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Full text of "Gosnold and Bacon. The ancestry of Bartholomew Gosnold. A collection"

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A COLLECTION. <2r^;^#v''~^>; 

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1904. (J^ I \ 

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Reprinted from the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register for 
October, 1902; January, April and July, 1903; July and October, 1904; and 

January, 1905. 




Among the names connected with the founding of our Commonwealth, 
there is no more interesting personality than that of the distinguished navi- 
gator and discoverer, Bartholomew Gosnold, and yet, strangely enough, 
there is none whose personal and family history have been so uniformly 
neglected by our historians and genealogists ; the former dismiss him with 
a few brief lines of comment on his eminent services, while the latter seem 
satisfied to accept his own statement that he was son and heir of Anthony 
Gosnold of Gruudisburgh in Suffolk,* without the curiosity to verify the 
fact or follow out the pedigree of the gentle and adventurous race of whom 
be sprung. 

Surely, the hardy pioneer of the shorter route across the Atlantic, the 
discoverer of the Elizabeth Islands, and the founder of the first settlement 
of wliite men on the shores of New England, to say nothing of his services 
in the Council of the Virginia Comjjany, in whose behalf he laid down his 
life among the pestilent swamps of the lower Chesapeake, deserves a better 
fate than such semi oblivion. 

With this feeling strong in my mind, I have for years been making col- 
lection of whatever I could find regarding this family, and it was with no 
little pleasure that I ascertained that the statement as to his parentage was 
vei'ified in every particular, while the proven facts carry his lineage back 
clearly to the loth century. In the evidences which follow, we may trace 
not only the gallant commander of the " Concord " and the " God-Speed," 
but also the others of his name and blood who sought our shores ; while 
the connection with the Wiugfiekls shown in the wills is especially inter- 
esting in view of the statement that Gosnold was the only member of the 
Council in Virginia with whom its hot headed President, Edward Maria 
Wingfield, could agree. f Letheringham, the ancient home of the Wing- 
fields, is only three or four miles from Otley and Grundisburgh. 

Yrill of Robert Gosnolde the elder of Otteley in the Countie of 
Suil, Esquier. Dated 20 October 1572. To be buried in the Church of 
Ottelie. To Anne my wife all household stuff and plate that was hers at 
marriage, all the redie money which she hath of hir owne gatheriuge and 
all hir luells with a pott of siluer and thirten siluer spoones with Apostles, 
and also £100, which I am bound to by indenture dated 10 October 1 Ed- 
ward vi. To my grandchild Robert Gosnold a bason with a Ewer of siluer 
parcell gilte and a standinge cuppe of siluer double gilte which I bought of 
him with a bowle of silue:- doble gilte with a couer, to remain to his eldest 
son. To the said Robert. I give my capital messuage in Otteley and my 
lands and tenements called hawes, Lorkins, Bakers, Walles Medowes, Erles 

* Savage, Vol. II., p. 283. 

t Doyles' English in America, p. 158; Neill's Virginia Company, p. 21. 

in Swyneland and Brodemeadowe and my tenement called Cloddes with lands 
called Shribbes in tenure of Thomas Pettawe. And whereas I have assured 
to Anne my wife for a jointure, my manor of Netherhall in Otteley and 
other lands and tenements amounting to £20-10s-8d yearly, I give my 
grandson Robert Gosuolde all those lands and tenements with the reversion 
of the said manor to him & his heirs male. To Anthonie my grandson, 
my messuage called Gardiners with its lands and my meadows called Pack- 
ards and Reves, and my tenement called Prattes & its lauds, and my lands 
& tenements called the Falle. To Robert, John, Richard, Edmond, Eliza- 
beth and Dorothey Gosnold, children of Robert, my grandson, £20 each 
at 21 years or marriage. To my grandchild John Gosnold £40. To An- 
thony my grandchild £40. To Edward Gosnold £20 at marriage. To my 
daughters Christian Ryvett and Johan Bromley £10 each. To John and 
Richard Gosnolde, sons of my grandchild Robert, all my lands and tene- 
ments in Ashefeld, Cretingham and Some. To Cicelie and .Judith Gosnold, 
my grandchildren, £7-10s-each, to " fulfill the request of my sone John 
Gosnold deceased, made to me by his last will." To William Gosnolde 
£20 that he owes me. To Robert Rivett and two of his unmarried sisters 
£5 each. Elizabeth Bakon. Elizabeth Frent. Servant Edward Gosse. 
To Bartholomew son of Anthonie Gosnold £20. To Robert son of John 
Gosnold £20 which I have delivered to his father. Servant William Jolly. 
Robert Gosnold my grandson shall pay to his brother Edward £100 at 24 
years, " to perform the will of my sonne Robert Gosnold deceased," and 
where the saied PLdward is admitted teunt to certaine landes, parcell of landes 
called Chamb^'laines lying in Grundisburghe being copyhold, which landes, 
with others, were given to Anthonie Gosnolde by the will of my said son 
Robert, the said Edward shall surrender the same to his brother. My 
Grandchildren Robart and Anthonie Gosnold, Exors. Sir Robert Wing- 
feld, knight. Overseer. Witn : Richai'd Rvben & Edward Gosse. Proved 
4 February 1573 by the Exors named in the will. P. C. C, Marty n, 6. 
This will of the great-grandfather of Bartholomew Gosnold is most valu- 
able in that it links together by its references, vnth abso- 
lute certainty, the family of our explorer and the pedigree 
of the Otley Gosuolds as given in the Visitations,* and 
leaves no possible doubt as to their identity. 

The accompanying cut is a facsimile of a contemporary 
sketch drawn on the margin of the Register volume, proba- 
bly by the engrossing clerk, from the seal of the testator. 
The arms, Per pale crenellee or and azure, being those of the 
Gosnolds of Otley. 
Will of Edmund Gosnolde of Codenham in the Countie of Suff. Dated 
ultimo INIarch 1559. To be buried in the Chauncell of Codenhvn. To Sr. 
James Glover, vicar of Codenham, xxvj^ viij'^'. Bequests to parishes of Cod- 
enliam, Hempstone, Crofeld, Gosbacke and Nedham. To my wife Grace 
my best bedstede, best fetherbed, bolster, & coverlet, best cofer, table 
standinge in the parlor withe the frame, ye capet lyeinge on the same table, 
my Salte of Siluer and gilte that I am s^ied with dayly, and xx'"'^''^^ 
yearly, besides v'". yearly that she hath by will of her first husband John 
Kiugeman, And she shall have my parlour and the chamber over it at my 
dwelling house which I have sold to my son-in-law Christopher Vngle, who 
shall pay her vj^-vj^-viij'^ yearly for life. And I will that my son-in- 

* Metcalfe's Visit. Suif., p. 36; MS. in Coll. of Arms., Vincent, 144, p. 77. 

law Thomas Kindlem'^sh shall pay my wife vij" yearly out of my farm at 
Leyston and Fevertou called huntmans, which farm I give to him and to 
Anne his wife. To Elizabeth Dameron x". To Anne my daughter £100. 
To my son-in-law Christopher Vngle my farms and leases held of Lord 
Wentworthe & others. I give him my best Salte of Siluer and gilte, which 
shall remain to my godson Edmunde Vngle. To my godson Edmunde 
Kyndlem''sh, son of Richarde Kindlem'"she, x^\ To godsons Edmunde 
Vngle, Edmunde son of Thomas Kindlem'"she & Edmunde Dameron, god- 
child Edmund Pottes and god-daughter Gosnolde. Servant Wiltm Whit- 
cloke. My boy Thomas Tof tes. To each of the children of my daughters 
Margaret Kinrllem^'sh, Anne Kindlem'she, Jone Vngle and Elizabeth 
Dameron xP each. To the said Anne Kiudlem^'she one of my siluer bowles 
parcell gilte, to remain to my godson, her son Edmunde. To Richard 
Kindlemersh of Dunmowe, my son-in-law, one bowle of Silver parcell gilte, 
with rem"" to Edmunde my godson his son. Residue of household stuff to 
my daughters Anne Kindlem'"she & Elizabeth Dameron. Residue of goods 
to my four daughters. Exors : My son-in-law Xpofer Vngle, thomas 
Kindlem'she and Robert Gosnolde. George Goldinge, Overseer. Witn : 
Marmaduke Dew, Stephen Tillytt & Henry Yonge. Proved 8 October 
1560 by Christopher Vngle & Robert Gosnold Exors., Thomas Kynlemersh 
being dead. P. C. C, Mellershe, 47. 

"Will of Richard Kynwelmarshe the elder of muche dunmowe in the 
countye of Essex, Gent. Dated 1 October 1574. To be buried in the 
parish church. To Thomas Kynwelmarshe my son £3 yearly for life and 
the same to Richard Kynwelmarshe my son. To Katherin GosnoU my 
daughter 40s. yearly for life and the same to my daughter Jane Kynwel- 
mershe, a minor. To Philippe my wife £40 yearly, in recompense of dower, 
out of my lands in Essex and Derbyshire. My son Androwe Kynwel- 
mershe shall collect my fee farm rent out of my manor of Longe Eton, to 
maintain him at the University of Cambridge, until he be preferred to a 
benefice of £20 yearly, by my son Robert or others, when the same annuity 
shall remain to my son Robert and his heirs male, with remainder to sons 
Thomas, Richard and Audrewe, and further remainder to my daughters 
Katherine and Jane, and to Richard Kynwelmei'she, my brother's son of 
Sainct Oseith. My wife to have her dwelling at the manor of Newton 
Hall, which I give to my son Robert. Also I geve vnto the said manno'" 
for the service of the prince whensoev'' the same shall be charged all my Ar- 
mor, (that is to sale,) one corslett twoo Almonrivettes* one Jacke one caliver 
one hagbuttf with flaskes and tutche boxes one sword one daggar one blacke 
bill one bowe and a shefe of arrowes. My brother Christopher Scott of 
Barneston. My brother Humfrie Kynwelme'"she «fe my sons Thomas and 
Robert, Exors. John Holland, gent., and William Longe, Overseers. 
Witn : John Holland, Xpofer Scotte, Witlm Longe, Raphe Smith. 
Proved 6 May 1575 by Robert Kyndelmershe, power reserved for the other 
exors. P. C. C, Pickering, 18. 

WiU of William Gosnolde of Brantham in the Countie of Suff., milner. 
Dated 19 June 1587. To be buried in the Churchyard there. Gregorie 
Stannarde my wifes son. My three sisters. My son Thomas Gosnold 
shall have my house called Maggetts Halle with its lands in Edwardston. 
My goods to be sold for benefit of my four children Thomas, Anne, Amye 

* Almain-Rivets, a light kind of armor, used originally in Germany, 
t Hackbutt, the same as Harquebus, a' matchlock. 

and John Gosnolde, at 21 years or marriage. Thomas Gosnolde, my bro- 
ther, Exor., who shall be bound in £100 to Anthonie Winkefilde, gent, of 
Brantham, Thomas Harman and Thomas Dowe. Witn : Anthonie Wing- 
feilde, Thomas Harman, Thomas Dowe, .John Harris, Robert Gosnold & 
John Cocke. Proved 21 September 1587 by Exor. 

P. C. C, Spencer, 52. 

Will of Robert Gosnold of EaHesoa {Earl Soharn*) in the Conntie of 
Suff., Esquire. Dated 15 August 13 Jac. I. To be buried at Oteley near 
my late wife. To Elizabeth my daughter, wife of Thomas Keene, £8 yearly 
for life. To son Anthony Gosnold my tenement in Suillon,f called Eales, 
with its lands. To Thomas Gosnold my son £200. To Robert Gosnold 
my grandchild, all my moveable goods in my house at Oteley. Grandchil- 
dren Henery and Thomas Keene. To my son John Gosnold £500 w'^'^ I 
lent him towards the buying of his oihce at the Court. Son Anthony Gos- 
nold and Thomas Cornewalleis of EaFesoha Esq., Exors. To John Joanes 
a tenement in Oteley after death of Franncis Butterha and his wife, who 
now hold it, and £10. To my Exors the lands lately purchased of John 
Gosnold my son towards the performance of my will. Witn: Rol/t Gos- 
nold, John Cornwaleys, Frauncis Fowkes, Rob^'t Grimble and Richard 
Webster. Proued 1 November 1615 by Anthony Gosnold one of the Exors, 
power reserved for other Exor. P. C. C, Rudd, 101. 

Will of Robert Gosnold of Hintlesham in the Conntie of Suff., 
yeoman. Dated 10 March 1617. To my eldest son Rol/t Gosnoll & his 
heirs, one tenement in Stratford called Buckes, with its lauds, paying my 
son JefPery Gosnoll £4 yearly for life, and the same sum to my sons John 
and Edmond. To Bridget my wife a tenement in Ardley in Essex, called 
Pewes, with its land, for life, with remainder to Lazarus Manninge my 
grandchild and his heirs, remaiuder to Edmonde my son and his heirs. 
To Justiny my daughter a tenement and two closes in Ardleigh. To 
Elizabeth my daughter a tenement she dwelleth in, in Ardeleigh, with 
remainder to Henrye Boyse her son. To Mary my daughter a tenement 
in Ardleigh street, occupied by William Cooke, with remainder to Agnis 
Boyse my grandchild. To Robert my son a tenement & orchai'd in Ard- 
leigh, in tenure of one Hager, paying his sister Joane Manning 40* yearly 
for her life. Residue of goods to pay my debts and rent. My eight chil- 
dren and Lazarus Manning my grandchild residuary legatees. Son Robert 
Gosnoll Exor. John Bennet Overseer. Witn : Clement Crakes, Edwarde 
Lewes, George Richardes. Proved 21 April 1618 by Exor. named. 

P. C. C, Meade, 31. 

Will of Richard Gosnold of Beconsfeild in the Conntie of Buckes? 
gent. Dated 21 September 1621. To be buried in the chancel of the 
parish church, where my wife and children lie. My farm called Overs 
farme in Beconsfeild shall descend to Richard Gosnolde my sonne and 
heu'e apparaunt and to his heirs as a full third part of my lands. My wife 
Elizabeth Gosnolde shall enjoy for life the ground called Waddendon 
meade with Bawmers Close au«l all other lands &c. parcel of the reputed 
parcel of the Inne called the Swaniie in Beaconsfeild, with remainder to 
my son George Gosnold in the ground called Waddendon, and remainder 
in the rest to my sons Thomas and George. I gave the Swanne Inne with 

* Earl Soham lies about six miles to the north of Otley. 

t Swilland, a village about a mile from Otle.y, lying nearly equidistant between that 
place and Grundisburgh. See will of the son "Anthony. (P. C. C, St. John, 122.) 

the Swann meade to my son Tliomas. My brother Henry Gosnolde Esq., 
and my sister M''^ Jane Nutten. My niece Dorothie Lyuford (a minor). 
My wife shall portion my daughters as they marry. Agues Grace, 
my wifes sister {unmarried). My wife Elizabeth Gosnolde Executrix, 
My brother Henry Gosnolde and my friend Mr. Raphe Atkinson the 
elder of Woburne Overseers. Witu : Thomas Drewe, John Whitfeild, 
Elizabeth Shetterdon. 

Codicil dated 24 September 1621. My iune called the Checkquer in 
Becousfeild to be sold, with a close called Collmorens and grounds called 
Derondells, for benefit of my three daughters Jane, Susan and Elizabeth. 
My kinswoman M''^ Elizabeth Chatterdeu. Witn : Ro : Atkinson Thomas 
Drewe, Richard Arnold JuS: . Proved 13 December 1621 by the Extrx 
named in the will. P. C. C, Dale, 106. 

