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Lovejoy Librarv 

Southern lllin(^ 


•"J*^ Illinois 



Nos. 1 TO 6 

Ira D. sankey 
James McGranahan and Geo. c. Stebb.ins 



THE John Church Co, 



The Biglow & Main CO 


Copyright. 1895. by The: Btglow & Main Co and The John Church Co. 

All Rights Reserved. 


GOSPElv HYMNS Nos. i and 2, by P. P. Buss and Ira 
D. Sankey ; Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 6, b}^ Ira D. Sankey, 
James McGranahan, and Geo. C. Stebbins, are now 
compiled in this volume under the title of 

Gospel Hymns Nos. 1 to 6. 

All duplicate pieces have been omitted and the Hymns 
re-numbered in consecutive order from 1 to 739. 

In addition to the large number of Gospel Hymns and 
Sacred Songs in this collection there will also be found over 
125 of the most useful and popular Standard Hymns and 
Tunes of the Church. 

NOTE.—// is a diirct violation of the Copyright Latv to reprint or piiNish coi>v 
righ' 7/'<i>u'.^ 01 tiiusic. /or any piii posr w/iatn'rr, without first having si'cmrd urttten 
fiertntsstoH lo do so /tnni t/>c oumeis of copyright. 

"XW-. ri(BusuE?.?i 

Gospel Hymns 



%ll f £0pk Ifeat 0tt €nxi^. 

" Come before his presence with singing." — PsA. loO : 2. 
Rev. Wm. Kethe. (Old Hundred, l. m.) L. Bourgeois. 


1. All peo-ple that on eartn do dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful rolce; 

2. Know that the Lord is God in -deed; With- out our aid He did us malie: 
3.0 en • ter then His gates with praise, Approach with joy Hi3 courts un- to- 


Him serve with mirth. His praise forth tell. Come ye be -fore Ilim and re - joice. 
Wc are His flock, H? doth ua feed. And for His sheep IIo doth us take. 
Praise, laud, and bless His name al - ways. For it is s(>erii - ly so to do. 

-*=- 4=- 






4 For why? the Lord our God is good, 
His mercy is for ever sure; 
His trutli at all times firmly stood, 
And shall from age to age endure. 

No. 2. ffloiologp. I. ^. 

Praise God, from wliom all blessings flow ; 
Praise Him, all creatures here below ; 
Praise Him above, ye heavenly boat; 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

T/u>s. Ken. 


May be sung be/ore and after meat. 


Be present at our table. Lord, 
Be liero and every where adored; 
These mercies bless, and grant that W6 
May feast in Puniilise with Thee. 


We thank Thee, Lonl, for this ourCjod, 
For life, and health, and every good: 
Let manua to our souW '« gwftu, — 
The Ersad cf Life afe»i<. (L>wu from 

Ko, d. 

p. p. Buss. 

f dltfojabr, Tis gone! 

'Should not perish, but have everlasting life."— John ji lis. 

?. ?. Bmi«. 


U 6! " ^ ' ' ' ' ^ ^ 

1. 'Tis the prom-ise of God, full sal - va- tton to give Un - to him who on 

2. Tho' the path- way he lone- ly, and dau-ger-ous too, Sure-ly Je-6us is 

3. Ma - ny loved ouea have I in yon lieav- en - ly throng. They are safe now in j, 

4. Lit - tie chil- dren I see stand- ing close hy their King, And He smiles as their .§ 

Je - sus, his Sou, will be- liev 
a - ble to car - ry me througl 
glo- ry, and this is their song 
song of sal - va - tion they sin. 


Hal - le - lu - jah, 'tis done! I be-Iieveon tno c 
_J • •• « « • -•'^J -m.' M. -m- m. 4L ° 




Son; I am saved by the blood of the cni -ci - tied Oue; cru-ci-fied Oue. 

5 There are prophets and kings in tliat throng I behold, 

And they sing as they niaroli through the streets of pure gold; 
Hallelujah, 'tis done ! etc. 

6 There's a part in that chorus for you and for me, 
And the theme of our praises forever will be : 

Hallelujah, 'tis done 1 etc. 

No. 6, Safje m ^t %x\\\% of Jtstts. 

Fanny J. Crosby 


"Underneath are the everlasting arms." — Deut. 33 : 27. 

^■■=— • 1 I- 



1. Safe in tlie anus of Je - sus, Safe on His gen- tie breast. There by His love oer- 

2. Safe in tlie arms of Je - sus. Safe from cor- rod- ing care, Safe from the world's temp-JT 

3. Je - sus, my heart's dear ref - uge, Je - sus has died for me; Firm on the Rock of - 

j:-^1_ _...^ _-._ _ 

§jpg^gjigljg g^iilE 

,Cho.— 5a/> in the arms of Je 

sus. Safe on His gen- tie breast. There by His love o'er- h 
Fine. . 1 <» 

shad - ed. Sweet- ly my soul shall rest, 
ta - tious, Siu can- not harm me there. 
A - ges Ev - er my trust shall, be. 

I — :r=i= — r^i — >— t— I — I — "^fs--- — '^ " r \^ — 6f-r 

Hark ! 'tis the voice of an • gels, „ 
Free from the blight of sor - row, ■• 
Hero lit nie wait with pa- tieuce, »' 

I ' 1 >— t!- 

- td. Sweet • ly my S(ml thall rest. 

SaU in t|« arms ot 3«us. 

DC. au>*%s. 

Borneia asuugto me, - ver the fields of glo - ry, - verthe Jas-per sea 

Free from my doubts an J fears; On- ly a few more tri - als, On - ly a few more tears 1.. 
Wait till the night i3 o'er; Wait till I see the morn-iug Break on the golden shore. 

^"^ I 

No. 7. ^t f crb toill f r0ijitre. 

" Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you." — i Pbtbr 5 : 7. 

Mrs, M. A. VV. Cook. 

Philip Phillips. 

1. In someway or oth - er the Lo"! will pro- vide : It 

2. At Biinietime or oth - er the 

3. I)e - siioudthen no lon-ger:the 

4. March ou then right bold-ly ; the 

may not be wyway, It 
Lord will pro. vide : It may not be wj/time, It 
Lord will pro- vide; And this bo the to -ken — No 
eea shall di-vide The path-way made glorious,With 

may not be ihy way; And yet, in His own way, "The Lord will pro - vide." 

may not be thy time; And yet, in His owntime, "The Lord will pro - vide." 

word He hath spo - ken Was ev - er yet bro-ken:"The Lord will pro - vide." 

shoutings vie- to - rious. We'll join in the cho-rus, "The Lord will pro = vide." 


Then.wo'll trust in the Lord.And He will provide; Yes, we'll trust In the Lord, and He will pro • vide. 

■-I— r-t'" ' '"'^~" ""'^' 


1. Wand'ring a - far from the dwellings of men Jlear the sad cry of the lep - ers— the ten ; 

2. Loud - ly thestrangersangpraisetotheLord.KuowiiJKthecurehadbeenwroughtbyHisword, 
a, "Who isthis Naz- a-rene?" Phari-see8say;"Is He the Christ? tell us plain -ly, we pray." 
4. Je - BUS on tri- al to-day we can see. Thousands de- rid- iug - ly ask, "Who is He?" 

jHoIU «)t jFort. 




now ap- pear- ing, "Vic- to - ry is 

roiindus fall -ing, Cour-age al - most goue. 

name we'll triumph O - ver ev- 'ry foe. 

Great Command-er, Cheer, my comrades, cheer 





sig-nals still. Wave the an-swer back to heaven, — " By Thy grace we will." 

u (^nh gjar for gtt. 

No. 12. 

" The gates of it shall not be shut at all by day ; for there shall be no night there." 
Mrs. Lydia Baxter. Rev. 21 : 25. S. J. Vail. 

\. There fc a gate that stands a- jar, And thro' its por- tals gleaming, A radiance from the 
2. That gate a- jar stands free for all Who seek thro' it sal- va - tion; The rich and poor,th« 
.S. Prcssonwardthen,tho'foesmayfrown,While mercy's gate 18 o- pen: Ac-cept thecross,and 
4. Be- yond the river's briuk we'll lay The cross that here is giv - en. And bearthe crown of 


Cross a - far, The Saviour's love re - veal- ing. 

great and 8mall,0f ev - 'ry tribe and 

win the crown,IiOve'H ev - er- last - ing 

life a- way, And love Him more in heav- en 

nier - cy I can it be That 2 

-|^-l Ob.depthof, 

eav- en. ^ ^ 

-ffi--ff_-p--.-ff-— (?!. 


gate was left a - jar for me ? For 

for me ? Was left a - jar for me ? 




No. 13. #na for %]\, 

" Justified by his grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus."— Romans 3: 24 
P. P. Bliss. P- P. Bliss. 

1. Free from the law, oh, hap - py con • di - tion, Jo 

2. Now are we free — there's no con - dem - na - tion, Je - sus pre • 

3. "Chil-dreQ of God," oh, glo - ri - ous call - ing. Sure - ly His 

bled, and there is re - mis - siou, Curs'd by the law and bruised by the 
vides a per - feet sal • va - tion ; " Come un - to Me," oh, hear His sweet 
grace will keep us from fall - ing ; Pass - ing from death to life at His 


Grace hath redeemed us once for all. 
Come, and He saves us once for all. 
Bless- ed sal-va-tion once for all. 

>- Once for all, oh, ein-ner re • 

Cross, the bur- den will fall, Christhath re- deemed 

once for all. 

"Su i p;rfe ^;^ ^^^^^=^"^ 1^^^^^ 

No. 14. Work, for % Hxg^t is €amnQ, 

Annie L. Walke 

Dr. LowBLL Mason. 



1. Work, for the night is coni-iug,Wuik thro' the moruing hours; Work while the dew is sinirkling, 



' r D.S. — Work, /or the night U com -ins. 

Fine. ^_i g>-g^ - . . . , , DS . 


Work 'mid si>iiugiiigflow'rs; W^Jrk, when thedaygrowsbrighter, Work iu theglow-ing sim; 
^.-^— -g— -g— ^-^^-^-.--r^-^ ei- r -r -r --r-g-— -g-r-g-— -g--l-g--g -rg^ 

— ^^ |-^»t tu., — j__^_^ — pztj. , — fc t^ » r |.j^„ 

When ma>Cs luork is done. 

t Work, for the night is coming. 
Work through the suuuy noon; 
Fill brightest hours with labor, 

Kest comes sure and soon, 
Give every flyiug minute. 
Something to keep in store ; 
" Work, for the niglitis <'>miug, 
When mau works no more. 

I 3 Work, for the niglit is coming. 

Under the sunset skies; 
While their bright tints are glowing. 

Work, for daylinlit Iliis, 
Work till tlie last l..aiii ladeth, 

Fadeth to shine no nioi«; 
Work while the night is darkening. 

When man's work is o'er. 

No. 15. 

" In my Father s house ; 
Mrs. Ellen H. Gates. 

^um^ of llj^ Sowl. 

many mansions. 


-John 14: 2. 

Philip Phillips. 


. I will sing you a song of thut beau - ti - ful land, The far 

homo of the soul. Where; 

storms ev - er beat on the glit- tor-ing Btrand.Wliile the ? 



years of o- tcr - ni - ty roll. While the years of e -tor- ni-ty roll ; Wh.Teno « 

\,f ' ' I 

storms ev-orbeat on thoplit - tering strnnd.Whilothe yearsof e-tor-ni-ty nil. 

y ^^^^ ^ ^ i^^ ^^^ ^^ ^M. 

^omt of tf)t Soul. 

2 Oh, that lionip of the Boul In tny visions and 

!tM liii;;ht, jaspor walla I caa sco; 
Till I fuiicy tint thinly the vail intervenes 
i|:l?et\vi<ti Ihc fair city and nie. :|| 

3 That, iinclianu'ialileliomoisforyouandfornie, 

Where Jesus of Nazareth Btanils, 

Th« Kinp; of all kingdoms forevrr, la H», 

||: And lie hohleth our crownw in His hands. :|| 
ThoKirit'of, etc. 
4 Oh, how sweet it will be in that beautiful land. 
So free from all sorrow aud pin ; [hands. 
With songs on our lips and with harps iu oui 
]|: To meet one another again. :{| 
With songs on, etc. 

No. 16. 

Clj^n is a ^aiib. 

" Thine eyes shall behold the land that is very far off." — Isa. 33: 17. 
Isaac Watts. (Varina. C. M. D.) Geo. F. Root. 

, /There is a land of pure de- light. Where sai uts ini- nior - tal reigr;[ 
\E - ter-nal day ex - cluiles the night. And pleas- ures ban - ish pain, j 
„ J Sweet fields be-yond the swell- ing flood. Stand dressed iu liv - ing green,' 

Heath, like a nar • row sea, di-vides This heaven - ly land from 

Not J or-dau's stream, nor death's cold flood. Should fright us from thq shore. 

So. 17. Wii'xe Sams Pnnw 3;o-m0)rir(jto. 

"Willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." — 2 Cor. 5: 8. 
Mrs. E. W. Griswold. P. P. Bliss. 

1. We're go- ing homo,No more to roam, No more to sin and sor- row; No more to wear The 

2. For wea- ry feet Awaits a street Of wondrous pave and gold-en; For hearts that acheThe 

3. For thosewhoBleep,Andthosewhoweep,Abovetheportals nar- row,The mansions rise Be- 

4. Oh, joy-fulsongl 0h,ran8omed throng! Where sin no more shall sever; Our King to see,Anii 

brow of care. We're go-ing home to- mor- row. n We're go - - ing home 

an- gels wake The sto - ry, sweet and old - en. I 

yond Uie skies — We're go- ing home to- mor- row. T 

oh, to be With Him at home for- ev - er. -' We're going home,we're going Ik 

ISSt'xt <Sit)in% iHomt ^o-martoto. 

going home tomorrow; We're go - - iug home. We're goiug home to-morrow, 

going home io-morro\v , We're going home,we're going home,We're goiug home to-morrow. 

No. 18. 

p. p. Bliss. 

I^sxrs S0fa^s €bm | 

"God is love."— I John 4: 8. 

P. P. Buss. 

am Bo glad that our Fa 
Won - der - ful things in the Bi 

ther in heav'n Tells of His love in the 
- ble I see ; This is the dear- est, that 

Though I forget Him and wander away, 
Still He doth love me wherever I stray ; 
Back to His dear loving arms would I flee. 
When I remember that Jesus loves me. 
I am so glad, etc. 

3 Oh, if there's only one song I can sing, 
When in His beauty I see the Great King, 
This Fhall my song in eternity be : 
" Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me." 
I am so glad, etc. 

1 Jesus loves me, and I know I Im 3 Him, 
Love brought llini down my poor soul to redeem 
Yes, it was love made Him <iie on the tree, 
Ob, 1 am certain tiiat Jesus loves me. 
I am so glad, etc. 

3 In this assuranie I lind sweetest rest. 
Trusting in Jesus, I know I nm blest; 
Satan dismayed, from my soul now doth fli 
When I Just tcU him thatJtwu* love* me. 


2 If one should ask of me, how could I 
Glory to Jesus, I know very well : 
God's Holy Spirit with nune doth agree, 
Constantly witnessing— .Jesus loves me. 
I um BO glad, etc. 

$tj0ia nxiii ht #lalr. 

No. 19. 

The poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel." — IsA. 29: xg, 
Rev. HoRATius BoNAR. John J. Husband. 

1. lie -joice and 

2. Re - joice and 

3. Re - joice and 

4. Re - joice and 

5. Re - joice and 

6. Re • joice and 

7. Re - joice and 

glad ! 
glad 1 
glad ! 
glad ! 

-a* — m *- 

The Re- deem -er has come! Go look on His 

It is sun- shine at last! 

For the blood hath been shed 

Now the par- don is free I The Just for t^ 

For the Lamb that was slain O'er death is Ui' 

For our King is on high, 

For He com- eth a- gain; 

The clouds have de- 
Re - demp- tion is 

He plead- eth for 
He com - eth in 






era - die, His cross, and His 
part- ed, the shad- ows are 
fin- ished, the price hath been 
un - just has died on the 
umphant, and liv- eth a - 
U8 on His throne in the 
glo - ry, the Lamb that was 

tomb. Sound His prais- es, tell the Sto - ry Of 


sky. ( Cha. for lih 7'erse.) 
slain. Sound His prais- es, tell the Sto - ry Of...„.« 

gV< r-t» - 


^ 9 



Him who was slain; Sound His prais-es, tell with gladness. He liv -eth 
Him who was slain ; Sound His prais-es, tell with gladness, He com- eth 

No. 20. '§^tbxbt Its %mm, 

" O Lord, revive thy work."— Hab. 3 : 3. 

1 We praise Thee, God ! for the Son of Thy love. 
For Jesus who died, and is now gone above. 

Cho.— Hallelujah ! Thine the glory. Hallelujah ! amen. 
Hallelujah! Thine the glory, revive us again. 

2 We praise Thee, O God I for Thy Spirit of light, 

Who has shown us our Saviour, and scattered our night.-^Ctft 

3 All glory and praise to the Lamb that was slain. 

Who has borne all our sins, and hath cleansed every stain. — CS<». 

- 4 All glory and praise to the God of all grace. 

Who has bought us; and sought us, and guided our ways. — Cko. 

5 Revive us again ; fill each heart with Thy love ; 

May each soul be rekindled with fire from above. — Cho. 

Rtv. IVin. Paton Mackagf, 

i*- ^ - 18 

No. 21. 5^tK 0f ^gss. 

" The Lord is my defence, and my God is the Rock of my refuge." — PsA. 94 : 92. 
Rev. A. M. ToPLADY. ( ToPLADY 7s. 6 lines.) Dr. Thos. Hastings. 

1. Rock of A - ges, cleft for me, Let me hide myself in Thee; Let the wa - ter and the blood, 

2. Not the la - bor of my handsCan fulfil Tliyiaw'fidemands;Couldmy zeal norespiteUnow, 

3. Nothing ia my hand I bring, Sim-ply to Thy cross I clinK; Naked, come to Thee for dress, 

4. While I draw this fleeting breath,While mine eves shall close in death, When I soar to worlds unknown, 

From Thy riven side which flowed. Be of sin the douh-Ie cure,Save me from its guilt and power. 
Couldmy tears for-ev-er flow, All fop sin could not atone ; Thou must save, and Thiv.i alone. 
Help-less look to Thee for grace; Foul, I to the fountain fly. Wash me, Sav-iour, or I die. 
See Thee onThy.iudgnientthrone,Rockof A-ge8,cleft for me. Let me hide my-selfin Thee. 

No. 22. " Hon ia iolloiM." 

p. p. Bliss. " Bring me yet a vessel."— 2 Kings 4:6. T , . Bliss. 

1. Have you on 'he Lord believed? Still there's more to follow ; Of His grace have you received ? 

2. Have you felt the Saviour near? Still there's more to follow ; Does H is blessed presence cheer? 

3. Havo you felt the Spirit's pow'r? Still there's more te follow; Fall- ing like the gentle show'r? 

.^.m^m^m—^-i ,_J- 

still there's more to fol low; Oh, the grace the Father shows! Still there's more to follow, c 
Still there's more to fol-low; Oh, thelovetliat .Je-siisshows ! Still tliere'smoreto follow, t 
Still there's more to fol-low; Oh, the pow'r the Spir- it shows ! Still there's more to follow, : 


Free-ly He Hisgrace bestows, Still there'smoreto follow.") 

Freo-ly He His love bestows,Still there'smoreto follow. V More and more.moreand more. 

Free- ly He His i«) w'r bestows. Still there's more to follow. ) 


. Always more to fol-low, Oh, il is matchl<;ss,boundleBsloye I Still there's more to follow. 

No. 23. 

'glm m^ i^to. 

" Behold, now is the accepted time ; behold, now is the day of salvation." — 2 CoR. 6; 3. 
Rev. Albxakdkr Clark. Rev. Robert Lowry. 

1. /Teavenly Fatlier, blessi 

iuo\v;At the cross of Christ I bow; Take my guilt aud grief a- way; 



llear and heal mo ; 

I pray. Bless me now, bless me now, Heavenly Fa-ther, bless me now. 




While I look, and as I cry. 

Touch and cleanse me ere I die. — Ref, 

4 Never did I so adore 

Jesus Christ, Thy Son, before ; 
Now the time ! and this the placet 
Gracious Father, show Thy grace— /f^ 

2 Now, Lord! this very hour. 

Send Thy grace and show Thy poi-er; 

While I rest upon Thy word. 

Come and bless me now, O Lord 1 — Jie/". 

3 Now, just now, for Jesus' sake. 
Lift the clouds, the fettere break ; 

No. 24. Ml^m Jast ^Ijou ^Imit^ir C0-ga;g? 

" The field is the world * * * and the reapers are the angels.* 

P. P. Bi.iss. 

P. P. Buss; 

1. Wea - ry gleau-er, whence com - est thou, With emp - ty hands and cloud - ed brow? 

2. Care -less gleau-er, wliat hast thou here, These fad - ed flow'rs aud leaf- lets sere? 

3. Burdeu'dglean-er, thy sheaves I see; In - deed thou must a - wea- ry be! 



PlodJiug a - long thy lone - ly way. Tell me, where hast thou glean'd to- day? 
lluugry aud thirst-y, tell me, pray, Wliere, oh, where hast thou glean'd to - day ? 
Sing-ing a - long the home-ward way, Glad one, where hast thou glean'd to - day ? 

Late I fou nd a barren field. The harvest jiast my search revealed,Others golden sheaves had gained, 
All Jay louginsliady bow'rs,rvegailysuughtearth'sfairestflow'rs;Now,aIaa!toolate I see 
Stay me not, till day is done I've guther'd handfuls one by one ; Here and there for me they fall. 


8SH1)tte ?Hast QC^ou (KUaneli ®o-©as? 


stub-Me for nie remained. 
All I've gather'il ia van - i - ty. ^ Forth to the harvest field a-way! Gatheryourhandfuls 
Close by the reap'rs I've fou nd them all. J 

^ N N I ^ I N 

while you may, All daylong in the field a -bide, Gleaning close by tlie reap-ers' Bide. 

No. 25. afe. Wu i^ai'i. 

" Come Uiito me, all ye that lahor and are heavy laden." — Matt. ai ! 28. 
Tr. John M. Neale. P. P. Bliss. 

1. Ah, my heart is heav-y la - den, Wea-ry and oppressed .'"Come to Jle," 8aith0ne,"and w 

2. Hath He marks to lead me to Him, If He be my Guide? "In His feet andhandsare 

com - ing. Be at rest ! " " Come to Me," saith One, " and com-ing, Be at rest ! 
wound-pri'nts, And His side." "In His feet and hands are wound-prints, And His side.' 

Ib there diadem, as monarch, 

That His brow adorns? 
"Yes, a crown in very surety, 

But of thinmV'—Cho. 
If T find Him, if I follow, 

What's my portion here? 
" Many a sorrow, many a conflict, 

Many 1 ' 

. tear. 


6 If 1 still hold closely to Him, 
What have I at last? 
"Sorrow vanquished, labor ended, 
Jordan past!" — CAt>. 
6 If I ask Him to receive mo. 
Will He say mo nay ? 
"Not till earth and not till heave* 
Pass away I " — CAa. 

No. 26. #nt mor^ JJans's Morh for |csus. 

" I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day."— John 9: 4. 
Miss AN1.A Warner. Rev. Robert Lomtry. 

1 Olio more (lav's work for ,Io - bus; One less of life forme! But lieuv'n is near-«r, 

2 One moreday'H work f..r Je - bus; How Klo-riousis myKiugl'Tis jny, not du-ty, 
-.1 One more daV's work for Jo - bus; How sweet the work haa been, To tell tlioBto-ry, 

4 One more day's work for Je - bus— Oh, yes, a wea - ry day ; But heav'nsbinesclearM, 

d^ mote Sas's S^orlt hx Itms. 

And Christ is dearer, Than yes - ter-day to me; His love and light Fill all my soul tu-night. 
To speak His beauty; My soul mou nts on the wing At the mere thot How t^hrist my life has bought; 
To show the glo-ry, When Christ's flock enter in! How it did shine In this poor heart of mine I 
And rest comes nearer. At each step of the way; And Christ in all — Before His face I fall. 

5 Oh, blessed work for Jesus t 
Oh, rest at Jesus' feet! 

There toil seems pleasure, 

My wants are treasure. 
And pain for Him is swee^ 

Lord, if I may, 

I'll serre auuther dajr.— Ote. 

No. 27. 

, Ij0to i^ ^obtB. 

" A friend that sticketh closer thap a brother." 
Adp. by Miss Marianne Nunn, 

-Prov. i8: 24. 

Hubert P. Main. 

1. One there is a - bove all oth - ers, Oh, how He loves I 

2. 'Tis e-ter-nal life to know Him, Oh, how He loves! 

3. Bless- ed Je -sns! would you know llim, Oh, how He loves! 

4. All yoursinsshall be fur-giv-eu, Oh, how He loves! 

His is love be- 
Tliink, oh, think how 
Give yourselves en- 
Back-ward shall your 

yond a brother's. Oh, how He loves! 

much we owe Him, Oil, how He loves! 

tire - ly to Him, Oh, how He loves I 

foes be driv-eu. Oh, how He lovesl 

Earth-ly friends may fail or leave us, One day 
With His precious bloud He bought us, In the 
Think no long-er of tiie mor-row, From the 
Best of bless-ings He'll provide you.Nought but 

snotlie, the next day grieve us; But this Friend will ne'er de-ceive us. Oh, how He loves! 

wil - der-ness Hesoughtus, To His fold He safe -ly brought us, Oh, how He lovesl 

past new courage bor- row, Je- BUS car - ries all your sor- row. Oh, how He loveel 

good shall e'er be-tide you. Safe to glo - ry He will guide you, Oh, how He loveel 

No. 28. Ml B^ t&« #1^, #Itr St0m. 

" Tell them how great things the Lord hath done."— Mark's : 19. 
Miss Kate Hankey. W. H. Doanb. 

1. Tell me the Olrl, Old Sto - ry, Of un - seen thiugs a 

2. Tell uie the Stu - ry 8l..w - ly, That I may take it 

3. Tell uie the Sto - ry suft - ]y, With earn -est tones, and 

4. Tell Ilia the same old Sto - ry, When you have cause to 



Je - sua and His glo - ry, Of Je - ens and His luve. Tell mi; the Sto - ry 

won-der - fnl re - demption, God's reni-o - dy for sin. Tell uie the Sto -ly 

member! I'm the sin - ner WhomJe-sus came to save; Tell nio the Sto - ry 

this world's euip-ty glo - ry Is cost-ing me tio dear. Yes,aud when that world's 

Bim-jily, As to a lit- tie child, For I am weak and wea - ry. And i, 

oft -en, For I for - get so soon, The"ear-ly dew" of morn-ingHasa 

al - ways, H' you would real-ly he. In a - ny time of trouh-lo, A g 

glo- ry Is dawn-iug on my soul, Tell mo the oM, old Sto - ry: "Christ" 



help - less and de • filed, 
passed a - way at iioou 
com - fort - er to me. 
Je - BUS makes thee wholi 

'■ I" Toll me 

the Old, Old Sto - ry. Tell mo the Old, Die 


sto - ry. Tell mo the Old, Old Sto - rv Of Jo - ma uud Uis lovo. 

No. 29. 

p. p. Buss. 

^^ IPolg spirit. 

Three warnings : Resist not. Grieve not, Quendl m 

r'. P. Buss, 



1. The Spir - it, oli, sin - ner, In nicr . cy doth move, Thy heart, so 

2. Oh, child of the king-dom, From sin ger-vice cease: Be filled with the 

3. De - filed is the teni - jile. Its beau - ty laid low, On God's ho - ly 

hard - encd. Of s'n to re- prove; 
Spir • it, With com - fort aiid peace. 
at - • tar The em - hers faint glow. 

He . sisi not the Spir - it, Nor 
Oh, grieve not tlie Spir - it, Thy 
By love yet,^ re - la u - died, A 


.-TV N ••-: --l--«-r: -0-' M- ^__ 

long - er do - lay; 
Teach -er is He, 
flame uiav be fanned; 

God's gra-cious en-trea-ties. May end with to - day. 
That Je - bus, thy Sav - iour, May glo - ri-fiod Lie. 
Oh, yaerKC/^ not the Spir - it, The Lord is at hand. 

.m- ^ m- -0.. ^ :fL':ft jt. -S: Mr:^M- 

No. 30. I f 0bi^ f0 ^cll i\t StortT. 

I will speak of thy wondrous work." — Psalm 145: 5. 

Miss Katk Hankey. 



1. I love to tell the Sto - ry Of un-ricon thirigsa-bovc.Of Je - sns and His glo -ry, 

2. I love to tell the Sto - ry ! Morn wondcr-lnl it seems,Than all the gold-en fan-ciea 

3. I love to tell the Sto - ry ! 'Tis pleasant to re-peat What seenis.each ti/ne I tell it, 

4. I love to tell tlie Sto - ryl Forthose whoknowitbestScemhunger-iug andthirstinf 

I U« I I 1 I ^^ ^\ \ II 

-Pn-rJ-^ — l^-- ^— '-rH l-r-J N-]-J-r I ■ 1 L— 1- 

Of Je- sua and His love! I I.)vs to tell theSto-ry! Be-canse I Know it's true; 
Of all our golden dreams. I love to tell the Sto-ry ! It did eo much for niel 
More won der- ful - ly sweet. I love to tell tlie Sto-ry ; Forsomehavenev-er heard 
To hear it, like the rest. And when, in scenes of glory, I sing the New.New SoNO. 

1 Itiht to ®«II ttt ^torj. 

, , ^ Chorus. 

It at - is- fies my longings,A8 noth-ing else would do. 
And that is just the rea- son, I tell it now to thee. 
The message of sal- va-tion From God's own Holy Word. 
'Twill be — the Old,Old Story That I have loved so " 


I love to tell theSto-ry! 

m.- -Jt A 

1 'Twill be my theme in glo- ry, To tell the Old, Old Sto- rv, Of Je- sus and Hislove. 

To. 31. 

M. M. Wells. 

f 0lg B^mt, Mi^M (Bnitit. 

" I will guide thee with mine eye."— Psalm 32 : 8. 

M. M. Wells. 

1. Ho. ly Spir-it, faith.ful guide, Eve 

=^ r"r =""• p~i i 

■the Christian'sside; Gently lead us by the band, er 

£>.S. — Whisp' ring soft!y ," Wanderer, come! 
I I Fine. . . , , /^ iv I I ' 11 t 1 D.S. 

Pilgrims in a des - ert land ; Wea-ry souls for e'er rejoice,While they hear that sweetest voice 


I I -«=^ 

^. .*=. .»•. 4=-- 

/"o.Vi^a; >«^, I'll guide thee homer 
2 Ever present, truest Friend, 
Ever near Thine aid to lend, 
Leave us not to doubt and fear, 
Groping on in darkness drear. 
When the storms are raging sore, 
Hearts grow faint, and hopes give o'er, 
Whispering softly, " AVanderer, cornel 
Follow me, I'll guide thee home." 


When our days of toil shall cease, 
Waiting still for sweet release. 
Nothing left but heaven and prayer, 
Wond'ring if our names were there; 
Wading deep the dismal flood. 
Pleading nouglit but Jesus' blood; 
Whispering softly, "Wanderer, comel 
Follow me, I'll guide thee home." 

No. 32. CIjx Cr0ss 0f |iJSUSc 

" Kis children shall have a place of refuge." — Prov. 14: 26. 
Miss E. C. Clephane. Ira D. Sankby. 

;. Be-neath the Cross of Je - Bus I faia would take my stand — The eha-dowof a 

®t)e eross ot jmui. 


y Eock,With-in 

A borne vith- 

rest up - on the way,From the burning of the 


itido lieatjAnd the burden of the day. 

I t^iT^^ ' ^ f^ '^ r ut I k* r I 

O safe and happy shell 

O refuge tried and sv eet, 
O tryBting-place vhere Heave.u's love, 

And Heaven's justice meetJ 
As to the Holy Patriarch 

That wondrous dream was given. 
So seems my Saviour's Cross t« me, 

A ladder up to heaven. 
I There liea beneath its shadow, 

But on the further side, 
The darkness of an awful grave 

That gapes both deep and wide; 
And there between us stands the C'ros> 

Two arms outstretched to save, 
like a watchman set to guard the v :i 

From that eternal grave. 

No. 33 

4 Upon that Cross of Jesu.'3, 

Mine eye at times can see 
The very d}ang form of One, 

Who suffered there for me; 
And from my smitten heart with teara 

Two wondei-s I confess, — 
The wonders of His glorious love. 

And my own worthlessness. 

5 I take, Cross, thy shadow, 

For my abiding place; 
I ask no other sunshine 

Tlian the sunshine of His face: 
Content to let tho world goby, 

To know no gain nor loss,— 
5'iy sinful self, my only f 

My glory all the Cross. 

Rev. A. T, PiERSON 


re H^trr Soitig. 

ng befor 

And they sung as it were a new song before the throne." — Rev. 14 : 3. 

P. P. Bliss. 


1. With Iia,ps and with vi - ols, there stands a great throng lu tbepre-seuce of 
-,-; — • r* • * P« ra m, * — r-^ a~^—m—,-m (P— — ffl 

't — I — r 


►— [-• — e — r—-, 


Je - sus, and sing this new song: — Un - to Him who hath loved us and 


washed us from sin. 

Un - to Him be the glo - ry for - ev - er. 

2 All these once were sinners, defiled in His sight, 
Now arrayed in pure garments iu praise they unite. — Cho. 

3 He maketh the rebel a priest and a king, 

He hath bouglit us and taught us this new song to sing. — Cho 

4 How helpless and Iiopeless we sinners had been. 

If He never had loved us till cleansed from our sin.— CA». 
6 Aloud in His praises our voices shall ring, 
80 that others belieying, this new song shall sing. — Oto. 

No. 34. #1^, Smg of ib BWU f o&^» 

"Mighty to save."— Isaiah 63: i. 
Rev, Frank Bottome, D.D. \Vm. B. Bradbury. 

1. Oh, Miss of tho pii • li- fipil, bliss of the fico, 1 iiluiige in tlie ciiin-son-tide 

2. (ih, Miss of tlio jiu -li-ficd, Je-Bns is miiio, Ko loug . cr in dread con-dcm » 

3. Oh, bhr-s of tlio ini . li- fiiMl! Miss of thopiiiu! Ko wound bath the soul that His 
4.0 Jo - BUS the cm. ci-fied! Thee will I sing. My bless - ed Ke-deem - er, my 

o . pen'd for me: O'er sin and nn-clean-ness ex - ult - ing I stand. And 5 

ua . tiou 1 piue; In con - scions sal - va - tion I eiug of His grace. Who 1 

Mood can- not cure; No eor - row-bowed head but may sweet - ly find rest, No o" 

God and my King; My soul, filled with rap -ture, shall shout o'er the grave, And .^^ 


.»:3n_| 1 — cz, f-, — ,-— Ch, — ^ 


oint to tlieprint of the nails in ITig hand, v 

It - rth up- on me tho light of His face. f ^i *• xi- ■ 1 t 1 

ars b„. may dry them on Je-sus' breast, f 0''' «'"S of Ilismight-ylove, 

i - uiniih in death iu the"Might-y to Save." ■' 


V T'l 


-I — t,~f 

Sing of His might- y love, Sing of llismight-y love. Might- y to kivo. 

No. 35. 

Pr. Philip Podpridgb. 

" I^y grace arc ye saved." — Eph. 2 : 8. 

Ira F). Sankfv. 



1. Gracel 'tis a, diarmiiig sound, liar - iihi-nious to tlio ear; Heaven with the ech - o 

2. (i race fiiKt contrived a way To save re - bell-ioiis man ; And 1.II tho gte|)sthat 
.'{. race taught my rov- ing fei't To tread the heavenly road; And new supplies each 
4. Grace all tho work shall crown, Thro' ev - er - last- ing days; It hiys in heaven the 


QSi^e QSSonlttous dSfft. 

shall re-sound, And all the earth shall hear, 
grace dis- play. Which drew the wondrous plan, 
hour I meet, While press- iug on to God. 
top - moststoue, And well de- Serves our praise. 

Savea by grace a - lone^ 

This is all my plea; 

.0. J0L .(Z. 

Je - BUS died for all niaukiud, Aud Jo - sua died fu 

No. 36. ^xnmyx% ^XQ\xav>u 

"Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises.' 
Nathaniel Niles, 

-2 Pet, 1 : 4. 

P. P. Bliss. 

1. Pre - cious prom, ise God hath giv - en To the wea- ry pass- er by, 

'.i. When temp- ta- tiong al- most win thee. And tliy trust - ed watch -ers fly, 

a. When tliy se - cret hopes have pir- ished, lu the grave of years guue by, 

4. When tlio shades of life are full - iug, Aud the hour has come to die. 


On the way from earth to heav - en, "I will guide thee with mine eye." 

Let this proMi - ring with - in thee, "I will guide tliee with mine eye." 

Let this jiruiu - ise still be cher - islunl, "I will guide thee with mine eye." 

Heartily trust- y I'i - lot call- ing, "I will guide thee with miue eye." 

I will guide thei 

1 1 

I will guide thee, I will guide thee with miue eye 

On ^the way from earth to heav - en, I will guide thee wlOi^ mine eye 

' t t " ' -"^l 1 1 W h I 1 !»-' 

No. 37. 

Wihtn Mtsm Comts. 

" Unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time, 
without sin, unto salvation." — Hes. 9: 28. 
P. P. Bliss. P. P. 

1. Duwn life's dark vule we wan-der, Till Je-sus conies 
ii._ Oh, let my lamp be burn-ing When Jo -bus comes 

3. No more heiirt^ijangs nor sad-ness, When Je-sus comes 

4. All doubts and fears will van-ish, When Je -sus comes 

M'l! watch and wait and won-der, 
Fur llini my suul be yearning, 
All peace and jiiy and glad-ness. 
All gloom His face will ban- isU, 

1 — -T — r 

Till Je - sus comes. . 

When Je-sus comes. I ^,1 j^^ His loved ones bringing, When Je - sus comes; 

When Je - sus comes, r •" •' » »> > 

When Je - sus comes. •* 

All praise thro' lieav-eu ring-ing, When Je-sus comes. All beau-ty bright and ver-nal, 3 

When Jo -sus comes; All glo - ry, grand, o - ter- nal, When Je - sus comes 

5 He'll know the way was dreary, 
When Jesus comes; 
fle'Il know the feet grew weary, 
When Jesus couics. — CAo. 

6 He'll know what griefs oppressed me, 
When Jesus comes; 
Oh, huw His arms will rest me! 
When Jesus comes. — CA*. 

No. 38. 

WB^iik as Sitoto. 

' Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord! though your sins 
be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." — IsA. i : 18. 

H. BoNAR, arr. by L. N. 


1. WhutI'May my sins on Jo -kuh?" Cod's well-bo - lov - ed Son I No I 'tis a truth most 

2. Yes, 'tis a truth moat nre-riouH, To nil who do l«!-lieve, flod laid our sins on 

3. What?"brlngonrguiltto Je-sus?"To wa^h a - way ourstains; Tho ac'j ja pn.sKodthat 


QSbtte as Zmlio. 


pre -cious, That God e'en i/iai has done. ~j 

Je - BUS, 'Wlio did the load re - ceive. >Hal-le - lu 

freed us, And nought to do 

makesmo "white as snow." Ilal-lo - lu - jah, Je-sus saves me, He makes mo "white as sni 


No. 39. 

" He was wounded for our transgressions." — Isaiah 53 » 
Mrs. A. R. Cousin. Ira D, Sankbt. 

-4»^ 1 ^-r-n IW-J- 

I - I 

1.0 Christ, what bur-densbowed Thy head! Our load was 1: 

2. Ileath and the curse were in our cup — O Christ, 'twas full f 

3. Je - ho- vah lift- o.l up His rod— O Christ, it fll , 

4. The tem-pest'saw - ful voice was heard— O Christ, it broke on Thee! Thy 

Iff:' :r :(?:•-- _ - J 

Thre; Thou 
Tlioe; But 
Thee! Thou 

stood - est in the 
Tliou ha.stdrainedthe 
Wiist Bore strick - en 
o - pea bo - Bom 


stead. Didst bear all ill for 
drop^ 'Tis emp - ty now for 
God; There'snot one stroke for 
ward, It braved the storm for 

nie. A 

me. That 

me. Thy 

me. Thy 

Vic - tim led, Thy blood was shed; Kow there's no load for mc. 

bit - ter cup — love drank it up; Now bless - inijs' diaugbt for mo, 

tears, Thy blood, be - neath it flowed; Tliy briiis - iiiR lieal - eth me, 

foi-m was scarred. Thy vis - age marred; Now clund-b'ss peace for me. 

5 Jehovah bade His sword awake — 
O Christ, it woke 'gainst Thee ! 

Thy blood the flaming blade must slaki 
Thy heart its sheath must be — 

All for my sake, my peace to make ; 
^low sJee^ th«t sword for m^ 

6 For 

or me. Lord Jesus, Tliou hast died 
And I have did in Thee; 

Thou'rt ris . 
And now Tl 

are all untied, 


Vhen purifi<Ml, made wliite, and tried. 
Thy Glokx theu for nxti. 

No. 40. |n % '^xtntna of llj£ fitn^. 

" In thy presence is fulness of joy ; at thy right hand there ai 
pleasures for evermore." — Psalm i6 : ii. 

Miss Florence C. Armstrong. 

1. Oh, to be o - ver yon - der! 

2. Oh, to 1)6 o - ver yon - dcrl 

3. Oh, to be o - ver yon - dor! 

4. Oh, when shall I be dwell -ing 

In that laud of \vond - der, Where tlie 
My yearn-ing heart grows fonder Of 
Alas! I sigh aud -won - der Why 
Where angel voic-cs, swell - ing In tri - 

an - gel voic - es min - gle, 
look -ing to the oast, to see 

clingsniy poor, weak, sin - ful lieart 

umphaut hal - le - lu - jahs, luake 

Hie an - gel harp-evs ring; To 

the bless- cd d.-A" - star briug Some 

to a - ny earth -ly tWug; Each 

the vault -cd heav - ens ring? Where the 


free from pain and Kor - row, And the an x - ions, dread to - mor - row. To 

lid - ings of the wak - ing. The cloud -less, pure day br(«ak-ing; My 

tie of earth must sev - er, Aud pass a - way for - ev - er; But there's 

jiearl-y gates arc gleani-iag, And the n>orn-ing star ia beam- ing? Oil, 





rest in light and sun -shine in 

heart is yearn - jug— yearn-ing for 

no more sop - a - ra - tion in 

when shall I bo yon - der in 

the pres-ence of the King, 

the com - ing of the King, 

the pres-ence of the King. 

the pres-ence of the King. 

5 Oh, when shall I be yonder? 
The longing groweth stronger 
To join in all the praises the redeemed ones 
do sing 

Within those heavenly places. 
Where the angols vail their fuc(«, 
In awe and adoration in tlvo presanco of 

C Oh I shall Boon be yonder, 
And lonely as I wander, 
Ycai'iiing for the welcome Bunimer — longing 
f(,rthe bird's fleet wing. 
The midnight may be dreary. 
And fho heart be worn and weary, 
Uut there's uo more shadow yonder,^ In tb< 


" Come over and help us."— Acts i6 : 9 


Dr. LowELtMASOIfc 

1. Fnim Greenland's i - cy monntaius, From In-dia's cor-al stranJ, V/Iiere Af-ric'sBun-ny 
'i. Wliattho' the spi-cy breez-i-s Blow soft o'er Ceylon'3 isle, Tlio' ev-'rj prospect 

3. Shall we, wliosesoulsaie light. ei( By wis-doni fiomoa liit;Ii, Shall we to iiieu be - 

4. Waft, waft, ye winds. His tto - ry, \.ud you, ye wa-tera, roll. Till, like a sea ol 

fount-ains Eoll down their gold-en 6and, From many an an-cient riv - er, From many a 

pleas -es And on - ly man 13 vile? In vuin,withlav-ish kind-ness,The gifts of 

night-ed The light of life de-ny? Sal - va - tion I oh, sal - va - tion ! The joy-fu! 

glo - ry. It spreads from pole to polo; Till o'er our ransom'd na - ture, The Lamb, for 

palm - y plain, They call us to de • ]W - er Theirlaudfrom er-ror's chain. 

God are strown: The heathen, lu his blind-ness. Bows down to wood and stone, 

sound pro -claim. Till earth's re- mot-est na • tion Has learned Mes-si - uh's name, 

sin - ners slain, Ee -deem-er,Kiug,(Jre - a - tor, lu bliss re-turns to reign. 

No. 42. %ll i\^t mm Mu Snhxonx flairs ft^. 

Fanny J. Crosby, 

" The Lord alone did lead him." — Deut. 32 : 12. 

Rev. R. LoWRV. 


1. All the way my Sav-iour leads me; What have I to ask be - side? Can 1 

2. All the way my Sav-iour leads me; Cheers each winding path I tread; Gives me 
All the way my Sav-iour leads me; Oh, the fuU-uess of His love! Per ■ *ec{ 



doubt His ten-der mer-cy, Who tliro' life has been my guide? Heav'nly peace, di - vin-est 
graco for ev-'ry tri - al. Feeds mo with the liv-ing bread; Tho' my wea - ry stepb may 
rest to me is promised In my Father's house a- bo ve; Wbenmy spir -it, cloth'*' jjia- 

sin t^t M^i Ml SnJjiottt Itaia Iffit, 

cnm-fort, Herebyfaitli in Him to dwell I For I know wliate'er be -fall me, Je-i 
M - tcr, And Diy sm\i1 a-tli:rstniay be, Gushing from the Rock be- foie nie, Lo! 
nior-tai, Wiugsitstliglittureaimsof day, This niysoug thiougheudless a - ges— Je-t 

do- etb all things well; For I know,whate'erbe-fall me, Je-sus do-eth all things well. 
Bpringofjiy I see; Gushing Irom the Rock be-fore me, Lo! aspriiigofjoy I see. 
led me all the way; This my song tliro' endless a - ges — Je-sus led me all the way. 

I > ^ -^ : '^ -^ -m- -(^ -^ _ _ _-*-3?^-«--fi>- 

No. 43. 

(60 §um tbir S0rr0to» 

',' They shall obtaiij joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shnll 

flee away." — Isaiah 35: 10. 

Mary A. Bachelor. P. P. Bliss, 

1. Go bur 

2. Go tell 

3. Hearts grow 

thy sor - 
to Je - 
a - wea - 

The world hath its share; 
He know - eth thy grief; 
With heav - i - er woe 

Go bur-y it deep - ly, Go hide! it with care, 
Go till it to .Je - siis. He'll send thee re - lief, 
Nowdroiip'niidlho darkness — Go com - fort them, go ! 

Go think of it calm - ly, •^ 
Go gath-er the sun - shine ^ 
Go bur- y thy Bi>r - rows, g 


V/hon cur-tuin'd by night. 
Ho sheds on the way ; 
Let otli - ers be blest ; 

Go ((II it to Jo - sus, And nil will be right. 
He'll lighten thy bur- den, Go. wea-ry one, pniy. 
Go givethemtlic sun-shine; Tell Je-sus the rest. 


g. Smut ifsvpim. 

** H« said onto her, tby sfns uc forgiven."'-LOKB y : 4$. 

jKltB»!AH J. CALLAJtAN, AfT. by I. B. '^OOttWtlfT 

.^ — Pk_-4 Nr-J P< — P>T 

1. To the hall of the feast came the sin-ful aud fair; She heard in the cit - y that 

2. The frownaud the niurumrvveut round thro' them all.That cue to un-hallowedshouW 

3. She heard but the Saviour ;slio spoke but with sighs; She dare not look up to tha 

4. la the sk J', aft-er shia-eth tlie buw, — Intheglauceof thesunbeau'.as 

Je • sus wasthere; Un-heed-iugthesplendorthatblazedon the board, She si - lent-ly 
tread in thathall; Audsomesaidihepoorwouldbe ob-jectsmoremeet, As the wealth of hei 
heav'u of His eyes ; And the hot tears gusli'd forth at each heave ofter breast.As her lips to his 
melt-eth thesnow Helookedonthat lostone:"hersin8wereforgiv'n," And the sinner went 

■% ^ M ^ M ^ A ^ ^ -^ -P- -^ * m'^m A •*- ■&• 




!? J 

knelt at the feet of theT-prd, Slie si -lent-ly knelt at the feet of the Lord, 
perfume she showerM on Hi Jleet, As thew«iUIiof her perfuniesheshnwer'don His feet, 
san-dalswerethrobbinglypressed, Ashor lips to His san-dals were tlirobliiug-ly pressed, 
forth in the beau-ty of heav'n,Andthe sin-nerwentforthin the beau-ty of heav'u. 

No. 45. m % Wo^n f t#s ht 'guxmriQ, 

'■k" Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and 
glorify your Father which is in heaven." — Matt. 5 : 16, 
P. P. Bliss. P. P. 

1. Bright- ly beams our Fa-ther's mer . cy From His light - house ev • er • more. 

2. Dark the night of sin has set-tied, Loud the an • gry bil-lows roar; 

3. Trim your *ee • ble lamp, my broth-er: Some poor sail • or tem- pest - tost. 


Lft the low - er lights be biirn-lngt Send a gleam 

P J5 

• cro68 ttss wave I 

No. 46. Mbbhtof, Roping, Jtitoiomg. 

" My beloved is mine, and I am his." — Songs op Solomon »: t6. 
P. P. Bliss. P. P. Buss. 

1. A l.iif^ time I viiii-U<nJ In dark - ness unj Bin, A-id w.ip-dtrcd if ev . er the 

2. I liiHi.l tlio eli"lgi.!j • i>l1 of "iiuuj will to ni''ii;"I njiil " w bn-H.1 - ov . er " a« 

3. Oil, uuT-cy sui-inw - iii^'. Hi! savi-u e - veu niol "Thy jKir-tiou for -ev • er,"He 

litrhtwmildHhino in; 1 heunl Cliristian friends fill of rap -tiire dl . vint>. And":; 

piin ami u. gain; I Kiid to uiy foml, "Can that inimi • l!<o U> tldiio?" And •? 

Kiyn, "will I lio," Ou llis Word I'm ifst. ing— ua . Bur.atico di - vine- I'm 5 

-J— g^, ■ . g_ ' "^ ^ 

\f W 




wbh'd.liiiw I wish 'd.lliKt their Piivi..ur wii-o udno. I wUirn I(o w<n<ndnp, yes, I % 
tlieii I..1 -pill li.i|i. ins that .).• . «iis Viul ndiio. I IkiikhI He wils niino, jo, I ci 
•"hop-liig" no l,.iig. er— I kiHivIIu Iti ninel 1 know He ih mine, Je-. I r- 


wliih't! II" were mine; I wIhIiM, bow I »l«h'd, that their Siv-ioar wen> mlmt. 
|io|».| lie wiix ndne; I tluii Im> . jmn lh>|> - In^r that .le - hiw Miiit mine. 
kn..» He i- mine; I'm "hop - Inn" ■■» IoHl; - ei - I kn.>u 11.. U mliiel 

^^hPPNF;- ? ir- g - g I r :S4#a 

No. 47. C^i |)rm0ws '§nmt, 

" And blessed be bis glorious name for ever."— PsA. 72 : 19. 
Mrs. Lydia Baxter. 

1. Tako tho name of Jo - sua with you, Cliild of Bor-ruw and of woo— 

2. Take tin- name of Je - sua cv - cr, As a BliiL-ldfrum ev - 'ry snaio; 

3. Oh I the pre-ciousnamo of Je - ens; llow it Umlls our Souls with joy, 

4. At the name of Jo • sub bow - iug. Kail - iug pros- tmte at Ilia fe<t, 


It will joy and com - fort Rivo you, Take ft then where'er you go. 

If temp - ta- tioiis'rouiidyou gath • cr. Breathe that hi> - ly nomo in pray'r. 

Wlieallia lov - jug arms re-ceivo us. And Ilia Songs ourtongueseni- ploy t 

Kiug of kings in hoav'n we'll crown Ilim, When our jour- uey is com-ploto. 

T?— I — I — r 

Prucious uame,0 how sweet,how sweet. 

No. 48. #1^, ia hz gxrtj^mig. 

■ " Neither !s he that planteth anything, neither be that watereth."— x Cor. 5 1 7. 

Gkor(.iana M. Taylor. R. Gko. Halls. Arr. by P. P. Buss. 

Vt-ry sin-.v. j. 

1. Oh, to bo noth -ing, noth - ing. On - ly to lie at His feet, 

2. Oh, to be noth -ing, noth - ing. On - ly as led by His hand; 

3. Oh, to be noth - ing, noth- iiig, Pain-ful the bumbling may be, 

Q^Q.— <M, to. i>< nq(A-iit^^ noth- ing. On -hi io ii< aA iff* jf^r^^ 


A liro - 
A mes ■ 
Yet low 

ken anil enip-tlod ves - sel, 
suu-KiT at llis gate -Wily, 
in the dust I'd lay nio 

Fur the Mas - ter's use made nitet. 
i)n- ly wait- ing for His com-ujand, 
Thatthewoildmightuiy Sav -iour eec, 

iro- ken an J emp- tied ves ■ 

ter's use made meet. 

/ 1?-- 7^ i f, kI N — \^- 

— s 

Y=S=- ^ -^ N |gp==r- 


Emp-tied that Ho might fill me 
On- ly an in-etrument read - y 
Rath- er be noth - ing, noth - iag, 

b N N N N ^ -^ -mr^-m- 



forth to His ser. vire I g^ 
prais-es to sound at His vill, 
Him let our voi-ces be raised, 

♦ N s N N S 


— 1,- 

^^ ^=^^=^__t^=^ 


* •'^^* 15 > 1 1 


J ,_,^_^_I.p^ 

— ' 

red, His lifo tliniu;.'h mo niirht flow 

>e, In f^i-lencoto wait on Him Flill 

ig, Ho on - ly ia meet to be pniised 

J? '' r rU. f" * -^ -m^-m- -m- -— ^ l,*-~v''^ 

Bro-ken, that so lin- bin - dered. His lifo tlin,n;.'h mo niirht fl 

WiH-ing,8hould he not re-quirn mo, In t^i- lenco to wait on Him Flill... 
He is the Fountain of bless - ing, Ho on - ly ia meet to be pniised 

I ^\u 

JfuIItr Ijijrsunb^ir. 

No. 49. 

" Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved."— Acts i6; 31. 
Rev. J. B. Atchinson. Wm. F. Sherwim. 




1. Ful- ly i)cr-snnd-ed. Lord, 1 be-lievol Ful • ly pcr-smid- od, Thy Spir . it give; 

2. Fn!- ly per-8na<l- ed— I,.ird,lu'arniy cry I Ful . Iv jx-r-snad. ed— |>:Ja mo not by; 

3. Ful . ly jwr-suad- ed, no inoio op - prest, Ful - ly IKT-suad- ed, now I uni blest: 

4. Ful - ly per-Buud-ed, Jo- sua is mine; Ful - Iv per-suad- ed, Uud, I am Thine! 

I win n- boy Thy call; How nt Thy foot I fall:N.i\v T snr-n'nder all.rhristto r»< - c.-ive. 

will n-b(<yThycnll;ni)wntThyfoetI fall;N.i\v T snr-n'nder all.rhristto 1 
.luntnH I nm I rome, I will in. longer roam, O make mvhonrt Thy liomo ; Save, or I die! E 

.lo-mislMnowmyOuide, I will InrhrUf abido.Mv bouI Is Kiit- Is-fied In Him to rout! 
O make my love t.iThee MkeTbineow n love to me,Sorieh,Ho full and free.Snviourdi-vine! 

No. 50. #nln ait ^rmonr-gcawr. 

" Now it came to pass upon a t\a%, that Jonathan the son of Saul said unto the yoiin;; man thai 
bare his armuiir. Come, and let lis go over to the I'hiliitincs' carrisuii that is on the other s ile • It 
may be that llie Lord will work for U5 : fur /4<r? /> no restraint to the l>OKD to s.ive !■/ many or 
by few. And his arinOLir-bcarer said ui'la him, I>oall thjtrxin thine heart : turn the.;; behold, 
I a>n with thee accordinR to ihine heart. And Jonaihar. climed up upfin his han !s a.iil upon his 
feet, and his armour-bearer :i(\.-~r him: and they fell before Jonathan ; ami Ins ariiiour-lK;arer 
ilew after him. So the Lord saved Israel that liay ; and the battle passed over unto Lieih-aven." 
—1 Sam. 14: 1,6,7,13,23. 

P. P. Dliss. X 

P. I\ r.Liss. 

1. On- ly anarmour-l>oaror, pmiKlly I (.land, WaitinR to follow nt th«> Kinf;'ncoinniiiu>l; 

2. (Ill- ly nil urniour-lieartT, now in tho fu'ld, (iuardiiig a iiliinhn;lii-lnut,Kworil,andHliiiM, 
a. Ou-ly auaruiour-bearer.yit may I sliaiv, Clu- ry Immortal, and a hi iglit crow u wear: 



Marrhiii(;if "ouwar<l"nliiill thnor-<|pr bo, Statiilin^by my C-aptaln, g<T>in;' faitlifiil-lv. 
VaiU iiiK t"lviirth«thrillin;,'I'at- tlo. rry, T:<aily thoii to ati-HW.rr," MiiflliT.lurcain I." 
If, in tho but- llu, to uiy ti'uitt I'm truo, Jliufsbullbotbohuuunilu tliutirund Kuviow. 


Hear ye tlif lattlo cry !" Forward," th"( all I See I seethofalt'ringones! l>ackwunl tli<a;'ralL 


-I — I- 

1 — is — ^ — N — 1^ — K— , 1 , V "fc. — ^ — ^ — I* — ^T — I 1 1 

Sure-ly theCaptaiu may depend on mo, Tho' but an P-"sour-bearer I may be. 

' w S ^ l» U U i I P 

Sure-ly the Captain may dc]iciid on nif, Tlio' but an armour-bearer I may Ik). 



No. 51. IPuII m t^t S^oii 

"Therefore, if any man br in Christ, he is a new creature; old tnirf/ . -.c passed away, behold, 
■11 things are become NEW." — 2C0R. 5: 17. 

" Therefore, my beloved, 
—Phil. 2 : 12. 

ork out your own sal 'dtijr 7/:th fear and trcmbhng. 
P. P. Bliss. 


1. Light in tho darkness, sailor, day is at baud! See o'er the foaniiup; billowsfair Haven's land, 

2. Trust in the life-boat, sailor, all else will fail. Stronger tho surtjfs dash and fierc-er the gale, 

3. Bright gleams the morning,sailor,up lift the eyo ; Clouds and darkne^ disappeariug,glorj' is nigh 

r-i ! >J-r^-|-f» « f ^ ^-'l^^->^ * - \-0 k. s~F B 

Drear was the voyage, wiilnr, now almost o'or, Safowithin the iifo-boat, sailor, pull for the shore. 5 
Ilccd noi the BVormj winda.tho" loudly they roar, Watch the "brigh* ami r.iorniiigatar.'and pull for theihore.n 
Safe inthelife-boat,sailor,singev-cr-uiore,"Glo-ry,glo-ry,Iiai-K-InJah !"pull forthcshore. " 




^ -^- 

Chorus. i K v 


?P— • — -'---r— ' — s --^-H— ^-^ — ^— h-i • 

[&s==J — j^5_j_s-^w-|-- — j^j-^^—\- 2-. 

Pull for the shore, sail - or, pull for thoshorel Ilcei? 

110' tho n>ll. ing waves, but 

-■Vr- ^ 1^ 1^ »» k»'^ 

01 J 

^ ^ 1 


. h 




.oaf, sail - 

o>. •liiis 




to tho oar, " Safe 

m.. .m. -(^ ^ 



tho life- 


to Heir no inor 






Leave tho p.M)r old gtrand - eil wreck, and piiil ftir tfco shore. 

^g--— --g- r f — :jg rf f - - ■ f ' :g --r - ■ ^ -1*-— - - f- 


Wo. 52. So mhtx 'gwm.' 

" Neither is there ^vution in any other." — Act* 4 : la. 
P. 1'. Buss. P. F. Buss. 

1. line of - fur of sal - va tinu, lo alltlie world make .kuowu; The on- ly suri- f.nin 

2. Olio ou-lydiKjr of hfuwn StuntUu • |n-ii wi'lo t>i- ilay, Uno sac . li- li.o 18 

3. My uu • ly B.-«iig ' . Bio • ry Jii — Je . bus tliiti fur uie; My on • Iv li>'i>o of 

da . tii)u \i Clirint, tlio ('•>r • nir-.St.>ue. ) 

civ - 111, 'Tin ClirUt, the liv - iiu: wav. V No ot 

glo - IV, Tlie CrosM .of Cal - v;i . ry. j 

oth-orway U known, 'TU J^- .«ii- riirist,th<- Fir-tun. lljixt, HKsavi-s,ond llo n-l.iu-. 

No. 53. I f t« it m foitb Icsus. 

" Casting all your cai< uuur him ; for lie caretli for you.'' — i 
Miss Ellen H. Willis. 

THR 5 : 7, 

ss II. M. Warnbr. 

1. I left it all wiin 

'2. I laavo it all with 

3. I leave it all with 

4. Oh, leave it all with 

BUS Long a - ro; All my f ns I hruughtllim, 

BUS, For Ileknowsliow to f,'«ilthe bit - ter 

sus, Day \>s d.iy ; FailU can / ni-ly trust Him 

Bu«, Droop-iiig Soul ! Tell 1101 ' i//thy eto - ry, 

And my woe. When by faith I saw Him On llie tree, Heard H- mall.still whisr>er, 

. I'Vs woes;How to (lilJ the tear-drop With Hi.sbinile, Make tlio des-eit gar-deu 

oma w:ut«i.-, '.' •• '• Jropp'd lieran - chor.Fouudlierrest III the calm,suro ha- vcu 

But tne whoiu. iVoridsoi. worlds are hauj;-iug On Ilishand, Life and de-ith are wait- iuj; 


1 left It fln bftt 3ttw. 

r#*H Kill 


— ^-1 ^-h-T 

-1- , ^ 1 , -K. .=3 

«'Tia fortheo,' From 
BlooiD a-wl.ile: AVhea 
Of Hisbreiist: Love 
Bia corn-maud; Yet 

m. -m- ^' - 

F5=^-i — L • 1 r 




heart the bur . den 
wcak-nesa Kan - eth 
teenia it beav - en 
ten ' der bos - om 

EoUed a-wav— Hap. py day! 
On Hismight.All Beems light. 
To a -bide At his side. 
Makes /Atvroom-Oh, come home! 



i{^ 1?_! Lj? 6J-J=J 

From my heart the hur - den Rolled a • way — Hap • py day! 

^\^^en my weak - nesa lean - eth On His might, All aeems light. 

Love es - teems it heav - en To a - bide At His side. 

Yet His ten • der bos - om Makes ihee room — Oh, cume homel 

^\t gome #Jjer ^\m. 

No. 54. 

V* Oh that I had wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be At rest."— PsALM 55 J «. 
Rev. D. VV. C. Huntington. Tullius C. O'Kanb. 

1. Oh, think of the home o - ver there, By tlio side of the riv . er of 

2. Oil, tliink of thefriondso - ver there, AVho bo. fore na the jour- uey have 

3. Jly Sav-iour is now o - ver there, Tliere my kin. drod aiidfiieuds are at 

4. I'll Boon bo athGiuo o - ver there. Fur tlio end of myjour-uey 

F . * . — M — r"S — -j— ~ — * — pa m • m— m _ I* 1 


light, o - verthcrc, ■N\niere IhoBaints, all iin-iuor - tal and 

trod, o- verther<i,Of llio Bongs that tlieybreatlio 011 tho air, 

rest; 0- vorlIi<re,Then a. way from my Bor - row and cai-c, 

eee; o- vertliere. Mil - iiv dear to my heart, o • ver Uiere 

robed tn their gnr-menfs of white, o - ver Ihere. O-verthei 

home ill the pal - ueo of O.hI, o - ver llielv. (» • Ver Ihei 

fly to tho land of tho blest. . ver there. (• - Ver thenv^ vertli.-ie, (» . ver 

Wttlch-liig niid wail-iiig for me. o - ver there. O - Ver tliere,.H ver tlieie, O - ver 


_ ^m-i-m m _ , 

^\t 3^omt ©btr tSVtt. 




there, o • ver there.Oh, 
then-, o- v.rtlitre,(tli, 
th.Ti\ o - vir tliiro.My 


thohiinio o- vor tlioro, 

til" fi i<iiila <> - v.r tlicr.', 

18 ii>w <i - v«r thtn-, 

- vir tli.i.'; O - ver 
viT tliiTi-; O . ver 
ViT th>r<'; O . ver 

IT B-x.a lio ath.iiie o- vor tlitro, u . ver tlure; (J - vc 


there, o. viT llien>, o-A'T tliTr-, o - vcr there. Oil, think of the home ^ - ver there. 

J there, II- v.r there, o - \.r th. n-, ... v.-rlhere.Oh, think of thofriemU o - ver there. 

t there, o- ver tliiT.', o- v. -r then?, o- v.r there, My S;iv.|.iiir Is ii..\v o - Ver there. 

therOjO • Ver there, o- v.T t'.ero, o- ver e<">0 U) at li.niio u • Ver there. 

No. 55. JTts, ^Ijcn is ^arbcit for ^Tou. 

" He will ahundantly pardon." — IsA. 55 : 17. 
Fanny J. Crosby. HfnrRT 

~^ -gr -m- ^ -m- ^ -m- ^ ~ ~ ^ 

1. Oh, dime to the'lievo In IHsnninp, Aihlawk Ilimyour h.jirtto re- new; 

2. Tliu wuy urtntiis-Kre?iMi.>ii thiil ■■■.kIs iiu-t'iil.'dlh. Oh, why » ill y.xi Innur-.T |iiir-Niie7 

3. He wuruoilof jKiirtluu-ger; escain) to thucrtwH; Y.iiiruu- )y Mil - vu-liuc. in; 

He waltd to bo, O turn not a -way. Fur uow there !:< piir-flun f. 
Uowcauyon re- jwt Iho sweet ni.-itNige.ifluvb Tlmtof- f. rs full f. 
Be-licvo,aud that luumeDt the Spir-it of grace ^V•I1 nii-awer your jx-u 

K ^ - > > ■ 


ir you 
r you? 
nt jiniyer. 

I u 

^^= ^^^ 

Yes, then- is par - dou for you 

Tos, there is par^dou for you; 

No. 66. (So Wiaxh, iit pn UTintprtr. 

*• Go work to-day in my vineyard."— Matt. 21 : 28. 

T. CO' Kane. 



1 -m;,! wik in ?[y viucvani,-' tli.-ii-'splenty to do. The bar- vost is ^'rcat auil the 
•Go work iu My viueyiird," I claim thee aaMiue, With blix>d did I buy thee, aud 

t \Z 'Z "S'— 5— g— sti 

» 1- , 



— K- 








-^ *- 



v.t's are f.w; Thi-re'swi-i- 
that is thine; Thy time 

liMK and 
and thy - 

n^. and 
nts, thy 

char . 
lult . 




- ers, 



— — ^— --n^-rS- 

-*■ -r 


1:— r 

■ 0— 













D.S.—rve sheep to he tend • ed, and lambs to be fed. The 
D.S.—In pain and temp- ta • tion, in an • ptish and shame.I 

K — m — IS — N — ^ — n 

1? i i^^jj 

plo'iKliiiig.niid 8ow-5nj?, aud gath'ring the fruits. There arc f>x.os to take, there are 
warm-est af « fee- tiuns, tliy BUU - 11 i- est hours. 


will-ing-ly yield -cd My 

• — m — m — 40- 

U fc* W» "^ 
A)j/ >«Hj/ /'^ gathered, the ivea-ry ones /ed. [Co to Chorus.] 
paid thy full ran- torn : Afy purchase /c/aiiti. [Go to Chorus.] 

»_o -T N N IS ^X N «k > K f'-T-ii' 1^ — 



wolves to do • etmy, All a - gea and ranks I can ful . ly em. ploy, 
kiiifi-dom for lliee, The song of arch - au • gels — to Lang ou th<' tree; 

Choiun. w.irk (TO Work 

(10 work ill My vhieyurd,g(i work III My viiieyanl.go work in My vini'yanl ;lheri 

> u > 

(iO work po work. 

pleii- ty to ilo, Go work, work. work. w..ik. The hi»rve!<t In 'rn-ut mid tholnh'n-rsarefew. 
•»■ •» ■ -m- -m- ■0- -A- J^. I— »—- *- *•• -m- ^ » /t\ m -0 -9 m '!•■ 

as . :\ - T.. r -n-= yZ "^ rj' 1 I H , T '9 * f-cr-^-* * 

-^— ^-^^-Jji-J^ 

Cto CTork in ^5 Tintjart. 

i "Go wfirk in My vineyard ;" oh, "work wliilo 'tiH day,* 
Tlie briglit hours of Hiinsliino are hastenine away ; 
And night's gloomy sliailows are pHthering fart- 
Then the time for our lalxir sliall over he ynxBt. 
Begiij in the iiiorniiig, .-lud toil all the (lay, 
Thv strength I II supply and ihv wages I'll pay; 
And Messed, fhri.e Mcsseil the .liligent few, 
Who finish the labor I've given thorn to do. 

No. 57. 

S^nmour. 7s. 

Y " A broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise," — Ps. 51 : tj. 
Rev. Chas. Wesley. C. M. Von Wbbrr. 

1. Depth of mcr-cy! can there bo Mer - cy still re- «>rved for me? 
•1. 1 li:ivi) long with-stood Ilia grace; L<mg pro- voked Him to His f:ue ; 

.3. Now, in - clino mo to ro - pent; Let mo now Diy sins la- ment ; 

(an my Hod His wrath for- l>ear? Me, the chief of sin - m-in, spare? 
Would not heark- en to His calls, (irieved Him by a thou»- and falls. 
Now my foul ro - volt do • plore, Weep, be - lieve, aij<l sin no morn. 


Jg!_^tl* -f. 

No. 58. Whtn t^c Comforter Cmuc. 

Wii.i.iAM MooRF. " He shall give you another Comforter." — John 14: 16. R^y. R. 

1. My heart, that waaheav-y and sjuI, Was made to re-joice and be glad, 

2. To sin and to e - vil in-eliiied, Wnhdarkm'sa per- viid- ing my mind, 

3. The Voice of thanksgiv-ing I niiseii. The Lord, iiiy Ue-docm-er, I praised; 

And peace with. nut nieas-nre 
No rest I could an - y - 
I was at His mor - cy 
A M-. M. M^ -m- '-m. 



When the Com- fort - er 
Till the ('..m-fort .r 
When the Com- (ort - er 

a®f)tn tf)t Comforttr i&^amt. 


No. 59. ^itlfjiifbiT. 

" For the grace of God tliat bringeth salvation to all men hath appeared."— Tm's a : ii. 
P. P. Bliss. P. V. P,liss. 

1. Como.siugtlio gos- pel's joy- fulsound.Sal - va-tionfuU and free ; Pro-claim to all the 

2. Ye iiiouriiingBduls, a- liiud n^- juice; Vo blind, your Saviour bpo 1 Ye pris'nors, sing with 

3. With rap- turo B^veUthoamg a -gain, Of Je- bus' dy- ing love ; 'Tia peace on earth.gnod 

world a- round, The year of ja • bi • lee 1 

thankful voice, The Lord hath made you free I J- Sal- va - tiou, Sal - va - tiou, TIk 

will to men, AndpniiMOto God 

bi - lee I -j 
' you free I >■ S 
a ' bovo. J 

I I I r 2 

graco of God doth briug; Sal - va • tion, Sal • va- tion, Thro' Christ our LonI and King. 

J?-_* # 



No. 60. 

#ntoarltr, (^[pbjartr. 

" Hold that fast which thou hast, thut no ma 
Fanny J. Crosby. 

1 take thy crown."— Rkv. 3: it. 

Ira D. Sankbt. 

1. (in-uiinl! \ii>-wanll Cliristian s-il - dier, Turn not Itack tmr sheath thy eworU, Let its 

2. (»ti-\vanl! ii|>-wanll do - iiig, dar- iii^; All fur Him wlio died for thee; Kan- the 
:i. Oil. ward! till thy couriio id llu.i»ihe<l, L.ikotliu run. 8oiiiu<l oiii'S bu - fore; Kieptlio 

;e — -r: -r- 


hlade ho Bliarp for con-quest. In the hat • tie for tho Lord. From tlip great white throuce- 
foo and iiii'i-t with bold-iii-!«i l>angcr what- (to- e'lT it \f. Fmnitlio Imt - tlcnicntM of 
faith tliio' jicT - w cu - tioii, Nev- er ^ivo tlir - tlo o'l-r. On- want! up- wardi till vlc- 

-»-__:ff- m - -^ jm- -im- ' -^ -^ . ^ ^ b . 


tiT - iial, (iiHl Iiim-Btdf la lo<ik- iii;;il<iwii ; IIh It irtwliu now CMniniaiidB (h>-<>, Take the 
rIo-iv, llo- ly oiit'H art> look- iiiKdown, Tlmu i-aiwtalinixt lifiir tlicnii<li>>utiiiK:"Oiil Ua 
tu-ri<>iid,TlioU8haltlay thy ar. niordown. Ami thy lov- ini; Sav-imir liidnthi-u At Ilia 

cross and win the crown. He It in who nowr.ininiaiidsthei>,Taki'tliiM-ri>s«and win tht-crown. 

no one take thy crown." Tlion canst almost hear tlieiiislioutint;: - On! Irt ne take thy cr..« 11." 

haiiil receive tiiycrovv'n. And til V lev. iiij; Savi.iurhidstheo At Ilia haml ri'<-eive th> ituwii. 


No. 61. M^xt f obr£ to ^\n, ^ Christ. 

Continue ye in my love." — ^JoHN 15: 9. 

W. h.DoANB. 

Elizabeth Prentiss 

1. More love to Thee.O Christ! More love to Thee; HearTliou the pray'r I make On bended knee; 

2. Once earthly joy I craved, Sought i>eaj:e and rest; NowTlieealone I seek, (jive what is liest: 

:{. Let sorrow do its work. Send K'ief or pain; Sweet are Thy messengers. Sweet their relVain, 

4. Then shall my latest breath.Whisper Thy iiiaL;c,This be the parting cry :My Iieart shall raise; 


This isiiiv 


Tliis still its pi 

IffioTt lobe to fKUt, ® €'%xUst. 

t pica, M.)ie lovp, Christ, to Thee, More love to Thee! More love t.. Thee! 
ill Ik-, More love, Christ, to Thee, More love to Thee! More love to Thee 1 
ine, — Jlore love, O Christ, to Thee, More love to Thee! More love to Tliee! 
ill 1 >e: Jlore love, O Christ, to Thee, More love to Thee ! More love to Thee I 

No. 62. 

m^olh ^^m, 

" The God of peace sanctify you wholly."— Thbs. 5: 23. 
Mrs. Annie S. Hawks. Rev. Robert Lowry. 

1. Thiue, most gra - cioiis Lord, O make me whol - ly Thiue — Thine in thought, in 

•J. ^\ liol - ly Thine, my Lord, To go when Thou dost call; Thiue to yield my 

3. \Vli..l - ly Thiue, O Lord, In ev - 'ry pasa - iug hour; Thiue in si - leuce, 

4. Uli,.l - ly Thine, O Lord, To fash-ion an Thou wilt,— Strengthen, Mess, and 

5. Til ini^, Lord, whol- ly Thine, For ev - er one with Thee — Root - ed, grouud-ed 

word, and deed. For Thou, O Ch list, art mine. "X 
ver - y wlf In all things, great and uniall. / 
Thiuo to Bpiak, As Th.iu (lost grant the power. > 
keep the Soul Whieh Thou hiistsaved from guilt. \ 
iu Thy love, A - bid - iug, Bure, and free. / 

Whol - ly Thi ue, whol - ly Tl 1 

Thou hast bought me, I am Thine; Blessed Saviour, Thou art mine; Make me wholly Thiue. 

No. 63. 

J C. Moitr.AN, 

JfulIiT (Thrusting. 

Fully I trust in thy word."— Ps. 115 


Gbo. C. Sthbbins. 

1. All luydoulits I give to Jo - huh! I've His gnicioUH promise lie«r\l—" I hIuiII nev-iT !«• con - 

V!. All 111 v sin I lay <in Jo -buhI He dolli wiish mo in HisMood: lie will kicpnie punand 

:i. All niv teiira I give to Jo-Husi Kestsnivwea-ry Houlou Him; Tlio" my wav be hid iu 

4. AllmyJoyH I give to Jo - mist He is all 1 want of bliss: He of all the wild is 

0. All I Ilia I give t« Jo - Himl All my IkkI - y, all my Boul, All I have,aiid all I 


^ -=j=^^ 


fmud - pil"— I am trust-iiig in that word. ") 

ho - ly, He willbriugiuehume to GihI. f 

dark- ni'iis, Nc-v-er can His li','lit grow dim. ,- I am truBt-ing, fill ly trusting, Swoctly 

Jlas - ter— He has all I uwd in tliis. I 

Lope for, While e- ter -nal a - ges roll. ^ 

tr'j.stiii;; in Ili.s word; I am tni»ting, Fnl-Iy tniHting, Swoclly tnistingic 'lis word. 

No. 64. 

Jfsus SbuII §ltiign. 


' The Lord is King forever and ever." — Ps. lo: i6. 

Karl Wilhblm, 

1. .le - PUS phall ri-i;;n wli.T-eVr the mm l)o<« Iiig BMC<p««-ivo Journcvx run; Hi 
'J. To Him shall end • K'HS prayer tw niadeAnd end - lusa prais-cs cixiun Ilishi'iui;!^)) 


king-dom Bpreadfromshore to shore, Till nioous shall wh.x and wane no tnc)re. From 
name like sweet per-fume shall rise With ev - 'ry moin-iiig sac- ri - flee. IVu- 

north to sonth the priuc - es meet. To pay their hom-age at His feet; While Wcst-.'rn 
pie and realms of ev - 'ry tongue Dwell on His love with sweetest song, And in-fau' 

-0 -r ^ *• 

em - pirea own their Lord, And sav-age trities at- tend His word. 

VI. ii ^ - es shall pro - claim Their ear-ly bless - ings on His Name. 

No. 65. gtiT Song skll ht of Itsirs." 

" His praise shall continually be id my mouth." — Ps. 34: 1, 
Mrs. Van Alatynb. W. H. Doanb. 


1. Mv siMii; pliall lio c'f Jo- pii.j.IIis nur -cv crowns my davs, lie fills my cup witk 

2. My snn- shall Ix; of Jo- gus.Wh.'ii.Ht-tiiifr at liis fo'ot, I call to mi ml His 

3. 31y s<jug shall bo of Jo. piis,Whilo prost-iug on my way 

To reach the bliss -ful 

Moss, inffs, And tunesmy licart to praise; My song fhall bo of Jo - fus. The o- 
gooil - ni'ss, III uii'il -i - ta. tii>nB\veet; My pong shall be of Je • sus, What-'^ 
ro - gion Of pure ami por.fcct day. And when my 6*'ul shall en . ter The £• 



-.—i^ — p ^T ■■ — t^ — r I ^ — I i- -* p 

I 0^ ' fc. ritard. 

pro-ciousLambof God, Who pave Himself my ran- som.Andbonghf mowith HisbUKid. 
cv - or ill bo - tide; I'll sing the grace that saves me, And keeps me at His side, 
gate of E • don fair, A song of praise to Jo - susI'U sing fur- cv- or there. 

—I — ^-\ — I — ^ "- '■I 1 — r— "t — t — t — r , 

#nliT a Sttjj to l-csus. 

No. 66. 

" Then come thou, for there is peace." — i Sam. ao: ax. 
Fanny J. Crosby. W. H. Doanb, 

1. On 

2. On 

3. On 

4. On 



ly a step to J« -SMs! Then why not take it now? <"ome,and. thy sin 

ly a slip to Jo . siis! Ho- lieve, anil thou shalt live; Lov - ing- ly now 

ly a step to Jo-suh!A sti-pfromsln to gnu-o; What host thy ln-nr 

ly a step to Jo -bus! O why Dota>me,and say, Glad - ly to Thee, 

c>in - 


••■w. Ing, T.> Him thy SiiV- lour Im>w. n 

mil -liik', Am.I fiid . y t> f.r - givo. ( „„ . 

Id . ivnTlio mo-m.-nUlly ,i . po.o. f v)n ly 

lav. lour, I give my.fcdf a- way. -' 

a step, On-ly n si.p; t 

®nls a Stty to Jtffus. 


No. 67 

Annir R. CrmsiN, 

" And there shall be no night there." — Rbv. 22 : 5. 


1. Tlio Haiiils of tinic ari' r^iiik-iii};, The dawD ofhravi-nliroakH, Tlu' tiiim-niiT nmni I've 

2. I'vo wri-8 . tlt'il on t'wanl li<'avi'ii,'<;aiiihtHti>nnunil winilariiltiilo, N(i\v, liUo a wca - ry 

3. Deep wafer8cros8edlifc'i<|ialli\vay,Tho 1i<mI;;o of thoruswaSBliarp; Now thi'so lio all lio - 

^ >-,.■•--. N I I ^.' M. M. Jt. £Z. M..^ r-, . -^ m - ^ 


#r— ^ V y ■ ' a — -:^'7.m- 


si;^'hiMl fi>r — Tlio fair.swivtnMni a- wakes. Park, dark liath bwii tlio nii'l-night, But 
Irav'-lcT That li'au - ctli on Ilispiiiilc, A - niiil thoehailes of eve -uing, While 
hind nu— 01 for awill.tnu(jdliari«!01 to join the liij - lo - lu - jah With 


■ e * ^ • * 2?—'-" 

day- spring is at hand, And glo - ry — glo - rydwelleth In Im-mau-uers land, 

sinks life's lingeriugsaud, I hail th«» glo - ry dawning. From Ini man- uel's land, 

yon triiimphaut hand ! 'Who siiiir where glo - rydwclleth, !n lui-nian- uel's land. 


No. fJS. flarn ts f^^ ptg^. 

" Thou shaltcompAss mc about with songs of deliverance." — Ps. 37 : 7. 
Fan'^'^ J- Crosby. T. E. Perkins. 

^ ... - -^ ^^I3»— ^ 

light, and cold the wind is blow - ing, Xcar - er and m-a 
^'o, orwbith-or fly for vt-t -uge?llido nic, luy I'ai 

-^ — * -ej_-r * -^--jg- g-r-,- ., . ■,-^ — r-i»-^ »-T 

Dark is the night, <ind cold the wind is blow - ing, Xcar - er and m-arorconKsthe 
Whereshall I S". orwbith-or fly for vt-t -uge?llido nic, luy I'atber, till the 


— — -] 1 — " m . :J -' — I 1 1 '— — I wi ' ^ 

J breaker's roar; ■» / With Ili.s K>v- ing hand to tr'iidi-, I.-t thoclouiJs a-bove me roll. And tin 
I storm is o'er; i' (I canbrave thewilJ-eststorm, with His glo'- ry iu niysoul, I cai 

' I 1. ts u tJ u U r 



bil-lnws in ihc 

ry' dash a-rmind mc. ) 

/ King ami Jst the tempest — Praise the Lordl 

m^ mvr ^W^M^^ 

2 Park (■• !'ie n / •"♦."cLce' g isthepmniise; 1 3 Park is the nifiht, but lo! the day i> iT.-aUing, 
He will f, > witn me o''. i... .iinibled wave; Onward my bark, unfurl tliy every siil; 

i.afeHewill leaf! inctlirough '.i.e pathless waters, Now ut the lielm 1 see my Father htanding, 
Jesus, the mighty one, auc" strong to save. j Soon will my anchor drop within the vail. 

0. 69. '§mx % Call. 

'• Putnn the wliole armour of God." — Eph. 6: 11. 

W. F. S 

Martk movement. 



1. Lo! the day ol God is break-ing: See the gleam -ing from ft - fii ! 

2. TniHt in Him whc is your Ca|>- tain: Tjet no li>'»rt in ter - mr quail; 

.3. On - ward marrh ing, firm and stead - y, Faint not, fear not Sa - tan's fi.'wn, J 

4. <"onq-'iiug hoef" with ban- n<T« wav . ing, Sweep-iug on o'er hill and plain,; 

S-.nii iif from iiliin> Iht wak - Ing, Hail fh« Bright and Mi>rii - Ing .Star. 

,le - HU4 I<'u>Ih tliii Ka'l> -'ilng le -gionii, In His name we shall pre- vuil. * 

F..r the |„,r(l Is With \mu al . ways, Till MAi wear Him vie- |..i's rnmn. ! 

Nc'orshall hall till swwl, il.^..n . them, 'M'hriiil o'er all the wolM d.itl, leicn!" « 

fttax i\it CalL 

Ilciir tlio call! O Kiid joiir ai-iiMur 

Take tho lid nu 


f ml - va . ti'n, Pn-sH-iiig on t«>hat-tle fur the LorJ' 

gl ^=g^^;pi i^ia 

No. 70. 

|oiT iiT .Sorrofo. 

" V'oui- sorrow shall be turned i 
Mrs. Janb Ckrwdson. 

-John i6 : 20. 

Ira D. Sakkkt. 

1. I'vofcinnd a J:>V in 8<>r-r<>w, A se- crcthalmftir jinin, A beau - ti - fill to - 

2. a pl.iil ho - Kin - 11a For iv - 'ry wiK-aiid wail; A Imml - fiil of sweet 
.'i. An K- Him with its e<»il. iii'Sr, ltd foiintaiiisand itHshncIo; A Llem - Jnt; in jia 
4. My Saviour, 'riuop.ifl-K.s8- iug. I huvo the juy.tliobalui. The heul- iiig aii.l the 



ni>r-row<if Niiii-.shinu af - tur rain; I've found a branch of ln>al - lug Near 

man - na When f-'ai-us of KsIi-whI fail; I've f.nind a K.^k of A - gc« Wheo 

fill - li.',ss,\Vlii'n bulls of j)r..iii-is« fad.-. (I'.r tt-ars of on . tri . ti..n I've 

bless -lu-, Tho eiiii -uliiiie and tho insulin; The proui-we for the ftar - lul, Tho 


ev . pry hit- ter Bpri.if;, A whis-peredprom-ise steal - ing O'er ev - ery tro- kc 

des- (it wells are diy; And af - ter wea - ry 6ta - ges, I've found an K - li... 

wl teen a niiu-bow liKlil; A glo - ry an.l fru - i- tion.So near! — yet out of 

^J E - liui for the faint: The rain -bow for the tear - ful, The glo - ry for the 

string, A wliis- pered pr.iui-ise steal- ing, O'er ev -ery bro - ken string. 

niL'ti. And af . t.T w.'a- ry Kta - ges, I've fouii.l an E - liui ; nigh. 

tiL'ht. A glo . r>' and fru - i - tion, So near!— yet out of sight, 

saint! The ruin - bo w for the tear - ful, The glo - ry for the saintl 

■Jg--^,— •g-_^jg--^-g-^--g:— -f- . -p-'^»-i£- 

-• — t—m 1* — « • 

No. 71. 

®^e ptabtnlu f rtn^. 

" A better country, that is an t^cavenly.' 
Rev. I.i;\vi3 Haktsough. 


C. r.RAnnimT. 

I totliiiik..f tlieli.av.iiblaiidWi.iTowliito-rulKMlariL'LLi 

Where many a IViuuil is gatliereJ safe iroiu fear and toil aii.l care 


Theru'llbe no 


II I ^ "^ w 

. N . . . . ^ 

l)art-iiig,Tlir're'lll)0 no part- ing.ThereMlbe no part-ing,Tliere'llbe no jKirt-in^ tluTe. 


2 I \»ve to tliink nf tlie lienvcnly laml, 
Where my lleileemer reigns, 
Where rajitiiroiis Songs of trinmpli rise. 
In enillessjoyiins KlrainH. — Si/. 
8 I Ihink of the heavenly lan.l, 
The Hjiinta eternal home. 
Where i>;ilnis,anilrolies,anii crowns ne'erfaile, 
And all our joys are one. — /Ce/. 


4 I love to think of the heavenly lan.l. 

The greetings there Wt-U in. it. 
The hari»i— till- songs forever ours— 
The walks— the goliKu slreeLs.— A'^ 

5 I l.ivo to think of the hiavenly laud. 

That promised land so fair, 
Oh, how my raptiireil spirit longa, 
To ho forever there. — Jif^. 

No. 72. 

Cull Umn hi. 

Co out into the highways and hedges, and 
Anna SHinoN. 


ipcl them to come in." — Li'kr 14 : 23. 
Ira 1). Sanki 

1. "Call them in " — Iho piHir,tho v retched, Sin-staino<l wand'rersfronitho fold; IVaeennd 

2. "Cafl Ihem in"— Hie .lew.tlm foil- tile, l!id the stran- ger to the feiLst ; "(all llnni 
'.i. "Call llieiii in" — Hie nieie pii>-fi'ss- o»4, Slumlieiing.- heping on death'sbrink; Nouglilof 
4. "Call tln^m in"— the bro-keii.heart-ed, Cweiiug'iiial'i the liiand of shame; Speak liove'i 

I*- -^ -g- ' :^ -ff- -m- -f h -m - ■»■ -f> _ -* • -m - ■^- ■* - -g- -i/t ■g-_ 

jiarJon fn-ely offer; Pini yon weigh their worth with gold? "("all llii'm In "— the weak.the weary, .S 
111"— llieri.h.theno- hie, Krom the liigheHt to the hast: Kortlithe Father riiim to meet them, o- 
life arolliey p,.s.*.ss..rH, Vet of safe- ty vain- ly think: Ttringthemin—lheearelessseonreiK, « 
mes-s4ige low and len-der,' '/wat/'or sinners Jfsut ciime : .See, the ithudowii leiiglhuu i\>iiiid na, 9 


:,a-d..|i«lltillied.K.niof Kin: Itid Ihei«m.en;ltoh...„n,|<ii I .• -..•..k,.,N I ,f the earth : T.ll ..f ( ; 

S.».n till' .|„y-lawn » ill l,e.;ln; ( 'an y-.n I,.„v 

mo iiml n-Ml In .TesiiH ; }!•• Is waiting—" Call them In." 
.ami loyalwindiiK Walt Ihci tost on.'H—"Cnll themln.";nir|oiiHonen», And of .li>siis' j.r|r< lens worth. 
•Ill lost mill lonely T C*r;V//> fow/'wi,—"* 'all them In." 


" In returning and rest ye shal! be saved." — Isa. 30 : 15. 

Frances Ridley Havbrgal. 


p. p. Buss. 

1. I biir\g my j;«f to Tine, The Eins I can- not count, Tliat all may cleansed 

2. I bring iny/T'.c/'t'^ Tine, The priuf I can - not till; >'o worJBslmll necd-ed 

3. My joys to Tlito I bring, Tiio juVsTliylove has given. That eiicU may bo a 

4. J^y /i/e I bring to Then, I would iiot be my own; O ISa-viour,let mo 

■ -m- -»^ \ -m- -^ ^ ! I -m- -0-' -m- -m- ■^^■ 

bo Tn Tliyonoo o - pcned Fouut ; I bring them Sav - lonr, all toThpe;Tlie 

be, Tlioukriowe>t all ho well; I bring the Bur. mw lui<l on mt*, O To lilt moncar-er hfavon, I bring theni,Sav - iour, all to Thee, Who 

be Thine ev-er, Thine a - lone, BIy heart, my life, my all 1 bring To 

bur<dea in too great for me. The bur- den is too great for me. 

Buff'ring Suv - iour, nil to Thee, O sulT-'ring Sav - iour, all to Thee. 

hiLst iiroeiiri'd thenj ull for mi', AVho bitst |>riM-uriMl them all for mo. 

Thee, my Sav - iour and my King, To Thee, uiy !Sav - iour and my King. 

No. 74. 

^oitg of .Sulbatmit. 

nil ye that lal. 
you rest.' 

.Tnd are heavy lailen, and I will give 

-Matt. 11 : 26. Philip Philum 

-W. -^ " " " " -ah -^ 

I have heard of a Saviour's love, 
r have heard how He CTiffered and bled, 
I've been told of a heavea on hiKh, 
Lord, answer tlu-n questions of 

And a won- dei. ful love it must be; 
How He langiiish'danddiedon the tree; 
Which the children of Je . sti.'* shall eee; 


vhom shall I 

but to Thee? 

But did He come down from a- bovo, 
l!ut then is it an - y-where said. 
But is there a place in the sky. 
And Bay by ThySpir-it di • vine, 

M- jm. .m. M- ■»- M. Jt. -A'. 

Out of love and com-pafl-sion for me, for me, 

That he laiiguish'd and suffered for me, for me. 

Made read- y and furnished for me, for me, 

There'sa Saviour and heav- eu for me, for me, 


iSong of SalBatlon. 

Chokus. , I 1 1 1 ' .v* ' 

» N ^ I 

Out of Inve auii c >iiiii;issi(>iif'ir iiir? ,^ Response* 

That Ue lanpcuishM ;iii(lsiil)'ei-C(l for 111.' ! 

Made ri'ail- y ami fiiniishfd for iiiuV i . •• 

There's a Saviour audheavfu for nie. ^ ' ' T^: m ^ m 

,; -Yis, yi'S,ycs,for me, for me, Yes, yes, yes, for nie; 

JS— ^J55_K 

I I '^ /■ • -^ -W- -9- -W *^«- -=7- 

Our Lord from a - bove iu Ilia in - fi - uito lovi-.Ou the cross died to Kive you and iiie, 

4 — h - -r *->- 

Moderate. | 

1. At the feet 

2. At tlie feet 
At the feet 


List-'niii^ to Ilis wnnl : Learn-iiig wis. dom'a 
I'our- ing i)er. fume rare. Ma - ry did her 
In that morn- in;; )unir, Ijov - ing hearts re- 


No. 76. 

% f ittle mhih. 

" WTiat is this that he saith a little while.'"— John i6 . 17. 



Ira D. Sankbt. 

s s N 

iMrtliepeacetliatfldweihas a riv - er, Makiuglife'gdesertplacesbloomandt.niile; 
lit- tie while "for patieutvig-il-keeping, To face theetormand wrestle with the stiiing; 
lit- tie while " the eartheu pitcher takinp.TowayBiaebrooke.from farofffountains fi d; 
little while" to keep thooil from failing,"A little while" faith's flickering lamp to trim: 

I ^\0* 

Oh, for the faith to f,'ni.<p " Ilea t'ii'8 briglit fon'ver," A-mid the shadow s of earth's " lit tlo \vTiilv." 
"A little wliil.)" to sow till- wed with wei-ping. Then bind the bheaveriaud. siiipc the han-cst soup. 
Then tli*" parched lip in thirst forev-er hhikiiiu: Beside the fulness of the Fountain-head. 
And then the Uridegro<ini'8 coming footsteps hailing, We'll haste to meet Him with the briilnl liymo. 

No. 77. 

Fanny J. Crosby. 

|ust IT Morb for 3ftsu3. 

" Wilt thou not tell."— EzBK. 24 : 19. 



1. Xowjust a Word fi>r Ju - bus; Yourdeai^est Friend so true, Conie,cheerourheartsand 

2. Now just a Word for .Fo - sus; 1'ou feel yoursins for-given. And by His grace are 

3. Now just a word for Je - sus; A cro^s il can- not be To eay, "I love my 

mT^m^ 0^^ 


tell us What He has done for you. "| 

striv-ingTo reach a. home in heaven, j- Now just a word for 

t;av-iourWho gave His life for ni?."j 


4 Now just a word for Jesus ; 

Let not the time be lost ; 

The heart's neglected duty 

5 Now just a word for . 

And if your faith be dim. 
Arise in all your weakness, 

And Ujvo th* tntt to 9ini.-»/(^ 

No. 78. 

o's on i^t f ortr*s Si^t? 

' Who is on the Lord's side."— Ex. 32 : .:fi. 

Mrs. E. W. Griswold. 

P. P. Buss. 

"^ nVre mapoh-ing to Ca - naau \rith ban- ner and sonpr, Wi'ro . dicre fU- 

2. The sword may be buru-ished, tho ar - nior be bright. Fur !Sa - tau ap- 

3. Who is there a-niong us yet un - der tlie nxi, Wlio knows nut the 

4. Oh, heed not the Bor - row, the paia and the wrong, For soon shall our 

r^T— , i: — b-r-1 p — , ^ 

~n.s — 1 ■ -fr'i 

M-d^^'f^^^ — i^—^— 



^^ £^E£ia 

list - ed to light 'gainst the wrong; 
jiears as an au - gel of light; 
par - don - ing uier - cy of God? 
sigh - ing be changed in - to eong; 



lest in 
dark - ly 
bring to 
bear • ing 

tho cm - flict our 
the bo - si.m may 
Ilimhum-bly the 
the cross of our 



44 ^ 

-^-i- — U— is-j 

Btrenfrthshoiilddi-vide, We ask, who a-niong us is on the Lord'ssldi^? ^ 

frcarh - cr - y hide. While lips are pro-foss - ing, "I'm on th(> Lord's sidi'." "5 

heart in its pride; Oh, haste, wliile He's wait -ing and Beik the Loiii's side. % 

cov - o- nant Guide, We'll shout, aa wo tri -uniph,"/'»t on the Lord's si Je.^ "^ 



Oh, who ia tliere a-niong us, the true and tho tried, Who'll slaii.l by his 

-\ " — ■ — — ■ — ' ' — "-p — r — c — T" — r~^~ — t^ 


No. 79. / gtm^mkr ^t. 

"O I>or(i, thou kiiowcil; rciiieiiil>cr."— Jrr. 15: 15. 

I. A - liis! anil diil my Sav-iour Mood? And (li'l my S.voreiKu die? 

•J. Wiis it fiir criiUL-8 that I hud dimo Ho pnmiied up - on tlio troe? 

Will might llio Buu ill dark- iic^ hidu, Ajid ^l^lt his ghi - rios in, 


Clio. — //e// tm, dear 6at> - tour, TJiee to lytvn. And cv 
--N— j{^— J*'^-J* N \ 4— r-4- 

er faith-ful bt; 

VfiiMIIo do - vnto tlirit 8a - cn-d ho:id For ftmh a worm oa I? 

A - in.iZ-liig jiit - j! pia.o uii-knowii lAnd lovo Ixi-jond dn - pioe. 

Vhiii( hrlm.llio iiii:;ht - y Milk - or died For iimn, tlio croa-tiin 'h Hiii. 

And '.I'hcn Thou til • tfst on Thy throne, O Lord, 


■ nuHt - itr tne. 

4 Thus iiiJKht I liido my IdiiMhius fii' o, 
\VhiUt IHh ilciir cmiw iii>i>o:iis, 
DIsivilvK my hriirt in tlmiiUrnlMcss, 
Aud luflt luiuo cyoa to tiai>. — C'/xc. 

Hut dri>iw of priof run no'or rc'iMiy 
Tliodol.t of I..V0 lowo; 

II. 'ii', Lord, I pivii uiysoir invuy; 
'Tiaull that 1 cuu do.— tVw. 

No. 80. 

IIlnkv UruTON. 

" Looking unto Jesus." — Hkb. u: 2. 

P. r. Bliss, 

1. Look a-wav to .To - bus. Soul 1>y >»'>0 op - prowe'd; 'Twhm for thro IIo 

2. Look n- way to .I0 - eus .Sd - dj.r in tlio fl(;ht; Wlu-ii lh« hut . tin 

3. Loi.k H-\»av to Jo - KiiH, AVIiiii llio nliio» are fair; ("alia was linvn tlioir 

4. L.>ok u-waV ti) Jo • MIS 'Mid tlio tnil iind lioat; SM.n will cmo tlio 
6. Whou, a - mid tho nm - sic Of the cud - lew foiiat, SuiiitHwjll aiug Hip 

si'f - for'd, r >uie to nim nn.l rost. All thy grirfs lIo car - r'iod, 

thick- eim Krop thine nun - or brisht; Though tly fm-s !« ma - iiy, 

dan - pore; Mar - in - or, lie • ware! Kartli - ly joy8 are fle( t - ing, 

lost - iiig At the Mas -tor's foot; For tlio guests Cio l>id - den, 

,iiai8-08. Thine shall D..t Im least; Then, u - mid tho glo - ries 


All thy sMis Ho bore; Lo..k a-w.iy to Jo -bus; Trust Illm ev - er - mora 

TlioMliystron);thtK;siiiali, Look a - way to Jo - siis; Ho shall Con-qiior nil. 

Go- ing iw tlicy oamo. Look a- way to Je - fiis; Kv - er - more tho Banie. 

Aud the feast is b]i road; Look a-vay to Jo - mis; In His foot-BU-i>s tread. 

Of tho crvs-tal sea, Lo..k a- way to Je - bus; Through o - ter - iii . ty. 

No. 81. §t^onr, % gribf groom Conuib. 

" At midnight there was a cry made, behold the Bridegroom comcth."— Matt. 95 6. 
G. F. R. Geo. F. Root. 

1. Our laniijs are triuim'daDd burn-ing, Our robes are white and clean. We've 

2. Go forth, go forth to meet Him, The way is o - pen now, All 

3. We Bee the mar - riage splen-dor With - in the o - i)en door; We 

tar-ricdfor the Bridegwom, Oh, may wo en - ter in? Wo know we've notliing rt 
light-od with the glo- ry Tliat'sBtreamiug from His brow. Ac- ccpt the in - vi- 5 
know tliat those who cu- ter Are blest for - ev - er - more. We see He is more « 

wor-thy Tliat we can call our own — The light, the nil, the rolies we wear, | 
ta-tion Be - yond do.sorv-iiig kind; Make no de - lay, but take yonrlani|>!S^ 
lovo-ly flian all the suim of mea But still we know the dtH>r once liliut, f 



theBrideKroomc-metht .\nd all miy 

illiiiriiinK. Whrwe n'N-nnrP wlillrund cI.mii. 

en - t«r In, WliiKielum|»iar<lriniui'ilaiiilbiiriilnK, Whrwe n'N-n arc wlillr and cI.mii. 

TNo. 82. 

MbUcr t^rtn Snotcr. 

" Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."'— Ps. 51 : 7. 
James Nicholson. Wm. G. Fiscmbr. 

1. Lord Je - sug, I long to b« per - feet - ly whole; I want Thee for- 

2. Lord Je - sus, look down from Thy throne in the skies. And help mo to 

3. Lord Je -bus, for this I most hum- bly eu- treat; I wait, bless - ed 

4. Lord Je - sus, Thou seest I .pa- tient - ly wait; Come now, and with 

live in my soul; Break down ev - 'ry 

make a com-plefe sac - ri - lice; I give up my - self, and what- 

Lord, at Thy cm - ci - fied feet. By faith, for my cleansing, I 
iu me a new heart ere - ate; To those who have Bought Thee, Thou 


out ev - 'ry foe; Now wash me, and 

ev - er I know — Now wash me, and 

see Thy blood flow — Now wash me, and 

iiev - er said'st No— Now wash nie, and 

shall be whit-er tliuu snow, 

shall be whit - er than snow, 

shall be whit - er than snow, 

shall be whit-er than snow. 

No. 83. §Usst^ Jvxb^r. 

" Anr* ' e shewed me a pure river of water of life.' 


Rev. Robert Lowry. 
! of glo - 1-y Brigbt in its crj-s • til gleam, Bursts out the liv - ing 

1. Fresh fnim the throne of glo - vy Bright in its crj-s- til gleam, Bursts out the liv - ing 

2. Stream lull of life atiJ glail - ness, Spring of all health and i>eacf,No haips by thee hang 

3. Kiv - er of God, I greet thee.Xot now a . far, but near; My soul to thy still 

fount -ai II, Swells on the liv . iii? stream; Bless - ed Riv - er, Let mo ev - er •" 
Ifut, Xor hap-pyvoic - es cease; Tran - quil I!iv - er. Let me ev - er •S' 
ten Hastes iu itathirstiupn here; IIo - ly Kiv - er, Let me ev « er » 

T — r 


Feast my eyes on thee. 
Sit and ting by thee. 
Drink of ou - ly thee, 

Bless • ed Riv - er. Let me ev - er Feast my eyes on thee. 
Tran-quilRiv - er, Let me ev - er Sit and sing by thee. 
Ho - ly Riv- er. Let me ev - er Driukof ou - ly thee. 


No. 84. Hn f 10^ ^.obcr. 

" The Lord is my Rock. ..__... and my high Tower." — Ps. i8 : a, 
P. P. B. 

1. Tn /,i-on"sR()ck a - bid - iiiK, JIv snnl her tri-uni|>h sinp*; In His jvi-vil-ion 

'J. WildwaveHaierouTidmdSw.llliiK, liarkrloudsa-l)..vo 1 Hee; Yet, in my 

U. Jly TowerofHlruiiglUran nev-er In tiino of trmili. le fail; Ko p-)»er<pf hell, . 

2?: 3t -^ :ff: « ^"^ ' J I J J J 





I , ^ CH<1RUS4 l-s I . ^ 

hid - "uK, I pniiso the King of kings, 
dwell bin, Moru 8ar« I am- not In-, 
uv • er, A - gniuHt It ahull pre • vail. 

I My Ili^-h Tower Is Hel T.i 

fSLs J^iflt) ®ow«. 

llim will I flic; In Him con- fide, In Him a-bidc; My UighTuwi-ria Hel 

— t-r I I 


1 — r 

No. 85. I Stootr (Dufsib£ tijc 6ah. 

" Enter ye in at the strait gate." — Matt. 7: 13. 
Miss JosBPHiNB Pollard. 

piior, way • far 

Hubert P. Main. 


1. I Bt'MKl out- eiJe tlio gate, A piior, way • fur - iiig ihilTI; With« 

2. Oh, "Mer-cyl" luuJ I criej, "Now give mo ji-st from Bin!" "I 

3. In Jlcr - cy's giiis.i I knew The Sav - iour long a - buswl. Who 


in my heart llicro lieat A torn -pest I.>udaii'l wild; A fear oppressed my 
will," a vuico ro. i>liid; And Mer - cy I't nm in; Sliebonnd my blced-ing 
oft - en Bought my heart. Ami wept wlun I ro - fused; Oh ! what a bli-st ro - 

U I 

Soul, That I niii^'Iit bo taa late; And oh, I treni-bled Bore, Anu 

wounils, And sootlied my heart op - prest ; She vrashed a - way my guilt And 

turn For all niv y<ar3 of Bin; I stood out -side tho gate, And 

^mm^ m^^m 

prayed out - side the gate, And prayed out - side the gate. 

gave me peace and rest. And gave me peace and rest 

J« • sua M mo in. And Je • bus let me in. 

« fi 



No. 86. Smfttr ^ttiis of fltitbncss. 

Be kindly affectioned one to another." — Rom. 12 : 10. 

Mrs. Albert Smith. 

S.J. Vail. 

1. Let us gath-er up the sunbeams, Ly - ing all a -round our path; Let us 

2. Strange we nev • er prize the mu- sic Till the sweet-voiced bird is flown! Strange that 

3. If we knew the ba • by fin -gers, Pressed a- gainst the win-dow pane, Would be 
4 Ah! those lit- tie ice-cold fin-gers, How they point our mem' ries back To the 

■ r- - r -f- 

—^^- '-? — ^ a' — ?-'--? — t^ — sr 



keep the wheat and ros - cs, Cast - ing out the thorns and chaff. Let «8 find our sweet- est 
we should slight the vio.Ieta Till the love- ly flowers are gone! Strange that suramorskiesand.o 
cold and stiff to-nior-row-Xev - er troub-le us a- gain-Would the brighteyesof our i 
hast - y words and ac-tions Strewn a- long our backward track! How those lit - tie hands re- 5 

N N 


com- fort In the blcss-inga of to-day, With a pa-tient hand re-mov-ing All the * 

Bun-shineNev-er seem one Ixilf 80 fair. As when win-ter"ssnow- y pin-ions Shakethe 2. 

dar-ling Catch the frown up- on our brow?- Would the prints of ro - ey fin-gers Vex us a 

mind us, As in snow -y grace they lie, Not to scat-ter thorns-but ros - es- For our ' 

—i^—<^ ^ ] ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ 1 ^ — ^ ~^ — \, ' ^ ^ 1?— W-" 


*^*-£-i *T 


bri - ers from the way. 

white downin the air. 1 Thenecat-tcr of, Then Bcnt-ter sr..l8 of 

then ■•" "•"•• ■'" — — .« ' ^ 

reap - ing 

irom tno way. .. 

in in the air. I, 

tlie^v do now? f 
by and by. 


No. 87. #nfa)arb, Christmii Solbiers. 

" Take unto you ihi whole armor of God." — Eph. 6:13. 
Rev. S. Baring-Coi LD. Jos. Haydn u.. 

%) - r II " ' ' \ 

\. On • warii, Cliriritiaa sol- (livm! Marching a-s to war. With flie cross of Je • sua 
2. Like aniit;ht-y ur - my >IovesthBt'liurch«f U.-l; IJn.tli-ers, we are treail - iug 
:5. Crowns ami thrones nmyper-ittli, Kingiluiua risoanj wane Uut thet^hurch of Je - sua 
4. On - wuril, tlien, ye faith- ful. Join the bup-py throng, lUeuJ with oiira your voic - ea 

0.. - ing on !«• . 
Where thegjiints have tPKl; 
Con-Mtant will re- niain: 
In the tri-umph »>ng; 

rhrtft the Kuy. al Mxs . ter !.■ suls a-gaiustthe foe. 
We ar« nut <li . vi.l - e.l. .\ll one lH«l-y we; 
fiatee of lull can uev - er '(iainst that I'hiinh pre . vuil ; 
Glo - n-, lauil.aud hou - or, I'u - to Christ the King. 

— 1 — i — 1 — 1— t — 

r ' ' M t-j:--cr t j.. -- t^^-:| 

I Lhorus. 

u« - -I -I- 

Fur-ward in - to bat - tlo, Sif IIm han> ners go. .. 

One in lioiie and di>o- trine. One in c-Iiar • i - tv. I, ,-. , /-i , .... „ , u „ i 

Wehaverhri.sf.owu,,n.m-i.He-And that can. not fail. | <^n-wanl,rhristlnn 8.d - dl^rn- 

This thro' couutleim a • g>-s Alenaud an-gela sing. 





.March-iug as to war. With the Cross of .Te . ens Cro>iiig on be - fore 


No. 88. 

Poltr iast till | Come. 

" which ye h.ivc alrcidy, hold fast till I come." — Rev. 2 : 35. 
Mrs. E. W. C.KISW0L1.. P. P. Bliss. 


