aeMjih no^ii h^- 
HHimi ca^auiHBHM'b HMeHOMB iiAiaMo oAi> UajtadiM 
^ycna hstj ITa^i^OBe , koh e HBexao y noHexKy XVI. 
CTOJieha, H H^broBe pesH rjiace OBaKo: „A^h ynyxpa 
^aji'L OA'B CnjieTa, oko 80 Kopana a^-^^RO, Ha.«a8H 
ce rpao e^He BeaHue h Bpao ^pmecTHe ^^owinHe, koh 
6 aaTBopeua o^Behi> BpaeTHHrnii 5p^Hiiia (t. e. 6p- 
^oMi> Mamop'b), ypo^eHHi^ii soey 6 IIojiBHi^a. Taifo 
ce 2KHBH y cejiHMa , h Hitia oko ^se xH^H^e .iio/iifi 
(koh cy 3a opymli)) h th B.ia^aio Me^y coCoai'b ao 
co6cTBeHBiM'b saKOHHMa H HHKa^a ce Ty^uHi^y neno- 
KopaBaio aa-^yro. Ct> HcroKa rpaHHHH peKOMB ^e- 
THHOMB, Ha Koe yiuhy cb OHOCTpaHCKe o6aae naaa- 
3H ce ;^o6po iiosHaTJuii rpaAHt^B ci* BapouiHi^oMii 
OwHuiewb." (*) („Sed introrsus procul a Spalato stadiis 
ferme octoginta sunt fauces maximae amoenissimae- 
que convallis, quae asperrimis, imo inviis montibus 
circumdata ab indigenis Politia vocatur. Ea vicatim 
tantum inhabitata ad duo millia virorum continet, qui 
suis juribus viventes nulli externo diu paruerunt. Ter- 
minatur ab oriente Cetina fluvio, ad cujus ostium in 
ulteriore ripa arx est et vicus nomine Almissa non 
incelebris.'^ Lucius p. 454.) HivieHa OBbi cejia h^h o6- 
juTHHa. cp6cKH ^Kary^t^" uaaBaHJu, hsb koh cecacTaa- 
jia penygjiHKa IIojiBHi^a , HeHMaBmif hh e^Rori) rpa- 
^a H.IH BapouiH 5 canyBana cy HaMB y caMOMB CTa- 
Tyxy H TO ao onpe^eji^Hio o^-b co^. 1662., t. e. ^o- 
Hhiu /^ojiat^h, Fopuhiu /foAat^'h, KocTawb (pU), Seenaui 
(neutr.). ^uhab (pK, gen. Vuhag), fara (pi), Ay6poea 
(na ^^pyroMB Mecxy liupyH'4y6paea), Cutho (genit 

(^') OHHuiob nom. sing. 


CuTHoea)^ CpuHhuwh) /^yh.u (pL), SceHUt^e (pi.) m /7o- 
cTpaua. H THKO ^BanaecT-B Ha 6poio. OcHWib Tora y 
cxaTyry ce HanpiwHHJo ioiu'b m Hesa Apyra cejia, h 
MtjCTa, H. np, Tp'bymUy Haoicuwhy Bpawk ^ HasHK-b, Ma^ 
xoeoy FauuOy Bpai^'h h t. ^, HpeAHaBe^eHe o6iuTHHe 
ioiu'b M /^aHi) ^aHauiHJbiH xaKO ce aoBy: a to y oupy- 
ry cn.ieTCKOM-fa, y npexypn HCTori> HMena: Scenut^e, 
nocTpana, CuthOj SpuHhune (sic); y OKpyry chhbckom'b 
(?): /JoAat^by FopHhiu u /foHhiu, a ocHAfb rora Cpinne 
Tpajn6ycu; y oKpyry omhuikomb; Huhab, KocTan^^ ^y- 
6paea^ ^yhe ^ Vara, Seeuawk m ociiMTb rora iouit h 
Tyeapu. CaAa , h to y OKToCepy 1853., Kocxaiit e 
yacTO HS-b oMHuiKora oKpyra h no^HrnyTO 3a r^as- 
HO MecTO HOBor-b e^Horij oKpyra, (awo ce y tomc 
HeBapaMi>, ep-b ce y HOBHnaMa najiaaH iiMe KHCTanb). 
Bpou mHTewiH Mome ce y fieKOJiHKo iipemepiiTH no 
npe^HaBe^eHOMb naBO^y llaaa^iH 4>ycKa: Mai;;iapcKiH 
HCTopHKB Enre^'byaifMaAa iw e ro a. 1793. Sbmo 16.000 
^yiua. — H3i> TaMHe h TCK-b y o/^jioivfuHMa noanaxe 
HCTOpie noasHMKe oB/^e neKa e caMo obo^hko cno- 
MeHyTo: 3eMJiio, y koIoh flojibH^anH o6biTaBafO, iouiB 
6 KoHCTaHTHHi) nop<i>HporeHUTa (oKo 950.) HasBao 
oco^HTOM-b xpnaTCKOMi} o6jiacTH (myna). — Y i^me- 
Ty xpsaxcKO-^^a^iMaTHHCKorb KpaA^BCxBa Haso^H ce 
ioiu'b y cnoMeHHjq;ifMa XI. CTOJieha IJ^eTHHa h UHeai) 
uj^eTHHCKiH (cetinensls comes, 1066., 1076., 1078.), no 
TOMe npe^xo/iHflK'b Kueaa nojibHiKorb. Behi) y XII. 
H XIV. CTO.?iehy IIoabHHraHH cy noanaTH Sujih uo^'b 


CKH pa36oiiHHi^H. Fo^. 1243. y /^pyiuTBy ca SaHOMii 
GocaHCKHMB noMara.;iH cy icHesy xjiyMCKOMe npoTMBB 
KHeaoBa TporupcKH. Fo/^. 1268. SuaH cy obhimb Kao 
H KHesoMB cnacTCKHM-fa roH'liHH Kao onaKH rycapH. 
Fo^. 1275. 3Apy;Ke ce ca mHTejibHMa omhuikhmi) na 
MOpcKO nyCTO.iOBCTBO, npH Hewy cy in MjieTHntiH 
noTyK.iH. Oko ro/^. 1322., Ra^i) ce KHe30BH uiH6e. 
UHHRH H TparnpcKH A^rouie na gocaucifiorb Cana 



Maa^^Ha , Su^h cy floai^HMaHH Ha oeora CTpauH. 
Ohi> 6 HaHnpe upH6erao ki* HBHMa, a aaTHMOb y rpa- 
/^Htii> K^HCb. Fo^. 1418 — 19. noMara^M cy npucTa.«H- 
i;aMa xepi^era xpeaiCKorb Xpeon npoTHBii rpa/^a 
CjijieTa, HOH 6 OAi> Hhra o^iiao 6i>io. KaAi^ yna^o- 
me TypnH y Xepu^eroBHHy h Bocny, h IIojiJbHi^a aa 
iieKO BpeMe fijuuie no/^-b TypcKOMij BJia/^OMis: ajiH 
MHpoMit Mer7y Typj^HMa H MaeT'iHhHMa yro^* 1483. 
yciyne Typi^w IIOiiBHii^a Mjieiij^HMa, koh cy, uao Bp- 
xoBHo H saiuTfiTHO rocuo^apcTBo, lIo.tJbHHaHHMa ca- 
HyBa.iH cxapy caMocTa^iHy ynpaBy. O^i* MaeTaua, 
Kao xuTO 3HaMo, rocno^apcTBo e ua AycTpiio. 
Cxaryrbj h.ih npaBO, OBe raKO waje h iieKa^a 
caMo MopcKifMi> nycTO.iOBCTBOivi'i) iia raacy o6jiacTH 
(provincia, otcyna)^ kou ce Ha.iasKame y pynaMa r. 
npo<^ecopa Kapape, nHcanii e na xapTiH, h to camo 
Ha 6^HOH CTpaHH , y maaoMi) ^oaiio, HeanoM'h Byp" 
aa de^oM'by 3a IleTpa Kpy^cHhesHha, ^o/^. 1785. y CBe- 
My HMa 112. aHCTOBa. Ha KOHi^y t. e. ca/^psKan hh- 
Taio ce OBe pena: ^iSTa /r85. ()«()o /i ^owb HeTap'h 
Hpyotcuheeuh'b eocnoduuy Hey BypeadeJiy Jiu6apa 65j 
tuTo MU e npunuca oehiu aanom ujtu cTaryTrs, a sa 
Kopry u oKAon'h dado Au6ap% 48"^, BypraA^-'iH Kao ^a 
6 6bio OHaH cBeuixeHHK'b y ^a.iMai;iH , koh 6, Kao 
lUTO ysepaBa KyxapcKiii. ro^. 1803. npeBeo ShSjiiio na 
cp5cKii a yiwpTbo npe 1810. O OBonnb cxaxyTy Mel)y 
yHCKHM-b aio^Ma npe xora paanocio ce raacb , Kao 

/l^a 6 HHCaHTi raarOJIBCKHM'B HHCMeHHAia, a.lH TO HH6 

HCTHHa^ Hero 6 nHcaHi) 6ocaHCKO]vix> hnpHJiH^OATb, 
Koa e y pHMo-KaTO.iHKa o^t crapHHe y ofiHiaio 6m- 
aa (5apeM'b o^t XIV— XV. CToaeha); xa ce naK^ 
6ocaHCKa hnpHaHu^a mhofo paaaHKye: o^t* one, ko- 
ioMt ce ciyate iohshh CaaBeuH npasociaBHe BepOHC- 
noBe^H. A TO norpeiuno ysHMaHfe oxy^a e npoH- 
SHuiao, lUTO cy caMH IIoaBHHaHH Ta CBOfl nncineHa 
HasHBaaH rjiaro.iBCRHMa. TaKO 6 y xorB napo^^a h 
ubrOBu cxapeuiHHa /i^y5oKo naao fiuao noanaBan^ nH- 


cMeHaHKHBH»&eBHOCTH!3aKOHH H Hape<2^6e y CTaxyTy 
caiMOM'b HHT cy no xpoHoaoriH hht' no CHCreMH Ka- 
KOBOu ype^eHH. Hhhh ee, Kao /^a npenHCHHK'b Byp- 
rap^eAH y xoivie tiae KpHBi* , nero ;^a e to cbc Tano 
CTaajio y crapowB pyKonwcy , nat Kora e oeib npe- 
nHCHBao. fl ^patHiviTb , ^a cy seMajiBCKH cei&peTapH, 
Capenffc o^-B ^o/^. 1665., Ka^xicexaM CTapiH CTaryTB 
oShobio , MOpa.iif 6biTH npoMeHfeHH J na fl,^ e oBaH 
CTaxyTB o6uiTHHCKiH nucapB MapKo fKyJiteuh'b na- 
nHcao, paa^iHHMTe napeA^e Koer^e na pasjiHHHTe 
HHCTe aHCTOBe nonHcaBuiif, Henaaehn npH xoMe na 
pe^B, Kao niTO e to SuBajio h no ^pyrnMB HauiHMi> 
mecTHMa h oSuiTHnaMa. HaHcxapia ^axyMt y cxa- 
'ryry 6 roAHHa 1400., na npBOMB ^Hcxy; APyre h3- 
peKOMB HaBe/^ene ro^^MHe obo cy: 1482 Ha jiHCTy84. 
1576 najiHcxy 28. h 75. 1585 na JiHCTy 7. h 13. 1605 
na ^HCTy 93. 1623 na JiHCTy 77. 1636 na JiHCTy 96, 
1662 na ^incTy 97, 1664 na .iwcTy lOl, 1665 Ha ^HCTy 
1. 102. H 103. 1670 Ha .iHCxy 104. 1685 na .iHCxy29. 
H 105. 1725 Ha ancxy 107. h 108. Hna^^ie MopaaH 6m- 
CMO yaexH, /^a e 6^homi> cxapuH pyKonncb, KaAi> cy 
My ce .iHcxoBH pacy,iH, SesB CBaKorB paaMHinjiHHfl 
npenHcaHTb, Kao nixo xo Bpao necxo 5biBa, Hmeao 
naKB xaKo e hhhI^ho ca AymaHOBHMB cpScKHMB aa- 


cxaxyxy na e^HOMt Mecxy, t. e. ko^b CTaaa o/^b ro^* 
1663. Ha jiHcxy 103.. nasHBa xpsaTCKHMB: ,,/fa ce 6o- 
Jti pasyjnu^ xapearcKU u AaruucKU^''. t. e. ^a ce 6ojii> 
paayMe 3aKOHi> 6 HanHcanB xpaaxcKH h .laTHHCKn; 
Kao lUTO ce h I^eTHHa, o;^t> Koe cy /^onHie nocTaaa 


iiiet)y xpaaTCKa iwecxa. Y ocHOBy naKB Tail ce 63hkb Hepa3.iHKy6 o^b cpScKora, h to oai» Hape- 
MH HaKaBCKorB,. H npHHaA-^^SKH KB /^aHaiuHliMB xp- 
BaxcKOMB , na caaKiH naHHHB hctoimb ^oi^nie xaKO 
Ha3BaHOMe (a HSBopno h ynpaao cjtoeuHCKom'b) nape- 
"iio. H3B HaBe/^enorB wecTa bhah ce, ^a ce y o6- 


OBorb CTaxyTa: 4a ah ra h ^auacb Hwa, to uesnaM^. 
y He/^ocxaTKy jiaTHHCKorij npesoAa wory aa o6fl- 
CHJiH^ TaBHM ftiecxa H^H yiiOTpeCafene TepMiiHoaorie 
Kao pyKonoMohB c^iyjKHTH .laTHHCRa AORyweHxa xp- 
BarcKH H ^ajiMarHHCKH Kpa^'liBa, a loiii'b 6oa1^ CTa- 
TyTH BapoiuiH H ocrpoBa ^a.iMai^ie h XpsaTCKe^ rob 
cy o^i* nacTH Behi> HSAaHH Ha CBeTi>, o^fy nacTH 
naKi> na^aae ce y pyKonucy, h. np. statuta Jadertina 
(Ven. 1564), statuta civitatis Sebenici (Ven. 1608), 
statuta cofTununitatis Lesinae (Yen. 1643.), Decreta 
communitatis Brattiae (Utini 1656.), stattuta coinmu- 
nitatis Curzulae (Ven. 1693.), siatuta civitatis Tragurii 
(Ven. 1708.)/ statuta civitatis Cathari (Ven. 1715.) h 
MHorH ^pyrH. 

llpe Hero uixo paajiomHMo oShmt^ h KapaKTepi» 
CTaryxa. Kao h ycxpoiiCTBO lloJiBHij^a, y kojihko ce 
HSi) caMori) CTdTyra ^osHae , nehe h3.ihiuho 6biTii, 
^a ce cao6uiTH OB/^e cnojuenyTort McropHKa EHreaa 
KapaKTepcKO onHCHsaHK IXo^iBHi^a h IIojiBHHana. 

rpa^d HH BapOllTH: ioUlli nOfl,Ty BHCOKOMTi IXopTOMi* 

ynpaB.iHjiH cy ce raMoiDHBH. ffCHxeJiBH no cbohm-b 
saKOHHMa H sa^a^pmaBiuH ucxe cbo6bojibho cy ce 
^aaH M.ieTi;HMa noAi) aaiUTHTy. JKhtcibh, oko 15.000 
na 6poH), ^eAe ce Ha rpn paape/^a. IIpBuit ce paa- 
pe^i) cacTOH HSB ^BanaecTi) naeMena, koh nopeR.Ao 
CBoe ^OBOfl^e oa'b Ma?^apcKU n.ieMHha, koh cy y ne- 
Mupua BpeMena xaMo npeCerjiH. ^pyrifi e paape/^'by 
BeheMt 5poM) , h hohoch ce iuto npoHdaasH oa'b 
6ocaHCKor7b naemcTEa. OcTa.ibiH napo^B canHHuaa 
rpehiii paape^B. Ha t^ypt>eBB ^anB ap**^ ohh cboio 
Hapo^Hy cKyiiniTHHy, kok) HasHBaio ,,5^0/?*". CBaKiH 
paspe^B HMa ceoii oco^HTfdii cxaHB, Ty ce ua-noBO 
6HpaM) H noTBp^yio o6iiiTHHCKe CTapeiuHHe. IIpBo 
aHii^e HaH rjiaaa o6uiTHHe ecxe eeAuniu nuea^^ koh 
ce yBeKB HaSnpa h3b npBorB paape^a. H^ra naR'B 



ysHMaio Hsi) 6ocaHCKor'b n^eMCTsa h rjiacose cboh 
o6iuTHfia ^OHOce na cKynuiTHny. KaKo BeaHKora Kne- 
3a 6HpaH) KneaoBH, raKo oiieTij napo^'B^ no oSiutm- 
naiwa paape^eHJb, 6Hpa isHeaoBe hjih noxBp^ye cxape 
HHHOBHHKe. IIpBbiH paspe^'b 5Hpa CKyna h e^nor-b 
eoueody m 4^^ npucraea. HaSop'b BeaHKorib KHeaa 
pe^Ko 6biBa 6e3i> HacHanocTH, epii o5hhho HMa BHuie 
iiapTafl. y ciynaio /^a ce xaiiHHM'b Hafiopowb He/^o- 
l)e /^o ne^Hj TO no HeKiH iiyTib 6biBa^ ^a koh Bp^o 
peBHOCTaHii npHCTaJiHi^a yKpaA^ KOBier-B, y komt> ce 
Ha^iaae 3eMa.iBCKH 3aKOHH h koh Hapo<^i>yBeK'b npe- 
<a^ae Be.iwKoivi'b Knesy. Cb obomb ^paroi^enocTH no- 
fierne Kpa^^BUBau^'b y Kyhy oHora, Kora xohe ;^a ^y- 
^e u3a5paH'B 3a Be.iHKor'b KHe3a. CBaKiu H.iaHi> ca- 
6opa HMa npaBo , tohhth ra KameHLMB » nyiuKOM'b 
HjiH ManeMT, 5 na mhofh ce ^oacxa h ciynte obbmb 
npaBOMB. ^oHece jih naKB oBafsaBB cnapTaHai^B y 
CHrypHOCTB CBOH) njifliKv, TO e /^OTHMHO aHue ype- 
;^HO H3a6paHO sa Be^iHKorB KHesa h hhko wy ce ae- 
CMe npoTHBHTH. Cse OBO ohoaihhK na y^chuh^ y Ko- 
saKa H Ha cxapy CnapTy- IIpaB/i^a ce, Kao iuto oShh- 
HO 6biBa y paTo6opHbi napo/^a, HspH^e cyiwapHO. 
Ka^B ce KaBra sameTHe MC^y aeMjiBOApiKMHMa, oh- 
^a cy/^ifl oTH/^e na iwecTO , Tawo ce^we na cboh) 
pa3acTpTy KaSaHHi^y , cacjyiua o6a/^Be CTpane na 
M3peHe CBOH cy^B 5 H thmb ce o6h»iho csa Kanra 
CBpuiH. ySie jih koh h3b no«iBHi^a Kora h3b APy^e 
Koe: ogiUTHHe, to cbc oSiuTHHCKe CTapeiiiHHe y CKyny 
^o^y yfiifii^H y Kyhy xaiwo e^^y, niK) h n.iAHKan) iuto 
itiiMB ce ro^B cbh^h. 3aTHiviB ce Be^iuKiH KnesB h3- 
BecTH o TOMe , uiTa ce ^^oroAH.'o , na h ohb /^o^e 
TaMO H y3Me uito e 3aocTaao. y^HUH jih ce ySin- 
cTBo no^B OKO.flHOCTHMa, Koe CTBapB HeoTeuLiMaBaH), 
oH^a ce 3«iHKOBai^B KasHH ca 10 xa.iupa, t. e. 8i;e- 
KHHd. H Ta ce Ka3aHB 30Be „KpBapHHa^^ y CTapanpe- 
MCHa ySiHL^e cy KaMenliiviB TyKjin: ^oi^nie nauB xTe- 


fl,e Be.«HKiH RHes'b fl,a ce H^Serne anejiai^ia oai* h^- 
roBe ceHTeHnie na l}eHepa^'b-npeBeAHTopa, na e aa- 
To ajiHKOBjL^a o^z^Max-b /^aBao KaMeHKKfb yxyliH , h.ih. 
iiiTO fiiHuie npoSHxaHHie na no tomc h nemhe, ohi» 
€ ySiflH'fe KaMeH't»M'b npeo6pahao y HOBMany rjio6y. 
BomiH cyAi> y orHio h bo^h ioiwb ce e^Hano o6aP- 
HcaBa, 36or'b nera heuit noHeKaAi> nafcH no^yHcne- 
Mene w no^yocaisaheHe koh cy npor^iauienH aa ne- 
BHHe. O/nnpe cy o^TyHteHOMe aaKyi^aBa^H iuhjibrc 
oA'fc ejiOBor-fc /^pBexa Mel)y hoktc h mcco, na 3a tc 
iuff.i£»Ke nexxe/^ojue yaern HHKaKBO Apyro AP^o, A& 
ce neSbi HiiuiTa hobo yHHHH^o, ep'b cxaTyroM-b ce 
nponncye e^ioBO a^bo, Y ocxajoiwe IIoaBHHaHH cy 
rocxoJiK)6HBH , ynxHBH 5 aan npeiwa JKCHCKOWb nojiy 
cxporH, H o H^My HeroBope ^pyrne nero ^Cb onpo- 
luxeHlsM'b". CBexora finxa nouixyio o^Beh-b hko, wao 
cxapH CwiaBCHH Bn/^a, n aConi CBora anora, aenoni 
pacxa , Kao ii 36ori> CBora MHpnorb h o^BamHori* 
KapaKxepa cy ^oSpH 3a BOHHHice. HBHoaa ae- 
Mjifl uenpHCxynna 6 Be^HKHMB BOHCKaMa , ohh naKB 
caMH Mory y BeheMB 6poio HaaexaxH, afiorB Mera cy 
He caMo cBOHMT> cyce^Hivia , Hero mxa-BHuie h ca- 
MUMB CBOHM-b MjexaHKHMfj rocno^apHAia Hccxo ona- 
CHH 6f>iBa.^H. y HBHOBOH 3eM.iBH Ha^aaH ce 3HaMe- 
HHxo ceao UupyH'b'^yCpaea^ x. e. IlepyHOBa ropa. 
By^ytiH cy ce MaexHHhHwa cbobbo^bho no^BprjiH, 
xo cy ocxa^H ocaoSo^enii o^ij caaKH nopeaa a 
naahajH cy caMo roAaiuHBiu ^aHaKB o/^i> 300 peaaa. 
y Bpeiwe paxa Mopa^H cy cjiyiKHxa y bohcj^h. 3a 
cjio6o/^e CBoe yBCKB cy ce fipHnyjiH, na aaxo iiiiirb 
6 xe Mopao CBaniH ^enepa-^B na-HOao noxap^HXH. 
Ila HnaKB ce mhphhmb nyxewB cb HbHiwa ^oxjie ^o- 
uiao, ^a cy H BHuie ^aHRa naaha.iH a h caMHjiHHHo 
CriyacH^H." ToaHKo h Ha onaKaBB naHMHii iiaBemxaBa 
EnrejiB o lloabHHaHHivia. Ohb e i^pnao, npcM^a U3- 
peKOM'b HeKaa<e, hsb /^eaa „Topografia Venela" (Ven. 
1788., 8^ S. II. p. 123—128.) h hst^ HaBecxia TaapH-ia 


BojiAa o ^SLJiMSn^iH. Hewowe ce oAp^hn, ^a e nhro- 
BO HBBecTie, y ne.iocTH yaexo, Ha hcthhh ocnoBaHO, 
aviH y noe/^MHOCTffiwa mhofo e KoeuiTa HeocnoBaHo 
H HeHCTHHHTO HSMeuiBHO, KBO H. np. yKyi^aBaH^^ luaAJi- 
KOBa oA'fc e^ioBorii /^pBCxa Mel)y hoktc, o MCMy y 
CTaxyxy newa hh penr^e , npeM^,a ce hctophk'b iia 
HKra nosHBa. 

Ho MM hewo ^a bh/^iiwo, lura hstj cataorb era- 
xyra MosKewo AoanaTH o IIojiBui^Hivia h IIojiBHHaHM- 
Ma. Haunpe o aeM.iBH. Oaa ce oShhho uasHBa „///>o- 
eutmiH IloAhUHKa^ 5 a^H HeKO^HKO nyxa na^asH ce h 
crapo HaSBaHi) nowyna'*, ^npuceuTAa eocnoda u no'^ 
tuTBHa otcyna noAhUHKa^ a 6atuKay oicyny^ duAue'b owyn* 
cKiu^. IIojiBHi^a cy 5bi.ia paa/^ealiHa ua ^BanaecTi* 
o6iHTHHa H^H cpeaoBa nKaryuu^ (canton, vicus, dis" 
trictus), KOHRia cmo nnieHa Hanpe/^ii naBejiH: „^ cey 
deauaecre KaryHUx-b y noAhuv,ux'h^* Sewa^BCKH no- 
r*iaBapi> 3Bao ce ^Knes^^^y o/^npe iomij ^^eeAUKiu Kues'b^. 
H'fera cy gupa.iH „KaTyHH" Ha e/^Hy ro/^HHy ^ana* 
Oh-b e TpHnyx-fa y ro/^HHH Mopao oChIih aew^io h 
xawo cyj^-b ^^p^KaxH ca ey^iafaa h i^e^HMB ^Bopowb 
(curia). BpxoBHO h aainxHXHo rocno^apcxBO 
xaRa SBajio ce ^eocnodcreo^i ^npuce^ aocnodcreo 
MAeraHKo^ a caMB ji,yHi^e ^eocnodap^*^^ Koe ce hmc 
ynoxpeC^HBa^io H aa sewjito^patna (dominiis fundi)* 
BpxoBHO rocno^apcxBo M^exawa e noxBp/^HXH 
KHeaa, na ro^HHy ^ana naaffpaHorb. HfeMy cy ^o^a- 
na 6uaa xpH, xaKot)e na ro^wHy ^'^ana HsafipaHe cy- 
^ie H3T> n^eivfena THiuHMHpa, ./iHMHtia u KpemcHilha. 
H 061UXHHCKH aacxynHHKa (procurator, fiscalis) 6wao 
€ xaKo^e caMo xpH {o^ty ro^. 166!S. caivfo A^a), h ohh 
cy xaKO HCxo ^Hpann hsb xa xpw njieMena. Ohh cy 
HMaaH npH^HpaxH ^ecexne, h KpHBi^e na cy^B Byhw, 
H TO aCor-b yfiiHCXBa, cpaiwoxe h npahe {npeh , no^ 
euu eau, 6ou.cuAa^ ^yneofcs), Amo e cna/^ao h KaHi^- 
jiept: nKttHHeAup'b, poTHhiu KauHeAup^^. Obh cy, aKO 
;\o6po paayMCMB^ 6bi;ih raasHH HaanoBH ndeopa*" (cu- 


ria). O^'Ty^Si ceBH^H, ^a cy naHBHuia bbslhih ioiu% 
ofl,!^ 15. croAeha 6biAa HaCi^e^Ha y HeRHM'b n.ieMe- 
HHMa. HuHse Mecxo saysuHaAvicy ^npucraeu^ (prisial" 
du8 , camerarius), roh cy HMa^n paanocHTH no3RBe 
H nociaHHi^e. Me^y oBHMa npu hbhomi) (nopoTiiOMii, 
Geschwornen) cy/^y 6wo e y ofiM^aM) „npucTae^ a 
HaeJiacTUTo poTHUu^. CxapeTUHHe no cpeaoBHwa (»xfl- 
rynu^) 3Ba.iH cy ce ^KaTynapu"". IIpH cy/^y o r.«aBH 
6bio 6 nopoTHUH cyA'b (noport) y Hasa^Ry^ a to 36orB 
Tora , lUTO 6 ofixyHteHOMe no/^ii H3BecTHHMi> oro-i* 
HOCTHMa na bojibh CTaa^io raii cy^ii oA^aqHTH na 
aaxTeBaTH cy/^i* seMaJibCRiH. IIopoTriHRa 5fiiao e no 
HesiH nyTij ^aaHaecTB a no hcrih nyTij mecrb. Pa- 
cnpe 36oii> semai/iR h /^yrosa h;ih 36orb HMaoBHHe 
peuiasao e cpecRiii cy^t, rom cy cacTaB^H^H hcth- 
pH njieiMHlia h ^eBeTopocjioSoAHu (Freisassen, liber- 
tini). O^it OBOra, Rao u o^ii nopoxe, aneanpajio ce 
Ha /^BopcRiH cy^xi ^noAhUHKu cTOA'b^ a o^i* OBOra 
na RHCsa h na-noc^e^Ry 0/^% RHeaa, h to no^i* sp* 
jio BejiHRHM'b orpaHH4eHkMi>, na RHeaa cnjiCTCRora. 
lloJl,a\m^llflLa (KMSToeuMa) 6wo e „rocnoAapi>" (domi- 
nus fundi) npsuH Ha/^JiejRHbiR cy/^i>, 6ami> Rao y Afa- 
ijiapcROH. flpeABO^HTejub HaopymaHori) Hapo^a SBao 
ce „eoueoda^» JKRxe.iBH cy ce ^e^HJiH aa ^eTHpn paa- 
pe^a: 1) na n^ieMiihe , eAacreAum, eAacreAe; %) Ha 
dodo^He, duduhu; 3) na ce.iHRe, no^anHRe, kmctobu^ 
KMeruhu , nodAOJ/cnut^u ^ h 4) na nacxape, eAamuhu. 
Haxo^e ce Mecxa Rao: ^ceujm nAeMeuuTUjn'b eAacre^ 
AOM'b u duduhejm u KjneTuhejn'h u eAawuheAt'b**', 4euibe: 
„eAacTeAOM^ u duduhe.m u KJteTuAejm^, a HaiiHeuihe: 
„eAacTeAojm u duduAeAfs^. HMaoBHHe asajie cy ce 
^rMeMeutuTUHa'*^ 11 ^e^iH^e cy ce y damruHe*^ (fundi « 
avitici, Erbgiiter), o^Tj crape pe»iH ^6aiuTa^ t. e. orai^'b, 
H y ^oicdpu6HUv,e^ (fundus divisus, durchs Loob zuge- 
fallenes Grundsttick, roi^romb npHna.ia aemjifl), h y 
ytnodeopHut^e^ t. a. saRyuHa ^o6^a. Hoean'b ce 3Bao 
„4fAaeo^, Bbi^o e /(bohrh CRyniuiHHa: t. e. cpecRHH 


o6mTM aeMa^bCKH; h na ^^ne h he 4pyre ^o^aan^H 
cy caMo naeMHhn a c«io6oahh. One cy ce aeaae 
„36op^^, ncaHM'6^^ ^cranaK^^, a caMO e^aHiiyTB ^euAe*. 
Ha caeoSuiTOH cKyniuTHHH ycTanoB^HBaaH cy ce 3a- 
KOHH. {^^UoJihutt/t ysaKOHUtue u ycTaryruuie oeaKO*^-) 
Opecy^e h saKaioneHA {„auctu cTO^anKe turo usxo^ 
du us'h KeapTupua^) naca^a cy ce na naiwysHOH xap- 
TiH „6yH6aiMcuHa^ (bombycina) h 3eMajii>CRHMi> ne-* 
HaTowb yTBp^HBa^e: oa* nera 6e3i> cywH't pasja- 
KOBaxH BaJiA seMa^^BcKiM rpgfi „6uAueh oicyncKiH^; 
cpaBHH HCMasKy ^'^OMOBHy MapKy, <2^BopcKy MapKy a 
T. /^., 4era e ioiui) o/^i) HesanamheHbi BpeMeua 6iiijio 
y CjiaBCHa (,,zname , sema KoaaK'B'', pycKiii AOKy- 
MeHTTi). OcHivii> Tora ionii* hy oB^e cnoMeayTa: 1) 
Mepy y Bary h aoaai^'b: Keapra noJihUHua , oMUiuKa. 
cnAUcna y Au6pa (lira, livre)^ 6eH'b (dimid. solidus), no 
cciH^yca, sou), eoAauna (obelus? bollondinus? bolo- 
gnino?), opjiaK'h (HeKiw aoaaupb ca opjiOM-b), poaea 
(xBaTi>: ^nyT'b mupowh eduy posey^); Z) Hasaae 3rpa- 
^a: KauiTCH (castellum), naAana h no^ura (paldtium, 
^na^^nna y huho^ naAana y nod'b^ na ceAy no^^ura^^, 
cejiaHKa eoMtonut^a, nyha eoMiouut^a^ Top's (crates^ 
CTaa 3a cxoKy), ejia/twb (hiemale ovium^ cxaa aa ob- 

Ofi) H T. ^. 

CxaTyTi* noaBHMKiH pa3j^eji'tH'b e aa Maafe r.«a- 
ae, a CBera iif HMa 108. O/^b aBa aao A^ he aeao- 
aai^aaa 6wth crapierb nocTaaaa: a Koe noaweaqe, 
TO ce aeiMOHce aaBecxao onpe^e^MTH, epB cy maoro 
M3Meiuaae aoBiaMi) yMexi^awa a ^oAaTi^HMa. Ho y 
aapapaaoMB npenacy amaio caofi ocoSaTua aacjioaii 
a aanpe^i) h peracTapB, ajia aacjioaa y xeacTy ca- 
MOMe aeciaaty ce cacBax\iT> ca peracrpoMB. Hacjioaa 
TH rjiace OBaao: 1) napehiu sanowb od^ Kueaa/ Z) cyd'b 
napehiH na cram noAhuuKiti; 3) poKU, tko ce npie/ 
4) od^ rpadurypa, u 3a6aee u cujie; S) da ce Moey 
npoKaparypu npur cynpoh-b upueny u cnynuT dece- 
tuny; 6) od^ ocyde nAejnenuTa noeuna u noporb Ay* 


neatcy; 7) od'h ceTent^ie Kneaa , u ua e eoH^oda u na 
ce ocydu Jiyneotcbf 8) KMeruhy napehiH cyd'h H%ao9% 
eocnodap^; 9) od'h po6cTea; 10) da ueMope BJiax% 
craru y iloahui^a u ko 6hi y6io useauhCKoea h t. a. 


MOHce ce y neKoaHKO noaHarH h npecy^HTH RapaR- 
Tepii 63HKa H CTH«ia. 06oe e npoCTO h HeHcrpaaeeHO, 
capasMepHO cTaHio HeH3o6pa;KeHonb napo^a. Ilpa- 
BOCJioBHa TepMHHOJioriH ioiuxi e y cbohm'b noHeTi^f- 
ma^ Bajiase ce HcxHHa no hcrh CTapii ciaseHCRH h3- 
pa3H^ ?lavl y MdH^M-b 6poio , a HanpoTHB'b ^Oi«a3e 
MHore CTpane pe»iH. Mm heMo o^i^ CBera Tora aeRe 
npHMepe naBecTH. Actor ce OBaKo onncye: oeuu ku 
npaeu Moe e^ a reus (o5TyaseHbiH): oeuu, ku nura 
uedau Coe-b^ successor osaRo: naKOHutea (uieoe'b na^ 
KOHuiaaJy mobile, mobilia 30By ce eudyhe a immobile, 
^mmobilia craCyAo [y, 6. stabile). C^aBeucRii H3pa3H 
6cy: daiuTuna (das Erbgut), dJiaeo (das Geld), dAuofc* 
Hhiti (consangnineus, der Verwandte , cpoAHHRi*)^ 
uera (cohors, die Truppe), deceruna (das Zentheil^ 
^ecexaRTj), duduh'h (libertinus, der Freisasse, cjioCo- 
^Hbiif)^ dpyo/cuua eapena (npHHTe.«BH H3BaH'b cp6;^CTBa, 
Freunde aasserhalb der Verwandtschaft), deop^^ e^aea 
H eAaeaph (der HSuptling), ucrywh h ocTywh (obscu- 
rum), KMBTti (b. r.), Kues'h (comes, der Graf J, Jiyneoich 
(der Dieb, Kpa^-'ii^HBai]^), «a()«o/?*, otf/?o«« (terminus)? 
ocyd'b (mulcta pecuniaria, die Geldstrafe, HOBHana 
RasaHB), od^od^/zet/rt/ (verl^umden, onacxH, ona^iJ^aTH), 
nap6a h napna (lis, der Streit), nAeMemuTUHa (fundus, 
das GrundstUck), nodAooH^uuK'h (subditus, der Unter- 
than), nopoT-h (jury, das Geschwornengericht), nopoT' 
HUN'S H poTa, poTHHWb (dcr Geschworne), noao^'h 
(citatio, die Ladung), npunauru h npu6aeuTU (acqui- 
rere), npucrae^^ npucTaemTuna^ pedoenui^u (die Be- 
amten), poK'h (dilatio), caajmy crauaK^j ctoa^ (tabula 
judiciaria, Gerichtstafel), cydau,'h, euhe, e^aduna (der 
Bischof, euHCRonij), eAOcreJium (der Adelige), tf^a.r» 


(der Hirte), eoueoda^ sacraea (der Gefangene), sdop'h^ 
ofcdpuduui^a, j/cyna h t. ^. HanpoTHBi) nai* CTpaHorij 
63HKa yaeTe cy one peHw: nneoj acawuwh , aeusawb 
(vocatus), <?««()^ (mulcta pecuniaria),^^^^/?^^!^/^^. dora^ 
eM6pa (imbreviatura. protocollum). ^ymraTUy Kyu- 
TBHTttTU ce , KytaeHV,in (conscientia), Jime h napru 
(die Parteien), jnysyeup'h (calumniator), oo/cypnuK'b 
(usuarios, fenerator), nacauoeT> (derFasching*), nena, 
nocudoearu^ ua nouirn (a posta, ex opposito), npona" 
poryp'b^ panym, pusuK'b h pusunawk^ ceTeut^ia^ cod's 
(der Sold), cradyAo , CTaryr'b^ cyeeuuru (sovvenire), 
tuKanyo (HTa.i. scampare, ^paHn. ^chapper), Tacra- 
MeuaT'h^ Tpaduryptt if rpadurypa (prodiior, proditio), 
Typjna (obscurum) h t. ;^. Flpn CBeiwy naKi> tomc aa- 
^^pmaaH cy ce y cxaryTH h no neKH crapn JienH h3- 
pasH, H. np. ucTywb nema ocryna, paua KOfo nonpU'^ 
ea , , . (nenoKpuea) cffura^ npae'h ce namao , ynpeio 
(ynpao) ucnodt npaea (hs-b Kyhe, opp. na nojiio)^ aKO^- 
Au sajfiuHH nJieMeutUTUue ^anroMt (t. 6. no napne, 
stflckweise), dueouKa odapuyra na onocywh (rile, so- 
lenniter desponsata), h t. ^. ' 

IIIto ce THMe Bpe^nocTH Hauierib cnoMeuHKa 
ca TOHKe npaeociOBHe , to MopaMi^ ocxaeHTH yne- 
HbiMi) npasociOBHMa A^ ^ ^"" onpe^ejie. AaH iuto 
ce THie Ayxa, koh y nfeiwy B^ia/^a, y KpaxKO caMo to- 
^UKO Mory KasaTH, ^a OBau CTaryx'bHHe xaKo crpor-B 
H ymacaHii, hhth xaKo CTpauiaHii h ^y^OBMniTaHii, 
Kao niTO 6w ce Mome-SwTH no BpeMeny h wecxy 
Morao oHeKHBaTH, npem/^a h o<z^t> eAHorx> h o^z^-b ^^py- 
rora hoch na cefia xpara Koer^e. Y i;eaocTH yaes- 
uiH, Ka^B fijbiCMO ra ycnope^z^HjiH ca cxaxyTHMa h 
saKOHHMa H3T» HCxonb BpeMena^ Morao 6m Cb necxH 
nocxoflxH. 3a A^Kaaij h e^Hora h ^^pyrort, uixo caMB 
rope cnoMenyo , nena oB^e npti saK^iOHeHfo na^y 
Mecxa HeKoaHKe r^iase hsb Hcxort cxaxyxa. 

fjiaea ^5. Od'h napeu. Akoah 6h roh HMeTHhi* 


Hd CBora rocao^^apa pyne nocTaeifl. ^y^dHi* e efl^nowb 

pjiaea S6. a) Od'6 ofcena, Ako 6m tko KOMy (Jio 
meny bau cecxpy r^^HXohe a^iH hepi> npesi* hmxi 
yapoKa noAoCna, xa e ^yman'b /i^BOAyn.iH ocy/^'b, na 
6 AH6ap'b 50. AkojihSm ua Kyhy ^omaA'^ y RyhH a^H 
na ^Bopy, to e ^yHcaHi< ^BoispaTii TOjiiino, tuto ecTjb 

AH6Sip'b 100. 

6) OS'S otcencKoea nanxueauH na Hoeuua. Akojib- 
6id KOfl meHCKa rjiasa na Kora HaflXHBaaa, to cb th- 
MH HH6 3a TO BajiflHii y/^pHTH ^ /^a o^roBopHTH. Hy- 
jiuCfai Ka sKeHCKa raaBa na Kora HacKauajia 6o6irb 
a^iH KOMi) Kasroifb na CKy6aHy, ajiH na 5oh, npe^ib 
neroBd no^oSna yspoKa a.tH KpHBHne, h TyTi>, aifio- 
6fa 6 npHCTanio ^o npara, aa to uenaaha HHiura. 


fAaea 32s Od^ npodae nJieMeniuTUHe, HaunapBO 
CTapMH saKOHii xohe , ^a ce nAeMeuwTuua neitiope 
npo/^asaTH hh aaaoH&HTH ycTMHTo , peKyhH OTa&HO> 
a HaB.^iacTHTO mhmo 6jiiiJKHera. /^a HMaiuis npo^arff 
CBHTJio 6H.;io^aHO y H noHy/!^iiTH napBO CBora 6aHm- 
nera. — H aaKOHii 6 CTapiaK no^BHHKiH, 4a HMa 


pa, ajiH npH Kneay na TpH o6poKa , roBopehH: obo 
hy npo^aTw. Ako he koh 6jih3khwh KynHTH, npncTy- 
n*i ! Akojih Hell', a h hy, Kowy Mory. H tko npo/^ae, 
HeMope HCKynHTH oneTi*. — /^o ca^a cy IIojibHi^a h 
ioiuhe yaaKOHHJia, ^a e 5^HiKHfiiii Bojiau'b HCRynHTH 
:^o roAHiuha. Akojih ce iouihe koh 6./iHmHfaiH na^e 
6.iHaKe o/^i) oHora, kh e BCKynia, BOjiaHi^ e ohuiI h 
ov^*fc OHOra HCKynHTH. Ako^h cy Ta otfa no/^'b e^na- 
Ko 6jiH»Ha, a.^H 6bi inxb H Behe 6jujio, RHHo cy 6ARBRP 
6jiH3y, Ta/^a HMaH) ouaRO h na oHbiH /^hh HCRynHTH, 
RaRo H cBoio naemeHuiTHHy /^HJie.Ha horohti ROHi^a, 
aKO HAia 611ITH npaBa h aaROHHTa upo^aH , uMa c6 

^WUHTil 110 IJ|[HHH /^OCrOHHiaS::!*, ROH npOI^HHIQM) M CTH- 


Hiaio no CBOH KyiuenqiH ohoh, na e Ta njietieHuiTHHa 

fjiaea 44. Saiiowh o KajnaK'h. SaROHii e, /^a e AJ- 
HcaHT* r«iaHOMi>, Ka^a e iia ?khto, /^OKJie Hue hhrjio. 
Ta^a ra e BOJianii , MHroBO 6 hchto, jShth, m OH^^e 
npHHHTH ra Ha apBOTHHy, 'r^H epiijio, h oh^h raocTa- 
BHTH. — Akojh e acHTO y xpasy, BoaaHi> ^aeyCHBT* 
HCTpaTHTH 3a ce , sani) cbhhh hoch ^Boe opjSK^, 
Kocy H MOTHKy. Ako.ih e y BHHorpa^y, KaKO e pene- 
HO5 noi\ia rBoa^H , mope ce ySarH h noTpaxHTH. — 
Ako,ih 6 Kap3HHi;a Q>^ npaiuMHhH, ajiH, anoaH e hto 

CBHHB , HU6 HOBHKl> BOJiaHl) y^HTH HaH^OJil^ra a^H 

KapsHHi^e, Hero Mane, /^a e/^HO, a ne nehe y e.^^HO aa- 
CTane. — aKo 6 npacai^ii hchpobuhkI), a 6Ctb hhuxii 
MaBBBxit, HeHMa ce ohi> yfiHTH, Hero MaHBiH. Akojih 
6 6AaHi> caMi> npacaqii mHpoBHHKib Speai* HHux'b, 
HMa ce napBo ooobh/^hth npn^B cBH/^oigonfb a naKe 
o6oHUTuemu BOwiaHi> /^a 6 ohuh y^HTH h noxpaxHTH 
TOJiHKO y asHTy, to^hko y BHHorpaAy — Ako^h 6w 
OHbiif, HiH 6 iipacai^, HMao rocno/^apa, KOMy 6bi HMao 
^ax raaBy o^b OHora npaci^a, xa/^a wy ce niwa ocxa- 
BHxH raaBa o^'b H^ra, a hho e BOJiaHi) aa ce o6pa- 

XHX. /^a npaBO € HMa HafixH HCXHHOM'b , e^H My 

^OHcxo Haiuacxo y meaynH no^H^HSK^ o/^-b rpoa- 
AOBT> ojiH o/^ij 3KHxa , aKO 6 y JKHxy 6wH. — A xaH 
ce paayMiH, ^OK^e ro/^Hpt noHMy nyxeMi> »;hxo ho- 
CHXH, no OHHXB uyxHXTb y CHonHxi) HCMjiaheHo, Ka^^^a 
ce lopij noHMe hochxh, xaii (jHjiHrb necy/^H HHuixa^ 
^OK^e ce 3KHXO cnpaBH. 

fjiaea 53. O npucraeux'b, Ako^h 6w xko nope- 
Kao npacxaBa, a HaB.iacxHxo poxHora, xepe ra ^o- 
cxHrne aa RpHBora npHCxaBa, 6Cxb aaKOHib cxapuit, 
^a My ce HMaio HCHhH xpH pe6pa, HHne seh-b BHpo- 
BdHib HH aauixo. Ako^h ra hcSbi /^ocxarao, kh ra e 
nopcKao, Hero ce naniao npaBib, xa^a Ha onpra xafi 
na^a, kh ra 6 npaBa nopenao. 


fAoea 95. Od% eumrut^h u HaposHUt^^. Ako6u ce 
KCTHHOM'b HauMd KOfl BHiuTHi^a dJH sapoBHHu^a das 
spaaKajiHi^a, o^i^ii iiapeora o^HaiuaHH HMa ce ^py- 
uiTaxH. Aro avl ce sehe naii/^e, HMa ce camraTH. 

Hai* OBora , uito caMB ^o-ca^a y-RpaTRo cao5- 
lUTio o oco^HHaMa CTaTyra no^BHHRorii^ ^oboji^ho 
ce, Rao UITO MHc^HM'b, yBVit)di BaH£HocTJb OBora cno- 
MeHHRa lorocaaBeHCRonb aaROHo/^axcTBa^ u aa-i^ejio 
He6ia 6biaa neocHOBaHa mejia . ^sl ce hctuh uiraic- 
noMi> Ha CBCTi) HS^a , oco6hto npu raRo MaaoM'b 
tipoH) no^o^Hu cnOMeHHRa. 

J!/. nonoeuh%. 



Hanucao M, $. MuAuhesuh'b. 

„Bojifl je cjioiBBa HBoaoaiTHHa uero ae- 
CAOHiHa luoaiBHa'^. IIocji. crp. 21. — 

y ^pyiuTBeHOHfb HfiHBOTy Hauieri) aapoAd HMa 
e/^aHit noABit, koh 6, moa&e Suth, HCKaiOHHa oco6HHa 
caMfd Cp6a. Tloaeii oeafi sac^yxftye ^a ce nperae/^a 
H HsysH RoauKO CTora, iuto 6 sp^o neCTii, to.ihko 
H aaTO, ujTo 6 oHi>, TdKO pehH, npsa uiKO^a, y ko- 
ioH ce CpgH , noHaHBHuie , 3a rpal^aHCKiH aiHBOT'b 
cnpeMaio h o6y*iaBaio h, iuto o^CTaHaKis HbroBi> ctoh 
y CBe3u Cb eKOHOMHHKHMii Hanpe<2^ROMi> napoAS >< 
ApmaBe. Pchb e o aa^pysH koai> Cp6a. 

OcBeTJiHTH saApyry cpCcKy, HsyHHTH Hfeny yny- 
Tpauiuio ynpaBy h oAHOiueHA aaApyrapa eAHorii npe- 
Ma ApyroM'^ 9 npeMa KyhH'hAfb cxapeiuHHa h npeitia 

o6uiTHHH If AP^dBH, 6ujlO 6u H «1io6oaHTHO H HO- 

jiesHO aa CBaKori) Cp^Hua. 

Ho 6yAyiiH a^ OAHomCHa saApyre h Hl^ua ynpa- 
Ba aie csyAa h y CBeitiy eAHana a a ueMaMi), no aea- 
roAH, KSBOpa oAanae 6m to noqpnCTH morao , to 
hy ce, no uy^A" > orpanHHHTH caMO aa aaApyre y 
Cp6iH , K06 caMB BiiAio , y Konftia caMB ce poAio h 
OApacTO. IIpHTOMi> , uiToroATt* OBA^ yaroBopHM-fa ro- 
Bopnhy o aaApyrama ceocKHMB , 6pi> no sapoiuHMa 
H^H aaApyra HHKaKO h Henia naa ^ ano iu HMa to, 
roTOBO , npe cnaAaio y peAi> opTanune aero npase 



Sa^pyra e xaKa iiyha, y koioh sHuie 6pabe po- 
t)eHe HjiH oA'b CTpHHesa, h.iii CTpHHeea h cfaHOsaqa 
M T. /(. y CKynH HCHoe {^) h cbu saeAHO o e^HHin* 
HbHBaMa. jiuBa^aMa. BHHorpa/^if Ria h t. a. pa^e h npa- 
xo/^ii no AoroBopy xpouie h ynoTpeCaioio. 

CaMii saROHi) OBaKO onpe^ejiioe aa^pyry: n*^^' 
dpffea e oude , ede e cMeca aaednuHKoe's oicueora u 
UMOHJi ceeaoM'h cpodcrea uau yceoentM^ no npupodu 
ocHoeaua u yrep^ena."' (**) 

Hivia CTBapiii, Koe h y aa^pyan Mory 6uth hckaio- 
HHa ocoOHHa e^Hori, aa^pyrapa, ho to ce orpaaH- 
HdBa caMo na o^e^o , Mnpaa'b, HceHCRiH uaKHTi) h t. 
n. a CBe Apyro, Kao iuto cy: HbHBe, aHBaA©, Boheii- 
i](if, BHHorpaAH? naaaHH, so^^HHij^e, CTae, Ryhe h t. /(• 
HMaH^ 6 HHxaBe sa^pyre h hh eAanTi saApyi'dpi* — 
y aa^pyaH — neMome KaaarH nira 6, HaHiue, H^roBO 
uiTa AH ocTdi^iJu aa^pyrapa. 

CxaHli OBaKO — Kao uito e aa^pyra , — y 
KOAfb ce noBBjiioio TaKO paa^HHHe ^yKHOCTH, npaea, 
noTpe^e h HHrepecH ^ He6bi Morao HHRaKO o^craTH 
Aa My He H^e napyRy CBe AOMahe BocnirrasaH^. ^***) 

(*) HMa aa^pyra, y KOHMa HCHee no 20, ^5, a h 30 
H BHine AJiua. y ce^y PHnHio, Haie deorpa^CKe^ 6MJia 6 
3a mora A^THHbCTBa Kyha hckh PoduAa, y Koiofi e 6ujio 
3 7 Ajuia^ KO6 ^lOAifi ^ Koe »eHa h fl,^i\e, A r. Bywh ea 
cTp. 173 CBora PjeqHHKa Beau ^ A^ wj Kocobj y Kyha 
neKora TpH4>yH0BHha Hiita 62 Ayme , me^y KOHMa je 13 
xceHa Ch MjHteBiiMa h A^HJe jA^BHi^e." 

{**) 507. §. 3aK. rpa%. 

(^^**) Bp^io Ma.10 HMa mej^y ce^iHi^HMa .uoAilK^ koh 6m 
yspoRi pacnaAj saAPJ^re bhah^ih j HeyA^cHHM'b jcjiOBiflHa 
B-kHor-b o6cTaHKa^ nero noHaiiBHiiie aP^^9 A^ « to sejb'b 
HeKaKa necpeKa aa cbc saAPjrape Kano noqny noroaapaxB 
o fl^eo6H. fl caiiib cam'b nosHaBao eABy Kjfey, y Koioi e 
B.taAa.10 cyesept, Aa onan OAwa Mopa yMpexH, koh Harne 
Aa ce Ae«*H h31 saApyre. Cbb obo naK'b npHHOCH^ a^ c© 
saApyre o6ApHce na MaKap'b y HbHMa 6hiAo HBKOMrb h xe- 
»ce H HenpaBie o^ib ocTaau. 


Mfai heMo ce noTpy/^HTH ,^a HaaoHCHMo OHa npaBM^a, 
KOA cy reMejiB sa/^pyrama. IIpaBHaa oea nonaHBHuie 
cy o6HHaHHa, Hacie^Ha^ a«iH.i^ HMa h TaKH, koh cy 
npoHHcaHd o^b B^acTH , na noTOnie, o^Tb ce6e ce 
paayme , HMaio BejiBMor-b yroKa na to crant; aaxo 
heMo MM, HsaamyhH ynpaBy aa^pyre, CBy^a cuowie- 
uyTH If Te saROHe nponHce, koh k06 MecTO o^pel^u- 
Ba.iH H yTeme^BUBaaa 6yfl,y, 

TaRO npe csera npe^craBjia HaMx> ce 

a)CTapeuiifHa aa^pyre. 

y saApyacHOH KyhH crapernHHCTBO, o6h4ho, ysH- 
Ma OHaH , KOH 6 ro^HHama HaHCxapiH • ho necTO ce 
^ora^a , ^a oht* to h »Mal)eM'b o^t ce6e ycxynn, 
aRO CBH Apy^^ MHcae , ^a 6bi ' osafi aa to 6ojii>i& h 
cnocoCniH 6uo. 

Obo CTapeiuHHCTBO Henpe^^ae ce csar^a ^oro- 
BopoMii, HO Hecpo ra no koh aaApyapi' npncBoH 
caiHi) a ocTa^H ra , Kao h ueoTHi^^e , aa cTapeiuHny 
RyhH-Krii npnana^y h npHSHaio. 

HecTO 6jbiBa y KyJiH, y roioh caMi^ OTai;i> ca 
cuHOBuma hshbh, ^a ohi ycTynu CTapeiuHHCTBO CBoe 
cuHy H TO He^ CBar^a, ohomi> , roh e HaffCTapin ne- 
ro OHOMi)^ KOH 6 HaHnaMeTiiin. niTa BHuie^ morne ^u- 
TH, ^a o/^is CTOTHHe HCMa e^HorB oi^a, koh 6m. h y 
cTapocTH aaApH&ao crapeiuHHCTBO Ha^'BKyhonrit, He- 
ro ra, KaKO ocTapH h HaHeiuorHe, npe^i^a HaHBajinni- 
eMi) CBOMi) cuHy. y HBH HMa aa HSBHHeH'K Tora h 
noctOBHi^a, ROfl Bean: „Ko pa^H onau Bajia h ^a cy- 
^H^. Heiia Ji* OBO KaRBe cBeae ca ohhah* ocTaB.«a- 
H'Km'b cRHUTpa HyKaaHHHbM'B y ManacTHp'b uaum /^a- 
BHbi KpyHOHOCHM Hpe^aKd? — 

OaaH cTapeuiHHa ynpaBJia KyhoMis h i^ejiHRfb 
HMaH^M'B aji He cacBHM'b no cboioh Bo.tBH, BetiJi y 
/(oroBopy ca CBHMa oApacTaHMi* aaApyrapuMa h cb 
oSanpoAfB Ha nHcane h o^HnaHne aanoHe. Oh^b aa- 
noBe^a uiTa he ce KaAi> h KaKo pa^HTH; o^i> OApe* 



t)ye cBdKorb OAi> M^a^H Ha nocao h y CBaKOMii Rjrti- 
hIiMI) pa/^y noMame h caMib r^e h kojihi&o /^ocne. 

Ohi* ceeTye ii Kapa ueMapHe ; ohij cy^H h no- 
paBHasa cnopenene aa^i^pyrape. (*) 

Ohi> nora^a h Hcnjiahye Ha/^HU4ape m^h Ma ica* 
Rse pa^i^HHKe aa nyheeHe noctoBe. 

Ohi> npo^ae uixa 6 sa upoAaio (^^) h nyny e uito 
Kyhn Tpe6a. 

Ohi> 4p»ch KyheBHe HOBij^e r^e ih HMa. HJ^My 
ocraJiH sa^pyrapH a^'O pancyHTj o OHonfb mxo cy 
noTpoiuH^H H spahaio uito hmi> e npexeKjio. 

Oh'b o KpcTHOMii iiMeHy HOCH Ro^a*ii> y KipKBy 
H AOMH ra ca CBeuiTeHHKoiwb. (^•^•^) 

Oh7> o sa^yiuHHi^aMa uaMeuioe MpxBHMa 3a ^y- 
luy CBehe h nocKypHi;e h hoch ifi y i^pRBy. (^***) 

(^) OB'S caMO MAa^e MOHse omHHyTH hjih h hctjI^h 
a npema CBHMa ^pjmMa xeK'b eaeeT'b h apToeaai^ yno- 
Tpe6^flBa , H OBO , y /^o6poH Kybii , jhhhh BHuie nero h 
6oii, op's iH 6 Ha TO npHBHKJio ^OMaKe BOcnHTaHi^; a r/^e 
apTOBaH^ cxapeiuHHe Heno^aase tj ce sa/^pyra Bebi pa- 
cna^a h^h, KaKO ohh Ka»cy, tj^ cy Behi ^d^a Kyhe^* 

(*^') §• S^^- 3aK. Tpa^. OBaKO rjiacH sa CTapemeey 
aa^pyre: — „0m Humra ua uiTery sadpyee — 6e3'b ca- 
useoAeHH ucre — ripedysuMaru necjne , ho oko ouh 
dawb uetuTO u ynunu u dpyeu aa aoduuy dana odnad'b 
dosuady nenpoTecTupato , onda ocrae CTaAuo u hB' 
nopcHHo"'. — 

(^^*) no BapouiHMa HoaKe ce qecTO bh^^hth /^a /^o- 
MahKHi* o CBoioH c.«aBH noDiJi'b no /^eTCxy cbomi h^h h 
no c^yrH KOJiaqi* y i;pKBy /^a ra Tamo caM'b cBemTenHKi 
npejiOMH. Obo 6bi y cejiy du^a BCjiuKa nopyra; epi no- 
cao OBaH , no BasKHOCTH II sHaqeHio cbomc caMO r^aBH 
KyheBHOH npHna^a. TaKO ce qecxo qye, Ka^i» OBaKasrb 
qOBeKi* ynipe , /^a ce y sancBKH Ha^^b HbHifb h to nape- 
qe. — JlenHMi cJiaBama cp6cKHM%, na aKaaocTb , noqeuie 
ce no BapomHiMa npe/^nocTaBaaTH UMeudauu, CBeTKOBHBe. 


napo^Be CBeTKOBHHe. 

r***^^ OBau ce o6HqaH cacTOH y Tome: yiaecH ce ^o- 
cxa nocKypBi^a h aaqRHH /^ocxa cse&a BoiuxaBu^ na yiOTpy 


Ohii HS^iasH y oGuithhj na CRyni> h /^oroBopi> 
ceocRiH ; oHi) Ty npHMa o^is sjiacTH sanoBecTH a 
Kasye i^ cbohmcb ,^oMatiHMa; ohts ce nosHea ^a o^- 
roBopH aRO 6u roh o/^i) ii-J^roBbi M^ial^ir naRBy no- 
Bp^Ay TyljoH MacTH UAH HMaHH) yHHHio. IIpeRo H^ra 
caMo no3HBaio ce nbroBH itiaa^H na cyfl^iy oSiuthh- 
CRiH, RaAi) aauiTO oBowe TpeCaio. yRpaxRo: owb e 
HeRiH nocpeAHHR'b H3Aie1^y CBoe majie ^pmSiBe — Ry- 
tie — H BjiacTH ceocRe, 

3a CTapeiuHHOMii ^0*^^36 

6) OcTa^H sa^py^dpH. 

