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Description of the M8S. 

Description of. the printed editions 

Plan of the present vohime 

Akoumentuh ............ 

Capitula Lectiouum 

iCuASOELiUM ; Cap. I . . 

Cap. II. ... 

Cap. Ill 

Cap. IV 

Cap. V 

Cap. VI 

Cap. VII 

Cap. VIII 

Cap. IX 

Cap. X 

Cap. XI. 

Cap. XII 

Cap. XIII 

Cap. XIV 

Cap. XV 

Cap. XVI 

Appendix: Collatioa of the Latiu texts of the Lintlisfurae and Rush worth MSS. 

Critical Notes 

coreigenda et addenda 

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The present volume fornis a second portion of the exhaustive edition of the 
Anglo-Saxon Gospels, as planned hj Mr Kemble- The first portion was published 
in 1858, with the title, "The Gospel according to St Matthew, in Anglo-Saxon 
and Northumbrian Versions, synoptically arranged : with collations of the best 
Manuscripts. Edited for the Syndics of the University Press. Cambridge : at the 
University Press. 1858." Unfortunately Mr Kemble did not live to complete the 
volume, and the task of finishing it devolved upon Mr Hardwick, whose preface 
commences with the following paragraph : 

"An edition of the Gospels, as transmitted to us in the leading dialects of 
ancient England, was designed and partly executed several years ago by one of 
our accomplished Anglo-Saxon scholars, John M. Kemble, Esq. M.A , of Trinity 
College, Cambridge, The undertaking was, however, soon suspended for various 
cause? ; and at the time of Mr Kemble's death, in the spring of 1857, the portion 
of it actually completed did not reach beyond the opening verses of the twenty- 
fifth chapter of St Matthew, Under these circumstances the Syndics of the Uni- 
versity Press, instead of suffering so good a project to fall entirely to the ground, 
resolved to carry on the printing of the work as far at least as the conclusion 
of the first Gospel." 

The remainder of Mr Hardwiek's very brief preface merely indicates the titles 
of the MSS. on which the text and notes were founded. This is perhaps the 
fitting place to add that the expression "collations of the best manuscripts" in 
the title-page above quoted is calculated to mislead. Not merely the hest, but all 
the existing manuscripts were consulted, and all their various readings recorded. 
From the omission of the marginal numbers having reference to the Eusebian 
Canons in the latter part of the work, it appears that the first 192 pages were 
prepared by Mr Kemble, and the last 39 by Mr Hardwick. 

By the kindness of the Syndics of the University Press, I have been per- 
mitted to undertake this second portion of the work ; and, as the circumstances 
attending the publication of St Matthew's Gospel did not afford a favourable 
opportunity for discussing the peculiarities of the MSS,, or even for explaining the 
general design by which their readings are synoptically exhibited, I now endeavour 
to supply the necessary information. 

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As to the general account of our early versions of tlie Scriptures, and the 
MSS. in which they are contained, the reader cannot do better than consult the 
Preface to "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels," &c., edited by the Rev. Joseph 
Bosworth, D.D., and G. Waring Esq., published in 1865. In the Preface also to 
the "WyclifEte Versions of the Holy Bible, edited by the Rev. J. Forshall and 
Sir F. Madden, K.H. in 1850, there is a passage which exhibits the whole matter 
so clearly and briefly that it is advisable to quote it at length, together with 
the valuable footnotes appended to it. 

"The poem which bears the name of CEedmon, gives several passages of Scrip- 
ture with tolerable fidelity, and it might require extended notice, if the epic and 
legendary cbaraeter of the composition suffered it to be ranked among the versions 
of holy writ'. Aldhelm, bishop of Sherbom, who died in 709, is reported to have 
rendered the Psalter into his native language", and the Anglo-Saxon version, dis- 
covered in the Royal Library at Paris about the beginning of the present century, 
has been supposed to be at least in part his production. The first fifty psalms 
are in prose, the others in verse^. 

"Bede wrote chiefly for the learned; yet that the common people might more 
easily be taught the elements of their religion, he turned the Apostles' Creed and 
the Lord's Prayer into Anglo-Saxon, and frequently presented copies of these for- 
mularies to such illiterate pi-iests as came under his noticed He died in 735, 
and one of his last efforts was a translation of the Gospel of St John, which he 
seems to have completed, just as death put an end to his labours\ 

"Alfred, in his zeal for the improvement of his country, did not overlook 
the importance of vernacular Scripture. At the head of his laws he set in Anglo- 
Saxon the ten commandments, with such of the Mosaic injunctions in the three 
following chapters of Exodus, as were most to his purpose. What other parts of 
the Bible he translated, it is difficult to determine. A remarkable passage in his 
preface to the Pastoral of Pope Gregory^, leaves no room for doubt, that if the 
more necessary portions of holy writ wore not made accessible to his subjects in 
their own tongue, it was only because this wise and pious prince failed of the 
opportunity to accomplish hia wishes. 

"Whatever might be the extent of Alfred's biblical labours, it is beyond 
question that soon after his days the Anglo-Saxon Church had her own interpre- 
tations of those pa,rts of Scripture which were in most frequent use. The Psalter 

' "Cffidmon was a monk of Whitby, is the seventh Tersitj Presa by Mr. Benjamin Thorpe, under the title, 

century. The poem as it now exists has, probably, been Lii>er Psahnorum, v&rsio antigua Laiina, mm Para- 

raaterially altered by the reciters and transeribers of a phrasi ADglo-Saxoniea, etc. 8vo. Oson. 1836." " 
later period. It has been twice published, first by Trancis ' Bedte ep. ad Egbertum ; see Hist. Bed. ed. Smith, 

Junius ia 1655, and next by Mr. Benjamin Thorpe in 1832." Cantab. 1722, p. 306." 
Also by C. W, M. Greiu in 1857. " " Cutliberti Vita Bedre ; see Eccl. Hist. p. 7S3." 

^ " Bale, Scriptorum illuatr. oatalogua, ed. 1557, p. 84." ' " See Annales JElfredi, auct. Aaserio, ed. Wise, p, 84." 

" "It was edited for the delegates of the Oxford 0ni- 

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ascribed to Aldhelm, if it be not the work of that prelate, certainly cannot be 
later than the ninth century. To the same period may be safely attributed the 
Anglo-Saxon translation of the Gospels'. Several MSS. of it are preserved; but 
none of them appear to give the version in its original purity. Successive tran- 
scribers adapted the language to the idioms and inflexions of their own times and 
provinces. Some however of the copies are earlier and less degenerate than 
others. The latest seems to be considerably subsequent to the conquest, the most 
ancient may have been written more than a hundred years before it^. 

"But it was not solely to this version that the unlettered Anglo-Saxon was 
indebted for a knowledge of what the Evangelists record. Access was also afforded 
to their narratives by means of verbal glosses made in copies of the Latin Gospels. 
These glosses were written between the lines of the text, rendering it in the same 
order word by word. Of the two glosses which are now exstant, one is found 
in the famous book of Durham^, and was made by the priest Aldred, probably 
in the tenth century ; the other of the same age is contained in a MS. of the 
Bodleian Library*, and had for its authors Owun and Farman, the latter a priest 
at Harewood. 

" Similar glosses had been made on the Psalter. A gloss of this kind, pro- 
bably of the ninth century, was published in 1640 from a MS.' belonging to sir 
Henry Spelman, by his son, afterwards sir John^. Another gloss of the same period 
■was published by the Surtees Society in 1843^ Variations from these glosses are 
found in several other MSS.^ Glosses also occur on the canticles of the chui'ch, 
and the Lord's prayer ; on portions of Scripture in the ritual of Durham*', and on 
the more difficult words of the book of Proverbs^". 

"Towards the close of the tenth century ^Ifric translated, omitting some parts 
and greatly abridging others, the Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, a portion of the 
books of Kings, Esther, Job, Judith, and the Maccabees". He also drew up in 

' "Published three times; 1. by abp. Parker in 1571; Saxon gl t k nf nth C tt MS. Vespasian A. I, 

2. by Dr Marsliall, rector of Lincoln college, in 1665 ; and and b dee Ui P It comj I cli., nine of the 

3. by Mr Betyamin Thorpe, in 1842." Also by Dr. Eos- Canti 1 a 1 1 j f t th vening, and the 
■worth, 1866. Lord d y 

' "The MSS. still remwning are, 1. Corp. Ch. Coll. = Of th ce H^S part 1 11 t n are given by Spel- 

Oamb.S.4; 2. Brit. Mas. Cotton. Otho C. 1 ; 3. BodL 441 ; man, n n ly 1 Un L b C b 25 ; 2, Trin. CoU. 

4. Univ. Lib. Camb. li. 2. 11 ; 5. Brit. Mus. Old R, Libr. Carab. 35; and 3. Brit. Mua. Arundel GO. A gloss also 
1 A. 14 ; and 6, Bodl. Hatton 65. The first two are the occurs in Brit. Mus. Old R. Libr. 2 B. 6 ; Cotton. Vitellius 
earliest." E. 18 and Tiberius C. 6 ; in Bodl. Junius 27 ; in the Lam- 

3 "Brit. Mus. Cotton. Nero D, 4." bett MS. 427, and in that of Salisbury Cathedral marked 

« "Bodl. Rushworth 3946," 141," 

■ " Afterwards in the Stowe collection No. xiviii. and " " Edited for the Surtees Society bj the Rev. J. Sti 

now in the possession of the Earl of Ashbumhani." venson, 8vo. London, 1840." 

* " With the title Pmiterium Dwnidu Lattno-Saxoni- ^" " Brit. Mus. Cotton. Vespasian D. 6," 

GVm Vetui. 4to. London, 1640," n "What remains of this translation was printed i 

^ "Anglo-Saxon and Early English Psalter, 2 vols. 1G98 by Bdw. Thwaites, from the Bodl. MS. Laud E. 11 

8to. 1843, edited by the Rev. J. Stevenson. The Anglo- under the title Heptateuehm, liber Job et Evangdim 


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iason a brief account of the books of the Old and New Testament' ; and 
lastly, by the texts and quotations used in his numerous homilies, he added greatly 
to the knowledge of the sacred voIume^ 

" The writings which are still exatant shew that the Anglo-Saxon church must 
have had in her own tongue a considerable amount of scriptural instruction. But 
these cannot be the full measure of what our forefa,thers possessed. Much, it 
cannot be doubted, perished in the troubles and confusion attending the incursions 
and piUages of the Danes ; and much, subsequently, through the disfavour shewn by 
the Normans to the Anglo-Saxon language and literature'." 

The arrangement of matter in the present edition is exactly the same as in 
Mr Kemble's, from which I see no cause to deviate. The plan of it is best under-; 
stood from the following scheme of the contents of any two 

Left-hand 1 

First Golumn. 
Text. MS. No, I. (Corpus). 

Text. MS. V. (Hatton). 

Various Readings; from MS. II. j Various Readings ;fnmitlB. 

01- A. (Cambridge);, VI. o»- Eoyal (Brit. Mu3.). 
(Oxford) ; and MS. IV. or C (Cot- 
ton, Otlio C. I). 

Right-hand Page. 

Upper Text, MS. VII. (LinJiafarno) ; 
with Northumbrian gloss. 

Lower Text. MS, VIII. (Rushwortli) ; gloss 

The rubrics in the left margin of the left-hand pages are entirely from MS. A. 
Some of them occur in B., but these are merely copied from A. in a late hand, 
and are of no authority. 

The rubrics in the right margin of the same pages are from the Hatton MS.- 
but they occur also in the Royal MS. with scarcely a single variation. 

The numbers in the right margin of the right-hand pages are from the 
Lindisfame MS., and will presently be explained in full. 

The Latin text of the Rushworth MS., which differs but very slightly from 
that of the Lindisfarne MS,, is omitted to save space. But the results of a colla- 
tion of these texts will be found in an Appendix at the end of the volume. 

The object of this arrangement is easily perceived. The Corpus MS. represents 
the text nearly in its earliest, the Hatton MS. in its latest form. These are put 
side by side. The Lindisfame and Bushworth glosses are in the Northumbrian 
dialect; and therefore occupy the opposite pages, apart from the rest. Wherever 
the book is opened, all the readings of all the MSS. are exhibited at once. 

Nieodemi, Anglo-Saxoniee. Bistoria Judith fragmen- 
turn, Dano-Saxoniee. 4to. Oxon. 1698. Another MS, oc- 
curs in the Cotton collection, Nero B. 4." 

= "Edited by Will. L'lale, with the Title, A Saxon 
Treatise concerning the Old and New Testament. 4to, 
Lond, 1623." 

' "Hia homilies, eighty in number, hare been edited 
for the iElfric Society, by Mr Beiy. Thorpe, 3 vols. 8to, 
1843— !846." 

' "See the remarkable veraes of a writer of the 12th 
centul7, quoted in Wright's Bic^r. Brit. Lit. (Anglo-Sason 
Period), p. 60," 

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Desceiption of the MSS. 

The following description of the MSS. is partly compiled from the accounts by 
Wanley' and by Dr Bosworth^, and partly from the results of my own observation. 

I. The Corpus MS. — MS. No. csl. (formerly S. 4) in the library of Corpus 
Chrlsti CoUege, Cambridge; described by Wanley, p. 116'. Its contents are — 
(a) The four Gospels in Anglo-Saxon. 

(6) At the beginning of the MS. (but added afterwards) are certain forms 
of manumissions, several of which make mention of ^Ifsige. abbot of Bath'. 
These are enumerated by Wanley, who in another place (p. 149) calls attention to 
the fact that a leaf has been here extracted from the MS., but is still preserved 
by being placed in another MS., so as now to be found at p. 7 of MS., Miscell. G. 
(now No. Ill) in the same library. The forms are printed in Madox, Formul. 
Angl. p. 416 ; Dugdale's Monasticon, ii. 265 ; and Thorpe, Dipl. Angl. ^vi Sason. 
pp. 640—642; cf. Kemble, Cod. Dipl ^vi Sax. iv. 270, and vi. 209. All of them 
are connected with St Peter's Abbey-church at Bath. Amongst them is a docu- 
ment which is printed separately (from the MS. now being described) in Thorpe's 
Dipl. Angl. ^vi Sax. p. 436, with the title — "The Prior and Brotherhood of Bath. 
Agreement with Ssewi and Theodgyfu." 

(c) At the end of the Gospel of St Mark is a piece entitled " Scriptum de 
Ccelo Delapsum," which is really a homily concerning the observation of the Lord's 
day. Begins — Mera pa, leofestan. Her ongin^ past halie gewrit j^e com fram heofe- 
nan into hierusalem. -Ends — and se pe underfehS witigan on f^s witigan naman 
he underfehS pses witigan mede. 

(d) At the end of the Gospel of St Luke are lists of popes and of English 
archbishops and bishops. The last pope mentioned is Alexander II., elected a.d. 
1061 ; many of the lists end long before that date. At the end of the Gospel of 
St John are two Latin documents of later date, both referring to Bath ; see 
Nasmith's catalogue of the Corpus MSS. It deserves to be mentioned that the 
scribe ^Ifric did not write the whole of the Gospels himself; for in the Gospel 
of St Mark, from the word gorst-heam (xii. 26) to he (xli. 38), there is a single 
page written in a different and inferior hand. 

At the end of the Gospel of St Matthew is this note — Ego ^Ifricus scrips! 
hunc librum in Monasterio Ba'Sfonio et dedi Brihtwoldo preposito — I, ^Ifric, wrote 
this book in the monastery at Bath, and gave it to Brihtwold the prior. It is 

^ Antiquee Literature Septentrionalia liber alter, acu ^ The Gotiiic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels, pref. p. xiii. 

Humphredi Wanleii Librorum Vett. Septentrionalinm and p. 574. 

Catalogus ; Oxonioe, 1705. It forms tte second volume of ' This MS. forma the basis of Dr Cosworth's text. 

Hickes's Thesaurus Antiq. Lit Septentrionalis. * Died a,b. 1087 ; Dngdatc's Moaast. ii, 257. 

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some satisfaction to know the original locality of this MS. : it would be a still 
greater satisfaction if more could be ascertained about Brithwold. If we suppose him 
to be the same Brithwold who was bishop of Sherborne from a.d. 1006 to 104l6\ we 
might conclude that the MS. was written before a.d. 1006. Wanley dates it a 
little before the conquest; Dr Bosworth puts it about a.d. 995, or between a.i). 990 
and 1030. "We may veiy safely date it, in round numbers, about a.d. lOOO. 
Wanley suggests that it was copied from one a little older. Whence he derived 
the notion is not apparent^ yet it is almost certain that the Corpus, Bodley, and 
Cotton MSS. had all a common origin. 

II. The Cambridge MS. — MS. li. 2. 11 in the Cambridge University Library, 
described by Wanley, p. 152^, and in the Catalogue of Cambridge University Li- 
brary MSS. "Vol. III. p. 384. It is a folio volume, on vellum, containing 402 pages 
of about 23 lines each. Its contents are ■. — 

(a) The four Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, with numerous rubrics, directing when 
certain portions are to be read. 

ih) An Anglo-Saxon translation of the Pseudo-Gospel of Nicodemus. 
Printed by Thwaites, at the end of his Heptateuchus, published in 1698". There is 
another copy of this in MS. Cotton Vitellius A. 5V. hom. III. (Wanley, p. 218) 
which is imperfect at the beginning. Junius made a transcript of the Cambridge 
copy, and collated it with the Cotton MS. The results of the collation are printed 
by Thwaites, on the last page of his volume. Junius's transcript is now in the 
Bodleian Library, marked Jun. 74, and is described by Wanley, p. 96. There is 
also an abbreviated copy of the same story in MS. Cott. Vespasian D. XIV. hom. 
XXXIII. (Wanley, p. 204). It may perhaps here be worth while to remark a 
circumstance which seems to have escaped the observation of the editor, viz. that 
there is a considerable hiatus in the story in the MSS. between the words " nan 
o^er ne dorste" and "Da wEes hym Kfer neh sum wer standende," 1. 5, p. 6, in 
Thwaites. The whole account of Christ's cnicifixion is omitted. A note to this 
effect has, at my suggestion, been made in the Cambridge MS. As the omission 
there occurs in the middle of a page, it is very probable that the narrative was 
copied from an older MS. which had lost a few leaves. 

(c) The embassy of Nathan the Jew to Tiberius Cjesar, together with the 
legend of St Veronica ; also in Anglo-Saxon. Printed among the Publications of 
the Cambridge Antiquarian Society ; edited by C. W. Goodwin, M.A. Cambridge, 
1851 ; entitled " Anglo-Saxon legends of St Andrew and St Veronica." A frag- 
ment of the same story is contained in six leaves at the end of MS. C. C. C. 

' Anglo-Sason ClironJele, ed. Thorpe, ii. 253. But this ' Or early in 1699. The date is printed 'An. Dom, 

Brihtwold is said to have been a monk of Glastonbury ; mdoxcviiL' I haye a copy in which the owner's came and 

Godwin, de Prffisul. Ang. Comment p. 335. the date 1608 are written on the fly-lea£ Dr. Bosworth's 

' ThisMS. forms tho basis of the text edited by Thorpe, copy has— 'Imprimatur, Joh. Meare, Vice-Can, Oson. Dec. 

whose account of the MSS. is inaccurate, 37, 1697.' 

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D. 5 (now No. 196) described in Waiiley, p, 109 ; and the former part of it, 
concerning Nathan's embassy, is also found in MS. Cott, Yesp. D. 14. horn. XXXV. ; 
Wanley, p. 204. . 

At the back of the leaf containing the last few words of this text is the 
manumission of a certain Reinold, consisting of only a few lines. Wanley prints 
the whole of it. See also Thorpe's Diplom. Angl. JEvi Sax. p. 622. 

Various notes in the MS. — printed by Wanley — tell us its history. It once 
belonged to Bishop Leofric, and was given by him to the Church of St Peter the 
Apostle in Exeter. In 1566, it was given by Gregory Dodde, dean of Exeter, with 
the consent of his brethren, to Matthew Pai"ker, archbishop of Canterbury, who 
afterwards gave it to the University of Cambridge in lo74. There can hardly be 
a doubt that this is the identical volume which is mentioned in the catalogue of 
Leofric's gifts to St Peter's church, in the terms : " I. Englisc Cristes hoc ; " i. e. 
one copy of the Gospels in English'. Leofric was bishop of Devonshire and 
Cornwall from about 1046 to 1073^ Wanley puts the date of the MS. at about 
the time of the Norman conquest, but it is probably a little earlier ; and we safely 
assign to it the locality Exeter, and the date about a.d, 1050. It appears to be 
veiy accurately written throughout. In the footnotes to the first column it is 
denoted by the letter A. 

III. The Bodley MS.— MS. Bodley NE. F. 3. 15, now Bodley 441; described 
by Wanley, p. 641 It is a folio volume, on vellum, containing 194 leaves. But 
it must be particularly noted that some of these must have been supplied from the 
Corpus MS. by Parker's direction in imitation of the old writing, and are valueless. 
I may mention in particular leaves 57 — 62,' containing Mark i. 1 to iv, 37; leaf 
90, containing the last three verses of St Luke ; and leaves 192 — .194, John xx. 9 
to the end. Accordingly it will be found that the various readings marked B. in 
the footnotes to the first 32 pages of this volume are mostly records of blunders. 
Nothing seems to be known of its history except that it was once in all proba- 
bility in the possession of Matthew Parker, archbishop of Canterbury. This is ren- 
dered probable by the way in which several rubrics have been copied into it from 
the Cambridge MS. But internal evidence proves its extremely close connection 
with the Corpus and Cotton MSS., and renders it absolutely certain that these three 
MSS. are copies from a common original. The Bodley MS. e. g. frequently uses 
the same contractions as the Corpus MS. in the same places. Throughout page 112 
(ch. xiv. 13 — 22) it only has one different reading, viz. fo-s for fa in v. 13. The 
only other variations of any hind on this page are, that it has "him" for the 
contracted form "hi" four times; also "sittendum" and "twelfum" for " sittendu" 

' Wanley, p. 80 ; Thorpe, Dipl. Angl. Mn Sason, p, 430. ^ This MS. forms the basis of the text edited by Junius 

^ Anglo-Saxon Chroii. ed, Thorpe, ii. 287 ; Conyheare's and Marshall, Parker's edition follows it closely tlirougli- 
lUustfations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, p, 198. out. 

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and "twelfii", and, conversely, "su." for "sum"; also "Boplice", "ge-syl|i", "cwe^an", 
"Da", for "SoSlice", "gesyV&", " cwe|7an", and "Pa""; it accents "^n" in v. 18, 
and puts a stop after "br?ec" in v. 22. 

The connection between the Bodley and Cotton MSS. is closer still, the former 
being a mere duplicate of the latter ; and hence, in the various readings towards 
the end of the volume, the letters B. and C. are almost always found together. It 
follows that the text of the Bodley MS. is as good as that of the Cotton MS., 
and the remarks of Mr Thorpe in his short preface to his "Anglo-Saxon version 
of the Holy Gospels" are made at random. He was probably misled by observing 
some of the mistakes which are to be found in those pages of the Bodley MS. 
which are written in a modern hand. For example, in i. 43, the word head (bade) 
is written hend in the spurious page of the Bodley MS., and is so printed in 
Parker's edition. Another error, mine modor for mm modor, occurs in iii. 34, both 
in the spurious page of the MS. and in Parker's edition. But such errors must 
not be allowed to depreciate overmuch the value of such pages of the MS. as are 

In the Bodley MS. the words are commonly written very closely together, and 
some few words are retained which the Corpus MS. omits. Yet it does not appear 
that this MS. is really older than the Corpus ; on the contrary, it is generally 
regarded as of later date. The handwriting is certainly not that of ^tSllfric, the 
scribe of the Corpus MS. In the footnotes to the first column it is denoted by 
the letter B. 

IV. The Cotton MS. — MS. Cotton Otho C. 1, in the British Museum; described 
by Wanley, pp. 211, 212. Very little use seems to have been made of this MS. : 
it was not consulted by Marshall, and Dr Bosworth gives only one or two read- 
ings from it, yet it might be of service for the correction of the texts of St Luke 
and St John. I quote at length Dr Bosworth's excellent description'. 

"A minute description is given of it by Wanley in 1704 [1705], when it was in a 
perfect state from Mat. xxvii. 6. It was so much injured by the fire, which destroyed 
many of Sir Robert Cotton's MSS. on the 23rd of Oct. 1731, that what was defec- 
tive only as far as Matt, xxvii. 6 before that calamity, afterwards looked like a 
charred mass. Planta, in his Catalogue of the Cotton MSS., describes it as 'once 
consisting of 290 leaves, but now (1802) so much burnt and contracted as to 
render the binding of it impracticable.' It was fortunately kept in a case ; and 
what was found impracticable by Mr Planta, has been eifected under the careful 
superintendence of Sir Frederic Madden, by whose judicious arrangements many MSS. 
have been restored, and made accessible to the public. The smallest part of this 
burnt mass has been carefully mounted on thick folio paper, which is cut away in 

' The Gothic and Anglo-Sason Gospels ; pref. p. siv. 

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the middle to fit the injured vellum, and made fast by transparent paper, gummed 
to the edges of the paper and the vellum ; the MS. can, therefore, be easily read on 
both sides. It is now bound in two large folio volumes. Six Frederic Madden tells 
us that twenty-five folios are lost since Wanley described it. The first small frag- 
ment of this MS. now remaining is from folio 26, which Sir F. Madden has marked 
as part of St Mark vii. 22. Such a note deserves the best thanks of all who con- 
sult the MS., as it saves much of their time. The fragments increase a little in 
size from folio 26 to 38. St Luke is nearly complete, and occupies fol. 39 — 93. 
St John fills fol. 95 — 135, and is nearly perfect, especially in the latter part. There 
are not any rubrical directions, and only a few badly formed capital letters of a dingy 
red colour in this MS." It is unnecessary to describe the other contents of this MS., 
as Wanley explains that they have been brought together by a bookbinder, though 
written by different hands and at different times. Bat It may be observed that 
between the Gospels of St Luke and St John is inserted a charter relating to Aid- 
helm, abbot of Malmesbury in Wiltshire, who was afterwards bishop of Sherborne, 
in the time of Ine of Wesses, about a.d. 705'. This hint may serve to connect 
the MS. with the locality of Malmesbury, whilst its internal evidence connects it 
with the Corpus MS. written at Bath, and even still more closely with the Bodley 
MS. It is supposed to be coeval with the Corpus MS. In connection with the 
present work, it is obviously of great importance to explain in full how much of 
St Mark is left. The following fragments of parts of verses and passages can be 
read with tolerable ease. 

Fol. 26 b. 
Fol. 27. 
Pol. 27 6. 

FoL 29. 
Fol. 29 h. 
Fol. 30. 
Fol. 30 b. 
Fol. 31. 
Fol. 31 i. 
Fol 32. 

Fragments of C. vii. v. 22—27. 

fias yfelu . . . 
e man besmital) ; 
la endas tiri : sid6ni . 
he nolde f hit fen^ . 

hit l>emi|>a.n ; Sona . . 

rfe . )3fere dohtor hfef 

o ineode 3 to his fotu 

e -p wif w£ea heejjen . . 

63 ? bsed hine f he Jione 

e»- adrife . Da sHBde 

Pr. of C, vii. V. 33—37. 
Fv. of 0, yiii. ». 6—12. 

Pr. C. viii. w. 19—24. 
Pr. of C. ix. V. 32—37. 

Fr. of 0. is. e. 42—47. 
Fr. of C. X. ». 2—11. 

Fr. of C. X, ». 13—21. 
Fr. of 0. X. V. 2a--30. 

Fr. of C. X, ». 34^^0, 
Fr. of C. s. B. 44— 51. 

Fr. of C. xi. «. 2—9. 
Fr. of C. si. t>. 3a— C. xiL v. ' 

Fol. 32 6. Fr. of C. xii. v. 10—16. 

Fol. 33. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 17—25. 

[AH the foregoing are mere /ragtmnts, with hardly a 
single complete line.] 

0. xiv. V. 27 and 28 complete, hut hardly legible in some 
places. Two words of v. 29 : Da ssede. 

Fol. 33 6. Fr. of C. xiv. v. 30—38, whole of j>. 39, part 

of !), 40. 

Fol. 34. Fr. of C. xiv. d. 41—48, whole of c. 49 and 50, 
part of V. 51. 

Fol. 34 &. Fr. of C. xiv. t: 53—62, whole of c. 63, part 

of !7. 64, 

FoL 35. Fr. of 0. xiv. v. 65—72 (the last verse nearly 
whole) ; C. xv. »>. 1, nearly whole. 

Pol. 35 6. Fr. of C. xv. v. 2—15. 

Pol 36. Fr. of a. sv. «. 16—25 (verse 20 is nearly 
whole) ; «. 26-28 whole ; part of ». 29. 

FoL 36 6. Fr. of 0. xv. v. 80—32 ; whole of «. 33 ; fr. of 
V. 31 and 35 ; verses 36 — 39 nearly whole ; beginning of 
». 40. 

Fol. 37. Fr. of C. xv. v. 40— xvi, 2, 

FoL 376. Fr. of 0. xvL v. 2—11. 

Fol. 38. Fr. of 0. xvi. v. 12—20. 

I, EccL Hist. lib. v. cap. x 

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Owing to the very fragmentary character of these passages, and its very close 
agreement with the text, the various readings recorded from it in the first column 
(where it is denoted hy the letter C.) are very few. By an oversight, none were 
recorded before the beginning of Chapter XII. Before this point the various read- 
ings are only these, viz. P. 60. viii. 6 big {for last hi]. — P. 62. viii. 20. seofan. 
21. om. ge. 22. anne.— P. 72. ix. 33. smeada. — P. 76. s. 2. fandiende. 5. heardnysse. 
6. w^pned 1 wimman.— P. 78. 18. hi [for hwi].— P. 80. 27. hig. 29. us [for bus]. 
30. ecce. — P. 86, xi. 6. hig (twice). Compare the table of Errata at the end of this 

V. The Hatton MS. — This MS., formerly marked Hatton 65, is now marked 
Hatton 38; it is now in the Bodleian Library, at Oxford, and is described by Wan- 
ley, p. 76. It is a neat volume, the leaves of which measure 9^ by 6 inches, containing 
the four gospels, written in an exceeding uniform, upright, and clear hand, but of 
rather a late date, about the time of Henry II. The Gospels are arranged in the 
following order : — Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John. It is interesting as shewing 
how the language began to lose strength in its inflectional forms, as is at once 
apparent by comparing it with the older text here printed beside it. The rubrics 
occurring in it are printed in the right-hand margin. It formerly belonged to the 
Rev. John Parker, son to Archbishop Parker, whose name — Johes parker — is written 
on the back of a fly-leaf One leaf having been lost, "the missing portion {Luke xvi.) 
was "restored" by Mr Parker. 

YI. The Eotal MS. This MS. is now in the Koyat Library at the British 
Museum, where its class-mark is Bibl. Reg. 1 A. xiv. It is described by Wanley, 
p. 181. It is somewhat older than the Hatton MS., and was probably written in 
the time of Stephen. It contains 175 leaves, each measuring about 8^ by 5f inches. 
Leaves 3 — 173 are occupied by the Gospels, and contain about 25 lines on a page. 
The leaves at the beginning and end seem to have formed part of a Latin missal. 

The handwriting is in singular contrast to that of the Hatton MS., being bold, 
hasty, and rough. It may seem fanciful, but it gives the impression of having 
been written in troublous times, when the object was rather to have a copy for 
ready use than to spend time in elaborating it. The general agreement of it with 
the Hatton MS. is very close, excepting that it preserves more archaic forms ; and 
it contains nearly the same rubrics in the same places. It appears by collation 
that the Hatton MS. was actually copied from it by a scribe who had plenty of 
leisure. All doubt on the subject is removed by observing that the last seven 
verses of St Mark's Gospel, omitted by the scribe of the Royal MS., are sup- 
plied in it by the scribe of the Hatton MS. in his usual neat hand and with his 
peculiar spelling. This interesting fact seems never to have been hitherto observed. 
It proves, moreover, that the scribe of the Hatton MS. had access to some other 
MS. besides the Royal. The Gospels are in. the order — Mark, Matthew, Luke, and 

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John. Wanley says that it formerly belonged to the Abbey of St Augustine's, 
Canterbuiy, and was afterwards in the possession of Archbishop Cranmer, whose 
name — Thomas Cantuarien: — is on the first page. This would seem to connect it 
with Canterbury as its locality. 

VII. Thu Lindisfarne MS. This MS. is also known as the Durham Book ; 
it is now one of the Cotton MSS. in the British Museum, its class-mark being 
Nero D. 4. This fine MS., one of the chief treasures in our national collection, has 
been frequently described at great length ; see Wanley's Catalogue, p. 250, and 
especially the descriptions in Professor Westwood's " Palseographia Sacra Pictoria" 
and "Facsimiles of Miniatures and Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish MSS.;" 
also the Prolegomena to Part IV. of the "Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels," 
edited for the Surtees Society by Stevenson and Waring. It consists' of 258 leaves 
of thick vellum, each measuring 13^ inches by 9^, and contains the four Gospels 
in Latin, written in double columns, with an interlinear Northumbrian gloss ; 
together with St Jerome's Epistle to Pope Damasus, the Eusebian Canons, two 
prefaces, short notices of the four Evangelists, arguments of the sections into which 
the Gospels are divided, and tables of lessons to be read on Sundays, festivals, &c.' 
The Latin test was written in the island of Lindisfarne by Eadfrith, who was 
bishop of Lindisfarne a.d, 698 — 721 ; so that if he wrote it before his election we 
must date it before ^698. We cannot be far wrong in dating it, in round numbers, 
about A.D. 700. The interlinear gloss is two and a half , centuries later, having been 
made by Aldred, a priest, about a.d. 950, at a time when the MS. was probably 
kept at Chestei--le-Street, near Durham, whither it had been removed for fear of 
the Danes. The stains made upon the edges of the leaves by sea-water, probably 
during its transit from Lindisfarne to the mainland, are still plainly visible. The 
Durham Eitual, edited for the Surtees Society by Mr Stevenson in 1840, is glossed 
by the same hand'. An entry at the end of St John's Gospel gives the names 
of Eadfrith the writer, and Aldred the glossator, as well as of jSlfchUwald and 
BUfrith, who were employed upon the cover of it. ^Ethilwald succeeded Eadfrith 
in the see of Lindisfarne, a.d. 721, and died about the year 737. Another and 
much shorter entry occurs at the bottom of leaf 88, at the back, and is printed in 
this volume, p. 1; see also the Critical Notes. Immediately above this note is written 
"Incipiunt capitulae {sic) secundum marcum," and on the next leaf is a short life of 
St Mark headed "Incipit argumentum." Next, on leaf 90, "Incipiunt capitula lec- 
tionum ; " and, at the bottom of leaf 92, a very imperfect list of days when the 
lessons are to be read. All this preliminary matter to St Mark's Gospel is here 

' See Kemble'a edition of the Gospel of St Miitthew, dum Mattheimi, p. 21. The table of lesaoiis from St Mat- 
which contains — Prologus deceit] Canonum, p. 1 ; Canoiiea, thew is omitted by Kembie. 

p. 1 ; Prfefatio ^wsdem (Le. Hieronymi), p. 7 ; Prjefatio ' See Wiight's Biograpbia Britannica (Anglo-Sason Pe- 

Busebii, p. 10 ; Ai^nmentiim Matthei, p. 12 ; Capitula Lee- riod), p. 426. 
tionum aeounduni Mattheum, p. 13 ; and Bvangelium Secuti- 


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printed, pp. 1—5. The Latin text of the Gospel, with the Northern-English gloss, 
occupies the upper part of the right-hand pages, beginning at p. 9. 

VIII. The RusHWORi'H MS. This MS. is in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, 
and is marked Auct. D. ii. 19'. It now consists of 169 leaves of thick vellum, 
measuring 14 by lOJ inches, , hut is incomplete. It is described by Wanley, 
p. 81; hy Professor Westwood in his " Palseographia Sacra Pictoria," and his 
" Facsimiles of the Miniatures and Ornaments of Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manu- 
scripts ;" by Mr Waring, in his Prolegomena to St John's Gospel, p. xlvii ; and 
others. The Gospel of St Luke is incomplete, and there arfe no prefaces, argu- 
ments or tables, as in the Lindisfarne MS. In other points, however, it strongly 
resembles it, excepting that the Latin text is written all across the page, instead 
of in double columns. The, Latin was written by a scribe who gives his name, 
at the end, as Macregol and Macreguil, but the date is uncertain. Wanley sup- 
poses It to have once belonged to Beda, who died a,d. 735 ; whilst, on the other 
hand, the Irish Annals of the year 820 record the death of a scribe named Mac 
E-iagoU. We may, perhaps, refer it to the eighth century. The gloss is by two 
hands, those of Farman and Owun, whose names are given at the end of St John's 
Gospel ; and Farman is described as a priest of Harewood, which is in the West 
Elding of Yorkshire, on the river Wharfe. The portion wi'itten by the former ends 
at the word hleOTiadun in v. 15 of the second chapter of St Mart, as the reader 
may perceive by turning to p. 19, and observing that the thorn-letter (p) seldom 
again occurs after that verse, except when used with a stroke through it, to denote 
the word "fastV In v. 13 it occurs in fa preat, in v. 14 In mi^py, and civep, 
and in v. 15 In mi'Spy, for the last time. The gloss may be referred to the latter 
half of the tenth century. Nothing more is known of the history of the MS. tiU 
we find It in the hands of John Rushworth, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister, and deputy- 
clerk to the House of Commons during the Long Parliament ; by whom it was 
presented to the Bodleian Library. 

The Latin text of the Rushworth MS. differs but slightly from that of the 
Lindisfarne MS., and hence it Is omitted here, as In K.emble's edition of St Mat- 
thew ; but I have thought it advisable to give. In the Appendix, every variation 
of spelling and of readings which it presents, as compared with the text of the 
Durham Book. The Northern-English (Yorkshire) gloss Is given at the bottom of 
the right-hand pages, beginning at p. 9. Hitherto, it hardly seems to have been 
pointed out with sufficient distinctness that the Rushworth gloss is really derived from 
the Lindisfarne gloss In a very direct manner. 1 have no doubt that Farman and 
Owun actually consulted the identical Lindisfarne MS. which we now possess, to 

' The iiuinbor 3946, assigned to it in note 3 on p. iv, is ' A rude figure, apparcntlj' of a, flying lion, h tirawii 

its number in tile Old General Catalogue of M88., printed in the margin of the MS. to niarlt where tlie handwriting 
at Oxford in 1697. changes. 

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assist them in glossing their own text, which occasionally differs, be it remembered, 
from the Latin Lindisfarne text. Hence it is that even the marginal notes of the 
one are reproduced in the other. In i. 6, we find a note on wudu hunig ^wood- 
honey), viz. 'f wcexes on wudu hinde; this is reproduced in the Kushworth gloss in 
the form — ■f wcBxep on wude bendum. In v. 9, legio (legion) is explained in the 
Lindisfarne MS. — I'Susendy i xii '&usend "p is legio [Sts]' toms dioivla legio. This 
is exactly reproduced in the margin also of the Eushworth MS. One more example 
may suffice. It so happens that, in the Lindisfarne gloss, wherein capital letters 
are very rare indeed, the word JVe is written with a capital in xiii. 31. Precisely 
the same phenomenon occurs in the Rushworth gloss, only that the iVe is shifted 
into the preceding verse owing to confusion of transibit with transibunt. This 
is more than coincidence ; it is proof. It is clear that Farman and Owun had the 
pages of the Lindisfarne MS. open before them whilst engaged in writing their own 
glosses. At the same time they exercised an independent judgment. At times 
they took leave to alter, or to omit a gloss as doubtful. In the case of double 
glosses they generally took the first. Thus, at p. Ill, xiv. 4, the Lindisfarne gloss 
for est is wass vel is; the Rushworth gloss is wcbs simply. In xiv. 12, the gloss to 
immolant is aseagcas vel ageafa^ in L., but ascegas only in E. Sometimes, both 
glosses are copied, in the order in which they occur. Thus, in xiv. 4, we find hia 
hulgon vel unwyr'Se scsgdon in the former, and hia bulgun vel unwyr'Sne swgdun in 
the latter. The fact of the Rushworth gloss being, to a considerable extent, a mere 
copy of the older one, does not seem hitherto to have been fully perceived; but 
it is a great help towards the right understanding of the later gloss, and sometimes 
even throws light upon the earlier one. It is not going far enough to say, as 
Mr Waring rightly says, that " both glossists drew from a common original ; " we 
can go still further, because we know what this original was. 

In some cases, for example, the Rushworth gloss remains a mere riddle till the 
Latin of the Lindisfarne MS. has been consulted. I would particularly draw at- 
tention to such instances as the following. In iv. 36, the Rush\vorth MS. has ita 
ut erat, i. e. as he was ; but erat is actually glossed by hicB werun, i. e. they were. 
This singular mistranslation is, however, at once accounted for when we observe 
that the Lindisfarne MS. has e)-ant, with the gloss hia weron. Once more, in vi. 14, 
the Rushworth MS. has et propterea operantur virtutes [in~] illo, where operantur is 
glossed by un-woene sint, i. e. are unexpected ; the simple clue to which is that the 
Lindisfarne MS. has not operantur at all, but inopinantur, by which the gloss there 
given, viz. un-woen sint, was evidently suggested. The result may be briefly ex- 
pressed by saying that, whereas the gloss in the Lindisfarne MS. depends upon the 
Latin test of that MS. only, the gloss in the Rushworth MS. depends upon the 
Latin texts in both. 

' Tho words Susend and Sis are supplied from coiyeiiture ; tlioy have Tieeu cut away by the binder of the volume. 

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Description of the Printed Editions. 

I, The earliest edition of the Saxon Gospels is that printed by John Day in 
1571, at the suggestion of Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, with a dedi- 
cation to Queen Elizabeth by John Fose, the martyrologist, who probably had a 
considerable share in the work. For the purpose of ascertaining the exact critical 
value of the various editions, it will be convenient to analyse Chapter xi. of St 
Mark's Gospel in them all, as it is a short one, and occurs in the middle of the 

Parker's edition is, no doubt, as Mr Thorpe says, closely copied from the Bodley 
MS, The chief variations from the MS. are these. 

(a) The editor ignores the accents. These occur, in the MS., in the words 
betkania, inc', dledon, osannd, com, dne, ete, Idreow, s(b, ge, agen, us. 

(6) He prefers ^ as a final letter, printing civceS for cwcBp, ttvynaS for twynap, 
and the like ; also gewur'Se for gewurpe. 

(c) He prefers y to i, printing hym, hyne, sy, nys, &c., where the MS. has 
him, hine, si, nis. 

{d) He puts capital letters to proper names, according to the usual custom ; 
and* expands all the contractions. 

(e) The following seem to be misprints, viz. Asson for assan, v. 2; Hcslend 
for hcelende, v. 7; twelfe for timlf, v. 11; 'pmre for pmra, v. 18; FulhJite ior fulluht, 
V. 30. 

(/) The following are corrections. He inserts ge after gelyfde in v. 31 ; he 
prints hcefdon for the incorrect MS. reading afdon in v. 32 ; and in v. 33, alters 
pincg into ping. The final eg, however, occurs sufficiently often in the Bodley and 
Cotton MSS., and might have been retained. The corrections shew that some other 
MS. -was occasionally consulted, and the fact that the rubrics are inserted throughout 
tells us which, viz. the Cambridge one. 

The edition may therefore be regarded as a tolerably correct print of MS. 
Bodley 441, with a few corrections from the Cambridge MS. The occasional mis- 
prints render it not quite trustworthy, but it often affords a probable clue to the 
peculiarities of the MS. which it follows. Thus, in the last word but one in the 
Gospel, we find in this edition the extraordinary form fyligendend in place of fyligen- 
dmn. This is the actual reading, but the page on which it occurs is spurious ; by 
which I merely mean, that it is copied out in a modern hand. The edition is 
printed in the (so-called) Saxon characters. 

II. An edition of the Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels in parallel columns 
was printed by Junius and Marshall in 1665. 

' In the first two words the stroke over the i is not, liowever, a tme accent, but only used tfl distinguish ni or in 
from m. 

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This edition deserves a good deal of attention, and is executed with more 
critical ability than Mr Thorpe, in the preface to his own edition, seems to imply. 
It would have been still better had it been founded upon one of the MSS. them- 
selves, but the real basis of it is Parker's edition. Marshall's Observations on the 
Anglo-Saxon version, pp. 487 — 565, contain, as Wanley remarks, many things 
worthy of note. At p. 490, we read that Junius, taking Parker's edition in 
hand, collated it with the Bodley, Cambridge, and Corpus MSS., and gave the 
collations to Marshall for him to make use of as he thought fit. The Hatton MS. 
and the Rushworth gloss were also consulted. By help of these materials, Marshall 
corrected a large number of readings in Parker's edition, retaining those that seemed 
to be sufficiently correct. Turning to Chapter xi, we find that he has eliminated all 
the misprints noticed above in section (e), and gives the correct readings assan, 
hmlende, twelf, ]>(era, sacerdas, and fuUuht. In the following instances he adopts 
readings from the Cambridge MS. viz. in ongean for 07igen, v. 2 ; kig for hi, v. 4; 
t&mpel for tempi, v. 11 ; Twynetera for mynetra, v, 15 ; sacerdas for sacerdos, v. 27 ; 
and in the addition of the words -fe on heofonum^ ys at the end of v. 26. In v, 33, 
he restores 'fiincg as the reading of the Bodley MS,, though it is really written 
pincg. In v. 8, he corrects boceras to hogas, a correction suggested by the Hatton , 
MS, Throughout he adopted the general rule of never giving any reading which 
may not be found in one or other of the MSS. ; the only drawback being that he 
does not always say which of the MSS. contains the reading given. It is clear, 
however, that the Cambridge MS. was the one Jirst consulted ; then the Corpus, 
Hatton, and Husliworth MSS., in this order. In other respects he follows Parker's 
peculiarities, in (a) ignoring the accents ; (h) the frequent use of S as a final letter ; 
(c) the frequent use of y for i ; (d) the use of capital letters in proper names, 
and the expansion of contractions. He also introduces capitals frequently at the 
beginning of verses, but these occur in the MSS. The volume contains also the 
Mceso-Gothie version ; some notes on the difierences between the readings of the 
Anglo-Saxon and Vulgate versions, p. 495; some notes on the rubrics, and the 
Anglo-Saxon words occurring in them, p. 508 ; some particular readings from the 
Bodley, Cambridge, Corpus, and Hatton MSS., which are denoted by the letters 
0., C, B. and H. respectively', p. 638 ; and notes upon passages in which the 
A. S. version seems to be corrupt or badly translated, p. 555 ; the whole displaying 
a good deal of care and painstaking. 

Ill, An edition of A. S. Gospels was printed in 12mo, at London by 
Mr Thorpe in 1842, with the title — "Da halgan godspel on Englisc." 

This edition is said to be based upon the Cambridge MS., with occasional read- 
ings from the Corpus MS. The Bodley and Cotton MSS. were also consulted. 

' MS. A. heofci!u/fi. 

- " 0. donotat codieeJii Osioniensem ; C. Cantabrigiensem ; B. Bmedictinum ; et H. Hattonianum" j). 53S. 

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The short preface is very misleading; the estimates there given of the editions of 
Parker and Marshall cannot be allowed to be correct. Thus, of Parker's edition he 
says that " it may be regarded as a faithful impression of a late manuscript (appa- 
rently Bodley 441), showing the tongue in its decline, and when rapidly verging 
towards that state of barbarism into which it sank about the beginning of the 
twelfth century." To this it may be objected that the Bodley MS. is a duplicate 
of the Cotton MS., which has some pretensions to being considered the earliest in 
existence ; that some of the pages of the Bodley MS. are supplied incorrectly in 
a later hand ; and that Parker's edition is not free from several bad mis- 
prints. Next we read that " Marshall's edition exhibits an earlier, though, per- 
haps, not a purer text, which the singularly unfortunate idea of its editor, of 
supplying the omissions of the Saxon version, sometimes (and not always gram- 
matically) by his own words, and at others, from the old Northumbrian glosses, has, 
moreover, greatly contributed to vitiate." It may, however, be held that Marshall's 
text is not an earlier, but the same text, that it is very much purer owing to the 
careful way in which Junius made the collations, and that the words supplied 
where the MSS. are defective are enclosed within square brackets, and create no 
difficulty. But my chief reason for noticing these points is that Mr Thorpe's text 
is practically much the same as Marshall's which he condemns. It was clearly 
printed from a copy of Marshall's edition, in which two sets of alterations had 
been made. Firstly, the spellings of many unimportant words have been capriciously 
altered, so that, where Marshall prints his in Ch. xi. v. 1, Thorpe prints hys ; but 
where Marshall prints Kys in v. 14, Thorpe prints his. In like manner, hine hyngrode 
in V. 12 is put for hyne hingrode, and many other changes of i for y and y for i are 
made, which it is needless to recount': secondly, several readings are adopted from 
the Cambridge MS, which Marshall either overlooked or did not regard worthy of 
attention. Examples are ; getigedne for getiggedne, v. 4 ; heora for hyra, vv. 7 and 
8 ; heowon for heovmn, v. 8 ; streowedon for streowodon, v. 8 ; ]>(Br for the second 
^ar in v. 13 ; ongan for ortgann, v. 15 ; cypton for ciptun, v. 15 ; ondredon, v. 18 ; 
mmnigeo, v. 18 ; wyrt-rvmian, v. 20 ; wyrigdest, v. 21 ; sig, v. 23 ; tweonoJS, v. 23 ; 
geweoi^e, v. 23 ; gebiddanne, v. 25 ; heoferdica, v. 25 ; heofenum, v. 25 (though in 
V. 26 Marshall's spelling heofonum is accidentally retained); acdge, v. 29. It is only 
in this sense that the edition can be considered as based upon the Cambridge MS. ; 
for otherwise the reader who actually compares it with the MS. will find several 
unimportant differences^ The result of the examination is that Mr Thorpe's edition 
is really a revised edition of Marshall's, and should have been so described. It is 
a valuable and useful edition because it is free from mistakes, and because the 

' The M8. itself has hys in both places, tv. 1 and 14; h&ifene twice; not having observed that tlie MS, in the 
r. 12, it has hyne hyngrode ; in v. 4, getygedne. second instance, has ' heofenum.' 

2 Thus, in si. 30, 31, Thorpe, following Marshall, prints 

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readings can always be defended ; but it is uncritical in tbe sense tliafc the MS. 
authorities are not given. 

IV. Dr Boswortb printed an edition of "The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels, 
in parallel columns with the versions of Wichfte and Tyndale" in 8vo. ; London, 
1865. In this edition, the text was, for the first time, based upon a better autho- 
rity, viz. the Corpus MS., and is very valuable as giving the text of that MS. with 
great exactness. The only variations throughout Chapter xi. are that, in v. 26, the 
word Tieofordica has been accidentally omitted ; that man is put for mann m 
V. 14; that ongann in v. 15 has been replaced by the more usual form ongan; 
and that the evident misreading sacerdos in v. 27 has been corrected into sacer- 
das. The corrections ongan m v. 2 and hogas in v. 8 are supplied between square 
brackets. The only other differences are those purposely introduced by the editor, 
via. the modern system of the use of capitals and of punctuation, a uniform system 
of accentuation, and a uniform use of the letters ^ and ^, which are used some- 
what confusedly in the MS. The system adopted for the use of these letters is 
carefully explained at p. sxxii. of the editor's preface, and is based upon the modern 
English sounds of the words employed, ]> being, put for the sharp sound of th in 
thin, and S for the flat sound of th in thine. The practice of the scribe of the MS. 
is nearly the contrary of this ; yet we find instances in which the letters have these 
theoretical values in fara^, v. 2; Da, w. 7, 13, 18, 22; Se, v. 9; cwy]>, v. 23; 
forgifa^, v. 25 ; and ondrcBda^, v. 32. 

This edition has proved of very great service to me ; indeed, it is the only one 
of the four which is of value from a critical point of view, as representing a defi- 
nite text. I have collated it with the MS. throughout the whole gospel, so that, 
wherever my text varies from it, the variation has the authority of the MS. itself 

V. An edition of the Worthumhrian glosses in the Lindisfame MS. was 
printed in 1857 with the title : — " Die Vier Evangelien in Alt-Northumbrischer 
Sprache,...herausgegeben von Karl Wilhelm Bouterwek; Gtitersloh, 1857." This is 
a very usefid book, but I believe it to be founded upon a mistake, viz. upon a 
confusion between a gloss and a translation. A gloss, as may be seen by a glance 
at the right-hand pages of this volume, construes a text word for word, without 
much regard to the grammatical arrangement of the words of the vernacular tongue 
thus substituted. Its sole aim is to supply a clue to the meaning of the words 
of the original separately, that the original itself may be more easily understood. 
But a translation goes a great deal further ; it is conformed to the grammatical 
laws of the vernacular tongue, and is intended to replace the original so completely, 
that the reader may be rendered quite independent of it. Here, however, the 
editor has endeavoured to treat the gloss as a translation, by transposing the 
words so as to bring them into the Anglo-Saxon order, and supplying, within 
square brackets, the words which are wanting to complete the sense. The result 

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is not quite satisfactory, because the occasional mistranslations produce passages 
in which the Latin text is indispensable, and consequently ought not to have 
been dispensed with. Besides which, to a reader who wishes to compare the 
gloss with the text, the transposition of the words is a source of great inconve- 
nience. It would have been far better to allow the words of the gloss to stand in 
the same order as in the MS. In other respects, the edition is worthy of high 
praise, and is, in general, exact and careful. Whenever the editor varies from the 
MS. (which his scheme sometimes compels him to do), he gives the MS. reading 
in a note, that it may not be lost. In general, the MS. is very closely followed, 
but the contractions are sometimes (not always) expanded, and capital letters are 
given to proper names. The following variations from the MS. occur in Chapter xi., 
and are, in fact, errors. The readings of the edition are marked B, 

1. bethanite is glossed Bethania ; no gloss in MS. B. more ; J\IS. mor. 2. 
B. gie in; MS. omits. B. menig; MS. ne senig. 3. B. huas ; MS. hua. 4. B. 
uta {twice); MS. uta {oiice). 6. B. hia (both in text and note); MS. Sa Se. 9. B. 
usig ; MS. witsig (i.e. wsig, with small u ohove). 10. B. heahnissum ; MS. heanis- 
sum. 11. B. omits allam. 12. B. gehyncerde; MS. gewyncerde {where it is the 
MS, which is wrong). 14. B. inserts an Z and 'p. 15. B. bycendo ; MS, bycgendo. 
17. B, awritten; MS. auritten. B. gebeddes ; MS. gebedd'. 18. B. aldermon- 
num; MS. aldermonum. 23. B. (note) gelefes; MS. gelefe. 26. B. iuih -fte i 
gif ; MS. iuh i f gil 27, B. K^ldisto ; MS, seldesto. 28. B. doest ; MS. does. 29. 
B. ondeuarde; MS. onduearde; (a mei'e printer's eiTor). B. frasgna; MS. fregna, 
B. onduerdes ; MS. ondueardas. B. doa ; MS. doam. 30. B. ondueardes ; MS. on- 
dueardas. 31- B, omits cuoeS him i. B. gesmeadun ; MS, gc-smeadon. 32. B. 
omits wses. 83. B. nutu; MS. neutu. 

It . deserves to be particularly remarked, that these and similar errors generally 
occur in the case of small and unimportant words, and some are due to the difficulty 
of carrying out the system of forcing a gloss into the guise of a translation. 
Mistakes in the more important words are very rare. It must be added, that the 
volume contains an excellent glossary, with copious references ; also a preface and 
introduction, occupying 164 pages. An appendix contains the marginal notes, &c. 
written in the MS. ; the preface of St Jerome, both text and gloss ; the Hfe of St 
Matthew, text and gloss ; the arguments of the sections of St Matthew, text and 
gloss ; the life of St John, text and gloss. All these are from the same MS., but 
do not exhaust its contents, as it also has lives of St Mark and St Luke, with 
arguments, and an argument of the sections of St John. See the account of the 
next edition. 

1 Thiswell illustrates the difference between a ^^Ms and gebedd (a, -prayer), but B. gives tho translation ^^j^et^rf^ (of 
3 translation; the Latin orationis is rigiitlj glossed by prayer). 

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VI. The same editor, Herr Bouterwet, printed a volume entitled " Screadunga," 
i.e. Fragments, at Eiberfeld, in 1858. This contains the lives of St Mark and St 
Luke and the arguments to St Mark's, St Luke's, and St John's gospels, omitted in 
his former volume. But besides this, the volume contains both the Latin text and 
gloss, of St Mark's gospel only, from the Eushworth MS. The following is an 
analysis of Chapter xi. 

Latin text. 1. B. appropinquarent lerosolymae et Bethaniae; MS. adpropinquarent 
hierusoiimae & bithaniae. 2. B. illuc; MS. illud, B. soluite; MS. solute {wrongly). 
6. B. eis; MS. illis. 7. B. imponunt ; MS. inpossuerunt. 9. B. praeibant ; MS, 
praecedebant. B. Hosanna ; MS, ossanna. {So also in v. 10). 11. B, leroaolymam; 
MS. hirusolyma. B. esiit ; MS. exiuit. 12. B. a; MS. de. 15. B. lerosolymam , 
MS. hierusolymam. B. in templum ; MS. templum. B. eiicere ; MS. eicere, 
B. numulariorum ; MS. nummulariorum. 16. B. quisque ; MS. quiaquam. 17. B. 
speluncam ; MS. speloncam. 18. B. doctrina ; MS. doctrinam. 20. B. transirent 
MS. tranaierent. 21. B. recordatus; MS. recordatus est. 23. B. quia {twice); MS. 
quia {onc^. B. haesitauerit; MS. essitauerit. B. fiet ; MS. omits. 24. B. euenient: 
MS. ueniet. 26. B. dimiseritis ; MS. demisoritis. B. dimittet ; MS. dimittat, 
27. B. lerosolymam; MS. hierusolimam. B. in templo accedunt ; MS. in templum 
aecesserttnt. 28. B. ista ; MS, haec. 29. B. respondete ; MS. respondite. SO. B. 
Baptismus loannis ; MS. baptismum iohannis. B. respondete ; MS. respondite, 
32. B. loannem ; MS. iohannem. 33. B. dicunt ; MS. dixerunt. B, et respon- 
dens ; MS. respondens. 

Nortkumhrian gloss. 8. B. legdon ; MS. legdun. 17. B. wutudllce ; MS. 
wutodlice, 25. B. hwoegn ; MS. hwoegu. 38, B. ne ic ic ; MS. ne ec ic. 

From this and further examination of the edition it readily appears that the 
Latin text and Northumbrian gloss are very differently represented in this edition ; 
the former is faulty, but the latter excellent. In fact, the Latin must really 
have been derived originally from some other source ; it is quite impossible that 
inpossuerunt could have been copied imponunt in v. 7, and praecedehant read as 
praeibant. It will be found, in fact, that Bouterwek's text is much more free 
from blunders than the careless text in the MS., and represents the test of the 
Lindlsfame MS. much more closely than that of the Eushworth MS. In short, 
this edition of the Latin test is not to be trusted for fidelity. 

On the other hand, the Northumbrian gloss is represented with great exactitude ; 
the editor preserves the curls and marks of contraction of the MS., so as to produce 
almost a facsimile of it. "Whatever errors occur are but slight, and I have found it 
well worth while to collate my own text with Bouterwek's throughout the entire 
gospel. My own text is, in fact, the same as his, but with the few errors corrected, 
and the contractions expanded. 

VII. Among the publications of the Surtees Society, Nos. 28, 39, 43, and 

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48j A.D. 1854 — 1865j is an edition of the Lindisfarne and Eushwortli Gospels, 
exhibiting both the Latin texts and English glosses. The first volume was 
edited by the Rev. J. Stevenson, the last three by Mr G. Waring. This ela- 
borate edition, the work of some years, was intended to shew the exact contents 
of both MSS., with the exception of the short lives of the Evangelists, the 
prefaces of St Jerome, and the arguments of the sections of the Gospels. It 
will be sufficient to speak here of the second volume only, containing St Mark's 
Gospel. The only intentional variations of the edition from the MSS. are in the 
use of capitals for proper names and the first words in each verse, the use of 
V for u, of _;' for ^' before vowels, of cb for ae, and in the frequent expansions 
of contractions. Unfortunately, however, either on account of some faults in the 
original transcript, or of some oversights in comparing the proofsheets with the 
MSS. themselves, the result is hardly satisfactory. A list of the errors in chapter 
xi. will shew their nature. 

Latin text {Lindisfarne MS.). 1. adpropinquaret ' ; Hierosolymse ; 2. ilium 
omitted. 4. inveniunt. 5. eis. 11. Hierosolyma. 12. exiret ea. 14. Eeternam. 24. 
omnia omitted, 33. et tynxitted. 

Northumhrian gloss {Lindisfarne MS). 1. more. 2. ^e (gloss to quod) ; ongejcgn ; 
gie inserted hefore ineodon ; Sone fola {for -f fola) ; ngenig ; Sene omitted. 3. huEe ; 
hia unbinde. 6. cuoedon. 7. Sone fola. 8. hiora ; woeg ; gebugon. 9. usig ; heah- 
nissum. 11. ymbsceawde ; efrntid W£es ; bethania omitted; 12. bethania omitted; 
gehyncerde. 13. 'Sfsm ilea {timoe) ; leafa. 14. Rune for monn omitted {corrected 
in Addenda); -f inserted after geberdon. 16. fset. 17. awritten ; gebeddes. 
18. Srem omitted. 19. wtes. 20. f omitted. 21. WKS eftmyndig ; pete?- omitted. 

23. sende ; gelefe^. 24. gie omitted. 28. to inserted; doest. 29. frsegna ; iuh ; 
doa. 30. fulwiht; monnum, 31. -t soS him Y. 33. :i omitted; neuto we. 

Latin text [Rushworth MS). The Latin text is exhibited by a collation at 
the foot of the page, but the collation is vitiated by being compared with a 
faulty text above. Several of the peculiarities of the Rushworth text are passed 
over; this I denote by the word "missed." The following are misreadings. 1. 
adpropinquaret. 2. adhuc nemo missed; ilium omitted. 4. inueniunt. 5. eis. 6. 
illis fw first eis missed ; praaceperant given as a reading, where MS. has praeci- 
perat ; dimisierunt missed. 7. impossuerunt given as a reading, where MS. has 
inpossuerunt. 11. hirusolyma missed. 14. Eetemum ; ex te fmctum missed. 

24. omnia omitted. 26. dimittit given, where MS. has dimittat. 28. haec for ista 
missed. 31. omission of nobis missed. 33. et omitted. 

Korthumhrian gloss {Rushworth MS.). The following are wrong. 2. onfindas. 
4. Sfem; i inserted. 8. gibedgun {-printer's erratum). 9. ge {for se). 10. user; 

' 1 give only the forms in tho Surtees Society's edition ; for the correct forms, see p. 87 in this volume. . 

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Bavides ; hsei. 12. beth. 13. gimette ; ne fand. 14. njenig. 17. fte [pfinter's 
erratum, corrected in Addenda ; so in vv. 23, 28) ; wutudlice. 21. cwe^e. 24. 
cweSo ; giblddas. 30. \ inserted. 31. soSlice ; hiEe omitted. 33. wittan. 

A large number of tbese errors are of no great moment, and several of 
tbem appear to be corrections deliberately adopted. I draw attention to tbem 
because otberwise the numerous variations between my own test and that of the 
Surtees Society might appear remarkable. My own plan is ' to give the unco^'- 
rected readings of the MSS. themselves, from a conviction that in many in- 
stances students not only prefer to correct them for themselves, but may be 
better able to correct them than I am. It ia by no means my wish to depreciate 
the value and worth of the enormous labour involved in these publications 
of the Surtees Society ; and the reader must be .cautioned against forming 
too unfavourable an estimate of them from the numerous printer's errors in 
the first two or three opening chapters of this Gospel, wherein the letters ]}, 
w, and 'p are confused, and n and u not always distinguished. In practice, 
I have found Mr Waring's volume extremely useful, and have collated it through- 
out with the Lindisfarne MS. For the Eushworth gloss I have preferred Bou- 
terwek's edition, as being more uniformly correct. In correcting proofsheets, I 
have consulted the MSS. themselves only. The present volume no doubt also 
contains a few errors, but they can hardly be numerous. 

Vm. The first volume of the present work, viz., the Gospel of St 
Matthew edited by Mr Kemble, has been already spoken of It may be as well 
to add that it does not follow the capitals of the MSS., and that the punctua- 
tion accords with the modern method. The letters v and j are used before a 
vowel, where the MS. has u and i, the other usual editorial alterations of this 
character are made throughout. The larger sections are not numbered, and the 
reference-numbers to the subsections in other gospels are omitted. These are, per- 
haps, but small matters. It is of more importance to note that in the Canons 
printed on pages 4 — 7, a few of the numbers are misprinted. Thus, in the 
second column of St Luke in Canon Secundus, lines 18 and 19, the numbers 
35 and 36 have been reversed by the printer into 53 and 63, In col. 1, line 
26 of St Mark in the same Canon, 141. is printed 41, by the dropping out of 
1 ; and in col. 4, 1. 1 of St Mark, 146 is printed 149 by the reversal of the 
last figure. 

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Plan of the Present Volume. 

The present Tolume begins with the heading " Incipiunt capitulae ' secundum 
Marcum," as in the Lindisfarne MS. ; but this heading really refers to the sec- 
tions enumerated on p. 2. Next follows the note by the glossator Aldred already 
alluded to at p. xL At fol. 89 is a short life of St Mark, headed " Incipit 
Argumentum," concerning which see the note at p. 141. The Latin text being 
corrupt, it can hardly be expected that the gloss should make very good sense. 
The most curious circumstance here narrated is the tradition that St Mark cut 
liis thumb off, concerning which see a note by Mr J: S. Wood, of St John's 
College, Cambridge, in the Journal of Philology, vol. ii. p. 87, and pp. vii — xi. 
of the preface to Tischendorf's edition of the Codex Amiatinus, It is noteworthy 
that Aldred seems entirely to have misunderstood this, as he glosses amputasse 
by to tellanne vel to clcensanne (to tell or to cleanse), and poUicem by gehatne 
(promised). In the latter instance, he was evidently thinking of the Latin 
poUidtus. The homily numbered XVI. by Wanley (Catalogue, p. 188) in MS. 
Cotton Julius E. 7, is on the Passion of St Mark, and it is followed by a 
second homily on the Pour Evangelists ^ In the latter, the notice of St Mark 
is so short that I here quote it entire, from the copy in MS. Camb. Univ. 
Lib. Ii. 1. 33, p. 220. It is written in a rude sort of rhythm, with not very 
well-marked alliteration. 

Se ojjer godspellere Marcus, se wses mid jjam aposde petre 

ge-togen on lare. and to ge-leafan ge-biged. 

Petrus Wffis his god-fseder & hine gode ge-strynde. 

& he ewa lange folgode his fuUuht-f^der petre. 

0^ -f he ge-sette mid sofum ge-leafan 

fa oSre cristes boc on italia lande. 

Ne ge-seah he crist on hfe. ac he leornode swa-feah 

of petres bodunge. hu he Sa boc ge-sette. 

& petrus hi sceawode. & sealde to rEedenne. 

This may be translated as follows : — 

The second Evangelist Mark, who was by the apostle Peter 
Instructed in lore, and to belief turned ; 

' So in the MS, At p. 2, it is rightly spelt capitvia. (now I9S), Camb. Univ. Lib, Ii. 1. 33, and Cotton Vitclliws 

^ Tho two homilies seem to form but one in reality. D. 17. 
Other copies are found in MSS. Corp, Chr. Coll. Cam. S. 8 

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Peter was his godfather, and begat him in the Lord, 
And he so long followed his baptismal father Peter, 
Until he instituted with true belief 
The second Christ's book (gospel) in Italian land. 
He saw not Christ alive, but he learnt nevertheless 
From Peter's preaching, how he should make the book ; 
And Peter considered it, and delivered it for reading. 

At p. 2 are printed the " Capitula Lectionum," or short summaries of the 
contents of the various portions of the Gospel read at various times. 

The whole gospel is divided into 46 such portions, as indicated by the 
capital Roman numbers in the margins of the right-hand pages. Section XI., 
for example, is said to contain the parable of the sower. Compare the capital 
"XI." in the margin at the beginning of chapter iv. p. 27. 

This is, perhaps, the most convenient place in which to add that the Gospel 
is further divided into smaller sections, generally known as the " Ammonian 
sections'," which correspond to sections in the other gospels, according to the 
tables printed in Mr Kemble's edition of St Matthew, already mentioned on p. xsi. 
Thus, at ch. iv. ver. 1, the 36fch section of St Mark, as shown by Canon 
Secundus, corresponds to the 76th section of St Luke and the 131st of St Matthew. 
I have throughout taken the liberty of printing the number of each subsection in 
Arabic numerals, as in Mr Kemble's book, though the MS. has Roman numerals 

At the bottom of p. 5 is printed the imperfect table of lessons, which is to 
be read in five separate lines, as follows. I omit the gloss, 

Sabbato sancto mane. 

Post penticosten in ieiunium ferla .iui. 


Die dominica de indulgentia passio dommi nostri iesn christi. 

feria .ui. de albas (sic) paschae. 

The lessons to which these refer are left obscure owing to the lack of pre- 
fixed numbers. Probably these were to have been inserted in red letters, but 
were omitted, by the lubricator. The tables of lessons to the other gospels are 
similarly obscure. A note in Marshall's edition (p. 513) seems to indicate a con- 
nection between the first line and the rubric in Camb. MS. at Chap. vi. 45 — 
Dis sceal on sseternes dseg £er halgan deege — which would suggest that section 

1 AmmoiiiuB of Alexandria, in tho tliird centiuy, en- the sections of the Goapels are claased accordingly as tlie 
dcavoured to form a haniionj of the Gospels. Eusehiua fact is found iri all four gospels, in three, in two, or in 
improyed upon it bj drawing up his ten Canons, in which one only. 

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19 (XVIIII.) on p. 51 is the one referred to ; but this requires furtlicr in- 
vestigation. The entry '■ cottidiana " occurs frequently, sometimes three or four 
times in succession, in the tables of leaaons prefixed to the other gospels. 

All this preliminary matter occurs in the Lindisfarne MS. only, and has 
been printed by Bouterwek in bis "Screadunga" or Fragments, printed at Elber- 
feld in quarto, 1858; pp. 1 — 4'. 

The manner in which the various tests and the results of collation of them 
with other MSS. are arranged has been already explained. 

In the method of printing the texts, &c., I have been entirely guided by 
the one sole object of presenting to the reader, as nearly as possible, the exact 
peculiarities of the MSS. The capital letters, accents, and points are closely fol- 
lowed ; and, in order to indicate the contractions clearly, I have adopted the very 
convenient method employed in works issued by the Early English Text Society, 
of representing their equivalents by the use of italic letters. Thus, in i. 3, col. 1, 
the word pam is written pa in the Corpus MS., and in the gloss to i. 7 in 
the Lindisfarne MS. the word ^fte?' is written " jeft," with an upward curl 
attached to the t. It will be convenient to mention here a few peculiarities of 
the MSS. 

Left-hand pages, Jirst column. The contractions used in the Corpus MS. are 
very few, the commonest being a stroke over a vowel to denote m, as in }iam,, 
ha]gu7Ji, him, written pa,, halgu, hi. We also find |?oh for poane. The contrac- 
tions :i for and% "p for peet, and cw. for cwce'S have been left as in the MSS. 
Similar contractions occur in MSS. A., B., and C, quoted in the Various Eead- 
ing^. The scribe used three kinds of points or stops, but two of them are 
altogether equivalent and answer nearly to the modern comma. He expresses 
this short pause either by a single dot, or by a stop resembHng an inverted 
semicolon (;), but with a curl to the left instead of the right. These I here 
denote by an ordinary full stop. His longer pause is denoted by a kind of 
semicolon, as here printed, and the reader will soon observe that it is almost 
invariably followed by a capital letter. Another most curious result (one only 
to be discovered when a MS. is exactly followed) is the ornamental value which 
the scribe of the MS. assigns to the initials p and B. As these were, in his 
eyes, precisely equivalent, he adorns the MS. by writing them boldly, and, in 
many^ passages, alternately. Thus, in vi. 16, p. 44, we have initial D ; this is 
followed by p in verse 18, D in verse 19, p in verse 21, and so on alter- 
nately at the beginnings of verses 24, 26, 29, 37, and 38. So again at the begin- 
nings of verses 24, 27, 28, 29, 33 in chapter vii ; verses 5, 6, 12, in chapter 

1 Bouterwek'8 edition is very correct, but has a few a few more sucli slips might be pointed out. 
slight errors. In 1. 4, p. 1, he has voce for uoce ; m the next = jhis coutraction sometimes forma part of a word, as 

line, the MS. has praedistinatum, not praedistinctum, oaA "Jawarode" for "i»H(?swarode." 

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viii; verses 1, 2, 4, 5 in chapter ix ; verses 27, 29, 30, 32, 33 in ch. ix ; 
TV. 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 23, 24, 28, 29, 36, 38, 39 in ch. x; 
&c. Of course there are nmmerous examples also of the contrary ; but, in the 
last case at least, the intention is obvious, and is far more striking in the MS. 
than in the print. The same alternation is sometimes found in the large capitals, 
which were painted in afterwards; see x. 46 (p. 84), xi. 1 (p. 86), xi. 15 {p. 
88), xi. 27 (p. 90) ; and especially note xiii. 1 and 3 {p. 102). The supposed 
necessity of alternation was regulated to some extent by the position of the 
letters on the page. That our ancestors really looted upon such an alternation 
aa an embellishment is proved beyond a doubt by the colours of the painted 
letters in the MSS. Thus, in the Cambridge MS., the large capitals are painted 
alternately blue, red, green, red, blue, red, green, red, &c., throughout the whole 
of the gospels. In the Hatton MS., blue and red letters alternate; in the Bodley 
MS., they are red and green. When not employing capitals, the scribe has a 
decided preference for f at the beginning, and ^ at the end of a word, though 
we also find instances of a contrary usage. 

The accents in the Corpus MS, are used sparingly, but, in general, correctly. 
The following are the foreign words in which an accent is used, viz : — abiathar, 
bethanfa, corban, decapoleos, genesar, herode [dot.), hierasenorum, iairus, iordane, 
{dat), isaaces, osanna, sidone, sidonis, tira, tirum. Of Anglo-Saxon words, we find 
the following cases of substantives : adlam {dat. pi.), arfata, belaf, bocerum, 
bogas, dom, dune, ear, fyr, gast, gerynu, hiwum, hlaf, hlisa, hrof, bus, lafe, lar, 
lareow, lie, man (wichedness), mode, mysan, non-tide (xv. 34), rice, rices, ste, sted, 
Sjedere, scyp, sicol, stan, strtete, tid, tima, tun, fecene, fornas, wa, westene, wic, 
wif, win, wingeard, wite, yst ; also the dative bee, and the plurals seep, swyn. 
Also the adjectives : — an, ece, god, geunret, hal, laman, mare, raanftillan, nan, 
niwne, niwan, stuntan, |?£eslic, undone, unrot, weste, wode ; the singular word 
ece in is. 45 is written for ece. The numerals :■ — fif, tyne. 

The pronouns : me, min, we, us, pn, J)in, f e, ge, he, hi, se (xii. 21). The 
parts of verhs: — adrifS, aris, aras, am, ^t, ^ton, bigdon, com, comon, cwtede, do 
{d&nne, ge-don, dejj), eode, faimende, ioron, on-fo, ge-fon, ga, gan (agan, gegan, 
in-agan), geomrode, het, a-hof, hoh, a-hoh, get-hrine, Eet-hran, on-hran, let, for-let, 
for-lfetan, lairan, Ifesgende, n&ron, namon, nat, saidon, asende, siwaf), be-sm£tan, 
Bet-soc, stigan, forS-stop, ge-swac, swor, sy, syn (iv. 12), urnon, ge-wat, w^re, ytt. 

The adverbs: — agen, ser, farfion, gyt, hwi, hwon, gelomlice, ma, na, nu, [la 
(iii. 4; generally pa), up, ut, ute. The prepositions :s.gen, agen (xiii. 8), ongen 
(xiii. 8). The prejlxes :—d- in a-f^rede (xvi. 8), a-hangen (xv. 15), asceacaS, awri- 
ten ; ut- in ut-gan, ut-gangende ; and (once only) un- in un-J^wogenum (vii. 2). 
The accents are, however, very frequently omitted, as the readers were supposed 
to be able to supply the pronunciation for themselves. In the Bodley MS., the 


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accents are written mucli in the same places; in the Cambridge MS., they are 
still scarcer. 

The component parts of a word are often written a little way apart. This 
I denote by a hyphen ; thus, the words ie-f<yixm, ge-fullod are he foran, ge fullod 
in the MS. 

The errors of the Corpus MS. are left uncorrected ; the various readings 
will in general point out where they occur. We should, however, particularly 
note the error hoceras, i. e. scrihes, for bogas, boughs, in xi. 8. The fact of its 
occurrence in MSS. A. B. C. as well as in the Corpus text shews quite clearly 
that all are really from the same source. In the Eoyal MSS. hocercts was first 

. written, but altered to hogas, and hence the scribe of the Hatton MS. was 
enabled to write boges, correctly. 

In quoting the various readings, I have strictly followed Mr Kemble's plan, 
of giving ev&i"y variation of spelling, with the sole exception of ^ for p, and y 
for i, which are used interchangeably in all the MSS. It follows that all the 
MSS. are, for ail practical purposes, printed in extenso, and any passage in any of 
the MSS. {except the imperfect Cotton MS.) can be easily reproduced, with the 
exception of contractibhs, and the uncertainty about p Or S, and y or {. Thus 
in i. 3, the Cambridge MS. should have (judging from the notes) the reading — 
clypigende stefn on fiam westene ge-earwiaS drihtnes weg. doS rihte his si^as ; 
whilst the Eoyal MS. has — clepigende stefen on fam westene. ge-garwiaS drihtnes 
weg. doS rihte his sySas. 

Lqft-hafid pages, column 2. The text and marginal notes (written as rubrics in 
the MS.) are from the Hatton MS.; the various readings from the earlier Eoyal 
MS. The chief peculiaiities of the Hafcton MS. are the introduction of k for c, as in 
hjriid, bokeres, hydde, for the earlier Gym's, boceras, cydde\ and a frequent confusion 
between the letters d and S. These latter are written exactly alike, with the excep- 
tion of a slight stroke through the upper part of the latter, so that the omission of 

- this stroke turns it into a, d. 1 print it aS in the MS.; and hence the form seed 
for see's, i. 37. In i. 32, we find the reverse change, geworSen being written for 
geworden, and Sn't^^e for 'Sridde. "When the double letter SS occurs, the stroke is 
sometimes drawn through one letter only, generally the latter ; thus od^e is written 
for o'S'&e in vii. 12. The letters p and S are used indiscriminately at the beginning 
of a word, but in the middle or at the end we have, almost always, '^ only. Only 
one sort of stop, a single point, is used ; it is here denoted by a full stop. The 
accents are very few, as they also are in the Eoyal MS ; we may note them in 

1 The letter k appears towards the end of some of tlio Tib, B. 4. The word karissimmn occurs in tlie Latin test 
IS. of the A.8. Chronicle, ais, e.g., in the mysterious word of tlie Lindis&rae MS., in Mark xii, 6. 
epas, under the date 1056, in MSS. Cotton Tib. B. I and 

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the foreign -worcls iudeeiace, galilee, iudee, and in the native words ansiene, agan, 
ahof, aj;ene, b&, us, ascaceS, god, ga, pa. There are a few downright blunders, such 
as un for ut, iii. 23 ; witege for wite, v. 29 ; apfata and manskege for drfata and 
mcBStlinga, vii. 4 ; brithmen for hritsenwm, viii. 8 ; hyfode for lufode, x. 21 ; &c. One 
change of spelling, viz. the substitution of ch for c, was probably due to Norman 
influence ; examples of it are ich for to, and eches for eces. But the most interest- 
ing point about this test is the exact evidence it affords of the manner in which 
the older inflexions of the language were weakened, thus leading the way to their 
ultimate total or partial suppression. By comparing it with the older text beside 
it, we literally see the process of this change going on before our eyes. These 
weakenings were accomplished by the frequent substifcution of the slight vowel e for 
the more distinct a, o, and u, not only when these vowels occur at the end of a 
word, but when they occur near the end. Hence we find -an, -as, -aS replaced by 
-en, -es, -ff&; -od, -oda, -on by -ed, -ede, -en; and -itm weakened, not merely into -em, 
but into -en. Thus, the suna, lendenu of the earlier text become sune, lendene ; sprecan, 
dagas, fullafS, gecostnod, gelufoda, penedon, dagum become likewise sprecen, doges, 
fulle'&, gecostned, gelufode, peneden, dcigen. "We even find e for y, as in gelefe'S for 
gehjfa'S. The adoption of en for an was but the prelude to dropping this final con- 
sonant altogether ; so that, whilst, in ii. 5, laman becomes lamen, two verses above 
it is written lame; whilst in ii. 4 we find asende for asendan in the plural. Nothing 
can be clearer than the gradual process of corruption of the infinitive moods of verbs. 
In earher MSS. we find, e.g. singan, to sing ; shortly before a.d. 1200, it is singen; 
soon after that date it became singe, a dissyllable. About a.d. 1400, the necessity 
of sounding the final -e was but slight ; but the word continued to be often writ- 
ten singe for some time after the final -e ceased to be pronounced. In course of 
time, it was generally rejected as useless, and hence our modem sing. This change 
took place still earlier in the North, where the common ending of the infinitive, 
even in early times, was -a rather than -an. The text of the Hatton MS. shews us 
the first step towards many such changes very clearly. It may be compared with the 
latter part of the A. S. Chronicle, from about a.d. 1120 onwards. The rubrics in 
the Hatton MS. are nearly all found in the Eoyal MS. in exactly the same places 
without variation of spelHng, The spelling of the Royal MS. is, in general, of 
an older character, though here also we sometimes find d for '&, as in siwad for 
siwa^, ii. 21. 

Bight-hand pages. The distinguishing feature of the texts here printed (viz. the 
Lindisfame text with its gloss above, and the Itushworth gloss without its text 
below), is that the glosses are in the Northumbrian dialect, and so present a strik- 
ing contrast to the West-Saxon texts opposite. The Latin text is written with but 
few contractions, which are denoted by italics wherever they occur, so that s-piritus, 
sanctus,, for example, are expansions of sps, scs. "We have frequently the very 

d 2 

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common contraction ihs for ihesw^ or iems', and xps for christus^ where the x is 
the Greek X (ch) and the p the Greek P (r). There are a few bad mistakes in the 
Latin, such as eum for cum in ii. 4, nubimus for nuhibus in xiii. 26, terner for 
teller in xiii. 28, and the like ; most of these are noticed in the Appendix, and 
are not to be regarded as misprints. The letter u (never v) is nsed through- 
out; the diphthong ce is generally written ae. A few accents occur, the words 
has, die, and ne, for example, being written has, die, and ne; p. 103. There 
is no punctuation in the Lindisfarne MS. The full stops merely denote the 
end of a verse, and should, strictly speaking, have been omitted. The glossator 
generally denotes the contraction er by an upward curl, and m by a straight stroke ; 
but nearly all the contractions are alike represented by a short wavy stroke, 
evidently intended to have a vague meaning. Thus the italicised letters in the 
words capharrtawm, xmiedlice-, beforan, hieiMsalem, fulwihieres, are all denoted by 
much the same stroke, and the italic letters are intended to denote this. In the 
last case, for instance, the word is spelt fulwih, followed by a curl ; and if the 
reader wishes to expand such a word in any other manner, he is of course at 
liberty to do so^ Near the beginning of the book, I have left the word hseiS as 
written in the MS., but I have found it better to expand it into h£eler«^, h^ende, 
or \i?s[endes, as required by grammar. This can cause no difficulty. Elsewhere I 
have left the Contraction t, meaning i)eZ, as written, because it conveniently separates 
the double glosses. Thus in i. 10, in ipso is interpreted to mean either in Stem (in 
them) or on him, the latter only being correct. Sometimes f is written without 
being followed by a second gloss (vii. 23). In some words, a small u is written , 
above the line ; this is denoted by an italic u. The contraction !! for cmd is used 
tliroughout. The letter ^ never occurs, except when used with a stroke through it 
(■f) as a contraction for ^cet. In a few cases, a, d is converted into S by an unne- 
cessary stroke through it, as in zebe'Sies for sebcdies. Several accents occur over 
long vowels ; these are all printed as in the MS. Some of the foreign names and 
hard words are left unglossed; and many of the glosses are quite wrong, and exhibit 
some curious errors. For examples of omissions, see vii. 4. For an example of 
error, observe the word bifgedon (they trembled) as a translation of fremibant in 
siv. 5 ; the worthy glossator was clearly thinking ttf tremehant\ In iii. 19, James 
the son of Alpheus is called ' Jacob the white ' (albus) . Where the Latin text 
is wroiig, the glossator still carefully follows it; hence the misreading eum for cum in 
ii. 4 is translated by hine (him). It must be observed also that the gloss being 
intended to give the sense of each word separately, rather in order that the reader 

1 The latter metliod of expansion in the better one, for tico is given ; neither has he always observed the capitals, 

the h really stands for a Greek H {«) ; I have sometimes &c. of the M88. 

inadvertently printed ihesiia, but this can hardly mislead. ' 8ee the Lindisfarne atid Rushworth Gospels {Surtees 

a reader. Societj), od. G. Waring, part iv. pp. civ— civiii, where the 

' In Mr. Kenible's edition of St, Matthew, no such no- characteristics of the MSS. are fully described. 

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might understand the Latin than that he might substitute an English version for 
it, the inflexions are not always adapted to the laws of syntax'. The peculiarities 
of orthography and Inflexion in these glosses have been described fully by Mr Waring^, 
who shews what are the West-Saxon forms corresponding to the Northumbrian ones. 
But it may, nevertheless, be convenient to shew here, conversely, what are the North- 
umbrian forms corresponding to the West-Saxon ones. I consider only the Gospel 
of St Mark, commencing with ii. 16, where Owun's gloss begins in the Rushworth 
MS. The chief variations are in the vowels and diphthongs ; I omit some of rare 
occurrence, and take the Lindisfarne MS. (L.) first. 

Orthography. 1. The West-Saxon (Corpus MS.) a becomes a, o, ea in L. 

Ex. hutan, L, huta, viii. 23 ; man, L. mon, v. 2 ; gaful, L. geafel, xli. 14. 

W.S. d becomes L. a, (e. Ex. ga&te, L. gast, v. 2; hwam, L. hwcsm, iv. 30. 

