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^^^* 'Wt ITw 






f I 



Given By 

3- 1 



3 / 






Clark LaMotte Goddard 

San Francisco, California 



Frances Melanie Goddard Holmes 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

19 17 




NOV 24 1352 b/ 

The history of the Goddard family in England 
was L-ouipiled by Clark LaMotte Goddard. H?s 

sudden death in 1905 made it necessary that an- 
other should continue what he had begun. 

As I had been ranch interested in the gene- 
alogy, had obtained some data concerning the 
American part of the family, and had access to 
records in the Xewberry Library in Chicago. Illi- 
nois, it became my pleasure as well as my duty 
to finish the work so enthusiastically begun by 
Clark LaMotte Goddard. No. 57. 

Frances Melanie Goddard Holmes. (No. 47. 
5641 Beacon St., Pittsburgh. Pa. 



"Godard, a proper name derived from the 
Saxon good and the Dutch nature, signifying one 
endowed with a compliant and divine disposition 
of mind." (Goddard Genealogy.) 

Webster's Dictionary — Common English and 
proper names: "Goddard, (0. Ger.) Pious, vir- 
tuous. Ger. Gotthart (got' hart) ; D. Got/thard (got' 
hart); Pr. Godard (go dar')." 

(Clark LaMotte Goddard, 1903). 

ARMS — Gules, a chevron vair between three 
crescents agr. 

CREST — A stag's head affrontee, couped at 
the neck gu. attired or. 

MOTTO— Cervus non Servus. 

(Copied from Burke's Landed Gentry, seventh 
edition, 1886.) 

(Clark LaMotte Goddard, 1903). 

W' w 

(Extract from letter from Clark LaMotte God- 
dard to Frances Melanie Goddard Holmes, dated 
November 4, 1903). 

"I was very glad of the information you seni. 
Although I had it in another form in a book pub- 
lished by William Austin Goddard in 1833, I was 
glad to have it corroborated. 

1 have been fortunate in securing a manuscript 
by Samuel Aspinwall Goddard, a descendant of the 
William who came in 1665, that went to England 
to live and there traced the connection between the 
English and American families. 

I have received some help from a grandson of 
his, an architect in London, England, whose address 
1 obtained from the Rev. Edward H. Goddard, of 
Cliffe Pypard, England, who is a direct descendant 
of the old line. 

The English genealogy is published in Burke's 
Landed Gentry and gives the name of Edward God- 
dard, of Englesham, the father of the William that 
came to America in 1665. 

You will see by the leaves that I send you that 
we are a "long family." 

While it does not make us any more important, 
it is a pleasure to be able to trace our ancestry so 
far back. 

The fact that Goddard is a Saxon name makes 
me suspect that some of the name came from "the 
Low Countries" with the Saxons that invaded and 
conquored England, with the Angles." 

(Extract from letter from Clark LaMotte God- 
dard to Frances Melanie Goddard Holmes, dated 
May 2, 1904.) 

"I obtained the arms from John Goddard 
Clark, who is a relative in the 17th century on 
father's side, but not on mother's though he bears 
my name reversed. He has been in the Bank of 
California over 40 years. He loaned me the cuts 

and I had a few printed for distribution to the fain- 


When in France with Malcolm on a bicycle tour 
in 1902, I met an English clergyman. Upon ex- 
change of cards, he remarked that the name was 
very familiar as he had a dear friend of that name. 
I got his name and address, Rev. Edward H. God- 
dard, of Clyffe Payard, England. I wrote him after 
my return, and found him to be one of the last of 
the original Goddards who had an estate of over a 
thousand acres. Through him, I learned of the 
Goddards of Swindon, England, who have an estate 
of over three thousand acres. 

Curiously, Malcolm and I circled 'round within 
20 miles of this estate on our wheels and saw the 
"Goddard Arms" among the inns mentioned in the 
guide book but had no idea of any family connec- 

The die which printed the arms on this paper, 
I got from Rainald William Knightly Goddard, of 
London, a descendant of the American branch who 
returned to England." 

(Extract from the manuscript of Samuel Aspin- 
wall Goddard, a descendant of William, of America, 
who made his home in England after 3817. Date 
of manuscript, March 17, 1845.) 

The family of Goddard, or Godard, as it was 
anciently spelt, is of a very great antiquity. It de- 
rives its origin from a Saxon source, possessed 
property in England previous to the conquest, and 
is recorded in Domesday*. Subsequently to this, 
some of the family resided in Hants, and these God 
dards are recorded in the Winton Domesday as re- 
siding and possessing lands there, temp. Henry I. 