Cbh ocxa^H aa^pyrapH ma h HenyHOjiexHH 6hi^ 
AH nfairaio ce y A^^osopy RybeBHOMT*. IIlTa BHiue^ 
Cp6H, ce;i.Hi^H, xaRO BO^e cse cb AoroBopoMi> o^no- 
HHHHTH, ^Si ce HccTO ras^a ca cjiyroMt o cBaROMt 
nocjiy Rao ca opTaROMi> hah aa^pyi^apoMi) ^oroBa- 
pa. yAHBiiTejiHO 6 RaRo Cp6H MH^yio doeoeop'b y 
CBaROMi) npe^yaehy h RaRo Mpae na OHora, roh npe- 
Ay3HMa H CBpuiye caMx* a uehe HiiRora hh HHsariiTO 
^a HHTa. OBy CR.ionocTb iw* ^oroBopy npenoce ohh 
Aou^nie u y hchbotii rpa^ancRiu h HHuiTa hmb hh6 
Tea&e Hero Ra^*^ hmi> RMeTii caimo na^aace uira a^ 
ypa^e a neRaaye hmi> o^is Rora e to HapeI)eHO h 
aauiTO. Ohh cayiuan) Bpjio pa^o iuto HWb ce ro^* 
aanoBe^H , aan camo ohe ^^ hmii ce yBeRii Rame h 
yapoRii aaiuTO inopaH) obo H.tH oho ynnHHTH. Ofia 

Ha aadytUHUt^e (y cy6oTy npe^rb 6eAy He/^e^io) nouiTO ce 
CBH y KyhH Moae Bory^ ^OHa&HHrb ysne n csehe h no- 
cKypHne na cacTaen e^Hj nocKypHi;y h e^ny ceefey h npe- 
KpcTHBuiH ce no^H>6H ill o6e roBopebn: „obo sa noKOH 
Ayine moMe ony", na ys'b APyy „CTpHi^y" hjih Befc'b Kora 
HMa MpTBon ft,OKAe iH cBe He cnoMeue; a Hannocjie yai 
6AHy peKHe: „obo 3a hokoh ^yuie cBHMa mohmi 3HaHH]iii» 
H BeanaHHM'b MpxBHMa^^ Obo re nocje cne o^nece m>- 
RBH xe ce CBehe sana^e a nocKypni^e noe^y h no/^e^e 
CHpoTHHbH npezii i;pKBOM%. 


ce cfuoHocTb aane&e y aa^pysH h oHa nehe mnca/^lb 
6iiiTH onacHB CpdcKou dpofcaeUy epii e ona HaBHKHjr- 
Ta paAO *iHHHTH CBe OHO, lUTO ce RjiOHH Ha Ao6po 
o6mre Kyhe — oTanCHHe — TeRi> ohe, Kao h y aa* 

Apy3H, ^9i CBH OHH, KOHMd 06 o(>UITH TepOTH BBJia- 

xcy, H 3Haio, aauiTO ce tih xeperH Mopaio no^HeTV 
KaKBy OHH KopHCTB o(>iuToif KyliH noCTas^Bio y 

Cbbkomii noCi^iy, y ;!^o6poii sa^pyaH npe^xoAH 
cAomKia doeoeod'b, (*) a usBpiueHb oho.i>> niTO ce 
^oroBopoMi) H36epe ocTaB^a ce yBeRi> CTapeiuHHU 
aa^pyre. — 

CaaKiH aaApyrapi) Mome , pa^ehH OH^a, rbai* 
sa^pyra CBCTRye, h^h HHa4e iiaBaH'b aaApyre , npH- 
6aBHTH Roio napy: h. np. ohti mohcc yMeTR rpa^HTB 
Ka^e^ RO.?ia h t. a. na ua cBenaHHRy — RaAi> y a^ 

rOBOU RyflH HHRO Hepa^H (^*) — MO»e OHIi naHHRHTH 

R06 6ype, aaoCpynaTH romc Rai;y, hjih onacaxH ro- 
ja H /^oSHTaKi) o^T) Tora n^^roBa 6 coGctbchoctb 
HHTH My CTapeuiHHa o^tj H'fe TpaHCH panyna (a ohti 
caMTi , aRo ohe » MOHce to h aa^pysH Rao oCiuTial 
npHxo/^i> ycTyDHTH). H ^amii Ra^* ce ana a^ a^-: 
Apyrapi) HMa cboh (raRH) Hoaai^a, a noxpefia ce ysa- 
aRe A^ OH* no^e RyAroAi* oa^* ,Kylic Kao na npH^H- 
Ry Ha KyAym. (♦♦•^) na caCopi* i;pRBH h^h na RyM- 

(*) A^roBopH OBH 6uBaio PAe ce npe sa^pyrapn ca- 
GTdHj^ H^H Ha pa^y hjih na nyxy h^h na pyqKj HJiHjfBeqe 
ua eeqepn^ h CTapemuHa HecaaHBa ih cee yeAam Ma aero, 
Kao uiTO peKO, Tji,e ce ci rhm'b npe cacTaue. 

(^'^) OcHM'b aanoeedmi npasHUKa cBeTKyio ceJa^R 
M^oro APJi'H MajiM cBeHaHHKa, y Koe 6vi bqlaslao paAHTH; 
y one /^ane ohh nepa/^e ce6H a haj APy^"** "* Mo6y hub 
H sa HOBi^e Rome iuto jpaA^. Obo jBeKi HHHe MJia^H, 
ROHMa (Rao) Hie TaRo rpeoTa Rao cTapiHiia. 

(***) KyAyKa y Cp6iH neMa no 49. §. ycTaBa »e- 
»a^bCKon»; ho rpa^en'fe njTOBa h cBaRiH BBHuJIpa/^'b orb 
BasHBaio KyAyKOM'h, 


CTBo (TjiH njA'b y roCTCj CTapeiuHHa mj saApyre mo- 
pa ^arn o^i) RyhesHu HOBai^a onOi^HRO, kojihro 6 
HysK^HO ^a ce ohi> Tamo cii o^paaoMii npoBe^e; ho 
OHi>9 aRO mejiH ^uth ma^o npocTpanie pyRe, ^oA^he 
cami) R-b TOMe h o^t one caoe coCcxBeHOCTH. 

SaApyrap'B e npHpoAHUH a h aaROHoM'b npHsna- 
TWH xyxop-b y aa^pyan aaocraBuiH MaaoaeniHRa (^) 
(uiTO Haiinpe 3a Ryhntirb CTapeuiflHy Ban&H); u do" 
K^e eod'b , nHuie y saROny o xome , &d«e nyuoAeTne 
UAU oo/centHe e^aee y aadpyau ujna, u huko od'h aao- 
CTaeuiu ueumre da ce nonucb (uMann) vuhu, Cyd'b no^ 
nuca HUHUTU nehe (*^) h t. /^. 

MoMJ^H ce a&ene h /^eBOHRe ce y^aH) y aa^py- 
afl, o^HHHO, onaRO, RaRO ce Roe h pa^aao. Bpao cy 
peAKH cjiynan (***) ^a ce Maa^e roAHHama wchh h^' 
yAd6 npe CTapierb ioiui) HemeHl^Horb h^h HeyAd'roni. 

CaAi* Ad BHAHMO RaRO 6uBa h 

b) Hac^cAie y aaApys". 

y namenfb OTenecTBy , nopcA* oCuiTen* npo- 
nHca o Hacae})HBaHK), uoctoh Hapo^fHTJun saROHi* 3a 
HacaeJ^HBanli y 3aApy3H HayaexHO oai* oCiutju npa- 
BHjia o Hac^ieAiio; xaRO^ nanpiijiHRy, a^ caMB a ufio- 
KocTam SRHBio K yMp'bO na no ce6H caMo otcenCKo 
dere ocxaBio OHAa Me oho, fieat cyMnt , Rao ot^a 
aacae^ye; a^H a^ caMB a ca iomii eAHHMB h.ih bh- 
me 6pa6e y sadpyau hchbIo na (5eai> aaBeuiTana) 
yMp'bO oCTaBHBniM cdMO mencRy A®^y) OHAa mc „«a- 
HacAc^yio MOH (meiiCRa) deVfa neeo andpyea nao uaii' 
npevitH HacAednuH'h, a mow det^y ona (aadpyea) caMo 
Mopa odpanuTu u y ceoe epejne npucToHuo ydoMuru 
no noCToeheM'b o6uHaio^, ^-i^^Ht^^ 

(*) §. 159. rpa%. 3aK. 
(^*) §. 520. rpa^. 3aK. 

('^**) T. e. KdA* e oho exapie 6o^ecxHO h^h caKaxo. 
(***^) Bha» xo^KOBaHt 529. §. 3aK. Tpa^aH. 7. Oe6pa- 
pa 184 7. ro^HHe B. JS& 159. 


Osafi aaROHii y3eTi> y ceesH ca ohhmi> iuto 
hemo ^oi^Hie RaaarH , aobo;ibho nacb 3rBepaBa ^a 
npaBHTe^BCTBO M^oro BHuie meMs o^CTanaRii aa^ipy- 
ra Hero .ih yMjiomaBaril) HHORoiuTHHe. H HeRa ocxa- 
He aa^pyra , to Jieno naTpiapxa^ino CTanl^ nanienb 
Hapo^a, r^e caino Mome o6cTaTH Seaii HHie lUTeTe, 
a.«H ti saROBi) OBau spjio nenpupodam; saxo ce mbi 
H Ha^dMo A^ ^H*^ iiebe fibiTH ^yrorb seRa. 

r) HCene y saApy^H h hbhhh uocjiobh. 

HCenaMa y aa^pysH noAejibna cy npaBa h ^y- 
HCHOCTH. Oee peAowb pa^e cse RyhesHe nocaoBe: 
TdRO peAOMB cHpe cupB T. 6. cBaRa Mopa eARO aexo 
6JbiTH cranapa re mycxH croRy, cnpHTH, aCHparH wa- 
cjio H CRopynB ; a APyre , Roe roai> Ryfce ocTany 
Mopaio peduTu. Obo SuBa OBaRo: CBaRa ncena Mopa 
Hedeaw daua, oAi> noHeAe.?iBHHRa y loxpy noHHHiohH^ 
MecHTH jieGia , HyaaTH %ao h hochth ra paARRi^RMa 
TAB ce OHH ysHaoA© na paAy- H aa OBy HeAejiio a^- 
aa, A^K^ie roa pedu , HeHAe ona Ha paAi* SRO e aa- 
Apyra Beha , aRO jih e saApyra Majia ona h y no^B- 
CROMB paAy noMame ro^hro A^cne. Oa*!* p^Aa ce 
ocjio6o^aBa ceeupea h HoaoAOBeAena MAada; npaa 
aacBarAa a Apv^^ ^a roAnny a^h^^ oARaRO e AOBe- 
Aena; ho obo 6biBa h 6Aho h Apyro y ohhmb aaApy- 
rama, rAe e cjiora h .iM)6aBB, a f^OTz\)di ce a^ y fi^* 
RHMB Ryhama CBeRpay repafo a^ P^A^) A^KJie roAi* 
Mome a mA^^H, uiTOnopeiB, rpekiu dam pyne y re* 
cTo (t. fi. Aa pedu), T^RB OBO 0606 He cjiy»iH aa- 
ApyaH Ha A^^y "9 rano a^ ^^ HapaafiMO, oCiure mh- 
iiM^nb HeoAo^paaa oaane nocrynRe. 

Oba^ nehe 6i>ith cyBHiuHO pehH iuToroAi» o Be- 
aHRHMB TepeTHMa ceocRH HteKa, na SbiJie one y aa- 
Apyrama h^h HHORocne, npeMAa e npsHMa nnaRB caar- 
Aa Teace. Ko oae repere Hie cbohmb osiiMa bhaio 


Tora iiiTo acena, no cbomb oopeAeaeaio, paf^a, A^^j 


nerye h o^pdHioe A^^y , OHd o^esa o^i) r^iase ^o 
nexe ceCe , myma h cey ^eiu^y (*) (a necTO h iomii 
no Her«oaHKe HSt aa^pyre), meiia totobh e^o CBane 
Bpcre H, Ha cbomt, paMeny Mopa ra pa^Hiu^HMa o^- 
HeTH Ma OHH H Ha caTi> o^a ;^a.ieKO 6biAH^ ona My- 
3e CTOKy, CHpH CHpii, ^OHOCH BO^y (aa uyliy h ohoh 
CTOi^H H H&HBHHH5 liOH jieTH nace oa^e, r^e Heiua bo- 
;^e); aKena CAymn h roBe CBCKpy, CTapienfb ^^eBepy h 
MysKy H noMame hmi* ma^o He y CBaKOMi* noaBCKOMis 


Majio Hitia pa^oBa no^jbCKR, y KOHMa mene ne- 
noMaacy .lio/^Ma a aio^H , Mome ce pehH , hh y na- 
KBOMi) ^oMaheMi) nocjiy ne^ejie xepexe ca menaMa. 
Bp^o (5 pe/^aK-b HOBCKTb — y cejiy — koh 6w mccto 
Hsene ^oneo Bo^e Kyhu h^h caMi>, Ka^ii Cta OHa h 
6o;iecTHa 6biAa yjwecio aeSa, ept ce to CMaxpa Rao 
nocao meucKiUj nocao, koh soBeKa (Kao) noHHMiaBa. 

HCene HMaio y CBOiwb — sKencKoMi) — pa^y mjio- 
ra npaBuaa, koa nnr^e HHcy nanHcana, ho Roa ce 
npe/(aHhMi> o^i> oi;a na cjuna HaynaBaio h HyBaio. 

y aa^pysH, r^e Hwa no 5 — 6 a ne pe^KO n no 
10 mena neMaio one cne e^HaR'B 6poH fl^esj^e: nena 
pa^a CBaRe ro^HHe, HeRa y rpn TeKi> e^HOMit a ne- 
Ra H HHKaRO. Ca^i) cne CRyna a^ Hspa^yro uito 
aa nejiy Ryhy Tpe6a 6w;io 6w uenpaso aa ony, roh 
H^H HeMa ^ev^e HHRaRO h^h ih HMa luaao. Cxora cy 
HMi> TH nocaoBH oBaRo no^eji'^HH: 

CsaRa mena y aa^pyaH , o^eBa cBora Myma h 
CBOH) fl^eji^y caMa, a^H , aRO e CBeRapi> y^OBib OH^a 
yame h nhra ^a o^ena ona, roh cboh HMa HaHMaH'K 
Ha o^eAy. Tano hcto Susa h aRo roh ^^Bepi* — 

(^) H TO o^-b n^aTHa, Koe e ona cama yTp^bH^a, narpe- 
6eHajia^ onpejia, cMOTaaa, cKynaJia, ocHOsaaa HsaTKa^a h 

j6ejiHjia. TaKO 6biBaH cb ByHeHHMi» 0^6^0111%, y Roue .uoah 
noMorHy to^ihko uito ocTpHry ejHy ch osai^a h no/^e^e 
6 me^y HceHama na nocjie cbo uito Tpe6a pa/^e caMe iKene. 


aaApyrapii — offy^osH on^a h Hi>ra, na h Aetg^ mj, 
o/^esa Roa o^i) onu caaa, Koe cboh naiiMaRiv Hniaio 
na OA^Ay. 

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o^ii Byne hjih o^-b xeacHHe — Ky/^eat, — saxo ce 
ByHa, nouiTO ce ocTpHHce cb oeai^a, no/^eaH h^h aa 
OHO^HRO ^ejioea ro^hko 6 MyuiRH raaaa y RybH, ifaa 
na OHOJiHRO, RO.AHRO CBera iiMa Ayuia y sa^pyaH, na 
ce nocae csaRoii menH /^a OHoaimo «2^ejiOBa, rojirro 
OHa HAia Ha o/j^eay 6bi«io MyuiRH raaaa Smjio ^yiua. 
IIpBo ce 30Be ^eo6a no MymnuMa a APyi'O A^^^d 
no HBJiHduMa (ifaa Rao uito Ha Mjioro MecTa roBope 
no oicueuHu), 

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BHuie Byne h ocTaBaflio ce noRa^RaA*^ o/^i> no.«B- 
CRori) pa^a Aft >< ce6H lUToroAB ^apoBa cnpeme. 

3a ROHonaio HMa aa^pyra o6iuTiH eAani) roho* 
n.iARii HjiH H A^a, Rou ce^ RaA*!* ^yA^ Bpeme, noope 
uAyrowb oCiiiTHM'b Rao h Apy^^ opaub na nocne ce 
caaROu CTpaHRH (napTau) y ayha, roio no eAHa me- 
na OACBa oa^^-^h no jiea ROHonaaRa , roh) ohas^ I'd 
HCTa CTpaHRa ycRona h aacee, noTOMB, RaAi> roho- 
n^H A<^CQ6^ 6epe^ noAcei^a, RHce^H h, uoiuto ce na 
aaApysRHRMB ROJiHMa npenece Ryhn^ rpjiBH, sefuaa^ 
aymCa, npcAC, Rysa, cnye, TRa h t. A' 

CsaRa oBaRa crpaHRa Mopa ce6H oa*!* cbo6 ro- 
HonJib H ceMe ocTaBHTH p,2i en ao roAHne HMa shmb 
noceaTH. Obo e cewie coCcTBenocTB AOTHnne cTpaa- 
Re, Roa ra wome ApyroH, aRO oaa ocrane Sea-B cbo- 
ra, H npOAaTH aa noBi^e. 

Me^y Hcenaivia 6 oua npsa, roioh 6 Mya&B nali- 
CTapiH, (^) npeMAa cy one y cbohmb nocaoBHiwa ne 

C^'*) Mena /^o6RBa cTapeinTso no vkymy na Ma ona 
yAaTdoifb H MJial^a 6biJia. Ha npn^HRj, ^^ea cy 6paTa y 
aaApysH^ o6a oaceH'bHa. CTapierb e h jKena y kj^R era- 
pia na h ano ona ynpe h oh% ce osKeHH noApyrin njT% 


aasHcrte e^na oa'b fl,^yTe. HsysHMa ce c.?iyHaft, waA* 
€ CTapeuiHHa y nytiH omhii, Rome e ioui'b Htaaa iwa- 
TH , Kofl e TaA*** cxapia o;^i> ^^oMahHHoee mene. Y 
ocTa^oM'B TO HesHaHH Maoro 6wTH npBa weljy me- 
naMa, epi* cy HBHna npaea h ^ymnocTH e^nane CBa- 
KOHKo (ocHMTb oHori> cjiyHaa lUTO CMo Hanpe^i) o 
cseKpsH H M^ia^H HaeejiH). 

a) 4eo6a aaApyre. 

Bpao cy paajiHHHH yaponw, uoh aa^pyry npn- 
Mopaaaio ^a ce no^e.iH aA e uoHaaHemhiH ran iuto 
cy aa^/^pyrapHiiia HenpasHHHO no^eal)He ^yiKHOCTH h 
npasa. 3a mene 6 y aa^pysH yBeivb iiaiiTe»&e h one 
Bpjo MecTO pa^e ^a ce aa^pyra no^eaH; cTora e 
yo6iuTe ua hbh noBHKa ^i^a one adBa^aio 6pahy h 
paaKp^yio aa/^pyry, ho one Towe nacy Kpuae to^m- 
Ko^ R0.1HK0 caMo CTdH L CTBapiu. iloc^e qHori), iuto 
ciio Mw noSpoA^H ^a y HBHne TepexHe ^yncHOCTH 
cna^a , HexpeCa hmx* saMepaTH juto ceCa Tpame 

Ka^'b ce Behi) bh^h ^a ce sa/ipyra afiorb ie- 
CTbi necnopaayMaeHfl Mopa noA^.iHTH oH/^a ce aa- 
/^pyrapH , aKo iwory , c.iome cawa Mane^y ce6e ohe 
A ce CBaaiH aace^e o/^bohth, h^h he no sHiue hbh 
aae/^Ho; Taao hcto ^oroaope ce a o Towe ct aaMt 
lie 6hiTR oxai^ii MaTu h iiia.«ojieTHH cjuhobi^h h cu- 
HOBHi](e, aao HMa TaKBu .iHi^a, (^) na ce oH^ano^e- 
ACy noiUTo Hafinpe nasHHe cbh cayna ayhe oRHMa, 
KOH aaaaae. SarHMii no^eae HBHse , aaaa^e, Boha, 

006X1 6 oea fl,pyTSL wkrosa mensk cxapifl o/^'b ceoe expse, 
KOH 6 HcxHHa npc AomA2L y njhy a^H 3a M^a^en* 6paxa. 

('^) npBHBfB ABOMa jaeK'b cxoH na BO^bH cb khmi» 
ofee Aa 6yfl,y h yseKi* hm-b ce (h npe aaKona) h^slg ^eo 

■MdHfl, BOH 4P3KH ^^O HbHHe CMpXH OHalf, RO/^% ROra OHK 

ce^e a noc^e ce xan hah no^e^H ue^y CBHMa m^r sa 
AOBCKa ocxae OHOMe^ koh q caq^sao /^o cmpxH oij^a h Ma- 


BHHorpaA^9 CTOKy, aaare h CBe uito hmbio. Obo cBe 
noHafineiuhe 6iaBa npe^Ti HenojiHRO HBBHia cyce;^a, 

R06 OHH CaMH n030By H.1H HlM'b ill H RMeTls O^^pe^B. 

Aro ce HeHaMHpe hh cbmh B<f npe^'^ ROMuiiniiia rh 
npe^ii RMeTOM-b , on^a ce ynyhyio cy^y , roh BWb 
npecy^ye no saRony. {*) 

Hea&eirLHHM'fc sa/^pyrapiiMa , hb ^eoSH, fl,ae ce 
BST* o6uiTerT> hmbiib oho^hko hb SReHHT^y, ro^hro 
cy, o^npBjiHRe, ^pyrH noTpouiHJiH rbai* cy ce meBHJiH, 

Hero xaRO, ^ae ce ohomc, rob yame oti^b, mb- 
TcpB, A^fl,y R*4B CTaporB crpHi^a ocbmii /^ejia obu 
JiBiJ^a R HB yKOTiHuny obhmb oai> ctorc, t. e. aa Rue 
OBOri> uiTD ce Mopa noTporuHTH Ra^B Roe o^i* obb- 
RH jiiMifi^ ywpe, — 

Bpao noTpeca hobcrb /^eo6a one sa^pyre, Roh 
6 y c;i03H B ^io6aBH a&HBHaa, y roIoh e cbsro rae* 
4ajio /^a (^aaio BHuie ypa^H aero uito he ocTara 
^pyroMe. Ty ce Mopa ^OBCRy camajiBTH ^aiuii b bro. 
CBMB CTBapB neaacjiymye HBMaao maattUB. Tbrh cay- 
Haw HMcy pe^RH y HauieMi> napoAy; ^ hcrb mh ce 
Be BBMepH UITO hy cnoMeHyxH e^ani) , roh ce npe 
e^HO 60 — 70 ro^HHB ^oro^io y moioh nopoAH^R^ « 


Tlpa/^e^a moh MHaHhi*, roh (s iiopo^Hi^y Hamy 
Hat Cxape CpCie obbmo ^obco, y CBoioii 85. roA"- 
BB AOBCMBio 6 TO^HRO nopo^si OA* ccCe B cBoe 6pa- 
he, AA ^ Behi> sa.HeRopHCTHO aP^^^ BHine Ih cae 
ycRynn octbbhth; CTOra eAHOMB, Ha HeRin npasRHRii 
aoBBe Ri) ce^H cse cuHOBe, cbiHOBju;e h crapie yuy- 
Re Cb HJ>ioBHMi> BseHdMB HB Hiifb peKHe: ^^et^o^H caMh 

C^'*) no §. 496. 3aK. rpa^. — HeMoajCMO a^ necno- 
MeHCMO, ^9l cy^y eeMa Te«erB noc^a h aaMpLuenierb oa* 
paenpaBe h 4eo6e aaApyre. Ko Hie bh/^io xafi npoi^eci , 
HeMOHte o whrny /^o6hth noniiTiii MaKap'b a» ^y c*^ KaKO 
onnc^^e. Haii6oj'k e 3a sa^pyrape a aa cy^h e seaBBa 
ojaKiiiHi^a, Ka/^i ce ohh cjiosKe h no^cMe npeA'b cbohm'b 



pad'h da eajm Kaofcejn'h da e Komnuna eeh'b aajnaru^ 
HUAa u Tpe6a da ce pou; nJieruTe npaauuKe. CKudati- 
re nanrapt da ne noedy neJie suMOBUUK'h*^ , Ohh ce 
CBH yCeaeKHy HeanaiotiH iiira to ynpaeo auasH a 
RaAi> HMT* OHT) Raace a^ Tpe6a sehi) ^a ce no^eae 
OHH ce cnesecejie a aeKH 6pH3Hy iMaKaxH^ m, mh- 
cjiehH ^a 6 TOMe neno o^t hi>h yspoK-b, aaniuTy /^a 
HMi) ra o^KpHB na a^ ^^ HceKy. Hne, ^ei^o moh, hh- 
Ko Apyriii ran, uito ohe /^eo6y , Hero e oliy h, pe- 
KHe CTapuii ; Menu e o^i) csiio eacb naHHsai^ie iuto 
he OHO DiTo ce /^oca^ii aeaao canio name o^ca^Ti 
^a ce soee h iiaer/^ h eauie h uhuno aji' e h to 6o- 
i^it Hero /^a ce no^ejiHTe OH^a KaAi> caMH Cy^eTe 
Mora /^o6a". 

HayMCHH y caeiwy cjiyiuaTH dedy ohh cy ce no- 
^^AViAR aji' l^^^2i HBHHa KposT* f^yro BpeMe HHcy Mo- 
rula 4a ce oCaeecTe Koe e nia nyha yfieicb 
H ^aHBHBajia u nohnea^ia r^e \vl na^'^ saTene a^hii 
HjiH MpaKi). BMoajio 6, npHHaio, A^ ^^a Hsr^aca 3a- 
njiany, Ka^i* hmi> ce pcKne: ^AH^eTe cnano cboioh 
Rybn: to Hie Baiua Kyha". — 

3aApyra HMa cboh ^o^^vi a h cjia^M CTpana. 
y HbOH 6 5 HapoHHTO , 3a MyujKe .^aKJiie . epT* ohh, 
aaiciue H 6pHce cnprne csaKiu nocao RyheBHUH, sa 
Hsene naRi> sa^py^^ ^ o^Behx* Teiuna, Kao uitq ce 
BH^H H HSTi oHori>, IUTO CMO Mjbi rope peK.iu. — CTanti 
sa^pyatHO Mjioro e y^ecHie o^Tb HHOKocHon* h 3a 
pasBHTaKT) A^^po^'^ A^^^aherB BOcaHTanifl, epii y 
3aApy3H 6AaHi> pa3yMaH'B CTapeiuHna ynpanjiH bo- 
aBoMi) HeKO^HKH aH)^!!!, KOH My cc pa^o HOKOpaBaH); 
OHT* A^c eAHaRT> npaBau^B sa noysaBanl) RoenaRBe 
10 — 15-opo A^^e. G^Ha BeiuTa csenpaa pynoBOAH 
HeRO^HRo M^dAu HeyHH cnaa nyTCMB, roh boah of)- 

UITOH C403H, CpeflH B HaiipeARy^ A^R^^e y HHOROIUTH- 

HH paAH CBERiS no CBoioH naMexH rbro y uojibcrom^ 


pa/iy H Kjbenio raso h y BOcnHTasaHio /^ei^e. H ome 
OHOViifOCTii HHHe , Te e yseKii 3aApy»HHKjr, Hayne* 
HOMii y saApysv? *fyBafohH cBoe ^odipa MysaTH h apJ* 
rora, jianiue ^oRaaaxH, 4a ou'b, HceprByiohfi lUToaft 
nojiay oTandHne mepTBye to ua camy CBOtoROpHcrB 
H cpehy. 

^a CpGuHii , ceAHHii , HMa cmoKa Mopa HMarH 
CTone, a oboS TpeCa MoSaHHHii/ ^a HMa ajiBHHy or% 
a meHa cyKHio h^h syCyHii, Mopa HMaxH OBai^a ve 
^a cb HBH ocTpH»e Byne; ^a HMa Bo^oBe Mopa hmb- 
TH Rpaaa, Roa 6bi My iii ore^H^e ; ^a HMa Meea mo- 
pa oneTii hmbth cbo6 CTORe , 6pi» Hnane neMa ra 
T^e nahu a ctorb noxpeCye ^a ce naAr^e^a; ^a hmb 
BHHa Tpe6a My BBHorpaAi*; ^Si HMa paRie Tpetfa My 
Bo&e^ A^ H^A MacTH Tpe5a paHHTH ySoHHHu^e; A^ ^^^ 
BocRa H Me^a xpeSa MynaTH HouiHHi^e; — e^uowb 
peHH uiTO My rofl^b Tpe5a cne cbmis Mopa Ha6aBHTH 
a HHiiiTa , HCMa r^e , 3a HOBi^e RyoHTu: na h CTora 
6, npH TdRO iomi> He nodeAiuoH paduhu^ sa^pyi'd 
Ao6pa, noHeMit y hboh ^OBOajbHo f^ymdi HMa a^ ^^ 
CBaRoif 0413 TO^HKu M^orocTpyHHu paAHH no e^Ha 
OAP^A^i'i'*^ MOHce. 

^oRis 6 HapoAi> Haiuit 6mo noAi* Typi^HMa, ^h- 
lueni) CBaRori) npaBOcyAin h aaApyra e HMa^a 
ro Behe anaHeHii Hero j^dL^^c-b: caAa CBaRiii rpa^a* 
HiiH'B f ROMe ce RaRBa noBpeAa h^h lUTera ynuHH^ 
npH6eraBa aaRony h cyAy h oAST^e y f^OBAeT^O" 
peHB TpamH, a aa Typana ce CBaRiH yaAao BHuie y 
CBOH> aaApyry h poACnHy Hero ah y TypcRiS: (noA- 
MHT.ibHBEaif) cyAi>. OnaRy npeBary npeMa hhoro- 
uiTHHH HMBK) H A^^acb M^ore aaApyre , ho ona 6 
Behii cacBBMit HaauiuHa y Cp6iH. 

OcHMi) Tora aaApyra e neoCxoAHO nymAna y 
Ap»&aBH BOHHHMROH ; H, Seals cyMHl), y Tou i^ejiH cy 
H naiue OTeMecTBene B^acTH aaAPy- 
raMa f^eAWT^ ce h one. roh cy to npecxynn^H cMa- 
xpaae cy Rao RpuBc^e , h cyAy Ha ocyAy cnpoBo- 


Who $. §. 16. 17. 38. h t. a. cy^osHHa (**) 
Aa A^Aemh ne CMaTpaio xao KpHBHi^y, koa ocyl^eHio 
B0A*^e»(0 , 6yfi,ytiH ce to He6jbi caarat/io cb iiapeM- 
HffMii CMHCtiOMi) aaKoaa, koh OHOMe, koh e nyuo^e'^ 
wan'k Ade cjio^o^y Aa MOHce „cso/i npaea dpotcaru u 
eft HhUMa pyKosaru u pacno>iaeafu^. Obo y^HHR re 
ce aa^pyre no^ny HaKpnaTi a^-^hth, crora sanoHO- 
^asHa BjiacTB oneTB no/vB 22. IOhlh 1846. ro^* B. M 
S70. iiaAd npaBHaa o a^«^^hio ddApyi^a^ no KOHMa ce 
aa^pyre ca^e Hemory a^<ahth sGorB MajiOBaafiHifi 
yapoHa, Kao na npHjiHKy 35orT> cea^e, saBaA^? Roa 
6 cjyMaHHo H OACKopa Me^y 3aApyHCHHn;HMa nocTa- 
via; a KaAi* e MpaocTB BehB yKopenl^Ha niel^y aaApy- 
rapHwa, a^ csa^a Ay^o Tpae a t. n., OHAa ce HnaK'b 
voaKe aaApyra pasABOHTH. 

H OBa npaBH.ia uMa^ay caitfo cseTOBHy CH.«y, a 
Aoqnie noA* 5. *e6pyapa 1855. roA. B. JS^ 41, h3- 
AaA^ BucoHaifuia B.iacTB pemeHK obofb caAP»caa: 
„AA npH iiocToeheMB ocnoBy o a^oCh, koh6h Fpal). 
SaKOHHROMB ycBoeH-fi Hie Moryhe a^o5h npOTHBy- 
CTBTH, H no TOMe, A^ ce k-b npeAynpel^eHio A^oCe 
caiHO Mopaana cpeACTsa h ynanpeAaKB ynoTpe6.ifl- 
BBio'^ Obo 6 nocjieAH^^H no H'i>My ce f^^ndiQii ynpa- 
B.«flio HapoAi> H BaacTH y Cp6iH. (*"*^^) 

Ho H ocHMB Tora BbicoKo npaBHTeaBCTBO se- 
Ma^BCKo M.«oro BHuie 9Ke.^K oCcTBHaKB aaApyra He- 

H^roBBi ypeA^a h aaKona koh ce na aaApyi'y oaho- 
ce; Me^y Koe A^aaaH h aanoHB o nouieHio xepexa 
ApHcaBHBi, KOHMB e 3aApyra»ia Maoro Beha o^aRuiHi];a 

(^) Bhcom. ^Kaa^ 0^% 18. IO.iifl 1839 ro^. 

('^*) PacBHC^ noneMHTeabCTBa npaBOcy^ifl oa'b t8. 
4>e6pyapa 18^6. ro^. A. 5179 o/^l» 1845. ro^. 

(^**) no.iHi;aJiHe BaacTH fi,ymne cy Cb KOHi^em'b caa- 
Ke TO^HHe no^HBTH IIoneH. BHjTp. fi,^Ji9i cnHcaK'b no^e- 
Atau ddApyra. — 



yHHH'l^Ha Hero sa HHOKocHe r^aee. Ebo penifi caMorb 
saKOHa o Han^ahHBaHfo ^auKa: ^^ko ce y Koioti xg- 
hu^ nHuie TaMO , na^y nerupu aaase^ Koe 6u daHaK% 
iiAaharu ujnaj^e, to ce edna od^ nAahauH ocJ^o6o^aMa 
a Tpu nAahafo, Hero rano u ede ner'h ujma edna me- 
FMaAa. rde mecT'h uau cedajHh eaasa y edHo4 Kghu 
UMO ^ dee ce e^aee ocAoCoiaeaw : ede s ocaM% ujim 
deeeT'B y ednou nyhu^ t p u^ a ede decern, h e t u p u 
od'h nAahaua ocao6oi^aeafo^. 

„Kad'6 ce Kpojti 014a iotwh nerupu cbina y edno^ 
nyhu H e n o d e A% H a na^ase^ kou 6hi danau'h nJiaha^ 
TU MopaAU y T y c e u K p o M% o t^a i owh edna 
a A a 6 a ocjio6oiae a^, 

A HanpoTHBit: „Kad'b orat^^ eume chinoea umo^ 
KOU FiAahaufo dauna nodAeoice^ n an'h 6u c e u, npoMk 
eduoe'b, od^. oi^a odcAiuu 6uAUy to he u oTat$% 
HO c e ofo a A a s y u aaocTaeiuiu c ^ h h u ji% 
HeodeA%Hhiu cum h a c s o to d a h a k 'b nAU' 
haTW". (*) 

IIlTa 6 Apyro xTeao HOB^e saROHO^aBCTBo, aKO 
He: HhH Ha pyny oAP»aBaHio aa^pyra a CTaaTH aa 
nyrb hbuhom'i> pacna^aHio h yMjioasaBaHio hhoko- 


3a eKOHOMiHCKiii nanpeAaKi* napo^a h ^pacaBe 
sa^^pyra e, nope^'B cBiio cboh, rope no6poflHbi, ^o- 
6pf>i cxpana, uixexHo CTaHii. Y^eni^ no^e^ibuH aa- 
/VpyrapH bhiuc cxeKy nero Ka^i* cy y sa/^pysH. ya- 
MHMO o5flCHeHa pa^u aa^pyry oai* 5 oaseuibHia raa- 
Ba: HBOH e /^ocxa 6 Boaoaa xeraehH , Tpoa Ro<«a, 
30—40 roBe^a, 80 — 100 OBai^a h t. a. h HMaioha 
ROJiHRo HMi> Tpe6a aa^pyrapH ce aa BHuie uehe hh 
CpHHyTH; a neisa ce no^eae xifii 5 r^aaa, caaRa aa 
ce5e, neMome hmb HHnoiuxo SiaxH fl^di caaKiH neua- 
6aBH ce6H ^na Bojia xo cy o^Ma 10 yMecxo 6 bo- 

(^) „npaBHaa aa nonHCb A^naK^ naahaiohH rjiasa 

B wA/S 349 
opih 8. Mapxa 1850 ' ' xoHKa 10. 14. h 15, 


•soBa, CBaRiii Mopa HMaTH cboh HOAa, epi* h Geai* to- 
ra neMome Suth , exo o^^Ma neTopu ymecTO xpo h 
y aa^pysH. Tano GuBa ca ctokomis h yo5uiTe ca 
HM9Lui»wb cBaRe BpcTe. HHuiTa nie rope nero naf^'b 
jiioAH )KHBe H ocTape y sa^pyaH na ce ou^i^a no^e- 
ae: TdKH /^OKi> cy mRBH^HyaaApysH 6u^h cy ras/^e, 
Ka;!^'i> ce uo^eAe naRi* orh TeRi* BH^e ^a cy capo- 
THHH, a OBaitfo cy ocTape^H h sa TeniRiii paAi* h Ry- 


HecaBexyio ofl^pmasBnii aa^pyra, OH^a 6 , no Moioii 
naMeTH, y HRxepecy napo^i^a ca crpane eRonoiuHHRe 
naikSoAk, ^a ce one ^eae on^a, RaAi> cy sa^pyrapH 
iouiit Maa^H H 3a CBaRiii paAi> R RyheH^ cdocoShk 
H TO yBCRT) RaA'Z' oHH caMR A^o6y saxTeBaio; epi* ce 
He^a noMHC^HTH ;!^a» hro ^pyri^ mome 60 aI^ 6^13 hbh 
oi^eHRTH nOTpeCy ^eotfe saApyre. 





y KHHKecTBj CpdcKom. 


Od^ ^pa MuAoeaua Cnacuha^ pedoenoaa uaena /fpyut'-^ 
Tea Cp6cKe CAOsecHOCTu^eAaenoeaynpaeuTeJM ocuom'^ 

Hhi tiiKOAo^ u np. 

Cee lUTO ce, y csexy ^ora^aao h ^oral^a, h i^e- 

aa 6yAyhHOCTB H^rosa^ ocHHBa ce na npoiuaocTH. — 

Po/^i> 6 ce HOBeHecRiu HenpecTauo paasiflQ h /^i- 

aao J oSsHpyhH ce ua cboio npoui^iocTlb, koh my 6 

cear^a Suaa HaSflMa ocHoea pasBHTi^a^ HafiSoaj^iS 

yHHTe^B 6y;^ytiHOCTH. Ho oBa npouiaocTB, Ma ;^a e 

KaRO BaacHa, npeaasH^a e y saSopaBHOCTB, h TaRo, 

ocoShto 3a y^aa^Hie noTOiucTBO, uie o;:^!) onaROBe 

RopHCTH 6Maa^ oAi* RaROBe 6i>i 6i>ith Moraa; h 

OBO 6 Manli H^H BHuie ^OH^e TpaAao 9 ^^OR^e atOA^ 

HHcy noHe«iH ocoSHTy i^£^giiq ua npouuaocTB o6pa- 

haTH, BepHO 6 6e.ieacHTH h noTOMCTBy npe^aBaxH, i — ' 

3a TO H BH^HMO, ^a e CBaRiii OHaii Hapo^i* 6oa^ na- 

npe^OBao h pasBiao ce, hoh e npoiuaocTB, a oco- 

5hto cboh) , 3a yHHTeaa 6y;^yhHOCTH ysHinao, nero 

OHaH, ROH e OBO npeHeSperaBao h 3a5opaBHocTH npe- 

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6 orae^aao BeROBa h uapo^a, h roh e TaRO^e naoA'B 

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«Hjio^63H, ApacaBHHqfii. •— IIIto naRi> ^psRaBonBCHia 
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cpe/^H-brB BeRa, me ny^o, epik tbrobu c^a5o bh^h- 
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^hijkiit^ Rao CpCn H HBioBO orenecTBO, — 

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maBonHCHa nayna OHorb BpeMena fiuaa ioiuTi> y ro- 
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BjieHta, TdRO H no6/^HRe Jkwfi,e, re cy hb nocToelia, 
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noHe^v. Ho h obo Rie Cu^o <2^ocTa, Opn HaroMH^a- 
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^paRaBonHCHB noABTx^bi, roh cy no xourb xeacRO npn- 
CTynHH 6jeiI4h h cBMHiirb .iioAHiia o/Jiit CTpyRe, a Ra- 
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RORMa nasHTH Tpe6a ^a 6y/iiylia na npoiujiHiii'b (h 
nocToebliM'B) ocHHBaio. 3a to cy CRopo cb^ eBpo- 
neiiCRe, u ocra^e HsoCpameRie /(pHcase ycTBHOBHae 
„^p»aBonHCHa HaA*^eH&aTeaeTBa^ ^ Roa hmbio sa^a- 
TdRi*: cae ^pSKaaoBHcne no/J^aTRe, nao r ype^^e R 
34iROHe, CRynjiHTH, y pe^i) ^obo^hth h cpe/^CTBonvb 
nenaTH^ abhocth iil npe^aBaxH* — 


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maBonHCHBi no^aTKa y nHCMOxpaHMuiTaifa^ ocoShto 
HaHHOBierb speMena, h oea ee ceaRifi ^ani* yMHoaca- 
Baio. Aahj RaRoey RopucTB OA'b hbh MMaMo, RaAi^ 
cy HecacTaB.«'i>HH h HeoS^'^iiaHH^ na no tomi» Tem- 
RO H npHCTynHH? — Ohh cy iojuT* o/^ii Mani ro- 
pHCTH aa e^i^Hori* jneuorb CTpani^a^ roh 6hi paA% 
6hio o CTdHio Hauieris OTesecTBa luto nacaTM m nacB 
y 6jiBme h 6oAh noauaHCTBO ca ^pyrnni'b HapoABMa 
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anaBCTBO Cb ^pyrnMis napo^^HMa^ oco6hto ohomi*, roh 
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Re CMaxpaiohH npe^MeTii h npe^i^aeMo oBe uiraTH- 
cTHHRe no^aTRe hbhocth, roh ce Rao rpa^a aa aP" 
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asLBe^emn cnaTpaTH HMaio , h ro6 cmo no CHaaMa 
HaiiJfiiAii> onaRo H3^o»uaB^ RaRO 6 y caMoK CTBapH. 

HaMa 6 CBHMa noanaTO , ^a e iuRO.ia 6uAo y 
Cp6iH aa BpeMe BAaA^na , h^h 6oAh pehn aa BpeMe 
fioeBaua HeyMp,«ori> Kapa^opl^a; epii ae^HRa mROAa 
y Beorpa^y oho Bpenie nocTOHBma, npeAnocxaBjia 
H Maae^ ocHOBHe lURoae, hsis roh cy yneHHi^uyoBy 
„Be«iHRy luRo^y" ^^o^aan^H. Ho ro^hro iii 6 h na- 
ROBbi 6uao, H r^H cy OBe nocToa,ie, naBbCTHO ae- 
SHaAio. — Ka^i* 6 Cp6ia 1813. foahhc naaa h CTpa- 
^a^a, H uiRoae cy napaBHo nponajie. Ho one cy 
HnaRi>^ npK cbcmii tomcb iuto paxHe orojihocth hh- 
cy ^onyuiTaae na hbh oco6hto BHHMan^ o5pahaT0, 
yaaTHae hcrih Ropenii y aeMJiBH OTcnecTBa Hauierf» 
na H ceme aa Sy^yhj HccTsy nocea^e. Aioj\Bj roh 
cy aa BpeMe B^ia^ana Kapa^op^eaorb uiRO^e noAH- 
aaaa h y HBHMa 6hiAi§, oRyCHan cy nao^b h ^o^po- 
HHHCTBO uiRoacRH saBeAeHiH, na cy nocae , RaA^ 6 
CBHp-knocTB AaiaTa nonycTHjia^ oneTi* nonean o uiro- 
ABMB MHC^HTH, H OBe cy RaRO TaRO no^HaaaH H od* 
ApacaaaaH. Her^H e nona h Ay^OBHHRB npn caeTOarb 
xpaMy (h«ih ro^b cade Ryhe) ynio no Roe ^ere; ae* 


r^H cy ce no HeRoaHKO pasyMniH jiio/^ifi cioanHaH, 
yHHTB AH HaiuaH H noroAH^H^ KOH 6 HBioBy Ae^y ynio 
RaKO 6 Morao h >3Hao , ceaehH ce ca niKO^oMi> HS'b 
Kyhe y Kvhy cboh yneHHKa; a ner^H cy oco6hto no 
BehHMii BapouiHAia , HacTOABaaH h CTapeiuHne , ^a 
ce lURoae aaBo^e. OBaRO HeHSB/^CTHO , nepioAR^Ho 
H 6ia^HO CTanib lUROJia , Tpaaao 6 j^BSi^eceT'b ro^H- 
na; h tcri*, Ra^is e ce 1831^. h CA'hfl,yioha roAHna fh- 
Mnaaia ycTaHoB^naaaa, none^o ce o6pa&aTH BHHMa- 
nh H ua pCHOBHe luRO^e. KaA^E* 6 ce 183|^ roA* uiro.s- 
CRe yBHAHjLO, A^ Heina A^^oaBHo^ h npenpaBHe a^- 
i;e aa rHMHaailo, h a^ poahtc^bh HesHaio, RaA'B HRfB 
Aei;y y raMHaaiio uih^hth Ba^a, paanacao e „ynpa- 

BHTeaHMH CoBJ^Tl>^ 3. ORTOMBpiH 1835. TOA* H JdC- 

npaBHH^iecTBaMa^ npenopynio, a^ "ap^Ay pSflBe, a^ 
he ce Teneuie raMHaaie ZT. b. m. oAnoHexH, h a^^ A^- 
i;y sa rHMHasiio chocoSho y KparyeBa^B iuh^io. CjiKa- 
CTBa OBon> paanHca noRasa^ia cy ^a aa ocHOBue 
uiRoae Tpe5a maoto Behe BRuMaHK o6paTHTH, aero 
uiTO 6 oSpabaRo; aaTO ce OAMa 2Z. Mapra 1836. r. 
ycTaHOBu SBaHie „^HpeRTopa cbiio uiROJia^, a sa Ta- 
ROBorii 6yA^ nocTaa.i^H'B noHHBuiifi neTapi> PaAO- 
BaHOBH&ii. Hail HacTaBaeRia A^P^^Topy /i^arorb bh- 
AB ce, A^ 6 Hape^eao, ^a y CBaROMB oRpymiio 6y- 
j^y no A^e npaBHTeaBCTBeae uiRoae. OAMa no obomii 
SS. ABryCTa h. toa* SyA^ no uapeACH RHaacecRofi h 
naaH'b nponHcaRi*: RaRo he no oRpymiflifa 
nocTOBTH. Ila RaRo cy lURoae I83f roA* uiRO^icRe 
npBbiH nyT'b noc^heae, oa*!* ro6 roA- h aBaaHHHO 


npeAMeTa yaHinaMo 183| roA* uiRo.iCRy; h no obom'b, 

H3aO»BBUIH CTBH-b UIRO^CRH SaBeA^HiH H 184f H 185| 

rOA* uiROacRe^ h cpaBHHBuiH ra 6Aho cb Apyi'^^^'^^ 
BHAnheMo: RoaKRifi cmo RanpeAdRB y lURoacRHMB 
aaBeAeRiBMa, na h y npocaeTH, aa nocaeAHBiS Asa- 
AecexB' roA^na ynHHHjiH. . 


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2. BaxtBCKO 

3. niaSaniKo 


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6. HaiaHCKo 

7. PyflHHHKO 

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9. CMe^epeBCRo 

10. IIoHcapeBaHKo . , . . . 

11. KpaaucKO 

12. I^pnopbiRo 

13. BaHbCKO (Fypryc. HAjieRC.) 

14. IkynpiHCKo 

15. JlroABHCKO 

16. KpyuiesaiKo 


















~ Csera IZ . . 2514 

Oee 72 lUKO^e . no HS^pmaeaHfo hbiodu y*iii- 
Te^fl Mory ce CTaBHTH y TpH peA^i* •^ npBJUH ^OiXa* 
3e lUKO^e npaBHTejiBCTseHe , y /^pyrin oSiHTHacae, 
a y Tpehiif peAi> npHsaTHe. IIpaBHTeAbCTBeHju uiROJia 
6u;io « 26 H y^HTe^BH cy hbhhh Ao6iiBa.SH njiaTy 
Hsit npasHxeaBCTBeue Kacce, koh 6 o^i* 100 40 150 
Taa»pa roAHuinK 6f>iJia. OSiuthhcrm e uiRoaa Gmao 
27 H yHHTe^BH cy , oceROMCB onpe^ii^ieHy hm'b iMa- 
vy> Ao5HBaaH o^b oSuiTHua^ a Ta 6 6bi^a o^i* ^MN) 
Ao 1500 rp. HapiuHCRH, Rano r^M^ ochmb Beorpa^a, 
r;!^H 6 Beha n.iaTa Sidaa. IIpHBaTHBi naRB lUROJia 6u- 
«»o 6 19, ROH cy yMHTe^BH ^oSiH^ii o/iti> cBaRorByne- 
HHRa , RdKo cy ce ca poAHTe^iBHina ^aMRHMB noro- 
^u.iii^ OAB 60 napa na ^o 4 rpoma na mecej^B. Ha 
26 npaBHTeTe.nBCTBeHbi y^iHTe.iH na^aTO e hctc ro^ 
AHHe 3200^ Ha 27 oCiuthhcrh 1496, a na 19 npftBa-- 
THu 382 la.iHpa; Roe Ra^B ce y e^Hy cyMMycRynu 


HSHOCH 6078 Taanpa. Ka^ii ce OBa cfmnna hb It. ynu- 
veAH pasf^eAM^ Aoh^ na cBaKort», e/^iio na ^p^ro, no 
70 TdAHpa u IIS rpoma. 06iutuh 03x19 6poH jh^- 
HHKa, pa3Ae«^HBuiH ca o6iiith»i'i> 6po6Mi> luKOJia^ AO* 
^e na eAHon> ynareAH hah e^ny lUROi^iy ^^ 35 yne- 
HHRa. ^o 1836. ro^. o6iuTHHe cy oChhho caMe ynH- 
TBAh xpaasH^e h nora^a^ie , Kao uito cy h noe^ii- 


6 yHHTeA'hj ocoShto 3a npasBTejiBCTBeRe uiKo^e 
Ba6aBiAflo B npe^cxaBjiflo^ h no o^oSpeflio^ynpaBB- 
Te,iBon> CoBfeTa" y ^yaKHocTB ysoAio. — 

y CMOTpeBid npe^Mera , roh cy yHeBBi^biiiia y 
ociiroB. lUROJiieiMa npe^aaaHB, npBM^TBTii e, 4d oj^h 
RB6y 6biAH npditBcaRB; no neviy cy oBvl^n aaBHcii- 
jiH pAi) cnoco6ilocTH noe^BHorfc yMj^re^ifH h fitiryh- 
ROCTif Ha6aBHTif noxpeSHia RHBBra. Ho nonafiiBiiie 
npe^dBBBH cy: ^yRBapi, HacioBai^B, nca4tBpi>^ h^- 
TBplf BB^a pasyHa> nBcanb, mo^btbc, ceeinTeBa BbTO- 
pia, i Ber/^B b A^TBXBCBCb B c^aseBCRa rpattaf Bita. 
Has:iifB'b naRii , robmb cy obb npe/^iH^tH npe^a^ai^A 
6uo 6 yo6uiTe: MexaBBHaRB; 6pi> npeiBBaa Rie OhiA6 
npoflMcaHM, no ROBMa Su ce yMBTC^Bi) ynipaBAaAii, 
a 6 MeTOAy c.ia6o e rob noBBTia BSiao. •— 

rBMHaaia, rok) cmo Hanpe^i) cnoM^Rjr^a, UkaAk 
6 ISSf ro^. uiRo^cRe: 4 paape^a it 4 npo^<^ecdopa^, 
a 85 yneHBRa. np^A^BaeMB npe^iiieTB 6taA'f( cy: Xpit- 
CTiftHCRa RayRa, Cp5cRa b caaseBCRa rprd^mataisf^j oS- 
uitA* BCTopia Hapo^a b ecTCCTBCHa , pa*iyRtiii(a y 3^* 

M^&OUBCb , HOBeROC^OBie, pBTopRRa, no6TBRa, AP^~ 
bhoctb rpHRe b pimcRe; Bcxopia Cp6a, ^orBRa, «if- 
i«oco«iflMopajiBa,nCBXo.ioriB evrnttpAHna b 4E>B8lkRa. — 
KaA'b ce obo aaee^eBie b y B-biny naop^ehu ce 
npo^eccopB b yneBBi^id ropHfeMis 6poio ocborbbi 
umo.«a A^Aa, OH/^a e y i^eaoMi* oxe^ecTay Bdtuenr'b 
183| rp^BBe uiROJicKe 6biao: 73 uirojicrb saBe^eBiji 
7d ys[BTe.iH, a 2599 y^eaBRa. 


Qs^e nehe HsaHuiuo 6tiTH, h to HBnomenjrm: 
Aa 6 EoeocAoeia y BeorpaAy , aase/^eHd CenTeMspia 
1836. ro^HHe. Ona ce 6 nao y noHexKy cacToa^a 
1831 roA* uiRoacRe hsi* 6AHon» paape^a, h HiiaiXa 6 
ABa npo^eccopa^ a 47 ynenHRa. Ho Rano H'!bHO ycxa- 
HOBaenb cna^a y 183| h ca^Ayiohe roAHRe, to he- 
Mo H o oBOAfb saBeAeHiio AO^nie rOBopHTH. 

KoAUKo e y kom'6 onpyoictfo 

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ynenuKa 184\ eod 

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mROJie ' 


1. Baponift BeorpaAi* • • * 



Z. BeorpaACRo .... 



3. Ba.i'bBCRO . . . . . 



4. IIIafiaHRo 






6. yasHHRo 



7. HanaHCRO 



8. PyAHHHRo 



9. KparyeBasRo 



10. CMCAepeBCRo . . . , 



11. IIoHfiapeBaHRo 



784 . 

IS. KpaHHCRO .... 



13. I](pHOp^<lRO .... 



14. FyprycoBaiRO .... 



15. AaeHCHHasRo . . . , 



16. l^ynpificRO . . . . . 



17. JlroAHHCRo 



18. KpynieBaHRO 



19. IIpHBaT. uiRoaa RoerAH 






Oai> obu 213 uiRoaa 6ujio 6 AaR«se 201 06- 
aiTHHCRa, a 12 npHBaTHu. Hcto to.ihro 6faao e.H 

KaRO cy I8|g roAHHe npHxoAH oSiuthhcrh, 06- 
uiTBHaMa ycTynalkHH, na Ty i(^.»b , Aa h y^HTealb 
OAi* HJE>H HSApsKaBaio , Hie hh eAani* ynuTe^iB OiiaTy 


CBOio asii npaBHTejiBCTBene nacce BHuie /^o6iAO, He- 
^ ro Hsii o6iuTHHCRe/ Ko6 o6uiTHHe HHcy HMa^e npn- 
xo^a, HaH cy obh m^ah SajiH, na hhcj Morae OA^ 
HBH H yHHTeat HSApHcaBaTH 5 y^apaae cy npHpesii 
Ha CBaKy nopesii naabaiohy rjiasy ^OTHHtHe o6iuth- 
ne, H KoaHHHHa OBora sasHCHaa e oai> yKaaaBiue ce 
noTpe6e. — Ho Rano e OBau HaHHHi> HaApsKdBaHfl 
yHHTeafl HecxOAanii 6iao, to e ce noneo 1841. roA- 
ycTaHOBaflBaTH, no cpesoBHiiia h OKpyafiiHMa^ oCuiTufi 
npHpe3T> aa HaApmaBan^ ynHTeaa. Onaft npHpesii 
ycTaHOBaflBaHis e nerAH maHBiH, a nerAH BehiS, xa- 

RO 6 TAH UIROaa 6hlAO , H HOaHRB 6 TAH U^axa yHH- 

TeaBHMa onpeA'taena. HoB^ia cy ce npHpeauH cth- 
i^aviH y cpeany, h^h ORpyHcny niROJiCRy Raccy, RaRO 
e TAH ycTanoBabHO 6iaiao, h ynHTeaBH cy AoCHBaaa 
naaxy: nerAH na Mece^B, uerAH na ^b9l h^h xpH, a 
nerAH h na luecTB Mecei^ia. Kb obomb h to e aao 
6Biao^ uiTo cy otfniTHHe (hjih CTapeiuHHe cpeaoBa h 
ORpyafiiB) caMH ynHTejiBHMa naaTy oApe^HBaaH, roh) 
cy MOraH noBHiuaBaTH h yMaaflsaTK , naRO cy RaAi» 
xTeaH, H RaRO cy romb y*iHTeaM) naRaoHH, h^h Hena- 
.RaoHH 6hkJiiii. — yHHTejiBHMa npHBaTHu lURoaa naa- 
haaH cy o6hhho , Rao h npe^e^ poahtcsbh l>aH[RH, 
no ABA A^ HeTHpH rpoma na mecei^fh oab yncHHRa. 
Ha njiaTe 1^13 yHHTeaa, naAaro e 184| roAHne uiRoa- 
CRe: 14.3S8 Taanpa. Ona cyMMa RaAi» ce paaA6*AH ca 
HaBeAeHUMB Cpoennb yHHTeaa, A^^^ ^a CBaRorB no: 
69 Taanpa h 6 rpoma. ^anae baho na APy^'o Y^^" 
TO, yHHTCaBH cy one roAHHe aome narpal^eHH 6«- 
aa, Hero 183f . , h oBome e yapoRB npeAHaBCA^HBiH, 
UITO 6 HBioBa narpaAa oab oSuiTHna aaBHcaaa. Hcto 
TaRO H Manj^ y«ieHHRa one roAHHe lia 6AHy uiRoay 
Hau 6AHOrB yHHTeaa A<>^daH , epB RaA*!* ce ofiniTa 
cyMMa yneHHRa ca o6uithmb 6po6MB uiRoaa paaA^- 
an, Ao^e na 6AHy uiRoay camo £9. yMCHHRa. — 

18|f roAHHe uiRoacRe ycTauOBalvHO e iouitb 
6AHO anaHie ^apeRTOpa; h TaRO cy oab obofb ape. 