2. W.S. (E becomes L. cb, ae, a, e, oe, om, ece. 

Ex. w<BS, L. W(BS ; reste-d^ges, L. to rcest-daege, ii. 28 ; sceiv'S, L. seme's, 
iv, 14 ; gcBTs, L. gers, iv. 28 ; disge, L. doeg, vi. 2 ; cwcb'8, L. cuoce'S, x. 5 ; 
L. forgewf, x. 4. 

W.S., CB becomes L. w, e, cee. 

Ex. m-est, L. mrist, iv. 28 ; swd, L. sed,, iv. 27 ; s<b, L. stee, vi. 48. 

3. W.S. e becomes L. e^ a, m, i. Ex. ofer, L. o/er ; vmlene, L. walana, 
iv. 19 ; Jteofenes, L. heofums, iv; 32 ; CBvest, L, (ei~ist, iv. 28. 

W.S. e becomes L. e, a, ea, oe. Ex. ive; loelene, L. toalana (iv. 19); etan, 
L. eata, vii. 2 ; secap, L. soeca'S, iii. 32. 

4. W.S. ea becomes L. ea, a, (b, e. 

Ex. geleafan, L. geleafa, iv. 40 ; sealde, L. salde, iv. 7, S ; peahtedon, L. 
^cehtuTig hia dedon, iii. 6 ; eagan, L. e^o, viii. 23. 

5. W. S. eo becomes L. eo, ea, e, io. Ex, eor^e, L, eoj'So, iv. 28 ; L. eade 
(for eot/e) v. 2 ; fco^(, L. leht, iv. 21 ; deofol, L, diohles, i. 39. 

6. W. S, i becomes L, i, io. Ex. in; L. genioma (for ni-Hiare) iii. 27. 

W, S. / becomes L. i, (b. Ex. r^pes i/(^, iv. 29 ; nihtes, L. oft ncsAi, iv. 27. 

7. W. S, becomes L. o, u, Ex. L. for'6-hrohte, L. sona, iv, 29 ; L. 
hk^urd (for hlaford) ii. 28, 

8. W. S. It becomes L. u, e, y, oe. Also W, S. ?« = L. u. Ex. L, uticu'S, 
iii, 10; 5'a/i{?, L. geafel, xli, 14; mundron, L. syndnge, iv. 34; sivustor, L. 

T, iii. 35. L; s-itcE = stfct. 

9. W. S. f/ becomes L. y, i, eo, ea, u. W. S. y becomes L. y, io, e. Ex. 
dig, iii. 29 ; myce^, L. miclo, iv. 39 ; sylf, L, seoZ/", iii. 25 ; syllanne, L. 

xii. 14; sylf, L. s?*^, iii. 26. Also L. fyr, ix, 45; ansyne,\'L. andone, 

xii. 14; gehyra'S, L. heroS, iv. 3. 

' See above, p. svii. 

' Lindisfarne and Rushwortli Gospels (Surtees Society), part iv. pp, csix— cxxv. 

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We also frequently find in L. the double vowels cia, ee, ii, uii, &c.; as in 
i. 27 ; feer-suigo, v. 42 ; gesiist, v. 31 ; Kim, iv. 13. Observe also the 
curious forms innueeard, vii. 21 ; hehmald, xii. 41 ; oiigeaegn, si. 2 ; tiewnig, sii. 
34 ; s<Be, vi. 48. 

As regards the consonants, we find occasionally the following changes. 

1. W. S. g sometimes becomes L. c, as in 'Sroimo, L. viii. 34, for W. S. 
protvung; cf onfence, vi. 41. Conversely, we sometimes (but rarely) find W. S. c 
becoming L. g, as in Ucceterum, L. legerum, vii. 6. At the end of a word, we 
find in L. both eg and gc, as in rowincg, vi. 48 ; gehrcegc, vi'. 41. 

2. W. S. c frequently becomes L. h, as in L. ah (passim) for ac. Sometimes 
also we find in L. ch, as in carchem, vi, 27 ; niichel, iv. 5, 

3. The letters d and S are frequently interchanged in L. ; possibly from 
their similarity of form, as in the Hatton MS. Ex. dan^e for S(Fre, v. 41 ; mi^S 
for mid, V. 18. 

4. . The letters d and t are also frequently interchanged ; as in sexdig for 
sextig, iv. 8 ; gemoetat for gemoetctd, iv. 19. Cf. gehloedsade, vi. 41, 

5. Other peculiarities of MS. L. are the prefixing of an aspirate, as in 
hrcBSte, iv. 39 ; hlifige, v. 23 ; the frequent insertion of r, as in efern for efen, 
iv. 35 ; ondreardon for ondredon, v. 15 ; the insertion of iw, as in ewom for com, 
iii. 20 ; the insertion of u between w and r, as in wur(i6ia, x. 41 ; the use of 
wii for It at the beginning of a word, as in tvurnon, vi. 55. We also often 
find a consonant doubled at the end of a word, as in sibh, v. 34 ; sprmcc, iv. 
34; hlann, iv. 39; upp, iv. 6; gescett, iv. 1. But instead of gg we find eg or 
gc, as in rowincg, vi. 48; gehrcege, vi. 41 (above noted); and instead oi tt we 
find td, as in hwwtd for hivcstt, iv. 40. 

Injiexions. The noun-endings in L. are rather anomalous and inconsistent. 
The most remarkable point is the frequent occurrence of final -o, especially in the 
nom, and ace. pi., as in suno, iii. 17; wii^uuto, iii. 22; ilco, iii. 23; fato, iii. 
27 ; it also occurs in the singular, as in wi^ce^o, iii. 21 ; eor^o, iv. 1. But the 
fact is, that the terminating vowel must have been indistinct, so that we not 
only find synno, iii. 28, but synna, iv. 12 ; just as in v. 12 we find the pres. 
part. pi. ending in -endo in cwoe^endo, but in -ende in fm'ende in the next 
verse. Another point worthy of remark is that the termination -an (of Rask's 
first declension) does not appear, but is replaced by -es or -(bs, -e, -a, or -o'. 
Ex. tunga, tungms, earo, vii. 33 — 35. 

The pronouns present some remarkable forms, such as mines for min, s. 47 ; 
mec and meh for me, xiv. 6, 7; 'Sines for Sin, v. 19; Sec for Se, v. 34; woe 

' Lind. und Riisli. Gospels {Surtees Soe.) ; pt. iv. p. cssii. 

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for we, xi. 33 ; usra as gen. pi, of the first person, xii. 7 ; udc for us ; gie for 
ge; iuih, itih for eoio, is. 19. In the third person, we find fern. nom. hm, vi. 
24 ; fern. dat. hir, v. 33 ; fern. ace. hia, xiv. 6 ; hea, siy. 5 ; pi. nom. and ace. 
kia, gen. hiora, vi. 6; dat. him. The dual form is avoided; see x. 36 and 
xi. 2. Of possessive pronouns, we may specially note 'Sim-a, x. 37 ; iwer, x. 43 ; 
iuer, xi. 25 ; iueres, s. 5 ; and, as an instance of irregularity, iu&)^-a in xi. 25, 
as compared with iuero in the following verse. Of demonstratives, we may note 
fern. nom. 'Siu, v. 32 ; fern. gen. Sferce, vi. 22, and dative (Zcei-e for ^(^"6, v. 41 ; 
also fem. nom. '6ios, xiii. 30 ; fern. ace. Sm(S, xii. 10 ; and, as an instance of 
irregularity, fem. nom. das (for 'Sas) and Si-ws in the same verse (viii. 12), and 
immediately afterwards the false concord of %isum, dat. masc. with cneoreso, dat. 
fem. Such false concords are by no means uncommon. 

But it is in the verbs that the peculiarities of the dialect are most distinctly 
marked. Thus, the infinitive never ends in -an, but in -a, and less frequently in 
-e, as in wyrce, gedoa, iii. 4; cf. ofslaa, vi. 19; losiga, iii. 6; hodiga, iii. 14; 
gereofage {miswritten gereofa ge) iii. 27. In the present tense, the first person 
commonly ends in -o or -a, as s(sgo, v. 41 ; milsa, viii. 2 ; the second person 
in -es, -as, or (ss, as styres, v. 35 ; gegiuas, vi. 23 ; doces, xi. 28 ; also in -is, 
as htefis, x. 21 ; the third in -es, -as, -eS or -aS, its irregularity being strikingly 
pointed out in such glosses as saues^ vel Sana's, iv. 16; Salle's vel sauas, iv. 18; 
slepiaS vel sl&pe'S *, iv. 27 ; again, hisfe'S and hmfes occur in consecutive verses, 
iii. 29, 30. The plural is commonly in -as or -es, but also in -a'6 or -eS ; as 
in gecunnas, iv. 13 ; stondes, iii. 31 ; soeca'S, iii. 32 ; doe's, vii. 9. In the second 
person, the pronoun gie is often attached to the verb, as in oncneaivesgie, vii. 
IS ; this is commonest in the case of arogle (ye are). The termination -e gene- 
rally indicates the subjunctive mood, in all persons; as in ic see, xiv. 44; 'Su hwbhe, 
X. 21; he gesege, viii. 24; we hycge, vi. 37; gie geonge, vi. 10; Ma were, iii. 14. 
In the past tense plural, the common ending is -on, sometimes -un {civomun, iii. 13) ; 
but occasionally the striking form -es or -ces appears, as in ceivades vel niersades, 
iii. 12 ; miBhtces, ii. 10. Sometimes the ending is cut down to -e, as in m^hte 
woe, ix. 28. 

In the imperative singular, verbs are reduced to their stem, as in aris, v. 
41 ; in the plural, the ending is commonly -as or -es, as in sceacas, vi. 11 ; 
cymes, vi. 31 ; the irregularity being well shown in the gloss bycges vel ceapas, 
vi. 36 ; but observe wmia'S, vi. 10. The past part, of weak verbs ends in -ad or 
-ed, which are sometimes changed into -at or -et ; as in geboetad, iii. 5 ; gecerred, 
iii. 21 ; gesettet, iv. 21. "We must not omit to remark the occasional appearance 
of -m at the end of the 1st p. s. pres. in geseom, viii. 24 ; doam, xi. 33 ; heom, 

' Possibly sMtes may be iiieaiit for tlie passive voice bere, just as -es is ao used in Danisli. 
s Miswritten ileped in v. 39. 

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ix. 19 ; in xi. 29 we find tlie gloss ic doe vel doam. This is a relic of the 
old personal pronoun which appears in the Sanskrit dsmi, Greek ei/ii, Latin sum, 
and English a/in. Of the verb to he, the commonest forms are 1 p. s. beom, 
3 p. s. hi^ (is. 35), pi. hi^on (xi. 25 ; s. 8). From the infin. tvosa (ix. 35), we 
have 2 p. s. ar'S, iii. 11 ; 3 p. s. is; pi. sint or aron, both of which occur in 
vii. 4; in the 2 p. pi. the pronoun is almost invariably suffixed, thus forming 
arogie, v. 39. Pt. tense luces, pi. weron, woeivn ; subj. pres. se, sie, x. 38, 39 ; 
see, xiv. 44. Imp. s. wms, as in the famous phrase w(es hal (v. 34), the original 
of our wassail. 

All these examples are from the Lindisfarne gloss only. It is hardly necessary 
to say moi-e of the Rushworth gloss than that it represents the same dialect in 
a slightly later form, and presents similar terminations. Yet it has some 
peculiarities of its own, amongst which we must not omit to observe the very 
frequent substitution of u for o (especially ~im for ~07i), and the use of gi- as a 
prefix instead of ge-. We often find -a and -o reduced to the less definite -e, as 
in siofune for seofana, viii. 20 ; twelfe for twelfo, iii. 14 ; diphthongs replaced by 
simple vowels, as in ge for gie; u replaced by io, as in dace's for CHOC'S; and 
the general system of terminations simplified, so that the grammar of the Rush- 
worth gloss becomes much more regidar than that of the other, the common 
endings of the present and past tenses plural being -as and -un respectively. 

In concluding the Preface, 1 wish to express my thanks to the Syndics of 
the Pitt Press for undertaking the publication of this volume. 

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Su lifgiende god gernyne Su eadfriS 1 asSil-wald 1 liillfriS 3 aldred peccatorum Sas 
feowero miS gode ymb-woesou Sas bSc 



Marcus fie godspellere godes : petres in fulwiht aunu 5 

Maecus euangelista dei et petri in baptismate filius atqi( 

discipul aaeerda in isi'ahel doend seftej- lieVioma lenita goeseri'ed to geleafa cristes 

diacipulua eacerdotium in israhel agens secandum carnem leuita, conuersus ad fidera elirisli 

god-apell in italia awrSt icd-eawde in Son -f ec cynn_ his rehtlic were 1 criste forSon 
euangelium in italia scribsit ostendens in eo quod et generi aiio deberet et ohristo nam 

friima Sses fonieardes in steftie wit-geonges ceigendea-tclioppende settendesl'gesetto cnde brednise Bees leui 
initium priiicipii in tioce prophetiae exclama-tionis instituens ordinem Icuiticae 

ISrJ'redes £ed-eaude -[ite bodade fore-gestegd sunu zacharises io stofne engles 

lectionis osteudit ut praedicans praedistinatum iohannem filium zacchariae in uoce angeli 

> iiie \i )id lidioma gLWoiden ih. liclinma dnhfes fcorh woid god eunde- 
,jlum ueihiim ciio lactiun sed coipus Aormm per uerbum diumte 

stefn ge saweled fiuma 5'es godspLlIcsca lodes were ledeaxied -(ite se 8e Bas ledes «itte he 

uocis animatum initio euingehcae piiedii-ationis oatendeni ut qui liaec legens sciiet 

drihtne J hseletides to eymende 4 bus reht nere to on cnauanne 

doTOino et ihtau aduementi^ habitaculnm debeiet apnt&ceie 

end in bim word btefne? ^te in etnum sonum losad were onfunde seftpr Son 1 endungl^lmse 
atqwe m ^e ueibujH n ciS quod in conoonantibws peididerat mueniret deniqi^ et peilectio 

godapelles nerc in eole ] miS fulwiht drihtnes bodiga gocl ongann-i onginnenrfe nc nann 

euiugehi opii mtiaia et baptiamo doffimi praedicwo Atuia mcoins njn Uboi tuit 

atflennis* liclium-Es Son m -eiiuiH awoendit weie cweo^i ah .til \a «T3m foSmeatum 

natmitatem tanus qiuni m puoiib^s uirpiit diu,re sed tttum mpiiiin-j 

Sset tal fotlaenes testcin tales tuniiuii^ diable? -p somtiunt, wddeon t 

expi" aitionem de-eiti ieiunumi numeii temtiti iii,m diiboli congiegititncm bestiiium ft 

heiniae Ijrrhte en^h 'j,X<. setle usih tt on onawanne siundno in htlumlin sceoctum 

miniateimin piotubt aiig,eloiuin ut in-ititueiia nob id iiiteUigeudmn singula in brcuii 

gemeicade ne betnessn woeices alesde Z Bses seendedad weicea Sone fjllnisse 

compmgens nee -iuctoiititeni facti lei derueret et peificiendi open jjlemtudmem 

ne on s6ce 'tiialde on sicca soi5«a tD telUimeJ to clEGTiaannc bira aft(V lufu-tgeleafo gehitne acueSen bi6 
non negaiet deniq^p .unputas^e Mbi pLst fidem polliceni dicuui 

}ite raiS aeecerd had fo» e(Eed weie iiaefl ih ^5 ane efae ^eSohte to Info forewurdon eette 

ut aaceidotio repiobus habeietur sed tantum conaentiena tidei pi-ediitmit i pO'-nit 

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ne sut in wceie wcrrles. were ISsad >te terest eamade in cynn forSon 

eiectio nt iipc iic in optsie ueibi p^rderet quod priua merucrat in genere nam 

alexandnmscffi biseob was iSEeslhi'- Berh am-I'syndrigo woerc 
alexandii* tpi&copus tuit luius Y"-i singula opus 

geciioedna to-speada ^ 5one Beodacip in him ses ^te on-cnewa-i'w 
dicta di'^poiiere et diaciplmam m se legis agnosceret 

-pte on cnewe ftet jtecjnd St Se in u^j lerist eft gesoeca leftw Boc^soSSa gesoht^gefregna we wallaB 

mtellegeiet natiiiam quae in nos pnmum requiri dehine inquisita uolumus 

oncnawa habbaS'! hEebbende mtaid faestnungea V tryinnises forSon seSe plontaS J seSe w^rKcs 

agnosci habentea nieicedein exoitationis guoniam qui plantat et qui rigat 

an luon se Se Sonne geSungenniso fore goaruas pod is 
uiium sunt qui autem incrempiitum pisestat ieus est, 


cysnise engel -p is erenwreea biS genemned J 

[Fol. 90.] I. EsATE testimonium ioliannis angelus id eat nuntius appellatur et 

3-bod his -J fuhvibt asaegd is orist Lodade gefalwad biS Ser Sfes Brinise 

iicatio eius baptismusque refertur, Tt. OhnstuB pi-aedicans baptizatur ubi trinitatis 

of ceigeng petres _ Sara fiscera 

III. De uocatione petri andrffi iacobi ct iobannia piscatorum, 

in somnuiiga of menn gaast unclsene frohtende 3 ondetenda for-drUf his 

nil. In synagoga de homine 3pjV/(wm immunduni metuetitem et confiteutera expellens sua 

from raonnum miS mteht hercd hiS fiom swoer petres of feher miS word 1 miS ded for-draf 

ab hominibws potestate iaudatur. v. A socru petri febre uerlio factuqae depulsa 

reof-tlicSrower miS word miSSy cuoeS ic willo geelfensad his 
Laprosus aerbo quo ait uolo mundatur 

3 rniS leicnung Sfen eorS-cryple miS eft-forge fniso gesald is synna seSe 3 

et curatio paralytico cum remissione tribuitur peccatorMWi. VII. Leui qui et mat- 

of geceigd wnsa 1 fore bfsr-synnigra gebear -Y fordrifuise 

theus (ie teloneo uocatur et pro publicanorum conuiuio quaerella uel obiectio pharisaeorum 

fihles Stesjilde 3 wines •!- bytta miS eeping gestegd biB foi'e Sara ehera in sunnadaig 

panni ueteris et uini uei utrium comparatione refellitur. viu. Pro spicarum in aabbato 

mis nuraeiine Bsem telendum geSreatnum gefylged sfter Son honda dryge roiS eft-boeteng'teft-boete 
uulsione reprehensoribws incvepatis eequitur mauus aridae restitutio. 

SEBiilung wis bine hia doaS ^ ^ ge-hgrdo Ser seipp gehnnon him 

Vim. Conailium contra eum facIiinC pbarisaei deseruientes ibi nauicula tangentea eum 

ungellcum'i'moiiigfaldiiwj untrymnissum unbale geliieled biSon ttioel Sennas to 

diuersia iniirmitatibMs aegroti aanantur. x. Duodecim diseipulos ad 

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bodanne miS word «iL« gebrohtum mEchtum sendeS 8n beelzebub bine msege cueSende on-s6c 

praedicandum iierbo conlatis uirtutibMS mittet in belzebub eum poase dicentcs redarguit 

werei-e cuoeB in gaast halig ebolson^ ? Sa moder :i bTOSSoi' hia 

inremissibilem esse dicens in s-^iritum sanctum blaspbemiam ct niatrera ac fiat.rcs eos 

ceigaS se Be Sies ficdores doeS willo lierde foj-c-settc bispell Sais sawendes 1 

uocat qui patris fecerit uoluntatcm. XI. Docens proponit parabolam scminantiB et 

his Sa ilea syndrige gcsEBtte breht ffid-eawnise SegTiiiiii leht under mitto-l'fast 

suia cam aeoraum exponit clara manifestatione discipulis. xil. Lucernara sub modio 

ne is to settcuna i' alepenfle monii his gewsexe 3 of oorn senepis cues 

non ponetidam uel doi-miente homine sata eius crescere et de grano einapis dicit. 

^ un-smyltniso miS word adrysnedo 7 diowles fwdrSf gegeongaJ'tfl geonganne lefde in bergii™ 
XIII, Tempestatem uerbo compescena et demones eiciena ire concessit in porcoa. 

foerende 8a deada gewsecca dohter iaies Scot wif from blod-iurne ^blodcs gytt bailde 
SI III. Uadens mortuara snscitare fiiiam iairi mulierem a profluuio sangninis sanans 

■wieccaS sona f -p maeden wundradoii hia-thia wundrande f ISr ^ mfelito Ka>s wrilites 

suacitat protinus et puellam. xy. Mirantes doctuinam ct uirtiitcs i'abri 

sunu-tsmiScs aunu ciioeSa* herdon from him ne were witge buta worSiuiig nymSo in oeBel 

filium dicuot audientes ab eo non esse pvoplietam sine h on ore nisi in patria 

his sonde twoelfe boderea miS bodum laireS gebrobt gefea haelo -V hahvi 

sua. XVI. Mittens dnodecim prtedicaturoa praeceptia instruit conlata gratia sanitatu??i. 

baldend «one iohawwem dtege his acceniiis ofalog 3 beafiid his plasges 

SVii. Hcrodes tenens iohanncra die aai natalis occidit caputqiie ciua aaltationia 

of (if lilafiiin 3 tuaain fiscum 

SViii, De quinqwe panibws et duo bits piscibiis 

flf WEera Snsend gofylde 8iu feovSa naiht wacEin cuora to Segnum 

quinqwe uiroium milia saturauit. xvim. Qiiai-ta noctis uigilia ucnit ad discipulos 

geongende ofer-l'bufa see tolaS^niSraS 

ambulans sapra mai'e. xx. Accusant pliarisaei 

ettende 1 weron goSreaton from him of strionendi-a i: sldra in fofletiiisse i' of oSrum 

manducantes et increpantur ab eo de parent um inspretione l^el de ceteris 

mis 'Sy gesette Sa Se magon ?one monno widloga Seos wifes 

[Fol. 91.] exponente quae possint liominem inquinarc, Xxi, Mulieris syroplioenissae 

docter from dioble ^ friaS dumbe 1 deaf steftie eft-sette cuoeS untyn of 

fiiiam S, daemonio liberat. xxii. Muto aurdoque uocem restituens dicit effeta. sxiii. Dc 

seofa hlafiim 1 hwou lytle flscaa feor monna Busend gefylde 

septem panibws ct paucis pisciculis quatuor Iiominum milia saturauit xxiiii. Pliarisacis 

becon^'taRon soecendnm sealla on-aoc 3 12r hiora geheht under Bferslos noma 

signuni quaerentibws dari negat et doctrinam eorum praecepit sub fernienti nomine 

fore to-behaldenne Bono blindo heart-lice gemeS 3 f nsengum cuoeSaJ'cuoede geheht-l'ha;t 

praecauendam. XXV. Caecum paulatira curat et ut nemini diceret imperat. 

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8fem fraiguendum h\iecl hine hia cuede godes on-deta5 3 sona forSon 

XXVI. InteiTogantibMs quem eum dicerent petrus christum dei confitetnr et mox quia 

Orihtne Srowende him cuocBendo wiS-cuoeS sie geSread-l'ljia geSrcatad seSe losas 

dommo passurum s^ dicenti contradicit arguitur. xsvii. Qui perdit 

cuueB smel his fore mec li-giet 1 i ne hia }. f,fbiti^kn 1 gehujedon vcicn ume o3er 

mqut immii' suam jioptei me miien t e^ra i cc ^u titujs quo dim 

SoHe deaS wiS 1 oBS ha t,espa hine Ii re In 3 >i na oie hnide wea m laeded 3 hitims 

moitem donee UIde^nt eum m li'Eino (.u-i stihmq'c tiausfiguiitiia mducitm et i hinnem 

weioi Siuweide he gel era Bijwende cQoeB eghutelc fole ^e sell Irihten 

heiiae pissuii ipse «imiba paa^ im x;\\iii Omnia po^ al I'l nilena AoTunum 

gecioidnde 3 ge am hjelo heal 3 sunu same iin geleiffullni e his biddeile ham 

piue-jceus occuireiisque 'iilutit et lilma cuiusdam lucredulitatem auim luuiii praeuintis a 

diohle eefnaS biS ■^ellende hme fojes-Bgde 3 ?a ^effnT. hu'et on htsi 

dieraomo hbeiatnr "x^^ini Tndendum s^ piTnuntiins et discipilia qmd in lui 

ge tiahtaaon fiaignende ln;refe foruost 1 aldordoM ne sie to soeoii ne i n?ht in hia 

tiaetassent mteiiogans doeet priinatiira non esse quaeiendum x\"\. Uututem n (lu" 

gi-leLs lorbeadea 3 of -Miih cjrf horama 

&init pioli Ijcii et de ibsLiriione membioiui 

ithce -t meg^hthi,c WieS f nifi. I ^"tfniia stcccnli nm e ct'^neae 

figuivlitei docct WXI Phaii uos di, ii\ le dimittendi quieientew mo'!i te'^tmunio 

le gecerde 3 «a cild fiwn him forbeuleid bloedsiis of n eaSilice-i un m'ehtighce 

nuiucit et mtantes a. S6 uetni pichibcna benedtat xwii De difiiLiltate 

goles. wundiindum J^egnum cuoeS mSi cnlo godia 

del miiantibws dwupulw lit i,jntemtjies 1 nnum 

woruldia huiid teantigaiSa monigfallice laiS oehtmssum eft to cnfoonni- ee 

saeculairam ceDtuplum cum peisecutionibus leceptuiu'^ xwiii ItLm 

fore eueS hine slaende aello g i wonde Bone laeoh SreaSi'SieataB 1 of illor dom 

piiedieeos se oec dendum sedes petcnteb ncobum murepat et lohiimem de pn«t,ipatu 

hai-dno im e beadend gel cad 1 gebis heraumnise mi« bisene "ed eawe 1 
gentiles prohibens imita,udo3 humihtatis exemplo nionhtiato 

gmde 1 hsed nhhteS iVEes 3 filgede 6i.ide I ^EeIn fcegne to astlde to "ssi s ttendc 

raeiidicana mlummitui ct ?e{uitui "i:\'V% Mittit id dihtipulum asiii'e ui feeders 

„el erle of temple tohcheime ^tie rue^ 
XXXM Ej,iub us de templo fii,uln ne mile licit 

■< foerde fic beim ivuidrandum oue5 b ddendum mi6 gdeafd to onfoinne ^agiuenlo oi 

legiessusque ficulnea mn mtib^s ait oiantea eredeudo iccipeie postuhta sxvMi l)e 

mssht Serb fregnendum he of fulnuiht mi^ friignung oferciiom -1 geterde 3 

poteatate peicontantibws ludaeoa ipse de baptis no loh mm-= mteiiogmdj conumcit et 

of win gBard 3 Eseni yrrest im buenluOT b spell =ette 

de mne'i colonisque pessimis pai-ololim jomt 

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f. [!■ 92] g i 

UllB p XI p 

paschae ret'eitur nee non et cenffi eius misticee panditur sacramentum. 

aelemse ] growunges his wundra asiegd biSon ei'est his «erh Koim 

XLV. Traditionis ac passionis eius geata nai-rantur. XLVi. Resurrectionis eiua perinde 

sceorthce miS soStestnise biSon Eed-eawed hiora suwi i:n-ge-leaifullniaQ, tvumhce geSreaS biS "3 astigniso 
breuiter ueritate m on strata quorum -dam incredulitas clementer arguitur et ascensio 

3 to 8ui«rum godes gesset i Segnna forebodung beenum mtter fylgenduwz gessegd is 

adque ad dextris dei consessio uel disci pulorum praedicatio signis sequentibws indicatur. 


Be setames daeg hahg arhg mlXer fifteig-dteg fiesfern wodnes doege dooghwrcraUee 

Sabbato aawcto mane. Post penticosten in ieiuniuM feria .iiii. cottidiana. 

doeg drihtenlica of foj-gefnise Sroung drihtnes usw hmi cristes frige doeg of Stem hwit 
Die dominica de iudulgentia pasaio domtm Jiostri ihesu chrtsti feria ,ui. de albas 


L ks like sceosniagaS. 
w h the name— "O agius inarcusj" above 
blank; on the other is a beautifully 

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St. MAE K. 


M A E C U M. 

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St. M a E K. 



MHuffieuim- 1 [H]er ys godspellys aiigyn Ha:lyndes 
^'iTuidei cristes godes suna. 

"a™SS 2 Swa awriten is on p^s witegan liec 
mTtw tl^iu™ isaiam. nu ic asende miime cngel be-foran 
deTtu'Tm! A-Nre ansyne. Se ge-gearwaS p'mne weg 
be-foran '&e. 

3 clypiende stefn on pam westene ge-gear- 
wia'S drihtnes weg. doS rihte his siSas ; 

4 lohannes wses on westene fulligende 
} bodiende d^dbote fulwiht on synna for- 

5 ] to him ferde eall iudeise rice. T ealle 
bierosolima-ware. "i wacron fram him ge- 
fuUode. on iordanes flode hyra synna 
anddetenne ; 

6 And Johannes wses gesciyd mid oluen- 
des hserum. 7 fellen gyrdel wecs ymbe his 
lendenu. 3 gaerstapan ? wudu hunig he ffit. 

7 ^ he bodude 1 cw^S. strongra cyniS 
Eefter me. p^s ne com ic wyrSo ■f ic his 
sceona fwanga bugcnde uncnyttc, 

8 Ic fullige eow on wseterc. he eovv fiil- 
laS on halgujw gaste. 


Title. So in A (Camb. Univ. Lib. li. 2. 11) and B 
(Bodley 441). 

Ch. i. V. 1. A omits the whole verse. 1. A. Iiyne, 3. A. 
clypigende; A. ge-earwiaS. 4. A. bodigende dcBtbote ful- 
luht; A. forgifeunysse. 5. A. 3de1«iide; B. anddsettenne. 
6. A. gescrydd. 7. A. bodode. 8. B, WKstere.Csic). 



1 TTer ys godspelles angin haelendcs Ecce mitto 
X -L Wstes godes sunc. ^fe S'Sf" 

2 swa awritan ys on jjas witegen beech pSit^uia™ 
ysaiam. Nu ich assende miwne ^engel T^g^'"""™" 
foran j^inre ansiene. Se ge-gaercwed finne 

weig be-foren J^e. 

3 elepiende stefne on fam westene. ge- 
gierewied drihtnes weig. doS rihte his sySas. 

4 lohannes wees on wa}stenc fnlgende 1 
bodiende. deadbote fulluht on senne for- 

5 3 to hym ferde eal iudeeisce i-iee. 1 
eallc ierosolima-ware. T wseren fram him 
ge-fullode on Iordanes flodc. beore synna 

6 And lohannes w*s ge-scryd mid olfendes 
heere. ^ fellen gyrdel wa;s embe his lendene. 
1 garstapen 1 wude hnnig he set. 

7 7 he bodede ") cwse'S. strengre kymS 
a:fter me. pas ne jem ich wurSe -f ic his 
scone [Jwange bugendc un-cnette. 

8 Ich fullige eow on wsetere. he eow 
fulled on halgen gaste. 

Various Readings. 
Title. So in MS. Hatton 38 and MS. Royal 1. A. 14.- 
Ch.i.v. 1, hdendes. 2. awriten; witegan bee; ic asende; 

mine; ansyne; ge^^avewaS; weg beforan. 3. depigende 

stefen; ge-garwiaS; weg. 4, westene; dwdbotefulwyht; 

sj'nna. 5, ealliuUeisoa; wteroQ; hyora. 6. was; oluendes; 

Isendenne. 7. streugra cymlS; Jiies; ic; scona jjwanga; 

un-cnytte. 8. fulloS; halguiw. 

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CAP. I. 

fiUma j,olspelles b-elendes erst sunu eodes lute awnlten is n exa Sonewitgi 
1 ''^iNiriLM euangelu iliesu rhibti hli dei 2 aicut sci ptuni est m csaa pi plieta * ' Tj ] n 

heDiiu engel mm befora on lone «in seiSe foiegearuaa wege ^in itcln cliopenles 

eci.e mitto angeliim meum ante laciem tiiara qui piaepaiabit mam tuim 3 "Lo-s: clam uit s J'^2 ^i 

m woestH*n geatBa* woeg diihtnea rehta doeS'twyreaa stiga-1 geongas his wses i hannes in 

m deseito p'urite uiim Aormm rectal ficite semitas eiua 4 '''I'mt lohinnes in " 3 " 

woestein gef Iwade 1 bodade filwibt hieownisses on fi)rgefni''se ajnna "3 

deaeitu baptizma at piiediuaii? biptibmuia pienitenti'e in remissionem pect,atorum 5 et 

foereiide weslfoeido to hini jU lulei loi 1 3 5a h eruBolomisco wius alle 1 weg on eeluliidd 
egrediebattii ■\\ lUm? oiiiu'* ludif le^io et hieiosohmitae nniuuai et biptizibintnr 

Ttom him ii loi knei es stream o Aete i lo 'ynno 1 lora 1 

lb iUj in i3idinB fluinine confitentes peccita sui 6 *Lt ■ 

herum (.amellea 1 gjidik felkta vmb silo his J lopestro ] wudu hunig f ws^es m nudu linle 
pibs cameh et zom pelhc i ciica InmbDS eiu^ et lucustas et mel silueitiie 

brflceade waisJi'gebi'eo ? bodade cuoeSende cymea.I'cwoni atrongre mec asfter laec liisJ:'6EEa 

edebat. 7 et praedicabat dicens uenit fortior me post me cuius 

nam ic wjrSe fore-hlutende undoa Suongas scSe hia ic fulwadc iwih 

non sum dignus procumbens soluei'e coiTigiam calciamentoruni eiiis. S ego baptizaui uos 

mis wiBtre he vutedlioe gefulwaa iwih miS gaast haUg 
aqua ille uero baptizabit uos spzW'iu s«Jic(o. 

Cap I 1 on truma jodspelles hcelenrits i.rislea sunn godes _ -wi awiittn is m fsaia J.Mie nitgn henu 
ic aende eagel min beforan onseone [iine se]te forege^iwaS weg J-mre 3 stemn chopande in weatenne geanngaB 
weig dcihtnes lebte wvrcit'-ldoaS atige^gonga* hia 4 wies lohannes in weatenne gefulwade 7 bodade fullwiht 
hreowmaae in forgefmaae sjnna 5 3 fterende wtes^-foerde to hmi alle ludeas londe ^ 8a hiei isohmiaca alle 
3 gefullwade fiom him in lordaues streame ondetende sjnna heon 6 1 wtea lohannea gegerelad 1 genedad mi8 heium 
cameles 1 gjideU folknne \rab lendenu hia 3 waldstapan^l loppeatia 3 nudu huniges f wtexei; oa wude bendum 3 f 
btucende webs 7 3 bodade cwejieade c>mejj dom strongre meo teftej- me SEes + bis mm ii wjiSe fore hlutende 
undontloesan jiwongas gescoas his 8 ic fulnade eowic in w^etre he wtotudlice gefnlwaS eowie mi5 gaste 

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in diebus illis 
naiareth. A. 

9 1 Oil Sam dagum com se hEelend fra)» 
iiazareth galilee "i wjes ge-fullod on iordane 
frum iohanne. 

10 "} soiia of Sam waetere he geseah 
opeiie heofonas. ^ haligne gast swa culfran 
astigende "} on him wunigeiide. 

11 "} ^a, wees stefn of heofenum geworden. 
jju eart min ge-lufoda sunu on f^e ic ge- 
licode ; 

13 And sona gast hiiie on westen ge- 

ly 1 he on westene wees feowertig daga 
] feowertig nihta. 1 he wtes fraJB sataiie 
gecostnod. ^ he mid wilddeomm wees 7 him 
englas ]7enodon ; 

14 CiyS'San iohaiines geseald vims, com 
hJ se haeleiid on galileam godes rices. 

godspell bodigende 

15 ] fns cweSende. witodlice tid is ge- 
fylled 1 heofena rice genealiecS. doS dsed- 
bote 3 gelyfa|; pam godspelle. 

16 "i pa, he ferde wiS pa galdeiscan s£e. 
he geseah simone/ra "} andreatfi his broSor 
hyra nett on pa s?e Isetende. SoSHce hi 
wteron fisceras ; 

17 And J^a cwa;S se hselend cumaS miter 
me 1 ie do inc ■f gyt beoS sawla onfonde. 

18 1 hi fia hrasdiice him fyligdon. J for- 
leton heora net. 

19 "i Sanon hwon agan he geseal 
"} zebedei 1 iohannes his broSor. 
heora scype heora nett logodon. 

20 ] he hi sona clypode. 7 hi heora 
feeder zebedeo on scipe forleton. mid hyr- 

Various Readings. 

9. A, has And {with illuminated initial). A. galileie. 
10. A. heofenas. 11. A. gelufeda. 13. A. coatnod. A. Jiene- 
don. 14. A. godspel; B. "i godapell. 16. A. geseh. A. 
broBer. A. heoi-a. A. hyg [/or hi]. 17. A. ge-do. la, A. 
hig [far hi]. A. nett, 19. A. fianen. (A. onUts "i before 
zebedei). A. hig. B. net. A. logedoD. 20. A. hig (bis). 


hi on 

On bam dasen com se heelend fram ^""'^ 'h^si-s 
nazareth galilee, ? wees ge-iuUod geiii^e ^ bap- 

011 Iordane fram Iohanne. 


10 T sone of p&va. waetere, he ge-seah 
opene heofenes ^ haligne gast swa culfran 
astigende. 1 on hym wunede. 

11 1 ps. waes stefen of heofene I'us eweSeiide 
pu ert min ge-lufede sune. on Se ic ge- 

13 And sone gast hine on westen ge- 

13 ] he on westene wass feortig dagen. 
] feortig nihte. :i he wses fram sathanas 
ge-costned. 1 he mid wilde deoren wfes.. 1 
hym Ecngles jjeneden. 

14 OiydSe iohannes ge-seald w^s com Pretorier 
KJ se hfelend on galileam godes rices, mareg^^ 

godspcU bodiende n™ a an 

15 1 J^us cweSende. Witodlice tyd is ge- ™s'mSt 
fyllcd. ] heofene rice ge-neohl£eeS. doS'^'"'"" 
dead-bote ] ge-lefeS j^am godspelle, 

16 1 )Ja he ferde %viS |ja galileiseas sa>. 
He ge-seah symonera 1 aiidreara his broSer 
heore nytt on pare sse Ifetende. soSlice hyo 
wseren fissccras. 

17 7 l^a cwasS se hielend eumeS eefter me. 
7 ic do gunc ps:\. gyt bcoS sawla on-fonde. 

18 ") hyo pa, rtedliee hym felgdon 1 for- 
leten heore nytt. 

19 1 J?anen hwon agan. he ge-seah iaco- 
bum zebedei 1 iohannes his broSer. 1 hyo on 
heore scype hyre nyt logeden. 

20 1 he hyo sona clepede 7 hyo heora fader 
zebedeo on scype for-Ieten mid hyrlingen. 

Various Readings. 

9. daguJB, 10. sona; watera. 11, heofenum; ge-wordeu 
[/<w Jius cweSende] ; eart. 12. sona ; genjdde. 13. feo- 
wertig daga "i feoweriig nihta; satanaii costod; wildeorum 
was; euglfts ))ened(m. 14, SyB8e; halend; bodigende. 
15. heofone riehe ge-neahlacS; ded-bote; ge-lyfa«. 16, 
galileteca; btoSor hyra; jiara; Itettende; soBlic; waren 
flsceras, 17. ino [for gunc], 18. hin {so; for hym]; 
fyligdun; hyra nyt. 19. |iajian; brSoc [sot; heora; hyora 
nytt logoden. 20. "i he hi; for-ltetonum ; nyrlingum. 

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1 aworden wses in dagum Ssem cuom se hi»4' from nazaretli Ster byrig 5 gcMwad w»s 

9 *Et factum est in diebjo iliis uenit ihesws ^ . naaareth galilaeac et baptizatus est ' '^■.r''.' 

in iordanen frawi iohanne 7 son a as tag of wcetre ge-steh untyndo heofnas 3 

in iordane ab iohaime. 10 ct statim asceiidens de aqua uilit apertoa caelos et 

gaast swelce culfre of-stigcnde 7 wutiigende in Krom-l'on him 1 atefn gewoi-dan 

apjWiMm tamquam columbain dcscendeiitem et manentem in ipso 11 et uox facta 

wjes of heofnum S5u ar6 sunu min leaf on. Sec ic wel lieade 3 soiia Be gSst draf 

est de caelis til ^s filius mens dilectus in I^ coraplacui. 12 *Et statim epiritus expcllit " ^- "■ 

froniSEBm wiSerwearde 5 wees nii6 wilde ieorum "} englas gelierdon him tafim- Kon SoiinQi'Sa 

a satana *Eratqu6 cum bestiis et angeli miniatrabant illi 14 tPostquam autem " 1- vi. 

ge-sald WEBS iohannes cuom se has-l in galilea bodade godspeU rices godes 1 lo. xxvi. 

traditUB eat iohannes uenit iiis in galilaeam *Praedicans euangelium regni dei 15 etS'y\'^|'' 

cuoeSende forSon gefylled is tid 1 to-goneoleode ric godes hreowigas 1 gelefes 

dicena quoniam impletum est tern pus et appro p in quauit regnum dei paenitemini et credit e 

to goilspell 7 f^rcnde sot sS galiltes ge-s^h Sone simoa J audreas broKor 

euangelio. 16 *Et praeterieus secus mare galilaeae uidit simonera et andream fratrein " in. 

his hia aendende hnetta iu sse weron forSon flseeras 3 ciioeS hini ae hselend ejmaS asfte/- 

eius mittentes retia in mare erant enim piscatores. 1 7 *Et dixit eis ihesws uenite post * lo. ii. 

mec 3 io ge-do iuih I'^S ge sie flseeras monna 1 hreeonlice miSSy forleorton-tfofletnum nettuin 

me et faciam uos fieri piscatores hominum. 18 et protinus relictis retibws 

fylgendo weroa him 3 focrdo Sona lytel huon gesieh iacoh zeheSies sunu :i gone iolianmm 

aecuti sunt eum. 19 *Et progressus inde pusillnra uidit iacobum zebed^i et iohamien " 

gone broSer his 3 Ba ilcol'hia in seip gesetton ga netto 1 sima geceigde hia J 

fratvem ejus et ipsos in naui componentes retia. 20 et statim uocauit illos et 

mi««y forleoi't faeder his zebedeus in scip^ miS Sam celmertmonnura fylgedon^-fylgciide weron hinethim 
relicto patre suo zebedaeo in naui cum merciunariis secuti .sunt euro. 

J 1 aworden n-iea in dagum Ssem cwom }.e hffllend from nazareS )j£ere byrig to galilea 5 gefulwad wtes in 
lorfinen fcom iohanne 10 1 onBt)de astag of wrerte geseh ontjnde heofunis 1 gastes halga swike culfra of 
dune stigende : wuniende in lnmlin Sajm 11 7 =txfn geworden wes of heofune f-u eait sunu mm leof on 
Se ic wel hcade 12 ■} aona «e gai.! diaf hme on weaten 13 : wses on westen feowerdg d-iga 3 feoweitig 
ntehta 1 ives acunnid flow jisem wigeiwearda wjes miS wilde demum J englas gejiegnedon 1-hetdon him 
14 sefter |?on wutudi ce gesald w«es inhanne'i com so hte-l' m galilea lM>dade godspelles rice godes 15 7 
cwefjende for>on gefylled 16 tide l to genealacede nee godea hreowsiaf) 3 gelefaj in godspell IC 5 fteiende 
bi see galilea gesseh simonem f ib peCrus 1 andreas broSer his hia aendenle nett on sfe wenin lorjioii Sbceies 
17 1 cwte)3 heom to «e heel euma)i teftcr me :i gedoa eowic -p ge beotjan-fge aeon fiicerea monnum 18 : rn,enhce 
miS|3y forleten nett ftlgende wecun him 19 1 ioerde )ionan Ijtel hwon ges'oh laiobua zebedes sunu J Iohannes 
bio-ser his : 'pa ilci^lbia m seip gesetton f nett 20 3 sonalrSauht geceigde hta 1 mi?])}' foriet fader his 
aebedeus m scipe mifc jjseni byreraonnum f\lgende nasrun him 

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21 1 ferdon to cafarnauJM 1 sona reste- 
dagum he larde hi on gesamnmige. ingatic- 

22 "i hi wundredoii be his lare ; 

iiim CJoj?lice he w^s hi Iierende swa se pe 
poKsia- KJ aiiweald htefS. ntes swa boceras. 

23 ] on heora gesamimnge wass sum man. 
on TiiiclffinuTO gaste 1 he hrymde 

24 ^ ewffiS eala nazarenisca h^lend hw^t 
is us 1 fie. com Su us to for-spillaiine, ic wat 
J3ii eart godes halga; 

25 Da cidde se hselend hi™ 1 cwa^ a- 
dumba. 1 ga of fisura men. 

26 1 se unclfena gast hine sHtende ") my- 
eelrc stefne clypiende him of eode ; 

27 pa wundredon hi ealle swa -p hi he- 
twux him cwfedon. hwset ys. f;is. hwait is 
feos niwe lar. -p he on auwealde unc]ienu?B 
gastum bebyt. ^ hi hyrsumiaS him. 

28 1 sona ferde his hlisa to galilea rice; 
■otinus 29 TTrEedlicc of hyra gesamnunge hi 
ogauene- -LA comon Oil simoiiis 1 andreas bus. 
nis et an- mid iacobc 1 lohaniie ; 

30 SoSlice pa, stet simonis swegr hriSi- 
geiide 1 hi hiwi be hyre ssedon. 

31 ] ge-nealsccende be hi up aliof hyre 
handa ge-gripenre. 1 brsedlice se fefor hi 
forlet. "i heo j^enode him ; 

32 So^lice pa, hit wjes sefen geworden pa 
sunne to setle eodc. hi brohton to hiffl ealle 
pa, unhalan. ^ pa, Se wode wseron. 

33 1 eall seo burh-waru wees ge-gaderod to 
)7£ere duran. 

Vai-ious Readings. 
31. A. caphavnaum; B. Capernaum. A. hig. A. in- 
gangende. 22. A, liig (Ws). 23. A. gesoinnunge. 25. A. 
jiyssuM. 26. A. clypigende. 27. A. hig (bis). A. be-tweox, 
A, hig. 29. A. ge-somnunge ; B. gesamniinege. A. hig. 
A. syraones. 30, A. symonos. A. sweger; B, swegr (altered 
to sweger). A. hrisiende. A. hig, 31. A. hig. A. fefer 
hig. 32. A. ffifen wies. A. liig. 33, A, dura. 

31 "i ferden to capharnaum. 
dagen he lairde hyo on ge-samnnnge mgan- "»i™ sta'im 

geilde. gressua syna- 

^ gogam docebai 

22 1 hyo wundreden be his lare. e™. 

SoSlice he w£es hyo Isereude swa se pe 
anweald htefS. nses swa bokeres. 

23 3 on heore samnunge wses sum maim 
unclEeiien gaste. 7 he rymde 

24 1 cwEeS. eala nazarenisca bffilend hwtet 
is us 1 pe. come pu. us for-spillaii. leh 
wat j^u ert godes balge. 

25 pa kydde se btelend bym "i cwseS. a- 
dumbe ] ga of l^isen menn. 

26 7 se unelasne gast bine slytende 7 my- 
eelere stefne cleopiende him of-eode. 

37 Ba wundreden hyo oalle. swa -f hyo 
be-twexeo heom cw^Sen. bwiet is fiis. hwset 
is I'eos niewe lar. -f he on anwealde tuiclje- 
nen gasteii be-beott. ? hyo hersumieS hym. 

28 ] sona ferde his hlysa to galilea-richc. 

39 A ^id rfedliee of hyora samnunge he Egrediente 

/\ ■' , » ihe^mlesyna- 

XA- comen on symonis " andreas bus enga ™mt m 
mid iacobe 1 lohanne. "is :i andree. 

30 PoSlice j;a sa;t symones swerger hresi- 
gende. 1 hyo hym be hyre ssegden. 

31 !i ge-neablacende he byo up abof hire 
handa ge-gripenre. ] hrEcdlice se feofer hi 
for-let. "i hyo ];ei!ode him. 

32 SoSlice [;a hit wtes tefen ge-worSen fa 
sunne to settle eode. by brohten to bym 
ealle fa un-hslen. 1 fa fe wode wa;ren 

33 ] call syo burhware \ 
fare dure 

Various Readings. 

2!. sona; dagum. 22. Isere; lerende; anweld; boceras. 
23. here; was; man on undsenum. 24. nazarenlscea ; eart. 
25. codde; Jiiaummen. 27. wundreden; be-twuxeom; nywe; 
anwalde unclainum gastujn be-beot; hersumia*. 28. rice. 
29. End hrffiddliee;> hyra; hi comoti. 30. simonis swegr 
hrisigende; sffigdon. 31. ge-neahlteconde; hyo \/or hi]; 
heo [/oc hyo]. 32. afen geworden ; hio[/orhy]; un-ha!au. 
33. seo hurhwara; gegaderod; dura. 

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■} inheiden ct-pliirmutn 8i Lmu^ : soni lULodt-llieide to sjmniins Itbrdu hii 

21 *Et ingiediuntur uapliamAum et statim salibttis ingressus &yin^'>gam dyceliat coi J^'^^W" 

:; swigdon-S-stjldoQ ofer lar hi'- \^£83 for=<on Iteiende hm swKko he mriit h»l>tende*h6efde 

22 ■*'Et stupebant super doctima eius eid,t enim doceiis eos quisi potestitem h-ibens "^la^i ^^^^ 

J jjg jTi^ uButa 1 M»s in 'fomimng hiora monii m ^'ist Vniclsene 3 of cliopade 

et aon biuut SCiibie 23 ''ht eiit m =ijnaj,oga eomm hnmj in spnitu mmiindo et cxclamauit ■ IIII U \ 

CUOeSende hu«t us 3 Se 3u In-lPiid ae mzaiL cnome «u losije 1 to b-ane tis.g ic «it h«*t «u ti5 
24 diceiis quid nobis et tibi iliu iiazaieue ueni^ti pei lere not, ^cio quis ^s 

haligwei- godea 1 bohead him se h-elend cwoeSeiide '.uiga *,u l ggi of «Bam racnn i 

sanctus dei 25 et commiuAtus est ei ibem? diceus obmutesce et eii de homme 26 et 

hidtendei'bat hine se gast unclEen» 3 ofehoppende steine niKkimiB micle stetne of eode from him 

dioceipeus eum s^mtus iiimundi 

et exciamdus uocc magna exiuit ab 

3 wundraude weron alle «us fte hia gefiegndoti bituih liLm cuoeSende hutet Sa;t is Sis, liu-pk 

27 et miiati sunt omnea ita ut conquireient mtei ae dicentLs qmdnam e-,t lioc quae 

ISr Sius^Sas nma forionl^^te in mBoht 1 ga>tum umltenum hatas 1 eSmodigaS tiim 

doctrma ha;c nouT quia in potesUte et spiulib^is inmiindia impeiat et oboediurt ei 

■sun^' 1 merBu hii hiaSe in ill loud gahloEB 1 reTOvie 

miuoi C1U3 Btdtim m omneiu legiouem galilaea^ 2') '*Lt piotinu* " V 1' n 

..... , «";■[] 


egredientes de synagoga uenemnt m domum 'iimonis et audieae cum lacobo et lolnnue 

gelagen wtes 8a swer symones fehrende waiS 3 aona euoeSaS^cuedon him of Btec-l'of «Eem 

30 decumbebat autem socrus simoiiis febricitaua et statini dicunt ei de ilia. 

■} cwom^J-geneoleode ahof_ Sa Uca 3 miS8y ge-grippen w 

31 et accedens eleuauit earn et praehenaa 

h&l frowi februM 3 ge-emh-ehtade him efern HoaneiMMtedlkeiia. gewai-S miSBy to sett eade aunna 

febris et ministrabat eis. 32 uespere autem lacto cum occidisset sol 

gcsomnad to duruito gajt 
congregata ad i an nam. 

21 3 inf Pidun caphainaum 'p'e e I yr^ 3 aona reate 1 gas infoerde 1 ii ode tj somnu[n]gum EelEPidi hia 

22 3 swi^adun-1 stjlton ofci Iffiia liis «tes loifion Isoicnde hia swikelsva hiemsihte iiefde 3 no swa uBwutU 

23 3 wses in aomminaum heoia moiin m gaste unclEenum 1 oft cleopale 24 cw»e|)ende hwajt us 3 «e j]\ 
hielend B£0 nazaremsoa come Jpu to loEane-i lorene usic ic tvat hwEet jiu Jiu eait hahg god 25 3 bebeol 1 
beboden la him se htei cwteBende swi^a jju 3 gaa of Basin menu gaat uncl'Ene 26 3 liltndelbat hme east 
8e uncltone 3 of tUopondo stEefni, 3 ofeode trom him 27 3 wundrende wroiun alle Jms fte hie 
frugno 1 ascadun betwihc hcoia cwejiende hwaat -p is ))is hw Ic lai };0B*Bas niona la loijion in iii'chte 3 ^astum 
iinelajaum hata)i 3 edmodiB him "8 3 sprang 4" foeide meisung-liaeiBo hia 80iia-i'inst\do-3r)sefie m eallum ^leia 
londe gal In.£e 29 3 xecene loerde of =omnuaga comoti in hus -f is petius 3 andreas miB lacob 3 lohanne^i 
30 gelegen wtes wutudlice swKgie '(, is pcttus fefer dritenle 3 vw]>e cwedun to him of Jitew^-ot ]>mie 3] 3 
com geneolacede ahof Si. ilea 3 miB)j) ge^npen webs hond liia 3 ncenhce torlet hio hal from rideaohte^gednf 3 
geJjEeignade heom 32 tefen «utudlice Jn. ^ewaiB miBjjy to sete eode sunne geioeidun 1 biohtun to him alle jia 
yllu hsbbende 3 detful kebanda 33 3 Hi-a -ille EOstK 1 U ^ _ea mi ad t doic 1 ^eat 

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34 1 he manega gehaslde pe missenlicum 
adlum gedrehte w^ron. 1 manega deofol- 
seocnyssa he ut adraf. 7 hi sprecan ne let. 
iovpam hi wiston ■p he crist wass; 

35 And swi^e £r arisende he i'erdc. on 
weste stowe 7 hine |Jar gebsed 

36 1 him fyligde simon. ] )^a Se mid 
him WEeron. 

37 1 fa hi hine gemetton hi stedon him. 
eall ph folc ^e seeS; 

38 pa cweeS he fare we on ge-hende tunas 
"} ceastra. -p ic Sar bodige. witodlice to ^am 
ic com, 

39 7 he wEes bodigende on heora ge-sam- 
nmigum "i eaire galilea, 1 deofol-seocnessa 
ut adrifende; 

Dysscesi 40 And to him com sum hreofla hine 

cm wod[ies-d;eg / U 

on jjfftefifieo- Xi. biddende. ] gebieedu»« , cneo- 

pentwosim wuJK hiwi to cwgcj? ; Drihteu. gifjjuwyltou 
Eiuenitad miht gc-clsensian me; 
deprecans earn 41 SoSlice se hselend him ffe-miltsode. 1 

el geim nexo ^ 

dixiidoDijiiesihis hand a)jenode 7 hine set-hrinende !! J^us 
niiimiare. A, cweeS; Ic wylle. beo ^u geclgensod. 

43 1 fia he Sus cwecS sona seo hreofnys 
him frawi ge-wat. The w£es geclaensod. 

43 J sona he bead him 

44 7 cwffiS. warna -p Su hit nannm men 
ne secge. ac ga 1 set-yw ^e fara sacerda 
ealdre. 7 bring forSinro clsensunga'f moyscs 
behead him on ge-witnesse. 

45 7 he fa ut-gangende ongan bodian 7 
widmEersian fa sprasce; Swa -f he ne mihte 
openlice on fa ceastre gan. ac beon ute 
on westujB stowuw 7 hi teghwanon to him 

Various Readings. 

34. A. mislicum. A. deofel-aeocnyssa. A. hig {bis). 

37, A, hig (ills). 38. B, witolice. 39. A. gesonmungum. 

A. ealle. A. deofel-seoenessa. 40. In the rubric, B has 
penteeosten. B, biddend. B.eweownmialtei-edtocDeoviam). 
41, A. ajjenede. A. om. 3 be/ore pus. 42. A. hreofnes. 43. 

B. bend [/or bead]. 44 A. ge-wytnyase. 45. A. agan 
[Jbr ongan], A. hig [for hi]. 

34 1 he manega ge-hselde ; fe mistlicen 
adle ge-drehte wEeren. 1 manege deofol- 
seocnysse he ut a-draf. 7 hyo sprecen ne 
leten for fan fe hyo wisten ffet he crist wges. 

35 And swiSe £er smme arisende he ferde 
on weste stowe. 7 hine pser ge-basd. 

36 7 hym fylgede symon 7 fa fe mid hym 

37 7 fa fe hine gc-metten hyo saigden 
hym. eall f is fole f e seed. 

38 pa cw£eS he fare we on gehende tunas 
7 ceastres ■f ic f ser bodige. Witodlice to f am 
ic com. 

39 7 he wass bodiende on heore samnenge 
7 ealre gaiileas. 7 dcofel-seocnyssa ut-adri- 

40 lilnd to hym com sum reofela hine Uer 
-i—^ biddende 7 beigden cneowen hym cam 

to cwieS. Drib ten gyf f u wilt fu miht ge- dTxi 
clEensien me. mui 

41 So^lice se heelend hine ge-miltsede 7 
his hand a-fcnode 7 hine Eet-hrinede 7 f us 
cwaiS. Ic wille. hyo fu ge-clsensed. 

42 7 fa he fus cwa^S; sona syo reoflyss 
him fram ge-wat. 7 he wses ge-cla;nscd. 

43 7 sone he bfed hym 

44 7 cwkS. warne fset fu hit nanen menn 
ne segge. 7 ga 7 atcwe fe fare sacerda 
ealdre. 7 bring for f inre cla;nsunge jJ moyses 
be-bead on ge-witnysse. 

45 7 he fa ut-gangende on-gan ■ hodien 7 
wi^-ma;rsian fa sprfece. swa 'f he ne mihte 
openlice on fa ceastre, gan. ac bye ute on 
westen stowen. 7 hyo aighwanen to hym 

Various Readings. 

34. mislicum adlum; wjeron; manega deofol-seoenyssa; 
let; wiston. 35. sunne omitted. 36. ^lygde; wieroa. 
37. 3 |>a hyo; gemetton; s^egdea; aec%, 38. ceastrtta. 39. 
hyra samnufige ^ ealra; deofol-secionyssa. 40. reofola; 
gebigdum cneownm. 41. him ge-miltsode; abenede; tet- 
htinende; ge-cleensod. 43. veofnyss; ge-clEensod, 43. soua; 
bead or beod, 44 wama (lEet )ja [m'cJ; nannm men; aecge; 
acgaltetyw; ealdra; Jjinra elEeneunga, 45. bodian; beon 

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1 lecnado + gSmde monigo Ba«o geswoenceil woereJ'weron gosuoenedc missenlicum adlum •] 
34 et curauit multos qui uexabantur uariis languoiibus et 

dioblas meuigo he fordvaf (itJraflrde 1 nalde leta apreca bia-tno lefde hia to apreceanne foj-Soa wistoti hine 
deraonia multa eiciebat *Et noii siaebat loqui ea quoniam sciebant eiun • is. viii. 

3 on sering suiSe atga foerde-Jrfterend Sona eode on wocstigum stouO'l'Htyd 1 Ser gebred 1 

35 *Et diluculo ualde aurgena egressus abiit in desertum locum ibique orabat. 36 et " 17. viii. 

fylgend webs hira simou 5 6aBe miS hine woeron 3 miSSy on-fundon hine cuedon him 

secutus est euro simon et qui cum illo erant. 37 et cum inuenissent eum dixerunt ei 

fOJ'Son-i' -pte alle soeca* Bee 1 cuoeS to him g£e we-twutran geonga in Ba nSesto lond 7 

quia omnes qnaerunt tc. 38 et ait illis camua in proximo a uicoa et 

iSa eeaatre f cc «ti ic hoJigd J to "^i!! lorS n ic «on J wioa hodnnde in somnungum 

ciuitites ut et iln piacdicem et iiou enim ueni 39 et erat prsedicans in sinagogys 

hioii !i alle £,alileEe 3 dioblea fordiaf4r« 7 ewom to him llcisrower 

eoium et omm ^^ld'iC1 et daemoma eicicns 40 *Et ueiiit ad eum leproaua ' ^i' '8^ " 

bted hinel eioinede hme 1 lnl^ cnew beging cuoeS gif 6u wilt Su mtebt raeh gerltensiga se hte-l' 

depr^cans earn et genu flexo dixit ai uia potes me mundare, 41 ili&sws 

Ba wwa tndsande his ge rahte bond his 3 gehtan-tbriaande him oueS to him ie willo gecliunsiga 
lutein mi«eiattia ems extendit minum suam et taiigens eum ait illi nolo mundare. 

J mi88y gccueS s6na foeide fiom bun Bm nofol 1 gedfensad wees 1 behead 

42 et cum dixiaset statim discessit ab eo lepra et muudatua eat. 43 et comminatua 

him lona draf bine 3 cuoeS him lo gesib En -p ntcnigmn _ i 

ei statim eicit ilium 44 et dicit ei uidc 

«eo Stem older sactrda 1 get ijre Llfensunge -^in Sa Se hebt moises in cySnisse bipi 

t^ prmcipi saceidotuMi ct oitci po emundatione tua quae praccipit moses in testimonium illis. 

soS he foerde mgann bodiga 1 meis ga ^ word Bus fte nutedlice me meehte ewunga 
45 *Et ille egieeaui (.jepit pnediciie et ditiimiie bermonem ita ut iam non posset maniiestc ' lu. «■ 

in 6a leaatia ingeongaliniuma ab uta in inestigunj stowm wros -jS were 3 gosomnadonJ'eflie-gecwomon to 
m ciuitateni intronc 5cd ton-- m dl,^eltls locis esse et conueniebant ad 

bim egbuonatfioflj bilfo gebncl 
eum undique 

34. 3 lecnade monige )ja jje werun geswaancte missenlicum adlum 3 deofles monige be fordraf ^ aflrde 3 ne let 
hira sprecan forjion he wistcn hine 35. 3 on Eeringe swiSe aras 3 foerde J- faarende eode in westige stowe-tsteyde 
3 «ier gehsed 36. 3 fylgende wtes him simon 3 [laSe miS bim WEerim 37. 3 mijiBy onfunduti liinc cwtcdun 
to hint t(rr]to-a alle aoecajj Se 38. 3 cwseji to beom se hje^" g^ weJ'wutu gangan in Jia nehsto lond 3 \>a. ciEstre 
■pte 3 ec Bier ie bodige 3 to Siase forjjon ic com 39. 3 wtes bodandc in somnungum heora 3 alle galile 3 
deoflas fordraf ^^ forwai'p 40. 3 com to him lic]!rowere bed^hidende him 3 mid cneu begende^heginge ewEe)) gif 
6u wilt [lU niEeh me geclensige •11. ae bselend witudliee )ja wies miltaende hira gerahte bonda his 3 bran hira 
0W82|j to bim io wille geclsensie 42. 3 miSliy cwee]) hriejie foei-de from him Jie hriofal 3 geclensad wses. 
43. 3 bebodeti wEes him hrEe|je 3 draf hine 44. 3 cw£e|i to him geaih Sn ntenegura menn seeege-tcwc)ie ah gaa 
ffiteaw )je Biem aldor aacerd 3 agef for cltensunge Jiine }iaj)e hebt moyses in cyjjiiisae Biom 45. soS he foerdo 
ongan bodige 3 mfersige word Jjus .f , wutudlice ne msebte eawunga in Sa ceastre ingangan -t ineodo ah butan 
in westigura stowum waare 3 gesomnadun 't ofne-comon to him cegbwonan from eeghwilcum balfe 

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1 1 eft sefter dagum he eode into cafar- 
nau>«. 1 hit wfes ge-hyred f he wses on hiise 

2 1 niaiiega togsedere eomon. !l he to 
heoiTi sprjee. 

3 1 hi comon anne laman to hira berende. 
fone feower men b^ron. 

4 1 l^a hi ne mihton hine inbringaii for 
Jjsere mfenigu. hi opeiiodon lioiie hrof j^ar 
se h^lend wses. 1 hi pa in-asendan. "f bed 
\>e se lama on Iseg; 

5 So^Uce Sa se hailend geseah heora 
geleafan. he cwa;^ to prnn laman ; Sunu |?e 
synt )7ine syniia for-gyfene. 

6 par wseron sume of Sam boceruw sit- 
tende. ] on heora heortnJM Jjencende 

7 hwi spyc'S pes pus. he dysegaS. hwa 
mseg synna for-gyfan buton god ana; 

8 Da se hselend -f on his gaste oncneow. 
■f hi swa betwux him j^ohton. he cweeS to 
hiw. hwi Senee ge ]7as Sing on eowrum 

9 hwEeSer is eSre to secgenne to pa.m 
laman. pe synd Sine synna forgyfene. 
hwEeSer pe eweSan aris nim Sin bed ] ga, 

10 -p ge soShee witon -f mannes sunu 
htefS anwoald on eorSan ; synna to for- 
gyfanne; He cw£eS to pam laman 

11 j'e ic secge aris. nim jjin bed. ^ ga 
to ]7inum huse 

13 "} he sona aras. 1 be-foran him ealluwi 
eode; Swa ■f ealle wundredon 1 jjus ewtedon. 
na^fre we fer fyllic ne ge-sawon. 

Ch.ii.v.l. A. capharnaum; B. Capernaujn. a.A.hyra. 
3.A.hig. A.»nne. 4. A.higne; B. hine [/or hi ne]. A. 
msenigeo; B. mEBnigum. A, hig [/or hi; 6!*]. A. ope- 
nedon. B. l>we Ifor jjar]. A. in-asendon. 5. A. aynd. 
B. forgifen. 6. A. heortan. 7, A. hwig sprjcS. 8. A. 
hig. A. betweox, A. hwig. A. heortum. 9. A. geSre [/or 
a«re], A. seeganne. A. inserts 3 before nim. A, hedd. 
U. A. bedd. 12. A. beom [/or him]. 


1 1 eft sefter dagen he eode in-to caphar- 
naum 1 hyt wajs ge-hyred. ~p he wses on huse 

2 !l manege to-gadere eomen "} he to hem 

3 "} hyo comen Eenne lame man to him 
berende. f;ane feower men ba>ren. 

4i "} pa hyo ne mihten hine in-bringen for 
}3are manige hyo openedon j^ane rof peen se 
htelend w^es 1 hyo l^a in-aseiide f bed pe se 
lame on laig. 

5 SoSlice pa se hselend ge-seah heore 
ge-leafen he cweeS. to |iam lamen. Sune pe 
synde Jjine senne for-gefene. 

6 f>8er wairen sume of J^am bokercn sit- 
tende ? on heore heortan jienceiide 

7 hwi specS fes pas. he desigeS. hwa 
maig senne for-gefen buton god ane. 

8 Da se heelend |7iet on his gaste on-eneow. 
■f hyo swa be-tweoxe heom jjohten. he cwseS 
to heom hwi j^ence ge J^as piug on eowre 

9 hwseSer is eSre to seggene to j^aw 
lamen. Se synde |7ine synne for gefene. 
hwa-Ser to ewfeSen aris nem |jin bed "i ga. 

10 I^Eet ge soSlice witen -p mannes sune 
h^fS anweald on eorjjan synnen to for- 
gefene. He cwjeS to |;ara lamen, 

11 pe ic segge aris. nym j^in bed 1 ga ; 
to l^inen huse. 

12 : he sone aras. :i be-foren heom eallen 
eode. swa -p ealle wundreden 1 fus cwEeSen 
iiEefre we ser pellic ping ne ge-sfegen. 

Various Readings. 

Ch. ii. V. 1. dagum. 2. raanega; comon; heom. 3. 
comon; Jianne; bteron. 4. militon; meniga; bonne; Jiar; 
halend; in-aseiiden; lama; Img. S. halend ; heora gelea- 
fan; laman; ajnt; sinne for-gyfeno. 6. f-are waron; bu- 
neran ; lioora Ueorta. 7. desygaS ; maeg synna for-gyfen. 
8. halecd; betwux; jjohtoa; eowra« heortan. 9, hweSer 
his; segganne; laman; aind; synna for-gyfene; hweSer Se 
cweSen ; nim. 10. hafiS ; synnan ; forgyfena ; laman. 
11. f-inuOT. 12. sona; beforan; eallnw; wundredon; cwso- 
jjon; liillic; ]iias omtled; ge-sawen. 

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3 efUrsona mfoeyde oaphaintum Sa bui^ teftec daijum 1 gehSred wffia fte in lius were 
1 *lLt iteium lutiauit ciph'unaum post dies et auditum est quod m domo esset.^'^' 

•) efnc cuomon monigo feus ^te iii, ratehto foal-nioma no to duru 3 spreoend wiea him^-aprffic „,■ 
2 et CDnueiiLiunt multi ita ut non cippret n q«e ad iaimam et loquebatur 

him wold 1 cuomon feiedoai'bi en genie to him Bone eorS-crypel se Se from feowrum Wffis geboren 

eis ueibum 3 et ueneruiit teientes ad euoi paraliticum qui a quatuor portabatur. 

1 hne ne m^ehtun gebren^a h ne him fme mei go ge-naeedon-t-unSehton ^ bus Sei- wws 3 
4 et eum non possent oftLire eum ilk pie tiubi nudauerunt tectam ubi erat et 

Seopnadon adune sendcn ^ Ur on Stem aeeorS cijppel laeg^hcgende w 

pitet icieutes lummiseiant grivutum m ^uo piiihtici^ lacebat. 

aehffl-J- geleafo hi iilSaia cuoeS fe-em eo Scijpple suna f j^efen biSon Se synno weron Moledlice Ser 

ihesws iidem illjium ut piiilitiuo lili dimittuntur tibi peccata. 6 erant autera iUic 

sume of iiSuutum s ttende J Kencendo4 ameande m Ueiitum Mora hwict «es sw» * 8us spreces 

quidam de sciibis sedentes et cogitaiites m c dibua suis. 7 quid hic sic loquitur 

obolsas hua maeg foisreafaifOT-kta aynna uymSe an god ofiSon aona ong^tti'miBSy ^ oucneow 

bhsphemat qui^ potest dimitteK peccita nisi solus dews. 8 quo statim coguito 

^se haalend gast hia -pte su£e laeadon 1 Sohton hituih him cueS to him hwffit Sas gie smeaS in 
ihe. Hi, •i^trifa ''uo quia sic cO(,itarent lutei se dicit illia quid ista cogitatis in 

hearto huiu« HwKt i fiBui to tDB^ianne Sseni eorS-cryple forgefen biSoii 8b synno -t 

i.oidib«» icstii** 1 qui I e^t l\uliuf> diceie j.iralitico dimittantur tibi peccata {in 

t juSa ITS J nm-lbei bPre Kin 5 gaa -fts wtxtedlice wutaS gie Scette he mteht 

diceie suigp et tolie griuatum tuum et anibnla 10 ut autem aciatis quia potestatem 

htefeS sunn monnea on eorSo f igeftiHe sjnno cwoeS Stem eoiB-ccypple S5e ic eueao ana nim 

litbet films hommig in teiia dimittcndi pLCL iti ait pamlitico. 11 tibi dico surge tolle 

her JSin i gTi in hua 5 n 1 sona he araa under-leat f her eode 

t,iiuitu™ tuum et uade in domum tuam 12 et •ititim iile suirexit sublato grauato abiit 

bef e illi a 'fucB fte otwiadiel n nlle 1 hia worSedun god cuoeKende fte naifra 

cLiam omi ibifi ita ut muni aientiu tn ue^ et lun lificarsint de'Mm dicentes quia numquanj 

Cap. IT. 1 : -eft /■ =omlhi^Se infogvde'tineode caphatnaum |je byrig sefter dagum 3 gehei-ed w^s .pte in hnse 
WEere 2. 3 elne ctniun mjmge jjus ^te ne ni33hte foan-i-nioman ne to dore^tto gesete 3 spreoende wsea heom4' 
him word i 3 comon toferende-tbringeude to him [lone eor5-ei7pel seKe from feowrum webs geboren 

4, 3 niiSfiy hi ne msehtun gebringan hine him for mengo genacadun-i'iinwreogon f hns-tjja bSre J^ter he wiea 3 
openedon-l-opnende djdon adtrne sendun-i'aettun ]i& here in Biere Jie eorS-ciypel Iteg'l'licgende wies 5 mi5t>y 
gesseh Jionne se haalend geleat* heora cwtef' to iimm eorS-crypele sunu forgefen beojjan 5e aynne t>ine 6. weron 
wutudhce fifer aume of u)iwutiim sittende 3 Sencende-I'smeande in heormm heortuw 7. hwast jies SuaJ-awa 
sprecafi heo fol?a|? hwa mseg forgeofan-tfiwletan synne iivm|je ane god 8. of ))on sona oiiget se htelend gast hia fte 
awa )!ohton^smeadon betwih heom cwte^i to heom hwffit [jis ge Jiencafi in. heortum eowrum 9. hw»t is eijre4' 
eaSur to ewejianne {jteni eov55 cr^ple foigefen beo))Un [le synne Jjine o|jSe ewejjan aria 1 nim^'her here Jiine 3 gaa 

10. >!Et wutud/ice nita)j ge ^te he m'ehte htefeS sunu tnonnes on eorjja fwgeftiisse synne ewseli to [jaam eorS-cryple 

11. Se ic ssegcc, ans 3 n m bu'e [ine 3 gaa to huse {'Uiun l"* 3 inatyde he araa 3 under-leat bove eoile beforan 
allum swa fte ofwunlrilun alie 1 },a i |jdlui g d cne^i-i le fte hia aEsfre |jus-tswilc ne gesegun. 

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13 eft he ut eode to ^sere s£. 7 eall seo 
menigeo him to com 1 he hi Iterde. 

14 ] pa he forS eode he ge-seah leuin 
alphei. sittende set his cep-setle. 1 he cwec'S 
to hij« folga me. fa avas he 1 folgode hiw. 

15 "i hit gewearS pa. he siet on his huse 
■f maiiega manfulle. sseton mid pa.m hgelende 
1 his leoriiing-cnih turn ; SoSlice manega pa 
'Se him fyligdon wteron 

16 boceras 1 farisei. I cwtedoii. witodliee 
he ytt mid manfuUum "i synfullum. 1 hi 
cwEedon to his leorning-cnihtum, hwi ytt 
eower lareow "} drincS. mid manfnllum 1 
synfullum ; 

17 Va, se hfelend fis ge-hyrde he sEcde 
him. ne hejjurfon na 'Sa halan lasces, ae Sa 
pe uiitrume synt; Ne com ic na f ic clypode 
riht-wise ac syiifulle. 

18 } pa wseron lohannes leorning-cnihtas 
"} pharisei ftestende. ] pa, comon hi 1 ssedon 
hi»w; Hwi fsestaS iohannes leorning-enihtas 
"} phariseoriiM. 7 Jjine ne fa>staS; 

19 Ba .cw, se htelcnd. cweSe ge sceolan 
pses hrydguman cnihtas ftestan swa lange 
swa se brydguma mid him is. ne magon hi 
fsestaii swa lange tide swa hi Sone brydgu- 
man raid him habhaS; 

30 So^lice fja dagas cumaS poune se 
brydguma him biS fram aeyrred. 1 pojine 
hi f^staS; On pa,m dagnm 

21 nan man ne siwajj niwne scyp to 
ealdu/w reafe elles he afyrS |Jone niwan scyp. 
of l?a??? ealdau reafe. 1 bif? mare slite. 

Various Readings. 
13. A. mtenigeo ; B. miiiigeo. A, hig [for hi]. 14. A, 
ge-seh. A. lefiii. lli. pharisei. A. hig. A. hwyg [for 
hwi]' 17. A. IsEcas. A, syiid. 18. A. hig. A. hwig, 
19. A. sculon. A omits from swa se to lange before tide. 
A. hig. 20, A. hig. 21. A. soep [for second scyp]. 

13 And eft he ut-eode to j^are sse. "^ eall ^'^h- 
syo manege hym to com 1 he hyo l^rde. theC^u 

14 ] |;a he for^-eode he ge-seah leuin 
alphei. sittende set his cep-setle. 1 he cwffiS 
to hym folge me. pa aras he 1 felgede hym. 

15 :i hit ge-warS ]?a he sjet on his huse ■f 
manege manfulle sseten mid j^am ha?lende 
1 his leorning-enihten. SoSliee manege pa 
pe him fclgden waren 

16 bokeres 1 pharisei. ] cwas^en witod- 
liee he ett mid manfullen 1 synfullen. 1 hy 
cwie^en to his leorning-enihten. hwi set 
eower lareow ] drilled raid maiinfuUcii 1 sen- 

17 pa se htelend jjis ge-hyrde he sajde 
heom. Ne be-jjurfen na J^a halen Ifeces. ac 
jja pe uiitrume synden. Ne com ic na p^t 
ich cleopede riht-wise ac synfulle. 

18 "i pa wseren iohannes leorningcnihtcs ? 
farisej fjesteiide. 1 pa comen hyo ] segden him. 

Hwi fassted lohannes leorning-cnihtes 1 AceessE 
phariseorum ] ];ine ne fa3steS, puiiiohi 

1 9 E*a cwjeS se hielend cweSe ge. sculen Quar« n 
j^as bredgumen cnihtes faesten swa lange swa namus 
se bredgume mid heom is ; ne magen hyo 
fsesten swa lange tide swa hyo j^ane bredgu- 
men mid heom h^bbeS. 

20 So^Iice J;a dages cumeS |;ane se bred- 
gume heom beo^ fram aeyrred 1 panne hyo 
feesteS. On fan dagen 

21 nanman ne seweS nywe seep to ealden 
reafe. dies he afyi'S fane neowan seep of 
f am ealden reafe } byS mare slite 

Various Readings. 
13. End (with coloured initial); seo menga. 14. folga 
fotgede. IS. ge-weai'S; manega manfulla sEeton; halende: 
cnihtum; manega; fyligdon. 16. boceras J farisei; ewte. 
Son; ytt; manfiillnm; aynftillum; hyocwteSon; cnihtiwi. 
vtt ; di'incS ; manftillum ; synfulltim. 17. be-fiurfon 
halan; synt; ic. IS. waron; cnihtas ; pharisei; comon, 
ssegden heom; Wwi iso, with coloured Wfor H) ; cnihtas. 
19. halend; cwede; sculon; hridguman cnihtas fiistan; 
bridguma ; magon ; faslon ; \>omte bridguman ; him hahhaS. 
30. dagas; ))Onne; brydguma hewj by« ; jjonwe; faastaS. 
On fiam daguni. 31. siwad; ealdiun; |>one niwan seyp 

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1 fasrende webs efter sona 3 afeJ'eo i6 sio 3 all great cymende wsea to 

13 *Et egressua est rui-sus et maie omnia quae turba ueiiiebat ad > 

^ miSSy 8oaa foerde gessoh sittende to tl cuoeS to him sSec mec-tfylg me 

14 et cum praeteriret uidit leuin alphei sedeatem ad toloneum et ait illi sequere m'e 

J aras fjlgeude wsbs hme 1 gewoiden Wiea miS6y ^elionede m hus Stes monigo 

et suigeoa aemtuB est eum 15 *Et tictum e^t cum accumbeiet m domo illmg multi » ; 

bieriiunigo 1 synnEuIlo tet^eadre geiEBbttn-tl nifriendo woion mi8 SonehiB-i 3 Se^iium his «cion forSon ml 
puUicam et peccttoies miuuI diacurabelant cum ilirau ct disupulia eiua eunt eiiim 

meniao Sifee 3 fjlgdoii + fjloendo weron him Hi ne 3 wuSuto 3 Sa feldo gf segon fjrfeon 4 ^ite he ret-tett 

multi qui ct sequbbantui eum lb et aciib^ et pli'uiaaei uideutea qmi nianduoaret 

miS s>nnfullum 3 bfflisynniguin h a cue Ion Segnum hi« forhuou miS hsersjnnigum 7 syntullum 
cum peccitoiibus et piiblicam^ dicfbdut ducipulia ems yuire cum puplicaiiis et peccatoiibu* 

ettes 3 dtinpaS laruu luer iii 6S\ geheile 8is sehsel (ue8 to him ne nod S5irf hahhaS 

maiiductt et bibit mt£,iatei ue'tei 17 '''Hoc luditj iliti jo iit illia non nece^^e liabent = < 

halo t) lece ah id Se xflc hahbaS ne fwSon cwora it to POigenne aoSt'esto all syniullo i 

smi mediLum scd qui mtle inbent run emm ui„ni ufcire lu^tos sed petA^atoiei l'^ et 

weron Segnas lohmnj* 3 ^ai'^tenh 3 cnoraon 3 melon hitn toihivon Begnas 

erant discipuli lobuiiies et phaiiM^i leimiaiitcs et ULumut et dicunt ilh quaie diacipuli 

lohn/i/ii' 3 hia fesiafe « ne uutprf/i e Seems ne fcoshB 3 cioeS to h m 

lohiniiia et plnii^i \eoium leiuEiiit tui autem discipuli non leiuu mt 19 ct iit lUia 

'eli»? ah ne magon suno 6a hmle Se bijdguma miS him la iTsta sua longe tidihuile 

il ^iHs num quid piaaunt filii nubtiaium qudin diu spoiisua cum illis est iciuinie quanlo tempoie 

habhiS miS bnd^m ne mi^oti fECita cymeS ScTijie dagas miSSy genumen bife horn 

Ii^bent secum -ponsum nou jo^sunt leimiiie 20 uemeot autem dies cum auteietiir ab 

him -Se br\dguma 1 ^Sa hia fasstaa in S'Sm dsege u'tnig niwea fl^htes siuiaS 

Pis sponsus et tum, leiimabunt in ilia die 21 nemo x^aumrntum pinni ludis tismt 

gegeielo aldum o8er ^mg tiom nimiiieS f^Unise niwe (f alile 3 mara toslitnessa bi^ 

uestimfiit J ueteii iba quin aufeiet '•upplemeiitum muum a ueteii et nnio) su ""ilia bt 

13 3 f'Eiendo wies Eefter sona e to ■ise eill )^a [neat eymende to him 3 Irerde hia 14 1 nii*;[>} p nan 
foerde ge=EBh aittende to eeifol monunge 3 cweji to him folganil fylge me 3 aias fylgende wtes him 15 3 
geworden webs niiS);y gehlionade in huse "sses monige openlice synnige+hehsunne 3 sjnnfiilie EBtgrodre gereston-l 
hleonadun miS Sone htei' 3 Seemira his weron forfon monigu SiSe i fjligdun-1 fylgende nerun him IG 3 
uSHutn T Ba aldu gisegun foriBon X«t he ett-l'eteale wa;s miS Sienx ajnluUiira 3 bser svnmgum hiia cwedun 
Se^num his for hwon miiS bser swnnigmn 3 synfuUlmi etest (sic) * dnni-es lirow lowei 17 miBBy giherde Sis fee 
hteJ' cwa:S d hira ne nedSserfe hiblaa hselo to lece ah 8a«e jfel h bbas ne iorSon com ic to ceganne soS 
faeate ■sh sjnMle 1^ ^ weiun Segnas lohannes 3 Sa aldu fi,stende 3 comnn 3 cwedun him ImiiHon isesnas 
lohannes 1 Sa aldu toiilende Sine wutudljcf Segnaa ne fsestas 19 i tweS to him 8e hte^" ahne ne nwgun aunu 

Be hwile Be brjdgiima mi*; him la f'sstende swa longe tide hibbai miS Sone brydguma ne magun fceita 
20 cumiB Bound da, as miBSy ginumen biB from him Be br^dguraa 3 6a hii Irestas m B-em digum 21 neenig 
forBon niowea fljbtes siowes giwedoirgigLielu aldu oBeru Sing fitm n mcB ftlmsae nume from allun 3 inara 
to-shtnesse biB 

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22 1 nan man ne de'S iiiwe win on ealde 
bytta. elles ■f win tobrycS fa bytta. "} -f 
win biS agoten. "} fa bytta forwur^af ; Ac 
niwe win sceal beon gedon on niwe bytta. 
j^ontJC beoS butu gehealden; 

23 I jift wEes geworden pa, he reste-dagum 
J— ^ furh seceras eode. his leoriiing- 

cnilitas oiignnnon pa ear pluccigean. 

24 J^a cwaedon pharisei to him. loca nu 
hw^et fine leoriiiiig-cnihtas doS. -p him 
alyfed nass. on reste-daguflj; 

25 pa saide he him ne rsedde ge naefrc. 
hwast dyde dauitl fa hine hingrode. 1 fa ^e 
raid him wEeron. 

26 hu he in godes huse eode. under abia- 
thar f ara sacerda ealdre. 1 he set fa ofrilng- 
hlafas. fe him ne alyfede n^ron to etanne, 
bntoij sacerdon aniiw;. 1 he sealde f ara Se 
mid him wEeron. 

27 1 he sa;de him. reste-dfeg wtes ge- 
woi-ht for fa men, r\ses se man for 'Sam 
reste-diEge ; 

28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sunn eac 
swylce reste-daages; 


1 And eft he eode on ge-samnunge 1 far 
-LX- w!cs an man for scnincene hand 


2 1 hi gymdon hwtefer he on reste-dagnw; 
gehffilde. f hi hine gewregdon; 

3 Da cwjeS he to Saw men fe for-scri'.n- 
eene hand htefde. aris gemang hiff;. 


22 ] na/iman ne do^S nywe win on ealde 
betta. elles "f win to-brecS fa bytte. ] f set 
win beoS agoten 7 fa bytta for-wurSeS. Ac 
neowe win scell beon ge-don on neowe bytta 
fanne bee's ba twa ge-healden, 

ft wjBs ge-worSen fa he restc- ^''-^'''"^"" 

o I _ sabbato per 

dagen furh Eeceres eode. his^a'a. ^'^^'p^^ 
leorning-enihtes on-gunnen fa car pluccin. ceperameuei. 

24 fa cwEeSeu fa pharisej to liim. Loee 
nu hwjet fine Icoriiiiig-cnihtes do^. "f lieom 
alcfeS n£es on reste-dagen. 

25 Da saide he heom. ne rseddc ge Htefre 
hwa;t dyde dauid, fa hyra hingrede. 1 fa 
f e mid hym wseren. 

26 hu he innc godcs huse eode under 
abiathar fare sacerde ealdre. ] he ^ett of fa 
offrunge-hlafes. fe hym ne alyfde neren to 
^tenne. buten sacerden ane. 1 he sealde 
fain fe mid hym wferen. 

