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'( ' '"^1 


'X Qjto^K 













1902 ^-* V,. 




• i 

THE t<EW Va«K 





•■ The Golden Jlamial'" luiving been dnly ix* 
■mined, we hereby approve of its piibliciitiiiii. 




This Manual contains, in addition to forms in gen- 
eral use, various devotions selected from approved 
continental works. The Prayers, Litanies, &c., have 
been collected from the Latin originals, wherever 
such were known to exist. The English versions of 
the Psalms here given, have been constructed by a 
comparison of the authorized Douay text, (to which 
in substance it adheres,) with the several other ver- 
sions, which from time to time have been sanctioned 
for the purpose of devotion. The indulgenced pray- 
ers have been literally translated from the Baccolta, 
Rouvkrs' Treatise on IndtUgences, and the best edition 
of the Coeleste Palmetam. The particulars connected 
with the Confraternities, &c., to which indulgences 
are attached, have been carefully collected from au- 
thorized sources. 

The American Edition has been enlarged by the 
addition of three hundred pages of matter, under 
the supervision of a Rev. Gentleman of this city. 
Many new translations have been made expressly for 
it, and a great number of Prayers have been added, 
which are in constant use in this country. The Illus- 
trations are appropriate and well executed. 

We send "this book confidently before the public, 
with the assurance that no expense has been spared 
to make it (what it really is) the most coMrLEXE 
pRAYEJi Book ever pubhshed in the Ekglish 

Februaiy, 1896. ^^^ PUBLISHED. 


SI. is a raising up of the heart to God in whick 
we a^ our necessities before him, to beg his grace 
ij other good gift ; it iB an act of religion, whereby 
Mwledge the supreme power and dominion of Oo^ 
r with our own weakness and total dependence upon 
rhat the duty of prayer is indispensable, foUowa 
ly from the consideration of his soyereign power on 
hand, and of our own weakness on the other. 
I God all things are possible. His power is infinite ; 
&yens 'were framed by the word of his might — the 
ent on high is his work, with all its glorious show ! 
yise in heart, and mighty in strength ! He remoyeth 
untainw — he shaketh the earth out of its place, and 
lars thereof tremble ! He conuuandeth the sun. and 
h up the stars as under a seal ! He spreadeth out 
iyens : he walketh upon the wayes of the sea ! The 
f his thunder shall strike the earth : he shall destroy 
rallow up at once I He shall lay waste the mountains 
e liilla, and shall make the grass to wither ! Yet at 
rd the wind is still ; and with his thought he appeaseth 
ep I The whole world in his siglit is as a grain in a 
e, or as a drop of the morning dew that falleth upon 
rth 1 He hath measured the waters in the hollow of 
ad : he hath weighed the heayens with his palm ! The 
s are before him as if they had no being ; they art 
id to him as yanity and nothing: ! Who. then, can 
before the face of lus wrath ? Who shall resist the 
ness of his anger ? His indignation is poured out ai^ 
the rocks are melted by him ! Thou art mighty. 
: thy truth is round about thee 1 Thine aie the hea<r- 
nd thine is the earth I llie world and the fulness 
i>f thou hast founded : great and wonderful are thy 
&, King of Ages 1 Who shall not fear thee, pjtd 
ify thy nauiA ? 


For our part, we are ti eak in every respect. Ab to uot 
present being, an unmeasurable eternity preceded it, wbkk 
•hall as unmeasurably extend after this r)eing shall tenm> 
Date. Now in this immense duration, ages ^all not be di» 
cerned much less the years of a man : how insignificanti 
then, are we in the extent of our life ? We are compoMil 
of a body and soul ; but the very sense we have of otf 
Bzistence, involves a conviction of our weakness, infcnorilj 
ind total dependence. How our body uas formed, ie k 

Kofound secret to 'i^ : how it is united to tlie soul ; what 
e nature of that union is, hath not less in it of rnvHtenr. 
Our breathing itself, that essential operation of human lira, 
is regulated rather for us, than by any inherent power of 
ours ; for the lungs take in air and discharge it alternately, 
without our interposition ; and independently of our man- 
date or control If we are conscious of the power of mo* 
tion, we must also feel that this power frequently ezerti 
itself in direct opposition to our will ; nay, that in these 
very movements wliicb our will can command, the principle 
of motion is hidden from us : that the will which commands 
them is, at best, no more than the rebellious, blind, unruly 
servant of reason ; and that reason also, the most exalted 
faculty of our nature, is in its turn too often impeded by the 
indisposition of its sluggish companion, the body. But even 
where the energies of reason are strongest, the widest ex 
tent of its sphere is most humiliating by its very narrow 
limits ; there being infinitely more objects beyond its oomr 
prehension, than are within its reach ; and the far greater 
part of these which it is competent to, being either quite 
unknown to it, or very inadequately cc mprehended. 

As to the texture of our body, a procigious number of iti 

organs are so exceedingly delicate, so easily discomposed 

and yet so essential to our life, that it is a matter of asiev 

ipbment how wc subsist at alL We carry the seeds of .^ 

eline within ourselves, and w« tend so unceaungly to oor 

dissolution, that independently of disease, and the great 

variety of exterior accidents so fatal to us, the bare Briva- 

tkm of food will effectually ruin the very strongest trama^ 

though the supply be withheld but for a few da^^. \i 'w^ 

compare our bulk to the magnitude of the gVobe, we CtwVtt^ft 

*J0308t to an atom ; if we extend the compaTiBon to vVe «vflv» 

^ lUAnjr thousand timea larger than our eaxtK we dJDOMadi 

PRAT£K. f 

priy|>ortioi:ably ; but if we wing iinaginatioD beyoud th% 
^anetaty system, through the boundless expanse of thm 
unnamoQt, we are absolutely lost^-our volume sinks in'^o 

But bow weak soever we be in the order of nature, we 
Mrs, beyond all comparison, weaker in the order of grace 
i\a,i IS, with regard to the great end of crur being — tbt 
**4drnil enjoyment of God in tiie next life, as the rewaril otf 
*T Idelity to him in this. It is what the Scripture strongly 
acalcates : — We have nothing that we did not receive : wt 
tn not sufficient to think any thing of ourselves, as of var 
ieiw«, hui our sufficiency is from. God. — 2 Cor., iil Every 
heti gift, and every perfect gift, is from above ; coming down 
from the Father of lights,— Barnes, L 17. It is Ood who 
wrketh in us both to will and to accotnplish. — Phil., ii 
Without me, says Christ, you can do nothing.-^ John, xv. 
Neither he that planteth is any thing, nor he that watereth, 
Ua he that giveth the increase. — 1 Cor. Which, wich a great 
nninber of other j>assages of the same import, fUly evince 
that the only rational ground of our confidence i& in the all- 
powerful help of God ; which, therefore, with all humility 
aud earnestness, we are bound to implore : partiailarly as it 
is further manifested by his sacred word, that being sur- 
rounded by the most formidable enemies, we are unequal 
to a contest with them, much less to a victory ; and that 
diyine grace is manifestly annexed to our fervor in begging 
for it, though is no respect due to us, but a free, invaluable 
gift of God's most tender munificence. Ask, and you shall 
reeeioe ; seek, and you shall find ; knock, and it snail b<i 
Willed unto you : for every one that asketh receivdth, dec. 
if you ask the Father any thing in my name, he mil give ii 
to you : you have not, because you ask not. We ought always 
ibp^ay, and net to faint. And as Christ assures ua, that "rs 
fc»f*w not the day nor the hour ; we are cautioned by him 
n oe watchful, praying at all times. The mspired writera 
ttforce the same lesson : St. Paul will have us iift up pure 
hands at all times ; he desires that we pray without ceasing ; 
which he declares to be the will of God. St. Peter, Sv. 
Jame% St. Joh/j, speak to the same purpose. David exborU 
m,^ caJI ill the day of our trouble upon God, wV\0 W\J\ 
^airrffr as. Job inculcates thU .1,.*^ V /• ^ • iT 

. - -« -"-- -y .^.. Z &, S:^,- tea ^ 


But this duty m not only recommended by 

ft is still fffikivgly urged by their practice. 

moat assiduous in it, though we are fully con vim 

not prayer for hiaiself. He frequently retired 

▼als of his labor, to pass whole hours, somi 

nights in prayer ; convincing us, by his own € 

aecessary prayer is ; and exciting our fervor tc 

ti« of it His most illustrious servants, bot 

•nee the gospel, had this recourse to him on 

l^nt particularly in difficulties and trials. W< 

apostles gave themselves up continually to 

when they were preparing for the descent 

Ghost, they remained with one accord iu it 

were about to elect St Mathias, or to choc 

deacons, or to send Su Paul and Barnabas to 

undertake any thing of consequence, they earm 

the Almighty to enlighten tnem, and to inte: 

behalf: so sensible were they of their own ^ 

of the consequent necessity of this important € 

surely no one can think that we ourselves ai 

vi it,, or that the obstacles to our salvation are 

spiritual enemies less formidable than theira 

hesitate no longer ; our all is at stake ; witho^ 

impossible to be saved ; nor if we pray as wc 

it possible to be lost — God's own promise ia 

Let not only morning and evening have thei 

tions, but let our thoughts, words, and actions 

directed to God ; in general, by their moral r< 

particular, by devout asjpirations, and a cons 

to his presence. To derive all the advantage 

which God has annexed oo it, it should be pei 

■taie of grace. This condition is strongly lai 

fai the Old and New Testament ; for uie pr 

irho wilfblly persist in mortal sin, is odious to 

•way from it-— it is an abonsination in his sigh 

•eience upbraid us with the guilt of mortal sin 

ever, is still necessary for us : it is indeed our 

But in praying for the grace of our couversio 

ing the mercy of God, we must forsake our < 

aoeompany our petition with the most ser 

amendment Let us pray with attention, wit 

m'tb peraevwuiee : for God likes xa Vm im* 

ti cerUinl^ grant to the assiduous petiiiocdr what be will 

■nrtainly refuse to those who ask remissly. Let us, in 

wpnyera, seek first the kingdom of God and his iusticy^ : 

n may also solicit him ibr temporal favors, provided h» 

Adl see that ^rhat we are soliciting be conducive to our 


Finally, let our prayer be humble, that is, void of aU 

ireHunptiun upon our cWn merits, and grounded solely, 

nih muhaken confidence, upon the merits of Christ : thus 

tail we infallibly obtain ail that is truly desirable. To 

fnj with the greater advantage, it is of the utmost impor- 

imee to reflect seriously every day upon some great trutli 

i the Christian religion, and upon the actual state uf our 

•WD loula, with regard to the faults we are most inclined to, 

V the virtues whereof we are mos.. in need. Without sucb 

nflectioii, and review of interior, joined with an earnest 

iMonne to the Fountain of all sanctity, to the Giver of every 

food gift, if it is not morauy impossible to succeed in the 

boneM of salvation, it is at least extremely difficult tn 

dect that great object. It is, therefore, a delusion of the 

nuet dant^erous kind, to persuade ourselves that mental 

pnyer is a work of mere supererogation, requisite for thot^^ 

oniy wkoeo particular state of life engages them in the 

practice of religious perfection; for to be saved is every 

man's concern ; it is that one thing necessary, the los:^ o. 

which DO possible advantage can compensate; and w]i<>>6 

ittainment by the most strenuous exertions, must be deeiihMi 

stiU very cheaply purchased. We are deeply mterestod iu 

firming to ourselves a just notion of this concern, aixl in 

preferring it, in our estimation, to every other that luay 

in competition with it; yet without frequent and 

maiaeration, such practical preponderance in our 

not to be expecteil. As well may toilsome per- 

I in the pursuit of glory or gain, be looked for in 

tke apathy of the idiot, as the animated practice ot the 

gotpel^ among those who do not weigh its incentives. Medi 

tation is not such a task as indolence ib apt to insumate 

The same sort of attention wldch the trader gives to hid 

Bommeree, the mechanic to the rul^s of his art, or thd 

Mholar to his improvement, will be amply Hufficieot foi 

Beditataoc ; and the most simple manner of meditation is, 

l«rli^ps, the very heat The tf ibject may he any piooi 

trotL ; bot Ihe law uf God« of which t}ie ten oa 
■re the practical abridgment, will be found the 
Let 118, then, every day reflect upon this hoh 
apply ii to our conduct, and always with a r& 
tion of becoming better ; humbly deploring oi 
gressions, and exciting ourselrea to greater fid 
time to come. The incarnation of our Lord 
his passion, the lOur last things, "the enormity < 
Are abundant sources of reflection : numberles 
>«etail all these truths, and many other most afi 
of religion; which, while they facilitate the 
mental prayer, must render the omission of 
inexcusable. May Gkxi of his infinite mercy, { 
Spirit upon us ; may he teach ua how to pray 
we seire him fiiithfully, pen^vere to tho end. i 

C^e Aotnan ftaltniat. 

Obleodar is a Table oontainiiig the Feasts -which aax 
vqi daring the year. They are of two sorts : some are 
• tibed to certain daya^ aud are called immovable ; other i 
hate DO fixed days, and are called wwvable. The immova 
Vi fmaU have been carefully distingQished m the Calendar 
ftow wliicfa are of obligation, are printed in large capitala 
iVise of peculiar devotion in smaller ones ; the others in or- 
tfaary types. Those which are ^not fopnd in the Romao 
"Aee are m italic letterai 

Host of the mowMefeatta oupeBd upon the feast of £aster 
Mdi is regulated by the foil moon of the yemal equinox 
A oompMidioos taUe of these feasts is here aflSzed. The 
ifit Council of IHce, held in the year 826, decreed that the 
isMt of Easter should be oeiebrated on ^ Sunday follow 
■f the fall moon, whidi fells either, on the 21st of March 
(which was looked upon, at that time, as the day of tL«: 
e4oinoz), or on the days following, till the 1 8th of April 
Bence, if the full moon rail on the 21st of March, aud this b€ 
ft Saturday, the next day will be Easter-Sunday. But if it 
(ill on the 20th, this moon will not be considered the pas 
chiil moon : the next full moon only, which will be on the 
18th of April, can be reckoned such. Should this 18th ul 
A.pril be a Sunday, Easter would be the Sunday following, 
or ihe 26th of April Easter, then, can be no later thaa 
the 26th of April, nor earlier than the 22d of March. 

The Dominical Letters are used to indicate the Sundajfi 
througboQt the year. They are seven in number, corre 
ipooding to the seyen days of the week, and are changeu 
lonually. In leap-year two are set down. The first indi 
Qktes the Sundays till the 26th of February — ^the other du- 
ring the remaining part of the year. 

The Golden Number is contamed in a cycle of 19 years. 
In thk cycle tlie new moons return, in a regular succession, 
U> the saaie days in which they were in the preceding cycle. 
Hence the different Dumhera of the Epact, which if UAed t4i 



lotigaikte the new moon, aud to determine tht foMt o 
Easter, always correspond with the same golden Dnmben 
in every cycle. 

The Inaietioti is a reTolution of fifteen years, firom 1 ta 
16, which being completed, the cycle agam returns to I 
and each jear of this cycle dates its commencement fron 
fanuary, m the Pontifical Bulls ; and since the Indictfon U 
of frequent uf>e in diplomatic transactions and public rae 
ords, a table of the years of the Indiction, corresponding U 
each current- year, bias been inserted in the TabU» of Mot* 
hie Feasts. 


AA.— Apostles. 
Ab.— Abbot. 
B*— Bishop. 


Dea.— Desoon. 
Du.— A Doiibla. 
K.— King 

MMw— Martyrs. 
Oct.— Octave. 


8.— Saint 

8Du.— A 



Table of Movable Feasts. 












M»y 8 

May 18 

May 29 


Nov. 30 


May 21 

Mtt7 81 



Nov. 2B 


Mftj 12 

M., 22 

June 2 


Nov. 27 


June 1 


Ju.18 22 


Dec. 3 


Maj S4 

June a 

June 14 


Der 2 


May 9 

May 18 

May 80 


D.■^ 1 


M«7 2B 

■,.n' 7 

Juno 18 


Xov. 39 


Maj -J'! 

May 80 



Nov. 28 


May f, 

Ma, IS 

May 26 


Nov. 27 


May ifi 

Juaa 4 


Dec. 3 


May 16 M>y 28 

June 6 


Dec. 1 


May 1 M«y 11 

May 22 

Nov. 80 


May SliMay 81 

June 11 


Nov. 29 


May 13 May 33 


Nov. 28 


June IJuDell 

June 32 


Dec 8 


May 17 May 27 

June 7 


Dec 2 


May May 10 

May 30 


Dec. I 


May 29 June S 

June 10 


Nov. 30 


May 13 May 33 

Juno 3 


Nov. 28 


I, beoMiM it WM dedkatod to the God, J( 
liaoal SiffD— AqiuviiiB, The Wattrbtanr. 

dBCiTiionaioii OF our LOBH, Im. 

Joto, A. Md BBL IimnciJBii^DM. 

& Tttoi, & orCMa^-OeC Ba iMniiiii, l>ii. 


^. Jt-Or the OeL of Upk«m ADik 
S.^A^V'w.-OfUMOetorBpfaiMm, tOtt. 

iTtfMMm a-oriiie oot or BptphMaF, Idm. 

Hjrgiiiai, p. M.-Oriiie Oet oflMplMMqr, MDm^ 

TaHmu^ JII.-OrUMOot or8|»tohMar« 'i>^ 

Vcnadn, V.— Oot. of EpipiMm, l>ii. 

HUvTt B. C^ 8Du,-Oomm, of S. Falix, Pr. M. 
. Faolt lit H. C^ />«.— Ooinia. or& Mwinii. Ab. 
• MhwIIim,P.JC«I>«. 

w AnttMOj, Al>nl>«. 

•lair or& Peter al Rome, x/«.— Oomm. of 8. Mica, V. 

L OtBiite, K. of Den. M^ «/>«.— Comm of B8. Hiirius, 

Marlhe, Avdi&x, end Aoeeom, MM. 
a. Pibian end Sebaetian, MM^ 81>m. 
L Anee, V. M., Du, 
ta, Vmoent and Anaataktna, MM., 8Du, 
i, RafOMind oTPeABaAnt, CU 8Du^Omum. of & Italic 

nomanot V. M. 
I. Tlmottiy, B. M, 8Du, 

>anvenlan or 8. Pud, A., !>«.— Comm. oT 8. Patai, A. 
I. Po^rcarp, B. M., SDu. 
S. lohn Cbryaoalon, B. C, Du, 
9, JVeetM, JV.— M Oomm. or& Agnea, V. M. 
S. ftaada or Salea, B. O, />«. 
i, Martina, V. M., 8Du, 
i. Peter Nohaco, O, Du. 

Miad BoDdaf eftor BpinlMnr« tbe Morr HobT Xun w 
with tbe commemoratiOB oftbat Bnwbqr. 

Rm daya mar^ced with a f are daya of Ptaoeiy lo- 



Sooalled from tha word FebmstiD, Pu^doRtioE, b«auM lb* 

Bonuiii«off«iedSu!riltceaafFurificatioDdDriLf thk xaslk 

ZodiMsl Sign— PuKW, The FiahM. 

Blue. I 

r Tm B. V. Hut, nm. 

nl, B. a, /)& 


Apullollls, V, M, 

r. Pdfiarf, Pr. Jr,— Vigil of a. Maufalu 

Itak U to Jamirt. Die Domlnlal Leust vu ■<. II It ehuaged t 
aaptunUiWlaun, wbtch taCandtha leUer Fwm twIiB: « 


MABGH,-.Has XXZI Datb. 

iDad, beoMiM it was dedicated to the God, Mm. 


Zodieeel Sign— Aiiee^ The Bam. 

8, jaiH»u»f B.aS.M>mrid^B. C 

& aimpiienu, P. a 

S, Cum$inMdi»^ V, 

a OMlmir, O, ADtt^-OoBBB. of S. LaflM, F. M. 

& PAmm, Jr.— & JTyrm, A. a (OM*nr) 

«9. rutmr 9mA Comp^ MM 

& ThomM of Aqalim, G. D. !>«.— C9aHh.ef M 
and Fettdtas. MM. 

8. John oTOod, O, />«. 

8. FVaneea, a Euman wktow* JChi* 

Tlie Ibffty Mar^ of Sebanai «!#«. 

& Ai/«!r<K«, /v. JV. 
I 8. Qngorj tbe Graat* P. a Di., Ih^. 
I #. Jd ii r ajtti, F. 

• & /.Mirtmw, JV. 

a Patrick, B. a, AMMtte of Jraland, SVu, 

S, Eidwardt K, •f Engimndt M. 

8. JoaaPB, CU Spouaa or tbb B. V. Mabt* Du. 

& CutUert, B, C. 

B. Benedict, Ah. 

& Basils Fr, JV. 

& TurtMiM, B, of IawMj C 

& Oabriel, jSrekangel. Du, 


t 8. LMdgvf, B, V. 

t & J0kn, H.—S. R0btrt^ B, C 

t & Chmtram^ K. C 

t & CffriUtUy Deo. M, 

t & Jmhn Citmaeut^ Ah, 

t & BalbvML^ F, 

lagr to Psuiloo-week, the Fenat of the OonipMrioB if 


■aal EqahMS iUla on the Silt of this month. 
ths flm aM»th of the ancient Roman year. 


Ho Mlkd from 

tha word Aprin, to SpM— 4he aut 
to prodnoB. 
Zodiacal Sign— Twinu, TLs Ball 

S. JVscariu, £. ./ ^UikL C. 
8. Leo Uw GibU, p. C O, l>%. 
a. Vicur, M. 
a. HemMdgild. K. H, SD^. 

. AiuelnkB.arCuilsrbun', CD^Do. 
4. SMer BDd Caiue. PP. UM^ SDa. 
. George. PUiDP of EogluJ, U. SDm. 

i. OetiB HiHl MimiuUUiiu, PP. MM,, SDn 


MAY,— Has XXXI Datb. 

lUeil. beoaiise it was dedicated to the Goddest Ifaia. 
Zodiacal Sign — Gemini, The Twins. 

b I 88. Philp and Jam KB, A A., Du. 

e 8. Athanasius, B. or Alexandria, C. D. 

d I FimyiiiQ or thb Holt CRoaa, Du.—Coimm. of 88. Alv 

aDder, Bveutioa, and Theodolus, MBL 
e 8. Monica, W^ Du, 
f S. Piua, V^ P. C Du. 

g S. John, A. SuflbriugB before the Latin Gatof Du, 
A S. StanifllaoB, B. M., Du, 
b Apparition of 8. Michael, the Archangel, Du, 
e 8. Gregor> Nuziauzeu, B. C. D^ Du, 
d 8. Antoninufl, B. Cj SDu. — Comm. of SS. Gordian and 

Epimachiu, MM. 
e 8, Mammertut^ B. •f Vieuna^ C, 
f SS. Nereus, Achilleua, and DomiUlla, V., and Pancratiust 

MM., SDu. 
g S. John^ Ike Silent, H, 
A S. Boninice, M. 

b S'S. Torguatut and Comp.^ MM.—S. Dympna^ V, M. 
e @. John Nepomucen, M., Du. — S. Ubaldi, B. (in Eng^ 

d 8. Paschal Baylon, C, Du, 
e S. Venantius, M., SDu, 

f S. Peter Celratiue, P. C, Z>u.— (}omm. of S. Pndentiana,V. 
g i S. Bemardine of Sienna, C, SDu. 
A I S. Ubald, B. C SDu.—S. Falens, B. M. 
b S. BasUieut^ M. 
c 8. Detideriut, B. M. 
d 5$. Donatian and Rogation^ MM. 

e 8. Gregory VH., I-. C, Du. -Comm. of S. Urban, P. M. | 
f 8. Philip of Neri, C, /.^h.— Onm<Q. of S. Eleutheriua, P. M i 
g 8. Mary Magdalen, of Paul, V —Comm. of 8. John 

P. M. 
A 5. Oemuinusy B. of Pari*, C, 
b 5. Mazimus, B. of TVtcr*, C 
c S. Felix, P. M.— S. EmUy. 
d I 3. Petronilla, V. 

Priday, next to the Octave of Corpus Qm/ i^ the Ck««l oTthe 
ex Hbaet or Jisns. 

treduesday, Friday, and Saturday wk '4 ^*« in the 
are Embbe-Dats. 


JUNE,— Hxi XXX Daib. 
« MlUd, tMMttH it wai dadicated to tha Oodd«« Jono. { 
ZodiM^ Sign— Caucer, Th« Cnb. < 













, pamfliilu, Ft. M. 

a. MuwUlniu. Pmw lod Enminia. MM 

JUnlariui. B. C. 

i. Prinilli ud fsliclu, MM.— S. CWmiUiUi 
Mar^um. ft of SooUuid. 

. ^hh a Biuclo FtcuDda, C*, Hu. — Oamm. ii 
Idea, CjrlDUL Nabor, ud Nuariui, MIL 

' iMli Uia (irwu B, D, C, On. 
Villa, ModBMiu. iDd Cn -- 

SUTerlu, F. H. .1 

Aluyniui GoDiBga, C, D». I 

PaullDiu. B. oTnoIl C. I 
A^pplu, V M. -Vigil. 

wmiBdi, Ab., Di.—Comm.otdcLlilB.10bn. 

I. Jotin aod PbhU MM, Da. -tkimm. of OeL ' 

CmceoL B. M.— Oomm. o( OeL I 

Im U. F. C, SDt.~a>mio. ofOa. ud WL 

IH P.T.. .»D PiUL, A A, Dn 

Pmol, Aq Cn.— OwuD. of B. nMr Md« 



IcsaDwl, inhooarof UMUrthof JnlioiOaur. 

ZodiuBl BIgn— Lm, TIh Ijoo. 

V. H^ i>ii.^'-ck)B»i. arOM. ol AA„ 

y OeUTB or ^. Pciar ud Piol, D*. 

%. Bt*Adia XI, P. Jt.—S. nMw • AkM, B. M. (■ 

I'aij WnflinDCOonDm, Duj—S, afraitu,B. M. 

Vtt aevxn Bratbreo, MM, tiA BB. ftnfliB ud Saeiuids. 

VV. H»L, SDb. I 

3. Plug L, P. H. I 

i. Juliii GuUbcH, Ab, Ail— Omnia. oT S8. H«bor aad 

U 8 a. Uentjr, Emi 

). Alailm Cn SDh. 

). CuolLliu «' LaUli, C, £>.— C« 

uhJ bur Kven Bodb, UM. 
!. VlaceDtorFuil>,On £■' 

, a,»0«.— B.SwflbitB. 

cj )f Ef- nary uagoi 

ji t MS 

afS.UtMriui,aC. 1 

I. I 

S. Kuariiu, GbIsiu, ud VIchit. PP. MM., i 
A, Uinba. V. sux.— Camra. oF 

FusUniu. and BesMxi HH. 
88. Abdon ud aeDnen, UM. 

ACQU8T,— H*« XXXI D.t». 

w Dillad; ID honor of the biitb of AaifUBtu* Cm 

ZodiMBl aign— Virgo, Thi« Virgii.. 

FlndiDgof UieBoUaal's. eupbun. In M, SD». 
e. Doi^niek, O- D-a. 
iNdiolloouCH. Uujid NIth Dk. 
TKiKiriauiuTiaii or iiut LoKn, Dit.—CnmiM. ■ 

X)Vtua. P. KeUdialiiiui ojkI Agiipoiiu, MM. 
B. Oii)euui, CDs.— Cumin. of S. Doniiux, B. H. 
B8. (^riDuqa, Ijirgum and Bmaragduii, MM., SD*. 
Vlffil. — Cumm. of 3. RumaDiu, AtH. 

8.Cl4rm v!I*/)«. ™™'' 

Vl«ll luul p'ia — Cmnm. u( 8, Euiebiiu, C. 

DLurii. V. M^/)ii.~<:<]mm.ur8a 

LA, Kod dymphDTlaaui, MU. 
C„Z>..— Omm. orVigU. 

8. Iduli, IL of Pnim, C. *£f u. 
B. ZBubiriniH. P. M. 
8. JoHpta CutsmKRw. U 


tettc SiBd^ vimln Uw Ostan of 


EMBER,— Has XXX Dati. 

> it was the s nmi h month of the Mnjtnt 

>ar, which oommenoed in Mareh. 

b1 Sign— libra, The Balaaee. 

lb.— Oomm. of tbe Twelve Broliifln, MIL 
D, K. of Uungaiy, GL, SDm. 

oe JoBdiiiaa, B, C, SDm, 
kanu. Ji, 

rt OP THE B. V. Maet, £>«.— Ooaui. of B, 


lias TolentlniM, a />«. 
s and Hyadnth, MM. 

TioN OP THB Holt Caoaa. 

Nativity of B. V. Mn !>».— Oomra. of S. Miso- 


lias and (^rian, PP. MM^ SDu.'-Oomm. ef 

>bemia, Luqr, and Geminianua. MM. 

Stigmas of &». Pranda, 2>«. 

a Cupertino, C^ J>u, 

irina, B. and Comp. MM., JDa. 

chius and Oomp^ MM., JDu.— Gomm. of Vlgb. 


8 of Villanova, B. C, Du,—ComnL of 8. Maori* 
1 Comp., MM. 

P. M^ SDu,—Comm, of S. ThoBcla, V. M. 
7 de mereede^ Du, 

ISyM. \ 

m and Justina, MM. r 

M and Damian, MM., SVu, i 

daua, Duke of Bohemia, M., SDu \ 


ne, Pr. C. P., Diu 

liin the Octave of the Nativity, tbe Feaat of the 
T. and the Sunday following the Feaat at the 

Vii^, and Saturdaf which follow the XsmU^ 
r«, are EMBKR-DATa. 

uinoa: takes place on the 2lBt of thia monft. 


M THE aoMui CAixaiAh. 

8v MlUd, becaiue it wat the eighth mrnUi of tb* u 
BomUi year. 

Zodixjal Sign — Scorpio, The Soorpiou. 

t 3' FmuclB or .\mlM\aM, C. Du. 
t SB. Plusidtu and Con^k, MM. 

S. flriilKBL, W, Dk. 

es. DeDli, Runtciu, ud Eleiukwhu, MIL, 8Cb. 

H, Francta Burjl«,(i, SOm. 

S. OfTdnMw, B, JU.—S. CauH, ^t. (in Otttny, 

S. Wilfrid, a. C 

a. Edwurd. K. of Englud, C SDu. 

H.CaltalunP. M, S/Jm 

S. Peier of Alcuuus. G, D 
B. John Cuuluo, C, SZln. 

K A «. J(af*, H.tfJe. 

•i^ b S. Irniitiut, B.t/ Cntltauiiiflt,.M. 

H c S. Ruiiltiiil, Iki Jrcka^^, 

aO e S. EvhJuR^p'*!!!. 

87 I Vigil.— 8. FloranUniU, M. 

W g a^. 8imonihdJcdi.AA.,0>>. 

» A & Tlittdam, Jt.— FnMMs £•<(. fV. & 

31 e SS. M-imttiut ami JimUat, MM.— VIgf m 



NOV£MB£R,— Eu XXX Dais. 
1 S« Mllad, because it inu tba oinCb moDtb of the uialeu 
I Kamait ;aar. 

Zodiftcal Sign-^l^ttBriiu, The Arober. 


1 t S. MiilGikf, B. ./ At^omK. 

• B t !?. Cbul«^iTom«, B. Cn Z>ii.— C«Dm oT BS. 1 

b t S. timorii. »>^il. 
c t S. EnfelitrL, 6, M. 

A t Octaia of All SkIdu, Dw^-Cixaai. or (our oRnmnl 

biftbren, MM. 
e I>edH»;lini nr ih* Loiaru CtaDroh, Da.— Coma, or S 
Theodore, yi. 
le r S. Amir™ AiBlUno, C, SDa.— OoBin. of B9. Trjphwi, 

KcnUaua, bkI Zfjmpiift, MM. -, 

tl z S. M«tiB,B.a,Dic.-«oiiim.ofB.Mnin»,MM. 
l:J A & Moniii, ■■. M., sn%. ' 

l7 S. Gregory ThaumatuiBu", B. C^ 5/Jfc. 

IB e DBill(allono(lh6Churcheiorsa,PKer»Ddl*n, 

is A S. ElluitKili, M'. iM.—CoatiB. at B. Pooiliiiiue, P. i. 

n. of a. FoUetttt, M. 

S a' Poler, B. of Al 

s. aregiTf hi. p. c. 


80 nOad bMMua it ma the teolb iraiitb of tb* ■ 
Znliwal Sign — UmprieorDiu. Tha QouL 

i\ I a. Kifiu, B. c 

d &NlcnDlii,B.orHTn,CCB. 
e 8. Ambnw. B. C. IX, Dm. 

A ^ 8. MactalMtsh P. M. 
b ' f> DMBinh P. C SObk 

■1 t f. I'Uev, V. H. Du. 

r |DoLa(C(uioepii<»aril.V.Mi 

5S. BuKbliu, B. H. SDt. 
& OJrRfiuu, IT. 

OF OUR LORD, D<t-Oamm. o( B. Ah» 

I W I c B. Briniir, nUT Hirttb. 

' '.T I d Hiil7ltiDacenu.MH, Z)s.-OHiuii.ciro«.ofXrtM9. 

W r S. TbDtDU, B. of CantsAun. H, SDm. 

X [ i «. SiMiu, U. sad C^B>. Ajr. 

1 i A & BjlTl—T. P. C. 

ne ITtdMiiiaf. Friiaf, Did J«isr^|i wbkA U Id Ifat IkM 
m* i< Adnnl an Bmiii Diti. 
Ita Wlnur BoMtoa Mli « ifae SM « Itata nKnlh. 

*T1»B. V, IlwT''aiairtTe(l wlthoiitiln,''l>[)ia;*Ii>OBiwortba 



On which every Catholic who has 
come to the age of reason is obliged to 
hear Mass and to rest from servile 
work, unless hindered by sickness or 
other sufficient cause: 

1. All Sundays in the year. 

2. The Circumcision of our Lord, or 
New- Year's Day. 

3. The Ascension of our Lord. 


4. The Assumption of the Blessed 

5. All Saints. 

6. Immaculate Conception of the 
Blessed Virgin. 

7. Nativity of our Lord, or Christ- 
mns Dbv. 


All days in Lent, except Sundays 

The live of Whitsuntide. 

The Quarter-Tenses, or Ember da- 
which occur in the four seasons of t 

The Vigil of the Assumption of t 
Blessed Virgin Mary. 

; The Vigil of All Saints. 

[ Every Friday in Advent, and Chri 

mas Eve. 


■ All Fridays in the year. 

If a fasting day fall on a Sundj 
^ the fast is kept on the Saturday p 
ceding that Sunday. 

If Christmas Day fall upon a Frid; 
{ neither fast nor abstinence is observ( 

Soldiers and sailors in ttie service of i 

United States, even in barracks, garriso 

etc., are dispensed by the indult of P< 

Pius IX. from the rule of abstinence, 

cept on six days in each year — narat 

^^'A Wednesday; Thursday, Yviday., \ 

Saturday in Holy Week ; the YigW oi 

^^suwptiov ' ^ Christmas ^ve. 

kn %hxibgmtni of (Ei)ri0tian Ooctrtae 

T%e Ten, CommandmmU of Ood, — ^Ezodui 

1 I AM tiie Lord thj God, wlio Irougbt tliee oat of th« 

fld jf Egypt, and out of the house of bondage. Thou ehalt 

ot haye strange s^ods before me. Thou shalt not make to 
hjaelf a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that in 
n haayen above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those thiiii^!) 
tbat are in the -waters under the earth. Thou shalt not adore 
them, nor serve them : I am the Lord thy GkxL mighty, jeal- 
«■» yiating the iniquity of fathers upon their children, unt^j 
the thnrd and Iburth generation of ti&)se that hate me ; aud 
ihafvii^ mercy unto thousands of those that love me, and 
ksap my oommandmentSb 

1 Hum shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God Id 
nm; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take 
the same of the Lord his GKxi in vain. 

1 Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath-day. Six 
dajs shalt thou labor, and shialt do all thy works ; but oo 
the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy Ood : tbou 
ihalt do no wonk on it, thou, nor thy son, nor tny daughter, 
nor thy man-servant, nor thy maia-servant, nor thy bea^t, 
■or the stranger that is within thy sates. For in six days 
the Lord made heaven and earth, and the sea, and all thiogii 
tliat are in them, and rested on the seventh day ; therefore 
tfaa Lord blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. 

4. Honor thy £&ther and thy mother, that thou ma^^est be 
loog^iTed upon the land whidi the Lord thy God will give 

&. TViu shalt not kill 

6 Hmni shalt not commit adultery. 

7 Hmni shalt not steal 

• Thoa shalt not bear £Edse witness against thy neighbor 

t. "nioa ahalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. 
10. ThoQ shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, nor hi« 
' nor hi« ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is hi^ 


The Six Precepts of the Church. 

1 . To hear Mass on Sundays, and all holydays of obligation^ 

2. To fast and abstain on the days commanded. 

3. To coufeas our sins at least once a year. 

4. To receive the Blessed Eucharist at Easter. 

5. To contribute to the support of our pastors. 

6. Not to solemnize marria&^e at the forbidden times, noz" 
to marry persons within tlie forbidden degrees of kindred, o«* 
otherwise prohibited by tlie Church ; nor clandestinely. 

Seven Sacramtntt. 

Baptism Matt, xxviii. 19. 

Conlirmation ids viii. 17. 

Eucharist Matt. xvi. 26. 

Penance John xx. 28. 

Extreme Unction .... James v. 14. 

Holy Orders Luke xxiL 19. 

Matrimony Matt. xix. 6. 

The Three Theological Virtues. 
Faith— Hope— and Charity. 

The Four Cardinal Virtu**. 
Prudence— Justiee-Fortitude-and Temperance. 

The Sevru Gift* oftfi* Holy Ghoet.—luu xL 2, 3. 

Wisdom, Fortitude, The fter of the 

Underatindlng, Knowledfre, Lord. 

Counsel, Pi^ty, and 

The Twel^ I\niit* <if the Holy Ghost. 

Charity, Longanimity, Fidelity, 

Joy. Goodneaa, Modesty, 

Peace, Benignity, ConUnencyt and 

Patience^ Mildness, Chastity. 

Tk4 Spiritvai Worts of Mer^y. 

To contael the doubtful. To fonrlTe offences, 

To instruct the ^orant. To bear wrongs patiently. 

To mfmoDhh sinners To pray for the living and the 

To comfort the mfBicted, dead. 


The Corporal WorJcB of Mwey 

ftlwd the huognr. To yiait the sick, 

ftgire drink to toe thiratj. To Tisit the captive, and 
lb dothe the naked. To bury the dead. 

IS harbor the harborlees, 

The Eight Beatitudet." -Matt. y. 

• « 

L Blened are the poor in spirit ; f. r theirs is the kingdoii 
tf heayen. 
1 Bteased are the meek ; for the\ shall possess the land. 

5. Blened are they that mourn ; for the j shall be com- 

i. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice - 
far they shall be filled. 

6. Blessed are the merdfol; for they shall obtain mercy 
ft. Blessed are the dean of heart for they shall see God 

7. Blessed are the peacemakers ; for they shall be called 
ike cfaOdren of God. 

8. Blessed are they that suflfer persecution for justice sake 
H tLeirs is the kingdom of heayen. 

T%e Seven Deadly Sim^ and the opyo^ie Virtue$. 













Brotnerly love. 


Sine againet the Hely QhoeL 

FyesamptioD of Gtod's mercy— •Despair — Impugmng thf 
truth — Enyy at another's spiritual good— Ob^tinac^ 
B flD — Final impenitence. 

Sine crying to Heaven for Vengeance. 

WiUol murder — The sin of Sodom — Oppression oi ui« 
BMT — I>%firaadini; laborers of their wageB. 


Nine Ways of being accessory to anotjit/t's Sin, 

Bj counsel — ^By oommaod — By coDaent— By provncitii 
— Bjr praise or flattery — By concealment — By parta kim >»^ 
By nlence — By deferice of the ill done. 

T%ree Eininent Good Works 
4kiUKleed>, or works of mercy — Prayer — and Faatiof 

The Evangelical Counsel* 
Voluntary poverty — Chastity — and Obedienos. 

J7te Four last Things to be remembered 
Death — Judgment — ^Hell — and Heaven. 

Subjects for Daily Meditaiion, 

Remember, Ohristian soul, that thou hast this day, and vnKf 

day of thy life, — 

Ood to glorify, Heaven to gaio, 

Jesus to imitate, Eternity to prepare for. 

The angels and saints to in Time to pront of^ 

voke, Neighbors to edify, 

A soul to save, The world to despiae, 

A body to mortify. Devils to combat, 

Sins to expiate, . Passions to subdue. 

Virtues to acquire, Death perhaps to suffor, 

HeU to avoid. And Judgment to undirfp 

£as !3a|)tift9 

I*aovu>BD an infant is in danger of dying before a 
can be procured, any other person, whether man, 
or child, may baptize it in the following manner : 

Whilst pouring common water on the head or face of tht 

ia£mt, proooance the words, *" J baptize thee in the name oi 

iiie FaUter, Mnd of the Son, and of tbe HdW Qr\iQeX. ksncvL* 


itniags anb |S>tmcipal StBtival^ af the peat 


lioccH there is no day which the Christian should ool 
fad in a holy manner, by abstaining from sin and doing 
(ml works ; he is, nevertheless, obliged to sanctify more 
ptfticalarly certain days which Ood reserves to himself and 
k Church sets apart for that purpose. These dayfi art 
Soodays and Holydays. 

IVe'Sundav, or the Lord^s day, is that on which Ood com- 

■meed the creation of the world, and on which our Savioui 

Me frooi the dead. It is kept by Christians in lieu of the 

Siblath, which the Israelites celebrated on Saturday, be- 

CMM Gk)d rested on that day, after having created the wrrld 

Hk Charch has likewise thought proper to impose on her 

cttdren the obligatioD of sanctifying other days in the year, 

iftkooor of the mysteries of our redemption, or to comTiem- 

ante the eminent virtues of the Blessed Virgin arid the 

Siinta, and to place before us their admirable example 

The sanctiilcation of those days consists, Ist, in abutairung 
fnok servile work, firom all commerce and maniiul labi>r, 
vfaich is not necessary for the worship of God and the sup 
port of life : 2d, in returning to God by penanco, cleansinj^ 
our eonacience. receiving the Saa*ament8, and performing 
duties of religion. Among these duties, that of as^ 
at the holy sacrifice of Mass is the principal, ar ' 
J under pain of mortal sin, unless sickness ur so.^ 
r important reason dispense us from tliis obligation' 
ig)i a person may be said to obey tc the letter the pre 
fl|it of the Church, by hearing Mass, it is certainly a threat 
to restrict to this point only, the whole sanctitication 
the law of Gkxi prescribes. To be satisfied with as 
at low >Iass, without performing any other act of re 

_^ ^ as many Christians do, is to go agamst the spirit ol 

Ikt Chozch in that particular commandment, to disob^ 
fAa ooQiniandmeDts she has imposed, and nol to sati*^ 
Hi eammandments of Ood. 

66 bxflahation of festivala. 


New f kar s Dat. — On this day, which is the first of thi 
fear, tLj Ohurch celebrates the octaye of the NatiritT' ol 
sur Lord, his circumclsioii, and the blessed name of Jesoi 
which was given him on that occasion. The devout Ohrii' 
fciati, therefore, will find mucli to occupy him, in again adir- 
1^ Jesus Christ in the humiliation of his birth, in cooten 
Mating that infinite love for man which he already manh 
Ms by the etfiision of his blood, and in renewing his OOB- 
ftdence in the mercy and goodness of Him who takes tht 
lame of Saviour, because he is to save us 6*001 sin and 
heU. He should also look back with regret upon the 
past years of his life, and form a generous retolutioo te 
employ mure profitably the year which has just oon 
menced, implormg for that purpose the light and gnuse d 
the Holy Ohost. 

Epiphany. — ^The Church commemorates oo Uiis feast three 
different mysteries, in which Jesus Christ made himaell 
known to man and manifested lus glory ; the adoratioo paid , 
ban by tlie Wise Men of the East, the baptism he recerre(! 
from Saint Junn, and the fir^t miracle wrought by him tf 
Cana of Galilee, by changing water into wine. She dweUi 
however, more particularly on the first of these mysteries 
and exhorts us to imitate the example of the magi, the fini 
fruits of the Gentiles converted to the £uth, by fjffmDg to 
him the gold of pure and ardent charity, the inoeiiBe mfer 
vent prayer, and the myrrh of penance and self-dei^ 
without which we are Christians only in name. 


%ce days set apart by the Church for acts of penance and 
mortincation, and are a certain gradation or prepamtkn te 
Ihe devotion of Lent, being more proper ana immediato ti 
iu, passion and resurrection of Christ ; taking their numand 
iaooDunations from their being about seventy, sixty, aoA 
fifty days before Easter. 

oHBOVEnDE signifies the time of coofesaon ; for our an- 
eestors used to say, tfle vnll go thrift ; and in the more prim- 
itive times, it was the custom of all good Ghristiane '' 
to confess their sins to a priest, the better to prepare 
jMtf ras /or a holy observance of Lent, and irortliy 
tifibm Nmmff d aMcnment at Eaatw. 


'kdxbsdat, a daj of public penance and htimiliatioi 
the -whole Chmrch of GUxl ; so called from the cere- 
blessing ashes, wherewith the priest signs the 
rith the cross on their foreheads, giving them this 
me admonition, Remember^ man, that dust thou arr 
to dutft thou shaU return. Gen. il 9, to remind tht»A 
• mortality, and prepare them for the holy fa^t of 
rhich begins on this oay The ashea are made of tlM 
blessed uie Palm Sunday before, 
r. — The object of the Church in establishing tho Cm! 
.t, which, according to tho most ancient tradition, is of 
ilical institution, was to in^ruct her children in the 
itaon of doing penance during their whole life, and pre- 
them to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, by 
ng them partake in some degree of his sufferings 
0^ which it was necessary for him to pass, before he 
sed into his glory. 

ill those who have completed one and twenty years are 
iged to abstain from flesh-meat eyery day in Lent ; and 
ery day, Sundavs excepted, they are obliged also to fast, 
lis &st consists m eating but one full meal in the day, and 
ist not before twelve o'clock. Tf, besides this repast, we 
re allowed towards evening, what is commonly called a 
Motion, we should remember that it ought not to exceod 
wre than one-fourth of an ordinary me^; because the in- 
•ntioo of the Church in permitting this refection is not so 
mch to grant the indulgence of an additional repast, a.>4 to 
se the necessary precaution to ward off sickness and pre- 
ent weakness. Milk, except to color tea or coffee, eg^.<^ 
nd warm fish, are prohibited at the collation. 

Hie sick, women with child or who give suck, they wlio 
re mider infirmities, who are advanced in years, or Vliota 
Minful or laborious occupation will not permit to vr'iih 
mx great prejudice to their health, are oispensed from fast 
ig. But more important reasons are required for aii ex- 
■option from the law of abstinence than for a dispetisatioi 
h»m the fart. Every Uttle headache, want of sleep, o 
ither transient and inconsiderable indisposition, are not sii 
Kdent reasons to justify either one or the other. To a 
pnideotly and with a safe conscience in this matter, t 
iMmld aJwaya oonsuU the clergyman who is charged ^^' 
MB* siMritiuii welfiure and follow his advice. 



It the bishop of the diocese grants a general ditpeiiBatiaB 
lo eat flesh-meat at our meal on certain days in tne wedi^ 
those da78 do not, on that account, cease to be fiisting days 
and it should be further observed that fish and meat an 
not allowed to be taken at the same meaL 

Besides this obligation of penance, there is another doij 
mcumbent on the Christian, during ihe time of Lent, tnm 
which no one can plead an exemption. To £Eist spirituallj« 
bj avoiding sin and the occasions of it, by combating our 
bad habits and restraining the passions; to expiate :ur 
offences ; to bring forth worthy fniiis of penance ; to give 
ahns ; to offer frequent prayer to Gk>d ; — all these things are 
equally necessary to those who fast, and those who are dis 
pensed from fasting. 

Passion Sunday. — So called from the Paasion of Chriti, 
is intended to prepare us more particularly for the commem 
oration of that important event. On the evening previous^ 
the crucifixes and pictures in the churches are covered with 
purple, to give them a more solenm and mournful app^ 
•mce, and likewise to represent the privacy of our ouvine 
Saviour before his passion. 

Palm Sundat taKes its name from the ceremony perform 
ed on this day of blessing palms or other green boughs, 
after which a procession is made to honor the triumphant 
entry of our Saviour into Jerusalem, five days before hit 
crucifixion. Like the faithful people who paid their sin- 
cere homag(^ to Jesus Christ, and received him with accla- 
mations and heartfelt joy, we should welcome him to ouz 
souls, adore Lon as our supreme Lord and Master, and en* 
treat him to come and reign in our hearts, by subjecting 
them to the maxims of the gospel This is the first day <3 
iho Holy Week, which is consecrated to the special com- 
memoration of our divine Saviour's sufferings and deatk 
At mass, the history of the passion is recited or sung. When 
•rcumstances permit, the passion is chanted by three der^ 
gjmen, one of whom takes the part of the evangelist or nar- 
rator, another that of the synagogue, and the third, that of 
Jesus Christ. 

On Wedtietsday, Thuradat/f and Friday of Holy Week, tli# 

ofllce of TenebroB, which consists of the Matins and Lauda of 

Hbe last three days, is recited or chanted ; during wfaidi 

fnrteen yeUaw Ugbiaf mounted on % triMQg;u\ax caxkdlestick 


n odngiiiahed, one by one, after each psalm, l^fving otAj 
4e wbite one at the summit, lighted. Also, at the end ol 
HMj aeooad verse of the Benedietua^ one of the hghts os 
(ke ahar b put out, till all are extinguished. This extinc- 
tioBof the ughts typifies the abandonment of our diriua 
giviomr during his passion. He is represented by the whit« 
iMlIe at the top of the candlestick, which during the mi* 
Wtn ii taken from the triangular stand, and concealed b«> 
U the altar, until a slight noise is made at the end of tb» 
iffce, intended to sigmfy the convulsed state of nature at 
tka death of Christ, when it is brought forth again, and re- 
placed OQ the candlestick from which it was taken, to re- 
udA. ua that the divinity of our Lord was never separated 
froD his humanity. 

Maundt-Thursdat, in memory of our Ix)rd's last supper, 
when he instituted the blessed sacrament of his precious 
bodj and blood, so called from the first word of the anthem, 
Maadatum^ dec (John xiii. 84.) / give you a new command, 
that yoK love one another^ as I have loved you ; which is sung 
a that day in the Church, when the prelates begin the cer- 
emoDy of washing the people's feet, m imitation of Christ> 
vaahmg those of his disciples, before he instituted that 
blessed sacrament. On Maundy-Thursday but one mass ie 
ttid, that of the Holy Eucharist, as an expression of joy and 
gratitude for that holy institution, though its special com- 
znemoratiou is deferred to another time, the Church being 
vholly occupied during Holy Week with the passion of 
Christ. During the Gloria, the bells are rimg, after wiiioh 
they are silent imtil the same part of the nmss on Holy 
baiurday, to honor the silence of our Saviour during his 
nassion, and express the mourning of the Church for tlie 
MMth of her divine Spouse. At the mass of this day, the 
lUup ccpjsecrates the holy oils, which are used in the ad 
■Boistration of the sacraments. After mass, the sacred 
W«t, consecrated for the office of the following day, i.s ear- 
ned in procession to a repository prepared for its receptioa, 
which is handsomely decorated, and the faithful there visit 
•or Lord in thanksgiving for the inestimable blessings con- 
fnrred by the institution of tlie Holy Eucharist. The \ less- 
td Sacrament is removed from the principal altar, which ii 
d&vflsted of all its usual ornaments, to revy^esent th« 


iestiiutioa of our Saviour in his passion, and tJie grief of tlw 
Church in recalling his sufferings. 

Good Fridat. — Christ crucined is the great object tluU 
engrosses the attention of the Church on this day, and fat 
this end she reads such lessons and tracts as relate to the 
mystery of redemption. The passion is smg in the moni* 
ing-olBce, and prayers are offered up for all sorts of penoii% 
to show that none are excluded from the 8uffi*age8 of tbi 
Church, einoe Jesus Christ offered himself a victim for tiks 
fins of all mankind. Next, the clergy and laity adore Jesoe 
Christ crucified, which they express hy the veneration paic 
to the cross. After this ceremony, the sacred host ie 
brought from the repository to the altar, and the service ii 
concluded by the priest's receiving the divine victim that 
was slain on this day. 

Holt Saturday. — ^The Tenebrce, or McUiru. with the other 
canonical hours for this day, are consecrated to the ^memory 
of our Lord in his sepulclire ; at Mass, he is represented to 
the faithful as coming out of the grave, and triumphing over 
death by his resurrection. The word Niahty used m the 
benediction of the Paschal Candle, in the collect of the Maas^ 
in the Preface and CommunicanteSy shows that the office and 
Mass, now said in the middle of the day, were formerly said 
in the following night, to honor the time of our Saviour's 
resurrection, which happened in this night. 

The altars deprived of their ornaments on Maundy-Thuf' 
day J are again clothed with them, and a new Fire is blessed, 
to illuminate them. The office begins with lighting a TripiU 
Can4ley which is emblematic of the Light of Christy and sig- 
nifies that the faith of the Blessed Trinity proceeds from tl^ 
light communicated to us by Christ risen from the dead. 
The Pcuchal Candle, blessed in the next place by the Deft* 
oon, is a figure of the body of Jesus Chnst, and not beini 
lighted at first, represents him dead ; and the five bleieei 
grains of incense ued in it, denote the aromatic spices that 
embalmed him in the sepulchre. The lighting of the I*a9' 
ehal Candle, is a representation of his rising again to a new 
life ; and the lightiE^ of the lamps, and other candles after* 
wards, teaches the faithfiil, that the resurrection of the 
Head will be followed by tnat of the members. 

After this ceremony, the Church disposes the catechn- 
MMoaa Jbr a worthy receiving of baptism ; for ^nnc^ xsvui^qm 


Hi* reads twelve lessons out of the Old Testament, called 
PropMeeUa, and after each says a solemn prayer ; by both 
d which she not only instructs them in the effects and fruit 
of that sacrament, but begs for them, of Almighty God, aU 
tke advantages of it. The Church could not have appoint- 
ed a more suitable time for the solemn administration ol 
kptiBm, which is a lively representation of our Lord's res 
Vrection. As he was laid in the sepulchre truly de&ti 
mi came out again truly alive ; so the sinner is buried ift 
Ik baptismal water, as in a mystical grave, and is taken 
•at aeaia animated with a new life of grace. For toe ars 
kned together with him by baptUm unto death, that a* 
Ckriti 19 riten fronn the dead by the glory of the Father^ m 
m o/jo may walk in newness of life, Rom. vi 4. 

Before the administration of the Sacrament, the Baptismal 
fmt ia blesaed with ceremonies that are full of mysteries. 
L The Priest divides the water in the form of a cross, to 
teach US that it confers grace and sanctity by the merits of 
Christ crucified. 2. He touches the water with his band, 
praying that it may be free from all impressions of evil 
cpinta. jS. He signs it thrice with the sign of the cross, to 
biess it in the name of the Holy Trinity. 4. He separates 
it with his hand, and casts out some of it towards the four 
parts of the world, to instruct us, that the grace of baptism, 
like the rivers of Paradise, flows all over the earth. 5. Ho 
breathes thrice upon it in the form of a cross, desirins^ God 
to bless it with the infusion of his Holy Spirit, that it may 
receive the virtue of sanctifying the souL 6. He plunj^es the 
P^Mhal Candle thrice into it, praying that the Holy Ghost 
may descend upon it, as he did at the baptism of Christ in 
tk/waters of Jordan. 7. He mixes holy oil and chrism with 
It, to sisnify that baptism consecrates us to God, and givee 
g|iritu^ strength to wrestle with, and overcome aU tha 
11 mil r of our souL 

Aflei the benediction of the font, the Sacrament of bap 
tkm is solemnly administered to si;ch as are prepared for 
it : and then the Litany and Mass arc sung, to obtain of God, 
that the new baptized may persevere in the g^ace they 
have received. Incense is used at the Gospel, to represent 
the perfumes carried by the women to our Saviour's monu- 
BMDt ; hut no lights are carried, as at other times, because 
theraodlhu i^;»ostles did not jet believe his resurrection ; f^^ 



winch reason also the Creed is not said. The offertory 
idss of peace, and the antiphon, called the Oommunum 
omitted, because the faithful did not receiye the Blc 
Eupharist at this Mass, but waited till Easter-day. 

Raster Sundaf. — The Church has always considered 
the nrst and most solemn of the festivals which she ( 
brates. Ihe passion of our Lord is commemorated ' 
lear« and works of penance, only to celebrate the more 
fclly the mystery of the resurrection ; for, as St. Paul tea 
us this mystery is the foundation of Christianity. J 
Christ directed the attention of his adversaries, in a sp< 
manner, to this great event, as a proof of his heavenly : 
•ion and his divine character. Hence the apostle says : 
Chi'ist be not risen again, your faith is vaia*' But ha^ 
risen from the dead, he has proved the truth of his ded 
tions. His teachings are from God, and faith in him is 
only means of salvati(xi. The festival of Easter is also 
phaticaliy styled by the Church the " day which the I 
hath made," it being the day of his triumph over the po^ 
01 his enemies and the darkness of the tomb. The prmd 
disposkion of the devout Christian, in commemorating 
gloriooj event of Christ's resurrection from the dead, c 
feists in renewing his £aith in the truths of religion, his ho; 
to share one day in the glory of his Saviour, and his chari 
by rising to a life of fervor m the service of God. 

Low-SuNDAT, in Latin Dominica in albia, is the octave 
Easter-day, and so called from the ^atediumens* white g 
neuts, emblems of innocence and joy, which they put on 
4ieir baptism, and solemnly put off this day. 

AscENsiON-DAT, (a fcast of obligation,) solemnized 
memory of Christ's glorious ascension into heaven on the f 
tieth day after his resurrection, in the sight of his apostJ 
nod dibuples, {Acts i. 9,) for which reaaon the paschal cane 
tfA the end of the gospel is taken away to signi^ the aUB 
the faithful Christian should then detach himself from 1 
tarth, sigh after the happiness of heaven, which was open^ 
to him on this day, and invoke upon himself^ by ferve 
prayer^ the grace to overcome every difficulty in the wi 
of aaivetion. 

Whit-Sundat, or Pemteoost, a solemn feast in meraoi 
•nd hon<vr of the descent of the Holy Ghost on Ihe h(>adf> 
the apoiUes, in Ae shape of tongues cf fire. {Acti iL 8 


Pteteeost in dreek signifies iheiifii^h, it beiiw the fiftietb 
isj sfter the resigrrectioo ; and it is called Whit-Sunday 
from the catechumens being anciently clothed in white, and 
•dmitted on the eve of this feast to the sacrament of Bao- 
tism. The old Saxons called it Whit-Sundayy I e. Uoty 
Sunday. On this feast we should ask to be ourselves iillea 
with tbe Spirit of God, which will enable as to obtain the 
fictory over our passions^ over the world, and all our spir^ 
tosl enemies. 

Trdott Sunday. — ^To celebrate with fruit the festiva: 
istablished in honor of the Most Blessed Trinity, the Chris* 
tian should make a renewal of his faith in this mystery, re- 
turn fervent thanks to the adorable persons of the Gkxi* 
head for the many graces and blessings be has received 
from them, and resolve to accompany, with an interior spirit 
of religion, the invocation of the Blessed Trinity, by which 
we have been taught, from our infancy, to commence and* 
terminate our actions in the name of the Father, <{ec. 

CosFUS Ch&istl — ^This feast was established to commem* 
orate the institution of the adorable sacrifice and sacra- 
ment, in which Jesus Christ has vouchsafed to perpetuate 
ID the Church his oblation on Calvary, and to nourish our 
•ouls with his precious body and blood. The duty of a 
Christian then, on this day, and during the octave, ia to re- 
animate his faith in the mystery of the real presence, to fre- 
quent the holy sacrifice, to visit the Blessed Sacrament, and 
particularly to receive the holy Communion. 

Advent. — Advent is a season of penance set apart by the 
Church to prepare us for the festival of Christmas. It is 
her desire that on that day our dear Saviour should be 
bam anew in our souls, by an increase of grace, and by the 
formation of uur life upon his example. In order to thi% 
the Christian should watch, pray, and do penance. Hi 
iufold suffer no day to pass without grieving for Ins sini^ 
isd imploring the grace of Him who alone C4m deliver bia 
frran them. 

Ember-Dats. -The four ember-weeks in the year, are 
^es of publi: prayer, fasting, and procession, partly insti- 
tuted for the successful ordination of priests ana other loin 
kters of the Church ; which is commonly performed at 
those Masons and partly to thank Qod for the fruita of tYkt 
MgriA sad implore a continuance of them, Ember-dav dB 


rives its name from the ancient religious custook Af eaia 
nothing on those days till night, and then only a cake baki 
under the embers, calleit ember-bread. 

The observance of embcr-day.s is of great antiquity in tl 
Church. Their comicction witn the ordination of the mi 
inters of religion renders them particularly worthy the r 
gard of the faithful We cannot be too deeply impresM 
with the blessing granted a people, whose priests are a 
cording to God s own heart. To obtain suoi, no humili 
lion should be deemed too great ; no supplication should 1 
neglected. Whilst, therefore, we thank God for the firuits < 
the earth, and humble ourselves for the sins we have oon 
mitted, we should beg God to supply his Church with wo 
thy pastors. 

Rogation- WEKK bemg always the next but one befoi 
Whit-iSunday, is so called, because on Monday, Tuesda; 
and Wednesday, rogations (from rogo, to ask or pray) aii 
litanies of the saints are used, with abstinence nrom flei 
enjoined by the Church to all persons, not only for a devoi 

f reparation) to the feast of Christ's glorious Ascension ai 
^eutecost , out also to beg and supplicate the blessing < 
God on the fruits of the earth. The Beli^ans call it crui 
week, I e. cross-week^ and so it is called m some parts i 
England ; because when the priest goes on those days : 
procession, the cross is carried Dcfore him Jn the north i 
England it is called gang-weeky from the gan^.ig or going ; 
procession then used. 

The Church has established festivals in honor of tl 
Blessed Virgin and the Saints ; that is, she has r-ppointc 
certain days for the piupose of glorifying God and givii 
him thanks for the admirable graces bestowed upon fa 
frvorite servants, in whom he has thought fit to exhibit, i 
ft special manner, the wonders of his goodness and loT< 
lleo^ in order to invoke their intercession, not that they ca 
tmei ns by any power inherent in themselves, but by the 
prayers, which, in consequence of their purity and perfo 
•tate inneaven, are much more efficacious than ours ; lastl; 
to place before us their eminent virtues, which, having bee 
practised in every condition in life, prove to us that we ah 
may observe the maxims of the gospel, and that to secui 
/br ourselves a share in their happmesS) we must imital 
iheir ht'dy example. 



/«. S6. — Convention of St, Paul. — This feast was in. 
Mited bj the Church to perpetuate the memory of liii 
■mculous conversion, -which happened on this day, h the 
ttiih rear of Christ, as he was going with letters from .Je- 
ranlem to Damascus, to persecute the Christians, \rhen 
■ddeoly a voice from heaven called him, and of a perse- 
flcior rendered, him an apostle. (Acts xl) 

FA. 2. — CantUemoA-JDay^ or tite Purification of the A 
firaiii, (a feast of devotion ;) that is, all who can, would do 
wi. to hear Moss ; but the precept of obligation in this 
noDtry is dispensed with. It is in memory and honor both 
of tki presentation of our bletsed Lord, and tTie purification 
iftke Virffin Maty m the temple of Jerusalem the fortieth 
JiT after her happy delivery, according to the law of Mosea 
[£n:. xiL), and is called purificationy from the Latin word 
wminco^ which signifies to purify; not that the Blessed 
Virgin had contracted any sin by her childbirth which need- 
ed purifyii^, being the mother of purity itself, but hccaui^o 
other women were, by this ceremonious rite, freed from the 
legal impurity of c^iildbirth, to which, out of her great hu- 
ffliiity, sne submitted. It is called Candlemas, because, be- 
fore 'mass is said, the Church blesses her candles for the 
whole year, and makes a procession with them in the hands 
of the faithful, in memory of Christ, whom, on occasion of 
hi» presentaticm in the temple, the aged Simeon styled a 
linhi to the revelation of the OentileSy and tlie glory of hit 
veools Israel. Luke ii 32. 

P'eh. 24. — 5^ Matthias, (a feast of devotion,) chosen by the 
enllege of apostles to supply the place of Judas the traitor : 
be was crowned with martyrdom in Jewry, in the year 74. 
.ITarc/i 17. — St. Patrick^ (a feast of devotion,) son of Cal- 
phumius, bora, according to the most probable opinion, is 
Aremorica, or Brittany, was sent in company of Palladium 
^ Pope Celestin, anno 431, to preach the gospel to ths 
[Hih, which na tion he converted, and became then* apostle ; 
be died fuU of sanctity and miracles, anno 461. 

March 19. — St. Joseph, (a feast of devotion,) spouse dL 
tor Blessed Ludy ; he died in Judea about the l?th year oi 
rf'tisus Christ. 

M^rtW V. -A.NNUNCIATION. (a festival of ooligation.) 
^e Vp**p^#tion is both a feast of Jest^s Christ and of his 
^> naotlirr, r^ecause » was on tlis day that the Word wm 


ftttuie deau. and Mary became the mothei of Qod. To r» 
miikl U8 of ifaia mystery, which should excite our most lar 
Tent gratttoue. the Chorch exhorts us to recite the Angdm 
three tmiee evtfry di^, and calls our attention to it by ths 
sound oi the beiL In saying this prayer, we should cm* 
deavor aLar* tr secure to ourselyes the protectioti of thi 
Blessed Virc^ re^ieating with all possible devotion JM 
■alutatiin of the an^bL hail full of grace, Ac 

April 25. — <S<. Mark «vang^Iistv (a feast of devotion,) «tt 
disciple and interpretei to St Peter, who, writing fall 
ffoapel at the request 'if tn. Christians at Rome, took it will 
him into Egypt, wb^rn rurst preaching at Alexandria, ht 
founded that church ««id afterwards, being apprehended 
for the faith of Christ, was bound with cords, dragged upos 
stones, and shut up in a close prison, where he was comrart- 
ed by an angelic vision, and an apparition of our Lord. Fi> 
nally, he was called to heaven, in the eighth year of Nera 
On this day the long litanies are said, and abistinence from 
flesh is observed, to obtain a blessing on the fruits of the earth. 

May 1. — SS. Philip and Jame», apostles, (a feast of de- 
votioa) After the lirst had converted almost all Scythia 
to the faith of Christ, being fastened to a cross, he was 
stoned to death, making a glorious end at Hierapolis in Asia» 
anno 54. The second, called oiu* Lord s brother, was the 
first Bishop of Jerusalem, where, being thrown from a pimu^ 
cle of the temple, his thighs broken, and wounded m ihd 
head with a fuller*s club, be gave up the ghost, and was 
buried near the temple, anno 63. 

May 3. — Finding tite Holy Cross, otherwise called Hofy 
Rood-Day^ a feast in memory of the miraculous finding of 
the holy cross, whereon our blessed Saviour suffered, by Bi» 
Helen, mother of Constantino the Great, anno 326, after it 
lad been hid by the irfidele 180 years, who had erected t 
Itetae of Venus in place of it. 

June 11. — St. Bamaby, (a feast of devotion,) bom in Qy* 
pruf and ordained aposUe of the Gentiles by St. Paul, trav* 
elled with h in into many provinces, exercising the function 
of preaching the gospel committed to him ; and lastly, gaaaag 
into Cyprus, there adorned bis apostleship with a glorioiu 
crown of martyrdom, anno 50, whose body, himself revest 
ing it, was found in the time of Zeno the emperor, with 8i 
Mattbew'B gospel in hk own handwriting. 


"Nativity of St, John BaptUty (a feast of clev» 
r Lord's precursor, son of Zachary and Elizabeth, 
qg yet in iiis mother's womb, was replenished with 
' Ghost. 

29. — SU Peter and St. Paid, (a feast of levotion.) 
i joined in one solemnity, because they were pno* 
operators under Christ in the conversion of the 
le first converting the Jews, the other the Gentile% 
e both martyred at the same place, Rome, and on 
) day. 

!. — Visiiation. — On this festival we comn^cmorate 
iders wrought through Mary in her visit to hef 
t. Elizabeth, when, at the very sound of her voice, 
, was sanctified in his mother's womb^ anr' received 
of reason to know and adore his Redeemer. St 
ii was likewise filled with the Holy Ghost, and re- 
he gift of {xrophecy. The grace we should implore 
lay is a visit from Jesus and Mary to our souls. 
25. — St. James the Greats (a feast of devotion,) bro 
St. John the evangelist, was about the feast o( 
3eheaded at Jerusalem by Herod Agrippa, anno 42. 
Ics were on this day translated to Ckimpostella in 
vhere they were had in great veneration, people re- 
thither from all parts of Chiistendom to pay their 
ivotions, and fulfil their vows. 

ly be/ore Palm-Sunday, — Compassion of the Blessed 
— The object of this feast is to nonor the unutterable 
Q which desolated the soul of Mary at the foot of the 
The devout Christian should sympathize with her at 
ferings of Jesus Christ, and beg, through her inter- 
a sincere and heartfelt sorrow for his sins, and an 
love for his divine Saviour, who endm-ed so much 
d ignominy to expiate them. 

\ut 16. — Assi/MFTioN.-^The Assumption of the Blees> 
pn is the greatest of all her feasts. On this day we 
ler happy death, which, after that of her divine Son, 
>ove all, the most holy and the most precious in the 
[ the Lord. We also commemorate her glorious as- 
on into heaven, where she is elevated above angeli 
changels, with a special claim to our homages, and 
ly desires to promote our real interests. 
uet 24. — St, Bartholomew, anostle, (a feast of devo 


if King Antimgea ; and then beheadt 
'Sepl. a.—T/n Xatiiiilp of lltt BUsttd firpm, (n feaK M 
deTotian,) is in memory of her hnppj and glorioua birth, b; 
whom the Author ot nil life and Bafttj was born to IM 
world Wb aliould beg of her to preserve in us by hw 
»«ers wliat ate has obtained fir in from heuTeu, 

StpL i\.—St. Malthm, apuetla and eTBUgeliit, (a CnM 
gf dsTOtion,) who, preBdung the goapel in Ethiopia, wm 
slain at the altar as hu culubnited the divloe mjaKrlM, 
anno. 44. 

S'pt. •!!).— St. ifirliorl Aivhaiu/d, or ilichatlma»-Das,(% 
feast ci (tcrotion,) Bigiiifies a soleioiiity or tolemn mai^ ■ 
boDiir of liim, and all tho nine orders of mgaU : M slio to 
cuuimend the wbote Cliurdi of Ood to their patrooage aod 

Sraycra, by wliouc charitable miniatry wa bava receiTsd ol 
oil tlie original source, so many benefits. And it ia oiled 
the Uedicatiou of Hi. Michael, from the dedicating a churcb 
to him, in Kome, by Pope Buniface III., anno BOS. 

Oct. 18. — St. Imki, evangelist, vbo, lifter he had endurej 
many afflictions for the iiamu of Clirist, filled with the EtAj 
Ghost, (lied in Bithynia, in tlie year of our Lord 14, whoM 
aacred bones were brought (o Constantinople, and theno* 
translated t<i I'adua. 

Oel S8.—5S.£ji/ian and Jiiiii, otherwise called Thaddent 
(& feast of davotjon ;) the first preached the gospel in Egypt, 
the other in Uesopotamia ; and afterwurde gomg tt^ther 
into Persia, after baviog converted an infinite multitude cl 
that nation to the fikith, they accomplished their martyrdoa 
u tlie year 68. 

AW. 1 .— Fe*st or ALL Saints.— The Church aia iustitutal 
1 iiogle teaat in metDiy of ^ the Sainte, Co obtain aboD- 
jut mercy from Ood, by employing a great multitnUe ot 
Srtercessors ; to eshilat tluit union which exists between tlw 

tliat we are caUtd to a holy life; l)ocau6c there being 
among the Saints persona of all a^cs, ot all sexes, and of 
all condition), no one can find a pretext (or not becoming 
solidly virtuona. 
jf^p, 2.—Cs'ani3moratioih nf A'X Souis.— To pt«y (ot the 


imd k a piiKifl datj which the Ohurch authorizes, and trhich 
Ae Jat always rebtpously practised. Her intention yu thii 
kj k, that the faithful stiould offer up their pravors to 
fiodfcr the reposo and happiness of all tlieir departed bre th- 
in; that theur supplications should be accompouieil witk 
ibBt-deedSk mortification, and other works of satisfaction, 
vkicfa will make them more efficacious ; and lastly, that 
Arr reflect upon their own exit from the world. wLich will 
w£iat thezr to be more careful in avoiding sin and per" 
kadDQ the duties of a Christian life. 

Xw. 30. — SL A.ndrew, apostle, (a feast of devotion,) who^ 
preached the gospel in Ihrace and Scytliia; but, appre- 
tirikied by Egeas the proconsul, was first imprisoned, thee 
ibtft cruelly beaten, and lastly fastened to a cross, whereon 
be lived two days, preaching to the people ; and having be- 
Might our Lord not to permit him to De taken down, en- 
eompassed with a g^reat light from heaven, he gave up hii 
blessed soul at Patras, in Achaia, anno 69. 

Imc. 8. — Concept ion of the B, Virain. — Tliis feast is cele- 
famed in memory of the inestimable privilege granted to 
the mother of God, of being conceived in original justice. 
ud exempted from all sin. On this day we should ask her 
to obtain fur us the grace of perfect purity of soul and body. 
Lee. 21. — St. ThomaSj apostle, (a feast of devotit)n,) win. 
having preached the gospel to the Partbiaus, Medes, Per- 
•'jmfi. and Hyrcanians, went into India, where he instructed 
fhat petiple'in the Christian faith, for whicli he was thrust 
ilirou;rh the body with lances, and gave up his blessed soul 
\t Calamina, amio 44. 

Dfc. 25. — The NAXivrry of oua Loan Jesus Christ, (a 
solemn feast of obligation,) yearly celebrated by the Catho> 
lie Church, even from the aposthis' time, in memory of our 
Saviour's birth at Bethlcthem ; and is called Christm:u>, fro6 
the Class celebrated on that day in honor of his holy birt*:, 
We should all partake Dn this day of the holy joy whicli the 
•lu^els announced to the sliepherds on that occasion, and 
which consists in giving glory to God for so incompara- 
ble a favor, and enjoying the peace brought to men of good 
will, to thf^e w\v learn from their infuit Saviour how to 
■tfictify their souls, and secure to thensolves the blessingi 
•f redemption. 

Die it.— St. Stephen, (a fpast of demotion,) the first mar 



tyr after Christ's ascension, was stoned to death bjr ihi 
Jews, anno 84. 

Dee. 27. — St, John^ a^tle and evangelists (a feaat of d^ 
votksQ,) who, after writing his gospel, nis banishmenti Md 
receiving the revelations, lived to che time of Trajan the 
emj[)eror, and both fouLded and |;ovemed the churaiM d 
Asia. Finally, worn ou*. w^ ih old age, he died at EpbaMi 
iged 9S; anno 68, and was buried near the same dty. 

Dee, 28. — Holy InruMsentSt (a. feast of devotion,) in menuii 
«f the babes slain by Heroo, when he sought our bleasti 
Saviour; and is called Childermass, from the partioidtf 
eommemoration of thrwie martyred children in the mail cl 
^t day. 


31 Snmmars 



L Whctt every Christian must believe, 

1, Evert Christian must believe that there is one God| 
and no more than one God : that this Gk>d is a pure Spiriti tin 
Lord and Maker of heaven and earth, who has neither be* 
ginning nor end, but is always the pame; is everywhen 
present ; knows and sees all things ; can do all things what 
soever he pleases ; and is infinite in all perfections. 

2. Every Christian is bound to believe that in tbi« out 
Gk)d there are three several Persons, perfectly equal, aai 
tl ite same substance : the Father, who proceeds bom 
ftone ; the Son, who is born of the Father before all ages * 
and the Holy Ghost, who proceeds eternally from tha 
Father and the Son ; and ^at these three Persons are all 
equally eternal, eqiuil in wisdom and power, and are all 
three one and the same Lord, one and the same Gctd. 

8. We must all believe that this God created the angels 
06 be with lum forever, and that one part of them fell from 
&cd by an^and hecaae devils: tha G^l alsocreated Adanr 


■d Ere, the first parents of all mankmd, and placed them in 
the evthly paradiae, from whence they were ju4tly banished 
ir the flin tbej conunitted in eating of the fruit of the for- 
WdeD tree ; and that by this transgression of Ailam we ara 
d bom m sin, and must hare been lost foreyer» ff God had 
Hi sent OB a Saviour. 

i. We are bound to believe in this Saviour 'jf all man* 
kod, Jesna ChriBt» the Son of Gk>d, true God, and trot 
MA ; perfect Ood frtmi all eternity, equal to liis Father in 
in diings ; and perfect man, from the time of his coining 
down from heaven for us, having a body and soul like us. 

5. We must believe tJiat this Jesus Christ, our Saviour, 
who had been long foretold by the prophets, was, at God's 
ippointed time, conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mar}% 
ov the power of the Holy Ghost, without having any man 
far his Oather, and was bom of her, she still remaining a 
pure virgin : that, during the time of his mortal life, he 
umnded the Christian religion hj his heavenly doctrine and 
wooderful miracles, and then offered himself a sacriiice for 
the sina of the whole world, by dying upon a cross, to pur- 
chase mercy, grace, and salvation, for us ; and that neither 
mercy, nor grace, nor salvation, either can, or ever couki, 
unce Adam's Ml, be obtained any otherwise than thruu^ii 
ihis death and passion of the Son of God. 

6. We must believe that Jesus Christ, after he had betni 
dead and buried for part of three days, rose again uu the 
third day from death to life, never to die any mure ; and 
that, for the space of forty dajrs, he was pleased, at diil'ereut 
times, to manifest himself to his disciples, and then asc(*nde(i 
into heaven In their sight ; where, as man, he continually in- 
tercedes for us. From thence he sent down the Holy Ghost 
npon his disciples, to abide with them forever, as he had 
Brooiised, and to guide thimi and their successors into al) 

7. We must believe the Catholic or universal Cluirch ol 
Christ, of which he is the perpetua} Head, and Iiis Spirit 
the perpetual Director *, which is founded upon a rock, and 
IS tver victorious over all the powers of death antl helL 
Tliis Church is always one, by all its members professing 
one faith, in one communion, under one chief pastor, suc- 
ceeding St. Peter, to whom Christ committed Ids whole 
floii ; St John xxL 16, 16. 17. This same Church is alwayf 

holy, bj tvacliing a biAj doctrine, \n inriting all to ■ bulj 
vd hy tlic emiiient hnlineiia of many of her cLildm 
la CaUiulic. ur umTunul, bj Bubsifilii); in all agea,^ 

g all Dnllnns, and miiulainiiig all truth; Hhe ia bm» 
tolioftl, bj deriving her doctrine, hiir conmiunion, her orien 
uid her niis«ian, by aa uiunterru[jtod eucceBdioii, from Ibt 
A,pwt]rs of Clirint 

B. With this Culholic Church, the Scriptures, Lotli ol tli 
01'] RUd New Te^tAjiient, were deposited bv tha ApnatlM 
■he ia, in her pnatora the giiordiau and interpreter oS thasv 
■nd the judg:u of all coulroTBruea relating to them. DmU 
Bcriptures, thus iaterpreted, te^ether with the tradlllont if 
the Apostles, ore to U receivBd and admitted by aU Cht» 
tiuus tor tliu rule of their taith and practice. 

4. Wc nmitt believe that Jesiu Christ has ioatitated ia til 
Church seven HaiTuinents, or myiterions sigiu and imtra- 
mental causes of divine grace m our souls. Baptum, faf 
7ay of a new bu-th, by which we are made children a 
jlod. Hnd washed from sin. CoDfimaation, by vliidl «• 
-eeeive the Holy Qliost. by the imposition of the handiof 
lie successors of the Apostles; AcU viil The bUwad 
'Eucharist, which feeds and miurislies our soula witb tbs 
;oiIy and blood of Clirist, really present under the fbrm* of 
.read and wine, or unilor either of thera. Penance, faf 
'xhich penitent sinners arc absolved from tbeir ain^ 1^ 
>-irtue of the conmiisMon given by Christ to his miniaten; 
St. John zx., and St. Matt. xviiL Eitreme Uuctiol), vUek 
vipea away the remains of sin, and arms the soul with Um 
zrace of God in the time of sidcnesa ; St. James v. HidT 

^-lers, bj which "-- ~-~- ' "-' '-* 

d Uatnmony, v 
imon of Christ and his Church, uniies lae marriau vuupie m 
1 h- Jf bnnd, and imparts a grace t« Uiem suitable to that 
««te; Eph. v. 

10 y>e must behevQ that Jesus Christ bos aim institnlad 
he great Gncharietic Sacrifice of his boily and blood in 
remembrance of his death and paseioo. In this sacrifioa b« 
ia mystirally immolated every day npob our altars, bdna 
Umself both priest and victim, llus sacrifice is the prina- 
:>al worship of the new law, in which, and by whidi, wa 
mte ourselves tfl Jeaua Clu-iat, and with him and thrinu^ 
JD we adore God in spirit and tjuth. give him Ihonlu M ■ 


I bleMUiga, obtain his grace for ourselves and the vholn 
I, and pardon for all our Bins, and those of the living 
be dead. 

We must believe that there is, in the Cathohc or uni- 
1 Church of Qod, a communion of saints, by means of 
I we communicate with all holy ones and in all holj 
ft. We communicate with the saints in heaven, as our 
r-members under the same head, Christ Jesus; w% 
thanks to Gk>d for his gifts to them, and we beg a share 
sir prayera We oonmiunicate with all the saints upon 
i in the same sacraments and sacrifice, and in a holy 
1 of £aith and charity. And we communicate with the 
'ul, who have departed this life in a more imperfect 
. and who, by t}ie law of Gkxl's justice, are for a while 
place of suffering, by offering prayers and alms and 
ice to God for them. 

. We must believe also the necessity of divine grace, 
>at which we cannot make so much as one step towards 
en ; and that all our good and all our merits are the gift 
od : that Christ died for all men ; that Gk>d is not the 
or of sin ; and that his grace does not take away our 

. We must believe that Jesus Christ will come from 
en at the last day to judge us all ; that all the dead 
good and bad, slmll rise from their graves at th? souna 
le last trumpet, and shall be judged by him according 
leir works ; that the good shall go to heaven with him, 
' and soul, to be happy for all eternity in the enjoyment 
le Sovereign Good ; and that the wicked shall be con- 
ned, both body and soul, to the torments of hell, which 
ODOst grievous and everlasting 

IL What every C^iristian mutt do 

]£vERT Christian, in order to life everlasting, must wor 
God as his first beginning and last end. This worship 
J be performed, first, by faith, which makes both the 
srstanding and the will humbly adore and embrace all 
e truths which God has taught, however obscure and 
mprehensible they may be to oiw weakness. 2dly, 
bope, which honors the infinite power, g^dness, and 
cy of God. and he truth of his promises ; and, upon 



these grounds, raises the soul to an assured ^zpectadoB d 
mercy, grace, and salvation, through the merita oi Jem 
Christ. Sdly, By charity, which teaches us to lore Gfld 
with our whole hearts, for his own aake, and our ne^ 
bors as ousselves, for Ood's sake. 4thly, By the Tirtni 
of religion, the chief acts of which, are adoratioo, pnM 
thanksgiving, oblation of ourse.ves to God, Micrifioe, tti 
Draper, wluch ought to be the daily employments cf I 
Christian soul. 

2. We must fly all idolatry, all false religions and lopir 
0iitioxi ; under wliich name are comprehended all maimercl 
divinations or pretensions to fortune-telling ; all witcfaonf^ 
charms, spells, observations of omens, dreams, &c All thM 
things are heatlicnish, and contrary tp the worship of tha 
true and living God, and to that dependence a ChristiaD 
soul ought to have on liim. 

3. 'We must reverence the name of Gknl and his truth by 
a religious observance of all lawful oaths and vows, and I7 
carefully avoiding all false, rash, unjust, or blasphemoof 
oaths and curses. 

4. We must dedicate some notable part of our time to 
his divine service ; and, more especially, consecrate to bim 
those days that he has ordered to be sanctified or kept 

6. Under God, we must love, reverence, and obey aor 
parents and other lawful superiors, spiritual and tempcMral, 
and observe the laws of the Church and State ; as also, we 
must have a due care of our children, and of others thftt 
are under our charge, both as to their souls and bodies. 

6. We must abstain from all injuries to our neiffhboi*! 
person, by murder or any other violence ; and from all hatred, 
^avy, and desire of revenge ; as also from spiritual mi:ffdef. 
which is comniitted by drawing him into sm, by wordi^ ai» 
tioo&t or ill example. 

7. We must abstain from adultery, and from all nncleail' 
ness of thoughts, words, and actions, beyond the lawful UM 
of the marriage-bed. 

8. We must not steal, cheat, or any other way wrong oar 
neighbor in his goods and possessions ; we must give eyetj 
cne his own, pay our debts, and make restitution for all nn* 
{ost damages which we have caused. 

9. We must iy)t wrorg our neigbboi in his ctvraieter of 


■Md Mine, by detraction or rash judgmeDt ; or in his Iioikt 
Ig^ leprooches and affronts ; or rob hun of the peace of hiii 
b^ scoffs and oontempt ; or of his friends, by carrying 
bactwards and forwards. In all which cases, whoso* 
wrongs his neighbor is obliged to make restitution or 

K. As we are commanded to abstain from all deeds o# 
ki^ md injustice, so are we also strictly obliged to restraift 
•I dMires in these kinds, and tr resist the irregular motiona 
tf euocapiscence. So far the Ten Commandments; which 
tn a short abridgment ^f the whole eternal and natural 
hv which admits of no dispensation. 

9ater noster. 

PATsa noster, qui es in cos- Qua Father, who art in 

lii. Sanctificetur nomen tu* heaven. Hallowed be thv 

UDL Adveniat regnum tuum. name. Thy kingdom come. 

Fiat Tolimtas tua, sicut in lliy will be done,^on earth as 

cobIo et in terra. Panem it is in heaven. Give us this 

Q>«trum quotidianum da no- day our daily bread. And 

t'is hodic. Et dimitte nobis forgive us our trespasses, as 

dobita nostra, sicut et nos we forgive them that tres- 

dimittimus debitoribus nos- pass against us. And lead 

MIA. £t ne nos inducas in us not into temptation; but 

iMitationem. Sed libera nos deliver us from eviL Amei^ 
ft malo. Amen. 

ilbe i^arfa. 

Av«, Maria, gratia plena ; Hail, Mary, fuU of graos 

Domimis tecum : b^oedicta the Lord is with thee 

ta m mulieribus, et oencdic- blessed art thou among wo- 

tus fructus veutris tui, J«:8us. laen, and blessed is the fruit 

daocta Maria, Mater Dei ora of thy womb, Jesus. Holy 

pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc Mary, Mother of God, pray 

If in bora minrtis nostrsa for us sinners, now and at th« 

Imen. hi>ur of our death. Araeu. 

i i 06 

itxzXio in JBcttm. 

Oeido in Deum, Patrem I belucve in Qin 

Munipotentem, Creatorem Father Almighty, Crei 

Meli et terrse. Et in Jesum heaven and earth, i 

Christum, Filium ejus uni- Jesus Christ, his onl; 

eum, Dominum nostrum ; qui our Lord ; who was c! 

ecmceptus est de Spiritu ed by the Holy Ghosi 

ganctc, natus ex Maria Vir- of the Virgin Mary, si 

gfine, passus sub Pontio Pila- under Pontius Pilate 

to, crucifixus, mortuus, et crucified, dead, and b 

sepultus; descendit ad in- he descended into hel 

feros ; tertia die resurrexit a third day he rose agaii 

mortuis; ascendit ad coelos, the dead; he ascendei 

sedet ad dexteram Dei Pa* heaven, and sitteth a 

tris omnipotentis ; inde ven- right hand of God, the I 

; turns est judicare vivos et Almighty; from then 

mortuos. Credo in Spiritum shall come to judge the 

« Sanctum, sanctam Ecclesiam and the deaa. I belli 

I Catholicam, Sanctorum com- the Holy Ghost, the 

*nunionem, remissionem pec- Catholic Church, the 

catorum, camis resurrectio- munion of Saints, ih 

nem, vitam SBtemam. Amen, giveness of sins, the 

rection of the body, an 
life everlasting. Ainei 


R. CoNFiTsoa Deo omnipo- R. I confess to AJn 

tenti, beatsB Maris Si^mpcr God, to blessed Mary 

Virgini, beato Michacli Arch- Virgin, to blessed Micba 

,'.| tngelo, beato Joanni Baptis Ardhangel, to blessed 

tae, Sanctis A postolis Petro e1 Baptist, to the holy Ap 

Pftulo, omnibus Sanctis, et ti Peter and Paul to a 

bl, Patsr, quia poccavi nimis, saints and to you, F 

eogitatione, verbo, et opere, that I have sinned exce< 

me& culp&, meft. culp&, met ly in thought, word, and 

maxim& culp&. Ideo precor through my fault, throuj 

beatam Manam semper Vir- fault, through my most 

ginem, beatum Michaelem ous fault. Therefore 

Archan^elum, beatum Joan- seech the blessed Mar] 

jiem Baptintam,'8anct )s Apos- Virgdm, blessed Micha< 


kU Petnuu et Panlmn, om- 
MMDCtofi, et t€v Pater, orare 
^me ad Doniiimm Demn 

P Miaereatur vestri omni- 
pcteoi Deua, et, dimissis pec- 

ttii TMtria, perducat vos ad 
filuB sternam. 

R. Amen. 

P. Indulgentiam, absolu- 
Iknem, et remissioiiein peo- 
atomm nostrorum, tribuat 
■obis omnipotens et miseri- 
eon I>oinmii& 

R. Amen. 

Archangel, blessed John Bap* 
tist, the holy Apostles Peter 
and Paul, and all the saints, 
and you. Father, to pray to 
our Lord God for me. 

P. May Almighty God be 
merciful unto you, and, for- 
giving you your sins, brcag 
you to life everlastiig. 

R. Amen. 

P. May the Almighty and 
merciful Lord grant us par- 
don, absolution, and remission 
of our sins. 

R. Amen. 

Qrlorfa Dattf. 

Oloua Patri et Filio et GLoaT oe to the Father, 
Spiritiii Sancto. Sicut erat and to the Son, and to the 
la principio^ et nunc et sem- Holy Ghost. As it was in 
per et in saxmla sseculorum. the beginning, is now, and 
Ameo. ever shall be, world without 

end. Amen. 

Salbe Sefifna. 

Salvs, JR^giua, Mater mise* 

VHa. dnlcedo, et spes noe- 
tn, salve. 

Ad te clamamus, ezules 
Cc Hev» ; 

Ad te sospiramus, gemen- 
tat et flentAs in hac lacry- 
Bvum valle. 

fia ergo, Advocata nostra 

Hloe tuos misericordes oca* 
Im ad noB converle ; 
^ Jnmc, beneiUctum fruo- 

Hail, holy Queen, Mother 
of mercy ; 

Our life, our sweetness, 
and our hope, all hail. 

To thee we cry, jX)or ban- 
ished sons of Eve ; 

To thee we sigh, weejinif 
and mourning in this vale o? 

Therefore, our Advo- 

Turn thou on us those mer- 
ciful eyes of thine ; 

And after Jiis our ezfle^ 
thow ua 

Nobifi post hoc exiliom os- Hie Uessed (hut o4 

tende, nomb, Jksus, 

O Clemens, O pia, O dulcis O merciful, O kind, O 8 

Virgo Maria. Virgin Mary. 

V. Ora pro nobis, sancta V. Pray for us, O 

Dei Genetrix. Mother of God. 

li. Ut digni efficiamur pro- R That we may be i 

cnidsiunibus ChristL worthy of the p'omia* 


Memorare, O piissima Vir- Remembkk, o most 

go Maria, non esse auditum cious Virgin Mary, that m 

a aasculo, quemquam ad tua i/as it known, that any 

currentem praBsidia, tua in?- who fled to thy protec 

piorantem aiudlia, tua peten- implored thy help, and soi 

tern suffragia, esse derelic- thy intercession, was left 

turn. Ego, tali animatus aided. Inspired with 

eotifidentia, ad te, Virgo vir- confidence, I fly unto t 

ginum, M-ater, curro. Ad te O Virgin of virgins, my 

Fenio ; coram te gemens pec- ther. To thee I come ; 

cator assisto. Noli, Mater fore thee I stand, pinful 

Verbi, verba mea despicere, sorrowftd.* O Mother 

■ed audi propitia et exaudl the Word Incarnate, deq 

/Lmen. not my petitiona, but io 

• Hew f -m mw iMk^ WW w ™"1 ^«" "^ "^•' 


ttnttiotiB anb WtvoiiotiB for JElontiiif . 

1 as you awake, make the sign ij* of the crofis, ■t^jiV 

ry be to the Father, who hath created me. 
ry be to the Son, who hath redeemed me. 
ry be to the Holy Ghost, who hath sanctified 

ised be the holy and undivided Trinity non 
reFer. Amen. 

On rising from yomr bed, at;T, 

he name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I aris^ 
e bless, preserve, and govern me, and brin^ 
everlasting life. Amen. 

on are dressing, occupy yourself with pious thought* 
meditations, on some point in the life or passion of 
Saviour, on God's mercies, on your own sins, on the 
tations of the world, on the shortness of life, on eter- 
Ac. ; or say some psalm or hymn. 
1 as- you are dressed, prepare to say your morning 
3rs. There is do duty of greater importance than this ; 
hofi greater ixifluence upon our Uves. According ^ 
well or ill performed will be the character of the 
and our life is made up of days. Before you begio 
prayers, thtsrefore, recollect yourself, and compose 
umd. Think who you are, and what He is whooo 
ire about to address ; and endeavor to clothe your 
vith those sentiments of humility, reference, and awe 
ii become you on such an occasion, and at such a tima 
kneeling down in the quietest and moat retired spot 
^n find, if poflsible in some room or part of the room 
ted to the purpose, begin yoiir prayers, 
lyers and devotions must consist of acts of adorati(Mi, 
e, and thanke^ving to Ood for his mercies, o£ CODr 
rj of our aioa, reaolution of wnfindment, oblatioil «l 


ouTMlves to Gods service, prayers for pardon ani] gnMi 
and prayers in behalf of otners, dca 
All forms of prayer are composed, more or leas, of tfaoN 
parts, thougn not always in we same order. Each penis 
IS at liberty to please himself both as to the fonn and 
aiTangement of his prayers. Some forms are useAil if nol 
necessary for all We shall give several of those fimi 
which have been most approved, and are most used, U 
eoit the different tastes of different minds, and to aikri 
to all th<> advantages of occasional variety. A grcAtei 
variety may be gained by adding at choice oiia .c mtf* 
oi the " Occasional Prayers.*' 

Make the sign of the cross ; saying, 

In the name of the >^ Father, and of the Son, and 
of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity now 
and forever. Amen. 

Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of thy faithfiilf 
and kindle in them the fire of thy love. 

Send forth thy Spirit, and they shall be created, 
and thou shalt renew the face of the earth. 

God, who hast taught the hearts of the faith* 
ful by the light of thy Holy Spirit ; grant iia, by 
th€ same Spirit, to have a right judgment in aO 
Ihings, and evermore to rejoice in his consolatioi^ 
viirougL Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

1. An Act of Faith in the Presence of CML 

my God ! I firmly believe that thou art hero 

present, and perfectly seest me, and observest aO 

my actions, all my thoughts, and the most secret 

motions of my heart. I acknowledge that I am 

iortlby to i> >Tiie \i\t;o tilay presence, nor to lift up 
jyes unto thee, \>eoCkiise I have so often sinned 
ost iViee. ^\xt> i\%ry goodness and mercy invite 
to come \mto t.\\ee. Assist me, therefore, with 
iMy BpVnt, and. t.e&cl\ me to pray to thee as I 

OmFaibeT, &c. Hail, Mary, <&c. I helievc, dro, 

1 An Act qf Adijration and Thanksgiving. 

eternal Qodl father. Son, and Holy Ghost; 
ik beginning and. end of all things ; in whom we 
five, and move, and "have onr being : prostrate before 
thee in body and soul, I adore thee with the most 
|>rofo\md humility. I pi'aise and bless thee, and 
give thee thanlts for all the benefits which thou hast 
conferred upon me ; that thou hast created me out 
of nothing, made me after thine own image and 
likeness, redeemed me with the precious blood of 
thy Son, and sanctified me with thy Holy Spirit. I 
think thee that thou hast called me into thy Church, 
assisted me by thy grace, so often admitted me to 
ihy sacraments, bcme with my ingratitude so long, 
watched over me by thy special providence ; bless- 
ed me, notwithstanding my sins and utter unwor- 
ihiness, with the continuance of thy gracious pro- 
idction ; and for all the innumerable blessings which 
I<me to thy imdeserved bounty. Particularly this 
coming, I thank thee for having preserved me 
during the night past, and for bringing me in safety 
U> the beginning of another day. my God, how 
good art ihou unto me ! What reiurn can I make 
onto thee for all that thou hast done unto me ? 1 
will ble96 thy holy name, and serve thee truly all 
the dayB of my life. Bless the Lord, my seal, 



and let all thai is within me praise his holy m 
Bless the Lord, my soul, and forget not all 
he hath done for thee. 

Here call to mind the chief sins of your past life, and n 
resolutions against the temptations and dangerous c 
Mons you may probahly meet with this day 

3 An Act of Contrition, vnih good ResoltUions, 

O my God, how little have I served thee in ti 
past ! how greatly have I sinned against thee ! 
acknowledge my iniquity, and my sin is always 1 
fore me. But I repent, Lord, I repent. I j 
heartily sorry that I have lost that time in offendi 
thee which thou gavest me to be employed in t 
service, in advancing the good of my own soul, a 
obtaining everlasting life. I detest all the si 
which I have committed against thy divine MajesI 
and I resolve never to commit them any moi 
I am sorry, above all things, that I have offend 
thee, because thou art infinitely good, and sin is i 
finitely displeasing to thee. I love thee with i 
whole heart, — at least I desire so to do ; and I fin 
ly purpose, by the help of thy grace, to serve th 
more faithfully for the time to come. 

Receive, I beseech thee, the offering I now ma 
to thee of the remainder of my life. I renew t 
tows and promises made in my baptism. I ] 
flounce the devil, and all his works ; the world, a 
all its pomps. I now begin, and will endeavor 
spend this day according to thy holy will, perfor: 
ing all my actions so that they may be pleasing m 
thee. I will take particular care to avoid the fc 
Ukffl I am so apt to cammiC sjad to exercise I 


most agreeable to my state ana employ- 

4. An Oblation. 

iT to thee, O my God, the life and death d 
y Son ; and with them these my a^ectioni 
solutions, my thoughts, words, deeds, and 
igs of this day, and of al] my life, in honoi 

adorable Majesty; in thanksgiving for all 
nefits, in satisfaction for my sins, and to o\y 
\e assistance of thy grace ; that, persevering 

end in doing thy holy will, I may love and 
thee forever m thy glory. 

5. A PetUian. 

Du know est, O God, how weak and unable I 
. do good. Leave me not to myself, but take 
nder thy protection, and give me grace faith- 
to comply with these holy resolutions. En- 
tn my understanding with a lively faith, raise 
y will to a firm hope, and inflame it with an 
it charity. Strengthen my weakness, and cure 
orruption of my heart ; grant that, overcoming 
nemies, both visible and invisible, I may make 
use of thy grace ; — and vouchsafe to add tc 
; blessings the inestimable gift of final persever- 


. Unto ihoje, O Lord, I have lifted up my voice, 

. And early in the morning my prayer shall 

b before thee. 

'. Let my mouth bo ever filled with thy praises, 

I. That I may sing of thy glory, and all the day 

; of thy greatness. 

^. Turn away thy face, O Lord, from my tins. 

R And blot out all my miquiliea, 
7 Create in me a clean heart, God. 
JSL Aad reaew & rigiiC Gpii'it witbfi loe. 
V. Cast me not away from tby preseneo. 
R. And take not thy Holy Spirit from me. 
V. Restore unto me the joy of thy salratjoa 
B And strengthen me with a perfect Bpirit. . 

V. Our help is in the name of the LonL 
R. Who hath made heaven and earth. 
V. Vouchsafe, Lord, this day, 
R. To keep ua without sin. 
V. Have mercy upon ub, O Lord. 
R. Have mercy upon -as. 
V. Let thy mercy be upon us, Lord. 
B. As we have put our trust iu thee. 
V. Lord, hear my prayer. 
R. And let my cry come unto thee. 

A CoOea. 

Lord Ood Almighty, who hast safely brongbS 
Me to the beginning of this day, defend me in tfai 
lame b; thy mighty power; that this day I may fall 
into no sin, but that my words may always proceed, 
and my thoughts and actions be directed, to tLfl 
performance of thy justice, through our Lord Jesni 
Christ thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with the* 
in the unity of the Holy Ghost, GinI, forever tai 
net. Amen. 

Lord God, Kiug of heaven and earth, Tru^< 
safe this day to direct and sanctify, to rule and gOT 
em, our hearts and bodies, our thoughts, wordS) 
and deeds, in thy law, and in the works of thy com> 
mandmeots ; ttat henceforth and forever, ^vioui 


iby migbty help, who livest ani reignest 
ad ever. Amen. 

1, who, out of thy unspeakable providence, 

sed to appoint thy holy angels for our guar- 

give ear to the supplications which we make 

continuance of their protection, and that wt 

e added to their joyful number for all eternity; 

ly the blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and all 

saints, be our intercessors with the Lord, that 

may be succored and secured by him who 

ih and reigneth to everlasting ages. Amen. 

tlay our Liord bless us, and preserve us from all 

1, and bring us to life everlasting ; and may the 

als of the faithful departed, through the mercy of 

od, rest in peace. Amen. 


4" In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, cruci- 
fied, I arise ; bless me, Lord ; govern me, protect 
me, and confirm me in all good works, this day and 
forever ; and after this short and miserable pilgrim 
ige, bring me to everlasting happiness. Amen. 

O God the Father, who saidst in the beginning 
Let there be light, and it was made ; enlighten n 
eyes, that I may never sleep in sin, lest at any tir 
the deceits of the enemy, or my own corruptir 
•hoold prevail agmnst me. 

O God the Son, most bcffutiful and true In 
•bimng in darkness, and epnlightening every one 
oomes into this world ; dispel all clouds of ignore 


Hnd give me a right understandiiv> that in thee, aid 
through tbee, I may tee and iaow the FaUM Z 
whom to kc iv ia to live ; and to serve, is to logn 

Ood the H0I7 Qhoet, who i-iflamest the wifl* 
uf all those in whom thou voucbBafest to dweJl witb 
heavenly iLffcction ; pour into my mmd the gifts fif 
fcoly chiirity, that, diapising all vmd and trana* 
tory things, I may, with a continual desire, I0119 
for the (rue and everlastiug joys of thy heavenly 

holy Trinity, one Ood, defend me this day from 
the deceits and temptations of the devil, keep me 
from all sin, and preserve me from sudden ana un- 
provided death. Raise up, God, my body from 
sleep and drowsiness, and my soui from sin, that I 
may praise and glorify thy holy name, to whom be- 
longs all benediction, and honor, and wisdom, and 
thanksgiving, now and forever. Amen, 

In the name of the Father, i&c. 

Blessed be the holy and undivided, &c. 

Our Father, dec. H^l Mary, &c. I believe, te. 

1 confess to Almighty God, to the blessed Maiy 
ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel; to 
blessed John the Baptist, to the holy Apostles Pet« 
and Paul, and to all the s^nts, that I have sinned 
exceedingly, in thought, word, and deed, tbrou^ 
B^ fault, through my fault, through my most griev- 
vus fault. Therefore I heseech the blessed Marr 
everVir^n, blessed Michael the Archangel, btesseo 
John tt.e Baptist, the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 
uid all the saints, to pray to the Lord our God for me. 

May Almighty Qod have mercy on me, for^va 
mff mF sim. and brinir me to life eterlasliiui. AmeiL 


May the Almighty and merdful Lord grant me 
pardon, absolution and remission of all my sins. 

O Lord God Almighty, who hast safely brought 
e to the beginning of this day, defend me in the 
lue by thy mighty power ; that this day I may 
n into no sin, but that my words may always pro- 
«d, and my thoughts and actions be directed, to 
le performance of thy justice, through our Lord 
Bsus Christ thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with 
lee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, forever 
ad ever. Amen. 

O most sweet Saviour Jesus Christ, open thou 
ly heart and lips, to praise and glorify thy holy 
ame, which is blessed above all names ; pmify my 
f>ul from all evil and pervene thoughts, that my 
QJnd may continually meditate on thee, my lips 
)less thee, and my life glorify thee. And because, 
hi*ough thy goodness alone, I have been created, 
the praise and glory of thy holy name, grant, I 
>eseech thee, that I may faithfully serve thee here, 
nd eternally rejoice with thee hereafter; who, with 
he Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, 
me God, world without end. Amen. 

Almighty God, who, dwelling in the higheit 
bravens. vouchsafest to regard the lowest creature 
ai eartl. ; I humbly adore thy sacred Majesty, and 
irith all the powers of my soul exalt and praise thy 
lame for the infinite blessings thou hast so freely 
bestowed on me ; for electing me in thy love, and 
creating me in thy own image ; for redeeming me 
by thy Son. an i sanctifvine: me with thy Holy Sp Irit ; 


for preserving me in all the chances and aediieiili 
of this life, and raising up m) thoughts to the hops 
of a better ; and particularly this morning, that mm 
hast protected me from the dangers of the nighti 
and hast brought me safely to the beginning of tha 
ia\ Continue, O Lord, thy mercy to rae ; and M 
ihoj hast awakened my body from sleep, so raitl 
tty soul from sin, that I may walk soberly and 
ehastely, as in the day, in all holy obedience before 
thy face. 

Deliver me, O merciful God, from the e>"ils of thii 
day, and guide my feet in the way of peace, strength- 
en my resolution to embrace with gladness all op- 
portunities of doing good, and carefully to avoid aD 
occasions of sin, especial!" those which I have foimd, 
by experience, to be most dangerous to my soul; 
and when, through frailty, I forget thee, do thou, 
iix thy mercy, remember me ; that as I often fall bv 
tlie evU propensity of my nature, I may always rise 
again by the assistance of thy grace. Make me dili- 
gent in the duties of my calling and station, and 
not too solicitous about the tilings of this life ; but 
m all the miseries and crosses of the world, abso- 
lutely to submit to thy divine pleasure, and T^hoUj 
to rely on thy merciful providence. Let thy bless- 
xgs be upon my actions, and thy grace direct niy 
£t6ntions ; that the whole course of my life, and 
ihe principal design of my h'^art, may always tend 
to the advancement of thy glory, the good of others^ 
and the eternal salvation of my own soul, through 
Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour, who, with 
thee and the Holy Ghost, hveth and reigneth ev& 
one God, world without end. Amen. 

Gire me ffrace, O Liord, to do what thou com- 
uidest, and command what thou pleasest. 

Gtre me ^race to suffer what thou permittest, 
■d pennit what thou pleasest. 

Do^t Virgin, Mother of mj Ood» and my es* 
fBQil Patroness ! show thyself my mother, and take 
m under thy protection fhis day. 

Ang^ of God, -who art my guardian, enlighten* 
|Bud, direct, and govern me, who have been com- 
mtted to thee by the supernal clemency. Amen. 

And ye, O holy saints (N. N.), my chosen and 
beloved patrons, intercede for me to God, that, by 
ilie guidance of his grace, I may love, and rejoice, 
ud praise him here ; aad hereafter, with you, be- 
hold lus face for all eternity. Amen. 

The blessing of Ood Almighty, the Father, Son. 
ud Holy Ghost, descend upon me, and dwell in mv 
Wut forever. Aonen. 



1. An Act of Adoration. 

abnighty and everlasting God, Lord of heaven 
nd earth, behold I, a poor worm of the earth, and 
A most miserable sinner, presume to appear befon 
liee, and speak to thee, the Holy of Holies, and tht 
lorereign Maker of all things. Oh, cast me not away 
from thy face, how unworthy soever ; but assist mb 
iK)w by thy divine grace, and teach me to pray to 
thee as I ought 

And first, — acknowledging myself thy creiiture, 
ad the work of tlvf hands, and confessing my toial 


dependence on thee,— I desire to praise and g^oi 
thee, and to pay thee the best homage I am al 
in union with that which is pcud to thee by all ti 
fear thee and love thee upon earth, and by aU i 
bleiised angels and saints m heaven, and by thy fi 
my Saviour Jesus Christ in his humanity. I adc 
hj sovereign Majesty, prostrate in soul and bo 
oefore th(3e. I offer up myself, and all that I ha 
or am, to thee as to my first beginning ; aod 
aspire to thee as my last end, with whom I hope 
live forever. 

± An Act of Thanksgmng. 

I give thee thanks, from the bottom of my hes 
for all thy benefits ; for having thought of me fr 
all eternity ; for having made me out of nothi 
: reserved me from innumerable evils, borne with 
BO long in my sins, when there was but a hai] 
breadth betwixt my soul and hell ; redeemed me 
the death and passion of thy only Son ; called 
to the true Church, in preference to milUons 
others ; so often admitted me to thy sacrameo 
favored me with thy graces and inspiratioi 
watched over me night and day ; appointed thy 
gels to guard me, and prepared a happy etOT 
U)r me. I thank thee especially this morning 
having preserved me in the past night, and brouj 
[ne safely to the beginning of the day. For th 
and all thy other blessings bestowed upon me, a m 
unwjrthy sinner, and upon thy whole Church, i 
every member thereof, whether triumphant 
heaven, suffering in purgatory, or militant on eaj 
and especially those bestowed on our head, Je 
Christ ; and for thy own great glory manifested 

MOBNniG. 71 

lation and redemption of the world, I give 
06t humble and hearty thanks, in union intb 
mksgiving of the same Lord Jesus Christ thy 
nd of thy whole Church in heaven and earth. 

3. An Act qf Coniriiion. 

at a wretched return have I hitherto made lo 

my God, for all thy mercies and favors I 
e dally transgressed thy commandments in 
ht, word, and deed ; I have neglected thy gra- 
calls and inspirations, abused thy patience and 
nifferingy and too often have cruciiBed my Sa- 

by my offences. And now, O Lord, what 

1 say, but that it grieves me to the bottom of 
eart that I have so grievously offended thy in- 

goodness. I acknowledge myself unworthy 
; up my eyes to heaven, or so much as to name 
loly name, after so many treasons against thy 
3 Majesty. The meanest place amongst thy 
nts is infinitely too good for me, who have de- 
d a thousand hells. But as thy mercy is 
er than my iniquities, so I am encouraged lo 
n to thee like the prodigal child. I detest all 
ins, because they are detestable in thy sight ; I 

humbly beg pardon for them all, through the 
1 and passion of Jesus Christ my Saviour ; and 
olve, by thy grace, rather to die than to com* 
the hke any more. Be thou my keeper, 
, for the time to come ; and give me a peniten- 
spirit, that I may daily offer henceforward to 

the sacrifice of a contrite and humble heart, 
$irc, by thy grace; to make satisfaction for my 
by worthy fruits of penance ; and I willingly 
pt from thy hands whatever pains, crosses, o« 


Bufferings I shall meet ^ith during the reinaiui 
my life, or at my death, as just punishments < 
iniquities, begging that they may be united i 
Bufierings and death of my Redeemer, and fi 
fied by his passion, in which is all my ho] 
mercy, grace, and salvation. 

4. A?; ObkUion, 

I desii« to spend this day in thy divine se 
and therefore I now oflfer up to thee a] 
thoughts, words, and actions, that they may 
consecrated to thee by a pure intention o 
greater glory, in union with that pure intentioi 
which our Lord Jesus Christ performed all I 
tions in his mortal life. I beg that my whole 
with all its powers, may be ever thine ; ihi 
memory may be always recollected in thee, th 
understanding may always be enlightened I 
truth, and my will always inflamed by thy lo 

6. Resolutions and Petitions for Grace, 

I humbly beg thy grace, through the deat" 
passion of Jesus Christ, that I may not fal 
any sin this day, and especially that I may b* 
served from those faults to which I am most su 
I resolve to renounce them, O my God, noi 
Torever ; and, to the best of my power, to 1 
dangerous occasions, and to resist the first c 
towards them. But of myself I can do no 
and therefore my whole trust and confidence 
thy power, goodness, and mercy, and in the i 
ance of thy divine grace. Oh, look upon me 
Lord, or, like another J luliis, I shall betray the 
day. Oh, rather let me die than be so miscral 


that I may senre thee tuis day in spirit 
i, by fidtby nope, and love ; give me pru- 

fnnt that I 


oe to direct my steps to thee, justice to regu- 

my conduct to my neighbors, fortitude to 
ry me safe through all difficulties and dangers, 
. temperance to restrain me from all unlawfs 
isnres and passions ; teach me to be meek bql 
nble of heart, and to deny myself, and to tftke 
my cross and follow thee ; and in all thingtr to 
m and to do thy holy will. 

6. Intercession, 

Have mercy on the whole Church militant upoi> 
rth ; exalt her by the gifts of thy grace to all her 
imbers ; give her saints for her chief bishops and 
her prelates ; propagate her faith throughout the 
ade world ; extirpate all heresies, schisms, errors, 
d abases ; convert all poor sinners to thee ; gram 
irseverance to all that are in thy grace, in whose 
■avers and good works I desire to be associa- 
d ; let thy right hand assist and protect all the 
ergy and religious, and all apostolical missionarits 
joughout the world, that they may all faithfully 
•omote thy cause, and shine like lights to the r^st 
■ the faithful. Have mercy on all Christian kings 
xi princes, and on all magistrates and men in 
owcr, that they may all fear, love, and serve thee 
od reverence thy Church. Have mercy on thia 
idon, and remove from us those scourges which 
or manifold sins have deserved, and bring back our 
nndering steps to the ways of peace and trutii. 
iave mercy on my parents, relations, friends, am* 
wnefactors, and on all those for whom I am more 
^•nkalarly bound to pray, or who have desired mv 


prayei-s i on my superiors ; on all t-hose w' 
ander my charge ; on all those whom 1 ha 
jured, or to whom I have given scandal, by 
action, or bad example. Have mercy also up 
enemies ; forgive them their sins, and fill boti 
learts and mine with thy charity. Comfc 
hhose who are in affliction, sickness, or pain ; as 
fcliat are in slavery or captivity ; defend all th 
under temptation, and grant a happy passage 
tliat are in their agony ; grant to us all relief 
respective necessities, the remission of all oui 
the grace of final perseverance, and life everla 
Remember also, O Lord, all the faithful dep 
that have slept in thy faith and in thy grace 
especially those whom I am more particularly I 
or accustomed to pray for ; dehver them fro 
their pains, and grant them rest, light, and ] 
everlasting, through Jesus Christ our Lord. A 

7. Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

blessed Virgin Mary, unspotted Mother o 
God and Saviour Jesus Christ, be thou a m< 
tc me, since thy adorable Son has been please 
call us all his brethren, and to recommend us i 
thee, in the person of his beloved disciple. ' 
me and mine under thy holy protection, anj 
ticijally represent to the eternal Father, in our 
lali, the merits of the death and passion of thy 
007 Saviour. 

8. Prayer to aU Saints and Angels, 

O all ye glorious angels and saints, and yo 
particular, my holy patrons, N. and N., happy 
Kens of the heavenly Sion, pray for us poor ?hi] 

> oar common Lord, by Uie merits of oaf 
f ediatoTy that we may ever love him aod 
L heace,* tiU we oome with yoa to km^ 
1 ei^oy him f<nr all eternity. 

• Fncqfer to ftmr Ovardian Angd, 

of God, who art my guardian, enli|^teik 
ect» and ffovem me, who have been com* 
thee by tne supernal clemency. Amen. 
16 to the Father, dro. 


ion. Lord have mercy. 

on. Lordhavemeny. 

dson. Christ have mercy. 

ison, Christ have mercy, 

ion. Lord have mercy. 

ofu Lord have mercy, 

di noa. Christ hear us. 

audi nos, Christ graciously hear us, 

celis Deus, Grod the Father of heaveui 

mptor mundi |^ Grod the Son, Redeemer ^ 

S^ of the world, | 

ancte Deus, | God the Holy Ghost, | 

'rinitas, tmus « Holy Trinity, one God, i 

I>ei vivi, p Jesus, Son of the living } 

God, f 

ndor Patris, Jesus, Splendor of the 


Mj k taken, wora for word, from the latest aditions of tiM 
iumm and die Cmlesle Palmetum, in which latter mannal il 
hava bean iadnlgaroad by Pope Sextos V., July 11, ISBi 

FRiTAn PKtnu. 

fean, Cuidor Iwu' «- 

Jenu, Rex glorue, 

Jesn, Sol justitite, 
JcHQ, Fill Marue Virgi- 

Izga, admirabiliB, 
j«8ii, Dens fortis, 
lesu, Pater fntnri see en) i, 

J«HQ, magDi conaOii / n- 

leau, potentjsmmc, 
Jesii, palientUBimt, 
Jeau, obedienliBaime, 
Jesu. mitb et humilis 

Jeau, Amator caatitatis, ^ 

Jesu, Amor nosier, ; 

Jeau, Dena pacis, ■ 

Jesu, Auctor vite, S; 

Jeau, Exemplar virtu- ^ 

Jenu, Zelator unimaniin, 

]e»n. Dens noaler, 

Je«u, Refu^u m n ostruiD. 
JesD, Pater paDpenun, 

JeHU.Theaaurue Melium, 

?«aii. Bone Paster, 


£Of gtt 

a, tne Sun of j 

s, Son of the ' 

Jesus, most admir 
JeauB, the mighty 
Jeans, the Father 

world to come, 
Jesus, the Angel ol 

Jesus, most powei 
Jhsqs, moat patien 
Jesus, most obeidt 
JeaUB, meek and h 

JesuH, Lover of cb 

Jesus, our Belovet 
JeauB, the God of 
Jesus, the Author i 
a, the example 
Jesiia, the zealous 

ofst " 

Jesns, the Fiither i 

[esus, the Treast 

the fiuthfnl, 
Jesus, the Good 

JeauB, the true lit 
Jesus, the Etemd 

1 esus, iDiinite Gooi 
Jeana, OQr Way an 


MosxniG. 71 

itm Angelo- Jesiu, the Joy of Angela. 

ter ApofltoU Jesus, the Master of the 


r £ vangeliat. Jesus, the Teacher of the 

. Evanffelists, 9 

tudo Marty- S Jesus, Uie Stren^ of S 
I Martyrs, | 

'T^ Confesso- | Jesus, the Light of Cuiw J 
f fessors, « 

B» Yirginum, §: Jesus, the Purity of Vir- * 
^ gins, t 

la Sanfstomm Jesus, the Crowu of all 


Bto. Be merciful 

I, Jenu Sport tis, O Jesus. 

Bto. Be merciful. 

I, JestL Graciously hear us, O 


eocato. From all sin, 

From thy wrath, 

diaboli, From the snares of the 


^micationiB, From the spirit of for- 


>rpetua. From everlasting death, 

inspirationum fcj From neglect of thy in- j 
I* spirations, i 

trium sanctsB * Through the mystery of J 

ionis tuie, | thy holy Incarnation, i 

uitem tuam. ^ Through thy Nativity, | 

iam tuam, | Through thme Infancy, « 

flimam Vitam ^ Through thy most divme ' 


3B tuoB, Through tiiy Labors, 

imet Passion- Throudi thine Agony 

I, and Passion, 

D et Derelicti- Through thy Cross anri 

Am, Dereliction. 



Per Languored tuos, 

Per Mortem et Sepultu- ^ 
ram tuam, f 

Per Resurrectionem tu- * 
am, § 

Per Ascensionem tuam, '^ 

Per Gaudla tua, 
Per Gloriam tuam, 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 
cata mundi, 

Parce nobis, Jesu, 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 
cata mundi, 

Exavdi nos, Jesu. 
Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 
^ata mundi. 

Miserere nobis, Jesu. 
Jesu, audi nos. 
Jesu, exaudi nos, 

V. Confitebimur tibi, 

R. Et invocabimus No- 
men tuum. 


Domine Jesu Christe, qui 
iLzisti, *' Petite, et accipie- 
tis; qoserite, et invenietis; 
pulsate, et aperietur vobis ;" 
qusBsumus, da nobis peten- 
tibus divinissimi tui amoris 
fiffectum, ut te toto corde, 
pre et ope^e diJigam us, et a 

Through th} Weari:iei 

and Faintness, 
Through, thy Death ax 

Through thy Resurre 

Through thine Aac«! 

Through thy Joys, 
Through thy Glory, 
Lamb of Grod, who ts 

away the sins of 

S/xzre us, O Jesus. 
Lamb of God, who U 

away the sins of 

GrcKumsly hear us,OJ 
Lamb of God, who tf 

away the sins of 

Have mercy onus, O J 
Jesus, hear us. 
Jesus, graciously hear • 

V, We will praise 

R. And we will call 1 
thy name. 

Let us pray. 

O Lord Jesus Chiisii 
hast said, '^Ask, and ye 
receiTe ; seek, and ye 
find ; knock, and it sha 
opened unto you;" g 
we beseech thee, to as 
ask the gift of Hiy d 
love, that we may love 


laude eesfle- with our whole heart. Id 

word and worJic, and never 

cease firom showbig fordk 

thy pnuse. 

Qjjns tni timo- Grant that we may have 

tt amorem fiie a peipetnal fear ana law% 

rpetunm : quia of thy holy Name , for thot 

. gubematione never fidlest to direct and 

•8 in solidhate govern those whom thou Jn« 

»ni8 institnis. stmetest in thy tme and 

legnasDeusin solid love« Wholivestand 

orom. Amen reignest, 6od» forever and 

ever. Amen, 
inigenitoml^ O God, who hast ap- 
onstitmsti hu- pointed tiiine only-begotten 
Salvatorem, et Son ^e Saviour of mankiod, 
. joBsisti; con- and hast conmianded that 
ns, ut cujuB he should be called Jesus ; 
len veneramur mercifully grant, that we 
IS quoque as- may enjoy in heaven the 
amur in coelis. blessed vision of Him, whose 
Dominum nos- holyNameweyenerateupon 
D. earth. Through the same 

our Lord. ^men. 

'el. Or, 

rloriosissimum O God, who hast made 

ini nostri Jesu the most glorious Nfone oi 

eniti Filii tui, our Lord ^sus Christ, thine 

us tuis summo only-begotten Son, so love- 

3ctu amabile,et ly to thy faithful, that their 

ritibus tremen- hearts are ravished with d^ 

terribile ; con- light, and so terrible to the 

us, ut omnes, spirits of evil, that they 

en Jesu devote tremble before it; merciftdly 

1 terris, sancts grant, that all who devoutly 

I dulcedinem in venerate this name Jesus on 

rdpianty et in earth, may experience the 


futuroguudium exultationis, sweetness of a boly eun80> 
et interminabilis jubilationis lation in the present life, and 
obtineiint in coclis. Per attain unto joys unspeak* 
euiidem Dominum nostrum able, and never-ending glori 
Jesum Christum Filium hereafter in heaven. Throii^ 
;aum, qu: tecum vivit et the same our liOrd Jesui 
regnat m unitate Spirituo Christ, thy Son, ^ho livot^ 
!Uncti Ds)us, per omnia sse- and reigneth with thee, ii 
:uk saculorum. Amen. the unity of the Holy Ghost, 

God, world without eni. 


HT^tcA may he luied every Morning , or at any other time. 

I ADORE and glorify thee, O blessed Trinity, God 
Amighty, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; I offer 
myself to thy divine Majesty, humbly beseeching 
thee to take from me, and from all the faithful, 
whatever displeases thee, and to give us that which 
is grateful in thy sight. Grant that we may here 
do what thou commandest, and hereafter receive 
what thou promisest. 

To thee, O Lord, I commend my soul and bodj 
imy wife and children, my father and mother, m|e 
9rotherh and mters] ; all my relations, benefactors, 
friends, and acquaintances ; all who have injured or 
offended me ; and all whom I have in any way scan- 
dalized, injured, or offended ; all who have asked 
my j^rayers, or for whom I am accustomed or bound 
to prav: supply all their necessities coiaiwt mv'x 

Mosmre. %\ 

them in all their trials and afflictions, deliver 
>m all temptadona, make them in this worid 
know, love* and serve thee, and to enjoj 
eafter in heaven. 

r also for thy holy Catholic Church ; (m its 
stor, Pius uLf our Pope, that the spirit :t 

fortitude, and pi^ty, may rest upon him ; 
Siahops [espeekuly N, cur Bishi3p\t and for 
'astors and Clergy of thy Church, that they 
)ct the faithful in the way of salvation ; f(H- 
ious orders of men and women (to whose 
and good works I desire to he associated) ; 
all the faithful 1 pray for all heretioi, that 
y be enlightened ; and for all poor sinners, 
^y may be converted ; and for the universal 
i truth and righteousness. I pray for this 
itry, that thou wouldst deliver us from all 
lis which we most justly have deserved by 
, and bring us back into the ways of truth, 
ind godliness. I pray for all who are in 
y, that they may fear thee, and promote the 
thy Church ; for the poor, and ail who are 

or afflicted ; and for all who are in their 
•ny. Lastly, I commend ail universally to 
ne protection, that thou mayest vouchsafe 
living forgiveness of their sins, and to the 
parted, rest and peace. Amen. 

At gcmg forth. 

me, O Lord, thy ways, and teach me tli> 

Direct my steps according to thy word, that 

tioe may luie over me Make perfect m^ 


waJiiog in Ihy paths, that my footeteps ma; not In 

dJTine wisdom, the eternal word of the Fatbei« 
I hunbly beseech thee, hy ihy grace, to purge Dp 
lips from all wicked and unprintable words, tM 
Hj mouth mar never open but to thy pruae ail 
honor, and to the benefit of othere. 

On going inio Ckwch, 
Lord, in the multitude of thy mercies, I wiD 
eater into thy house, and worship thee in thy holy 
temple, and praise thy mune. 

At taking HAg "Water. 

Sprinkle me, Lord, with hyssop, and I shall b« 

cleansed ; wash me, and I shall m mode whiter 

than the snow. Create in me a clean heart, Ood, 

amd renew a right spirit within me. 

V. Benedic, Domine, V. Bless us, Lord:, 
nos et hsc tua dona, qum and these tby ^fts, whick 
de tua lar^tate sumus of thy bounty wo an 
■umpturi; per Christum about to receive ;throu^ 
IliHuinum nostrum. Christ our Lord. . 

R Amen. R. Amen. 


MORimio. 81 

eneficib tuis ; benefits : who lives! and 

r^nas in asb- reiffnest. world without 

rum. Amen. end. Amen, 
e dignere. Do- Vouchsafe, O Lord, tG 

>us nobis b./na render to all who do nt 

propter nomen good for thy name's sak^ 

un sBtemam. ufe everlasting Amen. 