The above will I introduce here, although the exact conuection with the 
Otley family is not apparent, as the arms of these Beaconsfield folk, as 
given by Burke,* viz., Per pah creneUee or and vert, are so evidently a 
variant of the Suffolk arms that there can be no doubt of the community of 
the two families. 

Will of John Gosnold of Oteley in the Countie of Suff., Esquier. 
Dated 24 January 1G27. To my wife Wynifred Gosnold my messuage 
and freehold lands in Oteley and my lease of lands of the manor of Over- 
hall in Oteley, with remainder to my son and heir Robert Gosnold, to 
whom I give £30 yearly out of the said lands during my wifes life. And 
I give him one silver Bason and a silver Ewer at his mothers death. And 
he shall pay £300 towards the portions of his two brothers and sister, viz. 
— Marie, John and Raphe Gosnold. To my daughter Marie £300 at her 
marriage. To my son John £108-18^-11*^ and also £10 more, which sums 
are owing me by S"" William Winsor, my brother, at his age of 21 years. 
To my son Raphe Gosnold £100 at 21 years. My servant Peter Parry. 
Residue to wife Wynnefred my Extrx. Witn : Robert Tovill, William 
Drane, Ric: Harte, clef. Proved 10 June 1629 by the Extrx. named in 
the will. P. C. C., Ridley, 55. 

Will of Anthony GosNOLDf of Swilland in the Coun : of Suff., gen^. 
Dated 3 May 7 Car. I. To be buried in the churchyard of Swillaud. To 
my son Thomas Gosnold and his heirs, all my messuages, tenements, lands, 
etc., in Witnesham and Henley in Co. vSuff., and also my messuages in Ips- 
wich. To Walter, Anthony, Robert, Henrie, Vrsula, Dorothy and Ann 
Gosnold, my other children, £200 apiece, provided that they release to 
Thomas Gosnold my son, all their interest in any lands of mine. To 
Elizabeth Keene, my sister-in-law, an aniuiity of £8 in recompense of sums 
bequeathed her by the will of my father, Robert Gosnold Esq., deceased. 
To Thomas Gosnold, my brother, £10 and to his wife 20^. My servant 
Margarett Drane. Residue to son Thomas and he Exor. Brother 
Thomas Gosnold and Robert Call of Boyton Overseers. Witn : Anthony 
Gosnold, .John Kinge, Olipher Beacham. Proved 8 November 1631 by 
the Exor named. P, C. C, St. John, 122. 

Will of Walter Gosnold lately abidinge att much Bromley in Essex 
and nowe att Ipswich in the County of Suff., gent. Dated 21 July 1638. 

* General Armoiy. 

t This will was entered iu the official Calendar at Somerset House as Anthony 

To my brother Anthony Gosnold, to my sisters Dorothy and Anne Gosnold 
and to my brother Robert Gosnold £40 each. To Henry Gosnold my 
brother £60. To my sister Vrsula, wife of James Rosington, clerk, £40. 
To Robert Hatch of Lawford in Essex £20. To Dorothie Kinge, daugh- 
ter of John Kinge of Culpho, Co. Suff., £10 at 21 or marriage. To my 
uncle Thomas Gosnold of Bentlie, Co. Suff., gent., £10, and to Elizabeth 
Barrington who is, or is called, his daughter-inJaw, £10, and to Elizabeth 
his wife £/). Thomas Clopton, servant to Mr. Martyn, salter. Lettice, 
wife of William Drane of Otlye, Co. Suff. Elizabeth Smith, maidservant 
to the widow Cornelius of St. Mary-at-the-Tower in Ipswich. Mary 
Coates, Abigail Baters, and Thomasine Smith, servants to John Baxter of 
Ipswich. My friend M'' William Tyler of Ipswich, My brother Anthony 
shall have uiy library of bookes as the same uowe is in my chamber att the 
howse of S'' Thomas Bowes in Essex. Residue of goods to my brother 
Henry Gosnold my Exor. Witn : Richard Denny, John Girling, Lyonell 
Gosnold, Proved 4 December 1638 by the Exor. named. 

P, C, C, Lee, 172, 

Will of George Gosnold of London, mariner, now bound forth for a 
Trumpeter to the East Indies in the good ship called the Mary of London 
whereof is Commander (vnder God) Captaine Mynors, Dated 6 March 
1644. My late uncle Thomas Gosnold of London, Esq., by will dated 27 
Dec* 1640, gave me £300 which is not yet paid, and I have given my 
father-inJaw, William Rolfe, citizen and white baker, a letter of Attorney 
to recover the same. I give to my wife Elizabeth £100 and to the child 
she goeth with £100. To the said William Rolf e and his wife £50, and 
the said William Rolfe Exor. Witn : Walter Croxton scr. and Tho : 
Baker, Proved 4 August 1646 by the Exor named, 

P. C, C, Twisse, 115. 

Will of Peeter Gosnold of (Stratford in the County of Suff., yeoman. 
Dated 14 December 1632, I give all my lands and tents in Stratford, 
Holton, and Eastbergholt, both free and copy, to William Brutnell, my 
grandchild, and his heirs, at 21 years. If he die before then, Mr. Edward 
Cardinall of Stratford and Thomas Barker als Payne shall sell the said 
lands to distribute the proceeds amongst my kindred. Residue to the said 
William Brutnell. The said Edward Cardinall Exor. Witn: Arthur 
Rande & Thomas Went. 

Admon granted 9 January 1639 to William Brudnell the elder, father of 
William Brudeuell, a minor, the principal legatee, the Exor being dead 
before taking execution. 

Admon. de bonis non 16 July 1641 to Anthony Brudenell, the uncle of 
William Brudenell the younger, a minor, William Brudenell, the father, 
being now also dead- P- C. C, Coventry, 2. 

Will of Thomas Gosnold of London, Esquire. Dated 27 September 
1640. To the poor of Seale in Kent, (where I was christened) £5. To 
my daughters Jane and Elizabeth Gosnoll, the yearly rents of my parson- 
ages of Brough-in-tlie-Marsh and Winthrope, co. Lincoln, being about the 
yearly value of £320 above the Bishop's rent of £86-6-8, to be divided 
between them at their ages of 18 or their marriage. My late wife's 

* Sic in register, but will of Thomas Gosnold of London, Esq., was dated 27 Sep- 
tember, and its codicil 28 December, 1640 (q. v., Evelyn, 5). 

brother, Bennett Richardson of Hereford, gent., hath entered into a statute 
of £G00 for payment of £^00 to my then three daughters Anne, Jane & 
Elizabeth. To my nephew George Gosnoll, (son of my brother Lambert 
Gosnoll, deceased,) £300 at 22 years, to be put forth in stock or adven- 
tures for him in his Voyages at sea, and I do give my niece, his sister, 
Katheriue Gosnoll, £50. 1 give to my sister Anne Wenham, wife to Wil- 
liam Wenham of Dorkinge, co. Surrey, gent., £20 yearly for life out of 
the rent of my .Tun called the Cardinalls hatt at Dorkinge, and I give to 
their twelve children, viz. — Roger, Anne, Freesan, Katherine, William, 
Elizabeth, Richard, Abigail, Gabriell, Martha, Bethsheba and Frauncis 
£50 each, viz. — to Roger Wenham, Anne wife of Lyonell Wright, and 
Freesan, wife of William Mercer, within six months of my death, and to 
the rest of the sons at 21 years and to the rest of the daughters at 20 
years or marriage. My leases of Brough and Winthrope are for the lives of 
the three sons of S"^ John Browne of Lincolnshire, deceased, the eldest being 
not over twenty years. If my said daughters die before 18 years or mar- 
riage I give the said rents, with all the money, plate, jewels & household 
stuff, to the children of my brothers and sisters before mentioned. I give 
my leases of the Cardinalls hatt to my said daughters and I give to my 
brother and sister Wenham the lease of their dwelling house, with remain- 
der to Roger their son and his heirs and in default of heirs to his other 
brothers in tail. My niece Katherine Gierke, dau. to my sister Gierke in 
Kent. To my brother and sister in lawe Thomas Moore and Elizabeth 
his wife a Bason and Ewre of silver of twentie pounds price w*'* my Armes 
engraven, and to their son, my godson, £10, To my friend M"" Richard 
W^oshington and his wife a Bason and Ewre of silver of twentie poundes 
price w**^ my armes engraven. Servants Oliver Huntley, Henry Leppiiig- 
ton, Joane Armstronge & Thomas Price. Residue of goods, plate, house- 
hold stuff, etc, to my said daughters. Exors : my friends mathewe Davies 
of Shaftsbury, co. Dorset, esq., William Wenham of Dorkinge, gent., and 
John Clotterbooke of Westminster, gent. Overseer: Robert Hatton of 
the Middle Temple, Esq., Recorder of Kingston. Witn : Oliver Huntley, 
Henry Leppington, Thomas Price. 

Codicil, dated 28 December 1640. Whereas Anthony Croftes hath 
granted to Henry Cogan & his heirs all those rectories and parsonages of 
Bm-gh and Winthrope during the lives of Valentine, Edward and John 
Browne by a deed 4 July 13 Car. I., which grant was made for me and 
my use. I appoint that the said Henry shall convey the same to such uses 
as my Exors shall direct. Witn : Oly ver Huntley, Henry Leppington, 
Thomas Price. Proved 18 Jany 1640 by Matthew Davies and John Clot- 
terbooke, power being reserved for the other Exor. 

P. C. C, Evelyn, 5. 

Admon of Elizabeth Gosnall of London granted 1 February 15Y3-4 
to Arthur Samuell, kinsman, {cognafo) but revoked by Decree 1 6 February 
1573-4 and a fresh grant made to William Gosnall the brother, 

P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk., 44. 

Admon of Edmond Gosnolde of St. Magnus the MartjT, London, 
granted 3 February 1607-8 to Thomas Gosnolde the brother. 

P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk., 106. 

Admon of William Gosnold, in parts beyond the sea deceased, granted 
8 May 1611 to William Gosnolde the father. 

P. CO., Ad. ActBk., 17. 


Admon of John Gosnolde of Stratforde, Co. Suffolk, granted 24 Jan- 
uary 1619-20 to John Gosnolde the son. 

P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk., 53. 

Admon of Robert Gosnolde of St. Mary Abchurch, London, bache- 
lor, granted 17 January 1633-4 to Henry Gosnolde the brother. 

P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk., 4. 

Admon of Henry Gosnold of St. Giles extra Cripplegate, London, 
granted 23 June 1647 to Thomas Fitch, a Creditor. 

P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk., 80. 

Admon of Henry Gosnell, late in the States service in parts beyond 
the seas deceased, granted 7 April 1653-4 to Edward Gosnell, the brother. 

P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk., L 

Admon of Rebecca Gosnold of St. Martin in the feilds, widow, granted 
23 November 1702, to David Ramage uncle {avunculo) and guardian of 
Thomas Gosnold, the son and only issue of the deceased, dur'ng his ab- 
sence and minority, the said Thomas Gosnold now dwelling in Virginia 
(durante ahsentia et minori aetate dci Thome Gosnold modo in partibus Vir- 
gmiae commorantis).* P. C. C, Ad. Act Bk. 

Will of Thomas Gosnold of Mosse in the County of Essex, Yeoman. 
Dated 14 September 1617. To be buried in the churchyard there. To 
William Gosnold my son one sheep. To Edmvnd Run ting my son in law 
one ewe. To William Carter, my kinsman, and to Susan Carter 5* each. 
To Agnes Gosnold, my wife, the residue of my goods with remainder to 
said William Gosnold & Edmund Rimting. To the poor of Mosse vj^ viij'^. 
My wife Agnes Extrx. Witn : Rob^'t Baker, George Gibbes, John Bur- 
ton. Proved 1 [Dec. ?) by the Extrx named. Arch. Suffolk files. 

Will of Robert Gosnold of Otley in the County of Suffolke, Escf. 
Dated 1 April 1663. After the discharge of my will, I give all my manors 
& lands to Lyonell Gosnold, my brother, for his life and to his heirs male, 
remainder in tail male to my second brother Charles Gosnold, my third 
brother Edward Gosnold, and my youngest brother Sackford Gosnold, re- 
mainder to my right heirs. My dear mother Dorothy Gosnold and my 
friend .James Wythe the elder of Framsden to be Exors. Witn : Sack- 
ford Gosnold & Robert GauU. [Signed R. Gosnold, with seal of the 
arms of Gosnold of Otley — Per pale crenellee Or and Azure.) Proved 
25 Feby : 1668 by Dorothy Gosnold, power reserved. 

Arch. Suffolk files. 

Will of Anthony Gosnold of Hempton in the County of Norff., gent.. 
Dated 13 January {sic). To be buried at the discreation of my mother. 
My closse, late purchased by me of ffraunces Kytmer, to my brother 
Henry Gosnold ; and a piece of copiehould land to my said brother and his 
heirs forever. To my brother Raynolds children, Mary, Ann, Thomas and 
Robert Raynoldes, twenty pounds, ffyve pounds ai)eece. My sister Athowes 
two sonnes and their sister Mary, ffyve pounds a peece. To Jane, my 
brother Richards daughter, tenn pounds. To Robert his sonne tenn 
pounds, and to his third child ffyue pounds. The rest to my sister Hellen 

* For calling my attention to this interesting document I am indebted to my es- 
teemed friend Oswald Barron, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Loudon. 

to pay my debts and she to be sole executrix of ray will and my mother 
supvisor. Probatum 9 May 1601 — Administraco Bonoru executrici. 

Arch. Norwich — A° 1600-1, fo. cxxij. 

Will of John Gossenold of Ottley in the diocese of Norwich, dated 26 
January 1510 [11]. I bequeath my body to be buried in the churchyard 
of our Blessed Lady St. Mary of Otteley. I give to the high altar of Otteley 
in recompensacion of my tithes, 6s. 8d. To the high altars of Swillond and 
Helnyngham (sic), for the like, 3s. 4d each. To the white, grey and black 
freeres of Ipswiche, severally, 10s to make a trental. I give to the making 
of the steeple in the churchyard of Ottley, 20 marks. To the reparation of 
tlie chapel of St. Bottell in Burgh, 6s 3d, and of the church of St. Peter 
of Thorpe, 6s 8d. I will that Robert Gosnold my son have my tenement 
I dwelled in, with all lands as well free as bound to the same belondnff, 
with certain lands lately purchased of William Clood, etc. in the towns of 
Ottley, Helmingham and Framysden, he paying 40 li to my executors. 
Item, my bon Edmond Gosnold shall have my tenement Pakkerdes and 
lands lately purchased of Thomas Edgore and of the executor of Margaret 
Gardiner, widow, as well free as bound, in Cloptou, and my part of Dore- 
hawod in Moneden, and lands lately purchased of William Fostdike, the 
executors of Symon Shilby and of William Walle, he paying to Johane, 
sister of the said William Walle, 13s 4d. yearly. Item, I give to Margaret 
Gosnold, daughter of Edmond Gosnold, 5 marks on her marriage ; and the 
like to Katherine Gosnold, daughter of Robert Gosnold, I vpill that 
William Gosnold my son shall sing at Cambridge for my soul the space of 
three years, and have nine marks a yere. I give to Sir John Clood 20s. 
To every godchild, 12d to pray for my soul. My executors shall have my 
lands lately purchased of William Barfoote in Homyngeston, Burgh and 
Swiland, and I make Robert Gosnold my son, Thomas Baldry of Ipswiche 
and Robert Gardiner of Gretyngham the elder my executors, to dispose it 
in deeds of alms and charitie as they shall see most pleasure to God and 
profit to my soul. Witn : Lionell Talmage, esquier. Sir William Base, preest, 
Jeffrey Hille of Bokkying Ashe,* John Arniiger senior, John Mors. Proved 
17 P"'ebruary 1511 [12] by Robert Gosnold, with power reserved, etc. 