1. f)h,.spirit,o'er»vhelnied hy thy failures and fears. Look up to thy Lord.tho' with trenililingand tears: 
'l. Holdfast when the world would allure thee to sin; Hold fast when the tempter assails from within- 
A. Thy Sav-iour iscom-ing in ten-fler-est love, To make up Hi.sjcw-el.s and bear them a-bove: 


Weak Faith, to thy call. seem the heav'us only dumh? To thee i.s the me-s.^age, "Hold fa.sf till Icuaie." 
In sunshine or sadness, in gain or in loss. To falter were raadne-ss; Oh, rlingto tliecross. 
Oh,child,in thine auguish.despairing or dumb.Remember the message, " Hold fiist till I come." 


-^6»-i:-| ti'-'iiif 

Holdfast till I ciime.HoUfast till 1 cume; A biiyhtcrowu awaits tliee; HulJ fast till I come. 

NOo 89. 

S^^Iihtg I0 <^alj^. 

" For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." — Luke 19 : 10. 
P. P. B. P. P. Bliss.. 

1. Tenderly the Shepherd.O'er the mountains cold,Goes to bring His lost one Back to the fold. 

2. Patieut-ly theowu-er Seeks with ci;.r:iest care, In the dust and darkness Her treasure rare. 

3. Lovingly the Father Sends the news around:" He once dead now liveth—Oixe lost is found." q 

Chorus. , 1 , ■ w , - 

Seek-ingto save, Seek-ingto save, Lost one, 'tis Je -bus Si-uk-ing to gave. 1^ 

1 — t 

1 — r 

k-ing to save, Soek-ingto save, Lost one, 'tis Je - bus Seek-ingto save. 

No. 90. ^iilldujalj, |)£ is "gimnl 

" He is not here ; for he is risen, as he said." — Matt. 21 : 6. 
P. P.P. 

p. p. Bliss. 


_t==^^ «_«-±-^ ^j^_,^jj_JJ 

1. Hal - lo - lu - jah, He ia ris - en! Jo - sus is gone up on high! 

2. Hal - le - lu . jah, Ho is ris - en! Our <-x -alt - cd Head to Ix-; 

3. Hal - lo - lu - jah, He is ris • eul Heath for aye hath lost his sting, 



BurHt the luira of death a ... ., .... - ^.. ,... 

Heiicis tlio wit- II.-H8 of the Spir - it 'I'liat oui ad . vo-.ale is IK- 
Christ, Him- oelf the lt<;s - ur - reo - ti.iu, Kiom tin' gravi- His own will hring: 


JUalltlufat). JUt (H lafBrnf 

"T^^^^m^^^^^^^^^ ^ «V3 J 

lie i.t ni>vii, II' U ris • eri, Liv- iiiK now, uumoreto die. now, iio niorc tu ilic. 
Uh U rill -VII, II" is rid- i-ii, Jiiti -li. t)e<l in Iliai arc w«. AihI in Iliniurc wp. 
He in rij»-eu, U>j is ris- en, Liv-iiii; Luniuiul coining King. LurtlaiidcKUiiiig King. 


No. 91. ^ (Lroluii of |lrjoifin0. 

" Henceforth thcro is laiJ up fur mc a crown uf riijhtcousncss."— - Tim. 4. 8. 

kcv. J. n. atchisson. p. 1'. r.i.iss 

)| I'.T. 


-N— ' 


1. <» crown of re • J..ic - Inj; tliut'ii wait- iiig for nie, \\ lun ftii- inbeU my 

:i. I) won-iler- ful ong that in (jlo - ry I'll •iiig. To Him who r»v 

3.0 Joy ey - er . la< • lug when heuT- .u U wou. Y>t . ev - er in 

4.0 won-iler-fiil name whi. h the i;la • li • fli-<l h«iir, The mw imnn- which 

roiirxf. nii<l when.Ie-KiH T 

llet'lllcil IIIU,la* J<>- KIM lllj 

rIo - ry to Hliiiie iv« th«i 

Je • l)U« iHMtoWS uii lU 

H.-.., Ami wh.iifn.mmy l«inl cmi-stliffwetlsoiiiiclliig 

Km;;; .Ml kI'>- ry uml h<>n • or to llimi>liulllw 

(■iiii; No ifir-rownor gifth - Ihk— «h>-<- nil llee «. 

thiTv;T.i himthulu'vr. o-m - etli 'twill on -ly U> 

mm^M^=i-&^^^^^ f tf-^ 

wrv - ant, the Juy of Uiy U>ril." 

CfuH . Inc f'lT - CT - cr iu heim-n. 

iiliail . owB— 'li* oiii- rii.l . Iii« duy. 

pruv • ul, our »i-l- €• im- to heaven. 


Wonl: "Ke . r.ive, f.iilh- f.ll 

piveu, Ami pruU- >•■« iiii 

way. No nUlit tli-rr, no 

plvefc, Ille^ M-u «.f u|> 
_ ("HORItS. 

O ctvwn of rp - Joir - inir, O w..n- iKr- ful ■<»iik; — O Joy ev-er- 

Crowiiof r<>-Ji>ir-iiit:, »> wou-diT-ful, »oii-der-ful Bong ; 

•* N . U— . 1 , 


p^^'can it be? O g ^_^ 

Bcwii ti ful homo. 

ry reserved for met 
N I ^ 

No. 92. iis Martr a Colw. 

" As thy days, so shall thy strength be? " — Df.ut. 33 : 25. 

1. While foes are strong and dan- ger near, A voice fails gent - ly on my ear: 

2. With Buch a prom-ise need I fear, For all that now I hold most dear? 

3. And when at last I'm called to die, Still on Thy jirom-ise I'll re - ly; 

My Sav- ionf speaks, IIo says to nie. That as my days my strength shall he. « 

Nu, I will uev - er anx- ious be. For as my days mystrenglhsliall be. ^ 

Yes, Lord, I then will trust in Thee, That as my days my strength shall be. "5 

Uis M'urJ a Tower to which I flee. For as my days my strength sltiill be. 

— r-'-^ ^ ^ — ts — >- U ^ — tP^-J^S-- 

No. 93. |iT ih Extent IflibnrigH Matchs. 

Geo. F. Root. 


" Behold I stand at the door and knock." — Hbv. 3 ; 
Rev. A. C. CoxK, D.D. 

Piano e Murcato. 
nt It > » ' » « I 

*' 1. In the Bi-b'iit miilui-ht wat.hes, List— thy b's-om's dAor ! Ibiw it kn.K-keth. 

■1. J>iMtlicoraeHd<>wn witlirecklessC.Mitsteiis, T.) the hall and liut; Think y.ui <leatli w ill 

;!. Th.-n 'tis time to suiiid en- treat-iiig Christ to let tlieo in; At the gate of 



knock-etli.kiKK-keth, Kiiocketh ev -er. more! Say not 'tis thy puis, e's beat- iiisr, 
lar - ry knocking, WhiTithmlior is shut? Jo- bus wuit-elh, wait-etli, wult-elii, 
heav-en beat- ing, Wail- inii for tliy siu? Nav I a-lius, thou guilt - y cri'a-ture I 

Jit tbt Siltnt ^iTJitigfit (fflattbof. 


*TU tliy heart of rin : 'lis tliy SaTiourkii<xk)«,an<lcri-otli," Ui«e,aii<llo» ni« in!" 
Itiit tho <li»ir In fa-'t ; (Jri -vimI, away thy Sav-iuiir gi>-etli, Dnith hn-akRiaat la.<t. 
IJ.tKt thMii,thcn,fi>r- (;<>t7 J<: - 811:: wait- I'll long to kiiijwthi>«-, Nuw lIckiiDWRthoouot I 

No. 94. Mc sbuU .SIccjj, but not ^onfa^r. 

corruption raiscj in incorruption." — i CoR. 15: 42 

S. J, Vail. 


1. <V<. ^hulI uli-t'p, lint - or - or, Thoro Mill be n k1<w riouii dawn t 

J. \> hoii wi< M'li a pri- ciiinit I>1'<« - iHini That wo tend • oil with Kuoh cure, 

;i. \Vi< dhull xlif|i, l>nt iiiil fiir-oir- or. In the lone and ni- lont graro; 

AVo fliall nio«-t !■• i«rt, no, iii-v-or, On tlio nit- iir . roi-- tion ni^rn I Kpim thw 
l;ip|i'- Iv lak - on fp'niiiiir ln^tumi, llnw imr b'Ii - inj; hoartx do^loir I KoiiihI its 
|i|.-«i-r.'l Ini tho lionl that tnk- olli, Ilh-iOi-cil >>« tli» I>urd that gave. In the 

(lifl>. osti-avoa of o - conn, From tho dos - crt and tho plain. From tin- val • loy and tho 
lit- tloKravowo li.i - gi-r, Till tho si-t- tinj; sun is low, Fool- ing all our Iioim-h have 
hii-lit,o.tor- iial tit - y Death can mv - er, uev-er comol In Iiin own gi«>dtinio Hull 

S k. %. t P Chorus. cres. 

moiiiilaiii, •'••ntitlojtithpiii'^Khall riwaKaiu.) 

I"r-i>li.H| AV.Ihfli.llowVuoi li.ri^l.i.j so. ■ Wo »:|ialUl 

r.ill Uj Kroniiiurri-j.|,tolliinio,nwcol Ilon-.f. ) 

No. 95. MakljmciiT, Cdl gt^ 

" Watchman, what of the night." — IsA. -ji 

Rev. Sidney S. Brewer. 


Arr. by Wm. B. Bradbury. 



-»- -^ -•- -27- 

Watchman, tell me, does the morn-ing Of fair 7a - on's glo - ry dawn ; ^ 

Have the eigus tliat mark His com- lug, Yet up = o:i my juithway shone V 

Sea the glo - rious liglit as - cend-ing Of the grand Sa . 

Uark! the voi - ces loud pro - claim- iug TheMes-ui 

Sa - bat - ic year, \ 
all's king-dom near;/ 



D.C. — Spurn the un - be • Ihf that bound tlire, Morning aaums, a - rise, a -rise! 
D.C. — Sa • icin, too, ap- peart in grandeur. Tow ring 'neath her sun - iil skies I 

a- rise, look roimd thee, 
1 see just yon - dcr, 




Light is broak - ing in the skies; 
Ca - naan's glo - rious heights a - rise; 

nigrim in that golden city, 

Seated in the jasper throne, 
Zion's King, arrayed in beauty, 

Keigns in peace from zone to zone ; 
There, on verdant bills and mountains. 

Where the golden sunbeams play, 
Turling streams, and crystal fountains. 

Sparkle in th' eternal day. 

4 rilgrim, see I the light is beaming 

Brighter still upon thy way ; 
Signs thro' all the earth arc gleaming. 

Omens of the coming day, 
Wlion the last loud trumpet sounding. 

Shall awake from earth to se.i. 
All the saints of God now sleeping, 

Clad in immortality. 

No. 96. 6ibc mc fbc Mincis d Jf iiitlj. 

" Here we have no continuing city." — Heb. 13: 14. 

Rev. I. Watts. 

Arr. by Walter KiTTRrncB. 

1. Give mo the wings of faith to rise. With -in tlio vail, and eoe ■ 

2. Onco they wore mourn- ers hero ho - low. And ponr'd out cries and teal's; • 
.3. I asked them whence their vie - fry canin : Tlioy, with u - ni - ted breath, 1 

The saints a - bovo, how great their joys, IIow bright tlieir glo - ries be. 2 

They wros-tled hard, an wo do now. With sins, niiddoulits,nnd frars. 8 

A - scribotheir con- qu.'st to tlie liiinili. Their tri - uniph to His diath. o 
Chorus. . 

Ma-ny are thn frinndswlinaro wait-iiig l<>- day, Haiwpy on tho gold - on stnind, g 

Ma - ny are the vol - cos call- ing us a - way, To Join thoir glo- rioiia tiaiul. 

^^^ Repeal pp. 

C'tll- ing us a - way, full- iiig us a - way, Call- ing to tlio btt - tor laud. 

^ \0 ^ \^ r t 

No. 97. Cbc funb of gtulab. 

" Thou shall be called Kcul.ih, for tlic Lord delightuth in thee."— IsA. 63 : 4. 


-J-^ ^, c— I — .^-^-l-J- 

My lat - o.ft sun Is Rink-inc fast. My ruro is n<'ar - ly run; ) 

Myntping-c'st trl . iiU new aro pii:-t, ."My tri - umpli isi I* - Riin. J 

For I LiruHh the U 

I'm n<>ariug tho h'> - ly ninkd Of frir-mlsoMil kin - dred dear, 

Jor- dan's linnkt, Tho cmrB- ing must bo noar. 

1 ^ f" >~ * r 

O ccmp, an- golliand.Comeaiidaruund niestandjO.bcarniea- wayonyoursnowy wings To 


8 I've almost paiiK'd my heavenly hoiae, 
?Iy spirit loudly pings; 
Thy holy ones, behold, they Come 1 
Iheajr tlje uo\iw o( wings. 

I — ?-r^ 

4 U, bear my longing heart to Him 
Who bled and died for me ; 
Whose blood now cleanses from all ( 
Aud gives me Tictots. 

No. 98. ^oom tor Cgw. 

" There was no room for them in the inn." — Lukb a : 7. 
Emily S. Elliott. Ira D. Samkst. 


;-i>, K 

1. Thou didst Ic-avo Thy throne, and Thy king- ly crown.When Thou camest to earth for 

2. Heav'n'a arch- es rang when the an - geU sang, Of Tliy birth, and Thy roy- al d». 

3. Fox-es found their rest, and the birds had their nests. In the shade of the ce • dar 

4. Thou cani-est, Lord, with Thy liv - ing word. That should set Thy peo - pie 

5. Heaven's arcli-ea shall ring, and its choirs shall sing, At Thy com - ing to tIc- to- 

me;ButinBethlehi,m t,Lioinetherewasfouadnoroom,ForThyho-ly na- tir - 1 - ty. 

gree; But in low - ly birth didst Thou cometoearth, And iagreatcst hu-mil - i - ty. a 

tree;ButThycom.hwadthesod, OThouSon of God, lu tlie des-erts of Gal - i • lee. M 

free; But with mocking and scorn and withcrown of thorn. Did they bear Thee to Calva- rj-. ^ 

ry; Thou wilt call nie home, saying," yet there is room," There is room at My side for thee. g. 

Oh, come to my heart, Lord Jo - east There is room in my heart for Thee. ' 

-•e— jg- -r- , * IS * 


Oh, como to my heart. Lord Je - 8n8,i jmo !Tliercis room in my heart for Theo. 

^^^-.-^ -r- f^-^S:- 



3!— fcug-= y^ -:z: -Z[-i g. — r^E ^zde.-i= y~Pr . rT^ - 

^^"iomc at ^ast. 

No. 99. 

" In my Father's house arc m.iiiy mansions — I ^;o to prepare a place for you." — John 14: t. 

" And there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying.'' — Rfv. 91:4. 
Mrs. Makia 1'. a. Ckiizibr. Ifa H. Sankkv. 

1. " Homo at lnnt " on lieavenly inonntalns, lleanl the " Come and enter In ; " Saved l>y life's 

2. Froo at last from all teinpta- timi. No more need of watchful aire ; Joy - ful in 

3. Saved to greet on hillH uf gl.. • ry Lnvedoni'«woIiavpmlMH.Hl(;Snve<l to tell 

4. Wei- corned at thefM-arl-y |hir-tal, Kv- er more a wili-ome gii(>si; Wolcomwl to 


mf n 

♦ — r 

-JL:^~%xSt dl^^z^i^y:. 

t— r 

ttmt at last. 

flow- Ing fountains, Sared from earthly taint and sin. 
plete gal 

;e gal- va-tion. Given the vintur'srixiwii to wear. I ictj(,~,p 
- ner'g eto - ry, Saved to siug redemption's song. ( "°™^i 
im- mor - tal, lu the umusious of the bk'st.-' 

sweet home," our home forerer; 

•P- -ff^ "^te «-gr 

All the pilgrim-Jourueyiiust: Weir, .med Imme to wander, never. Saved thro' Jesus — "Home at last." 




No. 100. E^bc IStsfahcs of mir fift. 

" Behold, I have sot before thee an open door." — Rev. 3 : 8. 
Mrs.UKANiA LocKB Hailby. Rev. Robert Lowry. 

1. The nibtakes of my life have been nm- ny, The Bins of my heart have been 

2. I am low • PMt uf thoiie who luvellini, I umweak-est uf those who 

3. My MiirttiikeH Hit) free K'aeo will cover. My sins He will wash a- 

4. The mistakes of my life Imve been ma- uy. And my sjiir - it is sick with 

»*• IT i I 

more, And I scarce can see fi>r woejvint;. But I'llknuck at the o - pen door. 

pray; But I come na He hiw bid- den. And Hu will nut siiy me nay. 

way, Andthefeet that sliriuk and fal - ten, Sliall vulk tliro' the pates of day. 

sin. And I scarce can see fur Weep- iiig, But the Sav-iuur will let me in. 

when the dear Sav- iour shall bid nie come 

I'll en - ter the o - pen door. 
:g--^-.^_f - f- -r: 


No. 101. ®omc; (or Ibc Jeast xs .SpreatJ, 

'" Come ; for all things : 
Rev. Hbnry Bi'RTCN. 

now ready."— LiKL 14: 17. 

P. P. BusJ. 

1. Come, for the feast is spread; Hark to the calll 

i.. Come where .the fouat-ain flows — Kiv - er of life — 

3. Come to the throne of grace, Bold - ly draw near; 

4. Come to the Bet - ter Laud, Pil - grim, make haste! 

5. Je - 8U3, we come to Thee, Oh, take us iu! 

Come to the 
Heal - ing for 
He who would 

Earth is a 
Set Thou our 

Liv - ing Bread, Bro - ken for all; Come to His house of w ine, ^ 

all thy woes, Doubt- ing and strife; Mill - ions have been sup - jiUed, ^ 

win the race Must tar - ry here; What - e'er thy want may be, "* 

for- eign strand — Wil - der - ness waste! Here are the harps of gold, ^ 

spir-its free; Cleanse us from sin! Then, in yon land of light, " 


cline. All that He liatU is thiue; (Vinic, sin - uer, come 
nied; Come to tlie orim-sou tide. Come, sin - uer, 
thee, Je - bus thy ou - ly plea, Cozue, Christian, Oume 
told — Crownsfor the young and old; C^jme, pil-grim, come 
white Rest- ing not day imr night. Thee will wo siug, 


No. 102. #nc .Stoi^ctlir Solemn Cbougbt. 

" Now they desire a better country that is, an heavenly." — Hbb. ii : 16. 
Miss Phokbr Cakev. Philip Phillips. 


*I^"- 1 ? 

1. One sweet-ly Biil-enin tliought Comes to mo o'er and o'er; I'm near- er home to- :a 

2. Near-«>r my Fa -ther's house, Wherema-ny mansions bo; Near-er the great whites. 

3. Nearer the bound of life, Wliero I)urtlen8 are laid down; Nenr-rr to leave thp j 

4. Be near me wheu my feet Are slip- ping o'er the brink; For I am uear-cr ~ 


day, lo-diiy. Than I 
throne to- ilay, Near-er Ihi- rrys - tii 
criiw to-day. And iioar-er to th 
liouio t<)-<laV, l'''r • hiiiw, than now I 


Near-er my home, Near-er my home, g, 


®n» Stoirtb Stiltmn iJI^oualjt. 

No. 103. 

^risc anb .Sbiirc. 

"Arise, shine, for thy light is come."— IsA. 60: i, 
Mary A. Lathbury. P. P. Bliss. 

1. Lift up, lift up thy voice withBiii^^iug.DenrlauJ, with xtrpiigth lift up thy voice I 

'^. AutI 8hull IliK tl<x'k wilb Htrife be riv-eu78lia]l fii-viou8liuc!« lli.s cbuti:!! ik-vidu, 

3. Lift up thy gutcdlliriiig forth ob - latious! OnecmwuM withcrownti.uuit'.iMageliriiigs, 

4. Ue conieMilet all the eurtb a-ilore IIiiii;Tlui |uttb Hid hii - luuii lia - lure troU 

The kiugJoins of tlu' eurtb are bringing Their treasures to thy gates— re- joi«,-e! 

When lie, tlie of earth auil heuv-en, Stunilnut the .lour to i laim Ilirt briile? 

Hi8 wonl, a bwopI to HUiite the iiatiouH; Ilin name— the Christ, the King of kings. 

Spreadsto a n>y - al realm be-fore Him, The LioiiT of life, the woni> of iioul 

A - rise and shiue in youth im-nior-tul. Thy light is come, thy King ap-pears! 

No. 104. ^t l^alUg of glessritiDf* 

' The valley of Berachah."— i Chr. 20; 26. 


^VM. G. Fncttnt. 

1 1 have entered the val-ley of blessing so sweet, And Je - sus a-bidos with nie there; 
2. There is peace in the val-ley of blessing so sweet. And pleu-ty the laud doth ini- part, 
:i. These is love in the val-ley of blessing so sweet, Such as none but the blood-washd may feel, 
4. There'sasongiu the val-ley of blessing so sweet. That au-gels would fain join the strain. 

Audllisspiritandbloodmakemy clean8ingconiplete,AndHi8perfectlovecast-eth out fear. 5 
Andthere'srestforthewearj'-worntrav-el-er's feet, And joy for the sor-row-ingheart. ^ 
When heaven comesdown redeemed spir-its to greet,Aud Christ setsHis c<iv-e-naut st'al. •< 
As with nip-tur-ous prais-e3 we bow at His feet, Crying.^Vorthy the Lamb that wa.-<8lain.'g 


„^ UHORUS. I . ■ ^ , S I 1 w 

Oh, come to this val-ley of blessing sosweet,\\niere Jo- bus will fullness be-stow — 

Andbe-lieve.and re-<-eive,and confess Ilini. That all ITis sal- vn-tion inav know. 

No: 105. 

d'm a pUignnr. 

M. S. li. D. SHI^ 





1. I'm a pil - grim, and I'm a Btranger; I ran tar-ry. I ran tnr-ry but a 
'J. Of that clt - y, to whi.h I Jour-iny; My K.-dc-mer, my Hedc.niiT is tho 
3. There the Huu- beams are ev - er »hln-lng, Ol'smy longinglieartfc 

nightl Ho not dn-tain mo, for I am go- Ing To when«lheK(rr'aml-'tHHn>c-v-pr (lowing. 
light; Tlinnila no Hor-row, nor an-y High-lMg. Nor an - y tearxlhen-, nnrnn -y dying: 
tiUr*; Uentlu thif country, CO dark and dn>Hr-y, 1 lung bavu wauderiM) forlorn and wca-ry: 


No. 106 

faj^al nxt §o\x 6oinip[ io §o? 

' How long halt ye between two opinions.' 

Fanny J. Crosby. 

Kings i8: 21. 

Philip Phillips. 


1. fli, wlmt uri) you giving to do, brotlier? Say, what are you going to do? 

2. Oh, what me you going to do, brother? Th« nioru-ing of youth is past; 

3. Oh, what uro you go-iug to do, brother? Your sun at its noon is high; 

4. Oh, what are you go-iug to do, brother? The Iwl-lightap - proach-es now;- 

You have thought of somouBe . ful la - bor, But what Is the end in view? 

Tho vig - or and strength of nmn - h.MKl, My broth- cr, are yours at last: 

It ehines in iiie - rid- iun ei)lou -dor, And ridesthroughacloiKl-leRs sky: 

Al - read - y your locks ore sil - vered, Aud win - ter ia on your brow: 

Youarefreshfroni tho home of your boy -hood. And just In the blonni of youth! 

Youiire ris-ing in world - ly pros-jiects. And pn^spercd in world-ly things;— 

You are hold- ing a high po . si - tiou, Of hmi - or, and trust, and fHnie; — 

Your tul-euts, your time and your rich- cs. To Je - sus, your Mas - ter, give; 



- ^ j, — , — , — . — «. . — . — — „— — 

Haveyoii ta-st - od the Bpark-Iing wa-ter That flows from the fount of tnith? 

A du - ty to tliose less fa - vored, The smile of yi>nr for -tune brings. 

Are you will- ing to give the glo-ry And praise to your Sav-iour's Name? 

Tliou a«k if the world a -round you Is bet - ter be -cause you live. 

1. Is your heart in the Sav-iour's keep-ing? 

2. Go prove that your heart is grate-ful— 

3. The re - gions tliat sit in dark-ness 

4. Youaro ucar-ing tho brink of Jor-dan, 

Re - mem-l)er, He died for youl 

The Lord has a work for you! 

Are stretching their hands to you! 

But still there is work for youl 

Then what are vou go-ing to do, brother? Say, what are you go-ing 

^ r*' 5' r* R ^. _^ ______ -^ * ^ " 

No. 107. %xt ^ov^ Wimvi? 

" Come unto me, and I will give you rest, 
Rev. J. M. Nbalb, trans. 

Matt, ii : 28. 

. Henry W. Baker. 

1. Art thou wea - ry, 

2. Hath He marks to 

art thou Ian - guid? Art thou sore dis - tress'd? 
lead me to Him If He be my guide? 

a - dem eui mon - arch, That His brow 


"Come to me," Kaith One, "and com - iug, Be at rest." A - men. 

"In Hi8 feet and hands are wound-prints, And His ^ide." 

"Yes, a crown in ver - y sure - ty. But of thornsl" 

"Many a sor - row, many a la - bor, Many a tear. 


-•^— g-- 






5 If I still hold closely to Him, 
What hath Heat la-st? 
"Sorrow vanquished, labor ended, 
Jordan past" 

6 If I .i-sk Him to receive nie. 
Will He say me nay? 
" Nut till earth and not till heaven 
Pass away." 

^bdl Im Pt£t? 

No. 108. 

'' The ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting 

joy upon their heads." — Isa. 30 : 10. 

Horace L. Hasiin(;s. Elihu S. Rich. 

1. Shall we meet be-yond the riv - er. Where the sur - ges cease to roll? 

'I. Shall wo meet in that blest har- l)<)r,Wheu our storm - y voyage is o'er? 

:t. Shall we meet in yon - der cit - y, Where the tow'rs of crjs - lul vhiue? 

4. Shall we meet with Christ our Sav.ioiir.Wlien He comes to claim His own? 

Where in 

Shall we meet 

Whpre the walls 

Shall we know 

the bright for - ev - er, Sor- nw ne'er shall press the soul? S 

and cast the an-chor By the fair, ce - li-s - tial shore? i 

ar« all of jas - jier, IJiiilt by work - mau-ship di - vine? ^ 

His bl(;KS . ed fa - vor. And sit down up - on His thnine? ^ 


luill we meet. Shall we meet be-yond the rir - er? 

8liull we niect be - joud the riv - er. Where tin 

gcs ceitse to roll ? 

No. 109. I^sus is W^S^^U ^0 ^nbt. 

Mrs. Annik Wittknmyek. 

:6_^^ '^ ^- 

' Mighty to save.''— IsA. 63 : 


Wm. G. Fischbb, 


I. All k1'> - ry to Jf-Bus bo K'vf 11, That life ami Bul - va- tioii are free- 

.i. From dark- ncMH and Hiii and dc - hpiiir, Out in . u> the li);ht of His love 

:i. Oh, tlio ra|)tiirough.iKht«..f His l..vr, Thu iuua« - iircdessdcpths of HU erace. 

4. In Ilim all my wautD are Hiip - plit-d, lli« love make«m) Inuv-in Lu - low, 



He haa brought Die and made mean hoir, To king.domsanil mun-sions a - buve. 
My himjI all IIU full- ni-!« would prove. And live in nix lov - ing em - brace. 
And free - ly His bli«xl is ap - plied, Uiii bl<xHl that mukeH whit-er tiian buow'. 


Ye§, Je - sua is might- 


save, And ull His sal . va - tion may 

is might -y to save. 

No. UO. 

S^ni gg-anb-gg. 

' The ransomed of the Lord shall return and come to Zion with songs and everlasting 
joy upon their heads." — IsA. 35; 10. 

S. FiLLMORB Bennett. 

Jos. P. Webstb*. 



1. There's a land that is fair - er than day, And by faith ve cau see it a- 

2. We sliall sing on that beau - tl- fiil shore The mel . o - di . oiis songs of the 

3. To our hoiin • ti - ful Fa- thcr a - bove, We vill of- fer ourtrib- ute of 


far; For the Fa- ther waits o - ver the way, To pre - pare us a » 

blest. And our epir • its shall sor • row no more, Not a eiu;h fur t)io S 
praise, For the glo . ri - ous gift of His love, And the bless- in^a that "^ 




t * 1- ta ta ' gg < S — '-- ! 1- 5 



dwell- lug place there. lu the sweet 

bless - ing ijf rest, 
hal - liiw our days. 

' In the sweet 

by an.l by, 


on thatbeau- ti - ful nhore, 

In the Bweet 

by - and • 


by-aud-by, by 


' "I urn ye, turn ye — for why will ye die ? ' 


-EzK.33: II. 

Rev. JosiAH Hopkins. 



1. Oh, turn ye, oh, turn ye, for why will ye die ? When God in great 

2. How vaiu the de - lu - eion, that while yuu do - lay. Your hearts may grow 

3. The cuu - trite in heart He will free - ly re - ceiTe.Oh! why will you 


bet " ter your clmiiia 
not the glad meu 

iiig BO nigh? Now Je • 
niclt a - way; Come guilt 
6uge he - lieve? If sin 

BUS in - vites you, the 
y, como wretch - e<l, come 
be your bur - den, why 


Spir . it eays, " Come," And an - gels are wait • iug to wel-conie you homo, 
just as you ate All help - h-sa and dy - ing, to Jo . »ii8 re - pair, 
will yuu uot come? 'Tis you Ho makea wel • come; Ho bids you come home. 

No. U2. 

Thos. Shepherd, 

Cross anb Croton. 

' And he bearing his cross, went forth." — John 19: 17. 

Gbo. N. Allbn. 





1. Must .le - eus bear the cross a - lone, And all the world go free? 

2. The con . ee - era - ted cross I'll bear, Till death shall set me free? 

3. Up - on the • crys - tal pave- ment, down At Je • bus' pierc - ed feet, 

4. pro - cious cross! O glo -rious crown 10 res • ur - rec - tion day! 


No there's a cross for ev - 'ry one. And there'-s a cross for me. 

And then go home my crown to wear, For there's a crown for me. 

With joy I'll caiit my gold - en crown.And His dear name re - peat. 

Ye an - gels, from the stars come down.Aud bear my soul a - way. 

No. U3. C^trc's a f tg^ in i^t ^alUj. 

" Though I walk through the valley * • • I will fear no evil." — PsA. 23 : 4. 

P. P. B. 

M'V/A expression. 

P. P. Bliss. 


Thro' the val-ley of I must go, Where the colil wavt-s of Jor - dan roll; 
Now the roU-iug of the billows I can hear, As they heat on the turf-bound shore; 



But thepromise of my Shephen^wtlH know, Be the rod andthetitaff to my souI. 
But the beacoulightof loveBobrightaiidclear.Guides iuybark,frailaudloue6afely o'er. 

And with Him I'm not afraid to cross the tide, There'Ha liKht iu the val - l.-v fnr me. g 
He will bear mo ill HiHlov-ing, mighty arm8,There'sa light in tlie val - ley me. |. 

Chorus. p / s 1 ^ 1^ ^ ^ 

Th'i.-'HaliKhtiiilh.valley.Tli.Te'saliKhtinthpvallpy.There'RnlightinthevHlh-yfor niP 

Repeat f'f'. 

•^1"'' *""illIf''»r.\Vlifl..mySh..|iher.liHH..neur,Ther..>aIii;htinUiev,ill.yf..rm.'.forme. 


No. U4. C^t f alaa d i\it fving. 

" With gladness — they shall enter into the King's palace" — Ps. 48 : t$. 
Arr. by Fanny J. Crosby. 

S. J. Vail. 

less-iiigs full n-rouii(l us like tin! d<w; But its Bunshine and its beau- ty to onr 

Jemiitioii, uiul IIi:i UIduhI Ihu run- buui I'liid; lu His ci'ti6ii shall be ourglo-r^', to that 

m m • m • -t^ -^ -^ m ■ \ 


:=3 — zjk_rx4-.:S^ -=J4:" 

heartsuojoy cuu bring. Like tlie splendure that a- wait us in the pal-ace of the King. 
bleas-edcrosswe'llcliug.Till we reach tiio gates that o- pen to the pal-ace of the King. 

V. f\f-f--r-p- •!- -r ,-;• -T— -g-— •e--g---g-— -g-j 

». -• I* 1^ 



Z>.C. — O the fal-ace 0/ Hit King , roy- al palace of the King ; Where our Father in His 

coun-trv, and 'tis there we long to be 
tonemeijt, life o - ter- nal woniayrlaii 

Yes, we long to swell the an-them that for - 
1; We shall cast our crowus be-foreHini and our 

-V U > '^ — I?— US— £*- . _ _ 

tner -cy allihe ransomed onjs will bring : JVhere our sorra-ws and our tri- als like a 

D.C. for Re/rain. 

pure in heart made perfect in the pal-ace of the King. 
• in triumph- ant to the pal-ace of the King. 

~. - er-more shall ring, From ."« »-".. 
8ong8of vic-t'ry sing. When we en - 

8ong8of vic-t'ry sing. When we en - ter in triumph- ant to the pal-ace of the Kin 

drtamitiillp(yssawav And our snuls shall dwell/orevtr in the realms of endless d«y. 

■■■■'■ '-■•-' 1% 

No. U5. mxt at l^t §,rk; 

" Come thou and all tliy house into the ark," — Gbn. 7: i, 
Katb Harrington. 

1. They dream'd not of danger, those siuuers of old.WhomXo-ah was cho-scn to warn; 

2. Ho could not arousethem,unheediugthey8too<I,Un-DiovM by hiswarningand prayer; 
3.0 sin-ners, the her-alds of mcr- cy implore, They cry like the pa-triarch," Come;" 

15y frequent transgre.-<sions their hearts had gr.iwn cold, They laughMliiH entreaties to sc-orn : 
The prnplu't passed in from the iin-ci>m- iiigHond, And left them to hope-lesa do - spair : 
The Ark of sal- va- tiou is moored to your shore, Oh, en- ter while yet there is ruoml 



Yet dai-ly ho called tlieni," Oh, come, sinners, co'.ue,Be-Iiove anil pre-i>are to em - bark ! ij 
Thoftood-gates were opened, the del-uge came on, Theheavens as midnight prow dark, 3 
The storm-cloud of Justice rolls dark o - ver head, And wheu hy its fu- ry you're tossed, 1 

b^^=j — t— r I * '^■-- ^ g 


K«- ceivo yo the mes.sage,andknowthereisroom For all who will come to the .\rk I" .0 
Too late, tlien they turneil, ev'rj- footliold was gone. They perished in sight of tlie .\rk. 
A - las, of your per- ish-iug Bouls'twillbosaid," They heard — they refused — and-Mtrt lotti 




Then come, come, oh 

)mc, come, oh, come ; Tliere's ref - ugo a - Umo in the Ark, Ro- ' 

I b* 

rit. N 

and know there is roim For oil who will come to the Ark 

i-ii-^-g—t i — g i T-^ a 

•5^6 U P 

No. 116. Mailtitg m\i Wuic^imQ for ^i, 

" I shall go to him * • • he shall not return to me." — 2 Sam. 12: 33. 
Marianne H BARN. P. P. Buas. 


1. WUfD my fi - ual farewell to the w.nUl I hiivesuiil, AiiJ(.'liul-ly lieJowiito my rthi ; 

2. Therearelit - tie oueuglauciuga-lMiut iu uiy path, In waut of 11 fiieud uuil a guiiie; 

3. Thereareolil ami fur- sak- en who liii-ger a- wliile lu huiiie:i which theirdearest have left; 

4. Oh.ahuulJI hebruuj^httberety thebouutifulgi-ace Of liim v hu Uelights tu for- give, 

r1 -Kt -|s=3>z :qi>=3i^:K-^ 

Wlien Buft- ly the watchers shall say," He is dead," And fold my jmle haudd n'er my 
Tliere are dear lit- tie eyes look- iiig up iu- to mine, Whose tearisiiiiiihl be ea^i- ly 
Aud a few j;'""-'le wunls or au ac-tiouof love Blay cheer their sad spir-its be • 
Thuii^jli I bleiMuotthe wea- ry a- bout iu my piith. Pray ou- ly for Belt while I 

• reft. 

I ■ -*—^[f — w — if — w — w — ^ — "^c — w — tr 

And when, with my nlorifled vis-ii.ii at l^u^t T 

Itut Je-8Usmay biikon thechililienu- Way Int 

liuttlie Iteaix-r is iiearto tlieloiiKuduidint^corn, The 

Methiuks Isliouldmouruu'erniy binful ue^-lect. If 

walls of "That (it- y" I sec, 
midst of theirgrief and their j:lee- 
wea-ry will soon Iw set free- 
sor-row in heav-eu can be. 


: ■ V m V « jD g, - — — 9 _j. •J/ 

Will an-y onethen at the iH-au- ti - fiil pate. Bo wait- inj; and watchinR for Die7 

Willau-y of tbeui, at the beau- li - fid gate, l!o wait- in;; and watching for me? 

Will au - y of them, at the l«-au- ti- fnl gate. Bo wait- ing and wati liirig for me? 

Should no one I love, at the beau- ti - ful gate. Bo wait- ing aud watching for me I 


Will an . y one then, at the beau- 
Will an-y uf them, at the beau- 
Will an- y of them, at the b--" 
Should noone I love. 

ful gate, 

ful gate, 

ful gate, 

beau-fi - ful g-ate, 

Bo wait- ing and watching for me? 

Bo wait- ing and watching for me? 

Be wait- ing and watching for me? 

Be wait- ing and watching for me I 

;^ ^ I A b^ U* b' ^ 

wait-ing and watching. Be wait- ing and watching for me? 

~ vaiting and watching, 

jm. M. ^ - ^^JL .M. jm. ML ^^S ^ 

:| I > ig^Szigz ------- 

No. 117. m\mt sball | bo to be Srxbetr? 

' What must I do to be saved 

Wm. B. Bradbdrt. 

1. ! wliat sliall I 

2. O ! what shall I 

3. ! wliat shall I 

4. ! Lord look in 


do to 
nicr- cy 

be Kived From the sor- rows that bur- den my soul? 

be saved Wheu the iiU-asures of youth are all fled? 

bo saved, AVheu eick-ness uiy strength shall sub-due ? 

ou nie, Come, cuiue and speak i>eace to my 

-•■ -g^- -•- -ff- ^ -•: m ^ -^ -»■ -fir \ \ 

1 — I — r 

Like the waves in the storm Wlien the winds are at war. Chill- ing floods of dis- "* 

And the fi lends I Lave loved. From the earth are re- moved And I weep o'er the ° 

Or tlie world in a day, Like a cloud roll' a - way. And e - ter - ni - ty ^ 

Uu - to wliom shall I flee. Dear- e»t Lord, but to Thee, Thou canst make my poor, » 


—^-9—9-H — t — r-^ — p— P-""^ — ^ — ^-^^ u uH^—i — I" \ 

tress o'ernie n>ll. MHiatshar. I do? whatshall I do? 01 whatshalll do to be saved? 

gravesofthedead? What shall I do? whatshall I do? O! whatshalll do to besaved? 

o- pons to view? What shall I do? whatshall I do? 01 whatshalll do to besaved? 

broken heart whole. That will I do! that will! do I To Je- sus III go and be saved I 

m -^ m ^' ♦■•■■•■ ■»■' ■»■■•■■»■. -i9-. ^ . -m- -^ -jm- ^ -jm-. ^ ^ 

1— r 

No. 118. ioliT, gob I forir 6ob a^Imigbtirl 

" They rest not day nor night, saying. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, 

and is, and is to come." — Rev. 4 : 8. 
Reginald Heber, D.D. Rev. John B. Dvkbs. 

1. Ho -Iv, II.) -Iv, IIo - IvI Lord God Al- might - vl Kar - Iv ia the 

2. Ho - Iv, Ho- Iv, IIo . iVl all the saints a - Thee, Casf- ing down Uieir 

3. Uo-lv, IIo- Iv, IIo • Iv! tho'thudark-msa hide Thee, Though the evo of 

4. IIo - ly, Ho - ly, Ho - ly I Loi-d God Al- might - yl All Thy works shall 

morn - lug our eong shall rise to Theo; IIo- Iv, Ho- ly, IIo - ly! 
icold-i-n crowns II- round the cIiiks - v sea: Clier • u - bini aud t<<>r • aiihim 

gold- i-n crowns II- round the gliuw - y sea; Clier • u - bini aud t<<>r • apliim 

(rin - ful man Thy glo - ry nmy not we, dn - ly Tliou art Ho - ly, 

praiHi- Thy numi' I u earth, anil sky, and sea; II. > - ly. Ho- ly. Ho . Iv I 


-\ — I — r 

o . iVl 

iioij, j^oiji loti ffiob aiiu(at)tsi 

ful aud Might-y! (iinl in tijree Per - sous, bless-ed Trin -i -tyl 
fall -iug down Imj - fore fliee.Wlii.h wertand art, and ev -ermoreahall be. 
there is none be-side Tliee,I'cr - feet iu p<jw'r, in love.amlpur- i • ty. 
Mer - ci - ful aud MJKht-y ! Uo^J ia three Per - sous, bless-ed Trie - i» ^ I A ■ MEN. 

No. U9. it foiO iitij gle. 

" In the shadow of his hand hath he hid me."— IsA. 49: 2. 
Miss M. E. Sbrvoss. James McGranahan. 

1. When the gtonns of life are ritK • iug, Tenipesta wild on sea and land. 

2. Though Ue may send someaf - Hie - tion, 'Twill hut make nie long for home; 

3. Kn - e- mie« may strive to in -jure, Sa - tan all his ailoem < ploy; 

4. So, while here the cross Vm bear - iug, Meeting storms aud bil-lows wild. 

or in love and not in an - gur. All His chast • en • Ings will come. 

He will turn wlmt seems to harm nio In • to ev • er • last-ing Joy. 

Je • sus, fur my soul is car -iug, Naught can liarm His Fa-therschilu. 

— '^ — ^t-, , , a.— l— •-^ 

II ^ ^ ' • - • 'I 


He will hide me. He will hide me, Vhercnohami can e'er be-tide 

i . I 1^ I L 1 . I 6^ I k* Z. : U I 


He will hide me. He will hide me. Where no harm can e'er be-tlde me; 

He will bide me, safe-ly hide me, In the shad • ow of His hand. 

He will hide me, safe-lyhMemo In the shadow of His hand. 

No. 120. 


I am thine. "—Ps. 1x9: 94. 


1. Thine, Je- sus, Tliiiie, No more this Iiciirt of niiue Shall eeek its ji>y a. - part from Thee ; 

2. Ttiine,Thicea- lone, My joy.niy crown; Kuwearth-ly tilings may fade and die, 

3. Thine, ev - er Thine, For- ev - er to re-cliue On love e - ter - nal, fixed and gure, 

4. Thine, Je-8U3, Tliine, Soon iu Thy crown to shine, When from the glo- ry Thou shalt com* 

The worll is cni - ci - fied to me, And I am Thine, And I am Th 

Tiiey charm uiy soul no more, for I Am Thine a - lone, Am Tliine a '- lone. 

Yes, 1 iini Thine for ev - er-more,Lord, Je - bus. Thine, lnjrd, Je - bus, Thine. 

And with Tliysaiutd shall tiike me home,Lord, Je - bus, come, Lord, Je - bus, come. 

No. 121. (Bwi r)f gitrnncss ante f tg^t. 

" I am the liyht of the world, he that followeth me shall not walk In 

darkness." — John 8: 12. 

W. O. Lattimore.* (Tkmphrancb Hymn.) Ira D, Sankbt. 

— v-r— I 1 *- 

lark • uckb 
at, tlie 
ing have we, 
our tJil - onta 
hast Bavod 

have wait - ed, For the shin - inp of the Light; 
r.ight ap - pear - eth, Jo - bus Btandg up . on the shore; 
hut our Weak - ness. Naught but sor - row, eiii and care; 
wo have wiLst - ed. All Thy laws have dis - o - beyed; 
do Thou keep U8, Guideuti by Thiueeyo di - vine; 
JK. M. M.- M. ^' JL ^' M. -Pi. 

" ' I . r— r ^=^=F=&= 

in-; have fflt 
And, Willi ten 
All with . In, 
Hut Thy giMKl 
Let the liu 

things wo lia - ted. Sink nn etill In deep -er 

Voice, Ho call- otii, "Cometo Die and din no 

loath-Honie vile- nesa, All with -out, is dark do 

now we've taHt - j-d. In Thy roU-g we gtand ar . 

Sjiir • it teiuii uh. That our light may cv - or 

night. 3 
more I" • 
smilr ^ 

• Written by one nKowl 


frum itiuDg driul. 


®ut of fiarfents* (nto li^t 



Break the fet - tere that have bound us, Make na 

Thy-self a - new. 


■ u I k> n> 

FlMAL Cut>BU8. — Blessfd JesuB. l>e Thou near ub. 
Give U8 of Thy gi-aoe tinlay ; 
While we're calling, do Thou hear us. 
Send us, now, Thy peace, we pray. 

No. 122. 

Mrs. S. A. Collins. 

I^sus CviIIs ^hn. 

" I the Lord have called thee." 


1. Je . PUR, pra-ciou8 One, call - rfh now to thee, " Come, O 8in - nor, come!" 

2. Still Ho waits for thee, plead -irg pa- tient - Iv, 'Tome, O come to Me!" 

3. Wea • ry, ein-sick soul, called bo gra-ciuus - ly, " Caust thou dare ro • fuso't 


Calls BO len-der-ly, calls bo lov-ing-ly, "A'i'M'.O sin - ner, come." Words of peace and 
" Heav-y- lanlenone, I thy grief have borno.Conie and rust in Me." AVurds with love o'er- 
Mer - cy offered thee, free • ly,ten-der-ly, Wilt thou still a- buse? Come, for time is 

-•g-_g_,g5g--^ r-^-^ 

bless- ing, Christ'3own love con - fess - ing;"| 

flow- ing, I"fe and bliss be - Btow-ing ; |- Hear the sweet voice of Je -sua, 

fly - ing. Haste, thy lamp is dy - ing;j 



Full, full of love; Call - ingtender-ly, calI-inglov-ing-ly,"Conie,0 sin-ner, come.' 

No. 123. % f i# wpcn % S^«. 

" No night there."— Rev. 21 : 25. 

Rev. Henry Burton, M.A. 

James McGranahan. 

1. We'*fi journey'd many a day Up - on an o • cean wide, A- 

2. We've had our stonns of doubt, Our rains of bit - ter teai-s, Our 
3.0 laud of calm - est rest, Where suns no more go down I 



mid the - mist and spray Of many 

fight-ings fierce with - out. With- in 

liav - en of the blest. With bhss 

. ^1 U 
a Burg - ing tide ; But, 
our aiix - ious fears; But, 
aud glo - ry cruwu'd I No 

lo I the land is near I 
lo I the Bturms aro past, 
more the storm, the dark. 

For just be - yond the foam I a 

Tliey can- not reach us more; We've ■§ 

The break - era and the foam, No 3. it blight and, The light of home, sweet home. § 

(^ight - cd laiicl at last. The bless - eil storm - less sliore. £ 

mnre the wail, for liiirk 1 Wo hear the songs of home. 5 

■ es frmn the 

Tliere's a light up -on tlie shore, brotli -er. It 

I U U> U 

No. 124. 


Tuke iiiv life sdJ lut it be 

Take my ffi-t auJ l-t tlnin be 

Take my lipo and Kl iIkiu be 

Take my luu-mi-'iits ami my duya. 

Take my will auJ imike it Tliiiie, 

Take luy l^'Vo, my (iiA, I pour 

Con - 86 - era . 

Swift au<l bcuu 

FiU'd vitli mi'S 

Let fl.w 

It eball be 

At Thy feet 

toil. Lord, to Thcc; 
ti - lul for Thee; 
ga - gos froiu Thee; 
iu eiiJ -less prai^; 
no loji . gor mine; 
its tiiais-uro store: 

m g =*-f^--f^= ^i €=i^44l--s.kH ^ ys 

Take uiy baiiils ami let tlu'Oa luove 
Take uiy Vuii'o aiiJ let me HiiiK 
Take my oil - Vff ainl my g^M, 
Take niy in - l-l - l«ct aii>I u.-.e 
Take my heart, it it* Thiiioown, 
7uke uiy- oelf, aud I jtill be 

At the im - pnlso ol Thy love. 
Al - ways— on • ly— for my King. 
Nut a mito wouM I with -hold. 
Kv - 'ry jH.w'r iti Thou lihaU choose. 
It shall l>o Thy roy - al throne. 
Kv - er, oil - ly, all for Thee. 


Chorl-s, a/ter each stanza 

No. 125. 

(lIk 6osjjfI ^iclls. 

" For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son."— John 3 : 16, 
W. M. S. Wesley Martin. 

1. The G'>3-i)el bclU aro ring-iiig, 
'i. The Go-i - l>el bells in - vite us 

3. The Gos - l)el tn-Us give warning, 

4. The Gos - ik-I bt-lls are joy -lul, 


O - ver laiiiI,from isi-a to sfa: IMes<t-eil news of 

To a feaat prepared for all; l)o not slight the 

AstheysoundfromdKy to day, Of the fate which 

Asthfyech - o far and wide. Bringing notes of 

free sal - va - lion l>o they of -fer you and me. "For God 80 loved the world That His 

in - vi - ta- tion, Nor re-i.'.t the gra-cioiis cnll. "I am the bread of life; Kat cl 

doth a- wait them Who f,„ cv-.-r will dc - lay. "Es-capye, for thy life; Tar- ry 

per-fect par - don, Thro'a Sav-iour irii - ci - tied, "(iood tid - iiigs of gn-at joy To all 

QTfit <!So?ptI BtUff. 

on - ly Son He gave, Whoso-e'er be-liev-eth in Him Ev - er- last- ing life shall have." 
Me, thou hungry soul, Tho'yoursinsbe red as crim-son, Theyshallbe as white as wool." 
not in all the plain, Xor behind thee look,oh,nev-er, Le.stthoube consumed in pain." 
peo-ple do I bring, Un - to you is born a Sav-iour,Whicli isChrlsttheLord"andKing. 

|o^ ia % W0rltr. 

No. 126. 

" The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace."— IsA. 9: 6. 
Rev. Isaac Watts, arr. Gbo. F. Root. 

Joy/ulty. , , Reverently. 


.Joy to the world t the Lord is come; The might - y God, tho Ev- cr -lust -ing 
Joy to the world ! the Sav-iour reigns. The might -y God, tlie Ev - er - lust -ing 
He rules the v/orld with truth and grace, Tho might - y God, tho Ev - cr - Wt • iug 

and tho Prince of 
, and the Prince of 
tlie Prince of 

Pence. Let cverj' heart pre • - - pare Him nxim, "J 
Peace. O pniino Him, floods FiKkB, hills an<l plains, ~ 

Wo. 127. g£ glust ht gont i^saitt. 

" Verily, verily, I »ay unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see 

Ihc kingdom of God."— John 3:3. 

W. T. Sleeper. Ceo. C. Stebbtos. 

1. A nil •' er once came to J« • sua by nigbt. To 

2. Ye chil - dren of men, at - tend to tlie word So 

3. O ye who would en - ter that glo - ri - ous rest, And 

4. A dear one in bear - en thy heart yearns to see, Al the 
.^- 3t :it 3?: 35: 

Bilk nim the way of gal - va - tii>n and light; The SIus - ter nuule uii-swer in 

Hi>l-ciiiii-ly ut-teredby Jo- sun, the Lord, And let not this message to 

sing witli the ruu-H<im'd the 8<>iig uf the bk-st; Tlie life ev - er • luitt-ing if 

beau • ti - fill gutu may Ih) wuteh-liig fur thee; Then list to the uutu of this 

6 r ^^- ta-:-U-~t^$i J J 

No. 128. 

€xxi xt §0bm. 

" Cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground." — Luke 13 

P. P. BLtss. 

l.yusii'ce. Cut it down, 
2. Mercy. One year more, 
3. /usd'ce. Cut it down, 

4. Mercy. One year more, 

5. Still it stands, btill it stands, A 

cut it down, Spare not the fruit - less tree I 

one year more, Uh, spare the fruit -less tree! 

cut it down, And burn the worth -less treel 

year more. For mer-cy spare tlie tree! 

fair, but fruit - less tree I 

It spreads a liann-ful shade a-rouud. It spoils what else were use - ful ground,. 

Be-hold its branch-es broad and green. Its spread-iug leaves have bope-ful been, 

For oth - or use the soil pre -pare. Some ofh - er tree will flour- ish there, 

An-oth-er year of care be -stow, Ou its fair form some fruit may grow, 

TheJIas-ter, seek - ing fruit there-on Hascome— l>ut,griev'dat find-iug none, 

No fruit for years on it I've found, Out it down. 

Some frait there - on may yet be seen, One year more. 

And in my vine - yard much frait bear. Cut "it down. 

If not — then lay the cum-b'rer low. One year more, 

Now speaks to Jus - tice— Mer - cy flown— Cut it down, 
4^ -tL --^ 

cut it down, 

one year more, 

cut it down. 

one year more. 

cut it down. 

No. 129. 

Coim \imx 

" The Lord ii aigh unto them that are of a broken heart ; and saveth such as 

be of a contrite spirit." — Ps. 34 : 18. 

Rev. G. G. Lloyd. J. W. Uischopf. 


1. Come near me, my Sav - iour; Thy ten - dcr-« re - veal; 

2. Como near nie, my lie - deem - er, And nev • er leave my side ; 

3. Come near me, bless - ed Je • bub, I need Thee in my joy, 

4. Be near me, might - y Sav - iour, When cornea the lat - est strife; 

O, let mo know the sym - pn - thy Which Thou for me dost feel. 

My liark, when toss'd on tmub - le's soiV, The storm can-not out - ride. 

No less than when the dir - e«t IIIh My Imp- pi - ness de • stroy; 

For Tliou hiutt thro' deatli'sshud - owspussM, And ojio'ii the gates of life; 

^mmM=^^^^ ^^ ^^ 

1 ne(>a Thi-e fv - 'ly iim - niont; Tliiuo al> - bf-nce brings dis - uiay; 

Uu - les8 Tby wonl of pow - er Ar - rest the eurg - iug wave; 

For when tlio sun Bliirieso'or nie And flow - eis 8tiew my way, 

And wLen a - mong tho mu - som'd I stand with crown and palm, 

But when the tempt - er hurls liin dartis 'Twerediulh with 'Hirp a - way. 

No voice hut Thine it« nigo ain quell, No arm hut Thine can save. 

With-oiit Thy wiMo and (fuid-ing hand More eas - i - ly I stray. 

To Theo, Di- vino, un - fail - ing Frieinl, I'll raino c - t". r - iial jwafm. 


®tljn bo fo« Malt? 

"Arise, he callcth thee." — Mark io: 49. 

Geo F. Root. 

1. Why do you wait, dear 1>roth-er, 

2. What do you ho|>e, dear brotliH-r, 

3. l)o you not feel, ilear bruth-cr, 

4. Why do you wait, dear hroth-er, 

■w- — ' -^ 

Oh, why do you tar - ry so long? Vour 

To gain by a fur-ther de • hiy? There'i 

Ilia Spir-it now striv-ing with- in? Oh, 

The liar-vest is paj-.-ing a - way. Your 

W p^^^ u ^ =^ 

Sav-iour is wait-ing to give 
no one to save you but Je ■ 
why not ac - eept Ilia sal - va • 
Sav-iour is loug-iug to bless 

you A place in His sane - ti - lied throng 

8118, There's no otli-er way but His way. 

tion. And throw off thy bur -den <pf sin. 

you. There's dau-ger anil death in de - lay. 

No. 13t Is Jftsus able to "^.ttittm? 

"Come untr pie "^U ' e that labor." — Matt. 

Mrs. A. R. Cousin. 

tttA D. Sank BY. 


1. Ib Je-6UB a- 'jle lo re-deem A sin- ner lost, like nie? "My sins so great, so 

2.18 Je - ^U3 wi'ii-ing to for-give A reb- el child, like me? AVho would not in Hi; 

3. Is Je - VH >vai'.-iug to re-lieve A wan-der-er, like me 

4. le Je - >'U8 read- y now to save A guilt- y one, like me 

■Who chose the Father's 
Who brought Uim to the 

see." I 
see." I 

ma - iiy seem ! O sin- ner," come and see. 
fa . Yurlive? reb - el," come and 
House to leave ? O wanderer," come and 
crossand grave? Come, guilty one, and 

The blood that Je- sus shed of old. Was 

shed for ynu and nic : And there is room with-in the fold — O"como to Him and see." 

No. 132. 

0£nliT, 0fnIiT. 

" He that bclieveth on me hath everlasting life." — John 6 : 47. 
Jamrs McGranahan. James McGhanahan. 


1.0 what a Sav-iourlhat He died fir met From con- dem-na- tion Ho hath g 

2. All my In- iq - ui- ticH on Him were laid. All my in- deht- 1-.! . uess by H 

.'J. Tho' poor and need- y I can trUHt my Lurd, Tlio' weak and sin-Tnl I be- 

4. Tho' all un-worth-y, yet I will not dontit. For him that com-cth, Ho will 



H» — • — m T i^ 

T I? u f 5 > > \ 


mailo 1 

Him wan paid ; All whobellevo on Him, the Loril hath wild, "//.ir/ ov ■ 
llevo HiHWonI; Rlad nie.nsage I ev-'ry chil.l of C.mI, " //.»M ev ■ 

uot ca»t out, "llo that lH<-llevetli,"0 the goiMlneWHB. ■lit," Hath ov. 

luxt-lng life, 
l.usi- luK life. 
luHt- ing life. 


'=^^m "f^fw^^ ^ ^ 


Chorus., Ttrltj. 

y, I say un • to you, Ver - 1 - ly, 

— 1-5 — ^ — IT ^ — 1 S;^ — P— I t=Bf— t — ^ 

"Ver - 1 - ly, vcr - 1 - ly, I say un • to you, Ver - 1 - ly, ver • 1 - ly 

■ er Ufw; " lie that be • lieveth on the Son " 'tis tnie,"//<j/ life." 

No. 133. £^h f itmb is l^iJ l^ig^t l^twcf. 

" And the Lamb is the light thereof."— Rkv. at : 23. 
Mrs. E. W. Ghiswold. Gbo. C. Ftebbins. 


1. If nt'V - er tlieguze of 8ua ami moon, On the bless- ed homo a - bovc. From 

2. Andtlius saith thepiiKo of Ho - ly Writ Of tlio land of wm;^ and love, "Tin 

3. Then fol - low Him, till the eye grows dim. And the soul, Od ark-freed dovo, Stiall 

t 5 r 

whence.are Its ravs of won-drouB noon? Oh I "The Lamb is the light there- of.' 
glo - ry of God did light -en it. And the Lamb is the light there- of." 
8i)eed a . way to realms of day,Where"TheLAMB is the light there* of." 

i-^f T' ^ 

-r— r 


They shall walk in white, there shall be no night In the fade- lesshome a - bove; And the 

shout shall ring as the ran-soroed sing. Oh ! " The Lame 
.J mL^m-, m tl* :^- 

the light there - of. 

No. 134. gob IJappiT are Mt. 

p. P.B. 

' He thai kerpctti ihe law, liuppy is he. 

I'kov. 29: 18. 



1. Oh, how liap-py are \ve,\Vhoiu Je - sua a-gree, A ud expect His re- turn from a- 

2. When u- nit- ed to Ilim.Wepartakeofthestream.Ev- er flowing in peace from the 
3 We remember tliewcird Of our cru-ci-fiod Lord, When He went to prepare us a 
4. lome.Lord.fromtheskiesAudcommandustorise To the mansiousof glo- ry a- 


- V N, , -I IV-h—l _ s. \ ) _ 'm -) V 1 ^1 I N N l* < - H c n"3 

We sit 'neathHisvine,anddeiif;t'-ful-Iy join In tlie praise of His ex - cellent love. % 

We in Je -sua bc-lieve, aadthp.'<|iir-it re-ceive, That proceeds from the Fattier and Son. ^ 

" I will come in tliat day and will take you a- waj". And ad- mit to a siglit of my face." • 

With Tliee to as- cend and e- ter - ni-ty spend, lu a nip-ture of heav- eu-ly love. 

l^kssctr liicipe. 

No. 135. 

" That ye sorrow not even as others wliich have no hope."— i Thbss. 4:13. 



1. BlcHn-i-il liopcthat in .Te-suH i« giv - en. In our sur- MW to chcerand sus - tain, 

2. Ble»H-i'd bo|iu in the won! (iod hiu ppiv ken, .\llour iM'Ucol'y that woiil we <ib - tain, 

3. HlesH-ed hopoIhowitBhine8iii our Hor-row, Like tlie star o" - v.r IVth-IiliemD plain, 

4. Ule*<-<'d hoiHS I the briglilBtiir of tlie morning, TlmtBlnillhernld HiHcom- ing to reigu ; 

That BiKin in tlie miinHlonH of Ileav • en. We Hhnll meet with our lov'd onon n- pilii. 

Anil nil fureiutliiMl'MWiinl wiu.niVrliro.ken, We xhall meet with our lov'd onest a- gain. 

Tliatll may In(, with lllm, it<« llie moi^ row. We hIiuII meet with our lovMonexa- gain. 

Oh, the glo. ry that waitu iti* fair dawn-hig. When we •••eet with tiur lovM our* a- gain. 

£UjsKt)i Wtm. 

No. 136. ^emptciJ mxH ^mb. 

" Knowing this that the trial of your faith worketh patience." — Jas, i : 3. 

Frances R. Havbrgal. 

Jamks McGranaiian. 


1. Toniptuil and tried! Oh ! tlio ti-r - ri - ble fi.lo May be rat?- ing and deep, niav lie 

2. Tempted and tri.d Th.-n- is Oiio at thy eide. And nev - er iu vain sliail Hid 

3. Tempted and trii-d Wliat - e'er may be - tide. In Uis Be - cret pa - vil - ion His 
1. Tempted and triedl Yet the Lord will a- bide, Tby faith, fnl Ke-deem-cr, thy 


wrath-ful and wide! Yet its fii - ry is vain. For the LonI shall re- strain. And for- 
chil.dreu con - tide! lie shall 8^ive and de.fend. For Ho loves to the end, A- 
chil-dren shall hide, 'Xeath the shadow - iii^ wImk, Of E - ter - ni-tv"s Kiujr, His 
Keep - er, and Guide, Thy Shiild and thy Sword, Thine exceed- ins Ke - ward. Then e- 

ev - er and ev - er Je - ho-vah shall reisn.-. 


nouKhfortheser-vant to bo as his Lord.-' . 


gnide thee, and keep thee, Tho' tempted and tried. 

5 Tempted and tried. 
The Saviour who died, 
Hath called thee to suffer and reign by Hia 

His cross thou shalt bear. 
And His crown thou shalt wear. 
And forerer and ever His glory shaltBhare. 

No. 137. I Cannot ^dl fecto f mious. 

" Unto you therefore which believe he is precious." — i Pbtkr » ! 7. 
Chas. H. GA.BKIBL. Jambs McGramaham. 


1. I can - not tell how pre- cious The Sav-iour is tome, Since I have Him ac-cept - ed, 
2.1 can- not do fnr Jo - bus As much as 1 should like; But I will e'er eu-deav -or 
3. Whene'er I thiuk ol" Je - sus, I can-not but re-joice; To meHe's ev - er pre-ciuus. 

.e_-ff--.*_. , 

. ^ U in* b« I U 


And He hath made me free ; I can -not tell His goodness, E - nough to sat - is - fy; ^ 
To Work with all my might; For, was not my dear Sav-iour For eiii-ners cru-ci-fled? ^ 
For Him I raise my voice ; I kuow He has in glo- ry A home pre-par'd for me, r 

tP— 6»- 


r-..„„..y U» 1^ U • s 


-son why. "1 ^ 

sand died. V I cannot tell how pre - cious g 
1 80 free. J ^ 

And if you'llon-ly take Hiin.You'Useethe rea-son why. 
For me, tlieii.yuivly, Je - sus Hungon thocrossand 
Where I sliiill live for- ov - er So hai>py, and 

~L, " ^— p— »— p-^r 

The Sav-iour is to mo; 

ly can en -treat you To come, and taste and see. 


No. 138. §cuutiful ^dhn nf (!:i)tn. 

Rev. W. O. Gushing. " A rest to the people of God."— Heb. 4 : 9. 

Wm. F. Shkrwin. 

1. Bean- ti.ful viil. ley of K - dent Sweet is thy noontide calm; O- ver the hearts of the 
2.0- vcrtlielieiiTtof themourner Sliin-eththygold-en day, Wafl-intf the souks of the S* 
:i. There is the hoiui' of my Sav-iour, Thoro,with the hlood-wash'd throug,Over the hit;hlands of 5 

^ , 1 , , ISKFKAIN. 


wea-ry, Breathlri); thy waves of halm. ) 
nii-Ki'U l)<iwn fromtliefar a - way. J- Beau 
glo- ry KiiU-eth the great new song.) 

ful val-Iey of K»leu, Homo of the pure and b 


Btautiful "FalUj o£ Ebm. 

I ariiimof tliy rest-sweet rest I 


No. 139. 

I'll Slanb hj gou. 

This song was suggested by a thrilling incident of a wreck and rescue at sea. 
W. W. D. James McGranahan. 





1. Fierce ami wild the storm is rag • ing Round a help - lo.>a hark, 

2. Wea - ry, help- lew, h<>|io - leas sea- nien Faint - ing on the deck, 

3. On a wild and gtoitn - y o - cenn, Sink- iug'neuth tho wave, 

4. Dar - ing death thy soul to rea - cue, He iu love has como. 


-0^ — "ff" — •-t-g"— • -t-'g'-r-g « ,. J • « — •—r -<=.^ P P ^ 



On to doom 'tis swift - ly driv - ing, O'er the wa - tors dark I 

With what Joy they hail fsiv - inur. As lie hails tho wreck ! 

S.iuls that t>or - ixh he.-<l Iho nies - Bii^''. Christ lias conin to lun-e! 

Leave tho wreck and in Ilnu trust - ing, Thou shalt reach thy bunie I 

Joy, be- hold tho Sav 

N I 

1 — T — u-r 

Joy, the mes-sago hear. 

I I r-i 

hold tho Sav-iour, Joy, O joy, 

J>>y. » joy, bo 


tho meg-sago hear, 

«: St :et -^ 


V — 9-9 

I'll stand by uu-til tho morn- ing, T'vo 

tosjivc you, do not fear," Yes, 

I'll stand by 

-til the moru - ing, I've Come not fear, do not fear. 





No. 140. 3abtb bir % "gloob-. 

" The blood of Christ clcanscth us from all sin." — i John i : 7. 

Fanny J. Crosby. 



-f- -0- 

- > — V|- =;=q3,— 



pmiii i 

1. We're paved by the lilood That wiw drawn from the side Of Je - bus 

2. yes, 'tis the bloxl Of the Lamb that was slain; He con-quered 

3. We're saved by the blood, We are sealed by its power ; 'Tis life to 

4. That blood is a fouut Where the vil . est may go, ,\iid wash till 

5. We're saved by the blood, Hal- le - lu - jah a- gaiu ; We're saved by 




Lord, When He lan-guii^hcdaml died 
crave, And He liv - ftli a - pai 

Soul. Aud its hope cv - 'ry li'iur 

souls Shall bo whit - cr than sii 

bhmd,Hal - le - lu - jah, A 
US. M. M. -m- ^ -0- 


No. 141. 

Jtsus (f)nli). 

Mait. 17 : 8. 

Rev. R. I.OWRY. 


1. What tho' clouds are hov-'riug o'er mo, Aud I seem to walk a- loi 

'l. What tho' all my earth - ly jour-ncy HriuKi-lh niiiiKht but wra-ry lioi 

i. What tlio' all my heart in yearu-iii|{ For the lov'il of l.nig a - g 

4. Wheu I soar to reainis of glo-ry, And au eu - trance I a - wi 

■ r:X==-. 

U U I 



1 1 



I/tUK-Inx 'nild my airesnnil crrwR-eH, For tho Jc.vm that now are flown- 

And, In K"i-<P - l"« for life 'h nw -e«, Thonisr fliid In.slenil ..f llow'p. 

Hit • liT li-M . HoiiN Had - Iv learn-intr. From the hIuuI • owy [injfi- of wi*— 

If I whin . iHT, ".!••- MIH on . !yl" Wide will o|h. the |Karl - y K»t«' ; 


y \0 \ 


If I've Je 

If I've Je 

If I've Je 

^Vhen 1 juiu 

BU8, "Je- FU8 on - ly," Then my eky 

SU8, "Je - 6118 tm • ly,' I jhis - scra 

BUS, "Je- 6I1S on • ly," He'll I* with 

the heavenly cho-rus, And the an • 

will have a gi-m ; 
a clu(i - tiT rare ; 
me to the end; 
gel busts I see, 

^gi^.p=«gppfe j;ipfpggg 

He's a SuQ of bright-est eplen-dor, And the Star of Beth - le - hem. 

He's the"Lil • y of the Val-ley," And the "IU.>e of Sha-ron " ,falr. 

And, un - seen by mor-tal vis -ion. An • gel bamls %vill o'er me iK-nd, 

Pre-cionB Je • eus,"Je-BU8 on - ly," 'VN'ill my theme of rap . ture be. 

Xo. 142. 

R. G. H. 

Modtra to — bold. 

Christ for St«. 

' The Lord U my nelpcr."— Hbb. 13;: 6. 

R. Gbo. Halu. 

1. Whom have I,Lord,lnheav'u hut Tliee? None but Tlieel None bu»TheeI And tliis my 6<>iig thro' 
2.1 en-vynot the rich thfirjoy«,('hrintfiir niel ChristforiDiel I cov-et not earth's 

3. Tho' with the poor be cant my lot,Chri(ttfor mol Christ for mel "Hekuoweth b«>t,"-I 
■ ■ J • _ I 

life shall be.ChriBt for met Christ for met Ho hath for me the vine-press trod, He hath re • 
glitt'ringtoys.ChriBtfor melChristf ir mel Karthcan no last- ing bliss be- stow, "FadinK"i8 
mur-mur not, Christ for met Christ for mol Tho' " Vine and yig-trte" blight aisiil, The "Ja-bor 
•I • -«- _. ^ .*-■«- A jt .(S. J ^ < 

ieemed me " by His blood," And rec-onciled my sonl to God,Christ for me! Christ for mel 
stamped on all be- low; Jlineis a joy no endcanknow,Christfor me IChristfor mel 
of the Olivefail," Anddeatho'erfliKrksandherdsprevail.Christfjr Die I Christ for mel 

4 Tho' I am now on bostile ground, 
Christ for me! Christ for me ! 
And sin beset me all around, 

Christ for me! Christ for me! 

Let earth her fiercest battles wage. 

And foes against my soul engage. 

Strong in His strength I scorn their lage, 

Ckjrtet im sael (%ri»t tor mpl 


6 And when my life draws to its close, 

Christ for me! Christ for me! 

Safe in His arms I shall .-pose, 

Christ for me! Christ fo- rn.-' 

When sharpest pain* my frame ^rvada^ 

And all ttie powers of nature fade. 

Still will I sing thro' death's coldf 

Cjhriatformel ChiiBtfoiiBei 

No. 143. 

ffc ht 


" Having • desire to depart, and to be with Christ."— Pmu i : •9, 
Aev. W O. Gushing. Ira D. 

4 — n. — |v-j — ^ 

1. I have heard of a laml far a . way, Aud its glo-ries 1,11 tongue can 

2. There are fore-ta»te8 of h<MV-eu lie- low, TUereare mo-meuts like joys of 

3. In that noou-tiJo of glo- ry bo fair, In the gleam of the riv -er 

4. Therethe ransomed with Je -hus a - bide In thesbade of the ehel-ter- 

«: --ff: :ff:' :ff: 

:ee :ff:- 

^^ = g ^=i=g 

do - Clare; 
the blest: 
of hfe, 
iug foM; 

-* IV» m^m-^ ^ I j , - ! P P-r-J k g - r n 

I 1^ ^ '«^ u 

But its beau - ty hangs o - ver the way. And with Jo - sua I long to bo there, r. 

But the Fplen-ilora no nior- tal can kuow.Of the land where the wea. ry eliall rest. .$ 

Therearejoys that the faithful shall share ;0 h»WBweet-ly tliey rest f mm the strife t "5 

Ev - er-mi"iro hy Im-man-n- el's side. They shall dwell in the glo - ry nu-tcM. § 

u u 

U U I 


1 6*-t»- 

to bo there, Aud with Jo- sus I long to bo jT 

-> — -— —I — ■ . — ^i»— !• ^ p r~T, — , y. _ mr~^i 

To be there, to betliere, 

To bo there, to bo there, And with Je-sus I long t.i ho tln're. 

e':fc*: ■■^'.-■SlS: Iff: :ff: iff: ^ 

U ^ 1 t* K I '* ^ 
to be there; To be there, ti> lie there. 

No. 144. gUsscLT X)o»^f-?f'«i^. 

"There remaineth therefore a rest." — Hbb. 4: 9. 

pAKtiT J.Crosby. 

HoDBRT p. Main. 



1. (illd- lug ii'er lile'n flt - fill wa - tors, Ileuv - y 8iir(t - es muuoliiii.-n Mil ; ,\iid we 
■Z nft we cjKrh u faiiil ro- lli-o • lion Of il.H briglit uiid vi-r nul liillx; .Vi.d, Hi >' 
u' To our Ka- ther.and our .Sav- i.iur.To tlio Spir - it, Tlirw in One, We nlmll 
4. 'Tin the wea • ry pilgrim's Horao-laud, Wlion-iiich tbrobblnncare shall ceaw, Aud our 

^lufHio JHomt-lanB. 




^ - I ? I u p 

high for yonder ha- ven, For the Home-land of the soul. -. 

iliKtaiit, how we hail it ! How each heart with rapture tlirillsl I ™ ,„ , j e- 

.liiK Klud HoDK^of triumph Will... our harvest work is done. ^ Bless- ed Home-land, ev-er fair ! 
lougingsuiid our>earuiugs,Likea wave, ho hushed to peace. -* 


Sin can Lev-er en- ter there; But the Soul, to life a- wakiiiK, Ev-erlastiugbliwmshall we 

No. 145. jfu' nour 6ncs upon Jesus. 

Ix>ok unto mc and be ye saved." — IsA. 45 ; 

Jambt ATcGranahait. 

Z) ■»■ *■ •*- ■*■ *^ * ^ *• -,- X ■*■ * ^ *^ 

1. Wi.ulil joulosujdurloadof sin? Fix your eyes upon. lesus; Would you know God's peace within? 
•J. Wiiulil you calmly walk the wave ? Fi.x your eyes upon Jesus; Would you know His [jow'r to save? 

3. Would yoii hare your carei grow light? Fi.K your eyes uiH)n Jesus; Would you w^ugs have in the ni;^ht? 

4. Grieving, woulilyoucomfortknow? Fi.xyoureye3Uix)n Jesus; Uumlile be *'hen blessings flow? 
T). Would you strength io weaknesM have? Fix your eyes uiH>n Jesus;. "<ce a light beyond the grave? 

I h 

I \\ \ ^ M. M. ^ - M. M . I ^ 

) rN 

Fix your eyes up- on Je-sus; Je-sus who on ttie cross did die, Je- bus who //vm and 

No. 146. C^J '§mbmh (ffmraatt. 

" Thine eyes shall behold the land that is very far o8F."— IsA. 33: 17. 
Rev. Isaac Watts. William Hbnry OaklBV. 

1. There is a land of pure de- ligl)t,'ttliere8aiDt8immor-tal reigii; E - ter- nal day ex- 

2. Sweet tielils,l>ey<iiid the swelling flood. Stand dress'diu hv- iuK green; So to the Jews fair 

3. OcjulJwe make our doubts remove, — Those gloomy doubta that rise, — And see the (.'a- uaan 




eludes the nij^ht, And iih-as-ures ban- ish pain. There ev . er-last - ing eprinp a- bides. And 3 
Ca - nimn stood, While Jor-dau rolled be-tweea. But tim'rousnior- tals start and shrink To * 
that we love, With uu - be- cloud, ed eyes, — C'ould we but climb where Mosea stood, And .? 

nev- er - fad-ing flow'rs; Death, like a nar- row sea, di-vides That heavenly land from ouns. 

cross this narrow sea. And lin-fjer, trembling ou the lirink. And fear tiilauneha-»ay. 

view the landscape o'er,-Xot Jordau'sstream,uor death's cold flood.Should fright lis from the shore. 

No. 147. (9It, ^ am sa ^)nppn' iit |tsus. 

" ll.ippy are thy men, happy are these lliy servant 


Kings 10 : 8. 
Jambs McGranahav. 

1. oh, I nin so hap - py in Je - mis, His blood hua n^ileeni'd me from sin, n 

ii. Oh, I am s<) hap-|iy in Ji» - bus, Hohiughtnie the st- crtt of faith, M 

3. Oh, I am so hap-jiy in Jo- sus, I lay my wlioletwml at flis feot ; ^ 

4. Oh, I am so hap-jiy in Je . bus, If earth in llis love is bo blest, % 


<feb, X am HO J^apps in iMttf. 

No. 148. ^^t (iosp^I ^rumptt's ^cxtnb'ntg, 

Le\'. 25: 8-13. 
English. R. S. - pol tnini- pet's B<miiJ - iiig Tlio year of jii - bi - lee, 

iiko Jour wrutc'.i- III ecr - vjje, Yuur mas- ter's claims aro o'er; 

bet - tor Blud - tor's cidl - iug. In ac - conts tnio aud kind 

of - fera j'liu Bal - va • tion, And points to jd.vs a - bovo 

liv - iug faith ac • cept Ilim, Give up all elgo be - eido ; 

grace is all a-bound- ing, To set the bond-men free. . 
vail yourselves of free - di>m, Be Sa-tan's slaves no more. | 
asks a lov-ing eer - vieo, Andclaimsa will- ing mind. , 
long-ing, waits to maUo you Ihe ob-jocts of His love. J 
grace is loud- ly cull - iug, Look to the cm - ci - fled. 

Be- turn, re- turn, yo 

cap-tives, Ee- turn un - to your home, The gos - pel trumpet's sound - 
-m- -m- :^ -&-' -»■ -m- -^^^ 1 

■ — -^ > » .* — ' I "7 - d 

ing, The 

ju ■ bi - lee is come ! The gos- pel trumpet's sound- ing, The ju - bi- lee is come I 

No. 149. "Hont flf stif anb all of ^^tC 

" But Christ is all and in all."— Col. 3 : u. 
Rev. Theo. MoNOD, arr. James McCranaban. 

1. oil, the bit - ter pain aud Bur • row That a time could ev • er 

'I Yet He found ue; I be • held Him Bleed-iug uu tb'ac-cura- ed 

a. Day by day His ten - der mer . cy Heal • iug, help - iug, full aud 

4. High-er thau the high • edt hear - eus, l)eep - er thau the deep - eiit 


he, Wheu I proud - ly said to Je . bus "All of self, aud 
tree, Aud my wist - ful heart said faiut . ly, "Some of Bolf, aud 
free, Bri>'t me low - er, while I whis - pered " Less of self, and 
sea. Lord, Thy love at lai^t has con-quered " A'one of self, aud 


of 2 

Thee," All of Belf 

Tliee," Sime of self 

Thee,"' liens of self 

Thee," None of self 

, :e-^_e 

of Thee, All of wlf and none 

aud Borne of Thee, Some of B<'lt and some 

and more of Thee, Leas of nelf and more 

aud a/i of Thee, Aone of self aud a// 

Thee, Wlien I proud - ly said to Je - bus " All of self and none of Thee." 

Thee, And my wint . ful heart said faiut - ly "Some of self and some of Tliee." 

Thee, Bro't me low - er while I whis-perod" Leea of eelf ainl more of Tlioe." 

Thee, L.)rd,Thy love ut Kst him conquered "AV>i* of self and <i// of Thee." 


No. 150. fiait if bt |ligl)f? 

" Wherefore didst thou doubt ?"— Matt. 14: 31. 

A. T. I'lKRSDN. 

1. Ciiii il Imi riifht for me ti> p. On in Ihlii dark, un - rer-tnlu wav? 

•1. Cwt It tin rinht in donht to wait, Wnit for the day thai Irienlhe heart, 

:». C5an It Ih. rlifht »ui h I.mdMto N-ar, While lloiinyii" Come, I'll nlvevon reM ?" 

4. Can It Ik) right to doulit IIIh |>ow'r, Ilolh to for - ^ivu and TnnqnlHliKJn^ 

u u w I I ... _r ^ ' 1^ 

Can (t tt «(8t)t? 

-^ - », - U^ i — ^ — N- 

Say, " I bo-lieve," and yet not know Wlietli-er my eing are put a - wav? 

Kre I shall learu what in my state. Fear - ing the Judge should sjiy do - fiart? 

Bid-ding me cast ou llimuiy care, Lean - iug in love, up - on His breat^t. 

E - ven in trials of dark-eut hour, Can not His love give peace with-»n? 

^ U I 

6 Can it ho right with such a Lord, 
Kven to dreail the hour of death? 
Waiting in faith the great reward. 
Calmly I'll yield uiy dyiug breath. 

No. 151. ^^t Smitten gioth. 

" They drank of that spiritual rock that followed them, and that rock 
Geo. C. Nbedham. '^'^ Christ."-i Cor. .0 : 4. j^^ p. Sankby. 

1. From thp 

2. " With - out 

3. Faiut ■ iug 

en R(H-k there flow - eth, Liv - ing wa - tor ev - er clear 
■ ey, with- out mer - it," .le - nus calls, "Come un - to me," 
the doB - ert, drear - y. Guilt - y Bin - ner, hark! 'tis He! 

, l.uilt - y Bin - ner, hark! 'ti 

Wea - ry pil . prim, jonrney-ing on - ward. Know you not that Fount is near? 
Thirst - y trav - 'ler, lie en-cour- aged. Know you not the Fount is free? 

'Tis the S:iv - iour still en- treat - ing. Know you not He call - eth thee? 

Je - SUB JB the Rock of A - ges — Smit - ten,strick - en, lo! He" dies; 

No. 152. 

^'hon art Cnmiitgl 

' Looking for that blessed h»pe, and the glorious appearing of the great God 
and our Saviour, Jesus Christ." — TiTUS 2: 13, 

Arr. from Fran-ces R. Havbrgai 



James McGranahan, 

-^— J^- h -ft— 


1. Thou art com-ing, my Sav-iour, Thou art com-ingi O my King, 

2. Thiiu art com-ing, not a shad-ow, Not a mist and not a tear, 

3. Thou art com-ing, wo arowait-ing With a hope that can - not fail. 

I * — =j r3 '— ^ =a :: 


^— r 

Kv - 'ry tongue Thy name con-fess- inp, Well may wo re - joice and sing; 
Kilt a sin and not a 8or-row, On that sun - rise grand and clear; 9 
Ask - iug not the day or hour. An - chored sale with • in the veil: S 




^s. ^_J^ 

Thou art com-ingI raya 
Thou art com-iiigl Jo • 
Thou art com-ingI at 

of glo . ry, 
8U3 Sav.iour, 
Thy ta- bio 


Thro' the veil Thy death has rent, 
Xoth-iug else scemsworth a thought, 5- 

Wa nfA «l'if - *ifMSa - Aa thlS S 

Wo are 

lit - ncss- es for 

—» » ?— P -9- 

D.S.-Thimart com-ing! Thou 

Glad-ilen now our pil 
Oh, liow mar - v.l . ous 
As wo meet Theo iu 

grim patli-way, 
the glo.ry. 

Glo . rv from Thy pri'8 • ence sent. 

And the bHi« Thy pain hath l>.>ught 

Earn - est of our com - ing l>lii«. 


Wnrship'd, glo 

! -fi*d, a • derttl. 

. ^ DS. 

Wo ohnll mootThoo on Tliy way,) 

likoThiH) on that day. 


No. 153. ©itb ^ntstmg m mg Sabtour. 

'Jesus Chribi and him crucified." — i CoR. a : 3. 

Fannt J. Crosby. 

1.0a - ly trust -iug in my Sav . iour, All to Ilim my suul would leave; 

U. Uu - ly trust - iiig, uuth - iiiji doubt - im;, 'Ihia is all that I run do; 

3. There are break ->m iu tho dis - tauce, Yet no dau - ger will I fear; 

4. On - ly trust, ing, ou - ly trust - ii g, Tbid is joy aud lilo to me; 




He fiSe Buf- fered to re.deein me, Aud His word I now be-lieve. 

Ev - 'ry tii - al that be -falls me He will safe - ly bring me thro'. 

On the K.nk my feet aro rest - iug, Naught of harm cau reach mo here. 

Thou w ilt nev - er leave mo frioud-less While I cling, O Christ, to Thee. 



:d ^-\-i ^^^-^-L_^—-K =^z 

Heed - iug not tlio clouds a . bove me. Dread - ing not tho waves be - 1< 

~^:^:^^z:zL^^:^^=.^=:m—»~^ ^ 1 t J-R ' l^: 

No. 154. iaxtbtx toitlj |^sus ^\^m. 

" In my Father's house are many mansions."— John 14 : 2. 


Arthur T. Pierson. 
I N - 

James McGranakan 

In my Fa-ther's house there is ma - ny a room, And my Lord has gone to pre -pare 

.In my Fa-ther's house there is end - less day. With no cloud of sor-row or care, 

. In my Fa-ther's house there's no want or woe, And there can be no more pray'r; 

. In my Fa-ther's house there is no more death, For the life of God we share; 

. In my Fa-ther's bouse there are bless - ed saints. Who His ho - ly im - age bear; 


^mitt bit( %usux i|m. 

No. 155. 

C^jt Ctosairtr Cxmts. 

" The number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand.' 
Hbnry Alpoku, D.IX 

-Rev. 5 : ii. 

Ira D. Sankhy. 

4-« U 

1. Tell thous.anii tiiiK'.s ten thi)U8-aud, lu sparkling raiment bright. The ar-niiesuf the 

2. Wiiatrushof hal- le - lu - jalis Kill all tlie earth aiij sky I What riULring of a 

3. O, then what raptureii greet- iugu Ou Canaan's hap- py shurul What knitting severed 

ranH(inril«iintMThrnii(rnpthoHteeps of li^ht; 'Tia fm- iBhod.all is fin- ished, Their -"' 

th(iu«aii(l harps lie-. siM-ak«tho triiiniphs ni(;hl <) day, for wliieh ere . a - And ^ 

lrieiidship.s up, Wliero parti iii;s are n.) more! Then pyes with joy hIuiII Hpark- le, That n 

■m- , •^ -*. ^ - - ~ 

fK'ht with deatli and sin; FlItiKo - ih.u wide the KoM-on (ratew, And let the vie. tors In. 
all ilHtrilns were made! (> foy, for all Itn fomi-er w.h>8 A thousiind f..ld re - jmidl 
^"< lwilhtfarBoriate;Or-phan8noIoii- per fu- ther- lit«. Nor wid-ows d.-H - o - late. 

eUiiil Hul-le-la • Jab! IIul-Iu* lu - Jali To Uim who livi-s a- Kuiii 

No. 156. Stngirtjg all i\t ^xmt. 

" Then was our mouth filled with singing."— Ps. 136 : a. 
Rev. E. P. Hammond, Gko. C. Strdbins. 

1. I feel like eiiig-liig all the lime, My tears aro wiiied a - way; 

2. When on the cni«8 my Lord I saw, Nail'd there by sins of niiuo; 

3. ^VheD fierce temp- ta> tiuu8 try my heart, I sing, Jo- hiis ix niiiir; 

4. The won- druus sto » ry of the Lamb, Tell with that yoico of thine, 





>> J 

— *^ 




— 1- 









— f- 


li i 










• sua 




of mine 




ev - 









but now. 


Bing . 








though tears 



may start. 


sing - 








- era. 




new song 


eii'S - 


















H r— 

— |— 

— r 








I'm sing- lug, eing- ing, Srngiug all the time; Sing- iag, ning - in;^. Singing all the time. 

No. 157. 


" And all mine are thine, and thine arc mine." — John 17: m^ 
E. L. B. A!i. James McGranahaw. 

1. Mine! \vluitrii.v3 of glo- ry brijcht Kuw up* on the prom- i-o sliiuel I have 
2 Mine! tlio jirom-iso olt- ea ruuii, Jv'ow iu liv • ing truth iai-press'd, Once ao 
il. Mine! tlie prom- iso cau-notchaii^o, Miuel tho' oft my eyes are dim; Kaughtcaa 

4. Mine! tho' olt my hand may f;iil, //g is strong an.l holds me fast; By His 

5. Mine! when death the barssliall break, 'Mid those glo-rics all di - vine.' "Sat- is- 

i \^ 'f * y 1^ ^ 

^^I p^ ^g^^^ij ggggj ^l 

found the Lord my li^lit;! am His, nml He is mine, 
knowlefr'd in the heal, Xow a fiie villi- iu thebrea.-*. I 
from His lovo es- trange, Those whoilaco theirtrustiu Hin.. V 
blood I shall pre - vail, lie shall lead me home at lust, 1 
fied" I shall a - ivake. Clasp His feet, and call Him >«;«^. -^ 

Mine, oh, mine, mine, oh, g 

L, y* U 

trip; Jo - cusClirist, my Lord and Bar- lour, I am His and lie is niinel 

xs^^ '^- ^ *-T-*-T-*— — • — * T" , ^ m ■f-^T' l i*'""^ * i * ~Tg — rn 
^6 .•£ P=^< ^ g^^ZZ>^ ^E^^?^^= ^ 4r=^* ^ ^3p-S 

No. 158. 

''.^iirg anb- |3raii 

Last words of a faithful minister of Christ, who recently died in the hope of the gospCu. 
Mary S. Whf.hlek. P. P. Buss, 


.110 - ter • III- ty (lawns on my vix • iiiu to-day, (!ath- ern)iind nio my 

( Tlio shall- owg uro jKi-sf, and tho vi-il is with-drawu, HriRhtly now din-s tho 

n j I- ■ ter- Mi- ly dawns! (»h, tho gl>.rios that rise. How they burst on my 

■^' With nip- turn tho gleam of tho cit - y I seo. 

Where tho crown and tho 2 


I k Ik I t • I Chorus. ■ 

lovcwl ones Ui hIur and to piiiv;) 

morn of i- - 1.1 - id - ty diiwn ( 

Koiil ill im blJHM.ful mir-prl«.;i 

man- Nioii lire wiilt-luK for iii<>. j 

^ ' ' ■ 


Jah! Hal- lo-lu - Jahl - le 





'2(ns svHts prasi' 

J 1 H-r— L 

lu-jah, we sing I Je - sus cunquered the grave, robbing death of its Bting; 

Bau-ua! a • gain let the glad anthem ring, "Sing andprayl 

^ m^^ ^ 

E - ter - ni ' ty dawns I' 
I I I 

-| — t-^T 

3 " Eternity dawns I " There will be no more night, 
I am neariiig the gates of the city of light; 
The shadows of time are passing away, 

Tarry not, O my Saviour, come quickly, I pray, 

4 " Eternity dawns I " Earth recedes from my view; 
Weeping frienil«, now farewell, I must bid you adiea; 
I'm reBtinR in Jemis, His merits I plead. 

Fear ye uot, " for my God shall supply all your ueed." 
6 "Eternity dawnsi " 'Tis a source of content. 

That in preaching salvation my life has been spent ; 
'Tis "Jesus my All," and the Saviour of men. 
May llis grace be upon you forever. 

No. 159. ^i is Jfhus^fbl 

" What shall I do to inherit eternal life ? "— Lukb i8 ; 
Rev. Jambs Proctor. 

J 1. 

Ira D. Sankbv. 

1. Xoth-iuK, fith- IT groat or piiwll— Noth-ins, sin- ner, iw; Jl- - mis dicil and 

1*. '.VhcnHo.fmmllis loft- y throne. Stooped to do and die, Kv - 'ly- thing was 

3. Wea-ry, wo'kiup, Duruoued one. AVherefore toil you so? Cease yoiir do- ing; 

4. Till to Je- sua' work you cUng 15y ? sim- pie faith, "Do- i"r.K"i9 a 

5. Cast yourdcad- ly "do-ing"down — Down at Je-sun* feet; Stau.l in Him, hi 


p^id it all. Long. 

ful ■ ■ - 


d' . _ 

Him a - lone, Glo- rious - ly com - plete. 

p^id it all. Long, long a - go. ^ 

ful - ly done: Hearken to His cry. | 

(ill was done Long, long a - go. > "It is 

doad - ly thing — ""ends In death, j 

flD-ishedl " yee, in • deed. 

No. 160. MM must it ht to k Cbcrtr 

'* There shall be no more deatTi, neither sorrow, nor crying." — Rev. *i ; 4. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Mills. Geo. C. Stebbhis. 


1. We speak of the land of the blest, 

2. >Ve speak of il3 path-ways of guM, 
8. We speak of its peace and its love, 

4. We speak of its free-dom from sin, 

5. Do Thou, Lord, midst pleasure or woe, 

A conn - try so bright 
Its wallsdeck'd with jew. 
The robes which the glo • 
From sor - row, temp-ta • 
For heav - en our 6pi> • 

and 80 fair, 
els so rare, 
ri - fied wear, 

tion and car*, 
its pre - pare. 

rrdiz-J— -.-- 

And oft are its glo - ries con - fest, 
Ita won -ders and pleas- urea un • told. 
The 8ong8 of the Mesa - ed a - bove, 
From tri • als with-out and with -in. 

Then short -ly 




we al • so shall Anew, And /eei what it 

btit what must 
But what must 
But what must 
But what must 

r- :^ -=r • 

1 be there? 
1 be there? 
I be there? 
1 be there? 
I be there! 

3h,whatmust it be to bethire? g 

No. 161. C^^n's It Wioxlx for tVLt\ of ^s. 

" For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his home, and gave 

autnority v his servants, and to every man his work."— Mark 13 : 34. 

A. A. A. James McGranahan. 

1. Our Mas-terhns tak-eii Hisjour-iioy 

2. In this" lit-tle wliile," dnih it mat- ter, 
.3. Tliere'son - ly one thing should cnneern us, 

4. Our Mas-ter is com-ing most sure - ly. 

To II conu-try that's far a - way, 
i\* wo work, an<l we watch, and wp waif. 
To find just the task that is ours; 
To reck-oQ with ev-'ry one; 

And liOH left UK the care of the vine -yard, 
If wc'ro hll-iiiK the jOare lie;.'ns \i\ 
An<l tlieu, buv-iug found it, to </<> it 
Shall wc /A^w.counJourtoil or our i4«ir-r<>w. 

Him day by day. 
He lis sfr - viie small or ^:^^•at. 
With nil our TnKl-giv - en pow'rw. 
If His sen - tence bt.." Well done " 

fl!,ltxt'e a ^oik for tatti of %» 


No. 162. 

Jftsus, 0nIiT ^tsm. 

1. Be our Joy - ftil eung to ■ duy, Jo - sua, on • ly Je • sub; He wbo took our 

2. Once we wan-der'd fur from Oo<l, Kuow-iiig not of Je • eua, Tread-iug etill the 

Bins a - way, Jo - bus, oh - ly Je 

down-ward road, Lead- iiig fir fruni Je 

heav'ii-ly lumie, Je - bus, on - ly Jo 

■*■ « >*■, 

HiH. Kamovrith pv . 'ry bless • 109 rife, 
ens; Till tlie Spir - it taught U8 how, 
BUB. When from siu an J sor • row free. 

Be our joy and hope thro' life, Br ourstrengthiuev- 'ry strife, Je-8U8,ou- ly Je-soa. 
'Neath the Saviour's yoketobow. And we fain would fol-low now, Je-8UB,on-ly Je • eno. 
On thro'all e-ter-ni-ty, Thisourtlienieandsongshallbe, Je - 8U8,on - ly Je-Boa. 

No. 163. 

" And JesTis said unto him. Verily I say unto the*, To-day thou shalt be wittt 

me iQ Paradise,"— Luke 23 : 43. 

W. W. D. James McGranahan. 

1. How sweet the word of Christ the Lord.Whileuu the cross He dies, A word to all wlio 

2. The dy -ing thief, iu full be-lief,On Je - susfixedhis eyes; His on - lypIea,"Re- 
3 By mancoudemu'd, without a frieu(i,Will Je- sus heedhis cries? bless- ed Lord, how 
4. Tbo' vile as, he, 8iu-uer, flee While Je- sus calls, be wise; His word be-lieve, and 

on Him call Forlife in par -a - dise. -> 
mem-ber me, O Lord, in par - a . dise." I 
quickThy word," To-day in par -a- dise. ( 
now re-ceive A life in par -a • dise. •' 


From the cross the Saviour cries. Come with Me to 



par. a-dise; Look to Me, be-lieve and live. Ac-cept the life I free - ly 
^— •e-a-^-g-----:gi-3gi- j:g -— y-j2g- -g- ^ ^ r- Tg -^V 


"i ^T 

No. 164. 

^tjom imi^ Iti. 

" Rejoice in the Lord alway." — Phil. 4:4. 
Rev. J. B. Atchinson. 

P. P. Bliss. 




1. Ro -joicewith mo, for nowl'infree, I .loy in a new pleasure; From God a-bovc, the ^" 

2. Once vile withsin.Cliristmakesmeclean.Goneisallcondem-na-tion; For I be-lieve and "3 
.3. In (Mirist I live.and Iledoth give.Great joy wbereonce wa8Kiidne8s;.\iid in this way, fixini i» 
4. To allpiocliiinilliswondrousnaino.Uo- iK'attlio old, old sto-ry; Till work is doueand - 

arift of lovo Ts ndno in fiiU-cst niciw-uro. v "^ 

ro-ceivo A full and free itul - vu - tlon. I „ , , 
to day, My life U fill.-.l with glad- uess. C "«-J"'ce. 
■en won, Then praise nini more in glo - ry. -' 



B-Jolcc,Cliristl8 my choice, His J 

rtf-_:e— -ff-JLiff: 


1 W 


Sltfoiu b(tb flu. 

cross alnncmy glivry; While life shall 

I I 
when death is past, I'll uing tUe joyful sto 

No. 165. 

^numpl] ^^iiT mxii |1it. 

Dr. C. R. Blackalu 
1. Tho prizo in 

ird the mark."— Phil. 3 : 14, 

H. R Palmsr. 


1. Tho prIzo in HPt bf-fiiro uh. To win, IIigwoniB im-plore ii». The 

2. We'll f..l - l.)W Ilo l.jifl - clh. Well pid- turs He fwd . eth, We'll 

3. Our bouio id bright u-buvo un, Nu tri • aU dark to mure lu, But 

eye of 0<A is <.'ir tis From on hiijli. from on hifih; Ilis 

yiflj to llirn who pl'iid • i-th Fnim on lilffh, from ou liiith; Then 
Je - BUS d.iir to lovo ua There on high, thero on high; We'll 




lev - U>ix tontt) aro call - ing While Bin is dark, ap - pall - ing, 'Tis 
Daugbtfrom Him bIiuII bov • er, Our hojje shall bright - en ev . er, And 
give Him best cii-deav-or. And pniLfe His name for - t-v -. er, Ilia 

I I.. s ■ 

Je . Btis pen - tly 
faith shall fail 118 

pre • cioua words can 

call - ing, 
nev - er. 


nigh. He is nigh. 

Digh, Be ia nigh. 

die, ne? er die. 


tSHump!) Bs attb fi; 

-^ N 

By anil by we shall meet Him, IJy and by we Bhall greet Him, And with 

By and by weBhalIgreetHim,AndwithJe- sua reign in glo • ry, By and by. 

No. 166. 

3 ant Cntsthtg C^w. 

'Trusting in the Lord." — Ps. iia: 7. 

Miss Francbs R. Havbrgal. 

Ira D. Sankst. 

I am trust . iug Thee, Lord Je - bus, 

I am truHt - iug Thee for par • don 

I am trust • iug Thee for cleans • iug 

I am trust - iug Thee to guide me, 

I am trust - iug Thee for pow - er; 

I am truBt - iug Thee, Lord Je - bub, 



Trust - iug 
At Thy 
In the 

Thou a - lone 
Thine can nev 
Nev - er let 

- ly 



— p- — * ' J . - 






tall I 


Trust - fug Thee for full sal • va - tiou, 
For Thy grace and ten - dcr nier • oy 
Trust - Ing Thee to make nio ho - ly 
Kv . 'ry day and Imur Hup . ply . ing 
Worda which Thou Thy - si'lf shalt give me 
I am Inwt - Ing Thee for - ev - er 


Great and free. 

Trust - iug now. 

By Thy blixxl. 

All my ne<Hl. 

Must pre- vaiL 

And fo. all : 



No. 167. 6oob Stfes. 

" The gloi.ous gospel of the blessed God."— i Tm. i : ii. 
Rev. J. C RvLB. JambsIMcGranahan. 

1. Good news from heav'n, good uew8 fur tht-e, There flows a par- dou, full aiiJ free. To guUt-y 
2 Good newg from heav'n, good ue AS for thta, The Saviour crieu," Come un-to Me All yo who 
3. Goodncwgfromheav'ii.goodnewBfurtliic.Haaech-oedfrom e- ter-ni-ty; AndluudMhall 

Bin-ncnt, thro' the bliKMl ()f the In- liiruiito Son of God; He paid tliideM that thou didet 
toil, with fi-ars opprwt; Come, weary one, oh, conieaud mtt: " He lovee Ihfe with o'er- flowing 
our homnnan rin;;,\VhtMi with the ransom'd throng wo sing. "Worthy the Lanib," whose precious 

J^-T'- jt 


owe, Ho Huf-fored death f.r tli.'o b.« - low, He bore the wrath di-viiie for thee, 
love, Up hears thy pniy'r ill Iieav'ii a - hove. He all thy pas • ture shall pre - pare, 
blood Ilax made 118 kings aixl priests to God; Our harps we'll tune to no- blcet strains, 

•^ ■^' - ^ ■»■ -^ ^- -f 

-9 y ^ - 

Hegroan'dandbledou Cal - va - ry. \ 

And lead thee with ashepherd's rare. >Good newafrom heav'n, good news for thee,Thereflow8« 

And gl)- ry give to Him who reicns. ) 


Xiar-dun, nil and free. To giiilt-y sinners thro' the blood Of the In- carnate Son of God. 

* '^ ^ 'I — \^ U U^ l — i?->-V^ l > W 


J. Edmeston. 

' Bless me — O my Father."— Gen. 27: 


Geo. C. Stbbbiws, 

Sav-iour, breathe an eve-ning bless-iiig, 
Tbo' (lo-Btru.; tinowalk a- round us, 
Tho' the mgbf be dark ami drear- y, 
Shouldswiftdeatli this night u'ertako us, 


■ pi ISO 

Kre re • 
Tho' the 
Darkness am 
And ourcoucl 

epir . its seal : 
past us fly; 

bide from Tliee ; 




or 1 

Sin and 
An - gel- 
Thou art 
May the 

want we come con - fess - ing, Thou canst save and Thou canst heal. 

guards from Thee sur- round us, We are saW if Thou art nigh. 

He who, nev- er wea- ry, AVatch-est where Tliy peo - pie be. 

morn iu heaven a - wake us. Clad iu bright and death - less bloom. 

No. 169. .Souiilt tijt |)iglj |lraists. 

" Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and 

strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing." — Kiiv. 5 : 12. 

lev. J. C. Ryle. James McGranahan. 


1. Sound the high prais-cs of Je-sua our King, He came 

2. Praise to the Con- quer-or ! Praise to the Lord, Tli 

_J-_J. . -^ - - . - ---i 


and ITe ronnuor'd.IIis 
e- my qnail J at tho 

=| ^gji^ ^gS^JE;^5EJEEJ;t^;^E^il^i 

vie - to - ry sing; Sinir, for tho pow'r of tho tv-rant is bro - ken, Tho ^ 
mightof His word; Iu iKav'uHo as -tends and u 11- folds tho glad Bto - ry, Tho | 

, ^ ^ I _ „ . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ -^ -^ -f- m m ' 

^=^ I I — : — ^wr+r^^^ r r -r- -=g^j ^— i i i i iJ g 

1 — r-"r 

tri-umpli'B complefo o - ver deathniid the grnvo ; Vain is their boast- ing, Je- 
boatH of the blew -ed ex - ult in His fame: In l.>ve He looks down from tho 

m . m m m - •«- '^ ^ ^ ^ ^ J- ' -^ -^ JSm m m 


SSounb tf)t fltaf) praisur. 

ho - yah h:ith pj*) - k>'ii, Ami Jo- 6U8 proclaim'U llini- pelf Jlij^lit- y to Save, 
throuoof His glo - ry, AiiJ n-s - cues the ru- ja'd who trust iu Uia uahic. 

I I 

— » — f ~ z 3 *" ~ — — ' — "•* — - r^ — * 1 I [ ^^ ^ ~^ — ~! — i~r^~ ff ~s 


-I — t? 

SuuDiltlielii^h praiufKof Jc-Biuuur King, IlecameandnocuDqiirrM, Ilis victo-ry eing. 

No. 170. 

|l«ssinc|f (On. 

" There remaincth therefore a rest." — Hbb. 4: 9. 


Csr C. STBBniNS. 

1. Thia is tho day of tnjl B.-. n«;ilh earth's sultry 110.. n. This U tho day of 

•J. 8p«'iidaiul l>o BiH-iitwiuild wt', Whilo hust-oth tiiiK-'s brief day ; No turn - in;; buck in 

;i. ( >n - ward wo jireds iu hiuttc, I'p- ward our joiir- nf-y still; Ours iit tho psith the 

4. Tho way may rough-«r grow, Tho wea - ri - nests in-crcasc>, Wo g^rd our loins and 


oer- vice true, But rest- ing com- cth soon 

n>w-ard fear, No lingeri 

Mns-ter trod Thro' go<«l re 

hast-ea on,— The end, the end in peace. 

Mg coni-oiii boon... 

^iZtp ^l^| 


Hal-h'- hi -jail I Ilal-lo -In - jah! Therercniiiinsa rf.<t for U3. 

No. 171. 

mt ts |on amonof i\t ^ngtls. 

" There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner 

that repenteth." — Luke 15: 10. 

Edward A. Barnes. C. C. Casb. 

1. There is joy a- niouj,- the an- gels, Siug- iug round the throne a- hove, When re- 

2. There is joy a- mong the an- gels, When a sin- ner heeds the call; When he 

3. There is joy a- mong the an- gels, When His cause is gpeod- ing on; Wlien the 

pent- ant tears are flow- ing, While the ris - en Lord is ehow-ing All the 
turns to Christ be - liev- ing. And from Him is love re - ceiv- ing, Grace that 
notes of praise are ring- ing. That the goa- pel work is hring-ing. Pre- cious 


rich - es of His love. All the rich- es of His love, All the rich- es of His li.vp. SS 
saves us one and all, Grace that saves us one and all, Grace that savesusone an.l all. ;, 
sheaves for har\-est morn. Precious sheaves for harvest morn. Precious sheaves for harvest niorii. "^ 

ft 111 


Ji>y that nev cr can !«o told, 

glad joy, there is Joy, gladjoy. 

nev.ercau be tcld, 


thutlnhK has wan - derM, 

Comes within the JJav-iour's fold. 


Wbea atoulthatloDg baa waader'd,louKbu< waudsr'd, 

No. 172. #ljtr t^e #aan Wnbt, 

" 1 will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance." — Ps. at 8. 
JOLiA Sampson Haskell^ (Missionary.) Wm. B. P.RAr«rRT. 


1. O - ver the o-cean wavo, far, far a-wuy. There Ibe p<xjr heatlien live.waitiug for day; 
li. Here in tliJK happy land we have the light Shining frumClod'Huwu word,free,pure,aud I'.righl 
.i. Then.whilfthemisHiijQehiiitigiad tidiiigx bring, List! aa that lieatheu bandju>ful-ly isiug, 

a^ J gfS^iigi^a 

ja Cll'). — I'ity tlient, pity thtm, Christians at hoiiif, J/astetvith the breadof li/e,hattfnandcome. 


Grupiug in jg -mirunre, dark aH the niglit, Nn hloAUi-cd Bi - Lie to give tlieni the light. 
Shall we not tu-ml to tlieui lii-ldeg tci reail, Tt'a(-her8,and prearherH,auil all that they need ? 
"O- verihe o<ean wave.oh.we lhenu-.>nie. Bringing the bread of life, guiding us home." 

gtcmorus of €\\xi\s. 

No. 173. 

" These are they which came out of great tribulation." — Rkv. 7: 14. 
W. P. Mackay, M. D. Jambs McGranahan. 

"^^ -.r-* ^ 

1. When wo reach our Fa- tluT'a dwfU-ing, 
'J. When the paths of pray'rand <hi - ty, 
.1. And the way by which He brought us, 

Un the Strong e ■ ter - ual hilJH, 
And af - flic - tiou all are trod, 
All the griev-iugs that Ho bore, 


And our praise to Him is swell - ing Who the vast ere - a - tion fills, 
-And we wake and see the beau - ty Of our Sav - iour and our God, 
All the pa - tieut love that taught us. We'll re - uiem - ber ev - er - more. 

Shall we then re - call the sad - nesa, And the clouds that hung bo dim. 
Shall we then re - call the eto - ry Of our nior - tal griefs and tears. 
And His rest will be the dear - er. As we thiuk of wea - ry ways, 

^emoritK of Sartt. 

When our hearts were tuiiru from liard-ness, And our feet from paths of gin? 
When on eaith we sought the glo - ry Wrestling oft with doubts and fears? 
And His light will be the clear- er As we muse on cloud -y days. 

^^ ^^P 

ly shall re - mem - ber, And His grace we'll frse - ly 


own; For the love bo strong and ten-der, That redeeni'd and bro't ua home. 

No. 174. Slust I 60 mia (Bm^Mj "^nnHt'ti? 

After a month only of Christian life, nearly all of it upon a sick bed, a young man of 1 
30 years lay dying. Suddenly a look of sadness crossed his face, and to the query of a friend he 
exclaimed: " No, I T", not afraid, Jesus saves me now; but oh, must 1 go and empty hanJedf" 




Geo. C. Stebbins, 

dear Rt> • dc.m - or moot? o; 

!^av - ioiir wives nie now; — 

but n- - call them now, 3 

Huiutii, a • rouse, be flam- est, Up and work whilu yet 'Ua day, ^ 

'Must I go and omp • ty hand -ed," Thus my 

2. Not lit death I shrink nor fal - tor, For my 

3. Oh, ti.e years of sin - ning wast -ed. Could I 

4. Oh, 

Not one day of ser - vioo Rive Ilim, Ijiy no tro - phy at Ills feot 

Bnt to n t Mlin iiup - ty hand - ed, Tho't of that mow clmids my brow. 