» ^ Maid Morning, Noon, amd NigkL 

igelus Domini I. The angel of the 

ariae. Lord announced unto 

>ncepit de Spi- Mary and she conceived 

of the Holy Ghost, 
ria, gratia pie- Hail, Mary, full of 

IS tecum ; be- grace, the Lord is with 

inter mulieri- thee; blessed art thou 

nedictus fruc- among women, and bless- 

•i tui, Jesus, ed is the fruit of ihy 

•ia, mater Dei, womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, 

)bi8 peccatori- mother of God, pray tor 

t in hora mor- us sinners, now and at the 

Amen. hour of our death. Amen 
cce anc'lla Do- IL Behold the hand 

maid of the Lord ; be il 

mihi secun- done unto me according 

m tuum to thy word, 
ria, (fee. Hail, Mary, <kc. 

Et Verbum IIL And the Word 

1 est. was made flesh and dwelt 

ibitavit in no- among us. 

Hail. Marv, &c. 


Ila'c jroa endenvui'ed to live as in Grod^a presence thii 
ni\d tried in all thing;8 to please him ? Have you 
gdilty of murmuring or impatience under the wOl ai 
pointments uf God ? Have you diligentlv performs 
your ordinary duties, without sloth, carefessnefls. or 
crabtination ? 

UaLte you been guilty of any act or word oootrary to ( 
honesty, or purity t 

ifave you given way to any evil temper — pride, pa 
vanity, envy, hatred, <bc. t Have you spoken evil ol 
one, or unnecessarily of other persons' faults ? Have 
striven against your besetting sins ? Have you care 
avoided all dangerous occasions of sin ? 

hre you endeavormg to make advances in the spiritua 
— m holiness, love of God, and superiority to the ^ 
and not only abstaining from actual sin f 

\re you using the necessary means of a holy life, — pr 
meilitation, and the reading of the word of Qod an 
vout books ? 

(Whenever you find that you have been guilty of an; 
note it, with its aggravating circumstances, in ord( 
make full confession of it when you next go to oonfes 

Having carefully examined yourself and called to 
your faults, recollect the chief sins of your past life 
and make an act of contrition for alL 

5. An Act of Coniritum, 

O Fatlrer of mercies ! who desirest not the d 
of sinners ; look upon me, a miserable sinner, ace 
ing to the multitude of thy mercies. I acknowli 
And confess, and am heartily sorry for all be 
of my past life, and of this day in particular. I 
snyself at thy feet, and beseer.h thee to cover all 
Bins with that infinite love with which thou 
loved us from all eternity. I grieve from the 
torn of mv heart that I have been so ungratefi 
thee for thy benefits, and have so often offer 
^Aee, my Qod and nij chief good. Spare me, I 


h iliee, by tbe death and love of Jesus Chiist 
Son ; and mercifully forgive me whatsoever sina 
ive this day, or heretofore, committed against 
t, mr neighbor, or myself. 

[n« joa may say the 60th Psahn, or any othei act of 


6. A ResohUifm cf AmendmenL 

' Almighty God ! I firmly resolve, here in thy 
ence» and before the whole company of heaven, 
vc more exactly in conformity to thy will, and 
le rule of thy commandments, hereafter. I re- 
e to keep a more strict watch over myself; to 
ect ray faults and evil hahits; to attend more 
;ently to my duties ; and to avoid more carefully 
in, and all temptations and occasions of sin. 
ut without thy assistance, O Lord, there is no 
igth in man. Tliou, therefore, who makest me 
ill that which is good, give me also the power 
)erfonn it. Give what thou comraandest, and 
ipand what thou wilt, that I may live soberly, 
teously, and piously in this world, and praise 

forever with thy saints in the world to come, 
^pis^ not, O Lord, my petitions, for thine in- 
p mercies' sake, but accept this my evening mt 
\ ancl let it ascend as incense in thy sight.. 
jid vQu, my holy patrons, pray for me. Thoi. 

O holy Virgin, mother of my God ; thou too, 
mpel guardian ; and ye, my chosen patrons, N. 
N., and all ye heavenly citizens, angels, and 
J^ who praise God unceasingly, even while we 
y : take me under your protection, and commend 
jy God : that I may be protected from all th« 

88 miVATE i RATERS. 

snares of our enemies, who are eTe/ ready to 
us while we sleep. 

7. TntercessioTL 

Lord God, grant us an increase of faith, 1 
and charit f . Root out from among us all sin 
fice, infidelity, dissensions, and erroneous opia 
Keprove the wandering ; correct the unbelief 
show to all in schism the light of tiiy grace, aoi 
store them to the unity of thy Church. Pres 
the pastors and rulers of thy Church, and all k 
princes, and rulers in the same, from all advers 
both of mind and body. Give to all sinners 
repentance. Preserve the just in righteousx 
establish all their thoughts, words, and worb 
good. Confirm all who are dedicated to thy z 
in their holy resolutions. Have mercy upon a 
Lord. Give food to those who labor ; comfort t 
who are oppressed with sorrow ; heal the sick ; 
ply the necessities of the needy ; give a safe re 
to all who travel, whether by land or sea; g 
liberty to the captive ;• and consolation to all wc 
laboring with child. 

Forgive all who have sinned with me, or wb 
have led into sm. Repay a hundred-fold with j 
all whom I have injured, offended, or scandal 
Direct in the way of salvation all my relations 
friends [my parents, brothers, sisters, ^c] ; all 
pray for me, all who have commended thems* 
to my prayers, all who think kindly of me. ] 
them, Lord, when they cry unto thee in any 
ulation. Bestow perpetual charity both on us 
on our enemies. May all be filled with pati( 
kindness, and mercifulness. May envy, hatred. 


dl UttemesSy be put away. Have mercy, also, 
■atnful Father, on all who sleep in Christ, es- 

Ecially on [my parents], and those with whom I 
Te been familiarly acquainted. Eternal rest give 
10 tfaem, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon 

eternal Father, I beseech thee, by the life and 
Jailh of thy beloved Son, and by the bowels of th j 
■erdeSy grant that I may persevere unto the end in 
food works, and die in thy grace. 

good Jesus, I beseech thee, by the love of the 
ttenud Father, and by the last words with which 
thou didst commend thy spirit to him upon the 
wmsj receive my soul at my last hour. 

Holy Spirit, have mercy on me, and by thy 
My inspiration, strengthen me always, but especially 
It the hour of my death. 

most holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on me 
BOW and at the hour of my death. Amen. 

On getting into bed 

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ crucified, 
I lay me down to rest ; may he bless, govern, and 
preserve me, and bring me to everlasting life 

Ocmpofling yourself to sleep 

Into thy hands, Lord, I commend my spciii 
ftou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth. I 
viD sleep in peace, and take my rest. 


In the name of the 4* Father, &c. 
Blessed be the holy and undivided, &c. 



Our Father, (fee. 
Hail, Mary, &c. 
I believe, <fec. 

eternal, infinite, and almighty God, whose & 
the heaven of heavens cannot contain look di 
on thy unworthy servant, prostrate at the feel 
Iby mercy, and humbly confessing to thee, in 
nght of all thy holy angels and blessed saints, 
sinfulness and vanity of my life, and especially 
transgressions of this day. 

1 confess to Almighty God, to blessed Mary € 
Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blea 
John the Baptist, to the holy Apostles Peter i 
Paul, and to all the saints, that I have sinned 
ceedingly in thought, word, and deed, through 
fault, through my fault, through my most gnesv< 

Eere examine diligently what sios you may have fifdlen i 
this day, by thought, word, deed, or omission ; and hum 
confessing them, proceed thus : 

Of these, and all my other sins, now or at any I 
mer time committed, I most sincerely repent, and i 
heartily sorry for every thought, word, and de< 
by which I have displeased the eyes of thy glo: 
and provoked thy wrath and indignation against nc 
especially for my disobedience to so holy a law, a 
extreme ingratitude to so gracious and bountifoL 
Sod. Have mercy upon me, O God, according 
thy great mercy ; and according to the multitude 
thy tender mercies blot out my iniquity. Wash i 
yet more from my iniquity, and cleanse me from n 
Bin. Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renc 
a right spirit within me. I beseech thee, O Lor 
U> heai me, and have mercy upon me. And I h 

RVEIflHO. 91 

>les<»ed Mary ever Vimn, the blessed Mi- 
urchangel, the blessea John the Baptist, 
postles Peter and Paul, and all the saints, 
the Lord our Ood for me. 
nighty God have mercy on mo, foigive 
, and bring me to life everlasting, throu^ 
Lord. Amen. 

almighty and merciful Lord grant me •{• 
•solution, and remission of aU my sins. 

r, O most gracious Benefactor, I praise 
fy thy holy name for thy great and in- 

benefits, proceeding purely from thy 
d intended wholly for my good ; particu- 
^eserving me this day m the midst of so 
^rs incident to my condition, and deliver- 
m the many calamities and miseries which 

my sins. 

t my Creator, my God, and kind Pio- 
»u art the ultimate end of my being, and 
erfection of my nature. Under the shad- 
wings is perpetual repose, and from the 
y countenance flows eternal joy and feli- 
^hee be glory and honor, to thee adoration 
;nce, from all thy creatures forever. Amen, 
ice thou hast ordained the day to labor, 
ght to take our rest, as I praise thee foi 
igs of the day, so I implore thy proieo^ 
J this night. Let the eyes of thv prov- 
tch over me, and thy holy angels pitch 
( about me ; that beins safely delivered 
langers, and comfortably refreshed with 
sleep, I may the better be enabled to 
lip. employments of my calling and stattf 


of life, and faithfully persevere iii the discharge ot 
the duties of thy service ; and so daily advance to 
new victories over my passions, and to a more per- 
feet observance of thy commandments ; till, having 
passed my days in thv fear, I may end them in thy 
favor, and rejoice with thee forever in thy heavenlf 
kingdom, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and oolv 
Sanour ; who with thee and the Holy Ghost liveth 
and reigneth, one God, world without end. Amen. 

Prayer for the Dead, 

God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faith- 
ful, give to the souls of thy servants departed the 
remission of all their sins ; that, through pious sup* 
plications, they may obtam the pardon which they 
nave always desired : who livest and reignest, world 
without end. Amen. 

F. Eternal rest give unto them, Lord. 

i?. And let perpetual light shine upon them. 

V. May they rest in peace. 

R, Amen. 

Prayer of St Aloyshts to the Blessed Virgin, 

To thee, holy Mary, my sovereign Mistress, to 
thy blessed trust and special charge, and to the 
bosom of thy mercy, this day and every day, aad 
at the hour of my death, I commend myself, mj 
sou. and my body ; to thee I commit all my hope 
and all my consolation, my distresses and my miser- 
ies, my life and the end thereof ; that through thy 
most holy intercesuon, and through thy merits, afi 
my works may be directed and disposed, according 
io thy wJIl and the will of thy Son. Amea. 


A Prmfsl io your Chiardum Angd, 

rel of Qod, who art mj guardian, eniisbten, 
direct, and govern me, who have been com- 
to thee by the supernal clemency. 

The Blessing, 

lod the Father, bless me ; Jesus Christ, defend 
ep me ; tiic virtue of the Holy Ghost enlighten 
notify me this night and forever. Amen. 
» thy hands, Lord, I commend my spirit. 
lesus, receive my soul. 

When tfou go to bed, say : 

he name of our Lord Jesus Christ •h crucified, 
ae down to rest. Bless me, Lord, defend and 
I me ; and after this short and miserable pil- 
re, bring me to everlasting happiness. Amen. 

A Prayer at seULvng to Sleep, 

lOrd Jesus Christ, whose unwearied eye nei- 
umbers nor sleeps, but continually watches in 
e of thy servants; take me and mine, I be- 
thee, into thy protection, and grant, that 
my body is asleep, my soul may be awake to 
md that I may hereafter behold thee in that 
i and heavenly country, where thou, with the 
r and the Holy Ghost, rulest eternally, and 
all the angels, with the blessed saints, are 
8 forever. Amen. 

The Trisagium, 

y, holy, holy. Lord God of hosts ; the earth 
of thy glory. Glory be to the Father, glor? 
the Son, glory be to the Holy Ghost. 


Act of Resignation to the WiU cf Goo, 

May the most just, most bigh, and most amiable 
irill of Ood, be done, praised, and eternally exalted 
in all things. Amen. 


/amils Prases for iXlornins atib (Ct)ming«* 

Ik the name of the 4< Father, and of the Son, 
and of the Holy Ghost. B, Amen. 

V, Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, 
now and forever. M. Amen. 

T. Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of ttf 

B. And kindle in them the fire of thy love. 

V. Send forth thy Spirit, and they shall ba 

R. And thou shalt renew the face of the earth. 

V, O Lord, open thou our lips. 

R. And our mouth shall show forth thy praise 

V God, come to our assistance. 

R, O Lord, make haste to help us. 

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Uij 
pie : thy kingdom come ; thy will be done oa 
earth as it is in heaven. Give us Ihis day our dafly 
bread : and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive 
them that trespass against us. And lead us not 
into temptation. 

* Maar of tb» ptwriom pnytn for privat* qm may aln Im 9md m 
Br uang the plunl nnmber. 

; dalrrar ns from eviL Amen. 

[arjy Ml <^ grace, our Lord 18 with thee; 

t uiou among women, and bleaaed m th^ 

ly womb* Jeans. 

ly Mary, Mother of Qod, pray for ns ar 

and at the hour of our death. Amen, 
ve in God, the Father AlmiffhC}% Crentot 
1 and earth. And in Jesus Christ, his only 

Ijord ; who was conceived hy the Hifhj 
cm of the Virgin Mary ; su£lered under 
'ilate, was crucitied, dead, and buried ; he 
1 into hell ; the third day he rose again 
dead ; he ascended into heaven, and sitteth 
|rht hand €i Ood, the Father Almighty ; 
ice he shall come to judge the living and 
I believe m the Holy Ghost, the holy 
Church, the communion of saints, the for- 
[>f sins, the resurrection of the body. 
d the life everlasting. Amen. 

is we firmly believe: we believe also aU 
(trines which thy holy Church proposes to 
m1, because thou, O God, who art the sever. 
I, hast promised to guide her into all truth, 
revealea all these things unio her. In thu 
for this faith we are resolved, by thy grace, 
d die. 
this faith and for this faith, &c. 

An AdcfHope, 

nerciful God, we hope, through the menti 

\i of Jesus Christ, that thou wilt ^nt ua 

grace and the forgiveness of our sms, and 

eternal life ; because thou, God. art a^ 


mighty, and infinitely good unto lu, and fiedtlifiil n 
thy promises. 

B. In thee, O Lord, have we hoped ; let ub not 
be confounded everlastingly. 

An Act of Love, 

We love thee, O God, with our whole soul, and 
Above all thugs, because thou art infinitely worthy 
of all love. We love thee for thine own sake ; and 
for thy sake also we love our neighbor as ourselves. 
Make us to love thee ever more and more. 

i?. We love thee, O Gk>d, with our whole soul, 
and above all things. Make us to love thee ever 
more and more. 

An Act of Contrition. 

O Lord God, we grieve, from the bottom of our 
hearts, for the sins which we have committed against 
thee, because by them we have offended thee, whom 
we ought to love above all things ; and we detest 
them, because they are displeasing to thee. We 
firmly resolve, by thy grace, to sin no more ; and 
henceforth to avoid all occasions of sin. 

a. Wash us yet more from our iniquities^ and 
eleanse us from our sin. 

An Act of Thanksgiving, 

We give thee thanks. Almighty God, for thy oars 
and preservation of us in the night past ; for having 
brought us in safety to the beginning of another day ; 
and for all the manifold blessings which thou hast 
bestowed upon us. Grant that we may pass the 
remainder of our lives in worthy acts of praise and 

We gi?e iheft thanks, O Lr/id, for all thy 


UdIo thee, O Lord, have we lifted up our 

And early m the morning our prayer shall 

jefore thee. 

Vouchsafe, O Lord, this day. 

To keep us without sin. 

Have mercy upon us, Lord. 

Have mercy upon us. 

Our help is in the name of the Lord ; 

Who hath made heaven and earth. 

Let us jf^ay, 

ord God Almighty, wlio hast safely brought 
the beginning of this day, defend us in the 
by thy mighty power, that this day we may 
X) no sin, but that our words may always pro- 
md our thoughts and actions be directed, to 
rformance of thy justice. Through our Lord 
Christ thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with 
n the unity of tl^e Holy Ghost, God, forever 
rer. Amen. 

3^od, the Creator and Governor of all men, in 
I we hve, and move, and have our being, and 
ut whom we have no power to do any thing 
rselves ; we consecrate all our thoughts, words, 
> and sufferings, of this day, to the glory of 
ame, and of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

may be said the Litany of the Holy Name, or any 
sr tatany that may be selected from those at the end 
hia book ; or at least the concluding prayer of the Lit* 
of the Holy Name, Lord Jesus Christy ^ec, should b« 
l; after which: 



We flj to thy patronage, holy Mothei of God I 
iespisti not our petitions in our necessities, bat de- 
Ever us always from all dangers, O glorious «nd 
blessed Virgin. 

iS. Despse not our petitions in our necessities, 
koiy Mother of God. 

Holy Michael, the Archangel, 

B. Defend us from our enemies. 

Saint Joseph, our patron saints, and all the sainti 
of God, 

M. Intercede for us. 

holy angel-guardians, to whose care we ba?^ 
been committed by the divine goodness, enlighten, 
preserve, and govern us this day ; defend us from 
all spot of sin, and obtain for us all needful grace, 
that we may love God, and serve him here, until we 
come with you to love, praise, and enjoy him here- 
after, in life everlasting. xVmen. 

May the Lord bless us, and preserve us from ail 
evil, and bring us to everlasting life ; and may Um 
souls of the faithful, through the mercy of God, 
rest in peace. Amen. 

Slienfnfl H^u^n. 

Iv the name of the <h Father, and of the Son, 
and of the Holy Ghost. 

F. Blessed be the holy and undivided Trinity, 
now and forever. B, Amen. 

V. Come, Holy Ghost, fill the hearts of tLj 
J^. And kindle in them the fire of thv \o¥«« 


L atkj Simit, and tley shall be 

slialt renew the face of tie earth, 
pen thou our lips, 
nouth shall show forth thj praise, 
ome to our assistance. 
make haste to help us. 
beseech thee, Lord, our aetkni^ 
ions, and further them with ihirjfioii* 
at every prayer and work of zmSpinaj 
from thee, and through thee be like- 
Through our Lord J^sus Christ thj 
dth and reigneth with thee in the unity 
Qhost, God, forever and ever. Amen, 
er, Ac Hail, Mary, d^c. I believe, Ac. 
ve thanks to €k>d for all his mercies, es- 
' those which we have received this day. 

e thee thanks, Almightv God, for all thv 
stowed upon us, especially for those which 
sceived this day. (A short pause,) 
at shall we render unto the Lord frr aQ 
th rendered unto us ? 

will take the chalice of salvation, and call 
name of the Lord. 

will pay our vows unto the Lord, 
ore all his people. 

wii. walk m the wavs of the Lord, 
i serve him all the days of our life. 
Bsed be the name of the Lord, 
iceforth and forever. Amen. 

\s pray for Ught to see into our con s eiemBS. 
ighten our eyes, O Lord. 




For with the Lord there is mercy ; and with 
it plenteous redemption. 

And he shall redeem Israel from all hit 

r. Eternal rest give unto them, Lord. 

R. And let perpetual light shine upon them. % 

lUre JULj follow a Collect for an\ member of the tem^j, 
other Catholic, lately deceased, or on their aiuu' ' 
iUy. Then, 

God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faith-* 
ful, grant to the souls of thy servants departed, tht 
remission of all their sins, that through our pkral i 
supplications they may obtain the pardon whieh 
they have always desired; who livest and reignail : 
with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy QliCMtj^ 
God, forever and ever. Amen. 

V, Let us pray for our Sovereign Pontiff, N. 

22. The Lord preserve him, and ^ve him life, 
and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver 
him not up to the will of his enemies. 

F. Let us pray for our benefactors. 

B, Vouchsafe, Lord, for thy name's sake, lo 
reward with eternal life all them that do us good. 

F. Let us pray for our absent brethren. 

B. Save thy servants, who hope in thee, O my 

F. Send them help from thy holy place, 

R, And defend them out of Sion. 

F. Lord, hear our prayer. 

R. And let our cry come unto thee. 

We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God i 
despise not our petitions in our necessities, but de- 
liver us always from all dangerSy O glorious and 
blesped Virghi 


RJlpelii with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, 
■e God, world without end. Amen. 

God. from whom all holy desires, ^11 right 
ONDselB, and all just works do come, give to thy 
Krants that peace which the world cannot give, 
Ait our hearts being given up to ohey thy com* 
|. Midments, and the fear of our enemies being takef 
my, the times, by thy protection, may be peace* 
H throfugh our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth, &c. 

For Peace. 

ffire peace, O Lord, in our days ; for there is 
me other that fighteth for us but only thou, our 

V, Let peace be m thy strength. 

jSL And plenteousness in thy towers. 

Tboimay follow the Litany of the Blessed yire:in, or any 
other appropriate Litany for the day or season ; after 

Let us pray for the Dead. 

Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O 
Lord : Lord, hear my voice. 

Oh, let thine ears consider well the voice of my 

If thou, O Lord, shalt mark iniquities. Lord, whe 
iLall abide it? 

For with thee there is propitiation : and oecause 
of thy law, I have waited for thee, O Lord. 

My soul hath waited on his word : my soul hath 
loped in the Lord. 

From the monung-watch even until nighty let Is- 

nel hope in the liord. 


For with the Lord there is mercy ; and with 1 
IB plenteous redemption. 

And he shall redeem Israel from all his 

r. Eternal rest give unto them, Lord. 

R. And let perpetual light shine upon them. 

Aere n^y follow a Collect for an\ member of the family, 
other Catholic^ lately deceased, or on their aimiTflni 
iiay. Then, 

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the fait 
ful, grant to the souls of thy servants departed, ti 
remission of all their sins, that through our {MGi 
supplications they may obtain the pardon whic 
they have always desired; who livest and reigne 
with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy QiXM 
God, forever and ever. Amen. 

V, Let us pray for our Sovereign Pontiff, N. 

R, The Lord preserve him, and give him lif 
and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliY< 
him not up to the will of his enemies. 

F. Let us pray for our benefactors. 

R, Vouchsafe, Lord, for thy name's sake, i 
reward with eternal life all them that do us good. 

V. Let us pray for our absent brethren. 

R, Save thy servants, who hope in thee, O no 

V, Send them help from thy holy place, 

R, And defend them out of Sion. 

F. Lord, hear our prayer. 

/2. And let our cry come unto thee. 

We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God 
despise not our petitions in our necessities, but di 
liver us always from all dangerSy O glorious m 
blessed Virgin. 

khiiel, tbe Arohangdy defend ue from mu 


leepby our palron sainte, and aO the eaiote 

Bieede for us. 

BogA-mBrdmmp to whoee ean we hare 
nutted uy tbe dhrine goodneaay defend w 


plkMyOr anj oilier bjnu^mjbt kfte wid cr 

'6 UBy O Lord, wfddng ; and keep us while 
i that we mi^waleh with Ohrist» and ren 


»eiTe ue as the apple of thine eye. 

d protect ns under the shadow of th> 

uchsafe, Lord, this night, 
keep us without sin. 
Tc mercy upon us, O Lord. 
,ye merey upon us. 
t thy mercy he up<Hi us, O Lord, 
we have hoped in thee. 
Lord, hear our prayer, 
id let our cry come unto thee, 
we beseech thee, O Lord, this habitatioi^ 
) far from it all snares of the enemy. Lei 
' angels dwell herein to preserve us in 
[id may thy blessing be always upon us * 
Christ ottr Lord. Amen, 
be Lcrd blf ss us, and keep us and delivei 


For with the Lord there is mercy ; and with hm 
m plenteous redemption. 

And he shall redeem Israel from all hit in* 

r. Eternal rest give unto them, Lord. 

R, And let perpetual light shine upon them. 

licre Jhaj follow a Collect for an\ member of the familj, m 
other Catholic^ lately deceased, or od their lynifinifj 
iUj. Then, 

O God, the Creator and Redeemer of all the faith- 
ful, grant to the souls of thy servants departed, the 
remission of all their sins, that through our pious 
supplications they may obtain the pardon which 
they have always desired; who livest and reignest 
with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, 
God, forever and ever. Amen. 

F. Let us pray for our Sovereign Pontiff, N. 

R, The Lord preserve hun, and give him life, 
and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver 
him not up to the will of his enemies. 

F. Let us pray for our benefactors. 

R, Vouchsafe, Lord, for thy name's sake, to 
reward with eternal life all them that do us good. 

V, Let us pray for our absent brethren. 

R. Save thy servants, who hope in thee, O mj 

V, Send them help from thy holy place, 

R, And defend them out of Sion. 

V, Lord, hear our prayer. 

R, And let our cry come unto thee. 

We fly to thy patronage, O holy Mother of God I 
despise not our petitions in our necessities, but de- 
liver us always from all dangers^ O glorious and 
bJesfl^d Virgin. 

Jesus Christ, Judge of the living and 
>re i^hom I must appear one day to 
account of my whole life ; enlighten 
1 tliee, and give me an humhle and 
. that I may see wherein I have offend- 
lite Majesty; and judge myself now 
just severity, that then thou mayost 
h mercy and clemency. 

unine what sms we hare committed thiB day 

word, deed, or omissioii. 

ur to your miod wherein you hare offended, 

sorrow for the sms of your past life.) 

ive a great sorrow for having offended GkxL 

^d, I detest these and all other sins 
B committed against thy divine Majesty, 
lely sorry that I have offended thee, he- 
art infinitely good, and sin displeaseth 
e thee with my whole heart ; and firmly 
the help of thy grace, never more to 
I resolve to avoid the occasions of 
confess my sins, and will endeavor to 
action for them. Have mercy on me, 
lercy, and pardon me, a wretched sinner, 
e of thy beloved Son Jesus, I humbly 
so to wash me with his precious blood, 
3 may be entirely remitted. 

Ivor, as much as possible, to put ourselves in 
joot in which we desire to be found at the h->ux 

)d, I accept of death as a homage and 
hich I owe to thy divine Majesty, and 
ment justly due to my sins, in union with 
)f my dear Redeemer, and as the onl^ 


ineans of coming to thee, my beginmng tnd ImI 
end. ^ 

I firmly believe all the sacred truths vt hioh tbt || 
Catholic CLurch believeth and teacheth, became ~^ 
thou hast revealed them. And by the assistance d 
Hlj holy grace, I am resolved to live and die ii 
the communion of this thy Church. 

Relying upon thy goodness, power, and promiseib 
I hope to obtain pardon of my sins, and life ever- 
lasting, through the merits of thy Son Jesus Christ* 
m^ only Redeemer, and by the intercession of his 
blessed Mother, and all the saints. 

I love thee with all my heart and soul, and desire 
to love thee as the blessed do in heaven. I adore 
all the designs of thy divine Providence, resigning 
myself entirely to thy will. 

I also love my neighbor for thy sake, as I love 
myself. I sincerely forgive all who have injured 
me, and ask pardon of all whom I have injured. 

I renounce the devil, with all his works'; the 
world, with all its pomps: the flesh, with all its 

I desire to be dissdlved, and to be with Christ 
Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. 

a. Lord Jesus, receive my soul. 

May the blessed Virgin Mary, Si. Joseph, and all 
the saints, pray for us to our Lord, that we may be 
preserved this night from sin and all evils. Amen. 

Blessed St. Michael, defend us in the day of bat- 
tle, that we may not be lost at the dreadful judg« 
ment. Amen. 

O my good Angel, whom God, by his divine mercVi 
hath appointed to be my guardian, enlighten and proi 
teetme, direct and >^vem me this night. Amen. 


Imigbty Ood have mercy on us, and forgive 
IS, and bring us to life everlasting. Amen. 
be almighty and mercifid Lord grant as if 
abfiolution, and remission of aD our sins 

/ourhsafe, O Lord, this night. 
To keep us without sin. 
Have mercy upon us, O Lord. 
Have mercy upon us. 
Let thy mercy be upon us, O Lord. 
As we have hoped in thee. 
Lord, bear my prayer. 
. And let my cry come unto thee. 

Let us pray, 

/isit, we beseech thee, Lord, this habitation, 

i drive far from it all snares of the enemy. Let 

f holy angels dwell herein, to preserve us in 

ice ; and may thy blessing be always upon us, 

rough our Lord, &c. 

Save us, O Lord, waking, and keep us while we 

ep, that we may watch with Christ, and rest in 


R Amen 

Citang of tt)e jBUsseb l)irgtn. 

Bab taom prseadium con- We flv to thy patronaff 

gimoa, sancta Dei Geni- O holy Mother of God, d 

Is, nostras deprecationea spise not our petitions 

i despicias in necessita- our necessities ; but deli' 

bos nostris; sed a periculis as always from all dang' 

metia libera noa semper, O (.lorious apd blessed' 

l^go glorioaa et benedicta. gin. 


UTAinr or the blessep toigib. 

Kjne eleison. 

KyHe elpisoru 

Christe eleison. 

Christe ekison, 

K^rie eleison. 

Kyrie eleison, 

Ciriste audi nos. | 

X^riste exaudi nos, S 

Pater de ccbUs Deus, | 

Fili Redemptor mundi ^ 

Spiritus Sancte Deus, 
Sancta Trinitas, unus 

Sancta Maria, Or a pro nobis, 
Sancta Dei Genitrix, 
Sancta Virgo virginum, 
Mater Christi, 
Mater divinse gratis, 
Mater purissima, 
Mater castissima, 
Mater iuviolata. 
Mater intemerata. 
Mater amabilis, 
Mater admirabilis. 
Mater Creatoris, ^ 

Mater Salvatoris, 2 

Virgo prudentissima, "^ 
Virgo veneranda, ^ 

ITirgo prsedicanda, I 

l^ffgo potens, ^ 

Virgo clemenS) 
Virgo fidelis, 
Speculum justitise, 
Sedes sapiential. 
Causa nostras IsetitiflB, 
Vas spirituale, 
vas bonorabile, 

Lord have mercy. 
Lord have mercy, 
Christ have mercy. 
Christ have mercy. 
Lord have mercy. 
Lord havehnercy. 
Christ hear us. 
Christ graciously Ixar h, 
Grod the Father of hea- 

God tjie Sod, Redeemei 

of the world, 
God the Holy Ghost, 
Holy Trinity, one Grod» 

Holy Mary, Pray for u$^ 
Holy Mother of God, 
Holy Virffin of virgins, 
MoiJier of Christ, 
Mother of divine gracet 
Mother most pure. 
Mother most chaste. 
Mother inviolate. 
Mother undefiled. 
Mother most amiable, 
Mother most admirable^ 
Mother of our Creator, 
Mother of our Saviour, 
Virgin most prudent, 
Virgin most venerable 
Virgin most renowned. 
Virgin most powerful. 
Virgin most merciful. 
Virgin most faithful 
Mirror of justice. 
Seat of wisdom, 
Cause of our jov. 
Spiritual Vessel. 
Vessel of honor. 




Tas insigne devotionis, 

Boea mystica. 

Turns Davidica, 

Turns ebumea, 
' Domus aurea, 

FcBderis area, 

Janna coeli, 

8tella matutina, 

Salus infinnorum, 

Refugium peccatorum, 

Consolatrix aflflictomm, §^ 

Auxilioia Christiano- 

Regina Angelorum, 

Regina Patriarcharum, 1;; 

Regina Prophetarum, 

Regina Apostolorum, 

Regina Martyrum, 

Regina Confessorum, 

Regina Virginum, 

Regina Sanctorum om- 

Regina sine labe origi- 
nali concepta, 

Regina Sacratissimi 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- 
' cata mundi, 

Parce nobis, Domine. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis, etc. 

Exaudi nos, Domine. 

Agnus Dei, qui tollis, etc. 

Miserere nobis. 

Christe audi nos. 

Christe exaudi nos. 
Ant. Sub tuum praesi- 

<lium confiigimus, sancta 

■Del Genitrix, nostras de- 


Sinjgular Vessel of devo- 
Mystical Kose, 
Tower of David, 
Tower of ivory. 
House of gold, 
Ark of the covenant. 
Gate of heaven. 
Morning star, 
Health of the sick, 
Refuge of sinners, 
Comlorter of the afflicted, ^ 
Help of Christians, 


Queen of Angels, 
Queen of Patriarchs, 
Queen of Prophets, 
Queen of Apostles, 
Queen of Martyrs, 
Queen of Confessors, 
Queen of Virgins, 
Queen of all Saints, 

Queen conceived with- 
out original sin. 

Queen of the Most Holy 

Lamb of God, who takest 
away the sins of the world, 

jSpare us^ Lord. 

Lamb of God, etc.. 

Graciously hear us, Lord, 

Lamb of God, etc.. 

Have mercy on us. 

Christ hear us. 

Christ gracunisly hear us. 
Ant. We fly to thy pa- 

tronage, holy Motiaei ol 
Ood, despise not out ipeti- 



precAtionpR ne despicias in tions in oar necesaiijes; Ml] 

ne>««f9itatibus nostris ; sed deliver ns always from aV 

a periculia cunctis libera dangers, O gloriouii aur 

no8 semper^ Virgo gloriosa blessed Virgin, 
et benemcta. 

V, Ora pn) nobis, sancta V. Pray for as, O \^ 

Dei Genitnx. Mother oi God. 

R. Ut digni efficiamur R. That we may be m^ 

p'omissionibas ChristL worthy of the promises d 


OremuB. Let as pray. 

Gratiam tuam, qussu- Pour forth, we beseeeh 

mus, Domine, mentibus thee, O Lord, thy grace into 

nostris infunde : ut qui, An- our hearts ; that we, to 

gelo nuntiante, Christi Filii whom the Incarnation of 

tui Incnrnationem cognovi- Christ, thy Son, was made 

rau8, per Rnssionem •{• ejus known by the message of an 

et Crucem ad Resurrec- Aigel, may, by his Passion 

tioiiis gloriam perducamur. •J* and Cross, be brought 

Per eundem Christum Do- to the glory of his Resur« 

milium nontrum. rection. Through the same 

Christ our Lord. 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 

V. Divinum auxilium V. May the divine assist 

luaneat semper nohiscum. ance remain always with as. 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 


QDrrasional {Jra^erd 

For the Holy Catholic Church, 

Defend, O Lord, thv servants, we beseech thee, from 
mD dangers both of body and soui ; and, by the intnr 
seaeJon of the hleaaod and filonous VVryrin Hiein* V^vj'Okvvx 

OCCASf JNAL FRi 7SB8. 1 1 A 

if God, of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, ol 
Umed N^ and of all thy saints, mercifully grant us the 
UMDgs cf peace and safety ; that all adversities and 
■ms being removed, thy Church may freely and securely 
■rro thee ; through our Lord, &c. 

For aU Degrees cf Men in the Church, 

Ahuifi^ty and everlasting God, by whose Spirit ih% 
tnole body of the Church is sanctified and governed : 
■erafnUy hear our humble supplications for all degreea 
md orders therein ; that by tiie dfb of thy grace, all, 
■ thdr several stations, may mthfully serve thee; 
through, &.C. 

For the Pope. 

God, the Pastor and Governor of all the futhful^ 
nereifully look upon thy servant N., whom thou hast 
be^ pleased to appoint tne pastor of thy Church ; ^ant, 
ve beseech thee, that both by word and example he 
ouy edify those over whom he is set; and, together 
with the flock committed to his care, may attain ever- 
kstmg life ; tlirough, &c. 

For Bishops, and the People committed to them. 

Almighty and everlasting God, who alone doest great 
fiiarvels, send down upon thy servants, the Bishops of 
thy Church [especially iV. our Bishop], and all the con- 
mcrations committed unto them, the spirit of thy sav- 
fag grace ; and that they may truly please thee, pour 
ipon them the continual dew of thy blessing ; through, 

For a Congregation or Family. 

Defend, we beseech thee, O Lord, by the intercession 
tf the blessed Mary, ever Virgin, this thy family from 
iD adversity ; and mercifully protect us, how prostrate 


bti^tre thee mith our whole heuta, from all the 
our enemieft ; throngfa, d&e 

F(/r the Praervation of Concord in a Oongngatiomm 

O God, who art the giver of peace and lover of charlh 
ant to thv Bervants true concord and anion with ll( 
»lv wi]l, tnat we may be delivered from all temptatkMl 
which sM^iSLuli as ; throagh, &c 

Against the Persecutors cfthe Church: 


f lear the prayers of thy Chaich, O Lord, we 
thee, and tarn away thine anger from as ; that all ad 
vurftiti<;H and errors being done away, we may freely and 
•«carely serve thee ; throagh, &e. 

In any Necessity. 

O God, our refuge and strength, the author of aD 
g()<llir)()HH, give ear to the fervent prayers of thy Chnioh; 
thut w}mt wo ask in faith we may effectually obtain ; 
through, dtc. 

In any TrUmlation. 

O Ahni^Iity God, despise not thy people who erj 
onto thoo m their affliction ; but for the glory of thy 
name, turn away thine anger, and help us in our tribvlai 
iiouH ; through, &c. 

In Time of Famine or Pestilence. 

Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, an answer to out 
heturty supnlications ; and, thy wrath being appeased, 
turn uwHv from us this famhie (or pestilence) ; that the 
htMirta ot men may know that these scourses proceed 
ttom thine aniper, and cease by thy mercy ; throii|^ dco- 


Fm' Forgivmeu tf Sins, 

ifl.o rejeeteet none that eome iuit» tliee^ but 
Kppemaed even with the greatest ±inen wIm 
gtdftilly r^gaid our payen in our hnmUiiu 
ighten onr hearts; that we may be able tm 
ommiadments; tiiroogfa, dee. 

For ike TtiKpiei ami Affktai. 

who jnstifiest tiie ungodly that repent, and 
it the death of a sfamer ; we hnmbly entreat 
y to protect th v servants with thy heavenly 
who trust in thy merey, and preserve them 
tinual nroteotion ; that they may constantly 
, and by no temptation be separated from 
ugh, d^ 

Pra^Jdr Penewranoe in Ooodneis. 

) my Lord Jesus Christ, that I may persevere 
irposes, and in thy holy service, to my death ; 
[ may this day perfectly begin, for all I have 
one is nothing. Amen. 


For Heretics and SchisnuUies, 

ty and everlasting God, who hast eompas- 

J and wouldst not that any should pensh* 

look down upon all those who are seduoed by 

of Satan ; that all heretical impiety being re- 

e hearts of such as err may repent, and return 

ity of thy truth ; through, dtc 

For Jews. 

gfaty and everlasting God, who repellest not 
' mercy even the perfidious Jews; heai the 
ikh we offf r for the blirdness of that people 
[ 10* 

1< oLtAaKUiAL ntAiua. 

A. A nd teach ue thy p 
V. Oh, that our wavB % 
R. To kaep thy righteous laws. 
V. The I rooked wuys nhall be made abai^L 
R, And the roagh placeu Hmooth. 

V. Tlie Lord huth given hit angela rharge over tint 
R. To kei^p thee in al) thy ways. 
V. O J*rd, hear ray prayer. 

B. And lei my cry come unto thee. 

Give ear, we bea tuch thee, O Lord, to onr rappHM 
UoDH, and fii-orably dirout thy aervanta in the way d I 
thv t^alvation ; Lhat maidal aIJ Lhe channels of Uiia our lltl * 

■oil pilgnmoge, we may ever be protected by thy help; 
throush. &C. 

V. Let UB go forth in peace. 

R In ihf name of the Lord. 

A Prayer before Slvdy or h 
O incomprehenaible Creator, the tme Fonntain of 
ligh' and only Author of all knowledge; vouct<iafe, 
we ^eaeech thee, to enliehten our underatandlngs, and 
to 'emave from utt all darkness of sin and iguoraiiee, 
[THuu, who mukesl eloquent the tongnea of &oBe that 
want ntterance, direct our tongues, and poor on oni 
lips the grace of thy bleeslng.] Give ub a diligent and 
obedient apirit, quickneas of apprehension, capacity of 
retaining, and the powerful aasiatance uf thy holy granei 
ial wha . we hear or leam, we may apply !« thylioiiat 
tnd the eternal salvation of our own boiUb, throogfa JeaiH 
t'hri«t our Lord. Amen. 

Fjt a Hiuhand or W^e. 


Mofartkm, and as a typa of the mdoa of Christ 
Cameh; givenagraeeboth thankftillyloaooqrt 
bga^aiidearaftillytofUfilitsdiities. I beseeeh 
tioiially to Mesa oar mdon, and to enabla va to 
itherin pcaee and brre, in the fidthlbl diseharga 
r teties to thee, and to eaeh other. Deliw us 
ty evil temper, from every heedless actioii, whiob 
injr wmy weaken or emlrfttor the aaeredness of 
by wiuch thou hast bound as tcugieiher, and 
in never be severed. Make me frithftd and af^ 
e, stadioue to please, and ready to deny my 
I and hielination in all things. Let not the 
i eroeeee of tins life induce me to mnnnnr, nor 
ily blesfllngs eanae me to forget thee, the An- 
. Giver of aU ; bat by patia/ice and meekness, 
r and thmnkfblness, may all thinffs be sanetified 
, and fit me for eternal onion wiu thee, throogh 
irist. Amen. 

mer for PamntSy for themselves and fir their 


her of mankind, who hast given unto me these 
Ten, and committed *hem to my charge to bring 
» for tibee, and to prepare them for everlasting 
iat me with thy heavenly grace, that I may be 
folfil this most sacred duty and stewardshm. 
ae both what to give, and what to withhold; 

reprove, and when to forbear : make me to be 
re(t firm ; considerate and watchful ; and deliver 
illy firom the weakness of indulgence, and ei 
severity ; and mnt that, both by word and ez« 

maybe carefm to lead them in the ways of 
and true piety ; so that at last I may, with them. 
,tted to the unspeakable joys of our true home in 
in the unity of the blessed angels and saints, 
hon, O Father, with Jesus, thy only-begotten Son, 
mity of the Holy Ghost, livest ard reigoest ons 
rever and ever. 


O Heavenly Father, I commend my chfldren 
thee. Bo thou their God and Father; and menl 
supply whatever is wanting in me, through frafll 
negligence. Strengthen them to overcome the oos 
lions of the worlc^ to resist the solicitations of 
whether from within or without; and deliver them 
^hc B(>cret snares of the enemy. Pour thy gnem 
their hearts, and confirm and multiply in them the 
df thy Holy Spirit, that they may daily grow in g 
and in the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ ; ai 
faithfully serving thee here, may come to rejoice b 
thee hereafter ; through the merits of the same our 
Jesus Christ, who wim thee and the Holy Ghost 1 
and reignest Amen. 

For a Child. 

O Almighty God, who hast given unto me my fi 
and mother, and made them to be an image of th; 
thority, and love, and tender watchfulness, and hast • 
manded me to love, and honor, and obey them i 
things; mve me grace cheerfully and with my \i 
heart to keep this thy law. Help me to love then 
vently, to honor them truly, to yield a ready obedi 
to all their commands, to comply with all their wi 
to study thehr happiness in every thing, and to bear 
patience and humility all their rebukes. Deliver n 
God, from pride, rebellion, and wilfulness, from pat 
and stubbornness, from sloth and carelessness. I 
me diligent in all my duties and studies, and patia 
all my trials ; that so living, I may deserve to be 
child, who art our Father in heaven, throu^ Jesus CI 
thine only Son cur Lord. Amen. 

A Prayer for choosing a State of Life, 

O Lord, I beseei h thee to gnni me thy divine 1 
that I may know the designs or thy providence eeu 
^ me, and that, filled wiSi a sincere desire for aqf • 


D, I may say, with the youiig man m the Go & pel : 
must I do to be saved?" AH states of life are 
le ; but. still undecided what to do, I await thy 
ds, I offer myself to thee without reslrictionj 
reserve, wiih a moat perfect subminsion. 
e it from me, O Lord, to oppose the order of 
lorn, and, unfaithful to the inspiration of th| 

strive to subject the will of the Creator to the 
3f the creature. It is not for the servant to 
he way in which he will serve his master : do 

upon me what commands thou pleasest. " My 

thine hands." I make no exception, lest per- 
Jiat iJirhieh I except be that which thou wiliest 
Luse I am too short-sighted to discover in the 
18 dilferent obstacles I shall meet with, if, with- 
goidance, I make myself the arbiter of my own 
Speak, Lord, to my soul ; speak to me as thou 

the youthful Samuel: ^ Speak to me, Lord; for 
•ant heareth." I cast myself at thy feet, and 
y, if it be thy will, to sacrifice myself as a victnr 
for the remainder of my days, m such wise a-. 
alt deem most worthy of thy greatness. 
' God, overrule the aifeetions of my parents, nvi 
heir projects according to the counsels of thine 
wisdom. Lord, I aesire to consult thee as the 
)f truth, sincere! v and without preference ; grant 
ey also may submit themselves to its decrees, 
ly and without reserve. 

A Prayer in THmes of threatened Calamity. 

«us Christ, we call upon thee, holy immortal Gud. 
aercy upon us and upon all men. Purify us by 
y blood, forgi'e us by thy holy blood, save us bi 
k blood, now and forever. Amen 


MzbitationB for tvtvTi IDag in ttft (Deik 



Preparation 1. Haying put away all earihlj carw and tf 
fectionS) say, — 

Gome, Hdy Ghost, fill the hearts of thy futhftd, m1 
kindle in them the fire of thy love. 


O God, who hast taught the hearts of the faithftil, by titf 
light of thy Holy Spirit, grant us, by the same Spirit ii 
have a right understanding in all things, and eootinae to f^ 
joice in las consolation ; through Christ our Lord. 

2. Picture to yourself^ as well as you are able, the spacioDl 
and most beautiful mansions of the blessed, and in them Godt 
with his holy angels, t&c., <&c. 

8. Ask grace of God, that, as far as may be, you may ht 
able to see and appreciate that heayenly glory. 

Mint Point for ConHderation, 

Consider what the happiness of heayen is. It is the per 
iMt combination of eyery good, without any admixture cf 
•vil, in which the blessed repose securely in the fullest Ml' 
Uaction of all their desires. According to Psalm xvi: *! 
diall be satisfied when thy glory shall appear.** 

Affectioni, What haye I in heayeti, and what dc I dedn 
upon earth, besides thee I 

Second Point 

Oooader how sweet, m that heayenly city (the brightnefli 
tf wha$e walla and gates and streets axe deem^^ m kyoA. 


3ty of Christ, and of the blessed Vngia 

postles, and the other saiDts, when all 

od, and Gkxl ahall be in all ; where tb« 

t the lowest without the least admiztmc 

le lowest embrace the highest withofot 


V lovely are thy tabeniacles, O Lord ci 
3iigeth and £unteth for the courts of *Jm 

• ■ • 


JTurd Faint. 

ififerences of glory. 1 Cor. zy. 41 : ** One ii 

mn, another fiie glory of the moon, and an 

•f the stars. For star differeth from star in 

ia the resurrection of the dead.** For the 

e shall be greater in proportion as he has in 

' suffered more for the sake of Gkxi 

Ajid shall I, then, seek to escape from labors 

iltbough the sufferings of this world are not 

x>mpared with the glory to come f 

3tive thanks to God, that he has prepared a 

for such slight services as we can rendor unto 

ch thyself for tliine own ingratitude and neg- 

mena the whole of this act of devotion to the 

the blessed Virgin Mary ; and say, We fly tc 

, dte.; p. 107. 

for ilftontias. 


n^ same as before for Sundav. 

lurself in your last agony, lying on your bed 

K in one hand and a taper in the other. 

First Point. 

bat "H is appointed to all ump once to |ie^ 
it IhMt the day and hour ta oocertain. Fci 


122 MEDITATIONS >0K . tl. WEEK. 

" the day of the Lord shall so come as a thief in the il| 
For when they shall say peace and security, then shall i 
den destruction come upon them." 1 Thess. v. 3 The n 
man truly observes (Eccles. ix.) : ** As fishes are taken ii 
the hook, and as birds are caught with the snare, so men : 
taken in the evil time." 

Affections. Why, then, do I not hold myself in readin 
every day and every hour, as Christ exliorteth i Matt, zzi 
^ Be ye ready, for ye know not at what hour the Son of n 
will come." 

Second Point. 

Consider how great may be at that time your bodily pa 
ou account of which, you mav neither be able to pray, 
to repent, or even to remember your sins. For that ah 
be fulfilled. Ps. zL : ** The i hast turned all his couch in I 

Affections. " Therefore, while we have time let as « 
good." Gal vi 10. But, concerning this present time, H 
said (2 Cor. vL 2) : '* In an accepted time nave I heard tin 
ami in the day of salvation have I helped thee : behold no 
is the acceptable time, now is the day of salvation." 

T?iird Foifit. 

Consider in what great straits will thy soul then be, whi 
it 18 about to leave the body, and knows not " whether it 
worthy of hatred or love ;" whether it is to be revived int 
heaven or thrust down into helL The soul of H&Iarion, wi 
had served Christ for nearly seventy years, trembled Hi it 
departure from the body. " Why ait thou afraid. O n^ 
Houl, to depart ?" said he. Job, also, at the prospect 
death, says (x. 20), ** Suffer me that I may lament mr so 
row a little before I go, and return no more to a land thi 
IB dark, and covered with the mists of deatL" How mud 
more cause for fear have you 1 " But the souls of the ju 
are in the hands of Gk)d, and the torments of death shall no 
touch theuL" Wis. iil 1. 

Affections. Would that I might so ponder these thiQgpi 
Hid HO arrange mv life, that I might be able to my, " To bm 
til lii e is Christ, to die is (puQ*** Fl'Q* i 21. 

TUE8D.AT. lis 

vrself to Obiut oi having ne^^eetecl 
id promiae him to amend. 



I as fbr Sunday. 

are standhig as a debtor belbre Ohriit 
) of judgment, and aboat to giye an ae 

Firtt Paint, 

oe soul, released from the bonds of the 

by all, must stand before Christ its Judge, 

yers nor tears ahall ayail, nor any excuse 

when your g^uardian angel and the deTil 

rnen y 

jr good and evil deeds, &c What shall I, 

ad shall I still be so careless f ** If we would 
we should not be judged." 1 Cor. zL 81. 

Second Point. 

you must give account not only of your 
t for every idle word. Then, pernaps, shaU 
ear against you (Dan. y. 26) : " Mane, The* 
ine : Ood hath numbered thy kingdom, and 

Theeel : Thou art weighed in the balancn. 
anting. P hares: Thy kingdom is diyidmS. 
he Modes and Persians.*' 
nd shall I not fear f ** Pierce thou my flaili 
* I am afraid of thy judgments." Ps. czvin. 
judgment with thy servant" Ps. codiL 

TTUrd Point. 

what fear and trembling each one will awiul 
the Judge, which can never be reversf d 
mI," Sa; or, ** Depart, ye mcke^ ^ 


AffeetwM, And shall I hereafter take any pleMON 
■in ? I will speak in the bitterness of my sool ; I wiUi 
■nto Gkxl, Do not condemn me. 

Colloquy. Give thanks to Christ, that he has so li 
printed, and, still grants to thee, the time of grace. 



Preparatior>i same as before. 

Im^ine to yourself some vast and horrid cayem, foil 
serpents and other monsters, and from whence issue frjg^ 
fill nowlings, with smoke and flames, &c 

Fir ft Point, 

Consider what eternal damnation is, viz., a nerer-endin 
unchangeable condition, in which the reprobate are tormeLif 
without pity or hope of mercy ; with torments so great, til 
the mina of man cannot understand or imagine them; ' 
which the lake burning with brimstone and me (Apoc. si 
10) is but a part, and, as it were, a figure. 

Affections. Truly does Isaias say (zxziii), ** Which of yc 
can dwell with deyouring fire f which of you can dwell wii 
eyerlasting burnings f* O Lord, pnmsh me here with ill 
and sword, rather than hereafter and through eternity. 

Second Point 

Consider well the punishment of the senses, in the etem 
torment of the soul as well as of the body. The eye9 ifai 
be tormented with spectres ; the ears^ with hc^ings, wei] 
ing, and blasphemies ; the nostrUsy with intolerable stenol 
the tongue and the palate^ with liquid pitch and sulpfaa 
the hands, the breasty and all the rest of the body, with unei 
durable torturer ; the memory and intellect shall gnaw tl 
heart with the remembrance and ccnsideration of the ii^ 
lected time of grace ; the will must endure the firnstratk 
Mivi contr&JictioD of all i^e desires. " As much as she hsl 


led lieoTBel^ anl lived in delicacies, so tnch torment 
MMTOW ghre ye to her.** Apoc. zviiL 7. 
fmtUmM, Oh, the hlindness of men, who, for one dros 
oney, fear not the full draught of so much gall and 

Third Point, 

OBBider the pain, of lost, which is eternal ezdusioL fire 
TinoQ of Gkxl and the society of the saints, by tar tha 
btest and moet intolerable of all punishments. 
iff^Uian*. Oh, that I might neyer forget these things 
ist me not away from thy face, O Lord" Pa L 
\jex your Colloquy be the deprecation of so great misery 



Preparation, as before. 

hnagine to yourself all the gifts of Ghxl brought together 
i one time, and placed before your eyes. 

First Point 

OoDsider that Qod, from all etermty, set his eyes upon 
roQ, and decreed that you should be created out of notmDg 
■to ererlasting salvation. Jer. zzzi. 8 : " I have loved 
iee with an everlasting love ; therefore have I drawn thee, 
making pity oo thee." Then, that he brought you forth in 
ll« time of grcuXy placed you in the Catholic Church, and 

Eyoa pious parents, <&& ; that he • spared you going oQ 
I, debvered you from many dangers, and drew ycu into 
hs way of salvation, c&c. 

Auctions, "The mercies of the Lord I wiU sing for- 
lii^ Pa. Izzz. Shall I ever offend, by any sin, so great 

Second Point, 

,er that Gk>d a];>pointcd the sacraments of baptiani 
ihMt we might Ixt delivered &om our siOH, D04 


for his own, but for our sakes, for he has no need <tf as Im 
might, without injury, have condemned us to eternal dm 
aauon, <b& 

Affectims, ** Bless the Lord, oh, my soul ; and let all tlil 
is within me bless his holy name.** Ps. dL 

TfUrd Point. 

Consider the incomprehensible love of God towards n^tl 
tbe institution of the most holy Euchvist, in whi<^ he gait 
himself to us for our food "There is no other nadon M 
great that hath Gkxl so nigh them, as our Gkxl is pressnk 
to us." Deut. iv. 

Affeetians. Where is our love in return f ** What shaD I 
rendfer unto the Lord for all the things that he hath rendered 
to me r Ps. cxv. 

Colloquy. Beg of God not to withdraw his mercies from 



Preparation^ as before. 

Picture to yourself the Mount of Olives, at the loot ci 
which Christ sweat blood ; Mount Sum, on which was situ- 
ated the city of Solyma, where he was accused, scounradt 
and condemned ; and Mount Calvary, where he was cradSed. 

First Point. 

Consider what passed in the garden, the agony, the Uooi^ 
iweat, the prayer. 

Affections. Who will not suffer with him, and take froo 
Ids hand the cup of his passion which he giveth to drink ? 

Second Point. 

Consider what he suffered in the dty, before Annas, Oai 
apbae, Pilate, Ac ; the mockerj, bnffetioes, eocura^inga, Ac 
ji^'kefwns Her»> mme neft be sii^esU^^ 

mMruuoA% IWI 


fhtA lie endiirod on Mount Oalnuj, k htkm 
iff gfunmeaU, htswiag his hands and feet pieraa 
» JIB words on the cross, Ac 

** Look upon the wounds <tf thy SaTioar,aB ha 
e croes; totk on the blood, whidi, dyig, ha 
ee, the pnoe of thy redemption. Wb head ii 
thee ; nis heart is openea to lore thee; hii 
ed oat to embrace thee. Consider these tmqgi^ 
ley be ; weigh them in the balance of thy heafti 
be whdQy fixed in thy heart, who^ fbr ttaea^ wae 
ned to the cross." — St. Aueosnir. 

Jeaos cmctfied irill soggest it 

99t Jkttttt&ay. 


ion, as before. 

Tore thy mind the Queen of heaven and earth 

>Te all the hosts of heaven, and downed by tht 


First PainL 

both the outward and inward loyelinMs of that 
■gin, of whom tlie aponse in the Oantide saith, 
all fiur, oh, my loye, and there is not a spot in 
w should she not be most beautiful, who broo^it 
who was *'beautiAil above the sons of menT 
^'The most High hath sanctified his own taber^ 
1. zly. 

IS. Shall not I, at so glorious avision of Oh risHw 
cleanse my soul firom its stains ? O most pars 
ain for me grace to do this. 

Second Point, 

' with what privileges and honors tlie bleaiii 
rifi<^her llie Father love Iter as bin daughter 


ftha Son honors her as his mother ; the Hoij GImmI ^ 

bracM her as his bride. i 

Affections, How can I sufficientlj praise thee t te ' 

Third Point. 

Oo&sider the mercy and tenderness of this mother towi 
■11 in misery ; and although the mercy of GkKi be infiaU 
greater, yet infinite also is his justice, in which Mary hai 
Affections, HaU, Holy Queen, Mother <tf Mercy, Ae.» a 
Colloquy f to the blessed Virgin Mary, may be gKW 
ftom. the Affections. 


barions |)raser0 anb IDetiotions for t^ 
Viiat of H)e iTaittifoi. 


(JTo the reeital of toAtcA, toith contrition of heart, an InchUgt 

is attached,) 


An Act of Faith, 

I firmly believe, because God, who is the in£EdlJ 
troth, has thus revealed to his holy Catholic Chni 
•nd by it reveals it also unto us, that there is one C 
In throe Persons, the Father, the Son, and the H 
Ghost , that the Son was made man by taking flesh i 
« human soul, by the operation of the Holy Ghoal 
the womb of the most pure Virgin Maiy ; that he c 
upon the cross, rose again from Sie dead, ascended i 
heaven, and from thonce will come again at the enc 
the world to judge both the living and the dead; 


«nto the good eTerlastiiig h^piness, and to the 
ttfed ererlastinff pmuahment Moreover, and for the 
wmt reason, I beUeve all that the same holy Call) otic 
Ihirdi belieTeB and teaehea. 

An Ad tf Hope, 

nj God« because thou art almighty, and inhnite^ 
|Md and mereifiil, I hope, that for tiie merits of ih% 
pMon and death of Jesus Christ our Saviour, thou 
vit pfe me eternal life, which thou hast faithfully prom- 
M to an who do the works of a ^ood Christian ; since 
I lesolre to do ttium by thy holy aid. 

An Ad of Charily. 

my Crod, because thou art the highest and most 
pirfeet Good, I love thee with my whole heart, above 
i& things ; and I am resolved to suffer the loss of all 
ifaings rather than offend thee; and, for thy love, I also 
u>v« my neighbor as myself 



Preparatory Prayer, 

O almighty and eternal God, grant to us the increase 
tf iahh, hope, and charity ; and that we may deserve to 
•btain what Uiou dost promise, make us to love what 
Ibon eontmandest ; through Chnst our Jjord. Amen. 


1 firmly believe thero is one God; and that in this 
MM God thcdre are three Persons, the Father, the Soa 

130 rk^llEBS A^J DEV0TI0R8. 

and the Holy Ghcst ; that the Son took to hinuelf At 
nature of man from the womb of the Yirgia Mary, hf ^ 
the operation of the power of the Holy Ghoat ; and thjrtr 
in this our human nature, he was crucified, and died for 
UB ; that afterwanis he rose again, and ascended into 
Q(^ven, from whence he shall come to repay the jopI 
everlasting glory, and the wicked everlasting punisb 
ment. Moreover, I believe whatsoever else the Cathofit . 
Cnurch propones to be believed, and this because G.J, 
who [» the Sovereign Truth, and can neither deeeifs j 
nor be decpivA/^ ^«^h revealed all these thinj^s to^h j 
hiR Church 

An Act of Hope, 

O my God, relying on thy almighty power, atid thy. 
infinite mercy and goodness, and because thou art fidth- 
ful to thy promises, I trust in thee that thou wilt gntnt 
me the forgiveness of my sins, through the merns of 
. f)Hus Christ thy Son ; and that thou wilt ffive me the 
assistance of thy grace, with which I may labor to con- 
tinue to the end in the diligent exercise of all good 
works, and may deserve to obtain in heaven the glory 
wliich thou hast promised. 

An Act of Charity, 

O Lord my God, I love thee with my whole hearti 
and above all things, because thou, O God, art the 
Sovereign Good, and, for thy own infinite perfection 
lit most worthy of all \ove ; and, for thy sake, I i^ 
love my neighbor as myself. 

An Act of Coniritian, 

O my God, for the sake of thy sovereign goodness and 

iLfinite perfections, vhich I love above a!l things I an 

exceedingly sorry from the bottom of my heart, and an 

grieved for having ofi*ended b^ my eix^ 1Va& \.Vvs vofinite 


; and I firmly reaolye, bj the assistance of thji 
never more to ofiend thee for the time to come, 
kiefb-llv to Avoid all oeeaaions of sin. 



O my God, I believe in tliee , do thou strengthen my 
fiiith. All my hopes are in thee ; do thou secure diem. 
I love theo ; teach me to love thee daily more nrd more. 
1 am sorry Uuit a have x)ffended thee ; do thou increase 
my siorrow. 

1 adore thee as my first beginning j I aspire after 
thee as my last end. I give tuee thanks as my con- 
btant benefactor; I call upon thee us my sovereign 

Vouchsafe, O my God, to conduct me by thy wisdom, 
to restrain me by thy justice, to comfort me by thy 
ni€r«:y, to defend me by thy power. 

To thee I desire to consecrate all my thoughts, words, 
actions, and sufferings ; that henceforward I may think 
v,il\ * ihee, speak of thee, refer all my actions to thy 
irri-aUT glory, and suffer willingly whatever thou shah 

I/»r»l, 1 desire that in all things thy will may be done, 
otx'uuse it 'hi thy will, and in the manner that thou 

I be^' of thee to enlighten my understanding, to lt^ 
flame my will, tr purify my body, and to sanctity ov 

(li le me strength, O my God, to expiate my offences, 
Ui u\ercome my temptations, to subdue my passions, and 
to acquire the virtues proper for my state. 

Fill my heart with tenaer affection for thy goodness, 
luitrt^ or my faults. o\e cf my\ie'lghbor, and contempt 
»f the worla 


Let UK always remember to be submisshre* to my i^ 
periorB, condescending to my inferiors, faithliil to n| 
uiends, and charitable to my enemies. 

Assist me to overcome sensuality by moiiifiestioiH 
avarice by alms-deeds, anger by meekuess, and tesfUMf 
by devotion. 

O my God, make me prudent in my undertakiDA 
courageous in dangers, patient in affliction, and homUi 
Ic prosperity. 

Grant that I may be ever attentive at my prayen^ 
'lemperatc at my moals, diligent in my employmentB»aiid 
constant in my resolutions. 

Jjct my conscience be ever upright and pure, my ex 
terior modest, my conversation emfying, and my oom* 
portment regular. 

Assist me, that I may continually labor to oveieoiDi 
nature, to correspond with thy grace, to keep thy eoBif 
maadments, and to work out my salvation. 

Discover to me, O my God, the nothingness of tliii 
world, the greatness of heaven, the shortness of Urntt 
and the length of eternity. 

Grant that I may prepare for death ; that I may fell 
thy judgments, escape hell, and in the end obtain heav 
en ; through Jesus Christ my J^rd. Amen. 



O ffood ana gracious Jesus I who, being most high fca 
the giory of thy Father, and of one essence with hmij 
didst vouchsafe of thy infinite love to be made man, to 
be bom in a stable, to be laid in a manger, to be cir* 
cumcised, and to fly into Egypt ; afterwards to be bi^ 
tized, to be tempted, ih fEuit, to watch, to teach the 
fgTJorsDU And to heal the diseased ; in thy wliole life te 


inml affietkma and peraecatioiis ; and at 
tarily to anffer dealh apon the croaa; and 
e, and aoeh wretched creatures as myaelfl 
amd ffradoiu Jeana ! who, having eaten tho 
t> with thy dearly beloved diadplea, dkbt 
ipper, gird thyself with a towels pour water 
, and on bended kneea didst humblr waal 
hy diadples, and wipe them with thy owi 


. and mdons Jesas ! who, when the time of 
>proaidied, didst beqneath a most ezeellent 
f children, leaving ns thy most sacred boay 
dat>, and thy most predoas blood to be our 
Tit can teach, nor understanding penetrate 
388 depth of tins thy charity, 
d and gracious Jesus! who, having entered 
rden of Olives, beganst to fear and to be 
renpon thou saidst to thy disciples. My wui 
J even unto death; and then leaving them, 
pon the ground, and falling flat on Uiy face, 

thy Fawer, If U he passthle^ let this chalice. 
«. And yet with perfect submission, wholly 
thyself to him, saying. Father^ not my vnu, 

done : and at length, through most painful 
afllicted and fainting body sweated drops of 

>d and gracious Jesus! who, inflamed with 
desire to redeem me, didst go to meet thine 
id sufieredst Judas the traitor to kiss thee, 
to be taken and bound with cords, and as a 
disgracefully led by* the basest of the peopit 
trhere with admirable meekness thou ret^* 
I stroke on thy face, most unjustly given thee 
retch and slave. 

)d and gracious Jesus! who wast ied fast 
a notorious malefactor from Annas to the 
aiaphas the high priest, where the Jews most 
Bused thee, and with liarbarous insolence spat 
aeek and amiable fac e, bufleting thy eheeka 



And blindfolding thine oyes, scornfully n«ockinff, an 
maliciously affronting thee with injuries all that ni^t 

7. O good and gracious Jesus I who in the momiii( 
wast brought to the presence of Pilate, and with a mm 
sweet and humble countenance, casting thine eyes dowi 
AtoodHt before him in the Judgment-hall; and when tho* 
vast inoHt falsely calumniated by the Jews, and manji 
fji»uir.8 and provocations were given thee, thou meekl) 
leldst thy peace, and patiently sufferedst ilieir unjusl 

8. O good and gracious Jesus ! who wast sent from 
Pilate to Herod ; he out of vain curiosity coveting to 
see some miracle at thy hand, demanded many thmgi 
of thee, and the Jews continuing their perversenesa 
Hgaiiist thee ; but to all these thy meekness replied not 
a word: wherefore Herod and all his court despised 
thee, and putting on thee a white garment in scorn and 
derision, sent thee thus back again to Pilate. un- 
speakable humility and obedience to the will of thine 
enemies ! thou wentst forth and retumedst again, and 
wast led up and down from place to place without 
gainsaying, but suifering them to do whatever they 

9. O good and gracious Jesus ! who in the judgmeD^ 
hall wast stript naked, and without any compassion mosi 
cruelly scourged. There was thy blessed virginal anti 
tender flesh torn vith stripes, and altogether manglec 
and deformed ; so that the streams of thy most precicuf 
blood ran down on every side upon the earth. 

10. O good and gracious Jesus! after thy sharp anc 
Ucody scourging, to put thee o more shame and con 
Shsion, as also to increase th\ torments, they clothec 
Ji3e with an old purple garment, and platting a srowi 
of thorns, pressed it on thy holy head, till the shar] 
points pierced thy temples, and thy most precious bloo< 
ran down and covered thy face and neck: they ffav< 
thee in derision a reed fur thy sceptre, and kneell\i| 
down before thee In scorn, saluted thee, spying, Httu 
^'w of '-^ Jews; then t ok they Ir.e reed out of th] 


with it struek thy aaiered head, and agafai apal 
iacred fiiee. 

^ood mnd graeioiis Jeana! who waat bioofffat 
1 Pilate to the Jews to be gazid on, wearaig 

of thorns and pnrple garment, POate.shcwiniP 
le people, and aaying, BMId Aa man; hut 

out with a load volee and hisatiable mali€« 
tut, CTUcrfy HWfL 
rood and giacions Jesna! thon waiit delivereU 

wfll and i^eaaare of the Jews, who hnmed! - 

thee to be cradfied, laying thy heavy cioh^ 

sore and bloody shonlden; thus didst thou 
tear thy own cross, whose weight pahied thee 
ly, and commff to the place all weaiv and 
s, thov refhseoiEit not to taste wine muigled 

and myrrh, which was the only relief there 
good and gracions Jesns ! being come to Monnt 

thou wast affain stripped naked, when thy 
Rrere renewed by the violent pulling off of thy 

What bitter pams didst thou suffer, when thou 
tened to the cross with rough n*ail», and the 

thy limbs stretched an on a rack ! Oh, with 
e and sweetness of charity didst thou suffer thy 
d feet to be pierced through, whence, as from a 

thy precious blood gushed out. 
grood and gracious Jesus ! who, hanging on the 
tween two thieves, wast assailed with blasphe- 
1 after so long a continuance of thy tortures, 
to thy Father to forgive them : and even when 
f was at the highest, didst exercise the ^reateH 
promising Paradise to the repenting thief, and 
ling thy dearly beloved Mother (who, pierced 
row, stood by the cross,) to thv beloved aisciplo 
d in him to us all ; and after thou hadat suffered 
c long hours intolerable pains a^d extreme 
ey gave thee vinegar to drink, which when thou 
stcd, bowinff down thy venerable head, thos 
t up thy spun. 


15. O good and gneious Jesus. O gooa Shei^erdl 
thus thou bestowedst thy life for thy ahecp, ana even 
after death still thou wouldst suffer for u>, the sacred 
side of thy dead body bein^ opened with a bpear, out of 
which flowed watei and blood. Thus at last ended aU 
thy suflbrings; an«i thy enemies having slacked their 
Harst for thy blood, and being gone away, thy disdplet 
eaffld and took thy immacumte body down from the 
flroBs, reposed it on the knees of tliy blessed Mother^ 
and after all ima^able expressions of piety, reverencei 
and love, wrapped it up in linen, and laid it in a sepulchre 


O mild and innocent Lamb of God, thus heartily thou 
didst love me, these things thou didst for me, these 
pains most patiently and lovingly thou sufleredst for 
me. What shall I render unto thee ? I adore and glo- 
rily thee, I praise thee and give thee thanks, with all the 
powers of my soul. Jesus, Son of the living God, 
King of kings, and Lord of lords. Hail, most glorioue 
Redeemer of our souls, whose death quickens and givei 
life to the world. 

O blessed Saviour, have mercy on me, for thy good< 
ness' sake ; forgive me all my sins, destroy and mortifjr 
in me whatever displeaseth thee. Make me one accord- 
ing to thy heart, and grant that to the utmost of my 
power I may most di%ently imitate thy holy life. O 
blessed Father of heaven ! behold I offer the most holy 
incarnation, life, and passion of thy dearly beloved Son 
Jesus Christ, in full satisfar.tinn for all my sins, aai 
perfect amendment of my life. Grant, most meieiflcd 
nither, for the merits of thy only-begotten Son, to the 
liviqg mercy and grace, ana to the sou's departed rwl 
find life everlasting. Amen. 

rsLAjmaa and oxtotiohb. 187 



mer an eefram miff JMl, or for obtaiMng aomu 

'ill JesoB, mv bleased Savioiir and Redeemer, 
•omforter of all sad, desolate, and diatveaaed 
>ld thy poor servant, humbly prostrate at tb* 
y hily cross, bewaOing my misery, imploring 
and beseeching thee to take fity and eom- 
on me in this my present affliction. 
y prayers, O assared refhge of the afflictedr 
r tears, consiaer mv «Arrows, and remedy my 
; for, finding myself encompassed with very 
alamities, by reason of my sins, I know not 
i fly for succor, or to whom I m^ make my 
but to thee, my meek and merdfol Saviour 
I hope and confidence that thou wilt vouchsafe 
tomed pity to my humble petition. This I 
itreat oi thee. 

[loly mystery of thy alliance vidth our human 
len, resolving vidth the Father and the Holy 
unite thy divine person to mortal flesh for 
ation, thou didst send thy angel to the holy 
try with those happy tidings, and clothing thy- 
our human nature, remainedst, true God and 
for the space of nine months in her sacred 

anguish thou enduredst when, the time of thy 
passion drawing nigh, thou prayedst to thv 
nther, that if it were possible that bitter shaL 
pass away from thee ; yet concluding vvith a 
'i«t act of resignation, Mot my loiU^ but Oiine U 

outrageous injuries, shameful dhtmces, cruel 
>ntumelious blasphemies, forged witnesses, 
jsations, and unjust judgments, which thou, 
I<amb ! patiently enduredst \ by the shaoklea 



^'hich fettered thy limbs, the teai» which iluwed fr 
thine eyes, the blood wMch trickled fi'om thy wii 
body ; by the fears, sorrows, and sadness of thy hea 
by the shame thou receivedst in bein^ stript of thy g 
ments, to hang naked on the cross, in the si^H of 1 
sorrowful Mother, and in the presence of all ue peo{ 

By thy royal head crownea with thorns, and smit 

^*;th a reed ; by thy thirst quenched with vinegar i 

/all ; by thy side opened with a spear, whence issi 

.1 blood and water, to refresh our souls with that livj 

fountain of thy love and mercy ; by the sharp ni 

' ■ wherewith thy tender hands and leet were crue 

. pierced and fastened to the cross ; by the recomm< 

dation of thy departing soul to thy heavenly Fath 

saying. Into thy hands I commend my spirit ; by t 

praying for thy enemies. Father, forgive thenij for L 

know not what they do; by thy givm^ up the ghc 

when thou criedst out with a loud voice, My God^ 

God, why hast thou forsaken mel and then, bowi 

doAvn thy most blessed head, saidst. It is consummoi 

By the great mercy thou showedst towards the pe 
tent thief, saying, This day thou shalt be vnth me 
Paradise; by thy descent into Limbus, and the j 
thou communicateost to the just souls therein detaiu( 
by the- glory of thy triumphant resurrection, and.1 
consoling appearance thou frequently didst vouch** 
-j^v for forty days' space to thy sacred Virgin Mother, 

thy apostles, and thy other chosen friends and servan 
by thy admirable ascension, when, in the sight of 1 
holy Mother and thy apostles, thou wast elevated u 
heaven ; by the miraculous coming down of the H< 
Ghost in the form of fiery tongues, whereby thou 
't pienishedst the hearts of thy msciples with thy lo 

and gavest them strength and courage to plant 1 
faitl. in the whole world ; by the dreadful day of g< 
eral judgment, on which thou wilt pass sentence on 

By all t lose sorrows, joys, passions, compassic ns, a 
whatsoever else is dear to thee in heavii\ aivd o\. <&^i 

nuLTSES AMD usfwinxm. 139 


on me, O compuMioiuite Redeemer ! hear my 
mi gmnt me toat for which I now moat hum- 
beartiiy petition thee. [Mention here iht (king 
% or TgUtiL MefiAi% vfon k^ GiTo me, O gnk 
dour, roeedilj to experienee thy divine aneeoi 
fbit, "vraoy according to the acenatomed aweet* 
hy tender hearti art wont to grant the reqaeata 

who fear and love thee, even to thefar aonPa 
id satisfiietion ; beatow on me also, O bleaerid 
constant fidth, a finn hope, a perfect chariW, a 
fcrition, a aincere confeaaion, a fbll satiafiustion, 
Et ffoajrding of myself from fotare iSiilinga, a 
t of tlie world, a complete conquest of mv pas- 

zealona imitation of thy exeovlary life and 
jdon, an entire aocomplialunent of my vows, an 

mortification of my self-will, h wiDing r<uMUD<«8 
or thy love and honor, a final perseverance in 
id good works, a happy departure of my son! 
lis world, with my penect senses about me, and 
' holy sacraments to strengthen me ; thyself, 
ins, to comfort me ! thy sacred Virgin Mother 
3 saints, my particular patrons, to pray for me \ 
good angel to conduct me to eteraal rest an J 
ns^ Amen. 


:AL of which, for the above space of TIME, 

hcoltfly recommended as a proper doTotioD for every day a 
Lent, and aU the Fridays throughout the year. 

-glorious and blessed Mary, queen of virains^ 
of viercy, the hope and comfort of dejected and 



•ieso/nte souls; through that sword of sorro\/ wJiU 
pierced thy tender heart, whilst thine only Son Jm 
Christ our Lord suffered death and ignominy on tk 
eross ; through that filial tenderness and pure love ll 
had for thee, grieving in thy grief, whilst from his eroi 
he recommended thee to the care and protection of U 
beloved disciple St. John ; take pity, I beseech lJiee» tl 
my poverty and necessities; have con passion on m 
anxieties and cares ; assist and comfort me in all my k 
iirmities and miseries, of what kind soever. Thou a 
the mother of mercies, the sweet comforter and only ttA 
uge of the needy and the orphan, of the desolate an 
afflicted. Cast, therefore, an eye of pity on a poor cfall 
of Eve, and hear my prayer ; for since, in just punid 
ment of my sins, I nn3 myself encompass^ by a mu] 
titude of e\ils, and oppressed with much anguish c 
spirit, whither can I fly for more secure shelter, < 
amiable mother of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 
than to the wings of thy maternal protection ? Attenc 
tlierefore, I beseech thee, with an ear of pity and con 
passion to my humble and earnest request. I ask i 
through the mercy of thy dear Son : through that lov 
and condescension where^^ith he embraced our natuit 
when, in compliance with the divine will, thou gavee 
thy consent; and whom, after the expiration ot nin 
months, thou broughtest forth from thy chaste womb t 
visit tliis world, and bless it with his presence. I ask i 
through that anguish of mind wherewith thy belove 
Son, our dear Saviour, was overwhelmed on uie Moun 
of Olives, when he besought his eternal Father to ic 
move from him, if possible, the bitter chalice of his paa 
lion. I ask it through the threefold repetition or hi 
prayer in the garden, from whence afterwards, with soi 
rowing steps, and mournful tears, thou didst aecompan; 
him to the doleful theatre of his death and suffermgi 
I ask it through the wounds and sores of his virgins 
flesh, occasioned by the cords and whips w.herewiw h 
was bound and scourged, when stripp^ of liis seamles 
garment, for wliich his executioners afterwards eas 



IcIl I aak it thronsli the Bcoffs and igc omlnies wherei 
wUik he was insulted: the &lae accnaations and unjust 
itimfo by which he was condemned to death, and 
vUdi he bore with aeavenly patience. I ask it through 
lib Utter tears and hloody sweat, his silence and resig- 
■tion, his sadness and snef of heart I ask it through 
fts blood which tiickledfrom his royal and sacred head, 
vImd stmek with his sceptre of a reed, and pierced with 
lb crown of thorns. I ask it Ihrou^ the ezcruciatmg 
tonnenta he suffered, when his hands and feet were fast- 
ened with heavy nails to the cross. I ask it through 
Us vehement thirst, and hitter passion of vinegar and 
pdL I ask it through his dereliction on the cross, 
when he exebiinied : My God! My God ! why hast thou 
^brsafcen me J I ask it through ms mercy extended to 
the good thie( and through his recommendation of his 
atecious soul and spirit into the hands of his etema'. 
Father before he expbed, saying, // is finished. I ask 
it through the blood mixea wi^ water which issued 
from his sacred side when pierced with a lance, from 
vhence a plenteous stream of grace and mercy has 
flowed to us. I ask it through his immaculate life, his 
bitter passion, and ignominious death on the cross, at 
which nature itself was thrown into convulsions, by the 
bursting of rocks, rending of the veil of the temple, the 
earthquake, and darkness of the sun and moon. I ask 
it throu^ his descent into hell, where he comforted the 
■ints ^ the old law with his presence, and led captivity 
eaptiTe. I ask it through Iiis glorious victory ovei 
death, when he rose again to life on the third day, and 
through the joy which his appearance, for forty days 
tfter, gave to thee, his blessed Mother, his apostles, and 
tlie rest of his disciples, when, in thine and their pres- 
ence, he miraculously ascended into heaven. I ask it 
throng the grace of the Holy Ghost, infused into the 
hearts of the apostles, when he descended upon them in 
the form of fiery tongues, which inspired them with zeal 
for the convei'sion of the world . when tliey went forth 
10 pfreach the gospel I ask it hroiigh the awful ap 

143 rXAVlU AMU jnOTHMk. 

pearance ot thy Son, at the b«t dnadftll dft; wh 
Bbull come to jndm the liring and tlia dead, an 
world by fire. I aek it throorii Ihe eraipaaikiB ba 
thee ia this life, and the inefiUs joj thou didit t 
thine asBumptioa into hwTen, iriim tkon art «tei 
absorbed in the sweet contemplatioii of liis dhdm 
fectiobB. O giorions and aret^blMaed '^ivfai 1 o« 
tfie heart of \hj anp^ianti by obUlniii^ or bb | 
■meiuian yoar requeit, wider Ifte oonHtun of At < 
agreeable to the teiB if 0«d]. And U I am p«m 
iny divine Savionr dotfi honor thee as his b« 
Mother, to whom he can retase nothitig, ao le 
speedily experience the effieacj of thy powerftil I 
cession, according to the tAndameaa ol thy mat 
affection, and his liU^ latiBg heart, who tattni 
grsnteth the reqaeeta and eoiqdnth wUt tha A 
of those that lo*e and fear Urn. Wherefont O 
blessed Virgin, ijeaides the oldest of mjr p«WM> t 
tioo, and whatcTer elite 1 may atand In need o^ <i 
for me also of thy dear Son, onr Lord and oar G 
lively faith, a firm hope, a peifbct ehail^, a tnu ei 
tion of heart, iinfeicned teua «f eompnnotlon, a rf 
confes«on, an abstinence from atn, a lova of Ood 
my neighbor, a contempt of the wotld, and pat 
under dl afironts and ignominiee ; nay, even, ff e 
■ary, on opprobrions dealh itaeli^ fbr the love of my 
lour Jesus Christ. Obtain Ukeiriae fbr me, O ■ 
If other ol God ! peraeveranoe in good woik^ dw 
formance of good resolalioDB, the moitlfieatiMt of 
will, a pious conversation through Ufb, aad, at nr 
wunents, a strong and nnewa refMolaiiMs aaeomgi 
ky such a li\-ely utd attantivs prwonee OF mfaid aa 
enable me to reodre the laat aactamenta of the CI 
worthily, and die in thy ft ~ 

obtain, I b««Meh thee, for die aonb vf Hffaa 

hiatiuen, rciatlooa, and ben«iMtan, bott 1 

rmA7£R8 AHD DEVOTIORa 14| 

Six Prayers of Sl BridgeL 

• mH ic booor jf tbe mend Wonnda of ovr BImhJ Saviow 

) most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal swc et 

»f those who love thee , the joy, desire, and Arm 

of the hopeless ; solace of the sorrowful, and most 

ial lover of all penitent sinners ; who hast said, thy 

ht is to be with the sons of men ; for the love ol 

m thou didst assume human nature in the fulness ot 

• : remember, most sweet Lord Jesus, all those sharp 

owB which did pierce thy sacred soul, from the first 

iMDt of thy incarnation, until the time of thy som>w- 

psssion, preordained from all eternity : remember, O 

Mt amiable Saviour, all that bitter anguish thou didst 

iffer, when at thy last supper itxou didst wash the feet 

f thy disciple^S didst feed mem with the sacred banquet 

i thy precious body and blood, and most sweetly c( m- 

.brting thenoi, didst foretell them thy ensuing passion ; 

&fter which, going to Mount Olivet, thou saidst. My soul 

is sorrowful unlo death. Remember, I beseech thee, O 

most sweet Saviour, that bitter grief and anguish which 

thy sacred soul did suffer when, praying three several 

times to thy heavenly Father, thou didst sweat water 

uid blood, thou wast betrayed by thy own disciple, ap- 

prebended by thy chosen people, accused by false vviu 

Desses, unjustly arraigned before three judges, and in 

thy chosen city, in the Paschal solemnity, in the flouris'n- 

log age of tliy youth, wrocifffuUy condemned, bound, 

boten, spumed, spit upon, despoiled of thy garments, 

•nd clothed with others m scorn ; wast blindfolded, buf- 

fcfted, spit upon again, bound naked to a pillar, most 

rmelly scoureed, crowned with thorns, struck with » 

reed, and aflficted with innumerable other tormentg 

pains, and injuries. O my Lopd Jesus, by the mem or 

tod merit of all that bitter pain and anguish, before tho 

breathedst thy last upon tiie cross, vouchsafe to gra^ 

iir before mj death, trae contrition, ei.tirc coiifesHic 


» flowing fountain of tears, fbll sstiBfiietloiii tnd jfum 
remission of all my ains. Amen. J 

O most gracious Lord Jesus, be propitkiui to ll 
«nner. m 

Our Father, &c. Hail, Mary, &o. 'i 

2. O most sweet Lord Jesus, ever-flowing foontafl 
beavenly delights, remember, I beseedi tiiee, fhait ■ 
and sorrow which thou didst suffer wfaenHiy eroel'^ 
mLes, like fierce libns, with ftir&ous and dieadM m 
eompassing thee rotmd about, did tear off thy b^^ 
upon thy sacred fiice, seratch, buffist tfaee, and wwi 
manner of unheard-of injuries, outrages, and tormil 
did most cruelly and bascuy blaspheme, scorn, and ifflN 
thee. O most sweet Lord Jesus, by dl tiioee mostl 
barous and inhuman outrages whleh thou didst wit 
vouchsafe to deliver me m>m all mv enemies, vU 
and invisible, that, protected under the shadow of j 
wings, I may safely arrive at the port of eternal gk 

O most gracious Lord Jesus, dtc. 

3. O most sweet Lord Jesus, omnipotent creator 
fabricator of the world, and repairer of mankind, iHiA. 
containest both heaven and earth in thy hand, and tvluMi 
immensity no bounds can limit: remember, I beaecfeli' 
thee, that bitter pain and anguish whidi thou didat tati-^ 
dure, when the perfidious Jews pierced thy deliottte nil •' 
tender hands and feet with most rough and blunt nalb^ 
stretching them forth violently wiUi cords to the holeji 
they had made in the cross. Thus they heaped doloni 
upon dolors, most cruelly disjcnnting all thy bonetT 
breaking all thy veins, and renewing all thy weni 
wounds. O most sweet Jesus, by the memory of al 
these pains and torments on the cross, vouchsafe to gfane 
me thv f»v and o7», iTitn perfect charity towaidt mg 
neighbor. Amen. 

O most pious Lord Jesus, &e. 

4. O most sweet Lord Jesus, heavenly physksian oi 
human nature, and eternal king; remember, I beaeeei 
Uiee, aV. tho^e hitter pains which thou didst endure li 


m\ sacred members, who being raised up upon the cross 
»itb all thy precious body rent and torn, a!! thy bones 
being io disjointed, that not one remidned in its right 
place ; not having, from the crown of thy head unto the 
»ies of thy feet, any part left whole, so that no dolor 
eonid be compared to thine ; at which time bein^* un- 
■bdfui of thine own torments, thou didst mercifull? 
■ty to thy heavenly Father for thy cruel enemies, ^y^ 
Dg, Faiherj forgive tkem, for they know not what tliay 
do; O most meek and merciful Lord Jesus, by this th\ 
•diDirable benignity, goodness, love, and mercy, nnd by 
ill thy bitter pains and torments, grant that the memory 
of thy dolorous passion may be to me a most powert'u . 
protecUon of my soul and body, against all the deceits, 
Vemptations, and molestations of the devils, my cruel 
eDemiea. Amen. 
most merciful Lord Jesus, &c. 
5. O most sweet Lord Jesus Christ, mirror of eternal 
bri^tness, and wisdom of the omnipotent Father, re- 
member the bitter grief and sorrow thy sacred soul did 
frfl. when beholding in the clear mirror of thy divint* 

presence the predestination of the elect, who throuir 
^•le merits of thy most wholesome passion were to he 
•aved, and the reprobation of the wicked, who for tlieir 
iagratitude were to be damned, and the abyss of thy 
immense mercy, by which thou didst commisenite nnd 
^■led tears for us miserable, lost, forlorn sinners ; and 
cLiefly by that mercy thou didst show to the thief u})()n 
too cross, saying to him, This day thou shalt be with me 
n Paradise, I beseech thee, O most sweet Lord Jesua^ 
uy Lord and my God, to show the like mercy to me, 
now, and at the hour of my death. Amen. 

O most sweet Lord Jesus, &c. 

6. O most sweet Lord Jesus, omnipotent king and 
most amiable friend, remember the bitter grief and sor- 
row x^y sacred soul dad suffer, when, being forsaken bv 
til lb" friends and acquaintances, thou didst hang nakeA 
rent, •••d torn, upon the cross, not having any to com- 
fort or <:ompassionate thee, but only the blessed Virgin 


Mary, thy mother, who, standing under the cross, in ths 
bitterness of her. soul, accompanied thee in all tiiy tor* 
mcnts, unto whom thou didst commend tliy beloved dis> 
ciple St. John in thy place, saying unto h(*r, WoTnant 
behold thy son! and alter to that disciple. Behold tkf 
mother ! O most sweet Lord Jesus, by that sword whico 
^d then transpierce her sacred soul, and by the teodtf 
iOve and compassion wherewith thou didst behold thu 
«ad distress of thy sorrowful mother, have pity and com* 
passion on me, 1 beseech thee, my dearest Lord, and 
mercifully help, comfort, succor, and assist me in aU 
my tribulations, adversities, necessities, sorrows, and sof 
ferings, both spiritual and corporal. Amen. 
O most blessed Lord Jesus, &c. 


llrasers for a i^apps ODeatl). 

•{• In the name of the Father, &c. 

Open thou our lips, O Lord, to bless thy holy name ; 
f leanse our hearts from all our wandering and distract* 
ing thoughts ; enlighten our understandings, and inflame 
our wills, that we may perform this holy exercise with 
due attention and devotion, and deserve to be heaxd in 
the presence of thy divine Majesty, through Christ ouf 
liord. Amen. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

( *hrist, have mercy on us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Holy Mary, 

All ye holy Angels and Avchangels, 

St Abel, ' 

8t. Abraham, 

St. John the Baptist, 1 p 

AIJ ve hah Aponties and EyuigeUttts, ^ 







AJ/ je holy IKsdples of our liOrd, 

AD ve holy Innocents, 

SL Stephen, 

8l Laurence, 

AL ye holy Martyrs, 

8L ^yester, 

8L Crregory 

8L Austin, 

AH ye holy Bifihops and Confessors, 

8t Bennet, 


All ye holy Monks and Hermits, 

St. Mary Magdalen, 

St Lucy, 

All ye holy Virgins and Widows, ^ 

All ye Saints of God, make intercession for us. 

Be merciful unto us, and spare us, O Lord. 

Be merciful unto us, and hear us, O Lord. 

From thy anger. 

From an unprovided death, 

Fron. the pains of hell. 

From all evil. 

From the power of the devil. 

By vny nativity, 

By thy cross and passion. 

By thy death and burial, 

By thy glorious resurrection, 

By thy admirable ascension, 

By the grace of the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, 

Id the day of jud^rment. 

We sinners, beseech thee to hear us. 

That thou spare us, we beseech thee to heur ua. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Christ, have mercy { n us. 

Lord, have mercy on us. 

Let us pray 

God of mercy, strengthen us tuy servants in th^ 
heavenly grace, that at the hour of j>uf death the enemf 




ttay n(Jt prevail over un, and that we may deserve t 
ronducted by Ihy angeln into everlosUng life, throngfa 
Lord JeHUH Chnet. Amen. 

Almighty and must merciful Creator, who, to :ef 
thv ttiirsliiig jKuple in the desert, didst commaiid Btr« 
V water to flow from the haid rock; touch, we bea 
tlu«, our stony hearts, and give us t«im of perfect ( 

Sncli^n, that we may detest ail sin, and thirst aftei 
SHfiil and (.rlorioua sight of thee, our God, the Fai 
Ibf idon, and the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

O J.ord Jesus Chntit, Redeemer of the world, be 
prostrate at tliy feet a most ungrateful and perfid 
creature. () my God, I have ofieRded thee exceedi 
in tliought, word, and deed. My heinous crimes I 
thee to the bloody cross. To rescue me from aU 
damnation, thou didst endure an agony of three h 
oil Mount Calvary. I am astonished and confoui 
at tliy unwearied patienue in supporting a moat 
v<iking and wilful simier. From the very bottoi 
my h^'arl 1 detest all my sins ; and because 1 love 1 
ami will love thee above all created things, I st 
faKtIy i'ur|KHM?, by the help of thy grace, never to ol 
tlioc lu'iri' : rather to die than commit one mortal 

O IvMUa, who, in thy prayer to Ihy Father in the ga 
of (ii'ihwiiiani, wnat tilled with anguish and sor 
wliii'li fiirvi'd from thv trembling IxSy drops r-f ^i 
Irti'kliiig to llie ground : have mercy on us, have m 
BD U!i, O l^ird. tuive morey on us. 

O Jetiii!!, who wasi bvtrayed by the kiss of Judas 
tlie liaiulH of thy enemies, waat seized and bound li 
thiif.Hnd ulrandoni'd by lliy disciples: have mercy ai 
Anvi- nii-ri'y on uti, O Lord, have mercy on us. 

<) Ji'hus wIiii, by tilt' unjuint verdict of the Jews,' 
ftiuiid ),iiilly of dtiith. brt)ui;ht like a malefactor U 
tli<< iributial t>f I'ilatt'. mocki-d and derided by the 
irioHn Ili'riHii havi' mercy on u»,luive mercy on o 

U Ji'Mui'.wh-i wnti MripTod of Ihy garments, nnd i 


nly aeoarged at fhe pillar ; have mercy on na, 
uey on ua, O Lord, have mercy on us. 
aos, who wast crowned with thorns, blindfoldedi 
U stmck with a reed, clothed in derision with a 
gannent, and in many other ways mocked and 
; hAve mercy on us, have mercy on us, O Lord« 
«icy on us. 

)Bua, who vrast reputed more criminal than BaraH 
murderer, rejected by the Jews, and condemned 
ignominious deatii or the Crobs ; have mercy on 
re mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us. 
?RUis who wast loaded with a heavy cross, and led 
I innocent lamb to the phice of execution ; have 
on us, have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy 

esus, who wast crucified between two thieves, de- 
blai^emed, and made to endure most horrid tor- 
, from tiie sixth to the ninth hour ; have mercy on 
ve mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us. 
esus, who didst ex^nro on the cross, m the presence 
f holy Mother, before whose eyes thy sacred side 
pened with a spear, whence issued forth water and 
; have mercy on us, have mercv on us, O Lord. 
mercy on us. 

Fpsus, who wast taken down from the cross :i i*^ 
d in the tears of thy most sorrowful Mother; hav • 
• nn UH, nave mercy on us, O Lord, have mcroy 

fesus, who wast covered in every part with wouiidti 
bruises, embalmed with spices, and laid in the 
:hre; have mercy on us, have mercy on *i%^ O 
have mercy on u& 

Lei js pray. 

God, who for the redemption of mankind didst 
isafe to be bom, to be circumcised, to be rejected 
le Jews, to be betrayed by a kiss, to be fettered 
k malefactor, and like an innocent lamb to be led to 
hter, to be ignominiously brought before Annaa 



Caiaphas, Pilate, and Heiod, to be accused by ftlif-^^ 
witnesses, to be scourged with whips, buffeted, defilec^ 7* 
with spittle, crowned with thorns, stripped of thy clothe^ ^ 
fastened to a cross, placed between two tliieves, and te:;' 
taste of vinegar and gall ; by these n ost grievous paim^^' 
which I, however unworthy, do commemorate, and hf :: 
thy mos* sjicred death and passion, deliver me from tlia:-. 
pains of hell, and conduct me whither thy mercy dU : 
conduct the penitent thief, who was crucifie'd with theft 'i 
who, with the Father and ihe Holy Ghost, livent ander 
reignest forever. Amen. 

Prayers on the Five Wounds of our Saviour. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, I most humbly adore the m(Ml ^ 
sacred wound in thy^lefb foot I give thee thanks fbi - 
that cruel pain, suffered with so much love and chari^. >, 
I condole with thee in thy torments, ana with thy moM - 
afflicted Mother. I humbly beg pardon for all my sbui, .' 
which I lament more than all imaginable evils, because - 
they offend thee, O infinite goodness! And I resolve . 
never more to sin. O! bring with me all sinners to . 
a true conversion, and give them light to discover the . 
heinousness and the enormity of a mortal sin. 

Our Futlier, &c. Hail Mary, <fcc. Glory, &c. 

() Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly adore the most sacred 
wound in tliy right foot. I give thee thanks for that 
(TiR'l i)ain. endured with so much love and charit}'. I 
condole with tliee in thy torments, and with thy most 
jifHict ed ]\Iotlier. Grant me strength against all tempta- 
tions, and prompt obedience in the execution of thy 
J)ivine will. Comfort, O Jesus, all poor, miserable 
at11ict(;d, tempted, and persecuted persons.^ Most just 
Judge, govern tliose who administer justice, and assist 
all laborers in the care of souls, whether among Chris- 
tians or Infidels. 

Our Fatlier, «S:c Hail Mary, &c. Glory, &c. 

( ) Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly adore the most sacred 
wound in thy left hand. I give thee thanks for that 

nu.TSBs roB a hapft dbath. Ul 

D, endufed with ao much love and ehaiitjr. 1 
1^ thee In thy soffiBiiiigB, aod with thy most 
If other. Deliver me from the peine of lielli 
t me patienee and confonnity to thy Ueeaed 
. the iidyeraitleB of this life. I offer onto thee 
(eiior and interior snffeiingB, in aatiafiMtlon fbf 
iddeh have eo often deaenred eternal tormenta 
Q my enemiee, and others ill^i^eted towards 
IB the siek with patlenee and health ; and siq^ 
thy aad^in^ ffrace,all who are in their agony, 
mmy not pensh. 
ilher, dee. 

I Jeans Christ, I hnmUr adme the most saored 
I thy ri^t hand. I give thee thanks for that 
n, endured for me with so much love and 

I condole with thee in thy torments, and with 
alRieted Mother. Giant me a firm and resolute 

II thhigs relating to my salvation. Bless me 
graee of final perseverance, to secure the en* 
of tiiat glory which was purchased with tue 
thy most precious blood. Grant likewise, O 
ace and relidT to the souls in purgatory ; and 
ranee thy holy senranid in this world, in the 
virtue and perfection (especially those who are 


^ther, &c. 

d Jesus Christ, I most humbly adore the sacred 

a thy blessed side. I give thee thanks for the 

^ love manifested towards us at the opening of 

^ heart Grant me a pure and perfect charity, 

ng thee above all things, and all things for thv 

soul may breatiie its last in the purest senti* 
r divine love. I humbly beg of thee, O Jesus, 
;t thy holy Catholic Church, to direct thy ^ov« 
Isar upcin earth, and aU ecclesiastical orders 
IS persons who are instrumental in brin^nff 

their duty. Preserve in thy holy service afl 
I kings and princes. Bring back mto the way 
ion aU those who have gone astray, whether 


through malice or ignorance. Subject unto th5 saeii 
jroke all infidels, heretics, and all the enemies of IL^, 
holy Name. ";dl 

Our Father, ^. T\ 

Let us pray. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, God of my heart ; by those Ml 
wounds, which thy love for us infucted on thee, snoetii 
4hy servants whom thou hast redeemed with thy preefovi 
blood. Amen. 

Most merciful Redetmor ; by those ineffable toimeiili||.^ 
and the unmense grief which thou wast pleased to suflhr*: 
for me, a contemptible creature, especially when tlif 
blessed soul was oitterly separated from thy body, 'I 
humbly beseech thee to secure my soul at the hour ^ 
its departure, and comfort me then, as thou didst tibt 
penitent thief, with the blessed assurance that I shall be 
with thee in Paradise. Amen. 

Let us say thrice the " Our Father,** and the " Hail, Mary,* 
in memory of the three hours oni Redeemer hung opoB 
the cross, for the souls of the fiuthfui departed in tlH 
congregation. ** Our Father/* Ac 

I^t us say once the " Our Father/* and thi " Hail, Mary," 
for such as are in the deplorable state of mortal sii. 
"Our Father," Ac 

Let us likewise say once the " Our Father/' and Uia ** Hail, 
Mary/' for the person who is to die next in thin oongregi^ 
tion, that he may depart happily, fortified with the hoiy 
srtcranients of the Church. **Our Father," &c. 

L<'i ii.-> dispose ourdclves, by acts of perfect contrition and 
piiiti love of Gt>d, to receive profitably the Benediction 
of Diir Lord and Saviour, in tiie adorable Sacrament of 
the Altar. 

<) merciful Redeemer, and Grod of infinite patience; 
great is my confusion at appearing in thy Divine pres- 
ence, because I have so &equently preferred vile and con- 
temptible creatures before thee, the Almighty Creator of 
the universe. 

L who am but a miserable worm of the eartlu dt 


presumption in BUining ii 
lowledge that I am n nnloi 
ilty at the bar of thy dread tribunal. 
Lve been glorified in thy jiistici-. bj 
ily dead, and unDdimning roe to pter- 
i DidignitieB offered to thee; but tbov 
i glorified ia tbehigb prerogative of 
ling me buck lo repentimce, I abbor 
bought, wfiril, ami deert, not only for 
iiLtiit, and the hope of reward, but 
rn Bake, and because iboudoBt abomi- 
y. O God of majesty aiid mercVi look 
marks in thy hands, feet, and aide, 
laineet in thy glorified bodv, to plead 

that tender love which induced thee 

and sanDtify me, unite the abyss of 
ibysa of my misery. Strengthen my 

this my resolution of never offending 
.ther let me lose every thing, with li» 
I" favor by mortal sin. My heart was 

and I love thee more than myself. 
fe, and espedally that on which I ahall 
e to love and serve thee for thy owm 

my Creator. O Saviour of perishiag 
nest tby hand, and fillest every crea- 
ioo, give me now such a blestdng ai 

on toy beloved disciples, wlien ae- 
h fromthemountainof Olives. tliHt I 
D this happy disposition. Jmen. 

Ci)e HJsalter of Jesns. 

ftwi If M Other Name under hvaTen given t9 men, mlMvelij •• MM 

be MTed.^-vfcto iv. 18. 

0egiii hy a devout bowing of the head or gennflectkio, at thf 

adorable Name of Jebitb. 

Part L 

** At the Name of Jerai aet every knee bow, of thinge in heaTon, of thimi 
fai earth, and of things in hell ; aiid let oTery tongvo conftm that on 
Lord Jesnt Chriit is in the glory of God the Father. "—P*a. fi. M, 1 L 

First Peliiion, 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > have mercy on me. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 

Jesus, have mercy on me, O God of compassion, and 
forgive the many and great offences I have committed in 
thy sight 

Many have been . the follies of my life, and great an 
the miseries I have deserved for my ingratitude. 

Have mercy uu me, dear Jesus, for I am weak ; O 
Lord, heal me, who am unable to help mysel£ 

Deliver me from setting my heart upon any of thy 
creatures, which may divert my eyes mm continually 
looking up to thee. 

Grant me grace henceforth, for the love of thee, to 
iiate sin ; and out of a just esteem of thee, to deq>ise ail 
worldly vanities. 

Have mer^y on all sinners, O Jesus, I beseech thee; 
turn their vices into virtues, and making them tme ob- 
servers of thy law, and sincere lovers of uiee, bring them 
to bliss in everlasting glory. Have mercy also on the 
souls in purgatory, for thy bitter passion, T beseech thee 
jwd for thj' glorious name. Jesua. 


hlesBea Trimly, one eternal Grod, have mei 9 on 

r. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the 

£ As it was in the beginninir, b now. and forever 
rid without end. Amen 
hr Father, &c 
linI,Mary, dz^ 

Second Pakton, 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > help me. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 
isuB, help me to overcome all temptations to sin, and 
nalioe of my ghostly enemy, 
elp me to spend my time in virtuous actions, and in 
1 labors as are acceptable to thee. 
resist and repress the motions of my flesh to sloth, 
tony, and impurity. 

render my neart enamored of virtue, and inflamed 

1 desires of thy glorious presence. 

elp me to deserve and keep a good name, by a peace- 
ind pious living; to thy honor, O Jesus, to my own 
fort, and the li^neflt of others. 
lave mercy on all sinners, &c. 

Third PetUioTL 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > strengthen me. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 
PROS, strengthen me in soul and body, to please tho 
oing such works of virtue as may bring me to thy 
iasdng joy and felicity. 

rant me a firm purpose, most men'ifnl Saviour, to 
nd my life, and atone for the years past : 
hose years which I have misspent to thy displeasure^ 
tin Of wicked Uioughts, words, deeds, and evil cu» 


Make my heart obedient to thy will; and rei^^t^l 
ifay love, to perform i^ the woriLS of merej. 

Grant me the gifts of the Holy Ghost, which, 
a Tirtuous life, and a devout mquentiiig of ti^. 
jkoly sacraments, may at length bring me to thy ' 

Have mercy on aU sinners, &a 

Fourth PetitUm. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > comfort me. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 

Jesus, comfort me, and give me graoe to place 
chief, my only joy and felicity in thee. 

Send me heavenly meditations, spiritiial sweetnea^'li 
fervent desires of thy glory ; ravbh my soul wiA 
contemplation of heaven, where I shall ei 
dwell with thee. 

Bring often to my remembrance thy 
goodness, thy gifts, and thy great kindneas shown 

And when thou bringest to my mind the sad remem^ ] 
brance of my sins, whereby I have so unkindly offiandcd 
thee, comfort me with the assurance of obtaining tbf 
grace, by the spirit of perfect nenanee, purging awav j 
my ffuilt, and preparing me for.uiy kingdom. 

H^ve mercy on all smners, dus. 

Fifth Petition. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, 1 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > make me constant. 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 
Jesus, make me constant in faith, hope, and ehuifeVt z1 
with continuance in all virtues, and resolution nol tat' 
»ffend thee. 

Make the memory of thy pasdon, and of thoee Uttaf ^l| 
pains thou suffere<l8t for me, sustain my patience^ 9mk^. 
refresh me in all tribulations and adversity. 

f Mii^ 

THE r&A..TER OF JESU8. 15*: 

Mdin me ever hold fast the doctrines of Lhy holv 
Church, and be a diligent frequenter of an 
hil^ duties. 

Let no false delight of this deceitful world blind me, 
IP fleshly temptation or fraud of the devil shake mv 

My heart, which has forever set up its rest in tlieej 
ud is resolved to give up all things for thy eternal r^* 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c. 

Ov Lard Jesos (Thrat hambled hinuelf, becoming obedient onto death, 
even the death of the cwm.**—Phii. ii. 8. 

Hear these my petitions, O most merciful Saviour, 
ind grant me thy grace so frequently to repeat and con- 
■der them, that they may prove easy steps, whereby m} 
■ml may climb up to the knowledge, love, and perform. 
mee of my duty to thee and to my neighbor, through 
the whole course of my life. Amen. 

Our Father, &c. 

Hail, Mary, &c. 

' believe in God, &c. 

Part II. 

* At the naoM of Jerai," &c.— PAtl. ii. 10, 11, a» before 
Sixth Petition, 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > j wisdom. 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 

Jesus, enlighten me with spiritual wisdom, to know 
kf goodness, and all those things which are most ae» 
ttpcable to thee. 

Grant me a clear apprehension of my only good, &.id 
liieretic n to order my life according to it. 

Grant that I may wisely proceed from virtue to virtue, 
tOl at len^^ I arrive at the clear vision of thy glorious 

Permit me not desr Lord, to return to those *jms foi 


which I have sorrowed, and of which I have purged mj 
self by confession. j 

Grant me grace to benefit the souls of others bj ri| 
good example, and to convert those by good eoinili 
who have used me ill. i 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c. ^ 

Seventh Petition, 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > grant me grace to fear theft 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) 

Jesus, grant me grace inwardly to fear thee, and to 
avoid all occasions of offending thee. 

Let the threats of the torments which shall befall sin- 
ners, the fear of losing thy love and thy heavenly inhe^ 
itance, ever keep me in awe. 

Let me not dure to remain in sin, but call me soon tij 
repentance ; lest through thine anger the dreadful maet 
tence of endless death and damnation fall upon me. 

May the powerful intercession of thy blessed Motfaei 
and all the saints, and, above all, thy own merits and 
mercy, O my Saviour, be ever between thy avenging 
justice and me. 

Enable me, O my God, to work out my salvation witii 
fear and trembling; and may the apprehension of th) 
sacred judgments render me a more numble and diligeaf 
suitor at the throne of grace. 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c 

Eighth Petition 

Jesus, JesQs, Jesus, ^ ^^ me grace truly H 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, \ ^ j^^| ^j^^ ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, 3 
Jesus, grant me grace truly to love thee ^or th^ infinite 
goodness, and those great bounties I have received, and 
nope forever to receive, from thee. 

Let the remembrance of thy kindness and patience con< 
§uer the malice and e v il inclinations of my ^Tv<\Tse nature 


kt li« eorjJderation of my many deliverances, and 
lnoous calls and continued protection through life, 
■e out of my ingratitude, 
what dost thou require of me, for and by all thy 
but to love thee ; and why, but because tho« 
■Tonly good? 

)mf dear Lord ! my whole life shall be nothing but 
■re '»f thee ; and because I truly love thee, I wfl] 
I <filigently keep thy commandments. 
kn mercy on all sinners, &c. 

Ninik PetUvm, 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, \ ^ ^^^ ^ ^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, 3 ^ 

BBDs, grant me grace always to remember my death, 
the great account I then must render ; that so beini| 
I continually disposed, my soul may depart out of 
world rightly in thy grace. 

Vd by the gracious intercession of thy blessed 
Jier, ana the assistani^ of the glorious St. Michael, 
ver me from the danger of my souPs enemies ; and 
ibou, my good angel, 1 beseech thee, help me at the 
r of death. 

lien, dear Jesus, remember thy mercy ; and turn not, 
ny offences, thy face away from me. 
ccure me against the terrors of that day, by causing 
DOW to die daily to all earthly things, and to have 
eontinual conversation in heaven, 
et the remembrance of thy death teach me how to 
em my life; and the memory of thy resurrectioi 
lurage me cheerfully to descend intt the grave, 
ii^e mercy on aU sinners, &c. 

Terdh Petition, 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^^^^ me here my purga. 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, > ^ j r & 

Jesvs, Jesus, Jesus, ) ^* 

send me here my purgatory, and so prevent tht 



tonncats of that cleansing fire, which, after this 1 
awaits unpurged souls. J 

Vouchsafe to grant me those merciful crosses ff^ 
Afflictions, which thou seest are necessary to break ^ 
my affections from all things here below. s 

Since none can see thee that lores any thing but ^ 
thy sake, permit not my heart to find here any reaik 
in seeking after thee. i 

Too bitter, alas ! will be the anguish of a sepsnl^ 
sonl that desires, but cannot come to thee, clogged ni 
the heavy chains of sin. i 

Here then, O my Saviour, keep me continually moi* 
Led in tliis world ; that, purged thoroughly by the ft: 
of love, I may immediately pass into the everlasting po 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c. 

Dor Lord Jwni Chriit hambled hinuelf, beoonunf obedient mato 4mt 
eren the death of the ctom."— PAtf. iL 8. 

Hear these my petitions, &c., as before. 

Our Father, &c. 

Hail, Mary, &c. 

I believe m God, &«. 

Part m. 

At the naire of Jesus," 9Lo.-~PkU. iL 10, 11, m Hfert. 

Eleventh Petitioru 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ) , * n ^ 

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! ( pant me gni«e to fly « 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, S company. 


Jesus, gfsnt me grace to ny evil company ; or if 
dumce to eome among such, I beseech thee, bytl 
flieiits of thy uncorrupt convcrsatioii among simifli 
preserve me from being overoome I y any temptallons i 


Mftke me, O blessed Lord, to remember always with 
Imd, that thou art present and hearest ; who wilt judge 
m aeeording to our words and actions. 

How, then, dare I converse with slanderers, liars, drunk 
ndkor swearers, or such whose discourse is either quar- 
idsome, dissolute, or vain! 

Repress in me, dear Jesus, all inordinate affection foi 
be pleasures of taste and of the flesh ; and grant me 
gnce to avoid all such as would excite the Are of these 
■nhappy appetites. 

Mav thy power defend, thy wisdom direct, thy fatherly 
pity eliastise me, and make me so to live here among 
nen, as may fit me for the conversation of angels here< 

Have mercy on all sinners, Jesus, I beseech thee ; 
torn their vices into virtues, and having made them true 
observers of thy law, and sincere lovers of thee, bring 
them to bliss in everlasting glory. 

Have mercy also on all me souls in purgatory, for thy 
bhter passion, I beseech thee, and for thy glorious name^ 

O blessed Trinity, one eternal God, have mercj »n 
Glory be to the Father, &c. 
Our Father, &c 
HaU, Mary, &c 

Twelfth Petition. 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, V ^^ ^^ ^ 

Jflssa, ffrant me ffmce in all my necessities to call for 
kelp to thee, and raithfuUy to remember thy death and 
Morrestion for me. 

Wflt thou be deaf to my cries, who wouldst lay down 
fef UCb for my ransom ? or canst thou not sa\re me, who 
midst take it up again for my crown ? 

Whom have I to mvoke but them^ O my Jesuft, wnose 



own blessed mouth has pronounced, Ca2Z upon me in Al 
dayof trouble^ and I wUl relieve thee 7 ' 

Thou art my sure rock of defence against all kinds of . 
enemies ; thou art my ever present grace, able to strength "^ 
en me to fight and conquer. '■ 

In all my sufferings, therefore, in all my weakness ani 'J 
temptations, will I c )nfidently call upon thee ; bear m^ ' 
1) my Jesus, and when thou nearest, have mercy. ,~ 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. ^^ 

Our Father, &c. 

Hail, Mary, &c 

Thirteenth Petitiom 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, i , . nersevewi m 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesua, [^^^ JSS^ 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^ 

Jesus, make me to persevere in virtue and a good USe ; 
and never to draw back from serving thee, tiU thou ' 
bringest me to my reward in thy kingdom. 

In all pious customs and holy duties, in my honest 
and necessary employments, connnue and strengthen, O 
Lord, both my soul and body. 

Is my life any thing but a pilgrimage upon earth 
towards the new Jerusalem, at which he that aits down, 
or turns out of the way, can never arrive ? 

O Jesus, make me always consider thy blessed ex*. 
pmple, through how many and great pains and how little 
pleasure thou pressedst on to a bitter death ; because it 
US the way to a glorious resurrection. 

Make me, O my Redeemer, seriously ponder those 
■evere words of tmne. He only that per leteres to the end 
fhall be saved. 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c 

Glory be to the Father dtc. 

Our Father, &c 

Hail. Mary, &c 


Fourteemk Petitian. 

Jesi»! Jesns, Jesus, S ""^ "^^ "" '^**- 

, ffrant me ffrace to fix my mind on thee; espe- 

Utf in the time of prayer, when I aspire to converse 
inetly with thee. 

Control the wanderings of my mind and the alfections 
«f my heart ; repress the power of my spiritual enemiet* 
vbo could then draw off my mind from heavenly things. 
to thonghtB and imaginations of vanity. 

So shall I, with joy and gratitude, hiehold thee, as my 
Mverer from all the evils I have escaped, and as my 
benefactor for all the good I have received or can hope 

I shall see -that thon thy very self art my oniy good ; 
lad that all other things are hut means ordained by thee 
li make me fix my milid on thee, to make me love tliee 
■ore, and be eternally hapny. 

beloved of my soul, absorb all my thoughts here, 
that I may become worthy to behold thee for evermoiv 
face to face in thy gloij. 

Have mercy on all smners, &c. 

Glorv be to the Father, &c. 

Oar Father, &c 

HaiL Hary, &c 

Fifttenih Petition. 

Jesus, Jesus. Jesus, ^^ ^^ ^^ 

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, ^*^ my li&io thee. 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, i ^ 

Jesiib, give me grace to order my life to thee, heartily 
ffltendioff and wisely designing all the operations of my 
body anS soul, for obtainmg the reward of thy infinite 
Mss and eternal felicity. 
For what elae is this world, but a school to disciplint 


ionlR, and fit them for the other? And ho t ore tficf 
fitted for it but by an eager desire of enjoying Grod, then 
only end? 

Break my forward spirit, O Jesus ; make it humbla 
•nd obedient ; ^[rant me grace to depart hence with a 
tontempt for this world, and with a joyfhl hope of com* 
ing to thee in the next 

Let the memory of thv paasion make me cheerfully 
embrace all occasions of suffering here for thy love; 
whilst mv soul breathes after that blissful life, and iiii> 
mortal giory, which thou hast ordained in heaven for thy 

O Jesus, let me frequently and attentively conaider 
that whatsoever I ffain, if I lose thee, all is lort ; and 
whatsoever I lose, if I gain thee, all is gained. 

Have mercy on all sinners, &c 

' O V Locd Jam Chitet hamUed himnlf, baoomiof olMdi«it aali 
even tlM detth of the oiOH."— Mtf. U & 

Hear these mv petitions, <lc.. m» ^a^brv. 
Our Father iic. 
Hail, Mai^ &c 
I beUeve m Ciodt 


PrastTS for ti^t Qtationz, 



fka frit- J and acolyths, kneeling before the altar, say m 


Jeffus, our adorable Saviour, behold us prostrate 
tt thy feet, imploring thy mercy for ourselves, and 
far the kiouls of all the faithful departed. Youcli' 
■fe to apply to us the infinite merits of thy passioa 
OD which we are now about to meditate. Grant 
that whfle we trace this path of sighs and ifdi-^ 
aor hearts may be so touched with contrition and 
repentance, that we may be ready to embrace with 
joy all the crosses and sufferings and humiliation! 
w this our life and pilgrimage. 

V Domine, labia mea ape- V, Thou shall open m] 

ties. )ipi\, O Lord. 

R. Et OS memn aimuntia- ^. And my mouth shaD 

bit lauaem tuam. show forth thy praise. 

V. Deus, in adjutorium V. God, come to my a* 

Qoeum intende. sifitance 

k. Domine, ad adjuvan- B, Lord, make haste to 

dam me festina. I'^lp ™^' 

V. Gloria Patri, Ac V. Glory be, <fec. 

R. Sicut erat. R. As it was, Ac. 

Tke% moving in procession io the first Station, the follorving 
versicle and response ore said or sung : 

V. Adoramua te, Christe, V, We adore thee, Christ, 
€t benedicimus tibL and we bless thee. 

R. Quia per saLCtam era- R, Because by thy Holy 
cem tuam redemiati mim- Cfross thou hast redeemed the 
dam. world. 

Tlus versiele and resfanse a%*e epeat^ be/ ore each StcUioi^ 

nATion or t 

mmt cHxiai ccmoKMUBD to dbatb. 

Leaving the house of Caiaphaa, where I. 
I blasphemed, and the house of Herod, 

his hack torn with Bconrges, his 
thorns , and he, who on the last day will judj 
living and the dead, is himself oondemoed to 
graceful death. 

It was for us that thod didst suffer, b 
Jesus 1 it was for our dns thou wast condemi 
die. erant that we may detest them froi 
bottom of our hearts, and by this repeatanoe i 
thy mercy and pardon. 

An Aa q/* Cantritioiu 
O God, we love thee with our whole bean 
above all things, and we are heartily sonr it 
have offended thee. May we never offend tbt 
more. Ob, may we love thee without ceasinj 
make it our delight to do in all things thv moe 

Pater. Ave. Oloria Our TtXtm. Hail, 

And Olorv be li tha ] 

r. Uiaerere ooatri, D> F. Lord, have mere 

R Miwrere nostri. JL Have nuny iqn 

V. Fidelimn utmua, par V. Hav the Mali 
ke. &ilhA)l,lc 

R Amsn. R. Amaa. 


WliU pmMing from one SUUion to another^ a verse of the 
Stabat Mater is sung or Mid. 

r Stttet Mater dokMVMa, At the enm her station keeping, 

iutk er«eein laeiyaNMa. Stood the mournfnl Mother weejing, 

Dub pa^debat mhvs. Cloae to Jesoa to the :taX. 

(Taumy yermme perform the Via Crucis, the priests, or yn* 
ftrt of the people, may sing the verses in order, and th^ 
frt of the people repeat after each verse : 

I Inela Mater, ietad agaa. Holy Mother i pierce me throagh ; 
Daeifzi ffe pl^C** la my heart each woand renew 

Gbdi mmm Taude. Of my Savioar cmcified. 

Or tkU verwe alone may be sung after each Station. 

SeconH Atatfon. 


r. Adoramiis te, Ac. V. We adore thee, Ac 

R. Quia per eanctam. Ac R, Because, Ac. 


A heavy cross is laid upon the bruised shoulders 
>i Jesus. He receives it with meekness, nay, with 
I secret joy, for it is the instrument with which he 
b to redeem the world. 


Jesus ! grant us, by virtue of thy cross, to em« 
brace with meekness and cheerful submission tht 
difficulties of our state, and to be ever ready to take 
op our cross and follow thee. 

Act of Contrition, ike., as before. 

^. Cajas aaiaiam gementem, Throngh her heart, his sorrow sharing 

Coakictatam, et dolentem, All his bitter anenish bearing. 

Periraaflivit gladins. Now a» length the sword had pasa'4 

i Saaota Mater Ho Holy Mother, file. 


SlifrU AtatfoiL 



K Adoramus te, <&c. V, We adore thee, dboL 

& Quia per, <ica iZ. Because, Ac 


Bowed down under the weight of the croM^ 
Jesus slowly sets forth on the way to Calvary^ 
amidst the mockeries and insults of the crowd. Ut 
agony in the garden has exhausted his body ; he ifl 
sore with blows and wounds ; his strength fails him ; 
he falls to the ground under the cross. 


O Jesus ! who for our sins didst bear the heavy 
b\irden of the cross, and fell imder its weight, may 
the thoughts of thy sufferings make us watchful 
over ourselves, and save us from any grievous faU 
into sin. 

Act of Contrition^ dse^ as before, 

F* O ^aam tristis et afflicta Oh, how sad and aore diatn«*d 

Foit ilia benedicta Was that Mother hif hlf bkst 
Mater nnigeniti ! Of the sole-begotten one t 

H. Baaota Mater, &c. Holy Mother, Ito. 

Jfauxt^ Statfon. 


V. Adoramus te, &c V. We adore thee, 4c. 

&. Quia per, Ac R. Because, 4c. 

Still burdened with his cross, and wounded yet 
more by his fall, Jesus proceeds on his way. He ifl 
met by his Mother. What a meeting must that 
have been ! What a sword of anguish must hava 

^▲num OP THB CE088. 191 

bat Mother's bosom ! What must bafts 
oompasskm of that Son for his holj 

s! by the oompasskm which thou didst 
by Mother, have compassion on us» and 
soajre in her intercession. O Mary, most 
[other 1 intercede for us, that through the 
of thy Son we may be delivered from the 

Ad of OMilrtttofi, Ae^ <u hefor€ 
Pid&r^ Ave, Se^ at before, 
•bat 01 doMMt ; C9iiiit aborv in tonMnts kufi ; 

, tmm TidslMt Sbe.beneath beholds tiie jMigi 

w iadrti. Of h«r dyinf gkirioaa Boo. 

■Mr, Ko. Holy Mother, tic. 

9m AtatCon. 


ramuB te, A& V, We adore thee, 4c. 

per, 4c. R. Because, 4c 


i strength of Jesus fails, and he is unable 
d, the executioners seize and compel Simon 
e to carry his cross. The virtue of that 
mged his heart, and from a compulsory 
icame a privilege and a joy. 


d Jesus ! may it be our privilege also to 
cross ; may we glory in nothing else ; by 
:e worla be crucified unto us, and we unto 
i : may we never shrink from sufferingSi 



but rather rejoice if we may be counted w<icihy ta 

Buffer for thy name's sake. 


Act of CwUrition^ d:e^ as before. ^1 

Fater notter, dee^ ae before. t 

F, dais est homo qni non fleiet. Is there one who would not w««p 

Matrem Chricti ai videret Wbelm'd in nuMriet «> doop 

In tanto a tpplicio 1 Christ's dear Motner to bMtli i 

A. Bancta Mater, tec. Holy Mother. Ace 

Sbdrtl) Statfon. 


V, Adoramus te, Ac V. We adore thee, 4a 

H. Quia per, Ac R. Because, Ac. 


As Jesus proceeds on the way, covered with th« 
iWeat of death, a woman, moved with compassion, 
makes her way through the crowd, and wipes hit 
face with a handkerchief. As a reward of her 
piety, the impression of his sacred countenance ii 
miraculously imprinted upon the handkerchief. 


Jesus ! may the contemplation of thy sufferingi 
move us with the deepest compassion, make U8 to 
hate our sins, and kindle in our hearts more fervent 
iove ro thee May thy image be graven on oui 
Hinds, until we are transformed into thv likeness. 

Act of Contrition^ <ke,, as before. 
Fater noeter^ cfcc, <u before. 

T. Unis non posset oontristari Can the haman heart rofraia 

Piam Matrem contemplari From partakinf in her pain, 

Doientem com Filio • In that M( ther's paia OM 

R Sancta Mater &c. Holy Moth* li 


Aebmtli Atatfon 


\ Adonunos te, ^ V. We adore thee, 4c. 

' Qok per, Ac Jt Because, Ac 


he pain of his wound, and the loss of blood, m 
sing at every step of his way, again his strength 
him, and Jesus falls to the ground a second time. 


Jesus ! falling again under the burden of our 

and of thy sufferings 'for our sins, how often 

we grieved thee by our repeated falls into sin 

may we rather die than ever offend thee again. 

Act of ContrUion^ Ac^ <u be/ore 
Pater noster^ Scc^ as be/ore. 

» peec*tM BQV gentii BraiMtl, derided, cnned, defiled, 

idit Jeaam in tormenUs, She beheld her tender Child 

I flmgellis ■nbditam. All with bloody icoarge« rent, 

neta Mater, lie Holy Mother. &c. 

Cfjittt) Statfon 


Adoramus te, &c V. We adore thee, Ac 

Quia per, Ac R. Because. <fec 


I ihe sight of the sufferings of Jesus, some 
women in the crowd were so touched with 
pathy, that they openly bewailed and lamented 
Jesus, knowing the things that were to come 
ass upon Jerusdera because of their rejection 
lim, turned to them and said, ** Daughters of 

172 sTATSom or tbb 

Jeruwilem, weep not over me, but weep for "" 
selves and for your children.'* 

Prayer, Mk 

O Lord Jesus ! we mourn, and will moom, bodillin 
for thee and for ourselves, for thy sufferings 
for our sins which caused them. Oh, teach i 
to mourn, that we may be comforted, and 
those dreadful judgments prepared for all who 
or neglect thee in this life. 

Act of OowtrUiont dbe^ a» hefort. 

Pater noHer,*^^ om before, • < 

^K. Vidit raam dvlaem Natam For tbe liiis of hb own nwtw» 

Moriendo dewlatnin, 8b« law him hang ia 6mcMimm 
Dtiin emisit ■piritnm. Till his ■pirit feith ho Mut. 

J2 Banota Mater, tic. Holy Mother, tio. 

NfntH Atatfon. 


V, Adoramus te, Ac V, We adore thee, 4f 

R, Quia per, dkc. R, Because, ^ 


Jesus had now arrived almost at the summi ci 
Calvary ; but before he reached the spot wheif lit 
was to be crucified, his strength sffain fsSSoi idn^ 
and he falls the third time, to m agam dragged i^ 
and goaded onward by the bmtal soldictry. 