P. C. C, Fetiplace, 6. 

Will of James Gosnolde of Edwardston Halle, co. Suffolk, dated 29 
January 1522 [3]. I bequeath my body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Edvrardstone. I give to the high awter of the same, for tithes forgotten 
and to be prayed for, 3s. 4d. To the high awters of Boxford and Polsted 
20d apiece. I give toward the painting of a tabernacle of Mary Magda- 
leyn, 6s. 8d. I will that a priest shall singe for my soul in the parish church 
of Edwardstone for one ^vhole year after my decease. I will that my wife 
Johane shall have all my lands, as well free as copy, in Edwardstone for 
her life, and my whole household stuff etc., to be divided at her death equally 
among my children and hers then alive. At my wife's death I will my son 
Robert shall have my lands called Randalles and Quyks, he paying to my 
three daughters 15 marks. I give him also certain land called Plashe 
Croftes held by copy of court roll. I give to William my son 10 li, and the 
house and land I bought of Master William Walgrave called Maggetes ; 

* Ash Bocking, E. Suffolk, 7 m. n. of Ipswich. Robert Gosnold, eldest son of the 
testator, married, for his first wife, Agnes, dau. of John Hill of that place. (Visit. Suff., 
1561, p. 7.) 


and the copyliold called Hobbes Hartt. If my son Robert shall fortune to 
occupy and keep in his hands after my decease the halle place called Ed- 
wardstone Halle as I do myself, if my master Sir William Walgrave and he 
can agree, I will he shall have as much catell and grain on his entrance as 
he needeth. Residuary legatees and executors : my wife and said two sons. 
Witn : Roger Bocher, vicar of the said town, Robert Kyng, William Bogas, 
George Crispe, and others. Proved 6 March 1522 [3] by Thomas Argall, 
proctor for the executors named. P. C. C., Bodfelde, 3. 

Will of John Gosnolde of Shryblonde, co. Suffolk (undated). I will 
that my executors shall let to my servant Robert Galle certain lands and 
tenements he now holds of me, and included in the site of the late abbey 
of Sibton of which I hold a lease of the Duke of Norfolk's grace ; and I 
give the said Galle 20 li. Item, to my servants Henry Crosner, Edward 
Rolleston, John Ap Williams and John Culpepper, annuities of 26s. 3d., 
20s, 10s and 10s respectively during the term of my said lease of Sybton. 
I give to my wife the said lease charged with these annuities and with 80 11 
to my executors. If she refuse I give the said lease to my brothers Robert 
Gosnolde, J. Eyer,* and J. Blennerhasset successively upon the same con- 
dition. I give more to Kateryn my wife three geldings and half my house- 
hold stuff. To Robert Gosnolde my father, my best gown of cloth furred 
with sables. To my nephew Robert Gosnolde, my gown furred with gen- 
ettes, and my jacket of velvet at London. To my uncle Edmond Gosnolde, 
my gown of Russels. I will to William Stephenson, 20s. To the daugh- 
ters of my brother Robert Gosnolde, 60 li. towards their preferment in mar- 
riage. If my wife be content to resign her title to lands in Ottley, Frams- 
den, Clopton and other lands adjoining, assigned for her jointure, and yet 
in the occupation of my father, I give her my moiety of the manor of Lay- 
borne, CO. Kent, which I hold jointly with my said father ; to remain at her 
death to my brother Robert Gosnolde. I beseech my father to grant a lease 
of lands in Pethaw and Wynston, parcel of our lease of the manor of Burg- 
hasshe, to my servant Thomas Fastolf ; and to bequeath the residue of the 
term of the said manor at his death to my brother Robert Gosnolde. Exe- 
cutors : John Eyer, John Blennerhassett, and my brother Robert Gosnolde. 
Overseer : my father Robert Gosnold the elder, (signed) John Gosnold. 
Witn : John Rouse, George Gilding, Robert Merks, William Gaseley. 

A codicil bequeathing the residue of his estate to his brother Robert's 
children (undated), witnessed by Will yam Stevenson, Henry Cresener and 
Robert Galle. Proved 7 November 1554, by Robert Gosnold, with power 
reserved, etc. P. C. C, More, IL 

John Gosnold of Shryblonde was eon and heir of Robert Gosnold of 
Otley by his wife Agnes, daughter of John Hill of Ashe, Esq. He married 
Katherine, fifth daughter of Sir Thomas Blennerhasset of Barham, Knt., but 
had no issue by her, dying before his father. She married second, Anthony 
Wingfield of Sibton, fourth son of Sir Anthony Wingfield, K. G,, and left 
issue. t This Sir Anthony was own cousin to Thomas Maria Wingfield, 
the father of Edward Maria, the first Governor of Virginia ; while Robert 
Gosnold, next brother and heir of the above John, was grandfather, through 

* Margaret, fourth dau. of Sir Thomas Blennerhasset by his second wife, Margaret 
Braham, and sister of Katherine, wife of the testator, married first, John Spillman, 
judge, and second, John Eyre of Bury St, Edmunds. John Blennerhasset was eldest 
son and heir of Sir Thomas. (Visit. Suff., Metcalf, p. 7.) 

t Visit. Hunt., in Camden Soc, xliii, 112, 127. 


his second son Anthony, of our Bartholomew Gosnold the^ explorer. The 
Blennerhassets were closely related by marriage with the Culpepers of Kent, 
so well known in connection with the Virginia colony.* 

Will of RoBERTE Gosnold the younger, of Ottley, co. Suffolk, dated 
26 January 1558[9]. I bequeath my body to be buried in the church- 
yard of Ottley, nigh unto my wife's grave. Item, to John Gosnold my 
son all those lauds I have had in occupation by the space of certain years, 
parcel of Chamberlaines, sometime called Alfrdye's chantry, for 21 years 
after my decease ; then to remain to Anthony Gosnold my son and his 
heirs male, the said lands, nevertheless, to remain at liberty to the perfor- 
masion of the will of Robert Gosnold my father. I give to Robert 
Gosnold my son, my manor called Cardon haulle in tail male. To my 
daughters, viz. Anne, Alice, Dorothy, Kathe, Mary, Agnes, Cicely and 
Judith, 50 li apiece on their marriage or several ages of 24, viz. 30 li. 
apiece from myself, and 20 li of the gift of Robert Vesey,t ^J father in law 
to every of them. I give to my executors my farm of Charefeld Closse 
for the bringing up of my children for 10 years, and the residue of my 
term therein to him that shall be owner of the tenement I now dwell in. 
I bequeath to my son Robert, my two double gilt bowls, and a bed which 
he hath of mine in London etc. I will that all things in my hall and 
parlour etc. shall remain to him that shall have this house, according as it 
may appear by an inventory made by own hand, 1 February 1557 (8). 
To William Gosnold, my son, a littill white boule of silver. To Edward 
Gosnold, my son, 6 silver spoons. I give to Elizabeth Morse my servant, 
one of my best brass pots. To Johane Stowford my servant two pairs of 
sheets. To William Gosnold, my son, 200 li. out of my moiety of the 
manor of Ley borne. I bequeath to Edward Gosnold, ray sou, 100 li. as 
appointed in the will of my father Robert Gosnold, and a further 100 li. 
at his age of 21. Small money legacies to Robert Wythe, Robert Bonde, 
Thomas Dryner, Thomas Stamperd and Thomas Chantnes. If any of 
my sons refuse the advertisement and counsel of my father and their 
grandfather, their portions shall be at the will of my said father. Ex- 
ecutors : my sons Robert and Anthony Gosnold. By me Roberte Gosnold 
Junior. Witn : Lyon ell Morse senior, Wyllyam Armigerd, Roberte To- 
vell. Proved 27 April 1559 by Robert Gosnold, one of the executors, 
with power reserved, etc. P. C. C., Chaynvay, 2. 

Will of John Gosnolde of Codenham, co. Suffolk, gent., dated 10 
September 1583. I bequeath my body to be buried in the church of 
Codenham aforesaid, and I make my wife Catherine my universal legatee 
and sole executrix. By me John Gosnold. Witn : Edmond Davers, John 
Stile. 12 November 1583 commission issued to Catherine Gosnould, relict 
of the deceased, to administer the goods etc. of the said deceased, she 
having expressly renounced the execution of the above will in the person 
of Christopher Robinson, notary public. P. C. C, Butts, 11. 

Will of Thomas Gosnold of Stonham Aspali, co. Suffolk, gent., dated 
27 September 1648. I bequeath my body to be buried in the church, 
chancel or churchyard where as I shall depart this life, which I hope shall 

* Visit. Suflf., Metcalf, p. 7- 

t See will of Robert Vesey of Hadley, co. Suff., clothier, dat. 11 Oct. 1659, pr. 7 May 
1561 ^P. C. C, Loftus, 16) printed in Muskett's Suffolk Manorial Families, I, 58. 


be in Bently, for I desire to be laid by the side of my late deceased wife. 
Whereas my nephew Robert Gosnold of Ottley, co. Suffolk, esq. is in- 
debted unto me in several sums of money, my will is that my executor 
shall use his best endeavour to get in the same, and shall then pay to my 
nephew Robert Gosnold of Ottley, esq. grandchild of my eldest brother 
Robert Gosnold, 30 li, to his wife Dorothy, 20 li and to Elizabeth Gosnold 
his daughter, 20 li ; to Anthony Gosnold and Henry Gosnold sons of my 
brother Anthony Gosnold, 10 li apiece ; to Thomas and Elizabeth Gosnold, 
g'^n and daughter of my nephew Thomas Gosnold, 40 li. and 20 li respec- 
tively ; and to Dorothy and Robert Gosnold, daughter and son of my 
brother Anthony, 10 li. apiece. When the debt of 130 li. due to me from 
John Barrington, my late wife's son, is recovered I give to Robert Gosnold, 
son of my nephew Anthony Gosnold, 20 li. ; to Mary and Elizabeth Gosnold, 
daughters of the said Anthony, 15 li. apiece, to be paid into the hands of 
their father or mother until the said Robert is 21 and the said daughters 
16. I bequeath to John Rewce, incumbent of Bentley, 20s. To Stephen 
Blomfeild of Stonham Aspall, 5 li. and I do make him supervisor of my 
will. I git^e to my sister Ann Warner, in remembrance of her brothers 
deceaser" a. Residuary legatee and executor : Robert Gosnold, son of 
my brother Anthony Gosnold. {signed) Thomas Gosnold. Witn : Dorothy 
Gosnold, Elizabeth Blomfeild, the mark of James Roper, Edmound Porter, 
scrivener. 11 February 1653[4] commission issued to Ann Gosnold, 
relict and administratrix of Robert Gosnold, deceased, the executor named. 

P. C. C, Alchin, 163.* 

Will of Anthony Gosnold of Worlingworth, co. Suffolk, gent., dated 
24 September 1655. I give to the poor of Worlingworth 4 li. at the dis- 
cretion of my brother-in-law Mr William Godbold of Walingworth afore- 
said. To the poor of Malsford, 20s. Item, to my brother Thomas Gosnold, 
10 li. To Thomas Gosnold his son, and to Elizabeth, Mary, and Anne, 
his three daughters 5 li. apiece- I will to Abigail Gosnold, daughter of 
my late deceased brother Robert Gosnold, 15 li. at her age of 16. To my 
sister Ursula, wife of Mr James Rossington, minister, 30 li. If she die 
before receiving it, it shall be divided among her children at their ages of 
13. I bequeath to my sister Dorothy, now wife of the said Mr. William 
Godbold, 60 li. To my sister Anne, now wife of Mr Bond, minister, 30 li. 
To my cousin Mrs Mary Alston, widow, of London, my cousin Thurston 
Parson of Wallingworth, Mr Edward Dimston of the same parish, to John 
Morse, mariner, master of the ship William ^ James, and to William Drane 
of Otley, to each a ring of 20s., and the like to Mr William Harvey, now 
or late of Wallingworth. I give to Mr William Godbold, son of my said 
brother-in-law, my library of books, desiring his mother, my sister, to pre- 
serve them till he shall come to some years of discretion. To Dorothy 
Godbold, his sister, my diamond ringe. All my houses and lands I give to 
my brother Henry Gosnold. If I continue to live with my said brother- 
in-law Mr William Godbold my executor shall pay him 10 li. Executor: 
my said brother Henry Gosnold. {signed) Anthony Gosnold. Witn: 
John Stockton. Proved 14 December 1657 by the executor named. 

P. C. C, Ruthen, 529. 

*This will is also registered in the Cons, of Norwich, Bk. 134, fo. IS^, for calling 
my attention to which I am indebted to my friend, Dr. J. J. Muskett, of Lincoln's Inn, 
London. Stonham Aspall is about 5 miles northwest of Otley. There are no other 
Gosnolds in the Norwich Cons. Court before 1650. 


Will of Robert Gosnold of Otley, co. Suffolk, esquier, dated 28 Janu- 
ary 1651 [2]. I give to my wife Dorothy all my messuage etc called 

Andrewes and other tenements in the occupation of Ryvers, my lessee, 

in Otley, and my messuage etc. in the occupation of John Pepper and 
Thomas Goodinge, to hold for her life in addition to her jointure, she hav- 
ing at my request levied a fine to Thomas Edgar of Ipswich, esq. of part of 
her said jointure. I give her also three score acres of my copyhold lands 
at her choice. To my eldest son Robert Gosnold, all the tenements as- 
signed for my wife's jointure after her decease, and all other my copyhold 
tenements, my vdfe having the profits thereof till my son be 24, for the 
education of my younger children. Executors : my said wife and son, and 
my friend James Wythe of Framsden. The residue of my personal estate 
shall be equally divided among all my children except the said Robert, and 
my daughters Dorothy and Elizal'^'th. {signed) Robert Gosnold. (13 No- 
vember 1652.) Witn : William Palmer, Thomas Goodwyn, Joseph Bird. 
James AVythe, Joseph Cornwallys junior, Sackforth Gosnold, the mark of 
George Vertue the elder. 

Codicil, 18 November 1656 providing for the payment of an annuity to 
testator's mother Ann Hassell out of the lands in Otley, in case she shall 
not enter into manors and lands sold to Thomas Edgar i , j, lying in 
Witnesham, Henley and Swilland. The interest of the 10 li. which was 
given to my son Charles by a friend shall be paid him over and above his 
portion. I give to my brother Sackford Gosnold 10 li. The 600 li. for 
which I am trustee for Anne Mosswell, wife of John Mosswell, shall be 
paid to such person as she shall nominate. {signed) Robert Gosnold. 
Witn : Michaell Grigge, Richard Younge, James Wythe. Proved 25 May 
1658 by Robert Gosnold and James Wythe, executors, with power reserved, 
etc. " P. C. C, Wootton, 354. 