*The Domesday book, or simply Domesday, was the first 
great English record published at the cost of the nation, 
made by direction of William the Conqueror and finished in 
1086. It treats of the different classes of persons, of lands 
and owners. The original is in Westminster. 

After this period, becoming more numerous, 
the family appears to have separated, one branch 
having settled in the counties of Leicester and 
Norfolk, time of King John. (Recorded in Chan- 
cellors rolls, 3d year, King John, 1202.) 

In 1233, Thomas Godard held lands in Middle- 
ton, county of Norfolk. 

In 3d of Edward III, (1327-77), a fine was 
levied on the lands of Nicholas Godard, of the same 
place. Lands were conveyed to Nicholas and Wal- 
ter Godard, 3d of Richd. II. About this time, Wal- 
ter Godard was Lord of Denvers, having married 
the heiress of that family. His heir, Robert Godard, 
held a Lordship in Walpole and was buried in 
Kensington church in 1148. Of this family was Sir 
John Godard, Governor of Louviers, in Normandy, 
6th Henry V. (See Bloomfields Norf.) 

In the reign of King John, 1202, we gain the 
first authentic information of the settlement of the 
Godard family in Wilts. 

Walter Godard-ville, or Godard-vil, who for 
some purposes appears to have added to his origin- 
ally Saxon name the Norman termination of ville, 
(which his descendants as readily discarded) held 
tenements and lands in Chippenham and Albourn 
in the county of Wilts. We also find grants of land 
to him in the time of Henry III at Bornten in the 
county of Northampton, at Pedrisham in the coun- 
ty of Dorset, and at Liskeree. In 1234, an injunc- 
tion was issued to the said Walter Godard-ville 
from Henry III to send horses and arms and assist- 
ance to the Earl of Brittany. He died at a late 
period of the 13th century, and from him lineally 

John Godard, of Poult on, (see extract from 

A letter from Rainald William Knightly God- 
d.^ird, grandson of Samuel Aspinwall Goddard, to 

whom I sent copy of the above for verification, 
says, May 4th, 1903, "The first five names you give 
in preceding page are more or less incorrect. 
Walter Godard-ville left only a daughter. Robert 
Goddard, buried at Terrington, Norfolk, was no 
connection. He belonged to the Norfolk Goddards, 
whose arms are on the title page of Austin God- 
dard 's book." 

There is an estate in England, at Clyffe Pypard, 
that has passed from father to eldest son for about 
three hundred years. The present owner is a daugh- 
ter and at her death the estate will pass out of the 
name. There is another estate at Swindon that has 
been in the family nearly as long, but has not pass- 
ed directly from father to eldest son. It is now 
owned by Major Fitzroy Pleydell Goddard, son of 
Ambrose Goddard, M. P. 

(Clark LaMotte Goddard, 1903.) 


John Godard, of Poulton and Uphams, Co. 
Wilts, living 1368-1434, held property at Upham, as 
per family deed dated 1429. His son and heir, 

John Godard, of Poulton and Upham, was 
father of 

Walter Godard, of Cherill, living 1460, whose 

John Godard, of Upham and Clyffe Pypard, is 
stated in the visitation of Wilts by Robert Tress- 
well, Bluemantel, 1569, to have married Elizabeth, 
daughter of William Beringer, of Manningford 
Bruce, Wilts. He died 10 March, 1545, leaving 

Thomas Godard, of Upham (and of Ogbourne) 
Wilts, 2d son of John Godard, of Upham, (see God- 
dard of Clyffe), by his wife Elizabeth Beringer, 
living temp. Henry VTTT, m. 1st, Anna, sister of Sir 

George Gifford, Co. Berks, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

Richard Goddard, who resided in a handsome 
mansion at Upham, which had belonged to John of 
Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, was said to have been 
granted by him to the family of Goddard. 

He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas 
Walrond, Esq., of Albourn, and had (with a daugh- 
ter Elizabeth, m. Louis Pollard, Esq., of Newen- 
ham) three sons, I, Thomas, his heir; II, Edward of 
Engelsham, m. Priscilla, daughter of John D'Oyly, 
Esq., of Chiselhampton; III, Richard of Upham. 

Edward Goddard, of Engelsham, farmer, born 
in Norfolk, England, about 1600, was once very 
wealthy, but reduced by oppressions during Civil 

Married Priscilla, daughter of John D'Oyley, 
Esq., of Chiselhampton. (G. G. and B. G.) 