O Lord Jesus ! we entreat thee, by the menu otf 
this thy third most pamful fall, to pardon our fra* 
quent relapses md our long continnaiir^ in nn ; and 


Mav the ik ought of these thy sufTerings make ns 
to hate om sins more and more 

Act of Oontritionf dsc^ a Ufor^, 
Pater noster, tke^ as before, 

9 htk Mmter, fbns amoris, O thon Mother, fonn nt\o<tm I 

lb Mntin Wm dolora Touch my ■pint firom sboTv, 
Fte, nt t«eBm lofewn. Make my heart with thiao 

i lueu Mater, Ifcc Holy MotUr, &o. 

8f ntl) Atattvn. 


V. Adoramus te, Ac V, We adore thee, te 

E. Quia per, Ac R, Because, Aa 


Arrived at last at the place of sacrifice, they pre- 
pare to crucify him. His garments are torn from 
his bleeding body, and he, the Holy of holies, stands 
exposed to the vulgar gaze of the rude and scoffing 


Lord Jesus ! thou didst endure this shame for 
Dur most shameful deeds. Strip us, we beseech 
thee, of all false shame, conceit, and pride, and make 
ns so to humble ourselves voluntarily in this life» 
3wt we may escape everlasting ignonJny in the 
vorM to com 3. 

Act of Oontriiion, dtc^ <u before. 
Pater fiotter, dse.^ €u before, 

r l>ae at aideat cor meam Make me feel u thon hast felt ; 

In amando Cniristnm Denm, Make my son! to glow and aielt 
Ut dbi eomplaoeam. With the love of Cbriit my ~ 

I Smaets Vmter, Ac. flolv Mother, SiQ. 

] ^'* 


Slebentli Atatfon. 


r. Adoramns te, Ac V, We adoie tliee 

R. Quia per, 4c. i2. Becaiue. A& 

The cross is laid .upon the ffronnd, and Ji 
•tretched upon his bed of death. At odc and 
same time, he offers his braised limbs to his 
enly Father in behalf dT sinful man» and to 
fierce executioners to be nmied by them to the 
graceful wood. The blows are struck ! the b1 
gushes forth 1 


O Jesus ! nailed to the cross, fasten our beaijl 
there also, that they may be united to thee vad 
death shall strike us with its fatal blow, and wfil 
our last breath we shall have yielded up our toil 
to thee. 

Act of Ooniriium, de^ om brforB. 
Pater noiter, dbe,, aa before. 

r. Buota Ifatar, irtad afan ' Holy Mothtr 1 piatoe wm 

C^idfizi fig* iriagw In mj hrait emSh woaad 

Coidi meo Tftlide. ^mj Sftviovr i 

i. »^iiMta Mater, Ico. Holy MotlMr, ko. 

Stoflftj^ AtatftH. 


K Adonuniu te, 4c. F. Wo adore ttMS^te 

JL Q-iia per, Ac R, BteuiM, Ac 


Foi three hours has Jesus hui^ npon hk 
ized hands; his blood has run in stroaow dow! 

mtATiam or tbb ukom. 17ft 

hgif, and bedewed the ground ; and, in tlie 

k at ezemeiating aaffieriiwsy he has pardoned 

immienam, jarowSed the USu ci Paradise to the 

tliie( aiHi oommitted his blessed Mother and 

diseiide to each other's care. All is now 

; and meekly bowing down his head. 

Iinres up the ghost 


Jmm ! we devoutly embrace that honored 
thou didst foye us even unto death. 

that death we place all our oonfidenoe. Hence* 
irth let BS tive only for thee ; and in dying for 
lee, lei us die loving thee, and in thy sacred arms. 

AM jf OimiMTm, dbt^ OM hefi)rt 

I Mia, 

ItfVarivvlMniti, Lst m dun with Urn kb 

fm wm pall. Who for aU my ■!» was di 

dhride. Who for om ia tannanti di«l 

Holy Mothar, tie. 

Qfvteentli Atatfon. 


r. AdanmoB te, Aa 71 We adore thee Ac. 

R. Quia per« Ae JL Because. Ac 


The mmtitude haye left the heights of Calvary. 
^ rooe remain save the beloved disciple and the 
ly wcHnen, who, at the foot of tie cross, are 
^f!^ to stem the grief of Christ's inconsolable 
^^1^^ Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus 
»irir the body of her divine Son from the 
' ^SepoBt it in hef arms. 

fc f 6 STATIONS Ojr IHB CSOm. 


O thou, vr^ose grief was boundless as an 
that hath no limits, Mary, Mother of God, give Vi 
a share in thy most holy sorrow in the suffenngs oC 
thy Son, and have compassion on our infinnitieii* 
Accept us as thy children with the beloved dk* 
siple. Show thyself a Mother unto us ; and majr 
he, through thee, receive our prayer, who for vm 
vouchsafed to be thy Son. 

Act of Oontrition, dte^ a» before. 

Pater tioater, <kc,, a» before. 

V Fao me teoam pie flere, Let me miii|fle tean with thee, 

Oraoifixo condolere, Monming him who monnied fm wm^ 

Donee ^o vixero. All the dsyi that I mmy Uto 

R. Sancta Mater, &o. Holf Mother, tec. 

#ottrteent|) Atatfon« 


V. Adoramus te, <fea F*. We adore thee, 4c. 

R, Quia per, (be. R. Because, Ac 


The body of her dearly-beloved Son is taken 
from his Mother, and laid by the disciples in the 
tomb. The tomb is closed, and there the lifeleai 
body remains until the hour of its glorious resort 


We too, O God, will descend into the i^rave 
whenever it shall piease thee, as it shall please 
thee, and wheresoever it shall please thee. Let thy 
just decrees be fulfilled ; let our sinful bodies return 
to their parent dust; but do thou, in thy great 


sy, rec^ve our immortal souls, and when our 
hodies have risen again, place them likewise in thy 
khgdoin, that we may love and bless thee forever 
md ever. Amen. 

Act of OantriHon, dsc^ at before 

Pater no9ter, dse^ <u brfore, 

9. Jaxtm cmoem teeam stara, Bt the cran with thee to star ; 

Xi ■• tibi eocimie There with thee to weep and pffay» 

Ib plaada dendero. b all I ask of thee to pve. 

M. Baaeti Mater, &c. Holy Mother, &o. 

7%e Benedietion is then given, after which the fblloming 
antiphon ana prayer are sung : 

AnL Christus factus est Ant. Christ was made for 
fro nobis obediens usque ad us obedient unto death, even 
Bortem, iii<Mrtem autem cm- the death of the cross. 

Oremus. Let us pray. 

Respice, quffisumus, Do- Look down, Lord, we 
nine, super banc familiam beseech thee, upon this thy 
taBm,]MY> qua Dominus nos- family, for which our Lord 
tier Jesus Christus non dubi- Jesus Christ did not refuse 
Urit manibus tradi nocen- to be delivered into the hand a 
tium, et crucis subire tormen- of wicked men, and to eudure 
torn. Qui yivis et regnas in the torment of the cro^s ; 
MBCola siBCulorum. who Uveth and reigneth with 

thee in the unity of the Holy 
Ghost, God forever and tvor. 
R. Amen. B, Amen. 

WheK the Benedietum t« given with the Cross of the Pas 
Stan, the following order is to be observed. 

Benediction with the Gross of the Passion. 

Cantor. Jube, Domine, Cantor. Grant us, Lord, 

bnedioere. a blessing. 

Priest. Benedicat vos Do- Prtis^. May our Lord Jesus 

Doeter Jesus Christus, Christ bless ns, who tor uji 



qui pr« doImb flagellatns est, iras ■conrged, loaded will 
cnicem poriavit, et fait cmci- his crosB, and emdfied 


R, Amen. JL Amen. 

bia QTrticift, at llrasers for tl)t Btatumn. 


Preparatory Prayer, 

Receive, holy Trinity, this my dutiful service, 
which I offer unto thee in union witli the merits of 
our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Blessed Virgin, and 
all the Saints, to the glory of thy divine majesty, 
in satisfaction for my sins, in remembrance of our 
redemption, and to obtain for the departed rest, for 
the living grace, and for all everlasting glory. To 
thee be praise, and honor, and glory, blessed 
Trinity, forever and ever. Amen. 

Atat(oii WixBt 


He willingly submitted to that unjust judgment, 
that he might deliver thee from the sentence of 
everlasting damnation. 

Ant. The wicked have said, reasoning with them* 
•elves, but not right : Let us lie in wait for the just» 
for he is contrary to our doing: he boasteth that he 
hath the knowledge of God, and calleth God his 
Father. Let us see if his words be true. If he be 
indeed the Son of God, he will dehver him out oi 
our hands. Let us condemn him to a most shame- 
ful death. 

'i "And be »P"f 

^a, ihe Fall'";' 
S forever .nd> 

180 8IATI0KS OF THE CE088. 

V, The chastisement of our peace was upon Uai ^" 
R. And by his bruiseis we are healed. "-^ 

F. The Lord hath kid on him the iniquity of m^' 

•11. ^ 

B. For the wickedness of his people hath br? 

■truck him. ~ 

V* O Lord, hear my prayer. '^ 

R, And let my cry come unto thee. '-= 

Prayer as brfore, 


How great must be the weight of our sins, under -1 
which he fell, who bears all things by the word of ^.i 
his power ! 

Ant. Our Lord Jesus Christ humbled bimaelf 
onto death, even the death of the cross ; for whieli t 
cause God also hath exalted him, and hath given t 
him a name which is above all nameR. 

Lord, have mercy, <fec- 

Our Father. Hail, Mary. 

r. Surely he hath borne our infirmities. 

R, And carried our sorrows. 

V. He was branded for our iniquities. 

R. He was bruised for our sins. 

V. Lord, hear my prayer. 

R, And let my cry come unto thee. 

Sbtatlon ^ottvt^. 



Oh, how sharp a sword of grief must have pier* 
•ed the heart of his Mother, and of his loving cdbcI' 

-bey met Jesus thus ! DosL thou, too, 
lem their sorrow and grief? 
all ye that pass by, attend and see il 
jr Borrow like to my sorrow : tljerefore 
ind my eyes run doiTn with water, bfr 
:omforter, the relief of niy soul, is fw 
My eves have failed for weeping ', mjr 
roiibled ; my heart is turned witlun Jie ; 
olalion of my Son, because the en^my 

■e mercy, Ac. 
en Hail, Mary, 
as the sea is thy grief, 
shall heal thee ? 

ord of grief hath pierced thine ova sooL 
out of many hearts thoughts may be re> 

rd, hear my prayer. 

let my cry come unto thee. 

leaus Christ, <tc. 

Jitatbn tm- 

mom ta laid vfoii sikom if ctrsmk. 

1 was compelled to carry the cross after 

tr great an honor to have carried it will' 

I thou ready to bear the cross of Christ ? 

>ebooveth ub to glory in the cross of our 
Christ, in whom is our salvation, who h 
resurrection, and through whom we are 


re mercy, Ac. 















y Lord, lieiir my prayer. 

It. And let my cry come unto tbee, 

Lord JtsTis Christ, <tc. 

Atatlon Atbcntt. 

How wilt thou be able to aland before him in tho 
hj of judgment ? 

Ant. They dehrered me into the hands of the 
aDfodly, and thrust me among the wicked, ntid did 
Kit spare my bouL The strocg men gathered them* 
lelies against me, and stood over me like giants, 
fUJDg upon me with fierce looks ; and heating me 
*kb cruel stripes, they mocked me. 

Lord, have mercy, &a. 

Our Father. Hail, Mary. 

r. But I am a worm, and no man. 

R. The scorn of men, and the outcast of ths 

F. AH they that see mo laugh at me. 

R They spake against me with their lips, and 

Td their heads. 
Lord, hear my prayer. 
-^ And let my cry come unto thee. 

atatlon SFBtitt- 
"Vomeu i.juraHT over christ. 
•~e the tears with which thou dost hewM, 
c^ any earthly good I 


Ant Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me^ 
but weep for yourselves and for your children. 
For, behold, the days shall come m which they say. 
Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that have 
not borne, and the paps that have not given suck. 
Then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fafl 
upon us ; and to the hills, Cover us. For if in the 
ffreen wood they do these things, what shall be 
oone in the dry? 

Lord, have mercy, <fec. 

Our Father, Hail, Mary. 

V. The breath of our nostrils, Christ the Lord, 

R. Is taken in our sins. 

V. The crown of our head hath fallen. 

R. Woe unto us, for we have sinned. 

V, Lord, hear my prayer. 

R. And let my cry come unto thee. 

Lord Jesus Christ, <Src. 

Atatfon Nfntii. 


Oh, how often is Christ pressed down by the 
weight of our sins ! 

Ant, my people, what have I done to thee, or 
wherem have I molested thee ? Answer thou me. 
I brought thee up out of the land of Egypt, and 
thou hast prepared for me a cross ; I led thee 
through the wilderness forty years, and fed thee with 
manna, and thou hast beaten me with buffets and 
scourges ; I gave thee a royal sceptre, and thou 
hast given my head a crown of thorns. What could 
J have done more for thee, that I ha^ ft tvot ^oxv^"* 


Lord, bav« mercy, <!tc. 
Our Father. Hail, Haiy 
r. He is led like a sheep to the slaughter. 
R. And as a lamb before h'lB shearers, he ii 
r He delivered his soul unto death, 
ii. ThAl he might give life unto bis people, 
r Lord, hear my j^ayer. 
R. And let my cry come unto thee. 

Lord Jeeus Christ, &c. 

Statfon 8tn». 


Art thou unldnd and inconsiderate to the poor f 
What thou dost to them, thou dost to Christ. 

AnL O my people, what have I done to thee, 
or wherein have I molested thee ? Answer thou 
Of. I brought thee out from the house of band- 
it lo the promised land ; and when I came to thee 
from the bosom of my Father, thou didst lead me 
to the death of the cross. I planted thee my 
choicest vine, and thou wast made unto me e:tceed- 
Dg bitter ; I gare thee to drink out of the rock the 
«uer of salvation, and thou raadest me to drink 
meg^r and gall. What could I have done mor# 
far thee, that 1 have not doae ? 

Lord, have mercy, &c. 

Onr Father. Hail, Marj-. 

V. My strength hath dried up like a potsherd. 

A And my tongue hath cleaved to my jawi. 

V. They pive me gall to eat 



B, And when I was thirsty, they gave me vii» 
gar to drink. 

V, Lord, hear my pra/er. 

B, And let my cry come unto thee. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, &c. 

Atatfon 0lebent)i. 



How strong are the bands of love with which 
Jesus hath bound himself unto thee! How dost 
thou bind thyself in return unto him ? 

Ant my people, what have I done unto thee ? 
I exalted thee with great power, and thou didst 
hang me on the gibbet of the cross ; I made thee 
higher than all nations, and thou hast loaded me 
with reproaches and curses ; I opened before thee 
the Red Sea, and thou hast opened my side with 
a spear. What could I have done more for thee, 
that I have not done ? 

Lord, have mercy, <fec. 

Our Father. Hail, Mary. 

F. What are these wounds in the middle of thy 
hands ? 

H. With them wan I wounded in the houae of 
those that loved me. 

F, They have pierced my hands and my feet* 

M, And have numbered all my bones. 

F. Lord, hear my prayer. 

M. And let my cry come imto thee. 

OLord Jesus Christ, dec. 

station StotlCtt). 


trhat Jesus sfud nnd did when he wtu 
. thftt thou too intivat die like himl 
old how tbe just man dieth, and no 
it to heart ; and the righteous are 
and no one conadereth. The juat man 
ly from before the face of evil, and thi* 
him shall be in peace, 
« meKy, ite. 
BT. mil, Mary. 

i became obedient unto Jeath for us. 
the death of the croas. 
dore thee, O Christ, and we bleas thee, 
lae by thy holy croas thou hast redeem- 

rd, hew my prayer. 
let my cry come unto thee. 

esus Christ, &c. 

atatfon SbhtKntt. 


the vehement anguish of Mary's snuL 
'eceived in her arms the dead body ej 
len down from the cross, and laid him 
«, Love caused her so great giief, and 
ruiy a nmrtyr. What love ••nd sympa- 
)u feel for thy Saviour ? 
what shall I compare thee, or to whom 
n thee, daujjhter of Jerusalem ? T« 



what shall I equal thee, virgrin daughter d 
dion ? Great as the sea is thy desolation. mih 
ther of mercy, make me to share with thee thi f 
death of Christ ; make me a partaker of his paBsioii 

Lord, have mercy, &c. 
^ Our Father. Hail, Mary. 

F. Through thee, Virgin Mary, may we obtaia 
■al nation, 

a. From the wounds of Christ. 

V. holy Jesus, giant me to obtain, through 
thy mother, 

R. The crown of victory. 

V. Lord, hear my prayer. 

R, And let my cry come unto thee. 

O LoikI Jesus Christ, <fec. 

&tat(on ^ottvteentt). 


Consider, my soul, how the body of Jesus wag 
wrapped in spices, and laid in a new tomb. With 
what honor dost thou receive Jesus thy Redeemer 
daily, either sacramentally or spiritually? or an 
thou always endeavoring to be, as it were, a new 
tomb for the reception of Jesus, bright with th« 
beautiful ornaments of virtue ? 

Ant, i am counted among them that go down 
to the pit ; I am become as a man without help, 
free among the dead. good Jesus, I come here 
with the women to thy tomb, sorrowing and lament- 
ing that hitherto I have shown myself so unworthy 

«rAnom or THB cBoss J8P 

and eetablish the kingdom of thy grace in 

ar ben 

liave mercy, Ac. 
Oar Father. Hafl, Maiy. 
F. My flesh shall rest in hope. 
R, Thou wflt not give thy noly one to see eor^ 
nptioD. * 
r. Arise, O Lord, and help me. 
R, And deUver me from my sms. 
F. O Lord, hear my prayer. 
& And let my cry come unto thee 

L(»d Jesus Christ, dec. 


Look down, O Lord, we beseech thee, upon this 
thy fiunily, for which our Lord Jesus Christ did not 
lefbse to be delivered into the hands of wicked 
men, and to endure the torment of the cross ; who 
heth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the 
floly Ghost, God forever and ever. Amen. 

OR ihiB hoiy Winding'Sheet of Chrises Body. 

Lc»d Jesus Christ, who didst leave the marks 
cf thy passicm on the holy winding-sheet, in which 

tmost sacred body was wrapped ^ Joseph when 
n down from the cross ; mercifully grant, that 
ttnngh thy death and burial we may be brought 
Id tlie glory of the resurrection; who tivest and 


Cl)c ftoears of tl)c MoBi BLesscb Oirjim 



Thb deTotion called the RoBary oooaists of fifteen " Pat«l ~ 
posters" and ** Olorias," and one hundred and fiftj " Ati 
Marias," divided into three parts ; each containing i&ve ** De> 
cades/* or tens ; a decade consisting of one " Pater," tea 
"Aves," and a ''Oloria." To each of these Decades ii ,' 
assi^ed one of the principal mysteries of the life of our . 
Saviour, or his Blessed Mother, as matter of meditation^ 
whereon the mind b to exercise itself whilst at prayer, and 
therefore it is prefixed to every Decade. 

The fifteen mysteries, as we have said, are divided intc 
three parts, viz. five joyful, five sorrowful, and five glorious 
mysteries. Now, the method consists in raising correspond- 
ing affections in the will during the recital of each Decade, 
such as the devotion of each one may suggest ; for example^ 
in the first part, sentiments of Joy for the coming of our Re- 
deemer ; in the second, of compassion for the sufiferings ol . 
our Lord, and contrition for our sins, which were the occa- 
sion of them ; in the third, of thanksgiving for the exalta- 
tion and glory of our Saviour and his Blessed Mother, 
hoping, througn the merits of his passion, and her interces- 
sion, to be made partakers of their glory. To assist the 
mind in this exercise, a short meditation and prayer is 
usually given to be used before and after each Decade. 
In order to say the Rosarv well, we must not be satisfied 
with merely pronouncing the words of the prayers, or with 
m vague and general reflection on the mysteries ; but eor 
deavor to acquire the habit of reciting them with great 
attention and reverence, at the some time dwelling in a 
vivid manner upon the different mysteries. In order to 
do this the better, it is sometimes the custom, in addition 
to the short meditation on the mystery, which is usually 
read before the recital of each Decade, and which contaim^ 
tith?r expressed or understood, a prayer for the particular 

tiaa into •*" "Vj ;„ tliu »«*■ 

•* """^-W i" <"" S. ol o« I^' 

IM THB BOftAsr or 

Ukj (me of the mysteries in whidi we nu^ feel monj 
rotion ; and In such case the indiUeeDces attadbad ' 
Bosary would lie gained ; always* of oonne, in prQ| 
to the gp'eater deroticdi and perfection with which tiia 
was recited. 

K.B The «< Pater,' *< Credo." "Ave,** "Gloria Patri," ui4 
l^fina." wVd be foaud m Latia and Englisb at pp. 5S, 56^ 57. 

Sl)e Rosars of tl)e iSlost BUsaeb bi 

In the name of the Father, and <^'the Son» 
of the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

y. Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord i 

R. Blessed art thou amongst women, and 
is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. 

y. Thou, Lord, wilt open my lips. 

R. And my tongue shall aonounoe thy pnuM. 

V. Incline unto my aid, O God. 

R. Lord, make haste to help me. 

y. Glory be to the Father, a^ to the Son» 
to the Holy Ghost. i 

R. As it was in the beginning, is now, and evH 
shall be, world without end. Amen. Alleluia. 

gmM f t fr^m Septaagedma t» Eaeter ; tA«t fbr ADelala Mf , Ptate %at 
thee. O Lonl, VOag of etaraal gl«y- 


81re #(bf Ji^stitl ii^ffttcift. 

L The ArmuncitaUm, 

Let us contemplate, in thiB mystery, how thl 
mgel Gabnel saluied our Bleasedf haav wtth tki 

tmmr hlbsctp instant mabt. lit 

1 of grace,*' and declared unto her the 
1 c^ our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 
her. Ten Hiul Marys. Glory be to the 

liot US pray. 

Mary, Queen of Yiigins ; throiuh ths 
mystery of the Incarnation of mj be- 
our Lord Jesus Christ, wherem our sal* 
b^un, obtain for us, through tbjr most 
easion, light to understand the gr^tness 
»fit he hath bestowed upon us, m vouch" 
become our Brother, and giving thee, 
leloved Mother, to lie our Mofher also. 

n. TheVisitatim. 

contemplate, in this mystery, how the 
ir^n Mary, understanding from the angel 
cousin St. Elisabeth had conceived, went 
) into the mountdns of Judea to visit her, 
er Divine Son within her womb, and re- 
.th her three months. 
ther. Ten Hail Marys. Glory be, Ac 

Let US pray. 

Virgin, most spotless mirror of humility ; 
exceeding charity which moved thee to 
holy cousin St. Elisabeth, obtain for us, 
hine intercession, that our hearts being 
' thy Divine Son, and freed from all sin, 
praise and give thanks to him forever. 



194 TBI BOtABT or TB& 

in. TVte Birih qfour Saviour Chriti m 

Let us contemplate, m tiiis mTSteir* ^i^/Of^-^ 
Blessed Vir^ Mary, when the time or her 
ery was come, brought forth our Redeemer, 
Christ, at midnight, and laid him in a mang«r: 
sause there was no room for him in the mi 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory» Jec 

Let us pray. 

u most pure Mother of God ; through thy 
ginal and most joyful delivery, whereby thou 
est to the world thy only Son, our Sayurar. 
seech thee obtain for us, through thine inte: 
the grace to lead such piure and holy lives m 
world, that wa may become worthy to sii^, wii 
'^easing, the mercic" of thy Son, 8^ his benefi 
'IS by thee. Ameu. 

rV. The Presentation qfowr Blessed Lord in the 

Let us contemplate, in this mystery, how d| 
tjlessed virgin Mary, on the day of her purificafU 
presented the child Jesus in the Temple, where hd 
Simeon, giving thankv to God, with great devoliol 
received him into his arms. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, ^ 

Let us pray. 

Holy Virgin, most admirable mistress am 
pattern of obedience, who didst present the Lon 
of the Temple in the Temple ai God ; obtain fa 
ML of thy blessed Son, that, with holy Simeon 


1 Anna, we may praise and glorify him for- 

The Finding of tie ChUd Jesus in (he Tempk. 

', us contemplate, in this mystery, how ths 
jsed Virgin Mary, after having lost (through no 
ih of bers) her beloved Son in Jerusalem, sought 
n fbr the space of three days ; and at length 
(ud bma in the Temple, sitting in the midst of the 
«tors, bearing them, and asting them questions, 
jing of the age of twelve years. 
Ohor Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, <fec. 

Let us pray. 

most Blessed Virgin, more than martyr in thy 
ifferings, and yet the comfort of such as are 
flicted ; by that unspeakable joy wherewith thy 
ml was filled, when at length thou didst find thy 
ell-beloved Son in the Temple, teaching in the 
lidst of the doctors ; obtain of him that we may so 
iek him and find him in his holy Catholic Church, 
J never more to be separated from him. Amen. 

Salve Regina, <fec., Hail, holy Queen, <fec. ; with 
^. and R, ; and prayer, *' Hear, merciful God," 
«., as given p. 191 ; or else, " O God, whose only 
egotten Son," <fec., p. 217. 



The Joyful Mysteries for Mondays ami 


The Annunciation — ^virtue of humility. 
The Visitation — virtue of cbAiity 


The Nativity — virtue of detachment from 


The Purification— virtue of purity. s 

The finding of our Lord m tne Temple— virtM dh— 

obedience. icr/ 

J. Tke Prayer and Bloody Sweat of our Blessed Sammy 

in the Oarden, ^ 


Let us contemplete, in this mystery, how our - 
Lord Jesus was so afflicted for us m the garden ol ^ 
Gethsemani, that his body was bathed in a bloodr 
sweat, which ran down in great drops to the ground. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, <kc. 

Let us pray. 

most holy Virgin, more than martyr ; by that . 
ardent prayer which our beloved Saviour poured i 
forth to his Heavenly Father in the garden, vouch- , 
safe to intercede for us, that, our passions being re- 
duced to the obedience of reason, we may alwaysi 
and in all things, conform and subject ourselves to 
the holy will of God. Amen. 

II. The Scourging of our Blessed Lord at the PiQar. 

Let us contemplate, in this mysiery, how our 
Lord Jesus Christ was most cruelly scourged vi 
Pilate's house, the number of stripes they give 
him being about five thousand. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, drc. 


Let xjifi pray* 

Mother of God, overflowing fount&in of pa- 
se ; through those stripes thy only and much- 
ived Son vouchsafed to sufifer for us, obtain of 

for us grace to mortify our rebellious senses, (• 
id the occasion of sin, and to be ready to sufbr 
ry thing rather than ofifend God. Amen. 

7^ Crowmng of our Blessed Saviour with Thorm 

let us contemplate, in this mystery, how those 
d ministers of Satan plaited a crown of sharp 
ms, and cruelly pressed it on the sacred head of 
Lord Jesus Chnst. 
)ur Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, <fec. 

Let us pray. 

") Mother of our Eternal Pi-ince, the King of 
)ry ; by those sharp thoras wherewith his sacred 
d was pierced, we beseech thee obtain, through 
intercession, that we may be delivered from all 
dons of pride, and escape that shame which our 
i deserve at the day of judgment. Amen. 

IV. Jesus carrying his Cross. 

jet us contemplate, in this mystery, how our 

rd Jesus Christ, being sentenced to die, borSj 

h the most amazing patience, the Cross whick 

s laid upon him for his greater torment and ig« 


>ur Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, <kc. 

Let us pray. 

3 Holy Virgin, example of patience ; by th« 
fg painfiti carrjrjng of the Cross, in which thl 

17* * 




Son, CAir Lord Jesus Christ, bore the heavy 
of our sins, obtam for us t>f lum, through thine^ 
tercession, courage vad strength to follow hit 
and bear our cross after hum to the end of our 

V. Tlie Crucifianon cf our Lord Jews ChriaLh 

Let us contemplate, in this mystery, how 
Lord Jesus Christ, being come to Mount CaJi 
was stripped of his clothes, and his hands and 
nailed to the Cross, m the presence of his 
flicted Mother. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, dke. 

Let us pray. 

Holy Mary, Mother of God ; as the bod] 
thy beloved Son was for us stretched upon 
Cross, so may we offer up our souls and bodiaa 
be crucified with him, and our hearts to be 
with grief at his most bitter Pasdon ; and i 
most sorrowful Mother, graciously vouchsafe to 
us, by thy all-powerful intercession, to accon 
the work of our salvation. Amen. 

Salve Regina, or Hail, holy Queen, See. 

Prayer, Hear, O merciful God, <kc., or O 
whose only-begotten Son, Seg, 




The SoRKOWFUL Mtsteries /or Tuesdays and 
rhe agony in the garden-^virtue of 
The scorning of our Lord — virtue of 
The crowning with thorns— vhtue <tf humility. 
The canjin^ the cross — ^virtue of patieooe. 
The crucifivion — virtue of the love of ooreii 


I. The MUiurrectwn cf our Lord from the dead. 

Let us contemplate, in this mystery, how oui 
rd Jesus Christ, triumphing gloriously over death, 
le ag^ the third day, immortal and impassible. 
Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. Glory, &c. 

Let us pray. 

glorious Virgin Mary ; by that unspeakable joy 
ou didst receiTO in the resurrection of thy Divine 
m, we beseech thee obtain for us of him, that our 
sarts may never go astray aftei the false joyb 
this world, but may be forever wholly employed 
the pursuit of the only true d,nd solid joys of 
iaven. Amen. 

n. The Ascension of Christ into Heaven. 

Let us contemplate, in this mystery, how our 
>rd Jesus Christ, for forty days after his resurrec- 
m, ascended into heaven, attended by angels, in 
e sight and to the great admiration of his mo$«t 
>ly Mother, and his holy Apostles and disciples. 
Our Father. Ten HaQ Marys. Glory, <fec. 

Let us pray. 

Mother of God, comforter of the afflicted j at 
y beloved Son, when he ascended into heaven, 
toi up his hands and blessed his Apostles, as he 
is parted from them ; so vouchsafe, most holy 
other, tc ift up thy pure hands to him on our be- 
ilf, that we may enjoy the benefits of his blessing, 
td of thine, here on earth, and hereafter in heavea 


The crowning of the blessed Virgin and 
rirtue of confidence in their prayers. 


die #tbe Josfttl !fi8i^MtnU». 

L The Angelical Salutation. 

Let us adore the Son of God hidden within i 
womb of Mary, the most lowly handmaid of i 
Lord, beseeching of him the virtue of humility. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. 

Ejaculation, Jesus, whom thou didst ooncfli^ 
remaming Ever Virgin. 

Glory be to the Father, <fec. Prayer. 

n. The Visitation. 

Let us adore the Son of God, inspiring his nn 
holy Mother Ix) visit St. Elisabeth ; beseeching of k 
the virtue of cluirity to our neighbor. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. 

Ejaculation. Jesus, whom thou didst be«r w: 
thee to visit St. Elisabeth. 

Glory be to the Father, <fec. Prayer. 

in. The Birth of Jesus ChrisL 

Let us adore the Son of God, bom in a p( 
gtablt , of a Mother whose only treasure was 1 
Virginal purity ; begging the grace of purity in « 
and body. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. 

ilion. Jesus, whom thou didst bring forth. 
Ever Virgin, 
>e tu the Father, &a. Prayer. 

rV. Tha Presentaliot. 
adore the Son of God, presented n 'Jm 
) his heavenly Father by the hands H 
^ffittff that our hearts Tnay be set Jrtr fitun 
' all earlhly thinge. 
iHaeT. Ten Hail Marys. 
■fton. Jesus, by thee presented m ths 

je to the Father, Ac. Prayer. 

V. Mary finds Jena in Ou! Temple. 

adore the Son of God, who left even hjs 
t tender Mother, when ihe glory of hia 

Father called him, and was found by 
the Temple aittins in the midst of the doc- 
rt u» beg of our Lord on aTdent teal to m- 
rtelves in ow Itoly faith, and bring others 
•wledge of it, 
ither. Ten Hail Marj-s. 
a^Mtn. Jesus, whom thou didsr Sad in At 

be to the Father, &.e. Pr^iyei 

adore our Lord Jeaus Christ in the Oardet 
ace^ptiog all the horrois of his most rrua 

20% THE BOBABT Of m 

Passion, whereby the soul of his most tender 
iher was so bitterly afiSicted; heggiing thai m 
tkmgs, however pakifvl and hard, we may smk 
the holy will of Qod. 

Oui' Father. Ten Hail Marys. 

Mjaculation. Jesus, who for us wast bathed h. 
sweat of Blood. 

Glory be to the Father, &c. Prayer. 

IL The Soofuargvng (^ Jesu* CkriMU 

Let us adore our Lord Jesus Christy endi 
for our sakes that most cruel scourging, by 
stroke of which the most tender heart of Mary 
torn. Let us beg of him the spirit of 

Our Father, (&c. Ten Hail Marys. 

Ejaculation, Jesus scourged for our rins. 

Glory be to the Father, <fec. Prayer. 

nL The Crowning wUh Thorns, 

Let us adore Jesus our Eling, crowned in d< 
with a crown of thorns ; the »ght of wluch iiM 
vet more the grief of Mary. Let %is ask the^reuij 
to overcome human respect. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. 

Ejaculation, Jesus crowned for us wi& thoma. 

Glorv be to the Father, l&c. Praver. 

rV. Jesus carrying his Cross. 

Let us adore our Lord Jesus, bowed dowa be* 
aeath the hieavy burden of his cross, in tbe mA% oi 
his most tender Mother, resolved to drink wvSk Yam 
the same cup of bitterness. Let u% ask the spirii y 
ana patknee. 
Fathen TenHaQMarya. 



' .«ji 

08T BI288SD VXSGIll HAKT. 900 

Jesus, who for us didst bear ths 

the Fa&er, Seg. Prayer. 

v., Jesus Crucified. 

re our Lord Jesus, finishing, bj ha 

e cross, the great work of our redemp- 

ask of him, through the tears of Ati 

{ Mother, the ^rit of holy eompune* 

Ten Hail Marys. 

Jesus, who died for us upon the 

I the Father, <&c. Prayer. 

c #fl>f Srlotdms ^{sttrffs. 

he Resurrection of Jesus ChrisL 

>re our Divine Saviour, the glorious 
death ; and let us ask of Mary, by 
1 filled her soul at the resurrection of 
ttain for us the triumph of Jesus and 
our hearts, 
\ Ten Hail Marys. 
1. Jesus, who rose again from the 

) the Father, <fec. Prayer. 

Tlie Ascension of Jesus ChrisL 

»re our Divine Saviour, ascending mUk 
epare a place for us; and let us ask 
» followed Jesus in spirit, to obtsdn for 
ire after our heavenly country, 

a06 TF£ iiO»A^f 'it 

Our Father. Ten HaH kaifs. 

Ji^'aeulatian, Jesus, iiow asceDded into heaTOOu ^ 

Glory be to the Fadier, Ac. Prayer. "yi 

fll. The Holy QhosldeBoends upon the Bi^tmsav^rgm^ 

the Apostles, 

Let us adore our Divine Saviour, sendinir 
«bove his Holy Spirit ; and let ub ask oCMarfi 
irhom he has appointed to dispense his graoea. * 
obtain /or iis all the gifts of the Holy Ghoet. tl 

Our Father. Ten fiail Marys. 

Ejaculation. Jesus, who aidst send the Holj:| 

Glory be to thft Father, &c. Prayer. 

IV. The A jiumption of the Blessed Virgin, 

Let us ado*e our Divine Saviour receiving Ul: 
most gracious Mother into the bosom of his glofj, 
and let us ask her to obtain for us the desire cfp9t* 

Our Father. Ten Hail Maiys. 

Ejaculation, Jesus, who hath called thee tej 

Glory be to the Father, <kc. Prayer. 

V. The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 

Let us adore our Divine Saviour crowniw tilt 
firtues of his most holy Mother in heaven ; kt ia ; 
beg her to obtain for us the grace to hm (md 
imitate them. 

Our Father. Ten Hail Marys. 

Ejaculation, Jesus, who hath orowned thee ■ 
the heavens, 
Gloij he to the Father, 4c. 


?^ #nie J^oiiful itt$stfr(es. 


1. ITic most Holy Trinity con ents to tht Incarnatior 
»f Jesus Christ. 

i. Mary is choHon to be the Mother of the Inn nat* 
ft onL 

3. The Angel Gabriel announces that happiness tr 

4. Mary prays in her holy solitude. 

6. The Angel salutes her, saying, ** Hail, Mary, full of 
gracOf the Lord is with thee." 

6. M&ry is troubled at the sight and speech of the 

7. The Angel says, " Fear not, Mary, thou shalt con- 
reive by the power of the Holy Ghost." 

8. Mary answers, "■ Behold the handmaid of the Loni 
be it done unto me according to thy word." 

9. The Holy Ghost overshadows her. 

10. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among 


1 Mar;', with great humility and charity, goee to visit 
her cousii. Si Elisabeth. 

2. Mary guided by the Holy Ghost, and accompanied 
by the holy angeis. 

3. Mary crosses the mountains in haste. 

4. Mary is received with great joy by her .cousin St 

5 St. John is sanctified in his mother's womb. 

6. St. Elisabeth says, "Blessed is the Fruit of th? 

7. Mary replies, " My soul doth magnify the Lord." 

8. Elisabeth exclaims, " Whence is this to me, that 
ttie mother of my Lord should come to visit me V^ 

9. The houae of Zacbariaa supremely blessed by l\\a 
'Mrits ofJeaufi and Mary 


10. Mary serves her cousin in all humble offices Ph 
the space of thiee months. 


1. Mary gives birth to a Child, and remains a VirgUL 

2. Miiry gives birth to Jesus, and wraps hipi id 
•iraddling clothes. 

3. Mary contemplates Jesua with love and astaniai^ 

4. Mary embraces Jesus, and presses him to her heart 

5. Mary feeds Jesus with her Virmnal milk. 

6. Mary lays Jesus in a manger that Joseph had pre- 

7. Jesus lies in a manger between an ox and an ass. 

8. The angels sing, ** Ulory to God in the Idghest, ou 
earth peace to men of good will." 

9. The shepherds come to visit the Child Jesus. 

10. The Magi come to adore the Holy Child, and offei 
him presents. 


1. Mary goes to the temple to offer her Holy Child. 

2. Jesus and Mary submit to the law. 

3. The way from Nazareth to Jerusalem is long and 

4. Mary carries the Child Jesus in her arms. 

5. Mary continues her journey, pondering all these 
things in her heart. 

6. Mary offers Jesus in the temple. 

7. Mary redeems Jesus at the ransom appointee! for 
the poor 

8 Amia rejoices to see her prophecy fulfilled. 

9. The holy old man, Simeon, embraces Jesus with joy. 

10. Simeon says, ** Now dost thou dismiss thy servant* 
Lord, in pea»^.e." 


J, Mary hae lost her beloved Child. 
-2 Mary deprived of her rmly treasure. 
^. Mary seeks Hiw mth anxietv. 


4. Maiy fteeks Jesus in the streets and rosdai 
& Mvy finds Jesus again alter three days. 
6L llaiy finds Jesus in the temple. 

7. Jesna, twelve years old, teaenes the doctors. 

8L llaiy says, " Son, why hast thon made us son 

9l Jesus retoms with Mary and Joseph, and is dbe 
JhatnntiO them. 
10. Mary preserves in her heart the sajrings of Jesun 

8)( Mtbf JtovtoMtl JK]ffter(ff . 

! Jeens goes into the Garden of Olives. 

5. Jesoa prays, lying prostrate on the ground. 

3. Jeeus perseveres in his prayer. 

4. Jeeus IS sorrowful, even unto death. 

5. Jesus is bathed in a sweat of blood. 

A. Jesus submits his wfll to his heavenly Fathui 

7. Jesus warns his disciples to watch and pray. 

8. Jesus betrayed by Judas. 

9. Jesus is seized by his own creatures. 

10. Jesus cruelly bound, and dragged from one jud^^ 
Ic another 

1. Jesus is delivered to be scourged. 
3. Jesus is falsely accused. 

3. Jesus is stripped of his clothes. 

4. Josus is nakea in the hands of his executioners. 

6. Jesus is fiistened to a pillar. 

6 Jesus is lashed with scourges. 

7. Jesus is bruised with clubs. 

& The flesh of Jesus b torn with points of lead. 

9. The blood of Jesus flows down to the ground. 

10. They unfasten Jesus ; he elothes himself again. 


/. Jesoa broui^t forth to he crowned, with thoraa^ 
* TberprepHre a erown of thorna for Jesua. 

'^ 18* 


3. The}' force the crown of thorns ape n the head 

4. The head of Jeans is pierced on every odfw 
6. The blood flows from the head of" Jesus. 

6. The forehead of Jesus is covered with blood. 

7. Tne eyes of Jesus are bathed in tears. 
8 The lips of Jesus are pale as death. 

9. Jesus is clothed in a purple garment, through di^ 

10. Jesus is cruelly mocked and derided, **. Behold the 
man I" 


1. Jesus condemned to be croeified. 

2. Jesus lovingly embraces his cross. 

3. Jesus carries his cross on his torn and wounded 

4. Jesus falls under the weight of his erow for ow 

5. Jesus, again loaded with his crosa, meets hia aot- 
rowful Mother. 

6. Jesus leaves the impression of his *8a4»od eoiiiit» 
nance on the veil of St Veronica. 

7. Jesus says, ** If these things are done in the green 
wood, what shall be done in the dry f* 

8. None can be found willing to cany the eroM for 

9. Jesus, loaded with his cross, ihlls at the foot €i 

10 Jesus, again loaded with his croaa, aseenda tha Ml 
ol Calvary. 


1. Jesus is cruelly stretched upon the eroea. 
3. Hv sacred huids and feet are ptaeod through 
vita nails. 

3. Jesus is raised upon the cross, and his blood llowa 
In streams frt>m all his wounds. 

4. Jesus prays for his enemies. 


& Jesus promises Paradise to the penitent .hief. 
6L Jesus recoramends St John to his holy Mother. 
7. Jesus in his thirst is offered vinegar and gall. 
& JesuB cries out ** My Grod, my Gknl, why hast thou 
IfBtken mef 

9 Jesus says, ** It is finished !** 
10. Jesus gives up hh. spirit into the hands of God 
M Father. 

BU Wfi» 6rlor(oiis JKf sttvffi . 

1. Jesus rises again the third day from the dead. 
S. JeBUs conquers death and hell. 

3. Jesus consoles and delivers the holy Fathers. 

4. Jesus rises gloriously. 

5. Jesus rejoices his holy Mother. 

6. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene. 

7. Jesus appears to Peter, and hlesses him. 

8. The disciples at Emmaus say, ^ Did not our heartn 
bum within us, when he spoke to us ?' 

9. Jesus appears in the midst of his disciples, an<i 
Ifivee them his peace. 

10. JeMUs shows his wounds to St. Thomas. 


1. The ascension of Jesus Christ 

2. Jesus ascends into heaven hv virtue of his owo 

3. Jesus quits his beloved disciples. 

4 Jesus promises to remain with them forever. 

5 Jesus promises them the Holy Ghost. 

6 As Jesus ascends, he blesses his disciples. 
7. Jesus opens heaven to us. 

A. Jesus is seated at the nehi hand of God hit* 

^. Jesus displays his five wounds, on our behalf, to 
"fceavcnly Father. 
^ 0. Jesus is our Mediator in heaven. 

1. Jesus sends the Holy Ghost 

2 Jesus sends the Coxnforter. 

3 Jesus sends fire npon the earth. 
4. The Holy Ghost inflames all hea ts wfth hb 
6 The Holy Ghost enlightens thefar nunda. 
6 The Holy Ghost strengthens thdr hearts. km 

7. The Holy Ghost gives the gift of tongaea jT 

8. The Holy Ghost distributes his sifts. 3 

9. Come, O Holy Ghost, and visit me hearts of llf ill 
fidthfhl. ' 

10. Come, Holy Ghost, enli^^ten our hearts with tlii 
fire of thy Divine love. TJ 



A. Mary is assumed into heaven. 

2. God the Father recmves his welUteloved dam^ 

3. Jesas receives his holy Mother. 

4. The Holy Ghost receives his beloved spovae. 
6. The Seraphim salute Maiy. 

6. The Angels serve Mary. 

7. Mary rejoices all the heavens. 

8. Mary is seated at the right hand of Jesna. 

9. Mary is our advocate in heaven. 

10. Mary is our Mother and mediatr^jc In hesfiSB. 


1 Mary gloriously crowned in heaven. 

3 Mary crowned through her seraphie love. 

3. Mary crowned throu^ her angelical puiij 

4. Mary crowned through her profound iiiiiiiiliftfi 

5. Mary crowned through her perfect obedJsaosii 

6. Mary crowned through her holy prodenee. 

7. Mary crowned ihrough her admiraUe wrtfaiica 
6. Mary crowned liirou^ her ardent graafiiidQ. 


tha honor doe to the Mother of God. 


L The AnnundatioK. 
10, when thou didat come down to redeem' 
tidst choose for thyself the most chast« 
ry to be the true Tabernacle of God wilh 
we beseech thee, that, by her holy Interces- 
Is may be so filled with thy grace, Ihut we 
templce of God ; who liveat and reignest, 

'ho, in the viait&tion of Maiy, didet poni 
renly graces on the house of Zachams and 
uicUfy ue by th^ sacred and most loving 
thou didst sanctify thy holy servant John ; 
grooe fK> to instruct others unto ri^teona* 
T^tj men by onr holy life, as to escape all 
ie and viln-glory ; who livest and leigneat 

lee thanks, most loving Jesus, bucauM ht 
I didst choose to be born in a poor staUs 
uid in the midst of winter to be wrapt In 
ithe>V laU >i> a manger, and fed at thj Mo- 
i. Grant, dearest Lord, that we may b6< 
tile children, humble and poor in sfdrib 
'e may, Uke t>« Hs^ from th» East, M«k 


after thee with diligence, and find thee in tlic cradle oi 
our hearts, and there adore thee, offering up the |;old ol 
chant V, the incense of devotion, and the myrrh of mor 
tification. Amen 

lY. 7%e Presentaiwn, 

O Li*rd Jesus Chridt, who didst condescend. togeilMf 
with thy holy Mother, for our example, to be obedienl 
lo the law for sin ; grant us grace never to be ashamed 
of thy law, but to l^or to fulfil thy conmiandments, to 
practise penance for our sins, and to approach thy holy 
altar with those ardent desires with which holy Simron 
received thee into his arms. Amen. 

v. Jenu found m the Temple, 

O Lord my God, thou art the only good; thou art the 
sea of sweetness, and ocean of all perfection. We are 
confounded when we think how much our souls are 
moved at the loss of earthly goods, and yet feel so little 
trouble when we have lost ttiee by sin. Grant, we be- 
seech thee, that, despising all earthly things, we may 
sigh only to enjoy the vision of thy glory and beauty in 
that kingdom, where, together with the Father and the 
Holy Spirit, thou livest and reignest God, world without 
end. Amen. 

Sf)e i^fbe iborrototul iV^stetfes. 

I The Prayer of ow Lord in the Garden, 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who, in the garden of Gethsemanib 
aast taught us, both by word and example, to overcome 
iemptation by prayer ; OTant, we beseech thee, that, giv- 
ing ourselves continually unto prayer, we may obtain it« 
Abundant fruit; who livest and reignest, &c. Amen. 

n. The Seowrging. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who, for our sakes, didst take tt 
tfeee a human nature, and didst suffer in thy flesh fof 


e, grant, we beseech thee, that, veneiatinff 

Passion, we may imitate thy bless^ life m 

d mortification, and attain at last to the glory 

jrection : who livest and reignest, &,c. Amen 

ni. 7%e Crv^ning with Thorns. 

i Jesus Christ, King immortal and 
Deseech thee, that we who venerate thy crown 
& here apon eartli, may receive from thee the 
r eternal glory in the hfe to come ; who livest 
aest, &c Amen. 

IV. Our Lord carrying hi$ Crostt, 

>rd Jesus Christ, who hast said, "■ No man can 
o me, except he deny himself, and take up his 
and follow me;'* grant, we beseech thee, that, 
dng thy blessed patience in the carr3dng of the 
we may bear all the crosses and trials of this 
of tears, that, being purified by suffering, we may 

Imitted into thy eternal rest: who kvest and 

'st, &.C. Amen. 

V. Crucifixion of our Lord, 

jord Jesus Christ, who, of thy infinite charity, diddt 
le, for the sake of sinful man, the scorn of men 
le outcast of the people, and didst die for us upon 
t>88 to obtain our relief from eternal shame ; grant 
5 beseecn thee, by the merits of thy most sorrowful 
izion, and by the glorious intercession of thy mo»t 
T Mother, who stood by thee at the cross, the 
of perfect contrition for our sins, and of a holy 
I ; who livest and reignest, etc. Amen. 

E^t i^fbt 6rlovCotts JUssterfrs. 

L The JieturrecHon. 

Luid Jesos Christ, who didst descer d bito hell, ai 
•^•A asrain the third day from the dead ; gr&iii 


the souls of the fidthfol departed thy eternal H^- 
peace; and to us thy servants grace to die eaob 
more and more to ourselves, that we may live 
onto thee -, who livest and reiguest, &o. 

n. The Atcenihti, 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who didst descend upon 
k^ be our sacrifice, and hast ascended into heaven to' 
our eternal Priest and Advocate ; grant us graoe» 
being detached from all earthly thi^p, we may in ~ 
and mind thither ascend, whither thou art gone hi 
and with thee continually dwell ; who livest and * 
est, &c. Amen. 

m. 7%e Deteent of the Hdy 9hotL 

O Lord Jesus Christ, to whom is given all power ii 
heaven and on earth; send down upon us tiie Holy 
Ghost the Comforter, which may guide, support, aud 
purify the souls of thy servants, and of thy whoW 
Church ; who livest and roignest, &c Amoi. 

IV. The Atsumption of the Bleeped Virgin Jittry. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, who, wben the work of her p«w 
feclion was accomplished, didst call to thyself the soul 
of thy most holy Mother, and didst not suffer her body 
to see corruption ; grant us, we beseech thee, the desirt 
of perfection, and daily to purify ourselves more and 
more from all our faults ana imperfections; so that at 
the hour of death we may be found worthy to poaa to 
the blessed vision of thy glory; who livest and rolgooii^ 
&€. Amen. 

V. The Coronation of the Bleeeed Virgin Mar^ 

O lord Jesus Christ, who hast said, ** In my Fathei'a 
nous*- are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for 
you '" ?rant us, we beseech thee, so to copy In our Ifvei 
the holy virtues of thy blessed Mother, that, tfarouli 
ket glorious intercession with thee, we may attain tiie 


v^Mured fbr us In thy kingdom from the fonnda' 
' the worid ; who IWest and re^est^ dtc. Amtn 
A Re^iiuu dus. ; HaO, holy Queen, &c 

Let as pray. 

od, whose omy-i>egotten Son, by hia life, death, 
anirection, hath laid open to us the rewards oi 
tdng life ; grant, we beseech thee, that pondering 
hearts these Mysteries in the mobt holy Rosary 
Blessed Vir^ Mary, we may imitate what they 
rdi, and obtain what they promise; through th« 
mr Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Amen. 



ie elgison. Lord Grod the Father, have mere; 


iste eleison. Lord God the Son, have mercj 


•it deison. Lord God the Holy Ghost, have mercy 

•iste audi noS: Christ, our anointed Priest, heat 
our prayers. 

•istB exaudi nos, Christ our anointed King, hear 

'er de ccdis DeuSy miserere nobis, O God, the Fa> 
f heaven, have mercy on us. 
t Redemptor mundi Deus, O God the Son, .la- 
»r of the world, have mercy on us. 
Witus Sancte Deus, O God the Holy Ghost, huve 
on us. 

Ida TViniUu unus Deus, Holy Trinity, one God, 
nney on us. 

Kta Maria. Holy Mary, by tlie name ot swi^ou 
tfter the n.ime of Jesns most vpoerable, pray for us 



Sanaa Dei Genetrix. Holy Mother of Gock, froft 
irhose o\in flesh was foimed God's saeied body, pimy 
for us. 

Sancta Virgo Virginum, Holy Virrin of Virginfly M 
the lily among thorns, so is my beloved among tht 
rirgin daughters ; pray for us. 

Mater Christi. Mother of Christ, of the Anointed Om^ 
^,"u didst stand by the altar of the cross ; pray fot ntk 

Mater Divinoi graticc. Mother of Divine grace, by 
iLee did grace come down from heaven ; pray tor us. 

Mater purissima. Mother most pure, exempted from 
al? stain of sin ; pray for us. 

Mater castissirna. Mother most chaste, without ah 
sting of concupiscence ; pray for us. 

Mater inviolata. Mother inviolate ; Mother, yet ever 
Virgin ; pray for us. 

Mater intemerata. Mother undefiled by any the slight- 
est breath of evil ; pray for us. 

Mater amabilis. Mother most amiable, thou art the 
Mother of incarnate love ; pray for us. 

Mater admirabilis. Mother most admirable, for Grod 
himself could form no greater Mother than his own: 
pray for us. 

Mater Creatoris. Mother of our Creator, at thy vir- 
gin breast He who sustains the world was nourished; 
pray for us. 

Mater Salvatoris, Mother of our Saviour; thou oi 
whom was formed that very blood that hath redeemed 
the world ; pray for us. 

Virgo pritdentissinuz. Virgin most prudent, taugbl 
^y Heaven, the whilst thou didst keep silence and poa 
ler in thy heart ; pray for us. 

Virgo verier anda. Virgin most venerable ; thou whom 
ail generati'^ns shall call blessed ; pray for us. 

Virs^o prccdicania. Virgin most renowned; nou 
who art worthy that thy glory should be extolled and 
Ofl.ebrated through the whole world ; pray for us. 

Virgo potefis. Virgin most powerful, Dv thy pniy«n 
omnipotent with God ; pray for u». 


Clemens, Virgin most merciftil; who can de> 
r love for soms redeemed by J esus' Blood ?— 


fidelis. Virgin most faithful ; for thy love waa 
s death, as thon didst stand by the crow 9I 
ithful to the last ; pray for us. 
lum Justiticc. Mirror of juptice; for who tm 
reflects the image of Jesus as his holy Moth 
y for us. 

sapienticB. Seat of wisdom, since in thy arm& 
aal Wisdom of the Father was enthroned ; pray 

' nostroi Uciitia:, Rainbow of peace, and oi 
ings of great joy to a storm-tossed world ; pray 

mritudU, Spiritual vessel ** full of grace," from 

grace hath issued forth ; pray for us. 

Dnorabiie. Vessel of honor and election, formed 

>ure8t gold, fit for the service of the King oi 

; pray tor us. 

tsigne devotionis. Vessel of singular devotion, 

lose form each veaael of election must be fash- 

)ray for us. 

mystica. Mystical rose, exhaling the sweet odor 

irtues, yet cuxsled by the thorns of tribulation ; 

■5 Davidica, Tower of David, built against the 

of God, in the city of the mystical Jerusalem 

Is ebumea. Tower of ivory ; for in the Canticlet 

that tower of ivory whereto the fair neck of the 
likened ; for through thee all graces pass from 
be Head unto the Church his Body ; pray for u*^ 
IS aurea. House of gold, palace adorned in 
jrt with the symbolic gold of charity ; pray for us. 
ris area. Ark of the covenant, formed of fairest 
nsliip, not for the tables of the law, but for thi 

the Law himself; pray for us. 

I calL Gate of heaven, since through thoe sai 


valion came into the world, and none ean enter heatoi 
but by thee ; pray for us. 

Stella malv/ina. Morning star, thou didst ap|ear it 
length above the darkness of this world, sure foreruniMf 
of the Sun of justice; pray for us. 

SaltLs infi'ynorum. Health of the sick, since in Umu 
do we behold strength in the midst of weakness; pra; 
for us 

Refugium peccaiorum. Refuge of sinners, If br dn 
we have again and again trampleid under foot the Aood 
of Jesus, yet in thee shall we fmd a gentle advocate with 
him ; pray for us. 

ConsokUrix ctfflictorum. Comforter of the afflict^ 
thou hast watched beside, and suffered with the Man of 
Sorro\ys, and hast learned how to console the miserable : 
pray for us. 

AuxUium Chrisiianorum. Help of Christians; they 
who are called by Christ's own name shall ever find in 
thee their tenderest mother ; pray for us. 

Regina Angdorum, Queen of Angels, since the King 
of Heaven, who had the Angels for his ministering ser- 
vants, called thee his Mother ; pray for us* 

Regina Patriarcharum, Queen of Patriarchs, thou 
who wast foreshown in tvpe and figure, and seen in 
their vision of desire by all the patriarchs of old ; pray 
for us. 

Regina Prophetarum, Queen of Prophets, and thy • 
«eif a mighty prophetess,* thou didst bring to its ful 
filment that which they foretold ; pray for us. 

Regina Apostolorum. Queen of Apostles, and thyse-f 
the first apostle of the grace of Christ, whon thou didf' 
kring our Lord to visit St. Elisabeth ; pray for us. 

Regina Martynim, Queen of Martyis, thou whoiit 
existence upon earth was a life-long martyrdom, througl 
whose soul the sword of sorrow pierced ; pray for us. 

Regina Confessorum. Queen of Confessors, in whose 
bieast, when all forsook and fled, the Church's faith 

* Tke Mngnificat, a prophecy of the Chuoh'i pioftwi and «^Ghmt 
Kb^dom apoa out a. 


^btd fi 

firm ihou to whom all who confers tliu n^me tl 
Jttue look for lud, ani take thy life ae a mc-dul for thdl 
nr&; pray fur ub. 

Bi^na VirginuTTi. Qaeen of Virgins, lily of holy 
fwhy, firal exacDple and greut encouragement to virgiiv- 
1} DTofeaaed for ChnBt'a own love; pray for ua. 

Aqgtna Sanclanim omnium. Queisn of all Sidin^, fci 
iG Saiots ia heaven, burning with the eternul love of 
JHiu, huve ever found in Ihee a guide, il loiing udvo> 
tale, uic B moat lender niother ; pray for us. 

Rtgiita line lobe originali omeepta. Qut-cn conceived 
vithoDt Biii,HingulargTory of Ibf Son, nolonly redeemed 
by him from ain, but by Ikia special grace exeniplcd and 
jceaerved &om ever haviu^ contracted the laasl ntain, 
thy last title, yet moat glorious of ail. By thy immacu- 
late heart, fit temple for God's Holy Dove, awcet Mary, 
pay for ub. 

Agnas Dei, qui toUis peceaia mundi, parce nobis, Do- 
wanc O Lamb of God, who takesl away the ains of tha 
world, spare aa, O Lord. 

Agims Gei, qui toUis peccata mundi, exavdi luts. Do- 
nine. O Ijunb of God, who lakest away the sins of the 
■orld, hear u», O Lord. 

Agnus Dei, qui lotlis peccala miauii, miserere nobis, 
Ijunb of God. who takest away the uns of the world, 

Sub iHum pncMivm, i}^. We fly to thy piitronage, 
holy Mother of God, despiie cot our peutions b ool * 
UMBeillea, but deliver ua always from all dnngere, O 
florioua and blessed Virgin. 

r. Pray for la, O holy Mother of God. 

R. Thai we may be made worthy if the a 
•f Guul 



ble body of thy divine Son was taken down from tbt e 
eross, and laid in thy arms. I most ^devoutly eoinxii» = 
sionate thy grief on that occasion, and beseech thee» CI l 
glorious Queen of Martyrs, to obtain for me, through 
the sufTerings of Jesus Christ, which were the grM& 
oause of all thy dolors, a sincere and lively horror ol 
iii:, an ardent love of God, a tender and practical dev^fr 
Ao% towards thee, and a happy death under thy special 


O most holy and afflicted Virgin! I commemorate the 
sorrow which filled thy malernS heart when the sacred 
body of Jesus was taken from thy arms, and laid in the 
sepulchre. I most devoutly compassionate thy grief on 
that occasion, and beseech thee, O glorious Queen of 
Martyrs, to obtain for me, through the sufferings of Jesus 
Christ, which were the great cause of all thy dolors, a 
sincere ari lively horror of sin, an ardent love of God. 
a tender and practical devotion towards thee, and • 
aappy death under thy special protection. 

Here also may be said the Litany of the Seven Dolorii 

and the Stabat Mater. 


Ci|t fioears of tlje Bleeeeb Tiamt of leeits. 


in the name of the Father, and of the Son, vid ol 
th3 Holy Ghost. Amm, 

V. Thou, Lord, wilt open my lips. 
Ai And my tongue shall declare t.\i^ ^tviia« 
F^ Incline unto my aid, O God. 
^ O Lord, hasten to help me. 

ims BOSABT or jmm. Sli 

iry be to the Father, and to the Son* and 
»1 J Ohoet : 

it waa in the l/e^xamgp is now, and wiD 

lie Incarnation <jfour Lord Jenu CkriaL 


va of Ood assumes human flesh of the port 
;he blessed Marjf, ever virgin, and is made 
*jr womb. 

s. Son of David, have mercy on us. Ten 
Worj be to the Father, dice. 

. The Birih of our Lord Jesus ChrisL 


kviour of the world is bom for our redemp* 
mother renuuning a virgin, 
a. Son of David, have mercy on us. Ten 
l-lory be to the Father, dec. 

^lie Circumcision of our Lord Jesus Christ 


iviour being eight days old, begins to suf- 
ir sins, and his blood already flows for us. 
sumcised according to the law, as if he had 
self a sinner. 

18, Son of David, have mercy on as. Tea 
}lory be to the Father, &c. 


IV. Our Lord Jesus Christ is found in the 'Am^ 


Our Saviour being twelve years old, shows him 
■elf more than mortal, by his knowledge and wis* 
4om, teaching the very teachers of the Jews. 

O Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us. Tm 
times, — Glory be to the Father, &c. 

V, The Baptism of our Lord Jesus ChrisL 


The Saviour of the world is baptized by St. John, 
the eternal Father declared him to be his Soa. 

Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us Tern 
times. — Glory be to the Father, &c. 


O JesuA, whose name is above all names, that 
the name of Jesus every knee may bend, of those 
that are in heaven, on earth, and in hell ; who, at 
the time appointed by the eternal wisdom, assumedst 
flesh in the womb of the blessed Mary, ever virgin, 
and thus became the Son of David ; whose birth 
rejoiced men and angels ; who began so early to suf- 
fer for us, and to shed, on our account, that blood 
that washed away the sins of the world ; whose 
eternal wisdom appeared at the age of twelve years : 
to whose baptism all heaven was attentive : grant 
to us, to celebrate those mysteries to thy honor and 
our own salvation : who, with the Father and the 
Holy Ghost, livest and reignest, one God, for aD 
stemity, Am^, 


■ Sofgiour washdh his Disciples FmL 


or, to show us an example of Humilifej 
ich we ought to serve each other, de- 
Low as to wash the feet of his disciples, 
s the God whom heaven and earth 

of Nazareth, king of the Jews, have 
Ten times. — Glorv be to the Father, 

sr cf our Lord Jesus Christ in ike Oarien. 


mr, knowing his passion to be now ni 
ffected with the thoughts of it, and no 
ith the load of our sins, that be pra}« 
hty Father, that the bittei cup might 
-om him. 

:>{ Nazareth, king of the Jews, have 
i. Ten times, — Glory be to the Fa- 

L Our Saviour is apprehended, 


)ur, as if he had been no more tsAo 

s to the power of men, and permits 

i>ur redemption, to be apprehended, aa 


r Nazareth, king of the Jews, have mer* 

Pen <fiii48«.— Glorv be to the Father. Ae, 


IV. (hir Saviour carries his CratM, 


Our Saviour being torn with scourges, fuid 
pierced with thorns, to expiate our sins, is ooni" 
pelled to cany the cross on which he is to die, ani 
mores on in anguish and sorrow towards the plant 
of his execution. 

Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews, ha?v 
mercy on us. Ten times, — Glory be to the Fa- 
ther, <&c. 

V. The Descent of our Saviour into HeU. 


The soul of our Saviour being separated by death 
from the body, descends to that place where the 
saints were expecting his redemption. 

O Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews, have mer- 
cy on us. Ten times, — Glory be to the Father, &o. 


Jesus, whose name is above all names, that at 
the name of Jesus every knee may bend, of those 
that are in heavp-n, on earth, and in hell ; whose 
mysterious humiliations and sorrows, appointed for 
thee on account of our sins, appeared in the wash* 
ing of the feet of thy servants and creatures ; in thj 
distress and prayer, and bloody sweat ; in thy being 
lecured and brouglit before tribunals as a cnminal ; 
in thy bearing the load of the cross ; and in the 
separation of thy soul from the body, and its de- 
scent to the regions below : grant to us to celebrate 
these mysteries to thy honor and our own salva- 
tion: who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost. 
Ijrest and reignesU one God for a\\ e\.fttm\.^, A-ovw. 


Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Chrin, 


il of our Lord Jesus Christ, which had 

rated from the body, is reunited to it, bf 

of the almighty power ; and that body 

d been dead rises to die no more. 

us. Son of the living God, have mercy on 
A times. — Glory be to the Father, <fec. 

. The Ascension qfofir Lord Jesus Christ 


body of our Lord Jesus Christ ascends to the 

t heaven, where the Saviour of mankind sits 

the right hand of God, the Almighty Father. 

/esus. Son of the living God, have mercy on 

Ten times, — Glory be to the Father, <fec. 

Our Lard Jesus Christ sends down thi Holy Ohost. 


r Saviour, now seated at the right hand of God, 
Imighty Father, sends down the Holy Ghost 
pire and animate his disciples, that they may 
A^Ufied to publish to mankind his cross and hit 

^us. Son of the living God, hrive mercy on 
^en times. — Glory be to the Fa her, <fec. 

Jesus Christ crowning the Blessed Vvrgx 
and Saints. 


* having by his passion* resurrectic 
openwthe w»y for the sons of Ad 


to heaven, which they I. ad lost by sin, bestows oa 
his mother and his saints a crown of immortal gUxj. 

O Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy 
OS, Ten times, — Glory be to the Father, <fec. 

V. Our Lord Jesus Christ coming to judge 


Our Saviour will come in power and majesty tir 
judge the. living and the dead, and to return to every 
one according to bis works. 

Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on 
us Ten times. — Glory be to the Father, <fec. 


O Jesus, whose name is above all names, that at 
the name of Jesus every knee may bend, of those 
that are in heaven, on earth, and in hell; whose 
body, that was murdered by mankind, the Al- 
mighty raised from death, glorious and immortal ; 
who, by thy ascension, triumphed over death, and 
led captivity captive ; who, according to thy prom- 
ise, sent down the Spirit that proceedeth from the 
Father and the Son, the Comforter and the Enli- 
vener ; who, stretching forth the bounty of thy al» 
mighty hand, uhed upon the chosen children of 
Adam, that glory that neither eye hath seen, nor 
\ar hath heard, nor hath it entered into the heart 
id man ; and who will come forth, in power and 
majesty, to judge the living and the dead, before 
whose throne au mortals will appear : grant to us 
lo celebrate these mysteries to thy honor and our 
Dwn salvatioi : wh o, with the Father, and the Holy 
Ghosts livest md reignest one God for dl etimity 


A.^ to *» "^^^^e axtide of *«»»• 
^»- ^ i;t «et<i* *^^ A<*f w* *' 

'S?f3 ^iSt ^T t*e »'!*• Luke ««>• ** 

132 nOUb EJA^ULATlOin 

n. Far HvmUity, 

It is good for me thai thou hast humbled me. fielbn i 
was humbled, I offended ; therefore have I kept thy iranC 
Pa. czviiL 71, 67. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ humbled himself and became (km 
diant unto death, even the death of the cross. FhiL il & 
Afid shall I be proud 

nL F<yr obtaining a true JSittmcUe of tkU JA/e, 

We are sojourners before thee, and strangers, as were aH 
our fathers. Our davs upon earth are as a shadow ; ami 
there is no stay. 1 Par. zxix. 16. 

Declare unto me the fewness of my days. Gall me not 
away in the midst of my days. Ps. d 24, 26. 

Let my soul die the cleath of the just, and my last end ba 
like to them. Numbers zxiii 10. 

lY. In Grtef and Afflietion. 

Heal me, Lord; for my bones are troubled. My soul 
also is troubled exceedingly. Ps. vl 2, 8. 

My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue 
liath cleared to my jaws ; and thou hast brought me down 
into the dust of death. Ps. xxl 16. 

Lord, aU my desire is before thee ; and my groaning is 
not hidden from thee. Ps. xxxviL 9. 

Why art thou sorrowful, O my soul f and why dost thoq 
disquiet me 9 Hope in God, for I will still give pniae to 
him ; the salvation of my countenance, and my God. Ps 
zlii 6, 6. 

1 am wearied with my groans, and 1 iind i>o rest. jer» 
Bias zlv. 8. 

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. Psalm L 14. 

v. For Resignaiion, 

It is the Lord: let him do what is good in his sigfai 
I Kings iil 18. 

If he shall say to me. Thou pleasest me not : I am ready 
let him do that which is good oefore him. 2 Kings zv. 26 
My heart ia ready ; D Go my beait \b xc^Ay. V%.\^^ 



A. u il sbnll be the viU of Qod in hBATeo, k 
Uftchab. iii HO, 
done. MuttKXvL4S. 

viU Uiou have me to c - Acte ix «. 

VL i^br I'aiintcm. 


the Lord, w> it ii dme : UeMed 
Job i ai. 

FMetvadgood tIiiM[* >t tb« luuid of Ood, iri^ 
fMeive STil I Job u. 10. 
the dialice of ralTatkm, tud vill oiU o] 

be merdAil nnl« me, tlut 1 nuij do do (ucfc 
^ Div. 7. 

me, O Lord, in this hour. Jndith lUL S. 
Y on ma, Lord, for I un veak. ?■.▼!& 
udl ba delivered bma temptation. P». xvii. SO, 

God: iar the wnten ue ccane in eren imtti 

np to boute of prej the Kml* Uiftt pat tb^ 
and forget not forevcc the koIi of th/ poor. 

my tijw, that tbej may not behold Tuuty. 

VHL For Tnut in God. 
• ibould day me, yet I will trust in him. Job 

■hoold valk in (Lc midst of the dudov tt 
DO eril, for thou art iritii me. Bl nii 4. 
br ire to adhere to mj Qod, to put my hop* 
lod Pa IzziL 28 

a. FarOu Fmr of God. 
I do Then Ood disll arise to judge r aud irim 
aoe. wiMt abaJI I slower him t Job zzxi Ii 


I have always feared God af waves swelling oyer me, aid 
Iu8 weight I was not able to boar. Job zzzL 28. 

Hie sorrows of hell encompassed me : and the mares ol 
death prervented mo. Ps. xvii. 6. 

Pierce thou my flesh with thy fear : for I am afinud of 
akkj judgmenta P«». cxviii. 120. 

X. For Wiadopt in Speech. 

i said, 1 will take heed to my ways, that I ein not witk 
By tongue : I have set a guard to my mouth. Ps. zzzriS. 1 

Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth, and a door round 
about my lips. Ps. cid. 8. 

XL For knowing the Will of Oodin aanbtful Mattert. 

Perfect thou my goings in thy paths : that my footsteps* 
be not moved. Ps. xvl 6. 

Send forth thy light and thy truth. Ps. zlil 8. 

May God have mercy on us, and bless us : may he cause 
the light of his countenance to shine upon us, and have m^- 
cy on us. Pe IxvL 1. 

Make known to me the way wherein I should walk ; for 
I have lifted up my soul to thee. Teach me to do thy will, 
for thou art my G^. Ps. cxlil 10, 11. 

Lord, what wilt thou have me to do ? Acts iz. 6. 

XII. Remembrance of the Divine Presence, 

The eyes of the Lord are brighter than the sun, behold- 
ing round about all the ways of men, and the bottom of the 
deep, and looking into the hearts of men, into the most Ixidden 
parts. Ecdesiasticus zxiii. 28. 

For my eyes are upon all their arays : they are not had 
from my face, and theu* iniquity hath not been hid from vy 
tyw Jerem. xvl 17. 

XIII. Acta of Praise and Thanksgivtnr 

Let my mouth be filled with praise, that I may sing thy 
glory and thy greatness all the day long. Ps. Izz. 8. 

Bless the Lord, O my soul : and let aU that is within ire 
bless his holy name. Bless the Lord, O my son], and forging 
m>t all hja line&t ^ Ps. ctL 1, 2. 

nil that lie bath 
hiut bRard ni« uid art 

XIV. Love I,/ God and of Hraven. 

U, therelure, I have found hrfir in tliy aight, ehow m* 
Aj- bee. Exodus zxiiii. IS. 

Mae thing 1 have asked uf the Lord, this vill 1 seek after ; 
list I Day dweil in the bouse of the Lord ali tbe ds7B of 
BT life. That 1 ma; we the delight of the Lurd, and latlj 
nat hit temple. Pe. uvi. 4. 

A? Uhs hart paotetb after the 'ouatains of valere, w mj 
vol (iHDieth arier Hive, O Otid. Uy hiuI hutb thirstud lot 
ilie biing Ood : wbeii shidl I c .me, and appear before tbt^ 
but of God ! Pb. xlL I. i. 

War what have I in beBveii I and beejden Iben, what do t 
jeaire apra earth I For thee ni,v tle»h and my heart hath 
aimed avaj ; thou art (he Qod of my beatt, and tQ\ per 
you fbrever. P«. bnii. SB. 2H. 

IIov lovely are thy tabernacles. Lord of Hosts! my 
nul Imgeth and fointetb for the courtg of the Lonl. My 
b«n and my fleab have rejoiced in the living Ood. Blessed 
v« they that dvell in tby bouBe, O Lord : the; shall jiraisa 
ibee f'.reTur and eTer. For one day b Iby courts is bet- 
icr than a thousanil. Ps. Ixxiiii. 1 , !, 4, 1 0, 

Wne IB me. that my Bojouniiiig is protoDged ! P». ciiz. S. 

Brinp mv soul out of prisoo. that I may praiBu tby itam*. 

itbrnr nut O thou irhom my Bonl loTOth. where thou tf^ 
■Ml vhere thou best in the mid-day. Cant L 6. 

Mr acml baih deatred thee in the night. 1b. nvi B, 

u— iiw I deai) • to ba diuolv^' and to be vitb ObrM 





■ \Btt '^ pawls'* AS 'f^' "„ *»* - -^ 

> "V V»i stS- *".5«>i'" >"S " ■ 


gcBoes granted to the fEuthful in England, at the principal 
festivals of the year, are plenary indulgences. A jubilee is 
■bo a plenary indulgence occasionally granted by the Pope 
to the whole ("Shurch, in the most ample manner, and witb 
the greatest solemnity. 2d A partial, or limited indul- 
geoce, as of ten years, or a hundred days, (fee, reni^ts aa 
■Ddi of the temporal punishment as would have been ^e* 
Vtttsd by 10 years, or 100 days, &c^ of the canonical pen- 
nmnerly imposed on public penitents. 

II What is required for obtaining an Indulgence. 

1. That we should be in a state of grace ; that is, ires 
ftom an mortal sin. Hence the sacraments of penance and 
the holy eucharist are always enjoined as prerequisites for 
■gaining an indulgence. For indulgences only apply to the 
ponishment of sin ; they suppose the guilt to have been re- 
■ored. And although the guilt may be removed while 
the punishment is reserved, pumshment cannot be remitted 
vhile the guilt remains. 

S. In order to gain an indulgence, it is necessary to per 
farm the prescribed works ; for it is imder this conditioD 
that indulgences are granted. But power is generally 
giren to confessors to change the works for some others, iu 
4e case of the sick, or persons who are confined, aud who 
(Kknot therefore fulfil some of the conditions, such as fast- 
iiif,or visiting certain churches. It is absolutely necessary 
itthe verv least, that the works required for the indu^ 
geoce should al^ be done in a state of grace. 

It may be useful to add here a list of indulgences attached 
to some of the prayers in this book : — 

L For the acts of faith, hope, and charity (p. 128), 1st. An 
%>dii]geDce of 7 years Mid as many uuadragencp, or 40) days, 
«i often as you recite tnese acts. 2a. A plenary iiulnlLCr-nc*) 
•Mfc a month,* granted to all who shall recite the act< 
t»ary day ft* a month, and shall confess their sins and re- 
arr^ the holv communion, praying for the usual intentions 
H^/^^ Cho'^ 8d A plenary Indulgence at the liour of 

^V if you recite the acts at that time, and, if possible 

*" dacramental confession and holy communion. 

By a wt»ntM n meant a c»]endar month, January, February ti.f 


2 For the Angelna Dotnini, or The Angel of the Lord 
kc. (p. 88) 1st. An indulgence of 100 days as often as yoQ 
repent it. 2d. A plenary indulgence once a month, to all 
who shall say this prayer at least once a day, every day m 
the month, at the sound of the bell ; and who shall comeq^ 
and communicate, and pray for the usual intentions of th« 

Observe that the Angelus is always to be said kneeling 
zcept on Saturday evening and on Sunday, when it is k 
be said standing. In Paschal time, instead of the Angduk^ 
the Regitia cceli is said, together with the versicle and 
prayer, standing. Those who are not able to remember 
these prayers, may gain the indulgence by saying the usual 
Angelas standing. In places where the bell is not heard, it 
is suHicient to recite the Angel u» about the time at whidi 
rJie bell is rung. 

3. For the I)e profundia and the versicle Requiem ater- 
•larn, to be said alter the evening Angelua. 1st. An indul- 
gence of 100 days. 2d. A plenary indulgence once a year 
to tliose who repeat the above every day. Those who do 
not know the De profwndia may gain the same indulgences 
by repeating instead an Our Father and a Hail Mary, with 
the versicle as above. 

4. For the Litany of the Holy Name. An indulgence o! 
800 days as often as you recite it. 

6. For the Angele Dei, or Angel of God, Ac, Ac., (p. 98). 
1st. An indulgence of 100 days as often as you recite tliis 
prayer. 2d. A plenary indulgence once a month, on any 
day they choose, to all who shall say it daily for a month ; 
and who confess and communicate, and pray for the inten- 
tions of the Church, in some public churcL 3d. A plenary 
indulgence on the feast of the holy Angel Guardian? (Oc- 
tober 2d J, provided that you have said the prayer for • 
irhcle year, morning and evening ; and perform the usua) 
cmdit'ons of confession, communion, ard prayer for the ir? 
tentions oi tli9 Church. 4th. A plenary iD.lulgence bX the 
hour of death, if during life you have firequeutly repeated 
this prayer. AU these indulgence? may be applied to the 
•ouls in purgatory. 

6. For the TVisagiurn, or Holy, holy, holy, Ac. (P- 98) 
Ut An indulgence of 100 days, once every day. 2d. Three 
times Qu Tr'mty ^Sunday, and every day aurix^ the octave 


€fmy.8tmdaif in the year, f d A pleuAiy kt 
le a month, on a da^ of dioioe, for thote iHm 
peated it eveiy day for a month, with the usual 

iug the Salve Regina (p. 6*7) m the moniii^ 
iuym jar€B9idium (p. lO^) in the eyening, addii^ 
jUowinf^ Teraide * 

me laudere te, V. Youchsafe that I mtf 
arata. praise Uiee, O sacred 

Tirtutem contra R. Give me strength againsi 
oe. my enemies. 

oa Deus in Sano- V. Blessed be Ood in his 

R. Amen. 

dgenoe of 100 days, every day. 2d. An in 
seven years and 7 quadragena every Sunday, 
ry indulgence on apy two Sundays in every 

the feasts of the Hessed Viixin. on the feast 
i, to those who repeat the al)ove-mentionea 
f day, with the usual conditions : and also at 

■lortMy to be said 8 times a day, morning, noon, 
tluinksgiyinff to the Most Holy Trinity for the 
aces CTanted to the Blessed Yirgia, and espe- 
umption. 1st. An indulgence of 800 days. 2d 
e of 100 days ecuh of fhe said times. 8d. A 
^ence once a month, on any day at choice, to 
3eat them 8 times a day for a month, with the 
»ns. These indulgences may be applied to the 

>ur Fathers, in memory of the Passion and 
sus Christ ; acd 8 Uail Marys, io memory c 

the Blessed Virgin ; to be said for the dyinft. 
Jgence of 800 days as often as they are said 
*y indulgence to those who repeat them once 
lontli, with the usual conditions. These indul* 
»e applied to the souls in purgatory, 
viking the names of Jesus and Mary. 1st 
» ofM davs each time 2d A plenary umIuI 

hour of d ^th to those who have been ii» tb< 


habit of inyoking them, and who, being truly toatnte, W^^ 
voke them at that hour, at least in heart, u thej canaol a 
vith their lips. 

Also an iudulgence of 800 days every time the thrat ', 
following ejaculatory prayers are said, to obtain a ha.'ppf •] 
death : 

Jesus^ Joseph, and Mary, I give you my heart and mf « 

Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, assist me in my last agony. 

Jesus, Joseph, and M^*y, may I die in peace in youf . 
fclessed company. 

For saying any one of them 100 days. 

11. For the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary 1st. Ad 
indulgence of 300 days as often as you recite .t witb m 
devout and contrite heart. 2d. A plenary indulgecie :a 
the five principal feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary, yub 
Immaculate Conception, the Nativity, the Annunciation, the 
Puritication, and the Assumption, to all who shall say the 
Litany every day, without missing one day in the year. It 
18 necessary that they should confess, and conmiimicate, 
and pray for the intentions of the Ohurch, in some pablifl 
chiu'ch. These indulgences may be applied to the souls in 
purgatory. ^ 

12. For the Rosary. 1st. An indulgence of 100 days for 
evtry Pater and Ave^ as often as you recite the fifteen de- 
cades of the Rosary, or, at least, five decades. 2d. A ple- 
nary indulgence once a. year on any day you choose, if yoa 
are accustomed to say at least five decades daily, and it 
you confess, and communicate, and pray for the wants ol 
the Church. But in order that you may obtain these indul- 
gences, two things are necessary : that the Rosary which 
you use shall have these indulgences attached to it by aonie 
priost who has faculties for so doing; and also that yo« 
oiously and attentively meditate on each decade, or one ol 
iitc; fifteen mysteries, in the order indicated in this book, 
p 192. 

13. For the Veni Creator. 1st. An indulgence of 1<X 
days as often as you recite tliis hymn. 2d. A plenary in- 
dulgence once a month, on any day thev choose, to all who 
gay this hymn daily for a month, and wlio confess, and com- 
municute, and pray for the wants of tlie Church. 8d. An 
indulgence H 800 days as often as you say this hvmn nm 

M Satiele Bpirilut. The Riuiie indulgeDMi 

is bymo aa to the preceding. 

bat Afaler An inilUgence of 1. u iJKj* w 

r, Dmt qui nobvi, Ac 2d. Ad indulgcoM 
eciting the tva last atanxiis of ttie ti7>i>i>, 
with the verMCia and the prajBT. 3d. A 
!e threu times a year (vii. od MaiinJay 
LSt, or at leeet a day within tlia octave, ol 
ad auy other day, at choice), tu all who 
B hymn, or at least the single stuua Tan- 
s in each mraitli, with the 'lenal contiitiimfl, 
me church. These indalgencea may be 
Is in purgatory, 
litential Fwlms. An iadulgimce cf forty 

Ldnal PaalniB. The same. 
yer at the end of the Litany of the Paa- 
. for the redemption of the wbrid, Ac), 
ur Fathers, G Hail Harys, aod 6 Oloriaa 
X of 800 days, once every day. 2d. A 

da in purgatory. 

ayar, Look liown, O Lord, 4c. (p. BSfl), to 
ei btfort thu BUaed Sacranunil, Ist. All 
} days, once every day. 'id. A plenai} 
rxt Thtuaday in each month, to all wbt 
rter coafesaiou and communion, and dkall 

its of the Church. 3d. An indulgence o 
idragaia, every Thnrsilay, with the aami 

lyer lo St. Aloysios Ooniaga (0 holy Aloy- 
L at the end of hia Litany, together wiUi 
od a Hail Uary. An ina-tlgence of I'M 
ilao to the departed), once a day. 


t4)i msTEucnoHB Off uayui«nqia» 

. 22. For the ejaculation of reognatian to the will of 
(p. 94). Ist. An indulgence of 100 day^ oooe eirerj 
2d. A plenary induljB^enre once a year, on any day at 
with the usual condttioRjs, to those who shall haTB rc^ 
it eyery day for a year. Tliefie indulgenoea are 
to the souls" in purgatory. 

28. For daily meditation. A plenary indulgence 
Ittonth (with the usual conditions) to all who ahail perL.^^ ^ 
^ikis most uecessary exercise of piety eyery day for a UMariKl " 
ibfr half an hour, or at least for a quarter of an hcrar d 
This indulgence (applicable to the souls in purgatory) 
bt. obtained on any day in the monlh. 

24. For the Stations. AU the indulgences are ann 
to these Stations, which weie granted to those pevsoni' 
yisited the places ir ^he Hofy Land oonsecrated hw 
special mystery of the Passion of Christ. All these m 
i^ences, many of which are plenary, can be applied to 
souls of the departed ; and m order to obtain toem it is < 
necessary to be in the state of grace ; neither eonftmsiOB 
:ummumon is required. 

25. Pius IX. grants, Ist, an indulgence of 100 days to 
whu recite the antiphon, yerside, and collect, Giye peace, < 
Lord, in our days (p. 101). 2d. A plenary indnlgeiioe on 
a month to such as shall haye recited them once a day, with 
the usual conditions. Hiese indulgences may be applied te 
the souls in purgatory. 

26. Pius IX. also grants an indulgence of 8 years to aO 
who recite with deyotion the followmg prayer : 

O Lord Jesus Christ, grant, I beseech thee, that thy Pte* 
sion may be to me a power to strenffth^i and defend me; 
thy Wounds my meat and drink, to feed, inelniate, aad de* 
liffht me ; the Sprinkling of thy Blood, the washiu? away db ' 
aU my sins ; thy Death, my eywlasting priory. HerefaL Oti • 
iearest Lord, be my refreshment, my reioicing; my hem^ 
tad the sweet solace of mj Heart; -who JEhreet aai^ f BigOMJ • j 
^eyer and eyer. Amen. I 

(>fArr devotioM to vthieh ihdulgeiieu are oHuck^ wUi As 

/iund t» </«if pimee$. 


rmitLlgiRca. it u •■AoMnl » >o> BiM <j 
/M^lul Hun; iu l*./on*Bi«, or 

Preparaliiry {'rayer 
liaamiA} and everluatiue Cod, I trust lliul by '□] 
I wnabfcolveJ from all my ainis. and delivered frou. 
1 dniDiiation ; yet sinuc I um slill obnoxious to the 
ipoml puniahnieDlH due nnto my lAna, und my owi' 
, its are not auffitieiit 1o make sjtliitftittioii ftir thtni. 1 
l^^to the inexhimstible treasury of the muritH uf tliy niily- 
kgoaea Sod and of thy Bainta,tliiLt,by their ubuiidii 111:1;, 
~ ddecls and 'pRnuities laiiy be sapplied. 1 elii'erfiilK' 
.;r myself to do all Thaae things which ore npimintel! 
llr«blAiiii»(t this end. Bardve them, O Falhtr of nier- 
^„ jfW i». in Duion w' b the paes on sod death of the a»ni<^ 
K:t.O|^ Son, and make me, although unwurthy, partaker ni 

i^K I 1h plenary inHulgenve. 
^-Til Oor Father. Hnii, Miiry. 


O elemul Father, be mindful of thy coiigrpgation 
■Uch thoD bast poaeeused fron. the beginuin^'. A^ 
Lsowletlge the Church ua the Hpouue of thijie {nilv-be 
|[t'«n Son, for which he heaitnted not fo shed hi^ liltiud 
i» it, I beseech thee, with the beauty of holiru-as. 
'*■ riches of grace, arid the fulness of tbine iiiliiTilanre, 
„i*^ it niaj shine forth worthy of Ita divine Spou^ie, .ind 
the gKiil pries of its redemption. Look iiicrLifullv 
all the aons of this holy Mother, and ^^iih.'i '' 

^^**titiiiB into their number; tliat all may nckiinnledi^e, 
^^fJi litfn^ Stith, thee the Father, and JesU'i r\ir\a\ 
^ *H»u tioa hast aeat, fe the anity of the Holy fihftal 


i44 nncBucmmt ov nnouLeJocxiit 

one God; may call upon thee with steadfast hope^ 
embrace thee with perfect charity. Amen. 

Our Father. Hail, Mary. ' 

V. Behold, O Lord, and visit this vine. 

R, And perfect that which thy ri^t hand 

Look down, we beseech thee, O Lord, upon thb 
ftunily, for which our Lord Jesus Christ did not 
io be delivered into the hands of smners, and to 
ihe torment of the cross ; who liveth and reigneih 
thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, 
W)thout end. Amen. 


To God ihe Son, for the Extirpation ofHsresmi, 

O Jesus, the true light that li^tenest every one 
someth into the world, grant, I TOseech thee, W the 
estimable virtue of thy passion and death, that, toe ~ 
ness of heresies and errors being driven away, all 
embrace the light of thy truth, and be brought into 
bosom of thy Church. O thou good Shepherd, wlio 
didst lay down thy life for thy sheep, protect thy floek^ 
and defend it from the violence and cunning of thoae* 
who come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenin^l 
wolves. Grant that all may acknowledge one shephof 
and be of one fold^ Abide with us, O Lord, as thoB^ 
hatit said, Behold 1 am with you all days, even to tlii^ 
consummation of the world. Make majiifest that tlm'^ 
Church is founded on a rock, and that the gate» of hil 
ttnnot prevail against it Amen 

Our Father. Hail, Mary. 

V, Deliver not up to beasts of prey tne souls that pot 
^eir trust in thee. ' 

R. And forget not, O Lord, forever, the souls tf tl^ \ 
Hear the pr&yera of thy Church, O Loi^ ^w^ \iwju i k 
^ee, and ti n away thine anger from iib\ ^iwA «Sl «dm»- 

WITH DEVOnOllS. 24 il 

li» Aiid errors being dene away, we may a^Mve theo iii 
mdum and security ; through our Lv rd, &c. 


fhtke Holy Ohost,for Concord anumg Christian Pnu^cs 

Holy Spirit, Spirit of love and peace, who iuhI 
itliered together so many and various nations in the 
■ity of the faith, vouchsafe to grant to all Christian 
diiees, and to their counsellors, the abundance of thy 
nee, and imbue their hearts with the new comma nd- 
lent of thy love ; that all men may know by this that 
ley are to be counted among the number of thine elect, 
Ki are worthy of the name of Christ Grant that they 
ay not be led away through covetousness to do any 
ing contrary to thy di\ine glory, and the peace of thy 
hiiTch; but rather may strive, with united efforts, to 
ing the people committed unto them, together with 
tinsel ves, to the vision of eternal peace, and to the 
avenlv Jerusalem. Amen. 
Our father. Hail, Mary. 

Y. Let peace be in thy strength. 
R, And plenteousnesH in thy towers. 

God, from whom all holy desires, all right counsels, 
d all just works do come, give to thy servants that 
ace which the world cannot give, that our hearts be- 

1 given up to obey thy commandments, and the fear 
our enemies being taken away, the times, by thv pro- 
!tion, may be peaceful, through our lord Jesus Christ, 
in liveth, &c. 


^he mosi Hol^ Trinity^ offering up the Works jjrescni/eu 
for obtaining the Indulgence, 

^ most holy Trinity, I trust J have now performed 
Clever hath been prescribed for obtaining a plenary 
^ilgence for th? punishment due to my sins. 1 con- 
s tJist anj-wise I ought to have done all thia, aivd 
-A more, for thy divine Majesty, heing bound thereto 


under u thousand titles. It is of thine infiniie f^ 
and bountiful liberality alone that thou art pie 
abundantly to remunerate the worthless works 
bounden duty. Receive, therefore, O most holy ' 
these works that I have done, in whatever wn.} 
have done them, and grant that all their defects 
supplied by the merits of the passion and death c 
Curist our Lord, and by his most precious bloo( 
was shed for us ; and thus make me (or the sou 
partaker of this plenary indulgence : for which 
Lord, may all heaven and earth unite with me 
ing praise and thanksgiving unto thee now and 

Our Father. Hail, Mary. 

The Te Beam, 

A Prayer for the whole State of ChrisCs Churcn 


O eternal Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Cr< 
a»l things visible and invisible. Source of all oui 
infinitely good in thyself, and infinitely gracious 
tiful, and good to us ; behold we, thy poor serva 
work of thy hands, redeemed by the blood of thi 
Son, come [in answer to his summons by his 
rent], to present ourselves, as humble petitioners 
the throne of thy mercy. We come in communi 
all thy Church in heaven, hoping to be assisted 1 
prayers and merits; and with Jesus Christ at ou 
our High Priest and Mediator, in whose preciou 
we put all our trust. 

We prostrate ourselves here before thee, an 
hmnbly beseech thee to sanctify thy own mo 
name, by sanctifying and exalting thy holy ( 

* Thtt prayer waa first published on occasion of the Jubilee 
■ad may be proper fot any other time of indulgence. It may 1 
*Im dajr of communion as it is directed for the usual intei 
irhieh the fair fal ou^l* to offir vp their prayers in order to gi 

WITH os/onrms. 247 

I throughout tlie whole world. O ete.nal King. 
ist sent down thine only Son from thy throne 
into this earth of ours, to estahlish a kingdom 
nongst us, from whence we might hereafter b« 
ted to thy eternal kingdom ; look down, we he 
iiee, upon this kingdom of thy Son, and propa- 
tfarou^ all nations, and through all hearts. Sano> 
n all truth ; maintain it in peace, unity, and hoU 
Give to h saints for its nilers, its chief pastor 
its other prelates ; enlighten them with all heav. 
iadom ; make them all men according to thy owr 

I thy grace and hlessing to all the clergy; and 
monget them that heavenly fire which thy Sor 

cast on the earth, and which he so earnestly 
. should be enkindled. Assist and protect all apos- 
lissionaries, that they may zealously and eifectu- 
omote thy glory, and the salvation of souls re- 

1 by the blood of thy Son. Sanctify all religious 
id women of all orders ; give them the grace to 
hee with all perfection, according to the spirit of 
istitute, and to shine like lights to the rest of the 

e mercy on all Christian princes; grant them 
ights and graces that are necessary for the per- 
jschar^e of their duty to thee and to their sub- 
that tney may be true servants to thee, the King 
gs^ true fathers to their people, and nursing fs^ 
to thy Church. Have mercy on all magistrates^ 
en in power ; that they may all fear thee, love thee, 
rve thee , and ever remember that they are thy 
es, and ministers of thy justice. 

re mercy on all thy people throughout the world • 
ive thy blessing to thine inheritance; rememlNi 
>nf regition, which thou hast possessed fron the 
ling ; ind g've such grace to all thy ch^dren hert 


apon eartn, that they may do thy holy will in al Idngi 
even as the blessed do in heaven. 


Extend thv mercy also to all poor infidels, who Mth k 
darkness ana in the shadow of death ; to all those Wk ^ 
tions that know not thee, and that have not yet reoeiffrf ^ 
the faith and law of thy Son ; to all Pagans, Mahometm r^^i 
and Jews. Remember, O Lord, that dl these poor sooll ^ 
ere made after thine own image and likeness, and if : 
deemed by the blood of thy Son. Oh, let not Satn '— . 
any longer exercise his tyranny over these thy creatan% 
to the great dishonor of thy name. Let not the predou 
blood of thy Son be shed for them in vain. SenI 
among them zealous preachers and apostolic laboreni 
endued with the like graces and gifts as tldne AposUei 
were, and bless them with the liKe success, for the gioiy 
of thy name ; that all these poor souls may be broucU 
to know thee, love thee, and berve thee here in tnr 
Church, and bless thee hereafter for all eternity. 

Look down also with an eye of pity and compassioD 
on all those deluded souls, who, under the name of 
Christians, have gone away from the paths of truth and 
unity, and from the one fold of the one Shepherd, Jesus 
Christ, into the by-paths of error and schism. Oh, bring 
them back to thee and to thy Church. Dispel their 
darkness by thy heavenly light ; take off the veil from 
before their eyes, with which the common enemy hath 
blindfolded them. Remove the prejudices of their edu- 
cation; take away from them the spirit of obstinacVi 
pride, and self-conceit Give them an humble and do'^iM 
heart. Give them a strong desire of finding out thy 
truth, and a strong grace to enable them to embrace it, 
ui spite of all the opposition of the world, the flesh, and 
the devil For why should these poor souls perish, for 
which Christ died 1 Why should Satan any longer pos- 
sess these souls, which, by their baptism, were dedicated 
to thee, to be thine etema. temple ? 

O Father of lights^ and God of a\\ ItwI\\, v^t^^ \So» 


rid from all errorB, abuses, eomiptions, and 
at down the standaid of Satan, and set up 
e the standard of Christ. Abolish the rdgn 
I estabUah the kingdom of grace in all hearts 
ty tainmph over pride ai^ ambition ; charity 
d, envy, and malice; purity and temperance 
ind excess ; meekness over passion ; and disin* 
SB and poverty of qiirit over covetousness and 
>f this periahable worid. Let the gospel of 
h in its oelief and practice, prevail tlm>nghout 


IB thy peace, O Lord, in the days of our mor- 
n that peace which thy Son bequeathed as a 
hiB disdides; a perpetual peace with thee, a 
peace with one another, and a perpetual peace 
mselves. Grant that all Christian princes and 
f love, cherish, and maintain an inviolable 
•ng themselves. Give them a ri^ht sense of 
dl evils that attend on wars. (Sve them an 
f horror of the bloodshed, the devastation, and 
many territories, the innumerable sacrilegesi 
emal loss of so many thousand souls, which 
anal consequences of "war. Turn their hearts 
* kind of warfare, and teach them to fight for a 

ij O Lord, thy wrath, which we have reason to 

I actually hanging over our heads for our sins* 

II Christian people from the dreadful evil of 
i ; make all sinners sensible of their misery ; 
. the grace of a sincere conversion to thee, and 
Bnitential spirit, and discharge them fit>m al! 
is. Preserve all Christendom, and, in particu- 
atioo, firom all the evils that threaten unpenii 
nrs, such as plagues, famines, earthquakes, fires, 
na, mortidity of cattle, sudden and unprovided 
1 thy many other judgments here, and eternal 
n hereafter. Comfort all that are under any 

sirkuo^ or liolence of pah); support all \k\sX 


arc under temptation reconcile all that are at var ianM 
deliver all that are iii slavery or captivity ; defend d 
that are in danger; grant a rem f to all in their x^eg^xi 
ive necessitieB ; give a happy passiige to all that are k 
their agony. Grant thy hlessing to our friends and be^ 
efactors, and to all those for whom we are particidas^ 
bound to pray; and have mercy on all otir enemki. 
Give eternal rest to all the faithful departed; and briflf 
«B all to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ thy Sos. 

{Jraoers for ttje Ctinrct), for tlje Bnltng 

llomers, etc. 

^^'£ pray thee, O Almighty and Eternal God! wbo, 
through Jesus Christ, hast revealed thy glory to all na- 
tions, to preserve the works of thy mercy, that tU) 
Church, being spread through the whole world, ma; 
continue, with unchanging faith, in the confession oi 
thy name. 

We pray thee, who alone art good and holy, to endoih 
with heavenly knowledge, sincere zeal, and sanctity o 
life, our chief bishop N. N., the vicar of our Lord Je^^U) 
Christ., in the government of his Church; our o<vi 
bishop, N* N. (or, if he is not consecrated^ our bisho] 
elect) ; all other bishops, prelates, and pastors of th 
Church; and especially those who are appointed t4 
ftxercise amongst us the functions of the holy ministi^ 
tnd conduct thy people into the ways of salvation. 

We pray thee, O God of might, wisdom, and justice 
through whom authority is rightly administered, law 
are enacted, and judgment decreed, assist, with thy hoi; 
spirit of counsel and fortitude, the President of thes 
United States; that his administration may be conductet 
It righteousness, and be eminently useful to th^ ^^o^V 


>m he presides ; by encouraging due resk/cct fof 
id religion ; by a faJthful execution of tne laws 
e and mercy; and by restraining vice and ink 
Let the fight of thy divine wisdom direct the 
ions of Congress, and shine forth in all the pro* 

aM laws framed for our rule and government 
hey may tend to the preservation of peace, tht 
»n of national happiness, the increase of indu% 
ety, and useful knowledge ; and may perpetuate 

blessings of equal liberty. 

ay for his excellency, the govemur of this State, 
lembers of assembly, for all judges, magistratesi 
r officers who are appointed to guard our political 
that they may be enabled, by thy powerful pro- 

discharge the duties of their respective sta- 
h honesty and ability. 

commend likewii>e, to thy unbounded mercy, all 
iren and fellow-citizens, throughout the United 
iiat they may be blessed in the knowledge, and 

1 in the observance, of thy most holy law ; that 
^ be preserved in union, and in that peace which 
d cannot give ; and, after enjo3dng the blessingin 
fe, be admitted to those which are eternal. 

y, we pray thee, O Lord of mercy, to rememb<»' 
3 of thv servants departed, who are gone before 
the GOgn of faith, and repose in the sleep of 
Lhc souls of our parents, relations, and friends; 
J who, when living, were members of this cod • 
»n ; and particularly of such as are lately deceased; 
mefactors, who by their donations or legacies 1» 
rch, ivitnessed their zeal for the decency of divine 
I, and proved their claim to our grateful and 
tie remembrance. To these, O Lord, and to all 
)t in Christ, grant, we beseech thets a place ol 
oent, light, and everlasting peace, through tlit 
sens ChnHt, our Lord and Saviour. Amen. 


inBlxntiionB for iQearing AlauB 



From the beginning of the world the servants of Gc^ >. 
we-e always accustomed to offer sacrifice to Him, by wi^ L, 
of acknowledging liis sovereignty, and paying their homagt v^ 
to Him ; and in all ancient religions, true or false, this wo^ \^ 
■hip of sacrifice was always looked upon as a most solemn l^ 
act of religion, due to the Deity which was worshipped. 1^ 

In the law of nature, and in the law of Moses, there wm \ 
a great variety of sacrifices : some bloody, in which the vio- i^ 
tim was slain ; others unbloody. Some were called hok>> |^ 
causts, or whole burnt-offerings, in which the whole host <■ jv 
victim was consumed in fire upon God's altar, for his honor t 
and glory ; others were called sin-offerings, which were |^ 
offered for sins ; others were offerings of thanksgivings: 1^ 
others were pacific or peace-offerings, which were offered v 
for obtaining favors of God, — the word " peace " in the y^ 
Scriptm-e style signifying all manner of good and proe* :./ 
perity. ■, 

All these sacrifices of the law of nature, and of the law 
of Moses, were of themselves but weak and needy elements, ^ 
and only figures of a sacrifice to come, viz. that of Jesus l 
Christ: in consideration of which sacrifice only, and of tht < 
faith of the offerers, by which they believed in the Redeem- .1 
»r to come, those ancient sacrifices were then accepted hy I 
lh<^ divine Majesty, when they were accompanied with tM .j 
iDward sacrifice of the heart : but not for any intrinsic warCa .■ 
or dignity of the things offered ; for no other blood but the j 
blood of Christ could wash away sins. Hence, in the 39tb • 
Psalm, — spoken in the person of Christ to his Father,— ws 
read : " Sacrifice and oblation Thou didst not desire, but a 
Kidy Tliou hast prepared for me " (so St. Paul reads it, ■ 
Heb. X. 5). " Burnt-offering and sin-offermg Thou didst not 
regtwre ■ ihun said 1, Behold, I come** A& ^\aO[i ^NQf^-v^L 


rstand, that by reason of the insufficiency of the 

of the old law, Christ himself would come to be 

fice, and would offer up his own body and blood 

lingly, our Saviour Jesus Chiist, at tlie time ap- 
by niis Father, having taken flesh for us, wai 
x> offer himself a sacrifice for us, dying upon tb« 
the sins of the whole world. By this one offerioc 
; conopletely redeemed, inasmuch as our ransom 
1, ana all mercy, grace, and salvation, were pm- 
►r us. Neither can there now be any need of hia 
y more, or purchasing any ether graces for us than 
which He has already paid the price of his blood. 
theless, for the daily application of this one eternal 

00 to oar souls, and that the mercy, grace, and 
which He has purchased for us may be actually 

cated to us ; He not only continually appears in 
If in the sanctuary of heaven, there rejM'esenting 
ing to his Father his death and passion tor us ; but 
nstituted the blessed Eucharist, the night before 
», in which He has bequeathed us his body and 
der the sacramental veils, not only to be received 
a sacrament, for the food and nourishment of oui 
t also to be offered and presented by his ministers 
kther (mystically broken and shed) as a sacrifice : 
ay of a new death, but by way of a standing nie- 
' his death ; a daily celebrating and representing 

1 to God, and an apply hig to our souls the fiuits 

ucbaristic sacrifice of the body and blood of Christ, 
jred under the forms of bread and wine, in remeni- 
f his passion, is what we call the Mass. This is the 
iturgy of the Catholic Church. This is that pure 
oirhiim is made to God in every place among tQ« 
, according to the prophecy of Malachi (i. 10, 11). 
[}brist is a priest forever according to the order of 
dech (PsaL cix.), whose sacrifice was bread and 

■^2ri£ce of the Mass is the same in substance with 
■^ Gbnst offered for us upon the cross ; because 
'Victim offered, and the priest, or principal ofterer 
^ JesuB Christ The difference is only m the 


iHsTRUcnuin foe hxabivq uum. 



3, directs the mind to the proper safalBet of _ 
)n, and throws a woDderM ligfat upon tt by Hs i 
and adaptations of Scripture. All, 
leisure and opportuniiy should timfy 
[ice for the day, and thus prepare tfaemselTes 
Uigentl J, and with ihe greatest profit, in the p 
for the same purpose also (not to mention here Ht 
at adyantages)^ we should endeavor to make 
^uainted with the history of those saints whoee i 
the calendar, and who are commemorated at Meat ohi 
[ys of their festival. The service On these dava faoldl; 
[ese saints as examples for our imitation : we soooki ~ 
re acquaint ourselves with their duuractera, the 
rough which they passed, the good works 
id the virtues for whidi they were most i 
It may be useful to give here a short sketch of the 
irvice, and explanation of its diflerent parts, m toot ' 
[duction to the study of larger works, aiid lor the m 
'those who ma^ not have time or opportmitj Ibr 
extensive roadmg.* 

sBonoN m. 


The Mass Jiiay be divided into six porta. 

I The general preptfatioo which is made at the §aa^- 
the altar, beiore the Priest ascoidB theatep^ bj the { 
jonfession of Priest and people. 

IL Another and more portLenUur peporatkin for the i 
Afice, by acts of praise, laith, and maamctioii. Mi ] 
begins at the Intrdt, and indudea the i^pMoi Ooi|Ml» 

IIL The prep8i»tion and sanctiftcation of the bned' 

* Mr. Oakelffy'f mw work ** The OAot aad 
HpliOMd,*' wiU IM fimad ««v mmM TInw«« 
Cban»iar Ma 


a lYiest for t]ie people To ecable all persons, even ho.^e 
^ do wyt understand Latin, (o follow the service, trans- 
htMis of the Ordinary and Canon of the Mass have beec 
lade into almost all languages, and circulated bv author^ 
kj. Ano^-her method of assisting at Mass is to accouij^iuii 
tit Priest through the different parts of the serviot; with 
qrropriiite devotions, similar to thot«e he is usinu: and df 
«rea to the same general ends, uniting our intention witft 
'm, bat not using or not confining ours(>lves to tlie wordf of 
Ae Ordinary. A form of devotion for this purpose, com 
piled from the most common and approved methods, is 
oren in the present volume. A third metliod is to apply 
die ^rvice to the purjMMe of meditation on the life or pti<»- 
■on of our Lord, or on any other subject A specinu'n oi 
ncfa meditation lias also been given. 

With a view, however, to assist at Mass profitably in any 
rf these trays, it is necessary that we should makt> our- 
lelves well acquainted with the nature and scopt* of tliis 
DKt sublime of all services. We should make ourx^lvcs 
familiar with it in all its parts, — with the ceremonies and 
bivements which indicate them, and the devotions a]>]>ro- 
,| piLitc for each. For this purpose, we cannot do Ixttcr 
iLin ?tudv with attention the service itself, with the ni- 
' brio< wliicli direct and in some degree explain the c«rcnn>- 
nie*. For ihii^ purpose, in the present edition of the ( )rdi- 
tary of the Mass, the rubrical directions have boi'u ^nven 
Tery fully. 

It will achl very greatly to our interest in the Mass, as 

T*ll a* to the profit to be derived from it, if we endeaviii, 

V ::.M."h as possible, to enter into the special cbaraotrr and 

hf-irinj uf the service as it is applied by the Chiireh to the 

iirti !tiit seji3»"»ns or days of the vear. Bv means of th« 

viriuMc parts of the service, — tlie In^roit, the Collect. tV« 

^pii-:!f and Gkwpel, the Otfertorv, tlio Secreta, the Oorri- 

■•w^iin and Pwt-Communion, — t^e greatest possible vari- 

^jff^T* and the most touching eflFect, is given to the service for 

W/^^rt-nl seasons and days; and thev who do n<»t avail 

|,^^^i.'*elTe8 of it, lose a very great advantage and an ex 

l^^site pleasure. It is mamfest that very ditlerent feelinir? 

■^r^^z/Ay /predominate in our minds, and very different ideiis 

pref*^^l to them, at Lent and Easter, Advent and Whit- 

'«"/«* The Churchy hymeuta of the variable parts of thi 


middle of the altar, repeating altematelv with the darki 
the Kyrie eleison^ which are short and earnest cries fiir 
mercy to each Person of the Blessed Trinity, — than wfaick 
nothing can be more affet'ting, or appropriate for alL 

Then he says the Gloria in excetsis, which is a hvmn €l 
praise to God Jian which none more simple or sublime em 
De found. You should therefore join in this with all tk 
tffection of your heart. At High Mass, after the Priest hm 
•aid the Gloria, the choir sings it, and the serrice paciM 
until it is concluded, during which time the Priest and ccn- 
gregation remain in devout contemplation. In Masses tot 
the dead, and during the penitential seasons of Advent and 
Lent, this joyful hymn is not said or sung, except on high 
festivals occurring within those seasons. 

After the Gloria, the Priest salutes the people with JDo- 
minus vobiscum (The Lord be with you) ; and they answer, 
£t cum spiritu tuo (And with thy spirit). 

Then he goes to the book and reads the Collect or Collecti 
for che Jay, concluding the first <md last with Per Dominum 
nostrum Jesum Christum, dec. (Through Jesus Christ onr 
Lord). The Collects are short prayers for some special 
'race or blessing for the Chm'ch, appropriate to the seasoo 
or day. You should join in these if possible, or at least 
unite your intention with that of the Priest by saying a 
fervent Amen. 

After this follows the Epistle, which (as well as the Gos- 
pel) is a short portion of Scripture, selected by the Churdi 
for meditation and instruction, and adapted to the seasom* 
and days. These generally harmonize with the LitroU and 
Offertory, and form the most important parts of the va iable 
portions of the Mass. If we cannot follow them, we must 
endeavor to make some suitable meditation or prayer whilp 
^ey are being read. 

At the close of the Epistle, the book is removed to tbt 
eiiher side of the altar, which is called the G^pel side ; the 
Priest meantime saying the Gradual at the middle of the 
altar. The Gradual consists of some verses of Scripture, 
which vary to suit the seasons and service. They are se 
eaUed because they used to be said on the steps of the pul- 
pits. On four occasions, after the Gradual, is said a hjmi^ 
wMch is called a Sequence, or Prose ; viz. at Easter, Pentr 
toBt, Corpus Cbrhti, and m MaBses ior t\ie d&iA. 


At tlw reading of the Gospel, all stand up in token at 
roenoe far the word of Christ, and to express a readiness 
obev his commands. The Priest, having first saluted the 
ople with Dominus vobiscuniy makes the sign of the cross 
th his thumb oe. the Gospel, saying, Initium vel sequential 
. {^The beginning, or contmuation of the Gospel according 
ic^ aud then signs himself on- the forehead lips, and 
ast, tbo people fdl doing the same. This signihes t)>a 
■re of all to profess the Gospel openly, to confess it I y 
rd of mouth, and to keep it in then* heart? * and the clerk 
rs, Crioria <tW, Domine (Glory be to Thee, O Lord). The 
«pel beiDg finished, the clerk says, Laus tibiy Christe 
raise be to Thee, O Christ). 

After the Gktspel, usually follows the sermon, when there 
)De, but sometimes it is deferred until Mass is finished. 
ti proper time is after the Gospel; and the sermon la 
qaenitj on some subject taken from or connected with 
J Gospel or Epistle of the day. When the sermon is 
ished, the Priest returns to the middle of tne altar, and, 
the people standing up, says the Nicene Creed. This is 
olenm profession of our faitn, and cannot be said too often, 
meditated upon too much. At the words, H<yino /actus 
(Was made man), all kneel down in reverence of the 
samation; and the head is bowed at the sacred Kame 
Jesus, both here and at other times when it is solemnly 
ntioned. At High Mass, the Priests sit and the service 
OSes while the choir sings the Credo, during wliich time 
> may medicate on some of its mysteries, appropriate to 
i season. 

Here ends tlie introductory part of the Mass the mind 
ring been prepared, by these various acts of confession, 
lise, instruction, and profession of faith, for the more sol- 
in part of the service which is to foUow, viz. the Sacrilicft 
enous, however, to the Canon or main action of the Mas«, 
I sacrifice itself, comes the solemn oblation and blessing 
th^ matter of the sacrifice, the bread and the wine. This 
rt a/* the service begins with 

?^ ^MTertory, whidi is a verse or sentence of Scripture, 
"*^^ with the season or day. It was called the Offertory 
^^^ it was the custom for the people to offer at this time 
^ ^nd wine for the sacrifice. Afterwards the offering 
' ^^de in mrnejr^ colected from the pecple, which is atiU 



done, or ought to be doce. There can be no il re appio 
priato time to make offerings of our substance to God Ibi 
the Church and for the poor, than when about to commemo 
rate hi<^ love hi offering tumself a sacrifice upon the cross foe 
us. Having said the Offertory, the Priest spreads upoo 
thr altar the cloth called the corporal, so called because ii 
a>uchcs vne body (corpus) of our Lord. He then takes thtt 
paten (horn patetuxy a plate), with the Host (from Ao«/tc a 
rictun, because it is to become the body of Him who wiii 
offered as a victim for us) upon it, he elevates it in both hii 
hands, and offers it to God, saying the prayer, Suscipe, 
tancte Pater (Receive, O holy Father). Havmg said tnis 
prayer, he takes the chalice and goes to the Epistle side of 
tho altar, where the clerk waits with wine ana water. He 
first pours the wine into the chalice, and then takes a small 
quantity of water in a spoon, which he mixes with the wine, 
having first made the sign of the cross over the water, and 
sayhig the prayer, Deus, qui humaince substantioe (O God, 
who in creating human nature, Ac). Water is mixed with 
the wins, from a tradition that our blessed Lord used wine 
mixed with water at the Last Supper ; and also to typify 
the water which flowed with the blood from our Lord's 
pierced side. 

Then returning to the middle of the altar, he elevates 
and offers up the wine, saying the prayer, Offerimtts tibi, 
Domiiie (We offer unto thee, O Lord, ic). Then bowing 
down, he prays that the sacrifice about to be offered may 
be acceptable to the Lord. 

The matter of the sacrifice is now prepared and dedicated 
to Gk)d ; but as a further act of preparation, and to show the 
extreme purity with which the sacrifice ought to be ap- 
proached, the Friest goes again to the Epistle side of toe 
«3tar, and being supplied with water by the derk, waalief 
mu wipes the tips of his fingers, saying the psfdm, Lwfdhe 
mtei innoceiites (I will wash my hands, <lcc.). 

Then returning again to the middle of the altar, he bowi 

down, and says the prayer, Suscipe, aaneta Triniias (Receive, 

O holy Trinity), praying the noly Trinity to accept the 

sacrifice in remembrance of the passion of Christ, and in 

Aonor of the sainta. And then tuimng \a tihe veo^le^ be 

o^s them to prav for the same eiid,'w\AcJl£i \3aft^ ^o VDiVSaa 

prater that foUowa. 

■ Mm. 

J rindiL 

Iben tunuDg to the bonb, he reade the ScereSa. 11 li ea 

«d because «aid eecretl;, that ia, inaixliblv, bv tlip Pneet. 

JB > ahort prayer, ci^rroapoadiiig to the OoOect for tlio 

r. At the end of il, lie »ny» aloud, Per trmnw simiia 
n (World without end)-, and then Stirs'im irinii 
the QtJier versides which follow, concluding with the 
je. The Preface is ao called because it is the imnie 
intToduction to the Canon, or moat holy pin ' f thr 
It is a Ter; ancjeat sod miHt beautiful \\\ lun, eua 
g with the Sanctas. or Holy, hoij, holy, nliiL-h li 
ailed the sentphic hymn. When the Priest coniuienceH the 
Sam/ctut, he lowers his voice, and bows dowu pmfouiidly, 
ud the bell a rung, to sumraoD sU to iocreaaeil utteuliuD 
nd solenuutj of feeling, as the time npproHche^ for the 
ivfol sBcriSce. Joiu in the hymn, and prepare yoiirsclfl 
■ith all humility and intenBity of devotion, for is to 
SiDnw in the neirt part of the Mass, which is the Canon 

Tlie CaiKHi moanii the ralf or order ichich iiiu.^t De 
Mloved in offering the sacrifice, and which ciiiiiuit be 
<Auiged. Il commences by calling upon liod to h\em and 
faat&h tbe ^fta offered to Him in sacrifice on behnlf of tlie 
Qiurch, and of aU the faithful, and for persona in [iiirlieulnr. 

Both here and in the preceding OlFertory prii; tT.-<, the 
myrtiofl sacrifice of the altar is anticipated, and cipusi'lcted 
in lome seuee to commence from the time of thx offering ul 
the bread and wine; and they are therefore ndled that 
wluch they are presently to become, the "imiuaculiitfj lii-st," 
the " chaJice of salvation," the " unspotted Bacritici'," 

After having prayed in particular for those lie u'inhcs to 
prav for, and lor thn congregation present, he mentions the 
names of the blessed Virgin Mary, the twelve npcatles, :md 
(i( twelve celebrated martyrs of Rome, in tohen of nui- om^ 
■umion witbthe saints in heaven, for their honor, m. 1 forob- 
hmiiiig their uiterceHion. Our devotions at t)ii« tiuic slirutd 
mOHst in uniting our intention with that of the rrii?st. ond 
praying for ail whom we wish to remember before CJod 
Attbe prayer Mane igitur {Via therefore bcnecth lliee, 
Ac.), the Priest spreads hia hands ever the oblatjon. a>w! th« 
beJl rings agiun. because it is the beginiiing of the cou-ctTa- 
□on pravem and the bread and wine Will now in a, te^ 
nomenU beamie tie body anil Wood of Chri^l. A.V Ih 
jw lb. ja'M proCoand etiUaeaB u obeerved. w\tt\« ti 


Priest repeats tue words of Christ at the Lost Supper ^i 
which is toe act of consecration and the moment of transab ih 
ftantiation. After having consecrated eadi kind, he kneel^ ^: 
adores, and then elevates it, and the bell is rung thrice at i^ 
each elevation. Our devotion at this time should be that 
of the most profound adoration, in body and soul, of the 
most awful and august presence of our Lord and Savioiir 
Jesus Christ under the sacramental veils. No words art 
necessary here ; but if words be needed, the Ave verum 
corpus (Hail, true body, dec.), or Adoro te devote^ <Sse, (I ador» devoutly, O hidden Deitv, dec), may be said. 

After the consecration, the Priest says three short TOayers. 
the tirst, offering again to God that pure and holy Host, or 
victim, who is now trulv on the altar ; the second, oeseecbing 
Him to accept it, as l^e was pleased to accept the ancient 
sacriBces of Abel, Abraham, and Melchisedecn, which were 
all typical of this ; and the third, that this sacrifice on the 
altar may at the same time be offered \cj his holy angel 
(by whicn is meant our Lord himself) on the altar on high, 
that is, before God in heaven, and that as many as partake 
of the sacrament may be filled with every grace and 

llieu the Priest says the Memento for the dead. Prayers 
are offered for the livuig before the sacrifice, because they 
can unite in the offering ; prayer is made for the dead after 
the sacrifice, because they can only participate in its fruits 
and effects by our prayers. First, he prays for any who 
have in particular been commended to iiim ; and then for 
all who " sleep in Christ," that the merits of this most 
efiicacious sacrifice may be communicated to them, for their 
refreshment, light, and peace. At this time we should 
commend to God those of our relations and friends who 
^ve died, and particularly those, if any, whom we may havw 
aijured by our bad example or neglect 

Having prayed for the dead, the Priest, striking hn 
breast, in tokei^ of humility and unworthiness, prays foi 
himself and all present, that they may have their portion 
and fellowship with the apostles, martyrs, and sauits, and 
be admitted at last into their company in heaven, through 
Chnst OUT Lord, by whom we receive all blessings, and with 
Miid fbrough whom we ascribe all honot and gVsrj \a C^odi^ 
foturer and ever. Mr rminia fupcfula scecwloTHm. "Sft %k3« 

laM ironU aliiuJ. Every cmv irillidiii in ihe prater. 
t iu the same ur Biniilikr worOs. Thii cimcludes that 
oi tlie Ubbs which we hate ckUeiI the SncriGce, Thi 
Bt now prepares biniKtf Tor the camniunioD, wliicti w 'h« 

I divipioo. 

int. he Bays the Lord's Prayer alouil, snd expands tha 

petition, "deliisr us from evil." into annthiT nrnvRT 
'~^ Im onoclude^ with the words, nn- omnia taeiUa liirty 
1. aloud. Then breaking the Hist, at coineorated wa 

breakintc aS n small particle fmm uue halt 
lie mmkes the sign of tlie croas nith it over tlie chalice, 
•ijiug. Pax Dotuini (The pence of the Lord be alwajB with 
too): and llie clerk answer^ And with thy aixrit. He 
then pnta the particle inbi the chalice, saying the prayer, 
Uat o>*«miziio. is. (May this mixture, &e.). 

Then JeBus Christ is addressed three times aa the " Lnn.V 
•4 God, who lakes away the miis of the world ;" Iwicu we 
mpkire bini '.a " have mercy upnn us ;" auil, lastly, Id " give 
as )<eae»,~ that peace whicli He promised to hrs disciplei 
MiTP He lei! the world, and with which He Baluted them 
11 his rHturrectioa Each time the Priest saye the ^<;nTii 
/W, he strikes himself on the breast. There cannot 'be a 
BKire beautiful and touchuig than tliis. The full 
brart can find no better way of relieving ic«ilf tlinii by 
tbeee rvord!) and tills actjou. 

In Uaases for the Dead, instead of Mittrrre nobis (Have 
tnercy udiid us), is said, iJoiin eit reifuinn (Give them rest). 

Tlie Priest then, fixing his eyes reverently ujion thi 
tiered Bott. says three prayers of preparation for receiving 
the holy coiiununion, addre^eed to thai " Liml Jesus Christ 
•bom then he holds in liis hanib. and on whom he is then 
Iwking. Thest tliree pntyersi are earnest pctiliuns tliat h* 
i«5 receive the same body and blood of Christ, not to Ui 
••cJemnatioti bat salvation, (hat he may be ilelivirj'i 
thereby from all sm and eril. and be never sepiunlod tmu 
hv Lord and Ood. Then takicw the Host in his hand, hi 
■■y^ Pan^m calntem, itc. (I willtAke tliebrea'l of heavei 
4c V During the«e pmyers, and at this time, we inny unil 
Mirfelves in spirit willi the Priest, and prepurc Ut recri' 
1 Clirwl f/intija]]v, althoagh we may nut inland 

i64 nsiBuonoHs fob hbasirg 

The Prieftt then says three times, strikhu^ his hretai MMfcj 
time, Dominey nen tvm ckgnus, ike, rLord, I am not wortihjf,. 
4cl) ; and then reverently receives tne Host, saying, Oorpm' 
JDtmiM nostril dtc, (The body of our Lord, Ac.). Then, after. 
a short meditation on the stupendous mystery, he uno(y»( 
the chalice, an4 adores the sacred blood, gathers up tlM i 
smallest fragments that may be on the corporal in tlK 
giaten, and puts them into the chalice. Then taking ilM 
dialice in his hands, and saying the words of the pealn^ 
Quid retribuam Domino, dte* (What shall I render unto tilt 
Lord, <&c), and Sanguis Domini no^ri (The blood of ov 
Lord, <&c.), he receives the blood of our Saviour. 

At the Domine, non mm digniu, the bell is rung, and aS 
who intend to coomiunicate go up to the rail or steps of ilM 
altar. The clerk repeats the GoniUeor for thew ; the Frieife 
opens the tabernacle, adores, ana then takes out the oO»- 
rium (which is the vessel in which the consecrated partidet 
for communicants are reserved) ; he then says the abedlu- 
tion, and taking one of thej)articles in his finger and thumbs ^ 
he holds it up, saying, Meee Agnttt Dei, £0, (Behold the i 
Lamb of God, ice.) ; and afterwards, Domine, non mm dig^ \ 
nits (Lord« I am not worthy, <&c.) three times, descending ' 
the steps the last time; and then he communicates th€ 
people, giving to each one the sacred Host, and serring, 
Corpus Domini nostril <&€. (The body of our Lord Jesus dhriat 
preserve thy soul unto everlasting life. Amen.) Then he 
returns to the altar, replaces the dborium in the tabernacle, 
and proceeds with the ablutions. First, he takes a little 
wine into the chalice, and drinks it, saying. Quod ore sump- ■ 
simusy dtc. (Grant, O Lord, tbat what we have taken with 
our mouth, (fee.). Next, wine and watc»r is poured over hit 
fingers and thumbs into the chalice, and he drinks that alsob 
From the time that he first touches'the consecrated Hutl 
•ntil this time, he never disjoins his fingers and thiin^M» 
Having drunk the wine and water, he wipes his fingurs and 
the chalice with the napkin, and then covers the chaliot 
with the pall, as at first ; and here ends the fifth part of the 
Masd, or the Ct.mmunion. 