Bfena ^sa Auv^a no noc^haBanio lUROiSa Hiu^a> Hwaio- 

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CTBeHori> no6y1^eHfl uiRoae no^aaaae, Hy^HTeak cy 

ca 7^0TH>]HuMi) ^BpeKTopHMa Ha6aBaAjie h 6HpaAe 

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ycTpoeHieMis naRi* „flBHor'B y4HAiiuiTHor'i> eacTaQJie- 

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H^His. O^i* OBorb BpeMCHa r^aBHH cy ynpaBBTejcbH 

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Ohh cy , no npecayjiiaHOMi> (RaAuiTo) MubHiiO 06- 

uiTHHa yiHTcab Ha6aBJifljiH h nocTaB^B^H, rbo uito 

cy H AikcTHe ynpaBHTea:^ uiRo^a ca oSuiTHHaMa ($h- 

pa«iii u y OBbiM'b 3BaHiflMa noTap^HBa^Au; y SBaRSH- 

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cBeuiTenifl HtHHHaH npe/^cxaBJieHH, o ^'^jibmb HBioBib 

Rpyrb npeaaaehHAfb, h roAHuiBfl My HSB^criB o CTa<- 

Hio uiROjia H yMHTe^B no^i^HOCHjiH; H cBe naaore oA% 

IIoneHHTejiBCTBa oA^yiuTeHe hmi* HSBpiuHBaaa. — 

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uiRoacRo no cejiHMa xpae xpu , a no aapouiBMa ne- 

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eAau'b yHHTC^B, pas^eji^He cy aa xpH paspe^a, h aa 

npeAaaaHb y HBHMa npooHcaHO e: iHTaab cp6cRO a 

cjiaaeHCRO, uHcaR'b , HCTapH aiiy^a panyaa, wojiHTBe, 

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nie u(pRBeHO, (rbo h oSuixa SHaRa). Baponiae uiro- 

jie, r^H 6biAO BHuie 0411 e^HorB yHHxeaa , noAejii^Be 

cy Ha Mexapa paapeAa, h y OBHMa 6 aa npeAaaaR^ 

nponacaao, ochmi* HaaeA^Hfii npe^niexa, a: Cp6cRa 


rpaMMarHHa , HCTopia cpC^cRor'B napoA^ " npasiuio 
TpoilHO H8*i> panryHHi^e. HaHHH'B nanii^ rohmi> cy oph 
npe^MeTH npe^aBaHH 6bio 6 yo&uire, «opMOMexa- 
HHHan'B; epi* HacTaB^enie 1844. roA- sa yHHre^K npo- 
nRcano, nie TaKOBon> ca^p^dR? /^a 6bi HaHHH^bnpe- 
AaeaHfl, npel)e nocTOflBTuifi , y CBeiny npeHua^HTH 
M npeoSpasHTH' Morjio. — 

Oa* I83f Ao 18*1 ro^HHe ycraHoBJi'lbHO e ofl* 
Bfamu lUROJiCRH aaBeA^Hia: ilocAeuo-TpeoeaHKa uiko- 
Aa, rpu tioAyeuMuaaie, EoeocAoeia (bhah HanpeAi*) tt 
Jfutfeii, a nocTOflBiua PuMHaaiH y Kparyesi^y npeae- 
Ta ey BeorpaAi) HyMHOHceHa 6. Ose 184| roA*uiROji- 
CRe f^eAHAdL ce e nocjieHO-TproBaHRa lURO^a nafpit 
paspe^a; noayrRMHaaie HMa.«e cy csaRa no neffipif, 
a rHiMnaaifl niecTB paspe^a; 6orocaoBHo saBeA^Hi^ 
cacTOfl^io ce HS'b neTiipH paape^a; a ^Hj^ea re^effie 
rpafliio 6 HerapH ro^HHe , ft noAea]bRO e 6biao na 


(?«A aaeedeniH umaAa cy: 
3aBeAeBia IIpo+ecopB . y^eBBifu. 

1. flocieHo-TproB. luRo^va 4 ... 42 

2. TpH noayrHjur. (cRyna) 12 ... 151 

3. rHMHasifl 6 ... 183 

4. BorociOBiH .... 4 ... 122 

5. JiHqeH 9 ... 62 

Caera 35 . . . 660 

IIo pa34tfRH H BaacHOCTH oapeAl^<«eHH) sMef^&ma^ h 

nadTa 6 fipo^eccopa pasjiaHHa, ho osycy cbu.ao6r- 
Ba.«H RSik npaBHTe.«BCTBeHe Racce, Rao h ocra^iu ae- 
MajiBCRH 3BaHH>]Hiii](H. Obc 184| roA* Ha^aTO 6 ua Uiia- 
Te 35 npo^eccopa CBera: 12.150 raaupa ; roh cyMva 
KaAi» ce ca oSiutumis Spoeifb npo«eccopa paa^e- 
AVLj Aol^e Ha csaRorb ^ e^uo ua Apyi^^? ^^ 347 Taji. 
H 3^ rpoiua. 

IfpeAasaeMH npeAMeTH y oBuifb buiuhmii^ aa* 
9QA^HiflAia y 6&IJIH ey, h to; a) y nocieuo-TproBaH- 




Rofi lURoaH: aayRa xptfCTiHHCKa, cpficRifi, HeManfRiil 
H rpHRifi esHRi), panyHHi^a, reorpa^in, HCTopia aa- 
po/^a, H TproBHHe, naHepTanie (h Mo/^e^Hpae^), npH- 
poAHa HCTopifl H TexHoaoriA; _ 6) y nOtiyrHMHaaui- 
Ma: RaTHXHCHCB , cp6cRa rpaMMaTHRa , 3eM4BonHc%, 
npHpo/^iia HCTopiA, pasyHHi^a, RpacHonucb , jiaTHB- 
cRa H HeMaiKa rpaMMaTHRa, HCTopia Hapo/^a, 6H6«iifi- 
CRe H i;pRBe xpHCTiflHCRe jiCTopifl, HaMepTanie h nb- 
Hie i][pRBeHo;—- b) y raMHasiH^ocHM'b uaBe^eHu h aa 
noayrHMHasie nponucaHu npe^MCTa: peTopHRa ^ mh- 
TO.iorifl, a.«re6pa, noexHRa^ To««ROBaH]^ CTHxoTBopa* 
i;a, ApeBHOCTH^ auxponoaorifl h exHRa; -— r) y 60- 
roc^OBiH: RaxHXHCHCb , cjiaaeHCKa rpaMMaxHRa , 6h- 
({jiificRa Hcxopifl, seMjubonHCb^ o6iuxa HcxopiA, pa- 
HyHHiJ^a, .lorHRa^ «H3HRa» aHxpono^oria , pexopHRa 
u^pRBena , Hcxopia i^pRse , jiHxyprHRa , ne^ai^orHRa, 
xepmeHeBxHRa , nacxopa««Ha , Mopa^AHa , xo.iROBaB':k 
esaHre^ifl^ irbHie h npaBH.10 ^pRoeHO; — h /^) yjia- 
i^eio: nayRa xpHcxiAucRa, ocHOBna «Haoco«ifl m j^o- 
FHRa^ o6iuxa Hcxopia , MaxenaxHRa , ecxexHRa h o(- 
luxa ^aAoAoTiB , ^pani^CRi^ esBRi* y mexa^HSHRa h 
exHRa, o6iuxa h oxenecxBeHa HCxopifl> Buma Maxe- 
MaxHRa, ^^H^ojiorifl caaBeHCRa, ^^HaHRa, npaso npH- 
po^HO , no.«Hi{iA , ApHsaBHa eROHOMia, luxaxHCxaRa, 
cp6cn\& nocxynaRii cy^e^CRiH, cp6cRO npaeo rpa- 
^aHCRo, npaBO RpHMHHajiHo H flBHO no^oHfiHxeiAHO npa« 
BO naipoAa. — 

Ob^h xo Ao^axH aa yM^cxHO HaoARMo, j^a e 
Majio npeAaBaeMfd npeAuexa OBe TOfl,HHe Smao ua- 
neHaxaHu, oco6hxo aa Buuia saBeAenifl. Ho ycxa- 
HOBAiiH'hM'b ^OA^opa IlpocBeiuxeHfl^ roh e aoi^16 
„uiROjicRa ROMHcia** aaMeHH^a^ nonejio ce h na OBoirb 
os^HjiBHie paAHTH. O oBowb o^Sopy, Rao h o raas- 
HOATB «OHAy lURoacROMi* 6hihe peMB A^^Hie. 

KaAii ce 6poH obu Buiubi saBeA^Hifl, u hbhbh 
npo«ecopa h y^eifHRa a^A^ ohomi* ochobhu iuro- 
ABy BHAfl c^y A^ e 184| roA- lUROjiCRe 6biAo caera* 


^0 mRo.«CRH aaBe^eaifl, 248 yHnreAa^ a 0761 yne- 


• • • 
Cpaeuewb^ us'h Koe^ ce eudu, koauko e y kom% onpy^ 
ofcifo uiKOAauyHeuuKayjnuootceHO od^ 183^\^ do 18^^\^ 

eod. lUKOACKe, 
1. BeorpaACRO (ci* BeorpaA*) 
Z, Baji^BCRO ...... 

3. IUa6aHRo 

4. no^pHHCRo 

5. y»&HHRO 

6. HanaHCRO 

7. Py^HHHRO 

8. KparyesaRo 

9. Cjne^epeBCRO 

10. IIoaRapeBaHo 

11. KpaHHCRO 

12. U^pHOp^HRO • . . • . 

13. BaHBCRo (Fypryc. a A.AeRC.) 

14. tiynpiHCRO -> • . . . 

15. Aro^HHCRO 

16. KpyiueBdHRo .... 





















. 104 




CBera BHine . 129 uir. 3567 yn. 

Ka/^'b ce oBOMi) 6poio /^o/^a iouiTi* 12 opHBaT- 

Hu lUROi^a H y HBHMa. Hao^ehH ce 120 yHeHHRa, bh- 

^H ce, /^a 6 y HameM'b oTenecTBy oA'fc l83f ^o koh- 

i;a 184| ro^/ lUROJicRe , npHHOBabHO. 141 lURoaa, a 

3687 yneBHRa. Ochmii OBOra, y TeHeniio obu 10 ro- 

^HHa ycTaROB.A%Ra e: nocaeHOTproBa^ma niROJia^ tqh 

nOtiyrfiMBaaie, CorocjioBifl h an^eft , (a nocTOHBma 

rHMHasifl ^o6nA9i e ^Ba paape^a bhuib). Kav^B ce 

dipofi H oBbi saBe^eHiA h y HBRina Hao/^ehR ce yvte^ 
RHRa AOAd ropH^Mii 5poio npRROBJi'^Hu , OH^a ce 

flCHp yBH^a, p,9l 6 184| roA* xuRO.«CRe, 147 lURoacRH 

aaBeAeHia, a 4162 yneHHRa BHme Cbijio, aero 183| 



yneuuna 1S5\ eod» tauoACKe. 

1. BapoiuB BeorpaA*!* 
S. Beorpa^cRO 
3. Ba^'^BCKO . 

4. RtaCaHRo . 


6. yatHMKO . . 

7. ^asaHCKo 

8. Py^HHHKO 

9. KparyeeaHKO 

10. CMe^epeecKO 

11. ffomapeeaHKO 

12. KpaHHCKO 

13. PpHOp^HRO . 

14. r^prycoeaMRO 

15. A<96KCHHaHRO 

16. l^ynpiScRO 

17. flrO^HHCRO . 

18. KpyiueaaHKo 

19. npHBaTHfil lUROJia 





♦ 479 




Offb 337 lOROJia , 18 cy sa aceHCRifi, a 319* sa 
»yuiRi& no^-b. ynpamwii « Cujio 846 yieHBqa, a j 
ApyrHMB 9125 yMenHRa. Ooom-b ycraHOBjieHio a^bo- 
»HKB luKo^na TiiiM-b ce BBuie paAoaaTH MopaMa,niTO 
18^ roA* HB e^ne a®b<>'>'I''C lUROAe Bie 614.10$. no 
HeMy e cyAHTS, ^s c® « la BOcnHTasaH^ ■ otfyiA* 
Badv4> VLencRorb nojia se^HRO BHBHaHlk o6pahaTB oo- 
', » fliOi e CQ yu9fi,*Jio, aa ^ Aouahe, t. e.iui'rc^ 
H^. BocaWTaBaH^ A^i^^ ochobb ocTaJiomb , na aA to 
Aft i'pe6iaHrRa BocoHTaBAHt 6yAyl^H AOMabxifa aehifi 
nosop'b oSpahaTH. — KoanRO e RaRonu mRO^atfii- 
M>, TO.»RRO « H ymteMaKitt H y<iHTe.ia. Obb ey w»- 
Ap«aBaHH A^ ROHi;a AnpHJiia hc. r6A'HHe» noaailKiMne 
npBp«aoMii, o R0HI1 CMC BanpeAi> caoueRy.iB) AA • 


ce ycTaHOBaHBaTH noneo, h roh e ce no cbhm'b ORpy- 
miRMa paanpocTpo; ho 6biJio in e roh cy h bsb o5- 
lUTHHCRH Raca njiBTy /^o6ifljiH. Ofl.'b OBon> naRi* Bpe- 
mesa, noMeMi> e o^iuTufi uiKO.iCRiM npHpeaii 0/1% 
ABa i(BaHqHRa roj^auiwh, 14 ^eKeMBpiA 1855 ro^Rae 
ycTaHOB^'liH'B, nonejiH cy cbh yHHTe^BH h yMRTet^B- 
Re A^B. uiRO^a n.«aTy ype^Ho npHMBTH sisi* r,iaB- 
HOFB ^oH^a niROJicKor-b, y roh yTHne caa-B Hase^^e- 
HUH npHpeai*. Obc 185| roA* 'UR- na^aTO 6 aa njia- 
Te, 333 flBHid yHHTeaa h yHHTe^BRiK: 32.719 xa^AH- 
pa; ROa cyMMa na^'b ce pas^ejiH aa uaBe^eHsnk 6pok 
yHHTeAH, p^ot)e na caaRorB no: 98 Ta.«Hpa h 6 rpo- 
ma. Hai* . oaori* ce bh/(h , ^a 6 aa npouijiH 10 ro 
^HBa caaRorB ynHTejia, e^ao aa /^pyro yaexo, n^a- 
TB noBfanieaa ca: 29 Ta^iapa ro/^Huiaib; nemy ce sa 
nor^aBHTUH yapoRB Mome yaexH to, uito e Hone- 
MHTejiBCTBO IIpoCBeuiTeHiA iouiTB 1847. roA* paana- 
ca«»o, ^a o6iuTHHe h CTapeuiHae no cpeaoaaMa h 
ORpymiflMa n^axe yniiTe^BCRe Mory noBuuiaBaTH, a 
BefiB nocToehe aemdry yma-iflBaTH^ if niTo 6 jiaaiue 
6hiAo o6uiTBiMB CH^iaMa, cpeaoaa a ORpymia, ynaTe- 
jiBHMB Behy aarpa^^vy A^th, aero uito cy to noe^a- 
aa ce^ia a o6uiTHHe hhhhth morjie. — 

3a HaaeACHO apcMe yHaa'^HB 6 aeaaRiii aanpe- 
ABRB H y rpal^eaio aAaaia iuro^icrh, ro6 o6uiTHiie 
o CBOMB TpouiRy noABSRy, aaApHsaBaio a cb noTpe- 
5aMa caa^A^Baio, 6yA,yhH e aa^paa-^ao aAdnia iiiro.1- 
cRa 6e3B n;iaaa a npeAxoAeherB oAO^peaa rpaAH- 
TB. Obo 6 yHHaaao . tc A^nacB aa Mjioro moctb a 
1^0, ce«iaiM HMaiMLO aa^aviNiBiip^^HcxoAabi aASiaia uiroji- 
CRH, RfiHovu npe^e ai^ y catiiuiB Bapomama me Sjuao. 
Ho y QQ^OTpeaa) ymaQ^eeaa y«ieaHRa aeMomewo ce 
TaKO aoiXBaAHTH^ ep^. aaAii ce o6ufTfaiH 6pofi yna- 
H^^9, ca noeToamnRM'^. 6poeMi> uiROJia paaAe«»H, a^*- 
^e c^sia 29 — 30 yn^^^^na aa 6AHy niROJiy; «08 hora- 
3Jf^> A^. H aifi^ o^^ ^0. roAHHa (cb oae tohr^ yaeaiiuft 
CTsapB), RH CMo BBMBJio aanp.eA> im>wjui. T^apoiiB 


6 OBome , lUTO HHKaROBe ype^6e uncy ua^aTe , Roe 
5fii fOfl^uTeA'h o^BesHBaae , A^^y y uiKOtiy inHaHTH; 
HO Ha^aTH ce MoxseMo , ^a he ce h obo CRopHM% 
yniiHHTH;* uoHeiMi* cy oro^hocth saTO Mjioro no- 
cnhniHie. -^ 

yHe6HH npe^^MCTH, koh cy 184| ro^HHO npe^a- 
BaHH, Maoro cy 6oji^ h i^^HCxoAHie aa obu 10. rb- 
^HHa H3pal)eHH, na paape/^e no^eA-hnu h cbh ne*ia- 
TaHu: Ka KOHjna cy ^o/^ara ^IIpBa SHaHH*^ (mocto 

OGIUTU 3HaHA) H 6/^Ha BCha MBTaHKa. y ^eBOHHKHirb 

mKo«»aMa^ Koe ce na Tpu paspe^a a iiiecTi* o^A^^Ae- 
HiH A^Jie^ npe^aBaHH cy o^npH^HRe ohh HCTHnpe^- 
MOTH, ROH cy a y tuyuiKKmrb uiRO^aMa (y rpa paspe- 
fl,a) npeASBaHH; ri* nemy e napaBHO /^o^aTii h asen- 
CHiH psLA'b. H.CTO TaRo H HaHHH'B y ROHATb cy npo^- 
MCTH yieHfli^iaMa npe^asaHH noSoviBiuaHii e tjumo. 
lUTO 6 MecTO «opMo-MexaHHHHor'B9 aaBe/^OH'b, «op- 
Mo-pefl.iHiau HaHRHi*. Obo noRaaye h naiue „ne/^a- 
rorHHHO-meTOf^HHHO HacTaBjieni aa yHHTe.«'K ochob- 
Hu luROJia** 1855. ro^. Ha^axo^ Roe 6 iuRO.iCRa kom- 
MHCiH nperiAeAa««a h o^oCpRiia; na e no tomi* h jhh- 
Te«»BHMa Ha.«omeHo, ^a ce no H^My npH npe/^asaHHi 
npe/^Mexa ynpaB.«flio. Os/^e aa ym^CTHO ^psRHMo h 
TO HanoMeHyTH, ^a e 1853. ro^. ycTauo&iA^H'b »Ha* 
cneRTopaTB cbiio uiROjia'^ ; ho e nocae TpH roAHRe 
yRHHyrB , epii 6 HCRycTBO noRaaajio , ^a aBaHHHHH 

nOCVlOBH^ npH HaBpUlHBaHH) MJIOrO 60Ah H 6p»e Bfffj 

lUTo Man^ MocTOBa HMaro npejiaaHTH. — 

Ofl,!^ 184| ro;^. uir. ycTanoB^i^HO e o/^i* Bunm 
aaBe^eHiH uirojicrh: TpronaHRa uiROiAa y IIoaiapeB- 
i;y (o^uiTHHCRa); aemaBo^^acRa hirojib y ToiMH^e- 
py; H apTH^epiiicRa (hjih BoenHa) uiROJia (1850* ro^* 
R06 Tenenie rpae neTii ro^^HHa). IIocTOflBuia rHMRa* 
aiii yMHomena e ca 6/(HbiMi> paape^osTB ; a aHqeft e 
paa^etAkHi) na : ecTecTBoc^AOBHO-TexHHHHo^ npaB/^o- 
ciOBHO H ofimTe OAA'b-'teHie. 


Buma fUKOACKa saeedentA ujiaaa cy 1H5\ e6d. mn.: 

1. Tpr. mRO.«aynoHsapeB. 
Z. IIocjieHO-Tpr. uiKOJia 

3. 3eM£LO/^^jicKa uiKo^a 

4. TpH nojiyrHM, (cBera) 

5. rHMHasiA • . • . • 

6. Bo6HHa uiKoaa . .. 

7. ./iHqeH 

8«» Borocjiofiifl .... 











Ceera 68, ... 1310. 

y 6poH npo*eccopa CTasji'l^HH cy HynpaBHTe- 
jiBH saee/^eHifl, roh cy noHaiiBHuie y hcto speMe h 
npo*eccopH ; Kao uito .cy npH^o^axH h KaTHxexe 
HJiH BepoyHHTe^BH , KOH HMaio H Apyrd , napoHHTa 
onpe^^kjieHfl. Cbh npo^eccopH h yiHTejiBH obeii aa- 
Be^enifl /^oCHsaio njiary hsb Kacce npaBHTCjiBCTBC- 
He H nocTaB.«Aioce yRasHMa KHHSKecRHM'b^Kao h ocTa- 
jiH SBaHHHHHi^Bi 3eMa.iBCRif. Ha njiare obbi 68 iipo- 
^eccopa 5 yHHTCiia h ynpaBHTejifl , Hs^aro e peieHe 
ro/^HHe: 1^7.825 Ta.iHpa , roio cyMMy paa^c^HBuiH ca 
HaBe^eHidAnb gpoeMB nacTaBHHRa, ^o^e, e^HO na ^py- 
ro ysexo, na CBaRori* no: 409 Ta.iHpa H4|rpqma. — 
Hcto xaRO h s/^aHia cy, y ROHMa ce osa aaBe^eaifl 
Bajiaae , npaBHTeaBCTBena , Roe ih o^ApncaBa h ca 
CBUMa noTpeSama h npngopHMa aa npe^^aBan^ nay- 
Ra HymAHfjM'B CHaS^l^Ba. Ha OBau RonaqB snaTHe 
ce cyMMe csaRe ro^HHe onpe^'b.iioio > noHemy ce h 
cpe^CTBa 3a o6y*iaBaH']k a^paBO yMHomaBaio. He ma- 
vL^i, npaBKTejiBCTBO TpoiuH 3HaTHe cyMMe H Ha no/^- 
noMaraHi) CHpomaiuHu a Ao6po ynetiH ce M^a^Hha, 
H TO Koe y OTeHecTBeHfaiMi) , a Roe y CTpaHinsiAfb 
BuiuHM'B aaBeAeiiiHMa. Ob/^c Tpe6a HaMi> h to, nano- 
MeHyTH , /^a nHTomi^e Boenne iuRo.«e HSApsRaBa npa- 
BHTe.iBCTBO, a yHCHHRe aemjiBo^'biicRe lURoae r.Aa- 

BHufi ^^OH^B lUROtlCRlfi. 



IIpe/^aBaeMH npe^MeTH 6ujih cy, h to: a) f tkO- 
cjieuo TprosaHKoH uino^ii, ochmi* ohm 184| ro^, ttpe- 
^asaRH npe^meTa: nosHasaHL po6e, aayKa o Tpro- 
BUHH, 4Bory6o KHBHroBOACTBO H Kopecnou^eBi^ie; — 


nBcaH'K H panyHii, seMjiBO^hAie^ ckotobo/^ctbo h irh- 
Hie ifpKBeno. Ki* leMy/iio^asHHynpamHflBaHk y no.iB« 
CKonrb paAy? rpa^enio opy^ia sa seidABO^i^Aie, 3h- 
^aHio II opymio; • — b) y no^yrHMHaaiaMa, kii ohumb 
npe^MeTHMa 184| to a, npe4aBaHiiMi> ^o^axa 6: cjia- 
BCHCKa rpaMMBTHKa, peTopHRa H MaTeiuaTHRa; — r) 
y rHMHaaifl , ocHnvb ohu npe^Mexa (HsysHMaiohH noe- 
^hhocth), hoh cy npe 10 roABHa npeAasaHH: cjia- 
BeHCRa rpaMMBTHKa , CTapo-rpHRiu h ^paHifycRift 
63HRi>, cp6cRa H c^BBeHCRa 'c^ioBecHOCTB, reoMetpiH, 
TpHroHOMexpifl ii ^hshhsl; — A) y bo6Hhoh iurojih: 
xpHCTiflHCRa HayHB, apTBjiepifl^ xeMia TeopexH^Ba it 
npaRTH4ua , MaTeMaxHRa , MexaHHRa , ocaoBHa npaR- 
THMHa MaxeMaTHRa , reoMexpia , ^bshrb , xanxBRa, 
B06HHa aAMHHfkcxpai^ifl h reHepa.i'b-iiixa^a, noJiBcna 
<&opxH«HRai](iA , uiTH^x> B06HHfiiii, HdyRB rpal>eBBHei, 
Hasepxaxeana reoMexpia h sepxaflt, BO€HHareorpa- 
*iH, Hcxopia, Huieuh , rHMHacxHRa, n^iBBBHib, *eRTo- 
BaH'k, ^ipanqycRiu a aeivia^iRiH 63hri>; — e) y ^HUeio 
o^RaRo 6 na ecxecxBOcaoBHO-xexHHHHO, npaB^ocjio- 
BHO H o6nixe o^A^^Aenie pasAeahHi*: nayRa xpncxi- 
HHCRa, aorHRa, xeopia caoBecnocxH nan ^HjioaotiH. 
ecxexHRB, HcxopiH caoBecHocxB cpficRe , caaseBCKe 
H HaHraaBHiM napoAa eaponeBCRH , HCxopia o6nixa 
H Hapo^a cp6cRori> , luxaxncxHRa , AP^^s^^^a eKOwo- 
Mia , ^HHaHciH 5 noaHXHiHa panyHHi^a, *paHnycKifi h 


MexeopoaoriH , npBpoAHa acxopia , MHHepaaoria ca 
reorHoaioMi, , 6oxaHHRa^ aooaoria, xeMia, xexHoao- 
ria, Bidiua maxemaxHRa, npaRXHiHa reoMexpia, Mexa- 
HBRB, H rpa^aacRa apxHxeRxypa, HayRd o xprOBUBH 
ca KBBHroBOA^^TBosiib^ HayRa o 3eiiia£iOA^«^ii09 eaifjbi- 


Kjione^fii n^aea h Hcri>plH aaROHoaHaHH, pvfmtHo h 
KpHMHii^Ho npaso , rpa^aHCKO npaso Cp6i6 h Fpdk- 
^aHCKiH II RpHBHHHUH HOCTynaR'b Cp6ie, a^iiuBiiCTpa- 
THBHO i«el)yHapoAHO H ABHO npaBo Cp6i6, ii loiurb 
Heiui CHope^HH npe^MBTH; -- fi m) y 6orocaoBiH, 
K-b upe^MeTHiua 184| ro/^. npeAaBaHbiMi> ^o^tLTiy e: 
pyccKiH edHKi*. Oai> obu npe^meTa HeiSH cy nena- 
xaHH, a iieKH HHCy. Ho KaKO, ^othhhh npo^eccopH^ 
CBaKiK CBoe npe^MeTe npHaJ^siuo napal^ye, momeiio 
ce Ha^aTH^ ^a heuocTaAH sa Mavio ro^Hua h3i» ne- 


Ka/^i* ce Ranocae^Ry o6uitsah 6pou OBHUiaiubi 
sase^eHia, npo^eccopa h yneHHRa aoa^ o6iuTeM^ 
6poio ocuoBHiii iuRO.fla y yHureAR h y^eHUua , nup^a 
ce, ^a 6 185| ro/^. lUROJicxe 6mjio csera: 347 ihroji- 
CRH saBe/^eHia, 404 HacraBHHna, h 11.1^1 yneHHRi*. 

CpaeHentj uj's Kos'h ce euduru Mooice^KOAUKo e y kom^ 
OKpgotcifo ISd^ od^ 184^ eod, mnoACKe eume muoAa u 

ynenuKa 6hiAo, 

' OKpyaua. 

111 11046. 


1. Beorpa^B . . 


... 240 

2. BeorpaACKo . . 


... 92 

3. Bd;«^BCKO . . 


, . . . 35 

4. IIlAGaiKO . . 


... 309 

5. flO^pHHCRO . . 

3 . 

(Man^ 20) 

6. yffiHHKO 

. . 9 

... 282 

7. Ha^anCKO 


... 176 

8. PyflHHHKO 



9. Kpaty^eaiRO . 


... 269 

10. Cue^epeBCKO . 

. . 14 

, . . . 260 

11. IfoHcapeBaiRo 

. . 8 

. . . . 143 

\St, KpaHRCKo 


. . . . 604 

13. I^paopKMRo . . 

. . . 8 

... 334 

14. FyprycoBaHRo 

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Csera Buiue . . . 132 iuk.. • • 3822 ynen. 
OcHMib OBora, aa obm 10 ro^HHa yMHomeuo 6 
TpH Bbiuia lUROJiCRa aaBe/^eHifl, a yneHHRa (y CBHirb 
BehHMi* uiRo.«aMa): 750. OsaH 6po^, Ra/^i* ce a^A^ 
ropH^Mi>, OH^a 6 cBera yMHOH&eHo: 135 iurojicrb sa* 
Be/^enifl^ a 4552 yneuHRa. Ho Ha^'B ce oAi» OBora 
OA^ie 8 upHBaTHu uiRo.«a h y HBHMa 12 yMeBBxa, 
ROH 6 oBe roAHfle maH-b giaao, aero 184^, Rao h OHafi 
MaHHRii y ORp. no/^pHHCKOM'b (o^i) 20 y veuHRa), OBAa 
6 HaHHCTO H CBera aa peneHu 10 ro/^Hna yMROHceflo: 
127 lUROjia, a 4520 yneHHRa. 

IIpH ROHi^y, Ra^ii ce obo yMHoaseH^ iuKOi«a b 
yneHHRa Ao^a ohomi* o^i* 184| ro^HHe uiRO^CRe, 
BH^u ce y ^a e y Haiuesi'B oxeiecTBy aa noCite^BBB 
20 ro^HHa npuHOB^^Ho: 274 luROJiCRa aaseAeHifl, a 
8682 yieHHRa, t. e. obojihro 6 lUROJia a yneBBRa 
185| BHxue 6bi;io, Hero 183| ro^. iuRo««CRe. 

• • •. 

KaAi> CMO HajiosRHaH npeniAa yRpaTRo CTaH-k b 
nanpeAaRi* HaiuH uiRoacRH aaBeA^HiH aa nponi.iB 
20 roAHua, aa AymuocTB Apmnmo iourb o A^a aa- 
BeAeuifl npoc^oBHTH, roh cy ycxaHOBa^RB pa^B 
lURoacRC iv^jiHi Ta cy aaBeAeiiia: 

1. fAaeuhiil pond's tuKOACKiu, HanpeAi* cmo cno- 
meHy^^B, RaRO ce a 183| ro^HHe Behe BHHMaH^o6pa- 
haTB noHetAO h na ochobhc jiiRO.«e, a RaRO cy seRB 
ysuTejiBH^ no HaApmaBaHio hbhhomi>, guaH npaBB* 
TeabCTseHH, HeRH o6iuthucrh, a neRH npHBaxHB. ^ 
6w ce OBa paa^HRay H3Ap»&aBaHio y*iHTe.«H na^eraa, 
B y»iHTejiBH, 6yAyhH e CBiM) e^na nfeaB, cnpaBeA««BB- 
Bie Harpa^HBa^H, npe^^oacio e „ynpaBHTejHiiift Co- 
BifcTB** KHflay 10 *eBpyapifl 1836 ro^HHe: ^a ce ycxa- 
HOBH npHpeaB o^b e^HorB u^BaH^uRa roAHiUH^ aa 
nopeaB naabaiohe raaBe, na a^ ce o^i* ^^^ aoBar^a 



Obo npe^Aomewh, usi* iieaosnaTH rbmb yspoRa, Hie 
o/^o6peHO. — ^ojj^me naKi> , 13. AHyapia 1841. ro^. 
yCTaflOBHcenoMeHyTwR*bH/^ij5no/^i>HMeHOMi>: „r«iaB- 

HUH ^OUfl,!^ UIKOJICKIH'* , H OBa^I 06 nOBepH e^HOH 

^^enyxaniM" , ^a ci> HBHRfb pynye h ynpasjia, IIo 
yCTpoeniio nferoBOMi* , v^aro my 6 onpeAtkAenh: ^a 
ce AO^A^ yMHOiteaBa, a hsi* nbra (ochatb HHTepeca) 
HHiuTa neTpoiuH, V^oki* to^hkiS uenapacTe , ^^ na- 
CTaBHUKe cbIio iuko^crh saBe^eHifl OTenecTBa , Kao 
H OBa, HeSy^e y CTaufo Aoxo^n^Hina Hs^pHtaBaTH. Ho 
R0.1HK0 6 cb 6^He CTpaHe ^axo oBOMii «OH/^y npo- 
CTpano oape^bJienb , tojihko e cb /^pyre ^ y cpe;^- 
CTBaAia 3a npHpauihuBan-b , orpanHHeRB h CKyneHB. 
HtroBB nocTanaKB, nao n yMHomaBaHL, saBHCHt^o e 
OA*!* Ao6poBo;iBHBi saBi^mTaHifl h npn^ora. Y npBO 
Bpeme n-broBorB yCTanOBJieHfl naiuao ce e npH.iHHHO 
npocBeTO«»io6ai;a , koh cy my /^ocTa SHaTne cyMMe 
HviHy e^annyTB ^aJiH, hjih ^okb cy ro^B hshbh csa- 
Ke roAHHe ^asaTH o6ehajiH. Hcto TaRO h Hapo^B 
6 AoCTa lUTe^po npH^arao na OBafi «ohab npH.«H- 
Be. — A^H, RaRO ROfl ro^HHa /^oi^nie^ cBe e Manii 
npnaora CuBajio, epB Hapo/^B e, Rao y noneTRy pas- 


jiame, h rophctb RaROBy iuto npe bh^h; a obo nie TaRO 5p30 Cuth. 3a pcB^TAeHh oBora naBO- 
/^HMo, /^a e rjiaBHUH ^oh^b. lUROJicRiif; Roe o^b sa- 
B^iUTaHifl, a R06 oA'b /J^o^poBOiABHu npHJiora A^^io: 
1853. roA. 373, a 1854. caMp 230 tt ^ecapcRH. — 
Obo c.«a5o Hanpe/^OBanb ^^OH^a, yBH^HBuiH ^eny- 
TB^ifl, iiOMeaa 6 pasMHiu^flBaTH: RaRo 6ia ce h ro- 
HMB Ha4HHOMB noBepHUH lofi «oH/^B 6p»fie yMHOHCa- 
Bao 9 H IUTO iipe npe^nocTaBJi^uy i^kAB nocTurao. 

O OBOMB pa3MHUI.IflBaioflH ^ a 3Hai0fiH^ Rao UITO • 

naape^B nomeHyTO, ^a no cpesoBHMa h ORpyH&ia no- 
CTOH r/^H BehiH a r/^H ManBiii npHpesB 3a Hs^pHca- 

c^euiTeHiA 1.4. Mapxa 1853- ro^HHe: ^ ce nea^H^no 
nocToabiH npHpe9'B uiROAcnik no cpeaoBHAia- 1^ pifpy- 
WiisMa y i^eaoMx* OTenecTBy Hse^uaHH, h na 6 rpo- 
Uia ro^HiUHl> CBe^e; ^^ oeaii npHpea*^ /^aio h one 
iViane, Koe cy hsi* /^dHKa Hsyaexe; ^a ce o^i^ OHbi 
oSiuTBHa^ uiK04e Hinaiotiif, Koe maao npHpesH^ r.ia- 
.9a 6po6, a neAVine oCuiTHHCKe npH;i^0A6 auafp, h3- 
9'bcTHe cyAyMe ysHMaio Hapa^yHi>njiaTayHaTe4^CR0; 
^a ce ui^Q^e^ cnpama MHOHCHue Hapo^d? y CBiiJMaBpa- 
6PHMa OTe^ecTBa, no^e^HaKo yMHoa^aBaio; b t. a.; — 
ua A^ c^ OA^ oBju HOBai^a yHHxe^j&BMa 6ojih h cra^A- 
Ba njiaxa onpeAb-^iH h Ha^ae , a iiito npeTiiMe , ^a 
ce Hanuxajiy OBori* «OH/^a npHHHuiaaBa. -^ lip npe^- 
panyBy naK-b, KOif 6 ^^nyxai^ifl raaBBHS^'b «ohAPM1> 

lUROJICKBMB yapaBJIflK)ha A<>6pO CBBTB^I^, OCTa^.lO 

Cjw ro^HuiBK noBepeHpMii ion <&PHAy okq. lj5.000T.a- 
ABpa BaHBCTo. ' — Obo np«;^40»ceuik , aSorii paajiiM 


pie o^xi ^Be ro/^BBe Seal* bkbhobb c.«b^CT^. l^q 14. 
^^KeMBpiH 1955. rp^., uOBp^oM^ HapeAeHonb qpe^- 
AO^ieBB ^enyTaiJ^e a upe^cxaB^eBB I^Q^^WTejJi^XJTB^ 
IfpocBemxeBiH, 6yAe BfacoHaBwe p^uieno tA o^Q^r- 
peBo: ^a ce o6^IXflIH uiKoacKifi npap^^ii^ p^T^ /\»^ 
i^BaHi^HKa fo^iixubK ycxaBOB^BBBj 4a cy pBa^ AJHtBa 
^BB^XH Be caMo nopeaxi n^abafoha^B^a^Bcro b oaa, 
i(p^ cy BB*^ QBorij Bayaexa (Kao "awoBBBJflp, nepr 
aioBepB, caeiuxeBBi^B, h x. 4,); 4a ce oBBMTb np^pe- 

30M'](> BB^pB^aBaU) CBB yHBX?«^B.B pCBOBBfJ iUffipaa^ B 

seMjiBo^b^cBa jiiKp,«a y TonnB^epy, ^.luxo u^^^r 

Me, Aa ce KanHx^^ii r^i^B. «oha^ uiBO^CBor:^ yH^p-^ 
aKBBa; b Banocae^Ky , ^j^a ce ^obkooibbh npapeBB 
ittBoacKB, Kao B OBB^ o^ii e/iHori) rpoiua aa 3eMji:bo- 
^'fejiCKy luRoay yisB^aio (*). • — y bcxo BpeMe aape- 

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peai 8a seUbo^'b^cKy uixoay; bo ca^i e yKBByn, a rji. 

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l^eiio By A^ ce oBafi oSuitwh npHpesii noHHe CKy- 
liaaxH cb ^aHKOMii 3a MHTpoBCKO no^ro/^ie 1855.^ a 
yiHTCiBH nocToehy njiaxy cboio ^a iiOHny npHwraTH 
Haiy rjias. ^OH«^a uiKO^iCKor'b o^^b ]^ypf)eBa ^ne 1856. 
roA^ue, KaKO 6bi no e/^anb no^ro/^HiuHbiH npHpe3i> 
CBar/^a npn pyi^fai HMaaH, h yHHTejiBHiua notary Me-^ 
ceiHO Hs^aBaaH. Osy aa fiyAy^HOCTJb naiuy Bpao 
Bamny uape^Sy, CBy^a e uapoA-b pa^ocTHO npHnrio 
u noa^paBio, oco6hto aio/^H , koh ce o npocBCTH 
napoAHBOu crapaio. 

no OBOMXi OA^s^ 15. CenTeMBpifl 1856. ro^. h3- 
^aTO 6 HOBO ycTpoeHie rjiaBHorb ^on^a riiKo.^CKori>, 
Korii npBa TOHKa onpe^kaeH^ ^oH^a OBaKO paajia- 
ace: ^^a ce nai^ H^roBorb pe/^OBiionb h HaBanpe^^- 
Honb fl^oxo^na cbh HacTaBHHj^H ochobhu yHHaHuira 
OTe*iecTBa Haiueri>, h eKOHOMHHecKa niKoaa y Ton- 
HH^epy HQ^pmawiiM^ nao h a^BecxH ce HMaioha ne/^a- 
rora*iuSL lUKoaa, y hoIoh be ce BOcnKxaBaTH h h30- 
j^pamaB^TH yHuxeaBH ochobhu luKoaa." ^a^^ ce y 
TpehoH TO^KB K^H&e: ^a 6 KanHTa^i> OBpri> ^oe^a 
BenpHaocuoBeHii^ h /^a ce (nocjie HeKoaHKO roAHHa 
H Ka^it Ao H3BKcTHe BeaiiHHHe A^^^) HHTepecH hK- 
roBH ofipahaxu Hmaio c^mo na iiaoj^pa^eHh h npo- 
CBeheHii Hapo^BO. 

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HOBaenik Hinaao 6 xo 6,iaroxBopHO cji^a^i'bo^ iuxo 
6 y*ivxeaH hbiuh cxan^ oA^d no^oaBuiaHo, u cray^- 
Hocxb HauiH oCHOBHu iuKo.«a yxBp^esa. Hama e n^ib 
npeAxoAeheri) noanaxo, a^ ynHxe^BH, yofiiuxe ya^- 
xo, HHcy HMa4H 185| roA. uiKoacne BHiue oai* 98 
xa.iHpa H 6 rpoiua, a^ osy njiaxy HHcy CByAa ypeA" 
RO H MeceHHO AO kohx^b AnpH^iifl 1856. roA* npnnia- 
AiA, H A^ A oBa 3i9,BHCHvia 9Ai> o^JwuHa. Cbai* naKii, 
no BasKHOCxH Mecxa h seJiH^uHVi o6uixnHa, y KOHMa 
yHHxejiBCxByio , hbhho e cxani^ xaKO no6o.iBuiaHo, 
Aa HHeAHorB HeMa^ rom 6hi ManK oai* 100 (a BHme 
OAi* 200) xajiapa roAHiuH'l? naaxe uvao, ocHMgb orpe- 


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naaTHO HMaio. Oey fljiaxy none^H cy ohh o^-b 1. 
HoeMBpia 1856. ro^. ymaBaTH, a ^o6HBaio 6 ype/^ao 
H MeceiHO , Kao h ocTa^a aBaaaHBHii^H aemaaBCKH. 
Ho o^iuTeM'b nJiaTHOMi> cnacay yHHxe^ia , CyijieT-b 
H^HHii 3a 185| panyHCKy ro^viHy h3hoch y ORpyr^oMi> 
6poio: 40.000 xajiapa. Oay cyMwy, Ka/^i> 6w ca 6po- 

6M1> yHHTejfl HC. TOfl,. A'^HCTByiollH y paS^ejIHelH, BH- 

^H.iH 6w , ^a e caaKorfc ynHTe^ifl , eAHO aa Apyro 
yaexo, naaxa ca20 Taaapay e/^aHnyxb noBbnuena. — 
O^i) ycTaaoBeieHfl rjiaBHori> ^oa^a lUKOJiCKoris 
na Ao ycTanoBJieHfl o6iUTerii npHpeaa iurojickofb, 
T. e. o/^-b KOHi^a 1841. ^o Koai^a 1855. ro^Hne , napa- 
crao 6 KanHTaai) Hcrorii ^oa^a na 97.221 xa.iHp'B, 
y KOio 6 cyMiwy h caaii HarepecB yiuao, Sy^yha ^a 
OA'b OBori> aie HHuiTa noTpouieao. — Ofl;b Koaiia 
naRi> 1855. 40 Koai^a OKTOMBpia 1856. foahh^ (oa- 
6iHiohH HS^aTRe na n^are ysHTeaBCRe h scmjibo- 
^^.iCRy jiiKOAy 3a bcto apeMe yHHa-l^ae), RanHTa.ii> 
6 rjiaBRorii ^OH^a uiHoacRor'B , ko6 04% uaTepeca 
H npeTeaiuerii npapeaa^ a aoe oAi> aaape^RU npa- 
xoA^y ROH cy 3a obo apeme Bpao BRaTRH 6biAH (^), 
yMBOTKeHii ca 59.909 Ta.iBpa h 11 rpoma nopesaa. 
Oaaa npunAo^^'b Ha^i) ce rjiaaaofi cyMMH cb RORJU[eMi> 
1855. ro^. nocTOHBiuoH A^A^? '^^o ce e aanaxa^'B 
raaaaori) ^onja^a iuRO.^icRorb cb ROHJU[eM'B Ortom- 
Bpia'1856. ro^. cacToao m3'b 157.130 Taa. a 11 rp. 
nopesRH. — Mbi ce oaoif cpehaoii HAea, o caAaiu- 
ahw-B aa4May yMHomaaaaa ^oa^a lURoacRorB. tbmb 
BHiue pa^oaata MopaMO, iuto cmo, no Ai06po yna- 
a^aoM-B npe^panyay^ ya^bpeaa, ^a he aamii rjiaB- 

(*) Ilo^'b BaHpeARBM'b npRxo^RMa pasyMeeaiocey 
ocBifb ocTaAOFb , R ORC cysiMe, Koe cy y HCKHM'b OKpy- 
jBiflMa H cpeaoBHMa o;^* npomaoroAHiuHbH npiipesa iukoji- 
CKH, Kao u SHaTHa cjMMa aaocTaema o^* npe- 
^e cKyn.ifluorB npupeaa 3a sennAuo^'hACKy inKOJiy^ na cy 
ca^'Bi CBC y KanHTaj!b rji. 4»0B/(a ymjie. 


HbiH <^OHA'b niKoacKiH, Koe o^-b npeTHHyhenb npH- 
pesa, a Koe o^'i> jiHxse hjih Hnrepeca (h Seai^ Bau- 
pe^Hu npHxo^a), sa ioiut'b tojihko BpeMeua, ROiiH-' 
Ko HMa o/^T> HfcroBorb ycTanoBaeHfl, Ha 1,000.000 xa- 
.Aftpa Kanarajia HMaTH. Obo^iukih naKi) KanHTaaii^ h 
OBaico BCi^HHecTBeHo ycTanoBjieirJb , aa npocBery h 
H3o6pa»fieHii napo^HO HMaTH, ^p»cHMo, ^a Hie hh Ma- 
jio npeTepano . aKO penneMo: ^a oeaKo saae^eHie 
CAymn necTH HaiueM-b OTenecTBy ; ^a iiMe h caaay 
Haiuerb CBexjiorii Knasa h npaBHTe,iBCTBa y hcto- 
piH oBeKOBenaBa h koai> noTOMCTsa CBane npH3Ha- 
TejiHocTH y/^ocTOflea; h ^a Hapo^ii Hauii> H-broBoii 
jienoH Sy^yhHOCTH thm-b Spmviyi'b KopaKOM-B bo^h, 
lUTo 6 npocBeTa h Hso^pasKenk xeMejib h^h ochobi> 
CBeMy nanpe^Ky uapo^a. H 

• • • 
Z, niKOiUCKa KOMMUccia* IIIto e ce BHUie lUROa- 
CKH saBe/^eHiH y HauieMii OTenecTBy no^naaao , h 
lUTO 6 ce Behe BHRManb na hbh o^pahaao, cne e 
ce H Beha noTpe6a noKasHBaaa : cacxaBHTH e^HO 
Ha^^eacaxejicxBo, Koe 6fii ce cxapaao o ycxpoeHia. 
Ma pasRu uiKoacKH aaBe^^eHifl, o chcxcmh h HanHHy 
HacxaBjiHHH, o npe/^MexHMa, roh he ce y luROJiaMa 
H RaRO npe^anaxH, h x. ;^. ^a 6iii ce obumb noxpe- 
6aMa RoaHRoro/^'B o^roBopH^o IIoneHHxejiBCXBo IIpo- 
cBeuixeniH, RaRo e „^pymxBO cpCcRC caoBecHocxH* 
ycxaHOBjKno, yaaMaao 6 na^Ra^B h obo y noMobB, 
H uiHjiaao My Ha nperae^^B h MHbuie neRa ca^HHe- 
.Hifl, ROB cy 3a uiROJie naMeniiHa. Ho RaRO e osorB 
^pyTRXBa APJ^o onpe^^bjienib , na ce ca iuro^crhm'b 
npe^^MexHMa nie hh 3aHHMaxH Morao, xo e ype^^CoMB 
oAi» 3. lOjiin 1845. ro^. ycxanoB^i^HB „0(2i6opB IIpo- 
cBeiiixeHifl<^. OnaH 0^6opB cacxaBjiKnB e h3b 9 
H^ianoBa^ o^b roh 6 e^anB npe^cib^^axe^iB 6bio;nH 
HMa^iH cy, Rao xaROBH, ^o^axaRB rb CBoiofi pe^os- 
iiOH n^iaxH, cBaRifi no 180 xaaapa. ^yacHocxH »Oa- 
6opa IIpocBemxeHifl" , ynpaxRO peieno, 6wAe cy: 


H M I fc 

Hspa^HsaTii H onpe^lbjiHBaTH cBCTewj im^Oficisy h 
HBHHH'B HBHorii HacTaB^eHiH 3a cea aaBe^e^ifl; 09- 
^HpaxH ocHOBe , no KOHRia he ce nayne npe^aearH; 
nper^e^arH h o^eH^HBaTH KHBHre aa npe^asaH^ ca- 
HHH^ne, H CTapaxH Ce^ ^a ce oae nenaTaio; hoiih- 
THsaTH KdH^i^H^i^aTe 3a jHHTejiBCKB H npo<i^eccopcKa 
BBaHiH, H o HBHMa MB'^Hie ^asaTH; nperwie^aTB i^oh- 
fljHTe yHHTeaBCKe , h pacMaxpaTH xyatSe npoxHpy 
HBH no;iHeiiieHe; HcnuxHBaxH cnocoCnocxH M.«a^Hha9 
KOH ce y cxpaHHe /^pmase iia uayice iuhjim) o npa- 


no^B IIoneHHxejiBCxBOMB IIpocBemxeHifl , ho HMao 
e npaBO He cawo o^b obofb nocjiaxe uy npe/^mexe 
H A'baa paacMaxpaxH h MHKnie ^anaxH^ Hero e h caniB 
^feaaxe^HOCxB cboh) paaBiaxH h Oone^iaxe^BcxBy 
npe^cxaBJieHfl hhhhxh Morao. Ochmb oBora , Ilone- 
HHxeaBCxBO , ica^B ce y 6^homb npe^wex^ ca wnt- 
RieMB 0^6opa Hie cjioskh^o, nie ra o^i^Saii^HXH Morao^ 
Hero ra e KHHsy na p^fenieHt noAHOCH,*o, — OnaKO- 
po ycxpoenK h onpcAlb^eH'k ^yO^fiopa OpocBeiuxe- 
HJH^ , iii6 xe»cHBH npneHHxeaBcxBa IIpocBeiuxeHiii 
OA^OPapa.«o; na 3axo nie my xaKO hko hh ^auaoHO 

6blAO , HHTH ra Q y AKifCTBOBaHIO B'JirOBpiIB oHap(o 

no/^QOMaraiAO 9 |sao uixo e morao. — Ho oponB na- 
paspio, Qie Morao hh O^^opB cboio ^'Iyjiaxe,«HOCXB 
OHano pa3BHxH, i^ao luxo 6j^ p HHa^fe pa3Bio9 a^ h^~ 
R^OBjd npenoua Hie HMao. — Ilpn cj^eniB obomb, 

OHB 6 , 0C06mT0 HOe^HHU HJiaHQBH H'JirOBH , HaBKB 

pe3i40cxHO A'k«^<(^ ; H cxjapao ce , bbicokoh HaM^pH 
npaaaxejiBcxBa AOCXOHHO OAroBopifxH. Ho xejKBuixo 
^p xaico pehH paAHXH no^eo^ CyA© 30. OnxoMBpia 
1847i ro4, yminyxB. — 

Aah , ca npecxaHROMi> A'^^cxBo^an/giL nO^i^opa 
npocBeiuxenia'', HHcy h oCmxe npxpeSe 
mxa BHuxe , CBaBiH ce e ^auB cae Bejba noxpe5a h 
ynpaao Hym^a noKaaiiBajia 9 A^ yioiByxo iuko^^cro 
BafiJlS^^^TeACTBO xpe6a nnaKib ojfiHOBHXHHyiKHBOXB 


ppm>^TftTH , ^a 6biAO TO y itoiii> ny ap^rq Ay?^y > » 
IIOAI^ KQJBM-^ My APd'^^^ HMeHOMi.. Obo TaKO H 6yjifi, 
H yKHHyTUJf OA^opii o6hobh ce ho^'b HMeHOMii> •Kxhi- 
AfBCcifl uiKoacRa"; ho y ^yxy caBpuiene noAHBikKHp- 
CTB lIone^BTe.iBCTBy, Cy^yha ^a caMo oho pa^HTH 
n nper^e^aTB »io»e, iuto iofi lIoneHBTeJBCTBO npe/i- 
nBuie B nouiJi']b f h o neiny o/vi* H'!k MBboie tmiTe. 

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bobh h'))Iib. OAyiueB4'kBB 3a o6mTiim'b HanpeAKonrai, 
a .HeMaH)bK HBicaROBB npenona , pa3BB»i« cy eoiAHKy 
A'fe^aTe^HpcT^ npB CBeiHi tomt>, mjo cy ii ca e«o»- 
H!iii> oco6btbmi> sBaHHHHHin'b ^yHCHpcTHMa o6T€^peb^r 
HH. Ohh cy He oaAiQ romi^Bjccih noc^aja caHBHeaiH 
H ^h^^ nperjieAaaH^iipHM'!kT6e h nonpasRe HBHHaH, 
mbKhib fl^SiBaAti^ B npoeRxe uiRO^a TB^yhe ce caiB- 
BHBaaB, Hero cy h caMB paane uiRoacRe npe^MeTe 
Bapa^BBBJiB , H nocjie ib , rbo npBBarBB jho^b IIo- 
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KOMMHCcie CBe^oHe caMa flfhAa^ epii ona e aa 8 ro- 
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i^a ORo 80 paaHU caiBHenia, uirojicrb npe^M^Ta b 
A'lbjia, ROH cy nocjie HaneHaTana. OcBM'b oBora, iuto 
cy Hariia iurojicrb aaBeAeHiH nonaiiBBuie nenaTane 
npe^MeTe ^oCnASi, HHAfb e hbbo BacTaB.«eBi6 ojbr- 
luano, MHoro e npBBe.ia b y tqmi> , iuto e CBCTeivia 
uiROjicHa B HaMBBi) npeABBaBB noSoaBiuaBit. — 3a 


npeRO Ilonei BTCJiBCTBa npocBeuiTeBifl, bsbbbtb rom- 
MHCciB CB06 BfacoHanuie CaaroBOJienh , ocoShto, 
iuto cy RHJbBre aa ochobbc uiRo^ie Bapa^ene b hb- 
nesaTBHe. — 

y R0.1HR0 cy paAHBOMB lUROaCRe ROMMBCcie 

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uie KHBBH&ecTBO o6oralieHO ; epij mie^y iuro^crhiiib 
RHBHraMB BMa B TaROBB ^'fejiB , ROB upe^c y HauieMi» 



Hanpe^Ky uaiuH uirojicrr saBe^^euia h RHBHaReBHOcxH^ 
HMaMo Mjioro, H nonafiBHTue, C^aro^apHTH HiuTe^po- 
TH npasMTejiBCTBa, KOe e, no onpeHH ROMniHCcie csa- 
Ro luRoacRO A'ib^o npHCTOfino Harpa^HiAO, h aeaHRe 
aRepTBe na o-iTapB npocseTe npHHocHjio, h npHHO- 
CH. OsaRO uiTe^po no^aoMorRyTH^ npoAy»&HMO ^dRjie, 
RRRO noe^HBH yneHH CpCn, xaRO h rommhccir iuro.«- 
<;Ra^ o Roioif 6 pens, npHuocHXH RcepTBe na cBeTuii 
oaxapB npocsexe napo^a Haiuerb^ na iomxB aa Ma- 
jio ro^Hua He he hh e^He HayRe 6iiixH, roio na Ma- 
xepH'fcM'b esHRy HanHcany a nanenaxaHy HMaxH ne- 
heMo; R06 he aacb ca ocxaaaMi* HanpeAHiHiiii> na- 
poAH^a y HsoCpaRceHOCxM h RHBHrnecxay ycnope^iiH- 
TH, na H Cy^yhflOCxB CpCcxaa 6oal yxBpAHxn MohH. 


OKPyaue kpamhcko. 

Onucao HAia JlneAap^ nucapz iyMpyna BeoepadcKoe%. 

(cb KapTOMrb) 

§ 1. OKpy»i6 KpaHHCKO 3ay3HMay;^aHamH]>M'b 
KHflmecTBy Cp6cROMi> npHpo^nb uojiomen^ CBoe 
Hsmel^y 44<> h 45<> c^BepHe lUHpHRe vi XQ9 k 2S^ 
BCToiHe p^ymnne. — FpaHHi^e cy My o^* HCTona 
KuamecTBo BjiaiuRo , 0;^% Koerii ce pbRosfb ^yna- 
BOMi, paa^^BdH ; 0^% loro-HCTORa ByrapcKa , 04% 
Roe ce piiRonfb Thmoromii pas^saa; 0^% lora I^pno- 
pkHRo, H 0^% aana^a IIoacapeBaHRo oRpyacie; a o^'b 
ci>Bepa boSbo^ctbo Cp6cRoy ii^apeBHHB AycTpHCRofi 
o^i) Roera ce TaRoJ^e^yHaBOSfB ;^ejiH. 

§ Z. IIoBpiiiHHa oRpyHcifl KpaHHCRorb hshoch oro- 
jio 63 D reorpa^iHCRiH mhjih. 

§ 3. Obo ORpyacie /^ejiH ce aa MernpH cpeaa 
UAH HHane RaneTaaie, h aa py^apcRo ORpymie, h^h 
py^apcRifi cpeai), a no oco6ho na oae cpeaose npa- 
na^iia h to: 

a) Ha cpeaii KpaHBCRifi 

11 a 3000» 

6) „ „ fip30-na.«aaaHRiH 

18 „ 1000 

B) „ „ KillOHRifi 

9 „ 2500 

r) „ „ IIopeiRopeHRiii 

14 „ 1500 

a) « n PjflapCRiii 

15 „ - 

Csera 63 D — 

§ 4. 3eiiijiH 6 6pAOBHTa h no aehoH nacTH Ae^ 
nHAfB miipopo/^Hfanfb luyiviaMa noRpHaena , ho uMa 
H jenH no.«fl h jiusaAa, oco6hto Rpau ^yaaaa oro 
K^a^oaa K HeroTHaa, h npeM^B ^y apao n^fo^ua, 
oneTi> RHcy HaH6ojil>, a napoHHTO ohb oro Kjia^oaa 
sanpeMaibHa h o6A^aaHa. 


§ 5. IIjiaHHHe, K06 ce Kposis obo onpysKie npy- 
SKaio M paarpaHflBdH) , npeM;!^a cy caMo npo^ymeuh 
KapnaTCKH ropa— BaJiicaHa — onerii ce mory na ^ea 
rjiaBHa CTa6./ia no^eaHTH, h to: npso h rjiaBho CTa- 
6ao npyffca ce o^i* ^ynana m rOpH-fcrt, f^ep^ana no. 
RpaH Mikvifl^SMTi^lleHa ^o rpaHu^e OKpysKi^i I^pno- 
pK^Korb / H OAaH^e p,aA'h npasefiH rpaHHi^y H3Me- 
t)y oKpysKifl U^pHopb'iieocb n nomapeBaHKorii ki> 
OKp^miio hynpiHCROMii h A.^eKCHHaHROM'b. 

^pyro CTa6jio njiaHuaa nosHHb o^it flgOAHkrh 
%i»p^an« TypcKH aBanorii ^eMHprb-Kania ^ h npyaca 
ce ^o ceaa CHKOJia, o^aKjie ce ca nocTe^enHM'b cuy- 
iuTaH'Ki»i'b y THMosKe paBHBii^e ry6H. O^e ^^Be raaB- 
ae rpane KapnaTCRe n^aHUHe, ^ejie ce naMHora co6- 
cxBeaa liMeHa , o^i* roh cy SHaxHie, h to y npBoMi»^ 
cra^.iy: Ba6HHa MauiHvia, HoMp^a , Fpe^en'b , wIhiji- 
imsai^'b, CTapBi^a^ PyA^a Faasa, FaBpanv, ra^BBi^a, 
H 3HaMeHHTO H HaHBHiue y Tome ORpymiio 6pAO 
Ctojiii) bm Bpx.y Roenb Behib ^psa ne pafry (bh^h 
Py/^apcRiH nyT-b no C!p6iH 6apQHa HC. ft XepA^pa 
CTp. 18)^ a y Apy^owb CTa6jiy: IIlTp6ai;'b, C^iapa Bo- 
HciA, npABpiuRa, ^eaH-IoBaBi»^ Fojiuh h U^puiaH Bpxi>. 

