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For Those 



For Those In Sorrow 


Compiled by 

Mrs. B. E. Rediger, Wife of Founder, 

Fort Wayne Gospel Temple 



Passed Away Nov. 22, 1931, Age 38 

"He will never be forgotten, 
Never shall his mem'ry fade; 

Sweetest thoughts will ever linger 
'Round the grave where he is laid." 

— Mis. F. A. Griep. 


"Gleams of Light for Those in Sorrow" is intended 
to be a "balm for bleeding hearts". This was a favor- 
ite expression of our dear departed brother, the Rev. 
B. E. Rediger. Wherever the severing of human ties is 
the cause of heartache and pain, there is only one ef- 
fective healing balm, one comfort and one ray of 
light, namely our hope in Christ Jesus, His blessed 
return and the reuniting of the saints of God. 

"We are sending forth this Uttle pamphlet with the 
expectation that it may reach many -who will by the 
reading of its pages be encouraged and comforted. It 
has been compiled with eternity in view. While we do 
not xmderestimate the problems and blessings of the 
material life, yet we are convinced that this world 
will leave us empty and void, unless we draw our 
strength from the imseen treasures of the life in Christ 
Jesus. Loss and loneliness will then be supplanted by 
joy and gladness for He has promised to give "beau- 
ty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment 
of praise for the spirit of heaviness". 

In the compiling of these pages, Mrs. B. E. Rediger 
readily received the help and cooperation of quite a 
few persons to whom she again wishes to convey her 
gratitude. May the Lord abundantly bless all the dear 
friends of this noble work, now and in the life to come. 


Publisher and Printer. 

Gleams of Light 


"Oh, the joy of that rexinion 

When our loved ones we shall meet 

And together stand adoring 
At our dear Redeemer's feet. 

Christ is coming, Christ is coming 
And our heart with rapture swells 

And we seem to hear the tinkling 
Of the coming wedding bells." 

Gleams of Light 


They are not dead, those loved ones who have passed 

Beyond our vision for a little while. 
They have but reached the Light while we still grope 

In darkness where we cannot see them smile. 

But smile they do, and love us, and do not 

Forget, nor ever go so far away 
But that their hands still clasp our hands and hold 

Us safe from falling when we fain would stray. 

They are not dead. Theirs is the fuller life, 
Theirs is the victory, the joy, the gain; 

For us is still the waiting and the strife, 
For us the loneliness, for us the pain. 

Then let us gird us once again with hope. 

And give them smile for smile the while we wait; 

And loving, serving, when Our Father calls. 

Well go to find our dear ones wait us at the gate. 

H. A. C. 

(From Mrs. Deweerd's 'Xast Mile of the Way"). 

Gleams of Light 


(Excerpts of Oral ion Given by Dr. DeWitt Johnston, 
Pastor-Evangelist of Tort Wayne Gospel Temple, at the 
Grave of Rev. Rediger, Nov. 20, 1932, One Year Af- 
ter Rev. Rediger' s Departure.) 

On October 1, 1893, on a farm in Living- 
stone County, Illinois, was born the founder 
of this great Temple. 

Ours now is to carry forward the work so 
nobly begun. Ours still shall be a message 
of love, good will to men, hope, healing and 
victory through Jesus' precious blood, until 
the Day star arises and sorrow and sighing 
flee away. "Even so, come, Lord Jesus." 
World conditions are such that we need more 
and more light-houses of faith like this. Let 
us go on. The Gospel of Jesus can meet any 
demands of Hfe and any need in this world. 
Uncounted thousands have been blessed 
through the ministry of Rev. B. E. Rediger. 
His spirit still goes marching on. Let us be 
true to the doctrines he set forth. 

Summer is gone. The maples are no longer 
clad in bright colors. The leaves have turned 
brown and sere and have fallen. The scarlet 
runners, Hke Httle poems of regret, have 
turned pale under autun^nal frosts. The 

Gleams of Light 

mortal remains of our beloved founder lie 
under the drifting snows, cold in death's icy 
embrace. But our love and devotion to him 
is as warm as ever. Faith's lamp is still lighted. 