If we do not communicate 3urselves, we may occupy our 
tune from the beginning of the Priest's communion until 
no^ in making a spiritual communion, or in making atti at 
hith, hope, love, and contrition, "m: in repeatii^ the -litiu^ 


Aeraed Sacrament, or in any other suitable devo 

ixth part of the Mass, or the thanksgiving, begins 
B Communion ; so ' called because formerly it wa^ 
on to sing it while the Communion was being ad« 
ed. It consists of a verse, generally taken from the 
and varies with the day oi season. 

having read the communion, the Priest retuma to 
He of the altar, kisses it, and turning to the people^ 
ominiis vobiscum. Then he returns to the book 
dh the Post- Communion ; so called because it waa 
bd immediately after Communion, as a thankegivine 
for the inestimable blessing of having participated 
acred mysteries, and to ask for the fruitp of th<> 
This is the last prayer of the Mass ; after which the 
huts the book. He then returns to the centre of the 
isscto it, and says again, Bominus vohiacum ; after 
e adds, Itty missa eat (Go, the Mass is ended). Then 
pn^ the prayer, Flaceat tibi (O Holy Trinity, let, 

gi<res the blessing, Benedicat vos, making the sign 
•ofea over the people at the name of the Holy Trinity. 
i»dt chapter of St. John e Gospel is generally read 
ViS3. It declares, in terms of the greatest simplicity 
limity, the great mystery of the Incarnation, — the 
' of mvsteries, with which all others are connected, 

of which they spring ; and of which the mystery ol 
^tantiation is at once the symbol and chief fruit. All 
live difficulties concerning this last mystery disappear 
e consider the former. They who truly believe that, 
i no dift-culty in this, but wiU see in the one a sort 
•al consequence and confirmation of the other. Well, 
e, may we meditate on this Gospel at the conclusion 
fass ; and with what better thoughts can we occupy 
3« at this time than with these : " The Woan wa* 
LESH, and dwelt among us. He was in the world, 

world knew Him not. llie Light shineth in dark 
d the darkness did not comprehend it. As many ai 
i Him, to them gave he power to become the son« 
' Deo gratias. Thanks be to God. 
a a saint's day falls on a Sunday, the Gospel for the 
lay is read in the Mass, and the Gospel for the Sub 
mwtituted for ihat of St. John. 




Sl)e ®rbmars of tlje Hol^ Mai§ » 


Ant, Asperges me, Do- Ant. Thou shalt sprin i 
mine, hyssopo, et munda- kle me with hjssop, O i 
bor : lavabis me, et super Lord, and 1 shall bo t 
nivem dealbabor. cleansed : thou shalt wash i 

me, and I shall be made 
whiter than snow. 
Ps, Miserere mei, Deus, Ps, Have mercy on me, 
secundum magnam mise- God, according to thy 
ricordiam tuam. great mercy. 

F. Gloria Patri, &c. F. Glory be, <fec. 

Ant. Asperges me. Ant. Thou shalt sprin> 

kle me. 

The Priest, being returned to the foot of the Altar, Myt: 

V. Ostende nobis. Do- V. Show us, Lord, 
mine, misericordiam tu- thy mercy, 

R. Et salutare tuum R. And grant us thy 
^a nobis. salvation. 

V. Domine, exaudi ora- V. Lord, near mj 
tionem meam. prayer. 

R. Et clamor mens ad R. And let my cry 
le veiiiat. come unto thee. 

V. Dominus vobiscum. V. The Lord be witli 


B. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit 


Let OB pray. 

di nos, Domine Hear us, holy L^rd, 

Pater omnipotens, almiglity Father, eternal 

Deus ; et mittere God ; and vouchsafe to 

sanctum angelum send thy holy angel from 

3 coelis, qui custo- heaven, to guard, cherish, 

reat, protegat, vi- protect, visit, and defend 

que defendat om- all that are assembled 

bitantes in hoc in this house. Through 

alo. Per Chris- Christ our Lord. Amen. 
>minum nostrum. 

uter to Whitsunday inclusively^ instead of thefor&- 

Anthem, the foUovnna is suna^ and Alleluia is 

to the V. (Ostende nobis), and eu-so to its R. (Et sar* 


Vidi aquam egre- Ant. I saw water flow- 

. de templo a la- ing from the right side of 

ctro, Alleluia ; et the temple. Alleluia ; and 

fid quos pervenit all to whom that water 

A salvi facti sunt, came were saved, and 

it. Alleluia. they shall say. Alleluia. 

Confitemini Do- Ps, Praise the Lord^ 

quonkam bonus : for he is good : for hia 

in saculum mi- mercy endureth forever, 

lia ejus. Gloria, Glory, <fec. 

ST Pbepap-atort Praters before Mass. 

rate n spirit at the foot of thy holy altar, I 
lee, O almighty God, and firmly believe that the 
L which I am going to assiet, is the sacrifice of 
S and blood of thv Son Chmt Jeaus, Oh, snraut 



that 1 may assist thereat with the attention, respect, 
awe due to such august mysteries; and that, by 
merits of the Victim there offered fcr me, I myself 
become an agreeable sacrifice to thee, who livest 
reignest with the same Son and Holy Ghost, one C 
world without end. Amen. 

O most merciful leather of mercies, and God oi 
eonsolation, who so lovedst the world that thou spar 
not thine only-begotten Son, but for our restora 
gave him up to the suffering and death of the most 
ter cross ; and moreover wiliest that his sacrifice, i 
pleasing unto thee, should daily be renewed in 
Church for the renewal of its fruits in us ; grant us. 
beseech thee, to assist at this admirable and salu 
mystery of thy divine power, wisdom, and goodi 
with such attention, reverence, and devotion, that by 
offering of this unbloody sacrifice we may most e£ 
ually be made partakers of that sacrince of bl 
through the same our Lord Jesus Christ. 

St)^ §oIs MaBB. 

[N B At Low Mass the parts within brackets are to be passed < 

Tfie Priesty standing at the foot of tJie Altar^ and ba 
down before it, signs himself with the sign of the C 
from the forehead *o the breast, and says wiHi a dis 

votee :* 

In Nomine Patris, •{• In the name of 
0t Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Father, •{• and of the I 
Amen. and of the Holy Gl 


^* Jgt tbm oaguuuDg of High Mass, whet the ?iA«tt. «omBa»&QM 
Mft «r t^ jUtMT, tk9 Choir ling Um K^rU eleiaoit «(.«« ^w^ « 

omoauMY or ihi mass. 991^ 

iiiJtng Aft kandi Ufrr€ ku hr^it, Ad ^^mm tk§ 

x> ad altare Dei. I will go onto the al* 

tar of Oc^ 
IDemiiyquilasti- B. To Gkxl, wbo giv^ 
mtutem meam. eth joy to my youth. 

^ for tk$ Dead, €mdfi(mPiuaUmawi^tSUBotf 
by txdiuhdy^ HU fotUmmg Pmilm i» om ki§d : 


idica me, Dens, P. Judge me, O Ood, 
no causam ifieam and distinguish my cause 
) non sancta : ab from the nation that is 
iniquo et doloso not holy : deliver me 

from the unjust and de- 
ceitful man. 
;uia tu es, Deus, B, *For thou, Ooa, 
» mea, quare me art my strength, why 
? et quare tris- hast thou cast me off? 
o dum affligit me and why do I ^o sorrow- 
? ful whilst the enemy 

afilicteth me ? 
mitte lucem tu- P, Send forth ihy ligh^ 
veritatem tuam : and thy truth : they 
i deduzerunt et have conducted me and 
unt in montem brought me ux^to thy 
luum, et in ta- holy mount, and mto thy 
la tua. tabernacles. 

St kitroibo ad al- R. And I wiP o^o unto 
Bi : ad Deum, the altar of God* to God, 

Jjrjfar wbohMm uoflfirthe Cbotr are aUo wJI \m %Zm 


qui Istificat juventutem who giveth joy to mj 
meam. ycuth. 

S, Confitebor tibi in P, 1 will praitie iim 
eitbara, Deus, Deus meus : on the harp, Ood« my , 
quare tristis es, anima God : why art thou 8or- 
mea ? et quare conturbas rowful, O my soul ? and 
me ? why dost thou disqukl 

me ? 

Jf. Spera in Deo, quo- B. Hope in G-od, hi 1 
niam adhuc confitebor ilti : will still ^ive praise U) 
^alutare vultus mei, et him: who is the salvatioB 
Deus meus. of niy countenance, and 

my God. 

S. Gloria Patri, et Fi- P. Glory be to the 
lie, et Spiiitui Sancto. Father, &c. 

M, Sicut erat in prin- B, As it was in the 
cipio, et nunc, et semper, beginning, is now, and 
et in ssecula saeculorum. ever shall be, world with- 
Amen. out end. Amen. 

V. Introibo ad altare V. I will go unto the 
Dei. altar of God. 

R. Ad Deum, qui Ice- R. To God, who giv. 
tificat juventutem meam. eth joy to my youth. 

V. Adjutorium nos- V. Our help is in the 
trum in nomine Domini, name of the Lord. 

R. Qui fb^it coelum et R. Who hath made 
terram. heaven and earth. 

T%eii,joming ku hands and humbly bowing down, he mjfs 

the Canfeuian,, 

S, Confiteor Deo om- P. I confess to al- 

mpotenti, &c. mighty God, <&c. 

M. Misereatur tiu om- iS. May almighty God 

DJpotens Deus, et dimis* have taeic^ xrgo^ >5a» 


fpmatis'tait, perducat forgiTe thee thy sins, an 
lul vitam SBtemam. bring thee to life evet 

S. Amen. P, Amen. 

Jf. Oonfiteor Deocm- A. I confess to al- 
lipoCeoti, beatse Marias mighty God, to blessed 
Hmper Vugini, beato Ifi- Mfuy ever Virnn, to bless- 
diaeli Arcuangelo, beato ed Michael the Archan- 
joamu Baptistse, Sanctis fi^I, to blessed John Bap- 
Appstolis Petro et Paulo, tist, to the holy Apostles 
onuiibiia Sanctis, et tibi Peter and Paul, to all the 
ptfBt, quia peccayi nimis saints, and to you, father. 
oogitatione, verbo, et ope- that I have sinned exceed - 
re, mea culpa, mea culpa, ingly in thought, word, 
Dea maxima culpa. laeo and deed [here etrike tlu 
freeor beatam Manam bretut tkriee\ through m\ 
imper Vurginem, beatum fault, through my fault. 
Schaelem ArchaiuTelum, through my most griev> 
Seatum Joannem Baptis- ous fault. Therefore I he- 
lm, sanctos Apostolos seech blessed Mary ewi 
*etrum et Paulum, om- Virgin, blessed Michael 
!s Sanctos, et te pater, the Archangel, blessed 
are pro me ad Dominura John Baptist, the hoh 
nun nostnun. Apostles Peter and Paul 

and all the Saints, ind 
you, father, to pray 
to the Lord our God 
for me. 

tk§ Pri»¥^ with hU hands joined^ gives the tds<4ution^ 

eaying : 

Miseres^izr vestn P, May almightv QoA 
^iens I>eu3, et di- bare mercy upon vou. 
pr:^a3tis vestris, forgive you your W 


perducat vos ad yitam and bring ^ m to It^'- 
seternam. everlastuur. 

M. Amen. R, Amen. 

Signing himaelf vith the ngn of ths Orou^ k$ mgt 

S. 'h Indulgentiam, P, 4" May the at 

absolutionem. ct remis- mighty and merciful Lord I 

sionem peccatorum nos- grant ns pardon, abediu- 1 ■ 

trorum tribuat nobis om- tion, and remission of aot 

nipotens et misericors Do- sins, 

M, Amen. H, Amen. 1 

I%en, bowing down, hepTO€e$d»: \ 

V. Deus, tu conversus V. Thou wilt torn i 

vivificabis nos. again, Ood, and quick* \ 

en us. I 

R. Et plebs tua IsBta- R. And thy people ' 

bitur in te. shall rejoice in thee. 

V. Ostende nobis, Do- V. Show us, Lord« 

mine,misericordiamtuam. thy mercy. 

R. Et salutare tuum R. And gptmt us thy 

da nobis. salvation. 

V. Domine, exaudi ora- V. Lord, hear my 

tionem meam. prayer. 

R. Et clamor meus ad R. And let my ery 

te veniat. come unto thee. 

V. Dominus Yobiscum. Y. The Lord be lASk 


R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit. 

First extending^ and then joining, his hands, he says enMiff^ 
Qremus ; and then cueending to the Altar, he soffs seerstfy : 

Aufer a nobis, qu8esu- Take away from us oui 
mils, Domine, iniquitates iniquities, we beseech tb««^ 


, ut ad Sancta Lord ; that we may be 
Sanctorum p oris merea- worthy to enter with pure 
mur mentibus introire. minds into the Holy of 
Per Christum Dominum Holies. Through Christ 
nostrum. Amen. our Lord. Amen. 

Bowing down over the Altar, he toys : 

Oramus te, Domine, per We beseech thee, O 

merita sanctorum tuonun Lord, by the merits of 

quorum reliquise hie sunt, thy saints whose relics 

et omnium sanctorum, ut are here, and of all the 

indulgere digneris omnia saints, that thou wouldst 

peccata mea. Amen. vouchsafe to forgive me 

all my sins. Amen. 

[Receiving the thurible from the Deacon^ he incenses the 
Altar, and returns the thurible to the Deacon, who incenses 
the Priest only.^ Then the Priest, signing himseff with 
the sign of the Cross, reads the Introit, which see 'ut, its 
place, or else read one of the following : 

Blessed be the Holy Trinity and Undivided Unity : wo 
Hill give praise to him, because he hath shown his mercy 
to us. 

Lord our Lord, how wonderful is thy name in all 
the earth ! 

Glory be to the Father, who hath created us. 

Glory be to the Son, who hath redeemed us. 

Glory be to the Holy Ghost, who hath sanctified u? 

Glory be to the Holy and Undivided Trinity, one Gc 1 
lireTer and ever Amen. 

Or this : 

If thou, O Lord, shalt mark iniquities : Lord, who 
Bha^i abide it ? for with thee is propitiation, O God oi 

Out of the depths have I crie^l unto ^hee, O I^ord 
liOrd. hear my voice. 




(Fjt a SairU^s Day.) The jnst shall flountih like UM 
palm-tree ; he shall grow up like tl e cedar of libaDBs: 
planted in the house of the Lord, in the courts of tiw ? 
aouse of uur God. 

It is good to ^ve praise to the Lord; and to liu 
tc thj name, O Most High. 

Or this ' 

in thy strength, O Lord, shall the just man rejoice 
and in thy salvation he shall exult exceedingly: thou 
hast given him his heart's desire. 

For thou hast prevented him with blessings of sweet- 
ness ; thou hast set on his head a crown of precioui 
•tones. Glory, &c. 

The Eyrie eleison is then said, 
S, Kyrie eleison. P. Lord have mercy 

M. Kyrie eleison. 
S, Kyrie eleison. 
M. Christe eleison 
6^. Christe eleison. 
Bf, Christe eleison 
S. Kyrie eleison. 
JT Kyrie eleison. 
8 Kyrie eleison. 

upon us. 

M. Lord have mercy 
upon us. 

P. Lord have mercy 
upon us. 

B, Christ have mercy 
upon us. 

P. Christ have mercy 
upon us. 

B, Christ have meroi 
upon us. 

P, Lord have mercy 
upon us. 

H, Lord have mercy 
upon us. 

P, Lord have mercv 

raardt. tCnuV^ ai tht miJdle of Ht Altar, iMtn^ng, 
Id rAra joiaiwig. Ait handi, and idightly boaivg. he aavl 
iAn. il ■« ta hr tai/f) the Oioria in eicelffla, Wkch 'ht 
^ya the irordi. We adore thee, we gire tiioe tlmnk*, J"iiiu 
Christ. imJ Roceire our prajer. A« towj, anJ at th* *t4 hn 
ifta hmnttf mith tht tiyn of the Ctou. 

Gloria ID exceUiB Deo ; Qlorv be to God on 

M in lerra pan hominibus high, »nd on eaitb peiu'e 

bonK Tolunlatis. Landa- to men of good will. We 

mua te ; benedicimus tu ; praise ihee; we bleae thee; 

udoramufite; glorificamus we adore thee ; we gloiify 

te. Oralias agimus tibi thee. We give thee thanks 

pitipWT magnam gloriam forthygreaiglory.OLord 

mam. DoitiineDeu3,Re.x God, heaveiilr King, God 

eoelestis, Deus paler ora- the Father almighty, 

■npotens. Domine FQl Lord Jesua Christ, the on- 

unigenite Jef « Ciiriste : ly-begolten Son : Lord 

Domine Deuii. AgnuE Dei, God, Lamb of God, Sun 

Filius Pdiris. qui tollb of the Fathei', who laki-sl 

peccala mundi. miserere away the sins of the wurld, 

DotKs : qui tolli^ peccnta have mercy on Uf : thou 

mondi, suscipe depreciti- who takeat away the sins 

: qui eedes 
ad de>t«ram FatnE, mi- 
HTcre nobis. Quonlam 
to «otuB sanctus : tu boIub 
Dominus: tu solus altis- 
onius, Jesu Cbrtste, cum 
Sucio Spiritu, hi gloria 
IW Patris. Amen, 

of the world, n 
prayers : thou who sitteat 
at the right hand of the 
Father, have mercy on u». 
For thou only art liolv 
thou only art the Lf^rd : 
thou only, Jesus Christ, 
with the Holy Ghost, art 
most high in the glory o' 
God the Father. Amer 



l%t Frieii kitMB the Altar ^ and turning to thepeopU, Myt^ 

V. Dominus vobiscum. V. The Lord be witk 

R. Et 3uin spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spkii 

Then follow the Collects ; cU the end of the first and l4ti ^ 

whichy the Acolyte answers. Amen. 
Tfie Collects vary mth the season:* They may he found it 

their proper place in the Missal, or any of the followinp 

may he used instead. 

O God, the protector of all that hope in thee, without 
whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy ; multiply thy 
mercy upon us ; that, thou being our ruler and guide, 
we may so pass through temporal goods, that we 
finally lose not those which are eternal. Through Christ 
our Lord. Amen. 

' Defend us, O Lord, we beseech thee, from all dan- 
gers of soul and body ; and, by the intercession of the 
glorious and blessed Mary ever Virgin, Mother of God, 
file blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, the blessed N. and 
all thy Saints, grant us, in thy mercy, health and peace ; 
that all adversities and errors being done away, thy 
Church may serve thee with a pure and undisturbed de- 
Totion. Through, &c. 

O God, who hast prepared invisible good things for 
them that love thee; pour forth into our hearts the^ 
gfrace of thy love.; that, loving thee in all things and' 
tlM)ve all things, we may come to the enjoyment of thy 
promises, which exceed all that we can desire. Through, 

O almighty and everlasting God, by whose Spirit the 
whole body of the Church is sanctified and governed ; 

* The same remark applies to the Epistie, Oradwtl, Cfeapet, 0§erUtr% 
'ommunto*, and Pott'Commwax^n. 

tfUHMASr or THE MAsa 271 

iMe suppUeatioiis for all degrees and urdera 
, by the asaiBtaiiee of thy grace, they may 
rve thee. Through our Lord Jesus Chrkt 
vho liveth and reigneth with thee in the 
• same Holy Ghost, one God, world without 

le pastor and governor of all the faithfViI; 
in thy mercy, on thy senrant N., whom thou 
ted to preside over Ihy Church ; and grant, 
thee, that both by word and example, he 
11 those who are under his chaivo ; so tiiat, 
:k intrusted to him, he may arrive at length 
isting. Through, &c. Amen. 

istle/or tKs day is read, which may be found in 
pl<ice ; or the following may be read instead : 

1 the Lord always : and again I say, rejoice, 
lodesty be known to all men : the Lord la 
not solicitous about any tiling : but in every 
ayer and supplication with thanksgiving let 
ns be made known to God. And the peace 
hich pasbeth all understanding, keep your 
minds in Christ Jesus. For the rest, breth- 
ever things are true, whatsoever things are 
atsoever things are just^ whatsoever things 
vliatsoever things are amiable, whatsoever 
of good repute, if there be any virtue, H 
y praise of discipline, think on theae things, 
which you have both learned, and received, 
sind seen in me, these do ye ; and the God o( 
be with you. 

lot drunk with wine, wherein is luxury ; but 
d with the Holy Spirit; speaking to your« 
talms and hymns and spiritual canticles, sing- 


878 '^HDfllART OF THE MAfM». 

ing, arid making melody in vour hearts to the tn 
giving thanks always for all tilings, in the name cf ^ 
Lord Jesus Christ, to God and the Father. f 

After which ts said: 
Deo gratias. Thanks be to God 

fVn the Gradual, Tract, Alleluia, or Sequence, aecotd 

to the time 

Sox t|)e 6rra1iuaL* 

Be thou unto me a God, a protector, and a hoube 
fefuge to save me. In thee, O God, have I hoped ; 
Lord, let me never be confounded. 

Deal not with us, O Lord, according to our sins wh 
we have committed, nor punish us according to our 

A Prayer at the Bputtle. 

O eternal God, who never ceasest to incite us, by 1 
public ministry of thy Church, the warnings of Prophc 
the teachings of Apostles, and the writings of holy m 
to the love and worship of thy Name, and to defend 
from the snares of the world, the flesh, and the dev 
grant that we may always gladly embrace all wholeso: 
doctrine and instruction, and seriously endeavor to re^ 
late our life and conduct in accordance with the sac 
Vnd lest it should turn to our greater condemnation 
tave known, by so many teachers and preachers, t 
iray of truth, which is thy holy will, and not to h« 
followed it, give us grace and strength, that what 
have so often heard, and know to be our duty, we n 
be able faithfully to perform. Amen. 

' rbe Choir ting the Oradual^ while the bo)»k V» noN«4 \o \Va Qai 
tide, Bad the Prieet BavM the prayer (Munda er mcumVC^Maw 


^ V. Helii UB, O God odt Saviour ; nni toi iba 
<8f thy nanie, O Lord, deliver us, and foripve ua oar 
tor thy name's snke. 

ome. ye children, heHrken unto me ; I will teach j<t» 

fear jf (lie Lord. Come unio him, aod be enUebi 

.■I. and your fiices shall not be noiifounded. Alleiuu^ 

Irloia. Oh, clap your bunds, ull yi^ nations : shoot 

Uo God with the voice of joy. Alleluia. 

Aft" 'At<. It ffi^A ilfdil, Ills Deaeon plaeei ilif book of ikt 
Go-ptUontht Altar, and IIk Celebrant blvsMt Ike intenn 
|u lAow). Thm the Deacon, kneeling before the Attar, 
nil" Joirird Aa?ufe, lo^ji .- 

U'lqda cor meuni ae CleanBR my heart and 

Ubia men, oranipotens my lips. O alraig^bly God, 

Dpu.' qui labia Isaiffl who didst cleanse the 

pip*'^^ calculo mun- lips of the prophet Isainh 

hsv igntto : ita me tua with a burning coal : and 

psia miseraLione dig- /ouchsafe, through thy 

Mn mundare, ut eanc- gracious mercy, so to 

tniQ Evangelium tuum purify me, that I may 

diime valeam nuntiitre. worthily proclaim thy 

Per Christum Dominura Inly Gospel. Throu^'h 

BOBlnim. Amen. Christ our Lord. Amen. 

dftrrvardi he taktt tke book front the Altar, and agatu 
baelini; Aran before the Frieti. aaki hie blesiing, myiiifi, 
Bu, ^Te me thy blesaing. The Prieit eai/s .* 

Dominud sit in corde Tlie Lord be in ;Jiy 
too et in labiis tuis, ut heart and on tliy lips, 
dii^ne el competenCer that thou mayst worthily 

«Bsai .- if nmo/ne- Pa- aer auaoanne bis ho\^ 


tris. ec Filii, et 4" Spiri- Gospel : in the name d 
tus Sancti. Amen. the Father, and of the 

Son, and 4" of the Holj 
Ghost. Amen. 

Bdving received the blessing he kisses the hand of the FriM 
and then, toith incense and lighted candles^ ht. goes to thi 
place where the Gospel is read, and, standing toith his hanA 
Joined, says: 

V. Dominusvobiscura. V. The Lord oe with 

R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit 

Theny giving out : 

V. Sequentia (vel ini- V. The continuation 
Hum) sancti EvangeUi se- (or beginning) of the 
cundum N, holy Gospel according 


he makes the sign of the Grfiss with the thumb of his right 
hand on the Gospel which he is to read, and on his fore- 
head, mouth, ana breast {the people doing the same) ; ant 
while the Minister and people answer : 

R. Gloria tibi, Domine. R. Glory be to thee, 


he tncens'is the book three tim£s, and then reads the Oosptlk 

^or t])e iSrospel 

Let your loins be girded, and lamps burning in your 
Hands, and you yoursehes like to men who wait for 
tlieir lord, when he shah return from the wedding ; that 
when he cometh, and knocketh, they may open to him 
immediately. Blessed are those servants, whom the 
Lord, when he cometh, shall tind watchiiv^. \maii ( 

OEUniAIlY or THE «f ASS. 98 1 

JO yuTi, that he will gird himself, and mnke them 
iowQ to meat, and will minister to them. And if he 
] come in tlie second watch, or if he shall come is 
third watch, and find them so, blessed are those ser- 
ts. But this know ye, that if a master of a family 
know at what hour the thief would come, he would 
.ely watch, and would not suffer his houMe tc («e 

jrokcn open. Be ye also ready ; for at what hour \ c n 

flank not, the Son of man will come. 

Then Peter answering, said to him : Behold, we have 
left all things, and have followed thee : ;\^hat, therefore, 
liudl we have ? And Jesus said to them : Amen I say 
into you, that ye, who have followed me, in the regen- 
eration, when the Son of man shall sit on the seat of 
ius majesty, you also shall sit on twelve seats, judging 
the twelve tribes of Israel. And every one that hath 
left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or molher 
or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall 
receive a hundred-fold, and «hall possess life everlasting. 

If ye love me, keep my commandments. And I will 
i&k the Father, and he shall give you another Paraclete, 
that he may abide with you forever, the Spirit of truth 
irhom the world cannot receive ; because it seeth hii 
not, nor knoweth him : but you shall know him ; because 
lie shall abide with you, and shall be in you. I will not 
leave you orphans: I will come to you. Yet a little 
while ; and the world seeth me no more. But ye see 
me; because I live, and you shall live. In that day ye 
■hall know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and 
I in you. He that hath my commandments, and keepeth 
Ibem, he it is that loveth me. And he that loveth me, 
ifaall be loved by my Father : and I will love him, and 
%ill manifest myself to him. 

liken t« iaid: 

R. LauB tibi, Christe. R. Praise be to tbee, 



7%e Subdeacon then carries tfte book to the J^rktL ^ 
He kiaaeg the Gospel^ saying : ^ 

Per ev angelica dicta By the words of £ 
deleantur nostra delicta. Gospel may our sins 

blotted out. 

The Priest m incensed by the Deacon.'^ 

if the Priest celebrates toithoiU Deacon and Subdeacon,, 
book is carried to tfie other side of the Altar, and he, 6i 
ing down at tfie middle of the Altar, with his ha7*4sjont 
says. Cleanse my heart, <tc.; Give me thy blesang; 
Lord; and The Lord be in my heart, ic, as oS 
Then, turning towards the book, -with his hands joined, 
says, V, The Lord be with you ; R. And with thy spn 
and givifig out the Continuation or Beginning, <tc^ s^ 
the book and himself, as before directed ; the Minister a 
people say. Glory be to tnee, Lord, and he read* > 
Gospel ; which being ended, the Minister says. Praise 
to thee, O Christ. 

Here the Sermon is usaally preachea. 

Then, at th i middle of tfie Altar, extending, elevating, c 
joining kin hands, the Priest says the Nicene Creed (tail 
it is to be said), keeping his hands joined. When fie « 
the words, God, Jesus Christ, and u adored, he bows t 
head to the Cross. Bat at the toords, and was incarna 

A Prayer at the Gospel, 

O Lord Jeaus, who, accorduig to thy Fathet 6 w 
hast declared unto the world the message of the Gorip< 
Xrant that we raay receive it into our mmds. embrace 
with our wills, preserve it in our memory, and praeti 
!t in our lives ; and, being united here with those «k 
sLeep who hear thy voice, may be numbered with thi 
also at the last day at thy right hand, and hear thee di 
*^Come, ye blessed of my Fathet, i^Qa»n^ ^q\i. i 
kingdom prepared for you from t}[\e ioxixi<^\\wi ^1 


.< down, and eontinueg kneeling to t\e wordt, WM 
man. At the words, the life oi the world to oome, 
i# hinuelf with the tign of the Orott from the fore- 
> the breatL 

D m unum Deum, I believe in one Goc' 

omnipotentem, the Father almighty, Ma- 

m coeli et terrse, ker of heaven and earth, 

m omnium et in- and of all things visible 

nu and invisible. 

I unum Dominum And in one Lord Jesus 

Christum, Filium Christ, the only-begotten 

^enitum, et ex Pa- Son of God, bom of the 

im ante omnia sse- Father before all ages. 

)eum de Deo ; Lu- God of God ; Light of 

t Lumine ; Deum Light ; true God of true 

le Deo vero ; geni- God ; begotten, not made ; 

1 factum ; consub- consubstantial with the 

emPatri,perquem Father, by whom uW 

facta simt. Qui things were made. Who 

nos homines, et for us men, and for our 

nostram salutem, salvation, came down from 

lit de ccelis, et heaven, and was incarnate 

tus est de Spiritu by the Holy Ghost of the 

ex Maria Virgine : Virgin Mary : and wa« 

Prayer before the Sermon, 

hear what the Lord will say unto me. 
ras, light of the world, enlighten my understMi^ 
t I may understand thy word ; and cleanse my 
lat it may bring forth the fruits of the same. 

After the Sermon. 

s thee thanks, O Lord God, that thou 1 ast been 
to refinesh my soul by thy v ord. Direct my tttt^ 
og to th} *.ommandment& 


me; and Imst not made mine enemieis to rejoice v 
me: O Lord, I have cried nnto thee, and thou ^ 
Sealed me. 

7%en; making the ngnofthe Cfros» wUh the patent k$ 
the Host upon the corporal. The Prieet wnire «m 
water into the ehaliee, Messing the water before it it 

Deus, •^ qui humans God, 4« who» in 

Bubstantise dignitatem mi- ating human nature, 

rabiliter condidisti, et mi- wonderfully dignify it^ 

rabilius reformasti ; da and hast still more won*' 

nobis per hujus Aqus et derfully renewed it $ 

Vini mysterium, ejus di- grant that, by the mj%m 

vinitatis esse consortes, tery of this Water and ; 

qui humanitatis nostras Wine, we may be made 

fieri dignatus est parti- partakers of his divinitjr* 

ceps, Jesus Christus, Fi- who vouchsafed to be* 

lius tuus, Dominus nos- come partaker of our hu- 

ter : qui tecum vivit et manity, Jesus Christ, thy i 

regnat in unitate Spiritus Son, our Lord ; who Ht* i 

8ancti Deus, per om- eth and reigneth wHb \ 

nia sapcula sseculorum. thee in the unity oi j 

Amen. &c. 

[If it is a High Mass^ the Deacon ministers the «jiM^ Mp 

8ubdeacon the loafor.] 

During the oblation of the bread and 

C \jot^ Jesus Christ, Son of the livinff Grod and of th» 
glorious Virgin; in remembrance ana praise of thy 
ooundless .o\3, with which thou didst give thysen 
wholly to us upon the altar of the cross, behold 1 o0ei 
unto tliee this dav this present sacrifice of the mass, to* 
ffether with all those which aro celebrated throughout 
me world, by the hands of thy Prinsts, to be preeented 


:halict, and 
fm it, laying: 

Offerimus tibi, Domine, Wb offer unto thee, 

iceia galutaris, tuam Lord, the chalice of sal- 

precaates elementiam, vation, besuecliing Uij 

i in (onspectu diviiiK eleraeney, that, in thb 

Hftjestatis lu», pro nos- sight of thy divine Miijes- 

bii et lAtius mundi salut« ty, it may ascend with 

tmn odore suavitatis as- the odor of sweetness, for 

eendat. Ameo. our salvation, and fot 
that of the whole world. 

Ii tfay eteni&) Father, in union with, and in the virta« 
tt, that oblation in which thou thyself, dying on th« 
mn, didst otfcr tliy sacred body and blood for tlie »u- 
mion of the world. 

Grant that ihe oblation of the same thy body wid 
blood, which here is renewed in nlyateiy, and is made 
inder the fomi of bread and wine, may effectunlly ob- 
liin its proper fruit : and that thereby the living may 
•btiin grace ; the faithful departed, rest ; and those for 
irhoEn Ihe sucrilii-e ia oilered, mercy and life elemal. 

Aoi:ept oIho, O Lord, this ftauje suorifice, which con- 
liiQB in itself the tVuit of thy passion and death, uh an 
Kl of thanksgiving for the innumerable benelits tiion 
kut i-ODferrea upon ua, and a propitiation and sntisfab 
ttiw f'lr the countless sins we have committed, the good 
M have omitted to do, ard the punitthmi'nts wg have 
iMerved. WIk) livtst and /eigneat, &e. 

d eternal Father, who wast pleasai to tantituie ihin 
oiort holy sacrifice of the new law, wherein thy oniy- 
begotten Sen mi^t bo otfered lo thee : 1 offer the sumi 
to thy diiine Majesty, and In union Uierewith 1 otTi t nv 

168 Q&C3fABT or TBB UMM 

Then he makc§ the stgu of the Orou with the chalwe, 
it upofi the eorporai, and e&vert it with the peUL 
mth hit hands joined upr*: thv Altar and UighUy 
downy he eaye : 

\jAi High Mase, the Suhdeaeon here reeeivee the paten^ 
he enffelops in the extretnities of the veil with wkidk 
thoulders are mantled, and then goee and etande keh 
the Celebrant untU the eonclueion of the Pater noeter.] 

In spiritu humilitatis, In the spirit of huxni 

et in animo contrito, bus- ity, and vith a cont 

cipiamur a te, Domine, heart, le*. us be receive 

et sic fiat sacrificium nos- by thee, Lord ; 

trum in conspectu tuo grant that the sacrifi< 

hodie, ut placeat tibi, we offer in thy sight 

Domine Deus. day may be pleasing Uiri 

thee, Lord God. "• 

The Priest, elevating hu eyee towards heaven, and 
out his hands, whteh he afterwards joins, makes the a^ 
of the Gross over the Host and ehaltee, while he says : 

Veni, sanctificator, om- Come, O sanctifier, air 

nipotens aeteme Deus, et mighty, eternal G-od, and 

bene»{«dic hoc sacrificium, bless 4" this sacrifice, pie- 

tuo sancto nomini pree- pared to thy holy name, 

[* At High Mass, he, in the following prayer, bUues the 

Ineense : 

Per mtercessionem be- May the Lord, by the 
%tl4 Michaelis Archangeli, intercession of blessed 
Ataeitis a dextris Altaris Michael the Archangel 

f ^ ^ I II ■ I ■ ■ ■ _ 

ndtL and all that of thy bounty then hast bestowad 
upon me. Look upon me, and have merey upon 'ma, 


* As d^ow Mem, thetm nnfsn, dowA to th« LwMlbft «m%a^ 


Qsi, et omnium ele^- standing at the right 

m suormn, ineensum hand of the Alta,r of In* 

I dignetur Dominus cense, and of all his elect, 

dicere, et in odorem vouch^ife to hlesA tliis 

Hatb accipere. Per incense, and receive it as 

Btum Dominum nos- an odor of sweetness. 

I. Amen. Through, <fec. Amen. 

iwing the tkunole from the Deacon, fie ineenset tho 
Bread and Wine, ftaying : 

icensum istud a te May this incense which 
Klictum ascendat ad thou hast blest, Lord 
>omine, et descendat ascend to thee, and may 
vr no6 misericordia thy mercy descend upon 


7%en he incenses the AltaVf saying^ Ps. czL 

irigatur, Domine, ora- Let my prayer, Lord, 

oea sicut ineensum in ascend like incense in thy 

peotu tuo : elevatio sight : and the lifting up 

uom mearum sacrifi- of my hands be as an 

I vespertinum. Pone, evening sacrifice. Set a 

line, custodiam ori watch, Lord, before 

, et ostium circum- my mouth, and a door 

dsB labiis meis, ut round about my lips, that 

declinet cor meum my heart may not incline 

erba malitia), ad ex- to evil words, to make 

ndas excusationes in excuses in sins, 

U he gives the censer to the Deacon, he says secretly 
eee leords, and is afterwards incensed by the Deacon, wtA 
en the others in order : 

jceendat in nobis Do- May the Lord enkmd\^ 
w ^em sw'amoris, in us the nre of bls \< ^e, 
' 25 


et flammam SDternae cari- and the flame of eTerbil 
■-atis. ing charity. Amen.] , 

The Friett, with hu hamk^nedy goes to the Epistle side i 
the Altar, where he wasues hie fingers as he recites IJ 
foUowing verses of Pa. 

La 7abo inter innocentes I will wash nvj hand 

iQf^nus meas: et circum- among the innocent: an 

dabo altare vuum, Do- will encompass thy altsi 

mine O Lord. 

Ut audiam vucem lau- That I may hear th 

Jis : et enarreni universa voice of praise, and tell < 

mirabilia tua. all thy marvellous worki 

Domine, dilexi deco- I have loved, O Lore 

lem domus tuse, et locum the beauty of thy hous< 

habitationis glorise tuae. and the place where th 

glory dwelleth. 

Ne perdas cum impiis Take not away my sou 

inimam meam ; et cum O God, with the wicket 

viris sanguinum vitam nor my life with blood 

meam. men. 

In quorum manibus In whose hands are ic 

iniquitates sunt : dextera iquities : their right ban* 

eorum repletfi est mune- is filled with gifts, 

Ego autem in innocen- As for me, I hav 

ria mea ingressus sum: walked in my innocence 

At the Lavabo, 

O Lord, who didst once vouchsafe to wash thy dii 

ciples* feet before inviting them to thy holy table, wu 

UB also, we beseem i thee; and wash us again an 

BgaiDf not on\y our Teet and hands, but our hearts, oi 

deairesy our aouJs *]■ it we may V.e wVvoW'j VaviooiefA %^ 


siliniE, me et miaerere redeem mi und have 
Ki. mercy upon ine. 

Pefl meue stetit in di- My foot liath stood m 
recto : in eccleaiis benedi- the right path: in the 
tarn tA, Domine. churches I will bleM 

Gloria Patri, >Icc. thee. Lord. 

Glory be to the fa- 
ther. Ac. 

IE rii bt ItK DMd. uil in PuUn-Um*, thm Otarit it amhUL 

tOunUmif, aiuJ bwing before l/i) middle of Iht Altar, milk 

joined kands, he auyi.- 

Susdpe, sancta Trini- Receive, holy Trini- 

lu,haacobladonemquam ty. thiaoblation.wbich we 

litu offerimus ob DKimori' make to thee, in memory 

in Passionis, Resurrec- of the Passion, Resurrec- 

IJoius, et Ascenaionis Jeau tion, and Ascension of our 

Ciuisti Domini nostri i et Lord Jesua Christ, and in 

in boaorem beats Marise honor of the hieased Ma- 

Hrnper Virginis, et beati ry ever Virgin, of blessed 

Jounia Baptistte, et sane- John Biiptist, tlie liolv 

lorum Apostolorum Petri Apostles Peter and Paul, 

« Pauli, et istorum et of tlieae and of all the 

omnium Sanctorum : ut Saints : that it mny bn 

3b proGciat ad honorem, available to their honor 

nobis autem ad salutem : and our salvation : and 

S illi pre nobis ioterce- may they vouchsafe la 

Jere dignentur in ccelis, intercede for us in hejiveiu 

quorum memoriatn agi- whose memory we cclc' 

nns ii. terria. Per eun- brate on earth. Tiirongh 

dem Cbriatum D'^minum the same Christ our Lord, 

tmen. Amen. 

193 ':rdivabt of the hass. 


T%fn he posset the Altar j and having turned hin*Htf towards ^ 
the people, extending and joining hii hands^ he raitee kU 

voice a Utile, and says : 

Orate, fratres, ut meum Brethren, pray that my 

AC vestrum sacrificium ac- sacrifice and yours may 

-*e| stabile fiat apud Deum be acceptable to God the 

t^atrem omnipotentem. Father almighty. 

R. Suscipiat Dominus R. May the Lord re- 

Bacrificium de manibus ceive the sacrifice from 

tuis, ad laudem et gloriam thy hands, to the praise 

nommis sui, ad utUitatem and glory of his name, to 

quoque nostram, totius- our benefit, and to that 

que Ecclesise suae sanctae. of all his holy Church. 

The Priest annoers in a low voice. Amen. 
7'hen, with stretehed-out hands, }ve recites the Secret Prayern 

Sit tj|)e &ectetau 

Mercifully hear our prayers, O Lord, and graciously 
accept this oblation which we thy servants midce to 
thee ; and as we offer it to the honor of thy name, so 
may it be to us a means of obtaining thy OTace herOi 
and life everlasting hereafter. Through our Lord Jesni 
Christ Amen 

For a Sainti Day, 

Sanctify, O Lord, we beseech thee, these gifts whieh 
we offer thee in this solemnity of thy holy servant N.y 
ttud so strengthen us by thy grace, that both in pioi» 
anrity and adversity our ways may be ever directed te 
Uiy honor. Through our Lord Jesus Christ 

Which being finished, he say* in an audible toue ; 

y. Per omnia ssecula V. World without end 
R. Amen. R. Amen 


V. Dcminus vobiscum. Y. The Lord Ke with 

R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy lipirit. 

Hen he uplifts kU handt . 

?. Sursum corda. V. Lift up your heartib 

R. Ilabemus ad Do- R We have them lift 

ed up unto the Lord. 

Bejomt kis katuU beftn his breast and bows his head it kiie 

he says : 

V. GratiasagamusDo- V. Let us give thanki 

mmo Deo nostro. to the Lord our God. 

R. Dignum et juatum R. It is meet and just. 

Be then disjoins his hands, and keeps them in this posture 
tmiil the end of the Pt^aoey after which he again joins 
them, and bowing, says, Sanctus, <&cf When he sayi 
Baiedictus, &c^ he crosses himself 

At the woffd Sanetu*, &o., the bell u rang three timet by the Acolyte. 

7%e following Preface is said on all Ferias, and on those 
Festivals which have none proper, and in ail Masses for 
the Dead 

H. B. — Thie Bark * lefen to the Tuiauon of the pioper piefaoea lor 

certain days, •■ given below. 

y ere dignum et just um It is truly meet and 

est, sequum et salutare, just, right and salutan 

AOt tibi semper et ubique that we should always 

grratiHS agere, Domme and in all places, gh ^ 

■ancte. Pater omnipo« thanks to thee, O hol^ 

tens, eteme Deus. *Per Lord, Father almighty, 

Christum Dominum nos« eternal God. ^Through 

t At Hiffh Man, the Choir anf tht Sanetus (while the Priest ia pr» 
eaeding with the t.anoa, p. SOT) aa IW as " HoManna in ezcelsis" befmm 
^ elovai on, aua aft§r tne elevation, ** BenedJclu« ani venit ' 8lo- 



„ "i- 

uum : per quem Majesta- 
tem tuam iaudant aoge- 
liy adorant dominaliones, 
tremunt potestates, ccbE 
ccelorumque virtntes, ae 
beata seraphim, socia 
tniltatione conoelebraiit. 
Cum quibus et nostras 
voces, ut admitti jubeas 
deprecamur, supplici con- 
fessione dicentes : 


Sanctus, sanctus, sanc- 
tus, Dominus Deus Saba- 

Pleni sunt coeli et terra 
gloria tua. 

Hosanna in excelsis. 

Benedictus qui venit in 
nomine Domini. 

Hosanna in excelsis. 

whom <he anfi^elB 
thy Majesty* we 
na^oDs adore> the po 
do hold in awe, the 
ens, and the virtnaa.^f 
heayens, and Uie 
seraphim, do celel 
with united joy. In 
with whom, we 
thee that thou wo 
command our voices 
to be admitted, ^th sap^^ 
pUant confesdon, 8ayin|b' 
Holy, holy, holy, Lora ' 
God of Sabaoth. 

Heaven and earth art 
full of thy glory. 

Hosanna m the highest 

Blessed is he that com- 
eth in the name of thi 

Hosanna in the highest 

On Trinitf^Strnday, and on werp M^r S^niay in Mt $6m 

that ha» no propmr prefiue, • 

Vere ... * Qui cum *Who, together wttk 
onigenito FiUo tuo et Spi- thy only-b^otten Son;; 
ritu Sancto unus es Deus, and the Hdy Ohoet v^ 
unus es Dominus : non in one Gkid, and one Lord : 
unius singularitate Per- not in singuburi^ of oiM 
sonsB, sed in unius iVini- Person, but m p Trinitrotf 
tste substantisB Quod one substance, ^or Oiai 


^n> Ae tua gloria, reve- which, hy thj- rev eU. lion, 

hnte le, credimua, hoc we believe of thy gitiry, 

ie FBio tuo, hoc de Spi- the same we believe of thy 

wa Sancto, sine differen- Son, and the same of 'Jw 

fa discretionis sentimuH. Holy Ghost, witliout any 

It in confflBsione verse difference or distinction. 

Kmpitemeqiie Deitatis, That, in the confession of 

tt in Pereonis proprietas, a true and eternal Dei y, 

a in essentia unitaa, et in dietinctness in the P«- 

llajestate adoretur lequa- sons, unity in the essence, 

Etas. Quem laudant an' and equality in the Maj- 

geb atque arcliangeli, esty may " be adored. 

fhembim qnoque ac se- Whom the angels and 

nphtin, qui non cessant archangels, the cheruhim 

iJunare qwotidie, una vo- also and eeruphini do 

ce dicenteti, Sanctua, Ac. prmee, who cease not 
daily to cry out witli one 
voice, saying. Holy, itc. 

Aim CAHiAnat-otajr tiil the Epiphanv (axept in the octiuit 
of St. Jolm\ m the Fvrifiatlton, Conta Chrisli and U* 
eetave, Ihe TranififforaluHi, lAe holi/ aaine of Jaua, ivA 
in Ma»*re of the Staled SaeramenL 

Vtre . . . *Quia per *Beeause by ih*' niyB- 

inc&mati Verbi mysteri- tery of the Wurd m^ide 

UL. Qova mentis nostne tlesh, thenew liglii uf thy 

eeidis lux tute ckritatis brightness hatli shone up. 

tafuisit: nt dum visibili- on the eyea of our minds: 

ler Dewn oognoscinms, that while we behold God 

(ler hunc in invisibilium visibly, we may hy him 

rapiamur. f Et he carried on to ilie love 

onirslia at nrnK- of things Invisible. jAnd 
afore with angels tai 

CMmM'OLr or tbb hah. * 

domii\ationibus, cumque archangels, with tli 
omni militia coelestis ex- and dominations, and 
ercitus, hymnum glorias all the army oi 
tase canimus, sine fine wjb sing a hymn to 
dicentes, Sanctus, &c. glory, sajring wit 

ceasing, Holy, dse. 

On ths Ejniphanyt amd dwring tfo otflMML 

* Quia cum unigenitus * Because when 
tnus in substantia nostr® only-begotten Son 
mortalitatis apparuit, no- peared in the auhsi 
va nos immortalitatis sue of our mortal flesh, 
luce reparavit. f Et ideo, repaired us by the 
d(c. light of his immort 

f And therefore* dsc 

Jlwn Ath' Wedn/nday to PauUm-Strndtw, ex&tpt im 
which ha»e a proper prefoice, 

* Qui corporali jejunio * Who by bodily 
vitia comprimis, mentem ing dost repress 
eftevas, virtutem largiris elevate the imnd, bestoi^' 
et prsBmia. Per Chris- virtue and rewards, 
turn, &c. Through, d^c. 

Avm PoMtiomrSumday Hll Mmmday-I%m9day, amd FemtU ^ 
the Holy Orou amd i^the Paaaion. 

* Qui salutem humani * Who didst ^tt&c^ Utf 
generis in ligno Crucis salvation of mankind dr 
eonstituisti : ut unde mors the wood of the Qnmk \ 
oriebatur, inde vita resur- that from whence dMdl 
geret : et qui in ligno vin- came, thence ]%ht mMk 
eebat, in ligno quoque arise; and that he WM 1 
naceretor. Per Chris* overcame by the tmi ^ 

tam, Ac. nngYkt i^bao V^JdcA ^x«hlM . 

M Belf SatirAty till AsefmArmday. and on Fe»tir<U* 
ttumtig IB Ihif tiinx, tmlea they have proper prtfacea of 
ifir dWM. /n tAt Mali of Holy Stavrday it said, chielfy 
» this night ; on Eailtr^i/, and till the BatHtday/ollom 
Bkit chiefly on this day ; after thai, chiefly at this tinw. 
Vere dignumet juatum It is truly metl.just, 
M. squum eC salutare, right, and salutary (a 
If quidem, Qomioe, Dmni praise thee, Lord, at 
Innpore, sed |m hue po- all times, but chiefly [oa 
lEsimum nocte vel die, this night or day, or] at 
r«]] in hoc potissimum this time, when Christ 
zWio^uH prsedicare, cum our Passover was sacri- 
hscba nostrum immola- liced for us. For Ite ii 
tm est Christus. Ipse the true Lamb, who took 
euim verus est Agnus, away the sins of 'Am 
^ abstulit peccata mun- world. Who by dying 
ji. Qui TDortem noBtram destroyed our death, and 
BwrKudo destruxit, et vi- by rising again restored 
iHa resui^endo repara- our life. f And there- 
lit, t ^^ ideo, &c. fore, &c. 


• Per Christum Domi- • Through Christ oor 

Um nostrum. Qui post Lord. Who after his reS' 

Mmm^lionem suara om- urrection appeared open- 

libiu discipulis suis mani- ly to all hia disciples, and 

IcMM appaniit, et ipsis in their sight ascended up 

Mnwnlibiu est elevatua into heaven, to malie m 

m eoelum, ut ao« diviui- partakers of his divini^. 

talis siue tribueret esse ) And therefore, &c. 
pavtkirea. f Et ideo. 


Vrom WUitsun-eve till THnily-Sunday ; and in Vatim 
Maues of the Hdy OhoHy omitting the vforda tiua daj. 

* Per Cbristiim Demi- * Through Ohmt 
Attin nostrum. Qui as- Lord. Who, ascendiatf 
sendens super omnes coe- above all the heavens, and 
k>s, sedensque ad dexte- sitting at thy right hand, 
mm tuam, promissum sent down the promised 
Apiiitum Sanctum [hodi- Holy Spirit [this day] 
erna die] in filios adopti- upon the children of 
onis effudit. Quapropter adoption. Wherefore aU 
profusis gaudiis totus in the whole world exults 
orbe terrarum mundus with overflowing jo^; 
ezultat: sed et supemsB also the heavenly vnv 
virtutes atque angelics tues, and the angelie 
potestates hymnum glo- powers, together hymn 
rise tuse concinunt, sine thy glory, saying ever- 
fine dicentes, Sanctus, &c. lastingly. Holy, <fec. 

Oh Festivals of the B. V, Mary {except the Purification, 
on which is said the Preface of Christmas), ana within 
their octaves, and on Votive Masses of the B. Virgin, Tht 
words. Annunciation, Visitation, Assumption, Kativity, 
Presentation, Conception, Espousal, are inserted a/ter, 
and glorifjr thee on the. On the Dedication of the "6, Y, 
M. ad Nives, as also on the Feast of her holy Xf^ame; and 
on the Feast of the B. V, M. of mercy, are inserted, the 
festival On the Feast of the Seven Dolors is inserted^ 
transfixion. On the Feast of Mount Carmel, commemo- 
ration ; and on that of the most holy Rosary, solemnity. At 
Votive Masses and on Saturday, veneratioo. 

* Et te in N. beatse * That we should 
liarise semper Virginis praise, bless, and pro- 
collaudare, benedicere, claim thee in the K. of 
et prsBdicare. Quae et the blessed Mary, ever 
Unigenitum tuum Sanoti Virgin. Who by the 
Spirjtws obumbratione overshadowing of *h« 


, et virginitatis Holy Ghost conceived 
^rmaiiente, lumen thy Only-begotten, and 
1 mundo effudit, the glory of her virginity 
Christum Domi- remaining, shed fort>: 
lostrum ; * per upon the world the light 
KC. etema], Jesus Christ w u* 

Lord ; * by whom, Ac. 

of the Apoatles and EvnngeUMtB (excepk 
John tks MvanffeMft day)^ and throkghoHt thnf 
t, except in Feaett which have pfoper pre facte o) 

dignum et justum It is truly meet, just, 

[uum et salutare, right, and salutary, hum- 

>mine, suppliciter bly to beseech thee, that 

', ut gregem tuum, thou, O Lord, our eter- 

seteme, non dese- nal Shepherd, wouldst 

I per beatos Apos- not forsake thy flock, but 

uos continua pro- keep it through thy bless- 

B custodias. Ut ed Apostles with contin- 

rectoribus guber- ual protection ; that it 

quos operis tui vi- may be governed by 

eidem contulisti those same rulers whom 

e pastores. f Et thou didst appoint to 

5C. preside over it as pastors 

in thy stead. \ And 
therefore, <fec. 

Canon of tl)e tBiaM. 

igitur, dementis- We therefore humbly 
Pater, per Jesum praj and beseech thee« 
20 Fihum tuum most merciful Fathct, 
ua noetrun, sup. through Jesus Christ ih^ 


plices rogamus ac peti- Son, our Lozd (ht 
mus uti accepta habeas the Aliar\, tluift 
et bentdicas li»c + dona, wonldst vouoluBafe to 
hec *^ munera, hsee 4* cept and bless tlieaa 
aancta sacrificia illibata, gira^ these 4* 
in primis, quae tibi offeri- these 4* holy unsi 
vius pro Ecolesia tua sacrifices, which, m 
sancta Catholica : qnam first place, we ofler 
pacificare, custodire, adu- for thj holy Gal 
nare, et regere digneris Church, to whioh ybi 
toto orbe terrarum, una safe to grant peace; 
cum famulo tuo Papa also to protect, 
nostro N., et Antistite and govern it througl 
nostro N., et omnibus or- the world, U^iher 
thodoxis, atque Catholi- thy servant ^^. our Pc 
cae et Apostolicse Fidei N. our Bishop, as 
cultoribus. all orthodox 

and professors of 
Catholic and Ai 


Memento, Domine, fa- Be mindful, O 
tnulorum famularumque of thy servants, men 
tuarum, N. et N. women, N. and N. 

Jit the beginning of the Canon {if another prmg§r U 

O eternal and most merciful Father; behokL, we 
Vo offer thee our homage this day : we desire to adiMi% ; 
prftise, and glorify thee, and to g^vo thee thanks fbr tly-j 
great glory, joining our hearts and voices with all H^] 
blessea in heaven, and with thy whole chuieh upoB ': 
earth. But acknowledgdnff our great unworthiness aal 
innumerable sins, for which vre are heartily 9orry, nl 
dumbly beg tliy pardon, we dare not venture to apprsiidv 


And of all here pres- 

Bum. quorum tibi fides em, whose fbUlh and de- 

E^gnita est, et nota devo- rij^ion are kaown unto 

In. pro quibus t\\A offeri- thee, for whom we offefi 

■OS, rel qui tibi ofierunt, or who offer up to cbcfl 

ho. sdcrificium laudis, pro this sacrifice of praiae for 

te, Buisque omnibus : pro ihemBelves, their familiei 

redfimptione animnrum and friends, for the re' 

(varum, pro epe salutis, demption of tiieir eouls, 

IhM otherwbe tlian in tompiiny of thy Son, our Ailvo- 

taU and Mediator, Jcsub ChriBt. wham thou hast given 

m i« b« both our High Priest mid Sucriflce. WitJi hun, 

therefore, and through aim, we venture to offer thee this 

suiifiee : to his moHt ttucred intentions we desire to unite 

uai¥' and with this olTering which he makes of hiuiself, 

sedeHire to makeun ofTeringof our whole being to the«. 

With him, and through him, we beseech thee to exuH 

Uiy holy Catholle Church lliroughout the wliole world; 

to tDsintiiin her in pence, unity, holiness, and truth; to 

have meniy on Ibv servant N. our chief bishop, N. our 

UBlatts and on all that truly fear thee; on our pastor 

{pvenle, children], friends and benefactorn, &.c. ; on 

U those whom we have in any way suandalized, in- 

jORd, or ofiended, or for whom we ai-e in ajiy way 

Hand to pray : on all that are in their agony, or undM 

^lent l«mptaTionB, or other necessities, corporal ar 

^i^tnal : on all our enemies; and, in a word, on all 

^*^VT sinners : that we may be all converted to thee, and 

^^Xd mercy, through Jesus Christ Ihy Son; through 

fc^ t aQW we hope lue day to be admitted into thi^ com 

^^^jyr of all thy saints and elect, whose memory wa 

»^ ^te '^elebrnte, whose prayers we desire, and with whon 

-' '"''^suDitnieate ia these bol/ jnyHteries. 



et incolumitatis sus : ti* for the hope of tbeif f- 
bique reddunt vota sua, safety and salvation, anil 
ajterno Deo, viro et vero. who pay their vows 9 

thee, the eternal, living, p 
and true God. 
Communicantes, et me- Communicating vritb, 
moriam vencrantes, im- and honoring in the firi' |( 
primis gloriosie semper place the memory of the 
Virginis Marise, Genitri- glorious and ever Virgtt 
cis Dei et Domini nostri Mary, Mother of our Lord 
Jesu Christi : sed et bea- and God Jesus Christ; 
torum Apostolorum ac as also of the blessed ' 
Martyrum tuorum, Petri Apostles and Mart3rr8, 
ei Pauli, Andre8B, Jacobi, Peter and Paul, Andrew, 
Joannis, Thomee, Jacobi, James, John, Thomas, 
Philippi, Bartholomaei, James, PhiUp, Bartholo- 
Mattheei, Simonis et mew, Matthew, Simo& 
Thaddsei, Lini, Oleti, Cle- and Thaddeus, Lmus, 
mentis, Xysti, Oomelii, Cletus, Clement, Xystus, 
Cypriani, Laurentii,Chry- Cornelius, Cyprian, Law- 
Bogoni, Joannis et Pauli, rence, Chrysogonus, Joha 
Cosmse et Damiani, et and Paul, Cosmas and 
omnium Sanctorum tuo- Damian, and of all thy 
nun ; quorum mentis Saints ; by whose meri^ 
precibusque concedas, ut and prayers grant that 
m omnibus protectionis we may be always de- 
tuae muniamur aux- fended by the help of 
So. Per eundem Chris- thy protection. Throaigk 
Com Dominum nostrum, the same Christ our Lora. 
Amen. Amen. 

Spreading kit hand* over the oblaiion^ he tayt the ^eofii or 
DtmmeraHon eeeretly^ dietindly^ afid attenHiteln, 

^Heie the bell u «-~«^.) 

■roUalionem We th-irefoie beMecb 

Mtro, 1^ et thee, O Loni graebuilj 

lHBtiuB»qiuB- toaccei>t this oblatioii of 

nie» at puM»F oar serviGe, as also of thj 

; diescjae nos- wLole fiamilj ; liBpoaa 

»ace disponasy oar days in thy ipeaee^ 

bema damna- eommand as to be deHv 

piy et in eke- ered from eternal damna- 

ram. jabeas tion, and to be nambered 

lerarL Per in the flock of thy elect, 

ominum no.- Through Chmt our Lord. 

3n. Amen, 

ilationem, ta Which oblation do 

libas, qasBsa- thou, O God, Toachsafe 

ic«f>tam, ad- in lUl things to make 

ra«f>tam, ra- blessed, approved, rati- 

acceptabi- fled, reasonable, and ac- 

ire digneris ; ceptable, that it may be- 

)r "f" pus et come to us the body *f« 

at dilectissi- and *f« blood of thy most 

Domini nostri beloved Son Jesus Christ 

our Lord Who the day 

ie quam pa- before he suffered, took 

$pit panem in bread [he takes the ITost] 

venerabiles into his holy and venera- 

1, et elevatis ble hands [he raises ki$ 

Blum, ad te eyes to heaven], and with 

m suum om- his eyes lifted up towards 

: tibi gratias heaven, to God, his al* 

dixit, fregit, mighty Father : giving 

scipulis suis, thanks to thee, did bless^ 

ipite, el man- break, and give to his dis- 

hoc omnes ; ciples, saying : Take, and 



BOO SSI BNiM 0OBPU8 eat ye all cif thk ; 


A/Ur pronouncing the words of eo%aeeradon, Ikt 
knmingt adores the saered Host; rmng, he e 
and then placing it on the corporal, agai» 

After tiie he never diMns hie jlngere ami t hm m b s^ 

iMcn he is to take the ISoety umA/ after ike wmsMmp ef^ 

(At the elsTatioii Um bell is nuag tliv« tbnn.) 

Simili modo postquam In like manner, 

coenatum est, accipiens et he had supped \he 

hunc prseclarum calioem the chalice in both 

in sanctas ac venerabiles hands], taldn? aUo 

manus suas, item tibi ffra- excellent ehahce into 

uas agens bene*^dlxit, holy and vena^able ^ 

At the eUeation of the Most, 

Adoramns te, Chriate, et benedidmiis tibi, qnk 
sanctam Crucem tuam redemisti mnndum. 

Ave^ verum corpus, natum de Maria Virgine, v< 
passum, immolatum in eruce pro homine, ciiguB latai 
perforatum fluxit unda et sanguine ; esto nobis prgggM 
tatum in mortis examine. O dulds, O pie, O Jesn, FiB 
Marie, miserere meL Amen. 

We adcM*o thee, O Christ, and we bless thee» 
hf thy holy cross thou hast redeemed the worid. 

HfOi, true body, bom of the Virgin Maiy, whioh didiffi 
truly suffer and wast immolated on the cross for bi% 
whose side was pierced, and flowed with water and wUh 
blood; may we have a foretaste of thee in the Iml 

my of death. O kind, O \oN\i\|i Oiife^^^inflS^BRL m 
^7^ have mercy o* me. hsoMi. 



ieJhqne disciputis Buis, and givia<^ tbue thank?, 

dicens : Aocipite et bi- he bles9>f ed, and gStve h) 

ait« ex eo omnes ; hic h'B disuples, saying : 

Kfi EKiM CA.US sANoai- Take, and drink ye all of 


no 1IIH.TIS EFFDKDSTim tbstawent ; the mystkrt 
n &BVIBS10N&M PBOOA- or faitb ; vhioh shall 



Hmc quouescunque fe- As often as ye do tlie&e 
things, ye shall do them 
in remembrance of me. 

fft llitn proeeetb : 

XJade Bt memores. Do- Wliarefore, O Lord, ( 

At (A« elnalion of llu CluJice. 
SslvaXoT maaS., Bulva nos; quia per Cmeem et Saa. 
fninein ti 

Mat 'Our of the world, save us ; for bv tliy crosa and 
bjr tb/ bload thou haBt redeemed ub ; oelp hb, we bo. 
ncch ihee, O our God. Amen. 

Have meny on me, Joar Jeaas. and ffranl tnat Ih^ 
btood mav n„t be shed in vain for me, f inoat hnniUl 
aamMffa toco Aipea. ' 


nine, nDs servi tui, sed et thy servants, as also thy 
plebs tua sancta, ejus- holy people, calling to 
dem Christi Filii tui Do- mind the blessed passioii 
mini nostri tam beatsB of the same Chnst thy 
passionis, necnon et ab Son our Lord, his resor 
mferis resurrectionis, sed rection from hell, and 
Vt in coelo gloriosse ts- glorious ascension into 
eensionis : offerimus pree- heaven, offer unto thj 
claree Majestati tuae, de most excellent Majesty, 
tuis donis ac datis, Hos- of thy gifts and grantSi 
tiam 'h puram, Hostiam a pure ji Host, a holy •{■ 
»!• sanctam, Hostiam ^ Host, an immaculate 4 
immaculatam, paneni ji Host, the holy »{« bread ol 
sanctum vitse setemse, et eternal life, and the chal« 
C9licera 4^ salutiM perpe- ice ^ of everlasting sal* 
tufe. vation. 

Hail, most precious and sacred blood, which, flowing 
out of the side of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Ghiisti 
washest away the spots of our offences ; cleanse, sanOi 
tily, aid preserve my soul, I beseech thee, to everlastiof 
life. Amen. 

After the devatioru 

We thank thee, O Lord God, merciful Father, 1 
having been pleased to send thy only-begotten S< 
Jesus Christ, to suffer death for us sinners, even 1 
most shamefii'. deaf: of the cross, that he might C 
Umself to thee a most pure, holy, and acceptable s« 
tee for our sins, and thereby purge our wicked ( 
sciences from all spots of uncle&nness. By this 
exceeding great love to us, and by these most I 
torments of thy Son our Saviour, we humbly lief 
^ee continually to impart to us the fruits of oi 
demption, thai we may daily die to \h© vfoM, v 
emcified to the InsU and deaiTeft of Xhis ^^ ^ 


Extending his hartdt, he p% ^eeeds : 

>r«k quse propitio ac Upon which vouchsafe 

• vultu respicere to look, with a prcpitioiu 

is, et accepta ha- and serene countenance, 

icuti accepta habere and to accept them« as 

.us es munera pueii thou wert gracious V 

Bti Abel, et sacrih pleased to accept thf 

Patriarchse nostn gifts of thy just servant 

ise ; et quod tibi Abel, and the sacrifice ol 

t summus sacerdos our Patriarch Abraham, 

lielchisedech, sane- jmd that which thy high- 

acridcium, immacu- jriest Melchisedech of- 

hostiam. iered to thee, a holy sac- 
rifice, an immaculate host. 

f down profoundly t with his hands Joined mnd placed 
upon the Altar, he says: 

>phces te rogamus, We most humbly be- 

otens Deus, jube seech thee, almighty God, 

perferri per manus command these things to 

angel i tui in sub- be carried by the hands of 

.Itare tuum, in con- thy holy angel to thy altar 

)c alone during our whole life, that in the end 
ly rejoice everlastingly in thy kingdom; where, 
hj eternal Son, ana the Holy Ghost, thou live^t 
ignest one God, forever and %iver Amen. 

lost gracious God, Father of ah mercies ; grant, 
ech thee, that this adorable sacrifice of the blessed 
md bl( od of thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ, which 
ind ever]rwhere throughout thy holv Church is 
1 as a continual thanksgiving for, and a daily le- 
rance of, bis blessed death, may obtain tot \i^\xl 
ads, merer and the remission of all our ama. 


sp^ctu divinae Majestatis on high, in the sight of 

tuae, ut quotquot ex hac thy divine Majesty, that 

altaris participatione, sa- as many of us [he kisHi 

crosanctum Filii tui cor- the Altar] as, by partici- 

pus "fi €t 4" sanguinem pation at this Altar, shaO 

•umpserimus, omni bene- receive the most sacred 

lictione coeiesti et gratia body >{• and ji blood oii 

i'epleamur. Per eundem thy Son, may be filled^ 

Christum Dominum nos- with all heavenly benedic- 

irum. Amen. tion and grace. Through 

the same Christ our Lord. 

Memento etiam. Do- Be mindful, Lord, (A 

Short Meditations, or Aspirations. 

Oh, the depth of the wisdom and knowledge of God! ^ 
how incomprehensible are his judgments, and how un- 
searchable his ways ! 

O sacrament of piety ! O sign of unity ! O bond of 
charity ! He that will live hath here whereon to live, 
hath here wherein to live. Let him come and believe, 
and be incorpordted, that he may be enlivened. 

O miracle! O the goodness of God! who, sitting 
above with the Father, is in the same moment of time 
in the hand also of the priest, and delivered to «ueb 
as are willing* to receive and embrace him. 

O dread Majesty, how should I tremble to offend thee! 
Infinite Mercy, to thee I come for pardon of my sins ; la 
(hee I have recourse in all my necessities ; thee I adam 
with all the faculties of my soul and body. Hail, holy 
sacrifice, offered for me and all mankind! Hail, meal 
precious blood, she<f for me and all mankind ! 

O how pleasant, Lord, is thy spirit! who, to show 
&y sweetness towards thy children, givest them tha 
most delicious bread from heaven, and sendest the proad 
ftway empty. 

obe, famuloTum famu- thy servants nnd band- 

Ununque tuarum N. et maids N. and N.. who are 

S., qui nos prEecesaerunt gone before us, wi'h the 

cum signo fidei, et dor- sign of faith, and slumber 

minni in somno pacis, in the sleep of peace. 

Bi prayt fan meh of ike Dtad aa he itttettdi to prof ftr 
Ipsis, Domine, et om- To these, O Lord, and 

mbus in Christo quies- to all that rest in Christ, 

ceoiibus, locum refrigerii, graat, we beseech thne, 

Incis et pacis, ut indul- a place of refreshment. 

gcos, deprecamur. Per llght,andpeace. Through 

nmdero Chrtatum, &c. the same Christ our Lord. 

Amen. Amen. 

Aim; ttnkity hit brmuf. a»d iligbtly mUiitg hi* eoiet, ht 


Nobis quoque peccato- And to us sinners, thy 
ribua famulis luis, de servants, hoping in the 
niDlUtudiae mi^erationum multitude of thy mercies, 

A Prayer for the Departed. 

We humbly beseech thee, O merciful Father, for the 

Mais of the fiuthful who are depitrted this Ife. ttiut 

lliid hifly sacrifice may be to them eternal salvation, per- 

Etuul rest, and everlaating feheity. O my Lord Jeaua, 
this wonderful ajid excellent ayatery of piety aaj 
HouDlv be to them, this day, full of perfect joy; gmnt 
tluit trtey mav 1)e Riled with thee, the livuig and true 
bread irbo deBcendedst irota heaven, and piveat life M 
the world ; with thee, the immaculatn I.amh, who lukest 
2waj ihe sins of the world: muke them drink of the 
founldin that springs to eternal life; that bo, being re- 
fretbed and comforted, they may rijoice in thy holf 
tame and glorv. wcrid wilhont eid. Amen. 

(;jlrt< 5 OF THE MA1A. 

im operant ibus par- 

iliquam et societatem 

ire digneris, cum tuis 

;tis apostolis et mar- 

Ibus; cum Joanne, Ste- 

ino, Matthia, Barnaba, 

itio, Alexandre, Mar- 

llino, Petro, Felicitate, 

;rpetua, Agatha, Lucia, 

_ lete, Cae cilia, Anasta- 

ta, et omnibus Sanctis 

luis : intra quorum nos 

consortium, non aestima* 

|tor meriti, sed veniae, 

'quaesumus, largitor ad- 

mitte. Per Christum Do- 

minum nostrum. 

Per quern haec omnia, 
Doniine, semper bona cre- 
as, sancti>{«ficas, viv]4ifi- 
cas, bene»i^icis, et praes- 
tas nobis. 

vouchsafe to grant 
part and fellowship witk 
thy holy apostles and 
mar\yrs ; with John, St6« 
phen, Matthias, Barna' 
bas, Ignatius, Alexander^ 
Marcellinus, Peter, FeB* 
citas, Perpetua, Agatha^ 
Lucy, Agnes, Cecily, An- 
astasia, and with a\\ thy 
Saints : into whose com- 
pany we beseech thee to 
admit us, not consider- 
ing our merit, but freely 
pardoning our offences. 
Through Christ our Lord. 

By whom, Lord, thou 
dost always create, sanc- 
tify, ({i quicken, ji bless, 
»{« and give us all these 
good things. 

He uncovers the chcUie, and makes a a^nufiexum ; that UJc 
ing the Host in his right hand, anahol<Ung the ehalice m 
his left, he signs the sign of the Cross three time* aerou tk§ 
rhalii^^ saying: 

Per ip«{«um, et cum Through him, ^ imimI 

p4«o, et in ip4<so, est with him, •}« and in him. 

tibi Deo Patri 4* omnipo- •{• is to thee, God the 

tend, in unitate Spiritus Father almiffhty, in the 

Sanctis omnis honor et unity of the Holy Ghoet, 

srioiifK ail l^onoT Bxvd \^V>t^. 

VJOfOJX OF TttE BIAS8. )i 1 1 

the ehmliee, Me kneeU down * and riHng ay«M» kt 

V. Per omnia sscula V. Forever and ever 
R. Amen. R. Amen. 

Oremus. Let us pi ay. 

FrsDceptis salutaribus Instructed by thy s-iv - 

MMiiti, et divina institu- ing precepts, and follow- 

ione formati, audemus ing thy divine institution. 

tioere : we presume to say : 

Pater noster, qui es in Our Father, who art 

«e1i8, sauctificetur nomen in heaven, hallowed be 

xaun : adyeniat regnum thy name : thy kingdom 

uum ; fiat voluntas tua come ; thy will be donu 

ieut in coelo, et in terra, on earth as it is in heav* 

?anem nostrum quotidi- en. Give us this day our 

mum da nobis hodie : et daily bread : and forgive 

iimitte nobis debita nos- us our trespasses, as we 

ra, sicut et nos dimitti- forgive them that trespass 

nus debitoribus nostris. against us. And lead us 

Kt no nos inducas in not into temptation. 

M". Sed libera nos a H. But deliver us from 

nalo. evil. 

iS» Amen. P, Amen. 

At Htgn Mom, the Deacon, towards the eonelimion of the 
Pater NoBter, goet to the right hand of the Priest, where 
he awaits the approach of the Subdeaeon, from whom he 
reeehes the paten, whicn he puts into the hands of the 

B!p takes the paten between hit Jirtt and second fifiger^ and 


Uhera w^. qua^umus. Deiiver us, we bese«c\> 


In MoMMetf for the Dead, hr ^nys twiee^ Give tl em rest ; 
lastly J Give thr.m etrnyl rest. Standing tn an imdmii 
pomiion, taitk hit hjetrda Joined and resting on the Altar 
and his eyes r^per^ntlff faced upon the saered Host, he Mft : 

Domine Jesu Ohriste, LordJesus Christ, who 

Jui dixisti Apo6V\lis tuis, saidst to thy Apostleii 

^acem relinquo vobis, pa- Peace I leave with yott 

i^m mean) do vobis ; ne my peace I give untc 

respicias ppccata mea, sed you ; regard not my sins, 
fidem £ccl Asia; tuse; earn- Hbut the faith of thj 

que secundum volunta- Church ; and vouchsue 

tern tuam pacificare et to it that peace and unity 

coadunare digneris : qui which is agreeable to thy 

vivis et regnas Deus, per will : who livest and 

omnia saecula saeculorum. reignest God forever and 

Amen. ever. Amen. 

The preceding prajrer ia omitted in MaaMs for the Dead 

{At High Mass, the Deacon ktsses tJie Altar at the same tknt 
with the celebrating Priest^ by wliom he is saluted with thi 
kiss of peace with these words : 

V. Pax tecum. V. Peace be with theCi 

To which the Deacon answers : 
R. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit. 

And then salutes in like manner the Subdeaoon, who wnt 
veys tlie kiss o/oeace tc those amongst the Clergy who mm§ 
be assisting at ifassJ] 

Domine Jesu Christe, Lord Jesus Christ, 

Fili D^ vivi, qui ex vo- Son of the living God, 

luntate Patris, co-ope- who, according to the 

rante Spiritu Sancto, per will of the Father, 

mortem tuam munduDL through the co-operation 

vivificasti ; libera me per of the Holy Ghost, hasi 

hoc sacrf sanctum corpus by thy death ^ven lifn 


lem tuum ab to the world ; doli? 3r me 

iniquitatibus by this thy most sacred 

miversis malis : body and blood from all 

.e tuis semper in- my iniquities and from 

mandatis, et a te all evils ; and make me 

m separari per- always adhere to th* 

; qui cum eodem commandments, and ner 

*atre et Spiritu er suffer me to be sepa- 

vivis et regnas rated from thee; who 

n sttcula sseculo- with the same God the 

Amen. Father and Holy Ohost 

livest and reignest God 
forever and ever. Amen, 
leptio corporis tui, Let not the participa- 
e Jesu Christe, tion of thy body, Lord 
go indignus sume- Jesus Christ, which L 
esumo, non mihi all unworthy, presume to 
iat in judicium et receive, turn to my judg- 
mationem ; sed ment and condemnation ; 
I pietate prosit mi- but through thy good- 
tutamentum men- ness, may it be to me a 
corporis, et ad me- safeguard and remedy, 
percipiendam. Qui both of soul and body. 
: regnas cum Deo Who with God the Fa- 
in unitate Spiritus ther, in the unity of the 
Deus per om- Holy Ghost, livest and 
I cula susculorum. reignest God forever and 

ever. Amen. 

a genuflection, ami talcing the Host in hit handti 
the J'rieet says : 

cm coelestem acci- I will take the bread 
et nomen Domini of heaven, and call upon 
i)o, the name of the Loid. 


8lf%kii*g kia breMt \n humility and devotion, he aays 
^ Aeotytk ringing the hell each time : 

Domine, non sum dig- Lord, I am not worthj 

nu8 ut intres sub tectum that thou shouldfit enter 

meum; sed tantum die under my roof; say bn^ 

verbo, at sanabitur anima the word, and my flovi 

mea. shall be heated. 

Taking reverently both parte of the eaered Hoet in hie ngU 
hand, and making the ngn of the Orota with it upon Mmr - 
self, he says the following prayer : 

Corpuy Domini nostri May the body of our 
Jesu Chris ti custodiat Lord Jesus Christ pre- 
animam meam in vitam serve my soul to life e^^r- 
SBternam. Amen. lasting. Amen. 

He then receives both halves of the Host, joins his hands, and 
remains a short time in meditation on the most holy Ser 
erameiU. Then he uncovers the chalicCf gathers upon tht 
paten the smallest atoms of the Host which may remain on 
the corporal, puts them into the chalice, saying : 

Quid retribuam Domi- What shall I render to 

no pro omnibus quae re- the Lord for all he hath 

tribuit mihi ? Calicem rendered unto me ? I will 

salutaris accipiam, et no- take the chalice of salva- 

men Domini iuvocabo. tion, and call upon the 

A Prayer whm the Priest receives. 

O sacred banquet, uc which Christ is received, thb 
memory of Ids passion is renewed, the ndnd is fillel 
with grace, and a pledge of future glory is given to ua. 

Grant, O Lord Jesua that we may so reverence thi 
sacred m^ stenes of thy Body and Bloody that we maj 
ever find in ourselves the fnits of thv redemotioa 


invocabo Domi- name of the Lord 
ab inimicis meis Praising I wi.l r.all upon 
3. the Lord, and 1 shall be 

saved from my enemies. 

he ehaUee in his right hand, and making tht iif^ 
ofthtf Orou with it on himself, he says . 

is Domini nostri The blood of our Lord 

iristi custodial Jesus Christ preserve my 

meam in vitam soul to everlasting life. 

. Amen. Amen. 

iceives all the Blood, together trith the particles in ii 

ich he oommnnicatM all who ave to oommniiicate (if thfit 

be any). 

ayerfor those who are not to CommunictUe, 

good God, and sweet Saviour Jesus, who art 
ere for my sake, and givest thyself to me for 
1, and for the supply of all my necessities, since 
thee, who art the true food of my soul, I can- 
I humbly bes4^Ach thee to refresh me spiritually, 
e me partaker of that grace which they expe- 
Jio devoutly receive thee. O good Jesus, de- 
not, but vouchsafe to visit thy servant, and by 
) to work and perfect all the effects and virtues 
)ly sacrament in me, to thy honor, O my God, 
itemal salvation of my soul. Amen. 

f Christ, sanctify me ; Body of Christ, save i&«^ ; 
Christ, inebriate me ; Water out of the side of 
ash me ; Passion of Christ, strengthen me. O 
us, hear me, bide me within thv wounds ; suffei 
o be separated from thee ; de&nd me from the 
it enemj; at the hour of my death call me, anA 
fome unto thee, that with thy Sainta 1 mKf 
9 for aO eternity. Amen. 



2^4)9e who are to communieate go up to th€ banetuary at 
Domine, non sum dignus, whin the hell rings : the A€ol\ 
spreads a cloth before theti, and says the Cou&teor. 

f^hen the Priest turns to the eymnMnieantSf and 
a general cdtsolittion in these words : 

Af isereatur vestri omni- May almighty 

jiotens Deus, et dimissis have mercy on yon, fofil 

pcccatis vestris, perducat give you your sins, and' 

vos ad vitam aBtemam. bring you to life eyerlast- • 

M, Amen. R, Amen. 

S. Indulgentiam, ab- P, May the almighty 

Bolutionem, et remissio- and merciful Lord ghi \ 

nam peccatorum vestro- you pardon, absoluttu^l 

rum tribuat \ obis omnipo- and remission of your ] 

tens et misericors Domi- sins, 

M, Amen. R, Amen. 

W.ewU%ng a particle of the blessed Saeramentj and turmm§ 
towaras the people, he says : 

Ecce Agnus Dei, ecce Behold the Lamb ol 
qui tollit peccata mundi. God, behold him who 

taketh away the sins of 
the world. 

And then repeats three times, Domine, non sum dignii^ 

l}e9cendina the steps of the Altar to the eommunieanUf A§ 
admintsters the tiUy Gommumon, saying to each : 

Corpus Domini nostri May the body of our 

Jesu Ohristi custodiat Lord Jesus Christ pm* 

animam tuam in vitam serve thy soul to life 

■>temaix:. Amen. lasting. Amen. 

CAHOR OF THS MAhtt. 819 

Aeoiffih pawn a little wine into the : kaluse. and thi 
Prieat takee ihefint abltaion, 

ore sumpsimus, Grant, Lord, that what 
f pura mente ca- we have taken with oui 
; ei de munere mouth, we may receiy« 
iti fiat nobis reme- with a pure mind ; and 
smpitemum. of a temporal gift may it 

become to us an eternal 


I Acolfftk wmra wine and water aver hie Jingetk , 
emd Ue takee the eeeond ablution. 

ms tuam, Dominc, May thy body, O Lord, 
lumpsi, et sanguis which I have received, 

potaW, adhse^eat and thy blood which I 
3US meis : et pree- have drunk, cleave to my 

in me non rema- bowels ; and grant that 
Bcelerum macula, no stain of sin mav re- 
pura et sancta re- main in me, who have 
it sacramenta. Qui been refreshed with pure 
it regnas in ssecula and holy sacraments. 
•nmL. Amen. Who livest, &c. Amen. 

/Vsyvr dwring the ablution. 

it VLB, O Lord, a part in the fruits of thy death 
Bsion, the sacred memory of which we have coo- 
ated in this our sacrince and communion. I 
thy goodness, O gracious Lord, for thy inestima- 
or in admitting me to be present this day at todt 
icrifice where thou ar^ lM>th Priest and Victim, 
ike me always sensible of so great a blessing, and 
: my nu rorthiv'tss put a bar to thy mercy and 

»■■ - 

'he ynpes hit nunuik and tks chtdiee, vokieh kt Me^rt^ 
~ having folded the corporal, ploMM it on the aitmr, 3t fls 

he then goes to the book, and readi tht Oaaaaxamm. f r^ez 

• *i 

jut thinff I have asked of the Lord, this will I 

(r ; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all tiJM 
rd of my life. 

'Taste and see that the Lord is sweet: blessed is Urn 
that hopeth in him. 

(For a SairWs Day,) Blessed is that senrant whoa 
ds Lord when he cometh shall find watching. 

If any man will come after me, lot him deny himailt « tw 
ind take up his cross, and follow mis. 

77ien he turns to the people, and eays : 1 

V. Dominus vobiscum. V. The Lord be #itk 1 ^- Be< 

yoa. I 

R. £t cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit fl BL Ai 

Then he reads the Post-Communions ; eU *he end of the fknk I 'Ai Si^ 
and last of which the Acolyth anȴfers. Amen. I 




#0T l^ost^Communfoiii 

if £3 

Ponr forth upon us, O Lord, the spirit of thy Iof«| 
tett by thy m^rcy, thou mayst make those of one 
Dind whom tnou hast fed with one celestial iM 
rhrough our Lord Jesus Christ, who liveth and reignetk 
rith thee, in the unity of the same Holy Spirit, &c 

Graciously hear the prayers of thy family, O almk^ty 
rod; and grant that these sacred myateneA ^Vas£ii% .y^ 

ve received from thee, may by thy graic« \» \ii«a«ntj^ \^P^'' 
omipt withdn us. Through out Lord, &a* ."* '^ 



(Ar a Satnt^s Day,) We have received heavenly 
«yBterie8,0 Lord, in tne commemoratioif of the blessed 
Hsiy ever Virgin, N., and all tliy Saints ; grant, we b»* 
teeen thee, that what we celebrate in time, we may o\> 
tain in the joys of eternity. Through our Lord, &^c. 

Afttrwardi kt tmfu agann toutarda the psopUy and sat/t : 

V. Dominusvobiscmn. V. The Lord be with 


R. £t cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit. 

Ite missa est ; vel Bene- Go, the Mass is ended ; 
ii^amus Domino. or [when the Gloria in ex- 

celsis has been omitted], 
Let us bless the Lord. 

R. Deo Gratias. R. Thanks be to God. 

In Mcusesfor the Dead 

V. Requiescant in pace. V. May they rest n 

R Amen. R. Amen. 

[At High Ma$9, Ite missa est is chanted by the BeaecnJ] 

Bcemng down before the Altar, the Priest says : 

Placeattibi, sanctaTri- holy Trinity, let the 

ataa, obeequium servitu- performance of my }iom« 

til mesB ; et prsBsta, ut age bt pleasing to thee ; 

achfjcium quod oculis and grant that the sacri- 

kiUB Majestatis uidi^us fice which I, unworthy, 

Dhtuli, tibi sit accept^ile, have offered up in the 

BMbique^ et omnibus pro sight of thy Majesty, 

qoibus illud obtuli, sit, may be acceptable to 

•e miscrante, propitiabile. thee, and through thy 



882 CANON OF THE MA»ft. 

Per Christum Dominuin mercy be a propitiatMV 
nostium. Am<m. for me, and all tnose liol 

whom I have offered i6 
Through Christ our LcHL 

t\m he kUsei the Altar, raUinokU eyee, — amd fvimutt^ 
r<niing and joining hie hanae, — he bawe his keadt ^ 
taye : 

Benedicat vos omnipo- May almighty God, khi 

lens Deus, Pater, et Fi- Father, Son, 4< a^'i Ho^ 

lius, 4> et Spiritus Sane- Ghost, bless you. Amea 
lus. Amen. 

At the word "DeJiB, he twme towards the people, and mahm 
tfte sign of the Oross on them, l%en turning to the Ch§ 
pel side of the Alter, "te says : 

V. Dominus vobiscum. V. The Lord be witk 

R. Et cum spiiitu tuo. R. And with thy spirit 

Th« BenedieU^ is oautted in Msmm for the DMd. 

He then traces the sign of the Orou, first upon the Altetr 
and then upon his forehead, lips, and heart, and begim 
the Gospel according to 8L John, saying : 

S, Initium sancti E- P. The beginning oi 
ctmgelii secundum Joan- the holy Gospelacco^ng 
wm. to St. John. 

At the last OotpeL 

O Eternal Word, speak to my soul, which adores tiiec 
ha profound silence ; thou who art the great Creator ol 
aU things, abandon not, I beseech thee, thy own 
twe : be thou my life, my light, and my all 


Jf. Qloria tibi, Do- B, Glor} oe to tliee. 


In prbjcipAO erat Ver- In the beginning wai 

Imm, et Verbum erat the Word, and the Word 

^Bood Deum ; et Deus was with God and God 

at Verbum : hoc erat was the Word : the same 

II principio apud Deum. was in. the beginning with 

Omnia per ipsum facta God. All things were 

sont, et sine ipso factum made by him, and with- 

est nihil quod factum est : out him was made nothing 

k ipso vita erat, et vita that was made : in him 

erat lux hominum ; et lux was life, and the life waq 

m tenebris lucet, et tene- the kght of men : and 

brae earn non comprehen- the light shuieth in dark- 

Jenmt. ness, and the darkness did 

not comprehend it. 
Fuit homo miasi^ a There was a man sent 
Deo, cui nomen erat from God, whose name 
Joannes. Hie venit in was John. This man 
testimonium, ut testimo- came for a witness, to 
nium perhiberet de lu- gi\'^ testimony of the 
ame, ut omnes crederent light, that all men might 

Light Eternal ! enlighten me as to this present liiia, 
mi in 3ie life to come. 

Rei^ in me as in thine cim inheritance ; for thou, O 
imd^DBsd made me : thou ha^t redeemed me. May I 
k ever thine ! 

1 have sinned too much against heaven, and befor6 
tlwe, and am not worthy to be called thy son. 

Thou God Incarnate, have {Nty on my frail and morta] 
lesh, and grant it may one day see what it adorea bem 
•elow. jSaen 

believe throuftli Um. 
was Dot the light, 
come to f^ve tMlimiu 
the lighL He was 
true light which ei 
eneth every jbuui 
cometfa into thk world. 

He was in the worUjf 
and the world waa 
hy him, and the 
knew bim not. He 
unto his own, and liiB< 
rec^ved him not. 
many as received him, 
them he gave power 
become the sons of CK) 
to those that believe m^ 
faia luune, who an boal 
not o( blood, nor of ibt 
trill of the flesh, nor ol 
the will <tf man, but ol 
God. And thx Won 


the people JcTteel ifowit^ 
and dwelt among as; 
and we saw his gloiT, ■■ 
it were the glonr el tU 
Ooly-bwotteu of Uia Far 
ther, foB of giaoe ai^ 

R. Tbanka be to Oodj 

Weatt /<dU M a Siin4af, of «tMer iml <Mlk Aw • 
UOoaafl of ill iwn, tin Qo»pd ^ Om 4»g i/t mi 
/ Hm &Mfl of SI. Join. [See f. 07.] 

Nan erat ille 
a testimonium 

ije lumine. 
ra qase illumi- 
:m hominem 
in liimc mun- 

|ndo erat, et mnn- 

isum factus est, 

j eutti noD co^- 

1 propria venit, 

m non recepe- 

Quotquot autem 

|.Dt eum, dedit eis 

a filios D^ fieri : 

|redunt in nrHniue 

ex BGSt|ui- 

X Toiuntate 

hcque ez volun- 

ed ei Deo nati 

Vkhbuu cabo 

ai [flic fftmi' 

et habitavit in 

vidimus glo- 

, gloriam qua^ 

li a Patre, plenum 

I veritiitls. 

of ^taring Maw for tl^e Souls ol 
lilt ^ailbfisl IDepaxtth. 

Mak$ yomr InimUitm 

of all mercy, I come to i^er Jbde the 
be Lamb without spot for the souk which 
St, and which sigh only after the blessed* 
sing thee and fflorifying thee. Just as are 
iments which Uiou inflictest upon us, opeo 
lis day the boundless treasure of the sat- 
f thy divine Son ; and bestow upon them 
ly sacrifice wherewithal to discharge the 
b they still owe to thy sovereign justice. 

intendinf to eommufticate, and loiM u> offer jfom 
C^ommumonfor particular SonlSf tay : 

tch thee, Lord, to apply to the souls d 
i indulgences which I shall be able to 
the commumon I am about to make.] 

UU the Prieit U ai the foot of the Altar, 

ifess our sins, God; and we acknowi 
if thou hadst regard only to our iniquities, 
>uld be justified in thy sight, and endure 
;y of thy countenance. Woe to us if thou 
( without mercy ! To appease thy justice, 
ecourse, after the example of thy saints, 
»loody sacrifice of Him who was pleased to 
Lo the cross for us, and who never ceaseth 
^crcession with thee in our behalf. For- 
sins ; forgive also our brethren departed 


the sins which they committed agsdnst thee 
they abode in this land of exile. Let thy 
prevail over thy justice, since thou haat 
graciously to hear those who show merey* and 
th'>u faithful to thy promises. 


Requiem, setemam do- Eternal retft give 

oa eis, Domine ; et lux them, O Lord ; and 

perpetua luceat eis. Ps, perpetual light shine 

64. Te decet hymnus, on them. P«. To Am 

Deus, in Sion ; et tibi is due the hymn, O God^j 

redddtur votum in Jeru- m Sion ; and to thee 

salem. Exaudi orationem the vow be paid in Ji 

meam: ad te omnia caro salem. Ohearmyjpmi 

veniet. Requiem. to thee shall all i 

«*ome. Eternal, Ac. 

At th€ Kyiie. 

Jesus, show thyself a God of mercy ; ha;? 4 ' 
pity on the souls that groan in the place of 8ii£Rnn|i 
and expiation. 

nfCdlMt . 

FideliuDi D«us oroniuiL Ood, the Creatoi and 

Conditor et Redemptor, Redeemer of all the fliltlK 

Ruimabus famulonim fa- fol, give to the sonln 4t 

mulanunque tuarum re thy servants departed tin 

missionem cunctorum tri. remission of all their lim \ 

hue peccatoinim; ut in* that, through pious sop* 

dulgentiam, quam semper plications, they may on* 

optaverunt, piis supfjli- tain the pardon whidi 

cat/onlbus consequantur. they Uvre ilways deiired. 

Quj r/vis et regUAS, kr Wlio U^«ifc im t^«mIu 


O maBt gracious God, who art always ready 
k»e mercy and to spare, forget not, I biiseecli ih 
the aouls of thy servants whom thou hast summun 

. to thy judgment ; let thy holy angels conduct ihi 
'oto the heavenly country : they navf believed a 

. hoped in thee, let them not be disappointed in ib 
Inpe, but eater speedily into possession of that thm 
tf ^ory which thou hast prepared for thy elect. 

At iht E|)Utle 

"Brethren, we will not have you ignorant cc 

NnUDg them that are asleep, that you be not sorro 

hi even as others who have no hope. For if ' 

bcBeve that Jesus died and rose again, even so liit 

wbo have slept through Jesus, will God bring wi 

Urn. For this we say unto you in the word of t 

Lord, that we who are alive, who remain unto I 

KMDisg of the Lord, shall not prevent them wl 

bave dept. For the Lord himself shall come dov 

from heaven with commandment, and with the voi 

rfan archangel, and with the trumpet of God ; a] 

' ihe dead who are in Christ shall rise first. Th 

we who are alive, who are left, Rhall be tuk^n i 

.' together with them in the clouds to meet Chrii 

htki the air, and so shall we be always with r 

t<rd. Wherefore, comfort ye one another wi 

^*-*e words." 1 Thess. iv. 12-17. 

^^^^D Lord, 1 believe that ibe soah of those wl\o 
^^^tirdepartajvoaloi'tJm world have still to sali 
-,«„,™»™ i"-tio,i.a^ Klieved by the oUa 


of the ho.y sacrifice. What consolation is the e n 
this most blessed doctrine ! I see therein the ae* 
oomplishn:ent of that declaration of thy word, that 
thou wilt never forget the souls of thy servim%: 
therefore also wouldst thoa have us come to tte 
■uccor of the faithful departed by prayeis, wd 
thns, and sacrifices. C Lord, I enter, with all m 
hearty into thy merciful designs ; and I come ths 
day to unite myself with the pious intentions 6i the 
Church, by praying for those whom thou didrt 
adopt at the baptismal font, and hast given to us for 


Requiem aeteinam dona Eternal rest give unto 

eis, Domine ; et lux per- them, Lord ; and let 

petua luceat eis. V. Ps, perpetual delight shine 

111. In memoria 8etema upon them. V. The just 

erit Justus : ab auditione shall be in everlasting re- 

mala non timebit. membrance : he shaU not 

be afraid for evil report. 

TilW Tract 

Absolve, Domine, ani- Release, O Lord, the 

mas omniuni fidelium de- souls of all the faithful 

functorum ab omni vin- departed from the bonoi 

eiilo delictorum. Y. Et of their sins. Vc And, 

gratia tua illis succur- by the assistance of thy 

rente, mereantur evadere grace, may they merit to 

I'ttdicium ultionis. Y. Et escape the sentence of 

ucis setemae b<*i'itudine condemnation. Y. And 

perfriii. enjoy the bliss of eteraaJ 



pot THI VAXTHltT ntp» »«^a 

Dieb ine. See Hymne at emi. 


that time, Martha said to Jesus : Lord» if 

sdst been here, my brother had not died 

w, also, I know that whatsoever thou wih 

God, God will five it thee. Jesus saiih tc 

hy brother shall rise again. Martha saith to 

know that he shall rise again in the resnr- 

at the last day. Jesns said to her : I am 

nnrreetion and the life; he that believeth 

ahhonffh he be dead, shall live. And every 

it Uveth, and believeth in me, shall not die 

Believest thou this ? She saiih to him : 

fOrd» I have believed that thoa art Christ, 

n ot the living God, who art come into this 

' John zl 21-28. 

Or «^; 

^hten me, Lord, and teach me what I must 
t I may not be confounded with those who 
hut their eyes to the light of thy GospeL 
lown compassionately upon me, and vouch- 
most merciful Jesus, to pronounce that sen* 
n my behalf: Thy eins are forgiven thee. 
t the faithful departed for whom I pray hear 
irords of joy which thou utteredst on tb« 
the pemtent thief: This day thou ehalt he 
9 m peuraeliee. I know that I am not worthy 
loa shouldst hear me. ' We must pay that 
we owe to thy justice. We must return to 
(t from whence we came. We must be puri* 
fire bdcre we can enjoy thy presence. Bau 


A MSTHOD or mtAMom UAm 

thy mercies are greater than onr aiiia; 
»ay to thee with tlie Psalmist : My lots an 
lands ; deliver me out of the hands cimi 
\, and from them that persecute me. Make 
to shine upon thy servant; save me ib 
sy. Let me not he confounded, Lord^ fiir 
\e called upon thee. 


fomine Jesu Christe, Lord Jesus Ohzistj 

ix glorise, libera animas of glory, deliver the 

inium fidelium defunc- of all the fiiithful die] 

krum de poenis infemi, ed from the pains of 

de profundo lacu: li- and from the deep pit : de* 

$ra eas d^ ore leonis, ne hver them from the lion's 

ibsorbeat eas tartarus, ne mouth, lest hell swalknr 

lant in obscurum : sed them up, lest thev foil, in* 

[signifer sanctus l^cha^l to darkness : ana let th# 

reprsesentet eas in lumen standard-bearer, St* HK'J 

sanctum : * quam olim chael, bring them into the ' 

Abrahse promisisii, et se- holy light: * which thov 

mini ejus. Y. Hostias promiMdstofoldtoAbnir 

et preces tibi, Domine, ham and to hb seed. ▼; 'j 

laudis offerimus: tu sus- We offer thee, Lotd; 

cipe pro animabus illis, a sacrifice of praise and 

quarum hodie memoriam prayers ; accept them ii 

lacimus: fac eas, Dond- belialf of the soula me 

mb, de morte transire ad commemorate this da|f f 

vitaoL * Qoam, &e. and make tbem pm^ 

Lord, from death to Blib 




place where thy hand is heavy on thy children, the 
h^ of thy glory. There I will sigh and lament, I 
will unite my prayers to the sacrifice of thy dea? 
6cm, tLat thou mayest shorten their pains, and 
change their sufferings into consolation, their hu- 
■ffiatioD into glory. Lord, in the grief that op- 
presses them, theii soul cries unto thee. Have 
Mercy on me, for I acknowledge that I have sinned 
b thy sight. One thing have I asked of thee, tliia 
win I seek after ; that I may dwell in thy house 
forever, to behold the fair beauty of thy temple. 
I betieve verily to see thy face in the land of the 

During the Pre£Eu:e. 

It is just and reasonable, right and salutary, to 
give thee thanks at all times and in all places, Father 
ilnughty, eternal God, through Jesus Christ our 
Lord ; through whom thou hast given us the hope 
of a blessed resurrection, to the end that, if the 
recollection of the sentence of death piissed upon all 
Den comes to sadden us, the promise of immortality 
loav encourage and console our faith ; for to those 
who are faithful to thee, Lord, to die is to lose h 
mortal life to pass into a better, and when this their 
Earthly tabernacle is dissolved, they obtain one in 
'Vie heavens, which shall endure eternallv. And 
ikeneiore, with all the heavenly host, we sin^ a 
to thy glory, saying without ceasing : Holy, 
hoij, Lord God of Sabaoth ; heaven and earth 
fvl/ Chi thy gloij Blessed is he that comeUi in 
^« of the Lord ; his blood cries aloud for 
^*'*' ^md its voice reacheth even to the throne of 

Jhtnnff tM§ OBmmL 

O almigiity God, whose providence eitjndij 
over all thv creatures, for tnou art Hiear Fi 
east an eye of pity on the souls that love thee, 
whose bitterest pain it is to be separated fhnn 
Remember, my God, that they are the work 
thine hands, and the price of the siifferingi* 
death, and the infinite merits, of thy divine 
Jesus. Wilt thou not relent towards them far 
name's sake ? We o£fer thee, in thdr behalf, 
precious blood which was shed for* them on 
cross ; the powerful intercession ot the blessed ' 
gin Mary, St. Joseph, St Peter, and St. Paul, 
all the Saints ; the humble supplications of 
Church, and the prayers and mentonous works 
all the faithful. Having this confidence, we h _ 
all from thy mercy, O my Gtxl, for the souls whhll; 
were dear unto us, and which thou hast made it nmt. 
duty to love and succor. Let thy paternal tendei^ 
ness disarm at length thy justice. Open to 
thy heart ; manifest to them thy glonr ; show thfi-J 
seif to them as thou art, and let flow into wKn 
souls that torrent of delights of wlwoh thou art tU^ 
everlasting source. 

At the Etevatko. 

holy Victim, immolated for the talvstkn tf 
llie world, listen favorably to our prayers. O jK9k 
tkms Blood of our Saviour, which wast shed to 
away our sms, sanctify ns, and try for merof 
the souls of the faithful departed ^ 1 

• ] 
OtmHniutmct of tM§ Otmtm, 1 

Jesus, who didst go down into limbo lo * *" ' ~ 



er thence the souls of the paf.riarchs and propLeU 

wbo awaited thy coming, visit the souls of thy ^er- 

Tants in their place of suffering. Moderate the 

keat of the furnace in which they are tried with the 

dew of thy grace. Thou hast said that thou wilt 

«OQSider as done unto thyself, the least £i^ood which 

Y£ nhd I do unto our brethren : 1 may hope, then, 

Ini the relief which I shall procure for the r^ouls 

rf the faithful will he as acceptable to thee as if I 

Ind procured it for thyself. Cease from thy anger, 

my Ood, through the intercession ot Her v^rho is 

the comforter of the afSicted, and vhrough the 

prayers of all the heavenly host, who plead for the 

wasedness of the souls in purgatory. Grant, I 

beseech thee, eternal rest to these our brethren in 

whose behalf we prostrate ourselves before thee. 

At tk$ Pater. 

Jesus, O thou at whose name everv knee doth 
bw hi heaven, on earth, and under the earth ; O 
thou who art the sovereign Judge of the li\ing and 
the dead, let thy name be hallowed by the deliver- 
loce of the souls for whom we pray. Let the gate 
of thy tabernacles be opened to them, and thy will 
to save tbem be done this day. Grant that, after 
having eaten the bread of amiciion« they may hp 
ararished with the living bread, which is the frii 
kioa of thyself. We beseech thee in thy mercy to 
f x^give the sins of cur parents, friends, and bene/ac- 
, and the sins which we have caused them 

to commit, that thou mnyst not impute the guilt to 
them in the rigor of thy justice. Preserve us from 
those arenginff flames, which, alas! we have too 
jiMtly merited by the abuse of thy graces, our lep\d< 


tty in thy sendee, and our unfaithfulness m lenjli ^'- 
ing temptation. Deliver us from sin, the greateil ?^ 
of all evils. We know that it is a fearful thing to' ^ 
fall into the hands of the living God. ?^ 

At the AgnuB Dei 

C Jasus, how great is the love which led thee tn 
offer thyself, as a lamh to the sacrifice, for the ex- J 
piation of the sins of the world ! What tongue caa 
worthily extol that charity which leads thee to b& 
come surety for our debts, even after our death. 
What ought not our gratitude to be for so great a . 
benefit ! ^ 

Lamb of God, who, by thy death, didst over- " 
come the roaring lion that goeth about seekiiiff ^ 
whom he may devour, have mercy on the faithfu '" 

Lamb without spot, who wast immolated to the 
justice of thy divine Father, to the end that he 
might forgive us our sins, have mercy on those who. 
have died united by love to thy sacred heart. 

Lamb of God, who wast oflfered in sacrifice, that 
thou mightest lead us out of this land of perdition to 
the true land of promise ; thou who hast said : / am 
the resurrection and the life ; he that helieveth in hm, 
although he he dead, shall live, — ^give to the souls 
of the faithful departed that life, the principle of 
which was imparted to them by the grace of the 
holy sacraments ; bestow upon them the happiness 
of which they have so often received the precious 
pledge in thy heavenly banquet. I desire to have 
part therein {spiritually), that I may obtain fcNP 
ehem, as much as in me lies, the society of thine 
elect forevcT ; I offer to thee in their behsify and 


ally for N., all the devotions and g\. od work» 
I may be enabled to perform. Despise noi 

imblc prayer ; but be thou thyself my conso- 
in my loss, and grant relief to those souls 

1 were so dear to me, and especially N. 


t shine upon them, Lord, thy eternal light 
,hey may dwell forever with thy saints : grrant 
ivoi to them, I beseech thee, Grod of mercy. 


my God, who hast constituted prayer for the 

in purgatory one of the most essential of our 

3, grant that I may find, in thy infinite merits 

iharity, the pardon of all my past tepidity and 

Let the remembrance of thy justice, which 

5 them fast bound in prison for faults which 1 

If so commonly commit, excite in me a firm 

mion of entering on the way of penance to ex- 

my sins, and cause me to walk with more cir- 

pection, that I may not relapse into my for- 

errors. I will no longer delay to do penance. 

leforth I will labor thereat whilst there is yet 

I will pray most humbly for the souls of the 

ful departed ; I will deprive myself even of al- 

ble pleasures and enjoyments, to quench the 

» in which they suffer ; I will pour my alma 

the lap of the poor, to make interest in their 

If. Bless these resolutions, my God, and 

t me grace to fulfil them. 

The LuX Ooepel 
I know that mv Redeemer liveth, and in th# 



last day I shall rise oul of the earth, ana I shall \ 
be clothed again with my skin, and in my flesh I h 
shall see my God, my Savioar ; my eyes shall be*-|K 
hold him ; this my hope is laid up m my bosom." ^^ 
Job jcix. 25-27. '^% 

" I will look towards the Lord, I will wait km \i 
0od my Saviour ; my God will hear my voice. 1 ^ 
ihail arise when I sit in darkness, the Lord h aiy ii 

light He will bring me forth mto the lighd ^ 

I shall behold his justice." Mich. vii. 7-9. ' n 

De Profundis (p. 601^ Pater, an<^ Ave. 


Wtvolxons for ffla00. 


Prasers before iStass 

Receive, holy Trinity, one God, the holy sao^ 
rifice of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, which I, thy unworthy servant, desire now 
to offer unto thy divine Majesty by the hands ol 
this thy minister, with all the sacrifices which havt 
ever been or are to be offered unto thee, in union 
with that most holy sacrifice offered by the same 
our Lord at the last supper, and on the altar of the 
?ross. I offer it unto thee with the utmost affec* 
tion of devotion, out of pure Jove for thine infinite 
goodness, and according to the most holy intentioo 

of the same our Lord, and oi o>xt VcJt^ xsvolVmi 

Church : 


the great and eternal glory and love of thy 

acknowledgment of thy sovereign excel* 
d supreme dominion over na, and of ov 
Q to thee, and dependence upon thee, 
perpetual commemoration of the pasiUM 
.h of the same Christ our Lord. 
r the honor and increase of glory of the 
Virgin, and of all the saints triumphant, 
eternal thanksgiving for all thy benefits, 
1 upon the most sacred humanity of our 
on the blessed Virgin his mother, upon the 
y patrons ; and for all the benefits hitherto 
o be conferred upon all the blessed and 
lated, and upon me, the most unworthy of 

satisfaction for my sins, and for the sins of 
dthful, living or dead, 
particular, I offer it for the attainment of 
, N), or for this (N) grace or blessing, for 
, N) persons particularly recommended to 
for all for whom I am accustomed or bound 
that thou woulddt grant to the departed 
[ to the living grace, to know, and love, and 
lee perfectly now in this life, and hereafter 
r in heaven. Accept and perfect this my 
ad vouchsafe thy abundant grace and bleat- 
ts accomplishment. 

nra, infinitely to be loved ! who by the irilL 
Father and the co-operation of the HoVy 
fist not only vouchsafed to rive tlkvaeU 
r as our ^ond food, sacnfice.knsom. aad 


reward, bat art also pleased daily to iffer thyfleil 
CO us anew; how great is thy bounty, love, ut 
mercy towards me who am so ungrateful ! ho# 
great towards thee is my ingratitude, dullness, 9atj 
wickedness, who for so many and great kindni 
repa}' thee only with so many and great sins 
wickednesses ! I grieve for these, and for all 
tins of my whole life, simply because 1 have off€ 
ed thee, who art infinitely good. I desire to amenl 
all, and to make satisfaction for all, according i» 
thy will By thy tears, and sweat, and blood, anil 
by this holy sacrifice, I beseech thee to supply aB 
my defects, pardon me, and receive me to the 16m 
of peace. 

that I could assist at this most divine memc^ 
rial of thy passion, this monument of thy power* 
wisdom, and goodness, this compendium of all thy 
marvels, with that attention, devotion, and revef^ 
ence which the presence of thy Divine Majesty, the 
company of so many angels assisting, and the mag^ 
nificence of so many mysteries as are here enacted, 

1 desire to do this, O my God, with all the af- 
fections of my heart, to thy supreme glory, love^ 
and good pleasure, in thanksgiving for all thy ben* 
efits, and in satisfaction for all my sins, and the 
sins of all the faithful, for (N, N), and for all the 
living and dead, to obtam for all pardon, grace, and 

And that I may worthily do this, give me, I be- 
seech thee, abundant grace and blessing for thy 
merits' sake, and the merits of thy Blessed Vugii 
Mother, and of all tb ' saints. 

oETonmrs fob mass. . 88S 

lorable Saviour, who, in the excess of 
08 iove, hast been pleased to direB 
he saonunent of the altar, I acknow^ 
erein as my soverei^ Lord ; I adore 
with the most profoond humility; \ 
ith all my heart for the infinite tendei 
Ich thou re^ardest me, notwithstand 
iges which I have committed against 
lesire now to make all the reparation 
r for all the profanations and all the 
liich have ever been committed, and 
>ver be committed, against this adora- 
it. How can I express to thee, my 
lief I feel at having appeared before 
' much irreverence, and at having ap- 
ee with so little fervor ! Forget, 
my iniquities, that thou mayst remem- 
ine own mercies. Accept my most 
-e that thou mayst be honored in the 
■ thy love. I desire, with all my heart, 
i therein, to bless, praise, and adore 
3Ctly as thou art loved, blessed, praised, 
3y the saints and angels ; and I beseech 
1 thy adorable body and most precious 
e which I prostrate myself, to ^raai 
rth I may so devoutly adore thee there- 
worthily receive thee, that, after my 
y be admitted to glorify thee in the 
f the blessed throughout eternity. 

^n, O Lord, from thy sanctuary, and 
gh habitation in the heavens, and be- 
ist Mcred host which the great ILi^Vi 
oJjr Child, Lord Jesus, offers to tliee 

. -"ffV 


for the ons of his hrethren; and Lave meief oa- 
multitude of our wickednesses. Behdd, iae., 
of Jesus our brother ones aloud to thee bom 
eross. O Lord, hear; Lord, be ap] 
hearken, and do ; delay not, for tbdne own i 
my God, for thy name is invoked upon thk 
■nd upon thy people ; and deal with ns 
lo thy mercy. Amen. 

SDietiotions {or Mau. 




Prayer at ihe begirunng cf Moss, whQe the PrkU 
ihe Jndica me, Dens, tfc 

O ALMIGHTY Lord of heaven and earth, 
hold I, a wretched sinner, presume to a^ 
before thee this day, to offer up to thee, by 
hands of our High Priest, Jesus Christ, 
Bon, the sacrifice of his body and blood,' 
union with that sacrifice which he oflbred 
thee upon the cross : first, for thine own 
praise, adoration, and fflory: secondly, in 
membrance of his death and passion : 
ID thanksgiving for aW tSxy \^<eat&tk»>w 
«D Aim and on Vus vftio\e OdmxS^ 


. in heaven or militant on earth, 

.ally for those bestowed on me, lh«^ 

vorthy of all : fourthly, for obtain] na 

and remission of all my sins, and m 
of all others, whether living or dead, for 
1 1 ought to pray ; and lastly, for obtaining 
*aces and blessings both tor myself ana 
ly whole Church. Oh ! be thou pleased 
sist me in such manner by thy grace 
[ may behave myself this day as I ought 
in thy divine presence, and that I may 
mmemorate the death and passion of thy 
Eis to partake most plentifully of the fruits 

Through the same Jesus Christ our 


At the Confiteor 

blessed Trinity, one God, Father, ISon, 
loly Ghost, prostrate in spirit before thee, 
3 confess, in the sight of the whole court 
iven, and of all thy faithful, mv innumer- 
treasons against thy divine Majesty I 

sinned, O Lord, I have sinned : I have 
jusly offended through the whole course 
f life, in thought, word, and deed ; and 
fore am unworthy to lift my eyes to heav- 
• so much as to name thy sacred name : 
much more am I unworthy to appear 
in thy sanctuary, and to assist among thy 
s at these htJivenly mysteries, which re- 

so much purity; because Jesus Christ 
If is here in person, both Priest and V\c 



tiin! But, O (ny God, ♦hy mercies are above 
all thy works and thou wilt not despise a con- 
trite and humble heart : and therefore I here 
venture to come into thy temple, and with the 
poor publican, strike my breast, and say, Go4« 
oe merciful to me a sinner. And I humbhr ^ 
hope to find this mercy which 1 crave, throup- 
that passion and death which are here cek- 
orated. Fountain of Mercy, grant this 
mercy to me and to all poor sinners. Amen 

When the Priest ascends the steps of (he AUar. 

Take away from us our iniquities, we be- 
<)eech thee, O Lord ; that we may be worthy , 
♦.o enter with pure minds into the Holy <m 
Holies. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

At the Introit. 

Grant, O Lord, we may be truly prepared 
for the offering this great sacrifice to thee thia 
day ; and l)ecause our sins alone can render 
us displeasing to thee, therefore we cry aloud 
to thee for mercy. 

At the Kyrie eleison. 

Either reptal wUk the Prittt^ or tag : 

Have mercy on me, O Lord, and forgive nie 
nil my sins. 

Have mercy on me, O Lord, have mero; 
0B ine> 

miOTms FOR M AflB. A^ 

7^ Gloria in ezeeboB. 

Mwmt tkig wiih HU Ftmm. 

vlory fa« to Grod on high, and on earth peace 
men of good will. We praise thee; we 
M thee; we adore thee; we gloriiy thee. 
» give thee thanks for thy great glory, 
rd Grod, heavenly King, God the Father 
iighty. O Lord Jesus Christ, the only-be 
ten Son : O Lord Gkxl, Lamb of Gkxi, Son 
the Father, who takest away the sins of the 
rid, have mercy on us : thou who takest 
ay the sins of the world, receive our prayers : 
m who sittest at the right hand of the 
iher, have mercy on us. Tor thou only art 
ly : thou onljr art the Lord : thou only, 
m Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art most 
;h in the glory of God the Father. Amen. 

At the Collects. 

almighty and eternal God, we humbly 
leech tnee mercifully to give ear to the 
lyers here oflered thee by thy servant in 
i name of thy whole Church, and in behalf 
us thy people. Accept them, to the honor 
diy name, and the good of our souls ; and 
mt to us all mercy, grace, and salvation. 
iroogh our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

(Or,/or a Saini*s Day,) 

'^nai. we beseech thee, a mighty God, \hll 


the examples of thy saints may effectually mow 
us to reform our lives, that while we celebrate 
their festivals, we may also imitate their ao* 
tions. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

At the Epistle. 

Thou hast vbuchsafed, O Lord, to teach m 
thy sacred truths by the prophets and apof- 
ties: O grant that we may so improve by 
their doctrine and examples in the love of thy 
noly name, and of thy holy law, that we may 
show forth by our lives whose disciples we 
are ; that we may no longer follow the corrupt 
inclinations of flesh and blood, but master all 
our passions ; that we may be ever directed 
by thy light, and strengthened by thy grace, to 
walk in the way of thy commandments, and 
to serve thee with clean hearts. Through 
our Lord Jesus Christ. 

At the Gradual. 

How wonderful, O Lord, is thy name, 
through the whole earth ! I will bless thee, 
O Lord, at all times ; thy praise shall ever be 
*n my mouth. Be thou my God and Protector 
forever : I will put my whole trust in thee ; 
oh \ let me never he confourjded. 

At the Gospel. 

Mayst thou be ever adored and praised, 
Lord, who, not content to instruct and inform 
by thy prophets and apostles, hast even 

P «VflT I0 5 8 FOB MAbS. S4A 

saied to speak to us b} thy only Sod 
avioar Jesus Christ, commanding us by 
e from heaven to hear Him: giant us, 
-ciful God, the grace to profit by his d]« 
jid heavenly doctrine. All that is writ- 
thee, dread Jesus, in thy Gospel, is truth 
nothing but wisdom in thy actions 
and goodness in thy miracles ; light and 
stion in thy words. With thee, sacred 
mer, are the words of eternal life : to 
shall we go, but to thee, Eternal Foun- 
f Truth ? Give me, O God, grace to 
16 what thou commandest, alid com- 
what thou pleasest. 

At ihe Credo. 

Sof this wUk the Priut, 

elicve in one God, the Father almighty, 
r of heaven and earth, and of all things 
t and invisible. 

i in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-be- 
i Son of God, born of the Father before 
Bs. God of God ; Light of Light ; true 
)f true God ; begotten, not made ; con- 
mtial with the Father, oy wnom al. 
' were made. Who for us men, and for 
EUva*/on. came down from heaven, and 
Dcarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Vir- 
lary: and w/s made man. [Here the 
I kneel down,] He was crucified also 
^ jfu/Shnffa under Pontius Pilate, and was 
TAe third day he roge again accord- 


ing to the Scriptures ; and ascended into heav< 
en, and sitteth at the right hand of the Fathers] 
and he shall come again with glory to judgn 
both the living and the dead : of wr ose king- 
lorn there shall be no end. 

And I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Loii 
ind life giver, who proceedeth from the Father 
And the Son : who together with the Father j 
and the Son is adored and glori^ed ; who ^ 
spake by the prophets. And one holy Catholic 
and Apostolic Church. I confess one baptism 
for the remission of sins. And I look for the 
resurrection of the dead, and the life of the 
world to come. Amen. 



During the Offertory of the Bread and the Wine. 

Accept, O holy Father, almighty and eternal 
God, this unspotted Host, which I, thy unwor- 
thy servant, offer thee, my living and true 
Tod, for my innumerable sins, offences, and 
legligences, and for all here present, and foi 
ail faithful Christians, living and dead; that 
it may avail me and them to life everlastinfif. 

We offer thee, O Lord, the chalice of sal- 
ration, beseeching thy clemency, that it may 

nwfj^i a m nut mam. ai*? 

befiire thy divine Majesty, as a sueet 
>0e» fot cm salvation, and for that of the 
fpii world. 

boept US, O Lord, in the spirit of humility 
a contrite heart : and grant that the sac- 
» wfuch we offer this day in thy sight may 
leasing to thee, O Lord God. 

b, what cleanness and purity of heart 
It we to bring with us to this great sacri- 
! but, alas, I am a poor unclean sinner. 
wash me, dear Lprd, from all the stains 
in in the blood of the Lamb, that I may 
worthy to be present at these heavenly 

the Lavabo, when ihe Priest bows down at the middle 

of the Altar. 

most holy and adorable Trinity, vouch- 
to receive this our sacrifice in remem- 
ice of our Saviour's passion, resurrection, 
glorious ascension : and ^rant that we 
die with him to our sins, rise with him to 
w life, and ascend with him to thee. Let 
e saints, whose memory we celebrate on 
h, remember us before thy throhe in heav* 
md obtain mercy for us, through the same 
IS Christ our Lord. Amen. 

At the Orste, Fratres. 

[ay the Lord receive this sacrifice from 

848 DETonom foe ujkm^ 

thy hands, to the praise and glory of his 
name, for our benefit, and that oi all his. 


Mercifully hear oni nrajrers, O Loro 
graciously accept this oUation which vm 
servants make to thee ; and as we offer it 
the honor of thy name, so may it be to usPj 
here a means of obtaining thy grace^ and lift 
everlasting hereafter through Jesus Christ 

(Of; for a Saktes Day.} 

Sanctify, O Lord, we beseech thee, thess 
gifts which we offer thee in this solemnity d 
thy holy servant N, and so strengthen us by 
thy grace, that both in |»:osperity and adver- 
sity our ways may be ever directed to thy 
honor, through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

At the Sursnm Corda. 

r. Lift up your hearts. 
R, We have them lifted up unto the Lord. 
F. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. 
R, It is meet and just. 


It is truly meet and just, right and salatsry, 
that we should always, and in all places, girs 
iAanks to thee, ho\y L«ord« ^%.1i^et ^TKvagpA:^, 

DBVOT.tJrS F0& MASft. 349 

God. Through Christ our Lord . 
1 whom the Angels praise thy Majesty, 
miinations adore, the Powers do hold 
:. the heavens, and the Virtues of the 
Sf and the blessed Seraphim do cele- 
nth united joy. In union with whom 
each thee, that thou wouldst command 
ces also to be admitted, with supplian 
lion, saying, 

[Hera the bell ii nug.] 

r, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth. 
a and earth are full of thy glory. Ho- 
in the highest. 

sed is he that cometh in the name ol 
rd. Hosanna in the highest. 

]'\RT III. 


At tt€ beginning of the Canon. 

t merciful Father, who. hast given us 
Iv Son to be our daily sacrifice, incline 
ars to our prayers, and favor our desires ; 
t, unite, and govern thy whole Church 
hout the world ; pour forth thy blessing 
present Holiness, on our Bishop, and all 
rofessors of tiie Catholic faith. 
fer thee, O eternal Father, with this thy 
?r at the altar, this oblation of the bodv 

30 ^ 


and blood of thy only Son, to thy honur and 
glory ; in rennembrance of nny Saviour's pas- 
sion, in thanksgiving for all thy benefits, in 
satisfaction for all my sins, and for the obtain- 
ing of thy grace, whereby I may be enabled tc 
live virtuously and die happily. I desiie the* 
likewise to accept it, O God, for my parents 
(if alive], relatives, friends, and benefactors ; 

frant them all blessings, spiritual and temporal 
otter it up also [name the particular intention 
you offer it up for ; as for obtaining this vir 
tue, overcoming that vice ; for blessings, such 
as health, ^.]. Likewise for all that are in 
misery ; for those I have in any way injured 
either in word o^- deed ; for all my enemies , 
for all those for whom my prayers are desired, 
especially N ; for the conversion of all sinners, 
and enlightening all that sit in darkness. Pour 
forth thy blessings on all, according to their 
different necessities. Through the merits ol 
th} only Son our Lord. 

When the Pries: spreads his Hands over the Oblation 
[Hera the bell is again rang.] 

iiive ear, we beseech thee, to the prayers of 
W3 servant, who is here appointed to make 
this oblation in our behalf; and grant it may 
be effectual for the obtaining of aU those bless- 
ing which he asks for us. 
Behold, O Lord, we all here present to thee 
<o this bread and wine tVve sytofec^s oS. wa \«t. 



iecl uiiion. Grant, O Lord, thai .hey may be 
made for us the true body and blood of thy 
dear Son ; that being consecrated to thee b} 
this holy Victim, we may live in thy service 
od depart this life in thy grace 

At ike Consecration 

Bow amrni your body and soul in solemn adoration , 
iidilGe an act i^faitk in the reed presence of your Savicmr^s 
bodjf and blood, sotU and divinity^ under the sacramental 
weiU, Offer your whole self to him, and through him Us 
Us Father : b^ that your heart and soul may be happily 
thonged into htm. 

At the Elevation of the Host. 

[Here the bell is rung again.] 

Most adorable bodv. I adore thee with all 
ihe powers of my soul. Lord, who hast given 
thyself entire to us, grant we may become 
entirely thine. I believe, O Lord ; help my 

Most merciful Saviour, be thou my pro- 
tector; strengthen and defend me by thy 
heavenly grace, now, and especially at the 
war of my death, good Jesus. Amen. 

At the £levation of the Chalice. 

[Heie alio the bell is rang.] 

Most adorable blood, that washest away all 

our sins, I adore thee: happy we, could we 

reium our Tiff and blood for thine. O blessed 

16*2 DXVOnOHS FOK VAfltl. 

Jesus, do thou cleanse, sanctify, and pre* 
■erve our souls to eternal life. Li\e, Jesuit 
in us. and may we live in thee. Amen. 

After the ElevatioiL 

And now, O Lord; with grateful nearts wt 
Mill tc mind the sacred mysteries of thy pa»» 
iion and death, of thy resurrection and ascen- 
gion. Here is thy body that was broken; 
here is thy blood that was shed for us; of 
which these exterior signs are but the figures 
and yet in reality contain the substance 
Now we truly offer thee, O Lord, that pure 
and holy Victim which thou hast been pleased 
to give us ; of which all the other sacrifices 
were but so many types and figures 

At the Memento /or the Dead. 

1 offer thee again, O Lord, this holy sacrifice 
uf the body and blood of thy only Son, in be- 
half of the faithful departed, and in particular 
for the souls of [Aere name whom you chiefly 
propose to pray for] my parents [(/" rfead], rel- 
atives, benefactors, neighbors, ^c. Likewise 
»f such as I have any ways injured, or been 
\{ 3 occasion of their sins ; of such as have 
njnteo me. and been my enemies; of such u 
lie in war, or have none to pray for them; 
d^. To these, O Lord, and to all that rest in 
Christ, grant, we beseech thee, a place of re- 

freshnwnt, light, and peace. 1\vto\x^ >5c\fc %"M5o% 
Chtist onr Lord. Ampu. 


At tke Nobis qnoqtte Peocatciiba& 

uchsafe to grant the same to us, poor and 
able sinners : judge us not according to 
^merits; but through the infinite multi- 
>f thy mercies, in which we hope, liberally 
d to us thy ffrace and pardon, 
i ask it of thee, in the name of thy dear 
who liveth and reigneth eternally with 
uid in that form of prayer which he him 
ath taught us. 



At the Pater noster. 

r Father, &c. 

liver us from those evils which we labor 
• at present ; from past evils, which are 
aaniiold sins ; and from all the evils to 
p which will be the just chastisement ol 
»fiences, if our prayers, and those more 
rful ones of thy saints, who intercede for 
tercept not thy justice, or excite not thy 

At the Pax Domini. 

ly body was broken, and thy blood shed 
f: grant that the r o/wmemoratioa c4 this 
nystery may obtain for us peace ax\d 

so* ^ 

364 DEVuflObS FOR 


chat iliose who receive it iray find everlasting ^ 

rest. \ 

At ^he AgDUB Dei, say with the Pr^eit: I 

Lamb oTGod, who takest away the sins of % 
tije world, have mercy upon us '^ 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sini of } 
;iLQ world, have mercy upon us. 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of ■' 
the world, grant us thy pe^<oe. 

After the Agnus Dei 

In saying to thy apostles, Peace I leave widi 
you, my peace I p;ive unto you ; thou hast 
promised, O Lord, to all thy Church, that peace 
which the world cannot give ; peace with thee, 
and peace with ourselves. 

Let nothing, O Lord, ever interrupt this holy 
peace; let nothing separate us from thee, to 
whom we heartily desire to be united, through 
the blessed sacrament of peace and reconcilia- 
tion. Let this food of angels strengthen us if i 
every Christian duty, so as never more to 
yield under temptations, or fall into oiur com- 
mon weaknesses. 