§ 6. Kao into ce sa HaHBepoBaTfrie Ap^^p A^ 
ORpymie KpdHHCRO 63 D MHjit npocTopa aayaiK^wr, 
Tail4^!«ioAfre ce yaexH ^a wa djrairiiHe n 6pA^ ^e3l» paa- 
aiiir^ 57, a na paBHHjqe 6 D mh^a npHiiaAa« AioiuTi^ 
no;i(^o6iHe RaAi> ce cTane ORpyntie KpauHCRO pas- 
MiivpatH, npHMJ^THTri ce Miyace: ^a e keha nacTi. i^crort 
Aciipopo^HOMii uiymoM-b noRfrttiieMd. H to npHnliAa Ra 

a) \mywe . . . . . 40 
€).jtmBBA^ • .... d 

b) HBHBe - .... 5 
r) Bfitforpii^e .... 4 

a) Ceiia H BBpOIUH ... li 

e) ^ypoBe vpHARe^ hah HeHCRp- 

Mena mcctb . • * 5 : 


») KdMeniiTa h Rpmiia MrecTa 


pacire Ij 

Cywa ! TT"! !i ; 63 D m. 

§ 7. P^Ke HMa oRpyxfiie KpaHHCKO ouaKOse 
K06 ra ORpymaBdH) h rpaHHi^e My npaee , u to: ^y- 
HaetcackBepa HHCTOKa, aTHMOK'b o^ii loro-HCTOKa. 

P^Re y ORpyaciio KpaHHCROM'b HCTHHyhe h y 
f^BB npe^HaBe^eue norpauHHRe pKRe yTH^iyhe ecy oee: 

a) y cpeay PyAapcROM'b: BeJiuKi& ilem^ roh usi* 
Omo«ibcrh njiaRHHa 6aH3y rpaRRi^e oRpymiR I^pHO* 
p^HRori> Halt Bbiiue Bpeaa RSBRpe, h rene nocpe^ii 
npe^'Kjia Py^apcRorb 6i^H3y MaR^aHTb-IIeRa, h /^a- 
ji\t oneTii Rpoai) oRpymie IIoacapeBa^Ro f^o yiixha 
ciftil^rb , r^H ce Hcno^i> B. rpaAHmTa y ^yHaBi) hs- 
jiHBa. Osa SHdTHa pl^na B. IleRii ocrmi* uito npHiura 
y ce6e h to ci> jiese CTpaReTpH noBaiRRiepy/^apcRe 
pfeHHi^e: Todopo^uu/g^ Upf^y* ** rpa6oey^ c* A^CHe 
CTpaHe TaRol)e npRMa Ma»lAaBCRy p:bRy« Maaufi IleRiy 
2KeA^3HHfci> H HecToCpoABi^y. npe^HanomeRyTe pib^ 
Re cHpiiH'B: BejiHRiii r Ma^ufi neRi>, iouttib cy hsii 
cTapu BpeMeHR sConb py/^OROnRfl noSRaTe, h aa Cp- 
6iio o^ii seaRRe BaflCROCTR; epii Cp6cRO IIpaBRTe^- 
CTBo Ha TRMa p'bRdMa ca^a csoe ^octb A^^po ype^- 
l)eRe H cb RyaK^^HHM'b ManiHHaMa n ocTa^RMi. noTpe- 
Shoctrmr CHaS^bBeRe . o^i* pasaRHHTfai MeTRi^ia* a 
ooo6hto Ba«iflRe 6«KapRe h rBOBAt^He syaHiuie HiiaAe. 

() y cpedy nopeMRopl^HROMi>: niatUKay^ioda^a 
ft UpHHHKtt pina, o^-b ROH e npsa (SiiiHsy MaRABHii- 
IleRa, Apyra RcnoAti 6pAa CTO.fa, n Tpeha neno^'h 
I^pHorfc Bpxa R ^e«»R-IoBaHa HSSHpe, h nomro ce 
npee ;^Be Bume, a Tpeha Rcno/^ii caMe aH^Rtie Mto* 
iiomeBe ny^ie cacTdBe, ofipasyio SRawieiiRTy nopentty 
pitsy — ^ noc^e B. fleRd y Towe oRpy«iio RaflBehy. 
IIopeHRa p'fcRa o^i* lorft h« c^Bepy r noepe^'b cpe^^ 
aa IIopeMRop^iRorB rene , m ncnoA^ rjtaBR^e nim* 


uie roaj6HHH H34HBa ce y ^yHasi). OpemKoeui^a h3- 
BHpe Hcno^'B 5pera .iHiuROBii^a h ko^ii MujiaHOBi^a 
BBiAHBa ce y ^ynaBii. BoAtruHCKa pena c}»Bepiio 
Hcno^'B .iHiuKOBiJ^a ifSBHpe, H noiUTO TpH HeanaTHa 
noTOKa y ce6e npHMa , bhiuc ropnlbrii ]^epAana y- 
TH!^e y ^ynaB-b. 

b) y cpeay Kjhohkomi. phKe HCTHHyhe ecy: 
Kocoeui^a Buiue Ciina koai> AO«^h^^i> ^^PAS^na,/Z/afi- 
ua HcnoA'b' K.«aAyiuHH^6 9 UodeptuKa pbRa hcoo^'b 
Bpaore^ h ^. RajnenuHKa pbKa Hcno^i) BeaecHHi^e 
.y ^yHaBt) yTuny, h cbc CKopo Hcno^'b Sp^a C^aBe 
BosKie HSBupy. I(epu6quia H3BHpeHcnoA% I^epH6auie, 
a ry6H ce y necROBHTofi Rop6aBCROH paBRHu^H. 

r) y cpesy Bp3onajiaBaHROMi>: Pena Hcno^iB 
6p4a IIlTp6i;a H3BHpe, h Bume fip3e IlaaaHRey^y- 
HaB'byTHHe;^^^va Bume B. OcrpoBa, u^ajnua Hcno/j^iB 
M0flH^OBi;a yTH4y y ^yHaBi*, a u3BHpy h to npBa 
Bjuuie ManacTHpa BparHe, Rpos'b npupo^He Be^ane- 
CTBene nehHue^ a Apy^^ HcnoAi> ro^oriiBpxa, htc- 
He Rpoai* j^eAiH Bp3ona^aHaHRiHi cpesii. BoJidopom'b 
HJiH IfapuHUHat^^^ Buiue ^yuianoBij^a H3BHpe, a ry6H 
ce y paBHHJU[aMa oro CpCoBJiaa. RopoeAaiuKa pena 
HSBHpe 03% /^Ba raasna Bpejia Bfjuie ce^a IIonoBH- 
i;e H IIIapKaMeHa, npojiasehH noRpafi flceHHu^e Rpoai* 
KoporjiaiuiB h oRpysKHe BapoiuH HeroTHna, y Hero- 

TltHCRiB ce pHTlb H3^HBa> 

a) ^ cpesy KpaHHCROMii: Cukoacko HSBHpe HcnoAi> 
rope ^ejiH-IoBaHa, h xene Rposi* CflROJie, MerpHiua 
PeiRe H MoRpaH'b, na Buuie na \ caxa Heri^ uito y 
THMOirb yTH^ie npnMa y ce6e HyCpancKy peny. 3.«a- 
TOBOciia HtuKosa H3BHpe Bjuuie r.<oroBHi^e, h xene 
oAi* cibBepa ri* lory npeRO cet^a hctofb uMeRa , 
Mcno^ii Ta6aROBi;a Rao h PoaJiiecKa pena xaRol^e 
HcnOA'K' PorjiKaa yxHHe y Thmorii ; h nanoc^e AKy 
JtynaHCKa peua H3BHpe Hcno^i* Croaa, na o^an^e 
Rposi* ceao Tonay y I^pHy peRy yxHne* 


§ 8. Ha CBHmb obmiit^ pisRaMa , Roe KpaRHCRO 
OKpysKie HaeoA^'^Baio, HMa^e sp^o mhofo, ho nose- 
hou MacTH o^'b cjia6orB Marepinjia , BOAetiHi^a h 
BajiH.«Hi^a cyRHa, h BO/!iieHHHHmTa; ho noMeMii hhcjt 
CBe ype^He ■ nocxOAHe (BoA^HHi^e), to iii aie speA* 
ho €AHy no e^Hy hm HineHOBaTH, Beh'bcaMO y itOjih- 
RO npHM'b«faBaM'b ^a ih oro 200 HRiaA^./OBO 6 ^o- 
BOjii^HhiPi ^oksl3i» ^a ce Ha hcthm-b pKnaMa pa8.«it- 
HHTe pa^H^ H «a6pHRe nocTpoirTir Mory. 

§ 9. Pe^RH' cy OHH npe^KjiH, rOh cy xaRo m^o- 
THMii p^Rama o/^ii npHpo^e cpaS^bBenH, Rao uito a 
ORpyx&ia KpaHHCRo. U He cano nixo o6HTaTejiBHMa 
TOra ORpymifl 36orB noHJia h Apy^^ y^oSnocTH cjiy* 
ace, HO H pH^oMCb ey o^Behii fiorax^. Ha ^ZJ^ynaBy HMa* 
Ay acHTe^BH Torii ORpymifl nope^'b npaBHre^CTBe- 
Hu, H 061UTHHCRH Ban&HH pH^ojioBa , a napo^m'To y 
l^ep^any ro^ii Cnna, t^h ce nao^e nejiHRe pH6ojio- 
BHe rapAe; h BHpoBH roai> Tenie h Hopena Bpao 
paSoifii H3o6HwiyH); a napoHHTO mopyHaMa, 6ceTpa»ta^ 
nacTpyraMa, ReHHrama, coMOBBMa, luapannMa, h t. a- 
y ocTa.«HMi> naRT* pbRaivia HMaA<^ AO>^oai>HO CHTue h 
Bpjio BRycne pas^HHHTe paSe, o^i* Roe cy HaScaa^e 
iipH HSBOpHMa nacTpMRe. y TuMORy naRi* nope^'^b 
H3o5hjihq paane BRycne 6eAe pH^e, nao^e ce como* 
BH, y TeafiHHH p,o 40 ORa, mxyRe, mapanH, — a ne- 
poaySa cawo y Mapxy mecei^y CBane ro^HHe, ht. a« 

§ 10. nopeAis npeABaJiomeHu 6oraTCTBa HsiaA^ 
y oRpyaciH) KpaHHCRonfb xpn ajiaxoHOCHe p^kRe, h 
to: BeAUKiH Dem^ TuMom^ a oco6hto Hcuuoea ca cbo- 
hmtj noTOi](HMa (bhah PyAapcRiii nyx-B no CpSia Ba- 
pona AC. B. XepAepa cxp. 2l^). y obhm'Ei pikRama, Mi^- 
luxaHH* a aapOMHxo sKHxejiBH cejia BpaasorpHqa ca 
CBOHMT) npocxHMi> opyAiHMa HHcxo sjiaxo HcniipaH>9 
H xHMii CBoe xpyAe anaxHo narpa^yH). 

§ 11. y yZJ^yuaBy HiiaAe 11 aAa (ocxpoBa) oro 
xora ORpyHsia ^ oAi> ROh cy HaHanaxHie: IIopeHRa h 
AAaRa^cRa. HopeHRifi ocxpoBii y Asa paaA'^-^K^ npii- 



Ha/(jieiKH acRTeJiBHMa MajiaHOBai rhmi> (h31i Kor-b cy 
ce npe 20 roAaaa y paeHHi^y MajiaHOBaiRy asceviH- 
aH)y aAAdKS«^PKo ocTpoBo npaRa^jieaRH oTOMaHcaoii 
nopxH. CaacRH hjih rap^eHCRH ce^am'b ocTpoa- 
MHba npHHaA-^eace Cp6iii. A/^ai^e roai> Baiore, Byp- 
^e^a,- H FpaSoBRi^e npHHa/^.ie9Ke acHTejiBBMa hc- 
TBi ceaa. HaliaHaTHiH naRi> h naSBefiiii ua ^yna^ 
By ocxpoB'b nopeAi> cpeaa BpaonaJianaHRor'b jie- 
aRehH , ROH 6 y Bpeme 6jiaH6eHonoHHBuieri> BoaKA^ 
Cp6cRorb Kapa^op^a IleTpoBHtia Cp6iH npHHa^-^e- 
aKao^a caA^ RHamecTBy BjiauiRonrb npHHa^JieacH^ ecTi* 
BeaHRO OcTpoBa, xaRO h IJei;iepai](RO sobomo Foao o- 
crpoBo npuna/^a BaaiuROH. IIIhmhhhcro Rao h Kop- 
6aBCRo ocTpoBo na h Maaa Hcno^i* BpaenajiaaRe a- 
^Hi^a aRO cy h 6AHSRe uauiOH o6a.tH oneTi* cy no- 
OAdBHa y BaauiRO npHTHHcaHia npenijie. A t^ro hc- 
TO aAHifd RO^b rojiy6HHH H A^ytSi Buiiie TeRie i^e- 
capiH npHHa^aeme . Cp6cRO-KpaHHCRH muTeaBH cb 
HaBe^eRHMB aAama aa ca^a tum^b ce camo noasyio, 
uiTO y HCTHMa CB06 yc^ae H jiHsa^e HMaio. 

§ IZ. PhtObsi HMa^e y ORpyasiio KpaaHCROMB na 
TpH Mecra^ h to HaiiBehiH e onaii ro^b HeroTHHa. 
ObslH HeroTHHCRiii pHTB ORoao 3500 lOTapa seMa^ 
BO^oMB aaysHsia h y SH^y noaymeceuia aapouiB He- 
roTHHB CB lomRe crpane oapymaaa. ^^pyra cy ^aa 
pHTa MHoro Mana h o6a ce cb lomne CTpane sapo- 
lUH Kjia^oaa na ^ caTa pacTOHHia HSiO^e. Oaa cy 
Tpa pHTB SapcROMB ph6omb a napoiHTO uiTyaaMa, 
^HH^BHMa H HHROBHMa Coraxa, a ne MaH^ xpcROMB 
H naaBaqaiia. 

O pHTy Hi«H 6AHTy HerOTHHCROMB ^pe^HO 6 o- 
BO npHM'lbTHTH: OHO 6 Ha BHIUC MeCTa ;^0 fl,Ba H BU- 

ine «aTa ^ySoRO, a npa tomb o^aetiB raH6oBHTo h 
aCorB CBoe npapoAne Tpyjiema pasne Co^ccth, a o- 
co6hto jieTH BCHTeaBHMa HeroTHHCRHMB npoyapoRye. 
KojiRRO 6 BosAyxB o/(B TOPB xpy^orB, cxoehenb a 


HeoTHHyfierb Sjiara JieTHsaryiuaBHBii, na iomi* RaAi* 
ce H HecHocHJuu cMpa^'B o^i> spjio 6.«H3y BaponiM 
HeroTiiHa aemebH MaorH caaaaa, — y KOHMaceHafi'- 
manK no 100.000 Kosa npeKO Aera 3aRoa]> h hcto- 
nu, cai03H; oha^ 3^ Aio^e y HeroTHuy mnsehe npa- 
BUH naKao nocxae. 

CTapu aio^H npHHaio, p^sl HeroTHHCKifi purb npe 
60 ro;^HHa nie cyiuxectBOBao; ho KaAi> 6 Henifi Ap- 
Maiuit KoporjiaiiiKy peny SpaHOMi* ua cbom) BO^iie- 
HHii^y HaBpaxio 6fiio , OH^a 6 hb'b cslmo ^o ra-lbaAa 
CBoe BO/^eHHj^e BO^io , a Hcno^tt BO/^eHHi;e nie ce 
noCTapao, Ky^ahe Bo^a OTHi^arH. Bo^a acuofl,!^ bo- 
^eHHi^e npoaaseha HeHiitaiohH cboh npaBbiii Kaua^ii* 
KyAa he OTHu^aTH, Mopaaa e caiua ceSu nansLArb aa 
4aah oTHJ^aa't OTBapaTH. OBaROBHMi) e HanBHOM'b 
/^aR.«e BOAeHH*iHa Bo^a cania ce6H MaTHii^y oCpaso- 
Ba^a. HeMoraBiuH ce BO/^euHHHa ao/^a auuie y csoe 
CTapo RopuTo HjiH 6ojii^ pehH luaTHJ^y noapaTHTH, y- 
nyTH4a ce h npeRO paBHorb HeroTHHCRori* »no.tH , 
M noneaa sacTaaTH y hhcroh paBHHi^fd nsMel^y He- 
roTHHa H BynoBorb inaHacTHpa. y to Bpeme Ra^i* 
6 HeRa OAi><Be.«HRe Riiiue CHana Syau^a RarHy.ia, ne 
caMo lUTO Hie Morjia ApMameBy 6paRy npeRHHyTH h 
^ajii) HH3i> CBOH KauaAii, roh 6 y ^yflaBO.oH^a bo- 
^io, iipo^peTH , HO HanpoTHBi> Tora TaRO e crapo 
RopHTO (MaTHi^y) BAa cTapuS RaHaaii sacyaa h no- 
paBHHi^a, fl,a ce hh ca^^a CRopo Henoanac Ry^d e tb 
KoporjiaiuRa peRa cboio MarHi^y h RopHTO uniaAa' 
OaaROBa 6yHi;a ne camo niTO e ApMaiueay BO^eHH- 
i;y o^aejia, ho Rehma e h iomn* AY^J^^ ApmameBy 
apyry npoRonai^a , h tumi hobo RopHTO ri Hero- 
THHy BO^^ehe, KoporaauiRoS pei^u aa csar^a otbo- 
pH^a. O^Ti OHorb ^o6a /^aRJie na h ^aHacb ce Ko- 
porjiauiRa pkna y HeroTHHCRy paBHHqy, Rpoai camy 
aapoiuB HeroTHH'b npojiaaeba, H3.tHBa, h b31i fo^h- 
ae y ro^HHy CBe Bjbime AJ^-^^ " npocrpanie Hero- 
THHCRifi pHTb o6pa3y6. Qaafi phti> uHRy^a aeoTH- 



Me, Be6i> y H^ny bo^s^ sacTae h Mpeait Tpy^ieaifiB sa-^ 

ryiii.iBHBocTH oco6mto jieTH npoB3Bo4H. CMaTpaio- 

&H iia noaomenK BapouiH HeroTHna h H'lbaHHorB 6jia- 

Td) H HeoTBi^e Mopa nioje nosopaBHEii HOBeirB np^- 

M'lbTHTU H yskpHTH 06: /^a KaKO KOH ro^HHa CBe BU^ 

lue KoporaaiuKa u^h cabana HerOTHHCKa p^Ka y 
pHTi> (6iAaTo) H3.AHBaiotia ce noBce/^HeBHOy a HapoHH- 
TO y KBiuHO v9lo6a cb SyHi^oMii BejiBKift Taaoris h 
DecaKB CB HCKOMB TKHBOMB noMeiuaHB Hocehn^ y 
6jidLTO cao6Be e^aHB npeno ^pyrora npaaehn, ^ho 
HCTorB 6aaTa CBaue ro^HHenpHM'^THoy BuCHBy no* 
^Hme, H CBe Bbime no^a uoKpHsa. a caMoii sapouiH 
HeroTHHy noxonoMB h HarnaHieMB mHTejiBCxBa npe- 


pahe cKopuMB OBO saryiuaBHBo b 6apoMB OKpysKe- 
Ho MeCTo ocTaBHTH, u H3ce^HTH 06 Ha TIpaoBO , r;^H 
cy iouiTB oxapH Phm^ahh Ha Be./iH4ecxBeHHO ysBHiue- 
Hoii paBHHii^iii cjiaBHfaH rpa/^B ^eu^eCaaB HMajiH. 

Kji^B 6bi HeroxHHi^bi obo yBH/^u^H h sa panie 
6hi BuoosaHiueuB Mecxy Mo.i6y no/tnejiH ^a Cu hmb 

ce ^03B0.1HJI0 H3B C^L^^B^^rb pHXa H3CeaHXH, H KO^B 

IIpaoBa Ha ^ynaBB H3cejiHxH^ h on^e HanoBO nace- 
^hxh; h KaAi> ^u na IIpaoBO no hhi;ihhhpckomb n^a- 
HyHeroxHHifH HoBy BapoiiiB no^HrjiH, ae camo oito 
6bi Ha 6.iH3y oxoeheMB KocaKy c^iaBHO npHcxaHH- 
nixe 3a CBaKoaue aa^e HMa^H, ho m 3a npaxKo 6bi Bpe- 
M6 OBa BapouiB npBa nocjie fieorpa^a xproBanKa 
BapoiuB nocxajia, h 6iajia 6bi oaa noaa na ^ynasy 
BapouiB 3a Cp6iH) xo , uixo 6 ^aaacB HSpaH^B 3a 
B^aniKy, h Fa-^ai^ 3a Moa;i[aaiio ; 6p6o ioH aedfii 
y n.«OBH^6Bi HHRaROBBiH BBinie l^ep^anB ^o IJ(pBOra 
tfopa OMexao. 

Kao uiTO 6 npupo^a npe^'K^B xan njiOMaoxHMB 
KaMOHOMB o6^apHjia , xo 6w ce 6e3B no iwyKe h 
ycRopo BejiHHecxBeua sapouiB noAnrjia. Oaaao e 
H BaauiKo npaBHxeacTBO Ma.iB no Ma.«B noneao 
c:rapy h ^jtaxaay aapouiB HepHei^B ko^b Typne Ce- 


Bepnna nacejiHsaTii, r;^H ce eso Rpo3i> neKoaHRO ro- 
^BHa Bi^AO Jiena xproBaHKa BapouiB ca oRpyaKHHiirb 
HaA«^6HcaTejicTBaMa h ^pyrHnfb Kanqe^apiflMa no^^iixce. 
HaHnoCiAe aRO ce HeroTHHu^Hnia ne cbh^h na Ilpao- 
BO H3cejiiiBaTH, Mory ce na Ty^5y Buuie^ hjih ro^Ii 
TpoflHOBorB cTy6a HHme Kaa^oBa na npa3HHiiii> h 
ci> upHCTaHHuiTHMa CHa64^BeHHiiii» paBHHqaiia Hsce- 
aHTH. 36or'B ao^oSHorik yapORa, Mopahe ce h ca- 
^aH% Kaa^OBo Ra^ii ra^i^ HscejiRTH; 6pi> My H3aHBi» 
^ynasa ropnio nacTB BapouiH CRopo CBaRe ^ipyre 
UAH Tpehe ro^HHe njiasH h yHHuiTaBa, a ro;^t> BO^e 
6y/^yliH HHRaROBorb npHCTanHiuTa ueAia. Aro 5iii ce 
HeroTea^bi na IIpaoBO y pascTOiiHiio oai> HeroTHna 
V/i c^Ta H3ceaHaH , onex-b 5iii hmi^ cBa ona npa- 
TamaHifl org HeroTHna y 6jih3octh h ^^omaiuaio 
ocTa.«a^ a aioGvimo Ba^nKBO 6hi hm'b h on^a Rao h 
caAit sa yaecejieHie CAymajLO. 

§ 13* MHHepa.«HU Bo;^a y ORpymiEO KpaHHCROiiii> 
iiaao HMdA^ ^ H TO HaH3BaTHifl 6 ona ua nyxy hc- 
no/^it A^aRaJie ro^i* IJeBpHua, aaAna h hro cyMno- 
pHTa Bo^a, ROH H3'b c^He RpeHHORaMene CTeae hc« 
TflHe. Oaa 6fj Bo^a 5e3'b cyMaK poAy HOBeHecROMi* 
o/^i> nojiae morjia 6biTH, Ra^is 6fa ce na^i^eaRHO ohh- 
CTBjia H TOHHO HcnHTaiAa. Ha Buuie Mecra a uapo- 
HHTO y cpe3y KjnoHROMit cjiano-ropRH cjiarHHa h 
6apa HMaA6> o^b roh Beha nacTB aexH y cyiiiflo 
/(o6a ycaae. 

§ 14. IIo pe^T) CBera uiTO ORpyacie KpauHCRo ua* 
Ahi& npocTopik Ha noBpuiiioaeiiiHOMB saysHMa, onexit 
aaxo 6 H oB^e Rjiffiua paaaH^ma; epi* y PyAapcROMi> 
npe^'b^iy h cpe3y IIopeiRopeHROM'B B03Ayx'b ^ jieTH 
yiuKpeno TonajiB h Boo6fUTe B^paBB , a 3HMii yM^- 
peno .^a^aHit, a y paBHHi^aMa oco6hto oro Hero-» 
THHa AeTH npAo Tonaaib a bhaih ca cbrmb ouixapi* 
a jia^aHi*; y HCTOMit ORpyasiio HCTO'iHUH Bexapi* 30- 
BOMUH Roiuasa BeaHRe CHeroae HanocH, a oai> 3anaA- 
H-hrrb Bexpa hhth RHiue hhxh CHeroBH naA^M). Ho 


OBafi 6 BerapTi ropitHKi) aKib h 3hiiih •laAaH'B , ep'h 
OA'i> BHCOKfii ropa IIoscapeBaHKorb oupymia HBuma 

§ 15.*H3T> i^apcTBa pacTj^Hia po^^it y oRpyiRiio 
KpaHHCKOMi>: nuienHqa^ enanfb, h RyKypyai) to^hko, 
/^a acHTejiBH HCTorB onpymia osy pany na cboio 
noTpe6y hh noaaKi* noTpoiuHTH Hemory, Betii» oCTa- 
TaKib Te pane ipeai* npo^aio y HoBaii^ o6pah^io. 
^a.«'K po^H ^ocTa h ceaKoaKa BapHBa , fiocTana h 
CBaftora po^a Boha , — Koe e CpScKOMi* no^He6iio 
CBoficTBeHo, . — lu^jbHBa MaAOy A0B0.1BH0 »&Hpa, UIH- 
luapRH, pya, 6poha h pa3.«HMiiToni Sjujia. 

lUyma HMa y OKpyatiio KpaHHCKOMik ;^obojibho> 
a oco6hto y naaHHuaiiia, AP^a cy cji-hj^ysotiH po^o- 
Ba: 6yKOBa^ pacTOBa , rpaHBHeaa , i;epoBa, jinnoaa^ 
HBopoBa , aceHOBa, K^ienoBa^ ;^peHOBa» rpa6oBa, ah- 


§ 16. HsB ii^apcTBa acHBOTHorii ' OKpyatie Kpa- 
HHCKO HMa AOBoaBHO roBc^a , aenu kohh , oaai^a, 

dapu^HSHO CBHHB, MAQFO R03a , KB TOMe HMejta, nufl- 

BHi^a H aeuiTo cBBjieHBi 6y6a. ^a^h nTHiJ^a cBaRoaKe 
BpcTe — R06 o6h«iho y yM^penuMB noacHMa iKHae. 
no [uyMaMa nao/^H ce oco6hto y nope*iKopeHKHiiB: 
«aeHa, cpna^ /^hb^bh cbhhh , Me^Be^a, RypaRa, .ihch- 
v^a^ pHcoaa, ^hbjibh ManaRa h t. ^. 

y pbRama HMa pa3aHHHbi pnCa^ Rao y ^yHasy: 
Mopyna^ eceTpHjCOMOBa.nacTpyra, nocBHt^a, uiapana^ 
H T. ^.j yTHMORy: coMOBa» luapaHa, Bepo3y6a caMo 
y MapTy Mecei^y, lUTyna, RjieHoaa, h pasne j^pyre 
CHTHe 6eAe pn6e, Y ocTa.iHMB naRi* y BHyxpeHOCTH 
oRpymifl TeKyhHMB MaHBHMB p^naMa nope^B pas- 
^HHHbi BRycHBE pnSa HMa^e paROBa h nacTpMRu^ 

.0C06hT0 npH H3BOpHMa. 

§ 17. O^B HCRonaeMfj HMa^e y oRpymiio Kpa- 
HHCROMB rBom^a y rpAHOfi m^ohchbh (ocoChto y Py- 
^apcROMB npe^'Jb^iy), 6aRapa, ojiOBa, cpe6pa, cyMno- 
pa> d.iaTa^ u t. ^. Hafi3HaTHia py/^oRonna MecTa ecy: 


Py/^Ha FAasa, a oco6hto MafiAaHneRi>, r^H ce ca^a 

rBO»^e H 6skHSip'b, y BejiHROsfB ROJiKHecTsy tohh; 

a Apmn ce 4a h cojih HMa a^H ;^y6oKO y senAi^H. 
§ 18. BpoS a&HTe./ifl e y oRpyaciio Kpa0HCROM'b 

no HafiHOBi6Mi> noni^cy: 

y cpesy KpaHHCKoMi. , . . 24.037 

6p3oaaaaHaMKOMi> . . « 18.084 
K.«i04KOMr'b . . . 9309 

nopeHRopeHROMi> . . . 65S0 
Py^apcROMi, . . . 1095 

» ' 

n n 

Ceera ... 59.045 

flope^ik oBora afiHTe^iBCTBa MMa^e y rpa^OBBMa 
TypaRa ao 1535 /^yuia, a nanocie^Ry IJ^uraHa hctom- 
Horik B:kpoHcnoBi»^aHifl ^o 1000 ^yiua, ho obh cy 
nocjie^HBH y hhc^o Cp6a h B.«aa ypanynaTH. 

§ 19. 3a npocB'biuTeHie uapo^a Tora ORpymia 


ROfl heMo HH»e ro^b CBaRon* mecTa HMeHOBaxH^ 
nocTOH y HerOTHHy no.iyrHMHa3ifl o^ib neTHpu paa- 

§ 20. IIor.;iaBHTO saHHMaHie napo/^a ORpyafiia 
KpaHHCRorB to a: iuto ce a&HTe.^BH obofb ORpy 
mifl no aehoii nacTH sanHMaio seMa^A^icM^/ bhho- 

A'tt^ieAfb ^ CROTOBOACTBOMB , H pa6oAOBOM'b. -^ 3a- 

HdTH ROH ce ca^a y ORpyaciio KpaHHCRomi* pa^e 
6cy: TepaiHCRiH, aSaqiHCRiH, iHSMapcRiH , ROiwapCRiil 
6aHBapcRiH, TMiuaepcRiH^ Ayn^epcRifi^ hepaMHijiiHCRifi 
CBehapcRiH , MyxaBi^iHCRiif » nyiuRapcRiH , ROBa*iRiii^ 
RyiOHijiiiiCRiH^ hypsiKfcRiif/ rpHMapcRiii, ht. a. 3aHaTe 
oBe pa^e AOMopo^qu. IIo ceauMa meue npase cyR- 
HO u njiaTHO^ 3a o^eBaH^ o6o6ra noaa aobo.«bho, 
y OBOMB oRpymiio neMa 3a ca^a HHRaROBJu <i>a6pH- 
Ha , ORpoMit IIpaBHTe.«cTBeHe Tonioniii^e rBoac^a h 
6aRpa y MaHAanneRy. 

§ 21. TproBHHy BOAe BapomaHH (Cp6H u B^a- 
ch). Haifnor.naBHTiH npeA^eTH roh ce hsb ORpyacia 
KpaHHCRorb aa norpaHH«iHe AP^saae HSHoce, ecy h to: 


a) y AycTpiio: rose^a, kohbh, Kose^oBi^e, cbh- 
H^, a T. /^., a OA^ npoHSBO^a: nuieHHij^a, Kynypysii, 
6HaMi»9 JiOH y Be.«HKOH niaoHfiHHH, KO»e pasaHHHTe 
qcqChto Koab H oBHie (cHpoee), macTB, vL^^^b, bo- 
caRi) y noTauii> , pyii , Byna , pH6a , aiiBapii j nnaBH- 
He, H T. A- 

0) y B^iaiuKy: cbhhK , pa^a ^ affBapi , 6apyT-b, 
BocaR%, ROHce, hepaMH^e, b t. a- 

b) y ByrapcKy: bhho , paKiB , RaxpaH'B , » no 
H^UiTO o^ii a&BBe CTORe. 

ynocH ce HSi) oro^bu ^pmaBay ORpyacie Kpa* 
HHCRO, H to: 

a) a3i> AycTpie: aaaTi> ^a^apcRiu^ apTia^ aT./ia3Ti 
CBfl.«eHbiM H namy^fBUB^ 6acMe ^BuepasJiBHBTe, 4hmh- 
RaTOHii, Ro-voBiajiHuuecnanii^SiAaTO Kao6oAaBi>, ro- 
ase ypa^efie, Roce, RpMesfk/Ryiuai^H, h mapaMe cbb- 
aeae u namyHHe^ naMyRi) npe^eHi* , njiaTuo paajiH- 
HBTO) pyMib , caxoBB, CTHnca « < CTBapH sjiaTBe B no- 
^BTBpaue , ^ecoBH , nejivLnii , hob , luaaoBB , luaMie) 
pasjiBSBTe Bspa^eae rBoa&^apie a t. /^. (Bhah P'^h- 
RBiCb reorpa^BCRO-CTaTucTHHBiiifi Cp6i6 r. looaaa 
TaBpHi^OBBtia, CTp. 256). 

0) 83% B^aiuRe: 0pamBo 9 0ypaAB, ahsfrbh, 
aKBTO, KaaiuB, RainRaBajiB (capB), Rome pasaHfare 
y-pal^eue, aoBi^ia semjiaBB, Bomeaa majia, co^ naa Py- 
csifi, BpauiOBCRifi ecnani*^ a t. a* 

b) fl3i> ByrapcRe: a0e , aHTepaayu^ , rafiTaaa 
ByReaa^ naMy«iHa, ecnana CBBjieaa a cpe6pfiH, raom- 
^e paBaaHBTQ , AysaHB , 3eaTaHi> , a^pau^a , aereaa, 
RaAB^e, Ra^a , ROBonqn, Rome roae^e, Roaie a ob^ 
Hie a ABBaaHie, jioS, JiyAe , paaae Mapame naiwyiBe, 
MepijiaBa, aomaha, neiuTeMa^BacBa.ieBa a naMynaa^ 
naaTBO, pyB, ca6ai^ , BTarana^ cMOHae, mamie, pas- 
aanaa ^aaa caaaeaa ecnana. 

Ilpoaoca ce na.R't^ apos'B oRpyasie KpaaucRO a to; 


a) . H3i» AycTpie y ByrapcKy ecusin'h y iiiftjiOMi» 
KOjiH^ecTBy (ep6o napanaoBOMi* ynpaeo ce y By- 
rapcKy aoce), 

6) Hsii EyrapcKe h MaRe^OHie y AycTpiio 
H B^iauiKy npoHOGH ce Kpo3i> KpauHCKo ORpymi«: 
6Hcep'b, syHa, Ay^^^^'^y Rome pasjiHHHTe Heypat^eae, 
Rop^OBaHik, uaMyRii , cBHaa «ap6aHa ^ Hepa^ena, 
aeHTawhj pyxsH^ua MacTB h t. 4. 

y TOMe ORpyaRiio HauraaBHifl TprosaHRa Mecra 
6cy: HeroTHH-b , KocHR-b, PaAyesaifb , KAa^oso, Te- 
Rifl, MHaanoBai^'B. IlaHa^ypik 6biBa y HeroTHHy o Ma- 


3a aaRiue OTnpaB.iaHib rproBHue nocroeyoBO* 
Me ORpyafiiio TpH ^yiipyRa> h neTi> nocT-eRcne^Hi^iff. 

§ 2Z. ^peBHa HCTOpifl OBorb npe^^a roh 17-Ty 
HacTb RHamecTBa CpGcRorb aayaHMa, ecxjb oaa ncra, 

'O ROiOH r. lOBaHb raBpHJlOBBhl* y CBOMe P^HHHHy 

reorpa«HCRO-'CTaTHCTH*iHOiiTi cTp. 266 roBopu. A 
Hosa HCTopia e y toaiahp RoaaRO m o ^pyrHiui* oap. 
Cp6ie nodHaxa^ HsysHMaiohH iuto 6 rjiaBHufi ynpa- 

BHXe^lB OCHOBHbl lUROwia 11. PaAOBaHOBHhl> y CBoiofi 

RHbH3H: „BoHHe Cp6a Cb Typ^uMa^ yapaxRo ho 
HaHBepoaTuie cb paxne cxpaae ouacao ; h iuto e 
nojia aapo^a y tomo oapyaciio H3b B^auiae , ae- 
lUTO npe 160, a aeuiTO Hy OBOMb ctojiKtik) ^o6er^o, 
H oH^e ce HacTdHHao, koh acTa oaa npasa yacHaaio, 
Rdo H ocxajiiiiu CpCcRiH aapo^b. A 6yAybH ^^ cy h 
B^aca acTorb npaBocjiasaorb a^poaciiOBi^AaHifl -^^ 
Rorb cy a Cp5H, -^ sa to e^ae ca Cp6aMa i^piiBe 
a lUROwte HMaio , h cb OHHMb acTHMb aanpeAKOMb) 
Rao H Cp6u aaoSpaaRaaaio ce. A caAaaba CpSa y 
oRpya&iio KpaaacROMb maaeha ecy noTOMi^fd ohu 
CpSa, ROH cy y apesfe u^apoaaaa Cp6cRorb y OBoiib 
npe^^Ay a&HBH.ia» 

§ 23. Onpyjinie KpanacRo A^Aa ce Ha nerb 
CAhAyH}ha cpeaa: KpaaHCRia, BpaonaJtaHaHRia, Kaio*!- 
Riu, IIopeHRope^iRiH h Py^apcRifit CaHRifi o^^ 09h 


cpeaosa -^ ochmii Py^apcKifi — pasAe^^m e Ha 
Bume oGuiTHHa , a o6iuTHHe no BeaHHHHH ua e^HO 
H^H Buuie ceaa. 

§ 24. /• Cpes'h KpauucKii rpanHHH cbBepno ca cpe- 
aoMib 6p3ona.iaHaHKHMi> « nope*iKope4KHMri>, hctoh- 
HO c% BaaiuKOM'b H ByrapcKOM'B, r/^e ra o^^ Bjiam- 
ae ^yaaB-b a oai> ByrapcKe pKica Thmoki* paa^^Baa, 

— iOHCHO THMOKOMlk H U^pHOp'J^HRMM'b OKpyasieMli CT> 

ByrapcKOMik , a sanaAHO Tano^e c-b IJ^pHopibHKHM'b 
oRpyacieMfb; aaySHMa npocTopa IPI4 G reor. mh- 
Atk. y OBOMik cpeay ana e^na sapouiB, 25 ofiiuTHHa 
H 27 cejia ca 4324 ayhe h 24.037 Hfare^fl. 

1. HeeoTuwb^ caasHO noaopaiuTe xpaCpoi'^ foaa- 
sa H caaaiHe no^nope Kapa^opl)eBe Cpfiie Aa^yK'fc 
Be^iBKa IleTpoBH&a^ 6Ctb ca^daa oapyacaa BapoiuB 
ca 761 KyboMit h 3494 aKHTeaa, crojiai^a enacaona 
HeroTBHCKor'b^ ROHaacTopie enapxie HeroTHacRe/ 
aaia^iHHsecTBa a cy/^a ORpymia KpaaacRon> , a 
^aa cpeacRa nanajiaaRa: KpaaHCRorib a Bpaonaaa- 
aaHRonb cpeaa. Hna e^ay CTapy ^o noaa y aeM^iBH 
i](pRBy , no.«yraMHa3ifo , a aopMajiae maoae ca rpa 
yHrareaa a e^aoM'B yiaTCiBRonfB, Roa aceacRy ^ei^y 
aaoGpaacaaa, npaMapaTcnaiiiii cyAXi, noiuxy^ a hh- 
TajiauiTC. Oa^^e e nnaqa neTROMi* a cySoroMB. IIo 
npanoae^^aaio CTapi^ Afo^iii , HeroTHHB hoch anie 
CBoe o<2^'B TypaRa , «oh cy ce oa^e sGorB aenorB 
a .paaaorB MecTono./iomeHa npe cto ro^aaa aace- 
Jia.«a ; ao oa^a acxy sapouiB aie aao ca^a piaTB 
oapyacaaao (aa/ita § J2). IIope^B caera Tora iuto 
HeroTHaB aMa aeuiTo a Raa^pme, onexB cy coRaqu 
y RHjiiHO Ao6a ^ocxa aaaaaif, h nope/^B caera iuto 
HMa^e aeaoAMRO npa^aHHu asafai a npaaHxe^CTBeHBi 
%pfii\i\tiy onexB SdTo iuto cy coaai^d xecaa a aenpa- 
aajiHH^ HM y luxa ee CTpanH aarae^ara aeMory. Bo- 
Ay aa uube oapoMB p-bHue a SynapcRe .leTa no cbc- 
My fijuoTaae ^py^y " HeMaa), sCofb nrera maTejiCTBO 
a aapoHBTo .leTa aao op^h rposaai^e CTpa^a. 


2. Padyeeat^'b Ha /^ynaBy y ;ienoS paBHfli^u ca 
283 Kyhe h 1464 aKMre^ifl, HMa ii(pRBy, luKOay OA*!* ^pH 
paape^a h npHMBpHxejiHUH cy4i> aa ce6e. Oba^ « 
RapaHTHHi) HQyMpyK'B nocie AaeKCHHaMKonb aa Cp- 
6iio HaiiBamHiH. 

3. CaM^apuHOBaVt'h hb mbjioh p^qu I](apHHHHai](% 
ca 69 Kyha h 343 muTe^ifl^ ci» npHMHpHTe«iHHMTi oy- 
^oMit aa ce6e. 

4. EopoeAauif aa HeroTHHCROH pKu^u ca 70 ny- 
&a H 369 HfiHT., Cb npHMHpHTejiHHM'B cy^QMTi 3a ce- 
6e. Ofi^e ce .leno bh^hth h paanoanaTH Mome era- 
po KopHTO Kpoai) obo ce^o npoTHHryhe pene , roh 
npe 40 roAHHa aie hb HeroTHHi* Hiu.ia , h koh Rie 
AOH^a npeKpacHy HeroTHBcsy pasHy oKoaHay tohh- 
^a H pHTit npaBHjia , Bchi* ce e nope/^i> cejia Cp- 
jCo-Babb y ^ynaBi* Ha^iHBajia (§ 12). 

5. Cp6oeAa ca 122 syhe h 627 bsht.; hmb i^pKBy 

H npHMEHpHTdHblH Cy^li. 

6< EynoBHe ca 260 Kyha h 1368 ikht., ci> npHMH- 
pHTeaHHMi» cy^oAfB. y OBOMe ce 6 ce.«y oaa hobb 
Cb aenH]iii> TopoHKni'b GuBuia i^pKaa aCorB neBem- 
Toris iJ^uHi^apcKOFb aH^aHH CTponouiTajia. 

7. Ko6uviHhuv,a ca 250 Kyha a 1241 irht., hmb 
npHMBpHTe^iHuiS cy/^is aa ce6e« 

8. MoKpauh ca 217 nyha h 1170 »ht., hmb i;p« 
RBy H npHMHpHTeaHiiiH cy4i> aa ce6e. Y axapy OBorb 
ce.ia cb lOBSHe CTpane hboab ce obo aaaMeHHTO h 
HryaeHO 6p40 bobomo JIokbb h Bucorb^ hb komc 6p- 
4y Haii^ienme bhho y Cp6iH poA"- Obo fipA^ cbmo 
aayaHiua npeKO e^ae O reorp. mh^iK^ ro6 e cse bh- 
HOBOMTi .loaoMi* aBCB^eHo. Ha JIokbh HMBAe npeRO 
400 a aa Bucoroh npeKo SOO cae CKOpo KBMeROM'b 
oaHABHbi npocTpaHu nuBBHi^a (noApy^a). Ha oaoirb 

6pAy Be CBMO OKOJIBB BO H f^9iAB^^ CejlB CB06 BH- 

RorpBAe H nHBBHu^e HMaio. 

9* EafOBauoeat^>b HcnoA'<> -^ORae ca 65 ayha h 
338 mHT., Cb npHMBpHxejiBHM'b cyAOAfb aa ce6e. 


10. JHeTputwb ca 106 Ryha h 616 »bt.; hub ij^p- 
Ksy opHMHpHTeafiuJi cy^i» aa ce6e. 

11. i?. HiiUKoea na saaTOHOCHofi p^i;u HdTon» 
HMeHa ca 230 nyha, h 1245 skht.; hma n^pRBy h npii- 
iiHpHTejiHUH Cy^ib aa ce6e. 

12. M. HcuKoea ca 81 KyhoMTi h 480 hcht.; HMa 
npHMHpHTeaHUH cy^i>. 

13. fAoeoeui^a ca 149 Kyha h 1006 bsht.; HMa 
x^pRBy H iipHMHpiiTe^HfiiH cy^^ik aa cefie^ 

14. PoeA%eo ca 65 Ry&a h 370 muT.; HMa ^pRsy, 
lUKOJiy oAi) TpH paape^a h npHMHpHTejiHiiiH cy^'b. 

15. C^r^dotf^t^ft ca 55 Ryha h 297 acHT. ci» npa- 
MHpHxejiHHM'B cy^oMii 38 ce6e. 

16. PanVfit ca 187 Ryha m 997 skht.; hmb npuMH- 
pHTe.«HbiH cy^'b aa cefie. 

17. EpycHUK's ca 135 Ryha h 914 hcht.; hmb i;p- 
RBy H npHBiHpHTewiHfaH cy^i). Ifo/^ii OBy o6niTHHy 
cna^aio ioiuTis ^ea ceaa a aMeno: 

18. HAeno^at^'h ca 44 Ryhe h 264 muT.; h 
19* Ta6aKoeat^'b^ ca 39 Ryha h 275 hcht. 

20. TViJiMtiv^ ca 153 Ryhe h 900 hcht.^ HMa qp- 
RBy H npHMHpHTeaHfjH cy/^ii aa ce6e. 

21. JXonpueuut^a ca 161 RyhoM-b h 10a6mflT.;HMa 
i;pRBy, o6urTHHCKy luROJiy o^iy Tpii paape^a, h npu- 
MHpHTejiHUH cyAii, no^'b roh no;^na<^a h ccjio 

22. ^oKOHRp'h Ha-norpa^HHHOH pKqu TnMORy ca 
25 Ryha h 143 acht. 

23. CaAatwh ca 108 Ryha h 655 mht.; HMa npHMH- 
puTejiHiiili cy^ii aa ce6e. . ^ 

24. CuHO^e Hcno^Yi n;iaH«He ^aH-IoBaaa, aaa 
o6uiTHHa ca 184 Ryhe a 1290 »ht.; HMa JoqpRBy, o6- 
mTHHCRy luRoay o/^-B rpH paape^a h npHMnpHTea- 
HbiH cy/^-b aa ce6e. O osourb cejiy ci* noxBa.ioMi> 
npHM^THTH Tpe6a /^a cy mHTe.iBH oBor-B ce,«a yi^e- 
jioMi> KpaHHCKOMb ORpyafiiu) Raao y ctoi^u xaRo h y 
HOB^y Hafi5oraTiH, a npuTOMb h HaHTpy40.«io6HBiH 
410^11^ H A^ HH 7 e^HOKi* ce.«y oRpymia KpaHHCROjnb 

HeMa TOAHRo nHCMenu n HHTaiotiH CTapai^a rojimbo 
y oBOMe, a to 36on> Tora iuto CHKo./iiiHH npoose- 
To./iio6HBbi jno^H CyAy^H 0;^*^ npe 80 ro/^Hna HHRa- 
Aa 6e3i> lUROi^e na hh no4i> Typi^uMa 6fa«iH BHcy, 
aRO cy HMit cseniTeHHiJ^ y hcto Bpenie h iurcicrh 

yHHTe^BH 6 UAH* 

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MBpHTe^HBiMii cy^oMi) sia ^e6e. 

25. HyCpa ca 158 Ryha h 928 »aT.; HMa i^pRBy h 
npHMBpHTejiHUH cy/^i*. 

27. PeHKa na CHRoacRoii pbu^u y cpe/^HHH cpe- 
3a KpaHHCRori> ca 125 Ryha h 724 »cht.; HMa i^pRsy h 
o5iiiTHHCRy lURoay of^ii TpH paspe^a, h npHMHpa- 
TeaHJbiS cy^i. sa ce6e. 

28. ^yna Hcno^i* Be.iHKorB CTOJia ca 140 Ryha 
H 922 jRUT.; HMa npHMHpHTejiHufi cy^'B sa ce6e. 

y OBOMB cpe3y aana^HO oA'b HeroTRHaynpaBO 
npeRo pHxa na ^/^ cara ^aaeRO y poMaHTHHecROMB raio 
JieaRH o6uiTe3KHTeaHbiH 6oraTjuH EyKos'b jnauacruph. 
IJ^pRBa 6 oBon> MaHacTHpa CTapa h 6e3i> uRaROBe 
saaMeHHTOCTH, ajiH e jiena s^aHifl ca npeRpacHUMis 
HecMaMa, luyMaMa, sHHorpa/^HMa HjiHBaAaMa ORpyasa- 
Baio. nope^-b OBora CpaTCTBO oBon» MauacrHpa, Roa- 
My e rjiaBa HryMaHB, npHTflmasa jiene 6ainHe, HBHse, 
BO^eHHiJ^e^H y m^iohchbh oApaciy atupopoARy ropyn 

paSHOFB pO^a CTORe. 

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OBOMe cpesy ueMa, Roe 6u ce MovAe oB/^e uanoMe- 
HyxH, oRpoMB TOJiHRo IUTO cc CRopo.CBy^a y seM- 
A%H njioHacTUH RaMCHii sa SHA^H^ o/^BehB YAO'^ 


//. Cpea'h BpaonaAaHaunMy rpaHHHH c^aepno ca. 

Cpe30M1» ICnfOHRHMB, HCT04B0 CB B.«auIR6M'B H ^y«> 

HaaoMB, lomHO cb KpaHHCRHMB a sanaAufc ca cpe- 
30MB lIopeMRo-peiRHMB^ a aaysHMa npocropa 12% 
Q reorp. MBJia, HMa e^ny Bapouiai^y h 20 cejia y 19 


o^uiTHHa ca 3237 Ryha h 18,084 jkrt. Mecxa cy ca^- 

1. BapoiuHiJ^a Bpsa^UaAauKa^ Ha Be.«HKoif OKyi&H 
a oGaiAB ^yHasa cb MajioM'b Hapuiioii«b h ca 96 kj- 
ha H 391 asHT.; os^e e upasa CTo^Hi^a cpe3CKon» 
HaHii.«HUKa o^i> oBorik cpeaa, HMa o6iuTHHCKy niRO- 
Ay o^ik TpH paape^a , npHMMpHTeaHuu cy/^ik^ h, no- 
lUTdHCKy juTai](iio. Oe^e^a cnpema MaTepia.t'b 
sa seaHKOAibnHy i^pKsy. Osa e BapouiHu^a yTO^uRO 
saaMeHHTa iuto cy Bbiuie BpeMeaa y hboh Typi^u 
rjk,e cy uiaHai;!) h i^aMiio HMajiH, 6opaBH;iM, h iuto cy 
Cp6M no/^ii Bjia^oMik noKOHHora rocuo^^apa Kapa- 
])op^a IleTpoBHha y 1806 ro^HHii SHiiTHy no5b^y 
HaAia Typi^uMa o/^pHca^H (bhah BoiiHe Cp6a cb Typ- 
ij^MMacTp. 9h 10). — 6p3onajiaHa*iKoii o6uithhh npu- 
Ha^^aeHSH H ce^io 

Z. Pexa ca SS^nyha h 156 mRT. 

3. Kynycuture ca 98 Kyha h 403 skht.; HMa i^p- 
RBy H npHMHpHTQJiHiiiH cy/(i> sa ce6e. 

4. CAaruua na peKH A6yHH c^ 130 Rytia b 591 

aSHT.^ HMa I^pRBy H npHMHpHTe.«Hblif cy^ii. 

5. ffpoeut^a na ptHHi^w y R6y^y yxH'jyhoH ca 
273 Ryhe h 1373 »sht.; HMa i^RBy h npHMnpHTejinuS 
cy^-b 3a ce6e. 

6. Bparna na pl^RH fl6yHH ca 65 Ryha h 297 
SHHT.; H»ta npHMHpHTe^iHBiii cy^B. Ha 1 caTB ySB hc- 
Ty peRy sana^HO Hao^n ce ManacTRpB hctofb HMe- 
Hd, MeTOXB o6uiTeaKtiTe./iHor'^ ManacTHpa ByROBa — 
ca aenHMB hojibcrhmb npHTfl^aHiflMa. Ko^b oBora e 
MdHacTHpa pena ACyna e^^HO rp^np RaMenHTO 6p40 
itpoBa«iHjia H ce6H /^aa^ nyTB OTBopH.«a« MKiuTanH 
aoBy OBO BCiAH^eCTBeHo MecTo — Roe Rao rbrbb Ha 
.cBo/^B cacTaB.«'KHa Rania Har^e^i^a — FIpepacTB. Ma- 
naCTHpB ce osafi 3aTo Bpaxna 30Be, uito ro^i* h^- 
ra pena Agyna Rao Rpo3B Bpaxa npojiaan. lipn cbcmb 
TOMB IUTO HHRO He3Ha, Ro 6 OBaH MaHacTHpB no;9^H- 
rao, HuaRB HHRaRoea ce /^pesHH Ha^UHCM y hctomb 


no Tone BH^^HTH HCMory , lUTO cy ra Typi^bi Biaiue 
nyra BarpH HSJiara^H. 

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3aMHa y ^yHaBii npana B. OcTposa naaaBa ca 187 
Kyha H 969 skht.; HMa Jieno caaH^any u^pRBy, off- 
lUTHHCisy niKOJiy o^i* TpHpaspeAa^HnpHMMpHTeaHufi 
cy^i), no^Ti KOH no;^na/^a h ceao 

8. M, KaMeHUU,a ca 46 Ryha h 610 mHT.;HMaiq)- 
RBy oAi> ApB^Horb MaTepiaaa. Osa cy ^sa ce^ia 1833 
roA. Hsi* cyc^^Horb Bi^auiRorb B. OcTpoBa no^i 
npe^BOAHTeacTBOMik cxapi^a Teoprifl Kopni^ y Cp- 
6iio Ao6erjia. B. OcxpoBO 6 npe 30 ro^Hna KpanH- 
CHOMik oRpymiio npHHaA«ie^a*^o (bh^h § 11). Y axa^ 
py oBe o6uiTHHe ae»H 6pAO sobomo Afi^yRi*, Roe 

H306HaH0 H CROpO RBO H Ha JlORBH n.«eMeHHTO bh- 
HO pO^H. 

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3aMHH ca 173 Ryhe h 1044 hcht.; itMa i^pRsy vl npn- 
MHpHTeaHfiiH cy^i). Hcno^'B oBorB cei^a na \ caxa 
Hao^H ce Rao h ro/^ii ManacTHpa Bpaxne ae^Hne- 
CTBenufi o^ik RaMCHa npHpo^Hufi hcuoaii njiannHe 
CBO/ii), Rpoaii ROH p'^Ra 3aiiiHa npoTHf e, h roh cbo/^i* 
Rao RaROBUH Tyne./i'B Hsrae/ia. 

10. Jlonoeut^a ffjiHsy HSBopa 3aMHe ca 140 Ry- 
ha H 1035 HCHT.; HMa iqpRBy h npHMBpHTeanuii cy^'b. 

11. Tpuaue ca 146 Ryha a 92Z acHT.; HMa i^pRsy, 
o6iuTHHCRy niROJiy o/^i* TpH paape^a, h npHMnpH- 
TeaHBiK cy^ii sa ce6e. 

18. JUapKajtem ca 81 RyhoMV* h 596 skht.; HMa 
npHMHpHTe^HJUH cy^i* aa ceffe. 

13. Kap6yAoeo ca 77 Ryha h 584 aRHT.; HMa npn- 
MRpHTCjiHufi cy^it sa ce6e. 

14. HceHuv,a ca 120 Ryha h 779 scht.; ca npHM«- 

pHTeaRHMl) cy/^oMi>. 

15. MaAailHUxi,a ca 144 Ryhe h 636 scht.; HMa qp- 
RBy H npHMHpHTeaHuii cy^i). Obo e sa nainy 
Cp6cRy HCTopia) y to^uro anaTHie, iuto e 1807 ro- 


Anne noROHHufi rocn04api> Kapal^op^e neTpoBHhii 
3HaMeHHTy uoGhfl^y ex* xpaCpHMi* Boueo^aMa h na- 
po^OMi* jcbohmi* Ha/^-b Typi^uMa K Myjia-flauioMii 
oVip»ao (bh^h o^iuHpaie BoHne Cp^a Cfe Typ^biiia 
crp. 16 M 17). O TOH 6htkh, koa e HexHpH cara Tpas- 
^a, H usMe^y MaAafinHiJ^e h ce^^a UlTy6HHa, RaoxuTO 
H fl^SLHacb luaHHeBH CBe^OHe , ^oroAHaa ce , npunao 
MH 6 y npuMH^HTejiHOM'b UlryCuHKOwb cyAy cTapaip* 
o^Vi* SO ro^HHa HH^a Herapiy CTOHROBHh'fe h3i» hc- 
TorB cejia» hoh e y oboh 6iiTRH y*iacTHHK'b h one- 
BB^aufB 6hiOj i\Si 6 Myaa-naiua ua neoceA^iaHOH ro- 
^MJiM 6e3'b HSiAMe e^Ba aciiB'b yxeRao* 

16. UlTyduK'b sanaAHO o^ii Ma«idHHifli^e Ha '/^ 
cara jieacebe ceaocal89 Ry&a h 1217hsmt«; Hua i^p- 
RBy, o6uiTHHCRy lURoay H npHiiHpHTe.AHfaii cy4i>. 

17. HCyHoeaVf'b HauBehe cejio r HafiCoraTiA o6- 
lUTHHa y OBOMe ORpymiio ca 446 Rv&a h 2250 maT.; 
HMia lUROiiy o^'fc 3 paspe^a h ca^a HOBosH^afohy ce 
ij^pRBy^ H iipHMitpHTejiHbiR cy^i y aenoMi* 3^^8110. 

18. ^yuAHue ca 91 Ryhomi* h 510 xkht.; .cb npa- 
MBpHTe^HuMik cy/^oMB SB ce6e. 

19. Bu^poea^^ ca 132 Ryhe h 876 mcht.; hmb DpH- 

MHpHTe.^HbIH cy^ik. 

20. /^yuiOHoeat^'b HAU ^anoeo^ ana o6ixiTHHa ca 
292 Kyhe h 1584 irht.; itnia ^pRsy, lURoay oai* 3 pad- 
pe^a, H npHMHpHTeaHiiiH ^cy^ii y jienoM'B d^aHiio. Y 
aiapy oae oCuirnue aa ^[4 caxa ^ajieRo ua o6a«iH 
^yHBBa AeacH shbtho TproBBHRo Mecxo Kocak%j y 
RoMe 6 rjiBBBa covicrb 3a Cpfiiio RaiiapauiiR, ca 
npocTpaafJM'b h Bei^HiecTBeHJUMi* Marai^faHHua, h sp- 
AO /^oCpHM'b npacTaHHiuTeMii sa aa^e. 