Dear, precious founder, loaned to us for a 
while by a loving Father: we want you to 
know that our love is not cooled by drifting 
snows nor chilled by death's cold stare. We 
love you and your Savior as ever. Today, 
gazing upon this noble work you began so 
well, and looking upon your picture, lighted 
by the lamps of love and devotion, and look- 
ing up to Him whom our sins pierced but 
who forgave us and redeemed us unto Him- 
self, we pledge anew to thee our devotion. 
We pledge anew our love to Thee, precious 
Christ, to you, precious founder, and to her 
who stood so nobly by your side these many 
years, bearing the heat and burden of the 
day; to her whose humility, consecration and 
quiet faith still lead the forces of Almighty 
God in this great testimony at the Temple; 
to her, your wife, mother of your children 
three, the one who, next to Christ, you loved 
above all others, Edith E. Rediger. God bless 
you on this mournful but triumphant day. 
I bespeak for you the loyalty, prayers and 

Gleams of Light 

devotion of thousands wKo are friends of a 
full Gospel. 

Of Rev. B. E. Rediger we say that he still 
lives. Down into the cold tomb went only 
his body. His real self lives today with Jesus, 
while his works still follow him. How many 
were saved, baptized in the Spirit, or healed, 
only eternity will reveal. But yesterday he 
was here in full vigor, a loving and devoted 
father and husband and peerless preacher of 
the everlasting gospel of God's dear Son. But 
yesterday he wandered hand in hand with his 
little children out through the trees where 
the apple blossoms were sending their delicate 
and lovely fragrance up to the skies. As 
they knelt in prayer in God's great out-of- 
doors, their prayers made sweet incense before 
the throne of God. 

A giant tree falls in the forest aisle and 
time turns it into a bank of violets. Our 
founder fell and left an open space against 
the sky that none can quite fill. But his beau- 
tiful life has made a flower-garden in a bar- 
ren world and its fragrance rises up to God 

A story is told of a rose that found a crev- 
ice in the garden wall and, wandering 
through, bloomed on the other side. God 

Gleams of Light 

had a choice flower blooming in His garden 
one day and trained it through one of Heav- 
en's apertures to bloom in and make fragrant 
the earth-side. That flower from Heaven was 
our founder. 

When the heart of Dr. Wengatz, honored 
missionary in Africa, was broken and crushed 
through the untimely death of his wife, a 
letter of sympathy was sent him by the Alum- 
ni of Taylor University. In the letter was a 
poem, "The Rose Beyond the Wall." I give 
part of it here to comfort all broken hearts 

"Near a shady wall a rose once grew — 
Budded and blossomed in God's free light, 

Watered and fed by morning dew, 
Shedding its sweetness day and night. 

As it grew and blossomed, fair and tall, 

Slowly rising to loftier height. 
It came to a crevice in the wall 

Through which there shone a beam of light. 

Onward it crept with added strength 
With never a thought of fear or pride; 

It followed the light through the crevice's length 
And unfolded itself on the other side. 

Shall claim of death cause us to grieve 
And make our courage faint and fall? 

Nay! Let us faith and hope receive; 
The rose still grows beyond the wall." 

10 Gleams of Light 


By Mrs. B. E. Rediger 

Given over the Radio, Station W'OWO, Sunday Eve- 
ning, December 18, 1932 

Dear Friends: 

I thank the Lord that I was taught to pray by my 
precious parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Rich, as far back 
as I can remember. 

When I was nine years of age, I often felt convicted. 
This I beHeve was my first step toward God, for after 
that I began to pray much and wanted to be saved, but 
did not understand it. Ati the age of fifteen years, 
while in High School, I read an article about a mis- 
sionary that deeply moved me to give my life to the 
Lord and to follow as He would lead. I was sitting on 
the porch as I read, and then and there, to the best 
of my knowledge, I gave my life to the Lord. From 
that time on I prayed daily, and I date my spiritual 
birth from that decision to follow the Lord, although 
I did not tell it then, 

A year later, when I was sixteen years of age, an 
Evangelist came to our country church and I went to 
the altar and definitely took my stand for Christ pub- 
licly. I continued my studies in school until I began 
to teach, and during that time I laid my problems 
in school and out of school before the Lord, and He 
marvelously heard and answered and helped me. 