[JfyiAi intend to commwiicaie, 9ay instead: 

Lord Jesus Christ, Son oi the livins Grod, 

who, according to the will of the Father, 

through the co-operation of the Holy Ghost, 

hast by thy death given Wfe \.o >\» ^Qt>A.\ 

dnljvar me by this thy moaX ^^dct^ \ic^ «bA 


oiood from all my iniquities and from all evils ; 
ind make me always adhere to thy command- 
ments, and never suffer me to be separated 
fiDom thee ; who with the same God the Father 
ind Hdy Ghost livest and reignest God for- 
ever and ever. Amen. 

Let not the participation of thy body, O 
Lord Jesus Christ, which I, all unwojthy, pre- 
nime to receive, turn to my judgment and 
condemnation ; but through thy mercy, may 
it be to me a safeguard and remedy, both ot 
tool and body. Who with God the Father, in 
the unity of the Holy Ghost, livest and reign- 
crt God forever and ever. Amen.] 

At the Domine, non sum dignus [here the bell is rungj, 
say with the Priest three times, striking your breast : 

Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst 
enter under my roof; say but the word, and 
my soul shall be healed. 

9wck as do not intend to communiccUe sacramentally^ nunf 
ccmniunictUe spiritually, as follows : 

Most loving Jesus, I adore thee with a 
Tvp-.y faith, who art present in this sacrament 
by virtue of thy infinite power, wisdom^ and 
goodness. All my hope is in thee. I love 
Uiee, O Lord, with all my heart, who hast so 
loved me; and therefore I desire to recewe 
ikee BOW spirituallY ; come, therefore. O Lord, 
io me in spirit, and Ileal my sinful soul. Feed 


'ne, for I am hungry ; strengthen n.t, for 1 

am weak ; enliven and sanctify me with tliy 
Bacred body and blood ; deliver me from a& 
sin, and make me always obedient to thy com- 
mands ; and let me never be separated from 
ihee, my Saviour, who, wi'.h the Father and 
the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest one Grod, 
forever and ever. Amen. 

At the Commanion. 

Let it be now, O Lord, the eftect of thy 
mercy, that we, who have been present it 
this holy mystery, may find the benefit of it in 

our souls. 



At the Post-Communion. 

We give thee thanks, O God, for thy mercy. 
in admitting us to have a part in offering this 
sacrifice to thy holy name : accept it now 
to thy glory, and be ever mindful of our 


Most gracious God, Father of mercy, ffzant, 
1 beseech thee, that this adorable sacrifice ol 
the blessed body and blood of thy Son, oar 
Lord Jesus CJirist, may obt^u for us at thy 

hsDd^ mercy, and the reraiasvoxi ol ^ owx «iaik 


vmvcrnxmn fok luu. 36*3 

Caneihding Prayer » 

I letom thee now most hearty txauks, O 
ay Grod» through Jesus Christ thy Son, that 
km hast been pleased to deliver him up to 
leatb for us, and to give us hhi body and 
ilooa, both as a sacrament and a sacrifice, in 
liese holy mysteries, at which thou hast per- 
nitted me, a most unworthy sinner, to assist 
this day. May all heaven and earth bless and 
praise thee ever, for all thy mercies. Pardon 
me, O Lord, all the distractions and ne^li- 
^nces which I have been guilty of this day 
111 thy siffht ; and let me not depart without 
thy messm^. Behold, I desire from this mo- 
ment to give up myself, and all that belongs 
to me, into thy hands ; and I beg that all my 
undertakings, all my thoughts, words, and ac- 
tions, may henceforward tend to thy glory, 
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Chapel cf SU John, 

In the bejpnning was the Word, and the 
Wore, was with God, and God was the Word : 
he same was in the beginning with God. All 
hings were made hynim, and without hirDi 
vasmade aothing that was made : in him wa* 
& and the life was the light of men : and 

558 DEVvvriORs for mass. 

the light shineth in darkness, and tne darkueii 
did not comprehend it. 

There was a man sent from God, who8^ 
rtame was John. This man came for a 'Wt> 
ness, to give testimony of the Hght, thai. aU 
Tfitn might believe through him. He was not 
lae light, but came to give testimony of the 
tignt. He was the true light which enlighten- 
«th every man that cometh into this world. 

He was in the world, and the world waa 
Hiade by him, and the world knew him not 
He came unto his own, and his own received 
him not. But as many as received him, to 
them he gave power to become the sons oi 
God : to those that believe in his name, who 
are born not of blood, nor of the will of the 
flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And 
the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among 
us ; and we saw his glory, as it were the 
glory of the only-begotten of the Father, full 
of ^race and truth 

^ra^ets orHeteH b^ Wb holiness ^ope l.eo Xlll to %t 
tecfteti after %o\b illass. 

Three Hail Marys. 

The Salve Regina. (See p. 57.) 

V. Pray for us, holy Mother of God. 

R. That we may be made worthy of the promises of God. 

Let IAS Pray. 
O God, our refuge and out atteu^V, \gcwi\w\sSL^ V«w 
^7 people crying to Thee ; an^ tVitou^ >3ti^*m\Kw»asafi 


flf the glorious and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Motlier of 
God, of ner spouse St. Joseph, Thy noly Apostles Peter 
ind Paul and all the Saints lend a Tnerciful and compns- 
aonate ear to the prayers which we pour forth for the cou- 
rersion of sinners and the freedom and prosperity of Holy 
blether Church. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

holy Archangel Michael, defend us in battle. Be our 
>ifes;aaril against the wiles and the wickedness of the 
dent Restrain him, O God, we humbly beseech Thee ; 
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power 
of God cast him into hell with the other evil spirits who 
isowl about the world seeking the destruction of souls. 

(300 Days Indulgence.) 

1 give thee all possible praise and thanks, O Sov- 
ereign Creator, that thou hast permitted me this 
day to be present, and to assist at this holy sacii- 
fice. Receive, O Lord, my unworthy prayers, sup- 
ply all my defects, pardon all my distractions and 
iodevotions; and grant that by the strength and 
virtue of those divine mysteries, I may go on cheer- 
fully in the path of thy commandments, love, and 
service, amidst all the temptations, troubles, and 
dangers of my life's pilgrimage, till I shall one day 
happily arrive at thy heavenly kingdom, where, 
with the blessed angels and saints, I shall more 
rlearly contemplate thee, more perfectly enjoy thee, 
ind more worthily celebrate thy infinite goodness 
ind mercy, with uninterrupted canticles oi etema] 
praise, admiration, and gratitude. 

Happy are they who dwell in thy house , O Lord : 

forever and ever they will praiae thee. 

22iou art worthy, O Lord, to receive honor, gVorj, 
Mad pow&r. 


Praise the Lord, for he is good, for his merej li \ 
everlasting. . 

Who shall relate the «ronders of the Lord ? wba 
shall publish his praises ? 

O divine Saviour of our souls, who hast gra- 
ijiously been pleased to leave us thy precious bod? 
and blood in the most holy sacrament of the altar ; 
^e here adore thee with the most profound respect, 
and return thee our most humble thanks for all the 
graces which, by this mystery, thou hast commimi- 
cated to us. Thou art the great source of every 
good gift : shower down then thb day, we beseech 
thee, thy benediction upon all who are here present, 
and upon thy whole Church ; and, that nothing 
may put a stop to the course of thy graces, take 
from our hearts whatever is displeasing to thee; 
pardon our sins, which for the love of thee we sin- 
cerely detest : purify our hearts, and sanctify our 
souls. Bless us, Jesus ! with a blessing like to 
that with which thou didst bless thy disciples, 
when leaving this earth thou didst ascend into heav- 
en. Bless us with a blessing which may change 
us, purify us, and unite us perfectly to thee : which 
may fill us with thy spirit, and may be to us, even 
bi this life, an assured pledge of that benedictior 
which thou hast prepared for thy elect in thy beav*' 
enly kingdom. AmeiL 

O God, of whose mercies there is no number, and 
£/ie treasure of whose goodneaa Ss Vs&oSife*, '^i^ liuni* 
d/f thank thy most gracioxa 'NLa^esX.l ^^"c ^^\awsi^ 
thoiihnst bestowed oQus; eveT\je^%ftfe<^^a^^l'3««a? 


mey, that as thou graniest our requests when we 
knmblj ask thee, so thou wilt not forsake us, but 
fispoee us for the rewards of the time to come: 
wragh, <fcc. Amen. 

% Mttifoh of iQearing mass .bg toas of 

Mtbitation ; 



B^on the aerviee beffins^ while waitir^ for the Priest to comt 

M. CaU to mifui the loit Supper^ tn which Christ insti- 

'%ted ihs Sacrifice of the Mass^ and gave himself to ut 

JU to be owr food, Oughtest thou not to acknowledge and 

fii9e hian thankefor this excess of love / 


I acknowledge, O Lord Jesus, that having loved thine 
own, thou didst truly love tliem even unto the end 
John ziiL 1. 

For, behold, thou host prepared a table befors mo, 
igainst them that a£lict me. rs. xxiL 6. 

I wfll ofi^r al»D unto thee now the sacrifice of praise^ 
ftod wQ 3all upon the name of the Lord. Pa. cxv. 7 

When tfu Priest is descending from the altar before i</m 

mendng the M*iss, Consiaer Christ after Supper going 

from Mosmt Sion {where the Supper had been held) to the 

Omrden of Oethsemane. And his disciples follcwed bixcw 

Lake mi. 89. Andwiit thou forsake thy God in tH« 

/um^ ^fimp/a/ion anj trio/ / 





In whatsoever plixse thou shalt be, O my Lord, then 
wiU thy servant be. 2 Kings xv. 21. 

It IB good for me to adhere to my God, to put nv 
bope in Bie Lord God. Ps. Ixxii. 28. 

Lord, I am reddy to go with thee both into prifion ani 
It ieath. Luke xxiL 33. 

Ai the OonfessioD. Contemplate Christ nraying in kf 
etgowy when his sweat became as drops of blood triddiiiff 
down upon the ground. Luke zxiL 44. Thy ainsforeM 
<mt hisolood; and wilt thou not ffriet>e on aeeount of them f 


Who will give water to my head, and a fountain o^ 
(ears to my eyes, and I will weep day and night Jer. 
ix. 1. 

Father, I have sinned against Heaven, and before 
thee ; I am not now worthy to be called thy son. LuJit 
?v. 21. 

God, be merciful to me, a sinner. Luke xviiL 13. 

Vhen. the pnett Heeee the altar, and at the Intrott. Omi- 
eider Jvdae betraying Christ with a kiss. And art not 
thou also a traitor, while Hum rtjectest thy Saviour to em- 
brace some trifling pleasure f 


Impute not to me, my Lord, the iniquity, nor remem* 
ber the injuries of thy servant 2 Kings xix. 19. 

1 acknowledge my iniquity, and my sin is ever beliw) 
B^ Ps. 1. 4. 

Lord, have mercy upon mo, have mercy upon me. 

dt the Kyrie eleison. Reflect on the threefold denial tf 
Peter, who did not repent unXiX f/ie lard looked upon &«nl 
Lake xxiL 61, Bow often art thoM ashamed oj tk-y I/yT% 
0^Keme, and dmieft him before men ! WK«n w\\ tWm^ 



I hftve fllnnedf O Lord. 2 Kings xiL 13 

Cut me not away from thy presence. Ps. i. 12. 

Look upon me, and have mercy upon me. Ps. xxi? 


k *\n Okria. Think of the exultation of the Jewe at th^ 
uoeking and tufferinge of Christ. And orti not (Voi* a4 
erne of tkem, if tkou takeet plecuure in wicked things ? 


What shall I answer? or what shall I say ? God hsm 
foimd out the iniquity of his servant Gen. xliv. 16. 

Convert us, O God our Saviour, and turn away thine 
Uffer from us. Ps. Ixxxiv. 5. 

I will be glad and rejoice in thee, O Lord. Ps. ix. 3. 

At the Collect, Epistle, and Gradual Think of all the ac 
cuM/tofM, mocierieSf blow9, and spittings which Christ 
endmrod in the house* of Annas and Caiaphas. John 
xviii 22. Christ was silent as a lamb before his shearers ; 
but how easily art thou made angry^ ana reproachesi thin^ 


Where is thy fortitude and thy patience ? Job iv 6. 
Thou art my patience, O Lora. Ps. Ixx. 5. 
Set a watcn, O Lord, before my mouth, and a door 
leond about my lips. Incline not my heart to evi 
Ps. cxL 4. 

4t the Qontel, which the priest reads^ crossing over to the 
Mker aide of the altar. Meditate how Christ was hurriM 
ffooi Oaiaphae to PUcUe^ questioned concerning his teach- 
im^, and rAul-ad Luke xxUL Dost thou value the i>r«- 

JS^J^^ ^ '^'''^^ f^*/ />4aii receive it care/My, 




lArert my steps according to thy word and lei w - 
iniquity have dominion over me. Ps. cxviiL ISH, 

Thy f^ord is a lamp to my feet, and a light to mf 
|mths.' Ps. cxviii. 

I will teach thy ways unto the wicked ; and ^xjotm 
^AaU be converted unto thee. Ps. 1. 14. 

Meditate upon Christ sent by Pilate to Herod, and by kim 
sent back again to Pilate (when he obtained not the n^jnu i 
he expected to see)^ clothed in a white garment, a» a mljf i 
person, not worthy of credit. Luke xxiil Art thou amon§ 
those who, before they will believe, demand of Christ tk&i i 
they may see u sign I Mark xii. 59. 


Blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed " 

John XX. 29. ^. 

I do believe. Lord ; help my unbeliefl Mark ix. 29 | 

I live in the faith of the Son of God, who loved UM^ \ 

and delivered himself for me. Gal. iL 20. \ 

At the Offertorv. Meditate upon the resignation of C^sritt^ 
and his offering himself to hear cUl things for the gicrp^f 
his Father and the redemption of mankind. Pa. *»^"* 
Art thoti prepared to endure adversity and ajiieti&n f 


i am prepared for scourges. Ps. xxxviL 18. 
I wili take tlie chalice ot salvation, and I fdll call upw 
Oie name of the Lord. Ps. cxv. 4. 

Confirm, O God, that which thou hast wrought in aa 

k'a. IxviL 29. 

it the Lavabo. Reflect how Pilate sought to excuse kiamss^ 

for Ms most wicked deed by washing his hands, but did nof 

i^j^ape thf guilt itself. Matt. xirnL %4. Haw <^n imA 

iAatt seek to conceal thy sins, and to mak« «»mM» W iIWmw « 

A doing, thou dost " atlie* increaw than dwwMOik VScik. 



I coDfess against myself my injustiee into the Lorf\ 

Ghid, thou knowest my foolishness; i:id my ^ffencet 
M not hidden from thee. Ps. IxviiL 6. 

If I contend with thee, I cannot answei thee one Tot 
I thousand. Job ix. 3. 

Ai the Orate fratres. Meditate upon Christ about to oe 
tmdemeud by Pilate, presented to the people in a crovm 
tf tkome and a purple robe. John xiz. 4. What will be 
itjf Mtate, O man, when thou shalt stand before Christ the 
pige at the last day f 


Who will grant me this, that thou mayest protect me 
in hell, and hide me till thy wrath pass by ? Job xiv. 1 3. 

1 will let go my speech against myself; I will speak 
b the bitterness of my soul. I will say to God, Do not 
condemn me. Job x. 1. 

For, behold, I was conceived in iniquity, and in sin 
did my mother conceive me. Ps. 1. 6. 

At the Preface. Reflect that the very same Jews ioho^Jive 
days before, saltUed Christ with Hosannas, now cry out, 
Cradfy him, cnidfy him. John xiz. 6. Art thou yuilty 
Of similar ineonstaney f 


Perf«et thou mv goings in thy paths, that my footstepa 
W not moved. Ps. xvi. 6. 

Strengthen thou me In thy words. Ps. cxvuL 28. 

Thy hand shall lead me, and thy right hand shall hold 
Ike. Pb. cxxxviiL 9. 

At the Oaaoa. JfadUate upon Jesus bearing his own eroM 
4e mfn/ up /o ea/v€ifry, Jnha xix, 11. Dost thvu wA 
^iAe ^c.o/' CAHsif If any man wiU come atUi 

•68 A MBTHOD la UMuan 

Dlessfid are the dead who die in the Lnd. 
m. 13. 

At the AgauA Dei, when He prieU ttrikeM kU Arwnat. 
JUet huw many of thoae uho §a» OhrUt dying oft tk0 ( 
strikiiig their weast«» rttwmed. Lake rriii. 48w 
4o9t not thou strike thy breaat in token of tme jottm 
Jiy einsf 


Lord, 1 strike my breae^t with the pnblieaiiy and 
Be merdful to me a simier. Lake xviii 13. 

And now, O Lord, think of me, and take not 
of my sins, neither remember my offences, nor those 
my parents. Job iii 3. 

Let thy mercies speedily prevent ns. Ps. zxvfiL 8, 

At the Communion of the Priest Meditate upon the 
of Christ, John six. 41. He aeks from, thee th$ 
for a eepulehre. 


My heart is ready, O God, my heart is ready. Flj 
Ivi 10. 

Arise, O Lord, into thy resting-place, then and tibo aik 
of thy holiness. Ps. cxxxL 8. 

My heart shall rejoice with thee. Prov. zxiiL 15u 

At the last Collect, which the prieet reada with a /mnI 
Meditate upon Chritfe joypd and glorioue n 
Mark zvi 6. *Te are dead, and your life is hid wMb 
Christ in God. OoUm. iil 8. 


We look for the Saviour, cnr Lord Jesus CShris^ wIm 
wiU reform the body of our lownesa, made like to tki 
bodv of his glorv. PhiL iiL 30, 3L 

When shall I come and af^iear before tlie fiMO of 
Godl Pb.xli3. 
/ deaire to be diaa>\ved« end \a \y^ ^^R^^SaM*. VAk 


Benedictko. Meditate how OhriMt, aaeendmg wo inU 
% blemwed At« dUeiples, Mark zri 19. Unto tiie or* 
Ued, that ye may inherit a blesaitig. 1 Pet. ilL 9. 


I, O Lord, thy people, and bless thy mhrntanee 
God our God bless us ; may Grod bless us. Pa. 

sed are they that dwell m thy house, O Lord; 
lall praise thee forever and ever. Ps. IxzxiiL 5. 


&pt, O holy Trinity, this sacrifice of the body ana 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, which I have offered to 
rine Majesty in remembrance of his passion and 
; and by his infinite merits, I beseech thee, that all 
feets and negligences may be supplied, for he is 
[>|Ht]ation for our sins. Amen. 

iS%trdBt of VLnion toitl) tl)e Batvtb 
l^eart of lesne bnring itlaee. 

t the holy Saerifiee of the Maee that Jeeue Chriet offer* 
telfffor love of im, to the Divine Juetiee; it t<, then. 
SHttina at thte auaust Sacr^iee^ that we ought to hono9 
Saerea Heart. MedUate on his mereiea towarde »^l 
children, of Adam. JSndeavor to show <u much sorrow 
your nsvs as if you saw him crucified afresh on 

Make your Intention. 

fer Aee, O my Gnd, this august sacrifice, to bf»x\cv 
^speakable perfections, to th&nk thee <V\r a\) Ui» 


graces which thou hast so often heaped apon me, to ask 
thy pardon for my numberless infidelities, and to obtain 
of thee new favors. 

O Jesus, grant me, I beseech thee, a constant utten- 
tiun, a profound reverence, a lively faith, and a tender 
devotion during the adorable sacrifice: set me on firo 
^Xh the love of thee, that I may partake of the meiifel 
ivhich thou hast obtained for me at the price of thy 

WkUtt the Priest is at the foot of the Altar, 

O divine Jesus, thou art the victim charged with all 
the miquities of the world ; thou didst weep for them 
bitter tears ; thou didst expiate them by the most dreads 
ful torments and by the most cruel of deaths. I come 
to mingle my tears with thine ; I confess to thee, in the 
presence of Mary ever Virgin and of all the Saints, that 
I have sinned exceedingly ; that it is my ingratitude that 
pierced thy heart, and put thee to a cruel death. O God, 
my Saviour, through thy tears, through thy agony in the 
Garden of Olives, through thy precious blood and the 
wound in thy Sacred Heart, I beseech thee to paidoD 
me, and grant me the remission of all my sins 

At the Introit. 

Let us adore the Heart of Jesus, which has loved ui 
BO much ; let us prostrate ourselves before him, and be- 
wail the sins of which we have been guilty. Grant ua^ 
O JiOrd, a contrite and humble heart; let the homage of 
our adorations be as acceptable to thee as if we omni 
Uiee thousands of victims. 

At the Eyri& 

O Father of infinite mercy, have pity on thy children; 
O Jesus, immolated for us, apply to us the merits of thf 
precious blood : O Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier, deaeeM 
kito our hearts, and infiarae them with thy love. 



iMpoineM fitf mi that the Son of tiie Blo6t High 

Id have been pleased to dwell amongat us, and have 
baafbd to ofibr na a dwelling in hia Didne Heart ! 
^ OS, O Lord, to aiinffle our voicea with those of 
HBfelie enoir, ^o thaiiK thee for ao great a favor ; 
bt us aav with them:' ^Glory to God in the hlFhetsi 
BOB." O almighty Father, we praise thee, we bless 

we adore thee, we give thee thanks for all Die 
fits iHbich thou bast lavished upon ua witliout iMs&»- 

O Jeans, Lamb without apot, who t^est away 
ins of the world, have merey on ua ; thou only art 
, thoa only art the Lord, who reigneat with the 
ler and the Holy Ghost in glory, and meritest all 
homage on earth. 

At the GoUecta. 

dMne Jeaua, inexhaustible fountain of all ffood 

^ open to na, we beseech thee, the interior of thy 

t; uiat, having entered, by pious meditation, into 

(ognat sanctuary of divine love, we may fix forever 

our hearts, aa the place wherein are found the 

ire, the repose, and the happiness of holy souls ; 

ivest and reignest forever and ever. 

At the E{»stle. 

shall grow up as a tender plant before the Lord, 

a root out of a thirsty ground ; there is no beauty 

, nor comeliness: and we have seen him, and 

as no sightliness, that we should be desirous of 

espised, and the most abject of men, a man t^l 

, and acquainted with infirmity: and his look 

I were hidden and despised ; whereupon we es- 

him not Surely he hath borne our infirmities, 

ed our sorrows ; and we have thought him as 

leper, and as one struck b^ God, and afflict^, 

M wounded for our imnuitiea, he was bmifie^ 

s- the CLiastJKement of our peace wa» utk>t 

ITS AS KxiKcm or jnov 

aim, and by his bruises we are healed. All ^ve 
sheep have gone cistray, every one hath turned ante 
his own way : and the Lord hath hiid on him the 
quity of us aU. He was offered beeause it was fain 
will, and he opened not his mouth : he sludl be led 
sheep to the slaughter, and shall be dumb as a lamb 
fore his shearer, and he shall not open his mouth, 
vae taken awa^ from distress, and &om judgment: 
ihali declare his generation? because he is cut off( 
of the land of the living: for the wickedness of 
;>eople have I struck him. (Is liiL 2-8.) 

At the Gradual 

Let the tears flow from our eyes, day and night, aal 
torrent; let our hearts be poured. out uke water ' 
the Loid : let us raise up our hands to him. 

Heart of Jesus, pardon thy children ; let not thy h»; 
itage fall into reproach ; save us, and we will 
iw&ae to sing thy mercies. 


O Lord Jesus, teach us what we ought to do to 
eternal life. 

^ My little children, I give you a new commandment j( 
That you loVe one another, as I have loved you, that yoa 
also lov'o one another. By this shall all men kiiow that. , 

?ou ar^' my disciples, if you have love one for anothai 
f jou love me. Keep my commandments. And I wfli^ 
ask the Father, and he shall give you the Snhit of tn '^ 
whom the world knoweth not I «nll not leave yea 
i^hans : I will come to you ; you shall know that I 
V iLy Father, and you in me, and I in vou. He t 
«e«>peth my commandments, he it is that loveth me ; 
he that loveth me, shall be loved of my Father, and I 
will love him, and will open to him my heart Abide in J 
me ; if any one abide not in me, he shall be cast fbfih '\ 
ius a branch, and shill wither^ and they shall cast falK :j 
into the fire, and he bumetVu Ai ^wi «Wi^\si\BRK«ilL« 
my words abide *Ji you, you ^kwSV saV.^^^V»\k^« l^spa.'^w 


Mid it shall be done unto you. It ia the will of m; 
Patlier that you bring Ibrtb good fruit, and become my 
O^ciplee. A little while, und yon shiUl not see Die ; you 
^ulII Uraent aud weep, but tlie world aluill rejoice ; but 
1 will see you again, iind your heart sliall rejoice, ^nd 
fOnr joy no nmu ehull tjike from you. In the worM yo> 
IulII have diatri>B8 : but have rinhdeiice, I liuve oreiv 
wsie the world. Holy Father, keep ihem in thy aami 
viHMD ihou hast given me, that they mny be one, as wb 
Ma sre. I pmy nut that thou Bhouldat take Ihem out 
if Ihe world, but that thou Bhouldst keep them from 
^riL Father, I vrilt that where I am, they also whom 
Ado hsat given me mny be with me. that they may sea 
fgi giory." ^Compare Joho niii.-xviiO 

Al Iht Credo. 

I betiere, O my God, the truths which thou hast re- 
mitd to thy Chuich. I desire to live and die in this 
Uth. Grant, Lord, that my life may be confonaable 
rilh my &ith, that my faith may be animated by good 
»otks, that I may never be ashamed to declare myseif z 
Citholic, and may cooBtantly maintain the interests n' 
thy holy religion. 

Church of Rome, the persecutions which thou liasi. 
•udured, far from weakening my fiulh, do but strengthen 
' he more, since thy divine Spouse foretiild them. I 
r inviolable atiacnment to thee. Lord, draw close 
Iht bonds that bind me to thy holy Church ; put intu my 
iMut K Bptrit of perfect obemence to its kwtul pnstara. 
ii ibt bosom I became thy child, and in its bosom I wiiA 
li Sn kod die. Amen. 

At lAe Offertory. 

Jesus, we drew near with coniidenee to thy Sacred 

Heart ; cast npon as, we beseech idee, a look of p\ly, 

jod mate our bearia a perpetual offmnff C0nst!Cralt?4 W 


/Vom the Offertory to the Preface. 

Sin hath made us the enemies of our God, bat Jeem 
Christ, by his death, hath reconciled us with his diviiM 
Father. It is in the Sacred Heart that this recondUfti 
tion is accomplished. O my soul, how Jesus Christ hatb 
loved us I At what a price he hath redeemed us? Not 
with gold, nor with riches ; but by the voluntary sned 
ding of his blood. He hath sacrificed himself for us : let 
us then live only for him, let us sacrifice ourselves tCi- 
getlier with him. 

Thou wiliest, O Jesus, that I should be a victim of 
love^ wholly consecrated to thy Divine Heart : it is my 
most ardent desire. Thy benefits are numberless ; thou 
hast broken the bonds of my servitude; thou hast 
adopted me for thy child ; thou hast admitted me to thy 
table; thou hast given me a place in thy Divine Heart; 
and even yet, for all my continual prevarications, thoo 
preparest me an everlasting blessedness : how could I 
ever forget so many benefits! I will publish thy mer- 
cies, and will never cease to love thee with all the fer* 
vor of my heart But, O my God, my heart is not fall 
enough of love and fervor to be an offering worthy d 
thee. What, then, shall I give thee ? I vnll give thee 
thy Son. That Son, the most worthy object of thy 
complacency, will supply my inability. O Lord, look 
not on me, but on this divine offering. 

At the Preface. 

Lift up, O Lord, do thou thyself lift up my heart t« 
Itiee. Take from it all unholy thoughts, all eartUf 
iflfections. Lift it wholly up to heaven, where thy Hesit 
Is worthily adored, and to the altar, where it is about to 
ft inifest itself to me. My life is but one continual soo- 
ees^ion of thy mercies, let it be one continual succession 
of thanksgivings ; and as thou art now about to renew 
the greatest of all sacrifices, is it not meet that I should 
burst forth in expressions of heartfelt gratitude ? Suffei 
ae^ tbep, to join my feeble voice mlU lU^ vovciia of ai 

w beavenly spiiits, and in union with Ihem to bIiv, In 
tnukaport of joy and admiration : Holv, holy, bofy \t 
lie Heart of Jesun, the worthy object of tlie Divine com- 
laEenc;, and of the homage of heaven and ei,rth. The 
ritole eurlh is full of its glory and its mercy ; lei my 
fcjwt be full also of its love. 

Al the eommencemenl of Ike Canon. 

O uod, inlinitelv .10 y, if my sina provoke thee, Biid 
E>be me abominable in thy sight, look upon the ijimb 
■ithoDt spot, who ia going to imniokte himeelf to toko 
iway the eiiis of the world, and, beholding hia merite, 
rtmember not my ingratitude. Remember only that i 
lave been graciously udniitted into the Heart of thy 
iGvine Son, and am intimately united (0 it This Heart, 
nfutrlv merdful, prayed for me on Calvary, and hood 
nil it renew the encrince of itself for me. 

mj God, would that I had all the sorrow whicli miod 
11m Heart of Jesas, the man of sdttowh, when, weighed 
ilown nnder the heavy burden of my Bins, and ready to 
expiate them by cruel lArmenta, he wept grievously in 
the garden of Olives, and, all covered with a bloody 
•went, made for me an act of reparaUon to thy outraged 
BBJesty,imploringlhymerey with deep sighs and groans! 
Itamestiy deaire this perfect sorrow: I ask it of thee 
with alt my heart; I coofess that I have ainned exceed- 
ingly in offending thoe, and repaying thy benefits only 
with otitrages and insults. There is nothing I xould 
am ia to expbte ray innumerable sina. and I would 
riningly ahetl my blood to satisfy thy justice. 
Bbi what do t behold upon the altjir! Is it not that 

fled, And this wine his Blood, and this most mar('ellou9 
ikaage will be wrought by one only word. There 
nwded but one word to ovate tbia vast univers'' -, IhM 
MM nrjni will Uiis dav work the gre.ate8l of nil wotv- 

,n, Sl'-'her of God, u„d W/ j-e blessed spirits *<W 


•urroand Iho throne of the Most High, holy men aod 
women, saints of God, come ye and witness this mifaelf 
of love, which is the pledge of my salvation. 

O my soul, enter into thvself ; believe that Jesoi 
Christ is really present in the holy Eucharist Yea B^ 
God, this is thv Body, this is thy Blood : thou sayest ft 
I am silent beiore thee, I \ elieve, 1 adore. 

J^rom the ConsecratioD to tlie Pater 

O Jesus, victim of thv love for me, touch my iicaih 
eommunicate to me at this moment all the ardent aiSec- 
tions of the saints who have loved thee with the deepest 
tenderness, and all the burning adorations of the sera- 
phim, whose blessed privUoge it is always to behold 
thee. Kindle in mv heart the devouring fire that con- 
sumes thine own, that, animated with thy spirit, I may 
live a life altogether new. O my Saviour, thou standest j 
ever before thy Father, thou showest him the marks ol 
thy wounds and the opening in thy heart, thou ever livest ^ 
to make intercession for us. And dost thou not perform \ 
the same ministry upon this altar ? Occupied wholly \ 
with my needs, thou layest them before thy Father, thoii 
presentest thy heart tn him, to appease his anger and 
obtain his grace for me. O divine Intercessor, 1 lay all : 
my petitions at thy feet ; vouchsafe to present them to j 
thy Father. I pray for the conversion of sinners, the 
perseverance of the just, and the triumph of our holv 
re^iMon. O Jesus, who didst die for all men, brinff back 
t : xe fold of thy Church those who are separated firoD 
k. Enlighten all infidels and heretics, bless the effoftf 
fl those who labor to convert them. Have pity on t2» 
•cols of the faithful departed ; remit to them their d«bti| 
and grant them a place of refreshment, light, and peacft 
^ beseech thee * articularly to have compassion on N . .. 

At the Pater. 

O my Father, if it be permitted a guilty child to calJ 

hvBO tender a name a God whom he hath so often 

omuded, gra»t that I may ever \a\kOt ioi \k\^ ^^tj ^^ 



tty holy name, that in all tljings J may do thy will, and 
rish unceasingly for thy heavenly kingdom. Feed me 
with the bread of heaven, with which thou feedest the 
beloved children of thy Heart. Let the forgiveness 
which thou grantedst to thy murderers be my model in 
in^^iving those who have injured me ; give me Huperici^ 
botn spiritual and temporal, that love thee, and friendi 
<iut serve thee faithfully ; and if ever I expose myself te 
■D,do thou deliver me from the danger, that I ma^ 
revef outrage thy Divine Heart 

At the Agnus Del 

Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the worlds 
have mercy on me. Give me the peace which the world 
cumot give ; peace with thee, by a true reconciliation 
tnd a perfect submission to thy will ; peace with myself. 
by the subjection of my passions ; peace with my neigh- 
bor, by the union of a sincere charity with all the chil- 
fan of men. Give peace to the world, by the extinction 
ff wars and divisions. 

At Communion. 
{If you are intending to receive, say ;) 

Is there any love tc be compared with thine, my Sa- 
Tiour ! It was on the cross that thou offeredst thy eac- 
lifice, and it is in my heart that thou desirest to consum- 
Biate it. O my God, is it possible that thou choosest 
fer thy sepulchre a heart so wretched ! Alas, I am no- 
thing out a suiner ! Whence is it. Lord, that, for all my 
uworthiness, thou desirest me to sit down at thy table ! 
Snee thus it is, speak but the word, and my soul shall 
k6 liealed ; say to me, as thou saidst to the woman that 
was a sinner, ^ Thy sins are forgiven.^^ Make me to 
tear the words which thou spokest to Zaccheus, *' Make 
kaste ; for this day I must abide in thy hoase.'' 

Hfpom art not inUnding^ to eommunteate.) 

O wy most loving Saviour, since I cannot nave t\\^ 
ivpin^s^ ofreceivmg thee this day, suffer me to galbei 

.92* ^ 


lip the precious iirumbs that fall from thy table, aud M 
anite myself to thy Divine Heart by faith, hope^aik 
charity. I confess I do not deserve the children's oread 
but I venture humbly to declare that, away from thee 
my soul is dried up with thirst, and iny heart cast dowi 
with faintness. Come, then, into me, O my divine Jesus 
eome into my mind, to illuminate it with thy light ; conri 
into my heart, to enkindle in it the fire of thy lo'^e, aad 
to unite it so intimately with thy own, that it may bi 
no more I that live, but thou that livest in me, and 
reignest in me forever. 

* Whilst the Priett is rea4inff the Commumoo. . 

Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart, and 
you shall find rest to your souls ; my yoke is sweet and 
my burden light. 

Dwring the Post-Oommunion. 

Lord, we have had the happiness of being admitted 
into the sanctuary of thy Divme Heart, give us grace 
that we may abide therein forever; so that we may 
obtain the happiness which thou host prepared for thy 
elect ; through thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ. \meiL 

At the Priest's Benediction. 

O Heart of Jesus, I will not depart till thou hasi 
blessed me. Bless me in the name of the Father, and 
01' the Son, and of the Holy Ghost ; and let thy blessing 
descend upon all those for whom I ought to pray. 

At the Last GospeL 

is dtemal Word, who wast made man that choo 
diightest make men the children of God, I thank thee 
for this unspeakable grace. How great is the blessing 
I enjoy, not only of bearing the name, but of being in* 
Jeed the child of God. Grant, O my Jesus, that I may 
preserve this blessed title, by faithfully imitating thi 
Sacred Heart, and showing myself always filled witi 
iove for thy holy law. If I remsoii MMwV^tViQu \i«aur 


le diat 1 shall be eo-idr with thee, and shall eujoy 
laiipiness whieh thou hast purchased for us with thy 
oas blood; and this I hope to obtain throu^ thy 
te meicy. 

After Miiaa. 

m great will be my happiness, O Lord, 4 by uh 
ig at this divine sacrifice, I have received all the 
5s which thou grantest to those who bring Uiereto 
:ly fiaith and a pure heart. Accept, I beseech thee, 
eparation which I offer to thy divine majesty for all 
dns of whieh I have been guilty before thy holy 
I am goinff to occupy m;^8elf with those dutien 
le world to which thy providence hath called me. 
t thftt I may have ever before my mind thy patience 
Iveraities, thy obedience to Joseph and Mary, and 
ender charity in bearing with all men. Strengthen 
gainst all temptations ; preserve me from all sin ; 
) me firm and immovable in the fidth ; in fine, trans- 
me into thyself, O Jesus, so that thy Heart and my 
; may be united in one, both in time and in etemitv. 


) Collects axib (SosfieU for i\)t Sttnbaso 
onb 4olsbas0 tlirongtiont tt|e ^tax. 


The Prayer. 

ir ap thj n^t, we beseech tbee^ O Lord! ani 
' 5*^ *^ ^r protection, we may deserve to be 

< *■ 


Tin t» fiiQowliif pmytn an added BMi Ck 

O if ( d ! who didst pleane that thy Woid shoidd i^k^ 
flesh, at the message of an Angel, m the womb of ' 
Blessed "^''irgin Mary : grant to thy suppliants, Uuit 
who believe her to be tnily the mother of God, may 
helped by her intercession. 

F<Hr the Church. 

We beseech thee, O Lord ! in thy clemency admit il 
Mrayers of thy Church; that all errors and adva ^ 
being destroyed, she may serve thee with secure ill 
through our Lord, &c. 

TheGotpeL Luke zzi 25-8S. 

At that time: Jesus said to his disciples: There ahdlj 
be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the etanjfl 
and upon the earth distress of nations, by reason ci 
confusion of the roaring of the sea and of the 
man withering away for fear, and eneetation of 
snail come upon the whole world. For the powers ol 
the heavens shall be moved, and then they shall see the 
Son of Man coming in a cloud with great power and 
majesty. But when these things begin to come to paaoi 
look up, and lift up your heads : b^use your redemp- \ 
tioT is at hand. And he spoke to them a similitude: 
See the fig-tree and all the trees: when tlie^ now shool 
forth their fruit, you know the sunmier is nigh : so like^ 
wise when you see these things come to pass, know that 
the kingdom of God is at hand. Amen, I say to yol^ 
this generation shall not pass away till all ttdnge be Au 
^ed. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my 
•haL not pass away. 

sbconh sundat of advbht. 

The Prayer, 

Stir up our hearts,© Lotd\ \«^i8it«5w% ^aBfc^twB|ik<d 

tby oji/y-begotten Son . ibat >j ^^^'"^^'^ v- ^ 
worthy to serve thee with Tpur^fiie^iBSHaoa-. ^qAtf^^^%RiK«^ 

nu Goipei. Matt xL 2-10. 
Al thai time: Wben 3o!id had lieard in pri^Mn the 
ke of Christ, sending two of his disciples he said U. 
: Art thou he ihat urt to come, or look wt for anu^' 
_ Aiid Jeaus, unking answer, said (4) them : Go und rei 
e to John what you huve heard and seen. The blind 
t, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the dr-uf hear, 
I .k( dead rise ng^iin, the poor hace the gospel preached to 
And blessed is he that shall not be scAnda!ize<t 
■n me. And when they went their way, Jeans begiu. 10 
uT lo the multitude^ coneoming John : What wont yon 
out into the desert to seel A reed shaken witli the 
tv'md T But what went you out to see T A man clothed 
in soft garments! Behold, they that are clothed in soft 
Raiments are in the houses of kings. But what went yon 
oat to secT A prophetl Yea, I tell you, and mare 

P prophet. For this is he of whom it is writlei 
Id, I send my angel before thy face, who xhall 


Tke Prayer. 

We beseech thee, O I*rd! incline thine ear to nur 

Jnyere; and enlighten ihedarknessof our mind, by the 

trice of thy visitation : who livesl, Sic. 

T/u Oospd. John L 19-28. 

Al OuU lime: The Jews sent from Jerusalem Priesti 

tnd Levites to John, to ask him : Who art thou 1 And 

bs iNjnfessed, and did not deny : and he conle&aed : 1 am 

anl the Christ. And iney asked hiai; What then! 

Art thou Elius! Aad he said: lam not. Art thou a 

proj-hell And he answered ; No. They said therefore 

nnto bira : Who art thou, that we may give an answer 

k> ihem thi.t sent us? What aayeat thou of thysBlfl 

He said "] JUD the i-ok-e of one crying in the wMei- 

aes/i make etmight the <saj of the Lard," as fcaid \i\« 

r tmt wen seut wet© uf th« 


Pharisees, and they asked and said to nim : Why t}ie& dk; 
dost thou baptize, if thou be not Christ, nor Elias, nctf X 
the prophet ? John answered them, saying : I baptize ' 
wit; water; but there hath stood one in the midst of I 
you, whom you know not The same is he that shall ^ 
eomt after me, who is preferred before me ; the latchel i] 
ji whode shoe I am not worthy to loose. These thingv % 
were done in Bethania beyond the Jordan, where Jobit jt( 
woA baptizing. 'j^ 


The Prayer. ^ 

Stir up thy might, we beseech thee, O Lord! and * 
come: and succor us with great power; that by tbe 'i 
help of thy grace, the indulgence of thy mercy may ae 
celerate what our sins impede : who livest^ &c. 

The Gospel. Luke iii 1-6. 

Now In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius 
CaesJir (Pontius Pilate lieing governor of Judea, and 
Herod Tetrarch of Galilee, and Philip his brother T^ 
trarch of Iturea, and the country of Trachonitis, and 
Lysanias Tetrarch of Abilina under the High Priests 
Annas and Caiaphas) the word of the Lord came to John 
the son of Zachary in the desert. And he came into all 
the country about the Jordan, preaching the baptism oi 
penance for the remission of sins, as it was written in 
the book of the words of Isaias the prophet : " A voice 
(vf one crying in the ^Iderness, prepare ye the way cd 
U i^ Lord : make straight his paths, every valley ehall be 
ir.ed, and every mountaui and hill shall be brought lowi 
ind the crooked shall be made stiaight: and the rrQi^ 
ways plain:'' and all flesh shall see the salvation ?f 


TIi£ Prayer. 

Giant as, i . beseech thee^O Mm\!^\>^ CV«A\ ^dea^.' 
^I^o are Ulled with the new \\a\\l oi iVv^ vtfsanfflJ^'^ wA. 


« « 

^ Ibffili fn our wi«fai wIibI Faith displays in our 
tfinnigb the same, (k^. 

Tlm€h9p$L Luke iL 15-20 

AflC line; Hie abepherds said one to another: Lei 

I offr to BetUehem, and let ns nee this woid that 

mit to pus nHiieh the Lord has showed to us. Aud 

M aaut with hasie; and they found Mary and Jo» 

M|«yand the influit lying in a manner. And seeing, 

my vnd^ntood of the word that had heen spoken to 

M ooneendnff this ehikL And all that heard won- 

kni: and at uote things that were told them by the 

ahiyherda^ Bnt Maiy kept all these words, pondering 

ilm in her lieart And the shepherds returned, glorify- 

a and praisfaig God, for all tlie things they Had heard 
seen, as it was told unto them. 


The Prayer. 

Almifffaty and Eternal God ! direct our actions so 
■ to be pleasing to thee : that in the name of thy be- 
bved Son, we may deserve to abound in good works : 
wiio ttvest, &e. 

The Ooepd, Luke iL 88-40. 

At that time: Joseph, and Mary the mother of Jesus, 

won wondering at those things which were spoken con- 

ttamag him. And Simon blessed them, and said to 

Maiy ms mother : Behold, this child is set for the fall, 

ffid f<Hr the resurrection of many in Israel, and for a sign 

fUeh flhaU be eontradictod. And thy own soul a sword 

itH pieree, thai out of many hearts thoughts may be 

Rfvealed.- And there was one Anna a prophetess, the 

daughter of Phannel, of the tribe of Asar ; she was fai 

advanced in vears, and had lived with her husband seven 

years from fnr vfafginity. And she was a widow until 

Cborseore md lour years : who departed not from tbr 

temple, by f latings and prayers Rorvinj,^ day and nifrhv 

Sam die mt tke muae hf ar coming id, confessed to ik; 


licrd; and spoke of Him to all that looked lU the t» 
demption of IsrAel. And after they had performed all 
things according to the law of the Lord, they returned 
into Galilee, to their city, Nazareth. And the child grew 
and waxed strong, full of wisdom' and the grace of 
God was in him. 


ITie Prayer, 

God ! who by the fruitful virginity of Blessed Mary, 
nast bestowed on mankind the rewards of eternal salva- 
tion : grant, we beseech thee, that we may expt^rience 
her intercession for us, by whom we have been found 
worthy to receive the author of life, our Lord Jesufl 
Christ, &c: 

The Ootpel, Luke ii 21. 

At that time : After eight days were accomplished that 
the child should be circumcised : his name was called 
JESUS, which was called by the Angel, before he wan 
ronceived in th<» womb. 

The Prayer. 

O God ! who didst this day reveal thy only-Vegotteo 
Son to the Gentiles by the guidance of a star : grant in 
thy mercy, that vve who alreaxiy know thee by Faith, may 
be brought to contemplate the beauty of thy Majesty: 
througn the same, &c. 

The Ox^spel. Matt, il 1-12. 

Wheb Jesus, therefore, was born in Bethlehem of 
/udoa, in the days of kmg Herod, behold, there came 
wise men from the East to Jerusalem. Saying, Where 
18 he that is boni King cf the Jews ? For we have seen 
bis star in the East, and are come to adore him. And 
king Herod heanns; this, v/as troubled, and all Jerusalem 
with him. And ossembhng together all the chief priest« 
Ajd Scritf^ of tho people, he inquired of theoi whert 

nat mnouTB ash holtdit*. 88d 

■I flhonld be born. But they said to him In Beth« 
m of Juda. For so it is written by the prophet: 
kL tiioa Bethlehem, the land of Jnda, art not the least 
Qg the princes of Juda : for out of thee shall come 
li the captain that shall rule my people Israel." Then 
od, privately calling the wise men, learned diligently 
item the time of the star which appeared to them . 
sendioj^ them into Bethlehem, suid: Go and dillr 
tlv inquire after the child, and when you have found 
, bring, me word again, that I also may come and 
re bim. Who havmg heard the kinff, went their 
r : snd behold, the star which they had seen in the 
It, went before them, nntil it came and stood ovei 
sre the child was. . And seeing the star, t}.ev rejoiced 
b exceeding gr«it joy. And entering mU: fi\e house, 
f found the child with Mary his mother, und falling 
m, they adored him ; and opening their tretisures, they 
tfed him gifts ; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Ana 
ing reeeived an answer in sleep that they should not 
am to Herod, they went back another way into their 


The Prayer. 

jiant, we beseech thee, O Lord! in thy heavenly 
rcy, the prayers of thy suppliant people : that they 
T both see what they ought to do, and may be enabled 
do ¥^t they see : through our Lord, &.c. 

The Gospel Luke il 42-52. 

IVhen Jesus was twelve years old, they went up te 
Ti^^ilAin accoidiug to the custom of the feast. And 
ring fulhlled the days, when they returned, the child 
HW remained in Jerusalem, and his parents knew it 
;. And thinking that he was in the companpr, they 
Be a day's journey, and souffht him among their kin^ 
ks and BogmuniMoee, And Dot Ending him, tbey Te> 
W0d mio Jeruaahm, aeeking bim. And it oame Xq 
, tbMt sAar three daya they found him in the t«ifte\e^ 


fitting in the midst of the doeton, hear.iifi dual 
askinff them questioiifl. And all that heard Urn 
astomshed at ma wisdom and his answers. And a 
him, they wondered. And his mothei said to 1dm : 
why hast thou done so to ns ! behold, thy fr^her and 
have sought thee sorrowing. And he 8i.k> to them. 
How is it that yon sought me? did yon not know that 1 
Snst be about my Fauiei's bnainess? and they nndei.'*^ 
stood not the words that he spoke unto them. And ht 
.went down with them, and came to Nazareth ^ and 
subject to them. And his mother kept all these woidlj 
hi her heart And Jesus advanced in wisdom and 
and grace with Grod and men. 

SECOND SUHDAT afteb bfifhaht 
I%e Prayer. 

O Aimignty and Eternal Grod ! who govemestaH 
in heaven and on earth : mercifully hear the suj " 
of tJiv people, and grant thy peace in our days f throi 

TheOotpd. St John iL 1-11. 

^; iuu lime : There was a marriage in Cana of Gatt> 
lee : and the mother of Jesus was there. And Jesus also 
was invited, and his disciples, to the marriage. And the 
wine failing, thd mother of Jesus sai|h to him: Tlief ^ 
have no wine. And Jesus saith to her : Woman, idial *} 
kS it to me ano to thee? my hour is not yet come. Ifii \ 
mother saith to the waiters. Whatsoever he shall say to \ 
you, do ye. Now there were set there six water^iots ol 
atone, according to the manner of the purifying (xT tiM ' 
Jews, containing two or three measures fr-piece. Jeeas ^^ 
saith to them : ' Fill the water-pots with water. And \ 
they filled them up to the brim. And Jesus saitii to "^ 
then : Draw out now and carry to the chief steward ol ' ' 
the feast And they carried it And when the eliirf - 
steward had tisted tHe water miud^ if\&^«xd kmnr not ' 
urbence it was, bat ine waitftts to«w ^wVtf^ YoSl to.^ii^^K^^ 
msief; the chief stewaid oaSk^ tuft XsMs^p^Man^ 


Aim : Every man at firnt setteth forth good wine, 
en men have well drunk, then that whicn is worsa 
iu hast kept the good wine antil now. This be- 
• of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Gralilee, atid 
ited his glory; and his disciples believed in him. 


7%* Prayer 

Ojj^ty and £ternal God ! mercifully look upon 
TLiAiy ; and extend the right hand of thy Majesty 
protection : through, &.c. 

nd Pnyer b that of the Ciroomcinon, p. 384 : tb« thifd it, ISm 
*imr«r of the Jirtt Sunday of Jidvent, p. 380, or, tor ti« POpo, m 

od ! the Pastor and Ruler of all the faiUilui, mer- 
regard thy servant [A B] whom thou hast been 
I should preside as Pastor of thy Churcii : grunt 
e beseech thee, to benefit, by word and example, 
>ver whom he presides ; that he may arrive, to- 
with the flock intrusted to him, at eternal life * 
h our Lord, &c. 

The Gospel. Matt, viil 1-18. 

hai lime : When Jesus was come down from th • 
aiii, great multitudes followed him ; and behold a 
ame and adored him, saying: Lord ! if thou wilt, 
Einst make me clean. And Jesus, stretching forth 
ad, touched him, saying : I will, be thou made 
A"'' forthwith nis leprosy was cleansed. And 
iMC7. to him : See thou tell no man ; but go show 
r to the priest, and offer the gift which Moses c-n.. 
d for a testimony unto them. And when he had 
1 into Capharnaum, there came to him a centurion, 
iiing him, and saying. Lord ! my servant lietli at 
sick of the palsy, and is grievously tormented. 
esns saith to him : 1 will come and heal him. And 
ntunoD, making answer^ said: Lord ! I am nv,* 
Umt thou **bouldst enter under my roof" b^\ 
tAB i^ojYi. and wvaprvant shall be healed.* Voi 


f also dni a man subject to authority, having ante 
soldiers ; and I say to rhis, Go^ and he goeth, and to 
other, Come, and he cometh, and to my srarant, Do 
and be doeth it. And Jeaus, hearing this, marFcilad' 
and said to them that followed him : Amen 1 say to yo«' 
t have not found so great faith in Israel. And I say t<ij 
\ r>u that many shall come from the east and the 
(Aid HJiall Hit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and h 
■h the kingdom of heaven: but the children of the 
dom shall be cast out into the exterior darkness : 
shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And J< 
said to the centurion : Go, and as thou hast believed, 
be it done to thee. And the servant was healed at tiiii^ 
same hour. 


The Presyer, 

O God! who knowest that amidst so many 
we cannot subsist, through human frailty: grant 
safety of mind and body, that we may surmount ' 
things, bv thy grace, which we suffer for our sins : throa^^ 
our Lord, dLc. 

The other two prayen u on laet 8«iiday. 

The GoepeL Matt viil 28-27. 

At that time : When Jesus entered into a boat hia dli*,^ 
ciples followed him ; and behold a great tempest 
b the sea, so that the ship was covered with waves, but ] 
he was asleep. And \aa disciples came to him, anl$; 
awakened him. saying : Lord ! save us, we perish. Aali'. 
I«su8 saith unto them* Why are ye feamil,0 ya 4i^i 
little faith 1 Then rising up, he commanded .he '«findp(^) 
and the sea, and there came a great calm. Bat the 
wondered, saying . What manner of man is thta, for tilt. - 
winds and the sea obey him. 


The Proij^. 
Pnmrve, r/e bf ^eecb tlne*, 6 \iwA\ ^i ^n^^Nii^ 


?MAiiiiieci mercy: that, relying solely on th« hope of 
heavenly ^rai^ it may be always defended bv tny pro. 
tectioii : wough our Lord &c 

Seeond Prayer, 

Defend us, Wi beseech thee, O Lord ! from all dangt^re 
af mind and body: and by the intercession of the blest!^ 
id and fflorious Mary ever Virgin, Mother of God, with 
Messed Joseph, and thy blessed Apostles Peter and Paul^ 
ind blessed N., and all the Saints, mercifully gnint U9 
■fety and peace, that all adversities and errors being 
4e8troyed, thy Church may serve thee with secure liberty 

The third pnyer is at th« choice of each peno^ 

The Gospel. Matt. xiii. 24-80. 

Ai thai time : Jesus spoke this parable to the multi- 
ode, saying : The kingdom of heaven is likened to a 
sum tliat sowed good seed in his field. But while men 
were asleep, his enemy came and oversowed cockle 
among the wheat, and went his way. And when the 
blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then np- 
peared also the cockle. Then the servant of the good 
man of the house came and said to him : Sir, didst thou 
not sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath 
it cockle? And he said to them: An enemy hath done 
this. And the servants said to him : Wilt thou that we 
go and gather it up? And he said: No, lest while you 
pther np the cockle, you root up the wheat also togeth- 
« with h. Let both grow until the harvest, and in the 
tbie of the harvest I will say to the reapers : Gather up 
kti the cockle, and bind it in bundles to burn, but gathi97 
1^ wheat into my bam. 


TMe Prayer. 

Gnat, we beseech thee, O Almighty God I that evw 
tnngour thoughts on reasonable times, we may pw 


form, both in words and works, the things that 
pleasing to Thee : through, &c. 

Second and thud prajrer u on last Sondajr. 

The Goapf Matt. xilL 81-85. 

At tkat iisM . Je^us spoke to the multitude thB ]M 
lie r The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mm 
Art seed, which a man took and so^ea in liis fieMi 
Mrhich indeed is the least of all seeds : but when it ii 
groTTi up it is greater than ail herbs, and becometh a 
tree, ho that the birds of the air come and dwell .n the 
tranches thereof. Another parable he spoke to them: 
the kingdom of heaven is like to leaven, which a wonum 
took and hid in three measures of meal, until the whck 
was leavened. All these things Jesus spoke in parabiek 
to the multitudes; and without parables he did not 
speak to them : that the word might be fulfilled which 
was spoken by the prophet, saying : ** I will open my 
mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden from tht 
foundation of the world.** 


Tike Prayer. 

Graciously hear the prayers of thy people, we beseech 
thee, O Lerd ! that we who are justly afflicted for our 
sins, may be mercifully delivered, for the glory of thy 
name : through our Lord, &c. 

TIm teoood and third prayer as on the Fifth Sanday afW Bpiphas*. 

p. 388. 

The Ooepel Matt. zz. 1-16. 

At that ttfne : Jesus spoke to his disciples this para 
ble : The kingdom of heaven is like to a householder 
who went out earJy in the morning to hire lalorers into 
his vineyard. Ana having agreed with the laborers fof 
a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyj.rd. And 
flomg out about the third hour, he saw cthe^ standing 
m the market-place idle. And he said to them : Go you 
shto into mv vii eyard, and I >^iU give yow wVv^l ^Vv\d\ \» 

lasL Anil they went their way. And again lie Wv'nl 
DDt b' out the sixth and tlie moth hour, and did in '^t 
inatiuf-r. But ubvut t}ie eleventh hour he went out and 
found "ihera atanding, and he siiith to them : Why utand 
yoD here all the day idle ? They say to him : Bec&aat 
DO man bath hired us. He saith to them: Go you also 
talo my vineyard. And when evening was i;otne, tiia 
liord of the vineyard eaid to hia steward ; Call Ihc lubolk 
MS and pay them their hire, beginning from tiiu Lii.t even 
! to the firsL When therefore they were come thai vama 
i' ilioDt the eleventh hour, they received eve y a 

fenny. Bat when the first also come, they th gh tb 
I iliejr aboold have received more: and they als d 

ntrj man a penny. And receiving it, tney m m ed 
ig^aal the master of the liouse, Baying-: Th 1 
Hire worked but on« hour, and tJiou haut m d h m 
eqoal to na that have borne the burden of the d d 

Be beats. But he answering said to one f h m 
fiiend, I do thee no wrong ; didat not thou agree with 
me for a penny T Take what is thine, and go thy way - 
1 will also give to this last even as to thee. Ur, in it not 
lawful for me to do wlmt I will I is thy eye evil, because 
I im good ! So shall the laai be first, and the fin^t last. 
Foe many are called, but few chosen. 

T/u Frai/tr 

U Crod ! who seest that we uoniide in no action of out 

♦wn : erajit in thy mercy, that we may be defended 

bcm all evils by the protection of the Doctor of tht 

Geotjles: through our Lord, &c. 

Ik glks Pnr« ur IIm •una u on Ihc Flflli Ssndiir sAer Eplpliar 

Tht Oo'ptL Luke viii 4-tB. 

At iltal time : When a very great multitude w;i.H gatb. 

wed to([ether and histeoeiJ oat of the eitiea to iq^«X 

Jtrni^ Im apoke by a aimilUade. A nower went oitl \A 

'T^^'f-' "^ « A« """"ed eome fell bv the Wb* 


■ide, and it was trodden down, and the fowls if the all jc 
devoured it. i^nd other some fell upon a rock: and « 13 
soon as it was sprung up, it withered away because it i^ 
bad no moisture. And other some fell among thoina, 
and the thorns growing up with it, choked it And 
other some fell upon good ground ; and sprang up, and 
fidded fruit a hundred-fold. Saying these uiingB,bt 
vied out : He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Ar.l 
Ms disciples asked him what this parable might be. To 
whom he said > To you it is given to know the mystery 
if the kingdom of Grod : but to the rest in parables; 
that seeing they may not see, and hearing they may not 
anderstand. Now the parable is this : The seed is the 
word of God. And they by the way-side, are they that 
near ; then the devil cometh, and taketh the word out ol 
Lheir hearts, lest believing they should be saved. Now 
they upon a rock, are they who when they hear, receive 
the word with joy : and these have no roots ; for they 
believe for a while, and in time of temptation fall away. 
And that which fell among thorns, are they who have 
heard, and going their way, are choked with the carte 
and the riches and pleasures of this life, and yield no 
fruit. But that on the good ground, are they who in a 
ffood and perfect heart, hearing the word, keep it. and 
bring forth fruit in patience. 


The Prayer. 

Mercifully hear our prayers, O Lord! we beseecb 
ihee ; and absolving us from the bonds of sin, preserve 
■B from all adversity : through our Lord, Jesus Chiisl 
thy Sen, who with thee, &c. 

Th* other Prmyan an the lamo u on the Fifth Sunday after AiiphaB? 

p. 388. 

The Gospel. Lukt^ zviiL 81-48. 

At that time : Jesus took unto him the twelve, and said . 
to them : Behold we go up to Jerusalem, and all thinfli 
gbtUl be accomplished which ^ete ^wxiU^xiV) \S2kfi; ^i^h. 


Btfi concemmg the Son of Man. For he shall be deliv- 
wed to the Gentiles, and shall be mocked, and »courored 
■nd fl^t upon : and after they have scourged him, they 
will put liini to death, and the third day he shall rinie 
■gain. And they understood none of these things, and 
tfis word was kid from them, and they understood not 
the things that were said. Now it came to pass, tha^ 
when he drew ni^h to Jericho, a certain blind nmn »aK 
\y the wa}^-side, begging. And when he heard the mul 
tnade passing by, he asked what this meant. And they 
tM him that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by. And 
he cried out : Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me. 
And they tliat went before rebuked him, that he should 
hold his peace. But he cried out much more : Son ot 
Dl&vid, have mercy on me. And Jesus st:inding, eoin- 
manded him to be brought unto him. And when he 
was come near, he asked him, saying : What ^\dlt thou 
that I do to thee ? But he said : Lord, that T may see. 
And Jesus said to him: Receive thy sight; thy faith 
bath made thee whole. And immec&ately he sa^^^ and 
followed him, glorifying God. And all the people when 
fhey saw it, gave praise to God. 


7%tf Prayer. 

Grant to thy faithful, O Lord ! that they may begir 
the venerable solemnities of fasting with becomina 
piety, and perform them with secure devotion • through 
our Lord, &c 

Vram diii day till PaMioa Sano*.. two other pmyen are saia v!x., 
"IMmd m." fro., u on the Fifth Sanday after Epiphany, (p. .^9,^ 
and J»e following. 

O Almighty and Eternal God! who hast dominion 
over the bving and the dead, and art merciful to ail 
irfaom thou foreknowest shall be thine by fii* th antl ij^cxxi 
works : we humbly beseech thee, that they for wlioui 
we \ia.yie purposed to pour forth prayers, and whom e\t\\^ i 
tite present world ami detains in the flesh, or the tuVvir^ 
kMs.ece,ed already o t of the body, m« V by Vhe mVcf 


cession of all thy Saints, and the demeneyof llqf 
obtain the pardon of all their sSna: tfaroiig|l our 

TkeGo^ Matt tL l#-il. 

At that time: Jesus said to his Skcktks: When frfAr 
tut be not as the hypoerites, aid. For they 
tbdr faces, that they may appev to man to fut 
I say to you, they have received their renvaid. But 
when thou fastest, anoint thy head, and wash ' 
that thou appear not to men to fiuit, bat to tlnr ! 
who is in secret : and thy Father, who aeeth m 
will reward thee. Lay net np for yomvelvea 
on earth : where the roM and moth consume, and 
thieves break through and steal. But lay up for j€mA 
selves treasures in MKfen : where neither rust nor mottr ' 
dolii consume, and where thieves do not break 
nor steal. For where thy treasure la, there hi thy 




2%« Prager, 

U God ! Wh6 dost puriiy uiy Churen oy the annul 
observance of Lent ; grant to thy servants, that whel 
they endeavor to obtain o^thee by abstinence, they 
pursue by good works : through, &e. 

TIm other pny«n u on Aah*WadiMiday, p. 

TheOotpd. Matt. hr. 1-11. 

At ihat lime: Jesus waa led by the Miirit into the 

ert, tobe tempted by the devil. And when he had ' 

Ibf ty days and forty nights, he was afterwaids hatm. 

And the tempter comine, said to him: If tiion he the . 

Son of Grod, command that these stones be nuide hran£ 

Who answered and said: It is written, ** Not hi bml 

ilone doth man live, but in every word that pronmiiefli 

offv of the moath of Grod.** Then thft d«^ inok Ihi 

Mo the holy dtyf and set b^rai ui^on a. ^homM^^ ^ ^Qh^ 

i^iVJe, Mad bM to hhn : If them \m iSbie ItoBL ;A l^n^ 


byaelf down, for it is written, ** He hath civeu hiH 

Isehaige over thee, And in their hands shall they 

;hee np^ ket porfaBM thoa dash thy foot against a 

." Jeans said to mm: It is written, again : ** Thom 

not tempt the Lord thy God." Again he devD 

him up mto a very hini mountain : and showed 

ill the kinfldoms of the world, and the glory o* 

And said to him : All these will I give thee, I 

wflt Ml down and adore me. Then Jesas isaid te 

Begone, Satan : for it is written, <* The Lord thy 

shatt thou adore, and him only shalt then serve. 

the devU left him, and behold Angels came a ad 

tered to him. 


The Prayer, 

Qod ! who beholdest ns destitute of every virtue, 
rve ns interiorly and exteriorly, that we may be 
tded from all aaversities of body, and be purified 
all evil thoughts in mind : through, &c. 

TIm other pnyan u on Aih-WediMaday, p. 398. 
The QoepeL Matt xvil 1-9. 

thai time: Jesus taketh unto him Peter and James, 
lohn his brother, and bringeth them up into a high 
itain apart : and he was transfigured before them. 
his face did shine as the sun ; and his garments be- 
; white as snow. And behold there appeared to 

Moses and Elias talking with him. Tnen Peter 
ering, said to Jesus : Lord ! it is good for us to b« 
: if thoa v ilt, let us make here three tabernacle^ 
for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Eliaa 
as he was yet speakinff, behold a bright cloud c^er- 
owed them. And loT a voice out of the cloud, 
ig: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well 
led: hear ye mm. And the disciples hearine^ f<sll 
1 their hee^ and were rery much afraid. And^^^xiA 

«»^ AiiwA*/ ^: and said to them: Anae, sanA 

MtM. iia/ irAen t&ejr lifted up their eyes \Jtiei 


aaw no one, bat only Jesus. And as thej eame 
from the mountain, Jesns charged them, sayinff 1 
the vision to no man, till the Son of Mxa shall oe n 
from the dead. 

The Pra^, 

We beseech thee, O Almighty God! regard the. 
en of thy humble servants : and stretch forth in our 
fence the right hand of thy Majesty. Thiou^ Sie. 

The other pnycn u on Aal^Wedaeiiaj, p. 3BBL 

The Ooepd, Luke zL 14r-2& 

At that time : Jesus was casting out a devil, and 
same was dumb ; and when he hSdi cast out the 
the dumb spoke ; and the multitude were in 
at k : but some of them said: He casteth out devils 
Seelzebub, the prince of devils. And others tem] 
asked of him a sign froir heaven. But he, 
their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom di^ 
against itself shall be brought to desolation, and hoi 
upon house shall fall. And if Satan also be 

against himself, how shall his kingdom stand! 

you say, that through Beelzebub 1 cast out d( 
Now if T cast out devils by Beelzebub : by whom 
your children cast them out? Therefore they shall 
your judges. But if I, by the finger of God, east cut' 
devils; doubtless the kingdom of God is come upOB 
foiL When a strong man armed keepeth his ooDii; 
Jav^ things are in peace which he possesseth. B«t I 
t etrongisr than he come upon him and ovoeome hte 
ae will take away all hb annor wherein he trusted, am 
^1 distribute his ^>oll8. He that b not with me^ li 
against me : and he that gathereth not with me, seattiEilN' 
eu. Wben the unclean spiiit is gone out d a man, lii 
mdketh throng places wtthoult Nv«^t«c^ saekiiig nk: 
Mod not Sndingf he saith: I vfS\ TeV»m Vd^a tu) VmUm 
tirbmee I came out. And when V« V^ ^otftft>\» %ttiA 

fUB SfTffD ATS AUD Hot fDATS. 391 

»t and garnished. Then he goeth and taketh with 
ren other spirits more wicked than himself, and 
g in, tiiey dwell there. And the Lost state of that 
ecometh worse than the first. And it ca e to 
as he spoke these things, a certain woman frcm 
»wd lifting up her voice said to him : Blessed Is 
•mb that bore thee, and the breasts that gave th«# 
But he said : Yea rather, blessed ire they wh« 
le word of God, and keep it 

The Prayer. 

at, we oesecch thee, O Almighty God ! that W€ 
*e afflicted for our deeds, as we deserve, ma/ b« 
d by the comfort of thy grace : through, &c. 

TIm other pnyen a« on Ai*fa- Wednesday, p. 39S 

2%e Oospel. John vi 1-16. 

in/ time : Jesus went over the sea of Galilee, whicli 
of Tiborias ; and a great multitude followed him.. 
e they saw the miracles which he did on them 
ere diseased. Jesus therefore went up into a 
ain, and there he sat with his disciples. Now the 
the festival day of the Jews, was near at hand. 
Jesus therefore had lifted up his eyes, and seen 
very great multitude cometh to him, lie said to 
; Whence shall we buy bread, that these may 
And this he said to try him, for he himself knew 
le would do. Philip answered him : Two hun- 
enny worth of bread is not sufficient for them, thai 
>ne may take a little. One of his disciples, Aiv- 
liie brother of Simon Peter, saith to him : There 
y here that hath five barley-loaves, and two fishes 
lat are they among so many ? Then Jesus said * 
Jie men sit down. Now there was much grass 
place. The men therefore sat down, in numbei 
ivetbcusand And Jesua took the Ijavea*. as\^ 
, niui given thanks, he Attributed tc them l\vaJ 




were sat down. In like nuumer ilso of tLt fiiheib 
mud. aa they would : and when thej were fil.ed, he ■ 
to hi& diwiples : Gather up the frumeots tint nmd 
lest they be lost. They gathered up tlierafore, ■ 
filled twelve ocskets with the fiagmenta of the fire h 
ley-loaves, wiiicD remained over and above to them ll 
had eaten. Now these men, when they had seen in 
a miracle Jesus had done, said : This is of a truth t 
rrophet that is to come into the world. Jesus tha 
lore, when he knew that they would come to take U 
by force, and make him kin;;, fled again into the mum 
tain himself alone. 


The Prayer. 

We beseech thee, O Almighty God ! mercifblly ion 
jpon thy family : that by thy bounty, it may be M 
erned in body, and, by thy preservation, be kept in m^ 
ihrniicrh, &.c. 

Prayer for the Church, p. 380, v fbr the Fope, p. 387. 

The GospeL John viiL 46-^9. 

At that time : Jesus said to the multitude of the Jtfi^ 
Which of you shall convince me of sin ? If I say tf' 
truth to you, why do you not believe me? He that ill 
God, heareth the words of God. Therefore you 
them not, because you are not of God. Tlie Jews 
fore answered and said to him : Do not we say weA 
thou art a Samaritan, and hast a de%'il? Jesot 
Bwered : I have not a devil ; but I honor my Fatho^i 
vou have dishonored me. But I seek not my owni ' 
iiere is one that seeketh and judgeth. Amen, 
say tu YOU : If any man keep my word, he shall 
death forever. The Jews therefore said : Now we 
that thou hast a devil. Abraham is dead, an 
prophets ; and thou sayest : If any man keep my 
ne shall not taste death forever. Art thou greater! 
oar &ther Abraham, who is dead ? And the 
V9 flmd. V/l im dost thou make \.Vv\^Vf '^. !(««( 


' I glorify myself, my gloiy is nothlL^. It it 
that fflorifieth m^ of whom yon say that ht 
d ; and you have not known mm, but I kdow 
if I should say, that I know him not, I sliould 
rou, a liar. But I do know him, and do keep 

Abraham your father rejoiced that he mifl^ 
' : he saw n and was glad. The Jews tSea 

. Thou art not yet fi^ years old, and hast 

Abraham ? Jesus said to them : Amei^ 
.y to you, before Abraham was made,! am* 

up stones therefore to cast at him. But 
imself^ and went out of the temple. 


hty and Eternal God! who wouldst have our 
ke flesh, and undergo the Cross, for man to 
example of his humility, grant, we beseech 
fe may both deserve the instruction of his po- 
the fellowship of his Resurrection : throuji^ 

I iff our Lard Jeaua Christy according to St. Matt, 
zxvi and zzvii 1-66. 

me : Jesus said to his disciples : You know 
wo days shall be the pasch, and the Son of 
>e delivered up to be cruci^ed. Then were 
gether the chief priests and ancients of the 
the court of the high-priest, who was called 
and they consulted together, that by subtlety 
apprehend Jesus, and put him to death. Bn 
Not on the festival day, lest perhaps theiv 
a tumult amongst the people And when 
b Bethimia, in the house of Simon the lepeii 
to him a woman having an alabaster-box of 
Dtment, and poured it on his head as he was 
ind the disciples seeing it, had in^dgnatioiK 
what purpose is this waste ? For m& VdSM^ 
Id for '^sfveh, and gi en to the poor. iilA 


Jeans knowing it, said lt> them: Why do yon troubU 
this woman? l.r she has wrought a good work npoa 
me. For the poor you have always with yoa. but dm 
you have not always. For she, m pouring tiiis oint- 
ment upon my body, hath done it for mv bunal. Amei^ 
I say to you. wheresoever this gospel shall be preachad 
in the whole world, that also w'hich she hath done, aha]^ 
be told for a memory of her. Then went one of tha 
twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, to the chief 
priests, and said to them : What will you give me, and I 
will deliver him unto you? But they appointed him 
thirty pieces of silver. And from thenceforth he sought 
an opportunity to betray him. And on Vxe first day d 
the Azymes the disciples came to Jesus, Faying* Where 
wilt thuu that we prepare for thee to eat the pascht 
But Jesus said : Go ye into the city to a certain man, 
and say to him : The Master saith my time is near at 
hand, I will keep the pasch at thy house with my disci- 
ples. And the disciples did as Jesus appointed to them, 
and they prepared the pasch. New when it was even* 
ing, he sat down with his twelve disciples. And whilel 
they were eating, he said : Amen, I say to you, that one 
of you is about to betray me. And. they beinff verj 
much troubled, began every one to say : fs it I, Xoid 
But he answering said : He that dippeth his hand wit 
me in the dish, he shall betray me. The Son of Mf 
indeed goeth, as it is written of him ; but woe to that ma 
by whom the Son of Man shall be betrayed. It wc 
better for him, if that man had not been bom. And « 
das, that betrayed him, answering said : Is it I, RaB 
He saith to him : Thou hast said it And whilst ti 
Were at supper, Jesus took bread, and blessed, 
broke ; and gave to his disciples, and said : Take ye 
eat : this is my body. And taking the chalice, ^f e i 
thanks ; aiid gave to them, saying : Drink ye all of 
For this is my blood of the New Testament whijh 
be shed for many for the remission of sins. And 
io jrou, I will not drink from V\ei\cetoY\5^ ol >^a& ti 
^fte vines untif that day when I sViatW Ans\V \\. \3k» 

nm, SintDATS and HOLTT^ATb 401 

the kingdom of my Father. And a L/mti being 
dy went oat into Mount Olivet Then Jesub said 
k : All you shall bo scandalized in me this night. 
B written : ** I will strike the shepherd, and the 
»f the flock shall bo dispersed.^ But after I shall 
1 again, I will ffo before you into Galilee. And 
answering, said to him: Although all shall be 
ized in thee, I will never be scandalized. Jesua 
him : Amen, I say to thee, that in this nighty be- 
e cock crow, thou wilt deny me thrice. Peter 
> him : Yea, though I should die with thee, I will 
ly thee. And in like manner said all the disciples. 
fesus came with them into a country place, which 
d Getbsemani ; and he said to his disciples : Sk 
re, till I go yonder, and pray. And taking with 
(tcT and the two sons of Zebedee, he began to 
orrowful and to be sad. Then he saith to them : 
il ie sorrowful even unto death : Stay you here 
iteh with me. And going a little further he fell 
is fece, prayinff, and saying: My Father, if it be 
le, let this choice pass from me. Nevertheless, 
I will, but as thou wilt. And he cometh to hif* 
Bs, and findeth them asleep, and he saith to Petei , 
? Could you not watch one hour with me' 
ye, and pray that ve enter not into temptation 
pint indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak 
the second time he went, and prayed, sn3ring : My 
, if this chalice may not pass away, but 1 must 
t, thy will be done. And he cometh again, and 
I them sleeping : for their eyes were heavy. And 
I them, he went again ; and he prayed the third 
aying the self-same words. Then he cometh to 
ciples, and saith to them : Sleep ye now, and take 
est * behold the hour is at hand,' and the Son ol 
bail be betrayed into the hands of sinners Rise, 
go : behold, he is at hand that will betray me. Ai 
ig>oke, behold Judaa, one of the twelve, cume^ w\\ 
m Bgr^i multitude, with swords and c\\ib», %fcTv\ 
3 Chief pnesta and the anciente of the pei>V^e. 


And he that had betrayed him, ^ave tnem a sign, saying i^- 
Whomsoever I shall kiss, that 18 he, hold \um fiisL Ane ^^ 
forthvdth coming to Jesus, he said : Hail, RahbL And i^-j 
he kissed him. And Jesus said to him : Friend, wherett :^ 
art thou come ? Then they came up and laid hands oo ^'^ 
Jesus, and held him. And behold one of them thit 
were with Jesus, stretching forth his hand, drew oat fali 
■word ; and striking the servant of the high-priest, ^ 
off his ear. Then Jesus said to him : Put up again thy 
Bword into its place ; for all that take the sword shau 
perish with the sword. Thinkest thou that I cannot ask 
my Father, and he will give me presently more than 
twelve legions of angels 1 How then shall the Scripture! 
be fultllled, that so it must be done ? In that same hom 
Jesus said to the multitude : You are come out as it . 
were to a robber, with swords and clubs, to apprehend ' 
me. I sat daily with you teaching in the temple, and 
you laid not hands on me. Now all this was done, thai 
the Scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled. Then 
the disciples all leaving him, fled. But they, holding 
Jesus, led him to Caiaphas the high-priest, where the 
scribes and the ancients were assembled. And Peter 
followed him afar off, even to the court of the high- 
priest ; and going in, he sat with the servants, that he 
might see the end. And the chief priests and the whole 
council sought false witness against Jesus, that they 
might put him to death ; and £ey found not, whereas 
many false witnesses had come in. And last of all, 
there came two false witnesses; and they said: Thia 
man s;iid : I am able to destroy the temple of God, and 
■Iter three days to rebuild it. And the high-priest risin§ 
■P)^ said to him : Answerest thou nothing to the things 
which these witness against thee 1 But Jesus held Hm 
peace. And the lii^h-priest said to him, I adjure thee 
by the livmg God, that thou tell us if thou be the Christ 
^e Son of God. Jesus saith to him : Thou hast said it 
^vertheleaSf I say to you, hereafbet 'jow fihall see ths 
^^ of Man aitting on the right haxi^ oi \)aft S^""^ ^ 
^od And coming ir tiie clou^ of \uwi«ii. 'v^u ^Qbi^ 


k.ri^i-priesL rent his garments, allying : Hl' itath LLu 
"tamed, what ftirther need 'lave we of witnesses? Be 
Mdd, noiv you Itove heard the blasphem}" wlint tninj 
tu ! But they unaweriiie suid ; He I* euili/ of dealt 
ino did they spit in his faje, s.nd buffet nim, und other 
ack his face with the paluH of iheir haiida, saying 
jphes; vaM us. Christ ; who is he thut struck Ihee 
It Pel^t sat without in the uourt; and thorf came t 
B servdnt-maid, saying: Thou also wast with Jesn 
ic GiLlilGan. But he denied befoi i them al 
I know Dot what thou sayest. And as he wen 

E, another moid saw him, and she saith li> mem tns 
re there ; This man also was with Jsaua of Nazoreti 
I Aoiiagain he denied with an oalh : That I know not th 
I uu. And after a little while they came tjiat etood b; 
I ud said to Peter : Surely thou hIbo art one iif them, fc 
I Hen thy speech doth discover thee. Tlien liu begun t 
— le and swear that he knew not the num. And in 
liat«l; the cock crew. And Peler remcDibered th 
I nrds of JesQB which he had said: Belbie the coc 
I now, thou wilt deny me thrice. And goinij forth, h 
I vept Utterly. And when moroing was cuuie, alt th 
I eb^ priests and ancients of the people look counsi 
I igunat Jesus, that they might put him to di'^ith. An 
I &j brougiit him bound, and delivered )iim to Ponliii 
1 PiEiIe, the governor. Then Judas, wlio betriiyed hin 
I wing that he was condemned, repntiiig himsel 
I cnnght back the thirty pieces of silver to the chli 
I pHMIa and ancients, saying : I have sinned, in betrayin 
I tiuHyint blood. But they said : What is thiit to ua 
I ■»k thou to it. And casting down the pieces of eilvi 
I t iLe temrlei he departed, sod went and hanged himae 
I (lib a tialf«r. But the diicf prieftts liaving taken tli 
i (ieiXA of ^ver, void: It is not lawful to put them ml 
*«« corbono, because it is tlie price of blood. And aft4 
■*" y had consulted together, they bought with them \\ 
ier's ficJdl ttr be ji imrying-plaee for strangers. ¥ 
eaaat! that JeJd waa called Uu uldama, thai IB, ' 

"^^eii waa tuM 

<04 COLr^CTS AID 005! BLS 

that which was spoken byJbremia:> the pyophet^tfa- Af 
^ And ttiey took the thirty pieces of silver, the pilee «| 
him that was prized, whom they prized of the ehildna 
of Israel. And they gave them unto the potter's fiel4|. 
as the Lord appointed to me.'' And Jesus stood befcni 
the governor, and the governor asked him, saying : All 
thou the king of the Jews ? Jesus saith to hun : 'Rio^ 
v.yest it And when he was accused by the chief prieali 
And ancients, he answered nothing. Then Pilate sailk 
to him : Dost thou not hear how great testimonies tlMf 
allege against thee ? And he answered him to never a 
word : so that the governor wondered exceedingly. Nov 
upon the solemn day the governor was accustomed td 
release to the people one prisoner, whom they would. 
And he had then a notorious prisoner, that was called 
Barabbas. They tlierefore being gathered togetheii 
Pilate said^ Whom will you that I release to you, barab- 
bas, or Jesus that is called Christ? For he knew thit 
for envy they had delivered him. And as he was sitting 
in the place of Judgment, his wife sent to him, saying: 
tiave thou nothing to do with that just man. For I have 
suffered many things this day in a dream because of hiiiL 
But the chiei ppests and ancients persuaded the people^ 
that they should aslf Barabbas, ana make Jesus away. 
And the governor answering, said to them : Whethei 
will you of the two to be released unto you? But 
they said, Barabbas. PUate saith to them: What 
shall I do then with J<isus that is called Christ? They 
say a'l : IjCt him be crucified. The governor sfid to 
them : Why, what evil hath he done ? But they cried 
^^t the more, saying: Let him be crucified. And 
f'i%^e seeing that he prevailed nothing, but that rather 
h tuii.ult was made ; taking water« he washed his hands 
before the people, saying : I am innocent ^f the blood 
uf this just man: look you to it. And the whole peo- 
ple, answering, paid : His blocd bo upon us, and upon 
'.ur children. Then he releas5>d to them Barabbas: and 
oaviuff sco«a'ged ^ebns, .'ieliv<%red him unto them to be 
fraei&± T .?n *liv scidit^^ o? Uvx. v' fe^'^^^'* NAkm% 


oto the hall, gathered together unto him the 
mnd : and stripping him, they put a scarlet cloak 
im. And plaitmff a crown of thorns, they put it 
B head, and a reed in his right hand. And bow- 
knee before him, they m/>cked hhp saying : Hail^ 
the Jews ! And spitting upon him, they took 
d, and struck his head. And after they hai 

him, they took off the cloak from him, and put 
>wn garments, and led him away to crucify him. 
ling out, they met a man of Cyrene, named Si 
im they forced to take up the cross. And they 
• the place that is called Golfi^otha, which is the 
^ Calvary. And they gave him wine to drink, 
I with gull. And when he had tasted, he would 
ik. And after they had crucified him, they di- 
is garments, casting lots : that it might be ful- 
hich was spoken by the prophet, saying : '* They 

my garments among them ; and upon my ves- 
ey cast lots:*' and they sat and watched liim. 
ey put over his head his cause written : THIS 
•ucified with him two thieves : one on the ."iffht 
nd one on the left. And they that passed by, 
med him, wagging their heads, and saying : Vah ! 
tat destroyest the temple of God, and in three 
)st rebuild it, save thy own self: if thou be the 
God, come down from the cross. In like man- 
) the chief prie8ts, with the 8cribes and ancients, 

F, said: He saved others; himself he cannot 
he be the king of Israel, let him now come 
¥om the cross, and we will believe him. He 
in God: let him now deliver him, if he will hav« 
>r he said : I am the Son of God. And the self- 
dng the xt «ves also that were crucified with him, 
hed him with. Now from the sixth hour there 
rkness over the whole earth, until the ninth hour. 
out the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice, 
Eli, Eli, lamma sabocthani? that is, ^My God 
I, why host thou forsaken me V And some tha^ 


Blood (here and heard, said: This man calleih 
And immediately one of them, running, took a spoi 
and filled it with vinegar, and put it on a reed, and g 
him to drink. And the others said : Let us see whet 
G]ias will come and deliver him. Anu Jesus, again 
mg with a loud voice, YIELDED UP THE GHOSlSf 
And behold, the veil of the temple was rent in two nr€# 
the top even to the bottom, and the earth c, naked, ani 
the rocks were rent. And the graves were opened ; ani 
many bodies of the saints that had slept arose; bjA 
eoming out of the tombs after his resurrection, came intt 
the hoi) city, and appeared to many. Now the cental 
rion, and they that were with him watching Jesus, h$nr 
ing seen the earthquake and the things that were doiNL 
were sore afraid, saying: Indeed this was the Son ol 
God. And there were there many women afar off wht 
had followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering unto him: 
among whom was Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mothiB^ 
of James and Joseph, and the mother of the sons ol 
Zebedee. And when it was evening, there came a oeii* 
tain rich man of Arimathea, named Joseph, who also 
himself was a disciple of Jesus. He went to Pilate and 
asked the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded that 
the body should be delivered. And Joseph, taking the 
boay, wrapped it up in a clean linen cloth, and laid it io 
his own new monument, which he had hewn out of • 
rock. And he rolled a great stone to the door of the 
monument, and went his way. And there was there 
Mary Magdalen, and the other Mary sitting over againfll 
^e sepulchre. 

[Here t!ie Priest goes to the middle of the altar and laji, ** CImuim m§ 
JMUt,'* &c Having said which, he resames the Goepa! a* foUowf.] 

And the next day, which followed the day of preparib 
lion, the chief priests and the Pharisees came togethei 
to Pilate, saying: Sir, we have remembered, that ihai 
ueducer said, while he was yet alive : After three da,y% I 
nil] rise again. C'ommand iVvweioi^ tVv^ ^^pulchre to 

* Hwe all knee], and meditate for % %>*on xXtw oii ^ift* ^MfiOa «i « 
*»/e Saviour 

FOf SXTHDl rs ANP flOLTDAFS. 4fil 

d until the third day : lest perhaps his disci* 
and steal him away, and say to the people 
1 from the dead : and the ast eiTor shall be 
n the first Pilate said to them : You have a 
, guard it as you know. And they departing, 
sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and aettiiin 

The Prayer. 

who this day didst open to us the approacA 
f by thy only Son, victorious over death: 
ir vows Dy thy grace, which thou dost antici- 
y inspiration : tJnrough the same, &c. 

7%e Oowpel Mark xvi 1-7. 

time : Mary Magdalen, and Mary the mother 
ind Salome, brought sweet spices, that coming 
t anoint Jesus. And very early in the morn- 
rst day of the week, they came to the sepu.- 
sun being now risen. And th.y said one to 
Wbo shall roll us back the stone from the 
B sepulchre ? And looking, they saw the stone 
;k : for it was very great. And entering into 
hre, they saw a young man sitting on the right 
ed with a white robe ; and they were aston- 
Hio saith to them : Be not affrighted : you seek 
Nazareth, who watS Tucified : he is risen, he is 
behold the place where they laid him. Bu^ 
3 disciples and Peter, that he goeth before yov 
3e : there you shall see him, as he tjld you. 


The Prayer. 

we beseech thee, O Almighty God ! that w« 
performed th« paschal solemnities, ma^ V) 

^if'"^'ZJ *'. ^'"f '''* '^' »» that wMim. Qtt ^VttA 
9rmdd0n tm be tolemmunx. 



thy bounty preserve thera In our life fud condiiel 
through, &c. I 

The GoapeL John xx. 19-31. 

At that time : When it ^as late that same day, being '^ 
the first day of the week, and the doors were shut, wheiv '^^ 
Iho disciples were gathered together for fear of the Ji WB '^ 
le«^us came and stood in the midst, auvi said to then ^ 
Peace be to you. And when he had said this, he showe4 * 
them his haiids and his side. The disciples therefore ^ 
were glad when they saw the Lord. He said therefore 
to ihem again: Peace be to you. As the Father hath - 
sent me, I also send you. When he had said this, he 
breathed on them ; and he siud to them : Receive ye the ' 
Holy Ghost : whose sins ye shall forgive, they are foN 
given them ; and whose sins you shall retain, they are 
retiiined. Now Thomas, one of the twelve, who is called 
Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came. The 
other disciples therefore said to him : We have seen the 
Lord. But he said to them : Except I shall see in his 
hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into tlie 
place of the nails, and put my hands into his side, I will 
not believe. And after eight days, again his disciples 
were within, and Thomas with them. Jesus cometh« 
the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said: 
Feijce be to you. Then he said to Thomas : Put in thy 
finger hither, and see my hands, and brinff hither thy 
hand, and put it into my side, and be not faithless, but 
believing. Thomas answered, and said to him: My 
Lord and my God ! Jesus saith to him : Because thoi 
aai^t seen me, Thomas, thou hast believed : blessed an 
they that have not seen, and have believed. Many other 
uigns also did Jesus in the sight of his disciples, which 
are not written in this book. But these are writteOi 
thai yoD mav believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son 
of God : and that believing, you may have life in hit 

WfOL 8Tnn>AT8 AJID HOL'kDATS. 409 


The Prayer, 

O God ! who, by the humility of thy Son, hast raised 
•pa ial1«3]i world, ^nt to thv faithful everlasting joy ; 
w those whom thou hast (delivered from the evils oi 
fltemal deiith, thou may est make to enjoy everlasting 
!r|)pinos8 : through the same, &c. 

fWiriJowin^ pij^yer, with that for the Charoh, p. 380, or for the Pop* 
p. 3e7, it added on the Sandays after Easter. 

Granl, O Lord God I we beseech thee, that we thy 
MmmU may enjoy perpetual health of mind and body, 
tbd that by the glorious intercession of the ever blessed 
Virgiii Majy, we may be deliv^ed from present sorrows. 
mi possess everlasting joy : through, &c 

The Gospel. John z. 11-16. 

At that time : Jesus said to the Pharisees : I am Ww 

Ipod shepherd. The good shepherd giveth his life foi 
m sheep. But the hireling, and he that is not tlie 
shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolt 
^)ming, and leave th the sheep, and flieth, and the \\ olt 
:atcheth, and scattereth the sheep: and the hireling 
Seth because he is a hireling, and he hath no care tor 
the sheep. I am the good shepherd ; and I know mine, 
tod mine know me. As the Father knoweth me, and 
1 know the Father; and I lay down my life for my 
ibeep. And other sheep I have, that are not of this 
fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my 

' rf>iee, ani there shall be one K)ld, and one shepherd. 


The Prayer, 

O God ! who dost show to those that go astray the 

S^« of thy truth, that they may return to the way of 

jost&De : grant to all who are numbered in the profension 

of Chnstuuuty, to reject those things which are inimical 

io this DMme, und to pursue those wnieh .ire becomuiff'. 



Tht Oospel. John zvi. 16-22. 

At thai time: Jesus said to his A littti 
while, and now vou shall not see me ; ana again a little 
while, and you shall see me : because I go to the Father . I 
Then some of his disciples said one to another: Whit 
Is tills that he saith to us : A little while, and you shall 
\oi see me; and again a little while, and you shall set 
Qe and because I go to the Father? They said thenij 
<bre, What is this that he saith : A little while : we know 
not what he speaketh. And Jesus knew that they had 
a mind to ask him ; and he said to them : Of this do yoi 
inquire among yourselves, because I said : A little wnile 
and you shall not see me ; and again a little while, and 
you shall see me? Amen, amen« I say to you, that you 
shall lament and weep, but the world shall rejoice : and 
you shall be made sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be 
turned into joy. A woman, when she is in labor, hath 
sorrow, because her hour is come : but when she hatil 
brought forth the child, she remembereth no more the 
anguish, for joy that a man is bom into the world. So 
also you now indeed have sorrow, but I vnl\ see you 
Again, and your heart shall rejoice ; and your joy no man 
snail take from you. 


The Prayer, 

O God ! who makest the minds of the faithful to be 
of one will, ^ant to thy people to love what thoa con* 
mandest, to desire what thou promisest ; that among Hm 
ebanges of this world, our hearts may be fixed on tkli 
l^lace. M'herc true joys reside : througli, &c. 

The Gospel. John xyL 5-14. 

At thet time r Jesus said to his disciples : 1 go to nln 

that sent mu; and none of you asketh me: Whithei 

goest thou? But because I have spoken tiiese thingi- 

U> you, sorrow hath filled your heart But I tell yo« 

He truth; it is expedient to you that I go : for if I ge 

not, the Paraclete wUl not come to you; WX M \ ^A 

hjin to you. And when he is eovLt, he will 

MDiince the world of ain, and of Justice, and nf juctg- 

Dent. Of air ; because tliey believed not in me. And 

I of justice: because I go U the Fnther; and you ahall 

me DO longer. And of judgment : bccuu.Hc tlie 

e of this world is already judged. I have yel taany 

- ■- Bay to you; but you cannot bear theni now 

1 he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teatf 

i all truth. For he shall not epeuk of himself; bul 

jtt things Boeret he aholl henr, be shall speak : and 

• Utiogs that are to come, he shall show you. Ha 

'H fflorify me; because he ehall receive of mine, and 

11 diow it you. 


God ! from whom all good thinga proceed, griint to 
. by BDpplisnnIa that by thy inspiration we may think 
"' e ttungs that are right, and by thy directiou perfonn 
"' rough, &c. 

lite Gospel. John irl 28-80. 

"* Al Ihal time: Jesaa said to his disciples; Amen, amen, 

I say to you ■ If you ask the Father any thing in my 

lUDe, he will give it you. Hitherto you have not asked 

lay tiling in inv name. Ask, and you shall receive ; that 

^ jsur joy may be full. Theae things I have spoken to 

^ jon in proverbs. The hour cometh when I will no more 

ii^ twak to you in proverbs, but will show you plainly o* 

^ Ke Father. In that day you shall ask in my name : ant 

I Mj not to you, that I will ask the Father for yov. 

Tot the Palber himself lovelh you, because you haTH 

kiTed me, and have belieted that I came out from God. 

,x I C4UDe forth irom the Father, and am conie iiiio the 

H world: ag«)i> I leave the world, and go (o the Fiither. 

^ Sis diacifU'r say to him : Behold, now thou speakest 

■•I nlunlv. uid HDeakest no uroverb. Now we know that 

I needeat nol th&l aoj 


laan should ask thee. By this we belieye tiiBt Ai 
earnest forth from God. 


The Prayer, 

Grant, we beseech thee, O Almighty God! thai V 
who believe the only-begotten Son, our Redeemer* i 
tended this day into heaven, may ourselves also in wM 
dwell in heavenly things : through, &c 

The Gospel, Mark xvL 14-20. 

At that tvme: Jesus appeared to the eleven as the 
were at table : and he upbraided them with their inev 
dulity and hardness of heart, because they did not bi 
Ueve them who had seen him after he was risen agai 
And he said to them : Go ye into the whole world, ai 
preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believel 
and is baptized, shall be saved : but he that believei 
not, shall be condemned. And these signs sh^ follv 
them that believe : In my name they shSl cast out de 
ils ; they shall speak with new tongues ; they shall tal 
up serpents ; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, 
shall not hurt them : they shall lay their hands upon ^ 
sick, and they shall recover. And the Lord Jesus, aft 
he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven, ai 
sitteth on the right hand of God. But they fivin 
preactied everywhere; the Lord workii^ witha^ ai 
confirming the word with signs that followed. 


The Prayer, 

O Almighty and Everlasting God ! grant us ever 
entertain a devout affection towards thee, and to ^er 
th} Majesty with a sincere heart : through, &c. 

Second Prayer a of the Asceniion, p. 41S. 

The Gyepel. John xv. 26 ; zvl 1-i. 

At that time : Jesus said to his disciples : When ti 
Pjrackte Cometh wh >m I will send you from the F 


V, the Spirit of Truth, who proceeded! from the 
Iher, be shall give testimony of me ; and you shall 
re testimony, b^use you are with me from the begin- 
[ig. These things have I spoken to you, that you may 
■t be scandalizef They vnll put you out of the B\nL 
igaes : yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killetb 
w, will think that he doth a service to God. \Dd 
i^se things will they do to you. because they have not 
iiown the Father, nor me. But these things 1 have told 
on ; that, when the hour shaU come, you may remeni- 
er that I told you of them. 


The Prayer, 

God ! who on this day didst instruct the hearts of 
be Paithftil by the light of the Holy Ghost ; erant that 
^ may be truly wise in the same Spirit, and ever re- 
iee in his consolation * through our Lord, &c., in the 
dty of the same, ^c 

7%e Oo9p€l John ziv. 28-31. 

At that time : Jesus said to his disciples : If any one 
ve me, he will keep my word, and mv Father will love 
m, and we will come to him, and will make our abode 
;th him : he that loveth me not, keepeth not my words. 
id the word which you have heard, is not mine : but 
3 Father's who sent me. These things have 1 spoken 
you, abiding with you. But the Paraclete, the Holy 
lost, whom the Father will send in my name, he vnll 
ich you all things, and bring all things to your mind, 
latsoever I shall have said to you. Peace i leave wit h 
u, my peace 1 give to you : not as the world giveth, 

1 give unU) you. Let not your heart be trounn-d, 
r let it l:e afraid. You have lieard that 1 have said to 
u . I go away and I come again to you. If you loved 

• Pentecost in Greek sipiifietf./f/Yy, this Sunday In-inj: fifty days 
er the Re»nrrec'ion. It is alt»o called Wliitsmidny, or White 
ndav. from the Catechumens, who were clothrd /// /r///A. and 
mittod oc the eve of this Feast, to the Sacraujtiit of liaptiHiu. 



me, you would indeed K glad, because I go ' 
Father : for the Father is greater than L And 
have told you before it come to pass : that when j 
eome to pass, you may believe. I will not now 
many things with you. For the prince of this 
Cometh, and in me he hath not any thing. But tl 
world may know that I love the Father: and : 
hther lath given me commandment, so do I. 


77i« Prayer. 

U Almighty and Eternal God ! who hast grant 
servants to acknowledge the glory of the eternal ^ 
in thf confession of the true f*^th, and to ado 
unity in the power of thy Majesty ; we beseecl 
that by firmness in the same faith, we may be eve 
ifhciM from all adversities, through our Lord, &c. 

The Gospel. Matt, xxviil 18-20. 

At that time : Jesus said to his disciples : All p< 
given to me in heaven and in earth. Going, the 
teach all nations : Baptizing them in the name < 
Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy ( 
Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever 
commanded you : and behold I am with you all 
even to the consummation of the world. 

feast of corpus christi. 

The Prayer. 

O God ! who in this wonderful sacrament hast 
A memorial of thy passion ; grant us, we beseed 
10 to reverence the sacred mysteries of thy bo< 
biood, that we may ever perceive within us the fi 
thy i*edemption : who livest, &c. 

The Gospel. Jokn vi 66-69. 

A/ that time : Jesus said to iKe wMMiiuik of the 

Mfy Beah is meat indeed *. and my Wo^ANa Sfa^ 

Be that eateth my flesh and dimiLeivXv tdn \^wA 


id I in him. As the living Father hath sent me^ 
e by the Father; so he that eateth me, the same 
il live by me. This is the bread that came dowo 
iven. . Not as your fathers did eat manna and 
L He that eateth this bread shall live forever 


The Prayer. 

, O Lord! that we may have a perpetual fea/ 
B of thy holy name, for thou never ceasest to 
ad govern bv thy grace those whom thou in- 
t in the solidity d thy love : through, &c. 

The Ootpel, St Luke xiv. 16-24. 

U time : Jesus spoke this parable to the Pharisees . 
n man made a great supper, and invited many, 
sent his servant at the hour of supper to say to 
at were invited, that they should come, for now 
rs are ready. And they began all at once to 
xcuse. The first said to him : I have bought a 
id must needs go out and see it; I pray thee, 
3 excused. And another said: I have bought 
ces of oxen, and I go to try them ; I pray thee 
! excused. And another said : I have married a 
d therefore I cannot come. And the servant 
ig, told these things to his lord. Then the 
of the house, being angry, said to his servant : 
quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, 
QS in hither the poor, and the feeble, and the 
rS the lame. And the servant said : Lord, it la 
thou hast commanded, and yet there is room. 
- Lord said to the servant: Go out into the high- 
id hedges ; and compel them to come in, that my 
lay be filled. But I say unto you, that none of 
«n that were invited shall taste of my supper. 

^Sh I*rayer. 
' the protector of itiose vho h^>pe tt ti.^ 


withi ut whom nothing is valid, nothing is holy, iniilt 
thy mercy upon U8, that under thy rule and guidanee 
may so pass through temporal goods as not to foi 
those that are eternal : through, &c. 

The wayer Defend^ p. 389, and a third one, ad lib.^ an addad m 

iSanddys after Peateoost. 

Tfie Gospel. Luke xv. 1-10. 

\\ that time: The publicans and sinners drew i 
nui^ him to hear him. And the Pharisees and Sor 
murmured, saying : This man receiveth sinners and > 
eth with ^em. And he spoke to them this pam 
Baying : What man of you that hath a hundrea sht 
and if he shall iose one of them, doth he not leave 
ninety-nine in the desert, and go after that which 
lost until he find it ; and when he hath found it, la 
upon his shoulders rejoicing, and, coming home, call 
gether his friends and neighbors, saying to them : 
iolee with me, because I have found my sheep that ' 
lost? I say to you, that even so, there shall be J03 
heaven upon one sinner that doth penance, more t 
upon ninety-nine just who need not penance. Or \i 
woman having ten groats, if she lose one groat, doth 
light a candle, and sweep the house, and seek diligei 
until she find it, and when she hath found it, call 
gether her friends and neighbors, sayinff : Rejoice "v 
me, because I have found the groat which I had k 
So ^^y to you, there shall be joy before the angel 
God upon one sinner doing penance. 


The Prayer. 
Grart, we beseech thee, O Lord! that the course 
Ui5 worid by thy direction may in our regard be pei 
Ad ; and that thy church may rejoice in tranquil d( 
tiion : through, w-c. 

The Gospel. Luke v. 1 11. 

At that time : It came to pass, that when the multit 
p'eBsed upon him to hear the word of God, he stooc 

nnt«nilDAT»Aia) BOL\DATIk 417 

of UenesAnth. And he saw two bLps btand' 
he lake ; but the fishennen were ^^one ont of 
d were waahing tiieir nets. And goinff m into 
:he ahipe that was Simon's, be desired mm to 
sk a little from the land. And sitting, he taught 
itude out of the ship. Now when he had ceaaod 
, he said to Kmon : Launch out into the de^ 
down your nets for a draught And Simon, 
Iff, said to him : Master, we have labored all ihe 
id liave taken nothing ; but at thy word I will 
Q the neu And when they had done this, they 
: a very great multitude of fishes, and their net 
And they beckoned to their partners that were 
her ship^ that thev should come and help them. 
y csame and filled both the ships, so that they 
nost sinking. Whkh when Simon Peter saw. 
own at Jesus's knees, saying : Depart irom me, 
a sinful man, O Lord. Fo^ he was whollv as- 
, and all that were with hun, at the draugiit of 
38 which they had taken. And so were albo 
nd John the sons of Zebedee, who were Simon^s 
And Jesus saith to Simon : Fear not ; from 
Ih thou shalt catch men. And having hrouffht 
ps to land, leaving all things, they followed hun, 

7%e Prayer. 

1 ! who hast prepared invisible good for them 
3 thee, infuse mto our hearts the affection of thy 
kt, loving thee in all things, we ma/ obtair thy 
»: whicl surpass every desire : through, &c. 

J%e Gospel, Matt v. 20-24. 

u ttme: Jesus said to his disciples: Unless year 
9jcceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees, yon 
t enter into the kingdom of heaven. You have 
at it was said to them of old : Thou shdt not 
nd whcsoever shall kill, shall be in danger of 
ment But I say to you, th/it whoBOorer is angry 


witii his bro her, shall be in danger of the jud^eui i 
And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, £all ba . 
in darker of the council. And whosoever shall safj. 
Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell-fire. Therefore, il.^ 
thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there shalt remembdl 
that thy brother hath any thing against thee, leAve ther 
*^y gift before the altar, and go first to be reconcl^ad i 
Hry wrother, and then come and off^er thy ^ft 


The Prayer 

O God of Hosts ! to whom belongeth all that is bad* 
infuse into our breasts the love of thy name : and grant 
within us an increase of devotion, that thou mayeat 
nourish what is good, and by the pursuit of piety pro* 
^erve what thou hast nourished : through, &c. 

7%tf Gospel. Mark viu. 1-9. 

At that time : When there was a g^reat multitude witk \ 
Jesus, and had nothing to eat ; calimg his disciples U^ ^ 
gether, he saith to them : I have compassion on the mnl- " 
titude ; for behold they have now been with me three 
days, and have nothing to eat ; and if I send them away 
fasting to their own home, they will faint in the way; " 
for some of them came afar on. And his disciples aitw ■" 
BwertMi him : From whence can any one fill them hew ^ 
with bread in the wilderness? And he asked them : How ' 
many loaves have ye? WliD said: Seven. And he csciwp *- 
■landed the people to sit down on the ground; mI 
taking the seven loaves, givii g thanks, he broke, ami 
gavt* to his disciples to set before them, and they wt • 
them before the people. And they had a few little ' 
fishes ; and he blessed them, and coFuro&nded them to ' 
be set before them. Aid they did e»t, and were filled 
and they t ook up that which was left of th^ fra^rmeoU 
sevitn basKets. And they that had ohUiu were abos^ 
four thousand : and he seut th<^m away. 


7^ Prayer, 

Uodl whose providence is not deceived in it& Ap> 
'jnents ; we humbly beseech thee to remove from 
U that is hurtful, and grant all that will prove profit- 

' through, &c 

The Go9peL Matt vii. 16-21. 

X thiU cime : Jesus said to his disciples : Beware of 
e prophets, who come to you in the clothing of 
jp, but inwardly thev are ravening wolves. By their 
ts ^ou shall know tLem. Do men gather grapes of 
rnf>, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree 
igeth fortn good fruit, and the evil tree bringetb 
h evil fruit A good tree cannot bring forth evil 
t, neither can an evil tfee bring forth ^ood fruit. 
TV tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be 
down, and shall oe cast into the fire. Wherefore 
their fruits you shall know them. Not every one 
; saith. Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom ot 
^en ; but he that doeth the will of my Father who ia 
esven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. 


The Prayer. 

rrant us, in thy mercy, we beseech thee, O Lord ! at 
imes the spirit of thinking and doing what is right : 
. we who cannot exist without thee, may be able to 
according to thee ' through, &c. 

The OotpeL Luke xvl 1-9. 

it that time : Jesus spoke to his disciples this parable . 
ire was a certain rich man who had a steward : and 
same was accused unto him, that he had wasted hia 
ds. And he called him, and said to him : How is 
lat I hear this of thee ! Give an account of thy stew- 
ihip: for now thou caist be steward no longer 
i the etteward said withio himself: What shall 1 da 


beeaase my lord taketh sway firom me the itewmUilM 
To di^ J am not able ; to beg I am ashamed. I IomwM 
what I will do, that idien I shall be removed Arom tM 
stewardship, tiiey may receive me into their hoiueu 
Thernfore calling together every one of his lord's deM 
ors, he said to the fint : How much dost thou owe mm 
'^rd ^ But he said : A hundred barrels of oil And 1h| 
wc to him : Take thy bill, and sit down quickly, warn 
mi.b fifty. Then he said to another: And how mncfl 
dost thou owe? Who said* A hundred quarteni ol 
wheat. He said to him : Take thy bill, and write eigh^.] 
And the lord commended the unjust steward, forasmnfift-i 
as he had done wisely : for the children of this woridJ 
are wiser in their generation than the children of Ug^bi^ 
And I say to you : Make unto you Mends of the mswj 
mon of iniquity, that when you shall fail, they nmy nM 
eeive you into everlasting dwellings. - ] 


The Ptayw, ,J 

Let the ears of thy mercy, O Lord! be open to tte;{ 
prayers of thy supplixmts; and that thou mayest grml^ 
what thy petitioners desire, make them ask Uioae t&ii|t 
which are pleasing to thee : through, &c 

The Gospel, Luke ziz. 41-47. 

At that time : When he drew near Jerusalem, seeing 
the city, he wept over it, saving: If thou also hadat 
known, and that in this thy day, the things that are te 
Ihy peace: but now they are hidden jfrom thy eye^ 
Vor the days shall come upon thee : and thy enemlft 
Audi r ast a trench about thee, and compass tbee roundt ; 
and straiten thee on every side, and beat thee flat to the . 
ground, and thy children who are in thee; and tliey 
shall not leave in thee a stone upon a stone : berause 
thou hast not known the time of thy visitation. And 
eDtaring into the temple, he began to cast out them tfaid 
soJd therein, and them that bo\ij|^V mV!^^ V^ \ksAS&\ H 
k written : " My house is the Vio^asft w \ii«s«i? Vifii^i^ 


oade it a den of thieves. And he ^ as teM*.hinf 
1 the temp e. 

The Prayer, 
od ! who dost particularly manifest tliy omn^MK 
>y sparing and showing mercy, multiply thy merof 
Is us ; l£at running to the possession of whfti 
ast promised, thou mayest make us partakomi o1 
Jy goods : through, &c 

The Gospel. Lnke zviii 9-14. 

hat time : Jesus spake this parable to some who 
i in themselves as ju^i and despised others. Two 
^ent up into the temp)e to pray ; the one was a 
ee, and the other a Publican. The Pharisee, 
ig, prayed thus with himself: O God, I give thee 
\ that I am not as the rest of men, extortioners, 
, adulterers, as also is this Publican. I fast twice 
week : J give tithes of all that I possess. And the 
an, standing^ afar off, would not so much as lift up 
3S towards heaven, but struck his breast, saying ; 
I, be merciful to me a sinner. I say to you this 
^ent down to his house justified rather than the 
because every one that exalteth himself shall be 
ed ; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalteci 

7%« Prayer 
Almighty and Everlastmg God! who, by thu 
anee of thy mercy, dost exceed the desircR uil 
3 of thy suppliants : pour forth thy mercy upon 
it thou mayceit forgive what our conscience fears, 
ant what our prayer does not presume to ask : 
fli, &c. 

The Gospel. Mark viL S1-S7. 
hKi/tme: Jeana going out of the coa«.t8 of TvT^ 
« bjr Sidon to the sea of Galilee, l\tf ougVi \h% 



midst of the coast of Decapolis. And the/ orinj 
him one deaf and dumb ; and they besought aim, • 
he would lay his hand upon him. Ana taking 
from the multitude apart, he put his lingers into 
ears, and spitting, he touched his tongue ; and tool 
ap to heaven, he groaned and said to him : Ephpli 
nat 's. Be opened. And immediately his ears v 
ipcr.ed, and the string of his tongue was loost'xl, anc 
ipoke right. And he charged them that they she 
tell no man. But the more he charged them, so m 
the more a great deal they did publish it. And 
much the more did they wonder, sayin? : He hath d 
all things well ; he hath made both me deaf to b 
and the dumb to speak. 

Tlie Prayer. 

O Almighty and Merciful God ! from whose gif 
CO nes that thou art worthily and laudably served 
thy faithful ; grant us, we beseech thee, to run w 
out offence to the attainment of thy promises : throv 

The Gospel. Luke x. 28r87. 

At that time: Jesus said to his disciples: Ble« 

are the eyes that see the things which you see. 

I say to you that many prophets and kings have 

sired to see the things that you see, and have not s 

them ; and to hear the things that you hear, and h 

not heard them. And behold, a certain lawyer Et 

■p, :«mpting him, and saying : Master, what must 1 

«o possess eternal life ? But he said to him : Wht 

ivntten in the law ? how readest thou ? He, answer 

^aid : " Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with 

Vi hole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with all 

Htrength. and with all thy mind ; and thy neighboi 

iihynelf.** And he said to him: Thou hast answi 

rigtit: this do and thou shalt ^ve. 'B^>\.\i^,^ir\%i! 

jnatity bimaelf, said to Jeaua: A.iid N»no Sa m^ ts 


esus, answering, said: A certain man went 

Ferusalem to Jericho, and fell among rob- 

d stripped him, and havinpr wound^ him, 

.eaving tdm half dead. And it ch^ced tliat 

riest went down the same way ; and treeing 

>d by. In like manner also a Levite, when b# 

' the place, and saw him, passed by. Hat j 

amaritan, being on hin journey, same nea: .im 

ig him, was moved with compassion And 

p to him, bound up his wounds, pouring in oV 

jie; and setting him upon his own beast, brought 

an inn, and took care of him. And the next dav 
ok out two pence, and gave to the host, and said 

care of him; and whatsoever thou shait spend 
and above, I at my return will repay thee. W hicli 
Bse three, in thy opinion, was neighbor to him tl^it 
miong robbers? But he said: He that showed 
) to him. And Jesus said to him: Go, and do 
in like manner. 

The Prayer. 

Almi^ty and EternHJ God! grant to us an in^ 
3 of Faith, Hope, and Charity : and that we may 
ve to obtain what thou promisest, make us love 
thou commandest: through, &c. 

The Oo^l. Luke xvil 11-19. 

that time: As Jesus was going to Jerusalem, ne 
d through the midst of Samarii*. and Galilee. An*' 

1 entered into a certain town, there met lim t< 
Jiat WBre lepers, who stood afar off-; and ifleo -^.^ 
voice, saying: Jesus, Master, have mercy oi. ij^ 
n when he sa\/, he PHid : Go, show yourselves to 
riests. And it came to pass, that as they went* 
¥erc made cleain. And one of them, when he saw 
le was made clean, went back, with a loud voice 
j^inff Go^ And ht. fell on his face before his fee^ 

t'ij.irjL9 f j>2fd tiiia was % Samaritar.. And 2«»xi!ii 


answering, said : Were not ten made clean, and when 
are the nme ? There is no one found to retwm and 

6*ye glory to God, but this stranger. And he said ti 
m : Arise, go thy way ; for thy faith hath made thee 


The Prayer. 

Pi f serve thy Church, we beseech thee, O Loid! witt 
perpetual mercy: and since without thee mortal mao 
goes astray, may he be ever withheld by thy grace from 
nrhat is hurtful, and directed to what is profitable: 
through, &.C. 

TJie Goswl, Matt vi 24-88. 

At that time: Jesus said to his disciples: No man 
can serve two masters. For either he will hate tho 
one, and love the other : or he will sustain the one, atid 
despise the other. You cannot serve God and mam* 
mon. Therefore J say to you, be not solicitous for 
your life, what you shall eat, nor for your body, whai 
you shall put on. Is not the life moro than the meat, 
and the body more than the raiment? Behold the birds 
of the air, for they neither sow, nor do they reap, nor 
gather into bams, and your heavenly Father feedeih 
them. Are not you of much more value than they? 
and which of yon, by taking thought, can add to his 
stature one cubit ? And for raiment why are you so. 
licitous? Consiaer the lilies of the field, how ttiej 
grow . they labor not, neither do they spin. But * say 
U) you, that not even Solomon in all his glory wai 
Arrayed as one of these. And if the grass of the fieldi 
irhich is to-day, and to-morrow is cast into the oven, 
Grod doth so clothe: how much more you, O ye ol 
little faith 1 Be not solicitous, therefore, saying, what 
shall we eat, or what shaU we drink, or wherewith 
shall we be clothed? For aft^r all the^ thip^ do the 
heathens seek. For your Father kuow^th that yoa 
AMwe need of a I these things. Si^ew \<i Ui«v^Cot<& hx4 


in of God and his justice, and all the»9 thingi 
ded unto vou. 


The Prayer, 

tinned mercy purify and defend thy Chareii 
id since without thee it cannot remain sal^. 
• be governed by thy bounty : through, &Ai, 

The Ooapel, Luke vil 11-16. 

time: Jesus went into a city called Nairn: 
/ent with him his disciples and a great multi- 
l when he came nigh to the city, behold a 
^as carried out, the only son of his mother ; 
as a widow: and much people of the city 
her. And when the Loiti saw her, he had 
on her, and said to her : Weep not And 
ear and touched the bier. And they that 
:ood still. And he said : Young man, I say 
46. And he that was dead sat up, and began 
And he delivered him to his mother. And 
a fear on them all : and they glorified God, 
great prophet is risen up amongst us, and 
isited his people. 


Tlie Prayer, 

grace, O Jjord! ever precede and follow us; 
iH ever intent upon good works: through 

The Go9Del, Luke xiv 1-11. 

'ime : \Vben Jesus went into the house »t 
jhief of the Pharisees on the Sabbath day to 
Lhey watched him. And behoid there waa 
lan before him that had the dropsy. And 
ering, spoke to the lawyers and Pharisees, 
it lawful to heal on the Sabbath day ! But 
leir peace. But he, taking him. heaWVvvow 


and sent him away. And answering them, lie ■ 
Whch of you shall have an ass or an ox fall into a 
and will not immediately draw him out on the SM 
day ^ And they could not answer him to these thti 
And he spoke a parable also to them fehat were inri 
marking how they chose the first seats at the ta 
taymg to them : When tliou art in\ited- to a wedd 
fit not iown in the first place, lest perhaps cne n 
.lonoraole tha j thou be inWted by him and he that 
viteth thee and him, come and say t. thee. Give 
man place : and then thou begin with shame to t 
the lowest place. But when thou art invited, go 
down in the lowest place : that when he who invj 
thee cometh, he may say to thee. Friend, go up hig) 
Then shalt thou have glory before them tlmt sit at tf 
with thee: because every one that exalteth him 
shall be humbled : and he that humbleth himself si 
be exalted. 


The Prayer. 

Grant to thy people, we beseech thee, O Lord! 
avoid the contagion of the Devil, and with a pure m 
to seek thee, the only God . through, &c. 

The Gospel, Matt, xxil 85-46. 

At that time : The Pharisees came to Jesus : and 

•f them, a doctor of the law, asked him, tempting tb< 

Master, which is the great commandment of the h 

Jesus said to him : Thou shall love the Lord thy i 

with thy whole hearty and with thy whole soul, and with 

wifuyl^ mind. This is the ^eatest and the fi'.Bt c< 

mandment And the second is like to this : Thou s. 

Urot thy neighbor as tlt,yself. On these two comma 

ments dependeth the whole law and the prophets. > 

the Pharisees being gathered together, Jesus as! 

tbem, sayingf What think vow oi C>KnaV\ ^\!kS5«fc^« 

he 1 They say to him : DavV^'a. ^^ «aJs5a. xa ^ 

How then deli David in awnlcaSVXsmy \^^^ 


ht iiord amii Co n^ Lordj Sit on my rurA/ hand untQ 1 
ikg emmia ii^ fooUloolt If Dai^ then can him 

bHs DOW Is he hfe son! And no man was able to 
■Mr him a word ; neither durst any man from that 
If Ibslh «ak him any more questiona. 


W« heaeeeh thee, O Lord! that the work of tky 
may direct oar hearts : For without thy srrace, 

m eamiot be pleasing to thee : through, &c. 

HktOotpeL Matiix.l-a 

' Ac Am ikm: Jesus entering into a boat, he passed 
«fiv the water and came into his own city. And l^e- 
Md they brooflht to him one sick of the palsy, lying on 
abed. And Jesus seeing their faith, said to the man 
Ml of tiie palsy : Be of ffood heart, son, thy sins are 
Ibraifen thee. And behold some of the Scribes said 
witmn themselves: He blasphemeth. And Jesus, see- 
ing their thoughts, said: Why do you think evil iii 
four hearts? Whether is it easier to say, Thy sins are 
Rifgiyen thee: or to say. Arise and walk? But that 
fOQ may know that the Son of Man hath power on 
earth to forgave sins (then said he to the man sicK of 
the palsy), Arise, take up thy bed, and go into tuy 
bswe. And he arose and went into his house. Aok 
ia mnltitades seeing it, feared, and glorified God thai 
|if« Biieh power to men. 


O AfaBlghty and Mereiftil God ! graciously defend us 
hm iSk &tiB bwifyl, tbMtf&ee in mind and\Mdy«w% 
■? »*fti««!r «^ peifaim ail that Monm to ^i 


The Qofd. Matt xzil 2-14. 

Al that trme : Josus spoke to the Scribes and PhMJ 
tees in a parable, tuiyuig : The kingdom of lieaven i 
likened to a king, who made a marriage for his mm 
And he sent his servants, to call them that were ii 
fited tc the marriage: and they would not com 
Again he sent other servants, saying : Tell them tin 
were invited : Behold, I have prepared my dinner ; OP 
beeves and fatlings are killed, and all things are ready 
eome ye to the marriage. But they neglected, and wen 
their ways, one to his fiirm and another to his merohu 
disc. And the rest laid hands on his servants, and hsi 
ing treated them contumeliously, put them to deati 
But when the king had heard of it, he was angry, an 
Bending his armies, he destroyed those murderers, an 
byrnt their city. Then he saith to his servants : Th 
marrisige indeed is ready : but they that were invitee 
wore not worthy. Go ye therefore into the highways 
and as many as you shall find, call to the marriagi 
And his servants going forth into the ways, gathere 
together all they found, both bad and good: and* th 
marriiige was filled with guests. And the king went i 
to soe the guests; and he saw there a man who had nii 
on a wedding garment And he saith to him : FrieiM 
how earnest thou in hither not having on a wedding nai 
ment i But he was silent. Then &e king said to th 
waiters : Bmd his hands and hip feet, and cast him int 
the exterior darkness; there shall be weeping an 
gnashing of teeth. For many are called, but few « 


7%e Prpytr, 

Be appeased, O Lord ! we besoech thee, and ffrant 1 
ihy Faithtni pardon and peace; that they may be boi 
rJeAnaed from all th\jir oneiice&,MidL«w\>ft>^%fe^«^fiiBw% 
can mind tiirough, &.c. 


like Goapd, Jolm it. 46-58. 

Ai ikat time : There was a certain ruler whose son waa 
■ek at Capbamaum. He having heard that Jesus was 
nme from Jndea into Galilee, went to him and prayed 
kim to come down and heal his son ; for he was at the 
font of death. Jesus therefore said to him : Unless 
Km see signs and wonders, you believe not. The ruler 
mth to him : Lord, come down before that my son die. 
Issns saith to him: Go thy way, thy son liveth. The 
uui believed the word which Jesus said to him, und 
vent his way. And as he was going down, his servants 
aiet him; and they brought word, saying, that his son 
fived. He asked therefore of them the hour wherein he 
pew better. And they said to him : Yesterday at the 
lexenth Hour the fever left him. The father therefore 
knew that it was at the same hour that Jesus said to 
bim: Thy son liveth; and himself believed, and his 
vhole honse. 


7%* Prayer. 

Preserve, we beseech thee, O Lord, thy family by 
soDtiniied mercy ; that by thy protection they may be 
free ^m all adversity : through, &c. 

The OotpeL Matt, xviil 28-86. 

At thai time: Jesus spoke to his disciples this par- 

ible: The kingdom of heaven is likened to a king who 

voold take an account of his servants. And when he 

lad began to take the account, one was brought to bim 

kat o^i^ed him ten thousand talents. And as he had not 

wherewith to pay it, his lord commanded that he should 

DC sold, and ms wife and children, and all that he hiid^ 

wd payment to be made. But that 8er>'ant, falling 

doiFD, besought him, saying : Have patience with me, ana 

I wiU pay thee all. And Sje lord of that servant, WVcvg^ 

mowed with mty, let bim go, and forgave him Vhe de\)^. 

Ai/ wrAea that servent was gone out, he found oi\e q\ 


his felIow-&er (rants that owed him a hundriMl pence a j 
laying hold Of him, he throttled him, sa3dng : Pay a i ii 
tlioa owest And iiis fellow-servant, falliag dowii. l^ 
sought him, saying : Have patience with me, aud i wil 
Day thee all. And he would not ; but went <did casl 
mm into prison, till he paid the debt Now hi . felloT 
servants, seeing what was done, were very much grieved 
•ud they came and told their lord all that was done 
Then his lord called him, and said to him : Thou wicked 
servant, I forgave thee all the debt, because thou be 
Boughtest me : shouldst not thou then have had com 
pasSon also on thy fellow-servant, even as I had com- 
passion on thee ? And his lord, being angry, deliverec 
him to the torturers, until he paid all the debt So alsc 
shall my heavenly Father do to vou, if you forgive not 
every one his brother from your hearts. 


Th€ Prayer. 

O God I our refuge and strength : thou who art chi 
author of mercy, attend to the pious prayers of thi 
Church, and grant that what we ask in Faith we ma] 
effectually obtain : through, &c. 

The Gospel Matt xm 16-21. 

At that time : The Pharisees, going, consulted amon| 
themselves how to ensnare Jesus in his speech. An< 
the^ send to him their disciples, with the Herodian« 
saying : Master, we know that thou art a true speakei 
and teachest the way of God in truth, neither caiM 
thou for anv man : thou dost not regard the persons o 
men. Tell us, therefore, what thou dost think : is i 
lawful to give tribute to Caesar or not? But Jesut 
knowing their wickedness, said : Why do ye tempt mc 
ye hypocrites ? Show me the coin of the mbute. Am 
ihey offered him a penny. And Jesus saith to them 
Whose image and Inscription is this ? They say to him 
CvMfs. Then he saith to them : Render therefore ti 


«ar the thin|?s that are Caesar's; and to Grod, the 
)gs tliat are God's. 

be bptSS Svciayt after PentecMt, the M iM of tho lokt Sanuay 
Booet (p. 43S) • said. If there be S5 SoidayM, on the 34th ii 
tJw IfsM of the dth after Epiphany : if there ^ 26, on the 34th k 
tbe MaM rf ^ 5th after Epiphany ; and on the 25th the Man W 
Ui aft V Ep phany. If there be 27, on the 34th is said the Maw 9f 
ith after Epiphany ; on the 25th that of the 5th ; and on the 28tft 
it tbe 6tb after Epiphany. If there be 28. on the 24th is said tlM 
•r the 3d after Bpiphany. So that the Mass of the 24th Sunday 
■hall be always the lasu 


7%e Prayer. 

^.bsolve, we beseech thee, O Lord ! the sms of thy 
pie : that we may be delivered by thy goodness from 
bonds of sm, which by our frailty we have coii' 
:ted : through, &.c. 

The Gospel. Matt iz. 18-26. 