I wi>ul.l giv.. to my Sav - iour, To His will I'd K'lad - ly bow. 

Ere tLo uigbl uf Uuatti o'ur-takus thin-, Strive for auula while still you mi^. 


fSinst I (S^o anb Smpts J^antrtb? 

Not one gmil with which to gPTt Ilim, Must I enip - ty hand - od go? 


No. 175. IPit tMi stilt criinjs. 

' Watch, stand fast in the faith.' 

1. My sin is pri'iit, my stronRth is weak, My path bo- wt with cinarofi, 

2. Tlio wiirld is <lark wilb-out Thoo, Li>iil, 1 turn mo from its strife 
?. Temp- til - tioiis hiro and fears lis - BJiil My frail, in - con - stant hi-art; 
4. I'n - fold Thy jire • ccpts to my uiiml. And cleanse my blind- cd eyes; 


But Thou, Oirist, hast died for mc. And Thou vilt hear my prayers. 

To find Thy love a swept ru - lief; Thou art the light of life. 

But pre - cious are Thy prom -is - cs, And thoy now strength im- part. 

Grant me to work for Tlieo on earth, Tlicn praise Thco in the iskies. 

^ ^^^m^^ ^^^m^m^m 

Re - ly . ing on Thy proni-ised grace. My faith Btill clings to Thee. 

. ^ ^ , -Si -SL -Si S:. :e -gi' -ft 


No. 176. ^t l^mrl ai 6rratcst f ri«. 

John Mason. 

"One pearl of great price." — Mait. ij: 46. 

P. bi..». 

I've found tlio pt'arl <if preat - est price! Mv lirart dutbhiii;; fur juv; 
2. Christ is my I', I'riest, and Kins;; My l'r..]ih- <-t fnll of light, 
.3. For He in-deeil is Lord of lords. And He the King of kings; 

4. Christ is my p<'ace; Ho died for me, For me He ehed HisMo.«l 

5. Christ Je - HI" is niy all in all, My com -fort and my love; 

great High 
is the 

miisf, for Christ is mine! ChristKliallmysongcmplov.") 
rriest lie-foro the throiu\My Kingof hcav'nly niiRht. f 
8un of Uigliteoiis-ness, With lieal-inRin His wings. )- I'vefo 
won-d'ronsSai- - ri -fire, Of - fered Himself to God. 
low, and Ho Bhall l>e My joy aud crown a-bovo. , 

x-arl of greatest prlcel " 


No. 177. 

Mrs. E. W. Griswold. 

J^aint, mt llursulucf. 

Geo. C. Stbbbins. 

2. "Faint 
:i. "Faint 
4. "Fulnl 

( JiDcrs 8; 4.) 

yet pnr- (111 - iiig," we press our way I'p to the (flo . ri - ous gati* of day; 

yet imr-HU - ing,"whate'er l>o- full, Ho vho hasdied for us, died for all; 

yet pur-HU -lng,"till e - ven-tlde. In - der thocross of tlio Cru - cl - fled; ? 

yet pur-8U • ing,"tlio <-yu a- far S<-e8 thru' the darkness the Morii-ing Star, m 

Fnl - low-hiK Him who I 
So HhouMtlieyrome.nH 
Knowlng.whendarklv n 
Shed-<ling iU ray for t 

. foro, O - \er the path to the lini;lit-<r shore. | 
throng Hearing Hishan-n.T « - loft \<liliB..nK. F 

1 pone IH( - lore, o - \er the path to the liri^-lit-er shore. 

ilirhly throng Hearing Hishan-n.-r « - loft \< 

ii'er-ra.t, . p)W and si(tli-iiig will end ut lant. 

ry feet. Keeping the Way, 1. 1 th« poM -en sln-ot. 


5aint, jtt ^uwuing. 

4 i-x— (- 

-jf-1 f— V- 

'Faiiit, Vf't piir-su- iiig,"fi'iniday to day, O - ver tin' mire auiltliobluixl-niarkeJ way; 

StrenKflicii uiiJ keep lis, O Sav-ionr, Friend, Tv - or piir-sn - iiifr, nii-to life's end. 

. = r» 1 — h+- 

No. 178. ^a, ^fa^J^H ^n£ ihni ^birstd^. 

' Come ye, buy and eat." — IsA. 55 

P. P. Bliss. 

1. He -side tlie well at iinon-time, I bear a Ba<l one Buy: 
'J. Jio -sidetlieiiool IJe-tlieu- da, I lie:ir u nmiirnful cry: 
3. VTiileseated ou the hill- bide, The linugry oiieawerefea 

"I want tliat liv • ing 
"No help. III) h<ipe i>i 
By liiui who Haid uiuBt 

- ter, Oive me to drink, I pniy; The w.U is deep, h pil - ki ini, I5iit 
(,f - fered To one bo we::k as I;" Oh, ivitso thy sail coni-plaiu-ini,'. The 

tm - ly: "I u"» t'»f liv - ing bread;" 'Tis He, the lieuvenly uian-iiu, Who 

deep -er 18 my need, I thirst for life e - ter - Bal.Tho'Gift of God' in -deed.' 
•cos- pel gives tiiee cheer; Tometo tliohoiiseof mer-cy, ForChristthepuid is here, 
doth our souls re- store; By faith of Ilim par-tak-iug AVe live for-ev- er-more. 

'Tis Ho, tlie giiat I'hy - Bi - tian. Can cnia the sin- siik suul; 
Ho, ev - 'ry one tha"t thir-^t - etli. The liv - ing wa - ter bny! 

:«:• :e -^ ^ ^ C«- -^ rf^t 

Ye bless - ed ones tliat hnn - per, Take, eat and nev - er die. 
'Kise np and walk," He bids thee, "Thy faith hath made thee whole." 
Ye bless - ed ones that huu - ger. Take, eat and nev - er div.. 

No. 179. ^n ^DxHunn Stonng gartka. 

' Thine eyes sUall behold the Und."— IsA. 33 : 17. 

Rev. Samuel Stennett. 



i= L| '.. l g -j 

T-^ r 

1. On Jor - dan's storm, y banks I Btaud, And ca^t a ^\Tsh - ful eye 

2. (^ jr all those wide - ex « tend - ed plains Shines one e - ter - nal day; 

3. U hen shall I reach that liup* py place, And be for. ev • er blest? 

4. Filled with de-llght, my rap -tured soul Would here no long - er stay; 

To Ca- naau'sfair aud hap - py laud,\VT2er3 my po6 • ees • eiona lie. J 

There God the Son for - ev • er reigu8,And scat • ters night a • way. 5 

Wheneliall I see my Fa- ther's face, And In His bo • eom rest? *. 

Though Jor-dan's waves a - round me roll, Fear • less I'd launch a . way. ^ 

We will rest In the fair aiiJ hap* py liiij, by oinl by, Just a - cross on the P 



Liiinb, by and by, Aud dwoU with 

No. 180. Mt'll Moth till Itsus tomes. 

• Thy work shall be rewarded."— J br. 31 : 16. 

Mrs. Elisabeth Mills. 

Dr. Wm. MiLLBR. 

1. land of rest, for thee I sigh, When will the mo- ment come, 

2. No traa - quil joys on eartli I kuow. No peace • ful shelteriug dame : 

3. To Jo - 6U8 Christ I fled for rest; He bade lae cease to roam, 
4.1 sought at once my Sav-iour's side, No more my Btopa shall roam; 

I I r u I 

Whea I shall lay my ar - mor by, Aud dwell in peace at home? 

This world's a wil - der • uess of woo, Tliis world is uot my home. 

Aud lean for sue - cor od His breast, Till He cou-diict mo home. 

With Ilim I'll brave death's chill- iiig tide, Aud reach niyheav'u. ly home. 





till Je • BUS comes, 

We'll work till Je • sua cornea. 

No. 181. 

Mary G. Brmnard. 

Words arranged by P. P. BuSS. 


^ p. Buss. 

1. 1 know not what 

2. One step I see 

3. O bliss . ful lack 

4. So oo I go 

U I 
a - waits me, 

be - lore me, 
of wis - liom, 

not kuow-iug, 


kind- ly veils mint eyes, 

all I need to see, 

bless - ed nut to know 

Would not if I piiRh 



And o'er each step of my on - ward way He makes new scenes to rise; 

The light of heav'n more bright - ly shines, 'When earth's il - In - sioos flee; 

He holds me with His own right hiitid, And will not let me go, 

I'd rath • er walk in the dark with God Than go a- loue iuthe light; 

And ev • 'ry joy He sends rae, comes A sweet and glad Pur - prise. "^ 

And sweet- ly through the si - lem-e, came His li>v - iiig " Kul - Inw me." f 

And lulls uiy troub-led soul to rest In Him who loves me so. » 

I'd rath • er walk by faith with Him Thau go u - lone by eight. ^ 

^^^grf:r — >- rf::=:U--i:ti^^^^Zl£=::^l»-bigz:=*zr* r ^^^'^'^J^ 

f Chorus. , ,^ I ^ I I* t 

Where He may lead I'll fol- low 

list in Hinue-iM).*'; And ev - 'ry hour in 3 


^ I 

-f * 

per- fectp<'acp I'll sing, Ileknows, He knows; And ev - 'ry hour in per- feet |«'HCt< I'll 

^ « rff: J?: _-. .• *. m. tf'^^ ^ ^ ^- . -ft -JL $ Si 


After last verse only. 


aing. He knows, He ku>i 

He kiii.WH. II.' kliMUs. He ku 



No. 182. 

M)^m to« Qtt llome. 

" Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of itiau 
things which God hath prepared for them that love him."'— i Cor. a : 9. 
Chas. H. Gabribu 

Jambs McGrakahar. 


1. When we get hunie from uur sur - row and care. And we stand with the 

2. When we get home to the man-sious a- bove, With the loved ones go[ie 

3. When we get home, whenthe morn-iug is come, And fortli from the 


h— 1- 



an • gols of light. Oh, wlmt a niict-ing in heav . en thrn-'ll he. In that 
ver 1>« - fore. Oil, who cm toll what a Joy timt will he 
y of gold An - ot God, com-iug down.BhuU call homo All of 

land without shod- ow or nit;lit; Sor-row and care, trib . u - la - tion and pain We'll 
hvo B:)d ro-joice ev . cT-moro: willpraiso, the Ke-dccni-or will sniilr.And 
til' ISO wlio be-long to llis fold ; Will you be there, bnUher, loved ones to groit, Or 



k ' ' ' I 

lr>ave, when we pass thro' the tomb Clouds of de-sjiair, storms of tri - al and caro Wo shall 
loved ones we'lldasp by the hand; Free from all paiu, far be-yondeaith-lv stain, Wc shall 
will you for -ev- or be lost? AMiat Is thy choice, fleeting pleasures of earth. Or a 

^. M.-S: It. -ft. -A -^ I 4S. I - ■«- 

Chorus. , i I | I , i , . 


leave for that beau-ti -ful home, "j 

dwell in that beaii-ti - fill land. ^WheQwegethome,oh, when we get home. Get home to 

home when death's river is cross' d? 1 



glo - ry land, Prais-ps we'll sing to Je-sus, our King, A ransomed, a glo- ri- fled band. 

No. 183. Itot falf ^ns thtx hm Colb. 

" And the building of the wall of it was ot jasper ; and the city was pure gold, 

like unto clear glass." — Rev. 21 : 18. 

Rev. J. B. Atchinson. O. F. Prbsbrbt. 

1. I have read of a beau . ti - ful cit . y, Far a - way in the king-dom of 

2. 1 have read of bright mansions in Heav - en, Which the Saviour has gone to pre- 

3. I have read of white robes for tlie right- eous, Of brightcrowns which the glo-ri-fied 

4. I have read of a Christ so for- giv^- iug, That vile sin- nersmay ask and r&- 




^^ Cltu} * T 1t»V(^ ro:»(? Imw ita walli 



God; I have road how its walls are of jiis - per, Ilowilsstit-etsare ah gold- en and 
pare; Andthesaiutswhoouearthhavebeenfaith-ful, Rest for- ev • er with Christ o - ver 
wear. WhenourFathershallbidthem"Come,en- ter, And my glo - ry e-ter-ual-ly 

wear, «uenouri<ainersnaii oiatnem"uome,en- ler, Ana my gio - ry e-ier-uai • ly 
ceivo Peace and par- dou from ev- 'ry trans- gres^iou, If when ask - iug they ou-ly bo- 

broad. In the miilst of the street is life's riv - er, Clear na crys- till and pure to bo- 

therc; There noHin ev-er en- tei-s, nor por- low. The in- liid)-i - tants lu-v.ergrow 

share; "How the righteonsureev - er-moro l)l('^<s-ed .\s they walk thro' the streeLsof pure 

Ileve. I have read how ile'U guide and protect us, If for Safe - ty we eu - tor Uia 

>^£^^-i^^^: ^^^s ^^^i^^: 

hold; niitnothair of that cit- y'gbrightglo- ry To mor-tals Iios pv - cr boon told. 

old; lliitnothalf of the Joysfhat a- wait tlioin To mor-tals linH ev-er 1 11 told. 

gcdd; lint not half of tlie won-der-ful sto - ry To nior-tals has pv - er boon fold, 

fold; Uutoothalf uf IIi8g(H)dnei«<anilnior- cy To UJor-tuU biu ev - er been told. 




Not j^oK bas (6et been tgaitu 


told; Kot half has ev- er bweu tuld; ^„ 

^ -«-_■*■ -*■ ff: J«- -*■ ^. ■(■• M. jm. M.~ 

Nut iMlf liua ev -cr Uva told; Kot half has ev- er bwt-u tuld 

bc-c-u tuld; 

->— K 

1^ N 


RfPeat the Chorus p. 

^ ^ ^ ,.M ■ 

U - ■ U. 

Nut liulf of that cit - y'sbriijlitgli)- ry To murtula hiia cv - er bicti told. 
^ -t^ -^ -^ -^ ■*■ •*■• S^ -^ - ^ .^' -m- ^ ^ -m. ^r^.^ 

No. 184. ^rt 5011 rotriiicf |)onic fc-ntgM? 

•* All things are ready, come." — Matt, aa : 4. 
AnanBerl. James McGranaham. 

1. Arc 70a coiiiiii;; IIoino,ye\vaiKl'riT8,Wlioui JoHiudied to win, AH f<KitMire,Liuio aud 

2. Aroynuc»liiliiKU>>iin>,yeli>!itoiiee? IkOn iM your Lord doth wuit: Chip, then no Lmg-er 

3. Am Von coniiiiK II"nii',yo guHt- y, WJiolnurtholoail of sin; Out.iidnyo;i'v»)oiu;I>opn 


-*— ^--s-- 

wea • ry.YonrgiirmeutaBtiiiird with Bin; Will you seek the blood of Je . 6ua To 
lia - ger, Conie ere It bo ti>o latu; Will you come and let Him save you, 
6tand-ing, Come now and vcn-tnro iu ; 'Will you heetl the Saviour's prom- ise. And 

vash yi )ur gannents white; Will you tnist His precious promLse, Are you comi ug Home t( i-uight ? 
trust hisluve and might; Will you come while He iscalliug, Areyoucoming Hume to-night f 
dar^ to trust Him quite; •» '*Comeun-tomp,"saith Je- eus, Areyc« coming Home to-iiig!it? 

fixt 50U tomtng Jlomt to-nijfit? 

Chor os. B' N ^ fe 



Are you coming Home to-night, Are you coming Home to-night, Are you coming Home to 

k b' 1$ I U' 

-a>—^—.^:~9-^—^ .J.--9--9'. — t cm—m^-m=:zM:::m m 3 

Je - BUS, Out of darkness in - to light? Are you com- ing Home to-night, Are you 





coming Home to-night To your lov-iug,lieav'nly Fa-ther, Are von coming Home tn-niglit? 
P U l*» I? I "^ 

No. 185. 

mhm m ^n Slc%e? 

" What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and losehts 

own soul." — Matt. i6: 261 

Fanny J. Crosby. Silas J. Vail. 

1. Say, wlipre is thy ref- uge, poor eI u - noi 

2. TheMas-tur is call- iug tliee,Biu . mi 

3. As summer is wan- ing, poor sin - nci 

And what is thy pros-pect to • day? 
In tones of c( im- pas- eion and lovp, 
Ke- pent, ere the sea- eon ia past; 


Why toil for the wealth that will per - ish, Tlio treas-ures that rust and de - ray? « 

To feel tliatHWeetrup-tiire of par . don. And lay up thy treas-ure a - bove : [J 

God's goodness to thee is ex- tend - ed, As long as the day-beam shall iast; er 

OhI think of thy soul, that for . ev - er Must live on e - ter ■ ni - ty's shore, £ 

Oh I kneel at the cross where He suf- fcrod, To ran- soni thv soul from the grave; " 

Then slight not the warn- ing re- peat - ed With all the bright moments that roll, f 


When thou, in the dust nit for- got. ton, When pleasure can rharni thee no more. 
The Him ot His nier - r> will hold the.-, The nnu that is might - y to save. 
1<1(K wy, when thQhai- vest ia end- «xl. That :io oue bAthGar«d(oT tbf «iqV 


18BVrt (h Oflip Jfttfugt? 



•Twill pri^r- U thee nothing, but fear- ful the coat. To gaiu the whole world if thy 

fL' Si-gi :e 

•e Iff: It tf: 

No. 186. i»ri0btln fleams our |ianner. 

" Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountains." — IsA. 13 : ». 
Rev. Thomas J. Potter. Sir Arthur S. Suluvam. 




1. Brightly Kb-MUiHiiur bun- iit'i, Foint-iriK lu thf oky, Wuv.iiig wanil'rtfnibuaieward, 

'I. Je - 8UB, Lotil ami Mas-trr, S\ Thy hu • civil feet. Here with hruiiti re-Juic • lug, 

'A. All our days di • reel um. In the way we gu, Lt-ad uh hu vie • to • rious 

4. Thi'D with Saints uiid .\n-gulii May We Join a - buve, OH '• riug end-leitt prtrfB • e8 

To their Imtnc <>D high ; JnurneyinKoVitlie dt-g . ert, Glad-lv thus we pray, 

See Thy chil- dren meet ; Oft - en have we lelt Thee, Oft - eii j;une a - Btray, 

O- ver ev . 'ry foe; Bid Thine un- gels shiclil us, M'hen theHtomi-clouds lower, 

At Thythmneof love ; When the tod is o - ver. Then Kini» rest and peace,— 




And with hearts u - nit - ed, Take oiir heav'uward wii 

Keep UH, ndght-y Sav • iour, Iii the nar- row way. 

Par- dou Thou and eavu us In the last dread hour. 

Je • 8US, iu His beau • ty ; — 5ong8that uev - er cease. 

^, I , t_HORUS. 

Brightly gleams our 

r ban - uer, Pointing to the sky. Waving waud'rers ou-ward Totheirhomeou high. 

No. 187. ft tfeat gjlwhel^: 

" He that believeth on me hath everlasting life."— JoHN 6: 47. 
P. P. B. P. P. Bu98. 

4 ^_, ^__J_ I 


1. Hoar yo the glad Good News from beav'n? Life to a deatli-doomed race is Riven! 

2. AVhcu \ve were lost, the Sou of God Made an a- tone-nieut by 11 is Wood : 

3. Why not be -Hove the glad Good News? "NVhy still the voice of God 

Clirist on the cross for you and me Piir-chased a par - don full and free. ^ 
Wlicu we tlie glad Good News be - lieve, Then the a -toue-ment ^we re - ceive. w 

iui"was laid. •• 

Why not be-lieve, when God hath said, All, all our guilt 

r u 1^ I . 

He that be-liov - eth, he that be -li.v - eth, lie be - liev - eth hath | 

tip c?"-^— 1 1?— 5^ 

r— ;* — iJ— I — F^— 


ev - cr- 1.1st- ing life; 

Ho that bo-liev - eth bath cv - er - last. ing life. 

No. 188. J[u%r, Ciihe mn llliintr. 

" For thy name's sake lead me, and guide mc."— Ps. 31 : 3. 
Rev. H. N. Couu. S. J. Vail. 

1. The way 

dark my Fa-ther!! 

Cloud upon cloud is (tntheriuK thickly 
o'er tjiy head, and louil The tliundore 

ronr a - Im>vo mo,| f Vi«t«H<, T RtamI like one 1 

\ IwwililcrtHl I FiiIIht, J take my hand. And thro' the glotim lead 

'^- ^^^^ 

^atbti, QTakt ms J^anlt. 

ly li...'ue, LiaJ Bufe - ly h 


^jj, — tp p— p- 

2 The day dttliiii'M, my FatUer ! ) and the iiinht 

Iri dra\viii){ durkly duwii. My faitlili-sK lii^ht 

Si-fs I t:hii.-.tly I visions. | Fears like u lippttrul band 

£ucuniiHut8 nie. O Father, | take my | haud. 

And I'riiiii tlie \\\\^\\\. lead up tu light, 

I'p to light, up to liglit, 
S The way is lonp, my Futherl | and my soul 
Loutcs for the rest and ijuiet | of the | noal ; ]) 
While yet I journey through this weary laml, 
Keep mo from wandering. Father, | take ui} 
And in tlio way to endless day, 

KndlesM day, endless day, 
Lead stifely ou Thy child I 

4 The path is ronijh, my Father 1 1 Many a thorn 
tias pierced me I ami my feet, all turn 

And hleeding, I mark the | way. I Yet Thy conmiand 
Bills me pritw forward. Father, ] take my | hand; 

Then safe and hle.-t, O lead to rest. 
Lead to rest, lead to rest, 

Olea.1 to rest Thy child I 

5 The thning is great, my Father 1 1 Many a doubt 
And fear of danger coiii|>a.ts me about; 

And foes oi>- I press me | s.ire. ) I caunot stand 
Or go, aloue. <> Father I | take my | hand ; 

And through tliu throng, lead eaSo along. 
Safe along, safe along, 

Lead safe along Tliy child. 

6 Tlie cross la heavy, Fatlier I | I have iKime 
It long, anil | still do | hear it. | Let my worn 
And fainting spirit, rist) to that bright land 
Where crowns are given. Father, | take my | hand; 

And, reaching down, lead Uj the crown. 

To the crown, to the crown. 
Lead to the crown Tliy chiliL 

No. 189. 

Fanny J. Crosby 

parting I)nmtt. 

" The blessing of the Lord be upon you." — Ps. 129 : 8, 

Rev. R. L<»WRV. 

J he -seech Tliee, Grant Thy bless 

ing Sav - iour, go Tliou with us, Be our coin 

ly Spir - it, dwell with -in us, May our souls 

n- ly Fa - ther. Lev . lug Sav - iour. Ho • ly Spir 

. ing ere we part ; 

• fort and our stav ; 

Thv teni - plo be"; 

. it, Thrye in One, 

Take us in Thy care and keep - Ing, Ouard from e - 

(Jnite - fnl praise to Tliee we ren - der, For the joy 

May we tread the path to glo . ry, Led and guid 

As a-mong Thy sjiintsand an - gels. So on earth. 

vil ev - 'ry heart, 
wo feel to - day. 
ed still by Thee. 
Thy will be done. 

\0 ^ 


^artins l^.jmn. 





Bless tlic words we here have spo - ken, Of- fered pray'r and cheer - ful strain ; 


If Thy will, Lord, we pray Thee, Grant we all may meet a - gain. 

No. 190. STIje ^osptl of C^D &TUtt. 

" (jod so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son."— John 3 : 16. 
Rev. A. T. PiERSON. James McGranahan. 

1. The go8 - pel of Thy grace My stubborn heart haa won, "For (!od so loved the 

2. The 8ur -pent" lift -ed up" Could life and heal- ing give, .So Jo - sus on the 
I!. "The soul that sin- neth dies:" My aw -ful doom I heanl ; 1 wa.s for- ev - er 
4. " Not tn con-denin the world" Tlie " Mau of sor-rows" canu'; liut tliat the worldniiiiht 
."i. " Lord,ln-lp my un-be- lief!" Give me the peace of faith. To rest with child-like 

r y^\ r 5 

That , 
For I 
That V "^ 
For I 



lie gave His on - ly Son, 

Bids mo to look au<l live; 

Hut fi>r Thy gra-cious word 

Sal- va-tion thro' His name; 

On what Thy gos-pel saith. That 

■ ev - er will believe, shall t. 


cr-last-hig life receive!" .Shall cv 



No. 19L 

(Sloria ^atri. a»« 

Glory be to the Fath«T, and 

Aa it waa ia the begiuning, 

la BOW, and 

to the Son, 

to the Ho • ly Ghottt. 
I be, worM wilh-oiit end. A - men. 


No. 192. 

Itii it ^x\t 

' The Lord is King for ever and ever."— I's. lo: i6. 

Francks R. Havbrcal. 

Arr. by Ika D. Sankkv. 



I. T<-ll it out anioiiK th» iiH-lioiiit tliut tlie lionl ia Kiii);; T<ll it out! T> II 

a. Till it out among llio !>«•... |,)rt ihiit llie .Siv-ii.ur reiuuH; Till it out I Tell 

3. Tell it out among the ixo - pie, Je-sus relgnu a - Uivc; Toll it out! Tell 

J5 vc _ 




a-mong the na-tiona, l>i<l them oliout and fiing; Tell 
a-niong the heath-en, hid th«m break their rhHin!<;Tell 
a-mong the Da-tioaa that HIm reign ia love; Tell 


3^ ^-i 



out ! T.ll It 
out ! Tell it 
out! Tell it 

it nut with ad • n • rn -tion that Ho ahull In - rreasp, 

it out a-nion(t the weep-ing onen that Jo -hub liven, 

it out R-niong the highwiiyiiand the lanef at home, 

^ ■^.' :»: :it :e: Jt £: ■£: :et: 


the might - y King 
it out a-mong the 
it ring R-cn»« the 

glo - ry 
vea - ry 

ones what 
and the 


I > > 

of Peace; Tell it 

lie giv.-«. Till it 

euu'8 founi, That the 

J — . 

vith ju - hi - 1.1- tion, let the gong ne'ercease 
a-raongtlie nin-nei-s that He came to save 
ry, heav - y - la - den. need no lou - ger room 

ff Chorus 

it out ! Tell 
it out ! Tell 



No. 193. ITtgM nfttr grtrhntss, 

" Sorrow and sighing shall flee away."— IsA. 35 : ta 

Frances R. Havergau 

Ira T>. SAmnv. 

1. Light aft - cr ilark -, (;;iiniift- er Ickss, Strength after wt-iik-uuss, CrDwnaft-cr cniss; 

2. Sheaves aft-er bow • ing, Sun aft- er rain, Si;,'lit aft- cr niysler- y, JVaceaft-ei pain; 

3. Near aft - er dia - tjint, Gkuui after gloom, Love aft- er loueli-uess, Life aft-ei tomh; 

r_^3r_-r--rve:^ !-•-*-* -r^ <=-r • 




Sweetaft-er bit • tor, Hi>peaft. er fears, Homeaft-or waiicrring, Praisenft-or tears. ^ 
Joy aft-er sor - row, Caliu aft- er hliust, Rest aft-er wejiriness, Sweet rest at last. 
Aft - er long ag - o-ny, l{;i|i-tuio of l>lis«, Kight was the pathway. Lead- ing to this. 

5^ ^;_._-*-_^ 


S f^i=££p= ig pp^^r^pipfip^^a 

No. 194. 6Ior|T k I0 |tsus* |Tan«. 

" Lift up your Vitads, O ye gates ; * * * and the King of glory shall come In."— Ps. 04: y. 
Anon. Geo. C. Strbbins. 

" ^— J ^-.-. ^-. r-^ ^— , 1- 



1. Glo . ry, glo - ry 

2. In the plare of 

Ci. Mere was niarroil Ills li 
4. Ye^ tri- uiiiiili- ant I 

Iio to Je - 8ns, OIo • ry to Ilis pre. cious name; 

[lis re-jec-tion. Where He suf- fered, wliero He diivi, 

less- eii vis . aK'', Hero His brow was wreathed with thorn, 

lal . lo • lu • jahs Still a- rise to greet His uaiuo; 

: g-- -r f ^ ■ J - ■*- ^ -m. ^ 


C -eot It Is to souikI Ills prais-es, 

iJiirsts of bo - ly pniisti 11.4- cend-in';. 

Hero the ob - Ji'ct of do - ris • ion, 

Bwoet It is to sound HNpniis-es 

Blest It is to spread His fame. q 

Greets the glo- ri.nia Cm- cl . fled. g 

]tit . ter taunt and IlKK-k - iiii; scorn. — 

Itletit it is to Bpreiul His fame. - 



^^^ • ry. rIo • ry, hal • le • lu - Jab I Glo . 17 be to Jo • siis* name. 




dots it to itsas' Xanu. 
4 ^^-, ^— I 

to suuud His praig- es. Blest it is to spread Lia fume. 
-0- . . -m- -^ fm- -m-' ^' ^ f^ ^ ■»■ ■&- 



No. 195. Itffil/mg but fijc gloob jof |csus. 

" Without shedding of blood is no remission." — Hbb. 9 : aa. 


Rev, Robert Lowkv. 

i^ — I — i^ I -u- 1— J— g — J— >— ^ — ^ — !>>— > — I ! -h— i i =q 

1. Wmt 

2. For 

:«. Nuth. 

4. This 

5. New 

6. (jlo - 

can wasli 
my cleaua 
iii« can 
U all 
t.y this 
r.vl glo. 


way my etaiu? 

biii>e and peact'- 

o - vtT-cumu- 

tlius I eing- 

Noth-ing but the blcxHl of 

Nuth-iii(i Jmt tlio blood of 

Noth-iiig but tho blotnl of 

Noth-int? but tlio bloiHl of 

Noth-ii.;,' but the bl.KMl of 

N.ith-iu^ but the tl.HMl of 


-=:m — m — '-^q^f: — m — g — c—g 

>-=^^= h ^ »» K—S^J 1- I- 1 

Wliat can make me whole a - gain? Noth-iug but the blood of 

For my par- doa thia my plea — Noth-iiit? but tho blood of 

Naught of good that I liave doue— N.ith-iiig but tiie blood of 

Tins is all my right-eous - ness — Noth-ing but Die blood of 

Nuw by this I'll reach my homo — Noth-ing but th» blood of 

All my praise for thia I bring— Noth-iug but the blood 

No. 196. Stone but t^^nsi ran Salisfg. 

" We also joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now 

received the atonement." — Roh. s: ii8. 

B. E. Arr. James McGranahan. 

1. O ChristinTlieemysoulhathfound.AndfouQdinTheea - lone, Thepeace, thejoy I 

2. I sighed for rest aud hap-pi-ness, 1 yearned for them, uot Thee; But while I passed my 
'.i. I tried the bro-ken cis-ternu, Lord, Butah 1 the wa- ters failed I E'en a,s I stooped to 
■1 TheploasureslostloutBadlymournM, But nev-er wept for Thee, Till grace my sightless 

sought so long, The bliss till now un- known. 
Sav- iour by, His love laid hold on me. 
driuk they tied, Audmock'dmeas I wailed, 
eyes received, Thy lov- li- 


Now none but Christ can sat - is-fy, None 

I ( 
iiumefor me, There's love, and life, and lasti ng Joy, Lord Jesus, found iu Thee. 

J I for me, rn w /TN ^ <i 

'^'^^^-^^^^ — I — r'^r-i — I — r 

No. 197. Come, ^rubigal, Comi. 

' I will arise and go to my Father." — LuKB 15 : 18. 

Ira D. Sankry. 

1. O soul in the far a- way conn- try, A - wea- ry, and fauli^^bed, and Rul, 2* 

2. A - rise ! aud come Irnek to tliy Ka- ther, He'll meet thee while yet on the way; 5 
a. .Vlthough thouhastsiuuedugaiUBt heav-eu, And weak and uu- wor- thy may be; 2. 


There'sreM iu the heme of thy Fa - ther, His welcome will make thy heart (fl"''- 
As- Mured of His ti'U- (ler ccim- piia - Bion, O why wilt thou lonn-«T de - lay. 
Hu uf- ferti theu full res-to-ra- tlon. And pai^ don a- buiidaut and free. 

Q/omr, ^roKigal, Z'tmt, 

h > \ - 2- h -i 

Come.come, prod - i - giiljcrunc. And wan-der uo long - cr a- fur fruuihumo- 

■"me.comn, prod- 1 - g:il,cfime, A wel-come a- wnlta In thv K:»-tli<T'«honio. 

Wit sljuU lUiigii. 

" If we suffer, we shall also reign with him." — i TlM. a: 12. 
Geo. C. NHi;n»iAM. C.C.Casb. 

1. When the Lord fromlieav'nap . peani, AVlirn arc bnn • ifhrdall our feara, 

2. When our eyes 'he Kinp ehull hco, In lljj pin- rioun Mii- Jrn . ty, 
:t. Pobt • ore to Ills match- IcM graco, At His feet ourcniwn« vill pinre, 
4. Li-t this hope uuw pu - ri - fy Tln^owho on Thywurcl ro - ly ; 

When the Bleep - era from the tomb, With the watch - era renrh their home. 

When to llim we're call'd a - bove, Part - ners of His j^y and love. 

.\nd as a - peg roll a - long, Still will eing the glad new song. 

Cnm - fort to our hearta af - ford. Till the com - ing of tho Lord. 

Then on- throned our Lord with Thee, WeBhallrcign E- ter- iial - ly,.._ 

^r-[— I 1 T — t—t^ 

Then enthroned our Lord with Thee, WoBhall 

N I 

TLeoeBAroned our liord withTkM,W»rtrtJ|r«ijro o « Kr . ly. 


No. 199. 

^ttrtmption 6rotm!r. 

" The redemption of their soul is precious."— Ps. 49: 8. 
El. Nathan. James McGranahan. 


L "(ime,8ing,niy soul, and praise tho Lord, Who hath re-deem'd thee by His blood; 

2 Ouce from my 3od I wandered far, And with His ho - ly will made war.* 

3.0 joy-ous hour when God to me A vis -ion gave of Cal - va - ry: 

4 No works of mor - it now I plead, But Je-sus take for all my need; 

5. Come, wea-ry soul, and here find rest; Ac - cept re - demp • tion, and be blest: 

^"-^y^i ^"^^^^ ^^^^^ 

De-liv-ered thee from chains tliat bound, And bro't thee to re-demp-tion ground. 3 

But now my songs to God a» bound; I'm stand-ing on re-douip- tion ground. '^ 

My bonds wure looswl, my soul un-l)ound;I sanf? up- on re-demp-tion ground. ^ 

No riglit-eous- ncss in me is found, Kx • cept up- on re - demp - tion ground. § 

The Christ who died, by God is crown'd To par - don on re-demp-tion ground. ■ 


Il»-di-mp-t ic Ml prnund, the ground of peace, l{o - demi>-tioii ground, wonKirous grace; 


Hero let our praiiw to Gcxl a - Niund, Who saves us on re-demp-tion 



Wo. 200. gist % mib Pasteir. 

" Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away."— Song of Sol, 3 : to. 
J. Dbnham Smith. Arr. Air. by James McGranahan. 

Hume, homo ia near - lug, 'tis wm - ing in • to view, A 

2 (Why should we lin - ger when lieav-ea lies be - fore! While 

■(Tleiis- urea and tn-iia - urea which once here we knew, No 

m^m^^ ^^^ 


fast re • ced • lug, and soon will be no 

can tlii'y charm un with uuch a goal iu 





Como then, come, and niise the Joy - fill Boiigl Yo cliil-dren of the 

4 u_L 


wil - dMr-nes8, our time cati- nut bo long. IIome,liomi',hc>me, oh, whynliouldwo de- 

- ^' " ! *" "T" " ! *" -r-i» ^ im-^—(m—,-(s p-* ^-r-a-: 1«— i-l — [:: 


^j^ JEfe^ 

lay? The mom of hcav'n is dawn - ing, we're near the break of day. 

J Loved ones in Jt-siis they've passed on before, 
Now resting in glory, they weary are no more; 
Toils all are ended, and nothing now lint jny, 
Aod praises, ascending their ever glad employ. 
Ohm tbeo, come, && 

4 No condemnntion! how Meswed is the word. 
And no separation! forever w ilh the Lord; 
He will be with us who love.i us lonp- before^ 
And Jesus, our Jesus, is ours for STennore. 
Come then, come. &o. 

No. 801 «i>gt mm mm w fflw. 

Mrs. Jemima Luke. 

I he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and 
blessed them." — Mark io: i6. 

J. C. Englebrecht 

1 thiuk when I read that sweet 6to - ry 
I wish that His hands had been placed on 

Yet still to His foot-sto.j 
Inthatbeau-ti-ful place He 


of old, When Je - sus was here 
my head, That His arm had been thrown 
may go, And ask fur a share 
pre - pare, For all that are washed 

a-mong men. How He called lit-tle children as lambs to His fold, Ishould.O 

a-round me, And that I miglit have seen His kind look when He said, "Let the o 

in His love; And if I cow earn- est - ly seek Him be - low, I shall j 

andfor - given; And ma - ny dear children are gath-er-ing there For "Of g 



Fine. Refrain. 


like to have been with tliem then. 

lit . tleoneocome un - to 
Bee Him and hear Him a 
euch is the kiug-dom of 


I should like to have been with them then. 
'Letthe lit - tie ones come un - to Me." 

I shall see Him and hoar Him a - bove. 
ror"Of such is tlie kingdom of heaver.' 

No. 202. 

Mary J. Walker. 

I^sus, I told ^rusl C^w. 

"I will trust in thee." — Ps. 55: 23. 

Ira D. Sankrt. 


1. .Te-8U8, I will trust Thee, trust Thee with my soul; 

2. Je-BUS, I can trust Thee, trr^st Thy written word, 

3. Je-Bua, I do trust Tbeo, trust Tlioe without doubt -. 



Ouilt - y, lost, and help - le.-is, 
SI nee Thy voice of mer - cy 
" Who-so - ev - er com - elh. 


Thou ranitf make mawh'ilfi. There Is none In hpav - en 
r havei.ft-en lieuid, WhenTliySpir-lt teaoh-elh. 

Thou wilt Dot cast out," Faith- ful is Thy prom - ise, 


or on earth like Thee : 
to my taste how swept^ — 
precious is Thy M.mhI-. 



-U-4 ^ ^ 

-) . 

Tliuu huBl ilitd f.jr ^iu.llL•r^ — Lord for me. 
Oa - 1)' niuy I bcurkt-u, Kit -ting ut Thy feet. ^ 
These my Huui'aBal- va-tiuu, Tbuu uiy 8uv • iuur Godij 

"uilt-y, hit, and help-lets, i" 

Cuilt-y, lost, and help-less, I'liou canst make tne tuhole. 
A 1 U-U 

I willaeekThy face, \Vi<r-Hhip and a - dure Thee, fur Thy wuudruus grace. 

ITot Bu (Dlijn. 

No. 203. 

" Ye are not your own, for ye are bought with a price." — i CoR. 6: 19, 20. 
El. Nathan. James McGranahaT 




1. "Wot my own," hut kiivimI l.y Je - aui. Who re-dffine<l nie by Ilin bI<Mid, 

2. ''."Jilt my own!" to i'hiist, my Suv - iour, I be - liev . ing, tniat my Boul; 
:i. " Slit my own!" my tiui<-, biy tiU - ent. Free- ly all to (.'hrist I bring, 

iot uiy own!"Uie Lord ac - cejits me, Uue a- mong the rau»imed thn>ng, 

IIUK-, biy uu • ent, free • ly all to 
Lord ac - cejits me, Uue a- mong the 

Glail - ly I iic-n|it the nics • miKe, I b« - long to Chriat the Lf)rd. 

Kv • 'ry- thing to lliia com- mit - ti-il, AVliile e - tur - mil a - g<'» roll. 

To be used in ji>y - ful si-rv - ice For tlie plo - ry of my King. 

Viio it heav'n uhull nee Ilia glo - ry, And to Ju • bus Christ be- long. 


No. 204. 

Mrs. M. B. C. Slade. 

(Read DbET. ii: 31. 8: 7.3.) 

J. R. Murray. 

1. With His dear and lor - ing care, Will the Sav - iour lead us on, To tbo 

2. Through the rock- y wil - der-ness. Will the Sav - iour lead us on, To the 
2. With Ilis strong and might -y hand. Will the Sav -iour lead us on, To that 
4. In the Prom- ised Laud to be. Will the Sav - iour lead us on. Till fair 


hills and val-leys fair, O - ver Jor - dan? Yes, we'll rest our wea - ry feet 

land wo shall pos-scss, O - ver Jor - dan? Yes, by night the won-c'.rous ray, 

good and pleas-ant land, O - ver Jor - dan? Yes,where vine and ol - ive grow, 

Ca-naan's shore we see, O - ver Jor - dan? Yes, to dwell with Thee, at 


By the crys - tal wa - ters, sweet, Wlien the peace - fill shore we greet, g 

Cloud • y pil - lar by the day, They shall guide us on our way, » 

And the lirooka and fount - aina flow, Thirst nor Lun - gor ehall we know,, cj 

Guide and lead us, as Thou hast, TiU the part - ed wave be pissed, ■§ 

- ver Jor - dan. O - ver Jor - danl O - ver Jor - daul Yes, we'll 

-est our wea - ry feet, II v the crj's - tal wa - tors sweet, O - ver Jor - dan. 

®btt 3otI>ait. 

O- VLT Jor - duu, Wlieu tliuiwucu-fulsburo we'll greet, (.> - vtr Jur - Ci.u. 

No. 205. 11 raise ^Tc Ibc Xortr. 

It isg<""l to singprAl^.s iiMr.)oiir C..)! : he hcalcth t»ic broWrn in heart * • he tclieth 
\\\ii iiuiuUt of tlio Mars."— I's. 147 : i, 3, 4. 

C. E. Pollock. 

Rous' Version. 

\ 1- 


1. rml-.. v.- tliM I^.r.l; f.r It U K'""! I'ruL-m U our c;.«l to liiiK: 
:i. Thxiif tliiit aro Lr» • koii in tlicirluart, And tr>>ul>- 1<-<1 in thi-lr niintU, 
:i. IIo cinintu Uio mini - Ix^r "t tlio Btarii;no iiampiithi'm ev • 'ry ouu: 

I I I I 



U a cunio. ly thing. 
Ill - dir - ly up - liiniU. 
kit • il'ini wurch cuu imuo. 

For it id pli-iw-mit, ami t> pral*) It t» a conio. ly thing. 
IIi« hcikl • etli, ami tluir iniin - fill WoiiikIk, IIo t>ii - iltr - ly up- MiiiU. 
Uur L>>nl b Kn-nt, iiikI t>f greut imw'r, IIU wit • il'ini wurch cuu imno. 



it id g.VMi 

Praiao to our God to eing: 


No. 206. I f tft it all tott^ |tstts. 

" Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you."— i Pet. 5 : 7, 
Mrs. E. H. Willis. Arr. James McGrakxha*. 

1. 0)1, I left it 

I. Oh, I leave it 

a Oil, I leave it 

4. Leave, oh, leave it 

all with Je - bus, long a - go ; long a - go ; All my 

all with Je - bus, for He kuows, tor lie knows, Uow to 

uU with Je . SUB, day by day ; day by day ; Faitli cau 

all with Je - bus, droop- iug soul ; droop-iug soul ; Tell not 

bro'tHimand my woe; and my woe j When by faith I saw Him bleeding on the 
steal the bitterfrom life'swoes; from llfes woes; How to gild the tear of sorrow with His 
firmly trust Him.come what may ; come whatmay; Hope has dropp'd for aye her anchor.fuund her 
half" thy sto-ry but the whole; but the whole; Worlds ou worlds are hanging eveioa Hia 


U U I U U" w w u u u ^ ^ ^ 

-m. ^ ^ -^--^^^--^^^r— S— *-^-— i--=l-ir— 1.— ^1— s:-a § 

U > I ' I U" U I 

tree; ou the tree; Heard His still small whis-per, "'Tis for tliee!""'Tis for iheet" -S" 

gmile, with His smile. Make the des - ert gar-den bloom a - while, bloom a • wiiilc. |f 

rest; found her rest; In the calm, sure ha-ven of His breast, of His breast, | 

Laud, on His hand, Mfe and death are wait-ing His com - niand, Ills command, S 



From my wea-ry heart the bur-den rolled a - way : Hup-py day I hap-py day I 

Then with all my weakness leaning on His might, All is lightl all is lightl 

Love es - teems it Joy ofheav-en to a- bide At His side! at His side I 

Yet His t«n-der, lov-ing mor-cy makeatheoroom: Oh, conio home! oh, come home I 

Fromuiywoary heart the burden rolled away ; Hajvpy day I hap-py day I 

rolled a ■ way ; 
I'hiiiwithall my weakuifMleauiiigouHismight, All is light t all is lightl 

on Bla might, 
Lovu es-teemsit Joy of heaTeu to a- bide, .\t His side 1 at His side. 

to a • bide, 
YeH, Ilia ton-derloviug mercy makeatheo room, Oh,comehomel oh.comehomol 
makes thee room, 

No. 207 

Charles Wb 

" God is love."— I John 4 : 8. 

From J. SrvvKitsoii. 

, f Oi'ptlii'f iii'-r-y ! c:iii therel.<» Mer-cv gtill rp-serviil f.irnip? 1 ,■ ■ j • ,t 

*• (Can mytiuaUU wrath fur- Ixsar? Ui; tiie cliiofof Biuuim,Bpiire? J ^'^ " '"'"'' ^ 

1 6»-| ^- 

Lii .w, I fppi; J(>^nslivp!',an<I^lves^lP^tilI; Je - mis lives, lie li\e8,aii(l l.TosDif «tllL 

! I have long withstood \l'\* crace 
Iionf; l>n>vi>l(eil illm to lliit face : 
WouM Dot heaikeo to Hit callii; 
Grieved Him l>> a thoUKuud falls. 

3 Kow incline me to rfiv>nt; 
Let me bow my siriH Innieiit; 
Now my fouI revolt deplore, 
Veep, belisTe, and 8iu 00 mo 

|)rtnous ^iloob. 

No. 208. 

" Ye kiiuw that yc were not redeemed with corniptible tliiiiRS as silver and gold • • • 

but with llic precious blood of Christ." — i Par. i : 18, 19. 

MacLeod Wylik. Geo. C. STSBBiits. 

i ^^ £5 S3^i ^ 

I will 

\..t Hll 


lliii.Mul-»iiy<»iiii-iioiisl>een,'Tiit vrt'C'""'* """■ '"^ t^"': Tliro'it alone my 
re-m-niber iiow no more, (Joa'sfnithlul ^VonlhaMl^^lill, The foU lien and the 
my wrll.rem<nil>ore<ieins Can Btar-tlu or di:«>niuy; The prrriouBblood a» 

thisfeo-Mefnimeof mine Villsoouin Bick-nciKi lio But rest-ing on the 


soul has ri'st, Kroni fear and doubt (-ct frocs 
t.in3 of him F'T whom my Son has Mel. I. 
touosf.r all .\nrl boars 1 
pre-cic )us blood How pc;ice.fn 

Oh, wondrous is the crioifion tide Whic 

from my ?av.iour flowed ; And still in beav'n my song shall be, The precious, precious blood. 

No. 209. |s mn '§nmt knihn ^Ijm? 

" Rejoice because your names are written in heaven." — Luke io: 20. 
Mrs. Mary A. Kidder. Frank M. Davis. 

. Lord, I care not for rich - es, Neith-cr sil-ver nor gold; I would make sure of 
;. Lord, my si us they are ma - ny. Like the Bauds of the sea. But Thy blood, oh, my 
. OhI that beau - ti - ful cit - y. With its mau-sions of light. With its glo - ri - fied 

heav - en, I would en - ter tlie fuld. In the book of Thy kiug-dom.With its 
Sav - iourl Is suf- fi - cieut for nie;ror Thy prom- ise is writ -ten. In bright 
be - ings, In pure gar-meuts of white; Where no e- vil thing com -eth, To de- 

I I 

pa - ges Bo fair, Toll me, Je- sus, my Sav-iour, Is my uaii.t7». ...-nu i... ,. . „ 
let -ters that glow, "Tho' your sins bo as scar-let, I will luako thorn like eimw." o- 
spoilwhat is fair; Wherothe an-gels arowatch-ing. Yes, my name's writtou there. « 


t — t — r-^- — r--g-^r I * 1 ^ — r- 

I I 

Chorus., , , 

la my name 
5 fnr 2d & ,^d 
YoH. mv nniifV, 


In the book of Thy king - doni, Is my name writ, ten tliore? 
2d k 3d v.— Yes, my name's, kc. 



ig^E i — I — =t=3i 


No. 210. Jftn j^oul fold (f^btrromf. 

1. Ilelp-IcM I ciinie to Ji- - inut' lilood.Aiiil all my - wlf to - sign; 

2. 'Ti« Jo -MIS giTK mo life with-in, AuJ licrvod me fcir the fray; 

3. Tlio' cluuila of con - flirt lii>le niy viewr, Ami fiH-a aro fierce aii<I Btroni;, 

\ ^ M. M. J*J JL jm. ^ Jt. _ '^- -m- J'^J 


"f '" — p-^ f" 

t lc«c my »i-ak-l»!« in tliat fl.-Hl, Ami Kiitli - iritreiij;tli ill - Vine. 

He Kjioileil the iKwts of <l<ulliuii<J kiii, An<l t<»k tlieir jow'r a - wny. 

In Jo - biih' mimu I'll Btnn;-j:le tlirr', Ami cu - tor lic-Bv'n «llli ooiig. 



' I ~ — r — T — r — ^ — ' — ' — f"^ — i^ I — L ^ f — ■ 


t x ^ ->- ri: 


he Mm.1 of the Laml>, >Iy ifMil will 

t' ^ ' I » ■ P— t 1 ' ^ x* 

My (HJiiI will o - ver-ooiii.> l.y the blmni of the Lamh, Jly iciil will o-vt-r- 

- ■ver- come, My 


N fc I- 


- ver. (Mme 

the Mood of t!ie Laaib. 

^ — • :(?■- 


No. 2n. Mt Mors^ip ^tL 

" Whom having not seen, ye love." — i Pet. 
Frances R. Havbrgal. 

Jambs McGranahak. 


1. O Sav - iour, pre - cioiis Sav • iour, Whom, yet uii - seen, we love ; 

2. Bring - er of sal - va - tion, Who won- drous - ly hast wrought 

3. In Thee all ful - ness dwell - eth, All grace and pow'r di - vine ; 

4. Oh, grant the con - Bum - ma - tion Of this our song, a - bove. 



1 ,»=H 1- — t p-i g^^-t -H 

1 ,»— M 7|- 1 1 — "-l^ 

D.C. — \Ve praise Thee and con • /ess Thee, Our Sav - iour and our King ! o 
Last v.- And ev • er - more con - /ess Thee, Our Sav - iour and our King I ■§ 

O Name of might and fa - vor, 

Thy - self the rev - e - la - tion 

The glo - ry that ex - cill • eth, 

In end - less a - dor .a - tion 

All oth - er names a - hove. 

Of love be - youd our thought. 

Son of God, is Thine. 

And ev - er - last - ing love. 

We wor - ship Thee! we Wess Thee ! Td Thee a - lone we eing ! 
Last v.thenAvAW we praise and bless Thee! Where jier- feet prais - es ring! 


No. 212. Crust #itl 

" Trust in the Lord with all thine heart."— Prov. 3 : 5. 
Anon. Geo. C. Stbbbins. 

1. Trust on! trust on hn- liev . er! Tho' long the con- diet be, Thou yet shall prove vie 

2. Trust on! trust on; thy fail - ingrt May bow thee to the dust, But in thydeoji-rst gi 

3. Trust on! the dau-ger press- es ; Temp-ta- tion strong is near. Yet o'er life's daiigerousg 
4.0 Christ is strong to save us. He is a faith- ful Friend, Trust on! trust ou! be- 2. 

to . rious; Thy God shall fl-bt for 
Bor - row, O give nut up thy 
rap- Ids, He shall tliv pun. gage 
li.'V . er, trust Hlin t.. the 

rust. I T-^,,, on! (trust onnTniBt on! (trust on!) Th. 

f^L— -J 



rixust ®nl 

dark the uightaud 



J ^^ I- 

l=*_, ^^ — ^r:t^^t :l 

; TruHt oil ! (Inist ou!) tnist on ! (trust on !) Tlie niorniug dawu is near. 

No. 213. 


5an, are \}q\\ Xltabg? 

' Therefore be yc also ready."— Matt, 34 : 44. 

T. C. OKan*. 


1. Should the Death-au.gfl knock at thy chani'ber, lu the still watch of to- night, 
'I. Ma • «y sad %\Av - il» n^w oro du - imrt . iiig la -to the world of de - gpair; 
3. Mu • ny riMlHi-inedoni!) ii<>w aiu an-ci-nd- ing lu-to the uuuHiuua of light; 

Suy, willy. iiirciiir - It pusn in - to tor-iuiut. Or to the luud of dj - light? 
Ev - 'ry briff nio-uicnt briugsyourdooiuueuri'r; Siu-m-r, eiu- ner, be . «arol 
Jo - BI18 la plead- ing, p;i- tient- ly plfud- ing, lit Him save you to - night. 


Say, are you read- y ? O are you read- y » Mer- cy stands wait-ing for all. 


No. 214. #nfoarb 60I 

" Fo»gettiltf Aose tlvlngt which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things 

which arc before." — Phii,. 3 : 13. 

E. B. Art. James McGranaham. 

1. Trust - ing in the Lord thy God, Oa - ward go I on - ward go ! 

2. Has He call'd thee to tUo plough? On - ward go I oa - ward go I 

3. Has He giv'u tliee gold - ea grain? On - ward go! on -ward go I 

4. Has He said tlie end ia near? Oa- ward go! on -ward go! 
6. Ia this lit - tie nio-meut then, Ou-ward go! ou-ward go I 









M?— «=S2s!-i^«S^ 








Serv - 




His prom- 
- ing, serve 
slialt reap 
witli ho - 
ac - kuowl 

a - 


word, ^ 
now; / 
gaiu; }• 
foar, \ 

On - wa-d 
Ou-ward ! on-ware 

^ r 

On-wanl I 









—t- — "--I — 






--Z^__XZ _ 


On • ward! Ou-ward I ou-ward t 

yj->--* * * --*+-* — J — 4''^-\-m^^0 --m _J_J4_J ^ — :_! ..q 

^^=5=S —— J-^4=J-^--*,— X— U— .--=2-1±r=-^ -^5S_J 

NVor do - ny His worth -y Namo, Tho' it hiiiig re - pnwh and shame ; 
Kaith and l.ivo in sor - vice blond ; On His niiglit- y arm dt- - piMni; 
To thy M;is - tor's gate re - pair, AVatchiiig !..• and wait- ing there; 
Christ thy iior - tion, Christ thy stay, H.av'n-ly l.n„d up - on the wav. 
Let His mind bo found iu theo: L.-t His will thy plrais-uro be"; 

1 ■■ r I - 1 J r 



Spreail-lDK Btill Ifis won- dmiia fame, ) Ou-witnl g<«l 

StuiKk-intj fust «n - til tho end, / 

He will liciir and an- swcr prnyor; V On . ward gv)| 

Li-ad - inj; mi in glu-rious day; I 

Thus iu lilo mid lib- or • ty, ; On-ward, oii-wanll Ou-wanl got 

--5 --.^ * ,_,_iff y-"-*-^^- * f , . J J J ._ 

No. 215? Itlcrrt xgait Cduqu^ m\ ^ilL 

Greater love hath no man than this." — i John 15 : 13, 

c * 

The love tffct Je - »us liml for me. To Buf • fer on th<< cm - el tree, 

The nia - ny nor- r.iw» tlmt He bore, And oh, thatcrown <.f thciriiBlle wore. 

The p«<ice I have in lliin, my Lord, Who pli-aJo ho- fore tlio throne of Ood 

The joy that comes when Ho is near, The rest Ho gives, so free from fear. 


Thiit I a mn.84inio<l mniX niiKht be, 

That il micht live for ev - cr • more, 

The mir - it of Hia pre . cioiw blood. 

The hope in Ilim bo bri|;ht and clear. 

Is more thiin tongue ran 

I0 Inoru timii tongue can 

Is more than tohi;u<' can 

l8 luure than tongue can 


Dia k>ve is more tiian tongue can tdl; Ills love is more than toni^ie can 

than tnnrruecantc'll; 

m . -^ m - 


tell; The love that Je- bus had for me Is more than tongue can telL 

than tongiiecan tell ; 

wmn^^^^ ^ ^^^^=-f^^ 

No. 216. Pca:r Sboit mn ^rantr. 

" Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications." — Ps 143 : 1. 
Rev. Henry C. Graves. Gbo. C. Sthbbins. 

1. All - see- ing, gra-cious Lord— My heart he- fore Thee lies; All sin of thought and 

2. Thouknowost nil my need. My in-most thousht dost see; Ah, Lord! from all al> 

3. Thou ho- Iv bless- ed One, To me, I pray, draw near; My spir - it fill, O 

4. Bind Thou my life to Thine, To me Thy life is given; While I my all to 

ilfar ^\)z\ mj ^tajer. 

life abhorreu, My soul to Tlioe would rise. n 

lurements freed, LikpThePtrausformiMi IM be. n„„, rm,„„ „„„^„„ ^ n a 

heavenly Son. With lov-inc, God - ly fear. C ^^ar Thou mypniyer.O God, 

Thee re- sign, Thou art my all in hea ven. ' 


nite my heart to Thee; BeneathTliy love, heuoath Thy rod, From sin de- liv - < 

No. 217. (Js nour |^am|j ^hirnhi^? 

" Let your light so shine before men, that they may -see your good works, and glorify your 

Father which is in heaven." — Matt. 5 : 16. 
Mrs. E. M. H. Gates. C. C. Williams. 

> * 

1. ,Sny, ia your lamp Imrn - iiij;, my broth - cr? 

2. Up - on the dark monri-tainn tlu-y otiim- bio, 

3. If once all the lumps that are light - ed 

1 pniy you look 

They are bruise<l on the 
Should 8tcu<l - i . ly 

— n 3 ^ — ^ — p— J— ^ — ^ — ^^^ ' -^ — ^ — ^ — 


quick ly and oee; 
rocks und they lie 
Maze in a linn 

For if It wore burn- ing, then euro- ly, .'vimo | 
Witli wliiU-p''""!- i'lK fa - cog turn'd U|)- wanl, To the * 
Uido o- v<r the land anil the o - loan, What a f 

bi'am would fall bright. Iv on nio. 

(I In and tho pit- i'- ful Hky. 

gir • dlo «if glu - ry wonlil hIiiik' ! 

Thi'roaro ma - ny and ma - ny a- 
Thoro \* nia • nv u lamp that is 
IIou all thu dark plu • coHWould 

u.S.—S^y, tt yeur lamp 6urn-t»Ci "Vl 


I* SQUt livnf £umina ? 

round you, Who fi>I - low wher ■ 

light - ed — We In- - hold them a • 
bright • eu ! Uow the Diists would roll up 

g", If you 

far; But not 

way 1 How the 

thought that tliey wiilk'd iu the Hliad-ow, Your lump would burn hrightor, I know 

ma - uy a-moiigthpni,my broth -er, Sliiue eti-ad . i . ly uii like a star, 

eurth would laugh out in her glud-ness. To hail the niil- leu - ui • al day I 

s N N ^ > ^ 


i/ it were burning, then sure-ly Some beam-would fall brightly «n 



No. 218. 

^iitc arc 6oing Ijome. 

: ever b.-wilh the I.or 

Ti.Kss. 5:17. . 

jAMiis McGranahan. 

1. Our way is olt - eu lui; • ueil While here ou earth we rouni, And thunidure in the 

•J. To Ma-rah'd bit-t. r Wii-teidWo 4)lt have luurni'riug come, But U..d tlie tupluui 

:t. Wheu of the des-eit wea- ry. Our God His gnu-e has shown. By rest-ingus at 

4. NVith hnu-ger oft- eu faii't- ing,We'veniadecomi>laiii-iiig moan; But, fed by heavenly 

5. Some stand to - day 011 No • bo, The jour- ney near- ly done, And gome are in the 
-m-' -»• -m- 

^ -~- H ^ .«-_ . 

We're go - ing. 

go - ing, 

we are go - ing home., 

so we're go . ing home. I 

1 sweet tore-tastes of home. V go . Ing, we are go - Ing, Teg, 

still are go -ing home. | 

all are go - lag home. ^ 

—.. m rr — s r J 1. ^ -J^L^j^— — j—r-f — •— i* — •-i-<«— t" — *^- 

we are go -ing home; We soon shall cross the riv- er. And be with Christ at home. 

=s~s t 

Wo. 219. Come mio Pe, atxtr gtst. 

" Come unto me, all ye that lab^r and are heavy-laden, and I will give 

you rest." — Matt, ii : 28. 

El. Nathan. James McGranaha». 

art thou worn and wea - ry, Tempt- ed, tried, and sore op-press'd; 
knowa the dark fore - bod - ings Of the cou-scieuce-troub-led breast: 

Lord bring all your bur -den. Put tho prom- iso to the test; 

sor - row tliou art weep - iug, Griev - Ing for the loved ones missed. 
Him for all thy fu - ture, Ho wiU give thee what is best; 

to the word of Je • bus, "Come nu - to me, and rest!" 

such III3 word i3 giv - en, "Come un - to me, and restl" "^ 

say, your Bur . den-I5ear • er, "Come un - to me, and rest I'* « 

then to you He whis - pera, "Come un - to mo, and restl" .•» 

fear when He is say - iug, "Come uu • to me, and restl" 5 

_bti — 1= — • — ^^i^EEEEE^EEpziip j E_^ — iig 


-i — r 






to me, and rest I" 

' Come un - to me, and rest !" 

M. M. M. jgS. I I J I 

Oh, come and rest! Come, 

Oh, como and rest! 

J J- 






Come, ye 

Ml- jm. 


-0—. — m- — 9- 

wea - rv, lieav - y - la - deii, " Coino 


and rei 


— ' — I- btf S — I 1 

^ — ^ — I f- 

(GatlKnnij ^omc. 

No. 220. 

" Ye shall be gathered one by one O ye children of Israel." — Ps. 27: 12. 
Maky LusLiB. W.A.Ogdkn. 


1. They're c'lfh'ring liniiicwiird from rv - 'ry land. One by one! one by one I 

i!. Itii - f..rn Ihey rest they |m.-« thro' the Htrifo, Oiio liy one I one by 0110 1 

:i. W'n to.) must (-iinii) to' tlii> riv - or-Biile, (tn.i byiuu'l one I'y one I 

4. oil, JeHiiH, Jte-dec-ui . or. Wo look to Thee, One by ono I one by one I 


b* t 

Qiattcting ^ttxu. 

Ab tlnir wea - ry feet tmich the aliin • lug strand, Yes, oim by one I 

Tliro'tlio wa-tcre i>f lU-atli tliey eu - ter life, Veu, oiio by one! 

Wo uro ii.ur-tT in wa- Um-s euch i< - Tea • tide, Ye8, one by one I 

Wo lilt up lur Vol . ci-b tnmb - ling - ly, Yen, one by one I 

Tlii-y u-Tft witU tho Bar- ioiir, tlioy wait their crown, trav - el-stiilned 

To ft.uio uro tho fliHMls uf tlie riv - *r olill. Ah ihiy on thoir 

Wo oiin hear tho i.f tho dunh • iui; Btrt-uni, <>rt unw and a- 

Tho wuvw of tho rlv - ir wo dark and did. IJut wo know the 

^.-.-— ^-^ 





Kiir-niintu aro all laid d..\vii;Th<y wait the white rai-ment tho bIikU pro-iwre 
«ay t<> tho h.-avoii-ly hill; Tho wiivis to run thiiv-ly and wild 
ptin, thro' our lir<'rid<-.'|>dr>ani ; S. UK^-tluiLdtheduik fl>Nxli*all thu bankn n - Ver-How, 
]ilacowlifre our foot MhuU kidd ; U Thuu who didntpuM thru' thu doop-ent ndd-uight. 

>— I- 


k w u r 

For all who tho K'-^'-ry with UimBhallnhare.^ 

Y..tth,.y roach tho of tho "•' - «l«-fi^'i. I g^jj^.^^ i,.,,,,^ , ^^^.^ , 
Some - times in ni'-ph-s and small waves go. f t. e> o 

Now giii.Ious, aiiil s^-nd us the etalT and light -' 


Ford-Ingthe riv-er one liyouelGcjth'ringhomelgath'ringhonie, Yes, oneby one! 

t U 

No. 221. 

@niB ij f ittu m\u. 

" Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comeih in the morning."— Ps, jaj 5, 
M«. M. P. A. Crozibr. Geo. C. StebbinS. 

II -^^^=-^' 

1. On - ly a lit - tie while Of valk-ing with wea - ry feet, A 

2. Suf-fer if God shall will. And work for Him while we may, Fron] 

3. Oa • ly a lit - tie while, For toil - ing a tew ehoit days. And 

-t— t — r 


\^^:^=^^-=: ^-^ — ;=i=^^^^=^^=lggg5y ^ 

Pa - tient - ly o . ver the thorn - y way That leads to the gold - en street. 
Cal-va-ry'a crosb to Zi- on'scrown, Is on- ly a ht - tie way. 
thencomesthe rest, the qui- et rest, E . ter - ni-ty's end - lesa praise. 


No, 222. I &*ar i\i Morbs d |^sus. 

Gbo. C. Nbbdham. 

' Christ is all, and in all.'* — Col. 3 ; a. 

C. C. Cask. 


1. I hear the words of Jo - sus. They speak of peace with God ; 

2. His word di . vine - ly bless, ed, It shows me what I am; 

3. Oh I hear the words of Je - ens. The tid . iugs are for thee ; 


I see the Lumli.Olirist Je . sua, Who bore my heav -y 

His cross it brintj.s Bal - va - tion, Tlie vie - tim was the 
Oil, clasp the cross of Jo - bus. And there for ref - ugo 

load ; 
Lamb ; 
flee ; 

I trust the blood of 

HIr blood pro - cur - eth 
Ohl trust the blood of 

Je - HUH, Kr 
par- doll, A I 

Jl- - HUH, lll< 

•d this ver - y 



^ -^ 



1 t<n tbt (HorbB o( ItsuM. 

^=^bEis=^^^^=r -^- 

-^ 1 r-hn "f— .f— ii-hd-=^ 

1 love the uanie of 
Hla name, liuw ttwpot ami 
OhI love the name of 

^U,-^l-|-g— -g— jg— grr 

.If. . Kiig, Who Kave Him -self for m*. 
pro- cioua. It makes the sin - ner whole. 
Je - BUB, Blent name of won - drous pow'r. 

1 U u u 

L-t 1 1 U U U K-Lp US 

No. 223. 

Rev. R. l^wRv. 

^esiis is mn Sabiour. 

—went on his way rejoicing." — Acts 8 : 39. 

ReT. R. LowRT. 

1. My fxiiil is Imp - py all clny lonR— Je • sus is my 8«v . lour; 

'i. My hi-iiv - y liwl <«f sin is gone — Je - bus 1* my Say - iour; 

^i. I beaid the Voire of nuT • cy call — Je - sus is my Sav • inar; 

4. Now will I tell it all a • round — Je • sus is my Sar • inur; 

.\nd all my life 1^ full of mmg— Je - sus died for me. 

At His di-iir cwv I l.ii'l it down — Jo - sus died for me. 

I sini - ply trust - eil, thiit wsm all — Je • bus died fur me. 

How sweet a bli-iM - iu^ I have found — Je • bus die<l for me. 

Hal-le • lu . jah!II.a-le - lu - jah I To the lov . ing Lamb for 8in-ner» slaiu; 

-p lg • I 

Hal-le - lu - jah! Hal-le - lu - jah! To the Lamb who lives a - gain. 
_^^ m^um- - ^ g:- -g: A A .^ « ^ • 

No. 224. 

3 am Commij. 

Helen R. Young. 

Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give 
you rest."— Matt, q: 28. 

I 1. Sad aud wea - ry, lone and drear- y, Lord, I would Thy call o - bey; 

I 2. Thou, the Ho - ly, meek aud low - ly, Je - bus, ua • to Theo I come ; 

3. Here a- bid . int;, in Thee hid - ing, Seeks luy wea - ry soul to rest, 

i 4. Be Thou near me, keepaud cheer me, Thro' life's dark aud storm - y way ; 

— IWT ■ 1 1 r 1 -^1 1 1 n Ht 1-=^ *« »*« KH 

Thee be - liev - ing:, Christ re- ceiv-ing, I would como to Thee to - day. 

Keep me ev - er, let me uev - er From Thy bless - cd keep-ing roam. 

Till the dawn -ing of the morn- ing, AVTieu I wako a- mougthe blest. 

Turn my sad - nesa in - to glad - nesa, Turn my dark - ness in - to day. 



I am com - ing, I am com -ing, Com-iug, Sav « lour to lio blessed; 4 

-p~l ts— ^- 

I am com- ing, I am com -ing, Com-iug, Lord, to Thee for re<t. 

-r— 1 — ir 

-f— J B»-t V- 


No. 225. ^tV&itxvLwa toill Contfi. 


' We are journeying unto the place of which the Lord said, 
I will give you." — KuM. 10: 29. 

Rev. J NO. n. MatthiAo, 



JI Kiw n way-worn tniv' • lor 

I IliH back wan la- den lieav - y, 

/Tlie Hiini - ni.r mm wim ghhi • In'c, 
I Itiit III' ki'pt preKs . iiiR on- ward, 

fTb« HonK - Biers In fho ar - bni 

I lli^ wntch- word bo 

In tat - tcr'd par- iiienfa clad, 
HiH strencth wiw ul - most jrone, 
Tlio sweat was on bis brow, 
For he was wend • Ing homo; 
That Btood bo - 8l<Io the way, 
Ing "On - wanl!" Hu atouiH-d Ida ears and ran. 

jBtlibtiana bin % 

^ ^g^ -zz ^ ^ t^^ ^j^^^^^l 

irug-gliiig up 
Vet ho Bli'-ut- e<i uu 

Kar - meDta worn ami dust - y, 

!>tiU sliuut- iug 

At . tract- eil bis 

iitill oLuut-iug 08 

tlio niuun-tiiip. It Boem'J that lie was sad 

liO juurueyf'l, 1)6 - liv - ir- unco will cume. 

step aeeiiied ver - y slow : 

lio Jiiurueyed, De - liv - er- aiice will come, 
at • ten - tion. In • \it . lug his de - lay : 

he Journeyed, De - Ut - er- anco will come. 

_. «_«■- 

iV r — y — i »-rv I t»H 

4 I»w him In the evpnlnp. 

The sun ^tlul WndiiiK K'W, 
He'd oTcrtopi^-d theniountiiin. 

And rraclii'il the valo Im'Iuw : 
lie saw the p'M.n city,— 

His pverlastiiiK honif, — 
AndshoiitiHl loud.llosunna. 

Deliverance will comu I 

ft While piizinK on that dty, 
Just o'er the uamiw fl.xid, 
Abanduf h<>ly anf^els 
CMuefrom the throne of G(><I: 

1 — T 

They b«re him on their plnione 
Safe o'er the da.xhin^ fuam ; 

And Joined him In his triumph,^ 
Deliverance hail c<>me I 

6 I hpard the song of triumph 

They .-^ang upcin shore, 
Sayinir, Jesus liasr<"li'nie<l us 

ToBiifTor nevemiori-: 
Tlion, cajitinK his f> • ■< lnu-kwart 

On tli« race whicli h« had run, 
lie shouted loud, llixunna, 

Deliveraoce has cuiue I 

No. 226. 

^idit nte as I 


" Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee."— Ps. 102 ; i. 
JEuzA K. Hamilton. Geo. C. Stbbmiis. 

1. Je • 6us, my Lord, to Thee I 

2. Help- iess I am and full of 
3.1 bo\r he- fore Tliy nier-cy 

4. If Thuuhiust work for nie to 

5. And when at last the wurk is 

cry, I'n - less Thou help lue I must die; Oh, 

puilt. But yet for meTliyhli>o<i was split; And 

• mat, Do - hold me, Sav-iour, at Thy feet; Thy 

do. In- spire my will, my liiart ro- new; And 

done. The Lilt, tie fought, the victory won; Still, 


bring Thyfropsal-va-tion T.igh, And tako mo as T 

Thou canst make me what thou wilt, .And t.-\ko me as I 

work lieprin.Thy work complete. And take mo as T 

work bothin.aiid by me tiw. And take mo as f. 

etill mycryshall be a - lone, Oh, take me as I 

Take me as I am. 

. i^ U ^"£^^i^^= -J^Tr ■' br-l— "1 

y y y i9 y 

r— iy-r— r 

QTakt mt as I 

I am ; Lord, I give myself to Thee, Oh, take nie as I am. 
fc» U > U >^ ' I 

No. 227. 

§o€rs of tlj^ Wioxii. 

" Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own 

selves." — James i ; 22. 

El. Nathan. James McGranahan. 


1. Ouce more we rnme, God's word to hear. The word rj pure and ho- ly; 

2. The Hfe of God is in the word; And wlio -so- e'er be- liev - eth, 

3. The word of God, by faith re- coivcd, Im - parts re-geu-er- a - tion; 

4. So when <he ttxrd jf God we hear, lict us l)e hum-bly plead- ing 


-,5— i_ 




Now grant us. Lord, a list'- ning ear, A spir - it meek and low - ly ; g 

The re • cord tliere of Christ the Lord E - ter - nal life re- ceiv - eth; _? 

And he who hatli in Christ bo-lioved Lives out a new ere - a- tion; \ 

The Ho - ly Ghost to give us light. As we the wcml are heed - ing; ^ 


•?— r 


For if we hear, and heed it not. Wo hear for con-<Ipn» - na - tion; 

But if we hear, be- liev- ing not. We hear for oinnlcni - na - tion; 

But if we hoar, and do it not. Wo hear for coiwlem- na - tion; 

But if wo hear, and feel it not, We hoar for con-deni - im • tion; 



For "do-ors of the word," we're taught. Are helr« of C1iriBt'8 8aI • va- tion. 



No. 228: mt f raist ^n anJr gUss ^^t. 

" Oh ye tervanis of the Lord, praise th 


" Oh ye tervanis of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord." — Ps. 113 : x. 
El. Nathan. James McGranaham. 

1. Wo pralso Thee and liltss Tlico, Our Fa.tber in beaveu, For tlio Joy of eal- 
•/» Wo i>nii.s« Thee auJ Misri Tlii-e: Oiuo sin - ful aud eiad, By tho wurtlthnubuj 
a. Wo pi-aise Theo aud bleed Thie : Tho Spir- it bath Como To dwell with, auij 

"a - tiou Thy gun - p»-l bath givu 

gtv . uu. To Clirittt we were led. V Dal • le - lu-Jaht we praise Thoe Tbro* 

t«ach Ud, Aud guide um Bafe bumo.j 

• - -Jg-— -g- 1- 


5 I I CT 

Jo-Huaour Lord; Hul- I.< • l« - j:ih I wo bloMaTb.'o For tho gift of Thy woni! 

4 We pmiue Thee and bl>- 

For food by tbo way ; 

tia fnini heiivei 



I Thee, 

The uiaut 

Prvivided each day. 
t We TbiK and bUtw Theo; 

Thy word Imth gone furth, 
That ('hri!<t uhall be K ing and 

Beigu ovur the earth. 

6 We praiiie Tbeo and bleaa Tbee, 

Aud wait lliii return 

To fulfil every pnmiisio 

Uo made to UiH own. 

7 Wo pniirio Thoe and lib-rtsThee: 

We'll reinn Willi lllni then. 
To pruixe Thee and bletid Tb«e 
Fur ever. Auiou. 

No. 229. C^U MxW be goiu I 

'* Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." — Matt. 6 : 10. 
Charlottb Elliott. James McGranaham. 

-4. (* 

^-- F 

6tray Far from my home, on 

Bigli For friencU be • loved, no 

blest With Thy sweet 8pir - it 

day; Bleud it with Thine; and 

mure The prayer oft mixed with 

1. My God and 

2. What tho' in 
:!. Let but my 

4. Ito - new my 

5. Thou when on 

Fa - ther, while 
lone . ly grief 
faint -ing heart 
will from day to 
earth I bi^aihe uo 



life'srough way. Oh, teach me from my heart to say, 
Ion- ger nigh, Sub -mis- sive still would 1 re - ply, 
for itd guest, My God, to Theo I leave the rest, 
take a - way All now that makes it hard to say, 
tears be -fore, I'll sing up - on a hap- pier shore. 

" Thy 
" Thy 

will be done! 

will be done!" 

will be done I" 

will be done!" 

will be done!" 

fe ^.^^-^^Pf^r -il.# #f^ ^^f^^^ 

tS^S ®Sin be fionti 


Thy will— Thy will be douel Thy will— Thy will be donel 

Oh, teach me from my heart to say, "Thy 

Sub - mis - sive still would I re - ply, "Thy 

My God, to Thee I leave the rest, "Thy 

All now that makes it hard to say, "Thy 

I'il sing up - on a hap- pier shore, "Thy 

will be done!* 

will be done ! "* 

will be done I " 

will be done!" 

will be done I" 

No. 230. ptr^ CIjou Itc. 

"Thou art my hiding place."— Ps. 32: 7. 



■5. In Thy cleft, O Rock of A - gcs. Hide Tliou nie; When the fit - ful tempest 

2. Fromthesiiure of siu- fill pleas-uro, lliilo Thou me; Thou, my Soul's e - ter-ual 

3. In the loue-ly night of sor- row. Hide Thou me; Till iu glo - rydawusthe 



ra - pes. Hide Tlmu me; 
treas-ure. Hide Tlmu me; 
mor- row, Hide Thou me; 

AVhcre no mor - tal arm can sev - or From my 

AVhcii the wnrlil its power is KJold - iiig. And my 

In the tight of Jor-daii's bil • low, Let Thy 




h.-urt Thy for - er. Flid 

hciii-t U ul- miwt yieliliiig. Mid 
1,0 - Honi Im my pil-lo»; Hid 

cliof A - p-8. Safe ill Tliee. 
ThoiiU.Hkof A - gen, Safe in Th.-o. 
ThoiiK.Hkof A-ges, Safe in Thee. 


No. 231. 

I Btbtr liuHu g^ou. 

" I never knew jou : dep^trt from mc." '— Matt. 7: aj. 
Mn. G. C. Needham. 

C. C. Casb. 

1. Wh.Mi the Kiug ID Ilia tcati - ly sUaU cume to His throue, AuJ a- 

'J. Thi-y !mil kouwu whence He catiK', uuil the grace >»'hich Uu brought; lu thoir 

;t. Now the right -eoug arc n-ign . ing with A - bra - bam there; But for 

4. O Bin - ner, give heed to this bIo - ry of glooni. For the 

round Him are gath-erM His lovM onos, His own; There bo Home who will kuock at L.j 
pres- ence HehcalM, in tlieirstreotgllo had tauglit; Thoy had mention'd Hix name and their 
these is ap-point-eil an end-lew do-spair; It is vain that they call: IIo onre 
hour is Taat near-ing that fix - es yourdcxim: Will you still ro-Ject mer-cy ?8till 

fair pal-aro door. To I.0 au-«wered with - iu "Therein nier-cy no more." 
frieud-«hip jiro-fcsit'd; Hut they nev - er In'-lioved, for of them Ho coii-reiii>'d; 
knock'il at their gate. But tliey wel-coni'd Him not; bo now tliig is tlieir fate: 
hard - en your heart 7 Oh, then, what will you do as the Kingcries? — "De-partl" 

No. 232. 

#nlg Mailmsf. 

"The Lord direct your hearts into the patient waiting for Christ."— 2 Thbss, 3: 5. 

W. G. Irvin. J. H. Fillmore. 

1. I am wait-ing for the morn-iug Of the bless-ed day to dawn, 

2.1 am wait-ing; worn and wea-ry With the bat - tie and the strife, 

."'>. N\ait-iug, hop-iug, trust-iug ev - er, For a home of boundless love; 

4. Hop-ing soon to meet the lov'd ones Where the" ma - ny mansions" be; 


I am wait 

ing, on- ly wait-ing, 


am wuit-iug, wait-ing, wait-ing, on - ly wait-ing, on - ly wait-ing, Till this 

^i^a^3ig ig^^^i^JI#Mj=i 

ry life is o'er; 


On-Iy wait - . iiigforniv 

wea-ry, wea-ry, weary— Till this wear>' life isoVr; On-ly waiting, waiting, waitingf.irniy 

^mm^m mm m^mm ifl? 


wolconii-, for my welcome, From my Sav - iour uii the oth - or shore. 



No. 233. #br, 'gthibt Wis bn ^bn WioxH. 

" I will cause the shower to come down in his season. There shall be showers ol 

bicbsing." — EzEK.34: 26. 

Kl. Nathan. Jambs McGkanahan. 

1*1 ?T^ 

I. ll<iiv'-iily Fa- thcr, wn Thy cliil - ilrnu, r,atb-<rM roviiiU our rirt - iii L-ml, 

'J. lini ■ ciuiM giiltii of hniv'iily Mttw - iiij; In Thy lnvo ti> us iif - furd; 

1. W.-ak nn<l wou - ry in thn ion . iliit, " Wroetling nut with fliwh ami MockI," 

•1. With riiy Btri-ngth, Wiu»-lor, girJ ud: Bo our Guide and Iw our Guard: 


Lift •■iir hcarlH In oarn - ^«t phad - ing: Oh, ro - Tive ns by Thy word I 

I,i-t nii frcl Thy fJpir - it'8 prcH-cnce, Oh, ro . yivu u» liy Tliy woni! 

Jl.lp u.H, Lord, an faint wii fal - tor; Oh, ro - vivo u« by Tliy w.irdi 

Fill UH with Thy ho - ly Spir - it, Oh, re - vivo um by Thy word! 

grg-f r^-JE^f,,^; 

Sond ro - 

iiid rt' - fri'«h-ing From Thy preil • cnco, gra-cious Lord! 


.<.im1 r.< - fresh - Imr, wnd ro - fresh - ing, And ro - vivo n8 by Thy won 


No. 234. 

Jtsus is Comtnni. 

■The Lord himself shall descend from heaven."— i Thrss. 4: i6. 

2. .Ie-8Us 
:?. .le-sna 
4. .lo- 

James McGranahan. 

is coniiiij.'! slii'.: thcijlad word!Com-ing for those He rcilcfni d by His blood, 
is coniins! thi'di-udshall a-iisp, Lov'd ones shall meet in a joy - ful Hur-priso, 
is coming! Hissaiiits to re-lpase; C'om-ing to give to the warring earth peace: 
ing! is tnie; Who are the clio - gen, the faUh-ful, the few, 

ItSMB Us (S^omins. 


Cum - iug to reigu aa the glo - ri - fied Lord! Je 

Caught up to-geth-er to Him in tlie skies. Je - bus 

Sin - uing,aud Bigh-iug, and sor - row, shall cease. Je - bus 

Wait-ing and watching, pre -pared for re- view? Je - sas 

com-ing a - gam! 

com-iug a - gain! 

com-ing a - gain! 

com-ing a - gain! 


Je - BUS is coming, is coming a-ga.inl Je - sua is com-: 



Yes, Je-sUB is coming! Oh, 

^ U Ir* I U I? U U l^ '^ 1^ ? 

Shout the glad tid-ingso'er mountain and plain! Je - bus is com-ing a - gain! 

No. 235. SiiTiging as im Jfuunun. 

" Then was our mouth filled with singing." — Ps. 126: 2. 
Lucy J. Ridkr. Lucy J. Ridbk. 


1. Wo are cliil-dren of a King, Ileav'nly King, Heav'nly King, We are children 

2. We are trav'liiig to our home, Bless-od homo, Bless -ed home, We are trav'liug 

3. Full of joy wo on-ward go, Ileav'nward go, Homeward go. Full of joy w» 

^ 9 

a King, Sing-inK as wo jmir-jiiy; ,Te - bus Christ oiirGuardiuidfiuide, Bids iig. S 
our hiimo, Sing-iiig as wo jour-m'v; Tow'rda cit - y out of sight Wliere will V 
ou-ward go Sing-in- as wo jmir-ney; Sing-ing all Iho jour- my tliro'— Singing ' 


v— &- 

i.lh-ing t.r - ri -, Kol-low rl..»o-Iy nt ITIs Bldo, Slng-lngiiH wo Joiir-noy. 
ill no Hhail.x.f iiiu'hl. For our Siiv-i.iur is Its light, Sing-ing an wo jour-noy. 
rMrl«iirel.riivi-iiiiil tnn-— Singing till our lionu' wo view, SIng-ing as wo jour-noy. 

No. 236. Mbo IS on tbt JorVs Bibt? 

" Thine are we, Uavid, and On thy Side, thou son of J<sse."^i Chron. ii: 18. 

Vrancbs R. Havergal. 


Ira D. Sank«». 

'firited. J I , 

I. Who is on the t*.nl'8 side? Who will sorve tlio King? Who will l>o His 

•J.. Not for weight of glo - ly, Not for crown and palm, Ku - ter we the 

3. Je - 8U8, Thou hast bought U8, Not with gold or gem, Itut with Thine own 

4. Fierce may bo the con - llict, Stronginuy be the foe, Uut the King'si.wti 

help - era, 0th - er lives to bring? 

iir - my. Raise tiie wiir • nor - jMalm; 

life - blood, For Thy di - a - dem ; 

ar - my, None can o - rer - throw ; 

Who will leave the worlil's aide? 

But for love that claim - elk 

With Thy bless -iiig till - ing 

Round Uis Htan - durd rang - ing, 




Who will facethe foe? Who is on the Lonls bid.? Wli.. f..r Mini will g..? 
Lives for whom He died. He whom Je -bus nam - eth Must I..' c.n His side. 
All who come to Thee, Thou bust muile na will - ing, Thi.n ha.Hl made us free. 
Vic - t'ry is ee - cure, For His truth un -chang -ing, Makesth.- tri-nuiph sure. 

4=- -•- 

It: _jc 




Who is on the LorcPs side? Wli.. will servo the King? Wliu will be His 


By Thy grace di -vine, We are on the Lord's side; Sav-iour, we are Thine. 


No. 237. IT^ab me on. 

" For thy name's sake lead me and guide me."— Ps. 31 : 3, 

C. C. Converse. 

1. Tiav-'ling to the bet - tei 

2. When at 51a- rail, parched with heat, 

3. When the wil - der - nes» is drear, 

O'er the des . ert's ecorch-ing eaiid, 
I the spark - ling fouut-aia gri't't. 

Show me E - liui's palm-gruves ucar, 




Fa - fherl let me 

Make the bit • ter 
And her wells as 

rasp Thy hand I Lead me 

sweet ; Lead me on, 
tal clear ; Lead me on. 



-Br-^-m * 



4 Through the water, through the fire, 
Never let me fall or tire. 

Every Btep brings Canajvn nigher: 
Lead uieon I 

5 Bid me stand on Nebo's height, 
Gaze np.m the land of light. 
Then tratiHported with th6 eight, 

Lead me un I 

6 When I stand on Jordan's brink. 
Never let me fear or shrink ; 
Hold nie. Father, lest I sink ; 

Lead me on ! 

7 Wlien the victory is won, 
And eternal life begun. 
Up to glory lead me on I 

Lead me on, lead me on I 

No. 238. 

p. p. Buss. 

1. Look 

2. By His 
S. Oh, glo 

I'fac piissctr \\n Cross. 

' Passed from death unto life." — John 5 : 24, 

Jambs McGranahan. 

• to Mo and bo ye saved, I heard the Just One say; 

a-tone-ment re - om-ciled, My Ka - the r'a face I see; 

riouB height of vaut-agegrouudlOli, blest vic-to-rioua ho ur ! 


-•g- -r -r 



The einp 

Id I'ini 


by faitli on Him I gazed. My bur - den rolled a * way 

ty tonil) now iu - ter-venes. Bo - tweeu the world and nie. 

to trust and ful • ly know His res - ur-rec- tiou jxiwe 

I've pnwed the cmt 


at Cal - va - ry, I'n 


the Henv-en Hide; 


No. 239. iLUlc (Tiihe the 6mltir .dinner's Hamc. 

" Tlitse things li.ivc I written unto you that yc may know that yc have eternal 
Rev. W. P.Mackav. "^' ' °"Ns.i3- H. K. Williams. 


wiirkH of liiw liiivo wo ti> boiuit, ISy na - turo ni- iiifil, Riiilt - y, Icmt; 

2. Nil fuith Wit brini;, 'tU C'hriHt a -lone, 'Tig what llo in — whut Il<t hnH iIoni>; 

:j. \Vi> do Hot /■<•<•/ our HiiiH aroRono, Wo know it l>y Thy woni a- lono ; 

■I. Ito - cuuHo wi- kimwour HinH for-giv'u, Wo haji - |«y fi'd — our liouu! in hi'uv'ii; 

—I -J- 

l"ou - dcniuiMl al - ri-ad - y, l>nt Thy hand Pro - vid - pd wliatTliou ilidst dr-nianil. 

Up is for im m privoo l>y (.;<k1, It whh for iih Ho dhiil Ilin Mo<mI. 

Wo know tlint thrro our Hins didist lay On Ilim whohii8]iiit Hin a - way. 

lii-lp U8 uow as eouB of God, To tread tho putli that Jo - sua troj. 


y Bin - nor'8 Siiv-iour claim; 

^ — r 

No. 240. 

' Then Jesus came to Bethany." — i John 12 : 1. 

James McGranarak. 

, f There is love, true love, ami the heart grows warm,Wheu the Lord to Beth- a- ny comes ; 
■ (There is joy, glad joy, and a feast is spread,\Vhen the Lord to Beth- a- ny comes; 

J There is peace, sweet peace,aud the life grows calm, Wlien the Lord to Beth- a - ny comes, 
I There is faith, strong faith,aud our home seems uear.When the Lord to Beth- a- ny comes ; 


And the word of life has a wondrou8charm,When the Lord to Beth-a - ny comes. ) 

For Hisheav'u-ly voice hrings to life the dead,\Vheu the Lord to Beth-a -ny comes, f 

And the trust -ing soul siugsa Bweet, soft psalm. When the Lord to Beth-a - ny comes, i 

And the crown more bright, and the cross more dear, When the Lord to Beth-a - uy comes. / 

— p —5-^ — ^=^ — - ^T — I 1 i;-^-M- — P^P=5-f 

Twas a hap - py, hap . py day in the old- en tinip,When theLord to Beth-a- ny ^ 

T 1^ ^ 



(ame, pen wide the door, let Him en - ter now ! For His love is 

is ov-er the same! is er-er the name I 

His love is ev-erlho samel His love is ev - er the same! 

is ev-er the same I is ev -er tlie sann'! 


No. 241. C^ilb of Sin anb Sorroto. 

" Come, for all things are now ready."— Lukb 14 : 17. 
Th. Hastings. Thomas Hastings. 


. rCliiid of 8iu ami 8<>r • 
IWait not for to - umr - 

2 ( t'liilJ of sia aud bor - 
1 Come while tbou canst bor - 

i>u, KillM with (li 

iiw, Yi.M thee t" 

.», Wliy wilt thou die? ) ^^, „„ „..,.. 1 , 

.w H.lp from on high ; j •■'^' ^« not that love 

day'- * "^•»'*'" '■'■'» "'e^ <^"'«^- 


While yet tberr'B riMim; Child of 8in and ior - row. Hear and o. hey. 
Vhich from a- hove. Child of Bin and 8or - row, Would bring thee nigh. 

No. 242. 

Fanny J. Crosbv. 

^his .^ l\nofaj. 

' I know whom I have believed." — 2 Tim. 

W. n. DOANE. 

1. Ijord, my tmst I re-p-we in Thco ; o how great in Thy love lo me I 

2. Thoudoet lead with a Hueet com-inand, Thondoxt lead with a gen- tie hand; 
;i. I shall rise to n world of light, 1 shall rest in a man- sioii bright; 


Tliouthestrenclhof mvlife«lialtbe;This Iknow.this I know.^ 

<ln the rock ofThvTrnth I Btanil; Tills I know.this I know. VThine.Tliiue.aiidonly Th 

Then my faith shall be lost insight; This I know, this 1 know.) 


Now and ev-er Thine; Thou dost Iovb me, SaTiour mine ; This I know, this I know. 





No. 243. lot to^at l^tsi Panbs ^abt gmtt. 

" Having made peace through the blood of his cross." — Col. i : 20. 
HoRATius BoNAR, D.D. James McGranahan. 

I II II 11 

1. Not what these hands have done, Can save this guilt- y soul; Is'^ot what this toil-ing 

2. Not what I feel or do, Can give me peace with God; Not all my pray'rs, nor 

3. Thy love to me, God, Not mine, O Lord, to Thee, Can rid me of this 

4. No oth - er work save Thine, No mcan-er blood, will do; No strength, save that which J 
I praise the God of grace, I trust His love and might; He calls me His, I g 

ri- - J^_, n ■^' ■^. -e^ -fi ^ ^ ^ . r3_ ^ SI C ^ 

:^±E^=i — I r— Jg 


1. - ^^Cr^-iffirff 



-I— f r - I 

flesh hasborne. Can make my spir - it whole. 
Bighs, nor tears. Can ease my aw - ful load, 
dark un- rest, And set my spir - it free, 
is di- vine, Can bear me safely through, 
call Him mine; My God, my joy, my light! 

p?: Iff: Iff « -.ff- 

Thy work a- lone, my Sav - iour. Can 


case thiswoightof sin; Thy blood a- lone, O Lamb of God, Can give me peacewith. 

Iff: Iff: ^ :^ -A :ff! pl , 


No. 244. ^ol\j tmx |f lletjy front ^htgiitg? 

" I will sing praises unto my God while I have my being." — Ps. 146: 2. 
Anon. Ir;^ D. Sankry. 

1. My life flows on iu end. less song; A - liove oarth'slamen- ta-fion,I hoar the sweet 

2. Whattho'myjoyB and comforts die? The Li>rd mvSav-iour liv - eth What tho' the dark- o 
3.1 liftmyeye-s; the cloud grows thin; I see theldue a- bovo itjAnddnyby day g 

|i>n; Thro' nil the fn - mult and the B»rif( 
etli; NostornicanRhnkemy in- most calm 
^■e it; The pence of Christ niiikesfresli my h( 

•-• . _ ^ .(B- .*. Iff- • .». :ff: .* .« .-■ 

tho' far-off hymn That luiiN a new ore- a - tlon; Thro' all the fn - mult and the strife T 5 

neRiKntherr..iind?S.iin;!<iu theiii«lit Mc^glv-etli; No storm can shake mv in- most calm Whiles; 
this ixilliH.iy Mil li-<,.'<iM,,.nn.tIlrarnedt..loveit;ThopenceofChriKtmiikesfre8lMiivh.Mirl,A • 

^ ^ -•• -^- •*• . - ^ .^ .*. Iff- • .^ :ff: .* 

>» » » > »» ' f— 


5 5 rS^i^Hf 

3^oto tan I lte»p from Singing? 

"^ f* ^ J 1 

J — 

hear the luu.dic nii(;iiig; It RikIhuii ccU -u iu ni> isoiil — IInw can I keep from 
I tliut refuge cliiigiug; Siiic« Christ ii Lonl i)f heuv'ii auJ eurth, IIuw ciiii I keep from 
ruuutuiuuvtTHpriugiugiAUthiugsuri-uiiueHiucu 1 um IIU — lluw am 1 kuc-p from 



No. 245. 

Come JUIicbing! 

■• Him that cometh to mc I will in no wise cait out." — John 6 : 37. 
El. Nathan. Jambs McGranahan. 


h — I — ,' _. 



1. t»n<o a- gulu tlip Giw - p< 1 nii'i< - nugo From the 8ov - lour y.iu have hi-unl; 

•-'. .Mil - ny mim-nicnt you hiivo \vu*t - ed, Ki - poni-U hur - v«it8 you have iw-i-n ; 

:{. Jo - BU8 your clioicf id wait - ing; Tar - ry Dot : at omo Jo - eld.- ! 

•I. CeuM) of lU - iiiiM to bo think iug; Do not loug - cr try to fool; 

:■. Lot your will to CoU bo giv - eu, Truot iu Chiint'H a- ton- Ing bloo<l; 

m ■ -^ ^■' -*• m m m -^ * ■"■ ' ■«--<■- -»- -<=- • 


\ h 1- 


Will you hood the in - vi - ta - tiou? Will you turn and neck tlio 

Win-tor»nowH by Spring liiivo nn-lt - od, Yet you lin - gor in your 

Whilotho Spir - It now in Btiiv-ing, Yield, anil wek the Sav- Icur'u 

It iH trust, ing, and not t^el - ing. That will givo the Spir - it'* 

Look to Jo • BUd uow iu Louv - en, Itost on Ilia uu-chang-ing 

Como be-liov- ing ! come bo-liev-lng I Como to Je ■ bus ! look and live 1 

come! comol look! Oh, look and live I 

— ^^J-p 1 , ^ jfX 

crp — , ^ 

look I Oh, look and live I 

Come be - liov- iug ! come bo - lie v- iug I Como to Je - bus ! look and live! 
come ! come ! 

^ r2. 


No. 246. 

Fanny J. Ckosby. 

" Sounil an alarm ! " — Joel 2: i. 

W. n. DoAMB. 

h-,— i^— ^ K- 

1. Soiiii.l tlii> alarm! Ii-t the watchiiiati cr.v !— " I'p! for the day of tlie Lord ig uigli ; 

2. Suiiiid the a-lartui let the cry go forth. Swift as tlie wind, o'er the realui.sof eartli; 

3. Sound tlie a-larm ou the niuiintaiirsbruw! Plead with Ihe | hy theway-Mdo uow; 

4. Souud the a-Iarui \a the youth- ful ear, Souud it u- loud that tiie old may hear; 

-*-^---— — — *■• * 1^— a <^ , * — •-=-«-f^ — fSLj^^^ — m «_- 




Who will es-cape from the wrath to coiuo? Who have a plaie in thesoul'sbright home?" 
Flee to the Kock where the soul may hide I Flee to thelJocklin its cleft a- bide. o 
Warn them to come and the truth em- brace ; Urge them to come and be saved by grac*. ■< 
Blow ye the trump while the day-beams last! Blow yo the trumptill the light is' pasti i" 

-gj -, I* m m <P .._ 



S-Jund the alarm, watchman, Sound the alarm! For the Lord will 

ilh a conq'riug arm; 


And the host: 

lieirranksadvam'e,Shall witli-er and fa^I at His glance. 

■»- -m. ^ 

No. 247. |V:uitifu( Porn'mg. 

Anon. " He is not here but is risen."— Luke 24 : 6. LucY j. Rider. 

1. Beau- ti - ftil morn-int;! Pay of hope. Pawn of a l>et - tor life; 

'^. Heim- ti - fill niorn-ing! All the week Wait - eth thy wel - cxino light, 

3. Bean - tl - ful morn - lug I Grief and i>ain, Weep- ing be - foro the tomh, J 


Now in thy 

Since thy llmt diiwn - ill);, ralni and cle 


Fly ut thy dawn ■ ing, 

1° — g— g— g— g— a-H a — L-=&:3iig 

5 . -IT 

Far from cnrthVnolnfl and «trlfe. 
Out of the dark • est nixht. 
Jo- mill din- p<<1IimI the 



MiVJL - ing of rea 
3E^i— S — Mis — s — 1> — 

ur - rcc - tinn joy, Day when the Sav - iour rose, 

^-»— 1»:-»— t- 

-5-hg-^--.g-g=^g^— u— ^ :.3^ 

«. ^ N *• ' 

_C- l^ ^ ^ W J- L ,_ |. D 



Slug -ing shall greet 

thy open - Ing hour. Sing- ing shall mark thy close. 

ST-ta==i:»— Ciz^C-- 

rPr- * .-^T>->- r^ — r^RV^F^ 

L _- 1^ ^ ^ , ^_Lh.;^« UI 

No. 248. 

'^bU( not bt ^ong. 

" We are journeying unto a filace of which the Lord said I will give 

it you,"^NuM. lo: 29. 

Fanny J.Crosby. W. H. Doanb. 


=rj ... J. „_4- 

1. 'Twill Hot lie long our jour - ney here, Each bro - ken aigh and 

2. 'Twill uot be long the yearn - ing heart May feel its ev - 'ry 

3. Though sad we murk the cloa - ing eye. Of tliotie we lov'J in 

4. These I'heck - ered wild:-, with thornx o'er-Hjiiead, Thro' which our way io 

fall - ing tear, Will 8f>on be gone, and 

hope <1« - part. And grief be niiu - gled 

days gone by. Yet sweet in death their 

oft is- leil — This uiarih of time, with 

-A- :^ -^ ^ -JSi B. -Si -^ 

all will be A 

vith its BoDg; We'll 

lat - est song — We'll 
rnlli BO strong, Will 

I r r I . 

cloud -less sky, a wave -less sea. Roll on, 

meet a - gain, 'twill uot !ie long, 

meet a - gain, 'twill uot be long, 

eud in bliss, 'twill not be long. 

dark stream. 


dread not thy fuam ; The Pil - grim is long -ing 

For home, sweet home. 


No. 249. Cell me mou about |tsus. 

' That I may know him."— Phil. 3 : 10. 

James McGranarait. 

1. 'Tis kiiiAvn on earth, in heav - en too, 'Tis sweet to me be - cause 'tis true ; 

2. Earth's fair- est flowers will droop and die, Dark clouds o'er-spread yon a - zure sky; 

3. When o-verwhelnied with uu - be - lief. When bur -deued with a blind-in^ grief, 

4. And when the Glo - ry - laud I see, And take the " place pre-pared " lor me. 


The "old, old story "is ev - er new; 

Life's dear - est joys flit fleet - est hy; 

Come kind - ly then to my re - lief; 

Thro' end -less years my song shall be — 

Tell me more a - bout Je - bus. 

Tell me more a - bout Je - sua. 

Tell me more a - bout Je - sun. 

"Tell mo more a - bout Je - Bu&." 

more a - bout Je - bus!" "Tell me more 

^ -i?: A Iff:- Iff;- iffi «: iff: 

bout Je - bus!" •? 


No. 250. Wit'ii gather tbcrc in (!5(ovit bn anb bn. 

" When Chris 
El. Nathan. 

is 0)ir life, shall anpear, then shall ye also with 
him in glory.' — CoL. 3: 4. 

Jambs McGranaman. 




1. The word ..r G.h1 i» Kiv 

2. OiHO in our Bin wo wan 

3. Now with thin ho|>o tu chvrr 

. on To all 

. der'd Far. fur 

u«, And with 

. -ff- ff- 3 e- 

who wrve Uim hero, 
n - way fnmi God. 
the Spir • it'8 aval. 


'II qaHtr H)tr» (n (Ctlorj bp anb tj. 

That wlicQ the Lonl from hear • en Id glo • 17 shall ap - pear, 

AdiI pre • cioua houra we squan -der'd Up - on the down - ward road; 
That all uur sins were par - duued, Thro' Him whuae stripce did heal; 



\\\y then bIii^II bo do - liv . ered From Bor - row, win, and pain; 

l!ut (JckI in grace hnth rallM iin. And Ki' - en u« to iihare 
As "»trun-ger»" and ati "jiil - grinw," No ploro on earth wo own, 

And if for Oirist wo suf • fer, With Him we then shall reign. 
The piir'Chaiio of our Sav - itmr, A man - slon bright and fair. 

Uut work and watch ■■ "eer- vuntu," Un - til our Lord shall come. 

, Chorus. , !*.».».». 

Wf are go-ing homo to Jo- kiibI Go-ing homo to Jc - bmh I Oo . ing to tin- 

-^-1 — r 

_^ ^ 


Go-ing home to Jesus! And we'll gath-er there in glo- ry, By and by ! by and by! 

No. 251. C0 |jim ht (Blax^ €btxman, 

" Thou hast redeemed us to God by thy blood." — Rev. 5 : 9. 

James McGranahan. 

who for uur sius Wiis slain, To Him fur all 

the Lamb, our Sac - li - fice, Who gave His lif'o 

who died that we might die To siu aud live 

who rose that we might rise. And reign with Him 

who now for us doth plead. And help - eth us 

who doth pre -pure on high. Our home in im 

be glo - ry ev - er- more ! Ye heaven - ly 

His dy - ing 

the ransomed 
with Him on 
be - yond the 
in all our 
nior - tal - i • 
your Lord a ■ 



high. Q 
skies. ■§ 
need. 2. 

• ty. ?. 
dore. ^ 

jah ! hal - le - lu - jali, Ilal - le - lu - jah to His name. J 

No. 252. 

Cbc Sitnbs of Cinu. 


" Thine eyes shall behold the land that is very far oflF.' 
Mrs. A. R. Cousin. 

Moderaio. j^ 


Ira D. Sankfy. 

1. Tlie sands of time arc sink -ing, The dawn of ho; 

2. I've wriw-tled on t'wardheav-en, 'Gainst storm and 
.'i. Deep waters crossed life's pathway, The hedge of thorns was shari); N 

on breaks, Tlio suniniermorn I've 
ud and tide. Now, like a wea - ry 
these lie all bo - 



sighed for— The fair, sweet morn a - wakes : Park, dark bath boentlio mid - uigbt, Hut 
trav . 'lor Tliat loan -eth on his guide; A - mid the Miadesof ov' - ning. Wliil 
hind mo— (»! for a well tuned hiup ! O, to join the hal - le - hi - jah Villi 

'^ y s. 


hand, .\nd glo - ry, glo- ry dwell- eth In Tin-nian.uors land, 

ng sand, I hail tlie glo . ry dawn- ing I'roralni-nian-uid's land, 

t band! Who sing whore i:lo.ry dwell- eth In Ini-inan-nors Uiid. 

u ^^^ ^ ^ ^ :ff. :•: * • -.ff: • Z- J^ m ^ 

No. 253. I huol\) tbut mn ilci)ccmcr $ibr3. 

know that my Redeemer lives." — Job 19: 25. 

Rev. Sam. Mrdlev. 

J/ \«Es McGranaman. 

1. I kiuivv that my K<'-<lrcm- it Jives! What com- f.irt tliisBwirt ines-sago givcsl 

2. He liven, to birrts mo with Ili.s l.ivo; Ue livce, to plcail for me a- bovc, 
I 3. lie Uv*8, tri- umpbaut froiu the grave; He livwi, e - ter- iial- ly to Bare: 
! 4. Ho livos, my nmii-Hioii to pro. puro ; Ho Uvea to briug iiio eufe • ly tlier •. 

e •— g-^g— •g--:g---g--r-,.^-^-^ ... . .— -- _ -e-r^e-. 

-^— t,- 


-M — m- 



Ht> liven, who otiro wuh ; Ho livni, all glo.riou« in the sky; 

Sly liiin - gry amil to fee.l; Ho liviw, to grant nie rii-li aup - ply; 

Amlwliilo Ho liven I'll ^ii.-; Ho liven, my ev . orfuilh - ful Krlrnd; 

My Jo - wua ntill I'lo niinn- : What joy thin blent bm • niir - aiiee givonl— 

mw^^r:m^-.i^ ^^ 



es i. 

Ho livog, ox - all - o.| thoro on high. My ov - or- lant- ing Head. 

Ho liTon, to giii.lo 1110 with His eye. To help in linm of riooil. 

Ho livoH, and lovt-a mo to the eml. My Pp>ph- «'t, rrient,an<l King! 

"I know that my R.i - ch-om- er lives:" All gh)- ry to His name I 


n ! I know that my Re- deem-er lives. 

ITe lives! 

-»■ -m- -m- m . -»■ ■^- ^- ^ m . 

No. 254. 

% f itiu m^tit. 

" Yet a little while ; and he that shall come will come, and will 

not tarry." — Heb. io: 37. 

El. Nathan. James McGranahan. 

1. "A lit - tie while! "and He shall come ; The hour draws on a- pace, The bless- ed 

2. "A lit- tie while!" with patience, Lord, I fain would ask "How long? "For how can 

3. Yet peace, my heart ! and hush, my tongue ! Be calm, my troubled breast ! Each pass-ing 

hour, the glorious morn, When wo shall seo His face: How light our tri - als then will 
I with such a hope Of glo - ry and of home, AVith such a joy a-wait-ing 
hour is hast'ning on The ev . cr - last- ing rest : Thou knowcst well — the time thy 

E>eem I IIow short our pil- grim way! Our life on earth a fit- ful dream, Dis- "^ 
me. Not wish t lie hour were come 7 How can I keep tin- long- ing back. And g 
God Ap- points for t hoe is best: The morning star will soon a - rise; The ^ 

I — 01 — •_, ^-m — m — •- ez ^ * n? 

polled by dawning day I \ 

how Bup-press the groan ? >Then come, Lord Jesus, quickly come, In glo - ry and in 

glow is in the East. 



light I Come take thy lung - ing children home, And end earth's wea - ry night ! 

^ N K S 


No. 255. 

Eliza Ann Walker. 

#nln for ^htt. 

is Christ." — Phil, i: 

Jambs McGranahan. 


J Jl'ii-ci.ius Suv - iiiur, umy 

■ ( U)' my Hpir - it's deep 
., (Ill my y-y» may I 

"■(.Me.k-ly limy I Buf- 

„ / IV my Miiiles aiiil bo 

' \ liv my jMuco unci bo 


I live, On- ly for Tlice ! Spend the pnw-ere 

do - uiro Ou - ly for Thee ! Slay my in - tel- 

ro-Joice, On- ly for Thee ! In my chooi»-iug 

fer grief. On - ly for Thee! Urate- ful - ly nc- 

my ti'iirx. On- ly for Thee ! Iki my young and 

my Blrifo On - ly for Thee ! Ho my lovt and 







rip - 


dimt give 
u« - pire 
my choice 
ru . Ii«f. 
cr years, 
my life, 


On - ly 

On - ly 

On - ly 

On - ly 

for Thee!) 

for Thee! I 

for Thee I; • Ou - ly Chri«twho died for me 

for Thee II 

for Thee!] 


ami made nil- free. Now, and thro' o - tor - ni - ty. On - ly'rt.r.. I 

Paiil the price ami maile nii< fre 


No. 256. 

" Waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." — i CoR. I : j. 
Mrs. Fkancks L. Macs. Ira D. Sankby. 