Will of Jaiies Gosxell, of Eppinge, co. Essex, gent., dated 31 January 
1655 [6]. I give all my estate, goods and chattels whatsoever to my well 
beloved wife Mary Gosnell, whom I make executrix of my will, {signed) 
James Gosnell. Witn : Martin Master, Edward Harris. Proved 14 July 
1658 by Mary Gossnell, the executrix named. P. C. C, AVootton, 373. 

Admon. of Ralph Gosnold, late in parts beyond the seas deceased, 
granted 16 September 1653 to Mary Gosnold, spinster, the sister. 

P. C^ C. Ad. Act Bk., 1653-4, I., fo. 32. 

Admon. of Robert Gosnold, late of AVorlingworth, co. Suffolk, granted 
11 February 1653 [4] to Anne Gosnold, the relict. 

P. C. C. Ad. Act Bk., 1653-4, IL, fo. 389. 

Admon. of Richard Gosnell late of the parish of St. Andrew, Hol- 
boru, granted 25 November 1658 to Elizabeth Gosnell alias Evans, wife of 
Richard Evans, and relict of Richard Gosnell. deceased, to administer, etc. 

P. P. C. Ad. Act Bk., p. 294. 

In the preceding notes I have included all of the Gosnolds of Suffolk 
who occur as testators or intestates in the Prerogative Court up to the year 
1650. There is another family of Bristol, who spell it Gosnell with great 
persistence down to the 18th Century, who also appear and of whom I made 
many notes during my work in Bristol, but, as there is no apparent connec- 
tion with the Otley family, I have omitted them here. It may well prove, 
however, that they sprang from the same stock in Clopton. 


In the " Legal Opinion " which follows, from an ancient MS. volume in 
the possession of the Secretary of the Suffolk Archoeological Society (to 
whose courtesy I owe the permission to make this extract), labelled " Opin- 
iones Doctorum," occurs the only trace of the will of an Anthony Gos- 
nold, whom I fully believe to have been the nejohcAV of our Bartholomew 
and the son of his brother Anthony (who was drowned in the James River 
in Virginia, in Jan., 1609). This son Anthony, whom I take to be the testa- 
tor, was living and in Virginia in Oct., 1621, but may have returned to Eng- 
land in the eighteen years interval, and, as I find no trace of him in Amer- 
ica after that, I believe that he did so. Unfortunately, the quotation is so 
brief that it is impossible to verify the fact from the evidence in hand. At 
present I can only hazard the conjecture that he was so. It is at least 
noteworthy that this Edmund was beyond seas at the making of this will, 
and thus shows himself in touch with the roving disposition of this hardy 
stock of adventurers. The quotation is given verbatim : — 

Anthony Gosnold, gent., by his last will and testament bearing date 
the second Day of Aprill 1639 noiated Roger Segrot gent his Extor & 
did give and bequeath the residue of his effects in manner and forme fol- 

The rest & residue of all & singular the rest and residue of my goods 
and chattells whatsoever, and of whatsoever kind nature or quality the 
same be of leases, plate, ready money or money due or oweing to me upon 
mortgages, judgements, bills, bonds or otherwise whatsoever I doe hereby 
give and bequeath to the aforesaid Roger Segrot to his owne sole and 
proper use forever, wch Roger Segrot I doe hereby make and ordaine sole 
Extor of this my last will and testament. 

In his said will and testament he formerly gave and bequeathed as fol- 
loweth — 

Item I doe give and bequeath unto Edmond Gosnold my naturall 
Brother the sume of C li. of lawful money of England to be paid out of 
my gsonall estate by my Extor within six monethes next after my decease 
if he shalbe then liveing otherwise Jiot, & for as also he come in his own 
gson eyther within the foi'esaid six monethes or after, & clay me the same at 
the hands of mine Extor hereafter named his Extor & Adstors, & doe 
make seale & as his deed deliver unto him or them a sufficient acquittance 
& discharge thereof. 

The said Anthony Gosnold the testator after the makeiug of his will 
vizt. 11 November 1639 made a Codicil in writeing & did dispose therein 
as foUoweth 

Whereas I the said Anthony Gosnold have by my last will & testa- 
ment given and bequeathed unto my loving brother Edmund Gosnold 
gent certaine moneyes to be paled unto him at a certaine time mentioned iu 
my said will, as ui & by my said last will more plainly may appeare, now 
I doe give and bequeath unto my said brother Edmund Gosnold the sume 
of 200 li. of lawfull money of England to be paied in manner & forme 
& at such tyme as the said moneyes are specified & mentioned to be paied 
to him in or by my said last will in writeing. 
And further pro vt sequitr 

The rest and residue of my bookes remayning in my said Studdy or 
library (except the said six bookes) I give and bequeath unto my said 
loving brother Josua Wade of Chevingtou gent, the wch said Josua Wade 
I doe nominate, appoint & ordaine one of my Extors of my said last will 
& testament And doe also give unto tlie said Josua Wade lialfe my plate. 


1 . ffirst whether that if Edmund Gosnold doe not come over from beyond 
the seas can he demand his legacie liy proxie. I am cleare of opinion he 
cannot because of these words in the will " come in his owne person &c." 

2. What if Edmund Gosnokl dieth within six monethes to whom doeth 
this legacie of 300 li. fall, is not the sume to be devided between the two 
Extors Roffer Segrot named Extor in the will, & Josua Wade named Extor 
in the Codicill. I am cleare of opinion it belongeth wholly to Roger Segrott 
because to him alone is given the rest and residue of all and singular goods 
& chattells whatsoever &c. 

3. Both the Extors have proved the will & Codicill now the gsonall 
estate is wholly in the hands of Roger Segrott, is not he bound to pay unto 
Josua Wade his Executor the halfe of the said legacie of 300 li. given to 
Anthony Gosnold (sic), and the halfe of other legacies given to other leg- 
ataries to remayne in his hands in reguard he is liable to be sued aswell as 
Segrott for the same, if not, how shall the legataries recover their legacies 
& whom shall they sue for it if Mr. Segrot dieth, and Mr. Wade be sur- 
viveing Extor. I am of opinion that Segrot is not to deliver into the hands 
of his Executor any pte at all of the said 300 li. or of any other legacie : 
because if this 300 li. should prove a legacie vizt by the hapning of the 
condition yet the gfitt of it in the meane while doeth solely belong to Se- 
grott to whom residuum bonorum is given & soe of the other legacies. But 
I conceive that Segrott ought to give security to Wade to save him harm- 
lesse from any suite or claime of the said legacie of 300 li. in case he the 
said Segrott should die before the said Wade. 

r> Martij 1(331). (Signed) Tno : Edex 

The following entries, from the Town Books of Bury St. Edmunds, 
seem certainly to refer to the above testator, from the Wade connection 
shown, and exhibit him as resident in Bury from 1614 to 1636, a fact which 
certainly conflicts with his supposed residence in Virginia in 1621. It is 
probable that Samuel Wade was a kinsman a.s well as a sej'vaut, and closely 
connected with the " loving brother Josua Wade of C'heringtou " ; the latter 
was pi'obably the third son of Thomas and Mary (Brend) Wade of Brun- 
dish in Suffolk,* but whether Anthony Gosnold had married one of his 
three sisters, or Joshua Wade had married a sister of Anthony's, or if they 
were uterine half brothers, I cannot say. 

Names of the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Marie, Bury St. Edmunds, 
which are Dezaners and owe Service at the Leet holden for the Borough 
aforesaid and taken the 20th October 1614: — 

The Guildhall Street : Mr. Anthony Gosnold 

Sam^ : Wade his servant 

The Roll of all the able men untrained from the age of xvi to Ix within 
the Burghe of Bury St. Edmunds in the County of Suffolk upon the view 
taken of them by Robt. Martyn aldei-man of the same burgh the xxixth 
day of May in the xi th year of the reign of our most gracious soveraigue 
lord King Charles (1636) as foUoweth : — 

North Ward : Anthony Gosnold gen. 

1632, July 30 — Admon of the goods of Nicholas Gosnold of Belton 
granted to William Osborne, the principal creditor. 

Archdeaconry of Suff. Act. Books. 

* Visit. Suff., 1612, p. 173. 


Will of Edward Gosnold of Great Yarmouth, co. Norf., gent., Dated 
20 October 1673. Whereas John Mayhew of Buttley, co. Suff., gent., 
and Mary his wife have, by a surrender bearing date 28 July last past, sur- 
rendered out of their hands into the hands of the Lord of the Manor, by 
the hands of Cliristopher Milton, Esq., Steward of the said Manor, certain 
copyhold lands and tenements to the use of me and my heirs, upon condi- 
tion that the said John Mayhew or his heirs shall pay to me, my heirs, etc., 
the sum of £212 on the 29th of July 1674, therefore I do dispose of the 
said sum of £212 as follows : To my brother Lionel Gosnold, gent., £20. 
To my two neeces Dorothy Grigg and Frances Grigg £20 apiece. To my 
two nephews Edward Grigg and Robert Grigg £20 apiece, and to my neece 
Bridget Grigg £20 at their ages of 16 years. To my nephew John Gir- 
ling, son of John Girling, my brother in law, £40. To my neece Susan 
Girling, dau. of the said John Girling, my brother ia law, £40. Sole Ex- 
ecutor my brother Lionel Gosnold. Wit : Sam. Pallant, Wm. Game. 
Proved 5 Dec. 1673 by Exor. named in will. 

Archdeaconry of Suff. File 1673, No. 110. 

1610, July 31 — Admon of the goods of Edmund Gosnold, gent., of 
Wallesham, granted to Anthony Gosnold, the eldest son. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Act. Books. 

It seems probable that this Edmund Gosnold was the brother of An- 
thony (the father of Bartholomew) but called Edward in the Visitation 
Pedigrees. He was born about 1548, being aged 24 in 1572, and married 
Catharine, daughter of Henry Clifton of Tofts, co. Norfolk.* Nothing is 
yet known of his descendants. Or, it is possible that this was Anthony's 
nephew, the sixth son of Robert and Ursula (Naunton) Gosnold, but the 
former theory is more plausible. 

Will of Thomas Ti'Lney of Shelley Hall, co. Suffolk. Dated 20 Jan. 
1618. " My estate being formerly settled." To my three younger chil- 
dren ffredericke, Elizabeth & Thomas £1000 to be equally divided at 21 
years if they take direction from their mother &, eldest brother Phillipp 
Tylney & he to increase their portions as god shall in able him & they de- 
serve. To wife Elizabeth remainder of goods & she Extrx. Witn : R. 
Websterf & Nicholas Mann. To son Thomas my great Aggatt Jewell 
& his bedd. Witn: R. Webster & N. Mann {sic). Pro. 8 Nov. 1620 by 
Phillippe Tylney, son of Thomas Tylney of Shelley Hall, co. Suif., the 
relict & Extrx. having renounced. P. C. C, Soame, 95. 

Admon. of Elizabeth Tilney late of Shelley in co. Suffolk, deceased, 
granted 22 May 1655 to Philipp Tillney the son. 

P. C. C. Ad. Act Bk., fo. 80. 

Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Anthony and Dorothy (Bacon) Gosnold 
of Grundisburgli and Clopton, and sister of Capt, Bartholomew Gosnold, 
married Thomas Tilney of Shelley Hall in Suffolk, son of Emery Tilney 
of Hoxton, by his wife Winefred, daughter of John Davis of Cranbrooke 
in Kent.$ Francis and Thomas, two of the younger sons of Phillip Tilney 
(son of Thomas & Elizabeth) went to Barbadoes.§ 

*MS. Fed. in poss. of Mr. Walford-Gosnold of Chelmsford. 

t This Richard "Webster was also a witness to tlie will of Robert Gosnold of Earl 
Soham, in 1615 — q. v. page 4. 

+ Davy's Sufi; Colls, in Brit. Mus., Add. MS. 19152, vol. Ixxvi., 27; BloisMS. 203; 
Visit. Suff., 1612, Harl. MS. 1820, 21. 

§ Exjienes Dr. J. J. Muskett. 


Will of Thomas Goldinge of Poslingforde, co. Suff. Dated 4 August 
1575. To sou George mj^ messuage iu Glemsford called Pannetts, with 
the land both free and cop_yhold, now in tenure of John Howe, provided 
said George release unto Roger Golding my son, & unto Thomas Golding, 
the sou of my son Thomas, all his title to the lands 1 have given to the said 
Roger and Thomas. To the said Roger my son all my lauds, free and 
copyhold, in Clare, co. Suif., and Assham & Belchamp St. Pauls in co. 
Essex, also portion of title iu Clare & Assham late belonging to the late 
College of Stoke next Clare ; except the tithe of one parcel of ground in 
Kolye hall, which the said George hath now in occupying. To Thomas, 
sou of my said son Thomas, I give all my copyhold land in Cavendysh, 
that is to say Fatous Copy & Goosewent Coppie, now in the tenure of 
Richard Roote ; except one parcel lying under Mr. Colt's park pale, in the 
occupying of my son Roger, which I give to my sou George. To my son 
Jolm my messuage and land purchased of John Pettywatt in Glemsford 

& a messuage there iu tenure of Brede. To son Henry 140 li. 

To dan. Alice 20 li. and my son George shall enter bond to find her a con- 
venient dwelling house and annuity of £5 for her life. To son Roger two 
pieces of ground in Pentlowe, co. Essex, in tenure of Thomas Brewster, 
and four butchers' stalls in Sudbury, co. Essex, charged with an annuity of 
4 li. to my dan. Alice, and 40s. to my dau. Anne and during lives of my 
said two daus he shall pay 20s. yearly to the poor of Cavendish and the 
rest of the profits to be equally parted among my sons and daughters' chil- 
dren now living ; after death of said daus. to remain to said son Roger and 
his heirs. To my said dau. Alice all household stuff as was her late hus- 
band Edward Byke's. To the children of the aforesaid Alice, namely 
George and Alice, 61i. 13s. 4d, and to Katherine and Edwarde 31i. 6s. 8d. 
at their several marriages or ages of 21. Moreover to said George 61i. 13s. 
4d. more if he be diligent at his book and studious by the space of one year 
after my decease. To my dau. Anne 10 li. To every one of my son 
Warde's children which he had by my daughter 31i. 6s. 8d. and a bed at 
their ages of 21 or marriage, and the like to every one of my son Gridley's 
children which he had by my daughter. To my dau. Strutte's children, 
Margarett, Margery, Matthewe & Grace, 40s. apiece at 21 or marriage. 
To every one of my godchildren being duly proved and required 3s. 4d. 
To godson Thomas Boram 20s. on his marriage. To Davy Edwardes IDs. 