27 1 he saigde heom. reste-daig wses ge- 
worht for fam men. nes se man for fam 

28 Witodlice drihten is mannes sune eac 
swilcc reste-dages. 



nd eft he eode on ge-samnunge. 

1 fier w!es an man for-scruncen 
haudde haibbcnde 

2 "} hyo gemden hwader he on reste-dageii 
ge-hfelde -p hyo hine ge-wreiden. 

3 Pa ewseB he to fam men fe for-scru[H]- 
ccne hand hsefde. aris ge-mang heom. 

FaWows Readings. 

22. A. for-weoitaiS. 23. A. pluceian Y» ear. 25 A 
hingieiie; B. hungvode. 36. A. into [for in]. A of 
frung-hlafes. A. naeron alyleda (omitting ne); B. ne ah fed 
nseroti. B. EBtanne. A. butan. A. saoei'dum. 27. A |jawi 
men; B. Iia men (as in the text). 

Ch. iii. y. 1. A. omits And ; with alarge initial to Eft 
A. ga soniuunge. 2. A. Iiij;. A. wi'ogdon. 

Various Readings. 

22 nannnn, deB; bytta(6is); byK; for-wurSaS; nywe; 
sceal, ni«e, tonne; buto [for ba twa]. 23. Eft Itcil/i 
coliiaTi'd intiia}) , ge-worden; dagum ; acetas; cnihtason- 
gunnon 24 ipcond >a omitted; Loca; cnihtaa; aljfd; 
daKum 25 siegde; eom [so; /w heom]; nafre hnal, f^a 
hine 26 m |iara sacerda ealdra; £et ; of omitted, ofTiuug- 
lilafas, nteion, ettanne butan sacerduni anum. wsron 
27 ssegde 28 dteges. 

Oh in ■v 1 hind. 2. gymden hwaaSer; rc^te da^mtii 
t lui ciuneene(tor-sci-ucene«rt Hatton MS.l. 

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5 tiffiiiig monn sendeS win niwe in byttum alduTn mara woen to-slitteS ^l win «a bytt. 

22 et nemo mittit uinum nouellum in ulres ueteres alio quin disrumpet uinum utres 

5 f win bis agotten 7 Sa bytto losaS ah ^ win 

et tunum effunditur et utres peribunt sed uinur 

5 gewearS-1-gewoi-den wecs eft sona miSSy sunnedagum eode • «evh 1 Segnaa his ongiinnun 

23 *Et factum eat iterum cum sabbatis amlmlaret per aata et discipuli eins coeperunt ■' \ 

fwB-geonga :i Sonne cuoedon him heonii hua^t AosJS gie 

praegredi et uellerc spicas. 24 pharisaei autem dicebant ei ecce quid faciunt sabbatis 

■p nis alSfed 3 cueS to him ne leornade ge hiiset dydo «a ned 

quod 3n>« licet. 25 et ait illis num quam legistis quid t'ccerit dauid quaudo necessitatem 

hfefrte 1 hyngerde lie 1 KaSe miS hinie woron hutt inn-eode hua godea under 

liabuit et esuriit ipse et qui cum eo erant. 26 quomodo introiit domum dei sub abiatbar 

aldor sacerda 7 hlafo fbce-gegearwad-l'teniised gebrec Sa nere lofed to eattanna nym8e 

principe sacerdotum et panes propositionis manducaiiit quoa non licet manducarc nisi 

sacerdum 1 saliie Seem SaSe miS hine wcifln 3 cuseS to him rest-dieg ftw* menn 

aacei-dotibws et dedit eis qui cum eo erant, 27 *Et dicebat eia sabbatum p[r]opter liominem " ■: 

geworden wtes 3 uses raonn fore roestdiego foj-Son hlafurd is sunu monnes eo 

factum est et non homo propter sabbatum. 28 itaque iommua est iilius hominia etiam 

3 ineodc eft sona on Ka somnung 1 webs 6er monn hiefde hond drygi 3 

1 et inti'oiit iterum synagogam et erat ibi iiomo habena nianura aridam, 2 et 

behealdon hine gif^'hueSer on haligdagum gegemde fte hia geleldon-i'niKria hine 3 cueS Sieni mcBii 

obseruabant c:um si aabbatis curaret ut accusareiit Qlum. 3 et ait liomini 

hiobbende hond drygi aris in middum 

habenti manitm aridam aurge in medium. 

22 7 nienig mon sendeB wm mo^e in Lyttura aldum miia woen toshteS ftet mnn S5a bytte 1 ^ win agoten 
hiS 3 Bio hjtte loaed ah Sact win niowe in bjttum niowe sendcs is rehthe 23 3 giwoiden Wfes efter soiu 

niiS35> aunna dsege eode Se haj^ Seih 3 Begnas his ongunnun forSgonga 3 24 Ba aldu «utiidl!f<° 

cwedun him hcono hwcet doaS ge on sunna d'ege Scette ms alefed 25 3 cnii.5 to him ntefre ne liornades-1 ne 
hoinadun hwtet djde dauid Ba hnedhihoefe haefde 3 hyciende he 3 BsBe miS hine WLiun 2G hwa m eode 
m hus godes under abiatlm aldor saeerda 3 hlafaa tore gigeoiwadie gibrec Ba ntron alefcd to eotnnnc nymjie 
anum sacerdum 3 aalde Ssem Se miB hine weiun 27 3 ciiseS to him d'eg foi moTiam ffiworden wsa 3 uses 
mon fore rajste dseg 2B forSon hlafard is sunu monnes ec to xseMo dtege 

Cap 111 1 3 in-eode eft<r aona in somniingT 3 wies Sei mon h'eide honda dr\ge 2 3 biheoldun bine git 
lie halite', d^eges gigemde -|9 hue telduu tniBradun hine 3 3 cwteS to SEsnt inenn heebbende honda dijge aria 
in niiddum 

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4 fa cwjeS he alyfS reste-dagum wel to 
donne hwejjer Se yfele. sawla ge-hselan. 
hwejier Se for-spillan. 1 hi suwodon. 

5 !l hi beseeawiende mid yrre ofer hyra 
heortan blindnesse ge-unret eweeS to pam 
men; Apeue pine hand, "i he afenede hi. 
pa wearS his hand ge-hfeled sona; 

6 pa, pharisei mid herodianiscujra utgaii- 
gende feahtedon ongen hine. hu hi hine 
fordon tnihton. 

7 1 fa ferde se hselend to feere sfe. mid 
his leorning-ciiihton. ] mycel menigeo him 
fyligde (ram galilea. 1 iudea. 

8 7 hieriisalew. "} fram iudea "] be-geon- 
dan iordane 1 to him coin mycel menegeo 
ymbe tirum 1 sidoiie gehyrende fa ^ing f e 
he worhte. 

9 1 he cw^S to his enibtu'ra "f hi him on 
seipe fenodon. for fa-re menigu -p hi hine 
ne offrungon; 

JO Sof lice manega he ge-ha;lde; Swa f hi 
ast-hrinon his. 7 swa fela swa mitrumnessa 

11 ] unclfene gastas hsefdon; pa hi hine 
gesawon. hi to-foraii him astrehton. ] fus 
cweSende clypedon. fu eart godes sunu. 

12 1 he hi»; swySe forbcad. ■f hi hine 
ne ge-swutelodon. 

13 1 on anne munt he ferde 1 to him 
ge-clypode fa Sc he wolde 1 hi to him 

14 "i he dyde ■f hi twelfe mid him wfcron. 
1 he hi asende godspell to bodigenne. 

Vanous Readings. 

4. B. well, A. hwEGjior (bis). A. liig swigedon. 5. A. liig 
be-sceaw^ende. A. heora. A, blyndiij'sse. A. hig [far 
hi]. 6. A. erodianiseum, A. ongean. A. liig'. 7. A 
ciiyhtum. A. mssniu [for menigeo]. 8. A. B. iudea (as 
in the text). A. be-eondan. A, rarenigeo. 9. A. hig. 
A. Jienedou. A. maenigeo; B. menigum. A. hig. 10. A. 
hig. B.h (altered to his). 11. A. hig (Sis). B. cwjeSende. 
12. A. hig. A. ge-swttteledon. 13. A. (Enne. A. hig. 
14. A. hig (bis). A, godspel. 

4i Da cwEeS he alyfS reste-dagen wel to 
donne h waiter ^e yfele sawle ge-haelen 
hwaSer to for-spillen. 1 hyo swigedon. 

5 1 hyo be-sceawiende mid eorre ofer hire 
heorte blindnisse. he nn-rot ewseS to fam 
men. a-fene fine hand, "i he a-fenede hyo. 
fa warS his hand ge-hseled sonc. 

6 Da farisei mid hcrodianiscen ut-gan- 
gende feohtendon on-gean hine. hu hyo 
hine for-don mihton. 

7 3 fa ferde se hjelend to fare sne. raid 
his leorning-cnihten "} mycel menigeo him 
felgede fram galilea. ] iudea. 

8 "} ierusalem. ] fram idumea. 7 be-geonden 
iordane. 7 to him com mycel menige ymbe 
tyi'ura 1 sydonem ge-herende fa fing fe he 
worh te. 

9 3 he cweeS to his cnihten -p hyo hym on 
scype fenedon for fare manigeo f^t hyo 
hine ne of-friingen. 

10 SoSlice manege he hselde. swa -p hyo 
a2t-rinen his. 1 swa fele swa untrumnysse 

117 uncleene gastes hsefden. Da hyo hyne 
ge-seagen hyo to-foran hym astrehten. fus 
cweSende clepeden. fu ert godes sune. 

13 ] he hym KwiSe for-htad. -p hyo hine 
ne gc-swutcledon. 

13 1 on Eenne munt he ferde ] to hym ge- 
clypede fa fe he wolde 7 hyo to hym 
CO men 

1 4 7 he dyde -f hyo twelf mid him warren 
7 he hyo asende godspell to bodienne. 

Variotis Readings. 

4 dagum , done hweSei ; hweSer ]je for-spillan ; swuwo- 
don 5 hi, yrre; hyra heortan ; ge-nnret; wearS; sona. 
6 phaiisei herodianiscum; fjeahtendon. 7. halend ; onih- 
ton, fyhgde, galiieS. 8. menegeo; ge-hyrende ; gineg. 
9. cnihtum , Jienodon ; menigeo f hi ; of-Jirungon. 10. m(e- 
negeo ; ge-hselde ; hi [/or hyo] ; set-hrinen is ; untruranyssa. 
11, gastaa hsefdori ; gesawum; astrehton; 5 [jus; clypedon ; 
eact. 12. ge-awutelodon. 13. (Mmon. 14. hy; bodiende. 

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1 cues to him is algfed huEBstdagum wel wjTce -1' yfle 8a sawele hal gedoa i- 

4 et dicit eis licet sabbatia bene I'aceie an male animam saluam facere iin 

losiga soS Ilia suigdon 1 ymb-seeawde hia miS wra^SSo wiii'otsade ofer ungleowiiise 

perdere at illi tacebant. 5 et circum-spiciena eos cum ira contristatas super caeeitatem 

Sa eodon iSonne sona miS hei'oSes Segnuwi Stehtung hia dedon wiB him 

6 *£xeuntes autem statiwj phariaaei cum lierodiaiiis consilium faciebant aduersus earn " Villi. 


huu hine losiga maehton 1 Be hsAend miS Segnum his foorde to saj 3 raenigo ""■ '^^^"' 

quomodo eum perilereiit, 7 ct ihesMs cum discipalis suis secessit ad mare. *Et imilta ' 27. i.,,, 

Sread of ^ fylgende wies hine from hierusn/ew 3 from ] ofei" ""'■ """'■ 

et iudaea secuta est eum, 8 ab hierosolimis et ab idumaea et traus iorda- 

7 Sa 8e ymb tyre :i sidone monigo miclo herdon-therend weron Sa Be he wyrcende -wrss 

nen et qui circa tyrum et sidonem multitudo magna audieiites quae taciebat 

cwomon to hiia 5 cueB Begnum his ^5te seip him gebrohton-l'geherdon foi'e 

uenemnt ad num. 9 et dixit discipulis suis ut nauicula sibi deseruiret propter 

Bfem menigo ^te hia ne fortredon hine monigo forBon he gehielde Bus fte hia raesdon on 

turbam ne compremerent eum. 10 miiltos enim sanabat ita ut inruorciit in 

a feoloJ'sua oft Bonwe hia htefdon nncuB aSlo 3 

quoEquot autem habebaiit plagas. 11 et 

gasto unclieno miBSy hine gesegon-l'gesea mmhlon gefeolloni'hlutoii him 3 hia weron clioppende-pKliopaiion 
spii-itus iumundi cum ilium uidebant procidebant ei *Et claraabant " 3B. vni. 

cweBendo Su arB siinu godes 
dicentes tii «s ii^jus dei. 

hine H astag on in or ceigde to him Bailco walde he 3 cwoinuii to him 

ilium. 13 *Et asceiidens in montem uocauit ad s6 quos uoluit ipse et uenenmt ad eum. ' X. 39. 

3 dyde fte hia were twelfo niiB him 7iec f\e sende hia bodiga godspell 

14 et fecit ut essent duodecim cum illo et ut raittcret eoa pracdicare euangelium. 

4. 7 ewceB to him gif is aleftd on i<Bste dagum wel wjrci^vfle Ba sawlc hale gidoa^locsiga soB hia swigadun 
5. 3 ymbsceowadun hme miBB\ unrothade ofer ungleoTvm>ise heoiti hioii ouepB to Btem menn a'^ene honda Sine 
3 aBcnede 3 elt gibseted wecs honda him 6 3 Ba eodun Bona wutudlite aom, Bi, pha s« miB heiDdes Begnum 
ftehtunge hice dedua wiB him hu hme loesisa mafhtua 7 3 Be hsslenrf miB Begnum hia ffeidc to see 3 

monije Bieitas ot ealilei 3 ot ludeum fylgende wteiun him 8 3 trom hieiusilem 3 from idmneum 3 ofer 

loidanes 3 BaBe ymb tyii 3 aindone TOLiigu miele heieiide weiun i giheidua SiSe he wyrcende wses comun to 
him 9 3 cWEefe to Begnum his fie scip him gibiohtun + heidun foi S'cm raengum Bset hisB ne for tredun 

hine 10 morige forSon he gihitlde Bus -jSti- h eo rrosdun on liuio -p h "e him gihnonun saa feolu Bonne hsefde 
[unJLuB aiBulo 11 3 gasti imclsenia miBBj hine gisegun gifejlluni lutun to him 3 clio|adun eweBende Bu 
arB aunu godes 12 3 sniBe blbe^d hira f hiEe ne eonde hiii Ij 3 astag 01 roor eegde to him 8a ilcu 

waldo he 3 comoa to hun 14 3 djde ^te hiEO were twelfe miB him ec 3 -pte =enl9 his to bodanne 

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13 1 he him aiiweald sealde untrmnnessa 
to liEelanne. 7 deofol-seocnessa ut to adrifaiine. 

16 ] he nemde siinon petru?« 

17 ^ iacobum zebedei. "i iohannem his 
broSor 1 him naman ousette. boaneries 'p is 
Sunres beam. 

18 ] andream. "i phi!ippu?B. 1 bartholo- 
meum 1 thomam. 1 iaeobum alphei. ] tad- 
deum. ] simonem chananeuM. 

19 7 iudam scai-ioth. se hine sealde. 

20 "} eft him to com. swa mieel menigu. 
■f hi nasfdoii hiaf to etanne 

21 ] pa hi hine gehyrdon hi fcrdon ■^ hi 
hine namon 1 pas cwasdon; SoSlice he is on 
liat-heortnesse geweiid. 

23 ] J^a boceras j^e wendon fram hierusa- 
lem cwEedon; 

SoJ^Iice he hsefS beelzebub 1 on deofla 
ealdre he deofni-seocnessa ut adrift. 

23 "} he hi togfedere geclypode. ") on big- 
spellmn him to ewteS; Hu nia;g satanas 
satanan ut adrifan. 

24 7 gif his rice on hi?n sylfum biS to- 
dseled hu mteg hit standan 

25 H gif -f hus ofer hit sylf ys to-dseled. 
hu mseg hit standan. 

26 7 gif satanas wiiiS ongen hine sylfne 
he bi'S to-dieled "} he standan ne mseg ac 
htefS ende; 

27 Ne mieg man fjone strangan his sehta 
1 his fatu be-reafian 1 on his hus gan, buton 
man jjone strangan merest gebinde. ^ poane 
his hus reafige; 

15 7 he heom anweald sealde untrumnysse 
to h^lenne. "i deofel-seocnysse ut to adrifenne. 

1 6 7 he nemde symon petrum 

17 ti jaeobura iiiebedej. 1 iohannem his 
broder 1 him naman on-sette boaneries -p is 
|:'unres beam. 

181 andream 1 philipputfi. ^ bartholomeujw 
] thomam. 1 iaeobum alphej. 7 taddeum 1 
symonem chananeum. 

19 7 iuda scarioth. se hine sealde. 

20 1 eft him to com swa mycel raanigeo -p 
hyo njefden hlaf to actenne. 

31 1 fa hyo hine ge-hyrden hyo ferden 
|?3et hyo hine namen 7 Jjus cweeSen. SoSlice 
he is on hatheortnysse ge-wend. 

23 ^ pa bokeres pe wenden fram icrusalcm 

SoSlice he hafS belzebub 7 on deofle eal- 
dre he deofel-seocnisso ut-adrifS. 
23 "} he hyo to-gadere ge-cleopedc. ^ on 
bispellen heom to cwjeS. hu maig sathanas 
sathana un adrifen (sic) 

34 7 gif his rice on him sylfen byoS to- 
dseled hu maig hit standen. 

25 7 gyf f hus ofer hit sylfen biS to- 
ddled hu maig hit standen. 

26 ^nd gif sathanas winS an-gen hino 
sylfne he beoS to-dieled 7 he standen ne 
maig ac hafS ende. 

27 Ne maig man j;ane strangen his ehte 7 
his fate be-reafian 7 on his hus gan butan 
man J'anne strangen acrest ge-binde fanne 
his hus reafige. 


15, A. heom. B. anwealde seald. A. ge-halaiint ^ 
deofel. 17. B. Z zebedei. A. heom. A. boaneigea \ 
has 1 matheum afte?' hartholomeum, but it is addei tboie 
in a later hand. A. alfei. 19. A. iudas. 20. A. mtenigeo 
A. hig. B. aaCanne. 21. A. hig {three times). 22 4 lielze 
bub. A. deofolseocnyssa. 23. A. hig. A. clypode 35 \ 
oirtits this verse. B. sylfe. 26. For ongen A. has njS 
glossed by ■^ on^&9.n. A. omiis sylfne. 27.A.fata. A.butan, 

Varioiis Headings. 

15 eomandweald; halenne. end deoM-seocnyssa. 17. 
bio^or. 20. meiiigeo; elene. 21. ge-hyrdon; ferdou; hi 
[/or third hyoji cwtedon. 22. boceras; wendoa; hierusa- 
lem cwiBdon; deofla ealdrffi; deoful-seoonysaa. 23. ge- 
eljpode; bigapellum; niEBg satanas satanan ut adrifea 
U sylfuTO bi«; mseg; standan. 25. hit sylf y to-dteled 
(tic) mteg; standan. 26. 1 gif satanas; by8; mag. 
37. I)one strangan; ehta; fatu; fione strangan; 3 ^lonne. 

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1 siilJe liim maht gemtiisses to untvymnissuni 7 to-wyrpiiiae diowla Z 

15 et dedit illia potestatem curandi infiimitates et eiciendi daemonia. 16 ^Et'^^-iV, 

gesette to syinone noma pelre 7 iaeob yebeSies sunu ^ iolvmnem broSer iarobes ^i 

iniposuit simoni iiomeii petiiia. 17 et iacobum zebcdsei et ioliannem fratrem iacobi et 

ge-sette him -p is kuho Sunres D atidreas 3 philippum 1 

imposuit eis iiom[i]iia boanerges quod est filii tonitrm. 18 ct andream et philipujH et bai- 

3 13 iaeob Se hwita ^ 1 3 Simon Se ehannanesca 

tholoraaeum et mattlieiim et thomani et iacobum alphei et taddaeum et simoiiem 

J seSe ec saliie hine 7 cumaS-Jr 

19 et iadam scariot qui ct tradidit ilium *Et ueniunt 

t-itfr -oiia S u men go Sua ^5te no majhton no hhf brura 3 miSSy geherdon his 

iterum tuiba ita ut nou posseut ne^'fe panem mitnlucaii 21 et cum audissecit eui 

eodou to haldanne hine cuoedon to><Son ^te on nrffiSo gecerred ■ 

exieiunt teneie eum dicebaiit eiiim quoiuam m Iuiliuu uejsu^ 

'siSe fro!! hiemsa/em of stiijon 1 Sma cuoiaun h i euoedon ^te^hriion hrefeS : torSoa on 

qui -lb hiei u Ijmia di,aLendeiant dit.el int quomim be Izebub liabet et quia in 

aldor diowla drifeS diowlas 3 efne gcceigdo Sa iIco-1'miaSy geceigd weron Sa ilwi in bispellum 

principe demoimm eicit demon/a. 23 *Et conuocatis eis in paraboiis • 3S. ii 

cuooS he So Bfem V to him huu nifege 5e wiSerword Bone wiSerwearda tordrifa J-huu mseg So diowl Sone diowl 
dicebat ill is quomodo potest satanas sataiian 

I to-dffiled biS + sie ne msege etonde rio Sais 3 

diuidatur non potasi stare regnum illius. 25 et 

gif hus ofer hia seolfa sie tostrogden ne mfeg lius «a ilea stonde : gil'-hSeah 

si domus super seraet ipsam dispertiatur non poterit domus ilia stare. 26 et si 

se wiser wearda efne arisa_ on iiino eulftio toworpen wsea + biS 3 ne mseg gestonde ah ende hsefeS 
satanas coiisurrexit in semet ipsum dispertitus est et non poterit stare sed finem liabet. 

tisenig moiin niECg fato stronges ingaaS^ingconga in hus to niommanne^'genioma^'gereofa ge (sic) 
27 nemo potest uasa Ibrtis ingressus in domum diripcre 

nymSe cerist Sone stvonga gebinde 3 Sonne lins his roafaS 
nisi prius fortem aliiget ct tunc domum eius diripiet. 

13 1J1 -ehg tuty m3t p 1 

13 Ais/Vl 31 bg b3 ttb 

3 ph 1 pj»« 3 b th / 3 m th« 3 tb ma« 3 a b 3 1 ci^ 3 

a th Bca «e Id h 20 3 urn S I h 3 f m n ft 

hlaf bru 21 3 m SSj g 1 d 1 otd t 1 Id 1 d 

WEE 2 3 u* wut SBfnhnil t n*S co nht 

foj-S 11 d 1 d f d 1 23 3 f g gd fe 1 

h 5 S d d wil ^ 1 1 f d f .1- fiEll 24 3 f Sft 

ffit 2 3gfl f hro 1ft tgl 1-5 nreg 1 '^■et 1 

fn 1 Ifn f p ■B tbs 3 m-cg t I 

f t t 1 i, n 1 t m 4g It 1 



19 1 

d B 

6 m 


f hie 



6 Saa t 


U ) 

d lit 


S bl 

bub i-ef 3 


pU m 


t 633m 1-1 

h roffi 

n h 
1 t 1 

t d-el d b S 

■e t I 


S3 f B 

S 1 


Wf S 
a? t 

L 1 


m-K ! fflht 

3 8 

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Dis sceal o' 

28 So^lice ie eow secge j? ealle synna 
synd maima bearnum forgyfeiie. 1 bysmo- 
ruiiga pam 'Se hi bysmeria^; 

39 Soj^lice ic eow secge se ]?c Sone halgan 
gast bysmera^. se njefS on ecnysse forgy- 
fenesse; Ac bi^ eces gyltes scyldig. 

30 forj'am pe hi cwsedon he hsefS un- 
clEeniic gast. 

31 l^a com to him his modor "} his 
J gebroSra. ] |;ar-ute stodoii 1 to 

hiwi sendon. 7 to him clypedon. 

32 T mycel menigu yiiib hine s£et and to 
him cwffidoii. her is J^in modor ] jiiiie ge- 
broSra ute 1 seca); f e ; 

33 He pa, him andswaroAe 1 cwie^. hwylc 
is mill modor "i mine gebrofru, 

34 1 he cwa>]? Sa behealdende lie him 
abuton ssetoii. her is min modor 1 mine 
gebroSru ; 

35 SoSlice sc Se de]7 godes willan se is 
mill modor ? min broSor "i swustor. 


1 1 eft he ongan hi £et J^jere SJe Iferan. 
1 him W3:s myeel inenegu togegaderod; Swa 
■p he on scip eode. ? on padre sfe wjes. eall 
seo menegu ymbe fa [see] wseron on lande. 

2 ] he hi fela on bigspelkim Iterde. "} 
him to ewffiS on his lare. 

3 gehyraS ; 

*Ut eode se stedere his sfed to sawenne. 

4 !i J-a he sew sum feoU wiS pone weg. ? 
fugelas comon ) hit fr^eton ; 


28, A.bySMerunga. A. hig. 29. B. om. f^e. 30. A. liig. 
B. unolsene. 31. A. moder. 32. A. mfEoigeo. A. ymbe. 
A. icoder. 33. A. 3swarede; B. answarode. A. moder. 
A. gebro^ra. 34. A. abutan. B. mine [for min, lorongli/]. 
A. moder. A. gebioSra. 35. A. moder. A. broSer. A. 

Ch. iv. 1. B. And (jcith large initial). A. hig. A. 
mienigeo. A. msenio, A. inserts see, which the text and 
^omit. A. wffis[/OT-w(eion]. 2. A. hig fola. 3. Rubric 
in AB. 4. A. seow. 

28 So^lice ic eow segge ealle synne sendc 
manne bearne for-gefene !i bismerunge pam 
pe hye bysmeriged. 

29 So'SIice ie eow segge se ]je Jianne hal- 
gan gast bysmerieS se ntefS on ecnysse for- 
gyfenysse. ae beoS eches geltes sceldyg. 

30 for fam pe hyo cwaiSen. he hafS un- 
claene gast. 

31 ^f\a. comen to him his moder 1 his 
J ge-broSre "] fjer-ute stoden 3 to 

him senten, "} to hym clcpeden. 

32 "} mycel maniga ymbe hine sset. ? to 
him cwseSen, Her is pin moSer 1 fine 
broSre ute "i seceS |;e. 

SS He pa heom andswerede ] cwffiS, 
hwile is min moder ] mine ge-bro^re. 

34 "] he cw. Da be-healdcnde pe him 
abuten saiten. her is min moder 1 mine ge- 

35 SoSlice se pe deS godes willen se is 
min moder 7 min broker 3 mine swustren. 


1 1 eft he on-gan hyo eet f>are sfe. Iseren 
J hym WEBS micel manige to ge-gadered. 
Swa -p he on scyp eode. ^ on fare s£e wses. 
"i sye manige enibe pa. see. wses on lande 

2 1 he by on fele byspellen la^rden. "i he 
heom to cw. on his lare 

3 ge-hereS. 

Ut eode se sEedere his s^d to sawene. e 
4 1 fa he seow sum fool wiS fanne se 
weig 1 fngelas comcn 1 hit fijeten. 

Various Readings. 

28. MS. Reg, jn«e?'(« 3 before ealle; synna synd manna 
hearna fbr-gyfene 3 bysraeniiiga; hi bysmariais, 29. )jonne; 
bismeriaS; eccnyase forfynysse (sic/); bi8 eces gyltes 
scyldig. 30. cwaSen; un-eltetine. 31, Da comon (lotth 
lures initial); modor; ge-broSra; stodon; sendoii;c!y- 
pe<fon. 32. meniga; cwoSon; modor; broSra; secaiS. 
33. him 3swarode; ge-bro8ra, 34. abuton. 35, modot; 
broSor; mia swustor. 

Ch. iv. 1, mreaega; ge-gaderud; eall seo manega (where 
the Nation MS. omits eall). 2, fela lijspellon Itecdon; 
Itere. 3. ge-hyraS. Rvbric in both MSS. 4 feoil ; 
)jorine ; comon ; frteton. 

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so« ic cueSo iowh fte alls forgefen KSoJ-forleten biSon sunum monno synno ' 

28 *Amen dico uobis qoniara omnia dimitteiitur fihia homiiium peccata cl^ j^;'^^;:;; 

eWsunaaa of ScEra Ma eljolsadott se«e Bonne -tuutflrfSce ebolsas on haligno gast ne 

blasplieniite quibws blasphemaueiint. 29 qui autem blasphemauent m sinritum sanctum non 

habet lemisionem in aeternum sed reus erit aetcmi delicti. 30 quoniam dicebant 

Sonegast uncla^ne hsifes 1 euoraon moder his 3 bi^^ero 3 flta stowdes sendon 

spiritam inmundum iiabet. 31 *Et ueniunt mater em3 et fratres et iom atantes miBenmt j/^;;^^^,: 

to him ceigendo-tceigdon bine "3 gesiett ymb liine ?reat 1 ouoedon Iiim heonu mode\- 

ad eum uocaiites eum. 32 -ct sedebat cii'ca eum turba et dicuiit ei ecce mater 

Sill 1 broBra 55in uta soeoaS Bee ? oiisuarado him cwoeS hueet Siu i8^'hu^et Sa sint 

tua et fratres tui foria qiiaerunt t^. 33 et respondens eis ait quae eat 

model' min 1 brodro lain 3 ymb-looade^'soeaude hia-i'Sa SaSe utan. ymb his hia setton cueS 

mater mea et fratres mei. 34 et circum-spiciens eos qui in circuitu eiua sedebaut ait 

heonu moder min 3 broSero min sege forSon doe 5 willo godcs Sis hroSer min 1 

ecce mater mea et fratres mei. SS qui enim fecerit uohintatcm dei hie fratcr meus et 


3 oftej-sona ongann lisra to ste 3 gesomnad weos to him Sreat menigo sua -fte in ^ 
1 *Et iterum coepit docere ad mare et congregata est ad eum turba multa ita ut in |^^_^,^'^^,|"' 

5 all Bi'eat ymb see ofer eorSo wffi[s] ? Icerde 

it omnia turba cirea mare super terram cvat. 2 et docebat 

hia in bispcUum menigo 3 cuoeiS to him on ISr his heraS heono eodo Se sawendc'i'scdere 

illoa in parabolis multa et dicebat illis in doctrina sua, 3 audite ecce exiit aeminans 

3 miasy geseaw oSor-tsiim feoll ymb 2a strSt 3 cwomon flegendo 3 
4 ct dum scrainat aliud cccidit circa uiam et ucnerunt uolucres et 

28 soS ic eneSo low Siette alio forgeftn bio8\ii sunum raonna-tfOTleten sjTine 3 hie eofolsadun ot Stem hio 
eoflilsadun 29 seSc Sonne eofolsas on halgo gastes ne hiefea forgetnisse in ecmsse ah aynnig-lscjldig biS Sijie 
eoan sc^ld 30 foi-ion bise onedun Son giat uncltene hiefeSS 31 3 coroun moder hi>. 3 bioSio 3 ute btonka 
Benduu to him cegendeJrcegdun to him 33 3 gisajt-l aetun ymb hine fee Sieatt 3 cwedun him heono model 
Sin 3 broKio uto eoecas Sec 33 3 ondvwoiade him cwteS liwret la moder rain 3 broTo mine 34 3 ymb 
locade'1'seeowade biee-lSi SaSe vtan ymb beop bia '.etuii cwasS heono model mm 3 broSro mme 35 seBe foiSon 
does willu godti Ses broSer mm 3 swestei mm 3 model is 

Cap IV I 1 eftei sona oilman Isera 3 to sie 3 gisomnid uses to him mengu Sreatas swa -pte m seip a^fcag 
gisetle on s£e 3 all So Sreat ymb s» ofer eorSo W£es 2 3 Iceide hias in bispellum monigum 3 Iteule biai in laro 
his. 3 p,iheide heonu eode So scden i sawend to sawend (S!t) 4 3 mi?Sj g feivi oScr-t sura giieil jmb Sa 

Btrete 3 comun iegcmlc 3 frUun-letun Sset 

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5 Sum feoll ofer stan-seyligean far hit 
ntefde mycele eor^an. soiia up eode. ] for- 
pam hit naifde corj^an ])iccnesse. 

6 pR hit up-eode. Sco sunne hit for- 
swa3lde. ^ hit forscranc. {orpam hit wyrt- 
ruman iisefde. 

7 ^ sum feoll on |;ornas. );a stigon Sa 
jjoriias ] forSrysmodon f. ] hit wtestm ne 

8 ^ SUJM feoll on god laud 1 hit sealde 
upp-stigende 7 wexende w^estm ; 1 an brohte 
fritig-fealdne; Sura syxtig-fealdne ; Sum 

9 And he cwse^. gehyre se 'Se earan 
haehhe to gehyranue. 

10 7 j:a ho ana wtes hine axodon f big- 
spell J)a twelfc Jie mid him WEeron. 

1 i !l he saade hi/«. eow is geseald to 
witanne godcs rices gerynu ; pam pe uto 
synt ealle j^iiig on bigspelluwi gewurj^a^, 

13 ■f higeseonde geseon "i na ne ge-seon 7 
gehyrendc gehyren 1 ne ongyten Jje Ia;s hi 
hwjenne syn gescyrede. 7 Iiijw sin hyra 
synna forgyfene; 

13 Da s£ede he his?;, ge nyton ];is big- 
spell, "i hu mage ge ealle bigspell witan ; 

14 Se pe sEewS. word he ssewS; 

15 So^lice fa sytit wi^ foiie weg far 
f word is gesawen. 1 ponne hi hit gehyraS; 
Sona cyraS satanas "} afyrS 'f word fe on 
heora heortan asawen ys. 

16 ] fa synt gelice fe synt ofcr fa stan- 
scylian gcsaweti; Sona fsenne hi f word 
gehyraS. ] ■f mid blisse onfo^. 

Various Readings. 
5, A. stan-acylian. B. mycel. A. fycnysse. G A. wji't- 
mma. 7. A. stigan, A foijiryfemedon 8 A up slygeude; 
B. (ipstigende. A. firjttjg feaidtie wsestm 9 A. gearan. 
10. A. aosedon. 11. A heom A ajnd A ge-weorSaS. 
12. A. hig. A. gehyion A ongiton A hig. A. ge- 
cyri-ede. A, heora. \3 B nihlon A raa„ron Ifi. A. 
synd. A. hig. A. om heori Ifi A sjnd (bis). A. 
tonne liig. 

5 sum feoll ofer stanscylygean, fier hit 
n£efde mycele eor'San. "i sone up-eode. ] 
for fan hit naifde eorSe ficdnysse. 

6 fa hit up-eode syo sunne hitfor-swaelde. 
] hit for-scranc. for fam hit writtrume (sic) 

7 sum feoll on f omes. fa stigen fa f ornes 
3 hy for-frismeden -p. 7 hit wfestme ne 

8 1 sum feoll on god land. ] hit seaMe 
up-stigende 7 wexende w^stme. "} an brohte 
frittig-fealdiie. sum sixtig-fcaldne. sum 

9 ^nd he cw. ge-here se fe earen hash- 
be to ge-herenne. 

10 "} fa he ane wees, hyo hine axoden. 
-f by-spclle fa twelfe fe mid hym wasren. 

11 "} he saide heom, eow is ge-seald to 
witene godes rices ge-rincn. pam fe ute 
synd ealle f ing on byspellen ge-wurSaS. 

13 -p hyo seonde ge-seon. ^i nane ge-seon 
7 ge-hyred ge-heren 7 ne geoten fe l«s hyo 
hwanne syo ge-cyrde. 1 heo/n seon heore 
synne for-gefeiie. 

13 Da saigde he heom. ge nyten fis 
byspell. 7 hu magen ge ealle byspell witen. 

14 Se fe sawS. word he sawS. 

15 SoSlice fa synde wiS fanne weig. 
fjer -f word is ge sawen. ] fanne hyo hit 
ge-hered. sone cymS sathanas. 7 aferreS 
fret word, fe on heora heortan a-sawen is. 

16 ^End fa synd ge-lice fe synde ofer fa 
staii-scyhgen ge-sawen. Sona fan hy -p 
word ge-hyraS. "i -f mid blisse on-foS 

Vari(ms Readings. 
3. sta.:i-scylygeaii ; (.iscnysae (sic). 6. for [lan; wyit- 
trume. 7. (lornas (bis); stigan; om. hy; for-Jiiusemedoii. 
8, Jirittid-fealdne ; hund-fealdne. 9, ge-hyre; eara habbe 
to ge-hyreitne. 10. big-apella; wasron. 11. stegde; wit- 
aaae ; tterynu ; synt ; [MS. Hattou has eall ealle, by mis- 
take; MS. Reg. Aa« ealle o«/^]; byg-spellu»i. 12. geonde 
tfor Beonde]; noene [Jbr nane=-na ne]; ge-hyrend ge- 
yren; ongeoton; hweenne syn; heora; for-gyiene. 13. 
sffigde; mage; byg-spel witan. 15. synd; weg; poane; 
ge-hearaS; salauas; afyrrS. 16. 3 jia synt; )jesyQd; stan- 
aeiligan ge-atewen; Sone. 

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sum ec feoll oier stsenes Ser ne hsefde eorSu 

5 aliud uero cecidit super petrosa ubi non liabuit tevrai 

upp-iornencIewEesJ-arisEen WEES foH5oii ntefde hoanisse eorSes 7 Ka arisen wses-lSa npp-eode 

exoitiim est quoniam non habebat altitudinem terrae. 6 et ijuando exortua est 

sunna ge-dtugade ■V forljernde fo/Son nsfde wyrtruma gcdrngatle 3 sum feoll in Somum 

sol exaestuauit co quod non liaberct radicem exariiit. 7 et aliud cecidit in spinis 

J astigon -1" upp-eodun Somas 1 under-dulfon f 1 wseatm ne salde 5 oSet feoll on 

et asceiiderunt spin^ et auifocauerunt illud et fructum non dedit. 8 et aliud cecidit in 

eorSu godum 3 salde wsestm stigende 3 wcexende 1 to-brohte enne-tan Srittig 1 

terram bonam et dabat fructum aacendentem et creacentem et adferebat unum trigenta et 

an sexdig D an hundraS 7 he cuoeS se 8e hrofeS oaro to heranno gelicraS 5 

unum sexagenta et unum centum. 9 et dicebat qui babet aures audiendi audi at. 10 et 

miSBy wses syndrigore gefrtcgndon hine Ka *age miS him weoron raiS tuelf bi spell 

cum esset singular is interrogauerunt eum hi qui cum eo erant cum duodecim parabolas. 

3 cuoS to him iouh gesald ia f ge wita herniae rices godes Sreiu uutedlice KaSe uta sint 
11 et dzcebat eis uobia datum est scire niisterium regni dei *Illis autem qui foris sunt -37,1 

In. Ixxvii. 

in bispellum alle hiBon 
in parabolis omnia fiunt. 

ne onenaweS Sjlces hiSon gehwerfedJ-gecerred 1 his foj'gefeii him synna 1 cueB to him 

non intellegant nequaudo conuertantur et diniittantur eis peccata. 13 et ait iliia 

ne cunmge hispell 81s 1 huu alle hispello gie ge cunnas 1 gie punm g'^ ungDn "eSe 

neBCLtio parabolam banc et quoniodo cmnes paiabolab ognoscetib 14 *Qai » 

Bas mit''d//ce aron aeSe ymb ■woeg Kei bi8 gosauen word Z mitf> 
15 111 autem sunt qui cuca uixm ubi semmatui ueilmm ct tuni 

geheidon sona cuom-l'cymeB SewiBeiwoida 1 geniomaS nord -pte ^aawen wtca m hLaiti hioia 
audiient conteatim uenit aatanaa ct auicit uerbum quod seramatum eat in coida eoium 

3 Kas amt gelic BaSe oter vtseneio vaues^ sauaS SaSo miSXj geheidon 1 geheraS word sona 
16 et bi aunt similitei qui aupei petmsa bcmmantui qui cum audiermt uerbum statim 

miB gtedmse onfoeS -p 

cam gaudio autLpumt illul 

3 o8er 1 sum suflice gifuol ofer sttncre feer ne hffifde eorSo . 1 hiEeSe upioinende iv<es forSon ne hccfda 
heonisse eorSo b : «a aras-I-up-ainende wies sunne J drjgde-1 fwbernde 1 foi-SSon ne haefde wjrSiuma idmgade 
7 S oSer gifcol m Boinis 3 a«tigun+up eadun Boinas 1 under dulfun Sast 3 waestem ne salde 8 ■} oSro 

gifeol on eoiSo gode 1 salde waastem stigi-ndo 3 wexende 3 to hrohfe an 1 enne Snhg 3 an Sfxtig 3 in hundrcS 
9 3 he LWteB aeSe hiefeB eiru to giheianne giheie 10 3 iniSSy wses syndngum gifiiignun hme Sa;t SaSe 
miB hine werun mi-S tnelf bispellum 11 3 pwsS to hira low gistld is Stet giwite rioe godes Jitem Sonne 

SaSe ulo weiun in bispellum alle bioSon 12 ^i gisegun giscead 3 ne giseas 3 «a giherend giheiaa 3 ne 
on cnawaS JSj Ises gihwerfed-l gueiied bioSon 3 biS for gefen him s}nne 13 3 owseiS to him ne cunno ge bispell 
6aa 3 hsv alle biapell gicunniga-tmagvn gii-unniga 14 seSe sawcB word saweJS 15 Sas wufiidhc^ amn leSe 
ymb woeg Sei gisawen biS word 3 mi«8\ giherduQ sona com-lcjmea «e niSerworda 3 gimomaS noid Stette 
gihawen ^teo m heoUd lowium 16 3 Sa sint gilice 8a«e ofer staeuere sawen Viawende hi« Sage miSSy giherdon 
«ord snna iniS §^l*EdniS)he on fols '^fet 

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17 ^ hi nabba^ wyrtruman on him. i 
ac beoS unstaSolfeste. 1 syj'f'an upcymS 
deofles costnung 1 his ehtiiys for pam 
worde ; 

18 Hi syntl on pontum gesawen. f synd 
fa Se 'f word gehyra^. 

19 3 of-yrmSe ] swicdome worohl-welenc. 
^ o'Sra gewilnunga -p word of-Jjrysma^. ") 
synt buton wEestme gewordene. 

20 7 \)a, Se gesawene synt ofer ■f gode 
land, pa synd j^e -p word gebyraS 3 onfoS. 
] WEestm bringaS. Sura |Jritig-fealdne. sum 
syxtig-fealdiie. "} sum huiid-fealdne; 

21 T~Tc sa;de him cwyst |;u cymS -f 
J— L leoht-fet -p hit beo under by- 
dene asett. oSSe under bedde. witegere -f 
hit sy ofer candel-stffif asett; 

22 SoSIice Ills nan Sing behydd pe ne 
sy geswutelod; ne nis diglc geworden, ac -p 
hit openlice cume; 

23 Gehyre gif hwa earan ha;bbe to ge- 

24 "J he cwEeS to him warniaS hwset ge 
gehyran. 1 on pa.}n gemete. [ic gc metaS 
sow biS gemeten "} eow biS ge-ict. 

25 Jjam bi'S geseald fe hsfS 1 f^am Se 
njefS. eac -p he haifS him biS a;t-broden. 

26 ] he cw. godes rice ys swylce man 
wurpe god sied on his land 

37 1 sawe "i arise dreges ] nihtes. !! -f 
ssed. growe "} wexe panne he nat; 

28 SoSlice sylf-w'illes seo eorSe wsestm 
beraS aircst gsers sySSan ear. syj'f'an fullne 
hwffite on pam eare; 

Various Readings. 

17. A. big. A. 5 -t ac [for ac], A. costunK! B. coat- 
nunge. 18, A. hig. 19. A. wovld-welena ; B. worolde- 
welene. A. ofjirysmia!!. A. synd butan. 20. A. synd. 21. 
A. And he (with large initial A). A. aset. A. wite-geare. 
A. sig. 22. A. sig. 23. A. gearan. 24. A. ewyS. A. 
gehyron. A. yht [/nr ge-iet1, 26. A. worpe. 23. A. bereS. 

17 "i hyo nEebbeS wertrumen on heom. 
ac bcoS un-staSelfEeste. 1 sedSan up kymd 
deofles costnunge 1 his ehtnyss for j^am 

18 Hyo synden on jjornen ge-sawen. -p 
synden |Ja pe -p word ge-hereS. 

19 7 of-ermSe 7 swicedomc weorld-welene 
1 oSre wilnunge -p word of-f)resmcd ] synden 
buten wsestme ge-worSene. 

20 "i J)a pe ge-sawene sinde ofer piBt gode 
land. pa. sindc fa fe -p word ge-hered 1 on- 
foS 7 wtestme bringe'S. sum frittig-fealdne. 
sum sixti-fealdne. 7 sum hundfealdne. 

21 Tj^nd he saigdc heom cwseSst pn 
J— i ecm^ ■p leoht-fet -p hit beo under 

bydcne asett odSe uuder bedde, witegere 
■f hit syo ofer candel-stef asett. 

22 SoSlice nis nan fing be-hyd fe ne syo 
ge-8wutelod. ne nis digle ge-worden ac f 
hit openlice cume. 

23 Ge-hyre gyf hwa earen habbe to ge- 

34 "i he cw. to heom. wamiaS hwset ge 
ge-heren "i on fam ge-mette pe ge meteS 
eow beoS ge-mcten. 1 eow byS ge-eht. 

25 jjam bcoS ge-seald pe hajfS. !l fan fe 
UEefS. eac "Jj be hEefS him beoS ast-broden, 

26 1 he cwjeS. Godes rice is swilce man 
pe worpe god ssed on his land. 

27 1 sawe ") arise daiges 1 nihtes. 7 jJ sfed 
growe ] wexe fainie he nat. 

28 So'Slice selfwilles syo eorSe WECstme 
byreS, ferest gsers. 3 scdSan ear. sydSan 
fullne hwEete on f am eare. 

Various Readings. 

17. wyrtruman; xmstadelfeste ; sySSam np oymSj cost- 
nung; ys ehtnys. 18. synd; jjome; synt; ofn. )je ; ge- 
hyraS, 19. yrmSe; swicdome; of-SrysmaS; synt butan; 
ge-wordene. 20. synt (his); om. Jia; ge-hyraS; bringaS ; 
sixtig. 21. ssegde; cweSst; cym8; fiet; aset; oSSe; stfef. 
22. be-hydd. 23, Ge-hyora; earan hiebbe. 24. ge-hyren; 
ge-meton; ge-ect. 25. f^am; biS tet-brogden. 26. weorpe. 
27. weoxe )jonne, 23. sylf-willes; beiaS areat; om, 3; 
sySSan (bis) ; w»te. 

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1 nabbaS wyrtvyma _ soSa^fefterSon misay aras costuiig 3 

17 et non liabent radlcera iu s6 sed temporales sunt dcinde orta tribulatione et 

oehtnis_^ fore word sona-JrIiriDSe ge-ondspumad biS 7 oSero sint 8a«e on Sormim 

persecutione propter uerbum confestim ecandalizantur. 18 et alii sunt qui in spinis 

hia saueSj-sauas *as sinl SaSe word gcheraS 3 telnisse woruMes 3 18swist walana-Vweala 

seminantur hi sunt qui uerbum audiunt. 19 et aerumnas sajculi et deceptio diuitiarum 

5 ymb seftora-toaero-l'lilaf lust-giornisees _ in-eoden under-delfad word 3 buta wiEatm bi? Kemoetat 

et circa reliqua concupiacentiae introeuntea suffocant uerbum et sine fructu efficitur. 

1 -Ba sint BaSe ofer eorSo god gesauen sint 3a Se beraS word 3 onfoaS 7 

20 et hi sunt qui super terram bonam seminati aunt qui audiunt uerbnm et suseipiuiit et 

wffistmiaS an Srittig 3 an scstig 3 an hundraS J ho cuoeS to him 

fructiiicant unum triginta et utmra sexaginta et unum centum. 21 *Et dicebat illis 'XII. 39. ii 

ahae-fhiieBer cuom leht-ftet+BEeecilla -pte under ruitta^-fett gesetted biS -l" under bed ahne fte ofer rat. xxx\i. 
iiumquid uenit lucerna ut sub modio ponatur aut sub lecto nonne ut super 

!eht-isern -t biS gesettet nis torSon renig Xing ge-degled ft« 

candelabrum ponatur. 22 *Non enim eat aliquid absconditum quod 

aworden wies degle ah ^te in eauung cymoS gif hua hsofeS earo hernissoa geheraS 1 m.xcn. 

taetum est occultum sed ut in palam ueniat. 23 siquis habet aures audiendi audiat. 2i *Et . 41 ^ 

lu. lii.iiit 
ouoeB he to him geseaS huset g:e hevas on ana hutelc gewiege gewoegen gie biSon eft gewoegen bi6 iowh 
dicebat iUis uidete quid audiatia in qua mensura mensi fueritis remetietur uobis 

3 gesald biS-Jrgeeced biS iowh seSe forSon hfefed gesald biB him 3 seSe naafeS wxtedlice ^te 

et adicietur uobis. 25 *Qui enim habet dabitur illi et qui non habet etiam quod » 42, ii. 

hsefeS genumen bi« frow liim 3 he cnoeS Sua is ric godes huu sum gif 

habet auferetur ab illo. 26 *Et dicebat sic est regnum dei queinammodura si homo * 43. 

7 slepiaS 4' slopes 3 arisaB on nroht 3 on daeg 3 sed 
27 et dormiat et exsurgat nocte ac die et semen 

wicxaB-I-wyrtrumiaS 3 iiiwsexaS Bahuilenewat Be lustuim forBon eorSo wrestiniaS serist gers 

germinet et increscat dum nescit ille. 28 ulU'O enim terra fructiticat primum herbara 

EBftwSon Bone Born soBBa full hwcete in eher 

delude spinara deinde plenum frumentum in spica. 

17. 3 ne habbaB wyitruma in him ah tide weiiende werun sona mi5B\ aiaa coitung 3 oehtnisae foie wnrde 
sona-thrffiBe gi-ond-spurnad biB 18. 3 oBre sindun BaBe in Bomum «awas Ba sint BaBe woid gihenS II 3 
telnisse weorlde 3.1ose-weat willana 3 ymb lefterd oBero lust-i'gioiniase in eodun under delfas word 3 bull waastme 
gimoetid biB 20. 3 Ba sint BaBe ofer eorSo gode gi=awene smdun Ba amdun BaBe giheias woid 3 on foaB 3 
wiestmas an Sritig 3 an aextig 3 an hundreB 21 3 he cwteS to him ahne4'hwei ovmeS lehtfset tBiecela -fte 
under mitta-lfeete biB giseted Btette vnder bedde ahne ^te ofer leht iseme giseted biB Z2 ne forBon is tenig 
gi-degled Scette ne sat-eowed ne biB ne giworden wtee degle ah fte in eowunga ijmeB 23 gif hwelc hajleB 
eara hernisse giheras 24 3 ewseS tfl him giseaS hwset ge giheia'S in *wa hwelce giwege ginecea gi bio'^011 eft 
giwegen biB iow 3 gisald-l'gieced biB iow 23 =eBe f rSon h'efeB gisald bi'S him 3 seBe ne hiefeS wutudl^ce 
Btette hsefeB gimimen biS from bin) 26. 3 he cwie* Bus is nee godes hm swa gif mon woipes Bone lawpnle 
on eorSo 27. 3 slepiaB 3 arisas on ntcht 3 un dijge 7 aed weceB 1 wvrtr)raaS 3 wexeB Ba hwilo ne watt Be 
38. lustum forBon eorBo wsestmas lerest gera jefter Son Sone Boin soBBa full hwiete m ehher 

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29 And pomie se wfestm hiiie forS- 
bringS. sona he sent his sieol for^am -p rip 
fet is. 

SO !l eft lie cwjeS. for hwara geanlieie 
we heofena rice. oS^e hwylcum bigspelle 
wi'S-mcte we hit; 

81 Swa swa senepes ssed. fioTiwe hit hiS 
on eorSan gesawen. hit is ealra sjeda leest 
pe on eorSan synt. 

32 "} ponne hit asawen biS hit astih)!. 7 
biS calra wyrta mfest 7 bsefS swa mycele 
bogas "p heofenes fiigelas eardiaii magon 
under his sceade. 

33 ] maneguJM swyleuJW bigspellum he 
spraec to hint f set hi niihton gehyran ; 

34 Ne spsee he na bijtan bigspelle. eall 
he his leorning-cnihtujB asimdron rehte. 

35 1 siede hiw ponne fefen biS utoii 
faran agen; 

36 And jjas menigu forlgetan; hi on- 
fengon hine swa he on scipe W£es. "} of re 
seipu wferon mid him. 

37 "i f^a wa;s mycel yst wiiides geworden. 
1 yl^a he awearp on -f scyp -p hit gefylled 

38 1 he wass on scipe ofer bolster sla- 
pende. 1 hi aweliton hine ? cwaedon. ne 
be-limpS to pe jS we forwiir))aS. 

39 "i he aras "} pa.m winde bebead. "i 
ewseS to ^aire sEe; Suwa 1 gestille. "} se 
wind geswac I'a. !!l wearS mycel smyltnes. 

40 1 he ssede him hwi synt ge forhte. 
gyt ge nabbaS 

Vartous Rcadinys. 

29, A. forK-brynciS. 31 A synd 33 A hig. 34. A. sprific. 
35. A. on-gean. 36. A 3 Jii mtom^eo for-lsetende hig. 
37. A. B, wses gQfylled 18 A hig A, for-weor)3a6. 
39. A. gestjl. 40. A. hwig synd, 

29 7 jjanne se waistme hine for^-bringS. 
sone he sent his sieel for j^an -f rip fet 

30 And eft he cw, for hwan andicliie we 
heofene rice od'Se hwilcan bispellen wiS- 
mete we hit. 

31 Swa swa senepes ssed Jeanne hit bcoS 
on eorSan ge-sawen. hit is aire sasdc Isest 
j?e on eorSan synt. 

32 ^ fanne hit asawen byS hit astihS 1 
by^ aire wirte mBest. "i bjef^ swa' micele 
boges. "f heofenes fugeles eardian mageii 
under his scsede. 

33 7 manigen swilcen byspellen he spiec 
to heom ^ hyo mihten ge-heran. 

34 Ne sp^c he na buton byspellen ealle 
he his leorning-cnihten asundren rehte. 

35 ") saide heom jjanne tefen beoS uten 
faren agen 

36 ] \2i manige for-lietende. hyo on- 
fengen hine swa he on scype waes "i oSre 
scype wseren mid hym. 

37 7 fa wfes mieel yst windes ge worsen, 
ffind yfa he awarp on ■f scyp ■f hit wses go- 

38 1 he wais on scype ofer bolster sl^ 
pende. T hyo awehten hine "i cwfeSen. ne 
be-lympS to fe -f we for-wurSeS. 

39 1 he aras 1 ptiin winde be-bead- ^ 
cw. to fare sje. Swug 7 ge-stille. 5 se 
wind ge-swac fa. 1 warS mycel smoltnes. 

40 1 he saigde heom hwi synde ge forhte. 
~gyt ge n!£bbeS ge-leafen. 

Various Readings. 

29. "fowie ; brincS ; sicol. 3U. hwam anliuie ; oJSSe hwill- 
cum hi-spelhim. 31. ^onne; biS; ealre. 32. t-one,; ealra 
wirta ; bogaa ; fugelas ; soade. 33. manegum swylcum 
bigspellum; mehton ge-hyi'an. 34. butan big-spelle ; 
cnihtan ; aaundran. 35. ssegde ; jjonne afen byS ute fteren. 
36. menega; hy oii-fengonj wteron. 37. ge-wordon 3 y}?a; 
ge-fylled, 38. awyhten; cwaBen;for-wur*o55. 39, Swiiga; 
wears ; smyltnes. 40. ssegde; synt; nsebbaS go-leafan. 

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1 65} e f -^ b oh e * ni 
^^ et un e J rod ixe t 1 u t f 

d ceb t c a U m lab n 3 e u 

t n n t talcem r[uon m 
g \e i u^e ■'la 1) p 1 i 

JO *Et J^'^tix 

raja bug 

suio n s nap a 
31 s cut gran m s nap s 

] od c n 

se u n tu n fue t e n n 

a m eSum SaSe 
est s e n b s quae 

aron on eo Su 3 
Bunt m te ra. 32 et 

n.56 g a 

e CDS a g : 1 B m 
turn fue aacenit e fi 

a n wj un+gssuia 3 
OB US i oler Ir -s et 

doEBS-twyrcftJS telgo-ttw ggo 
fae t ramos 

lo S s 
mag OS 

1 suEB f te h a naoOn nder ua 
ta t pos nt bul 1 

s f el a heof aas 1 a-twiinia 
3 auBS cael 1 abitare. 

3 m S Sul un mon 
33 *Et fib* 

m b pe um 

he ge prfec ohm w d sii£e u a 
loibu es ebmi t 

i a mwh on gs era huta 
jote ant re 34 sine 

bis p 1 e e ffis spr»e en ne p fe e to h m syn nge uu dl 
I arabo a an em non I u bitur e s *seo un uten 

e 8 gnu s o eadadeJ" 
d pu s s 3se- 

trahtade-l'lie sjcgde alle 
re bat omnia. 

35 *Et 

cwo}[«] to him on Sasm dasgo raiSBy 
ait illis ilia die cum 

efern^'smyhnis were awordaen 
sero esset tactuwi 

togenomon hine sum ^!t[e] hia weion in 
adaumunt eum ita ut erant in 

ind-reea ■t yrte michelo ivindea 3 f^ 
procella ma,gna uenti et fluctda 

1 wtes Sc^he in scipp on-J-oferufa 
i et erat ipse in puppi supra 

: to Se byi-eS forSoii-if we sie dead-i-ni 
uon ad t^ pertinet 

lo-tmiehelo : cueS to him hwxt.ii 

magna. 40 ct ait illis quid 

29 1 miiSSj hme forS bruhte i 
gihcletan welle jice aol>;»'5'to hm 

1 sona sende up ^ei i foiiSon cdhi i pes t lo 30 i ewfvB to h\ ain wc 
. bispel miCgj w^ gigeoi«iga= Sspt 31 sua is ^te c m sei etea *;iet 
miS6y giaawen wws on eorSu Ijtel is allum sawendum 8a«e wnd on eoiSn 32 3 mi5S> gisawen astigeS t 
bi5 mara allum gnsum ■} wyrceS-l-doeS telgo-ltwigo micle ^us > hue magun undei seua his fuglas heofnes bvT4 
wu[n]ige 33 I mif, Suahcun moniium bispellum hire spieocaB to him woid swa swiSe hi-© msehtum (src) giheia 
34 buta bisine wutudlice ne ivtea spiecende to him synduge wutudlice Segiium hi* he stegde alle aS i cwsea 
to him on Seem d»ge mi6«y efein ^ft-Es giwordea tee we oSer togregues 36 s forleoitun Bone here to gmomun 
awi lite lise werun in sc pe 3 oBro sciopu wenin miS him 37 3 ^nyorden wtes wmd-i-yst micelo ivindes 
3 jB fteiende-l sendeile m B-et scip sende ^te gifjlled nses Sset scip 38 3 mas he-t^e in scipe on I ofer KIsne 
slepende 3 awehtun hine 3 ewedun lo him krow ne to Be gibjreS forBon Stet we deadetne reces Bu Bah we 
deade sie 39 3 aiiaende Be stiorend webs windes 3 cnasB to SsBm tte swiga nes dumba 3 blan-treste Be wind 
3 giworden w»s srayltaisse micelo 40 3 civseB to him hwjet forhte aioii ge ne gett habbas ge gileotu 

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Venit iheetis 
in regionem 

41 O hi m'lcclum ege him ontlredon, ;i 
cwiedoii ebIc to o'&u/H hwjet weust |ju hwa;t 
is Ses -f him [wyndas ]] ste hyrsumiaS; 


1 T~^a comon hi ofer brere sSs muSan 
-JL--' on ■f rice, hierascnormw 

2 T him of scipe gangenduJW him sona 
agen arii sin man of pam byrgenum on un- 
cljenuw* gastc ; 

3 Se IiEefde on byrgenum scrsef 1 hine nan 
man mid racenteagura ne mihte gebindan. 

4 forpam he oft mid fot-coppsujw ] ra- 
centeaguJM gebunden. toslat j^a raceteaga 1 
pa fot-coppsas tobrjee. ] hine nan man ge- 
wyldan ne mihte. 

5 7 symle dseges 1 iiihtes he wses on 
byrgenn»« and on muntum. hrymende "} hine 
sylfne mid stanum ceorfende; 

6 SoSlice Sa he |ione hselend feorran 
geseah. he arn 7 hine gebsed. 

7 "i mycelre stemne hrymende ^ |?us cw. 
eala mgera hielend godes sunu hw^et is me !1 
pe. le halsige pe Surh god -f Su me ne 
Jjreage ; 

8 pa cwfeS se hfelend. eala imcliena 
gast. ga of Sysnm men; 

9 Da ahsode he hine hwaat is |'in nama. 
fa cwajS he min nama is legio. for]'a»i we 
manega synt. 

10 3 he hine swy'^e bsed -p he hine of 
pam rice ne dyde. 

11 ]:!ar w£es embe |^one mnnt mycel 
swyna heord leesgende. 


41. A, hig. A. mycelum; B. myclum. A. B. insert 
wyndas 7, which the text omits. 

Cap, V. I. Riiirio from A; B. has the same, omitting 
the Latin, but the scribe has added p»-obalio penne. A. 
hig. A, gerasenorum. 2. A, ongean, 3. A. raoeteaguw. 

4, A. B. fot-copsuM. A. racet^uni. A. B. fot-copsas. 

5. A. symble. 7, A. stefne. 8. B. has pn inserted a^ter 
eala, above the line. A. jiyssum. 9. A. acsode. A. leio, 
A. aynd. 10. A. nydde [/oc dyde]; B. dydde. 11. A. 
ta. A. ynibe. ' ' ■ ■■ „ . 

41 7 hyo mychelen eige heom on-di-Eedden. 
1 ewteSen a;Ic to oSren. hwast wenst pn 
hvvajt is jies |jc him windes tl sje hersumiaS. 


comcn hyo ofer fare sa;s muSai 
on -p rice jeraseiiomm. 


2 1 him of scipe gangenden him sona 
agen arti an man of fam byregenen on un- 
elEencn gaste. 

3 Se hfefde on byregene scref 3 hine nan 
man mid racetegen ne mihte ge-bindcn. 

4 for |;aii he oft mid fot-copsen H race- 
tegen ge-bunden to-slat )7a raketegeii. 7 
fa fot-eopses to-brsee. "} hine nan man ge- 
welden nc myhte. 

5 1 symle daiges "} nihtes he w^es on 
byrigenne. 1 on mnnten remeiidc. 1 hine 
sylfne mid staiicn ceorfende. 

6 So^lice fa he fane htelend feorren ge- 
seah. he arn 1 hine ge-bted. 

7 7 myeelere stefnc remde. 1 fus cWffiS. 
Bale msere h^lend godes snne. hw^t is me 
7 pe. ic hielsige pe furh god f fu me ne 

8 Da eweeS se ha;Iend. eala fn un-cltene 
gast ga of fisen men. 

9 Da axsede he hine hwjet is fin name. 
Da cwasS he min name is legio. for pan 
we manege synde. 

10 7 he hine swi^e b£eS 'f he hine of 
j^am riche ne dyde. 

11 fjerwEes yrab fanne munt mycel swin- 
heord. Ifesiende. 

Various Readings. 

41. hy myclum; OQ-drtsdou; cwKdon; oSrum; ^ [/or 
[je]; windas; hyrsumks. 

Cap. V. 1. comon; hierasenorum. 2, gangenduM; on 
[Jbr an]; byregnum; unclasnuni. 3. bycgenuw scrtef; 
racetegan. 4. fot-copaiim ; racentegan ; racetegan ; i'ot- 
copaas; ge.wylden, 5, byrigeanura;.muntum hrymende; 
stanum. 6. ^ne. 7. mycele stemne hrymde; eala; ha- 
lend. 8. t^tstim. 9. axsode; nama; fam; manega synC 
10, bied; rice. 11. [lonne; Iseswende. 

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3 ondreardon miS mieolo ^rhto 5 hia cuedon liini bitwien hua woeiies Su is 55es for'ioa ■): fte 
41 et timuerunt magno tiraore et dicebant ad alterutrum quia putas eat iste quia 

3 (uoinuti ofer swiral of^i luh K*swf. on lonl geiaaenorim 

1 et uentjiunt tiana fietum maiia in rcgioncm gensenorum 

of scip recone togtEgnea arn him of bvigennum-1 of benduwi laon ni gast unclTni, soSe 

de m.111 atitim occmiit ei dc. monumentis homo in spiiitu mmundo 3 qui 

hjriJLiii UTO 3 ne hracceutegum liuH ui ted^icp fengmoin liino mfehte 
monumentis et ntque Cdt-'ius lam quisquam euiu pjter'\t 

gebinda fo *> ii uftust-l senile miSfpoliMra 1 miS hneentegura ^ebunden wses toslat Sx hiacengo 

hgaie 4 qmniam aepe compedibw et citem3 umctus disiupisset cateii\w 

: 5a fftttra forbiaw-J toaceaeide : iiKnginoin melte hine tenmx lliillx 1 >mle i ilit i 

et compedes commmun'iet i.t uemo pitcnt eum d mart 5 et scmpu noLte ic 

dEBge in b^igenmm 1 11 fifistnuiigum 1 inorum vls "] clopenle 1 fiUetinde 1 St eende bine to "tiium 

dir m m jnumentis et in m ntibws eiat tt cKmiii? et concidcns se Upi Ubus 

gesseb Sa feono htelend feirre to gearn 5 worfeade h ne : eboppende stefne m elo 

6 uidena autem ilieowm d longe cucunit et adoiauit eum 7 et chmina uuce m^gna 

cuoeS bwtet me 3 ie «u 1 aalend sunu Ixodes ims beista ic balsigo ?>,(■ Sorii god no mee > gu mec ne 
dicit quid mihi et tibi ihmi fili da ttummi aiiui t^ ppi dewm ul mc 

wuriBcce loe"^ f j-J<on to 1 m gm Ku gaast unclsene from 5-cii icnn 7 gcfie„n 1 ne 

toiquei^ '^ ditcbat enim ilb exi spiute mmunle ab licuiim, 9 et mteiUnitit eum 

hufetd 8e to n rm is 5 cuoe« to him here to noma me is foj-Soa mon g we smion : 

quod tibi nrmen est et dicit ei legiof n m^n miiii eit qua multi sumus 10 etfl-xij. 

biddende w£cs 1 b!Ed bine 6« Se loi gi |tL. 1 le ne fo Ir fe biiti «ietlonl was uiiterf^itf ger jmb ^Is^diowla 

dejiaetabxtui euw multum ne si, e\|i-llcict extri legunem 11 erat autcm ibi cuca legio- 

■Bone mor woi-n berga-tawina micbil foedende 
montem grex porcorawi magous pascens. 

41. 1 ondreordim mi3 micehe fjrhto i "-weiluii bitwion him hwa ivoencstu if 5es ibtSon 7 wind : sib beraS 
-heSmodaS him. 

Cap.V. 1. 3 comun ofer swiraJ-ofer luh sees in load gcrassenorwra 2 3 iniSSy eode lo him of scipe togseg- 
nes arn him of byrgennumJ-of bendum munn in gasto vnclsenura 3 seSe bus I bvingo lytle heefde in bjrgenmim 
3 ne racantegunt hwi\e (enig mon hme mfehte gibinda 4 loiSon ofCust miS feotunm 3 miS racontegum gibun- 
den wees to-slat Sa racontege 3 5a feotuio forbieec 1 toscfeiido 3 nttmg mEehte hme temma-1-gilialda S. 3 sjmle 
on ntebt 3 on diege m byrgennum i on moium wtes chopende 3 falletende hine on stanura 6. gisfeh wutudUce 
Sone hselenrf featra to-giorn. 3 to wor8anne hme t. 3 clwpade stefne micelje cweeS hwt^t] me 3 Ke -Su hselenrf 
sunn godes Stea hesta le balsigo Sec Berh god ne mec ne wrecee 8. cwteS forBon to him gaa gast uncltene 
from Stem menn 9. 3 gifrsegn hme hwset Se noma is 3 maaS to niM here noma rae is foi-Bon monige we 
aindun (f is Susend^-xn Susend ^ is legio 6is wfea diowla legio [margin]) 10 3 biddende wtes bine longe Srete 
(,sic) he hine fordi'ife butta Sset lend 11 ivaas wutudhce Sei imb Sone mor worn berga-l'swina micelra foedende 

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12 ^ l^a unclEenan gastas hine bsedon 1 
cwEedon ; Send us on jjas swyn -p we [on] hi 

13 "} ]ja lyfde se heelend sona. 1 '&a eo- 
don pa unclEenan gastas on ()a swyn. ] on 
mycluw hryre seo heord wearS on sfe besceo- 
fen, twa |)usendo "i wurdon adruncene. on 
Sffire Ste; 

14 Soj^lice ]:a Se hi heoldon flngon 1 
cyddon on peere eeastre "i on lande 7 hi ut 
eodoii -f hi gc-sawon hwset )jar gedon wfere. 

15 1 hi comon to pa.m hacienda "i hi ge- 
sawon );one Se mid deofle gedreht wfes. ge- 
scrydne sittan. []] hales modes, "i hi him 

16 ") hi rehton him pa Se hit gesawon 
hu hit gedon wass. he pa.m Se deofol- 
seoctiesse haifde 7 be pam swynu/«. 

17 3 hi hsedon -p he of hyra ge-mseruff* 

18 Pa he on scip eode hinc ongan hid- 
dan sc Se ^,v mid deofle gedreht wses. "p he 
mid him wsere; 

19 Him pa se hielend ne getiSode. ac 
he sEede him ga to finum husc to j^inum 
hiwufw 1 cyS him hu mycel drihten gedyde 
7 he ge-miltsode pe; 

30 And he Sa ferde 1 ongan bodigean 
on decapolijw hu fela sc hselend him dyde. 
7 hig ealle lises wnndredon; 

21 A nd |ja se hfelend eft on scype 
-L^ ferde ofer f:one mufjan him 
com to mycel meiiigu 7 wa3s ymhe ]ja sa;. 


1" A mietfs on uJack the tevt and B omtt 4 hig 
(fan B hig gan 13 A mycelum A B beacoion A 
admmen U \ B his B tiugun A p\Sdon A B 
hig B eodun A B hig 15 A B hig (6i4) A B 
tnsert 3 wA* h the tert omits A B lug B ondredun 
lb A B hift B rehtun A, deofel seotnysse, B deotol 
Beoenesste 17 A B hig A bsedon hjne A. heoia 
A ferde [Joi fore] 11 A heom [Jor second hiw] 
SO A ongann bodiati A fek A B nmit ^ees B 
wundrodon 31 A m Aud and has Da uith a, large 
imiml \ iiiT-ii B wnigej 

12 7 |!a uncltene gastes hine b«den 7 
cwEeSen. Send us on Jjas swin -f we hyo on 

13 fia lefde se haslend soiie. 7 Jja eoden 
pa, un-cla2ne gastes on pa swin, 7 on mycelen 
rere se heord warS on sse be-scofen twa 
]?usende, 7 wurSan adruncen on )?are S£e, 

14 SoSlice pa pe hyo hielden fliigen 7 
cyddan on j^are ccastrc 7 on lande 1 hyo ut 
eoden ■f hyo ge-seagen hwtet pisx ge-worSan 

15 7 hyo comcn to p&Ta hcelende 7 hyo 
gc-seagen pane pe mid deofle ge-dreht wecs. 
ge-scridne sitten 7 hales modes. 7 hyo him 

16 7 hyo rehten heom pa pe hit ge-seagen. 
hu hit ge-don wecs be |;am |;e );a deofel- 
seociiysse hsefde. 7 be f'am swinen, 

17 7 hyo bfeden ji he of hire mscren 

18 Pa he on scyp eode hine ou-gan byd- 
dan se pe £er mid deofle ge-dreht waes. "p he 
mid him waere. 

19 Him pa se hfelend ne gc-teijjcdc. ac 
he saigde him. ga on finen huse to )jinen 
heowen 7 kyS heom hu mycel dnhten ge- 
dyde 7 he ge-miltsede pe. 

20 7 he pa ferde 7 on-gan bodigen on 
deeapolim hu felc se ha^lend hym dyde. 
7 hyo ealle wnndredon. 

21 IjTnd |3a se hailend eft on scype ferde 
-■— ^ ofer pane muScn him com to 

mycel menigeo. 7 wacs embe pa sa;. 

Various Readings. 
12 ewsedon, Stond; om. on before gan. 13. halend 
sona, mycelum ryre seo; wearB; be-scofon; wurSen 
idruneenne. 14. heoldon; eydden; ge-sawon; ge-don 
Wieie 15. halende; ge-sawen (lonne; ge-dcecht; aittan; 
on dreUon, 16. rehtum (sic); ge-sawon; deofol-secnysse ; 
swmum 17. btedon; hyoi-a ge-m^ron. 19. ge-ti{>ode ; 
stegde , JiinuM {bis) ; heowujn ; cy8 ; ge-miltsode 20. 
b'digin wundrodon. 21, (lOnenmSiin; menegea. 

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1 bedon hine JSa gaastas ewoeSeiido send usic in Srem Ticrijum ftc in him4'm Sicm 

12 ct depraecabantur eum spiritiis dicentcs mitte no 3 in porcos ut in eos 

we ingeongB'l'gEC 1 gelefde hini-I'Ssera rccone se heelend J miSiSy fajrende weron 6a gfistas unclfeno 

introeamus, 13 ct concessit eis statim ihesws ct exeuntes spii'itus inmuiidi 

in-eodoii in Ssem bergum 1 ml6 mielo hrats^ongeong worn todrifeti w»3 in sa3 to twoim Susendum 

introierunt in porcos et magno impetu grex praecipitatns est in mare ad duo milia 

J under-drencdo w:eron in sm seKe-l'^aSQ uutedlice foeddon hia geflugon 3 stpgdon in 

et suffocati sunt in mare. 14 qui autem pascebant eos fugerunt et nuntiauerunt iu 

ISa ceasti-e 3 in londum 3 feerende wocron to gescanno huEet were Secs wercEBS 3 cworaon to Sfem 

ciuitatem et iu agros et egressi sunt uidere quid esset factL 15 et ueniunt ad 

hailend : gescgon hiiiej-gene seSe from diowlo gebered wtes aittende gecladcd-tgegerelad 1 hales Sohtes 
iljeswm et uident ilium qui a d^monio uexabatur sedentem uestitum et sane mentis 

. 1 ondreardon :i ssegdon 5a3m SaSe gesegon hulic geworden were him seSe diowl 

et timuerunt. 16 et nanauerunt illis qui uiderant qualitet fectum esset ei qui d^monium 

hffifJo 3 of bergum Z bidda hine ongunnun ^te afin-ade from gemEenira tiiora 

habuerat et de povcU. 17 et rogare cum coeperant ut discederet a finibys corum. 

3 niisay astigon S^t sciji ongann hine gebidda seSa from diowle auteled^gehered wees -fte ^ 

18 *Cumqu6 ascenderunt nauem coepit ilkm deprtecari qui dEemonio uexatus fuerat utj^^^j-^^ 

to-sajg him huu miola Se drihtea dyde 3 milsande sie Bines 3 eode 3 ongann 

adaunuutia illis quanta tibi dominus fecerit et miscrtus sit tui. 20 ct abiit et coepit 

bodiga in Sier hyrig huu micla him dyde se hmlend 3 alle gewundradon 3 iniKily 

prsedicare in decapoli quanta sibi fecisset ihesws et omnes mirabaiitur. 21 *Et cum l^H' 

oferstag se hmlend in scip oft of^ Sset luh efne-cwom Sread menigo fo him 3 wass 

transcendisset ihesws in naui rursus trans fretum conuenit turba multa ad ilium et erat 

12 3 hedun hme gastas cweSende si,nd usih m 8i bergas -)ite we in hn ingonge-trng* 13 "l giletde hira 
sona Be h<si\enl 3 miSSy Iseiende werun gTslas unclsene m eodun m 81 bergas 3 miele T£ese 1 ongonge worn todnfen 
wies on see to Iwtem Susendum 3 adrencte wteren on s-b 14 seSe wutudljce foedde his giflugun 3 stegdun in 
imi cfEatie 3 on londum 3 fserende werun to seanne hwtet were Secs weiche'i 15 3 comun to *(em hsilend 3 
glsegun hme-tSene seSe fiom diowlum gibeied wtes sittende girlsenaad 3 bales giSobtes 3 on-dieoidun 16 3 
stegdun Siem ^iSc gisegvc hweli" giworden weie 3 «eSe diowol h-efde 3 of bergum 17 3 bidda hine on gunnan 
^ste he ftfiide fiom gimseium hiuia 18 3 mi88v astigun in -p sup on„an hme gibidda seSe from diowle awsekd 
wses fte wei« mi* him 19 3 ne forleorte bine ih cwteS to hira goa in bus Sin to Sinum 3 to stersannt 
him hu niicel Se Acihten d)de 3 miUeule se 6in 2ii 3 eade 3 on gan bidiga m 8ioi b\iig hu ra col hm 
dyde Se htoVnrf 3 alle giwnudradun 21 3 miSSj ofei stag Se htelpnil in acip eft ofei jj* luh efue comun 

Sreatas monige to him 3 was ymb Sone affi 

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22 ] 'Sa coin sum of heali-gesainiiuiigum 
iairus liatte ; "} pa lie hine geseah he astrehte 
hine to his fotu*» 

33 H hiiiG swy^e ba^d. 1 he cwEeS; Min 
dohtor is on ytemestum si^e. cunt "} setc 
fine hand ofer hi "f heo hal sy 7 lybbe; 

24 Da fcrdc he mid him 1 him fyligde 
mycel meiiigeo 1 firungon hine; 

25 1 |ja -f wif Se on blodryne twelf 
winter wjes. 

36 7 frawi manegufM Ifecuw? fcla jsinga 
f olode. !l deelde eall f heo ahte. 7 hit naht 
ne fremode. ac waes |?e wyrse ; 

27 pa heo be '6am h^lende gehyrde heo 
com wi'S-asftan j^a menigu 7 his reaf ajt-hran ; 

28 SoSlice heo ewseS gif ic fiirfon his 
reafes set-hmie ic beo hal; 

29 And f:a sona wear^ hyre blodes ryne 
adruwod. 7 heo on hire gefredde 'f heo of 
]}a.m wite gehfeled wses; 

30 And ]:a se hselend on-cueow on him 
sylfum -f him m^egen of-eode. he cweeS be- 
weud to J733re menigu; Hwa jethran mines 

31 jja cwaidon his leorning-cnihtas pu 
ge-syxst J^as menigu pe Sringende. "} fu 
cwyst hwa et-hran me; 

33 And J7a beseah he hine -p he ge-sawe 
ptene Se "f dyde; 

33 JDat wif J?a ondricdende 7 forhtigende 
com 7 astrehte hi be-foran him 7 s^de hiw; 
eall f riht; 

Various Readings, 
32. B. geaanrnuncguw. 23. A. dohter, A. ytomestan. 
A. B. liig [/or hi]. A. sig. 24. A, mteiiio; B, menigu. 
25. A. B. blodes ryne. 2S. A. fela. B. jjincga. A. fremede. 
27. A. mjenegeo. 28. A. for^ao. 30. A. mcenigeo. A. 
myne reaf ; B. mine reaf. 31. B, leornincg. A. gesyhst. 
A. mfenegeo. 32. A. teseh. A. B. om. he before hine. 
A |>one. 33. A, B. liig. 

22 7 pa com sum of heah-ge-samncngen 
Iairus hatte. 7 J^a he hine ge-seah he astrehte 
hine to his foten. 

23 7 hine swiSe ge-breS. 7 he cwjeS. Min 
dohter is on ytemesten siSe. emn 7 sete 
j)ine hand ofer hyo J hye hal sige 7 libbe. 

24 Pa ferde he mid hym 7 hym felgede 
micel menige 7 frungen hine. 

25 Mnd pa ■f wif Jjc on blodes rino twelf 
wintre wses. 

26 7 frani manigen liecen feole [:'inge 
jjolede. 7 da;lde aiall -p hyo ahte. 7 hit 
naht ne fremede ac wajs |;e wyrsc. 

27 Da hi be j^am hselende ge-hyrde hy 
com wi'S efte pa menigeo. 7 bis reaf a:t-ran. 

28 SoSlice hyo cwseS gyf ic furSer his 
reaf £et-rine ic by hal. 

29 7 ]7a sono warS hire blodes rine a- 
druwede. 7 hyo on hire fredde J^^t hyo of 
|;am witege ge-heeled wfes. 

30 And [jja] se hailend on-cneow on hym 
selfen Jjset hym magen ofeode. he cwseS 
be-wend to jjare mEenige. Hwa Eet-ran mine 

31 Da cwaiSen his leorning-cnihtes. pn 
ge-seohst fas menigeo pe frmigen pe. 7 Jju 
cwedst hwa set-ran me. 

32 7 Jja be-seah hine -p he ge-seahge Jiane 
J^e -p dyde. 

33 -p wif fa on-drtedende 7 forhtigende 
com 7 astrehte hyo be-foreii him 7 saigde 
him call f riht. 

Various Readings. 

22. gesamnungum; hette; fotuw. 23, bead; dohtor 
ytemestum; heo hal syo. 24. heom; fyligde; menigeo 
jiniKgon. 25. And; winter. 26. manegviffz liecuQ; ^linga 
eall; heo. 27. heo [/or 6oiA hi awrf hy]; sften; meaegeo. 
23. heo; furSSor; beo. 29. sona wearS ; adruwod; heo. 
ge-fredde ; wite [lekere MS. Hatton wrongly has witege]. 
30. jja I* supplied from MS. Reg. ; sylfiim ; rategen ; i 
geo; tethran. 31. cwteKon; ciiilitas; meniga; Jiryngande 
[/or ]irungen (le]; cwySst 32, ge-sawe, 33. astrihte; be- 
foran; stegde. 

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3 cuom sum monn of hehsomnungum genenmed wks larus 1 gesa^h liine feoll -1- hleat to 
22 et ueiiit quidam de arcbe-synagogia nomine iairus et uidens eum procidit ad 

fotuM his 3 boad hine longa cuoeSende forSon-J'-pte dohter mm in utmeatum is 

pedes eiua. 23 et depraecatatur anm multum dicens qaoniam filia mea in estiimia est 

cym on-sctt hond ofec hia -pte Ilia lifil sie 5 hia liliflge 7 eode raiS hira 1 fylgede 

ueni inpone manus super earn ut aalua sit ct uiuat. 2i et abiit cum illo et seqaebatur 

hine Sreato menigo 1 geBringdoa Line ■!' K one :-l'cc f wif Sy wics in utiominsc hlodes 

eum turba multa et comprimebant ilium. 25 et mulier quae erat iu pi-oflu[u]io sanguinis 

mintnim twoolfum 7 wfes menigo -l' fuolo Srowungo^Bi'Oucnda-tgeSolade from swiSe moniguta lecum 

annis duodecim 26 et fuerat multa perpesa a complmibwa medicia 

7 raiSSy gesald wegs alls hire aingo ne Eeniht (sic) gehalp ah swiSor wyrse liasfde miSSy 

et erogauerat omnia sua nee quicquam proi'ecerat sed magia deteiius liabebat 27 cum 

gehetde from hielend cwom in Sreat bl-hianda 1 gchran woede his gocuoeS forSon 

audisset de ihesu uenit in turba retro et tetigit uestiraentum eius. 28 dicebat eiiim 

forSon gif i gegerelo his ic hrino ie hal beom ^r geliEcled ic biom 3 hrceone 1' sona gedrugad 

quia si uel uestimentnm cius tetigero salua ero. 29 et coniestim siccatns 

WEBS espryngc blodes Iiire 3 gefoelde miS lichoma ^to gcha;Ied were fruw adle f sona 

est fons sanguinis eitis et sensit corpore quod sauata esaet S plaga. 30 et statim 

JSe hsBlend ongeat on hine seolfne ^ mteht aeSe eode frow hira efiie-geeerde to 6a^m folcc lie gecivoeS 
ihesus eognoscens in semetipso uirtuteM quae exierat de co conuersus ad turbam aiebat 

hwB gehran gewedo mino J cwoedon to him Begnaa his Su gesijst 6{et <5reat 8ringende 

quia tetigit ueatimenta mea. 31 et dicebant ei discipuli swi uides turbam comprimentem 

See 3 Su cuoeSes hua me gehran 3 ymb-sceawade to gesoanne hial'Sailco 8iu Sis dyde 

t^ et dicis quia me tetigit. 32 et circumspiciebat uidere earn quae hoc fecerat. 

■^ wif uatedllce oiidreard 3 forhfade wiste ^te geworden were on hir cuom 3 gefeall hefora 
33 mulier autem timens et tremens sciens quod factum esset in se uenit et procidit ante 

23 3 com sum mon of heh soninunge gmcmned wtea larus 3 gisseh hine gifeil 1 leott to fotum his 23 J bad 
hine longe PweSende foiBon 1 Stette dohter mm in jtmestum is. sete on honda ofer 1 1'o -ptc hal sie 3 hio lifge 
24 3 eode miS hira 3 fyl^^ende him Sreofas monije 7 on Srungvn hine 25 3 wif =eSe wsa m uttioinende 
blodes wmtru twelfe 26 3 wjes monigu Srowunga fiom swiSe roonigujw lecum 3 miBSy gisald wfes alle hue 
Sine ne leniht gihaip ah swiSw wji'w htefde 2r miSSy giherde fiom 6ew« hreknrf c m in Breott miJ5 hond 
3 gihnn wedum hia 28 giewseB foiiSun forgon gif i giwedum hi« ic gihrino ic hiom hal 29 3 recone4«ona 
gidrugad wtes eaprynge blodea hire 3 gifoelde nnB lichoma Satfe gihseled weie from adla 30 3 stod 6e bselend 
ongiett on h\ne solfne Sa mtehte ae8e eode from him efne gioeide to Stem folche he gicwsaS hwelo hian giwedum 
minum 31 cwedun him Segnas his-lBies 8u giiis Sone SrPot Snngende on Sec 3 *-u cweSea hna meo gihran 
32 3 jmb^ceowade to giseane hia-i iSi ilce Se Sis djde 33 -^ wif wutudlice ondieord 3 forhtade wiste ^ite 

giwoilen neie i:i hit Lom 3 gifeul bifora hmi 3 cwa.S him alluia Satte bo&osle 

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34 pa cwse^ se hselend. dohtor Jiin ge- 
leafa pe hale gedyde. ga |je on sibbe 1 beo 
of ^isum hal; 

35 TXim pa gyt sprecendum hi comon 
-i—L fram pam heah-gesamnuiigujw 

3 cwfedon; DTn dohtor is dead, hwi drecst 
pu leiig pone lareow; 

36 pa he ge-hyrde -p word pa cwte^ se 
haelend ne ondrjed pu Se gelyf for an; 

37 And he ne let hiw a>nigne fyligean. 
buton petrum. 1 iacobu»i. "} iohannem. la- 
cobes bioSor 

38 ] hi comon on ffes heah-eaklres hus. 
he ge-seah mycel gehlyd wepende 1 geomri- 

39 And |!a he ineode he cw. hwi synd 
ge gedrefede ") wepaS. nis fis niEeden na 
dead acheo slfepS; 

40 Da tfeldon hi hine; He J^a eallujw 
ut adrifenuJM. nam petrum ] pxs ma;denes 
modor. 1 |jaSe midhi/» wseron, "H inn-eodon 
suwiende j^ar -p niteden wfes. 