1. On - ly wait - ing till the shad - owg Are a lit- tie long-er grown; 

•J. On - ly wait-inc till the reap - era Have the last slu-af gath- er'd honif ; 

:'.. <»n - ly wait-lng till tlio an- gels O - pen wide the pearl - y gate, 

4. Wait-iug for a bright- er dwell - ing Than I ev - er yet have Been, 

On- ly wait -ing till the glim- mer Of the day's last beam 

For the sum- mer- time has fad - ed And the au - tumn winHs h; 

At whose por - tals long I've liu-gered, Wea- ry, poor, and des 

Where the tree of life is bloom- ing. And the fields are ev 


-3S-J I ^JVJ ^-J=5- 

Till the uiglit of death lias fad - ed From tlie heart once full of day ; 

Quickly, reap- ers ! gat U - er quick- ly, All the ripe hours of my heart; 

E - veu now I hear their footsteps, And their voi - ces far a - Way; 

Wait-ing for my full re - demptiou, When my Sav-iour shall re - Acre 


stars of heav'u are break- ing Thro' the twi- light soft and gray. 

For the bloom of life is with-ered. And I hast - eu to de - part. 

If they call me, 1 am wait-ing. On- ly wait-ing to o - bey. 

All that sin has caused to with - er ; Age and 6or - row come no more. 

No. 257. 

I Mil! 

" I will trust, and not be afraid." — Isaiah 12 : 2. 
^ Suggested by the responses of the young men of Limerick to Mr. Moody's question, "Will you 

trust Christ? " at the Meetings in that City, October, 1883.) 

Es McGranahan. 

1 1^ 

1. Once more, my souI, thy Sav- iour, thro' the Word, Is of . fered full and free; 

2. By grace I will Thy nier - cy now re- ceive, Thy love my heart hath won ; 

3. Thoukiiow-est, Lord, liow ver - y weak I am. And how 1 fear to stray; 

4. And now, (> Lord, give all with us to-day The grace to join our song; 
6. To all who came, when Thou wast here be- low, And said, "0 Lord, wilt Thou?" 

And now, Lord, 1 must, I must do - cide ; Shall I ac - cept of Thee? 

On Thee, Christ, I will, I will be- Hove, And trust in Theo a • lone I 

For strength to servo I look to Thee a - lone— The strength Thou mustsup-plyl 

And fr.mi tlio heart to glad- ly with us say: "I wii.i, to Christ be- long!" 

To them " I will ! " waa ev - er Thy re - ply ; We rest tip - on it now. 

-J— - 

Chorus, -with prothptness and spirit. 

I will! I will! I will bo Thine 1 

I will! I will! I will, God help-ing mo, I will, 1 willb«>TWnel 



No. 258, (Lhc Ij^ixhm o' tbt |iing. 

"' In thy presence ii fulness of joy." — Ps. i6 : ii. 

William Mitchell. 

Geo. C. Stkbbim< 

1. U'h a boll - nie, Um - uio %var - 1' that we're liv . in' in the niM>', 

'Z. Thciia • gain, I've Jiiut bi-cu think- in' tliat wlieD a' • tiling hrif'H sac hrirht, 

:i. i)li!iu hon - or hfa|M-<l on limi - or timt His cuur- tiers Bhuiilil be la'en 

4. Then h't na triict IFim hi't - ter than we've cv - er dnne a - fore, 

5. Nae iiioht sliull In- in liuuv -eu, au' uae des • u • la • Ud' sea, 

^. 3ff: :ff: *: ^ ^ ^ 

An' niD - ny ii 

The eun iii a' 

Kruethe wau'il-tin' am- 

y..r the King will fee( 


the Ian' that imo we aft- en traiv - 'II thnm; 

itx pnim!-i-iir, an' tlie miine wi' quiver - in' lichl, 

Uo died for i' this warl' u' nin an" |»iin, 

Ilirt Ber- Tants fnie Hii< ev - er bMiiutenuH More: 

AikI nae ty - rant himfs Hhall tram- pie 

the cit 

the free ; 



Ihit in viiiii we liiok fur siinie-thiiig here ti> which oor hearts iiiu.v cllnp, 

The o - ceaii i' the dim - iiier ; or the wocxl- land i' the Hpriiif;, 

An' its fu' - est l.ive nn' ger - vice that the Christ-ians aye Bhoiild brinK, 

Lat us keep a clo - ger prip o' Uini, for time is on the wing, 

There'san ev - er - last - in' day lieht, an' a ev - er - fad - in' spring. 

t})t fSing. 


Bini - nipr, wi' its 

tii - al.s, au' it's 

seed, it is a 

btiu - nie up - on 
wait lis o - ver 

mer - ry, nier - ry tread, 
here tliat II« pre-pares 
wear - iu', wear - in' dune; 
which the raiu - hnwsshine, 
you - ner at His gate; 



Au' we sigh wheuhoar-y win - tor lays its 

His ciio - sen for the rai - nient which the 

An' the time fur win - niu' souls will be 

An' its E - denbow'rsare ticl-lised wi' a 

Then lat us a' be read- y, for ye 

flg— 1»_ -g-^*-—!*- Tg- . -r^^-g- -r- -g- 


beau - ties wi' the dead ; 

rau-sonied eiu - uer wears, 

o - wer ver - ra Buue. 

nev - er fad - in' Tine; 

ken it's get - tiu' late; 




For tho' bnn - nio are the Buaw-flakes, an' the doon on Win -tor's wiiijr, 

An' its here tliat He wad hear us 'mid oor trih - u - la - tions sing, | 

Then lat us a' bo ac . tive, if a fruit- fu' elieaf wp'u bring 

An' tho pearl - y gates o' Heav - en, do a glo - rious ra- diiinre fling. 

Let oor laiuis bo bricht.Iy burn - in'; let us raise oor voice and Biug, 

-•- -•- -m- 

"^ - - - :g^g=S:z=g 

=5EE:t^t=S^5Ep?EE^^^EE? Hf-:^ 

It's fine to ken it daur- na touch tlio jml - are o' tho King. 

"We'll truMt oor God wha' reign -eth i' the \\:d - a. o o' tlm King. 

To a- doi:i the l!oy - al ta - bio i' the pal . are o' tlio King. 

On the Kt:ii- - ry floor that shim -niers i' tho jial - ace o' the King. 

For Mine we'll meet, to jiairt nao niair, i' tho pal - aco o' tho King. 

N. J -^ N 

-■• "V-g — g: 



No. 259. gctrctmctr. 

" Let the redeemed of the Lord say so." — Ps. 107 : 2, 

Jamfs McGranahan. 

Kt.. Nathan. 

^ m 


1. " I!.' -ileenird!" " 10 -ileemed I" oTtl sing the .j..v- fill Htniin ! Oivi- praiso; pivo 

2. What grace! what grace ! That lie whociilmed tho wave, ShouMstoop, nsy 
:i. " Re - doomed !" " re - deemed !" Tho word has brought re - pose. And Jov, and 
4. " Ko - deemed !" " re-.lo.nied !" (> Jov, that I should bo In riiiist, in 

' Koiloonio.1 1' 

what grace 1 

Oivo pralsn 1 


|-Mj 1 r-T— > 1 1 »-r — I— 

r-J Uj Ur-I 1 1 . 

piHis« and glo - ry tii Uia uuuie ; 
H..11I, my Kuilt-y »"ul to auvol 
Jov tlmt tiicli rmlcfiiieil uiH) kiiKWH, 
n'lii^t, fii'in Biu fur-fv-ur fri-e! 

Who gave His bl.MKl,.ur w.iiU to Mve, Aud 
Tliut He tliecui^HliouMU-urfur me, A 
Wlio iMf8 Lio HihH .Ml Ji. -Him Uid, And 
For. IV - er frcu to Hisuuwe.Wlio 

Krl? i-Z -S-S-t-r 6 -fi- -?- h^- 


F^ ^ r r ^-h^=M^kr:._- 

Kivc prniw ! 

-J L—l U 




5; =3~K- 

|iiir-clia-<cd fnxiliini for tlio hIiivc! And l>iir • choMsd freu - doui for iLu bIuto ! 

NMi - fill wn-tcli, Hilt eii - t- - my! A hin • ful wrutcb Hid eu - e - my I 

kniiWHHlHliliHxl lli» ntn-wm intiil. And kiiuwH Hiri IiUmxI tliu ran - Hum l>ui>l. 

b<ir« fur niu tliv K<>ilt unilxliuini'.NVlin U>ro for mu tin- guilt aud Bliaiiio! 

Aud |iur('liai'«-d frwtlom. )iun'liaw<l frtt-dom forlliu iilave 1 
A Bin-ful writoli.lli* eii-«-iny.nii» €Mi - e - Uiy I 

AndknowitlllHliliMMl tlic ninwini |>aid, tli)* nin - suiii paid. 
Wliu borulur tiie the guilt and shame, tlif guilt aud iiliauie I 


1 ^! 


Je - bus' blood, " Ke • di-wnj^l !" " Re - detnipd !" Oh, praii 


the Lord! 

may t>e omitted if 

No. 260. 6nttc before Peals. 

" The eyes of all wait upon thee, and ihou givest them their meat 
in due season." — Ps. 145: 15. 

P. P. Bua^ 



I*— ^-^.—fl.— g; 



God is great, and God is good, And we thank Hiui for tliis food: 

^= r [ -I^^^=:^-^5^= 


' 1 

By His hand must all lie fed. Give us. Lord, onr dai - ly bread. 

I I 

-I 1- 

ftiue! ^^t .Still! 

No. 261. 

"Jesus rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, ! be still!" — Mark 4: 30. 
Miss M. A. Baker. H. R. Palmbr. 


s * 


Tlio l)il-Iow8 are toss • ing high 

1 liow in uiy grief to - day; 

The el - e-mentssweet ly rest; 

■m- m- -m- -m- -m- -m- -•- -«- ^. -•- N | ^ 


1. Mas- ter, the teul-pest 
'l. Mu.s-ter, with an-guisli 
:i. Mas- ter, tho ter - mr 

The Hky is o'er-shiulDW.-d with Miuk - ness. No shel-ter or lielp is nigli ; 
The depths of my sad In-art arc trou - bled. Oh, wak - en andsjive, I pray! 
niir - >ored. And heav-en's with - 

Karth'ssnn iu the calm lake 

my lireast ; 

■m- -m- -*- -•- '•- '•' -m- -*- ■•- -•- _ N ^^ 


"lur-est Th..o n^t lliat we per - isli ?- How canst Thou lie a • sleep. 

T..r - rents ..I sin and of an- guisli Sweep o'er niv sink - Iiik soul; 
I,in • K.r, O bless -ed Ku - deem - er, l.envc mo a- louo no mi>n>; 



• • Am 

Ptatt! Be %im 


Wheneiiclimonipnt so iiiail-ly is tlireat-'ning A grave In the an • pry depp? 
And I I>cr-i.^ll! 1 imt -isli ! dc-ar Mas - ter; Oli ! tias-tcn, and tiike t.m-Uol. 
And wkb Joy 1 istiall make the bli»t bar • bur, And rest on the bliss, ful thore. 


p pp 

~^-m m-w ^ p I 

Peace, be slilll peace, be 3tjiII 

Whetb - er the wratli of the Bturni • totjsuJ eea, Or de • mona, er nieo, or what • 

cret ...... cen 

-N J* 

— m m 


ev - er It ho, No wa - ter can Bwal-low the ship 

_ _ _ ^ M. M. M. M. ^ ML M. ^ 

where lies 






I* k<« k» ^ T i* r y, ~ ^S- ' 


Mas-ter of o-coanuud earth and skies; They all shall sweet-ly o - bey My will; 




Peace, bo Btill! Peace, be still I They all shall sweetly o - bey My will; Peace, peace.lje still!" 

^5Eii ^s*^^£^^^p i|i|sg ^£fp^^=f^ 

No. 262. 

I am fl^e §oor. 

" I am ihe door : by i 

Ei_ Nathan. 


1. O what shall I do 

2. what shall I do 

3. O what shall I do 

4. I eu - ter the wide 

if any man 

in he shall be saved."— John lo : 9, 

James McGranaham. 

to, bo Baved? The gath-'ringsUinn I bo - hold, 

to be saved? No li!,'lit, no hope can I see, 

to be saved? So vile, bo burdeiu'd Tith sin, 

o - pen door. In Christ I now have be - Uevei 

Ex -posed to tlie wrath of my God; Is there no slid -ter-ing f.ld. 

No help in niy-si'lfcau I find; Is there no uht - ry fur me, 

how to the fuld may I come. How may I en - tor thiie.iii, 

I'm cleaus'd from my sins by His blood; I trust and «c<w 1 am saved. 

J^ -^^ 

jg- -r- -r— -g-— -g--r-:g-- 

* ^ 

-■e— ^-r-:*-- 

:er-ing fold? -. * ^ 

;/rt[rJ"ro."in? [^2"^^ «.e door. by M« If m . , n>aa J 
I am saved?-* | 

la there no shel- ter-ing fold? -v * 

Is there no nier - cy ' 
llow may I eu - 

I trust and now 

1 )■■ I I ,. 1^ — 1^ — t^ — ,^JL — — u n 

:?El_, 1^ — t^ — t^ — tr- 

1 fLrgzE^fci-Jit^zifczHl 


.... . . . ' .^ , ... 

en . ter in, h* 

bo gavod, he shall bo saved. 

nm the door. 

'^i^f^ ^^ ssp 

— ud lih 

Jt^ |W_J— g^ 

by Mo If on • y mau eu - tur In, He shnll bo (inved, ho shal'i bo saved. 

No. 263. 

^ufumn. Ss, ^' 7s. 

Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee." — Matt, 19: 17. 

Rev. H. F. Lttk. 

F. H. Barthblrmon. 

1. Jo . mis, I my criiw hnve ta - ken, All to leave An<l f"I-lnw Tliw, 

2. L»^t tlio world do-spiKo ami leave me, Tlieyhave left my Sav-i<uir, t<->; 

3. Ilnsitetlieo on from Rraco to glo - ry, Arm'dby faith, aiul wing'd dy pruy'rl 

jt. :^: -m. 

Nil - keil, poor, desplwd, for • wik 

llu - muri hfurta and looks do - n-ivo mo 

lIuaveu'He -tc-r . ual day's bo - foro tliec 


Thou from hence my nil ghalt b«, 
Thoii art not, like thoni, nn- tnio 
GimI's own hand nhull i^nide then there : 


Vft hcno rich is my Ciin - di - Hon, God and heav'n arr slill my otfn. 
Foes may h,ile, and fri, -nils i{is-<nvn me, Slio-.u Thy /ace, and all is hri/^kt. 
Hope shall change to glad /ru ' i - tion. Faith to tight, and pray r to praise. 


I'er-Wi cv - 'ry fond nm-hl- tlon. All I've oonght, orhoinwl.or known, 
(•III while Thou d<'Ht«niilo np-on mo, Gml of wis- doui, love, and niiRht, 
t^oonHliall close thy ourtli- ly mis- Bii>u, Soon shall paM thy pil-grini davR, 

No. 264. ^long Ibc Ilibcr of Cimc. 

Gf.o. F. Root. 

' Remember how short time is." — Ps. 89 : 47. 

Oho. F. Root. 


1. A - long tho Riv - cr of Time wo glide, .\ - long the Riv - er, »• 

2. A - long tho lliv - er of Time we gliiie, .\ - long the Riv - er, a- 

3. A - long the Riv -er of Time we glide, A - long the Riv - er, a- 

^ J J" J" 

-r J* J ^ 

N r. -^< 








long the Riv . er. The swift- ly flow - <ng, re - sist - less tide. The 
long the Riv - er, A thou - sand dan- gers its riir - rents hide, A 
long tho Riv - er. Our Sav - {""ir on - ly our haik can guide. Our 

If « single voice sin^s ihis^ let it chang from the Tenor timet t« (he Sofratu. 


Along ttt 3aibtr n£ tRimt. 

swift- ly flow-ing, the swift- ly flaw- Ing, Ah, suon, ah, soon, the 

thou - saiid Uau - gers, a tliou - sand dan- gers. And near ourconrso tlie 

Sav - iour on - ly, our Sav - iour on - ly, But with Him we se- 

-J- -m- -0- 

cnd we'll see, Yes, soon 'twill come and we will be • 

rocks wo see, Oh, dread - ful tboug'.it ! a wreck to be, 

cure may be, No fear, no doubt, but joy to be 

:-::ff: iff::^ :ff:3?: *:e 2t3?:" 

No. 265. 

CiII f €D\m. 

" For yet a little while and he that shall come will come, and will 
not tarry."— Heb. io: 37. 
K. H. BiCKERSTRTH. Dr. Lowell 


Till He comr r'—iM\, lit tho words l.fn . kt on tho trom - Ming chords; 

When the wra - ry onid we lovo En - ti-r on their rest a - bovo, 

rionds and dark - neiwrnundnH pniw ; Would wo have one s<ir • row leas? 

See tho feast of love is sprciKl, Drink the wine and oat tho breail; 

---»• /*. <S m m ^ m ■"■ ^-^ a 

9tII j^t (Sovn, 



L.t "the lit - II? wLilo" be - Iwien 

Vlii'H llib \N.>ril» of love auil cheer 

All the shai-p-iies8 cil' the crij«<H, 

Sweet me- mo - rials, till thu Lord 

In their golil . eii light l>o seen: 
Fall no long - <>> on our ear, 
All that telU the worM is loss. 

Call tu round His lieuveu-Iy board; 

Let U8 think, how lniiv'ii mill h'>nie Lio lie • yond that " 7/7/ //if come/" 

Hush I l>e er - ery niiir 
Death, and dark - ni'.«H, and 
i>onie from earth, from glo 



It U on- ly " TV// //e come/" 

Pain us on. ly "7/// //e come/" 

Kev - ercd on - ly " Till He tome / " 


No. 266. 

(lMt! to be Dbcr ITonbcr. 

" In thy presence is fulness of joy."— Ps. i6: ii 
'i.oRF.NCK C. Armstrong. 

Geo. C. Strbbins. 

Oh, to bo o - Ter yon - derl i In that land of won 

Oh, to bo o - ver yon - der! Jly yearn, ing heart grows fond 

Oh, to lio o - v<T yon - der! K - las I I eigh and won 

Oh, when shall I ho dwell - iiig Vhero an - gel voi - c.-s swell 

Oh, 1 shall Boon bo von - d<T, Tho' lono - ly hero I wan • 


Wherethe an • gel voi - ces nilii - glo, and the an • gi-I harp-ers 
Of look- ing to the east, to see the bless - ed day • star 

■Why clings tny poor, weak, hIii - fnl heart to an - y earth - ly 

Tn tri - uuip - ant hal - lo - In - jahs, make the vault • ed heav't 

Yearn - ing for the wel- come sum- mer- longing for thu bird's fleet 

B ring? 


To be free from pain and gor- row. And the anx - ions, dread to - nior- 

Some tid - ings of the wak- ing. The cloud- less, pure day break 

Each tie of earth nuist sev - er. And pass a- way for- ev - 

■Where the pea rl-y gates are gleflm-ing. And the morn- ing star is heam- 

Tho mid- nijrht nia> be dn-ar - y. And the heart be worn and vea ■ 





0(I to it obn gottOo. 

l-v l< >. 

To rest in light and eun-sliiue In the prcB-ence of the King. 

My heart is yearn- iug — yearn-ing For the com - ing of the King. 

But there's no more sep - a - ra-tion In the pres-enee of the King. 

Oh, when sliall I be yon - dor In the pres-ence of the King. 

But there's no more shad-ow yon - der In the pres-ence of the King. 



Oh I to bo o-ver yon- dcr. In thatlaud of won- der, 

Oh! to be o - - ver yonder, yonder. In that land, that land of wonder, 

:ff: -^-jUi-Jt :fL :?: :& iS: iff: J^^ ^ ^ it :& --ff: :& 

, , , 

^^' iEi^Ef^d'^^-p- 


There „ to be for - ev - cr 

There to be for - - ev - er 

.,, f^ --F ^ _^ .^ ^ 

In the pres-ence of the King. 

s^V=r-r=r r N=_tr= 

=^->- 1-' — p- — !■ rr *ni 

No. 267. 

Rev. S. C. MoROAN, 

€o\m, i^oix ^Icunr. 

' I will give you reit." 


" Come 





to me," snilh lie, "and ev - or 

la knock- inn, ev - er kn(Mk-inK 

theo, keep thee, take tliec, dy - ing, 

thoii let Him, grieved, ro - jeit - cd, 

His of • fer, wait no long - cr; 

Safe n - bide." 

At Ihv heart. 

To His throne. 

Go n - way? 

Be nt rest t 

No. 268. €bttist B^U ^^-* S S^^ss ®b<^» 

P». 145 ; ». 
j. E. A. Jambs McGranmia*. 

4 — I — , — l^ 


1. My Siivi.>ur'8 praiis-vs I will rjiik, Ami all His l.ivo tx- iirosM; \Vlio«< uorcios <?ach re 

2. ICi'ili'i'iiicU by iiU ul-uiiKlity ^^'W^■^,My Siiv-iour mul my Kihk; My r<iii - ti-ileucu in 
;i. (Ill Tli.-o H- l..iu-,iuy Siivi..(ii,(;,«l, My'i..ixinli-|'»ii<l; Ai'i.I In Tliy lio - ly 
4. lili.nraiit Thy Uo- ly Spirit's Ki"a>>-> A nil Bia my ,ei-lili' |ptiwiTx; Tlmt k''>'1- •>' 1 may 

1 — r-i — r 



tuni-iiif; day, Pruclalm IIU faith- fuU ni-ai.v 
Him 1 pliice, To Him my mml wouM cliii(». I 
will my Hoiil, i9ub-mi»«ivo - ly wi>iililb<-iiii. | 
ft.l - low Thfe Thro' all my fu- turo liouru,'' 

Kv-'iy iliiy will I Ll.ssTlu.-I Kv- 'ry 

diiv will I bltwTheol Audlwillprai*', willpnii8i>,Tliy mimoFi.r-t'V- cr and ov-crl" 

-| l—T- 

No. 269. #nlD:irtr, ^Ipluurb, IJmncbarir I 

press toward the mark." — Pure. 3 : 16. 

Albkut Midlanb. 

Ira D. Sankbv. 

i 1 1 L— J- 

1. "Ou-wai-d, upwanl, homeward I" Joy- fill - ly I flee From t his world i>f fur - row, 

2. "Kn-ward, upward, homewunl!" Here I fiiiil no; Tread-iiit; o'er tho .les • ert 

3. "Ou- ward, upward, homeward!" Como a -long with mo; 'Ve wholovotlio t^av - iour, 

T~r~r''^ '^ f^-f r^-^r^ 





■With my LurJ to be; On- ward to tho plo • ry. Up- ward to the prize, 

Whioh my Saviourpressed;"(lii-wanl,iip-wanl, hoiue-wanl!" I sliull soon bo there, _ 

Uear mo com- pa- uy ; "On- ward, up-ward, Ucme-wani!" Press with vi;.;- or 011; 

^ ^ » -0f -<*■ -^ -^ -* - 7S> - s^- M- -m- -^ .m. -12. 

(fettbatTr, ©pbotli, |llomfl»w»! 



Hume-war J to tlio man- sioiis, Far a-bove the 
Soon its joys and pleas - ures, I 
Yet a lit- tie mo - meat And 

a-bove the Bkies. J 
thro' grace.shall share. >- 0: 
d the race is won. J 

n- ward to the glo - ry, 

No. 270. Ill Uj gollolu Df fts iimtr. 

" Neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand." — John io: 28. 
LouisK J. KiRKWooD, alt, Geo. C Stbbbins. 

1. Oh, Boul toss'J on the Ml- lows, a - far from frieud-ly laud, 

2. Tho' rag - iiig winds may drive thee, a wreck up - on the strand, 

3. When strength is spent in toil -ing, and wea - ri - ly you stand, 

4. When by the swell -ing Jor-dan, your feet in sink - ing sand, 

5. And wlieu at last we're gath-ered, with all the ran-somed band, 

— r-tfS • (2 g , ^ , (^ T- ■^^l-m-r-i=i^' 

Look up to nim who holds thoe in "The hoi - low of Ilis hand 

Still ding to Him who holds thee in "Tliohul-low of His hand 

Then rest in Ilim who holds thco in "Thehol-iow of His hand 

l{o - mem - bor still Ho holds thee in "The hoi -low of llis hand 

We'll praise our Oo<l who holds us in "Tho hoi. low 

Ilia band. 

Chorus. i i i 

lu "Tlio hul-low of His hand," In tho hol-luw of His hand, 

In (Xbt JHoHoto ot ^is 1^an&. 


No. 271. praise |)im ; praise I)iml 

' I will sing praises unto my Uod."— Ps. 146 : 2. 

Fanht J. Crosby. 

Chbstbr G. Allbw. 

1. Praise Illni ! pi^ite Him t Jiv8Ug,ourblt.-»M.-(l Ite- det-m- er ! Siiig, O earth — Ili.t 

2. Pruiiu) Him ! |iraiM> Hiui ! Je- miti, uiir l>lii«e<i lie • deem - er 1 Kor our sius He 

3. Praiitt* Ilioi! pruim; Him! Ji-Hii!<,ourbIett»e<l Re- deem- er I Urav'D-ly pui - 'alii. 


I I 


woii-der-fiil l.ive pro - claim t Uail Him! )iiiil,Him! liiKlM-iit arrli.aii- ^m-Iu in 
Hur-rered,aii<ll>li-il, aud died; Ho mir ruck, uur luipe i>r e - ter- ual sal - 

loud witblio- 81IU- uiid rill);! Je - sua, Sav-iour, rcigiieth Tor - ev - er aud 


D.S.—Praite Himl praist Html tell 0/ Hit tx-cel-Unt 

^^ M i g? ^i^iip#irtf^ 

glo • ry; Streugthaiid lioo - or give to His ho - ly uame! 
va-tioD, Hail Himl hail Him ! Je-sus, the cm ■ c'i • fli'd. 
ev - er: Crown Him ! crown Him! Prophet.and Priest,aDd King! 

I I 

Like a bhep- herd, 
Sound His praiH.esI 
Chribt id com- iug ! 



great-nea, Praise Himl praise Him! ev-er in joy-ful songl 



Je- BUS will guard Hia cbil-dren, In Hi.i arms He car-ries them all day long; 
Je • BUD who bore our fliir-rows, L.^ve un - Iniund-ed, wou-der-ful, deep aud strong; 
o - verthe world vie - to- rious, I'ow'rand glo - ry un-to the Lord he -long; 

No. 272. I Snoto M|om | fabe gdwbelr. 

El. Nathan. 

Moderato. 1 i i i 

James McGranaham, 

to-Sf^55^:E^.^-|=i=|Ef3— S=rtsE3S^ 

»J ~ ~ ' \ !»■' ~ ' 

1. I know not why God's won-droiis grace To me 

2. I know not liow this sav - ing faith To mo 

3. I know not how the Spir - it moves, Con - vine - 

4. I know not what of good or ill May be 

5. I know not when my Lord may come, At night 

He hath made known, 
lie did ini - part, 
ing men of sin, 
re - served for me, 
or nooa-day fair 

* * J r- - 




Nor vhy — nn - wor - thy — Christ in love Re - deemed me for His own. ^ 

INor liow he - liev - ing in His* word Wrought peace within my heart. s; 

Ke • veal, iug Je - sus through the word,Cre -at - ing faith in Him. S 

Of wca - ry ways fir gold - en days. Be - fore His face I see. "- 

Uor if I'll walk the vale with Him, Or "meet Him in the air." g 


Chorus. > . > 


But " I know whom I have b<» - liev - ed, And am per - Buad-ed that He is 

Iff: ;e' *:J?::ff: iff: "^ ' «: * :ff; m. "i. 

_N ^ , • -^-_-— -_:^- -p- -t^ . J ^ J=^. -p^ .m. -m.- .m. .m. .m. .tl, '^ „ 



To keep that which I've com - mit - ted 

a?: at :ff: :•: ^ 



No. 273. ^t Clcitnstng Jfoimiaui. 

" A fountain opened for sin and for uncleanncss." — ZiiCH. 13 : i. 
,iiAN A . I^vicKS. Ira n. Sankhy. 

1. Ite - h.ild ,1 F.iuntahi .Imp and wide, Be - hold it.s on - ward Ih.w; "Twa:! 

:■!. l-"roiM Culvarj-'s cmsM.whcTc .?.• - hum di<-<l In nor - row.patn, an.l w..,.. Burnt 

a. <• may we all lli.- - ing power (if that hleiw'd Konnlain Un..w: Trust 

4. And wh.'U at la-t the met -Vagi- o.nies, And wo are cuII.mI to g.., Our 

tSllt ^^Itansfng iFountafn. 

<■ - poncfl in the Sav - iour'8 side. Ami cli-aiiH - ptii " wliito as 

forth tlie wcm - Jrnim criiii - son tide That cleaiM- cth " whiti- as 

un - ly in the pre - rioushloiid That cIciimh . r-t)i '■ whito iis 

tniTit sliall still be in the bluud That cleans - olb "wliitu u-t 



T — • ^viZ'"* 

clcnn»-cth white 88 irnnw.' 

rlciius-t'tli white as snow.' 

('li«iiK.rlh while as snnw.' 

clfitus- L-th while as snow.' 


f'onie ti) this K.iunt - aiii, Tis How - iii(; to. 

^ II I I w I r 

day; And all who will may free • ly cumc, And waxh thcirMiiiH ii • way. 

No. 274. 

Coim to the ./ouniain. 

" For with ihce is the fountain of life." — Ps. y> ; 9. 
Fanny J. Chosbv. Gho. C. STnnniNS. 


^ J»: 


1. Come with thy sins to the fount - aiii, Tome wit li thy l.ur - din of urii-f; 

2. Comn iw thou art t" the fount - ain, Je - sus i.n' wiiit - in^ for thee; 
:i. Thiito are the words of the Sav.jour; They who re-|><'Mt and he- liovo, 
4. Conio and be healed at the fount - ain, List to the peace-i<|>i'iik-in); voice; 




Bu - rj- them deep in its wa - tcrs. There thou wilt find a re - lief. 

What tho' thy sins are like crim - son, White as tliestiow they gliall be.' 

They wlio are will - ins to trust Him, Life at Ilis hand shall re - ceive. 

O - vi-r a sin - uer re - turn - ing Now let the an - gels re - juice. 



Some to ttit JFouittatn. 

Haste thee a- way, why wilt thou stay? Risk not thy soul on a mo- meat's de-lay ; 

:Sr -^J- 


Je -sua is wait - ing to save thee, Mer - cy ispleaJ -iiig; to- day. 

No. 275. # Clnlb o{ 6otr. 

"Joy Cometh in the morning." — Ps. 30: 5. 


Ira D. Sankkt. 

O cliild ofOod.wait pa -ticiit-ly When dark thy path may he, And let tliy faith lean 
O child of God, Ho luv-eth ttiee.Aiid thou art all Hii* own ; With ffen-tle hand He 
O child of Gild, howi)e;ice-ful- ly Ho cahn.s thy feare to rest, And draws thee up-ward 

M-^^$0^m ^E^^EE^^ 

1 — 1 — r 

U—l K-l- 

tni8t-ing-ly On Him who car. ■•(for tlu-e ; And though the clouds hang drear-i - ly Tp - • 
leiul -etU thee, Thou not walk a - lone; And though thou watchest wea . ri-ly The » 
ten- der-ly, Whcrodwell the pureaud blest ; And He who bend- eth si - leut-ly A- « 


on the brow ti( night, Tet in the morning Jov wIllcome.And nil thy sonl with light 
long and Kloim-v night, Y.t in themorning jov will c.nne.And fill thy houI with light 
Uivo the gli«.m of night. Will take thee home whereen.llewjoy Shall fill thy Mul with light 


No. 276. 


' lu whom we have redemption through hit blood."->lni. i ; f. 

Pbtbr BiLaaBR. 

O won - der • ful words nf tho gos • poll 

2. He came from the throne of His glo » ry, 

'A. O come to this won-iler-ful Sav • iour, 

4. There's uo oth • er ref-ugebut Jo • eus. 

O won - diT 

And left tlie 

Come wea • ry 

No ahol • ter 

- ful 



nies-sage they bring, Pro - claim - iiig a b!css-ed ri> - dinip-tion Thro* 

mauttious a - bove, The world to re -deem from its iioiid-age; So 

6or-row-op - pressed; Be - hold on tho crossbow Ha Biif« fer^-d, That 

lost ones may tly; Aud now, while He's ten -der - ly call • iug: O 

No. 277. Closer, Jortr, to C^et. 

" It is good for me to draw near to God."— Ps. 73 : 28. 
;. G. Taylor, D.D. Alt." Geo. C. Stbbbins. 

1. C1..S - or. Lord, to I cliiif,', (JI08 - er still to Theo; Suf.' lieiieutli Thy 

2. Clos - er yet, Lord, my lljck. Kef- uge of my soul; Dri'iid I not the 

3. CI08 - er still, my Help, my Stay, Clos - er, clos- er still; Jloek -ly there 1 

4. Clos - er. Lord, to Thee I come, Light of life Di - vine; Tliro' the ev - er 

hkk ^^'^m^^^m^ mmd^'^^dm 

filicltcriiij; wing I wouMev-er be; Rudo the bUist of doubt and sin, Fierce aw - 

tcni-i">l-^l""k, Tlio' the bil-lows roll. Wild-est storm can - not a - lann, Kor, to 

leain to say, " Ka- tlier, not my will;" Leurii that in af - tlic-tion'slimir. When the 

Bless -ed Son, Joy and peace are mine; Let me lu Thy love a - bidi-, Kei'p me 

I I ^ 

f c-X i uZ- 




1^ — • * • • — ' •■ • S- -^ ^- g^: -^ -^ -*. -^. 

I saults without, with -in. Help me. Lord, the bat-tie win;— rios-er, I,ord, to Thee 

j me, can come no barm, Lean-ing on Thy lov-ing arm;— Clos -er, Lord, to Thee 

I cloudsi.f sor- row lower, Love di-rectsTliv baud of power;— Cb.s-er, LonI, to Th.'e 

I ev - er near Thy side. In the " Kock of A - ges" bide,— Clos -er. Lord, to Thee, 

No. 278. 


|f 6otr be gax Is. 

Rom. 8: 13. 

Jamks McGranahan. 

1. lle-joico in tlie Lord, t> let His mer-cy,cheer. He siiu-derg the baiidsthat en-thrall; ? 

2. lie strong in the Loril, re - joic-ing in Hisinigbt, l!e loy - al and true, day by day; m 

3. ('on-fide in His woril. His promis - es so sure, In Christ, tliey are "yea, ami a- men;" 2. 

4. A - bide in the Lord, se - cure in His cou-trol, 'Tis life ev - or-Iiust- ing Iv-gun; f 


jceil.ri II, V IliHblood.whvshnMldweev-er fear. Since .le-HMK Is our'all in all.' g 

Wheiie- > lis IL-- sail, be val-lant tor the right, .\ ud lie will beourstreiiglh.ourHlay. g- 

Tho'eaitli pussa - way, tliey ev - or shall en-dun-.'TlH writ-ten o'er and o'it a - gain. S 
To pluck ttoin tlishaiel the weakest, titMnbllngsoul, it nev -er, nev - er can Ih< done. 

If Ccolt bi /n Ss. 






If Goil be for U8, 
IfG.«M«»for ua. 

5 ' •- ^5 

if God be for us, if G.hI bo for us, Who can b« a 
if God bo for us (^ 


No. 279. 

6ob ts 'Co be I 

" He that loveth not, knoweth not God ; for God is love."— l JOHM 4: 8, 
RiAN A. DvKES. Ira D. Sankbt. 

1. "Gml is Love!" — His woni |iro-rIrtini« it. Pay by liay the trutli \v« pmvo; 
•.J. ••G.mI is Love!"— oh, toll it ^hid - ly, Hew the Sav • lour u - Im.vo 
a. "Gml is Love!" — Oil, boiiiidlfKS inor - ry— May we all its lull . npc-) provcl 

Hlmv'u ami earth with joy are toll-iug, Ev • or tell - iii(^, "Gud is Lovel" 

I'auio to Book ami Kavo llie lost ones, Sbow-int; thus the Fa - ther's lovp. 

Tell - ing thotiu who nit _ in ilark-negs, "God is Li^lit, and God is Lovel'' 

■g.--f- rA^- £=fe*: 


g ^ , Chorus. > f^ ^ i - N • ^ <^ w 1 

lo - h. - jahl tell the Bto - ry. Sung hy an - gel choirs a • bove; 

-g- j^^ f- -^ ^«- - ■«■ * ^^1^ ^ 

Swhmg for g[e. 

1. Je-BU8,my Saviour, to Beth -le-liem came, Born iu a manger to sor - row and shame; 

2. Je-8U8, my Saviour, uu L'al - va-rj's tree, Paid the great debt, and my soul He set free; 

3. Je- BUS, my Saviour, the same as of old, While I was wand'ring a-lar from the fold, 

4. Je-sus, my Saviour, shall come from oa high — Sweet is the promise us wea - i-j- years fly 

:ff: >- w^ -*- - -^ . N 

Oh, it was won -der-ful— Meat be His namel Seek-ing for 

Oh, it was won-rter-ful — how could it be? liy • iug for 

Geu-tly and long did He plead with my soul, Call-ing for 

Oh, I shall see Him de-scend-ing the eky, Com-iug for 

me I 


for niel 

fi ir me! 

('.■;il.iMg for mo! 

C'oui-ing for mel 

Seek-ing for me! 
I>y - ing for mel 
Call-ing for mo! 
Coming for me! 

Seek-ing for 

Dv-ing for 

Call-ing for 

Com- ing for 

I'y -ing 

for met 

for nio! 

for me! 

for me! 



Oh, it was won - dor-Hil — Most be His name! Soek-ing 
Oh, it was won - der-fnl — how conM it be? l»y-ing 
Gen- tlyiind long did He plead with my soul, Ca'U-ing 
Oh, I shall soo Him do - scend-ing tlio sky, Com-ing 

for mo, f..r um'! 

for mo, for me! 

for mo, for mo! 

for mo, for mc! 


No. 281. 

W. T. Sj 

■* Dchver me, O my God." — I's. 71:4. 


1. <tut of my hond-ugc, Hor-rowund nl»(lit, .!'• - hu>, I cmni-, .h- • m 

'J. Out of my ohamo-fiil fail-nniiind Iosh, .I» - tms, I oonio, .lo - suk, I come; 

li. Out of nil -rest iiml ur - ro- niint prli!o. .lo - su», I come, .lo - siis, I come; 

4. Out of llio four unddreudof the tonil.. Jo - huh, I come, Jo - mih, I come; 


lunui, I Conu. 

In - to Thy free - (liini, t'lail- iirss and light, Je - wis, I come to Thee 

In - to the rIo • rioiis Kitin "f Thy crogg, Je . ens, I come to Thee 

Id - to Thy bless ■ iil will to a . I.i.le, Je - bus, I comK to Thee 

In - to the joy ami light of Thy homo, Je • bus, I come to Thee 

Out of my Blck- neas In - to Thy health, Out of my want ami in - to Thy 

Out of earth'sRorrows in- to Thy liulin. Out of life'setormxaiicl in - to Thy 

(lut ofniy-HcIf to awell in Thy love. Out of du-tumir i- * 
()ut of tlietlepthsof ru - lU uu-tolil, lu 

~. — -, nip-tur^„ _- 

to the peace of Thy bbel-ter- iiig 


:|»ze -^:»---*rff: 



-I n — I- 


Out of my »in ami in - ti> Tliy- pelf, Jo - bus I Como to Thee. 

Out of (lts-treH8 to ju ■ l>i- lant pHiilm, Je - huh, I conio to Thee, 

rp- wan! for aye on wlM^alike a dnve, Jo . bus, I come to Thee. 

Kv - er Thy glo . rious face to l>u- lioM, Jo • buh, I come to Thee. 

mm^ pm 

No. 282. 

RiAN A. Dykbs. 

6Iorn 6brr be to <|tsus. 

' Give unto the Lord glory and strength." — Ps. 96 : 7. 

Ira D. Sankkt. 

loV . 

for 1 
of 1 

1. Glo- ry ev . er l>o to Je - bus, God'g own well . lie . lov . ed Sm; 

2. Oh the wea - ry days of wand-'ring, Long- inn.hop- itig for tlio light; 

3. In His safe and ho- ly keep- ing, 'Neath the Bha<l-ow of Ilia wiug, 



By His grace He hath re-deemed us, 
These at last lie all be- hind us, Je - 

Glad - iy 

fin - lElic'd," all is done. 

is our Btreiipth and might. 

His love cou - fid - iug, May our souls His prais - es sing. 


(Klors 5Sbtt it to Hisrus. 

Saved by grace thro' faith in Jo - sus, Saved by Hie own pre - clous Mood, 


to know the Lord. 

No. 283. Itsus Cljiist oxxx Subiowr. 

This is indeed the Christ the Saviour of the world."— John 4 : 42. 

L. Nathan 

James McGranahan. 

Who camo down from hcav'n to earth ? Jo . Mia Christ our Sav - iour ; Came a child ..f 

Who w.w lift-od on tlio tn-o? J.; - sim ("hrist our Sav - lour; Thoro t.> ran- eom 

Who liath vioniiscd to for-^ivo? Jo - bus Christ our Sav - ionr; Wlio hath saiil, ' Uc- 

Wliii it) now <'ii-tlironoda- hov<'? Jo - mis Cliristour Sav - i.>ur; WhonishouM wo o- 

Who a -Kain from heav'n shall conio? Jo- MIS Christ our S.av - iour; Take to glo - ry 

I \ Jg. jS. .fS. J \ 

rtz— tr: --■---■■ - . . .- - . -. - 


=S— i- 

II jt. js. ^ \ \ , , n 

AI,L. 1 V.,HORUS. 2 

low- ly hirtli? J(» - mm Christ our Sav - iour. .. 8 

you ami mo? Jn - sus Clirist our Sav - iour. I ? 

linvoaiid livo?' Jo - bus Christ our Sav - iour. V Sound tho cho - rus loud and cloar, O 

boy and lovo? Jo . huh Clirist our Sav - iour. I g 

all His own? Jo - bus Christ our Sav -iour."' 5 

ill' hath brciUKhtsalvalion near; None sopriHious, none bo dear; Jpbub Clirist our Sav- iour. 

No. 284. 

|£Stts ^abesf 

" Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." — Acts i6 : 31. 
Priscilla J. Owens. Wm. J. Kirkpatrick, 

->.-- I^-I N — p-t- 

•-^•f -Si — ^ — ^ftf^^ 

1. We have heard tlio joy- fill wiuud : Jo - bus saves! Jo-ens saves! Spreadlhe tidiugsall a- 

2. Waft it im tlio rull-inu tide: Jo - siis saves! Ju - ens saves! Tell to eiii- iters far and 

3. Sing a- huvo the hat- tie strife, Je - sus saves! Jo - bus sjives! Uy His death and eud-less 

4. Give tliewiuds a might-y vtrice : Je - sii.i saves! Jo - siis saves! Let tho uu-lioiis now re- 


Je • 8118 saves I Je • Bim euv 

wide: Je - siis saves I Jo - bus kim 

life, Jo - SMS Siive.H I Jo . sns savi 

juice, — Jo - siis saves ! Jo • bus siivi 

I ! Bear tlio news to ev - 'ry land, Cliiuh the 
I Sing, ye Is - lands of tho sea, Vx:U - « 

Sing it soft- ly thro' tho, When tho 

ShuutBal - va - tiun full and free, Iligli- est 


F^— ^ 

Bteeps and crossthe waves; Onwanl ! — 'tis ourLord'scomniaDd: Je- bus saves ! Jo - sum saves I 

hack, ye u - cean caves ; Karth shall keep her Ju- bi- lee: Jo- bus saves I Je- sus saves I 

heart for iner- cy craves; Sing In tri-uuipho'ertlie tomh, — Je-snssavesl Je.siissavest 

iiills and deep-est CJivi-s ; This our Bong of vic-to-ry, — Jo-suisavesI Je- bus saves! 

No. 285. 

Alice Montrith. 

^c is Commg. 

"I will come again." — John 14: 3. 

Ira D. Sankht. 



-J^,,lJ__J_ J c .-! -t, 

1. He is com - inj^ 

2. He 'is com -ing, 

3. He is com - ing, 

the " Man of Sor-rows," Now ex- alt "^ ed on high; 

our lov-ing Sav-iour, Bless-ed Lamb that was slain; 

our Lord and JIas-ter, Our Re . deem - er and King; 

4. He shall gath - er His chu-Boa peo - plo, Wheare called by His niune; 


He is com- ing 

In the glo - ry 

We shall see Him 

And the ran- Bomed 

with loud ho - Ban ■ nas, In the clouds of the sky. 

of God the Ka • ther, On the earth He shall reign, 

in all His beau - ty. And His praise we shall sing, 

of ev - 'ry ua - tiou, For His own He shall claim. 


Mr * 

iHt is Comhts. 

Chorus. ^ , j i ,s s j L 

u. • » . J I ( 

le - lu - jah 1 He is com - ing a - gain ; 

1^ I U ^ I I ! 

lu - jah ! Hal - le - lu - jah 1 He 

And with joy we shall gath- er rouud Him, At His com - ing to reign. 

No. 286. 

K. R. Latta. 

My son, give me thine heart." — Proverbs 23 : 26. 

A. J. Abbey, arr. 

1. WlitT-rv . cr we may go, by iiiKht or day, A lov - ing voice with- 

2. Slii^ht Hut that Voice tio kind, but ^lad - ly liear. And choose the Lord to - 

3. We may bavo cho - sen lung from Him to roiini. Yet He will wel- come 

iu doth gent -ly Bay: My 8on, fr<im ev - 'ry way of sin de-i«"t; 5 

day, while Jio in mar; He will His pard'ning love to thee im - part; 3- 

lis, if wo but come ; Uh, may we not de - lay, but quirk - ly start— Z 

t.' .m. ^ M. jm.. jm. M. M- -m. m. m. . jm. ^^ .«. M. . S 

Chorus. " 

^-C-, f ^ D_ ^_r_^ »_ _j,^ — j_3 o 

Bo Sa - tan's Hiave no more, "Give Mo thy heart!"") 

Oh, hoar Him call, ing still, "Give Mo tliy heart!" )-" Give Me thy heait, give 

Wliile Jo- HUB sav - eth still, "Give Mo thy heart!" 


Mo thy heart; O wea - ry, wand -'ring child, give Me thy heart.' 


*. %m- -(•-• ■•- -•- •*• J* ^ -. £• m - m 

No. 287. 

^bcn that ht Wist, 

O list to tlie voice of the Prtiph - <t of old, Pro - 

'i. Tlio' ruK - Rc'il the jwth where our dii - Iv may lead, 01 

.<. The gniiid - eiir of wciilth, and the teni - |.i.s of fame, Where 

4. Theo let iih ko f..rlh to the work Jtt to do, With 

cluini - in); in di - vine, The won- der-fiil, won • der - fol 

wliy BhonMwo cv - er re - pine? When faith - fill and true, in the 

heiiii . ty anil mrn - liine. Will per . Uh, for - Kot - <•" »'"' 

zeal that Hhall uev - er de - iline. Bo Btrong in the Lord, ami the 


j' ^_,J ' ,- ^ -^-- j^- gj ^r 


men - H^l^'e 

mini -Me 
protn - iae 

That "They that he 

That "'lli.y that \>o 

Uiit "Tli.y that he 

That '"riiey that ho 



wise Bhall 

wise Hliall 

^«i^<e nliall 

wine Bhall 


Epi^k^i|^^ii ^^fff#pff^ i 

Ko. 288. 38«Iufat, antr Peep on geltebmjj. 

" He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life."— Jno. 3: 36, 
Arr from W. L. by El. Nathan. James McG«aijaha«. 

1. 1 be - lieved in God's won-der- fill mer-cyaud grace, Be-lieved in tbesmile of Hia 

!i I be - lieved in the work of my cru • ci - fled Lord, Bo-lieved lu re-demption a* 

3. I be • lieved ia the heart that was o-penedfor me, Be-lieved in the love flow-ing 

s. I be •lieved in Ilim-self, as the true Liv-ing One, Be-lieved in His presence on 

rec . on - ciled face, Be-lieved in His mes-sage of par -don and peace; I be- 
lone thro' His blood, Be-lieved in my Sav-iour by tnist-ing Ilia word; I be* 
bless -ed and free, Be-lieved that my sins were all nailed to the tree; I be- 
high on the throne, Be-lieved in Iliscom-ing in glo • ry full soon; I be- 



ing may g 



come or may go. Be- lieve in the word, that wim writ- ton ti> 

^ _______^, __^ ■*-_-*• ^__* ^ 

-m^ I* \z - 

1? — » — f- 

all who bo-Hove, thcirnal- vu-tion may know; Bc-licvp.andkeoprlghton bo 

No. 289. 'S^tti mt ^htxt ! 

•• Where I am there ye may be also."— Johw 14 : > 

E. G. T/ 

Gfo. C. Stsbbini 

1. M.-.t ni<- thiTp' f»h, m.'t 
•J. M<rt iii« lhin>I Oh, m.ct 
3. M..t nin Uierol Oli. meet 

tlicri<! In llie lu-av'n - ly w..rl.l so fair 
then- 1 Vax l>o . yoml tlljIl^\i>^^l of ciiro 
tinTi- 1 No bo -rw»vo - nifiilHwo elmll lioar : 




WluTo our lAtrl tiaH i-n- ti-ml In, And tliorocomi-* no tiilnt of uln ; 
When tliin tn>uli . Ii-i) lifo nhiill crai»\ Moot mo wlirro i* jx-r - fiTt poarp ; 
Tticrc no iil!;h • ini:;ii ftir tliu <)cikil, Ttioro no faro - wpII trnr l>« iihoti ; 


With our frioncU of long a - go. Clad Jn mi - mnnt wliit« at iinow, 
Wlieri'onr lUT • n>wH we lay dnwn Fur tho kiii^ • <l"m niid tlio rrown, j 

Wo Rliall, Hafo from all a • lamw. Clasp our loved uiu>fl in our annR, 

-«! J 

J-. ^ J- j! J:- a^ 


Such 08 all tho ran-somM wear, — Meet nie there! Yes, meet me there! 
Je - BUS doth a homo r™ - pare, — Meet me there! Ye«, meet me there! 
And in Jo - mis' glo . ry share, — Meet me there! Yes, moot me there I 

No. 290. 

Geo. R. Clark. 

^:e gij also !Etatrg. 

Matt. 24 : 44. 

James McGranahan. 

1. Are you read-y, are you read - y for the com- iug of the Lord? Are you 

2. Are you wait-ing, are you wait-iug for the com -iug of the King? Haveyon 

3. Have you ris - en, have yuu ris-en from the heav- y midnightsleep? Have you 

:u--^g =tai= g=U3:^g— r— r— *— r — r=g=q 

f--^ ^ ^ ^ 1 ^ ^=3 

liv-ing as He bids you in Hia word? Are you walking in the light? Is your 
bundles of the gold - en grain to bring? Can you lay at Je - si ;' feet An - y 
ris - en from yourslum-ber long and deep? Are your garments wash'd from sin, Areyou 

hope of heav -en bright? Could you wel-come Him to-night? Are you read-yV \ 

gath-er'dsheavesof wheat, There your bless -ed Lord to greet? Are you read-y? ^ 

cleansed and pure within? Are you read-y for the King? Are you read-y? ■:* 


^1 — - b — ^ — ^ — d^— ^ '-^ — ^ — ■'^ 





t S N N S • 

read - y. 





"uch an hour, Huch au hour as ye think not, the Son uf man cum-eth. 

-5— ^-t»-p~ti-t»-t T-H ^H= 



No. 291. 

^raist l^t .^abiour. 

German Melody, 


1. rraiitu the wli.i know Hiui ; Wliocaii t.ll how uiiicli wc owe Him t 

'i!. Jo - RU8 U the luiuio thiit churiuit us; He fur coii - tlict !itK ami arms U8; 

3. TriiKt ill Him, >eKuiiiti<,fi>r tv - er; He in fuilh - ful.chiiiiging uev - er; 

4. Kc-p UA, Lord, oh, keep us il.av-iiij; To Thy . wlf. umlMilI W- liev-ing, 

5. Thi-u we bIiuU IniwhtToWo wouM be, Theu wo bhall U'whut we should be; 


niad . ly lit us ron - il.r to Him All we un« 

Noth - iiiK liioveii aiiiJ iioth - iiic hitiiiw uh, Whi-n wo triim 

Nfi - thrr fort-o iii>r Kuilt- laii imt - er Thiw Ho lovis 

Till the liour of our re- civ . iiiR I' jovo 

Tliiu;.'* which are not Uow, nor oiuM lie. Then dliall In) 

anil luivo. 
in lllni. 

rioiii iliiii. 

in hcavi-ii. 


No. 292. 

Victoria Sti'Art. 

'The bright anil morning Star." — Kkv. 23: 

1. Sliine on, <• Star of l«au - ty, Thou ChriHt enthroned a- Ix'V.- ; K.- - n<H t . iiiL- in Thy 

2. Shine on, O Star of plo - ry. We lift our ey eft to Thee; Ite-yond tli<cloud8lliat 
:J. Shine on, O Star uii-<-lniiiK inu.AncI (;uide our pil -prim way, I'n- til wi- nee the 
4. And when,withThy iv<leeiii'doiics,We reach the heav'niy shore, May »f with Tln-e in 

hriKhtness.Our Father's look of love, 

path - or. Thy rawliaut liplit we nee. 

(iawn -inp (if hcav'u'se -tor. nal day. 

plo - rv Shine on for- ev - or . more. 

Shine on shine on, shine on, Tboa 

shine on, 

Beauli-ful Slur 

I s ^ rir '^ 


briehtaad boaui 



No. 293. 60 §t |nt0 all i\^t Moxlln. 

Mark 16: 15. 


Jambs McGranaham. 

■*■• i: L l.* > ** 

Far, far a- way in hcatb-on dark-iicss dwell-in^, Mill -ions of souls 

2. See o'er the world the o- pen linnrs in - vit - ing, Sol- diern of f'hrisf. 

3. "Why will ye die? "the voice of ia call-ins, " Why will ye die?" 

4. God speed the day when tluwe of ev - 'ry na - tion "Glo- ry to God" 


*__ ' -__ i v , ^ - 



cv . cr 
rise and 
ech - o 

may be lost ; 

Who, who will go Sill - va-tion's Bto- ry tell 

BretU-'ren, a-wake ! our fore - es all u - nit 

iu Ilis Name ; Je - sns liatli died to save from death ap - pall 

ly shall sing ; llansomct', redeemed, re - joic - ing in sal - va • 

w ^ \ S h iff: 






Look-inpT to Je - 81IS, heeil-iiig not the cost?. 
Send forth theKos-pel,hrertk the chains of sin. I .. ,,i ,,,,...,,,- , 
Life ami sal- va-lion therefore go proclaim. [ ■^"I>'^«'^'' 
Shout " Halle- In- jah for the Lord is King."' 

giv-eu un-to nu- 


All iKJwer 

U U U ' 
it) giv - en uii - to nie, Go ye in 

> all the world anil 



preach tlio 

am with you 

nl • way. 

- pel, and lo, 


No. 294. I hnoh) | lobe ^n hiiitc, f orb. 

" Behold, the half was not told."— i Kings 
Frances R. Havbrgal. 

R. L. Hudson. 



I loTO TllPO 

rr. LonI, Th; 

^. I knnw that Th.m uit n.-.u - .r etill Tluui un - y tuith-h' thniiig 
a. Tiiuuhurtt put gliiil- m-H.1 ill my heart; Tluii may 1 will U> glad 1 

4. U Suv - iuur, pro-ciou* Sav - iuiir, mini-! What «ill Thy piuu-eiico be, 



oil nil' the jxaro iiotli . lug can 

th.- th..ii;;htof Th.o Thau uii . y luvo 

With -out tho w- - cnt of Thy l..\.. I coild ui>t hut 

If Buch a lifo of Joy cai'i ciowii Our walk uii furlh 

d- - Btn.y. 

ly BONK. 


^nunus. W ^ Ik. k. . « I 

U 1$ 

Tho half Iioa nev- er yit hLiin tohl, Of love ao full ami fn-tt I 

yet liecD told. 



I u ^ ' ' if '"^ r 

Tho half liod mv ■ er yet beea told, Tho blmMl— it cl>.auHvtli im; ! 

yot boon told, ch-amwlh uie I 

I'V - er ytt been told, Tho bl«Hi<l— it cl 

yot been ti>ld. 

No. 293. & |1mious MoA. 

" Him that Cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out." — John 6: 37. 
Fanny J. Crosby. Ira D. Sankey. 

g'- jfff^-*.— -»— J--.— -ie-» • »— j.-Jv-^»— » — y^ .3. .-° 


3. O 


pre -cidus word that .le - su.s Buid ! The wnil tliat conies to Me, 

])re-ciou3 word that Jo - uus said! Bo - hold, I um the l)oor; 

pro->'ioii8 word that Jo - bub said! Come, wea - ry souls op. pressed, 

pro-cious word that Je - sus said! The world I u - ver- came; 


-^- f r=Fr — 1 — F — r+F^ > i — =i^ 


® ^tttious ^orH. 

I will in lie wise ca.<t him out, Who-ev . er he may be. 

And all who eu - ter in by Me Have life fur ev • er- more. 

Come take My yoke anil loaru of Me, And I will give you rest. 

And they who fol - luw where I lead Shall con- quer iu My Dame. 


Who - ev - er he niay he, "VVho • ev - er he may be, 

Uave life for ev . er - mme, Have life for ev - er - more, 

And I will give you rest. And I will give you rest. 

Shall con -quer in My Name, Shall con -quer in My Name, 

I ^ 

I Z 


Come S 



will in no wise cast him out. Who - ev - er he may be. 

all who en - ter iu by Me Have life for ev - er - more, 

take my yoke and learn of Mo, And I will give you rest, 

they who fol - lnw where I lead Shall con - quer in My Name. 

No. 296. # Ibc Crotoit, tbe (fi)IorD-Crol\)ir. 

" When the chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory 

that fadeth not away." — i PiaKK 5 : 4. 

G. M. J. Jambs McGranahan. 

1. Wea - ry glean - er in the field, p<H)r or plen - ty bo the yield ; La - bor 

2. Je - Hus now has gone a-bovo to com -pleto His work of love; His re - 
:5. O how light will seem the grief, and the toilsome way how brief, When a 



ou 'or the Miut-tcr, noth - Ing fear- Ing, There's a i>nim-is«> of n>-ward, 
turn, >...y l>v dav. Is sure - ly nmr - Ing, When His own lie will re-ceive, 
crown in the glo - ry wo arc wour • Ing, O the rai>-ture who can tell. 

tl)t C^roton, tl)t (!5Ior2-€^roh)it. 


at tlio ci)m-ing of the LoH, I'li - to all tlii'tn that lovo Uis ap - jM-ar - iiig. 
and a weltoiiio Ily will pive, Uri-to all tlicin that love IIi:4 ap - jiear - iug. 
as for ev- er there we dwell. With re-deeiiiM ouea that lov'd Uis) ap - pear - lug. 

the glo - ry crown. 

day the hap -py day is ncar-inc, When the crowQ of rich 

izt — : r- 

ward eliall bo 

:g-g--g-g — g- 

to all them that lovo His ap - pear - ing. 

I J5 — j^ — ^ — ^ — r—^ g K-'^-] i* — 5? — f- * 1^ ' ' p n i 

No. 297. Mc lift uur Soit^s ta ^btc. 

N. J. Squires. 

" Ye are not your own."- 

H. n. McGranahan. 


1. Wo lift our songs to 

2. Wo lift our pi-uv"i"3 to 
:j. We lift our fa:th to 
4. Wo lift our all to 



Our Sav- iour and our guide; 

Who on - ly hear - eth pray'r ; 

In - cre;ised by grace di - vine; 

For all things, Lord, are Thine; 




O make us from our bur- dens free, And keep ii3 near Thy Bide. 

They who on earth do thus a - gree, Sljall find Thy - in- there. 

Help us, O Loril, Thy foot-stops see. And on Thy help re - dine. 

• •■ ' —• ee Thy like- ness iu us shine. 

Take us, and all 

have, and 


Wo. 298. f ^n0b) ihni mg Jltirtcmtr ^ibts. 

" For I know that my Redeemer liveth." — Job 19 : 25. 
Rev. H. A. Merrill, alt. Arr. by Geo. C. Stebbins. 

1. I know that my Re-dpem-rr lives, And Ims jirc-pared a jilace for nie, 

2. I'm tnist- iiig Jo - sns Christ fur all, 1 kimw Ills blood now speaks for me; 

3. I'm now en- rap-tnr'd with tlio thoiifrht, I stand and woii-der at His love — 
4.1 know that Jo -bus Boon will come, I know tho timo will not be long, 

1 ra_| — t_j ^ tip — I — I — t.M-- af m — *_«_^g_t., U^ 

"C — For I am on - 2y wait - ing here Tohear the summons .-"child, comehome,"'^, 

And crowns of vie - to - ry He pivea To those who would His cliil-dre.i he. "3 

I'm list- 'ninp: for tlio wel-coiue call. To Bay:" The Jlas-tcr wait - etii tliei'!" :; 

That He fniniheav'ntocarlh wa.s hinii-ht, To die, that I may live a - hove. " 

'Till I shall reach uiy heavenly hnnie. And juiu tho ev - or- last, in^ Bong. 

For I am on - ly wait - ing here To hear the summons :" Child, cotne home T^ 


Then ask me not 



lia - ger long A - mid the gay and thoughtless throng, 


No. 299. |lot far from fijc .IVutgbom. 

" Thou art not far from the kingdom of Goi 
Words arr. 

Mark 12:34. 

Ira D. Sankby. 

1. Not far, imt far fmm tho Kirig-dnm, Yet in tho Bhad-ow of sin; 

2. Not far, not fur the Kiii;,'-dnm, Wliero vni - cos wliis. jht ami wait; % 
:i. A - way in the <liirk and llie <lau - ger, Kar out in the night and the cold; 3. 
4. Not far, not far fmui the Kiug-ilini, 'Tin on - ly " ''•- "" t>pa<-e ; 5. 


WM^E^::mi^:m^^^mii « 


How ma - nv are Tfun. Ing and go - ing!— How f<\v there are on-ti-r-ing in! tim - hi to -u-ter in hcM - Iv, So lin-g.T slill oul-hide the gate. 

There Jo -suH is wait- ing to liMid S. ten-d.-r-ly in - to Hin foM. 

Hut oh, younuiyHlill he for- ev - er Shutout fnun yon heaven - ly i>l»ee! 

5 6 5 11 


t^ot fax from ttt iKinsbont. 


jM^r-j i Jt^ 


iTiw hw tliereuie tn - t.r- iiig in! Iluw fcwtb«rear« eu-ter - ing iu! 

> '^ \>» 


u — I ^1 

IIiiw mu - ny aro coni-ing and go - ing! — How few tlieiv ure eii • ti-r-iiin in! 

No. 300. (Onin a ¥icam of Sunshine. 

" r.c kindly .-iflTcctioneil one to another." — Kdm. 12 : 10. 
Fanny J. Crosby. Jno. R. Swbnbv. 

1. On - ly a li<'iini t>f hiiii • hImih-, Diit uh, it wiis warm ami bii^lit; Tlio 
'J. (In - ly a In'iiin of euii-tiliin« Tliiit in • to u dwrll- ing cn-pt, Wlu-re, 
:i. nil - ly a word for Je - sun! Oh. 8iH'«k it in Jlis diiir nauii-; To 







heart of a wea - ry trav . 'ler Wius checr'J by its wel - come Binlit. 
o - ver a fad . ing rose - bml, A moth - er her vig - il kept, 

jx r - ish-ing souls a - round you Tho nieti - sago of lovo pro - claim. 

_w"--:^-w— I — -£ ^ !S-:^£- 


On - Iv a lieam of Biin - shine That fell fmm tho arch a - b<ive. And 

On - ly a beam of sun - shine Thatsmil'iflim' her fiill - ing teiirs, And 

Go, like the faith - ful sun - beam, Your mis-siou of joy ful - fit; Ito - 

ten - der - ly, soft - ly whig - per'd A mes - sage of peace and lo 
showM lierthu bow of prom - ise, For - got- ten per -Imps for years, 
nieni-ljer the Sav-iour's jirom - ise. That lie will be with you still. 


®nls a Btam o£ Suns^ttu. 


No. 301. 

Joel Barlow. 


g^foulu, mg Soul. 

(St. Peter, c. m.) 

A. R. Reinaglb. 

1. A - wake, my eoul ! to soinid His praise, A - Wiiku my harp! to sing; 

2. A - nioii^ the peo- pie of His care, AikI tliro' the iia - tious round, 

3. Be Thou ex - alt - ed, my God! A - bovo the star - ry traiu; 

4. So sliall riiy chos-eu sous re - joiie. And throng Thy courts a- bove; 



Join, all my pnw'rs! the song to raise, And morn-ing in - cense brin?. 

Glad Bongs of praise will I pre -pare. And there His name re - sound. 

Dif - fuse Thy heav'n -ly grace a- broail, And tencli the world Thy reign. 

^VhiIe sin- uers hear Thy pard'ning voice, And taste re - deem-iug love. 

No. 302. ^'bc Cbilir of a liingi 

Hattir E Bui'll. 

Heirs of the kingdom." — Jambs. 2: 5. 

John B. Si'mnkr, jirr. 


1. My Ku-ther is rich in hons - en and lands. He hold-eth the wealth of the 

2. t\y Ka - ther'sown Son, the Sav - four of men. Unco wan-di-r'd c'ereartli as the 

3. 1 once was an out - stran - kit on earth, A sin - ner by choice, an 

4. A tent or a cot - tage, wliv sliouhl 1 care? They're Imilding a pal - aco for 

fS^t C!)tni of a SingT 

^i^^^di^^ ^E ^^^^^M 

wurM in Hid baiidg! Of ni • bipu and diuiuondu, of nil • vor and p>M, Ilin 

po<jr-e»t i.f tliiin; But now He ia reiKuing for ev - er du liigli, AuJwill 

a - lien by liirtlil Hut I've been a • dopt-t-d, my nanie'ii writ-ten duwu, — An 

me o - ver there! Tbo' ex - iled from borne, yet atill I may liiug: All 

bi^ ^^ms^^m 


)f - fers are full, — He Iiuk rir)i-c« un • told. 

(Ill • lers are luii, — iie iiiut nrn-iii un • loia. v 

Kive me a in beuvn by and by. I j.^ ,i,p cj,ii,j ^,f 

lu-ir to a nianbioD, a tuIh-, und a cri<wn! C 

glo • ry to Gud, I'm the child of a King!'' 

a King! The 

child of a King! With Je . suit my Sav-lonr, I'm the child of a King! 

No. 303. 

Sonc[S of 6(abiuss. 

" In thy presence is fulness of joy ; at thy riKlit hand there arc pleasures 

forever niurc."—Ps. 10 : ii. 

HoRATns BoNAR. Alt. Ika D. Sankbt. 

1. Siinga of glad-ness, nev - cr gad - ncssi, Ping the ran-«onied ones in heaven; 

2. Kv - er gun- 8b i no, lie v - er uluid - ow. Calm, mild, clear ce - les - tiid day; 
:{. Kv - er paz - ing, b.v - ing, prais-ing. With tlie an - gel hoKtg a - b-iv.-; 
4. Nev - er sigh- ing, uev - er Biu-uiug;No dig- trubt, uur doubt, uor feum; 

J r e 


An - them swell, ing ev - er tell - ing Of the joy of aoulg for-given. 

Ev - er Bum - mer in it.s bri^ht-nesg, Nev - er win - ter or de - cay. 

One e - ter - nal Hal - le - lu - jab. One e - ter - nal song of love. 

Thro' tfie long un - end - ing a - geg, Thro' the long e - ter - nal years. 


%sin%s a{ (Qtlabiusf. 

Ev - er Bing-ing, ev - er say - ing, God is Life, and God ib Lovel 



giUsscLT ^ssitmita. 

" He that believeth on me hath everlasting life." — John C : 47. 
Fanny J. Crosbv. Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp. 

1. Blesa-eil as - Bur - anco, Jo - bus is mini;! 0, whiit a fon- - tusto of 

2. Per - fcit null - mis - sii)n, jier-fect do - light, Vis-ions of riipt - iiro now 
,"5. Pur - fi'ct Bub - mis - Bion, all is at rest, I, iu my Sav - iour, am 

— " V y — s^— H 1 U — M" — i^-^ 1 — — i* — y — y-' u ^ ' " ^ — 

iiU - ry (li - viiu'! Heir of kuI - va - tion, jinr-iliiise of Cud, S 

hurst oil my ninlit. An- i;rU dc - scend - iiij;, liring tVi>m a - hovo o- 

liii|> - i)y and Watching and wait - ing, hmk - ing a . hovo, ^ 

Chorus. t 

n..Mi of His Spir - it, WiiMliM m His M.mmI.i 

Kill - oes of u\<f - cy, whiH.pera of Inve. ^ Tliis is my sto . 17, 

Filled with Ilia h.umI - nens, hmt in His love, ) 

' * 2?'" 

IBIfHstlJ SHSursntt. 

f : r f f f 

*z» pr^w< 

tliiM JH my Millie, rntiHiiig my Suv - iour all tlte ilny Imhk; Tlii8 in my 

^ g^ e :e eTe • ^ ^ 

k ^ p^Mte^^^-^-N^^F^fS 

^t iljc Cross. 

' Look unto nic, ami be yc saved." — IsA. 45} M. 

R. E. Hddson. 

I,.! liiicl .li.l iM.vStviM.irl.l I. Aii.lili.l my S..viTriKii <li.<?W.>iilcll|o .l.«..|.. tlmt 

I r.ii . riiiiiMlluil I Ii;ivimI , II.- cnmiH-l u|h^.ii tlur Ir.-.. 7 A - nui/ - v, 

..|»t..f Kri.rcaiiii.'.ir.-|«iy Theilit.t cif l..v.. I ..wo; lli-n-, L..1.I, luivfrny- 

. f. Choru*. 

(la - frcitlioini Kor mnli a 

|;ni(-e unknown, Ami li.vo Im> y'.i 

(H'lt ii-way, 'Tis all tlint I ran d 

4^* i» it 

pr.-n!'. At tlio crriBg, at the cnnw, where 1 



first .siw llioliKlit.An.l tlio liiir-.l.Ti ..f my lii-arl r..Il.d n - way, \' viae 

r..ll..i a-wny. 



tlipro l>y faitli I re-coiveil my sii;l.i,And now I am l)ap-|.y all tlio day. 




No. 306. |n % Sbatrnto of gis Mings. 

" Hide me under the shadow of tliy wings."— Ps. 17:2, 
Rev. J. B. Atchinson. E. O. Excbix. 


1. In thesliad-ow of His wiugs Tliere is rest, sweet rest ; There is rest from care aud 

2. In thesliad-ow of His wiugs Tliere is peace, sweet peace,Peace that pass- etU un-der- 

3. In thesliad-ow of His wiugs There is joy, glad joy, There is joy to toll the 



la- bor, Tliere is rest for frieuil and neigh-bor ; In tho shad - ow of His wings, 
standing, Peace.sweetpeacethatknows no end-in^; In tho sliail - ow of His wings, 
Bto - ry, Joy ex-ceed-ing, full of glo - ry; In tho sluid - ow of His wings, 

^ m m « ^ , m • • g— g-— -g^-:g--^g--r-r- -r 


There is jieace, sweet peace. In tlio shad|-ow of His wings There is iwiC0,S7feei /eace. o 
There is joy, glad joy, In tho shad-ow of His wings There is joy, ^'/ad joy. J 

There is rest, Tliere is peace, There is joy In tho shadow- of His wings; 

sweet rest, sweet peace, glad joy, 

jgui*-. •(*•- _ -^ -g-ig-, .-r -g- T -r- -g. -^ -T^ * * •*-. -p- •!*• 1*- • m« 




There is rest. There is peace, There is joy. In the «had-ow of His wings. 

Sweet rest, sweet penro, gladj-iy. 


No. 307. 7 Iffsus, ^bn ^anu J |tob«. 

J. G. Deck. 

(Lytk. 6s. & 4S.) 


1. Je . Biif^Tliynamo I liivp, .Ml oth - rr names a-lwvr, J.-- Bii-i.iny Lortl !(ili, Thouart 

2. Thou, Mengfi'l.^ Ill ofOfi-', Uaxlbimchtnie with Thy MooJ.Jp- i<uti,iiiv L'lni Idli, howgrrat 

:i. Whentm-toTheo I fl^e, ThuU wilt my B'f-ucB 1><", .Ii'-suh, my L<.r.l I >Vlmt ueeii I 

4. SonnTh'juwiitcomoaiiaiu! I Bliall l>o hap. py then, Jo- BU.-t,uiy L' ml! Then Thine own 

all to mo I >'"th-ine to ptoajto I boo, a-part from Thoo, J<' - mis, my L^inl I 
is Thy love. All otti-or Iovoh a-bovo, I.mto that 1 dal - ly i>nivi-, J.' . I.itJ I 
now to foar? Wliatcartlilv pri.'f or r.iro, SiricoTlioiiart ov . or iioar, Ji- - huh, my Lor.l f 
faco I'Upoo, Th.n I el.all likeThrel.o, Tlion cv- cr-nion. with Thoo, J.' - rrns. my Lord I 

-I &•- 

No. 308. 

Fanny J. Csosby. 

" Arise, he callcth thcc." — John ii : aS. 

Gbo. C. Stbbbins. 


1. .lo - Kiig is ton-dor-ly call -inRthon homo — Tall-inR to - ilay, nll-iiit; t'l-day; 

2. .lo - 8I1S is call-liii» tho wi-a-ry to ro«t — ('all-iiiK to-day, call-in;; to - ilay ; 

3. Jo - sua i.s wait-in^, oh, cino to Ilim now — Waitinj; to-day, wail-in;; to-day; 

4. Jo-tiua is pload-ing, oh, list tu IIi8 voice — Hear Ilim to -day, bcarllini to-day; 


^^ — ti '^ ^^^ -£ -S ^ 



Why from tho [imn-shino of love wilt thou roam Far-therand far-thor a - way? 

BriiicHimtliy hur-den, and tliou ehalt btt Most; IIo will not turn t'loo a - way. 

C'onio with thy dins, at His foot low - )y bov^ ; Come, aud uo lo R-or do • lay. 

They who bo-liovo on His nauio shall re- joico; Quick-ly a • rise and a - way. 

Cal'i - . ing to - day 

Call- iug, call-iug to- day, to-day; 

call . itiR to - day ; 

Call - ing, call-ing to - day, to-day; 

— r — >—> > > *^ — t*^— I ' h >~i — ^ 


^-^'S g-V: 


Je - SU3 i3 ten-ilor - ly 


rall - - ing 
call-ing to-day, 

ten - der-ly call-ii 





No. 309. Sfeall sou? S^I |P 

G. M J. 

(Subject from M. E. I.) 

LUKB 13: 24. 

Jamss McGranaham. 

1. Some one will en • ter the pearl - y gate By and by, by and by, 

2. Some one will glad - ly his cross lay down By and by, by, and by, 

3. Some one will knock when the door is shut By and by, by and by, 
\. Some one will sing the tri - umph - ant song By and by, by and by. 

Taste of the glo - ries that there a - wait. Shall you? shall 

Faith - fnl, ap-proved, shall re - ceive a crown, Shall you? shuU 1?.. 

Hear a voice say - ing, "I know you not," Shall you? shall I?.. 

Join in the praise with the blood-bought throng, Shall you? shall I?.. 

Some one will trav - el the streets of gold. Beau - ti - ful vis - ions will 

Some one the glo - ri - ous King will see, Ev - er from sor- row of 

Some one will .all and shall not be heard, Vain - ly will strive when the 

Some one will greet on the gold - en shore Loved ones of earth who Lave 

there be -hold, Feast on the pleasures so long fore-told : Shall you ? shall !?..._« 

earth be free, Hap - py with Ilim thro' e - ter - ni - ty^: Shall you? shall I? 

door is barred, Some one will fail oT the saint's re- ward : Shall you? shall 17 _ 

gone be -fore, Safe in the glo - ry for ev - er - more : Shall vou? shall I? _ 

No. 310. ^\, Monbrous |lmncl 

" Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God." — Isaiah 9:6. 

Victoria Frances. 

Ira D.Sankiit. 

1. Oh, woikIp us Name, r>y prophets liearil IjongyearHhelore Ilia birtli; They saw Ilim r<ini-in(j 

2. Oh, gloriiiiiM Name, the angels pniise, A iid ninsomen •saints a - (lore,— The Name a-bovo all 

3. Oh, preriousNamo, ex- alt - ed hl«n.To Ilim all i)i)\v'r is given; Thro" Illm we tri-umph 

®b> SBon)nrou5 Kamtl 




from a - far, Tlie Prince iif IVaceon earth. 

oth - cr uaiuea, Our Kef - uiff fv - er - more. V The Won-der-ful ! The Cuun-sel • lor ! The 

o - ver iiiu, By Him we eu - tur heaven. ) 


- er-lasl-ingPriuecof l».-are!TheKin«,theS4iui>f G.u 

Great au<l Mighty T^.nUTho ev - er-last-ingPriuecof l».-are!TheKin«,theS4iui>f G.ul! 

Kl.. .\ A I HAN 

No. 311. eljc Tobc that gabc ^Jfsus to JJu. 

Jn". :,: \(>. Jamks M'.Gkanaiian. 

• -^^ *■ *• ♦ -^ •^^ • 

1. Let UK BiiiK "f tlie love of the lioril, .\ii iiow to IhiMToHM We ilraw iii|;li : l<et us 

•J. n li.iw creutwa;* the love that wan (ilioun To iih — we eai v-.r tell why— Not to 

:t. Now tlii!4love iiii-to iilUiiHlcoiii.nii'iiiU, Not one woiilil llii«iiier-ry [iiuw l>y : "Wlnxo- 

4. Who 1.1 he that i«iiii.p-tt- rate tli.*e WhomC.Hliloth in love jim - ti . f v ; What-Mo - 

i N 


8 M^najfpf:^ m^^m^m^M 

1 ^1 


h'iuj; to the pniirtu of the G.mI of all (:':"•', For the love that K<>ve .le - hiih to ilio. 

nil - ni-ls. lint »/<«.• let UH praise Ilini a - (;;tin For the lovt- that ^ave .le-MW to die. 

ev - er NJiall eall," there i.i |>itr->ion for all In the love that gave Je-miH to die. 

L'V - er we m-etl lie in-cluile:) in the deed, lu the luvu that gave Je- 8UH to die. 

Repraik. N 

O tho love that gave Je • siis to die. The love that gave Jo - bus to die; 

^ ^ .M. ^ M. M. M. ^r^M- _____ _^_ 

" ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ? ^ k b« •» 

Praist^God, it is mine, this lu 

di-viue. The love ( 

;aveje-8us to die. 



ta— ft.— 1?"| t?^^=6i^ 


No. 3ia. # §totkr, 'fife's lotttntn gtoimmixg* 

" Resist the devil, and he "Aill flee from you." — Jame-5 4: 7. 
RiAN J. Strrling. Ira D. SaVtKOT. 

1. O brotli-er, life's jour-np be - giu - ning. With courage and firmness a - rise; 

2. O bnitli-cr, yield not tlio tempt - er, N'o mat. ter'i^hat otli. ers may do; 

3. O bruth-or, the Sav-iour U call- ing; Be -ware of the dan-ger of sin; 

J 1- 


rj— =ii 

Look well to the course thou art choos- ing, Be earn- est, be watchful, and wise; 
Stand fimi in the strength of the Mas-ter, Be loyal, be faith -fill, and time; 
Re - sist not the voice of the Sjnr - it. That whispers so gen - tly with - in ; 

Ke - mem- bor, two paths are lie -fore thoe, And both, tliy at-ten-tion in- vite; '^ 
Kachtri-al will make you tlie strong- er. If you, in the name of the Lord, 8 
Godcallsyou to en - ter llis serv - ice,— To live fur Uimliere,diiy by da}', -^ 


J^-)— J- 

But one leadeth on to de-Btruc- tiou,— The oth-cr to joy and do - light. 
Fight niaii-ful-ly un-der your Lead - er, O- b.^y-ing the voice of Ills word. 
And share liy and by in the glo - ry Thatnev- er shall van - isli a - way. 


God help you to fol-low Ilis Imu - ner, Andservellim whorev - or you go; 



And when you are teinpteil, my broth - «<r, Cod give you the gnwo to say "No." 

i ^f^fm- 

No. 313. 

Isaac Watts. 

Sob, our pdp. 

(Bembrton. c. m.) 


1. G.kI, our 

2. Tri- dcr the 
a. Uu- fore the 
i. A thuu-saud 

help in i 

ohail - ow o 

liilU in <> 

a - ges, in 

KP8 i>ast, Our hiipo fur yiirs to 

Thy tlirouo Still may wo dwoll bo • 

diT Btood, Or earth ro - c<ivej Iut 

Thy Bight, Are liko on evo - iiiiig 



Our shfl - ter fmni the storm - y 
Suf - (i - cierit in Thine arm a 
From ev - er • lust • in*? TImu art 
SlRirt ud tlie wutcli that eiuU tho 

hhuit, And our o - ter - iial homo: 

lone, And our do - fence is sure. 

{JimI, To e:icl- lesa yearn tho sumo, 

uight, »o - foro the rid . ing snu. 





No. 314. 

gtax llofi 

1. Fear not! Ood Ix thy Hhield, And IIo thy (ireat ri'-warl; His miRlit lui.s won the 

2. Fear not! for God hiLf heard Tho crv of tliy di:)- tres.^ ; Tho wa - ter of Ilia 
:i. Fear not! K- not di.i-niayedl Ho ev - er- niorewill be With thee, to give Hin 
4. Fear not! ye lit. tie tlock ; Your Shephenl noon will come, Oivo wa - ter from tho 


field: Thy strength is in the Lord ! ^ 

woril Thy faint -ins soul shall bless. { -^ , „ n «♦:„<-■ !>.. „•■. •.» ; ... m.ot 

aid And Ho viU strengthen thee. \ ^'■''' ""*' tis G.xl s o« n Yo„ e 

rock, Anil bring you to His Lome! ■' 





1 — >-> j ' ^ — \ -»>-' s r* — --I r— I — t?- 

speaks to tliee this word ; Lift upyourhead: re - joice Iq Je. bus Christ thy Lonl I 

:^o. 315. ^^txi s^all hi S^obtrs cf |SItsstng. 

El. Nathan. 

EzEK. 34: 26, 

Jambs McGranahah. 

1. "There shall be shuwei-s of bless-ing:" This is the prom-ise of love: Thereshallbe 

2. "There Bliall be showers of bless-iug" — Pre-cious re-viv-iug a-gaiu; U- 7er the 

3. "There sliall be showers of bless-iug:" Send them up - on us, Lord; Graut to us 

4. " There shall be showers of bless-iug: " Oh, that to - day they might fall, Now as to 

g ^ _ r , r • ■ ''"^ . ' T- -r- -r -r J ^^ - _ _ - 

-8 m — m \ \ \ m — p — m — ■ ^ m—S^ 

sea-sons re - fresh - ing, Sentfrom the Sav-iour a- bove. .. 

Lillsandthe val - levs, Soundof a-bundanceof rain. I cu ,., .™ ». „ ™„f »i o<^,„, 

now a re. fresh- mg, Come, and now hon-OT Thy Word. ^Sb'^"'"". showers of bless- ing, 

God we're confess - iug. Now as on Je - bus we call! -' |^ 

I I '' ^ r ^ y> ^ ^ \ 

Showers of blessing we need; Mercy-dropsroundusare falling, 15ut for the showers we i>U'ad. 




-^-^- ^ — fet: 

No. 316, ITumbtrhss as tk Sanlrs. 

The number shall be as the sand of the sea." 

F. A. B.,arr. 

-HosjA 1 : 10. 

F. A. Blackmer, arr. 

-N— N— t 

1. When We g,ith-pr at last o - ver Jor- dan, And theransomcHl in plo - ry wo see, 
'.;. When we Kit- all the saved of the a - ges, Whofromsorrow and tri- ala are free, 
?,. WtuMi westandbytho beau-ti- ful riv - er, 'Neath thoshadoof the life-giv-ing tree, 
•I. When at wo bo-hold our Ke-deem-er, And His glo- ry transcendent wo see, 

^ -J5r»- 

4 j r^^g=gEg ^g^pg ZEg=J=^^=Sirr-g "^IgaEfl.^ 

U 9 I 


-J --_-*- =i&=t ^H- 

As the tniniber-lesHiundiiof the H<-a-nh(ire — What a won-<ler-ful sight that will be I 
Meet-ingllierewltbaheav-on- Iv greet- ing— What a won-der-ful sight that will be I 
Ca/.-ing - vi-r the fair land of - is. — What a won-der-fulhight that will be I 
While iw King of ill kingdoms lie reign -eth— What a won-der-ful sight that will be I 



ITmntctUss as ttit StrJis. 

Banda of the shore I (of the shore!) Oh, what a right 'twill bo. When the 

raD-eom'd boat 'we tee, Aa niini-ber-lefla aa the aaods of thn 8<^a -fhun- ! 

I I u* w U ^ i 

'^h'ltit iMxih gfle. 


1. A • bide with me! Fart falls the e - Ten - ti'Ie, The dark ■ 

2. Swift to Itfl cli*e ebtw out lifc'ii lit . tie day; l-jirtli's j..y» cn«w 

3. I need Thy rrea - eiice ev . 'ry pn-sa - Ing hour, What l.ut Thy 

4. Hold Thou Thy cross be- fore my cloa - ing cyea; Sliiiio thro' tlio 

gloom, and 

Lord, with me a - bide I Wlicn oth - er help - erg 
its rIo - riee |va88 a - way ; Change and do • Ciiy in 

can foil the tempt - er'B pow'r? Who, like Thy- self, my 

the akies; Heav'n's morning breaks and 

fail, and corn-forts flee, 
all a -round I see; 
guide and stay can be? 
earth's vain sha<loW8 flee I 
I I 

H<-lp of the help-less, oh, 
O Thou, who changest not, 
Th;o' cloud and sunshine, oh, 
In life, in death, O l,ord, 



bide with 

l.Me with nief 

bide with me ! 

bide with me ! 


No. 318. Ilcjota lit % Sorb S^Ibair. 

Wilbur F. Crafts. ~ 

James McGranahan. 



1.0 praiso the Lord with heart aud voice, With God's own word your doubts de- stroy, 

2. My life is hid with Thine, O Lord, And shel-tered from the world's a-larm; 

3. For noth - ing anx - ious I shall be, But trust-ing Thee in ev - 'ry- thing, 

4. The ioys that mcm-'ry turns to pain, I leave for joys that nev - er cud: 

- - - Iff: :e Iff: ^ --. -^ ------- ^ ^ re. Iff: 

Lot those that trust in Him re - joice. Yea, let them shout for joy. 

Why sliould I sink bo - neath my load, When lean - ing on Thine arm. 

With thanks for ev - 'ry gift from Thee, My troub - les all take wing. 

My loss I count my rich - est gain, For Christ His joy doth send. 

/ Chorus. 

joice, re - joice in the Lord, re - joice in the Lord al - way ; p 

e, re - joice in luo Lioru, ana a - gam i say, lie - joice i 

lie - joieo iu theLord,ro - joico in thoLord, 

No. 319. (B, fanir of % glesstb 

" Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom."- 


Emii.v H. Miller 



1. Laud of the bless-ed 1 thy sliad-owloss skies Sometii 

-Matt. 25 : 34. 

Ira 1). Sankky. 

I hour the glad BongH tliat tho glo-ri-flod sing, Steal o-ver E - ter - 

D.Si'-JaUcli. 6tU a^iimite of thygiory an J /,t;ht, AndvtK^ptn " iCoM^ (io4Iv/frt ih^r^i" 

®. lanb o{ tt)t fiUsBtHI 



2 O La.i.] ..f th- M.-ascI I thy hilU uf .Kliglit 
S'riii-iiiiii'ri to my viniuii iiuruM ; 
Thy niuii.iiiiiH Cflc8tiul, thy iuUlx-h liright, 

Thy bulwiirkri uf Josiwr auil enlJ ; 
Dour viiiofH iiro ilianting thy choruM uf yniit 
Their fornm in thy HuiiliKht ure fair ; 
/ I l(H>k fruui the vulli-y of shadow* Im-1iiw, 
V AuJ whi«lHT ; " \V»ulJ OuU I wern then' ! 

Dear hoiii.- ..f my Father, th.m City of pixkco. 

No shotl'iw lit t'huiiKiiii; can niur; 
Ilow'glail are the souls that have taKtod thy j«yl 

U.iw hUtit thiiH- iiihal>itaiil!< are I 
When weary of t..iliii>.', I think of tlie day— 

Wlio kiioWH U its .liiwhini,' he near?— 
When III' wlinilnth |i<ve me aliull call uieaway 

From uU that hiith hunlmeU mv here? 

No. 320. 

ITciircr tbc Cross. 

" Th« cross of our Lord Jesus Christ."— Gala tians 6 : 14. 
F. J. Ckosbv. Mrs. J. F. KNAPr. 

1. " Near-er tlio cnit« !" my lieurt ran say, I amoim-lni; near -or; Near -er the 
•I. Near-er tlui Chris-tiaii'Hmer - cy wat, I am^; near - er; Kca«t-ltiK my 
3. Near-vr in |>ray'r my hope aii-pireri I am com- in^ near - er; Deep - er the 

croos from day to day, 
h'Mil un man - iia Hwe<!t 
luvu my Boul de-HireH, 

am rom - Ing near- cr; Ni-ar - er thocrom where 
am iiim- ing near-cr; ytrmiK'-er in faith, more 
am Com- ing near- er; Near - er the end of 



Ju - sna died, Near - er tlio fount- ain's crim - son tide, Near - er my Sav - ionr's 
clear I nee .le . bus who gave llim-eelf for me; Near - er to Ilim I 
tiiil and care, Near-er the Joy I long to share, Near - cr the crown I 

^-i- i^ t ^^ — ?~^ — I 1-" 

- |* • • * •—* — -^ 

wnuud - eil Bide, I am com -ing near 

Btill Would be: Still I'm com -ing near 

soon Hhullwear: I am com -ing near 


I am com - ing near - er. 

Still I'm com- ing near . cr. 
I am com- ing near - er. 

No. 321. % Sl^tlhr itt i^t Cxme of Starm. 

Words arr. " My God is the Rock of my refuge."— Ps. 94 : 22. Ira D. Sankkt 

1. The Lord's our Rock, in Him we bide, A shel-ter in tlie time of storm; 

!. A shade by day, do - fence by uigbt, A ehel.ter in the time of storm; 

J. TUe rag- iiig storms may round ua beat, A sbel-ter in the time of storm; 

4. O Eock di - viue, U Uef - uge dear, A shel-ter iu the time of storm; 

Se - cure wliat - ev - er ill be - tide, A shel-ter in the time of storm. 

No fears a - larm, no foes af- fright, A shel-ter in the time of storm. 

We'll uev - er leave our safe re - treat, A shel-ter in the time of storm. 

Be Thou our help - er ev - er near, A shel-ter iu the time of storm. 

Oil, Je - sua 

Je - sus is a Rock in a wea-ry laud, A shcl-tor iu the time of storm. 

:sm . -!*--i--e-:g-_^— * — ^ -^^ 


p;ftr-mont«dyed? Oh, tell me now Tliy name. 
wiiu'-i>r('ss red? Oh, wliy this crini-Hou tiilc? 
arm liiiHbrouglit Sill - Tu-ticm iti Thy numul 

E-dom'Bcrim-8on plain. With woundi'dsidi-; with o' 
Su viT-v depp-lv dvedi— Likethomthattri-ad thi- •< 
llowcouldst Thou bo»rthli»h«meT With mer -cv fr»uglit, Thine ,7 

"I that saw thy soul's dis-tress, & 
"I the win«'-prc»8 trod a-loiii>, .5 
" I the vie - to - ry have won, 


A ran-8om gave; 
'Neath sorrow's wave ; 
Con-qiiercJ the grave ; 

I that ipeak iu rightcousueisti, Migtat-y to aavet" 
Of the poo- pie thiTewaanunu >Iight-y to Bovef" 
Now the year of joy ha8 come, Jlight-y to savel" 

pI (to Bavf!) 

No. 323. 


Christ l^rosel 

' H« U not here, but is riien."— LuKl 14 : 6. 


i I, J- 

1. T,>w ill thegravpllol.iy- .lo - mis, my Saviour! Waiting the coniiiig day— J. •mik, my l,onlI 
•J. V:iiii-ly Ilii'V watch llislx'il-.le . huh, my .^av-ioiir! Vaiu-ly thoy wiil ihodi'iicl — .Ic-shh. my I.onll 
;i. li..ithraiinotkpophiHpr.y-.)e. miH,my8av-iour! He tore the ham a -»nv— J. -r-u^, mv l...irl! 

-^-i — I — r-^r-] — I — ^^|* | »*r~~r" T - tr -| — f--±j=_f— ,_-t<s,.ii 

Chorus. .^M/*r. . ik fe 1 

I u IS ■ - ' 

I'p from the grave lie a- rose. With a might*; triumph o'er His foea; 

He a.mee, lift ^roeel 

Softln anb Ctnberlj. 

Y/iix L. Thompson. 

1. Soft- ly ami tea-der- ly Je-sus is call-ing, Call-ing fur you and for me; 

2. Whyshoul.lwotiir-ry when Jc- sus is pleading, Pleading for you aud for me? 

3. Time is now Heet-ing, the moments are im-ssing, Pass-ingfrora you and from me; 

4. Oh, for tho wou-der- ful lovo lie has jiromis'd, Promis'd for you and for me; 



Karn-e»t-ly, ten-der -ly, Je-sus is call-ing, Culling, pinner, ronio homo I 

No. 325. 

" Whosoever will let him tal<c of the water of life freely."— Rkv. za: 17. 



Mltotljtr mil. 


1. wiin - living Rr.ulH, why will you roam A - wnv from Ood, n - Wjiv fmm homn ; 
y. Ito - hold IliH hands ex- tend- ed now. The dews of night are on" llishrow; 

plo faith His wnrd Ive-ljeve, And His a - hun-dant gnire re-reivo; 
it and lliK ihideHny, Come!" Anil find in Him sweet rest, and home; 

3. In si in 

4. Tho-.-^pIr 

ffitbocbtr ntflL 

Tho Sav - imir c:ills, () Mini kiv, Who - cv - rr will may O'luo to-day. 
Uf kiiiK;kB, Ho calls, Ho w;iit. iili (.lill;Uli, oiut' to lliiii, wlio.ev- er will. 
No Invo like His th« Inart can fill, lib, cmo to IJiiu, wlio - ev - or will. 
Let him that Lear- et!i, cch - o still, The blths.eil who - se • ev • er will. 

W'ho-ev-or will, who-ev-er will, Who-ev-cr will may dmo to-day; 

WIi,.-cv . cr will 

.lay, Ai 

■I.T of life. 

j <^ \ ^ S? tr* *» •* •? ^ 

No. 326. 

John Newton. 

I will arise, and go to my Falher."— Lokb 15 : 

Arr. by Ira D. Sankby. 



1. Af - flio-tioua, tho' thoy 

2. "Wliathave I gained liy 

3. "Ill po and toll him 

4. Ills fa - thrr siw him 

BO - vcre. In mer - cy f>ft 
8.iid, "l?iit hiin - pcr,(ihanip 
U I've don.', Fall down »kj . for.! 
m-iiiR hack; He saw, ho ran, 
'O fa - tlier, I have eiuncl — for - giv.- 1" K - nouch," tho fa - 
Tis thna the Lord Ili-s love re - voals, To call jhit sin - 

wut ; 
said ; 
Lome ; 

They Btotip'd tho pro.! - i - gal's ca - roer. And cansed him to re - pent. 
My fa- thor's Louse a-hoiinds in brea.i, Whila I am starv - ing here! 
Un - wor-tliv to he railed Lis son. I'll seek a serv- ant's place." 
And throw )i 1:1 arms a- round tho no.k Of Ids ro - hnll . child! 
"T!o- i. iro, niv Louse; inv son's a - live For whom I mouriRMl as dead!" 
M.jre than a fa- tlior's lovo Ho foels, And wel . com.-s all that come. 

Ct)t ^robfaal's 3Rtturn. 

'IT nof die here for bread, " I'll not dio here for bread," be cnee;"Norstarve m 

No. 327. Casting all jtour €ixxt wpoit pirn. 

From Cesar Malan, by J. E. A. 

PE1.5: 7. 

Jambs McGranahan. 


1. Eiiw Bwect, my Sav - iour, to repose Oa Tbitie al-niigbt - y p)w'rl 

2. It is Tliy will that I shonUi <:u<t Jly ov - 'ry care on Tlioo; 

3. That I should trust Thy lov - iiig rare, And look to Thee a - lone, 

4. Wliy should my heart then be dis-trest By dread of fu - tiiro ill? 

To feel Thy strength up - hold - iiig mo, Thro' ev - 'ry try - iiig hour I 5 

To Thee re - fer each ria - iiig grief. Each new per - plex - i - ly; - 

To calm each troub - led thought to rent. In pniyer be . fore Thy tl;n«iio. ■< 

Or why should un - bo - liov - ing fear My fremb - liug spir - it fill? 

Cast - ing all yourcaro up - ou Ilini Caat-iug 

Cast -Ing all ycur rare ill your care up- on Him, 

d^artCng all jour CTax: upon flfm. 

4— >- 


No. 328. 

^'abor (L)u. 

" The harvest truly is plenteous ; l.ut tlic laborers are few."— Matt. 9: 37. 




1. In tlie hiir-v.-.-t li. 1,1 tli. iv i^ «,.rk ti> il.i. F..rtlic Kniiii i.s riiH.,nii.l tin- n-ai^TH few; 

2. Crowd tli.-f.':irh.r«. II witii its -!,. avsnll l.ri-lit, L.-tth.-B..ii- U- Ih..- luurt l-i- li^ilit 

3. Ill the -rli Mini's ;i:iiiuM:iv lorili re-wuni, Tho' tho time i)eeuinloiit;,uuil the lul>.>r hard 

4. Lt>! the ll.iive.<t II.IMeiii"tli.r.ahiisa-hove Shall IwgaiDcd by each who ha* tolleil and .trove 

And tho Ma.stor'8 voice bids the workera true IIe<Hltho cill tliiit He jciveH to- day. 

] ill the»hours,erotlie«hude3ofniKht Take the place of the pdd - en day. 

Imt the Mxsler'u jov, with His tht.»eii(ihiireil,I)riviirithef:l'H"u from thedark-est day. 

UheiithoJIiister's Voice, iu its t^.m-s uf love, CalU a - Way to e- tor-nal day. 

F..r the Mas-ter hassaid, He will strength renew; La-bor on till the close of day. 

No. 329. ^laxn to €)Ott iht Jfd^cr. 

" Every tongxie should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory 

of God the Father."— Phiu 2; 11. 

El. Nathan. James McGranahav. 



1. "Fur Gud snloved !" Oh, wondrous thomel Oh! wondrous key to wondrous scheme I 

2. lu love God gave, iu love Christ came, That man might know the Fa-ther's nama, 
man He tar - ried here be - low, The pow'randluve of Gud to show; 

• on til e cross His life He gave, Uis peo-plefrum their sins to save; 
God ex - alt - ed from tlie dead. He reigns on higli the liv . ing head 

H. As 

4. Up 

5. liy 


I I 

A Sav - ionr sent to 

And in th(^ Son sal 

T.i lielp and Ileal all 

For de . S(HMul - ed 

Of ev - 'ry soul for 



sin - fill men— Glo - ry to God the Fa - therl 

va- tion claim— Glo - ry to God the Fa - therl 

lui -man woe — Glo - ry to God the Fa • ther! 

to the grave— Glo . ry to God the Fa - ther! 

whom Ho bled— Glo - ry to God the Fa -therl 



ry 1.; 

. th. 

Glo-ry t..God the Fa - 
Glo - ry, Glo- ry, G/o-ry to the Fa-t/urlC,\o - ry, Glo - ry, Glo-ry to the Fa.ther I 

• ry, Glo. ry to Ocd the Fa - ther! 


» _ _ 

No, 330. Malt, nnlr Purmur Hot. 

It is good that a man hojie anti ijiiietly wait."— Sam. 3 : ifi. 

W, H Bkllamy. 


1 Ir.iiiti. lid liciii-I.Uiere i.s a home, He • vond the reach of toil and c«re; 

2. Vet « h. 11 bowd down be-iieath the loud Ity lieav'n allowM, Ihineearth-Iy lot; 

:;. If ill t)i> I'litli Home tlioriiHaru found, O, think who bore (hem on Ilia brow; 

1. Tuil on, iKir di'em, Ihu' Koie it be. One High un-hejinl, onepray'rfor - got; 

tail, Hnl) ^urmur Not 

A home wliere changes mv-cr come; Who wouIJ nut fain l>6 rest -Ing tbereT 
Look npl thoul't reach that lilcst a - bode. Wait, meok - ly wait, and uur-mur not 
If grit-r thy Borrowiiii; heart lias found. It reached a ho - li - er tliau thou. 
Tlio day of reat will dawn fir thee; Wait, meek - ly uail, aud luur-mur not. 


(), wait, 

ni'tk - ly 

-r—"— t tr 

nx'ek . ly wait, and iiiur • mur nnt, O, 


Nait, wait, and nmr - mur ii'.L 

meek -ly wait, O, miir-mur ii..t. 

^ . ^ ^ 25.. 15- ^ J ^ ^ J" J^ J* I 

So. 331. €^nst gcttibtt^ 5inful Pen. 

" They that are whole need not a physician, but they that are sick." — Matt. 9 ! la. 

Arr. from Nkumaster, 

James McGranahan. 
J f^ 

1. Sin - nere Je • bus will ro - ceivo : Sound this word of grace to all 

2. Come, and IIo will give yuu rest; Trust Him, for His word la plain; 

3. Nuw n;y heart con-demau me not. Pure be - fore the law I stand ; 

4. Christ ro - ceiv - eth sia - ful men, E - ven me with all my sin; 

(R>tfat 3ae«aett ZirtM fSCvx. 

Wbo the heav'tt - ly path- way leave, All vho lin - ger, all who fall. 

He will take the sia • ful - est; Christ re - ceir - eth sia - fill men. 

He who cleansed me from ill spot. Sat - ia • fied its last de • maud. 

Purged from ev - 'ry spot and Btain, Heav'n with Him I ea . ter in. 

U I 

ceir - - eth ein-ful men; Make the mes . - iageg 

ceiv.etheia. fulmen, Christ re -ceiv- eth sin - ful men ; Make the message plain, g" 

.0. .0L .^ ji.^ -^ .m.' M. M- M. m. jm.' ^ 


clear and plain: Clirist re - ceiv - eth sin - ful men. 

Make the mt'S-Kage plain ; 

No. 332. y^t % Sabbur ml 

" 1 f any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come In to him." — Rkv. 3 : 90. 


9 Saviour In I 

1 Thero'wa Stran-ger nt the door. 

2. O - pen now ti) Him your lirart; 

3. Hear you nowr His lov-iiig voice? 

4. Now a<l - mit the heav'nly Guest ; 

* ^ * j:" I 

Let Him 

Lot Him inl 

Lot Him Inl 

Let Him in! 

Let the Saviour In I Let the Saviour In I 


IIo hii3 bi'c-n there oft bo - furp; 
If you w;iit Ho will tie - jKirt; 
NoWjOh, now in;'.ke Him J' )iir choice; 
He will make for jou a fiiuit; 

Let tbe Saviour in 

W W> I 

Him iul' 
Him in I 
Him iDl 
]Iim in I 

Lft the Saviour in I 

Let Him In tro Ho U Roue; Let Him in, llio Ho . ly One, 

Li't Him in; Ho is your i'ricud; And your Boul Ho will do - feud. 

Ho |9 Bland, iii^ at tlio door; Joy to you IJi will ro . store, 

He will 6i)( ilk your Bins for - giv'n. And when earth -ties all are riv'n. 

m=^=i=i=i.^^t^,. — -^ 


Jo -Fus Christ, thoFa-tlMT-s P.ui; Lot 
Ho will keep you ti> tho end; Lot 
And His nnmo you will a - doro; Lot 
Ho will take yciii homo to hoav'n; Lot 

J-> 1 LctthoSnTioiir Int 

Him inl 
Him Int 
Him inl 
Him in! 

I,.tlho Saviour inl 

I fooluir ia Itsus. 

No. 333. 

" I looked to him, he looked on mc, and we were one for ever." — C. H. SruRCBON. 
El. Nathan. James McGranahan. 

1. I looked to Jo- 8us in my sin, My woe and want con - fess - inp ; 

2. I lot>ked to Jo- sus on the cross, For me I saT Him dy - ing; 

3. I looked to Jo - bus there on hiijh, From death iip-niised to clo ry ; 

4. Ho looked on me I O look of love! My heart hy it was hro - ken, 
6. Now ouo with Christ, I find my peace In Him to bo a - bid ing. 


Tn - done and lost, I camo to Him, I Bought and found a Mess - ing. 

God's word bo-lioved, that all my gins Were there tip - on Him ly - ing. 

I tnist - ed in His power to save, I?o - lieved the old, old sto - ry. 

And, with that look of love. He gave The Ho- ly Spir-it's to - ken. 

And in His love for all mv need. In child-like faith con - fid . ing. 


to Him, 


I looked to Him, to Hi 

-m. If: 

J r-* .m • T'—r^^ ^' ^ -"F-r-* * 

on me, 

He looked 

I — "H — I — I — t—^ — r- 


' Ho looked on me, on me 


It: — r= 

looked, And 

re :e 

for ev - er.' 

No. 334. 

f tt us dTrobit pint. 

" O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name." — Ps. 8: 9. 

Rev. E. Pbrronet. James McGranahan. 

Allcc:yettn modcrato. |^_ ^^( ._ 

1. All hail ttie pow'r of Je - mis' namr! T,ot an - gels pms-t rate fall; 

2. Let ev - 'ty kin - dred, ev - 'ry tiil..\ On this Icr-ros - tiial hall, o" 

3. that with yon - der sa - cred throng We at His feet may fall; "a 

IhiiiK foith the rov - »1 di - a - dom, And <rnwn HiniLord ..f all. 

To Him all maj..-» - tv as - nil.,., AiM <-n.\vi, Iliiuhord of all. 
We'll join the ov - er . last-iiig son;,'. And cicwu Him Lord of all. 

Let ns crnwn Him, Irt us rr.nvn Him, Lot ns g, 

Let lUi <r..wMlIim L..rd of all, Let ns er..«i, Him Lord of all, l.i.t us ' 

^.ri^-/L- A. j:?.:'- J. J. ^-^.-Jl-i, 


%tt uff Crofnn J^im. 

-K — U 

^-s" -i :?f=r: 


crown the tircat Ke-dwui - ir Lord of all; L<-t uscmwn Him, 

Let UM crnwu Him l^ird of all, 

^ ^ > > ^r:r^M ^ J- ^- 

-it us cTowulIiiuLorJ of all, Lit us cruwutlioUrLat Ki'dfouitr Lord uf aU. 
I ^~^ 1 f-^- 

No. 335. 

e^uhc He us ^ Int. 

" Him t'uat comcth to mt, I will in no wiic cost out."— John f>t 37. 
Ei.izA H. Hamilton. Ira P Sankbv. 

1. Jo- (nis, my LonI, tn Thi-o I rrv ; I'n - li-sa Thou li.lp nio I niiint dii- : Oli, 

2. Ilclp-li'SH I am, niid full i>f cuilt ; Hut yit fur nm Tli.v I>1.~h1 uiu<H|>ilt, And 

3. No |>rrp - nr - 11 - tiou can I maki-, My Iwst ri'-wplveg I i>n - ly l'ri>nk,Yi-t 
A. ]!i' - hiilil luo, Sav - iuur, at Thy foct, iK'al with luo ati Tlmu tH.-o • hI DiretiThy 

tiring thy froft Bal-va-tionni^'h,Ancltaknnii> aa I am.. 

Tboo canstmskemewhat Thou wilt, And takn nio aa I am. ( 

(lavomofor Tliinoiiwii nami'".i8;iki',.\Mil tako uio as I am. (" 

work begin, Thy work ciiniiilelf.Aud take mo as I ani.^ 

And toko mo oa I am, 

me as I am. My on - ly pk-a-Christdied fornn-! 01 

And take me as I am. My on - ly pk-a-Christdied fornn-! Oli, take moa.? I am. 

No. 336. Souls of ISttn, hi^ir iMiIl m Smthr? 

F. W. Faber. 

All we like sheep have gone astray." — IsA. 53 : 6. 

\Vm. B. Bradbury. 



1. Souls of men, why will ye ecat - ter Like a crowd of fri!;ht-eird elioep? 

2. It is God! His love /o^-t^ mij,'lit-y, lUit is miglit - ier than it seems: 

3. There is no place where earth's sorrows Aro more felt than up in heaven; 






Fool - ish hearts I why will ye wau - der From a love so true and deep ? r 
'Tis our Fa - tlier, ami His fond - ness Goes far out be - yotid our dreams. C 
There is no place where earth's fail-iugs Have such kind - ly judgment given. s 



Was there ev - er kind - er Shep- herd. Half bo g;en - tie, half so sweel 
There's a wide - ness in God's nier - cy, Like the wide - noss of tbo sea; 
There is wel - come for the sin - uer, And more gra - ces for tho good ; 

As the Sav - iour who woiiM have us Come and gath - or round His 
There'sa kind- ness in His jus - tier, Whieh is more than lib - er . 
There is mer - cy with the Sav. iour; There is hoal - ing in Uis 

4 But we make His love too narrow, 

By false liniit.H of our own; 
And we ma^'iiifv His Ktriof ness 

With azral lb> will not own. 
There is plentiful redrniption 

In tho blood that has been shed; 
There is joy for all the members 

In the sorrows of tho Head. 

If our love were but more sim 

We should take Him at Ilis 
Anil o\ir lives would all be sun 

In the sweetness of nur Lon 
FortheL.veof God isbn.a.ier 

Than the moiisures of man's 
And the heart of tho Kternal 

Is most wonderfully kinti. 






No. 337. Mclfomc! Munbcrtr, Mclcomc! 

' This my son was dead, and is alive again ; he w.-»s lost, and is found." — I.ukb is : 24. 
HoRATius Bonar. IraD.Sankry. 

' 4^rii« _tf^ 


Witherthouart none, Hearafar voice rjdlin^," My sonlmy sour 
, Kalntlna.rniul.lKMl lone, Come to lore nud RUdne..." My son niy Son ^ 
:j. " Lenv,- the haunts of riot, Wuutod, woe-boKoiie, Sick at heart and weary," My BonI my son! 