His house was destroyed by a Company of 
Cavaliers. He escaped in disguise. There were ten 
children who lived to become men and women. 

T. P. Hughes,, 
American Ancestry, Vol. 7, p. 106. 

We have no record of children except William 
Goddard, beginning the American Genealogy. 


of the 


Following the Line of 


in America. 

Compiled by 







It will be observed that every descendant of 
this genealogy has a number placed opposite his 
name on the left hand margin of the page. 

Now, in order to find the descendants of any 
person on this list, run over the pages until you 
find, in the center, the number previously given to 
this person, and immediately under the name will 
be found the list of the children of sucli person. 

For instance, take the name of Jabez Goddard, 
who is number 28 on the left hand margin, and 
then run down the center of the pages until you 
come to the number 28 over his name. There you 
will find the list of his children, numbered 51, 52, 
53, 54, 55, on the left hand margin. In this mau- 
ner any family can be traced. 


The records of this family in its early history 
are found in the Newberry Library, Chicago, Illi- 
nois, in the following volumes : 

1. Barlow Family Genealogy. George Barlow. 

2. Goddard Genealogy. William Austin God- 
dard, 1833. 

3. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the 
Revolutionary War. 

4. History of Grafton, Massachusetts. P. C. 

5. New England History and Genaealogical 
Register. Press of Charles Hamilton, 1879. 

6. History of the Connecticut Valley. Louis 
Everts, 1879. 

Records of Town Clerk, Conway, Massachusetts. 

In the records following, these volumes are re- 
ferred to in abbreviation. 

The first four names mentioned have the title 
of General given them in Barlow's Genealoev. 


No. 1 William Goddard, seventh son of Edward Goddard, 
of Englesham, born in London ; m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of Benjamin Miles. 

He was a grocer, traded largely at wholesale, 
lost at sea. He came to America in 1665, his wife 
and three sons following in 1666, and settled in 
Watertown, Massachusetts. Died in 1691 ; his wife 
in 1697, 0. S. (G. G.;B. G.) 


Children of William Goddard and Elizabeth 
Miles, his wife. 
No. 2 William Goddard. 
No. 3 Joseph Goddard. 
No. 4 Robert Goddard. 

Born in England ; had red hair 
and light complexions. 
No. 5 Benjamin Goddard. 
No. 6 Josias Goddard. 
No. 7 Edward Goddard. 

Born in America ; had black 
hair and eyes. 

(G. G.; B. G.) 


Benjamin Goddard, fourth son of William God- 
dard, of Watertown, Massachusetts, b. 1668; m. 
Martha Palfory (b. 1670; d. November 27, 1737;) 
lived in Charlestown, Massachusetts.* 

*He died October 24, 1748. His epitaph in 
Cambridge, Massachusetts, reads: "Here lyes the 
body of Mr. Benjamin Goddard, who departed this 
life October 24th, 1748, in ye 81st year of his age." 

(G. G.) 


Children of Benjamin Goddard and Martha 
Palfory, his wife. 

Nathanael Goddard. 
Benjamin William Goddard. 
John Goddard. 
Thomas Goddard. 
Martha Goddard. 

(G. G.; B. G.) 

Benjamin William Goddard, second son of Ben- 
jamin Goddard and Martha Palfory, his wife ; house 
wright; b. in Gharlestown, Mass., 1705: m. in Cam- 
bridge, Mass., December 9, 1731, Mary Kidder. 
Lived in Grafton, Mass. ; d December 10, 1759. His 
G. pg. 488. 


Children of Benjamin William Goddard and 
Mary Kidder, his wife. 

13 Elizabeth Goddard, b. October 31, 1732; d. January 
12, 1733. 

14 Elizabeth Goddard, b. November 1, 1733 ; m. Benja- 
min Goddard and removed to Petersham. 

15 Josiah Goddard, b. Sept ember 14, 1735; m. Huldah 
Batcheller, of Sutton. 

Benjamin Goddard, b. November 15, 1736; m. Mary 


Nathaniel Goddard, b. in Grafton, Mass., March 17, 

1738. He married and removed to Conway, Mass. 

James Goddard, b. April 24, 1740. To Athol. 

Samuel Goddard, b. December 27, 1742; removed to 
Sutton, then to Royalstown. 

20 Mary Goddard, b. June 7, 1746; m. Thomas Griggs, 
of Sutton. 

21 Elannah Goddard, b. August 25, 1749; m. Josiah 
Chase and removed to Worcester, N. Y. 

Benjamin William Goddard (9) of Grafton, as- 
sisted in organizing a church in Hasanamis in 1730. 
4 'His seat was in ye fore seat of ye front." 

