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]. ( Ai'iAiN .loiiN^ GouiiAM (soil of Ralph) luaiTit'd Desire Ilowlaml, 
ill It, 1.'). (S«<: IvKtiisTKK, (iiiic, \'o\. .')2, page ^5oy.) 

•2. .Iahkz- GoKHAM (./wZ/h'), born in I!arii8tablt', Mass., Aug. .'J, Ki.JC, 
luanied widow Haunali (Sturgis) Gray. 

.'J.' GoUHAM (Jdbez,- John^) »^v:irt born in Hrislol, H. I., Aug. 
22, 1C>'.)2. He gave a receipt, at FairlicM, Comi., .June IG, 172.'>, lor a 
portion of bis father's estiite. (See Rkgister, ante, Vol. 54, page 168.) 
lie iiKuri(;*l, May 11, 171."», Abigail, daughter of Daniol Lockwood of Fair- 
field, Conn. " Abigail y'' wife of Joseph Gorhain, Who died laiiua'^-^ v*^" 
2.'5''. 1721-.K" (Kairtiehl Inscriptions, page 16.) lb- married second, Jan. 
1.'), 1720-6, Deborah Harlow. 

('bildrcn by tirst wife, born in Faiiticld : 

i. Danikl,* I). Nov. 10. 1717. 

ii. .Iahk/, b. Mar. 22, 1718-'.i; in. Mary Couch, Nov. 27. 1752. 
iii. LocKWooi), h. .lau. 1, 1720-1. 
■1. iv. 1( II \i«(>i), I), in 1722; l)ai»t. Jan. ."il. 1724-.'); lu. Sarah Barlow ; d. iu 
Koxl)iii\ , Conn., .Vug. 19, 1799, aged 77. 

Children by second wife, born in Fairfiild : 

V. SiuujAKL, b. Oct. 2S, 172(1; ni. Uebocca Ilurlburt, Jan. 21, 174i;-7. 
vi. .ViiiGAii,, b. -Vpr. 7, 1728. 

vii. I.>^AAC, b. Nov. 14, 173o; ni. .Vini Wakcman, July 2(^ 17.'j2. 
5. vili. Joiix.b. July 4, 1732; ni. .Vbigail Wakcinan, Oct. 2, 1754. 
ix. Hannah, b. May 4, 17;i7. 
X. Mauy, 1). Dec. 25, 1739. 

xi. Josicpu, b. Nov. 20, 1741 ; m. Marv Gray, Nov. IG, 17G3. 
xii. AiuciAii., b. .Vpr. 7, 1744. 

" Family Hook, Green's Farms" (Fairfield). 

•1. It iiAHoD^ GoiuiAM {Josepli,"^ Jahezi,- John^), born in Fairlield, in 
1722, baptized dau. 31, 1724-5, married in Fairfield, Feb. 2, 1748-9, 
Sarah, born ^lar. 28, 17^32, daughter of George Barlow. Mar. 22, 
1757, he bought a farm of seventy acres iu the town of Ridgefield 
(ouce a part of Danbury), and sold tlie same, Apr. 21, 1767. He 
removed to Roxbury, Conn., where he died Aug. 19, 1799, aged 77. 
(See Hist, of Woodbury, Vol. o, page 627.) 
Children : 

(",. i. Daniki.,* b. iu Fairlield, Nov., 1749. 

7. ii. Benjamin, bapt. iu Fairtield, Dec. 24, 1752. 
iii. Joseph, b. in Fairtield, Dec, 1754. 

iv. riiiNEAS, 1). in RidgetioUl (part of Danbury), Apr., 1757. 