21. Ilpaoeo ca 175 Ryha h 917 »ht.; hmb i^pRBy 
H y Aeuowb d^aHifO npHMHpHTejiHfiiii cy/^i. Hctohho 
OAi> KocHKa Ha y^ caxa na o6ajiH ^ynada aema. — 
IIpaoBO 6 y oocjieAHJ^ apcMe Phmcro 6fao SHaTaHi* 
rpaAi> 3BaHfaiH /fei^edaA'h . a ca^a ra M^uiTaHH 30- 
By /feu^. OaoMe rpa^y h ca^a ce sn^i^HHe na h c^-t 


me Kani6 r^b cj 5fafjie Ao6po nosRaio. rpa^i) fi^e- 
^e^aJ^'6 Ha Be^HMecTseHO B&icoKOtf h npocrpaHotf 
paBHHi^fai, Ha o6ajiH ^yHaBa JiemehH. t. e. o^ib mc- 
TORa Kit 3ana/^y 43)^ y ^yncHHH, a o;^i) lora Kt>c1>Bepy 
AC caMe o6a«ie ^ynsLBa Z56 BeMKH ^aTH y miipHHH. 
3h^obh cy oBori> rpaAs a^ '^ " Buiue ^ara ^e^e- 
jiH. OxBliCHa o6a^a o^-b caMon> rpa^a ^o Bo^e^y- 
HascKe 24 ^axa HMa^e. na 36on> rora ce AaK*»e Cb 
OBonb Mecra y B^auiKy bh/^hth Mo2Ke» flpeKOMilKpHO 
cyiiiTecTBOBaBuie Phmcro CorarcTBO oBor% rpa^a ^e- 
v^e6aA^ H o^T) xy^a ce sacBe^onaBa, iiito ce h ^an'b 
^aHacb cpeCpHM h 6aKapHH HOBqbi, a ki> tomh h paa- 
.iHMHTe BeiuTO Hspeaane CKynonfene aHTHKe no obo- 
ue rpaAy naoA^^ ^ rp^Ay /^eu^efia.iy o6iuHpHi6 hh- 
lue ^p. AHApifl n. HsaHOBHh'b y V. khbh»h r^acHH- 
KO ^pyiiiTBa Cp(?cKe C^oBecnocTH crp. 240, h ocrmi> 
OBora y ro^rro cy oBa 2 cejia t. <•. IJEanono h flpa- 
OBo, RaRO no AP^sny TaRO h HOBy a napoHHTO ua- 
uiy Cp6cRy HCTopiio SHarna, bhahth ce Mome Haib 

OBOra U3TO MR 6 BpCTHuK IJEaHKBCRiil y«fHTe4B F. lo- 

sanis MaRCHMOBJih'b y pyRonHcy npeAao, h Cb THirb 
noBOAa mr a^o A^ ce^y IJEanisBy y RapTHMoiofa a^' 
A^itf'^ oneTi> CTapo rmc ^yuiHi^y u^m ^yinaHOBaii{i>. 
Orti nniue: 

^,y oRpymiio KLpaRHCROAfb, cpeay 6p3ona./iaHaH- 
H^M-b, OA*^ ^ynaaa ^ a oRpynsHorb Mecxa HeroTHua 
1 carl) xoAa ^ ae»H AanauiH^ ce^to I^ani^Bo, ROe 6 
OA*!* caMbi B.«axa o6biTa€MO, h ro6 poMaHTHHRH 6p<?- 
wyaqtii BHHOBOii'b Aosowb saca^eHH J no sehoH na- 
CTH oRpyxtaaaio. Oho e upesejiHRo HMe cBoe Rope- 
MO A,o6hiAo QopaAH aKHHe ycnoMene oHora , roh 
6 Cp6iio Ha Hi^BHuiiii CTeneni* cahhocth h CH^e bo- 
AMrao, 4^^^**^' ^^dRo •ipes'b abr h noA-b Bi>Ra I^a- 
H'feBO ce ciaBoMTi npeysHOCHyio , Tunfb Buuie uaMa 
He8a6opaB.«^HO mmc n^yniHi^a*' hoch^o. -^ KaAi» cy 
Typi^bi CpGiio noRopHaH, OHAa cy ohh h namy ^y- 
uiHiiy y IfuH (Ayma) a OAvyA^ '^ IJaH^iio aperBo- 



pHJIH H IIO^'B THMTi f. HMenOMIb 680 H ^^O H^HaCJ* 

no3HaTO ocra^o. — Ha cKeepHoK crpanH IJIaH^sa 
HajiasH ce 6^ho uihjihcto ^ocra ro./ieRfo ropoMi^ no- 
icpHBeHO OKpyr^o 6pAO, Koe ce o^i^ M-biUTaHa jfena 
r^aeut^a HaauBa, h ko6 ce KaKO h3% cyc^V^ne OcmaH- 
CKe /^p»aBe , xano h as'b BnyTpeHOQTH BaauiKe bh- 
4HTH Mome. Ha aana^HOif cxpanH fJLanl^Ba | caxa 
xo^a nocTOi^ cxapo/^peBHorb MouacTHpa ncTOrii 
HMena /ifj^mut^e yHiiiiiTosKeHe h padBa^^'KHe pyHHe, no 
KOHMa cyfl^etiH ^ae ce 3aR.iiOHHTH^ ^a e ^yuiHi^a y 
npBo6fiiTHoCTM CBoioH, Mopao BeoMa Kpa^aHii mohb- 
CTHpi> 6biTH. Hapo^ik naiuit y oCiuTe ce e/^HofipasBO 
y TpMe cari^aiiiaBa h noTBpl)y6, ;^a e ne/iaaeRO o^i* 
MOHBCTHpa OBora Kpa«i^BRhi> MapRO, roh e y 6010 
Ro/^ii Kpa./i%Ba y Bi^auiROH pair%Hi> , h y OTenecTBO 
/j^oHeTii, oB^it aaHcxa capaRKHT>. OpeM/^a obo npH- 
HSiH'h Bapo^H'fe HenopBHeMi) hhth 3a Hemory&HO AP* 
jRHAffc, H naRis He6hi noTBp^HBao noxoMe, niTO Ap- 


HCTopi&cRH HcnHTBTH. CfeBepo-aana^HO | caxa, .^e- 
»H Bpeao BoA6opotu^ , Roera MaTHu^a Boy^ennHHe bb- 
TaoBe oRpehe a nAO^oHOCBa uoar HaBO^naBa. Y 
BpeMe Bjia^aHfl HMnepaxopa PuMCRorb TpaaHSi ^o- 
Be^ena 6 6biaa Bo/^ena maqa HS'b UlTy^HHRH naaHR- 
na y rpa^ii ^ei^eCa^'b, roa e no^seMHuii tori> cboK 
HMaaa, H Roioil ce ojiobhuh ojiyRii o^i* rjiase p^Re 
f^o penenora rpa^a npyacao , na 6 OBe PHMCRe rpa- 
^aae RpacHOMi» Bo^onfb cnafiA^Baaa. OofeMi* e A^- 
ufi^aAii cb na/^eHieMT> CBOHtifB npaoGuTHy cb&roctb 
CBOH) H3ry6io, OB/^a ce a napaBHo h bo^oboai* obbK 
saxpnao^ Bo^a noxoM'fc aasa/^'b y/^apHBuiH^ Oi^yRe 
pacnpcHyaa, Roe ce m%cxo noxoMi BoaCoponiis aa- 
aoBe, r^'b h /^auacb BO/^a rb Bume Ml^cxa rbo cysa 
HHCxa H aeoMa abrb aaaHpe. Cejiaqu IIpaoBCRifi ciy- 
HaSflO cy 1853 ro^Hne napne e^Ho ojiyfsa ojiobbofti 
HCRonaaH, y R06My Mo»e ^o 15 oRa xesKHue Cuxh. 
Oai* Bo.i6opoi0a 1 cax'fe ae»H na noaio npaoBCRomi* 


uiaHai^'b noROHHora rocnoAapa Cp()CKora Kapa-I^op- 
^a. Ulanan'h OBaM HaSSOxBariH jiesau 0,2^'b ce^a Ilpa- 
oBa, H npHAthnaea ce /^a e h bhuiih Suth mopao. y 

B06HH1II'f> CTBapifMa bKiUTH OpHHaiO, ^a 6 BOnpOCHblH 

ujaHai^ii r^ocra aroAHO nocTpoeHit, h ohi* e — no npH- 
^aHio Hapo/^B'kMi> — TypcKOH BOHcqbi Mjioro nay^io, 
H Ha He Ma^oif cMeTHBiii 6ao. (Bh^^h BoiiHe Cp6a cb 
Typi^uma crp. 19—30). lUaHai^ e oBaii na HaBfaiiueHOMi) 
OTBOpeuoMii /^ocTa uiHpoKOM'b nojiio, a AeH&H Me^y 
ce«iHMa IIpaoBOAfb^ lJlaH-KBOMi> h CaMapHHOBi^emii cb 
.iHi;a ^ynaBB npe^i* co6omi> HMaiohH; h3i> nexa ce 
;^a6 BH/^i^TH, /^a cy xpa6pH Cp6H oh/^K HeycTpauiH- 
Mo BOesaaH, h no KaauBaHio Hapo^H'KMi>, cb homo- 
hy cai03He PycKe BOHCKe noAi* HcaieBHAfb Typne 
paafiHAH, a tumc C-iaro^eTHo CTan^ Cp6i6 yinHomH- 

IIope^B tipe^onHcane Phmckc ^peBHOCTH nao- 
^e ce y cpesy OBome h Bume, o^i) koh cy HaiiSHaMe- 
HHTie one paasa^HBe no njianHUH Mnpony. Ho o 
OBOMe 0R0.1HH oCHTaTe^ABH HHuira npHHaxiT nesHa- 


BHAH, A^ 6 Mopao RaRaBi) npocTpauii a anii rpaAi> ne- 
r^a 6faTH. 

111, Cpea'h KAWHKiu. V nojiyocTpoBy, Roe ^y- 
Hasik ca TpH CTpaHe ORpymaBa n o^i> BoifBO^CTBa 
Cp6i6. H RHHmecTBa BjiaiuRorb paa^^BaA, a o/^b aa- 
na^ne CTpane rpaHHHH ca cpeaoBHMa fTopeMRo-Pen- 
RHMT> H 6p3o-IIajiaHa*]RHM'i> HCTorii oRpyasifl. 36oni 
BejiHRe oRyse h aMioBH^Horii RpaBy^dHA ^ynasa , 
OBaH 6 cpepii npaso HMe „RaiOHnb*' aacay»cio. Ilpo- 
CTopa HMa^e Bbiuie o4i> 9 q mhjia. Cpeaii Kjhohrih 
HMa 6^Hy BapouiB, e^ny BapouiHii^y h 17 ce^a y 13 
o6uiTHHa, y Ronnia nao^e ce 2023 Ryhe h 9309 hsh- 
Te«ia, H nopeAi» Tora 3 TBp/^HHl) Hma^e. MbcTa cy 

1. BapoiuB KAadoeo na ^ynaBy ca 302 Ryhe h 
1286 BfiBTeaa. OB/^e e CToauqa cpeaRonb HanaiffHR- 



na, a nopeAi> Tora HNia ^jMpjKii npaina B^aniRofi , 
nouiry, npHWHpHreJiHbifi cy/^-b, i^pKsy^ h lURO^y o/^«» 
4 pa3pe;^a. Os^e ce npHJiHHHa rproBHRa Bo^if ca 
cycK/^HUMii KHflmecT90Mi» B.iaiuKHM'b. Hmajiene 6aui- 
He M BHHorpaA^ » R^ff ABH) njiemeHRTO 6eAO brho. 
Bapoutb 6 oaa npaBifjino ymopena , npH^H*iRy nap- 
uiiio MMa, H cyCoTOM-b A<^6py nHHqy , ho 36oi"b to- 
ra lUTO HHKaKOBo 3a .iat)e iipHCTaHHiuTe neMa, h iuto 
ropnio MracT^ BapoiuH ^o came ^apn^ie nsjitB'b ^y- 
nasa necTO njiasn h yHHuiraBa, fiema Har^e^a ^a ^^ 
KaA'>> TO/^i) oBo MecTO Da TpirosHHy BamRiHM'b no- 
CTBTH. (Bh^h § 12) — ^o Kjia^osa R'b sana^y 
^esRH rpa^*^ ^eracABMii (t. e. TypcRa noffivAa) ca 
86 Kyha h 550 Ayua* OaaH cy Typqia noc^e B^a- 
/^anfl rocnoA^pa Kapa-])op^d oai> luanqay HR'b rp^A'B 
apeo6paTHJiH. Y roMe rpaAy RCRBe caiRH Typii^bi HMa- 
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maRaiMa. roh e m ynpaBHrejB ORora rpaA&- Typio^u 
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CBOH ycKBa h BHHorpaAa ypeARO noneiuTO n^abato. 
rpaAi* € ^eTHCJiaiHTi Hao6a^R ^ynaBa y nexo-yroji- 
HOMii BH/^y ca flRHM'b SRAOBHMa H niaHHe'BHMa yTRp- 
I^eHT), H ca cBera 55 Tonosa CHa^A^BeH'b. Obo 6 
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cy Cp6R no/^-b CiaHceHonoHHBUiHiii'ii BORC/ionfb cbo* 
HMT* Kapa-l)opt)eM'b Bume nyra RpeaBa cpameHiR 
Ha TOiiii> Mecry ca Typi^biua Hua^H. (Bra" Boikne 
Cp6a cii Typquma crp. 28, SO h 40). — 

2« Mj^adymuut^a ua o6a.iH /^yHasa ^1^ caxa bju- 
me Kaa^oaa ca 91 Ky&OMi> h 407 rcht.; BMa ^rieny 
ii[pRBy H luRo.iy o^^-b 3 pa3peAa. Oa^e e 6biJio npn- 
CTaimaiTe aaponaosa. Obo cevio npHHaA«ie>RH IJ[e- 

12iepai](KOH o6lUTBHH. 

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o5a^H ^ynaea ;^o caMe K^aAyiuHHi^e ca 58 Kyha h 293 
aiiHT.; HMa crapy Kauapauiiio, npHMnpHTe^HUH cy^ii 
3a ce6e, aa K.«aAymHHny h aa 

4. Cun%^ KOH 6 HasBaHi) o^^i) PHincKor'b Hacnna 
na ^yHaey ^q caMori) /^OH^ri> j^ep^aua (/^eMHpi> na- 
nie) ca 76 Kyha h 347 hcht«, mvia ^pKBy napoxifl^uy 
H rap^e pHSojioea. Koai> OBOri> ce^a .leno ce qh. 
^H H CBy^j^st HCHO pasoosHaa ncnoaHHCKiH HacHni> 
(ca/^a rpmoBHMa o6pacTao) lUwioro^io^HorB PHMCKorii 
H^poAd* t^a 6u H36er^H Phmjibhh onacnocTb f^ep/^ana, 
Mariij^y cy ^ynaBa Kpoaii osaH KaHaai} (HacHn'b) aaBp- 
xajiH H Ty^a aa^aaia apo.^a3if.iH, ho Ka^i* cy Phm^ih- 
HH naaH, SyHi^a e xaii Hy^ecHiiiH HacHni> npoBa.iH^a 
H ^yHaBCKy maTHi^y y CBoe KopuTO oneTii na ^ep- 
/^anis yfiyTH.ia , r^w h caA^ rpAHO KO^H*iecTfta no 
^ynaBy KaueHifTe crfiHe npaBe Be^uKiu uiyMb. Bpx- 
aore H cTpaiuue KaoKOTaiehe 6yKOBe. koh 5poAapa 
y crpalL'b h xpeneTi* npHBOAe. 

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ha R 893 mHT.; OB^e e f)yMpyK'b npaua i^ecapie h 
BjiaiuKe^ opeKO Roera KpanucKO , fJ^pno-PKsno. h 
FyprycoBaHKo oKpywie ca OpiiiaBOMii aHaiweHHTy 
rproBHHy bo^h, a HapoHHHo oTeHecTBenHM-b ppof|3* 
BOAHAia y § '^l cflOMeHyTHMi). Hapuiiio HMa lua^y a^H 
CKejiy acHBy. ^a^h niwa npHMHpHTe^nwH cy^'^j ^eny 
i^pKsy, H uiKOjiy OAi> 3 paape^a, a aSorii rproBMHe 
H ^yiupyicb y jienoMii ii TspAOMi* SAdHiio. OB^e ce 
OAi> A^HXi Ha ^diVLjy ese Buuie h flHte norpede a iia- 
po^ruTo sSorB xprosHHe yBiit)ai09 A^t ce luto CKopie 
noiuraHCKa uiTaqia ycxaHOBH, kob he ce cb Opuiae- 
cKOMiiH KaaAOBCKOMii catoHcaBaTii; h a^ ^^ yp^A^"*^ 
nyxxi H3Jtte^y TeKic m KaaAoaa orpaA" h THin-b xp- 
roBHHa ua xomi> Kpaio ysBHCH. Y obomI} e ceay po- 
^eHis HeaaSopaBHMidB naxpioxix Cp6cKiii noKOKHhiH 
ABpaMit ric^xpoHieBiili'b. Ho cpeAHHM oBe sapoiuHqe 
npHMbHaaaia i?e rpAue ^icaaAS^^MHe sHAiiHe , h py- 


HHe, HST) fera ce saK^iOMHTH /^ae /^a e Mopa^a Ka- 
KBa sasKHa tbpahha h saponiB y ^pesHa BpeMeua 6fa- 
th; ho hhko HHiuxa o TOH npHHaxH Heana. yat ^y- 
HaBi) naKis na 1 caTi> o^st oA'b Tenie npH CBpuier- 
ny CTeHH npaMa ceaa orpa^eney Haiiioil CTpaHHHaAi» 
caMOMii ^yHaBCKOiiiT» BO/voM'b Ha e^Holi OTBOpeHOfi 

rp^HOH CTJ^HH BHy!^H 06 SHaMeHHTls PhMCKIH Ha^nHCb, 

KOH Ml»iuTaHH ^TpoAHQBa TaS^a** 30By; OBail e 
Ha^iiHCb sa Hy/^o y OHaKO ^iotom'b KaMeny xy/^owe- 
CBeno iiapesaHis, h no KpaesHMa KpHjiaTHMi* ssiaeBH- 
Ma H RHnoBHMa yKpaiuenii. Ta6aa e Ha/^ik BOAOM'b 
^ynaBCKOMi) KaAi> 6 HaHBeba Bo^a 2 ^ara y creHH 
Hspeaaua. CaMa naKi) oaa xaSjia y bhchhh ^ a y 
lUHpHHH 3 *|2 6eHKu ^atH HMa^^e. C^oBa naniiHaHC- 
TOH Ta6./iH y KO.IHKO cy 40 ca^Tt canyaaHa 6cy cj|^- 


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oKyKH H cpe/^HHH ^ynasa usnetfy CpSie, JLI^ecapie h 
BaauiKe aeaKH o^Betii> hki» h seiuTb ca3H^aHi» y 
ocrpoBy rpa^-b ^dana^e Huaie y Kapi^aMa^noanaTa 
„Neu Orsova" ca 135 wyha h 485TypaKa (t. 6. acH- 
rejia), me^y KOHMa atHae h oko 30 Ayuia XpHCTlana. 
y oBOwb rpaAy hoctoh TypcKiH rapHuaoH-b o^ikSOO 
Bo^HHKa, Ha^-b KOHMa 6 saaoBk^HHK-b MHpa.vaH. Typ- 
HM y TOM-b rpaAy "waAy ^amiw cboh) h eABorii Ka- 
AiK). OBafi cy rpaA* AycTpiani^w lyAecHO'cb mjio- 


vHM'b aaryMHMa h CBo/^OBHMa noAseMHHMii casH^ajiH 
M Hjrac^HHMii Ky^ama h okojihhmb rpa^HliHMa cHa5- 
^^AH , H no CBpiucTKy Typi^juMa yroBopoMi> 6e3ii 
HKaKBe 6MTKe npe^a^H. OBaH rpa^t o^naA^ e y 
TypcKe pywe ;^onao hhko ra ;\o ^aHaci> ocBaao nie. 
noAi> oBaii rpa^ii cua^a h KacreA'b HHa^ie SBaubiH 

^ nFort Elisabeth" cnpohy hctofij A^aKaaCKori) rpa^a 
Ha o5a.iii Cp6cKofi TdKol)e Bpjio xy^oHcecTBeHO o^'b 
Hemaiia casH^aHa tbp/^hha ca HpesBBHaHHOMit bju- 
coKOM'B CTpamapcKOM'b KyaoMii. FpaAi^ ^^ Kacxe^ir 
CBdRiH ^aHis no aao^y cyui^a saTBapa HnyxBai^uMa 
BejiHKe Beyro/^HOCTH, a xproBHHH suaTHe npenoHe 
npHHHHflBa, epi> ce xy^a Hohio hu cyBHinii hh bo^omii 
npohH He Mome. V rpa^y Kacxeay h y HauHOBie 
BpeMe M.iorH cy Cp6cKH mHTe.iBH cboio norH6ejiB 
M rpo6ii y Z^yHaBy Haui.vH. OBaKOBu acaJiocTHunpH- 
AiKpa MJioro HMa/^e« CBa xpa ,y obomii cpeay nocxo- 
eha TypcKa rpa^a saBHce o/^i* Ba^ie BHAHHCRori>. 

, 6. KocTOA'b cejio na % cara Hcno^ij Kjia^OBa 

Ha o6a^H ^ynasa npaua Typne CesepHHa jiemehe 
ca 49 Kyha h 1^41 mHx.; KOy!^i> OBori) ceaa nocxoe 
ocTaxi;ju TpanHOBe hynpie x. 6. cxyCoBu. Obo 
iipHHa^^eaeH oSuixhhh M. BpChhkoh. 

7. M. BpCuVftt Ha o6a.iH ^ynana Hina 84 Kyhe h 
^StZ acHx., i;pKBy h npHMHpHxe.vHJUH cy^is sae^Ho ca 

8. B. BpCut^a Ha o6aAH ^ynaBa ca 120 Ryha h 

579 HCHX.; HMai^pKBy H npHMHpHXeAHblH cy^'b. 

9. PrKoeo ha caMowb Bpxy R^io*iKori> noayoc- 
xpoBa ca 111 KyhoAfb m 571 mux.; fima i^pKBy h npn- 
MHpnxe^HbiH cy^i). Ofl,*b OBorb ce ce.;ia ^ynaBii no- 
Rpaif Kop6aBa, h o^oH^e kb aana^y OKpehe. 

10. Kop6aeo ca 139 Kyha h 712 skhx.; HMa i^p- 
KBy H uiKOJiy o^it 3 paspe^a, h npHMHp. cy^is. 

1^. Bawaa ua oSaan ^ynana ca 96 Kyha h 420 
»Hx.; HMa J^pKBy H npHMHp. cy^i* , KOMI) npHHa^jie- 
»R H cejio 


12. Bp^oea oa 33 nyhe, h 133 ikht.; oai> OBon> 
ce^a ce ^yvkwi^ ici> lory casiH. 

13. BeJiecHut^a Ha o5aaH ^ynaBa h yaBHiiieHoii 
paBHHi^fj, ca 94 Kyhe h 380 hcht.; HMa npHMHpHxe.i- 
Hbift cyA* 3a ce6e. 

14. BopdeAh ca 151 KyboMCb h 693 »(ht.: iiiia 
apHMHpHTejiHMif cy/^is. O^aB^e ce ^yaaa-b icb aanaAy 
40 Bp3e IlaaaHKe onpehe. 

15. fpadoeut^a HKa o6iUTiiHa ^{4 cara oAii r^yna* 
ea y^ajlbHa na r.^iaBHOM'b Apyuy, una 106 uyha h 
048 miffT.; ii[pKBy^ mKo.«y o^i^ 3 paape/^a h npuxfip. 
cy^i*. — Csa ^ocaA* HmenoBaHa ceaa Kao iiito cy 
pe^oMii HiueHOBaHa jeHce na o5aaH ^yndBa, a RBiKe 
cTaB^'^Ha 6cy y BuyTpeHocTH psora cpeaa, nao: 

, 16. B. KaMeuui^a ca 100 Kyha h 406 hcht.; HMa 

IJ^pKBy H ripHMHpHTe.lHEklH Cy^li. KpOST) OBO ce.iQ .le- 

ne peKa npoTH4e. 

17. ilod^puiKa 35or'b i|.iaHHHe no^BpuuiRe xaKO 
HiiieHQB^Ho cejio, ca 67 ;iyha h 341 skht.; hmb i^psBy 
a apH!viHpHTe.iHbiH cy^ii, no^'b noh ioiuTis ^sa cejia 
iio^na^aH) u to: MaHacTiipHi^a u PeiHi^a. Buuie 
oBori> ce^a Hd n.iaHHHH flo^BpuiKH Hdo^M ce e^Ha 
ae4HKa neuixepa, y koioh oSuhuo K03e 3HMyio. 

18. Peuut^a HCno4i> lio^BpuiKe ua hctoK p)ii\bi, 
KOfl Kpoair IIo^BpiuKy xese. ca 21 Kyhoiwii h 84 hcht.; 
OBO 6 ce.10 Ha^Mank y qeji onfb ORpyHciio; h 

10. AfaHacTupui^a , Haasano ce^o 36ori> 64H3y 
naoA^l^^rii ce MaiiacTHpaaoBOMorb JUaHacTupui^a^ cr 
Z5 Kyha h 130 hcht. MaHacTHpi) Bbiiue QBori> ce.Aa 
aea^ehu y iipHHTuoH ^oauHH cb jienHtt'b ao^fiMa a 
noaBCKHMis npHTBHcaHiBAia HeamarohH 6paTCTBa npeo* 
Sp^abeui) € y MHpcicy upKBy. Cxapa aioji^h y Aiana- 
CTHpH^a HCHBeha, npHHaio ^a cy ohh o^i* caoii ^e- 
^osa H npaM^e^OBa cayma.iH , 4a 6 oay ^pi^Ba^y 

MaHdCTHptt^y noc^e nponaoTH Cp6cKon> i^apcTBa 
Ha no.iio KoeoBy hokh HiiRO^ie CpdHn^ caaa/tao^ 
r^H e AO cwpTH cBoe y caMobu mHBio , h ;^a e ry 
MHjieBa npHHuieaa Cp5cKa> hslat* ce 6 BaasHTOBorii 
poCTcTBa oc.ioCoAHJia h o^i* Tamep^iaHa yxeuaa, y 
Tail M[aHacTHpf> CBparHBiuH hcko BpeMe o/^mapa^a, h 
noTOMTb fl,aAh y oxeHecTBo noapaTHJia. MaHacTHp'b 
6 oaaH Ma.ieR'b ii npera^a npocro caaH^aicB oneTi^ 
ce BH^H ^a 6 ^oqHie CoraTCTBOM'b HSO^HacTBoTBao, 
a TOMy CBey^oHe it okojio croehe pyHne, KOe cjr ch- 
rypiio heaie 3a CparcTBo Mopaae ^uth. Mo^epi^fl 
y HCTO^ ' ij^pKBH ioiuTit Ha Bfaiiue Mecra bh^hth ce- 
MOH&e , H ^o npe 5 ro^HHa y o^rapy iia^ii BpaTHMd 
HtHTaTH ce Morao: „PaAy-^6erii**. Ha nutaaK mo6 wt- 
CTHH crapi^u KaauBa.ifi cy MH ^a 6 HCTuft MauacTHpi) 
HHKO/^i6Mi> Cp^HHOMii cHsnA^Hii , HO A<>^Hi6 ^a ra 
6 HeKiAB^aiuKifi BofiBo^a no HiMeHy PaAy-^'fc nonpa-* 
BjiAo, H Ha HOBO MO^OBaTH ^ao. 

Bpe^HO 6 nanoMenyTH ^a y obomc cpesy Bp- 
AO .lena uuienHj^a , KyKypy3T>, Kao h €eAO nAeMenii- 
TO BHHO a oco6mto y arapy Kop6aBCKQ>n» poA"? ho 
H asiiTeai»H cy a Hapo*fHTO KopSaB^HHa^ Ptkob^ia^ 
Hu, M. H B. Bp5HHaHH noxBawie 4ocTOiiHHaeM.ieAk»4« 
i^hi H HHCTO o5y4euH, a npHTOMik 6oraTfi aio^H , ho 
y uiyMH H ApBHMa ocKyAbBdio, na saxo 6bi 
^a ce u ocTa.ia ce.ia paora opeaa na npe^HMeHOBa- 
ne mnreAh Cb thmi) npe h 6oAh ytAe^Bio^ eip6o y 

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BoffBOAcrBonfb Cp5cKHiiii>v oAi* Rora ra JijH^fsru pas- 


U(pHop.ibHKHMT> M no»ap6Ba*iKiftM'b ospyaKivM^, « 3a- 
naAH'K ca cpesonfb PyAapcKHM'b , h e^HOM-b sacTUO 
OKpyaKifl noaKapeBa,4Korii. IIpocTopa y cej^n hmba^ 
npeKO 14 D reorp. mhjh. Oaaii cpe^'bHMa ^{^^y*. 


poiufi k 10 ceJia, csaKO cb oCuithhomii sa ce6e ca 
1S05 Kyha h 6SS0 skht. Mi^CTa cy cjiK^yioha: 

1. BapouiB Mujianoeaii'b o^is HineHa RHAsa Cp6- 
CRorb MnjiaHa^ ua /^yHaey HcnoA*^ i^opH'bri) I^^PA^- 
na H CTdporb flopena na \ mhaK ^a-veRO y TecHOH 
paBHHqu npH yTORy OpeuiROBui^e y ^ynaBii ca 312 
Ryha H 1344 hcht.; oe^e e CTO^Hi^a cpescRon* Hana^- 
HHRa, a nope^-b ose nocTOH aa ca/^a nojyl)yM[pyR'ii 
iipaMa CBHHBHii^e , nouiTa, npHMifpHTe.iHJuii cy^ii^ 
iiiRO.ia o^ii 3 paspe^a; HMa h yr^ve^ny i^Rsy ca to- 
ponkMb , HOfl 6 3a ca^a npea y qeAomii ORpyaeiio 
KpaHHCRoMii. Oea 6 Bapoiub npaBH.iHO yiuopena h 
npHAfl*iHy Hapiuiio unaA^ , ho 6e3i> HKaRse oHA^e^ 
nope^b Tora 6 bhmh y onacHOCTH, epii aRO ce .le^b 
y CTeRK) HHHce Mn^aHOB^a aaryuiH^ ycnopb e h bo- 
4a ^ynaBCRa onaaBHXH h yirHiuTUTH Moace. V Mh- 
•AauoBi^y HHKaROBe saaTHe xproBHHe neina, a H&HTe- 
abH ce no Behoii nacTH BO/^onjiOBCTBOMb a no ne- 
RH H BHROA^^ieMli saHHAiaio, H saHCTa H OB^e aRo 6 

H 'Ma^^o BHHorpa^a naemeHHTa BMua Hinaio. 

S. roJiy6uHh na % caxa Hcno/^b MHjiaHOBi^a na 
ofiajiif ^yuaBa aemehe cejio ca 88 Ryha h 470 h&ht.; 


3. BoAiiTuwb y naaHanu suuie MHjiaHOBi^a y ^y- 
60RO& AO.IHHH ca 44 Ryhe, h 191 h&ht. h npHMHpH- 

TejIHHM'b Cy^OMb. 

ysb llopeHRy peRy pev^ourb CToeha cejia, o^-b 
^ynaaa noMHHioliH ecy cjib^yioha: 

4. ca 68 Ryha h 332 hcht., ca npHMHpH- 

TeJHHMb Cy^OMb. 

5. TonoAHUv^a ca 72 Ryhe h 362 »ht.; ca npHMH- 

pHTeJHHMb Cy^OMb. 

6. KAOKOHeeai^'h ca 89 Ryha h 464 h&ht. m npn- 



7. IfpnauKa cb 108 Rytia h 649 «iit.; HMa i^pney, 
ofiiUTHHCKy luKciy y aenoMi» s^aHiio h npHMHp^R- 

8. Tauda Hcno^'b I^pnor'b sp a ca 79 Kyha h 561 

SKHT.; H npHMHpHTea^lHHMl) Cy^OMli. , 

9. PopnaHe ua pfei^u JLioCaBH ca 213 Rytia n 13S7 

HCHT. M npHMHpHTe^HHM'b cy^oiMnb. 7^ OBa n6CJiey!^Hfl 

^Bz ceaa y HsoCHjiiio po^^n epjio .lena h 6ejianme- 

10. Pydua pAaea Hcno^ii py^apcKe n^anHHe 
HCTOi^ HMeHa, Ha phi^u lUauiRH, ca 138 Kyba a 775 

H&HT. H npHMffpHTe.lHHMr'b Cy^OMlk. 

11. OcxpoBO UopeH'h ca CTapOlWb I^pRBOMTb 3Ha- 

AteHHTO no flauxy HCTopiio (bh/^h BQHne Cp6a ca 
TypuMMa, CTp. 40). 

CTapo^peBHOCTH y obomc cpesy HMa^e, 
H3Me^i> ROH 6 HausHaMeHHTia /^peBHocTb pyifHe 04*^ 
MuAomeee nyAe Hao^ehe ce Hcno^i* ce-ta LJ^pHaHRe 
Ha J cara, r^H ce JlHidaea h UlaiuRa cacras^iflio m 
o6pa3yio IlopeMRy peny. O oboH pyuHH camo ce 
TO^HRo Hsis Hapo^H^rb npHnose^aHfl ^^osHae 4a 6 
oHa Cujia MH^ioiiia 05H.;iHha Ryjia. Ochmii ose Ry- 
je Bbiuie noe^HHH pynna Roe r^H no cpeay HinaAe, 
HO HHRo He3Ha HHuiTa o HBHMa npHnoBe^aTH. 

r. Cpea^ (OKpyjMcie) PydapcKiH, Osaif pyAapcRiii 
npeA^.^'b CMaxpa ce Rao cpea^ ORpyaciio KpaHHcKoMii 
npHHa/^jiemetiH; ho y hcto BpeMe ohi> e oRpymie ^a 
ce6e, 1HCT0 npaBHTe.^CTBy npHna^aeHcehe, a rpanH- 
hh cbaepHO H 3anaAHo cb ORpy»i6Mii IIoa&apeHaH- 
rrmi) , HCTo^iHO naRit H io»cHO ca cpesoM'b FlopeH- 
RopeHRHMT). IIpocTopa y ce5H HMa^e oai* npuaHRe 
15 D reorp. mh^ih. OBaii e Py/^apcRifi cpe3i> sa na- 
me OTe^ecTBO e^anii o^ii Ha^dHaMeHBTiH npe^'k.«a 
saro lUTO ce y npeBejiHRoii MjiomHHH cRynoi^HH h 

4pyrH MHOrocTpyiHV mstbah Hzofl,e n Tone. Ho ysh- 
peii% SyAyhn ^^a 6 Tail npe^ibjix* pyAapcHiii sehi* 
caoTenecTBeHHi^uMa HauiHAfb nosnaTi) , caMo ih 

ioiUT'b BHHMaTe^He ^HHHM'b Ha KHJbH»CHi;y 30B0My 

Py^apcKifi nyr-fc no CpCiH crp. 8, 9, 10 h 11. 

Cpes'H Py^apcKifi Hina e/^ny Bapoiub h 2 aaceo- 
KA ca 2Gi Kyhe h 1095 paanorb Bl^poHcnoB'k^aHiH 
rnHxeJiibCTBa. Mbcra cy ca-^^iotia: 

1. BapoiuB MaudauneK'b Ha MaJioMii IleKy crapa 

RO Ca^a IlpaBHTejlCTBOM'b Cp6CKHMl> o6HOB./l'KHa H 

9pv»o jienHMik a^aniflMa yKpameHa, Me^y py/^apcKH'Mi> 
n^aHBHaivfa ua npHiAH^noif paBRHqju yuiopeHa Ba-* 
poxuB ca 166 Kyha h 456 pasHorib BhpoHcnoBK^aHiH 
aiBTe.ifl. OB^e € CTojiai^a py^oKonCTBa Cp6cKori>^ 
HMa iuKo.^y 04i> 3 paspe^a h ype^uy nia^y^ a cko* 
puMi) he ce oapouiB MaH^aHneKii h iitpKBOMi) npa- 
CHTH. nope^ii Tora hmba© nomry u maofh pyAap- 


II HeicHhik , y KOHMa HMa 517 jKHxe^ifl paane BbpoH- 
cnoBl^A^i 9 HMa ioui'ii 3 aaceoKa h to: 

Z' ^edeuuu Jiyet HerAdiuH'!k ce^o Cb aennM'b 
npaBHTe.iCTBeHHMi> sAaniaMa Ha .leBOH o$a^H Be^H- 
Koti> IleKa Ha nex-b nexBpTH qaxa oai^ pyAapcKe 
Bapoaiif y^aji bub , ca 39 Kyha h 102 is&wt. pasne 


3. rpa6oea Ha pKi^u HCTori> HMena ca 10 Kyba 
H 5 afiHTewia, h 

4« PaHnoea pena HerAaiiiHk na rjaBHOurb 
nomTaHCKomnb Apy^y ca 11 wyha if 15 whtcih. y 
OBHiinb nocjeAHBHM'b aaceoi^uMa aKMBe 3hmh pyAapH 
H uiyMapcRH naHAypH. 

. § 25. O ApyMOBHMa u nyToaHMa cb noxsa.toM'b, 
nfvm'kTWTH HMam^ Aa e oHpymie . KpaHHCito 6AHho 


M y CptfiH npBO , Roe nstPiSoji^ ype^ene n nr^toH- 
"Roniii Hacyre nyrOBe HMaA^* TanoBif cy: . 

a) O^tj ce^a KoupHBHHx^e, t. e. o/i,ii rpauHi^e 
L(pHopKH[Kori> OKpyncifl npeRO caJiauia BapoxiiH He- 
roTHHa, CaMapHHOBi;a , KocaKa , MH/iH^OBi^a, Bpae- 
naaaHKe, Mnposa, MH.;iaHOBii[a^ PaHKOse pene, Mau- 
^auneKa, h t. ^. 

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aiOACTBa oBAauiaiirb hshoch: 16,896. 

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1. Kecapifl, 
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113. AH^panojiB, 

114. Tlepra^Texa, 

115. TpHnoaHi^a. 

* Bnapxie ynHcaae y GepaTi) naTpiflpiiiia ItebOKe, 
caeA^H^^ <^'i> naTpiflpmioM'b U^apHrpaACKOM'b.ccyi 

1. ^ynuHqa, 4. CaMOKOBi*, 

2. Baa^HRi*, 5. Bjiapuhii, 

3. lIxTHMaRi>, 6. Epi^eiOBHHa 

?• Ilarie, 

8. Cyryp-b, 
fit KacaCa^ 

10. KycypjiH, 

11. yiiihyni», 

12. CKonifl, 

13. Bapna, 

14. ErpH IlajiaHKa 

15. KajinoHfl,¥ijiep*b, 

16. HhiuI), 

17. Aabi^b, 

18. XHcapii, 

19. Poc6a, 

20. Kiioxyn^yirb, 

21. PaAOMMpii, 
ZSL KacTenAHjie, 

23. HcTHn'b, 

24. Kpano^a, 

25. KariflH-b, 

26. BocHa, 

27. PaH/iy6H'b, 
)S8. CapaKHHii, 

29. TpaBHHKli, 

30. GHH-tlaaapi*, 

31. (^SH-Bapycb, 

32. nepronre^a^ 

33. ^aAeAHim, 

34. MeTponoAH^ifl, 

35. IIe.iaHt)H^a, 

36. JIhChpI), 

37. THMapib, 

38. CepMaHApa, 

39. Kal^HKd, 

40. XHcapquRii, 

41. KapaAarjiH(lJ(pHar<>pia) 

42. Ilpieao.iii^ 

43. TacJiHpa, 

44. MaS^aH^; 

45. AcoHa, 

46. Bea&OBa, 

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48. JloRO^a, 

49. CyaHTia, 

50. ^ojiaKHcyp^a, 

51. MeJ^osajiH^ 

52. I^pKse Ha.«a3ehe ce y 
caRqartary BocaHCKOMi» if 

CnpHHa ) Byaesio , HoBa, 
Ilpecna , npauiTHHa , ^a- 


CSnapxia aaeHcehe o^i* uaTpiapiuic OpH^CKe h ca- 
cxaB^feHe cb naTpiflpmioM'^ I^apHrpaACRomii, Rao: 

1. IlHjiaroHifl, 

2. npHjiHirb, 

3. bynpyjiH^ 

4. Texiiocb. 

5. PaAocTHHa, 

6. CrpyMHiu^a) 

7. TapaHria, 

8. Bapan^o, 

9. nyuaaura, 

10. KioRe.AM, 

11. flHHi;ia, 

12*^ BapAapH ca CBOftMb iip-* 


13. Beyiara, 
14» HcjiaHH})a, 

15. Kapa^OBa, 

16. CxapoBa, 

17. ^.«opHHia^ 


18. HyMua, 32. Tene ^eAewb^ 

19. ErpHCoqaieii, 33. Beprpa^'b, 

20. KacTopiH^ . 34. MejiieRacTpv^ 

21. Kyp^HTejia, 35. HHcanie, 

22. HacHaHl)H, 36. Kapa6ypHapi>,, 

23. CHcaui), 37. AsjiaHii, 

24. KapHifl, 38. CuTa, 

25* GuHieAaj 39. Eji^acani}, 

26. fle^^Huie, 40. KasaA, 

27. tiynpyt)y, ^J- Apa^* (Aypa^o), 

28. Xyrap„, ^- J«P«-. 

29. Ka.«aHiii, ^ HHpmoBa. 

30. Hmiorapi., 45. Ilpecxe, 

31. npeMexecb, 46. ^emiicxHcap'b. 

MHTpoaojiHTH , apxienacRonH , enHCKona , na- 
CTOHTejiBM ManacTHpcKH , nycTHHfli^bi , Kaay^epH h 
CBH npaeociaBHH, koh y peneHUMi) enapxiAMa CTaa- 
Ho H.IH npHEpemeHO mHae , ^^yncHH cy npusHaaaTH 
naTpiapxa Kdo ceorb ^yxoBiiorii noraasapa, ki h^- 
My ce o6pahaTH y CBUMa nocjiOBbiMa, roh hmI) ce 
6yAy noKasai^H h roh npHnaAaio HJ^roBoni'b cyACTsy 
(RonneTeHi^H); ^a ce aanoBecxH ubroBe He npecxy^ 
naio, H Ad My C6 CBH noRopaBaio no RanoHbiMa hbh- 
Horb o6peAa (aHBb). 

flaTpiflpixiioMii he ce ynpasjiAXH oHaRO Rao iuto 
e H npe 6bijo. flaTpiflpxi* tie ynpaBJiBTH nocaosH- 

Ma Ca CB. CHHO^OMb. 

IIpHxoAif H Apyra ^aBaHfl roAHiuna HSMHpiiBa- 
he ce y ncTHpn nyxa. ^aBaHJ^ o^b naTpiapinie Ileh- 
CRe H OpH^CRe npe^dBahe ce roAHiunh AOTHHrtbiMi* 
6aaraHHHi;aMa ; a luro ce rane noRJiona, Koe e a^- 
BaTH o5H4aH pasHbiMit nHcapHHi^aiMa buc. nopre, 
oHH ce nehe HCrpascHBaTH Bume Hero ro«ahro 6 
OApef^euo; hhtm he Ronie my Aparo Cwth cjio6oaho 
ch oBaRHMb HCTpaaKHBanjbMa ogxepehaBaxH narpiflp- 
xa H MHTponojiHTe y Ay^^ocTH HBioBe Bepe. 


Hhko nehe cMeTH oAysHinaTfi o^ii naTpiapxa it 


nacTHpHAia h i^pKBamra y ^pacaaH luoiofi 6e9i» «ep- 
Mana i^apcKor'b; TaKo^epi} hhko nehe CMeTii hhrhth 
KaKBe My ^paro CMerHb, RaAi> ce nonpaB^aio i^pKse 
no 3aKOHy h ko6 ce nonpaBRe Mopaio hsbpiuhth ^a 
ce i;p :Be o^paifie y cbomc crapoMb craHio. 

Besi) noTpamHBaHfl naxpiapxa h chhoa^ hhho- 
Me ce Hehe ^sltu enapxie hjih enHCRonie Cuo ohi> 
KO My /^paro. * 

Aro 6bi Roro/^is o^i) pa6 xreo ce OHceHHTH, uah 
GBOH) meny nycTHTH, hhro /^pyriii ochmi* narpiapxa 
H H'KroBfai sacrynHHRa y to ce MeuiaTU neh^. 

CBeiuTeHHi](bi H sacTynHHifbi narpiapxoBH, roh 
cy 6e3i> 04o6peHa HKroBor'b ^onycTH^H^ /^a ce roh 
o/^i) pae omeHH 9 uah roh cy yMHHHiiH iuto, 36on> 
Hera ce Mopaio no RanoHy RasitHTH , Tpe6a RasHB 
^a nperpne, h y to hhro ^sl ce He Meuia. 

y c^iynaio H6eHnv!^6e , pacnyuiTaHii h Apy^H no- 
caoBa, Rao h y CAynato pacnpe H3MeI)y no^aHHRa 
M06 Buc. nopTe , RaA''> naTpiapxt , MHTpoaojHTH, 
apxienHCHOHH , enncRonn h HaMecTHHi^u sanOBeAe 
paH, Aa nojiome aaRJCTBy do cbomb o^pe^y , na a^ 


HaH aRO ce aa Ao6po na^e ^a ce na Rora anareMa 
MeTHC H TaRo Ad ce RaauH; RBAie h HanCH (cyAie h 
HjiaHOBH cyAa) y to ce MeuiaTH neMaH) npoTHBHo 
nocToehHMis npaanaHMa h HcrparnHBaTH r«io6e npo- 
THBHO HdaaaRy h OAofipenH) naTpiapxa, MHTponoan- 
Ta H enHGRona. 

CBeuiTeHHij^biMa nehe 6biTH cao6oAHO, no cdtf- 
cTBeHoif BaacTH CBoioJi 6aarocaoBHTH 6paROBe aa- 

KaRO npaanaa HBHone sepe 3a6paHH)io panny- 
CTHTH meHy h yaeTH Apyry npe cMpxH npse; tbko 
H MeTHpH nyTa HceuHTH ce; to npaauaa oaa ne ca- 
Mo uiTo he ce oSApasaaaTH, Hero ohh kqh npoTMBy 

HCTii npSBs^a yspa^e, Ciahe KasH^sHV. H nao tuTO e 
aa6paN)>Ho ohumb roh ce acene He^onyiUTeHMMii 
aaHHHOMi», y j^pKoy AotiH, rano hcto k^i> 6ta ra- 
ROaa .iHqa aoMpaa , nehe Mohn mecxHa saacTB na^ 
xepaxH caeiuTeHUKe, a^ ik npaxe y rpo6jik 

Cae juTO 6u MHTponOtiarH, apxienHCRonif, ena- 
CRonH^ CBeuiTeHMiJ^u^ nycTHHai^ni, Kaay^epH h Apy^ci 
xpHCxiaHH ua cMpxa TecTaMeHTomi* aaaeiuTaJia i;p- 
aaaMa^ capoTHHBH, narpiapHiiH, MHrponojiHTHMa^x ap- 
xienHCKoniiMa h eaHCRonaiifa, HBHua aaBeuiTaHfl 6fa- 
he CHamaa no KanoHHMa Hbaae aepe ; a oaeAoifie 
xpacTiaHCRH caeAOKa 6uhe AonyuiTeae o^ii caeTorb 
aaaoua ; caaRO aaaeiuxaHi^ , ro6 sa atHsOTa y^HHH 
xpacTiaaaH'b narpiapxy ^ apxienHcaony, MHrponoaa- 
Ty, enucRony, i;pHBa a ^pyraMa, aaacRahe ce nocjie 
CMpra Hkroee oa'^ Hacal>AHHRa no saRoay. Hac.l'l»A- 
HHi\hi AJ^aKHH cy luaTHTU KaaoHHHRe apaxoAe. , 

Aro Hoa paH Tpehany Ao6apa caoa iiOR«ioaa 
i^pRBH, MaHacTapaMa^ naxpiapxy, maxpoiiojiaxy , ap' 
xienacRony a enjacRony» xpehHHa he ce osa OAyae* 
xa oA'b aacaKAHaHa nocpcAcxaoM-b aaaoaa* 

BnacROna, Raay^epa, apxienacaonu , iiBxpono* 
aaxH, cae^i^xeaHiJ^bi h nacxoaxeaBH MaHacxapcKii, aoa 
Girf uixo CRpaaaaa npoxHay cboh ofipeAa , RaaaHh« 
G^ no aauoay, a hrro ce Hehe xoMe npoxuaaxH aaa 
ce y xo Meuiaxa. 

y nocxaaaaH'b a asfiai^aaaab aapoxa hrro ce 
lAeuiaxa uehe. 

KaA'b naxpiapx'fc a caaoAi^ 3aRaM)He^ Aa ce 36a* 
i;e aaH nocxaae MHxponoauxH , apxienucRona , eoH- 
cRoaa, aaay^epif h HaoxoaxeaBu maaacxapcRa , aaa 
Aa ce nonyne luecxa yMpau MMxponoaHxa^ apxieoH- 
cRona H Apy" AOCroHHHRa, a36opi> he ce oadRaa'b 
oAo5pflTH ^RaAit MH noxpaaiaeaHJ^ aa xo a.o^^ oa* 
naxpinpxa h RaA'fe ce naaxe xaRce , aoe ce j^arn 
HMaio MoioH i^apcROH 6aaraHHHj{bi. H xaKO he ce 
aaAaaaxa noTpefiHn 6epaxH Aa ce y aaaHia nocxa- 

Be; ocinfb Tora visA^ta^ ee i^apcRa sanosecTb , ^^ 
ce HHfso He yn^ehe nr'naTpiApxa ^^ "^ naroHH cit- 
^OMi> Rora tie nocraBHfH na roio enHCRoniio h ap- 

Aro 0bi nauia , Ra^ifl h Hannii TpasKitjiH asl ce 
sCaqH WAH nporna s^ori) pl)aBor'b baba^hh roh mh- 
TponojiHTB, apxienncRont* h enHCRonii ^ to he 3a- 
BHCHTH o^i) oyAa naTpiapxoBa ; h aRO fiu ce npo- 
THBy HBH 0CTH Ho^^HocR^e TyHtCe nenocBe^^oMene 
H aKo 6hi ApyrHMii ROHurb HdMHHOM'b H3;^aRi> 6mo 
«epMaHi», OHi) ce HsspmHTH Rehe. 

Aro 6hi ce Ra^i* norpaRtRjio hjih RapeA"- 
^o fl,9i ce oA'b naTpiflpiuie I^apHrpa/|CRe ;^Be na- 
Tpiflpuiie: IlehcRa h OpH^CRa, hjih Apyt'd Roa mh- 
Tponojiifl OAi^ene, na rano noTpaiRHBaHk h nape^H- 
BaflK Rehe ce rJieAarif. I(apcRiii xar'b y HaA-^emHe 
RHBHre ynHcaHi) h HdHinaBaiH na rafi Ronai^'fc , a^ 
ce oCap^i^ P®A% nocTOehiii CTBapift , h saxo OBoff 
napeA^H uito npoTHBHo ysHRHTH ce nehe. 

Cae napHHqe oro CTapeuiHHCTBa h caMOrb cae- 
Tori> saRona, Koe 6iii ee Mor«ie aameTRyTH HSiwe^y 
naxpiapxa , MHTponojiRxa, apxfenacROna , enacRona 
HaMecTHRRa h hbhhh MHHOBRHRa ; pasMQTpHhe ce H 
cyAHTR y ifapcROM'b ABsaRy. 

HHRaaaBii xphctiahrhii HemoaKe ce ch^omi* aa- 
TepaxH Ad C6 OApene cBoe aepe. 

neTHaecTii HRHOBHRRa naTpiapxOBH, Mef)j roh- 
ma H HJiroB'b Rany-hexaa — aacTynHHRi* — aetie 
Di/iahaTH apana hh ApyrH naMeTa jihhbej. 

CeAanik HHHOBHBRa naTpiapniie IlehcRe a nex- 
naecTii naTpiapmie OpaA^^"^ ynHcanH y crapRMMb 
5epaTHiifa aao ocjioCoJ^eHH oai* A^RRa hb aHHHOCTB, 
6bihe m y HanpeABRiif oarbro cy re A^e naTpiapmie 
CB I](apHrpaACROMi> cacraaji^He, ocjo6o])eHH oai* 


narpiHpxy he cjio<I»oaho (Jwth , h a^ ce y to 
HRHO He Meiua, a^ hmb cbob BHBorpaAe, tfamney HMa- 


Hfl , Tprose , 3eMji% , MdHacTHpe , ^ybane 9 AoGpa h 
acHBy CTORy , Roe ce cee cMarpa Kao no6omHa sa- 
B'buiTaHa R06 CBe aaeHCH oai* naxpiiipiuie h i^pRse. 
Arq narpiflpxis Hma npHMaTH o^'b MHTpoao.iHTa9 
apxienHCRona, enncRona, Ra^y^epa, Ha'CTOHTe.vH ma- 
HacTHpcKif H APy^6 P^^9 uiTO My roAHuiH^ npHfia^d 
no nocToeheMit pe^y h no ^rjiacy Hbrosa ^epaxa, 
cy^ie MecTHe ;a^abe opymany noMohB no saRoayHK- 
TOBOM'b noBepeHHRy. , roh My npHxoAi> Ryna, h no- 
MohH he My, 4a CRynii oho inxo My npHna^a. 

Paa he n^abaTH ro^HuiH'^b ^aaaH]^ , MHiiocTH- 
Hio 9 BeHHaHHi](y H sa MaHdCTHp^ h cBe ocraae no- 
Rjione aa naxpiapxa no CTapoMi} o6H4aio ^eaii cBa- 
Rorb npoTHBabna. 

naTpiapxoBHMii noBepeuHi^EdMa, ROHMa 6 npenr- 
pyneno /^a ayne ro^HrnHH ^aBB^n, A^he ce npaxHO- 
ii^Hy H aRO 6bi OHH — noBepeiiHKH — MopajiH MeaATH 


By ypoie — npHspeMeHHii^H — He Mory hmi* Ha nyii» 


Aro RdRaBB apxien»cRon'b hah enHCRoni* He6fa 
BMdo HOBai^a v^a npasHTeacTBy naaxH niTO n.«ahaTU 
HMa, Hero 6u HMao Raaay po6y h^h ^pyre TaRe CTBa- 
pH A^ pacnaia, noBepenHij^H hbhhh, roh 6hi oBypo- 
6y HOCHaH, ^a ne 6yAy ysHeMHpHBaHM h ^a He naa- 
haio no MecTHMa^ r/^e ce l)yMpyi;H Haaase, aaAaHpa- 
TCJiJbHMa 0.AH noMopcRHMB cRejidMa i;apHHy H»iH Apy- 
re noR««OHe A^ AdH>. 

Aro 6bi ce sa noxpeCy naxpiapxoBy HocUi/iH 
npoHSBOA^i ci* H'kroBu BHHOrpaAa: Rai0Ki» , MeAi^ h 
Apyre CTBapHy Roe 6bi My xpHCTiaHH aohoch^h y 
HMe MHjiocTHHii, HaASBpaTejiBH ^yMpyHRH H ^yMpy'R- 
Hie He he HHuira aa to rpasRHTH hh no CRCaaMa hh 
no /i^^yriiMTi MecTHMa hhth HomeHio tomi* h nsfdMa- 


^HMHHu^a, AoxoAaRB: RacaCie, hobi^h oai^ mhwio- 
cj'^H'lt, fiAS^rocaOBa h Tpa&HuiTa, BeHMaumiie aa upsyi 


Apyij H xpehy »eHH^5y h ApyrH ookjiohh , roh ce 
/^aio naTpinpxy , MMTpono«iHTHiia , apxienHCHonHMa, 
enHCROnHMa, naciOATejiBHMa ManacTHpcRRMrb h aPJ" 
roMii cBeiuTeHCTBy, cb ABaHaecri) acnpH Roe n.iaTHTR 
HMa CBane ro/^HHe OH&eni^H'fc HOBeRii, h e^aRi) qeRHHi* 
cBaRiH CBeiuTeHHR'b MHTponojiHTHMa J Ad ce iiAaTe 
fieai) saTeaaHfl; na ano roh xpHCTiaHHHi» MecTo ro- 
TOBH HOBai^a Aa y 3pHy Hi^H seHTHny, o^'boBunpo- 
H3BOAa HHTH he ce HanjiahHaaxH i^apHna hhth Ga^fb. 

Ka^ty naTpiapxis h^h hI^fobh jho^h H&e^ehH h3- 
MHpHTH OHO lUTo ce npatfivreacTBy /^aBaxH ima, CTa- 
Hy HynHTH ^oxo^Re o^i* i^pnaBa h ceaa^ roh ce ^o- 
xo^i^H 30By eM6aTHMHH , na RaRO ce /^ora^ajio ne- 
CTO Aa cy noMenyTH jho^h yaHemnpaBaHH 6hiAH oAi> 
HHHOBHHRa M06 BbicoR6 uopxe , rjie^ahe ce A^ ^^ 
oaaROBH caMOBjiacTHH nocTyni^H ne HHue. 

Aro 6bi ce ROH o^iy pQfi y BpeMe KaAi^ ce no- 
peai* sa npaBHTe.«CTBO Rynn CRynnaH y e^Hy Ryhy 
ca CBoionrb poaChhomii h nopOARMOMis, RaayHihH A^ 
OHH CBH cacTaBjiAio caiMo eAaHi) ^aMHan-b — Ryhy — 
H TRMis 6w ce XTe^H nojiaoBBTH, uiTO 6 y fiepaxy 
ynncano: tojihro he ce njiarHTH o^i* e^Re xyhe; 


ouiTehaaaTH ApmasHuS npnxoAi** H aro 6bi B^acre- 


Behe H Maa-b cnaxHayne — Raaaan ^a paa no Hbio- 
BHM'b cnaxH^yu^HMa, RyhaMa h ceaHMa, cae cy hbuhu 
HacTOHHHi^Hj cejiRj^H H cayre^ Ad TaRo BSByRy aiOAe 
OA* naahaHH AHMHHi;e; to Hin-b ce AonycTHxH nehe, 
Aa ce OBaROBRMit HaroBopoMi* liocayace. 

KaA'B/^bi naxpiapxii h MHTponojHTH xTeaH sa 
pasiyH'b AdBaHH npaBHreacTBy yaexH ceCn cxBapn, 
ROH-fe H HMdRH yMp^fii MHTponoaHTa , apxienHCRona/ 
enncRona, cxapeiuHHa MaaacTHpcRH, naayt^epa h Ra- 
ay^epnqa^ hhhobhhi;h ^HHaacifljiRH — Racamii — roh 
Hac4'hAi6 A^ABy ynpaBHxeabH h HaA3HpaTeaBH noCo- 
»Hu saaeAeHia , npeACTaauHqa h Apyrn hhhobhh- 


^u HO Mory <eBj to MeuiaTH , Kao ^ -no imc«l!^a 
oae BO HRBHSK* 6jiarafiHHjc(e j Hme AoxoARa BMitta 
nfMinaAa; 6pi> no o^pe^Cu Mora aapcisorb xara -^ 
HHCMa cBoepyHHori) — ano yMp^H HeMa Hacji'^^fiH- 
Ka, OAi* 4o6apa nhroBJu rpefia 4a ce HainHpn iuto e 
yaaKonl^HO ; a dRo iiMa Hacjrk/^niiKa , «fiHdHciB«iiio 
HB^jiemaTeacTBo iie Moa&e na HJbH pyite MexfiyTH. 

KaAi* naTpiapx*^ h chhoAi> aaKJiioHe. ^a ce no 
RaHOHHMa Kasiie mhtpooojihth h enHCKonn iuto He 
]2.Aatiaio oho uito cy Ha ro^Hny njiahaTH ^ymnH, ^a 
HUH* ce o^cene Koca hah ^a ce 36aii(e a hbhobc 
enapxie /^pyrHina AdAJj osaRBofi HapeA^H hhro CMe- 


Aro 6m roh o^a^-b pae y 4pyro ce mccto npe- 
cejiio ^a ce xaiMo eeaaROHO oaceaH ; uehe My ce 
/^onycTHTH, ASi ce OHsenHTH Mo»e. 

HeTpe6a HaroHHTH cBeiuTeHHRe CHaoMii /^a Ben- 
YaBBio Hev^onyuireHe TKeuH^Se ; hhth Tpe^a yane- 
MHpaBBTH narpiapxa u MHTpdnoaHxe ^d nocTABAato 
H 36ai^aio enHCRone. 

Hhtm he RoroA*!* cMexaTH hhth noTpaaKirBaTH 
Aa ce ROH oA'b P^lb opoRyne sSorb RaHBe RasHfi; 


He Meiua. 