To Elizabeth Carlton 10s. To Hugh 6s. 8d. To Thomas Cowarde 

& Katherine Crane 6s. 8d. each. To William Stable and George Stable 
10s. each. To John Cawstrete the younger and John Sergent 6s. 8d. each 
at marriage. All debts, wools, yarns and broadcloth equally between sons 
George and Roger. Witn : Richarde Fytche, Thomas Goldinge, Anthonye 
Carter & Henry Goldinge. Pro. 4 Dec. 1575 by the Exors. named, 

P. C. C, Pyckeryng, 48, 

Will of Robert Goldinge of Water Belchampe, co. Essex. Dated 11 
March 1591-2. To wife Elizabeth 100 li. and all household stuff was her 
late husband's and 1 li. yearly and best piece of plate. To son Francis 
100 li. at 21 and same to my sons Josias and Peter at said ages. To daus. 
Sarae and Marie Goldinge 60 li. apiece at ages of 20 or marriage. To 
sons Robert, Israel, William and Richard 100 li. apiece at 21. To my dau. 
Margerie 60 li. at 20 or marriage, if she die to be divided between my 
daus. Elizabeth, wife of John Ogles, and Rachel, wife of Hughe Johnson. 
To Joane Brymeley my mother, 40s. yearly during the term I have of Bel- 


champe Hall, if she happen so long to live. To "William Buckley, my ser- 
vant, 40s. To Thomas Buckley ^208. To Thomas Warde, my servant, 
10s. To John Potter and Thomas Pannell, my servants, 3s. 4d. apiece. 
To Allen Graves and Robert Haxall, my boys, Ss. 4d. apiece. To Edward 
Bradley my servant, 20s. To Barbara, my maid servant, 10s. To Grace 
Ruste, my servant, 6s. 8d. To Agnes Fyrmyn, os. 4d. To Amies Jack- 
son, 20d. To John Golding, my son, the bedstead whereon I now lie. To 
Roger Goldinge, my son, a feather bed. To Peter my son a feather bed 
with 5 silver spoons. Executors : — A^'illiam Bragg of Bullmer, yeoman, 
and Richard Goldinge of Aucton, my brother. Witn : John Brymeley and 
Richard Astley. Codicil of 11 March 1591-2, bequeathing to son Ed- 
ward Goldinge, being about 12 years of age, 100 li. at 21 ; Roger Gold- 
ing, another son, to have the keeping of said 100 li. and the bringing up 
of said Edward and if said Edward at his age of 21 should not become of 
such discretion and government to govern himself, the 100 li. should then 
remain to the said Roger, charged to the maintenance of his said brother. 
Witn : as above. Proved 1 July 1592 by the Exoi-s named. Confirmed 
by Definitive Sentence of Easter Term 1593. 

P. C. C, Harrington, 61. 

Katherine and Joane, daughters of Robert Gosnokl of Otley, by his 
first wife Agnes, daughter of John Hill of Ashe Becking, and the aunts of 
Anthony Gosnokl of Grundisburgh, married respectively to Thomas Gold- 
ing of Postlingford, co. Suff., and John Golding of Walton Belchamp, co. 
Essex, brothers, and sons of Robert* (or Rogerf) Golding of Grays, co. 

Of the above wills, the first is that of the husband of Katherine. The 
second, of the son of Joane,1: and from it we leai-n that she was still liv- 
ing in 1591, and had remarried a Brymeley, probably the John Brymeley 
who appears as witness to her son's will. 

We will now turn from the consideration of the direct Gosnold line, 
with which the past pages have been occupied, to that of the family of 
Bacon, from which Bartholomew Gosnokl was descended through his 
mother, called " Dorothy Bacon of Hessett " in the pedigrees, but whose 
paternity has remained liitherto unknown. A long and patient searcli, in- 
volving the reading of several hundred wills, has at last resulted in the 
complete demonstration of her identity as the daughter of George and Mar- 
garet Bacon of Hessett in Suffolk, as will be seen in the wills which follow. 

These wills are most interestirg, for not only do they prove the im- 
portant connection above stated, but the family pedigree includes also the 
well known Nathaniel Bacon, " the Rebel " of Virginia, and his cousin, 
Nathaniel Bacon, the Councillor and acting Governor there, with the New 
Eno-land families of Peck§ and Mason, and a more than suspected connection 
with the New England and Barbadoes families of Bacon, || while the Eng- 
lish line is brilliant with the names of Sir Nicholas Bacon of Redgrave, 
Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and his still more famous son. Lord Verulam, 

* Visit. Suff., p. 93. 

t Visit. Essex, Ilavl. Soc, xiv., 580. 

+ She is said, iu Visit, of Suff., to have rlied without issue (op. cit), but this seems to 
Lave been an error which is corrected in the Visit, of Essex (ut sttpra). 

§ See will of Robert Pecke of Ilingham, co. Norf. (P. C. C, VVootton, 153), in Wat- 
ers's Gleanings, I., 93-94, and notes by John Ward Dean on the same. 

II Register, Vol. 37, pp. 189-198. 


Viscount St. Albans, better known as Lord Bacon, " The wisest, brightest, 
meanest of mankind."* 

Will of Thomas Bacon of Heggesset, co. Suff., gentilman. Dated 1 
March 1546-7. To be buried in the Church of Heggesset aforesaid. To 
every man and woman and child inhabiting in the said town 2d., and to the 
parson 12d., and to every priest inhabiting in the said town 8d., and to 
every strange priest 4d., and to every lay person being strangers and pres- 
ent on the day of my burial Id. To an honest priest to sing for my soul 
for tliree years in the said church 5 li. every year. To Anne my wife, one 
half of my household stuff except my plate and all such chapel stuff as she 
caused to be made since she was my wife ; to my sons George, Edward 
and Francis the other half of my said household stuff. To my wife Anne 
a bason & one ewer of Silver etc., and 300 of my best wethers in Thurs- 
ton and Berton ; also 40 li. due to me for the sale of a tenement in Nay- 
land. To Edmond my son, my best gilt standing cup and 40s. because he 
hath no stuff of my household ; and all the other chapel stuff that was 
mine before I married Anne my wife. All my lands and tenements in Bee- 
ton, Berton, Thurston Rowgham, Hesset, Monks Bradfelde and Packen- 
ham, shall descend to my said son Edmonde according to the laws of this 
realm. All my lands in the tenure of one Thomas Heywarde of Becton, 
I give to my son John, and all my pasture in Tostock in the tenure of Mar- 
tin Bode, to the intent he shall do all things as appointed by the will of my 
father. To son Edmond my lands, both free and copyhold, in Wolpic, 
Elmeswell, Wetherden and Norton, the profits whereof were wont to be 
employed about the finding of a priest, to the intent that he find a priest to 
pray for my soul. To son Francis all my land in Gislingham and Forn- 
ham Jeueve. To sons Edmond and George, my lease of Eastwrettham, 
which I have of the provost of Eton, and to my sons John and Francis, 
my lease of Westwrettham, which I hold of the College of Cambridge. To 
my son-in-law Robert Keene, 100 wethers. Whereas I have heretofore 
made an assurance to my wife Anne of the manor of Netherhall, co. Suff., 
in full recompense of dower, I will all legacies herein made to her shall be 
forfeit if she press any claim for dower. Item, To the dans, of Roger 
Brastret of Ratyllysden 6 li. 13s. 4d. apiece. Res. Legatees and Exors : 
my sons Edmonde, John and George Bacon. Overseer : Nicholas Bacon,t 

Witnessed, subscribed and read by me Nicholas Bacon in the presence of 
the said Thomas. 1 June 1 Edward vi. Witn : Robert Bacon, Edmonde 
Bacon, John Bacon & George Bacon. Proved 30 June 1547 by John 
Adams, proctor for the Exors. named. P. C. C, Alen, 41. 

It is noteworthy that in a list of names of eligible persons to be Keeper 
of the Great Seal during the time of the Lord Chancellor's sickness (in 
1551, or seven years before Bacon's appointment), occurs Mr. {Roland) 

Thomas Bacon, the above testator, married Anne, daiighter of Richard 
Doggett§ of Groton in Suffolk, who, after his death, married second, Robert 

* Essay on Man, iv, 282. 

t Afterward Sir Nicholas Bacon, Knt. (1558-9), Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. See 
will of John Bacon (sej.) in 1559, sou of this testator, who was first cousin of Sir Nich- 

+ Hatfield MSS., pt. 1, page 94, No. 377, in Hist. MSS. Com. Report. 

I Visit, of Suflf., p. 36 : Suflf. Man. Fams., i, p. 344. 


Gosnold of Otley* as his second wife (marriage settlements dated 10 Octo- 
ber 1547), by whom she had no issue ; but her granddaughter by her first 
marriage, through her son George Bacon, became wife of Anthony Gosnold 
of Grundisburgh, and mother of Bartholomew Gosnold. I have recently 
discovered her will in the Consistory Court of Norwich, but the abstract 
has not been received and must be deferred for publication in a future 

Will of John Bacon of Bury St. Edmondes, co. Suff., gentilman. Dated 
7 April 1559. To son George 900 li. in considei'ation of such lands and 
tenements as I have sold that was left to me by my father and should have 
descended unto him ; to be paid him at his age of 21. Also all my inter- 
est in the farm and lease of Wretham, co. Norf., and all my plate, jewels 
and household effects. To my daughter Dorothy 200 li. to be paid on her 
day of marriage if she be then 16 years of age ; also all my late wife, her 
mother's, apparel now remaining. To my daughter Boyes, my daughter 
Fostall and my said daughter Dorothy, my chain of gold equally to be di- 
vided between them. If my son die before the age of 21, I give 200 
marks to the marriage of one of my brother George's sons, which he will ; 
and all my household stuff to my daughter Dorothy, and all my apparel to 
my brothers George and Francis ; and my interest in the lease of Wretham 
to my brother Francis. To John Barker, my servant, 40s. To William 
Sigar, my servant, 5 li. To Anne Humfrey that was my servant, 5 li. To 
my brother Frauncis Bacon, my sonne Fostall, and to Mr. Boyes my son- 
in-law, two aungells apiece to make them rings. To John Holte of Bury, 
gent., my black harneysf furnished as it is. To Thomas Badby, gent., 3 
aungells to make him a ring ; and to his wife one aungell. To John Eyi'e, 
esq., 3 aungells. If my son die before his said age of 21 the residue of his 
portion not above bequeathed shall be divided among my said daughter 
Dorothy and my gi-andchildren. To the governors of the grammar school 
of Bury St. Edmund's 3 li. 6s. 8d. Exors : my son George, my brother 
George Bacon of Hessett, gentilman, and Thomas Andrewes of Bury St. 
Edmunds, gentilman. Overseer : the Rt. Honourable Nicholas Bacon, 
Knt., Lord Keeper of the great seal of England. Witn : p. me George 
Bacon, by me Thomas Androwes. Proved 10 May 1559 by George Ba- 
con of Heggessett and Thomas Androwes, with power reserved, etc. 

P. C. C, Chaynay, 16. 

Will of Edmunde Bacon of Hedgesett, co. Suff., gentilman. Dated 2 
June 1553. To be buried in parish church of Hedgsett. To poor of same 
town 20s. yearly for 5 years. To wife Elizabeth my manor called Hedg- 
sett Hall and my capital house where I dwell in, and all such lands etc. as 
I late purchased of Sir Thomas Jermyn, Knt., in Hedgsett and Bradfield, 
to hold for her life. To my eldest son John Bacon my basin and ewer of 
silver, a standing cup with a cover, etc., he suffering my wife to enjoy the 
same for her life, for the fulfilment of which condition he sliall give a bond 
to Robert Kene, my brother in law. I give to my said wife all my horses, 
neet, sheep, etc. in Hedgsett, Beighton, and Bradfield, to give and sell at 
her pleasure, all such northen$ beasts as shall happen to be then and there 
pasturing only excepted. I will my tenement called Bartimemere shall be 

* See will of Robert Gosnold of Otley (P. C. C, Martjn, G), page 1, ante. 
+ Hiirness, i. e. body armor. 
Ji. e. Northing, wild. 


sold by the said Robert Kene (my sou Joliu to have it if he will for 200 
marks'). My tenement lying in Thurstonue in the nether strete, in the 03- 
cnpation of one Chenery, shall remain in the hands of my executors, dur- 
ing the natm-allife of one Anne Gosnolde, my brother in law (sic — but see 
below), now the wife of Robert Gosnold of Otley, gentilman, for the pay- 
ment of an annuity of 6 li., which I am bonnd to pay to the said Anne, to 
remain at her death to William Bacon, my son, to whom I give all the 
stock of sheep going upon the premises, and 4 marks yearly, during the life 
of Anne Gosnold, above named, my mother in law. My executors shall 
occupy my lease of a moiety of the manor of Estwretton, co. Norfolk, till 
my youngest son Fraunces Bacon be 21 ; when he shall have and enjoy the 
same. To my son Edmund Bacon 40 1. sterling to be paid him yearly till 
the sum of leavenscore marks be fully paid. To John Bacon my son, of 
Callys, 60 1. sterling. To IMarie Futtmer my daughter 10 li. Res. Lega- 
tees and executors : my said brother in law Robert Kene and my eldest son 
John Bacon. Supervisor : George Bacon, my brother. Witn : Mr. Am- 
brosiii Jermyn, Anthony Jermyn, by me Robert Kene. Proved 13 No- 
vember l55o by the executors named. P. C. C, Tashe, 20. 

The will of George Bacon of Hedgesett, co. Suff., gent- Dated 6 
Oct. 1569. To the High Altar for tythes forgotten 5s. To my wife 
Margarett my messuage in Hedgesett and all my lands which I have in 
fee simple, by coppie or term of years, in Hedgesett, Drinksonn and Bag- 
ton, CO. Suffolk, to hold for her life, witli all my stock unbequeathed, except 
ail my rams which I now have within the county of Suffolk or lately bought 
out of Norfolk, also all my horses except one which I give to my nephew 
George Bacon. To every one of my daughters unmarried, not being widows 
at the date of my death, 100 li. apiece on their marriages or when 21. To 
John my son my moiety of the lease in Westwreatham, which I hold of the 
King's college in Cambridge, and my lease in Eastwreatham, which I hold 
of the King's college in Eaton; he paying to his mother 10 li. yearly 
during the life of Anne Gosnolde, her mother {in law). Also to my said 
son at his age of 22, two gilt salts with a cover and one goblet with a cover 
which plate was my father's, and six silver spoons. To my son Thomas 
an annuity of 4 li. out of my manor or messuage called Borfeldehall in 
Wymoudham, co. Norfolk. To my son Edmund my manor of Stalworthies 
in Wymondham, in the occupation of Robert Brayme, to hold for 21 )?ears, 
and after the said term be expired to have out of the same manor 8 li 
yearly, upon condition that he continue at his book and in studie, whereby he 
may be either some devyne or else a lawyer spirituall or temporall. To my 
son Thomas another annuity of 4 li. out of my messuage in Pakeuham, co. 
Suffolk, which I lately purchased of William Sterne, late of Pakenham. 
To Robert my son an annuity of 8 li. out of my part of the manor of 
Easthorpe, co. Essex, which I purchased of Maister Robert Spring of 
Pakenham, Esquier. I will my parsonage, manor and lands in Cretingham, 
which I lately purchased of Frauncis Bouldro and Robert Thorpe, gent., 
and all my tenements in Wilbie, co. Norfolk, which I purchased of John 
Buxton of Tibenham, shall be sold by myne executors for the performance 
of my will. To my son Edward an annuity of 3 li. out of my manor of 
Bourfeldhall in Wymondham. The residue of my goods I give among my 
children that be unmarried, provided my eldest son have no part therein. 
Exors: Mr. Thomas Badbie, esquier, and Mr. Thomas Andrewes of Bui-ye, 
gent. Witn : Anthonys Gosnolde, John Bacon, Frauncis Bacon, Roberte 


Cottenn, Willm Burton, clerk, vicar of Thurston, Phillipp Page of Thurs- 
ton, Henry Hunte with others. Proved 28 Nov. 1569 by George Harry- 
son, proctor for the Exors. named. P. C. C, Shetfield, 24. 