8. V. Sktu, b. in Danbury, Jau. 18, 1762. (This record is from his family 


5. John* Gorham [Joseph,^ Jahez,^ John})^ born in Fairfiekl( Green's 
Farms), July 4, 1732, married Oct. 2, I7o4, Abigail Wakemaii. 
John,^ of New Fairfield, bought land in Kent, Conn., April lU^ 
1 781. (Land Records, Vol. 7, p. 69.) Joseph' Gorham and Timothy 
St. John were administrators of the estate of John* Gorham, of 
New Milford, Jan. 13, 180G. (Land Records, Vol. 2.) Joseph^ 
Gorham, of Kent, gave quit-claim to John^ and Jared,^ of Vermont, 
of all his right in land on east mountain left him in the will of his 
mother Abigail Gorham, Sept. 4, 1808. (Land Records, Vol. 2, 
p. 420.) John,^ of Bakersfield, Vt., sold to James, ^ of Poultney, 
Vt., land in Kent, Oct. 25, 1809. (Land Records, Vol. 2, p. 401.) 
Seth^ Gorham, of Castleton, Vt., and wife Betsey, sold land in Kent, 
which came from tlie estate of her father, Eleazer Thompson. (Land 
Records, Vol. 12, p. 80.) Seth,^ of Castleton, Vt., sold one seventh 
part of undivided land in Kent, Jan. 23, 1810. (Land Records, 
Vol. 12, p. 84.) The will of Abigail Gorham, of Kent, dated Oct. 
2, 1805, and probated Jan. 24, 1811, at New Milford, Conn., gave 
to her daughters Deborah, Abigail, and Lucy, all her household 
furniture, and to her sons John, James, Seth, Jeremiah, AVakoman, 
Hezekiah, and Joseph, all licr landed estate of every descri})ti()u 
lying in Kent, or elsewhere. Mrs. Ella Comstock Peckham, of 
Utica, N. Y., a descendant of John'' Gorham and his wife Al)igail 
Wakeman, lias sent the writer the following list of the children of 
John* Gorham. The baptisms of the first two, Deborah^ and John,'* 
are at Green's Farms. The will of the mother, Al)igail Gorham, 
mentions the seventh child as Jeremiah. The Kent land records, 
under date of Se})t. 4, 1808 (Vol. 2, p. 420), calls tint same man 
Jared, of Vermont. Mrs. Peckham's Bible list of children calls 
him Jared, and the History of Poultney, Vt., calls him Jared. 
There were but seven sons. 
Children : 

i. Dkijorah,* bapt. Apr. 27, ITo."); m. Timothy St. John. 

ii. John, bapt. June 20, 1756. 

iii. James, bapt. May 28, 1758. 

iv. Sktii, bapt. June 8, 1700; m. Betsy Thompson. 

v. Jaked, m. Asenath Morgan. 

vi. Wakkman, settled in Chittenden, Vt. ; m. Polly . 

vii. Abigail. 

viii. Abigail, b. July 13, 1770; m. Solomon Comstock, June l(i, 1788. 

ix. Hezekiah. 

X. Lucy. 

xi. Joseph, b. in 17S0; m. Lucy Beeclier; removed to Pennsylvania. 

G. Daniel'' Gouiiam ( Tdiahod,'^ Joseph^ Jahez^ Jnhii^), born in Fairfield, 
Nov., 1749, died in Roxbury, Conn., Jan. 25, 183G, in which year 
his estate was settled. (Woodbury, Conn., Probate Records.) 
Mary, wife of Daniel Gorham, died in Roxbury, Conn., Jan. 31, 
1817, aged 01. - Daniel Gorham appears among the Litchfield 
County pensioners, placed on the pension roll May 15, 1833, age 
83. (This agrees with the record of his birth.) There is on 
record at New Milford, Conn., an agreement between DanieP and 
his son Daniel,® which gives the farm to the son, subject to the life 
right of the father. It has been claimed that DanieP was the son 
of Joseph,* who died in Norwalk in 17G0, and his Avife Abigail 
Lovell, but that Joseph's family returned, immediately after his death. 

to R:irii-<tal)l<^ and Xaiitucket, wliere four of liis cliildivii inanieil. 
Ilf tlid liave a hUii Daniel,'' and the record of him was in the 
will of his grandfather, at Barnstahle, in 1770. The writer has 
made many researdies to tind trace in Connecticut of DanieF the son 
of Josepli* and Abii^ail (Lovell), hut witiiout success. None of 
that family are recorded in Connecticut after 17GU. 
Cliildren, horu in Koxbury, Conn.: 

i. Aai;(»n.< 

ii. l.icY, 1). Sept. 1.'), 1782; lu. .Joseph Treat, Dec. Ifi, 1800. 

iii. Daniki,, b. Dec. KJ, 1781; d. Dec. 2, 1869; ni. Polly Uaiulall. 

iv. Ei.i, b. Jan. 2, 1787; d. Apr. 10, 1807; m. Latitia Hamilton, .liily 
C, 1811. In 1808, he was a manufacturer of woolen niiichincry in 
Osweiio, N. Y., anil he was the Ilrst to inlnnliiec canliii!;, or cloth 
dressiuj^. machinery into western Canada. lie eslal)li>lieil a fac- 
tory in Newmarket, Canada, in 180!l. His son Churhs,'' b. Feb. 
2, "lMl8, m. May 20, l8.'>2, Helen Durtide Milne; and tlieir son, 
.lud;;*; Thomas" A. (Jorliam of Milton. Ontario, Canada, b. Nov. 2. 
18.')4, m. Annal)ella Villiers. Nov. 2:!. IsH.i. The writer is indcbteil 
to .ludfje (Jorliam for some of tlie Koxbury. Conn., notes. 