Kajiy^epH roh cy ce o^penAH CBeTCRH craa- 
piH, Hehe cMeTH Roe Ry'Aa hIih safiaae pa^R; na rba^ 
HM% naTpispxii h mhtpohojihth aanoBCAe , a^ ^^ 
BpBTe y cboh nocTpnrb , hrro ce tomo npottmntB 

, Aro 6hi naxpiapcH nai* APyi*>< Mecxa y I^apn- 
rpaAi» AoiujiH Ad CB06 noc^OBey peA% A^BCAy^ ohh 
re CB06 nocaoae Baaa y peAi> AA A^Be^y ap^KO 
naxpiapxa h MHTpoao^HTa. 

Aro Rora apxienacKona h^iii caeiUTeHiiHa i^pa^ 
6a aaTBopHTH no aaaony, to he ce y4HH»TH apeiip 



Ohh Ra.«7^epH h nyeTRHJnfH, Ron 6ia ce ycy* 
^HAB TymapaTH Koe Ky/^a h n^MHpe mhhhth, 6uikB, 
o^ik narpiflpiia h MHrponOiViiTa Kaan^Ra h noBpahe* 
HH y MauacTHpe y Roama cy npe Su^h. 

KaAi> naTpiapxit mejiehn ^osHaTH, Raao pa*iy- 
He i^pRB^ne h ManacTHpCRe Bo^e ohh , rOh HBHMa 
ynpaBJiflio , na na^e ^a cy ohh roh paMyne ' nb- 
aaHcy ^oxo^Re ce^H npHCBOABaaH , h saxo ih aCai^H 
H MecTO HBH nocTaBH Apyi*^; Tome ce rmro npoTH- 
BHTH Hehe. 

Hbhobhhi^h, yp^ie, nerpeCa fl,a ysHPMHpyio h ao- 
cal)yio euHCKonHMa roh HMaio CBoe 6epaTe h aasH- 
ce OAB naTpiflpxa , KaAi> Ryne AH^Hnqy. ^a ue 6bi 
6biAO OBaKOBbi A^^^d^HBaHfl^ Tpe6a OBy nape^Cy yna- 
caTH y HBiOBib 6epaTi>. 

noTparnHBana naTpIaptafl CHHO^a, no^Rpenjiib- 
na neMaTOMB naTpiflpcRHMB^yaHMahe ce y pasMOTpenl^. 

Hhro Hehe Mohn yaneMHpHBaTH naTpiapxa, hh- 
TH My cmeTaTH ^d hoch lUTaay; hhth he ce A^yrnM'h 
HaHHHOMB Ro MeuiaTU y H^roBe nocyiOBe. 

IlaTpiapxa aehe Moha hhro naxepaTH, ^a ysMe 
y CiSy»c6y aH)AC, Roe hhth ohii hhth chhoai* no 6ju 
xre^iH y c^ym^n AP»dTH. 

naTpiapxis y apyry bjibcth roh My e rope o3Ra> 
^ewb ynpaB.«ahe seMaaMa CTaBakuHMis no^i* Ayxo^- 
HO cy^CTBO H^roBO aa e^HO ca chhoaomi>; h ^d ce 
HHRO y TO He Mema. 

TaRo Ad ce sna , j^a, e obbro , h a^ <^6 Bepye 
njieMeHBTOMii snaRy^ rohmii e ynaaB oaaii yTap^eai. 

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OSOrATH. (•!. 9) 

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CTH;K0A0rH6 HA ;CBAaHT6; A. 75 — 77 CAAB0CA0BH6 B6ARR0t 

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ropo/(Bi|B. a. 254—1^55. caaba ba abtb. B^cbbbtahi 



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Jl. 77 — 80. Ilca^. 102. EAArocAOBH j^vme uok ro- 


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C T B 0. Jl. 37. 

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(Bbah rjiacBBB'b APy>°^'A CptfcBe CjioeecBOCTH cb. VIII cTp. 264) 

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(oAi r. 1234 AO 1240) 

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AOcaA'b eAHHJdif, aa roh ce aita. MecTo My e nsa 
onHcaubi y OBori> F^acHRKa cb. Ill no^x* CpoeBHMa 
8, 9, 10, 1^, 12, 13, uoBBi^a HCTOra Rpa^a B.iajiBcaa- 

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c«ie oBOi% CTOM f^^aH'b KpyjRRb'&y — na Tefi% oh- 
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(9A% roA. 1275 Ao J321) 

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li*fe*: Tc. XC. 

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Bebi» A HaifpTaae y TjiacHHRa cb. Ill no^i) 6p. 3S 
T\x6Ai III , M y cb, yil noAi> 6p. 4. Ta6«i. I Hosi^e 
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ce npeRH^a kaAnacb ^ecao ao rjiaBe Rpa^iivBe y p«« 
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BoS CTpaHH AO rjiiftBe; a hb obomis npeRiiAa ce roai* 
RBGI , a TCRit' $ cTOB ua aeboti CTpaffH. — OBJsilf 
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cuHa MnjiyTBHoBa ; obo foa* 1228. 
T*a6. I. 6p. 4, HoliaH'b cpeffpmj do6po cauyeafin. 

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ra na Roaio uoBii^sk Ha^nHCii jiaTHHCRiB: D: REX COS- 
TAnITIIVVS: = Dominus hex Costantinus, to ecTt: 

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cToehk y Ayroii ^aROHCROB o^eac^B, ca Beai^eivb 
cjiBBe ORO raase, ^ecHOM'b pyROMii Af^^ rb^^bob^- 
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S. STEFANVS SCVTARI, to bctb: CBeTwfi Ctc- 
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BOBai^B HBiiiao caMB fl y A^Ay: De duobils Impera- 
tbruin Rassiae Numniib. Edilio aHera, monetts acdo- 
cumentis adhuc Ineditis aucCa. MDCCLII, o^i* Roe 
spjio pe/^Re OAi> SBBTBorb id.veTaMHoir'B apxeoaora 
fiepHapA^ HaBBB casHiibHe h y cpe^BHB IS-xorB lie- 
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njiapB npBora BSAaHifl b y 5B6.iioTei;B ^pyiuTsa Cp5- 
CRe CjiOBecRoCTB. y o^a^BB BSAaHiB oiiaif hobbl^b 
HBi^pTaBB' 6 aa Ta6a.'I no^B ^poeniB 2, a y A^Xy 


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ce opHrHHa.ii) Hi^rosi^ naaasH y Mysey Aht, Caeop- 
HHaaa, BjiacTe^Hna M^eraHKora. 

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MdHCKorit) M oTau^ii H Marii CTpany ^p^KajiH , TaKo 
/^a ce oeaS nocjie cMpTH Kpa^a Mu^iyTHHa aa cp(f- 
ckon> Kpa.^H nporjiacio , u ^a € CTe^anii T'poiu'b 
ni-liifi ^e^faHCKiS caMo ch.iom'b opyHca uoMohy no- 
Ck/ie Ha^'b HbHUfb oApscaHe, npH Koioti e KocTan- 
TifHT) nprHuyo, ^o ceorb npaea h 40 npecTO.ia AO- 
liH Morao. deaii HOBaii^ OHeBH^Ho ^i^^Kaaye h ocBe- 
Ao^asa , A& 6 KocTaHTHHit npoab ueRo Bpeme Rpa* 
4')iBCRa npasa ynpamHRBao ^ h ^a e. (>apii y borhm'b 
Qp^A^^AHMa cpjScRe ApstdBe Rao Rpajii> npHsnaTi* 5iaQ. — 
0«o 6 ^aiiae HOBI9 po^ii cp6cRH Boeau^, roai* Racb 
(apb AO^^dA*!* cjia6o nosHax^, a Bp«to BamaHb. 

KaAi> OBaH nOBai^ cpaBHHMO cb oRHiwbyr^a- 
cHUKa CB. YII, HB th6a. y ooA'i* 6p- 30 H3o6pa3tte- 
uRMEby a Ha CTpauM 228 onHcaHHMtk HOBii(eMi> ^ecno- 
xa KocTaHTHiia, ohab bhabmo, ^a e oaafi crapiera 
HsrjieAa^ h Moace' fibiTH, a^ ^ icoBaHi» ioiu'b sa skh- 
Bo ra MH^yTHHOBa , aRO « KocTaRTHR*i> 6no -o^e" 
aliHik AecnoTb nerse MacTH cp5cRe AP^^^e; a oaaif 
noRaaye H3r«teAi» hosahIh Hoaa^a ^ymaHOBu h ^po- 
ii'QBbi RoaaHbi aa KoTopi*; «Hrype h i^eo nocao ua 
H'biiy cacBHMi* HaaH^e Ha obb ROTppcRe HOBi^e, Roe 
ce MOHce OABia bhahth ^ ano ce pfli» cpasHH ca ^p- 
Tea&HMa y r.iacHHRa cb. Ill Ta6.i. YI , noAi> Cp? 
66; cBea. V, Ta6ji. LiioA^ 6p. 2; cb, VII, Ta6ji; I.^ffp. 
6* HaJiaaehHMik ce tu Hoaan^a. ^ 

HcTriua MMa y cp6cRofi HCTopiH H BRiue ro- 
choAapd; koh ce aosy KocTaHxaHH , Ha npaMepb y 


MjieTaMRoIi apxHRH naiuao caiiB aRTi oai> l^rorii 
AarycTa 1401-Be ro^HHe 5 koh ca^p^dBa o^roBapii 
trpatiHTejiBCToa M;ieTaHKOn> nocjiaHHRj HeKori* ro- 
eno^HHa KocxaHThBa, Kon> THTy^wpaio: ^fochofl^afb 
-npe^i^A^i Cp6ie Aemebn orojio Hauie aemjiK ^pan- 
Re" (Dominus Serviae terrilorii, quO<l est cirftum cir- 
ca terrftorium nostrum Durachii) 1^ koHi e iiMao aa 
finely C^eHy, cectpy f^op^ia Tonie , Rneaa AJi(5a- 
Hie, oflt> Ron> cy MjietHuhH ^oChjih tpaAib ^p^Hi*; 
aJiH o OBOMi> nemoaKe ce H'RRaKo npe^^nocTiaBHTH, ^'a 
fib! ce nasHBao Kpa.i^Mi> h ;^a 6m KOBao Hosi^e noX^ 


me fiHROMik ^pyroMi) npHnncaTf^, ho CHHy jVlujiyTB- 



(QAh rOA. 1347—1356) 

Ta€. /. 6p> S. ffoeati^ cpe6pm epJio do6po canyeaH^ ^ 

TeoK^am 19 epann. 

Ha Jtut^y: XpHCTOct CnacHxe^ib ce^ehn na noe- 

CTOJiy cfa HaAUHCOM-b ^o rjiase IC XC. a A^ ^'P ecxoDia 
y no«/iio /^ecHO caoBoni'b : R . a Jieao: O. 

jffa HaAUHW : y i^ejioiwb no^io y ne i^j^ p^'j^aKa 
HaA^HCb ciaBeHCHiu : + CT6<l)AHb Kb XA g^^ g '^* iu- 
rOK6PHM UPh b ^, TO eCTb : CTe*aH ^ ^^ XpHcra 
Bora gaarOBepHWK nap-b h npoMa> if^^,^ ^ ofepyweHi* 

HPXOMT, lUHpOROM* H3pe3RaHOMl» ^3 Kpai6 HOBl^a 


Oaaa ROBai^, ROH 6 HdT^,,, H^poAHWH Myapj^^-B 
Ao6io Ba Aap-fc oa* eAnorii, CBeijiTeHHRa ii3x,'cjape 
Cp6i6, ndtiHetuKOBHha, paa^HKye ce no pacnq^cj^- 
uio uaAnRca h iio pyr^Hqawa y ntMy, Kao h no 9^9- 
0HMa Ha jiRny, ciat^ cbiio Hana AocaAi> no^^^r^^^^- 
uianoBbi HoBa^a oeora poAa , Roe cmo y T-iacHHRy 
OBOMi> CB. ill, Tag. V. noAi* 6p. 55. 56; cb. V. 



tb6a. L 6p. !•; CB. yil. Ta6ji. 11. 6p. 7t na^pTaHe 
caoCiuTHjiH, H TdRO caHHHHBa uosy ^eAy. 

Ta6A. /. 6p. 6. Hoeat^'h cpe6pH'hj epAO do6po canyeam. 

Ha Aut^yx Hcycb XpHCTOCb ceA^^H aa apecTO- 
jiy Rao oChhro; ^o npecTOi«a y no.«io p^ecBO c^o- 
BO : R 9 i«eBo : V. 

Ha uaAUHto : RpaJib ca saTsopeHoifB HauTH 
qapcROM'b RpyHOAfb na rAaaH^ ce^H na npecTOjiy 
(Jea-b HacjioHa, OAeBeH'b y Ayry Aoaamy, ap»h a©- 
CHOMit pyROM'b MaHTi 3a AP»^dKi>, a jieBoiiii» aa spxii? 
ROH 6 MeTHyo npeKo Rpaaa; org nl^ra no Rpaio hob- 
^a HaAUHCb jiaxaHCRifi : + RX • RASIE • STIPAN A = 
Rex Ra»iae Stipan A. to 6Ctb: RpaaB PaiuRifi Cre- 
^aai A. 

OaaS HOBa^'b HssaAio e cbmb h3i» j^^Aa: loh. 
von Reich el Serbiens alte Mflhzen, ne4aTaHon» 
1848-Me roARHe y IleTepCypry; y romi* e na tbC/ih- 
ij(H oaflaneHOH dpoeMi* XIII. noA^ •^ 5. H3o6pa- 
aKeHB, H Roe cawrb na mobii> AeTomulaWJb oyTOBaHio 
ROA'b rocnoAHna H. KyRyakBuba y 3arpe6y bhaio. 
CaiHHHTe^b HeRaa&e rAe ce opHrHHajii» Hajiaaa, aaa 
he aa i;ei«o Cuth y ubroBOu snaNeHHToiK a^HpRH y lie- 
Tep6ypry. noAoCaHi> e HOB^HMa ^ymaHOBHMa.. Roe 
c»o Behi> HSAajiR ,u onacaaH eAaRi* y OBora Faac- 
BHRa CB. IIL Ha crp. 227, fac e a HaoCpaacenik na 
Ta64« V. noA'b CpoeMB 64. no ^yuenCaxepy, rohhc- 
Raaya hhuitb OARyAa ra hmb, a APyi'iS 7 ^^' Vl. hb 
CTp. 193, H3o6paa&eH'b tbmo na rafiji. I. noA'b ^P* '^ 
B TO no opBrHHa.«y Ha.iasebeM'b ce y bGbprh Fo- 
cnoAHHa CTe«. tiepROBMha; ro oai* ofiaAaa oaa hob- 
^a pa3.«HRy6 ce obbh He cbmo tbimi* uito cy «tHRo- 
BH Ha H'^My Apyriie h caBpuienie aapa^eHu , nero 
OAi> Apyrora u caoBHiua na ^Hi^y ao npecTOi«a, a 
OAi* oCbabb HaAnncoMb jiaTHHCRHsi-b na bbjibhio Apy* 
THfefb; OHi> 6 ^aHAe hobb «eaa acTorb poAa ^yuia- 
BOBbI BOBaqa. 


(oA-b roA. 1356—1367) 

Ta6. /. 6p. 7. HoBQVf'h cpe6pm, epAo do6po caH^BaHt, 

reok^am 12 apana. 

Ha Aumfi i^apii ca daTBopenoMii RpynoM'B aa 
TjiaBH, y AyroM yKpauieaoii aoamlh ce^u aaKOiiio 
aa aeBO crynafoheirB, a AP^" y ^^^f^ofk pyqa caan- 
Tapik ei> RpCTOM'b, aao aeesAa yRpameHRM'b, aa Bpxy: 
AO qapeBbi paMeaa y noaioHaAnacii eapabeHenoAi* 
T0TJiaMa peiH HMaioha osafi: C<l>4 na A^^Hoft cTpa- 

HH. H ip aa .leBOfi, to 6Ctb: CTe^aait i;api>; npeAi^ 
npcuAia KOHfl y no,iio pyacaqa. 

Ha uaAUHio: y nojiio n^eMahcRifi uiaeMii^ aa 
^eao oapeayT-b, yapanieBi* rope apyHOM* , .a6y- 
Rom, y Roiou 6 sseaAa, a nepaaai^oMB oAi> *>*?« Q^- 
pa aa apxy, oao oaora aaAnacb jiaraacRiil y apyry 
aa RpaH> aoai^a: VROSIYS IMPEHATOR, to 6Ctb: 
ypoluik i;api». 

Oaafi Aewh aoaai^'b TdRO^e e Ao6io aaiui} My- 
seyMi) oATi CBeiuTeHHRa hst* CTape Cp6ie Ilonaeni- 
ROBaha aa A^P'b. floAoCaaii e Miioro aoB^aiiia i^apa 
ypouia onacaaaMii a BaqpTa.iHNi» y F^acaaaa cb. 
Vll. aa CTpaHR 212 a cjibA- a Ta6ji. YI. noAi> 6po- 
6BBiia 35 a 36, a cb. YIII. aa CTp. 268 a Ta6ji. 
1. noAi> ^p* 4 9 aJiH ce oneTi* TO.iaao oAi» caiH) aba 
paaaaRye a ^arypama a a aaAnacoMii, ocoCrto ac- 
npaaaouihy •laTaacaor'b aaAnaca, A^ ce Mopa npa- 
mbtr aa aoay «e^y oaora poAa aoaaij^a ypoiueaiii. 

Ta6A. !• 6p. 8. Hoeat^^ cpe6pM%^ docra do6po cany^ 
, eawb^ TCMcaK^ 12 epana 

Ha Aut^y: i^apii 6paAaTi», ca i^apcROMii apyaomib 
aa maaa^ o6yMeHi> y f^yvy yapauieay xaJiBaay, ceAH 
aa ROHio aa jieao CTynaiobeMii; y A^caoB pyi;a Ap- 
ma caanTapit ca HCTBopoyr.^acTOM'b aeaoMi* ^f.^o-- 
^aqoMi) aa apxy, aa aoiofi 6 no caofi npajiax^a Cuo 



KpcTT), ROH ce Rdafisao; v^o paMend jqapeeu y no.«io 

Ha^oHCb, A^CHO : )(P a Jieeo UJ b , AStUAe: KpoiiJb; a^^- 
Jke tld^T^ii K<>tifeMi» y noJiio ctob cjiofio : T . 

ffa HOAUHfo: oneTit Kao h na npeAHAytienfb 
ui-s^MTi 6.4aropoAHoris soHBHiTBa Kpyfiom^, fl6y* 
ROMib, Ha ROioii 6 886343, H nepHHRi;oMi» OAi> TpBue- 
pa yRpauieR%9 oro Roera e RpymHa i^pxa a Hsa oae 
aa Rpaio HOBi^a yuaoROjio HaAnncft .vaTfrRCRifi /^ocra 

HBaHsaun Ci«bAyH>hB. : GB !>• VROSIVS ^ ROOe, 

Koe HMa 6biTH BepOBaxHo: Dominus Urosiiis Impera- 
tor, TO ecTJb: FocnoAUH'b ypoiui* i^api>* 

H oBdH 6 HOBau^ii Aap'b OTi^a flonHeuiKOBfrha 
HB-b crape Cp6i6, h nysa ce caAf* y Myseyny hb- 
meii'b; casHRHBa hobi po^ii ypomeBu itOBai;a> npeM- 
A^ • Ha npBjuu uoTAefl,7> noAoCaHi* OHOM'b po^y h1^- 
roBu ROBBi^a, ROB 6 onBCBHii y r.;iacHuRa CB. yil. 
ua cTp. 211, a aai:^>TaBf> tbmo na Ta6.«. III. noAt» 
6p. 19; b^is Roera ce osaif BeuiTecxBeHo pasARRy^ 

i;e4HUl, Ha^HMKMli, R06 OB^e BMB aaTBBCRilt RBA- 

jiaci», ai TBHo cvaBeHCRiH. 

I^6a, //• tf/>. 9, Itoeat^% cpe6pH'b^ epAo do6po cany^ 

sawb^ 15 epaua reafcaK^i 

ObbS HOBai^-b u^apa ypoma cacBHAfb e ao^o- 
6aH'b HOBi^y BCTOrt s^apa HSAaTOWb o^i* hbcb y 
r^acHHRa cB. VII, r^e 6 na crp. 209 onHcaB'b, a hb 
Ta(J. III. noA'b 6p. 16 Hai^pTBH'b; ajiH ce pasjiBRye 
OAi> BCTorTb, npBO npecTOJiOMi* OB^e MHOro Buiue 
yRpauieRRM'b, ^pyro Rpcxowb APyoasiaMi. hb crbh- 
Tpy HB Ami\y, a rpehe m^eiHOMnb OB^e ua^ieBoORp^ 
ByTHMit RB Ha<AM*fio; ecxe ^auAe a obo onexx* hobb 
«e#ia HOBBHa i^pa ypoiua, AocsL^'h HenoBBBTia* My- 
aeyni* iiauri* Ao6io e h obbh hb A^p'b o^'b HCTorm 
H, OTiia IIoiiHeiiiROBBha. 

TaffA. fl. 6p. 10. ffoeaUf'h cpe6pm^ spAo do6po caHy* 

eawB, TeawoKh 13 epaua. 


Ha Jiutm: Hcyci» Xpiicrocb he npecTO^y iJ^Ae- 
hH, Rdo o6h4hp Ha cxapiHnfb cp6cBBMi> BOBifnMa; 40 

rjiaiie y luecTO npaeorii Ha/^nHca IC XC ctoh norp^- 
lUMO BspesaHO, a^cho : X a Jieso D, y noaio a<^ 
npecTOJia ^^^vlo ctoh ciiobo : C . 

Ha uaj^uHto : i;api> CpaAarii ce^H na npecroay 
6e3i» Hacioua, ca ^apCKOMi* 3aTBopeHOiiii» KpynoM'b 
Ha r.AaBH, oCyHeHT) y Ajrofi xajibHHH, h onacdH'b 
i^apcKHM'b opapoMii , AP»sH y A^^^io^ py^*' cKHft- 
Tap-b Cb KpCTOMi» Ha Bpxy; ao nhra y no.AH) naADHCB 
^ecHO : )S ^ aeBO III) ; npsEdif MOHarpaMu Sna^H }&^ 
d Apyriui uib » A^Kae: yponi'b. 

Obo e ROB-b poAi> Hoaai^a i^apa ypotua A0« 
caAi* HenosnaTii; nyaa ce y opHrHHa«iy noRjionk- 
HOMii oAi» ropenoxaajikHorb OTi^a HoniieiimtiBHba 
y «aineMi» HapoAHOiiii» MyseyitfynpH TLoneHnrejitTBy 

Ta6. ii. 6p. 11, Hoeat^^ cpe6pm^ epAo do6po cmny* 
eanzj IS epana reofcam. 

Ha Jiut^yi qapi) 6paAaTi> ccah hb npecTOJiy cii 
BHCKHMii HacaoHonrb H3a Jie^a; hmb saTBopeny Kpy- 
Hy Ha rjiBBH h Ayry AO-^ia^y, a aP^h y A^chhuh 
CKunrapii cb KpcTOiii» hb npaio ; Hore MexHyo e na 
flCTyKi»; 40 H'hroBbi pameHa y nojiio cjiaBeHCttifi hba- 
nBCb^ noA^b THTjiama CKpahenib: ^ecuo: }S^ j aeno : 
ipb; TO 6ctb: ypouiii i^apx*; HHate noAi* obumii mo- 
HorpaMHMB y nojiM> ^ecuo 40 npecTo^ia ctoh cjio- 
Bo T, a Aeso sejiHKa aaesAd h no/(i» HbOMi) abb Kpy- 

Ha uaAuufo: uiAetnit pRTepCRiS MapaMOirb b* 
cTparb noRpHBeH'b; a rope RpyHonrb, dBedA^^iTb 
H nepBRHqoM'b o^* Tpn nepa yRpaineHit, oro oho- 
Vroarius Imperator, to ecTb: ypom-b ij^ap-b. 


B OBaft ^enii, HOBii epi ^^oca^'b Heno3RarB,Ho- 
Baqi>\3^pomeBiB noR^oiiio e nameM'b Myae^yny necr- 
Hfdft oTa^it flonHeuiKOBHhii; H npeN^a ohti HajiHMH na 
ypouieBii iioBai^i> onHcaii'b y TjiacRHKa cb. YII. na 
CTp. Z08y r^e 6 H3o6paaKeHii na Ta6. III. no^i* 6p. 
15. HnaKis pasjHKyiohu ce oai» HCTorb snaTHO oco- 
6hto no cjiosy T h aBes^B ua Jin^yy slah a no paa- 
nOtiosKeHio Ha^nHca hb iiaJiH^iio^ ca^HHBBa BOBy«e- 
Aj Tora po;^a ypouieBia Hosai^a. 



(oat. roA. 1389— 139«) 

Ta6Ji, //• 6p, IS* Ifoeatih cpe6pm, dacra do6po ca- 


Ha tHHtft/^ Hey Cb XpncTOCb ce^ebH na npeero* 
Ay Ceaii nacAOBa^ Roera cy KpaeBH yRpaineHH s^Be- 
TOBHMa KpHHa ; A^CHOMT) npyH(eHOMi» pyKOM-b ^ae 
CAarocAOBt, a AeaoM-B ^piKH eBaH^eaie , ^o r^aBe 

IC XC • 

ffa uajtuHfo: CaeTBTeJiB, cb Beni^e^'b CAase oko 
. oaBe CToehif, y Ayrofi o^emAH, AeaoMi) pyKOiai ^p- 
mn KHBHry hb npCBMa^ a /^ecHOMii npymeHOM'b ;^pBCB 
rpany ^yraHwy o^Tj H'LroBbi Hory ao rji^ae; aohK- 
ra ABBO Ha^nHCb cjiaBeHCKiS: ^T BAhKb« Ba^H^a: ^^- 
enoTi B^BKb; mm Capi* Beananio uitb 6bi A^y^^ ^O" 
TAa 3Ha4HTH OHB npaa abb cjioaa. 

Obbu Aen-b ROBai^-b Byna BpaHKOBflha, cbhubb** 

BdlollH HOBT) po;^!* HlrrOBbl ROBBl^a, IIBMB AOCBAti 

HenoanaTit^ HauiaH cmo y A^-^y rope HaBeAeROMx*: 
Reichel Serbiens alle Mflnzen. y komti e bb Ta(f.iH- 
i^H oanaHeHou ca XV no^i* 6p. 22. HaoCpanceH'b; opu- 
riiHa«i'b 6bihe CHrypHo y afinpRH cBMor'b Focn. PaSxe- 
AB i KOH gy^yhu syBapi> i^apcRorb RaGBBexa MOBe- 
TB y HeTepGypry, hmbo e Aeay aCupRy CTapu ro- 
BB^a, ca auaTHBMi» 6po6M'b forocjiaseHCRH RomaAa. 



(oA% roA. 1427—1457) 

Ta6A^ II* 6p. 13* Ho9at^% cpeCpwh, do6po caHyeaH%j 

14 epana reatcaK'h. 

Ha Aui^fi y ij,eAOWb no^io f xpH Bpcre na/i- 
HHCii cjiaBeHCRiSI: ^ THk ^ A^CflO ^ Th r ♦ to ecrb: 
rocaoA0Hi» ^ecnoTTi ^ypa^i>; ca seTupu one aees* 
46 Ha yr.ioBHMa yRpaiueu-b. 

JST^or uaAUHfOf ^aBi» ua a^cho RopanaioftH, oro 
H^ra HeTHpH i;BeTa o^i* RpRaa^ a cse y RpystRofi? 
qpTH ci> o6e CTpatie ayCHacTofi. 

JTa^^. //. 6p. 14. Hoean^ cpe6pm , epAo do6po cany* 

eanzj IS epana Tea/canz. 

^pe^aiuH'Kni'b mhofo no/^o6aHT» , paa^aRye ce 
o^i* BCTora Rao nosa «e.«a e^Hora ci» rbrmt* po^a 
Ha iiHi;^, MHoro BehHM'b h BehMa HSRHheaHMii aaea- 
Aaua y yraoBHMa aaAnHca; a aa Ha^iMHiio tumi> oito 
HMa ORO iSaaa ochmi* mcthph i^Bera o/(t» RpHaa ionii» 
H3Me^y OBu H e^aHi RpcTHhi> rope, h ^Be sseaAH- 
i\e AO^e. 

06a oBa Aena. HOBHHba caoCiuTeHa cy nawb, 
/la ill MOHceiiQ ynoTpeGuTH aa name ooHcaHie , h 
HaqpTane hbhocth ope^aTU , o^i* FocaoAHHa C, 
Manaa «H3HRyca BapoiuH IllaCqa ; ona HCTHna aa- 
aHHe Ha noai^e y'^ecnoTa l^yp^a onHcaue aebi y 
uauiera T^acHHRa cb. Ill hb crp. 240 a Hai^praHe 
y HCTofi CBesRH, Ha tblCa. VII no/^i* 6p. 77H7HjUJiH 
ce TBRo aHBTHO o^it HBH pasaHRyio , Ad ifi MopaMO 
npH3HaTH 3a A^e aoae , Aoca^i^ HenoanaTO , «eae 
OHora po^a ROBai^a ^yp^eau. 




(oBO roA« 1015) 

Ta6. /IJ^6p. Id. jffoedTi^ sAat^aM^ docra do6po ca- 

Ha Jiux^y: HcycB Xp«CToeB< ;^0 noflca, ca bch- 
i^eMik c^ase oko r^ase , h eeaH^e^ieMi* Ha npcHina,. 
KOM^ MeBbMii pyKOMi; APHfiH , Kao iuto oGu^tto (PbiBa 
Ha'iiaBi^'itiiia cp6cKHMi>; oko r.«aBe Ha^nBC-b cjiafietf- 
CKifi^ Roera cj^rneKa cjioBa H3.«if3aua, Taito HSBpHyri^, 
;ia ce bh;(h, ^a e norpeuiKt>Mi> aa caMOiirb n^^VMrj 
npiiBo Hspeaatfb 6f>io , h Taso ua o^thckj mppao 
BBTpa^iKe H3Bpu}^TX> hshIih;' 'M02Ke ce ^o6po y oTiSe- 

^ajiy MHTaTB: : CVCZ XPHCT AX Koe a BlbpoBarno 

^VLjiO\ IcycB XpHCTOCb. Oko Kpafl Kpyrii o^^tb tohkh^ 

tfa ^ttJiUHio: KpaJT^ ^pi^Ti^, ca ifeKOMi» iiaT][k>M^i^ 
Ha raasH , y ^yi^^^ h inapoicoM> o^e^y ce^H ^^ 

OTOaHI^H, O^l* K06 Ce HHIUTa fieBH^M, H ApWcH /^e- 

CHOM-b pyKOMT) /^yrii aseaao , na aoera Bpxy 6 ne-- 
cappiu^eao Hapa^enii KpcTi>; ^eao y no.iio 40 pame- 
Ha KpaA'^baori) ^eaiH oco6BTjufi dHaai* ; oko apa^a 
nav^pHCB cjiaBeHcaiH TaKOl^epii H3BpHyTT> , ^jib ce 
TO ecTT*: B^iaAHMHp'b na ctojiI^. Oko caera Kpynb 
o^^ii TOHKH. Osafi 3HaueHBTbiif HOBaiJ^ii Hauiao caMB 
raito^e y t^^Ay\ Reichfel Serbiens alte StflnzenL St. 
Ptterborg 1848. y OBomt f^\ijty Hajia3e ce rpw Ta« 
6^rf[][e osHaseHe 6po6BHMa XIIL XIV. » XV., aa 
Koana ama oBera 3t HOBai^Ti; HaifBHuiecy noaaaTH. 
KO^'B HBCb, caMo oBH cy Haiifb SsiaH HenodHaTB, Koe 
CMTO OB^e no^i^ ^. 6 h l!S cao6jiiTHaHy u OBaa, kob 
ce TBMo Hd Ta6. XIII no^ia 6p. 1 M3o6paaReH'i> »a- 
ASlaii; Tocuo^i Pa^lxe^'b, koh 6 y nexepCypry e/^aa-b 
oAi> rtaiiBehH SHarejiH HyMB3MaTRKe 6ij1o, npHnacye 
ra CpCcKOMii .Kpa.^10 B^fBABWapy ^ mu Hkroay aya^ 
TopHTy cii TbiM-b paAie sepyewo h OB^e c^feAysMo^ 
iuto ce no HameMb 3HaHio osaii noaai^'b bko e hctb- 


HiftT'^ Henosue np^Hn^LOdTH , ochuix Kaneorb .pyf«en>- 
B^aAHMHpa, Koe ohii Kao Pyccb iih6 ynuHio ^aiCi^e 
6 Mopao HMaTH Ba»CHe ocHoee npoTHBiy Tora , hh- 
KoMiy ^^pyroMiy Kpomh Haiueris npa^iA Cp6cRori> B^a- 
^HMHpa, Korb 6 (5yrapcKiJI Kp'a^B B^a^^HcaaBi* toa. 
1016 y Z2 MaH HS^aifHHHKH yCHTH ;^ao, ochmi) e^- 
HOM'b dyrapcROMi) qapy BAB^viMnpy BopHCOBHhy, 
KOH 6 BA2Lfl,SLO Of^'b vo^, 885 ^o 888-1116 ; caMo 4aRae 
HsiMel)y oBa A^a BaaABiHHpa cyiHHa 6faTK Mo»ce. 

BOCAHCKOnb H ^yKE cn,l*TCKOnb, 

(o«o rbA* 1400) 
Futf^ ///. (Tp. iS. Hoeattf'b cpedpm , ep^o do&po cm^ > 

Ha Jiuu,y: CBBTHiejiB, ci» BeHi^eifb Ci^aBe.ORO 
r^iaBe, ctoh y ^yraiKofi o^eiKAii, Hma 9fHT|]iy hb 
rjaaa , y npyaKeHoii jieaOH pyi^a apxHepeHCRifi wJt^, 
sao^ a ^QCHORifi upyaKeHoii'b GaarocujiH ; oho Hiira 
HaAitiHCi» ^aTHHCRiii: S. DOIMYS SPALETI/ to 6CTi»; 
CaeTbiH /lyHMo Cnji]>Ta (pasyMeaa ce naTpoHi>). 

Ha najiUHios y cpe^^i* no^a rp^i* BOfiBOAe Xp- 

BOfl, UITHTlk HaR^IOR.hU'b, y ROM'B^ HMB nBTb ^BeTOBB 
OAl) RpHBB, HaA% HJbHill» lUi^eM'b , HB'b R06ra 06 OO* 

4fiafie pyRB HaopyaKana y OKi^ony, ^pmeba irpasib: 
AfBHi* , f^o H'b y nojiio aeBo Tpa i^aeTd o^i» Rpuna, 
6AaHi» HcnoA'b /^pyror'B y otb'Kchom'i> pe^y, a a^^ho 


neta Chervoii Ducis Spaleti^io 6Ctb: HoBaiJCb Xp- 
BOH ^yRe Cni^hTCRorit. 

Ta6Ji. HI. 6p, 17. Hoeat^'h cpeCpwh, epjio do6po cO' 


Ha Aui^y: ^hri> CaeTHTe^ia Rao na npe^HAy- 


LETII. V (qBerb 0^*^ RpHHa)TO 6CTii:CBeT£il^yS- 
MO Cnji'l^TCKiii. 

Ha uaJiuHio; ycpe^i* no^ia BejiHKifi uiTHT'b, na 
KOMI) 6 rpCit , rope nonpeKO BO^opaeHO ^Ba A^pe- 
Ka , no^i) HBHMa pysa ^o paMena y OK.«ony A^raa 
mbhib npaBis, a Hsa oee aeso ABopenufi .laBii ucnpa- 
BalkHii; oKo oBor'B uiTHTa HaAnHCb .laTHHCKiii: MO- 
TO eCTii: HoBaqit Xpsoa ^yKe Cnai^TCKor'b. 

Tad. ///• 6p, 18. Ho%aii,% cpe6pm , epjio do6po ca* 

Ha Jiuv,y: u aHKi* CBeTHTeAfl h HaAnncb cbcbbmii 
Rao Hd OHOMi» nOfj^it 6p. 16, caMo iuto 6 os^e sebe 


3Ha*iH: Martyr, to ecrt: MyHenHKit. 

iSTa HOAUHw: iuthti* h rpd'b hcto rbo h na oboh% 
ifo;ii> 6p. 17, aaH ' HaAQBcii y HaoKOJio pa3.«HHaH%, 
wfcAyiohH: + MO + CHERVOII + DUCIS y S. = 
Moneta Chervoii Ducis Spaleti» to ecTi*: HoBa^ii Xp- 
BOB ^yKe Cn.«']^TCRon>. 

Caa TpH OBB ROBi^a HaBa^io caMb aaii A'l^**d: 
1. von Reichel, BeitVdgfe zur MQnzkunde der sQd- 
slavischen V5lker. St. Petersburg, 18^, y komi. cy 
aaiipTaHH, a opHrHuajiB abioBH na^aae ce y Paii- 
xejiOBoif a^HpKH y IIeTep6ypry. Obh hobu^b ca oub- 
caHBM'b 0411 Haci> Behi) y FaacHBRa csea. Y-tou iia 
CTp. 221, H OH/^e iiai^pTaHHiuii na tbS. II uoai* 6p« 
13 HOBi^eMii BCTon> XpBOH , OA'B KOFI* ce BeniTe* 
CTBeHO pasaBRyio. TBope ^aa po^a, a CBaRiii poAi* 
oueTi) Ase ^eae Hosaqa oBori* CB^Hori* fiocancRo- 
Aa^iuaTHHCRor'b ABB£^CTe b rocnoAapa Cn^bTCRori* 
y no*ieTRy 15-Torb aeRa i^BexaBuier'b. 

HOBqH rPA4A cn.*fiTA. 

■8% 13-Torb H 14-Ton B«Ka. 

Ta6. III. 6p* 19. Hoeatj^'h ad's dUAAonOy (*) epAO do* 

6po canyeawh 

Ha Aum/ : RpCTHhi) y Rpy»HOH j^pxH , oko ni» 
4 aseaAHT^e, Kpyaiuha 8, h e^HHHu^e pfaniCRe I He> 
Tap-b, oneTii RpymHOM'B i;pTOMi> orpa^eae. 

Ha HaAUHio: y noaio aaAnRCii ^laTHHCRia y Tpn 
apcTe: SPALATINVS , to ecxt: Cn^^'l^rcRifi, Rpym- 
HOM'B s^pTOii'B orpa^enis. 

OpHruua^'b OBora CTapo^peBHon* aoaqa, Rou 
ce no CBOMii uar^e^y Mome y npsy no^oBuay XII-ri», 
aoRa CTasHTH, aajiasH ce y aapoAHOM'B Myaeyny y 

Ta6. III. 6p. S0> Hoeat(% od% CuAAona^ %pAo do6po 


Ha Aut^yf y cpeAHMH no«sa apcTah'^ ca •leinrpii 
TOHRe y yraoBHMa , ORpymeaii i^prOM'b , oro ro6 
oneTii y Rpyry paanovioaKeHia ocaMii TOHRHiia^ oro 
rou onerb KpyacHa i^pra. 

Ha HaAtiHw: y Rpy»Hofi r^pxH y cpeAHHH no- 
^fl y Tpa BpcTe pacnoaoaRea'b HaAnucB Ta^iAHCRifi: 
SPALATINO) to ecTb; Cna^TCKiu. 

Ta6. Ill, 6p, 21. Hoeat^'h 6aKpeH%^ do6po caut/eam. 

Ha Aut4y: FaaBa cBeTVkTejun. ca enHCRoncROMt» 
MHTpoM'fc Ha jieBO oRpeHyra, y cpeAHnn Hoar^a oapy- 
HseHa nproirb, RaBaHii OBe yaaoRoao tnaTHHCRiii 
HaAnHCb: -f- S* DOMNIVS = CaeTuii ^ytlMO. 

Ha HOAUHio: ycpe/|b no^a RpcTb RpyaRHOMb 
iQiTOM-B o6^0Ahm% J ORO Roera aaTUHCRiH HaAn*<<^1i^ 

(^) fiB;«40H'b 6 cpe6po J KOMii HMB BHioe 6aKpa 
aeiKejiH cpe6pa^ o^'b ocMe npo6e. 

oBafi: 4- . C . ISPALATENSIS. = Civitas Spalatensis, 
TO ecT'b: BapoiuB CnaLTCKa. 

Osa Asa TaKol)ep'i> ep^^o crapa aosi^a anaMe- 
HHTOrii ^a^MaTHHCRorii rpa^a Cn^tbra , o/^'b koh ce 
npBUM Mo»ce CTaBHTH y A^yry nojiOBuny XIl-TOn» 
mena^ a< ^pyriil y XllI BeisB, aaBaAio caM'b Hai> bh- 
Hie nyra saBe^enor'B ;i^^jia: Pauxe.«OBon»: BeitrSge 
zur Mtinzkunde der attdslaviachen Vdlker. Ako ce 
OHH H ueMory y.CTporoM'b cniacay HaaaaTH cpGcKir, 
MucaHMiB, ;^a iu oneTi* Kao HOBi^e loaiHocaaBeHCKe 
6pahe MOHseiio npiiMHTH y Haui'b r./iacHHKii ; hbtb 
he TO lUTo uiKO^HTH MoliH, aRo Maao noMaJio npH- 
0epeMo y OBaS Haiai> opraHi*, Rao y aejiHRy o6iuTy 
0jiaraSHiri;y , cse niTO ce o HyMitamaTHKii foroeaa-* 
BeifCKofi y o6niTe-no paaHHMi) cTpaHRMi* h^h pe/(- 
KHMB fl^hAHMa paaceHHo nanaaH,^ 



Ta4i. ilh 6p^.'B^. Hoeat^'b 6aKpBH^ ^ epjie da6p9 ca-r 


Ha Jiuxiy: Apxaare^a MHxaH.«a KpBi^aTora ^hkb 
CToehH Ha aMiu, h ^^pmehn y /^ecHoS pyqa Konai> 
aaffo^eno y sMiRiiy r.;iaBy, a y jieaofi Rpyr.«y ca Rp- 
CTonfb; ORo nhra Ha^nacb •larHHCRiil: S. MICAEL 
SEBEKIC. TO 6CTi»: Cteetuil MaxaHaB fIlR0eHHRa. 

Ba HQJiuHro: ycpeAB no^^a RpHiAaTi* jiaBi* cse- 
TOira Mapua ci> eBaHt)e^ieMiy, rpGi IMLieTaRa ,. oro 
H'kra KpyiHHa J^pTa9 a Haa oae oro Rpaa Hoat^a HaA«t 
we* jiaTHHCRia: 4. SANGTVS. MAftCVS. VENETl. 
TO eCTi*: CaeTbiH Mapao M^eTana. 

Oaafi HOBai^'b IIlH6eH0Ra rpa^a ^aantaTiwoRQr'b 
HaJiaav ce y opHrHnajiy y 3arpe6aHKOMi> M)(aeywy. 



Ta6, in. 6p. S3, ffoeat^'s ffanpenn , epj$o do6po oa^ 


Ha Jiuv,y: CBexwfi TeoAop*? ca CBeTHTe^BCKHMi* 
BeHi^eMii cjiaee oko rjiase, h n^auiTeMi* np^RO pa- 
lueHa 6aHeHHMi>, CToehfi npo6aAa Kon^Akiii'B ajRAaio, 
iSOH ce npeA*!* HbroBHM-b HoraMa bh6; oko u^ra i^a- 
THHCRiif na^nHCb: .D ANTIVAR ; mra OHoDynpaao 
auaMH hsbKctho pehH HeymeMO^ naiinpHjiH^Hie a.* 
DOMINVS H4H DOMINIVM, h OH^a 6jm SHa^uao: 
FocnoAapi* BapcKiii'HJiff rbcno^apcTBO BapcKO. 

Ha HUAUHH): CseTHxejiB ca BeHi|eMii caase oko 
c4aBe, jieTe&HM'b naamTeniit Ha paMeny, luaHeinb p 
^e^piiMa^ HuiyhH aa kohio na ^ecHO CKasyheuB, npo^ 
6aAa Ronakm* amAaio^ noAi» ROHhwcb aemefay. Obo 
6fa 6ut> CBeTUH ^opl^e, a^ neMa Hsa aet)a y noaio 
caoBO : 0. 36or'b Roera Mopa ce miiicjihth , aa « *i 
OBO CBeTbiif TeoAPpB. 

fiapiy rpaA'B ? Rao ^ n^ejia AjiCaRifl ropHa , (5ft 
CRaApoM-b , ^pa*ieiiii> , ^piiBacTOMii, h ApyruMi) rpa- 
AOBHMa , iipHHaA-^emao e netAa Cp6cKOM'b i^ap- 
cf By; 3aTo cmo oBaA jieirb HOBaiVb CHHMHaH no opH- 
riftiaay , naaaaeheMis ce y HyiuHdMaTHMRoti a^HpRH 
Myaea roh uoctoh npn ti>H6iAioTei]^H cb. AlapRa y 
^ymAOBOMii A^opy y MaeTi^Hivia^ h CTaBJiaMO ra oBa- 
Mo, Rao cnoMeHHR-b rpaAa roh e HerAa y caaBHOfi 

npOIIMOCTH CpfiCRlU 6idO. — ^ 

HaiB OBOrB ^leTomnbri* A^AATRa Ri* HauieMi> 
onHcaHiK) Cp6cRM noBai^a Mory ysHAHTH naiuH po- 


xepecHpaH) , a^i ce oai» obu aHaMeRHTu, jienu a h 
BasRHM HCTopifiCRH cnoMeHHRa iouiB Bpjio MHOrO 
naoAM no caexy, roh AOcaAi> noanaTH h abhocth 
npeAdTH HHcy. ynpaso caAi> npuMHCMo abcTB oai> 


Hauienb necTHTorb h peBROCTHorii cnyuHTeAH cth- 
pHRa Cre^t BepKOBHfca, ^a e h ohii na cBOMib, ^e- 
TOiuH'hMi> n^Ty no A^t^aHiH h cxapoii Cp6ifi (cb 
Kori» ffanii* 6 Behb noc«iao ce^aMi KOMa^a aaave- 
Bi;eHHTu pyKonHCKbi KHbHra, Oflji KOH cy HeTHpa 
Ha nepraMeny nucaHe), Haiuao SHaraH'b 6poii cp6- 
CRH HOBaii^a a me^yoBHina Muo^e ;^oca4i> cbcbbmii 
H^no3HaTe. 3aTO noBTopHxejino yMOJiHBaMO cse aa- 
lue po/^ojiio6HBe MHTaTe.i}> , ^a Han^b caofiiuTe aico 


crape HOBi^e, ^a iu Momemo hsasth, h Taico Cp6cisy 
Hy^HSMaTHRy. uito npe ao HeRori> caapuieHCTBa 
^oaecTH. Mhoth cy Hacb y«ieHH jiioah Behi» onoMe- 
HyAii^ 4a 6jeii Bpi^o If bjiH cxo^HO H noJiesHo 6fa^o hs- 
/^aTH OBO onHcanie cp6cRii noBaqa eiiCTeiiiaTHHHO 
ype^eno Ha HeROMii yneHHua o6iuTe nosHaTOMik eau- 
Ry, RBRO 6bi h BejiHRiH RHbHrneBHiaii cseTi) aa OBe 
BASRHe cnoMeHHRe /foanaTH Morao, ho hsii rope no- 
MenyTorb yapORa mopabeMo Tail nocao, Roera nOiA- 
ay H caMH yan^aMo, ioiu'b hb neRO apene o^Aomsi* 
TH , /^a 6fii TO 6CTb , ji^-kAO Ro^HRO 6y/(e MoryhHO 
no^nynie h 6oraTie hshuijio, h cxpaHHOwb yneHOMb. 
ceery y pyae ^oniao y ^ocxoHHOiwb caBpuieacTBy) 
RBRO 6w H OHO Mor.«o nyHOBBWHO cae^oHaHCTBO 
ABTH o Her/^aajH^Mb i^BeTaiolieM'b ctbhio h o6pa- 
aoBBHocTH Cp6a y Bpeme Hbioae caiiiocTa.«HQ h ue- 
aaBHCHMo nocTOefae v^piRaae. 



Od'h ^pa, jB* nia^apuKo. 

C«parRCTHRa, h^h seuiTHHa nosHaeaTH h jMe- 
TH ToaROBaxH cTapo^peBHe nenaTe B^a^ajiai^a, saacTH 
H HaA<^emaTe.«CTBa, na h ^fyvm SHaneHHTu aa noBb- 
CTHHi;y ^Hij^a, ecre Tano^e e/^Ho cnoMobRO' SHaHl^ 
RHb HCTopifl. JI HSi) co6cTBeHorii HCRycTsa auaMi) 
/^a ce no noBejiamay .VHCTHHaiiia HnHCMHina cpScRHMi* H AO Aanacb canyBa^o MHoro .ifoConHTHU 
nenara nais BpemeHa cp6cRe caMOCTa.iHOCTH , epik 
cavB iti caMi* neRO^HRo CHHMio h Hai^pxao y i^ec. 

Rp. TaHHOft ^BOpCROH apXHBH J BCHy , ROH 06 I^- 

Tema ca/^i» najiaae npH Roniania hctu nHcaMa 0;^% 
meue npenHcaHbi, y py^Raiura Morxi TocnoAHHa CTpa* 
i^a y Hpary. IIoaHaTa cy jienn Cp6cRH nenaTH sefn* 
na caeTi) HS^aTH: hcrh oai*' Paaba y H-broBOii hcto- 
piH , TO 6CTB I^apa ^aaapa , h MauRe AHt)e^i6 h 
HhHu. cuHOaa ]^ypl)a h loBana; hcrh y CpCcROirb 
•l^TOHHCy; e/^aHB o^^b Co-iapHha? to eCTb fiocan- 
cRora Rpa«sfl CTe^ana ^a6Hiue na CaRpopeaHOMi* 
CHHMRy 6;^He HbroBe noaeal^ ; a ocoChtoohh oai> 
Hauieris npepano npeMHHyBiueriy ABpaifOBHha , y 
RKroBOM-b onHcaHiio ^peBHOCTH Cp6cRH y Cbotoh 
ropH AtohcroS. — A^h aajiAi^o 6hi ce norpy^HTH 
4a ce npHRyne y e^^iio, ro^hro 6 Moryhe,^ cbh obu 
caHiysaHH nenaTH h 4a ce y xpoRO.^orHHHOH'B no- 
P^AKy* CB oSflCHenkMi* HSAdAy? Te xaRO fi,9i ce 40* 
Cie Cp6cRa c^parHCTHRa^epik be xeRi) ona ca HyiiHs- 
maTHROMii AaxH h noyd^siay CpCcRy xepaJi^HRy^ 
HjiH noaHaBank rp6oBa h SHaROsa RaRO ^paKaBa, ae- 
Ma^fl H Biia/^a-iau^a, raRO h aHameHHTU Be.iKRaiua, 
Bi^acTda H n^eMHha Cp6cRH, a csa oaa aiiaHa ana- 
THo noAnoMaHsy ycaBpuieneTBOBaHK HCTopie napo-- 
^a. HecyMHAMii ^a he ce h to Maao no Maao y«iH- 



THMa, ROH cy Behi} na cbcti) hsaehh, icao rpa^y aa 
Gyfi^yhy CpCcny c^parHCTHicy y^o/^aetirb h cao6iirTa- 
BaMis OB/^e ^Ba suaMeHBTa nesara, koh caMb na 
mown* AerouiH'hMTi nyTOsaHio Haiiiao y pe^KOM-b z^^- 
;([y Bepnap/^a HaHH: De duobus Imperdtorum Rassiae 
nummis; tie*fa'raHOM'b y Maeri^Kiiia y cpe/^HHH npo- 
iu:iori> ISrorit aeKa. 06a<g,Ba ce na^aae na xpHco- 
ByjiHua MJiH SiAaTOneHaTHHiMCb noBeaaua Cp6cKH qa- 
pefia CTe^aaa ^ymaaa h CTe^ana ^pouia^ ^aTumit 
rp^^y KoTopy, KOe ce Ta^o nyBaio koai* i;pRB« 
CaeTora Tpa^yua. Obh cy a^kab nenaxH sjiarHB, 
BHceliH, Ha o6e crpane HSTHcnyTB, aeaHKOMit HOBqy 
ii^n raanpy oo^oChh. O^i) CTe^ana ^yuiaina hb- 
•lase ce Ta^o fl,Be ^nnaoMe ca oBaRHMi» neiaTHiua. 
troHnia pnafi qap'b ro^^Hne ISSlse noTBp^ye Ko- 
tOpaHHMa c;io6oAe HbioBe, Koe cy HM'b ^ajiu Cpd^CRH 
Kpd.^ivBH npe tt'lsra; a OA'b CTe^&aua ypouia hmb ba- 
na BCTd TBROBa noBeaa Roionfb ce noTBp^yio Koto- 
py tijiotfOAe, KOe cy my ^apoaa^H h-Kfobh npe^i^H: 
CpCcRH RpaabBH Pa^ocaaBii, BaaAHC^aBi^ ypoiui*, 
CBeTbiif KpBi/iB ypoiuii, H Rpa^ABHI^a RBpi> GjIBBa. 
Oae ce ^HHiioMe Raaaae y RaBe/^eROMii A'K^y aa tb- 
iTiiBHCRift eauRit npeBe/^eae, ^yiuifiHOBe ua crpaaH 
13—23, a ypomeBC hb cxp, 38—42; a nenaxH h3o- 
ffpa»eHH cy Hsa fioBai;a y hctomi* A^»\^y onHcaRu 
Ha Ta6jiHi;ii II noA'b 6po6BHMa XYIII h XIX. II iS 
^(K^SLenii oBoS krbhsh FjiacHHRa na Ta6jiBi;H iVxcfi 
v TO ^yuianoBit noji^-b 6^0fMd^» 1, a ypomeB-b no^i^ 
6p. Z. CehamB ce ^a'ce h Me^y neHaTMina rob 
raMB y q. Hp. apxaaa^ BeMRofi chkmio Ha^asH 6/(aBi> 
^yiuaaoB'B, oBome cbcshmb noAo6aHi» sjiaraHB bb- 
cehiil ire^BT'B. 

y ApyfOM* hcto tbro pe/iROMB ^hjiy SaHeTTHa 
de nummis Regum Mysiae seu Rassiae ad Venetos ty- 
pos percussis Connentariolum. Venetiis MDCCL, ex 
typographia Albritana, Hamao caiiB H3Me^y 
ra It ^na SHaitfvaaTa HdAUHca, Koe yneaHMB Cvaaea- 

H^Ka ee Ha^y^ wao rpa^a aa Cy^yhy ¥OAn^y"y aCipp- 
ity aaAQHca THHyha ce Cp^crea h aibroBe acTopie, 
sttKoby ApH^b^KHH oCA'KaaB^te^Bii Hl^nti t^edTa va^ 
■ol^e iibHHbftM A* iTpHfiupaio, 6yAyl^tt h ofi^ ttp^o 
saatiio noMohao cpe^CTBO icb acTOipiii-^ aapoH«TO 
nt* xpoHOiAOriH H^bnofi, ^ 

tlpeuH ua^nHCb naneMaTaH'b e y HaeeAeHOVb 
/^'kay aa crpaaH IS3, a eeaa SafneYTil ^ ee vli^aaM 
aa o«STapy CBeTOr« Haaojie eaacaona Map^aaiJiCKO- 
ra y Bapy y Ileano.iJbCKofi seM^ba, roh « cp^cRiil 
apdiAB Cxe^aHis ypoiwh MaayTaaiy roA. ISlOre ep- 
AO CRynoi;J^ao oai> cpeCipa aanaHHO HaAx* rpo^OMiii 
y R06Mi> Ce uo^'b i^pKsoM'b y apacHoS RpanTH ny- 
BJEiio NOUiTH oBOra KOAi* Bauieri» cp^cRor'b aapo^a 
oco6hto ciaBJi^aora CBeTHTeaa, Aah rocnoAaai* 
KyRya'bBHh'b y csonn'b HaB^cTiio o nyTOBaaio y i^aacb 
H Hany^B aaneHaTaaoMii y Apxusa aa lorocaa- 
Beacay nos^CTaaqy KaBaaa IVtoh aa crp. 349 ona- 
cyiohH Bpjio AtoSonuTuo a odfiuapao oay qpRay a 
H-ibae CJiaBeacae cnoMeaaRe, r^e a oaafi aaAoacb 
cao6iuTaBa, aaabcTao Rdase ^a ra Tamo Bame aeiia. 
Oa-B 6 Fi^acio OBaao y iAaxaRCROMi. oparaaaay; 


m ri ^ojsivd Rtx rassias et diocleae 






Koe SHdHH Cp6cKH: 

„ro/(HHe rocno^^nK 1319 mecei^a fOnifl , HH^uKtioaa 
yi-Tor'B ypoui'b Kpa^fc PamKiii h ^HOKJiHTie, A.«6a- 
Hie, Byjirapie h i^eae nomopcRe sewA-h OA'i> 3d.«HBa 
aApiaTiitCKOrii ^ o;^!* mopa cse ^o peKe ^yHaea se- 
^HRora , Ado ^ Ha*iHRHTH OBo A^Ao oaTapa , viKony 
Be;iHKy cpe6pHy , RaH^H^a h cBehnflRe Be^HRe o^'b 
cpeCpa, Ha mcctb Bory h HaiifijiaHseHieMy HHRciaio, 
njpficycTByiohy H-KroBy HacabA'^H'^y ? *< ^ecHCJiasa 
cHiiy H3T> KoTopa, BlspHy M HCRycHy oAi> ropepeMe- 
HOnb Rpa.«H o^acaaTy. A mu 'Porepi^ o^iy TinBuMe 
upoTOMaKcTopii H Po6epTi> oai> Bapya.«a MaHCTopi* 
y CBemy ropeHaBeAenoMy nocao OBaii Bepno cmo 
frsBpuiH^H ci» noMoby XpHCi^oBOM-b, oa* Topepesc- 
Horiy iilecei;a lOnifl no^eBiUH, Rpos'^ i^eo mece^i* 

OBaKO HMa SanexTH oBafi BSiAancb, a y. Hase- 
AeHOMi* HSBbcTiio rocnoAHHd H. KyRyji^BHha 06- 
iiiiipH]H 6 H y MHordMB ce o^i> OBorii padaHRye. 
(Bhah ApxHBa A^o lY. cxp. 350*Ta.) 