SSeltomrl iBanDtrtr. IRcUomtT 

i "Welcome! waud rer.weleoinel Welcome back to homel Thou had waadered far awar : Com3 bomei ooue komel" 
i -m. ■m--m--m- '^^-(9- ■«• ■*- ■• -•- -<=-• -J- -mL-m- w^^-ffrS:^ M. .^. . ^ 

4 "See lliediMirtitill oli.Ii I 

Thou urt Blill uiy own; 
Eyiii of love are on thee, 
iMy Son ! my Bon !" 

5 " K;ir ipff llioii liant wunJereJ ; 

Wilt thou lurth.r rwini? 
Come, anil uti U |>uriloueJ, 
Jly son 1 my bou 1" 

I I 

C "S.e the w.l|-spreaJ table, 
Til fori.'! it ten one ! 
Here \* rt-staml plenty. 
My Hon! my b-ju!" 
7 " Thou art rrieudleiM, bomelaK 
Uopeless, anil laidone; 
Mine is love unchan^^iut;. 
My sou I uiy sou I" 

No. 338. 

F. J. Ckosby. 

'Wixxi a Cjatfjcringl 

' Sorrow and slgliing sh.iU flee away." — Isa. 35: 10. 

Ira D. Sankbt. 

* « 



1. (iri that bri;.'htiinil poM -011 morn-int;, wheu the 8ou of man s1iallo<iiie, Ami the 
•J. When the I. lest wlio sleep in Jo - su.s, at His bi<l-ilin^ shiill a - rine Kniii the 
:i. Wlieii u'lr eves lie-holj tho cit - y, with its ma- ny maiiMionsliii^lit Ami its 
4. U tliu King is sure • ly coiii-ing, and the time is draw -lug ui^h, When the 

radiance of Ilis glo-ry wo shiill Bee; When from ev - 'ry clime and na-tion If e shall 
si-leiieoof the grave, and from the s.ii. And with bod - ies all c« - les - tial they shall 
riv-er, calmimd re.<t.ful,t1i.w-inic free; When the friends that death has (nrt-ed fliall in 
blessed day of promise, wu shall see; Then the changing "in a uioiuent,""iu the 

call ITis poo - plo home, WTiat a gath'-ring of the ran-somed that will be. 

meetllim in the skies. What a gath'-ring and re - joic- iiig there will be. 

blisa n- {rain u - nitc, WbU a gath'-ring and a grevt-ing there will be. 

twinkling .if an eye," And for- ev - er in His pres-euce we shall be. 

» gatb'Tiug,wbat a gatb'riug. 

gatb'riQ£,what a gathering, 

Wi\^Ki a (Eiatiitiing 1 

g&th'ring of tho ransomej in tho summer land of love; What a gath' 

-•- -^ -i^ -_ _ --f- -^ -^ -0 

what a gatli' - ring, Of the ran-somed ia that hap-py home a - bove. 

No. 339. €omt, Sxtni ^Axbtxtx, €amt. 

1. hear my cry, be gra-cious now to me. Come, Great De-liv' - rer, come; 

2. I have no plate, no shel-ter from the night, Come, Great De-liv' - rer, come; 

3. My path ia lone, anJ wea-ry are my feet. Come, Great De-liv' . rer, come; 

4. Tliou wilt not Bpuru con - tri-tion'a bro- keu sigh, Come, Great De-liv' - rer, come; 

My Bcul bowed flown is long- ing now for Thee, Come, Great De-liv' - rer, come. K 

One Inok from Thee would give mo life and light. Come, Great De-liv' - rer, come. 

Mine eycn IcMik up Tliy l.jv-ingBmilo to meet, Come, Great De-liv^ - rer, come. S 

Re - ganl my prayer, luidhear my hum- ble cry, Come, Great De-liv' - rer, come. V, 



O take me now, and bring me to Thy fold. Come, Great Do-llv' - ror, come. 

No. 340. 

^o'o ot toitg J)«ai 

" The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."— Rom/.ns tC : ao. 
J. E. Rankin. W. G. Tombr. 


1. Goil bo with ji.ii till wo nifct a - Rain !— By His cnuiinclsiniulr, u|^lic.M you, 

5i. GikI bo Willi you till W" unit ii - Kiiiri !— 'Niiilh IliswiiiKKpnittctiii^ liido you, 

3. G'mI bo with yi>u till wu nuot a-guiu! — Whoii lifoViMT-ilHtliiik CDiirnunil ynu, 

4. Gud bo with you till wo lufut a - giiiii ! — K<-ii>liivo'Hl)uiiiKTlli«it-iii)i; oVr you, 

I \ jf. M. A ja. ^ .(S. , 

P^ I W — t^—w — t^— 

1^ t: pm;^^^^^sm:p£ 


M'ith llisulioopoo-ciiro-ly fold you; God )«> with you till wo most a-gnin! 

Hiii - ly iiMii-iia Flill di-viJi< you; G-hI bo with you till wo moot a-Kiiiii! 

Tut His niuis un- fail -iiiKrt>iiiid you; G'xl l>e with you till wo moot B-^;HinI 

Siiiitodoutli'athrcttt'uiiiKwiivolMforoyou; G.kI Ikj with you till wo moot a-guiu! 

* ^ ■<=- .-*-■*- m J '^ 


Till wi 

Till WM II t ! Till wo moot at Jt 

111! Till wo moot a-Kiiiii I l^ 

.0. 0.. m- .»- -«. jfc. ^.M-J^-'M. Mj f^ 

u w r 

Till wo unit ! Till wo mi 

Till wo mr.l! Till 

•t ! God bo with you till wo moot a - gaiu 1 

t a -gain I 

:ff-:«--f Z 

No. 341. (TIjrou^lT iljc ^nlU\r m\ii iht .Sbubolu. 

" Vea, though I w.illc liiroiigh the valley and the shadow." — FsA. 23: 4. 
A. Dykes. Ira D. Sankey. 


1. r must walk thro' tho val - lev and the Bhad - ow, But I'll 

2. Whoa I walk tin..' tlui \:A - l.V ami tho eliad - ow, All the 

3. Tho' I walk thro' tlio val - liv and the shad - ow, Yet the 

4. I shall walk thro' the Val - Uy and tho shad - ow, 1 shall 


■gf- N J* 


^fltougf) ftt "Falltj tints t\)t Sbaiofo. 

jour - ney in a lov - ing Sav - iour's care 

wea - ry days of toil - iug will be o'er 

glo - ry of the dawn -ing I shall see 

fol - low where my Lord has gone be - fore 

--e— ^g- -r -g-- 

He hath said He will 

For the strong arms of 

I shall join in the 

Thro' the mists of the 

nev - er, nev - er 
Je - BUS will en 
an- thems o - ver 
val - ley He will 




f — — u-j-^— ^=s ^P =i — r I - 

^ T 

With His staff He will com- fort me there. 
And with Him I shall sor-row no more. 
Where the loved ones are wait- ing for me. 
Till I rest ou the ev - er- green Shore. 

> ^ .*. A 


Thro' the val - ley, thro' the val- ley, Thro' the val- ley and the shadow I must go. 



No. 342. %mzt, f tita is Ithte. 

J. Dbnham Smith 

' He is our peace." — Eph. 2 : 14. 

James McGranahan. 

1. Goirs almight-y arms are round mi;, Peace, peace is 7nine; .Indgment scenes need not con-- 

2. While I hear life's rug- ged bil-lowa. Peace, jwace is mine; Wliy suspend my harp on J 
:j. Kt - 'ry tri - al drawsllimnear-er. Peace, peace is mine; All Hisstrokes but make liim 5 
4. Wel-come cv - 'ry lis- ing sunlight, Peace, peace is mine; Near-erhomecachroll-ing 3. 

full Mil me, Peace, peace is mine. Je - suscamell 

wil- lows? Peace, peace is mine. I mayhingw 

dear - er. Peace, iicace is mine. TJli'SS rHiciitl 

midnight, Ptvice, pi'aceis mine. Healliuiid lull cii 


idf and sought me! Sold to Death, Ho S 
hri.stbe-sido me, Tlio' a tlioiisand g. 
iiid tliat smit-eth, (ieii- tly, ami to g 
lul a|)-pal me; Safe ill Christ what-* 

I ^. - . -m. 

@»- j:^4^g^^^:^=ga=g^g3|^ ^ 


^eatt. ftstt U Iftiiu. 


fuunilaiiillMiught DiL-l Then uiy bli-«^iMj rtvtrdumtaiiKlit iin-, IV 

ilU Ixj-tiile Die; Safo- ly Ue hath iworu to ^iii<le iiie, l'< 

heiil dc- light. eth ; Tis a-gaiiist my j/>rj He fi-ht-Hh, V, 

eer t>u - full Uie; Caliu-ly »uit 1 till He cull uie, I'l 



J i^=i 


, |»«ce 











3^^ -1 


No. 343. 

poll oXnia glc 

IsA.45: aa. 

Jambs McvJranahan. 

'I«xikuu>to Die, and be ye 8ave<l," O hear tliu blent roninianil, Sal • va-ti>>n 

'i!. " Look uu • to uie,"up-uii the erorw, O wi-a - ry, |inrdene<l winl, 'Twan there on 

3. "Look un- to ni<-," thy ris • rn Lonl, In ilaik t<-iii|i -la-tioii'ii hour. The iiee<l - tul 

4. •■ Look lia- to UiD," uiiil Hot witk-in, X> help ii thtrt for thee ; Kor pur-don 

/jv Chori's. 


fiilU Fal-va-tlon fri'<'! Pn^-Ialm tlm>' ev. tv lanu.-. 
>Ie thy eiu8 were liiiil, Ite- lii-vu and be iiuule whole. I 
prace I'll free- ly pive. To ko'pfmmSatanVpow'r. f 
p<-uc'eandull thy uci'l, I><M)k on- ly tin -to Me. ' 

'liuokuu-tu Uie, and be ye 

•* LtMikiintuine, 


( u u "^ *^ u 

God, I iini GikI, there id none else Lix)k .lu-tt me,audbe ye tsaved." 

there iH none else, and be ye saved." 

j».M.M.^ M. m. M. ^ S-.-^L N Nfl.'^J^ N 

tea— t^t»::t»ziB ==zi:73:zg^=tiitz=t==«r-*-t"-r»-i— ^ — ^_^,;_^h- _•_ ,^ 

Wo. 344. Pu »ct1K^ lorrct. 

" Iter chWren arls^ up, and call her blessed."~PR0V. 2t : 12S. 

Words and Music by T. C. O^KaUS. 
Soi.o. Moderato. 

1. Ad I waudered 'ruuud the homestead, Ma- uy a dear fa - mil - iar spot 

2. Tho' tU« house was held by strangers. All re-mained the same with - in; 

3. Quick 1 drew it from the rub-bish, Cov - ered o'er with dust so long: 





Bro't with -in 
Just as when 
When, be - hold, 


my rec - ol • lec-tion Scenes I'd seem-iiig- ly fur 
a child I ram-bled Up and down, and out and 
I heard in fan - cy Strains of one fa - mil . iar sou, 


There, the or -chard — mead-ow, yoii-der — Here, the deep, old f;ish-ioned well, g" 
To the giir- ret dark as-ceud-ing — Once a source of child -ish dread — i" 
Oft • en sung by my dearnioth-er To me in that truu-dle bed; | 


With its ( 
Peer- iug tl 


2de>tJing. Slow. }3 

- cov - ered buck-et, Sent 
mist- y cob -webs, Lo ! 

thrill no tongue can tell. >^ 
saw uiy truu - die bed. ^ 

4 Wliile I listen to the music 

Sti'idiiig on ill gentle strain, 

I am now a iliilil again : 
'Tisthe hour of my retiring. 

At tlie dusky eyeutide; 
Near ni.y trundle bed I'm kneeling. 

As of yore, liy nu)ther"« siile. 

5 Hands are on luy head so loying. 

As tliey were in childh<iod's days; 
1, with weary ton.'s, am trying 

To repeat ihe words she says; 
'Tisa priiyer in language simplo 

As u mother's li|w can frame : 
"Father, Thou who art in heaven, 

Hallowed, «iver, bo Thy name." 
•Use second ending. 

6 Trayoris over: to my pillow 

With a "good-night !" kiss I creep. 
Scarcely waking while I wliisper, 

"Now I lay me down to sleep." 
Then my iii'llHr, o'er me bending, 

l'i;i\-^ in . words, but mild: 
" Ilr;,! iin le ,vr, O heavenly Father, 

l!le>s, oil, hle^s, my preeions child!" 

Ne'er ni be .i "ehilda^ain; 
Many years has that dear nioUier 

In the quiet cliurehyard lain; 
Hut the mem'rv of her counsels 

O'er my nath' a light has shed, 
I>ailv calli ig me tt) heaven, 

Kven from my trundle bod. 

No. 345. m, Monberful Morb! 

•' The Word of'^tho Lord en.lureth for ever."— i Pktkr i : -js. 
J. 1» STi:ni.iNf;. Ira D. Sankf\ 

1. tlh, wonder- fill, wi.iid.'rful W..rd of tlie l.ordl True wis.l.nii its pa- ges nn - fold; 

'Z. Oil, woii.dei-fiil.woiideiliil Word of llii' l,oid!The lamp I hat .Mir Ka-lluT u - bovo 

:i. Oh. woM-der-fiil,w .M.leiful Word of llie l.oi d I ( Mir on - ly sal - va- tioii is there; 

4. nil, woii-,l,.r- fill, woiiderlnl Word of the Lord! Tin- hope of our fi ieiid5 In the p.isl^; 

is.l.iiii its pa-ges nn - fol. 
iiplhat our Ka-lher U - bo^ 
I . ly sal-va-tioii is tliei 
,e of our friends in the pas 

•%. Olonbrnol CB»iti 

Aii'l tlio' we may iT,villioiuaU)ni!flandtiinc«'>'iT, Thov tiPT-rr, no iipv-er, f;r.iw old! 

60 kiii'l-ly had li-hti-l to t.ach iis the w»y That lomJuto the amn of' 1Im Iuto : 

It car. lies Coll- vic-tioniiowii ilfcijiii the heart. Ami ghowsuBourwIvo!. as we are. 
ItstruUi, ivhcri-sofirml.vih.-yaiichonilth.irtnut, Thru' a - grs e- ter- luU shall 



KachIiuehathatri>iL>iuri>,rarh|irnmir<ea pearl. That all if tln-y will may ho. cure; Ami w« 

Its wnniiiiv'Nitdroiiii.'M-U, ari'faithriilaiiJjiiAl; ll8 jii<l;;iiit'iit.'< are perlt'it ami pun-; Arnl wo 

It fills of a Savioiir.niiil (loiiitK tothetroM, Vhi-rv iiunloii weiiow may M-- 1 iiic; For we 

Oh, wiiii-iler-ful, womUT-fiilWorJ of the Ltirill l"mhuiig-iu(r, a- bid- ing anil sure; For we 

M. M. . M. M. jL M. jt. jL . M. M. .ei. .m. .m. 

V that when time ami (he worM iHi-«a - way, G.Hl'aWorJiihall forev 

^ , ^ \ M. M. jt. jf. . M- M. .ez. ^. jm. ' -m. -m. .^ 

No. 346. 

^Ijc .^luctttst |tamc. 

" Thou shall call his name Jesus ; for he shall save his people 
from their sins." — Matt. 1:21. 

W. BbTHUNK. Vm. B. PRADBintV. 

[There is no nnmo so sweeten earth, No name so sweet in lieav-en 
[The name, lie. foro Ilia Wondrous birth. To Christ the Sav-ionr ( 6>w/y.) 
|.\nJ when He hung np • oa the tree. They wrote thisnainen-lHiveliim 
[That all might see the rea-sou we For - ev-*r.moreiuvi»t(C?»»//.) 

giv . en. 
love Jlim. 

S D.C. 

-=•-1— '— — - — r n^ ;< I — -1-=*^ ^ ^ 1 ~i^ — ' — — r 

— For there's no word ear tv ' er heard So dear, so tweet, as (Omit.) 
Refrain. ^ ^ I I I , 

'^^^ ^^^^S^^^^^ E^i 

"Je- sus! 


love to sing of Clirist our King, Ami hail Him bless - eJ Je - sus I 

3 So now, ujion His FaHier's throne — 
Almighty to release us 
From sin ami pain — He ever reigna, 
Tbe Prince und Saviour, Jeaua. 

4 Jesus! by that matchless Name 
Thy grate shall fail us never 
To-iJay aa yesterday the same, 
Tbou art the aame for ever I 

No. 347. 

inrbor gdl. 

-; suddenly a he&VY fog 
led, not 

•'We were nearing a dangerous coast, and ntght was drawing 
settled down upon us ; no lights had been sighted, the pilot seemed anxious an3 trouble 
knowing how soon we might be dashed to pieces on the hidden rocks along the shore. 

The whistle was blown loud and long, but no response was heard ; the Captain ordered the 
engines to be stopped and for some time we drifted about on the waves; Suddenly the pdot 
cried, — Hark! and far away in the distance, we heard the welcome tones of the Harbor bell, 
which seemed to say, This way, — this way, — Again the engines were started, and guided by 
the welcome sound we entered the port in safety." 

John H. Yates. 


Ira D. San key. 

1. Our life is like a storm -y sea Swept by the gales of sin and grief, While on the 
2.0 let us now thecall o - bey, And steer our bark foryou-der6hore,'V\n\eiestillthat 
3.0 tempt-ed one, look up, bestroug; Tlieprom-ise of the Lord is sure ,That the v shall 
4. Come, gracious Lord, and in thy love Couduct us o'er life's stormy wave; guide us 


-*^g-_L-gL . -e- ■ 

windward and the lee Hang heavy clouds of iiu . be- lief ; But o'er the deep a call we § 
voice di-rectsthe way, lu plead-iug tones for ev - er more; A thousand life wrecksstrew the s 
sing the victor's song, Who faithful to the end eu-dure; God's Ilo-ly Spir- itcomesto «. 
to the home a-bove,The bliss-ful home beyond the grave; There safefrom rock, and storn, ^ -d o 

flear, Like liiir-bor bell's in-vit-ingvoice; It tells the lost that hope is near. And I ..Ms the j^ 
sea; They're going down at ev'ryswell; "Comeuuto me," Oomeuu-to nie," Uing-soatth' eg 
thee, Of His a - bid-inglove to [tell; To bliss-ful port, o'erstormy sea,Callslieav'nViu-2. 
flood. Our song of praise shall nev-er cease, ToHimwhobonghtus with His Wood, Andbroughti 

va'-^'nf Ilar.bor b^l!: [ This way, this way. heart oppress'd, So long by storm and tem-pest 
I to the port ofiH'aco. ' 

driT'n;This way, this way, In, hero is rest, Ringsout the Uar - bor Ih-11 oflieiiveu. 


No. 348. 

Ho Dope in Jfesus. 

" Having no hope, and without God in the world." — Eph. a : ii. 
(). CusHiNG. Rev. ROBBRT LownK. 

1. Oh, 
•J. Oh. 

3. Oh. 

4. N..U-, 


to have no Chrwt, no Sav-iour! No Buck, no R»-f- iigc uigli ! Wlienthodarkciayi 
to have no Christ, no ."^av-i.nir! How luue-ly liff niuxt Ik-! Lik>' n (yiil - nr, 
to tiavi; no Christ, no!«iiv-iiinr! No hand to c1a.-ip thine own ! TIjM'thi- dink. dark 
wi' pray thoe.como to Je-8us;llis pard'niug love re - Cfive ; For thpSav-iuur 



'vi lUiid thio prath-cr. When the mnmn iweep ocr the ikr! .. 

1 >st and driv.i-n, On a wide andHhorelt-ss Bea. I Oh, to have no hope In Je - win! 

vale •<■ shadows. Thou must prp!« thy way a -lone. ('•Come to Je- 
iic'V is call, in p. And Ho hids theo" turn and live.'' 

BUB, He wdl save you; 

\o Fiiiiid.ii.iLi^ht in .TcsusI Oti, t<>havono h<'P« In Jc-wm! How dark this wurM nni-'t l"'l 
III' is the Krii-iid of ninMers;Thco,wbcn thou ha»t found the Sarlour.IIi'W hright this woiM will hid 



* For last verse only. 

No. 349 

Words arr. 

A better countrj-, that is a heavenly." — Hub. ii : i6. 

Gro. C. Stbbbin». 



St * -»-.^- 

1. There is a land which liP9 a - far. Where prief is all un - known ; 

'2. We are hut jiil - prims on tlieearth, And brief our fu).journ here; 
:i. There is a realm of bound-lcsa love.A goal for hearts dig - trest, 

^ "'"-' - ■= — =--- cn=--= , 


A land where-in the an - pels sing A - round theheav'n-ly throne. 

But will we knowwbeu hence we po. There is a hripht - er sphere. 
Where all may find fur end - less years A home a-mung the blest 

Vtm tt « l.iira. 

g^^ ^^^a^ 

sun ne'er sets, But shines for- er - er - more, But slii 

for - ev - er - more. 

No. 350. "I mni^%t fifadlj. 

" And was dead ; and behold I am alive forever more." — Rev. i : i8. 
C. R. H. J. H. BuRKB. 

1. He dies! lie dips! the low- ly Man of sor-rows, On whomwerelaidourmanygricfeand 

2. He lives! Ilelivesl whatgloriousconso - l:i - tionlEx - alt- ed at His Father's own right 

3. He comes! Ue comes! blest an- tic - i - pa - tion! In. keeivingwith His true and faithful 

woes; Our sins Ho bore, be-ncath God's awful bil-lows, And Ho hath triurapli'd o-ver § 
hand, lie pleads for us, and by His in-ter - ccs-sion.Kn . a - bics all Uis Mints by ^ 
word; T« call us to ourheav'nly con-sum- niiutiou-Cuughtui), to hu'l/hr-ez'-er K 


, I UHORII-,. 


our fi 
grace to stand. 
wiik the Lord.' 

ho that liv . cth, that liv - eth and was dead, i 



I am ho that liv- eth, that liv- eth and was dead; And be • hold, I ora a< 

I am, I 

\ , -m. -»- M. -M. M. M. 

t — V- 


i am JUt ttot i^ibctt* 



No. 351. |on €omd^ in i^t |!tornm)gI 

" 'Vecping may endure for a night, bul joy cc.meth in the morning."— Ps. 30 : 5. 






Oh, wia-ry pil - grim, lift ymirhon.l : j.iy cnm-oth in the muni- 

Yo treiiil>-liiig saints, (lis -miss yiMirfeiirs: For joy com-ith in tlienioru' 

Let ev.'ry bur-den'd s-nil look up: For joy C'im-<lh in the niorn- 

Our Gu<l shall wipe all tears a - way: For joy com-eth in the uioiu-inj 


* * 


-9 g i \i>^=»- 




I u 

For God in His own \V..rdlmth eai'l That joy com-eth la the nioru • 

Oh, weep-iiig mourn -er, dry your tears: For joy com-elh in the morn. 

And ev - 'ry tremb-ling sin- iht hope: For joy jom-eth in the morn ■ 

Sor - row and sigh -lug fleo a- way: For j.>y com-eth in the iiioru 



ing t 

3oj ei/omet^ In tl)t JEoncfngl 

No. 352. gcjota, Stjcia "^ditbtx. 

" Rejoice in the Lord alway."— Phil. 4: 4. 

Gracb J. Frances. 

Hubert P. Mair. 

1. Re - joice, re-joice be - liev • er, And let thy joy and glo - ry cv - er bo 

2. Re-joice, in thy Re - deem - er, Thou hast a place that noth-ing can re-move; 

3. Re-joice, re-joice be. licv . er, A home on high is wait-iugnow for thee; 

4. Re-joice, re-joice be- liev - er. Press on to join the hap-py, liap-py throng; 


-h_4 1 





In llini, the Great Pe - liv - 'rcr, Wlio gave Him-self a pac - ri-Lce for thee. 
He bills tliee dwell In safe • ty, And rest bo-neathtlie ehad-ow of His 
And tliere, in all His beau • ty, The King of saintswith won-der thoiigJialt see. 
Where 8- Miu thy Lord will call thee To realms of joy aud ev - er - 


-joice, be- llev - er. Re- joice and sing Of •? 

re -Joice, O re-joice. 

Him who lives for 

ev • er, Thy great High Triest and King, 

-1 i- 


No. 353. 

Comt nrdo gtc 

" Come unto me all ye that labor, and i will give you re»t."— Matt, ii : s8. 
Nath Nokton. Geo. C. Stbbbins. 

1. "Como uu - to Me," It is the Suv-iour's voice, Tlie Lonl of 

2. Wea • ry with lil'c-'« long stnig -gle lull of |>iuii, O doubt • lug 

3. Oil, dy - ing man, with guilt uud itiu di«-iimyfd, Vith oon-ecii-ncc 

4. Kest, peace, ami lilf, the flow'ra of death -IciW Mihuu, The Sav • iour 

life, who bills ; tliy heart re- Jolce; 

8oul, thy 8av • iour&tllrf a • gain; 

wak - eued, of tliy GihI a - fniiil ; 

gives lu, uot be-youd tlio tcuili — 

w.a - ry heart, *ltli 

Thy douhtN shall vau . ish 

Twixt h.ijHH and ft<ar»— oh. 

Hut here, and Ui>\v, uu 


heav - y cared op- preBd'd, "Conio iiii-t.> Me," ami I will give yi.u rest, 

and tliy sor-rowa cease, "Couio uu- t.> Me," ami I will give yi.u |>ea(-e. 

end the anx- ions strife, "Coiuo tin- to Me," ami I will give y.>u life. 

earth,8ome glimpse is giv'u Ot jnys which wnit u* thro' the gates of lieav'n. 

— •g--^g'-^— e - p-g.-^-— p-a — -,^----^»— g-— ^g--r-<» - — jf-T - . „ 

"Come «u-to me," 

"come un -to 

nic, and 


to me," oh. 

me uu • to me. 

Couio ua - to Die, 

No. 35^. 3uh fmnt m fort. 

" So he bringeth them to their desired haven.' —Ps, »ey: 35. 
Iv. by J. M. Nbalb. 


1. Safe home, safe home iu port ! Rent cord-age, shattered deck, -vis-ions short, 

2. The prize, the prize se - cure! The wrest-ler uear-ly tell ; Bare all he could en-dure, 


And oL-ly not a wreck: But, oh! the joy,upon the shore. To tell our voyage per - ils o'er. 
And bare not always well: But he may smile at troubles gone Who sets the victor-gar-land on! 


No more the foe can harm t 
No more of leaguered camp, 

And cry of night alarm, 
And need of ready lamp : — 

And yet how nearly had lie failed— 

How nearly had that foe prevailed I 

4 The exile is at home ! 

Oh, niglits and days of tears I 
Oh, longings not to roam ! 

Oh, sins and doubts and fears I 
What matters now grief 's darkest day. 
When Gud has wiped all teal's away I 

No. 355. 


" The place which is called Calvary, there they crucified hinru" — Luke 23 : 33. 
W, M'K. Darwood. Jno. R. Swknbt. 

1. On Calv'ry's brow 

2. 'Mid rending rocks 

3. Je - BUS, Lord, 


loy 8av-iour died, 
and dark'ning nkii 
how can it be. 

'Twas there my 
My Siiv-iour 
That Tbou ibouldit 




lord w!us era -cl - fled ; 'Twas on the cross lie bled for S 




His head and dies 
Thy life for mo. 


The opening vail 

To bear the cross 










that dread 




my par - don free, 
and en.l - less day. 
on ('jil - va • ry? 






O Ciil - va-rjl blest Cal - vu -rj! 'Twaafliiro my Pav-lmir mo. 


No. 356. 

So It) t bott mn lianb. 

' I the Lord h.ive called thee and will hold thine hand.' 

Gracb J. Frances. 

-Isaiah 4a: 6. 

UuiiiRT P. Maik. 

1. IIiiM Tlioii iiiv luiiiil ; («> Weak I am, and lirlp . Iifw, I djire not 

L'. Hold Th..ii my hund ; nii<l cl.s . cr, tl.nt - t-r dnnv mo To Tliy di-iir 

:i. Hold Th.Mi my luii.d ; thrt wav h duik l.o. Iim* With - ..ut Die 

4. Hold Thou my huud, that wluu I rtuch the mar - gin Of Umt loue 

take one M.p without Thy nid ; IFoId Thou my Iiand;for thru, O l.>v-lnK 

self— my hoi>o,myjoy, my ail; ll.ld Thou my hand, l.>t hai> - ly I hho;d<l 

sun - li-iit of Thy fare di - vino; Hut whtiil.y failh I mtih its ra-<liuiit 

riv - er Thou didst cross for luo, A hfuveudy light may flu«li o-long its 

Sav - lour, No drend of ill shall make my bouI a - fraid. 

wan • der, And, miss- ing Thee, my tremh - ling f.-.-t should fall, 

plo - ry, Wliat hei^hta of joy, what rapt-uroirs p.. UK'S arp ndnef 

wa - ters. And ev - 'ry wave like cry;) - tal bright shall he. 


No. 357. S« 2^ Sironjg[ m % f orlr. 

" Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might."— Eph. 6. ! to. 
•St. ^'l athan. Ira D. SAMtcS^. 

1. "lie ye strong in the Lord and tlie pow - er of His might," Firm- ly 

2. " Be ye strong in the Lord and the pow - er of His might," Nev • er 

3. " Be ye strong in the Lord and the pow - er of His mistit," For His 

standing for the truth of Hiaword; He shall lead you safe - ly through the 
turu-iug from the face of the foe; He will sure - ly by you stand, as yois 
prom-is -ea shall nev- er, ner-er fail; By thy right hand He'll hold thee while 

thick-est of the fight, You shall con • quer in the name of the Lord. ."• 
bat - tie for the riglit. In the pow - er of His might ou - ward go. =■ 

bat-tliug for the right, Trusting Him thou shalt for ev - er - more pre- vail. :j 

vie - fry at the King's com-mand; For the hon-or of the Lord, and the 


tri- imiih of His word, In the strength of the Lord firm - ly stand. 


No. 358. 

JReswrMrlion gjorn. 

1. On the KcH - iir - ti-c • tion morn-ing, Soul ami Inid . y meet a 

2. Here a-wliile they must he part- cil, Ami tlio flesh its sub- hath keep, 

3. Fi>r a space the tir - oil IkxI - y ^Vait8 in i^acc tho niurn-iuKV ilawn, 

4. On tliat liap - py I^t - er morn-ini; All the Kravcs their ilcail re - store, 
6. Snni ami hoil - y, re • u • liit • eil, IleDcefortU uuth-hi); gliall di - vide, 



No more sor - row, no nmre weop - Uig, No .... 

Walt - ing in a ho • ly etill - nc-H, Wrapi>.d 

WUtn tliHro Ipriaks the last and liriRht-est Kast 

Ka - tlier, nioth - er, sis - ter, broth- er, Mi-ot . . . 

Vak - ing up ia CbriBt'BOwn like>DctM, S at -_ ■ 

more puin. 
i n sleep. 


No. 359. 

gtlokir, nohj nxt im. 





1. Sons of God, In> . liived in .If - susl O tho won-<lpiU8 Wonl 

2. lilcss-od ho|>e now bricht-ly iM'nm-ing, On onr God wo Boon shall uaze; 

3. By the power of grace transforni- ing, \Ve shall tlieu IliR i m - age bear; 



In Ills Son the Fa - ther sees us. And as eons He gives us place. 

And in light ce - les - tial glearo-iiig. We shall s^e onr Sav - four's face. 

Christ His prom- ised word per- form -iug. We shall thou His glo • ry share 

--=p 1 , ^r-^ 1,— ,- 

fe^EE ^^^f^^ gP I 

Bclobclr, nofa) art toe. 

bat we know .... that when He shall ap-pear 

shall be: but we know, we know, we know that when lie shall ap-pear, we 





know .... that when rte shall ap - pear, we shall be 

know, we know, we know that when He shall ap-pear, _ 

1 — r 

=|ICl^=u=u=tg=tg=tz=^=^z=£=-^ ^ 


^j^^^^m^mm m^m 


H. W. Grratorbx. 

No. 360. ^\nxt h \x Ham^ | S^oiji. 

F. Whitfield. 

( Gker. cm.) 



1. There is a name I love to hear; I love to sing its worth; 

2. It tt'Ua mo of a Sav - iour's love 'Who died to set ine free; 

3. It tills of One whose lov • in^ heart Can feel my small -est woe — . 

4. It bills my trenib-liiig soul re- joice. And dries each ris - iug tear; 

^nr^^^ ^-gi#^^^^ ^#|l 



It siimiilHlike mil - sin in iniiio ear — Tlio s«eet-est Name on earth. 

It tells mo of lliH pro • ciiius blood — The sin - ner's per - feet jilea. 

\Vhiiiii eaili sor - row Invars a part That none ran bear bo- low. 

It tells mo in a "still small voice," To trust, and not to fear. 

J ^^ 

.864 ' 

No. 361. ghsst^ be t^e ^ountam. 

Wash nic, and I shall be whiter ihan snow." — I'salm 51 : 7. 
E. R. Latta. H. s. Pkkkiiw. 

1. Itlc-ss-.'d 1«3 tlie Fuunt-aia ..f M."k1, T.. a w..rld of sin - iw m ro- v.-uI.mI; 

2. Tliorn-y w;m tliecrowii tliat llo vcro, AnJ tlio ci'«-d llis l""! • y i.'<r-c:imf; 

3. i'u-thur, 1 huve wau-UurudfrumThee, Olt- eu had my hi-urt gouo »-»lruy; 


Ble(«-ed be the dear Son of God: On - ly by Ills ptripcs wo are lieiilfd 
GrieVuudWiTU tho ii-ir - ruwg Uo b<Jre, Hut llo iiiir> fi-ri-d tlilia Imt iu Valu. 
Ciiui-Buti do uiy Bins scum to im— >Vu - tiT cull - Dot wu»li tlu-m a - way. 


Tlio' I've waudered far from nis fold, Bring-in;: to my heart |>ai 11 and woo, 

^lay I to that Koiiii-tain bo IimI, Mu<Iu torU-aiiocmy Kiii.i hcru U- - low; 

Jo - eud to that Foun-taia of Thine, Lean-iug ou Thy prwii-iso J go; 

"W';ish me iu the BUmhI of the Lamb, And 1 phall bo whit- er than snow, 
Ua.-li tiio iu thol!l..,H| that llo sh.-,!. And I hhall b.-«hit..-r than BU-w. 
CIranwiueby Thywaah-ing Ui - vine. And 1 eliall bo whit- er than huow. 

Wash me in the Blond of the Lamb, And I shall be whit-er than snow. . . . 

., N S N fe I S K , , rit . ... 

No. 362. |tobj l^e gag is #b*r. 

For the shadows of the evening are stretched out." — Jbr. 6 : 4. 

Sabink Baring-Gould. 

Joseph Barnbt. 

1. Now the 

2. Je - 8US, give the wca 

3. Thro' the long night watch 

4. When the moru - ing wak 
6. GIo - ry to the Fa 

- ry 

- 63 


Night is dr 
Calm and sweet 
May Thine an - 
Then may I 
Glo - ry to 


Shad - ows of the even - 
With Tliy tend'rest bless • 
Their wliite wings a- bove 
Pure, and fresh, and sin 
And to Thee, blest Spir . 


Steal a - cross the sky. 

May our eye - lids close. 

Watch- ing round each bed. 

In Thy ho - ly eyes. 

Whilst all a - ges run. 


evening Steal a - cross 

the sky. 

No. 363. Sn il^t Buxtt of fb f nscna. 

Thou shall hide them in the secret of thy presence.' 
Ellen Lakshmi Gorkh, of India. 

-Psalm 31 : 20. 

Geo. C. Stbbbins. 


1. Tn the se - cret of His pres-ence how my soul de- lights to liiilel 

2. When my Boul is faint and thirst - y, 'neath the sliad - ow of His wing 
'.i. On- ly this I know: I ti'U Ilim all my griefs and frars; 
4. Would you like to know tlie sweet - ucss of the se - cret of the Lord? 

Oh, how pro-ciou8 are the lea - sons which I learn at Je • bus' side I Kmlh-ly 
Thercis cool and jileas-ant she! - ter, and a f. vsli and crys - tul Bpriiig; .\iid my 
Oil, how pa- tient - ly Ho list -ens I and my droop- ing soul He cheers: l>o^y.iu 
Go and hide bo- neath His ehad-ow: this bIihII then be your re- ward; And when 




In 1\t %uxtt ot ^iM ^Tutna. 

cares cau nev - er vpx me, neither tri-als lay me Inw ; Forwiien Sa-tancomento 

hav- ioiirref^tg be - side me, as we holdcommu-uini] sweet: If I tried, I conKl uot 

tliiuk He ne'er re-proves me? what a false friend Ue would ho, If He nev- er, nev - er 

e'er juu leave the si- lence of that hap-py meeting place, Younius' find and lii-arlho 

tcmpt me, to the se - cret place I go, to the so - cret place I go. 

ut - tcr what He says when thus wo meet, what He says when thus we meet, 

told me of the sins which He must see, of the sins which Ho must see. 

im - age of tho Mas- ter in yuur face, of the JIas - ter in your face. 


? — r — ^T — 1 / — i>» — -—v ^ r r— pg^- 

No. 364. 

Cill fc Come. 

" For yet a little while and he that shall come will come, and will 

not tarry." — Heb. io: 37. 

Henry Ai.poRn. P. P. Blis 


I— -J— Ik — K-J- 1^ > 

\.''TUl He come I "—Oh, \ei the wordi Lin - ger on the trem-bling chords, 
2. When the wea - ry ones we lovo Eu - ter on their rest , a - bove, 

D.C. — Let us think how heav'n ami home 
D.C. — Hush I be ev - ^ry niur- mur dumb I 

Lie be - yond that," Till He < 

It is on ' ly " Till He come," 

Let the "lit - tie while" he - tween lu their gold - en light be seen; 
When their words of love and cheer Fall no long - er on our ear, 

e- :ff: .«. -^ J.'^J N 

3 Clouds and darkness round us press ; 
Would we have one sorrow less? 
All the sharpue'ss of the cross. 
All that tells the world is loss. 
Death, and darkness, and the tomb^ 
Pain UB only " TiU He o»m»," 

4 See, the feast of love is spread. 
Drink the wine and eat the bread: 
Sweet memorials, till the Lord 
Call us round His heavenly board, 
Some from earth, from glory some, 
Serered only " Till He eetne." 


No. 365. #nh)arb, Christian Solbbrfl. 

" Be strong and of a good courage." — Drut, 31 ; 6. 
S. Baring-Gould. A. S. SuLLiVAit. 

Presto. 1 K I I I 

1. On-\vard, Cliristiau 6ul - diers! Marching as to war, ^Vith the cross of Je - sua 

2. Like a nii^lit- y ar - my Movesthe Church of God: Biuthers, we aretread-ing 

3. Crowusaud thrones may perish, Kingdoms rise and wane; But the Church of Je - bus 

4. On- ward, then, ye faith - ful, Join our Lap - py throng, Blend with ours your voi-ces, 

Go - ing on bo - fore. Christ, the Roy -al Mas - ter, Leads a -gainst the foe; 
AVliore tliesaintshavetrod. We are nut di - vi - ded, All one hod - y 
Constant will re - main: Gates of hell can iiov - er 
tri-umcU Bong: Glo - ry, laud, and hun - or, 

'Gainst that Church prevail: 
Uu - to Christ the King: 

I I 

Forward iu - to hat - tie. See His banners go. 
One in hiipo and doc - trine, One in char-l- ty. 
We have Christ'sown promise — And that can-not fail. 
Tliis thro'couutlessa - ges Menaud an-gels sing. 

Onward.ChrlBtianBol • diersl 


Marching as to 



Go - iug on be - fore. 

1 1 ►— ^-^-t 

ar, With the cross of Je -bus. 

With the cni.><s of 

A. I 

No. 366. |fsus, <Sabiour, pilot "^t. 

Rev. KnwARi) llnrrnR. 

(Pilot. 7s. 6 lines.) 

J. E. Gould. 


1 . Je - sus, Shv - iour, pi 
'J. ,\s a ninth - <>r stills 
:'.. When at la«t I near 

lot me, 
her child, 
the shore, 

O - ver life's teni - pest - oua sen; 
Thoii canst hUKh the o - ceaii wild ; 
And tlie fear- fnl break -ers roar 

m^^w^ ^mm^ 




JtsvB, ^abfour, ^(lot $SLt. 



I'likiiDwn \viiv<'>i bo - fiiro iiio roll, Hid - inj; ruck itiij tn-iich'rous Hlioitl, 
It,.int'roii8 wavfu o - Iwy Thy will, Wlimi Tlicu wi.v'st ti> thiiu"lto mill!" 
'Twlxtnio ami the jx-uto • ftil rest, Thiu, while Kuu - iug ou Thy lint^^ 


Chart and coin - pass O'luo fnun Thto: Jo- min, Sav - lour, jil - l"t nie. 
Wondroim Sov • 'rolun of the wa, Jo- tun, Sjiv - Jour, Jii - l.>t iiio. 

Blay I hear Theo suy to me, "tVar uot, 1 will i-i - lot tluc! 



■u— f 

No. 367. Un ^"uiT of iht .Ualkn. 

I a«n the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys." — Sunu oh Solomon a: I. 

Arr. from J. R. Mi'rray hy I. I '. Sankhy. 

C. W. Fry. 

a frii'iid in Jo- bum, — lie's pv - 'ry-thing to in--; He's the 
ly pri-f hiia tik - en, and uU my -rows Immim; In telup- 

r, uev- cr leave me, uur jet fur-aako mo here. While I 


S-J TV— ^-( -t 

ta . tion He's my Bt 

on He's my Btmugam) inijrlilv tower 
>y failh.aiid do His blesved will; 

■•- -m- -»- ^_-gL_"*" "*" 


I've all for Hi m for- Nik - en, I've 
A wall of fire o-l>out me, I've 


Him a-lono I see,— All T need to cleanse and make nie fnl • ly who!.-: 
all mv i - (lols torn Fromniy lipart.and now He keeis me by his powpr. 
noth- inguow to fear: With His man - na He my huu- gry soul shall till 

mt Ills of tte TaUtj. 

In sor- row He's my com - fort, 
The' all the world for - sake me, 
Whencrown'dat last in glo - ry, 


in troub-le He's my stay; He 
and Sa-tan tempts me sore, Thro' 
I'll see His bless- ed face. Where 


tells me ev - 'ry care on Him to roll ; 
Je . BUS I shall safe- ly reach the goal; 
rlv - ers of de- light shall ev- er roll; 

-J •s-'g-— -gi, 

He's the "Lil-y of the Val - ley," the 
He's the "Lil-y of the Val . lev," the 
He's the " Lil-y of the Val - ley," the 

He's the *^ Lil-y of the Val -ley," the 

tells me ev • ''ry care on Him to roll, 

D.S.fcr Chorus. 

Bright and Morning Star ; He's the fair • est of ten thousand to my soul 1 
Bright and Morning Star: He' s the fair • est of ten thousand to tny soul I 

No. 368 

E. Caswall, tr, 
-I J- 

(St. Agnes. C. m.> 

E. Caswall, tr. JoHM B. DykbS. 

1. Je - SUB, tlie ver - y tlm't of Thee, With sweetness fills my breast; 

2. Nor voice can sing, nor heai t can frame, Nor can the mem - 'ry find. 

3. Oh, hope of ev - 'ry con • trite licnrt ! Oh, joy of all the meek ! 


Butsweet-er far Thy face to see, And in Thy pres - ence rest. 

sweet-er sound than Thv blest name, Sav-iour of man-kimi I 

To those who fall, bow kind Thou art! How gnod to those who seek. 



And those who find Thee, find a bliss 
Nor tongiio nor pen can show ; 

The love of Jesus, what it is 
Kooe bat His loved ^oes know. 


Tesus I our only joy be Thou, 
As Thou our prize wilt he,; 

Jesus I be Tliou our glory now. 
And through etvrailj. 

No. 369. 


I ^m the Man. 



Jno. 14 : 6. 

— ^— I 

Jambs McGrakaham. 


1. Like wand-'riug sheep u'er nmuiit-airiscold, Siuc«J all have guiie a - stray; 
•/. He . wil-dered oft with d.nil.t and care, To GuU I fain Would go; 
U To Cliriat tlie \V.\v, tlie Tkitii, the LuE, I como, do nioro to roam; 


S:. -ft Si -ft 

M. ■^' -a. 

■ V — ^-X^ — ^v-* • — • T 1-+^ ^-n 

To " Life " and ixace with-ia tho fold, IIow may I flml tlio way? 

Wliile ma - ny cry " Lo lure! |o tlure!"TUo Truth how may I kn.iwT 

U.- 11 guide uia to my "Katlier'»houm-,"To my K - ter - iial home 

. . ^ tt -et :gL :&. ig: ♦ ._ _ . m^^iT^ 



■^ — N — ^ 




life: uo mau coin -cth uii- to the Fa- 

utli,audthe life: 

- - - -n J* - . - - 

thor, but by me. 



y y ^ • J- 


I „ am the way,.. 

., the tnith,_.. 

.« im the wij 

life ; _ _ 



No. 370. 

hht Jfail^ tit 60^. 

James McGranahai*. 

1. Have faith in God; what can there I 

For Him too hard to do for thee? 
LetGud'sowu word tliy fears re - licvi 

2. Have faitli thy par - don to be - M 

3. Have faith in God, ' 'and trust His might That He will con - quer as ypu fi?' t, 
1. Have faith in God; press near Hid side; Thy troubled eoul trust Him to guide; 





-N ^. 



He gave His Son; now all Is free; Have faith, have faith in God. 

Have faith the Spir • it to re • ceiver Have faith, have faith in God. 

And sive the tri - umph to the rifclit; Have faith, have faith in God. 

In life, iu death, what- e'er be - tide, Have faith, have faith 




No. 371. Bamt Bimd gnrt, gn mxtr |1it. 

F. J.Crosby 

' Then I shall k 

--1 ! ->- : 

: Cor. 13 : J2. 



1. We shall reach the sura -mer- land, Some sweet day, 

2. At the crys • tal riv - er's brini?, Some sweet day, 

3. Oh, these part- iii^ scenes will end, Sumo sweet day, 

loved ones watch-ins there, Py flio tree of life so fair, 

Ktar that, fa<l -iiig hero, Left our hearts and homes so drear, 
foro our I'a- ther's throne, Wlien tlie mists and clouds have flown. 



Somt %iot:t Jlsj Bj atOi Bj. 



come their joy to sbaro, SonioFwoetday, by ami liy."! By aud by, 

see more bright "U'lcli'ur.S •1110 Bwcctiiay, by and by. J- 

kuow aa we ttiukiiowii.SoiuoBwootday, by auJby.) By ami liy, yes, by autl by, 

-<2. • -m- ^ . ^ ^_^^ * -#. .^ .<=. M. ^ -^ 


mmmsr^ w^-^m^^m 

Smiio BWi-et iliiy, AVe sliall liipi't our lov' J ouos gouo. Some sweet Uuy, by uml liy. 

No. 372. gtn |csus, as ^bou ^tllilt. 

fs. D.) 

Wbbbr, arr. by H. P. M/ 


" "' " a'" Thou wilt; Oli, niriy Tby will bo mine ; lu - b. Tliy 

1. My Jo 

'I. My Jo . Hi.-. 
3. My Jn -Hi.s 

will; 'I'lio' Hci-ii tlii'o'iiiiiny u Itiir, l,i-t Hot my 
Thou will; All hIiuII bo well forme; Kucb chuii(;iug 

Ip- P 

li;iiul of love I woiilil my all ro - eigu : Thro' sor - row or thro' Joy, 
8t;ir of ho|io r.row <liiii or ilis-ap - jK'ur: Since Tliou on earth bant wept, 
fii • tiiie.seeiio I gl;iJ-Iy tnut with Thee: Straight to my home a - bova 


\ tfi- 



Con-diictmo asThiiieown, Aiul lielpmo Btill to say. My Lord, Thy will be done. 
Aud sor -rowed oft a-loiie. If 1 iinist weep with Thee.My Lord, Thy will be done. 
I trav-el culm-ly on, And eiiig, iu lifoordeath,-My Lord, Thy will be done. 



No. 373. M\fni foHI jott Jrn foxt^ ^tBus? 

" What shall I do with Jesus, which is called Christ?"— Matt. 27: as. 
Nathaniel Norton. Geo. C. SthbbihS. 

1. Oh, what will you do with Je - sub? Tlie call comes low and sweet; 

2. Oh, wh:vtwill you do with Je - bus? The call comes loud and clear; 

3. Oh, think of the King of Glo - ry Fromheav'n to earth come down, 

^ ^ m '-^ -^' M m , m p •_ 






:q*s^==i-— qi 

U I I - I M 

As ten - der - ly He bids you Tour bur - dens lay at His feet; 

The sol ■■ em n words are sound - ing In ev - 'ry list - 'ning ear; 

His life so pure and lio - ly. His death, His cross, His crown; 



— p» — h — w — I — ^=-1 — 1 — 


Oh, soul so sad and wea - ry, That sweet voice ppeaks to tliee; 

Im - mor - tal life'sin tlie quos - tion, And joy thro' e - ter - iii - ty ; Q 

Of His di . vino com- pus - siou. His sac - ri - flee for thee; g 

u r I ^1 M 

Then what will you do with Je - sus? Oh, what shall the an - swer Iw? a 

I t* k* 


What shall the an- swer be? What shall the an - swcr be? 

3?f^«: - _ _ 3?: 

— r^u^ — ^ — 1— * • * — ^ * -,_*rJI:«. 




What will you do with Jo - sus? Oh, what shall tho an - swer be? 


No. 374. yaborfrs jof Christ, ^mt. 

(Ahira. s. m.) 

Mrs. L. H. SiGOURNBY. 

H. W. Grbatorbx. 

1. La • borore of Clirist, a . ri«o. And gird you for the toil: 

2. Go where tho sick re- cliiic, Where mourn - iiig hearts de - ploro; 

3. Be faith, which Io<jks a - lK>ve, With pruy'r, your con • Btant ruokI ; 

4. So shall you eliaro tlio wealth That eartli may ne'er de - sjioil. 

I I 

Till- dew of pmni-ise from tho ekiea Al • read - y cheers tlio soil. 
And where tlio eons of sor - row pine, Pis. peime your hal - lowed lore. 
And wrap tho Sav-lour'8 chan(;eless love A man- tie round your breast. 

And tlio blest got) • pel's sav - ing health Ke - i«y your ardu-ous toil. 

No. 375. 6oti is CallhttT JT(t. 

" My spirit shall not .ilw.iys strive with man."— Grn. 6 : 3. 

Gbrhardt Tbrstbbgkn. 

E. O. Excw-L. 

»-- J-^->.-J?n 

. ««-=*— J -— f^T — f^^^— • '-1 — ' ^ — ^-^ i-T — I- 

1. G(><1 call'ing yet! shall I not hear7Knrth'8pleastiresNliall 1 still bold dear? 

2. God call-ing yet ! shall I not rise? Can I Ilis l<>v - iiig voice de - spisc, 

3. God eall-inir yet ! and shall He kmnk, And I my heart the clo« - er lock? 

4. Goil rall-iiig yet ! and uliall I pivo No heeil,liiit still in bond ■ age live? 

5. God call-ing yet I I can - not stay; My heart I yield with -out de - lay: 

Shall life's .wift puss - ing years all fly, And still my Boiil in slum-ber lie? 
And base . ly His kind care re - pay ? He calls me still ; can I de-lay? 

He stiU is wait-ing to re-ccivc, And shall I dare His Spir - it grieve? 
I wait, but He does not for-sake-.lle calls me still; my heart, a - wake I 
Vain world, fare- well, from thee I i>art;The voice of God has reached my heart. 

-!^- - ^--XS., 


(Dtofc Is Calling gtt. 

^ u* ^ 

Call - - ins, 

God is call -ing yet, oh, hear Him, Gud is call-ing yet, oh, hear Him, God 


No. 376. 


^tRBt, mn Munbtrxng Soul. 

(Adrian, s. m.) 

J. E. Gould. 


1. Oh, 

2. Bfi - 

3. Til ere 

4. Ah, 

cpaae, my 

hold the 

safo th"U 

ycsl I 

l<'sa wiug 

waiid-'riiig soul, On rest 

aik of Godl He - hnl, 

Blialt a - bide, Tliere swci 

all for . Nike, Jly all 

to roam ; 
o - p(>n door I 
bo thy rest ; 

tliee 10 - eign ; 

] AH this wide world, to eith - er \>«U\ ITath not for theo a home. J 

Oh, hasto to gain that dear a- boih', And rove, niv sold, no more. ** 

And ev . 'ry long - ing sat - is - tied. With full sal - va - tinn blest. o 

Gra - cious lie - deem-er, take, oli take And seal me ev . er Thine I 5 


■ ' 276 

No. 377. 

a M.J. 

Poto Sljall ixtt (Escape; 

Hkb. 2 : 3. 


1. Icivril a World of Fin • ncre. For thrni Tic gnTe Ilig Son; 

2. lie . holil tlio;; Sar - iour Ip - ..ri tlio cm . el tree,— 
.!.•;. 1.1 l..v.a the Til - <-st «in - ncr. But hates tlio enmll - est gin; 

4. IkO - turn to GoJ, O waud - 'riT, Thy jmr - chuncd jiar - dou take ; 

^u -hi= 


— I 

Kj 1— 


rd rfr- 

- J.^' u 

And who 
Tho J.i.t, 
Tlii'u «hu 

r^ ... 

- po - 

r'cr ro-criv.'s 
eiiiued, for - K.k 
K.-0 His Kin- 
uut re • iiK'U) 


. on— 

- iHT, 



NIVP0 them 
Ui.-s for 
wlio can 
thy Itc - 


•ry ono ; 
and UK-; 

- tiT in' 

- 01 '8 sanv; 

K 1 1 

Ek >J — 

— iL. 










_.., — 1 Ik 1 N , l-.^-1-B 

He ramo to liriiiK 
Tho "S.u „f ^od" 
'Tho pro - cioii(tl,lo.Hl 
ll-i: au,t th.m all 



1h, . 

■ va . 
l.v - 
.!« . 


m • 

tioii, To boar our Bins a - way, 
rd, Kor u« a ciirw wan made; 
fus' — I,et ov . 'ry crral - uro know— 

Hiui, Or 'math tho d.«p - cat wh. 



1 — S 1 F — >-i — » 1-1 — r-H 


In plo 
ro - dcnip 
of pill 
cr free 

That wo Willi Him In plo . ry Mii^ht live thro' piid - 1.•^<H day 

That \ro nii'.-lithavo ro . diiiip - lion, Tho a»v - ful piiio Ho pjiid 

t'nu make Uio "cliiif of pin . nrrs"Fnll whit- er than tho miow 

And love us ov » cr free - ly Tliro'- out K - t'T - ui - ty. 

if we no -ploit sogroa' Nil - va - lion? H'WHhallwo eg 

"How shall wo OS. caji© if we no - ploct so groa' Nil 

No. 378. €omt to |{sus! €amt ^toagl 

John 6: 37. 

1. Come to Je - bus! come a - way! For - salie tliy 

2. Come to Je - bus! all is free; Hark! how He 
.i. Come to Je -bus! cling to Hiiii;Uc'll keep tliee 
4. Come to Je - bus! — Lord, I come ! Wea - ry of 

sins — oh, why flo - lay? 
c>i.Is, " Come uu - to Me 1 

far from paths of sin ; 

siu, no more I'd roam. 


r s 

His arms are o - pon 

I cast out none, I'll 

Thou Shalt at last a 

But with my Kav-iour 

night and day; 
par - don thee," 
vie - fry win, 
be it home ; 

He waits to wel - come thee I 

Oh, tlu.u Shalt wil-come be! 

And He will wcl-come thee I 

I know He'll wel - conio me! 

No. 379. ^t f anbtoritiitg on Ik Mail 

" And the Icing saw the part of the hand that wrote." — Daniel 5 : 5. 

Words and Music by Knowles Shaw. 

Arr. by Ira D. Sankby. 

1. At the feast of Bel-sliazzar and a thou-sand of His lordSj'While thev drank from golden 

2. See the brave cap-tive, Daniel, as he stood before tlie throng, And re-buk'd tlie haughty 

3. See the faith, zeal and courage,that wonld dare to do tlio right, Which the Spir-it gave to 

4. So our deeda are recordeJ-there'saUaud that's writing now: Sin- ner, give your heart to 



ves-sels, as the Book of Truth re-cords— In the night, as tliey revelled in 

mon-arch for hia might-y deeds of wrong ; As he read out the writing— 'twaslh( 

Dan-iel— 'twas tlie se - cret of his might Tn his home in Ju - de - a, or a 

Je - BUS to his roy - al man-dates bow ; For the day is approaching— it niu; 

U U 'I 

roy - al pal-ace hall. They weresoizod with constoriiatinn.—'twiusthc Uandiipon tin- wall 
d(.oni of one aijd all. For tlie kingdom now Wiisfinisliecl— said the Hand up-on the wall 
rap-tivein the hall, Hii nn-dor-stood the writing of his God up-ou 

come to 0110 and all, \Vlien the sin-ners' coiidem-na-tion 

ill be writ-tenon tliowall! 


^^ ]Qanbb)Ttttng on t^t ttaO. 

•Ti« the hand of God on the wall! Tla the 

writ-iug ua the wall I 

> U u ^ 

liiiiid of GuJ on the wall I Shall the rec - orJ l>o " Fouud wuutiiig " or 

writ-iugoa the wall! 


ehall it b« " FouuJ trustim,'!" While that liaml is writing on tliowall? 

writing on thi- wuU I 

T 1 t^-f 


No. 380. Jerusalem m^T ^apjju Jjomc. 

(Manoah. c. m.) 

g1. I 1 1_ 

F. J. Haydw. 

1. Jo - ru - Ba.lemI my liap - py homo I Namo ev . er dear to me I 

2. Oh, when, thuu cit - y of By dxl, Shall 1 thy courts as- ceud, 

3. Je - ni - ea-lemi my bap • py home I My wml still panta for thee; 

When ehall my la> bors have an end. In joy, and peace, in thee! 
Where con .gre- ga - tions ne"er break up, And Sab- bathshavo no end? 

Then shall my la - bors have an e./d. When I thy joy shall see. 

No. 381. 

\z §nnmr d il^t Cross. 

" Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that i« ma- be displayed because 

of the truth."— Ps. 60: 4 

El. Nathan. James McGranahai*, 

1. There's a roy - al ban - ner giv - en for dis-play To the sol - diere 

2. Tho' the foe iiiiiy rage and gath - er as tlie flood, Let tlie stand -ard 

3. O - ver land and sea, wher - ev - er man may dwell. Make the- i^lor- ious 

4. When the glo - ry dawns — 'lis draw-iug ver - y near — It is hast'u-ing 


of the King ; 

be dis - played ; 

ti- dings known; 

day by day — 

As an en - sign fair we 

And be - neath its folds, as 

Of the crim-son ban - ner 

Then be - fore our King the 

lift it lip to-day, 

sol - diers of the Lord, 

now the Bto • ry tell, 

foe shall dis - ap-pear. 

Ti LLi I V 

March- iu 

March - ing 

" "ill— J ' 1 1-j — ^^— T, -Kt 1- .--'. I -i'^ ^ S 

March -iiig on! on! on! March-in* ^ 

While as ran-somed ones we sing. •> 

For the truth be not dis - mayed ! !_ 

While the Lord shall claim His own I 1 

And the Cross the worldshall sway. ^ 

S?i.q r~1 ^=l=^=:g =:p :z=r grqrSg ^: Sj ;^_H _g^ =£rrp=fe=g: ' 

on! For Christ count ev - 'ry- thing but loss 

T^^=>., 1 1 — . — , 

on! on! on! 

Uid to 

Clirist count ev - 'ry-thiug, 

ev - 'ry-thing 

crcwn flim Kinj; 

'Neath tho ban- ner of the croi 


King, we'll toil and sing. Bo - neath the ban -nor of tlie cross. 

No. 382. 

% Sinntr lihi P«I 

'ChHst Jesus came .iilo the world to save sinners." — i Tn«. 1 1 If 

C.J. n. 

1. I wus ouco far n - wnj fmni 

2. I wan • driM mi in 

3. And then, iu that (lurk iuuo • 

C j. BirruB. 

.Siv - i.Hir, And 

dark - nt-ss, Sut 

hour, A 

a nil! - nor ciild 
of li^'lit couM I 

oet-ly wlils-perpd to 


And I won . rior'd If 

And tlio tlin't Mllrd my 
Suy-Ing, Christ llic Ilo . 


fhri.-it the Ho - <r CnM wiv 
heart witli Kid - ncis, Tlicro'sno li^i 

derm - or hius ikiw - or To Siiv 

a poor elii-nor likn 
for a Kin.nrr hk.< 
a poor Bin-ncr liko 



4 I liHt<>ncd: and lo ! 'twas the Saviour 
That wa« spvakin); no kindly to mo ; 
1 cried, " I'm the chief of ninnrnt, 
Thou canst buvo a juxir sinner liko me ! 

i Irt.«ifMnytnistp<lin.Tesns; 

And oh, whiit a joy came to nv ! 
Jly heart wa.s filled with \\\* pniises. 
For saving asiuuer like uie. 

6 No longer In darkiiexs I'm wjilking. 

For tlio li;;ht is nmv pliiiiiiig on me j 
And now until otlwrs I'm telling 
llow Uu saved a l>'>or sinner like nie 

7 And when life's Journey is over, 

And I the dear Saviour shall «e«, 
I'll [.raise Him for ever and ever, 
i'ur saving a siuuer like luo. 

No. 383. 

C^c« is n Calm. 

" There rcmaineth a rest to the j>eople of God" — Hbb. 4 : 9, 
Ernrst Rickman. Gf.o. C. Stbbbii*. 

ho - yond life's fit - fnl fo - ver, A deep re - 
to which the Clirist-ian, cling -ing; Is lift • ed 
ess roho of Christ's owu wear - hig; Vill you not 

g— £" ' "f— f--;— ^-v=^ 

9f|tn far a Calm. 


pose, an ev - er-last-ing rest; Where white-robed angels welcome the bo - liev- er 

high a-bovelife'ssurgiug wave; Finds life in death, and fadeless flowers springing 

wrap it round your sin-stained soul? Poor wand'ringchiUl, up-on thy past life griev-iug, 



A - mong the blest, a - niong the blest. There Is 
From the dark grave, from the dark grave. Tliere is 
Chriit makes thee whole I Christ makes thee whole! There is 

Home, where all the soul's deep 
Crown pre-pared for those who o 
Home, a Harp, a Crown iu 5 


yearn-ings. And si - lout pray'rs shall be at last ful - filled; Where strife and 
love Him; The Christ-ian sees it in the dis-tance shine. Like a bright 
Heav-en;— A - las ! that an . y should Thy gift re- fuse! — The awful 

.:?— .-.-4!^- 





rior- row, murm'rings and heart burnings At last are stilled, at last are stilled, 
bea-cim glit-ter-ing a - bove Him, And whispers," Mine!"and whispers," Mine!" 
choiceof life and death is giv - en — Which wiltthouchoose? which wilt tliouchoose? 

No. 384. 

Isaac Watts. 

Cljca b u ^ixmm. 

(Ward. l. m.) 

LowRLL Mason. 

^— 1-, 


1. There is a stream, whose gentle flow 

2. That sacred stream. Thy ho - ly Word, 

3. Loud niiiy the troubled o - oean mar; 

Supplies the cit - y of our God 
Support:; our faith, our fears con - trols 
In ia-crod peace our souls a - bide 



(Sljtrt is z iStriam. 

Life, love,»ii.i j.iy, Biill gli.l-iiig tlini", Aii.l wat'riiig "u.- di-viiie ft - bode. 
Sweetpi'iiioTliv |iriiiiiis - cs af - ford. Ami pive new gtmigth to faiiit-iug 8i>uU. 
Whileiv-iy lia-liiu, iv- 'ry slmre, Tn-mblea, ami dii-ads tin- HWfll-ing tide. 

r r ( 

: ^ ' " I 

No. 385. (tfjerc is |lon£ Jlicjbttous. 

G. M. J. 

Rom. 3: 10, 23. 

A! I egret to. 

Jamks McCkanaiian. 

,_j J^-i egret to. t [ ^ ■ ■ . 1 

1. A gulJt . y 8.111I, l.y I'liar.i - nil* of <Tl, Wiui broiiRlit 8> lus.-.!, b- lone, 
1. K learii-e«l Miu - trr, Ilul - it of the Jfwii,(l>Hl'ii kiiiK->ii'ii> coiild not gain, 
:;. "GoimI Ma»-ti'r,"|iray cau auglit bo huk-iugyotT Tliy Uwii 1 do o- bey; 

But Jo - BUS 8:ii<l,"I,tt li 

Willi all tl,,, l,,eo aii.l im 

"Go li-ll AwAgive, tliiMi Co 


witlioiit a xii 
-mo of tlionj 


U« filHt to lUKt B Kl 

lio^ In< bom a • k 
hilt sad bo turned a - v 

-f \ — I — I — r^ 

"TIkto is iionoriglitcons, no, butoue, all, all haveBiiini-d," Tlicro iii none rigliteoiiu, for 
. allliuvctiiuncd, 

I I I ^" 

tlio glo - rv, the glo • ry 

all havo Kinnoil, ami come Bhort of the glo - rv, the glo • ry of God, come 

s-ff_J J--.-J ..--^.- ^ 


short of the glo-ry.Comesluirtof the glo-ry, of the glo 


- ry of God. 

fc^ the glo- IT of God. 


No. 386. 

Anna. B. Warner, by per. 

f iltk fisfets. 



1. Je - 8118 bids us shine with a clear, pure light, Like a lit - tie 

2. Ib - BUS bids us shine first of all fur Him, Well He sees and S" 

3. Je - sus bids us shine then fur all a - round, Ma - ny kinds of S. 


can - 

burn-iiig in t!i 
if our light i- 
in the world ui 



In the world is dark - ness ; 
He looks down from lieav - en, 
Sin and want and sor - row; 

-1—1= — k-»-i-^ — ^ — i« — i^-J 


so we must shine. You 
He sees us shine. You 
so we must shine. You 

n your 
n your 

cor - uer 

id I 
id I 
id I 

in mine. 





"He win abundantly pardon."— IsA. 55 : 7. 


Wlio - ev - 
Who - ev - 
Who - ev ■ 

er re 

ceiv - ctli the Cru-ci-fie<l 
ceiv - eth the message of 
peuts aud for-sakes ev - 'ry 

Who-ev-er be- j, 
And trusts in the » 
And o-peus bis "3 

V U > U w > 5 

liev - etli 
power of 
heart for 

on God's on - Iv Son, A — . . , „ 

the soul-cleansing blood, A full and e - ter - mil ndeuiptious m 1 
the Lord to come iu, A pres-ent and per - feet sal - va-tiou shall 

ppT '- feet sal - va-tion shall 2- 




have: For He Is a - biiQ - dant • ly a • bio to giiye. 
have: For He is b-tli a - ble and will - ing to save. 

have: For Je - mis is niul - y this mo-nii-iit to save. 

=^^-P^^T^=P i^ y 1^ ' ~ - ^ ** **- 


I I 

J. Chorus. 

Mybr..tli-.T, the M 



tcr is call • ing for Uiee; 

I(n>tli-iT, till) Mud-ttT ia r<iin«, ami iii rall-liig for ttiou 

^g^^z^i:— _: 



Hill gruro aiiil Hi* nitT - - • cy are won-Jrouit-ly free; 

Broth-pr, IliH RniceaiiJ Ilin nit-r -ry aro wori-dnniH- ly free; 

h ^ "^ I 



Hia blood as a niii . • - (hun for ein-iiurs 11k Rave, 

IJrntlMT, His liliMii] an a ran-tknn f"r siu-iiere Ho gave. 

N K ^ S 



Ko. 388. 

Geo. B. Peck, 

Come, Come to Jfesus. 

' Come unto me. 

Hubert P. Maik. 




1. Come, come to 

2. Come, come to 

3. Come, come to 

4. Come,* come to 


Je - siis ! He 

Je - BUS ! He 

Je - BUS I He 

Je - bus! He 

waits to wel - come thee 

waits to ran - eom thee 

waits to ligtit - en thee 

waits to give to thee 





O wand'rer, ea - ger - ly Come, 

O slave ! 80 will - iiig - ly; Come, 

burdened! trust - ing - ly Come, 

O blind! a vis - ion free: Come, 

L_3 1 1- 1 1 1 


rmrq —^ ==1= 

come to Jo - bus ! 

come to Je - sus! 

come to Je - sus! 

come to Je - bus! 

^_j_, -_i_tt 

6 Come, come to Jesus ! 
He waits to carry thee 
O Iamb 1 so loviugly, 
Come, come to Jesual 

5 Come, come to Jesus! 
He waits to shelter thee 
O weary I blessedly 
Come, come to Jesus I 

No. 389. Carrutr bii i\n §.ittj;cls. 

a pal 
lis life 

1. Sit - ting by the gate - way of 

2. Wliat shall be tlie end - ing of thi 

3. Fol - low - er of Jo - bus, scant - y tlio' 

4. Up - ward, then, and ou - ward! ou-ward for 

James McGkanahan. 

• ace fair, Once a child of 

of care? Oft the ques-tion 

thy store, Treasures, pre-cious 

the Lord ; Time and tal - eut 

By the world ncg-lect - ed, wealth would nothing share; v 

Here up -on tlie path -way hard the bur- dens bear, t, 

Countthetri- als joy - ful, soon they'llall be o'er; | 

Small may seem tho serv - ice, euro the great re - ward ; g 

God was left to die; 
com-etl) to lis r.ll ; 
treas-ur^swait on high; 
all iu His em - ploy ; 

_-ff-_-ff--_:e_:ff-- '^ 

Chorus. ^ , 

I' tlie ihango awaiting there on high. •> 

id the b)irnii,gt,'ar,-.ofsn,-n.vvf.ill. (parried by thoan-gela to the land of rest 

lliechangetliat'H<-oniiMM;liy(Miiidl>ye. ( ■' " 
#1 i...« ti....... *»inct'()wn of ioy. 



trrim fij tfte SlratW. 

h N- 

*^=* ? * 1?— g '^ ^ I — r— ^-J^^i) ^ . J 

JIu - Bic Bweet - ly Bound -jug thro' the ekies; 

Iff: 35: :C * * II*- :ff: . J~J 

Wi'l-coraed by 

u u 


Sav - iour to tlioluav'ii-Iy feast, Gath-ereU with the loved iu Par- a- dise. 

No. 390. 

J. E. A. 
Trans, from Dr. Malan. 

Jftnr ^^ou |tot. 

IsA. 4i|: lo. 

Jamrs McOranahah. 

. fO Cliris- tiau trav'llor, fear no nioro The Btonns which rouinl thopsprpad ; 

( N'or yet flie nooii-tide's eul-try Ih-uiiis (»u thy de-fence-Iess (Om/f ) head. 

" Fear thou not, for I amwiththee: Be not dis-mayed, for 1 am thy God; 

Fear thou not, for I_. am with thee : Be notdis-mayed.for I am thy God.' 

8 A safe retreat and hidiug-place 
Thy Saviour will provide: 
And Borrow cannot fill thy heart. 
^jirt4;e shater^ at His iUe. 

4 No ; in thy darkest days on earth. 
I When every joy seems flown, 

I Believer, thou shalt never trewl 

No. 39t 

G. M. J. 

Matt. 3 : a. 

James McGranahan. 

left our souls' " first 

2. Has the God a - bove our su-preme true love? Have we bowed to Him al . 

3. Do we hon - or those who have soothed our woes? Have we ren-dered good for 

4. Are we al -ways tru In the thing we do, In our wonls. our works, our 

5. Dare a mor - tal say — for a sin - gle day — " I have kept Thy law, O 

love?" Nei-thercold nor hot, God commends us not, Nor our iiike-warm ways ap- prove. .§ 
way? Do we own Hisclaim and re-vere His name, And ob-servoHie ho- ly day? "5 
ill? Are we pure in heart, do- ing aU our part To iid-fil the Saviour's Avill? ^ 
ways? Are we quite con-tent with the bless-ings Boat, Giv -ing God a -lone the praise? .r 
God! Un - de- filed by ein, I am pure with - in, And .1 need no cle>.' using blood?'" 
Ill ... 




Re -pent ye, re-pent ye, re - pent ye I 'Tis the call of God to ev-'ry land; S 


■pent ye, re-pent ye, re - pent ye ! lortheking-dom of heav-en is at hand 

No. 392. 

M J. Smith. 

Clnt0 ia lljc '§ihk. 

Ps. 119: 105. 




1. Cling to the Bi - hie, the >' all else bo tak-en; Lose not ilsprom - is - ee 

2. filing to the Ri • ble,thi8 jew- el, this treas- uro ISringa to us hon - or an<I 

3. Lamp for the feet that in by- ways have wan.ler'd, Guide fur tlioyuulh that would 



^Itng to t^t BibU. 

pre - cious ami sure; Souls that areeluep - iug ita cch - ops a - wak - en, 
t^ives fall- cii niau ; IVarl whose groat val - lie no nior • t:J can iiiciid - lire, 
oth . er- wise fall; IIoiio fur the ,Bia • uur whose best days are squau-dor'd. 

Drink from the fount - niti, bo peace - fill, so piiro."j 

Scik and ge-curu it, O s'miI, wliile yoii can. >■ Cliug to the BI • bU I 

Staff for the a - g'^l, aii<l lust book of all. ) 

fJ_ * rrgr 

I \0' > 

Cling to the Bi - blelCling to the Hi - ble, Our Lamp and GuiJe. 

1 — 

No. 393. furh! ,^)urli, mir Soul I 

F. W. Faber. 

" Are they not all ministcrinij spirits." — Hkb. i: I4« 

C. C. Cos\ERSB. An. by I, D. S. 

1. Hark ! harl^ Diy soul I An - pel- jc sonssare swolNing O'er earth's grfon fields, and 

2. Far, far a- way, like bills at ev-'ningpeal- iiig, Tlie Voice of Je • sua 
:?. Ou - ward we go, for still we hear themiiiug-iug, " Come, wea- ry souls, for 

— t »> — 5 — ' i^-*— s* — ^ — j^ — It' — I r-^— I 1^ — 5 — I Z~^\ 

o-ceanV wave-beat shore: How sweet thetrntli those bless - ed strains are fell- ing 
eoumisoVrlaudaud sea. And la - den souls, by thousands meek - ly steal - ing, 

Je - sua bids you come;" And thro' the dark, its ech - oes sweet -ly ring - ing. 

^ ' if 1^ >i » » >. -r-* 


jltatftl JIElark, mj Bottlf 


Of that new life when siii shall he no more. "| 

Kind Shep-berd, turn their vea- ly steps to Thee. V Au - gels, sing on I your 

The mu - sic of the Gos - pel leads us home. J 

^ ^. M. M- *lf*^ M. 4t. , .ft. 

faith-ful watches keep-ing; Sing us sweet fragments of the songs a • bove, Till morning's 




joy shall end the night of weep - ing, And life'slougshadowsbreakin cloud -less lovo. 

.m- M- - .*. M- -m. M. .m- -m. - 

1 trf 1 trf -t^ irf b^ 1 1 1— I 1^ -^ 1^ Lrf— ■— 

-^— y ^ I 


No. 394. 

W. Williams. 

For thy name's sake, lead me, and guide me." — Psalm 31 : 

Wm. L. Vinhr. 


vah, Pil - grim thro' this bar - ren land; 

i*- . - g-— <i-_-g_ 

1. Guide me, Thou great Je 

1 1^ 

I I "^ (I U-TT- , , 

Bread of hcu7> - en. Bread of heuv - en, J'ccd me till I luant no tn 

I I I "^ (I 

of hcu7> - en. Bread of heuv - en. Feed 



. weak, but Tlmu art 


me with Thy powerful ba 


2 Open now the crystal fountain, 

Whun.e the hniliiig waters flow; 
Let the tiery. cloudy pillar 
■ Lead me all my journey thro' : 
Strong Deliv'rer, Strong "Dellv'rer, 
ftq tliuu BtUl m^ atren^lh aiid ahield. 


When T tread the verco of .Jordan, 
Hid my anxious fears suhside; 

Bear me through the swelling curreoL 
Land me sate on Canaan's side : 

Sungs of prHiKi>H, Songs of pruisea 
I will ever ^ive tiQ Ik^^ 

No. 395. Waiting for l^e |promxse. 

Wilbur F. Crafts. 

LuKK 24: 49. 

James McGranahan. 

1. We bow our knees uu • to the Fa - tber Of Christ the Lord of eurtliaud heaven, 

2. O fill the iu-wunlnianwilh i)OW . er, Aa Christ with-iii our heartsdoth dwell; 

3. Ttio love that paiM-etlikuowledjje {five us, lu height ana dupth and breadth and leogth ; 

4. Thy pow'r it is that work-cth in ns, O uiul - ti - i>]y it hero to - day, 

a* --g j!L. * = 

That ricli - es of H i-t pn»co and plo . ry And pow'r for serv-ii-o may be Riven. 
Our riiot ill Uiin.tho'Htoniisinay l'>\r • er, Vic- to -rimis love wo still shall tell. 
A - liiiii- dant -ly lio-yond our a-<k- in?;, lie- y.inil our thought nivo usTliystrennth. 
And Christ, our Lordi'shaU have the glo - ry Wlth-iu JliachureU thro'endless day. 


I N N N N N 

f^'^r r iT-^ f— T -^-r^r 


Chorus, not too fast. 

■VVwart waiting fortheproniieo of the Fa - 

thcr-For the llo - ly Spir - it's 

power ; 




^^^gfi-^— ^ ^s -^ N-— 

(May end here. ) 


We are w.iitiug for His coming, We are waiting for IliscomitiK:, For the Ho- ly Spir - it'i 







power; O our Father, f.>rThy Spirit wo are wait-ing. 

now, this ver-y b« 

1 fir^ 



Come, ^tEise % Hortr. 

Con spirito. ^^ . 

No. 396 

Con spirito. 

1. Come, praise the Lord, ex . alt His name, Our Sav - iour and our King; <o 

2. How great, how pre - cious is His name, How poor the praise we bring ; ^ 

3. A day will come, its dawn we greet, Whenbeav'n it - self shall ring, U 

"Tis moet we shoulJ His praise pro -claim. And hal - le . lu - jaU sing. 
His peo - pie still should owu His claim, And hal - le - lu - jah sing. 
And all the saints with joy shall meet, And hal - le - lu - jah sing. 

No. 397. 


'Christ is all, and in all."— Cou 3: ii. 

Mrs. C. Barnard. 

1. Some-times I catch sweet glimpses of His face. But that is all, 

2. And is this all He meant when first He said, "Comeuu-to me?" 

3. Nay, do not wrong Him by thy heav-y tho'ts. But love His love; 

4. Christ and His love shall be thy bless-ed all For ev-er-more; 







times He looks on tne and seems to smilo, But that is all; 

there no deep - er, more en - dur "ing rest In Him for thee? 

thou full jus-tice to His ten - der - ncss. His nier-cy prove; 

cud His light shall shine on all thy ways For ev - er-more; 

But (E ti)rt an? 

Pnnietiuies He epeaks a pass- iiig word of peace, But that is all: 

Is tlR-re no etoad-ior URlit for theo in Him? come and see; 

Take Him for what He is, O take Him all. And look a-bovc; 

Chfist and His peace shall keep thy troub-led soul For- ev - cr - mor? ; 



Sometimes I tliink I licur His lov-ing voice Up- on mo call; 

Is there no deep- er, more en - dnr-ing rest In Him for thee? 

And do not wrong Him by thy heavy thoughts, But love His love. 

Christ and His love shall be tliy bless- ed all For- ev - er-more. 


No. 398. C^rtsfiaiT, Wixlk CartfuIItr. 

" Walk worthy oi' the vocation wherewith you are called." — Eph, 4 : I, 

Geo. C. Stkbbins. 

1. Christian, walk car^ -/W/- A", dan-ger is near; On in thy jonr- npy with 

2. Christian, walk cA^^t./k/-^ thro' the fierce storm, parktho'tlio Kky with its 

3. Christian, walk /ray' r/a/./y, 

4. Christian, walk At/* •/«/-/>', 

oft wilt thou fall 
eor - row and puia 

If thou for - get on thy 
Cease when the ba - ven of 


M^d J ! |_-p 

H-J-J— ^|-il^=^^|-i-d" 








— H-"— i 

Snares from with - out and temp - ta - tions 


- in. 

threat of a - larm. 

Soon will the clouds ana the tem - pest 



Sav - iour to call ; 

Safe thou Shalt walk thro' each tri - al 



rest thou shalt gain; 

Then from tlie lips of the Judge, thy 

re - 


-•- _ _ 

1 N 1 -^ ^ 

— ^— 1 

^ ^ , 


n~» — ^ — F 1^^ — ^ — ^-|-i» — i»- 

— »- 

— ^ '• 1 



^btiHtian, laalk Cattfunj. 


, V^HORUS. , ^ 

Christian, walk care-ful-iy, 
(Jliii,stiau,walli cheer-/ul- ly. 

Seek to en - tice ihee once more in - to sin. 

Then with tliy .Sav iour tliou'lt rest ev - er more. 

If thou art clad in the ar-mor of pray'r. Christian, walk/? ((i-Vyi//- ly, 

"En-ter thou iu . to the joy of thj' Lord." Christian, walk hc>/>e -/ul- ly. 


1 — r 




Christian, walk iTrtr? -y"«/ ' /y. Christian, walk car^ -_/?</- /y, dan -per is near. 
Cliristian, waTk c//<^<r^-y'K/- /y, Cliristian, walk cheer-/ul . /;■ throui^h thefiercestorni. 
Q\\Y\*\\A\\.,\sAXs.pray'7/ul-iy, Cliristian, walk/ray'T/u/ - /j', fear K-st thcai fall. 
Christian, walk /w/<r -_/«/- /y. Christian, walk hope -/ui - iy, rest thou slialt gain. 


-+'- — t^ — I — L_f- 

No, 399. 

" Casting all your ( 
Rev. John Parkkr. 

i^ i0lbs i\t lAnr. 

: upon him, for he careth for you." — i Pkt. 5 : 7. 

Geo. C. Stebbins. 

"My will 
"Mv help 
While h<Te 
For - ev - 



No. 400. Pallduja^ for Ibc Cross! 

" GihI forbid that 1 shoiilil K'oryt save in the cross of our 

Lord Jesus Christ." — Gal. 6: 14. 

Dr. IIoKATins RoNAJi (arr.) James McGranahan. 


1. Tho criiss it etaml - cth 
•J. It in tho olil cr.> 
3. 'Twas lipro tho dcl.t Wiu 

fa>1, Hal - lr> - hi - jah! lial - lo - lu - jiiht Pe - 
Hill, Hal - U - 111 - jah! Iial - l^ ■ lu - jah! It's 
paM, Ual - 1p - lu - jah! hiil - le - lu - jah! Our 




fy -in- iv- '.v Uixsi, Hal-lp-la-jahlhal-lo- lu-jahl Th.. viii.Isof h-ll liavo |.|,.« n, 
tii-uiiiphht us t.ll, llal-lo-lu-jalilhal-lo- lu -jahl Tho K"ic.-of (i...! lieiv kIiowm, 
tint) uu Jo •iiiH luiil, Uttl-lo • lu •Jalil hal-lo • 111 -Jiihl 80 rouiiil thocruai wo oiug. 













N 1 








Tho V 




Is not 

- VlT 



Jah f..i 





!s..i,, ■NViio ili.l f..r 

Fill a . toil's 


jail fnr 


(If ChriBlourof- 


ing, Of (1 

list our 




■jah for 

till- crotwl 




-^ -4»- 



:ff: .<=. . 



— -— 


^ • 




"•|l J 

=^ ** '^ 


Sor. OR Ten. or Duet. 


Hal - lo - lu - Jah, 
Soprano and Alto. 

hal • le • lu . Jah, 

hal • lo . 

m Hal . lo - lu- Jah 

Tf.NOR and PjASS. ^ ^ 


lial . lo • lu - jah, hal • le • 


lu - - jah 

jah for the 

Hal - lo - lu - Jah, 



U U U U I U 
lu- j:ili the crn^s hal-k- - lu- jah for the cross, 

r^«^-r--grrgr=Sj:S:.j^::i _l= f I I 

a»-r-*— • — m—° 


* Xf desired, tixe Soprauo ivnd Alto may aing the upper SUiS,omittiM^ the middle btaf$> 

JUalUIujal) for tl)t (HtuBSi 



* For a final pndinfi, all tlie vuiocs may siug the melody iu unison through the last eight ; 
ares — the iustrurueut pluyiuj; tlio harmony. 

No. 401. llabc Coitragc, mtr §aiT, ia sag pel 

" Resist the devil and he will flee from you." — ^James 4 : 7. 


H. R. Palmer. 

1. You're starting, my boy, on life's jour- ney, A- long the grand highway of life; 

2. Iu courage, my hoy, liesyour safe - ty, Whenyou the long journey he- gin; « 

3. Bo care-ful ia choos-ing com -pan -ions, Seek on - ly the brave and the true; ; 



Yon 11 meet with a tlion-saml leinp-ta-tions — Each cit- y vith e- vil is rife. g- 

Your trust in a hcav-en-ly Fa - ther Will keep you un-spot -ted from sin. | 

And Htaiid by yourfrieuds whouiu tri - al. Ne'er changing the old for the new; 





)^abe Soutagt mp Bop. to sap 17o( 

Tliifi wiirld is a sUge of ex • c-ito-ment. Them's rlungprwher-ev-er you go; 
Tinip-ta- tions will go on in . crcas - iug, As streams from a riv-u - let flow; 
And when by falsefriendsyouure tempt-ed The taste of the wiuecup to know, 




S ! 4 S ^-^^ 1 l^-TH 



But if you are tempt- eJ In weak- ness, Ilave courage, my boy, to say No! 
Hut if you'd l>e true to y..ur iiiiiu-ho««l. Have courage, my boy, to Bay No! 
\S'ith firm-aea8,with pu-tienceaud kiud-Deta, Have courage, my boy, to say Mol 


y M^H ^yj^i 

Have courage, my boy, Have coimi^f, my Imy, Ilavo courage, my l>oy, to say Nn I 

No. 402. 6ob's Cimc ITob. 

"Behold, now is the accepted time." — 2 Cor. 6: 2. 
Joseph Ccxdk, D.D. 

1. #110086 I must, and awin mustcbixwe IIol - 1 - ness, or licav • en lose; 

2. Knd - less sin means end • lesji woe; In - to end -lens sin I go, 

3. As the Btreom its clian - uel grooves. And wittl- iu that cliau • Del moves, 

-^^-J:^ _ . rs • ■ J""J I*- , q . a •^-^ ti-r-^ *, 


While what heav - en loves, T 
If my soul, from rea-son 

doth hab • it's deep - est 

Shut for me is heav - en's gate. 
Takes fmm siu its fi - nal bent. 
Groove its bed, and there a- bide. 


— r r^-i — r 

4 Light obeyed increaseth light; 
Light resisted briuj;eth night; 
Who shall give me will to cUoMew 

6 Speed, my siml ; tliis instant yield; 
Let the Liglit ita sceptre wield; 
While thy GihI prolongeth grace, 
Harte ttaee toward His holy fiMie I 

# fficrnrng farrtr. 

No. 403. 

" Until the day break and the shadows flee away."— Cant. 2 ". .. 
Ebkn E. Rkxford. Edward H. Phv. 


i-eJ.-IJn1^=^=r^ ^ --^ .-^ ^— ^^ 


l^iJst *V^i"i^~ 

1. "Someday" wo saj', ami turn our eyes Tow'rdtlie fair hills of Par - a ; Some day .some 

2. Someday oureans glial] bear the sung Of triumph o - versiu and wrong; Some day, sumo 




time, a Kweet now rest Shall blosBom.flower-llke.In each breast'; Some day,si ime time, our eyes shall 
time, but ohl not yet; But wowill wait and Uut fur - get, Thatsomeday all these thinEs shall 

I- r^ — ^u 

The fa-cea kept innniu-o- ry; 
And rest be giv'a to you and me ; 

Some day,somo time, ouroycsshall see 
Thatsomeday all these things shall be, ^ 


lt:i^z:^--Ar=^d^i==a>,--j\--^'\z:^-.:^ -fizz ^ 

The fa ces Vc\\t In mem - O » ry ; Someday their hands shall clasp our jj 

.. And rest be giv - en you and me; So wait,my friends, tho' ve arsnio ve i" 

rr. , lip 

^ Tempo. o 

hand, Just o-vcr in the morningland, Just o-vcr in the morning land; Someday their 
elow, Tiiathappy timo \villcome,wekuow,Thathapiiy timowillcome,weknow,So wait, my 

-A — I- 

linii()ssli;illclasp(»urh}» m', Jnsto-ver in themorninffl 

iriends.lho" jeiirs move bIoi 

-J- ^ ^ ^ 


Omornitipland! (» m(iriuML;l:iudI 
lo*, That happy time will come, we kuow, O inoruiuf!; landl O inorniMu; lamll 



robUited in atiset 1 

by Wm. a. Poho * Uo.,owiMra •! tJM 'wpjriclit. 

Wo. 404» 

t Wi^nt a SabtottT. 

*' Come unio mc." — Matt. :i 

Ira D Sankst. 

1. rniiie to tlipSav-iiiiir.iirarlliHloTiiiK voire Ncv-or will you fi„il aFi i.-inl s<> tni.>; 

2. I'.lot word8ofcojii-f<irt, Binll.viiowlliiyfiill, Jf-hiis in tlio Iiifi«,tlio Triitli.tlm Wav; 

3. S..ft - ly tlieSi« wlii-ixTs in tli heart. Ho not «li-lit the Saviour's of-feiva unu-.'; 

4. Liglit io tlie<lark-nf(«,ji'y ia a-nypain, lU-f-ugo for llie wuii-ry and op-prcfwtKl ; 

•-! »» b I ■ ■ K ^ ■ , i» » V K I 1-, --J^^^ 

N.w IIo is wait -inii.tniM Him 1111(1 ri>. joiro,Toii-<I.r - ly Ilo" cull - ith you. 

<' >iiie to tlii'T'iiint-aiii, tliiTO ix f >r all, Jo • biih l>i<lM y<.iic->iii'< to • day. 

Clail - ly re-ccivo lliiii, Ut Iliiii Hot tlo- jvirt, llap- py tlo y who wck His face. 

Still Ho ia wait - iiig, calling yet a - gaiii.Conioaiid llo will yivo y<.u rust. 

D.S. — Still he is ■wait-in^, grieve I Hi Idve no more, Ten- Jer • ly He call - etk you. 

O, what a Sav-iourBtaiicliii)^ nt tho d<«ir, IKistowliili'IIo liii-grrn, iuii<l'<ii imw iin-i>lor>>; 

"^-1 l<zdg-i — r-F~:6i^g-"-r — b - t^">-r r l v =*-!*-.*^:J 

No. 405. 

G. M. J. 

mc in Paradise." — Li'kb 33: 

Jambs McGranaiiam. 

1. O poM-cn dav, 
•J. To Christ the Lonl 
3. O gold -en day 

O day of G<A, " ' '^ VheuHu 

=5 1 

Souls the gar. 

cries :— " Re-nieiu 


a troill 111 lilisa 811 - prpmo, 

•r nio!" "To-ilay Shalt tlioii,'- 

andsur-row tndB; All glu-ry« clad. 

^ fnraDi'jse? 

i^U {?U 

2. Thefa-tal fall, tliesiu, the shame, Thedeath.the doom, 

3. Thebead-ed brow, the silvered hair, The ach-ing heart. 

thesword a - flame, Tbecurso, the crime be-yond dis - 

the va • cant chair, Tlie grass - y graves, the bro • keu 


IS ^ Go to Chorus. 

No. 406. I Mill Sins i^t Monhxom Storg. 

" I will sing of the mercies ot *.he Lord forever 

F. H. Rawlet. 

Pbtbr Bilhobn. 


1. I will Biug • the w<iad-rou8 kId - ry, Of tlie fhrist wlio dioi! for me, 

2.1 was lost, hut Je • bus found me, Found the sheep that weut a - strBy 

3. I waa bruitifd, but Je - bus lieulcd nie, Faint was I uvcl man; a fall, 

4. Days of dark- new slill come o'er me, Sor- row's paths i oft - n tread, 

5. He will keep uio till the riv • cr Rolls its wa - ters at mv feet; 

How TTe loft Ilis hi>nio io nlo • ry. For the cn>sa on Cal - va - ry. 

Threw Ilis lov - ing amm a - nmnd nie, l)rew me back in - to Ilis way. 

Sight was gone, and fears !>•« . ni'sned me, l?ut He freed me fmm them all. 

But the Sav • iour still is with me, }ly His hand I'm safe • ly le<l. 

Then He'll bear me s;ifo - ly o- ver. Where the loved oni>8 I shall meet. 

Christ whodied for me, _ Sing it with thesaintf.'o 

Of the Christ whodied for me. Sing it with 

» • - ry, Gath-ered by thecrys- tal sea, 

the saints Id glo'ty, gath-ered by the thecrys -tal sea. 

No. 407. f ofaing Imbmss. f . M- 

Samuel Medley. 

Western Melody. 

1. A - wake, my soul, to 

2. He saw nie ru - ined 
o. Tho' iiuin'nmshcists of 
4. When trouble, like a 

joy-ful lays. And sing thy great Ke-deem-ei's praise: 
by the fall. Yet loved me -not - with- standing all; 
might- y foes, Tlio" earth and hell my way op -pose, 
gloom-y cloud, lias gath-er'd thiik, and thunder'd loud. 

n« r2 ' 1 !*^ 1 . 1 I re (*1 


w f-*^ h. 




He just-ly claims a Bong from me, His 
He saved me from my lost es - tale. His 
He safe - ly leads my soul a - long, His 
He near my eoul had al-ways stood, His 

.*. -S- -S- -Si -*- JL .0L M. M. 

lov - 
loV - 


1 ' ' ^ 

ing- kind-ncas, oh, bow free! 
ing - kind - uess, oh, how great ! 
ing- kind- ness, oh, bowstrongi 
ing - kind - uess, oh, how good I 

-*■ -^ J A ^ -r - . 



^ ^--E^^^ Ti^ 

t^r-r i---' 







l^^fl X 


^— ^•=xz 












" !■::■ 








l,.v - 

loV - 

l.iV . 


- kindness, 

- kindness, 
■ kiuduess, 









■ kind-ncss, 





free f 
* rrl 






— ni 




— r- 


No. 408. 

John H„ Yatbs. 

(Solo and Congregation.) 

Arr. by Ira D. Sankfy. 



Well, wife, I've found tho mod -el chun-1i,And Worshipp'd there to. day; 

2. The sex -ton did not set me down, A • way back by tlie door; 

.1 wish you'd beard tho sing-ing, wile. It bad the eld- time ring; 

— -*-•-«»-—. I ^ -*- -^ « . -*- -i^- 


U made nie thiidv of good oM times. Be - fore my hair was gray; 
Ho know that I was old and deaf, Anil saw that I was pv^r; 

ibo preach- sr said with trump- ot voice. Let all the peo • pie Bin%'. 

The meet- iiig hdiise was fi 
He Diiikt Iiave born a C'lnin 
"01 J Cor - o - ua - tiuu," was 

(5t» fBLaM Ctturtt) 

-> — I 

liiiilt, Than tlioy were years a - go, 
man, Uo led nie bold . ly through 
tune; The niii - bic up - ward roU'd, 


Hut th.ii I found wli.ii T went in, 
Tlio eiowcl. e.l ai.-.l.) ul tliat grand chuivl 
Lu - til 1 thought the uu - gel -choir 

It wiia Hot hailt for show 
, To find a p\vii:i • ant pew. 
Struck ull their harps of goltl. 


My deafni'sa seeniecl to melt away, 
Sly tipirit caught tiie lire; 

I joined my feelde, trembling Voice 
With that melodious 


my youthful days, 

" Let angeU primlrutu full ; 

liiingfortli the roy - ul di - n-dirn. 
And crown Uim Lord of all; Bring 

forth the roy - al di - a - dem, 

^1 — r=^^ =E=i=g ^^^- 



■z=g±iHmr%J^, :'r^5tgs 

I tell you, wife, it did me good 

Toeing tliuthymn once more; 
I felt like Bomo wrec-ked luariuer 

Who gi'td a glini|>se of HJiore; 
I ulnioKt wuut to lay a«iile 

Thib weuther-lieuteu fonn. 
And anchor in the blewied port. 

Forever from I'ue storm. 

'Twas not a flowerj- eermon, wife^ 

Ihit hiuiple got'|H-l truth ; 
Tt tittiil hiiinlili- uieii like me; 

ItHuited IimihI'iiI youth; 
To wiu iinin..iial HouJH to rhrlHt, 

The earnest pn-acher tiied ; 
He tjilk'-d not of himnelf, or creed. 

But JedUd crucified. 

Bear wife, the toll will goou oe o'er. 

The vic'try »oou be won ; 
The Hhining land is juxt ahead, 

Our nice la nearly nm : 
We're uearing Cuntinn's shore, 

Our home ho bright and fair ; 
Thank Ciod, w e'll never siu again ; 

There'll be no sor - row theee. 

There'll be no 8<>r - row there, In 


• All Join in eiuKing the old 1 

heav'n a- hove Wliere all is love, f 

There'll be no a«r • row there. 

No. 409. ^t (Sospl Call. 

" And the Spirit and the bride say. Come. "~Rbv. 22: 17. 
Arthur T Pierson. Geo. C. bTEBBnft. 


1. The 

Spir - it and tlie bride say," Come!" Aud take the wa - ter of life! 

2. Let ev - 'ly one who hears, say "Come!" Aud joy - ful wit - ness give; 

3. i'e souls who are a - thiist, for-sake Yourbro-keu cis - tenia first; 

4. i'ea, who - so - ev - er will may come, Your loug - iugs Christ cau fill; 

-^ -0^ -m- -m- -m- ■•- 


u« r p II 

bless - ed call ! Good news to all Who tire of sin aud strife. 

1 heard the sound, The stream I found, I drauk, and now I live I 
Then come, par- take. One draught will slake YoursouTs con-sum-ing thirst. 
The stream is free To you aud me, Aud who - so - ev - er will. 

A rfc rff: re 





Aud take the wa- ter of life, of /ife, The wa-tur of life free - ly. 

4r^ N 1 - m ^i — ^» 1 ^- '' — V — < ^-l 1 ^' — V — ^ — Vt 1—3=^^- — 1 — n 

The Spir - 


it says, "Come!" The bride bays, "Cornel" 

^ m » '^- :g: --ft :g: 'B: m. jt. ^. ^m. ^ ^ ^ 



, - -| P 

The Spir- it and the bride say," Come! "The Spir- it and the bride say," Come!" 


take the waiter of life, of life, The w«>ter at life fre« . If. 

No. 410. 

Comi, Smntr, Come. 

"' Come unto me, all yc that labor and are heavy laden." — Matt, ii : a8. 
W. E. Witter. H. R. PAmiOt. 

1. While Jo - 8U8 Tihis-p<'r8 ti) you. Come, sin - ner, cume! While we are 

2. Are yua too hear • y l;iil - en? Come, eiu • uer, coniel Je • bus will 

3. Oh, hc-ar Ilia ti-a - iKr pluaj- iug, Come, aiu • tier, conir! Cume auj re- 

pray. Ing for you. Come, hin . nor, cornel 
boar your bur - (It-n, C'<jnio, rin - ii< 
Cfive thebluss-iug, Couio, eiu -in 

Kow Is tlio time to owu Him, 
Comet Je • Kus will not dc - c<''ve you, 
cuuul Willie whis-pera ti you, 

T — r 

Come, ein -Her, conie! Now 18 the time to know Iliiii, Come, sin- ner, comel 
ConiH, sin - iiir, com''! Jo - sua will now re-coive you, C<inie, eiu- tier, cornel 
Come, Hi u - uer, coiiie I While wo uro pruy-lug for you. Come, Bin- tier, cornel 



No. 411. MIjciT Ibc Slists Ijabe goUcb g.toan. 

" Until the day break and tlie shadows flee away." — Cant. » : i 7. 
Annib Herbert. Arr. IraD. Sanki 

1. When the mists have rolled in spleii- dor From the bean- ty of the bills, 
2.0ft we tn':ia the liath be-f'no H3 With a wea - ry bur- den'd heart, 
3. W»» shall come with joy Bud glad- uesa, Wo shall gatli - er round the tbrous; , 

"^^mmm^^s^^E^ m^i^^im 

And the sun- light fall 
Oft we toil a- ndd 
Face to fare with those that 

glad- nesa On the riv • er and the rills, 
- owa. And our fields 
us, We shall know 

we are Known: 

■Si re: 


We re- call our Fa - thcr's prom - ise In the rain -bow of the spray: 
I'.ut tlie Sav -iour's"Come, ye bless- ed," All our la- bur ■will re-pay, 
And the Boiig of our re -denip-tiou, Shall re - Bound thro' end - less day, 

£g=i==g"^^'==g=g==g— g===g 

We shall know each oth - er bet. ter Wlien the mists have rolled a - way. 
When we gath - er in the morn-ing Wliere the mists have rolled a - way. 
When the Bhad - ows have de-part-ed, And the iiii.sts have rolled a - way. 


We shall know. 

k Tio \v n, as w e are k no w n , 
as we are known ..„ .i^ev-er- more., 



I g- b^-^ 1 ^-p^ ^ 1 i^'^-^-T^ ' ■ > ^ g -Si- 

Nevermore to walk a- 

lone...... In the dawning of the morning Of that 

rff: • at Iff; • ft .^ .^ . -ff; .*...•. jt . jt. .^.. ^^. ^..j^. .». 

lone, to walk a - lone, 


ht and happy day : 

gr^^=i = | is5^= g^i^s 


We shall know each oth - er Ix-t- ter, Wl 

the mists have rolleil a - %vay. 

Wo, 412. 

John El erton. 

The Lord will bless his people with peace."— Ps. 29 : ii. 

E. J. Hopkins. 


&>-■»■ -m- ^ - -•-— — — .^^ 

1. Sav - iour, a- gain to Thy dear name we raise With one ac- 

2. Grant us Thy peace up - on our homo-ward way; With Thee be« 
3 Grant us Thy peace, Lord thro' tha coiu-ing liiuiht, Tiiru Thou for 
4. Grant U8 Thy peace through -out our earth* ly life. Our hahu u> 


2ib(oui, flgadt. 



mi cur jMirt-iiiK I'}''"" <'f pniiw?; Oiicp nioro wi- Mfss Tho« rro our 

.Mill, uiih Tht'o xliiill onci tlio day; Ciiianl Tlmu tlit> li|»< frum Bin, the 

lis iw ilark- iii-t*n in - tn liclit; Frniii luinii ami ilaii • giT koep Thy 

•iir-rnw, anil uur Btay iu etrifi'; Tlii-n, wlu>ii Tliy vuiro eliall bid our 


wor • nlii|> ccaw, TIumi, low - ly kiiii-l - iiiK valt Tliy word i-f piwe. 

Iicartnfroiabliiiiiu-, That in tlii* Iioumj liavo callnl ii|> - oii Thy name, 

chil - .Ir.ii five, For dark and linht arts l">ih u - liku t.» Tlico. 

ion - Jlirl ci-a-sf, CiiU Un O L.)rd, to TliiiM v - t.r - iial iHai-.«. 

No. 413. Mbnf n; Monbcrful .^abiourl 

i.ino &h..ll be cllcd Wonderful." 

E. A. H. 

-IsA 9 : 6. 


:iTl]2^Z.^^ail=lBfe^^^^l i I I 


1. t'hrirtt h;i« f'.r hIu a- tono-iiiont made. What a 
•J.I i.niiHPllim for tlin rhaiw-iiiK I.I.-I, What a 

:S. IIo cliansi'dniy iKartfiMiii all ill nin, What a 
4. Uo walkn l>e-bi<l.) mo all tho way, What a 

-fill Siiv-ionr! Wn 

..n- d.r-fiil Sav-iour! That 

in - dcr-fiil Sav - i..ur! And 

•n - diT- ful !>av • iourl And 


I I , Chorus. 

are rcdprnicdltlie prioe is i>:iid! What a won-der-fiil Sav-lour!. 

rec. on- liUd my »>iil to Ood; W hatii WLn-der-ful Sav- lour! (,.... „„„.,ipr-ful; -^Vhatawon-dor-ful &iv-iour! p^''*"' """ "" "" 

kcip> me faith- ful day by day ; Wliata won-der-ful Sav-iourl-' 

m. M. Jl. m. M- ^ ^ __ _ ^ 

4^— li U \M ■ t- — — t 1 — 


Sav-ionr ia Jo - sus,my J 

I I— r-| I I ' ' ''^^ 

5 He gives me overcominfr p.iwer, 
What a wonderful Saviour! 
,And triumph in each trying Lour; 

Wbat » W9B(l«rful fttyjourl 


6 To Him I've given all my heart, 
Wliat a woijilerful Saviour 1 
The world shall never share apart: 

What » wpofierfaj gftviQurl 

No. 414. 

w Jfortrjess. 

F. H. Hedge, tr. 

" The Lord is my rock and my fortress." — 2 Sam. as : s. 

Martin Luthbr. 

1. A might- y fori-ress 

2. Did we in our owa strength c( 

3. And tbo' this world, with dev 

God, A bul-wark nev - er fail - ing; 
-fide, Our striv- ing would be los - ing; 
filled. Should threaten to un . do ns: 


We will not fear, for God hath will'd, Hia truth to tri-umph through us. 

Our Help - er He, a- mid the flood Of mor-tal ills pre - vail 
Were not the right man ou our side. The man of God's own chooa 



For still our aa- cient foe Doth seek to work his 
Doth ask who that may be? ^Iirist Je - sus, it la 
i jt goods and kin- dred go, This mor- tal life al 

woe : His craft and 
He I Lord Saba - oth 
so; The bod • y 


poWr are great, And armed with cm - el hate — On eaith is not his e - qual. 
is His name, From age to age tli© eauie; And Ue mustwin the bat - tie. 
they may kill; God's truth a - bid - eth still, His kiug-dom is for - ev - er. 

» ^ ' — ^^— ^^F * I 1 — t — ^-^ — I n i ^— 1 — n ' vj* 1 = °^ 


# Glorious Jfountam. 


No. 415. 

"A fountain opened for sin and for uncleanness." — Zbc. xj t i. 
Rev. F BoTTOMB. James McGrakahak- 

Bo- tieath the glorioiistlirone above. The crys - tal f((nnt-aiu spring-ing, A riv - er 

i J. Through all my soul its waters flow, Tliro' all my na - ture steal- iug. And deep with-. 
3. Tlio barren wastes are fruitful lands. The des-ert blooms with ros - es; And He, the 
4. My sun no more goes down by day, My duhmi no more is wan. ing; My feet rua 
6. Oh, dei>th of mercy! breadth of grace! Oil, love of God un-bouud- eii I My soul is 


® dSilotiouH fountain. 


full of lifo and love, Is joy and glailne«8 l>riiig-irif;. 
in my heiirt I know Thecimticiciusness of Loal-iii;;. 
f:l(>-ry of all lands, IIm l.ive- ly fate dis -clos - cs. 
Kwifttheshin-ingway, Tlio liravcnly iKir-talx Raiu - ing. 
Icist ill swi'ct a- maze, By wondrous love coufoiiud - ud. 

a I — — ' I y .j — . ^ j... ^ — r 1 • •* 

glo-ri-DUB fount-ain 

50 free, fountain of cleansing o - pen wiile to mo. 

now flowing bo free, 

flow . Ing, flowing bo free, 

No. 416. ^cur us, (D <§abiour. 

•• Th«»c shall be showers of blessing.'' — Ejluk. 34 : 26. 
Charlf.s Brucb. 

Ira D, Sankkt. 


1. ilear us, O Sav-imir, while we pi 
•J. KnowiiifiThy l..v.-,oii Th.^o v.- .a 
3. TrustiugThy word that can-ni't f.i 

Ilumlilyi'ur need con- feiiS- ill};; Crant us the pmniiiWHl 
H.ild-lyThylhr.>n<-ad<lies.Min-; rieadingthat hhow'rHi)f 
Mailer, we elaiui Thy prouiiiie ; (ih thatourfaith may 


show'rs to- day. Send them up- on tis O 
prace may fail, — Send them up- 011 n^, O 
'■' '''—• '- showers, 

now pie- vail, — Send us the showers, L( 
M. M. M. -m^. ^ ^ M. -m- ^ ! 

Send Bhow'rs of blesa - ing; 

ns; Send tliem. Lord, we pray. 

Send show'rs re-fresh -ing ; Send us show' r-s of Mess- ing; Send tliem. Lord, we pray 

it —..«.• .•. jt. -». M. M. jm.> \ -m- 'S:. 


No. 417. Pb f raises | Mill Smg. 

J. B. ArcHiNSON. 


• I will sing praise to the Lord." — Judg. 5 : 3. 

Geo. C. Stkbbins. 


1. I've Icaiii'd to sing a glad new song Of praise ua - to 

2. I've learu'd to sing tlie Bong of peace, 'Tis sweet - er ev - 

3. I sing the song of per - feet love. It cast - cth ont 

4. I've learu'd to sing llie song of joy, BIy cnp is run- 

5. Soon I shall sing tlie new, new soug Of Bio . sea and 

our King! 

'ry day, 

al I fear I 

uing o'er 

the Lamb, 

rS 1=^. 





I -g- -m- -g- 


I -•- -•- -m- ^ I 

And now with all my ran-soni'd pow'rs His prais - ea I will sing. 

Since ,Je - sua calni^d my tronb- led stml, And bore my eina a - way. 

(I breadtli, Icngtli, U depth, O height! O love so full of cheer! 

AVitli Mess- inga full of peace and love. And still thcre'a more and more I 

"With all the saint - ed hosts a - hove, Be - fore the great I AM 1 


'I — l- i- 

'- '^'~ J^t-^— »—.—m-^ — m '^ ff _fi^-±_ % 

) J_^J^- 



prais - ea I will 


my Li ird 

md Kir 



n 1 . 




'! J . 













And now 








m m- 

Ilia prais 

- ea 



- *— » 





— i^ — 









•— ..,~J ^ 

J • 




No. 418. 