The same exi>erience carried me through three years 
of teaching until I was married to my dear husband, 
and then imitedly we were led step by step, as Mr. 
Rediger has revealed in his Life Story, until his early 

Gleams of Light 11 

home going. Though this is a great mystery I can still 
lean hard on my Lord, and He has promised to be 
especially near to the widow and the orphan, and I 
am looking forward to the day when we will be re- 
united. God's promise in Deut. 33:2 5, has been verified 
in my life continually, "As thy days so shall thy 
strength be." 

God raised up my dear husband, B. E. Rediger, to 
establish the Fort Wayne Gospel Temple. Around him 
there rallied many brave and consecrated men and 
women. My husband has gone to be with Jesus, but 
the work is still going forward and spreading on all 
sides. Please continue to pray for us and to support 
us with your gifts. 

Though there are multitudes of you whom I have 
never seen in the flesh, we are soon going to meet each 
other face to face, when Jesus comes, and we will sit 
down together at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. 

May God bless you all. 

* * * 

"I'll soon be at home over there, 
For the end of my journey I see 
Many dear to my heart over there 

Are watching and waiting for me." 

* * * 

"I miss thy holy comfort, 

I miss thy dear caress, 
I miss thee in my gladness 

And hours of deep distress; 
I miss thee "when the moments 

Are sad, gay or sublime; 
I miss thee, O my lover — 

I miss thee all the time." 

12 Gleams of Light 


"It seemeth such a little way to me 

Aciloss to that strang-e country — the Beyond: 

And yet, not strantre, for it has grown to be 
The home of those of whom I am so fond. 

They make it seem familiar and most dear. 

As journej-ing- friends bring- distant regions near. 

So close it lies, that when my sdg-ht is clear 
I think I almost see the rleaming- strand. 

I know I feel those who have rone from here 

Come near enough sometimes, to touch my hand. 

I often think, but for our veiled eyes. 

We ^ould find Heaven right round us lies. 

I cannot make it seem a day to dread, 

When from this dear earth I shall journey out 

To that still dearer country of the dead, 

And join the lost ones, so long- dreamed about. 

I love this world, 5'et shall I love to g-o 

And meet the friends who wait for me, I know. 

I never stand above a bier and see 

The seal of death set on some well-loved face 

But that I think, 'One more to wielcome me. 
When I shall cross the intervening space 

Between this land and that one "over there". 

One more to make the strang-e Beyond seem fair.' 

And so for me there is no sting to death. 

And so the grave has lost its victory. 
It i8 but crossing: — with abated breath. 

And white, set face — a little strip of sea. 
To find the loved one waiting on the shore. 
More beautiful, more precious than before." 

— Wheeler. 
Handed in by Ottie M. Faith, Rev. Bediger's special 

* * * 

"I know not what the future hath. 
Of marvel and surprise. 
Assured alone that life and death 
His mercy iinderlics." 

Gleams of Light 13 



A Prepared Place for a Prepared People 
By the late Rev. B. E. Rediger 

{This message was one of the first of his tt/ritings is- 
sued in tract form. Many thousands have been dis- 
tributed. The message is definitely one of comfort and 

"Heaven" — what a name, what a word, 
what a world of comfort wrapped up in this 
word "heaven". Broken hearts cry out, when 
a loved one has slipped quietly away, "Oh, 
where are they now? "What could they be 
doing? Are they really happy? Will I be 
able to see them and know them? After all 
is heaven a real place?" These and a thou- 
sand other questions rise in the minds of 
anxious hearts, day after day. There is noth- 
ing more positive than the Word of God. 
We turn to its pages in these days of doubt 
and skepticism and find the comfort and rest 
by its absolute, concrete, and positive state- 
ments of the future world. 