(G. G.) 

His epitaph in Cambridge, Mass., reads: "Here 
lies buried the body of Mr. Benjamin William God- 
dard of Grafton, who departed this life December 
10, 1759, in ye 55th year of his age." 

(G. G.) 

Benjamin Goddard (16) of Grafton, served in 
the War of the American Revolution, according to 
the following extract from the "Massachusetts 
Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution," 
p. 518. "General Benjamin Goddard of Grafton, 
Sergeant Aaron Kimball's Co., Minute Men, Hon. 
\rtemas Ward's Regiment, which marched on the 
Vlarm April 19, 1775. Service four week." 


Nathaniel Goddard, fifth child of Benjamin 
William Goddard and Mary Kidder, his wife; b. in 
Grafton, March 17, 1738 (Hist, of Grafton, p. 488;; 
m. Mary, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Hast- 
ings) Cooper (d. ye 3rd May, 1762) (N. E. Hist, and 
G. R., p. 242 ; ) m. 2d, Sarah C. Winchester, of Con- 
cord, (d. Shelburne, April 18, 1833, aged 90.) d. Oc- 
tober 31, 1815. 

Nathaniel Goddard is mentioned as one of the 
early settlers of Conway, Massachusetts (Hist. 
Conn. Val.) 


Children of Nathaniel Goddard and Mary 
°<ooper, his wife. 

22 f^risha Goddard. 

23 Anna Goddard. 


Children of Nathaniel Goddard and Sarah C. 
Winchester, his wife. 
Mary Goddard, b. April 1770. 

"The records of the Town Clerk of Conway, 
Massachusetts, show that Nathaniel and Sarah God- 
dard lived here in 1770, and that a daughter Mary 
was born to them on April 10, 1770." (Letter from 
the Rev. A. S. Gregg, pastor in Conway in 1905.) 

Nathaniel Goddard died at Conway, as attested 
by a statement from the Town Clerk, as follows: 


Conway, Mass., Nov. 19, 1907. 
"I certify that the following is a true copy 
f rom the Records of Death in the town of Conway : 
"Nathaniel Goddard died at Conway, Mass., 
"October 31st, 1815, aged 77 years." 

Henry W. Billings, Town Clerk. 

The town of Conway was incorporated June 
16, 1767. 

Nathaniel Goddard served in the War of the 
American Revolution, according to the following 
extract from the "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sail- 
ors in the War of the Revolution," Vol. VI, page 
522 : 

"Nathaniel Goddard, sergeant, Capt. Benjamin 
Phillips' Co., Lieut. Col. Timothy Robinson's de- 
tachment of Hampshire Co. militia, entered service 
Dec. 23, 1776; discharged April 1, 1777, service 100 
days; company marched to Ticonderoga; also same 
Co. and Regt. muster roll dated Garrison at Ticon- 
deroga, Feb. 24, 1777, enlisted to expire March 23, 
1777; also Hd. Lieut. Capt. Jonathan Whitney's 
(7th) Co. Lieut. Col. Wells (5th Hampshire Co.) 
Regt. of Mass., militia; list of officers commissioned 
June 19th, 1780: also 3d Lieutenant Capt. Isaac 

Newton's Co., Col. S. Murray's (Hampshire Co.) 
Regt., engaged July 4, 1780; discharged Oct. 10, 
1780; service three months and 16 days, travel in- 
cluded ; company raised to reinforce Continental 
army for three months." 

(Copied by C. L. Goddard, January. 1903.) 
(Also copied by F. M. Goddard Holmes from 
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of Revolution- 
ary War, page 522. Newberry Library.) 

Elisha Goddard, first son of Nathaniel God- 
dard (17), and Mary Cooper, his wife; b. April 
4, 1764; m. Sally Whetmore, of Conway; farmer, 
New York ; died February, 1833. 


Children of Elisha Goddard and Sally Whet- 
more, his wife. 

No. 25 Nathaniel Goddard, b. in Conway, Mass., July 21, 
1793; m. Anna Bacon November 5, 1816; m. Luein- 
da Peck; died in Beloit, Wis., Feb. 11, 1875. 