^pyrifi HaAHHCb HaneMaTani* e y SaneTTHeBOfl 
BpAO peAKoif KH&ifHtfn;9 na cxp. 24, h SaneTTH seXn 
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ifpRse y TpeBH3y (y o6aacTH MaeTaRoS y ropHBofi 
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cmicaRB o^B 36 ROMa^a .laTRBCRH n 43 rom. HTajiiaa- 
CRB pyRonacRbi A^^a; nocAe Tora TpaBUO caMii y 
MCTBMB pyRonircHMa no^aTRe aa Gp6cRy BOTopiH), h 
Rbnapao CdMB Bi9B pyaonHCROrB ^l^Jia: Camaro 
Giovani , Lettere date in Constantinopoli anno 
140S, ap^o 3aaHM4bHBO caapeMeao Haa-hcTie o 
Be.iHKOMB 5oio HSMe^y TarapcRorB xaaa Taaiy- 


pii ■ TypcKor'b cyATava ^aasHTa, y aoii«b cy i| 
cuifOBH Cp6cKor'b i^apa .lasapa y •iaeTBOBaan , h Boe 
aac«iymy6, 4a ra y FaacHHsy nanenaTaMo. ^Ah npa* 

BIO CaUb iOUU'B H31> HeKB pyROUHCa RpaTRe HCTOpiB-r 

CKt9 SejieacKe; nper^e/^ao caMi> /^Kao npo<»ecopa 0p, 
Hapdu , nenaraHO y IlaAOBH 1840-Te ro/^HHe , noAi» 
aac^OBOM'b: Tre docHmenti della famiglia Morosini, 
y KOM'b HCTuft yseHbifi Ta^iarBCRiil HCTopHRi» AOKaayd, 
/^a 6 e^na hepRa caasne B^acTe^CRe nop o Affile Hf^e* 
TBHRO MopoaifHH, HHeHOMi> KoHCTBHififl , cecTpB To* 
MasHHe MopodHHH, cynpyre Mal)apcRora Rpaa^siiba 
a MBTepe Mal^apCRora Kpajia AnApee Ill-her'b, 6mm 
y^ara aa Rpajifl BaaAHCJiBBa Cp6cRon>, cBina IIpBo- 
BKH'iaHor'b CTe^ana. Hafinocae nperae^ao cbmb b 
CTape HOBi;e Cp(cRe h loacHocaaBeHCRe y apxeojio- 
riilcR^M'b MyseyMy Hao^eheMi* ce npn 6H64ioTei;B, 
Bo HBcaMb. Hamao, ochmii e^Rori* SRameBBTorb bob^- 
i|a rpa/^i Bapa, roh caafb uantpTao, hhiutb mcbb ne- 
nosRaTo CjiaaieBCRO; bjib TocnoABHi* 6H6AioTeRapi» 
MHCJiB, 4a he ce 39 ii^a^o. y ocTajiHH'b 36upRaMia Be- 
Hei^ie HahH MohB BHiue B^rocjaBeucRB HOBai^a, a RBr 
poiBTO y raaBBOMii rpaA^ROMi» Myseymy KopepoBOV^ 
HOk a a^ocb RpaxROCTH apeMena hhth caMi» BHiue y 
6H6^ioTeBy cb. MapRa . bbth y ocxajie flBne h nps- 
BBTBe 6H6aiOTeRe h Mysee BeHeju^iBHCRe oA^AaaBTB 
Morao, Hero caiib 0^%^ OHOra ^ana Ra^*!* mb 6 BCTeK-* 
m^' J Beny ^aua lO-TOri) CenTeii5pa t. r« no bob. 
BaneHAapy AosBo^enj^ sa apxHBy oai» oBora ^npeu' 
peyK^ia aaavn^iHo cao6uiTeHo b uHCMeHO npeAaxo 
6«iJA>9 TO 6CTB OAi» 17'vorh CeuT. no HOB. qejio Bpe* 
Mi^ aa paANio y apxBBR. ynoTpe6io» b cBaRiH paABMii 
Aaai* caini^ oai* 10 A^ 31 caxa nenpecTaHo npawi^aRBO 
nHcao , a camo cbmb npasHasae h aeAei^^B^ A^^e 
ynoTpaCio na to , Aa aHaveHBTOCTii BeHeqie b npe-- 
Rpacaa Ab^'ia yniKTHocsTH y obomb rpaAy bhuio nejca 
ma rAe aaroMHiiaHa nocbTHub h Aa ce HBiOBRM'b pas. 
rjeAQBl»«'ii aacaal^aaau'b. 


Cii noMohy H caB'^TOMi rocaoAi<«a IJ^eaapa 4^jr« 
RapAft) apxiiBapa hah npeora nyaapa apx^se n i^et 
Kp. npo4>ecopa n&ieorpa^ie, R06ra yAioj^^ocrmti An^» 
0e3Hofi 7C4j]RHOCTH /(OBOJiBiio fijiaroAapffTH aemory, 

6pti 6 ORl) He CaMO OCTaBlO apXHB'b OTBOpenib, ROM 

0u ynpaBo Ta^a Rpoai) mecei^'b ^aiia HMdo Suth sa- 
TBopeH'b, RaiBHuie Menu 3d aio6obb, nero nii e ocnfith 
TOra CBBRj Mo.i6y HaiiycpAHiHMi> Ha4HHOiin> HcnjHio, 
ToaHRO caMB 3a RpaTKo BpHMe Mon> TaMomifl^r'b 6a- 
Byi^Hfl jpaAio, TO 6CTB Rposi) 30 A^Ha, Aa cy mh ^e 
CBH oik« yneRH jiioa^ fyAHJia, cb ROHMa caniB rmbo 
4e€T.B y apXHBH no3HaTH ce n 3a6Ano paAHTR, ti y 
Hemy ce to cacTOH ca^i* hy y Rp^TRo hqjiosrhth. 

ApxHVB Mjiera^RiS 3aHCTa a TaRO orpoMHO Bid- 
^RRO s^BeAeHie, Aa My neiiia pai^na y caeTy, <pT> oh% 
caApSBdBa y 300 pasne Be^s^Htie co6a , cajia ft xo*- 
AHRRa, AO 14 MHjiOHa cBeaaRa brtb! roa offyamiiaio 
Bpeme OAi> roA* 883 a^ tiaiiierB A^Ca. — CTdpfiifl 
H%roBt> j^eOj HapaBHO MaRBifi^ a^«*h ce hb VHora oa^- 
jiena bah cepie , oa'b roh CBBRa hmb cBoe oco5hto 
nMe. — HafianaTHifl cy oaa: OA'^./ieii^ opMrMHa.iRte 
nRcana a noBejia^ eAna ae^HRa co6a nyna eaeaaRte 
Me^y ApaeuHM'B Ta^jiai^ama, nainimue na nepraMeny 

itRCdHU AORyMeuTd, ROH lomT* HRcy perttCTpHpaBRy 
TBRO Aa ce ynpaao h Hesna uitb ce cae najiasR y 
HBHUa. Obo OA^««eiri^ caAi> ce ype^ye ti iionHCye, 
ABKAe ce iouiB sacaAi) R Hewoace ynoTpeSaTH. Haft- 
cTapia cnoiifeHflRi> Offl^ a^cbab nper^eAaubi 6Cfe oAt> 
roARHe 1030. OA'B oBora oA^-nena A^^Ta 3HaTaHi»' 
Aeo OAB^Tii 6 y Bcmb a Tamo ce nyaa y ii^ec. Rp. 
A^bpcRofi apXHBH aaeAHo ca iomB HeRRnB h3b oae 
apxHBe yaeTRHB n y ABOpcRifl npeaeTHHiB CnonteHii-' 
i^RMa. — 4py^o 6AHO OA'b-teR^ 3oBe ce: Acta Ybajo-' 
rls Consltii, ACi'iR ce hb TafiusiS tt hb rbrjuh a^o, aca« 
Apataaa A'^-^a h aaRjiio^^Hia cR3atmTBae CbIk) bjib-^ 
CTeJia MaeTBHRfly h no^Hub ca roA« 1S3S a rpae a^ 
179?* Oj^o OA^iAiea^ rbo b oho npBO hhcbmb a ho- 


rao ^Cor'b KpaTKOCTH BpeHena HHRaKO nper^ie^arH. 
Tpehe OA^aenli ecy: Acta Consilii Rog-atorum, seu 
Senat^8, Kou ce T.aaiHHCRH jtoBy: Pregadi, caAP^Kaea 
saiMiOHeuiA H ^hiAa cHjnuiTiiHe o^Copa Maexa^iKii 
Bwiacxe^a , ttoa ce oneTi* ^eAe na nena h na TaiiHa, 
oua aosy ce: Mista del Senato , a Tpaio oai> ro^* 
1293 AO 1440; uoc^e ce j\enaio na ji^se cepie , no^'b 
HMeaHMa: Terra h Mare, osa rpaio oa'i> 1440 ao 1797; 
a TaHHa ce aoay: Secreta Rogatorum h Tpaio oai». 
1401 AO 1630 , noToiH) ce i^enaio u osa aa Aae ce- 
pie ooA'b HMCHBiia: Corti h Rettori, h rpaio OAi* roA- 
1630 AO 1797. Oai> obu can^ BHAio a iiperjieAao pe* 
FHCTpe oj^'b ofiaABa CTapia OA']>iAeHa, to 6Ctb o^'b 
Mista del Senato h oai* Secreta Rogatorum a^ ro- 
ABHe 1440. — HcTBpTO OA't-^eH^b ecj: Acta Consilii 
minorisseu Coilegii, TajiiaHCKH3BaHon>: Signoria, ca- 
^psneLsaio a^asl u aaa^ioieHia HaKBHuierb naA-^eaKa- 
TiQa&CTBa HJia RaGuBeTa, noiHHro ca roA* 1308, u A^r 
jie ce na bhuic cepia o^tt koh cy neKe hbhc a aene 
TaBHe» a 30By ce: IVotatorio, oai> roA* 1327 ao1797; 
Letterae oa% roA- 1308 AO 1796. IleTo OAk-v^al^ «cy: 
Commemorialia; UlecTO OA^^/ieah: Relationes amlitas- 
sadorum etRectorum* CeA^o OA^vieHb: Expositiopes 
ambassadorum extraneorum; Ocmo oA^AeHi: Acta 
CoDsilii Decemvirorum ; 4^BeTO oa^^^chK: Acta Ip- 
quisitorum Status. Ilocte xora hmb ofl,i>AeHa rob hmbh) 
oco6BTa HMCHa Rao: Libri Pactorum; Libri Syndica- 
tus; Liber aureus; Liber matrimoniorum; Liber plegio- 
rum H ioui-b NHora APyi*^ y Koa a sSori* KpaTRocTB 
Bpemena hmcbmi* hb bbahtb bh no$e.iemBTH MoraO| 
a ttoa ce caa cacToe 83% aaiue vijin mbb^ eeaHiui 
4>OAiHBTa, TBRO A^ BeBe cepie ofiysBiiaio MBoro cto* 
Tflaa ^OiUBBTa, a APyi"^ cbmo aeRoaaRo, bjib aCROdiBKo 
AeceTBfla ; CTapia hbctb caa e rb Romfl nacaBa, a 
BOBia Beh% aa apxia oai> noaoBBHe IS-Torii Beaa 
OBBMO, npeiiAa ce HajiasB bciuto a oai* apjio crapu 
Bsi IS-TOria Beaa aaocTaBuia cnoMeaHaa nacaau bh 


ap^iii, a^ff Majijt). Haf^aBna e cTBapB f^sL'e noBii^^iafM 
apmae nailBeha, h ^a aKra' iioBorii Bena ir obiv omk* 
cyie^BBH cfrbji^Tifl iiaflBHuie hpocTppa sayaipRMm;- - » 

Oai> I'opeHMeHOBaHBi o^hjieHii a caMjb HHSRejiar 
ae^ena rpH o^^aeniA HcnbiTao, raKo a^ caiiB Hafi- 
npe HBHTOMHie nper^e^ao HH^eRce hjib cnHCKeaBio- 
ae. KOH caiMH no 4 40 6 seaHKH «ojiiAHTa na ko»h 
nacaHu H3Hoce ^ aaAetiH cae fUTo ce nacB thW y 
MOH perHCTapB ; a nocae caMb h cane one Ko^eicce 
H^H pjRouHce npe/^y3HMao , ca mohmb perecTpHMa 


Ke y qeaocTH npenacao^ rojihko mh e pORB Cbba']^- 
Ha y MaeT^HMa /^onycxio. 

' Tbro caitiB acnurao: Hpeo: OA'hjieffi> rojb ce ao^^ 
6<b: Misti del Senato^ h ro6 ca^pmaBa y cefia CBlr'aa- 
Ri^tOHeflifl B /^k.ia OA^opa BJiacTeacRorB6eaB rob *ca- 
rjiacia aie Morao Aym^B ca Ro^erioMB BBinra aaat^ 
iTo p^niBTB. Obo o/ii'3^iAeH% o5y3BMa60 aejiRRB nop-* 
caMCBOBu «oaiaHTa« JI caMi» h3b ui^roBorB HB^eR- 
ea, ROH Bna 4RNBHrey BejiBROMB 4>ojiio rb ro»h Bif< 
eaae, noaa/^io cae uito ce fo^b th^b lOBCHocjiaBefl^ 
crb CpficRH aemajifl. II3B I-bofb ^ejia BB^eRcaBa- 
f^xo CBMB H OBO CBe lUTo ce TBse ^aaiiauiia b bI^- 
Bu rpa^oaa^ ocTpoaa a/^pancROrB Mopa, a oeTaan 
lorocaaBeRCRB npe/^^aa^ bo rb/^b cbmib aooae a i- 
^io, /^a ce fipoii .^oRyMeRTa OTBOcebB ce aa tb se-^ 
vixh J ^or^Hia BpeMeaa, Taao crpaiuBO yMBoacaBa, ^a 
i^eiAo Moe BpeMe Be6f>i ^oCTaHHjio bb ^a came OBe 
perecrpe Baaa/^BMB r npeniiiueMB , OB;^a cbmb- mbb 
Il-^re , lll«tie a lY-Te RRBBre RBAeaca bbaio caMO 
CpficTBa TB«iytiia, ce aao^a, b aeaa Bpjio aamaaioBiRb^* 
cjiaaeacRa, y robmb cbmb ce Ba^ao , 4a Moate Cmth- 
niTo sa aamy BCTopiio. Taao cbmb nonacaa 004%- 
pySpBRBMa: Regnum Rassiae seu Serviae, Boana, AU 
bania, Sclavonia in genere, Ambasaatores etc. trac- 
iatorea, provisores piiaai ad Srclavoniam , Scutarwn^ 

DfkMclilmd, Jadra, Spalatum, Tragr»rium, Nona, Ra* 
gusiiUB, insula Anbum, Anaerum , CherlsuiA , Qvamm, 
Braaca^ Baronqs Croatiae, Coanites Vegli«e , Sibeai^ 
cum f HSHainao h npeoHcao y e/^ani^ perncTapi* 40 
lOOO ROMaA^i anra , roa caa ciiaAaio y speMe oAi* 
roA. 1893 AO 1437. 

^pyeo odiAeui^ jKoe caMB nper^e^ao Hcs^p- 
nao. sose ce: Cammemorialia, ca/^pmaea y.ce($H ca- 
BpeMene Ronie caiio AJ^AX " npaeRTe^BCTBy Mjie- 
^TaMROM'b ca CTpane fl,oAaBehH nHcaMa h AOKJ^enra 
OAi> roA* 1S85 ao 152D-Te, roh opHtHHajiH, y ^y^Ao- 
BOMi> ABopy xpaH'lsHH nponaaH cy no HaHBeholf Md- 
CTH npH nOHcapy, roh e ro^HHe 1577 Ay^A^sy 
na^^aTy onycTOiiiio, ho cpehoMi> cy oBe B-bpne ca- 
BpeMene ROnie y ApyrOM-^ HaA««eaKaTeji&rTBy Apssane 
H. caHysafle 6hiAe* OfiysHMa ZZ seaHRa «ojiiaHTa na 
neprajneuy iiMcaaa, u y OBHina cy ynpaso nafijiioC^o- 
niiTHie cTBapH. Hsik obu caMB peracTpHpao a^ '300 
pasHu ua. Cp6cRy acTopifo OAROceha ce cnoneflvBa. 

Fpehe odiaeni, OAi* afefie pasraeAoao aose oe: 
Secpeia Consilii Rog^atarum, caAp^asa y neSrn tbH* 
HB fi^hAB H SBR^HiHeHiji oA^opa BaacTC^a Mji^tb^irh 
caoTON ce h3% 33 BejiHRa 4>o^ia«Ta na nepraMeay 
aacaifa^ h npocTHpe ce OA'b rOA* 1345 a^ 1481-Be. 
Halt OBM caMB caiHRto perBcrapB caApasBBaiohiM y 
cefiH AO 230 paaHu asTa rb Cp6cRofi MCTopia npM- 

IIoGite Tora npaaio caniB ioin'b oaacakB cilO'' 

M«)BBRa RB Cp6cROfi HCTOpiH npHHaA^^^otlH H Bt^ 

jiaaehH ce y pyRonacKHMi* ROAeRCHMa roh ce aosye 
Liber plegiorum, Libri Syndicatus, Libri blaticua «ii« 
albuB^ Libri litterarum aecreti CoIIegii, Liber Pa^lo* 
runi$ a HSBBAio cbmb b y cnBcaR'b no6e^e»io usii 
oBfa caiio ao 100 ROMaAd pasaiiHBM brtb oai* *tacT« 
HBilBBbe Baa&BdcTil H aP^bhoci^b. 


aairaotflio apBHe* BpAraaffc eAAP^ati f b mbcto rv^: 


ce y MjieTdMRofi apxHBH najiase^ 04% naiiMaHi^ 1800 
ROMa^a HaHpaajiHHHTiii aKTa, Manl, BHuie samHU, a 
Kb HCTOpiH Cp5cKofi npHHa^aeacetiH , koh cbh cna- 
Aaio y BpeMe o^i* roAHHe 1200 f^o 1520-Te npeiiji^a 

HMa HeRO^HRO H CTapiH, HdR'b HSI* lO-TOFIt CTOyi'!kTifl. 

AviH 33 i;ejio MomeMo ce Ha^aTH, /^a heceosaS Spoil 


apxHBe npeTpecy , ^oR'b ce o/^baen^ opHrHHa^a y 
pe^ii AOBe;\e, nonHiue H 3a ynoTpeS^eH*]^ npacTyniio 
yiuHu , H /^ORii ce ona o/^^aenifl Hcnuxaio , roh a 
36or'b RpaTRocTH BpeMena 3a ca^i* nper^e^aTH hh« 
caMB Morao. 

noHeMi) caMB rope ouHcaHiaH perHCTapi> ua'iH- 
Hio, npecTao caMB npasuTH oBe KaTaAore,.6p6o caMB 
»e.iio ^OHeTH ca coSomb SapB neiuTO y i;eaocTH 
npenucaHO y o/^b ohu MHorfii /^paroi;i>HJbi cnoMeHHRa 
uauie HCTopie, sa Roe caiiB /^osaao^ 4a ce xy najia- 
36 H HMaTH Mory, M R06 caMB HCTpaaftio u y uoh chh- 
CBRB yDHcao. H TaRO H3Ba/^HMB noMoby MOH perHCTpa 

HOB CBliO OBU rope MMeHOBaHU OA^^eHfl^ TaMO H dMO 

130 ROMa^a aRTa, o ROHMa caniB cy^io, a^ he hbIo- 


npe^nocTaBJi^HHiHB CTapeiuHHama, ^pyroBRMa a npia- 
xe^Bunia; ROM cy jno^ehm Tonao cboh po/^B h h^fo- 
By caaBHy HCTopiio, HaiiBHuie h no^'bHCTBOBa^Hj ^a 
ce oBBu nocao pa^HTH morao. 

Hafinocjie, A^ Sju HauiH ofi^'l^aaBaTeaBR HCTopIe 
BH^MTH Moraa h ys^pHTH ce , 4a cy npenncH obu 
aR'ra cbh cxapK h caBpeMenH, HanHuio caMBO^BCBa- 

ROFB O^B OHJbl BeaHRM OA't^eHH B'^pue CHHMRe, H3B 

ROH ce RapaRTepB h naHHHB nncMa hbiobofb noana* 


Csa OBa aRTa nHcana cy na .laTHHCRoiiB eau- 

Ry cpe^H'tra B^Ra. CaMO caMB e/^ny e^Hny opHrnHa.i- 

uy jiBCTHHy caaaeHO-xpsaTCRy Hamao , nHcaHyraa- 

roacRHMB caoBHMa Ha nepraMeny ro^HHe 1512, ua 

ocTpoBy KpRy, roh e h apxHaapHMa (^Bi.ia a^csi/^b 


BenosnaTa; koio cainB hmii a npoMHtao n na Jla- 

THHCKH npeseo, a aa cefie npenacao h 4>aRCHMR4apao. 

Vls'h rope' peHeHOria aebB Mo»e cjiabao ^pym- 

TBO yBH^BTH^ A^ ^ ^'^ OBHM1) MOHlHli Tpy^OMl* CaifO 

aanoHeTik nocao apao BamaaB aa ofiacHeat CptfcRe 
HCTopie^ ROH Ra^it ce cBpiuH, h aa^ii ce acTopificRH 
o(^4l^aaHi> HBHOCTH H cBeTy npe/^a, sa i^ejio he ho- 
Bjr caaBj H BaacRocTB CpScROMB HMeay h uapo/^y h 
;!^OMa H npeA*!* ifeJiBMi> HSoCpaaceiufM'b caeTOMB npa- 
^o6BTHy H TaRo 5jiaroTBopHa Mopai«Ha ca^ACTsa flMa- 
T0. Ho Be CBMO y apxBBH M^eraHRoS HMa ioiuB mho- 
ro Hauiera Saara, r06 he Tpe5aT0-HCTpamHTH h cay- 
nBTH; aero no yB^pasaRio TaMouiHBH y^eBia aio/^B, 
ROH cy ce sa moB nocao HHTepecHpaaa , h y octb^ 
•1HMB sCHpRaiHa BeHeqie , a noHMeaqe; y SaSaioTe- 
RBBia CB. M apaa , naTpiapuiie n Raaa-^ibpa I](aROR%; 
obbS nocae^^RBiB caaiB aiia npeRo 5000 ROiraAa sa- 
mau H pe/^RH pyROnaca, Me^y ROHMa ana aaryGiAtau 
H3B apxHsa MjieTaMRorB RO^eRca; p^BAtt y myseyiiy 
iBeaeqiaacROMB roh ce soae KopepoBB ; na h no 
ApyrHMB npHBaTBHMB aSapRaiia naoro ce ioutb ^- 
ftpaaeHO aaaaaa. 

Ka/^B 5u name cjiaaao ^pyuiTBo cb o^otTpea^tthb 
Csexjiora Focno^apa a Kaaaa aauierB , cbofb mb- 
aocTHBOFB noRpoBBTeaa y a CB noMohy npaaaTejiB- 
CTBa aamerB, ape ra BeaaRo^yuiao off/^pmaaa a 
cpe^CTBaMa caaS^z^bBa ^ cse oao p^o6bao , na a oao 
flo6sLBHAO H caaynaao, nixo ce ioniB y /JyCpoBHHRy, 
y Beny, y 3arpe6y , y CpeMcaaMB KapjiOBqaMa , y 
PycciH H no MaoraMB MCCTHBia y npaBaTHHMB pyaa- 
Ma o/^B Cpficaa cnoMeaaaa aaaaaa , sa qeao 6ht ce 
TOJiaaa a Taao Coraxa rpa^a sa CpScay acTopiro 
cacTaaH^a, /^a 6hi ce o/^b nh morao no/^aha flikAOj 
Roe 6bi caexB o nponijiocTH a o BamaocTH cpCcxaa 
MBOro samaie mucjihth h ^^ocTofiaie cy^HTH aayta- 
AO. Obo'b BeaaaiB saAaxaRB , a nocao sa ^ecexHae 
ro^Baa y aaa he ra no6fSi boar h acapeao npajieasa* 


BaR% ca poAOjiio0HBOiinb peBHOcrii CAPJ^eno aa D^e- 

AO Cpe&HO CBpmHTH MOtlH ! ! 

H ce Ha/^aMi) ^a nauie caasno ^pyiuTBO nehe 
o/(i» cpehHO sano^eTOr'b oBpri* noc^a o^ycTaxH , a 
^a HH Hauie BBicoRddt^tii^O tlpMHTe^BCTBo, mejiehe 
csecpAHo yuanpeAHTH oSpasoBaaocTB Hapo^a h na- 
pdAHy RHBftmeBHdCTi^ , H yMkoiRvtra Hectt» h cjiasy 

Cp^inotB napoASi npeAi> cBeTOMi>, neliieaApeftiKApy^" 
TBy CBOH) BeiAfrROAymkiy nof^notyy ft nontoht, y obomi» 
upeAnpiflTiio. (*) 

y BeorpaAy 31*Bon> Okt. 18S7* 


(^) no aaKJUoqeaiio APy^^^Ba Cp6cKe CaonecBOCTa 
BaneqaTake ce y HAjbeM'b io-tOm'b A®-*y FjiacAHKa pere- 
ct]^^9 ftofl e nOAnncaliBlfl y MA^Ta^TKOBi^ aptkey 6aqriHio> 
a iie<iataB% nj^xu, asra oA^tos^he ce a^^^A^ A^^ cenOA- 
nyalB atfepsa cacvaBB. 



'.•.!-'i! i'ti I ■■'■'. t/'J.. ■■..:■'■■; -.t-:;' ;.;■•, 

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., , f ,,$A9;1}fl^?Jp. J3 HHyAPA 1857. 

KaAi* 6 ro/^. 1841 na npe/^Aomeai^ OH/^auiHBH 
Ilpo^ecopa J .iHReio, rocno^aaa ATanacifl Hhkojih- 
ha H loBana C.'fi6koiM9ti^f^pyniTBO Cpgcae Cao- 
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•m. Ho ^a 6a ce CpGeRiil aapo^'b ea cbqIomi^ mc- 
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heBiiifi'h npeaep, a aaiuafiua y if&a^a pe.s;^-''^^'''^ 
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aoaaba, nacano 6 Focno/^aay HanojiaeBatiy y ^y- 
4poBaaRi>, ;ia sa ^pyipTseHe noBqe, aoe npa eeSa 
«Ha, aaii aiiBura: ^libri sex statutorum; reformatio^ 
nes; liber viridis^ a asib APy^ as name oao, mTO 
ce aacb a aame acropie T«^e« 

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^yiurao « o^TaBa^o Aewb cnomeH'b noTOMCTliy 
y ^aHM^taheBOK „Cp€cKoK CaaTaRca'', ROio e, s€orb 
R^He BeaaHane, npenopy^ajio IIone^aTe^&CTBy flpo- 
TjBef e Ha 6^HjiTb sa 190 tt ^^' Offajiaa rpa^a, ho 
iRB^Hiio esaaoc^OBHorfe O^ceaa^ npaae'he 6yAyhnm'h 
tisaROCAOBania neoi^eaaivi^ nOi^ae a o^aRmaqe y o- 
upe/^i^^aBaHio upaaajia Cp(^CROM% cjiory a AY^J 
Cp^eaon* eSHRa. IIOAo5Hy noxsa^y aac^iyacye a 
npa^or'b acTOra TocnoA^Ha, y VIII lacTa r^acaa- 
RiB neHavBHua, aao noHeTaRi^ TpyAHon* aaiWTaBa- 
aa o wCpScBaM'is.aRiieBimia'^. 

flo A^ 6ti OBo o5paa(aBaH% MaorocrpaaHO a 
tto^nyHO 6hiA0] a^ ^^ ^^ noaomeRa a asnuTaaa 
npaaajia Cfc AY^owb BameTii esaxa a y c^Bprneaioii 
«opMa, y ecTecTa«iHoa OAeha noaaaadia, re TaRO 
a aa xoa iS&Bsa reopia c« iipaRffajROM«» eApy^&aaa, 
npamauio e^pymTBO y poHenuH r^acaaav* ^floxaa^A- 
ay pevti CfiOTOMib Casa'', oa% T. ApxaMaaApura Fa- 
•pajia^ a ,^B«at€kta« ol^pase^^ qh^ FocaoAfiiia Id^ 



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^AdLH^ OBora ^pyuiTBa, loBaHa C. nonoBH&a. 

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6orabeH't RHBHmeBaorjb esHKa, npaCHpaBKii'b ohu 
peMiu, KQ6 ce y pa3AHHHidMi> KpaeBHAia CpScxBano- 
na^THO H pe^Ko roBope, a Taiso hcto h nonuca- 
HHUfb peHMa H3i> lUxyaHHor'b CjiOBapa, Koe^^pyiu- 
TBy nocaao npoTonpecBHTepii^y^poBHHHKiHr. Hh- 

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HJ^rii yRynHorB ^JbjiaHH ^pyuiTBa; ho ^a 6hk ce obo 
^i»AdifA^ ^ocTaTOHHie nper^e^aTH a o^eHHTU Morjio, 
Ui^be ^3aamBO 6faTH , paajioa&axH ra na nonajCXHa 
^'K.«aHA noe^HHia O^ceRa. 

1. npRjion* Focno^ifHa C. CpexeHOBHha: „0,Q' 
iiHCROH Hapo^iioS noeMH<*,npeBe^eHBift cb PyccKOrb 

2. ^noxBa^iHy penB CBexonfb CaBH'^ , npfrjiorb 
FocnoAHHa ApxHMaH/^pHxa FaspHjia; 

3. „KHBH»6eBHe o^paae^ oai* F. loBana PHcxaha 

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cxapuMB CpScRHMB npaBama^ ua ocHoay nHcmeHbi 
cnoMjeHHRa h /^yiuaHOBonb aaRORHRa^; 

///. Odcewh UpupodocAoeHU^: 

1. pyRonHce F. loBana MHJienROBH&a, 6hnBuxerb 
BeorpaACRon* i^apHHHRa; 

2. npH.«on> F. Bjia^HMapa flRiuaha: «4P^^°^~ 
Hjici^ CpCie" h „HacxaBJieHli aa OcmoxpHxejili norp- 
AQn.HCH^ 6ejie»eHA y Cp6iH^; n^pmaBOHHCb aeM^b- 
/l^aiH KHHacecxBa''; 

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1. HcaHjioBHlieBa He^OBprneHa ^npaBHi^ia o Cp6- 
cKOM'b npaBOOHcy"; 

2. „CifHTaKcy^ F. ]^op^a /^aHBHHha, Cb npe- 
•loroMCb/ ^o Cp^cKHMii aiei^eHTHMa^; 

3. npOTonpecBHTepoMii ^y6poBHHMKHM'b Focno- 
AHBOMii HHKo.ia6BHheMi> tiocjiaHe peMH, noKynji^ne 
Hsii e^ue nacTH IIlTyjiHHorB CaoBapa, HncAOfni'b 8387-, 

4. FpaMBTHHy F. To/^opa He^e.«jbKOBHha; 
/^. OdceK'b HcTopucKiH: 

1. npHjionb F. ^HMHTpifl Heiunba: „}Khboti> 
CBeTora CaBe^, npeBe^eHi* cb PyccKOrb 63HRa; 

E. cacTaBi) F. MBjiaea ^. MHJiHheBHha: „Cp6ifl 
nocie^H'b ro^^HBe Kapa^o^eBe Bjia^e"; 

3. MHaHheBHheBii npeBO^ii: ^IlHCMa XHji<»epAHR- 
roBB o HCTopiH Cp6aafl h Byrapa'^; 

4. npifiAori) F. KoHCTaHTHna HHKOi^aeBHha: ,,0 
r^9iHvajfiM9i^^^OHAe ce 6 npocTBpaaa o6jiacTB Her- 
4aiuH^ri> nehcttorii IlaTpiflpxaTa**; 

5. Ha^nHce, nocaaue Focno^KROM'b lopAaHom* 


6. Ha«E^nHce, Koe e ca CT^pia pyKonaca chh- 
Mio F.' KoHCTaHTHHii HuKoaa6BHh'i>; 

7. npHJiorb F. Miuioiua IIonoBHha: ^CTaTyT-fc 
IIojiBHHKiH^ no naaay I. IIIa^apHKy; 

8. /^Hn^omy BO^BO/^e yrpoBJiaxiiCKor'b loBHa 
MHxaH4a o^B roAHHe 1596; 

9. Ha/!(nHce , ko6 6 F. HHRo.iaeBHh'b hsb ^y- 
6poBHHKa nociao; 

10. CT^pe pyRonHce, nocaane hs-b CRonjia lop- 

;^aH01iri> X. KOHCTaHTHHOBHM'b; 

Ca CBpuieRHMb OBHMi) nperae^OMii npejiasHMi 
Ha CTaH^ Hamera ^pyuiTBa^ y ro^hro e obo hobhm'b 
no^^api^HMa rob y RHBHrama h cTapHMb pyRonHCuma; 
Roe naRii y HOBi^HAia h CTBapHHMi> cxapHHaMa no- 


1 ■ 

A, Vobapv^u y uoetfuJHaz 

Ho npiiaoaceHOiirb cnucny A. yMHoxceHa e c(SHp- 
Ra Hosaqa ca 261 ROMaAOMi>. 

B. Dodaptfu y KuhugaJHa: 

Ko6 04i> paajiHHHBi ARa^eMiA, ro6 JiaRi> o/(i> 
noe^^HHU JiHi^a ^oGviao e ^pynitBO, no npiMome- 
HOifb cnacKy B. csera 168 ROMa^a* 

B. Hodapt^u y pynonucuMa: 

1. oA^^r. «la3apa ApceaieBflfta, H^ana CosiiTa, 
^sa nHCMa Knflsa Majioma o^i^ ro/^. 1815.; 

S. o/(ii r. loaHHRiff, EoHCRona yacMHROrb: „y ro- 
Bopi> Me^y KHaaeMit lIncii;iaRTH r Cp5cRHMii Apxi- 
epeeMii IocH«oiiri> EyRTHpoBHheMi><' o caA.^ficTBOBa- 
RIO- oBora, ^a ce nHpit iie})y CpCioMis h rpHRonii 

3. o^i* lopAdRa X. KoRCTaHTHROBa, ^BCBTie h 
mB3RB npenoAo^He Raiue Maxepe IleTRe^; „»irTifl 
RHRsa CrperdRa;*' „Ci«OBO KapHjia CjiOBeRqa, Co- 
^yRCRaro «HJioco4»a ByrapcRaro^; ^uhcmo Ilatfe 
HHOReHtia CTe^aay ^ymaay^ I^apy;** „n0M^RRR% 
xpawy CBflraro B-iaroB^n^eHia npiiCBBTie Boropo- 
ARi](e< no^ii yaecie HepRie TopR bi> MJbcTlv HapRqae- 
M^Mi boa»uhhr'b;<* pyRonacHy RHBRry paa.^aHHOi^'b 
caApacaa, y aoiofi ce Ha.«a8e nonucaRR HaTpiapCH a 
ApxienHCRonH cb RpaTRomb HCTOpioM'B o^i* Cre^a- 
HB ^yiuaaa ji^o Knesa «la3apa; onHcaHie MOHacTRpa, 
u TO a) JUaTKe ^ sH^aRorii Rpa^'KMi> AHApeHiueMi»; 
6) •iw6oTUHa^ caaH^aHorii CaeTOurb HHRO.«aK> Fo- 
CDO^OATB /(aHHipM'b y BpcMe KpBi^H ^yiuaHa, b) /7o- 

603tciH^ OSHABHOrb CTe4»aHOMl> ^eHaHCRHMli BJia^H- 

MHi^H Boropo/^Hi^H; r) ^ymaHOBon* moHacTRpay no- 
4HrHyTor'b y cjiaay Cbctomii ApxHCTpaTury Maxa- 
H^y; Haunocae ^ HeROi;iHRO ca n.«o«fa CHRMa^^Hfai 

4. o^ii pHCTe ApMauia: ^an^ioiiy BofiBOA^ ^rpo. 
BaaxHCRori* loaaa MflxaRi^a o/^b roA* 1806; 

5. OA* npoTonpecBHTepa y Ay^P^^^y^ ^' 
HHi|Oiia6BHha: ^Reipublicae Ragusienis eiusfve opti- 
iinatuiii insignia^ h neROJiHRo chhmaI^bu Ha^nHca. 

r. Hodapi^u y creapHU^'^ crapuHo^a: 

h o^ii r. Io9aaa r^apn^pBaba: 4B# ' OKpHJbRe 
xiBFJie, cib BBAnBCoifb Leg^ioniai quartae Flaviaej 

Z. o^Ti r. locH*a Bece.«flha: 9 ROMa^a piiM- 
CRB i^HrjiHi^a; 

3. o^'b V* B^a^HMBpa flRaiBha; B^mxhOBu^'b 
nOrbis veteridus nqtus.*' 

^o6iaBaBy oA*^ T. Manaa, Xapypr^ miHepa- 
jiorHHuy c6Bfny, ycTyanAo e /^pyaiCTBO BBiueaii^ 

RBsyB, ^a BCTO y npema cbobmii c^a^HMii cpe^eTBa- 
na ^ OBoaHOtCTHiiia) ci^ roABHaMfi ^a^p^Bs^ b ^^aboh 
^yAybaocTB fl^ cycfp^T-b B^e. KaA*** yCprifi qa o$- 

mT|^H |KpT9^^BI|Rl» lU^OrOAl^ lipBRece, OH'J{>i 6 ppBB^Q 

ft^^^ p AC^TQAie BBA^ome c* (ors^'^Bpo^'b bu y ppa^- 
aeaif AQ^fl* H cbhuh abr^ab mbjivb ycajbxib ^pyiur 
T^^} i?peMa yc4ivi:Mofi (iopCiii c-b upoTBBBOCTKBia ^ 
OBQ^BOCTRMa, j^fpaaeABQ 3ac4yai|ye oSjuto ^pasBa- 
T^^^QCTB B aene bba^^A^? Aa tie CyAyhnocT^, rb- 
Bfeai^ no fBueai* ca(^BpaB>liB, noTOMcxBy Bejiatie- 
cx9^BO 3f,9i^ie osBABTB BB abroay paAocT&^QaBpc^ 
B c^BBy. 



MaMaS, Xupyprb: noBitOHio 6 1 cpe6pH% HOBa^ii 

MapKo AH^peeBHh'b HSnb Kparyesi^a noRjipHio 
6 B foRapua HOBi^a. 

locH^Mi BecejEHhii noRiVOHio 6 6 6aRapHbi HOBaqa. 

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noRJioRio 6 1 cpeCpnik HOBai;!*. 

Xa^H-PHCTa Becapa , noRaonio e 3 cpe^pna 


Hhro loBaHOBH&ii , HanaJiRHR'b Cpesa Omojib- 
CRorb, noRjioHio 6 5 fiaRapHU ROBau^a. 

MH.«aHii A. CHMKhii, noR^oHio 6 I4K) CaRapHu 

topA^wb X. KoHCTaHTHHOBii^ noRjiOHio 6 50 cpe- 
CpHbi H 34 6aRapHa ROBi^a. 

' /^RMHTpie MaTRh'b: noR.iOHio 6 1. cpeCpHi* i|o- 
Bai^ii CTe^aua ^e4aRCRonb. 

Co^poaie Ha^paHHCRifi^ flpOTonp. byapiRCRill 
noRjioHio 6 1 6aRpeH'b Hoaai^'b. 

flAin M^pROBahii , I(9phhhri> «lfo6oBHCHifi no- 
R.«OHio e 3 cpe6pHa HOBi^a. 

CaBa B^ROTiibi> , l](pHoropai;Tf noaijiOHip e 4. 
cpeCpua H 9 CaRapnia Hosaqa. 


npuHoeAinhi^pyuiTeenu KHhuea y eod. 18S6* ' 

^TQB^n-b II^TppBah'b, i](. Rp, aewa^ibCRorii Cyjia 
CaseTHHR'b: Aniaujo^y 0CTQpiiO ua .laTHUCROAflf e9R- 
Ry ofl* rpfl. 147?. 

Cm o«ieHJbi;i» , Jly^HHt^BHifb : i^aftb(i)4 |uv Ui4^en 



^aUntiTe bed menfAItAen Bebend, oon 3* S. 64moter;" i,JtIeine 
®raininafl( ber ferbifc^ttvenbtf^en 6pra4e in ber 05erlauft$/ 
oon 3. S. Sd^matcr;" ,Mtbu^ ber rerbifcb'tvenbir^en SpraAe 
nad^ Dr Sl(n*d SRet^obe aurammendffleat oon 9. S. 6(lbiR<l(er;^ 
wHiaconHC'i) TOBapcToa MaTHi^e Cp6cKe iSSS-— 1854. 
Pe^^aKTOpii ilKy(ri> ByKi>;<' „KajieHAap'b npoTHKartt 
roA. 1856", H„CneBi» IIpaHi^y AjiSepxy**. j; 

loBaH'b MapHHOBHtii>: „Coup d'oeil jjfODrJbi lite- 
rature moderne des Serbes;" nThe east^dcfi.iqHfstion 
discussed from a South-sclavonian*' h,T. jl^; ^Jt^ttres 
sur TAdriatique et le Montenegfrp^ Djar,i^. jjllfkyffiif^f^* 
y ABe MacTH. !, ,. , 

minAHi^a CTOH^HBOBHh'b': CB06 „necMe<^ 1^,r^m* 
DHCKorii OAcena cedajm CBeaBiH.; oiib «iiJioco«CKp- 
^UAOAorucKorb o/^ceKa 'eeoa^« CBeaKiif; h ^apxeo- 
jidrHHHa HaHepTaRiA.^ 

HcTOpiH Cpfia^a h Byrap^,« ,,„ ,.„,,,,;,f.r. a „ MHqft 

' MaxHiia BvAHiuHBCKa: „HaconiiC'b<'.jr 3„ caes. r 

,J(tTOi^HCi.« ^ 3 CBe3Re..._,,^,^.,^^.,..^^^ n...> ..^) .n.ea 

CTifl" 6fl*. roH. 1854—55. , , „^„ 

Ky, „Mara8HHX.» sa rofl. _ll&te-^.j .^^e^pe^ah^^y 

CKOltt. Co6opy«. -.nhBou .a,uifi»^iu u .inqTieq-- 

Bece^tHh-b Ioci^^y^'i)^|^i9fpa*iio ^a^Haifie r 

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„Oi^dH' ViaaHMS ■ n/e'(attitft^'hdsefth*»^'>j^-^ • •' '' " " ' ■' « '■ ^ 

Kpa^liBCKo-BaBapcRa AKaACMlk^ „F^^iipa'^e^* 4^- 

0<'^bl»Hl«lto^iJi^j<l«^t»rk4tiblH&>'"dW^eRa^''Vig'V/||'^TK 3. 


XapaRTepHCTHRy;'' ^PasHjiaHeH^ Rpa^l^scKo-BaBap- 
CKorB »HTejubGTBa;<* ^EeceAy 4»pH^pHxy BHaxejiny 
IIIejiRHry;^ ^Paanpasa HCTOpHCRorii o/vceRa**, nacTH 
8-e o^eAenh I. 

HjiiA KyaMaHOBHhib: pasjiHMH&i RHBHra 61 rom. 
^. M aTRhf>: ABe crape neinaHRe RtrbRre. 

Mal^apcRa ARaA^Mifl: 10 CBeaRiH „H3BecTHTeaA 
AR&Aeiiie aa ro^HHy 1855*;'' Z^ nacTH ^Mat^apcROrH- 
CTopHCRon» MarasHHa;^ „0 Ma^apcROMi* npaBonu- 
cy;« »Bece/^y y cnoMeiii» r^a«y IocH*y Te;ieKH;« 
„0 HaBoiuTeHHMii Ta6i;iRi^aMa , Hal)eHHM'b y Tpii- 


lleTapii B. loBaHOBuhi*: „MaBpoyp6HHQBy Hcto- 
piio^ Ha PycROMik esHky. 

MnHAOuiHtrb: ,3erdlei((enbe Sormente^rc ber flatvlfc^en 

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«/^OMaliH cnomeHH h noB^CTH^. 

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AHOjioMaTHHecRHX'b cROnreHiff ^peBHeS Poccih^ 4«y 


PycRo FeorpaocRo o5uiTeCTBo: 10' CBeaRiii h 2 
caesRe „ETHorpa«HCROTii C5opHHRa> 

locH^'bBecejiHh'b: „6.«aro 'esHRa cjiOBHacRpr'b. 

MaTiufa Cp6cRa: „Jti>TonHCa^ 3a roA* l.Sf96-y 

MdCTB I-y. 

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HCTOHHHRy MacTHora xpBMa y £(apHrpaAy'^ h „0 aw*- 
Boxy Cb. KaHiieHTe^ ApxienucRpiia Eyrj^pcviorj^% t.Sp 

^ F. JtauHBh'by^^ttiti^nii bn in^^ecMeii t^ilbjfa^fenben 
Phanerogamen, nebfl ben Diagiipaen clniser nm% Stten. 


.V. 5- .;s: ^il. 'i i;ti>v; ......... ..-.^w:,' 





sa 1856. roA* 
liponttTaHO y bj^Mho^ cedum^u 13 Sngapa ISHT. 

1. ItpHMHO nOAOHcaHH Ka- 
saanefi ^pyiuTBa o^'h CnBuierb 
KasHaMeA F. AwCowxpa IT. He- 
HaAOBHha . 15.549 rp. 16 np. Map. 

t. Ofl^'b npoAaTH RHBHra 
no paMyHHMa 1252 rp. ^ap. 

3. tlojIOBHHy nOMotlH UITO 

IIpaBHTei;!. /(pyniTBy ynoMobB 

Aae y IM j:]: ^ec. no 56 rp.. 6S40 rp. nap. 

■■ til idbi I ■ ** till I ■■ 

CBera npHMa^no 6 . . . • 23.041 rp. 16. np. nap. 


1. 3a HarpaAe IT. Haano- 
BHMa ROH Aonace y FaacHHRi* 

Aaio SilOS rp. nap. 

2. ILiaTa n6c.;iy»KTe.«BHMa 648 tp. nap. 

3. TpouiROBH pasHH 4py* 

fiittia 669 rp. IS dp. nap. 

4. 3a noBeaHBanl TjiacHH- 

Ra VII Hac. . . ... 600 rp. nrap. 

5. Tmorpa^iH aane^aTa- 
uit rpSoBa CTape CptfcRe ^r-* 

na^Tie oA* M. A. GRMHba . 1272 rp.^ap. 

0. KoHMiieioifHK TponiROBR 218 rp. 20 np. nap. 
7. IlaaTa Gettpefapy sa Asa 
Meceqa 400 rp. nap. 

CyMMa 0015 rp. 38 ap. nap. 


npeHocfi • • • • . 9.015 rp. 38 np. nap. 


o6ABta^iaMa noe naKi y ro- 

TOBOnnb ifOBi^y ••««.. 14»(XB6 rp. (*) 

C»era .',...... . 1^.011 fp. 38 Up. nap. 

€ecH9CTU u CekpBrap^ HomeHUT. 

M. A. C H M R & %. 

(^) OsAe 6 300 Ta.iHpa HJiH tsoo rpoiaa^ uIto e B. 
npaBHTejiCTfto ^ajio ^a c6 ko bouia^ y AfjieTKe pa^B cTape 
CptfcKO BCTopie. 



rpAKBe 1857, 18 Mapra, ympio e y TeMKiiisa- 
py, Ap»aBH AycTpiHCRoil , e^aHii o^'b HaiiCTapia 


^MHTPien. THPOJll. 

. . noKollHHR'b ce po^io y HaROBy, y BauaTy 31 
Main 1793. Hafinpe ce y*fio y Mecry CBOn» po^eHA, 
noc^e Tora y. BpHCTy, y TewHuiBapy, h y Kchrc- 
Mexy; y MesH-EepHHio CBpuiio 6 BHuie rBMRaaiAJiHe 
paape^e , a y noacyHy y EBaHrejiHiRoifb jiHi^eyMy 
KO^'b npo^ecopa: Fpoca, roh e 6hio npBuS ynpa- 
BHTejiB THMHasie KapaoBdHRe, CTauHcaaH^ecaH 4>a- 
GpiHy CAyuiao e uayne ^Haoco^iHCRe. Xtco e nay- 
Re npo^yacHTH a cayniaTH npaaa; aJiH ra oxai^'B no- 
30Be RytiH ^SL TproBHHy BO^u. Kao nocjiyiuaHi» chhi 
H npeRO BOJi'^b CB06 BpaTW ce RybH^ h 1816 ro^HHe 
CMecTH ce y TemHuiBapy Rao TproBai^i>. 


Bio canrb yHHTH ce h uayRC ce6H npH6aB.«aTH, a oco- 
6aTO nosaaTH jiaxepaTypy Cp6cRy. JKciio ^a na- 
me RRBare aa cbomb MarepaacRoM'b eaaay noRaaao 
e TRMB, uiTO 6 1813 ro^aae oraacio, ;^a he asAaTR 
HoeicTh iCpanoecKe npuut^ese Baude. KaBara oaa aie 
aa caeTii a3aui.ia 35oni npe^naaxaHRa. 

y TproBaaa cpeha ra n0C.«yafiai;ia aie; 3aTO ce 
nh ocraBa; h craae y noaai^aiiay cjiym6y y Bapoma 
TeniHiuBapy aao nacapi). Aai) h y oaoa cjiyacCa aie 
My ce AonBiAO; 3aTO e ocTaaa anocseTa ce Cp6cRoK 
RBBBSReBBOCTa. Kdo no3BaTorB y RaBameBaocTR 
Cp^aaa npenopyie ra TV. Taaacie SaeRahB a ^p. 
loBaa'B CreahB ooroShomb G^peitry 06peaOBahy 
aa yHRTeaa a^^h. Taao Ao^e y CpC^ia) 1829 a 6bio 
6 y Ryha 6«peMOBofi npeao 12 ro^aaa yMHTOaB* 

I I 


KaA'b * G^peifb 06peH0BRhii csorb OHna y O^ecy 
nociao, /^a ce Taifo ynH, nocaao e yaa CHna h Th- 
po.ta, Rao yHHTe^fl h npaTioi^a. Y O^ecH ce Casio 
ABO ro/^HHe. Ty e RMao npHaHicy nosHaTH ce caoH- 
;^aaiH&Bifi» yseRHMis Pycaiia, h HMnepaxopcRo 0;^e- 
CKO 06iuTecTB0 HCTopie H 4peBHocTit HaCepe ra 
eAHOr.«acHO aa CBorb „4^iicTBHTe.iHorB^ H;iaHa. 

BpaxuBuiH ce h3i> O^ece y Beorpa^'B, nocra- 
ne oB^e HHcneRTopii npaBHTejiCTBene THnorpa^^ie; 
ajiH re cAym6e 6y^e AtiuieHii y AsrycTy 1842. Octb- 
BHBUiH Cp6iio CMecTH ce oneTii y TeMHiuBapy; v^e 
-« »HBio AORjie OABB^e Bie Mopao of^'b Mapapa yR^o- 
MHTH ce. Ka^it ce MHp% y AycTpificRofi ^pHcaBM no- 
•spaTR, Tupojiii o;^e y TeMumBap'b, y ROMe e mecTy 


ain H ynpaBHTejiB ocbobhu MecTHu Cp6cRH niRO^ia. 

ObIi 6 Ha^ao aa cbctb: 

I. IIpHBJbcTBOBaTe^Ha RHBHSSBqa ynoTpe6je- 
hIh pa^H Cp6cRe ioroctb. Y By^Hiiiy 1818. 

Si BaBBTCRB AaMBBaxB aa roAHBy 1887, 1828* 
y ByAHMy. 

3. C^BBeRCRa rpanaTRRa, cb^b npBuii nyTB hb 
cp6cRoMB 63HRy HaflCH^RB.^ flpsa cBcaRB y BcHy 1828. 

4. HeMB^RB rpaMBTRRB 3a ynoTpe64eRie Cp6- 
cRe MASi^emH. y By/^RMy 1830. 

5. no«SHTfl*iecRO Semal^onHcaHie aa ynoTpeC.te- 
Rie y<iehe ce maBAeaCR. y Beorpa^y 1832. 

6. HanepTBRie yneROrB CpCcRorB ^pyniTsa. y 
BeorpaAy 1835. 

7. CR.ia npiATCiSCTBa hjih ^ohb SKyaRB h ^o- 
RB TeoAopa. y Beorpa^y 1835. 

8. Ma^^Bie o ynoTpeCaRBBRio CTpa^BTe^He mb- 
CTHqe ce. y Beorpa^y 1836. 

0. MLceifocaoBB aa roAHHy 1836, 1838 h 1842. 
y Beorpafly. 

10. ypBHifl aa roAHBif 1837 h 1838. y BeorpaAy. 


11. IIoABHrH ^HMiivipia MaiceHMOBflha KuHme- 
Buha^ floneHBTejifl Of^ecnorb yneSuorb oRpyra ■ 
ffpesH/^eHTa OA^cKorb 06uiTecTBa HcTopie h ^pe- 
BHOCTH. y Beorpa^y 1841. 

11^ H'ibcRo^BRO caoBB o Toirii^ OHUiyT'b Am Cep- 
6h 6yRBaMH cBoero HsoCp'tTeHiH. Y Oa^cb 1841. 

13. OApaBaRi* b3i» Beae^sHHOBe HcTopie o C.«a- 
^eHHiia. y BeorpaAy 1841. 

14. ^OK^SH^anh, Ad cy CaaseHCRH napoAa npnf^ 
MHjiH XpHCTiflHCTBO iouirb npe KapH^/ia h MeTOAia* 
y BeorpaAy 1841. 

15* Ifyetjie^'b BoeHon* xcHBora HnOABHra Mb- 
xaHjia AHApeeBBha MHJiopaAOBBha. y BeorpaAy 1841 

16. JKeine Srammattf bit ferbifc^n 6pra(6e fAr OeutMe- 
y HoBOM'b CaAy 1851. 

TapoAb 6 HSABo 6e8% CBorB RMeBa: 

17. KasBBBH^ cTapu TpefibniaRa, b apxBBa 
cepAapa MajiBiue a RaneTaaa BoiuRa fiyhBha Hbr- 
uiHha. y BeorpaAy 184S. 

18. BoacaeABHenie yaiaTJEi ci> npasocjiaBHOMii 
i^pKBOMTi y PycRofi HmnepiB. y Mocrbh 1841. 

19. 3a6aBBB BaaeHAapi* oai^ Bbbkb «Ao3Rtia aa 
1830. y ByABMy, 

floA'b Tyl^BM'b uMeBOM'b 6 B3Aao: 

20. CBTHBi;e Bsii npaBonBcaniH. y Oa^cb 1841* 
OcBM'b Tora npBjiarao e ou% cacTasRe y A^- 

AaTaRi ni» Cp6cRBMii ^aBBAoaaheM'b HoBBHaiia^ y 
Cp6cRiH tl'^Tonacb, y 3a6aBHBR'i» ^BHAoaaheB^, y 
AOAaTdRB Rii CpScRBMiB BeorpaACRRM'b HoBBsawa^y 
HapoAHUB Cp6cRi|[* Aacvb, y CpficRifii MaraspBi*; h 
y II. KHBBry Or^acBTeaa loaaaa UaROJiBha. 

M.ioro 6 npBHeo r?* Tome , a^ RSH^y Cp^crb 
CnoMeBBifB. y BeorpaAy 1840. 

O cBOMe 6 TpouiRy lUTaBinao: HecpehflO cy- 
npyacecTBo loBana C. IlonoBRha. y ByABMy 1840; a 
ixpeneHBTao y BeorpaAy 1837 ycaiiJitRorb IOb6- 
my MBjioBaaa Bmf^aMmkh^i. 


y pyRoimey e ocTaeio: • 

I. CaoMesHK'b HpesBHHa&Hu siy»e6Ba Hapov^a 

S. ITo4HTH«iKa HcTopifl BaHaTdf 

3. |IeMa*iKa FpaiiaTHKa aa ynoTpeC^eaie CpC- 

cKe MisaAeaKa npepal^eaa h yiiHoaieHa. 

4» Historisch^ Cbersicht Serbians neuerer Zleit. 

5. HcTopHHBM nperaeAi* Cp6i^ Haiuera 9peMieffa. 

6. JKuTi^ SaesaH^ loae^ 8a6aTaa]^u<>n> IIojiko- 


7. OcHOBHe MepTe noakcTHifi^ Cp6cKe. — A upo- 
naae cy My, na^'b cy MaijiapH H^rosy Kyhy h $H6aio- 
TCKy pasrpa^H^a: 

8. HcTopifl KpMe TaTapcKe no MypaaiceaHhy. 

9. CHCTema napaaa ch Heina^iKorii. 

IQ. ^pyra Csecisa caaseacKe FpaMaTHae. 

II. BjiaroBOHiaH CaAi*} Q6pa3oaaHiH pa^H Cp&- 
cne Myia^^eiKH. 

CpSciay FpaMaTHRy ByKosy, koh e aaauijia na 

HeMaHROMii 63HKy y Kace^yl824 cii npe^^roBopoMi* 

flaoiia TpaMa, npe^eo e ca Cp6ckora Ha HeaiaMKiH 

TixpoA'h (Bh^h I MacTB CpScRonb •ILxonHca 1827. 

cacTaBaRB MBjiaaa .lio^HnpaBAHtia). 

DETAPl PA^OBAHOBHhli, peAoaaufi njiaaib 
^pyiuTBa CpCcae C^OBecaocTa, yvpe 3 MapTa 1857 
y Beorpa^y.^ Pov^io ce y Bbmro^ y Hoboh% Ca^^y 
ro^HHe 1808, r^e 6 h rHMHaaia^ae aayae CBpinie. y 
neurraHCROsrb e yaHBepcHTeTy y^io «ii^oco#iio h 
orpaaa. Fo^itHHe 1830 nocTane a/^BORaT!b« Paj^o €aA- 
BOvaTCKe nocjiose y Bansofi h y CpeMy^ ^ORJie ro- 
AHRe 1834 lOHifl Meceu^a npeuiasuia y Cpfiiio nooi«a- 
Bahnii 661 3a npo^ecopa y rnMHa3iH KparyesaHROH^ 
ROH ce OH^a OTBopH , 6v^HHa y Cp6iH y oho apeMe. 
Fo^HHe 1836 MapTa Meceqa nocxaHe ynpaBHTe^B 
CBiio lUROt^a y CpCia , a noc^e /^ae ro^HHe h ;^Ba 
Meceifa, 1838 Hecei^a mbh ceRpexapiiy IIoneiHTe^CTBy 
flpocBeuiTeaiH, Roe ce oa^a nocxaaHj acxe ro^Hiie 



y noHCTKy noaeMCpa npewesarewb 6hi y •inii^eil/KOH 
ce OHA^ OTBopH , aa npo^ecopa MaTemaTHKe ,- cra- 
THCTBRe H HeMaHRora eanKa; noc^e nerb Meceqs, 
Mapxa 1839, oneTi* 6u nocTaB.«'bH% sa ceRperapa y 
IIoneHHTeJiCTBy npocBeniTeHiH , y Ronfb e o^i» or- 
To6pa TO^Hne 1841 ^o aerycTa 1842 HSBpniHsao r 
^ymaocTB HaHe.iBHHRy, Fo/itHHe 1842 Meceqa hobcm- 
6jfiBL 6m nocTBBAttn'b 3a npe^ce^aTeAir oRpyiRHora 
cy^a HanancRora, a 10 cenr. 1843 oneT-s ce BpaTH 
Ha CTapy c^ymCy cboio aa rjiaBHora ynpaBHTeaa 
iiapo/^Hfii uiRO.«a. y ToS ra CAym6B h CMpTB aaxeie. 

3a Hjiana /^pyuiTBa [Cp6cRe CaoBecHOCTH Giao 
e B3a6paHi> ioiu'b o nocxaHio H^rOBy y npsofi raas- 
HoS ceAHHi^H, roAHHe 1842. 

KHBHmeBHa cy p^basl nl^roBa obo: 

KpaTRO coHKHeRie aHTpono-torie hjih HayRa o 
HOBeRy. ^y Beorpafly 1844. 

06iuTa anaHfl CBaROMB MOBeRy Hym^^na. y Beo- 
rpa^y 1850 h no APyriS nyxB 1856 yMHO»eHO. Oay 
6 RHBHry na ByrapcRH npeBeo h y Beorpa/^y ro^i^H- 
ue 1855 lUTamnao C. 11, 1. KoaioBB (06iu(h aHaHia bc%- 
KOMy HeaoB'LRy Hyac/^Hu). 

Bofine Cp6a cb Typi^uMa ofl^iy ycxaHRa BomAa 
CpCcROPB Kapa^op^a v^o CenTemfipa Mecei;a 1813. 
Hat> noyaAanu H3Bopa. y Beorpa/^y 1852. 

loniB e H „HoBHHe HnTajiRuiTa Beorpa^CRora^ 
ype^HBao ro^^Hee 1848. 

H xaRO noRofiRHRii y CpScRoni'b napoAy ne 6e^ 
uie caMO SHaTdH'B hoborb no c.iym6aiia Roe o^npa:- 
Baauie Hero h y RHBHmeBHocTH naROHB ce6e cno- 




(Ako KOfl 0/^% OBHX'b KHbHra BH6 QB^e aanHCdBa^ 
ceKpexapcTBO fee. ^pyuiTBa Cp6cKe CaoBecaocTH 6biTB 
BeoMa aaxBaano CBaKOMe ko My aa hio hbh. — Koa ce 
KHbHra ioui'b hh6 Moraa ao6hth y Beorpa/^y^ koa^ fl'k 6 
CTdBJi^HO OAdKae ce ^osHaJio aa bio. — HaMeJ^y inKoa- 
cKBxi KflbBra aanHcaae cy caMO one Roe cy npBUH uyirb 
uiTaMnafle roABfle 1856 fl Koe cy npeuiTaMnaae ca anaT- 
Btiwh npoMCflaMa.) 