41 ] hire hand nam ] cwseS. thalim-tha 
cumi. "f is on ure gsj^eode gerelit. m^den 
pe ic secge aris ; 

42 3 heo sona aras 1 eode; SoSIice heo 
vrses twelf wintre. "J ealle hi wundredon my- 
celre wundrunge. 

43 1 he him pea.ile bebead -f hi hyt 
uanujffi men ne sSdon 7 he het hire etan 
syllan ; 

Various Readings. 

34 A dolitei. A J-jssum 3j A B big B gesam 
DTinegum A hiug B dieclu, altered to diecst Jiu B 
lencg 37 A neemane B fjlgein A biofcer 3^ A B 
hiff A om he'\h A geseh A geumiiffende 3J A 
hwig A B om na 40 A hig A moder A m eodon 
swigende 41 A tinljm thicm {with ih-iLi tin. ouini 
above), B thalim tliacumi 42 A B hy B nundie 
dun 43 A hig 

34 Da cweeS se hselend. dohter f'in ge- 
leafe |;e hasle ge-dyde. ga pe on sibbe 1 beo 
of l^isen hal. 

35 T Tym pa gyt sprfecenden hio eomen 
-LJL fram fiam hcah-samnungen ^ 

cwse^en. Din dohter ys dead hwi drecst 
fn Icng |iane lareow. 

36 Da he ge-herde ■p word, pa cwseS se 
hfelend ne on-drEed pn pc ge-lef for an. 

37 ^nd he ne let hym anigenc fclgian. 
buton petrnm 1 lacobum H lohanncm la- 
cobes broker. 

38 ] hyo comen on J^as heah-ealdres hus 
1 he gc-scah mycel ge-hled wepende ^ gemeri- 

39 1 pa he in-eode he cwfeS. Hwi sende 
ge gedrefede :i wepeS nis fis mseden dead. 
ac hyo slcpS. 

40 Da tealden hyo hym. He pa ealle 
ut-adrifcne. nam petrujw 1 )jas m'aidencs 
moder ] pa pe mid heom waaren 1 in-code 
swigende pair ))Eet maiden wtes. 

41 1 hire hand nam 7 cwteS. thalim-tha- 
cumi. -p is on ure feode ge-reht. maide pe 
ic segge aris. 

42 ? hyo sona aras 1 eode. SoSlice hyo 
wies twelf wintre 1 ealle hyo wundredon. 
mycelere wundrunge. 

43 7 he heom Jjearle be-bead •p hyo hit 
nanen men ne saiden,, ] he het hire syllen 

Variom Readings. 

34 dohtoi , hale ; |;isuw. 36. spiecendom ; comon ; 
samnung^m cwasSon; dohtor his; {«ne. 36. ge-hjrde; 
gehf 37 fenigne fylgan; brbaor, 38. comon; geseh; 
gi-hljdnependre 3 geomi-iende. 39, synd; wepaS; slapS. 
40 hme \for hym]; ealluM ut-adrifenum ; modor; him 
weiun : in «oden swugiende; msegden, 41. thalim thaeumi 
%n huth MSS , iBieden. 42. wundroden. 43. nanum; steg- 
don, sjlhnelan. 

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he uute(i?icB?Sotme cwoc? to hir la dohter gelcafa Sin Sec hal dyde gaa in. sibb 7 Wffis hal 
ille autem dixit ei filia lidea tua t4 saluam fecit uade ia pace et esto sana 

from adle Sine Sa geonc hineJi'lie spreeoiide cuomoii from BEBtn fokes aldormenn cuoSecde forSon dohter 

a plaga tua. 35 adiiiic eo loquente ueniuiit ab ai^che-synagogo dicentes quia filia 

Sin dead is Luffitd lengc-tfoi'Sor styi-ea Bu Soiie laruu 
tua mortua est quid ultra uexas magistrum. 

ie liaalend autedlice word ^te 
ihesiis autera uerbo quod 

gecuofideii wees geherdo cuoeS to Sebdi aldormenn nolle Su ondrede ah Siet ana nu gelef 7 ne 

dicebatur audito ait arclie-synagogo noli tiraere tanturamodo crede. 37 et noii 

leort Eonigne monno to fj'lgenne liine biita pctve 7 iacob 7 ioliaii l)ro8er iacobes 1 

admisit quemquam sequi se nisi pctrum et iacobum et iohannem fratrem iaeobi. 38 et 

euomon in hus Ssea aldormoiines gesaeh f wanung :i woepende 7 msenionde suiSe 

ueiiiuct in domum arclie-synagogi et uidet tumultum et flentcs et heiulantes niultum. 

3 in-eode cuoeB to liim huietd ■1' foi-liuon arogie gestyred : gie hremas ^ mteden ne is dead 
39 et ingrcssus ait eis quid turbamini et ploratis puella non est mortua 

ah sloped 3 in-hlogan hine he hueSre rniSSy foj-drifonum allum-l'miiSBy alio vite foi-draf genora^ 

sed doi'init. 40 et inridebant eum ipse uei-o eiectia omnibzts aifeumit 

Sone fader 3 moder Ssera maedne 3 SaBe miS him weron 3 infoerde Ser wais Stet mfedcn licende 
patrem et matrem puellae et qui secum eraiit ct iugreditur ubi erat puella iaccns. 

3 gcheald hond dsGre miegdne euoe« to liir Bis is ebrisc word f is getrahtad in latin 

41 et tenens manura puellao ait iiU talitha cmni quod est interpvaetatum 

la dohtet-1-la MEegdea Be io a»go aris 3 sona aras ^ msegden 3 ge-eode^-gcongende wres 

puella tibi dico surge. 42 et coul'estim surrexit puella et ambulabat 

WEBS uutedlice wintra tuoelfo 7 fore-sfyldtou feer-suigo miB imr maaife 

ei'at autem annorum duo-deciin et ob-stupuei'unt stupore maximo. 

BuiSe -pte nsenig monn f wiste 7 cuoeS sealla hir eatta 

ueliementer ut nemo id scire t ct dixit dari illi manducai'e. 

3 hebead Stem 

et praeeepit illis 

34 he wutudldP eneefc h m lohh 
35 6a geona he sprscende LOmo 
leng^'forSur styrestu Bone laiow 
heh alduvmenn nelle Bu Se on-dieda ah Sset 
him buta pefie 3 wcobe 7 mhaii/ie broSer laeobes 
3 woepende 3 msenende swiSe 39 7 in eode cw 
IS deed ah olepeS 40 3 m hlogun bine h( 
3 Sa Be miB him werun 3 m foeide Ber n 
to hir Bis IS ebrisc word Bajt la gitrahtad 
3 eode ■!■ gongentle wtos wtes wumdlifp wint: 
nEenig mon wiste 3 cwteS aellas hir eata 

;ileota ^ni Sep halt jiilvde gcng in sibl 

from Stss lokhes somnungum cneSende foi! 

Se hselenrf wutudlice word Sette gicwedi 

giletes 37 3 ne ge leoit tei 

nes hal fiom idle Bmum 

dohter Sin deod la hw£et 

siBs giherde enteS to Sfem 

tenigne monno to fylgonne 1 fylge 

ildoiraonnes 3 giewh Sa winunga 

ie cwteS to him hwait aiun ge onstjred 3 hremas Sset mtegden ne 

hweSre raiS foiariftiuiw allum gmom «nne t'eder 3 moder Bses m'egdnes 

es SiEt msogden liegende 41 3 giheold honda Bieo lUEegdnes ewseiS 

on laeden la dohter Be lo ssege aris 42 7 som aras *i(et mcegden 

I twelfe 3 forst^ltun swigunge micelre 43 7 bibeod Stem swiSe f 

J husura ? 

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1 And J^a he ^anon eode he ferde on 
his e^el. 1 him folgodon hia leorning- 
ciiihtas ; 

9 "} gewordenum reste-djege he oiigann on 
gesamiiunge l&ran 1 manege gehyrdoii 1 wim- 
drodon on his lare 1 cwsedon; Hwanon sj'nd 
jjyssum ealle |'as Sincg and hwa-t is se 
wisdom pe him ge-seald is. ^ swylce mihta 
pe ^m'h his handa gewordene synd; 

3 Hu nys [pys] se smiS marian sunu, 
iacohes bvoSor, ] losepes. ") iude [^] simonis. 
hu ne synt his swustra her mid us. 1 pa 
wurdon hi gedrefede. 

4 pa cwae'S se hjclend ; SoSlice nis nan 
witega buton wur^scipe. buton on his eSele 
] on his meegSe. ] on hie huse ; 

5 And he ne mihte far tenig msegen 
wyrcan. buton feawa untrume on-asettuwi 
his handuJH he ge-hsclde. 

6 ] he wimdrode for heora ungeleafan ; 

He ^3 ]Eer[en]de fia castel be-ferdc. 
7 "i him twelfe togeclypode. t) agan 
hi sendan twam "i tviam. 1 him anweald 
sealde unclaanra gasta. 

8 ? him behead -f hi naht on wege ne 
namon, buton g>rde ane. ne codd ne hlaf. 
ne feoh on heora gyrdium ; 

9 Ac ge-sceode mid calcum 1 -p hi mid 
twam tuuecum gescrydde nseron ; 

10 And he cwse'S to him; Swa hwylc 
hus swa ge ingaS. wunia^ f>ar oS f ge 

Cip 1 1 1 )!Tii,n B (lanun A lol^e^oi B 
leoinincg 2 A ongin B ingaiin A ge somnun^e 
B ge samnunega A mse ige B menege A wuu 
dredon A liwanen A |)yng 3 4. inserts Jjjs whch 
the text and B omil A btuSei A B insist J be 
fore simonis A «^ni 4 B hig 4 A B 1 utan 
\ weoi«scj(e 6 A l-eiende B 1*1 le (as tn Coipua 
MS) 7 A B hg B anwald 8 A B hn{ A 
iiaman; B. namun. B. hyra. 9. A. B. hig. B. nterun. 
10. B. wunigaS. 


1 And J^a he Jjanen eode he ferde on 
his £e°5eL ^ him folgeden his leorniug- 

2 ] ge-wor^ene reste-daige he ongau on 
samnunge lieren. 1 manege ge-hyrden 1 
wundreden on his lare ^ cwEe'Sen. hwanen 
synden jjisen ealle j)as l^ing "i hwaet is se 
wisdom ]Je him ge-.seald is. Z swi'ce mihte 
pe jjurh his handa gc-worSen synde. 

3 hu nis ]?is se smiS maria sune. jacobes 
broker 1 iosepcs. 1 iude 1 symoues. hu i;e 
synde his swustre her mid iis. 3 ];a wur^cn 
hyo ge-drefcde. 

4 pa cwEeS se hselend. So'Slice nis nan 
witege butcn wurdscipe. buton on his as^ele. 
1 on his msegSe 1 on his huse. 

5 7 he ne mihte fasr anig mjegen wereen. 
buton fewan untrume on-asetten his handan 
he ge-hselde. 

6 3 he wundrede for heore im-ge-Ieafen. 

He jja lajrende Jeanne castell be-ferde. 
7 3 hiwK twelfe to ge-eleopede. "} an- 
gan hyo sjenden twam "] twam. 1 heom an- 
weald sealde un-cl«nre gaste. 

8 "i heom be-bead -p hyo naht on weige ne 
namen buton gyrdel ane. ne cod. ne hlaf. 
ne feoh. on cowtc gyrdlen. 

9 Ac ge-scode mid callten. 1 -p hyo twam 
tunecan ge-scridde uffiren. 

10 And he cw. to heom. Swa hwile 
hus swa ge ingaS. wunieS fgeroSS^et ge 

Vanoiis Readings. 

C 11 . vi. 1. MnA ; {lanoii ; folgodon. % ge-ivordenura ; 
d{e„e angann ; tnenege ge-hyrdon Z ■wundrodon; cwaadon 
hwanon synd (lyssuro; mihta; geworden synd. 3. hwu; 
om )jis; smid marian sunu; broSoi ; aimoiiia; swustra; 
wuidon. 4. halend; witega buton wurSsoipe. 5. Eenig; 
wyrcan ; fewa untnunma on-asettujn handum. 6. heora 
ungeleafan; Iserde (sic); |ja castel. 7. ge-cleopode; agan 
(!? ) sBsndon; unclasnra. 8. wege »e namon; gyrde («!c); 
codd; hyo (sjc) gyrdium. 9. ge-seeode; cakuiMj tune- 
cum ; nserun. 10. ewaS; wuniaS, 

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3 foerde Sona eode . in oeSel his J fylgeduii hine Segnaa his tl 

1 *Et egressus inde abiit m patriam suam et sequebanUii: ilium discipiili sui. 2 et ' ^^':.?,''-'' 

gpwarS haligdoeg '1' suniiftdocg ongann jti somtoung^in spree itoro 1 moiilgo gehcrdon gewundrade woeror. mi' t:""- 
facto sabbato coepit in Bjnagoga docere et multi audientes admirabantur 

in l£i- his cuoeSende hwona Si sum Sas alle 3 hwiclc is snytra $in gesalil is liim 

in doctrina eius dicenfes unde liuic haec omnia et quae est sapieiitia quae data est ilii 

Z mashto Sullico SaSe Serb, honda 
et uirtutes tales quae per manus 

maties broSer iacobes 1 ioaephos 3 3 ahne 1 suoestio Ms her miS usic sint-tbiSoii 

mariae frater iacobi et ioseph et iudae et simonia nonne et sorores eiua liic nobiscum sunt 

J ge-ondspymed weron in him J puoeS fo him se hmlsnd foriSon ne is witge huta 

et acandalizabantur in illo. 4 *Et dicebat eis ihesus quia non est pi-ophcta siiie"5i,i. 

oeSel his 7 in eySSo his 3 in hus his 3 ne mi, tslii! 

patria sua et in cognatione sua et in domo sua. 5 et non 

maehte Ser mteht teiiige gewyrre huta hwon un-fi^migo miS on-setnum hondum ge-gemde-J'gehtelde 
poteiat ibi uirtutem uUam faceue nisi paucos infirmos inpositis manibiis curauit. 

5 gowundrad wsea fore un-geleaffulnise hiora 1 ymb-code *a portas utan-yrah gelserde 

6 et mirabatur propter incrcdulitatem illofu,m *Et circumibat castella in eireuitu doceiis. "^^' ''-,,.. 

mi. Ixxvi.' 
3 efne-geceigdo tuoelfo 3 ongann hia sende tuoge : gcsalde him-tSscm mEcht gasta 

7 *Et conuocauit duodecim et coepit cos mittere binos et dabat illia potestatem spiritum "■ xvi. 53. ii 

an-etonra 3 hebead him^Saam ne seniht hia gelfedde + genomo on woeg hufa gerd an 

iamundorum. 8 et praecepit eia ne quid toilerent in uia nisi uirgam tantum 

ne pohft'l'pasa ne h!af ne on gyrdils niteslen ah gescoed miS Buongum 3 ne ge-gearuad were 

non pcram non panem neqwe in zona aea. 9 sed calciatos sandalis et ne induerentur 

mis tusem tunucum-ttuiem. eyrtlum 3 ge-cuoeS to him sua hwider^'suahutek gie gaas in hus 

duabwa tunieis. 10 *Et dicebat eis quocumqae introieritis in domum"54. ii. 

Cip M 13 fooido ^orn, eade in oeSel his 3 fjl gduii h in Segnas his 3 3 gmaiX halig-d'eg on gaii m 
somnunga-i-m vpiece leia 3 raomge giherdun giwundrade weran in laium his cni-'^ende hwom Sas^Sissu7« 
alle Sis IS snjitru 1 hwelc giaild Hies him 3 msehte 8i ilcu SaSe Seih honda his gidoen bi iSon 3 ah 
ne Sis IS smiSes sunu 1 maria lioSor laoohes ] losepe* 3 ludaa n simonia ah ne awestei hei usih m S 
smdun 3 onspymade wevun in him 4 3 i,n'«« to him *e hsalend forSon ne is witga huta worSunge bata on 
oedle hiB 3 on cjSSo his 3 in huae his 5 3 ne msehte Sei lenig gimjrcin huta hwon untrjmige miS 
onsetnum honda gongende-1 gihselle 6 3 giniiidiad wses fore ungileoffulnisse hior^ 3 \mbeode 6i joitas utan 
jmh giterde " 3 efne gice^^de tnelfe 3 onirin hire sentia tttoege 3 gisalle him niishte gista un !Eenr^ 
8 3 hibeod hira "^tet n^en ht hise giltedde on woLg butan gerde ane ne pohha-lposa ne Mat ne on girdehe 
m'Bileii 9 ah giscoed ni\^ -Swonaum 3 ne gi geor»id weie mi8 twoam tunucum 10 3 gi owtcS to him s^^a 
liHidei swT ge gaas i hui "^ r wuniS wiS 1 ^■Et ge gse '^ona 

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11 "i swa hwylce swa eow iie ge-hyra^. 
ponne ge fianon fit gaS asccacaS -p dust of 
eowrum £otnm. hint on ge-witnesse ; 

12 AxiA ut-gangende hi bodedon -f hi 
dsedbote dydon 

13 3 hi manega deofol-seoenessa lit-adri- 
fon. "} manega untrume mid ele smyredon 
1 gehseldon ; 

14 And pa gehyrdc herodes se cyng pset; 
Sofjlice his nama wfes swutol geworden 1 
he cw£eB; Witodlice lohannes se fulhihtere 
of deaSe aras. 1 on him synd forf;am maegenu 

15 Sume ew^don he is elias. some 
cweedon he is witega swyice iiii of pam 
witeguiffl ; 

16 Da herodes f ge-hyrde he cwseS; Se 
iohaiines pe ic be-heafdode so aras of dea^e; 

17 OloSlice herodes sonde ^ het io- 
rO hantiew gebindan on cwcrtcrne. 

»<■ for I^Ecre herodiadiscan his broSar lafe phi- 
. lippus. for pam ^e he nam hi ; 

18 pasEede Johannes herode. nys pe aly- 
fed to hsebhennc l^ines broker wif ; 

19 Ba syrwde herodias ymbe hine ] wolde 
hine of-slean "i heo ne niihte; 

20 SoSlice herodes on-dred lohannem 1 
wiste -f he waes rihtwis. ] halig. ] he 
heold hine on cwerterne. "} he ge-hyrde -p 
ho fela winidra worhte 1 he luflice him 
hyrde ; 

21 pa se dseg com herodes gebrydtide he 
ge-gearwode mycele feorme his ealdor-man- 
num. ^ pam fyrme8tu»^ on galilca. 

Yimous Reudinjs 

1 B I 


1> 4 B hi^ B bolehi 

i B lis 


A B 


A deofel seocnjesa B «mj 

J don 14 




nama awutel gewoiden wees 

lo B 

eedun {2nd (ime) A helias 17 Ruhne 

, B adds— 




in carcerem pjoptei heiodiadem \ 



beiodrnmacan A bioSei , 

B bioSor 


B liie 


\ habtenne ^0 A cweiiterne A 

lufehce B 


vide .1 A Kel yrd tyde B 



nn lo 

B e 

Ido m-xa 1 n 

117 swa hwilee swa cow nc here^ j?anne 
ge Jjanen nt-ga^. ascace^ -p dust of eowren 
foten hem on ge-witnysse. 

12 ] ut-gangende hyo bodedan "f hyo 
deadbote dyden. 

13 1 hyo manege deofel-seoenysse ut- 
adrifcn. 7 manege untrume mid ele smere- 
den 1 gc-htelden. 

14 ^nd pa ge-byrde herodes se liyng -f. 
SoSliee his name wees swutel ge-worSen. T 
he cwfeS. Witodlice joliannes se fulluhtere 
of dea'Se aras. Z on him synd for fan 
manege ge-worht 

15 sume cwseSen he is helias. sume 
cwfeScn he is witege. swilc an of fa/ra 

It) ]?a herodes ■f ge-herde he cw. Se 
Johfl»«es pe ic be-heafdede se arasof dea^e. 

17 CiolSlJce herodes sende ^ het io- M^si 
fO hanne ge-binden on ewarterne. ii?™ 

for herodiadiscan his broker lafe philippus ™ro 
for |;an pe he naJ« hyo. dcm 

18 Da saigde iohannes herode. nis pQ 
alyfeS to haibbe J;ines broker wif. 

19 Da swerde herodias ymlie liine ] wolde 
hine of-slean 1 hyo ne mihte. 

20 SoSlice herodes on-drfedde iohanne 1 
wiste -f he wajs ribt-wis. 1 halig. "} he 
heold hine on ewarterne. "i he ge-hyrde ■f 
he fela wundre worhte 1 he lufcljee him ge- 

21 Da se daig com herodes gc-herde-tide. 
he ge-garwede micele feorme his ealdor- 
mannen. 1 pam fermestan on galilee. 

Various Readings. 
11 1 r S jjotine jjaniW!; a-acacaS; eowrura fotirni 
hill i2 bidtdon deedbote dydou. 13. manega deu- 
fiiLseoenjssa ut adufon; manega; smyredon; ge-hcel- 
don X4 cvning swutol ge-worden; bam mtenega. 19. 
cwteSon he his cntedon; witega. swyice; wiiegum. 18. 
ge hvrde , lohannea bebeaiUode. 17. Iohanne ge-bindam 
{•etc) cwferteinum bcoSor ; for |;am. ]8. sasgda; alyfed 
to hsebbenne 19 serwde {where MS. Hatton is wrong). 
IV on dred lohannB cwtei-terne; feola wundra; lufelice. 
21 ge-byrd tide gegarewode; mannon; fyrmeEtum; gtt- 

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3 Bua-hueic se^e ne onfoeS iuli ne ge-heveS iuh miSSy gie gaas Sona ; 

11 *Et quicumqwe non receperit uos nee audiermt uos exeuntes inde 

■p asca of fotiim iurura in cjBnisse liim 

puluerera de pedibw-? 

hreawnise dedon 

paenitentiam agereiit. d 

cuoeS for^on iohannes 
dieebjit quia iohan[Ti]e b n p p ui 

q h di 

Tin us ex prop lie ti a. 

1 m 

{ore hetodiadea le 

propter herodiadam uxm qd ()8Dibm 

iohannes herode ne is gelefed Se to habLanne hlaf bioJSres 8mea heiodia uutedhce gesetnade 

iohannes berodi non licet tibi habere nxorem fratris tui. 19 berodias autem insidiabatur 

him "} walde ofslaa hine ne miehte herodes fort^on ondrcard iolumnen wiste liine 

illi et uolebat occidere eum nee poterat, 20 herodea enim metuebat iohanncn sciens eum 

wer soSfsegt 3 halig 7 geheald hine 3 miSBy geherde hine nienigo he gedyde 7 lustlice 

uimm iustum et sanctum et custodicbat euin et audito eo multa faciebat et libentcr 

hine geherde 7 miSSy dieg raaccalic gecuom i geneolecde heiocle* eennise his farma •t symhel 

eum audiebat. 21 et cum dies oportunus accidiaset herodes natalis sui cenam 

dyde i worhte Bfem aldormonnnm 1 holduiii J forwostum galileass 

fecit principibws et tribunist ct priiiiis galilaeae. t 

II 3 swa liwelc awa no oi f cS lott le gi 1 Lrts on niS B( gegas Bona scJecas-l drjgas St i t i 88Bt dvst cf 
fotuin loirnm in >Smaie h □ 1' 3 niSSv gienluii to hm foibodadna ^te hreoms^e delui lo 3 dowlas 

monige foidnten 1 smiredun mi5 oele menigo untiyinige 3 gihselde 14 3 giherle heiodes cynig eowunga 

forSon giwoiden ntes noma hs 3 cwfeS foiSon lohowncs «e fulwihtere eft aras from leaSe 3 foiSon hia unwoene 
smt msehte m him 15 oSio ttutidlice oSio soSl ee ewedun witja is snelce an from witgum 

16 miBSy gilieide herodes ciiEeS Sone ic ofceorf lohannen Sea fiom eft aras !7 seKe forSon heiodes 

sende 3 giheold iohanmn 3 gihind hine in eert, eme fore herodiades kfe ph hppes bcoSer hia forSon Itedde bme 
18 owEoB forSon lohanni's herodiade ne is gtlefed Se to hablianne life broSei Sineo 19 herodiade wutudljce 
gissettna le him 3 walde of sla hine ne mtehte 21) herodes wi tu Uif e ondieoid iohannes wiste hine wer 

BoSltest 3 Sffit hahg i giheoll hine 3 giherde hine munigo he gidWe 3 Inst lice hue giherdin (s c) 13 

miSSy dfege macalice gicom-J-gmeohcade herodea cenni *e his fe ine d>de 5j}r\ ildur monnuni. n hold ii 3 f i 
westiim galUes 

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33 1 pa Sa |!Eere herodiadiscaii dohtor inn- 
eode ] tumboclG. hit licode herode. "i eal- 
lum pam ^e him raid SEeton ; Se cing cwa;^ 
Jja to 'Sam rasedene. bide nic swa hwfet swa 
|?u wylle 7 ic pe sylle ; 

23 And he swor hire. soSes ic pe sylle 
swa hwset swa pxk me bitst. j^eah J;u wylle 
healf rain rice; 

34 0a heo ut eode heo cwa;S to hyrc 
meder; Hwses bidde ic; Pa cw^p heo. 
iohannes heafod p^s fuUuhtcres; 

25 Sona|)ahcomidofsteinii tojjawiciiiincge 
eode. heo bsed] l^us cwK^; Ic wylle fSu me 
hrsedliceon anum disce sylle iohannes heafod; 

S6 pa wearS se cinincg geunret for pam 
aSe. "i for pam 'Se him raid sajton ; Nolde 
I^eah hi ge-unretaii. 

27 ac sende Eenne cwellere 1 behead "f 
man his heafod on anum disce brohte ; And 
he hine pa on cwertenie beheafdode. 

28 '} his heafod on disce brohte ^ hit 
sealde pam ra^edene. 1 ■f masden hit sealde 
hire meder ; 

29 Da his enihtas ■f gc-hyrdon hi comon 
] his lie naraon. H hine on byrgene 
ledon ; 

30 M^o^lice pa '6a apostolas togfedere 
KJ comon. hi cyddon pam heelende 

eall -jj hi dydon "} hi Iterdon. 

31 "S he sa>de him ; Cuma^ 1 uton gan 
onsundron on weste stowe. 1 us hwon 
restan ; SoSIice manega wa;ron pe comon 
7 ageu-hwyrfdon 1 fyrst ntefdon ■p hi Eeton. 

33 7 on scyp stigende. hi foron onsun- 
dran on weste stowe 

Vari ii I 

22. A. (lohter in-eode 3 t mbade 

A. msedetine. 33, A. byddeat S 

A. ej-ninge. A. sylle on 
Jieh hig, ; B. |jeah hig 

B. anne. A, owelere. 
28. A. inserts anum bef 
A. Ivchainan; B. lie {ali'r d to 1 lanon) A by 

■ - - ■ .J, 31 B a u di 

\ B h s 32 A 


A cy ng B c g 

■i3 A ofeste A. nlo 

4 a e "6 A jn g A 

' A asendu [/o a se de] 

wsartei- e B beheafd de 

1> 9 4 hg 

' ' ^y g in 

dra B 

22 } pa |?a fiare herodiadiscen dohter in- 
eode 7 tumbede. hit licode herode. 7 eallen 
fam l^e him mid sfeten, Se kyng cwseS fa 
to |;am raeigdene. bide me swa hwaat swa p\i 
wille. 7 ich pe sylle. 

23 jEnd he swor hire. SoSes ich j^e 
sylle swa hwait swa |ju me bydst. fjah J)u 
wille half mine rice. 

24 pa hye ut eode. hyo cwfeS to hire 
moder. Hwats bidde ich. Pa cweeS hye. 
Iohannes heafed fas fulluhteres. 

25 Sona fa hye mid efste in to f am kynge 
geode. hyo bad 7 f us cw^S. Ic wille -J fume 
r^dlieo on anen dissce seile Johannes heafed, 

26 Da warS se tyng ge-unrot for fan 
a^e. 7 for f am fe raid him sfeten. Nolde 
fah hyo unrotan 

27 ac scnte fenne cwellere 7 be-bead "f 
man his heafed on anen dissce brohte, .^nd 
he hine fa on cwarterne be-heafdede. 

28 7 his heafed on disce brohte. 7 hit 
sealde fam maigdene. 7 ■f raaigden hit 
sealde hire moder. 

39 Da his cnihtes ftet ge-herden. hyo 
comcn 7 his lichame namen 7 hine on be- 
rigene leigdon. 

30 O^oSliee fa. fa apostles to-gfedere 
fO comen. hyo kydden fam Iiaslende 

eall -f hyo dyden. 7 hyo la^rden. 

31 7 he saigde heom.' CumeS 7 iiten gan 
asundran on weste stowe, 7 us hwon resten. 
SoBIice manege wairen fe comen 7 agen 
hwffirfden 7 ferst n^efden 'f hyo seten 

33 7 on scyp stigende hyo foren onsun- 
dien on i\e&te stowe 

I ( 

22 bed ad s an (s ) dohtor; ealle ; sfeton; eyning ; 

nte^de e o 23 E 1 c; hiist; deaS' [/or ))ah] ; healf. 
24 heo c 1 eo \_f>r second bye] ; he^od. 25. hyo ; 

5 ge eode heo a um disee sylie; heafod, 26. wearS; 
cyn ng fiam [/or f-an] sseton ; pesh. 27, sende anne ; 
b af d anu d ce e ffirterne bebeafdude. 28. heafod; 
mtede e u ■e d n 9 enihtas; ge-hytdon; lie namon; 
by gene apostlas ogadere comon; cydden, balende; 
dydon Ire Tlon 31 seede Cuma8 ; uton ; restan; manega 
ns mo U»rf] n; fyrst niBfdon. 33. foron on- 

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1 mis By _ in-eode dohter Kserte herodiados 3 pltegedc 1 gclicado-tl miSSy gelioade herodo 

22 cumqwe introisset filia ipsius herodiaclis et saliasset ot placuisset lierodi 

c miS-J:i Ecdgeadre atem hlingondum eynig cuoeS aEcm msfidne giuigJ'wilnig from me -^to Eii wiUt-twajlle ] 

simulque recumbentibws rex ait pucllae pete k me quod uls et 

swor hir foj-Soii-l'^te suec hwiet Bu gcgiuas io sello Se Sah se a half rices 

.ii'auit illi quia quidqiiid petiei'is dabo tibi licet demedium regni 

Siu migisy from eode cuoeS moeder hire hutet ic giuge wselle 1 hiu cuoeS heafud iohannis 

24 quae cum esisset dixit matri suae quid petam et ilia dixit capud iohannis 


roiSSy inn- eode son a miS oefeste 

25 cumq;*6 introisset Btatim cum festinatione . 

reconhce 8u selle me 
protinua des mihi 

disc heofud iohannii fulmhteres 
disco capud iohannis baptistae. 

cynige wilnade cuoeS ic willo fte 
regem petiuit dicens uolo ut 

] un-rodsade se cyning fore 
26 et contiistatus rex proptei 

aS gesuoerenum J tore f,c. miS restende walde hia imroJsigo ah sonde ne walJe 

iiisiurandum et propter simul recumbentes uoluitf earn contristarc. 27 sed misso 'I" -^ iioluit. 

aoeware ge-heht to gebrenga heafud his 

Speculatore pracccpit ad-t'erri capud eiua 

to-brohte heafiid hia in disc 1 salde -p Sfer maagdne ■J f miSgden cuoeS moder his miSSy 

attulit capud eius in disco ct dedit Jllud puellae et puella dicit matri au£e, 29 quo 

geherdon Segnas his cuomoii 1 Iscdon hchoma his 3 gesetton -p ia byrgenne 
audito discipuli eius uenerunt et tulemnt corpus eius et posucrunt illud in monumento. 

3 efnc-cwomou Sa apostolas 
30 *Et con-uenientea apostoli 

Stem bmlende eft-geHtegdon him alle 
iheswm renuntiauerunt illi omnia 

dydon : 
egerant et * 

lisi-don 3 cuoeS to him cymes aundrig in woestig styd 3 restas huoii 

docuerant. 31 *Et ait illis uenite seorsuni in desertum locum et requiescite pusillum =- 

woeron forSon ISaSe cuomon 3 eft-cuomon 4" menigo ne etes first hsefdon 3 

erant enlm qui ueniebant et rediebant multi nee manducandi spatium habebant. 32 *Kt " 

astigedon in acip foerdon in woestig styd sundur 
ascendentes in naui abiemut in desertum locum seorsum. 

22 raiSS( m PC le iohtei Sesii, hi-rjdnde! 3 pW^eile 3 gil ale 1 ciole "e mi"^ "^am hhonenlum cjn ^ c«'eK ^jjin 
m»gdne giowi from me Ssette Su wjlt 3 ic selo Se 23 3 swdi hii foiKon fiifcon (sjt) Sffite B«a hwa;t ana 
Su giowas ic selo Se ah Se all half rice mm 24 SSio miSSy fiora cwEcfe to moeder hue hwtet giowigo 
ih welle 3 hio cnaj« heofud iQhannes Stes fulwihteiea 25 miS 55j m eode sma miS oefeste to Seem cjniffe 
wUuade cwseS ic wyllo Sseite lecunhce 5u selle me on disce heofvd lohanngs Sees fulwihteies 2b 5 unrotsade 
wses Ka eymg fore aSura gisnornum 3 foi eo {net mi6 re-.tendum nalde hia tiaiotEiga 27 ah sende sceaweiel 
aceawende wtes heht to gibienga-l to-hiohte heofud his on disce 3 giceoif hine m caiceine 23 3 to hiohte 

heofud his on disce 3 salde Stet Stem m»a<5ne 3 aa?t mtegden salde moeder hue 39 miS 6j giherdun Segnae 
his ccmon 3 Ifeddun he homi hii 3 setlun Si;t in bjrt,eime 30 3 eftie comun 6a apostdas t) b'eni hteletidg 
eft Btegdun him alle Sa Se dydon 3 laiidun 31 3 

raaste him (sic) weiun forSon. Sa Se comun 3 eft comur 
foeidun m woestif, st^ 1 1 =i™e sundr ge 

I him cumaS ge sjndiige i 
3 ne etcs firsle heefde 

oestige stowe 3 

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33 "i gesawon hi fareniie. "i hi ge-cneowon 
manega; And gaiigende of ^am buvgu)« 
Jtyder urnon. ] hi*?* beforan comoii ; 

34 And |ja se hselend ^anoii eode. he 
geseah mycele meiiegu. 1 he ge-miltsode 
him for ))aJM pe hi wteron swa swa seep J?e 
nanne hyrde nabbaS ; And he ongan hi fela 

35 "i pa hit mycel yidiiig wses. his leorii- 
ing-enihtas hhn to coition 1 cwtedon. J^eos 
stow is weste 1 tima is forS agan. 

36 forltet pas meiiega. -p hi faran on 
gehende tunas. "} him mete hicgan. -p hi 

37 pa cwseS he sylle ge him etan; Da 
cwffidon hi nton gan. 7 mid twam hundred 
penegon hlafas bicgaii. 1 we him etan 
syllaS ; 

38 Da cwjeS he hu fcla hlafa hajbbe ge. 
gaS ] loeiaS. 1 pa hi wiston hi cwEedon. fif 
hlafas ] twegen fix as. 

39 :i fa be-bead se htelend -p S^t folc 
SEete ofer -f grene hig. 

40 1 hi pa SEeton hundredon 1 fiftigon. 

41 1 fif hlafum. 7 twam fixii)« onfan- 
genujw he on heofon locode :! hi bletsode. 
"} j^a hlafas bi-^ec. 1 sealde his leoruing-eiiih- 
tum. -p hi toforan him asetton. 7 twegen 
fixas him callon da^lde 

42 7 hi aiton pa ealle "} gefyllede wurdon ; 

43 And hi namon |;ara hlafa. 1 fixa kfe. 
twelf wiliaii fulle ; 

44 So'^lice fif l^usend manna fiara etendra 
w&ron ; 

Various Readings. 
33. A. B. hig. (twice). B. gecneowun. B. buriigi 
34. A. J^aneQ. A. mteaigeo. A. B. big. A. sceap. A. 
A. naiiiiie. A,B. hig. A. ftela. 35. B. leominc^-cnilitas. 
36. A. mienegeo. A. hig. A. faron ; B. farun, 
hyegon. A.B, hig. 37. A.B. hig. A. penegum. 
A. faala. 'A. hyj;. A.B. hig. 4U. A.B. hig. A, hundredum, 
A. fyfteguin: li. fiftigum. 41. A. heofen. A.B. hig. A. 
bletsade. A.B. hig. A. eallum. 42. A. hig. 43. A.B, 
hig. A. [iBsra. A. B. lafa. 44. A. ^itera. 

33 7 ge-seagen hyo farende 7 hyo ge- 
cneoweii manege. Mud gangende of )?am 
burgeii fider urneu. ] him be-foren comen. 

34 ] pa se h^elend jjanen eode. he ge- 
seah mycele menigeo. 7 he ge-miltsede 
heom. for ]7ara pe hyo warren swa swa seep 
I'e nEenne herde najbhed. 7 he on gan hyo 
feola la?ren. 

35 J j^a hit mycel ylding wass his leorn- 
ing-ciiihtes him to comen 7 cwaiSen. ]:eos 
stowe is weste 7 time is for'5 agan. 

36 for-lfet fas manigeo ^ hyo faven on 
ge-hende tunes 7 heom mete heggen -p hyo 

37 pa cwse'S he selle ge heom etan. Da 
cwse'Sen hyo utan gan. 7 mid twam hun- 
dred panegen hlafcs byggen 7 we heom 
£eten syllen. 

38 Da cwas^ he hu fcla hlafe hasbbe 
gc gaS 7 lokiaS. 7 pa hyo wiston hyo 
cwffiSen. fif hiafes 7 twegen fisces. 

3i) 7 pa be-bead se ha;lend pmt -f folc 
sEete ofer ■f grene haig. 

40 7 hyo pa sseten hmitlredon 7 fiftigen. 

41 7 fif hlafen. 7 twam fiseen on-fan- 
genera he on heofon lokede. 7 hyo bletsode. 
7 fa hlafcs brasc. 7 sealde his leorning-ciiih- 
ten -p hyo to-foren heom asetten. 7 twegen 
fixsces heom eallen djelde. 

43 7 hyo seten fa ealle 7 ge fylde wurScn, 

43 And hyo name[n] fare hJafe 7 fixsce 
lafe twelf wilieii fulle, 

44 So'Slice fif f usend maiina fare astendre 

Various Meddmgs. 

33. ge-saweii; fierende; manega; huhrgum; urnon; be 
foran comon. 34. Jjaaon ; meuegeo ; ge-miltsode ; warow 
sceap ; hyrde nabbaS ; Iseron. 35. cnihtas ; cwiegon; tima 
36. menega; tunas; byggan; eton. 37. sylle ; cwaSon , 
vton; penegon hlafas oycgan; etan syllaS. 38. hwu fele 
hlafa habbe; lociaS; cwatSon; hlafas; twege fiscas, 39. 
heig. 40. steion; fiftigura. 41. hlafom; f^sum; on-fan- 
ffenum ; ioeode; hlafas ; cnihtas; to-foran ; asetton ; fixas ; 
uasldon. 4J. eten; wurdon, 43. iiamon I>ara; fisca; 
wylian. 44, Jiara etendre wteron. 

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3 gesegon hia geongende 3 on-geion monigo J- foeSemenn 1 of olliim ceastriiw 

33 et uiderunt eoa abeuntea et cognouerunt mnlti et pedestres ct de oninibas ciuitatibws 

efne-ge-uurnun giiier J before geeiioinoQ hia 3 eofle gesaeli micelo J!reat se hailend 3 

coDciuTerunt illuc et praeuenerunt eos. 34 et exieiis uidit multam turbam ihesus et 

mils an Se wss ofer hia torioa weroii suelce sotp ne htefdon hiorde 1 ongann Isera hia 

miser tua est super eos quia eraat aicut ouea non habentes pastorem et coepit do cere illoa 

feolo 4- monigo 3 rQiSSj- soSlice stando -Iriiionigo weds geneolecdoa Segnas his cuoeBeTide unbyed 

multa 35 et cum iain mora multa fieret accesserunt discipuli eiua dicentea disertus 

is styd 613 eo aoS tld is foi^-ge-eatl-I'tid eade foclet hia^Ka ^te hia geonga in Ba nesta 

est locus hie *Et iara hora praeteriuit. 36 dimitte illos ut euutes in proximas " 

gQiTifero 7 londo bycges'l'ceapaa him motto Sa ettes J georiduaearde cueS to Siem solles '" 

Tiiilas et uicos emant eibi cibos quos manducent. 37 et respondens ait illig date 

hiia eatta 3 cuoedon him miSSy ge-eadon bycge me miS peiiningum tuiem hundvm hlafo 3 selle wo 

eis manducai'e et diseru[n]t ei euiites emamus denariis ducentis panes et dabimus 

3 cuoe6 to him hu monig hlafo habbaS glo gaaS5 3 gese^iS 3 migSy 
38 et die it eis qiiot panes habetis ite et uidete et cum 

■n-tongeton cuoedon iif 3 tnoege fiscaa 7 heht him f te gesniSa gedydon 

cognouissent dicunt cjuinque et duos piseea. 39 et praecipit illis ut accumbere facerent 

alle EcftCT" ofer groene gei's 3 to-dseldoa in dalum Xerh hundras 

omnes secundum contubeniia super niride faenum. 40 et discubuerunt in partes per centenos 

3 Serb fiftigum 3 miaay weron onfence fif hlafo 3 tue fiscas locade in 

et per quinquagenos, 41 et acceptis quinque panibits et duobws piacibws intuens in 

heofne gebloedsade 3 gebrsegc «a hlafo 3 salde Segimm bia ^tc hia gesetta befoj'e hia 3 taoege 
caelum benedixit et fregit panes 'et dedit discipulis suis ut ponerent ante eos et duos 

fisces deelde allum 
pisces diuisit omnib'ii 

Sa_ hlafo Sara screadunga tuoelf eeaulas fuHe 3 of fiscum woeron untedlice «a Se 

reliquiaa tragmentorum duodecim copliiuos plenos et do piscibus, 44 erant autem qui 

breconJ'elon ilf Siisendo wfero+warana 

manducauerunt quinqiie milia uirorwm. 

33 3 gLse^,un hiffi j,on„eiile ] ongetnnJrc um 3fS fllietruf 1 

3 bifora comon hn? o4 3 tode gisreh micle i5taSiali3!lft, Ise *v 1 

BCip ne htetdim hicrde 3 en aan Isoia hise feol ?m g 3 7 «6) SI t d g t eol 

cadun Segnas his ewe'^end him unbyed twestig t S Std f gd SBflthJe-t-h 

(fonge m Ca nestu gimeeiu 3 lond bjccas^^ceop hmmttSS t 33 dwd aaSthmS 

htelenrf sellas Stem low miS to eotaune :ond 1 SK d g gw-tffawmiSp gmt aim 

hundreSum hlafe 3 selle we him to eotaniie 38 3 wEe'^ to 1 m 1 wset 11 f h bl S3 « 3 m SSy 

oncneowun cwedun ta him hfe 3 twoLgo fiscas 39 3bb Ibm-flieg d 11 ieft t gr m 

heggei'grese 40 3 gid'ellun bi-e in hu d S 3 S h flft g m 41 3 m S Sj w f fif hi f 

3 locade on heofnas gibletsade J bi-ec Sa hi fas 3 id 6 ml ^st h ea g tt b f h » 3 t 
flacaa d-eldc allum 42 3 etun 3 alle 3 gifjU 433eim61fS d tlf 1 

fuUe 3 of bsce 44 werun wuludliLD Sa Se Ltun flf Suaend v 

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45 Tr\a soiia he nydde his leorning- 
-L-' cnihtas on scyp stigan. -f hi 

him beforan foron ofcr J;a3ne muj^aa to beth- 
saida. op he -p folc for-Iete ; 

46 And |ja he hi for-let he ferde on f'one 
munt 1 hino ana par gebeed; 

47 And pa aifen waes f scyp wa;s on 
middre sje. "i he ana wses on lando 

48 1 he ge-seah hi on rewette swincende. 
him wEes wiSer-weard wind ; And on niht 
embe pa, feorfian wseccan he com to him 
ofer pa sec gangende. !l wolde hi for-bu- 

49 pa hi hine gesawon ofer J;a sS gan- 
gende hi wendon -p hit unfele gast wsere. 
1 hi clypedon ; 

50 Hi ealle hiue gesawon. ] wurdon 
gedrefede "i sona he sprspc to him "J cwseS; 
Gelj-fal) ie hit eom. ne J^urfon ge eow on- 

51 :i he on scyp to him eode. 1 se wind 
geswac ] hi fees pe ma betwux him wun- 

52 ne ongeton hi be pam hiafon ; SoSIice 
heora heorte wass ablend; 

53 And );a hi ofer-segledon. hi comon 
to genesar. T par wicedon. 

54 ^ pa hi of scipc eodoa. sona hi hine 
gecneowon ; 

55 And eall f rice befarende hi on 
SEeccingum bsron J;a untruman. far hi hine 
gehyrdoD ; 

Various Readings. 

<,Rubric~-B. daig). 43. B. Icornincg. A. B. h f B 
forun. A. Jione. A. betsdda, 46, A. B. hi^. 4 B 
midre. 48. B. ge-seh. A. B. hig. A, ymbe. A. B h i' 

49. A. B. hig {twice). A. unclsene [for unfa>le], A. B I g 

50. A. B. Hig. A. hyne eaile. B. gesawun 3 wuiid r (i ) 
A. nollan ; B. nellen [/or ne [;urfon]. B. adrwdan. 51 
A. B. hig, A. hetweox. 52, A. on-geatoii, A. B 1 g 
A, hlafum; B, hlafun. B. hyra. 53. A. B.hig. A 1 g 
54. A. hig. A. B, hig, B. gecneowun, 55. A h g 

45 "I^A- sona he nydde his leorning- 
J cnihtes on scyp stigon -f hyo 
him be-foren foran ofer Jeanne muSan to 
bethsaida, oS he p folc for-lcte. 

46 7 jja he hyo for-let, he ferde on fanne 
munt, 1 hine ane IJ^er ge-bted. 

47 And fa jefen wecs 'f scyp wtes on 
midre sse. "i he ane wjes on lande. 

48 "i he ge-scah hyo on reowette swin- 
cende. heora WEes wiSerward wind, iEnd 
on nyht yrabe pa feorfan weecan he com 
to beom ofer fa sse gangende. T wolde hyo 

49 Da hyo liine ge-seagen ofer pa sre 
gangende, hyo wenden f hyt un-fele gast 
w«re, "] hyo clypedon, 

50 Hyo ealle hine ge-seagen Z wurden 
ge-drefedc, 1 sone he sprsec to heom. 1 
cw, Ge-IefeS ich hit em, nellen ge eow 

51 1 he on scyp to heom code. 1 se wind 
ge-swa!C. !l hyo fas fe ma be-tweoxe heora 

52 ne on-geaten hyo be f am hlafan, SoS- 
lice heore heorte wees ablend. 

53 And fa hyo ofer-seigledon, hyo comen 
to gcncsar. "} fter wicoden. 

54 1 fa hyo of scype eoden, sone hyo 
hine ge-cueowen. 

55 jEnd eall p rice be-farende. hyo on 
sfeccinge beeren fa untrumen fser hyo hine 

Various Readings. 

!o en 1 ta st gan he to in ]i nne, 46. [lonne ; ana ; 
„el.sS 4 E 1 ef 4& t.e-seh; rewette; forjian 

^lECC eom fiaw for hut, i 49. ge-sawon; aa; nn- 

f le ate hpodon 50 f,^*^™n; wurSon; sona he 
f>pre S GreljfS ic ht era ndraadon. 51, him; 

geanac );a.s hetteox 53 o o-eaton; heora. 53. hi 

oftrsglbd fiari* edon 54 ge-enewan. 65. eal ; 

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J sona ge-Sreate Sennas his aatige SfDt scip ^te hia fore-eode hine tifev lub 

45 *Et statim coegit discipuloa suoa ascendere iiaucm ut praecederent eum trans fretum " 6s. 

to Seer byrig Sa liwile he forleorte Sa3t folc 7 

ad betlisaidam dEui ipse dimitteret populum. 46 *E 

geljidda 7 miSSy ef[e]rn^smolt woere wees soip in niiddum saics 7 he ana on eorSu 

ovare. 47 *Et cum scro csset erat nauis in medio mari ct ipse solas in terra. '^ 

J gesffih Ilia wynnennde ia rowincg wais foj-Son wind wiSer-word him :i ymb Sa fcarSa 
48 et uidens eos laborantes in remigando erat enim uentns coiitrarius eis et circa quartam 

wacan nailites cuom to hira geongende ofer sa;e 3 walde bi-cerre hia soS hia -f 

uigiliam noctis ueiiit ad eos ambiilans super mare et uolebat prteterire eos. 49 at illi ut 

geaegon liine geongende ofer sae Ilia woendon yfel wiht 

uiderunt eum ambulantem super mare putauerunt phantasma 

to him gelefes ic am nallaB gie ondrede 3 astag to him in 

illis contidite ego sum nolite timere. 51 *Et aseendit ad illos in 

1 torSor auiSe bituih him styltoa-i-suigdon na forSon oncneaun of hlafum Wfes forSon 

et plus magis intra s^ stupebaot. 52 non enim intellexerant de pauibws erat enim 

hearta hiora fore-geblind^fore-geSistrat 3 raiSSy ofer-foerdon Serh cuomon on earSo 

ciir iUorum obcecatum. 53 *Et cum trans-Ire tassent peruencrunt in terram ■ 69. ii. 

Iv. xxiui 
mt. cliii. 
8tBS folees genatzeaf 3 3 miSSy ferende weron of scip sona otigeton hine 

gennesaretli et applicuerunt. 54 cumqwe egressi easent de naui continuo cognouerunt cum. 

3 ierh wurnon all 16nd 3a ilea ongunnun in herum hia Sa Se yfle hsfdon 

55 et percurrentes uniuersam regionem illam coeperLml in grabatis eos qui se male habebant 

ymh beara ger gehevdon hine £ed he were 
circumferre ubi audiebant eum esse. 

43 a sini. gigieatido Sennas his to sttginne in tcip > hie foie eode hn t luh t S£e b g 8a wh le 
ho forleorte Siet folc 46 3 mi«-4j toileoit hiw eade on moi gibidda 4 : m 6 6} f n 3 n It wte p 
on raiddum ste 3 he ana on eorSo 48 3 gisseh hifB wiinendo m lowing aotaii nd Swlhn3 
jmb 8a fearSa wacune n^htes <om O him Se bmlend gongende ofer sas 7 lib a 1 k 49 S 1 £b ^ 

gisegun hine gongende oler s-e hice woendun yfel wiht weie 3 cliopadua-t gdm. 11 Bag h n g gun 
3 gidroefde-luQiOtsade werun 3 sona lie S[.ierende wes mi6 him 3 cwteS t hm gl f 1 tt ra nail n ge 

ondrwU 51 3 astag to hira in icip 3 giblan ■? sette Se nind 3 forSor w S h t h 1 n t\lt n-1 g dun 7 
iSreadun 52 ne fgiSon oncneowun of hlatum webs foi-Kon heorta hiora fo bl d 1 53 3 m S Bj f In S 1 
rtmun on p)^^u **s folchea geit&aic : i to phci 54 3 mi8 By frerenl n f p n t n 1 

JO 3 Seih mm all loiid-1 Seade Ba ileu on gunnun on bLrum hits Sa Se yf 1 1 tefd j nb b a S h eg I dun 
hine > he weie 

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56 And swa hwar swa he on wic opjie 
on tunas eode. on straeton hi Jja untruman 
ledon. 1 hine badon ■f hi hiiru his refes 
fnsed ^t-hrinon. 7 swa fela swa hine ajt- 
hrinon hi wurdon hale. 


''^^d'"" ■'' T^^ coraon to him pharisei "i suine 
^ryddan j^ bocevas cuttiende fra/n bierusalew. 

S tl ba hi ffe-sawon sume of his leornine- 

iBemntad fa ^o 

ni. A. cnihton besmitenuB? handum ■J is un- 
l^wogenum handuia etan. hi tseldon hi ] 
cwEedon ; 

3 Pharisei "i calle iudeas ne etaS buton 
hi hyra handa gelomlice J^wean. healdende 
hyra yldrena gesctnessa. 

4 ] on strtetc hi ne etaS buton hi ge- 
fjwegene beon. 7 manega ol^re synd pe 
him gesette synt. f is calicea frym^a. 1 
ceaca- 1 arfata. 1 msestlinga ; 

5 And pa axodon hiiie pharisei 1 pa 
hoceras. hwi ne gaS pine leorning-enihtas 
EEfter ure yldrena gesetnysse. ac besmitenum 
handujw hyra hlaf f'icgaS ; 

6 Ba andswarodc he him ; Wei witegod 
isaias be eow licceterum swa hit awriten is ; 
pis folc me mid weleruw* wur^a^. soSlice 
hyra heorte is feor fraw; me. 

7 on idel hi me wurSiaS. 1 manna lare 
7 bebodu IseraS ; 

8 So];Iiee ge forlfetaS godes bebod. 7 
healdaS manna laga. |;weala eeaea 7 caliea. 
7 manega ofre f'ylce ^iiig ge doS ; 

56. A. hig {twice). A, reafes; B. refea A fn^let, 
jetliryiian moston. A, fiela. A. liig. 

Cap. vii. 1. A. fecisei. 2. A. hig. A cnjhtum A 

un-)jWBgeinim. A. B. liig (toice). 3, A B fuisei A 
hig heota. A. heora. A. gesetnyssa, 4 A B hig A 
byg. A. Hj-nd [fur synt]. A. B. fyrniSa. 5 A lesodun 
A. B. farisei. B. geaeCeAnyssa. 6. A. B witegode A 
lycetenim; B. liceievum. A. weorjiaS. A heora ' A 

B.hig. A. wuorSiaS. B.lara. 8. A. {>\ lu A ^nUce 

5G iEnd swa bwEer swa he on-wicnede 
on tunas eoden. on strJEten hyo pa. untru- 
men leigdoo. 7 hine bseden p hyo hwore 
his reafes fined Eet-rinen. 7 swa fele swa 
bine eet-rinen hyo wurSeii hale. 


1 "r\A comen to bym farisej 7 sume 
-LJ' bokeres cumende fram ierusalem. 

2 7 ]^a hyo ge-seagen sume of his leorn- 
ing-cnihten be-smitene handen -p is un- 
[;wogenen handen aiten. hyo telden hyo 
7 cwteSen. 

3 Farisej 7 eal!e iudeas ne teteS buton 
hyo heore hande ge-Iomlice j^wean healden- 
de heora yldre ge-setnysse. 

4 7 on strEBte hi ne ^ta'S. buton hyo ge- 
jiiwegen beon. 7 manege oSre synde pe 
heom ge-sette synde. p is calice frymf a 7 
eeaca. 7 apfata 7 manslage. {.sic). 

5 Ac pa axode hine farisej ] Jja boeeres 
hwi ne gad J;ine leoruing-cnihtes Eefter ure 
yldrena ge-setnysse. ac be-smitenen handen 
heora hlaf |;iggieS. 

6 Da andswerede he heom. Wei wite- 
gede ysaias be eow liceteren swa hit awriten 
is. Dis folc me mid weleren wur^ed. soS- 
liee heore heorten his feor fram mo. 

7 on ydel liyo me wurSiaS. 7 manna 
lare 7 bebode Iffired. 

8 So^lice ge for-laeteS godes bebod. 7 
healded manna lage. fweala ceaca 7 calica. 
7 manege oSre jiellice Jiing ge doS. 

Various Readings. 

'6 on w c o'^Se [for on-wienede]; strfeton hi ]>a untru- 

m 11 le^d 11, liuru [for hwore]; refes fned ietiinon; 

Lap ^11 1 iiiisei; hoceras. 2. f;e-saweii; cnihtiwihe- 
Hinitenvw handini; un-Jjmogenum haiidum etan; tseldon; 
e«flaS!oii 3 Fariaei; otaS ; heora handa; hiora yldeta 
gesetnjssa, 4. elaS ; manefia; synt \fiir "ind syudej; 
cal)ceafr)rmt)a (st'c); apfata (sic) 3 mffisU in ga. 5. MxiA; 
'i\sodon hoceraa; gaS; cnihtas; ge-settednyaae ; be-smitfl- 
num hondan |>icgaS. 6. audswarede; witegode; licete- 
lura , weleiuwj wurSaB ; heorte is \where Hatton MS. hag 
hzoitpaiwi indistinctly], 7. lara 3 hehodutereS. 8. for- 
I Kf iS 1 cildi* laga ; manega ; JivUicB. 

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: swa huider infoerde in londum i in mrerunt •i' in ceastrum in pltepum geseton 

56 et Quocumque introibat in uicos uel in iiillas aut in ciuitates in plateis poiicbant 

6a Tzn-tnmigo 3 ge-tedon hiiie ^te i fasnc gewnede _ his guhnnon ^ sua oHoi gehu- 

infirriios et depraecabantur eum ut uel fimbriam uestimenti ems taii^'erent et quot-quot taiige- 

non Line hale gewurdon 
bant sum sjilui fie bant. 

tin him "i Slime oSer of uSurilum cyraende from hiui-usolim 

1 *Et coiiueniunt ad earn pbarisaei et quidam de acribis uenientes ab bicmsolimis. ■ xx. 70, x 

3 miSBy gesegon sume oSero from Segiium liia gemEenslieum mi* hondum fi is un-6uegenum 
2 et cum uidissent quoadam ex diacipulia oius communibM manibws id eat non lotia 

eata hlafo foi-cuoedon Eirdon 1 alle iudei huta of tar geSuogon 

manducai-e panes uitu-peraueruiit, 3 pliarisaei enim et omnes iudaei nisi crebro lauerent 

hondo ne etton gehealdon setnesse-tselenisse aeldra 3 from 6ing-stow sie gefuiwuad ne 

mauus non mandueant tcnentes traditionein seniorum. 4 et a foro niai baptizentur non 

etton hia 1 oSero nienigo sint Sa Se gcsald aron Ssem-l'him to haldanne fuulwihta calica-l' disca 3 
comcdunt et aiia multa. sunt qu33 tradita sunt illis aeruare baptiamata calicum et 

3 :i 1 gefrugnun hine 1 uS-uuto foj'hiioa 

urcoorum et eraracntorum et lectomm. 5 *Jilt inteiTOgant eum pharisaet et scribae quai-e '71. ui. 

Segnas Sine ne geongas ffifter gesetnisseJ'geselenise asldra 
discipuli tui non ambulant iuxta traditionem seniorui 

hlaf soX he onduearde cuoeals to him wel gewitgade of ■ iuih legerum sum 

pan cm, 6 at ille respondens dixit eis bene propbetauit esaias de uobia hypocritia sicut 

awritten ia folc Sis miS niuSum raeo worSias haarta uutet/ice hiora long is frora me in 

SCi^iptum est populus hie labiia me lionorat c6r autem eoruin longe est i me, 7 in 

idilniase uwiedlice mee worSiaS gelasvendo laruo boda monna eft foj-leorton foj'Son 

uanum autem me colunt docentes doctrinas praecepta liominura. 8 rcliuguentea enim 

heboda godes gie lialdaa setnesse monna fulwihta ornbora ] ijalifia 5 oSero gelico 

maudata dei tenetis traditionem hominuJ« baptisraata uiceorum ct calicum et alia similia 

oe 3 hwa hwider infoeide m lond-tm gimEeru i in cteslre m pliesum seltun 5a untrymigu J gibcdun hint 
^!te -t fese giwedum hia giVinonon 7 swa oftor gihnonun him hale giwuidun 

Cap VII I 3 miS Sy como« to him Sa aldu 1 sume o5ie of uS nutum cimende from hieiu'^alem i ] 
KiiSSy gisegHii sume o8ie of «egiium \as gimetelieum miS honSum «Eet is un SwsEgnum eotaa hlafis torcnedua 
hiEB 3 aid\ '3 alle mdeas buta oftM- giSwogun honda ne etun giheoldon settneBse*selne''-e ieldia 4 D from 
Smg stowe se gifulnad ne etun J oSie monigu sindun Sa Se gisald arun him to haldanna ful\iiht calioe 3 
on bora hiora : 5 3 gifrasgn, hme aldor men 3 uS mutu eweiSende fwhwon Segnas Srae ne g'ngia softer 

gisetnisse seldia ah un clasnum hondum eotaS hlafas 6 soS he Iwoide cuteS him iorSon wel gewitgade esaias 
of WW legeium swa awuten is tolche Sia mi8 muSe mec weorSas heoite wutudlice hiora long fiom me 7 in 
idelniaae wutudlf i-e mec uorSas gi Iserle larwas 3 bihodu monni 6 eft f jr l»js:tun hine bibcdu godes gi haldas 
sotnisse minna fulwiht on bon hiora 3 calice 1 o'^re gilice 6issum wun Irum monig 

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9 Da stede he hiM, wel ge on idel dydon 
godes bebod -p ge eower laga healdoii ; 

10 Moyses cwseS. wurSa finiie feder 1 
pine modop. 1 se 'Se wyrigf' his feder 1 his 
modor, swelte se deafie ; 

11 SoSliee ge cwefaS. gif hwa segS his 
foder !1 meder eorban -f is on ure geSeode 
gyfu. gif hwylc is of me pe fremaS. 

12 1 ofer ■f ge ne IsetaS hine senig |jing 
don his feder oSSc meder 

13 toslltcnde godes bebod. for eower 
stuntan lage |je ge gesetton. 1 manega ojre 
J'iiig Sysuwi gelice ge doS ; 

14 And eft pa. mencgu he him toclypode 
1 cwEeS ; Ge-hyrajj mo ealle 1 ongytaS; 

15 Nis nan fiing of pam men on hine 
gaugende ■f hine besmitan mjege ; Ac fa 
Sing pe of Saff* men forS-gaS, pa hine 

16 gif hwa earan hsebbe gehlyate me ; 

17 A Nd l^a se heelend fram |;Eere menegu 
■M\- eode his leorning-cnihtas hine an 

big-spell ahsodon; 

18 pa cwifiS he. "i synt gc Ijus un- 
gleawe ne on-gyte ge. -p eall jjaet utan cymS 
on fone man gangendc. ne mceg hine be- 

19 for|iara hit ne ga;S on his heortan. 
ae on his inno'S. "i on forS-gang gewitoS 
ealle mcttas clfiensigende ; 

20 Da SEede he him -p Sa f ing ^e of pam 
men gaS. fja hine besmitaS ; 

Various Readings. 

S. A. B. lage. 10. A. weoi'Sa. A, mudor. A. B. wyrgS, 
A. moder. 13. A. [lyssum, 14. A. mienegeo. IS. 

A. gearan. A. B. Iiefis. 17. A, infflnigco. A. acsedon. 
18. A. synd, 19. B. clsenaieude. 

9 ]7a ssede he heom. wel ge on ydel dyden 
godes be-bod. -p ge eower lage healden. 

10 Moyses cwteS wur^e |;inne feeder 7 
l^ine moder. t se pc wergeS his fader !1 his 
moder swelte so deaSe. 

11 SoSlice ge cweSad. gyf hwa ssegd his 
fader ] his moder eorban, jijet is on ure 
J'eode gyfu. gyf hwilc is of me pe frenieS. 

13 1 ofer jjtct ge ne lute's hine anig l^ing. 
jjanne his fseder odSe his moder 

13 to-slitende godes be-bod for eower 
stuntcn lage. pe ge ge-s^tton. 1 manege 
oSre J'iiig pise gelice ge doS. 

14 And eft pa manige he him to-clepede 
"} cwteS. Ge-hera^ me ealle 1 ongeta^. 

15 Nis nan ping of pam menn on hine 
gangende -p hine be-smiten mage. Ac pa 
ping pe of pam men forS gse^. pa hine 

16 gyf hwa earan hjefS hleste me, 

17 |j'lnd pa se htelend fram pare mani- 
-LJ geo eode his leorning-cnihtes 

hine on bispcllen axoden, 

18 Da cwEeS he. ^ sende ge swa un- 
gleawe ne on-geate ge. f eall p utan eymS 
on pane mann gangende. ne maig hine 

19 for pan hit ne gfeS on his heorten. 
ac on his innoS, :i on forSgang ge-witeS 
ealle metas cleensiende. 

20 Da saigde he heom, ■f pa ping pe 
of pam men ga^. pa hine besmiteS. 

Various Readings. 

9. him; djdon ; healdon, lO. ^urSa ; wjTgS; fieder. 
II. eweaSaS; segS; feder. 12. fenig; don [for [laime, 
but over <m erasure]; oSSe. 13, ge-setfon; manega. 

14. jEnd; menega ; to-cleopode; go-liyi'aS; ongytaS. 15. 
men; be-smita'S. 16. go-hlyste. 1?. halend; menegu; 
cnihtaa; an bigapel axsoden. 18. synt; Jiua \_fir swa]; 
ungltewe; [jowne man; maag; be-smitan. 19, heortan; 
forX-gan ge-wita8, 20. SEOgdc; besraita*. 

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7 cuoeS to him woel bisraerlice gie doeS bebod godes -p selenise iuer gie haldas 

9 et dicebat illis bene initum facitis praeceptum dei ut traditionem uestiam seruetia. 

moses fo*-3on cuoeS worSig faitlet Bin 7 moder Sin 1 seSe mis-cuoe8as ferJer ir moiler 
10 moses enim dixit hoiioia patrera tuura ct matrem tuam et qui malcdixerit patri act matri 

gie v.u\.ediice cuoeSas gif he cuoeSas monn feder ■!■ moeder geafa -p 
11 uos autem dicitis si dixerit homo patri aut matri corban quod 

is geafa -p sua buret from me Be gewrcse 3 lustume lie forgefes gie hine lemg 

est donum quod-cumqwe ex me tibi pro-fuerit. 12 et ultro non dimittitis cum quicquam 

gewycea4'gedoa feder his ir moeder eft gie toslitas word godes Serb setnesa iuera 

facere patri sao aut matri. 13 rescindeutes uerbiim dei per traditionem tiestram 

Sone gie saldon 7 biseno Suslico monigo gie doas-J-wyrcas 7 to^ge-oeigde eft -p folo 

qnam tradidistis et similia huil^-modi multa facitis. 14 et aduocans itemm turbam 

cuoeS to Kim berea gie mec alio 3 on-cnauasgie nobt is buta monna inn-gaas in bine 

dicebat illis audite me omnea et intellegite. 15 nihil est extra hominum introieiig in cum 

-p maihge bine gewidlige ah Sa Se of monn foj'e-cymeS 5a sint BaSe gewidlas 

quod poasit eum coinquinare sed quae de liomine precedunt ilia sunt quae communicant 

«one gif hua baefes earo to beranne gebera : miBBy inge-eode in hu3 fcoM 

hominem. 16 siquis habet aures andiendi audiat. 17 *Et cum introieset in domum i ' 

Srcate gefrugnun liine Segnas bia bissen 3 cuoeB to bim sua ec gie un-bogo 

turba interrogabant eum discipuli ciua parabolam. 18 ct ait illis sic et uos inprudentes 

arogie ne on-cneawesgie forSoa alle uta itin-code-l'iTiiigaas in gone rnonno ne mECge bine 

estis non intellegitis quia omne estrinsecus introiens in hominem non potest eum 

gewidlige foj^on ne inn-gaaS in heatta bis ab in womb 1 in utgeong-tiii feltun fit-gaas 

communicare. 19 quia non introit in cor eiua sed in ueutrem et in aecessum exit 

clsensaa alio nieto cuoe« vVitedlice iorSon «a Be of menn utgaaS i5a ge-widlegas 

pnrgana omnes escas. 20 dicebat autem quoniam quae de homiue exeunt ilia communicant 

•t T cwteB to bim wel liiameihfe gidoas bibod godes -pte selenisse lowei gihaldis ]0 mojses fofSon ewteS 
worSa fteder Sinne J modei Sine J seSe lms■^;we5ea feder -3 moeder miS deiSe gileSed biS 11 ge wutudliee 

cweoBas gif iu-e cffeoSia raon feder hia-lmoeder his gete ^ile tvia, bwset la of me Be ^iwe\e 13 3 bisfum 
ne for geofas him temg gmytce-l gidoe feder hisJ'moeder 13 eft ge toahtas «ord godea Seth setmase lower 
Sone giealdun 3 biaine ^Susbcu awiBe monigu giduaa 14 J to gicegde eft Bset fok cwseS to him giheras ge 

mec alle 3 on geotas 15 nobt is buta monnum in gas in bine 8(et miege bine gi wid liga ab Ba Se of menn 

for cumas Sa sindun Sa Se gi widligia menn -t Sone monn 16 gif bwelr^ hwa htefeS eiru to gibeniine giliere 

17 1 miS S) ineode in bus from breote gifrugnmi Segnas his bispellum 18 3 ew»6 t) him swa ec 3 ge 

un bogu aion ge ne miSBj oncnawas ge forSon alle ute in eode in Bone monno ne meege bine giwidliga 
19 fotSnn ne ingaB m heorte his ah m wimba 1 mnun utgongum ut gaas otensiis aile metas 20 (w-eS 

wutuilif forjjn %i Se of men utgis Sa t.i widbgis "^o mmno 

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21 Innaii of manna hecrtan. yfele ge- 
fiancas cyraaS. unriht-h^meclu. ] i'orligeru. 

32 [stala.] gytsung. man. facnu. sceam- 
least. yfel gesih^. dysinessa. ofer-modignessa. 

23 1 eallo l^as yfelu of pam innoSe cuniaS 
1 |jone man besmitaS; 

24 T^a ferde he fauon on fja endas tivi "i 
■A-' sidoriis. 1 he in-agaii on j5 hus. 

he noldc -f hit a:nig wiste. "} he ne mihte 
hit be-miSan ; 

25 Sona ]ja an wif be him ge-hyrde, |)£ere 
dohtor hffifde imcljene gast. heo ineqde. 1 
to his fotum hi astrehte ; 

20 So^lice -p wif wass hee'Sen. sirofenisces 
cynnes. 1 ba;d hine ■f he ^one deofol of 
hyre dehter adrife ; 

27 pa SEede he hire; Lget iErnst fia bearn 
beon gefylled. nis na god -p man nime j^ara 
bearna hlaf. 1 hundu^w worpe ; 

28 Da ^swarode heo "i cp; Drihten f is 
80^ ; Witodlice fa hwelpas eta^ under J:iere 
mysan. of Sara cilda cruman ; 

29 pa sEede he hyre for faere sprteee ; Ga 
nil. se deofol of Sinre dehter gewit ; 

30 And pa heo on hyre hus eode heo 
gemette ■f nnajden on hyre bedde licgende. 
1 jjone deofol ut-gan ; 

31 And eft he eode of tira gema;ruM !l 
com J^urh sidonem to jj^re galileiscan , sec 
hetwux raidde endas decapoleos. 

Various Readings. 

2i. A;B. still (( fticA Corp MS onals) \ djsi isai 
A B. ofer-mudianes 23 A B oritt 3 B i-ia ^4 
A. liaiien. ^5 A dohki A unclienne A B lug 

26. A. deofel 27 A. apiest A >85ia A weorpe ..8 
A. Jgworode B i-idsMa ode A \aii rayhum A Jien 
3U. A, deofel It at I ^1 A Kluu\ 

21 in-nen of manne heorten yfele ge- 
l^ances cumteS. miriht-hameSe. 1 forleigre. 

23 stale, gytsnnge. man facnu. scamelest, 
yfel ge-sihSe. desynyssc. ofer-modignessa. 

23 ealle pas yfele of j;an iniio^e cumeS. 
] jjane man be-smiteS. 

24 "HA ferde he Jjanen on pa rendes 
J tyri 3 sidonis. 1 he in-agan on 

piet hus. he nolde -p hit anig wiste. 'i 
he ne mihte hit be-mi^an. 

25 Sona pa an wif be him ge-liirde. 
J^are dobter hsefde nn-clacne gast. hyo in 
eode :i to his foten hyo astrehte. 

26 So^lice -p wif wses heeSenc sye-rofe- 
niseas cynnes. 1 bsed hine. \>mt he J^ane 
deofel of hire dohter adrife. 

27 E)a saigde he hire. Ltet serest pa 
beam beo ge-fyllcd. Nis iia god ■f man 
neme |3are bearne hlaf. 1 hunden weorpe. 

S8 Pa andswerede hyo. "} cw. Drihten 
f is soS. Witodlice Sa hwelpcs sted un- 
der ]7are mysan ; of jjare cyldrene crumen. 

29 pa saide he hire for Jjare spseee. Ga. 
nu se deofel of pinre dohter ge-wit. 

30 And pa hyo on hire us eode. hyo 
ge-mette ■f maigden on hire bcdde liggende. 
] pane deofel ut-agan. 

31 ^End eft he eode of tyrum ge-ina?ren 
") com purh sydonem to pare galileiscan sai. 
be-tweox mid lendes decapoleos. 

Various Readings. 

21 Iiimn imiDa heortttn; ge-)iaiica3 cumaS!; htemede; 
foil gere n a-islditis 22. stala. gitaung; ge-sili8, dysi- 
nessa ofer modignes 23. ciiiuaS ; [lonne; besmitaS. 24. 
)janon, endii, [MS Hatton Aas in-agan ga.-a,by mistake]; 
Epnig 25 dohtot liafde; fotum. 26, hteSen ; syro- 
ftniscas Jionne deofol dohtor. 27, sagdc; scresla; bsern 
teon njne (lara beaiua; tundum. 28. welpes etaS; 
cjldra ciiinai 23 etede; deofol; dobtor. 30. .*lnd; 

heota; mscden; Jjonne deofol ut-gan. 31. gemserum; 
|iara ; betwux ; eendes, 

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from innueeard torioa. of lieorta nioiino smeaungas yfle of-eyme« un-rehtwisnise esuicnis 

21 ab intus enim de coide homiaum cogitationea male procedunt neqaitiae dolua 

un-sceoMfulnis8 devne legero uiipeht-haemedo morSor-slago giofunto gitsungas ego yfel efolsong 

iiipudicitia adulteria fomicationes homicidia. 22 furta auaritiae oculus malus blaspliemia 

oferhygd unwisdorn all Sas yfelo of innwoard fore-cymeS : wiSlaS-l- gone monno 

anperbia stultitia. 23 omnia liaec mala ab intus procedunt et communicant hominem. 

3 aona ai-as foerde in gemairuij tyres 3 sidonis 3 in-eode hus iirEnig monn walde 

24 *Et iude surgcns abiit in lines tyri et sidonis et ingresaus domum neminem uoluit • XXi, 

wutta 3 ne maehte gehiela f wif forSon sona ^te geherde from liim hire^-Sicre hccfde doliter 

scire et non potuit iateru. 25 mulier enim atatim ut audimt de eo cuius habebat iiiia 

gaast _ uncliene in-foerde 1 fore-feoll to fotum his wios nutedlice f wif liEeSen S^s 

spiritum inmundum intrauit ct procidit ad pedes eius. 26 erat autem mulier gentilia syro- 

cynnes is neraned syro-plioenisa 1 bedon hine -pte Bone diowl lie forwurpe-l'fordi'ife of^'from dohter hire 
phoeniasa genere *Et rogabat eum ut dcmoniun* eiceret de iiiia eius. '73. ui-^^^ 

be cuoeS to Ssem let-tblinn lerist ^ Su gefoeda 5a suno ne is fojison god to onfoanne hlaf 
27 qui dixit illis sine priua aaturari lilios non est enim bonum sumere panem 

soS hiu onduea.rde ciioeS hira uutedlico la drihten forSon ec 
28 at ilia respondit et dicit ei utiqae domino nam et 

hwoelpes under bead hia cattas of screadunguM Kcera cntehta 7 cvia35 to liir fore Sis 

cateili sub mensa commedunt de micis puerorum. 29 et ait illi propter hunc 

7 missy gefoerde-l'geeode to hus hire 
et cum abisset domum suam 

gemitte ^; infand f maegden liccende ofer-tou bedd 3 8e diowl ofeade 3 eftersona Sona foerde 

inuenit puellam iacentem aupra lectum et daemonium exisse. 31 *Et iterum exiens 'XXrr 

74. s. 

of geraterum tyres cuom Serh sidoii to aae galites bituih medo gomffiro of decapolj's 
de finibws tyri uenit per sidonem ad mare galilaeae inter medios fines decapoleos. 

21 from lonnawoidum forSan of heorte inonm sweaun^a yfel oft cumaS derne gdigero iin leht ! ■omed morSur 
slagu 22 Siofi-nta gtauuge un rehtwisniase e ivica sse un scorn fulmase e^o jlie eofulaongas ofei hvgd uii wisdom 
23. al!e 8-is \fel from lonawordum fore cumaS 3 wid laa 8one monno 24 J 8a ina foerde lu gmiEerum tyris 1 
sidonis 3 in eode hus uEenig mon walde wuta 1 ne miehte gihtela 2o -p w f forSon sons ^te giherde of him 
hire^Siere hspfde dohter gast imolEenne infoerde 1 for feol to fitum hia £6 3 v/tes wutudlic wf fccet heSen 

Bfea srophmisoa cynnes 3 gi bedun hine ^te Sone dioiul forwurpe of doehtur his 27 he cwseS to ascm lett^ 
blia ter st "^Eet 5u gifoede 8a suno no is furSon good lo on fianne hlaf Sara sununa 3 sei^de hunlvm 28 soS 
hio ond sworade 3 cweS him wutudlice la diihien forSon ec 3 hivelpas under beidura of screaduiigura h se patas 
8ara cnfehta 39 cwsS to hir foie fcissum worde gia 3 eode 6e diowul of doehter hire 30 3 mi8 fey 

gifoerde 1 eide to huse gimitte-1 fand -f mtegden licpende oter beddeJ. rEeste 3 "^tBt diowul of eade 31 3 efler 
Sana foerde of ginuerum tyres com Seih sidou to s» gal tes bitwih middum giTaserutn of derapolera 

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33 ^ hi IjEtldon him Ecnne deafne "} dumb- 
ne. "i bine bifidon -p he bis hand him on 
sette ; 

33 Da nam he hiiie onsuiidran of ]?£ere 
menigu. T bis fingras on his earan dyde "} 
sptetcnde bis tungan onbran ; 

34 1 on fone heofon behealdende geom- 
rode "i cwEeS; Effeta. f is on ure gefeode 
sy pu ontyned ; 

35 And soiia wurdon his earan geopen- 
ode. "} his timgan bend woarS unslypcd ^ 
be rihte sprsec; 

30 And he bead hitn J bi hit nanuj« 
men ne SBedon; So|!]ice swa he him swijjor 
hebead. swa bi swiSor bodedon. 

37 "i 'pies pe ma wundredon 1 cwjedoii ; 
Ealle fing he wel dyde. "i he dyde f deafe 
gehyrdoii. !J durabe sprsecon; 


1 Ijlft on pam dagura him wies mid 
J-^ mice! menigu iiEefdon hwast bi 

aston; pa cweef* be to-somne geclypedu;« bis 
leorning-cnibtuiffl ; 

2 le ge-miltsige |?ysse nieiiegu. forpam 
hi fry dagas me ge-anbidia^ 1 nabbaS bwtet 
hi cton; 

3 Gif ic hi festende to hyra busu»^ Itete. 
be wege bi ge-teorigeaS ; Sume hi comon 

4i "i pa. 7swarodan biw* his leorning-cnih- 
tas; Hwanoii mfeg senig man fas mid 
lilafuwj on J;isu»i westenc gefyllan; 

Various Beadiiigs. 

32, A.B. hig. A. inserts xaa.a after Aaxahaft. A btedon 
lijiie. A, B. asette. 33. A. on-Bundron. A. msenigeo, 

A. geavan. 34. A. heofen. A. sig. 35. A, gearan. 
56. A. hig. A. heom. A. hig. 

Cap. viii. 1. A. nuBiiigeo. A.B. hig. 2. A. raicnigeo; 

B. menigu. A. B. hig (tioice). A. etan. 3. A. B. hig 
(,A. thrice ; B. twice). A. heora. A. ge-teoriaS. 4, A. B. 
omit ]. A, Dswaredon; B. Iswarade. B. pismm. 

33 ] byo leedden bim fenne deafne 7 
dumbnc. 1 bine bfeden, -f be his band 
on him asette. 

33 Da nam lie hine asundre of fare 
manige. "i bis fingre on bis earcn dyde. 
T spaittcnde his tmige on-hran. 

34 1 on fanne beofen be-healdende. ge- 
morede. 3 cw^^. Effeta. -p is on ure ge- 
f eode syo f u untyned. 

35 Mnd sone wurSan bis earen ge-ope- 
nede. 7 bis tungc bend warS un-slypcd 1 he 
rihte spjec. 

36 7 he be-bead heom -p hyo bit nanen 
menn ne saigden. So^lice swa he beom 
swidre be-bead. swa hyo swidere bodeden. 

37 1 fas fe ma wundredon. 1 cw^eSen. 
ealle fing he wel dyde. : he dyde -f deafc 
ge-byrden. 1 dumbe sprjecan. 


1 lj"lft on fam dagen him wa:s mide Cumtutbi 
-K-^ mycel manigeo. 1 n;efden bwEet cum iesu. 
hyo seten. Da cvva;^ he to-somne ge-clepe- 
den his leorning-cnibten. 

3 Ic ge-miltsie fisse manigeo. for fan 
by fri dages me ambidiaB. 7 nEebbed hwtet 
byo seten. 

3 Gyf ich byo fiestende to byre huse 
Ifetc be weige hyo ge-teoricS. sume hyo 
comen feorran, 

4 fa andswerede bim hys leorning-cnib- 
tes. Hwanen maig anig man fas mid 
hlafen on fissen westen ge-fellen. 

lEecldon; e 

Varioiis Beadings. 
; dumbeno; hasdon. 

. menega; 

fingia: eaian; spatende, 34. J;onne heofon be-heldende 
georaoicde; ay, 35. sona wurSoii; earan; tungeii; wearS; 
ftprtei 36. iEnd; naman men (dr); sEBgdon; swiiSor; 

sw\dor bodedon, 37, jjses ; wundrodon; cwseSou; ge- 

Cap, viiu 1, daguffj; menega; ntefdon; ge-clj'pedu»! ; 
cnihtum, 2. menega; )jam byo {iry dagas ; ge-anbidia6; 
nffibbaB ; etan. 3. ic ; liyom husum ; wege nig ge-teori- 
gaS; comon, 4 andswarode; cnihtas. Hwanon mteg 
aeaig; hlafum; fiisauw westum ge-fjllan. 

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5 to-laeddoii liira deaf 3 dumb 1 gebedon hiiie fte on-sefto liim hond 

32 et adducunt ei aurdum et mutura et depriBcantur eum ut inponat illi manum. 

3 to-ee^rap i' gelahte hine of Sffim folce gundurlice sende fingeras his in earliprico 1 gebleuu 
33 et adpraehendens euro de turba seorsum mi sit digitoa suos in auiiculas et expuens 

gehraii tunga liis 1 on-feng in heofnum 1 cuoeS him ^ is 

tetigit liiiguara eius. 34 et suscipiens in caelum ingemuit et ait illi eiFetha quod est 

to un-tyn 3 sona untyndo woeroa eai-o his 7 un-banden wtes gebend tungees his J 

aiiaperire. 35 et statim apertae sunt aures eius et solutam eat uinculum linguae eius et 

Spreccend Wfca rehtlice 7 behead Ssem ileo»z ^fe ne Eeniguw men hia g[e]cM0ede4-ne gestegde sua suiSe 

loqwebatur recte. 3G et praecipit illis n4 cui dicerent *Quaiito ■ rs. ufii 

Viixtedlice him fore-bead swa swa sui55oi- mara forSor hi bodadon 3 hino-VofSon torSot to-gewun- 

autem eis pvaecipiebat tanto magia plus praedicabant. 37 et eo ampliua aiimi- 

dradun hia Kus cuoeSende wel alle dyde 3 deofo dyde ^te hia geheraa 3 dumbo -jite hia gesprecas 
rabantur dicentes *Bcne omnia fecit et surdos fecit audire et mutos loqui. 'TG-ui. 

in Jitem dagum eftersona miSSy S!roat monigo Wfes ne hsefdon ^te hia eton J" msehton eata 
1 *IN illis diebws iterum cum turba multa esset nee habei-ent quod inanducarent 'XXril. 

efnegeceigdum Segnmn cuoeS to him io milsa of^r Sreat forSon heiio gce^soSlice Brio dogor 

conuocatis discipulis ait illis. 2 misereor super turba quia eeee iam triduo 

ge'tabidas mec ne habbas hia -pte hia geette 3 gif ic forleto hia fsestende in hus hiora 

sustinent me nee babent quod manducent. 3 et ai dimisero eos ieiunos in domura suara 

hia gelosaS on woeg sunime merm forBon of Saim fearre cuomon 3 geondueardon him Segnas _ 

deficient in uia quidam enim ex eis de longe uenerunt. 4 et responderunt ei discipuli 

his httona Xas rasege huaJ'hwelo h&T gefylle miS hlaftim on woesteru 
8ui unde istos poterit quis blc saturare panibics in solitudine. 