Some think Heaven is only a state of mind. 
But Jesus, very definitely, says in John 14, 

14 Gleams of Light 

"In my Father's house are many mansions, 
if it were not so I would have told you. I 
go to prepare a place for you and if I go to 
prepare a place for you I will come again and 
receive you unto myself, that where I am 
there ye may be also." Here He definitely 
states that He is going to prepare a place, a 
positive place. Thank God for a place that 
He has prepared for us when the earthly 
house of this tabernacle is dissolved. 

Again the question arises, "Will I be able 
to know my loved ones over there?" "We have 
bidden "Good-bye" and frantically cry and 
do not understand why it is all come about. 
And we wonder, "Shall we ever see them 
again? Will I be able to clasp their hands 
and look into their eyes and be cheered by 
their smile?" In I Corinthians 13:12 we read, 
"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but 
then face to face: now I know in part; but 
then shall I know even as also I am known." 
Now we know each other as through a glass, 
darkly and then it will be with all the smoke 
taken off of the glass and the glass removed. 
And we will actually know each other as we 
have never known each other before in the 
light of that heavenly splendor whose atmos- 

Gleams of Light H 

phere is never darkened and the air never 
chilled by sin's cold blasts. 

The Spirit slips quietly away and departs 
to be with Him. The body returns to dust 
until the Savior comes back, not to be cru- 
cified, spit upon or crowned with thorns, but 
as a King He will come with a shout. Then 
those dead in Christ will He bring with Him 
and from corrupted bodies, as the sprout 
from a corrupted grain comes forth, so their 
bodies will come forth, incorruptible; never- 
more to be hindered by sin or sickness. Then 
together with Him we shall be from the ages 
unto the ages, for ever and for ever. 

Nothing could be more clear as to the fu- 
ture of those who have died in the Lord. We 
need not pry into the mystics of magic or 
even into the weird, dark rooms of the wiz- 
ard, but in the Bible we search and find 
glorious hope that we'll meet our loved ones 
again. During this time of waiting, the spirit 
is resting in the presence of Christ, there by 
the throne of God, far above the stars, con- 
scious of the angels' songs, enjoying the splen- 
dors of the Heavenly Home. At best this 
hfe is only a shadow compared with eternity. 
This world is not our home; we are merely 

16 Gleams of Light 

passing through; we are pilgrims here bound 
for that country, that city not made with 
hands; eternal in the heavens. 

If you have not started yet, have never 
come to Christ, have never asked Him to 
make His abode in your heart, do it today. 
That Mansion is waiting for you for He says, 
"I go to prepare a place for you; and if I 
go to prepare a place I will come again and 
receive you unto myself." As the father 
stood in the evening time looking, wonder- 
ingly in the distance to see his prodigal boy 
return, so the Savior is waiting for you. The 
great feast in Heaven will soon be on and you 
have the invitation, "Come, for all things 
are now ready, enter into the joy of the 

"A father to the fatherless and a judge to the wid- 
ows is God in his holy habitation." (Psalm 68:5) 

"For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, 
nor angels, nor principalities, nor power, nor things 
present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, 
nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us 
from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our 
Lord." Romans 8:38, 39. 

Gleams of Light 17 


Never alone because Jesus has promised 

Ever to be with His own 
We are so glad in His Word He has told us 

"I will not leave thee alone." 


Never alone, never alone 

Never to be without Jes\K 
Never alone, never alone 

He promised never to leave us. 

Never alone when our burdens are heavy 

Jesus will help us to bear 
It's good to know that our Saviour will help us 

'Tis sweet to be in His care. 

Never alone when the hot tears are falling 

With loved ones slipping away 
O how we lean on His arm then for comfort, 

Jesus will then with us stay. 

Never alone as we toil on together 

Working with Jesus our Lord 
Striving to win precious souls for the Master 

Naught for our guide but His Word. 

Mrs. J. F. Pullyblank, Canada. 

Dedicated to Mrs. B. E. Rediger. 

The words of this song- have been set to music by 
William Dillon, Band and Choir director of Fort Wayne 
Gos(pel Temple. 