V. .TosKi-ii, b. Dec. ">, 1788; d. Oct. 13, l83'.i; ni. Lydia Hai.u'lit. 

vi. Maky, m. IJotsford. 

vii. Sakaii, m. lieimett. 

viii. HiitAM, d. July ."51, 182(1; m. Hannah i'eck. 

7. Bi;n.i.v.min° (Joi:ii.\m [Icluihini,* Joseph,^ Jahezr J'l^m'^), born in I'\nir- 

lieM. Dec. 21, 17o'J. marrie<l Amy C'ondts, who died in l.s2'.b Hi u- 
jamin'' and Amy (iorham <^edfd land in Danl)ury, in 17'.)'.(. Amy 
Gorham's estate was settled in 183U. 

i. KtssKi.r,,* b. in Danhury, in 177.">. 

11. William, 1). in Danburv, Jan. ;], 177!); d. in Oneonta, N. V.: m. at 
Kid.iielleld, Mar. 12, l"s00, Polly Weed, b. July 1, 17S4, d. An-,'. M, 
1850. Children, all t)orn in Danburv: 1. liintnn,'' h. Dec. 23, 
1800. 2. SaUij, b. Dec. 30, 1804. 'd.' Gcnnio S., b. Oct. 4, 1807. 
4. Chnrlcs 7'., b. May 2'.», 1812; m. April' lo, 183!), Charlotte K. 
llart. He was .Vmbassador to Holland, (hiring: the administration \^ 

of I'rcsiilent Crant, and held many other important oftlccs. For 
many years he was President of the Marshall, .Miehiiian, Bank. 
He d. in Marshall. March, l!tol. (He employed .Miss Louise Tracey, 
of New Haven. Coiul, to trace his line of ancestry, and some of 
her notes, as well as some Kent, Conn., records, have been used 
by the -writer.) .'». Ihv. Barlow M'., b. June 24, 1814. 

iii. Rktsy. 

iv. Sally. 

V. Mai:y. 

vi. KKUKLX'A. 

vii. David. 

viii. Latua. 

i.\. Ar.KiAiL. 

X. Amy. 

8. Setii^ Gorha.m (Ic/tabod* Joseph,^ Jabez,'- Johii^), according to his own 

family Bible, was born in Danbury, Jan. 18, 17()2. The inscription 
ni)on his monument at West Rutland, Vt., agrees with the Bible 
record of his age. lie married first, Amelia Dunks, born in Dan- 
bury, Mar. 2i>, 17G3, died Oct. 17, 1841 ; and married second, Louisa 
Everson, iu 1842. He died Aug. 29, 1852. Miss Charity^ Gorham, 
of West Rutl.and, Vt.. the owner of the family Bible, writes : " My 
father Chuuneey" T. Ciorham, son of Judson,'' and grandson of Seth*^ 

and Amelia (Dunks), remembers both Seth^ Gorhams, and says they 
were cousms." 
Children : 

i. Betsy,* b. Feb. 20, 1785; d. July 28, 1866. 

ii. Barlow, b. Feb. 21, 1787; d. Feb., 1883. 

iii. Deming, b. June 6, 1789; d. Nov. 14, 1861. 

iv. Eli, b. Sept. 8, 1791; d. Oct. 7, 1870. 

V. JuDSON, b. Oct. 11, 1794; d. July 30, 1877. 

vi. Alonzo, b. Au£:. 15, 1801 ; d. May 11, 1888. 

vii. Laura, b. Augr9, 1804; d. Feb. 6, 1833. 


[Kcprinted from the New-England Illslorical and Genealogical Register for Jan., 1905.] 

G<.U!i\M —It having rccontiv boon stated in print that John' Gorham (rf»/c, 
vol V mi"e -.ioH), son of ("apt. John* an.l Drsiri- ( Mowhmdj (iorhani. acquired 
his'titleofLiuntenant-C'oh.nelin tl»o Militia, the wril.r desires to sIuav that 
li,. ^vas commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel of the regular forces, by Colonel 
IJ.niamin Church, in .March 1703-4. According to a letter of instructions 
Avritti-u by Lieulmaut-C.ovrrnor Stoughton. dated Boston, .Vug. 1'.'. H'.'.ti;, Cap- 
lolin^ Gorhain was second in command umlcr the then M.-ijor Benjamin 

Lieutenant-Cohuiel to (;..rhain. On page 2sl wctlud the names of all of 
the Field OlRcers and Captains, date of .Inly 4, l.ti4. 