32, 3 to-lieddum (sic) him deofo 3 dumbe 3 gi-bedun hine ^te he onsette hine honda 33. 3 to-gi-grap hine of 
Sffim Sreate synderiice sende fingras his in ear-liprita his 3 gibleow gihran tunga 34. 3 onfeng on heofaum 
3 ... 3 cw»5 to him . , . Scet is to untyn 35. ... sona ontynde werun eani his 3 un-bunden wiDS gibend tunga 

his 3 spreeende wbbs rehtlice 36. 3 bibead Siem ilea Stet he tenigum men gi-sicgde swa swiS ivutudljce him 
forbead awa swiSior mara forSor bite bodadun 37, 3 hine of 8on forSor to-gi-wundradun Sus cweSende wel alle 
dyde 3 deofe dyde JSastte hia giheraa 3 dumbi© sprocuii. 

Cap. VIII, 1. in Sfem dagum efter sona raiSisy Sreote monigra werun ne hsefdun Biet -p liiaa etun^'eotan 
ni33htun eftie gicedua iSa Segnas cwaa* ... 2. ie milsa ofer Breott forSon heonu ge Srio dogor ge-biddas mec 
ne habbas hi£B gEette bite ete 3. 3 gif ic forleto bite fseatende in hua hiora hie giloesigaa on woege sume 

men for«on of Kajm feorra comun 4. 3 gi-ond-wordun him Segnas his hwona Saa m£eg hwelc-thwa her gifylle 
mis hlafum on woesterae. 


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5 Pa axode he hi hu fela hlafa hfebhe 
ge. hi ewscdoii seofan ; 

6 Da het he sittan J^a meiicgu ofer fa, 
eorfan ; And nam J^a seofoii hlafas ? gode 
fancode. ] hi hr^c 1 sealde his leorniiig- 
cnihtUBi -p hi toforan him asetton. "i hi 
swa dydon ; 

7 And hi ngefdon huton feawa fixa 1 he 
fa bletsode. 3 het beforan hi?B settan. 

8 3 hi seton tl wurdon gefyllede !! hi na- 
mon -p of pam hrytsenuw* belaf. seofon 
wilian fulle; 

9 So^Iice pa, 'Se par aiton. wsron fif 
Jjusend 1 he hi l^a for-lct ; 

10 r A "Ind sona he on scyp mid his 
L-TA-J leorning-cnihtum astah. ? com 

on l^a dselas dalmanu^a; 

11 And fa ferdon Sa pharisei. 1 ongun- 
non mid him smeagean "i tacen of heofone 
sohton r his fandedon ; 

12 pa cw, he geomriende on his gaste. 
hwi secS l^eos cneoris taeen ; Soj^Iice ic eow 
secge ne biS jjisse cneorisse tacen 

13 1 hi pa. forlsetende eft on scyp astah. 
"} ferde ofer |;one muSan. 

14 1 hi ofergeton -p hi hlafas ne namon. 
"i hi nEefdon on scype mid him buton acnne 

15 1 he him bead "i cwte^ ; Loeia'S ] war- 
niaS fra/B pharisea ? herodes hsefe ; 

Various Readings. 

5. A.aCBode. A. B. liig. A, fiela. A, habbe. A. big. 
A. seofen. 6. A. mtenigeo. A. seofen ; B. saofan. A. B. 
hig {thrice). 7. A. hig. 9. A. big. A. B. hig. A. 
seofen; B, seofan. 9. A, big. 10. K, places s&VsA\ after 
scyp. 11. A. farysei. A, heofene. 12. A. georarigendo. 
A. hwig. B. cneoras. A. tacn (1st time). 13. A. big, 
14. A, big {thrice); B. hig {twice). A. ofer-gealon. B. 
anne. 15. B. waroigeaS. A. B. farisea. 

5 Pa axode he hyo hu fele hlafe htebbe 
ge. hyo cwffiSen seofen. 

6 Pa het he sitten fa manige ofer pa 
eorSan. "i nam pB. seofe hlafes "i gode 
]7ancede. "} hyo brjec 1 sealde his leorning- 
cnihten. f hyo to-foran heow; asetten. 1 
hyo swa dydon. 

7 "i hyo najfden buten feawe fisxe. 1 he 
|>a bletsede. 1 het be-foren heom asetten. 
1 hyo swa dyden. 

8 1 hyo Eeten 1 wnrSen fylde. 1 by na- 
men |;eet of ]:am brithmen {sic) bc-laf seofen 
■wilien fulle. 

9 SoSlice pa. pe J^asr reten. wseren feower 
{lusendBe. 1 he hyo for-let. 

10 Ijlnd sone he on scyp mid his leorn- 
-LJ ing-cnihten astah. ] com on pa 

dteles dalmanu-Sa. 

11 tl |?a ferden |;a farisei 1 on-gunnen mid 
hym smeagen. T taene of hefene sohteii ^ 
his fandeden. 

12 pa cwEcS he reowsiende on his gaste. 
hwi seed jieos eneorys taken. SoSlice ic 
eow segge ne beoS Jjissc cneorisse taeen 

13 1 hyo pa. for-leetcnde eft on scyp astah, 
] ferde ofer fanne muSan. 

14 "i hyo ofer-geaten -f hyo hlafes ne 
namen. 3 hyo nfefden on scype mid heom 
huten Eenne hiaf 

15 1 he heom. bfed 1 cwseS. LokiaS 1 
warniaS fram farisea "i herodes hsefe. 

Various Headings. 

3. axsode; fela; habbe; by cwsedon seofon, 6. sittan 
pa menga; eorSam {sic); seofan; f-ancode; cnihtaa; a- 
settoQ, 7. ntefdon buton feawa fixa; bletHsode'; beforan ; 
a-setton; dydon. 8. seton; wurdon ge-fyllede; namon ii ; 
bretsunum ; seofaw wibgan. B. wsevon for jjusend. 10. 
sona; cnihtan; daks, H. ^nd; ferdon; pbaxisei; on- 
gunnon; smeagean; heofone sohton; fandedon. 12. ge- 
omriende [/or reowsiende] ; seoc«; secgge; bjS; c 
13. Jionne. 14. ofer-geaton; blafas; nEcfdon; buton. 
eom; Locia8; warnigeaS. 

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J gefraigni'geascade hia huu feolo lafo habbaS gie KaSe ouoedon seofo 3 bebead Sffim folce 

5 et interrogauit eos quot panes habetis CLui dixerunt septem. 6 et praecipit turbae 

tO-dsBla on-ufaJ-ofe^ eorKo : on-feng Sa seofo hlafea Soncungo dyde gebrteco J he gesalde «egTlUWi 
discurabero supra terram et accipieos septem panes gratiaa agena fregit et dabat diacipulis 

his fte hiato-geseUe 5 to-gesetoa hia 8sm 8reale J hia hsefdon lyttelra fisca huont 3 Sa ilco f tueg. 

Buis ut adponerent et adposuerunt turbae. 7 et liabebunt (sic) pisciculos paucos et ipaoa 

gebloerisade 1 heht to-sette : ^ton 3 gefylde woeron : gonomon ^!te 

beaedixit et iusit adpoui. 8 et manducauemnt et saturati sunt et sustulerunt quod 

ofer-geltefod \V!CS of Skih sereadungum seofa cewlas-l'mondo woeron soKlite SaSe 4ton suelce 

supfij-auerat de iragmentia septum sportaa. 9 erant autem qui manducauerunt quasi 

feower Susendo 3 forieort hia 1 hreconnc astag ^i scip mIS Segnum his cuom on 

qoattuor milia ct dimisit eoa. 10 et atatim ascendens nauem cum diacipulis auia uciiit m 

dahim-!ron londum SEete megSa 5 foertlon Sa ae-laruaa Z ongunnun efne-gesoeca miS hine 

partea dalmanutha. 11 *Et exierunt phavisaei et' coepemnt conquirere cum eo ■ XXiiii. 

io.\xiii. liii. 
^shiasohton-J'soecende from him heeon of heofne costeiido hine : seofade-i-gemEGnde mis gaste cuoeS 

quaerentea ab illo signum dae CEelo temtantes eum. 12 ct ingeraesceus spirttn ait 

huffit cneoureso das-thusetd Sius 8eod soeca* becoti soSlLce ic sasgo iuh ne biS sklA cneoreso Bisum 
*Quid generatio ista quaerit signum amen dice uobis si dabitur generationi isti '78, hi. 

bccoii 3 foi'leort hia astag eftersona gefoerde ofer f Iuh 

signum. 13 et dimittens eoa ascendens iterom abiit trans fretum. 

onfengO'l'to onfoane hlafas 3 bula onum hlafe ne hcEfdon miS in scip J bebead 

sumere panea et nisi uuum pauem non habebant aecum in naui, 15 *Et praecipiebat • 7b. ii. 

Sffim-l-him cuoeSende geseaS behaidas from daersto Siera se-Iaruas 3 from dierato heroSis 
eis dicens uidete cauete d fermento pliariaaeorum et fermento erodis. 

5. 1 gifrEBgn-tascade bite bwtet lilafa babbas ge hire ewedun siofune 6 3 bibeod Siem Sreote to dsel^nne 
ofer eorSo 1 oiifeng Sa oiofunEB hiafaa Soncunge djde gibicee J salde Sepnum his -pte to gisette t to gisetun 
hife . . . 7 3 hL£e hfefdun lyfehi liaea iwon 3 5Si dco gibletsade 3 giheht fo-gi sifta 8 :i otun 3 gifjlde 

weruii 3 ginomun 6*t gdcefed wiea 1 }S to hfe utei of -SEeHi sireadungum siotu reonlas fulle 9 werun soKlice 
*a*e etun sweke siotu Busend 3 forieort hite 10 3 lecone astag -p soip miS Begnum his comun in dfflHon 

lond Bsere megSe 11 3 foerdun «a larwia 3 on gunnun efne gisoecin miB him Bfette hie «ohfun fiom him 

becun of heofne postende bine 12 3 leaiade^mtende miS gaste cwebS hwiet eneousse Sios soecaS becun 

auSli'^e ic sffigo low ne biB "sald cneorisae Bisser becun 13 3 f jrleort hiEB astag iftor sona gifotrde oti r Iuh 
14. 3 for-getne weiun Segnaa ins on fenge hlafe 3 buta anum hlafe ne hsefdun miS him m sLipe 15 3 bibeod 
iSajm-thim cweSi.nde giseaB 3 bihaldas fiom daorstum Sara aalarwa 3 from datrstum hcrodeis 

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16 pa pohtoii hi betwux him 1 cwsedon; 
Na3bbe we nane hlafas. 

17 fa se hselend f wiste. he cwseS. Hwset 
)jcnce ge forj'aiB ge hlafas nabba^. gyt ge 
ne oncnawaS ne lie ongyta^. gyt ge habbaS 
eowre heortan geblende ; 

18 Kagan ge habbaS "i ne ge-seoS. 3 
earan. 1 ne gehyraS. ne ge ne |7enca|; 

19 hwEenne ic brsec fif hlafas 1 twegcn 
fixas 1 hu fela wyligeiia ge namon fulle; Hi 
cw^don pa. twelie ; 

20 And hw^noe seofon hlafas fcower 
fusenduffi. "} hu fela wyligena. brytsyna ge 
namon. hi ssedon seofon; 

91 Da stede he hi)» hwi ne ongyte ge 

23 And hi eomon |?a to bcdzaida "i hi 
brohton him ^Ja jenne bliiidne "} hine b^don 
■f he hine fethrine. 

23 ] pa eethran he ftes blindan hand 1 
Ifedde hine butan jja wic. 7 spsette on his 
eagan. 1 his hand onasette 7 hine axode 
hwajjjcr he aht gesawe; 

24 E)a cwasS he pa Sa he hine beseah. ic 
ge-seo men swylce treow gangende ; 

S3 Eft he asctto his handa ofer his eagan 
3 he geseah fa. ] wearS ge-edniwod. swa ■J 
he beorhtlice eall geseah ; 

26 Da sende he hine to his huse. T cwebS 
ga to pmnm huse. 7 ^eah fu on tun ga 
naanegum fu hit ne sege ; 

Various Headings. 

16. A, hig betweoii, 19. A. fela. A. B. wylegena. 

A. B. hig. A. l?a cwwdon, 20. A. fela wylegena. A. 

hig. A, seofeii; B. seofan. 21. A. liwig. A. B. omtl ge. 

22, A. hig (twice). 23. A. aosode. 

16 pa fohten hyo be-tweoxe heom. "} 
cwjeSen. naabbe we nane hlafes. 

17 fa se hjelend -p wiste. he ewieS. 
hwset fence ge for fan ge hlsefes ii^bbeS. 
gyt ge ne on-cnawe'S ne on-gyteS. gyet ge 
hiebbeS eowre heorte ge-blcnde. 

18 Eagen ge hsebbeS ") ne ge-seoS. 3 
earen 1 ge ne here^. ne ge ne fenceS 

19 hwanne ic brsec fif hlafes "i twegen 
fixas. "} hu fela wiligenne ge namaii fulle. 
Hy cwas^on fa twelfe. 

SO ^nd hwanne seofan hlafas feower f u- 
sende. "i hu fele wiligene britsena ge nainen 
fulle. hy saiden seofen. 

21 Da saigde he heom. hwi ne ongyte 
ge hyt, 

22 1 hyo comen fa to bethsaida. "i hyo 
brohten hym fa senne blindne. ] hine 
bteden ■f he hine Eet-rine. 

23 ] fa set-ran he fas blinden hand end 
Ijedde hine buton fa wic. "i sptette on his 
eagen. "} his hand on asette "i hine axode. 
hwEeder he aht ge-seage. 

24 Da ew. he. f a f a- he hine be-seag. ic 
ge-seo men swilcc treow gangende. 

25 Eft he asette his hand ofer his eagen. 
7 he ge-seah fa. ] war^ ge-eodneowed. swa 
f he brihtlice eall ge~seah. 

26 Da sende he hine to his huse. 3 
cwfed. ga to finen huse. tl feali fu on 
tun gii nanen f u hit ne segge. 

Various Headings. 

16. jjohton; betwux; cwteSon; hlafas. 17. for >a!M. 
OB-cnawaS; on-gjtaS; gyt; heortan. 18. Eagan gt 
hahbaS; earan; ge-hyraS; jjencaS. 19, hwronne; hlafas 
wylegena ; Hyo. 20. hwienne ; hwu; wyligena brysena 
(sic) ge naman; om. fulle; seegdon seofon, 21. sagde . 
eom; hit. 22. cumon; blinde. 23. at-hran; Jiseshlin 
dan; ^laadde; eagan; hweSer; haht ge-stewe, 24. y, 
ya; be-seah, 25. hande ; eagan; wearS ge-edniwod 
brehtlice. 26, Jiinum; ntenegum; sege. 

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3 hia geSohton him bituen Sua cuoeSende fts^iorSon hlafo ne habbas we ofBon ongaet 

16 *Et cogitabant ad alterutrum dieentes quia panes non habemus. 17 quo cognito * 80. ui. 

seheelenrf cuoeS Seem-l-him liUKitd sraeas gie fm-Son hlafo nabbas gie ne get onenauasgie 5 ne gie 
jesm ait ilbs quid cogitatig quia panes non habetia nondum cognoscitls ueque intel- 

cunnon Sageon-tget Siostrig-1- blind is gie habbaB hearts iuev ego habbaS gie -1- biebbetide ne 

legitis athuc caecatum babetis c6y uestrum. 18 oculos habentes non 

geseaS gie J earo gie habbaS ne geheraS gie ne eft Sobtogie-l'Seiiccsgie hiionneihuu fif hlafas 

nidetis et am-es habentes non auditis nee recordainini. 19 quando quinque panes 

io brffioe on fif Suaendo 3 huu monig mondo Sara screadunga fulle gie genomon-I'goberon cuoedon 

fregi in quinque milia et quot copbinos fragmentorum plenoa snstulistia dicunt 

him tuoelfy huoonnel'Sa 3 seoib hiafas on feuer Buaendo huu monig coolas Stera screa- 

ei duodecim. 20 quando et septcm panes in quattuor milia quot sportas fragmento- 

dunga gie nnmon J euoedon to him seofana J he geouoeB to him huu ne SageonJ'get gie onenauas 

rum tulistis et dieunt ei septem. 21 et diccbat eis quomodo nondum inteilegitis. 

^^ cuomon to bethsaiSa Sa:r byrig 7 to-ljeddon him Wiudne monno 3 gebedon hine fte hine^tSone 
22 *Et ueuiunt bethsaida et adducunt ei caecum et rogabant eum ut ilium oi^^^" 

gehrinde 3 to-gekhte bond Sees blindces ofgelsede Kcne+hine buta Sa^m londe 3 speaft on 

tangeret. 23 et ad-praehendens manum caeei eduxit eum extra uieum et expuens in 

ego his onsetnum hondum his gefr^gn bine-J-Sena gif ■!■ buoeSer huoele huoego gesege 5 

oculos eius inpositia manibwa suis interrogauit eum si aliquid uideret. 24 et 

iq)plocade-l'j'nib8ceua<Je cuoeS ic gesBom menn suoelee tre?^o geongende 

aspiciena ait uideo homines uelut arbores ambulantes. 

onsette hondo o{er ego SEES-l-his 3 ongann gesea 3 cft-niuad webs sual'Bus -fte gesege gleoulice 
inposuit manus super oculos elus et cocpit uidcre et restitutus est ita ut uideret elare 

16. 3 bii gffhtun him bit«ion Sub cwc'^ciidB fuiBoi bhfas ne habbas we 17 of Son OQg=et Se haiUml 

cwasS to Sepiii hwcet smeogas ge toiSon hkhs ne habbii ge ne gett oncnanas go ne cunnan Sa geona-J Siostur 
+ blinde hibbas ge heorta lowre IS ego habbas ge ne gi -ean ge eaiu habbas ge ne gi heias ne eft Sohfun ge 
19. hwenne-Jrbu fit hlafas ic biiec in fif Busend 3 hu monig monde Siia acioddunga fulle ge ginomnti ewedun 
him twelfe 20 hwenne 3 siofune hlafas in feower iusendo hu monig ceowul Sara aereadungi genomnn 3 

cweduu him siufune 21 3 he cwpS to him hu monige Sa geona ge on cnawas 22 3 comun to beza 3 to- 
gi-lseddun him blinde menu 3 bedun hme fte him gehrine 23 3 to lahte honda Sajs bhnda Isedrle I ine buta 
Sset lond 3 speoft m egu his on setnum hondum his gifricgn hiae gif hwclo hwoegnu. gisege 24 3 up locoide 
cwedS io gisiom menni'-p tieo gongeride 25 aiftei Son sette hondi ofer egu his 3 on gan gisea 1 eftniowad 

WEBS Ewa ^te gisege gleowhce alle 2b 3 sende hine in bus his Sus cweSende gaa in bus Sin 3 gif in lond 
Su ge-gonges nanum men Su cvSe Sis 

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eode he 1 his leoriiiiig-cnihtas 
m -p castel cesare^e philippi. ] 

he on wege his leorning-enihtas ahsode. 

Hwtet aecga'S men ■f ic sy ; 

28 pa andswarodon Hi. sumc lolianiiem 
Jjono fulluhtere. siime heliam sume sumiie 
of pam witegu?»; 

29 Ba cwa;^ he hwfet secge ge 'f ie sy ; 
pa andswarude petrus him ] cwteS ; Du eart 

30 1 Sa bead he him. ■f hi nseneguw be 
hi»2 ne SEedon ; 

31 Da ongaii he hi ]a;ran f maiines sunu 
gehyreS fela }>ii]ga jjolian "i beon aworpen 
fraiw ealdormaiinmn. 1 hcahsaeerdum !l bo- 
ceruwj 1 beon ofslegen. 1 ssfter frim dagum 

32 7 sprffic l^a openlice. !! pa nam petrus 
hine !) ongan hine freagean 

33 pa be-wende he hine 3 cidde petre "! 
cwffiS ; Ga on-bsec satanas forj^am pa nast 
pa Sing Jje synd godes. ac Jia Sing pe synd 
manna ; 

34 pa cw^S he togsederc geclypedre 
menegu mid his leorning-cnihtum ; Gif hwa 
wyle mc fyligean wiS-sace hine sylfne 1 nime 
his cwylminge ] folglge me ; 

35 Se Se wyle his sawle hale gedon se hi 
for-spilS ; Se %e for-spilS his sawle for me. 
] for pam godspelle se hi ge-hselS ; 

36 Hw^et fremaS men Seah he eallne 
middan-eard gesti-yne. D do his sawle for- 

Various Reading s. 

37. A, hpj'lippi {sic). A. acsoile. A. sig. 28. } 
3swaredon hig, 39. A. sig. A, ^swarede, 30. A. hi; 
31. A. hig. A. fiela. B. ealdot-mannon, 32. B. sp^, 
B. fireagan. 34. A. togsedre geclypodre mrenigeo. 
cwylmincge. A. folgie. 33. A. B. hig (to/ce). 3 
ealne middau-geard. 

27 T-^-A eode he 7 his leorntng-ciiihtes 
X^ on ■f castcll ccastrc philippi. 7 

be on weige bis leoraing-cnihtes axode. 
hwast scggeS men -f ic syo. 

28 Da andawereden hyo. sume Joban- 
nem |;anne fulluhtere. sume heliam. sume 
sumne oipam witegen. 

29 Da cwseS he. hwset segge ge -f ic syo. 
pa andswerede petrus hym. ") cw. pu crt 

30 "] pa bead he hym 'f hyo naiien be him 
ne saigden. 

31 Da on-gan he hyo lasren -f mannes 
sune ge-bered feole jjinge folien. ") bco 
aworpen fram ealdor-mannen. "i beah-sacer- 
den. bokeren. "i beon of-slagen. 1 seftcr 
jreom dagen arisan. 

32 1 spa;cen pa openlice. 7 pa nam petrus 
hitie, 1 gan hine Jjreatigen. 

33 pa be-wende he bine 1 kydde petre. 
] cw. Ga on bsecc sathanas for Jjan fu nast 
f>a fing l^e synde godes. Ac fia Jjing pe 
synde manne. 

34 Da cwfeS he to-ga^dere ge-elepede 
manega mid his leorning-cnihten. Gyf hwa 
wile me felgien wiS-sace hine sylfne. 1 nime 
his cwelmenge 1 folgie me. 

35 Se pG wile his sawle hfele ge-don. se 
hyo for-spilS. Se pe for-spild his sawle for 
me. 1 for pam godspelle se hyo ge-h»lS. 

36 Hwjet fremed men J'eah he ealne mid- 
den-eard ge-streonig. 7 do his sawle for- 

Various Headings. 

37. cnihtas ; castel ceastre ; weyge ; ciiihtas axsode. 28. 
andswaroden ; Jionne; witegvm. 29. seo; eart. 30. hi 
nEeneguw; ssegdun, 31. leron; ge-byreS feola; fiolian; 
beon; ealdor-raaimon. beah-siicerduai 3 boceruia ; of- 
slegan ; daguM, 33. apecen; ]ireatigan, 33. eydde; 
beec; synt; synd manna. 34. to-gadere geclypedre me- 
nega ; cnihtura ; fyligean; cwilminge. 35, for-spyl.6; 
for-spiI6. 38. fremeS ; myddan-eard gestreny; for-wyrS. 

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3 gofoeide -t fserende wiBS se liiB\end 5 Segnfis his in c«aatra philips* J on woeg 

27 *Et egi'essus est iesws et diacipuli eius in castello caesareae jjlulipi et in uia "XXVr, 

gefrsgn Segnas his cuoeS to him huoelcne mec cuoeSas ^ ic sie 8as menn 8a Se i 

iiiterrogabat disclpulos suos dieena eis quern me dicunt esse hominea. 28 qui ' 

ondueardon. him cuoeSende iohtmnes se fuluihtej'e oKero he-Vi oSero &o auocloa enne of wilgum 
respouderuiit illi diceiites iohannes baptistam dlii heliam alii uero quasi unum de proplietis. 

Sa cuoeS to him gie fee huuek mec gie cuoeSas ji ic sie ge-onduearde petv'Ms cuoeS him Su arS 
29 tune dicit iliis uos uevo quern tne dicitis esse. *Itesponden3 petrus ait ei til es ° 

ongann Isera hia, forSon is reht-llc sunu monnea feolo geSoliga 3 foj'cuma fiom celdom 3 
coepit docere illos qaoniam oportet filium iiominis multa pati ct reprobaii a senioribj/s et 

from heh-siicerdum 1 from uuS-untum 1 ofslaa 1 lefter Sriim dagu eft arisa 3 eaunga 

a siimmis sacerdotibws et scribis et occidi et post tres dies resurgere. 32 et pakm 

word he wees sprteceiid-f'he gesprEecc 3 gelnhte hine petrus ongann geBreadtaige hine 

uerbum loqwebatur *lit appvehendens eum petruB coepit increpare euin. 83. 'i^^- «'■,... 

seSe gecerde ymb J gesseh Segnas hia stiorde -t forbeadend wres petre cuoeSende gcong on hsEcc4-mce 

qui conuersus et uidens discipulos suos commiuatits est petro diceus uade retro 

behianda Su wiSenvorda forBon ne on-cnauas Su SaSe•^6a Sing godes siiit ah Sa Se sint moiino 
me satana quoniam iion sapis quae dei sunt sed quae sunt liominum. 

1 geceiged J-gecliopad wses ■)! folc miS Segnum his cuoeS to him gif hua wsellffi fefto" mech fylga 
34 *Et conuocata turba cum discipulis suis dixit eis si quis uult post me sequi ■ xxvii. 

onaa^cce liine aeolfneJ-Mra seolfum 5 Itedte Srounc his Z fylge ■I' soece meh seSe forSon Wiclle mi. clxx. 

deneget s^ipsum et tollat crucera suam et sequatur me. 35 qui onim uoluerit 

Saul his hal gedoe losiaS hia her on life seSe v,Mtedlice losas saul his fo;-e mec 

animani suam saluam tacere perdet earn qui autem perdiderit animam suam propter me 

3 godspell hal hia ge-doe huffit foHSon fore-slondes menn giftSaeh gestriona middangeoM^ 

et euaiigelium saluam earn faciet. 36 quid euim proderit homini si lucretur mundum 

3 f -c d a" 8 hicl (f36 1 set phlpl fs''*g*' h leS 

till Sw Z SSS3 Ihm^dh Sflht 

SlI StE I ftgm OS feSthmf,* Ihlm S^i 

glwlpt »ShraS « t 30 3fhod-ltdl IB wdflm 13 

gl^h-efrS It-I fl Sl3f f teldm3ffnhhacd 3 

Stm3fl3ieftSTOdg ft 32 3eo wdp dw£e3tlhtl p 

g Stgl 33 Sg Ijmb: iehSjs hist d-tfbdl lept gd 

g htetl 4bhdm8 SwlfS ISS d 1 hSS d 

34 g d te Seat f! mS f h aS t h ra g f hw 1 11 left m f)lg tec 

h If 3 fjl m 35 8 f S 11 wl h h 1 gd 1 g 8 bre t 11 1 

11 f odpllhlhgdS sehtet ftdm Shgt Umddgrf 

3 1 ! d 11 

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37 o\>]ie hwylc gewvyxl sylS se man for 
his sawle ; 

38 SoSIice se pe me for-syhS 1 mine word 
on j^isre unriht-hEemcdan "i synfulran cnco- 
risse. Sone mannes sunn for-syhf' ; Donne 
he cymS on his fieder wuldre mid halgujw 
eiigluJK ; 


1 pa ssedc he him so^lice ic secge eow. 
■p sume synt her wuuiende. pe deaS ne 
onbyrigeaS. Eer hi ge-seon godes rice on 
mifigne cuman ; 

2 lA*''' seftei- syx dagnra nam se hjelcnd 
J--^ petrmn ") iacobum 1 iohannejw "i 

Isedde hi sylfe onsundran on sumne heahne 
munt !) wear^ beforan him ofer-hiwud. 

3 i his reaf wurdon glitiniende swa hwite 
swa snaw. swa nan fuUere ofer eorSan ne 
mteg swa hwite gedon ; 

4 pa set-ywde him helias mid moyse 1 to 
him sprteeoii ; 

5 Da andswavpde petnis him 1 cwa;^. 
lareow god is f we her beon 1 uton wyTCan 
her freo eardung-stowa. pe ane. 1 moyse 
ane. "i helie ane; 

6 So^liee he iiyste hwfet he cvvEeS. he 
wses afered mid ege ; 

7 And sec lyft hi ofer-sceadewude. 1 
stefn com of jjeere lyfte 1 cwie'6. pes is min 
leofesta snnu gehyraS hine ; 

Various Headings. 

38. A.>yssere. A. ifce [for wulilre]. 

Cap. ix.l. A, synd, A. wunigende. A. on-lyrgaa. A 
hig. B. miEgene. 2. B. (rubric) seterne. A. liig. B 
^ylue, A. B. onsundron. A. ofer-liywod. 3. A. giiteni- 
gende. 4. A, elias. B. spajcon. 5. A. 7swareile. 7 
A. B. hig. A. ofer-sceadewode. A. ^tefeii. 

37 odSe hwilc gc-wrixl syld se man for 
his sawle. 

38 SoSlIce se pe me for-sihS "i mine word 
on |;i,src unriht-hameSen ] synfullen cneo- 
rysse. |?anc mamies sune for-sih^. Jeanne 
he cemS on his fader wulder mid his halgen 
sen glen. 


1 Da s^de he heom, soSlice ic segge eow 
■f sume synd her wuniende. pe deaS ne 
on-berie^ a^r hyo ge-seon godes rice on 
masgene cuman. 

3 T^a Eefter six dagen nam se heel end a si 

J petruJM 1 lacobum ] lohannem tl?ia 

Ifedde hyo selfe on-snndren on suMme heah- »«" 

ne munt "} warS be-foren hcom ofer-eawed. ceis 

3 !l his reaf wurSen glitiniende swa hwite est 
swa snaw. swa nan fullere ofer eorSen ne 
maig swa hwite don. 

4 Da atewde heom helias mid moyse ] 
to hym spleen. 

5 pa andswerede petrus hym. 1 ewseS. 
Lareow god is -p we her beon. ") uten wer- 
cen her freo eardnng-stowe. pe ane. 1 
moyse ane. 1 helie ane. 

6 SoSIice he nyste hwa;t he cwscS. he 
wses afered mid eige. 

7 1 syo lift hyo ofer-scadewede. 1 stefen 
com of I'are liftc. J cwseS. |7es is min 
leofeste sune ge-hereS hine. 

Various Readings. 

37. sylS. 3S. synfullran cneotnysse; fro;ine [for )jane]; 
jjoane [/or Jjanne]j cymfe; wuldre; halguM eoglum. 

Cap. ix. 1. eom; synt; on-beoriaS; ge-sean. 2. dagiiM; 
sylue; wear? beforan eom ofei-eowed. S.wurdon; eorSan; 
mag ; wife. 4. fetywde ; spacen. 5. uton wyrcan ; ear- 
dung-stowa. 7. seo; ofei'-seeadewodD ; leofesta sunu ge- 

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-t huait scleS raonn huoerf-l huoelc fore sauel Ms seSc forSoti mec ondetenta 

37 aut quid dabit lioaio comrautationem pro aiiima sua. 38 *Qui enim mo confusus " 8fi. ii 

big J niino ivoid in cneoreso 8as Seme-iegev 1 arg 3 sunu monnes ondeteS hinc 

fucuit et niea uerba in generatione ista adultera at peccatiicc et fllius liominia coofidctur cum 

miSSy cymeB on ivuidre fail ores Iiis miS en glum halgum 
cum ueuerit in gloria patris sui cum angelis Sanctis. 

3 lie cuoeB to liim soSlice ie enoeSo iuli forSon aint aume of her SEem stondenduw Ba Se ne 
1 *Et diccbat ilUs amen dico nobis quia sunt quidam de hie stantibiis qui non'W-ii-. 

mt. cbrsii 
ge-birgeS Sone doag ogSast ceaeaS ric goddea pymende ia inEeghte-ton mtegno 1 ieflar dagiim 

gustabunt mortem donee uideant regnnm dei ueniens in uirtute. 2 et post dies 

aex to genom ae litelenrf petram 7 iacob 1 iohannem 3 Ifodde hia on inor heh 

sex adsurait iasws petrum et iacobum et iohannem et ducit illos in montem excels urn 

scinendo hnit -t lisendo aui«e suelce snaua sua nfp; eoiBo ne m*ge huito gedoe 

splendentia Candida nimis neliiC nix qualia fulln aiiper tcriam non jiotest Candida facerc. 

7 £Ed-eauade 6iem miS moise 5 woaron sprecende niiS freem hs!\^ide 1 onduearde pelrus 

4 et apparuit illis lielias cum mose et eiant loquente:^ cwa le^ii. 5 et lebpondens peti'us 

cuoeB to SEcm lirelen la iarua god is lier us to wosidine 1 \iTrca nu Siea liusa Se in 3 

ait iesu i ibbi bouum cbt liic nos e'<'*c et faciamua tin tibemaculi tilu umini et 

niosi an 3 htlise an ne forSon imto hujet lie gecuocfe wuciun f^Bon mi« f}ihto 

mosi uuum et keliae unum 6 non enim sciebat quid dicael erant enim timoie 

gefyrhtad 3 awoiden wses wolcen-lofer foje bisede hia 3 ruoni stein of Bxm wolcni, cuccSende Jia 

extei-riti. 7 et tacta est nubis oburabianb e o et uluiI uo\ de uube diceii'. bit, 

is sunu min leaf ^ leofuste geheraS hine-lrSene 
eat filius meus carissimus audite ilium. 

J 1- hv-et 1 liiu eSkS Ut in n hncifes foit si\ile hi6 ?b se «;. I i=S i mec oi letleile biS 3 mint word 
in cneoreswum ^assum den e ^ li„ru 3 irog n sac 3 mm monneb ndcteS hine iniS *} cjmeB m wuldor fifidur his 
n iS enplum lialgum 

Gap IX I 3 he cm:S to Ssem so5 ip cweSo ion foiSnn s nduii lune of lei Sasm stondendum BaSe ne 
SI birjeS Bone deo8 oSStet bi-c giseaS nee godea cjmende in ciEohte 2 3 eefter dagum aexum to gi-nom 

Se liielewi pelrwm 3 lacobwm 1 lohmnem 3 Itedde hia on moi hehie sindrgie him ana 3 ofer-hiowad wess 
bif ra SEom-lhnn 3 3 giwedo hi^i ^iwordne weiun bc iiende li^ende swiBe swelce anaw swa afu-t (/nc) 

ofer eoiBu ne m£eg a hwitu gidoa 4 3 ret ton de BiBm helias tniB mo)seii 3 werun sprecende miS Bone 

h-el nd 5 3 ondsworale petras cflTiS to Bsem hoAflnde la larwa god is her ua to wosanne 3 wyrce we Biia 

hua Se an 3 moyse an 3 belie ai 6 ne forBon wiste bMset he cweeS weron foiBon miB fyi'hto gifyi'bted 

7 3 awoiden wtss wolcen oferbrtedde 1 i. 3 com stefn of wolcne cwefcende fcis is aunu min lecf-1'leofusta 
gihcnS hine 


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8 And soiia ^a Iii besawon hi nanne hi 
mid him iie gesawon buton ]?one hfclend 
sylfne mid him ; 

9 And ]>a hi of pam mwnte astigon he 
bead him -f hi nanmn ne ssedon j;a Sing )Je 
hi ge-sawoii buton Jjomie mannes sunu of 
dea^e arise; 

10 TTi fa Ssct word geheoldon betvvux 
J — L him "i sraeadon hwfet -p wsere , 

pomie he of dea^e arise ; 

11 And hi hine ahsodon J'a. hwset secgaS 
pharisei 7 pti boceras, f gebyraS serest he- 
lias cume ; 

12 Da ssedehehi™ andswariende; Helias 
ealle J^ing ge-ediiiwa^ pomie he cyra^. swa 
be mannes suna awriten is f he fcia Solige 
"i si ofer-hogod ; 

13 Ac ic secge eow "P helias com "i hi 
. dydon him swa hwjet swa hi woldon swa be 

hi»i awriten is; 

1 4 And pa he com to his leoniing-cnihtuwi 
he ge-seah mycele menegii abutan hi T bo- 
ceras mid him spreceude. 

15 1 sona call folc p^eiie htelend geseonde 
wear^ afifiryd "i forht. "i bine gretende him 
to urn on ; 

16 pa ahsode he hi. hwtet smeage ge 
betwux eow ; 

17 Him Iswarode an of piere menigu ; 
Lareow. ie brohtc minnc sunu dumbne 
gast ba^bbende 

Various Readhigs. 

H. A. B. inserl \ja qfter AnA. A. hig {thrice). A.njenne. 
B. [jieiie. 9, A- hig (thrice); B. big (last time). 10. A. 
Hig. A. betweox. 1 J. A. hig. A. acoedoii. A, farysei; 
B. farisei. B. eryst. A. inserts f. after ierest. !2. A. 
3swaiigende. A. fsela [lolie, A. sig. 13. A, hig (hoice). 
14. A. mtenigeo; B. menego. A. hig. IS. B. werS. 
A. aftered. 16. A, axode. A. hig. A. B. hetweox. \7. 
First part of rubric scribbled in B. 
.. gast. 

8 And sone }?a hyo ge-scagen bine, nsn- 
ne hyo mid bym ne ge-seagen buten {janne 
hjelend selfne raid heom. 

9 7 pa hyo of {jam munte astigen he bsed 
heom J^aat hyo nanen ne saigden pa fing pe 
hyo gc-seagen, buten Jjanne mannes sune 
of deaSe arise. 

10 XXy P^ f word ge-heolden be- 
-LJ- twuxe heom. "} smeagden hw^t 

•p wEere fiannc he of deaSe arise. 

11 And hyo hine axoden pa; hwset seg- 
ged farisei T pa bokeres f^set ge-byraS merest 
helias cume. 

12 Da saigde he heom andsweriende. 
Helias ealle pirtg edniwieS Jeanne he cymS. 
Swa beo mannes sune awriten is. -p he feole 
polie "} sie ofer-huged. 

13 Ac ic segge eow -f helias com ] hyo 
dyden hym swa hwaet swa hyo wolden. swa 
by hym awriten is. 

14 1 f>a he com to his leorning-cnihten. 
he ge-seah mycele menigeo abuton hyo "} 
boceres mid hem sprajccnde. 

15 7 sone eall folc fane hselend seonde 
warS aferd "} forht. 1 hine gretende him to 

16 Ea axode he hyo. hwEet smeage ge 
be~tweox eow. 

17 Hym andswerede an of fare manigoo. 
Lareow ich brohte minne sune dumbne gast 

Various Readings. 

8. sona; be-sawon; hyo [/or iiiue]; SEBwen buton fjEciie 
halend sylfne. 9. astiffon ; bead; nEenon; stegden; ge- 
stewon buton |!onne, 10. heoldonbe-twux; smeahdon ; ware 
))onne. 11. /End hi; seggeSS pharisei; boceras; arest. 
12. SEOgde; ediiiivaS [lonne; be; poWge; ofer-hogod. 13. 
dydon ; be. 14. leorning-cnihtum ; menegeo ; boceras ; 
him sprei-ende. 15. jjone halend ; wearS ; urnon 16. 
be-lwiix. 17. andswarede ; menigu ; ic ; sunu ; hab- 

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5 sona ymb-looadon ntenig monn leng-tforSor gesegon Luta iSmra hmlende ana raiS 

8 et statim circum-spicientes neminem amplius iiiderunt nisi iesum tantiim secum. 

1 ofntigendum Biem-l'him of S£em mor gelieht.-l'.bebead BoEm -pte ne ssiiigum BaSe gesegon.i.Ba siliBo 
9 et descendeutibws illis de moiile praecepit illis ne cui quae uidissent 

gesfegdon buta luiiSJS)' aunu monnes fronj deadum eft arisa J f word gehealdon miS 

.nan-arent nisi cum filius hominis ^ mortuis resurrexcrit. 10 *Et uerbum continuerunt apud'88. x. 

Lim cfne-gefnignon huasd hit were miS By from deadum eft arise 1 gefrugnon hine 

se conqui rentes quid esset cum 4 iiiortuis rcsurrexent 11 *Et interrogabant eum-asi. ui. 

«us cvioeBeude hiised forSon cuoeSaS iclaruos 5 uuBuuto forBon risnelic wei-ei'geras ^te ha gtcuorau 

dicentes quid ergo dicunt phariaaei et scribae quia heliam oporteat uenire 

jerist seSe onduearde cuoeS to hiia mii56y cymes SBrest eftgeboetaS alle 3 huu 

primum. 12 qui respondeaa ait illis iielias cum ueaerit primo restituet omnia et quomodo 

auritten is on sunu monnes $te feolo geBolaaJ'scile Soliga 7 gehSnedJ-geaiKrad-lgetekd ah 

scribtum est in fiiium hominis ut multa patiatur et contempnatur. 13 sed 

ic SEego iuh forKon-l'-pte aic helias cyraeS 7 . dydon him sua hufet waldon sua auritfen is 

dico nobis quia et helias uenit et fecerunt illi quaeeumqwe uoluerunt sicut scribtum est 

of him J cuom to Kegnum his gesash Breat micelo ymb !iia 7 Ba nuS-uiito 

de eo. 14 *Et ueniens ad discipulos suos uidit turbara uiagnam circa eos et scribas 'XXVii 

gefrugnon+ gesohton miS him 7 sona eghuele 4' all folc gesieh hine gestylte 

conquireutes cum illis. 15 et confestim omnis populus uidens eum stupe-factus est 

ondroardon 3 geuurnon groeton hine J gefraign hia huset bitiiih iuh gefraignss !■ 

expauernnt et acciUTentea salutabaut eum, 16 et interrogauit eos quid inter uos conqui- 

frasiaa 3 onduearde an of Saim Create la laruua to gebrohte sunu mm to Be 

ritis. 17 *Et responduns unus de turba dixit magister attuiit filium meum ad te ' 9i- ".-.,. 

mi. clssii'i 
haihbende gaast dumb 

habentem spiritum mutum. 

8. 3 sona jmb-loccadun nsenig nion leng t forSor gisegun butan Sajm hstlende ana miB 9 : ofstigendum 

Ssem of Bsem more bibeod Biem-Vhini Beetle n»nig BaBe gisegun Ba gisihSe gisEBgdun buta miB8> sunu 
monnes from deaSe eft ariseS 10 ] B<et void giheoldun miB him efne gilFrugnuti hwtet hit were miSSj 

from deoBe araa 11. 7 gifrugnun hine cweBende hwet forSon cweoBaa eeUrwas 5 u« wutu foiBon helias 

risen-lic to cumanne lerist 12, se Be ondswonde eweS to him hehas mi5 8y cjmeS terest eft jiboeteS alle J 
huu-1'swa awrilen is in sunu monnea -fte feolu giBolas 3 snhened ■!■ gmiSrad biB 13 ah le SEEgo low forBon 

heUas eymeS 3 dydon him iwa hwtet sT^a hise waldun sna awriten is of him 14 3 com to Begnum his 

gisfph Breotas micle ymb bin: 3 uB wutu gifrngrun miB him 13 3 aona oghnelc-l'alle f folc gisteh hine 

gi-sty!ted wees 3 ondreordim 3 ornun groetun hine !6 J sifrtpgn hw bwiet bitwih low gi fregnas 17 3 

ond-worde an of iSJera Sveole cwjcB la larwa t' gi brohte sunu min to Be hiebbende gast nndienne 

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18 se swa hwscr swa he bine geltecS for- 
gnit hine. 1 io'Smn gristbitaS 1 for-scrinc]?. 
1 ic s^de jjinuw? leorning-cnibtum -f hi bine 
ut adrifon "i hi ne mihtoii ; 

1 9 E>a Tswarode he him. eala uiige- 
JeaffuUe cneorys swa laiige swa ic mid eow 
beo. swa lange ic eow )?olige ; BringaS 
bine to me. 

20 fa hrohton hi hine. 1 pa. he hine 
geseah sona se gast hine gedrcfde 1 on 
eorSan for-gnyden fffimende be tcarflode ; 

31 And j;a ahsode he his fa;der. hu lang 
tid is syS^an him pis gebyrede ; pa ewa;S 
he of cildhade. 

23 he hine gelomlice on fyr 1 on woeter 
sende ■f he bine for-spilde ; Ac gif pu bwaet 
miht gefylst us ure gemiltsud ; 

23 Da ewieS se hselend. gif pu gelyfan 
miht ealle l^ing synd gelyfedum mihtlice; 

24 Da sona hrymdc Jijes eildcs fjeder. ? 
wepende cwjeS ; Drihten ic gelyfe. gefylst 
minre uiigeleaffulnysse ; 

25 And]?asebielend geseab fia to-yrnend- 
an menegu. be bebead pRtn uncla;nan 
gaste pus cwe'Sende ; Eala deafa 1 dumba 
gast. ic beode pe ga of him "} ne ga fu 
leng on hine ; 

26 He Sa brymende 7 hine swy|?e slitende 
eode of him. 1 he wtes swylce he dead 
wferc; Swa -p maii'ega cwsedon soSlice be is 

Various Headings. 

18. A. hig {twice). IS. A. Jswareile. 21). A. hig. 
B, geaeli. 21. A. acsode. 23. B. Aagif [for Ac gif]. A. 
ge-mjltsod. 23. A. wylt, with ^ myht above [/or miht]. 
A. myhtolice. 2j, A. ma'iiigeo: B. meiiigu. 

18 se swa hwsr he hine Iteed forgnit hine. 
] toSen grist-byte^. 1 for-serinc^. ^ ic segge 
|;inen Icorning-cnihten f hyo bine ut adri- 
fen, 3 hyo ne mihten, 

19 Da andswerede he him. eale un-ge- 
leaffulle cneorrysse swa lange swa ieh mid 
eow beo. swa lange ich eow jiolige. bringed 
hine to me. 

30 ^a brohten hyo bine, "i pa, be hine 
ge-seah sone se gast byne ge-drefdc 1 on 
eorSen for-gniden faemende be terflede. 

21 And I'a asode be bis feeder hu lange 
tide is sydSan hym ];is ge-byrede. Da 
cwseS he of child-bade 

22 he bine ge-lomUce on fere °l on wjetere. 
sente -f be bine for-spilde. Aagyf f bwfet 
miht ge-fylst us ure ge-miltsed. 

23 Da cw£eS se bgelend. gyf Jjti ge-lyfen 
miht ealle |'ing sende ge-lyfenden mihtiliee. 

24 Da sone remde fses cbildes feder 7 
wepende ewseS. J3rihteii ich ge~lyfe ge- 
fylst minre ungeleaffulnysse. 

25 And se h^lend ge-seah pa to-eornend- 
en manigeo. He be-bead para uncl^enan 
gaste J?us cweSende. Eale deafe and dumbe 
gast ic beode pe ga of him 1 ne ga Jju leng 
on hine. 

36 He p& remende "i bine swiSe slitende 
eode of him. ] he wses swilce he dead 
wa3re. Swa ■f manege ewseSen so^Hce he 
is dead. 


IS. MS. Reg. inserts swa after hwffir; laeS ; tojium grist- 
bitaiS; ssegde [limHtt leorning-cnihtYm ; adrifon; mihton, 
19. eala; eneorrysse {sic); ic (twice); Bringais. 20. seah 
sona ;eorSan; teorttode. . 21. assode; fader; tid; cild-IiSBde. 
22. Here; watete; Aagif («ic) ya; ge-miltsud. 23. halend," 
ge-lyfaii; ajnd gelyfendum. 24. sona hrymde; cyldes 
.fieder; ie; un-ge-kafullnysse. 25. MS. Reg. inserts );a 
after And; to-yrnenden menigv; Eala. 26. hrymende; 
manega cwtcSoii. 

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seSe sna-hiiei- hine gcgripea gebitea -V toalltes liinc "} fa;meS 1 gristbittag miS toSum T 

18 qui ubicumqiic eum adpraehenderit adlidit eum ct spumat et stridet dentibie*' et 

rincpB Z 'uoeS Se^Qun fen m ft? hia twrfrif n 1 n II ne mahtun e^e onlueT-de 

iii,oi,it ^t <ii\it ilni, pulis tuis ut eiceiei t illum et uon [ jtiiemnt It qui le'ij ndei -> 

hm cuceS 1\ cneftie'.j un^deaffuU "Sa hmle miB ml i beou Bihile lu h it. Sola bicnep;a3 hue t 
eld 6 gcnuatio incredula. jnimlu -ipud nog eio qiimdiu uoa p'^tiai adteite illuii il 

n e 3 a;e binhten hine Z miSSj gesteh hinc rccone^rsoln gaast gcityrode ^ ged oct le 1 iiit 

lue 2^ et ittullciunt euin et cum uidis&et lUura st^tim sp ntns coiituibiu t eum 

] mi^'^i wes gelered on eorSo he gefealJe hine ftemende 3 f,efr£Dgii fead^r his huu miLeles, 

ct elisus m temm uolutib'vtm apumans 21 et mtenogiuit p^tl^,m eius quiti 

llonires ides^lhuu lona fliste^ s of *lon Sis him gelainp so5 be cuieS fio»n cllhil 1 

I im teiiipoiii e-it pv qii> hoc ei icudit it lUe iit ib ii fintu 22 et 

J mile hiH 3 m fir 1 or\. w^tro sende ^Ite hine losa le 1 for Ij le ih £jf hufed Su niffige gch \\ 
fiequenter eum et ii ignem et in <iquit> mi^it ut eum peideiet sed siquil prte^:, adiuui 

uiie Wfpa milbei de user 1 u=ii se htolmd uutfrf/jce cuocS him gif 6u niEege gelefe alle m'ehtiga 

nos miaeitia iio^tii 2i lesws autem ait illi si pyte'i ciedeie omnii pDssibil a 

Swm gelefes 3 ''tma gecliopade faeder Btes cneehtes miS t«herum he gef uieS ic gelefo help 

ciedenti 2-i et tontinu) exchmans pater pueri cum laciimis aiebat ciedo ilimn 

I n geleaffQlmse mwne 1 miS 5j gesseU se ha?Ie«rf Jione loraeide feieat gesCoi'^nie ivepb 

incredulitatem meim 2) et turn mdeiet lesws concuneiitem tuibmi commmatu'^ t t 

Biira giaste un oltei e tuoeSenle &«e n Su la deafe i Su la durate gaist ir- Se hebeada geoti fiom I )? 
apiiitui mmundo dicens illi suide et mute ip/i'wo ego tibi praecipio e\i ab ec 

1 former -fte Su ne inngae in h if 3 tl p le '■uifei, geteaiende hme ge e le f hi 

et ampliu'' nc iiiti eas m eum 2C> ct evdiminb multum disceipcns eum exiit ab e) 

1 anorden islntPS ■'uel e wcie deii su-e ^ite mon ge cuoedon ^te dead weie 1 wa?s 
et fictu3 est aicut mortuus iti ut multi diceieiit qllI^ moituu'i e'lt 

]'-, se Se swi httcr hmc ge ci pes he b tei Z ihte? hue Z iemeS 1 giisf bite- rn^ tiSura 1 spiepo'i 1 ense'' 
Segaum Smuin f hise toi diife hujo 3 ne mtchtun 19 sefce nndisorde hira enteS la cneuusse urigi leofful Sa 
hwjle iBiS low le biom 8a hwile low ic Solo brengas hme to me 20 7 gibiohtun hme Z mi5 S) giseguu 

hme aona Se gast gidroefde hme 1 miS Sy wtes gibered on eoiSu lie gifeald hine fieniende 21 5 gi frsegn 

fsdei- his hu longe tide is of Son Sis him gilamp soS he cwBfc tioni cildhada 22 D s^mle hme 7 m fvie 

3 on wiEttie sende ^ hme lo'.adc ah ^if hwEet Su mage gihelp user wes milseiide user 23 Se hxlpnd wutudiice 
LWEeS to him gif Su msege gilefa alle almtehtga ^xm gilefas 24 3 sona gichopade * cegende w-bs fedei Sres 

cnaihtt-. mi5 teoium he gi ewa?5 le ^lefo Id helpe nngileoffulnis»:e mine 2^ 3 nuSSj S'sash Se \ieAend 

Sone loraende Sieott gi '■tiorende ^itis Ssem gd'.ti- untlfonum cweSeude Su la deofi 3 dumbT gist ic Be bibeodu 
gaa from him 3 forSor Siet Su ne m gm in hme 26 3 dwpade swiSe 3 monige tetiende hme gieode Imm 

him 3 giworden weos sweke deed weie swa -pte monige cnedun SEette dcod la 1 weie 

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27 pa nam se hEelend his hand ^ hine up 
ahof 1 he aras J^a; 

38 And ]?a he into pam huse eode his 
leorning-cnihtas hine digollice ahsodon. hwi 
ne mihton we hine ut adiifan ; 

29 Ba SEede he J^is cynn ne mteg of 
nanum men tit gan huton furh gebedu 7 
on fgestene; 

30 pa hi fianon ferdon hi forhiigon gali- 
leawi. he nolde f hit renig man ivistc ; 

31 So^lice he Ijerde his leorning-cnihtas 
1 ssede ; Sofliee mannes sunn bi^ geseald on 
synfulra handa ■f hi hine ofslean. ] ofslagen 
pa.7n Sriddan dsege he arist; 

32 Da nyston hi •f word, "i hi adredon 
hire ahsicnde ; 

33 pa comon hi to capharnaura } j^a hi 
set ham wseron he ahsode hi hwaet smeade ge 
he wege. 

34 "i hi snwodon ; Witodlice hi on wege 
smeadon hwylc hyra yldost wasre;' 

35 pa he sset he clypode hi twelfe 
!l sajde him. gif eower hwylc wyle beon 
fyrmest. beo se eaSmodust 3 eower ealra 
pen ; 

36 l^a nam he anne cnapan^ ge-sette on 
J hyra middele. J'a he h: 

he SEede hi»»; 

37 Swa hwylc swa anne of fiis geraduJW 
cnapujw on minuw? naman onfeh^. se on- 
fehj? me; And se j^e me onfeh^ he ne on- 
fehj7 mc. ac Jjone J'e me seude; 

i beclypte 

Various Readings 

23. A. dygeliee aosedon , B dighee i\odon A. hwig. 
29, A. B, oyn. 30. A. his jianen A B hig 31. A. hii;. 
32. A. hig (fiwce). A.ondiedon A. acsigenile 33. A.hig 
{thricey A. acsode. B. smuada, 34. A. hig {tKice). A. 
beora. 35. A. hig. A. heom. A. eadraodost. 36. A, 
heoi'a mydlene. 37. onfehis me {/or me onfeha]. 

27 E)a nam se hiclend his hand hine up 
ahof 1 he aras pa. 

28 :i pa he in-to fjara huse eode, his 
leoniingcnihtes hine digelice axoden. hwi 
ne mihte we hine ut adrifen. 

29 Da ssede he J;is cyn ne maig of na?nen 
men ut-gan buton furh bede 1 on fasstene. 

30 Da hyo fanen ferden hyo for-bugen 
galilee he nolde pset hit anig man wiste. 

31 So^Iice he Iserde his leorning-cnihtes 
1 saide. SoSlice mannes sune beo^ ge-seald 
on synfvdlre manne hande. "f hyo hine of- 
slean. ? of-slageii fan friddeii daige he 

32 Da nysten hyo -p word. "} hyo an- 
dredden hine axiende. 

33 Da comen hyo to capharnaum. 3 pa, 
hyo ait ham wajren. he axode hyo. hwa^t 
sra^gde ge he weige. 

34 "} hyo swigeden. Witodlice hyo on 
weige smaigden hvvilc lieore yldest were. 

35 Da he s£et he cleopede hyo twelfe "} 
saide heom. gyf eower hwile wile beon 
formest byo se eadmodest 1 eower ealre 

36 T^a ram he tenne cnape gc~sette on 
J heora middele. pa he hine be- 
clypte he saigde heom. 

37 Swa hwilc swa senne of fus geraden 
cnapen on mine namen on-fehS. se on- 
feg^ me. 1 se pe me on-feh^. he ne on- 
fehd me ac fane f e me sende. 

Various Headings. 

27. halend, 28. leorning-cnihtas; digellice. 29. mteg; 
UEenum; fajslene. 30. (lanon ferdon ; for-bngan galileanii 
(enig. 31. leoniing-cnihtas ; seede; aunu; synfullra 

manna handa; hyno (siv); jiam Si'iddan dtege. 32. nyst- 
on; adi'endon {sic). 33. comon; wteron; assode; smeg- 
ade. 34, swuwodon; smeagdon; hyora; wa;re. 35, 
clypode; ssede; fyrmest; admodest ; ea.lra fiegii. 36. 
onajia; siegde. 3?. ge-radum oniipum ; minum narnvn; 
ou-fehB [/or on-fegS]; on-fehS [for on-felid] ; Jione, 

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se h^lend uutedlice geheald hond li ' ihof h ne i im, "! miSSy ineode i 

27 lesus autem teoens manum eius eleuiuit illum i.t -lUiii.xit 2b *Et cum lnt^ol5^et i 

bus Seenas li s degl ce gefrusnon hine fjHiuon iioe ne m'ehte Moe fordi fa. lime 

domum disupuli eiua se(,ieto interi i^ab mt eum quaie iijs nm potuimus eieeie eum 

^ e« fS to h n Ss rjnn on nteniff niEehtiff olgeonga buta n gebeidum : i^sttrn -i i nii8 f extern 

29 et d xit illi'i lioc g;bi us m nuUo potens exirc m i iii "lati ni, ct leiiun 

1 Sona foerlon bi eoJon galileam ne «iWo aen s j,(«uti be telcei le 

30 *Et Hide protecti piaetergiediebantui gilileim npc u^lebit quern {uim suit, il it "/jf^^^"' 

ttv.tedlii.e Begnas his 3 cueS to him f te suiiu monnea gesald bi8 on bond monna 7 

autani diaupulos suoa et di^ebit iUi3 quoniam filius homims tradetui m mums liLiiunura et 

ol ilaeS bipe 3 miaSy of alasgen biS Be «irda daeg eft ansaS soB hia ne eulon f word 3 

otcident eum et occisns teitii die roauiget 52 at ilh i^uDrabi-nt ueibum et 

01 dreardon bine -f hia gefiut,n) 7 cuumon to S-ei Iviig BaSe mifSv let bu«e noeiun f,i.fiui.non 

timebant eum mteiro^aie 33 *Et iiuieiunt cipHiniu?« q ii cun iIliui esseiit intenog^bint 'OJ- x, 

hia huttd 01 wee ffie getrabtndc =iB hn suiffdon gif bua b tuib biiu in «oe^ (.etelelon^ 

eoa quid iii ui i tr t^tibatis 3i '^ \t illi ticebant siqui lem intei e in un di'*puti- '?^^.!''„j^„m 

geflioton 1 bill i h lelc % oeii, bioia maia-Srmaa-t 1 eft siet geceigle tnodf 1 noseS *;"em f,it 

ueiant iui& caoet liljium mai i 35 et lesidtiis iiouauit duodetim et lit lUis fai 

bua wjelle foj-Smcst nota biB 1 le allra hla>tn'eat J dUa embcbt monn i on ftng 

quib uiilt piimus esse cut omnium i l ui--'iiims ct omnium mmibta 3b et acLipieus 

■f cntebt o^sette biie a midlum ! ora Sone ^te cl oppende 1 friende «te- cuoeB to ! in sin bu'ele 

pueium stituit eum m medio eoiuM juem ut compleiiTia Cboet att illi"^ o7 quisquis 

an of Sualicum cntehtum onfoaS on noma minum mec on! i'^ 1 '^ui bua mec tnfoiS 
unum ei. bumsmoli pueiis rct,epeiit in uoiiime nieo me i cqit "^Et qun-umjiie oik. suscipeiit 'Ofi. i. 

ne mee onfoaS ab 'sene scBe mec sende ml:, xcuiii. 

non me su&cipit ted eum qui me mint 

"' Be hiAend soBbce gheold bonda bi- 3 abof hue 3 araa 28 1 m S"^) ineode 3 i bus Signas his 

degol hei, gifiiegn bine forhnon we ne maihlun lor dnfin bine 3J 3 cwfeB to him Bis i>iin nceiiige majhte 

ofgonga buta on gibeoduni Z on festeme 30 3 Bona fecidun bieodun gahleiB ntenig waldo hwa swa guvuta 

31 he 4,ilEerde wutniiltce Begnas bis 3 cwEeB to iiiin ^te aunu monnea gisald biS in bond monna 1 ofslas hme 
7 miSB) otsl'Bgen biB Be Biida dtege ett anaea 32 aoB bi» ne ciiBun bine ^ hie gifrugnun 33 3 

comun fo "^ser b>rig Bra Be raiBBj st base nerun gififega b eo bwtet bite on woege ^itrachlade 34 stris biiE 

s«igcdun gif bwa bitwion him on woege g teldun gii hwelc were Bara raara-tmast 3o 3 eit set giceg twelte 
3 cwa;B to h m git hwa wslle f crraeat biS aba I'atemest 3 albi embibtmon J6 3 on feng Bone cna;ht gisette 
bine Hi middum bioia Sonne ^le cl ipcnde were cvseS to him 37 s»a huelc an ot Busbcum cnshtca ci foi,'^ 
o 1 nomi milium mec onfo £ 3 aw bwa swa raec o toeS ne m nloe's ib Bi_[ie at'Se mec sp^de 

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lion 38 Da Iswarode iohaiiiies "i ewse^; La- 

ijygo- reow sumiie we ge-sawoii on Ijinura iiamaii 

ofCTpenie- dcofol- seociiessa ut adrifende. se ne fyligS 

:i we him forbiidon; 

9 pa cwaaS he ne for-teode ge \nm iiis 

nan pe on minum naman mEegeii w;rce "i 

masge i-aSe be nie yfele specan ; 

40 Se pe nis agen eow se is for eow; 

41 SoSlice se 'Se syl'S drinc eow ealic 
fuliie wasteres on minuwi naraan forf^am ge 
cristes syiit. ic eow soj? secge. ne forlyst he 
his inede ; 

42 And swa hwa swa ge-drefS a?nne of 
fyssuwi lytHngij)« on me gelyfendutfi. betere 
him WEeve -f an cweorn-stan wiere to his 
swuran geenyt "J wsere on ste beworpen ; 

43 And gif fin hand pe swicaS ceorf 
hi of; Betere pe is -p pu wanhal to life 
ga. ponne pn twa handa hiebbe 1 fare on 
helle. ^ on unacwencedlic fyr 

44 |5ar hyra wyrm ne swylt ") fyr ne hr6 
acwenced ; 

.45 And gif Sin fot swicaS l^e eeorf hine 
of betere pe is -p pa healt ga. on See 
lif ponne )7u hiebbe twcgen fet "} si aworpen 
on helle un-acwencedlices fyres. 

46 );ar hyra wyrm ne swylt ne fyr ne biS 

47 Gif fin eage pe swicaS weorp hit ut. 
betere pe is mid anum eagan gan on godes 
rice ponne twa eagan htebbende sy aworpen 
on hellc fyr. 

Various Headings. 

38. B. Larew. 'A. deofel-seocnyssa, 30. A. yfele he n 

spreeau. 40. A, ongen. 41. A. syndon. 43. B. anne. . 

|jysum. A. aweovan. 43. A. hig. A. om. ind on. '■ 

A. heora. 45. A. syg. 46, A. heora. 47. A. 1 sig. 

38 pa andswerede iohaniies ") cwseS. 
Larcow sume we ge-seagen on finen namen 
deofol-seocnysse ut adrifende. se ne fylged 
us. 1 we him for-budeii. 

39 Da cw. lie ne for-beode ge hym nis 
nan fe on minen namen magea wcrce ] mage 
raSe be me yfeic spr^ecew. 

40 Se pe nis agen eow se is for eow. 

41 SoSIice se pe sylS drenc eow calix 
fulne wseteres on minen namen for fan ge 
cvistes synde. ic eow so^S scgge ne forleost 
he his mede. 

42 And swa hwa swa ge-drefd xnne of 
fisen litlingen on me ge-Iefenden. betere 
hijB waere •f an cweorn-stan wtere to his 
sweoren ge-enyt. 1 wsere on sa ge-worpen, 

43 And gyf fin hand fe swiced ceorf hyo 
of Betere fe is f^t fu wan-hjelSe leofie. 
fanne fu twa hande hiebbe 1 fare to helle, 
1 on un-cwEencedlic fyr. 

44 f £er Lire wyrm ne swellt "} fer ne beoS 

45 ^nd gyf fin fot swiceS fe eerf hine 
of Betere f e is fset fu halt ga on eche lyf. 
fanne fu ha^bbe twege fet. 1 syo aworpen 
on helle un-acwencedlices fyres 

46 faer heora wyrm ne swelt re fyr ne 
beoS adwesced. 

47 Gyf fin eage f e swiced ^yrp Iiit ut. 
betere fe is mid anen eage gan on godes 
riche fanne twa eagen hasbbende syo aworp- 
en on helle fyr 

Various Readings. 

38, Jswarode; Larew; ge-aawon; jjinum naman ; deofol- 
secnysse; fyligS ; for-budon. 39, minum namon ; wyrce; 
spreoan. 41. drync; oalic; wateres; minvm naman; Jiani; 
synt; for-lyst. 42. ge-drefS; Jjisuus lytlingum; ge-lyfen- 
du!«; ware {2nd time); swuran; sa. 43. swicaS; heo; 
wan-lial to lyfe ga )jonne; un-acwencedlic. 44. hyre; 
swylt; fyi'; byiS. 45. And; swicaS; ceorf; healt; ecce; 
jjonne ; habl)o. 46. hyora; biJ5 adwasced. 47. eaga; 
swica«; anujTJ oagan ; rice |)onne; eagan habbeiide. 

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Bfeonduearde him iohannes cuoeaende la larua we gesegon sum oSer on noma ainum foj'woi'pen 
38 *E.espondit illi iohannes diceiis masiister uidimus quendam ia nomine tuo eicieatem ■ XXX. 


miS dioblum se3e ne friges us 3 forbudun hira se haiiend uutedlice cuoeB nallas gie 

daemonia qui non sequitur nos et prohibuimua nam. 39 iesus autem ait aolite 

hino ntenig monn is foi'Son se6e wyrcas msEht on noma minum 1 mtoge recone jfle 
proliibero eum oemo est eoim qui faciat uii'tutcm in nomine meo et possit cito male 

spreca of mec seSo focSon ne is wis iuih fore iuih is sua hua forBon 

loqui de me. 40 qui eiiira non est aduersum uos pro uobia est. 41 *Qiiia-quis enim "93. ui. 

drinco geseleS iuh calic-i'copp wcetres on noma minum forSon ciistos arogie soSHce ic ssego iuh ne 
potum dederit nobis calicein aquae in nomine meo quia chrisii estis amen dico nobis non 

iosaS mearde his 1 sua hua geondspurnas an of Kisum lassestum gelefendum 

perdet mercedem suam. 42 *Et qnisqiiis scandalizanerit unnm ex his pnsillis credontibtis " 119. ii. 

oh mec god'l'betra ia him suiSoi' gif-I'i5seh sie ymbunden-tynihsald coern asalos hyrSeii to suiro his 3 on 
in me bonum est ei magis si circumdaretur mola asinaria. collo eins et in 

7 Sseh-tgif ondspurnas 8eh bond Sin , ofcearf Sa ilea hetra'l'god is 
43 *Et si scandalizanerit te manus tua abscide illam bonnm est'ioo. ui. 

mi. clxxx. 

Se un-hal ingaa in lif Son tuoege hondo htebbe gegeonge in tintergo fyrea una-drys- 
tibi debilem introire in uitam quam dliaa manus habentem ire in geheunemi ignem inextin- 

endlie Sor wyrm hiora ne biS dead 3 -f fyr ne biS gedvysncd ^ gif fijt 

guibilem. 44 *Ubi uermis eorum non raoritur et ignis noa extinguitnr, 45 et si pes'ioi. x. 

Sin Sec ondspurna8 eearf hine-1-Sene god is Se halt ingeonga in lif fece Son 

tuns t6 scaiidalizat amputa ilium bonum est tibi claudum introirae in nitam aeteruam quam 

tuoege foet ha?bl)e sende in tinfwgo fyres un-adrysncndlic Ser \vyrm liiora ne 

duos pedes habentem mitti in geheiinam ignis in extingui bills. 46 nbi uermis eoram non 

biS dead 3 fi fyr ne bis adrysned Saeh gif ego Sin geondepurnaS Bee geworp hino god 

modtur et ignis non extinguitnr. 47 quod si oeulus tuus scaiidalizat t^ eice eum bonum 

is Se anSge ingeonga in no godes Son tuoegn ego b»bbe gesende on tinteJ'go fyres 

est tibi lu.scum introirae in regnum del quam duos oculos Iiabentem mitti in geliennera ignis. 

38 gi3sworade him loharenes eweSende la larwa we gisegun sume oSre on noma Smum forwoipen miS diowlum 
seSe ne higes «s 3 foi budun him 3<i Se hieknd wutudlioe cw-bS nallas ge forbeada him ntengum is foifcon 
BeSe doeS msjbte on noma minun 7 maage recone yfle ipreoca of me 4U seSe forSon ne is wiB low fore lowih 
IS 41 swa hwa totSon drinei gseleS low of CEBkeicoppe wastres on noma mmum foi-Son ciist«s arun soSlice 
IC sfego low forSon ne losaS mearde his 43 3 swa hwa giondspjrnas anmn of SiSiuni laise-tum sjiletendum 

in mec god is hira swiSoi gif Se sie unbunden tunsasled biB cwearne byrSenne to swica his : on s'e gisended 
were 43 3 gif on spyrms Sec honda Sia aceorf 6a iIlu (jod is Se un-hal lng^ m hf Sonne tw^ hondi hiibbe 
gonge in tiiitergu fyrea inunadr^ send lie 44 Ser n^rmos hiora ne bnS deode 3 'p fjr ne biS gidiisndd 

45 3 gif foett Sine Sec onspurniS eeorf hrae-lSa god is ^e halt to gonginne in hf eie Sonne twoge foet haabbe 
sende in tintergu fvies un adijsendlic 4b Ser wjinns h on ne InaS de^de Z S'et f}! ne bi*i dnsnel 47 
■fte gif egu Sm gi-ond spjineS Sec gnorp hi£e god is 6e blind to gon^'anne in ret, ^'jde'' S nni, tuu e°u bxbl l 
gii-ende m tinteigu fvres 

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18 par Iiyia wyvm ne swylt. lie fyr ne lii^ 

49 SoSlice selc man biS mid fyre ge-sylt 
"] selc offrung biS mid sealte gesylt; 

50 God is sealt gif f scalt unsealt hip on 
pam pe ge hit syltaS; HabbaS scalt on 
eow. 7 habbaS sibbe betwux eow; 


1 And l^anon he com on iudeisee eiidas of 
iordane; pa comon eft meiiigu to him 1 swa 
swa he ge-wunode he hi la;rde eft soiia ; 

S Da ge-iiealajhton him pharisei ^ hiiie 
axodon. hwiefier alyfS EeneguJM men his 
wif forlietan. his {jus faiidigeiide ; 

3 Pa ^swarode he him. hwast bead moyses 

4 hi sfedoii ; Moyses lyfde -p man write 
hiw-gedales boc. "} hi for-Iete ; 

5 Da cwseS se hselciid. for cower heortan 
heardtiesse he eow wrat ]jis bebod ; 

6 Fram frunian gesceafte god hi ge-worhtc 
w£epned-man ] wimman 

7 7 ewteS. for pam se niann forlffit his 
feeder 1 modor "S hiiie his wife gejjeot. 

8 "i beoS twegen on anum flsesce. witod- 
liee ne synt na twegen ac an fljesc; 

9 p£et god gc-sa«niode ne syndrige -p nan 

10 And eft innan huse his leorniiig- 
cnihtas hine be pam ylcan ahsodon; 

Various Readings. 

48. A. heora. 49. A. ofrung, 50. A. boteox; B. betweox. 
Cap. X. V. 1, A. )jaQen. A. meenigu, B. gewunude. A. hyg. 

3. A. B. farisBL A. acsedon, B. fandiende. 3. A. Iswarede 

4. A. big. A. B. Iiig. 5. A. heacdnyase. A. omits eow. 
6. A. B. hig. A. wicpman 5 wyfmaii; B. wtepned 3 wim- 
man. 7. A. mail. A. modev. 8. A. aynd. 9, A. ge- 
soranode. B. maim. 10. A. acsedon. 

48 J^jer heora wyrni ne svvelt. ne fer' ne 
beoS acwenced. 

49 So^lice a;le man byS raid fyre ge- 
sylt. l jelc offrung beoS mid sealte ge- 

50 God is salt 1 gyf j^eet salt un-selt byS 
on J3am pe hit selte^. Ha>bbe§ salt on 
eow 1 hjebbed sibbe be-tweoxe eow, 


1 1 fanen he com on iudeisee cndas of 
iordane. Da comen eft maiiegeo to him. !l 
swa swa he ge-wunede he hyo lairde eft soiia. 

2 Da ge^neahlacten hym farisej. 1 him 
axsoden hw^e^er alyfS anigen men his wif 
to Iseten. his Jjus fandiende. 

3 Da andswerede he heom. hwtet bead 
moyses eow. 

4 hyo saigden. Moyses lyfde -f man write 
hiw-ge-dteles boc. 7 hyo for-leten. 

5 Da cwEeS se hselend. for cower heort- 
en hserdiiysse he eow wrat |;i8 be-bod. 

6 fram frumen ge-scefte god hyo ge- 
worhte wtepmaJi 1 wimman. 

7 7 cwaeS. for Jjan se man for-l^thisfseder 
and his moder. 7 hine his wife ge-jjcot. 

8 7 beoS twegen on anen fla;sce. witodliee 
ne synden na twegen. ac an fliesc. 

9 'f god ge-samnode ne syndrige -p nan 

10 And eft innen huse his leorning- 
enihtes hine be J?ain ylcen acsoden. 

Various Readings. 

n-salt ; sealta.6. 

48. swylt; biS. 49. biS; liiiS 
HabbeS ; habtia!! ; be-twux. 

Cap. X. V. I. JiBnoni; menegeo. 2. ge-neahlEchton ; hine 
BXoden hw^Se; tenegum ; for-lEoton [for to Iteten]. i. 
stegdon ; for-lete. 5. heorton heardnysse. 6. fruman 
gesceafte; wsepned ; wifman. 7. Jiam ; om. his before 
moder; ge-)ieoht. 8. beS ; aiium synt. 10. innan; 
leorning-cnihtas ; ylcan acsodon. 

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eghuelc forSon mi5 fyre 
'i omnia eiiim igue 

e gecostaS + gestelt 3 eghuelc cuic almus ge-cosfarf sie goi is -f salt Sail ae salt gif unful sie 

sallietiir et omuls uictima sallietur. 50 *Boiium est s41 quodsi sdl insulsum fuerit " l"^,- ii- 

'■ lu, dxxxu. 

I Son -p gie geliflldas habbaS in iiili salt 3 sibb habas bi-tuih iuli 
1 quo illud condietis liabete in uobis sal et pacem habete inter uos. 

J Sort* aras caom. on gsmicruni iiidffiffi3 bigicnda Jordan^ 5 gesomnadon efter Bona menigo • XXX f, 

1 *Et inde exsurgeua uetiit in tines iudaeae ultra iordanen et conueniant iterum tuvbae i""*- "'■.!;'.'■ 

to him 1 sua; -JSte he e;ewuHa wws eftefeona laerde hia a togeneolecdon Sa ae-Iaruuas gefrug- 

ad earn et aieat consueuerat iteru)« docebat illos. 2 et accedentes pharisaei iuteiroga- 

soS he cnduearde 
3 at ille respondens 

tti.oeS to him huEet i«h behead moses Xat5e cuoedon moses fergeref b6c 

dixit eis quid uobis praecepit mosea. 4 qui dixemnt moses permisit libellum repudii 

SSem onduearde ae heehnd cuo£eJ5 to heardnisse heartes iuerea 
5 quibws respondens. iesws ait ad duritiam cordis uestri 

aurat iuh bebod Siosne 

scripait nobis praeceptum istud. 

worhte hia god fore Sis forleteS monn fteder his 3 modec 3 ■ geneoleces to 

fecit eos deifs. 7 propter hoc relinquet homo patrem suum et matrem ct adhterebit ad 

( forSoR ■av.tedlice ne sint tuoegi: ab an 
itaqwe iani non sunt duo sed luio 

fts forSoa god gegeadrad monn na (o-sceada he 1 in hiis eftersona Segnas 

9 quod ergo deus iunxit homo non separet 10 *Et iu domo iterum discipuli " 104. \ 

48. Ser n^rmas hiora ns bis deade 3 fyr hiora ne biS adryanad 49. eghwelc fbrSon miS fyre i 
1 eghwelc cwicQ almes gicoslad biS 50. god is Scet salt Stet ute salt gif un-ful biS on Son Scet ge gi-haldas 
liabbaS bitwih iow salt 3 sibbe habhas bifwih iow 

Cap. X. 1. 3 Sona aras com in giniasru iudea bigeonda iordanen 3 gisomnadun efter anna... to him 3 swa 
^itette giwuna wes efter sona lasrde hife 2. 3 to gineo-licadnn «a larwas gifrugnun hine gif is alefed were 

f wif for-leta cunaaduQ^'coaladun hine 3. soS he 3wyi'de cwseS him hwsat iow biboden waa from moyse 

4. Sa Se cweduii moyses for-gref hoc -fte were awriten 3 for-leten 5. SEem onwyrde Be hselenrf ewteS to 

beard-nisse beorta iowra awrat iow bibeod Sis 6. from frutna wutudlzce gisctsfte wepned-menn 3 wif-menn worhte 
hiae gwl 7. fore Sisse for-letaS mon ffcdcr his 3 moder 3 giiieolicas to wife bis 8. 3 bioSon twoege in 

lichonia ana forSon wutud[^ice] ne sindun twoege ah ana liehnma 9, Sa?tte forSon sod efne-gigeilraS Sonne 

inoiino ne to-secadeS he 10. 3 in hus efter aona Segnas his gifcugnun lime of *.itm ili';i 

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Cum egress! 

qutdant genu 
tog^bat eum. 

11 Da cwfe^ he swa hwyle mann swa his 
wif forlEet "i of^er nimS uiiriht-hfemed he 
■wyrcS. f urh hi ; 

12 And gif ■f wif hire were forlEet 1 
o|Jeriie nimS. heo unriht-hfemS ; 

13 And hi brohton him hyra lytlingas 
■f he hi setlirine. pa ciddon his leoriiing- 
cnihtas pam Se hi brohton ; 

14 pa se hselend hi ge-seah unwurSIice he 
hit for-bead 1 stede him; haetap pa. lytlingas 
to me cuman "} lie for-beode ge hmi; SoSlice 
swylcera is heofoua rice ; 

1 5 So|;lice ic secge cow swa hwyle swa 
godes rice ne onfehS swa lytling ne mseg 
he [on] -p ; 

16 Da bcelypte he hi. ] his handa ofer 
hi settende bletsode hi ; 

17 And |;a he on wcge eode sum him 
to am "} gebigedujB cneowe toforan him 
CWK!^. 1 bffid hine; La goda lareow hwtet 
do ic. ■f ic See lif age ; 

18 pa cwseS se ha;lend. hwi segst pn mo 
godne. nis nan mann god baton god ana; 

19 Canst pu ^a bebodu. ne unriht-hsem 
J>u. ne slyh fu. ne stel fn. ne sege {ju 
lease gewitnessc. facen ne do Su. wur^a 
|;inne feder ] j;ine modor; 

30 Da Iswarode he goda lareow. eall 
Sis ic geheold of minre geoguSe ; 

21 Se ha;lend hine J;a behealdende lufode 
7 sfede him ; An |iiHg pe is wana gesyle eal] 
■p Sii age 7 syle hit |!earfii»?. poTine htefst 
pu gold-hord on heofoiiuffl ] cum 1 folga me ; 

Various Readings. 
n. A. man. A. his. 12. A. wer. 13. A. liig (thTice); B. 
hig {once). 14. A. hig geseh. unweorSliee. A. heofena. 13. 
A. ne gseS he on |)at; B. ne miBg he on JiEst; (MS. Corp. 
om.on). 16, A. hig ((An'ce); B, hig (fiPice). 18.A. hwig. 
19. A sleh. A. guwytnysse. A. weorSa. A. moder. 
A. 3swarede he 3 cw. A. geogeSe. 21. B. heofenum. 

1 1 Da cw«S he. swa hwilc man swa his 
wif for lict "] oder nymS unriht-hameS he 
wyrcB |Jurh hyo. 

13 ^nd gyf f wif hire were forl^t 5 
oSerne nym^. hyo unriht-hfemeS. 

13 ..^nd hyo brohten him heore litlenges 
■f he his jet-rine. Jja cyddan his leorning- 
cnihtes |jam J)e hyo brohten. 

14 Da se hselend hyo ge-seah uu-wurSlice 
he hit for-beod :i saigde heom. LateS |;a 
litlinges to me eumen iie for-beode ge 
heom. soSlice swilcere is heofone rice. 

15 SoSlice ic segge cow swa hwilc swa 
godes rice ne on-fehS swa swa litling ne 
maig he on 'f. 

16 Da bc-clepte he hyo 1 his hande ofer 
hyo settende bletsede hyo. 

17 And )ja he on weige code sum hym 
to arn ") ge-begden cneowen to-foren hym 
ew£eS 7 bfeS hine. La gode lareow hwaet 
do ic J)£et ic ece lyf age. 

18 pa cwje^ se heelend hwi saigst pw me 
godne; nis nan man god buton god ane. 

19 Canst j^u pa be-bode. ne uiiriht-hEem 
pu. ne slyh pM. ne stel pu. ne sege fju 
lease ge-witnysse. faiceu ne do jjii. wurSe 
pine f^der 7 jjine moder. 

20 Da andswerede he gode. hireow eall 
l^is ic heold of minre gengeSe. 

21 Se hfelend hine jja behealdende hyfode 
{sic) 7 saide hym. An fing pe is wane, syle 
eal Jj^t pu age. 7 syle hit fiearfen |^anne hafst 
pM -p goldhord on heofene, 7 cum 7 folge me. 

Various Headings. 

11. oSer; um-iht^hamed ; hi. 12. un-riht-hajinS. 13. 
btohlon; lltlyiigas; tet-lirine; leoniing-eiiihtas broiiton. 
14. halend; siede; LteleSS; litlingas; heone (sic). 13. 
maag. 16. heGlypte. 17. jEnd; weg-e; gebegdum 
cneowum to-foran; bied; hage. 18. secgst; mann. 19. 
Csenst; slygh; wurSa; foder. 20. goda hirew. 21. 
halend; heheldeiide lufode; asgde; wana; eall; fiearfum 
^onae hEefist; om. -js; lieofonum. 

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5 cuoeS to him sua hwfelc for-letas + fnrleta welle wif his ^ oSer laeile derneleger 

11 *Kt dicit illis quicTimqwe diraiaerit uxorem suam et aliaiii duxerit adulterium ' 105, i 

efoesSnde'l'geendade oter hia-tbi hir 
COEQinittit super earn. 

hiu syngeS 7 brohtoa to him lytlo cild ^te he gelirino Stem Sa Segnaa "outedliae atioredon 

moechatur. 13 *Et offerebant illi pamulos ut tangeret illos discipuli autem- comminabantur "i™. ii. 

SEBin brengendnra 5a miSSy gesfeh ise hteiend unwyrSe brolite 5 cuieS to him letas 5a lytlo 

offerentibzis. 14 quos cum nideiet ieauB indigne tulit et ait illis sinite paraulos 

gecuma to me 3 ne fore-letas gie hia-tSa Suslicra is forion rio godes soSlice ic stego 

uenire ad me et ne probibueritia eos talium eat enim regnuwi dei. 15 amca dico 

iuh suiE hua ne onfoas rio godos swelc lyttel ne in-gaaS in Sail 1 

nobis quisqwe noa receperit regnum dei uelut paruulus non intrabit in illud 16 et 

gefrigade hia 5 on-sette bond ofer^on 5a ilco gebledsade hia l' mi55y faerende 

complexans eos et inponens manus super illos benedicebat eos. 17 ®Et cnm egi-eaus'xxxii. 

lu. cxxi. 
WEes o!i wocg tore am sum o5er cnsiio heged fore hine hsedd hino la larua god-i'goda huted mt. cxciii. 
esaet in uiani procurrens qaidam genu, fleso ante cum logabat eum magister bone quid 

sceal ic doa ^te lif Geo ie orifoo so \\is\end aiitedlifje cuoeS to him bust rnec 8u euo5as 

t'aciam ut uitam aeternam percipiam. 18 iesus iiutem dixit ei quid me dicis 

god njonigmotin god buta ane god Ka bebodo wast 6u ^ 5u ne detnelice f 5u ne of-slaffl f Su 

bonum nemo bonus nisi unus dews, 19 praecepta noati n^ adulteris n^ occidas n^ 

ne foTBtele-Vne foi'Siofe f Su leas gecyBnise-twitniae ne coeSa ^i 6u facen ne gedoe ar-woi'Sig fscdor Kin 
fureiis n^ falaum testimonium dixeris nd fraudem feceris honora patrem tuum 

: modcr 3 he onduearde cuoeS la larua 5as all_ ic geheaid from _ gigoSe minum 

et matrem. 20 et ille respondens ait magister baec omnia obseruaui a iuiicntute mea, 

se hselend mtedlice mi55y behaldend hine lufade hine 3 <;uoe5 him &i 8e is forgeten geong sua hu ait 
21 *IesMS autem intuitus eum dilexit eum et dixit illi unum tibi deest uade camqMe ■ i03. li. 