" Happy is he whose hope is in the Lord."— Ps. 146: 5. 


r.n,hn|i<.i.n. (> trnnlileiUlOiirt; If doiihls ijndfearsc.'orlakothee, Ueiuenilier this— the 
i.iiJi.M'eon.tlin' ilMrkMMd'lei'p Thesha.lnwsgatli- er o'er thei'; l!o le.t ilismayeil; thy 
i)u, hupoou, go l.rave-ly forth Tliro' tii-al jiud temp-lit- tiou, Di-rect - ed by tho 

1. Hope on,hn|,<.,.n. (I 

2. Hope oii.h.M'eon.tlie 

3. Hope ou, hopoou, gi 

JUtlpt ®TU 

Ti'inl ballisjiiil. He ne» - er will fof -Biiko ttu-r; TlieiiiBur-mur not, Htill tt-ar thy lot, Nor 
Sav- iiurlicil.lsTlieLiiiiipof life bo . fore the«-; And if He willtliat tlmu tiviiaj Sliouldut 
word oftiutb,S(j full of con-s<j - la - tiou; There is a oil ni for ev - ij- sUirni, A 

=s :Z.:Z^jS=^dS^=r=^. 





yji-M to cnriMir B<>r-n>w; Bi- surotliocloinlstbatfniwn tiwlay Willbrcakin BniileH 
tnad the vulo of Bor- row, Bo not afraiil.bul trustand wait; TlieHun willBhini' to 
joy f.r«v-'ry Bor- row, A night from which the soul nhmllwako To hail un eii.llisu 



No. 419. 

ITurrolir ;iniJ <^trait. 

mill narrow is the way." — Matt. 7: 14. 

Or.r>. F. Root. 

^ ^^3^*I^H^3^3i^^iPi?^:^ 

1. Why di> you liii - por. Why do you stay 
'J. I>o you find |>lfa8-urt>!<, LaHt-iii); and pure, 
:i. t'oiuo tlH-n, be- lov - I'd, Ho long - er stay; 

In the broad road, tlint nioBt 
In the pay i«'cni-!4 that the 
Leave the bnnul biKb-way, O 




dan - por-ons way — Wliilo right l>o - fore you, Kar - row and strait. Is tliobrigh'. 
thouplulcssal - Inn— AVhile your Ke-d.-.-n-<'r WlthL.vo m gn-at, I'ointsto the 
leave it to- day; Slake your de • cis - ion, Oh, do not wait; Take thou the 


pith -way to beav'n's f>earl- y gate? "j N'ar-row and strait, 
way that is nar- row and strait? V 
path -way so nar- row and strait. I 

Nar - IX)W and Btrait, 

WatToto anil Sttaft. 


Nar-row and strait,. 

Nar-row aud strait, Is the bright pathway to beav'n's pearly gate 


No. 420. 

# 'gotk Xjf %QtB. 

" The Lord Jehovah is the Rock of Ages."— Isa. ; 
Rev. H. L. Hastings. 

Hubert P. Main. 


1. My soul at last a rest hath found, A rest that will not fail;' 

2. I'll bide me in this ref- uge strong, From ev - 'ryl storm - y blast; 

3. Ye com -fort -less and tern- pest- tost. By sins and woes op - prest, 

4. Ye thrist-y, from tbia smit- ten Kock Life's crys-tal wa - tera Bpring; 

A sure aud 'cer - tain ancb'rage-ground In Christ 'with - in the vail. 

And sit and Bing iin - til tlie waves Of wrath are o - ver- past. 

Ye tempt - ed, troub -led, ru - iued, lost. Come find in Clirist your rest. 

There hide from ev - 'ry storm - y sliock, And rest, aud drink, aud siug. 



Kock of A- ges cleft for me, In "thee my soul se-curo - ly hide; » 

O Kock in Theo 

:g: S N - ^ ^ ^ ^ rff: 


^ U U '^ '^ 


My tow'r of strongtli, I fly to Thee, And safe - ly there a - hide. 

— «-T-« — m—^-m-^ — I * . — s — •' — ^ , I*-!-- — m — ^ — m- 





No. 421. I^siis SiibesI # glcsscb Storj. 

" He is able also to save them to the uttermost." — Hbb, 7 : 25. 
Claldia May Fkrrin. J. R. Murray. 

-N— >— N — ! 1 -1 — I .. ■ ^ m — r- .^— I — -K— I*- 


1. J?'-8«i8fiavoK! O blp8s-ecl sto - ry, Full of lovoandpoacodivine.nuretinK from the ronlmsof 
•J. Jp-sus Kiivcs! ti, w".,: canfalh -om All the fiiUnexs of HixloTc? llx once died for mir ra • 
3. Je-8U8 savpsl O Bin-ner, hearken To tho call of love to-da\;Therc'«uo oth -er way to 

pli> - ry, Kc'ioiiiK thro' this world of time, "j 
dciiiptioti, Now II« waits for us a- hove. > 
heav-eii, Je - bus is tho on - ly way. ) 

Jo-susBavcel OgU>-r>': glo- rj! Sl.ojtthe 

No. 422. Christ is mn Jlcbmmr. 

El Nathan. 


I the I-ord am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer." — IsA. 49 : 26. 

James McGranahan. 

1. IIow sweet the joy that fills my eoul: Christ is my Re - deem - er; 

2. Tho' Sa - tan oft my way op- pose, Christ is my Ke - deem er; 

3. When tri - als come I still con - fess, Christ is my Ke - deem - er; 

4. The vie • to • ry by this I gain, Christ is my Re - deem • er: 

I ■ ■ - 1 

ITis pre - cious blood has made me whole: Christ is my 

With thi.s I bold - ly meet my foes: Christ is my 

Tie gives mo crace each care to bless: Christ is my 

By this I break sin's gall-ing chain: Christ is my 


Re . deem - er; 

R() - deem - er; 

Re - deem - er; 

Re . deem - er; 

CliriJSt is ms latUttrntt. 


]\Iy sins wore all up - on Him laid, A full a - tone-nieut He bath made, 

'Twas this that Rave me life and light, 'Tis tliis that nerves me for the fight, 

He guides and keeps me day by day, He clos - er comes when dark the way. 

And if He tar- ry and I sleep. My dy - ing hour this hope shall kuip, 

.1^ al I ^ 


For me He hath the ran - som paid : Christ is my Re - deem - er. 

'Tis this my hope that shinos bo bright : Christ is my Ko - deem - er. 

He doth with this my fears al - lay; Christ is my Re - deem - er. 

That when Ue cornea the grave to reap, Christ ia my Ke - deem - er. 

No. 423. Cb Sbai:roto jof i\n |l0rh. 

" The shadow of a great rock in a weary land." — IsA. 32 : 2. 
F. J. Crosby. Ira D. Sankky. 

1. Lead to theshad-ow of the Rock of Rof - nge My wea - ry feet; 

2. Lead to the shad-ow of tlio Rock E - ter - nal Jly heart op - pressed ; 

3. Lead to theshad-ow of the "Rock of A - ges," O keep thou me 

|g^y4=i»=::: ^i^S=* =g =ti=^ =ri«=K:=g=g=r=?^- •— *-«^ ■ 



Give me the wa - tor from the life stream flow - ing Clear, pure and sweet. 
There in tlie so - crot of Thy bo - ly pros - eiue, Cahu shall I rest. 
Safe from the ar - rows of the world's temp - ta - tious. Close, close to Theo. 




There from the bil - lows and the tem -pest 
-•- Jt-' M. -M-m. .m. M. M. .m. 

ing, Un - der thoshel-ter of Thy tr 


love a- bid -ing, Safe in thesiiadow of the" Rorkof A - ges," Jov shall be mine. 

No. 424. 8Co ^n | Come. 

" Come unto me,"— Matt, xi : a8. 

J. E. GouLi,. 


my liliiid - oil night, Aiii'. 

IT pie -citiiiM duj ; 1 

ly, ( leM I>amti; TIum 

C- •—(=- 

l.Je-8UB, I <x>mo to Tlice f..r UkIiI, Ue- store to i 
li. Je - 8118, I come — I can - not etuy KromTlii-e aii-< 
:4. Je-BUd, I come— "Justus 1 aui," To The.-, tlie 1 


from mv soul (lis -pel tlienitjlit — Ji-siis, to Thee I come! Jenns, to Tln>'> I n.niet 
wouM Tliy woril ut once o - Ixy— J.-sii.^, to Tlie" I coNiel J.-siis, to Tliee I couiel 
wilt my troul»-Ied spir-it calm— Theo I come! Jesus, to Thee I couiel 

\^ III ^ ^^^ I ' ^ 

No. 425. IClibc an m |H;ijcstiT. 

" And in thy majesty ride prcspcrouily." — Ps. 45 : 4. 


Gbo. C.Sthbbins. 

4— JV-O-- 

. Kide onl ride on in m,ij-e«-tyl Hark! all thetrilwshosan-na crylO Saviouri 

:. Kide on! riilo on in inaj- es-ty! The bu-K''! ar-mies of the sky I..M.kd"wn« 

t. Kide on! riile on in maj-es- ty! The last and fiercest strife is niKli;Tlio Kathe 

I. Hidi on! rido on iu maj-es- tyl lu low. ly poniprideon to die; BowTliym 

T— r 

J — I- 


I r I I I I'T"*" 

sue Tliy road With palms and scatterM parmentsstrcw'd.-, 

wond'ringeyes To see the approachi n^ >ac- rl- fire. I Kijeon.rideon.rideon.rideonin 

sapphirethrone A - waits Ilia own _a - noint-eil Son. j 

mor - tal pain, Then take, O God, Thy pow'rand reign. 

-g-— -r- -*- -Jt- 



III r r r - i i i - i i 

maj-es-ty, inmaj-es-tyl In low-ly pump, in low-ly pomp, rideon, rideon to die, to dii 

^ 816 

No. 426. ilatse bxg"^ tbe ^ong. 

'■ I will come again, and receive you unto myself." — JoHH 14! 3. 

Tkos. Laurib. 

J. J. LoWB. 

1. Our Sav-iouiwill descend a-gain, Earth'sburied millions raising ; With Him will come a 

2. Andtlio' tliesobod-ies lie iu dust Be- fore that glad appear - iug, Yet shall they stand a - 

3. What, tho' earth's gath'ringtempeats lower, And a- ges pass iu sadness? Yet we may gee that 

4. Tiic.'ii,safeatlast,this blessed tljroug,Set free from trib-u - la-tiun, Shall ev - erpraiseia 

.("-«. jtu jt. .m. 0. .fit. 4^ .ft. ^. -m- *- •)* -^ ? 
•Ti ti » ' I i^— I 1^ 3^ — t^— I ii^-M«-:-^ — *-H ^—\ b^— '?• 

glo-rious train, A - dor - ing Him and prais-ing. 

mong the just, Our Saviour's im- a^ie wear-ing. I, Raise high the song that loud and long Be- 
glo-rioua hour, And hail the dawn wi,.i gladness. (^° luu^o^o 

ho- ly song The God of their sal-va-tion. 


fore Him ceaseth nev - er. Till, casting down each golden crown. Wo worship Him forev- or. 

.^ ^e- -«- ir -«- J*- -•- H«- 

No. 427. # ^latr antr ^Icrbus 60spxL 

" God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son." — Jno. 3 : 16. 
M. Frasbr. James McG-'anahan. 
_f^-fc.-l— 4 ^-1 . 1. .. . , 1^-^ h- 


1. 'Tis a true and faithful say-ing, Je-sus died for siu-fulmeu; Tlio' we've told the story 

2. He hiis made a full a-touement, Now Hissavingwork isdone; He has sat - is-fied the g 

3. Still upon His hands the nail priuts, And tlie scars up-on His brow, Our Ucdccm-er, Lord and ^ 

4. But remem-ber this s.ame Je - sus luthecloudswillcomeagain. And with nimnisWooii-boughto" 




oft - on, We must tell it o'er a -gain.- 
Fa - ther, Who accepts us in Hie Sou. 
Sav - iotir In the glo-ry stand- oth now. 
peo - plo Ev - er-raoresliall live and reigu. 

O glad and glo-riou6 G09- pel! With 5" 

® (Qtlsli anil (filorfous (Btosptl. 
J u^ — I — uJ,-J— J — L-J — K. 

joy we now pri> - claim A full aud free 8iil - va-tion, Thro' faith in Je- bub* name, 

we now priKlaim 

^g i iMiU^ ^^ m^hm^^^ 

No. 428. . mhx, |tot lloto ? 

" Behold, now is the accepted time," — 2 Cor. 6 : 2. 
El Nathan. C. C. Cash 



1. AVTiilo wo pray, and while wo pleatl, Wliilo you boo y.'Ur hoiiI's deep need, 

2. You have Man-dered far a - way, Do not riiik an - oth - er day; 

3. In tho world you'vo fail'd t.. find Aught of poaco troub-led niiud ; 

4. Come to Christ, cou - fes - eiuu make; Como to Christ and i*r - dou take; 



While your Fa - tlier calls you home. Will you not, my broth - er, 

Do not turn from God your face, But to • day ac-cept His 

Ctime to Christ, on Ilim bo - lievo, Toaco and joy you Hhall ro 

Trust in Ilim from day to day, lie will keep you all tho 



Wliy not now? why not now? Why not come to Je - bus 

Why not now ? Why not now ? 


Why not now? Why not now? Wliy not come to Je 

Whviiotnow? Whvuotnow? 

No. 4^9. Widax^ t^^roug^ ^ma. 

He went forth conquering and to conquer." — Rbv. 6; 2. 


1. Cou-quer-ing now and still to con-quer, Rid-eth a King in 

2. Con-quer- ing now and still to Con-quer, Who is tliis won-der 

3. Cou-quer-ing now and still to con-quer, Je - sus, Thou Rul-er 


, 1 X i 1 IS— J> -, 1 ) , , 

Lead- ing the host of nil the faith. ful In - to the midst of 
Whenceallthe ar . niies which He lead - eth, AVhileofllis glo - ry 
Throuesaudtheirsceptera all shall per - ish. Crowns and their si)leudor 

the fight; 
they sing? 
shall fait; 

8hout-ing the name of their Lead-er, Hear them ex . lilt - ing 
They are the stars that for - ev - er Bright in His king-dom 
Find in Thy niansiona e - ter- ual, Rest when their war- fare 

ly eay : 

will shine. 
ie past. 




'Not to the 8tr 

w=M dMM M- 

is the hat - tie, Not to Die pwift is 


Yet to the true and tho faitl 

m _• — m , m..- m^.i^-' , m 

:—» . r leJ j: — 1 — zrti— Hi: 

rue and tho faith- ful Viet' 

]ironi-ised through prace." 



No. 430. y iolg (^feosl, tott^ WW 8ibii«. 

Andrew Reeo. 

Lead tnc in thy truth, and teach me." — Ps. 2-^ : 5. 

(Mercy. 7s.) L. M. Gottschalk, arr. by H. 

lEEO. (Mercy. 7s.) L. M. Gottschalk, arr. by H. P. M. 

1. Uo - ly Ghust, with light di 

2. Hd - ly Ghost, with pijw'r Ui - vine, 

3. llu - ly Ghijst, with ji>y di - vino, 

4. llo - ly Spir - it, ull di - viue, 

tihiiie lip - 
Cli-auiietliid guilt-; 
Chcoi tliia Kid-doi" 
l;wi.ll wilh-iu til 

lliis li.urt (if 

liourt of 

I liiait of 

luart of 

Cliottb the shaJfrt of nfcht a - way. Turn my dark-i 

Lnii^; hath Kin, with-i^iit con - trt>I, lIilJ do-min-ioa o'<t my fxnil. 

15iil luy uia - ny woea do - I>art, Ilnil my woundi'd, M<fd - iiig lirart. 

Caat duwa ev - 'ry i - dol - throne, lieiga bu - prenit — ami rei^ii o, - loue. 

No. 431. Sttjoia! ^c .Saints. 

" And again, I say, rejoice."— Phil. 4 : 4. 


1. Ki'-j.iicol yosaiiitu, a - piiti tt'-joiro. And sins, with oiii- ac-cord; lic-jniro witli nil yonr 
li. U.^-joici-I re-joicid lil'l up your luail. And l-iaisi' liic liv-iiiR Oc«l, Thiil for yoiirBoiilKtho 
'•i. Uo-.joicel re-joicel let prai.-.o B-l-'iiiid l!n - fi>io Jc-hovah'n tliii>np,Koril('adoii('HrHiMC'd,and 
4. Ke-jiiicel re-joitol tho Lord willconio.Ac - cord-iug to Hia word, And gath-er all llis 

lioartandvoice.Tn Christyourris-on Lord. » Uijoico IJo -juice 

Sav - iourslied His own must pro-ciousbloiHl. I 
lost ones found. And prod - i-gais brought home, j 

ll«ome,"Forev - cr with tli3 Lord.'"' in the Lord, 

iu the Lord, Re- 

rd al-way; Ke-joice, Rejoice in tt 

ill the Lord, 

way; Re-joice, '' ' Rejoicein the Lord, And again I say, Re-joice. 
ill the Lord, 

No. 432. Mtbtx S^om a WW ^° i^^^* 

F. J. Crosby. 

; a light into the world."— John 12: 46. 

Rev. Robert Lowr\. 


1. Nev - er shone a light so fair, Nev-cr fell so sweet a song, As the cho - rus 

2. Still that Ju - bi - lee of song Bieaksup-<in tlie ris - ing morn; While the an-them 

3. Wel-come now the bless-ed day When we praise tlie Lord our King; When we meet to 


in the air, Chant-ed by the an - gel-throng; Ev - cry star took up the eto - ry, « 
rolls a - long, Floods of light the earth a - doni; OM and young take up the sto - ry, S 
praise and pray. And His love with glad-ness sing; Ltt tlie world take up the sto - ry, g 

' i 


"Christ has come, the Prince of glo - ry, Come in hmn -blu hearts to dwell, n 



No. 433. pirtlMxtjalj, §Icss J)m g^mn^. 

'And again they said. Alleluia." — Rev. 19: 3. 

James McGranahan. 

T P T r r r I I 

1.0 broth - ren, rise and sing, Make lial - lo - lu - jahs 

brcth - - reu, rise anil sing, Hal - - Jo . . 

2. Ho wins for ns the fight, lie makes our dark - ness 

3. No lack or want have they Who make the Lord their 

4. trust Him then to guide, And for His own pro- 

j|QalUIu|a|), BU55 JUiH Namt, 


ring To our Al-uiiglil-y Jviug, 

111 - JRliB ring 

lit«<it. All divar-y ....ul.t.^lake fli-Iit 

smy; New Blifii^'ih fur cv - 'ry day 

vide; Should weal or wiw lie - tide, 

Autl blf.-M II 

And lilutsB Ilis iiuiue. 

Wlii'ii lie up - - iK-ars. 

His gnice sup . plies. 

Tiiist to tlio eud. 



S Chorus. S j I 1 I I 

I Halle -lu- jail, llal-lf-lu-jal,, IIul-K- - lu-juli, liK-ss His tiiiin.-, Hal-ie- 

S ilal-U-lu-jah, llaH.-lu-jiili. . Hul-lo-lu-jali, 


-jnti. IIuI " • • ■ 

Hal- lo->.i -jail, 

lu-jiili, IIul-lc-lu jail, Ilal-lo-lu - jnli, ^^•S3 Hiit liiuiiul 

Hal- lo->.i -jail, llal-l.-lu-jali,llal-le - lu - 

- ti^^-l 

- le- lu-jal^ 


le - lu-Jah, 

No. 434. ^oUolijing J^ullir. 

M. pRASER, "The Lord is my shepherd." — PsA. 23: i. 

1. Oiip day the Slieplierd possod, and turning, eaid, 

2. .He led nie thruu;;li proen |>a>luro land, 
'.i. From out no other eye had < ver boanird 

4. Ulack rlouils were patherin.; on a blacker sky, the 

5. Kear Lord, the falls upon me, 

6. And soon tliere fame a loviii'^ rail in answer, 

7. None ever jK-rished following Jesus fully, 

>Hiat wonder that in haste V, 

■SVit^ Bueh aHiiide, who w,.uM imtfollow, 

Goo,^ Shepherd,, and I will fullow 

Upon the lUL'tit wincl rose tlie cry of 

My feet aie slufiil.liiij; ou ilie mountains; 

Mine eye .-^h.-dl jroide the hliii.I 011. s. and the weary 

The weakest lambs are carried iu ilis bosom, and 

So kind was 

Go Vheio He 
Har4 aft - er 
One In great 

Oh! cue - Cor 
Mii.e arm shall 
Brought sale- ly 



No. 435. 


' The Spirit and the bride say_ Come,"— Rbv. 

1.0 wand-'ring souls, why long - er roam A - way from God, a- way from ti. '. 

2. Be - nold His Iiands ex . tend -ed now. The dews of night are on His bro.. ; 

3,1'' sim - pie faith His word lie - lieve, And His a - biiu - duut grace re-ceivet 

4 I'he 'Spir- it and the Bride say, Cornel" And find in Him sweet rest and home; 

va-tion; Behold how wondrous ihoprocla- ma-tion, "Wlio-so - ev - er will may come!" 

No. 436. '§mx ^t, gl^ss^tr I^sms. 

" Consider a"d hear me, O Lord my God." — Ps. 13 : 3. 
Words arr. }. H. Burkb. 

1. Hear me, blcss-ed Je - sua, Bid all fear dp - part; T;ot Thy Spir - it 

2. Let me ful - ly trust Thee, Rost-ing on Thy Word; Let me still with 

3. Hid - ing iu the shad • ow Of Thy ehelt-'ring wings, I shall rest con- 

fUtn fRt, Blesfftl) Jtstus. 


Wilis - per Poace with - in my livart 

pa - tiiuce Vait on 
till - iii^ lu the 


- in my la-art. ") 

Th,.>, o Lord. Y Then, what -e'er Thou send . est. 

King of kings. J 






^k^ M-y-^ --^^^H ^ ^j^ fi ^ 

nap - py Bliall I U 

Jf - eiH, my Re-iieeni - er, Look-ingun- t.> Thi.-. 

No. 437. |Tes, llh'W Iflcct in Wn Porn'ing. 

" Joy comcth in the morning." — Ps. 30: 5. 

Gko. F. Root. 



CYfs, We'll int'ct n- gain In tlio morn - ing, In tho dawn of a fair - er day; 

I Wlicutlio night of watili-iiig and wait - ing.Wifli its dark-Dei» ha.MpasMtMla - way. 

fWhereoiir pre-cionsom-H now are dwell- ing. Free from toil and from ev - 'r>' care; 

I With their garments s]>ot-lesti and sliin - Ing, Like the roliea that tho an - gels wear. 

|0 what joy when all shall ho o- ver, .\nd the jonr- ney onearlh we close, 

[.\nd the an-gelshomewaidBliall l>i';ir us. Where the lifu-etreanifur-ev - er flows. 

Whereno ehad-ows veil the sun - shine, - ver there in tlieheav'nly land, 
When onr pil- grim- age com • plet • ed, Ami our foot-8te|>s no lou - ger roam. 
We shall see the King of glo - rj'. We shall praise Uiin with harp and voice; 


And the crys - tal waves of the riv . er, Ev - er flow o'er the gold - en sand. 
By the pearl -y gates glad-ly wait - ing. They will give us a wel- come home. 
We shall sing the grace that re- deemed ns. While our hearts in His love re- Juice. 


No, 438. 6xrb an % Sfoorl^ mrb g^rmor. 

C. H. Mann. 

Put on the whole armor of God." — Eph. 6 : 

J. H. TsMNiW. 

_ pg g-_-, K— sr-1 K^n '- J. ' ^ i ^— I t-i • l-r—J— t-^i l-l 

1. Gird on theswordand ar-mor, Go raise the han-ner high; The Cap-tain of Sal. 

2. Gird on the sword and ar.mor. Let faith be thy strong shield; His prum-ise shall sua - 

3. Gird on the sword and ar - mor, Press on the foe to flght; Xo en- e - my can 

va - tion To Thee is ev - er nigh. 1 ' 

tain thee On ev - 'rj' bat - tie field. VThen wave the glo-rious ban - ner, Press 
harm thee, For God sustains the right. ) 

»' I II 

for-ward in Ilisname; And soon thy Guide and Cap . tain Will vie to -ry proclaim. 

His name; 

No. 439. 

[it Sabiour idh mt sff. 

" Him that cometh to me I will in nowise cast out." — ^Jno. 6; 37. 
El. Nathan. James McGranahan. ? 


1. How do I know my Bins for-] 

2. By trusting Christ the wit-ness 

3. Be - lieve andtlioushaltsure-ly 

4. Though rough the way, I sliall en. 
6. How do I know I'll live a- 

;iven? My Sav-iour tolls me so; 

came, My Sav-iour tells mo eo; 

live. My Sav-iour tells me so; 

. duro,My Sav-iourtoUs me so; 

gain? Jly Sav-iourtoUs me so; 

That now I am an a 
The pardon's free in « 
The Spir-it's wit- ness h 
His sheep are ev -er 2 
With Christ in glo-ry '„. 

Chorus. |,^ O 

heir '>f heav'ii? My Sav- iourtclls 

Je - sus'iiauic, Mv Sav- iourtells 

God will give, My 8av-iourtells 

iir.ept HO -euro. My Sav- iourtclls 

i sliull reign. My Sav - iour tolls 

mo BO. 

A - way with doubt, a - way with fear, When 


IRj) JSaB(oui ttlTs mt so. 


fliia by faith I kuuw; Goii's won! shall stauJ foruv .er-iuun-, :\Iy Saviour tells Uio bo. 

No. 440. 

F. J. Crosdv. 

** He shall hiJe me."— Ps. 27: 5. 


lio - ly l>laro; Itt-stiiigtliurnlioiieiitl 
roiiMi'il M'li; I.iki) udoTi-uii »- 
uightof wiM.-; VheuiutoHra i 8()el 

1. Iliilf nio, O DiySav-idur, hiilo 1110 ]ii Tliy lio - Iv plaro ; Itt-stiiigtliurnlioiieiitli Tliy 

2.! iiif.whcutheBtoriiiM ra--iiiK<)'.rlilVrt tn.iiM."-.l wii; l.ik« iiiiovi-oii <>- lean's 

3. llidu iue,wlieuiiiy hcartubreuk-iiig With itawuightuf Wix-; VheuiutOHra i soek thfi 

nil - rv, O li't nio B.e Thy face. ") Ilicl - 1..WS, O 1, t ii.« lly to Th.-o. i- 

ci.iu - fort ThouiaiiHta-Iouo be . et<'\v. J Iliilo me, hMo me, mifo -ly hi 

T5_JS -<s> -- g : :e 

Oblods-edSaviour.hMe niu; O Sav-Ioiir,k.-.p mo Sufe-Iy, Lord, with Thee. 
O, my Saviuiir,kfi'i) Tliou me. 




No. 441. ^^rolu out iht f ifjc-fiiu. 

(May be sung as a Solo and Chorus.) 

E. S. Ufford. Arr. by Gso. C Syrbbii« 

1. Thr.iw out theLife-Line a-oross8 the dark wave.Thcreis a brotlier whom lioiiie one shonlil save: 

2. Throw out theLife-Line with hand quick and strong, Wliyilo you tar - ry, w by lin - ger so lougi 

3. Tlirowout tlie LitV-Liui- todauger-fraught nii'u.Sink-iiitr in ant;nisliwhereyou've never beeu: 

4. Soon will t lie sea-sou of res-cue be o'er, Soon will they drift to e - ter - iii - ty's shore, 

<SI)tote out ttt t'itt-l'titt. 


Somebod-y'a brother! oli, who then, will dare To throw outtheLife-Line,Iiis per- il to share? 
See! he is sinking; oli, hitst- en to-day — Andoutwith the Life-Boat! away, tlien,a- way! 
Winds of temptation and bil-lows of woe W'i 11 soon hurl them out where tliedarlt waters flow. 
Haste then, my brother, no time for de- lay, But throw out the Life-Line and save them to-day. O 

Throwout the Life-Liuel Throw out the Life-Line! Someone ia drift-ing a- way; 

■ ^ ■ L^ L^ trf ^l^ 1^ 5 ■ l»S_ 

T t» !»• k > II 

Throw outthe Life-Liuel Throwout the Life-Linel Someone is sinking to - day. 

No. 442. # Mars^lp' Ik pitg. 

Robert Grant 


" All thy works shall praise thee, O Lord." — PsA. 145 : 

F. J. Haydn. 

1. wor-ship tho King all glo-rious a - bove, And grate-ful -ly sing 

2.0 tell of His might, and sing of His grace. Whose robe is tlio light, 

3. Thy bona - ti - ful care what tongue can re - cite? It breathes in the air, 

4. Frail chil- dren of dust, and fee-ble aa frail, lu Thee do we trust, 


His won-der-ful love; Our Shield and De - fend- er, the Au-cient of days, 

whose can - o - py space; Ilia chari-ota of wrath the do.'p tliunder-cknulsforni, 

it shineB ia the light; It streams from tlie hills, it de - scrnils to the plain, 

nor find Thee to fail; Tliy mer- cies, Low teu-dorl How fiim to the end. 

vil - ion'd ia splon - dor. 

And dark is His path on 

And sweet - ly dis - tills in 

Our Mak - er, iJa - fend - er. 

and gird - ed with praise, 

the wings of the storm, 

the dew and the rain. 

Re - deem - er, and Friend. 

No. 443. 


loin Spirit, C^ar^tr C^ow. 

' He shall teach you all things." — John 14 : 26. 

Robert Lowbt. 


1. Ho . ly Spir - it, Teach-er Tliou, At the throno of gnw-e we how ; Come, perform Thin» 

2. Comfort - er iii-deeil Thou art, Giv-ingBtreugtli to ov- 'ry hi-art; Let Thy pres-ence 

3. Scut to he our Guide to-day. Keep us io the nar-rowway; Grant that we may 

4. Teacher, dm- fort- er, andGiiide, In our hearts do TlioU a- inde; And in life, what- 


of - fiire now. Teach us ey • er - more... 

ne'er de- part, Com -fort ev - er - more. I 

iiev - er stray, Guide us ev . er - more. C 

e'er he- tide. Help us ev . er - more.' 

Eo -ly Si>ir-it, toai h u.i ev - cr. 



Comfort, guide, ami havens never; I)wpll witljinuH, we im-plore, Nowand ( 

No. 444. 

^nuclj ih 6osptI. 

" Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." — Mark 16 : 


forth. Tell of free and full sal - va - tion;' 

■ >y, WliUe on grace and nier - cy dwell -iug; 

ar, Uv the hlood of Christ re - mis -sion; 

love, Chrisfstom-pus-Bion ful - ly know-ing; 

GiKl Sin- iiers through you were seek-ing; 

Spread the ti - dings o'er tlie earth, Go to ev • 'ry trihe and na - tion 

Heart and soul in full em - ploy, As the sto - ry you are tell - ing. 

Give the mes- sage, make them liear. This a- loue is our com- mi.s - sion, 

Seek the pow - er from a- bove. While His great com- pas - sion show. iug. 

His sal- va- tion through the word. Speaks a.s if • the Lord were ppeak-ing 


Spread thejoy-ful ti - dings in an-them aud eto-ry; 

Spread the joy -fill ti - dings, spreadthe joy-ful ti-dings in 


I Je • . - - • eu3 hath redeemed us, give llim the glo - ry. 

Je- BUS hath redeemed us, Je- sus hath redeemed us, 

No. 445. I nm Cntsfhtg €\itt, "goxH ^tsm, 

' Trusting in the Lord," — Ps. 112 : 7. 

Frances R. Havkrgal. 



■^ 1. I am trust- ing Tliee, Lord Je - bus, 

2. I am trust - iug Tliee for par - don, 

8. I am trust -iug Thee for cleans-ing 

4. I am trust- ing Tlice for pow . er. 

Trust- ing on - ly Tlieel Trust-ing 

At Thy feet I bow; For Thy 

In the crira-eon flood; Trust-ing 

Thine can nev - er fail ; Words which 

5. I aui trust- iug Thee, Lord Je - sus, Kev - er let me fall 

Thee for full gal- va-tion, 
graceand ten- dcr nier-cy. 
Thee to make me ho- ly 
ThouThy-sclf shalt give me, 
trust-ing Thee for - ev - er. 

Great and free. ^ I 

Trust - iug now. I 

By Thy blood, h 

JIust p'.e - Vail. V 

Aud for all. ) I 

am trusting, I am trust! 

tei^£;S^^»EEg ;^g5E;^^gfe|EpE>!Epia^E£S^ g 



Trusting on- ly Thee I 

n trust - ing, tnist - ing. Trusting on -ly Thee. 
trusting, trustini;, I am trusting, 

No. 446. 


Words arr. 

' There remaSncth therefore a rest for the people of God."— Hhb. 4 ; 


Gbo. C. Strbbins. 

ly of 

1. .^ft- tr the aii.l trmih-lo, ThtrecnKth a day of r.-^t ; Aft-t-r tlie w.-a-rv 

•t Afl" "■■'•'V""''''//'"'''"'"**'''''''*' »I""I"W.'<"II fl.o a - «uy; Aft-er the .l.iv of 

.1. Aft - .r t ,,. hournol c i.tst.-.,„i«,l ,0 S|,ir-it nm-U- |..ireu.i.l l.ri;.'ht ; An-tTlhe<.artl"i',.,lark 

4. Alt - tr thu puJUttuJ wcku«*t, Thetiainaro ullv»ij.cdu - way; Aft-er lhull..w'm are 


Ton - flict, Poaro on tJie'g hrcOKt ; 
Kill. ii.sH, ll..|K.|ilM.,|ghcrlirij;htHKi, rav; 

i-h:iil-ow, Char ill the li^'ht of ^.i|iUl■, 

j;ulhiTi'.l, No nixru uf earth'M (Ju - my; 

Alt- or tho carp ainl (Kr - rnw. Thi< 

Aft-rr llio (■liifi' ami irtnig-gjc, Tlio 

Aft-.T tlu. Kill.l-ll.),' C..llll-(t.|, ('..III. 

Alt - i-r tho dcip heart Bor - ruw, An 

Kl'-ry ..f )i;;|,taiMl 1..t.-; Aft.T tho wiI.hTnfwJ..iirii..y,Thcytttli.r'Hhrii;hthMi„,.nlM.T,. 

MO - l.,-ry Ih won; Aft-ir tho v»..ikirt o - v.r.Thi.M.i«l.r'B..wii w..r.l,"\V.II.l.,iie.' 

nmn - 1.,, f„ll aii.lMv»..,.t ; Afl-t-r tho wilj-iiiK' wrvic... AlUaia at thi- .s«vi,.ur'ij f.^ot. 

<ii.| of »v - ery Btrife ; Aft- er tJio daf- ly cn^d-H, A t;|.>. ri-oiiMcr..w not lifn. 

No. 447. Sill no |Tlo«. 

" Neither do I condemn ihce; go, and sin no more."— Jno. 8:11. 
M. A. R., arr. hy Kl. Nathah. Jamis McGrawaiian. 



4. .^in 

1. Sn no more, thy B..11I is fr.r, Hirlut hixs di.-.| to nin - h.mi th.-i>; 

2. Sin no more, l.nt cl*. . ly kc-ep N,.,ir tho Il.iti.l (,'iiuril tho nlu-.-p, 

3. .«!iu no Dior.'. His tl.MHl hiith iR-URht, Think on what His I .vo Latli wnMight; 
no more, O sin no more, Jo - eim Jive8 to koip tlieo puro; 

• of gin U o'er, 

Shun tho snares that lured ho - fore, 

Tliink of what for thee He Ixjre, 

If oVr . ta - ken He'U re - Btore. 


Je . BUS h'uls thee"8fn no more." 

Trcm-h'iiig go, and 6in no more. 

Wcop-inj? go, and Bin no iimre. 

Say - Ing," Go, aiid sin no more.' 

2(n no fStm, 


I ~ h» a 'y *~*^ * " U i^ L* If* i ~ ~ U S» ^ 

Sin no more,... thy soul is free, Christ hixs died to ransom 

sin no more, thy Boul is free, Christ has died 

thee; Sing the message o'erando'er Christ forgives thee," sin no more.' 

to ransom thee ; . ^ . , 


.^^ ^ JT^ 

No. 448. Cafu .€xmt ia ht fiolg. 

" Be ye holy: for I am the Lord your God." — Lev, so: 7. 
W. D. LoNGSTAPF. Geo. C. Stebbins. 

1. Take time to bo 

2. Take time to be 

3. Take time to be 

4. Take time to be 

ho - ly, Speak oft with thy Lord; A - bide in Him 

ho - ly. The world rush- es on; Spend nmchtimo iu 

ho - ly. Let Him be thy Guide, And run nut be- 

ho - ly. Be calm iu thy soul. Each thought and each 

And feed on His Word; 

With Je - BUS a - lone; 

What- ev . er be - tide; 

15e - neath His cou - trol ; 

Make friends of God's chil - dren, 
By look - iug to Je - bus. 
In joy or in sor - row. 
Thus led by His Spir - it. 

Help those who are weak. 
Like llim tliou shalt be; 
Still fc.l-lowthc - ' 
To fountains of in noth-ing 

Thy friends in thy ror-diict 

Lord, And, look- ing to Je - bus, 

love. Thou soon shalt bo fit - ted 

His bless- ing to seek. 
His like-noss shall see. 
Still trust in His Word. 
For eerv-lce a - buve. 

,-, f- -g--^-g-i:g-; 


No. 449. 

re ^oxb in Coming. 

• Behold the bridegroom cometh ; go ye out to meet Him" — Matt, as •' 6- 

Rev. E. A. Hoffmann 

is tlie Li>rJ our FiRhteouB- net*. And comes Hischns-en ones to bless, 
With II;il - le - 111 - jiiUs h.iiv'n will ring, When Je - eim dees n- - il. ni|i-ti..n l.rinp; 
To judgmeut called at Ilia command, Drawn thitb-cr ty His might - y hand. 


And at His Fa- ther's throne con - fe'W ; Be reail -y when Ife comes. 

O trim J on r lamps to meet your King; Be read -y when He comen. 

Be- fore Ilia throne we all niuat stand; Bo read-y when llo comeH. 

, - ^ ^ M . 41- T?- -IS-. - a . 

read - y when the Bridegroom come?" ? Will your lampe be trim'd and bright 

when He comes? 

it morning, noon or night ? Will vou be read-y when the Bridegroom comes? 

^t^olb n Straitgn\ 

No. 450. 

" Behold, I stand at the door, and knock."- 
Rev. J. Grigg. (Fkderai. St. l. iu.) 

-RBV/3: so. 

Henry K. Olivbb. 

0^-^ H^ 1__4- 


1. Be - hold a Strau . ger at the 

2. O love-ly at - ti - tiide! He 

3. But will lie prove a Frioud in - 

4. Rise, touch'd with grati- tudo di - 

door, He gen-tly knocks, has knocked he- fore; 

Btands With melting heart and la - den hands; 

deed ? He will, the vor - y Friend you need ; 

Tine ; Turn out His en - e - my and thine, 


fd^i^^^^ U-^sd ^^ M^ ^^^ 

Has wait-ed long, — is wait 
O matchless kindness! and 
TheFriendof sin-ners, yos, 
That soul-de-8ti-oy- iug 

Btill ; You treat no oth - er friend so ill. 

shows This matchless kindness to His foes. 

He, With garments dyed on Cal - va - ry. 

Sin; And let the heavenly Stran-ger in. 


No. 451. Mt f nusc a;ijct, fat gitss %\tt. 

" We thank thee, and praise thy glorious name." — i Chr. 29 : 13. 
Fanny J. Crosby. Koschat, arr. by Ira D. Sankbv. 

1. We praise Thee, we bless Thee, Our Sav-iour di - vine. All pow'rand do-min-ion For 

2. All hon-or and praise to Thine ex- eel- lent name ; Thy love is un-changing. For 

3. The strength of tlie hills, aud The depths of the sea, Theearthand its full - ues8. Be - 

4. Thine in - fi - nito good-uess Our tongues shall employ; Thou giv -est us rich - ly All 

■^ '^ ^ r « > ■ r ^ ^ f- 



r-"-i — I — r 

ev-er he Thine; We sing of Thy mer-cy With joy- ful ac-claim;For Thou hast re- § 
ev-ertlie samir, We hlessaiid a-doreThee,0 Saviour and King; With joy and thanks- » 
longnri-to Thee; .\nd ynt to the low-ly Thou hendest Thine ear. So read-y their o 
thiugstoen- joy; We'll lol-Iow Thy footsteps. We'll rest ia Thy love, Aud eoon we shall ^ 



deemed us; All praise to Thy name; Fir Thou liast redeemed us; .\11 praise to Thy name. 
gIv - in;; Thypriiis-es wo siug; With joy and thanksgiving Thyprii' 
hum- Mo I'e . titionsto hi'ar; So read-y their humble Pe - ti- tions to hi 
praisoTheelu mansions a - hove; Andsoon weshall praise Thee In mansions a • hi 


No. 452. 

; mot ashamed of the gospel of ChriM."— Rom. i t A 

Jambs McGBANiiiiiUl. 


Lit is fiu-ished; what a gus-pell Noth-liig luw |:lM.'fulef»il to do, 

2. It ia fiu-isUed; uliut a gus-pell Briugiuguewd of ||: vie - t'l7:|| won, 

3. It is fiu-isiieil; what a gos-pell Here each wea-ry J: la • den :j breast. 
Lit is fiu-i:jhBd; what a gu6-p«ll Je • bus died |: to eave :| your eoul; 

^^M^^^H^l^^^^-J i 


Rut to take with prate - ful glwl - uo«a Wbnt the Sav - lour did for you. 

TiU-iiig OS of |Hace and |.ar • don Thro' the bli>i«d of Gud's dear Son 

That ac • cepts God's gra-cii>ufl of • for, Kii • ten* in - U> per -feet reet. 

Ilavo you tak-en Ilia «:J • va - tion? Have you Kl Iliiu make you whole? 


^ n L Chorus. 


It ia fln-iohed; Dal- le • la • Jahl It t» fiu-ishea Bid • le - In - jaht 

^ '^"*^ — =^" — mm 

Christ the work has fol - ly done; IM • K - 1<1 • J^''' ^^ *'"'■ '"' •""'/ 

> (ui Mic aad Teoor onij. 

No. 453. ^^txt is a Harabb^ of "^tut 

' There remaineth therefore a rest.' 

W. R. Lindsay 

1. There ia 

2. There is 

3. There is 

a Par - a - dise of rest Oq yon - der Iran - quil shore ; 
a Cit - y crown'd with light, Its joys uo tongue can tell ; 
a crown laid np on high That Chiist the Lord will give 

thea be faith- ful un • to death, Press on the heaven -ly way, 

Be . yond the shad- ow and the gloom of night, Where toil and tears are o'er. ^ 

For they who en - ter shall be - hold the King, And in His pres-ence dwell. "3 

To those who pa-tient-ly His com - ing wait. And for His glo - ry live. « 
That we may en- ter thro' the Gates of Life To realms of end-' 

Meetme there oh, meet me there, At the dawning of the morning bright and fair; w 

meet me there, meet me there, ■? 

Meet me there, oh, meet me there. In the land beyond the river, meet me there. 

meet 1118 there, meet me there. 

No. 454. f mtr, fUitbliT f tcjijt. 

" Send thy light and truth, let them lead me."— Ps. 43 : 3. 
John H, Newman. John B. Dykes, 

J. Lead.ldnd-ly T.ight.T midtli' ncirrlii.- gloom, Lead Thou me on; Thenightis 

Ceab. ItiTilrls ligW 

I I 

> wiiB nut cvfrtliiiM, iKir prayed that Tlum 

SliouMstlciid mo uii ; 
? '.I'ved to cliiMiHu and B^-e my jeitli; but now 

Li'udTliou me on. 
J! loyed the guri^h iluy; ami, Fpitu of f.ara. 
Pride niled luy will: remeuibur uot i>act juure 

So luuj? Tliy power Liith Mist me, auio it still 

Will lend mo oa 
O'er moor uml fi-n, u'ercnig ami torreuttiU 

The night id gone, 
And with the morn thiMu auf;el faces suite, 
WhicU 1 liuveluvod lung uiuce, aud luetawhlla. 

No. 4&0 

I bill puss xjbcr ^Tou. 

' When I sec the blood, I will puss over you." — Ex. 12 : 13. 

James McGranahan. 


When (iod the Wiiy of life w. 
Ity (Christ, tho Bin-less Lamb of 0- 
') Bunl.fortliee Mil- vit-tion tli 
The wnith ,>fGod that wiui.ur dii 
-l'i» calm th« ju.lgiueul hour ab&ll pi 

I ^ M M l^-l 

h.Viiil gath-or all Hisown, Ho placed tlii-m Baf.' beyond the 

, The pn-cloua bl"0>l wMshed, When He fidt'llleil (iiHl'n buly 

l!y God i« fiee-lygiv'n;Thobloodof CliriMtutoiieBfor 

l|)-oiitheLaiubwa8laid;Aiidby the Bliedding ol His 

I To all who do o- ln;y The wonl of God a-bout tho 

J I I k. Chorus. ^ , ^ 

roach Of death, by blixxi a 

w u 

roacn ui (leatu, ny biixMl a - lone ) 

word, And nuf-fered in our stead. / It is Hijword, God's precious word, It 

sin, Andniakesus meet for heav'n. > 

blood, The debt for ub w.w paid. I It is His word, God's precious word, 

blood. And make that word their Btay J 

Stands for-ever true: When I, the Lord, shall see the blood, I will pass o-ver you. 

When I, the Lord, sliaU see the blood. 

No. 456. 

Grace J. Frances. 

' Arise, he calleth thee."— Mark io: 49. 

Hubert P. Main. 

1. Out on the mountain, sad and for - sak- eu, Lost in its niaz-es, no light can'st thou see; 

2! Far ou the uiouutaiu.why wilt thou wander? Deep-er in daiknessthy path-waywiU he; 

3. Flee from thy bond-age, Je- bus will help thee, On - ly believe Him, and thou ehalt be free; 

Yet in His mer - cy, full of com-pas- sion, Lo ' the Good Shepherd is call-ing to thee. 
Turn from thvroam-ing, fly from its dau-gers,While the Good Shepherd is call-ing to thee. 
Won- der- ful nier - cy, boundless com- pas- siou, Still the Good Shepherd is call-iiiK to thee. 

Call-ing to thee, call-ing to thee; Jo - sus is call-ing, " Come un - to me;" g 

^__ ,— -g • , r r — -g - - P- • , j_-— , ^ ^ I "^ "^ - m m .-n ^ 

1 i^ t' . *• I 1-^— ^^— ^— ^— p -1 ^ , ^ jjT— jS « 

-p— t,— t,— t" 

Call-ing to tliee, call-ing to thee. Ilear the Good Shepherd call-ing to thee. 

^s^^ =£^^5SE£^s;;E;il^ N£EE;a 

p— r 


No. 457. CIjs ^m of Jfaitij. 

" Seekcst thou great things for thyself? seek them not." — Jer. 45! 5. 
R t. J. J. Maxpif.ld. W. a. Ogdkn. 

1. I do not a-<k for earthly store Bo - v.-nl a day's eup - ply ; I on- ly cov - et, 

2. I care not for the einp-ty show That tiioii?htle»8 worldlings seo ; I cruvo to do the 
:H. Whate'er the crosses mine shall bo, I will notdaroto shun; I on- ly ««k to 
'. An<l when at last, my la-bor o'er, I cross the nar- row sea, Grant,ljord,thaton the 


-yr-»-y-» U» ' I ' 

Qri)t 3£se of jFaitt 

v- — t i-T— ) ..I I . , , , — I N-> h K N r - J . J , 

more aud more.Tlio cloar aIlllHill-^'I^^ eye. To soo my <lu - ty face to face, And 

best Ikiiow, Auil li-ave tlierist wiih Tliee;-\Voll eat- is-fied tliutBweetre - ward Is 

live furTliee, And that Tliyuill lio duue; Tliy will, O Lord, bomiiiueach day, While 

oth - ershoieMy soul may dwell with Thee; Aud leaiu whatheie I caii-uot kuo\v,Why 

— -e^■fflJ^- 

tnist till- Lord fordai-ly i; ^ The 
sure to those who tl-usl the Lord, 
press-in-; mi my homeward way. 
Thou ev-erloveil liie 8o. 

III my heart keciibiut; - iug Vhilu totliecioss I 

1 — r— n 

Ingiug, singing, 

icJ — '-Jn 

-a. — — , r, — , — ; — I — H — I — I — 1 — U-J-. — ^— I — i-t-sd — ; — i-i — I — I — 1 — h — I — 

ollng ; Por rest la sweet at .Ii-iius' feet, While homeward faith keepa winging, While hnniewnrd faith lieepii wlnglag, 

- — r r^ r-'i*-r-,'*-r-h— rr-pT > I Pi — i ^ " ^ '^ ' P 

cliug, Icliug; I I I I 

No. 458. 

^ca^ Bt en. 

For thy name's sake lead me, and guide me." — Ps. 31 : 3. 

Ira D. Sankbt. 

1. Trav - 'ling to the hit- tiT land. O'er the dcs - crt's scorch- ing sand, 

2. When at Jla - rah, parched with heat, I the BI>ark- ling fount - aiu greet. 

3. When the wil 

4. Thro' tlio wa - 

5. When I Htand 

ni-K8 iH drear, 
and the fire, 
Jor- dan's brink, 

Show me E - lim's palm-groves near, 

This, O Lord, my one de - sire : 

Do not let mo fear or shrink ■, 

' *. " 

No. 459, ®nl5 a f tltU Wiu^. 

Fanny J. Crosby. 

'Make qo tarrying, O my God." — Ps. 40: 17. 

W B-, OoA<yi";- 

1. 'Tis on - ly a, lit-tle way on to niyhome,And there iii its suusliinefoi-ev -er I'll 

2. 'Tis uu - iy a lit-tle way farther to go, O'ermountain and valley wheredark waters^ 

3. 'Tis ou - ly a lit-tle way; there I shall see The friends that in glo-ry are waiting foi 

roan];WhileallthedaylongI journey with song, beau-ti-ful Eden-laud, thou art my uonie. 
flow; My Saviour is near with blessings to cheer, His word is my guiding-star; why sliould I fear ?- 
me ; Their voices from home now float ou the air,They're calling me tenderly, calling me there. 





way oii> (CO my 

No. 460 

El. Nathan. 

I Mill f rais^ rn^tu 

"Praiseye the Lord. "—Psalm 148; ji„ 

Jamhs McGranahan. 

-Vd' — >-. 

1. I will praise the Lord my Glo - ry, 

2.1 will praise the Lord myProph-et, 

3. I will praise the Lord my Shepherd, 

4.1 will praise the Lord my Fa-ther, 

5. I will love Him, I will trust Him, 

I i ' S 

I V ill praise the Lord my Light; " 

Ho . ly Priest and Righteous King; g 

Keep-er, Past-ure, Door and Fold; o 

Sav-iour, Broth, cr. Guide and Friend; S 

All the rem - naut of my days ; g 

N , P 




my cloud by day to cov 

the an - gels who a - dore H 

the lone - ly hills Ho sought 

thus far in life hath led 

Ho my fire to guide by night. 
"Ho- ly, ho - ly," I will sing. 
\Vhen the night waa dark and cold. 
He will lead me to the end. 
t>n - ly my Re- deem- er's praise. 


i i9tll ^rajjse QT^tt. 

-I , ■ .f^. .. N 

I uiU piaiKe Tho 

ewilh my whole heart, will praibe Tlioe, Loril; 


I will bo glaJ auJ ro - j.)lco in Tlice, TUou high. 

No. 461. 

E.G. Taylor. D.D. 

|Tol oTriT, but S^rusf. 

will ir'istand not be afraid." — IsA. 12: a. 

Gho. t . Stebbins. 

1. Ni>t Haviilaiowo l^y fry-iiig, Kromwlf canconic no aul ; 'Tin on flid .■kmIfo- ly-iiij;, 

2. "rwasvniiifi.rls-niel Mt-l.n Ity wiponta 011 tlicirway, Tol.K.k '■• vln'irdwnd". itip, 
:i. No di-rds of oui-aaro necd-ed To niakoCiirist'tf merit luoro; No fran'.<-e >f mind, or rcrllngn, 

U U k* bo 
K , > -K -s , ,_^_^— >-_fc,_N , Pk._js_J^ ^ J^ ^ 


Once fiT our ran-8..rn paid; 'Tis looking iin - to Jn. tnis, Tlie ho - ly Onn and JuMt; 
That a\v-lul])laj;uoto stay; Tlio on - ly way for h<-al-itiK, \Vlien Ininibled in tlio dnst; 
Can add to lliggri'utBtore; 'TiaBim-ply to re-ccivcIJiiu,Tho ho - ly Uuc and Just; 

Chorits. s n 

I N N Ik L-HORiTs. S N ^ I 

'TisIIi.s great work tliatKivesns, It is not Try, but Trust.") 

Was of the Lord's re- veal. itifr, It was Hot Trv, but Trust. > It u not Try. 

'Tis ou-Iy to be-lieve niui, It is not Try, but Truat.J 

S -*- 3?: jp. .*. A 

but Trust; 

t— — r— ^ — h 1^ ^ g. h \ ^, >., I -r— ^— f^Z&r t- 

It i3 not Trv.butTrust; 'TisHisgrcatworkthatBavesus; It is not Try, but Truat. 

No. 462. Comt, folii Bi^int 

" I saw the Spirit descending from heaven hke a dove." — John i : 32. 
Robert Bruce. . Ika D. Sankey. 

1. Come,Ho-ly Spii-it, Like a dove descending;, RestTliuuup-un us AVhilewenieettopray; 

2. Come,Ho-ly Spir-it, Evry cloud dis- pel- ing, l-'ill uswith gladness,Thro' the Mastersname; 

3. Come,Ho-ly Spir-it, Sentfrom God the Fa-ther— TUou Friend and Teacher, Comforter and Guide— 

J r I I ^ '^^ ^ I ^ I i I 11 

Show lis the Sav-iour, All Hislnvercveal-iiig; Lead us to Ilim, The Life, (ho Truth, the We 
Bring to our mem-'ry. Words that He hath spokea.Then shall our tongues His wondrous grace proclai 
Ourtho'tsdi-rect-iug, Keepuscloso to Je-sus, Aud in our hearts For -ev-ennore a - bide. 

I I 

No. 463. 

Ifijsus nf ITa^irntlj. 

" Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you." — Acts 2 : 22. 
Nathan. James McGranahan. 

" Je- BUS of Naz - a-rcth!"0 vhata name! Let us rcjoiccand His gl i- ry pruclaim: 
Jo- BUS of Naz- a-reth, tru-ly a man, Low in His cra-dlellis lilo lie he-gan, 
Je - BUS of Naz - a-reth, nailed to the tree, Dy- ingtliat wo hy His death nnghtba free, 
Je - BUS of Naz- areth, raised from the dead, Spotless and ho-ly,aiid still in ourstead, 
Je - 6U8 of Naz- a-reth, seat-ed on high. Sending (Tie Spir-it of grace to ap - ply 
Je - BUS of Naz- areth, earth'scominglCing, Peace tuthowarringworldsooullesliallhring, 




E E2=^EE3EH^i=SEr^3E±FSiE5^EF^=S^"3Er£EEi 

Sav-iourand Keep-er for ev - cr th 

Livedhefore God, both in pat-ti'rnand 

Bearing the curse all for you and for 

Made for us ev -er our glo-ri-ficd Hi 

Lifethroiighthe wordunto men far and 

Nations (f saved ones llis prais- es 

Slieplicrd, Ko - deem- or and Lo 

[ilun,' KigbteouB, o - be-di-ont One. 

me, Dy - ing a rau-soni for all. 

Rais'd from (lie dead for us all. 

Off- 'ring sal - va-tion (o all. 

at His iianu 

11 sing; All eliall bow do 


I s ' ' J 

le - BUS of Sxi, - a-ro(h, once c:u -ci - fiod, Jc - bus of Naz - a-retli,nowglo-ri -fled, 

— ^-1 — ip'-F'-t — ^ -v — , — *-^-'-i — "^ — ^-1— ^ — i^-F* ^^ — ' 

•— ,-* 

BUS of Naz 

V(h, throned atOod'asi 


Glo . ry and praise to His name. 


-t — k-r 

No. 464. 

I fielong to |fsus. 

' Whose I am and whom I serve.'' — Acts 1^ : 23. 

M. A. Sba. 
-J - 

l>.' t. J,. - Htm; I ara not niv ohh; All I have aiiJ 

1. I I 

•J. I 

;;. I i..-i.M,^ t. 

4. I 1.0 -lung U 


Ji> - mil 



I am Hot my own 

IIo i.i I^iril umi Ki 
Whiit can hurt it I 
Ulf.-a - 111. liKss-oJ til 

All T iKive and 
Koi>;uing in uiy 
Wh.'ii}Ief..|.ls a- 
I Willi Ili!i own most 

— '-'^=T-i- r ' ■ ■ ' - — ' ' ' ' 

all I am. Shall l.o Ilia a - l..iic. 

in - niont 111 art, (» - vir fV - 'ly - thing. 

roiiiiiliMy Hoiil lli.t al-mi-;t-y Ann? 

])r<>-('i4iiis IiI.kmI Has my ouiil bvon bought. 

g' ^ I T- 


a I Iwlong to Ji-Mus; 

IIo has dii'il for mc; 
lam IlisuiKl IlrtUniine, 
Thruu-li eternity. 

6 I hflonc to J. •iux; 

IU« » ill ki-c(> my winl, 
When lh<- .i.alhlv wat.nidark 
KoiiikI al»'i>t iiLi- roll. 

7 I iM-long to J.Miis 

Anil cm long I'll Htiinii 
With my |ir<'<'ic>ui« Kaviuur tbero 
i u tho glory Uud. 

No. 465. 

(0 (Come fa ilu Sabiour. 

" Those tliat seek me early sliall find me." — Prov. 8 .* 

1.0 como to tho .Sav-iour while now IIo in Ciill-ing, O^'como whilothire'ri mrrcynnd 

2. There's no olh- iTUaine a-uioiig nii'U that i!i giv-en, There'H uu oth-cr way to bo 

3. Tho dcHjr of His nier-cy is now stamliug o-pcn; U has - t<-n and c-ti-ler, for 

4. .\ud bo that l>e>liuv-<-th, tho prom- iso is writ- ten, Is saved thro' the hlocKlot tliu 


p-ir- don BO free; Otnist willkcopthoefromfalling, Amlstrrngth too'er- 
s;ivod lint His way; Otnist in His nier-ry; t>>o long hast thou Htrircn With din «iid with 
" Yet thereis room; "For if you re- ject Him, this word Ho hath ppoki-n.That wliev; lie now 
Cm - ci- fled One; ThoSpir-it is pleading ; O will you not lias-ten, And liiid iu his 

-d ^ ^ ■ ^ • *— ^ .a ^ m . .. — ^— — -=-*^ (• 

• ^^i^»iEaSE'=~^^£E 


Kuti — w — ' — 


^ K K. KEFRAIM. ^ ^ - I I N S N , , 

come He of- fers to tlic 

eoiiie lie 01- lers 10 inee. x 

L''^' MT,?'"fO come, come to the Sav-iour, O c.n.e.come whiloyou may; 

love a refu^.-eaiidlioiiie.'' |^_ ^ 

^ Come to tf)e ^abfour. 

No. 466. ^nui, 'foxti, mij frolxrartr P-cart. 

" My people shall dwell in quiet resting-places." — IsA. 32 : 18. 
I. "Jewton. (Repose. 75,6!.) Arr. from F. Kuckh!?. 


1. Qui . et, Lord, my fro - ward heart. Make me teach - a - ble aud liiild, 

2. Wiiat Thou shalt to - day pro - vide, Let me as a child re - ceivo , 
"As a lit - tie child re - lies On a care be - youd its own, 



sira - pie, free from art ; Make me 

Up - right, sira - pie, free from art ; 

What to - nior- row may be - tide, Calm-ly 

Be - ing nei - ther strong nor wise, Fears to 

as a lit - tie child- - g. 

to Thy wis - dom leave ; ';* 
take a step a - lone — 1 



-| — r 

- i -r~ 


From d is - trust and en - vy free. Pleased with all that pleas- es Thee. 
'TiB e - noughthat Thou wilt care; Why should I the bur- den bear? 
Let mo thus with Thee a - bide, As my Fa . tlier, Friend, aud Guide. 

No. 467. 

F. |. C. 

fob is iht f 0rir. 

' Let all the pcopb praise thee, O God."— Ps. 67: 5, 

Wm. B. Eradbotiv. 

1. Ho - ly, ho-ly, ho . ly in flie Lord! Siiyir, O ye poo- pie, glad -ly ndore Ilim-, 

2. Praise Ilim, praise Ilim, sliipiifnliiudfdr joy, Walclinianof Zi -on, her- iild the sto - rj- ; 

3. King e - ter-iial, bless-cd be IlisnamelSo may Iliscliil-dreu glaj-ly a-doro Ilini; 

-:!*--jg- -r- m. 

-^ — I — r-T-r 



Let tlio mciuiitaiiis troni-Mo at Iliswdnl, Let the hills lio joy . ful bo- fore Him; 
Sia ami ilcHtli His kingdom shall destruy; All the earth shall liins of His plo - ry ; 
Wheu in heav'u wo joia tho hap- pyntraiu.'NVhen we cast our bright ciownslie- fore Him; 

_-g^ -r- -r^ ^ , * • * — , -J-^-V^^*^- f-f -r- • -r-- 


JIi;rht-y in wis-doin, boninllcss IrinnT-cy, Great is Je-ho -yah, KiiiR o - ver all. 
Praise iiim, ye an - gris, yo who be-holiinim Kobcil in Hisstilenilor. niatrhless, di- viii 


There iu Uislikc-nes8 joy-ful a-wak-iug, There woshall see Him, there woBhallsing 




ho . Iv is the Lord! Let the hills be joy - fnl be - fore Him. 

No. 468. praise, mir ^Soul, lljc JVintj of l)taljtu. 

Praise the Lord, O my soul." — Ps. 146: 1. 

H. F. T. 

IIbnry J. 


r^>" r I 

1. Praise, my wiul, 

2. Praise Him for 
'i. Au - gels, help 


thi'Kinj; of heav - en ; 
Ilisgnico and fa - Vor 
ut) to a - doro Uim, 


feet thy trib - uto bring; 

fa - tilers in dia - tress ; 

bold Him faro tu face; 

- * J. J-„ 

Riin - som'd, heal'd, re-stored, for - glT • Cn, ^Slio like thee His praise ehall sing? 
Praise II inx still, the same as ev - er, Slow t<i chide, and swift to bless; 
Sun and moon, bow down ho - fore Him, Dwell - era all in time and Bpaco ; 


Praise Him! praise Him! praise Him! praise TlimI Praise the ev - er - last - ing Kingl 

Praise Him! praise Him! praise Him! praise Him! Glo - rious in His faith - ful - ness I 

Praise Him! praise Him! praise Him! praise Him! Praise with «is the God of grace! 

No. 469. 


Christ, mg %\L 

" Christ is all, and in all. 

Geo. C. Stbbbins. 

1. In the lie lurwhoii guilt aa - Bails me, On Mia gra-ciousname I call, Then I 

2. In tho night when sor- row cUmilsnie, And tlie burn- lug tear-drops fall. Then I 

3. In the day when this im - nior-tal Shall fling off its mur-tal thrall, Then my 

1 Lrf Ltf Lrf I [^ Zj \^ 

!*• l*- l*" 



find the heavenly fuU-ness, Christ, my righteousness, my all. "| 
sing the Bong of ]iatie:ice,Chiist, my Brother and my all. '■ 
song of res-ur - rec-tiou Shall he Christ, my all in all.) 


All my 


glo -ry, Christ I 

dl;" This shall cv - er he my anthem, " 

gli.ry, Christ my all." 

^^JEJil^iiifig^ig^ g^t^ S 

No. 470. 

i. Watts, arr. 

' Thine eyes shall behold the land."— IsA. 33 : 17. 

Ira D. Sankey. 


1. There is a land of imro d(Oi?;ht,Wliere saints immor-tal reign ; E - ter-nalday ex- 

2. There ev - cr-l;ist-ingBpringabides, And nev- er-with'rlng flo\v'rn; Ileath, like a nar-row 

3. Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood Stand dress'd in liv-ing green; So to thoJewaold 

4. Could we butclimh where Mi)8(!a8t(X)d,Aud view the landscape o'er, Not Jordan's stream,nor 



clu'les tlioiiinh^AiiHpIrtwiiri-rt liiin-inli pain. » 
k;i, di-vidcsTliJHbeaveiily )aiiilfrnin oura. I q 
(,'it - ii.-uiiiRtood, M'liilo Jonlaiiriilled l-o-tweeii. f" 
death's cold Quol, Stauuld fright us from the (horc. '' 

woodroiis land be-ywd the ikj, O 

laii'l iMtbriijUtuuJ fair,Vlii'iihhalI wuri'ai;bthegi)IJ-cngatc8,AiiJ<]u>ll for-ev ■ er there? 

i ; m—^ , f—L^ 

No. 47t Christ f\bd^ m S^«. 

' Yet not I, but Christ fireth In ine.~— Gau a : 

"Eu Nathan. 

Jamrs McGranahai*. 

1. As liv.s t)ioflnw'r«iiliIn tl,op,.,.,l,A« la tlioc.-notlie trro, P... praiw tlio G"! of 

2. CiicofarfrumC.Kl niHl<li;i.| in niii, ho li^lit my ln<ai tcnnldcc ; But In (;.«!> wiinl the 

3. A« riivg of liirlitfroniyniMioroiin Tliofl.i\v'rBorc,irth«"-t frt-o, S<> lit'u aiidliclit and 

4. NVitbluugiugall my huart idQlie«],ThatlikelIlm I may be, Aa on thewuuJroua 



truth audKTaco.ITis Ppir- Itdwelleth in me. 

light I found. Now Christ liv-ethiu mo. 

love came forth Kromt'hrist liv-ing in mo. 

thu't I d\%tll, Thatch rit^t llv-eth in me. 

Christ Ilvctb in m^ 

OiHst Uv-pth In 

Hirist liv-ethin mo, O whata eal-Tatioathi8,ThatChritit livethiu mel 

jie, Cliristliv-pfh in me, O 

|afr^^H;H:;;ag^£^KH; mfefea E£-.= a^a il 

No. 472. Wit fahi gdt i^t f ofat oi l^strs. 

" I have loved thee with an everlasting love."— Jbr. 31 : 3. 
Rev. J. P. Hutchinson. Arr. by E. N. Wilbur A. Christv. 


1. We have felt the love of Je - bus la our hearts with rap- ture glow; 

2. Chos-ea not for our de - serv-iiiga. But that God His grace might show; 

3. Will He leave when care eu-croach-ed? When wore tempt-ed will Ho go? 

Will that love for -Bake and loave us? Nev-er, 
For our fail- uros will Ho leavo us? Nev-er, 
When the last dread hour ap - proach- es ? Nev-er, 

oh, nev-er, no! 

oh, nev-er; no! 

oh, nev-er, no I 

-X N-, r-5_| N b , 1-; _- 

If on beds of paia we Ian -guish, Earth -ly friends may light - ly go, 

'Tis in Christ tlie Fa-tlier Bees us, To His Son the love doth flow; 

And when safe - ly home in glo - ry, When sad tears no long - er flow, 

^. -^ fz' A Iff 



He leave us in onr 

He turn a - way fnun 

we e'er for - get the 

-Jt b*. . jm. 

an - guish? Never, 
Je - eus? Never, 
Bto - ry? Never, 

oh, nev-er, 
oh, nev-er, 
oil, nev-er. 

No. 473. Mi^'ll Uttf ^^t\ m\n W^m, 

' So shall we ever be with the Lord."— i Thbss. 4:17. 

R t. 

Robert Lowry. 

1. Soon will come the set - ting sun, When our work will all ho done. And the 

2. Deep the shud-ows in the vale. Fierce the howl- ing of tho galo, Long and 

3. Flood tho heartwith part- ing tears, Frost tho head with pass-ing ye.ir8. Let tho 

Wn fSittX Eatl) <bi\)n ®l)m. 

weu-rj- iicnrtat Ixst Ix- Kiill; Itut tin- Liinl with cenllcciy, Will a-».ikc us by and liy, 
dark thebtoiiuttniniid nurdu ir; But tlie Lord will nuikca Wiiy To the Bhiiiiug realms of day, 
daya of earth he fiU'd with care; But tbe Lord at leogtb wUI come, lu His luve tu take us humo, 




^1 A?m1 we'll meet a^iiiu oh Zi-on's hill. ^ 

S! \Vith the shadow anil the dtorin no more. V We'll meet each other there,T»«,we'lI meet each other there 

II Ami w.'ll never know a w.r-row there. ) 

And the Saviour's likeness hear, When we nn>et each other there; We'll meet each other there, 

IT there. And His pi - - ry we hhall uliare, 

glo - ry.and 1 1 is (;lo . ry 

No. 4v4. 

Wm. B. Tappan. 

^' '(Lis Itlibuisbt." 

"It is finished." — John 19: 30. 



1. 'Tis miihiight; and on 111 • ive's brow The star is dimniM tliat lato - ly shone 
'2. "Tisniidniglit; and fri>in all ro - uiov'd, The Sav - io\ir wrcs- th-s lone with fears; 
3. 'Tis miduisht; and for otU - ers' guilt, The Man of Bor - row weej* in LIixhI ; 

'Tis midnight; in the par-den now The 6uff'- ring Sav'- iour prays a- lone. 
Kv'nthatdis - ci - pie whomHelov'd Heeds not His Mas - ter'a grief and tears. 
Yet He, who hath in anguish knelt, Is not for - eak - eu by His God. 

^— . ,-* -^ I 


No. 475. §Uss£b Sabiour, €htx '$tRxn. 

" Ye are made nigh by the blood of Christ.' 
Furnished by Mekton Smith. 
Arr. by El. Nathan. 

-Eph. z; 13. 

James McGranahaN. 

1. Blessed Saviour, ev-er near-er, I amdraw-ing to Thy feet; TIkiu liast borne my every 
'/ Blessed Saviour, I would never, Nev-er more Thy love reject ; At Thy feet 1 learn the ^ 

3. Blessed Saviour, draw me nearer, Kv - er near-cr to Thy heart, AVheu I'm weary, heavy •< 

4. Blessed Saviour, let nie lia-ger Ev- ernearThy preeiousfeet, Till 1 hear that welcome jT 

-I- "^ 


sor-row, I am made in Thee complete; ForThylove my soul is yearn-ing, Moreand 

les-son IIow Thine image to re - llect; Tlierel go wheu all for-eake me, Whenhy 

la- den. And I feel the tempter's dart; Oft T stum- hie, oft 1 fal - ter, Oft I'm 

summons, Come, thy loved oaesnow to greet ; Oh, the joy that there a -waits me, While I 



i''rim-part; T liave heard Thy tender pleading. Come and dwell with 
oppressed ; Then I hear Tliy loved voice saying, Come to me, I'll givi 
- gry seas; I'.ut I know that Thou wilt guide me,Thro' the storm, to ei 
:h and i)ray! For the morninglight isdawniug, Of the fair aii.i en.l 

i—m-,^(S J \ \ m m . m m ^ - _ ^ . ^ "p- 

more ilspow'rim-part; T have heard Thy tender pleading, Cnmeanddwell within my heart. ? 
foes I am oppressed;ThenIliearTliylovedvoicesaying,Cometome, I'Ugiveyourest. S 
toss'd on an- gry seas; I'.ut I know that Thou wilt guide me,Thro' the storm, to endless iieace. ■ 
hope and watch and i)ray! For the morninglight isdawniug, Of the fair au.i en.lless dav. 

No. 476. 

Fanny J. Crosby. 

'Behold the Lamb of God." — John 


u I r, I- 

Geo. C. Stebbins. 


1. Look up! look up! yo weary ones, Whose skies are veiiv 

2. The Rifts ye bro't with loving hand Your Lord will not di 

3. liejoice, the grave is o-vercome. Audio! the an- gels 


nleht.For Re who knows the path jou tread 
own; Their odors sweet to hoavD shall rise' 
ing ; The grandest triumph cv - er k nown ■' 


Will yet restore theli'^'ht; Look up! and hail the dawning Of hopp'.n triumphant morning. S 
liike incense 'round Ills till one; Lookup! anil hail the dawning Of joy's tran.scendiMit morning. £ 
Iliuscomethro' Cliristour Kin;,';All heaVn i.rocl:iliiH I'le dawuiug Of love's all-glorioua »n,irMinf 

Jff- - » _ _•- 




St!)on> Jl^dnl 

lie - Luia llim I be - LuIJ Ilim I Your SttT - iour liVc- 

^^cab mc, Safaiour 

mc's sal 

N0.4V7. o 

•' For thy name's sake lead nic and guide me."— Ps. 31 : 3. 
F. M. P. Frank M. Davis. 


f * 

1. Saviour, lend nio.lcst I stmv, {l<-st I Btrnv.) Con- tly Irnd n\c all tlio woy ;(all the way;) 

2. Tliou,lUeK»-fU(;o..riuvs..ul (..f niVB^ul ) Wlu n lif. -Hhi > |.ill.i»Hioll.(l.ill>.w8roll,) 

;t. Suviour, lead mo, till at litst, (till iil last,) ■\Vln-u lliiBtoiuiol Ul.i»pm.l, (liLinpast.) 

1. Suv - iour, 

ha'l mo, list 1 Htray, Gou - tly 

- woy ;(all llio way 
!. pitbt, (lil<- JH pant.J 

lead mo ull tlie way ; 

3 —f\ 

I amsnfowlionbyTbvHido. (l.vThysi.lo.) I Wcnild inThy I..V0 a- l>i.l.-. (lovoabido) 
Iaiiis;'ro\vlionTli.'uartniKli,(TliiiuartniKli,)«>n Thy mercy I ro - ly. (1 ro-ly.) 
1 bhall roach tUc laud of dav, (luuduf day,) Wliereoll tea t> are wi|. d away. (»i|>'d away ) 

u u u u 

iu Thy love abide. 

Lead me, Saviour, ull tlie way. 

I I h N I 

Btreamoftime. j | al 

all the W4y. 

No. 478. |iaum, # Mattbmr! 

" Return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy." — IsA. 55 : 7. 


Geo. F. Root. 


1. Return! re-turnl O wand'rer.nowre- turn! Re-turn! re-turnl Andseek thy Father'sface; 

2. Re-turn! re-turn! O wand'rer, now re- turn! Ke-turn! re-turn! He hears thy humble eigh ; 
3 Re-turn! ro-turu! O wand'rer, nowre-turn! Re-turu! re-turu! Thy Saviour bidstheeliye; 


Those newdesireswhichin thee burn Werekindlod by His grace.Were kindled by His grace. 3 
He geesthy burden'dspiritniDurn When no oueels^e is ni^h, Wlien nooneelse is nigli. o 
Come hum-bly to His feet aud learn How free- ly He'Ufor-give, How free-ly He'll for-give. g 

F. J. Crosby. 

Ctub^rhr Chilling. 

Turn ye, turn ye — for why will ye die." — Ezek. 33 : 

Ira D. Sankey, 

1. Tunithee, lost one, care-worn and weary, Lo! the Good Shepherd is call-ingto -day; 
't. Still He is wait-ing, why wilttIiouper-ish,Tho' thouhastwaud'rodso farfromthe fold? 

3. List to His message, think of His nier- ty! Sin- less, yet bear- ing thysinsouthe tree; 

4. Come in the old way, come in the true way, En - ter thro' Je - sus, for He is the Door; 



- -m . -0 . -m- ■»- : -9 : -9- " y y> 

Seeking to save thee, waiting to cleanse thee,Hast6 to ro-ceive Him, no lon-ger de - lay. 
Yet, with His life-blood. He lias redeem'd thee. Wondrous compassion thatcaauot be told! 
Per-fect re-mis-sion, life ev- er. last-ing, Thro' IIis.a-tone-ment,Ho of-fers to thee. 
He is theShep-herd, teu-der-ly call -ing. Come in tliy weakness, and wander no mon 

He is the Shep-herd, teu-der-ly call -ing. Come in tliy weakness, and wander no more. 
Chorus. |^ ' ' 1^ 

Teu-der-ly call - ing, pa-tient-ly call 
^ ■"- -m- - . -• • -A _ Iff: -«. 

Hear the Good Shepherd call-ing to th . 
- — \^ — t^ — tM-'—\ 1 H 1 u 

U U 'l^ ! I 

-^- — J — -— .r-T-»-«-7jr'.jjr:-*---'-;;; S-'-ati;*-^'^" 

, Lov-ing-Iy say -ing, "Come uuto me!" 

ing, pa-tient-lv call 



No. +80. 

Grace J. Frances. 

Starch mf, # Jorb. 

"And know my heart." — PsA. 139: 23. 

Hubert P. Main. 

t 1. Searclinif, O I,.ir<l, anil try tlii.i heart i>f iiiiuo, Search nu',am]|irovo if I iiidocUani Thino ; 

2. Search nie, Lord, Kiihiliieeach vuiii(Jc-i<ire, And in my 8<>id a deep-erluvo in-spiro; 

a. Search nie, U Lord, ami triiinth))dri>i»(>rHiu, Itn - fine a.-* K"I<I. and keep nio pure within; 
i 4. Search me, O Lord, let laith thro' grace diviuo Thy - Bcdf re- tied iu ov-'ry act uf mine. 


Test Jiy Thy word, tliat ii-ver(hanj;e<lcatil>e. My BtrenRtliof liopeand livinKfaith inTliee. 
Hide Tliouniylifc, that 1, Mipreme-ly MeM, Jieniulh Thy winpiin iwrfoctiK-acenmy rest. 
Pi-arcli Tlioo my thot« who.c uprinm Thine eves c»D ice.Kri'in wcrct faiilt«,0 Sftviour.cleanBO Thou me. 
Till at Thy cult my uaitin;^K<inleliull rise, CaiiKhtiip with joy tuDicotThcoin theKkies. 

-^ .^^ 

r-f r^'-^id-. 

No. 481. ]^]nxx iht gUsscb |nbilalioit. 

' The Spirit .nnd the bride say come.' 

Rev. 22 : 17. 

Jambs McGhanahan. 

■' - mH ^ "I — "h 

1. Hoar the Mess- 

2. 'Tis tho v.. ire 
3 'TiH tho IIo. 
4. Lo! the Si'ir- 

N i N 

ed ill - vi - ta - tioii, ronie.ciime.cfime; To the fount-ain of sal - va-lion, 
of .lo- BUS pay -ins, t'oMie,conie,conio; Now llisldest roniniand o-bey- inft, 
ly Spir-it c:ill-in;:, ('■'nie.come.roiiie; Kre theslnideMiifileath lio fall-ing, 
it anil tholiridetiay, Come, cume.come; Anil let liiiii that heareth now say, 

— w r r-^-r~~^ — 

-ts — 


Come, come, come; 
Come, come,como; 
Come, come, come; 
Come, come, come; 

TTealin? Bfreamsaroflow-inR etill ; Welcome, " who - bo - e v- er will ; 

He will cleanse from ev- 'ry ill; Welcome, "who -pd - cv - er will; 

He tho heart with i>eaco will fill; Welcome, "who -eo - ev - er will; 

And let him that is a-thirst Come.aud" who -bo - ev - er will; 




Let him take the va-ter of life free - ly.' 

Let him take, let him 

Let him take, 

^ ,. I I N N N I -^ . V J - ^ ^ ■«■ 

fUear ttt iSIwatft Inbttatfon. 


take, Let him take the wa-ter of life 

let him take, 

=£iSi iga 

I I 1^ I IS N 

take, letnim take, Lethim take the wa-ter of life free - ly. 

let him take, let him take. 

No. 482. % gontrtr. 

" Where I am, there ye may be also." — ^Jno. 14: 3. 




1. Sufe Tip - on theheav'n-ly shore, Done with pain for - ev - er- more, Wea-ri- 

2. Storms shall nev - or reach UB there. No more t^or - row,paiM or care. No more o 

3. Safe up - on the heav'n-ly shore. Done with sin for - ev - er-more, Wea-ri. 5 



nes8 and weak-ness o'er, Up yon - der; the rahn and qui - et rest j 
cross for us to bear. Up yon - der; Gain for them that suf-fercd loss, x 
ness and weak-ness o'er. Up yon - der; Nev - er more to know a fear, q 


Up yon - der. » 
Up von -der. ^ 

On tlio lov -ing Savlonr'sbreast; It is 
Crownsfor them that l)oro the cross, And a 
Nev - er - more to shed a tear, Bet-ter 

lii't - ter than oartli'a best, 
calm for hearts that tos3, 
fur than ev - cr here. Up yon - der. 

No. 483. <|n Pcabcnlg pastutfs. 

" He maketh rae io lie down in green pastures." — Ps. 13: a. 

M. A. Whitaker. 


In the hc-av'n-Iy (xist-ureg fair, 'Neath tlio ton- dor Sheplierd' 
Far from all the u«imi ami Htrife That (lis - turli our dai - ly 
O hiiw good and truu and kind, Seek- in^ His Btray sheep to 

8 care, 

j?.j^-^:^g ^-^3^^sI E:gE^ E:g"pgi£g^t^glg- 

Let ns 
Let us 
If th.y 


rest lie-eido the liv.iii^streamto 
pause a-while in si-lenco ancl a 
wan-ilor in- to dun-gerfrum Ilis 

day; Culm- ly thorn In peace recline, Driiik-ini; 
dore;Tlieuthe sound of His iloiir oire Will our 
side; Kv - er close-Iy nii y we treail Where His 




in the truth di-viiie, Ab His 1..»- iiigrall we now with j.'y o - hey (with joy obey), 
wait-iiig souls re-joice. As He iiani-«iih iw Hisown for ev -er-niMre(for over-ni'>ie). 
lio - ly feet li«v« led, Su at Ll-I with Uim in licav'n we may a - hide (we may ahi.le). 


Glorious stream of life e - ter - ual. Beauteous fielila of liv . ing green (living green), 

- - - -^-^-. ^ ,.-J -^^^W- 

Tho' .-e - vealed with - in the vrord Of our Shop - herd and our Lord, 

• I >< 5 ! 

By the pure in heart a - lone can tliey be seen (ev . er seen). 


¥o. 484. J'm ^oing Jom«. 

" In my Father's house are many mansions." — Jvo. 14: *. 

Rey. Wm. Hunter. 

Wm. Millbk. 

, f My heav'uly home is bright and fair. Nor pain, nor 
•( It's filitt'ring tow'rs tlie sun out -sliiue; That heav'niy 

death can en-ter there:' 
'nly man-sion shall be mine. 
ing home, I'm go. iug home, I'm go-ing home to die no more!' 

2 My Father's house is built on high, 
Far, far aoove the starry sky ; 
When from this eartlily prison free, 
That heavenly mansion mine shall be, 

Let others seek a home below, 

Wliich tlames devour, or waves o'erflow; 

Be mine a happier lot to own 

A heavenly mausioa near the throne. 

No, 485. ' Salisfi^lCr. 

" I shall be satisfied, when I wake with thy likeness."— Ps. 17: 15. 

H&kATIus Bonar. 

Gbo. C. Stebbins. 


1. When I shall wake 

2. When I shall see Thy glo - ry face to face, 

3. When I shall meet with those that I have loved 
1 gaze up - on the face of Him 

thatfairmorn of morns, Aft - or whose dawn -ing 

4.' When I 

in Tiiine arms Thou 
ip in my arms the 
died for me. with 

ne7 - er Dig'nt te- turns. And with whoso glo - ry day e - tor - nal 

wi;<- Thy cl i'.d era-brace. Wlieu Tl'ou shall o - P''" "1' Thy store of 

dear ones long re-moved. And find h(^w faith - ful Tliou to me hast 

eyes no long - er dim, Aud praise II im with tlie ev - er-liist - ing 

^ I 

burns, ";i 

grace. C 

prov'd, g 

hymn, g 





-J^— J^=r:-^3 

I shall be Bat - is- ficd, be sat - is- fled. 

shall bo sat - is- tied, 
ill bo 

' ZX- H, ha g ' — trf tS" "^ ' i- 1^ I ' 


shall be sat - is - fled, When 

I si I all wake fa 

When I sliall 



that fair morn of mm 

I Bliiill t» 8ttt - Is . fled, 

I Bhull be 
:e A A 

filiall b;> 
elmll te 



wit- in - fi.'il, When T k1i:i1I wako in thiit fair niorn of morns. 

Wli.'n I Hliall 


No. 486. Calvc SDhou gtn ^an^. 

" I the Lord thy C>1 will hold thy right hanJ."— I&a. 41 1 13. 
JuuA Stkrung. Ira D. Sankbt. 

1. Take Tlion my liaml, and load me— Tliootw) Thou my way; "Not as I 
'i. Tako Tlioii my Iian.l, and Lad m.— Lord, I am Thin«; Kill with Tliy 
3. Tako Tliou my liaml, and Ita.l mo, Lord, 08 I go; In . to Thy 

^\ill," O Fa-thor, T.mcU mo to Bay; '^\niatthongUtIio Bformsniay galh - er? 
IIo - ly Tliia hiart of miuo; Then in tlio lionr of tri - al 
jxr-fcit jm -ago llrlp mo to grow; Still lu Thine own pa - vil-ion 

Thon know-osc Ix'st; 
Sti-ongbliaH 1 ho— 
Shol - tor Thon me; 

Safe In Thy ho - Iv koop-fnj;, ThorewonlJI rest, to d.., or snl-f.-r, Lord, for Tlu-e. 
Koop mw, O Fa-thor,keep uie, Close, close to Thee. 

No. 487. ISaxtinof at % §0Ot. 

" I will come again, and receive you unto myself "—John t4 1 J. 
M.-S. K. M. Reasonrr. T. C. 0'JU»a. 

1. I am wait - iug for the Mas-ter, Who will bid me rise aud come 

2. Mauy a wea - ry path I've trav-eled, In the dark - est etorm aud strife, 

3. Ma- uy friuudstliat trav - eled with me Reached that por - tal loug a - go; 

4. Yes, their pii - giim- age wasshort-er, And their tri-umphg soon - er wonj 

To the glo - ry of His pres-ence, 
Bear- ing mauy a heav - y bur-den, 
One by one they left me bat-tling 
Oh, how lov - ing - !y they'll greet me 

To the glad - ness of His home. 

Oft - ea Btnig-gliug for my life. 

With the dark aud craft - y foe. 

When the toils of life are done. 

-«-,_• P US-! «^r-* -m =,— ~ •-!—• ^ ^ 

Theyare watch - - ing at theport-al, Theyare wait - - ing at the door; : 
They are watchiug,they are watching at the portal,They are waiting.they are waitiugatthedoor; 

Wait-ing on - . ly for my coming. All the loved ones gone be-fore. 

Wait-ing only,waitiugon-ly formy coming. All the loved ones,all the loved ones gone befora 

No. 488. 

Mrs. M. B. C. Si.ADB, 

' and parted his garments." — Matt. 27 : 35. 

G»o. F. Root. 


1. From the Bethlehem miin - ger- home, Walk - i 
S. fnl words tiio s..l- diri-s fling; Wi, k - 
b, Won-drona love for niii-fiil nien, Of t 

ig TTis dear f>rra bo- Bide, We to 
il nil. era Llim do - ride, Sav • Ing, 
e Kiu-lcs8 One that died! Jlliy wo 


l|!)tj Crutifitlj J^im. 



C'al- Vitrv '8 niouut have Come, Where our LorJ was cru - ci - fici 

if thii'u be the Kiiig.8ave Thy-self, Thou cru- ci - fied. J-Sweet tones 

wound Thee not a - gain, Thou, O Christ, the cru - ci - fied. 




Fa - ther, for-give, tliev know not what they do 

No. 489. 

pass it ®n. 

Preach the Wurd; be instant in season, out of season."- 

M. Frazbr, 

Aiiegretlo moderato. 

Jamf.s McGranahan, 

1. Pass a- long llie in - vi • ta - tion. Who - so - er - er will may come; 

2. i'as-i a- lonjj the cup of com - fort That tho Lord haa giv - en jiiu; 
:$. Tiisi a- long ear h boon and Mess.iiig Tliat may conio to you tlimugh life; 
4. I'iisa a- long the watchword, "(."ourage;" Soon tlio dark • m-isa will bo o'er; 


" ^ -■' - " .Pass a -long the lov-in;; 

Joih - IT \Tia - ry, tmul.l.d 
J You may Ii.l|» tliowia-rv- 
it on, '•See, al . read - y dawn in 

mes - sage Un - to ev - 'ry thirst- y one; P.-isa it 

spir - its Need to taste its sweetness too; Piiss it 

heart-ed Whoare faint a- mid tho strife; Pass it 

break-ing On the briglit co - les-tial shore; Pass it 

pass it 

px-^s it 

pass it 

pass it 

Chorus. ^ 

f RCT it® It. 

J^ u^ J" ^'^ ^ -T ^ ^ J^ f J .L 

<§^^— ^-s- 


Pass a - long 

the in • vi • ta - tion, Pass a - loug tlie word of Gud, 

— ■ff'-rff- — -f: — rff- — _ — -f?" — .-ff-_,_«-4_«_« — «^s__ 


_^ i>- — (■ i> ^ 1» i*_| _u 5!— ti — a — 1~|| 

Un -til ev • 'ry tribe and na- tion Sliall Lave heard ofCliristthe Lord, Shall have 

je. jg. .m-t -•- -«. -^- J*. 4«. ^•- J^ -«-• -•- _ 

4^^ _|___j=^__| 


heard Shall have hoard, Sliall have hoard of Clirist the Lord. 

of ChristtheLord, ofChrist theLonl 


No. 490. 

to 0f ^«sus. 

" Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge 
of God, and of Jesus our Lord." — 2 Pbtek i ; a. 

BUS, More of Je - ens, 'Tis the Chiia-tiau's yoarn-iii^ cry; S 

6U8, More of Je - eus, While I troad earth's wea»iy ways; ^ 

sua. More of Je . ens, O to fool His lovo each hour! a 

BUS, IMoie of Je - sus, In my voak-ucss and luy puiu;^ 

BUS, More of Je - ens, Sore - ly do I need His grato;." 

t-_J.f_ fc=l_, p_, ^^-l_p__, l:_l 

\ t. 1 t I "^ 

More of Je - bus, M,.re of 
More of Jo . BUS, IM,.io of 
More of Jo - BUS, More <.i' 
More of Je - bus, Moro of 
Moro of Jo - BUS, liloss - ed 

.p.. .p- f. •!•- ^ - . _ 

Jo - BUS, On - Iv Ho can sat - is - fv. ^ 
Jo - BUS, Till in H.av'n 1 hvniii His praise. = 
Jo- BUS, to ro - al - i/.o His ix.werl 5 
Jo - BUS, Ho can turn iiiv loss to pain. g 
Jo - BUS, AVliouBliall 1 I..' - hold His faoo? " 

^H^-S^^^Zl :??-.!. 

% ^j^^=^^^-i^-:^^ml 

_i ^-1 Ufl , l_UI 

No. 491. 

t Monbrous Cross. 

u u P w 

1. Wlieu I Biir - vvy the woudroun 

2. Fur - bid it. Lord, tliat I ehoiild l.<«i.-,t, 

a. Seo, from His lieail, „ Iii8handii,lli8 f<H;t,.. 

4. Were all tlio ri-uliii„ _ of iia-turo uiinc. 


On the 
t^iivo iu the and 
That wurc a 

tlio wondrous cross, 

u u I? u -• - rrrrr 

of glo-ry diid „ My rirli-cst giiin 

di-utli ... of Christ, my Lord; _ All earth-ly things 

love flow niin-plcd down; l)id c'crench lovt;.. 

gift by far too email; A lovo m great 

Ouwliichtho Prince 

of glo - ry died. 

Bly rich -est gain 




I conntbnt Ions, And iionr con- tompt on all my jirido. 

that< liarniniti most, I pai- - ri - lic-e them to His blood. 

and sor-row meet, Or thorns com -]"*<> po ri<h a crown? 

and so di - vino, I)e>maiid8Diy eonl, my Iif>',uiy nil. 

O wondrons cross where Jc . snsdied, A'ld for my sins was cru - ci - ficd; 


' ( ' -"L. L> ^ 


No. 492. 

Mrs. C. Warren. 

#ur 'gduQi. 

'God is our refuge and strength." — Ps. 46: f . 

Hubert P. AIaim. 


1. le - sns, Thou Ref - iige of the soul, To Thy dear arma 

2. Iho' clouds may rise, tho' tern- pests rage, Thou wilt my shel - ter be, 

3. No power on earth, or power be - low, Can tear nie from Thy side, 

4. Not death it - self, that last dread fee, Can hold me with his chain; 

From Sa-tan's wiles, from self and 

Wliile with a stead - fast heart and 

If 'neath Thy shel - t'ring wings of 

Thro' Christ, whocoa - quered Death, I 

sin, make and keep me free, 

true. My trust is Btajed on Thee, 

love. Dear Ref - uge, I a - bide, 

rise, And life e - ter - nal gain. 

No. 493. lit gTc ge sljall Ijafa^ f ma. 

In me ye might have peaee."— John 16 : 33. 

Mrs. E. W. Chapman. 

J. H. Tennhv. 

1. In times of sor-row, God is near. His vig - ils nev - er cease,^ 

2. Tlio' long andwea-ry is the night, And morn brings no re • lief, 

3. His love we may not uu - der • stand. While tri - ala here in - crease, 

4. Soon shall our eyes the laud be • hold Where pain aud care shall cease; 

His ten der, lov - ing voice I bear, 

Yet faith the prom- ise still be - lieves, "In 

But yet we know His word is sure, "In 

Till then we'll trust the prom - ise Sweet, "lu 

', "In me ye shall have peace.'" ^ 

ye shall have peace." 

tiless - - ed peace I sweet boon of heav'nl That 

blcss-ed peacel bless-ed peacel sweet boon of beav'nl sweet boon of hcav'nl That 




In fSLt jt Bball babe ^tatt. 

No. 494. §, ^olbur of f^c Cross. 

" A good soldier of Jesus Christ." — 2 Tim. 2 : 3. 
Isaac Watts. Ira D. Sankbt. 

-3^^^ ^--^^gM^id#L#^ 

1. Am I a of the cross— A fol- l.wor of tho Luiiih? 

2. Must I bo cur-rifd to the Bkieo, Ou flow - ery IkhIb of eiisc, 

3. Are tliero no f...-3 fur mo to face? Must I imt stiiu the AimmI? 

4. Since I must fight if I wonlJ n-ign, lu - creuno my cuur-ugo, Lunll 


Ami shall I foar to own His cause, Or MiihIi tc 8[M>ak Ilia liaim-? 

AVhile oth - era fought to wiu the prize, Auil RiiloU thro' bl.ioU . y seas? 

Is this vile World a friend to grace. To hi-lp mo on to G(h1? 

ril bt^ur the toil, eu-dure the pain. Sup- port- id by Thy worJ. 


purcLas'd life fur me, Thro' grace I'll wiu the promised cruWLi,AVliat-e'er my cross may be. 


Wo. 495. 

Pg (Sob una mg an 

" Behold, God is mine helper," — Ps. 54 : 4. 

J. R. Murray. 


1. While Thou, O my God, art my help and de-fend - er, Ko cares can o er ■ 

2. Yes, Thou art my ref - tige in sor - row and dau - ger, Jly strength when I 
a. And when Thou de-mand-est the life Thou hast giv - en, With joy will I 

u 1 > U I > I U '^ ^ 

whelm UK', no ter-rors ap-pall; The wiles and the snares of the world will hut ren - der 
suf - fer, my hope when I fall ; My coin- fort and joy in this land of the straii-Ker, 
an • swerTliy mer - ci- ful call, And quit this poor earth hut to find Thee in heav-en, 


My<ina and my all, My 


More live - ly my h^ipe in my God and my all 
My treas-ure, my glo - ry, my God and my 
BIy por - tiou for- ev - er, my God and my all. 


II. S- My God, my all. 

and mv all, 

My God, my all, My treas - ure, my glo 


ry. My God and my all. 

s ^ 


No. 496. (B I f obij ta Calli iaillr l^sus. 

' Let me talk with thee." — Jbr. 12 : 

W. G. FiSCHKR. -^ 




, Jo 1 !nve to talk with Jo- b\i8, for it smooths the rus - ped road;" 

■ I And it seems ti help mo on - ward, wlien I faint ln'-neath my load;j 

, Jnft I tell Uiuj I am wea - ry, and I fain would ho ut rest; 1 

- (That I'm dai - ly, lionr- ly, long - Jug to ro - puso up- on llis breast; 


® I l^obt to (S:alk toiti) Jtsna. 


uii niy liiiirt i.s cnisli'd with Bor . row, and my ryfs with tears in i- ilim, 
J II.' an - Bwere mo so kiud • ly, ia tUo tcoJ' - rest touea of love, 

I . ^ - - - J 




"i.Te i^ 111 iii;;ht can yield mo com- furt like a lit - il.i talk with 
I am cum-iiigHuun to tako tlir-a to My hap-jiy lidino a- 

-g-^-|-».J=»^r^i;' r— P'=g=g _u__«__* -^ 

3 TliDugh tlio way is loncc ami ilrcary to that far-off distant cliine, 
Yi-t 1 know that my Hi'ilcenier journeys w ith nie all tlic time ; 

Ami tho morn I coiiio to know Hiin, and Ilis Wondmim k race explore, 
lliiw my loiijiiiig growcth Htronger still to kmiw Ilim moro and mure. 

4 So I'll wait a little lonRer, till ray Lonrs appointod time, 

And along the upward pathway still my pilKnm feet shall clim1>; 
t>iHin within my Father's dwelling:, where tho many mansions Lo, 
I shall see uiy blessed i>aviour, and IIu then will talk with iuo> 





No. 497. 

J.H. JoltNSTMN. 

: thanks at the remembrance of nis holiness." — Ps. 30 : 4. 

Jamfs McCIranahak. 

Sing un-to tho Lord, 

And at )h.' roinembrauce uf llis ho - li-ness, O 

•ness, O give thanks uu-to the Lord.' 

4 1- 

1.0 Lord, Thy loT-ing kind. ness Doth com-p.assall our ways. And "Thy compass- ions 

2. Thy goodness we re-mem-ber, AV'e praiseThy lio - li - ness, Wo look to Thee, O 

3. L'-t saints recount His mer-cies, And fill Hiscourts with praise; Let all whokuowHis 

, _ * J?: ^. ^. _ _ . ^ .«. j». :& • 

Sing unto tbt lotH. 

fail not," Thro' all the pass - iiig days ; To Thee, O great Je - ho - vah, In 
Sav-iour, To save, aud heal, and bless; 'Tis by Thy lov-ing fa- Tor Thy 
gooduess, Their hal - le - lu - jaha raise; Praise God, the lov-ing Fa - ther, And 

No. 498. 

I toait iax ^n, # f 0rir. 

" My soul waiteth for the Lord."— Ps. 130 : 8. 

I wait f(ir Thee, Lord I Thy glo - rious 

I wait for Tliee, Lord I Be - fore Thy 

I wait for Tliee, Lord 1 Thy lov - ing 

I wait for Thee, Lord! Tliy rapt - ure 

I wait for Thee, Lord I But for a 


M.A.SEA. i 



face to 

feet to fall, 3 

hand to feel, -"^ 

deep to know, ^ 

lit - tie while; t^ 


That ho - ly face that 
To wor - ship low - ly 
T'hoseten - der touch can 
Of liv - ing ev - er ■ 
This iii^'ht my lung - ing 

once was marred. Was marred, 
and a - dore My Sav - iour, 
e - ven now The wound - ed 
more with Thee; Love can - not 
eyes may meet Thy joy - ful, 

Lord, for me. 

all in all. 

spir - it heal. 

No. 499. 

Charlivs Bruce. 

dj£ Slitnn gtansbns. 

Let not your heart be troubled." — John 14 : 

Ira D. Sankby. 


lift - ed up, ^V'hen clouds are dark 
our dai - ly toil. With anx-ious 
in Illra be strong. Who feels our 
and watch and prav, Bo - Iv - ing 

and drear, 




For "Je - BUS coiiipe, and kiml - ly sfifaks Tlioso lov - iug words of cheer. 

^Ve hear a - gain tlio Jpio • cious word That tells uf joy aud rest. 

And vill fur us, as He Luth Eaid, A place iu heaven pro • pare. 

Of Dun who now pre - pares a place For us iu heav'a a - Dove. 

J .-JZ4. 


ga-l^lgiUf -gl^^g^ M^g 



' Iu Diy Father's li( 

>. > ». I — 


areniaiiy uian^^ions; If it vere nut so I would have told you; 

^- — m 

*, , , ritartf. 

' L U- l — I- 

'^ u tf I I 5 ^ ^^ ■• 

> are ma - ny mausions," "I go 

to prepare a j hue for you." 


No. 500. 


Wit luouli)- set ^tsus. 

' Sir, we would see Jesus." — ^John xa : ai. 


1, >Vo Would Peo Ji> - BUS — for the Bhadowa leuRth - en A » cross this 
..Ih- erl 
this is 


2. AVo Would seo Jo - BUS — tlio grrat Kock-foUD-da • tiou, Where, on our 

;5. Wo would seo Je • BUS — oth- erli;;lilsare pal • in;;, Wliiih for lon^ 

4. Wo would see Je - bus — this is all we're needling, Strength, joy, and 

lit - tlo laud -scape of our life; We would see Je - pus, our weak- 
feet were set with sov'reign grace; Not life, nor death, with all their 
yeare we have re-joiced to see; The Wess.ings of our pil-grim. 
will, iug - uess come with the sight; We would eee Jo - bus, dy - iug. 


faith to strength- en 
a- - i - ta - tiou, 
iina are fail . ing; 
ris - eu, plead • lug; 


r- . 

For the last wea - ri - ness — the fi - nal strife. 
Can thence re - move us, if we see His face. 

Wo Would not mourn them, for we go to Tliee._ 

Then wel-conie, dayl aud fare- well, mor-tal uightl 



> - 

No. 501. fran, ^xdl^xm, frag! 

" Watch and pray."— Mark 13 : 33. 
Dr. Hjratius Bonar. Pmiup Philups. 

Ahiderata. t I I • I I I 1 1 


' 1. Pray, brethrealpray! Tlieeandsare fall- ing ; Pray, brethren, ju-ay! God's voice is call-ing, 

2. Traise.brethren, praise! The skies are rend-ing; Praise, brethren, praise! The fight is eiid-ing. 

3. Watch, brethren, watch! Theyearsare dy-ing; Watch, brethren watch! Oldtilue is fly-ing! 

4. Look, brethren, look! Theday isbreaking; Hark, brethren, hark! The dead are wak-iug, 

Yon tur - ret strikes the dy - ingchinie; We kneel up - on the ve?x 

Be - hold, the glo . ry draw-eth near The King Him-self will soon ap-pear: £ 

Watch as men watch the part- ing breath, Watch as men watch for life or death : 5" 

AVith gird - ed loins all read - y stand; Be- hohl, the Bridegroom is at hand 1 ^ 


After last verse only. 
Refrain. Slo7u. , ^, 1 , \ '^y ritard. ^Ad^S' 
— 1^ : — r — n—l ^-1 — ^— -f-ri-i — ' ^-ri — I n — — n 1- 

E - ter -ui-ty isdrawingnighlE- tcr • ui - ty is drawing nigh! "s drawing nigh I 

No. 502. f oung ptn iit €\x\A fijt f orb. 

Dedicated to the Young Men's Christian Associations of the World. 
RoBRRT Weidbnsall. Gro. C. Stbbbims. 

1. Young men in Christ the liord, Own Him your Savionr God, His name a - dnre; J 

2. Young men iu Christthe Lnnl, Be might- y in His word. Its truths do - claro ; g 

3. Young nii>n in Cliristtbe King, Yourg>:ite-ful trih-ute bring. Of love and pr,-iiKo;3. 

4. Young men in ChristthoFriind.OQ all hopes de-peud, Of true re » lief; o- 


For liy His wondrous sac - ri-fice, He paid the great re - demp - tion price, o 

And seek the Ho - ly Spir - it's power, By faith and per- so - ver - ing prayer, ^ 

V . nit- ed in His roy - al ii:inii',\Vith loy - al hearts His words pro-claim, g 

l?o ev-'rv burdened son! you meet, Ilis gni-cious, lov - ing words, sosweet, f 

w^^ ^ m^ m^'^^-^^^ ^^Sf ^^^ 

§oun3 f&tn (n C:i)n'st i^t lotft. 

lat all might have c - ter - ual life, Tliut cine to Go.1 thro" Him. 

That all might 

That je may wit - ueaa a - ny- wliere, 

Throughout the world to all Vuuii); Mi-u, 

"Come M» - /<7 tntr," with lovo ro - jH-at, 

4»- :*: b, 

That Hiu . ful uii-u are fount) 
" Kf must be born a - gain.' 
"And / 'a.nll give you rest.' 


Sz -e: T^ J 4t- ■£-. Xlm. ... .,T 

C Young lueu in Cbrixt, arlrto, 
The world Ix-loreyou lit,*, 
Enxlavitl in hIii ; 

Make huHle (<> xwell the lni-«lon band, 
rrei>ar«-d lo ko at lll« i-oiniiiiiiid, 
To (Mive lost nifu in every liiml. 
At any Bacritico 

Youii:: nnn in Clirist the Sou, 

In llini VM- all are one ; 

Kor llii-i lie iiravetl ; 

Th.ii l.t unjoin the li.-avi-nly throng. 

To rapunil llirt |iraisc in t-nilK-.-uitloug, 

For all we have ami are U-loug 

To ChriHt,our Loixl Diviue. 

No. 503. Coming |^)omc Co-Uight. 

" Him that cometh to ino 1 will in no wise cast out."— Jc HN 6 : 37. 
Fanny J. Crosby, Robrrt Lowry. 

-* — -fr-i 

1. We are coming homo t^i Jo - bus. We have heard Ili-i wil-i-onie Voir.' ; Wo are 
'Z. Wo ure Coming ln.nio to Jn . hiis, l-'..r J|.. dii-tl that \m- nilk'hl liv>- ; II- it) 
y. We are Coming home to Je-bu.t, lly the cri*«,unr on- ly way; Tlni«- Ho 

I are com-Ing 

tnist-iiig in UiiigiNHlneMri,Tn HisiUfr-oy we ri'-joico.'^ 
will-iiiL^ to ri'ci'ive us. He i.-i wait-ing to for-give. > Wo 1 
fiu-iiiheUourredeui|ition, And we cau Uonioro de-lay. j 

^ ^ 

Coming, Coining 

com-ing home, We are coming from the darkness to the li;;ht , We arc 




Ught, to the light; 


^=—1 1 c — !^ — !^ — N..^ 1 ■ ) K — Ki — 1| — k — 1 ■ — ! -1« — "3 — rn 

com-ing home, We are com-ing home. We are com-ing homo to-night. 

Oomiug, comlug 

coming, coming 

No. 504. %i €hnx, m % Sxxn foas Set 

Rev. Henry T wells. 

" He healed them that had need of healing."— Luke g : 

! f. Ki. 

[MOTHY B.Mason, 


1. At e - ven, ere the sua was set, 

2. Ouce more 'tis e - ven- tide; and we, 
3.0 Sav -iour Christ, our woes dis-pel; 

The sick, O Lord, a -round Thee lay; 
Op - press'dvith var -ions ills, draw near; 
For some are sick and some are sad. 


0,'. '- 
What if 
And so 

^vhat di-vers pains they met I Oh, with what joy they went a -way I 
Thy form we can - not see ! We kiuiw ami feel tluit Thuu art here, 
have uev - er loved Thee well, And some'liave lost the love tliey had. 

1 I ^ 

4 And all, O Lord, crave perfect rest. 
And to be wholly free from sin ; 
And they who fain would serve Thee best. 
Are conscious most of sin within. 

5 Thy touch has still its ancient power ; 
No word from Thee can fruitless fall; 
Here in this solemn evening hour, 
Lord, in Thy mercy heal us alL 

No. 505. 

'§tBUth\nC^B g{ |£SU3. 


As though God did beseech you by us.' 

-2 Cor. 5: 20. 

Ia.mes McGranahai^ 

h ■ 


2. Be- 

3. Be- 

4. Be- 

5. Be - 

l""^n-^^— ^ ij \-A =1,-41^ ^ ^J /~^1=|~H 

La -S-^g-*— 1;— ^ J-g— ^— j J-g— S-i-g^S— gU-g '^: n 

ten-der beseech-ings of Je - siis ! IIowsw et-ly they fall on the earl 
seech-ing in love for our Sav -iour, Un -wor- thy we pray iu His Stead; 
seech-ing His blood-bought, His ransom'd, Your bod - ies to Him glad - ly yield, 
seech-ing thesaints to be ho - ly. Fill'd al- ways with meeknessand love; 
seech-ing that all for His com - ing Uu - shak-ea n.ayev - er re - maiu. 

"1 " 

^"^^=r=e~^="-f^— s=F_r^il 

^=Fp=n 3 

and of kind . ness, God's love andcom-pas-sionbro't near I 
of for -give - ness, Ac - cejit of the ran-Bomlio made. 
yiiu, and by you, Ills gracemaybe ful - ly rc-vcaled. 
"tie and low - ly, Ko - flcct-ingtlie lishtfroma- hove. 

gos - pel of grace 
lie - lieve in the word 
Iliat, in you, and thro' 
Like Je . bus 80 gen - 
\ud stand with the sav'd and the chos - en, With Him iuHis glo-ri 


Chorus. i 

Sitstttbings of Itsas. 


No. 506. 

F. J. Crosby. 

^c J)ub for (bhn, 

' The Son of man is come to save."— Matt. i3 ; 

S. I.Vae. 

1. Troiil,.lP<l heart, t!iy C".| 

2. O.uio, tl.o .spir - it etill 

3. Art thou wuit-iiii; till 

4. Let tlie ail - piU Ixur 


U rail- 

tlio UMr- row 7 
tbe U-diugK 



lie It ili-iiw- Jii;5 vi-r • y iinir ; 

Conio to llim, tliu nict-k inrl milil ; 

Tlii.u mtiy »t iieT - er k.o its liglil ; 

Up - ward to tlie Ci'iiits i>f Lfav'ul 





.•p e-iii" 

D» nothMethy <lc 
lie is vait-iii); imw topuvcyu 
Come Rtoncolac - c<-pt IliaiiuT-cj 
Let them itiiig with ho . ly niptur 

q. 1*--^ -^. 1^ - 

T>>i fall-iDg tear. 
>ViItth.mii..t ■ ^ .. .- 

II.. ia wi,it-i 
(>'iT an-tiili • er auiil forgi 

IU)i^ ieur.» 

t.Miijrht.fO be 


c — r-r r- i ^ p_^_i -i:, ^-^ ,_ Lj. _^^_ 

No. 507. 

OTonbcrfuI fobtl 



" As the Father loved me, so have I loved you." — John 15 
J. Frances. 

J f I. 

Hubert P. j»Iain. 