Since the writer's notes were published in the Ki:<iisri-.u. <inte, vol. oO. pages 
32-34 the names of the olllcers and men who took part in the capture of Louis- 
bour"-' have been |)ul)lished in the Massachusetts Historical Society's Collec- 
tions"^ Sixth Series, Vol. X., r.j>l"rr<U Paprrs. .\p|.endix, page 50t; The oftl- 
cers of the Seventh Mass. Regiment were in i)art : ShubaeF (...rham, ?.sq., 
Colonel and Captain, 1st Company, commissione.l F.'l). '2<K 1714 ; and .Inhn* Gor- 
ham Es(i., Lieut.-Colonel and Captain. 2d Company, commissione«l teb. 20, 
1744' These records show that when "Captain" .John* Gorham wrote his let- 
ter under (late of Mav 7, 174.1. to Sir William Pepperrell, he held the commis- 
sion of Lieuteuant-(V>louel of the Seventh Mass. Regiment. Lpon the death 
of his father. Colonel ShubaeF Gorham (Feb. 20. 174.-.-r,), he was given the 
commission of Colonel of his father's regiment. (Usher Parsous's Life of Pep- 
perrell, pages 238-240.) . , o • . 1 in 

Dr Samuel A. Green, of the Massachusetts Historical Society, has kindly 
called mv attention to an interesting point, as follows : " See Paige's /fi«<»<ri/ 
afC<nnbrid<i<' (p. ">'wl, near the bottom of the page, for an instance of a Major- 
general being a Captain at the same time. It was the case of Samuel Green, 
Though he was no kinsman of miue." Fr.^xk W. Si'Kague. 

Brniikline, Mass. 

r™ J- '"- 

The (iurliHiii Fuiiilly. 
[From tho Boston Transcript. 1 
,e boine of Lbo (Jorham family in 
iBtable, Mans., was built before 1716. 

tirst owner of It wan Lieuteuiul 

nt'l John (2) Gorham, wbo married 

y Otis in 1674-5. It htunds upon the 

1 that belonged tobia falber. Among 

■ naiiy distinguished rtucendanta of 

iiant Colonel John (2) Gorbain are 
aiiiily of the Preaideoi of the Uniied 
3B, an English nobleman and a baro- 

i'rcsldent lioosevelt'a wife and chil- 
I, with the ciception of his oldest 
;bter (wbo is the ubild ot biu tir»t 
'.) are lieacended Irooo this family in 
following line: 

eutenant Colonel John (2) Gor- 
'8 Hon Slepbon (3) Gorham married 
ebtb Gardner of Nantucket ; tbeir 8on 
ain Nathaniel (4) Gorham, born io 
IBtable, married Mary Koley of 
rlestown, MaHS., JulyG. 17»), a-id their 
{bter Elizebolh (5) (Jorhani (who was 
*ter of Hon. Nathaniel (5) Gorham of 
Continental Cougres-Hj, married Cap- 
Joiin Leiu'htoii, and tbeir -Jaugli^er 
abeth (6) Leigbton, born ^Sept. 22, 1(.6. 
ried Itenjamin Lee, in Boston, May 
797. Tbey lived in Cambridge, Maws, 
ir daughter Kmily (7) Lee, born in 
bridge, Nov. 17, 1813, married Daniel 
:r of Norwich, Conn., May 20, 1S32. 