Suhtebbe bebyg H sel 5otfeTidvmi 3 hfefis*5u acealt liabba ge-strion in heofne : eym^ soee4-fylg meo 
Labes ueude et d& pauperibiw et babebis thesaurum in caelo et ueni sequere rae. 

tl 3 '■wfcS to him ana hweic f u Iftes wif his 1 ofecr lEcde to derno a ligrum oft stndc ofcc biat 12 3 

gii ^ wif to l(tc*i wer hire 1 to oSrum toes hio s\n^a5 13 3 bjohtun to hiin Ijtie ^5te tfilume Sara 5a 

Begnas wutudiice stioriun Sism bcengendum 14 5i mi65v gi laah 5e hteUnd un w^rSne brohte 3 cwfeS to him 
letas 5a lytlu cuma to me : ne foi leta" hi-o Suslicra is foiSon rice godes 15 soS ic cweSo low swa hweic 
ne foeS iice godes swelte lytelne ne go's in Sfet 16 1 ettrigade hise i on gisette honda ofei hia gibletsade 
hia: 17 1 miK By ftecende wses on «oeg foio am sum o5er eneo gibe[ge]d b fori hme gibied hine la larow 

god httfet aceal ic doa -pte hf ece lo onfoe is Be hrelewf aoSJice cwbS to him hwajt raec 5ii cweSes goodne 
ne »ngu good buta ana god 19 Sa bibodu wastu S'ete deinelKe Sietto 5u ne oW'b StetEe feu no stele 5£e(fe 
5u leose witnease l-ojSnisse cweSe Sat Su fafun ne doe ai wji-Sa feeder 8inne 3 moder "^me 20 1 he 3iv\rde 

owteS hira la laiwi alle 5as ic giheald from gigoS hade mmum 31 Se hslend wutudhce miBSj bihtold hme 
lufade hino 3 ewfeS to him an Se foigeten is gong swa h^tet swa Su 1 abbo bibvge 3 sel Sarfum 7 hiefes 
gistrion goldes m heofnum 5 cjm soec-1'fjlig me 

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23 And for pam worde he wees ge-unret 
3 ferde gnornigende for pum he hsefde mycele 
Echta ; 

23 pa cw£e^ se h^elend to his leorning- 
cnihtoTi hine heseonde. swyj^e earfoSIice on 
godes rice gaS f;a pe feoh habba^ ; 

24 Da forhtodon his leorning-cnihtas be 
his wordum ; Eft se hselend him Tswarieude 
cwseS. eala cild swy^e earfo'Slice j^a Se on 
heora fco getruwigeaS ga.'S on godes rice ; 

25 Ea)>ere ys olfende to fareiine jjurh 
ntedle fyrel j^onwe se rica "i se welega on 
godes riee ga ; 

26 Hi pxB 'Se ma betwux him wundredon 
1 cwtedon "} hwa mseg bcon hal 

27 fa beheold se haelend hi 1 cwmS; Mid 
ITlanTlu»^ hit is uneaj?elic ae na mid gode ; 
Ealle jJing mid gode synt caSelice ; 

28 Pa ongan petrus cwef'ati ; Witodlice 
we ealle liing for-leton "i folgodon pe ; 

39 Da :iswarode him se h^lend. nis nan 
pe his hus for-laet. o^Se gebro];ru. oppe ge- 
swustra. oS'Se fseder. ol^fe modor. oS^e 
beam. oj^Jie seceras for me ^ for p&m god- 

30 pe hund-feald ne onfo. nu on jiisse 
tide, hus "i broSru 1 swustru. faeder "} 
modor. 1 beam. "} teceras. mid ehtnessuw; 
1 on toweardre worulde ece lif ; 

31 Manega fyrmeste beo^S ytemeste ^ 
ytemeste fyrmyste ; 

Various Readings. 

22. A cros6i (-I-) is pieflred to this verie in A A om 
And. B-gnomgende B mjcle 23 \ leormag ciijhluni 
24, A. forhtedon. A wuidon A 3>i\¥ar gende A getru 
wiaS. 23. A, Eaare B [luruli A fjil 26 A. hig 
A. betweox. 27. A B hig A jpjng sjnd eaSelice rajd 
gode. 2B. Space left /or Ruhic m A B angaii A 
folgedon. 29. A. moder 30 A brcBra A awu'-tra 
A. inserli T before i^ei A modi- 1 4ehtinssun 31 
A. ytemyate (tuiice), B )tein)slo(2nrf((iTP) A B tirracstL 
(2iid time). 

23 ^ for Jjan worde he w£es unge-rot. 5 
ferde gneorgende for j^an he haefde mycele 

23 Da ew^eS se haelend to hys leorning- 
cnihten hinc be-seoiide. swiSe carfedlice on 
godes rice gaS l^a pe feoh hsebbe^. 

24 Da forteden his leorning-cnihtes be his 
worden. Eft se hselend heom andswerede 1 
cw. Eala chyld. swiSe earfodlice pR pe on 
hire feo ge-truwiad gad on godes rice, 

25 ea^ere is olfende to farene )mrh ntedle 
j^yrl. jjaime se rice "i se welege on godes 
rice ga. 

26 Hyo l^as pe ma be-twexe lieom wun- 
dreden 1 cwse'&en. ^ hwa masig beon hal. 

27 f;a be-heold se htelend hyo 1 cwa;S. 
Mid mannen hit is un-eaSelic. ac na mid 
gode. Ealle ]:>ing mid gode synde eaSelice. 

38 Pa on-gan petrus cweSen. W^itodlice 
we ealle ping for-leten. "i folgeden pe. 

29 Da andswerede hym se hfelend. Nis 
nan pe his hus for-Iaet. oSSe ge-broSre. 
oSSe swuster. oSSe faeder oSBe inoder. 
oSSe beam. oSSe aceres for me. 1 for 
pam godspelle. 

30 fe hu«dfeald ne on-fo. nuon |?issetide. 
hus "} bro&e "i swustre. "i f^der "} moder 1 
beam. 1 a^ceres. mid ehtnyssen 1 on to- 
wearde wurlde ece lyf. 

31 Manege fyrmeste byS ytemeste. 1 
ytemeste fermeste. 


22 )ia n gnomgende ; Jiam ; myce]. 33. halend ; 
leotnwig en htaii ; beo-seonde; eai'foSlice ; habbaB, 24. 
torhtedon, wordum; halend; syld; earfoiSliee; heore; ga8. 
2j farenne tiurul' i fjcel. ))onne; welega. 26. ]jxs; bo- 
twui. wiindrodon ; cwa8en ; niEBg. 27. halend ; man- 
nuwj synd eaiSalice. 28. cwe«an; for-leton; folgodon. 
29 halend ge-swustca ; modor ; aceras. 30. broSra ; 
BwuBti a fader ; teccras ; ehtnyssum ; toworde worulde, 
1 Minega fyrmyste [for fermeste]. 

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seSe miSSy geunrodsad w 
22 *Qai CO lit ris tat us 

word eade seofentle wfes IbrtSon hrefde -Hiisbbend aehto " 103. ii 

uerbo abiit maerens erat ertim habens possesiones J^: '^^^ 

: yrab-locade se htelmrf cuoeS Segnum his suiSe uii-ea«a-i-hefig Sa6e gestriono 
23 et circum-spiciens iesus ait discipulis suis quam difficile qui pecunias 

Sa Segnas witedlice foj'styldfon on wordum his so5 
24 discipuli autem obstupescebant in uerbis cius at 

m hielend eft^'sona ond[ii]earde cuoeS lo. him leafa suno la suiSe hefig is SaKe gelefeS in stiionum 
iesua rursus respondcns ait illia filioli 6 quam difficile est confidentcs in pecuiiiia 

rio godttes -jS hia ingae 
regnutn dei intvoire. 

e wielig-l'Se wlonca inngeonga in f;odde3 ric 

diuitem intrare in regmim dei. 

lelf Seih Sjril^ego nedles ofcr-fara Sonne -^se 
alum per foramen acua trans ire quam 

SSaSo suiKor gewund radon cuoeKende lo him 

' qui magis admirabantur diceiites ad semet 

seolfum 1 hua miege hal wjjosa 3 sceauJe hia se h^lend cuoeS iniJ5 monnum un-m^chtig 

ipsos et quis potest saluus fieri, 27 et intucns illos ait apud homines iiipossibile 

is all ne is miS god aUe forSon michto 4- e«elico sint miS god ongann petrus him 

est sed non apud deum omnia enim possibilia sunt apud ieum. 28 coepit peti'ua ei 

ge-cuoeSa heono we forleorlon alle :i fylgdonJ-sohtoii ieo 

dicere ecce nos dimisimus omnia et secuti sum us te. 

80«lice ic cuoeSo iuh ntenig moiin is seSe forletaS hus * hroSro -I- snoestro i moder + 

amen dico uobis nemo est qui reliquerit domum ant fratres aut sorores aut matrem aut 

faeder -l" suno ^ londo fore mcc 1 fore godspell' 

patrem aut filios aut agros propter me et propter euangelmm 

seSe ne onfoaS 
qui lion accipiat 

hunteantig-siBohiiiit Sahuile-1-ane nu in tTdo-Hife disuiw huso 3 hroSro 1 suoestro J modero :i 
ceiities taiitum nunc in tempore hoc donios et fratres et sororea et matres et 

suno 7 londo n S oehtcndnm 1 
iiliua et »t,ios cum jeiiecutciibw'! i.t : 

biSon 2a farSmesto hltetmtsto 3 Sa hlietniLito forgmesto 
erunt puna njuissimi et nouissimi piimi 

"2 se«i> r[ii5!5!j giwundnd wea in voide ende se fenda w*s f i*;jn 1 tef^o iiieli, ihte 23 3 jrahloccide 

Se hselenrf cwffiS lo Segiium his sm Se uiiea)ie4 holige fea'Se gatrone hilbis in ree godes in giS 24 iSa 

Segnas wutudl ce forstylltm on wordum his cnwS Se hsilend efter sona 3swotade civseS auuu leofa la swiSe heflg 
I'. SaSe g lefeS on gistrion in nee godes j^ hiie mgse 25 eSur is camele Serh SvieU'egu nedles Seihfara 

Sonne 55e welge-SrSe wlonca in gonge in nee godea 26 SaSe sniBur giwondi-adun cweSeude to hnn solfum i 
hwi Eitege hil wosa 2 1 seeonende in hi» 6e hmXend cwseS miS monnum unmtehtig is ah ne la miS god 

alle forSon msehte snltin m S god 2H ongan pelrus him cweoSa heono we for leortun alle 5 lyiigdun-tsohlun 
Sec 29 ondworde «e hm\end cweS soS le oweSo low nseuig is seSe forietes h«s i hioSei 1 swestei ■? moder 
i fteler -1 smu i lond fore raee 3 fore gol spelle 30 seSe ne on ticS hunteintigum siSa Sa hnile nu in 

tidc'i'm life Sisaum huse 7 buSSer 5 swei-ter 1 moder 1 sum 3 lond miS oehtendum m weoilde feter to«oide hf 
ece 31 momge wutuUice hioSun o,rist S*i foerK mestu J Sa Itettmi-Btu foerfemeat 

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32 QJoj7lice hi ferdon on wege to hieru- 
Kj salem "i se haslend him he- 

foran eode ? hi pdredon hira hine "J 
him fyligdon, 1 eft he nam hi twelfe "i 
ongaii him secgan J^a ^ing J^e hi)« to- 
wearde wseron 

33 f we Tiu astigaS to hierusalewi "^ man- 
iies sunu bi^ ge-seald saeerda ealdrufl? 7 bo- 
cerum "i ealdrum. 1 hi hine dea'Se ge- 
nyperia'S. ^ hi hine jjeodum syllaS. 

S4i ^ hi hine bysmriaS 1 hi hi»i on spattaS 
^ hine swinga^ 1 of-slea^ hine. 7 he arist on 
pant Jjriddan d^ege ; 

35 Him pa, ge-nealgehton to. iaeobus. 1 
lohannes Zebedeis snna 1 cwa?don ; La- 
reow. we wylla'S -p pu us do swa hwjet 
swa we bidda^ ; 

36 Pa cwseS he hweet wylle gyt f ic ine 

37 fa cwsedon hi ; Syle unc -p wyt sitton 
on l^inon wuldre, an on ]7iiie swy^ran 
healfe 1 ojier on Jfine wynstran ; 

38 Da cwxS se hselend. gyt nyton hwfet 
gyt bidda^', Mage gyt drinean Jjone calic. 
|7e ie drince "i beon gefullod on pam fuUuhte 
pe ic beo gefullod ; 

39 pa ew^don hi wyt magon ; Da cwecS 
se hselend gyt drineaS |Jone calic pe ic 
drince. gyt heffS gefullode pa?n fuUuhte 
Se ic beo gefullod ; 

Various Readings. 

32. A. B. hig (A, thrice; B. once). A. ondtedon. A. 

fylgdonj B. fylidon. 33, A. hig (twice). 34. A. hig (_lwice). 

B. WW. \sf hi. A. hysmeriaS. 37. A. B. hig. A. Jiynuiw, 

A. jjjnre [/of liiiie ; twice]. 39. A. omits this verse. 

32 ^oSlice hyo ferden on weige to ieru- 
KJ salem. "i se h^elend heora be- 

foren eode, ^ hyo adreddeni heom hine. "} 
him felgden. "} eft he nam hyo twelfe "i 
on-gan heom seggen pA Jjing pe heom to- 
wearde wseren. 

33 f we nu astigeS to ierusalem. 1 
mannes sune beoS ge-seald sacerde ealdren 
1 boeeren. 1 eatdren 1 hyo hine deaSe ge- 
nylierie^. 1 hyo hine Jjeoden sylleS. 

34 "} hine bysemeriad. ^ hyo bym on 
spaiteS. "i hine swingcS. "} of-sleaS hine. 
1 he arist on |)am fridSen daige. 

33 Him pa ge-neahlahten to Iaeobus 7 
Ioh««wes zebedeus sunu. 1 cwteSen. Lareow 
we willeS ■f pu us do swa hwfet swa we 

36 Pa cwseS he hwaet wille gyt -p ic inc 

37 pa cwmSen hyo. Syle unc -p wit 
sitten on jjinen wuldre. an on finen swiS- 
ren healfe. "} oder on fiinen winstren. 

38 Da cwEeS se hselend. gyt nyten hwjet 
gyt byddaS. Mage gyt drincen Jiianne calix 
pe ic drinke. ] beon ge-fulled on pam ful- 
luhte pe ic beo ge-fuliod. 

39 Da cwseScn hyo wit magen. pa cwa>S 
se heelend. gyt drinca^ fanne calicx. pe 
ich drince. gyt beoB ge-fullod pa fulluhte 
pe ic beo ge-fullod. 

Various Headings. 

32. heforan; adi'edon; fyligdon; heon aeggati; eom. 
waron. 33, saeerda ealdrum J bocerum 7 ealdrum ; ge 
nySeriaS; hi[/or /asf hyo]; jjeoduwisyllaS. 34. bysmriaS 
swingaS ; SridSaii. 35. ge-neahlcoohtoii ; zebedeis sun an 
cwteSon. 37. Jia cwseSon; Ijinura; )jine swiSSran; oBer 
[line wynstran. 38. halend ; drinean jjorane calic ; drince 
ge-fullod. 39. cwaBen ; halend ; |;oiine calic ; ic ; ge 

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ST'"^'"™ '"'"■*''" .°" '"oeg astigon in hierusalem :i fo^-e-eode-tonfora wbss seongeurf Ma se hselend -xxxiil 
32 *Erant autem in uia ascendentea in hierosolyma et praecedebat illos iesus H2. ii, 

: hia suigdon : fylgdon ondreardon 3 to-genom eftersona tuoelfo ongann ixmihim euoeSa da Sin go 
et stupebant et sequentes timebant et adaumeaa .iterum duodecini coepit illis dicere quae 

woeron liijii Iflweardo-tgolimpa scealde forSon heoao woe stigeS in hierusalem 1 sunu motines 

esseat ei eaentura, 33 quia ecce aaceudimus in hierosolima. et filius hominis 

bis gMsald aldorraonno sacerda 1 wuauntum 7 geniKi-iaS Km 
tradetur principibws sacerdotum ct acribia et damnabunt eur 

□ dcaiie 3 selles hine hadnuia 
moite et tradeiit euni geiitibus. 

7 bismerageS Iiim J hia spittes hine J 
34 et inludent ei et conspuent eum et 

J geneoleedon to him iaeob 3 iohartttes suno zebe8ies cuoeSende la krua , 
35 *Et acceduiit ad eiiin iacobi^-s et iobannes filii zebedaei diccntea magister n 

woe wallaK ^le suaehuwt we willniaS Su doe us 
uolumua quodcumqwe petierimus facias nobis. 

so8 he cuoeS him hucetd willniaS ge ^te 
3G at ille dixit eis quid uultis ut 

isinra we silta in wuldre Bine 
tuam Bed earn us in gloria tua. 

B hoAend imtediics cuoea him ne uutogie husetd gie giwigeS hi magoge 
i iesus autem ait eis neacitia quid petatia potestia 

drinoa Sone calic Soiie ic di-inco i -p fuluiht ofSon ic se gefulwuad f gie sie in-gefulwuade 
bibere calicem quem ego bibo aut baptiamum quo ego baptizor baptizaiT, 

so8 hia cuoedon him we magon se hmiend nutcdlice ouoeS hini f calic ee Son Sone io drineo gie drinca 
9 at illi dixeruiit ei possumus ieswa autem ait eis calicem qiiidem quern ego Libo bibetis 

3 f fulwiht of iSieni ie beom gcfulwuad ^ gie gefulwuad 
et babtismum quo ego baptizor baptizabimini. 

52 werun forSon on woege asligun in hieiusakm 7 fore code + gongende wtes hiRi Se hrolenrf J swigdun 1 
fjligduii ondreordun J to uinnra efter son-i twelfe ongan Srom cueoSa Sa Sing weion him towuide 33 

forSon heono we sligas hieruaakra "} sunu inonnes gisald bi8 alduroionnuni sacerda 3 iiS wutum Z gimSiias 
hine to deoSa 3 sellas hine hieSnum 34 Z hiamerigas hine 3 spittas 3 hite swingii? hine 3 hise cwellaS 

hine 3 Sy Sirdih d-Pge irises 3j 3 gineoboadun to him ucohw* 7 iohann«S sunu zebededes cweSende la 

lama \^allon we fte swa swa ne wilnias Su doe us 36 io8 he cwfeS lura hwEet w lui^as go >te il doe 

low 37 Z c«Bdun sel us -(ite an to swiSie Sinie 3 oSer to feasr swiSia Sinre ge sitte in wuldre Sinum 

)8 8e htelenfi soSlne owieS him ne wutun ge hwaat ge giofti^as hu migon ^e Sone cilic diiiita Sone ic drinco 
1" S-Bt ful Wiht of Son 10 fulwade ■)! ge aie in gi fill wade 39 so8 hia cwtdun liiin we magun Sonwe \\Bi\mid 

wutiidhre cwebS him Sone caliL ecBon Sone ic drinco ge drinco 3 Siet iulwiht of Siem ic hiom gifulwad Se ge 


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40 SoSliee nis hit na min Iiie to syllene 
■f gyt sitton on mine swySran hcalfe o'S'Se 
on pa. wynstraii. ac jjam pe hit ge-gearwod 

41 Pa ge-bulgon fa tyne hi be lacohe "} 
lohanne ; 

43 Da clypode se hselend hi ] cw; WIte 
ge ■f l^a Se on fjeodum eiildor-scype bab- 
baS -p hyra ealdras anweald ofer hi hab- 

43 SoSlice on eow hit nis swa. ae swa 
hwylc swa wyle mid eow yldest beon se byS 
eower jjen. 

44 ] se Se wy]e on eow fynnest beon. se 
byl^ ealra |:eow ; 

45 SoSlice ne com mannes sunu. -f him 
man fienode. ac f he |?enode. ^ his sawie 
sealde for inanegra alysednysse ; 

^ 46 l^a comon hi to gericbo 1 ho ferde 
Jr fram gcrichol hisleoniing-cnihtiis 
"} mycel menegu. timeus sunu bartimeus 
s£et blind wiS jjone weg w^dla. 

47 pa. be ge-hyrde ■f hit wses se naza- 
reniscea hailend. he on-gan j;a clypian 1 
cweSan; Hselend. dauides suiiu gemiltsa me; 

48 pa budon bim manega -f he suvvode. 
he clypode {;a pses Se ma miltsa me dauides 
smm ; 

49 Da jet-stod se hfelend 1 het hine cly- 
pian ; pa ssdon hi pa.m blindan. beo ge- 
heortra 1 avis, se ba;lend pe clypaS; 

Various Headings. 

40. A. omits na. A. syllaime; B. sylle, A. ge-earwod. 

41. A, hig. 42. A. B. hig. A. ealder-seipo. A. heora, 

A. hig. 44. A. yldest [/or fyrmest]. 46. A, B. hig. 

A. hicricho. A. icriuho. A. tnaanio; B. raenigeo, 47. A. 

S. A. swigode. 49. A. hig. 

40 SoSlice nis hit na min iiic to sylle 
))a>t gyt sitten on mine swiSren healfe. 
odSe on J^a wynstreii. ac |;am l^e hit 
ge-gearewod is. 

41 page-bulge j^a teone hjo be laeobe 
1 jobanne. 

4'i! Da cleopede se htelond hyo 7 cwseS. 
Wite ge -p fa pe on feoden ealderseype 
hjebbeS ftet heore ealdres anweald ofer hyo 

43 SoSIice on eow bit nis swa. ac swa 
hwilc swa wile mid eow eldest beon. se 
beoS eowcr ]Jcn. 

44 "J se on eow wile formest beon. se 
beoS ealre feow. 

45 SoSliee ne com mannes sime. j:fet 
him man fenode. ac ■f he fenode, 7 his 
sawlc sealde for manegre alysendnysse. 

46 T~\A eomcn hyo to jerico. 1 he ferde 
JL' frum ierico ] bis leorning-enihtes 

1 micel manege "i timeus sunu bartimeus sunu 
SEet blind wiS faniie weig wsedle. 

47 pa he ge-herde j; hit wees se naza- 
reisca hjelend. he on-gan clepien. 1 cwEeS- 
en. Hjelend dauiSes suiie ge-miltse me. 

48 Pa buden him manege fast he swiged- 
en. he cleopede fa f ebs f e ma. miltse me 
dauiSes sune. 

49 Da set-stod se hselend 1 het bine cle- 
pian. Da saigden hyo fam blinden. beo 
ge-heortra ? aris. se htelend fe clypaS. 

Various Readings. 

40. sittan; swiSran; oSSe; winstran; ge-gacewed, 41. 
ge-bulgon; tyne. 42. clypede; ^oodxim ealdor-scype hab- 
heS; heora cldres; habbaS. 43, biS. 44. willefyirmest: 
byS ealra. 45. manii; manegra alysednissa. 46. cotnon; 
gecicho; gerjco; leoming-cnihtas; menega; om. second 
sunu; Jionne; wscdla, 47. nazarenisca ; on-gan Jia cly- 
pian ; cweSan. Halend dauides Eunu ge-miltsa. 48. ma. 
nega; swugode; clypode; Jjea; iniltss; dauides. 49. §t- 
stod; halend; hinclepyan; ssggden; blindan. 

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siCta uuterffefl fg swigra minra -J- to wlnstra na is win to selknne all Kfem 
40 aedere autem ad dexteram meara uel ad siuistram non est nieum dare sed qiiibws 

gegearuad is ] ge-herdon 6a teno ongunmin wurie^ia of iacob 3 hhamte se hebiend ' m. a, 

palatum est. 41 *Et audieiites decern coepeiuiit indignari de iaeubo et iohanne. 42 ieswa lu. cciitx. 

uaWUce eeigde hia ciiocsS him wutasgie ftj/6on Bas 8a5e gesene sint t> Ilia aldordom hEednum ge-wmldes 
autem uutaus eos ?iit illis scitis quia iii qui uidautur prineipari ' gentibws dominantur 

8Eem'5-him i aldor-menn hiora mEBht habbas hiora-i'Ssera ne siie-hSus isrl-se uuterfJice-VhuoeSre in 

eis et piincipes eonim potestatem habent ipaorum. 43 non ita est autem in 

iuih all sua [lua seUe Wfelje wosa maara + heia bie^-i'sie iwor liera -t enibehtinopii 3 sua liua) scSe 

nobis sed quicutnqeie uoluerit fieri maior erit uester minister. 44 et quicumqwe 

WEelle in iiih forSmest 
uoluerit in uobis primus 

fte ge-embehttt him ah -jSte he go-embebtade oSram 3 fte he saldo 
lit mioistraj-et.ur ci sed ut minjstrarei et daret 

inoiiigum 3 cuomon to hiericho 3 mis Sy foerde heJ'hlne ftereude in 8fi burug 3 Segnas his ' XXXIIII. 

muitia. 46 *Et oeniunt hierichum ct protloiaconte eo hiericlio et diacipuli eius "B. li, 

3 mis monig-fald here J' 3 menigo monigfald sunu timteics blind gesaet tet+neh woeg giornade 

et plurima multitudine filius timaei foartimaeus caecua sedebat iuxta uiara mendicans, 

seSe raiSKy gcherde fte se htelenrf nazaresoa wtes ongann oliopia 3 euoeSa la suim dauiSes bsslend 
47 qui cum audisset quia iesus nazarenus est coepit olama,i-e et dicere fili dauid iesws 

ipilsa mines 3 stioi'don him menigo ffe he suigde soB he jnicla suiSor ge-cliopade 

miserere mei. 48 et comminabantur ei multi ut taceret at ills multo magis clamabat 

3 atod se hfclejid gehebt hine ceiga 3 cpigdon 6one blindo 
49 ct atans iesws praecepit ilium uocari et uocaut caeQuiq 

hia euoeSende him glaidil-m6d Wfes 8u atis ccigas Kbg 
dieentes ei animaequior esto surge uocat td 

40 sttis M full c ^n Mi*^ n n ■} i "^a wt trs le s n m tc sellanne nw ah ''■cm -fe g georwad is 

41 3 g 1 erdun Sa tenu ont. lunun urafrga ot laiibe 1 ohann/' 4' '^c hH,lpnrf wutulhce ceigde hiso cwseS 

to him wutas ge foiKon gas SaSe ^isej,eiie biaS ■)> his aldoi Jom hteSnum gi WEeldis SseiU'l'liira 3 aldornei 1 on 
nifehte habbaS hio I Sira 43 lie swa-^Sus if, wiitullice in low ah swi hwa sna welle wosi man Hiera bS 

lower heia 1 embihtmon 44 3 iwa hna sna nelle in low sen t-1' foerSmest wosa biS ?e alra grtel-t'esne 
43 forSon 3 sunn mornies ne oom ^tp gi embihtB him ah -))te gi embihtide fBium Z salde sawle his lesnis«e fore 
moni^um 4fi 3 comun to hieritho 1 n iSBy locrde hiie in 5a burug 3 Begnas his 3 miS monig falde men^-u 

sunu timeei lariimcus I lind gi'itett neh4 tut woege gioriide 47 seSe miSBj giherde Bsette Be htelcnrf naza 

l^imsci W!BS on gan cliopiga 3 c veoBi sunu diu Bes hfelend gem Isa me 4d 3 m 6Sy st ordun hinj 3io menpil 

^te swigede soS he micle swiSor clippado su lu damSes inilsa me 49 3 g stod Be hjplenrf g heht hme cega 

7 ceigduD Sone^Sa bluilu c^eBendp him glcedmod "Ms ^u aii, ceiga $ep 

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50 He j?a awearp his reaf "i forS rsesde. 
1 to him eoni ; 

51 Da cwse^ se hielend. hw£et wylt fu 
•f ic ]?e do ; fa. cwjeS he. lareow -f ic 

52 pa cw£e^ se hslend to him*, ga fin 
geleafa fe halne gedyde. "} he sona geseah 
1 him fyligde on wege ; 

fflr iiiyddan 



he ge-neala;htc hierusa]e?» "} 
bethauia to oliuetes dune, he 
seiide his twegen leoniing-cnihtas. 

3 ? cwseS to him. farajj to fajw castele pe 
[ongean] iiic ys and gyt |;ar sona gemeta^ 
assan folan getigedne. ofer Jj^ne nan man gyt 
ne sEet. untigea^ hine "i to me gelaedaS; 

3 Andgyf hwa toinc hwEet cwyS. secgaS 
•p drihten hasfS his neode. 1 he hine sona 
hider lat. 

4- "i pa hi ut-ferdon hi gemetton jjone 
folan ute on twycenan beforan dura, ge- 
tigedne. pn untigdoB hi hine 

5 1 suine j?e par stodon jjus sfedon him; 
Hwait do gyt (Jone folan untigende. 

6 pa cwEedon hi ; Swa se hasleiid une 
bead ] hi leton hi pa ; 

7 Da laeddon hi foiie folan to pam hjel- 
ende ^ hi hyra reaf on a-ledon ] he on 

Various Readings. 

50. A, hys rea.i awearp; B. his reaf awearp, 52. A, 

Cap. xi. J. A. olifctes. 2. A. B. caslelle. A, ongean ; 
B. ongen ; wAicA the Corpus MS. omits. B, getiggedne. 
A. frone. 4. A. hyg. A. hig. B. twycinan. A. hig. 6, 
A, B. hig. A. hig. A. B. hig. 7. A. hvg (Iwice); B, hig 
{once). A. hcora. 

50 he [la his reaf awarp. for^S rsesde. 
1 to him com. 

51 Da cwseS se helend. hw«t wilt )ju 
jjaat ic pe do. pa cw^S he. lareow. -p ic 

52 pa cw£e^ se hteleiid to him. Ga; J?in 
ge-leafe. pe halne ge-dyde. ] he sona ge- 
seah. tl hym felgde on weige. 


1 T^a he ge-nehlahte ierusaleni 1 
J bethania to oliiiete dune. be 
sende his twegen leorning-cnihtes. 

3 1 cw. to heom. FareS to J?am castele 
pe ou-gean inc ys 1 gyt |j£er sone ge-raeteS 
assen fole ge-teidne; ofer j^ane nan man 
geot ne Sffit. unteigeS hine 1 to me ge-ltedeS. 

3 And gyf hwa to ginc aht cweS; seggeS 
•f drihten hsefd his neode. "i hyo hine sona 
hider IeeI. 

4 !! I^ahyo ut ferden hyo ge-metten |jaiine 
fole ut on twi-cinan be-foran dure ge-teigdne. 
fa unteigden hyo hine. 

5 ] sume pe fter stoden jjus saigden heom, 
Hwat do gyt fan folen unteygende. 

6 fa cwEe^en byo swa se hielend une 
bead, ^ hyo leten hyo fa. 

7 Da Ijedden hyo fanne folan to fam 
hselende. "i hyo heora reaf on aleigden, 1 
he on stet. 

Various Readings. 

50. Bwearp. 31. halend, 52. halend; fyligde. 

Cap. xi. i. go-neahlacte; diiiio. 2. FaraS; Jiar .sona 
ge-melaS assan. folan getygodne; jjtene; geat; stst,- ut- 
tygeS (sic). ,1. ine hwtet cwyS; htefS. 4. ferdon; ge- 
metton jjane folan; befora dora getegdne; un-tjgdon. 5. 
stodon; sEEgdon; Jjone folan untygende. 6. cwieden ; 

halend; hi[/o)-sei;one(hyo]. 7. taddon; fionne; halende; 
alegdon; set. 

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seSe forewoearp ^- miSBy gewearp wopiJo his geswigde cuom to hira 

50 qui proiBcto uestimento suo exiliens ueuit ad eum 51 ( 

e hiBlend cuoeS him hused wilt Su «e ji ic gedoe se blinde untedlice euoeS him laruu g&l fie 

iesMS dixit illi quid uis tibi faciam caeeus antem dixit ei rabboni ut 

gesfeh 3 fylgde hine in woeg 

uidit et seqiiebatur eum in uiam. 

1 miSSy to-geneolecdon to hierusalem to mor oelebeama sende tuocge of 

1 *Et cum adpropioquarent hirosolymae et betlianire ad montem oliuarum mittit duos ex • XXXV. 

Segnum his 3 ouoeS BKm ) 

disci pulis suis. 2 et ait illis 

burig ^ is fora ongeaegn iiih 1 sona " 

castellum quod est contra uos et statini 

n-eodon ■1' in-geongas ^ in gie "niindes ^ Pila gebunden oterioa Sene ne fenig get monna gesast 

introeuntes illud inuenietis pull urn ligatum super qucm nemo at hue hominum sedit 

1 gif liua iuh ciioeSas hused doaJS gie cuoeSaa -jste drihtne 
3 et si quis uobis diserit quid facitis dioite quia Aommo 

belioliie * ned-6arf is ^ sona bine focliafes hider 

necessaiius fs-t et contimio ilium dimittet liuc. 

7 foerdon on-fundon fola 
4 *Et abeuntes inuenemnt pullum'iitt 

gebunden ter 1' bafoi'a 6oii dor uta at woegena geletuni 1 un-binde hia hine 
iigatum ante ianuam foris in biuio et soluunt eum. 

■} Slime of Ber 
5 et quidam de illic 

stondendum cuoedon him bused doa6 gie tm-bindas Bone fola 
atantibf/s dicebant illis quid facitis soluenteB pullum. 

ga Be cuoeddn him sufe gehaten 
6 qui dixerunt eis sicut praece- 

htefde him se hielend 3 foHeorton him 
perat illis iesMS et dimiserunt eis. 

gegerelo hia 7 ssett ofer-l'on hinetSene 
ueatimenta sua et sedit super eum. 

1 Ifeddon ^ fola to Sffira 
7 et duxerunt pullum ad i( 

3 on-settoii him 
et inponunt illi 

[ "^e h*Vn(/ cwteS liw»t w)ltfu 
ha:lend wutudhoe cwseS to him 

50 se ?e forwoipe gi wedo hia giswigende roni to him ol J ondsrtouile hi 
^ ic ^e gidoo Bo bl Jida wutudhce cwseS him laron gotd ^te ic gi sie 52 Si, 
gaa gileafii Bin Sec hilne giiioes. 3 tona gisseh 3 ftlisde him on wock 

Cap XI 1 3 miBBj to giiieolicadun biemsalera 1 betbama to more oele beomes sende Iwoege of Begnum hia 
2 1 cwseS KEem gaa in c'estre fte on gEBgn low low (sic) 1 soin. ingongas Bast gL onfiodc! Bone fola gibundenni, 
ofer 8 ne gett nsen g monn gisEctt un bindaa Sone 3 fo-giltedas 3 3 git hwelc low bi cwe'^es h\n)t djaS ge 

cweoSdS Btetto diihtne bihoefe 1 ned B*irf is 3 sona lime forletas hider 4 3 foerdun onfundun fola gibundenne 
bifoi'a Bten dore ute set woega giletum 3 unbundun hme 5 3 sume of Bier stondendum cwedun bini hnset 

doTs gL nnbindas Bono fola 6 BaSe ewedun him swa gihaten btefde hia Be hteleud 3 forleoriun hme 7 3 
lieddun Bone fola to *^am bwlt^nrfe 3 onaettun hme ^i gerlu hia 3 sjet ofer him 

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ftlge-dsg ofer 

ieius hieiosoli- 

8 Manega liyra reaf on pone weg streht- 
on. sume |:a boceras of pa.m treowii/w heow- 
011 1 streowodon on l^one weg. 

Q "} pa 'Se beforan eodon ] |;a Sc tefter 
folgodon cwiedon |:us osanna sy gebletsod 
se j^e com on diihtnes naman ; 

10 Si gebletsod f rice pe com ures fteder 
dauides osanna on heahnessuw ; 

11 And he eode jja on hierosolima tempi 
7 ealle f^iug he be-sceawode ; Pa a?fen tima 

■ wass he ferde to bctbaiiiam mitl his twclf 
leorniiig-enihtuffi ; 

13 And o|;ru7» dasge pa hi feidon fram 
bethania hine hingrode ; 

13 Da he feorran geseah an fic-treow J^e 
leaf htefde he com "} sohte hv/xper he jjar on 
aht funde pA he him to com ne funde he j^ar 
buton leaf ane; So^lice hit wees f;^s fic- 
treowes tima ; 

14 Pa cw he. heonon forS on eenesse 
ne ete £enig mann Wfcstm of pe, "i his leorn- 
ing-cnihtas jJEet gehyi-don ; 

15 TKa comon hi eft to hierusalem 1 |ja 
J he oil f tempi eode ho oiigann 

drifan of pa.»i temple syllende 1 hicgeiide. ] 
mynetera J^roeu. "J heah-setlu pe pa. culfran 
cypton he to brsec. 

16 "} he ne ge|)afode f seiiig man senig fset 
^urh -p tempi bare 

17 3 he fa Iserende Sus ew to Imn ■ Nis 
bit awriten f min hus fraw eallura f^eodum 
biS ge-nemned gebed-hus. soSlice ge dydon 
■f to scca^ena scraife ; 

Various Headings. 

e. A.-beora. A. B. boceras [a 
A. Btreowedon; B. strewodon. 
10. A. Sig. A. heannyssum. 
hig. 13. A. S«er (2mi time). 
15. Space for rubric in A. B. 
A. tcmpel, A. ongau. B, myn 
fiur. A. tenipel. 

« in the text\ B. lieoWun. 

9. A. folgedon. A. sig. 

U. A. tempel. 12. A. R 

14, A. heonen. A. man. 

A. ANd {.a. A, B. hig. 
etra. B.ciptuii, 16. A, 

8 Manega heore reaf on fane weig streht- 
en. sume pa boges of j^am trewen heowan. 
1 streoweden on Jjanne weig. 

Q 1 p& pe be-foren eoden 1 pa pe refier 
folgeden cwseSen )7U.s. osanna; syo ge-bletsed 
se pe com on drihtenes name. 

10 sy bletsed fait rice pe com ures fseder 
dani^es osanna on hehnyssen. 

11 "i he eode |ia on ierosolima temple, "i 
ealle j^ing he he-sceawede. Da afon time wfes 
be ferde to bethania mid his twelf leoniing- 

13 And ofjren daige |;a hyo ferden fram 
bethanie him hingrede. 

13 Da he ferren ge-seah an fie-treow ]?e 
leaf hsefde. he com ] sohte hwseBer he [jser 
on aht funde. fa he him to com; no funde 
he fair buton leaf ane. Sodlice hit w^s fas 
fie-treowcs time, 

14 Da cwEeS he. heoiicn forS on ecnysse 
ne sete anig man wtestme of fe. 1 his leorn- 
ing-cnihtes -f ge-hyrden. 

15 TT^a comen hyo eft to ierusalem 7 
a^ fa he on ■f tempel eode. he 

gaii drifeti of fam tempel syiiende 7 fayg- 
geiide. 7 munetera frocu, 1 heah-setle. fe 
fa culfran cheptan he to-breee. 

16 "} he ne ge-fafode ■f anig man anig fet 
furh fa tempel btere 

17 7 he fa lierende fus cwebS to heom. 
Nis his awriten -f min hus fiam ealien 
feoden beoS ge-nemned bed hus. sodlice 
ge dyden f to scaf ene scerefe. 


8. heoraref; Jione; strehton; hixxtas (ottered lo hoga^) ; 
ti'eowvm; sfrewodon; t<"^e, 9. beforan; folgodon; ge- 
Method; diilitnes Daman. 10. Si ge-bletsod; dauides. 
11. lemp!; be-sceawode ; eafentima; bethaniam; leorning- 
cnihtum. 12. jEnd oSrum dsege; t'erdon; bethania hine. 
13. feorran; hwe'Ser; tima. 14. lieonon; ete teiiig mann 
wtestm ; ieorning-cnihtas ; ge-hyrdon. IS. coman ; tempi ; 
tompte ; biegende ; mynetra jirocu ; heah-sellu ; cepten. 
16. tenig (&nd time); )3tBt tempel. 17. lerende; eallum 
Jieodum biJS; soSlic,' soa)iena screpfe. 

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menigo uuterf/fce woedo liis legdon-l'brEecloii on uoeg o^Qto miUcUice 8a tiviggo + 8a telgo gebuguii + 
8 inulti autem uestimenta sua strauerunt in uia alii autera frondes caede- 

3 aa *;e fre eodon ■} *;a ^e ftUdon 
Et ^m pneibiiit et ij^ui lequebantm ■ i 
lu < 

cliopalun cuoeKende It hsel 'sasig se ^ebkedsad =e «e cu m in nima dnhtnes «e eebloedsal ^te Snt 

clamabant dicentes liaaiiiia benedictui, qui ueiiit m noinim, dimtni 10 beuedictuia quod 

cuom 110 fiidoies uses dauides la hsel usic m beanissam 
lemt legium pitiia nobln dauid rfsaniia in e\eelsis 

temple 3 miSSj jmsLtawde allura miSSy gee efin 
templura et ciicumspectis omnibMs cum lam nespere 

fid gefoeide o 
hoia e\iuit m iDetlniiiam cum 

J oSer dfeg miS Sj foerdon from bethareiu gewyncerle 
12 et alia die cum exiieiit i tethanii esuuit 

fearra f fie beam hsebbende leafo cuom gif huiet eaSa-l noeni 
a loDge ficum habenteni iolia ueiut bi quid toite 

3 iniS 5y gesffih 
13 cumqi(« uidisset 

1 gee no Tie to ^*i iIli nokt mfind biita leito ne ior'^otv n*Ea tid gari Bel' 
id cam nihil inieiiit piietci toln non niniii eiit tempu^ lie lui 

ondieaide luoe* i m mit/^lioe ne 4 no le g 
leapoiiJena dixit ei iini njii amiliu? 

actemuni quioquam tiin,tum ex te iinnducet 

J geheidoii Segnai his 
et audiebint diacipuli eius 

3 cuomnn to hieiusa/em 3 mBSj infotrde ^ tempel onainn 
1 )"*" Et ucniunt hiero?olima?« et cum intioisset templum coejit'i. 

fordfifa SabibycendDt :i Bal)caendo m temple 3 beado Sara mynetio 3 se-itlas bebvtgenW mt 

eieeie uendenteo et emeiites m templo et menaa'j nummulanoium et cathedias uendentium + = ' 

Ka culfiis of cerde -1 ut diaf 1 ne gelefle tte Eemg oferferede faet ^erh -^lemjol 

columbas eueitit lb et non smebit ut quisqnim tl^n'^ fenet u^ pi,i femplum 

3 Iti le LiioeS nde b m ah ne ai ntten i -pte hus m n hit's gebcdd geceiged 

17 et doceli-it dicens ei'- nonne saibtum est quia domuo mca doraus oiitionis nocabitur 

allum cjnnun "■le natz-dlice ge\ oiliton-l'l> Ion hia 4 Ka iha c fx ^eafana 

omntb«3 gentibiid ujs autem feci&ti-^ ean &peluncim liti num 

8 "^0 mengu wutudlice triwedo hi ra biacldon-l kgdun on wnei; o'^ti. "liine aa t» gu g 1 i,gdun^ lenlun ^a 
lelge of BKin treura 3 stiedun on Sone woeg 9 3 61 Se toie eodun 3 Sa "^e l\ligdun cliopadun cwcScnde 
la hEol ^&lh 10 ae gibletaad se6e com in nomi diihtues we gibktsad -f com m uce fadoi uses daui3e'> la 

httl ii!)ih III heom sum 11 3 ineode hieiuialem in temple 3 mifcBy jmb steDivade all miSSj ge efern w6Bs 

gifoeide jn betliama mi6 t«elfum 12 1 oBre dsege miBSy focidon fiom betha gihjncrede 13 3 mi-6fcj 

a\ ssah feoira, «on fle beom hsebbeude leol com |,if ge hwct eiBa g raitte in Sasm 3 miKBv comun to Sasm nowilit 
mfand butun leofum ne forSon wffis tid iaia lie btoma 14 1 oiid iMorade cwteS him wutudlice no leuR in 

ecnisse aanig mon from 8e wassfem eteg 7 giherdun Segnis his lo 1 cimon to hiei!«a/em 3 mjSSy in foerdin 
Sone tempel ongan foidrila 8a bib)ccende 3 ^a bibjtende (sic) in temple 3 beodo "siia mjnetera 1 seotlas bibjr 
cendra 8a culufra ofoerde ^r fofdraf 16 3 ne gi lufde -pte temg cfcifacrende-l fasiende weie ffBt -Beih Sset tempel 

17 3 Igetde cweSende him ah ne annten is ^te hus mm hua gibedea a cegel biB allum cynnum ge wutodlioe 
t,iwoihtun 6a 4 h 33 cufa 1 h)dels Beaiina 

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18 Da fiEera sacerda ealdras 1 pa boceras 
Sis ge-hyrdon. hi J^ohton hu hi hine for- 
spildon, peh hi him adredon hine. forSaw? 
eall seo rnenigu wundrode be his lare ; 

19 And pa hit fefen wees he code of p^ere 
ceastre ; 

20 On merigen pa hi ferdon. hi ge- 
sawon -p fic-treow for-scruncen of pam wyrt- 
ruman ; 

21 Pa cwfeS petrus. lareo^v. loca hu for- 
scranc -f fic-treow pe 'Su wyrigdest ; 

22 Da cwgsS se hfelend hi)« and-swari- 
gende. habbaS godes truwan. 

93 ic secge eow to soSe. swa hwylc swa 
cwyfi to SisuCT munte. si Jiu afyrred "i on 
s& aworpen. 3 on his heortaii ne twynaS 
ac gelyf S swa hwret swa he cwyS gewurSe 
ph. -p gewyrS; 

24 Toip&in ic eow secge swa hwtet swa ge 
gymende biddaS gelyfaS -f ge hit onfoS. 
1 hit eow be-cymS ; 

25 And ponne ge standaS eow to ge- 
biddenne. forgifap gif ge hw^t agen lenig- 
ne habbaS. "f eow eower synna forgyfe 
eower heofonlica fa;der se Se on heofonuJM 

26 Gif ge ne forgyfaS ne eow. eower 
synna ne forgyfS eower heofonlica f^der ; 

I com he eft to hierusale»i. !I pa, 
he on pam temple eode hi»? to 
geneal^hton fa heah-sacerdos 1 boceras :i 


Various Headings. 
IS. A. B. liig. A. hig {twice). A. hyne hym ondredon. 
A. mEBnigeo. 20. A. B. metgen, A. B. hig, A. hig. B. 
wvirtruman. 21. B.wyrgdjst. 23. A. [lys. A.sig. A. 
tweoiia«. 25. A, ge-byddanne. A.heofen- 
lioa. A. heofenum. 36. A. fwdevlie on lieofenum ys. 
27. A. hcoh-sacerdas. 

18 Da fare sacerde ealdres "i fa boceres 
f is ge-hyrdeii. hyo foliten hu hyo bine for- 
spilden. f eah hyo heom on-drEedden hine. for 
fan eall syo manigeo wundrede be his lajre. 

19 "i fa hit Eefen wses he eode of fare 

20 On morgen fa hyo ferden. hyo ge- 
seagen f fic-treow for-scruncen of fara wert- 

21 Da cw. petrus. Lareow. loca hu for- 
scranc -f fie-treo fefu wergedest. 

22 fa cwteS ae haclend him andsweriende. 
hjebbed godes truwan 

33 ic segge eow to soSe. swa hwilc swa 
cwasS to fise munte. syo fu aferred 1 on 
S£e aworpen. "J on his heorte ne tweoneS ac 
ge-lyfS swa hwfet swa he cweS ge-wurSe 
f is. hit gc-wurS. 

24 for fan ic eow segge siva hwset swa ge 
gyrnende bydSed ge-lyfaS "p ge bit on-foS 
3 hit eow be-cymS. 

25 And fa^ne ge standed eow to ge- 
byddenne. for-gyfeS gyf ge hwset ageu 
anigene hgebbeS. fffit eow eower senne for- 
gicue. eower hefenlice fteder se f e on heofene 


26 Gyfgefannenefor-gyfeS. neeoweower 
senne ne for-gyfS ower heofenlice fseder. 

27 T^A com he eft to lerusalem. ] fa 
3r he on fam temple eode him to 

ge-neahlacten fa heah-sacerdes. 1 boceres !1 


18, sauerda ealdras; boceras; ge-liyrdun; )iohton; for- 
spildou. [leh; odreddon; [lam; menegeo wundrode; lare, 
19. afen. 20. ferdon; gesawen ; wurt-truman. 21. for- 
scvaii (sic) ; wytgdyst. 22. halend; andswariende. hab- 
bad. 23. cwyJS ; sy; afyrred; heortan; twineS; cwyB, 
eil-am; byddais. 25. jEnd Jionne; standeS; ge-byddane; 
habbaS; synna forgyfe; heofonlice; heofonan. 26. Jionne; 
for-gyfaS; eowra synna; eower hefonliea. 27. ge-neali- 
liehton; heah-saceidas ; boceras; ealdras. 

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miSSy ofSon wtea gelierod ?sm aldormonum saoerda 3 uBuuto sohtoti liuu hine 

IS* Quo audito pi-incipes sacerdotwm et scribfe qua«rebant quomodo eum " 123. i. 

io.' Ixsxu. 

hia aouoella mtohton ondreatdon Tor^on hine ^te all great wees gewuiidraxM-gewundrade oter '"'■'^'^*^- 

perderent ttmebant enim eum quoiiiam uniuersa turba admirabatuc super 

ISr his J miSSy efrn aworden wero from- foe rdo of ceastre 3 miSSy 

doctrina eius. 19* Et cum uespera facta easet egrediebatur dc ciuitate. 20 et cum " 123. x. 

Srlice ofer foerdon gesegon ^i fle-beam druige aworden of wyrtrumum J eft-myndig wees peter 

mane transirent uidei'unt ficum aridam factam a radio ibws, 21 et recordatus petrus 

<;uoeS him la latuu heono fic-beam JSiem 5u yfle cuoede gedrugade 1 ge-onduearde se hmlend cuoeS Stem 

dicit ei rabbi ecce ficua cui maledixisti aruit. 22* Et respoiidena iesus ait illis ^j ^*^^"J' 

habbaS gie gleafo godea soSlice ic cuoeS iuh -IMe suaha seSe cuoeKas Sissum ni6re genioma 

habete tidcm dei. 23 amen dico uobia quia quioumqwe dixerit huic moiiti toUere 

Z senda on sae 1 ne tuaes-tne getuiga in his hearte ah gif gelefo forSon sua hwmt cuoeKas 
et mittere in mare et non baeaitauei'it in corde auo sed erediderit quia quodcumqwe dixerit 

sie hi5 him geaald forSori ic cuoeSo iiih alle sua huset gie gebiddas i" biddende ge giuaS gelefee ge 

fiat iiet ei. 2i* Proptcrea dico uobia omnia quaecumque orantes petitis credile *125. iiii. 

■pte gie onfoe 1 hecymeS iuh 7 miSBy gie hiSon stondeude to gebiddanne foHetas ■!■ foj-geafas 

quia accipietia ot ueniet uobia. 25* Et cum stabitia ad orandum dimittiie * '2"- '"■ 

gif huiet gie hahbaS wiS huelc huone oSer fte l^ifmc faeder iuer seSe in heofnuw is foj-gefteS iuh 
si quid liabetia adueraus aliquem ut et pater ueater qui in etelia est dimittat uobis 

synna iuerra Sfflh se iuh-l"^ gif gie iiallaS forgeafa ne fasder iuer seSe in heofnum is 

peceata uestra. 26 quod si uos non diraiseritis nee pater ueater qui in caelia est 

forge fes iuh synna iuero 
dimittet uobia peccata uestra. 

temple geneolecdon to him heh-sacerdas 1 uwSuuto 3 Sa seldesto 

femplo accedunt ad eum aummi sacerdotes et scribae et aeniores. 

le nn6S^ was gilcrel fcoem aldormonnnm sicerdi 3 ub wutum htnii hu h a; hine f,iLwelian mtehtui ndreii 
dun forSoii hine foiSon ill Sieat wte^ v'^undrid ofer lira hs IJ 3 miSSy efein f, woi leii vaes Iroui foerde 

of CEestre -0 3 mi*:«y arliee otei foeidun gisegun gone flc heom dr>ge aworden of wyttrumuin 21 3 eft 

gimyndig ■wcs petius onseS him la larow heono 6es ficbeom ■E'em Bu cwede „idiugTle 22 3 gionlwiidi, 

15e hgilend civa;B Sasm babbas gleoia ^odea 23 soB 10 cweSo low ^te ma. hwa cweSes 5 ssum moie giniona 

3 seude in ste 3 ne twias-lne tw oge m heorte his ah gif gilefeS foiKon vna. h\va,t swt he eweoBas sie said 
hiiu "4 forBon ic cweoBo uw all swa h»»t sna gebddas-tgiowigas glefas ee Bsette ge onfoe : bie^meS 

lowih 2j 3 miS'Sy ge b oBun stondende to gibddanne totletas4 foij,eofas git h»a htebbe wiB huelc hwocgu 

oBer Bing -pte 3 faader lower se oa heofnum is foi gefeB low s}nne lowie 26 BahBe git lonih ne n ilhs 

forgeofii ne f-eler lower se Be on heoflum is forgefes low ijnne lonro 2? J comun after &on-i m hcrusi 

lent 3 miB Bj gieode 111 tempel g neolicidun to hira hch aaceidas 3 uB «utu 3 Ba asldcu 


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28 !) |3us cw£edoii ; On hwylcum anwealde 
dest ]ju Sas j?mg. 1 hwa sealde ]7e Sisne 
anweald ■f fu ^is do ; 

29 pa cwa^S se hjelend ] ic ahsige eow 
anre sprjcce Iswaria^ me. 1 ic secge eow 
ponne on hwylcuJM anwealde ic ]ns do ; 

30 HweSer w^s iobannes fulluht fe of 
lieofone. pe of mannuwi ^swariaS me; 

31 Da Jjohton hi "i cwasdon betweox him. 
gif we seegaS of heofone. he segS us hwi 
ue ge-lyfde ge hijw. 

33 gif we secgaS of mannum. we on- 
drffidaj' pis folc. ealle hi hffifdon iohanne/B 
•p he wsere soSlice witega; 

33 Pa 7swaredon hi pam hselende "i ewse- 
doti we iiyton ; Da cwajS se hselend. ne ic 
eow ne seegc on hwylcuJK anwealde ic pas 
ping do ; 


1 Tr\a ongan he him big-spell reccan. 
JL/ sM?ii mann him plantode wingeard 

"i be-tynde hine. 1 dealf anne seaS 1 getim- 
brode sBnne stypel 1 gesette hine mid eorS- 
tilium. 1 ferde on elpeodignysse ; 

2 pa sende he to pam tiliguwj his peow 
on tide "p he p£es wingcardes wsestm onfenge ; 

3 Da swungon hi pfene. 1 forleton hine 
idel-hende ; 

4 And eft he him sende o^eme peow. 
3 hi pone on heafde gewundodon 1 mid 
teonum geswenctoii ; 

Various Readings. 

29. A. acsige. B. andwealde. 30. B. Hwfslier. 3i. 
A. B. hig. A. heoTO. A. heofenum. A. hwig. B. omits 
ge. 32. A. hig. B. fefdon. 33. A. hig. B. Jiincg. 

Cap, xii. 1. B. bigspel. A. man. A. getymbvede. B. 
C. anne [for tonne]. A. EPlSeodignjsse. 2. A. tiliuw. 
3. A. hig Jione. 4. A. hig. A. gewundedon. A. gu- 

28 1 pus cwK^en. On hwilcen anwealde 
dest pu pas ping. 1 hwa sealde pe pisne 
anweald f pu pis do. 

29 pa cwte^ se hfelend, "i ic axie eow 
anre sprsece andsweriaS me. 1 ic segge eow 
panne on hwilcen an-wealde ic pis do. 

30 Hwse^er wes iohannes fidluht pe of 
heofene pe of mannen andswericd me. 

31 Da pohten hyo "J cwseSen be-tweoxe 
heom. gyf we seggeS of heofene. he segS 
us hwi ne ge-lyfde ge hym. 

32 gyf we seggeS of mannen. we on- 
drjcdeS pis folc. ealle hyo hafden lohaiinem 
■p he w£ere soSliee witege. 

33 Da andswereden hyo pa)« hselende 1 
cwajSen. we nyten. pa cwteS se haslend ne 
ic eow ne segge on hwilcen anwealde ic pas 
ping do. 


1 T^a on-gan he heom bispell seggen. Homoqu 
J Summan hym plantede wingeard. neam 3 « 

1 be-tynde bine. 3 dealf ffinne sea^ !l tym- 
brede senne stepel. !l ge-sytte hine mid eorS- 
tilian. 1 ferde on ae^elSeodinysse. 

2 Da sende he to |;ani tiligen his peow on 
tide, "p he pas wingeardes wasstme on-fenge. 

3 pa swungen hyo pane 1 for-leten hine 

4 And eft he heom sonde oSerne peow. 
^ hyo pane on heafde ge-wundedcn. ] mid 
teonen ge-swencten. 

Various Headings, 

28, cwteSon; hwylcum. 29. halend; spraee andawariad ; 
jjonne; hwylcum andwealde. 30. heofone; mannum and- 
eweriaS. 31. Jiohton; ewseSon be-twox; seggafe ; heo- 
fone; seg. 32. seggaS; mannuw; haifdon; ware; 
witega. 33. andswerodon hi ; ewaSen; nyton; hwylcum. 

Cap. xii. 1. big-spell reccan ; plantode; ge-aette; sedel- 
Beodignyaae. 2, tiligan; wteslm. 3. |jonne; for-letoa. 
4. eom ; J^onne ; teonum ge-awonctou. 

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3 cuoeBaS him on sualiuelc mfeht Sas Sii does 3 hua Se saMe Sios■^Sis ma;lit -pie 

t et dicuiit illi in. qua potestate haec facia et quia tibi dedit lianc potestatem ut 

iu dofes se hmlmd TiMtedlfae ondueardt; euoeS him-l'Siem ic fregna iuih asc ic aiium 

facias. 29 ieswa autein respondena ait illis interrogabo uos et ego unum 

wovde 1 oiidueardas me 3 in cuoeSo iuh 
uerbum et respondete mihi et dico uobis 

El huEelcum mfeht Sas ic AoeiAoam ful- 

qua potestate haec faciam. SO bap- 

uiht iohawnes of heofne wws oKSe from monum ondueardes me 

tiamum iohannis de caelo erat &a ex hominibMS reapoudete mihi. 

ge-smcadon miS him cuoeSende gif we cuoeSaiS of heofne he wil cuoeSa tor huon Hotine re gelefeS gie 

cogitabant aecum dicentea ai dixerimus de caelo dicet nobis quaie ergo nou credidistis 

him gif we cuoeSaS from monaum ondreardon -p folc 

ei. 32 si dixerimua ex homim'bMS timebant populum 

for*on soB-lice wjtgo wtes 
quia uere propheta esset. 

J ondueardon cuneSon Ssem hsB\ende 
et respoudentea dicunt iesu 

; to him ne sec ic euoeSo iuh on sua huelcer masht Sas ic doam 
illia usque ego dico uobia in qua potestate haec faciam. 

3 ongann JiasmJ'him on bispellum sprecca wingeard gesette monn 1 ynib-salde haga 3 
1* Et coepit illis in paraboiis loqui tiineam paatinauit homo et circumdcdit stepem et ' 

dalf seaiS 1 getimbei'de torr 3 agjef ■!■ gefwste Ba Sfem lond-higencgujjj : feart gefoerde -t fcerende 
fodit lacum et redificauit turrem et locauit earn agricolis et peregre profectus 

3 seiide to lond-buendum on t5d esne f te from Siem k 

2 et in is it ad agricoias in tempore seruum ut ab aj 

d-huendum onfenge of 
icolis acciperet de 

3 qui 1 

o-gelahton Sene geSurscon J fuHcorton geonga idelne i 

praehensum earn, cederunt et dimiserimt uacuum. 4 et 

efter sona sende to him oSerne Srael 1 gene on heafud gewundadon 1 miS sceofmum micliun 
iterum misit ad illos alium eeraum et ilium in capite uulneranenint et contumeliis 

28 1 cwtdun him m hwclce mTl te '^s.a ?u loes J hwelo Se sildi, "^as m»hle ^te Sas 55u dees '^ 6e 

hselfrtrf so-51 1'e ond sworade cwEeS to him ic gifregno lowih 3 ic ano wotde 3 ondnorda*. me 3 ic c«ePo low m 
swa hwelce ma>hte Sas doe ic 30 fiilwiht lohannea of heofne was fism momum ondwordis me 31 cwseS 
hvn HoS hite gismeadun miS hira cneSende gif ge cneoBas of heofne ht w 1 cweaSa ioihwon Sonne ne gi lefaS 
ge him 32 gif gc cweoiSa^ trom monnum we ondreotdun Sat folc all torSon hiefdun i hiraraes for'^on soBhce 

witga was 33 3 ond worde 3 cwieS Be hteleKrf ne wutun ge ondworde ?e hwlend twffiS to him ne eo ic 

oweSo low m hwi hweker msehte Sas. ic dom 

Cap XII 1 3 on^an SEem^him in bispellum spreaca wm geotd gisette monn 3 jrab'Salde seiSe 3 dilf seaS 3 
gitimbrade torr 3 6a agsefJrafteste 5a Bern lend bigtngmn 3 feor gfoerle 1 fffrende wees 2 3 eende to Sam 

lond bigengum on tide eanes -pte from Beem lonlhucndum onfenge of usestme tmigLOi'des 3 SaSe to gmeo- 

lieadun him giSurscun 3 forleortun idelne 4 3 etter f.ona sende to him oSerne esne 3 Sone on heofud giniin- 
dalun 3 nuS scomum michm to giworhtun 

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5 And eft he him surnne sende 1 hi jJEene 
of-slogon. ^ manega ojjre. sume hi beoton. 
sunie hi of-slogon ; 

6 pa hffifde he pa. gyt ajnne leofostne 
sunu. pa. sende he set nehstan hi)M jj^ne 
"i ewaaS; Witodlice minne sunu hig for- 
wandiaS ; 

7 Da cwiedon fia tilian hi™ be-tweonan ; 
Her is se yrfe-numa, uton ofslean hine. 
ponne biS ure seo yrfeweardnes ; 

8 Hi pa. ofslogon hine. 3 wurpon wiS- 
utan fone win-geard ; 

9 Hw^et deS ps£s wingeardes hiaford. he 
cym^ "} fordeS )7a tiligean. 1 syV6 o)Jron 
pone wingeard; 

10 Ne asMe ge fis gewrit. Se stan pe 
pa, wyi-htan awiu:pon fes ys geworden on 
jjfere hyrnau heafod. 

11 l^is ys frawi drihtne geworden "} hit 
is wundorlic on uron eagum ; 

13 pa snieadon hi ■f hi gefengon hine 
1 hi ondredon );a nienigu. hi on-cneowon 
J^a -f he jiis bigspell to him sasde hi ferdon 
|;a 1 hine forleton ; 

13 1-^a sendon hi to him sume of pha- 
1- X riseuwj 1 herodianuJM ■f hi be- 

fengon hine on his, worde ; 

14 Da eomon hi 1 pus mid faene cwa^don ; 
Lareow. we witon ■f fu eart soSftest 7 pn 
ne recst be ^negum menu, ne besceawast 
];u manna ansyiie. ac pu godes weg laBrst 
on so^-fsestnysse ; AlyfS gaful to syllanne 
pam casere 


5, A. hlg (thrice). A, fwne. 6, B. anne, A.leofestne. 
7. A. B. betwynan. A. yrfe-weardnys; B, yrfweardnes. 
a. A. hig, A. wyn-eard. 9. A tylian. A. oSrum. 10. 
A. heafde. 11. A, urum. ]3. A, B.hig(twice). A. hig, 
A. moinegu; B. menegu. A. liig. A. big-spel. A. hig. 

13. A. sffidon [/or sendon], A. hig{ft(i!ce). A. B. fatiseuw. 

14, A. B, C. hig. A, men. A. gafol. 

5 MtiA eft he heom sumne sende 3 hy 
fane of-slogen. 1 manege oSre. sume hyo 
beoten. sume hyo of-slogen. 

6 pa hsefde he pa. gyt renne leofestne 
sune. f>a sende he ^t Jjam nexten heom 
pane. ] cwjeS. Witodlice mine sune hyo 

7 Da cwte^en )ja tilien. heom be-tweon- 
en. Her is se earfednume uton of-slean 
hine. fanne beo^S ure syo earfweardnys. 

8 Hyo fa of-slogen hine. 3 wui'pen wiS- 
ute fanne wingeard. 

9 hwffit deS fas wingeardes hlaford. he 
cymS "} for-deS pa. tiligen. 1 sylS ofren 
f anne wingeard. 

10 Ne redde ge fis ge-writ, Se stan fe 
fa werhten awurpen fes is ge-worSen on 
fare heme heafed. 

11 fis is fram drihten ge-worSen. 1 hyt 
is wunderlic on uren eagen. 

12 Pa smeegdon hyo -p hy ge-fengen hine. 
1 hyo oii-di'Eedden fa manige hyo on-cneo- 
wen fa -f he fis bispell be heom saigdc. 
hyo ferden fa 1 hine for-leten, 

13 "T~\a sienden hyo to him sume of 
J~^ fariseum "} herodianuw. -p hyo 

be-fengen hine on his worden. 

14 Da comen hyo "i fns mid facne cwEeS- 
en. Lareow we witen f f u ert sodffest 
f u ne recst be aiiigen men. ne be-sceawest 
fu manne ansiene. ac fu godes weig Iferst. 
on sodfjestnesse. AlyfS gafol syllen fan 

Varioii,s Headings. 

5. eom; hyo jjonae; manega; heoton. 6. iiextaii; 
jjaMne; for-wandia*. 7. cwiedon; tilian; be-tweonan; cr- 
fenuiaa; of-slan; jjowne biS; seo yrfweardnys. 8. wi5- 
uto Jiorene. 9. deaS ; tiligan ; o*mm fiomne. 10. withtan 
awurpon; ge-worden; hyrne heafod. 11. ge-worden; 
wundorlic; ui'un eagao. 32. sineagdon; hyo [/or hy] 
gefengon; hyLftrhyo]; menega; on-cneowan; big-spell; 
ssegde; for-leton, 13. aenden; befengon; worde. 14. 
eomon ; ewseSon ; eart soSfsest ; Eeneguw ; be-scewest; 
ansyne; soiS.-f£estnysMe ; syllan jjam. 

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3 efteraona oSerne aende tec Sene ofslogoii 3 monigo oSero sume Surscun oScro tea 

5 et rursHm aliura niiait et ilium occiderunt et plures alioa quoadam caedeiites alios uero 

ofslogon Kaget forSoiiJ-iec enne-l'Sti hsefde sunn leofust 3 Bene senile to liial'him 

occidentes, 6 athuc ergo unum habens filiuni kai-issimum et ilium misit ad eo8 

EBt ende^hlaatmest cuoeSende for^ioni^te liia gefr»ppegedon sunu minne 
nouiasimum diceiis quia reuerebuntur filium meura. 

cuoedon hetuih Sis is erfewierd eymes wutum we ofalae hine 3 usra biS Siu crfe-woardnise 

dixerunt adinuicem hie est heres uenite oeeidamus eum et nostra erit hei'edilas 

3 gelahtoii hine ofslogon 1 gewiirpon buta K tern _ win geard hu^t ofiSon doeS 

8 et appreliendentes eum occiderunt et eieeerunt extra uineam. 9 quid ergo faeiet 

hlaferd 5»re wiogearde evmoS 3 fordoeS Sa lond-buendo 3 seleS -p wingcard oSrum ne writ 

AmiRua uineae ueiiiet et perdet colonos et dabit uineam aliis. 10 nee scripturam 

aius leomadagie f stan, Sone for-cuoraou getimbra<lon Sis geworden waas on heafud huommes 

lianc legistia lapidem quem reprobauerunt aeditieantea liic t'actus est in caput angnli. 

from drihtne aworden wsa Sis 3 is uundorlic ou usum egum 3 soiiton liiiie 

11 a dammo factum cat iatud et eat mirabile in oeulis nosto'a. 12* Et quaerebant eum » 139. i. 

lu. ccxli!. 
io. Isxsuiii. 
to haldanne 3 ondceardon f Sreat ongeton hine fofSon forSon to him bispell Bios he gecuocS 3 mt. ecxx. 
tenere et timuerunt turbam cognouerunt enim quoniam ad eos parabolam lianc diserit et 

miB-Sy forieortjjn hine geeodon 3 sendon to him sume frora aalaruas 3 herodea Segnum 

relicto eo abierunt. 13* Et mittunt ad eum quosdam ex pharisaeis et herodianis • xxxvii 

lu. ccx'lill. 

fte hine genome -t goteldon in word BaBe cuomon cuoedon him laruu we uuton fte ""■ "axiii. 

ut eum caperent in uerbo. li qui uenientes dicunt ei magister seiraus quia 

soS-fo3st his 3 ne gemes Bu tenig ne foj-Son Su gesiis on onsione monnes ah 

uei-ax es et non curaa quemquam nee enim uides in facieni hominis aed in ueritate 

woeg drihtnes Bu laires is gelefed to seallane geafel BsEm caseri oSSe no we selleS 
uiam domiai doces licet dari tributum caesaii £n non dabimuB. 

5. 3 efter sona oBeme sende 3 ec Bene ofslogun 3 monige oBre sume giBurscun oBre ec of-slogun 6 Ba 

gelt forSoii an hiEfde sunu leoftie 3 liiae sende to him jot eade-tlajtemest cweBende forSo bias 1 ^e fifepenfiduii 
sunu minne 7. Sa byende wutudlice cwedun him bitwion Bis ia erfeword cymas wutum we of sla hine 3 

usra biB Bio ei'fe-wordnis 8. 3 gilahtun hine 3 ofslogun 3 giwurpun butu Bone wingeord a h«EBt of Bon 

dydo'tdoeS drih(an wingeordes cymeB 3 fordoes Ba lond-b«ende 3 seleB Bone wingeard oBium 10 ne giivnotu 
Sas liornadungo -fte stan Bonne ofec-comen gitimbradun Bis giworden wtea on heofud hwon 11 fiom drihtne 

aworden wees Bis 3 is wundur-hc on egum usum 12. 3 sohtun hine to haldanne 3 ondreordun Bone Sieot 

on-gettin hine forBon to him biapel Sas he gicwasS 3 miBBy forleortun hine gieodun 13 3 aendun to him 

sume from ic-larwum 3 herodes Begnum ^te hine ginomim 4" giteldun on wordum 14. BaBe comun cnedun 

him larow we wutun Btette soSfiest is 3 no gemesttu senig of Bon-tBa?ra ne forSou Bu gisiat on onsione monnes 
ah in soB-ficstnisse woegas godea Iteres is gilefed to seallajiae giefel Ba;m casereJ'no we sellas 

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15 hwse^er fe we lie sylla^; pa cwseS 
he 1 heora lot-wreiic-ccaste wiste. hwi fan- 
dige mm briiigaS me fone pening -p ic hinc 

1 6 pA brohton hi him fa s^de he him ; 
Hwfes is l^eos anlicnys 1 ]iis ge-writ. hi 
cwaidon. Sasa easeres ; 

17 Da cwseS se hteleiid to him. agyfa^ 
pam casere pa Sing pe f^es easeres synd. 7 
gode J?a 'Se godes synd. fia wundrodon hi 
be f'am ; 

18 1-%acoraonhiOT to sad[u]cei pasecgtcS 
J -p icrist ne sy 7 liiiie ahsodoii 1 

pus cwEedon ; 

19 Lareow. moyses us wrat. gif hwses 
broSor dead bi^ 1 IjefS his wif 3 nsefS nan 
beam, f his broSor nime his wif 1 his broSor 
sSd wecce ; 

20 Eornostlice seofon gebrofru wseroii. 
3 se a3reata nam wif 1 wearS dead na lasfcdu/n 

21 And fa nam se oSer hi. ] wearS dead. 
ne se sfcd ne la-fde ; Gelice se fridda 

22 3 ealle seofon hi hsefdon T sted ne 
Isefdon; Ealra ^ftemest fa forS-ferde -p 

23 On pam jeriste. hwylees fara seofona 
biS -p wif. hi ealle hi hasfdon ; 

24 pa ^swarode him se hajlend hu ne 
dweligaS ge. forfam f e ge nyton fa halgan 
gewritu ne godes msegen ; 

Varioiis Headings. 

15. B.hiora. A.lot-wrencas; B. lot-wren c-eeas. A.hwig 
fandiaS ge. A, penig. 16. A. hig. A. B, hig. 17. B. 
Kineg. B. synt (2nd time). A. B. wundredon. A. hyg. 
18. A. to hym, A. syg. A. acsedon. 19. A, byS dead. 
A. broker (twice). 20. A, seofen gobroSro. 21. A. hig. 
22. A. seofen; B. seofan. A. hyg. 23. A. jjfera seofeiia. 
A. hig (twice). 24. A. dweliaS; B, dwelegaS. B. ha- 

15 hw^^er fe we ne sylla^. fa cwieS 
he 1 heora lotwrences wyste. hwi fandige 
min. bringeS me fanne panig -f ich hine 

16 fa brohten hyo him. pa saigde he 
heom. hwajt is feos anlycnyss. ? fis ge- 
writ. Hy cwseSen fas caiseres. 

17 Da cwseS se heeleiid to beom. AgyfeS 
fam caisere fa fing fe fas caiseres synde. 
"} gode f e godes synde. fa wundredon hyo 
be fam. 

18 T*a comen hym to sadueej. fa saig- 
JK go's -p ffiriste ne syo. 1 hyo axo- 

den. D fus cwse^en. 

19 Lareow moyses us wrat Gyf hw^es 
broker dead byoS. t) leafS his wif 1 nsfS 
nan beam, -p hys broker nyme his wif. 7 
his broker sted wecce. 

20 Ecniestliee scofe broSre WEeren ] se 
areste fa nam wif 1 warS dead, no Iffifden 

21 fa nam se oSer hyo "} warS dead, ne 
se saed ne l^efde. Ge-Iice se SridSe. 

22 7 ealle seofene hyo hJtfden :i sted ne 
Itefden. Ealre efteinesta fa forS-fcide -p 

23 On fam a^riste hwilces fare seofene 
biS ■f wif. hyo ealle hyo haefden. 

24 Pa andswerede beom se hgelend hu ne 
dweleged ge. for fan f e ge nyten fa halgcn 
ge-write ne godes m^gen. 

Variotis Readings. 

>. hj'ora lotwrencas; )3onne penig; ic. 16. brohton 
do; hwffis; anlicnys; hyo; jjebs. 17. AgyfaS; synd 
■al MS. inserU Jia before 2nd ^e; sint; ]jan. IS 
jeS; hine [for hyo] axodon; cwajfeon. 19, broBroi 
); hiS; lafS; hro^or (twice), 20. seofo broSro w 
ata; wearS ; lesfdum. 21. jEnd [for jja] ; wer3; Gi- 
; dridde. 22. aeofan; htefdon; lEefdon. Eah'a. 23. 
te; l^ara seofona; heefdon. 24. balend: 
i ; nyton ; halgan. 

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seSe wisto geawipernise hiora euoeS «fera Imsed mec gie costages brenges rae _ pening ^te 
15 C[ui scieiis ueisiitiam torum ait illis quid me leiutada adterte milii deuaniim ut 

ic gesii soS hia (o-brohtoii 3 puoeK liim huses is gelicnes Bios 3 in-ton-merea cuoedon 

uideam. 16 at illi attiilkiuiit et ait iliis cuius est imago haec et inscribtio dicunt 

him Sees caaeres geonduearde uuiedlics se hsAend cuoeB liim geldas foi-Bon Sa Be sint caeserea 

ilii eaiisaris. 17 respondens autera idA«a dixit illia reddite igitur quae auot caesavis 

BEem easere 1 KaKe aron godes gode 3 wundradon ofer hine 3 cuuiiioii to him 

caesaii et quae sunt dei deo et miiabantur super ao. 18* Et ueuemiit ad eum*^ 

Sa Be cuoseSas ercst no sie 3 frugnun hino Bus cuoBende la laruu 

sadducaei qui dicunt resurrection em noii esse et inteiTogabant eum diceiitea. 19 magistci 

moscs UH awnit -p gef huEeli; -!" a;iiig liroBer dead sie + biS 3 foiletes f wif-l'^i lilaf 3 suiio ne 

moses nobis scnbsit ut si cuius tiiiter mortuus fuerit et duiiisoi'it uxorem et iilios non 

lelesl"ne lasfea oufoe broSer his hlaf Stes ike 3 eft-awfecce sed broeBre his seofo 

reliquei'it accipiat frater eiua uxorem ipsius et resuacitct semen tVatri suo. 20 aeptem 

forSon broSro woei'on 3 so focBmest onfeng p wif 3 dead woas un-fiwletne sed 3 

ergo tratres erant et primus accipit uxorera et mortuus est non relieto semen. 21 et 

Se efterra onfeng Sa ilea 3 dead v/xs 3 no Bes foj-leort sgd+team 3 se Birdda golic 

secundus accipit earn ct mortuus est et nee iste reliquit semen et tertius similiter. 

3 oufengon Sa ilea _ gel'i: Ba seofona 3 ne fadeotton J-ne Ifefdoii sedJ- tSam hiu hlEetmest alra 
22 et acciperunt earn similiter septem et non reliquerunt semen nouissima omnium 

in erest _ forSon iniB-Ky hea avisaB hwtes of Ssem biB f wif 

in resurrectione ergo cum reaurrexerint cuius de liid erit uxor 

aeofona forBon hasfdon -f ilea wif 3 geonduearde se hailajfrf euoeB him no forSon 

septem enim liabuerunt earn uxorem, 24 et luspondens ie.s'us ait illis non ideo 

noge ge-wui-itto ne mscht godea 

scribturas ne^we uirtutem dei. 

15 seBe niste gismopoini«se hiori c«acS to him h«!et mec gi costi„as bcengaa me pemng ^ite u tisie cwasB 
to him lb aoB hise gihiohlun hitn 3 cuseS to him hwtet la Bis gi\icnes Bas 3 m 1 on merca cwedun him Baa 
caiLLea 17 giondwoide wutudljce iSe heeknd cwteB to him geldas forBon BaBe smilua caieias tmm eaaere 

3 SaBe itun goOea godo 3 wundradun ofer bine li> 3 com in la him BaBe cwoiBas Eenst ne were 3 

frugnun hine Bus cweSende IS la Urow mouses w* awrat gii hwelc bio'Ser deod aie 3 forletLS Btet wif 3 

buno ne letes -pte onfoe bioBei hia lafe Baas ika 1 eft aweccais sel broSer hia 20 wofmie forBon broBec 

weiuu 3 3e foerB meata on tei g Bset wif 3 dead was unfoiletne aed 21 3 Be tefteria on feii„ Ba ilea 3 deod 
WEBS ne foiieoit Ba.t sed 3 Bo Buda gihoe 22 3 onfeng Sa ilea gil ee ^d wolune 3 ne forleoitun 1 no 

lasfdun sed hio Isete-mest alra deod vses Bset wif 23 in enste forBon mifcby aiisaB hn^es of Baim b S ^5 

wif siofune foiBon hsetdun Bffit lice wif 24 3 gi ond worde Se hielend civajB to him ne forBon ge dwolijXis 

ne «utiiii Sf yiwiiotu ne ma-hte-lmEegen godeu 

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25 SoSlice poime hi of deaSe arisal?. ne 
wifiy]? hi. ne ne gyftigeaS, ac hi syiit 
swylce godes englas on lieofonum; 

26 Be pam deaAwn "f hi arisen, ne 
rfedde ge on moyses bcc hn god to hitn 
cwEejj. ofer J^one gorst-beam ; Ic eom 
abrahames god. "} 

27 iiis god deadra ac he hys lybbeiidra; 
So^lice swyjie ge dweligeaS : 
Dysgodaiiel . 28 IT^a geiiealsehte him an of yum 
d^onitffire JL' bocerum pe he gehyrde hi smea- 

ofetpeiiie- gcnde "i ge-seah -p he him wel andswarode. 

cos ten. Inter- on/ 

rogauit u™m ] ahfcode hine hweet wssre eaira beboda 

units de GciibU 

quid esse! pri- tnfest ; 

niBndatum. A. 29 pa Tswavode he hi?w. -f is -p msEste 
bebod. ealra israhel gehyr urne drihten 
god, he is [an god] 

30 and lufa ]jiniie drihten god. of eah-e 
J)inre hcortan. 1 of ealre j^inre sawle. 
ealluffi |;inum mode, "i of eallu?« j^inum 
injegene. -f is'p fynneste bebod; 

31 SoSlice is oSer jjissnOT gelic; lufa 
fiiime nehstan swa ]'e sylfne. nys oSer mare 
bebod ; 

32 Da cwasf se bocere. lareow. well fu 
on sojje cwsede. "f an god is. "i nis oSer 
butan hij» 

S3 T Sset he si gelufod of ealre heortan. 
1 of eallujw andgyte. 7 of ealre sawle. 1 
of ealre strengSe. "} lufigean his nehstan 
swa hine sylfne. Jret is mare ealkuw on- 
sasgdnyssujw "] offrungum ; 

Various Headings. 
25. A. hig-, A. B. big. A. gifliaS. A. hig, A. B. 
heofenum, 25. A. hig. A. om. god a/ler isaaces. 27. A. 
)s. A. (IweliaS. 28. A. B. om. he after Jie. A. liig. A. 
iicsode. 29. A. ysrahela. A. B. inserl aa goU, which the 
text omt'ts. 30. A inserts "3 of ajter sawle. A. mEegne. 
31. A. Jivsum. A. nylistan, 32. A, wel. A. liuton. 33. 
A. sig. A. lufian. A, Djlistan. 

25 SoSlice |;annc liyo of deaSe arise'S ne 
wifie^ hyo ne ne yfcigeS ac hyo synde swilce 
godes angles on heofenen. 

26 Be ]7am deaden {JEet hyo arised ne 
rtede ge on moyseses hoc. hu god to heom 
cwasS. ofer fanne gorst-beam. Ic eom 
abrahames god. ysaces god. "i lacobes 

27 nis god deadre. ac he is libbendra 
soSlice swiSe ge dwelieS. 

28 "f^a ge-nehlahte him an of fam 
X bokeren pe ge-herde hyo smeg- 

ende. ") ge-seah f he heora we! andswerede. 
] acxodc hine hwEet wasre ealre be-bode 

29 Pa andswerede he hym. ■f is-p m^este 
be-bod ealre israele ge-herie urne drihten 
god. he is an god. 

30 :i lufe finne drihten god. of sslie 
|;inre heorten. :i of ealre )?inre sawle. 1 
eallen jjinen mode. 1 of eallen j^inen maig- 
ne. -p is-p fermeste be-bod. 

3 1 SoSlice is oScr |iiseH ge-Iic. lufe J?inne 
nexten swa pe sylfne, nis oSer mare be- 

32 Da cwjeS se bokere. lareow wel fu 
on soSe cwEc'Se. ]?«t an god is !) nis oSer 
buten him. 

33 1 ■f he si ge-lufod of eallen heorten. 
of eallen andgytte. 1 of ealre sawle. 7 of 
ealre strcncSe. "i lufian his nextan swa hine 
sylfne. -f is mare eallen on-ssegduyssen 3 

Varioif^ Headings. 

35, Jionne; ariaaS; wjfiaS; giftigaS; siiit; eoglaa; 
fonum. 2(i, deadum ; arisaS ; moyses ; eom ; fjontie. 
27, deadi'a; his [for is]; dwoligaS; 28. e^-neahlal 
boteriiui; ge-hjrde; eom; andswarede; oxwie; h 
29. andswarode; heomj ealra isrsehele ge-)ier. 3(». Ji 
ahe; heortan; saule; eallum Jiinum; eallum Jiinuw mieg- 
■avm; flrmeste. 31. )ii3suni ; l«fa; nextan. 32. hoeere 
well; cwaJSe. 33. ge-lufaS; ealre heortan; eallum [fie^ori 
andj;ytte] ; luftgean ; neaxtan ; eallufu oii-S!Bgdny»suiu 

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miS-^y foj-8on frowi deadum arisaS hea ne hia mfeinsumiaS no liia biSon ge-mtensiuBadf ah + i. ne ceotl 

25 cum eniia i mortuis resurrexerint neque nubeiit ncqug imbentiu- scd ^^^anl"%e 

bi8on swBB englas in heofnum of J- froMi doadum nutedlice fta arisaS ne leornadfcgie od ceorlea on erlal 

sunt sicat angcli in caelis. 2G de mortuis autem quod resurgaiit non Icgistis jj^-l'* ^^e'est. 

boo moses ofer i on Seem tree him cuoeJS him god coeS 1' seegde ic am god abrahames : 

libro mosi super rubum quomodo dixerit illi deua inquieiis ego sum dews abrabam et 

Kod isaaces 7 goi iacohes ne is god deadta ah hliflendra gie fin-Son suiSe 

aeus isaac et dews iacob. 27 non est dews mortuorum aed uiuorum uos ergo multnm 

gie duolagea 7 geneolecde an from uuSuutum seSe geherde Sa ilco efne-geftugnon-1'socceiide 3 

erratis. 28 *Et accessit unus de scribia qui audierat illos conquireiites et ■ XL, 

131. ui. 
gesaah forSoii ■!■ -jste woel iSiem geonduarde gefraign hina hiiEotd f were se fo'Sraesta alraf f ChoifaiiB, 

uideiis quoniam bene illis responderit interrogauit eum quod esset priinum oniinum 

bod hxlMd autedtice geondueardo him ^to se foiSmesta alh'af 

mandatum. 29 iesus autem respondit ei quia primum omnium 

_ israe) drihfen god user god an is 3 liifa Su drihtere god Sin of aU'a 

israhel iommus dews noster deua uims est. 30 et dilegea Aominum de»m tuum ex toto 

heoirta Sin 3 of alra sauel Sin 3 of alra Solit Sin 1 of ah'a maegne Siu Sis is 
corde tuo et ex tota auima tua et ex tota mente tua et ex iota uirtute tua hoc est 

se focBmesta hod So acfterra uutedlice gelie is him lufa Soae neesta Sifine susc 

primum mandatum. 31 secundum autem simile est illi dileges proximum tunm tamquam 

Sec seolfne .nlara Siara oSer hod no is 1 cuoeS him se yiiBwuta wel la laruu 

t^ ipsum maius horum aliud mandatum non est. 32* Et ait illi acriba bene magister • 132. x 

in soSftestnise Su cuoede foi'SonJ-^te an is J no is oSer buia himl-bino 7 -pte sie golufad 

in ueritate dixisti quia unus est et non est alius praeter earn. 33 et ut diligatur 

of allra lieorte J of allra ondget 1 of allra sawelo 1 of alra strengo 3 lufa Bon neesto 
ex toto corde et ex toto intellectu et ex tota anima et ex tota fortltudine et dilegere proximum 

sua bine seolfne mara is 
tamquam s6 ipsum maius est 

2o miSSy forSon from deaSe ari=aS ne bise minn suroigaS ne hie hioSua gimajnsumad ah hioSon sni englas 
on heofnum '6 of deoSe wutudlce -fte iri'.aS ne lioimdun ge on booum mo\se-. aiei Ion Ssem tiee h lu 

cweeS him god cnEeSJ-sffifjde lo am j,od ahnhames 5 god isi ts 3 gDd ucol ej 2/ ne is god Sara deodia 

ah hfgendn gif ge forSon s«iBe gidwohgaa 28 J gineohcade an Irom uSwutura seSe giheide Sa ilco elne 

gifrugnun 3 gisieh foiSon ^sie wel Stem giond woide gifrte..,n hine hwet were Ke foerSniesta alra bibodona 
29 Se hffil^nrf wutudhce gi ond woide him fotSon Se foerSmesta alra UbtiJo a is giber isrihelum <Iiih(e» god usei 
god ana is 30 3 lufa Su driWen god Sinne of alia he ite Sinre 3 tf alie aawle Sime 3 of alle gSol te Sinum 
3 ot alle majgne Sinum Sia ih Stet foerS mesto blind 31 Siet ceflerra nutudlice gilice him lufa Sone nestu 
Sinne swa swa Sec solfne mara Sisra oSer bibod ne is 32 3 cwteS h m Se uSnuta wel ]a lar w in soS 

feestnisse Su cneSi. fjiScn an ib g d 3 ne is cSei hutTi him 3o 3 >te mo giliiftrt of ilie !v rte 3 of alri- 

oniietnisse 3 A alie siwle 3 of aire stren^u Sine 3 lull Soni. ni.stii sna s>w x iei, solfne mr-i is alhm ewit,um 
lacum 3 Esegdnisaum 


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Si Da se liEeleiid geseah -f be him wislice 
andwyrde he seede him iic art pa feorr fram 
godes rice. 1 hiiie ne dorste nan mann 
ah si an ; 

35 Da cwEef) se hfelend on psm temple 
.Iserende; Hu secgaS )Ja boceras "p crist sy 
dauides siinu; 

36 Dauid sylf cwse|? to pam halgan gaste. 
drihten cvisep to minum drihtne. site on 
mine swySran healfe. o'S ic fjme fynd 
asette to fot-seeaniolc J^inra fota; 

37 Dauid sylf nemde liine diiliten. "} 
hwanon is he his snnu ; And mycel nienegu 
hine luflice geiiyrde. 

38 Jia sEede he him on his lare ; Warnia^ 
fram boecruwi. fa wyllaS on ge-gyrlu^i gan 
"i bcon on strsctum grete. 

39 3 on fyrm^'StuCT larcow-setliiJW. sittan 
on ge-samnungu»« 1 pa, fyrmestan setl on 

40 pa. ^e wndewena bus for-swelgaS mid 
heora langsuman gebcdc. j^a onfoSlengestne 
dora ; 

41 Da sffit St; hjelend oiigen fione toll- 
sceamol 7 geseah bu ■f fole byra feoh. tor- 
fude on J;one toll-sceamu!. 1 manega welige 
torfudon fela ; 

4S pa com an earm wuduwe. and wearp 
twegen feor^-lingas; 

43 Da clypode be bis leorning cnihtas "} 
s^de him ; SoSlice ic eow secge. f |;eos 
earme wudnwe ealHnga meest sealde |iara 
|:e on toll-sceamul sealdon ; 

Various Readings. 
34, A. eart. A. feor. A. man acaian. 35. B. Iscrynde. 
A. sig. "36. A. fot-sceamele. 37. A. liwanen. A, inte- 
Tifgu. A. lufeliee. 38, A. grette; B. gegi-ette (ocw ati 
1/asure). 3ii. A. gesotnnunguw. 40. B. hyra. 41. 
A ongean. B. t>a:i]c, A. toll-sceamel. A- lieora. A. for- 
fode. A. toll-scearael. A. torfeilon; B. torfudiin. A. feala. 
4a. A. wudewe. 43. A. B, wudewe. A. eallunga. B. 
mssslli. A. Jjajra. A. toll-see amele. 