1/ that time : As Jesus was speaking to thv multitude 
lold a certain ruler came up, and adored him, sii ying 
rd, my daughter is even now dead ; but come lay thy 
id upon her, and she shall live. And Jesus rising up 
owed him, and his distnples. And behold a woman 
was troubled with an issue of blood twelve years, 
le behind him, and touched the hem of his garment 
' she said within herself: If I shall touch only his 
ment, I shall be healed. But Jesus, turning and 
ing her, said : Be of good heart, daughter, thy faith 
ii made thee whole. And the woman was made 
ke from that hoar. And when Jesus was come into 
house of the ruler, and saw the minstrels and the 
ititade making a tumult, he said : Give place, for 
girl is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed 
i to soom. And when the multitude was put forth, 
wfitnl in and took her by the band. And the mc^ 
a. And tbe /Suae hereof went abinid into aW t]h»l 


■ '^' 

The Prayer. ^ 

Stir up thfe wills of thy Faithful, O Lord ! we beseeek i^; 
tbee : that more earnestly seeking after the fruit of gooi i^\ 
works, they may receive more abundant helps from tliy >^ 
iiien»,v throuorh, &c. .\- 

The Gospel. Matt. xxiv. 16-86. '^ 

Ai that time : Jesus said to his disciples : When yoa '. 
9b 11 see the abomination of desolation, which was spo- ^ 
ken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy 
place ; he that readeth, let him' understand : then they 
that are in Judea, let them flee to the mountains ; and 
he that is on the housetop, let him not come down to 
take any thing out of his house ; and he that is in the t 
field, let him not go back to take Ills coat. And woe to 
them that are with child, and give suck in those daya 
But pray that your flight be not in the winter, or on the 
Sabbath. For there shall be then great tribulation, such : 
ae liatli not been from the beginning of the world until 
now, neither shall be. And unless those days had been * 
shortened, no flesh could be saved : but for the sake M 
the elect, those days shall be shortened. Then if any 
man shall say to you : Lo, here is Christ, or there ; do 
not believe him : for there shall arise false Christs, and 
false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, 
Insomuch as to deceive, if possible, even the elect Be^ 
hold, I have told it you beforehand. If therefore they 
shall say to you : Behold, he is in the desert ; go ye not 
out : Behold, he is in the closets ; believe it notT Fof 
AS the lightning cometh out of the east, and appearetb 
even into the west; so shall also the coming of the Sod 
of Man be. Wheresoever the body shall be, there shall 
the eagles also be gathered together. And immediately 
after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be dark- 
^oedf and the moon sha.\ ivol ^v^ \:i«t \\^V«2oA. ^IbA 
9tAn aniU fall from hea\ei\, ««vi t\:i^ vg>««» ^'i >iDA 
veas shall be moved ; aud Vh«» «»s3\ ^v^r^n ^^ 


Hga II thk Son of Man in beuven ; aod then ahull oU 
Mbes of fk.e eartli mourn ; and they shull see the Son 
of 5Ian coining In tlie douda of heuven wilh much 
power and majesty. And he shult send hia angels with 
» trumpet, nnd a great voice ; tuid tliey shall gather U^■ 
jEthur Ilia eleut frooi the four wuids, from the i'nrtbeat 
wis cf the heavens to the utmoiit bouiidx of thvx 
and from the fig-tree learn a parabls ; WS^n "■;■ '>.T4nah 
ttiereof is now tender, nnd tha leaves coni« i'oTth, yon 
know that anmmer is nigh. So yoo alao, when yoa 
I AM see all these things, know ye that it is nigh, even 
U th« doora. Amen, I aay to you, that this generatior 
' U not pass, till these thinga be doDe. Hea^ 
t my words siiall n 

K 3fiTB IIABC3. 

!• The Prayer. 

U God ! who didst please, that thy word should lake 
Beeh, at the tneAsage of an Angel, in Ihe womb of the 
Blci^ed Virgin Mary ; grant to Ihy suppliants, thai we 
who believe her to be truly the Mother of God, m;iy be 
hdped by her interccaaian with thee : throngli, &.c. 
The Ooipel. Luke i. 2rt-S8. 
A! that time : The angel Gabriel was sent from (lud 
into a city of Galilee, uaUed Nazareth, to u vir|tin es- 
^aaed to a man whose name wus Joseph, of the houiis 
of David ; and the vir^n'H imiue was Mary. Ajid tb* 
ugel, being come in, said unto her: Hail, Mary, full ot 
grsKT, the Lord is with thee : blessed art llinu among 
vomen. Who, having heard, woa troubled at his «iyiiiffi 
ind thought with herself what tnatmer of salutation thu 
ihoold be. And Ihe iuigel said to her; Pear not, Mary, 
Ibr thoa found groue with God. Behold, tliou ahall 
Mnwive in thy womli, and ehott bring forth a Son, .ind 
thoa sbaJt call his luaae JE8US. He shall be ema^ 
tnd.^luUlbe called ihe Son of tlw Most Hiffli, and \.\» 

^iM^.A^eyet>nto^ (A« ihrom of David \0. 


father: and he shall reign in the house of Jac^lv fo/evor 
and of his kingdom there shall be no end. And Marv 
«iiid to the angel : How shall this be done, because I 
know not man ? And the angel, answering, said to !iet 
The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the pcwif 
of the Most High shall overshadow thee. And tWf 
§bTe also tne Holy which shall be bom of thee, shall m 
Mlled the Son of God. And behold thy cousin BBtt 
beth, she also hath conceived a son in her old aee ; aotl 
this is the sixth month with her that is called canoDtl 
because no word shall be impossible with God. AbA 
Miiry said : Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it doM 
u» me according to thy word. 

15th august, feast ^'F the ASSinHFTION. 

Tfte Prayer, 

Pardon, we beseech thee, O Lord ! the sins of thy 
servants : that we who are not able to please thee vjf 
"n^ "ieeds, may be saved by the intercession of tlw .] 
mothpr of thy Son, our Lord, &c. 

T7if OoftpeL Luke z. 88-42. 

At that time : Jesus entered into a certain town ; and 
a certain woman named Martha received him into he: 
house. And she had a sister called Mary. Who sitting 
also at the Lord's feet, heard his word. But Martha 
was busy about much serving. Who stood and said : 
Lord, hast thou no cure that my sister hath left me alon« 
to serve ? Speak to her therefore, that she heip me 
\hd the Lord, answering, said to her : Martha, Martli» 
ihon art careful, and art troubled about many thingt 
But one thinc^ is necessary. Mary hath chosen the bnt 
^ftrt, which shall not be taken from her. 

The Prayer. 

O Almighty and Everlasting God ! who Uast grantad 

as to venerate in one Holemnity the n^rits of all thy 

Skints ; we beseech thee, that iia o\xt \Tv\»T^«e^«»>cvt^ ^« 

amiucnoHv fob confessiob. 49o 

1C9 thou wooldst bestow upon us the desired 
lee of thy mercy : through, &c. 

The OoBpel Matt y. 1-19. 

hat time: Jesus seeing the multitude, went op 
mountun, and when he was set down, his disciplea 
into liim. And opening his mouth, he taup^ht thenUi 
; : Blessed are the poor in spirit, for thcu*s is tbs 
cm of heaven. Blessed are the meek : for '.*iey 
possess the land. Blessed are they that mourn : 
ley shall be comforted. Blessed are they that hun- 
md tliirst after justice : for they shall have tueir fill. 
»ed are the merciful : for they shall obtain mercy. 
Ased are the clean of heart : for they shall see God. 
)saed are the peace-makers : for they shall be called 
i children of God. Blessed are they that suffer per- 
cution for justice' sake : for theirs is the kingdom of 
daven. Blessed are ye when they shall renle you, and 
lersccute you, and speak all that is evil against you, 
antruly, for my sake ; be glad and rejoice, for your re- 
ward 18 very great in heaven. 


Jn0trnctions axit ID emotions for 

On the Sacrament of Penance. 

Pkhjlhce is a sacrament instituted by Christ, in whicn, 
oy the ministry of the Priest, actual sins are remitted, 
and the conscience is released from all bonds by which 
it may be bound. In this sacrament, also, the oternal 
punishment due to sin is remitted, and part or the whole 
if the temporal pvnishment, according to the disposition 
•f tlie penitent 

Ueoca we see the great necessity of t^ia &a&Taia«ikX. 


436 rasTRtrcTioiis ahj devotio]!I8 

Mid tlie Council of Trent has decreed, thiit it Is Dcit I 
necessary for salvation to those who have fiilien faitc 
mortal sin after baptism, than baptism to those who i 
have never been baptized. And although penance may, 1 
at first sight, and in itself, seem to be a bitter and paiiw 
fbl thing, yet, viewed in its fruits and conisequeDces M 
hi fol] of consolation ; and every Christian, as soon ■ 
le is conscious that he has fallen into a mortal sin, oafll 
Mt once to have recourse to this fount of divine merey. 

The evil consequences of delay are manifold. 1. Ii 
& state of mortal sin, everv other mortal sin committed \ 
becomes more aggravated m its character. 2. The com- 
mission of one mortal sin makes a second easier, and 
this leads to a third, and so on. 3. In a state of mortal 
sia a man loses the value of all the good works that be 
may do. They avail nothing for everlasting life. Nei» 
ther alms, nor prayers, nor fasts, nor even martvrdon 
itself, can profit a man, if he has not repented of his am. 
4. Sin, continued in, shuts by degrees the door of divine 
mercy, until at last scarce any hope is left of obtaining 
pardon from God. Lastly. Just as the longer a stain 
remains upon a garment, the more difficult it is to re- 
move, and the longer we neglect to cleanse our cham- 
bers or our persons the more defiled they become ; so 
the longer the soul neglects to purge itself by confe* 
sion, the more difficult the work becomes, and the more 
intricate, on account of the number of sins and anxiety 
of mind, until at last even an experienced confessor maj | 
be unable to extricate the soul from its miserable state i < 
and thus the worm of conscience is begotten and nour* ' 
Jied, whicli, though it may not be felt in life, will at^ 
'Vcdly sting cruelly in the hour of death, and mnel 
«iore in that place where the worm never dieth, and tht 
6re is not quenched. 

The ParU of Pen^jnce, 

h is not necessary here to enter at any length upoa 
ibe parts of penance. It will be sufficient to mentioi 
itat tbey we three-^-contrition^ cor^essiorvi ^ii^ udM[(l» 


wbkh are absolutely necessary for Jhe perfeL.tioa 
I aacrament and for salvation. 
le ebntiition consists in a hearty sorrow and de- 
Ion of our rias, becaose by them we have offended 
niiom we OQ|[ht to love above^all things. To this 
IT moat be jomed a firm purpose of amendment o' 
Bd of never wilfhlly sinmng again. 
•ider that confession may be valid, it must be» I 
; that is, all mortal sins, as to their numbei and 
ster, must be laid open to the priest; 2. faUyH 
B, true and sineere ; 3. dUigerU^ that is, it must be 
ded by due diligence and care in the examination 
laetenee ; 4. obmeru, that is, the penitent mus^ fully 
1 to obey whatever the priest commands him. By 
action is meant the performance of the penance en- 
1 hy the priest, as well as other penitential works, 
1 we may do in satis&ction for the sins which we 
eomniitted; and which works are of three kinds, 
ff, atansgiving, and fasting, or other corporeal aus* 

GmMi wkieh rmtder Oon/etnon invcUid, 

When any mortal sin b omitted wilftilly, from 
le or any other motive. 

When a falsehood is told in confession concerning 
ikortal sin, known to be mortal. 
When ary mortal sin is forgotten, whkh migiil 
been remembered with proper diligence In seif- 

When there is not a full purpose of abandoning 
nd avoiding all dangerous occasions of sin. 
When the penitent is under any sentence of eX' 
ifonieation, and has not been absolved from it pn^ 
iy to eonfession. 

When the penitent, having sins of some conae^ 
Be to eonfesfl^ deUherately chooses a voung or ua- 
/ canAatar, who ia not experienced in eaaea ol 


Prayer before Examinatuni of Consciemtee. 

O most merciful God, I give thee most liamble 
aud hearty thanks for all thy mercies unto me, vad^ 
particularly at this time, for thy forbearanco and 
long-suffering with me, notwithstanding my masf 
%nd grievous sins. It is of thy great mercy that i 
liave not fallen into greater and more grievous sim 
than those which I have committed, and that I have " 
not been cut off and cast into hell. O my God, * 
although I have been so ungrateful to thee in timei ^ 
past, yet now, I beseech thee to accept me return- ^ 
ing to thee with an earnest desire to repent, and ^ 
devote myself to thee, my Lord and my God, and ' 
to praise thy holy name forever. '' 

EnUghten me, God, for thou knowest all my ^ 
ways and observest all my footsteps. Come, thott " 
true light, and dispel the darkness of my heai-t, that " 
I may see what in me is displeasing unto thee, and "^ 
that with a contrite heart I may bewail my sins, 
rightly confess them, and effectually forsake and 
amend them. 

Receive my confession, and spare me, O most 
gracious Lord Jesus Christ, whom I, an unworthy 
sinner, am not worthy to name, because I have so 
often offended thee through my fault, through my " 
own fault, through my own most grievous fauli 
Behold, O God, I humbly bow my knees befoM * 
thee. I blush and am confounded, and am ashamed ' 
to lift up my face unto thee ; for my iniquities are ' 
multiplied, and as a heavy burden oppress me. 
But thou, most merciful Jesus, be merciful unto 
me a sinner. Rebuke me tvol vtv \.\vvwe anger, and 
cast me not away from tViy laGe,0 ^ocA ^^^s&^^\»^ 
haat said that thou wVi\esl not. tV^ ^^wfisi^i ^«aa«t> 


ka rather that he should be converted and live. 
leceive me, I beseech thee, returning to thee with a 
penitent and contrite heart. Thou art my Savioul 
and m} God ; I am thy servant, although a wicked 
one, and a most unworthy sinner. Spare me, 
Host kind Jesus, who didst die upon the cross thai 
^u mightest save sinners. To whom shall I flat 
bat unto thee, my only hope and my salvation? 
If thou dost reject me, who will receive me ? To 
whom shall I look for assistance ? Who will heal 
my iniquities ? Have mercy upon me, most gra- 
ciouB Lord, and despise not the humble and contrite 
heart of thy servant. Grant me, I beseech thee, 
perfect contrition for my sins, that I may detest 
them with the deepest sorrow of heart. Send forth 
thy light into my soul, and discover to me all those 
BDs which I ought to confess at this time. 

Assist me by thy grace, that I may be able to 
declare them to the priest thy vicar, fully, humbly, 
and with a contrite heart, and so obtain perfect re^ 
mission of them all through thine infinite goodness. 

most gracious Virgin Mary, beloved Mother of 
Jesus Christ my Redeemer, intercede for me to him. 
Obtain for me the full remission of my sins, ^nd 
perfect amendment of life, to the salvation of my 
Krai, and the glory of his name. Amen. 

1 implore the same grace of thee, my anget 

rurdian : of you, my holy patrons, N. N. : of you, 
holy Peter and holy Magdalen, and of all the 
MontB of Ood. Intercede for me a sinner, repenting 
sf my ODB, and lesolving to confess ^nd amend them. 


dn JiaiMUnaiiom, of Oo t uai m tci for tkom wka ^mn^tm 
8ifu regularly <md frtfmmUf^ aooorimg to 1k$ ' 
JiHty tee owe to Ood, to war neighbor, ami tr 


1. Have you omitted moniing or evening 
neglected to make yoor daily examination of eoi 
Have yon prayed negligently^ and wilJi wilftijt 
ttons? 2. Have yon spent yoor time, espeeially 
Sundays and holidays, not in 8lagn§[islily lying a-liedi 
in any sort of idle entertainment, but in reading, prmyl 
or other pious exercises; andtakenoarethattnoseui 
your charge have done the like, and not wanted the b- 
structions necessary for their condition, nor time 
prayer, or to prepare for the sacraments t 8. Have 
spoken irreverently of God and holy thinjra t Have 
taken his name in vain, or told untruths f 4. Have 
omitted your duty througli human respect, interest, 
piiance, &c.? 5. Have you been zealoub for 
Qonor, for justice, virtue, and truUi, and reproved saek 
as act otherwise 1 6. Have you resigned your wUl tif 
God ill troubles, neces^ties, skskness, &c.t Have yot 
faithfully resisted thoughts of infidelity, distrust, pi^ 
sumption, impurity, &c. ? 


1. Have you disobeyed your superiors, mormnral 
Against their commands, or spoken of them oonteaipti^ 
ously ? 2. Have vou been troubled, peevish, or im^ 
tient, when told or your faultf» and not corrected tliefli! 
^ve you scorned the good advice of others, or eenaum 
sheir proceedings ? 3. Have you offended any one W 
fayurions threatening words or actions ? 4. (^ iBnisati 
their refutation by any sort of detraction, or in any 
ter of importance ? 6. Or spread any report, traa 

fidse, that exposed your neighbor to contempt, or m , 

bim aiidervalued? 6. Have ^o\^ V^Y oaimoi^ slockf 
backws^ and forward, creaXeoL dosfiot^ vda. ThWi i isifc ^ 


•r iieevish towards any une in your carriage, speech, or 
conversation ? 8. Or taken pleasure to vex, mortify, or 
provoke tlieai to swear, curse, or any ways offend God ? 
9. Have you mocked or reproached them for their cor. 
pond or spiritual imperfections? 10. Have you been 
txeesaive in reprehending those under your care, or been 
■rutang in giving them just reproof? 11. Have yoc 
ktfne with their oversights and imperfections, and given 
diem good counsel ? 12. Have you been solicitous for 
toeh as are under your charge ; and provided for their 
wmls and bodies t 


1. Have you been obstinate in following your own 
<«ill, or in defending your own opinion in things either 
indifferent, dangerous, or scandalous? 2. Have you 
taken pleasure in hearing yourself praised, or yielded to 
thoughts of vanity ? 3. Have you indulged yourself in 
over much ease, or any ways yielded to sensuality ? 4. 
Has your conversation been edifying and moderate ; or 
have you been froward, proud, or troublesome to others ? 
6. Have you spent over much time in play, or useless 
employments, and thereby omitted or put otf your devo- 
tioDs to unseasonable times ? 

Another Examitiatum of Conseienee upon the Ten Conii' 
wkmubnenU, Tb he used for a general Confession, and 
tionally at other times. 

Have you been guilty of heresy or disbelief, or wiKil 
doubting of any article of faith ? How often ? and for 
^w lonff a time ? Or have you rashly exposed yourself 
19 Uie danffer of infidelity, by reading bad books, or 
keeping wicked company ? How often ? 

Have you, by word or deed, denied your -eligion, or 
cone to places of false worship, so as to join in any 'vi\^ 
El tba worship, or to give scnndiu 1 How often ! 
JUveyou been ignorant of the articles of your creed, 
^ti^commmdments. or of any of those thine s wYvW\i 

443 nrsTRUCTiONs iHD ol /(moHs 

Cnuistians in your Btation are bound to know? For hon 
lon^ a lime ? 

Have you despaired of salvation, or of the forgive 
Dess of your sins? Or have ^ou rashly piesomed 
upon finoing mercy; going on m your sms, withool 
any thoughts of amendment; or depending upon i 
death-bed repentance? How long have you been ii 
Uiis way? 

Have you, after falling into mortal sin, neglected fof 
a long time to turn to God by repentance ? and for ho« 
lonff a time ? 

nave you committed any thing that you judged oi 
doubted to be a mortal sin, though perhaps it was not 
80 ? How often ? Or have you exposed yourself to the 
evident dangei of mortal sin ? How often ? and of what 

Have you been negligent in the worship of God! 
seldom or never adoring and praising him, or giving him 
thanks ; praykig but little, or with little attention ; ano 
neglecting to m&ke acts of faith, hope, or love of GoH* 
How long has this negligence continued ? 

Have you made a sacrilegious confession or com* 
munion, by concealing some mortal sin in confession, oi 
what you doubted might be mortal ; or for want of a 
hearty sorrow for your sins, and a firm purpose of amend* 
ment ; or by being grossly negligent in the examination 
of your conscience ? How often ? 

Have you received any other sacrament, for example^ 
confirmation, or matrimony, in mortal sin ? 

Have you neglected to perform the penance enjoiued 
k confession 1 or said it with wilful distractions 1 Hon 

Have you presumed to receive the blessed aacrameiit 
ifter having broken your fast ? 

Have you been guilty of idolatry, or of giving divine 

honors to any thing created, or used any Mdtchcraft, oi 

eharms, or spells, or such like other diabolical inven* 

tions ? How often ? and with what scandal or ill ex* 

Bmple to otben ? 

FOa C fFEbSIOll. 441 

OQ emjloyed prayers or sacred Dames to super* 

ises 1 How often ? 

'ou consulted fortune-tellers, or made use of any 

oud practices, to find out things to come, n^ 

QgB lost, &c. ? How often ? 

you ffiven credit to dreams, taken lotioe o( 

r made any other superstitious observt^ODi ^ 


vou blasphemed God o his saints ? Ho«» 

fou abused the holy Scnptures, or scotfed at 
^ ? How often ? 

The Second OommamknerU, 
I ihak not take the name of the Lon* thy God in vain." 

ou taken God's name in vain, or used it without 

1 common discourse ? Have you taken a false 

sworn to what you did not certainly know 

it was true or false ? Have you taken a rash 

vithout a sufficient reason ? Have you taken 

to do any thing that was wicked or unlawful ? 

1 your lawful oaths ? How often ? 

'OU had a custom of swearing rashly and incon- 

T by the name of God, by your soul, or by the 

mprecation upon yourself? How long have 

this custom ? How many times a day have you 

this manner ? Have you sworn by the blood 

ds of God, or any other blasphemous oath^ 


ou cursed yourself or others, or any thing else 1 

, was it from your heart 1 How often ? 

fOVL been accessory to others swearing, corsinij; 

eming ? How often ? 

on made a rash vow, without sufficient kiK^wU 

\eUheration ? 

7u broken any vow or solemn promiw maAi 
How often f '^ 


J%« Third OommandmeiU, 

Remember that thoa keep holy the Qabbath day. * 

U&vi yyu neglected to keep holy the Sunday! 

Have }ou, when prevented from hearing maw oi 
Bundays and holydays, supplied Uie omission by ^ym \ 
At home, and taken care tliat those under your ehargi 
did the same 1 ■ 

Have you done any servile work without neceastty ; 
opon those days ? or been accessory to others so doinjjr^ i 
How often ? 

Have you spent those day«i in idleness or in sin t oi 
been accessory to others spending them sol How 

The Fourth Commandment 
* Honor thy father and thy mother." 

If a Child, — Have you been wanting in your dutv to 
your parents, by not loving them, or not showing tbeit 
clue respect ; or by disobeying them ? and was it in any 
matter of moment ? Or have you been disobedient or 
disrespectful to any other lawful superiors? How 
often ? 

Have you desired your parents' death, or cursed them ! 
Or ffiven them injurious language ? Or lifted up your 
hand against them ? Or threatened them ? Or pro- 
voked them to swear, or otherwise to offend God ? Oi 
caused them any considerable trouble or uneasiness 1 
How often ? 

Have you stolen from your parents, or otherwis* 
wronged them ? Or squandered away their substance 
Haw much, and how often ? 

Have you neglected to succor your parents id theb 
necessities, either corporal or spiritual ? 

If a Parent. — Have you been negligent in procuring 
that you children should be speeduy baptized? Or 
that they should be timely instructed in their prayers 
and the Christian doctrine ? Or have you been wantins 
ki pving them early imprt^ssiona of th^ fear and love w 

rUS CORlEdSIOR. 4i5 

God ? Oi in taking sare of their discharpng thuir duty 
nth regard to the sacramentu ? 

Have yon neglected to correct them ; or been exceft* 
five in your correction ? 

Hare you neglected to remove from them thc> occa* 
wan of Bin, snch as wicked companions, bad booka, 
xmip'^en, &c. ; or suffered them to lie in the same bed 
fith doe another, with danger to their chastity ? 

Ha\e you flattered them in their passions, or indulged 
aem in their evil inclinations ? 

Have you given them bad example ? How often, and 
K what Kind ? 

If a Servant, — Have you disobeyed your master or 
mistress? Have you been wanting in ailigence or in- 
duBtiy ? Have you injured or destroyed their property 
throogh carelessness or neglect ? or suffered others to 
injure them ? 

Have you stolen from them, or given any thing away 
without their knowledge 1 

Have you betrayed Uieir confidence by revealing their 
aeerets, by tale-bearing, by lies, &.c. ? 

Have you obeyed or flattered them in any thing sinful 1 

^ a Master or Mistress, — Have you neglected to watch 
over the conduct of your servants ? 

Have you refusea, without necessity, to allow them 
lime to bf AT mass on Sundays and holydays, or to fro- 
loent the sacraments ? 

Have you overburdened them with work, or treated 
them injuriously ? 

The Fifth Commandment, 
'* Thoa ihalt not kill." 

Have you been guilty of anger or violent passion 1 
^nd if so, what scandal was given ^ 

Have you desired any one^s death, through hatred or 
mJiee t or for your temporal interest ? How o^tcn 1 

Have yon revenged yourself of any one by word oi 
dtOhm, or desired revenge, or taken pleasure 'u thft 
^oagbt» oi it ? Ho w often ? 

a46 nrsTBUcnoHs amb DSYoniMui 

Have you provoked, challenged, or stiuck othent a 
been guilty of quarrelling or fighting with them ! Hm 
often ? And what mischief have you done them t 

Have you borne malice to others, or refused to ki 
reconciled to them ? For how long a time ? And «»ol 
fiiort of evil had you in your heart against them ? 

Have you procured, or thought to procure, a miacu 
rio^c ? or given any counsel, aid, or as8i«>taju*A then 
unto? How often 2 

Have you done any thing to shoneu you. own or aff 
other^a life, or to hasten death ? or rashly exposed yom 
self or others to danger t How often ? 

Have you desired your own death, through passion • 
impatience? or entertained any thoughts of makiDi 
u'vay with yourself? or attempted or designed any sua 
thing ? How often t 

Have you neglected to give alms according to yoa 
condition and ability ? Or to reclaim sinners when i 
lay in your power 1 How often ? 

Have you been guilty of any spiritual murder, V 
drawing others into mortal sin 1 Or have you been M 
cessory to the sins of others, by counsel, or commaik 
or provocation, or any other way ? How often ? An 
what sins? 

Have you mven scandal, or occasion of sin to othen 
cy lewd or ureligious discourse; by drunkenness o 
swearing; by immodesty of dress nr behavior, &c.l 

N.B. — Tb« oiroBiiistanoe of scandal is genaially foand in all dfns tL 
ve known *o oUmts, by renson of the force of ill-example which ei 
Lcanfee otbegs <i> an. 

llie Sixth Commaidment 
* Thoa shalt not oomait adnltery. ' 

Have you been gnilty of any acts of ii^^/uru 

( Under this head, all sins against purity must be car^uk 

tsfgminedf as well as whatsoexer leads to their indukptm 

nr commission.) Have you\><iftTv ^vs^V] ^1 ^^'^ \a£^ 

ofnadins^ immodoHt books'^, ot m^^efcwfci ^1 ^w^\ 


g at nnchaste objects ? of taking any dangerous or 
iier liberties? 

-As tbft an* afainst thtt and the Ninth Comaaxndmect an 

, and, at the aame time, most varioas, the prudent oonnssl of 

netor will assist yon, if neoessary, in a moce partienlar exaalaa- 

7%e Seventh CommandmerU. 
** Thon shalt not steal." 

e you been guilty of stealing, or cheating, or kii 

ay wronging your neighbor in bu)dng or selling, 

any other bargains or contracts? Or have you 

leeessory to another's committing any such injus- 

How often ? and to what value ? 

re you unjustly retained wh<)t belonged to another] 

long? and to what injury . 

re you caused any damage to your neighbor in his 

f cattle, or other goods ? How often ? 

re you contracted debts without design of pa3dng 

; or without any prospect of being able to pay 

? Or have you delayed or refused to pay your 

lebts when you were able? Or have you, by 

ra\ expenses, rendered yourself unable; and so 

red your creditors, or your own family? How 

^e you been guilty of negligence in the securing 

ninistering of trusts confided to your care, wheth- 

ecclesiastical, charitable, or other purposes ? Has 

ictual loss resulted from this negligence? To 

extent? Have you been negligent in the adminis- 

n of property otherwise entrusted to you, as gvjird^ 

r administrator? If so, have others thereby sill 

? To what extent? 

?e you been guilty of usury, in the loan of money! 


?e you put off false money ? How much ? Ho^ 

ie von profe9sed an^'art, or undertaken any busi- 
vitiout saJScient akill or knowledge ? And ^bai 
\»8jrour neighbor aufftsred from it f 


Have you bought or leceived siolou goods ^ or takei 
of those who could not give ? How ofben 1 

Have you neglected your work or business to whieh 
you were hired, or by contract obliged? How often f 
and to what injury? Or have you broken your promiaif , 
in matters of consequence ? 4 

N.B. — In all una of injustice, whereby yon have done anj wiovf If f 

MHir neighbor, either in his person, or in his goods, or in his , 

lonor, or good name, yon are strictly obligea to make full aatisflietifli j. 
■ad restitution, if it be in yonr power, otherwise the sin will not be ftp ^ 

Have you, then, neglected or delayed, without joit 
cause, to make satisfaction and restitution, when it wif 
m your power? How long? ! 

The Eip^Uh Commandntent. 

" Thou chalt not bear ^alsc witness against thy neighbor.' 

■ * 

Have you been guilty of telling lies ? And whethtf ^ 
in any matter of consequence, or to the injury of any one! » 
How often? 

Have you been guiUy of hypocrisy or dissimulation 1 
How often ? 

Have you entertained a bad opinion of your neighbor 
without grounds, or juiged rashly of his actions or inten- ^ 
tions ? How often ? l 

Have you been guilty of backbiting, or uncharitable ■ 
conversation, by speaking of the known faults of youf I 
absent neighbor ? Hew often ? ' 

Have you been guilty of the sin of detraction, whkb • 
•oiisists ^ji taking away or lessening your neighbofi 
reputation, by publishing his secret faults or defects! 
How often have you done so ? From what motive 1 and 
before how many ? 

Have you been guilty of calumny, which consists in 
ia3dng of your n-^ighbor what is false or uncertain 1 
How often 1 and before how many ? 

il.B,-^lu mthm ^Me, you an obUg^ w 

T«ttA« V)ika OMSMSk^K Wk^ 


Hare you williigly given ear to detraction or cal> 
ttiny ? xlave you taken pleasure in it ? Or in any way 
encouraged it? Or not hindered it when you might? 
How of&n ? 

Have you injured your neighbor's honor, by r^ 
(HToaches and affronts, or robbed him of his peace of 
WDd by scoffs and derision ? How often ? 

IlikVe you, by carrying stories backwai'ds and for- 
muds, or in any other way caused misunderstanding or 
quarrels betwixt others ? How often ? and to what 
prsjudise ? 

M.B. — Hem, also, JB«ifes, lawyers, solicitors, Jt^.., onght *m •tn.tmvM 
dres, what iojastioe they may have beei 
I, Ice. ; •» well at accnsers. witnesses, &o. 

JTu Ninth Cotninandment. 
* Thoa sbalt not corat thy neighbor's wife." 

Have you taken pleasure in any unchaste thougfhts oi 
imaginations ? Have you entertained any impure desires 
or reelings? 

The Tenth Commandment. 
** Thoa shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods." 

Have you desired your neighbor's goods, not caring 
whether you had them right or wrong ? Or been in a 
di^wsition of stealing, or otherwise wronging him, if it 
ky in your power ? How often ? 

Have you desired your neighbor's loss or misfortune, 
or any public calamity, that you might be the gainer by 
tt* How often? 

J%i Gormnandmenta 'ifthe Church, 

L Have you neglected to ke^p holy the days of obli* 
gation ? Have you worked on those days without ne- 
eessity, and without leave from your pastor ? 

n. Have you negleitted to hear mass on Sundays axvd 
kolydays of ohViffation 1 or have you heard it with mV 
Ai/ diBtractionsf or not taken care that vour ebWdwav 
aad aervAnts should hear it ? How often *? 
^^ 38* 


III. Have you broken tae days of abstinenee eook 
manded by the CLurch? or eaten more than one meal 
on fasting-days ? or been accessory to others so doing 9 
How often ? 

IV., V. Have yon neglected to confess yonr biim , 
once a year? or to receive the blessed sacrament at ^ 
Easter 1 ^ 

VI. Have you solemnized marriage at the forbiddai i- 
times? Have you married within the forbidden deflTMi j, 
of kindred? or with any other known impediment^ 

The Capital or Deadfy 8in9, '^ 

F^^ide. — Have you been guilty of pride, or cumpUk 
cency in yourself, or contempt of others? How often! = 

Have you been guilty of vainglory, by doing your a<v i 
lions to procure esteem ? How often? 

Have you taken delight in the esteem and appUuae i 
-^f others ? or have you been uneasy and discontented j 
when you did not receive such enteem or applause? ^. 
How often? i 

Covetousness. — Have you been guilty of eovetousneasi 
in desiring or loving too much the things of this world! J 
Have you sought afti^* them too eagerly ? or been too ^ 
uiucn distressed at the loss of them ? How often ? 

For the sins of Lust, see the Sixth Commandment, 

For the sins of Anger, see the Fifth Commandment ' 

Gluttony. — Have you been guilty of gluttony, by 
eating or drinking to excess, so as to endanger or mjurt 
your health or reason ? How often ? and with ^bii 
seandal ? 

Have you indulged an inordinate gratification of yc » 
appetite ? How often ? 

Have you made others drunk? or sought to maka 
them so ? or boasted of having made them so ? How 

Envy. — Have you envied or repined at your nelgiv 
tor's good, either 8pirit\ia\ ot \«m^t\l\ ot reioiced at 
kJs h&rm 1 How oft.enl 
ilsve rf'U been gmlty of i^owj \iv w»t«»ixfissi«% ^ 


loy attention or preference shown to other? ? Have ywn 
ymned to see them disappointed or mortified ? 

Sloth, — ^Have you been guilty of sloth, or laziness of 
mind or body, wnich has prevented you from discharging 
7oar duty ? ' How otten ? 

Have you neglected your spiritual duties? or di»- 
>harffod them with tepidity or indolence? Have yo« 
ijdwd too much your own ease, leading an unmortified 
ad onchiistian life ? 

^lave you squandered away much of y(»ur time iii 
Ktleness or useless occupation 

Have you entertained with pleasure the thoughts of 
Mying or doing any thing which it would be a sin to 
say or do ? How often ? 

Have you had the desire or de^iign of committing any 
«n 1 Of .what sin ? How often ? 

Have you gloried in any sin whatsoever ? How often 1 
and before what company ? and what sin ? 

If. B. — Hera, also, masten and aervants, hasbands and wives, lawyen 
■ad ph yrici ant, eocleiiastioa and magistrates, &o., onght to examine into 
tbe «iiB which are peculiar to their states, and how far they may have 
*efler*ed the duties of their n^^peotive callings. 

OmwuleraHom to excite in our Mind true Contrition for our 


1 Plant- hefore yourself, as distinctly as you cAn, 
111 the sins that you are going to confess. 

2. Consider who He is, and how good and gra- 
iv»us He has been to you, whom you have so often 
iid ro much offend 3d by these sins. He made you 
' he made you for himself, to know, love, and serve 
ill in, and to be happy with him forever. He re- 
deemed you by his blood. He has borne with you 
tod waited ioryou so long. He it is who has cvxVVeA 
/roa aad moved fou to repentance. Why have vou 
tAas Minnnd agaiast him ? Wl.y have you \)een t\iAMi 


bottom of my heart that I have offended the«, mj 
most loving Father and Redeemer, unto whom aS 

gin is infinitely displeasing ; who hast so loyed 
that thou didst shed thy hlood for me, and endun * 
the bitter torments of a most cruel death. O mj 
=Qod ! infinite Goodness ! would ihat I had nevei 
.ffended thee. Pardon me, Lord Jesus, pardct 
jie, m(^t humbly imploring thy mercy. Have pily 
Qpon a sinner for whom thy blood pleads before iA 
face of the Father. 

most merciful and forgiving Lord, for the love 
of thee I forgive all who have ever offended me. 1 
firmly resolve to forsake and flee from all sins, and 
to avoid the occasions of them ; and to confess, id 
bitterness of spirit, all those sins which I have com- 
mitted against thy divine goodness, and to love thee, 
my God, for thine own sak^, above all thine^ and 
forever. Grant me grace so to do, most graciout 
Loid Jesus. 

Aspirations before or after ConfesHtm, 

My Lord and my God, I sincerely acknowledfife my 
self a vile and wretched sinner, unworthy to appear 
in thy presence ; but do thou have mercy on me. and 
save me. 

Most loving Father, I have sinned against heai en, &xm1 
before thee, and am unworthy to be called thy child; 
nake me as one of thy servants, and mav I for the futart 
M» e\ er faithful to thee. 

It ti uly grieves me, O my God, to have sinned, and so 
mauy times transgressed thy law : but '•'ash me no^ 
from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sm. 

1 detest my sins, O Lord : I abhor my wickednew 
/ eonfesb my ingratitude, and s^ek refuse in thy mercy. 

From ihia moment I purpo^ xves^x mw^t \^ ^5SssA 
ihee : oh, let me suffer a\\ 'A.V'iOLft o^ ^wv v\^^ vssSank^ 


de/»th iisolf, rather than return to my former 

life, and live thy enemy, 
ig Father, assist me by thy grace, that 1 ma*- 
th worthy fruits of penance, and not sufler my 

> unpunished. 

> Lord, J begin to live, not trusting in my own 
or in tlie resolutions I make, but in the multi> 

hv mercies. Perfect, O God, the work whkh 
u begun in me. Thou hast given me peace and 
idin^; but. wretched sinner that I am, :.Km 
illy nave I abused all thy ^fts. And yet low 
:he tenderness jf a loving Father, thou recalles' 
sin, and rescuest me from hell and everlasting 

my soul is full of anguish and confusion at the 
on of the many sins whereby I have offended 
merciful Redeemer, made myself a slave to the 
i provoked thy anger. 

\t I had never transgressed thy commandmenis, 
n into such an abyss of misery and calamity^ 
I had never sinned ! Happy tho&e souls wn . 
served their innocence : oh, that I had been so 

)W I am resolved, with the help of thy grace, to 
watchful over myself, to amend my failings, and 
r law. Look down on me with the eyes ol 

> God, and blot out my sins. 

'e me what is past, and, througli thine infinite 

4, secure me, by thy gra<'e, against all m) wonU*d 

'or the time to come. 

18 surpass in number the sands of the sea and 

9 myself, O Lord, unworthy of thy mtrcy; bui 

Iness i& .above all my offences. 

hast declared, O Lord, that there is joy in heavet 

onversion of a sinner ; grant me, then, the grace 

epentance, and let heaven rejoice at my amend- 

tl/Jeat not the death of a .sinner, but thai V\^ X)«<i 
^uHi Jive; ffrant a-. Uien, that spiritual \\J* 


<^*hich 1 need ; for behold, O Lord, I smcerely ^le«r6 ti «; 

live to thee. i 

Thou didst come, O dear Redeemer, not tc CJill tbi i| 

jvst, but sinners, to repentanee ; behold a misenible Wkt ^ 

BLer here befcre thee* oh, draw me powerfully to thyw i\ 

■elf. i£ 

U&T6 mercy on me, O God, according to thy greal i 

ttercy ; and, according to the multitude of thy tendfll jii 

fflercies, blot out my Iniquities. Sprinkle me with thy t 

precious blood, and 1 shall be whiter than snov/. ']- 

Let not thy precious blood, my dear Saviour, be shed ;? 

for me in vain ; but may it now bring forth in me the J? 

fruit of sincere repentance, and open to me the way to j; 

life everlasting. t 

How great is thy goodness, O Lord, in having so t 

long spared such a worthless servant, and waited with \ 

BO much patience for his amendment. What return j 

shall I make for thy infinite mercies ? Oh, let this mercy i 

be added to the rest, that I may never more offend thee* ; 

this single favor I earnestly beg of thee, O Lord, viz. j 
that I may for the future renounce my ovm loay to follow 

Help me, O Lord my God, and have compassion on 
my sinfu4 soul. Amen. 

Directions for Confession. 

Approach the confessional in an humble and contrite 
spirit, and, with your head and hands uncovered, kneel 
down by your confessor. Then, making the sign of th« 
cross, say, Benedicite. or, " Father, give me thy blessing 
After he has given the benediction, say the ConJUeor^ ai 
fer as the words, *• mea culpa ;" then say, " Since m} 

laiii confession, I accuse myself of ." Here name 

1^11 the sins which you have recalled to mind bince your 
last confession ; and, in confessing them, be sure to oV 
serve these rules : 

1. Lei your confession be 9utiTe*» i,€. do not know- 
logly conceal any one sin, otVven«\^ft> «» t«« ^wbl Oc^kXa^sB^ 
Intr abwoiution, you do but aMXo ^^xa «»^ ^Xa^^^t^ 


of sills you nave committed, and, as far us you cuii, 
their number; and mention any circumstmcos >\hich 
you think iiggravate the character of your sins : ns^ e. g. 
uis of thought are worse in church than out of it ; anger 
■lay be felt for a longer or shorter time, or with m< .re or 
^ess consent of the will ; and so on. 

2. Let your cont'ession be pure. Let everv thing ho 
m:ntioned sincerely and exactly, witliout any di^^guist 
ur dissimulation ; let certain tlungs be mentioned r.s jer- 
tun. doubtful as doubtful. Avoid all excuses for your 
telf, either direct or indirect; and take tlie greatest viu*' 
not to throw blame on any one else, or to montioTi i»r 
point at any third person. Avoid all superfluous word- 
tod matter, and every thing which does not directly ixn- 
cem the integrity of the confession. Be as conois..- n- 
you can, consistently with fulness and candor. 

3. Let your confession be humhl^.^ renieniberiiiir 
you are, in an especial manner, in the [)res<MKH* of (n»<i 
from whom, through his priest, you are seekiiit; and ^x- 
pecting pardon. The thought of (lod at thij- nionu'iii 
will be your best protection against all false snann*. in 
bin-jere trilling, and atlectjition. 

After you have confessed all your sins. lU'ronli.'!^ !.■ 
these rules. s;iy, " For these and all my sins which 1 hav- 
ever at anv time committed against God, niv neii:hi)(.r 
or myself, I am heartily sorry, for the love of (I^d; \ 
purpose amendment, and seek pardon of (Jod. and ptn 
awe and absolution from thee, mv i^hostlv Fatlwr; 
Ueu pr^or^ or. Therefore I beseech. Blessed ]\I.iry ' 
dw. to the end of the Coiifiteor. 

Then listen attentively and humbly to the direct ior. 
«:id advice of your confessor, and be fully resolved to d: 
•^■hatever he bids you to do, either in the way of penance, 
«r restitutitm, or reparation, or for the avoidinir of sin in 

After Confession, 

//. As soon after confession as you convenien\\v catv. 
^f/onii jour penance, and renew your resoluUbu* ol 



ft\oidiiig all sin, and of adopting all the means for m t\ 
doing, by avoiding tlie occa£ions and temptations of aui; H 
and then you may have a perfect confidence, with devoit !^ 
thankfulness, that all your sins, through the mercy it , 
€rod, are forgiven. ^ 

2. Consider how you can amend your life, l^his will 
be best done by fixing your attention on one or two o( ?; 
jour more prominent defects of chara^iter, and directiii| }'- 
your chief efibrts to overcome these by such means m * 
the following :— 1. Conceive a strong desire to overcome §? 
these faults, frequently renew your resolution, and ex> > 
amine yourself particularly upon them. 2. When yoil |^ 
commit them, punish yourself in some way for it 3. t. 
Endeavor always to have the thought of Christ present i 
in your mind, and direct short prayers to him, especially f 
when you are attacked by temptations, or when you are f 
necessarily exposed to the danger of sinning. 4. Medi- j 
late frequently on those subjects most calculated to ex- f 
cite your fears, hopes, and affections, as death and judg- ^ 
ment, the love of God, his kindnesses to you, his prom- ! 
ises, &c. Be earnest, and persevere, witfi a good hope 
of victory, through the grace of Christ. 

Prayers after Confession, 



Accept, Lord, I beseecb thee, this my confee* 
MOB, and mercifully pardon all my deficiencies, that, 
according to tha greatness of thy mercy, I may bfl 
full ' and perfectly absolved in heaven ; who liyest 
tad reignest with the Fathcjr and the Holy Ghost* 


almighty and most merciful God, who, accoid- 
fng' to the multitude of thy t^wder mercies, hast 
vouchsafed once more to receive \)Kys '^xcAv^ OcSSi^ 
after so many times going aaUa^ Ixom W^^^sAxa 

F01 OillFSflSIOR. 469 

Q t ^ ttiis sacrament of recont Jiatiou I give 
iks with all the powers of my soul for this 
other mercies, graces, and blessings he- 
rn me, the most unworthy of all sinners; 
;trating myself at thy sacred feet, I offei 
ow to be henceforth forever thine. Oh ! lU 
in life or death ever separate me from 1 het 
lore renounce with my whole soul all my 
against thee, and all the abominations anc 
ly past life. I renew my premises mad* 
ra, and from this moment I deuicate \iy «elt 
to thy love and service. Oh ! grant that for 
to come I may ever fly and abhor sin more 
th itself, and avoid all such occasions and 
}s as have unhappily brought me to it. I 
lenceforth to fly them all, by thy divinr 
ithout which, of myself, I can do nothing. 
J to perform such and such devotions for 
; this grace. I resolve to fly idleness, and 
jTself a regular order and method of life, for 
I have yet to come. I beg thy blessing 
jse ray resolutions, that they may not be 
il, like so many others I have formerly 
3r, Lord, without thee I am nothing but 
nd sin. Supply, also, by thy mercy, what- 
;cts have been in this my confession. I am 
•.hat it hath been very imperfect, and that 
r from having that true sorrow which the 
3SS of my sins required ; but let the pre- 
od of thine only Son make up this deficien- 
3ept of my poor performance, such as it is, 
me grace t ) be now and always a true 
through the same Jesus Christ, thy Soiv 



■aoommciided \jy Sl Fraods of Sales, to be made by tt« peatwitf li 
preeenou of his Director^ by wav of engraTiog in his Boui a Una n» | 
uitton of aenricg God. It may be tued also in private. « 

I, N. N., placed in the presence of the etermu 
God, and of ail the court of heaven, having coDbid 
ored the exceeding mercy of his divine goodnMi 
towards me, a most unworthy and wretched crea» 
lure, whom he hath made out of nothing, preserved^ 
maintained, and delivered from so many dangen, 
and loaded with so many benefits ; but, above all, 
having considered the incomprehensible sweetness 
and clemency with which this most good God hatk 
so graciously spared me in my iniquities, so fre- 
quently called upon me, inviting me to amend, and 
so patiently expected my repentance and conversion 
until this present time, notwithstanding all my in- 
gratitude, disloyalty, and infidelity, whereby defer- 
ring my conversion, and despising his graces, I have 
so unadvisedly off*ended him ; having, moreover, 
considered thnt, upon the day of my holy baptism, 
I was so happily and holily vowed and dedicated to 
my God to be his child ; and that, contrary to the 
profession then made in my name, I have so many 
times, so execrably and detestably, profaned and 
violated all the powers of my soul and senses of 3it 
body, applying and employing them against his i 
fine Majesty ; at length, returning to myself^ pfOt> 
irate in heart and mind before the throne oi the 
iivine justice, I acknowledge, confess, and avon 
myself lawfully attainted and convicted of high trea- 
80D against his divine Majesty, and guilty of the 
<leatL and passion of Jesus Christ, by reason of Um 
«ins which I hav f committed, for which he died, and 

iux.1 the torments of the erobB ; so that I am 
ithy to be oast aivaj, and condemned forever. 
but turning myself towards the throne of the in* 
te mercy of tae same etema] God, having de- 
fced, from the bottom of my heart and with a)! 

power, the many transgressions of my past life ; 
DOSt hombiy beg and crave pardon, grace, and 
ray» with an entire absolution from my ofiences, 
▼irtae oi the death and passion of the same Sa- 
or and Redeemer of my soul ; on which relying, 
on the (mly foundaticm of my hope, I confirm 
on and renew the sacred profession of allegiance 
de in my behalf to God at my baptism ; re- 
mcsDg the devil, the world, and the flesh ; abom- 
ting th^ hcHTible suggestions, vanities, and con- 
pisoences, for all the time of this present life, and 

all eternity. And convertii% myself unto my 
et gracious and merciful God, I desire, purpose, 
termine, and resolve irrevocablv to serve and love 
Q now and forever. And to this end I give and 
isecnite to him my spirit with all its faculties, my 
d with all its powers, my heart with all its affec- 
08, and my body with all its senses ; protesting 
it I will never more abuse any part of my being 
linst his divine will and sovereign Majesty ; to 
lom I offer up and sacrifice myself in spuit to be 
rpetnally a loyal, obedient, and faithful creature^ 
thont ever unsaying, revoking, or repenting me 
tins resolution. 

But if, alas ! by the suggestion of the enemyt m 
!Owh human frailty, I chance to transgress, *n 
f tSbig whatsoever, this mj purpose and resolxi- 
n, 1 pn^esi snd deteraune trom thia very \\out^ 
the amkunee of the Holy Ghost, to arise airm 


as SDon as 1 shall perceive my fall, and (o retun 
anew to the divine mercy, without any delay or pro- 
traction whatsoever. This is my will, intention, and 
resolution, inviolable and irrevoc able, which I pro- 
fess and contirm without reservation or exception, 
Ln the same sacred presence of my God. and ii 
nght of the whole triumphant Church, and in thi 
face of the Church militant my mother [who hean 
this nay declaration, in the presence of him who, as 
her officer, hears me in this action]. 

May it please thee, O my eternal God, almighty 
and graciouh Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, to con- 
firm me in this my resolution, and to accept this 
Inward sacrifice of my heart, in the odor of sweet- 
ness. And as it hath pleased thee to give me in* 
spiration and will to do this, so grant me power and 
grace to perform il. O my God, thou art my God, 
the God of my heart, the God of my soul, and the 
God of my spirit. So I acknowledge and adore 
thee now and forever. Live, O Jesus ! 

A T%anksgiving after Confession. 

I return unto thee, O Lord Jesus, and give the€ 
thanks that thou hast been pleased to cleanse ma 
from the foul leprosy of my sins. Blessed be thy 
Name, Lord, forever and ever. Truly thou art 
a Saviour who rejectest none that come imto thei 
seriously desiring to repent, but receivest them inttt 
thy favor, and nuraberest them with thy children. 
I acknowledge and adore thy mercy, and dedicate 
myself wholly to thy service hereafter. Assist m* 
weakness, and suflfer me not again to fall into my 
past sins and be separated from thee ; but so hioa 
aiv biirt and srul to thee witli t\\e <^ortd& -^^ <k^ 


I may say with the Apostle, Who skaB 
e/rom the love of Christ? 

zziy., cil, pp. 898, 605, may alwo be ueed ktre 

rtions anb Denotions for (tTom-' 

m proYe (or try) himself sajs St. Paul (1 Cor. 
80 eat of that oread, and drink of that dialice. 
^ or trying one's self is the first and most neces- 
ation for the holy Communion ; and consists in 
g^ently into the state of one's soul, in order to 
at indispositions or sins may lie there concealed, 
y a proper remedy to them, by sincere repent- 
tufession ; lest otherwise, approaching the Holy 
ith a soul defiled with the guilt of mortal sin, 
** guilty of the body and blood of Christ, and 
gment to ourselyes, not discerning the Lord's 
or. xi.) For this reason we go to confessiou be- 
onion, in order to clear our souls from the filth 

on that is to receiye the blessed sacrament must 
.ing, at least from midnight, by the command oi 
, and by a most ancient and apostolical tradition, 
hat in reference to so great a sacrament, nothing 
•r into the body of % Christian before the body tS 
le case of danger of approaching death is ex 
en the blessed sacrament is received by way oft 

this preparation of confession and fasting, the 

t pTY)pos€» to go to Communion must endeayor 

lie best deyotion he is able, in order to dispose 

r worthDj- receiving bo great a guest. To tYoi 


k weJJ OD the great work he hM in hukd\ U 


ocasidei attentively who it is he is goiag tu 
bow far he is from deserving such a favor ; and to implflffft 
with fervor and humility, God's grace and mercy. Am 
this should be the subject of his meditations and pniw 
for some days beforehand, and more particularly the m^ 
before his Communion, and the morning he reoeiyes. 

2. To propose to himself a pure intention, vis, the hoMI 
of Ood, and the health of his own soul ; and in particulfl^ 
that by worthily receiving Cluist in this heavenly saenfr 
ment lie may come to a happy union with him, accordiittil 
that of S. John, vL 57, ** He that eateth my flesh, and dra^ 
•th my blood, abideth in me, and I in him.'' 

8. To meditate on the sufferings and death of his Bft* 
deemer ; this sacrament being instituted to this end, tint 
we should " show forth the death of Christ until he oohmT 
(1 Cor. XL 26). 

4. To prepare liimself by acts of virtue, more especiaUj 
of faith, love, and humility ; that so he may approach tt 
Ills Lord with a firm behef of his real presence in thii 
sacrament, and of that great sacrifice which he heretofon 
offered upon the cross for our redemption, of which he hen 
makes us partakers ; with an ardent affection of love to 
him who has loved us so much, and who, out of pure love^ 
gives himself to us ; and with a great s&ntiment of his own 
unworthiness and sins, joined with a firm confidence in the 
mercies of his Redeemer. 

Here follow one or two forms and methods of prepara- 
tion for the holy Communion. They should be used ai 
aids to the exercise of our thoughts and the kindling of our 
affections, and not as substitutes for our own efibrts. They 
point out the proper line of thought and subjects for re- 
flection, and if used carefully and meditatively, will be ] 
foond of great assistance. But no forms, however perfeok 
Ib themselves, would be good for us without much cart 
And effort on our own parts. More than one form is gtveBi 
fts a variety is useful for different minds, and also for Um 
Mune mind at different times. 


Consider, 1st, that Jesus Cirist our Lord, whom 
tmmve in thm blessed sacrameit, ia ealled in Secivtori 

FOB, C0MMD5I0N. 466 

"the Lamb which was slain from the be^jinin^ of the 

vorid** (Apocalypse xiiL 8), because, from tin* very be- 

rinning ot the world, there was no way of coiniti^r at 

God's mercy or grace but by faith in a Redeomor to 

•ome, and b^ the merits of his future death and passior^ 

Hence Christ crucified was, from the begin nintr of the 

world, tlie great object of the devotion of the pati:aroh< 

aid prophets : for him they constantly sighed ; him they 

l^garded in all their sacrifices; which were indeed so 

Many figures of him, and of his death. All these fiiruies 

were to nave an end when Christ himself, the very Truth, 

ome in person into the worM, and offered himself upon 

the cross, a sacrifice for the sins of the world. But still 

his death and passion is to be the perpetual object of the 

de\'otioii of all his children and servants, even to the 

end of the world; not now as prefigured in shallow-" 

ind types, but as commemorated and celebrated in the 

eneharistic sacrifice and sacrament, containhitr and ex- 

Mbitiiiff in very truth our great High Priest and Victim, 

Jesus Christ. For the ancient figures have now })assed 

kway, and the truth has succeeded in tlieir plaee ; '.\iu\ 

that same fountain of all sanctity, who of old coniniunv- 

cated himself to his servants spiritually by faith, now 

gives himself to us verily and indeed in these heavenly 

mysteries. For this manner of communicatin(r hlrnr^elf 

Vasbest becoming the newhiw; which is a hiw of lovi*, 

I law of grace, and a law of truth. O my soul I admire 

lod adore the riches of the bounty anil froodnrss of 

thy God and Saviour, who gives thee in this sacrament 

» JfTiat a gift, that heaven itself has nothing fjreater. 

Embrace his love, but let it be with a suitable return of 

tare; and see thou prepare thyself worthily to rt'eeiv»> 

ao great a viai':^ Oh, take care to open wide thy lieari, 

that it may be capable of holding those treasures wiiiol] 

kb bringft with him, and which he desires to impart to 


Consider, 2dlv, the figures by which God wiis plvivs^^A 
Mo the Old Testament to foreshow tiiis siicnimeiU ; c^s^^ 
CH//K rW thr^e, the tree of life, Uie pasohal \um\ . md 



the manna from heaven. The tree of life, which God 
planted in the midst of the earthly paradise, had that 
excellent property, that if sin had not banished us from 
that happy abode, by feeding on the fruit of it we 
should have been maintained in a constant vigor, 
strength, and health, and have never died. How weD 
does the blessed eucharist answer this noble figure ! ia 
which we feed upon life itself in its very fountain, and 
ti} firequently ana worthily approaching to it, receive a 
copious and constant supply of heavenly grace for tiie ; 
maintaining of the vigor, strength, and health of the 
soul : that so we may never incur the second death, but 
may pass from life to life ; from the life of grace to the 
life of glory ; from life concealed under sacramental ?eil>^ 
to life seen and enjoyed, without shadow or oiiange, for 
all eternity. 

The paachal lamb, which was first offered in sacrifice 
to God on the evening in which the children of Israel 
were delivered from the bondage of Eg^pt, and taen 
was, by God's <^ommaud, eaten by all the faithful, waa 
also a figure of the blessed eucharist, and of the tme 
Lamb of God, there communicated to us; even thai 
Lamb, which was first offered in sacrifice for our eternal 
redemption from the bondage of the infernal Pharaoh, 
and is now received by all the fiuthful in these heavenly 
mysteries, for a perpetual commemoration of this our 
redemption, and a daily application of the fruit of it to 
our souls. Oh, let us confidently run to this Lamb of 
God, wlio taketh away the sins of the world ! Let :» 
receive with all affection this Christian passoTa Lat 
IS embrace this victim of our reiiemption, this new au^* 
iiice of the new covenant, the covenant of life and ol 
ove ! Let us sprinkle ourselves with this blood of the 
Sew Testament, that so the destroying angel may have 
no power to hurt us. 

Another figure of the blessed eucharist was the manna 

(rcfm lieaven^ with which the children of Israel were 

wonderfully fed during their forty ye^ars' sojourning In 

the wildernesaf before their comii % to \X\e\vix\^ ^l^st^m 


w Tais food was in many ways, mirajulouH, but 
ittimg in comparison with that living bread, that bi ead 
' life, which is given us m the divine mysteries ; whieii 
Mces down from heaven in order to carry us thi'ther 
» the true land of promise, the land of the living ; and 
iiich nourishes our souls to life eternal. O heavenly 
Mima ! O bread of angels ! Thou art my true and only 
ipport during this my mortal pilgrimage. Oh, let my 
Ml always hunger after thee ! Let me ever relish thy 
idden sweetness! 

Consider, 3dly, the mysteries which we celebrate in 
lis thr^e blessed sacrament and sacrifice. Here the 
rhole passion and death of Christ is solemnly acted, ixs 

most sacred tragedy by himself in person. Here the 
amb of God presents himself as shiin to his eternal 
*ftther; and his blood most powerfully pleads in our 
ehalf. Here the death of our Lord, the fountain of all 
nr ^ood, plentifully flows into our souls, and ever lives 
Jid Drings forth in us the fruit of life. Here tiie tri- 
tmphs of our crucified King, his victorious resurrection 
ind glorious ascension, are (iispla}M>d. Here we receive 
in assurance of the share that we have in Christ and in 
lis redemption. Here we partake of his Body and of 
lis Spirit. Here we drink of the fountain of life. Here 
ill the mepibers of Christ are happily united with one 
mother, and with their head, in a sacrament of union 
ind love. Here, in fine, we have a most certain pledfje 
ftf everlasting life, and of the eternal enjoyment of him 
b CUT blessed country, who thus lovingly gives himself 
to US in this place of banishment. O my soul, reverence 
Mtt. awe, and embrace with love, tlavse mysteries so 
hL of majesty and of love. The High Priest of the Old 
rMtament was but once a year to enter into the in\\ ard 
MDctuary of the temple, called the Holy of Holies ; and 
iben not without divers purifications and sacrifices, and 
i solemn fast of all Israel. See, then, how pure, how 
loly, thou onghtesi to he, who so often art admitted \i\lo 
he atmetwuj of the New TestamenU — that is, to l\\eae 
»7/» mratories, aanctiSed by the presence of Jeaui 


Chri.^t himself, tke true Holy of HoAes, of \ 
Jewish sanctuary was but a shadow. 

ConsiJer, therefore, 4th1y, that what must 
ealls for oar devotion in these most holy myst< 
real prese:) e of Jesus Christ himself, true Go 
man, unde; the sacramental veils. Bow thyg 
fiy soul, to adore this sacred truth ; let no proui 
>f opposition arise in thee against this admira 
4Ufnt; captivate thy understanding to the ob 
(kith; buud thyself upon the express words 
itself, so often repeated in holy writ, and upo 
press declaration of the Church of God, agai 
tlie gates of hell can never prevail. The glory 
of faith is to believe what thou canst not s( 
knowledge that the Almighty can do infinitely 
thou canst comprehend ; and that no effort of 
love can be too great for him who has died 
See, then, what thy devotion ought to be in co 
of this belief; what profound reverence to 
Lord, who lies concealed in these tremendous 
what purity of conscience, in order to approar 
to purity itself; what humility, what love, w) 
admitted to his embraces ! 

Consider, 5thly, how many ways thy L' 
God, the Sovereign Good, who delights to 
children of men (Pro v. viii. 31), communii 
to thee. In his incarnation and birth he 
to be thv companion, and to tiike upon hie 
erios. fn his death he gave himself to b 
In this heavenly sacrament he gives hira 
food, the comfort and support of thy exi 
Kingdom above, he designs to give himse' 
oal reward. Oh, what can he do mori 
love to thee . As wise as he is, he canr 
thing bettor for thee; as powerful as he 
more for thee than give thee himself 
that saying of the beloved disciple, tlj 
But whiat dost thou see in me, dear Lo; 
to love such a poor worm, sxicVi a 


' There can be nothing good in me bat what 
raciouB ^ft : and, alas ! I fear I have hitherto 
11 thy guts. It is, then, thy own pure goodnes* 
it can make thee love me ; and thy pure lovo 
it can make thee communicate thyself to me. 
ae, then, be no longer ungratefal to th} lovt f 
divine fire, which thou so much desirest to en 
pen earth, take hold now of my heart, that I 
irn thee love for love ! Oh, send it now into my 
t it may prepare for thee a suitible lodging here 1 
me henceforward give myself wholly to thee, 
)ften givest thyself to me ! 
ier, 6uily, who it is that thou art to receive m 
ied sacrament, and who thou art that presumest 
ach him. He is the great King and Maker of 
ind eartli, and the whole creation is as nothing 
ight. He is eternal, immense, and every way 
in power, in majesty, in beauty, in wisdom, in 
uid thou art but a diminutive worm, made of 
id full of miseries. He is infinitely pure and 
whose sight the very heavens are not clean, and 
not endure iniquity ; and thou art infested with 
9sy of sin. How, then, my soul, shall we dare 

to enter into this inward sanctuary, to ilraw 
i throne of this infinite Majesty, and, unclean 
ure, to touch and receive the Holy of Holies 1 
} struck dead for irreverently touching the ark 
>yenant ; the Bethshamites, for irreverently look- 
t ; Nadab and Abihu, for offering incense before 
inhallowed fire : and what was this ark (in whicb 
ly deposited the tables of the law) In comparisor 
B Lord and Giver of the law, whom we here ap. 
x> ! When God was about to give the law, the 

of Israel were commanded to be purified, and 
themselves chaste ; and even then to keep at a 
) from the mountain, where the Lord appeared 
\er and lightning : only Moses was perm\lled\.c\ 
9 tbe moantain-top, to converse with the d\v\xi^ 
jsr rather with an angel speaking in Via pet*oi> 

470 x9str:k:tions and devoiiom 

Aiid how shall we, with so little purity, dare to 
this infmite and all-holy Deity, this consaming 
How shall we, the most unworthy of all sinnera, 
Bume to receive this Lord of glory ? Must we stay ai 
till we have the presumption to think ourselves worthy] 
No, certainly ; for one of the most necessary dis} 
for receiving worthily is to acknowledge and believD 
own unworthiness. Or must we, through awe and &t^ 
of so great a Majesty, abstain forever from partaking J§ 
these tremendous mysteries ? No ; for it is no less cm^ 
tain death to stay away from the fountain of life, than It 
come to it unworthily. What, then, must we do. Off 
soul ? We will not run away from our Sovereign GoocL 
No ; we will run to him, but it shall be like the hombk 
publican, like the poor prodigal returning home, like thi 
penitent Magdalen : such as these he never rejects. It 
shall be with a contrite and humble heart, which ht 
never despises ; it shall be with an entire confidence in 
his infinite goodness and mercy, for no one ever hopei 
in him and was confounded. Oh, grant us, dear Lordi 
to approach thee with these good dispositions ! and sLnot 
thou art pleased to invite thyself into so poor, so meaOi 
so wretched a liabitation as this of my breast, be pleased 
first to infuse those graces, those virtues, those dispofli- 
tions, which may prepare the place for thee ; for thoi 
knowest that of myself I can do nothing. 

Consider, 7thly, the happy Iruits which this divine sac- 
rament produces in those souls which frequent it with 
due preparation. " The bread that I will give," sayi 
Dur Lord (S. John vi. 52), " is my flesh, for the life of 
the world." And again, ^^ He that eateth my flesh. anA 
drinketh my blood, hath everlasting life, and I ^riii nut 
him up in the last day.** And again, ** He that c<»telh 
my flesh and drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and I 
in him." And " He that eateth me shall live by me," 
And " He that eateth this bread shall live forever." 
Wheresoever our Lord com^ft, W ^tarcVesi tv^y^Mt with him 
all the treasures of Me, VkaX \a, «3X \e»imw\w^«i8 
molioeaa; and on his part \a eN«\ wadcj Xa ovw^'te 

FOR oomiumoR 471 

and to eommunicate them .o those svmis which 
SOS to visit These treasures are infinite, and so 

love which he bears to us. What gifts, then, 
graces may we not expect, if we come with rever 
ind humility,' with love and devotion, to Mm who 
fountain of life ! Here we receive the bread of 
ir the food and nourishment of our souls. Here wt 
with a constant supply of grace, to repair the daily 
8 caused bv our innrmity and corruption ; to give 
)w strength and vigor to walk on in our way 
gh the wudemess of this world to the mountain of 

and to make us continuaUy grow in virtue, till we 
to a perfect man, to the measure of the fulness of 
L Iiere devout souls taste the sweetness of heav- 
tta very fountain. Here, seated like Magdalen, at 
set of our Lord, they learn from him heavenly les- 
and enjoy his delicious conversation. Aspire after 
lappiness, O Christian souls, which in some measure 
8 you enjo^ heaven upon earth. If you love Jesus 
t, run to his embraces ; if you love yourself, run to 
Sovereign Good. But see it be with due prepara- 
tnd most especially with faith, with reverence, and 

Sim Mtt\]0i. 


An Aet of Faith, 

f Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, I firmly believ* 
n this blessed sacrament thou art present verilv and 
id ; I betieve that here are thy body and blood, thy 
and divinity, I acknowledge these truths; l\>e- 
timae wondera; I adore thy power, wV^h Yia^ 
it them/ I praiae thy //ignite jfoodness, w\ik;k 

473 nisTRucTiojfs akd DEVonom 

hatli prepared them for me ; with David, **I 
thee, my God, with my whole heart, and will i 
thy admirable works ; I will rejoice in thee, 
thy holy name.^ In this faith, and with thifi 
edgment, I approach this adorable baaque 
thou bestowest on me the divine food of th} 
blood. Grant, O blessed Jesus, that I ma^ 
thee with such a profound sense of reverent 
mility as is due to thy infinite Majesty. 
Loi^ that I may now receive thee with a pu 
elean conscience, and a sincere and lively faith 
my sins,, which have rendered me most unwoi 
proach thee : I hate them, because they are ( 
to thee, my God ; I renounce them forever, ai 
to be faithful to thee. Take courage, my soul 
•elf up ; go and receive thy God, and with 1 
favors he hath prepared for thee in this most 

An Act of Hope. 

In thee, O Jesus, do I phice all my hope, b 
i^ alone art my salvation, my strength, my refi 

1 foundation of all my happiness ; and were i 

I confidence I place in thy merits, and in 

blood wherewith thou didst redeem me, 
presume to partake of this banquet Enco' 
ffoodness, I come to thee as a poor and ir 
Its shepherd ; as a sick man to his physici; 
demned criminal to his powerful interce 
the true shepherd of my soul, thou may 
me ; heal me, as my physician ; and, as e 
irocaite, deliver me from the sentence of 
I, who am an abyss of nothing, invoke t\ 
Abyis of all goodness ; for though my s 
able, and very grievous, yet they are but 
when compared to thy boundless mercy 
ransom of thy blood. Have pity, the 
Jesus, and save me, for thou forsake:^ 
Sbeir tnmt in tbee. 

rOh. CCMMUNIOH. 471 

An Act of Charity, 

How strong wns the force of thy love my dear Re* 

iNBer, when, being about to depart out of this world 

lothy eternal Father, thou providcdst for us this divine 

Wnqnet, enriched with all heavenly sweetness. It wan 

tircuffh the wonderful effects of thy divine goorhie8«i 

km inou didst humble thyself to such an excess tor our 

vkmption, as to take upon thee the intirniity of our 

•tture. And is it not through an infinite excess of thy 

Wre. that thou hast left us thy body and blood for the 

Ibod and nourishment of our souls ; that, as thou didst 

initc thyself to our humanity, so we might here be made 

pntakers of thy divinity? In return for this thy iiitiiiite 

tore, I desire to love thee, O Lord Jesus, who art my 

odIv comfort in this place of banishment, the only h(>{>o 

of iny infirm soul, and my happiness, above all else that 

1 can enjoy. Make me to love thee, mv God, with my 

vhole heart, with my whole soul, with all my mind, and 

«ith all my strength ; that as every moment is an in- 

ereade of my life, so it may bo also of my love towards 

thee. I desirci, with all the affections and pow^Ts of my 

tovX, that as the utmost thanks are due, so they may he 

returned to thee, by all the faithful, fortius divine tood, 

vhich is our refreshment, support, strength, armor, and 

^fence in all our dangers and distresses ; and that my 

love nmy never cease, inflame my heart with th(^ tire of 

W'en, that it may continue burning, till nature and 

eomiption being weakened and consumed, I may be 

ThoIIy transformed into thee. Come, O Lord, hasten to 

fslease me from the bonds of sin, and prepare me for tb« 

"Risings thou art now about to bestow ^o me. 

An Act of Desire 

As the Wdaried hart thirsts after the fountains of 

A'ater, so doth my soul pant after thee, my Saviour, my 

Lord, and m^ Gad, It ardently longs to drink oi' \\vo>)yb 

fomitMins wbhb th/love hath opened for its comiort im^ 

/irt^r/r Tlnd wi^b my cwn evil ways, 1 return UuiiCT 


and thirsty, crying out aloud. Have mercy on me, O Sm ii 
of God. and permit me to taste of thy banquet, tnat mj ;ii 
soul mny be refreshed. Oh, that my soul did truly j 
hupger after thee, the bre^id of angels, the food of blessed « 
souls, and that all that is within me might be delighted ■ 
with the taste of thy sweetness ! I here despise idl ha* 
man consolations, that I may be comforted by thee, ni 3 
only good, my God and Saviour, whom I love above ul 
tilings, and desire to entertain within my breast, with M 
much devotion and affection as is conceived by thy chos^ : 
servants, who now sit at thy table of celestml bliaa 
And however J may have been hitherto wanting in my 
dutV) or unjust to thee, in misplacing my affections, 1 
desire forever to renounce my folly and weakness, and 
from my heart request that, for the future, my joy, mj 
relief, my treasure, and rest, may be entirely centered m 
thee. May I never desire any thing besides thee ; and 
may all thmgs seem contemptible and as nothing with- 
out thee, O my God. 

An Act of Thanksgiving, 

Who am I, O God of infinite goodness, thai/ tlUMi 
shouldst permit me to partake of this bread of angels? 
How have I found such favor in thy sight, as to l^ the 
object of so unspeakable a mercy 1 Come, all ye angeli 
and saints of God, and I will recount to you what great 
things our Lord hath done for my souL He hath raised 
me out of the dust, and delivered me from the bonds ol 
sin ; he Iiath told me not to be dejected, for that he him* 
self will be my support and my strength ; and though T 
bave must unworthily forsaken him by my repe^dd 
follies, yet behold he calls me once more, and icvitee wm 
io partake of the bread of life, that, as he made me, so 
I may ever live by him. What thanks can I give thee, 
O merciful Jesus, Saviour of the world 1 What ietom 
shall I make thee for all thou hast done for my soul ! 
Were I to give all I have in acknowledgment of tl^jr 
Jove, it would still be as notVvmg iot \5ckW^\*«V<asA 
plentifully poured forth thvaetf uy^i owk^^ ^^i«ii\a» 


iten all that thoa art; uid if, in th2.nkvsgivi)\g for th^ 
Btreiefl, I were to lay before thte my body and soul, 
Bv life, liberty, and all I possess, what would tlu*y be, 
when compared to the blessingfs thou hnst here bestowed 
CP me ; what to the debt I owe, which is in some kind 
tqnal to what I rece re, infinite as thyself? Ttum hast 
ttndfhlly given fnysclf to me, for tlie food of my soul , 
fnd FiCw behold I offer thee all that I have, all that I 
on, aA that I possess ; to thee I make a full surrender 
if them all, that, being wholly thine, I may now no 
Imiter have any part in myself. 

An Act of Humility. 

In fervor of spirit and humility of he^irt I approach 
y holy altar, O my God, to implore thy mercy and 
Maiataiice. I adore thee, divine Jesus, really present in 
this sacred host; I acknowledge my unworthiiiess to re- 
Mve thee ; yet encouraged by thy goodness, I venture 
to follow the impulse of my heart, which powerfully at- 
tracts me to thee. ** O Lord of Hosts, how lovely are 
thy tabernacles ; my soul longeth and fainteth " for thy 
po^ssion; for ** blessed is the man that trustetli in 
thee." Thou art the God of all glory ; and what am I, 
__ ind what should I have been, hadst thou not raise«l me 
_.| from the grave of sin? Alas! without thee, my soul is 
I barren land, fertile only in the production of weoda 
ind brambles ; but with patient love thou havSt come to 
By assistance, saying, ** ^ear not, O land, be glad and 
rejoice, for I, the Lora, have done great things " for th»^ 
^ merciful Lord ! what hast thou left undone to secui« 
ay happiness? And now, forgetful of all my past 'u> 
frntituae, thou invitest me to thy sacred banquet \ 
come, then, with confidence, because " thou a'^t my <^iod 
ind hast heard me, and art become my salvation/' Oh 
■* what shall I render unto thee, O Lord, for all thou last 
rendered untr me ? I will take the chalice of salvation ; 
■nd I will ca? upon tbj name. I will pay my vowa \.«j 
Ib/f before ml thy people; for I nm thy se'rvawl." \ 
ir minrf^ far irom thee, tnv God. a id thou Vuiat ^iai. 


476 orsTBucziom Ar> vmnmom 

played ^ihk, Tondera of thy loeiey^ by reeaffing m^? 
my wanderings. Oh, peixect thy wcrk of lovstl^; 
tterving me from ever again foraakiiig the p«th of 
commandments ; ** teach me to do thy wiU," aod i 
•n me to fulfil it perfectly. 

Humblsd, O Lord, at the view of my manj 
And convmced of my weakness; jret aoimatod 
auicere desire to employ the remainder of ay wn 
repairing my post ingratitude; I fervently implon.l 

Sowerful assistance, for, ** strengthened by thee, I 
o all things ;" with humble oonfidenee I i^prcMueih 
altar, ^ for with thee is the fountain of life, and in 
Ught I shall see light" Come, then, O blessed J( 
to take possession of my hearty ui thy adondile ai 
ment. Come, and give efficacy to mv resolutiont of 
Ing henceforth but for thee, and ox devolinff afl 
faculties to the promotion of thy glory. Eataoliah 
dwelling in my soul, that, fertilized, bv the dew of 
grace, it may produce a rich harvest or holineflH and 
tue. May thy love be the end of my existence, and 
only motive of all my actions; may It be my , 
amidst the dangers of that world ^dun*ein thv ^oll 
cast my lot ; may it be my light in perplexities, and in| 
counsel in doubts ; may it forciblv aetach my offectiona 
from the things of this world. O adorable Jesus, eas 
there be any real comfort but in thy service ; any anal* 
ioyed happiness but in the possession of thee 1 May I 
henceforth prove m^ conviction of this troth by conHtaml 
fervor and undeviating fidelity I Amen. 

A Prayer before Reeeivitg, 

I approach thy- banquet, O Jesus, having roiohs^ U 

confide in but thy goodness ana mercy, being of cyMtU 

a sinner, destitute of all virtue. I hasten to tiiee» nMMl 

compassionate Physician, the* fountain of all foodnan^ 

that I may be healed. 1 fly under the wings of tkf 

wereiful prof ection, hoping tkou h3^\ ^ TO Saffiimii^ 

tboaeh I dare not appear ^ote1i«fe »TO w^^i^it^ 

Uioe 1 expose all mv wourida* to lfld«fe v^M»«H«.i«^ «! 


la. My riiiB|I eonlSMB, are bo many and greut as to 
e one doBp>lr,if thon didst not encourage me to hope 
lymereieBywyeh are infinite. ' Look, tlierefore, on me 
k the «y^ of eompaasion, O Lord Jeeue Christ, eter- 
King, God and Man, who wast enicified for the sins 
•en. Have merev on me, thou inexhaustible founV 
of goodness. Hail, saving Victim, offered on tbt 
•■ §ar me and all manldnd! Hail, generous and ^ re* 
■a bloody flowing from thy wounds, O Jesus, and 
flhiag sway the sins of the world ! Remember thy 
«tiire» O Lord, whom thou hast redeemed by thy 
•th. I am tnilv sorry for my offences, of which I am 
•dived to aiBMUML Wash away, therefore, all my sins, 
id blot out my iniquities, that, purified in soul and 
idy, I may worthily approach the Holy of Holies ; and 
(mt tliat tfay previous body and blood, which I now, 
hfl«|p|i nnworthy, am about to receive, may avail to a 
illSadianre from the ffuOt of all my crimes, a victory 
mr mj evu thoiufhta, Uie beginnmg of a new life, the 
Md 0/ good works, ai d a sure protection of soul ant* 
19^ against all the snares of my enemies. 


An Ad of 7*hank8giffing. 

1 return thee thanks, O eternal Father, for having, 
Mrt of thy pure mercy, without any desert of mine, been 
pinsed to reed my soul with the lodv and blodd of thine 
Mdy Sun ; and beseech thee that this holy communioa 
1117 oot be to my condemnation, but available to the 
iftirtiial remission of all my sins. May it strengthen 
ly frith; encourage me in the practice of good works; 
leow me from all evil habits and sinful desires ; por- 
nt me in chanty, patience, humility, obedience^ aud 
y otbor nEr^^flft Majr It secure me against a\ \W 
MM at mj enemies viaihle and invisible; c\oafeVj 
^jmUf ibe^ the enly true God, and finally «el\2n 


lae in unchangeable bliss, by admitting me, Ihongfa ai ^ 

nnworthy sinner, to be a guest at that divine bailqueti ^ 

where thou, with tho Son and the Holy Ghost, art th» \^ 

true light, eternal fulness, everlasting joy, and perfiset f_ 

happiness of all the saints: through the same Jesof |^ 

Christ o«r Lord. Amen ^ 

i ) tender and compassionate Lord Jesus, my Grod am " 
my Saviour, thou art really present in my heaji;. Hun^ 
bled before thee, I adore thee with all the powers of my 
soul, and love thee with all the affections of my heart 
When I consider the splendors of thy awful Majesty, ! 
scarcely dare to lift my eyes to thee ; but yet thy goocU 
nees encourages me to speak to thee of my wants, and 
open my heart in all confidence before thee. How can I 
become weary of repeating that I love thee, or more nobly 
employ the faculties with which thou hast gifted me, than 
in proclaiming thy praises, and proving my boundless 
gratitude for thy mercies? My highest ambition is to 
attain the perfection of thy love ; and for this I earnestly 
pray to thee, reminding thee of thy own promise, that 
*' whatsoever we ask in prayer, believing, we shall re- 
ceive." Grant me the spirit of perfect obedience to thy 
commands, and constant fidelity to thy inspirations ; as 
well as a lively horror, not only of ffnevous sin, but of 
every deliberate fault, however small. Assisted by thy 
grace. O divine Jesus, I desire to offer thee the homage of 
a heart submissive to thy will ; of sincere piety, founded 
on charity towards thee and my neighbor ; of purity of 
intention in all my actions, and constant recollection ol 
fchy divine presence. Thus may I hope to bring fotth 
fruits worthy of eternal life, for thou hast declared thsl 
U is only " those who do thy will who shall enter th« 
king iom of heaven." Shall not so glorious a promise 
animate my zeal ? Happy those who obtain admittance 
to that abode of peace and glory, where our " God BhaD 
wipe away all tears, and death%k\\a\\ \>fe no mot^\ \tfi 

aaouTEimg, nor crying, nor aorrov?, a\va!l\ \*ft axs^ istfsi*? 

-^ren Id this life, thou ffivest a faMit V^«8^ ^^ ^^ '^^■V^ 


hast prqtared for those who love thee, fUliiig 

with a peace which the world cannot give oi 

f. What felicity awaits us, when we shall see 

to face, and through a long eternity share th^ 

^om my heart, I now exclaim, with those who 

rate before thy eternal throne, ^I give th6i» 

> Lord God Almighty, who art, and who wast, 

art to come ; bemuse thou hast taken to thM 

ver, and hast reigned/* O divine Jesus, reign 

tart forever, as my King and sovereign Mas- 

mmand my desires, suMue my passions, and 

y will submissive to thine. I sincerely desire 

my love for thee ; and how can I do so more 

y, than by embracing thy will on all occasions? 

ight of the happy eternity which awaits me 

mate my hope, and the remembrance of thy 

3ve shall impel me to embrace without hesita- 

tever thou shalt command. My study shall be 

thy will, my consolation to adore it, and my joy 

it perfectlv. O my God, vouchsafe ever to 

! by thy holy Spirit, for " if thy wisdom be not 

I shall be nothing." Thou hast fed me with 

id bodv and blood, that, united to thee, I may 

more fervently, " ever follow that which is good 

all men," and adhere to tliee, who " art the 

truth, and the life." Mv King, my God, and 

)ur, may I be faithful to fliy graces, may 1 cor- 

with thy mercy, may my actions be ever ani- 

7 that spirit of faith and love, which will render 

:eptable in thy siglit, and ensure nie a share in 

iness promised to those wlio faithfully persevere 

id in thy love and service. Amen. 

An Act of Adoration. 

« and glorify thy blessed name, O my God, fc t 
y favors thou hast now bestowed on me, and 
w hleaainga wherewith thou hast enriched tun 
r the many miseries and wants I have auffewc-, 
mjr pJeimures and pascdow^ 1 had dej^MXM 

480 nsTxtdcTiONs and DSYonoini 

from thee. In thy greiit goodness, thou didst wi U 

me from the precipice wmther I was running ; entt 

emng me with thy beams, and, by the inspirationd of 

Horace, inviting me to return. Thou hast pardoned 

my sins ; an^ tc crown all these favors, thou hast i 

tf^me t^ visit me, that thou mightest abide in me, a 

« UicA. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all tb 

t'jtUn mo b ess his holy name. Bless the Lord, 

.4>ul, and forget not all his benefits. He hath forg 

the€ all thy iniquities, and healed all thy infirmities. 

hath redeemed thy life from destruction, and cro^ 

thee with mercy and compassion. He hath satisfied 

hunger with good tilings, and replenished thee wit 

thou couldst desire. And oughtest thou not to ten 

upon a i'hange of life, and, renewing thy strenfi^, | 

younp' like the eagle in his service? Let thy gi 

O Lorl, be ever at hand to assist me ; for the e 

r\er.c'> of my weakness makes me fearful ; and if ' 

Rur^c/t me not, I shall certainly fall again. Be t 

^erijfore, my shield and defence. Grant me a 

HHil constant faith; and strengthen it not only 

•ebpect to this mystery, but all other Christian tr 

ind principles of eternal life ; that, by the help the 

L may overcome all such difficulties as I may hav 

encounter in my journey to that state of bliss for ^ 

L was created ; and that I may follow the faith of t 

who. for my example, have gone before me, hav€ 

umphed over thei" enemies, done justice, and obts 

'Jie promises. 


1 adore thy infinite greatness, O divine Majesty, 

fliiBst both heaven and earth, and art adored byal 

blessed spiiits, angels, and saints, who, without cea 

praise and cry out before thee, ** Holy, holy, holy, '. 

God of Sabaoth." Is it possible thou shouldst cc 

fieend to visit the most unwortiv^ oi «S\ \k^ ««tM«ntfi 

desire to dwell within hiiu'l 15 ^5ci^ Vvftsss^v^ss^ 

lieaven of hftavPMs. cinnct coutaix^ \^e^.\vwi >iixj 

rOR JOMMONIOll. 46i 

which I iiave prepared fo/ n) reception 
;, O blessed Jesaf*. how to conceal tlu 
dor of thy glory, and condescend to oui 
that so thou mayest communicate thysell 
freely. This thou didst not only at the 
dora!ile incarnation, when thou madeit 
us, the more forcibly to attract our iofl 
Iso when thou didst institute this mysteryi 
favest thyself to us for the food and nouiw 
souls, the more closely to unite us to thy 
us aspire to that celestial banquet thov 
;br the blessed in heaven. O God, grant 
JO eagerly to long after this ttemal ban- 
desire ot hereafter enjoying it uia^- make 
the goods and plea»ures of this life, and 
tly to prepare myself, till I am luippily 
gst its guests. I now desire to wean my 
from all irregular and corrupt affections, 
ue my whole love and confidence in thee 
his end, I am firmly resolved to watch 
tions, to flee from sin, and avoid whatever 
asing to thee. I will labor to work out 
•y observing thy precepts, and as I have re- 
ope to be faithful to thee; but this reso- 
wledge myself unable to perform without 
' grace, which I most humbly implore. O 
} ; conduct Tic through the ways of thf 
8, in which 1 now begin to walk, with 
I rseverance. Incline my heart to love th| 
divert my eyes from beholding vain ofc 
and strengthen me in the paths of holineni 
t so powerfully to thyself, that I may id 
ie to heaven, where thou livest and reign* 

An Oblatum, 

;e can 1 give, O my Saviour, as an earnest 
lich I have now engag^ed to thee 1 L ha.X4» 
V of thee, and if I had, I have nolbiu^ WV 


what is thine; but such is ih^- goodness, that thiu m Jl 
ecntent to .accept from uf what is already thine oirib 
Wherefore, behold, I here offer to thee my body aad ! 
soul, which are both now sanctified by thy divine pMiL 
•nco ; I conseccate them to thee forever, since thou Hull. 
ahosen them for thy temple ; my body to be continnailf I. 
•mployed in thy service, and neve** more t^ become « 
iUBtrument of sm ; my soul to know thee, to love itm 
and be evermore faithful to thee. Bless, O Lord, thi 
offering which I here make thee. ** Bless, O Lord, tfail 
hoase. Permit not my body to be any more defiled 
with sensual delights, nor my soul by a will to ?ommil 
any mortal sin ; for, a^ I am now resolved to serve thee 
with body and soul, I will labor to correct their evil ifr 1^ 
clinations. I will declare war a^fainst myself, renoimee 1^ 
all my vain pleasures, my passion, my pride, my sel^ f^ 
iove, my own will, and whatever else may offend fi>ee 

A Prayer far Perseverance, 

Preserve, O Lord, forever in ray soul, the aoiy reso- 
lutions wherewith thou hast now inspired me, and grant 
me grace faithfully to put them in execution. WiSiout 
thy aid I can do nothing ; I therefore earnestly crave thy 
'assistance, to conquer all the difficulties I may me^ 
with in the way of my salvation. Regard me with the 
eyes of thy mercy ; have compassion on my wejikness; 
and strengthen me daily with thy grace. 

O glorious Virgin, unite with me in giving thanks U 
thy beloved Son, who hath restored me to his grace, am 
Iweshed my soul with the banquet of his most preciom 
(body. Ofi'er him all the grateful service thou didst niai 
fad this life, to supply the defects of my devotion ; and 
ebt&ln of him that he depart not from me without leav- 
ing a large benediction behind him for my soul. 

O all ye holy angels, ministering spirits of God, be- 
hold thr only Son of the eternal Father, whom yoa 
adored at his entrance into the world. Intercede viith. 
kia in mv hehaJf, that I may heuce{oTt\i ^iv^XvvBiw^ 


uune spiiit and truth wherewith yoa ministered to 
wfailftc he remained on earth and with the sam« 
rfhlness wherewith you now cfaey him in his heav- 
kingdom. O all ya men and women, saints of God, 
lid here within my breast your Lord, the sourci^. loid 
iri of all your sanctity and ^ace, and let your 
en be joined with mine ; that oy his grace I ma| 
m 7>>ur steps in the exact performance of every 
\ till, abounoing in good works, I may at length be 
itted Into ycur society, and possess my Jesus for aU 

To your Patron Saint, 

) great Saint N, whose name has [or names have] 
1 conferred upon me, and under whose patronage i 
3 placed myself, obtain for me grace to fulfil the holy 
ilutions I have this day made. Help me, by thy 
'erful intercession, to lead a life conformable to the 
ed cha^'acter I have received, and to imitate the vir- 
) for which thou wast so remarkable. Protect me 
>ugh all the penis of life, and abandon me not at the 
nl hour of death. Amen. 

The Condition. 

rraciously hear all my prayers, O good Jesus ; hide 
within thy wounds, and there protect me from all m; 
mies. On, let nothing ever separate me from thee 
I me to thee at the hour of my death, that, with thy 
its, I may praise thee forever. And now, Lord Jesufw 
) frcm thee for a while, but I trust not without thee. 
> arl my comfort and the ultimate happiness of mj 
I. To thy love and protection 1 recommend myself, 
veL as my bref ren, my relatives, my country, my 
nds, and my enemies. Love us, O Lord, change our 
rts, and transform us into thyself. May I be wholly 
>lo^ed in thee and for thee ; an i may thy love b^ l\i^ 
ofjiJI wy thoufrbta, words, and actions, wbo \\' «^\ 
lefg^neMt forever and ever. Amen 

A84 rasTRUCTions and DEVunom 

CATHJG. '^^ 

Enlighten the eyes of my soul, O Lord Jesus, wicik ttw ^ 
rays of divine faith and wisdom, that I may ever look 01 ^=== 
thee as the way, the rule, and example of all my thou^M ^ 
irords, and actions. ^^^ 

What am I, Lord, or what claim can I have on ih| ^^"^ 
bounty, that thou shouldst thus follow me with thj ^=^ 
Messing ? Thou hast created me for thyself, and thm ? 
ftlone shalt be the rest and centre of my soul. - 

Good Jesus, my hope and only happiness, I here re* — 
tun. thee thanJ^s for all thy sunerings ; and beg that I ' 
may ever find a place of refuge in thy sacred woundb -- 
against the assaults of all my enemies ; imprint thb - 
memory of them, I beseech thee, so deeply on my heaiti 
that I may ever love thee ; and in all my sufferings never 
forget what thou hast suffered for me. 

Oh, that I could ever remember thee, think of thed^ 
and love thee only. Oh, that my senses were shut 
against vain and sinful objects, and my mind freed from 
all fruitless solicitude, that I might ever abide in thee. 
From henceforth J will* with the utmost diligence seek 
thee, my only good ; my desires shall be fixed on thee 
alone, and all my actions shall be directed to thy gloiy. 

1 resign myself into thy hands, O God, desiring that 
thy holy will may be done in and by me, both now and 
forever. Be tLou my instructor, director, and helperi 
on all occasions, that I may neither do, speak, think, noi 
desire any thing but what is according to thy good wiU 
jtfHi pleasure 

G.ani thy servant, O Lord, understanding, that bs 

may learn the way of thy commandments. O Jesmi 

thou fountain of goodness, direct my steps in thy paths, 

Mod teach me to do thy w\\\. Ixv^^ixvk me with couragv 

to take up my cross and ioWovj vXv^^. \5^aR»^g^ ibb^ 

oeart fjom all nnprcfitaUe eaxe^ Mi\ nimv ^SSwd&rctt^x 

10ft cunMuiaoR. 486 

{h I dwell auKmg ereatores, \ et may I evei liv« 
kd i>r theeu Gruit me tnie fervor of 8|drit, and 
in oiy bieast the fire ef divine love, that I may 
Mai bnt in thee. 

weet, O Lord, is thy spirit; how pleasant to 
« the words of thy mouth! Oh, that I could 
ttentive to them , and fblfil thv law. May I dio 
irid and all its p«ea8!ire8 ; ana let the greatneiM 
ve make all that is earthly appear to aie as 
Proteet me against my enemies, and in all 
ime to my defence; make haste to help me, O 
say to my soul, I am thy healtii and salvation, 
is m thee, O Jesus, that I live, s<i it is in thee 
ko die ; and, both living and dying, I will ever 
lat thou art good, and uiat thy mercy endureth 

d, how long dost thou permit me to wander 
I ? When wilt thou consume in me all that ifi 
nd contrary to thy will ? Draw me after theot 

thee, that I may walk cheerfolly in the way of 
pts. Make me according to thine own heart, 
y soul be now thy habitation forever. 
1 without thee is ory, like earth without water ; 
t, I beseech thee, with the dew of heaven, and 

thy blessing from the land of the living, 
ny heart wim thy love^ that it may relish no 
ejects, but entirely depend on thy will. 

ly hands I surrender myself, O my gocd (iudr 
ig aside all pri>ate wishes, desire to depend oji 
only as to the whole state of tuy body biU 
also as to all the accidents and events tbo« 
lease to appoiut for me, asking nothing mom 
Jiy name may be glorified forever. 
it all mj Buffenngs and privations firom \xsf 
vineed tiutt whatever I endnre, whether in w>lk 
T J€w oftbee, is for my eood. 
VfbemjrcomfoHhut thou, my I.ord 3e*um 


Qor any thing afflict me but my sins, anu wnatevei m :* 

displeasing to thy divine Majesty. ^ 

O blessed Jesus, life eternal, by ^hom I live, and ^ 

without whom I die, unite me to thyself; that in the '^ 
embraees of thv h^\v love and divine will,! may refit fb^ 

When shall I behold thee, sweet Lord ? When phal^ • 

I appear before thy face V When shall I see thee in the "- 

land of the living ? Till then I sigh and bewail mv 7 

banishment, desiring to be dissolved, and be with theo. ^ 

O Jesus, who, by becoming my food in this life, pre | 

parest me to feed on thee eternilly in the next ; who is ] 

this divine banquet givest Ub possession of thy grace J 

here, and a secure pledge of my glory hereai^r; hav« J 

mercy on me, O Lord, and hear my prayer. * 

As I now adore thee here by faith, under these sacred 
veils, so may I hereafter behold thee face to face, and 
(stemally rejoice in thy presence. 

01 Qeconi ani 0i)arter itlett)O0. 




§ Direct your Intention. 

O Lord Jesus Christ, King of everlasting glory I -^ 

add I desire to come to thee this day, and to reoenra 

thy body and blood in this heavenly sacrament, for thy 

honor and glory, and the good of my soul. I desire to 

receive thee, because it is thy desire, and thou haat so 

ordained: biessed be thy uamcv ioi^ivw. \ ^^ajwi \ik 

eome to thee like Magdalen, tVvaX. \ ift».v \» ^^^««\ 

^m all my evila, and exnbtac© ^iasw^^l ^^"^^ ««^ ^ 

FOR coMMinaoii. 48^ 

to ccme to thee that I may be Mappily u lited t& 
hat I may henceforth abide m thee, aud thou in 
ad that nothing in life or death may ever separ* 
t from thee. 

§ Commemor€Ue the PoMwn of Christ, 

aire, in these holy mysteries, to commemorate* if 
ast commanded, all thy sufferings ; thy agony and 
r sweat ; thy being betrayed and apprehendea ; aL 
)roaches and calumnies, all the scoffs and affronts^ 

blows and buffets, thou hast endured for me ; thy 
scourged, crowned with thorns, and loaded with a 

cross for mv sins, and for those of the whole 
; thy crucifixion and death, together with thy glo- 
resurrection and triumphant ascension. I adore 
ind give thee thanks for all that thou hast done 
iffer^ for us ; and for giving us, in this blessed 
aent, this pledge of our redemption, this victim 
r ransom, this body and blood which was offered 


g Make an Act of Faith. 

ost firmly believe, that in this holy sacrament thou 
2sent venly and indeed ; that here is thy body and 
thy soul and thy divinity. I believe that thou, 
aviour, true God and true Man, art really here, 
ill thy treasures; that here thou communicatest 
f to us, makest us partakers of the fruit of thy 
n, and givest us a pledge of eternal life. 1 believp 
cannot be a greater happiness than to receive the* 
Qy nor a greater misery than to receive thee UA 
ily. All this I most steadfastly believe, bocau*** k 
it thou hast taught us by thy Church. 

§ M4ike an Act of Contrition, 

lOfd, I detest, with my whole heart, all the sins by 
I have ever offended thy divine Majesty, from \\\^ 
oment that I was capable of sinning to thift \eitN 
fdefvre to Jay them all at thy feet, to \>e cauwV 


led by thy precious blood. Hear me, O Lord, by hA 
infinite love by which thou hast shed thy blood for me 
Oh, let not that blood be shed in vain ! I detest F] 
Bins, because "^hey have offended thy infinite goodneai 
By thy grace I will never commit them any more : I am 
sorry for them, and will be sorry for them as long as V 
live ; and according to the best of my power, will 4| 
penance for them. Forgive me, dear Lord, for thf 
mercy's sake ; pardon me all that is past ; and be thou 
IDY keeper for the time to come, that I may never^mon 
onend thee. 

g Make an Act of Divine Lave, 

O Lord Jesus, the God of my heart and the life uf 
my soul, as the hart pants after the fountains of water, 
so does my soul pant after thee, the fountain of life, and 
the ocean of all good. I am overjoyed at the hearing of 
these happy tidings, that I am to go into the house of 
our Lord ; or rather, that our Lord is to come into my 
house, and take up his abode with me. O happy mo^ 
ments, when I shall be admitted to the embraces of th' 
living God, for whom my poor soul languishes wit 
love ! Oh, come, dear Jesus, and take full possession 
my heart forever ! I offer it to thee without reserve • 
desire to consecrate it eternally to thee. I love tl 
with my whole soul above all things ; at least, I de^ 
flo to love thee. It is nothing less than infinite ) 
^hat brings thee to me : oh. teach me to make a suit 
return \}f love ! 

§ Humbly beg OocTs Oraee 

But, my Uod, thou knowest my great povert 
niflery, and that of myself I can do nothing : thou ! 
ett how unworthy I am of this infinite favor, an<^ 
alone canst make me worthy. Since thou art sc 
M to invite me thus to thyself, add this one bount 
to all the resti to prepa^'e mc for thy^lf Clea 
soul iiom its stains; clothe it with the nuptial / 
of ehmtjr; adorn It with bll vlnueb^ and mako 


n thee. Drive sin and the devil fur from tlis 
', which thou art h^re pleased to cl oose for liiy- 
make me one according to thy own heart ; that 
renly visit, which thou desimiest for mv Balva> 
f not, by my unworthinesa, be pervertea to my 
nnation. Never let me be guilty of thy bo<^^ 
od by ai: unworthy communion. For the sak« 
same precious blood, which thou hast ^hdd foi 
irer me from so great an evil! Rather let me 
liousand deaths, than thus presume to crucify 

re the Prayers of the Blessed Virgin and of th4 


ye blessed angels and saints of God, who see 
t to face whom I here receive under these bum- 
i ; and thou most especially, ever-blessed Virgin, 
of this same God and Saviour, in whose sucred 
e was conceived and borne for nine months ; I 
imbly beg tlie assistance of your prayers and 
don, that I may in such manner receive him 
this place of banishment, as to be brought one 
njoy him with you in our true country, and there 
.» him and love him forever. 


d, O Lord, I have thee now, who hast all things 
s thee, who possessest all things, and who canst 
bings . take off my heart, then. O my God and 
from all other things but thee, for in them there 
ng but vanity and affliction of spirit. Let my 
J fixed on thee alone ; let me ever repose in thee, 
ce is my treasure, in thee is the sovereign truth, 
ipiness, and a blessed eternity. 
7 aonJ, O Lord, feel the sweetness of thy piei^. 
et me tasce how fiweet thou art, O LoTd\ l\vaV 
ired by thy love, 1 may never more run atlei 


worldly pleasures ; for thou art the joy of my heart, and - 
my portion forever. * 

Thou ait the Physician of my soul, who healest al ^ 
our infirmities' hy thy sacred blood. I am that sick maOi ' '^ 
whom thou camest from heaven .o heal : oh. heal mj 
Boul, for I have sinned against thee. 

Thou art the good Shepherd, who hast laid down tly 
Ufe for thy sheep ; behold, I am that sheep that wng i 
losi. and yet thou vouchsafest to feed me with thy body j 
and Uiood : take me now upon thy shoulders to cany 
me home. What canst thou deny me, who hast given 
' me thyself? Guide thou me, and I shall want not hint 
in the place of pasture where thou hast put me, anu 
thou bringest me to the happy pastures of eternal 

O true Light, which enlightenest every man that com- 
eth into this world, enlighten my eyes, that I may never 
sleep in death. 

O Fire, ever burning and never failing, behold how 
tepid and cold I am ! Inflame my reins and my heart, 
that they may be on fire with the love of thee ; for thon 
camest to cast fire upon earth ; and what dost thou de- 
sire but that it be enkindled ? 

O King of heaven and earth, rich in mercy, behold I 
am poor and needy : thou knowest what I stand most 
ii: need of ; thou alone canst assist and enrich me. Help 
me, O God, and out of the treasures of thy bounty suc- 
cor \^y needy soul. 

O my Lord and my God, behold I am thy servant 
giv«: me understanding, and excite my affection, thai I 
«ivay know and do thy will. 

Thou art the Lamb of God, the Lamb witliout spoti 
wl'.o takesi: away the sins of the world : oh, take away 
from mc what may hurt me, and displease thee, and give 
me what thou knowest to be pleasing to thee, and prof- 
itable to me. 

Thou art my love and my )oy *, Wioxjl «i\ \k^ Qod^ m^ 
poition, and my All ; thou art Vi^ VVi»X.^w^ T^saSwtfe \a\ 
Uiheritaime to me. 

ro3 COMMUNION. 49; 

O Diy God and my All, may the 8W( et flame of Ihj 
kire consame my rouL that so I may die to the world 
fcr the love of tHee, ^hc hast vouchsafed to die upon 
fte erosB for the love of me ! 

isn or DEYonoN, praise, and tfanksgiying AFrit 


Lord Jesus Christ, my Creator and my Redeetucr, 
mf God and my All, whence is this to me, that my Lonl, 
ni BO great a Lord, whom heaven and earth cannot 
contain, should eome into this poor dwelling, this house 
of clay of my earthly habitation ! Oh, that I could en- 
tertain thee as I ought! Thy loving-kindness invitt^i 
me to thy embraces ; and 1 would willingly say. with 
the spouse in the Canticles, " I have found him whou. 
my soul loveth ; I have held him, and will never let hini 
go." But the awe of so great a majesty checks mo, and 
the ttense of my great un worthiness and innumerablt 
SOS keeps me back. Would that I could embrace thy 
ffcetl that, like Magdalen, I could wash them with my 

Bow down thyself, with all thy powers, ( » niy soul, t( 
idore the sovereign Majesty which hath vouchsafed to 
come tc visit thee ; pay him the best homage thou art 
able, as to thy first beginning, and thy last end ; and 
perfectly annihilate thyself in tlie presence of this etci 
wl, immense, infinite Deity. Then pou' thyself tori\ 
tti hiii presence in praises and thanksgiving : and inviti 
•il heaven and earth to join with thee in magnifying 
their Lord and tbine, for hia mercy and bounty to thhi'. 
What return shall I make to thee, O Lord, for all tho'c 
bast done for me V Behold, when I had no being at all, 
thou didst create me ; and when I was gone astray, and 
08t in my sins, thou didat redeem me, by dying ?ot ww 
AJ/ that I have, all that I am, 18 thy gift ; and UOW, u^Vvii 
•ilthy other fuvors, thou bast given me thyseU; Ue^^^A 


be thy name forever ! Thou art great, O Iiord, and e» ,^ 
eeedingly to be praiaed ; great are thy works, aud of thy L 
wisdom there is no end ; but thy tender merdcB, tl^ ,^ 
bounty and goodness to me, are above all thy m orks ,. ^ 
these i desire to confess and extol forever. Bleaa, Hbet^ ^ 
thy Lord, O my soul, and let all that if within that <^ 
praise and magnify his nam& Bless thy Lord, O of. :-^ 
•oul, and see thou never forget all that he hath done rat ^ 
thee. O all ye works of the Lord, bless the Lord, praiM .^ 
and glorify him forever. O aU ye angels of the Lor^ a^ 
bless the Lord, praise and glorify his holy name. BleM i 
the Lord, all ye saints, and let the whole Church of heaven J: 
and earth join in praising and giving him thanks for all '* 
his mercies and graces to me ; and so, in some measure^ ,^ 
sapply for what is due from me. But as all this still fallfl ; ^ 
short of what I owe thee for thy infinite love, I offer to ,^ 
thee, O eternal Father, the same Son of thine whom thou C 
hast given me, and his thanksgiving, which is infinite ill . il 
value. Look not, then, upon my insensibility and in- ^ 
gratitude, but upon the face of thy Christ, and with hinii r 
and through him, receive this oftering of my poor selC «-j 
which I desire to make to thee. 


N. B. — Here also may be recited the Caniiele of the Three 
the Te Deum, ^nd some of the Psalms ef praise. 


O Father of mercies, and God of all consolationy how ' 
hast thou loved us, to whom thou hast ^ven thy onlr < 
begotten Son, once for our, and daily for im 
focd of our souls ! What can I, a wretched sreatnre^ 
re J 'n to thee for this infinite love ? Verily nothing else 
but this same beloved Son of thine, whom thou hast 
given to me ; and surely thou couldst give me nothing 
greater, or raori worthy of thyself. Him, then, I offer 
£0 tiiee, O /leaver Jy Father, with whom thou art alwayi 
iveJJ pleuaed; him whom thoM did«X\<^N\\\^^ ^^\\«t ^ 
to dfiath for me, and hast givtu m^ Vxi >iK^ m^x>as5s\ 

FOK OCMMDlllOK. 49) 

ent, whieh we frequent for the ercrlabting lio- 
of his death. He is our High Priest and Victim ; 
he propitiation for the sins of the whole world ; 
our advocate an 1 intercessor. Look down, then, 
lis;::, and for hid soke look down upon me, and 
IS alL Remember ull his sufferings which he in- 
here in his mortal life; his bitter anguish, uit 
and oloody sweat ; all the injuries and affrouts, 
I blows and stripes, all the bruises and wounds, 
« received for us. Remember his death, which 
vast pleased should be the fountain of our life ; 
br the sake of his sacred passion, have mercy 

ly dear Lord and Saviour, who hast here given me 
( I would gladly make some suitable return to 
^or this infinite love; I would gladly make tliee 
offering in acknowledgment of this rich present 
last mi3e me. But alas ! thou knowest uiv pov- 

thou knowest I have nothing worthy of thy ac- 
ice; nothing but what, upon a thousand titles. 
sady thine. JBut, O my God, such is thy goodness, 
wilt be contented with the little that I can give 
:hough it be thy own already ; thou askest nothing 
ly heart, and this I here most willingly offer thee, 
e pleased to accept of it, and make it wholly thine 
?r. I offer thee here my whole being, my bod\ 
Its senses, and my soul with all its powers ; that un 
hast at present honored them both by thy pres- 
30 they may both be thy ten pie forever. Oh, 
fy and consecrate eternally to th self this mansion, 
I thou hast this day chosen for tfiy abode. I r^ve 
ny memory, that it may be forever recollected in 

my understanding, that it may be always enlight- 
and directed by thy truth ; and my will, that it 
)e ever conformable to thine, and ever burn with 
•ve of thee. Oh, take me entirely into thy Uanda, 
all that i have, and all that I am ; and let noMi\^ 
hrw/ird, in life or death, ever separate me ftina 


494 nisT&ucTiONa and devotiobs 



O most merciful Saviour, behold I have presumed to ^ 
receive thee this day into my house, relying on thy infi- jl 
nit(5 goodness and mercy, and hoping, like Zaccheus, to . 
obtain thy benediction. But, alas, with how little prei>- . 
aration I with how little devotion ! From my heart I 
bcir pardon for my great unworthiness, and for m}' in- ;— 
nunicrabh* sins, which I detest for the love of thee; and — 
I desire to detest them forever. Oh wash them all away - 
with thy precious blood, for thou art the Lamb of God. . - 
that takest away the sins of the world ; and one drop "t t. 
this blood, which thou hast shed for us, is more chnn ^ 
enough to cancel the sins of ten thousand worlds. 

Thou seest, O Searcher of hearts, all my mahidie^t, 
and all the wounds of my soul. Thou knowest how 
prone I am to evil, and how backward and sluggish to 
good. Who can heal all these my evils but thou, the 
true physician of my soul, who givest me thy body and 
blood in this blessed sacrament, as a sovereign medicine 
tor all my infirmities, and a sovereign balsam for all my 
wounds? Dispel the darkness of ignorance and error 
^om my understanding by thy hciivenly light ; drive 
away the corruption and malice of my will by the fire ol 
divine love and charity ; strengthen my weakness with 
heavenly fortitud* ; subdue in me all evil passions, par 
licularly tlkit vvliioh is most deeply' rooted in me, and » 
my ruling passioii . stand by me henceforward in all m) 
temptations, that 1 may never more be overcome; r©- 
3)0ve from me all dangerous occasions; and gTUt iw 
tiiat 1 may rather die a thousand deaths than ive Vi* 
sftbnd thee mortally. 

O my Jesus, thuu art Infinitely rich, and all the trea^i 

ures of divine grace are locked up in thee! These 

treasures tiiou ;r:ngest with thee when ihou doet vLnt 

us in tills blessed sacrament, and thou takest an inflnit«! 

pleasure in opening them lo \xa, \o Zurich our poverty 

rhiH it iH that gives me corvMeivcfe \.o \it<i»fexv\. >^^ w«w 

9itb iD/petJtioiis,and tobe§oi^tVv^VXs^^**^^EP**^^^^^^^ 


li 1 stand so much in need of, as thou knowesL 
ise and strengthen my belief of thy heavenly 
and grant that hencen>rward I may ever livt 
und be guided by the maxims of thy Gospel, 
e to be poor in spirit, and take off my heart 
^ove of these transitory things, and fix it npov 
teach me, by thy di\ine example, and by th] 
vicious grace, to be meek and humble of hiait 
ly patience to possess my soul. Grant that 
rer keep my body and soul chaste and pure ; 
ay ever bewail my past sins, and by a daily 
don, restrain all irregular inclinations and pas- 
the future. Above all things, teach me to love 
)e ever recollected in thee, and to walk always 
3sence ; teach me to love my fr' ends in thee 
nemies for thee ; grant me grace to persevere 
id in this love, and so to come one day to that 
tlace. where I may love and enjoy thee forever, 
mercy also on my parents, friends, and bene- 
ad on all those for whom I am in any way bound 
:hat we may all love thee and faithfully serve 
ave mercy on thy whole Church, and on all the 
nd religious men and women, that all may live 
eir e^iliings, and sanctify thy name. Give thy 
] blensing to all princes and magistrates, and to 
;ian people : convert all unbelievers and sinners, 
g all strayed sheep back to thy fold : particu- 
e mercy un N and N, &c. 
ised Virgin, Mother of my God and Saviour, 
!nd all these my petitions to your Son. O el- 
ls and saints, citizens of heaven, unite ycui 
with mine : you ever stand before the throno, 
him face to face whom I here receive under 
i ever mindful of me, and obtain from him, and 
him, that with you I may bless him and love 
vb - Avi9r. 


% MtH)oi of ^earins iSlass for &nt m\^$ 
intenbd to dTotntnitmcate ti^cvtat. 


I - 

Adtist at the Mass at tshich you are to commv/ifvuAuU.^ M yoii 
wnUd have assisted at the last Supper^ (U which «/enif 
Christ instituted the adorable Sacrament uhich you off 
ab(Mt to receive. " Witli desire I have desired to eat tb&i 
Pasch with you before I suffer," said this most loving 8th 
viour to his Apostles (Luke xxii. 15); the same deakft 
constrains him to give himself to those amxyng hi* childfM 
whose hearts he finds duly prepared Reneio, then, yom 
attention^ and quicke7i your fervor during this most hoijf 

Before Mass. 

How great is my happiness I the God of heaven and \ 
earth is coming to dwell within me. Reflect for a mo> 
ment, O my soul, on this most joyful thought. ... How 
must I prepare my heart, of which that supper^room 
was but the figure ! . . . O my God, prepare it for thy- 
self ; for without thee I can do nothing. 

On seeing the Priest at the foot of the Altar , imag%r»€ yo^ 
see Christ himself « Bering the Supper-roof.i ; bow your' 
%€lf hwnbly down, and beg to be admitted by the nde cf 


] I'ome, O Lord, to beg for life and nourishment for 

ify .soul. Why should I be uneasy and disquieted ii 

ho sight of thy tabernacles? I have been invited bf 

bo love of thy divine heart, and am presented by Mary, 

x^hom tkou hast given me for a mother. Let bum be 

fore mine eyes the bright torch of faith ; purify my hearti 

sustnjn my weakness, send down upon me from the 

height of thy throne that heave\\\\ vA»^^\xv va VaR.V\. taakei 

known to thy children tne digviiVN oi xJcv^ ^wsrwasBs^ 

f/w boU lesa of thy law, and l\\e mA^^sX'iJ '^^ ^1 ^^^^awwae- 

Hfiul, go forw:ud with coiifidBnce towanla the lioly 

' di. thou &rt about to receive a God who (ears 

thee, and longa for thv snlvatioiL Deuliire hia 


^BTti . ... 

^H|kBi adioire the wondrouH enevts of his divine chnnty 
i^to him : O God of all goodness, who art )>l«aHi;d to 
fcd me with the bread of ungels, inapire :ne vi'-i) 
lU the fervor of the blessed who reigu with L' ft e 

At the Ooofiteor. 
HwhUh thyml/ at Iht ranembranef of thy tins. 
Hon wrilt not accept, Lord, the praises uf ii I'uilty 
hem: I will not seek to justify myaeif befori- thee, I 
iHI cry aloud with the prodigal ; I have sinned ugaitisi 
knven and before thee; I am not worthy to be culled 
tLe beloved child of thy beart; it is throQEh my fault 
Hat 1 have sinned, through my fanlt, my snevoiis fault, 
lunnot repeat it too often, both to render hom.iL'e to 
■he truth and to humble my own pride; I have abused 
^y gisces a thousand times, and now then sliall 1 dare 
lo»eal myself at tlie table of the elect? holy Virpn. 
■ho wikst the sanutuary of the Sou of God made man ; 
ongel of the desert, who didst prepare Mb way ; C 
Ulhful dLeciples, who didst listen to hitn with sueh do- 
dUty, and dulst receive him with auch faith in that holy 
iu|^r; O blessed B{urits, who possess him tn lienven, 
jtia your puyera wi& mine ; beg of him irravc for me, 
Bid be will hear you : yea, hia mercy itself will speak, 
nd disarm the divine jnatice. Oh, that, purilicd by the 
pwe^ which you shall obtain for me, I may merit to b* 
■dmltted to the table of the Lord. 

At the lutroit. 

OMrate the j^^dntn of the Lord/or Ihi gi/l fikich kf hat 

irifofW upoH iw ifi the MyateTj) of the hoi) Eiichariii. 

The Lord hath opened the gates of heaveii ; he hath 

niited down manna to feed as: he hath given us ftve 

hL~adofiir.geU Thy goodness, O my God, hat\i pin. 

ftredftlbf me poor md humble iieart : bU««B.i V,^ l\, 


w poor aad humble heart. : blessed be tWiL 


God of Israel, thou only canst work such wonder i ft>t 
me. I will offer to thee, in the presence of aU thy 
people, the homage of my love and gratitude 

At the Kyrie. 

Implore the mercy of the Lord. 

rhe days of propitiation have arisen upon me * I IM 
flul thee by thy name, O God of majesty ; I may eal 
ihee my Saviour and my Father. Thou art present oi 
our altars, only that thou mayest heap thy favors upoB 
us : I will draw nigh, then, with confidence unto the 
throne of thy mercy, and I will say unto thee : Lord, 
have mercy on me. 

At the Gloria in excelsis. 

Give glory to Ood^ and auk of him th£ pecux of a good eot 


Glory to God, whose justice is satisfied by the p«> 
petual sacrifice of so noble a victim. Peace and consiv 
lation on earth to men of good will, who behold a God 
annihilating himself daily, to save and to feed them with 
his own suDstance. I praise thee, O Lord : I bless theei 

1 adore thee, I stand amazed at the sight of the wonders 
of thy love. And shall I suffer them to be of no ava2 
to me through the evil dispositions of my heart ? ShaU 
I btill reject that peace which thou offerest me? Shal 
1 not labor to acquire that good will by which it somes! 
O my God, allay the strife which is so often excited il 
mf heart, making the flesh rebel against the spirit 

At the Collects. 

Grant to me thy love, O my God ; this I ask thet 
through the intercession of Mary, my tender mctheft 
and of all the Saints, especially N and N, my patrondi 
and those whom the Church commemorates to^y. 
Grant me, I beseech thee, the necessary dispositions ti 
partake worthily of the precious body and bloo(\ of thf 
i/vin^ Son 


At the Epistle.* 
PtomUe God to tctke his law for thy rule of life, 

Hsdom hath built herself a house, she hath hewn 
»tt« seven pillars. She hath slain her victimsi 
ed her wine, and set forth her tahle. She hath 
ter maids to invite to the tower, and to the waliii 
) citv : Whosoever is a little one, let turn come to 
And to the unwise she said : Come, eat my bread, 
rink the ^rine which I have mingled for you. For- 
shildishness, and live, and 'vaTk by the ways of 
nee.** Pi'ov. ix. 1-6. 

At the Gradual 

» bread of angels is become the bread of the sonsi 
Eun. O urheard-of wonder ! the Lord is the nour- 
nt of the weak, of the slave, and the abject. One 
n three persons, thou whom we adore from the 
n of our hearts, vouchsafe to visit us ; admit ua ' 
he banquet-chamber of thy love. This is the hap- 
) to which all our desires are tending, that we ma> 
wn at thy holy table. 

At the GospeL 

he Lord who is going to speak ; listen to his word wtth 
reverence ana with love. 

3SUS sjud to the Jews: Labor not for the meat 
1 peripheth, but for that which endureth unto life 
isting, which the Son of man will give you. Foi 
lath God the Father sealed. They said, therefor*. 
him: What shall we do, that we may work th* 
s of God 1 Jesus answered, and said to them . 
IB the work of God, that you believe in him whom 
Ah aent They said, therefore, to him : What si^ri, 
fore, dost thou show that we may see, and may be- 
thee? What dost thou work? Our fathers did 
iBjwa In the desert, as it is written : He gave tVvem 
from heaven to eat. Then Jesus said to l\vew\ 
Bioen I sajr to you : Afosos gave you not \)iea^ 


frcffl hiAve : ; but my Father giveth you «he true bmA 
from heaven. For the brei^ of 6od is that wfaiA 
cometh down from heaven, and giv^ch life to the worid. 
They said, therefore, unto him : Lord, give us alwayi 
this oread. And Jesus said to ^hem: I am the bnM 
of life ; he that cometh to me shall not hunger, and hi 
*hai believeth in me shall nev^r tbirsf John vL 27-tli 

At the Offertor/. 

Ofer fourself to Ood, "jnd beseech him to accept the miar^ 

' of your heart. 

That which the priest offers to thee, Lord, is nothisg 
but earthly substance; but soon it will become tn 
adorable body and the precious blood of Jesus Chrkt|.| 
by \'irtue of thy word. 

O God of infinite goodness, I offer thee my heart; 
vouchsafe to change it, to bless and sanctify it ; renew 
^ in mo thy image, which hath so many times been dig- 
figured Sy sin ; change its evil inclmations into tiut 
happy disposition which makes virtue the object of its 
love ; destroy sin in me as quickly as thou art about to 
destroy these substances, of which there will remaii 
nothing more than the sensible appearances. Oh, that 
i may became, by the help of thy grace, worthy of pos- 
ticssing thee here on earth, and of reigmng with thee 
eternally in heaven. 

At the Lavabo. 

Aih of Oodpiwrity of hearty that you may make a wortAf 


O Gtni, infinitely good and infinitely holy, pour dowi 
qpoc me this day the salutary streams of thy grace. 1 
M>me to present myself at thy holy table ; 1 shall have 
part in that bread of life whicli '^nly the children of thy 
tdngdom should receive ; I shall partake of that heavenly 
naanna, which is offered only to those who have over- 
eome iJie world and hell. Have I had the happiness ol 
overcoming them? Blot out, O Lord, the least stain 
which sm Jmth left in my heart buffer v\o\. tiys ^w^ \a 


iflh with the souls of the wicked. If I have not 
Iked in innocence, deliver me fr<^m my iniquities. 

At the Preface. 

•tt ffomr adorations toith those which the Angeh and ikn 
SainU render to Jesua Christ in heaven. 

[iet us lift ourselves up to heaven, O my soul »AaK 
ider thanks to the Lord our God. How just is it, 
ly Father, and how reasonable to glorify thee, to givf 
» tbanks, at ail times and in all places, as our ben& 
tor and our God. Through Jesus Christ, the Angeln 
i the Virtues of the heavens, the Cherubim and Seni- 
im, emulate each other in celebrating thy glory and 
iging thy immortal praises. May I, great God, unite 
: heart and voice with their celestial songs and trans- 
rls, and cry with them : Holy, holy, holy. Lord God 
Sabaoth. Heaven and earth are full of thy glory. 
)8anna in the highest. Blessed is he that cometli m 
t name of the Lord, and shall descend upon this altar, 
d enter into my heart. 

At the Canon. 

^y fervently for the Churchy for your brethren, (ke^ and 


God of mercy, bear my prayers ; bless this holy 
lurch, to which I belong by the grace of baptism, and 
lich opens to me this day her treasures, giving me the 
dy and the blood of her divine Spouse; bless cur 
ieir pastor, the bishops, and the priests; pour down 
on all those whom thou hast called to the sacred min- 
n, the spirit of zeal and piety ; maintain them in the 
nty of the faith, and make me always obedient to their 
ntary teachings. Look favorably on all the faithful 
10 assist with me at thy holy siicrifice. Sustain the 
ak, console the poor and the atilicted, heal the wounds 
amners, enUghten the bUnd, reclaim the impemUiivl, 
vajr to thee, O Lord, for all, because thou atl iVv* 
forn//: thou iffereFt thyself a sacrifice for aiV uAxd 


mllest that we should all be of one heart, and al bt 
animated with the same spirit 

Behold thy King, O my sou) ; behold him who iOOMift J 
to thee full of sweetness and tenderness; he veils thf : 
brightness of his divine majesty, that he may give tlMt 
I nearer access to him. O admirable condescensioD ' 
»»jiracle of I'^ve, which God alone can perform i 

At the Elevation of the Host. ^ 

Adore J. stu Christ present on the Altar. 

O Jesus, true bread of the strong, celestial manna . 
who givest to man a blessed immortality, I adore thee I 
be thou the life and the nourishment of my soul. Ml i 
Lord and my God, I place my whole trust and cona l 
dence in thee. O Heart of Jesus, inflame my heart witt '^ 
thy divine love. .:„ 

At the Elevation of the Chalice. * 

O adorable blood of my Redeemer, that wast shed fin ^ 

my salvation, thou art all my hope : O cleanse me from j- 

ehe least stains of sin, and apply to me thy infimtl ;^ 

merits. Sanctify my soul, preserve it without spot, and '- 
be the pledge of my eternal happiness. 

During the remainder of the Canon. 

The God who cotnes to dwell in your heart has descended on 
the Altar ; speak to him with the most prof ound reverent* ' 
and the most tender love. 

The heavens are opened ; the Holy of Holies has doi " 
ticended on the earth ; this altar is now the throne when : 
dwells the majesty of the Most High ; the angels emu 
round him, and, with the most lively homage of revels ' 
esce and love, make reparation to him for the contempti ^ 
thii neglect, and the indifference of men. ' 

And thou, O Lord, whilst these sublime intelligeneei 

annihilate themselves before thee, thon askest my hearti 

imd wouldsi h'd\Q it whole and entire. Make it thinei 

O JoTiua, wholly and entireVy WjMVfc. T>Mi\jL «sk^^«^\ \ «i& 

eome to cast fire on the, earlK axv^ vfVv«\.^'C\\\sQ\.^^ai 


it be &ixidled ? Let my desire, O Lord, correspond with 
the ardor and tenderness of thine : let me receive by 
lore that whidi only love could give me. Lord, I Icve 
tltte. but do thoa increase my love, that I may be abW 
tnly to fiay, with thy apostle* Who shall seput^te m^ 
^"^ 'I ii»iD the love of Jesus Christ ? 

At the Pater noster. 

id, of 0**d the bread of Angels^ and be urgent in tht fuf 

plications to obtain it. 

my Father, who reignest in heaven, come and reupi 
jB my soul, come and fwinctify it- by thy presence ; come 
lod subject it to thy holy will, and render it obedient 
to the inspirations of thy grace. Nourish it this day 
irith this mysterious bread, to satisfy its hunger ; extin- 
eaish in my heart every feeling of hatred and revenge ; 
forgive me as I forgive. Grant to me such wisdom and 
such strength that I may triumph over all temptations 
Deliver me from all those evils which oppress nit\ and 
under which I groan, being burdened. 1 come to thee, 
as a child to his father, to be fed : as a subject lo hi* 
prince, to be protected ; as one afflicted, to his only suf 
cor, to be consoled and comforted. 

At the Agnus Dei. 

Again beseech the Lord to forget all thy past prevartcationt 

and transgressions. 

Lamb of God, who bikest away the sins of the world. 
pure and spotless victim, who unly canst .satisfy the jus' 
dee of ail offended God, vouchsafe to make me partake} 
rf the merits of thy sacrifice. What lessons of humility, 
meekness, charity, and patience dost thou not give me ! 
spresH liiese virtues upon my heart, that it may be tc 
thfte a pleasant habitation, wherein thou maycst repose^ 
•■ in an abode of peace. 

At the DomiBe, nan sum dignuB. 

1%^ Xoni itwes toj/indin our /hearts humility. 

O my Lord, i am not worthy of approaching Ui- 



The heavens are not pure in thy night : how, then, can • 
cieart so wretched as mine receive thee I And yet 1 eai^ 
aot r^^olve to bid thee depart from me. One only wcid 
frosa thee would suffice to cleanse me: speak, tbM| 
ijurd ; say to my soul : I am thy salvation. And siiw 
thou art pleased to invite thyself to it, do thou byaelf 
prepare it for the happiness of receiving thee. Jf sm 
most loving Jesus, ha^a mercv on me ! 

After CommunioiL 

Xow the Lord dwells within you^ heaeeeh him, to speak ii 
you ; listen to him in the silence and the recollecHon 0f 
your soul. most precums memento if you could m 
profit by it I 

I have found him whom my soul loveth ; I posseM 
nim, and 1 will never more leave him. What have I to 
desire in heaven, and what can 1 henceforth love upon 
earth, but thee, O my God, the God of my heart 1 What 
shall I render to the Lord for all the benefits he hath 
done unto me? Lord, teach mo thyself what thoQ 
wouldst have me to do. My beloved to me, and I to 
nim. 1 live, now not I ; but Christ liveth in me. I will 
not depart from thy tabernacle, O my God, till ttiou hast 
blessed me. 

At the Benedictioa 

Pour down upon me, O Lord, by the hand of thy min- 
ister, thy most abundant blessings ; that they may put 
the seal to all the graces which thou hast now bestowed 
upon me. 

At the last GkxspeL . 