rest of this line is given In lue 

• moirof Benjamin Luo," Uaivard CjI- 

lOording to liie memoir of UenJ i ntn 
by bis son. Bishop Alfred Leu of 
iware, Captain John Leigbton and bia 
', Elizabeth (5) Gorham, bad a smi, 
banlel Gorham Leigbton, born Keb. I, 
, and this is contlrined by the Boston 
h records. Bishop Alfred Lee was 
cousin to the mother of Bishop 
Ijlps Brooks. C;olonel Hhubnel (3) 
ham of Barnstable bad a b-hi Joseph 
wbo went with him to Louisburg, in 
. Tbia man was in the English army 
more than forty years; he was made 
ajor general in 1790. He took part in 
siege of Quebec and the battle of the 
ns of Abrrtham. Ho also took part in 
capture of Havana in 1762. Hi3 dough 
Charlotte (5) Spry Gorham, married 
13, 1797, Sir John Jackson. (See 
ke's Peerage (1901), page S16. 
iptain Slurgis (5) (.Jorham of Barn- 
■ile, Mass., was the great-grandson of 
iteuant Colonel John (2) Gorham. 
ktenth child, Charlotte (6) Gorham, 
'tied Thomas Leader Harman of New 
?Bn8, Ln., and their daughter, Charlotte 
ham Harman, married Oct. 25, 1839, 
iry William Eaton, First Baron 
yiesmore, of Cheylosmore, Coventry, 
jland. (Burke's Peerage, page 315.) 

• mother, the daughter of Captain 
rgis (5) Gorbam, died in Bath, Eng., 
.821, and she died Feb. 27, 1877.- The 
sent Lord Cheylesmore is a gTcat- 
ndson of Captain Sturgia (5) Gorham 
Jarnstable. He married July 11, 1892, 
zabeth, daughter at F. O. Frenco of 

tt Vnr>r . 

Btephen (a) Uorhnm, who married Mary i 
White, was a sou of Captain Nathaniel 
(4) Gorbam and Mary Soley. His son. 
Dr. John (6) Gorham, married Mary 
Warren, in 1808. dhe was the daughter 
of Dr. John Warren, who was a surgeon 
in the Kevolutionnry Army. Dr. John 
(6) Gorbam was a Professor of chemis- 
try at Harvard College In 1816. He was 
born in 1733, t-nd died in 1829. His chil- 
dren were- Julia (7) Gorham, born 1810; 
Dr. John (7) Warren Gorbam, born in 
1812, and died in Khodu Island in lb93; 
Hallowoll (7) Gardner Gorham, born in 
1815; and Francis (7) Gorbam born in 
1820. The latter was a Boston broker, 
The Bostonian Boeiety has a picture o( the 
"Old Tremout Club," "The Beginning of 
the Somerset Club," and H. Gardner Gor- 
bam ia one ot the group. 

Mercy (3) Gorham, daughter of Lieuten- 
ant Colonel John (2) Gorbam and Mary 
Otis, married, in 1717, Hon. Sylvanus 
Bourne, of Barnstable. Their son, Mele- 
tlab Bourne, m<rried Mary Bayard, a 
niece of Governor Bowdoln. He was a 
cousin ot Major General Joseph Gorham. 

Many of the letters written by (Kneral 
Gorham to him from 1700 to ITtW are 
among the "Bourne Papers," at Harvard 
College Library. 

Edward (5) (Jorham wasthe'son of Ben- 
jamin (4) Gorbam and his wife, Mary 
Bturgis, and great-grandson of Lieuten- 
ant Colonel John (2) (iorham and Mary 
Otis. Edward ( j) Gorbam married Abi- 
Kail Taylor, ami their dnughter. Desire 
(fi) Gorham, i ■ i Daniel (.'. 

Bacon, of Batii -"I'm. Capt. 

Bacon's residence in tiosion was r^n the 
corner of Tremout '<troet and lomple 

t'aptaln Benjamin (1) Gorham, 

Colonel Shubael (3), married 

■on ot 

Hinckley. Nov. 28, 1774, and their son, 
Captain Benjamin (5) Gorham, Jr., mar- 
ried Nancy Kiieeland, Feb. 13, 1809; and 
their son, James (6) L. Gorham of Jamai- 
ca Plain, was the last ot the sixth genera- 
tion of the Gorbam family. He died 
within a year or two. It was his grand- 
father, Captain Benjimin (4) Gorham of 
the Brig Fortune wbo brought the tea 
that wa<« emptied into Boston dock, 
"March 7, 1774." 

dome yearn ago Mr. Walter K. Wat- 
kins wrote an article for the Transcript 
entitled "One Cape Cod Jlomestead." In 
his list of the noted families wbo were 
descended from Lieutenant Colonel John 
(2) Gorham and Mary Oti?, be included 
Hon. John Gorbam Palfrey, Hon. Charles 
Francis Adams, Peter C. Brooks, Pro- 
fessor Everett and many others. Among 
those descended from the same ancestors 
wbo made their borne in Barnstable are 
Guatavus A. Hinckley, the well-known 
historian ot bis native town, and the late 
Major Sylvanus B. Pbinuey, who was the 
editor ot the Barnelable Pariot. 

F, w. B. 






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