No. 26 Paul Goddard, b. Conway, Franklin Co., Mass. 
Dec. 12, 1794; m. 1st, Almira Steele, of Fast Bloom- 
field, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1819, (b. Sept. 13, 1798; d. 
April 27, 1835) ; m. 2d, Diantha Grover, March 22. 
1836, (b. June 26, 1807; d. April 22, 1874) ; d. Sept. 
14, 1875, in Lima, N. Y., buried in York, N. Y. 

No. 27 Mary Polly Goddard, b. Nov. 21, 1796, m. Cyrus 
Lyon, d. 

No. 28 Jabez Goddard, b. Conway, Mass.. Oct. 19, 1798; in. 
Ruth Bacon, of Conway, (b. Feb. 9, 1799; d. April 
19, 1858) on Feb. 8, 1821; m. 2d, Amelia Louise 
Dodge, of Moscow, N. Y., (b. March 22, 1823; d. 
Nov. 18, 1902) ; d. York, N. Y., Octobpr 3. 1886. 


Children of Nathaniel Goddard and Anna Ba- 
con, his wife (d. Mar. 16, 1833.) 

29 Elisha Goddard, b. Conway, Mass., Aug. 5, 1817; 
d. Sept. 12, 1819. 

30 Lydia W. Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Sept. 29, 1819 ; 
d. May 28, 1854; m. Kartum Peck. 

31 Elisha Goddard, b. York, N. Y., July 27, 1820; m. 
Julia Elizabeth Clark (b. July 11, 1829; d. Oct. 12, 
1895) in Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 8, 1848; d. 
Oakland, Calif., Aug. 31, 1887. 

32 Luana Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1822; d. 
Nov. 22, 1845; m. Albert Bow, Jan. 1, 1824. 

33 Anna Maria Goddard, b. York, N. Y., April 17, 
1824; m. James Wise, Sept, 22. 1844; d. 1893. 

34 Cordelia Elizabeth Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Feb. 
25, 1826; m. Benjamin Frank Mills, M. D., (b. 
Watertown, N. Y., Doe. 19, 1821; moved to Bara- 
boo, Wis. ; d. Jan. 7, 1892. 

35 Babe. 

36 Adolphus B. Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1831 ; 
d. Jan. 16, 1835. 

37 Nathaniel Elliott Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Feb. 4, 
1833; d. June 27, 1835. 


Children of Nathaniel Goddard and Lucinda 
Peck, his wife. 

38 Pan! A. Goddard, b. June 25, 1837, enlisted in IT. S. 
army June, 1861, in Co. A, 8th Illinois Infantry; 
died in the siege of Vicksburg. 

39 Mary Frances Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Aug. 29, 
1 840 ; d. Beloit ,Wis., Dec. 14, 1862. 

40 Henry Josiah Goddard, b. Almond, Allegheny Co., 
N. Y., Nov. 3, 1844. Enlisted U. S. army, March 3, 
1864, as hospital steward; discharged by reason of 
service, March 3, 1867; m. J. Adelle Grover, June 
21, 1871, (b. Sept. 10, 1851; d. April 8, 1900.) 


Children of Paul Goddard and Almira Steele, 
his wife. 
No. 41 Sarah Ann Goddard, b. Nov. 12, 1820; m. May 27, 
1845, the Rev. G. W. Bassett, (d. March 24. 1.880.) 
d. March 8, 1912; buried State Center, Iowa. 

No. 42 Harriett Marina Goddard, b. Jan. 27, 1825; m. Dr. 
A. F. Maelntyre, Sept. 3, 1851, (d. Aug. 30, 1862) ; 
d. March 27, 1908; buried State Center, Iowa. 

No. 43 William Steele Goddard, b. Sept. 1, 1827; d. Dec. 
25, 1828. 

No. 44 Theodore Sprague Goddardj b. Sept. 1, 1831 ; ni. A. L. 
Harmon (b. Aug. 22, 1839) Sept. 26, I860; d. Sept. 
12, 1885, in Los Angeles, Calif.; buried in Sioux 
Falls, S. Dak. 

Paul Goddard lived in Conway, Massachusetts, 
where he was born, until he was twenty-one years 
old, when he came to New York, where he spent 
the rest of his life. During the first three years of 
his residence in Now York, he taught. The family 
of four children all dated their conversions to one 
evening when some young friends came in to con- 
verse and pray with the family. This was in Paul';? 
thirteenth year, and he lived a Christian life sixty- 
seven years. He used to walk four miles to church, 
and often stood during the whole service. Mr. God- 
dard was a farmer, and one of great industry, 
energy and wisdom in the management of land and 
the care of stock. Starting out in early manhood to 
make a fortune, the method that he adopted was by 
toil, economy and industry, to win it. 