A copy of the son? can be secured by writing- to Gospel 
Templt, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Gleams of Light 


Of The Faithful Testimony, The Fruitful 

Ministry, and The Fragrant Memory of the 

Rev. B. E. Rediger 

Founder and Builder of The Gospel Temple, 

Fort Wayne, Indiana, 
Who Fell Asleep in Jesus November 22, 1931. 

Faith and Hope shall pass away, 

But Love can never die; 
Though dearest objects of that love 

In silent graves may lie. 
So sleep, Beloved, take thy rest, 

Our loss has been thy gain; 
Heaven is richer, earth is poorer. 

Since Jesus called thy name. 
The silent grief that's in the soul. 

No human eye may trace; 
For many a broken heart lies hid 

Behind a smiling face. 

We sorrow not as others do, 

Whose hopes fade like the flowers; 

There is a hope that's born of God, 
And such a hope is ours. 

Thou cans't not come to us again. 

But we shall go to thee 
When God's bright day of glory breaks. 

And earth's night shadows tlee. 

By Duncan McNeili,. 

(Passed away since printing- of this pamphlet.) 

Gleams of Light 19 


Saved as a Result of Rev. Rediger's 

Sunday morning, Nov. 22, 1931, the news 
flashed over the country that B. E. Rediger, 
our dear brother, had gone to be with Jesus. 
God melted down my hardened heart. I 
confessed all to Jesus and told Him I wanted 
to meet Brother Rediger in Heaven. I was 
called to do God's work as operator of the 
radio control boards at the Temple last April. 
I ask His blessing on our equipment each day 
and it has never failed during this time due 
to our equipment. I ask daily for this power 
in life's equipment and God's great Heavenly 
Power Plant never fails me. Jesse W. 


* » » 

"Swift to it5 close ebbs out Life's little day 

Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away." 

* * * 

"Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain 

shadows flee; 
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me." 

20 Gleams of Light 

By B. E. Rediger 

Mother dear, I so often think 
Since you have gone away 
Of all those youthful happy days, 
"WTien all was bright and gay. 

You cared for me before I knew 
You held my hands in prayer, 
And when my little footsteps grew 
You watched with tenderest care. 

But mother's gone to be with Him 
In that fair Beulah land 
She's free today from pain and sin 
And with the angels stands. 

There by the pines her grave's adorned 
The winds sigh through the trees. 
She waits that resurrection morn 
When we'll together be. 

Then when the trumpet sounds once more 
And from the grave she'll rise. 
Your body too transferred will be 
We'll all meet in the skies. 

Gleams of Light 21 


More and more, we'll miss him 

Out here in radio land, 

For when we hear his station 

His voice is not at hand, 

But yet he lives as ever 

His sold will never die, 

It's safe in the arms of Jesus 

Who called him up on high. 

Our Brother iwlill be with us 
When Jesus comes again, 
To reign on earth forever 
That time will soon begin. 
For in our Brother's message 
We oft would hear him say. 
That he expected Jesus 
To come most any day. 

By Mr. Iddo E, Carlson, R. 2, Box 295, 
Elkhart, Ind. 

22 Gleams of Light 


I tell you they have not died, 
They live and breathe with you. 
They walk here at your side 
They tell you things are true; 
Why dream of poppied sod 
When you can feel their breath? 
When flower and soul and God 
Knows there is no death. 

Death's but an open door 
We move from room to room 
There is one Ufe no more; 
No dying and no tomb. 
Why seek ye then above 
Those that ye love so dear? 
The all of God is love. 
The all of God is love. 

I tell you they have not died. 
Their hands clasp yours and mine. 
They are but glorified 
They have become divine. 
They live! They know! They see! 
They shout with every breath 
Life is Eternity! 
There is no death. 

— Gordon Johnstone. 

"Angiels are mirietering: epirits sent forth to minister for 
them who shall be heirs of salvation." Heb. 1:14. 

Gleams of Light 23 


What mean you by this weeping, 

To break my very heart? 
We both are in Christ's keeping, 

And therefore cannot part. 

You there — I here — though severed, 

"We still at heart are one; 
I only in the sunshine. 