Will of Margaret Bacon of Hedgsett, co. Suff., widow, late wyffe of 
George Bacon of the same towne and countie, gentillman. Dated 18 March 
1573-4. To the poor of Hedgesett for tythes forgotten v®. To my mother 
one silver pece to drink in. To Edward my son all my lands, etc., in the 
town of West Mersea, Essex. To my son John my lease which I lately 
took to farm of my nevye Edmund Bacon, the said John to pay unto my 
son Robert £10. I gyve and bequeth vnto my dovvghter Dorothe Gosnold 
my silver salte gylte with a couer belonginge to the same. And I gyve vnto 
euei'ye one of her Children wch she hath at the date hereof x" to be payd 
by myne execvtors at Michelmas nexte into the hands of Anthony Gos- 
7iolde, gent., ther father, till they come to lawfull age and then to be de- 
liuered to them seuerally, and yf any of them dye before they come to law- 
full age then his her or ther pte soe diseased to be equally deuided amongst 
the rest then livinge. To my daughter Anne £20 and three milch neatt. 
To my daughter Elizabeth same. To my daughter Mary same. To 
Thomas Andrewes, Esq., my best goblet. To Sir William Burton, Vicar 
of Thurston, £10. To euerye poor bodye in the towne of Hedgsett ijd. a 
pece, as well children and seruants as householders. To every one of my 
servants 5s., except Abraham Hoye, to him I gyve xx^. Res. Leg. and 
sole Exor : Edmund, my son. Supervisor : Sir William Burtone, Vicar of 
Thurston. Witn : John Bacon the elder, .John Bacon junr., Thomas Boy- 
ton, elk., Wm. Burton, elk. Proved at Bury St. Edmunds, 11 June 1574, 
by the Exoi". named in will. Arch. Sudbury, Vol. 1574-78, fo. 34. 

Will of George Bacon of Gedding (co. Snffolh). Dated 14 Oct. 1597. 
To poor of Hessett (in the churchyard of which place I desire to be buried), 
of Drynexton and Gedding, 4 li. To my brother Edward Bacon my tene- 
ment with all the lands, both free and copy, which I bought of my cousin 
John Bacon, lying in Hessett & Drinextou, he to pay the following lega- 
cies — I pray forgiveness of my sins, most specially against Margaret Sow- 
gate, sometime my servant, by whom I have had two children, the boy's 
name William, born at Castle Heningham in Essex, at the house of one 
Rawlines, where he is now brought up, and the wench born at Deram 
Market, at the house of one Master Warner, and is now brought up at the 
house of one Luke Raven, brother in law to the said Margaret Sowgate, 

dwelling in , a mile from Hemingham Market in Norfolk ; I charge 

my Exors. to see these poor infants brought up in fear of God. To the 
said Margaret my tenement that I bought of one Kinster and Master Jack- 
son, lying in Gedding and Rattlesden, to hold for her life, and to remain at 
her death to our said William, Also 4 neet in the hands of Richard Worth 
of Ratelsden and one Rushe of Hitchem, brother in law to tlie said Mar- 
garet, Also the bed wherein I used to lie in my chamber at Pages of Ged- 
ding, where I now live, and an annuity of 5 li. out of my tenements in 
Hessett, And I pi'ay God forgive her and me. To my said son William 

I bequeath 40 li. To my said daughter 30 li. To John Howe, 

my late servant, 6 li. To John Frauke 10 li. The rest of my goods, 
leases, etc., I give to my brother Edward Bacon, whom I ordain my Exor. 
" Theis being witnesses George Bacon." Proved 5 June 1600, by John 
Price, not. pub., proxy for the Exor. named in will. 

P. C. C, Wallopp, 46. 


The Will of JonN Bakon of Ilessette. Dated 1st. November 1536. I 
bequeath to the high altar of Hessett 6s. 8d., and to be bestowed at my 
buryall aud att my thirtye daye 10 li. For dirges and masses and dis- 
tribution amongst the poor, during seven years after my death, I bequeath 
40s. a year, and 8 marks a year for a priest to sing for my soul in the 
church at Hessett for two years. I give to Margery my wife, 40 li., and 
for the term of her life my tenement in Hessett, with all lands etc., in Hes- 
sett and Bectun, a meadow in Dreynston, called Caldwellyardes, in full 
recompense for her dowry, so that she pay the rents and sufficiently repair 
all the said tenements, except the old barn, and one little house standing on 
the copy ground, the which standeth on Crotchis. Remainder to the heirs 
of my body. Item I wyll that all the resydewe of my tenementes and 
grounde shall remayne after the last will and fourme of John Bacon my 
Father bothe in Dreynston and Tostocke. I give to my said wife all the 
apparell belonging both to her body and to my body except three of my 
best gowns of which I give the best to John Freer my son-in-law aud the 
other two, to George Taylour and Thomas Fryer my sons-in-law. I give 
to my son John my interest in the Manor of Brandon Ferye, which I hold 
jointly with Robert Bakon my brother, of the Bishop of El}', until my 
son reach the age of 20 years, the same together with 600 sheep to be held 
by my brother-in-law John Fryer of Wyckom Skey, to whom, in case my 
said son die before he reach the age of 20 years, I give my lease of the 
same manor. One half of the residue of my household stuff I bequeath to 
my wife and the other half to be equally divided amongst my children. I 
give to Margery Fryer, my daughter, 20 marks. To Elizabeth, my daugh- 
ter at her age of twenty, 20 li. I will have two trentalls at the Freers of 
Babwell, giving them 20s. 1 give to every godchild 12d. I desire to have 
bought for me and my two wives, one gravestone of marbyll of 208., and 
to have graven thereupon " We praye yowe for to praye for the soules of 
John Bakon and Agnes and Margerye his wyffes on whoes soules Jesu 
have mercye. Amen." Exors : Robert Bakon, my brother, and John 
Fryer, my son-in-law. Supervisor: William Maye of Wolpitt, to eacli of 
whom I give 20s. Witn : Henry Creme, John Schepperde, Thomas Hyn- 
guerde and Roberte Rende et aliis. Proved 27 September 1538, by John 
Thorpe, proxy for the executors named. P. C. C, Crumwell, 10. 

Will of Robert Bacon of Hesset. Dated 10 August 1548. To be 
buried in the churchyard of Hesset. To the high altar of Hesset 3s. 4d. 
To the high altar of Drinkestone 20d. To the poor of Hesset 10 li. To 
my wife Isabel, my tenement and lands, both free and copyhold, where I do 
dwell at the day of making hereof, lying in Hesset & Drinkston, with all 
the lands I have in lease of Mr. John Drure of Rowham ; to remain at her 
decease to James Bacon my son. I will that my said son shall pay to 
Isabel my wife, 3 li. yearly out of the tenements in Drinkston where one 
William James dwelleth. To my wife my tenement in Drinkston where 
Roger Creme dwelleth and my tenement in Hesset late purchased of John 
Brown ; also all my farm stock and house hold stuif. To Thomas Bacon, 
20 marks yearly out of the manor Yngham in co. Suffolk, according to the 
covenants of certain indentures made betwixt Robert Bacon {quere — if the 
testator'?) and Nicholas Bacon his son. I give to my son Nicholas Bacon 
all the sheep I have going upon the farm he and I have in farm of the 
Mayor and chamberlains of our Lady Guild in Thedforthe. To the poor 
of Hesset and other towns adjoining, on the day of my burial, 5 li. Res. 
legatee and Exor : my son James Bacon. Witn : Thomas Nuiie, clerk, 


William Page, Alexander Richardson, Thomas Baxstar, Edward Starre 
{? Stance). Proved 10 Dec. 1548, bj John Adams, proctor for the Exor. 
named in will. P. C. C, Populwell, 19. 

The above testator, the eldest son of John Bacon of Drinkstoue in Suf- 
folk, was elder brother of .Johu and Thomas Bacon, whose wills have been 
given. He married Isabel, daughter of Sir John Cage of Pakenham in 
Suffolk, and had issue by her Thomas Bacon, his son and heir, of Northaw, 
Herts. ; Sir Nicholas Bacon,* Lord Keeper, second son ; James Bacon, 
citizen and Alderman of London (whose will follows), third son ; and two 
daughters, Barbara, wife of Kobert Sharpe, and Anne, wife of Robert 
Bh^ckman of Bury St. Edraunds.f The pedigree of the knightly and 
enobled line of this family may be omitted in these notes. We will follow 
only the fortunes of the third son, James, of London, tlie progenitor of the 
Virginian families and probable ancestor of the New England Bacons as 

Will of James Bacon, citizen and fishmonger of London. Dated 22 
April 1573. I late purchased of Richard Brittein keye called Dice Keye 
in psh. of St. Dunstan's in the East, London, for 900 li, of which 450 li is 
paid to said Richard, the remaining 450 li to be paid after death of Eliza- 
beth Gascoyne, mother of the said Richard Brittein, to whom, during her 
life, 50 li. to be paid yearly ; the said 450 li to be raised from my property 
& jilacedin hands of Anne, my wife, for discharge of said debt. Should 
my wife die, then to go to my friend William Webb, citizen and Salter of 
London. Of remaining property I give one third to Anne my wife, one 
third to my two sons James and William Bacon and one third in legacies 
as follow? : — Gowns to 20 poor m.en of tlie Fishmongers Company and 30 
others. Black gowns to each of the followino- — Thomas Bacon mv brother 
in law and his wife, Sir Lyonell Duckett, knt., Lord Mayor, and the Lady 
his wife, Lady Barbara Champion, widow, the swordbearer Sir -lohn White 
and the Lady his wife. Sir Christopher Draper and liis wife. Sir Roger JNIar- 
ten and his wife, Mr. Recorder and his wife, Mr. Alderman Langley, Mr. 
Alderman Bonde and Mr. Alderman Oliff and their wives, my brother Pas- 
ton and his wife, my brother John Lambert and his wife, my brother Coles 
and his wife, Robert Blackman, my sister Helemau, my brother William 
Packington and his wife, Mr. John Jackman, son of Edward Jackman, 
my brother Edward Pakenton, Robert Bacon, the foresaid William 
Webb and his wife, my sister Amy Hill, widow, my brother Williamson 
and his wife, Michael Goldstone and his wife, my daughter Tyrell, and my 
household servants, Robert Goldestone and his wife, Oliver Goldstone and 
his wife if he have not any at time of my decease, Helen Flowerdale, 
widow, my son Ryvett and his wife, Thomas Bankes and his wife, Thomas 
Sharpe, my cousin Cockes in Lumbardstrete and his wife, Mr. John Cooper 
and his wife, my neighboure Pyrowe Cottie, George Lordinge, clerk of the 
fishmongers' Com., the deputies of my ward and the bedell of my warde, 
the goodman Golding of Ilornechurche, co. Essex and his wife, Humfrey 
Bawdrick and his wife, William Ashebolde, M.A., and Thomas Cattell, 
curate of St. Dunstan's in the East. To tlie following money for rings: — 
My Lord Keeper^ and his wife, my cousin Nicholas Bacon my lord's eldest 
son and his wife, my cousin Woodhouse and his wife, my cousin Windoam (?) 

*His will proved P. C. C, Bakon, 1. 

t Visit, of Suff. 1561, ]\rptciilf, p. 2. 
X Sir Nicholas Bacon, Kut. 


and his wife, my cousins Nathanyell Bacon and his wife, Edward, 
Anthony and Fraunces Bacon, my said son Ryvett and his wife, my said 
brotlier Thomas Bacon and his wife, my cousin Robert Bacon, my cousin 
Thomas Banckes and his wife, my cousin Robert Bhxckman, my cousin 
Robert Brownings and his wife, my cousin Thomas Sharpe, Bartholomew 
Kemp and his wife, the sd. Sir Lyonell Duckett, knt., Lord Mayor, and 
his wife, the sd. Sir John White and his wife, and others mentioned above, 
Nicliolas Packington and his wife, the sd. William Webb and his wife, my 
said daughter Tyrell and her sisters Margaret and Martha and to their 
brother Richard Goldestone, the ring which was his fathers with a cornelin 
therein, Mr. John Broxholme, Sir Valentine Browne and his wife, _ my 
cousin CraifFord and his wife, Mr. Lilgrave and his wife, John Gardiner 
the elder, John Gardiner the younger and his wife, my brother John Pack- 
ington the elder and his wife, Margerie Burbridge, Mr. Edmond Burton 
and his wife, John Dudley and his wife, my cousin Owen and his wife, Mr: 
William Sebright, William Meggs and his wife, John Jackman and his 
wife, Fraunces Bowyer and his wife, John Nayler's wife, Richard Weekes 
of Battell, Bartholomew Jeffrey, Clement Hicmon {Hicins^), David Wil- 
lard, Robert Davis, Thomas May and Henry Davis. Bequests to St. 
Thomas' Hospital, Southwark, Christs Hospital, Bartholomews Hospital, 
Smethfield, and to Bridewell, Ludgate and Newgate Prisons and the two 
compters, etc. Two young men of the Fishmongers Company to have use 
of 50 li. each, for which they must provide two loads of coals for poor of 
sd. Co., and to the sd. Company I give 13 li. 68. 8d. for a dinner. To 
Robert Bacon son of my bro. Thomas Bacon 100 li. and he to be good to 
his sister Jane. To son Ryvett and his wife 66 li. 13s. 14d. Legs, to 

friend William Webb, Thomas Sharpe, (To John I forgive his 

debts,) Margaret and Christopher the two children of the sd. Wm : Webb 
(at their age or marriage) and my wife Anne. To repair of church of St. 
Peter where I am now a parishioner 3 li. 6s. 8d. and to poor there 4 li. 
Forgive beadle of my ward, Richard Spueling, all debts. To poor of 
Hornechurch 3 li. 68.*8d. Legs, to Henry Amcottes, John Davies, Thomas 
Emson, Michael Collett, Edward my boy in the kitchen, maidservants, the 
four children of Richard Goldstone, viz. to Jane Tyrrell and Margaret, 
Martha and Richard, to be paid at age or marriage (of last three). To 
poor at gate of house where I now dwell & in psh of St. Dunstans in the 
East, to preachers for sermons in St. Peters and St. Dunstans. to goodman 
Golding of Hornchurch and his wife and Mary their maiden, Robert Hole- 
man at age, my cousin Cockes and his wife, Robert Blackman & my poor 
kinsfolk above named. Res. Legs, sons James and William. Exors : wife 
Anne and son James. Supervisors : my son Ryvett, brother Cole, and 
William Webb. To Henry Jaye 3 li. Vds. 8d. Witn : Willm Webbe, 
William Ashebolde, Thoms. Cattell, Georgio Lordinge. 

My farm and lands in Hornechurch, co. Essex, in tenure of Edmonde 
James ah Pynner to my son William and his heirs, remainder to my son 
James and his heirs, and my daughter Ryvett and her heirs. My tenmt. 
called ye signe of ye bores Hedd in Thames Strete, in psh. of St. Mary at 
Hill, in the tenure of William Pennington, George Jackson and the Lady 
Barbara Champion, also tenmt. called the sign of the neates Foote, in psh. 
of St. Dunstans in the East, in tenure of George Quernebie, to my son 
James, rem. to son William and to daughter Ryvett and their heirs. To 
son James keye called Dice Keye in Thames Strete, in psh. of St. Dunstans 
afsd., and in tenure of Lawrence Mellowe, William Yonge, Walter Dypen- 


rack, stranger, and Thurstan, widow, and of the above named 

"William Webbe, remainder as before. 

Codicil of 5 May 1573, relating to repair of houses on Dice Key and 
profit under copartnership with William AVebbe, Salter. Witn : as above- 
Proved 2 October 1573, by Anne the relict and Extrs. named. 