O Word made flesh, who didst annihilate thyself lo 
give thyself to me, thou who art the life and the light 
of the world, enlighten me ; discover to me thy great- 
oess, that my heart may be filled and penetrated with 
tlie most filial confidence, the tenderest love, and the 
liveliest gratitude. How ought I not to be affected 
ttitb the exceeding privilege I hove eiv\o^^l Forti 

m or ZHAsneivFf a aftes coMinnaiti. 60C 

ite lA to receive God into my heart lUm 
le the mysteries of a sacrament which i.nitf^ 
QNd himself! .0 my God, I unite myself to 
i ties of l6ve and gratitude : thus only oao I 
with thy mercies. 

Prayer of St, IgnatiuM. 

isti, sanctifica me. Soul of Christ, aanctiQr wnk^ 
isti, salva me. Body of Christ, save mt, 

risti, inebria me. Blood of Christ, inebriate ma 
sChristitlayame. Water out of the side of 

Christ, wash me. 
sti, comforta me. Passion of Christ, strengthen 

II, exaudi me. O good Jesus, hear me 

nra tua abeoonde Within thy wounds hide me. 

as me separari a Let menot be separated from 

maligno defende Defend me from the malig 

nant enemy, 
rtis meiB voca me, At the hour of my death call 

venire ad te. And bid me come unto thee, 

nctis tuis laudem That with thy Saints I may 

praise thee, 
Bculorum. Amen. For all eternity. Amen. 


of Cl)ank0git)in9 after Comimtnioii 

At ths oonunencement of Mass. 

sence of Jesus Christ is within me. Wlvy v{\ 
onowfiil, O my aoul ; and why dost tbou %^ 
/ Aha/ I know it but too well; it \% \ki^ 
9ofthjrawa that cifTiict^ thee; thou can^ 

bOd A 9i\SSa or THAfOLSGnniU 

not rid thyself of it, this bitter remembrance » it recnn 
to tny inind incessantly ; thy grief is most jnst And 
> ct, hope in the Lord, abandon thyself to the sweoi 
thougnt of his mercies. What oughtest ihuu not to ex* 
poet from a God who is come to visit thee, to eonsoie 
thee, and to strengthen thee ! O Jesus, obliterate tiK 
beast traces of my past sins ; root out from my lieiii 
<9Very affection, every inclination which could oAbiw 
['ny divine heart. O holy Virgin, who wast wwaji 
'Qiithful to the grace which preserved thee from the taint 
jf sin ; O holy precursor of Jesus Christ, who didst pte- 
serve to the last moment of thy life the grace which had 
oanctified thee in thy mothcr^s womb ; O beloved disd- 
pies, who were confirmed in all those sentiments of Mia 
and piety with which your divine Master had inspired 
you ; and you, O blessed souls, who are exempted for* 
ever from all return to weakness and inconstancy, prai 
for me ; obtain for me that gift of perseverance, wmcb 
(vo happily conducted you to the haroor of salvatioL. 

At the Introit. 

O divine Jesus, I love thee with all my heart ; aiay J 
ever be grateful to thee for the blessings whic'j thou 
hast bestowed upon me this day. Again thou art about 
to descend upon this altar, and to renew thy sacrifice: 
come, then, O Lord Jesus ; my weakness implores thy 
tender compassion. O ye heavens, let fall your preciouB 
dew, ""^hat the clouds may bring forth the Just One, and 
' may have the happiness once more of beholding wj 

At tht Eyrie. 

u> tuei^sifkii Father, adopt me forever into the nambet 
if( thy beloved children. O most loving Jesus, say to 
my 90ul : Fear not ; I am thy salvation. O sanctifymg 
Bpirit, ffive me a right understanding of all the truths m 
faith ; breathe into my heart the spirit of piety : make 
me partaker of all the fruits of a fervent communioo, 
Bttd grant me grace to w«ilk constantly in the path oi 
rirtue and good works. 


Ihe CollecU. 

Laid, von slisofe favorably to hear the pib^enwliia 
tkr {irieot oflers to thee for Ihe Church uiul fur me. 

1 BBmestly beseech thee to grunt ne Iho^u graces an 
<fru«8 of which I have need, in order to des«rve th 
tarft Fill my heart with eternal gratitude for the bleai 
'kf which thon hast juat conferred upon ine, with 
ire V horror of sin, »nd with perfect nharily lowardg m 
tdgiibor. Make my w'—la lift vrorthy of nne who : 
fcy child. I dewiTi'B not to be heard for my own aak' 
my God ; but I beseech thy merty tlirough the merii 
«f thy divine Son. who lives within me. 

At lAf Epistle. 
'My dearly beloved, humble yourselves under tl 
ni^ty hand of God, that he may exalt you in the tin 
if visitation; casting all your care upon him. for hehal 
me of you. Be sober and watch ; because vour adve 
ory the devil, as a roaring lion, goetli about seekir 
whom he may devour. Whom resist ye, strung in fait 
knowing tliat the same affliclion befalls your brethrt 
who are in the world. But the God of all grace, vi 
hath called us unto his etenml glory in Christ Jesu 
after yon have suffered a little, will himitelt' perfect yo 
•nd confirm you, and establish you. To him be gloi 
■nd empire forever and ever. Amen." 1 Pot. v. 6-1 1 

At tht GraduaL 

If it were sufficient for a woman at Inrnel Only ' 

(ouch thy garment to be healed, what ouy'ht not 1 : 

llopv from thee, O Jesus, to whom thon lia^t but j* 

pen thyself wholly in Communion ! 

Ueal, U my Saviour, all the inlirmitii^s of my son 
wlighton its darkness, and teach me hun' sweet is tl 
foie, axm \ow light thy harden. 

Jt Ikn Gospel 
•Jaaa oM to the Jews: My flesh is moat te4« 
He that entelVi mv % 


aiid drink eth my blood, abideth in me and \ in him. A* 
the living Father hath ^nt me, and I ive by the FatheTt 
BO he that eateth me, the same alst» shall live by me. 
This is lie bread that came down from heaven. Not v 
your fathers did eat manna, and are dead ; he that eatetb 
of this bread shall live forever." John vL 56-^9. 

Make me to meditate deeply on these words, O Jeans) 
■lay I show by my works that my strongest desire is to 
rit often at thy table, in the midst of thy beloved children. 

At the Offertory. 

1 offer myself to thee, O Lord, as thou didst offer thy* 
^If to thy Father, when thou wast fastened to the croas; 
and as thou didst roserve nothing to thyself which thd 
didst not give up in sacrifice, so do J ^sh to ko^ 
nothing back, but to give up all to thee. Receive, thea 

Lord, the offering of all my tlioughts, of all my affec- 
tions, of my whole being. I cannot return thee thanke 
proportionp.d to thy benefits ; and therefore I call to my 
aid the p. lyers and merits of all those who have the 
happiness of uniting themselves to thee by fervent Com- 

At the Lavabo. 

O my Jesus, would that 1 could take thee to witnesa 
of the holiness of my life and the innocence of my heart! 
But, with the prophet, I must cry out : It is in thy n: ercf 
only that 1 place my hope : my consolation is in medi* 
tating on thy promises to the penitent hoart, and thy 
faithfulness in performing them : confounded at all tha^ 

1 have committed to this day, and encouraged by tin- 
ffiFors with which thou hast just loaded me, I cuu bsS 
prtfmise to (correspond better with thy graces than 1 ha?t 
hitherto done. No, never, after the Communion which 
I have this diy made, will I be found m the society o] 
the wicked ; I will purify myself more and more with 

lejws of penitence ; I will b\eisa t\v^ Tk& \ da XSna day^iuii 
f win fng of the wondere oi >3k5 \wi« «bA ^\ ^^ 

f%8 Priewi JM^tt •• Lift up your tiea/ts. 

biMier; Yea, my heart, with a]l it» affedioiid, n 

)d np to heaven: let the world disappear from mba 

a heneelbiih I have nothing here below. 

nbtf PfiettixmimuM: Let ub give thanks unto our 


iwnoer: What can be more meet and just? Can [ 

IB a more aacred duty than to give thanks to a God 

hath heaped such great benefits upon me ? 

Then add : Thou art within me, O Jesus ; bless, adore, 
[ give thanks to thy heavenly Father. By thee it is 
t die powers of heaven praise and adore the divLie 
leaty ; in thee that I am united with them to sing 
mally : Blessed forever be thou, O Jesus, for having 
Be down on earth to revive amongst us the glorious 
e of the children of Gpd ; blessed forever, for having 
M this day to visit my poor dwelling, and enabling 
to offer to God thrioe-holy, my Creator and Bene^ 
tor, that homage of adoration and praise, of love and 
iLk^iving, which is due unto him from me and all his 

At the Oanon. 

[ bow myself down before thee, O Father of mercies, 
i pray thee to pour down upon me thy holy benedic- 
a and thy sanctifying grace. Accept the sacrifice 
icfa I make to thee of my soul and all its powers, my 
fy and all its senses, in union with the sacrifice of thy 
ine Son, which thy priest now offers to thee. I uniti^ 
wlf with Uie glorious Mary ever Virgin, and I be 
leh her to intercede for me with thee, and to obtaia 
me the graces which I ask. I unite myself with thy 
oades anid Martyrs (especially N and N); vouchsafe 
receive the offering of my heart and of my life, for 

1 aalie of the sacrifice which they made to thee of 
meelTee and ofaD that they possesaed. There wanU 
^000 onlv word from thee to work the ffreateat mat- 

^ipea^ iAe fTori O my God. and a^ Um Yiodi 


of thv Son will be present under the spee'es of breaiL 
and his blood under the species of wine; spedL tht 
A^ord, my body and my spirit and my heart shall be da* 
^oted and consecrated to thee forever. 

O Jpitus, the sweet delight of my soul, let heaven mi 
fart}., with all their glory, veil themselves before theeii 
A '( tneir beauty and grandeur come from the«, and Ml 
Hfver approiurb to a comparison with thy adoiable peN 

At the Elevation. 

Prostrate younelf before the Lord yowr Ghd, and adore hka^ 
for he is the good SJiepherd^ who has brought back tkt 
sheep that had strayed from the foldy and who has nomf' 
ished it with his otcnjlesh and blood. 

O Jesus, whom we now discern through a thick veil, 
we boseooh tliee to hear our most fervent petitions. We 
desire to behold thee one day face to fjvce, and to enjojr 
the blessedness of thv elect. 


O saered Host, who openest the gates of heaven, our 
enemie* press on us from every side, do thou sustain ow 
i»tren«xtli. and we shall obtain the \ictorv over hell, the 
world, and our own evil thoughts. 

Duriup the remainder of the CamxL 

O my God. 1 know not how to give thee thanks for 
the favor thou hast bestowed upon me in feeding me 
with the luulv and blood of thv divine Son: but I find 
in tlie sjtered Victim which has been immolated on thk 
ftitar when'\\ithai to rep:iy thee for so great a ben«flt 
\ have offered it to obtain the irraee of receiWng that 
worthily : I new oiler it to testify to thee my gratitude 
\\^T the (.\Mninnni<^n which 1 have had the happiress te 
make. I have presented thee this spotless Lamb as t 
vieiim >f expiation, a \iotim of sanctificatifin ; I now 

f»n*svnt it Jo rhiv as a v\e\\m oi xYvanks^stt^; reoova 

iL t> wv (nui. iuui 1-n the 

._ , ^ eT\\Vre aact>S«'i ^\a^ V 

rkris: riKikes to thee >f \tts eAow^ »V<fc V^^««^ ^ >w* ^^ 

imm oomnniiffML 611 

of tiu.t BMAifiee which I make to thee of my whoVs 
the foot of thy altar. 

le I haye the h^ipineas of poesessiiiff thee, O Jewin 
me to open my heart to thee, and to eiyoy thee 
aonl dearea; ao that thou mayest make me te 
ly voiee, and I maj apeak to thee in secret, iM 
eonveraea with friend. Thou art within me,0 
md haat admitted me into the interior of thy he&it; 
ne nnited to thee eternally. Thou art my beloved* 
I from among a thousand; in thy heart my sou 
} tc dwell forever: what blessinfi^, what consols^ 
udl I never fidl to find in thee! Make me to 
he unspeakable sweetness of thy love. That which 
Idigfats the heart of the children of Adam in thii 
can never more be pleasing to me ; I deedre to 
othing more on earth but for the love of thee ; 1 
only thee, O unchangeable Beauty; to possess 
1 to enjoy the purest, the most heawil^ delights, 
e alone, O Jesus, I find a solid peace, a life exempt 
troubles and disquietudes. He who possesses thee 
, into the joy of the Lord : he has no longer any 
to fear ; he can want nothing, so Ions as he re- 
united with the Supreme Grood, which contains 

At the Pater. 

w sweet is it, my God, to give thee the name of 
ir I Thou reignest in the heavens, and thou hast 
uded into my heart. Let my life be employed in 
ying thy name : let all my thoughts and all my 
ions be henceforth subject to thy will, and referred 
r glory. This is the desire, O Lord, which most 
s my heart, to come often to this same table, to 
ot of this same altar, to nourish myself with the 
of angels. O my Father, this is the bread of thy 
ed children, suffer me never to render my sell mh- 
fjr of^. Sustain me so powerfully by thy gi«ic^, 
taajrofien have the happiness of receiving thee, 
esus^immolatedfortheloyeot me, hadl\)MLl^ 


012 A Mix 8S OF TRASKSilVlMii | 

^eat desire to unite myself to thee, as thou hast to niiili ^ 
thyself to me, I should not be deprived of this hapiXiiMii j^ 
any day of my life ; increase, then, in me this 'holy <!» * 
sire : strengthen me against the assaults of the euemy 1 
of my salvation, who flatters me in order tc destroy ni6k 
who tempts me in order to corrupt me, who draws ma j 
to himself that he may cast me down to hell ; make mr 
i ' ^urn with the same love for thee that thou 1|arnc«t 
«>ith for me. 

Ai the Agnus Del f 

Lamb of God, adorable Victim, who wast immolated jz 
/or the expiation of my sins, blot out the slightest staiw 
of sin in a smil which possesses thee, and wishes to be , 
wholly thine. Thou hast taught me how thou lovest 
sweetness and humility ; destroy, by thy presence, even j 
thing that could henceforth trouble the peace of my '.i 
soul, and deprive me of thy love. (^ 

At the Communion. [ _ 

Thou art going to leave me, O my Saviour ; thy bodj [^ 
and blood will soon cease to reside within my soul ; sq 
to me, «.s thou saidst to thy Apostles, that thou leavesi 
thy peace with me ; give it to me in pledge of the graces 
and succors of which I shall have need, that I may never 
lose the fruit of the Communion which I have nad the 
happiness of making. 

May this Communion deliver me from the tyraimy of 
my bad thoughts, break off the yoke of my evil habitai 
ind dispose me always to the practice of thy holy eomp 
«andmentn. Let nothing henceforth separate me frcMi 
ame, O Jesus ; not the attractions of the world, nor thft 
illusions of sense, nor the wanderings of my imagina. 
tion nor the evil passions of my heart. 

At the Post-OommunioD. 

Intercede once more fot nife,0 Mother ot my 6od| 
OF advocate, my tender MotViet *, N'ft Nxy^^\% oil^^^'^^i^. 
H^^h waU± over me: and ye-O e^<fccX c^^L CxcA.^\tf» 


ureh hath given me for protectors, employ your 
nl influence, that the Communion which i have 
ilia day may consecrate forever to the Lord my 
ny heart, and my whole being. 

At tAe Benediction. 

the blessinfir of the priest, O most Holy Tnnity, 
•Be the ple<^ that thou wilt be faithml to thy 
es. , and since thou blessest, from the heiffht of 
»ry, those whom thy ministers bless on earth, may 
ssing descend upon me, accompany and follow me, 
., ever bearing in mind thy benefits, I may occupy 
' only with testifymg to wee th<» gratitude I owe 

At the last iiospei. 

vord dijpine. Light of men, who shinest through 
rkness of our understanding, banish forever from 
art the fatal shades of sin, bid the Sun of justice 
>on me, and it will enlighten me. Say, Let there 
it, and nothing shall obscure it Alas, the world 
thou createdst, and which tliou earnest to redeem, 
tnee not ! and I, who have now the happiness of 
•sing thee, what will it profit me to be enlightened 
li^ht, il' I follow not the way it leads ? What 
[lalfl draw from that treasure of graces which thou 
nought me, if J dissipate and waste it ? Shall 1 
in one day the exceeduig love which thou hast lav 
upon me ? O Jesus who art full of grace and 
impress upon my mind the truth that enlightens, 
ish in my heart the grace that sanctifies, and make 
find, in the unchangeableness of the one, and in 
ntiniial succor of the otner, a restraint upon my \n 
ney, and a support to my weakness. 

After Ma8& 

ly Grod, J am about to return to my ordinary oc.- 
m^ but / return to them with a spirit and a Ueatl 
far new. Henceforth I wiU seek onlv U p\es»t 


thee ; thou shalt be the beginning and the end of all 
actions. I will endeavor to show that it is no long 
tiiat live, bat thou that livest and movest in me. 


To which Pope Pins YIL hafh annexed a plenary indalg« 
which all the faithful may obtain, who, after having coufe 
their Bins with contrition, and received the Holy Gommmi 
shall devoutly recite it before an image or representatio 
ChriBt crucified. 

Behold, O kind and most sweet Jesus, I cast my 
upon my knees in thy sight, and with the most 
vent desire of my soul I pray and beseech thee that ti 
wouldst impress upon my heart lively sentiments 
faith, hope, and charity, with true repentance for 
sins, and a firm desire of amendment, whilst with d 
affection and grief of soul I ponder within mjrself, i 
mentally contemplate thy five most precious woun 
having before my eyes that which David spake in p 
phecy : ** They pierced my hands and my feet; they hi 
numbered all my bones." 

AmncoLAm vEyasiom akd coHrkAiBRNiriBt. 5U 

irnlar IDeootiond anh (EonfraUrnitiea 

A ^wu t Dei (80 called from the image of the Lamb oi 
ipresaed on the face of it) is made of virgin wax, bal- 
id chrism, blessed according to the form prescribed iu 
iman Ritual 

Pope consecrates the Agntu Dei the first jear of hk 
cate, and afterwards every seventh year, on Saturday 
low Sunday, with many solenm ceremonies and de- 
use of the Agntu Dei is very ancient. Pope Lee 
ade a present of one to tlie Emperor Charlemagne, 
eceived it as a treasure sent from Leaven, and rever 
it with a singular piety and devotion. 

ayer to be daily taid by those vko carry about them an 

Agntu Dei, 

ny Lord Jesus Christ, the true Lamb who taketb 

the sins of the world ; by thy mercy, which ig 
:e, pardon my iniquities, and, by thy sacred P:iS' 
preserve me this day firom all sin and evil. 1 

about me this holy Agims in thine bono*-, as a 
rvative against mine own weakness, and as an in- 
re to the practice of that meekness, humility, and 
ence which thou hast taught us. I offer myself 

thee as an entire oblation, and in memory of that 
ice of love which thou didst offer for me on the 
, and in aBtiafactJon for mv sins. Accept th\a o\A&< 
'beeeeeb thee, O my God; and may it he accepV 

/bee ic the odoe ofaweetneaa. Ameu. 

ftl6 TRK DEVOTION Of TKB **qokajarf OUL* 

Ct)t nUetiotion of tt)^ '^ (Slnaranf ®»/' iS 

1 Hi» aev Dtion continues for forty hours, in memory of tki 5 
iorty hours during which the body of our Lord remained ii j* 
the sepulchre. It was begun at Milan in 1684, and was is- i 
troduc«d into Rome by St. Philip Neri in 1548, and sanc- 
tioned by Pope Clement VIIL, who issued a solenm Bofl 
respecting it, November 25th, 1592. 

This devotion owes its origin to Father Joseph, a Capo j 
3hiu friar at Milan. In the year 1534, the city of Milan WM | 
suffering all the miseries attendant on war, and was r» | 
duced almost to despair, when Father Joseph called upm 
the citizens to raise their eyes from the miseries around ' 
them, and look up to heaven for succor, assuring them, ob 
the part of God, that if they would give themselves to fer 
vent prayer for forty hours, their city miA their country 
would be liberated from tlie devasta lons of their enemies. 
The citizens obeyed the call The Forty Hours' Prayer 
commenced in the cathedral, and was taken up by the 
other churches of the city in rotation. The people mean- 
wliile attended with fervor at the appointed prayers, and 
approached with great devotion the sacramenlii of penance 
and holy communion. Heaven did not delay to fulfil the 
ftssiu-ance given by the pious servant of God ; for in a short 
lime the Emperor Charles Y., and Francis king of Franot, 
irere seen at the gate of Milan arranging the artidee ii 

To promote this devotion. Pope Clement XIII. granted i 
plenary indulgence to all such as, confessing their sins and 
receiving the holy communion, should visTt any church or 
chapel where this devotion was being performed. 

To gain this indulgence, it is reqiured (1) to visit thi 
Bleaaed Sacrament once easJii Avjcj <i\JxSsMi^ >ik^ \Jia^^ ^^ 
of expoeitioa ; and (2) lo receWft ^^ ^^"i •joassosaassa. «a 
aoe o/ the three days ; b\it uo\. Ti<Nce^»aiCL>j \jx S^^ *asM 


I dnirdi ir chapel ia vbioh the Bleeiied SacriuneDt i; eX' 

i PopB Paul V. aleti gninted un uidul^euce of Ion je.nn 
I lud t«D ^uadrai/tnir for everj Tiiiil wide tit (he Blessed 
1 Sscruneat thus, exposed. 

These iudulguncee nre appUcablu "• the soula in pnrgB- 

The fbnos of prajers used in tliia deroCioii urv, the lA 
pts, CoUt 
the Lib 
■i pwlm. dud the Te JJaaa. 

'X bifiU to llie ^091 ^oijy Sacrament. 

An Act of AdonUiati to tlm JUoH Holy Trinitg. 
■o«T humbly adore thee, O uncreHled Father, nnd 
iLee, O only-begotten Son, and tliei^, O Holy Ghoat the 
Panclete, one almighty, everliisting, nnd unchnngGublc 
God, Creator of heaven and earth, mid of all tilings visi' 
lie Slid invisible. I acknowledge In thee a true and in. 
e&ble Trinity of peraonH, a true and iodivisibie Unity 
of aubsLince, I glorify thee, erer-Berene effulgeitt 
Trinity, one only Deity, my most compageionate Lord, 
loj sweetest hope, niy denreot light, my mo^t di'E^irud 
repose, m; joy, my lite, and all my good. To thy moat 
mercifDl goodnesfi I commend ray eoul and body ; lo thf 
most eacred Msjeaty I wholly dovol« myself, and to thy 
divine will rem^ and yield myself e1«mfllly. All honor 
uhI glorv be to Ihee forernr and ever. Amen. 

O heavenly Father, O moat forgiving Father, O Lora 
God have mercy upon tne a wretched Binntr, liuve 
mercy upoi all men. In fullest reparation, e\pia.tion, 
and ^atjafaclion for aii my intqaithB and negVi"-evicE*> 
M^/briAea^ of the whole world, and perlBuUv lo 
w^pply ihe JeO^^my of my good wjrka and men\a.A 


offer to thee thy beloved Son, Christ Jesus, iii iinkm 
mth that sovereign chiarity with which thou didst send 
him to us, and didst give him to us as our Saviour. 1 
•dffer his transcendent virtues, and all that he did and ; 
suffered for us. I of!*er his labors, sorrows, tormeni% 
and most precious blood. I offer the merits of the mor ti 
blessed Virgin Mary, and of all thy Siiitits. Assisl DM^ i^ 
1 beseech thee, O most merciful Fatler, through ihi ^ 
Hame thy Son, by the power of thy Holy Spirit. Ilavt ;j- 
mercy on all unhappy sinners, and graciously call then i^ 
back to the way of salvation. Grant to all living iMUii |^ 
don and grace, Pud to tlie faithful departed eternal light j^ 
and rest. Amen. ' ' r-^ 

O Holy Spirit, sweetest Comforter, who proceedett Z 
from the Father and the Son in an ineffable manner, ^ 
come, 1 beseech thee, and sink into my heart. Purifjr v- 
and cleanse me from all sin, and sanctify my souL '^ 
Wusli away its defilements, moisten its dryness, heal iti ^ 
wounds, subdue its stubbornness, melt its coldness, and v= 
Atorrect its wanderings. Make me truly humble and n- \, 
signed, that 1 may be pleasing to thee, and thou mayest \ 
abide with me forever. O most blessed lij^ht, O mobk -^ 
amiable liglit, enlighten me ! O ravishing joy of Para- t 
disc, O fount of purest delights, O my God, give thyself i 
to me, and kindle vehemently in my inmost soul the firo 
of thy love. O my Lord, instruct, direct, and defend me 
in ail tilings. Give me strength against all immoderaie 
fears and a pusillanimous spirit ; bestow upon me a right 
fiuth, a firm hope, and a sincere and perfect charity ; ani 
irrnnt that I may ever do thy most gracious will. / 

P^mr AtoiratUms of Love to Jeiua to oiiain an mrdtnt Lorn 


OJeaua, most sweet, most sftftwX^wAmwXxBfiami^ 
JBfpoutie Qi holy souls, Uiftani© N^YiciaeaVN^jA 


leart with the love of tiiee, that I may delighi 
'om my inmost soul. Visit me in thy mercy, 
ly heart with thy grace, for the very depths 
nng long for thee, the fountain of sweet 

Lord Jesus, O Fire that bumest sweetly, anr 
cretly, and consumest gently, take full pon- 
my whole heart. O King of kines. King oi 
cry, grant that I may hunger and thirst foi 
t, sigh after thee, and ardently desire to behold 
ing countenance. 

ble Jesus, pierce my heart of hearts with the 
iart of love ; penetrate my soul with buminff 
lat it may languish altogether with desire and 
ee. Let it be wholly dusolved in love, wholly 
r, and be absorbed in thee. 
, disengage my soul from all things here be- 
lt may freely tend to thee alone, and thou alone 
ihabit it, its owner and possessor. Let thy 
St fragrance descend upon me ; let the ineffable 
l:y divine charity come to me, to excite in me 
y all pure desires. 

my Lord, that, wholly filled with the sweet- 
ly love, and wholly set on fire with the flame 
iiy charity, I may delight in thee with my 
irt, and from the deepest recesses of my inmost 
V I love thee, O sweet Lover ; mav I love thee, 
Ivation of my soul ; may I love tliee, for thou 

loved me ! O Spouse most lovely, most be- 
mt that I may love thee more and more. Lei 
/ violence of thy love utterly dislodge from my 
weight of all earthly desires, and muke me run 
easing in the odor of thy ointments. 

own most compassionate Lord, write on the 
my heart the sweet memory of thee, which no 
less may ever erase, that I may ever bum yiilVv 

1 of thee, that I may be wiiolly set on fite vjVCki 
of thy love, and drowned in the deluge oi vVvi 

O my God, ocean of holy love and sweeteead^ 
and flrye thyself unto my m>iiL Gmnt that with a , 
Ibct heart, fuU desure, an% burning affiietioii, I may 
eeaaingly aspire after thee, and lovin|^y rupire In ' 
ICay I prefer thee to every oreatare, for th6e 
•rery transitory delight, O mv tnie, my highest joj I 

Feed me, Lord, thy poor, lamiahed oecgar, witt i 
thmal draughts of thy divmity; reHresTme with 
wished-for presence of thy gni<^ This I aeek, 
long for, that a vehement love luay penetrate me 
and through, and fill me, and traimmate me into 

Grant, O most benign Redeemer, that I may be wl 
inflatped with the love of ^lee, that I may leave 
from myself, and delight only in thee, know only 
feel only thee. O overflowing abyaa of divinity ! _ 
me to thee, and unmerse me in thyself; so seize 
take to thyself all the affection of my hearti that it mM^ 
be wholly dead to all besides. 

O God of all sweetness, I call thee into my soul; * 
cry to thee, I long for thee with a large affeetlon, O sofr 
passing delight of the most intimate union I Come, my 
Beloved, come, a thousand thousand times desired, thit 
I may inwardly possess the's and clasp thee in the chastt 
embraces of my soul. 

O light that ever shinest, and never fiidest, enUgiitM 
me ! O Fire that ever bnmest, and never fiuiest, efr 
kiidle me! O Love that ever glowest, and never laiHAk 
M% absorb, transmute me into thee I 

3 dear Li^ht of mine eyes, Jesus, chase away all dail- 
B6SS from the chambers of my heart, and ffln^rine bm 
throughout with the splendor of th^ gnioe ! Enter into 
my soul, O perfect sweetness, that it may savor of sweat 
tmngs, and find its joy and rest in Ihee ! 

O ay Beloved, sole ob^e^l oi m^j NO^Nv^anl that I; 
may &ad thee, and finding, m«j t^^jAft ^^f^x* 
ibee &at boupd in the arii* «t m^ wd^ \ 

L IlKe, I pant after thee, bliss etemal ' Oh, that thin 
I WDuidiit ^re Ihyaelf to me, unite me inlimateiy to tnee 
I inebnate me wholly with the wine of lienvenl' 

Woiud, O Lord, the secret recesaea oi my inmoB 

I kang' with'the arrow of thy love, and send the saviiij 

I kue deep into the marrow of my cold and torpid lieurl 

J that, al". on fire with the inextinguishable flame of chari 

tf, and penetrated with thu unspeakable sweetness o 

tty Spirit, I may be wholly transferred from myself t( 

Receive me, O beauteoas Spouse, Jesua, into thi 
I etosest embraces of thy love, that, folded therein, luj 
f dail.cold heiirt mav glow all through with warmth. Open 
I lard, open when 1 Knock, and a£nil my desolate !<ou 
I fato tlie chamber of thy iove, atid,in thy mercj, cspouat 
I ft lo Ihyeelf. 

I May I draw from thee the living water, O Fount o 
I honeyed sweetness, that by the very laate thereof I nm\ 

ver tliirst again forany thing but ihee. Let the heav 
I (nly dew of thy sweet-dropping charity come dowi 
I apoQ me, that, mwardly imbued therewith, I may bi 
I preserved pure from earthly desires and unchaslu alTee 

desrost of all that is dear to me, grant that I mu] 
' be wholly thine,and that thou mayest continue mine for 
— So join, BO fasten me to thyself, that I e;m nevej 
I ta separated from thee; bo yield, so impart thyself U 
^ Be. that, filled with the sweetness of thy peuee, I ma] 
L fad toy chaste delight for evermore in thee. 
f O Light serene and peaceful, my God, irradiate mj 
[ Mul with thy bright beams! Draw me closer to thee 
/ O thou glnwing Sun, that, at thy powerful heat, tlie aoi 
ft ijy heart may bring forth the flowers a,tid fnula tt 

fc^i^^i ^^'£^V°I' °^ unmixed ddigW, lew 
""" e of love m mj irini 


heart, that henceforth I may choose nDthing, desire no 
thing, m the world but thee ! 

O my Lord, let heaven and earth, and all things aMt 
tained therein, without thee, be to me like a cold, wini 
try waste. Do thou alone affect me, do thou aloM 
delight me ; may the love of thee alone live and bur 
'<^thin me, and continue ever living and ever burning. 





IV. ' f: 

Shine down upon me, O most bright and genial Light 
that the thick shades of my blindness may be changed 
into the clearest noonday splendor. O good Jesus, adon 
uy soul with that ^ace of charity which thou loveet; 
anoint it with that nciuiess of love which thou delighteflt 
in. Take from it whatever is less pleasing to thine eyei^ 
and render it in every thing acceptable to thee. 

O sweetest Flame, devour and happily consume the 
very ashes of my substance! Transfer me to thyselt 
that, joined to thee by the indissoluble tie of love, I may 
live of thee, and flourish before thee as a lily. 

O fairest, O most blooming Flower, Jesus ! O Life 
that never fadest! O Life oy which I live, withool 
which I die ! O Life by which I rejoice, without which 
I mourn ! O Life most sweet and amiable, grant that 
( may be joined to thee, and, soothed to sleep in thy 
embrace by sweetest charity, may find my holy rest in 
thee, who art our perfect peace. 

Grant, O my Lord, that, filled with the violence oft 
burning love, and melted with the sweetness of a pen& 
irating charity, my soul may be dissolved in thee. Pes- ■ 
toss it, O sovereign, O priceless Good, possess it, that H : 
aay possess thee, and find its blessedness in thee. [ 

O my Beloved, pierce, transfix my heart with iLt 
snarpcst dart oi' love, that my soul may be refreshed ii 
knguisliing for thee. Let all transitory things gron 
worthless in my eyes ; do thou only please me, do thoi 
pnlv make me glad with l\iy meom^ax^AjU beautv. 
Aeak down, O sweet 3eauft,\)[v^ W\«i\j\ njA^sS. \b^ 
tepidity, and grant that, with «i tree ^^ visAs \«»iv^ 


tiee with inextinguishable fervor. Let blonv 
nd >f ardent love, which may so vehementl} 
tht 3, that, apart from thee, there may be na 


•nly comforter of my heart, let fall uuceaa- 
ne, I beseech thee, the sweet dew of thy 
V me to thee by the potent virtue of thf 
print upon me the kias of thy forgivenes&; 
therewith, I may henceforth ove nothmg 
; for thou art my whole possession, and the 
dness of my soul. 

banquet, in which Christ is received; th« 
lis passion is renewed; the mind is filled 
and a pledge of future glory is given to us. 

)w svi'eet is thy Spirit, who, to show thy 
» thy children, by most sweet food from 
fill the hungry with good things, sending 
i rich away empty. 

man made a great supper, and sent his ser- 
o them that were invited, that they should 
things are ready, 
rav Bread, and drink the wine which I lave 

read of life. Your fathers did eat manna 
\ ; and they died. This is the bread that: 
from heaven, that if any one eat of it, he 

.ving bread which eame down from heaven 
at of this bread, he shall live forever. 

tt/ Lord hath given food to theni lYval te^x 
bnnce of his wonderful work* 


He fed tliem with the finest of the wheat; and tlM 
ll em with the honey out of the rock. AUeluia. 

Th«. eyes of all hope in thee, O Lord, and thou giiPMl 
them their meat in due season. Thou openest th} 
lumd, and fill est all things living with thv bleaainf 

IDeDotion to tl)e Sacreb i^eatt of leens. 

The object of this devotion is the heart of the Ood-Maa 
Christ Jesus. As the heart is the seat of all the affectiow 
•o the heart of our Lord is especially proposed to our de 
votioo, }i8 being the seat and sanctuary of that love where- 
with he loved us, and gave hunself for us. While, tlien, wc 
address ourselves tu that Sacred Heart, as it is united tc 
the blessed Humanity and therefore to the divine Peraoi 
of the Word, we, in ar. especial and peculiar manner, hoooi 
the love which burned therein for man. 

The particular intention of this devotion is, to make rep 
suraticn for the outrages committed against the heart o 
Jesus (luring his mortal life ; outrages which continue to \n 
committed agaiust him in the adorable Eucharist, which i 
the Sacrament of his love. 

It was for this end that ou Lord revealed to Venerabli 
Sister Mary Alacoque, that he wished the festival and dc 
r(»tion of lus Sacred Heart to be instituted in the Churd 
U is relHt<»d in the life of this holy nun, that, being one da] 
in prayer beiore the blessed Sacrament, Jesus showed he 
ton heart surrounded with thorns, surmounted by a crosi 
■nd placed upon a throne of fire ; aikd that he said to her 
" Behold the neart that has so l'.)ved men, and has spare* 
nothing to testify its love for them, even to the consumin; 
of itself for their sake ; but, in return, receives nothing froi 
the generality of mankind but dishonor and ingratitudi 
ffbat oMcta me most is, that beaits ^\^di \x^%X m^ ths 



iKfe beftc consecrated to me." Our Saviour then bnde her 
9k her utmoet endeavors to procure tho ctilebratK>n of h 
Duticular festival in honor of nis divine heart, on tlic tir»' 
Friday after the octave of Corpus Ohristi ; and tliis, for tht;»e 
principal intentions: — 1 That Christians niiglit return liiiu 
thanks for the inet&ble gift bestowed upon them in the 
blessed Eucharist. 2. That they might repair, by thou 
knmage and adoration, the irreverence and C(mteni])t ^vitb 
Vluch^h^ has been treated by siuners in this most holy Sac- 
ranitrnt. 8. Tliat they might give him the honor due unto 
him, but withheld from liim in so many churche:^, 'w lure he 
to S4) little loved, revered, and adorod. He pron)i>tMl to 
pom out abundantly the riches of his heart on all who 
should practise tliis devotion, not only on the feast itself, 
but on otiier days when they visited the blessed Sucranunt. 

Confraternities of the Sacred Heart of Jesus have been 
wtuhljfllied in every part of the Church, and have been en- 
riched by the Holy See with numerous indulgences. The 
plenary' indulgences granted to the associates ;\vitli the 
Ujiual conditions*) are as follows: — 1. On the day of adniis 
■inii. 2. On the feast of the Sacred Heart, k. The tirst 
Fridav or the first Sunday in each month. 4. On an\ one 
day in each month, at choice. 5 At the hour of <lt^ath. on 
coudition of invoking (at least mentally) the holy name ni 
j Jesus. 6. On Christmas-day, Maundy-Thursday, Ka>ter- 
day, and Ascem«ion-day. 7. On the feasts of the Concep- 
ti.3U, Nativity, Annunciation, Purirtcation. an 1 A>sunij)- 
tion of the Blessed Virgin ; on the t'v.nst of All rSaiuts, All 
SouU-day, and on the feasts of St. Peter and ;St. i*aul. St. 
J(R»ep)i. imd St. Jolm the Evangelist. 8. On the six Fridays 
or the six Sundays preceding the feast ol the Sjiered Jleart, 
•4xy»rdingas it LT celebrated on the Friday or on the Sunday 
ifter tlie feast of Corpus Clwisti. 0. On the f(vast of St. 
Gregory the Great. 

Ytk*i partial indulgences are : — 1. Thirty years anil tlieir 
pmdragencB^ on th*- tiuree days after Christuiiis-day ; on the 

* I- To gain the plenary indulgences Nos 6 and 7. as well a* the partial 
g»0|yncw 1, 2. 3. 4, and 5, it i» necessary to pay a visit to the chai).'! ol 
J"* Confraternity, or to perforoi aome othet work of piety onjo\vv»^v\ \>n % 

^' ^ **-' f<"^l"^"^' itenance, but as a condition oV \\vv; \xvOlu\- 
^nrf'alVaJ^ "'^^'"'^''^''''*-'^ No. 8, and the nan a\ vxvvWV 

ft26 D£ vol ION TO THE 

feastB of the Circumcision and the' ^xiy ; tlio SnDday b oi j^ 
Septuagesima, Sexigesima, and Qoinqi^agesima ; QiXMfn ;p= 
day, and Holy Saturday ; eve?/ day during the octaTe oi , 
Easter ; on Low Sunday, the {erjit of St. Mark, aod the B» :*^ 
f^ation-days ; and on Wliit-S*uiday, and during its octam ■ 
i Twenty years and their quadragena^ on Pakn-Sonday )Z. 
■^ Fifteen years and their qaadrcMence^ on Ash- Wedneedri r~ 
.M 4th Sunday of Lent, the 3d Sunday of Adyenf f ¥^ 
yif Eve, and at tlie Midnight and A jrora Masses of Oljrjfi T 
DDHS. 4. Ten years and their guadragence^ on the Ist, 2a 
and 4tb Sundays of Advent ; every day in Lent (exnrat 
those mentioned above), the Vigil of rent«co8t, and toe 
three days of the Ember-weeks. 6. Seven years and their 
fjaaJrager.(p, on the Visitation and Presentati(Hi of the 
Blessed V^ir^^in, and on the feasts of the Apostles mentioned 
above. 6. The same on every day of the novena preceding 
the feiist of the Sacred Heart. 7. Seven years and their 
quadragenxey on tlie four Sundays immediately preceding 
*hat feast. 8. The same, at every visit to a picture of the ' 
Sacred Heart of Jesus, in any church or chapel where it ii 
.exposed to public veneration ; the conditions being oontri* \ 
tion and prayers for the Pope's intentions. 9. Sixty i^yji 
for every work of piety performed by the members. 

lliese indulgences are applicable to the souls in purga 

Ail that is required of the associates, in order to obtaio 
the privileges attached to the confraternity (after admisaioh . 
by a duly authorized priest), is to say every day a Pater, 
an Ave, and a Credo, with the following aspiration : 

O most sweet Heart of fftsus, make me to love thee 
more and more ! 

1^ Art oj Reparation to the Sa^sred Heart of Jetui ; for tkt 
use of ihc Associates in particular, 

O amiable Jesus, ouly Son of the living God, who, by 

An incomprehensible effect of thy love, wast pleased to 

be made man, to be born in a stable, to live amidcrt 

IsborSf to die upon a erosa, awii \a> X^atN^ \)lv«a a j^ 

petual pledge of thy tendcrueA^ V\i^' i>^\i>aQft.N «sA\Jtf»A 

for the nourishment of out ao\iWm>iW\n^s&^^^»R». 


it of the Eucharist: tbou beholdest at thy feet 

sxiiDiiial covered with confusion, who comes, in the spii 

--'-^'"1 of onion with all the associates in the adoration of tt 

divine Heart, humbly to confess his in^rratitude. his li 

qvities, and those of all other men, that he may mai 

^paratlon for them as far as in him lies. 

Alad, O most amiable Jesus, we have sinned a^ain 
•ifri^*** and before thee. The injuries, the ouirag 
inicli thy Sacred Heart has received from the ini^Ta 
tode and the nuilice of men, far surpass in nnnilnT ti 
<ar8 of heaven, the drops of water, the j.T-ains of the sai 
af the sea. What hath it not suffered on onr part 
the course of thy sacred life, in thy bitter Passion, ai 
from the moment that thou hast dwelt amon<rst iis 
Uie Sacrament of thy love! Oh, witli how nuuii bittt 
ness, opprobrium, and grief have we (Iehi«r».(l tliy ilivi: 
Heart! Pjirdon ! mercy! O adorable Heart of .lesu 
inen-y for me! mercy fcr all men, and for tliis count 
h: particular ! 

I detest, with all the sincerity of my soul, .nul wi 
the most profound and bitter grief, every tliiu^'^ whl 
iiath ever offended thee in myself or in others : I dftt 
it for tlie love thou deservest, and which is suprcnu' 
(iue unto thee. I come to make thee :in liononil 
ie|)aration, with the deepest humiliation and tiif in( 
ubs»olute anniliilation of myself Oh, that 1 could ctl'a 
nith my tears, and wash away with all my 1 l<»od, t 
injuries which we have done unto thee. Oh. that 
tould re}>ay thee, by my repentance, by my works, ai 
'»y my h ve, all the glory, honor, and satisfaction 
«h ..h thou hast been robbed bv the injuries and oi 
«ges tiiat have been committed against thee ! Acce 
%l least the earnest desire with which thou inspirest n 

Vouchsafe, O Heart infinitely rich in mercy, to lit^r 

•^ain 111 my h«art and that of all men, the saired ti 

^'hich thou camest to kindle uptm the earth. \a'\ 

J^urify them. Jet it inflame them, let it make t»\' \\\e\\\ ' 

iMeartwith t/iy UeHrL Povr down, 1 Ue^eee\\ \\u'v? 

tto^ pnfcioaa and Hbundmit benedictions ou V\i>,' 



ChurCii, aud those who govern it : on this dioceiie, oa 
this town, and on all those who are united with us hy 
the bonds of this association. O Heart of Jesoa, livib 
reign in all hearts, for time and for eternity. Amen. 

A short Act of Gonsecraiion. 

1 engage myself with all my heart, for all my life, Vt 
ihe confederation of love and of reparation, formed ft 
ionor of tli'j Sacred Heart of Jesus. I renew the sacred 
ftUiaiice which I contracted v/ith him in holy baptism, 
and renouncing Satan anew, his pomps, and all his worksi 
I devote to the adorable Heart of my divine Master, and 
^f his most holy Mother, all that I am and ah that I have^ 
for time and for eternity. Amen. 

Meditation on the Love of our Lord Jesua. 

Oh, tiiat we understood the love of our Lord Jesm 
towards us ! So tenderly has he loved us, that if all the 
tiieri, all the angels, and all the saints, were to unite witL 
all their strength, they could not attain to the thousandth 

f>art of the love our Lord Jesus bearu towards us. He 
oves us infinitely more than we love ourselves ; he lovea 
us to excess. For what greater love, than that God 
should die for us, his own creatures ! He has loved ua 
to the end. (St. John xiii. 1.) There has not been a 
moment from eternity in which God lias not loved us. 
and thought of us, one by one. " I have loved thee 
with iin everlasting love." He tifterwards became man 
for the love of us ; and for our sake chose a life of suf- 
fering, and the cruel death of the cross. Hence, aitei 
Mcrilicing all to show his love for us, he has loved Ui 
more than his own honor, repose, and life. Oh, excese 
cf luve, ill which even the angels are astonished! Yet 
this is not enough ; for through his exceeding love, ho 
is further pleased to stay with us in the blessed Sacra- 
jccnt of the altar ; there he abides, motionless, and, as 
Jt u'ere, sa/iseless ; he appeaivi lo ^o Tvo\5Kflv^\$v>^.\ft \»v« 
Dien. Love induces a desire oi tW to\\9Xa»\. \it<i«woR«^ ^ 
tw ohifet beloved. Hence out \.s>^ ^««v» \% ^^^. 


aAC&ED ti&AlLT C r JESUS. 52^ 

li} itiuiiiin constantly with us in the blessed Sacrament. 
tl aeemed to him too little to htav witli men three-and« 


Ihi'ty vears on earth; henc«j he is pleased to tarry with 
them, in the blessed Sacrament, Irom age to ag^e. It ii 
true that while on earth he completed the wc;rk of re- 
demption : why, then, should he continue to remain with 
to' Surely it is to prove his exceeding lovo tcr ua , 
ae cannot endure to separate himself from us, fur Ida 
" deligiitb are with the sons of men." (Prov. viii.) This 
love leads him to make himself the food of our ^oul-i. 
in order to unite himself with us, and make our hearln 
and his heart one and the same. "He that oatcth my 
fle^h and drinketh my blood abideth in nie. and 1 in liiin. " 
(John vl) Oh, excess of divine love I A servant o\ 
God used to say : "My amazement aboiit the niy.-ter, 
of the blessed Eucharist is not howt)read beeonu^s !lt'>'n. 
or how our Lord Jesus is in many places at (♦iirv*, antj 
conlined within so small a compass; for 'A\ thiiigs ar*.- 
possible with God. But this is my v/ondcr, how Je?us 
loved man su, as to become his food; uIumi 1 thuik 
hereof, I own I am confounded, and liave l)Ut to >ay liial 
ii is a truth of faith passing my compreh/nsiun. (> Ir.vo 
of Jesus, make men know you, make them \n\\^ yon I' 

■ J An Act of ConsecrcUion to the Sacred Jlfuirt of Jtsaa. 

To thee, ^^ Sacred Heart of Jt*sus. do 1 devote and ♦iAm 
up my lif«, niv thoughts, words, actions, >ulH'riii;r."i 
Mav mv whole beinjj be no lonji^er emplovcd imi in h)v. 
ing, serving, and glorifyhig thee. O Sativd IJi-ari. bt= 
lliou henceforth the sole object of my love, the protect »r 
ol my lift;, the pledge of my salvation, and my refuirt? ai 
the hour of my death. Justify me, O bh'sseil and ad'>- 
faWe Heart, at the bar of diviie justice, and screen nii- 
from the anger which my sins ieserve. Im])rini tiiy^elt 
like a divine se:d on my heart, that T may never he <efv. 
arated from thee. Mav mv name also be ever eu\»:nv\o\\ 
Dpon \\\ee, nnd may I ever be<Tated to \Uv m:\vu \ 
ever burnings with the HnmeH of thy love, :\ud \'UUrv'\ 
penetruiod with It for all eternity. This is n.\\ uvs vVv^A 

ISO DEvonon to the 

to live in thee. One thing have I sou^t of thb l4>i4 
and this will I seek, that I may dwell in the Heart of nf 
Lord all the days of my life. Amen. 

A Prayer to th^ Etemai Father. 

O eternal Father, let me offer up unto thy mereir tbi 
Sacred Heart of thy well-beloved Son, even as ne ofe^ ^ 
himself up a sjjcrifice to thy justice. 

Accept, on my behalf, all the thoughts, bentim^tfii 
Kffectiuns, motions, and all the actions of this Sacnd 
Heart ; they are mine, because it was immolated for me; 
they <'Lre mine, because for the future I am resolved to 
admit nothing into my heart but what hath place il 
thine. Receive, then, O God, the merits of this Sacred 
Heart in satisfaction for my sins, and in thanksginng for 
til the benefits conferred upon me. Receive them, 
Lord, as so many motives for granting my petitions. 
Give me, O Lord, for their sake, all the graces I need, 
out especially the gift of final perseverance. Recdve 
^hem as so many acts of love, adoration, and praisei 
A'hich I now offer to thy divine majesty. This Sacred 
Heart, this Heart alone, can love, honor, and glorify thee 
as thou deservest. Amen. 

The faithful are invited to make, at fixed times in the 
day, according to rheir opportunities, one or more of the 
following aspiratiouB of love to the Sacred Heart of Jerai: 

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love thee, and desire I* 

eve thee more and more ! 

O Heart of Jesus, burning with love of us, ii^flaokb sm 
b<;arts with the love of thee! 

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, mayest thou be known, loved 

and adored throughout all the world ! 

O Henri of mv dear Redeemer, mw \3ftfc \ft\e «f tfa^ 
fHends supply all the injunes ivwd Yi^wi\»^\a^^isM\ 
taatnineat ! 





«£t t 

^M Jd o^ fWwvra/ian to Ihe Sacrtd Biarl oj Jintt. 
O decreet nnd most lofiag Lord, who do»iI intit« tn« 
n gVB tbee my heart, and comniundest Die to love thee 
■itli XV whole lieurL, I most otiriiBHtly di^nire to perturta 
Ih} will. For whom have 1 in heaven but thei' ! Then 
tanane upon eiulh that I deuirc in compiirison of th«a 
FifT Ihee my heart and my flesh have ftiinltd away 
Thoo art Ihe God of my heart, and my portinTi forever. 
^^ Tbou art the source of all perfaction, whom Ihe atigeli 
Adight to behold. Thou hast thought of me from all 
Mersity, and hast beatowed on me in time thin excellent 
Mi^, " a little lower than the angels." Tliou doHt sua- 
hfai me every mumunt, lei^t 1 Hhoald full b»ok into my 
Niginal nothingness. When I was lost in my ain, thou, 
ihe eo-eqaal Son of tlie eternal Father, didst give ihystll 
tut me, taking upon thee my feeble nature, that thou 
~' 'itest siifTer in my Bl«ad. Oh. what bitter >ulferingM 
tfaou undergo for me in Uie garden iind on the 
.tmb! [Here pause a mhik lo medilale iTieflij on s/nrn 
pHncrpoi suffemigx i^ out Lord, espedaiiy ruck its may in 
tia aay resemble yo-ir outn ; fiir instaywe, loss, -ir ingrali. 
tHae igfrierub, ca/wntiiwi, reproaehes, desulaliim of spirit, 
it.] O my bountiful nod most loving Lord, can it be 
tn&t snch excess of love should not move nii^ to such 
jmor return aa I can make thee! Yes, Lord, f will love 
thve, because thou didst first love me. 1 will try to lou 
Uiee, as thou liaat commanded, with all my heiirt, all my 
Hnd, all my soul, and all my strength. I proii>st before 
Ibee. that henceforth neither tribulation, nor distn^ss, noi 
ftnpciition, nor life, nor death, nor any creuied thing 
m. hi able to separate me ft-om thee, my l>eginning 
■td my end. Quench, then, by ll y Holy Spirit, all lovt 
tf the world and of myself which stii! reignw within ue ; 
wable me to bear II17 sweet voke, that I aviy learn ol 
Qiee to be [ne«k and Humble of lieert. I'ieri^>' my soul 
•ith a deep sense oJ my own wret«hedne*i9, iVi&l so 
mr Irara to eiteeat clhore hi'iter than myse\t. 

mv Jpsui '. HewV 


love, teach me to love thee. Be henceforth the moving 
Drinciple of my heart ; shape all ita desires and affec* 
tions according to tldne own, till at length it comes U 
be absorbed in the abyss of pure love tor all etenutf 

Pfayer of St. Gertrude to the Scuyred Heart of Jemu 

O Sacred Heart of Jesus ! living and life-givinff foux.;* 
4iD nf eterna) life, infinite treasure of the divinit/ 
glowincr furnace of love ! Thou art my refuge and ray 
«H^)ctuarv. O my adorable and lovely Saviour! con 
flume my heart with that burning fire wherewith thine 
is ever inflamed ; pour down on my soul those graces 
which flow from thy love, and let my heart be so united 
with thine, that our wills may be one, and mine in all 
tldngs conformed to thine. May thine be the rule alike 
of my desires and of my actions. Amen. 

An Act of Reparation to the Sa^yred Heart of Jesuit. 

O adorable Heart of my God and Saviour, filled with 
a lively sorrow at the thought of the injuries which thou 
hast received, and art every day receiving, in the august 
Sacrament of the uitar, I prostrate myself at thy feet, to 
make thee an net of humble reparation for all that thou 
hast sutferod. Oh, that by my reverence, by my de- 
votion, 1 could make amends to thy outraged majesty! 
Oh, that I could do so, even at the sacrifice of my life! 
Call to mind thy mercies, O Jesus! and grant me the 
pardon which I beg for so many impious, heretical, an^ 
"slothful Christiana who dishonor thee, and above al'- 
for myself, who have so often ofiended thee. RemembM 
not my ingratitude ; but remember that thy divine Heaiii 
bearing the burden of my sins, was afflicted even unto 
death. Let not thy sufferings and thy blood be in vain; 
destroy in me my sinful heart, and give me one accori- 
iiig 1 thine own, an humble and a contrite heart ; a heari 
that k pure, and full of \\ottot ^ot ^\xv\ ^ Wirt that 
pencetonh may be as a victVni vfYvoYv^ cwv^fecw.Xsj^X^*^ 
florj, and inrfanied w th tVie aaw©^ ^«» ^►'^ ^^ ^'^^ 


■*■» -* 

tfAtR£D HEART (1 JESUS. 533 

\iiid for my part, i promise triee, O most sweet Jesus, 

lo endeavor for the future, as much as hi me lies, by 

my devotion in church, by my diligence in visiting thee 

in' the Sacrament of the altar, by my fervor in recuving 

thee in the holy Communion, to make reparation for th» 

areverences, the profanations, and the sacrileges '^hic L 

I deplore in the oittemess of my soul. An)en. 

A Vxnt to the Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Heart of Jesus ! who remainest day and night 
•uiongst us, inviting, expecting, receiving, all those 
*no come to visit tliee, I worship thee, and cor fc-ss lo 
:hee my misery and my nothingness. 1 thank ihi^e foi 
all the mercies which thou hast bestowed upon me, es- 
pecially for delivering me from the power of the devil ; 
for restoring to me the dignity of a child of God, which 
I liad lost by sin ; for gi^g me blessed Mary fur niv 
advocate ; and inspiring me with the desire to come into 
thy presence. I thank thee with all mv heart, that thou 
vouchsafest to remain open for me ; I desire to repaii 
the injuries which I have had the misery to inniet upoi 
thee, by my coldness and indifference to thy service 
Oh, that I could honor thee as thou deservest to be hon- 
ored, in all places where now thou art the le;)st honorec 
and the most neglected. Amen. 

And thou, immaculate Mary, most holy and ieai 
Mother of fair love, who. so earnestly desirest th:it thj 
divine Son should be loved by all, obtain for me, bj 
thy most powerful intercession, that he may reeeive an< 
•csept this solemn consecration, which 1 this dny iivik^ 
ol my whole self in thy presence ; to the end that mj 
■ame' may be written indelibly in the number of tliosi 
h^py souls, who, faithful and constant in his service 
Mhan never be separated from the most sweet h»ve of tli] 
^ear and m\/st amiable Son Jesus. Amen. 

Utanyof the Sacred Heart of Jesns wiO he foimd 

i^s place, p. 703. 


on this day of 



^orm of Admission into the Cwixfraieiniiy of the Sacrei ^ . 

Heart of Jesus. 

i , for the greater honor m 

Jesus Christ crucified, and of his divine Heart, bumxii|; 
with love in the blsssed Eucharist, and also to ropa!r tin 
outrages he receives in this august Sacrament, assocJall 
myself of my own free will to the faithfiil received into 
thi>e pious Confraternity ; I desire to participate in the 
indulgences with which it is enriched, and in the ffootf 
works therein performed ; both for the expiation of my 
own sins, and for the assistance of the suffering souls in 

O sweet Jesus ! enclose in thy Sacred Heart all the 
members of this Association ; grant that, faithfully ob* 
serving the precepts of thy law, and fulfilling the dutiei 
proper to their condition, they may be more and mors 
raflamed with the fire of .thy divine love. Amen. 

Received at 

Cl)e Confraternits tif t^t Bleeeeb Sacra* 


Tnis Confraternity was established at Rome about tiM 
aommencoment of the 16th century ; its object beine to pay 
especial honor to Jesus Christ in the sacrament of his love^ 
•od to make reparation for the injuries committed against 
him therein. 

The as/»ociate8 engage — I. To promote, by every meaoi^ 
tiie reverence due to the BYep«ed ^ajctwsiciiX.. *i,^^ «mh& 
it processioDB in honor of it. ^. '^o ^coaSift Q^ena^ ^ «»r 
^lee, 4tc,. for its altar 4 To aa^ 1cln% ^ 0«x Y^S>mitC «A 


five " Hail Marys" every week in honor of it. 6. To accom- 
pany the Blessed Sacrament to the sick, or to fay insteaa 
five' "Our Fathers" and five " Hail Marys," 

The indulgences attached to the Oonfratemitv are — 1. A 
plenaiy indulgence, in the form of Jubilee (witli the usual 
ooodiuoDs), on the day of admission ; also three times daring 
tte. 2. A pi i=ary indulgence for assisting at the proc€s»k}0 
ll Ibe octavi - Corpus Christi, oi, whore unable to ass^iiit 
B person, for uniting in spirit with the same object ; p'so at 
the hour of death, on invoking, at least mentidly, tlu holy 
name of Jesus. S. An indulgence of seven years and seven 
miadragetue (with the usual conditions) on tlie feast oi 
OorpuB Christi, also on Maimdy-Thursday, on condition oi 
oofession, Ac^ and assisting at the }irocession. 4. An in- 
dulgence of 100 days for accompanying the viaticum to the 
nek, or praying as above; for assisting at processions or 
offices of the Confraternity ; for visiting the chapel of the 
Confraternity on Fridays; for visithig the Blessed Sacra- 
ment (HI Maundy-Thursday; for assisting at Mass in t)ie 
diapel of the Confraternity on days of its assembling, or at 
processions ; for assisting at a funeral ; for prajiijuj an uiovt 
for the soul of a deceased brother ; for exercising liospitalit^f 
10 the poor ; reconciling persons at variimce ; reclaiminj^ » 
ainner ; instructing the ignorant ; visiting tlie sick or im{)ri»- 
JDed; giving alms, or doing any work of corporal or spirit 
ud mercy. 

All these indulgences are applicable to the souls in piir 

Eja4;nlatory Prayer to the Blessed Sacrament. 

Prairied and glorified each moment be the most Hoi? 
4nd Dinne Sacrament ! 

The follo"ving indulgences are attached to the rej:«etiti<fck 
if this prayer : — 1. An indulgence of IC days once a day 
9. rbe same three times a day on all Tliarsdays in tlie year 
OD the feajst of Corpus Christi, and on any day during the 
nctave. ?k. A plenary indulgence (with the usual condi- 
ticos) to those who shall have repeated it every day for a 
month, on any day at choice, The partial indu\p'\\ov'. ol 
100 dflV5 is applicable to the souls in pur^atorv, o\\ tv^v^'aV- 
intc the prayer when the ^e/y aufjouijces the ex\>os\\\o\\ Vn w- 
trduaou, or elevation of the Blessud SucrumeiA . 


WcvoUon to tl)e Sacreb i$earl of Ulctrt. 

DrvoTioN to tho Heart of Mary is but the consequeooe « 
the devotion due to the Heart of Jesus. It is a conseoaeoop 
of that boundless love of Jesus for his most holy Mot^ 
whiidi leads him to share with her all his riches and honort 
10 far as they can be conmiunicated to a creature. Thfl 
Church never dissociatbs the Mother from her divine Sol 
in the festivals which she celebrates to his honor. If ahr 
Celebrates the mysteries of the Saviour, from his Incana- 
tiou to his Ascension, she celebrates likewise all the myste* 
ries of Mary, from her Conception to her Assumption. Tli« 
Feast of the Sacred Heart of Mary is, therefore, but tbd 
natural consequence of that of the Sacred Heart of Jesos. 

Let us love and honor these two Hearts, so intimately 
united ; let us go to the Father through the Heart of Jesitf 
let us go to the Saviour through the Heart of Mary. Let 
us rentier to God the Father, through the Heart of Jesoa, 
what we owe to his infinite justice and goodness ; and let oi 
render to God the Son, through the Heart of Mary, what 
we owe to his mercy, and all his benefits to us. We shali 
obtain every tiling from the Father and the Holy Ghost 
through the Heart of Jesus, and we shall obtain every tiling 
from tho Son through the Heart of Mary. It is customary 
with many pious persons to dedicate the first Saturday in 
the month to the particular honor of the Immaculate Heart 
of Mary, as the first Friday is devoted to the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus. To this end, they assist at Mass and make a spir- 
itual communion, if they cannot communicate sacramcntallj 
to thank God for all tho graces he has bestowed upon Mary, 
oJid for the tender affection with which he has filled her heart 
£;wards us. In the evening they visit some church or alttf 
tIcxUcated to the blessed Virgin ; or, if that be impossible, the^f 
p%} a vi&ii to her image in their own oratory, or elsewhere 

An Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Mary. 

O Heart of Mary I honor thee as the Heart most 
pleasing to our Lord, and most intimately united to turn. 
■ love thee as the Heart of the best of mothers, and I 
rejoice m thy glorious prerogatives. Piostroxv^ \\efoTt 


, O Heart of Mary, I make thee tl'iis bumble act of 
mtioii for all the outraffes which thou liast receivMl 
I me and from all mankind. I humbly confess that 
ve been gwlty of the greatest ingratitude toward* 
; but seeing that, through thee, the di\ine mercy 
M) often had regard unto me, I venture eren yet t^ 
I ilat thou wilt not abandon me. In this sweet 
id Slice, I am animated by a most earnest desire lo 
lore faithful and more devoted to thee. I pray thee 
scept all the good that henceforth I am resolved to 
to present it to thy dear Son Jesus, so that, through 
, my most loving Saviour may pour down his otne- 
oils more and more on me, and on all who ar ^e:iT 
> me. Amen. 

Afiotker Act of Reparation, 

come \o the foot of thy altar, O immacuUti Heart 

[ary, to recall, in the bitterness of my soul, tht; years 

!iy childhood. Faithless to the promises which 1 

so often made to thee, I have filled thee with sad- 

I have forsaken thy service for pleasures which 

never brought me a mementos happiness. But I 

t my fatal errors. I come to renew with thee that 

wbdch I have broken with so much folly and in- 

ide. Reject me not, O Heart of the tenderest c ^ 

rs, but be henceforth my protector and my modei 

hour of my death. Amen. 

Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Mary. 

eart of Mary, I offer, I consecrate to thee m^ 
thou shalt ever be the object of my veneration, 
\c 'onfidence; I will pay thee my devotions 
\y ', I will celebrate thy feasts with joy ; I will 
thy greatness and thy goodness without ceas- 
111 neglect no means of obtaining thee the honor 
ioma£re wh)<*.h are due unto thee ; I will btkv^ 
loii^rs and affections of niv heart iivXo cow 
VA thine; and I will make it mv dut\ lo \\xv\ 
^ues, especialh Chy purity and thy huuvVVto 


Vouchsafe, O Mary, to open to me thy Hearty and to * 
receive me therein, in nnion with all tiy dear and fidtbi ^:- 
ful children. Obtain for me the grace I need to boitait "^^ 
thee, as thou hast imitated Jesus Christ ; succor me in ■f 
all dangers, console Bie in all alflictions, and teach fltf ^ 
how to make a holy use of all the goods and LIb of ?ifc >. 

Another Act of Consecration, 

O Heart of Mary, ever Virgin ; O Heart, the holiiMli - 
the purest, the most perfect, that the Almighty hjith . 
formed in any creature ; O Heart, full of all ffrace and 
sweetness, throne of love and mercy, image or the ad(^ T 
rable Heart of Jesus, that didst love God more than all . 
the seraphim, that didkst procure more glory to the most \ 
lioly Trinity than all the saints together, that didst en- 
Jure, for love of us, such bitter dolors at the foot of the 
cross, and dost so justly merit the reverence, love, and 
gratitude of all mankind ; I give thee thanks for all the 
benefits which thou hast obtained for me from the Divine 
mercy ; I unite myself to all the souls that find their joy 
and consolation in loving and honoring thee. O Heait 
most amiable, the delight and admiration of the angeU 
and the saints, lienceforth thou shalt be to me, next to 
the Heart of Jesus, the object of my tendcrest devotioni 
my refuge ni affliction, my consolation in sorrow, my 
place of retreat from the enemies of my salvation, aooi 
at the hi»ur of my death, the surest anchor of my hopa 

Prayfr of St. Gertrude to the Sacred Heart of Jliarf. 

(> immaculate Heart of Mary, I have nothing in mv- 
seif to offer thee that is worthy of thee ; but what thaiiki 
ought * not to pay thee, for all the favors which thou 
hast obtained for me from the Heart of Jesus ! What 
repiration ought I not to make. \Vvee ^w ^U my tepidity 

io thy service I I desire to TCtMni vV^^ \^n^ Vst \wv. 

thfi only good that I possena \a tW ^ac.x^>^'^w\.^"l\«»». 


b Uioa thyself hd<>l fr**/6r. me. I offer thee tiiia 
ore of infinite ^rice ; I car.not do more, and thov 
not deserve le«is at my hands ; but, receivinff from 
his gift most precious in thy sight, be pleased, I ^>e- 
ti tlioe, to accept my heart, which I hare oftli to 
, and 1 shall be forever l.>le&sed. Amen. 

oyer to the Sacred Heart of the Blessed Ftr^i 

Heart of Mary, Mother of God, and our Mother 
; O Heart most worthy of love, in which the most 
f Trinity is weU pleased; O Heart worthy to he 
d and honored by angels and men, most similar to 
sacred Heart of jTesns, whose clear and perfect im- 
thou reflectest ; O Heart of Mary, seat of mercy, 
of the bowels of compassion towards us wretched 
tores ; warm, I beseech thee, the cold hearts of thy 
Ireii, and make them henceforth think of nothing, 
nothing, desire nothing, but only the Heart of Jesua 
at. Infose into our breasts the iove of thy virtues, 
kindle in them the flame of thy unfaiUng charity. 
eh over the Church, and continually defend it ; be 
1 the sweet refuge of all faithful Christians; be 
I their impregnable tower, wherein they may abide 
re against the assaults of the enemy. Through 
, O Heart of Mary, may we have access to thy Son, 
ugh thee may we obtain all graces necessary to 
nm salvation. Assist us in all straits and necessi- 
comfort us when sorrowful, strengthen us when 
pted, be thou our refuge in persecution, our succor 
anger; but especially at the hour of death, in ow 
mortal agony, when the powers of hell assail oi 
they may take away our soul, — in that terrible (i»y, 
at that tremendous hour, on which our eternity de. 
is, then, O most compassionate Virgin, make thy 
ants feel the goodness of thy maternal Heart ; then 
nindful, we V^seech thee, of that power which the 
bur of the world, who was horn of thee, hath ^vvwi 
«•. Ontnt us a moat safe retreat in the veiv ^o\Ui\i. 
^ meny, that one day we may be made wottVv^ ^A 


glorif} , with thee, in the heavens, the most sac fed Haal ti^ 
of thy dear Son, forever and ever. Amen. ^ 

May the divine Heart of Jesus and the imxcaculali 
Heart of Mary be always, and in all peaces, ajknon^ ^ 
edged, praised, blessed, loved, and faithfully tjonorad -^^ 
and glorified. Amen. 

Pop« Pius VII. granted to the &ithful who shoula lectti ^ 
with devotion the preceding pray or — 1. ^.n indulgence <l -'t 
60 days, once a day. 2. A plenary indulgence on the feaitl 
■){ the Assumption, the Nativity, and the Sacred Heart U 
Mary,* to all who, having recited it for a year, shall per- 
form the usual conditions of confession and conununion, and 
visit a church, or at least an altar, dedicated to the BlenM 
Virgit, to pmy for the intentions of the Pope. 8. A pleh 
ary indulgence at the hour of death to all who shall aun 
recited it frequently during their life. These indulgenM 
are applicable to the souls in purgatory 

Sl)e ^eeociation of tl)e ^olg axib Jftnmacnlutt 

^eart of Max]^. 

The archconfratemitv under this title was established tt 
Paris, in the Church of Notre Dams dea VictoireSy Dcccct- 
ber 16th, 1836. It was approved by the Pope, AprQ 24th, 
1838, with the privilege of aggregating to itself other Bmi* 
Ur associations. The primary object of the Associatio!) ir 
u> ji^ixy for the conversion of sinners and of persons in ei* 
ror ; and God has been pleased to answer its prayers ic t 
most remarkable mamier. 

All t<iat is absolutely necessary on the part of each asso- 
ciate is, after registration of name, to recite every day tht 
*' Hail Mary" for the intentions of the Association. Thtf fol> 

* This feast has no fixed day. Ix Va vcAetKo^ied ia tomA chnrelMf*. wi^ 
the Mpprobation of the Ordinaxv, on \^« %X)^ oi 'V«Y)vmx^\ \\i«ii)DM&>«^ 
the In of June : «nd in some chutcVie*> oa ^i^« ^uxA^'* ^^iAw* >^ wmm^ 
9fUt0 Amaumpviaa. 

Hkdi o{ the ABBOdation 

Ah Act of Oblation to be Tecil'd daUii. 
~ !r up til God all the thaughts, words, and actioiit 
■f Ihia day, and more particularly all cay pmyera and 
tetolioDH, through the Holy and Immncuiiite ilcarl '-. 
er'bleBsed Virgin Msry; and I pruy for the too- 
a of einners, eepecuilly those who have been rw- 
Ddud to my prayers, ttnd for the gancUlieation of 
■Id this comm unity. 

'■ryi refuge of Binnerg, pray fur uh. 
Ky, conceived without sin, pray for us, who Boek 

It ii reoonmiended further— 1. To communiaity uuca ■ 
nuntb. 2. To recite the roaary once a week : bulb fur the 
BentiaDs of the AfeociaCiraL S. to wear, as a baiign, Clia 
Bedal of the ImmacnlBte Canception. 4, To Bay often thn 

Tke pltuiLry indulgences panted la the Hasotintes, ffitli 
Ibe ngusl KHiditicina, are — -1. Oo llic day o( lulniiR-^no. i 
'~ -' ' at lieaib. S. On the Biinday before tie|][ii& 

Piu^catiou. Annunciation, AffiUtnptioD. Conceptiim. Dulont, 
ind tfativitj of our Blessed Lady. S. On the Feant of the 
CoDTerBiun of St. Paul 7. On the Fea»t of St. Mury May 
Uen. 8. On an* two day« of tbe month. 9. On tlie aian- 
•emry of theu' fcaptiam. 

Hiere U also an iodulgence of GOO days for all tlie mem- 
bra and other puraone mio aesiat at Ibe Masaes uek'bruted 
« ftaturdays. m honor of the holy and knmaeubte Heart 
jf Mary, in the church or clmpel of the Confratemity, anil 
Ume Jd'ay for the cunversiun of sinoerK. 

The benetitB of the Aemciatiou extend beyond thi'^ life , 
tot a Uasc is eetebi^ted for the deceased mcrnberB at Xolrt 
I>iiiM df Victoim « the first Saturday of every munlK 

' nave aiiiners, a 


mutuCe his charity more Bgreeabl; to him than by eTer lim 
ing at the uunr' ot;gect. 

II. Prayer is the moa' powerful meonB of drawing dovl 
From Gild the "~ " '"" "' "~ ' " 

[lom Gm the grace neceaurj for it, aod is, mureorer, it 
men body's |iower. 

III. Mo interccstdan is fo eSeetnal aa that of the blrow* 
IIoth.jr of God ; let ua therefore seek it. 

IV. But then we Diust »how true devotioD toward* he 
\ij imiliiting lier virtueB.i>articu1aily the purity of har beat 

T. The good ezoiaple which we ehall diud ^ve mB 
greatly forwHrd the ends of the aasodaUon. 

VI. I^t all the aseociates, therefore, encourage cds u- 
other in diligence, in virtue, iu devout eiercwee, edpedallj 
in freaueutiug the Sacraments, and ever dierourage all ■> 
and irr-^ftularity , whether in word or work. 

^ta^era to the BlefiBcb bitgin; 

Pr.i^rfor obtaining lilt Love nf Mary. 

O Mary, tbuu urt the purest, the fairest, the holwM 
uf creatures. Uli, that all men wonld acknowledge tmA 

lOve tlieeiislliouduaervest! Bull rejoice in the thought 
of the greutnumberof the just whose hearts are inflamed 
v'.th the love of thee. O amiiLble Queen, I also, ns 
CoithT as I iin, i also love thee, but [ love thee to* 
litle 'I deaire t>i love thee more tenderly and morft 
rously, for to love tbce is one of the marks of pre- 
I ask thee not for the good thii^ of tha 
"] pleasures; 1 beaeedi 

|iiz],0 TOi Un4.«,« 

■et to prtiy for me, until thou seoat mj secure of pofc 
MNung my God, of losing him and loving thee forevef 
ini ever. Amen. 

Oh, that 1 had the heart of all the nngeU nnd all lb* 
^nte, to love Mary oe they love her! Oh, that I hmi 
tt my diBpoBo) the life of ail mankind, that I might COIW 

t whole and ejitire to the glory and tlie h 
»f Una most amiabie Mother! Oh, that I could engrave 
on all hearts and on all lipa the lovely name of Mary, 
IliBt name bo powerful, whieh constitutes the delieht, 
tlie security, the happiness, of all who ntter it with a 
wee! coofidonce and a holy joy 1 

Mary, conceived without sin, pray for ns, who hava 
iwoBfse to thee, 

J'rayer to our Ladg of Peat*. 
O holy Virgin, my auguet Qneen, obtain for me from 
Ihj divine Son the peace which he left as a heritage to 
' his dieciple?. The world knows it not, it reHides only 
b Male that are sanctiRed by gruce. Obtain for me. 
I beseech thee, grace to maintain this peace with God, 
by my lidA../ in keeping hia law ; with my Hiiperiora, 
by my BuhmiHsion, obedience, and respect; with my 
equals, by meekness, patience, and charity ; with my. 
wif, bv the practice of all virtues: so that it may M 
ptnrea forth also opon my relations, friends, and all 
Binkind. Obtain for me grace to live on e.irth in Um 
feice of innocence, that at tlie last 1 niav be found 
mtlhy of that inefTahte peace which the blessed enjoy 
a tcAven. Amen. 

FraytT to vvr Lady of Contolation. 

Hory, moBt sweet, most omiublc, and moat glori- 

•nt, thy name cannot be uttered in the secret Ol tl» 

jBBrt withoat inffamingit ni(h thy love i and ihft^ ^^« 

^w Uiee caeoot think of thee without feet-'mg ftwsOk- 

thee more add mow iiiA voV 


ting all their confidence in thee. O Mary, O my Mr'«ii« 
thou seest my trouble, look upi n me with an eye ol 
pity ; thou art the consolation of all who call upon taef 
in affliction, be thou, then, mine. Hearken to the «dghH| 
graciously hear the prayers of my poor heart ; for^c 
me not, int support me in affliction, and strengthen mi "• 
hi danger. Thou art the heavenly dew that bweeteneil • 
nuT sorrows ; O Mother of consolation, I pray thee, sweet* 
en mine ; give peace to my soul, grant me all that thou 
knowest I desire of thee ; obtain for me, from thy divine 
Sor., the pardon of all my sins, the grace to sin no more) 
the blessedness to imitate thy virtues all the rest of my 
life, and finally a holy and a happy death. At that tre- 
mendous hour, be thou my protectress and my consola* 
tion, I beseech thee ; O my tender Mother, come and 
receive ray soul, to present it at the tribunal of the scV' 
ereign Judge, and to obtain for me a favorable sentenee , 
I deserve not this at thy hands ; but I am thy child, a 
love thee, and I desire to make thee loved by all heaiU. 

An Act of Reparatiot. to the Holy Virfin. 

How great is my grief, O most Holy Vii^^ Mary, 

^hen I consider the injuries which thou receivest every 

day on the part of men ! How can there be found 

hearts so hard and impious as to despise thee, who art 

worthy of the respect and love of angels and men' 

And among the very children of the Church, thine owii 

ehildren, there are some, alas! who feel nothing but 

w>Mness and uidifFerence for thee ; who take no paini 

«o testify their gratitude and devotion towards theo; 

9\\o never honor thee, or invoke thy intercession, 07 

tffeck to gain thy protection. And how many timet 

!iave 1 myself plunged into thy heart the two-edged 

eword! O Mother of mercy, I should never dare to 

]ift up my eyes to thee, wert thou not the advocate of 

sinners. Oppressed vith t\\© Wt^«w o^ vx^ \s^4!^\s^«a^ 

I come to ask forgiveness at l\rj i^^V^w \ajj^s^«D^ 

for all mankind. I acknow\edge iVv^ ^\qy^ ^ >» ^^w«^* 


fliat uf aL creatures : I honor, with the C lurch, thv 
■Dmaeukite Conception and thy glorious Assumption* 
I believe thy power and all thy perfections to be pro- 
portioned to thy dignity of Mother of God ; I aoknow^ 
«dg« thee with joy as my advocate, my refuge, and my 
nother ; I wiU glory all my life in being of the numoctf 
of thy most devot^ children, and it shuU be mv hap. 
fliness to win all hearts to thy love. Vouchsiife, O spot* 
leas Vimn, to obtain for me grace to imitate thy virtues, 
ind to di^ell Mrith thee hereafter in the abode of glorj. 

An Act of Contecration to the Holy VirgtA. 

) holy Mary, Mother of God, who, i Am tiie tirts 
Doment of thy conception, wast free from the stain of 
oiiginal sin, I choose thee this day for my queen, my 
patroness, my advocate with God, and my glorious ino- 
ther. I am most earnestly resolved, from this day, to 
persevere in thy worship, and in promoting thy honor 
daiing the whole course of my life ; 1 will never say any 
thing, nor do any thing, nor suffer any who belontr to 
me to offer, in their conversation or their actions, trie 
slightest injury to the reverence and homage whicl^. are 
due to thee oy a thousand titles. Vouchsafe, then, I 
jeseech thee, O august Queen of heaven and earth, to 
admit me to-day into thy service forever, and to grant 
me thy holy protection every moment of my life. Above 
ill, O most Si «red Mother of my Saviour, I beseecli the« 
•ot to abando&« me at the hour of my death. Amen. 

i Prayer for PerK ^sranee in Devotion to thf Biesaed 


U God, who hast { laced us under the patronage of 
the most holy Mother of thy Son Jesus, and dost excite 
08 to strive for the prize of c ur high calling ; come into 
yur hearts, and pour down upon us thy purifying gr.'ice^ 
whtrehy we may persevere in thy service, and \a \)ftft 
serwiee of the same moat holy Virgin Mary *, ho 1\vvxV 
ArtiSed by bo powerful a protection, we mav v^tloxti 


those good desires which thou hast put into our ftetft^ 
and having effectually accomplished all that was set be> 
fore us to do. may attain those things which thou haal 
been pleased to promise to those that abide in thee. 
Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord, who Ihratii 
and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit 
God, forever and ever. Amen 

A Way of asking <y'.T Lad\ft BlasHng. 

Come, O my soul, prostrate thyself at the feet oi 
Mary, thy Mother, and depart not till she hath blessed 
thee. O blessed of God, and enriched with all blessings, 
in thy mercy and kindness, bless my afflicted soul, saA 
obtain for me, from thy beloved Son, abundant grace; 
that I may so faithfully serve both him and thee in this 
world, that I may be made partaker of eternal glonr. 

An Act of filial Reverence to Mary, 

Pope Leo XII. granted, in perpetuity, to all the £Edthfid 
who should recite the three following prayers, together 
with three " Hail Marys,'* to ask the Blessed virgin's assist- 
ance m the practice of Christian virtues, and especially the 
holy virtue of purity : — 1. An indulgence of 100 days each 
time thev are said. 2. A plenary indulgence, once a month, 
on reciting them every day, with the usual conditiooa 
These indulgences are applicable to the souls in purgatory 


I venerate thee with all my heart, O mo&t holy V.# 
^n, as the Daughter of the Father of heaven, and : 
consecrate to thee my soul, with all its p'* wera ^fau 


1 venerate thee with all my heart, O most holy Vir 
gm, aa the Mother of the ohVy ^oxv f^'l Qi^\ «sdl «q» 
aecnite to thee my body "^tXv aS\ \Xa *wfta»»w ^ftA 


enerate thee with all my heart, O most na y Vir 
as tiie beloved Sponse of the Holy Ghost ; and 1 
derate to thee my heart, with all its affections : ob- 
for me of the Holy Trinity the graces necessarY foi 
et.vation Hail, Mary ! 

e QDmfratemits of orxv IBleaaeb tdbi at 
iSlottnt Zaxmcl. 


HI Scapular, or little habit of the most holy Virgin, wa« 
n by our blessed Lady herself to St. Simon Stock, gen 
of the Oarmelites, at Cambridge, 16th July, Tifl, as i 
Ige of her love and patronage. 

he pnncipal indulgences attached to this CoDiratemity 
— 1. A plenary indulgence (with the usual • ouditions) 
iie day of admission, the feast of our Lad\ of Mount 
nel, or any day within the octave, and at tl e hour oi 
\ on invoking the holy name of Jesus. 2. In indul- 
ie of five year:* and five quadragence any duy in each 
th, with the usual conditions. 3. An indulgence ot 
e years and three qiiadrageiice on any of the 
sed Virgin, with the usual conditions. 4. An indul- 
>i of 800 days for abstaining from flesh-meat on Wed- 
lays. 6. An indulgence of 40 days, once a day, for say- 
^ven " Our Fathers** and seven ** Hail Marvs," in honor 
he seven joys of the Blessed Virgin ; viz. tliose which 
had at the Annunciation of the Angel, the Visitation, 
N'ativity, the Adoration by the Magi, the Finding oi 
18 in the Temple, the Resurrection, and the Assumption. 
ji indulgence of 100 days for reciting the office of the 
sed Virgin ; also, for assistu^ at a funeral, and for at 
u^ Matis, aad other pious omces, in the cb:;pe\ of t\Ma 
ilary; for ahowii^ hogpJtaUty to tl u poor. ^ perfotK\ 
iT other work of ^harUy. 7. At indulK^j. m «t ^^^ 



vean and five qu^ragena for aooompanjing the 1m-»|-^ 
Viaticum when carried to the sick, and praying for them, u 

All these indulgences are applicable to the souls in pifr ^ 

To gain these indulgences, it is necessary, 1. To be t^ 
fliitted into the Confraternity by a priest who has 
for so doing. 2. To wear the' Scapular night and onT^ 
lliose who, from any cause, have neglected to wear it, 
resume it tbemHelves, and enjoy anew all the privileges 
the Confraterni*^y. 

No particular devotions are prescribed ; but it is custflflt 
ary to recite the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, or to asf 
seven " Our Fathers," " Hail Marvs," and " Glorias." 

Pope John XXIL, in his BtUia SabbcUina^ declares tlnl 
the Blessed Virgin appeared to him while he was a Ca^ 
dinal, and promised that, on the Saturday after the death 
of any of her religious of the order of Mount Garmel, ani 
of any of the members oi her Confraternity of the Scapu- 
lar, she would procure their deliverance from purgatory. 

*to gain the indulgences granted by this bull, it is neoes 
lary for the members of the Confraternity, 1. To obserre 
chastity, according to their state. 2. To recite every day 
the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, or the Canonial 
Office, if they are able. 8. If they are not able to recifei 
either of these offices, to observe the fasts of the Chun^ 
and to abstain from flesh-meat every Wednesday throogl^ 
out the year, except Christmas Day. These two latttt 
conditions may be commuted by a confessor who has d 
ties for so doing. 

Cl)e Assonation of tl)e Propagation of U|i 

The object of this Association is, to assist, by prajen and 
thoBf the missionaries of the Church in foreign natioDa. 
Ihe prayers of the A.B&ocial\oTi «x«^ cick& ** Our FsttNt^ 
MDd one '* fiail Mary" ead\ doj . 1\. "^rfiL ^oS&fiA \ft w^ ;^[^S^ 


be FaUr and Aveot the moraing or evening 
add the following invocation : " «S^. Francis 
1I&** The alma is one penny a week, 
ces att»ched to this association are— 1. A 
>nce (with the usual conditions)*^ on the 
'inding of the Holy Cross and St. Francis 
lay within their octaves); and once a month 
loice. 2. An indulgence of 100 days each 
bed prayers are said with a contrite heart, 
lade to the Association, or any other pious 
>rk performed. 

\ €f the Prcpctgation qf the Faith afEord most edi- 
ble spirituaf reading. 

. Francis Xavier, with the Prayers annexed^ may 
for the intentions qf this Association.] 

iufion of f0e jgofg C^itt^odb. 

f this Institution is, to rescue from an un- 
e children of Chinese parents, a multitude of 
in unnatural and superstitious custom, au- 
to destruction, either by being drowned in 
ivers, or by being exposed to be devoured 
ine; but above all. to open heaven by Bap- 
itest possible number of these unfortunate 
lo to prepare the way for the conversion of 
Bitions, by giving: to the children thus rescued 
Christian education, in order that they may 
3me instruments of salvation, as teachers in 
£t8| and also as priests and missionaries. 

Extract froni the Rule. 

>n is placed under the protection of the Infant Jesoa. 

special patronage of the Blessed Virgin : the holy 

St. Josepli, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Vincent of 

londary patrons. 3. Every baptized child can be a 

ion is, to visit the church or oratorv of the Associa* 
r; If not, the parochial church will suffice. 


Iter of the Aflsociation. 4. Gbtldren are admlMible flnon tlie Mi 
ag« to the time of their first cxKnmanioii. 5, The m ig fi b wi 4 
the Anodation can continue to belong to it UU the age oi twenty^on 
Up to that period, perBons wAo have viade their firat evm mu ni mi on ifl 
be aiQtreffutMl to it; but at the age of twenty'CDe, they can niMli 
Membora only on condition of their being membera abo of the Mam 
nation of the Propoffatiun of the I-Tuth, 6. The Anodation ia diTMC 
iBto Mcttons of tw(>lTe membcira each, in honor of Uie twid^e jam A 

Mir Saviour^B childhood. 7 The oontrlbutioo ftom each 
Mie penny a month. 8. Each member must Bay every day (or if tiH 
foung, some one must say in the child^s nameV— 1. The ^ H^l Hm^ 
fit wtll sufflce to say with this intention the "*■ Hail Mary" of the mom 
■ag or evening pmyer) ; 3. The following invocation : ^ Bleeaed Ylqh 
Mary, pray fur ua, luid for the poor little children of Infidels.** 

Maseea are oflbrcd for the members and for beneflictors, as weD ri 
tar the children ^hoee salvation is the object of the InstitotlOD. AM 
the MasHea and pniyers of the Association have a apedal inteotion li 
kvor of Christian mothers, that all thdir children may attain the grM 
of holy Baptism ; also to dnw down the grace of God upon the jam$ 
■eabers of the Association, that they may diapoae themadves hi • 
boty manner for tlie great day of their ihrst eommoiiioii, and that tkif 
any peraevere in their good reaolutiooa. 

Sl)e Scapular of tlje Paaaion, 


On the evening of the octave of St. Vincent of Paul, Jul} 
MUi, 1846, our Lord appeared to a Sister of Charity, li 
Pteis, while she was praying in chapel, before the hour oi 
Benediction. He held in his right hand a scarlet scapular 
fospended by two ribands of wool of the same color. Ob 
me side, he was represented crucified ; the InstmmeDts ti 
tbe Passion lay at the foot of tho cross ; round this repir# 
mitatioD was written: Hohf Paasiwi of our Lord JettH 
'TkrUt, 8av€ im On the other side was traced the imagt 
^ his Sacred Heart, and that of his blessed Mother ; a cnm 
WMB between the two, and around was this mscriptkn: 
Hatred Hearts of Jeeua atid Mary^ protect ua ! 

He appearedfto her on several other occasions. On tht 
^sast of the Exaltation of the holy Gross she heard 
irords : Whoever ehall reear this scapular shall reeeiwe 
fMdat,' a largt increase o//aitK, kope, wvi cKatU^ 


Pins IX. grants: I. A plenary- indulffenoa 
riday to all who. wearing the scapular, ahaU (in act 
) the usual conditions) meditate deyoutlv for some 
D the' Passion of our Lord. 2. An indulgenoe oi 
Mrs and three quadragewBy everj day, to all w?]q 
ODtrite heart, sliould meditate for huf an hour ot 
,e mystery. 8. An indulgence of 200 days k> iB 
ifdl who diould kiss the scapular in a spirit ol com 
I, and recite this prayer : Tu ergo, oiuEmmiu. tuU 
nUweniy oum pr^ioso sanguine reaemiaii. (Help 
'ants, we oeseech thee, whom thou hast redeemed 
r precious hlood.) 

capular must be blessed by some priest having iao- 
r so doing. 


9i\)t Bacramtnt of 9a|iti6iii. 


remonies osed by the Church in the admiuistration ol Bapiliea 
ancient. St. Basil mentions many of them, which, he aajs, 
MtoUcal tradition ; as the consecration of the water, and uf th« 
a the anointings, the renunciation of Satan and his woriis, and 
Mion of faith. St. Augustine mentions the sign of the ctom 
liUon of hands, and the custom of giving salt to the catechv 
I. Ambrose sneaks of the ceremony of touching the nn aa^ 
tth spittle, with the words, Be opened. 
ieremonies have a twofold signiflcatiou. Tl or are jitwiif» 
tiat which the Holy Spirit operates inwardl> m the auois m 
: receive the Sacrament : and they also admoiish them of thai 
B> t>aght to do, and represent to them the obligatioBi Uief 

est is vested in a white surplice, as denoting iunooencs, and 

I, one violet, the other white. The violet color aignifles ths 

Hats to which sin has reduced mankind. After the exoitsisiBi^ 

pots on the while stole, ah the symbol of the mnoceooe orv 


lest tr(H.'B outside the church to the peraon to be 
thut., bi'iu^ 8tilJ the sluve of sin, he i» not worthy of 

fto the house of the Lord. 

fsbiiit; hiiuaelf to ttie godfather and godmother^ he says: §fkM. 
:e you tu Uiis child 7 A name is given, says t^U Cbariet Bono 
' show that the person is dedicated to the service of Jesus Ghrii^ — 
fing a tiigii of authority over him. This name, the Council tf 
^ichess should be that of some saint, in order that by b«Mlli| 
le nume, the pennon may be excited to imitate his virtues wk..^ 
Hud that, while fitdeavoring to imitate him, he may invoki -, 
{Ind pniy tc him. in tlie coufldeut hope that he will be his patna 
Ivucaio. for the siifety of his body and the salvation of his wuL 
t' wretclH'd vtate to which sin has reduced the human race istf i 
iT iiiliinatcil by the priest's breathing three times on the psnai 
baptized, which i& tldiie to drive away the devil, ae by thelk^ 
it, who is the .'Spirit or breath of God. It also exproescs theeo» 
>l which Christians hiive of him, and the ease with which he aif 
hut to flight, like a btniw with a puff of wind. 
Lfter haviuLf put to flii^ht the tyrant who holds in captivity every <■• 
\\, cometli into the world, tlie priest imprints on the iMursou to kt 
>ii£cd the seal of u very different master, lie signs him with the 
11 of the cross on the forehead luid on the breast, that Christ, whb 
IS CTUciiied for our sins, may lake possession of him ; on the forohea^ 
siimify that a Christian must never be ashanieil to make open pf^ .i 
Fssion ot the faith of his crucified Saviour; and un the breast, to ri^ • 
[ifv that ih(.> love of Jesus Christ, and a readiness to obey all his divine 
Eounnandmciits. and to share in his sulTerings, ought constantly to le- 
lidt' m his heart. 

Die priest, as Cod's representative, then lays his hand on the heei 
[of the person to be baptized, to denote that he takes possesiuim of 
in the name of the Almighty. 

Me then exorcises the salt, to purify it from the malignant infli 
of tkie evil spirit ; mid puts a gnuu of this salt, tlius blessed, into the 
nouth of th 3 person to be baptized. The salt is the symbol of ' 
IS K'hen &>L Paul suvs (Col. iv. G)* Let your speech be atways in 
•tasoiud with gait. Sidt is also a preservative against corruption, 
jt'remony, then, sitoiifles that the [>erson baptized must make knofwrn li Z. 
llie world the <9Weet savor of the law of God, by the good example al " 
B virtuous und holy conversation; and show by all his works that it li . " 
the iloctrine of Christ that preserves the soul irom comiptioDf and c» 
ktblishee a firm hope of the resurrecUou ot U\« body. 
Hiiving th u» coruin iiniciitCHi to the penon \o Vw \>«^^A]fi^ >5tv* '«>BtaA ,^ 
-•/ Chrinl and the reJish for diviue ih'iiiga, vYie prtw* vw«»V^^«^l •«■* >^^ 
^uuMht ihe wickvil Mptrit to depttrt, and nw^^ »W«iftV^ >» A»^tv>%VI» 



•olenin wonhof Ihe 

8S| he nyi: Jtnd tkia sign ti CA< Aofy ctmi 

rvtiMd^ d» Mom, MOMwatf ibvtfi namtr 4am U 

jTB the end of hie stole, the qrmbol of hii 
to be baptiaed, aad introdnees him into tlM 
Id, the priett, Jointly with tha peiKo te Iw 
Run, with thd godftUher and godmotlMi, M 
er and the ApoitleiP Creed. He then asah 
;, and commandB him to depart in the nasM 
xt blemed Trinity. 

leeply aignilioative. We read in the Goepel 
lord cored one that waa deaf and domb by 
b ears with spittle, aaying: EpkftuOu^ ** Be 
is natural state, is spiritually both deaf and 
iroh, the Spouse erf* Jesus Christ and the 
bllowB his example ; and the priest of the 
i his mouth, touches therewith the ears and 
) be baptized* repeating tlie same miraculous 
wessity of having the senses of the soul open 

renundation of Satan, and of his works anw 
priest anoints the person to be baptized om 
le shoulders, making the sign of the cross, 
asenta the inward anointing uf the soul by 
sacred oiU peuetrates our hearts, heals the 
fortifies them against our passions and eon* 
S of the breast signifies the necessity of for 
enly courage, that we may act manfully, ana 
llie anointing between the shoulders signi- 
>i grace, in order to bear and support all the 
lis mortal life. The oil *8 a symbol alac of 
)f Christ. 

red at which another human being is uo be 
a member of the body of Christ, the pnesi 
3Ut to be changed into Joy, changes his sloltk 
its on a white one. 

don of faith, after which the Sacrament of 
stored. While the godfather and godmother 
tdchild, the priest pours the baptismal irslM 
ibe form of a cross, repeating the sacraniMilliX 
be three powrUuia of the water concur nVtik 
iVAioes of the Di vine Peraona. TU© m«Mi 
tbe words are pronounced but onod^ Vi 






mow tfcat the Three Persons nnite io the regeneratioii of nuui In hitf I 
Baptism. The jBfodparenli hold or touch their godchild, to tigaiUjf fttf i 
they answer for him, or that they engage to put him in mind of his lOV I 
and promise. 

Then the priest anoints the person baptized on the top of the kM^ I 
!n form of a cross, with holy chrism, compounded of oil and balHiL j 
This ceremony is of apostolical tradition, and signifies : 1st. Thai At | 
|»erBon baptized is solemnly consecrated to the senrioe of God, and aiAl 
A living tdmple of the Holy Ghost. :id. That by Baptism be is aiAl 
partaker with Christ, the great Anointed of God, and has a share <b Hi 
anctiun and grace. 3d. That he is anointed to be king, priesl* ai 
prophet ; and therefore that, as king, he must have dominicm ovsr kll 
passions ; as priest, he must oflbr liimseif unceastngly to God* as a ltfli| 
sacrifice for an odor of sweetness ; as prophet, he must declare by bii 
life the rewards of the world to come. 

The anointing over, the priest puts upon the head of the baptized A 
white linen cloth, commonly called the chrism, in place of the wUtt 
garment with which the new Christian used anciently to be clothed h 
Baptism, to signify the purity and innooraoe which we receive in Bap> 
tism, and which we must take care to preserve till death. 

Lastly, the priest puts a lighted candle into the hand of the penm 
baptized, or of the godfather ; which ceremony is derived from tht 
parable of the ten virgins (Matt, xxv.), who took their lamps and wmt 
forth to meet the bridegroom ; and is intended to remind the person b^p> 
tized, that, being now a child of light, he must walk as a child of UgM* 
and keep the lamp of faith ever burning with the oil of charity aa^i 
good works, for the glory of God and the edification of his neighliori 
so that whenever the Lord shall come, he may be found prepared, mA 
may go in with him into the eternal life of his heavenly kingdoos. 

St^e ^rHer of iSaptfsm. 

^'\im. every thing necessary has beeti properly p re jmr wd ^ 

\e adrr.inutration of Baptism, the Priest, vesieain a imt^ 

pliee and violet stoU, or at least the latter, r ecat im fjb 

noKW of the person to be baptized, and ifUerropatet kim k^f 

na»ne as /oL'otos : — 

Sacerdos, N^ quid petia ab Pru«t. ^.^^w^aX ^Mk^9Ni% 
Hvlesia Del I n^l oi l£)ick« ^\a^ fA. CVm» n 


des quid tibi Priest. What dtAL fiutb 

obtain for thee f 
flBternam. OodfaJther, life eyerlast 

igitnr vis ad Priest. If then thou wilt 
enra mandata enter into life, keep the eom 
m Deum tuum mandments. Thou shalt lot o 
ao, ex tota ani- the Lord thv Gkxi with sJk 
>ta mente tua, thy heart, with all thy mjn\ 
uum dcut te- and with all thy minoU and 
thy neighbor as thyselt 

«f tkriee gently uwm the face of the person te 

he baptized^ ana says once : 

omunde epiri- Gk> out of mm^ thou on: 
tcum Spiritui clean Bpirit, and give place 
ta unto the Holy Spirit, the 


makes the sign of the Cross, with his thmth, 
*ehead and on tne breast of the person to be 

im cruds tarn Receive the sign of the 

un in corde ^ cross both upon thv forehead 

elestium prse- and also upon thy heart, take 

atis esto mori- unto thee the faith of the 

lum Dei jam heavenly precepts, and in thy 

manners oe such, that thou 

may est now be the temple ol 


nuA. Let us pray, 

as, quaBsumus, We beseech thee, O Lora , 
jnter exaudi ; mercifully hear our prayers . 
um tuum, N., and keep by thy perpetual 
ee iropressione assistance this thine elect, N« 
petua virtute signed with the mark of the 
gnitudiiiis gio- cross of the Lord, that, pro* 
lenta Bervana serving the rudiments oi t\v% 
nmadutorum greatnesa of thy glory, kk 
^generatloDia may deserve, ^y the keepia^ 
V mereatur. of thy conunandji) wts, to av 


Per Chnstum Dominum nos- tain unto the glory of 
trmn. eration. Through Chnfli 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 

2%en he lays his hand upon ike head of the permm to kf 

baptized^ and says : 

Oremus. Let uu pray. 

Omnipotens sempiteme Almighty eYerlastmg Go^ 

Deus, Pater Domini nostri Father of omr Lord JeMi 

Jesu Christi, respicere dig- Christ, vouchsafe to looit 

nare supw hunc famulum upon this thy servant^ BT^ 

tuum, N., quern ad rudimen- wiiom thou hast been pleased 

ta fidei vocare dignatus es : to call unto the rudiments oi 

3mnem c^citatem cordis ab the faith ; drive out froa 

eo expelle ; disrumpe omnes him all blindness of heart 

laqueos Satanse, quibus fu- break all the bonds of Sataa 

erat colligatus : aperi ei, Do- wherewith he was tied ; ivpm 

mine, januam pietatis tuse, ut unto him, O Lord, the gate d 

signo sapientisB tusB imbutus, thy mercv, that, being iBi> 

omnium cupiditatum fcetori- bued with the seal of tfaf 

bus careat, et »d suavem odo- wisdom, he may be free fron 

rem prasceptorum tuonun the abominations of all 

hetus tibi in ecclesia tua de- wicked desires ; and, by tbt 

eerviat, et proficiat de die in sweet odor of thy precepts^ 

diem. Per eumdem Chria- may joyfully serve thee in 

turn Dominum nostrum. thy Church, and go forward 

from day to day. Through 
the same Christ our Loi d. 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 

Then the Priest blesses the scUt, which, a/tir it 
once blessed, may serve for the sam£ purpose on 

The Benediction of the ScUt. 

Ezordzo te, creatura sails, I exorcise thee, creature ol 

m nomine Dei Patris »{• om- salt, in the name of Qad tlie 

mpotentis, et in charitate Do- ¥a^ei ^ ^kca^hty^ and in 

mmi Dostri Jesu »Ji Christi, et t\ie cY^aivVj ol wa \*gi\ ^«ni 

in virtutp Spiritus ^ SanctL ii» CVo^V m^^ '^ ^^^ V«« 

n «A0EAKB9rr op baftxsil 68^ 

' Denm i{i t!- of the Holy A Ctaumi I ._ 

m i§t remm, orcue thee dj the liv^ 

HUietiim, per God i|i, by the tnie God A 

B ad tuteuun hy the holy God , by God 

procreayit^ et A who hath created thee tat 

ad creduUta- the preseryation of mankfaic^ 

• 8U0B ooLise and hath appointed thee to 

Qt in nomme be consecrated by his let^ 

8 effidans sa yants for the people oomfaif 

itum ad effo- unto the feith, that, in the 

un. Promde name of the holy Trinity, 

kumne Deus thou mayest be made a sala- 

7eatnram sa- tary sacrament to driye away 

> i{i sanetifi- the enemy. Wherefore, w« 

tndo 4* bene- beseech thee, Lord oar 

onibos acdpi- Gkxl, that sanctifying ^i th(ia 

ta medicina, mayest sanctifjr this creature 

isoeribus «o- of salt, and blessing i!f» thoa 

ejusdem Do- mayest bless it, that it may 

a Ohristi, qui become unto all who receiyo 

idicare yiyos it a perfect medicine, abiding 

BSBCulum per in their hearts, in the name 

of the same our Lord Jesus 

Ohrist, who shall come to 

judge the llying and th« 

des3, and the world by fire, 

R Amen. 

$mall ^[uantity of the blessed salt UUo tk§ 
if the person to be baptizedy saying : 

im sapientisB ; N., receiye the salt of 
dbi in yitam dom ; let it be to thee 

propitiation unto life 

R. Amea 
icnm. Priest. Peace De with ihotti 

lirita tuo. R. And with thy spirit 

IDA Let us pray, 

r nottronun, O CM of our Fathen, O 
wditar reri- God, the Author of ail *Tut3bs 
emonmaa, we bumhly beseech Oa»^ 

4 7* 


at haiic famulum tuum, N., graciously youchsafe to UmI 

respicere digneris propitius, upoD this thy servant, tf, n 

et noc primum pabulum sails and, tasting tbis first nuth- j 

g^tantem, non diutiua esu- ment of salt, suffer him m 

rire permittas, quo niinus longer to hunger for want oi ^ 

ci^ sxpleatur coelesti, qua- being filled with hesf eilr 

tenud sit semper spiritu fer- meat, so that he may bti at 

fens, spe gaudens, tuo sem- ways fervent in spirit fr 

per t^omini serviens. Perdue joicing in hope, alwitv^. ser^* 

eou, Domine, qu8Bt»amu8, ad mg thy Namp ^ing hitn^ ' 

Dovffi regeiierationis lava- Lord, we beseech thee, to the 

crum, et cum fidelibus tuis laver of the new regeneration, 

promissionum tuarum setema that, with thy faithful, he may 

praemia consequi mereatur. deserve to attain unto Uie 

rer Christum Dominum nos- everlasting rewards of thy 

trum. promises. Through Christ 

our Lord. 

R. Amea R. Amen. 

Exorcizo te, immunde spi- I exorcise thee, unclean sp 

ritus, in nomine Patris •{«, et rit, in the name of the Father 

Filii p^ et Spiritus »{« Sancti, i^ and of the Son •{«, and oi 

ut exuas et recedas ab hoc fa- tne Holy »{• Ghost, that thoB 

mulo Dei, N. Ipse enim tibi go out and dei)art from thii 

imperat, maledicte, damnate, servant of God, N. For He 

qui pedibus super mare am- commands thee, accursed ooe, 

bulavit, et Petro mergenti who walked on foot upon the ^ 

dezteram porrexit. sea, and stretched out hii 

right hand to Peter whet 

fjrgo, maledicte diabole, re- Therefore, accursed devil, \^ 

cognosce sententiam tuam, et acknowledge thy senteooib 

da honorem Deo vivo et vero, and give honor to the livim 

da honorem Jesu Christo Filio and true Gkxl : give honor i 

ejus, et Spiritui Sancto, et re- Jesus Christ his Son, and !• 

cede ab hoc famulo Dei, N. the Holy Ghost ; and depert 

quia istum sibi Deus, et Do from this servant of Goct H, 

tuiuus Doster Jesus Christui because God and our Lord 

ad suam sanctam gratiam, Jesus Christ hath vouohsafiBd 

§t benedictionenif fontemque to call him to Lis holy gnei ka 

tfaptism&''ia vocare dignatus aivd. \«si«&^kiC»^ wdA.' \a ^ .. 


• the nan of the OraaSj voith his thumb, &n the 
ad oj the.pereon to be baptized, saying : 

lom aanctiB cm- And this sign of the holy 
36 fronti ejus da- crons »{• which we make upoQ 
ledicte (uabole, his forehead, do thou, aociir» 
eas violara Per ed devil, never dan; to ▼!> 
^tum Duminum late. llirough the taoM 

Christ our Lord. 
R. Amen. 

/« Am hand upim the head >•»/ the person to he 
bapaied andnaye: 

emuA. Let us pray. 

ac juAtissimam I supplicate ti&y eternal and 

m depfeoor, Do- most just goodness, O holy 

Pater omuipo- Lord, Father Almighty, eter- 

[)eu8, Auctor lu- nal Ood, Author of light and 

Atis, super hunc truth, in behalf of ^his thy 

OQ N^ ut digneris servant N., that thou wouldst 

ire lumiue Intel- vouchsafe to enlighten him 

munda eum, et 'with the light of thy wisdom : 

» ei scientiam cleanse /ii^/i, and sanctify Am ; 

;nu8 gratia bap- give unto him true knowledgOL 

iCtus, teneat fir- that, being made worthy of 

onsilium rectum the grace of thy baptism, he 

. sanctam. Per may retain firm hope, ri^ht 

miniun nostrum, counsel, and holy doctrme. 

Through Christ our Lord. 
R. Amen. 

e Priest lays the end of his stole upon the 
itixed, and admits him tnto the Churchy saying: 

ire in tempi mi N., enter into the temple ol 
\Ba partem • im Ood, that thou mayest hsf« 
am aternanr part with Christ raiio \ili 



When they have entered the Church, the Prie»t, eu he mm 
ceeds to tJie Foiit, ftays, aiong with the Sponsor*, in muim 
voice (in Latin or the vulgar tongue, according tn rmiw 

ataiices) : 

Credo in Deum, Patrem I belieye in God the Fatlm 

omuipotentem, Creatcnrem Almighty, Creator of hof 

•OBli et terrse. £t in Jesum and earth. And in Jen 

Christum, Filium ejus unicum Christ, his only Son, our Lord 

Dominum nostrum : qui con- who was conceived by thl 

eeptus est de Spiritu Sancto ; Holy Ghost ; born d the yfg 

liatus ex Maria Virgine ; pas- gin Mary ; suffered undfl 

BUS sub Pontio Pilato, cruci- Pontius Pilate, was cmdfied 

fizus, mortuus, et sepultus: dead, and buried : he desomd 

descendit ad inferos; tertia ed into hell ; the third day hi 

die resurrexit a mortuis ; as- rose again from the dead ; hi 

cendit ad coelos, sedet ad ascended into heaven, ano 

dexteram Dei Patris omnipo- sitteth at the right hand a 

tends ; inde venturus est God the Father Almighty 

judicare vivos et murtuos. from thence he shall ccHne ti 

Credo in Spiritum Sauctum ; judge the living and the dead 

fianctam Ecclesiam Catholi- I believe in the Holy Ghost 

cam ; Sanctorum communio- the holy Catholic Church ; thi 

nem; remissionem peccato- communion of Saints; thi 

rum ; enrnis resurrectionem ; forgfiveness of sins ; the restnr 

vitam fiBternam. Amen. rection of the body ; and tbi 

life everlasting. Ainen. 

Pater noster, qui es in cce- Our Father, who art ii 

lis ; sanctificetur nomen tuum: heaven; hallowed be th] 

ftdveniat regnum tuum : fiat name : thy kingdom come 

voluntas tua, sicut in ccelo, et thy will be done on earth ai 

m terra. Paoem nostrum it is in heaven. Give us thi 

quctidianum da nobis hodie : day our daily bread : andi^ 

•t dimitte nobis debita nostra give us our trespasses as "Wl 

■cut et nos dimittimus debi- forgive them that trespas 

ioribus nostris. Et ne nos against us. And lead us no 

biducas in lentationem ; sed into temptation ; but delivo 

libera nos a mala Amen. us from evil. Amen. 

And then, be/ore he reaches tlte Baptistery, he says : 

The Exorcism. 
Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus \ exoTci»fe ^JBfe«^ w«r| ^a 
iinmuDde, in nomine Dei Pa i\e«J^ a^^f^^X^m NXift i»mm 

TBS aigR*ldEBT OF BArTisM, Sei 

nmipcitenlia, et in niv Bod tbe Patber ^ olnUKlily 

>eac uhristi, Filii ejus, Bild in the naroa of Jeaui 

omin et Judicis noetri, Christ Lis Son ■f^our Lord mid 

QTirtute SpiritueA Siinu- Judge, and in the power oi 

It •liaccdiu ab hue plkdniate tbe Holv >{■ Ghost, tbal ttion 

, S, quod DonuDua no«ter depart ^oid this crcatuie of 

templum sanctum Buum Qod, N„ which onr Lord hKlk 

■re dij^atua est. ut fiat voucheoled to call inco hJi 

jplniQ Dei vivi et SpiritUB holy temple, that it may b« 

Actus habitel iji en. Per made the temple of tJie Uvitig 

muiem Cbriiliuu Duiuinum Qod. mid that thu llol} Uhust 

■Mtmin, qui venturiis est ju- muf dwell therein. B; the 

tkaie vJToe et mortiios. et ssioe Christ our I-ord. who 

MCuloai per ignem. sbalt cume to judge the liTing 

and tbe dead, and tbe world 

i. Amfn. H. Amen. 

Uu right ear of the perion to be baptized, ami a/teneanii 
lit ifl, lagt : 

^ihphetha ijt, qnod ett ^ Epbphetha ^ thnt ia to 
Uaperire : aaj ^ Be opened : 

And, louehing his ttoitrila, addn : 
la odorem bi 

LtXHlly, in ci louder voice, he atlth these vrordu - 

_ sDtem fuge, Satana ■{•, But thou, Satan, fly ^ be- 

Koe q>[Hi>piDqiuit Deuu mag- hold the Ood. great jid 

tM et poteos, Deua a Torti mighty. drawetL near ; tbi 

tadun Huferens. Qod who taketh away (ha 

prej from the strong one, 

Tkta he inlerrogatn Ihe person to be bapltied, by tuisnf, 
' g, mbreaanUan SstmiiB jV., Jost thou tenouni'i> ^-J 


Saeefios. Et omnibus ope- Priitt, And all ^ 
ribus ejus ? 

R. Abrenuntio. R. I do renounca them. 

Saeerdoa. Et omnibus pom- Priest. And all his pompa 
pis ejus ? 

R. Abrenuntio. R I io reLv>unoe them. 

Then the Priest dips a small silver roti, or his thtanb, tn th 
oil of the CtUeehutneiMy and anoitUs the person to hs bap 
tizea on the breast^ and between the shoulderSy in the fom 
of a GrosSy saying : 

Ego te linio >{« oleo salutis, I anoint thee ^ with the 

m Cbristo Jesu »{« Domino oil of salvation, in Christ Je 

nostro, ut habeas vitam aster- sus >{« our Lord, that thoi 

nam. m^est have life everlastiqg 

R. Amen. K. Amen. 

Next^ h i wipes his thumb and the parts anointed with a eloA 
arid changes the stole from violet to white. Then he oA 
the person to be baptized, by name : 

^ credia in Deum Patrem N., dost thou beUev^ in G<k 

»*mnipotentem,Creatorem cob- vhe Father Almighty, Creatoi 

li et terrae ? of heaven and earth ? 

R. Credo. R. I do beheve. 

Credis in Jesum Christum Dost thou believe in Jesu 

Filiura ejus unicum, Dominura Christ, his only Son, our Lord 

DOfltruin, natum et passum ? who was born into this world 

and suffered for us ? 

R. Credo. R. I do believe. 

Credis in Spiritum Sane- Dost thou believe in Un 

tum, sanctam Ecclesiam Ca- Holy Ghost, the holy Catholii 

thohcam, sanctorum commu- Church, the commnnioQ o 

nionem, remissionem peccato- Saints, the forgiveness of osa 

rum, carnis resurrectionem, et the resurrection of the bodjr 

▼itam sBternam ? and life everlasting ^ 

R. Credo. I do believe. 

7%en, pronouTicing the name of the person to be baptited, tk 

Pric«t ttt-ys : 

N^ via bapiuari I ^ ^ ^>^^ \5fto\i\»\s«^f»i 

t Uu Gudfalhtr. or the Oodmother, or both, hording of 
ticking tie perton to bt haptizfd, tht Print iaktf tkt 
tptiuHdl water in a anail aeini or pitcher, andponri il 
^refram ihriee (/n ids hrad, in the form of a Grou ; anJ 
I tie lame lime, uHmnfi Ihr »ardt once only, diitiaclirely 
md attentively, he aagi : 

I, H^ M baptuo in no- N„ I baptii') thee m iIm 

W ■!< Patria. et Filii >I^ et oamB of ttii' Fntlier >{• [Aj 

jiiui •{• auKtL pour" i^ /or Ihejirst Utiu], 

and of the Son ^ [/i* puuri 

i! for the teeond tivir], and ol 

the Holy A Qfaoal [he pourt 

il for the third lime]. 

All doite. Ihe FntH dipt a ilUe, or Ml thumb, in the holy 

eAnim, and anoint! the prreon baptitrd on the top of hu 

I head, if the/onn of a CtoH, Myiny." 

Delia onmipoteiu, Pater Ood Ainiight;, the Fatlier 

DuDUDi Dostri Jeeu Chriati, of uur Lord Jesus Christ, 

qij le regeneravit ex aqua Bt vho hath regpnareted theeb; 

Spiritu Sancto, qoique dedit water and the Holy Ghost, 

'in remiiHonem omnium pec- aaii whii hath given untothne 

- ■■ ■ ^ ■ ■ ■ otall thvsinB[Asr<i 

fi], Diiiv he bimsell 

lee wild tlie chrisci 

of eatvutiiin. ■}• in the same 

Christ Jernis our Lord, unto 

life eteruid. 

R. Amen. B. A men. 

Swrdwr l-axtihl /'n>»(. I'ente beunluthe*. 

R. Et ciim spiritu tuo. R, And witli thy spirit. 

^euhe'tiiper hit thumb and the par! anoinleil awl puJ* 

ipm the head of the pereon baptized a while linen elath, 

n plaee uf the while garment ancieHlli/ tued, layiiig : 

K.accijiCTei'aincandidam. N.. receive this white gar- 

^uam iiumarulalam perfsnui nient, und see thou carry il 

Ute Iribunai Domini noalri without itain before the Judg- 

Itia Chriati, ot habeas vitam meut -aeat of our Lord Jem* 

meniaia Cbrial, UuLtthoumKYMlbB.-^* 

oleriaJ life. 
* *™" R Amen. 


Thefi he (gives to the person baptized, or {in the ease of em ) 
infant) to the Oodfather, a liglUed candle, haying : ) 

N., accipe lampadem ar- N., receiye tiiis bnnuqg. j 

dentem, et irreprehensibilis light, and keep thy baptMB ' 

eoBtodi baptismum tuum : blameless : observe the ooni' 

terva Dei mandata, ut cum mandmentsofGod,thatwbMl 

Dominus vencrit ad nuptias, the Lord shall come to tin 

ios«is occurrere ei una cum nuptials, thou mavest me0l 

omiibus Sanctis in aula coe- him together with, all the 

iesti, habeasque vitam seter- saints in the heavenly conrl^ 

aam, et vivas in saecula saecu- and have eternal life, and Ihrt 

lorum. forever and ever. 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 

Lastly, he says : 

N., vade in pace, et - Domi- N.. go in peace, and tki 
Qus sit tecum. Lord be with thee. 

R. Amea K Amen. 

St)f 0nntber8ats tf out* SSapttsm. 

Jt 18 proper that toe tihould keep tke anniversary of our BapU» I 
9*ih especial devotion^ to thank Oodfor so great a blessing. Reflect, 
Uen, on the engagements which you made with Atm, and sxawuiu 
whether you have been faithful to them. If possible, receive the Helf 
Communion. Endexivor to pass the day in a spirit of reeoUeetiem: 
make an act of reparation for all the infidelities of whiek you kawi 
^K guilty; and recite the following prayers. 

A Renewal of the Baptismal Vows. 

O holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, one iAij 

Jod in three persons, I bow myself down before thee, to 

A^orship thee, and to ^ve thee thanks for all the bless- 

^Jigs and mercies which thou hast poured forth upon 

me, with such bouiitiful gdodness, ever since I wai 

bom. Above nil, I thank thee for the grace of hoW 

Baptism, which hath preHerved aivd ^\wi.\JSv^Ya.\oft«Jll 

thy giftB, and surpassetb marL'a xMid^t^Xasv^oaa. ^^ 

Baptism I was admitted into tVift\>o^^m oi VJm. ^\«w^ 


nade tiy ehild ; the gates of heaven were opene(^ 
16. Wliat thanksgivings, O my God, can be pro- 
led to such a grace, which in the <iource and the 
r my everlasting happiness ! 
lost holy Trinity, I acknowledge, with joy, tlisl 
ptism consecrates me to thee, and that 1 received 
the gift of faith, only that I might adore aiv 
thee all my life, by works worthy of the unspeak 
vor which thou hast bestowed upon me, in asso> 
me, in an especial manner, in the number of thjp 
n, and making me a member of Christ and of hiii 
I. I acknowledge, with joy, that I am bound to 
le in myself the sacrifice of thy divine Son, and 
1 my whole conversation on the model of his life, 
ing what he loves, and rejecting what he con- 

se are my duties, O my God ; these are the obli- 
i of my Baptism — the holy and solemn law of my 
ration, and of my admission into thy true Church, 
though 1 understood them not when I contracted 
ind my will had no part in the sacred contract, 
m desiring to rid myself of them on that account, 
thee most hearty thanks, O my heavenly Father, 
t thou hast supplied, in thy mercy, my inability to 
yself to thee, by inspiring others with the desire 
lining this great gi'ace for me. 

now 1 ratify, in my own person, these vows and 
es ; I contirm and renew them with all my heart, 
thy holy altar ; and, confident in the hope of thp 
3 of thy grace, I am resolved to labor all my lifr 
brm all that was promised and transacted in m; 
>y those who answered for me. 

ly God, I renounce the devil and his angelt; ) 
)ld no communication with him, nor with sinners. 
re his ministers ; I renounce his service for^vw 
thiDJt myself to the law of Jesus Christ*, \ t^ 
with uU my heart, his pomps and illusions— Wva . 
, the maxima and vaniUea of the world. \ vjV.\ 



not s3t my heart on its riches or honors, its pleasvro 
enjoyments. However poor I may be, I will bell 
myself truly rich, if I fear thee and love thee, O 
God, and keep myself from sin, and am fruitful in gt 

I renounce all the works of the devil : lying, t f wl 
be is the father, pride, envy, hatred, and all kind^ of 
' detest them all. I lament, in the bitterness of my a 
X those which I have unhappily committed. I m 
humbly ask thy pardon for them, and the grace whicl 
needful for me, that I may never fall again therein, 
may remain always faithful to those solemn vows wii 
T make before thee. 

O eternal Father ! who hast vouchsafed to adopt 
for thy child in Christ Jesus, and to call m»i to 
heritage, grant that I may live henceforth only for 
glory, and that all my endeavors may be to attain u: 
the fruition of thee, in thy glorious kingdom. 

O Jesus, only Son of the Father, who hast taken 
mto thy body, and washed me with thy blood, acc( 
plish in me, I beseech thee, the work which thou h 
begun in me ; make me to die wholly to sin, and perl 
continually in me the new life, which I received in 
waters of Baptism. 

O Holy Spirit, adorable principle of our divine ad 
tion, and of our new birth in Christ, be to me a spirit 
compunction and penitence, that I may weep for my 
fidelities ; a spirit of prayer, that I may never cease fir 
confessing my weakness, and my need of thy poi¥e] 
tssistance ; a spirit of faith and of fervor, to animate 
io th3 performance of my promises; a spirit of mor 
<$ation and of sacrifice, to keep me constantly watoL 
over my senses; — ^ii fine, a spirit of perseverance} 
bring me to the end of my course, and to the liaver 

Omoat holy Vir^n^ Mother of out AjttcanMLvXft^aoft 
member that thou art the mother aXao oi ^ >fiwi ^ 


i)e, then, the mothei '>f m^ soul, and 
iiterceasion, asBist me to form again, 
, thy Son Jeans Christ onr Lord. 
Jod, who hast been appointed to watch 

keep me in the way of salvation, and 
the witness of my consecration and m^ 
t me with thy loving care, and by Ui^f 

may worthOy perform the vows that att 

"eat Saint, who hast been gi\en me fof 

1 protector, and for my example after 
i to him, to whom thon offeredst thyself 
f , as a victim of obedience and ponance: 
me grace to sacrifice myself henceforth 
glory of God, that I may have part in thj 
ever and ever. Amen. 

^•» — 

acrament of (Confirmation. 


1* had heard that Samaria had received the word ly 
HK Peter and Jokn^ wAo, when they were CTme^ jf^^ 
i(f^ receive the Half Ohoet, For hr wae not, as yet| 
am ; imt they were only baptized in the name »f the 
. thef laid their bands noon thenu and they rceenm: 
eta. TiiL 14-17 

a sacrament, by which the foithful, who Yu4^ « 
kUdren of Ood by their hap i«m, receive the Holy 
r and the impoaition of the hands of the Blaio|iai 
» Apostlea, in order to their being n>ade etron^ amd 
and valiant eoidiere of Jeaue Ch'HeL It is called 
tli eOdtl, which ia, to r.onfim or tlrem^tkipa HhQHK 
ie pntfyrnkm of the trae faith ; to give tUeia wti^ 
mm to ho willing rather to die than to turn tvsra 
B «nM/ 4«BiiMi all their spiritual loemWk. 


3. This sacnanent was ori^nally designed and iostitoted hjcm Len 
for aO Chrietiaiis, and oonseqnently is a divine ortUnanee^ whidi ■■ IN 
bbliiired to comply with. It is so peoessary, that the neglect of ncsiftaf 
h would be a great sin ; more eqK»ciaUy in circumstanoes where penoH 
are exposed to pensecaiion on account ui' their religion, or to other tna^^ 
letions bf^ainst faith. 

3. The principal effects of this sacrament are, a fortifyixi 
•rder U) strengthen the soul against all the Wsible and invisLblo 
nf the failh ; and a certain dedication and coHseeration, of the soul llf 
ttie Holy Ghost, the mark of which dedication and consecration, is M 
In the soul as a character^ which can never be eflboed. 

4. Hence this sacrament can be received but once ; and it would bt 
a sacrilege to attempt to receive it a second time ; for which reason ain 
the faithful are bound to take extreme care to come to this sacnuneil 
duly disposed, lest, if they should be so unhappy as to receive it in inoP> 
tal sill, they should receive their own condemnation, and run the nriE d 
bein^ deprived forever of its grace. 

5. Now, the dispositions which the Christian must bring with him tr 
receive worthily the sacrament of Confirmation, must be a puritjf of eon 
fciencco at least from all mortal sin: (or which reason he ought to goti 
'.onjession before he is confirmed ; for the Holy Ghost will not come ti 
a soul in which Satan reigns by mortal sin. 2. A suioere desire of gi^ 
tng himself up to the Holy Ghost, to follow the influence of his diTUM 
grace, to be his temple forever, and, by his assistance, to fulfil all tbl 
obhuatious uf a soldier of Christ. 

6. Ileucc; a Christian ought to prepare himself for this sacrament uf 
fervent prayer^ us we find the Apostles prepared themselves for the r» 
ceivint; of the Holy Ghost. They continued with one accm-d in praym^ 
says St. Luke (speaking of the ten days that passed between tiu» Asoen 
sioD of our Lord und Pentecost;, and they vere continually in the temfU \ 
•raisfintr and bfesstng God. How happy shall they be, who, like thea 
pre]»ure themselves for the Holy Ghost by these spiritual exercises! 

7. The obligutions which accompany the character of Conflrmatiui 
and which a Christian takes upon himself when he receives Uiis met 
ment, are, to bear a loyal and perpetual allegiance to (he ^eat dLi ak J 
whose service he enlists himself as a soldier; to be (rue to hisstanot 4 
<be cross of Christ, the mark of which he receives on his forehead ; If 
Ight his battles against his enemies, the world, the Pcsh, and the dcTil , 
lo be faithful unto death ; and rather to die than desert fh>ni the tm 
vice, or go over to the enemy by wilful sin. in fine, to live up to tte 

iJohous character of a soldier of Ckrisi ; and \o msivkto&n that hiterte 

purity and sanctity which becomes iht temple oj the Hol-^ QkosV'Vtl^ 

ti^ of pruyer and a life of Jove. Where the cliarttcter o\ wa «9nlra» 

Haik wten we ^ lU bring U befo e ttio iud»ODWHfl.-«A olt^^bilta^^^ttJ^^B 


accompanied with such a life as thin, it vr II Bhint 

or souls for all eleniity ; but if, instead ot living vtp 

band to have been deterter* and rebei*^ and to have 

character by a life of sin, it will certainly rise up iv 

.18, it will condemn us at the bar of divine justio«) tl 

per into the' bottomless pit, and be a mark of et^iral 

eproach to our souls amongst the damneiL 


<M»Jfonnat«ni, it t» preper to make • prqniratttni jf sowu imff 
\ mnd ferveiU prafer^ etpeciaUy by devout acta of sorrow and 
[for wkieh purpooe tke Poalm Miserere may be aiso uoedyn mnd 
I mooeatunu of tke Holy Okaet in tke kymn Vcni Creato. 