The shadows scarcely gone. 

What if the clouds surround you? 

You can the brightness see; 
'Tis only just a little way 

That leads from you to me. 

I was so very weary. 

Surely you could not mourn 
That I a little sooner 

Should lay my burdens down. 

Then weep not, weep not, darling, 

God wipes away all tears; 
'Tis only yet a little while, 

Though you may call it years. 

— Anon. 

This poem handed to Mrs. Rediger by Mr. Evans, 
a dear friend of Mr. Rediger. 

24 Gleams of Light 


"Serene, I fold my hands and wait, 
Nor care for winds nor tide nor sea; 

I rave no more 'gainst time or fate, 
For lo! my own shall come to me. 

I stay my haste, I make delays — 

For what avails this eager pace? 
I stand amid the eternal ways 

And what is mine shall know my face. 

Asleep, awake, by night or day. 
And friends I seek are seeking me; 

No wind can drive my bark astray 
Nor change the tide of destiny. 

What matter if I stand alone? 

I wait with joy the coming years; 
My heart shall reap where it has sown 

And garner up its fruits of tears. 

The waters know their own and draw 

The brook that springs in yonder height; 

So flows the good with equal law 
Unto the soul of pure delight. 

The stars come nightly to the sky; 

The tidal wave unto the sea; 
Nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high. 

Can keep my own away from me." 

Sent in by G. A. Fether. 

Gleams of Light 2 J 


When the sands of life are ebbing and I near the Jor- 
dan's shore, 
When I see its waters rising and I hear Its billows 
I will reach my hand to Jesus, in His bosom I shall 
And 'twill only be a moment till I reach the other 
It is then the fullest meaning of the promise I shall 
know, — 
"When thou passest through the waters they shall 

never overflow." 
Selected. Author Unknown. 

In Heaven 
Orphans no longer fatherless, nor widows desolate. 

"O dear, familiar yesterday 

O sad and strange today, 
Yet who would call the glad soul back 

To rouse the resting clay." 

Sent in by Mrs. Ellen Epps. 

When the shadows fall and you go to sleep to those 
who love you, will It be "good-bye" or a short "good- 
night"? B. E. R. 

26 Gleams of Light 

By Leona Bays Gater 

"The road is too rough," I said, "Dear Lord, 
There are stones that hurt me so." 
And He said: "Dear child, I understand; 
I walked it long ago." 

"But there's a cool, green path," I said, 
"Let me walk there for a time." 
"No, child," He gently answered me, 
"The green road does not climb." 

"My burden," I said, "is far too great; 
How can I bear it so?" 

"My child," said He, "I remember its weight: 
I carried My Cross, you know." 

"But," I said, "I wish there were friends with me 
Who would make my way their own." 
"Ah! yes," He said, "Gethsemane 
Was hard to face alone." 

And so I climbed the stony path. 
Content at last to know 
That where my Master had not gone, 
I would not need to go. 

Mrs. Ella Likes, 201 Park Ave., 
Kendallville, Ind. 

"Whether on earth or in heaven she is still your 
mother." — B. E. Rediger. 

Gleams of Light 27 


Beyond the shades of evening 

The Star of Hope is shining; 
Beyond the clouds of darkness 

There gleams a silver lining. 

Beyond this crushing sorrow, 

The pearly dawn and fair 
Of a beautiful Tomorrow, 

Awaits to bless you there 

(Sent to Mrs. Rediger by Mrs. J. E. Everelv, May 
6, 1932 "Temple Evangelist") 


"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my 
hands." Isaiah 49:16. 

Sounding from the sacred pages, 
Lo, a promise sweet I hear; 
*Tis the Master's gracious accents: 
"I am with thee, do not fear. 
Thou shalt not forsaken be. 
On my hands I've graven thee." 

Through the "Valley of the Shadow", 

He will lead to mansions bright; 

I shall dwell with His redeemed ones. 

Clad in garments clean and white; 

Faultless in His sight I'll stand, 

I am graven on His hand! 