P. C. C, Peter, 28. 

James Bacon, the above testator, was married three times ; by his first 
wife, Mary, dan. of John Gardiner of Grove Place, co. Bucks., he had a 
daughter Anna, who married John Ryvett of Bramston, co. Suff., Esq., and 
three other children who all died in infancy. By his second wife, Margaret, 
daughter of Richard Rawlins of London, and widow of Richard Goldstoue 
of London, salter, he had issue Sir James Bacon of Freston Hall, Sutf.y 
Knt., and William, second son, as well as two other children who did 
not survive.* His third wife was Ann, dau. of Humphrey Packenton, and 
relict of Edward Jackman, Alderman and Sheriff of London, by whom he 
had no issue. The eldest son, Sir James Bacon, by his wife Elizabeth, 
daughter of Francis and Anne (Drury) Bacon, left issue Nathaniel Bacon, t 
his son and heir, who was grandfather, through his eldest son Thomas, of 
Nathaniel Bacon of Virginia, " the Rebel," and, through his second son. 
Rev. James Bacon, Rector of Burgate in Suff., by his wife INIartha Honey- 
wood, of the other Nathaniel of Virginia, Councellor and acting Governor, f 

Martha, the widow of Rev. James Bacon, married second. Rev. Robert 
Peck, for 30 years Rector of Hingham in Suff., afterward of Hingham in 
Massachusetts, who had had issue by his first wife, a daughter, Anne Peck, 
who became the wife of Major John Mason of Seabrook, Conn., distin- 
guished in the Pequot War.§ 

Resuming the theme of the Gosnokl family, I will now revert to the 
direct Gosnold line, and have pleasure in giving the long sought and most 
valuable will of Anne (Doggett), widow successively of Thomas Bacon of 
Hessett and of Robert Gosnold of Otley. It is uoteAvorthy that she speaks 
of her husband Gosnold's grandchildren as her own, but the known dates 
render it certain that they were the issue of his first wife Agnes (Hill), 
and her step children only. 

Will of Anne Gosnold of Otley, co. Suffolk, widow, late the wife of 
Robert Gosnold, Esquire, deceased. Dated 20 July, a thousand five hun- 
dred three score and eighteen. My body to be buried in the Church of 
Otley neare unto my said husbonde. To Mrs. Naunton a stone pott cov- 
ered with silver. To Robert Gosnold my grandchild a cipres chest and to 
his wiefe a Portigue. To my grandchild John Bacon my bason and ewyr 
of silver pcell gilt and to his wiefe a Portigew, and to the children of the 
said John Bacon twentie pounds of monye equallie. To Anthonye Gos- 
nold my grandchild twoe silver booles gilt, and to Bartholomew Gosnold, 
his son, tenn poundes of monye and a goblet of sylver. To Elizabeth 
Gosnold, one of the daughters of the said Anthonye, tenn poundes of monye 
and a pott of sylver. To Margaret Gosnold, his daughter, fortie ]X>undes 
of monye and a goblett of sylver. To Dorothie Gosnold, his daughter, 
tenn poundes of monye and syx sylver spones with appostles heades. 
To Anne Gosnold, his daughter, tenn poundes of monye and syx spones 

* Visit, of London, 1568, Harl. Soc, i, 19. 

tSee his will in Arch. SuiY.. 1644, printed in Misc. Geneal. et Her., 2d Ser., Vol. v, 
page 180. 
X See his will in Register, Vol. 37, p. 194. 
\ See will of Robert Pecke and notes already cited, Waters's Gleanings, I., 93-94. 


Vith appostles heades. To Marye Gosnold, his daughter, tenn poiindes 
and a trencher salt of silver. To Anthonie Gosnold, his son, tenn poundes 
of monj'e ; and I will that this said monye and plate shalbe deliuered into 
the handes of Anthony Gosnold thir ifather to tliir use. To my grandchild 
Dorotliie Gosnold my bedd in my upper chambre complete and to hir sister, 
my grandchild Elizabeth Coxall, tenn poundes of monye and twoe sylver 
saltes. To Mary Bacon, my grandchild, tenn poundes of monye and a 
goblet of silver that was hir sister Annes. To Anne Wilkes, daughter of 
Kichard Wilkes, Twentie poundes of monye. To Alice More, my grand- 
child X li. To my sister Spenser three poundes six shillings eight pence, 
and to her daughter that is unmarried fortie shillings. To my niece Alice 
Edgar twoe ould Rialls. To Alice Tovell my bowle of silver. To Anne 
Tovell, daughter of Simon Tovell, sixe poundes xiijs. iiijd. To Elizabeth Gos- 
oiold, my god-daughter, one ould riall. To Edmond Gosnold, my godson, 
one ould noble, and to his sister Dorothie Gosnold one ould noble. To 
Robert Bacon, Edward Bacon and Thomas Bacon, my grandchildren, tenn 
poundes apiece, to be deliuered into the hands of thir brother in lawe An- 
thonj" Gosnold. To servant Ann Mann xx s. To William Jollye xx s. 
To Edmund Coxall, my grandchild, tenn poundes, and to his brother George 
Coxall tenn poundes. To Elizabeth Coxall my cupbord in my chambre. 
To Robert Gosnold, son of John Gosnold of Coddenham and my godson, 
one oidd riall. To euerie seruant in my son Robert Gosnoldes house xij d. 
To the poore mens box in Otley. Residuary legatees and Executors : my 
grandchildren Elizabeth Coxall and Mary Bacon. Supervisor : my grand- 
child Anthonie Gosnold, and I give unto him my ring with a Deathes head. 
Witn : John Coggeshall, John Threlkeld, clerk, William Jollye and others. 
Proved 11 November 1578 by the Exors. named in the prson of John 
Coxall. Cons, of Norwich, Reg. Woodstock, 140. 

Will of Thomas Thorne of Hemingston, co. Suffolk, clerk. Dated 22 
April 1628. To the poor of Hemingston 5 li. To Sycely my wife my 
messuage and lauds now in tenure of Catherine Sergeant, widow, and myself, 
for the term of her life (conditionally that she demand no dower) with re- 
mainder to Oliver Thorne my son. To five of the children of my daugh- 
ter Dameron, viz. Thomas, John, George, Anne and Mary Dameron, 20 li. 
apiece at age or marriages. To my son in law Thomas Ellis, gent., and my 
daughter Thomasine his wife 40 li., and to my grandchild Phillip Ellis their 
son 60 li. To my grand children Thomas, John and Christopher Deering and 
Sicely his late wife, my daughter deceased, 20 li. apiece at age or marriage. 
To my son in law John Micklefield and my daughter Mary his wife 40 li., 
and to their three children, Thomas, Edward and Ann Micklefield, 20 li. 
apiece at 21 or marriage. To my daughter Bridget, now wife of Roger Pros- 
ser, gent., an annuity of o li. for her life. To John Lea, son of my said daugh- 
ter Bridget 50 li., and to Thomas Lea, her other son, 50 li. at their ages of 
21 or marriages. To my said dauohter Bridget for the education of her 
two sons 5 li. apiece payable half yearly. To my wife 20 li. My corn to 
be devided amongst my wife, my son, and my three daughters. Exor : 
my son Oliver Thorne, but he to be bound in a bond to my sou in law Thomas 
Ellis, gent., for the payment of the legacies, if he refuse then the said 
Thomas Ellis to be Exor. Witn: Robert Studd, mark, Thomas Whitman 
and Nich*^ Allen. Proved 4 December 1630 by Oliver Thorne the son and 
Exor. named. P. C. C, Scroope, 114. 

Cicely, daughter of Robert and Mary (Vesye) Gosnold of Otley, and 


sister of Anthony Gosnold of Grundisburgh, married Rev. Thomas Thorne, 
Rector of Hemingstone, co. Suffolk and of Feltwell, co. Norfolk. In some 
pedigrees he is called Robert Thorne, an evident error. 

Will of Christian Rtvett of Witnesham, co. Suffolk, widow. Dated 
3 February 1587/8. To be buried in the churchyard of Witnesham. To 
Ursula Ry vett, my grandchild and god-daughter, daughter of Robert my son, 
£ 5 at her age of one and twenty years. To Robert, Katherine and Rose 
Ryvett, my grandchildren, children of Robert my son, £ 5 apiece at their 
several ages of one and twenty years. To Rachel Stiles, my daughter, wife 
of Edmund Stiles £ 7. To John, Edmond, Rachel, Rose, Alice and Anne 
Stiles, children of Edmond Stiles and my grandchildren, 20 s. apiece at 
their several ages of one and twenty. To daughter Alice Daynes, wife of 
John Daynes, £ 7, To Rachel, Robert and Anne Daynes, children of John 
Daynes and my grandchildren, 20 s. apiece as before. To my daughter 
Margaret Scrutton, wife of Samuel Scrutton, £ 7. To Priscilla, James, 
Samuel, and Thomas Scrutton, children of Samuel Scrutton and my grand- 
children, 20 8. apiece as before. To daughter Marie Yorke all such sums 
of money as William Yorke, her husband, oweth me. To Robert, William, 
Thomas, Anthony, Edward, Anne, Marie, Rachel, Margaret, Rose and 
Grace Y'orke, children of William Y''orke, 20 s. apiece as before. My nowe 
dwellinge howse giving unto me duringe my naturall life by James Ryvett 
my husbond, father unto the said Robert. To the poor of Witnesham 20 s. 
Exors. and Residuary Legatees : Edmund Stiles and Samuel Scrutton, my 
sons in law. Witn : Richard Whetcroft and Robert Church. Proved at 
Ipswich 2 April 1589 by the Exors named. 

Arch. Suffolk, 1578/9, fo. 544. 

Will of Robert Revett of Witnesham, co. Suffolk, yeoman. Dated 21 
April 1616. " Being aged." To be buried as neere unto my sonne Robert 
Revett deceased as may be in the psh church of Witnesham. To Ursula my 
wife her dwelling place in the house wherein I now dwell, with annuity of 
£ 13-6-8 for her life. Lands in Witnesham and Tuddenham. John 
Collins. Daughter Katherine, wife of Samuel Stebbing, £ 50. Men- 
tion of (blank) Stebbing, father of the said Samuel, as living. To grand- 
children Thomas and Ursula Seager, children of Thomas Seager, at 21. To 
Rose Seager my grandchild, daughter of Thomas Seager, £ 5 at 2 L Men- 
tions legacies which Christian Revett, my mother, gave unto Ursula my 
daughter deceased, late wife of the said Tliomas Seager. To poor of Wit- 
nesham, as a towne stocke, 40 s. To James Revett my son all my lands, 
messuages, etc. and he Exor. Supervisor : my trustie friend and brother in 
law John Daynes. Witn : Wm. Plumer and Thos. Seaman. Proved at 
Snape 26 Sept. 1616 by James Revett the Exor named. 

Arch. Suffolk, 1616, fo. 132. 

Christian, daughter of Robert and Agnes (Hill) Gosnold of Otley, mar- 
ried James Ryvett of Witnesham and Mendlesham, co. Suffolk. 

Will of John Gouldinge of Poslingford, co. Suffolk. Dated 27 June 
1590, i)r<)ved 31 July, 1593. Cousiin Tliomas Gouldinge. Bequeathes 
largely to his wife, whom he makes Exor., but her name is not given, either 
in will or probate note. Arch. Sudbuiy, 1591-4, fol. 406. 

1 strongly suspect this John Goulding to have been husband of Johan 
Gosnold, and aunt of Anthony.* 

* See wills of other members of the Goulding family in Kegister, vol. Ivii, pages 


Will of Sir Thomas Barrington, Kt. Dated 6 Feb., 1580-1. My 
executors shall sell all my wood & timber growing iu the grounds called 
Garlands, & also within the parish of Hatfield, towards the performance of 
this my will, & I bequeath them also for the payment of my debts and lega- 
cies all my term of years in the rectory and parsonage of Hatfield, co. Essex. 
To the eldest daughter of my daughter Harris, 40 li. To every of my house- 
hold servants that hath served me by the space of a year or upwards, 20s. 
Richard Clarke, in respect of his honest service, to be by my executors largely 
considered. To my son Frauucis 800 li., beseeching him to be dutiful & loving 
to my dear wife, his mother. To my son Henry, 100 li., and during the time 
he shall be beyond sea, 80 li., wishing him to be dutiful and obedient to his said 
mother. To Thomas Byrles, that waiteth on my son Henry beyond the sea, 
lOli. a quarter during the time he shall remain with my said son. Execu- 
tors : my said wife, the Right honourable Henry, Erie of Huntingdon, Sir 
William Cordell, Sir Gilbert Gerarde, knights, and Andrew Grey, esquier ; 
to each of whom I give 10 li. for their joains. To the poor of Hatfield, 20s. 
Witn : John Gybon, Jhon Symynges, Edward Doddinge, R. Yonger, Rich- 
ard Waron, Frances Cromwell, William Netton. Proved 2 May 1581 by 
Mr. William Babham, notary public, proxy of Dame Winifred Hastinges 
alias Barrington, relict of the deceased, and one of the executors named, with 
power reserved, etc. P. C. C, Darcy, 16. 

In the preceding will I suspect that we have that of the father in law of 
our Bartholomew Gosnold. It is well known that his wife was a Bar- 
rington and probably of the Essex stock. In the Visitation of Essex in 
1612,* an only daughter Catherine is assigned to Sir Thomas Barrington, 
who is not named in the will, and who may have been the missing wife of 
Bartholomew, but no evidence has yet been found to substantiate or dis- 
prove this theory. 

Will of Richard Gosnoll of Chigwell. Dated 19 April, 34 Eliza- 
beth. To be buried in Chigwell churchyard. To my son Thomas Gosnoll, 
£10 when he shall come to the age of 20 years. To my daughter Anne, 
£10 when she shall come to the age of twenty years or on marriage. To 
my servant William Burton a pair of screws and two rowles. To my ser- 
vant Elizabeth, 13/4. Residuary legatee and Extx : my wife, Anne. Witn : 
John Preston, Alice Fullum. Proved 2nd May 1592 by William Skinner, 
not. pub. procurator to Anne Gosnolld. Arch. Essex, Stephen, 43. 

Will of RoBART Gosnold of Bulmayre, co. Essex, yeoman. Dated 30 
June 1601. To Elizabeth my wife all my goods and chattels whatsoever, 
she paying unto John Carter and Ann Carter 3 li. 68. 3d. apiece, to Josias 
Carter and Joseph Carter, sons of my brother Thomas Carter, 30s apiece, 
and 5s. apiece to Philip Carter, Thomas Carter, Elizabeth, wife of John 
Smith of Wicbro Brocke, Judith, wife of Thomas Kightt of London, and 
Sarah, wife of Edward Scott of Glemsford, sons and daughters of my 
brother-in-law Thomas Carter; and I make my said wife my extx. The 
mark of Robert Gosnall. Witn : John Fyrmin, Clerk, Richard Carter. 
Proved 6 October 1601 by Mr. William Cole, proctor for the executrix. 
Com. London (Essex and Herts), w. p. 6 Oct., 1601. 