• Veni Sancte Spiritoa. 

my of the Holy Ghost may be alh* need daily. 

for obtaining right DispvHtion* for receiving the 
Sacrament of Confirmation. 

God, through thy great mercy, I have received 

* thy modt holy sacraments ; the first to make 
child, the second to efface the stains which sin 
le in my soul, the third to unite me with thy 
on. Grant, then, I heseech thee, that the sacra- 
lich I am now preparing to receive, may avail to 
ing me a perfect Christian ; that it may give me 
1 and courage to combat ray evil habits, to over- 
I my temptations, to conform myself perfectly to 

and to become a true soldier of Jesus Christ, 
> suffer any tiling rather than renounce his holy 

and to maintain it, if need be, even at the peril 
fe. This I most earnestly beseech thee, O bbi 
"ough the merits of thy Son our Lord, who livdtk 
•neui with thee foiever and ever. Amen. 

^rmifef for the Severn Gifts of the Holy Qhoet. 

lighty and eternal God, thou hast vouchsafed to 
le for thy child in the holy sacramewt o^ ^a.^ 
lou hntit granted me the remission of my ftVxi^ ?>X 
naJ of penance; thou bast made me to a\l aX \k^ 
$, and haat fed me with the bread o£ ma^iV^ 



perfect in me, I beseech thee, all these benefits. Gimol -. 
unto u e the sphit of Wisdom, that I may desfifle tba < 
perishabl e things of this world, and ove the things thit V: 
are eternal ; the spirit of Understanding, to enlighten DM -•9= 
and to give me the knowledge of religion ; the spirit cl " 
Counsel, that I may diligently seek the surest ways of 
nleasing God and obtaining heaven ; the spirit of FortL 

Kide, t^>.at I may overcome with courage all the obstip " 

:les that oppose my salvation; the spirit of Knowledge -^^ 
>nat I may be enlightened in the >\tiys of God ; the spiril ^ 
of Piet^, that I may find the service of God both sweet f*^ 
and amiable ; the spirit of Fear, that I may be filled I- ^ 
with a loving reverence towards God, and may dread u \*-*^ 
any way to displease him. Seal me, in thy mercy, witi ^r 
the seal of a disciple of Jesus Christ, unto everlasting 
lifti ; and grant that, carrying the cross upon my fore* 
head, I may carry it also in my heart, and coniettfdDg 
thee boldly before men, may merit to be one day reck* ?• 
oned in the number of thy elect. Amen. ; — 

Prayer for the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost. i 

O Holy Spirit, Eternal Love of the Fathei and the }- 
Son, vouchsafe to grant unto me, I beseech thee, the \ —■ 
fruit of Charity, that I may be united to thee by divine ". " 
ove ; the fruit of Joy, that I may be filled with a holy- ' ' 
tonso^ation ; the fruit of Peace, that I may enjoy inwaro "-■^ 
tranquillity of soul ; the fruit of Patience, that I may 
?ndure humbly every thing that may be opposed to my 
own desires ; the fruit of Benignity, that I may willingly 
relieve the necessities of my neighbor; the fruit « 
Qcodj^ess, that I may be benevolent towards all; thi 
hiit of Longanimity, that I may not be discouraged bl 
lei a} , but may persevere in prayer ; the fruit of MOd- ■* 
.less, that I may subdue every rising of evil temper, stifle ^ 
every murmur, and repress the susceptibilities of my na> 
tare, in all ray dealings will\ my neighbor ; the fruit ol ' 
Fidelity, thai I may re\y, mlVi as«v«fe^ ^Qxv^^«cks»t.^^ ' 
the word of God ; the ftvdt oi^o^««X>3,Vina.\.\iMfi^ «Abl 
my extericr regularly ; the tri\X» ^t Cwseausoft^ «^ 


tkat I may keep my body in such holinesti as 
1 thy temple, so that, having, by thy assistancei 
1 my heart pure on earth, I may merit, in Jesus 
M>.OTding to the words of the Go8j)el, to see Oifd 

ir the glory of his kingdom. Amen 

Aetn before ConfirmaHon, 

U (^ Faith, — O Holy Spirit, I firmly believe thai 
)ut to receive thee in the sacrament of Con- 
L I believe it because thou hast said it, and 
the Truth itself. 

U of Hope, — Relying on thy infinite goodness, 
and Sanctifying spirit, I confidently hope, that, 
r thee in the sacrament of Confirmation, I shall 
the abundance of thy graces. I trust in thee 
u wUt make me a perfect Christian, and that 
t give me strength to confess the faith, even at 
of my life. 

ct of Charity. — I love thee, O Holy Spirit, with 
eart, and with all my soul, above all things, be* 
lou art infinitely good and worthy to be loved, 
n my heart the fire of thy love ; and grant that, 
eceived thee in the sacrament of Confiinuiuon, I 
hfully perform all the duties of my s.iuve, to the 
ay life. 

so may be usui the Renewal of the Bapt>u)«i Vows, p. 564. 

A Prayer before Confirmation. 

•d of infinite goodness, rec^jve. I beseech thee, 
t humble and hearty thanks, for all the favorr 
lou hast oestowed upon mu, from the very ao 
my birth ; particularly for that thou hast beoL 
tr rank me among those who are now about to 
apart and consecrated to thee by the sacrament 
irmation. Thou offeresl me the greatest of thy 
lOu art about to seal my soul with the s^aw^i 
r of a soldier of Jeans Christ, and to aend \\v^ 
'Hi down upon me, that he may abide. w\\X\v\i 
aaUjr, O wy good and mercifoi Fatkifet, tiv 


eouraged by such special marks of predilection, I w 
ture to implore, with humble coxmdence, that Hh 
wouldst thyself infuse into my heart all the dispoalttc 
necessary for its becoming; the habitation of sucl 
guest. Alas ! O my God, 1 am far from possessing tiu 
sentiments of faith, love, humility, and fervor, wk 
0U2ht now to animate my soul ; but all things ard p 
■ible with thoe, and thou hast promised to give to tn 
that ask. Y most sincerely detest all the sins of ] 
whole life; every fault, every imperfect iuclinati( 
which mav be an obstacle to the graces which thou < 
wrest to fcestow on thy unworthy child. Vouchsafe, 
ray God, to purifv my soul from every stain, by the 
finite merits of the death and passion of thy dear S( 
1 most sincerely resolve to serve thee feithfuUy all 1 
days of my life ; but, of myself, I am unable to do ti 
which I desire and resolve to do ; therefore I besec 
thee to impart to me the graces of thy Holy Spirit, tli 
like the Apostles, I may be endued with strength fin 
on high, and inspired with courage and resolution, 
prove myself the disciple of thy Son. I ardently dea 
to receive this most precious gift ; but do thou, O G 
render my desire still stronger and more ardent, 9 
accept, i beseech thee, on my behalf, the fervent desi 
that animated the heart of the Blessed Virgin and 1 
holy Apostles on the day of Pentecost, and let tb 
perfect dispositions supply in all things my deficienci 
through Christ our Lord, who, with thee, in the utdtji 
the Holy Ghost, ever liveth and reigneth Grod^ w^ 
without end. Amen. 


The chrism used in Conflmiation is a sacred oiDtmenU oompow 

cU of olives and halm of Gilead, solemnly btossed by the Blohoj 

Kamidy-TburBday. The outward anouiting of the forehead with d» 

represenls the inward anointing of the soul, in this saflrameiit, wttk 

doljGbfmL The oii% whutie itroperUes are lo tXT«ns^«sD nad Uv 

^ -. . 

'■ .• 

da, *o. lepnwDli the Hke aplrttiMl tibeli [ * i; 

It in the Mvol, penemtliig and dUtariaf itMlf 
oil altoi being a mooth and mild ■abtltiMM, 
lekneia aid patttnoe under the croH, whidi A- i 'i 

loflnnatlon. The Mm whlcli hte a paitie» a- T \ 

; bodiea, atter death, flrom pnlveAMttQiii tl^ il '- 

raoe reeeived in Oonilnnatiooi by whieh om p ^ 

corrnptioii after oar lina hare been do at i eyiri l 
im: alBOi being of a aweet amell, it repreaeali 
aTor of Cairiatian Yirtuea and an innocent Uib| 
edify oar neighbon, after liaTing reoeived thii 

btehead ianuMle in the fbrm of a croMi became 

unent* aa all other graoet, cornea throagh the 

of the death of Jeeoa Cairlat; and to ahow that, 

in hia aenrioe, and enUited aa hia soMiera, we 

Bed of our Maater^a livery, but boMty proton om^ 

ftuliBd Saviour, and membera of hia Ohurch, in 

1 may do againit ua, eithor by ridicule or penecu- 

the perwn eonflrmed a gentle blow on the cheek. 

being now a eukiier of Jeaua Chriat, he mual flght 
. hia enemiea ; suffer patiently all kiuda of afBronii 
fkith ; and bear with meeknem all croaea and trialat 
' the glory <tf bis Lord and Master. 
ia gentle blow, the Bishop says, Peace be with yott, to 
) peace of God, which, as St. Paul says (Philip, i?. 7^ 
lerstanding," is chiefly to be fbiind in suflbriog pa^ 
sake ; and also to encourage him to do so by the 
cording to our Lord^ promise (Matt. xL90): **L6am 
Bk and humble of heart, and you shall find rsat !• 

ike a new name at Oonflrmation, which ooght to bt 
Baint, whom they choose for their peitioular 

rinff aver hit rochet an omMe, 9tole, and eep§ 
or, and having a mitre ofi hia head, p r oe$e d» 
iy before the midst of the Altar^ orplaeedfof 
Aer eonvenieni plaie, and aits thereon^ wUh 
k$ Altar, and I if, faa totoards Um p«Qi|^ 



\olding h«« pastoral staff in his left hand. He isaMet hik 
hands^ still sitting ; then, laying aside his mUrey he ritei 
up, and, standing toith his face totoards the persons to it 
eonfirmedy and having his hands Joined before his hreeM 
(the persons to be confirmed kneeling, and namng afto tM^ 
hands joined before their breasts), he says: 

S^mitus SaDCtus superye- May the Holy GboBi jOBk 

•at in Yos, et virtus Altissimi down upon you, and m&y tlH 

eoiitodiat YOB a peccatis. power of the Most High p^ 

serve you from sins. 

B Amen R. Amen 

Then, signing himself with his right hund, toith the sign 9 
the Cross, from his forehead to his breast, he says: 

V. Adjutorium nostrum in V. Our help is in the NaiM 

nomine Domini. of the Lord. 

R. Qui fecit coelum et ter- R. Who hath made heavei 

ram. and earth. 

v. Domine, exaudi ora- Y. O Lord* hear my prayer 
tionem meam. . } 

R. Et clamor meus ad te R. And let my cry oomc 

veniat. unto thee. 

N. Dominus vobisctun. V. The Lord be with you. 

R Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit 

Then, with his hands extended towards the persons to be wft 

firmjfd, he says : 

Oremus. Let us pray. 

Omnipotens sempiterne De- Almighty, everlasting Qod, 

as, qui regenerare dignatus es who Last vouchsafed to n 

hos famulos tuos ex aqua et generate these thy servants 

Bpiritu Sancto, quique dedisti by water and the Holy Gbofki 

ms remissiouem omnium pec- and hast given unto them tkl 

lAtorun ; emitte in eos septi- remission of all their sins, send 

formem Spiritum tuum, sane- forth upon them thy se^ 

lum Paraclitum, de ccslis. fold Spirit, the Holy ^1 

clete, from heaven. 
R. Amen. R. Amen. 

Spiritum sapientiffi et intel- V. The sphit of wisdcai Hid 
Vactod. of understanding. 

B, Amen. R. Amen. 


irti- R. The spirit of ooiimel 
of fortitude. 
R. Amen, 
ieta- V. The spirit of knowledga 
and of godOnesA. 
R. Amen, 
moris Replenish them with ch* 
locru- spirit of thy fear, and sipb. 
1 pro- them with the sign of tin« 
: eum- cross^^of Christ, in thy mercy, 
im Je- uito hfe eternal. Through tM 
tuum, same thy Son Jesus Christ our 
rcgnat Lord, who liveth and reigneth 
Spiritus with thee in the unity of the 
ia S8BCU- same Holy Spirit, Gk)d, world 
without end. 
R. Amen. 

on thefaidBtooly or^ i/ the number of per- 
led require* it, stafidHnff with his mitre <m 
8 thenij arranged in rown, and kneeling in 
ires separately the name of each person to 
is presented to him by tfie Godfather of 
iinp ; and having dipped the end of th$ 
ht haftd in ehristn, he says : 

) cru 4^ cis. N., I sign thee with the sign 
of the cross »I^ 

ie words he makes the sign of the OroM, 
on the forehead of the person to be eon 

chrismate And I confirm thee y^iih 

i Pa»{^tri8, the chrism of salyation. Id 

'ti9iJ«Sanc- the name of the Fa 4« thfir, 

and of the Son »{<, and of tbf 

Holy ^ Ohost. 

R. Amea 

h$» A'n gently on th>f cheek savtmio : 
Teace be witVi^lbe^ 



Wktm all have been eonfirmed^ the Bishop wtpet wi*K 9rM# 
erwHbf and wtuhes, nis thumb aiui lumws <A)er a bum 
Whilst fie is washing his hands, the following AMiph» 
u sung or read by the Clerks : 

Ckmfirma hoc, Deus, quod Confirm, O Lord, that '^ehick 
operatus es in nobis, a templo thou hast wrought in us, froa 
MActo quod est in Jerusa- thy holy temple which is j 
I'ttn. Jerusalem. 

V Gloria Patrl R. Glory be to the Father 


Then the Antiphon Confirma hoc Deus is repeated; aftet 
which the Binhop, laying aside his mitre, rises up, <jm 
standing towards the Altar, with his hands joined bef on 
his breast, says : 

V. Ostende nobis, Domine, 
uisericordiam tuam. 

R. Et salutare tuum da 

y. Domine, exaudi ora- 
tioncm meam. 

R. £t clamor mens ad te 

V. Dominus vobiscum. 

R. Et cum spiritu tuo. 

V. Show us thy mercy, 

R. And grant us thy sal- 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer 

R. And let my cry com* 
unto thee. 

V. The Lord be with ycu. 
R And with thy spirit. 

Th<n, with his hands still joined before his breast, and aU 
the persons confirmed devoutly kneeling, he says : 

Oremus. Let us pray. 

Deus, qui Apostolis tuis God, who didst give to thina 

•j^ctum dedisti Spiritum, et Apostles the Holy Spirit, and 

iper eos, eor umque successores, didst ordain that by them and 

interis fidelibus tradendum their successors he should be 

Moa Toliiisti ; respice propi- deMverea to the rest of the 

ti 18 ad humilitatis nostrse fa- faithful, look mercifully on 

Biulatum ; et prsesta, ut eo- the service of our humility ; 

i*um cord a, quorum frontes and grant that the hearts (A 

Mcro chrianmife delimvimua, tYvoae 'w\vc»fc l«t^«aAA '^^ 

Bt aigno sancta? Crucis signa- Viavewiom^e^yvetiVJtv^^^ 

fimoB, idem «piritus Sanctua c\imm, «.^^ TS^^o^^^ 

t. . ilie sMoe "" -.vini ana 
■,,1 Ibe "'^ , iKni.-wWlf 



ence, and enriched with the gifts and graces of the Hoi] 
Ghoet 1 Tea, Lord, I confidently hope that thou haet aol 
been deaf to mv petitions, and that I am now in poeseMOi 
of that sacred ^ft which I so ardently desired. my Godi 
accept the praises of thy angels and saints, in thaQkagiriiii 
for tny unbounded mercies towards me. May the bTeisM 
Mother of thy divini Son, and the glorious choir of Apostki^ 
ihank thee for me. May the cross of Jesus Christ, with 
vfaich my forehead hath been signed, defend me from all 
my enemies, and save me at the last day. May the inward 
onction of sanctifying grace, figured by the chrism witb 
which I have been anointed, penetrate my soul, soften my 
neart, strengthen my will, and consecrate my whole being 
to thy service. 

Here may also be used the Prayer for the Twelve Fruits of theiltll 
Ohuvt, p. 570, and the Te Deum, p. 861. 

Act 8 after Confirmation. 

An Act of TJianksgivina. — O Holy Spirit, although I an 
enable to understand all the greatness of the benefit whid 
thou hast now bestowed upon me, in communicating thyseli 
mto me with the abundance of thy graces ; I return thee 
.oy most humble thanks for thy unspeakable gift, and I be- 
seech thee to accept the grat&ful homage of my heart, whid 
I here oflFer to thy divine Majesty. Oh, let this marvelluDi 
grace, which has imprinted on my soul the character of a 
perfect Christian, remain forever engraven there, and ^x 
cite within me a never-failing gratitude. 

An Act of Consecration.—-^ Divine Spu'it, who, of iaj 
pure bounty and infinite goodness, haat given thvself to me, 
notwithstanding my great unworthiness, how could I be s« 
tiBgratefiil as not to give myself wholly to thee ? Receive 
Uien, I beseech thee, the offering which I make to thee of aa 
( auL I consecrate to thee my micid with all its thoughts; 
lay soul with all its faculties ; mv hdart with all its affeo 
tions : henceforth thou shalt bo the Qod of my heart, and 
my portion forever. Perfect^ Divine Spirit, what thou 
bast begun in me ; strengthen the ^*"wi dR»\st&^vt.h.whidi 
thou buBt inspired me, and vnCkd cnfc pi^w. V^OkSr^ ^sci%s% 

witb the love of thee , _ . , . - ^vv** w- 

^n Jet of Petitim..- O Uc> ^^\ ^>-v.->.«'^ ^V=^V*x 


hed upon me all th7 gifts, and it 
alone that can presenre tiiem to 
preciouB treasure in a firall and 

in mj weakness, I beseech thee, 
I may show myself worthy of the 

.e of Jeflus Ghnst. Sather lei me 

my heart. 

d b^ore leaving the OhtrdL 

> leave this holy place, in which tli> 
safed to yisit my sonl. I am going 
whose whole spirit is opposed t« the 
Withdraw not thyself m>m me, 
e me not ap to its malice and wicked- 
abraoe me oc every side. Suffer not 
which the holy unction is still glisten- 
ashamed of the €N>8pel of Ghiist, nor 
ody, which is now become thy temple, 
onored and defiled bv sin. 0, may my 
:hee, most blessed Spirit, but cTex 
ions of thy grace ; for thou art the Spirit 
Spirit of stren^h, and thou onlv canst 
hose good deiireo with which thou in- 

Dhrlstian ought to live after he it confirmed ; 
i certainly bound by the perfection of the 
weakness, cowardice, and human respecl 
cnsed In such a«, through no fault of thein^ 
(firmed, there can be no excuse for those wh« 
irament. For the principal design and effee* 
ce Is to strengthen Christians against th« 
the devil, the world, and the flesh ; to take 
>f men t to enable them to confess openly^ 
igly,the sacred rules of the Qospel, esteem 
Master, and enter Into no other warfare bol 
are Invested with the whole armor of Christ, 
firm before persecutors and tyrants, who 
their faith ; and particularly before the peo 
> offend against those sacred rules by their 
Is, by their excesses, by their vanities, or who 
e enemies of the Cross, In overthrowing thai 
<9 ofCbriet are hpand to assert aii4m%.VBX%V«u 


A Prayer for the Renewal of the Grace of Conjirmaiit 

(It ma/ be lued also on the Annivenary of the Day.) 

O my Lord and my Ood, I have received, through 
mercy, the holy sacrament of Confirmation ; preserve, I 
•eech thee, in my soul, and renew therein continually, 
powerful effects of this divinft ordinance, that I may oe 
%Ued lienceforth to perform all its obligations, and to 
Mnording to the spirit of a true and perfect Christina 
Itare been enlisted into thy heavenly army, and have 
eeive I the character of a solaier of Jesus Chnst : grant t 
alwa} s and in all places, I may prove myself the fadH 
servant of him, in whom dwelleth all tne fulness of 
Spirit, and, shedding ^orth the odor of a holy life, may et 
my neighbor by my good example. Grant, I most hun 
beseech thee, that neither the world, nor the customs of 
world, may infect my soul with their pernicious max 
and that its vain flatteries and allurements may never m 
any impression on my soul Assist me by thy grace, th; 
may firmly reject the dangerous solicitations of the worl 
andi hearken not to the poisonouH discourses of the ui 
Ueving ; and may I endeavor, by my counsel and exam 
to prevent my brethren in the faith n-om being ensnared 
their deceitful words, or falling a prey to their malic 
wickedness, ever seeking to draw others to the same a1 
of error and destruction. Grant vuo, my God, such pu 
of intention, such true humility and strength of faith, i 
my whole heart and mind being raised above all ear 
tnings, and the illusions of a false philosophy, I may i 
oat thee, put my trust only in thy divine word, and fir 
■dKcre to the aedsioDs of thy Charch, wbidi alone 
•Qjpely guide the learned and the ignonuit into the w« 
imtk aad ^veriasting life. 


Sacrament of iSlatrimong. 


te of Matrimony was insUtated by the Alinigbtj in i^ 
he worili and under the law of nature had a partteola 
ed to it. Ood crMtAd man to his own image : male ani 
ted them. And Cfod hlesfed tkem^ satftng^ Increase and 
m the earth, (Gen. i. 27, 28.) Under the Mosaic law the 
9 distinctly announced its dignity and obligations. After 
the Christian law, our divine Redeemer sanctified this 
e, and fh>m a natural and ciril contract raised it to the 
arament. And St. Paul declared it to be a representation 
onion which Jesus Christ had formed with his spouse the 
r M • t n r m i aoerament ; hut I tpeak in Chritt and in tk$ 
3S. V. 38.) 

ent was Institaled by Jesus Christ, in order to bestow on 
er into the married state a particular grace, to enable 
irge all the duties required of them. It enables them to 
J union, peace, and love. It strengthens and purifies that 
>n, which, founded on virtue, and sanctioned by religion, 
ititute the happiness of a married life. It corrects the in- 
le human heart ; it softens down the asperities of temper, 
ich party to bear with each other's defects, with the same 
f they were their own. It causes them to entertain scMiti- 
lal rospect, to preswve inviolable fidelity towards each 
ranquiJrii every unlawAil desire. It gives grace to subduf 
) motions of concupiscence, and to avoid ever}- impropr^ 
Dt wi/h the sanctity of their state. For there is an \mm 
Xtif as necessary in a married, as in a single life. It OMiit 
m grace to discharge well that most important duty Ok 
eir children in the fear and love of God. For these dutief 
) married state cannot be Ailfilled without great exertiona, 
exertions be luoceesftd withom the blessing and grace of 

Hey who hitand to mter inte this stale o\ig!hVU^ l^tWMi\ 
CMT pnideaoe, and make Che best ponlb\« pi^VAK*^*^^ 
odtaia tbeae pndom and 5buu««ni grtOM tlPiJOB^ ^iw* 



1. Thaj «iv;M to implore the DiTivt airiatanee, hy fenrou vd 4» 
rout prayw, lu guide them in their choloe of a proper pcfm; tgm 
the prudent « boioo which they malce wiU rttj nmcli dqMod Itak 
hi^pineas, bo ii in this life and in the next. Thej ahoald be goidaAly 
the good diayacter and virtuous dispueitiona of the penoa of Ml 
jhoioe. rjithei than by ricbea. beauty, or any othor woridly ^oa^Jwa 
iona, wbicb ought to b« but secondary motivea 

2. They o^gbt to euU.'r Into thia holy atale with the puro JtBttlm d 
promoting the honor and glory of Cod, and the wanctiflcaliop of flM 
•wn Boola ; and not from any merely earthly motiTe, or ibr aemBl 

3. They ooght, moreover, to select a person of their own leUgioa; ft 
the Cathobe Choreh haa alwaya, by every meant in her power, diaeoip^ 
aged mixed murriagtii ; mid experience shows, that a want of anion h 
laith between the liu.sbuiid and wife is finequently attended with tin 
worst ccoaequeucets both to themselves and to their children. A CtAr 
olio, on marr>-iug a {K-rsuri or another religion, cannot be allowed lo 
enter into an agreement that any of the children shall be broo^t iq>ia 
uny fA'^er than the Cathulic faith. 

4. B^.fore they make any advance in a matter of snch great impoi^ 
anoe, Uiey out^ht to aKertain whether there be any impediaient to pi» 
vent tlieir lawful union : and parents are in duty bound to prevent tot 
great an intimacy between their children and relatioiia within the piD> 
hibited degrees of kindred. FirtU seemUL, mud third etnums err wUkm 
the prohibit fd degrees. 

5. They who intend to marry ougnt to ask the advice of theii poreoM 
ur guardians, tec. 

6. Tliose who keep company with a view to marriage should be care 
fhl never to tuke or allow any indecent fiunilinritiea ; for these are sia 
fill, and draw down ipon them the just indignation of Giid, in place d 
that blessing of which they then stand so much in need. 

?. It M also advisable, some time previous to their manriagei. to i» 
fe>rm tneir uirector of their intentions, that so he may have time mi 
opportunity to point out to them the preparation moai luutul far ttfl% 
md instnict them iu the duties and obllgatiaiis of the acato of Ifc kur 
which they propose to enter. 

8. They must obtain the pardon of their sfna by worthily appraaetthf 
the sacrament of penance : for should they receive Matrimony wUkmI 
pority of ronsci^ioe, they would deprive themselves of the gitoe d 
the sacrament, ami be guilty of a sacrilegioas pro&natioo ot this Mf 

9. The Church, in the General Council of IVent, seaa. SAyCii^ovB 
fohdtoiu for the w&f&re of her ^Ud^en^ exhorts the fidthflJ beta! 
ifiejr nuurian to reci ive wiUi Aevo^oa >3ti«^c^l ^^^xmoBic^a&cA. 

puHadorij OD eu imporUiDL mid sbcrBd rm occHaloiL. 
II Thej aaghl frHjutuUj u. relecl on Ihelr duUn nnd Db'lgBliuoi 

' BnitHiiKlB, loie ;anr iriv«i in Chrisl al» IqteiI Ihe Clinn^, And 

MrDWDbodlu" < Bphn. t. S5, W.) " Di> iiuilig wilta tbem ocfuru 
hi ID kBDwledgB. giTiog liandr u Uis Ainuls us id Iha vealier tcHHel. 

ntjeeHoUiBlfhusLsndilniUlthliiKB.'' lEphet T.Bt-M.l 

Etc lElttual tor tpe edtlitRtron of iaatrfmonn. 

Th iVtert, iialtd in a nrplice and vhilt sloh, arcnmpanm 
by at Itaft one CtsTk, to carry the book and a ceBul of Ao^ 
tmter, aiid by !v)0 or three witnttttt. auk) the man and iir, 
•toman leparatrly. atfolloai, in the vulgar longut, concent 
iiig their comeni. And firtt he askt the JiriJeffroon 
itKa atut eland at the right hand of the teoman : 
S, will thou take N, here preaent, for thy lawful wtfc 

wmirclirt? to the rile of our bolj Mother the C\niT<^\ 
« IwM 

?»-. /it Prie*t Mka tht Jlrtd* ■ 


Then the Priest aske the Bride : 

N^ wilt thoi take N., here present, for thy lawfhl 
■ooording to the rite of our holy Mother the Ohurch f 
R. IwilL 

JTten the tooman is yiven away by h^r father orfrietul , aunt 
ij the has never been married before^ she has her hanJ w» 
covered; but if she is a widow, she has it covered. 1% 
man receives her to keep in OMs faith and his own ; <w«k 
holding her by tJie right hand in his own right AatM. 
plights her his troth, saying after the Priest asfollotrs : 

I, N^ take thee, N., to my wedded wife, to have and ti 
bold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, fox ricfaei^ 
for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us parti ■ 
. if holy Church will it permit ; and thereto I plight thee ay 

Then they loose their hands ; and, joining them again^ the 
woman says after tlie Priest : 

I, N., take tnee, N., to my wedded husband, to have and tc 
hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer,for 
poorer, in sickness and in health, till death us do part, if holy 
Uhurch will it permit ; and thereto I plight thee my troth. 

7%eir troth being thus pledged to each other on both side^ 
and their right hands joined, the Priest says : 

Ego conjungo yos in matri- I join you together in mar- 
monium, in nomine Patris, A riage, in the name of the 
4t Filii, et Spiritus SanctL Father, p^ and of the Sod, 
Ajaen. and of the Holy Ghoit 


Then he sprinkles them with holy water. 

This done, the Bridegroom places upon the book gold and tU- 
ver (which are presently to be delivered into the hemde of th 
Bride), and also a ring, which the Priest blesses, 9ay%mg: 

V. Ad/utorium nostrum in V. Our help is in the nanM 
moBune Uomhu, o{ tVie Loid. 

R Qui fecit ooalum et ter- K ^\io\^V^ma^>MHn 
ntm tad esat\k 

V. Lord, beu mj 

emuB. Let ub praj. 

!■ Donune, amni- Blea«. ^ Uirti, this riiig 

I vhich we blesa ^ in thj 

% A ut name, that hlie wL'i iiha^ 

jm gestnTerit fiJelita- wear it, keeping true fuiti 

beneiiidmuf, » 

integram buo Bponso te- unto Iicr spouae, niaj itbida 

A 111 psee et TolnntiLte io thy peace and will, aa' 

oapermaiieat, Mqae in mu- ever live in mutual chariV 

tw duritate Eempw vivat. Through Christ our Lord. 
Pgi ChrUtiini Duminuin luw- 

nm IM' Prieit ipnnklei the rinif leith hull/ tcaler, in ih* 
fifrtn of a Crom ; and the MridegroBin, having Ttctivtd Uu 
nttg/rom the hand of tht Prini, givna gold and tilver la 
Ik Aide, aitd lays : 
mOi IhiB ring I thee wed ; thia guld and eiWer 1 thee 

tH\ with my boJy I tliee worship; and with all ray 

Hridl; guodi I thee eaduw. 

An (*e Bridcgroma place! the ring on tht ihutub of the 
Mt hand of Ihi Brids, faying : In the name of the Fnther ; 
liM on the teeond Jingtr, saying : and <>i the Son ; Ihtn 
»KUit third finger, tajftng: and of the Holy GhoBt ; laitlf, 
I M the fourA finger, eai/ing : AroeD. And there kt »■••« 

Thii done, the Friett adds: 

\ CDoGrma hoc, Deua. V. Gonbni, OoJ. thM 

food operatQB ea in nobis. which thou heat wrought m 

Lord, Imve mew^. 



Ohrisie eleison. 
Kyrie eleison. 
Pater noster, Ac Et ne 
DOB inducas in tentationem. 
R. Sed libera nos a mala 

V Salvos £eu; servos tuoa. 

& Dens meuSf sperantee 

V. Mitte eis, Domine, auz- 
iiun de sancta 

R. Et da Sion tuere eos. 

V. Esto eis, D imine, turris 

R. A facie inimici. 

y. Domine, ezaudi era- 
tionem meam. 

R. Et clamor mens ad te 

Respice, qusesumus, Do- 
mine, super hos famulos tuos, 
et institutis tuis, quibus pro- 
pagationem humani eeneris 
ordinasti, benignus assiste, ut 
qui te auctore junguntm*, 
te auxiliante serventm*. Per 
Christum Dominum nostrmn. 

Christ, have meicj. 

Lord, have mercy. 

Our Father, <fec. AimIImI 
us not into teitiptatioq. 

R. But deliver in froa 

V. Save thy servaotA 

R. Who hope in thee. 
my Ood. 

Y. Send them help, C 
Lord, from the sanctuary. 

R. And defend them out 
of Sion. 

Y. Be unto them, Lofi 
a tower of strength. ' 

R. From the face of the 

V. O Lord, hear my prayer. 

R. And 
unto thee. 


my cry oome 

Let us pray. 
Look, Lord, we beseeck 
thee, upon these thy servanti) 
and graciously assist thine 
own institutions, whereby 
thou hast ordainbd the propa* 
gation of mankind, that thej 
who are joined together bj 
thy authority may be pre- 
served by thy help. Throng^ 
Christ our Lord. Amea 

After thtSj if the nupticU benedietum is to be jrMf«fi, a Mmm 
is saH pr3 sponso et sponsa, at in the Koman Jiiimal; 
jvery i?M^ being observM which is there prescribed, vis. : 

d^^ th6 Fi/^i noster, thie Priest, etandirig oC the Spitiit 
side of the Altar, and turning towards IYm BndA «m 
Bridegroom, Imeeling Ufwrt tfce Altar* w^\ owr tVm < 
/M^>vnng prayers : 


Qremus. Let us prny. 

'topitiare, Domlne Biippli- Be propitious, Ixird, ant* 
kmlbusDOfltrisetlDBtitatis jut supplications, and gra 
If nulbus propagatiocom c.ousl^* assist thine own in 
mu generis ordmastl be- stitutious, whereby tho.i hast 
108 assiste, ut quod te ordained the propagatior 4 
X)rejungitur,teauziliante mankind, tliat that whict i 
etur. P«r Dominum nos- joined togetlier by thy 2t 
a Jesum Christum. thority may be preservea b) 

thy help. Through Jt*ifu» 
Christ our Lc<rd. 
Qremus. J^et us pray. 

eoB, (|ui potestate virtutis O GikI, who by the might 

de mhilo cuncta fedsti : of thy power didst create all 
iispositis unrrersitatis ex- things out of nothhig; who, 
is, nomine ad ima!;if:(^m when tne beginnings of the 

facto, idee insemr^biie universe wee set in order, 
ieris adjutorium coiulidis- and man was made to tlie 
t fcemineocorpondeyirili image of G<k1, didst ordain 
JB came princi) lum, do- the inseparable assistance oi 
, quod ex. uno olacuisset woman, in such wise thot 
tui, nunquam ijcere dis- thou gaveut begiiming to her 
;i: Deutf, qia tam ex- body out of the flt'.sh of in»;n, 
iuti mysterio conjuga- teacliing thereby that what 

copulam consecrasti, ut it had pleii8(;d thee f()u»i4^d 
ii»ti et ecclesise sacramen- be formed of one, it should 

praesignares in fcedere never he lawful to put iis;m- 
tiarum : Deus, per quem der ; God, who nast con 
Ler jungitur viro, et socie- secrated the bond of miitri- 
principalitei ordinata, ea mony by such an excellui:^ 
edictione donatur, quse mystery, that in the covenMil 
. nee per originalis peccati of marriage thou WvuM« 
lam, UbC per diluvil est signify tlie sacrament 
ita sententiam ; respice Christ and his Church t 
futius super hanc famu- God, by whom woman ii 

tonm, quse maritali jun- joined to man, and socif^' j 
da consortio, tua se expe- as ordained from the begin 
3rotectione muniri: sit in ning, is furnished with a 
ngjun tWect/onJs et puds ; blessing, which aV>Tv^ "^ aa \»\ 
m et cnsta nuhat in removed, either Vcv pxwiiAi- 
to, Jmitatrixque tutncta ment of oriii*u\«A «:\v\, vvf \>5 
^un^e^n fwiuinarum : the sentence oi tVie A^Vosc^ 



nt amabilis viro ut Rachel, look meiri/olly upon ihb tlij 
Bapiens ut Rebecca, lon^iBva handmaitl, who, being now 
et fidelis ut Sarah ; nihil in to be joined in wedlock; 
ea ex actibus suis ille auc- earnestly desires to be fbrti' 
tor praevaricationis tisurpet; fied with thy protectioo 
nexa fidei mandatisque per- may it be to ner a yoke 
maneat; urithoro juncta>con- love and peace; may ikf 
tafc:tus illicitos fugiat ; muniat marry in Ohrist, £uthful aai 
aiirmitatem suam robore dis- chaste, and remain a follower 
dpiinae ; sit verecundia gra- of holy women ; may she b» 
VIS, pudore venerabilis, doc- amiable to her husband likii 
trinis coelestibus erudita ; sit Rachel, wise like Rebecca, 
foecunda in sobole, sit pro- long-lived and faithful like 
bata et innocens ; et ad oea- Sarah. In none of her deodi 
torum requiem, atque ad may that author of deceit 
coelestia regna perveniat : ut have any power over her; 
videant ambo filios tiliorum may she abide firmly knit to 
usque in tertiam et quartam the faith and the command* 
generationem, et ad optatan? ments ; joined unto one bed, 
perireniaut senectutem. Per may she fly all unlawful ap- 
eumtiem Dominum nostrum proaches ; may she fortify hec 
Jnaum Chfietum weakness by the strength 

of discipline ; may she be 
in shamefacedness grave, in 
modesty venerable, in heav- 
enly doctrines learned ; may 
she be fruitful in ofifspring 
approved and innocent ; and 
attain unto the rest of the 
blessed and imto the heav- 
enly kingdom; that ther 
botn may see their children! 
children unto the third tad 
fourth generation, and arriTt 
at a desired old age. Throogfa 
the same Jesus Christ our 

Then the Priest^ returning to the middU of the Altoty tayt. 
Libera nos, dec, as usual; and^ aft^ Jke hoe received the 
Bloody cotnmunieatee the newly-married couple, and prO' 
eeecb wth the M(u:%: afui having satot Me beredicamw 

doA of laaitc, ud tfa* 

tio- Ood of Jacob be with jm 

ilia- and himBelr fulGl hu hliwinir 

-urn, upon ;ou; that TDD UftjraM 

lam jour children's children unto 

1 vi- the third and fourth genar- 

^ne Btioo; and may aftertrard* 

iMtro hsTS eTerhuting life, vitbont 

Patre end, bj the help of uur Lord 

fit et JeauB (Ari<t ; who. with th« 

a m- Father and the Holy Qbort, 

m. lireth and rei^eth Ood, 

world without end. Amen. 

Mof A«r, tHid to ptnevtn, mth out Aaarf 
i. Thm h» ipritiktit (Aim vitA hely 
' taid Ikt Placeat tibi sancta TrinitM, 
Benaiietiim, and rtadi the Itul Ootpd, 

mM ijr • Wamait m lAt ttaU ^ Pnf 

ikrhty. Creator of heaven and Mitl^ 
all ont of nothing, and redeemed w 
lood of thy only Son ; look dowB 
ndmaid here proatraU before theei 
thv inercv, and begnng thy htendnf 
■ child, which thou naat given lier to 
e, I beseech thee, the woib of Uiy 
both me and the tender fraH ot mj 
Q» Mad all ariU. Grant IM Vh mt 


time a happy delivery, and bring my child safe to Um 
font of baptism, that it may be there happily dedicated 
to thee, to love and serve thee faithfully lorever. Bvti 

n^ God, I have too much reason to fear, lest my I 
great and manifold sins should hinder thee from hearmg 
my prayers, and draw down thy judgments upon m 
and mine, instead of the mercies for which I pray . mI 
therefore I feel that the first thing I ought to do ifs t« 
rrpent, from the bottom of my heart, for aH my otfeiK^ 
humbly confess them, and continually cry to thee for 
mercy. I detest, then, all my sins with my whole hearti 
and desire to lay them all here at thy feet, to be ef&ced 
and destroyed forever. I renounce and abhor them 
with my whole soul, because they are infinitely odioni 
to thee; and I wish that I could expiate them witb 
tears of blood : I humbly beg thy pardon for them aU, 
and I wish, with all my heart, that 1 had never commit* 
ted them. I here offer myself to make what satisfaction 

1 «m able for them ; and I most willingly accept oi 
wliatever I may have to endure in childbearing, and 
offer it up now beforehand to thee for my sins ; firmly 
resolving, by thy grace, never wilfully to offend thee 
any more. Ix)ok upon my poor heart, O Lord, and if it 
be not according to my words, at least I desire it should 
be so : I desire it should be that contrite and humble 
heart, which thou never despisest. In this disposition 
of soul, and with a lively confidence in thy mercies, and 
in the merits of the death and passion of Jesus Chriat 
thy Son, I renew my most humble petition, and oiM 
more beg of thee, for myself thy grace and protection 
und a happy delivery; and for my child, that thol 
wouldest be pleased to preserve it for the grace of holy 
baptism, sanctify it for thyself, and make it thine fo^ 
ever. Through ohe same Jesus Chiist thy Son ov L 
Lord Amen. Iv 

mt Vcncbution of a tDoman after (![l) 

n>i< d Wnmat aftrr Childbirth tanit to Ihe Chitnti It 
tin- Ihantt In God, ami la aik Ihe Priori Bmedielion, lA* 
IIm*/' at Ih' do"r or e7ilTi, of /hn Cliureh, holding a lightei 
tamdiein her hand: and thi Print, viiied in a mirptit* 
and iMH It'-li, uprinlcln her wilh hoii) vattr, and Ihf* 

V. Adjutorium Dnstrum in V. Our help ia in the uama 
■iiaune DoiainL vt the Lord. 

R. Qiu fecit ctelum et ter- R Who tinth made haiiven 

JhI. EEBCKCcipiHt bonadio' Ant. She shall roceivo a 

UEoem a Domiou. et miaeri- bleuir.g from tlia Lnnl. and 

nrduni a Dbo aalutari mm; merev from Utxl herSavuHiri 

^nia luK est generatio qiue- for tFiis if the geaeratioD al 

Teatium Donunum. them that seek the Lord. 

Thtn/oliov PsaUa xxiji„ with tht Qluriii,/Dr ahich aee 

Offir* of the Bleiaed Virgin, p. 647. 

The Antiphon Hso aocipiel U reptalrd. 

ilolt to the'« hand. tK$ 

'.o the Chureh, layinif .- 

Ingredere in temptum Dei. Enter mUt the temple of 

idara Filiinn beatie IdnriiB Ood. ndore the Si^n of tha 

Tli]piUB.qai tibi rcecunditatem blessed Virgin Marv, who 

*H>ait priJis. giveth the« fruitfiitneM rf 

t»dtke,enttriMin, tmrUiefyre Ihe Altar, and prai/t. gitim 
tkwtjb to Ood /or thi benijlli besloacd ujvn ktr ,- and lU 

Kyti* eleiMin. Ohriste <1ei- Lord, have maicj. CbAA, 
■n. Kjneelaaea bare mercy, Loti, \i»(»« 

^>to- o»te/: «»M„ Our' Father, wcrellv. 



V. El ne DOS inducas in 

R. Sed libera oos a malo 

V. Salyam £ac loicillam ta- 
ttu, I>oimDe. 

R. Dtfus meus, Bperantem 

V, Mitte ei, Domina. atud 
Ham de aaocto. 

R. £t de Sion tuere earn. 

v. Nihil proficiat immicus 
lu ea. 

B. Et filius iniquitatis non 
ftppooat Docere el 

V. Domine, ezaudi oratio- 
Dem meam. 

R. £t clamor meus ad te 


Omnipotens, sempiterne 
Deus, qui per beats Mari» 
Virg«nis partum fidelium pa- 
rientium dolores in gaudium 
vertisti : respice propitius su- 
per haoc famulam tuam ad 
templum tuum pro gratiarum 
actione laetam accedentem : 
et prajsta, ut post banc vitam, 
ejusdem beatae Marise men- 
tis et intercessione, ad seter- 
Dffi beatitudinis gaudia cum 

grole sua pervenire mereatur. 
er Christum Dominum nos- 

R. Amen. 

y. And lead xu my 

R. But deliver osfroi 

v. Save thine banc 

R. Who hopetli a ti 
my Ood. 

v. Send her help, 
from the sanctuary. 

R. And defend her 

V. Let not the enen 
vail aeainst her. 

R. Nor the son of ii 
approach to hurt her. 

V. O Lord, bear my ] 

R. And let my cry 
unto thee. 

Let us pray. 

Almighty, everlaistii] 
who, through the deli^ 
the blessed Virgin Mar 
turned into joy the p 
the faithful in chlldbirl 
mercifully upon this 
handmaid, coming in gl 
to thy temple, to ofifer 
thanks : and grant tha 
this life, by the merits ; 
tercession of the same 1 
Mary, she may merit 
rive, together with fa 
spring, at the joys oi 
msting happiness. Tl 
Christ our Lord. 

R. Amen. 

Tlien he tprinkles her toith holy unUer, in the form of a 

saying : 

Paz et benedictio Dei oixi- Tl<e ^eace and blea 
i^poteotia, Patna, ^ et ¥\\3i, QkA feiss^x.^^SJs^^'^^ 

■nnDiunoir a;txr ^h.ldjbibth. 593 

Saneti, deeeeackt and the Soo, and Uie Hoi j 
i maaeat mmper. Ghost, deaneiid upoo tha^ 

and abide firtreTar. AmeB. 

w^f ^^F^^^^B^^pvav^a • ^a^^a ^K w^^^^w ^mb^pv^^w a^F a^a^pw vsv a^aasaa^^ ^^^^^^^^^w^p 

fctfbn af 8 Wamaii (n ClfDriifttl^ to^en tjftn 
to a HottUt oC jj^ saints. 

torimn nostrum in V. Our help is in the name 

ninL of the Lord. 

Mat coalum et ter- R Who hath made heaTen 

and earth, 
im fius ancillam Y. Save thine handmaid, 
ine. O Lord, 

mens, speraotem R. Who hopeth in thee, O 

my Ood. 
ei, Bomine, turns V. Be unto her, O Lord, a 

tower of strength. 
ie inimid R. From the &ce of the 

proificiat inimicus V. Let not the enemy pre- 
vail against her. 
ins iniquitatis noo R. Nor the son of iniquity 
eere ei. apraoach to hurt her. 

I ei, Domine, auxi- V . Send her help, O Lord 
leta firom the sanctuary. 

I Sion tuere earn R. And defend her out A 

na, ezaudi oratio- V. O Lord, hear my pra] 

amfOi iseiiB ad te B^ Ard let my cry ooma 

unto thee. 
ima Tohiicam V. The Lord be with yoa 

m apiritu tua R And with thy apoiL 

Tremaa. Let ua pray. 

°fi ,J^P*^^ Almighty, everlaatinftOoau 
tlmtiAmuUB ttda who hast given to tY^y ^t 


m oonfcaiioiie Toro fidei ttter- Tanta, in ibe oonfeanot of Urn 

nas Trinttatis gloriam agno- tmefifuth, to acknowledge tin 

Bcere, et m potentia maje8t»> glory of the eternal Tnnitj, 

tis adorare Unitatem ; quo* and, in the pcwer of majesty, 

Bumus, ut ejuadem fidei firmi- to adore the Unity ; grant, w« 

tate, l\»c iamula tua ab om- beseech thee, that by stead 

oibos semper muniator ad- fiEMtness in the same faith, thi 

•wrsisL Per Dominmn nos- thine handmaid may &\er bi 

tmm Jesum Christum, Ac defended from all adver aitisi 

Through our Lord, Ac 

Oremua. Let us pray. 

Domine Deus, onmium Ore- Lord Ood, Creator of ail 

ator, fortis etterribilis, Justus things, strong and terrible^ 

atque miser icors, qui solus just and merciful, who alone 

bonus et pius es ; qui de om- art good and kind : who de* 

oi nialo hoeras Israel ; qui fe- liverest Israel from all evil 

cisti patres electos quoslibet, who madest whom thoa 

et sanctificasti eos munere wouldest chosen Others, and 

Spiritus tui; qui gloriossB sanctifiedst them with the gift 

V^irginis Marias corpus et ani- of thy Spirit ; who, by the oo- 

mam, ut dignum Filii tui ha- operation of the Holy Spirit^ 

bitaculum effici mereretur, didst prepare the body and 

Spiritu sancto cooperante, soul of the glorious Virgin 

prseparasti : qui Joannem Mary, that she might be wot* 

Baptistam Spiritu Sancto re- thy to be made a fitting hab- 

pleri, et in utero matris exul- itation of thy Son ; who 

tare fecisti ; accipe sacrificium madest John the Baptist to 

cordis ccmtriti, ac fervens de- be filled with the Holy Spirit^ 

piderium famulse tuse N. hu- and to leap in l\is motaer^ 

miHter supplicantis, pro con- womb ; accept the sacrificf 

Beryationeproli8debili8,quam of a contrite heartland tht 

ti dedisti concipere ; et cus- fervent desire of thine hand 

lodi parientem tuam, et de- maid, N^ who humbly bt 

Sendc ab omni dole et injuria seecheth thee for the weaer 

din hostis. ut obstetricante vation of the feeble onisprag 

manu misericordiffi tusB, foetus which thou hast given htrr ti 

ejus ad hanc lucem veniat conceive; preserve thine 

incolumis, ac sanctae regene- handmaid m childbearmfi 

rationi servetur, tibi in omni- and defend her fr :m all cnul 

biiBJugiter deserviat, et vitam and injury of tl e dii efid e» 
toDBequi mereatur seternasii. mi \ ^^a.^ Vi ^a* W^ 

niMCTioir AfTBB cmLDBisni 59A 

Kw ui i um rot- hand of thy meny, her oft 
•pring may oome tm to thii 
light of day, and may be ^ire* 
fienred for holy regeneration, 
may evermore aerre thee m 
all things, and may merit to 
attain unto everlasting *tfib 
Through the same our Lord 

R Amen. 

nkied with holy vmter, whilst the 66th P^alm, 
a, U being eoia: for which tee Office of the 

Qus Pfttrem, V. Let us bless the Father, 
Sancto Spi- and the Son, with the Holj 

> et superez- R. Let us praise and highly 
sttcula. exalt him forever, 

lis Deus man- Y. Ood shall give his An 

gels charge concerning thee, 
ant te in om- R. To keep thee in all thy 

izaudi oratio- V. O Lord, hear my prayer 

meus ad te R. And let my cry corns 
unto thee, 
irobiscum. V. The Lord be with yu& 

iritu tuo R. And with thy spirit 

lUS. Let us pray. 

muS) Dominei Visit, we beseer h thee, 
ionem istam, Lord, all this habitation, aai 
ias ab ea et drive all dangers far from it« 
tua longe re- and from this thine handmaid; 
di tui sancti and let thy holy Angela dwell 
oi eam et ejus in it, to preserve Vet nnd her 
ustodiao^; et o&priag in peace ; and \ait 
t super eam thy hleaaing be al'waya xmoa 
omaipoteoa her: aave them, O aiiniglit) 
uncoa- <?od: an4 grant unto tbom «KJ 



fede perpetuam. Per I> mi- perpetnal light, 'nurougb jm 

tiiim nostrum, <&c. Lord, Ac 

R. Amen. R. Amen. 

Benedictio Dei onmipoten- May the bleasiiw of M 

lis, Patris 4^ ®^ ^^^ ^^ 3pi~ Ahnightj, of the Father, A 

ritufl Sancti, deaoendat super and of the Son, and of tb 

le et super prolem tuam, et Holy Ghost, descend a|Ni, 

maaeat semper. thee and upon tb? oflfrpnaKJ 

and abide forevet 

R. Amen. R. Amea 


St)e Penitential Psalms.* 

Ant. Remember not, of our parents: neither taki 
Lord, our offences, nor those thou vengeance of our sins. 

Psahn vL Domine^ ne in furore, 

1. Dayid, in deep affliction, prays for a mitigadon of the DiYioe angv 
4. in consideration of God's mercy ; 5. his glory ; 6. his own repeflU 
ance. 8. By faith he triumphs over his enemies. 

1 O Lord, rebuke me not and who wUl give thee thanb 
in thine indignation : nor chas- in hell ? 

tiAe me in thy wrath. 6 I have labored in my 

2 Have mercj upon me, groanings, every night will 1 
Lord, for I am weak : heal me, waah my bed : and water mj 
Lord, for my bones are couch with my tears, 
troubled. 7 Mine eye is troulM 

8 Mv soul also is troubled through indignati«;«( , I httn 

vxoaedingly ; but thou, O grown old among Ul miai 

Lcri, how long > enemies. 

4 Turn thee, O Lord, and 8 Depart from me, all T6 

ieUver my soul : save me that work iniquity : for um 

for thy mercy's sake. Lord hath heard the voice of 

6 For in death there is no my weeping, 
one that remembentth thee : 9 The Lord hath heard m) 

* It is a pk>us custom to recite the seven penitential Platans, reipai 
irefyf by way of prayer agamst the teveu (Voa^'j ^Sma 


n : the Lord hath them lie tnrnel botok, mmL be 

IT prayer. ashamed Terj speedflj. 

Jl mine enemies be Glory, ta 
ndanreTexed: let 

Pbalm zxzi. BeaU quorum, 

BdooH of those whose aiiie are forgiTen. S. The 
oe. 6u Ooolteioa of sin brings ease, 8. MiMyf t4.Xr. 

id are they whose waters : they shall wK ec»« 

are fofgiren : and nigh unto him 

i are covered. • Thou art m^ refuge fipuo; 

ed is the man to the trouble which hath sor 

I Lord hath not im- roonded me : my juy, deliTet 

and in whose spirit me firom them that oompasi 

» goile. me about, 

se I was silent, my 10 I will give th«>e under 

r old : whUe I cried standing, and will instruct 

he day la^. thee in the way, wherein thou 

lay and night thy shalt go : 1 will £z mine eyes 

heavy upon me : I upon thee, 

my anguish, while 1 1 Be ye not like unto horse 

was &stened in and mule : which have no un- 

s acknowledged my 12 With bit and bridle bind 

lee : and my injus- &8t the Jaws of those : who 

I not conceded. come nut oigh imto thee. 

d, I will confesf 18 Many are the scourgea 

rselfmy injustice to of the sinner: but mercy 

and thou rorgavest shall compass him about that 

dness of my sin. hopeth in the Lord, 

his shall every one 14 Be glad, O ye Just, and 

)ly pray unto thee : reioice in the Lore andglost 

3able time. all ye that are rig: it of heart 

1 the flood of many Glory, <&c. 

Ptadm zxzvii Domine, tie in furore, 

lartmiiM anguish. IS. Ho hopes in (Kid. 18. Hli .-eslgna 
tton and grie£ S3. Prajrer. 

rdfrehake me not 2 For liine aRow% i^fitfS^ 
Umtha:aorclia8' ^istinme and tkoatei^Vi^ 
'JijrwtTith thy band heavily u]^ i»%. 


S There is uo health in my do me evil talked vanitiei 

flesh because of thy wrath : and unagined deceits all tfc 

there Is no rest to my bones day lone^ 

becaase of my sins. 14 B% I, as a deaf mH 

4 ?or my iniquities are Keard not : and as «)oe that I 
tfon ? over my head : and, dumb, who openeth not U 
%c % heavy burden, press mouth. 

^orelv upon me. 15 I became as a man tfat 

5 )Ay wounds have putri- htareth not: and that hati 
ft>.d and are corrupt : because no reproofs in his mouth. 

>f mv foolishness. 16 For in thee, O Lovi| 

6 1 am become miserable, have I lyiped : thou wilt heal 
and am bowed down even to me, O Lord my God. 

the end : I go sorrowfully all 17 For I saio. Let not miH 

the day long. enemies at any time triunqik 

7 For my loins are filled over me : and when my fed 
with illusions : and there is slip, they have spoken grod 
tio soundness in my flesh. thmgs against me. 

8 I am afflicted and hum- 18 For I am prepared Ibi 
bled exceedingly : 1 have scourges : and my sorrow I 
roared for the groaning of always before me. 

my heart. 19 For I will confess mitt 

"9 Lord, all my desire b be- iniquity : and will think upa 

fore thee : and my groaning my sia 

is not bidden from thee. 20 But mine enemies live 

10 My heart is troubled and are strengthened agaiDB 
my strength hath failed me : me : and they that hate m 
the very light of mine eyes wrongfully are multiplied. 
ie gone from me. 21 They that renaer e^i 

11 My friends and my for good spake against me 
neighbors: drew near, and because 1 roilowed goodnea 
stood up against me. 22 Forsake me not, O Lap 

12 Tney , that were once my God : go not thou far flwi 
va^ me stood afar off and me. 

Umv that sought after my 28 Haste thee U> my liel| 

•cul did violence against me. O Lord Gk>d of my taWi^ 

] 8 And they that sought tc Ghry k^ 

tn fsinmiTUL PSAUttw Ml 

PkMlml. Muer€r€. 

pngri for iiimlMlnii ofhiiiiiis; S, for perftict luielity. 17. Goi 
li wH Id meritk^t but in ii eonlrite hMrt 19. DrtM prajw far 

i7r iDonj upon me. O 10 Turn away thy fiiA* 

tXCitfdiiig to tbygreal from mj sins: and bfot oal 

all my miquitiea. 
od aooordiog to the 11 Create in me a dean 

ide i thy tonider mer- heart, Ood : and renew a 

jot cm. *iy hdquity. right spirit within my b'^w- 

uk me yet more from ek. 

|uity : and deause me 12 Cast me not away from 

J am. thy presence : and take not 

V I acknowledge my thy noly spirit from me. 
fi and my am is al- 18 Restore onto me the 

lefore me. joy of thy salyatlon : and 

gainst thee only haye I strengthen me with a perfect 

and done ei^ in thy spirit 
that thoa mayeet lie 14 I will teach the wnust 

d in thy words, and thy ways: and the wicked 

; ofyeroome when thou shall be conyerted unto thee. 
ged. 16 Deliyer me from blood- 

ir behdd I was con- guiltiness, God, thou Gud of 

in iniquities : and in my salvation : and my tongue 

1 my mother conceiye shall extol thy justice. 

16 Thou shalt open my lipa, 

or behold, thou hast O Lor^ : aad my mouth shall 

troth : the uncertain declare thy praise. 
Iden things of thy wis- 1 7 For if thou hadst desired 

Km hast imule manifest sacrifice, I would siurely hay( 

le. giyen it : with bumt-onerisgt 

ton shalt sprinkle me thou wilt not be delighted. 
lyasop, and I shall be 1 8 llie sacrifice of God is ai 

Ki: thou shalt wash afflicted spirit : a contrite and 

kd I shall be made humble heart, O God, thoQ 

than snow. wilt not despise. 
Km shalt make me hear 19 Deal favorably, Lord 

and ghulnats: and the in thy good will wVtYi ^Vsn 

thBt wen humbled that tlie walls of 3eT»ii\en 

oaay be built up. 


90 Then shalt thou accept ings: then shall thflj li^ 
sacrifice of justice, obia- calves upon thine ahsHL 
Iao^w, and whole burnt-offer- Glory, iSec. 

Psalm ci. Domine^ exaudi. 

L The extreme affliction of the Psalmist. 12. The eternily aad \imwmmr 
«f God, 19. to be recorded and praised bj fatore gene"%tioiM V fV 
Wkdhangeableness of God. 

1 Lord, hear m j prayer . as it were bread : and mj 
and let my cry ooone unto gled my drii^ with we€p 
thee. ing. 

2 Turn not away thy face 11 Because of thme indig- 
from me : in the day when I nation and wrath : for thcM 
am in trouble, incline thine hast lifted me up and fSMt. 
ear unto me. me dowa 

8 In what day soever I shall 12 My days are gone dowi 

call upon thee : hearken like a shadow : and I as 

unto me speedily. withered like grass. 

4 For my days are vanish- 18 But thou, O Lord, ea 
ed like smoke : and my bones durest forever : and thy mfl 
are dried up like fuel for the morial to all generations, 
fire. 14 Thou shalt arise an 

5 I am smitten as grass, have mercy upon Sion : fori 
and my heart is withered : is time that thou have mere 
for I have forgotten^ to eat upon her, yea, the time i 
my bread. come. 

6 Through the voice of my 16 For thy servants hav 
groaning : my bohes have delighted in her stones : an 
cleaved to my flesh. they shall have cumpassioDC 

7 I am become like t peli the earth thereof 

ean in the wilderness : and like 1 6 The Gentiles shall fei 

a night-raven in the house. thy name, Lord : and %A tt 

8 I have watched : and am kings of the earth thy glan 
become like a sparrow that 17 For the Lord hath bm 
Nitieth alone on the house- up Sion : and he shall be sec 
top. in his glory. 

9 Mine enemirjs revUed me 18 He hath had regard u 
all the day long *. and they to the prayer of the Icwlj 
^hat praised me nave sworn and WWi itfstt des^*«ed the 
together og&inBt me. peUtVoii. 

' ' For I have eaten asKea 1^ ^^^ ^^«**^ VJkb^ 

miTfii ru L rsALMs. 6&4 

m tkW another genera- 25 Call me not away in t!i€ 
and the peo^e thai midst of my days : thyyearr 
be created shall praise are unto generation and gen- 
ord. fflration. 
^or he hath looked down 26 Thou, Lord, in the be- 
ns high aijd holy place : ginning didst- lay the founda- 
' heaven hath the Lord tions of the earth : and the 
1 npoii the earth. heavens are the woik of thy 
That he might hear the hands, 
ing of them that are in 27 They shall perish, bu^ 
b: that he might deliver thou endurest: and they al\ 
lildren of the sUiin. shall grow old as a gar 
That they may declare ment. 
ime of the Lcnrd in Sion : 28 And as a vesture shalt 
bis praise in Jerusa> thou change them, and they 

shall be changed: but thou 

When the peoide as- art the same, and thy yeari 

e together : ana kings, shall not fail. 

bey may serve the Lord. 29 The children of thy s«$r 

Qe answered him in the vants shall continue : and 

f his strength : Declare their seed shall be directed 

me the fewness of my forever. 

Glory, Ac. 

Psalm cxxiz. J)e Pro/ufidis. 
The cry of a contrite heart imploring the Divine meroj. 

)ut of the depths have 5 My soul hath waited on 

)d unto thee, O Lord : bis word : my soul hath hoped 

hear my voice. in the Lord. 
)h, let thine ears consid- 6 From the morning watch 

11 : the voico of my sup- even until night : let Israel 

ion hope in the Lord. 
[f thou, O Lord, shalt 7 For with the Lord then 

ndquities: I/)rd, who is mercy: and with him if 

abide it t plenteous redemption. 
?or with ihee there is 8 And he shall redeem li 

i-iation : ami because of rael : from all his iujqu 

ttw I have waited for tie& 
OLflfd Glor/,4G. 


003 FEHiTBK7.lL PSALXft. 

Psalm czliL Domine^ exaudL 

\ Daric pnyt for favor in jadfOMnt. 3. He rspresents his 
pimys for grace; 9. for deliveranoe ; 10. for sapotJAeatioo ; It tm 
rictoiy over his enemiea. 

1 Hear my prayer, Lo> d : them that go down inU cfaf 

pwe ear to my supplicaton pit 

m. thy truth: hearKen unto 9 Make me to heltf \hy 

for thy justice' sake. mercy in the miming . for 'fl 

2 And enter not into jud^- thee have I hoped 
meDt with thy servant : for m 10 Make me to kno;? the 
thy sight shaJl no man living way wherein I should walk 
be justified. for to thee have I lifted up 

3 For the enemy hath per- my soul. 

Bccuted my soul : he nath 1 1 Deliver me from mine 

brought my life down unto enemies, O Lord ; unto thee 

the ground. have I fled : teach me to do 

4 He hath made me to dweU thy will, for thou art my 

m darkness, as those that God. 

have been long dead : and my 12 Thy good spirit shall 

spirit is vexed within me, my lead me mto the right land: 

heart within me is troubled, for thy name's sake, O Lord, 

5 I have remembered the thou shalt quicken me in thy 
dajs of old, I have mused justice. 

upon all thy works: I have 18 Thou shalt bring my 

muped upon the works of thy soul out of trouble : and in 

hands. thy mercy thou shalt destroy 

6 I have stretched forth my mme enemies. 

hands unto thee ; my som 14 Thou shalt destroy aU 

gaspeth unto thee, as a land them ^hat afflict my soul ; 'ir 

where no water is. I am thv servant. 

*l Hear me speedily, C Glory, «!tc 

Wd. ny spiiH hath fam^ed Ant, Remember Aot. C 

;iray. Lord, our oflences, nor loxm 

B 1 am not away thy face of our parents : neither take 

from me : lest I be ]ikfl unto thou vengeance of avr 


pj^ 899, 901 ; Pa. cudl-^zzhr^ pp. 906-907 j 
xm. pp. 911 91S : P& czxyiiL-czzz^ ppi 929k 
czL, p. 978. 

aalm cxrrii. Ecee qttam honvm. 

€iw good, and 8 That ran down unto tfat 

t is : for breth- skirt of his nurment : like at 

I together in the dew of Bermon fliat fidl- 

eth upon Mount Sion. 

predoQs dnt- 4 For there hath the Lofd 

head : that ran ordained blessing : and * life 

e beard, even for evermore. 

lanxL Glory, &c 

aim coudii. JScce nunc benedieite, 

iw, bless ye the 8 In the nights lift up 
lervants of the your hands to the holy placet : 

and bless ye the Lord, 
stand in the 4 May the Lord out of Skn 
Lcnrd: in tiie bless thee: who hath mad* 
house of our heaven and earth. 

Glory, ta 

Balm ziz. ExauJiat te L^miinu^ 

Lord hear thee whole burnt-offering be 
ribulation : may fat before him. 
le God of Jacob 4 May he give unto tbec 

according to thy heart : aad 
)end tl ee help confirm all thy counseL 
tuary - and de- b We will rejoice Vn ^^ 
of Sion. salvation: and Vn \\i<^ wndda 

mindful ot tdl of our God al\&X\ ^« V>e «« 
wd nwv thy ailed. 


6 May the Lord fulfil all will call npon the name of 
thy petitions : now know I the Lord our God. 

that the Lord hath saved his 9 They are fast bound, and 
Anointed. have fallen : but we are risen, 

7 He will hear him firom and stand upright. 

his holy heaven : the salva- 10 O Lord, save the kins:^ 

tion of his right hand is in and hear us in the day, that 

powers. we shall call upon thee. 

8 Some upon chariots, and Glory, &c. 
tome upon liorses : but we 

Psalm IxxTJii. Quam dilecta. 

1 How lovely are thy tab- from virtue to virtue : tha 
ornacles, Lord of hosts : my God of gods shall be seen io 
soul longeth and fainteth for Sion. 

the courts of the Lord. 8 O Lord God li hceta 

2 My heart and my flesh : hear my prayer : give ear, 
have rejoiced iu the Uving God of Jacob. 

God. 9 Behold, God, our pro 

3 For the sparrow hath tector : and look upon the 
found her a house : and the face of thine Anointed, 
turtle a nest for herself, where 10 For one day in thy 
she may lay her young. courts : is better than a thou* 

4 Even thy altars, O Lord sand. 

of hosts: my King and my 11 I have chosen rather 

God. * to be an abject in the house 

6 Blessed are they that of my God ; than to dwell 

dwell in thy house, O Lord : in the tabernacles of sin 

they shall praise thee forever ners. 

aud ever. 12 For God loveth mercy 

6 Blessed is the man whose and truth : the Lord will give 
help is from thee : iu his heart grace and glory. 

he hath disposed to ascend 13 He will not deprive of 

by steps, in the vale of tears, good things them that walk 

in the place that he hath in innocence: OLord of host^, 

fixed. blessed is the man that ho- 

7 For the lawgiver shall peth in thee. 
give a blessiDgj they shall go GVot'j, &c« 


Psalm Izzzv. Inelina, Domine, 

India t tldne ear, O Lord, 10 Conduct me, O Lord, 12 

I hear xie ; for I am needy thy way, and I will walk iF 

I poor thj truth : let my heart re 

I Fre8^rve my soul, for I joice, that it may fear thv 

holy : save thy servant, O name. 

'^od. that hopeth in thee. 11 I will praise thee, i 

Have mercy upon me, O Lord my God, with my whole 

'd, for I have cried to thee heart : and I will glorify Ihy 

the day : give joy to the name forever. 

1 of thy servant, for to thee, 1 2. For thy mercy is great 

jord, have I lifted up my towards me ; and thou hast 

L delivered my soul from the 

: Fur thou, O Lord, art lower hell. 

)et and gentle: and plen- 18 O God, the wicked are 

OS in mercy to all that risen up against me, and the 

. upoQ thee. assembly of the mighty have 

I Give ear, Lord, to my sought my soul : and have not 

yer: and attend to the set thee before their eyes, 

ce of my supplication. 14 And thou, O Lord, art 

I La the day of my trouble a God of compassion and 

ried unto thee : for thou mercy : patient, plenteous in 

t hea^tl me. mercy, and true. 

r There is none among the \5 Oh, look upon me, and 

Is like unto thee, Lord : be merciful unto me : give 

1 there is none that doeth thy conunand unto thy eer- 

ording to thy works. vant, and save the son of thy 

\ Ail the nations that thou handmaid. 

1 made shall come, and 16 Show unto me a token 

ire before thee, O Lord : for good, that they who hat« 

1 they shall glorify thy me mav see it, and be cgo 

ne. found eel: because thou, C 

' For thou art great, and Lord, hast holpen me, kstd 

Mt marvellous thmgs : tbou comforted me. 

God alone &lory, <fec. 

Psalm cii. Benedic^ anima. 

Bless the Lord, O my 2 Bless tbis Lotd^ O m^ 

Uaad let all that ia within soul: and forcet iio\. vSiNfla 

bless bis boljr name. benefits. 



Z WLo lorgiveth thee all his childron, so natb the Lord 

thine iniquities: who healeth pitj on them that fear him. 

aJ thine infirmities. for he knoweth wherecf we 

4 Who redeemeth thy life are made, 

hum destruction: who crown- 14 He remembereth 'Lk\ 

eth thee with mercy and com- we are but dust : man's .kji 

passion. are as grass; as the fkyvv 

i Who batisfieth thy desire of the field, so shaU he fidii • 

mth good things : thy youth ish. 

iball be renewed like t^e ea- 16 For the spirit shall fjan 

glo's. away in him, and he shall not 

6 Tlie Lord doeth mercies : be : and he shall know Kip 
and judgment for all that suf- place no more. 

far wrong. 16 But the merc^ of the 

7 He bath made his ways Lord is ti'om etermty : and 
known unto Moses : his will unto eternity upon them that 
unto the cliildren of Israel. fear him. 

6 The Lord is full of com- 17 And his justice upod 

passion and mercy : long- children's children: even upon 

■ufifering, and plenteous in such as keep his covenant, 

mercy. 18 And are mindful of hii 

9 He will not alway be commandments : to do them, 
angry : neither will he threat- 19 The Lord hath prepared 
en forever. his throne in heaven : and hif 

10 He hath not dealt with kicCgdom shall rule over all 
us according to our sins ; nor 20 Bless the Lord, all ye 
rewarded us according to our his angels: ye that are mighty 
iniquities. m strength, and fulfil his com- 

11 For according to the mandment, hearkening unto 
height of the heaven above the voice of his words. 

thr earth : hath he strength- 21 Bless the Lord, all ys 

cned his mercy towards them his hosts : ye ministera </" ^m 

Uiat fear him. that do his wilL 

12 As far as the east is 22 Bless the Lord. tH jf 
hfci the west : so far hath liis works : in every pkaee d 
he removed our iniquities his dominion, my soul, falaa 
fnnn us. thou the Lore*. 

1 8 As a father hath pity on Glory, Ac 

Psalm czzxvil Cwfiiebw «6i. 

/ / will praise thee, for tLou\iairt.\MM3t^^^'««^ 

Cani with mt whole heart: of mf mo\it)v 


i ilgbtof theangelB ways of the Lord : for great 

I praise unto tliee : is the glory of the Lord. 

re towards thy holy 7 For the Lord is high, and 

od give praise uuto looketh upon the humble: 

and the lofty he knoweth 

:by mercy and for afar off. 

B sake: for thou habt 8 If I shall walk in the 

thy name above ull midstof tribulaiioii. thou wilt 

quicken me : and against the 

lear me in 'wfaat day wrath of mir.e enemies thou 

dudl call upon thee : hsist stretched forth thv hand, 

t multiply strength and thy right hand hatL saved 

J. me. 

Edl the kings of the 9 The Lord will repay for 

Euse thee, O Lord : me : thv mercy endureth for- 

lave heard all the ever ; despise not the works 

tiiy mouth. of thine own hands, 

let them sing in the Glory, Ac 

E%t CreeTi of 5bt. fSLtj^ummlun. 

ever will be saved, Father, and of the Son, and el 
I things it is neces- the Holy Ghost, is all one ; 

he hold the Catho- the glory equal, the majeE^y 


faith, except every Such as the Father is, such 
iep entire and invio- is the Son, and such is the 
lOut doubt he shall Holy Ghost, 
erlastingiy. Tiie Father uncreate, th6 

he Cathouc faith is Son uncreate, the Holy Ghost 
t we worship one uncreate. 
Frinity, and Trinity The Father incomprehena 

ble, the Son incomprehonsi- 
r confounding the ble, the Holy Ghost mconi 

nor dividing the prehensible. 
3. The Father eternal, the Sod 

ere is one Person of eternal, the Holy Ghost eter- 
ker, another of the nal. 
•ther of the Jloly And yet they are not three 

etemiJs, but one etemaL 
w ( odhead or he As aljM) tl ey are iv>t \\a«iii 


ancreatjs, nor three iDCom- And in this Trinity, there if 'i 

prehensihles ; but one uncre- nothing before or alter, notb* ; 

ate, and one incomprehensi ing greater or less; but the i 

ble. whole three Persons are eo> j 

In like manner the Father eternal together and co-equaL 

is almighty, the Son almigh- So that in all things, as Ib 

ty, and the Holy Ghost al- aforesaid, the Unity is to be 

mii^hty. worshipped in Trinity, and 

And yet there are not three the Trinity in Unity. 

alniiijlitii^.but one almighty. He, therefore, that will be 

So the Father is God, the saved, must thus think of the 

Son, God, and the Holy Trinity. 

Ghost, God. Furthermore, it is necessaq 

And yet they are not three to eTerlasting salvation, that 

Gods, but one God. he also beUeve rightly the 

So hkewise the Father is Incarnation of our Lord Jesus 

Lord, the Son is Lord, and the Christ. 

Holy Ghost is Lord. Now the right faith is, that 

And yet they are not tliree we believe and cc»ifess tiiat 

Lords, but one Lord. our Lord Jesus Christ, the 

For like as we are compel- Son of God, is both God aiK 

led by the Christian verity man. 

to acknowledge every person He is God of the subetanoe 

by himself to be God and of his Father, begotten before 

Lord : the world ; and he is man oi 

So we are forbidden by the substance of his Mother 

the Catholic religion, to say born in the world : 

there are three Gods, or three Perfect God and perfect 

Lords. man ; of reasonable soul and 

The Father is made of none, human flesh subsisting, 

neither created, nor begotten. Equal to the Father ao- 

The Son is from the Father cordu?g to his Gcdhead ; tad 

^')ne, not made, nor created, less than the Father aoootdr 

but begotten. ing to his manhood 

The Holy Ghost is from the Who, although he be bolk 

Father and the Son, not made, God aad man, yet he is DO^ 

nor created, nor begotten, but two, but one Christ : 

nroceediug. One, not by the ooBTeniMi 

So there is one Fatlier, not of the Godhead into flesh, bat 

Ihree Fathers ; one Son, not by the taking of the manhood 

three Soas ; one Holy Ghost, \)Xi\.o QccA*. 

uot three Holy Ghosts. Oiwi ^aLVsw^^Oasa. Tsrt*. \^ 


nftision of rabetance, but At whose coitiiog all men 

r unitj if person. shall rise ugain with theii 

For as the reasooable soul bodies, and shall give an ac- 
id the flesh is one man, so count of their own works. 
nA and man is one Christ. And they that have done 

Whosulferedforoar salva- good shall e^o into life ever- 

ioe, descended into hell, rose lasting; ana they that haic 

gain the third day firom the done evil, into everlasting 

ead. fire. 

He ascended int 3 heaven; This is the Catholic faitb 

e aitteth at the right hand which except a man believe 

f Ood the Father Almighty ; faithfully and steadfSEistly. ht 

nn whence he shall come to cannot be saved, 

idge the living and the dead. Glory, <te& 


Bt a Novenat is meant a devotion of nine days in honor of some myt- 

7 of our Redemption, to obtain a particular request ; or in honoi 
tbe blessed Virgin, or any of the-s&ints; to beg their interceasioo 
obtaining a favor firom God. It may be made of any prayer accord- 
i tc each person's devotion, and is certainly a holy practice, which 

8 often been found successful in obtaining favors from the Lord. 
lose who perform it with the conditions necessary for prayer; in 
rticular, with a lively hope of having their request granted, aud 
rfect resignation, should it be refused, may be assured that Christ, 
io has said, Jisk and you shall reeeivt, will grant them some grace 
Wearing as the fruit of their prayer, though in his infinite wisdom 
d flBflrqr* be may withhold tbe pariicular mvor which they im< 
xe. ** lU^ says St. Augustine, ** he seems deaf to their cries, it it 
Ij Ut grant their main desire, by doing what is more expedient lict 
BBL* God alone knows what is good for us; how jften is thf 
tanl oi our requests a &r greater favor than would be the grant o4 

ft NoUna (n IQonor of t1)e 'Mame of Sesvs. 

Oh! merciful Jesus, ivho didst in thy early infancy 
munence thy oSce of Saviour, by shedding VVvn ^^^^ 
•00 b/ood, and aaauming for us that name w\\\\^^ \«. 

010 A lOTZVA 10 T&l •▲ aCD MtlBT. 

above all names ; we thank thee for sneL mAj pro«i 
of thy infinite love; we venerate thy aaered munak. 
union with the profound respect of ue angel who m 
announced it to the earth, and unite our afl fe c t km tl 
the sentiments of tender devotion wiiieh the adotaUl 
name of Jesus has in all ages ^enkindled in the hea^ it 
thty servants. Animated with a firm faith in thy l.* 
ling word, and penetrated with confidence in thy nAa| 
we now moat humbly remind thee of the promiae Umm 
hast made, that when two or three should assemble ll 
thy name, thou thyself wouldst be in the midst of thA 
(^ome, then, in the midst of us, most amiable Jensl 
for it is in thy sacred name we are here asaembM: 
Come into our hearts, that thy holy Spirit may pray li 
and by us ; and mercifulljr grant us, through that ado* 
rable name, which is the joy of heaven, the terror of hefll 
the consolation of the afflicted, and the solid ground m 
our unlimited confidence, all the petitions we make ia 
♦his Novena. 

Oh, blessed Mother of our Redeemer! who didst nv^ 
ticipate so sensibly in the sufierimfs of thy dear Bo% 
when he shed his sacred blood, and assumed for us tho 
name of Jesus ; obtain for us, through that adorahls 
name, the favors we petition for in thu Novena. Bag 
also, that the most ardent love may imprint on our hearts 
that sacred name, that it may be always in our mindly 
and frequently on our lips ; that it may be our defenee 
in temptations, and our refuse in danger, during em 
lives, and our consolation and support in the hour of 
deatJb. Amen. 

(7VaMfMy»eMUMia«LUaagrorJ«fw. ewOontialfcV 

M XslMna to tlit %ux€9 Aeatt 

O SACRED and adorable Hoaxt of I«saa I Puneee el 
eternal chanty I Ocean of ViAtjIXa tE«wi\ ^^wM^oB^i^ 
of the iMeted ! ReftiK^ of «3bk!i«s%\ «xA "^^w^** '^ 


Ola woild! 1 most'ferrently adore thee, ai d anite m^ 
irt» ay affections, and snpplkationa, to the perpetuaJ 
nage thou thyself renderest to the Divinity on oui 
lis. Most amiable Heart ! which hast loved us with 
eternal love, supply thyself for my insensibility, and 
eive my desh^ at least of loving thee with all tha 
or and sincerity thou so justly meritest But remeoft* 

C) idorable Hedrt! that thou nast disclosed thysell 
tifl no ' only as an object of our adorations ; thou de* 
»t m'leh more to engage our love, and to become the 
»uiid and motive of cur tender confidence. For this 
I thou wert pierced through with a lance on the 
as : and for this same purpose thou remainest a daily 
dm of thy own love on our altars. O infinitely com- 
«ioDate Heart of Jesus! which was overwhelmed 
ii sorrow in the garden of Olives, at the view of our 
ritual and corporal miseries, 1 recur to thee now with 

the confidence thou desirest I should repose m the 
»nt of thy power and the riches of thy mercy. Con- 
ced that those things which are impossible to humar 
ans are infinitely easy to thee, and relying with an 
mble, steadfast faith on the sacred words of truth 
3lf, that whatever we ask the Father in the name of 
nis should be granted, I now most humbly implore in 
it adorable name, in virtue of that promise, and 
t>ugh the '>*undaiit mercies of the sacrod Heart of 
ma, the pi.«bicular favor I petition for in this Novena. 

3 blessed St Gertnide * and all ye glorious servants 
Christ ! who while on earth were particularly devoted 
the sacred Heart of Jesus, join your prayers witn miiie 
1 implore from the divine object of all your devotioL 
\ grant of the petition which I now make, and spe- 
lly offer up through thy intercession. Beg likewise 
m this acTorable Heart, which has dominion over all 
irtfi, and could in a moment change the most obdu 
e, to have compassion on those who are in the dreai^ 
atate of mortal sin, and to open to us all Jie treasure* 
Ka "Dercy at the hour of our death. Amen. 


M Vobena to tfie ISIesseH UCtglR 

MOST holy Virgin! who wert chosen by the 
rable Trinity from all eternity to be the most pm » 
Mother of Jesus, permit me, thy humble and devotai " 
fliient, to remind thee of the joy thou didst receive In tli 
fetttant of the most sacred incarnation of our divine Loid ^ 
ind during the nine months thou didst carry him iL tiri n 
ihaste womb. I wish most sincerely that I could ren«« 
or even increase that joy, by the fervor of my prayeni ,< 
O tender Mother of the afflicted ! grant me, under my * 
present necessities, that peculiar protection thou hafli ^ 
promised to those who devoutly commemorate this in- 
effable joy. Relying on the infinite mercies of thy cli> • 
vine Son ; trusting in that promise which he has made, - 
that those who ask should receive ; and penetrated with ■ 
confidence in thy powerful prayers ; I most humbly en- 
treat thee to intercede for me, and to obtain for me the 
favors which I petition for in this Novena, if it be the 
holy will of God to grant them ; and if not, to ask for 
me whatever graces I most stand in need of. {Hen 
specify your request.) 

1 desire by this No /ena, which I now offer in thy hon- 
or, to prove the lively confidence I have in thy inteicesi 
aion. Accept it, I beseech thee, in honor of that 8upre> 
natural love and joy with which thy sacred heart was n» 
plenished duringf the abode of thy dear Son in thy womb 
in veneration of which I offer thee the sentiments of my 
aeart, and tliese nine Hail Marys, 

Repeat the Hail Mary nine times, and then say the foUowing 


O MorHER of God . accept these salutations, in onioi 

frith the respect snd veneration with which the angel 

Gabriel first hailea thee full of grace. I wish most aok 

merely, that they may become so many gems in tiie 

crown of thy occidental gVorj, which will increase m 

tmrhtihsBs to the end of lYiewoM. \>wiftftw3ck. ^Oowt ^ 

f^amfortret^s of the aflSictcdl Vf ^^^ ^^"3 ^^"^ ^SAaXtwJk^ 

a a.e imiemoDtlis of thy pregiiuicy,to obLsiu fui mo tlif 
grant of the fnvore which 1 have now implured tlirongh 
Uijr powerfol intercession. For tliia end, I offer thee al! 
&t good woilis which have ever been performeil In Ih} 
honor I most Immhlv entreat thee, for ilie love of Ou 
imiable heart of Jeaus, with whii^h thine was ever M 
^auned. to heur my humble prayer, and Ui 'ihtnin ta i 

a Xobtna to St. $atrtrS. 

U BLESSEH npoBtle ■•■' Ireland! glorious St. Patnci' 

didst become tim father and benefactor of that 

_„ long before my birtli ; receive rav prayers, and ac- 

ttift the sentimentB of jj-atltude anS verieralion wiui 

' " ' my heart is filled lii'^arda thee. Thou weft tlw 

' " 'he greatest graces; deign then to tu'cume 

irmd of my grateful ikinks^vin^B to God 

foi having granted, through thee, that precious dft id 

Eutb, which is dearer to us than life. O most uleusec 

'"■|er and patron of Ihiit country ! do not, I beaeech 

B, deHpisc my weakness. Rememb-.r that the cries 

"""'b children wuTB the mysteriouB i:iviljition thatlhoo 

receive to go thither. Listen then to my most 

_ able Bopptications ; I unite them to the pmiaes and 

VmingB which will ever follow thy iiiune and IJiy 

wmory throughont the Iriah church ; I unite theiu to 

I Ibe prayers of the multitude of our ancestors; who now 

' vgay eternal bliss, nnd owe their salvation, uiKler t!^ 

' to thy zcnl and churity. They will eternally share thj 

SDry, bncuuse they listened to thy word, and followed 
y eiaiiiple. Ah ! since I am descended from saints. 
Day I blush to differ from them ; may 1 begin from thii 
oioment to love God with all my heart, and serve him 
with all my etrt.igth. For Ijiis end I most \raiii\i\^ \i»^ 
I Ibf blesainp. O great Si. Patrick ! and thy patlicaW wv 
, 'Z^'^ "^ "''t^Binf! whatever grace thoa '««» \« 


be mos, necessary for me, and also the particala 
tions of this Novena. {Name them,) 

O charitable nliepherd of the Irish flock ! who 
have laid down a thousand lives to save one so 
my soul, and the souls of all Christians, under thj 
e&re, and preserve us from the dreadful misfoi 
fldn. Thy zealous preaching^ provided even the 1 
of :*9ligious instructions which we now enjoy; 
thai none of us may receive them in vain. Tin 
teach that people how to connect the pursuit o: 
with that of science ; deign also to' take my stu< 
der thy protection, and to obtain for me the g 
sanctify them by a pure motive of pleasing God 
superiors. I most humbly recommend to tl 
country with that which was so dear to thee w 
earth. Protect -them still ; and above all, obi 
their pastors, particularly those who instruct 
grace to walk In thy footsteps, that thev may i 
thy eternal bliss. 

%iUns of At SatrCdt. 

Lord, have n^cr'.y or. U3, St. Patrick, oxampl 

&c., &c. charity. 

Holy Msirj, Mother of St. Patrick, glory ol 

God, land, 

8l. Patrick, apostle of St. Patrick, instruct 

Ireland, *ti little ones, 

8L Patrick, vessel of elee^ | St. Patriv^k, our po 

t\on, I^ ful protector, 

* r*atrick, model oJ ^ St. Patrick, our con 

bishops, S sionate advocate, 

8l Patrick, enomy of in- * Lamb of God, &c., 

fidelity, V. Pray for us, ( 

&t Patrick, profoundly ous St. Patrick. 

b am We, ^ TVv»\. n?^ ^mjj ^ 

t^L Patrick, I'.onBumei wotOi^ ot ^Qo^ \«« 


Let ua pray. 

y who didst send thy blessed servant St. Patrieh 
it and save thy people, and didst infuse into hii 
fl^reat a share of thine own tenderness, charity 
, listen, we beseech thee, to the prayers wl^k 
offer up in union with the prayers of this glori 
»n and father in heaven, and grant us, throuffii 
session, the intentions of this Novena, and um 
her to die than to offend thee. 

m Xobena to &t. 5o)m tj^t 38a|»t(«t 

iious precursor of Jesus Christ ! great prophet 
ost High ! angel of the Lord ! who wert created 
Tore his face, and to prepare his ways, how high 

throne be in heaven, since even on earth thou 
exalted ! Thou art truly the first and greatest 

those bom of woman, since the Searcher of 
onounced thee such. Thou wert great in thy 
us birth and wonderful life — great ii. thy pen- 
1 in thy zeal ; but thou wert much greater in 
y of heart, and in the depth of thy humility. 
Lst enter this world of sin in the friendship of 
tor, and never had the misfortune to offend him 
'ert the minister of baptism to Jesus Christ, yet 
st humbly acknowledge thyself unworthy to 
! latchet of his shoe. O great saint ! that glorj 
ways follows the humble, has been abundant)) 
:o tiiee. Jesus Christ himself proclaimed th^ 
ind tJie whole world, to the end of time, will 
i thy sacred birth. O miracle of God's power 
e ! I conjure thee to raise for us and for all the 
* this state, of which thou art the special patron^ 
BtftiJ wiee, which ome crying in the wi\deTT\««ft^ 
/ the heavBDB in favor of sinners ; and to Vnw 
V the inteationa of thin Novena, N. N. 

i« iRAvr w «t. xm sa> ulptih. 

O b OBsed contemp-atlTe, wlioM nveet eommuii 
UoDs nitb God were euller than thy Urtt ; t)^ foo^ 
thy life were the heavenly czeniM of prayar ; thou ■ 
by excelkace tba fliend of tiie Md^roora, Mid e 
therefore obtain all things of Ifim, who bo aidi^ 
loved thee. Deign ttien to take all my spiritaal nM 
aitiea uuder thv protection, and to obtntD for ns ■H'jl 
graces we Bt&na in need ot, putioolariy perfect i 

I length ■ 
ed thee,u 

which IS east alao amonmt na by the leulous preuchq 
of those whom the Lora haa "* — ' 

a the way to hiin. O shining lampl enlighten i 
tliy prayera, that we may know ooiwIvvm but infiniq 
more, that we may know onr God, and liis only ^ 

•HUH Chrint onr Lord whom ha bath sunt, obtdn far m 
<t participate frequently ana worthily in the !io>y <^w 
munion, ajid with that purity of lienrt. which eniihl*^ 
thee to discover the Lamb of God, thtMigli he wa» thi 
hidden from all othera. O bleuied murtiT of Jeai 
Christ, though I am moat unworthy to Iny down mvfl 
for his love ae thou didst, yet I entreat of' thee to uM 
»de for me that I may live and die in the huppy mart; 
dom of Christian morufieation, and the faithful diachai 
•f erery dutv required by tbe divine law. 

Wtang of At. 3^ tk Saf UiL 
liord, luve merey on ua. - the wotia, Hate m«i 
Christ, have mercy on as. lu. 

Christ, hear us. God the Holy Ghoal, tint 

CSirist, giacioualy hear as. ^""31 "" '"'■ 
tJod Ui6 Father of haivftti. HjA'5'Wiii\Vi,QT.fc<l<yMfa«: 
^ve merce on ut. werci ot^ i^ ■ 



e Baptist 
f Christ, 
e Baptist, 
e Baptisti 
baptism to 

id shming j 

worid, w 

B Baptist,? 

rity, before g 

e Baptist, 
id and fa- 
irist, . 
e Baptist, 
> element 

e Baptist, 
eacher of 

St John the Baotist, 
miracle of mornfieiu 
tion and penance, 

St John the Bwtist, .^ 
example of profoimd jf 
hnraiJity, ** 

St John the BaDtkf^l 
fflorious martyr 01 zeal g 
for God*s holy law, " 

St John the Bantiat, 
riorioos patron of tiiis 

Lamb of God, who takest 
away the sins of tlie 
world, roare na, O Lord. 

Lamb of God ! who takest 
away the sjns of the 
world, hear ns, O Lord. 

Lamb of God ! who takest 
away the sins of the 
world. Have mercy on us. 

Christ, hear us; Chnst, gra- 
ciously hear us. 

Pray for us, O glorious St 
John the Baptist, that we 
may be made worthy, Su . 

Let tM pray. 

> hast honored this world by the birth ol 
baptist, jmnt that thy faithful people maf 
way of eternal salyation. through Jeswi 
rd. Amen. 

t/muL ta J^t e>anrUs Itotttmit. 

8t Charles ! the father of the cleTtt^^Vtti 
feJ of holj prelates I thou art t\iat mfA 


p<istor, who, like thy divine Master, didst give vp tli} 
ufe for thy flock, if not by thy death, at least by tin 
numerous sacrifices of thy painful mission. Thy sancti 
fibd life on earth was a spur to the most fervent ; thy 
exemplary penance was a reproach to the slothful, and 
thy indefatigable zeal was the support to the Church. 
great prelate since the glory of God and the salvatioi 
of souls are the only objects of solicitude to the blessel 
m heaven, vouchsafe to intercede for me now, and to 
offer up for the intention of this No vena those fervent 
prayers which were so successful while thou wert od 
earth. (Here specify your request.) ' 

Thou art, O great St. Charles ! among all the saints ^ 
of God, one in whase intercession I should most confide, ^ 
because thou wert chosen by God to promote the in- ^ 
terests of religion, by promoting the Christian education 
of youth. Thou wert, like Jesus Christ himself, alwayi J 
accessible to little ones ; for whom thou didst thysell 
break the bread of the word of God, and procure for 
them also the blessings of a Christian education. To 
thee, then, I have recourse with confidence, beseeching 
thee to obtain for me the grace to profit of the advanta- 
ges I enjoy, and for which I am so considerably indebted 
to thy zeal. Preserve me by thy prayers from the dan- 
gers of the world ; obtain that my heart may be im- 
pressed with a lively horror of sin ; a deep sense of my 
duty as a Christian ; a sincere contempt for the opinion 
and false maxims of the world ; an ardent love for Godt 
and that holy fear which is the beginning of wiadoB 

Ktans of ^t. Cl^attles SSortomco. 

Lord, have mercy on us, St Charles, imitator of . 
dM5., &c. ^ Christ, 3 

Holy Mary, mother of i Si. CVvtvilea, faithful fok ^ 
God, ^ Xo'w w o^ ^\vto. ^tmS^"^ 

Qaeen of i^L\>stiea, ^ ^^ , > ^ x. i^ 

SL Charles, % »t, CV^\«^>^. t«^\«wAiA 

UTAirt Oi ST JOSEPH 619 

psirit of tfie sirous of the salvaticn 

of souh, 

consumed St. Charles, most zealous 
>r the glory for the instruction of 

^ youth, 5 

&ther and^ St Charles, patron of the f 
6 clergy, >^ Ursuline Schools, *J 

le light and ^ Lamb of God, &c. J 

the Church, .S V. Pray for us, O glo. • 

a model nous St. Charles. 
r and pen- R. That we may be 

made worthy of the pro- 
most de- mises of Christ. 

Let MS pray. 

thy church, O Lord, under the contiirual pro 

glorious confessor and bishopr St. Charles, 

8 eminent for the discharge of his pastoral 

prayer^ may make us zealous in me lovt 

name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Ktans of &t. Josept). 

ercy Hoi} Mary, SpouHe of 

ircy. Joseph, 

nercy. Holy Joseph, Spouse of 

nercy. the Virgin Mary, ^ 

ercy. Nursing-father of JesuS) j 

ercy, Man according to God's ^ 

is own heart. 4 

usiyheariLS, Faithful and prudent ser- || 

sr of heaven, vant, 

, Redeemer ^ Guardian of the virginitY 

'd, « of Mary, 

Ghost, ^ Companion and aoVaoe ^ 

ineGod^ ^' Marv 



Most pure in virginity, 

Most profound in humil- 

Most fervent in charity. 

Most exalted in conteoi 

Who wast declared to be 
a just man by the tes- 
timony of the Holy 
Ghost himself, 

Who wast enlightened 
above all in heavenly 

Who wast the chosen 
minister of the coun- 
sels of the Most High, ^ 

Who wast taught from ^ 
above the mystery of *> 
che Incarnate Word, ^ 

Who didst journey to 5 
Bethlehem with Mary, 
thy Spouse, being 
great with child, 

Who, finding no place ih 
the inn, didst betake 
thyself to a stable 

Who wast thought wor- 
thy to be present when 
Christ was born and 
laid in a manger, 

Who didst bear in thine 
Arms the Son of God, 

Who didst receive the 
blood of Jesus at his 

Who didai present him 
to the Lord in the 

Temple^ lith Mary his 


Who, at the wanuig ol 
the Angel, dijilst Hj 
into Egypt with the 
Child and his Mother. 

Who, when Hered w&» 
dead, didst return witk 
them into the land of 

Who for three days, with 
Mary his Mother, didst 
seek sorrowing the 
Child Jesus, when he 
was lost at Jerusalem, 

Who, after three days, JJJ 
didst find him with joy ^ 
sitting in the midst ols, 
the Doctors, ^ 

Who hadst the Lord of f 
lords subject to thee 
on the earth. 

Who wast the happy wit- 
ness of his hidden life 
and sacred words. 

Who didst die in the 
arms of Jesus and 

Whose praise is in the 
Gospel : The Husband 
of Mary, of whom was 
born Jesus, 

Humble imitator of thi 
Incarnate Word, 

Powerful support of Jit ' 

Our advocate, 

St. Josephj hear u*. 

Out rnVsoT^ 
St. JosepK gratcwMO^ 

UTAiir or Mr. jamn. 



of death, 

Jiy pateroal 
fidelHy, ^ 

y love of Je- • 
fary, |< 

y labors and »| 

thy virtiieB, || 

thy exalted*^ 
ma eternal 



, hear us, 
>btain for hb 
18 the pardon 


commend us 
to Jesus and 

stain for all, 
ins and mar- ^ 
chastity be- ^ 
their state, i* 
ouldstvouch- i 
btain for all S 
.tions perfect 
ftall rulen 

and predates in the 
government of their 

That thou wouldstvoncli- 
safe to assist all piu 
rents in the Christfiui 
education of thdr eMl- 

That thou woitldstv oueh* 
safe to protect all those 
that rely upon thy paU 

That thou wouldstvoueh- 
safe to support, with 
thy paternal help, all 
Congregations institu- ^ 
ted under thy name T 
and patronage, '^ 

That thou wouldstvoueh- 1 
safe to visit and stand !| 
by us, with Jesus and f 
Mary, in the last mo- 
ment of our life. 

That thou wouldstvoueh* 
safe to succor, by thy 
prayers and interces- 
sion, all the faithfbi 

O chaste Spouse of Maiy* 

O faithful Nursmg-fathiT 
of Jesus, 

Holy Joseph, 

Lamb of God, who tatal 
away the sins of Uw 

Spare us, Lord. 

Lamb of God, ^\io \a^«iX 
away the «^% ^t ^^ 


Oraciausly hear us, O Lord, of blessed Mary evet T]» 

Lamb of God, who takest gin, and to be the Guardka 

away the sins of the and Nursing-father of thj 

world, belovtd Son our LordJe* 

Have mercy on us, sus Christ ; we humbly be* 

Christ, hear us. seech thee to grant ui^ 

Christy graciously hear us, through his patronage aoi 

V. Pray for us, O blessed merits, such purity of mir^ 

/oseph. and body, that, being cleai. 

R. That we may be made from every stain, and do- 
worthy of the promises of thed with the true marriage- 
Christ, garment, we may, by Siy 

Let US nrav ^^^ ^^^^^ ^ admitted 

i^tuspray. ^ ^^ heavenly nuptiab. 

O God, who didst choose Through the same Jesue 

St Joseph to be the Spouse Christ our Lord. Amen 

fdL Xobena to &t. Josepb 

DiRBCTioMB POR KACH Dat OP THE NovBNA.* -Begin with the Uk 
•ny of the Saint ; say one of the following preyen ; recite the Our A 
tkery and the Hail Mary, three times ; and conclode hj the OblaIit.ii, 
Holy Joseph <»'£., P^e 636. 


Blessed St. Joseph, born to be the guardian of Jesus, 
the protector and consoler of Mary ! make powerful In- 
tercession for me, that my pious resolutions may nol 
prove abortive ; that I may be bom to an interior and 
spiritual life ; that I may have such an increase of isad> 
iiy BO ardent a love of purity, so great a conviction d( 
Av ;.fn vilentiss, so clear a light of the emptiness and 
canity of worldly grandeur, as to esteem and relish only 
things that are eternal : Through our Lord Jesus Christy 
&c., &c. 


Omnipotent Creator, whose \meimii%YtwA«M» 
j'of every moment to the AngeV% m \v«iwj««^* «»^ ^^ "^ 


BiinlB upoi earth! I most humbly beg, through the m* 

leieeasioii of St. Joseph, that I may cheerfully acquiesce 

ind rejoke in every thing that comes from thy Hitherlj 

band ; that I may be vigorous in executing thy divine 

will, and glorify thee in my present state. Grant me 

the true spirit of mortification, to subdue my stubborji 

pasalona. to satisfy for what is past, and to be a preserv 

dve from future dangers. Grant that, by purity of ir*. 

' Aitiou, the meanest oi my actions may be acceptable lo 

[ thee, as was the mite of the poor widow, which was put 

i into the treasury of the temple: Through Jesus Christ 

I oor Lord. Amen. 


Omnipotent God, at whose command every tree pro- 
daced fruit of its kind ! grant, through the intercession 
of Mary and Joseph, that I may serve thee faithfully in 
the state in which thou hast placed me. I tirmly be- 
lieve all thou hast revealed: protect me, lest I should 
be found among the number of those foolish virgins, 
who carried lamps without oil. Assist nie with thy 
powerful ffrace, t) at I may be humble, charitable and 
ehaste ; and not be like the barren fig-tree, fit only to 
become fuel for eternal flames. This grace I implore 
through the infinite merits of Jesus, my Saviour. Amen. 


Holy Ghost, God of all comfort ! If thou seest it ex. 
Dedient for the security of my salvation that I should 
b* oppressed witli tiioulation, permit me not to fall 
ifim*4j power ! near me up ; thou knowest D?.y weak 
aw. Favor me with thv grace, that I may be compas 
<aH>pjiu: towards my neighbor, and govern myself with 
Vhi same spirit of lenity and charity, as if the case were 
%ny own. I deplore my censorious temper, and resolve 
to be upon my guard. I return thee thanks for ius^vriiv^ 
tthj with the Insolation of becoming better ; but v>i icv. 
ii/fl am not able to persevere in my good iiAteivWo^^ 
fieff tbjr aMswPmee, that I may filftl whiit l\\ou coiii. 


mandest' and then, dear Lord, command what thou 
pleasest. Afflict me with such crosses as I can endnru^ V 
that I may discharge at least a part of the great debl ,' 
due to the divine justice. Grant, through the inteio<»> ~ 
sionvpf St. Joseph, that after my tempord trials, ^hethn ^^ 
exteri'^r or interior, I may find that permanent joy witA 
%k«ch tbou renderest him, and his immacuiate SpoiUN^ 
Ttornally happy : Through the merits of our Lord Jeaoi 
Christ Slc Amen. 


C) infiiiite God ! how truly may it be said of me, Tb 
ox knoweth his owner^ and the ass his master's crib ; boft 
ihou kuowest not thy Lord. I admire thy love and I 
eharity I I am ashamed of my tepidity and mgratitadflii | 
Infinite goodness! I come too late to love thee, but -f 
although it be the eleventh hour, bestow on me tht ' 
promised reward : be to me a Saviour. Thou who hast \ 
bled for me, let me partake of thy eternal charity \ 
Grant that, through the intercession of St. Joseph, my . 
good resolutions may be perfected. I also beg, thai, \ 
when I entertain thee in the most blessed Sacrament,! "i 
may be favored wilh the same sentiments of adoration, ■ 
lo\ e, and thanksgiving, that St. Joseph experienced, wheo ' 
he n ceived thee from Simeon, to restore thee to thv 
blessed Mother. Amen. 


Jv'sus, my Maker and my Master, without \vhu?'e Inc^ 

siful assistance I walk in darkness, and perish ! I mo4( 

Tunbly beg, throur;h the intercession of St Joseph, f-jrt 

thou wilt CTant me grace to escape from the servitude 

( f win, under which I have so long groaned ; in ordef 

that I may enjoy the liberty of thy faithful servants. I 

have frequently experienced thy goodness, and I krc v 

thy power ; my trust is in both. Oh ! grant me i*0£t- 

Htmwy to despise the aWvxTemcuXs*. o^ IW^ world, and to 

rewmn n?jd;iuntod under a^xviXm^ Vamtw'*. >\\ ^va\ 

fledeempr, 1 havo too oftor^ \o>iX \Jr«^ >.n ^\\iA>aK» 

id wilfully parted wjtl. the«, to follow m* 

, M»nip[ iiiuliuBtiona. O God ! wlio didst come tu seek 

1^ rinners, take pity un me who «in the greutest. Thou 

J i(t now pleiu«d to blesi me with such a, true wnM ol 

my former offences, that I. grieve not ho mQch for the 

fear of punkhiijjnt, as for tlie miafortune of baiiay 

ijSiiuled thee, the centrti of all goodneea. 
I steadfastly purpose, through thy graee, to .'<eek thw 
uibusly, by tlie refonuatioD of my lue, tbiit 1 may 'ic' 
Ibee in Ihd Iieavenly JeruaaJera, reigning«ith llie Futher 
the Holy Ghoat, world without end. Amen. 

Omiupotetit God, who dHacendetit from heuven to bring 
Bn on tiie earth ! inflame my frozen heart, that I may 
imitate the virtues uf St. Joaeph. Ae a. poor wretch at 
Am gate of aome noble and generous prmue, expeuting 
U ^ms, ao I appear before thee, woundud in all ui} 
MDsea by ain, uod imploring charity in my great diatresit 
I |rieve for what is paaaeo, not because 1 fear, but b» 
Close I love. Nothing has succeeded with me, because 
1 never consulted thee ss I ought : I hope, O Lord '. that 
Ida not eome too late. I he^, through the interoeasioi. 
of St. Joseph, that I may avoid evil and do good ; thai 
I may leave the broad way of iniuuity, und wnlii in the 
lanuw rood that leads to eternal happiness ; tliat 1 may 
'unaecnite the remaining days of my short life tc Ihy 
Unor, uud attain the end for which I was created — to 
*imire, pruisu, and love thee, forever and ever. Ameo. 

^ U moat glorious Putriaruh, my dear Patron '. blua>^ 

^*B the eyes that see what yon now eea Through the 

r^Wnite merits of Christ, and by your powerliil inii^rcus- 

•n. 1 hope, *'ith holy Job, tbat in my t!eah I shall see 

tod my Saviour. Streti-h out in iavor of your unwotlk'; 

dent, iboae bamjr a/ms, that BO often bote tl\« Son oV 

^_f^ ^w^fiifet/ Ibr him. Petitiou that 1 niav &-»«, 

^Jtbh ,o die. ulwi^ ir, ,h„ d/^^„ f„^„, 1 \' „«^ 

' divine favor 1 \nim\i\^ 

9S0 VOmrE OBLArfDN TO 8' fOSEFit. 

implore you to entreat your immaculate Spouso lo imili i 
her supplications with yours, that I may be of the bleasei ■ 
number of the elect. I most sincerely desire t\a^ ymi 
may be present at the dreadful hour of my deatii ; and 
that the last words uttered by my parting breath mif 
be Jesud, Mary, and Joseph. 

Thy mercy is above all thy /Works, O most iioly Trial 1 
f ! 1 now appeal from the tribunal of thy justice, rfk I 
gnrostiate myself before the throne of thy mercy, to oi^ 
lain the pardon of my sins, and grace to ^lerseyere in 
keeping thy commandments to the end of my life. Who 
livest and reignest one God, forever and ever Amen. 


Holy St. Joseph, you who are that good a. . jthfol 
servant to whom God committed the care of his family: 
whom he appointed guardian and protector of the b' 
of Jesus Christ, the comfort and support of his h 
Mother, and the depository of his great design of the 
redemption of mankind ; you who had the happiness of 
living with Jesus and Mary, and of dying in their arms 
chaste spouse of the Mother of God ; model and patron 
of pure souls, humble, patient, and reserved ; be moved 
with the confidence we place in your intercession, and 
accept with kindness this testimony of our devotion. 

We give thanks to God for the signal favor he hath 
been pleased to confer on you, and we conjure hinii 
through your intercession, to enable us to imitate yonr 
virtues. Pray for us, then, O great saint ; and by thai 
hve which you had for Jesus and Mary, and by the lovi 
«hich they had for you, obtain for us the incompaniif 
•*ppinep^ of livin</ and dying in the love of Jesna aai 
lin-y. Amen. 




O Holy Jofleph, virgin apouafc ol ^j nVx*ii >&si^ 
God, m<mt Tlorious advoca\» ot iSV w«^^ w^ » \i 


9t a^ony, 'ind moat Giithnil pruloi' 
B of Mar/, your deiireat Bpouae I 
N. in the pneence of Jesus and Mary, do, from this a 

K of uJ Ihe Bervunts of Mar/, your deiireat Bpouae I 1, 

ly powerful patrop itnd advocate, 
\i urdt-r that ( may obtain the grace of a most happy 
iittk : 1 firmly resolve and purpose never to fortuk* 
Ki Dor to eay or do any Uiing against your honor 
wuxive mo. therefore, for your conatdnt aervant, mid 
laommend rae to Ihe oonatant protection of Marv, your 
lureijt apouHe, and to the everlasting mereied of Jusui 
lij Saviour. AeniBl me in aJl the autions of iny life; 1 
sow offer them to the greater and everlasting glory o( 
Jama and Mary, as well as to your own. 

&1 the name of the Father, &c. 

V. Thou, O Lord, wilt open my lips. 

R. And my tonguu ahall Bniiounce thy praise. 

V. IncliDe unto wy aid, O God. 

S. O Lord, make haute to help me. 

Glory be to the Father, &e. 

On the iaxge beads, «ay the Olor;/ be In Iha Fnih/r, <£(_, 
od the Our Father; and on the small lisailA. Olorvnu 
Patrianh 31. Jaaph Fo'ltr Father n/ Jeinu, and Sf>i»ue of 
it atr-anmaeulaU liolhir of God, prai/ for ui now and al 
ii hour of our ilrath ; — and fimah tna Chaplet by saying: 
Pragfor ta, lioly Si. Jostph, lAnl me may be made aortkf 

^t*. i. 

tkt intrreotiott, ite., as at the end of thu Utanv r 


. '' S« wid a« abore, exeept on the large beads ia iBC\Ve4 
** -^Sai/ Jfitry instead of the Oar Father : and on l\ie amaa 
^^^■^M^Jaalead .tf Ip/orrouj Patriarch, df.. is »aW, if«*K 
' now anj <it the himr of our deotfc- 


638 ▲ F&ATXB TO ST. JLOOUlTin. 

A Pmy^ tv Sx. AiiaiisTm, 

O glorious St Augiu^Dtt ! the light and oiailt 4 
the faithful, I most &rf eiktly iojn with the whole Chink, 
of Christ in thanking th3 Alinig^ Ibr having dm 
Viee to become a pok^oliar object of hb lovetaad 
'*<7er1a8ting monument <^f his tender meieiea. Hint 
Penitent I thy adnarable couTendon provea to tiie 
^rorld, that no crimes at« too great for the God of 
mercies to pardon — no beait tc^ cormpt for fain love Hj 
purify — ana no obstacle toe atronf^ for bis mee to om 
come. Penetrated with veneration for uiy virtnaii 
choosA thee for my fiither, my protector, and my adi 
rate. I most humbly beseech thee to have eomp 
on my youth, and to protect me in those dangers 
ihou well knowest are Attendant on my inexperi 
age. O blessed victim of charity I obtain that I nnffl 
seriously consecrate my heart to my Creator, and ttiA^i 
fully observe that great commandment of eharity w\ 
deeply engraven on thy heart Then wert the son d[' 
thy mother's precious teats, the conquest of her prayenb 
and afterwards the faithful imitator of her virtues; obi 
tain for me the most prof«i>und respect and tender afbo* 
tion for my parents, gratitude for their care, wad tbi 
OTace to profit of the adv^mtages which theur solidtndi 
for my eternal welfare haa provided for me. I reeonw 
mend to thee, in a particular manner, O great sain^l 
all those unhappy souls who are in the dreadfol stati 
of mortal sin, and conjure thee by the unceasing tean 
thou didst shed over thine own wanderings, to proanv 
for them the grace of conversion, and to obtain for ■• 
Mch horror of sin, that I may avoid it as the only reaS 
evil, and thereby merit to behold for all eternity tlittt in* 
created beauty, who was too long hidden from thy fienti 
and eternally love that infinite goodness, wiioni thov 
dkht bitterly regret having Wr«^ \o. ^aayb. 

A nUHU r(« ST. AKBLA, BTC. tttt 

Viqivr l» 81^ AmttLA, jFbufwIrvfa of M< {TrMi/tiitf Ordef 

iost MoOTod SU Angela! who art now in possesi 

4^ that eternal erown which ia promised to those 

inrtroet othera onto justice, permit me to hafe 

ime to theei as to my fflorious patroness, and to 

lae thee for my apedal advocate before the thron« 

iod. Id imion with all those happy souls, who, 

IT God, are indebted to thee for the glory thev now 

f in heaven, I thank Grod for having raised thee 

4> provide for millions the ffreat blessings of reli- 

a inatrncdon. How grateful should I be for the 

111688 of being ranked among the number who now 

f tiie fruits of thy charity and zeal. O glorious 

ftneaa and mother of the weakest portion of God's 

1 1 do not abandon thy charge, now that thou seest 

s elearlv than ever the dangers to which youth are 

wed. 1 entreat of thee, by Suit lively zeal for God's 

r fHiich caused thee to devote thy life to the instruc- 

of the ignorant, to take me as thy child, and to 

Q for me the grace to profit of the blessings which 

Jmigh^ has bestowed on me through thee. Pro- 

br me oy thy prayers a docile heart — a lively hoi- 

f sin — uncere love of God and my neighbor— 

\ great a share in that tender compassion for the 

*mch distinguished thee, that I may never neglect 

ortunity of affording them any spirituai or cor- 

aaistance in my power. Teach me by thy exam- 

)ractice works of mercy, that like thee I ma v find 

usd join thee for all eternity in praising and r less 

t^ood Grod, who has exempted me from the mis 
a«d by many of my more deserving fellow* 


A Prayer to St. UasuuL 

fiocB 8t Uraula! blessed martyr of ^e«Q^ 
bo didst detipise the riches and" d'sm^e% cA 
^^J^'JoveofGod, and wert solriaTOy ~* 
even thy hfe for his sake, take rue \mo«i 


thy powerful protection — shield me by thy prayers frejt 
the dangers of the world, and teach me by thy example 
how to triumph over its temptations. I am not wortliy 
to lay down my life for him who died for me; yel,a8i 
know that I may have many temptations to suner from 
the world and my own corrupt inclinations, I have i^ 
eourse to thee with confidence, to implore, through thy 
^turcession, the strength to resist and overcome them 
ail: and to remember, on all occasions, that the life cf a 
Christian, if not laid down for Christ by martyrdcm, 
should at least be sacrificed to his glory by penance aad 
self-denial. Thou art, O great Saint! my special pat 
ronetis ; therefore, I humbly recommend to thee all my 
undertakings, and beg of thee, as thou wert so particQ< 
larly gifted by God with the power of persuading othera 
to the practice of virtue, to obtain for me the grace to 
love and fulfil the duties of a Christian, and to endeavor 
by good example to engage others in fche service of God. 
O glorious martyr ! whose death was an act of the most 
perfect charity, be thou my protectress in my last mo- 
ments, and intercede for me now, that I may prepare for 
them by the fervent practice of those solid virtues, which 
alone will furnish ground for confidence in the mercy of 
God on the bed of death. 

A Prayer to St. ALOY8ro8,ybr young Students, 

Angelical youth Aloysius ! who art, by the appoint- 

menl of Christ's vicar on earth, the patron of those who 

apply to study, thou hast illustrated the Church by a 

holy contempt of worldly greatness, but still more bf 

Ihe hmocenee and sanctity of thy life; allow me to 

rhoose thee as the particular patron of my studies, ard 

to lesolve most sincerely to follow the example thou 

hast left me of diligence and piety. Receive me as thy 

elient, aiid through the love which animated thy heart 

for Jesus and Mary, vouchsafe to assist me in the pur- 

BuJt of virtue and" learning. OViXamv ^qx xckfc \fWTiX^ on 

body and mind, and a filial contideiwift mV\i^ tb\«t «\}«aaA 

KKr^. Defend me against lYi© ^AT^p&\^ <^^ v>» ^ ^^^^ 



I a choice of a state of life ; and obtain foi 
iwerful graces which will preserve me from 
mortal sin ; that, assisted oy thy patromiffes 
id by thy example, I may lead so holy a ma 
d, as to oe associated with thee in the c^m* 
pels for all eternity. Amen. 

JKtani et At Stand* Xabfer. 


i mercy. 
; mercy, 
' us. 

rumslyhear us, 
her of heaven, 
Dn, Red'^emer & 
orld, I 

oly Ghoit, 
ty, one God, 
T, Virgin Mo- 

18, founder of 
Bty of Jesus, 
3 Xavier, the 
d second pil> i^ 
ne order, g 

the Indies and ^*^ 

he holy Apos- g 

>f the truth, 
or of the na- 

f*lectioiu to 

carry the name of Je- 
sus Christ to the kings 

of the earth. 
Shining li^ht to those 

who sat m the shadow 

of death, 
Full of a burning zeal for 

the glory of God, 
Unwearied propagator of 

the Christian faith. 
Most watchful Shepherd 

of souls, k^ 

Most constant mediator ^ 

on divine things, J* 

Most faithful follower of $f 

Jesus Christ, « 

Most ardent lover of 

evangelical poverty. 
Most perfect observer of 

religious obedience, 
Who oidst burn with the 

fire of divine love, 
VVho didst ffeneroasly 

despise all earthJy 

Most ^le (piide Vxv Oc^i^ 

way of peiiectioiv^ 
Model of apo«to^Ma«G^ 

UTAH IT 01 81. ^&A1ICI8 XA.'IXK 

Model of ail virtues, 

light of infidels, and 
master of the faithful, 

Angel in life and maiv> 

Patriarch in affection and 
care of God's people, 

Prophet mighty in word 
and works, 

Wliom all nations and 
the Church have with 
one voice associated 
with the glorious choir 
of Apostles, 

Who wast adorned with 
the crown of virgins. 

Who didst aspire to the 
palm of martyrs. 

Confessor in virtue and 
profession of life, ^ 

.n whom we reverence, ^ 
through the divine ^ 
goodness, the merits 
of all saikits, 

Wliom the winds and 
the sea obeyed. 

Who didst take by as- 
sault the cities that 
had revolted from Je- 
sus Christ, 

Who wast the terror of 
the armies of the infi- 

Scourge of demons, and 
destroyer of idols, 

Powerful defence against 

health of the sick, and 
aalv&Uon of ainneiK, 

Father of the poor, and 
refuge of the miae^ 

Sight to the blind, and 
strengtl^to the !ame, 

Protector m time of wai 
famine, and plague, 

Wonderful woikei ci \ 
miracles, i 

Who wast endued will w 
the gift of tongues, f 

Who wast endu^ with | 
the wondrous power * 
of raising the dead, 

Resounding trumpet of 
the Holy Ghost, 

lifiht and glory of the 

Through the cross, which 
thou didst so often 
raise among the 6en« 

We beseech thee, hear us. 

Through the faith, which 
thou didst so marvel- 
lously propagate. 

Through thy miracles « 
and prophecies, ^ 

Through the perils and 
shipwrecks which thoQ 
didst endure. 

Through thy pains and ¥ 
labors, in the midst of ^ 
which thou didst so | 
ardently exclaim : StiU " 
kuore, still more ! j^ 

ThiOugh thy heavenly 
raptures, in the midst 


. PSAICIl X1.\SUD*, 

I v!^rayfotii8,St.Pr«ndi 

^ R. Tiialwemaybemada 
ly worthv of the promueB ol 

IjgI as pmy 
tr, O God, wlio dosi gludfV 
id those who glociiy thee, und 
who nri honored in the hon- 
or which we render to tliy 
at Saintft; mercifully gnuit 
le that, ill celebrating the glo- 
rious rnemurv of the htewied 
Francis Xnvier, we miiy feel 
st in ourselves the happy ef. 
le fects of his powerful inter- 
ceasioD with thee, Through 
•d. our Lord Jesus Christ, who 
Bt reignest forever and evw 
le Amen. 

it tnntiM Xabnfu. 

I* fourth I ' llvth. uiJ cuDlInun utas 

Hii»<l SI. Fnnclt Xaierlut. Tli» ps* 
V n> be employed upon each olttivlilk 
(0 llio 81017 of A\mlg\ilj Qu&,i»i V* 
■TBiliii; always ijndDKViK^ngUitv^aft 
or Uili ApueilB. BDd hovViBR \iiniM«» 
foew Uiey shaU txit, vfrtA-A*^ 

634 TIIE NOVENA \'.i 

fudacire to tlu ir sal^ »tiun 'lad tl e good of thoir aruls (t Ihal flilui 
win, iMtead of that ^lassiig which the; b«g, and wl.ich is ml li 
their benefit, thi) saict will obtain fcr them of God aoioe other grM 
Ihey dc not ask. aud which tends more to their eterral felicity 

For the exact perrorraanco of ttiis J^ovetuii they are to take fbt Jiefe 
cdvocates the nine choirs of heavenly spirits, making particular memifll 
•f the principal virtues of Si. Francis Xaveiius, an 1 they are lo ob«f«l 
:A3r dirtrtions which shall be given hereafter. It will be convealeo 
K wnfess ^d communicate the first day, that so ttie soul be.'ng ciefioM 
k^AD. sin, and honored with the sacred Eucharist, all the works we per* 
Jtrirm in the state of grace, may be meritorious of eternal life, and the 
more efficacious towards obtainhig the benefit we ask. Those who ds 
not confess, must at least begin every day with an Act of Oor.tritioa to 
cleanse their souls from sin, and to secure themselves of obtaining their 

When this J^ovena is not performed in the Church with the graerri 
concourse of the people, it were convenient, that if ft be done in a pri* 
vato house, all the family should Join in performing it all together, be^ 
ging that of God for every one, which each apart b^ps for himseUl 

For the conveniency of such as stand in need of ftuther direction, «<J 
will here »et down those prayers that are proper to be said every day; 
nevertheless, such as are more devout, may beg the same thing oi 
the Raint in such tenns and language as their devotion shall dictate, and 
may direct their prayer as they think fit. When many together per 
form the J^ovena^ one of them may read the prayers, chaogiiig the lii^ 
gulur number into the plural, and saying: ao« denre^ we b^^ ire Tt» 
others may repeat the prayer after him, or else ooly hear it with atten* 
Hon, inwardly desiring and begging that which is asked in it 

^flTRrcrrioNs for the exact performing op tw* 


fBwSB who perform the JVooeno, are to ob se r v e then tnatrnctlant 

•pon all and each of the nine days. Firsu they are to endeaTor to 

(mitate some one of this Saint^s virtues^ by prsrJising some eziP*ior aei| 

ar acts thereof; as, for instance, his zeal, humility, patience, Aca Se»' 

mdly^ thoy aju to do some work of mercy, either spiritual ot corporal, 

for the benefit of their neighbor; as giving of alms, yisiting the liok, 

or those that are iu prison, comforting tb© •flftcfcBA,^tw^jVnftfat>Jftft«MSa 

^ purgatory, or fo' thoee that are In ttio itoiXft ot ibmrm^ t£l^!l 

Irololh, dlHlpllnLng^ lufaig iti 

11111 Uif,' Bverjr •lay Iniofce ihe inierwBainn of niM 

Sainu. u Ihey ila or ihe clioln of Ai^reli. V Ihe i*t| 

oam md lDier«»on being muliiptliH] i.m iho CtauRk 

t ibej Duy tbfl more teHlUjr obulu vrbBL ih«v oak. Tbe 

JouHs mujr b« dfviiLed lulo pUrisrcht. i>nip1itu. Lt|>uall»i, 

UidHipi, docbim, prleaU, -vlbiiDus. coiirBuun, riruliis. uci 

taa In beuTon. Fur Ihe mora eflbctul prakiUliuo wilh Bt, 

XbtbtIiui il will be CDDVBjiifol every djij lo D^aka a ipeckal 

>i» reipeotedn fovl loved oa tali Gtther, mBMer. niuL Huperlpr, 
,nMi one or Ibe nine a^y^ the penon perTonaiiig LbiH devultor, 
It ouiit»a uid fvmjrniinicnlei miUdii^ n most Oilbtuut firapamtton to 

Vting ctsAirod. 

** i<Ui-e, their GaUioiiD MiyeeUea bebig every Uny Ibem iiriMeiil. 

Ilitperum prtforming thii dei'olioa bmliny jrfoTf ati altar, 
or ths iiHogf of Sl Planets Xaverivx, (^ofl li^ «^ Kit 
4aa>-C «n 0ed, <aui nra/oun^y Avmbling himself in spirxt, 
riJ ijfirmy u^ ait iia fTogert. IfcnNyhta, ami UKtr4« t« 


hi$ gln}f^ in honor of the bleated Vimn Mtxry^ 8L iW» 
eia Xaveriua^ and all the Angela and Sainta in Heaun^h 
ahaU make the ai^n of the Groaa^ and aay the foUoaiin^ 
Prayer : 

O Lord Jesus Christ true God and true man, my 
Creator and Redeemer, for thy sake alone, and be- 
aanse I love thee above all thin^ I am sorry front the 
bottom of my heart for having onended thee ; and I do 
finely purpose never to fall into sin again, to confess aly 
sins, and perform the penance that shall be enjoined m^ 
and to make restitution and satisfaction, wheiever it 
shall be due from me. For the love of thee 1 forgive 
all my enemies ; to thee I offer up my life, uLtions, and 
suffenngs, in satisfaction for my sins: and since 1 
humbly beg it of thee, I trust in thy gooouess and infi- 
nite mercy, that thou wilt forgive me them through the 
merits of thy precious blood and passion, and will give 
me grace to amend my life, and to pen *vere in thy ser* 
vice unto my death. Amen. 

Most glorious St. Francis Xaveriuo, Apostle of the 
Indies ! if it be for the glory of God, and to thy honor, 
that I obtain what I desire and beg by perforraing this 
yovena, obtain for me this grace of our Lord ; u not 
guide my petition, and beg of our Lord for me that 
wbicli is most proper for his glory, and the benefit of my 

ThefoUoming Prayet changes on each day of the AVweas, aa noted, 

page 638. 

A Prayer for the Fir at Day. 

O God and Lord of the Angels ! whom thou dost b* 
trust with the guardianship of men, I make the« an 
offering of all the merits of these heavenly spirits, and 
those cf thy servant St. Frands Xnvr.rius, who was 
called an Angel for his purity ; und bec'*u3e he preserved 
men fiom many spiritual nnd corporal dangers. I be- 
seech thee, grant me that pur.ty of soul and body, which 
ihou didat confer on this ti" y ^tc" ^ /^^'j«.<ift^\flvi\!wbi ^^ 

ieh I be^ is thk Novena to thy greatci 

tkt Lord's Plrayer, and three Hail lUryi^ 
foliowing Prayer to St IVaneit JC ae er iut, 

Father, St Francis Xaverius ! who reeeiTi 
38 from the mouths of innocent cliildreat 
>ly implore thy bountiful charity for tht 
i08t precious blood of Jesus, and of the iiii« 
iception of our blessed Lady, Mother of 

end thou mayest obtain of God's infinite 
.t at the approach of my last hour, my heart 
urated and withdrawn from all worldly 
I distractions, and be fixed in the most 
>f him, and a vehement desire of a happy 
that laying aside liie multiplicity of eartmy 

hitherto have perplexed me, I may most 
ik, and perfectly find thai one thing which 
which is to die and rest in peace under the 
the most holy Virgin Mary, in the wounds 
most blessed Son, in the sweet embraces of 
in thy presence, holy Saint, throuffb whose 

I hope to obtain this mercy. But yet, 

II please the divine Providence to preserve 
seech thee, my most loving protector and 
nate Father, to obtain for me of his divine 

I may live as I would wish to have lived 
f my death ; imitating thy virtues, and ful* 
>st holy will of God ; that so my temporal 
e to me a passage into life everlasting; I 

thee to obtain lor me that which I aSa Ip 
if it be for the glory of God and the gocid