Perfect Lovb Tract Society, 

28 Gleams of Light 


"This Is the room he loved with warm content, 

Here, all familiar objects seem to share 

A quiet mood, to feel a homely care 

Of the bright soul of happy houn spent. 

This is the room, how every object here 

Leaps out and cries, and gathers up my grief 

With swelling voice, like mourners' wails of gloom 

In grim processional, behind the bier. 

Here, there is pain that throbs without relief, 

For death has passed across this silent room." 

Sent in by Mrs. Joel H. Cavin, 
McComb, Ohio. 


We'll have so much, dear sweetheart, you and I 
To talk about when on that other shore 
Where you have gone, we meet to part no more 
Forever; each new scene that greets my eye, 
Each book I read, each song I hear, I'll try 
To keep for you, beyond the hidden door 
That guards the wealth of memory's golden store. 
And tell you all about it by and by. 

Herbert E. Hershey, written after wife's death. 

Sent in by Mrs. Abbie Stapletons, 

237 E. Jacob, Louisville, Ky. 

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have en- 
tered into the heart of man the things which God 
hath prepared for them thae love him." I Cor. 2:9. 

Gleam s of Light 29 


"And the corn of wheat that falleth, 

Into the cold ground to die; 
Shall come forth in glorioxis beauty, 

At the summons from on high. 
When the trump of God shall sound, 

And the dead in Christ arise; 
Changed will be these mortal bodies. 

And we'll meet Him in the skies. 

Then no more those bitter heartaches, 

For we'll never part again; 
And no more those falling tear drops. 

For we'll know no more of pain. 
But forever and forever. 

We will sing His praise above; 
Dwelling there in sweet communion, 

With our Lord and those we love." 

Mrs. C. W. Doney. 

* * * 

And now we thank you, Father dear 

For Jesxis first of all, 
And then for B. E. Rediger 

Who heard your Heavenly Call. 
Mrs. J. F. Pullyblank, 

* * * 

"In days to come, it may be we shall see 
Just why was sent this bitter test; 
Till then, we can but bow our head in tears 
And say God knoweth best." 
Selected by Mrs. Samuel Acker, Decatur, Indiana, 
sent to Mrs. Rediger. 

30 Gleams of Light 


They say she's dead, Ah, no: She's only sleeping. 

But why this constant pain of heart? And why this 

bitter weeping? 
And why this lonely feeling stealing o'er us like a pall? 
And why this constant listening for her footsteps in 

the hall? 

They say she's dead. Ah, no: She ever liveth. 

She's passed beyond this vale of tears, and praise to 

Christ she giveth; 
With wondrous rapture she now sings, and looks upon 

His face, 
And gives the glory all to Him, who saved her by His 


Her race was one of plodding, but it was well begun, 
And steadily carried onward, until today it's done; 
For the things that pleased her Saviour, and the things 

that made Him glad. 
She was never weary trying, and if she failed was sad. 

This robe of clay is laid aside; This mortal coil at 

And while our hearts are aching, we'll try to do our 

For soon the trump of God shall soimd to call us to 

His side, 
We'll meet again. Oh, Blessed Day, and e'er with 

Christ abide. 

Mrs. C. W. Doney, 

Dedicated to Miss Sayler, missionary of Egypt. 

Gleams of Light 31 

(Found in Mr. Rediger's Study after his 
death. UnpubHshed heretofore.) 

Cheer up, my weary pilgrim friend, 
He giveth grace anew 
To run your race with patience here. 
Forever take you through. 

Your life may void and empty seem, 
But if you're in His will 
No work or moment worthless deem, 
But labor and be still. 

Then when He comes we'll hear His voice, 
"Well done, thou faithful friend. 
Come now unto the marriage feast," 
As we to heaven ascend. 

B. E. R. 

* * * 

Each step brings us nearer to Heaven 
Each day is one less on the road 

As there heads into sight 

That city whose Maker is God. 

Duncan McNeill. 

"And God shall wipe away all tears from their ey^; 
and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor 
crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the 
former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4. 