-^ — l-T ' f—n 

Lord, my s..ul re - j..ic - eth in Tliee, Ny tongue Thy mer - cy is tell - in)?; 

1 came to Tliee o'er-buidened with care. My guilt with sor - row con- fess - ing; 
To Thee, my hope and ref - ugo di - vine, 5Iy faith is fer-vent-ly clins-ing; 
I look bo-yond this - ley of tcarn. Where Tliou, a man-sion pre- par - iug; 


-M — 1=^: 




I've found Thy love so precious to b\>\ ]\Iy lieart with its rap-tureis swell - iug. 

'Twas love, Thy love, that banished my fear, And gave me for Badness a bless - ing. 

And ev - 'ly hour some to- ken of hive New joy to my sjiir- it is bring- iug. 

Wilt call me home for- ev-er with Thee, The bliss of the glo - ri-fiedshar - iug. 

_c_L^ — ^^ , — ^pi_, — t»-r^=^ — ^-^ ^^— t — ;?-r— r 

Refrain, , ,. 
, 1 ^— I 1—- r--^l*-» 1 i^— ) J . J K 1 1- 


! I'll sing of its ful-ncs3for 

— , 1 1 h 1 1^—1 f— J-, ^ N- I I I 1-, 1 —I— rp 

No. 508. 

# filcsscb Morb. 

" The sword of the Spirit, which is the 


rd of God."— Eph. 6:17. 

Ira D. Sankey. 

_n . 


— N 

— 1- 

_^ 1 

— '-1 

— 1 „ 

1. E - 

2. God's 

3. By 







God's word 
Hia llo - 
we kuow 

— •-,— *^ 

ly Word; 
our woik, 






and dy - ing men; 
it cv - 'rv dav; 
it should be doue ; 

m — ^ 1-, — n"" 



— 1^ — &- 



1 — ^ ^_j 

-t — 




_p — ^_ 





By it a -lone wo know the Lord, Un - seen hy mor - tal kon. 

In all our con - flicts, this the sword, Our cv - 'ry foo to slay. 

llow wo should live, and Low thro' grace Tho prom - ised crown is won. 

4-0-^ — = •-! — • — • — '<^ — ^ff^-i— ff-: — * — «— — U, ^ . ni~ 

C-l — I _^_ 1__ 

D.S.—O may it be our Stren^h and Sword, Till 




O bless- ed Word, gra - cious Wonl, Wo lovo it more, and more; 

No. 509. 

F. W. Fabrr, arr. 

Come to Ibc .Merciful Sabtottr. 

1 me all yc that labor." — Matt, ii 

Ika D. Sankby. 

1. I) como to tlio mor-ci-fiil Sav-iimrwho callsjiMi, (t cmiip t<> the Lonlvhnfor- 

2. O coiiiotheuto Jo -ens whoBe arms are ex- tend- I'll To d'Ul II is dear children in 
a. Thcncume to tho Sav-iour, whose murcygrowsbrighter The long- er j-uu look at the 

I--I I— I— I— l-h— t— FH-F 





givcsatidfi-r-Rets; Tho' dark I'O tho fTtiino on earth tl'atbe - falU ji.n, A briKlit li^mea- 
clos-cst om-brace; U ccinie.and.vniir cx-ilofhallnliort-ly b<' oiid.eil. And Je-Miiswill 
depthsof His love; O fear n^t, 'tis Jo-sus, ond life'scarcsgrow lighter While thiukingof 

ConiehDnie Ccnieho me... 

tr I I 11 i r r 

I I 

waits villi whi>8esiiii neversets?) 
Hlinwyi.UtheliKht..fUisfao«. i- 
hiinieandtho gli>-ry a-bovo. ) 

i if 

Como borne, como home, lodarkucssuo longer ti/ 

lU^i^SiM^^^*^^- iS!iaJal 


'Tis J. 

who teiider-ly calls y.)U to - day. 


£• Tij I 1 I r.^^1 ] ' ' ' ' ' ** 

No. 510. Su Sabiour. 

" My Refuge, my Saviour." — 2 Sam. 22 t 3. 






am nut skiU'd to nn-dersland What God hath will'd 

I take Ilini at His word indeed: "Christ died for siu- 

That He should leave His place onhiKh.And come for sin - 

4. And that He ful - filled may see The tra-vail of 

o. Yea, liv-iuf:, dy - inn, let me brinq; My .so - 

<a m •_ 


what God halhplann'd: 
uers,"this I read; 

ful man to die. 
His soul in me, 
lace from thisspring, 

Iffij Sabiour. 


I on - ly kuow at His right baud 

For in my heart I fiud a need 
lou jount it strange?— so ouce did I, 
And with Hid work con - tent - ed be, 
That He who lives to be my King 

■m. ^ ^ ^ -^ ■■^- --^ ■■^■ 

Is One who is my Sav - iour! 

Of Him to be oiy Sav - iourl 

Be - fore 1 knew my Sav - iourl 

As I with my dear Sav - iourl 

Once died to be my Sav - iour! 


Christ tlj^ Jfoitittant. 

No. 5n. 

" The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sln."- 
Newman Hall. 

Jno. i: y. 

C. C. Cask. 

I 1. Fouut-ain of pur - i - ty opened fur sin, Here m;iy tlie pen - i -tent wash and be clean ; 

I 2. Though I have la-bored a - gain and a- sain, All my self-cleansing is ut - ter. ly vain ; 
' 3. CleauseThouthetho'tsof my heart, I implore, Help me Thy light to re- fleet more and more; 

II 4. Whit- er than snowl nothing further I need, Christ is the Fountain; thison - ly I plead; 

I Je - sus, Thou blessed Re-deem-er from woe, Waslimeand I shall be whit- cr than snow. 

I Je - sus, Re-deem-er from sor- row and woe. Wash me and I shall be whit- er than snow, 

Dai-ly in lov-ing o » bedience to grow, Wash meand I sliall bo whit- er than snow. 
I Je - susmy Sav-iour,to Thee will I go, Waslimeand I shall be whit-erthaus 

^ IS IS N N IS^_^ -•- 


gin Offering. 

"Create in me a clean heart, O God. 

-Ps. 51 ; 

MPS McGranahak. 

1 I liriiis to Th*'*'. O 

•J. I bring my guilt - y 

:'.. Thy mer - cy reach • cs 

4. My fal- teriug faith I 

1..W - er 
bring Thee, 


My liur - lifU and my grief; 

Fi>r cleans - iiig and for cure; 

Than all the depths of sin; 

My Weak and wavering will; 

I 1^ ' ' r I ' 

I di» be-licvo Tiiy prnm - ise. Help Thmi mine uu - be - lief. 

Oil, li''al my scire dis - eax - es, Ko - store and make me pure. 

As Thy cuiii-pas- siiins fail not, Oli, give nio jioacewith- in. 

My 6pir - it fails and fal- ters ; Thy prom - is - es fill - fill. 





Coming Co-JIuit. 

, he calleth thee." — Mark 10: 49. 

Jno. K. .^weney. 

1. Out on tlio dij-ert, srek-ius.Keck-iiig, Sin- iier, 'tis Je - sus seek-in!; for thee; 
•.!. Slill lie is wait-ing, wuit-ing, wait-iiii;; (» what mm- jias-sion beams in Hiseyel 
a. Lov-ing-ly pleailing, pleading, plc^iding, Mer-cy, tho' slight- ed, bears with thee yet; 

\0' u 

Ten-der-ly call-ing, call- ing, call- ing, Hith-er, thou lost cne, O come un - to Me. 

Hear Him re- p<-at-ing, gent- ly, gent- ly. Come to thy Sav-io"r, O why wilt tboudie? 

Tlioucaustbe hap- py, hap - py, hap-py; Comeere t'..e life-sta' foi ev - er shall set 

Je-sus is call- ing, 


Come to Hian quick- ly, say 'o Him L'^id -ly, Lord, I am com-ing. 

-ing to -day, 

No. 514. #otr §Uss gou. 

" God, even our Father, comfort your hearts." — 2 Thess. 2 : »6,'i7. 
El. Nathan. James McGranahan. 

-S- -.- Ill 

God bless yc>i!" from the heart we slug, God give to ev - 'ry one His grace, 

•i. God bless you uu yuur pil- grim way, Tliro' storm and sun -shine guid-iug still; 

3. God bless you iu this world of strife, When oft the soul would homeward fly, 

4. God bless you, aud the patience give Tn walk thro' life by Je-sus'side; 

5. God bless us all, aud give us rest When Christ shall come aud glo - ry dawu; 

Till He on high Hia ransomed bring 
His pres-ence guard you day by day, 
And give the sweet- ness to your life, 
For Him to bear, for Him to live. 
Our sun is swing- ing toward the west, 

— •--^•— •— ^— ^— ^--_g- 

To dwell with Him iu end-less 
Aud keep you safe from ev- 'ry 
Of wait- ing for the rest 011 
And then with Him be glo- ri - 
Life's lit- tie daywillsoon be 

-1^ -^ ^ 





-1=^— i^ 

L. 1^ 1.* J 1 

j_j JJ 


-J—- 1 -i^-T \ -I— -N-, — N — N N N , --, — I- 

God bless you I God bless you ! Bless aud keep us all in Jo - bus' love, p- 
--^' f- •-T-J :•- -_ . . __'^ff- :ff-_^ff-__-ff- i 


— I 

And, when our part- ings here are o - ver. Take us to the joys a - bove. 
when our part- lugs 

Wo. 515. |s ^hxs Cruse of Comfort JfaUing ? 

" Neither did the cruse of oil fail."— i King 17: 16. 
iVIrs i£. R. Charles, arr. Ira D. Sankby. 

1. Tr tliy crnse of com- fort fail - ins ? I?iso and shnro it with a friend. And thro' 

2. For the hoartgrows rich in giv-ing; All its wealth is liv - ing grain ; Seeds, which 
■i. Liosfand wea- ry i>n the moutitains, Wduldst thou sleep amidst the snow ? Chafe that 
4.1s thy heart a well left omp - ty? None but God its void can fill; Noth-ing 


Us ®l)j ©nut of Comfort ^ailinj? 

nil the yearn of raiii-iiio It HliiiUtR-rve tla^v tn the en. I. Luvu di • viiiu will till tliy 

iiiil-.K«- ill the gni-ner, Scattcred.till with gold the |.|iiiii. 1» thy bur -deu haul and 

'n.z-eu form Ikj - Mdetlice, Aud to-geth.eil...ih shall g|..\v. Art thou wound-ed iu lileV 

^ut u ie:ise-K»s louutaiu C'aB Its tea»c(i»» louguigH still, la thy heart a liv iug 

thy haiiil-fiil wlill re- new; Smut- y fuin f< 
li.av.yy l»o thy hleiwdiugweii-ri - lyT ll.lp to lift thy hi. 
hal - tl.'? Mu- iiy htriikeu round tlireiiioaii; Uivo to tlieui thypif 
iKiWel? Selleulwiucnl, iualrcuglliaiukdow; It cuu on- ly |i\ 

2?j -j?"^ • 

-r- — j^- JpJ p r -u if-*-?*— ,• $•-■-• ' 

I ^ 'g 


n.v -alf.ast («r t« 
bear l)«tli it uiid the 

; Naiity fan? f..r one will oft- eii Make a n.y - iil feiuft for two. 
11' Ip to lilt Ihy l.i..tliei'«l.unleu, 0(<t will l«arlM.lli it uiid Ihee. 
i;f5lve to thi'm th)r preclouii olntmeDt, All ! Ihiit IuiIiiihIiuII heal lliiiie own 
; It rail oil- ly live l,y lov- iii^;. And liy «erv- Ing lovo will gi. w. 

l-^sus, mn gill. 

No. 516. 

F. J. Cbosbv. 

' Christ is all and in all." — Col. 3:11. 


r^^ ^J^.^^ 

1. T^iid, nt Thy mer - cv - wnt lluni - 

2. Teai» ..f n. - iN-iit - ant grief Si - 

3. Still at Thy uier - cy - Beat S;iv - 

My I fall; Plead -lug Thy 
lent- ly fall; Help Thuu uiy 
iour. 1 fall; Trimt-ing Thy 

l_ ^!? :3_ t«__^ * I -*-^— * 1*-^ 1* 


r r r 

is© sweet, Lorrl, near niv 

he - lief. Hear TIk.u my 

ise Bweet, Heard is niy 


U ! 

call; Now let Thy work be -pin, 

call; Oh, how I pine for Tlietl 

call; Faith wiugsniy wail to Then; 


Oh, make me pure with-in, Cleanse me from ev-'rynin, Jo - sua, my all. 
'Tis nil my hope aud plea: Je - sua has died forme, Jo- eus, my all. 
This all my eorig shall lie, Je - i<u3 has died for me, Jo. ma, my alL 

No. 517. Stngmg tott^ (Srate fo iht Iforb. 

'Singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.' ' — Col. 3 : 16. 

J. H Johnston. 

[ames McGranahak 

1 N — S — N — 1^ !*" — Ki 5^ — 't^t-i Pi— :2 — J — -J — d — af' 1— i ^=>- 

.,_i__l_ _, _^ _S _^ _^ l_^_g_^_.S-i-S— ii— * i s=^ 

1. Come iu - to His presence with sing - iug, O wor-sliip theLord with a Bong; 

2. Nut yet, as the au-gelsiu heav - en, May mortals their grat-i-tude sing; 
Then cumeto His courts witli re- joic - iug, And join in the cho-nis of praise; 



ute of grat -1 - tude briug-ing. To Him to whomprais-es be - long; 
up- on earth is it giv - en, Per- feet -ion of serv-ice to bring; 
rand the an- them but voic-ing The thanks which your loving hearts raise; 

js > ^ ^ 

But oh, while you join in tlianksgiv - ing, 
But ear - nest and true ad - o - ra • tion, 
With grace in your hearts e-ven du - ty 

With voi - ces in tune 
The heart iu the hynii 
Will change in- to pleas- 

•ful ac ■ 
and tne 
ure ere 

Rc-mcni-ber, lie watch-es your /zV - z'n^, And sing with yourheartsto the 
Will Lie an ac-ceiit-ed oh- la - tion, And light- en life's bur- den and 
And see-ing the King in His beau - ty. Your life shall then be as a 


U I 



^ > U > > > "^ (13 

Chorus I \ iw 

^— ti— t?— t?— ;?— ^-£— S— S— P-^ ^—'-S0—m—0-^>m-^0^ 

Sing-ing, siug-lng, This is true 

Sing-ing with grace in your heart to the Lord, 

zff: Iff: .^. .^ .^ _ ^ ji. _.g. 

r- ship and love ; 



-*— s— • 



^ ^ ^ ^ \^ ^ ^ • l^U» ^^ 

sing-ing, This la ac-ccpt-ed a- hove. 

ind Bing-ing iu sweet-est ac-cord, 

No. 518. Crut-^cartcb, Myolc-^gtaric^. 

" I will praise Thee, O Lor J, wilh mj- whole heart." — I'b. 9: I. 
Frances K. Haveugal. Geo. C. Stbbbins. 

1. Truc-h 

2. TruL-h 

3. Truo-h 

art-t<l,\\li(.lo-hcart-o.I, faith- ful auJ luy - al, King i>t oiir Hvcb, by Thy 
art-<i1,\vliole-hearl-«<l, full - est ul - le-gianco YiiM - iughfuccforlh to our 
•art-ed, wholtf-hcart-t'U, Sav - imir all- glo-rious 1 Tuko Thy great pow - cr ami 

^^^-^ 1 ^^-1 1 JK^-i iz^-^ \ I ! — )r^ -i--^ie±r^:;=z::^ 

gnue wo will tic; In . Jcr the staii-darJ ex-alt - pel ami n.y - al, Stn.iig in Thy 

glo - ri-ous Kiug; Val - iaiit eu-<ha%- -ur aud luv - lug o - U-dieiice.Kreo - ly ami 
r.i-ii tli>Te a - lone, U - vt-ruurwilU uml af- fee - tiuns vie - to . riiiu,i,Fruo - ly liur - 

^ CHORl'S. 

i htn-iiglh Wf will lie Tlieo. ■» p^..j out the watchwonl 1 si - kuoe it nev - er ' 

* jiiy - ous-lv miw Wdiilil we liring. V 

C reu -deredumlwhullvThinooWM. J ^^^^ -i"'^^'" " 

u I I _.«.•.•. _ 

Soug of>ir - it's re-j»ic - ing and free; Peal out the watchword ! 

Song re-joic-iiig and free; IVal 

^ ^ .m. jm.. k Ik. .- '-- m -»»-•-«■ 

s?fiifc3g|£it^^i^3::gi.:s ^ 

, P.y tliy gra.(! we will be. 

No. 519. §Ust |tsus, (Srant us Slrtngt^. 

Give thy strength unto thy servant."— Ps. 86 : i6. 

Rev. W. W. Hovf. 

G. J. Elve^. 

1. Blest Je- sns, grant us stroiinth to take Our dai - ly cross, wbat-e'er it be, 

2. And day by tlay, ve hiini - bly ask That bo -ly num-'ries of Thy cross 

3. Help us, dear Lord, our cross to bear, Till at Thy feet we lay it down; 

And glad - ly, for Thine own dear sake. In paths of du - ty fol - low Thee. 
May sane - ti - fy eachcom-nion task, And turn to gain each earth - ly loss. 
Win thro' Thyblood our par - doa tliere. And thro' the Cross at - tain the CrowQ. 


No. 520. Cb Sabmitr's Jfatc. 

" The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." — 2 Cor. 4 : 6. 

Edw. a. Collier, D.D 


Geo. F. Root. 

1. How sweet, Lord, Thy word of grace Which bids a sin-rer Beek Thy faro^nd 

2. Thy visage,marredandcrown(Mlwithtliorn, Thou didst not hide from grief and scorn,3S'or 

3. The heavens de-clare Thy powerand love; In all Thy works, be - low, a-b.ive,Tliy 

4. The bright- ness of Thy glo - ry. Lord, Fills heaven and earth and writ-tcu Word With 


nev - er seek in vain, And nev - er seek in vain; Thatface,onccsct sostead-fast-ly To 

from the dewa of night,Nor from the dews of night; Yet, in that face a love appears Which Q 

niaj - es - ty 1 trace. Thy niaj - es - ty I trace. But nier-cy shines nnt in the skics,And '^ 

beamsofheavenly grace,With beams of heavenly grace; But all the hosts of Heaven shine With "^ 


*^-T — I — r I "■ f""^ — ^~^ — i^ ^f— I — I — r^*"^-^^-^ — ■^-' = 

meet Thy cross of ag - o - ny. Can nev -or nie dis-dain. Can nev-cr mo dis-clain. 
scat-tcrs all my gloom- y fears, And fills my soul with light, And fills my soul with light, 
hopowilh-iri my spir - it dies, Un - til I see Tliy face, Un - til I see Tliy faix^. 
no such ra-di-anco di-vine As Thy most bb^ss-ed face, As Tliy most bless -ed face. 

t^- ^i^ -r-r 

. jm. .m- - m. -m. .m. -,^ .^. «. • -•• ^ .«. -k. _ -m 

No. 521. gallohjtb ^our of |praner. 

" My house shall be called the house of prayer."— IsA. 56: 7. 


^A^ -^1-.^^:^^^=^^=:.^=^^'^^ :^- 

u - 

— ^ — ^'~?^ 

5^ i— .5 'i.— s.— i— «— * — It— sH-S-jjSjj- 

•^ 1. -lis tlio lial-l..wr.l lu.ur of pray'r, And we trust - iiig ■ 
J. TJ!) the pro - ciuud hour of pray'r, And we hum - biy 
::. lid the sa-CTid Lour of pray'r, Culm as Lcuv - vu 

bnn^' All our 
trial : Ka - ther, 
bovo; Soul to 

^ : s=ps-=s^-is;.--X^s^fiff -£- 


u w ' w y y, y |- y t* ' f" 'P 

-t» - 

F B»- B»-J 

di>ul<t-iiiKs niid our fears To our Suv -lour and KiiiR; F<>r vo kin'w tli:tt Ho de • 

brrathellio Sjiir - it imw. As we boW at Thy fit-t ; T.iuch>air li|i« Willi [Hiw'r of 

ii<'ul ill lirt'uthiii;; hero The com . uiuu-iou of love; Kv - 'ry lit'urt in Hweet-ly 

ll;.;lila A gliid Wi'l - cume to give. And the bIpsH- Iuks that wo auk for 
viiuu'; Kill our Buuld Willi Thy lovo; And be. kIow tliu Imii - e - die - tiuu 
tilled Mith a ]ii'Uco aio:<t pro-fouud; Oh, the placo iri like to hcav - au 

the Lord Jesus."— Rom. 

El. Nathan. 

James McGranahan. 

"1. Be - hold how plain the truth is made; .''inceClirist the ran- som price has paid, 
2. The death of Christ uji - on the tiPR W:i8 fur the judt;- meut due to thee; 
■}. By rais - iiig .)o - sua from the dead Our bless - ed (Joil has sure - ly said, 
4. And Uinv to Gi'd as soiisl>rou!;lit uigh We come aiid"Ab - ba Fa-tlier"cry, 
- - - -m •-,-• • — • — :S--,-^ — Iff" — • •— 1— * • — •— n 

Qt^ou Hbalt be Sabt^. 

And all our sins on Ilini were laid, We must in Him be savod ^ 

He diud that thou mightst ran - Bum'd lie And live l.y lailli in Him. g 

That He ac-cepts the bluud He elied As cleans - in g us finm sin. g 

And seek the Spir - it's full sup- pi v That we as suns may Jive. q 

-m—,-m • — « -^-f-^- — -e_^ »_^r^«_ 

ilf thou shall confess with tliy mouth, Confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus.Aud believe in thine 5 
heart Tliat God hath raised Him from the dead, Thou ehalt be saved. Thou ehalt be saved. 1 

No. 523. ^t fori %\tt^ Which Dtftotm Wis. 

" Mizpah ; * * * 'I'he I.ord watch between me and thee, when we are 

absent one from another." — GtN. 31: 49. 

J. H. Johnston. James McGranahan. 

f-^-^-'-0 — — — S 'm^^ 0-i-m — *-•— .5. g"! — "-J- — ^•— *— •— *-'o 

1. The Lord keep watch between us, The ev - erpres- ent Friend ; No love like His so 5 

2. Thougli ab- sent from each oth - er, We are not far from Him; Lit not onrcourage S. 

3. Though time and space may sev - er Tlie Mas-ter'sserv-ants here, 'Tis ou - ly for a g; 

4. The Lord Himself is watch-ing, lu ten-der-uess and Kive ; Let prais-esnieetaud "" 

Chorus. " 

might-y, To keep and to do - fend, n Jliz-pab t Miz-pah! a 

fal - ter, Let not our faith grow dim. f o 

Bea - son, The meet -ing-time draws near. [ 3 

niin - glo A - round the Ihrono a - bnve. -' The Lord keep watch be-t ween iis, Keep S 

■0- I !>=' • r IS 

watili in tend'rest love, Un • til ourprais-es min - gle A-round the llironea- bove. 3 

No. 524. <# :tttb b iht !lB^tctort|. 

" The victory that overcometh ihe world, even our faith." — i John 5 : 4, 
John H.Yates. Ik a I). Sankbv. 

1. Ki.(atiip<Ml :i-l.iii- tl..< l.ilU ..f li-hl, Yc- Chris- tian sol, .is,-, Aii.l press lh« 

'^. llin liiiii- HIT •• - viT IIS is l>>vo, OiirNWonllliu won) >>l (^m1; NVt- truuil tliu 

:i. On I'V - 'ry baud tlm fin- «.• liii.l Drawn up in (liiml iir - my; Li-t tciit« of 

4. To Him that o - ver-coiiuii tlio loi-, NVhito raiiuiiit bliall Ik- kivh; 1J<' - loixi the 

^ .^_L f_, n^ ^_, ^J.. ^_| j^.-ix; — =K_LC3rrK_ 




hat- llo .-lo the iiij,'ht Shall tlio glow- inj; bU<-; A f:aiM>l the fot 

roa.l the Biiints ii-bovo WilhKhoutsof tri - uini.h tr,H|; liy faiih. Ih.y lik 

eaw I* h-ft Iw-hin.l, Aii.l oii-war.l to Iho fray; S.,1 

an - t;i'lB lio ehallkuow Uii iiumu con-fetniod in lifavcn; Thi 

_g •-_- se—je—-^ 

lion'j) hcl - nifl 
uurilfroiii thu 

-— ^ -^n^— 1»— I — >-'-i — i»~r — j^-'-'^- -^— »'-'-r -t»-r -V ' 

\- T^— --,=:l-— ^pj^=af 

val.g bn-Iow, Let all oiiratroiiKth h' hnihil; Failli in lli<> vie- t.> ■ 

,S«i'|>toti oiT «-v - 'iv till. I; Tli<( failh hv whi.hlhi\ 

NViili Iriilh nil piit u - hull. Tho c-ailh Khali lirni- Mu 

llaniL-; Veil van - qiii.sli ull the 




on iM.h h.-a.l, NViih Irii 

bills of li'jlrl, Our b. ails with I 

1 ». 'T' w CHOBt;S. 

J ,^J i-,- J -, -xn „ I, 10-^.^.| 1^— , 

I -"I 

ry, we know. That o - vciconirs tho worlil 

conquered Dt-ath Is still our bliiii - in;: BliieM 

'iicath ourtread. Ami •■ch - o with our kIiouI. 
hosts of ui^lit, lu Je - ens' coiiqiiei 

Faith ' id tho vie- to-ry! 
Faith is the vh- - to-ry! 


ailh is the vic-fo-ry! Oh, glo-ri-ous vie - to - ry. That o- verconios the world. 
Faith is tho vie- to-rv! 

1^0. 525. Pxssion fumit. 

3 before thee 

1 I I ^ 

" All nations shall come and worship before thee." — RfiV, 
F. J. Crosby, 

Ira D. ^an«.£V, 

Great Je - bo - vali, might- y Lord, Vast and bouud-lcsg is Tliy word; 

Jew and Gen - tile, bund aud free, All sliall yet be one in TUee ; 

From lier uiglit sball Chi- na wake. Af - ric's sons tlieir cbaiiis shall break; 

In- dia's groves of palm Bo fair Shall re-Bouud with i)niise aud prayer; 

North aud South shall own Thy sway, Eabt aud 'West Thy Voice o • bey ; 

.-.^:!uSs-:2j -_,_J_._^_.r3. 

*-] 1 ^ ^-"-^ — ^ '-P p- '-I 1 ^^ 

King of kings, from shore to shore 

All con - fess Bles - si - all's name 

E - gyi't, where Thy peo - jilo trod, 

Cey- Ion's isle with joy shall sing, 

Crowusaud throuesbe- fore TUee fall. 

1 I 

Thou Shalt reign for cv - er - more. 
All llis -won-drous love pro - claim. 
Shall a - dore aud jiruise our God. 
Olo - ry he to Christ our King. 
King of kings aud Lord of all. 



No. 526. ^t Cbrisfhttt's " 6nolj-|ligIjt." 

It is said : The early Christians were accu'stomed to bid the'^r dying friends 

Good-night, so sure were they of tlicir awakening on the 

Kesurrection Morning. 

Sarah Doudney. Ira D. Sankev. 

-J 1- 

1. Sleep on, belovod,8loep, and take thy rest; Lay down thy head U|ion thy Saviour's breast; We 1 

2. Calm is thy sluml)er as an infant'ssloi'p; lint thou shall, waUo m ni"retr. tnil and we.'p : ThineiJ 

3. Uu- til theshadowsfromthiseartharocast, Uu- til Hegathersinllissheavesatlast; Un- .' 


-5=^:r:i---*!- -^.^-t thee well, but Je - sns loves thee best— Good-night! Good-night! Good-uighl! 
is a per- feet rest, so-curo aud deep— Good-night! Good-uiglitl Good-night! 

til the twi-liglit gloom be o- ver- past— Good-uigbtl Good-night! Good-night! 


4 Until tlie Easter glory hghts the skies. 
Until the dead in Jesus L'liall arise. 

And He shall come, but not in lowly ginse- 
Good-uight ! 

5 Until, made beautiful by Love Pivine, 
Tlion, 1.1 the likeness of thy Lord shalt shii 
Aud He shall bring that goldou crown of Uii n 

Good-night 1 

G Only "Good-night," beloved— not "farewell!" 
A little while, and all llis saints shall dwell 
In hallou,:,! union indivisihie— 
(;ood-night 1 

V Until wo meet again before Tlis throne, 

CI. tiled in the spotless rohe Ho gives His own, 
Until we know even as wo are known — 
Good-uight I 

No. 527. Christ is l&istit. 

Fanny J. Crosby. •• For he is risen, as he said"— Matt. a8 : 6, 

Gbo. C. Stkbbihs. 


Ut h.'ith riii-cii! Hal- lo ' 

i^<t huth rirt-ciil Hal. le. 

I bi iKt liHlli riH-i'iiI ilaU ]v - I 

ll r.l.SMNlllh.lll ..r life „„.I Ii;;l,l; T,' 

i! Kiii-ii.lHiif .Ii-.siis,i|ry _v,,>i; '11, 
-jaii! Uohuth lU-eu, as Uv niii.l: Ho 

fliiii - (Icr, Dcalli Uroiiquproi] thro' H „. 

ihirklii-ss, I,,., IImjSiii .,f U.kI oi'l"aiK. 
gl'J - ry, Aii.luurgnatfX- alt- e«l Hea.l 

ihristis ri.i-cii! Hal-Io - hi-juhl Gladiioi 



fills III.. XV.. iM I 

^. S*. P' 



•<l 11- way. 

No. 528. 

El. Nathan. 

Jfii |tsus' Jfaa. 

' The light of the knowlcdce of the k't/ of Go<l in the face 

of Jesus Christ.'— J C\>K. 4 : 6. Jambs McT.ranaham. 

^fp:^ii^^ap^§^^3Z$r_/ii::g:-/ a 


1. Tlio liv-ii,;.G.,.|. wli.> liyHisnii-litS|«kohiittliow..r<lan 

2. Tlii«iiit-lit>(lirist,s.)nln.nKuiiillruc, nxic.iiinfri.iiitJiMl, His 

3. In Jo.mi.s' faio oiirC.Hl wokiiow, A:i.ltriiMtln Hlin I.. U.irii- 

4. WhiMi dark nrnHplvc3t;ip. soul il|slrcss,\Vli.-n(i.>rr.i\vH..M i.iirnilliu 

5. Thoucouii ■ ■ 

iiL-lil.Hall . 
.1; III- I'linii-H with 
i(.'li;H- will not 

. ■ .,,..-■*<, dm- I.M.k at 

u\y^3 wca-ry onc(i,aua rest; t uiue, eiuful eoul«,aiiil Inn. Ur lil..^..,|; Witli-in your 

■^1 [ K ^ ^ I N .. ^ 1 ^ Chorus. .1 1^ N 

>\f to sli.nv nu grace To gin-ful men, in Jo - bus' face. "J 
> to save. To Rivotho vict'ry o'er llio pravc. / 
ave us to do -feat. But make our victo-ry<'. > 
iui will cl.iudsdisiilace. While comrort bcami frnrnJc-suii' face. \ 
art give ChrNt nil place, Aud BfoGod'slwVo iu .lu- Bus' face. ' 

heart gi^ 


;•«:»- «i^^«. 

No. 529. # Sabtour, '^xmam Sabiotrr. 

" He shall ! 
Frances R. Havergal. 

; his people from their : 


1.0 Sav-iour, precious Sav- iour,Wliom, yet uu-seeu, we love; O Name of might and 
'z. O briiig'-er of sal- -va - tiou, Who vvoudrous- ly hast wrougbt,Thy-self the rev. e. 


3. In Thee all fuU-uess dwell -eth, All grace and power di - v 

4. Oh, grant the con- sum- ma - tion Of this our song, a -bo 

The glo - ry that ex ■ 
lu end -less ad 


hove. » 
*Thiue.^' f "^^ worship Thee I we blesa Thee ! To 
love. ■' 

_-:€:_ I I _ 

fa - vor, All oth - er names a - hove. 

la - tion, Of love be-youd our 

cell - etli,0 Son of God, is 

ra - tiou, ^nd ev - er - last - ing love. 






Thee a-lonewe Bing! We praise The* and confess Thee, OurSaviour, Lord and King. 

No. 530. 

L. W. Mansfield. 

% gome on piglj. 

• That where I am, there ye may be also."— John 14 ; 3, 

Geo. C. Stebbtns. 

1. Be-yond the light of setting suns, Bej'ond the clouded sky, Ecyond where starlight fadeiia 5 

2. I5e-y(.iid all Jiaiu, beyond all cure. Beyond life's niyster - y. Bo - joud the range of time aud i 

3. Swift-HyiDg worlds, the"ir eights that roll Farout on seas of li:-;lit. Will biing no darkness to my J 

4. My siusaudKorrows.striresandfears, I bid theniall lare-well, High iip a-niid th" eter- uai " 


I W U U- k k 



.— =]- 

A luau-siou there, not made with o 


a mansion there, 5 

night, — 1 have a home on high. -. 

diange,- My home's reserved for me. I 

BonI ; My home's he-yond the in"ght. ( 

years, With Christ, my Lord, to dwell. -' 

a J^omt on 3^(36. 




hands A iihice.... 

nut iiinilo with hauils, I 

..... pii'pari'il for mo; 

pliice iirt'paii'il (hiuh" 

_^ .^■ag.g:;.^. :g :' ^ ^.^j*-. ■?■ 

-1^^ r^ i ^-^- -- ^l £ti^g^isi:^^c- 

That homp mylionioBhallho 

iii-};(lshiiig, tliutlu'iiio my liiiiiK'hIiull I 

^. .m. t:-. -m- '^'-^ M. ^^^^ 

No. 531. 6 Jirn of |lcst unb 6Iixbiuss. 

The rest of the holy Sabbath."— Ex, 16: 23. 

C. WoRnswoRTH. 


German Melody. 

J fO .lay <.fr<-sti',i„ip|;„lii.ssO (hiy ..f jny and li,-ht ;1 
jo hahn of caroaiiil Knhiefa, BIi>st li<auli-ful,ni(iBt briglit; J 

On tli«> tho high aii.1 1..W - ly. 

.ra ...- J 



Thro' a - gcsjniucdin tiiiip, Slng"ll(i-ly,ho-ly., Iio-ly," To the grcatriud Tii- uiip. 


2 On thee, atthocnntion, 

Tlieli-lit fi-tlia lilsl.iith; 
Onthee, f..r(iiir8:ilv:iti..ii, 

Christ rose from dc'i'tli- of eaitli; 
On thueoiir Lord virlnii,. us, 

And thus on thee, nin-t pli)rin\i«, 

A triple li^'ht '■.M3 givuu. 

-i — r- 

3 New graces ever paining 

rroin this our ilay of n-st, 
Ve reach the re>t ninaiiiiug 

ToKpiritsof till- I.I.St; 
To (;i,<.Ktl..lKai-.v., 

ToKathiT, nii.l t.S. n; 
The Cliurch li«r voi.c npraisea 

To Thee, blest Three iu One. 


No. 532. Steitlj ^forilj Z\si |)a«b. 

" And it was restored whole, like as the other." — Matt, xa : 13. 

El. Nathan. 

H. H. McGranahan. 

1. "Stretch forth thy hand."" tliv/<i/-j/<v/ hand. Fear Tint, it is thoLonrscohi-iiir.ii.l ; 

2. "Stretch forth thy liaiid," thy f /«/-/)' hand, No pift of thine will God coni-iii.iid ; 

.3."Stretchforfhthy hand,"thv/t<-//-/«r han.i, fp - held hy God, thy soul Khali stan-i ; 

4. "Stretch forth thy hand," thy dy- in^ hand, ^Vlleu thou shalt come to Jor-ilan'sstian.l ; 
•»■ -m' -m- -m- ^ ^ N N -•^ 


55t«tti) jFort!) Qfljj J^attlr. 


Seek not from Him to hide tliy sin, Ooa-fess, aud ask to bo made clean. 

The emp-ty hand that eliovvs thy neud, Of this a- lone will llo lake heed. 

Fight not iu tliiuaownstieugth the foe, But tnist-ing Jo - bus, on - ward go. 

Thro' all the bil - lows Christ shall guide,And bring them safe to Ca - uaau's side. 

' Stretch forth thy hand; 

N ^ ^ I 
-e- ' ' 

L_l — — zjg. — ;s 

Christbe - lieve, " Stretch forth thy hand," thepow'i 


S > N K I § 

Ho of - fers grace so full and free, ' 

Stretch forth thy hand," He speaks to thee. 1. 

No. 533. Somdint^ fo/II ^tnir^rsfantr. 

" What I do thou knowest not now • but thou shall know hereafter." — John 13 : 7. 
Maxwfll N. Cornelius, D.D. James McGranaham. i 

year-, It 
• gain. And 

1. Not now, but iu the coin- 

2. Well catch thobrok-e 

3. We'll know why cloudain-stead of 8uu Were 

4. Why what we long for of all, E - hides so oft 

5. God knows the way, Ho holds the key, He guides us with 


hcie be - gan ; 

'jher-isli'd plan; 
r ea - gm- hand ; 
1 - err - ing hand; 

rr-TT-^i— «-|-»-^— zP — "'' — l>-«i^^'-, — 1 — — W-,-*-i-« — ^ — • — m — m-i-^-^-a' 


We'll read the mean-iiig of our tear.'!, AtwI tl' 

Heav'nwill the niys - Icr - ics ex - plain. And tl 

Why song has Ceased when scarce be- gun ; 'Tis there, wmictime 

Why hopes are cinsh'd and cas- ties fall. Up there, sometime 

Some- time with tear- eyes we'll see; Yes, there, up there, 

metime.we'll nn - dor - stand, 
ill then, we'll iin-diT- staii.l. 
metime,we'll un -der- stand. 
metime.we'Unn-der- stand. 
U nu-der- stand. 





Samttimt tot'U ®nlrtMtanl>. 

edrilh hold tliv hand : 
leu liuat ill G.kI till..' all tliy days; Fear n. it, f..r He |: doth hold :| thy baud; 

~ ■ ■ ■ " praiso; Sometime, aomotime,wf'llnn-der-staud. 


• Repeat fur alto ouly 

No. 534. 

" I will make thy name remembered." — Ps. 45 : 17. 


1. Fad - ing a-»ay likethpHlarsof tlieinoriilri(;,Ti<>s-iiit;tlii-ir1iu'1ii in llir tl.i- ri -(Mih huh — 

'i. Shall \vu lie liiivt'd tiio' liy cilli-fra Htic-ctM^l-<Ml, Kciii>-iu( tbc Ueldj we Id .prmg linic bkve .own f 

:'i. Oil - ly Ihetnilli thai ill life \\u liiivf s|><ik <Mi - ly the a<'i-(l that uiiiurth \v>- have 8i>wu ; 

4. (ih. «hl-u tliu Saviour KJiall maku upllisjewela. When the bright cii>wntiutrpjuii.iUK are won, 

Thus w.>uM we |«.ssfrotntli(>earth mill itstiiilitiK, Oa - ly remcmliereil by wlmt we liave done. 
No, for then. .wem may |>as.slroni iheirlaUiis, (In - ly reiiieuiljereil by » hat they have duuu. 
'1 jiesenhall |>:u<soiiward wlieu wearo f.jr-pit-teii. Kniit-<of this harvest ami » hat we have done. 
Then ishall lliswea-iy and faith-1'ul dia- ci- pies. All bo remeiiiber'd by what they have dune. 

I 1^ 5 i^ 

On- ly remembered, OQ- ly remeniliered, On-Iv reineni'ered by what wo have doner 

Thuf would we pass from the earth and its toiling. On • ly remembered by what we have done. 

Gfid. C. StBBMWJ. 

Wo. 535. Math for Wxmt is Jflwmg', 

" Remember how short my time is,"— Ps. 89 : 47. 


1. Work, for time isfly-ing, 'Work with hearts sincere ;Trork, for souls are rtving, Work, fornight is near; 
2 1*1 tilis glorious call-iug, Worli till day is o'er ; Work, tiUeveaiug failing, You cau work uoniore 
3. There where saints adore Uim, Where the ransom'dmeet, Joy they show before Him, Bowiugat His feet; 

III I I i V 1 y 

-m- -m- ■^-' -m- -m- • 1 

lu the Master's vineyard, Go and work to-day; Be no useless shiggard Standing in the way. g 
Tlieu your labor bringing To the King of kings, Borne with joy and singing llonie on angels' wjnga. jl 
Hear the Blastersay-ing, From His heav'nly thronc,When thy toil rewarding," Laborer, well done! " g 

No. 536. 

F. J. C. 

iitbc %m Soucjljf? 

My sheep wandered through all the mountains." — Ezk. 34 : 6. 

Ira D. Sankbt. 


1. Have you sought for the sheep that have wandered, Far a-vay on tlie darkmouutainscuM? 

2. Have you been to the sad and iho lone - ly Whose burdens are heav - y to bear? 

3. Haveyoukneltby thesick and l!ie dy - ing. The ines-sage of iiier-cy to tell? 

4. If to Je - sus you au-swer these questions, And to Ilim have been faithful and true, 


z^^^\ f'- 



Have you gone,like theten-der Shep-herd, To bring them a- gain to the fold? 

Have yoil car -tied the name of Je - ens, And ton- der-ly breathed it in prayer? 

Have y I lU stood by the trcmVlingcap. tivo A- lime in hisdurk pris-on cell? 

Theu be-hold,iu the mansions you - der Are crowns of re- joic- ing for you; 

■m- -m- • -m- -ft- -m- rs „ _ ■»■ 



Have ynu fdllowod Ihoirwoa-ry foot-slops? Am 

Have you told .if tbegrealsal- va-tion He 

Have you iiojnted the lost to .)e - sus. Am 

And tliore from the King o • tor- iial Voi 

foot-s(oi)S? And the wild dos-ort waste have you crossed, 

va-tion lie dii'd 011 thociossto so-cure? 

.le-sus. And urged thoui on Him to l.e-3ievo? 

tor- iial Your wel-oonio anil grooliug shall bo, 

t — ts-?-r 

Jl^abi gou Souabt? 

N'ur liiigotfid till sifcf liome ii-tiirti-iris, Y<>ii liavo(;:itlii'ri'(l OioslifM^ptliat wcrv liwt? 

llaveyoiiiiskeUllienitolrustiu tlio Sav-i.uir luv.. bli:ill for.pv - er eii-iline? 
llavcyoiituld nl tlie life ev- cr -last-in;; Tlial all, it llii-y will, nmy re- civ.? 

'•" as'twa.sili)ue fii"niy biflhii-u," K - \cu do ii wasdom- '■ im- tn inc." 

No. 537. ^^fjcn; gtcrmnc^ 6i(bs iht .Sluts. 

Rev. E. Caswali.. / 

y " I will praise thy name, O Lord."— I';. 5 ; : 6. 

J. Barnby. 


1. AVIieiiinoriiiiiggililatlie nkios, y.y Inart a-»aU.i.ig ci->, May .1 .-ms In- |ii-ui«'i 
.:. l> b;i.1-ir>.s 11.1 uiy iniii'l? a s .- la.o liiio 1 liml, Jl:.y J -.-us Clirist bi> |>rui8'i 
:i. lio thill, while lira id niioc^ My cuo-ti-cle di - viiit>, Slay Ji-nuti Christ In- pruitfM; 

A - like at wiirkaiiil praviT, To Jo -fms I re • pair; May J« - mig Christ tio jiraisM. 
Or failcsiiiyfartli-ly Miss? My Htill i.s tlii.<, Jlay J.- - hih Cln ist Ih; pniisM. 
IV thij tli' Biiii^, Tliru'alltlio a-gi-a 1...:;, JIuy Ju - ku." cinisi l,u piaisM. 

— c; 


I No. 538 

t El. Nathan. 

Jamrs McOranaiian. 

S^tt Its 0a jfiJrflj. 

Let us go forth unto him." — Hf.b. 13: 13. 

1. TheciU of God is Foiiniliiis clear, Cliristian let it iciuh thine oar ; 

2. Lit us p. loith, ascallM of Go.l, Kr-.k-einM liy Jo- pus" pie.ioiis bl.HHl ; 
S. Let"Chnst»-loiic"otirvatch\Nonl !»— TlieS..ii of God who made tis free; 
4. TlieCliiistof Goil to glo - ri - fy, liidgiaceiu us to mag - ui - fy, — 


Eiideav-or now of souls to liring A hand f.> l.^ve ninl serve the Kiiif;. 

Ilia love to show, Ills life to live, Hisiiiessajro speak, Ilia iiier-cy gi»e. 

He bore our Bins, lleui.ikeH iia pure, >'or His uaiiie's sake we all cu - dure. 

Uiawurdof life tu all niakeknuwu, lie this our voik, aiidthia a - lone. 


'o. I. S 



)rth, the call is clear, Let us go 

Let us go forth, the call is clear. 

forth, no tar-ry-iiig here; Foi Hinito live, theChrist.the 

Let us go forth, no tarrying here; For Him to live. 

Lord, A crowa from Him, our high re - ward. 

theChrist, the Lord, A crow n I'niin Him, 

" ~ f'-^-r-f^'*n^-— --^-r--^-1''"L--r^-^-^^-Tn 


No. 539. I Mill f ifl up Itxm €ues. 


1. I will lift up mine pypRtinto the hills, from whence I cuiiioth my I lulp; 

2. He will not suffer tliv foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not bK.uiIic 

3. The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right haud ; 

4. The Lord shall pieserve thee from all evil: He shall pre - | serve thy | soul. 



No. 540. ^«ss #n. 

F. J. C. " Ye shall be gathered one by one."— IsA. 7j: la. Ira D. Sankbv 

1. Press ou, press ou,0 pilgrim, Ke - joicinp; in tlie L<ir<l, Be- liivin;; in His pruni- is« 

2. ]'rcs8 on.presson.O pil^-rini, A - lung the ln-av'nly way; KeuDMnlici (;<Hlcc>niinan<l8n8 
Press on, press ou, pilgi im, Tbo' clouds aad storuu maj rise; Tla- Li^;lit that urvcr faileth 

And trusting in His Word; Ffar not, for H - is willi u», Vliate'ertherross wc boar; 
Towatcliand workaMdpray;Hi' bids us ail bo failh-fiil, Amlia't on Him our care; 
Sliiuesliriybtly iu the skies; Prissou wht-ro crowns await us, lu joudcr mausious fair; 

I 'In' Refrain. 

And simn, beyond the swelling tide.WVII gather o • Tcr there. 




-I— I 


No. 541. W^nt^ \x ^Mibfutss in ^ob's |!ltrtiT. 

Frederick W. pABKa. 

Ps. J3O: 1-26. 

Lizzie S. Tourjer. 

1^ I |_^ ^ ' _; ] I ^ 

1. Thorp's a ^ride-ness in God'8 nier - cy, Like the wide - ni'.-.d of the sea: 

2. There is wel-come for the Bin - ner, And nvre grac - es for the rood; 
'A. For the love of God is broad- er Than tlie nii'.ns - uro of man's mind; 
4. If our love were but more 6im - plo, AVo should take Him at His word; 


There's a kind - ness iii His jns - tice. Which is more than lib- er - ty. 

There is mer - cy with the Sav- iour; There is heal - iim; in His blwxl. 

And the heart of the K - ter - nal Is most won - dcr - ful - ly kind. 

\ijd our lives would be all sun-sbiue In the 

.,u.--j^ of ^.ur Lord. 

No. 542. 

Psalm 45: 10-17. 



Dr. J. B. Herbert. 

fO daughter take good heed, In-cline,and give good ear; Thou must for -get thy 

JThybeau-ty to the King, Shall then de-light- f'ul be: And do thou hum-bly 

/The daughter then of Tyre Therewith a gift shall be, And all the wealth-y 

(The daughter of the King All glo-rious is with -in; And with eni-broi-der- 5 

N N .. Chorus. . ^ N N ^ 2 


ki n- dred all, And father's house most dear. "I 
worship lIim,Bo- cause thy Lord is He. J wjth 
of the laud Shall make tlieir suit to thee. > 
les of gold Her garments wrought have beeu. J 

gladnessand with joy,Thou all of flicni shalt 2. 


of the King, The pal-ace of the § 
4 . rii. -g 

bring, And they to-geth-er cn-ter shall The palace 

King, The pal-ace of the King; And they togeth-er enter shall, The palace of 



She Cometh to the King 

In robes with needle wrought; 
The virgins that do follow her 

Shall unto thee be brought. 
With gladness and with joy, 

Thou all of them shalt bring, 
And they together enter shall 

The palace of the King. 
Cho.— With gladness, etc. 


4 And in thv fathers' stead, 

Thy children thou shalt take. 
And in all places of the earth 

Them noble princes make. 
I will show forth thy name 

To generations all : 
The peoiile therefore evermore 
To Thee give praises shall. 
Cho. — AVith gladness, etc 

No. 543. 3mn S^u* 

" Happy is that people whose God is the Lord." — PsA. 144 : 15. 
P, Doddridge. From E. F. Rimbault. 

■fl: Chorus. 

mychoiceOnThce.raySaylour.«ndmyr.ortI1 ^^ jj^ppy^^y^ ^,p p^ ^^^^ 
Well may this (Slowing heart rciniee Aii.lti-U ila raptures all a-hroart. j 



1 I I I , r ) I . . . 

I , Z).^. 

Wheu Ji-Bus w aaliej iiiy bius uwaj ; lie taught luo how to watch uml praj-.AuU live rejoicing uv'ry Jay; 

2 O h!H)|iy liond that sealu my vows 

r.. iiiiii who niiiits all my lnvo; 
Lx-t di<'"rtii| anthems fill i I in liou.i«, 
While to that 8;ui«-J Bhtiiie I Owve. 

3 Tis iloiio, tlie Kit-at transaction's d.nw; 

I am «y I.iiKi'H uikI lie inuiiiie; 
liuUrew iiM>, and I lullowM <iu, 
Churm'd to o)nt'e!«j tins T<.ii<odiviiie. 

4 Now rost, my l.inp-ili\iilcii Iipart, 

KixM ou tills tilissliU centre, redt; 
Nor ever l"r'«in thy 1-onl de^Mirt, 
With Ilimur every giKxl |M)t«ef«'(]. 

5 Hi-h heaven, that heanl the s.rf.-niii VMW, 

That viiw reiHVvM nIimII ilaily hear, 
TilUulifo'« latent I Ih.w, 
Anil tle:a iu UeatU a IkmkI ho dear. 

No. 544. 

F. J. Crosby. 

^pcciJ ^ibim. 

Ill preach the i;ospcl." — Matt. iC, ; 15. 

I. H. Woodbury, 

1. S|K'ed a - way, n| la- way onymir inis-sinn of lii;ht, T.) the Ian. Is that am 

•2. .S|. "a- way, B|i.e.| a - way with llio lile- t;iv - iii« W..rd. To the na - ticnslhat 

3. Speed a - way, B|)«'ed a - way with the nieii-nugu of i<»l. To the houU by the 

ly - inK iu dark-iieas and nit;ht, 'Tis tho Ma."-ter's Cnni-uiand ; go yo forth in IIIh 

know not the v.ilce of tho l.oni ; Take tlioxt InKX of the ini>rii.iiig anil tly o'er the 

tempt- er iu Ixmd-ago op-prew'J ; For tho Sav-ionrhxH pur-chu»'d their raii-soni fn^ii 

--g--^*- . ■*- -^ -^ . fg^ -f- 1^,-r- -g---g- . -r-^-g— -g:-. -e^e- tL. 



lame, The won-der- ful Cos- pel of .To - Bns pro-claim ; Takoyoi'rlivpsin your 

lave, In tho stieiiglh of your Slas-ter tho 1.. stones to kivo; lie is ciill-inp once 
in, Anilthe bau-qnet ia read - y, O gath-erthem in; To tho res cueuiake 

hand, to the work while 'tia day,'^ 

more, not a moment's de - lay, \ Speed a - way, speed a - way, speed 

bast«, there's no time for de -lay. 

No. 545. gdUIttj^l €\imi in psm. 

" Who according lo his abundant mercy hath begotten us again." — i Pet. 1:3. 
Bishop Wordsworth, alt. James McGranahan. 


1. Hal-le 

2. Christ i; 

3. Hiil-le - hi 


jah! Hal-le- lii-jali! Hearts to heav'n and voic-es raise; 
en, Christ the first fruits Of the lio - ly har-vest field, 
jah! Hal-le - lu- jah! Glo - ry be to God a- hove! 

Hearts to heav' 


voic ■ 

Sins to God a hymn of glad-ness. Sing to God a hymn of praise; o 

Which will all its full a-buud-auce, At His glo-riousad-veut, yield; g 

Hal - le - 111 - jah to the Sav-iour, Fount of life and soiirce of love; <n 

Sing to God aliynin of praise;3 

irld's Hal - va - tiou 
ore His pies-ence 

ligh as - crip - tious 

He who on the 
Then the gold - en 
Hal - le - lu - jah 

cross a vie - tim For the world's sal 
ears of bar - vest Will be - fore His 
to the Spin - it; Let our high as 

va - tiou bled, 
pies- ence wave, 
crip - tious be, 

* =? 




^-=^_l ^-l-i ^- 


-6,— p— tji 

Je - BUS Christ the King of glo - ry. Now is 

Ris - ing ill His sun-shine joy-ous. From the 

Hal - le - lu - jail, now and ev - er, To the 

_ :e:?:- ^ ^. .^ ^^^^.^ 

->3— I ^^— I 1-, 1- 

ris - en from the dead, 
fur - rows of the grave, 
bless - ed Trin - i - ty. 

— 1—1 fz v^ j^ — to — 5- 

No. 546. Cast ih) ^nab- tipnit i^t Maters. 

" For thou shall find it after many days."— EccL. 

R. Edgar. 




Ira D. Sankby, 

"(last thy bread up -(-a the wa-ters," You who have but scant gup-ply ; Au-geleves will 
'Cast thy bread up -on the wu-tei-s," Sad and wea- ry, worn with care; (»ft -en sit -tin;; 
'Cast thy bread up - on the wa-ters," Vou who have a- bundaiit store; It may float on 


Q)ut ti)s Brtab upon ti)t ilattar. 

watch a-bi)Vp it ; You shall fiml it hy and by : Ho wlio In Uis riglitconsl)alan<p, 
in theshailuw, — Have ym nut acninib tunpare? Can you not to ihosf iirunmlyoii 
uiany a bil-low, It may strand on many a hhore; Vou may think it lust for-ov-er, 

' 'I 11(1 


Will yunrsacrifice n-nifmber. Will vi 
\syou l.jok wilh louring visi.juThro' f 
lu thinliff.or iutUeotUer, It w 

l)olh eiichhnmuuartion wciKh, Will yunrsacrifice n-nifmber. Will your loving iU'CiIh repay. 
Sin^Bonii-lit-llo song of lio|»-, Asyoulook wilh louring vi»ioU Thro' fuitirN mighty telescu'p.- 
But, asKurt-us GoU is tnie, In tbisliff,ur iutUeutUer, It _will yet n-- turn toyon. 

I I 

No. 547. 

F. J. Crosby. 

€Qxat, Cnm* ^^toan. 

' All things are ready, come." — Matt. 22 : 4. 

Cr.n. C. Stbbbins. 



come a - way; 

Je - 8U8 is gen - tly call - iug. Come, come to - day. 

- i>»-^.,-.-^j3-.^^-,. 


No. 548. 

Julia Sterling, 

Mljosotticr Calkt^. 

Ira D. Sanket. 

1. Oh, hear thejoy-ful nies . sase, 'Tis Bdumiiiig far aiul wide; Gooduews of full eal - 

2. Ya wuls that king iu dark - iiess Tlie i)ath of sin liave trod, ]?e - hold, the light of 

3. Ye wea- 'y, heav-y la- deu, Uiipressed with toil and care, He waits to bid you 

-J 1- N, h 1 fr, , tt, N -, 1 j— -s 

va - tion,Thro' Him, the Cm - ci - fled; God's Word 
mer - cy ! Be - hula the Lamb of God; With all y 
wel -come,An() all your bur- dens bear ; A pre-cic 

truth e - ter - ual; Itr 
•heart be - lieve Him, And 
5 gift He of - fers, A 




prom-isp all m:iy claim, Who lodk byfaitli to Je - sns, And c:ill up-on His 

now the prom-ir<e claim. That none shall iv- er per - ish, Wliocall up-ou His 

gift that all may claim, Who look to Him be - lieV - ing. And call np-ou His 

— -TE^e^l^i^. 



t t»-l ta- 


call - 9th, Who • 

' Who - so - ev - 


ho - so - ev - er call - eth, Who - so - ev - er ', 

— bt_._t — t^-i-, — ^_, — j,-i 

r> l_ 

IS 1 K-i 1 1 N^n -J 1 1 1 1*» ' !^l ' 1 1 




eth on His name shall he saved I Who- so - ev - er call -cth, 

-t--t=^|-S^-,— «-p,3f?— .^8=:jt^_-3S— g-pS.i^Si-| 

U 1 U ' '*' 1 1 

Vho-oo-ev-er call - eth, Who - bo- ev - er call- eth 



No. 649. C^o«3b m\n <§ be as Scarlet. 

Jrosby. W. 
DrRT. Gfn//y. r~i 1 

"TUo'jmiisiiis li.' iis H-ar-l-l, TIii>>1i:iI11t hh uliilo nx kiiow ; at simw; 
Hi'ur the vnico lliut ni- liiMlHyoii, lili, n-liiiii yt- iiii - to CcxI! to v^IihI I 

llr'll fiir-givo ymir traii8-);r(>.si<>iiN, AikI n-- mi-m-lnT tluiii no lume! uo more; 


u ^i— ?Lg rf-Z-^=5^Sr-i—^*^ 


Tlio'tlicv l>e r.'.!. 
He U' ..f pivat 
'• LiH.kuii- to nil'.. 

like ciini -Koii, Tlll•y^^mM I>p iis wcm.1;' 

Cum - iKus - ninii. Ami «>r wmi - Hnms love; 

JO iHM - pUV'Suith till- Ijonl joiir tiod; 

Tlio' thiy bo Kd I I U "^ ' ' 

ThjKT. p 





"Tlio* your Kiiifl b<« 119 w-nr- lot, Tlio' your niiis Iki as K<ar - let, 
H..>r 'llio viio tliiit <n-tiiul» voii, II. ar llin Voi.o Unit cii-tniili) you, 
lli'll for.givo your tniiis-grftf-Hioiu), llo'll for - give yuur truiis-grwi- Bious, 

P ritnrd. 


Tlipy Kli.ill l.o as wliilo ns fmow, Tli-y shall ik» as wliito as kiiow." 
Oil. iv-liiiti y.< uii - to (;...|| (Hi, ro-turti y« iiii - to (io.l I 
Aud n- - num - l)Vr tli.m uo inoic, And ro - im lu • Ut tli.-ni no luoro. 

:^o. 550. Cljfll lljut Mint Upon lljc yorb. 

Jamks McGranahan. 

I ■ - - 1* u- i^^ ' I 

1. Ho, reap- ers in tlie wliitcncil liar- v.'st! Oft fee - lile, faint and few, 

9 Tr.r> nft o _«•..... ,v ..,,,1 ,1 ;^ . .-, mr . n:;eil, We poiir a sad O'lu • Jil.iint ; 

id - way, Lo e - veu to tlio tnJ ! 

■ joice, for lie is willi 


fR\)t$ tbat 5Sffatt upon tf)e lorU. 


Come wait up - on the bless- ed Mag ' ^or, Our streustli He will re- now. 
Be - liev - ing in a liv-in^ Sav iour, Whyshcnild we ev - er faint? 
Look up, take cour-age and go fur « ward, All need- ej grace He'll send. 

._j-^J.._J_J-/-J-,il^'— «— g , g^ . » e-,---.- 

Chorjs. Isa. 40: 31. 

"For tbey that wait up- on the Lord shall re - new thoir 

that wait up- on theLordshall re - new, shall re. 

strength, they shall mount up with wings, theyshallmotintup with wings as ea-gles; .§ 

new theirstrengtli, they shall mount up with wings, 3. 

--g: g: :g: :g: :g: "-^ ^ :g:-:g::g :g:---gtla. ■g-.-g.-.g: :g: :& ,_ t 

they shall mount up, shall mount up with wing 


a tempn, ^^— .^ 

^^^B^^% _ _.^. , 

Theyshallrun andnotbewca - ry,thf>y shall walk and not faint; g 

They shall run and not bo wearv, Tht-v shall walk, shall walk and not faint; » 



Theyshallrun and not bp 

Theyshallrun end 

a - - - ry, they i?hall walk and not 

lit bo woa-rv, thevsliull walk, shall 



J-r-j h^--,-. 


faint; Theynliall run, and nut 

walk and not faint; 

ry, shall walk and not faint.' 

^^S^^^^^lg0=s^ ^^m , 

No. 551. 'S^tii^n ba i ConbemiT C^w. 

Eu Nathan. Jam?s T.IcGbawaiU*. 

1. "NpjtlK-r <lo I comleniii tliee,"— wukU of Wuudruug grace; Tby gins ^ve^eborllenp- 
2. " Niillier do I coudeiimtheu,"— For there is there-fore uow No cou-dem- ua - tiou 

3. " Neiilier do I coudenin thee," — I came not to cou-deuiu; I caine from God to 

4. "NeitliiT do I couilemu thee," — 1> praise the God of grace; O praise His Son tnir 

^ > > I ^ I . > •. ^^m. M- M. - - - 

glB^I^" _ _ __ ^ 


u. demu thee," 

on thecn^s, Be-Iieve, ai.d po in peace. •> 

for tliee. As at the cross yuii '''"■•(..• v-pl.thpr do 

gave thee, And t.irn thee fn.mtliy ein. f ^e'-'^er do 

Sav - ioiir. For this Ills word of peace.-' 

■•-•*-*- ■*- T-*-. m m m ■»■ m m 


it o'er and o'er; "Neither do 

coudema thee. Go and sin no more.' 

~U=tr— U- 



No. 552, 

J. H. Johnston. 

©ur Sabmur llmg. 

His mercy endureth forever."— Ps. 136: 1. 

Jamr3 M^ ~~m»aha»». 

1. He lives and lovpg, oiir Sav-ioiir King; Vith Joy-fiil lips your t rib- nte bring: 

2. HisHandifi strong, His word en- diires. His Bac - ri - fice our peace se - cures; 
:{. Eacliday re - Veals His constant love, 'With" mercies new" from heav'n a- bove; 

m m m ■*'-*^*-. m . m m ■'^ m . •S""'^ ^• 

^ > ^ 

■Re -peat His praise, ex - alt His name, Wliose grace and truth are still the same. 
From siu and death Ho doth re . deem. His changeless love he all our theme. 
Thro' a- gel past His word has stood; Oh, taste and see that He is goo«L 

©xir Sabiour ISfits. 

j_!^ !^ ^ ."V-^ 1*^ •" "?i3— ^ N H N | IB 

^ \t> ^ ^ •' ' 

His mer - cy flows, an end- less stream, To all e - ter - ni • ty the same; 

k u > I u '^~Z~ I 

S N K ^ 

To all a -ter ni - ty, to all e - ter- ni-ty, To all e-tor-ni-ty the same. 

-t?-T*— ?-r 

No. r553, M''» i^«^2 iFiobs. 

X O thanlv the Lord, the Lord of love, 
O thank the God all Rods above ; 
O thank tlie niishty King of kinsrs. 
Whose arm hath done such wcudrons things. 

2 Whose wisdom gave the heav'ns their birth. 
And on tlie waters spread the eartli ; 
Who tausht yon glorious lights their way, 
The radiant snn to rule the day. 
By permission. 

3 The moon and stars to rule the night, 
Witli radiauce of a milder light; 

Wlio smote tlie Egyptians' stubborn pride^ 
When in His wrath, their llrst-boru died. 

4 Who thought on us amidst our woes. 
And rescued us from all our foes; 
\Vlii> daily feeds each living thing ; 

O thank the heaven's Almighty King. 

No. 554. 

Jflonting Jtgljts. 

(Metrical Version.) 

Will H. Youns, 

1. Wlieii moru-ing lights the east • ern skies, 

2. Teai;li mo the way where I should go, 

3. Be • cause Thou art my God, I pray, 
I. He . • Vive me, Lord, for Thy great name. 

Thy nior 
I lilt 

Teach me 
And, for 

■ cj'. Lord, dis - close , 

my soul to Thee; 

to do Thy will ; 

Thy judgment's sake. 

:5. . Mf>M. I 




Thy lov • ing kind - ncss rise; On Thee my hopes 

me from the rag . iiig foe; To Thee, O Lord, 

ni3 in the per • feet way By Tliy good Spir - 

my woes; Lord, re -claim. My eoul from troub - 

On Thee my 

Oo Thee, on Thoo mv 

I M. 


IKomins ligbtJS. 

And let Tliy lov - iiig kiuJ 

On Theft my Iu>|m 


No. 555. 

Psalm 103. 

(Metrical Version.) 

Jambs McGranah.-.h. 


1. tlioii niv 

2., O my k<.ii 
:». All tliv ill - i.| 
4. Who U >lli JO - Ji.i 

CM tlip, Aii.I uU tlmt in mo i«; 

Lord tliy <;.»!, Aim! i.-t f..i - p-t - fnl bo 

tics wlimlolU M.wt ».'ni-ri..iis- ly fur - Klvo 

liTn, tliuttliMU Tu (leulh umy'at nut gu duwii 

.-- — 4- 

Bo lift - e<l lip IliH lio - ly name, fo maK - ni - fy and 

or all Ills ;:iifri.>im Ih a . <• . fits lie liatli I».hI<>\vi^ mi 

Who thy i:i4- I'll!)- fs all niid |«iin8 l)>>th h<';il, and thi-o re • 

Whotht-e wi.h |..v - iii"- kind - uibd duth And tuu-der luer-cice c 

:« p I * . . _. r-'-p^ "r^=M-i' r F r- 

"r,l.s.stho I/.nl. r.l.sslhoL..r.l, lUeai tli- I-.rd, O 

l! thel-i.r.l, UI.-sathoLonl, j 



c - 


Xo. 556. JI'II ^htt JEialt. 

Ml Tl, mv r.oil, O Kin-, 

Tliy Ti;iii..- I wiilailuio; 
I'll MessTlioo fvi'i-y day, ami praise 
Thy name fuieverniorc. 

9 The Lord in proat, much to ho praise.: 

unto niicsliall praiso Tliy works, 
And show Thy mighty deeds. 

3 I of Thy Rlorions majesty 
The honor will record ; 
I'll Kpeak of all Thy mighty works, 
Which wondrouaare, (J Lord. 

4 Men, of Thine acts the might shall abow, 
Thine actn that dreadful are; 
And I, Thy gloiy to advance. 
Thy greutuetia will daolank 


I mtn to ^ob, 

( Metrical Version.) 

No. 557 

Psalm 77. 

W. S. Marshau.. 


1. I cried to God, I cried, He heard; lu day of grief I sod'-ht tla- L.urd ; 
2.1 thought of God, aud was distressed; Cumplaiued, yet trouble rmiud iiie pre-sbtd; 

3. The days of old I called to mind, The aucieiityearswlieu Gud was kind ; 

4. Will God cast off for ev - er-uioie? His fa - vor will He ne'er re -store? 




-1^— I- 

I ^-: 

All night with hands stretch'd out I -wept, My soul ro cum- furt would au-cept. 
TUou hold- est. Lord, my eyes a-wake; So great mygiief I can - not speak. 
I called to mind my Bi>ng byuislit; Jly mii.-j- iiit^ spir - it sought for light. 
Has grace for ev - er passed a- way? Or, dolh His prom- ise fail for aye' 




r^-j-a -^-^ =5=^g:eg 


->— )- 


Hath God for-gnt-teu 
Iff: :*: 

I? Hi 


tea - der love iu wrath confined? 



_(_ — ig,- 


this, yet faith doth stand Ke - call-ing years of God's right hand. 

My weak 


No. 558. 

Psalm 51. 

( Metrical Version.) 

J. B. He 

1. la Thy great lov - ing kind- ness, Lord, Be nier - ri-fnl to me; £ 

2.0 wash me thor-ough - ly from sin; From all my g ;ilt me cloaiisc ; c 
3. 'Gainst Thee, Thee on- ly have I sinned, Pone o - vil in Tny Ki^lit, $ 


ing first re - ceivid ; 


In Thy cm - pass- ions groat Mot out All my iu - iq - ui - ty. 

For my tiaiis- givs-sidiis I cou-fess; I cv - er see my sins. 

That whcMi Thou speak'st Thou may'st he juat, And in Thyjudg-ing right. 

a ua - ture all cor.rupt My moth - cr me cou- ceived. 

Aud with 

M.- jK. ^ M:. 




Ibitn tl)an Snc'ds. 



V:i»!i Thou iiiP, yes, wash Tliou me. Ami 

Wiisli Tbiju me, yea, wash Tliou me, Wash Thou nie, yea, wash Thou me. 

K 1^ K N 





thuu I shiill bewliit-erthaii the miow I shall bo whit-er Uiau the snow. 

euuw, tiie Biiow, 


U k' W' u 

Psalm iS. 


Un bill I f ob£. 

(Metrical Version.) 

James McuRanahan. 



1. Thee will I love, O Lord, my streiiKth,My fort- reus is tlio Loril ; 

2. The Lord is wor - thy to bo pnii-d, Up - ou Hw n:inieril call; 

3. lu my dis- tress I call'd on God, Cry to my <;'xl did I; 

4. I . thero-foro will to Thee, Lord, In eougn my tliauks pro -claim; 

-*-r— ^h — I — \ — r-*-! — t — I — u-r^-f^ — ''^ '^ i s -r-'-fs^ -* 

My rock, and He that doth to mo Do - liv - cr - ance af - ford. 

And Ho from all my en - e - mies Pre • eei-vo me safe- ly shalL 

lit) from Hii tcm - plo heard my Toice, To Ills earscame my cry. 

Aixl 1 a-moiig tho bia-tbcn will Sing prais-es to Tliy name. 


I Til* uJ Lj ^ 

M»' <'"d whnni I vill trust, A buck-ler uu - to me 

My, my Btrength, ^ 
. rj J. -J . -0. ^ -m.' -*_j*_-5- 

- va - tiou.too, Aud my high tuw'r is He. 

4oa • 

The horn of my 

No. 560 3.S f ants % fart. 

Psalm 42. (Metrical Version.) James McGranahaW. 

1 Far from Tby sa • cred courts my tears Have been my food by uight and day, , 

2. These things I'll call to mind, and cry, When I shall tread the sa - cred way i 

3.0 why art tliou cast down, my soul? And what should so dis-qui-et thee? "; 


^ U> U 




While con-stant - ly, with bit - ter sneers, " Where is thy God?" the scof -fers say. 
To Zi - on, prais-ingGod on liifjli, With throngs who keep the ho - ly day. 
Still hope in God, and Him ex - tol, Whose face brings saving health to me. 

u u w 


Aspantsthe liart forv'^-ter brooks, Sopantsmy soul, O God, for 

As pants the liart for wa-ter brooks, So pants my soul, 

.m. -m- -m- -m- 3*' $•- M- -0- ^ 

,-^ a tempo. 


u U U U* U k* 
Thee: For Thee it tbirsts, to Thee it looks. And longs the liv-iug God 

God, for Thee: 

/T\ ^ Ik. 


■i^~^~k t"^^ 

No. 561. .ifor drljofaalj | ant MaHinig:. 

Psalm 130. (Metrical Version.) WiLEUu A. Christy. 


1. From the depths do I in - yoke Thee, O Jo - bo - vah, give an 

2. Lord, if Thou shouldst mark transgressions, Who be - fore Thee,Lord,sliall sta 

3. Is - rael, hope tliou in Je - ho - vah, Mer-cies great are found witli Hi 


I ^ 

To my voice be Thou at- ton -five, And my sup - pli-ca-tions hoar. 
But with Thee there is for - give- ness, Tliat Tliy name may fear com - mand. 
He, a - bound - iiig in ve - demp-tiou, Is- riiel will from sin 10 - deem. 

at. ton -five, And my sup - pli-ca-tions hoar, 
for -give-ness, Tliat Tliy name may fear com • mand 
ve - demp-tiou, Is - riiel will from sin 10 - deem. 


J^or 3tf)obat) I am iBaftlrta. 

Chorus, h l _ I % s s , , i ». i i 

I am wuit-iii^:,... I am wait-iiiK, Ami my lic>|^< is in liis wnnl; 

F»r Je-hii - vah 1 am wait-iii;;,wait-iiiK, Mvli<>p<'Ui inllis wonl; 

3^— -— ^ — , — , — p>-^ ^^ ;^ ^^'M — g-g i-;:i^-r u i — •" cf^ 

I am wait-ins, cv -cr wait-itiK, Tea, my b<>iiI waits for tho Imnl 

In IlisworJuf prom-ise, my liu|>eis in Hid word,Yea,niy»tiiil wails for the LdfJ. 

No. 562 


f rrtisc liim. 

(Metrical Version.) 

rraisollimin Vnn re -Ics- tial arrli.Wli.TohoMHnisiMvw'ritsploriousmarcli.WlicreliuMuHis 
O llimwiih the truiiipct« •ound, Willi liarpaiid jwjiltcry answ<Tin(;rininil,\VitIi liarp and 
On cym-buIil'Ui>l,J.-hovalii)raiso,Uu lyuibals high His glo - ry raii^c, On cyni - bala 

pow'r its glo-riuusinurcli 
I>«il • tiry answering; nmiid 
bijih Uis glo - ry raise. 

praise Ilim.O praise 11 im for all IIi8 deeds of 

fame; O praise Ilim, U piaise Him, O praise His might-y uame;Let all that 

Let all 

m — •_,_«_3» — m — m-.^m-^ , _ — „ -, 

LT >^^L W ^^ ^^ ^^ 1—- g y ~ 3 

® ^rafgt iltm. 

their voice. 

oreathe with glad accord, Lift up their voice, their voice, and praise, ami praise the Lor 

tliat breathe H^^. 

No. 533. 

Psalm 2s. 

(Metrical Version.) 

C. E. Pollock. 


t7 u i^ ^ 

To Thee I lift my soul, Lord; My God, I trust in Thee ;1 
10 let ine uev - er be a-shamed, Nor foes ex - ult o'er me. ( 
|0 Lord, let uone be put to shame, Up- on Thee who at- tend; ] 
I But make all those to be a-shanied, Who causeless-ly of- fend. J -p , 

(•Thy ways,; teach me Thy paths; Lead me in truth, teach me ; » i'^''- ■"«"*- "«r "n, 
[For of my safe - ty Thou art God ; All day I wait on Thee, 
f Let not the er-rorsof my youth, Norsins re-mem-bered be ; 
[In mer - cy, for Thy good-uess' sake, Lord, re- mem -ber me. 
.0L .0. jm. ^ ^._^ 

g=;£gg=S=&=g3^^^&=£=gE| I 



member me, Lord, re-member me ; In mer-cy for Thy goodness' sake, OLnrd, remenilipr 


No. 564. 

W. O. Gushing. 

Jf0n0fo #nl 

Robert Lowry. 


I.Down in the val - ley, with my Sav-imir I would go, Where the flow'rs are o 
i. Powu in the val - ley, with my Bav-iour I would go, Wliere the stonnt; aie 5 
.'i. Down in the val • ley, or up -on the mount-aiu steep, Oloso be - side my 2: 




.I_5ir — ;^_ 



bloom -ing and the sweet wa - ters fl<iw; Kv - 'ry-where He leads me T would S 

sweep -iug and the dark wa - ters flow; With His hand to lead me I will 5- 

Sav - iour would my soul ev . er keep; He will lead me safe-lv, iu the ' 

. . ^ ^ ^ ^ ■ 




^olloto ®nl 


ful - 1..W, f..I-l..\v oil, Wiilk-iiij; in Ilia f.Mit^i.|ie till tlmci.iwii le won. 
iic-v - er, ii.v . II Uiir, Iiau-gcrs can. nut Triglit mo it my L.tcI is near. 
I>alli tliiit lie liad tru<l, I'p tu wbcru tliey gatli^iT ou tlu* hilU ot Guil. 

Fol-low! ful-lowl Iwunldfi.llnw Ji--mis! Anywlifie, i-v'ry\vlicrc, I wmld f..ll..w ..n ! . 


Fol - low ! f.l - low I I w.ail.I f..llow Jo- sns ! KvVvwIi.-rc, Ilel.-a.ln meT wonl.l f„||„w on 

No. 565. |csus linoivis ibn Surr^hj. 



ikA D. Sankbt. 

m ~S=9 


1. .Te - BnH kniiWHtliy Bor • row, KnnwBtliincfv- 'rv rare; KimwH lliy dt'»-p con. 
'2. Trust tilt" Ill-art of Je - ton, Tlmu art pip-rio'iiH tli.-ri- ; Sure • ly He wunl.l 
3. Je - BUS knows tliy con • ><w:t, ll.a™ tliy bur-don.-d bi^^li ; Ulii-a tliv lieart iu 

f^»9 I 


tr =t 







tri - tion. Hears thy fci-Most prayer; Po not fear to trust Hini—T-ll Him all thy 
Bliield tlice From tlio tempter's snare ; Safe- ly Ilewould tlii'O liy llisownsweet 
Wound- cd, Hears thy plain-tive cry; He thy soul will strengthen, 0- ver-cometby 

\ grief;" Cast on Him thy bur -den, He will bring re - lief. 

Out in - to the plo - ry Of a 1 

He will send thee cum - fort. Wipe a - > 

ri I I — p-h — r— F=rH 

bright- er day. 

way thy tears. 

No. 566. 

F. J. Van Alst'Xnb. 

tlicin ill! t^r yet there 
tliiMii ill! for yet there 
them iu! for yet theie 

Gbo. C. Sthbbins, 

At tlie feast that tlie King lias spread; 
room; But our hearts — how they throb witli paiu, 
room: 'Tis a mes- sage from God a - bove; 

■r. -f^ 


On, gatli-er them in! — Kt His house lie filled, And *he bun-gry and poorbe fed. 2 

To thinkoftho ma - iiy who slight the call Tliatniay liev-cr be heard a- gain! j 
Oh, gath-er them iu . to the fold of grace, And the arms of the Saviour'slove! \ 

Out it. .. high-way, out iu the by-way, Out iu the dark paths of 
J2 , ^ ^_, , 1 _J_ 




Go forth, go forth, with a lov - ing heart, And gath-er the wand'rera In I 

No. 567. miw Pardjhrcf fa lion. 

Isaac Watts, 

Rev. R. LowRV. 

1. Come, ye that love the Lord, And lot your joys bo known, ,Toiu in a song with 

2 Let those re - fuse to siug Who nev-er knew our God; But children of the o 

3 The hill of Zi - on yields A thousand sa - cred sweets. Be- fore we reach the g 
4. Then let our songs a- bound. And ev -'ry tear be dry; We'reniarchingtbro' Im-^ 

it ac-cord,.Toiu in a song with sweet accord, And thus sur - round the throne, And o 

. Bong> 

heav'u -ly King, Hilt children of the heav'nly King, May speak their 
beav'n - ly ticdils. Be - fore we reach the heav'nly field, Or walk the 
mauuel's ground, We're mtrching thro' Immuuuers ground, To fair - er 

joys a -broad, Ma 
lorld'aon high, To 

408 tbuaaamnndtlMtbroD&AndttHMaaK. 

nb'rt iSarcfjing to £ion. 


liiw Hiirriiiiii<l tho tliruliP. v 

lius siirrimiiil tho tliroiio 
i-IM-iik tlioirjoy 
walk the g"l 
fair - cr worlJs on liigli 


111 tho thruiiP. -. 

ys a - l) Uwrt- march -ins to Zi - ..ii, l5,aii - ti-fiil,l..«u-il 

lUi- CQ Streets, f 

rlJs on liigh. ^ 

to Zi 

m^^^ui^^^^^^^ it 

Zi - ou;W<-'rpni;irchiiiu'iii.w:inlt> Zi - on, Thn Ikhh -ti-fiil cil-y of CA 

"■ """I •■" ■■ ^ I — » ^ 

Zl - on, Zi-on, 

I ^1 

No. 568. Sabc iTou anir gornn for (J-csus? 

Arr. by \S . W. D. 1,. W. M. 

C C. Williams. 



1. rinvo yiiu a - iiy riM'in for Jo • sii«, IIi> who Imro yonr load iif pin: 

2. ]J'"iin for pUaa-iiro,riM)iu fur busino*), lint furClirist tho cru • <i - ficil; 

3. Have ymi a - iiy riMim fiT Jo • Bii^ As In gmro Iln ciilU n - gain? 

4. Uuum uuil 'ime now give to Je-eui, Soon will puna GoJ'a day of grac«; 





As llu Icnorksniiii asks od - mis - Bion, 
Not a i>laco tliat He can en - tor, 
O to- day is time ac • ccpt - eil, 
So<.>n tliy heart left cold and si - lent. 


Sin • n r vill yi>n Kw ilim InT 
In tlio heart lor which He dipdf 
To-mor- row you nuy call in vain. 
And tliy Saviour's pluiul-ing oee^a. 

^^m m 

I _j ^-1 K-, 1 - , , ■! -j i,-, l~-l— ] 1 ! ^^ — I -1—3 

No. 569, 

P. P. Bliss. 

P. P. Bliss. 

1. "Al- most per - suaj - ed," Now to be - lievo; 

2. " Al - most per - suad - ed," Come, come to - day; 

3. "Al- most per - suad- ed," Har- vest is past! 



" Al- must per - suad - ed," 
" Al- most per - suad - ed," 
"Al - most per - suad- ed," 


.M j 1_ .„ ^-::=-- ,— , 1 1 ^T— I ^ 1—, 


Christ to re 
Turn not a 
Doom comes at 

Seems now some eoul to say, "Go, Spir - it, 
Je - Sim in - vites you here, An - gels are 
"Al - most" can not a- vail; "Al-most" Is 


1 — 1 , K — I . 

Ko Thy way, Some more con - ven - ient day On Thee I'll 
linger- ing near, Pray'rsrise from hearts bo dear: O wan-d'rer 

but to faill Sad, sad, that bit- ter wail — "Al-most — iui 



No. 570. 

E. C. Clbphank. 

To be sung only as a Solo. 

Ira D. Sankby. 

1. There w?re nine- ty and nine that safe - ly lay In the shel . ter of the 

2. "Lord, Thou hiist here Thy nine - ty and nine; Are they not e-nough for 

3. But none of the rau-somed ev - er knew IIow deep were tliewa - ters 




cross' d ; 


Tint one was out on the h 

But the Shep-lK-rd made an - swer; "T 
Nor how dark was the niL'ht that the Li 

I ills a - way, Far 
uii - swer; "This of mine Has 
iiKht that the Lord passM thio' Kro 


V1« Slnitj anlJ Nltti. 

:j _Jt-S^ nr^- 

off fnuti 'lie n;it 
wan . (lereil a - 

fuuud Ui 

■plliat w 

of golil — A - vay on tiie niouiit.uins w:li 
fr.inj DIP, AnJ, although the road ho rough 

lust : Out iu the dvs . en Ue hi-ai^l 

and bare, 
aud steup 
ita cry — 

A - way fniiu tho ti>M - derShejiherd'ucare, A - way fruoillio ten-di-r Shephfril'scare. 
I go to the dfx-rt to find uiy bhi-ep, I go to thedewrtto And uiy Hhffp.' 
tJJrkaud lit;li>U-s8,and jeail - y to die. Sick, and lii'I|ili-sM, ami reail- y to die. 


,an.lrea.l- v 


4 "Lord,whence are those Mood-drops all thoway 
That mark out the mountaiu's track?" 

"They were slieii for one who lind gone astray 
Kru tlie 8)i('phord could l>ring him hack : " 

"Ijord, whence are Thy hands bo rent and torn?" 

" Tl'ey are pierced to-uight I y many a thorn." 

5 But all thro' the mountains, thunder-rlveu. 

And up from the rocky sleep. 
There ar»soa glad cry to the gate of heaven, 

"Itc-joice! I have found my sheep!" 
And the AngeU echoed around the throne, 
" IJejoicel for the Lord brink's back Ilia own!" 

No. 571. 

Albkrt Miulanb. 

ilcbibc ^biT ^alorh 

Jambs McOranahan. 

1. Ke- Vive Thy work, O Lord! Thy mighty arm make bare ; S|M-ak with the voice that 

'^. Ko-\ivo Thvwork.O Lord! l>is- turb thisBleep of death; quick- eu the Kmould'ring 

3. Ko- vivo Thy work, O LonI ! Cro - ale soul-thirst for Thee ; But bung'ring for the 

4. Ho- vivo Thy work, O Lord! Kx - alt Thy precious mime; And, by the llu- ly 

-j*-_-e -& 

-jg- -r- •*• -T- 

^ -^ J- J \^ 




wakes the dcail. And niakeThy peo-pio hear. 

J theucail. And make 1 hy peo-pIo hear... 

bersnow l.y Thine Alinight-y breath. I 

of life. Oh, may our spir-its he I j 

.ourlove For Thee audTliiue in- flam?.-' 

I I . I 

Re -Vive! r« - vivc! Aud 


Re- Vive Thy work! re-vive Thy work! Aud 

give re-freshing showers; The glo- i-y shalllie all Thine own; The Mc-s.-iing shall he ours 


1 — I — r 

give, oh, give, rufrecihiug showen*' 

U~f" p t» -t \ — T 

No. 672, I m Cbim, @ f ot^. 


W. H. Doxwi. 

1. I am Tliiiio,0 Lord, I liave heard Thy voice, And it told Thy love 'to nie; 

2. Cou - se- crate Die novf to Thy ser-vice. Lord, By tliepow'rof grace di - viue ; 
3.0 the pure de- light of a sin - gle hour That be-fore Thy tlirone I spend, 
4. There arc depths of love that I cau-uotkuow Till I cross the nar - row sea, 


K i*" I I I ^ "^ I 

But I Ions to rise in the :irms of faith. And be clos - er drawn to Thee. 
Let my soul look up with a sic.idfast hope, And my will be lost in Thine. 
When I kneel in pray'r, and wit!i Thee my God, I commune as friend with friend. j 

Thereareheightsof joytliat I may not reach Till I rest in peace with Thee. | 

^ 5 I 


I I 


Draw me near - er, near- er, bless-ed Lord, To the cross where Thou died; 

~ 1^ '-fcrf brf 1^ (^ ^ r-: Hi— "— i 1- 

near-er, near- er. 

I I 


Draw me near-er, near-er, near- er, bless-ed Lord, To Thy pre-cious, bleeding side. 

No. 573. 

H. G. Stafford. 

Mi is Well tottb Itit SohI. 

1. Wlieniicacc.likoa riv-er, at-tend -eth mv wav, Wlien sorrows like sea- billows roll; 

2. Thougli Satan should buffet, tho' trials sliouM come, Let this blest as -sur-ance control, 
:'.. My sin— oh, the bliss of tliis gloiiotisthnught— My sin— not in part but tn« whole, 
4. And.Lord.hastetlie day when the faith shullbc sight. The clouds be roll'd back as a scr.dl. 

It is MtW iaitb ^s Soul. 


Whiit-cv -cr my I'lt.Tliiiii liiLst laii-lit lui'lowiy, It ij well, it is will witluuy smil. 
That Cliiist liiilli"iVfe'arii-<-«l my li<-lp-los.s cs- tiitf, Aud hatli shod His own Mood for my boiil. 
is li:iil('i| to Ili^ ci'osKUlid 1 li'-iir it no moiv, Praise the Lord, j.raise the Lord. i>h, my toull 
The trump shall leaouud, and the I.urd shall de-sceud. " Kvi'U so" — it is \m-11 « itli my solll. 


It is will with my soul, 

' ' ■ I I I 

villimy S'lil, It is w<ll, it U w.ll witli my toul. 



No. 574. 

|iinbin0 ht ^\tt. 

William O. Ci'shing, 

ij-£:a ?i^a^^^ ;3s:^^3 ^ 

Ira D. Sankbv. 


1. Mfo to t;M- r.ork tlmt is lii-h . or tlinn 1, >ly foil! In Its 

itlit'Calm of tlin n i-lidc, in Bor - row's lone lioiirj In liini-awlu-u liiii 

ii«- oft ill tlio loll - Hilt, wlifiiprcsii'd by the foe, 1 liavi- lU-J to my 


1 — r 



flirts and For - rows would fly 
111 - li 111 ca>t3 o'lT me its pow 
lief - iigo ami bnatlied out my woi 

So siQ - ful, BO wea - ry, Thine, 

In the ti III - pisla of lifi-, on its 

llow oft - eii wliiu tri - aU, Hke 



Thine would I bo; Tliou hipst " Hock of A - ges," I'm hid - ing in Thee, 
wide, hciiv-ing Pwi, Tliou blest "Kock of A - gi's," I'm hid - in>c in Thee, 
bil- lows roll. Have I hi.i - den in Thee, O Thou Kock of my soul. 

No. 575. ®^, Mhm are % ^caprs* 


Geo. F. Roof. 


" • • •^-*^ -0- -•- -^ 

1. Oh, where are the reap-ers that gar-ner in Thesheavesof thegoodfromthefieldsof sin; 

2. Go out ill the hy-wavs and search them all; The wheat may be taere,tho' the weeds are tall; 

3. The fields all are ripening, and far and wide The world now is waitiugthe har-vest tide : 
So Cduie with your sickles, ye suns of men, And gather togeth - er the gold- en grain; 



=i-J — «!—«-'-* — S — S 5-L-* — »-^J -*—•-'-•— 5--^: -o 

With sick -lei of truth must the -^vork be done, And no one may rest till the "harvest home." B 

Tlieu search in the highway, and pass none by, But g:ith-er faim all for the home on high. 3 

But reap-ers are few, and the work is grout. And much will be lost should the harvest wait. g 

Toil on till the Lord of the har-vest come. Then share ye His joy ia iha" harvest home." t, 


n —]r— }a 
t 1 IT 




CHORUS. ^ fc. V - 

Where are the reapersl Oh, who will come And share in the glo- ry of the " harvest borne i' " g 

-»- -It. -«. .«. H». 

K 41. M. -«- 

>4m. jm.jt. je.. 4m- j». -*- -<•. 

-^ — I N — ^ ^T — -4 IV—' ' 1 r* — t«r-i -r-xn 

Oh, who will help lis to gar-ner iu Tlie sheaves of good from the fields of sin. 

1 — 1 — r 

No. 576. 

C0 i\t Work. 



1. To the work! to 

2. To the work! to 
a. To the work I to 
4. To the work! to 

the work! we are 

the work! let the 

the work! tliero is 1 

tlie work! iu tlie strengtli of 

:— :ff-- -:er m-^,-ft^^ 

— — S •-1 — • »- 

For the 
And a 

. . r; rr r: — , 

00 t1)t QSSork. 

On the cm - el cross He siif-fered, From the curse to ei-t tiio free. 

In His boundless love and mer - cy. He the ran - gum free ly gave. 

Howtlievic - to - ry He giv - eth O - ver sin, ami death, aiid hell. 

He from death to life liatli brought me, Son of God, with Him to te. 

y I I i y^ 415 

u yt u 


Sing, oh; 

With Hi8 
iug of my Ke-deem-er,Sing, oh! eiug of 'uy He-deem- er, AN ith His „! 

. , 

■* _, 

N I-*, -K , -I 

1 -.-^ -N ''? 


--^-«-^rh^"i — 

Bl-^—^rjl,! -^^ 

S^ r r 

blood lie 

jmr- chased me, 

He pur-chasi('d Bje,„..„.„. 
He pur-cba.-;ed me, 


On tho 1 



^""? Se 

t -ti t= 

'^-^ Jk- _ff ff_ 


_^-=b — tz__l:|- 

nod He pur - cluised me, 

With His Hood He pur - ch;isodme; Oa the 

- ^ iiii^^z^^l-aT 

He sealed my par - don, 

Paiii till 


I H2 p p=f: j^_l j^_^ j^_l_|«__^p p!_|B ^ 1 <! 

cross. He eealed my par- don. On the cross Ue sealed my par- doii, Paid the 

Repeat fip after last verse. 

3Ei^E^^ZZIZ aL=z:gi ^ " ^ 


debt, and made me free. And made me free, and made me free, 

-fL it. -^ -^ -^ -ft -it. 4i. J- 2 J^ ^ -g^: 

debt, and made me 

km h«- n^^- 

:z=ztz g-=l -y-zrri iiz±z- 

No. 578. SHljil^ llj^ gans ar^ gomcj g^r. 

Georgb Cooper, 

Ira D. Sankev. 



T^iT^ ^^-S.— • — . 

There are lone - Iv hearts to cher-ish, While the days are go - ing by;) g 

by;/ a 

loiie - Iv hearts to ( ^ , - - ., - - ^, 

per-isli, While the days are go -ing 

icorn-ing. While tho days are go -iug 

Let your face bo like the mo.-n-iii-. While tlio days are go- ing 

All the 1 

by one 


us,' AVIiilotliO days are go -ing by;) « 
us, While tho days are go -iug hy;j r* 

._^ — *-,__! ^-_I ,L _^ ^ — ^t,-,-, — Is-J —J_,-.-J— > — 1^ 5 

Tf a smile we can rn - new, As our jmir- liey «o pur - sue, Oli, the 
Oh, tlio WMld is full of si-hs, Full of sa.l andwecp-ing eyes; Help your 
l?ut tlio Bc'eds of good we BOW, liolli in shade and shine will grow, And will 




Hilt tt< 9a9S an going B|k 


iug by. 

(1 Wfiill may du.Whilp thedayHarogoing by."! Going by, go- 

- etibiotherrise.WhiletlieiiayHaregoiii^ by. > 
1> our hearts aglow.Whilf the days are going by.} 

goiug by, 

going I; 

m^^i. i^fmm^^^s^^iM 

No. 579. SHoiibtrfuf Wottis nf f ift. 

P. P. B. P. P. Pliss. 

1. Sing tbcnio- vpr a - piiiii tonic, Won-d.-rfnl words of l.if'-. me more of Ihi-ir 

2. Christ, tlieblessf.! One gives to all, ■Woi;-derful ol"'.', Siii- mr.list to tlip 

3. Sweet- ly ech-o the gos-polcall, Wuu-derful worda of Life, Of- f<r pardon and 

^^ = ^^ uiinnnn 

* W -J ^^'^^ia--^-^— J^^^t'- F^-r-"^ l»-^-r 

beau -typee, Wunderfnl wonis of Life. Wordsof liroandbnant>, Toach mefaith and du-l 

lov - ii}geall,WoMdei-ful words of Life. All so free-ly giv-en,Woo-ing us to heav-< 

peace to all. Wonderful words of Life. Jo- 8ii3,on - ly Saviour,Sauc -ti - fy for-ev i 



No. 580. 

M. S. S. 

kHtr, to^at goM 

James McGranakan. 



1. Be - hold, wliatlove.whatlmundloss love, The Fa-therhath be - stowed On sin-uert, 

2. No long-er far from Him, butnow By " precious blood" made iiij^h ; Ac- rcpt-ed 

3. Wliat we in glo - ry soon shall be, It doth not yet ap - pear ; But when our 

4. With such a bless- ed hope in view, We would more ho - ly be, More like our 



lost, that we should be Now called the sons of God I 
in the "Well- beloved," Near to God'shearti 
pre - clous Lord we see. Wo shall His im - age I 
lis = en, gio-rious Lord, Whose face we soon shall see. 

oi lion 1 -^ 
:we lie. I 
age bear, f 
ihall see. * 


Bo - hold, what manner of -^ 

love! What manner ""f love the Fa-therhath bestowed up- on us, ^ 


I^_i»_»_,_^ _ — _ _ — _, a — r^ c^_,_pi— 

-[ fc»- 

« — \m •- 

-i — r 


That we, that wo should be call'd. 

the sons of God, 

Ira D. Sankky. 

No. 581. ^rustmg |^sus, ^Ijat is %\t 

E. P. Stites. 

-I N—I h,-4 — N-i— ,-H -j , j^ N -J— ,-- 1 N-i' — ."S 

1. Simp, ly trust- ing cv-'ry<Iay, Trustringthro' a storm-y way ; K- vetiwhenmy 

2. Brlght-ly doth His Spir - itshiiio In - to this poor heart of mine; While He leads I 

3. Sing -iiig, if my way isclear; Prav-ing, if tlio path isdrear; If in dan-ger, 

4. Trust-ingUimwhilelifoshalllast, TrustiiigHim tiU earth is past; Till with-iu the 






is all. 

18 all. I 

is all.f 

i.s all.-' 

faith i.i siiiiiU, Trusting Jo - sus, that is all. 

ciiu - uot lull. Trusting Jc - sus, that is all. 1^,4. ., . - 

for Him call. Trusting Jo - sus that is all. f ^"'''♦-'"S ^ "'« mo- ments fl y, 

jas - prr wall, Trusting Jo • sus, that is all.-' 

f i 

Tnist-ing as thedays go by, Trusting Him \vhati-Vrl..-fa'l, TnistintjJ' 



r— t'-*^^^ 

stint; Jejsus, that is all. 

No. 582. Jlicit) ITot to (Tcmpfafion:. 

H. R. Palm BR. H. R. Palmbr. 

1. Yifld not to tomp-ta . tion, Ft.r yioli.-ing is (ijn. Each vlc-tVy will li.lp you 

2. Sliua e- vil com-|»iu -ions, Uu<l lan;;naL'i'ilis-(laln, CliHl'a namchoM in nv-'n-ncf, 

3. To him that o'er-com- rill Uo.l giv-flU a crown, Tluo' faitli wu shall con-ijUfr, 

Some oth- er to win ; 
Nor taku it in rain 
Though oft - en cast dowi 

Fight inan-fni-ly on - ward. Park p:issions8nl) - cii:i?, 
I'.o thonghllulandonni - est, Kiud-ni'iirtid ami true, 
He who ia our Sav- iour, UurBlreugth willi 



)— K-X- 



Look ev-er to Je - bus. He'll car-ry you through. Ark the Saviour to htOp you, 

♦ • I •• Itxk'l^'Uli 


No. 583 

Joseph Scriven 

1. What a friend we have in Je . bus, All our sins and griefs to bear; Wliat a priv-i-legeto 

2. Have we tri-alsandtenipta- tions? Is theretrouble an -y-where? We should uever be dia« 

3. Are we weak and heavy -la - deu, Cumbered With a load of care? Pre-cious Saviour, still our 

Charles C. Convbhss. 

^ -g-:^ ^. ^ ^ ^.. - - #- - ■ - ^ 

car - ry Ev - 'ry thing to God in prayer. . Oh, what peace we oft - en for-feit, % 

cour-aged, Take it to the Lord in prayer. Can we tind a Friend eo faith - ful, ^ 

Kef - uge,— Take it to the Lord in prayer. Do thy friends de-spise, for -sake thee? .^ 

oil, what needless pain we bear — All because we do not car - ry Ev'ry thing to God in prayer. 
Who will all oursorrowssharc ? Jesus knows our ev'i y weakness, T:ike it to the Lord in prayer. 
Take it to tlie Lord in prayer; In His arms He'll take and shield tliee.Thou wilt find a solace there. 


ms ^^^^^ M^ 


No. 584. I'be Jf0untr a ^^xuxtH. 

Rev. J. G. Small. 

Geo. C. Stbbbiiw. 

ve roun<l aFrieud;oh,suchaFrieu(l!Hobled,Hedicd to save me; Auduot a-lone the * 
ive found aFriend;oh,8uchaFrienil!AllpowertoHiiu is giv-eu; Toguardmeon my ^ 
•I've found aFrienil;oh,suchaFriend!Sokind,andtrue,andten-der, So wise aCoun-sel- ? 

I'ly twine Those 

cords of love. And thus Hebonndmo to Ilini. And'round mylieartstill 
gilt of life, But His own self He gave nie. No\ight that I have my owu I call, I 
onwariicourse.And bring nie siife toheiiv- en. Th'o-tor- iial glo-ries gleam a - far, T 
lor andGui(l(^,So iiii!,'ht- y a De-feucI . or! From Him,who loves me now so well. What 

t'bt ^ounO a jFtum. 



tii'.'«ubi<li iiauglitciiii sever, For laiiiHi-'. ami II.- is iiijtie,F»r-«-v . er ami for- ev-er. 
liuld it fur tlie Giv - er ; Mj hrarl. m^ .irength.mj lire, my all. Are His.aiMl IIisl..r-ev- er. 
nerve Diy faint eudeav -ur: So ii.iw to wcuk.ti war.Auilthentorest for-ev-er. 
pijwer my soul lau »ev - er ? Shall life orduatli.or eartliornell? No; I am His for-ev-er 

No. 585. 

Fanny J. Crosby. 

jiuss m itot. 



1. Pasa me n"t, O g''ii - t\>- Suv - ioiir, Hear my Iniui - bio cry; 

2. Let me at a tlir.nie i.f nier - cy Fiud u t<\\vrt re - lief; 

3. TiuHt - iug Oil - ly ill Ti.y mer - It, Uoiil.l I s. ,k Tliy face-, 

4. Thou tlio Spriug of all my com - fort More than lilo to nie, 



While on otli- ei-sThoiiart siiiil - lug. Do not pas8 mo liy. -v 
Kneel- liiglliere in deep cou-tri - tiuii, Help mv nii - l.e - lief : I „ ., i „- o „ i 
Heal my wounded, lirokoaspir - it, Suvo me l.y Thy graee. f Sav- lour. Sav - ion r, 
Whom have I on earth l)0-hide TheO?\rbom Id beaVabut Thee? •' 

No. 586. 

in l^sus, I f ob£ Un. 

A. J. Gordon, 


1. Ky Je - sua, I lovo Thee, I know Thou art mine, 

2. I love Thee, be - cause Thou hast fiist lov • ed me, 

3. I vrill love Thee in life, I will love Thee in death, 

4. In man - Bions of glo - ry and end - less do - light, 

-^=f^=f ^^^^^ 

IKs "Stsas, I Xobt ®l)M. 


3- sign; ]\Iy gia-cious Re-deem 
^.,.. J ^„. don on C'al - va-ry's tree; I love Thee for wear- 
praise Thee as long as Thou leud-est me breath; And say when the death- 
" "'■ heav-en sobright;l'll sing with the glit - 

Tliee all the fol 
pur-chased my par 
praise The 
ev - er 


er, my 
iug the 
dew lies 
ter- ing 


r r 

Sav - iour art Thou 

thoruson Thy brow: 

cold on my brow, 

crown on my brow. 

1. Come, ev - 'ry soul by sin oppressed.There's mercy with the Lord, And lie will eure-ly 

2. For Je - BUS shed His jnecious blood Rich blessings to be -stow; Plunge now in -to the 

3. Ves, Je . BUS is tlie Truth,the Way .That leads you in - to rest; Be - lieve ia Himwith- 

4. Come then, and join this ho - ly baud,And on to glo - ry go, To dwell in that ce - 



give you rest, By trust-ing in His word, 

crim - sou flood That wash - es white as snow 

out de- lay. And you are ful - ly blest 

lea - tial laud, AVhere joys im-mor-tul flow. 


On - ly trust Ilira, on - ly trust Him, 


On-ly trust Him now; Ho will save you. Ho will save you, lie will gave you now. 



No. 588. ^11 lo Christ | dPtoc. 

Elvina M. Hall. 

John T. ORAPib 


1. I hear the Sav-iour «iy, 

2. Lord, now in - deed I find 
:i. For notli - iiig good have I 
4. When from my dy - ing lied 
b. And whi'u he - fore the thrune 

Thy Bli.n-lh in - ditd is Muall; 
Thy jM.w'r, and Thino a - lone, 
Whon--l..v Thy gnu (■ to chilni- 
Jly iiin - BoniiMl wiul hlmll rise, 

1 Bland in llini cum - ph^to. 


Child of \vc;ik - noss, watrh ami pniv, Kind iu SIo fhiiio ull in nil. 

Can chan.-o the hp-ei'n spot*. And ni-lt tho hiaitof etono. 

I'll wa,«li my gai-menta vhiln In tho Mih.iI of Cidvary's Lamh. 

Then ".I" - KnM juid it t%," M.all himI Ihc vanlt-.-d 8ki.'s. 

I'll lay my tro-phics do\^ All dou n at Jc - mis' fuct. 




it all, All to 

- a ?: • -ft 

uns, piihl 




■Oh A -^- 

*^wl- '^ Jii i>i..-i ■■■ 


=^i£=f=«=i4-|-^.: ■.ir-?--f1 3i:-HI 


Pin had 

left a crira-Bon Bfain: He washed it white a3 snow. 


Et-fe|^-^--.^i^-- ?-i^ rs^i 

No. 589. I §.m ^ritmnig for JTou. 

>. O' Ma LEY Clufp, 

KA D. Sankby. 

1. I liavo a Sav-iour, He's pleading in glo - ly, A dear, lov-in^; Sav - iour tho' 
2.1 have a Fa-thor:to mo He has giv - en A hope for e - ter - ui - ty, 
3. I have a rohe: 'tis re - splendent in whiteness, A - wait- ing in glo - ry my 
4 I have a peace: it is calm as a riv - er — A peace that the friends of this 
5. When .le-sus Las foun<l you, tell others the sto - ry. That my luv-ing Sav - io 




i am ^rajtna tor gou. 

earth-frieuds be few; And now He is watch -ing in ten - derness o'er me, But 
bless - ed and true; And soon will He call me to meet Him in heav - en, But 
won - der-iug view; Oh, when 1 re - ceive it all sliin - iug in brightness, Pear 
world uev-er knew; My Sav - iour a- lone is its Au - thor and Giv - er, And 
your Sa/v-iour too; Then pray that your Sav . iour may bring them to glo - ry, And 


For you I am pray-ing,For I^ 

)ur were your Sav-inur too. '\ 

ne bring you with me too! / 

ou re . ceiv- ing one too! > 

it was giv - en to you! V 

red — 'twas au-swered for youl J 

oh, that my Sav - iour were your Sav-iour too. 

oh, that He'd let 

friends, could I see you 

oh, could I know 

pray'r will be answered — twas au-swerett lor y 

l ^^m 

you I am pray - ing, For you 

am pray- ing, I'lu piay-iiig fnr ynu. 

No. 590. 

El. Nathan. 

I %\xill hz .Satbfitir, 

James McGranahan. 


1. Soul of mine, in earth -ly tem-ple. Why 

2. Soul of mine, my heart is cling-ing To 

3. Soul of mine, must I Bur-ren-^er, See 
'■., Soul of mine, con - tin - ue plead-ing; Sin 

not here con - tetit a - bide? 
the earth's fair pomp and pride; 
my - self as cru - ci - fled; 
re - buke, and fol . ly chide; 


-t — r- 


art tliuu for - rv - cr jilcad-ing? Why art thou not 

why dost thou thus re - prove me <■ Wliy art thou not 

from all of earth's am - bi - tion, That thoumay'stbo 

ftC - cept the cross of Jo - ens. That tliou niay'st bo 

r 1 W i ^,_p::i-t— g^, g^ 


pat - is - tied? g 
Kit - i^ - tied? g. 
sat - \A - tied? g 

Silt . is - fleii. 

I kW ht Sati«£Ulr. 

sN N V ^K 

T Bliallbe Bat-ifl-fl<<l, When I 

I sliall l>e SHt-i8-lii-<l, I eballbu sat-i8-t1o<J, 

wake in Ilia like - dpp 



No. 591. 

S. D. Phelps. 

^amti^mt^ for ^^sus. 

Robert Lowry. 


1. Sav - iuurl Thy dy - ing love Tliou pav - est nio, Nur should 1 

2. O'er the blest mer • cy - seat, I'U-aJ • iiig fur we, My fee - bio 

3. Give me a faith - ful heart— Like - ncss to Thee— That each <le- 

4. All that I am auJ have — Thy gifts BO free — lu jny. In 



aught with -hold, Dear Lord, from Thco; In love my soul would bow, 

faith looks up, Je - sus, to Thee: Help nie the cross to bear, 

part - ing day Hence -forth may see Somo work of love be - gun, 

grief, through life. Dear Lord, for Theel And when Thy face I ser, 

1 y^ — H 1 P-^F **• — I ' 

My heart ful - fill its vow. Some offering bring Thee now. Something for Thee. 

Thy wou-druus li<ve de-clare, Some Bcaig to raise, or prayer, Something for Thee. 

Some deed of kind-ness done, Some wand'rerBoughtana won. Something for Thee. 

My ransomed soul shall be. Through all e - ter - ni - ty, Something for Thee. 

No. 592. '^t^tm l^e IP^rb^mg. 

F. J. Crosby. 


1. Res- i-ue tlie per- isli - iiig. Care for the dy . iug, Snatch theui iu pit - y from 

2. Thu' they are slighting Him, Still He is wait - iug, Wait - ing the peu - i - teu*-, 

3. Dowu iu the lui-mau heart, Crush'd by the tempt- cr, Feel - iugs lie bur- ied that 

4. Res- cue the per-ish -tug, Du - ty de- mauds it; Strength fur thy la - bur the 





and the grave; Weep o'er the err - iug one, Lift up the fall - en, { 

tu re-ceive; Plead with them ear - nest - ly, Plead with them gent - ly : :; 

•can re- store: Touched by a lov - iug heart, Wak-ened by, : 

will pro - vide: Back to the uar - row way Pa - lient - ly wiu them; c 




them of Je - sns tlie migh - ty to eave.v 

U:L:::;^Z.Z wi;; vi.-..r!^eoJ^n;o;:| «-— the 
the poor wau-d'ror a Sav - jour luus died. -' 

J— -!- 


-j>. — ^- 




for the dy 


mer . ci - ful, Je - bus will save. 

i .p •_. — • 1 -r^ 

No. 593. Subiour, Hore 1km f tfc. 

Fanny J. C'kosby. 


1. Sav - iour, more than life to me, I am clinging, clinging close to Thot, , 
•1. Thro' this chaug-ing world be- low. Lead mo gent-Iy, gent-ly as I go; 
:<. l-et mo love Thee more aud more. Till this fleeting, lleeting life ip o'er; 



— ->1— ^4 -A - J»- 

^abiour, fSiott tt)an lift. 

Lit Tliy pio-ciuiu lilixiil ap - |>Ii('il, Keep nio rv- cr, iv- or iic^iir Tliy siilo. 
Trust-ill.:; Tlu'i', I ciui - not stray, I can ncv-i-r, iiev-cr loso my way. 
Till my mml is lust iu lovo, In a brighter, brightor worlil ii - Imvc. 


Kv - 'ry (lay, cv - 'ry hour, 

« n?: 3?: :?:_ 

Let mo feel Thy cleansing (Xiu'r; 

Ev - 'ry day aud hour, ev - 'ry day aud hour. 