He cleared his farm in York, N. Y., lived first 
in a log house, and afterward erected one of brick. 
The men are rare who perform such an amount of 
labor as he did, while, at the same time, he was in- 
terested in the welfare of the community and giving 

for the kingdom of God. In all his busy life he 
found time to lead his family in morning prayers. 

His strong, ambitious manhood was regulated 
and directed by the divine chart he had early ac- 
cepted for his guidance, and his old age was serene 
and hopeful. For over fifty years he lived on his 
farm, and then removed to Lima, N. Y., where he 
died in his eighty-first year, gathered as a shock of 
corn fully ripe. 

Children of Paul Goddard and Diantha Grover, 
his wife. 

William Henry Goddard, b. Jan. 26, 1837 ; m. Eliza- 
beth J. Harmon, (b. Dec. 28, 1840) Jan. 6, 1864; 
d. Jan. 31, 1908, in Morgan Park, 111., buried in 
Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Charles Edward Goddard, b. Dec. 19, 1840 ; d. Dec. 
30, 1843. 

Frances Melanie Goddard, b. May 24, 1847 ; m. June 
17, 1875, the Rev. William Henry Holmes (b. March 
15, 1844, Danville, Vt.; d. May 1, 1912.) 


Children of Mary Polly Goddard and Cyrus 
Lyon, her husband. 
Nancy Lyon, m. Bacon ; d. 

Ira Goddard Lyon, b. Oct. 3, 1824; m. Henrietta 
Powers, (b. June 9, 1826; d. 1911) Oct. 15, 1851; d. 
April 22, 1900. 
50 Chester Lyon, b. Oct. 25, 1838; m. Chloe Austin (b. 
March 4, 1844) Nov. 16, 1863. 


Children of Jahez Goddard and Ruth Bacon, 
his wife. 
51 Eunice Bacon Goddard, b. Dec. 26, 1823 ; m. Sept. 12, 
1855, Dr. Ryland Rogers; d. Niagara Falls, N. Y , 
March 25, 1877. 

No. 52 Alonzo Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1825; d. 

Feb. 27, 1850. 
No. 53 Mary Ann Goddard, b. Nov. 18, 1827: m. J. P. 

Robinson, of Boston, Mass., Dec, 1851 ; d. Geneseo, 

N. Y., Nov. 29, 1899. 

No. 54 Amelia Goddard, b. Aug. 24, 1830; d. Nov. 21, 1867. 
No. 55 Helen Ruth Goddard, b. York, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1836 ; 

m. J. B. Adams, of Geneseo, N. Y., Sept. 18, I860; 

d. Jan. 13, 1912. 


Children of Lydia W. Goddard and Kartum 
Peek, her husband. 
No. 56 Delevan Peck. Others. 


Children of Elisha Goddard and Julia Eliza- 
beth Clark, his wife. 

No. 57 Clark LaMotte Goddard, b. in Beloit, Wis., June 26, 
1849; m. Emily Louise Bunker, Aug. 30, 1881; d. 
March 30, 1905. 

No. 58 William Dole Goddard, b. Feb. 16, 18 2; d. Dec. 2, 



Children of Anna Maria Goddard and James 
Wise, her husband. 
No. 59 Arthur Wise. 
No. 60 Anna Wise. 
No. 61 Florence Wise ; m. Mr. Jones. 


Children of Cordelia Elizabeth Goddard and 
Dr. Benjamin F. Mills, her husband. 
No. 62 Carrie Mills, b. in Baraboo, Wis., March 17, 1854: 
d. Dec. 2, 1862. 

No. 63 Nettie Cordelia Mills, b. in Baraboo, Wis., June 21, 

1856 ; m. Charles DeF. Stickney, Oct. 15, 1878. 
No. 84 Anna Mills, b. Nov. 17, 1858 ■ d. Oct. 11, 1871. 
No 65 Chrysa Mills, b. Sept. 28, 1866; d. Sept. 25, 1871. 


Children of Henry Josiah Goddard and J. 

Adelle Grover, his wife. 
No. 66 Frank Mills Goddard, b. May 10, 1873; d. at age 

of 22 months. 
No. 67 Arthur Grover Goddard, b. Dec. 10, 1877. 
No. 68 Jennie Elvira Goddard, b. May 1, 1877 ; m. John A. 