Will of Richard Gosnold, of Mosse, co. Essex, singleman. Dated 
13 December 1616. To the poor of Mosse 20s. To the towne of Bea- 
mond, 10s. To John Burton, the servant of Thomas Gosnold, 20s. if he 

Op cit. in Ilarl. Soc, vol. xiii, page 148. 


dwell with the said Thomas and Angnes his wife at my departure. To Ann 
Warren and Joan Pye, 20s apiece npon the same condition. To the first 
child of William Gosnold my brother, 5 li. To Robert, Margaret and 
Mary Run tinge, children of my brother Edmund Run tinge and Pr^silla 
his wife, 10 li. amongst them. Residuary legatees and Exors : Thomas 
Gosnold and Angnes Gosnold, ray father and mother. To William Gos- 
nold my brother, 378. 8d. in the hands of Richard Haris. The mark of 
Richard Gosnold. Witn : Robert Baker, Robert Wade, the mark of Ed- 
mund Runtiuge. Com. London (Essex and Herts), w. p. 161G. 

Will of Peter Gosnall, of Wrabnes, co. Essex, husbandman. Dated 
16 November, 5 Chas. I. To be buried in the churchyaixl of Wrabnes. 
Universal legatee & Extx : my wife, Mary. Peter Gosnall, his mark. 
Witn : William Pipple, John Andrewes, his mark, Thomas Edgar, his 
mark. Proved 10 December 1629, by Mary Andrewes and Martha Tit- 
man, executrices of Mary Gosnall, executrix of Peter Gosnall, deceased. 

Com. London (Essex and Herts), 74. 

Will of Mart Gosnall of Wrabnes, co. Essex, widow. Dated 23 No- 
vember, 5 Chas. I. To be buried in the churchyard of Wrabnes. To John 
Ramson, son of my daughter Martha Titman £5 when he shall accomplish 
the age of 21, which money 1 have committed to the care of Thomas Ed- 
gar of Wrabnes ; should he die before that age, the money to go to my 
daughter Martha Titman. To my said daughter, the bed whereon I now 
lie. To my son, Joseph Gayer, if he return from beyond the seas, £5. Re- 
siduary legatees & executrices: my two daughters, Mary, wife of John 
Andrewes of Dovercourt, and the said Martha Titman. The money given 
to John Ramson to rest in the hands of Thomas Edijar, and mv dau^fhter 
Titman to take bond of him for the payment thereof and the bond to be 
committed to the keeping of William Pipple, of Wrabnes, clerk. Mary 
Gosnall, her mark. Witn : William Pipple, Thomas Edgar (mark), Thomas 
Crispe (ma7-k). Proved 10 December 1629 by the executrices named in 
will. Com. London (Essex and Herts), 73. 

Will of Robert Gosnaile, the elder, of Langham, co. Essex, say weaver. 
Dated 25 October, 16 Chas. (II.) To Frances, my wife, my messuage and 
land in Langham for her life. To Robert Gosnall my son, my messuage 
called Gatehouse in the occupation of Samuel Southgate. To Hester Dob- 
bito, wife of Samuel Dobito, the tenement I live in, after my wife's decease, 
she paying unto Mary Southgate, now wife of Samuel Southgate aforesaid, 
shoemaker, 4 li. To the said Mary Southgate I give my messuage called 
a parcel of Boulings grove in the occupation of Annie Chilson, widow, 
immediately after my wife's decease. To Frances Hills, now wife of Henry 
Hills, my messuage in the occupation of Samuel Debito, being a parcel of 
Bouliug's grove, after my wife's decease. If any of my four children die 
without issue, the survivors shall be heirs of such deceased child. Exors : my 
wife and Hester Dobbito aforesaid. The mark of Robert Gosnall. Witn : 
Samuel Warner, Godfrey Plow. Proved 22 June 1666 by Frances Gos- 
nall, Extx. Com. London (Essex and Herts), Waller, fo. 188. 

Will of Robert Gosnall of St. Giles' parish in the town of Colches- 
ter, CO. Essex, yeoman. Dated 20 September 1602. To Simon Gosnall, 
my eldest son, all my lands in the said parish called Reades and liankyns, 
to remain, if he die without issue, to Mark Gosnall my son. To the said 


Mark, 30 li. To Peter Gosnall, ray youngest son, 30 li. at his age of 21. 
To the poor of the said parish, 6s 8d. To Johan Barker of Langhara, my 
sister-in-hiw, one buUoclc which she has in lier possession. To Thomas 
Fenner, one ewe. To Robert Ingram and Tomazine Wynde, my maid ser- 
vant, one ewe apiece. I will that my son Peter be honestly brought up at 
the charge of my son Simon, whom I make my residuary legatee and ex- 
ecutor. Supervisor : my friend John Duke of St. Botolph's parish in Col- 
che.ster. The mark of Robert Gosnall. Witn : William Cocke, the mark 
of John Millington. No probate act. Arch. Colchester, Downing, 163. 

Will of TitOMAS GosENELL of Clopton. Dated 20 December 1464. 

My body to be buried in the Chancel of the Clopton church. To the 

* Brothers of Norwich 4d. To the High Altar of Clopton lOd. 

To the _ _ * Brothers of Ipswich 12d. All the rest of my 

goods I leave to Isabell my wife and William my son, whom I appoint ex- 
ecutors. Proved at Ipswich 9 February (1464-5). 

Arch. Suffolk, vol. ii, fo. 134. 

Court Booh of Manor of St. John of Jerusalem in Coddenham, Go. Suffolk 

1642 — Thomas Gosnold and Elizabeth his wife were tenants of lands in 
Hemingstoue, co. Suifolk, held of the Manor of Coddenham St. 

1652 — The said Thomas Gosnold surrendered such lands to the use of Rob- 
ert Gosnold, Esq., of the mansion house called Otley Hall situate 
in Otley in the county of Suffolk, and further bound himself to 
pay to the said Robert a yearly sum of money. 

1655 — The said Thomas Gosnold having made default in the payment of 
the said yearly sum, the said Robert was admitted tenant to the 

1656-9 — The said Robert Gosnold having died in this period, his son Rob- 
ert was admitted. 

1660 — The said Robert the son surrendered the lands to one George God- 

Marriage Licenses in Archdeaconry of Suffolk, 1613 to 167 If. 
1619/20 Feb. 15 — Thomas Wilkin, single, and Ann Gosnold of Brantham, 

widow, at Brantham. Book 4, fo. 28. 

1634 July 1 — James Rossington of Heveningham, and Ursula Gosnolde of 

Swilland, both single. Book 13, fo. 10. 

1640 Oct. 12 — John Goodding of Ipswich, widower, and Bridget Gosnolde 
of Washbrook, single, at Washbrook. Book 18, fo. 22. 

The parish register notes which follow represent gleanings in many par- 
ishes in the neigborhood but not exhaustive search in any. 

Ipswich Registers. 
St. Mary Stoke, 1563 to 1650. 
1651 Nov. 30— Bridget, dau. of Thomas & Mary Gosnell bapt, 

St. Mary Tower, 1538 to 1650. 

1647 Aug. 25 — Henry son of Henry Gosnold bapt. 
1648/9 March 8 — Henry son of Henry Gosnold bapt. 

* Illegible. 


St. Nicholas, 1539 to 1710. 

1651 June 15 — George the son of James Gosnell and Mary his wife bapt. | 

1652 July 11 — Mary the daughter [of) Jemes Goslin of the Key pish and j 

(blank) his wife bapt. i 
1653/4 Mar. 24 — Jeames the sonne of Jeames Gosnall and of Mara his wif 

bapti. I 
1662 April 27 — the wife of George Gosnold gent Bnryed. 

1689 — George Gossnall of St. Mary Kee was buried in the Chancellof this i 

Church ffebruary ye 7, 1689. j 

St. Matthews. ! 

1620 — Henry Gosnall son of Robert and Anne 29 December, bapt. i 

1638 — William Gosnell son of William and Catherine 11 November, bapt I 

St. Lawrence. ! 

1714 — Daniel Sherman and Bridget Gosnold married.* I 

Sundry Gleanings. 

1578 July 23 — Anthony son of Edmund and Mary Gosnoulde baptized at i 

Sproughton, Suffolk. i 

1597/8 February 18 — Edmund Gosnall, senior, of Wattisham, Suff., and j 

Rose Cowell were married at Rattlesden. i 

1638 — Mrs. Christian, wife of Anthony Gosnold, buried at Cowling, co. | 

Suffolk. : 

1638 — Ann Gosnold, daughter of Robert and Trephena, buried at Kettle- 

baston, co. Suffolk. I 

1717 — Robert Gosnold, gent., "of ye ancient family of the Gosnolds in | 
Otley, was buried Nov 7th, 1717" at Otley. . j 

Nayland, Go. Suffolk. I 

1620, 17 April — Peter Gosnold and Dennis Heard married. 

" 24 December — Mary dau. of Peter Gosnold bapt. i 

1622, 29 September — Peter son of Peter Gosnold bapt. j 
1624, 31 October — John son of Peter Gosnold bapt. 

1627, 13 May — Henry and Margaret children of Peter Gosnold bapt. j 

1629, 23 July — Anna dau of Peter Gosnold bapt. ' 

1 638 — John Gosnold, son of Peter, buried.* ; 

Great Horkesley, Go. Essex. j 

1580 — Mr. Smyth and Joan Gosnalle marr. 27 July. \ 

Little Horksley, Go. Essex. i 

1569 — Peter, son to Richard Gosnold and Agnes, bapt. 2 Oct. i 

Golchesfer, St. Nicholas. 1 

1586 — Robert Gosnold. son of William, bapt. 18 Dec. 

1608/9 — John Gierke and Joan Gosnold marr. 1 Feb. ! 

1632 — Robert Gosnale and Frances Ford marr. 8 Oct. ; 


Stoke-by-Nayland, Go. Siffolk. j 

1572 June 29 — Thos. Bullard and Joan Gosnold married. < 

* From Cookson's Index. j 

* From Cookson's Index. 


Will of Anthony Gosnold of Bury St. Edmunds, gent. Dated 2 
April, 1639, I desire to be buried in the Chancell of the psh Church of 
Cowlinge soe nere unto the body & corpes of my most intirely loving and 
dearly beloved wife (there now lyeing interred) as with conveniency pos- 
sibly mai bee. Whereas by a certain Indenture bearing date 13 March, 
14 Charles, between me on the one part Joshua Waad of Chevington 
gent Roger Segrodt of Bury gent and Robert Underwood of Chevington 
elk on the other part I have granted unto the said Waad and Segrodt their 
heirs and assigns all that messuage called Winters and a messuage adjoining 
sometime Baker's with the lands etc. thereto belonging situate in Cowling, 
Suffolk, late in the tenure of Thomas Finche and Margaret Halles widow 
containing 54 acres, — also all and every the parts of me the said Anthony 
Gosnold in those messuages called Hildershams and thentofore known by 
the name of Sibbils and Boyses with all appertncs thereto belonging con- 
taining one hundred and three score acres and sometime in the occupation 
of Henry Lovitt, Edward Gibson, Thomas Webb and John Wright lying 
in Cowling aforesaid, — also my part or purparts in 3 pes of land in Cowling 
containing 4 acres purchased by Roger Heigham Esq., of one Charles 
Worlich the elder of Thetford gent, — also the messuage where in I now 
dwell and wherein William Stanhope esquire did lately inhabit (being 
freehold) in Bury St. Edmunds in a certain street called the High Street 
alias Northgate Street between the messuage of Eustace Darcy esquire 
(now of John Bright gent) and the messuages of Robert Brown and Robert 
Barrett, — and also all my other messuages, etc, being freehold and charter 
lands in Cowling and Bury ; — to the said Joshua Waad and Roger Segrodt 
their heirs and assigns to the use of such persons as by me shall be nomi- 
nated, — now I do by this my last will declare that all the said lands from 
and immediately after my decease shall be and remain and that the said 
Waad and Segrodt shall be thereof seised to the sole use of the said Roger 
Segrodt and to his heirs male the said Roger accepting the same (as well 
he may) in discharge of the sum of £250 for payment thereof (after the 
death of Anne Higham widow) he hath my obligacon. To the said Roger 
Segrodt one customary meadow in Bury purchased of William Stanhope, — 
also the yearly rent charge of £15 by me lately purchased, (during the life 
of Anne Higham widow) of one Arnold Segrodt gent, — also another rent 
charge of £15 out of the capital messuage called Branches for the term of 
one hundred years if the aforesaid Anne Higham shall soe long live. To 
my brother in law Joshua Waad and Margaret his wife my copyhold lands 
in Great Horningsherth bought of Thomas Scott for their lives with 
remainder to Roger Segrodt and heirs. To Edmund Gosnold my natural 
brother £100 soe as he come in his owne pson & clayme the same. To 
Arnold Segrodt gent brother to Roger £100. To the poor of Northgate 
Street, High Street, and in the Almes Howse of Brick nere unto the end 
of Mr. Castleton his orchard £5 regard to be had of the most aged lame 
sick weake, & impotent & especially such as are godly and religious people 
& are diligent in goeing to church. They which have least to have sixpence. 
My cosen John Blemell preacher of the word of God in the psh of St. James 
wherein I live £5 and to his son my godson fourtie shillings. Anne 
Woodward my god daughter twentie shillings, and Avis Willan my wives 
kinswoman & now my servant £10. The rest and residue of my goods 
and estate I leave to Roger Segrodt to his own sole use forever which 
Roger Segrodt I doe hereby make sole executor of this my will. My 
mortgages on the lands of George Hible of Hartest to be released unto 


him on couditious. And nowe in the last place of this my will I thought 
good to make this declaracon of the reason moveiug me in giveing (in a 
maner all) my poore estate to the aforesaid Roger Segrodt, haveing some 
of mine owne kindred & name though remote : Hee is natnrall Brother to 
my deare & loveiug wife deceased and one whom shee dearly loved. To 
them who well knew her & what maner of a wife shee was to me that is 
sufficient. To them that did not so well know her I doe thinke myself 
(who best knew her) in a maner bouud to make this much of her knowne, 
videlt, etc. Witn : James Cobbe, Robert Browne, Anth Adams, Wm 

Codicil, dated 11 Nov. 1639. My loveing brother Edmund Gosnold 
gent £200 more. Brother Joshua Wade and Margaret his wife to them 
and their heirs the lands before bequeathed for life. My cosen Edward 
Balles of Cowlinge gent sixe printed bookes to be chosen by him out of 
all my bookes except my law bookes. Joshua Wade to be one of my 
executors. Legacies to servants. Witn : John Briglit, William Mnnings. 
Proved with Codicil, 13 Dec. 1639, by Roger Segrodt and Joshua AVade. 

' Arch. Sudbury, 1639-42, fol. 96. 

With this interesting will, evidently that of the Anthony Gosnold on 
whose will I have already printed legal opinion, I will close these some- 
what lengthy notes upon this family. I cannot do so, however, without 
expressing my cordial appreciation of the kindness of the many friends who 
have aided me in the extensive researches which I have made. In par- 
ticular, I would acknowledge the courtesy of John Desborongh Walford- 
Gosnold,* Esq., of Bentle}' in Suffolk, the present worthy representative of 
the family in that county, to whom I am indebted for jiermission to copy 
a very fine manuscript pedigree of his family, which has been of the 
greatest assistance in my work, being much more full of detail than the 
published pedigrees in the Visitations. I must also express my gratitude 
to my esteemed friend and correspondent, Mrs. M. B. Hutchinson of 
Ipswich, who has been tireless in chasing down obscure names and cross 
references in my behalf. To my friend Mr. Oswald Barron, of the Temple, 
London, I am also indebted for some valuable aid in the Prerogative Wills, 
including the sketch of the arms from the will of Robert Gosnold of Otley 
in 1573, with which this essay opened. 

* Descended from Robert Gosnold of Otley, who died in 1605, the elder brother of 
Anthony of Grundisborough. 


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