ABPAMOBHhli 6. FpaiiMaTHKa CTapo rpHKori> itjin 

EAAHHCHOrb 63HRa. Ca rp'iRHBI'b H Cp6CRHM'B 

aaAdT^HMa aa npeBo^i). flo KaHepy. HapaAio 
HBTHme ABpaMOBH£ii>,npo«ecop'b EaunorpHRorb 
63BRa y rHMRasiH BeorpaACRofi. Ilperjie^^aaa h 
o^oCpH^a uiROJiCRa romhcIh. Y Beorpa/(y neia- 
Tdaa npaBUTe^BCTBeBa RHBHronenaTHfl. 8. c. Ill, 
A* 3, c. 356. 

^ "iHTaHRa BOBorpHRorb 63HRa aa noxpeSy 
TproBBHtRe HapaAio SsTHMie ABpamo- 
BHhT>, npo«ecopi> E.«HHorpHRorB esHRa y rifM- 
Baaiu Beorpa^CROH. UpevAe^aAa vi o^oSpiiJia 
luRoacRa ROMHcifl. y Beorpa^y nenaTajia npa- 
BHTejibCTBeHa RHBHronenaTHH. 8. a, 3, c. 173. 

AKyPTH I. u ^. Naravopis zivinskog^ carstva. Za c. 
kr. austrianske nizje gimnazie sastavio- Y^ko- 
slav Pokorny, ucitelj naravopisa na c« kr. akade- 
micnoj gimnazii u Becu. Preveli J. i D. Accurti. 
U Becu troSkom c. k. pirodavaontce Skolskih 
knjigah. & X, S15. 

AJirEBPA 3a rHMHasie. Ilperae^aaa lUROJicRa komh> 
cia. y BtorpaAy y npaBHTejiBCTBenoii KHBHro- 
nenaTHBH. 8. a. 1, c. 286. 

fl,eAO 4>. MOHHHKa. 

ATAHAI^K.OBHhl> n. flpHHOCT* po^ojik)6hbeiixi> mu- 
cjiiH na aKepTBeHHU'b napo^HOra nanpe^Ka. Y 
HoBOM-Ca^y THnorpa^ia ^pa ^an. Me^aKOBHtia. 
8. A. 9, c. 68. 

y npe^roBopy ce HMenye lio e nncao. 

BOrOBHh'B M. Frankppan. Drama u pet cinah od 
Mirka Bogovic^a. U Zagrebu tis£om narodnetis- 
karnice Dra Ljudevita Gaja. 8. ^^i. 4, c. 165. 

ByKBAPl Cp6cKH pa^H y«ieHfl MjiaAema rpam^aH- 
cKOMy VL ii^pKOBHOMy hhtbhio. y* , HoBOM-Ca^y 
KHBHronenaTHfl ^pa ^Siu. Me/i^aKOBHlia. 8. 52. 

H^MaHKlH. y Beny TpOUIKOMli n. Kp. /^HpeK- 

i;ie yHH^HuiTHux'B KHBHra. 8. 56. 

BEJIbKOBHh'b C. I. Bece^a^ RoioMit 6 Cf oah-b Iob. 
BejiBKOBKhx*, /(ORTopi) npasa h npHspemeHiiifi 
npo^ecopi^ pHMCRorii h KpHMHHa.«Horb npaBay 
JlBjqeio K. C. CBOA npe/^asaHfl OTBopio. y Beo- 
rj^a^y itpa npMHv. HBBHrOneMaTHBH. 8. 15. 

Byilfil) B. Cp6cRa rpaMafHRa sa rHMHaaiHjiiiy Mjia- 
^e>KB RHfl^ecTBa Cp6i€ RanHcao Bjia/iaMHpi> 
ByHhB, npo^^ecopB €3HRa Cp6cROrB h C^aBen- 
chottj, nperAe^aASi n o^oCpHJia luROjiCRa ho- 
MHcifl. y Beorpa/^y y npaBHTejicTBOHott rhbh- 
roneHBTHBH. 8. S44. 

rjtACHHK'b ^pyniTsa Cp6cRe CjioBecHOcxH. CBe3- 
Ha VIII. y Beorpa^y y RHBHrone^aTHBH rhh- 
»ceCTBa Cpfiid. 8. a. 2, c. 363, cb 3 taGa, .VHTorp. 

^OritlATHHHO BOrOCaOBie. Cb pycRorB iipe- 
Be^eHo. y Beorpa^y QHcmeHHiaa KHB3KecKO-*Cp6- 
CRe KHBHrone^iaTHii. 8. 413. 
fl,eAo apxHuaBApHTa AHTonia. 

HCEPTBA ABpaamoBa npenenaTaHa FjiHropieM'B Bo- 
sapeBuheMB y Beorpa^y npa ApaBHrreaovBeHoii 


THHorpa^iH 1835 roAHHe a no aPJI'h nyrb 6pe- 
MioAfb O. Kapai^ihoMii y IlaHieBy y neiarnBH 
KOAii A. CH^eHxapa. 8. 40. 

SAAPABEUl'B I. Bogoljubno d^te ili molitvenik. Za 
porabu skolske mladezi sastavi ga Josip Zadra- 
vec svetjenik nadbiskupie zagrebacke i kateketa 
realnih i glavnih skolah vara§dinskih. U Yaras- 
dinu tiskom i troSkoni c. k. povl. knjigot|5karne 
J. Platzera. 12. c. 259^ a. 2, ct> 1 hkohomi*. 

IZy£;STJE godisnje o nizoj realnoj i glavnoj iicioni- 
ci dScakah u Yarasdinu koncem skolske godine 
1856. U Yarasdinu u Jos. Platzera. 4. 40. 

dsterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1857 JV^ 15. 

JAIC P. M* Izvorna poviestnica milostivo-cudotvor- 
ne prilike Gospe Radnanske. U Budimu slovima 
Martina Bago. 8. XXXII^ 364. (Apyro HSAani.) 

Osterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1851 Jl^ i). 

tOBAHOBH&'b 11. Caca o^i* Ilerpa loBaHOBaha Beo- 
rpaACRorb yHHreAa. y Beorpa^y npH KH&Hro- 
nenaTHBH KHaatecTBa CpCcKOrii. 16. 45. 

JUTARNJI sedam , to jest boxichna , vodokarstna^ 
vaianend, niarta£ka, velikoga cetvartka , petka i 
subote. Tako nastavljena miikka gosp. n.J. pi- 
sana od 4 SS. evangelista sve bozje (?) privi- 
djeno i ispravljeno. Sad cetvarti put pritiskopi- 
sano u Slovinski jezik. U Splitu tisk M. U. Pipe- 
ratove i sina. 8. 224. 

4 Osterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1851 J\^ 18. 

KA3AJIH n. A. Zlatka piesanca P. A. Kazali. U Za- 
dru tieskom B. Batarah. 8. 88. 

KA^EH/I^APH. Ka.«eHAapi> ca iueMaTH3BioMi> khh^ 
HcecTBa Cp6i6 3a 1856 roAHny. Y BeorpaAy y 
KHBHrone^aTBBH KHH»tecTBa Cp6cfiorb. 8. 66. 

— Cp6cKift KaaieRAapit , sa npecxynHy roAHHy 

,1856 OAi* ^. IIonoBHha. yRpameH'b ci> 30 Ap- 
Bopeaa. Y Beiy TpouiRoMii Aji6epTa A. Bene- 
AHRxa. 8. c. 86, a, h 


— BoMiBo^aHHHii. Cp6cRO-Hapo^H^ifi RajieBAapii 
3a npecTynny 1856 ro^Hiiy oAi> Majiana ^. Pa- 
lUHha. yispameH-B ca 23 (*) ^pnopeaa. IVra ro- 
;^Hiia. y Eeny nucMeNH GpnieHCKor* MaHacTU- 
pa. 8. 103. 

To^HiuHaK. BejiHKH Kajien^ap Cpf)CKH sanpe- 

CTynny ro^HHy 1856. VII. ro^HBa. Y Hobomi> 
Ca^y HS^ae KHBHronenaTHa ^pa ^sle. Me^aKo* 
BHha. 4. 64. CB 8 npH.tHRa y xeKCTy. 

3opflj^a HjiH Ka.^eH^apT> sa ro^HBy 1856. Ha- 

ABO BpeMia KapapBhi*. IV roAHRa. 5^ Beorpa- 
^y npaBHTejiCTBenOMii KHBHroneHaTRBOM'B. 8.20. 
JlacTB. MaaH KaaeH^ap aa ro^i^HHy 1856. VII 

ro^HHa. Hs^^ae nenaTBa Me^aKOBHha y Hobomb 
CaAy. 16 64. 

KATHXHCICb , cpe^HBiif , 3a npaaocaaBHa napo- 
^na y^HjiHuira y SorocnacaeMOH eoapxiH Ban- 
KOH. y Beny xpoiuKOMB b[. k. ^ipeKu^ie y^HjiH- 

lUTHBlXB RHBHra. 8. A» ly c 52. 

' IIpaBocjiaBRora BocTOHBora BtpoHcnoBt^ar 

Bia RaTflXHCHCB 3a BBiuiuie yieBHHRe j>a3peAe 
y BorocnacaeMOH enapxia Bbhroh. Y Beny 

TpOUIROMB 1^. R. ^ipeRl^ie yHH.;iHIllTBBIXB KHBH- 

ra. 8. ji. 1, c. 134. 

KHCEJLflK'b H. E. Pouka u bolaniki V^koslava Po- 
kornoga. Za c. k. austrijske nizje gimnazie. S 
n^mackoga preveo Dr. Ivan Evgl. Kiseljak, uci- 
telj naravosl. znan. na c. k. Zagrebackoj gjm- 
nazii. U Becu troSkam c.k. prodaonic0 Skolskih 
knjigah. 8. a. 2, c. 167. 

KHESOBHh'B A. I. Molilvena knyiga pod imenom 
Put nebeski. Negda iz razlicsiti knyixicah iza- 

brana i u jedno sastavljena po . Sad pake 

bolye popravlyena, csetverti put na svitlost iz- 

(*) He 23 aero 12 ua 6 .iRCTa. 


lazi. U Budimu s cez. kraly. mudroucsene Peshtan- 

8ke skupchine slovamih. 8, a. 5, c. 642. 

Oslerr. Bl. f. Liter. 1857 J^ 3. 

KHbHFA Apyi'd o esjuKOcaoBiio a iHTaHio 3a Cp6* 

cKa Hapo^na ysHjiHuiTa j AycTpiHCKOMit nap- 

CTBy. y Besy TpouiRonrb n, np, /^HpeRii^ie yHH* 

JlHUITHUXli KHBHra. 8. .«. 1, c. 341. 

KOBAHEBHIl'b F. CpaHcenie cxpauiHo Hrpoano uem- 
fl,y Cp6.iBHikia II TypmiMa na noaio Kocoey, no^-b 
KHflsoM'b 4a3apoMi> cayMHBiiiHce ISSQ-M-b a^tj 
IOhih 15 j^dLna. CacTaebHO raBpHt^oMis KoBa- 
MeBHheMB 1805. 5. nyxB npenenaTana Focno- 
nyTB F.iHropieMii BosaposHheMi* 1843. 7. nyri* 
SpeiHioMfb O. KapaiitiheMB 1856. Y naHHeay y 
nenaTRBH koai> A. CH^eHxapa. 8. 72. 

KPCTHftl) H. HcTopifl CsaBeHCKu npaBa. O/^ii ^P^ 
Baqaasa Mai^ueioBCKorB, npeseo h ca cbohmii 
npHAiKT^aMa, Koe ce hu Cp6cKO npaBO oAHOce^ 
nonynio ^p. HflRo^a KpcTH6i> , npo^eccopB 
npaBa y khhhc. Cp^CROMi* aHi^eio, pe^os. HjieuB 
^pya&TBa Cp6cKe CaoeecHOCTH h IIlKoacRe Ko- 
Micie y Beorpa/^y. Ha^ajia MaxHii^a CpCcRa. y 
By^HMfy nHCMeHbi i^ec. Rp. CBeyHH.«HiiiTa Ileui- 
TaHCRon,. 8. a. Z, c.'XIV, 366, a. 3. 

KyKyjItBHRl, H. C. Pjesnici Hrvatski XV. vieka 
od Ivana Kukuljevida Sakcinskog. U Zagrebu 
tiskom narodne tiskarne dra. Ljudevita Gaja. 8. 

A. 1, C. 109, A. 1. 

HsBa^eao hs'b Nevena 1855. APJ^^ hub aa ro- 
Phi^h: Stari pjesnici Hrvatski. Svezak I. 

Prvostolna crkva Zagrebacka. Opisana sgle- 

dista povjestnice, upnjetnosti i starinah od Ivana 
Kukuljevida Sakcinskog. \J Zagrebu tiskom na- 
rodne tiskarne dra. Ljudevita Gaja. 8. c. VI, 72, 
A. Ij ca 2 aHCxa .^iHTorp. . 


Ui 111 

JIHH^EIIMAGP'B E. H. OnHCb MHuepaauu BO^a h 
HBHHO yuoTfe^Aeuit Bao^mre a noHaocoCx* Jib- 
KOBHTU Bo^a y KHamecTBy CpSia /^oca^i^a no- 
snaTbi. CoHcao ^pi* Em. 11. .^HH^^eHMaepi*^ na* 
*]ajiiiHKT> caHHTeTCKori> o^^bjienia RHamecTBa 
Cp6i6. y BeprpaAy npaBHTeacTBeaoMb khbh- 
ronenaTHBoMii khhhc. Cp6cKori». 8. c. 126, a. 1. 

JlttOnHCt CpCcKiS aa roAHHy 1856. HacTB I. II. 
To^HHa XXX»KHBHra93, 94. Ha^aeMaTHi^a Cp5- 
cKa y neiuTH. ynpe^io laK. HrHflTOBHhii, y Ey- 
^HRiy nHCMisHu i;ec. npa^. CBeysHjiHuiTa Ileiii- 
xaHCKorb. 8. ji. 2, c. 156; a. 1, c. 152, a. 1. 
y fl,pyrOH BHbH3H HH6 HMeHOBaHOb ype^HaKab. 

(MAilETHht Ify.) PHTOpHKa.^eo Apyriif. Hacrua pH- 

^ TopHKa. O^o^pHaa *uiKoacKa KOMHcia. Y Eeo- 
^P^Ay ^H npaBHTeacTBeHOH KHBHronenaTHBH. 
8. .1. 4, c. 169. 

y npeoM'b 6 A^^y HHeHOBaH% ro e nHcao. 

MAPHHKOBHh'b K; Uaahl P/ixhah, hah yereHre 14.000 

MilA^CHl^eSl, HA nOBCAtHl'e HpO^A lilApA fO^^HCKArO BO Bh- 

AAceM'b cBUBuieM^^cA. Ha^ao KoHCTaHTHHB MapaH- 
KOBHhB, a npenenaTao Feoprie , CxaHhii , Cbibiu. 
cjiOBoc4araTeaB npas. Tanorpa^ie. Y Beorpa- 
Ay y npaBHTejiCTBeHoif KHBHronenaTHBa. 8. 68. 

MAUPAS P. D., vesGOvo di Serbenico. Lettera pasto- 
rale in italiano ed illirico al popolo delia sua 
diocesi. Zara, Battara. 8. 29. 

Osterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1857 J^ 8. 

MECHhli M. PovSstnica austrijske d^rzave. Za po- 
rabu gimnazijah napisao V. Vladivoj Tomek, c. 
k. izvanred. professor austrijske pov^stnice na 
sveucilistu u Zlatnom Pragu. Iz ceskoga preveo 
Matija Mesid. UBecu troSkom c. k. upr^ve skol- 
skih knji^ah. 8. VII, 187. 

MHJiAKQBHhl) ^. HcTopia Hpne rope. Hanucao 
^. MHjiaKOBHh-B. y Sa^py y THnorpa*iH 6pahe 
BaTTapa. 8. IX, 331, 1. 


MH^yTHHOBHlkli Y. Epeiiivib j Pycoix nan npn- 
11131*86 Ha upaeiii m oGunae PyccKe y noMCxKy 
XIX Bbica; oti» E. ^Zl(unpea otii Cent-Mop'B, 
Cb 4»paAixecRon> na Cp5cKH orb ypouia Mh- 
jiyTHHOBHhB) npoTonpecBHTepa MHTpoBd^Korii. 
I. CBesRB. y HoBOMii Ca/vy KH&HronesaTfiH ^pa 
^an. MeABKOBBha. 8. c. 138^ ji. 1. 

HHKO«AA6BIIIi'b f). ^Kbohshi^b kbro Tpe6a a^ ce 
B3o6pa3H. npeseo cb RKMes^KOrii TeopriK Hh- 
KOJiaeBHHB 5 npoTOnpecBHTepB y ^y6^oiiHViKy ^ 
oCAapeHB 3.«aTHHiiii» no^ecTKHMii npcroMB <l>. 
I., HaeHT* ^, C. C. y Beny y CpCcHoS nenaTHBH 
CoMMepa. 16. a. 4. c. 226. 

HHHKOBHlk'b 11. Cp6cKa rpaMMarHKa aa HnaKe rn- 
MHacifljiHe KJiacce. O^BlIeTpa HHRKOBHha, npo- 
^i^ecopa rHMHBcie HoBOcaACRe. ^pyro nonpa- 
BaKHo H yMHOBceHO Bs^aHie. y Hobomb Ca^y 
xpoiUROM'b IrHBTa 4>yRca neMaTano RHBBrone- 
HaTRBOMB I. K. ConpOHB y 3eMyHy.8. VIII,106. 

HOBHHE. Glasnik Dalmatinski. J^b^l nyxa hb neAe- 
.aH> no 1 Ta6. «oji. ype^BBRB 11. A. Ka3a.«H 
y 3aApy. 

•- Gospodarski list. 6/^aHB nyxB na Heflejiio no 

|Ta6.y4.ype/^HHRB Jl.ByROTBHOBBh'b y 3arpe6y. 
Zagfreba6ki katolidki list. G^aHB nyrB hb He^e- 

Jiw no 1 Ta6 y 4. ype/^HBRB H. XopBaxB y 3arpe6y. 
•3BaHH^Be HOBBHe RHflBcecTBB CpSie. 6^aRlk 

nyxB HB ueAeaio no \ xaC. y 4. y Beorpa^y. 
— IVarodne IVovine, carsko-kr. sluzbene. CBaRiii 

^BRB no \ xa^. «o.i. ype^HBRB ^. ^^MerapBy 

-IVeven. G^anB nyxB hb mecej^B no 4 Ta6. y 4. 

ype^HBRB I. npaycB y 3arpe6y. 'HsASte ce 
noMoby Mbthi^o HjiHpcRe. 

-no^yflBBRa. G^BRB nyTB hb Ne;^eitio no 1 Ta6. 

y 4L y SeMyay. 



— PaTap. HoBHHe sa rbcnoAapcTBO^'p»aAHB€i<^B 
H TproBHuy. GAanit nyrb na Be^ejiio no V2 ^a^* 
y 4. y^pe^HHfs'b^neTpoBHft'b y Kap.iOBi]^Ma. 
CBeTOBH/^is. ^Ba nyxa na ne^eAio no 1 Ta6. 

*OJi. ypeAHHKi*' A. AH^pHhii y Beny. 

CBCToaopisk G^aHis nyxii na He^eaionof Ta6. 

y 4. ^o^SLTan-b CseTOBH^y. 

Ce^MHi^a. ./Ihctii aa nayKy a saCaBy. Basbs 

nyii) Ha He^e^io no 1 Ta6. y 4. ^o^aTaKi* C. 


Cp6cKe HoBHHe. CfiaRiH AdHi> no - Ta6. y 4. 

ype/^HHK«b K. ByHh-B y Beorpa^y. 

CpSciSH ^ReBHHR. ^sa nyxa na He^eaio no 

1 Ta6. ii^o^. ype^HHRi) ^. MeAaROBuhi) y Ho- 
BOMi* Ca^y. 

lUyMa^HHRa. AacT'b aa RHj^HmeBHOCTB, 3a6a- 

By H HOBOCTB. ^Ba uyxa na He^e-tio no 1 Ta5. 
y 4. ypeAHHRi* 4. II. Hena/iOBHh'b y Beorpa^y* 

IIETPOBHh'b 4. Bapona A. oA<b Ba6o nojiBO^hA- 
CTBo pas^eiiiiHo aa cape MeceMne pa^e, rhbh* 
ra aa npaRCBCB noascRorB rocno^apCTaa. Cb 

e^^HOMB JlHTOrpa^HpaHOMB Ta^.tOM'b H 6^HOMl» 

TaCaaipMB. Ci> HeMaHROrB npeaeo 4. nexpo- 

Buhii npo^^ecopB y KapaoBu^uxB. y Hobomt> Ca- 

fl,y uixamna ^p. ^aa. MeAaRO^n^a. 8. ji.S, c.96. 

Obo 6 Kao iiiTO Ha Kopni^H nnme: ceeaHi^a I. 

nETPOBHhl> ]^. PbHHHRB 3aROHaVypeA<Ja'HypeA- 
6eHf>i nponHca* a np. h np. HS^aHbi y KHflase- 
CTsy CpCJH OAB 18E7. fl,o nojiOBHHe 1854. ro/i. 
Hapa^io l^op^e nexpoBBbB , npHBp. 'laeHii cy- 
Aa Onp. BeorpaACRorB. yBeorpa^y npaBHxea- 
cxBeHOMB RHBHroneHaxHBOMi>. 8. XXll, 605. 

cHa H r.taBHa CpScRo-napo^Ha ysHJimnxa y Ay- 
cxpiHCROMB i^apcxBy. y Be^y xpouiROMB n. k* 
^ipeni^ie y^H.tHmxHUX'b RUBHra. 8. a. 1, c. 333. 


JIPBUII lOHIH t856 a-^ra, 04a noBUBtb rocnoAHuy 


aKTyapiio «oH^a cBeiuTeHHHKOr'b ji rocno^Hny 
napoxy FOi^iyCHHa^iROMib y Hobomi* Ca^y. 8. 82. 

Osterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1851 JS9 9. 

PRIRODOPIS za niije realne skole. Spisao F. X. 
M. Zippe, j. r. ucitelj rudoslovja na c. k.beckoni 
sveuciliStu. U Becu u c. k. nakladi skolskih knji- 
gah. 8. ;i. 1» c. 388, ;i. 3, cb 1 Ta6.i. 

nPOrPAMM'B, HeTBpTuii, aeaHKe rHMHaaie Kap.«o- 
BdMRe aa uiKOJicKy ro^Hny 1856. ypeJ^ye h h3- 
^ae rHMHaaie ynpaaHTejisCTBo. y Hobomi> Ca^}'' 
KHBHroneiaTHfl /|^pa ^an. Me^aKOBuha. 4. 33. 

PSALTIRICH duhpvni pisamah poboxnim* dusham' 
iz razlicsitih bogoljubnih knjig-ah sastavljen od 
ilirsko-ks^tolicske obdine Tabanske. U Budimu 
tiskopis M, Bago. 8. a. 2, c. 220. 

'' Osterr. Blat. f. Liter. 1857 JVS \%. 

ny^Hfit O. III. Poviestnica Pubrovnika po knezu 
Orsatu Pucida-Skaticu. U Zadru tiskarnic^ bra- 
tie Battara. 8. 61. 
Obo 6 RHbHra 1. 

PA^OBAHOBHh'b If. 05iiiTa aRana CBaRonrB HOBe- 
Ry nyiKAHa. CnHcao IleTapT* Pa/^OBanoBHh'b, 
rjiaBHuS ynpaBHTe.iB ocH. lUROJia K. C. 0<2^o6pe- 


coROca. IloneHHTeJiBCTBOM'b HpocB^Te. y Beo- 

^P^Ay y npaBHTe^iCTBeHHofi RHBHronenaTHBH. 

8. JI. 4, c. 184. 

^pjro jMBOxceno H3;^aH'b. 
PAHmftli M. 4. Tpo** OAi» MoHTe-XpHCTO. Ilo 

AjieKcaH^py /|^uMa nocpSuo MBviaHB^ PaiuHhi*. 

CeAMa — /leceTa nacxb. Y Beny thcrobii> ep- 
iMeHCRQr* MOHBCTHpa. 8. JI. I9 c. 224; Ji. I9 c. 197; 

JI. 1, c. 240, CT> 3 aHTOrp. y caaRoS. 
CABO^OBH&'B A. Svagdanje zat>avljanje s bogom, 

ill molitvena knjizica za dStcu u ikolu hodeda 

poiag n&na£kdga s pmdavkom nSkolikq poboznih 


pesmicah. Tretje izdanje. U Zagrebu tlakom F. 
i^upana. 12. c. 186, a. 1. 

Osterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1851 A? 24. 

CBOPHmK* saKona' h ype^fia h ypeA^enu' yRaaa', 
H3/^aHM* y RHHSRecTBy CpCiH. (O^'b noHei*Ra 
1854. Ao KOHi^a 1865 roAHHe.) VIII. y Biborpa- 
Ay y npaBHTe-vcTBOHHOH RHBHronenaTHBir. 4. ji. 
3, c. 130. 

CJIA^OBHh'b M. Poviesti biskupiah Senjske i Mo- 
druSke. U Trstu. 8. 458. 

Neven 1856 J\ff 4. 

CPETEHOBRtili C. CjiaeeHCRa rpai«aTHKa. Cacxa- 
BHO Casa CpeTeROBHhii. IlperjieAajia r o^offpH- 
^a niROJiCRa romhcia. ^pyro nonyirbHO h no- 
npaB.t^Ho HS^aBafi^. y BborpaAy y RnBitrone- 
HaTHBH RHfl»ecTBa CpCcRorii. 8. c. 149, Ji, 1. 

CTOfl^HHOBHhl) C. IIIajiBHBUH Ra^eHAapii aa ro- 
/(HRy 1857. HanHcaa CBeToaapx* CTOfl^HHOBHli'b 
a^BoRaTB. Tpeha roAHHa. Y Hqbomb CaAy Tpoui- 
ROMB HHROJie I. HoBaROBHfiia. 8. 58. 

CyH^HHALl) I. Hh3b AP^i^o^^Hora ^Hcepa Hi«H Ay- 
xoBHe H Mopajiue n^CMe sa A^^y o^ii L Cyn- 
^enuhsi Riiap. npo«eccopa. CaesRa I. Y 3aApy 
y RHBuroneMaTHBH^6p. Baxxapa. 16. 06. 

TEHAHHbl mKbmhhbi Ta6jiHi^a aa ynenHRe TproeaH- 
Re iiiKO.«e. IIperaeAajia h oAoSpn^a lURCicRa 
ROMHcifl. y BeorpaAy npaaHxejiCTBeaHOM'^ rhbh- 
ronenaTHBOMB. 8. a, 1, c. 38. 

ftEJIEIlIEBHhl) M. tf. IIpeBOAH MinHJia ^. begie- 
meBaba, RannejiHCTe noneHHTejiBCTaa ilpocee- 
mTevifl. CsesRa 11. L^pBeua aJiBHaa ^at* Hafi- . 
ROBCRor^, CB HeMBMRorib npeBOAeHa. Y Beorpa- 
Ay caoBHMa npaBHTe.iBCTB. RHBHroneHtTR^. 16. 
ji*. 2, c. 8fc 

4>EPHft'B H. RasBmatranje make i sm^tl prehlagoga 
na&^ga laokteato polag initin «Miigiidietfi pri- 


povddano, xatim poboinimi litanijami. molitvami 
i uzdisaji izvedeno, u svako a osobito korizme- 
no vr^me nemocnim i zdravim poboznikom pre-? 
porucivo. Iz n^mackoga preveo Ivan Perid zup- 
nik Bucanski. U Zagrebu tiskoni dra Ljudevita 
Gaja. 8. 87. 

XOPBA'FB H. Jeli Dimitar L biskup ZagrebaSki jo- 
stle kao takov bio kardinal? Povestni pokus od 

. U Zagrebu. 8. 36. 

Osterr. Bl. f. Liter. 1857 AS 16. 


ri^'h 3A oynoTpeBAeHi'e CipscKHx^ HApoAHKix^ oymhahi|i% 
BO AvcrpiiicKOMZ t^^pcTRt. Ro BfeHH'b thK/^NBeHfe/nz u,. 

K. A7p»Ktf7H OV^liilHUITHklX% KHurz. 8. 98. 

HHTAHKA, ilirska, za gornje gimnazije. Knjiga pfer- 
va, sadferiarajuda izglede iz hj^rvatske literature 
od p^rroga njezina po6etka do godine 1835. U 
Be5u troSkom c kr. ravnateljstva naklade §koI- 
skih knjiga h. 8. X, 546. 

€% npeAroBOpoMi A. MasjpaHHka. 

HOBHhli ^. ^oMOBO^CTBO R pa/i^HHocTB H.1H ^ese- 
TO ^Kjio M06. HanHcao /I^HMHTpie HoCHh'b, Ha- 
poAHBH niKO.«a ynpasHTeiVB. Y ScMjuy ne«fa« 
Tano RHBHronenaTHBOMT* 1. K. Conpona. 16. 91, 

Cfc 1 RCH^lOrp. npifJlHROM'b. 

lUEMATHSAMli npanocjiaBHe /^iei^eae ^a^MaTUH- 
CKe sa ro^HHy 1856. Y Sa^py y Baxape. 

Ce^M. 1851 J\S 31. 

lUy^EK'b B. Biljarstvo za visje gimnasije spisao Bo- 
goslav Sulek. U Becu troskom c. k. prodavao- 
nice skolskih knjigah. 8. VIII, 320. 

(BHKOBHIi'b H^iia ^e^e rpa^^ib). Pycia roAa 1856. 
IIpeBoA'b Ha Cp6cKH r3i» 4>paH^y3Rora A^Oi^^a 
SaH^a. y Sa^py y THnorpa^^in 6pahe Baxa- 

pa. 8. 46. 

y npeAFOBOpy ce HHeBja so • npeseo. 




(H3Me^y OBHxob KBbHra OB/^e cy aanRcaHe camo one 
Koe cy y Beorpa/^i* /^o6aB4'bHe.) 

BEITRAGE zur vergleichenden sprachforschung auf 

dem gebiete der arischen ^ celtischen und sla- 

wischen sprachen herausgfegeben von A. Kuhn 

und A. Schleicher. Berlin, DOmmler 1856. Heft 1,2. 

Ty 6 HSHe^y ocTajiora: A. Schleicher , kurzer 
abriss der gpeschichte der slawichen sprache. F. 
Miklosich, verba intensiva im altslovenischen , die 
wurzel sru im slawischen, das suffix -% im alt- 

CHOPIN et UBICINI. Provinces Danubiennes et Rou- 

maines. Bosnia , Servie , Herzegovine, Bulgaria, 

Slavonie, lUyrie, Croatia, Dalmatie, Montenegro, 

Albania, par M. Chopin. Yalachia, Moldavie 

Bukovina, Transylvania, Bessarabia, par M. Ubi- 

cini. Paris, Didot 1856. 8. a. 2, c. 494, 226, ci> a. 

39 Ha KOHAia cy aHKOBH, naaHOBH h Kapxe. 

flfPy^o Hue: L'Univers. Histoire et description 
de teus les peuples. Europe, tome 39. 

dOMMLER, E, €bar die Sltesta Geschichte der Slawen 
inPalmatian. UlTaMnaHoy Sitzungsberrchta der 
kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften, philps.- 
hist. CI., XX Bd.2 u. 3Hft. Jahrgangl856 Wien. 

tilNZEL, 1. A. Geschichte der Slawenapostel Cyrill 
und Method und der slawischen Liturgie. ' Yon 
Dr. I. A. Ginzel. Leitmaritz, A. Schntlrlain 1857. 
8. XI, 174, 132. 

GLIUBICH S. Dizionario bibgrafico dagli uomini illu' 
stri della Dalmazia compilato dair Ab. Simeone 
Glinbich. Vienna, Lachner; Zara^ Battara 1886. 
8. A. 1, c. Vlll, 325. 

HILFERDING, A. Geschichte der Serben und Bui- 
garen. Yon A. Hilferding. Aus dem Russischen. 


Erste Abtheilung. Bautzen, I. B. Schmaler 1856. 
8. IV, 164. 

(HFHflTOBHh'b fl.) Ein christliches W ort ilber die 

LOsung der orientalischen Frage von I. J. Pest, 

Druck von E. Mailer 1857. 8. ;i. 1, c. 41. 
SaaTHO 3a Haci no Tone uito s nncao Cp6aR'h. 

KAZNAOIC, G. a. Studii critic! di G. A. Kaznacid. Pu- 
blicati neir Osservatore Dalniato. Zara, Battara. 
1856. 16. 136. 

KOPITARS, Barth., Kleinere Schriften sprachwissen- 
schaftlichen, geschichtlichen, ethnographischen 
und rechtshistorischen Inhalts. Herausgegeben 
von Fr. Miklosich. I. Theil. Wien, P. Beck 1857. 
8. Ji. 2, c. 380. 

MAHKOBT) A. HcTopia Cep6cKaro aajuKa no na- 

MflTHHRaMli , nHCaHHEaMl> KHpHaaqeiO , Bli CBfl3H 

Cb HCTOpieio Hapo^a* ConHHenie A. MafiRoea. 
MocKBa Bit yHHBepcHTTeTCKofi THnorpa^iH 1857. 
8. IV, 845. 

'MARMONT. M^moires du Marechal Marmont Due de 
Raguse de 1792 a 1841 imprimis sur le manu- 
scrit original de Fauteur. Paris 1857. Halle» W. 
Schmid. Tome I— IX. 8. 

MIKLOSICH, F. Evangelium S. Matthaei palaeoslo- 
Venice e codicibus edidit Fr. Miklosich. Vindo- 
bonae, F. Beck 1856. 8. ji. 1, c. 80. 

Lex Stephaui DuSani. Edidit Fr, Miklosich. 

Fasciculus prior textum continens. Vindobonae, 
F. Beck 1856. 8. a. Z, c. 28. 

-Oberdie Sprache der SItesten russischen Chro- 

nisten , vorzuglich Nestor s. Von Fr. Miklosich. 
Wien W. Braumiiller (comm.) 1855. 8. 58. 
-Die Sprache der Bulgaren in Siebenbargen. 

Von Franz Miklosich. Aus dem VII. Bande der 
Denkschriiten der philosophisch - historischen 


Classe der kaiserlichen Akademfe der Wissen- 
schaften besonders abgedruckt. Wieii k. k. Hof- 
und Staatsdruckerei 1856. 4. a. 1^ c. 42. 
-Vergleichende gramraatik der slavisch^n spra- 

cheifi von Fr. Miklosich. Dritter band. Formen- 
lejire. Wien, W. BraumiiUer 1856. 8. c. XVI, 582. 
— Die Wurzeln des Altsloveiiischen. Von Franz 

Miklosich. Aus dem VIII. Bd. der Denkschriften 
der philos.-histor. Classe der kaiserl. Akademie 
der Wissenschaften besonders abgedruckt. Wien, 
C. Gerolds S. 1857. 4. a. 1, c. 28. 

IVAGY I. Magryarorszag csaladai czimerekkel es lo- 
szarmazati tablikkal. Nagy Iv^ntol. Szerkeszti 
^s kiadja Friebeisz Istvdn. Pest, Beimel J. ^s 
Kozma V. 1857. I. II. fiizel. Aaron— BanfTy. 

PROGRAMMA dell i. r. ginnasio completo _di prima 
classe in Zara alia fine deir anno scolastico 1855 
1856. Zara 1856. 8. 150. 

Tj 6 HSMcl^y ocTaAora: Gi.Danilo, Sui vart volgari 
della lingua ilUrica in Dalmazia; Gi Ferrari-Cupilii, Sui 
merit! del Dr. ]Vikol6 Giaxich; M. Ivcevich , Di Antonio 
Tochich; P. A. Casali , Gi. Higja traduzione delle odi di 
Orazio in Illirico. 

QU6RARD J.-M. La Roumanie Moldavie , Valachie 
et Transylvanie (ancienne Dacie), la Serbia , le 
Montenegro et la Bosnia. Essai de biblioth^que 
fran9aise historique de ces principaut^s. Par J.- 
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PAHKE A. HcTopiA Cep6iH no Cep6cRHMi> hctoihh- 

KaM'b. CoHUHenie . nepeBO^ii ci> Htwen- 

Karo Ilerpa BapTeaeBa. Ci» np0Jio»eHieMi> nop- 
Tpexa HepHaro Feopria, cb KapTOio KuamecTBa 
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- V 



tes et leurs ouvrages. Esquisse bibliog^raiphique 

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no 3aR«iioHeHiio ^PJ^'^^^ CpGcne C«tOBecHO* 
CTH npH^ianse ce obomi FaacHaKy xepaji^HMRa xa* 
6^Hi;a rp6oBa ohu aenajia y kohmb. Cp6H oGhtb* 

BBiO H.1H J KOHNB Cj Gapit HeKB^li »HBIf.«H, H OHU 

nopo^Hifd , R06 cy Ha^is CpficKHMis Hapo^oMit Ber^a 
BJia^a*^!^? K06 6 rp6oBe Bp.;io aroAuo h .^enoaKy-r 
CHO y e^Ho CHiueTpasHO u^ejio cacTasio m Rai^prao 
ipeA' HjiaHi> BCTon> ^pyuiTaa F. MH.vafl'b A. CaMBhii, 
Taao ^a e asBMa (HaKHTio xpaMii cpGcKe c^ase , y 
Koira cpeAHHH bh^h ce jihkii CHjinora i^apa Ct6» 
<»aHa ^yiuaua, KBO npe^CTaBHHKa naSaehe cviaae 
Mobn cpGcTBa ^ noAi> Koera MohKHMii CHHaTpoii'b « 
HaHBHiue 0411 npe^CTaBaibHu oa^e y CBOHM'b rpdo^^ 
BHua aenaaa Kit ^paKaaa CpScKofi apHnaAAemaao. 
Oaafi ofipaait 3aKJiio*iHao e ciioMeHyTO ^pyuirao 
aa CBCT-b H3/^aTH, npBO : kbo xepaaAHnay rpa^y h 
KBO HBRHaAy A^Hacb Beliii Bpao peAKorfa Me^apo^ 
euhesoei deJta , hsi* Rorb € ohis no aehofe mbcth ■ 
u3Ba^eB%9 R06 6 A^AO oaaS poAo.«io6HBbifi CpCcRiH 
yubTHBR'b u3Aao y Beny ro^. 1741 flo JlaTBBGKOM'b 
A'b«Ay Ilaajia PaTepa BuTeaoBBhay b to j^ejio aa 6a- 
Bpy pesaiio, b jiBROBHua cpGcRO-HapoAHfj caeTBTeaa 
yMHomeao, nocBeTHBuia ra narpiapxy ApceHiM) ne- 
xspTOMit ; Apyi'O aKeaaao 6 ^pyiurao ^aTu y obom% 
o6pa3y poaojih)6bboh CpficRofi nyCaHi^B eAno tbro- 
BO co6ho yapauieHie, ro6 nome y cBdROM-b CptfHay 
oGhobbth cnoMeai* c^iaBae npoui.«ocTH H'kroBony 
uapoAa a noApaaBTH y HbroBOMii cpA^y "iyBCTBO 
aapoAHor'b noHoca. 


Kii o^HCRCHio no^i* HCTHM'b rp5oBHMa najiase- 
hewh ce /^OAdfieMo oe^e neROJiHKO pe/^BKa , Kaito 
9u CBH uauiH ^HTaoi^H oco6hto OHa CTapHHCKa 
Hfliena seMaJia paajmeTH mofjih , koa ce oB^e naBO- 
^e. — BeaHKH OHH no npasHaHMa xepaji^ane ca- 
CTdB^'l^HH rp6oBH, KOH 06 Ra^i* •iHKOM'B u^apa Ctc- 
♦ana u Hcno^ib H^ra najiaae , 03Ha«ieHH 6poeBRMa 
16 H 17 noicaajio naMi* suaMena ohu aema^H Koe 
cy KJy CpScKOMi* iJ^^pcTBy npnuBAAemaJie y Bpefiie 
x^^peBa CTe^aiia ^ymana h ypoma M^ia^orB, hbio- 
BO snaHeH]) moIih he CBaKiH nocTehn, nsj^iy o6aCHe» 
wfc OHw rp5oBa npoHHxa, koh cy ct Jiene h cb ;^e- 
cne CTpaue n6fl,'b SpoeBHuia 1 ^o 15 h 18 ;^o 32 na- 
pe^aHH y H KOH npe^CTaBJAio 3eM.tb y kohm^ Cp6- 
cKJfi BapoAi> HCHBH. 1. rpSi* Cp(Ti6 y CTapieMib ciiifii- 
Ci«y 5 Sejiuii RpcTi* y i^pBenoMii noaio , ca neTHpn 
cpe6{)Ba ou^»ASi y neTHpH yr.«a KpcTa ; obo e h ;^a- 
i(ac% rpSxk KHflHcecTBa CpCie. 2. ^ap^aHia, noAi» 
bBBHii HMenoiitii pasyMesa ce OHa io»SHa MaCTi> Cp- 
516, fcofl io»6HO ca MaKe^oHioMB rpanHHB, bctohho o^b 
ropd ^ecnot^i^aHRH, saiia^HO ;^o pene n^pHorii ^paHa 
o^ji Hfluia ;^o Opir^a Aonape, HMa y 6eAOM7% noaio 
i^pBenorB ^BOpiBnorB jiaaa na ;^ecHo OKpenyTonb 
ycnpaB-A^Horxk h ROHiV']^ y npe^HBHMi* HoraMa AP3>(^~ 
herii. 3. 3eTa h4H Senxa nacTB CpCie .sexcefia 
KpaH peKe Herfiah o/^b CRaAapcRonb ^i^ara ^o OBe 
pene, ca^auiHH I^pna ropa ; rp5B e hI^hb cpeCpaa 
3Be34a Ba auiaTHOiiiB RoayTy h njiaBerHOiHB nOiVfo, 
4. Crapa CjiaaoHia; no/^B obhmb HineHOMB paBy*- 
Meaa ce aemjifl ^esKeha o^b ^yuaaa HSMe^y peRe 
Caae r ^pase ^o fijiiisy mopa ; HMa rpn i^paefta 
pra y 6e^OMB nojiio na ^leao rpMeha. 5. FpHKa, 
HafiioaRHifl nacTB EeponcRe TypcKe, caAaiuRa Kpa- 
ji'hBHHa FpMRa , HMa neTHpn ajiaxHa h neritpH njia- 
BCTHa ^^HpeRa , koco o^b jicbc npeMa ^ecHoii ^oAe 
npeso iuTHTa nojiomena. 6. ByrapcRa, seMjia hs- 
me^y ^ynaaa h Ba^RancKH ropa oai> BH/^Hna Ao 
iJ^pHora Mopa npyafieua ; HMa 6ejiorB jiaBa RpyHH- 


caHor% HcnpaBa^Hon* y ii^pBeHOMii nojiio na .^eeo 
OKpeHyTorii 7. yrpoB-ia^Lia, HHane xaiso dBana na-. 
jia B.«auiKa} h.«h KpaioBCKiir BaHaTit , HMa tp6'b rpa 
apancKe r^flaae y 3.«aTHOM-b noAso na Jieso oKpeayi 
TO. 8. XejiMCKa hjih SaxymcKa seuAa , caAaiuHH 
Xepi^eroBHHa sana^Ha ;^o HapeHxe, HMa rojiy pyiiy 
^a paiueHa /^piueby dya^oBanii y i^pBenOMiy noaio.' 
9. Parysa hjih ^y^P^^""^^' cao6o^Ha oguixHHa 
noAXk saiuTHTOM'b MjieraKa a no Heuixo h Cp^CRH 
u^apeBa CTOeha , a ca seMaflMa CpScKori) i;apcTBa 
rpaHH^eha, HMa rpn cpeSpne rpe^^iie y i;pBeHOMi>. no- 
jiH> Bo^opaBHO npeuo uiTHfa MeTHyre. 10. Muaia e 
HaHCTapie hmc 3eMa.«H Kpaif ^ynaBa h Caae AeHie^ 
tiH o^ii fiocue ^o i^pHorb Mopa, a^auasl ce na rop-. 
Hio MhsIm) ca^auiHio Cp6iio , h ^ojihh) Mhsiio ca^a 
ByrapcKy; rpCiy 6 Hkui* cpedpui} TO»iaKTi y n.iaBe- 
THOMii aoaio. 11. PaMa e HCTOHHa nacrB Bocae 
Kpaii ^pHue h ^yaaaa JiesKeha, HMa rpCi* OKjionoMi» 
naopyaKauy pyay ^o paMena ^pmehy ro.iy ca6jiio y 
i;pBeHOMi> nojiK), na Jieso ORpeeyTO. 12. Anoxia e 
ropRH HacTb aApiBTCKorb npHMopa HSMe^y ^ajiMa- 
1^16, HcTpie, KpaHHCKe h XpaarCRe 3eM.«b; hmb oRpy- 
rao niHpoRii i]ipH'b uieuiHpi> y s.iaTfioM'b uo.iio. 13. 
PoMaHiH , aaaHH o6aacTb BH3aHTiucRori> qapcxBa 
EsponcRy H3Me^y ^a^RancRH ropa h rpHRora Mopa 
aeacehy , HMa rp6ii na MeTHpn^noJia p.a3A<^<«')>H'b ca 
uiecT-b 3Aarua Rpyna y eKwy y njiaBeTuOMii h upae-. 
HOMii no^io. 14. XyaMia e nacxB Ltpne rope o/^-b 
CRa^apcROrb eaepa sana^HO, HMa rpS* ro.«y pyRy 
40 paMena na .»eBo npyaceHy h ^pwehy ro.«y ca6aio, ^o 
Roe cy ci» o6e CTpane nojiyMeceii^'b h SBes^a. 15. I^ap- 
CTBO o^b HeMaab ocHOBano. 3HaMeHHTo 6 caaROflRO 
TO noflB^iea^, ^a cy RpaalbBH CpScRH o^* ^omb 
HeMaHBHHOrii ynoTpeSjiAaaaH /j^Bor.naBor'b 6e.iorb 
opaa y ^paeaoMB noaio ca HpyHaiiia ua o6aABe rjia- 
Be , H ca ^aa oiaeTa oa,!^ Rpana Hcno^B npiiJia rbo 
cBOe aBBMeHb^ r06 e 6bio ynpaBo rp6'b paMCRora 
i;apcTBa. Ha crapHMii HaoSpaHceaiflMa Cp6cRH Bjia- 


^aTe./iA no i];pRBaMa cTapu cp6cKH MonacTHpa, npo- 
HCXo/^ehHMit HaHMaH'K hsi* cpe^aue hjih ^pyre no<- 
•lOBHHe 15. BOKa, a BepoBaxHO h ioim» npe iia.«aHjui 
CByfi^a ce sehis Mosce bh^hth OBau ^BoraaBuK opao 
Rao yKpaca i^apcKe o^em^e, koa 6 CBa nocyTa ca-* 


oBOMit anaKy HSBecTHO Momemo pehn ^a e cxap-b h 
;^a ra HHcy xeKi* ^ou^Hie Py^Muhii nan BaTeaoBHh'b 
HSMHCjifMH. H Ha nenary ij^apa ./ladapa BS^aTOni'b y 
PaHheBOH HCTopiii Haxo^H ce osau ^BoraaBuii opao. 
18* Paccifl, HacTB Cp^ie na peKH PamitH , oro Ho-' 
Borb Ilaaapa h KocoBori* noaa Jieaceha, rp5i» ioii 
e jkerehiu opao y naaBeTHOMi> noaio ^pmeha xpfr 
KOHBCRe no^KOBHi^e, ^A^y y R-^fony a abc RanqaMa; 
^ecTO cy rp6i> PaiuKe Cea-b opaa rpa no^KOBHi^e y. 
n-AaBeTHOMi) nojiio, Rao iuto 6 h OB^e na uitutobh- 
ina ^yuiana h ypoiua npe;^CTaB.«ikHii. 19. TpHsajiia 
« ^acTB o«a Cp6i6 roa ce AauacB soee IIIyMa^iH,. 
ima y rp6y Benpoay raaBy ca CTpeaoMt y ne-io sa-. 
SoA^HOMi) y 6e.«OMi> noaio. 20. ^a^Mai^ia a npH* 
MOpk aApiaTCRori) aaaaaa cae ^o Ajifiauie ; rp6'B 
ey ioK TpH .laBOBe r^iaae RpyHHcaHe y n.^aBeTuoM'b 
nOtiH). 21. BocHa , aose ce npe^j^hai) oro peRe h- 
cTori> HMeua ^o peRe Bp6aca j mvia ^Ba npeRpiure- 
Ha Roco noaomeua R.iioMa y sjiaTHoiMi* noaio, koh 
cy Ha cBOHMTb BpxoBHMa yRpauieHH apancRHM'b Rpy" 
HHcaHHM'b r.«aBaMa. 22. CpeMii ^ upe^hAJi H3net)y 
Case H ^ynaaa aemehn , aina y rp6y na fieJioMi* 
uiTHTy 6.«eHa Aemehevb ua aeaeuoif rpe^R na aeso 
ORpeayTori* , H3a Roera ctoh ae^weuo AP^^ 5 na^'t* 
HbHUfb H noA'b fibHAH) nJiaBRTHa npyra npe^cTaBi^a- 
loha peay, a CBe Tpn one rpeAeBO^opaBHO cy npe- 
RO lUTHTa nojioaiene. 23. A.i6aHifl, aeM^H o^i* CRa- 
^apcROrii eaepa iohcho Rpaii Mopa aemeha, HMa Ry- 
jy y naaaeTHoMi, nojiH) 3a cboh aiiaRi). 24. Xepx^e- 
roBHHa cBeTOra Caee , seM.ia e asMe^y CpSie, 6o- 
CHe H I^pne rope jieHiefaa, ama ro.«y ^o pameaa py- 
Ry Ha AecHO y u^pBeHonrb no.iiO npyafieny u /ipmehy 


MOTKy o^i) nonAB. 25. MaReAORiH^ seia^H Ha lomHofi 
CTpaiiH 6a^KaHCKH naannHa p^o rpnRorb nfopa 40- 
nHpyha, H3Me^y TpaKie, Ennpa, Tecca^iie h Cp5cKe 
^ap^aRie ^eaceha, uma rp6ii ^aea HcnpaR.fl'KH'on> na 
jieBO ORpenyTonj y 3jiaTHOMii no.«io. 26. Tecca^iifl, 
rpHRa seMJiR^ iorsho ncno^'b MaRe/^ORie, Rpau rpn- 
Ron> Mopa jieaceha ; rp6i> ioB e lUTHT'b na ABoe 
no npeRO pas^eafeii-b ca i^pHHin'b jierehHuii opjiOMii 
y 3JiaTHOM'b nOAio y ropHBOH nojioBHHH^ h ca Tpn 
crpe^e spxoBHMa rope oRpenyxe y x^pBeHOMik no- 
«^K>, y AO*^H^^^ nojiOBHHfi lUTHxa. 27. Mnaie ^omiin 
Tp6ii ^se Kpyne , o/^-b roh e Ao.iHfl HSBpHyTa y 
njiaBeTHOMis nojiio. 28. CjiaBOHin ca^aiuHfl, aemaa 
H3Me^y CaBe a ^paBe, Cpema u XpsaTCKe .leaseha 
HRia 3HaRi> Ryny y u^pBeHOMii noaio aa jieBo rpnehy, 
H^Xb HBOMCb H no^-b Hbonfb HJiaBeTaHii ^HpeRii npeso 
lUTHTa nojiomeH'b , Ha/^xi ropHBHiii> ^HpeROM-b cpe- 
6pHa 3Be3/(a, cse hb i^pBeHOMii mxHTy. 29. EnHpi* 
6 aeMjiH Rcno^'b A.i5aHifl lomRo RpaS a^pidTeRorb 
3a.flHBa .^leaselia, HMa RypaRa HcnpaB««iHorii aa ./leBo 
ORpeHyrorb y cpe^pHOMit noaio. 30. XpsarcRa ae* 
Mjifl .lesKH 0/1% a^piaTCRor-b Mopa ^o peRe ^paae' 
HBMe^y CaaBOHie^ BocHe, ^a.iMaqie, KpaHHCRe h H- 
CTpie , HMa Tp6'b uiTHTit iia ij^pseiie h 5eae RoqRe 
no^ea^HB. 31. ^BRifl 6 aemjifl ^BHacb na BaauiRy, 
Ep/^eab H MoaAaBiK) no^eA'hna, CTdpuS hLhii rpCii 
noRaaye ^bb npena ce^n HcnpaBjiLHa adsa y i^p- 
BeHOM'b no-iK)^ Met)y rohmb o^i* 03^0 noARSce ce 
ouiH.iflR'b no.«a 6eo a noaa i)pBeHii>. 32. HjtHpia e 
crapo HMe 3eMa««a Aemeha oai> a/ipiaTCRori* Mopa 
HCTOHHo OAii yiirapie ^o Eonpa , a npeMa HcroRy 
^o ByrapcRe; npacxapo anaMeHk obm 3eMa.ifl 6CTe 
M^a^i* Meceq-b h aaesAa npeo^Hnqa cpe^pRH y u^p- 
BeHOM'b no*iio ; oaafi cy aHBRi* Typi^i tcrii OH^a 
npHMH.«H RBA'E* cy 3eMA'h one ocbohjih ; a a^ e obo 
3aHCTa npacTapuif rpSi* obu aeMBJifl nocBeAO*iaBaio 



Chcrj ROsaRH, cpeCpHH, ^anapRR h (poHseRH^ Ra ro- 

RMa ce HCTBiH OBdM rp5i> najiasH. 

^Mh jieBo Ha CTj6oBHMa xpaMa noBemaHH cy 

rp6oBH OHu 3eMa.«H ro6 cy ner^a ri> Cp6cROH Ap- 

»aBH npHHaAJieacajie h to no^'b 6p. 6. TpHBa.fli6, 7. 

Pane ,. 8. 3eTe no^ii apxHSKynaROM'b HeMaHBonfb, 9. 

Mrsis crape, 10. CpCie, ll.CjiaBOHie hobc, IZ. TpC-b 

CTC^aua JlaaapeBRha A^^^^^ora Cp6cRor'i> 6eo 

RpcTb y ifpBeHOMi* nojiH> ^ H cb o6e cTpane 

no e^aHii ajiaTaHi* KpHHii y 6eAOMii no^io. 13. rp6T> 

RpaJifl CTe«aHa HeManfe. 14. Paccie, 25. rp6i> Rpa- 

ji^BHHe EocaHCRe. 16. Fp^ib CpeMa , Rao RpaJiKsH- 

He CTe^aaa ^paryTHHa CpeMCRon». 17. FpCii ^e- 

cnoxa ])yp^a BpaRROBHtia , roh ce h na H^roBBMi» 

HOBi^HMa Bp.«o HecTo HajiasH, jiaBii aa jicbo CRany- 

bH H npe^ii HbHMi> ABe. RaARaAi> oro nbra h HerR- 
pR sBesAe. 

Ha CTy6oBHMa xpana ci* ^ecne CTpaae HaMem- 
TCHH cy rp^OBH OHu naeueHa hjih nopoAaii^a (ah- 
liaCTia) Roe cy seMAi, Cp6cRe nocne paacTpoeHR 
Cp6cRora j^apcTBa paarpafinjie h AP^dJie/H to: 1. 
T^fiti RpaaB ByRaiUHHa MpHHBHeBHhaj oaaii rp6%» 
BRa^a Ao nORca ca pacnyuiTeHOM-b ko6omi>, Ha.«a3H 
ce Ha 6AHOM7> nenaTy ByRauiRHOBOM'b y BeHRO^ 
i;ec. Rp. ^BopcRoii apxHBR. Z. rp6i> xepi^era cse- 
Tora Case (nysapa rp^i* caeTorii Caae), h obbh rp6i>, 
jtRBii HcnpaBaKR'b ^pmehu KAtOH'b y opeAHBHMi> lua- 
nania, ua^aaR ce na nenaTHMa xepi;era BjiaTRa y 
BeHROM apxHBH. 3. TpG-b ;^ecnoTa ^op^a Bpan- 
ROBHha , D^BeTOBH o^ii RpHHa MCCTO ce 3a6/^Ho ca 
SBes^aMa Mory bh^hth oro jiaBa na Hoaii^HMa l^pp- 
])a BpaHROBHha , a 5hbojicrh poroBH OB/^e hb uiAe- 
my CTOehn Ho/^ik PyfinRha HBJiaae ce na uiTHry cb 
o6e CTpane ^o ^aaa , a Ha^B lujieMOM'b ao^HRse ce 
HO^'b oBora saaxua RpaJiaxa am^afl h.«h anau na rp- 
6y BpaiiROBHha. 4. TpCis Rueaa JIaaapa TpeSc^R- 
BOBHha. 5. Tp6j» RseaoBa oat* Sere Baainaha , o- 
Baii RypflR-b RaaasH ce ii na hobi^hmb Ba.tiue , a^R 


^BanyTi* h y uiTHTy m HaAi» uijieiioM'fc. 6. rp6% nne^^ 
sbBa I(pRoropcKii I^pHoeBHha^ ^^BOrjiaBu^i j^pniy 
opao y i;pBeHOM% oojiio^ obo e h ^anacb ioiui> rpC'b 
I^pne rope, a HMaMo h neice CpCcKe HOBqe ReHdal^- 
CTiie, epi> HeHaio HHsaRBa na^nHca, ca obbmi* abo-*> 
rjiaBHnfb opaoMi^ roh cy no Hauiem MnbHiio H^iti 
I^pnoropcRH UAH AaCaHCRH o^'b KacTpioTHba. 7. 
FpCii HHKOJie AjiTOMana, BocancRora seanRor^ sofi- 
BO^e. 8. Tp6'b Xepi^eroBHHe ^ou^hih. 9. rp6i» ^op» 
l)a KacTpioTHba CReHAepfiera, Rnesa o^i* Aa6aRi« 
H Ennpa , ^BOrjiaBufi i^pnit opao y n.«aBeTROiirb no- 
jiio CesTi Rpyne , a.AH ca SBes^OMii naAi* raaBama, o- 
BaK rpfi'b HajiaaH ce h hb ne^iary y Ee«iRoii ap- 


HaSnocae aa RpaHHJbHM'b sH^oBHMa xpaMa cii 
o6e CTpane ao^bth cy rp6oBB ohu seMajia ■ ^p- 
iRBBa y ROHM a e Cp6cRifi Bapo^'b Bi'iH ner/^a y AP^- 


6p. 1. Tecca.«ie, Ry^a cy ce Cp6B iiaSnpe ^ocejiit* 
^H ca c'taepa cb AoaBOjieH'bM'b i^apa phmcro - rp*!-* 
Rorii HpaR^ifl ; 2. naHOHie, ^anacb ^Brapie; 3. Po- 
MaBie ; 4. HjiHpHRa ; 5. CiaBonie crape BejiHic«, ^y- 
BBBCRe; a a^cho no^'b 6p« 10. CRHxie, noAit kohm'^ 
Bp.«o npocxpaHHM'b HMeHOMib paaymeBaio ce cae se- 
MJk^ cliBepoucTOHHo o/^ik , RapnBTCRH Fopa .lemehe 
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qHMa: ^B^aroBO^enieM'b oi;a^ h roh e sae^BO ca ca%- 
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hnwh ce y npcTH 9-TOii . peqHMa: „H3BOjieHi6M'b oi;a^ 
npenucaHii h3% cxapu pyRonHCHu cp6y4fl , Rao uito ce 
TO Ra»e y npHM^T6H na CTp. I50-Tofi. 









JAN 7 2002 

■ MAY 1 5 200!