Children of Sarah Ann Goddard and George 

W. Bassett, her husband. 
No. 69 George Goddard Bassett, b. June 16, 1852 ; m. 1st, 

J. Emerett Munson, April 20, 1881, (d. May 6, 

1899) ; m. 2d, Ida McNary, March 1901. 
No. 70 Harriet M. Bassett, b. Nov. 19, 1854. 
No. 71 Mary Almira Bassett, b. June 27, 1857; m. Andrew 

J. Palmer, Oct. 21, 1897. 


Children of Harriet Marina Goddard and Dr. 
A. F. Maclntyre, her husband. 
No. 72 Mary Goddard Maclntyre, b. Nov. 22, 1853; d. July 

19, 1854. 

No. 73 Archibald Paul Maclntyre, b. Sept. 1, 1858; d. 
Dee. 23, 1863. 


Children of Theodore Sprague Goddard and A. 
L. Harmon, his wife. 
No. 74 Walter Wood Goddard, b. April 24, 1863 ; in. Lillian 
E. Phillips, June 6, 1888. 

No. 75 Paul Rawson Goddard, b. April 4, 1865 ; m. Anna 

A. Andrews, July 16, 1902. 
No. 76 Horace Maclntyre Goddard, b. July 27, 1872; m. 

Blanche McCleod, Sept. 6, 1897. 


Children of William Henry Goddard and Eliza- 
beth J. Harmon, his wife. 

No. 77 Elmer H. Goddard, b. Bee. 12, 1864; d. Sept. 19, 

No. 78 Harry Paul Goddard, b. Feb. 5, 1867; m. Mabel 
Kenton, June, 1901. 

No. 79. Anna Melanie Goddard, b. March 16, 1870; in. W. 
E. Brewster. 

No. 80 Francis Augustus Goddard, b. Aug. 14, 1875 ; m. 
Carlotta Kellog. 


Children of Frances Melanie Goddard and Rev 

William Henry Holmes, her husband. 
No. 81 Ralph William Holmes, b. Oct. 1, 1876; m. Esther 

Lathrop Miller, June 21, 1906. 
No. 82 Marion Holmes, b. Nov. 10, 1878. 
No. 83 Paul Lewis Holmes, b. March 1, 1886; m. Gladys 

Adeline Eastman, April 28, 1908. 
No. 84 Francis Henry Holmes, b. July 24, 1892 ; d. Sept. 3, 



Children of Nancy Lyon and Mr. Bacon, her 
No. 85 Herbert Bacon. 


Children of Ira Goddard Lyon and Henrietta 
Powers, his wife. 

No. 86 Charles Powers Lyon, b. Aug. 19, 1852; m. Clara 
Harris, Nov. 3, 1875. 

No. 87 Hattie Lyon, b. April 7, 1855 • d. 

No. 88 William Powers Lyon, b. Aug. 15, 1857; m. Jennie 
Hull, Oct. 20, 1886. 

No. 89 Ira Edward Lyon, b. Dec. 15, 1858; m. 1st, Lyra 
Langley, July 5, 1885, (d.) ; 2d, Annie Campbell, d. 

No. 90 Howard Lyon, b. May 21, 1860; m. Miriam Gould, 

Aug. 20, 1884. 


Children of Chester Lyon and Chloe Austin, his 


No. 91 Helen E. Lyon, b. Sept, 9, 1864; d. Sept. 9, 1865. 

No. 92 George N. Lyon, b. Nov. 23, 1865; d. Nov. 18, 1890. 

No. 93 Harry J. Lyon. 

No. 94 Guy N. Lyon, b. Dee. 15, 1871. 

No. 95 W. Roy Lyon, b. March 8, 1874. 


Children of Helen Ruth Goddard and J. B. 
Adams, her husband. 

No. 96 George Byron Adams, b. Jan. 20, 1862, Geneseo, N. 
Y. ; m. Anna L. Lewis, of Waverly, N. Y., Oct. 23, 



Children of Clark LaMotte Goddard and Emily 
Louise Bunker, his wife. 
No. 97 Malcolm Goddard, b. June 24, 1883. 
No. 98 Florence Goddard, b. May 16, 1886. 


Children of Nettie Cordelia Mills and Charles 
DeF. Stickney, her husband. 

No. 99 Frank Mills Stickney, b. Baraboo, Wis., Dec. 20, 
1879; d. Aug. 11, 1899. 

No. 100 Susan Bishop Stickney, b. Baraboo, Wis., Feb. 8, 

1881 ■ d. in Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 1, 1882. 
No. 101 Mary Eleanor Stickney, b. Baraboo, Wis., Nov. 30, 



Children of Jennie Elvira Goddard and John 
A. Brooks, her husband. 
No. 102 Mary Adelle Brooks, b. May 3, 1910; d. 