34 Pa se h^lend ge-seah f he hym wislice 
andswerede he saigde hym ne ert pu feor 
fram godes rice, "i bine ne dorste nan man 

35 pa. cvvae^ se hselend on |:am temple 
l(»rende. bu segge^ |:a boceres f crist 
sy daniSt'S sune, 

36 Dauid self cwecS to |;am halgen gaste. 
Drihten cwge'S to mineji dribtene site on 
minen swidren healfe. od^e ic f^ine feond 
asecte to fot-scamcle Jiiinre fote. 

37 Dauid self nemde bine drihten. 1 
hwanen is he his sunu. 1 micel meiiige 
hine lufeliee ge-berde, 

3S Da ssede he bcom on bis lare. Warn- 
ieS fram boceren. J^a willed oi; ge-gyrtlen 
gan "i been on strtete ge-grette. 

39 "i on fermesten lareow-setlen sitten on 
ge-samnungen, "i ]:a fjrmesten setlcn on 

40 pa pe wiidewena bus for-svvelged mid 
heora langsumen ge-bcdaii. pa on-fo^ Ijbu- 
gestne dom. 

41 Da siEt se h^lend on-gean jraiie tol- 
scamel. 1 ge-seah bu -f fole hire feoh torfede 
on pane tol-scamel. J inanige weliga torfe- 
den fela. 

42 ^a com an earm wiulewe and warp 
twcge feorf^inges. 

43 Da cleoperle he his leorning-cnihtes 
"i saide beom. SoSlice ic eow segge j^set 
fieos carme wudewe eaire mest brohte |;are 
pe on J;anne toU-scamel brohte. 

Various Readings. 
34. eom; ssegde heora; eart. 35. halend; seggaS; 
boceras; syo dauides sunu, 3G. sjlf; halgan; uiiuum; 
muium swiBrum; oS«e; fot-scamole Jiiiira. 37. sylf; 
hwanon; sune; meuigeo; luflice gehyide. 38. WarniaS; 
bocerum; willaS; ge-gyrlum; alrEetum. 39. fyrmestvm 
lareow-Eetlum ; ge-samnungum ; fyimestmi setlum; bir- 
acipiim. ^0. for-swilgaJ5 ; langsuman ge-bei!e; lengeatne. 
41, halend; fionne toi-seamol; heora; torfode; ))onne tot- 
scaiaol; manega weiige; feola. 42, wearp; feorS-HngaS 
(sic). 43.dypede; -nnflitas; saade; wudewaeallinga msest 
sealde ; om. bannc ; toU-scamol sealden. 

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ve htelpni uixtedlice g sceli -fite aiotoil ce4 wisliie geondii'Bide en ei, liim ne r^ ^^ frair f om iic 
34 isbj'i autcin uidei ■* r[ULd sijieatui leapoiidi&set dixit ilh nun e^ 1 u^e & ic^i o 

godes ? ne'ems: mon suS-l gi,e _edaif>te hie t,efa^ie t cilueiile seha;lp(d he ^.e oe« 

d 1 *lljt Tiemo i-\ni fu l<.b it ei lo ii teiifgUe 3 "fLt respjnleis i lui diLebit " igs, ii. 

1u. ccxliiii. 

Ifeiend-i'I'eide n ten] el hi i cuoc*las 8a w iSii tfl lii cnst sUiu sie daiiSes se ilea torioa -f- i34. ii. 

doueiis HI tem{ io quomudo dicuiit scnbte cktistum iilium es'se diuid 36 ip^& enim lu. ccxiu. 

dauid cu c5 on giast 1 aligne cuoeS diititoj diihtiie iinnum silt to aiiSia minujw o*-^ffit le seffo 
dauid dicit in spirita sancto dixit dc ninua domino nit scdss j, iextiis meiy d nee p nim 

flondaj SiiK fDt scoemel futa Sinra se ilea f r^m daui« cui S 1 1 e di 1 l^n 5 hicna 

inimicjs tuos scibellum pedum tujiitm 37 ipt-e ei^o diud oicit tun dr j < i«m et ui le 

1 tahtP 1 Iferde '^xw 1 \nm on liar 
8S *Et dccebat eia m 1 turn - iss. ii. 

his lichiljas uili tiOHi uSuut im BtSe wallas m stolum gooQga 3 wilpjniosie-i'oearoeta on spec J 

au*i ciiete a, '-eiilns jui uolui t in btoll^ ambulite et =aluti i iii loio 30 ct 

OM Ssein f rSmestum ''e^tlura =itta in son nungun 3 Sa foi-6i ics o sella let fat an in KaSo 

m friniis catlie liis se leie m a m^Lgio et fumoa di&i.ulitig in uei is 40 '■(^n ' I3ii. uii.. 

offtealtas liso widdunna undpr sceaiiung lonfiunga Hoi ges gcleddes gas onfiaS uneSlic 1 lengra 
deuoiant domoo u dudiuni sub oblenta plollx^e ji iti ni& In accipieiit piolixiua 

()g,ji 3 saitt se h^Uwd wiSJ'ongeegn Sffis dores 8e is sua genemned gazophilacium on hierusalem 

iudicinra. 41 *Et sedena iesus contra gazophiiacium • xi.r. 

behseald huu fi here gewarp ^ mfoslenii on gazopliilacmm 3 .monigo wealigo-J wloncu gewiirpon 

aspioiebat quomodo turba laetaret iies in gazopliikcium et raulti diuitea iactabaiit 

feolft + meni'Ta miS gecnome umedlice an widna Sorfend sends tui^e stycas f is 

muita. 42 cum ueniaaet autem una uidua pauper miait duo minufa quod eat 

feOraung penninges 1 ceigde Segnas his cuoe« Siem^illia soSliee ie euoeSo iuh fte 

quadrana. 43 et conuocans discipuloa aiioa ait illia amen dico nobis quoiuam 

widua eios-tSas gEevfen mara alluin sem'e SaSe sendon . on gazophiloetjow 
uidua haec pauper plus omnibus misit qui miacrunt in gaiiophilaeium. 

34. Se hsilmd wutndliee gisseh ?iet he ino uihte g ond ^i idc c\ia,8 ti h m ne orS ?u fear fi )t tee „oi3es : 
n»njg nion so««a gidaiste hine ^ tregna 3o 3 gund woidc 8o hseleni cw-eS-I cweSende lEOKride tn ten pi 

huu cweden . . . prisl sie sunu 1 weie dauiSea 36 Se ilea foiSon dauid cateB m gaste halgura cwieS 

drihiew drihtne niinuw sile to S^r sw 5r n mm o68sat ih setto flondas Sine toot 'it.omul fota Sinia V 6e 

iloa t'orSon dauiS c«as6 him drhie; 1 liwona la sunu his 1 nionige Bieotos hine lusthce giherdun 38 3 

tahte-i Itcrde Stem -1 him in larum hw bil a daa lowih fiom uiswutum 6a Se w<illas on stolnm gonga 7 nilcumiea 
■1-groeta oa sprece 39 3 on Eiem foei-Smebmra seotlum sitta in somnungum : Sa foeiSmestu giaedla -et 

feormum 411. 8a Be treotaa hui widwina under sceamunge longunga-flonges gibedes Sas onfoaS uneSelic-t 

lengra dom 41 3 sset Se htelewrf orget,n Seem doie Be la swa nemaed bileold huu Se here giwirp Bajt 

lasesleu oa gazo-philac uni ] mouige weoUe 1 wluiiea g«uipun feolu 42 taiB By cum w itull ce ai w Ine 

Sori'eade aende mBesleo t«a stjcgte f la feoiSuug penii ges 43 1 cegde Segni « his cwaaS to hini so*; lite il 

cwbBo low forSoii widwe Bub Soifende maia allum sende BaBe sendua in gazo-j hila«wm 

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44 Ealle sciidon of pam pe hi genoh 

liBcfdon ; So^Iice feos of hyre yrm)je eall 
•p heo h^fde sealde ealle hyre and-lyfene ; 


1 I \a he of ^mi temple eode pa cvim'S 
-L' an of his leorning-euihtura to 
him. lareow loca hwylce staiias her synt 
") hwylce geliinbrunga j^isses temples; 

3 Pa cwjeS se hselcnd. nc ge-seoge ealle 
l^as mycelan getimbrunga. ne bi^ her Isefed 
Stan ofer staii Jje lie bco toworpen ; 

3 "p»a hi sfetoii on oliitetes diine ongcn 
J -p tempel syiiderlice hiiie petrus 

1 iacobus. "} iohannes. "} andreas. ahso- 

4 Sege us hwEeniie j^as fjing ge-wurdon 
:i hwylc tacen hi^ jj^nne ealle pas Sing ou- 
giiinaS beon ge-endud ; 

6 Pa ougau se ha^leiid Imn Jswarigeiide 
to cweSaii ; WariiiaS -p eow nan maun ne 
be-swice ; 

6 Sojjlice manega cumaS on minuwi na- 
man. 1 cwej^aS. ic com erist 3 beswicaS 

7 "i pomie ge gehyraS gefeohtu. ^ ge- 
feohta hlisan. ne ondrsede ge eow. hit geby- 
raS p bit gebelimpe. ac ponne gyt nis ende ; 

VaHous Readings. 

44. A. B. liiR. 

Cap. xiii. 1. A. synd. A. [lyses, 3. A. B, liig. A. 
ongean. A. acsedon; B. acliso(]oii. 4. A. ge-weor8on. 
A. }.onne. A. ge-endod. 5. A. man. 7. A. gB-feoht 
\/or gofeohtu]. A, lie-lj mpe. 

44 Ealle senden of fan pQ hyo ge-noh 
haifdeii. SoSIice J^eos of hire ermSe eall 
p^t hyo hsefde sealde ealle hire and-lyfene. 

J ai 



he of pa,ia temple eode. pa cw. 
an of his leorning-ciiihten to him. 
Lareow loca hwilce staiies her synt. 1 
hwilee ge-tymbrenge. [hisses temples. 

3 l^a cwicB se htelend. ne ge-seo ge ealle 
l^as mycelen ge-tymbrenge. ne beoS her 
Itefd Stan ofer stan pQ ne wurS to-worpeii. 

hyo sa^ten on olinetes dune. 
on-gean j'jet tempel. synderlice 
hine petrus. ^ Iacobus. :i Iohannes. 1 An- 
dreas acsoden. 

4 Sege us hwa;nne fas fing ge-wurSen. 
^ hwilc taken beoS Jjamie ealle pas ping ge- 
wurSe sculen. :i hwiic tacen byS Jeanne 
ealle J?as {Jing on-ginncS. "i beon sculen 

5 fa on-gan se hjelend heom andsweriende 
to cweSen. warnieS -p eow nan man ne 

6 SoSlice manege cumeS on minen na- 
men. 3 cweSaS. ic eom crist. 1 be-swiced 
man ege. 

7 ^ fanne ge ge-hereS ge-fehte 1 ge-fyhte 
hlisan. ne on-dr£ede ge eow. hit byred 
fset hit ge-limpe. ac fanne gyt nys sende. 

Various Readings. 

44. t^a»^; liafdon; ynnSe; hafde. 

Cap, xiii. I. -enihtu»!; stanas; ge-tymbninga. 2. lia- 
lend; ge-timbmnga ; byS; beo [for wurS]. 3. stetoii 
airsodon. 4. ge-wurdon; tecen biS jiEenne ; ge-wurdon 
OOT. sculen; on-ginnaS beon ge-endud. 5. andswerigende 
cweSan. WarniaX. 6. manega cumaK ; niinui/i naman 
be-swynaS manega. 7. [jomie ; ge-hyra5 ge-feohla; ge- 
fyhta; ge-byreS ; ge-be-limpe; Jjonne; ende. 

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alle forSoa of Bon -fte geraonigfaldade 4- gewoxe him sendoii Bios VLntedlice of henSu 4" unspoed 
44 omnes eEim ex eo qaod abLiudabat illis miserunt haee ueio de paeuuria 

hire alle Ba Be hsefde sende all gebi'engnise hire 
sua omnia quae habuit misit to turn uietum suum. 

7 miBBy gefoerde 4' fserendo of temple cuoeS him an of Begnura his la lariiu sceawig 4' gesili 
l*Et eum egrederetur de templo ait illi unns ex discipulis suis magister aspice To?^-^^' 

lu. 'ccipi 
hulco stanas 3 huulig timber "! ondsuorado se htelenrf cuoeS him -t SEtra gesih Bas mt. ccniii. 

quales lapides et quales structurae. 2 et respondeiis iesua ait illi uide h&s 

alle miclo gehrino 4' glencus ne hiB forfeten sten ofej' stane seBe i 
Dmnes maguas non relinquetur lapis super lapidem qui 

sre-Von dune oele-beama ongeaegn temple geascaiion-tfrugnon hine suundorliee 
moiiteni oliuarum contra templum iuterrogabant eum separatim" 

peli'KS 3 isLcobus 3 iobantzes J aiidrea* saego us huoenne Bas biBon 3 huelc becon 

petrus et iacobws et iohauuea et andreas. i die nobis quando ista fieiit et quod signum 

biB huoenne ■J Bonne 5as alle on-gmnaB to endanne-l'^te hia se geeudado 3 onduearde se htelenrf 

eiit quando haec omnia incipient consummari. 5 et lespoiidena iesua 

ojigann euoeSa liim geseas gie -fte ne seiiig iuili gcsuica monigo foj'Bon cymffis on noma minum 

cuepit dicere illis uidete ii4 qui3 uos sadiicat. 6 multi enim uenient iu nomine meo 

!iia cuoeBas -fSte io am 3 menigo hia gesuicas 
dicentes qilla ego sum et multos seduceiit. 

woeno -i" mernunf,^o Bara gelehto i:e ondredas gie is rehtJ'hit aeeal foj-Eon wosa ah ne Baget enJe biS 
opiniones bellorum ne timueritis oportet eiiim fori sed noiidum linis. 

44 alle f S n of h m -jSte g n f U de ! n nlu S wut dl « of he Su n -l" un i ed he alle 8a8e 
1 hwfd nd 11 bene! 

O J) XIII 1 n B aj ffe 1 fe ft mpl aB h n a of Segnum bs la la o sceawa4 h hulice 
sta as 3 lulc t mb« 2 3 o ode Se Wlni fe& h n g 1 Bas alle m le g no4j,len« ne biS 

f 1 le sta of ata e seBe e t t o d n 3 3 m 66) f, <Btt on e oele be ma ngK<n t pie 3 gi- 

f ugn n 1 ne sjnder Ice333 4»euh 6b Sun 3 Bset be un b 5 h enne Bas alle ongmnaS 

to e da e-i' a e dade 53owdBelicl /nn neB hnj, e SECtt nee g w eiswice 

6 monge f -Bo umaS onmamnm Bndft m3mglai \^a 7 ^y lutudlice 

g beras g feht 3 wona -h me s n^a 6a a g f ht I s g It 1 h t al lo S n h =^a got 

s e de 

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8 SoSlice \}eoA arist agen feode. 1 rice 
ongen rice !) beo^S eotpan styriinga geoiid 
stowii 1 hungor. J^is syud sara aiigin ; 

9 WarniaS eow sylfe, hi sylla^ eow 
oil gel^cahte "i swingaS on gesamiiungum. 
1 ge staiidaS beforan demiim 1 cyning- 
um. for milium iiaman him on ge-wit- 

10 ^ on ealle peo(\ii ; ^Erestge-byraSbeon 
•f godspel gebodud. 

11 !l ponne hi syllcnde eow laejraS nc 
fore-smeage ge hwEet ge specan- ac specaS 
■J eow on |Jsere tide ge-seald biS ; Nc syiid 
ge na specende ac se lialga gast ; 

1 9 SoSlicc se bro^or Jjoiie bro]Jor to 
deaSc sylS, ^ se feder his sunu. 1 f)a 
beam arisaS agen hyra magas. "i mid dea'Se 
hi ge-wseceaS. 

13 7 ge bee's eallu/w on hatmige for mi- 
nuwj uaman ; So^Iice se h'yS hal se pe o'S 
endc ^ufh-wiinaS ; 

14 T7\onnc ge ge-seo^ J^iere toworpcd- 
-S-^ nysse asceonunge standan jjar 

heo ne sceal. j^onse oiigyte se jje rtet, fleon 
ponue on muntaa pa Se synt on iudea 

15 1 se Se is ofer j^ecene ne stige he on 
his hus ne he in ne ga "f he aht on his huse 

16 "3 se Se biS on secere ne cyrre he oii- 
gean -f he his reaf nime ; 

17 Wii ceniie[njdiiw( on phm dagum. 

Vanoiis Headings. 

8. B. aristfi. A. ongean (twice), A. eond. A. hunger. 

9, A. ge-wytnyssft. 10. A. ge-bjieS, A. gebodod, 11. 

A. liig. A. liedaS. A. specon. B. halega. 13. A, oii- 
geaii heora. A. hig ge-wseeaS. 14, A, to- worpen nysse; 

B. to-worpednesse. A, ascununge. A. Jiasr. A. synd. 15. 
A. ge-nyme oa Iiys huse. 16, A, ongen. IT. A. B. 
oennendum (where the text has cenaedum). 

8 SoSlice feod arist on-gean )jeode. 1 
lice on-gen rice. ] byoS eorSen steiiunge 
geond stowe ] hunger', pin synde sare angin. 

9 V\'arnieS eow sylfe. hyo sylleS eow 
on ge-|^eohte ] swinged on ge-samnungen. 
} ge staudeS be-forcn demen ? kyningen for 
minen nam an heom on ge-witnysse ] on 
ealle |^Godc, 

10 Mvesi ge-byreS beou pmi godspcll ge- 

1 1 "i jjanne hyo syllende eow Ia;dc(S ne 
for-smeage ge hwaet ge sprjeccn. ac spreceS 
J:£et eow on fare tide ge-seald byS. Ne 
sende ge na sprecendc ac se halge gast. 

12 SoSlice se broSer Jeanne broSer to 
deaSe sylS. 1 se fseder his sune. 7 |?a 
beam ariseS agen heore maiges. 7 mid 
deaSe hyo ge-weccseS. 

13 ] ge beoS ealleii on hatigutige for 
milieu namen. SoSlice so beoS hal se f^e 
oS ende |Jurh-wunieS. 

14 l^anne ge ge-seoS |;are to-wardnysse 
}r asceonunge standen p^t hyo nc 

seel l^anne on-gyte se pe rset. fieon p&nue 
on muntes fa ]je synde on iudee. 

15 ] se pG is ofer fecene ne stige he 
on his hus. ne he in ne ga -f he aht on his 
huse nyme. 

16 1 se Se byS on accre ne cherre he on- 
gean ■J he his reaf nime. 

17 Wa kennenden on fam dagen 

Var-mis Readwgs. 

S. agen; on-geanj beoS eorSan styriunga; stowa; hun- 
got; syud sara, 9. WarniaS ; syllaS; ge-)jeahte; swin- 
gaS ; ge-samnu«gum ; be-foran demu»f ; cyningum ; ini- 
num. 10. ge-bodud, 11. )jon ; ItedaS ; fore-sineage ; 
spvecan; specaSS; synde; specende; halga. 12. broSor 
|ionne broker; sunu; arisaS; hyora magas; ge-wseceaS. 
13. eallum; hatunge; miavm namum; jjurh-wunas. 14, 
Donne; to-wardenysse ; heo; seal J^onne; Jionne; muntas; 
synt; iudea, 15. haht. 16, oerre, 17. cennenduni ; 

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arisag untedlicei'^onne cyan wiis cynn J ric ofer ric 3 biSon eorK-hroernis 

8 exsurget autem gens contra gentem et regnum super regnum et enint terrae raotua 

J5erh stoua 3 huQgro 6i'-l'fruma wJercoo Bas-l'Bas ilco taoeno geseas-ihehaldas Sonne iuih seolfa 

per loca ct iames iiiitiiiin dolorum liaee. 9 *Uidete aatem uosmetipsos ' 

ges e alias forSoii iuih to ge-moetinj^um 7 on somnuiigum giebiSon geBUMioged 1 bofora undercynin^um-l'hehgeroefum 
tradeat enim uos coaciliis et iu sinagogia uapulabitia et ante piaesidca 

3 cyningum f^ie biSon slondende J' gie stondes fore tt 
et regca stabitis propter n 

cy anumih^dimm stmt gerises to bodanjieJ-to fore-ssegcane-t^fe he sie boden godspell : 

gentes primuwi oportet praedicaii cuangelium. 11 *Et " l«-ii-., 

missy hia geltedas iuih sellende nrelle gie foj'e-eenee hucet gie spreca nh >1' hwoeSre f gesald iuli mt. Iixxuiii. 
cum duxeriiit uos tradentes nolite praecogitare quid loquamini sed quod datum uobia 

bis on Sffiia tid -p gie sprecca ne forSon biSon iiih spreccendo ah gaas halig 

fuerit izi ilia hora id loquimini non enim estis uos loquentes sed s-piritm sancius. 

aelleS Bonne broSei- Sone broSer in deaSe 1 faeder Sone sunu 1 efne-arisaS 5a suno on Stem aldtum 
12 tradet autem fratcr fratrem in mortem et pater filium et consurgent filii in parentes 

gie biSon laS allum fore noma min seSe 

13 et eritis odio omuibws propter noinen meum qui 

bis miJiSj' Bonne gie geseaS Sone wroht 

IS erit. 14 *Cum autem uideritis abominationem" 142. ui. 

from-slittnise Btondende Ber ne rises seSe redes oncnauaS Sonras BaBe in iudea sint flcaS on 

desolationis atantem ubi non debet qui legit intellegat *Tunc qui in iudaea sunt fugiant jr 

lu. ccuilii. 

launtum 5 seSe ofur brof ne of-stiges aduno in hus ne ingaea ^fe geniomme nit. ccxluiii. 

montes. 15 et qui super tec[t]um non descendat in domum nee introeat ut tollat 

liuielc-buoego of bus liis 1 seSe on lond biS ne eft gecerres on bfecg to nioramanne woede 

quid de domo sua. 16 et qui in agro erit non reuertatur retro toUere ueatimentum 

his vnB nntedlice Sam berendum J foedendum in Sasm dagun* 

suum. 17 *Uae autem pregnantibMS et nutrientibus in illis diebws. •I44.ii. 

° Iu. ecliiii. 

nit. ccxiuilll. 

8. arisaS forfeou cynn ofer eynne 1 rice ofer rice 5 bioSon eorSu hroemisse Kerb stowe 3 hungur-1'... 
ft'uma werc-sare Bas 9. giaeas Bonne^bihaldas iowih solfa hm sellaB forBon iowih to gimofitinge 3 in somnunge 
ge bio8un giswenced 1 bitbra undernayniga {sic) 3 cynigum ge bioSun stondende fore mec on cySnisse him 
m. J on allum cynnum ferist girises to bodanne god-spell 11, 7 miS By gilsedes iowib to sellanne nallas ge 

bodiga -t Senca hwast go spre^-e ah Bselte said biB iow on S^r tide Ssette gisprece ne forBon iow bioBon sprecende 
ah gas halga 12. seleB wutudlice broBer Bone broBer in denS 3 freder Bone suno 3 efhe arisas Ba suno on 

Stem teldrum 7 to deaSe fordoas bite 13. 3 ge bioSon laSe allum fora noma minum SeBe wutudlice giSoelgas 

on ende Bes bal bi«. 14, miBBy Bonne ge giseaB Bone wroht from monnum fromslitnisse slondende Ber 

ne rise* se Be redes oncnawes Ba Be Bonne in iudeam sindun ileas gn raunfas IS. 3 SaBe ofer brof ne 

astigaS in bus ne ing»s ^te nime bwelc bwoegnu of huso his 16. 3 seSo on londe biB ne eft gicerres to 

! gl-wedo his 1 7. wte wutudlice Stem berendum 3 foedendum in Sasm dagum 

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18 bidda'S f ^is on wintra ne ge-wur^e; 

19 So|;lice on pam dagum heo'6 swylce 
gedrefednesaa. swylce ne ge-wurdon. of 
frjmm'&e f^sere gesceafte j^e god geseeop, o'S 
nu. ne na ne gcwurpa'S. 

20 And gif drihten Jias dagas ne ge- 
scyrte. nan flaesc ne wurde hal. ac for 
pam gecorenutf? pe he ge-ceas he ge-scyrte 
pa dagas ; 

21 And gif cow hwylc segS witodlice 
her is crist. witodlice jjjer he is. ne gelyfe 

22 SoSlice lease cristas. 1 lease witegan 
arisaS. 1 wyrcaS fore-beacnu. to beswi- 
canne eac gif hit beon macg pa ge-eorenan ; 

33 WarniaS eow. nu ealle J^ing. pe ic 
eow fore-SEede. 

34 ae on pam dagnm tefter j'lere geswen- 
cednysse. bi'S sunne afeostrod. :i se mona 
his beorhtnesse ne sylS 

25 "i heofones steorran beoS feallende. T 
beoS astyrode pa megenu pe on heofonum 
synt ; 

36 Donne geseoS hi mannes sunu cum- 
endne on ge-nipum mid mycelum mtegene 
3 wuldre; 

27 Pon)(e sent he his englas 1 hi gaderiaS 
his gecorenan of feower winduwi of eorjjan 
heanesse o|j heofones heahnesse ; 

28 LeorniaS an bigspell he pam iie- 
trcowe. ponne his twi biS mearu. 1 leaf 
beo^ acennede. ge witon ■f Bumor is ge- 


18. A. ge-weorSe. 19. A. ge-drefednyssa, A. wurdon. 
A. B. frymSe. A, ge-weor))e«; B. ge-wurdaS. 20 \ ge 
wurde. 21. A. fiat, 22. A. wyweaS. A. e ge g f 
(a« obvious error). 24. B. geawencednesse A B 
aSyatrod. A. am. se, A. beorlitnysse. 25. A 1 f n 
A astyrede. A, mienegu ; B, menegu. A. B. he f 
A. synd. 26. A. hig, A. ge-nypum myd ge-iiji n ii)d 
myceluffi (an obvious error). 2?. A. hig. A. h h j e 
[/or heanesse]. A. heofenes hcaluiysso. 38 V bj 
spel. A. twig. B, witun. A. sumer. 

18 byddeS "p p\s on wintre ne ge-wurSe. 

19 SoSlice on fani dagen beoS swilce 
ge-drefednysse. swilce ge ne [sic) wurSon. 
of frem^e. |jare ge sceafte pe god ge-scop. 
odBe nu. ne nane ne ge-wurde'S. 

20 iEnd gyf drihten fas dages ne ge- 
seyrte. nan flsesc ne wurSe hal ac for 
jjam ge-corenen pe he ge-cheas he scyrte |ja 

21 .^nd gyf" eow hwilc saigS witodlice 
her is crist. witodlice fasr he is. ne ge- 
lyfe ge. 

23 SoSlice lease cristes 1 lease witegen 
ariseS 1 wirceS for-beaene to be-swicene. 
Eac gyf hit beon maig pa ge-corene. 

33 Warnied eow, nu ealle fing pa ic 
eow fore-Sffide. 

24 ac on para dagen Eefter fjare ge-swa;n- 
cednysse beoS sunne af^eostred. ? se inone 
his brihtnysse ne syl'S. 

25 ] heofenes steorren beoS fallende. ^ 
beo^ astyrede pa manege pe on heofena 

26 Danne ge-syeS hyo ma«ncs suna cu- 
meiide on ge~nipuni mid mycelen maigne ] 

27 Jjanne sent he his aengles. ") hyo gad- 
erieS his ge-corene of fcowcr winden of 
eorden heahnysse o^ heofenes heahnysse. 

38 Leornia^ an byspeli be J^am- lic- 
treowc. )?annc his twi beoS mare. Z leaf 
bcoS akenned, ge witen J^Ect sumer is ge* 

Various Readings. 

18. biddaS ; c^fter wintre MS. Reg. adds ne ge wintre, bij 

mistake. 19. dagiwn; wurdon; ge-sceop. 06 ; ge-wurSaiSi 

20 "i ; dagas ; ge-corenuM j ge-ceas ; scyr (dc) ; dagas, 

21 segS, 22. witegan ai'isaS 3 wyrcaSS fore-beacne; be- 

enne; mnsg; gecorenan. 23. WamiaS, 24.dagum; 

wencednysse bioS ; af>ystrcd; mona; breohtnyase. 25. 

t ran; meuega; heofeaum sint. 2fi, Donne ge-seoS 
I J sune ; myneluOT itiEegene. 27. Jionne ; englas ; 

gaieriaiS; ge-corenan; windum; eorSan. 28. bispel; 

y ne ; byS; leof; acennede; witan; sumor. 

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Suslico i suEelce suelco ne woeron from fnama Sses scerefles Sone geaceop god wiS irn tec ne lu 
talca quales non fuerunt ab initio crcaturae quam condidit dews usque mine neque™ 

biSon 3 butft ge-scyrte iSe drihteii «a dagas ne were hal eghwek lichoma'tEenig monn all 

fient. 20 *Et nisi breuiaaset dominus dies non fniasct saiua omnis caro. sed " 

1 Sonne gif liua iuh euoeSag 
21 *Et tunc si quia uobia dixerit '^ 

fore Sfem gecorenum «a geceas'tSa ^cure ge-scyrdte i5a dagas 
propter electoa quoa elegit brcaiauit dies. 

heono Bis is erist heono «oc 
ecce bic est christus ecce illic 

5 rem dagum softer gecostung 
I illia diebus post tribulatioaeni ' 

fes gic f ariaaS forSSon wiSer-I'leaso cristo J 

dideritis. 22 *Es3urgent enim pseudo-cArisii et ' 

lease witgo : sellaS beceno 3 fei'tiao hi to gesuieamie gif mtege wosa gee Sa gecoreno 

pseudo-prophete et dabunt signa et portenta ad sedacendos si poteai fieri etiara elcctos. 

iuih forBon geseaS heono fore io euoeS iuli alle 
23 uoa ergo uidete ecce praedixi nobis omnia, 24 

Bsr» ilea aunna biS ge-8iosfrod 3 Se moiia ne seleS sciDisae-I'leeht his 1 Ba steorras 

illam sol contenebrabitur et luna non dabit splendorem suum. 25 et stellae 

heofties hiSon of-fallende 5 m»gna^ni8slito BaSe sint in beofnuM gestyred biBon 1 8onne-l-Ba 

caeli erunt decidentes et nirtutea quae aunt in caelis mouebnntur. 26 *Et tunc j"^ 

geseas sunu raonnes cymmende on wolcnura miS niECgne raiclo 1 wuldre 1 Ba 

nidebunt fiiium hominis nenientem in nubimua cum uirtuto multa et gloria. 27 et tunc 

sendes englas his ■} gesomniaS Sa gecoreno his of feower windum from hrof^heiim eardes wiS 
mittet angelos suos et congrcgabit electoa Buos & quattuor uentis ^ aummo terrae usque 

froi?t ficbeame tec-I' Bonne leotnas gie bispell miB-Sy uutedlice 
8 £ ficu autem diacite parabolam cum iam 

hisl'Bfes nesr, biB 3 accnda biSon wutas gie ^te on neb -tin yieawung sio 

eiua teruer fuerit et nata fuerint folia cognoscitis quia in proximo sit 

1S1. li. 
:, ccluiiii. 

13 gib d hs f i*-on -t^t \\ i ti i ne sie S'ls lo vre -1 19 bioBon forSon dagi5 ''i eo tunges Busl i sw Ice 

ne vpeiun fio« liunu «asse g aciefte ""one g scup k.<>ii ^H^ nu no lc b oBon ^O 3 buta giSPjrte dnhte^ 

dagaa Kas ne were hal eghwele liohoma ah for Bern giLornum Ba giceos t,if.ejite Ba dagas 21 1 Bonne yd 
hwa low cneSes heono Bis i» crist heono Ber no gelefai ge Ba?t 22 arisaB f r*;on wiSer wotde cristeJwiBer 
worde witgn 1 sellaB Leeun 5 fortina to giswicanre git biS nitehtig soBlice Ba gicornu 23 low h f)rB)n 

giaeaB heono fore ic c«e«o low alle 24 ah in ""Eem dagnm tefter costungo digona Bara ilcra sunue biB 

giBwBtrad ] mona te seleB leht hia "S 3 ateorru heofliei> b oSun offallcnde 1 n legen-tnishte BiBe ■; idun 

on heofnum gistjred bioBun 26 3 Bonne giscaB anno monnes cjmende of wolcnum mi8 mffigne micle 3 

wuldre 2 3 Bonne sendes englas his 3 g somnas Ba gicornu his from Jeowcr winduia from hrofo eorSo 

WiS to biiorde-tfo heonisse heofnes 28 from hcbeom Bonne liornige bispell miBBj vmtudbce tdgu hi hnibca 

bioBon 3 aeende bioBon leof wulas go ^ts neh-lon neoweste se sumor 

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gg T ivite ge ponne ge pas 'Sing geseo^ 
■f he is dura gehende ; 

30 SoSlice ic eow secge f peos cneores 
ne gcwit ^rpam calle [las Sing gewurSon. 

3 1 heofoii "} corSe gewitaS, witodliee 
mine word ne ge-witaS; 

32 Be pam dsege 1 fsere tide nan niann 
nat. ne eiiglas on heofone ne mannes sunu 
buton fteder ana ; 

33 WaniiaS "i waciaS !l gebiddaf eow. 
ge nytoTi hwsenne seo tid ys; 

34 Swa se man selfeodilice ferde forlet 
his hiis 1 sealde his j:eowu?« fsene anwald 
gehwjlees weorces. "3 beode pam dure-wearde 
■p he wacige ; 

35 Eornostlice wacigeaS ge nyton hwEen- 
iie JjEes hiises hlaford cymS ; pe on fefen pe 
on raidre nihte. pe on hancrede. pe on 

36 pe Ites he eow slapende gemete fonw^ 
he fferinga cymS ; 

37 So'SIice f ic eow secge eallum ic hit 
secge waciaS. 


ll 1 C[o(;Iice pa, mher twajw dagum watron 

" Kj eastron 1 |ja sohton pa heah-sac- 

erdas T |;a boceras hu hi hine mid facne 

namon "i of-i 

3 Da cwsedon hi ntes na on freols-dssge 
l^e la3S fjes folces gehlyd wurde ; 

Various Headings. 

30, A. cnoorys. A. ge-weorKan. 31. A. heofen. B. 
ivitaS [for 2nd ge-witaS], 32. A. man. A. lieofcnuw. 

34. A.'B.mseri^Bafterxnaa. A.anweald; (if kr which A. 
inserts "i. A, duru-wearde ; B. dure-warde, A. wacie. 

35. A. waciaS. A. inyddre. A. )ie omergea 36. A, site- 
pen de. 

Cap. xiv. I. A. liig. 2. A, B. hig. A. weorSe. 

29 "} wite ge Jeanne ge pa^ ping ge-seo'S 
l^set he ys dure ge-heiide. 

30 SoSIice ic eow segge f feos cneores 
ne ge-wit ser J)an ealle fas j^ing ge-wurSen. 

31 heofene 1 eorSe ge-witoS. witodliee 
mine word iie ge-wite^. 

32 Be pRm daige 1 liare tide nan man nat. 
ne engles on heofene ne mannes simu buton 
fa!der ane. 

33 Warnied ] wacie^ 1 ge-byddaS eow ge 
iiyten hwEenne aye tid is. 

34 Swa se man pe iell'eodilice fcrde, for- 
let his bus. !l sealde his );eowen Jiane an- 
weald ge-hwiices weorces. 1 beode |?am 
dureworde "f he wacie. 

35 Eornestlice wacie^. ge nyten hwjen- 
ne j^as huses hlaford cymd. pe on *fen pe 
on midre nihte. pe on hancrede. j^e on 

36 pe Ifes pe he eow slaspende ge-finde 
pawne he feerenge cymS. 

37 So^hce f ic eow segge. eallen ic hit 
segge wakieS, 


1 CJoSliee pa sefter twam dagen wseren 
fO eastren. 1 pa. sohten pa heah-sacer- 

des ^ }ia boceres hu hyo hine mid facne 
namen 1 of-slogen. 

2 pa cwjeSen hy nses na on freols-daige 
|jy la;s fas folces ge-hlyd wurSe. 

Various Readings. 

29. Jionne; dura. 30. \am\ ge-wurSon. 31. heofon; 
ge-witaS; witeS. 32. dage; englas; heofone, 33. 

WarniaS 3 waciaS ; nyte; seo. 34. (el|jeodelice ; hit [/or 
his]; ))eowvm Jitene anwald; worces; dute-warde. 35. 
waciaiS ; nyton hwanne ; eymJS. 36. slapende ge-inete 
)jonne; faringa, 37. eallum; wacjaS. 

Cap. xiv, 1. dagum wteron eastron ; heah-sacerdas ; 
boceras; namon, 2. cwcedenhyo; frels-dage jie; Jiees. 

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sua fee gie nni«Sy gie geaeas gas wosa wutaS -^le un-fearv -l- on nch sie on durum soSlici 

29 sic et uos cum uideritia litec fieri acitote quod in proximo sit in oafis. 30 amei 

!c cuoeKo luh ^fo no gelioreS cneoieso Sios oSKset alle Sas hk geworSe-i^hia see 

dico uobis quoniam non transibit generatio haec donee omnia ista fiant. 

heofon 3 eor«o ofer-hlioras wordo xMtedHce mino ne oferhlioraS I' Ne biSon gehliored from dsege 

31 caelum et terra tranaibunt uerba autem mea non transibunt. S2* De die ' XLiii. 

SSonna Stem i: tid-E-liuil ne asnig wat nc Ba englas in heofne ne So sunu buta Sa ficder 
autem illo uel Lora nemo Kcit neque angeli in caelo neque filiua nisi pater. 

geseaS gie wjeccas J gebiddas ne wuto gie forSon hwoenne Bio tid sie 
33 *Uidete nigilate et orate nescitis enim quando tempus sit 

34 tSicut homo qui " 1«3. " 

featrJ-longwoege gcfoerde 4- ellgiodade forleort bus his 1 sSlde Kraallum his mEoht + onweaeldfj 

peregre profectus reliquit domum suam et dedit eeruis suia 

eghwoelc«s woerces 1 SEcm doruorde bebead ^ite gewiclite gewaoeas fo»'Boa nuufogie foj-Son 

cuius-que operis et ianitori praecipiat ut uigilet 35 *ljigilate ergo nescitis enira T 168. ii. 

mi. ccliiiii. 
huoenne se hlaferd huae cymes on efrntid -V oh middumnEelit -l" on ubte tid-ton honcroed i on tering 
quando Aominus domus ueniat sero tn media nocte &n galli cautu an mane. 

3 iai«-«y gecymmes feerlice gemitteS iuih slepende -p soSlice iuh ic cuoeSo allum 

36 et cum uenerit repente inueniat uos dormientes. 37 quod autem nobis dico omnibwa 

ic ciioeSo wieccas 
dico wigilate. 

WB35 \i\xtedHce eastro Befter i 

1 *Erat autem paseha et azyma post 

tEcra dogrum 1 sobton Sa beb-saeerilas 3 Ka uSuutO 

biduum tEt quaerebant summi saccrdotes et scribae * 's^- 


buu bine miS facne gebealdon ■!- mfeliton hia gelialila : of-slogon-1'bia mfehton of-slaa cuoedon fc'"i5on j^ib"^""'* 

■ " *" occiderent, 2 dicebant enim mt. cclxlm. 

quomodo eum dolo 
ne on dsege haligum-l'bKrIice 

i f woenunge ■!■ eaSe maege sfyrenise geworBe Stem folee 
le ibrte turaultus fieret populi. 

39. swa ? iowih miSSy ge gii 
low forSon Ne gi-lioreS cneoresW( 
min ne gi-!ioreS 32. from dffig 

aunu buta Be fteder 33. giseas 
seSe feor gifoerde ftir-leort bus iiis 3 ; 
(sic) fhe wtecce 35. wasccas forBon i 
neeht-ton uhtu-tid-ton boncred^on me 
iow ic eweSo allum ic cweoBo wftccas 

Oap. XIV. 1. was wutudlico eoaltii 
. . . giheoldun 3 ofslogun-tof-sla luiehtun 
stjrnisse giworBa in J^tem folce 

as Sas wosa wutaS ge ^fe un-feor-tneb se in durum 30. soS ie cweSo 

Sios oSaSBt alle ?as gi-WotSe 31. heofun J eorBo of-liorea word viutudUce 

Bonne Wuturfli'ee «[aia] 3 tid J bwyl ne senig watt ne englas on beofne ne Be 

3 gibiddas ne wutun ge foriSon hwoenne iSio tid sie 34. awa monn 

ilde Srjelum his incebte eghwelces wetches 3 -Bfem dor-worde bibeodes Bee 

Wutnn ge forSon bwenne drihinea buses cumaS on efern-tid + on midder 

le 36. 3 miSSy cymciS . . . gimittes iowih slepende sr. ^te aoSlico 

. asfter twcem dagum sohtun 8a lieb-sacerdas 3 uB-wutu bu liice hine 
i. cwedun foHSon ne on dege halgum ne f gC'Woene ^ msege 

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3 And pa se liEeleni:! w^s on bethama on 
simones huse aiies lircoflan 7 fiar sset; pa 
com an wif 7 ha>fde hyre sealf-box deorwyrj)es 
nardes. "i toibrocenunt sealf-boxe. ofer his 
heafod aget ; 

4 Sume hit uiiwurSlicc forbieron. "} be- 
twux hra sylfum cwiedon ; For hwi wass {jisse 
sealfe forspiliednes geworden. 

5 peos sealf mihte beon geseald to prim 
hund peiieguffi. 1 beon peai'fam gescald. 1 
yrsydon agen hi ; 

6 Da cwaS se hielend. IsetaS lii hwi 
synt ge hire grame. god weorc heo ou me 
worhte ; 

7 SoSliee symble ge hahbaS fearfan mid 
eow. T pQVtne ge wyllaS ge magoii him teala 
don. me ge symble nabbaS ; 

8 peos sealde "p heo hsefde. heo com to 
smyrianne minne lic-haman on byrgene ; 

9 SoSlice ic eow secge swa hwar swa 
fis godspell gebodad biS. on ealluwi mid- 
dan-earde biS gebodod f heo fis on his 
gemynde dyde; 

10 Da iudas scarioth -p is wijjersaca, an 
of pani twelfuJW, ferde to pam heah-saeerd- 
um -p he hine belaswde ; 

11 pa hi J^is gehyrdon hi fahnodon 1 
beheton him feoh to syllanne. 1 he smea- 
de hu he hine digellice sealde; 

1 3 And pam forman deege azimoniffi 
|7a hi eastron offrodon. his leorning-cnih- 
tas hi?» SEedon. hwyder wylt pu -p we faron 
"i gegearwian pe. "f ^u eastron ete ; 

1 071 IS Bea I r js 
3 A ageat. 4 A tinweoi'Slice B forbterun A 

betweos A for liwig A for spyiledn^s a A 3 h t, 

jr odon B 3 jrsydun A on gean A B hig 6 A 
hig hw g '.jnil ge h)ie vire 7 A byiile B t-ela 

A B sjmle 8 A bjrigenne 9 A B g-odapel 

gebodod A bodod B geboiud A dyde on hia ge 
mvnde 10 A bine beom B bne bra 11 A B 

hig (tuice) A fagenedon A djf!o\lice 12 A On 

Ijor And]. A. adzimorum. A. big. B. wyltu [/or wylt 
fiu], B. faruij. A. gegearwion. 

3 and pa se h^elend w^s on bethaiiia on 
symones huse anes hreofelen "} p^v sait. pa 
com an wif ] hjefde hire sealfe-box dcorewur- 
Se nardes. ] to-brokene sealf-boxe ofer his 
heafed aget. 

4 Sume hit unwurdlice for-bieren. 1 he- 
tweoxe heom sylfen cwseScn. fof hwi wa;s 
fiises sealfe for- spill cdnyss ge- worsen. 

5 fieos seaJfe mihte beoii ge-seald to frem 
hund panegen. 7 beon fearfen ge-seald 3 
yrseden agcii hy. 

6 Pa cw. se hfelend. Ljeted hyo hwi 
synde ge hire grame. god were hyo on 
me worhte, 

7 SoSlice symble ge hEebbed Jiearfen mid 
eow. 1 jjanne ge willed ge magen heom 
ta;]e don. me ge symble nfebbe^. 

8 jjeos sealde 'f hyo ha;fde. hyo com to 
smerienc minne lichame on berigcnne, 

9 SoSlIce ich eow segge swa hwser swa 
Jiis godspell ge-boded byo on eallen midden- 
earde byS ge-boded -f hyo |;is on his gc- 
mindc dyde. 

10 Da iudas scarioth -p is wiSersace an 
of pam twelfen ferde to pam heah-sacerden 
-p he hine heom be-leavvde. 

11 Da hyo jjis ge-herden hyo fageneden 3 
be-heton him feoh to sylleiic. 1 he smaig- 
de hu he hine digelice soalde. 

13 And |Jam formen daige azimoruwz. fa 
hyo eastren offredon. his leorning-cnihtes 
hiwi saiden hwider wilt pu 'f we faren. 1 
gc-g^rewian pe -p fu eastren aate. 


3 hieofolan; bafde; to-broeeniifn ; heafod ageat. 4. 
unwuiSl <.e f)r-baren ; be-twux him sylfum ewEedon; |jisaes; 
lorspillel ea ge-wordea S. sealf; )jreom; penegum; 
(jearfum yrsydon; byo. 6. lateS; synt; weorc heo. 7. 
1 dbbaS jieaifan; ^lonne; willaS; magon; synilo nabbaK. 

8 heo hoi le heo; smyrianne mine liebaman; byvigenne. 

9 hwar god spel; bj'6 ; calluni middan-carde biiS ge bodud. 

10 wiisersaca; twelfum; heab-sacerdum; be-lsewde. 11. 
ge-hyrdon big fabnedon ; sillanne; smeade; digellice, 12. 
forman; eastron offrodon; ssedon; faran; ge-garewian; 
eastron ete. 

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T m K ^\ WTies set belh-inie in 1 use simones ! reafes 1 gehliomde cuom Bum wif haefde 
3 ■'Lt cum esset bethauiiie in dom) simouis lepiosi et iCLumbeiU ucnit muhei Iiabeos 

SlEenne fict ftill Bros smmnibes iSffia stencea diorwyrSes 3 raiS Sj gel rocer 

aKb^'tium ungenti nardi spicati piaetiosi et h luto 

J.a.t atin fet to-dre\lelagaett m 

US. L 
la. Ixxiiii. 

ofi=r heafud his 
super caput ems 

cuoedon to huoii losuist . .__ . 

dicentes ut c[Uid perditio ista uiij,eiiti ficta eat 

woeron auted!ice sume hia bilgon^unttjrSe saegdon^ l>itmh liira seolfuni 3 
4 erant autem quidam mdigau ieientea lutia semet ipsos et 

iDEolite fjrSun -mirims Sios 
5 potei'vt enim unguentum istud 

begeatla forSor imra «nim ImndiaSum scUii^um 3 se'ilW "^orfeulum : bifgedon-t on hea sehselenrf 

uemn plus quam tiecentis den<ini8 et dau piupeiibus ct frcmebant in e^m 6 leaua 

cuoeS ioi letas hia huTid liir lieBgo gie «iit p;od woeco wvrcenda wses on meo 
autem dixit amite earn quid illi mole&ti estis boQum opua opeiata e-^t in me 

7 aempei . 

fofSon Sorfendo gie habbaS miS iiuh 1 mi5 'Sy gie well'? gie magon him wolI doe meh xmiedhne ne 
enim paupeiei !iibeti& uobia cum et cum uolueiiti'i poteatia illia bpne ficere me lutem non 

symie gie habbaS ^.te haifde 8ios d^de fere-cuora to sminane lie hen a mm on bi.h\rgenmse 

semper habetis 8 *<^ui(l iiibuit biec piaeuemt ungeie cjipuy meum in sepaltmam * 

soShce ic ssego luh sua huer geVoden sie-l'biS godspell Bis in allum midd'ingearde 

9 amen dico uubis ubicum^ue pr^cdicifum fuerit euingehum is>tiid m uniueiauTO mundo 

5 -f dyde Sios assegd hiS < 
et quod fecit haec nan-abitur : 

foerde to Btem heli'sacerdunl ^te beleede hiue Ssem BaSe gehei'don get'eando woeron 3 

abiit ad aummos sacerdotea ut proderet eum iilis. 11 qui audientea gaoiai sunt et 

foj-e-gehehton him fell -pte hia aealla walldon 5 sohte huu hine teashcor gesealla maebte 3 

promisemnt ei pecuniam si^ daturoa et querebat qnomodo ilium oportuuc traderet. 12 et 

ee foj-ma daege Saere dcerstana Bonne 1' huoeiine costro assegcas ■?" ageafaS cuoedon i cuoeSaS him «a Begnas 
primo die azymoium quaudo paseha immolant dicunt ei discipuli 

hwidder weelleBu f we gae 3 gegearwiga wo Be ^te Bu gebrocca eastro 
quo uis eamus et paremua tibi ut maiidueea paaclia. 

3 3 irnSSsj Vites in bethania in hu3e i 
Bebs atenehes Bioi^^rdes 3 toifefc* gvbioeeen w 
wutudljee ourae hia bul^uu-i unwji-Bne s'egdi 
awoiden wms 5 m^hte forSon smiiniase Sios 

3 bigedon on hios 6 Be \isi\end eoBhce cwiBB 

:Ft 3 gibhomle ODm nit hTbbende ft in fet lul amirniase 
Baat sitenna l*t todKlde I ageott ofcr heofud his 4 weron 

bit«ih liim solfuin 3 cwedun to nhon losewiate Bio- smunisse 
noaft maia Souno Brim huadrediun peninga 3 sella Boitendura 
foiletaa bjip hwrot hii hefge ge sint god were w}rcendo Wie. 

iiIb forBon Sarfo ge habbia lowih miB 3 laibSj ge welle ge magun Stern wel doa meo wutudlite 
lie ajmle habbas 8. «a?tte habbe Bioa d>de Jore com to sminnne hchoma mmne to bibugniaae 9 soBlice 

ic swgo low HWa hnei gibodon sie-tbiB god-spcU Bis in allum miiiden^eol^e 3 -pte Bioa d^de assescd biB on 
gim)nd hire 10 3 ludas scarioth an of tnelfum feuide to Ba)m heh aacerdom -pte bilede hme Siem 

II BaBe heidura gifcondo werun 3 fore gihehtun him fch fctette hise waldun sella 3 sohtun hu him hme hu he 
fame (s!C) gesella msalite 12 3 se foima dtege Bicia eostrutia Bonne-! hwoenne eostru aategasi cntdun him 

Ba Begnas hwEet wyltu Beet we gse 3 georwige Be ^ Bu gibiucce eoatru 

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13 Da sende lie twegen of his leornirg- 
cnihtuw* 1 Sfede him ; Ga^ on j;a ceastre 
7 inc agen yrtiS. &i\m man bcrende sume 
wffiter-flaxan ; FolgiaShim; 

14 :i swa hwyder swa he inn-g£eS secgaS 
fses huses hlaforde; Vre lareow secgS. 
hwar is min gyst-hus- 1 min gereord. hwar 
ete ie eastron. mid minujw leorniiig-cnih- 

15 And he inc geswutelaS mycele healle 
gedsefte. 7 ge-ge-earwia^ us ):ara; 

16 pa ferdon his leorning cnihtas 1 comon 
on pa ceastre. 1 fundon hit eall swa he 
SEede. 1 ge-gearwodon pa eastron ; 

17 So^lice pa refen com. hiwj twelfm;* 
mid him 

18 sittenduffi "i etenduw s^de se hrelend; 
So^lice ic eow secge ■f eower an j'e mid me 
yt gesylS me ; 

19 Ba ongunnon hi beon dreorige "i be- 
twux hijw cweSan. cwyst j^u eom ie hit; 

20 pa SEede he hi»i. an of cow twelfum 
me sylS. se Se his hand on disce mid me 

31 And witodlice manncs sunn gfeS swa 
be him awriten is. wa pam menn furh 
fone pe mannes snnu gcscald hi'8. betere 
him WEere -p se mann acenned na;re; 

22 Him fa etenduJM afeng se haelcnd 
hlaf 1 hine bletsiende br^c. "i sealde hi)w "} 
Jjus cwegS. nimaS. Sis ys min lichama. 

Various Meanings, 

13. a: B. Jias [for Jjs]. A. ongeaii. 14. A. in-gEBS, 
A. segS!. 15. A. ge ge-gearwiaS. ]6. A. funilon eall 
swa he hyt heom sEsde. 18, A. ytt. 19. A. hig. A. 
dre6rie. 21. A. C. men. A. man, 22. 
A. onfeng. A. bletsigende. 

IS Pa sends he twegen of his leorning- 
cnihten 1 sjeden heojw. GaS on p&% cestre 

glnc agen yrnS s\,m man berende sume 
Wffiter-flaxan. FolgieS him. 

14 ^ swa hwider swa he ingaS aegged 
J^as huses hlaferde. Ure lareow sa^gS hwjer 
is min gyst-hus 7 min ge-reord. hwser 
sete ic eastren mid rainen leorning-cnih- 

15 And he inc ge-swuteleS micele halle 
ge-)?efte. 1 ge-gerewiaS u8 J^are. 

16 fa ferden his leorning-cnihtes 7 comen 
on fare ccstre 7 fundcn hit eall swa he saig- 
de. 1 ge-garewedon fa eastren. 

17 SoSlice fa asfen com heow twelf mid 

18 sittende. 1 etendo sEede se hjelend. 
SoSlice ic eow segge, f eower an f e raid 
me iet gc-syld me. 

19 fa ongunnen hio beo dreorige. 7 be- 
twusc heom cw^Sen. cwedst fu eom ic hit. 

20 Da ssede he heom. an of eow twelfen 
me sylS. Se f e his hand on disce mid me 

21 ^nd witodlice mannes sune gaS swa 
be hym awriten is. Wa pam men furh 
fane fe mannes sune beo^ ge-seald. betere 
hym wa3re "f se man akcnned na^re. 

22 Heom fa Eetende afeng se hselend 
hlaf. 1 hine bletsiende brsec. ? sealde heom 

1 f us cw«S. nymed f is is min lichame. 

Various Readings. 

13. leorning-cnihtas ; siede; ceastre; ino; FolgiaB. 14, 
secgeS(i£es; hlaforde; segS; ete; eastron; miaum leorning. 
onihtum. 15, ge-dsefte; ge-gearwiaS; jjara. 16. ferUon; 
leoniing-ciiihtas ; comon; )!a ceastre; fundon; ssegde; ge- 
garewodon; eastron. 17. efen; twelfum. 18, sittendufB 
3 etendum; ett ge-sylg. 19, on-gunnon; beon; be-tWHX; 
cwySst; con [/or eom]. 20. eom; twelfum; dypS, 21. 
And; jjone; acenned. 22, etende; halend; nymad ; 


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i sende tuoege from Segnum his 3 cuoei5 him 4" to Btetn gaaS in ceasti'e J togoaegn-iornaS iuh 
13 et mittit duos es diacipulis suia et dicit eia itc in ciiiitate et occurrit uobis 

mono ombor full wsetres heres fylgeiS him 3 awa-hnidder imi-geongffi cuoeBas drihtne 

homo lagucnawi aquae baiulaas sequimini eum. 14 et quocumqwe introierit dicite domino 

hus forSon Be laruu ciioeS Ber is riordung inin Ber eastro miS Segnum minum ic wibUo brucfta^eatta 
domus quia magieter dicit ubi est refectio mea ubi pascba cuua diBcipulis meis manducem. 

"} Be ilea iuh ^d-eawas toord-hua awiSe'tniicel soiig-l'bodd : Ber gearuas us 3 

15 et i[)se uobis demonstrabit cenaculum grande stratum et illic parate nobis. 16 et 

eadoii Kegnas his ? cuomon in eeastre ^ geraoetton 9U!E c«;ei5 to him 3 ge-gearwadon 

abierunt discipdi eius et ucnerunt iu ciuitate et iiiueuemut aicut dixcrat illis et parauerunt 

eastro efrn nvitedlice warS euom miS tuoolfuin 1 Biogenduwi miB him 

pasclia. 17 *Uespere autem facto aenit cum duodecim. 18 et diacumbeiitibiw cum eia " 161. iiii. 

3 etendum cuoeB se hmleiid soSlioe iuh -pte an of iuh mee seleB seBe attffis 

et maiiducaatibw ait iesu& amea dico uobis quia unua ex uobis me tradet qui manducat 

mco ra[iB] aoB Ba-Hiia ongunnon unrotsia 5 cuoeSa him swyndtia hueBer ic see f soBe 

mecum, 19 *At ilii coeperant contristari ct dicere ei aingillatim iiumquid ego. 20 fQui' 162.1. 

cuoeS him an of SEem tuoelfum soBe onhran mec miB on disc 1 sunu Eec so8 monnes .|. iea. ii. 

ait illis unua ex duodecim qui intingit mecum in catino. 21 et filius quidem hominis i". cdxuiii. 

geongaB ana awritten is of hlm-l'from hine wec Bonne raenn Brem Berh Bone sunu monnes gesald biS 
uadit sicut scrititum eat de eo uue autem liomiui illi per quem filius Lominia traditur 

betra-tgod is him gif ne were geboren monn Be J ettendunt him onfeng se halend 

*Bonum est ei si non easet natus homo illc 22 tEt manducanLibws illis accepit iesus • 164. ui. 

1 165. 1. 
hlaf 3 hloedsade gebrtec 7 sealde him 1 coed onfoas Bis is liolioiaa min io.Ju.lxiii.Ixu. 

pauem et teoedicens Iregit et dedit eis et ait sumite hoc est corpus meum, mt. ccixxxiiii. 

g g m his te h n 

i by Google 

23 7 onfeng calice. 3 gode J^ancas dyde 
^ sealde him. "] ealle him ofdruncon ; 

34 pa SEede lie him. Sis ys min blod 
pmre niwan cySnesse 'p Vi& for manegura 
agoten ; 

'25 SoSlice ic eow seege -p ic lieonoii forS 
ne drince of jjyses wingeardes cynne. o^ 
jjone dfeg ftonwe ic hiiie iiiwne drince on 
godes rice ; 

26 And geewedenura lofc hi ferdon on 
ele-bergena munt ; 

27 Da cwffiS se hselcnd. ealle ge beoS 
gcuntreowsode on fisse iiihte. forfa/H );e 
hit awriten is. ic slea fjene liyrde 7 beon 
l^a seep to-drtefede ; 

28 Ac lefter pa,m }ic ic arise, ic cume 
beforan eow on galileam ; 

29 pa SEede petrus hi/». |jeah Se ealle 
swicion ne swicige ic l^e na; 

30 Da cw^S se hselend ; Soflice ic pe 
secge. -f Su on pisse nilite Sr hana tuwa 
crawe. priwa wiS-ssecst mm. 

31 1 he pies Se mare spr^c. 3 peah me 
ge-byrige mid pe to sweltcne. ne set-sace ic 
pin. ] swa hi cwEedon ealle ; 

33 Pa comon hi to anuw tune pass nama 
wses gezemani. 3 he cvfse'S to his leorning- 
cnihton ; SittaS her oS -p ic me gebidde ; 

33 And he nam pa mid hiw* petrum 1 
iacobum 1 iohannem. pa ongan he forhtian 
1 sargian 

Various Headings, 

24 A. I 

. he. C. ( 

I. A. cySiijsse. 
beonen. £S. A. B. C. hig. 27. A. fione. I 

B. C. sceap. 30. A. inserts ae he/ore hana. 

C. sweltanne. A, hig. 32. A. hig. A. giedze 
leorning-^!nyhtum ; B. C. leorning-cnihtiiw. 

25. A. 
C. beoB. 

23 "} onfcug caliee 7 godc pances dyde. 1 
sealde heom. ] ealle heon ofdruneeu. 

34 Da saide he heom [jis is min blod 
pare nywe cySnissan. ■p beoS for manigen 

25 SoSlice ic cow segge ■p ic henen 
tor's ne drince of pises win-geardes kynne. 
oSSe panne daig panne ic hine neowe drince 
on godes rice. 

26 Mnd ge-cweSenen lofe hyo ferdon on 
ele-bcrgene munt. 

27 Pa cw se haelend ealle ge beoS ge- 
untreowsedc on )?isse nihte. for fiam pe 
hit awriten is. ic slea panne heorde. 1 
beoS pa seep to-driefde. 

28 Ac lefter pan pe ic arise ic cume 
be-foren eow. on galilea. 

39 pa saide petrus him. peah pe ealle 
swician. ne swicige ic pe na. 

30 Ea ewieS se hielend. SoSlice ic pe 
segge. -p pu on pisen nihte eer coc twewe 
ersewe preowe wiS-ssecst min. 

31 ] he pses pe mare spsec. "} pah me 
ge-berige mid pe to sweltene. ne set-sace 
ic pin. ;i swa hyo cwjeSen ealle. 

32 Da comen hyo to anen tune pas nama 
WEcs getsemani. T he cwaaS to his leorning- 
cnihten. SitteS her o^ f ic me ge-bidde. 

33 ] he nam pa. mid him pctrum 1 iaco- 
bum. ] iohannem pa, on-gan he forhtigen 1 

Various Readings. 

23. Jjancas; of-druncan. 24. ssegde; eom; niwan; 
biS; manegum, 25. henon; cynne; oBJioniie; (lonne; 
nywe. 2fi. ge-eweSenum; bergena. 27. ge-untreow- 
sode; ])Onne ; sccap to-di'iefede. 28. Jiafl;; be-foran; 

galileam. 29. soagde. 30. fiissum; hana twuwa crawe 
Jii'iwa. 31. spi'teo; jieab ; gebyrige; sweltane, 32. 
comon ; anum ; gezemani j leorning-cnihton. SittaS. 
33. fgrhtian :i sarlgian. 

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3 miS-By onfeng 8fem calic Soncungo dyde salilo him 3 gcdruiicou of Sajm alle 
S *Et accepto calice gmtias agcns dedit eis et bibemtit ex illo omnes. 

cuoeS him *is ic bl6d 
ait illis hie est sanguis 

24 et ' i6fi, ii. 

lu. i:clxui[i]. 

niwes cjSnisea seSe fore monigum agotten biS + todieled biS 
noui teatamenti qui pro multis effiinditur 

so8liee io eiioeBo iuli -p-te BoSliee ne driiico ic of cynu wingcardca wiS -t oSS on disge JSone ■i' Stem 
25 amen dico uobis quod iam non bibam de genimiiie uitis usqwe in diem ilium 

miSSy ^ iu drinco niwe in ric godea 1 miS sua cuoednum wordum Sona foei'don on mor 

cum iliud bibam nouura in regno dei. 26 *Et !iyrano dicto exierunt in montem '^^7' 

oelebeama 1 cuoeS hira ae lioslenrf alle gie l)i5Son geondsp_yrnaii*todrifeno in nfeht 8as foj'Son 

oliuarum. 27 *Et ait eis iesus omnea acandaiiaabimini in nocte ista tQuia" 16B.iiii. 

c Berhslie J' hrino Sone hiorde 3 tostrogiien biSSon Sa acipo 
percutiam paatorem et dispai'gcntur oues. 

ah ffifter-Kon So t '1^9- "i- 
28 sed postea q^^am ™'- ™l^^'"^"'- 

galilea i . geleomise 


befora io cymo iuh i 
praecedam uos 

geondspyrnad see'VbiSoii ab^hwoeSve nsefre ic^ne i 
Hcandalizati fuurint scd non ego. 

soSlice ic cuoeBo Be j^te Bu todseg on nseht Biser Esr Bon tuiga se bona stefne gesella Bria i 
^men dieo tibi quia til hodie in noete bac priusquam bis gallus uocem dederit ter 

Su bist onsfficc 
6a negaturus. 

tedgeadre ^ ic efne-gesU' 
simul common 

soB he fwSor -t mars 
31 *At ille ampliua 

jc^sprecend v/tes 3 gif^l Baeh ic scilo -Ir beeyme meo 

loqwebatur etsi oportuerit iiie"i7i-ui- 

tibi non te negi 
f lond Be is genemned pi-gdium i 


her oSBost-l'Ba huil ic gebidde 

forhtiga 3 !6ngiga 
pauere et taedere. 

em is noma f is on ebrisc 3 cuoeS Bsegnum his sittas ""■ f^xi 
iii nomen gesemani et ait diacipulis suis *Sedete * i?^- *■' 

3 to-genom petrum 3 iacob 3 iobannem miB 3 ongann 
33 et adaurait petrum et iacobum et iobannen aecum et coepit 

23 3 jii fi-ng Sssm cilice Bincunde <l>de -aide him 3 gidi 
blod mm mowe <'>Bni'5se soSe foie monigum agoten biB '. 

c J nne w ingeoi dea oB to dfege B 
Bona foeocdun on mor oele beomea 
forSon awnten is ic Beih slai-thii 
bitora ic cvrao lowih in gtablcam 
30, 3 cw{eB him Be htelenrf soS ic 
Brige me Bu bist 
tte ic -welte miB Be 

L of B'tm ille 24 3 tn eB him Bia is 

S ic cneSo io\i fie soBlice ne drinco ic ot 

miS Bj Btet ic dimco niowe m rice godea 26 3 tfliS a«a cwednum 

27 3 CMffiB him Be bwleBt/ alle ge bioBun ontpjined on najht Sissei 

Bono hioido 3 to stcncud biB Btet ede 28 ah rofter Son Be ic ansu 

21 wutudlice cwffiB 3 gif[-l]aeh alle onspjrms-e aie ah ne ic isfre 

cTieBo Be Btette Bu to dtege in nseht Bissei icrBon Sonne bona atefne giaelle 

3 aoB he forBor mata giapiecun (ite) 3 gif-l-Beh ic scile bicunii mec setfjelie 

ico IP gilite aoSbce J alle cwedun 32 :i comon on Btet lonBe is n^mned 

la on ebiiic 3 cwfeS to Begnum his sittas her oBBa Ba hwile le gibidde ii 
S 3 ongan forhtiga 3 longiga 

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34 ? sEede him ; Unrot is miii sawl q'& 
dea^. gebidaS her 1 waciaS ; 

35 Da he ]yt-hwon forS-stop he astrehte 
hine ofer l^a eor^an. 7 he baed. gif hit 
beon niihte -p he on fsere tide fram him 
gewite ; 

36 And |ja cwee^ he. abba, -f is feeder 
on lire ge}?eode. ealle ))ing Jie synt mihtig- 
lice. afyrr J>ysne calic i'mm me ae na "f 
ic wylle ac ■f |ju ; 

37 pa com he 7 funde hi slaepende. 1 
cwEe'S to petre ; Simon, slsepst pu. ne 
mihtest Su aiie tide wacian. 

38 waciaS "} gebiddaB "f ge on costnungc 
ne gan, witodlice se gast is gearu. ac 'f 
fliesc is untrum; 

39 And eft he ge-bted fa ylcan spraice. 

40 3 pa he hiue eft agen bewende. he 
funde hi stepende. hyra eagan waeron ge- 
hefegode 1 hi nyston hwEet hi hi»i Isware- 

41 Da com he friddan siSe "} stede him. 
slapa^ nu 1 restaS genoh hit ys. tima ys 
cmncn nu is mannes sunu geseald on syn- 
fulra handa ; 

43 Arisafj. uton gan. nu is gehende se 
^e me sylS ; 

43 Him pa. '6a gyt sprecendu/B com ludas 
scarioth. 'p ys wijjersaea. an of fiaw twelf- 
um. } mid him mycel menegeo mid swurd- 
um ^ mid sahlum. fram heah-sacerduM. 
bocerum "i ealdrum ; 

Various Readings. 

34 A. sawel; B. saul. C. gebiddaS. 36, A. B. C. 

mihtelioe. A. afyr. 37. A. hig. A. tjd. 39. B. C. 
apsece. 40. A. on-gean. A. B.C. hig. A. heora. A. hig 
(Iwice). 42. B. utun. 43. A. mtenigeo. A. aweordum. 
A. B, C, insert 3 be/ore bocerum. 

34 ] scede heom. Vnrot is min sawle 
od^e deaS ge-bidde'S her 1 wakie^. 

35 Da he lithwon forS-stop. he astrehte 
hine ofer pa eorSan "i ge-b^d. gyf hit 
beon mihte. -f he on |;are tide frara him 

36 ] j^a cw. he. abba, -p is fader on 
ure ge-feode alle ping pe aende mihtilice 
afyrre j^isne calic fram me. ac na f ic 
wille ac ■f )7u. 

37 Da com he 1 funde hyo sla;pende. ] 
CWEG^ to petre. Simon sleepst ]!U. ne miht- 
est J^u ane tide wacien. 

38 wacie^ 1 ge-biddaS ■f ge on costnunge 
ne gan. witodlice se gast is geare. ac "f 
flffisc is untruni. 

39 And eft he ge-bted pa yleen spsece. 

40 ] |;a he hine eft agen be-weiide. he 
funde liyo sliEpende. heore eagen wjeren 
ge-hefegede. ] hyo nyston hwtet hyo him 

41 pa com he 'Sriddan siSc. } ssede 
heora sIsepeS nu "} rested ge-noh hit is. 
time is cumen nu is mannes sune ge-seald 
on synfulre hande. 

42 arised uten gan. nu is ge-hcnde se 
pe me syld. 

43 him |ja pe gyt spreecende com iudas 
scarioth -jS is wiSer-saca. an of J;am twelf- 
en. "i mid him mycel manige. raid sweord- 
en 1 mid sahlen. fram heah-sacerden ") 
bokeren 3 ealdren. 

Various Readings. 

34. sawul ; waciaS. 35. eorSen. 36. sjnde. 37. 
wadan, 38. waciaS; \iet [for f]; gearu. 39. ykan 
spaece. 41). hyra eagan wseroiz geheofogode ; andsware- 
don. 41. restaS; tima; synfullra handa. 43. ArisaB 
uton; sylS. 43. spreeendem {sic); twelfum; menigeo; 
sweordum; sahlum; lieah-sacerdum ; bocerum; ealdrum. 

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•) cuoeS hira-PSfem un-i-Sdt is sawel min o«S + wi« to deaSe ge-«oligas-)- her 1 waaccns 
34 *Et ait illis tristis est anima mea usque ad mortem sustinete hie et uigilate. " 174. iiii- 

7 miSSy webs ferenile l" foeriio huon fore-feoll ou-1-ofer eorSu 1 gebtedd^-wtes biddend ^te gif wosa 
So *Et cum proceaaiset pauliilum procidit super terram et oraljat ut si fieri • m. i, 

lu. Mlxxsi. 
in. clsi. 
mfehte ofer 4' bilearade from him -l hine Sio lid 3 cuopS k hch faeder alle 8e niEehtiglica ™*- ccsdiii. 

poaaet transirct ab eo hora. 36 et dixit abba pater omnia tibi 

sitit^'sindoii alls in aiiiuM mseht oferferig^'bi-Ieore calic Siosne froM niec ah ne f-te ic willo ah 

possibilia sunt transfer calicem huiic a me *Seii non quod ego uolo sed ■ 17B. i. 

io-'luii. xhi. 
f-te 2u waallffi 5 cuom 3 gemittio hea sleppende 3 cuoeS to petre la sinion Su slepcs ne ""'■ ''"^'^''■ 

quod tii 37 et ueiiit et inuenit eos dorniientea et ait petro eiraon dormis non 

mtehtes Su an huil gewjecrie 
potuisti una lioj-a uigilare. 

waiccas 7 gebiddas f-te ne ingae in costunge se gaast 

^ *Uigilate et orate ut non intrctis in temtationewi tSpiVi'Swa " 177. il. 

In. cctxix. 


M\xted!iee is gearuu Sio lichoma Sorme untrymig : efter-sona from geongende gebaedd Set ilea w5rd •"'■ '^".':?.'- 

quidem promtus caro uero infirma. 39 *Et iteram abiens orauit euiidem sermonem t [■j°;_""' 

pislico-l'hefigo J ne wiston bused scealdon onduearda-?onsu!erega him 
ingrauati et ignorabant quid respondereut ei. 

cuoeS Ssm'I'hiw slepaS gee 3 rtestas wel mfcge-l'wel beas puoni Sio tid heono biS gesald smiu monnes 

ait illis dormite iara et requiescite sufficit uenit liora ecce traditur tilius iiominis 

in bSnd synnfuilra arisaS gffl wel'wutun geonga beono scSe mcc selleS neb is J 

in man us peceatorum 42 surgite eamus 

Sa get-l'Sa geou bini'tbine spreceniie cuom iudas se soariothisca an from Stem tooelfum 5 miS efera-tbiiie ^''•""" 
athue eo loquente uenit iudas acariot unus ex duodecim et cum illo 

34 1 c^^'eS biro un rot is aiwel mm oB to ■! wiS deaS giSocUgas her 3 wccc 
WEBS hwon fore feoU ofei eorJSo 3 gibted-i biddende Wies -pte gif wosa niEehle g bore 
enaaS la beti fa.der alie mceht p,lue 8e sindun ofcrfairb -t giliore calic SSiosne from n 
Su Welle 37 3 com 3 mtand bio slepende 3 ewsB to petra It, b raon Bv si 

giwfeoci 38 ws3ccas 3 g biddas ^Je ne in ga) in costunge Se g^st wutud/jce geoi"o 
33 ^ efter sona Irom eode 3 gi baid BiBt ike word cweBende 40 3 eft giceide n: 
werun forfeon egu hiora pislico 4' behgo 3 ne wistun hwffit scealdun Dworda bim 
cwteB hm slepaa ge 3 reelas wel magun oonieS Bio tid beonu gisald biS sunu 
42 arisas eaa «e heono seBe mtc scIlB neb is 43 3 8a geona him aprecende 

of B»m Iwclfum 3 miS him Breotas tnonige miS swordum 3 stencgum sendend (mo) from heb STcecdi 
u*-wutum Z fiom teldiim 

s ^o 3 miB B\ fterend 

from bim Bio tid 36 3 

a ah ne -fte ic welle ah J-ffite 
pes ne meehttes Bu aae tide 
3 Se be boma Bone untrjnii^ 
raunga in uand hnj slepende 
41 3 com Birdan siBe f 
lonnes in honda sjnr fulluni 
com ludis Be soariothisca an 

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44 So^lice his l^ewa him tacen sealde 
? pus cwBcS ; Swa hwylcne swa ic cysse he 
hit is. nimaS 7 Iseda.'S hine wEerlice. 

45 "J sona swa he com he ge-nealsehte him 
to 1 cw. lareow. ? cyste hine. 

46 "i hi hyra handa on hine wurpoii. 
T namon hine; 

47 SoSlice an of pam pe Sar embe-uton 
stodon his swurde abra;d ] sloh pais sacerdes 
ficow. 1 his eare of acearf ; 

48 Pa cw^S se haslend him ^swarieiide; 
Swa swa to anum scea^an ge ferdoix mid 
swurdon ^ treowuffi me gefon. 

49 ponne ic da;ghwa?«licc mid eow wses 
on temple laerende "} ge me ne namon. ac 
■p ]7a gewritu syii gefyilede ; 

50 Da forleton his leorning-cnihtas ealle 
hine ] flugoii; 

51 Sum iungling him fyligde mid anre 
scytan bewaefed nacod D hi namon hine; 

53 Da aworpcnre j:^re scytan nacod he 
him fram fleah ; 

53 And hi Iteddon fsene haelend to pam 
heah-sacerde. 1 comon ealle sacerdas. ? bo- 
ccras 1 ealdras toga;dere ; 

54 Petms him fyligde feorran op Sfes 
heah-saeerdes cafertuii 1 he stet mid pmn 
'Senum "} wyrmde hine Eet pant fyre; 

55 pa heah-sacerdas sohton 7 call gejjeaht. 
tale agcn pone ha^lend. -p hi hine to dea^e 
sealdon 7 hi ne fundon ; 

Various Readings. 

4G. A. higheora. 47, A ymbe-ntan ; B.C. emlje-utan. 
C, stoilan. A. sweorde. 48, A. Iswarigende. A. sweor- 
dura. SI. A. fylgde. A, hig. 53. A. hig. A. Jioiie 
54. A. fylgde. 55. B. C. sohtun. A. on-gean. A. Iiyg; 
B.C. hig. A. deSe, A. B. C. hig. 

44 SoSlice his l^wa heora taken sealde 1 
|7us cwa;^. Swa hwilcne swa ic kysse. se 
hit ys nymeS 1 Isede^ hine wiKvlice. 

45 7 sone swa he com he ge-nehlacte hine 
to 7 cwfe^. Lareow; 1 cyste hine. 

46 "i hyo hcore hande on hine wiirpeii 
"] namen hine. 

47 SoSliee an of pa.m pe pair embe-uten 
stoden his sweord ahr^ed. ] slog j'as sacerd- 
es pcow. "} his eare of acarf. 

48 Da cwjeS se hffilend heom and-swer- 
iende. Swa swa to anen scEe^an ge fcrdcii 
mid sweorden "} treowen me ge-fon. 

49 {Janne ic daig-hwamliee mid eow Wfes 
on temple Ifercnde "} ge me namen. ac -p fa 
ge-write syen ge-fclkle. 

50 Da for-leten his Icorning ciiihtes ealle 
hine 1 flugen. 

51 Sum gungliiig him fylgde mid ane 
scytan be-w^efed nacod. 7 hy name bine- 

52 -p wterpendre jiiare scete nacod he 
heom fram fleah. 

53 "} hy leedden fanne ha;Iend to fam 
heah-sacerde fend comen ealle pa sacerdes. 
Eend bokeres. 7 ealdres. to-ga;dere. 

54 Petrus heom felgede ferren oS jjas 
heah-sacerdes ciefertun, and he set mid 
Jiam |;enum ") wermden hine tet |;am fyre- 

65 Da heah-sacerdas sohten ] call ge- 
l^eaht. tale agen f^anne hfelend. -p hyo 
hine to deaSe sealden 7 hyo ne fundon. 

Various Rec linjs 

44. tacen; cysse; he; njmaS 45 sin. s^-neah- 
talite. 43. hyore; wurpon namoa 17 utoii stodon; 
acearf. 48. anum scea'Ban fetdon sweoidon tieowuw, 
49. jjonne; dseg-hwamlice ; syn ge-fyllede. 50. for-leoton; 
tiugon. 51. iungling; fyligde; be-wafed; hyo namon; 
32. aworpenrp; scytan. 53. hyo; jjowne; comon; MS. 
R. omits to befcTe sacerdes ; hoceras ; to-gadere. 54. fy- 
ligde feorran; sacerdas cafertun; s£et; wyrmde, 53. 
soliton; {^onne; aealdon. 

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wees saldend ■!■ gesaUe Sonne se sellend his liecoaJ'taco him cuoeSeiide Sone sualiuoele-l'l miKiSy cyssennde 
44 *Dedevat autein traditor ema signum eia dieens quem-cumquo osculatus " l^^. ii 

i bcnm He seo Ws is lialdas hine ■!■ gone 1 waai'lice gelEedaS 
fuero ipse est tenete eum et caute ducJte. 

J gehealdon Sene-i'Iiine tin Bonne-i'Sa aumm raorni of Scera ymbstondonduOT oflEede+ataeli f suord 

et tenaeruiit eum. 4i7 *Unu9 autem quidam dc circum-stantibiis educens gladium " 

slog esne-PBrfel heh-sacerdas ;i geanaS ■i' toeearf himJ-iEBtn iSa earelipprica 1 onsuterede m 

percussit scruum sammi saceidotia et amputauit ilH auricula. 48 *Et reapondens ' 

se hselenrf cuoeS Stem^him allsuaa to Seafe gie foerdon miJS Buordum 7 stengum to gefoanne -t to 1:ec- mt. cccii 
iesua ait illia tamqtiam ad latronem existia cum gladiis ct lignis comprehen- 

canne mec seghaelc dtege ic was nii6 iuh in tempel Iserend 3 ne meh gehealdon ah fte 

deie me. 49 cotidie eram apad uos in templo docens et non me tenuiatis sed ut 

■f hia woero gefylled writto 5a Begnas his forleortoa ■1' forletendo alle gellugon 

adimpleautur scribtvivte. 50 *Tuiic discipuli eius relinquentes cum omnea fugevuiit ■ liis. u 

ging eane ionnei \iatedlice sum gefylgede Iiiw gegeariiad i ymbgyrdcd miS oTer -t on 

51 *Adurescens autein quidam sequ^batur earn amictua sindone super » Jan. * 

soS he miSSy forwarp ■t nacod fore-flash h-om item 

52 at ille reiecta sindone nudus prot'ugit ab eia. 

1 tol^>ll(n Sone h'eknd to S^em heh sieord Z efne ^ecuomon alle Sa sai-Lrdaa 3 

o3 '"Et idluxeiunt i sym id suinmum s ardoti, « ct conuenmnt omnes ^aceidotes et • IH7 

lu I, X 

petr«i Sonne iearra f^lgende wees hine tviB on woiSe cIm 
"^Petius autem i Ijnge sei^itna est eum u^qwe m atiium ™ 

ti deiSe mKhte pCoealla ne fundon 

moiti ti ideient nee mueiiiebint 

niiuna sohtcn Miis 3one b'eietid cySnisse fte tni, 

iLiliuin qineii-bint liuei'iuni leoHm testimonium tit eum t 

44 ff aalde S nne Se sUleil his tu,un him ci e*Li le s«a 1 wel no swa ic ^ssei di, ic 1 lom he it is 
haldas hue 7 t,ihlEedaS 4o 5 m 6 Sv conun s na gmeohcadun to h ra cw*S h^l lar vi 3 ejsae le % djs, 

hme 4r B08 6d 1 i honda gmrpin on 1 ip 3 giheoldun hme 4/ an Some sum mon of Bsani ymb 

stondendum g tth S£et snoid Serl slo^ i Sisel heh '^'Bcerdia 3 tosnaS him Soue learhprca 4a 3 

ond swonde Se ha,len-i tuteS Stem all b'Ai hwait [to] "^Bofe „ leoidun miS swoidum 3 stengnm t foenne 4 
gilsetcan mec 49 e„hwelce dsege Sis (sic) WEes miS lowih ii tpmple Iseienle 3 ne mee giheillun ah >te 

weie gifjUed givriotu So 50 Sa Segtas hs alle foi leoitun -irfoiktcnde h ne ftugun 51 gmg isne 

wutudhce sum gif)lgeide him g geomad -Ir yinl gjrled ofei rieudne gilieoldin hine 32 cwebS h m n iSSv 

forwarp m ad Irom fleh him 53 3 to gi laiddun Sone hipWrf to heh saceidum 3 efnegcomun alle Sa 

sacerdis 3 uSwutu 3 Sa teldiu j4 petrus Some feorra fjlgeide weps h m c8 to on worSe ''£09 heh sacerifcs 

3 sset raiS Segnum 3 wermde hme to Seen fjre 35 Si heh fconne sacerdaa 3 all Sio aomltung sohtun wiS 

Sone hxleiid c\Sisse ^te h le to deaSe gi ddun nt onfundun 

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56 Maiiega stedon lease gecy^nysse agen 
liine. 7 |ja cy^iiessa iiseron Jjjeslice ; 

57 Da arison sume "} sEedon lease eySnesse 
agen hine ") pus sazdon ; 

58 SoSes we ge-hyrdon bine secgan. ic 
to-wurpe fiis liand-worhte tewzpel "} tefter pum 
dagum ic oSer unhaiid-worht ge-timbrie; 

59 3 hyra cyfiiiys nees jijes-lic ; 

60 pa aras sum heah-sacerd on hyra 
midlene 1 alisodo Jjasiie hjelend. ne and- 
swarast JJU nan Sing, agen f jias J^e on- 
wurpaS ; 

61 he suwode ] naht ne Iswarode; Eft 
hine axode se lieah-sacerd. eart pu crist 
p9is gebletsodan godes sunu ; 

62 Da SJede se hjcleiid. ic eom. 1 ge 
geseo^ mannes sunu on swySran healfe 
sittan his niEegenes. 7 cumende mid heofones 
genipum ; 

63 Pa cw se heah saeerd, his reaf slit- 
ende. hwi ge-wilnige we gyt cy^era. 

64 ge gehyrdon his bysmer. hwjet JiincS 
eow ; Da hyrwdon hi ealle hine "i cwEedon -f 
he waere dcaSes scyldig ; 

65 And sume aguunon him on spsetan 
7 ofer-wreon his ansyne. 7 raid fystu?H hine 
beoton. 7 him to ewsedon ; Arsed. and pa 
Senas hine mid handum beoton ; 

66 And Jja petrus wses on cafertune J;a 
com to him an l^inen f;<es heah-sacerdes. 

67 7 J^a heo geseah petrum wyrmende [^a 
cvfFe'S heo ; pu wtere mid 'Sa.m nazarenisean 

Various Readings. 
56. A. gecySnosae ongean. A. cySnyssa. 57, A. c.yi- 
nysse oiigeaii, A, B. C. cwiedon, 58. A. to-weorpe. 
A. ge-tymbrige. 39. A. heora. A. B. C. cySnes. 