* * * 

"O how sweet it will be in that beautiful land, 

So free from all sorrow and pain 
With songs on our lips and harps in our hands 

To meet one another again." 

32 Gleams of Light 

Excerpts from "MALCOLM AND MARIE" 

Sleep on, Marie, sleep on, my love, sleep on, 

'TIS better death than life, for life is death. 
Your body, lying here beneath my feet, 

I cherished once, I loved it as my own; 
But you have put it off, you need it not. 

For you have gone, have passed behind the veil; 
Your home is now amid celestial realms. 

Where God is love, and love is all in all. 

"Yes, you have gone, but I, ah, I must stay — 
For you, Beloved, 'tis day; for me, 'tis night. 

And every thought is but a dagger sharp. 
And every memory a bitter pang. 

And every dream a nightmare in disguise, 
And every hope a vision imfulfiUed. 

Life holds no charm, no sweetness as of yore; 

Ambition fades, the will to live is gone. 
You came, you went, and I am left alone 

To live and think of what life might have been; 
To die, but dying, live again with you. 

Assured that in that world of love and life 
Our dreams will all, yea, all at last, come true — 

Till then, Marie, farewell! farewell! farewell! 

Oswald J. Smith, 

Gleams of Light 33 

{Quotations taken from sermon, "O Death 
Where is Thy Sting! O Grave Where is 
Thy Victory!) By B. E. Rediger. 

"The flowers have not yet grown and the 
casket has not yet been built that can dry the 
tears from the eyes of the widow or widow- 
er who has lost the one they loved most 
on earth. 

The sting of death has remained through- 
out the ages and the grave has gulped in its 
victims, and it seems sad today to lay away 
one of our dear ones, whom we have loved 
so much and call it death. 

But here is Christ our Lord who went out 
and met that giant Death for us. He is the 
only one who %inll take you through the chilly 

"When thou passest through the waters I will be 
with thee." Isa. 43:2. 

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, 
believe also in me. In my Father's house are many 
mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. 
I go to prepare a place for you." John 14:1, 2. 

34 Gleams of Light 


Sleep on Beloved, sleep, and take thy rest; 
Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast; 
We love thee well; but Jesus loves thee best: 
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Calm is thy slumber as an infant's sle^; 

But thou shalt wake no more to toil and weep; 

Thine is a perfect rest, secure and deep, 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until the shadows from this earth are cast; 

Until He gathers in His sheaves at last; 

Until the twilight gloom is overpast. 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until the Easter glory lights the skies; 

Until the dead in Jesus shall arise 

And He shall come, but not in Lowly guise: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until made beautiful by Love Divine, 

Thou in the likeness of thy Lord shall shine. 

And He shall bring that golden crown of thine: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Only Good-night, Beloved, not farewell; 

A little while, and all His saints shall dwell 

In hallowed union, indivisible: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until we meet again before His throne. 

Clothed in the spotless robe He gives His own; 

Until we know even as we are known: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

— Sung at the funeral of Rev. Rediger, by Tom 
Rhodes, formerly a Detroit policeman. 



34 Gleams of Light 


Sleep on Beloved, sleep, and take thy rest; 
Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast; 
We love thee well; but Jesus loves thee best: 
Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Calm is thy slumber as an infant's sleep; 

But thou shalt wake no more to toil and weep; 

Thine is a perfect rest, secure and deep, 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until the shadows from this earth are cast; 

Until He gathers in His sheaves at last; 

Until the twiUght gloom is overpast, 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until the Easter glory lights the skies; 

Until the dead in Jesus shall arise 

And He shall come, but not in Lowly gxiise: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until made beautiful by Love Divine, 

Thou in the likeness of thy Lord shall shine, 

And He shall bring that golden crown of thine: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Only Good-night, Beloved, not farewell; 

A little while, and all His saints shall dwell 

In hallowed union, indivisible: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

Until we meet again before His throne, 

Clothed in the spotless robe He gives His own; 

Until we know even as we are known: 

Good-night! Good-night! Good-night! 

— Sung at the funeral of Rev. Rediger, by Tom 
Rhodes, formerly a Detroit policeman. 


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