Children of George Goddard Bassett and J. 
Emerett Munson. his wife. 
No. 103 Benjamin Verne Bassett, b. Aug. 3, 1886. 

Children of George Goddard Bassett and Ida 
McNary, his wife. 
No. 104 Mary Almira Bassett, b. Oct, 12, 1903. 
No. 105 Cora Irene Bassett, b. June 2, 1906. 


Children of Walter Wood Goddard and Lillian 
E. Phillips, his wife. 
No. 106 Walter Wood Goddard, Jr., b. April 27, 1890. 
No. 107 Iraogene Goddard, b. Nov. 9, 1893. 
No. 108 Phillips Goddard, b. July 7, 1895. 


Children of Paul Rawson Goddard a»d Anna A. 
Andrews, his wife. 
No. 109 Mary Antoinette Goddard, b. Sept. 24, 1904. 
No. 110 Isadore Burton Goddard, b. Oct 30, 1906. 


Children of Horace Maclntyre Goddard and 

Blanche McCleod, his wife. 
lo. Ill Norman McLeod Goddard, b. July 12, 1898; d. Feb. 

16, 1917. 
Jo. 112 Miriam Goddard, b. Dec. 25, 1901. 


Children of Harry Paul Goddard and Mabel 
Fenton, his wife. 
Jo. 113 Kathryn Fenton Goddard, b. Jan. 28, 1903. 
Jo. 114 Paul Goddard, b. March 26, 1905. 
so. 115 William Fenton Goddard, b. Jan. 13, 1907. 


Children of Anna Melanie Goddard and W. E. 
Brewster, her husband. 
To. 116 William Goddard Brewster, b. Feb. 1899. 

To. 117 Dorothy Brewster, b. Jan. 6, 1901. 

Jo. 118 Elizabeth Brewster, b. August 14, 1903. 


Children of Ralph William Holmes and Esther 
Lathrop Miller, his wife. 
To. 119 Patricia Betts Holmes, b. Feb. 11, 1912. 


Children of Paul Lewis Holmes and Gladys 
Adeline Eastman, his wife. 
To. 120 William Henry Holmes, b. May 13, 1916. 


Children of Charles Powers Lyon and Clara 
Harris, his wife. 
To. 121 Daniel Ira Lyon, b. Aug. 9, 1879. 
To. 122 Lottie P. Lyon, b. Oct. 15, 1880, d. May 5, 1897. 

No. 123 Mamie Hattie Lyon, b. Aug. 29, 1885 ; d. 
No. 124 Charles Harris Lyon, b. Jan 11, 1886; d. 


Children of William Powers Lyon and Jennie 
Hull, his wife. 
No. 125 Leon Powers Lyon, b. Oct. 1, 1887; m. 
No. 126 Helen Marguerite Lyon, b. Feb. 25, 1892. 


Children of Ira Edward Lyon and Lyra Lang- 
ley, his wife. 

No. 127 Edward Langley Lyon, b. March 3, 1891; d. Sept. 
18, 1891. 

No. 128 Lyra Langley Lyon, d. April 10, 1892. 


Children of Howard Lyon and Miriam Gould, 
his wife. 
No. 130 Madeline Lyon, b. July 18, 1886; m. E. A. Hemell. 


Children of George Byron Adams and Anna L. 
Lewis, his wife. 
No. 131 Walter Byron Adams, b. Sept. 1, 1890. 
No. 132 Mary Helen Adams, b. May 22, 1894. 
No. 133 Katherine Adams, b. Aug. 2, 1897. 


That I, Caleb Sharman, of Conway in the County 
of Hampshier and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 
in consideration of the sum of One Pound Four 
Shillings paid me by Elisha Goddard, of the same 
Town, County and State aforesaid, in consideration 
whereof I, the s'd Caleb Sharman do release and let 
unto the s'd Elisha Goddard, his heirs and assines, 
one quarter of a Pew in the Meeting House gallery, 
viz the second pew west of the door at the North 
Porch To Have and to Hold the same to the s'd 
Elisha Goddard his heirs and assines for and during 
the whole term of Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine 
years from the date hereof. In witness whereof I 
have hereunto set my hand and seal this Fifth day 
of July One Thousand Seven Hundred and eighty 

Sined sealed and delivered 
in presence of us. GALEB SHARMAN (Seal) 



Elisha Goddard (22) was nineteen years old 
when he purchased this pew. 




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