A. heora. A. acsode )ioae. A. ongean. A. on-weorpaS. 

61. A. swygode ; B. C. swugode. A, Jswareile. A. ai 

62. A. B. heofenea. 63. A. hwig. B. C. gewilnege. 
A.biamor, A. B. hig. 63. A. ongunnon; B. agunnuii, 

B. fyslun. 

56 Manege sieden lease eySnyssen agen 
hine. 7 {Ja cySnisse UEeren |;as-Iice. 

57 Da arise sume 7 saigden lease cydnysse 
agon hine 7 J?us cwjeSen. 

58 Sodes we ge-hyvden hine seggen ic to- 
weorpe pis hand-worhte temple. 7 a^fterl^reni 
dagen ic oSer un-hand-worht ge-timbrige. 

59 7 heore cydnysse hebs )?as-gelic. 

60 Da aras sum heah-sacerd on heora 
midlene 7 acxode jjanne liaalend. Ne and- 
swerest pn nan fing agen "f |;as pe on- 

61 he swegede 7 naht ne andswerede. 
Eft hine axode se heah-sacerd. Ert p\i 
crist. Pas ge-bletsedes godes sune. 

63 pa sfede se hfelend ic eom, 7 ge ge- 
seoS mannes sune on swi^ren healfe sittcn, 
his maignes. 7 cumende mid heofenes ge- 

63 Da cwasS se heah-sacerd his reaf slyt- 
ende. hwi wilnige we gyt cySera. 

64 ge ge-herden his bismer, hwiet 
JjincS eow. Da hyrden hyo ealle hine 7 
cvv£eSen. -f he w^ere deaScs scyldig. 

65 JEnd sume agunnen hym on speeten. 
7 ofer-wreon his ansiene, 7 mid festen hine 
beaten. 7 him to cwEeSen. Ared. 7 p& 
fenas hine mid handen beoten. 

66 7 pa. petrus wses on ciefertune fa 
com to him an jjinen ]jas heah-sacerdes. 

67 7 fa hye ge-seah petrum wermende jja 
ew^S hy. pu wfere mid paia nazareiscen 

Various Headings. 

55. Manega SEedon; cySnysse; nferon )jiEs-lice. 57. 
arison; sKgdon ; cySnysse; cwteiion. 58. SoSes; eeggan; 
to-wyrpe; tempel; J^rym dagvm. 59. hjorecySnys; Jjtes- 
lic. 60. acsode })onne; on-weorpaS. 61. swugode; 
Eart; jjses; sunu. 62. halend; swySran halfe sittan; 
miegnos; heofones gonipuiB. 63. ge-wilnige, 64. ge- 
hyrden; bisraor; liyrdon hig; cwseSoa 63. agunnan; 
spceton; ansyne; fystum; beotum (sj'c) ; ewEeSon; handum 
beoton. 66. -saceidas. 67. heo se seah (s/c); iieo; 

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woeron 5 summ moiin arjs lea? RenSni e s'egdon. tiiS hia cioeSendo 

eiaiit j7 "*£! quidam suigenteb fiilsum testimumum ferebant idueisus num dicuiites ' 

fojSon ue geherdoii hine cwoedne-tpuoeSende ic undoeJ ic ti 1 to lerapel 6ia ini5 honde aworht 
5S quonnm nos auliuiraus eum diceiitem ego diasoiu-im templum lot, mam factum 

3 Berh Sreo dogor oSer ne mi8 hoade aworht ic getirabro willo 
et ppr liidunm -il ud ii n minu lictum <edhcnlo 

puoSende hl inlueiidi.stSu iiuht -1 ecu 1 1 to Bteni Si 3e getelfd aion fiow Siasum raomun he 

d cena n n it^ptndia (juicquaw id ei quae tibi obiciuntui ab i lb CI ille 

uiiterfftw 1 SoiMi; gesuigde 5 nobt ge on«uaiede eftTStna se heh saee»(/ gefisegnende wees hiiie 3 o loeS 
autem tacebit tt mluL leapondit luisum euramu^ aaceidoa mteirogabat cum et dicit 

him Su Bti oust sunn Sffib gehloedsendes sehteWf cuoeS him ic am 1 giegtseaS-i'''Cilin 

ei tu 4-1 chnnlifi tiha-, benedicu 62 *Itbus lutetn dixit ilh ego sum pt uide * ^^}- '■ .. 

geiea i on dou^j dw^e siinu noi nes to '.mScom sittende Sep* mtchteb 3 cTumende miS wuknum m't. cmk.' 
bitis hiium 1 jminia i dextiio sedentem uirtutiat et uemeiitem cum, nub biw gws fadores 

t i ■ patria. 
heofneo se heh SaJ-Sonns sscerd toalat ■!■ toieiide woedo-thrseglu-l cl-iSas his cuoe8 ymb huEod 

ci,li 63 *bumniu3 autem saceidoa ecmdens uestimcnta sua ait tQuid " l'J2, ui. 

getJrleng-1 ^Sageune we n Uniaa gewitnesa geherdon gee JS^t eboUung hieed luh Sjncge + is gesene J, ,.|.^j„ijji^ 

athuc deaidenmus teitii 6-i audiatis bia5piiemi-\m quii ujbis uidetui mt. cccsii. 

SaXe alle gemSridon ■1' gehendon hine -jite wete scyldig Vajnmg deaSea 1 oi gunnnn summe 

qui omnes coudeianaueiunt eum esse reum mortis iyy *hi coepeiunt quidam ■ 184. i. _^ 

efne geopitta-l sehcroga? hme 1 eehjdselwrga onsioi e la 1 mi6 fjatuw4'd>ntum hn 
cons^ueie eum et ueliie ficiem eiu? et coliphis eum 

3 cutyfei hun j,enlgT i hiia Ve ofealog 5 "Si emlehtmtnn miS fjstn» 1 e slo^oii 
et diceif ei pi [ 1 etiai et mmi tu ilipis eum ciedcl ^iit 

wtes petiiiS m woiS fiom geinSe I lunduiii euom 
ebset petrus in atno deoisum ueiiit i 

miS S\ geiLge Soi e petriw n-eimgende hme bebeald h ne cuoeB 1 Su niB h^letide Bmrn 
cmi uidiict petium cile tdueutcra '-^ ispicieiib lUum ^lt et tu cum kbu 

56 momge foiHon esBnisse leose hise gicwedun to sacanne wi8 him 3 weonhce gKjdtiiaae ne werua 5 3 
sum moil ansande \eose ge)Bnias.e iKgdian ni5 him c"«eSende 58 lorSon we giherdun hme cweaSa ic 

toslito-1 undoe Sine tampel Bia miS [honda] giworht ^ ieftei *^rin laguw oSeiae miS honda gmyican ic gitiin 
biaw (sic) 69 3 ne w£Oi woenhc gicj3niss.e hiora 60 3 araa Be heh sicerd m middum giascade gone 

hselenrf cwe*;ende ne ondwordes tu iioht -i ten ht to B-em SaSe giiehJ arun fiom him 61 he wutudbc^e 

BWigftde 3 noht gilwoide sona Be heh s eerd gifrtegn bme 3 cwibB him Su arB eriat sunn godea Bbbs gthletsade 
62 Be hfelen / wotudhce cwseB hira lo am 7 ge gi«enS sunn monnea to Bier awiSra sitteade Baes mTshtga 3 
cjmende miB voknimi heotnes 63 Be heh Bonne siceid to-iende giwedu his cwteS jmb hwset gett wilnigas 

giwitnesse 64 giherdun ge Ba eofulaunge hwEet ion is gisene B Be alle giniBradi n -t gihendun hine f he 

weie synmg d aBes 65 3 ongunnun sume efnegiapita-1 hjia on hint 3 hydde oninne hii 3 miB fjstuin hme 

sla-l'Bar'ica 3 eweo-Ba 3 stege hwet Baft aloge 3 Bi embehlmen laiB t<, turn h ne al crun 66 3 mi'^Bv Mse? 

on woiBe from sinduge com an from Bsem Bo«um S'Bi. heh saceines 67 3 m B 'isego "^one petie wermende 
hme biheald hme ewieB 3 Bu miB hieVnrfs Bone mziiemaco were 

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68 Da set soc he 1 cwse^. ic nat. ne ne 
can hwiBt j;u segst ; And lie eode pa of pam 
cafertune "} se hana creow ; 

69 Eft pa hine geeiieow oSer ])incn. hco 
ongan cvveSan. to pain pe Sar abutan stodon; 
SoSlice |jes ys of pam ; 

70 7 he eft tetsoe ; ^ eft pa, ymbe lytel fa 
'Se ffit-stodon. ewsedoii to petre. So];lice Jju 
eart of ^aj«. . galileise |;u eart; 

71 pa ongan he ^t-sacan !l swerian. so^es 
ne can icpfene man J;e ge seegaS. 

72 "} pa eft sona creow se hana ; Da ge- 
muiide petrus fa;s h^eleiides wovde pe he him 
Sffide. Eer se hana erawe tua. jjriwa Su me 
!et-sa3cst. j^a ongan he wepan ; 


1 l^a sona on mergeu worhton pa heah- 

Jr saeerdas hyra gemot mid ealdrum. 

7 boeeruwi "} eallum werodura. 1 Iteddon fsene 

h^elend gebundenne. 7 sealdon hine pilato; 

3 Da axode pilatus hine. eart fju iudea 

cynincg; Pa Dswarode he him. j^u hit 

segst ; 

3 Da wregdon hine pa heah-sacerdas on 
manegujK {^ingum; 

4 Eft pilatus hine axode. ne Iswarast 
l^u nan fjing. loca hu mycelum hi pe 

5 Da ne !)swarode sc ha^lond \-\iin na mare 
swa -p pilatus wundrode ; 

Va7'ious Headings. 

69. B. itjserls 1 be/ore heo. A. onbutan. 
embe. 71. A. eann. A. fjone. 73. A, word. 
C. creowe. A. B. C. tuwa. 

Cap, XV. 1. A. morgeii. A. luwra. A. B. 

A. })One. A. pilate, 2. A. acsode. A. ejnyng 

B. JBwarude. 4. A. aosode. B. C. Iswaraa. 
A. B.C. wregaS. 5. B. wundrude. 

68 Da a>t-soc he ^ eweeS. Ic nat ne ic 
kan hw^et |Ju saigst. "} he eode [a of J;am 
etefertune 1 se coc creow. 

69 Kft J^a hine eneow o'Ser fiinen, J hyo 
on-gan cwe^cn to Jtam pe fi^r abuten stod- 
en. So^Hce pes is of )?am, 

70 1 he eft ffit-soc. .^nd eft j^a embe 
litel l^a pe eft stoden cwfe^en to petre. SoS- 
liec J7U ert of Jjam galileise |Jii ert. 

71 Da Eet-gan he of-sacan. 1 swerien. 
soSes ne can ic jifanne man pe ge seggeS. 

72 "} pa eft sone creow se coc. Da ge- 
mxmde petrus f^as hselendcs word pe he him 
saide. ser se eoc ereowe twige. frewe pu 
me £et-s£eest. |;a on-gan he wepen. 


1 Da sone on morgen worhten |Ja heah- 
sacerdes heore ge-mot. mid ealdren 1 boe- 
ercn. 1 eallen werede "} Isedden Jjano halend 
ge-buiiden ) sealden hine pilaten. 

2 Da axode pilatus hine eart fu iudea 
kining. Da aiidswerede he hym, Du hit 

S Pa wreiden hine pa heah-saeerdes. on 
maiiegen fingen. 

4 Eft pilatus hine axode ne andswei'est 
[ju nan j?ing. loca hu mycclcn hyo pe 

5 Da ne andswerede sc hjelend him nam 
mare swa J;£et pilatus wuiidrede. 

Various Headings. 

B. cyiiiiic, 
A. B. big. 

68, et-soc; necan; aegst; hana [/or coc]. (19. abuton 
stodon, 70. stodon cwseSon; eavt (twice). 71, swerian 
\ionne; seggaB. 72. ef fwc) sona; hana; wordu; stede, 
bane; twuwa])riwa; set-sacst; wepan.. 

Cap. sv 1. sona; -sacei'das hyra; ealdi'um; bocerum. 
eailum; ge-bundenne; sealdon; pilato, 2. cyning; and- 
swarede; eom [/or hym, which, i« aver an erasure in 
ton MS.]; segst. 3. wregdon ; -saoerdas; manegura )jin- 
gun. 4. andswarest ; hwu mycelura; wceigaS. 
andswai'ede ; balend; na; wundrode. 

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soS he onafio cuoeSentle ne wat io 1 ne caiin ie hu^d cwocSes Su ti eodo l)iTta befora 
68 at ille negauit dicens nctjwe aeio neqzte noui quid dicaa *Et esiit foras ante " I9fi. !- 

^5 wotS 3 liona geaaiig uftecsona Sonno nii«-Sy gesege hine Kio Slwa ongann cuoEcBa mt. ccoxu. 

atriwrn et gallus eaiitauit, 69 rursua autem cum uidisaet ilium ancilla coepit dicere 

effim yrab-atoiidenaum ^te Ses of Sieuj ilcom is soS he eftersona oiisSc 1 seft^' lytle huile -1- ymb lytle 

circtimstaiitiliiM quia Jiic ex iliis est. 70 at iUe itemm negauit ct post pussillum 

cfCfii-sona SaSe to-stodon hia gecuoedon to petre sgglice of «a:m Su bist-irKu arK foj-Son sec galileus^galileso arS 
rursus qui adatabant dicebant peti'o nere ex illia ea nam et galilaeus 4s. 

ae-i-he aonne ongaun gefremSiga 3 gesuoeria ^Ito ic nSt-}-ne conn ic moiino Kiosne Sone gie 

71 ille autem coepit S,iiatiiematizaTe et iuvare quia nescio hoiuinem latum qucm di- 

cuoeSas 1 sona etter te hona gesang J eft-gemynrlig wtes petrvs wordea f te cuoeSend wtes 

citia. 72 et «tatim iteium galka ciiitauit *Et reeordatus est petnia uerbl quod dixerat ' 'W. H- 

him se hee[end aer Son se horn gesinKa t viga Sria mec Su bist onsatc 1 ongann woepa 
ei iesua pnua quam gillua cautet bfa ter me negabis et coepit flere. 

1 *Et confestim mane 

mt. cccsu)i. 
wuBuutumJ m S ill somnung gebundon 8one h£elf«rf gelscddon 1 aaldon '^xm tMoimen 3 

?uibis et muu i-D cjncilio *UniLii!nte5 ie-,ua\ du"i.ermit et tiulidpiunt piKto 2 ^Et'ISS. i. 

^ lu. dec. 

gefriegnade 1 geascade huip p)!ai!;» JSu iiS cynig ludeina soS lie onlueirle cuoeS tJ hin Bu cuoeSes ^ rat. ccexuiii. 
mteiiugiuit i-uin pilatus tu eo lex ludeioium at ille ic^p radeiia iit lili tu dicis iti^Mdil 

10.' clxsuilL 

3 gehendon h no Si heh sice/tlis on monigam i BmgiM tnoejdu ji ee £,eroeli iimn/i eftefaona ""■ """"'' 

3 *Et accua ibaut earn hunnni -iLeidotcs m multis i i lUtus autem luisum " 20l.iiii. 

gefraegn 1 me cuoeS ne ondueiidi,at Sn toniht gesah in ^iiii taiclum Flu raiilum Seh ihenas i 

intt,nogimt emu diwns noii leipondit, quicquaM aide in qiwntiu te \L.u\&int 

se hwlend Soi He fj^Boi 1 leng eoh ht-i noht geondsuaipi/e suse -{.Ie > he w cie a\iundnd se riefa 
5 itfii!-. autem ampliu*i uiliil le j judit iti ut miiaetui pditii^ 

CM aoS 1 e o c '^ 1 ne at ne o 1 ibL ^u as s ] eode bt So e3bfaS eur83loa 

g an^, 6H efte oaS e KSjgschhneaSoeogn cveoSa to Sre ^ \ to le dun ■).Ie "les 

of «6em loufn s 70 3 1 e ette feona on or eefter lytle 1 wjle efteraona Sa e todu h a cwedu to pet e 

soSl o S af Been arS f ^on ec 1 gil lesc Su S 1 1 e Son e o ga f e nS i 1 swe ^a -)s c nat ne 

con no no Bo e 6 ne e ne S 72 3 o a efte so i Be I nni g a g 3 j 1 " w-b petn* wordes Siette 

ewede w£ea 1 m Be 1 rel « i » Son «e bona g a nge t c j,a S ^e S me on teces D o „an w epi 

Cap XS 1 3 w a e ne g Sselt ge no 1 tun Ba heh EBcerlas n S Bsn mid am 3 uS wwtum 3 m S 
Bile u e El nl Bo e ba.1 d g liedd n 3 aaldu Ssem aldor me n 2 3 g f -egn h ne pjlat s 8u 

a-S ej ulea oB he o d le h m cwibB B cweSes 3 3 g 1 end h ne Sa 1 el aa e las n mon um 

JS ffu 4 Se L oefa "^o e efersona g frw h e c eBenle ne ndvorle t ae ht g isel n swa m 1 m 

Sec ahenas 5 Be h^]end Bon e forBor Heag no v ht g ondsworade swa ^ste ne (s c) we e awund ■ad Be roela 


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6 On ayniniel-dasge wa^s his gewuita -p lie 
hiw; for-geafe aenne geb uncle line, swa hwyle- 
ne swa hi btedon ; 

7 pa bsedon hi barraban. se wses gebira- 
den mid pam rEeplingum. se jjurh swic-cia;ft. 
man-slyht geworhte. 

8 1 |:a he ferde. ]?a ongan seo menegeo 
hine biddan swa heo symle dyde; 

9 Da cwse^ pilatus; Wylle ge -p ic cow 
forgyfe iudea cyning. 

10 he wiste -f Suvh andan hine sealdon 
pa heah- sacerdas ; 

11 pa astyredon pa bisceopas j^a menegii 
■f he hi)« barraban forgefe ; 

12 Eft pilatus him andswarode, hwset do 
ic be iudea cininge ; 

13 Hi eft hryradoii "] cwsedon, hoh hine; 

14 Da SEede pilatus. hwEet yfeles dyde 
he; Hi pses pe ma clypedon ahoh hine; 

15 Pilatus wolde pa ^am folce gecwem- 
an, ] for-gef him barraban "i sealde him 
j;one hgelend beswungehne 'p he a-hangen 
wEere ; 

16 pa Ifeddon pa cempan hine on juies 
domernes cafertun; "i hi to-somne eall werod 
clypedon ; 

17 "i scryddon hine mid pnrpuran. 1 him 
on setton fyrneniie helm awundentie, 

IS 3 ongunnon hine J^us gretan. hal wes 
J7U iudea cyniiig ; 

19 "} beoton hine on -p heafod mid hreode. 
^ sptetton him on. 1 heora cneow higdon. 7 
bine gc-eaSmeddoii ; 

Various Readings. 
G. A. syraljel-dffige, A. forgeaf; B. C, forgefe. B. C. 
aiwic. A. hig. 7. A. hig. 8. A. miBnigeo; B. menigu 
9. B. cyninc. II. B, C. astyiydoii. A. mfonigeo. A. 
for-geafe. 13. A. hig. A. ho«. 14. A, dyde he jfeles. 
hig. C. clypedon. A. a hog. 15. A. for-geaf. B.C.jjiene. 
16. A. hig. B. wered. A.ciypodon, 19. B. C. sptefon. 
A, on hyne. B. C. liyra. A, ge-eadmeddon. 

6 On sym-mel-daig Wies his ge-wune. 
-p he heom for-gefe senne bundcnne swa 
hwilcne swa hyo bfeden. 

7 Da bifiden hyo barraban. se wegs ge- 
bunden mid para replingen. se jjurh swicc- 
crffift man-slyht worhten. 

8 1 f?a he feide pa on-gan syo manigco 
hine biddan swa by symle dyden. 

9 Da cwEeS pilatus. Wille ge ■f ic eow 
for-gefe iudea kyni)?g. 

10 he wiste -p {jurh ande hine sealdeu 
|ia heah-sacerdas. 

11 Da astireden ]?a biscoppes ]:a mauige 
■f he heom barraban for-gefe. 

13 Eft pilatus him andswerede. hwset 
do ic be iudea kyninge. 

13 hyo eft giajtten 3 cwfeSen. hoh hine. 

14 pa saigde pilatus. hwtet yfeles dyde 
he. hyo |'as pe ma cleopeden ahoh hine, 

15 Pilatus wolde |>a j?ara folce ge-ewem- 
en. 1 for-gef heom barraban. 1 sealde 
heom Jeanne hseleiid be-swungen -p he ahang- 
en wjere. 

IG pa Igedden j^a cempen hine on J7as do- 
mernes cfefertun 1 hyo to-g^dere ealle wered 

17 1 scridden hine mid piirprcn 1 him on 
setten jjerneiie helm awundene. 

18 1 on-gunnen bine ];us grctcu. hal 
heo fju iudea Icyniffg. 

19 1 beoton hine on -p heafeS mid reode 
:i spetten him on 1 hire cneow beigden 1 
hine iedmetten. 

Variants Readings, 
6. -dtege; gewuna; for-geafe; swilcne. 7. replingum, 

swie- ; worhte. 8, seo menigeo, g. geo ; for-ayfe ; 

cyaing. 10. anda; sealdon. H. asdredon; hiscopas; 

raenegov ; for-geafe. 32. heom andswarede; cininge 

13, hrymden J ewadon. 14. saegde; clypedon. IS. ge- 

cwemaii; for-gaf; halend; ware. 16. Iseddon; cempan; 
to-aomne; eall; clypeden. 17. seruddon; purpu 

ieUon [jjTnenne; awundenne. 18. ongunnon; gie 

.___, res; iuda cyning, 19. heafod; apetton; hyoraenec 

bigdon; ge-ea6meddon. 

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Serli Soiie dtego Sonne symbel for-geata gewuna Wiea him enne-J'an of Sitm gebuniienum Sons sues 
6 *Pei' diem autern festiim dimittere aolebat illia uaum es uinctia ciuem-cum-' 203. i'. 

^ 111. tccuiiii. 

hniclcnc hia fregiuiidon wres Bonne scSSe gecuoeSeii webs -!■ genemned liatalj^oj aeSe iniS sceacCTuwi^ 

que petlsaent. 7* Eiat auteiii qui dieebatur barabbaa qui cum sedi- 

io. clsxxiii. 

mi8 setTierum weps gebunden seSie "" ""' ' .... - 

tiosis erat uinctus qui 

aatage f folc ongann gebidda sua syinle gedyde him 8on«e guoiidsuarede him 

ascendisset toba coepit rogare sicut acmpei- faciebat illls. 9 pilatiis autem respondit eia 

3 cuoeS walks gle^'gif gie wealle ic lorgofo^forleto iuh cynig iudeana iviste focSoii ^te > 

et dixit uultis dimittam nobis regem iudaeorum. 10 sciebat enim quod 

io. ckxitiiii. 
ge-eggedon Soiie Steat fte suiSor Sone morsceaiSe fiwleorte him nnUdlice efter-sona geonduarde mt. cctxsu. 

uevunt turbam ut raagis barabbaii dimitteret eis. 12 *Pilatns autem itcrum respondens " 306. i.^ 

cuoeS him hused f'jrSou wallige f ic doe eynige iudeana soS hia eftersona geoeigdon ahoh io. clxKxuiiL 

ait iUis quid ergo uultis faciani regi iudaeorum. 13 at illi iterum clamauerunt cnicifige ""Jj.i.'J'jjy; 

) e to c seS h £ed forSon yfies dydo so6 hia suiSor geoeigdon ahob 

e 14 p t IS e \ 1 at q d enim maietecit at illi magia clainabaut crucifige 

1 fc wa de Ssem folo« wel-doa forgeaf him Sone morsceaSo 3 salde 

em 1 *1 I t s te 1 uolt-ns populo satiafacere dimittit illia baiabban et tradidit " 30«. i. _ 

gn e 1 kIc d S o eSea b nue -pte nere gehocn Sa cempo Sonwe Iieddoii hine on mt. cccxxniil. 

If!, -a fl p, 1 s caebin ut c c ti^eretur. 16 *MiUtes autem duxei-unt eum ^"207. iiii. 

wuo 8 Stea lom e n 3 ef e gl 1 1 gegearwadon bine miS fella reads hrsgli 

atn m piaetor et l u ant tot m coloten, 17 et iriduiint eum purpura 

3 on aetto h m cu end i a se^endo S r e beg 1 ongunnon gegroelaJ hine hal cynig 

et mjoai t ei ^iect t sj e c nam. 18 et coeperunt salutare eum haue res 

de na !l on^ Io f d \5 gerd.l'miS hreade 3 speafton on him 3 setoti 

1 daeo un 10 et j ut it ca) ut e ua harumdine et conapuebant eum et poiieiites 

gen a ado al ant eu u 

? So e la? ¥ e s b f geo g um «tes hiin enne 1 in of '^-em i>ibunden mm wi. bneline 

ana h ge 1 «a? e aeSe vo c eb* slSc rniS aceicium «Ee^ gibunden aeSe on aetnunege 

g vorl te mon CW8S a sse 8 1 n 6S g 3 *i<r $»t fole on gau bidda swa senile gidyde him J 8e groefa 

Son e onlsworade 1 n 3 cwajS wallas ge c forirefo .1 torkto low rvnig mdei 10 wiste tuiSon 8»t Sa,ih 

Eefeste gsa Inn 1 e Stem ( tc) hel wee d I 6a biaiopaa Sonne giwebtun + gicedun Bone Breot iitc awiSoi 

b Tahbom torieo te h n 1 utudl ce let e oia giondworde cwfeS him hwett forSon aillas ge -^ le doe 

cjn e udea i so8 1 ee ffifter so a el op dun a oh hme 14 pjla/i/s Sonne cwseS him hrtset forSon to 

j-fle dj le he soS 1 eb sw Sor g ce g al ol 1 e 15 Soonne wilde Biem folche well doi f r-giet bim 

Bo e mo aceiBi 3 a le h ra Bo e \tci\e d n S aw pum giSoi cenne ^te neie ahoiigen 16, Si rempu 

Itedlun 1 e orB Sies doner es 3 efnegeegdu alle . 1" 3 gigeorwadun hnie miS fclle reode J 

onset u Ins Tinde^o r enle Bjrnenne beg 18 3 on giiniran gigrDeta bine hal c>nig ludeu 19 3 >ilogun 

on leofud hs n 5 bteadeJ'jie lum 3 speoftun o h ne 3 settun on cneom 3 ginoiSaduu hine 

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30 And sy^Saii hi hine bysmrytlon. un- 
scryddon hine pRVi purpuran. 7 scryddon 
hiiie raid his reafuw? "i lauddon hine -p hi hine 
ahengon . 

21 1 genyddon suraiie weg-ferendne simo- 
nem cireneujB cumende of pam tune alexau- 
dres fiedei 1 rufi. f he his rode bffire. 

23 ^ hi Iffiddon hine on Sa stowe gol- 
go^a -f is on ure gef;eode gereht heafod- 
pannena stow. 

33 1 sealdon hira gebiterod win 1 he hit 
ne on-feng ; 

24 And pa hi hine ahengon hi dteldon 
his reaf. 1 hlotu wurpon. hwtet gehwa 

35 pa w£es undern-tid. 3 hi ahengon hine. 

26 ? ofer-gewrit his gyltes wa>s awriten 
iudea cyning. 

27 7 hi ahengon mid him twegen scea^an 
anne on his swySran healfe. "i oj^erne on 
his wynstran. 

28 j^a wees -p ge-writ gefylled. f cwyS ; 
"} he wEes mid uniiht-wisuwi geteald; 

29 And j;a Se for^-stopon hine gremed- 
on !l hyra heafod cwehton. "S Sus cwEedon ; 
Wak se to-wyrpS -p tempel. 1 on piiin 
dagon eft getimbraS. 

30 gehjel ^e sylfne of pseve rode stigeiide; 

31 Eall-swa pa heah-saeerdas bysmriende 
betwux pain boceviim cwsedon. oSre he hale 
gedyde. hine sylfne he ne laseg halne ge- 
don ; 

Variotis Readings. 
20. A. liig. A, byameredoii, A. hig. 21, A, weg- 
ferende. 22. A. B. C. hig, 23. B. C. onfengc. 24. A, 
liig. A. B. C, hig. 25. A. B. C. hig. 27. A. B. C. hig. 
A. senile. 29, B. C. foi>stopun. A. heora, A. daj 
A. ge-limbreS, 30. A. inserts nvSer bpfnre fitigendo. 
31. A, bo-twcoK. 

30 jEnd sy'S^en hyo hine bismcredon. 
iin-scriddan hine fam purpran. 1 scriddan 
hine mid his reafen. 3 Isedden hine pset hyo 
hine ahengen, 

21 1 ge-nedden sumne weig-ferendc sy- 
monem cyreneum cumende of fiam tune all- 
sandres fader 1 ruffl, ■p he his rode biere. 

22 ? hyo Isedden hine on |^am stowe gol- 
gotha. -f is on ure peode ge-reht heafed- 
panna stowa, 

S3 ] sealden him ge-bytered win "} he hit 
ne on-feng, 

34 And pa hyo hine ahengen hyo dteld- 
en his reaf ] hlote wurpen. hwa;t ge-hwa 

25 Dawsesunder-tid. 1 hyo ahengen hine. 

36 T ofer-ge-writ his geltes wees awriten 
iudea kyng. 

S7 1 hyo ahengen mid hira twegen seamen 
senne on his swiSereii healfe. ] oSerne on 
his winstren. 

38 pa wfes -p ge-writ gefylled f cwa;^. 
] he w£es mid unriht-wisan ge-teald. 

39 And pa pe foi-S-stopen hisie gremedon 
1 hyra heafod cwehten. 1 pus uwasSen. 
Wala se to-werp^ -p tempel, 1 on Srim 
dagen eft ge-tyrabred. 

30 ge-ha;l pe sylfne of pare rode stigende. 

31 Eal swa pa heah-sacevdas bysmeriende 
bc-twexo fjam bokeren ewfeSen. odre he 
hasle ge-dyde. hine sylfne he ne maig halne 

Various Readings. 
20, And sjBBau hi ; ua-scryddon ; putpuvan ; scryddon ; 
reafum; Iseddon. 21. weig-fere«dene; aieKandres, 22. 
hilceddon; [ja; heafod- pan nena stow. 23, sealdon; ge- 
biterod. 24. ahengon; dieldon; lota wurpon. 26. gylt- 
es; cyng, 37. swiSran; wynstran. 29. -stopuffl; heora; 
cweht«n; owseSon; to-wyrp8 ; dagum; getimbred. 31. 
betwux; boeeruwi cwendon, oSre; hale; mteg; ge-don. 

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J aeftef 5Son bismei-edon liini gehreafiiilon hine Sffis fellereades 1 gogearwadon hino miS gewoodum 
20 *Et postqimm inluscrunt ei exiierimt ilium purpura et induei-unt eum uestimentia " ^"^^ "'■ 

his 3 Sona pelaiddon Iiuie -lite Ilia ge-lieiigon -I" raajliton alioa iiine J geneddon bi-geongelide 4' 

STiis *Et educuiit ilium nt cruciHgereut eum. 21 et angamueruiit praeter- •209,i. 

bi-ferende sumne simon cyreiiesce cmamcndc of loud faeder 1 -pte gc-tiome ""' '''''''"""■ 

euiitem quem-piam simoiie™ cyreoeura uenientem cle uilla patrem. alexandri et rufi ut tollciet 

liis his 5 Serh-ltedon hine on sfowe -f is getrahted heafud-poiines 

cruccm eius. 22 *Et perducuiit ilium iu golgotha locum quod est iiiterpretatum calnariae *2io. i. 

: ahengon ""'■ ='^='''=^"' 

24 +Et crucifigentes • sHj.iiii- 

hine to-daildon wocdo his sendon hlott on 3a;m. huces oht 4" huodliuoge geiiorao visin 'f ''■ ■ : 

eum diuisemnt uestimenta eiua mittentes sortem super cis quls quid toUeret. 25 *Erat i"." cci*'' 

■vmtedlice tTd Sivdda 3 ahengon hine J weds titul i tiicon i merca intinges hia on awritten " 313. x, 

autem liora tertia et crucifixeruiit eum. 26 *Et erat titulus causae eius inacribtus ' 214, i. 

] sella s him drinca 

Eecced-win Z n 

,e onfeng 

*Et dabant ei bibere ir 

mrramm uinum et m 

m accepit. 

5 mis hino ahoas 4- ahengon tuoge morsfieaSo an to switoum 3 oSerne 

27 *Et cum eo crucifigunt duo latrones unum S doxtris et aliuia a*_2i' 

1 gefylled wiES Sio gewrit Sio cuoeSes 3 miS uiirelit-u 

28 *Et adimpleta est scribtura quae dicit et cum 

lO, CtCVUKi}. 

gefaled WEes J Sa bi-fterendum geeholsadon i ebolsande hine ccerrende heofda hiora 3 cuoeSende 

reputatua est. 29 *Et praeter-euntea blasphemabant eum- mouentes capita sua et dicentes ° 217. ui. 

W8e seSe toslittea Siet tempcl J on Sriim daguni getimbras hal doa Sell seolfne 

ua qui destruit templum et in tribws diebws sedificat. SO saluum fac temct ipsum 

wuiSuuiMm cuoedon o^ero hale dyde hine seolfne ne jnsege hal doa 

scribis dicebant alioa saluos fecit seipsum non potest saluum facore. 

20 5 Eeficr fcon 1 israendiin hmi finoirdun hme Sses felle reader 3 giw(i*;adun bine miS giwcduni his 3 
5a gdieddun hme -fte hia ihenquii hme 21 3 gmeddoii higongende ■! hilserende sumne simon cvimesene 

cymende of londe fadoi 3 ■)>te gLaomp lode lu-i 23 3 6eih Iceddun hine «towo ^ i" gitrahtad 

heofudponna stow 23 3 saldun him diiiici eced 3 winn 3 ne onfeng 24 3 ahengon hme todseldun gmedo 
hii sendun hlett ofei him hwaaa oht genome 2o WEes wutudhce tid Suda 3 a-hengun hine 36 webs 

wuludlice tacun mtinga his on awiiten ejnig ludea 27 3 miS hine aUengun twoege slboSo enne to 6:ei swiSra 

3 o^eme to SSser wvtistra 28 3 gihlied wffl? StPt giwiitt wSe eweSes 3 miS unrehtivisum gitdM w^s 

29 3 bilteiendum gieofulsadun hine cerrende heofud hion 3 cweBende wjb seSe losLtes Sset ttinpel 1 on Sum 
dagum gitirahros 10 halne doa 5ec soiln© adune ettgende of lode 31 gi lice 3 hehaaceidas tUu dt 3 

hiamerende Inm bitwih miS uSMUtum owedun oSie hilne dyde hme =olfne ne mtege halne doa 

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S2 Crist israhela cyniiig astige nu of rode 
■p we ge-seon 1 ge-Iyfon ; Aiicl pa. ^e him mid 
hangodoii WEeron him inid geiiutidene; 

33 And psere syxtaii tide wurdo[n] [jystru 
gewordene geoiid palle eor^an. oS non-tide 

34 7 to non-tide se h^elend clypode myc- 
elre stemne. heloi. heloi. lema sabbattani. 
■p is on ure ge^eode niin god min god. liwi 
for-Icte J;u me ; 

35 7 sume j^e Sar abuton stodon 1 [^is 
gehyrdon hi cwaedon. nu J;es clypaS helia/w. 

36 p3. arn hyra an 1 fylde ane sjjiiigan 
mid ecede. 1 on hrcod sette 1 him drincan 
sealde. 7cw^S; L^ta^ -f we ge-seon hwasS- 
er helias cume hine nyjjer to settaime ; 

37 Se htelend pa aseude his stefne 1 (or'S- 

38 1 f?£es temples wah-rift w^es tosliten 
on twa of ufewerdujw o'S neo|'ewerd; 

39 pa se hundred-man pe 'Set stod agen 
gescali -f seh^lend swa clypiende forS-ferde. 
he cw. soSlice pes man wfes godes sunu; 

40 And [Ja wif wa^ron feorran be-hea]d- 
ende. "} betwux pa.m wfes seo magdale- 
nisce maria. i mai-ia iacobes modor. 1 sa- 
lomese ; 

41 1 |!a he wfes on galilea hi fylidon him. 
7 hi!« J^enedon 7 manega oSre pe him mid 
ferdon on hierusaleJW ; 

42 And ]ja sefen wtes gewordcn -p \va;s 
paraseeue. -f is Sr sfeter-dtege 

Varioiis Readings. 
33. A.liangedon. 33. A.Oii[^rAQd]. A.B.C.wurdon; 
the Corpus MS. has wiivdo. A, fijstnj. A. eoiid. 34. A. 
B. stefne. A. zabdani. ^i ys ge-Jieod. A. hwig, 35. A. 
on-butan; C. abutan. A.B.C.hig. 36.A.heora. A.asette. 
A. elias. 38. A. ufewearduM. A. neoSewearduw. 39. A. 
OTi-gean stod. A. lilypigcnde. 40, A. be-tweos hjm. A. 
iacobea moder [iies gingran. 5 iosepes moder. "i salomtte. 
41. A.Siig. A.filiL;dou; B. C. fyligdon. B. ienisalem. 

32 Crist israele kyng astig nu of rode -p 
we ge-seon 7 ge-Iefen. And |ja j^e mid him 

ahangeden wasren him mid ge-bundeue. 

33 And p&re syxte tide wurSe )?eostre ge- 
wordene geoiid ealle eorSan. od'Se non-tide. 

34 And to non-tide se hselend elepede 
myeele stefne heloy heloy lama sabathani. 
■p is on ure ge-J^eode. min god min god. 
hwi for-lfedst J;u me. 

35 7 sume |;e j^aer abuton stoden 7 [jis ge- 
hyrdon hyo cwaa^cn. nu )>es clyped heliam. 

36 pa, arn hyre an. 7 fylde ane spunge 
mid eisile. 7 on reod sette 7 him drincen 
sealde. 7 cwseS. IteteS j5 we ge-seon hwsE^- 
er helias cume hine ni^er to settewne. 

37 Se hjelend |;a asende his stefne 7 for^- 

38 ^nd l^as temples wah-irift wfes to- 
sliten on twa of nfewearden odSe ni^eweard. 

39 Da J^as hnndiedes man pe )j£er stod 
agen ge-seah f se hselend swa clepiende 
for^-ferde. he cwseS. SoSlice j^es man woes 
godes sune. 

40 And fa wif w^ren feorren be-heald- 
cnde. 7 betwux pava wies sie magdalenisce- 
Marie. 7 Marie iacobes mo'Ser 7 salomee. 

41 7 fa he wses on galilee hy felgden hym. 
7 him fenoden 7 manege oSre pe him mide 
ferden on ierusalem. 

43 jEnd Jja sefen wtes ge-worden -p w«s 
paraseeue. -p is £er s^terdaigc 

Vai-iovs Readings. 
32. oyning astige; ge-lefon; ahaniiodoo wteron. 3 
gewordene; o6Se. 34. clypede; om. is; forJfetst. 3 
stodon; cwieSon; clepeS. 36. hyora ; fulde; eccedi 
drincan; laataB ; hweSerj aettoune. 37. halend. 38. : 
wahiift; to-sliton; ufewerdum ofeSe. 39. halend; clepi- 
gende ; sunu. 40, waron feorran; seo madalenisca maria 
maria; moder. 41, galLleam liyo fylgdon ; |;e;iodon 
manega. 42. And; afeii. 

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ciist eymg uroAela adune stij,e8 nu of rode jrte e „P6ee 3 -pte we ^ele(e ■> "^ab c] ra 8 ii i < 
32 cArisiOT ie\ isnliel descendit nunc dc cmce ut uidi-imus et ciedimuo *Lt qui cura e 

alioen weion J heaim cuotlon him 3 n S6j t vaiiS tid fcio se sta S ostro iwo dne ueion Se h ill 

ciucitiseiint conuiciibintui ei 33 *E.t fitta hoia sexti tenebiie hcte sunt | ei totui 

■t IS geualitej god rail f;od ma ^te^-to huon foHeo tea is 

heloi licl I 1 mi siVactlni i quod ust inteipiaetatum dews nieus deus mens ut quid duidiciuisti 

mill 1 urae f Ssem ymstondendu « geleidon cuoedon heuno h«! aa cei^es gehorn 

me o et qmdim de circumstantibiis aulientes dictbdiit ecte hdi m ui)t,it 36 *Cuiicn8*2 2 

Sonne ai 3 gafvlde copp miB teceed jmb&ette 3 to i ode f dr iica salde hiin (uobK 

iwtem unus (,t implcni spongiam aceto cucum ponensjue cihmo pjtum dibat ti dicen^ 

bidas f we gesege g f cjmeS Lei is to u liettanne -1- to doanne ot h ne e htelpni/ Sonne miSSy ^esende 

simte mdeamua si uemit hehas ad daponendum eum 37 *I€sms lutem cmisua ' 2'>3 

lu cc 
Steftie raiela of gaat agtef i asuelte 3 waghrwgl temples to reded wjes in tun fron ufaweird wi« toni c< 

uoce magna expniuit 3b *Et nelum templi iciasum est in duD a suisum iisq«e'2 4 

nioSuord „esEoh ioi ne aeillomin e'ne f re or^ae„n isfol -[ito sia cl oppende gesuelte 

dcoisum 3J *Uidens lutcm ceutuiio qui ex idneiso stabat qiu\ s l. Jimina expirasset ■ 225 

hic fibus del crat 

woeron uate il ce xc Si w (o fei la beheallon 

> *Ei\nt autem et mubeie* d longc aspicientes' 

bituih Sectn tec maua maghlen/sce 3 Bfes itcjbca leisse 3 inodei 3 

intei qiias et maiii magdalenae et miiia lacobi minorib et looepli mitn et "^ilomne 

3 n K Bv wses in gali?ea fjl^doi Inm 3 ge embtl tad n ini 3 cNeio niemgo S Ke 

41 et cum easet in gabla«i seqwebintui eim et mimatiibiit ei et \hw miltae qme 

■±3 *Et cum i^m '•eio ■ 

iwordo fo feon 
factum q in • 

WBea-t'-pte wsere j^ is tore sunnamlip^ 

eiat parasceue quod e8t ante sabbatum. 

3 tjg lid t{,B fl^t g 3lf S6 Bl 1 

h m-ew I hm 333gwStdS taSt d wnShU S S tdn 34 3 

ntd glpadSltelitf 1 wSd Sffit tltd^d gd -ft^t 

Iw Ti8fl[]t 35 3 fSffijltldnld wd h h\ cej^ 36 g 

ff t dl : gtjH pp niS -e d imb tt 3 t od g d Id 1 m S d 1 dl -ft g gf 

jm h 1 t t -It d h 37 « hel ti tudl d t f m 1 f g t gief 

38 3 w g 1 Eel t mpl to ddwce t fnfwdmwSt S d 9gmlBn 8 

Id S f wg t d e-ett 1 p d g It feB 81 EQ n 8 d a? 

40 w w t 11 te 3 6 wf f n- bh H btwh Be ^ 3 3 S£e Ite 3 m 1 3 

41 3 m SB) WEE g 1 Ite fjl d h m 3 S g d I : B m B S 6 m B 1 t gu 1 
1 m 42 3 BS) f ^te g w d f S n wee fte f un dag 

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43 ba com iosep se aj^ela gerefa of aba- 
rimathia. se sylfa godes rices geaiibidode. 
^ he dyrstigliee into pilate eode. "i bted |;a;s 
hailendes lic-haman ; 

44 Da wuiidrode pilatus gif he pa gyt 
forS-ferde ; fa clypode he jJEene hundred- 
man 1 Line ahsode hwa^^er he dead w;ere ; 

45 Ba he wistc -p. pa agef he J:oiic lio- 
haman iosepe ; 

46 pa bohte iosep ane seytaii. "i hine 
jjar-on befeoid, 3 on byrgene Icde. seo wses 
of stane aheawen. "i wyJte anne stan to 
'Sseve byrgenne dura ; 

i 47 T^a com maria magdalene 1 iosepes 

led w^re 

maria. 1 be-heoldian hwar he £ 


1 ^ Sa sseternes dasg w^s agan. seo mag- 
dalenisce maria 1 iacobea maria "i salomese 
bohton wyrt-geinaiig -f hi comon "i hine 
smyredon ; 

2 i\iid swy'Se ter anuin reste-dajge comon 
to pEere byrgene. up-aspruiigenre sunnan. 

3 !1 cwsedon him betwynan ; Hwa awylt 
us Sysne stan of faere byrgene dura ; 

4 pa hi hi besawon. hi gesawon fasne 
etan aweg awyltne. soSlice he wses swy'Se 
my eel ; 

5 And J7a hi eodon on pa. byrgene hi 
gesawon anne geongne on pa swySran healfe 
sittende hwituwi gegyrlan ofer-wrohiie; 7 hi 
pa forhtodon; 

44. A. fione. 
byrgenne. A. 

43. A, B, C, arimathia. A. B. C. dyrsteli 
A. acsode. 45. C. )iaine. 46. A. ]iiei'-on. 
wjlede senne. A. byrgono. 47. A. aled. 

Cap. xvi. 1. A. hig. 3. B. reste-daga. A. byrigenne. 3 
A. awyleS. A. byrgenne. 4. A. hig big. A. B. C. hig. A. 
Jjone. A. awyledne; C. awylt. 5. A. hig. A. byrgenne. 
A. big. A, Eenne. A. niyd hwytum ge-gytkuofer-wrogonne. 
3 big foi-htedon. 

43 pa com iosep se eeSele refe of arimathia 
se sylfe godes rice ge-an-bidode. 7 he dyrsti- 
liee in to pilate eode 1 b^d fas haalendes 

44 pa wundrcde pilattis gyf he pa gyt 
for^-ferde. Da clypede he Jeanne hundredes 
man. "i hine axode hwteSer he dead WEere. 

45 Da he wiste jJ. fa agyf he fane lic- 
hame iosepe, 

46 Da bohte iosep ane scytan 1 hine fasr- 
on be-feold tl on byrigennc Icigdc syo wies 
of stane aheawan. 7 wyltel ienne stan to 
fare berienne dure. 

47 l^A com Marie magdalene 7 Iosepes 
J Marie. 7 be-heolden hwEer he ge- 

leigd wffire. 

1. 7 fa saternes daig webs agan sye mag- 
dalenisce Marie 7 lacobes Marie 7 salomec 
bohten wert-ge-mang 'f hyo comen 7 hine 

2 jEnd swiSe Ecr anen reste-daige comen 
to fare byregenne up asprungenne sunna. 

3 7 cwEB^en heow be-tweonen. hwa awylt 
us fysne stan of fare byregene dure. 

4 fa hyo hy be-seagen, hyo ge-seagen 
fane stan aweig aweldne. so^lice he wfes 
swiSe mycel. 

5 jEnd fa hyo eoden on fa byregenne hyo 
ge-seagen *nne geongne on fam swi^ren 
healfe sittende hwiten gerlen ofer-wrogene. 
7 hyo fa forhteden. 

43. ioseph; roafa; sylfa; dyrstilice; haiendes lichaman. 
44. wundrode ; Sone bundred-maii ; bweSer. 45. )ione 
lichama Iosepe. 4e. loseph ; Jiar-on ; legde seo ; ahewan ; 
[wyltel also in MS. R.] anne; byrigenno. 47. maria 
(ticice); beheoldon; ge-legd ware. 

Cap. XVI. 1, aeo; maria (Iwiee); comon; sinyredon, 

2. And; on anumreste-dagon comon; byrigenne; aunnati. 

3. cwieSon; betwenan ; byrigenne. 4. be-saweii ; ge-saweti 
]>onne. 5. hy; byiigenue; ge-sawon; pn swiSSran halfe'; 
hwitum geoilum ofer-wtohne; hy ; forhtodon. 

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cuom from ariraat/ua wel-boren of seSo ecc he wiC3 biilend vie godes 1 

43 ueiiit loseph ab arimathia nobilis (.Iccurio qui et ipse erat expectans regnum dei et 

bal-lice jnn-eode to 3 giuede lichoma hfelendes 

audacter introiit ad pilatum et petit corpus iesu 

SoiiJie gewundrade gif 
44 pilatiis 'luteni mirabitur ei 

au n n 

sindonem e d p n 

of cail'e-tsta 
de petra 

5 behealdoii huSr w( 

et maria ioscph aspiciebaut ubi ponerctur. 

11 n m 

] miS-Sy geeode f sunnedaeg S5io ma.gdalene 3 1 bohtoii 

1 *Et cum ti'ansisset sabbatum maria magdalene et maria iacobi et salomae emernnt 

Ee6ela wyrta fte miSSy gecuomo ^^ eymmende gesmivedon liin 
avomata ut ueoieiites uiigerent eui 

■ XLVI. 

ueniunt ad monument urn orto iam sole. 

Z euoedoii him bituih hua eft-Vawteltes us 
I et dicebaut adinuicem quis reuoluit nobia 

«oae Stan from duro SiBS TiyrgPTmes 
lapidem ab ostio moimmenti. 

Z eft-loeadon gesegon efet-awaelted Sone stan webs forSoii 
4 et respicientea uideut reuolutum lapidem erat quippe 

mieel suiSe 1 imi-eodon in bjrgen gesegon ging 

raagnus ualde. 5 ct inti'oeuntes in raonumento uideruiit 

Ufa ymbgearuad stol huit 3 fore-Htylton 

coopertum stola Candida et ob-stupuerunt. 

Ao com tioii nelboiea foiSon 3 he wees Udlcnk i cc godcs 3 bilhce ii Kok to p\lito 3 bad hehonn 
Stea h^/endes 44 feonne giwundradc ^if be g lioide 3 mi« gi fotad wsea 5e ceitunon gifitegn hine gif 

S)S deod were V se 45 3 m SSy ongset troii Stera allre aseldo ^onno lichoma 46 wutudijcf broht 

In 3 ofdjde hue biwand in 1 no 3 aptte bine in bjigenne S-et wtes giheoneii of atane 3 iiiEelte Sone atan lo 
Seer duia S'bi b)igeine 4 Sione go mtegaalenesca 3 losepbes biheoldun hner weie giseted 

Cap WI 1 3 in BSj gieode aunna dteff gio ma^iSilenesoa 3 3 bohtui seSele ujite ^le crnic 

1" cjmende gism redun bine 2 3 swiBo aihce an Sara dagona comun to 6ier bjrgenne webs ai send '.unne 

3 3 cweduu him b twib hwa awTlta U3 "s ne stin from dura bjigenne 4 n eft loccaJun giaegun eft iwxlted 
Bone atnn iitea forSon micel aw J^t o 7 inc iui in b^r|.enne p, ^^gu'i i,inLnB e^ne tttculu m aw6ru'! 

ufa , stole hwitum 3 for styltun 


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6 Da cwteS he to him n? forhtigc ge na. 
go seca'S jpjene nazareniscan hteleiid ahan- 
geiiiie; He aras nis he her ; her is seo stow 
pier hi hine ledoti. 

7 ac faraS 7 seegaS his leorning-cnihtum. 
"i petre f he gss'S toforan cow on galileara. 
|iar ge hine geseoS swa he cow s^de; 

8 And hi ut eodon. 1 flugon fra?« fifere 
byrgene. T WEeron afferedc for psere gesyhSe 
fe hi gesawon. 1 hig nanon men naht ne 
sjcdon. so^lice hi hi7« adi-edon ; 

9 l^a he aras on feme morgen on reste- 
j dsege. Eeryst he set-ywde |j£ere mag- 

dalfiiiscan marian. of Ssere he ut adraf seofon 

10 :i heo l^a ut eode "} hit pa.m cydde Jre 
mid him wteron heofenduwi "i wependum 

11 [ja hi gehyrdon -p he leofode 1 hi hine 
gesawon. pa, ne ge-lyfdon hi him. 

12 M£ter pa,m him twam he waas set -y wed 
on o'Srnw* hiwe. him on fone tun farendum 

13 3 hi Jia foron "i -p oSrmw cyddon. ") hi 
him ne gelyfdon ; 

14 Da £et nehstan he aety wde hiw« twelfum 
fiar hi £et-gffidere seeton. "} tselde hyra unge- 
leaiFulnesse- 1 hyra heortan heardnesse, 
for'6a7w pe hi ne ge-Iyfdon pam 'Se hine gesa- 
won of deajje arisan. 

13 1 he SEede hiffi, Fara^ into eahie 
middan-eard ] bodia'S god-spell, calre ge- 

Various Eeadings. 

6. A. [jone. A. hig. 8, A. lug. A. byrgenne. B. C. sihSe, A, 
hig. A_, iianuM. A. B. C. hig. A. ondredon. 9. A. mergen. 
A. ffireat. B. C. deoM-seooneaaa. 10. A. heoiigendunj. 
1 1, A. hig {IhHce.) 13. A. hig (twice). 14. A. heora [for 
him]. A. C. hig. A, heora ungeleaffulnysse. A. heora. A, 
C. heardnysse. A. C. hig. A. hig ne [for hine, bi/ mistake]. 
15. A. eallne. C. middan-geavd. C. godspel. 

[N.B. From o. 14 to end in a different hand in B., being 
emdmtly transcribed/ram the Corpus MS,] 

6 pa cw he to heom ne fortige ge na. 
ge seceS pane nazarenisca hselend ahangene. 
he aras. nis he her. her is syo stowe jj^er 
hy hine leigdeii, 

7 ae fareS ] seggeS his leorning-cnihten. 
1 petre. -f he geed to-foren eow on galilee. 
Pjer ge hine ge-seoS swa he eow sasde, 

8. 1 hyo nt eoden ] flugcn fram J7are 
byrigene. 7 wairen aferde. for J^are sihSe 
fe hyo ge-seage«. 1 hyo nane men naht ne 
saigden. so'Slice hyo heom an-dredden. 

9 I^A he aras on eerne morgen on rcste- 
fT daige; «rest he atewde pare mag- 

dalenisca marie of jjarc fje he ut adraf seofen 

10 1 hy |?a ut eode 1 hit |?am cydde pQ 
mid him wa;rcn heofende 7 weopende. 

11 fa hyo ge-hyrden -^ he leofede 1 hyo 
hine ge-seagen, jja ne lyfden hyo him. 

12 iEfter pa.m heom twam he webs atewed 
on oSren heowe. heom on J^ane tun farende. 

13 "i hyo pa foran. "] -f odren cydden. 1 
hyc heow ne ge-lyfden. 

14 Da ait lian ytemesten hyo tend-Iefene 
£et mete sasten. heo)» atewede se hslend 1 
here unbelefen J heora heorten ge-tremede. 
for-]^an -f hye hine ge-seagen arise hi hit ne 

15 1 he saide heom, GaS swa wid swa 
midden-eard bodiende -f godspel ealle ge- 

Various Readings. 
6. forhtige; secaS Jitene; halend ahangenne; se stow; 
hjo; legdon. 7. faraS; -cnihtum; gseS ; galileam. a. 
End hi; byrigenne; wasron; ge-sawen ; sagden; eom a- 
dreddoa. 9. -dsege; tetewede; madelenisoe marian; seoftin 
deofolseocnyse. 10, heo ; wseron heofendum 3 wependvm. 
il. ge-hjrdon; leofode; ge-sagen; lyfdon 'hy. 12. oSrum ; 
|jone ; fereuduni, 13. odi-QOT ; hy ; hym {altered to he); ge- 
lifdon. 14. [N.B. From }ian ytemesten in v. 14 to the end 
is omitted in MS, R. as at flrst written; but supplied^by 
the scribe of the Hatton MS. with the same spelling, except 
as noted ^ ateowede ; helend. 

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aeSe cuoeS Bsom ne wfellas gefrohtisa 8one heilend gie soeces nazarenaaca ahoen + ahongene arSs 
6 *Qui dicit illis nolite expauescere iesum quaeritis nazarenum cruciiixnm surrexit " 332. ii. 

ne is hir heono stouc iex gesetton hine sittas euoieSaS Kegnum his 3 petro -jste 

noil est liic ecce locus ubi posuerunt eum, 7 sedite dicite diacipnlia eius et petro quia 

togeaegnes fteres inh on geleomise ier hine gie geaeas sua cuoeS iiih aoS «a ileo JSona foetdo 

praecedit uos in galilaeam ibi eum nidcbitis sicut dixit uobis. 8 *At illae exeuntes ju^^e^xxuii 

int. GCCliiii. 
fiugon of Stem byrgen forcuoia forSon liia ondo i 7 fyrhto i J ne lonigum menn geouoedoQ 
fugerunt de monumento inuaserat enim eas tremor et pauor et iiemini quicq^nara dixerunt 

ondreardon ior^on afas uutedlice arlice t on morgen Sio forrma daege.i.aunnadoeg aedeawde lerost 

timebant enim. ' 9 Surgens autem mane prima sabbati apparuit primo 

Sser magiSaleneaca of Sser gewacp seofa diowles liio eade geseegde Bfem iSalSe 

mariae magdalene de q^ua eiecerat septem demonia. 10 ilia uadens nuntiauit hia qui 

mis hine woeton maenendum 3 wopendum 3 BamiBSy geherdon ^te gelifde : gesene wsere 

cum eo fuerant lugcntibws et flentibus. 11 et illi audientea quia uiueret et uisus esset 

from hia ne gelefdon fefter ^as Bonne tuiem from him gcongendum sedeawd wws 

ab ea non crediderunt, 12 *post haec autem duobwa ex eis ambulantibMs ostcnsus est [" 334. »iii. 

on oBero gelienise fserende on loud 
in alia effigiae euntibua in uillam. 

gelefdon set nesta-Hsotmeat hlinigendusi^rfestendum B»m tuoelfam seteaude 7 for-cuom-l'for-draf 

credidemnt. 14 *nouissime recumbentibtis illis undecim apparuit et exprobrauit ['235, x.j 

ungeleafftilriise hiora 3 stiSnise heartes liiora fwBon Sjcm BaBe gesegon hine arisse •}" aras ne 
incredulitatem eorum et duritiam cordis illorum quia his qui uiderant eum reaurrexiase non 

: cuoe* him gaas on middangearrf aline bodigas ^ godspell 

15 et dixit eis euntes in mundum uniuersum prtedicate euangelium 

t ac^e cnip's «ffini ne \ alias ge f rhlig'i S iie I ■ale/id ^ ^occt" mziici ca Be ahoen ii'ea he aras 
ne 18 hit hennu stowe Ber gi aetlun lime 7 s ttas 3 cwe*>es Begnum his 3 Biette tugasgnos f'eies uw in 

«er ge hne giseaB swa cwseS low 8 boS «a ileu Bona flugun i foprdnn f o i bjrgcnne foi-comun 

forSon otidu 3 ftihto 3 egsa 3 ne seagum me in gicwedun ondieoidun forSon Q aia'* wutudlipe Be hteiend 
irlioe Sj foima d^ge -p is aunnadseg seteo^de teiist 6-«i magBalemsca of *>£e). gi«aip lofu d owlo 10 

Ino eode giafogde «6em Be miB hine weiun msenende 1 woepende II 1 Ba miS B) giheidun Beet he hide 3 
giiene were from Vn ne gi lefdun 12 EBfter Bissuni Bonne twiEin from him gougendim tet eoivel wees m 

oBre gelicnisse fteiende on londe 13 3 Ba foerdun steglun Swm oBrura ne 8£em giledin 14 tet neata 

4 Ireteincst hlionigenrlum B'em tnelfint Ee(-eowde 3 loicom 1 fid f nngileoffuhi sae hi on. 3 sti'si is e I eorta 
forBon Sieni BaSe gisegun hne airia ^ aias ni, r. leflmi 13 3 cwkS h m gas on middengeoil alne bodgoB 

podspel flee gescajfte 

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16 Se ^e gelyfB 1 gefullod bi^ sc Up 
hal ; Sojjlice se ^e ne gelyfS. sc biS gcny- 
Serod ; 

17 pas tacnu fyliaS pam ^e g-e-lyfaS. on 
minoii naman hi deofol-seocnessa ut-drifaS ; 
hi sprecalj niwum tungum. 

18 n^ddran hi afyrraS "i him ne dera'S 
Jpeah hi hwjet dead-bferlices drincan ; Ofer 
seoce hi hyra handa settaS ? hi beoS hale ; 

19 And witudlice drihten haelend sySSan 
he to him spr^c. he ivses on heofonuff? 
afangen. ] he sitton godes swi^ran healfe; 

30 Soflice hi Sa farende jeghwar bode- 
don. drihtne mid-wyrcendum 1 trymmendre 
spraece sefter-fyligendum tacnum. 

Various Headings. 

16. A, byS ge.fullod, C. gemjierud J7 A mynum. A. 
C. liig. A. deofol'Seocnyssa. A C hig. B sprreca)). 18. 
C. needran. A. hig (four times), C hig (fttiee) B. dteraS. 
A. drincon. A. heoi'a. 19. A.wjtodliee A heofenum. 
A. syt; C. sit. 20. A. hig. A. bodedun A frefrymmendre; 
0. trymmende, B. istler-fyligendend (sii) [See note to v. 
lion p. 132.] 

16 y se fe ge-lyfd 1 is ge-funted he is 
hal. 1 ge se fe ne ge-lyfd he is for- 

17 pa taciien J^e hsebbed ]>a pe ge-lyfeS 
J7is folgeS. On mine name deofle gad ut. 
tungeii spreeed neowe. 

18 tl naddren be-nemed. 1 gyf he dead- 
liee drenc drinced ne mag he heom derigen. 
1 gyf hye uppen seocen here hande asette^ 
pe bet heoJH seel wur^e. 

19. "i ure blafovd heelend crist se^Sen be 
wiS heom ge-sprecen hsefde; he astah in to 
heofcne "} sitt on godes swiSre. 

20 Hyo pa, fulfelde bodeden swa wJd swa 
al. fas hlafordes weorces 7 bis bispelles ful- 
fellende mid felgenden tacnen. AMen. 

18. derien, 20. fulfeld, 

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seSe gelefes 3 gefulmd biS 1 sie hal biS beSe \mted!ice ne gplefeS gehened liiS -1 

16 qui cieiliileiit et baLtizatus tueiit saluus eiit qui ueio non ciediduit comlem- 

geniSrad biS gemercT Sonne i>% 8a^p gelefdon -V gelpfaS Sa gefjlKeS hi'j on norm miimnj dionlas 

nabitur. 17 sigua auteni eo? qui cicdideiiiit liaec sequentui m nomine meo demonia 

worpas mi2 ipiecum hia spiec'is niuum neriro hia iiiomas 7 git deadlic hniet gediineas 

eicient Imguig loqiientui noui^ IS seipentes toUent et ■n moititeium quid bibermt 

ne hia-Hiim aceSSaB oftr untijmigUOT honda onsottaS 3 wel hia haliLafr 1 him hiS aool 3 se drihten 

non eoa nocebit supei aegiotos manus mponent et bene liabcbunt 19 et dominus 

tec^'soSlice tefter Bon sprecend Webb him genuman wees -h onfengc wtes in heofnum J ge'iEedt to swiSrum godes 
quideia po'^tijuam locutus est eis adsumtus C'-t in cplum et sedit ^ dextiia dei. 

Sa ilco Sonne fseiende tfnerdon bodidon eehuEer diihlne raiS-njn ende 1 ^ woid trjniendi! 

20 ilU autem piofccti piaedicaueiunt ubiqM dcwmo coopeiante ot aermonem confiimante 

mia fylgendum hecenum -i" tacenuw, 

asEegd ia hoc marcns. 


16. aeSc _^ilefa8 1 gifulwad bi« hal biS seSe wutudlt'ce ne gi-lefe« gihened hiS 17. gimerco Sonne 5a 

seSe gilefaS Sas gifylgeS hiaa on noma minuni diowlas worpas miS apreciuu hi^ spteocaS niowe 18. nedre 

hisE niomaa 1 gif deodlic hwcet hwset gidrincas na hise aceSSas ofer un-trymigum honda on-settaS 1 wel hia 
hahbent (Sic) 19. ] diihien soSlice Eeftotr] Bon apvecende w*s him ginnmen wsei on heofnum siteS to 

Sear swiSra godea 20. Sa iko Sonne fsrendo bodadiin eg-hwer dnhtene miS-wyrcende ? word ti'yraende miS 

fylgendum becnum 


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The following ia a list of all ths readings of the Latin teatl in the Buahwortli MS, ickicft differ fra. 
the Lindisfame MS. at printed in this volume. 

Cap. I. 1. filii. 4. iohaunis; baJutizans; bab- 
tisnium; remisionem. 5. iudeae; hierueolimitEe ; 
babtizabantur ; iordanis. 6. iohannis; pylis ca- 
raelli; locustaa; sedebat 8. babtizaui; babtiza- 
bit; Er. mserts in after 2nd uos, 9. galileae; 
babtizatua. 11. coiiplacui. 12. expulit {u oiier 
an erasure). 13. temptabatur; bestis; ei \_for 
illi]. 14. iohanuiis; gaJileam. 15. adpropin- 
qiiauit, 16. galileae; mittens (altered to mitten- 
tens). 18. secute. 19. pussillum; zebedei; 
iohannem; conponentes retia sua. 20. eos; ze- 
bedeo; mercinans. 21. ingredietur; capbarnau- 
um ; in sinagogara. 22. doctrinam. 23. sina- 
goga. 25. obmutuesce; exii; after bomine R. 
inserts Bpiritus inmunde, with the gloss gast un- 
cliene. 26. discerpiens. 27. After noua R. 
inserts est, glossed is; 28. uniuersam; galileae. 
29. sinagoga; symonis; iacob. 30. symonia. 
31. leuauit; ad-pr^chensa [for et praehensa] ; 
minisbat. 32. adferebant; dtemonia. 34. uaris 
langoribus; d^monia; ea loqui. 35. E. inserts 
et afier surgens. 36. symon; eo. 38. After 
illis R. inserts issus, glossed se hsehnd ; ad hoc [for 
etboc]. 39. sinagogis; galilea. 40. fiexu. 41. 
misertuiS. 43, conuninatus est ei statira et. 44. 
moyaes. 45. At [/or Et]; csepit; defamare. 

Cap. II. 1. caphamauum ; domu, 4. cum 
[for 1st eum]; offere; submisiemnt; grabattum. 
5. filii. 7. blasfemat. 8. intra. 9. dimit- 
tuntur; peccata-tua; gvabbatuni. 11. surge et 
toUe grabattum. 12. et sublato grabatto; mi- 
rarentur. 13. rursus {altered to rursura) ad mare. 
15. puplicani. 16. puplicania. 17. medico. 18. 
iohannis [for iobannes]; cur [for quare]. 19. 
nuptiamm, 20. in illis diebws. 21, nemo enim 
ad-sumentum ; adsuib, 22. effundetur; after debet 

R. adds et utraqu« seruantur (unglossed). 23. 
ambularet iesus. 25. esurit. 26. in domum; 
abitbar; licebat; nisi soils sacerdotibus. 

Cap. III. 1. introiuit; in synagogam. 2. 
acGussarent eum. 6. om.. statim. 7- galilea et 
de iudea. 8. et ab bierusolimis; idumea. 
ut in; conpraemerent. 11. inmnndos; precede- 
bant. 12. comminabatur ; eum [for iUum]. 
14. OTn. euangelium. 16. inpossuit; petrum. 
17. zebedei; inpossuifc; nomina boar-nergis; thon- 
itrui. 18. philippum ; bartholomeum et ma- 
theum; tbaddaeum; symonem cannaneum, 19, 
scharioth qui tradidit. 20. possint. 22. hiru- 
solimis discenderant ; beleebub ; daemonioiuni 
eiecii. 23. parabulis; eis \Jvr Ulis]; eiecere. 
24. poterit [/or potest] ; illud. 26. disperditus; 
potest [for poterit], 27. uassa; ingresus; alli- 
gauerit fortem, 28. quoniam. 30. dieiebant. 
31. uocantes ad eum. 32. om, tui. 

Cap. IV. 1. docere et mare, 2. eos [for 
illos]; parabulis. 4. decidlt [/or cecidit]. 5. ci- 
cidit; om. multam. 6. et ex eo. 7. spinas. 10. 
hij ; parabuias. 11. nosse mysterium; om. dei; 
parabulis. 13. parabulam; parabuias. 15. hii; 
audierint. 16. hii; supra. 18. bii. 19. e- 
rumpnae; diuiarum; eficiuntur. 20. hii; supra; 
seminati sunt hii sunt qui. 21, supra candala^ 
brum, 24. remitietur; uos [for 2nd nobis]. 
26. Quem-admodnm ; iactef [for iaceat]. 28. 
spicam [for spinam]. 30. parabulae conparabi- 
mus. 31, sic est ut [for sicut]; terram mini- 
mum [for terra minus], 32, om. fuerit. 33. 
parabulis; poterent. 34. parabula. So. in ilia. 
36, om. eum; erat'. 37. naue mitta (sic) ; inple- 
retuf. 39. obmutesce; tranquilitas. 

Cap. V. 4, cumpedibus; catinas et conpedea 

' Ghssed hiie werun, which is i:learl>/ copied from the Liniljsfanie MS, 

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t umm iise( 5 om Pt attt'r prat 7 dixit; 
hill 8 exu sptniua 9 dicebat 12. di- 
piaecibantur 13 man [ /or 2W mare]. 14, 
egresi IB upnenmt sanae 16 et [far 
ei] IS aacpuiere* in nauem quia 19. ad- 
nuntia 20 decapuh 22 aichi synagogls; 
procedit 23 om eum 24 om eum; con- 
] isemebant 2j pufuio 26 perpps. a a con- 
plunmi'. quiquam proficeiat om magis. 28. 
'-aJaauprj 31 illius [/or sui] conpninentem. 
32 facerat 33 procedit 3i uenerunt ab 
archi synagogo 36 archi ^Y'l^gOgO 38. archi- 
&}n\j,ogi et uiJit eiulaiiteb 39 mgresue. 
40 mgredmnt ir 41 thabitha C uinii. 42. 
magiiD [foi maximo] 43 proecipit 

Gap. ^ 1. 1, e^resub , pius [fa> sui] 2 om. huic; 
om. et after omnia; ei [far illi], 3. fabri filius 
et; iudeae; nonne aorores bic ; eo [for illo]. 4, 
om. eis; domu. 5. inposaitia. 6. eorum [for 
illorum], 7. eis [for illis]; spirituam. 8. 
praecipit. 9. scandalis; tooicis. 11. recipe- 
rint uos neqwe. 12. Et exeuntes ilii; peniteu- 
tiam. 13. unguebaat; egros. 14. berodis; quod 
iobannis; operantur' [f<yr inopinantur] ; om. in. 

15. om. dicebanfc quia belias est; profeta; profetis. 

16. qua [_for Quo]; berodis; om. ego; decolaui 
lohannis. 17. berodis ; iohatmem ; uincxit; 
carcerem ; berodiadem; pilippi; earn [for eum]. 
18. ioliatmis, 19. herodis; insediebatur ilium. 

20. berodis autem; iohannem; et quod sanctum. 

21. herodis; galileae. 22. berodii; petite. 23. 
illi multa. 24. illam [for ilia] ; babtistse. 25. 
quae-eumqwe; confestinatione. 26. contristatus 
est; 27. miso coufestira; praecipit; decolauit. 
28. adtuiit; dedit [for dicit]. 29. tullerunt; 
possiierunt. 30. enuntiaueruut. 31. iieniteuos; 
pusaillum; multi et nee. 33. pestri [for ped- 
estres]; om. et; cucwrrerunt ; peruenerunt, 34. 
qui [yorquia]; caepit doceret eos (sic). 35. iam 
hone multae iierent; ei desertus. 37- illis iesus 
date illis uos; emeamus denaris. CO. 38. quod; 
dicunt ei .u. 39. fenum. 40. om. 1st et; eaa 
[/or in partes]. 41. on*, duobuspiscibus; inten- 
dens [far intuens]. 42. et omnes. 43. cofi- 
iios. 45. cogit; dimiserit. 46. dimisisei; abit. 
47. iam orat ; midio. 48. iesws ambulans. 49. 

fantasma. 50. qui [/or enim] ; es [/or eis]. 51. 
stupebant et mirabantur. 52. intellexerunt; ob- 
cicatum. 53. genesaretb adplicauerimt. 55, grab- 
batis; om. s,4. 56. uel et uillos aut ciuitates. 

Cap. VII. 1. et cum uenerunt; pharissei; 
birusolimis. 2. cummunibus. 3. pharissei ; 
om. enim ; iudei ; lauent. 4. babtizentur ; 
babtismata calicem et urcaeorum et aeramen- 
torum. 5. interrogafeant ; farissei ; scribae 
dicentes. 6. quia bene profetauit esseias ; 
hippocbritis ; labia meis bonorat. 7. et prae- 
cepta. 8, eum [for enim]; mandatum dei te- 
nentes; urcaeorum. 9. inritum; seruitis. 10. 
moises; uel [for aut], 11, patri suo; matri suo; 
om. quod est donum; est ex; proderit, 12. ultra 
non dimittas eam. 13. rescendentes ; tradistis. 15. 
hominem; quoinquinare ; commonicant, 17- om. 
eum; parabulam. IS. eis [far illis]; nondum 
[/or non]; om. eum; commonicare, 19. introiuit. 
20, dicebant. 21. nequitiae dolus inpudicitia 
comes aftm- auaritiae in v. 22; adultera. 22. 
blasfemia. 24. finemtiri; late [/or latere]. 25. 
huius [^r cuius] ; procedit. 26. siropbinis agere 
(sic). 27. R. inserts in before filios. 28. catuli 
in sub mensa de micis commederunt puerorum. 
29. at illi; exie* demonium. 30. om. suam; 
super; demonium. 31. tiri; sidoniam; galileae; 
medio finis decapolis. 32. depraecabantur; in- 
ponerei!. 33. tegit [far tetigit]; eius follows 
auriculas. 34. et ingemuit; epheta; adperire. 
35. om. 1st et; rectte. 37. facit [twice]. 

Cap. Vm. 1. om. %id illis. 2. turbam. 
3. deficiaut. 6. super; adpossuevunt; om. turbae. 
7. habebant discipulos; iussit. 8. sustullerunt ; 
.uii. [/or septum] ; sportas plenas. 9. .uii. [{sic) 
for quattuor] . 11. fariSEei et cajperunt ; de 
[for dae] ; temptantes. IS. dimittiens. 14. 
discipuli eius sumere. 15. pbariaaajorum ; hero- 
dis. 17. cognoscetis nee; adhuc. 18. om, et. 
19. sustuUistis. 20. tulliatis. 22. eum [for 
ilium], 23, inpossitis. 24. avbore. 25. om. 
iterum; inpossuit manum, 26. eum [far ilium], 
27- castella cessariae philippi; dicentea [for di- 
cena]. 28. iohannem. 29. simon petrua. 32. 
adpraebendens. 33, dicipuloa; aatanaa. 34. om. 
et tollat crucem suam. 36. om. enim ; totura 

rt the Lindisfame MS. 

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mundum. 37. commotationem. 38. confussua; 
confunde* [for confidetur]. 

Cap. IX. 2. adsumpsit. S. ipsius [for cius]. 
4. moisi. 9. discendentibKS ; praecipit. 10. 
aput. 11. oportet. 12. scriptum ; condemp- 
natur. 13. am. et after quia; scriptum. 15. 
est et expauerunt et adcurrentes saluabant. 
17. atuli; inmundum [for rautum]. 18. allidic; 
stridit. 19. aput. 20. atullerunt; elissus in 
terra. 25. spiritn; om. illi; exii. 26. et 
midtum descerpens ; exiuit. 27. eum [for il- 
ium]. 28. om. in; eis [for eius] ; ilium [for 2nd 
eum]. 29. potest. S2. otn. tierbiim. et time- 
bant. 33. capKaraauum ; interrogabat. 34. di&- 
putauenint. 35. residiens ; om. esse. 36. om. ut ; 
conplexus. 37- reciperit ; missit. 38. iobannis. 
41. quia non perde* mercidem. 42. hiis pussil- 
lia; Uli [/or ei]. 43. ingredi [/or introire] ; iure 
[/w ire]; gehennam. 44. morietur. 45. in- 
troire. 46. morietur. 47. occulus ; caecum 
[for luscum]; introire; gehennam. 48. morie- 
tur; ignis eorum. 49. ignis, 50. inter [for 
2nd in] ; salem. 

Cap. X. 1. et exinde; iudeae; consuerat; eos 
[for nios]. 2. pharissaei; dimittere; temptantes. 
3. praecipit. 4. permissit. 5. hoc [for iatud]. 
7. adherebit uxori siise. 8. una [for utio]. 9. 
coniuncxit. 10. de eo^em follows eum. 12. nup- 
serit. 14. probibuertis {sic). 15. reciperit. 16. 
conplexans. 17. egressus. 19. adalteres; ma- 
trem tuam. 20. ait illi ; omnia haee. 21. quae- 
cumque ; uude, alt&i'ed to uende, 22. merens ; 
multas possessiones. 23. dificile. 24. om. illis; 
om. o; dificile; confitentes; peeunis. 25. camellum. 
26. mirabantur. 27. aput (thrice). 30. peraeeuti 
omnibwa [for persecutoribws et]. 32. hieruso- 
lima. S3, om. in; bierusolima; dampnabunt. 34. 
om. 1st eum ; flagillabunt eum et. 35. iohannis ; 
zebedei. 37. \mus [for alius]. 38. putatis [for 
petatis]; cabcem bibere; baptismo. 39, baptiza- 
bemini. 40. dare nobis. 42. bii 45. dare; red- 
tionem (sic). 46. in hiericho [for Lierichum] ; eo 
de hericbo et discipulis ; multitudne (sic) ; timei 
bartimeus. 47. iesu [for 2nd iesus]. 48, cum- 
minabantur ; filii ; miserere. 49. om. 1st et ; 
praecipit ; animae equior. 51. illi iesua dixit. 
52. dixit [for ait] ; tua [for tuo] ; uia. 

Cap. XI. 1, hierusoiimae et bithaniae. 2. 

quod contra uo.s est ; adhuc nemo ; solute. 6. illis 
[for 1st eis] ; praeciperat ; dimieierunt. 7. inpos- 
suerunt. 8, ramos do [for de]. 9. pracccde- 
bant; ossanna. 10, ossanna. 11. hirusolyma ; 
uespera. 12. de [for ^]. 14. ex te fructum. 
15. hierusolymam. 17. scriptum; speloncara. 
IS. doctrinam. 20. transierent, 21. recordatus 
est. 23. om. quia; essitauerit; om. fiet. 26. de- 
miseritis ; dimittat. 27. biemsolimam ; in tem- 
plum acceseerwnt. 28. haec [for ista]. 29. re- 
spondite; dicam, 30. respondite. 31, at [for 
ait] ; om. nobis. 32. timemus, 33. dixeruat. 

Oaf. XII. 1. parabulis ; uiniam plantauit ; 
agriculis. 2. agriculas; agriculls; uiniae. 3. di- 
misierunt. 4. contumelis adfecerunt, 6. adhuc ; 
carissimum ad ilium; uerebuntur. 8. adprae- 
hendentes; eicierunt, 11. factus; occulis. 12, 
cognuerunt; parabulam, 14. quoniam [/or quia] ; 
hominum ; dei [for domimj ; cessari. 15. temp- 
tatis. 16. ei et ait ; inscriptio ; caessaris, 17. 
caessaris csessari. 19. scripsit; om. ut; diserit 
[/or dimiserit] ; ut accipiat. 20. accepit; semine, 
21. om. Zrd et; ipse [for iste]. 22. accipierunt ; 
reliquierunt. 23. sun^exeriut ; hiis. 24. scriptu- 
ras. 25. nubunt. 26. resurgunt; abracha«i. 31. 
om. 1st est ; dUiges. 32. unus eat dews, 33. sa- 
crifide. 34. sapienter ; audiebat ; om. eum. 35. 
om. scribse. 36, scabiUum, 38. dicebat. 40. 
domus; prolesae ; hi! accipiunt prolexius. 41. aes 
in gazium philacium. 42. aera duo minuta. 44. 
omnis; habundabat; penuria; uinctum. 

Cap. XIII. 1. egredietur. 2. uides; lapes. 
3. sederent in monte; iohannis. 4. fiunt. 7. 
autem audieritis; nondum est finis. 8. super 
[for contra] ; loqua et faiois. 9. in coneilis. 
11, fuerit uobis; loquemini; uos estis. 14. uide- 
retis abhominationem ; iudea ; ad montes [for in 
montes]. 15. supra [for super]; discendat; ali- 
quid [for quid]. 17. praegnantibjM. 18. non 
fiat fuga uestra uel sabbato. 19. tribulationes. 
20. breuiassei ; breuiabit. 21. om. est ; nee [for 
ne]. 22. — ^prophetae ; fieri potest. 24. dierum 
illorum [for Ulam]. 26. nubibws. 27. quatuor. 

28. fico ; parabulam ; tener [for temer] ; tetas. 

29, ostiis. 30. transie(; fient. 32. et [for uel]. 
34. ianuatori. 36. ne [for et] ; om. repente. 

Cap. XIV. 1. om. ist et ; azemorum ; dolo 
at end of verse. 2. in populo [for populi]. 3. 

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Chap. XIV. 1. Margin of L.; the MS. has 
" io. xxuiii," an error for " io. xx." 2. R. pofolce, 
alt. to folce ; the scribe began to ■write populi. 
3. L. on, (dt. to in ; in the gloss to in. L. gebre- 
cen, oH. to gebrocen. 4. L. ungenti ; but in v. 5, 
unguentum. 5. L. bifgedon (they trembled) 
translates tremehant, not fremebant. 11. L, ge- 
feande, alt. to gefeando, 22. R. wrongly has 
etendum onfeng him onfeng. 23, Royal MS. has 
heon for heom. L. gedruncun, alt. to gedruncon. 
26. L. oelebeanre, alt. to oelebeama. 4V. L. 
ofslog, alt. to Blog. 66. L. smiduria, for siaodria. 
72. L. weopa, alt to woepa. 

Chap. XV. 1. L. alle, alt io all. 10. L. 
Eefista, alt. to Eefist. 11. L. biscopas, alt. to bia- 
cobas. 17. There is a long curl over m in hrwgle 

in L. The word cursendo is written like our- 
sendo; but see the Rushwoith gloss. 21. There 
is a curl over er in faeder in L. SO. L. hrode, 
alt. to rode. 32. L. gelefeS, alt. to gelefe. 
36. L. unsettenne, alt. to unsettanne. 41. E. 
galelffi, alt. to gaiilie. 43. L. biddend, alt to 
bidend ; R. biddende. 

Chap XVI 5 L ufa, h ymbgearuad; but 
the h. hab a stroke thiough %t as if to stnLe it o^it 
It miy be foi hoc or hoo est and may mean that 
ufa IS as good a tian'ilation as ymb of the piehx 
CO in coopettum 9 L &urgen% with a capital 
This seems to tuggest that a n w sibsection wab 
intended to begin here, but subsections 234, 23;) 
are left unmarked. 


Page 4, last line ; for parobolam read parabolam. 

Page 5, last three lines ; see the remarks in tlie prefeee, p. isiii. 

Page 15, verse 45; in the gloss to "esse," /or wses ^ were, read nies -t were. 

Page 21, verse 25; for huset read hutetd. 

„ „ 26, in the lower text ; for uymfie read njmSe. 

Page 2S. The lai^ capitals should be the same as in col. 2, p. 34. 

Pnge 27, line 2 ; for aaactii/m read BH!WC(i*m. 

Page 60, col. 1, footnotes to verse 6; add "0. hig (Jast time)." Cf. pref. p. x. 

Page 62, col, 1, footnotes to verse 20; for B. seofen read B. 0. seofan. In footnotes to yerse 21, /or A. B, omit 
ge read A. B. 0. omit ge. In footnote to verse 22, add C. anne. C£ prefc p. s. 

Page 72, col. 1, footnotes to verse 33 ; for B. smeada read B. C. smeada, Cf pref p. x. 

Page 7S, coL 1, footnotes to eh. s., verse 2 ; add C. famdiende. In the footnotes to verse 6, for A. heardiijsse, 
read A. C. heardnysae. In the footnotes to verse 6, for B, wsepned, &c. read B. C. waepnod, &c. Cf, pref p. x. 

Page 78, col. 1, footnote to verse 18; add C, hi [for hwij 
„ „ 2, footnotes, L 2. Insert ; after leoming-cnihtas. 

Page 80, col. 1, footnotes to verse 27 ; for A. B. hig read A. B. C. hig. To footnote to verse 29, add C. us 
[/or hus]. To footnote to verse 30, add 0, ecce. 

Page 86, eol. 1, footnotes to verse 6 ; for A. B, h^ read A. B. C, hig, tKice over. 

Page 87, verse 3 ; in the gloss to " dimittet," for forlsetes read foj-letes. 
„ lower test, cap. xi. v. 2 ; for monn read inou. 

Page 89, lower text ; verse 9 should be continued down to the word " drihtnes." 

Page 96, col. 1, verse 18. Insert . after sy. 

Page 100, coL 1. Tlie rubric to v. 41 liaa been accidentally omitted ; MS. A has — Sedens iesws contra gazo- 
philacium. In the footnotes, v. 34, for A. eart read A. B, eart. 

Page 131, lower text; in v, 43, read \-^endiie, and in v. 46, wutudlzce. 



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