May Tliy ten - dor lovo to mo Bind mo clos-er, cITw-er, L-ml, to Theo. 

No. 594. . / M^i frantr. 

1. More ho - li - nesg give me, Moro Rtriv-iiigs with - in; 

2. More grat - i. tnde give me. More trutit in the Li rd ; 

3. Moro pu - ri - ty give mo. More strength to o'er - come ; 


a^Jjjr^— f{=l^« 








Moro jiaticnce in siiflT-'ring, Moro Bor-rowfor sin; More faith in my Sav -iour. 
More priiio in His plo - rv. More hope in His word; More tearij for His sor - rows. 
More freedom from earth-stains, More longings for home; More fit for thoking-dom. 

More s?nse of His care; More joy in His ser - vice, More pur- pose in pray e 
More pain at His grief; More meekness in trl - al, More praise for re- lief. 
Moro used would I be; More bless-ed and lio - ly, More, ?t^sv'\\Xi like Thee, 


No. 595. I Jtar Cfeg Mdcomt fota. 

Lewis Hartsough. 

1. 1 hear Thy welcome voice That calls me, Lord, to Thee For cleans-ing in Thy 

2. Tho' com -iug weak aud vile, Thou dostmy strengthas-sure; Thou dost my vileness 

3. 'Tis Je - sus calls me on To per - feet faith and love, To per - feet hope, and 

4. 'Tis Je - sus who con- firms The bless -ed work with -in. By add -iug grace to 

pre-cious blood That flowM on Cal - va - ry. 
ful - ly cleanse. Till spot - less all and pure, 
peace, aud trust. For earth audheav'na - bove. 
welcomed grace.Where reigned the power of sin. 


5 And He the witness gives 
To loyal hearts and free. 
That every promise is fulfilled, 
If faith but brings the plea. 

6 All hail, atoning blood ! 

All hail, redeeming grace ( 
All hail, the Gift of Christ, our Lord. 
Our Strength and Righteousness ! 

^0. 596. %XB il^t §ksstb four of f mir^r. 

?. J. Crosby. 


1. "Tis tlie Mess-ed hour of prayer, when our hearts low- ly bend. And we 

2. 'Tis the bless - ed hour of prayer, when the Sav - iourdraws near, With a 

3. 'Tis the bless - ed hour of prayer, when the tempt- ed and tried To tlio £ 

4. At the bless - ed hour of prayer, trust- ing Him we be - lieve That tho ■^ 

. . . ^ - 


gath - er to .To - sus, our Sav - iour and Friend; Tf we cnnie t'> Him in ^ 

ten- der com - pas . sion His chil - dren to hear; N^lhen He tc^lls us wi' may » 

Sav-iour who loves them tluur sor - row con - fide; With a svm - )ia- thiz - ing ? 
blo88-iugs we're need- ing we'll sure - ly re - <<'lve, In tlio rull-ncss of this 

fSis tt< Slufstli JHour of ^rajitr. 

pro- too - tion '.o uliare;. 

Ilia feet ev - 'ly aire; { 

re-tnovea ev - 'ry care; f 

Bhall lose ev - 'ry care; ■' 

faith, His pro -too -tion 

ca«t at 

beart He 

trust we 

What a balm for the 


• ry I how 


D.S.'^lVhat a balm for the u<ea - /■_■/ c' how 


Fine. Chori's. 

pt to Ik> tlierel Bless-ed b.iir of pray'r, Bless-eil liour of pniy'r; 

fuitet to be theret 

No. 597. I B^iJb (Lbc£ d^b^rg gour. 

Annib S. Hawks. 



1. I need Thee cv - 'ly hour, Mi»t cia - ci 'iis L"iil; No ten - <Iit Voice liki' 

2.1 need Thee ev • 'ry hour; Stay Tliou near hy ; Tenii>-la - lioii« lose tliei 

3. I need Thee ev - 'ry hour, In ji^y or pai:i; C'ouie quirk- ly and a' 

4.1 need Thee ev • 'ry hour; Teach me Thy will; And "Tliy ri.h prom- is . 

6.1 need Thee ev - 'ry hour, Jlost Ho - ly One; Oh, ni.iko nie Tliine iu 

i9::^^^£ ^^-^^l^r I k- 



Thine Can p<ace af - ford. ^ 
pow'r When Thou art nigh./ 
bide, Or life is vain. >■ 
es In me ful - fil. i 

deed. Thou bless- ed^^ Son. / 

need Thee, oh I I need Thee; Ev - 'ry hour I 

No. 598. 

F. J. Crosby. 

Mmx t]^t Cross. 

\V. H. Djanb 

Je - sus.keep me near the Cross, There a , prc-ciousfuunt-aia Free to all — a 

2. Near the Cross, a trembling soul, Love and mer - cy found me; There the Brightand 

3. Near the Cross! () Lamb of God, Bring it.sscenes be -fore uie; Help me walk from 
1. Near the Cross I'll watch and wait, Hop- ing, trust -iug ev - er, Till 1 reach the 

__^ Chorus.^ j ^ • 

r Z LJ^ 9- ■•- ■•■ ■*'- ^-^^ ^ "^ t 

heal - ing stream, Flows from Cal- vary's mountain. 

Morn- iug Star Shed its beams a- round me. 

day to day, With its shad-ows oVt nic. 

gold - eu strand, Just be-yond the riv - er. 

In the Cross, in the Cross, 




Be my glo- ry ev-er; Till my raptured soul shall find Kcst btyoud the riv-er. 

I — r 

No. 599. 

F. J. Crosby. 

€I0S^ to CIjX^. 

S.J. Vail. 

-4-{,-=-^l— --^-g-,-,^— j«— *-=-»J f 1^— 5.-T-5J 

1. Thou my ev - or-last-ing por-tion, More than frieml orlife to me, AH a-lmig my 

2. Not for ease or world- ly plciisure. Nor for fame inv iiniyershall be; Glad-ly will I 

3. Lead me tliio' the vale of shadows, Bcarme o'or lilr's lit-ful sea: Then the gate of 

s \ 1 . ^ Refrain. ,. » n. 3 





ney. Saviour, lot nie walk witli Thee. Close to Tliee, clise to Thee, Cln 
id siil-fcr, C)n-Iy lot nic walk wth Thee. Close to Thee, close to Thee, Clu 
;- ter-ual. May I enter, Lord, with Thee. Close to Thee, close to Thpc, Clo 

close to 
close to 
close to 

Thee; All a- long my i 
Thee; Glad-ly will I t. 
Tiice; The.viheKat'i of li 

rMiijourncy, Saviour, let me walk with Thee, 
inilsuf-fer, On-)y let me walk with Thee. 
e - ter- nal, May I en- ter, Lord, with Thee. 

n M^^^ ^i^^^^m 


No. 600 

Frances R. Havergal 

I 6at)£ 

'$\it for (ir^«. 

p. p. Bus*. 

1.1 iravi- iiiv life for tin.-, Mv prgcioii«I.I.«.<l I BlirTl, Tliut tlmu iiiiKlitVl niiisuinolbo, 
•^. My Kalti.M'slioiisi-nf li-lii,— mV k1.. - rv-cirHleil tlin.iio 1 l.-ft, foriiiitli ly night, 
:;. I Kiir-f,i<Mluiiiclif..rlliH.-, Mi.retliantliy t.>ii<»iiecmitell,(>f bittcrist a- - <• - uy, 
4. Ami I ImVfLruiiglit totlicf, Ituwufruiii my liuuioa. Im>vo, 8uI-vu- tiini full aii>l frei-, 

-a-^-tf -p-l tp-tn-e—igJ iLp_p_^^J:p_ j^ ,_ -(_. 

J*.^VJ— U.-^->.-<'— .•'-.'^ 

N I— V- 

Aii.l.iiii(k.ii.-.irr<); I pavo, I pavo My lift! for thee, Wliat liast tliLiitrivcii for M.-? 

v.irwaM.rriiipswi.laiMl 1 ; I, I it nil fc.r tliic. Ila«t II1..11 l.ftaiiplit for M.-» 

T.) n-H-rii.- th.cfrniii li.ll; I've U.riip, Tvo Uiriifitull fortlno. What liiiKt tlimi Ixiriio for M.-? 

Mv iKir-tl.m uiiU My l"\r; I briiij,', 1 briii-ricligiftatolUii-,\\ hat liiu-t tliou brouglitto Mu? 


n— r 



T r 

No. 601. ^bcrc b a O^rwit ^ill far abaTT. 

Cm iL F". Ai.HXANDBR. Geo. C. STRBmvs. 

1. Thi-re in a pn-.-ii hill f ir u- «av, With. .lit a <lt - y wall ; Wh.-n- I,nr.l was 
Vi. We may not know, »i) can- Hot |>^iiiiH II.' hail to |„ ai ; lint ».. Ih-. M.-vi- it 
:!. Ho .lir.l lhat«.. mi-ht I..- f..i •,'iv.ii, llo «li..l t.. mak.» im p.»~l, That «,■ niiL-lit l'.. at 
4. Th.T.- wxi n.» iitli - t-r p.h..l iiioiigli, T.i j.ay tlio prico of Bin; IIo ».ii - ly o.iil.l iiii- 

Chorus. 5. 

cru- oi-fifd, Who (ii.-.l to savo lis all. x 
l^u:i:::>^^x:r^^!^::^Lt:i \ Oh.doar-ly.dear-ly LasIL-loved An.l 
I.K;kllifaate or hiavriBii.l 1. 1 us ia. ^ 

I h» r 1 I w 


we must love nira too; Andtru?;! ia riis ri' 

' blood. And try Ills worksto do. 


No. 602. '§t^an)i % Smilmg anb i^t Winpn^, 


Geo. C. Stebbins. 


Be-yond the smil-ing and the weep-iug, I eballbesoou, 

Be-youJ thebloomiug and the fad-ing, I Bhall be soon, 

Be-youd tha pait-iiig and themeet-iug, I shall he soon, 

Be-yon 1 the frost-chain and the fe - ver, I ehall be soon. 

I shall be i-j^ 

I shall be soon ; Be •- 

I shall be soon ; 3e - 

1 shall he soon; Be - 








yond the waking and the sleeping. Beyond the sowing and the reap-ing, I shall be soon, - 

yond theshiningandtheshadiug, Beyond the hoping andthedreadiug, I shall be soon, "T 

yond the farewell and the greetlug,Beyond the pulse's fe- ver beat -ing, I shall be soon, O 

yond the rock- waste and the river, Beyond the ev- er andthe nev-er, ^ -i— n i 2 

I shall be soon, 




^^^^^^=^^?^^-M I I 


I shall bo soon. Sweet, sweet home! Lord tarry noi,butt 

Ijove,re8t and home 1 Lord, tarry not, ^ 


No. 603. 

Ellen M. H. Gates. 


p. p. Buss. 


1. Dh, tlio claug-ing hells of Timel Night and day they nev • er ceas"^ 

2. Oh, the claiig-iug bells of Time! How their cluing - es rise and fall, 

3. Oh, the claug-ing bells of Time! To tbi'ir voio - es, loud and low, 

4. Oh, the claug-ing bells of Timel Soon their notes will all he dumb, 

je_-ff-._ffi— j»-4— (•--U--tf- --er -^ -f- . g: — --ff--—- ■(•- — Iff- — -e-- 




We are wea - riod with their chime 

> But in uu • dcr - tone sub. lime, 

r In a I'lng, iin - nist - ing line 

4nd iu loy and peace sub - lime. 

31 i 


For thev do n^t bring ns peace, - 

Snundiug clear - ly through them all, ^ 

M'o are man li - ing to and fro; ? 
Wo shall feel the 


_- *■_ 

lence Come; n 






Aod we busli our breath hj hear. And we strtiiu our eye* to sea 

Is a Voire that he heanl. As our tno - niculs mi - ward flee, 

And we yoarii for sight or suuud. Of the life that is to be, 

Aud our BouU tboir thirst will slake. And uur eyes the Kiug will see. 

If thv 
ADd it 

For thy 
When thy 

shores are diav;-iiig near, — E - ter - iii • tyl E- ter - ni • tyv 

Kpeak-eth, aye, one word,— E - ter - ni • fyl E • ter • ui • tyl 

breath dulti wuip us round,— E - ter • nl - tj'I E - ter - nl . tyl 

glo- riousoioiu sliuU break, — E- ter - id -tyl E- ter- lu.tyi 


No. 604. Mc Sfeall ffiftt, g]| snb gg. 

HuBBRT P. Main. 

Ve iihall meet be-yond the riv • "r, By and bv. 

We tilialUtrikc the harps i.f pin - ry. By and ly. 

Wo Bhall see and bo like Jo - ens, Ity an. I by, 

Tliereourtearsshiill allcin>ieflo»lni;, l!y and bv, 

by and |py; And 

by and by; Wusliallhing re - 

by and by; Who a cruwu of 

by; And with BweeteMt 


-liall be o - vor< By and by. By and by; Witli tho tuil- some jour-noy done, 

(iomption'ssto-ry. By and by. By and by; And thestrainsfor ev-.T.mor© 

life willpivo us. By and bv. By an<lby; And the an- gels whi> lul-fil 

rap - ture knowing, By and by. By and by; All the blest ones.who have gone 

And thesrliiriousbat- tie won, Weshallshinefc -thaatliesuu.Byand by, by and by. 

Sliall resound ill swectnesso'er Yonder ev - er ' last-ing8hore,I*yaud by, by and by. 

AM the mandates of His will Sliall attend,and loveua still, By and ny, by and by. 

To thelandof lifeandsong.-'UewilUshoutiugsshallrejoiDjByand l>y, by anu by. 



No. 605, 

Cbnst b Comm0. 

Geo. ('. SrEBBrav. 

1. Christ if omi -ing! let ere - a - tion J'rom her groans and tra- vail cease; 

2. Earth can now but tell the sto - ry Of Tliy bit - ter cross auU pain; 

3. Tiioughoncecia died iu a man-ger,Oft no pil - low but tlie sod; 

4. Long Thy ex - ilos have been pin- ing, Far from rest, and home, and Thee; 

5. Witli that" bless- ed hope" be - fore us, Let no harp 
Iff:-:?: " 

re - mam uu - struna 


^'•^ . "T" • a •— I— «-■= S • 1* I |g r 

Let the glo- rious proc - la • ma - tion Hope re - store and faith in - crease : g 

Slie sliall yet be- hold Thy glo - ry. When Thou com - est back to reign. ;o 

Here an a -lien and a straa -ger, Mock'dof men, dis-owu'd of God. a. 

But, in heaven-ly ves-ture shin - ing. Soon they shall Thy glo - ry see. S 

... ... „ , .„ r X j(.jj tongue. -** 

Let the iniglit - y ran- soni'd cho - rus On - ward roll from tongue to 
- . . > m 3f ^ ^ m '^' m •_. -? -^ -t 

— M-iJLm — . — • • 1— 1 . — I — ^ 1 " — ■ •— r ^^ y- 1=- 

Christ is com - ing I Christ is com- ing! Come, Thou 
3»: • rff B. -fir. -JS:. \ .^. iff: -^ "-: ' :a!: :ff: 

ed Prince of peace! g 

Christ is com - ing ! Christia com - in:^ I Come, Thou bless - ed Prince of pepce ! 




Ait. fr. Geo. F. Handft. 

4 h-^4-_^ ^-, 

No. 606. 

|0g l0 % «0rltr. 

(Antioch. c. m.) 

1 Joy to the world! the Lord is come; Lot eaith re- ceive her King, L>^t 

2 Joy to the world! the Sav - iour reigns; Let men their songs em-ploy; While 

3 Ho rules tlie world with truth and grace, And makes the na - tionsjjrove The 

jm.' M. jm.' I IS jm. M.' jm. | . > ^ . ^ 



ev ■ 'ry heart pre - pare Ilim romn, Audlicav'nandna - turo sing. And 

aiddsaiid floods, rocks, hills, and jiliiinK.TJo - peat the sound- ing joy, • Ro- 

glo - ries of His rightreous - ncss. And .-ou-dera of His love, And 

l-^ ^ _ J — y ,^Andheav'n. And hcav'n and nature 


Jt. J~-N 


3oj to «)« raorlft. 

1 - til re 


of Hid 


eing, Aud hoav'ii. And lieav'n and ua - tiiro t-iug. 

joy. Re - fKut, He, • jxat the Bound -ing joy. 

love. And wouders,Aud wou - dere of Ilia love, 

hcav'naad na-tnro sing. i 

U U 

No. 607. 

II. L. Ukmakest, 1860-1881. 

Pa ^hi Counlrit. 


, ; I am far frao my liame, 

'•■(Aii' ] 11 Ufir be fu' ton -tent, 
. C. — But these sights an' these soun' s 

au' I'm M-ea - ry aft - on « biles, For the 
uii - til niiiio cin do pco Tlie 
vjill as nacthing be to tne. When I 



langoil-fi ir 1 i:une-ljri iigi 11', 

gow - don gati-9 o' lioav'ii an' my 

hear the an - gelssing^in^ in my 

ain coun • trio. 
ain coun - trie. 

U flork'J wi' flow-ors, niou 
bird - ic3 war - bio blitlio-ly, for 

■ y • tint - od, fro.Hh 
my Faitlier uiado 

2 I've His gudo word ..' pmniiso that some ghnlsonn' day tlie King 
To Ills ain royal His b;uii.shed lianie will bring; 

Wi' pf n an' wi' hcit linnin' owrc, we BhallBce 
The King in His ln^aniy, in oor ain omntrie. 

My sins Iiao I n np'iiy, an' my Borrows liac bcensair; 

But there they'll never vex me, nor be rememliered mair 

For Uis bluid has mailo me white, an' Uis ban' shall dry my e'e. 

When Ho brings me hame at last, to my aiu couutrie. 

3 Sae little noo I ken, o' yon blessed, bonnie, 

I only ken it's Hame, whaur wo shall see His face; 

It wad surely bo eneurh for ever mair to be 

In the glory o' His presence, in oor aiu countrie. 

Like a bairn to its mithcr, a wee birdie to its nest, 

I wad fain be gangin' noo, unto my Saviour's 

For He gathers in His bosom witless, worthless Iambs like me. 

An' Ciirries them Himsel', to His ain countrie. 

4 Ha isfaithfu' tliat hath promised, an' He'll surely come again. 
He'll keep His tryst wi' me, at what 'oor I dinna ken ; 

But He bids me still to wait, an' ready aye to be, 

To gang at ony moment to my ain countrie. 

Sae I'm watching aye, an<l singiu' o' my hame, as I wait 

For the goun'in' o' His fitfa' tliis side the gowden gates 

God gie His grace to ilka ane wha' listens noo to me, 

Thait we a' maj g>u>f{ io gladnens to oor oia oounti^ 

No. 608. 

E. P. Stit.«s. 

gtulafe yantJ. 

Jwo. S . Swsmnr. 

'. I'vereach'dtheland of corn and wine, And all its rich- es free - ly mint; 

2, The Sav-iour comes and walks with me. And sweet com-mun - ion here have we; 

3. A sweet per-fume up - on the breeze Is borne from ev - er ver - nal trees, 
4 The zeph-yrsseem to float to me. Sweet soundsof heav -eu's mel • o - dy, 

i^^S=\-f^z==e=^^:^\ — l -l- I- I — H 
>-—\-m-^—m — w !•— I— »-i— • — m — 11 

Here shines undimni'd one bliss- fill day. For all my night has pass' d a - way. 
He gent - !y leads me with His hand, For this is heav - eu's bor - der-land. 
And flow'rsthat nev - er fad - ing grow Wliere streams of iife for- ev - er-flow. 
As an -gels, with the white-robed throng; Join in thesweet re- demp-tionsong. | 

O Ben -lah land, sweet Beu - lah land, 

on thy high - est mount 1 stand, •? 


I look a -way a • cross the sea, Where man- sions are pre -pared for me, 
'-t^ — -5 — t 1 — ^-1^ ? — ^1 i — ' ' ^-^ 

And view the shin- ing glo - ry shore, My heav'n, my home for - ev . er-more. 

: Jz g-=-Wr -g - !*j ri=t= -7-g z=gz 

1 — r 

fringing m % Slj^atrss. 

No. 609. 

Knowles Shaw, 

S— S: 

Georgb a. MrooR. 

1. S.,w- 

2. Sow- 
■A. Go - 

n;< ill till- Mioni- ing, sow. ing seeds ofkiud- iiess, Sow-iiig in the noon- tiile J 
ug in tlie Him. shine, sow -ing in tlieshad • ows, Fearing nei -tlier clouds nor ^ 
ng forth with weeping, sow-iug for the Mas - ter, Tlio'tho loss sustain'd our 


JBrinsmg (n tt)t 2|)ea\:ts. 

-i-"i f-^r^-'^i-- 

mil llip ilew - y evi' ; Wait-ing for the har - vest, and the time of reap - iug, 

wiii-tei'schill-iugbrefze; l!y and liy tlie har- vest, and the hi. hor end . ed, 

cpii-it oft -eugrievfb; Wheiiourweep-iug'8 o - ver, lie will hid us wel - tome, 

> ,% N N ! -m- -m-' -m- -m- ^ ■-• 

We lihiill cume, re - joic • iug, Bring-iug iu the sheaves. Briug-ing in the alipjives. 



hring-iug ia the Bheaves, 'Wo bIiiiII come, re - joic - ing, Bring-ing in thesheaveH, 

-•- -•- -•- • -m- -^ -m- -gh -g- -m- -m- ■%■'• -g- <2 


Bringing in theeheaves. 

Bringing in the shpaves, Bringing in thesheaveH. 

> iro > 5 r 

We shall cuDie, rejoicing, 

No. 610. 

C. Wesi-by. 

Qi^ih oi Htfrrrr. 

F. W. KucKEN. Arr. H. P. Main. 



1. Depth of mor-cy ! can thore he Mer-cy Blill re - served for nic? Can my <!o<I His 

2. \ have long with-slood II is grace; Long iJiovoked Him to His face; Wouhl not hearken 

3. Now, in-cllneme to ro- pent; Let uie now my sins la-mout; Nowmy foul re- 



wrath for-bear? Me, thechief of sin-ners,spare?Me, the chief of sin-ners, spare? 
to His calls. Grieved Hitnl.y a thousand falls. Grieved Him hy a thousand falls, 
volt de-ploie Look, be-U.-v.-, and sin n.> more, Lonl;,lie-Iicvc, and fin no more. 

No. 6U. 

E;.. Nathan. 

It Crofconmjg 

James McGranahan. 


1. Our Lord is now re - jfct - ej. And by the world ilis-owned, 

2. The Ueav'us sliall glow with spleu - dor, But bright - er far than they 

3. Our pain shall then be o - ver, We'll sin and sigh no more, 

4. Let all that look for, has - tea The com - ing joy - ful day. 

By the ma • ny still ne - gleet - ed. And by the few eu-throued, 

Tiie saints shall shine in glo - ry, As Christ shall them ar . ray, 

Be - hind iis all of sor - row, Aud naught but joy be - fore. 

By ear - nest con - se . era - tiou, To walk the nar - row v.ay, 






Bv gath-'riii; 
j^_ :-: Iff: 

coMie in ^lo - ry, Tlie hour is drawing nigh. For the ■% 

(■f the S;iv - iniir, Shall daz - zle ev - 'ry eye. In the 3. 

ciiir U(< - (I'vni - I'l-, As wii to Ilim are nigh, In the d; 

in the lost ones, For whom our Loid did die. For the -^ 

'St.- -)■- .^. -im- _ 4*- -ft- -a- -*- So 


crown-iug day is coming by and 

crowu-ing day that's coming by and 

crowu-ing day that's coming by and 

crown-ing day that's coming by aud 


lay is com-ing 

Is com -ing by 


aud by, When our Lord shall come in ' pow 

* — % 



Aud "glo - ry"frora on 



Oh, the glo - rious sight will glad • den, Each 

1i\t QDro toning Saj. 

■ iDg, watch -ful eye, Id the crown-iu^- ilay tliiiftinuiiiug by aud by. 

.«.•-»-• •*■-*■ ^ ■«- ^ -*- 1^ ^' -*-• -(»- -(S--* 

No. 612. 

Ellen K. Bkadford. 

d.^bcr tbc l^hu. 

E. H. Phblps. 

^-^^-^ ^^^*^?»-« F-=s'^^f rx^3 i; *-fc*E^*S 

1. oil, teu-der anil HwiH-t was tlio Miis-tcr'H vuhc. As lU lov - ing-ly cuIIM to nii<, 

2. But my KJuH uro nm - ny, uiy luitli ishiiiall, I<4i! llii-uim\M'ri'iiiiii-(|UK'kuLilcli-ur; 
'.\. I'ut my flesh U ucuk, I t<-ur - fully wiiil, Amllhuwuy I can •nut avu- 
4. All, tlie world iscolii.und I can • ui>t K<<buc'k, I'reiUi fui-wurd I bure-ly mnst ; 



.^ J SJLS i^J 


"Piime o - viT tlic'linc, it is i.ii-ly a Bti-|> — Tnmwiiiting, My child, for thee." 
"Thou ncedfst nut trust in thv -wlf at all, >^Up o- vi-r the line, 1 am here." 

I fwir if 1 try I inav Kid - ly fail. Ami thus may dis-lion -or Thee. 

I will place niv hand in IJis wounil-cilialm. Step <i-vcrthe line, aud /rust. 

U ^ - —- I 

"0-vortho line," hear the ewcet refrain, An-gelsarechant-ing tlieheav-en -lyBtralD. 



"0 - verthe line,"-'Why should I ro-niair AVith a Btep between me and Je - bub. 
4th V. "O - verthe liue,"-I ■will not re-main, I'll cross it aud go to Je - bub. 

No. 613. poto Jfxrm a J^oitnbaftoit. 

(i Portuguese Hymn, iis.) 

M. PoRYoa\LVO. 

1. How firm a fouu-da- tiou, yo eaiutsof the Loidlls laid fur your faitli in His 

2. "Fearuot, I auiwith thee, oh, be uot dis-mayed, For I am thy God, 1 will 

3. "Wheuthro' thedecpwa - ters I call thee to go, Tlieriv - ers of sor-rows shall 

4. "The soul that ou Je - sua hath leaued for re - pose, 1 will uot — I will uot de - 

\ >' III 

ex- ccl-lent word! What morecanHesay, than to you He hath said, — To yon, who for 
still give thee aid ; I'll streugtlien thee.hidpthee.aud cause thee to stand, Up- held by My 
not o- ver-flou;r.>r I will be witli thee thy trouble to bless. And sanc-ti - fy 
Bert to Hia foes; That soul — tho' all hell should en-deav-or to sliake, I'll uev-er — no 

ref - iige to Je - sub have fled? To you, who for ref • uge to Jo - bus hath fled? 
gra-cious, om-nip - o - tent baud. Up - held by 51}' gra-cioua om-nip -o-teuthaud. 
to thee tliy deep -est dia-tress, Audeanc-ti - fy to thee thy deep -est dis-tress. 
nev -er — no uev - er for-sakel'Tll nev-er — no nev - er — no nev - er for-sake!" 

H. W. Grbatorhx. 5 

No. 614. (ilonr be io tlje Jfutljcr. 

Glo-rybo to tho Fa- Iher, and to tho Son, and to the Ho - ly Ghost; As it % 

waaiu tlie be-giuuing, is now, and evershall be, world without end: A - men, A - men. 2 

440 ' 

No. 615. Stanb up for |^sns. 

(Wbbb. 7s. 6s.) 

1. Stand up!— stauil upfor Je - 6im! Ye soldir-i-s of tlmcross; Lift high Hisroy-al bHii-ner, 

D.S. — 7;7/ ev - 'ry/ae isvanqu{ihi.d 


-I-.— I 


It iiiustiiut Buffir loss: From vie • fry iiii- 1.. vic-frvllis anii-y shall Hj load, 


And Christ is Lordindeed. 

2 Still. .1 i.p!— sl:iM.liii. f..rJi'!,.m! 

Fnllh to III,. Illi^iltV colillirt, 

III this His -l..,i,„is,l;iy : 
" Yo that are liicii, iiowbiivk Him,' 

Asaiiist iiiimiiiiticrcil Tjoh; 
Let couraRe risy with diuiKcr, 

Ami strength to stiPiigth iiiposo. 

3 Stand np!— stand tipfor Jp.sim! 

Stand in HisstrcnKtli alone ; 
TliPanii of ti.?h will fail you — 

Y.' .l:iri« not tin.-; voiir own: 

And, watchiii^ unto nrayrr, 
■\Vlipre di.ty calls, or ('anger, 

Be never wanting '.here. 

4 Stand up! — stand up for Jcsutfl 

Tlie strife will n')t bo long; 
This day, the noiso of battle, 

The next, the victor's song : 
To him thatoviMcometh, 

A crown of life shall he ; 
He with the King of glory 

Shall reign eternally I 

No. 616. 

5Ji)i iHoruiug It'sfit. Iz. 6s. 

1 The uioining light is breaking; 

The darkness disappears ! 
The sous of earth are waking 

To penitential tears ; 
Each bree/.e that sweeps the ocean 

Brings tidings from afar, 
Of nations in conin'otion, 

Prepared for Zion's war. 

2 See heathen nations bending 

Before the God we love. 
And thousand hearts asceudiug 

In gratitude above ; 
While sinners, now confessing, 

The gospel call obey. 
And seek the Saviour'u blessing- - 

A i»UQa is a <^. 

3 BUst river of salvation! 

I'lii.Mio lliiii iwaid way ; 

Flow thou b.-vrv nation. 
Nor ill thy rlrlim-Nslav: 
Stay not till all llio lowly" r.' tlii'ir home: 
Stay not till all tlic holy 

rioclaim — "The isnimel" 

i". /'". Smith, 

No. 617. 

Sometimes a^i Surprises. 

1 Soiupliines a light surprises 

The Christian while he liiugBi 
It is the Lord who rises 

With beating in His wings: 
AVheu comforts are declining, 

He grants the soul ag»iu 
A seas<jn of clear Ehining, 

To cheer it after rain. 

2 In holy contemplation, 

We sweetly then pursue 
The theme of God's salvation, 

And find it ever new; 
Set free from present sorrow. 

We cheerfully can say. 
Let the unknown to-uiorrow 

Bring with it what it may. 

3 It can bring with it nothing, 

But He will bring us through', 

Will clotlo'IIis j.,..p|,. too; 

Beneath the >pii:i'lli]i: heavena, 
No creatine but is f m| ; 

And He wlio feeds the ravens, 
Will give His children bread. 

4 Though vine nor fig-tree neither. 

Their wonted fruit should bear. 
Though all the fields should wither, 

Nor flocks, nor h»rdF be then; 
Yet God the same abiding. 

His praise shall tiiue my voice, 
For while in Him coufidiug, 

I canQQt but reMce. 

"Mfeosotbtr »li; 

No. 618. 

p. p. B. " P. P. Bliss. 

1. "Who - 80 - ev - er hear • eth." shout, shout the Bound! Send the bless- ed tid - ings 

2. " Who - so - ev - er com - eth need not de - lay, Nor the dour is o - pen, 

3. "Who-eo-ev - er will," the prom - ise se - cure, "Who-so-ev - er will," for 
I ' ^ . -*■ g. 







ill," 'tis life for - ev - er - more 

all the world a- round; Spread the joy - ful news wher- ev - er man is found 

en - ter while yuu may; Je - sus is the true, the on- ly Liv - iug Way: w 

ev - er must eu- dure; " Who - °" "" - "- "■'" " '«" '■■•"" f"- - ■»" "•• ™.— "• "^ 

^. Js ^ N I 

?*y-ti^ — P— >»'— ]>' — I — 

'-t^ — 0> — i^ — b« — ' 1 — ' r- 

^ ^ . Chorus. w i ». 

■'Who - so-ev- er will, may come.' 

5|— (?:=5^ff— -zzff^ff=|r:& 

• ev- er will, who . 

-Ji^^i^=zti:=\z-\=^-=:^ tt-i>' — g^ ^.rtfet=L:^bg:zz:g-g— | 



J ^ 





— 15 

— fs 

-- S- 

— =J*- 

1 — 





— a— 







— *•- 

— S — 







. la - 











lov - 







— ^ — 








-6* — 





Fa - ther calls 

wand-'rer home!" "Who -so - ev 


er will, may come." 

^ I i 

:g ^=.f^rz^-=- 

No. 619. 

Rev. Thos. Kelly. 

Arr. by Gbo. C. Stbbbins. 


Croluit Dim. 

u r u 

1. Look, ye saints, the sight is glo-rious; See the "Man of sor- rows'' now; 

2. Crown the Sav - iuur, an - gels, crown II iiu; Rich the tro-pliies Jo- su.s brings; 

3. Sin - nera in do- ri - suncrown'd Him; Moik-ing thus tin- Sav-ionr's claim ; 

4. HarkI the bursts of ac . cla - ma - tion! Hark! these loud tri-umph-ant chonig; 

-■g--_tl*— -g- 



^1 ?-~g=*; 




SntBK l^fm. 



From tho fis'it ro . turiiM vie • t.> • rioiis, I'v . 'ry kni-o ti Ilim sliiill bow. 

In the wMt (if jH)w'r enthrone liiin, While the vault c>t licav - en nngs 

Saints and an - pla crowd a-ronnd Ilim, Own Ilis ti - tli', praise His nanie. 

Jo • SU3 takes tlie hi;.,'li - est sta - ti..n, l»li, what joy tlio siglit af - fonls. 



-1 — — > tj rr- : J ^r ¥''\ 1 — I. 


Clown nim.crowii Ilim, an • gi-ldcrowii Tliiu, Crown the SuTiour"Kingof kin;;s;" 
ui, an • gpis crown Ilim, Crown the Sav i')iir"Kinf^ 

Crown IIiin,cruwuHiui, an • gpls crown Ilim, Cn.wn the Sav i >iir"Kinf^ of kin^c!^." 


No. 620. ^tBxi^ Cbrist is |1:tssnT0 gn. 

J. Dbnham Smith. 

Mrs. Jos. F. Knapp, 

:=> |;^^ z1-| i=q;^-q i=:j£E:::z)z|_=Mzz»-=!;^^_ 

I.Jo - ?ii3 Christ If) pass-In^ hv, Sin-inT, lift to Ilim thine fvc; 

2. Lol 11,. stands and calls to tlice, "What wilt th..u thrn have of M.-?" 

3. "Lord, 1 wonld Thy mcr-cy boo; Lord, re - vca! Thy lovo to nic; 

4. Oh, Low sweet the touch of power Comes, — and is sal - va - tion's hoiii ; 


As the pre - ciou9 mu-meuta flee, 

Rise,and tell Ilim all thy need^ 

Let it pen - e - trate my eoul, 

Je - 8U8 gives from guilt re - lease. 

Crv, be mer - ci - ful to mt ! 

Rise, He call - eth thee in - deed. 

All my heart and life cou-trol.' 

' Faith hatb Rived thee, go in peace!' 


No. 621. ST^at to'iU b f eaben for 

y. Bliss. 

James McGr\»«ah\H. 



i. I kauwuottliehoiir wheiiniy Lord willconieTo take me a-\vay to Hisowndeai home; 

2. I know uottliesoug that the au - gelasing,! kucjwnotthesound of the harps' glad ring 

3. I knownottheform of my mau-sioa fair, I kuow not the name that I then shall bear; 

But I know mat Hispresencewilllighten tliegloom, Audthatwill be glo-ry for me. 

But I know there'lllie mention of Je-sus ourKing,Andthatwill be mu-sic for me. 

But I knowthat my Sav-iour will welcome methere,Andthatwill be heav-en for me. 


And that will be glo - ry for 
Andthat will be mu-sic for 
And that will be heav-ea for 

Oh, that will be glo-ry for me; 
Oh, that will be mu-sic for me; 
Oh, that will be heav-en for me; 

-^ — 9 — t? — ^" 
Yea.that will be glo-ry, oh, tliatwillbe glo-ry for me; ■ 
Yes, that will be mu-sic, oh, thatwill be mu-sic for me; = 
Yes.thatwill be heaven, oh, that will be hcav-ea for me; •; 
Riiard. \ 
f» ■ S. K. h K ^ ^ . ^ 1 ^ N J* J* N 1 - I 

But r I'lowthat llispresenco will lig' 
But I know theiv'U he mention of Je 
But I know that my Sav-iour will \vr 

itenthegloom,Aniltluitwillhe glo-ry fop me. 
■susour King,AM(ltkatwillIie mu-sic for me. 
come me tliere, And that will ho heaven for me. 


No. f>22. pirg il^t 'gdk of fmhrn. 

Rev. Wm. O. Gushing. 

Geo. F. Root. 






1. Ring the bells 

2. King the hells 

3. Ring the hells 

of heav - en! there is joy to-day, 
of heav- en! there is joy to-day, 
of heav - enl spread the feast to • day 


For a Boul, 
For the wanderer 
An - gels, swell the 


.ing the hells of beav - enl spread the least to-day. An - gels, swell the Z, 

■ sonied ar ' 7>!j/, 

dike a might-y sea. Peal - ing forth the o" 


turu-ingfrora the wild; See' the Fa -ther meets him out up-on tlio "/ay, 

now is rec - ou - oiled; Yes, a soul is res- cued from his eiu-fulway, 

glad tri-umphant strain! Toll the joy - ful ti - diugsl bear it far 

mm-tJUm ^ tkt /tm. 


Wel-com-iog His wea - ry, waud'riiig cliild 
And is born ii - new a nin-sunied child 
For a pre -cioiis soul is born a - gaiu 

Glo - ryl glo . ry! how the 

I — I — ! 


au • gels siug; Glo - ry! glo - ryl Imw tlio I'lid liarps nug; 

No. 623. 

Mrs. M. Stockton 

^toubr0us ^obe. 

.. God loved the world of 

2. E'en now by fuitb 1 

3. Love brings tlie glo . rioud 

4. Be • liev<iug souls, re • 

5. Of Vic - tory now o'er 


ners lost And ni - im- 
Uiiumiuo, Tlio ris • eu 
uesa in, And to Hi 
iug go; Tliore shall 
tun's power Let 


all the 






fall; Sal - va-tion full, at high - e«t cost, Ho of - fei-s free to 

God; Ke - demptioa by Ula death I find. And cleansing thro' the 

known The bless-ed rest from ia - bred sin, Thro' faith in Christ a ■ 

given A glo-rious fore. taste, here be - low, ()f end- less life in 

Bing, And tri-umph in the dy • iug hour Thro' Christ the Lord our 



brought my Sav - lour f rom 

No. 624. Jesus Sfeall Slwgn. 

Isaac Watts. ( Duke Street, l. m.) 

John HATtoR. 

3. Je • BUS shall reign wher - e'er tbe 

2. To Him shall ecU- less p«iy'rbe 

3. Peo • pie and realms of ev - 'ry 

sun Does his sue- cea - sive jour-neys run, 
made, And prais-es throng to crown His head: 
tongue, Dwell on His love with sweet-est song; 

m^m^^ ^mmm 

His kingdom spread fron; shore to shore. 
His name, like sweet per - fume shall rise 
Aad ju-faut voic-es shall pro - claim 

e, Till moons shall wax and wane no moro. 
With ev-'ry morn-iug sac - ri - lice. 
Their ear-ly bless - iugs on His Kame. 



4 Blessings abound where'er He reigns 
The prisoner leaps to loose his chains; 
The weary find eternal rest, 

And all the sons of want are blest. 

5 Let every creature rise, and bring 
Peculiar honors to our King: 
Angels descend with songs again. 
And earth repeat the loud amen. 

KC 625. Tune— DuKB Street, l 
1 ISo let our lips and lives express 
The holy gospel we profess; 

So let our works and virtues shine ; 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad 
The honors of our Saviour God; 
When His salvation reigns within, 
And grace subdues the power of sin. 

3 Religion bears our sjiirits up. 
While we expect that blessed hope,— 
The bright appearance of the Lord: 
And faith stands leaning ou His word. 

Isaac fVatis. 

No. 626. m^t f tglji jof tlj5 Moxh h |es«s. 

p. p. B. P. P. Buss. 


1. The whole world was lost In the 

2. No dark, ness have we who in 

3. Ye dwell - ers in dark • ness with 

4. No need of the sun - light iu 

dark - ness of sin, The § 

Je - sus a • bide, The ^ 

sin - blind - ed eyes. The ff 

heav - en, we're told. The S 


Light of tlie wortd Is 

LigUt of the world is 

Light of the world Is 

Light of that world is 

Jo - ens; Like sun -shine at noon - day Ilis 

Jo • bus; We walk in the Light when wo 

Jo - sus; Go, wash, at His bid - ding, and 

Je • sus; The Lamb is the light in tlie 

®!)e Kstt of *^t moTn>. 

^'lo - ry shone in. The Li^^ht of the wurla is Je - sua. 

ful - low our Guide, The Light of the worM is Je - sua. 

Jijiht will a - rise. The Light of the worM is Je - sua. 

tit - y of Gnid, The Light of that world is Je - sua. 

_-g- -f- -r -r fi- * — ^ 

Conio to tlio Light, 'tis shin- iug for thui- : Swcet-ly tlio Light has daw nM up- oc ino, 

_■*■ It t t ^"^l 



Once I \va.s Mind, but now I can 

IS ^ 


The Light of the world is Je • bus. 

No. 627. 

Mrs. Ellkn H. Gates. 


ID wia - ry at lioait. For tlio \riiy hnx brou 
vo wat( h uud wo wait. And wo utand at tlio 



dark, And so lono - 1 

gato, While the shad- 

I 1 r^ \ [ ^ b« u 


hiMin'I oh. Come 
lioniel oh, cume 






Tome, oil, conic home! ' 
p, oh, come home, comohoB 


3 Come homo ! come home I 
From tho sorrow and blame. 
From til- sin and the shame. 
And the tiniiitir that smiled, 

O prodigal child ! 
Osgae hoiftCj oh> Km>» YiismK 

4 Come home ! come home 1 
There is bread and to spare, 
And a warm wel «)me there ; 
Then, to friends . .-conciled, 

O prodigal child ! 
Q(xu» boiae, oh, Qiuae boQel 

No. 628. lot lobj, Pg Cfexlb. 


Slow, and with expt 

Ira D. Sankkt. 

Not now, my child, — a lit • tie more rough toss - iug, A 

Not now; for I have wan-d'rers in the dis - tance, Aud * 

now; for I have loved ones sad aud wea - ry; Wilt 'g 

lit - tie long- er on the bil - lows' foam ; A few more journeyiiigs 
thou must call them in with pa- tieut love; Not now; for I have 
thou udt cheer them with a kiud - ly smile? Sick ones, who need thee 

^» > t? U t* ' ^- 'r 

in the des - ert dark-ness. And then, the eiiiishitia of thy Fa-ther's Home ! 

sheepup-on the mountains. And thou must fol- low thorn wher- e'er they rove. 

in their lone- ly sor-row; Wilt thou not tend them yet a lit- tie while? 





4 Not now ; for wounded hearts are sorely Iileeding, 

And thou must teach those widowed hearts to sing : 
Not now; for orphans' tears are quickly falling, 
They must be gathered 'ueath some sheltering wing. 

5 Go, with the name of Jesus, to the dying. 

And speak that Name in all its living power ; 
Why should thy fainting heart grow chill uud weary? 
Canst thou not watch with Me one little hour? 

6 One little hour I and then the glorious crowning. 

The golden harp-strings, and the victor's palm; 
One little hour I and then the hallelujah ! 
Eternity's long, deep, thanksgiving psalm! 

No, 629. %\t (^xmi f IjiTStctiiit. 

Rev. Wm. Hontrr. 

Arr. by Rev J. H. SrocKTOM. 


The great Thy - 6 

Yo\ir ma - ny sins are 

All glo - ry to the 

His name dis -pels my 

nnw is near, The 

all for-giv'n, Oh, 

dy - ing T.anib! T 

guilt aud fear. No 

now bo- 
oth - er 

.Te - BUS ; £ 
Je - 8US ; 5 





®t)t (K«at ptasftfsn. 




He speaks the droop- ing heart to cheer. Oh, hear the voice of Je - sus. 

Go on yn'ir way in jjeace to heaven, AuJ wear a crown with I'e - sus. 

I love the liless-ed Saviours name, I love the name of Jj - bus. 

Oh, how my Boul do- lights to hear The pro -cioue name of Jo- sus. 

No. 630 C0-§irn llj^ ^abiowr Calls. 

S. F. Smith, D.D. 

LowRLL Mason. 

-J . 1 -. j---\ — -I — u— I— I , I I I — I-,- 

1. To - day the Sav-iour rails 

2. To - day the Sav-iour calU 
:i. To - day the Sav-iour calla 

Ye wand'rers.conie; O ve be- night- od nouls, 
O hear ilim mow; Within these Ki-ir.d walls 
For ref - use fly ; The storm of jus - tice falls. 

4. The Spir- it calls to-day; Yield to IIi8pow'r;0 grieve Him not a- wav, 

^ 1_ -* -g-^-g- -<S>- _ I ° ^ -m- -m- -m- ^ 

Why long-er roam?. Come home, come home, The Sav-iour calls, come home, 
To Je - sus bow. I 
death is nigh, j 

'Tis mer-cy's hour. 

ome home, come home. 

No. 631. 


tti m mn §05 ta-mQl^i? 

K^ith tenderness. 

Rev. R. LowRT. 

1, Where is my wand'ring boy to- night — The boy of my tenderest care, The 

2, Once he was pure as morn- ing dew, As he knelt at his i uth-er's knee; No 

3, could I see you now, my boy, As fair as in i 'd - en time, When 
1. Gio for my wand'ring boy to-night; Go, search for him wL ere yoi' i>ili ; But 



boy that was once my joy and light. The child of my love and prayer? 
face was so bright, no heart more true. And none was bo sweet as he. 

prat - tie and smile made home a joy, And life was a mer - ry chime f 
bring him to me with &11 bis blight. And tell him I lore him still. 

Chorus. Not too fast. 


O where is my boy to - night? O where is my boy to - night? My 
'% \„^\ jm. jm. «^ .^ jmTm. .m. 

him he knows; where is my hoy to - night? 

No. 632. 

Marv Shbklbton. 

Mi fassttlj iitotokirgi. 


Ira D. Sankey. 


1. It pass • eth know-ledgp, that dcai Jove of Thine! My Jo - sn.s! Sav - iourl 

8. It pass- eth teU - ing.' tliat doai love of Thinel My .Te - bus! Sav - iour! 

It pass- etYi prai's - es .' that dear love of Thinel My Je-siis! Sav - iour! 

■ft -_-ff- 

A5U V I I «• 

ff ^assttf) Enotnltlrgt. 

yet this soul of mine WouM of tliat lovo, in all its depth and length, 
yet tlieso lips of iiiiue Would fain pro- claim to sin - uers far and near 
yet this heart of miue Would slug a love Bo rich, so full, bo free. 

Its height, and breadth, and 
A love which can re - 
Whichbroughtan un - done 



ev • er . lastingstreiigth,KiK>w mure and 

move all guilt - y fear. And love be 

8iu - ner, such aa me, Kight home to 

■A- ^ ^ ^ ^ J^ -^ ^ 


4 But all I I cannot tell, or sing, or know. 
The fullni'.ss of that love whilst hero below ; 
Vet Diy jioor vessel I may freely bring; 

O Thuu who art of love "the living spring, 
Jly vessel fill. 

5 I am an empty Vessell scarce one thought 
Or look of love to Thee Ivo ever brought ; 
Yet, 1 may come, and Come again to Thee 
With this— the contrite sinner's truthful plea- 

" Thou Covest mt." 


G Oh, fill me, Jesus, Saviour, with Thy love I 
May woes but drive me to the fount above ; 
Thither may I in childlike faith draw uigh. 
And never to another foutitaiu fly 
But unto Thee 1 

7 And when, my Jesus ! Thy dear face I see. 
When lit the lofty throne I bef' thekuee. 
Then of Thy l.ive— inallitsbi' athandleugth. 
Its height, ami depth, and everlasting Btreugtb- 
Aly suul shall sing. 

No. 633. 

Rev. R. Robinson. 

Come, ^4jou Jfount. 

\ — I — 

John Wybth. 



J f Come, Thou Fount of ev- 'ry bless -ing, Tune my heart to sing Thy grace;! 
I Streams of mer - cy, uev - er ceas - ing, Call for songs of loud -est praise; J 


D.C. — Praise the mount — I'mfixedu/ - on it! Mount of Thy 

-deem ing love. 

Teach me some mel 

net. Sung by flam - ing tongues a - bove; 


2 Here I'll raise mv El)enezer, 

Hither by Thy help I'm come; 
And I hope, by Thy good pleasure, 

Safely to arrive at home; 
Jesus sought me when a stranger. 

Wandering from fhe fold of God; 
He, to rescue me from danger, 

Interpoaed Hia precioua blood. 


3 Oh, to grace how great a debtor, 

Daily I'm consfraineil io be I 
Let Thy goodness, as a fetter, 

Bind my wandering heart to Thee 
Prone to wander. Lord, I feel it — 

Prone to leave the God I love — 
Here's my heart, oh, take and seal it 

Seal it for Thy courts above. 

No. 634. Sto^^l fowr of f rawer. 

Wm. B. Bradbury. 

1. Sweet hour of prayer I sweet hour of prayer! That calls me from 

W. W Walford. 



D.C.—And o/t 

es - caped the temp • ter's snare. By thy 


re - turn, sweet 


world of care, And bids me 

Fa - Uier's throne Make 


I u ( 

hour of prayer; And oft es • caped the temp • ter 

s snare. 



all my wants and wish - es known 


In sea - sons of dis- 


thy re - turn, sweet hour 


of prayer. 



tress and grief, My soul has oft - eu found re - lief; 

2 Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer! 
Thy wings shall my petition bear 
To Him whose truth and faithfuluess 

En^ajio the waitiiiLj soul to bU-ss : 

And siiir,, II,. hi, Is iiK- s.vk llis face, 

B.-li,.v,. llis \v,,i,l, aii.l trust His grace, 

[: I'll <ast,iii lliiii my cviM-y care, 

And wail I'ur thee, sweet liuur uf prayer! :|| 

3 Sweet hour of prayer! sweet hour of prayer! 
Blav I tliy consolation share, 
Till, from M,)init Pisgah's loftv height, 
I view mv li,,mi. um,I tak,' mv tli-ht; 
This robe of lU.-li I'll ,!i,.i,, ami rise 
To seize the ev.Mlastiiii,' ],ri/.,' ; 
||: And shout, wliile j.assiu.r tiirou-h the air. 
Farewell, I'arewell, sweet hour of prayer! :] 

No. 635. Cbcrc is 'fife for :i f ooh. 

Amhlia M. Hull. 

wtr^^f^ ^s^. 

tSfiett is lilt for a loolt 



life at this mo- meut for thee; Theu look, sin-iier, look un - to Htm aud be saved, 

Je - SU8 thy guilt was not laid ? Oh, why from II is side flowed the sin- cleaiisiug blood, 

B/aocl, that a- touosforthe soul ; Oq Hiui, theu, whoshed it, thou may -est at ouce 

muin - eth no moio to be done; That ouce in the eud of the woiid He appeared, 

life ev - er - last- iug He gives; Aud know witli as -sur-ance thou uev - er canst die. 


Uu - to Him who was uailed to the 

If His dy - ing thy debt 

Tliy weight of in - iq 

Aud com - plet - ed the 

Siuco Je - 8U3 thy right -eous-ness, lives. 

.Ilea to the tree. 
;bt has not paid? 1 
iq - ui • ties roll. \ 
jrk He be- gun. L 

^}lt -PlIIIK-flPKlil liV04 -^ 

Look! look I look aud live I Thert la 

"* * — — m M — I 

— • — w-m—m — •-v-«H-*-S-i-""-S~»^ ~1 •" — aTi -sr" ~^ — "» 

life for a l(M.k at the Cru - ci-fled One, There is life at this uio- nnut tor thee. 

Come to Ibc ^abiour. 

R. Geo. F. Root, 

1. Ci.nie to the Sav-ionr, make no de- lay; Here in His word He's showu us the way, 

2. "Suf-fer the chil-dreu !" Oh, hear His voice. Let ev-'ry heart leap forth aud re.joice, 
;!. Thijik ouce a- gain, He's with us to-day ; Heeil now Hisblest coni-mau<l8,aud o-bey; 

-m » — • « — ,-m m ■ w —t-^ — . — -i 1-^ 1^-* • — , — W w • W —f-t—, 

i^g-^^ -^-r— r^ =P L_B =t:=l=l:— t^-i j'-l — ^rHir*— gri-g^gn 


our n.: 1st He's Ftand - ing to - daj', Ten- d.?r - ly say - ing, "Come I"' 
us free - ly make Him our choice; Do not de-lay, but come. 
His ac - ceuta ten - der • Iv say, "Will you, my chil-dren, come?" 

D.S.—And ive shall gath-er, Sav- tour, with Thee, In our e • ter ' nal home. 

Joy - ful, joy - ful will the meet-iug be, When from si u our heartsare pure aud free; 

No. 637. 

Jos. H. GiLMORB. 

f e f tabttfe Pe. 

Wm . B. BradborT. 


1 , 



He lead-ethme! oh! 
Some- times 'mid scenes of 
Lord, I would clasp Thy 
And when my task oa 




ed thought,OU ! words with heav'uly 
est gloom, Sometimes where E - deu's 
iu mine, Nor ev - ermur-mur 
is done. When, by Thy grace, the 


-fort fraught f 
- ers bloom, 
re - pine— 
tr'y's won, 







' 1 p=pSzr 





* — 

*-l— ' 



-1 — ' 

H — 

t*"— r 

-t — 




What- e'er 1 do, i 

.'her . e'er I be, Still 'tis God's hand that lead - eth me. 

By wa- ters still, o'er troub- led see. Still 'tis God's hand that lead - eth me. 

Con- tent, what-ev - er lot I see. Since 'tis my God that lead-ethme. 

'en death's cold wave I will not flee, Since God throurh Jor - dan lead-ethme. 

Refrain. i 


r— I — ! -^t=*^£^:'*^ _ 

He lead -eth me! He lead - eth me! By His own hand He lead- eth me; 


faith - ful follower I would be. For by His hand He lead - eth nio> 

^- \ .^. ^. ^ ^ .m. -0. _ /T\ 


No. 638. Ittotls. 

Rev. W. O. CusHiNG. 

^ Moderato. . . 

Geo, F. Root. 

1. When IIo com- eth, when He com - -eth To make up His jew -els, All His 

2. Ho willgath-er. He will gath - er The gems for His kiug-dom : .Ml the 

3. Lit 


chil-dren, lit- tie chil-dreu, Who love their Re-deem -er. Are the t. 

V.,HORUS. jj 

His own.) 

His own. V 
His own.) 

jew • els, pre-cious jew - els, His lov'.' and Hi 
. pure ones, uU the hrJKht ones, Hislov'd and 
jew • els, |)re-ciuus Jew - els, His lov'd and 

454' ^ 

Like the stars of the 


iiioiiiiii-, II is 111 i;;litirn« n iiili.i iiiiig,Tlie3'i>liiillsliiiieiii tlioiibcaiitv, liiighl {,'i'iiisliirlli 

It };i.'iiis liir His ciowu. 

No. 639. 

I\lis. Eli/.. Codser. 

e\im Ml 

Wm. B. r.RADnURY. 


l-ni(l,l hviir of show rsofbl.-.vsiii';Tli()Viiirt.s<ittt riii;; lull anil li<.--Slii.\v'i-s the lliii^ly 

I'liiw iiKMiut, gracious ratliei-,t<iii - fill tlio' my '""I't ""O'I'p; Thoumlght«tleavenio,biu i;,. 

I'ass luiMiot, (> ttnilerSavioiir! Let nie luveaudcliuKloTliet-; I iiiii loiigiii<; fm- Thy 

4. Tiiss niuuot, U iiiiglit-y Spir-it Tliou canst niaki- the blind to seo;Wil- 


ficsliing; Let soim'iIr(iopin;;Bl'allon nie- x 
rath - er Let Thy niei-cy tall on Die— I ., 
lav - or; Whilst me— f 
iiier - it,Speak the wdidof |M)\v'itonie — -' 

veu nie, E-' 

., Let Thy 


5 Love of GihI, so pure and changeless; 
Blood of Christ, go ri';li anil free; 
Grace of God, so strong and boundless ; 
Magulfy theiu all in nie — 

I < I I 

ti Pa-ss nio not ! Thy lost one bringing, 
ISitidmy heart, Lord, to Thee; 
While the streani.s of life (ire springing, 
Bles,sii]g otiiei ^ oh, ble.-s me — 

No. 640. 

Dan'l. March. 


U^rt lint I; S^nb |9t 

u ? *-- s = ^ 

1. Hark! the voice of Je - siis cry-ing — "Who will go and work to - <Iay? Fields are 

L'. If yoii can. not cross the i)-cean,And the hea-then UiiuIh ex -iilo'ie, Von can 

'■'>. If you cau- not speak like an-gels,If yoii can - not preaili like raiil. Vmi cau 

4. If you can- not lie the watchman, Stand-ing high on Zi - onVwall, IN.jnt-ing 

■>. If a- inongtho old- er peo-ple, You may not be apt to teac li. " Feed my 

hear you i - dly s:iy-ing, "There is noth - iug I can do." While the 


-J* — 1^ 



ind har- vest wait-ing, Who will bear the sheaves a -way?"' Loml and strong the 
the hea-then near- er. You can help fheni at yourdoor, If you can - not 
the love of .le-siis, You can Siiy He died for all. If you can - not 
out the path to heav-en, Offering life and peare to all; — With your pray'rsaiicl 
lambs," said Christ.our Shepherd," Place the food with - in their reach." And it niav le 
souls of men are dv-ing, And the Mas - ter calls for vnii. Take the task He 




-ti S- 

iUnt am I ; Ztntt ^e. 



. ter call-eth, Rich re - ward He of-fersthee; Who will an-swer, 
your thousands, You cau give the wid- ow's mite; And the least you 
1 the wick -ed With the judgment's dread a-larms,You can lead the 
your bounties You can do what heav'n demands; You can be like 
the chil-drenYou have led with trembling hand, Will be found a- 
you glad-ly. Let His work your pleas- ure be; An - swer quick - ly 

"Here am. I; send me, send me!" "Here am I; send me, send mel" 

Will be pre-cious in His sight, Will be pre-cious in His sight 

To tht Sav -iour's wait- ing arms, To the Sav-iour's wait - ing arms. 

Hold-ing up the proph-et's hands, Hold - ing up the proph - et's hand*. 

When you reach the bet - ter land. When you reach the bet - ter land. 

"Hefjam 1; send rae, send me!" "Here am I; send me, send me!" 



No. 641. 

L. E. Akerman, alt. 

gotljiiTig §ut f ^abts. 

Silas J. Vaiu 

1. Noth-ing but leaves ! The Spir - it grieves O'er years of wast - ed life; O'er 

2. Noth-ing but leaves! No gathered sheaves Of life's fair rip. 'ning grain: We 

3. Noth-ing but leaves 1 Sad mem-'ry weaves No veil to hide the past: And 

4. Ah, who shall thus the Maa-ter meet, And bring but with 'ered leaves? Ah, 

-HI* \^ ^Zn_„ 1 f- 

18 indulged while conscience slept. O'er vows and prom- is • es un-kept. And 

BOW our seeds; lo ! tares and weeds, — Words, /- <//* words, for earn-est deeds — Then 

as we trace our wea - ry way, And count each lost and mis- spent day, We 

who shall, at tlie Sav - iour's feet. Bo - fore the aw - ful judg-ment-seat, Lay 

reap from years of strife- 
reap, with toil and imin, 
sad - ly find at last- 
down for, gol;!- en sheaves,- 

Nothing but l.sives I Nothing but leaves! 

Nothing hut leaves I Nothing but leavesl 

Ni>thing but leaves I Nothing but leaves! 

Nothing but leaves? Nothing but leaves? 

get ^^m h goom. 

1 N--1 3— — r--t -ftr-n 1 1 ' -s^-J 

So. 642. 


^/tnv, -with tJcpressioH 

Ira D. SAjisac 


1. "Yet tliore \a iwmi!" 1 lie Lauib'g bright liall of soup:, With its fair glo - ry, 

2. I)ay is de-clin • ing, ami the sua Is low; Tlie shail - owg leugth - eu, 

3. The biiii - al hall is fill - iug for the fciist : Pass iiil inisg inl ami 

4. It fills, it fills, that ball of ju - bl - lee 1 JIake hasto, luake haste ; 'tifl 

beck -0118 thee a-long;^ 
light makes haste to go: f ,, 
be the BritIegro<^iiu'8 guest: j" " 
Uot too full for thee:-' 

,room, Btill room! Oh, eu - ter, ©n 

6 Yet there is room I Still open stands the gate 
The gate of love ; it is not jet too late : 
Kooni, room, still room I oh, enter, enter now I 

6 Pass in, pass in I That banquet is for thoe; 
That cup of everlasting love is free: 

Room, room, still room I oh, enter, enter now I 

7 All heaven is there, all Joy I Go in, go in; 
The angels beckon thee the prize to win: 
Kooui, room, still room 1 oh, enter, enter now I 

8 Ere night that gate may close, and seal thy doom : 
Then the last, low, long cry:— "No room, no rooml" 
Ko room, no room: — oh, woful cry, "No rooml" 


No. 643. Minbobs opeit tobiirtr |erusulent. 

p. p. B. P. P. Bum. 

5 K ■*! 1^ N I fc N 1 1-1 1 1 1^-1 .^1 I ' 1 1 — ^U 

1. Do you see the Hebrew cap-tlvekueel-iug, 
ii. Do not fear to tread the fie - ry fur-nace, 
3. Children of the liv-ing God, take cour-s 


At morniiig,no.jiiaiiilni«ht, 
Nor shrink the lion's den 
Your great deliv'raucesweet - 

share ; 


In his chamber he re-mem- bers Zi . on, Tho' in ex - ile far 
For the God of Dan-iel will de - liv - er. He will send His an - 
Set your fac - es toward the hill of Zi - on, Thenceto hail your com - 


Are your windows open toward Jeru - sa-lem, Tho' as captives herea" little while "westay? 

IMiiilJofas open totoart 3tnusalim. 

For tlie coiiiiii;; of theKiiig iu His glo - ry, Are vuu wiitcliiiis "lay by tl:iy? 

No. 644. ^bc 61orious ^orning. 

Rev. WM. Hunter. 

Wm. B. Bradbury. 


1. Sdun shall we see the glo- riousnioru-iiiy:, 8iiiiil.s a- rise! Saints a - rise! 

2. Hear yo tlietnimp of Gcid re-sound-iiig, Saiutu a - rise! Saints a - rise! 

3. The Saints who sleep, with joy a - wak - en. All a->! all a - rise ! 

4. Fast by the throne of God bo - hold theiii Crown'd at last! crownM at last! 

A A 4». .*. A J . I.J h 1^ I . 

-1 1»- -IZ— :t=— C_-Ji' 


' (i?;^ 

Sin - uei-s, at-teiid the notes of warn -Ing; Saints* a - rise! Saints a • rise! r" 

Thro' all the vaults of deiiih re-buund-iug; Suiuta a - ri.«- ! Saints a • ris«- ! ?< 

Their liecla of death arequiek f..r -sak - en ; All it- rice! all a- ris- ! m 

See ill Iliaarnis the Sav - i>>ur theni.CrowuM at last! crown'd at last! -'" 

.*. .*. m.m. M. I.J. I _^ U- I . I N ^ . " 



u(-t ti.o Hr 

one of 


rec-tion day draws near. The King of Saints shnllsnon ap - |H>a 

'idgegr(Hini,ha.sle, prepare, I'lit ou your bri - dal garinenls fair 

all the f:iith-fnl few Who here uu earth the Siiv- ionr km 

gill - ry nmnd their head. No tears of Bur - rnw now are 

:y7r:siii3:iiyitti£i^:i ^ im 


high His my - al Hland>arti rear; Aiinta a - rise! Saints » - rise! 

hall yoiirSav - Iciur in the air; Siiintu a - rise I fHinlH ii - ris<' ! 

HlarlH with iilisH Jlis Knrd to view; All a • rise! nil n - rise! 

Joy's rnllfiiunt-uiii till ani led, Crown'dat I rrown'dal last! 


No» 645. ^alUhtja^, Mfeal a Sabrourl 

p. P D. 


P. P BU9< 


\. 'Man of Sni-ro«8,"\iliat a nnine 
iJ. Briir- iug Fliaiue and sc-ofT-lns rude, 
ii. Ciiiilt - y, vile and Lelp-leiss, we; 


the Sun of Gild, who came 
my place cou-domncd IIo bIihxI, 
less Lamb of God was He; 

4 Lifted np \va« IIo to die, 
"It isfiiiislicd," WttsHiHcry, 
Kuw in heaven exalted bich, 
Ualleliuah, what a Saviuur I 

5 When IIo Comes, our ;;loriou8 King, 
All His rauHonn-il home to liriiig, 
Then anew thix sont; we'll Awf, 
Ualleli^ah, whut a s^aviuurf 

No. 646. fol lltapcrs of fife's |jarbtst. 

1. B. W. 

„ S/'iriled. ^^ 

\ — ^- 


-J .J^-l- 

1. III! roap-ers of life's bar -vest, Why stand with rust-ed Made, Fn - til the iii-litdraw« 

2. ThrustinyourBlmrpeuedBict-le, And gath-cr ia the gi.iiu, The nislit im fast ap. 

3. BlountuptUebeightsof Wiudom, And ciusheacher- lor low; Keep back uo words of 

round thee, And day be- gins to fade? Why stand ye 1- lie, wait-ing For 
proachiiig, And soon willcome a- gain; The Mas- tor calls for reap-ers And 
knowledge That bu- man heat't^Bhould know. Be faitb- ful to thy niis-siou In 

teap-eianioi-e to come? The gold- eu morn is pass-ing, Why sit ye i- die, dumb? 
shall He call in vain? Shall sheaves lie tliereun-athered, And waste np-on the plain? 
seiv-ice of thy Lord, And then a gold-en chap-let Shall he thyjnst ie-\va;d. 

Jtsus is W^u^^ 

Fade, fatle,i'iicli earthly joy; Jesus is mine! Break, ev'ry teu-iler tie; .le - siis is mine! 

Tempt ni)t my soul away; Jesus is mine! Heiewoulill ev-er stay; Je - sns is miuel 

Faiewc-ll.yeilreiimsof night; Jes\i3 is mine! Lost in thisilawnin^ lir;ht; Je - bus is mine! 

Farewell, "null- tal-i-ty; Jesus is mine! Welcome, e - ter- ni - ty ; Je - sus is mine! 

■jt- ;ff; -^ 



Dark istlie wiWeniess, Karth hasnoiestiu-^placc, Jesusa-lonecan bless, Je- eus is mine! | 

)VrisliliigtIiiug8of clay. Born but for one brief day, Pass from my lieartaway,Je- siis is mine! >^ 

All lliat my soul hastried, Ijeftliut a dismal void, JesusLa»sat-i»- tied, Je. sus is iniiicl g 

Welcome, O lovo.l and blest. Welcome, sw.ct scenes of rest, Welcome, my Paviours breast. Jesus is mine! Z 

No. 648. 

Mrs. H. B. Stowk, arr. 

^\notIung, ^luorhhtg. 

Geo. F. Rcot. 


1. Knockin;;, kuocliin;;, who is there? Wait-in*;, wait- 

2. Knocking, knooking, still He's there? Wait-iug, wait- 
a. Knocking, knocking,— what! still there? AVait-iug, wait- 

oh, how fairl 
wondrous fairl 
grand and fair! 

Ah ! my houI, for wirli a won - der Wilt thou not 
Wllhtlwirdark and illuK-ing ten - drils, Kv • er round 
Beam with pa - llent ey<«, no l^n - der. Of thy Sav - 

do the dixir? 
inpr-eg twine. 
Hlt-iuK there. 

F-S^&^ f I - Si r&— r r— i- 


No. 649. I ^<arb i^t ^om of ^tsm Saff. 


(Evan, cm.) 

Wm. H. Havbro*^ 

tJ^kK^^ ~^'\ — ; — 1 — tI 


I ~i~ 1 'i w~- —, 

1 — ; — f" 

-^ Tzr B 

1. I heanllho vnke 

2. I came to Je - 

3. I hpiird the voice 

4. r came to Je - 




Je-bii!) wiv. ••f..m.- 
as I wa.s- Wea - 
Je-8U8 say. "Be - 
and I drank Of 

UU - to 

ry, aud 
bold, I life 

mo ami rest , 
woru, aud pad; 
free - ly Rive 
• Biv - in(? etrt-am; 

1 III 

-1 — p-r?-ll-t=zr-. 

1 1 


-i — \ — 1 a. 


Lay down, thou wea - ry one, lay down 

I foiuxt ill Ilim a rcot-ing- place, 

The liv - inj; \va - t«r— tliirnt-y one. 

My tliirat 8oul re • vived, 


Thy head up. on my breast," 

Aud He linH made me Riad. 

Stoop down, and drink, aud live." 

And DOW I live in Him. 

hoard the voice of Jesus cay, 
" I am thix dark world's LiRlit; 
Look unto Dio, thy morn ahall rise, 
And all thy day be bright." 

I looketl to Jottiifl, and I found 
In Him my i^lar, my Siin ; 

And in tliat liKht of life I'll walk 
Till trav'liDg days are dooe. 




re fair teas |lcbcr Colb. 

p. p. Ptia«. 


I U 

Rp . peat the Bto • ry o'er and o'or. 

Of ^eace I on . ly knew the nnnie, 

My liigh - est place is ly • iiiR low 

And oh, wliat rapt-ure will it be. 


Ot' grace bo full 

Nor found my eonl 

At niv He - doom - 

With all the luwt 


and free ; 

cr's foot ; 
a - Love, 


T love to ht-ar it more ami more, Since grace has res- 

Vn • til the sweet-voiced nii • pel rame T" soothe mv wea 

No re - al joy in life I know, Vtiit in His erv - 

To sing through nil e - ter - ni - ty The won- Jers of 

-| 1, ^ y ^■ 


The half was nev-er told, 


tr-t-j ^-^ \=z 

vied jtte. 
yy breast, 
ice sweet. 
Ilis /ove.i 

®i)t J^alf h3a« Ntbtr gToHr. 

The half was nev^r 

1. Of ^race di- vine, 
1. Of peace, eXa. 

3. Of joy, etc. 

4. Of Itnie, etc. 


80 won. der. ful, 

The half Was nev • er 


ncv-er toll 

N ). 651. 

H. i^. Turner. 

Christ Jleturutt^. 

James McGranahan. 

1. It may he at morn, when the day is a- wak-iiig, Wheu 8un-li);htthro' 

2. It may he at mid - day, it may he at twi-light, It may be, per- 

3. While its hosts cry Ho- saa - iia, from heaven de- soeudiiig, With plo-ri-fied 

4. Oh, joy I oh, de - lightl should we go with-out dy -ing, Ko sick-Dess, uu 


netw and shad- ow is break- ing, Tliat Je - 

3,thatthe hiack-ness of mid - niglit Will burst in 

and the an - gels at - tend - ing. With grace on 

uests, DO dread and no cry - iug, Caught up thru' 



h-Jt «-_._5-__* 

full - ueSB of glo - ry, To 

hliize of His glo - ry, When 

ha - lo of glo - ry. Will 

Lord in - to glo - ry, When 

o from the world "His own.' 

Je - 6U9 re - ceives " His own.' 

Jo - gu8 re - ceive " His own." 

Jo - sus re - ceives " His own.' 




Lord Je- HUB, how long? how long Ere we shout the glad song? Christ re- 
irn-oth; llul-lu •lu-Jahl hal- 1(< • III Jnh! A • men, Hal - Ic - In - Jahl A -men. 

No. 652. 

3!9arB fa be a 3Bamei. 

p. p. Buss. 


Stand - iiif; by a pur - pose true, Heed . ing God's com - mand, 

2. Ma - uy might - y men are lost, Dar - ing not to stand, 

3. Mil - ny gi - anta, great and tall. Stalk - ing thro' the land, 

4. Hold the goa • pel han • uer bighl On to vie • fry grand! 


hail to Dan - iel'd Band! 
join ing Dan- iePs Baud! 
met l>y Dan - iel's Baud! 

Hon- or them, the faith ■ ful few! All 

Who for God had been a b<»it, Uy 

Head -long to the earth would full. If 

Sa - tau and his hosta de - fy. And shout foV Dan - iel's Band! 

Chokus. . ^ 

Dare to bo a Dun-iel, Dare tostand alone! Dare to hare apui-pose Arm! Dare to make it known! 

No. 653. Srisf, mir .^ou(, g^risc. 

Ch. Weslbv. (Lrn(ix. 6s, 8s.) Lewis £nsoN. 

1. A - rise, niy 84iul, a - rise; Sliukeufir thy guilt-y fears; The bleed-ing sac - ri - flee 
'-'. Ue ev - er livis a - bove, Kor nie to lu-ter-cede; His all re<leeni-ii)i{ love, 
'X Five bleeillDf; wouoas He beara. Ke-ceiveil on Cal-va - ry; They pour ef- fectual prayers, 
4. My Gud is rec -ou-ciled; His purd'uiiig voice I hear; He ownn me for His child; 



4 — -,-, — : .-, — I 1 — -I , — -p 

In my be - half np - pears; Be - fore thr throne my Sure - ty stands. 

His pre -cions blood to plead; His blood a - toned for all our race. 

They strong-Iy plead for me; For - give him, oh, for- give they cry, 

I can uo Ion? - er fear; With con - fi- dence I now draw nigh. 


Be - fore the throne my Snre- ty stundrt. My name is writ- ten on His hands. 

His blood ii- toned for all our racf, .\iid sprinkles now the thnme of grace. 

For- give him, oh, for- give.tliey cry. Nor let that ransomed sin - ner die. 

With cou - fi- deuce I now draw iii^'li, .\nd " Fa-ther, Ab - ba, Fa - tber," cry. 

No. 654. 

Rev. KuwAKD Mote. 

the SoUb IRofh, 

Wm. v.. Bradmjrt. 

1. My hop© is biiilt on noth-iiig less TbaD Je - bus' bl.iod and rigliteouBDesa ; 

2. Wben darkness veils His love - ly face, I rest on His uii - cliunging grace; 

3. His oath, His cov - e- nant, His blood, Sup - port nje iu tbe vhcluiiug flood ; i 

4. \Vbeu Ho shall come with trumi)-et Bound, O, may I then iu Him be found ; ^ 

1 dare not trust the sweet-est frame, But whol- ly lean on Je - bus' tiame. a 

Iu ev - 'ry high auJ storm- y gale, Jly auch- or holds with - iu the vail. -t 

Vhen all a- round my bouI gives way. He then is all my ho|)o aud stay. ° 

Cloth'd iu His righteous - ness a - lone, Fault- less tii_staud be - fore the throne! J 




M. M. M. ^. jm. -^ -^ ■^. 

' ^ — 1> — f- 

Chorus. ... 

On Christ, tlie Solid Rock, I Btaud; All other ground is sinking f 

9 ~*-m-:^-*—m-*-m-m-:^-"' 

All other ground is sinking sand. 

No. 655. ^t gmutiful fmib on |)i0^. 

James Kicholson. Wm. U. Butchkr. 

1. There's a beau - ti . fill laud on high, 

2. There's a b.-iiu- ti -tul land ou high, 
:i. There's a beau - ti - ful land ou high; 

To its glo-ri<-s I fain would fly, 
1 ehiill en - t.r it bv and bv; 
Then why should I fear to die. 

■9- sr^s- I 


s l_ 


Vhen by Borrows press'd dowu, 1 long for a 

Tbrrc wuhfrlrnda bao4 la biinil, lahkllwalk on Ihc 
When .leutU ia the way To the realms of 

CHORttS. I I , 1 

n Tn that beauti- fid bind on liigh 

a, In Unit beauti- till lan<l on high. 

av. In that beauti- ful bind ou high. 

2 '/-'• 

Iu tUat tNMkU • tl - ful land I'll 

®be Btautiful lanU on Rfgl). 


to pre-pare A place iu that land for me. 

My Je - 8U8 is there, He 

I I W I I I I i^ I 1 I 

4 There's a beautiful lau.l oti hiirl 
And my kimlred its liliss enjoy ; 
And metliinka I uow Bee how they 

for inc. 
Iu that hcuutiful hiiid uu high. 


5 There's a beautiful land ^ /ilgli, 

Where we never shall say " gond-bye ;" 
M'here the righteous will tiing, and thalr jh«k 

nis will ring 
In that beautiful land uu high. 

Ira D. Sankey. 

Mb IT not ^o-m^hi? 

l.Oh! do not let tho Wold do - psirt. And cl.we thine eyes a-Kaiugt the liKht; 
'.i. To - mor-row's sun may ncv . er rise, To blesu thy luii^ de - hid - ed sight: 
:i. The world ha.-) nolli - iiij; left to K've— It had no new, no pure de - light ; 
4. Uur blessed Lord re - I'us - e8 none Whowuuldto Uini theirsoula u - uite ; 

rciur .-iin - ner, hard - en not thy heart ; Thou would'st be saved — Why not to-night? 

This is llie time! Oh, then be wise! Thou would'st be saved — Why not to- uighl? 

til], try llio life whirhi'hristians live ! Thou would'st besaved— Why not to - night? 

Thru lie the work of ^r::(0 bo - gun ! Thou would'st be saved — Why not to - night f 


i k* U 1^ ^ 

Why not to - night? WTiy not to - night ? Thou would'st be saved- Why not to - nighv? 

Why not to - nifcht' Whv not to- night? Thou would'st be saved— Why not to - nigUt7 



^ht Pern of Hb (Sarmmt. 

Geo. F. Root. 

1. She on - ly tourhM tlie hem of His gar-raent As to His side she stole, 

2. She came iu tear ami trembling be - lore Uiui, She knew her Lord haJ come; 

3. He turuM with "Daughter, be of good coni-fort, Thv faith bath made thee whole;"' 

'^3tH-p3 -» — f — » — i^-H* — f.—f — !*~i*~r~F£ — L — t: — En~r--z7r'n « 

A - mid the cro«d that gatli-er'd around Iliin, And straiijlitway she was wln.le 

Slie felt that from Him vir- tue had healed her.The might - y "de.-d was done. 

And peace that past,- 3th uU uu - der-stand-ing With glad- uesa filled her soul. 

jg. .m. .m. M- Jt. M- -m . jl .m. ^ ■<»■ -ibl ♦TV 

Chorus. I N w ^ , 1 I 

Oh, touch the hem of 

gar-meut!Aud thou, too, sbalt bo fru 
^ * * ^ * * g^g 



Bav - ing pow'r this ver - y 

ir Shall give new life 

rff: -0.-^-0- 


No. 658. Jf nm Coming lo the (Tross. 

Rev. W'm. McDonald. \Vm. G. Fischer. ^ 

1. I am com -ing to the cross; I am poor, andwenlv.and bliml; I am g 

2. Long my lieart has nighwl for Thee, Long Iiils e • vilreig Iwith-in; Je -mm n 

3. Hero I give my uU to Thee, Frieuds,and fane, and earth -ly sl.'ie; Soul and ^ 

Cko.^I am trust -ing. Lord, in Thee, Bless-ed Lamb of Ctl • Vit - ry : llum-Hy ^ 

n.C. C/wrus.B 


count - Ing all but ilrotw, I nhall full 

Bweet - ly Hpeaka to me, — "I will rleanno 

Ik:^ - y Thiuo tjj be,— Wliol • ly Thine 

— — . ^ _p-l J,__J^-I I 


Thy cr,„t I 
4 In tho promlwH I lrunl. 

Now I feel the blood applknl 
I am profltrate in tli« diiMt, 
I with «;hrkt am cntcltted. 


me, Je - x«j, 
6 JitiUH coiniv* I 

IVrfi-cted ill 1 1 111 
I am every wliituiade wli<4e: 
Ulury. tsluiy tu Uio LainU 

No. 659. Mill Itsus #inb us Matching? 

Fanny J. Crosby. 

W. H . DOANB. 

1. When .le • HUB comes to re • wurd Ilig BorvuiiUi, Wlu-tlirr it |i<» nonu or nlglit, 
•1. If at tlietliiwn of the ear- ly oiuru-iii);. He gliull call ug one by one, 

3. Have wo bcentnie to the truHt llo left Uit? I)ii we wrk to do our bent? 

4. Ulo(i8 • cd are tliusu whom the Lord finds watchiii);, lu HU glo-ry they Bhall share; 

Faith -fill toltim villllo find lis wntchini;, 'NVithoiirlamiwall trininrilanclbri);lit? 
W!:eu to tliel-..rd «-• r.< - ntore our tal-enis Will Mo all^\v.•r tli.o—" Will done?" 
If in unrhcaiiHlhire ix naii(;htcon-<leninH US, >Ve shall hiivo n k'"- ri'HiH rent. 

If Uexhallcouie at tliu dawu ur Uii<luii;ht, Vill IIu find us Watch -iuK there 7 

td — ;,— • — • m —» — • — •-!-• — • (•_»_r.« — •— • — •— • — a , ( g • ^^n 

Oh, can woeay wo are read-y, broth-or?— Read- y for tlie»> 


Sa.v, will Ilofiiid .von and jiio still watchiiip, Waiting, waitiuf; w)i>-ii the Lord shall come? 

No. 660. ^abiour, |^tb a ^^cpljcrij. 


Wm. B. Bradbury 



'Sav - iiiiir, like u slicp-licrd lead us, Bliuh we need Tliy teud'rest care; ) 

In Thy pleiki-ant pus-tiires teed us, For our u.te Thy folds pre - pare. / 

I We are Thine, do Tliou be - friend us, Be tlie Oiuirdian <.f our way;) 

Keep Tliy tlock, from sin de - feud us, Seek us when we go a - stray, j 

ceive us, Poor 
lieve us, Grace 

<l sin-ful tho' we be; 
J cleanr(e,and jiower to free. 


P ^i?s»EEEg£:;gig= g ip^^ g^^ p^£EE|E p^ 

Xablour, Hkt a S5l)ep1)Ml». 

Bless-ed Je - sus, Bless-efi Jc - gus, Thou hast bought us, Thiue we are; 5 

Bless, ed .le - sue, Bless-ed Jo - sus, Hear, O hoar us, whou we pray; ^ 
Bless-ed Je - bus, Bless-ed Je - bus, We will ear - ly turu to Thee; » 

.-t»=k^-F — ; E =E^^ — t^=S 3=a= -L — Z - — * — r^z^:3^ % 


Bless-ed Je - eus, Bless-ed Je - bus, Tliou ha.<t bought us, Thine wo are. 
Bless- 'd Je • bus, Bless-ed Je - eus. Hear, O hear us, whcu we pray. 
Bless-ed Jo- sus, Bless-ed Je - bus, Wo will ear - ly turu to Thee. 

-^ -Sz -fl 

-JL -S: -£r. 

' — C j-|i^p:^^*— ^S: 


Come, ite gistoKSolaft. 

No. 661. 

Thos. ^fooRE, alt. 


SAMt'Fl, WbBBB. 

1. Come, ye dis - con - bo- late I wher-c'er ye Ian- guish. Come to the 

2. Joy of the des - o - lafo I light of tlio slniy - iii- Hope of the 

3. Here seo tho bread of life: seo wa-tcra flow - iiig KTlh fmiuthe 


-J I- 

mor - cv-seat, fer - vent - Iv kneel: 
pen - i - t<-it, faile - 1. s.-( and pun- ! 
tbruue ol (? id, jiure from ii - bnv.: 

Here Iri 
Hero BIX 




4BL . ^. ja. .^ 



- ed hearts, 
fort- or, 
feast of love; 

here tell your an-gnlsh; Karlh hua no eor-mw that heay'ii can-not heal, 

ten . der-ly Hjiy-inK, Karlli ban no Bor-row ll-at beav'u can -not ciire. 

••.imp, ev - er knowing, Martli biw no aur-rowa but heuv'u caa ro-move 


No. 662. Mfeivt Sfeall % fjarbtst '§t? 

F.MiLY S. ( )aki:y 

r. P Bum. 

1. Sow-ing the seed by the day-light fair, Sow-jng the st-ed by tho noon-ilay glare^ 

2. Sow-iiig the seed by the way-side hinh, Sow. iug tho need on the riK-kn to die, 

3. S«»-ing the eecd of a lingering (laia. Sow- lug the wed of a niaJdeued brain, 

4. ik>w-iiig the seed with an ach - iiig lieart Sow-ing tlie seed while the tcar-droixiHtart, 

Sow-ing Ihenood hy tho fa<!.in;; light, Sow-ing the need In tho »>l-omn night; 

S4>w-ing Ihe M-edwIiiTu the thornM will Bp >il. Sow-lug tlio need in tho fer - tile Boil ; 

Sow-ing of a tarni-h<il name, Sow-ing the seed of e- ter-'naUhame; 

Sow-ing ill hi>|i« till tho reap - era cmio (!Iad-ly to guth - cr tho hur- Vest home: 



in the dark 

Ut*UU-*^ > > u> u *■ y» y io y 

Sown in the dark-ness or cowu iu the light, 

— -e-_g:-_1*L— -g-__^_-g-_^-g-_-r- r-- 

Sown ia the dark-ne88 or 

sown in the light, Sown in our weak- 


1^ ^ U k* * 
or gown in our niight, 


T^-z~ z g C ' e g g -r 



In our might, 


Sown in our weakness or sown 

ir might, Gath 

n time or 

-^-^ — r 

ah, sure will the har 

1^ I .-— 

^ I I 

ter - ni - ty, Sure, ah, 


No. 663. Cak^ gn fift aiitr Id it gc. 

Frances R. Havergal. 

W. A. Mozart, arr. by H. P. Vf/^-y 

^-^— ^i3i^^3Ei 

1. Take my 

2. Take my 
;\. Take niy 

4. Take my 

5. Take my 

life and let it Lo 
feet aud let thrm lii> 
mo • merits and my days, 
will and make it ITliine 
love, my God, I pour 

Con - so - era - ted. 

Swift and heau - ti • 

Lot tliom flow HI 

It 8hall ho no 

At Thv f.vt its 

Lord, to Thoe: 
ful for Thi^',1 
end - less praise. 

tioiiS- nro. plorp; 



hands and let them move At the im - pulse of Thy love, 

voice and let mo eiug Al - ways— on - ly— for my Kir^r. 

in - tel - lect, and use Ev - 'ry pow'r n.s Thou slialt rh.m-.-. 

heart, it is Thine own, Tt shall be Thy roy-al tliron.'. 

. self, and I will bo Ev . er, on - ly, all f.r Tli. •. 

No. 664. "€o\m. 

G. Johnson. 

cfs in Unison. fc. i i I «. ». 

Mrs. Jas. G. Johnson. 
/ 'oicfs in Unison 

Jamfs McGranahan. 

1. word I'f wonld the sweet -fst, 

2. O HiMill wtiyHliiMiMrtllioii wan - iler 

Oh words, in which tlu-ro lie 
Kroin 8u<-)i » lov - inc Ki ienil ? 
That Boon the"fomo"niay bg 




" Comt. 

All prom-ise, all fill - fill - ment. Am! end ..f mvs - tor - v ; 

CliiiK clo3 - or, cIms - or t.> Him, Stay with Him t,", tlie o'li.l; 

Kaughtl-iit a gou - tlo w Lis - per, To ouo oI.iho, cliine to The*; 
A ■»• ■«• .^_. *. f. »^- *. I 


I.a- niout-ing or re - Joic - Ing, With doubt or ter - r\>r nigh, 

A - Ills! I nni b<> li.lp - loss, S.> vcr - y full of sin, 

Tlion, o - vor Boa aii'l Dmiiiit-uiii, Fur from or near my home. 

I y I \i V I 

T Jioar tliu"Conie!" of Je - Bint, Ami to His cn«« I tly. 

For I aia «>v - or wautl'riiig. And rom • iiiK lnu-k a - Kai". 
I'll tike Thy Laud and fol • low. At that RWoot whin-por "(^mol' 


^ Refrain.^ . "^ J , , ik ,, w !" i ■ i k. w k, 

Come, oli.cometo me, Come, oh, come to me, Won - ly, hea?-y 

— - — Bi> 1^— — H^ — ^ '-** — ^ ^ *-** — ^- — - •-- — =• 


la - den. Come, oh, come to me. Come, oh, come to luc,. 

rn w '^ u 

me, Oh come, come, come, come, come, 


Come, oh.cometo me, Wea-ry,heav-y la - den, come, oh,£ometo me, 

-*--*-«■ f- " :^: ^- g: 3?: ^ -»- 

GoD;«,coine. come, come, come. 

'^.mn. cnmn. ' • 1^ 1^ 1^ 

No. 665. 

Rev. Daviu Nkl3on, 

C^e Sljmmg S^orc. 


.. My days are glid - iag swift -ly by. And I, 
1 . A -^ je. Jfc A jt ^. 

Geo. p. Root. 

a pil-griin strau - ger. 




w . ! ^ FiNH. 1 

Would uot dc-t;iiu thi- 
_ -«- ^ 

as they fly, Tl 

* A ^fc 

4fc ^ .* 

1~' !.<' l^ I 

D.S.—jttst be-/ore, the shi 


hours of toil aud dau - ger. 


may al- most dis • Cov - er, 3- 


For, oil I we stand 

_ J-- 

Jtir-dau'sHtraud; Ourfrieudsare pass- iug 



o - Ter; Aud, 


i *-p fi=|»=»=g^-| r : 

=::r£E| r;^i=;^=lr=tr-| - g^r* 


3 Let sorrow's rudest tempest blow, 
Kacli Cold on earth to sever; 
Our KiugtMiys — "Coniel"— aud there'i our 
For ever, oh! foreverl [bouie, 

FoFjoUt we etaud, etu. 

2 Should coming days bo cold and dark. 

We need not cease our singing; 

That perfect rest naught can molest. 

Where golden harps are ringing. 

For, ohi we etaud, etc. 

No. 666. (I vaw Simtphicj: ^^ro' tijc 6atc. 

Rev. John Parker. 

Philip Phillips. 

1. I nm now a child of God, For I'm wash'd in Je . ens' hkx)d ; I am .§ 

2. (ihttlio bles»-ed Lord oflig'ot, lie up - holds nio by His might: An.l Hi;* "5 
3.1 nm sweeping thro' the gate Wliere theliless-e.l f."r mo wait: AVIierellio <| 
4. Ihirstare ull mypiis-im bars; And 1 soar be-yondtlie stars, To my - 

^ M. yJSr. -JS^ ■£.: -Sz -S:. 'Si -S: _ m. m. m, | 

_iv__fi — IS...J4 — h_ A^^_N.^ — I i^-A-,— N-js N N I . 

wati^h-liig unci I'm loiig-Ing wliiln I wait. Pooa on wiu^B of love Til fly, ► 

ariuH en - f"ld, and com-fort while I wait. 1 am lean- lug ou llisbreast, B 

•vea - ry w.irk-ei» rest for- ev • er - more; WierelheBlrife of eartli Is,>, ff 

Fu- (her'shonse, the hrightund blest cs - tate, Lo| the luorii e • tor- Uul breaks, r. 

I tern Shwrplna Ctro' t|)t Cati 

T" my licinio l)o. j-iiiid tlio skv, To niv wiiromf, as I'm swefiiiii^'lliin' the k:i1p. 

Oil! the B».-.tnc^s ..f Ili-i, Hal - lo . lii-jali, I am bwooiMii-i:.!..' tl..' pile. 

Aiultho cr..wii .if lifo is won: (»li, the Kl"-ry <.f that cit- y Ji:st In -foiel 

Audthe Biiii^ im-uiiir-talwakois KoiiMin whiteneaa I am swet-pingr 

the frat-i 

In the Mc»h1 of ynu-dcr Lamb, W'ashM fniu ev - Vy sfaio 



swpi'i'ing tUri>' the gate. 

No. 667. IJarbon, '^rxa nnb ^otocr. 

James McGranahan. 

b==^- z:q=zzqs= 

Would we bo j.y - ful in 
Kcir ev - Vy sin, by grace 
fif grace to bri-ak the jnjw'r 
The power Id wiu a B'nd 
Thi-so bless- iiiga we by failh 

til" l.ri? TlK-n count the rich - cs o'er, 
di- vine A par - don fno bo - stowed; 
of 8ln, IIo givoa a full eup - ply; 
to CmI, The Spir - It, too im . parts; 
.', By eiuj - pie child - like trust; 



Re- voali'd to faith vi;h - In ITis vord. And note the bound- losg etore. 
And vith the par - d.jn frace la mine. The piaco iu Je - ens' bl'vjd. | 
The n.> - Iv Ghost, the hiart with - in, From ein d .tli /« . ri _y. 
And IIo, the gift of Christ our L'r.l, DwM'incw in all our hearts. 
In Christ, Wi God's de - light to give ; Uo prom - is. .1, and IIo must. 

f-T-* * — f r~T-f ,^=3^=zf=|r:*^i=*r 




There is par - - - 
jKirdon, peace, and pow' 

- don, peace and pow'r, 
pardon, p 


And pu • ri - 

_m •_• •_« ,_j« •_• — m—M ^ , 

Parbos, ^tact atttr pofntr. 

ty and Par 

And pur - i • t}', 

With all of these in 

and Par • a- dise; With ail of these in 

-j-^^— 1» — * ■ .. — T^ — ^ I / g— I* r I* — r ' i~"^ 



^^r ^^ -^ J-^ - ^ j . '^ ^^^ 

^rist for me Let Joy - ful songs of praise to Bim a • rise! 

I in Christ fur me, 

No. 668. Com^ itcfaj saUIj % |^0rir. 

Jaues McGranahan. 

1. Come Rouls that are long-ing for pleas- ure, Our Sav-iour has pleasures to give; 

2. Tlie pleas-ures of sin are de-ceiv-iug. They've nothin;; for yes- ter-day's pain, 

3. The pleas-ures of sin are all fleet -ing. They van- ish with life's pa^s-ing morn; 

4. Then all who are long-iug fur pleas- ure. Ye wea-ry, and all vshoare worn; 
6. Of Je -sua, thy choice be now mak- ing, r.e.deem-er, 6av-iour, and Lord; 

=?::-»:• St «: :e: St « f^-fL: 



Come find in His love the rare treasure, That make? ev-'ry tnio pleasure live. 

But hope of to-mor-row ro-ceiv-iiij:, Aii'l t!ioii, its — To-tnorrow — a» pain. 

Like dew-drops the morning sun greet-iiig, They plist-cn and then they are pone. 

Come find in the Lord a sure treasure, Tliat from you shall m-v- er b<> torn. 

Aid Moon in the gli-ry a - wak-ing-, Voii'llsharoin the Saiut'sMfst re -%vard, 

Come nutu saith the Lord, let ns rea-Bon, riime«.'Tw and your pur- i>oi-o de - clare; 

tf- .^ - — f^^^r ^-^^ -g- -• .^^- ~ '^- '^- -^^^ 

m V' jt — g ->— 1^— gzi:;id2^^Bi r---^-U: =zg.-=;i» »i . * JQ— a 

la It plenwireH of ein for a sea- son. Or pleainires the plo-ri-fi 1 shnreT 


' sis 5"^^— ?^^^ g --S4 ji3 

ISo, 669. 

gtauttful |ltb«r. 

Rev Robert Lcwry, 

1. Sliall we gather Bt thu' liv - er Wherebriglitangelfeetliavi-tioiJ; With its crystultiJe for 
li. Uii theniarnjiii of the riv - er, Waah-iugup its sil-ver sipray. We will wmlk und worship 
3. Lrewo reach the sUiuiud river, Lay we ev-'ry burdeu Jowu; G raco our spin tu will do- 

>of Gnd?) 
in day. S.Y, 
id crow U.J 

_, J m m , m ..m » ^J, _, .. ^ 

ev- er Flowinp;bythothronoof Gnd? 
cv - er. All the lia|)-iiy,j;uKI 
liv - er, And pri>v idea roljo 

I I U g U g^ 
4, we'll gather at the riv- er ; The beautiful, the 


4 At the smiling of the river, 
Ulirrorof the Saviour's face, 
Saints, whom death will never sever, 
Lift their souk'' 'jf eaviug grace. 

6 Soou We'll reach the silver river, 
Soou our pilgrjiua>!i' will couse; 
Soon our happy heart-i » ill quiver, 
With the luelody of peace. 

(ZioN. 8s. 7s. & 4.) 

No. 670. 

Rev. John Newton, 

Dr. Thos. Hastings. 

, f Come, ye si n-ners, poor aud need- y, Weak and woundi 
^•■j.Ie - biwread- y ' 

k and sore; 
stands tosave you. Full of pit - y, love and pow'r; 
need -y, Come and Welcome; God's free bounty glo- ri - f V ; 
Trur l.e- lief, aud true lepeutance, — Kv'ry grace that brings you nigh,- 

He is a - ble, 
• Wi'hout nion- ey. 

lie is \vill-ing:doubtno more 
Come to Je. BUS (lirist aud buy ; 

Ho is a - ble. He is >* ill-ins: doubt no niore. 
Without nion-ey. Come to Je-susChristaud buy. 

z ^^J^. i Jt ztS=e^=iE-n^ 


i Let not conscience make you linger; 
Nor of fitness fondly dream: 
All the filness He reciuireth 
Is to feel your need of Him : 

This He gives you, — 
>Tl8 the Spirit's gUmiu'riug t>eaa> 

4 Come, ye weary, heavy-laden. 

Bruised and mangled by the fall; 
If you tarry 'till you're better. 
You will never come at all. 

Not the righteous, — 
'''nneiB, Jesos came to call. 

No. 671. 

Sir John Bowrino. 

(WiLMOT. 8s. 7s.) 


f) h 1 '^^ 1 1 ^^ 1 I 

1 ^ ^. 

" 1. G.j'i is love; Ills niur - cy l.rijclit -ous All the path iu wliicl. we rove ; 
2. Time and cliaiiKomc bus - y ev - ei ; Ulan ile - <ay,s, and a - gos move ; 
a. K'un tiie hour tliiit dark - i-st seem -eth Will His chaiigo-less good-uess prove ; 
4 He with earth - ly cares eu-twiu-eth Hope and com - tort from a - bove ; 

_ - m m m m m m m m . m <{ ^ » . — ! J . 

»«'V 4— • — • • •— |— • W « • — I— 1 1 

-' — r-i- — i — pH 

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 

i 1 


liss lie wakes, and woe lie lig!it-ens, God 

But His nu'r - cy waii-etli iiev - er ; God 

Krum the gloom His liright-nessstreameth, God 

ICv - 'ry - where His glo - ry sliiu - eth, God 

wis - dom, God is love, 

wis - dom, God is love, 

wis - dom, God is love, 

wis - dom, God is love. 

■^1 II I r 

No. 672. '^'"""-^v^^-^s^- •""• 

i From all that dwell the skies, 
Let the tjreator's piaise arise ; 
Let the Redeemer's name be sung, 
Through every land, by every tongue. 

2 Ktenial are Thy merries. Lord ; 
Kternal Irutli a'tteuds Thy word : 
T'ly praise shall sound from shore to shore, 
Till suns shall rise and Bet uo more. 

Isaac Watts. 

No. 673. 

Rev. S. Y, Harmbr. 

Jlcst for tljc McariJ. 

^ I rl- 

Rev. Wm. McDonald. 

J /In tlie Chris-tian's homo in glo- ry. There re - mains a land of rest; 
I Tliere mv Sav- ioiir's gone ho - foro me, \Omit.\ 

-•!?-_«■. -.-ff- — 2< . _^> — «_j»_-e ^^ 


■ ja — r ; j ] ^-- — r — 1 Chorus. f^ , 

rp.. «*..! r.i ..... o....ra .... - ......of rTi.....^ I.. .-..^■* r... *i... .. — ... ti 

for the wea-ry, Th 

side of Jor-dau, Iu the 

I — I 


ful - fil my soul's ro- quest. fTI 


est for the wr-a- rv. There !•» rest for the wen - rv. There Is rest for you. 

iveel ol K-den,\Vlierethe lieo of life is b|, ling. There is rest for you. 

■<S>- -0- . m m ■«■ ■•• -^ ■•^^ -^ ■ •*■ ••• -P- ' A. 

2 lie Ih fllting up luv niniiHJon, 

Wlii.helernallv shall 

For mv Slav shall ii..t be 

In that holy, happy lai 

Tboie is rent, etc. 

3 Sing, l»h 1 King, ye lieim of glory I 
Shonl your tiiiiiiiph as you go I 
/ioii'i. ^,-iiie H ill .>|H-ii for you, 

Vou shiill llnd uu euliauce tbroN^b. 
There In ivat, etc 

No. 674 

J. Kbblb. 

Pbtik Rrma. 

Sun of Pg Soul. 

1. Suu uf ■m'y euiil, fnlm Siiv - iourdt-ar, It i» ii..t night if Tli'^u U- uear; 

' * ■ 111 - ly sluep My wi'uried eye - liiU iji-ut • ly steep, 

111 till eve, Furwitliuut Thie I can - uot live; 

>lil uf Tliiue IJave»pu rued to-day Die Tuico di^viutt-^ 

-S^ <3 ^ . TS> - - ^g^ t S^ •<»• -ig- j g- tS"- -tf»-- 

2. Wljeiitbesolt dews of kind 

3. A - bi'le Willi me from un 

4. If Boiue jiour waiidoriug cli 


Oh, may no earth - iKiniclDiid a - rise, 
B« my Ixst till night, lii)W8«cet to rest 
A • biile with mo when night id uigli, 
Nuw, Lord, the gni - cioiii work In'- gin; 

ToliideThe* fn«iu Thy Berv - ant'u oye«. 

Ki.r-ev - er on my Sav- four's breudt 

Korwithiiiit Thee 1 dare uot die. 

Let him no moru lie dowu iu Biu. 


No. 675. Tune— Lenox. 6s. 8s. No. 653. 
1 Come every joyful heart, 

Tliat loves) tlie Saviour's uamut 
Your noblejit powei-8 exert. 

To celebrate llin fame; 
Tell all above, and all below, 

The debt of love tollini you owe. 
Z lie 1'' It llidBtairy crow 11, 
And liiid His robfS aside ; 
Oa w iii^rf of love come down. 

And wept, and bled, and died; 
Vhat He endured no tongue ran tell, 
To B.1V0 our Bonis from death and In 11. 

No. 676. 

Geo. Heath. 

3 Fnpiu the dark gnivo He rose— 

Tlie mansion of the dead; 
And tlieiico His mij;lity foe<j 

In K'loriotis triumph led; 
I'p thro' the sky the Coinpieror roJo 

And reii,'ns on high the Saviour U«4. 

4 From t!.enco He'll quieklv come— 

Hiscliariotvill iiMtetay— 
And l>ear ourHpirits home 

To realms of eiidlesdday ; 
There shall we (he His lovely faco, 

And ever be Iu ilis embrace. 

fnbait. S^.M- 

My eoul, be on thy guani 

2. O watch, niid figlit, and pray; 

3. Ne'er think the vict - 'ly wou. 

Dr. Lowell Maiow. 




ind foi'S a • rise; 
■ tie ne'er give o'er; 
tbiua arm - or dowu: 



The hbsts of sin are press - In;; 
Ke - new it bold- Iv ev • 'ry 
The work of faith will not be 

To draw Thee from the skies. 
And help di-vine im- plore. 
Till tliou ob-tain tlie crown. 

wr f**^y^ iune— Christmas, cm 

Wo. b77. No. 693. 

1 Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve, 
And press with vigor on; 
A heavenly race demands thy iseal, 
And an immortal crown 
k A cloud of witnesses arouud 
Hold thee in lull survey; 
Vbcget the steps already trod^ 
▲bA onward orge thy m^ 


3 'Tis Gtwl's all-animating voice. 

That calls thee from on high, 
'Tis His own hand preaenta the pril 
To thine aspiring eye. 

4 Blest Saviour, Introduced by Thee 

Have I tuy rare begun; 
And, cn>wned with victory, at Tky 1 

No. 678. 

Psalm 23. 

( Helmont. 

Wm. Gardinbr. 

1. The Lonl's my Sliwp-henl, I'll not want: He mukos lue duwu to lie 

2. My Boul He doth re - store a - gain; And nie to walk 'luth make 

3. Yea, tho' I walk iu death's dark vale, Yet 1 will Um ' uono ill; 


In pas-tures green: He 
With-iu the paths of 
For Thou art with me; 

lead - eth me The qui - et wa - ters by. 
right - eons-uess, E'en for His own name's sake 
and Thy red And staff me com- fort still. 

4 My table Thou hast furnished 

in presence of my foes; 
My head Thou dost with oil anoint. 
And my cup overflows. 

5 Goodness and mercy all my life 

Shall surely follow me; 
And iu Goil's house for evermore 
My dwelliug-place shall be. 

No. 679. Tune— Belmont, cm. 
1 Majestic sweetness sits enthroned 
Upon tho Saviour's brow ; 
His head with radiant glories crowned, 
Uis lips with grace o'erflow. 


2 He saw me plnnired in deep distress,' 

And flew to my relief; 
For me He bore "the sliameful cros.s. 
And carried all my grief. 

3 To heaven, the place of His abode, 

He bi'ings my weary feet; 
Shows me the glories of my God, 
And makes my joys complete. 

4 Since from Thv bounty I receive 

Sucli proofs of l,.ve divine, 
Had I a thousand hearts to give, 
JiordI they (ihoul.l all be Thine. 

Samuel Sttnneti, 

No. 680. 

Rev. John Nkvvton. 

Martoick. C. 


^ Samuel Stanley. 

1. .\ - maz-ing grace, 1 

2. 'Twas grace that taught my 

3. Thro' ma - uy dau-ge 

sweet the sound, That saved 
heart to fear, And grace my 
ils, and suures, 1 liavo ul 


.as lost, but 
ious did that 
:it brought me 

nia found; Was 
ap - iH'ar, The 
thus far. And 

lilind, but now I see. 
hour 1 first b.- - lieved. 
irace will lead uie be 


•1 Y-B, when this heart and flesh shall fail. 

2 Dear l^.rdl and sball weeverliv 

An<l morUl life shall ceas.-. 

.\l this poor dving rale? 

I shall p .sm-ss, within the vail. 

Oni .Ko fuin(. so cold to Tlu-e, 

A life of Joy and l«me. 

.\nd Thine to iiSHo gn-at? 

No. 681. Tunc-M/.RLOW. CM. KcyC 
1 (on..-, Ilolv Spirit, Heavenly Dovel 
With all Tliy i|iiickuniiiK powunt; 
Kludlu a tljiino of Htu^rvtl love 
ia iliuMi cold buttriM uf oun. 

(' Holy Spirit, Heavenly Pov«, 

With allThy qniekeningV'W™", 

I'oine, hIhmI iibniHil a Saviour's luvo, 
A lid Uiul ■hull kiudlu uuis. 

No. 682. 

Charlottb Elliott. 

as I 3im. 


W«t. B. Bradbury. 




I urn, witli-..ut Olio plcrt. Rut that Tliy bl<H..| was shed for me, 
I urn, auJ uait-iug uoi To lul my goul of out- durk blot, 
I urn, though tiMsod a • bout. With luaiiy a cuii - tlirt, uiany a duubt. 


Anil that TlioiibiiM'st mo come to Tliec, Lamb of fiod ! I come, I come I 
To Thre, whoso l.lK«lcmiclouiiseeachBi»ot,0 Lamb of (!ch1! I come, I come/ 
Kiglitiiigs and r-ara with- ill, with-oiit, O Lamb of G<jdl I come, I comet 


4 Judt 08 I am, poor, wn-fclii'd, bliml, 
.■<ii;)it, riilicK, lii'alinsof the mind, 

Yia, all I I I, in Thio to nnd, 

O Lamb of »;cm1 ! I cm.-, I comol 
6 Jii«t na I am; Thou wilt recelTe, 

Wilt '.volcomp, inirdnn, cleniii«<, relievo; 
Boran-.o Thy pn'miHo I bflievi>, 
Lamb >if 0<m1| 1 come, 1 come! 

No. 683. Tunc— IIhndon. 7s. No. 731. 
1 Come, .Slid Josna'Kirrrd voico 
Come, anil niak" IMy paths your choice; 
I will jcuiile you to your home. 
Weary pilgrim, hither Comol 

2 Thou who, homrloKs, »ole, forlorn. 
Long liiutt borne thi- pmud world's scorn. 
Lone lijutt roaniiil llie Imrren waitte, 
Wcarj- pilgrim, hither hawte. 

3 Ye who, tnsoed on beds of pain, 
S<'ek forea.w, but wi'k in vain; 
Ye, by fiercer anpniish torn. 

In remortte for Kuilt who mourn ;— 

4 Hither come! for here in found 
IJalni that flown for eviry wound. 
Peace that ever shall endure, 
Rest eternal, sacred, sure. 

Ahh L. Barbauld. 

No. 684. 

Timothy Dwight, D. D. 


Dr. Lowell Mason. 

L While lifo pro-Iougs its precious liRht, Mer - cy is found, and p<'a<e is given; 

2. Whilo (iod in-vites, how blest the day! Howswcetthe Gos - jud's charni-ing sound 1 

3. Soon, borne on time's must rap -id wing, Shall death com ma ml you to the grave, — 


But soon, ah, siKjn, ap-proacliing night Shall tdot out ev - 'ry hope of heaven. 

Come, si n-ners, haste, O haste a - way While yet a pard'ning God is found, 

fore His bar your spir-its bring. And none be found to hear or save. 


i^^il fB^^a 



4 In that lone land of d^ep despair, j 5 Now God invites; how blest the day! 

No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise, — How sweet the Gospel's charming sound! 

No God regard your liitter prayer. Come, siiinen-, ha<<te, O bastfl away, 

5^0 Saviottj call you to thQ Bl^e& I While j«t a pard' qid^ Gc4 I* to»«i.(l. 

No. 685. 

Rev. Hugh Stowbll. 

#Irbe's groh). f . 

Wm. B. Bradburt, 


1. From ev - 'ry storm-y wind that blows, From ev- 'ry swelling tide of woes, » 

2. There is a place, where Je - sua eheds The oil of gladness on our heads; ^ 

3. There is a scene where spir- its blend. Where friend holds fellowsliip with friend: w 

There is a calm, a sure re - treat; 'Tis found be-neath the mer - cy - seat. 
A place than all he - sides more sweet, — It is the blood-bought mer - cy - seat. 
Though sunder'd far, by faith we meet, A - round one com-mon mer- cy - seat. 


No. 686. Tune-No. 6oo. 
1 Once I was dead in sin. 

With Jesus crucified. 
Cho. — And can it be that "Fie loved me, 
And gave Himself for me?" 

2 Oh height 1 cannot reach, 

Oh depth I cannot sound, 
Oh love, n boundless love. 
In my Redeemer found I 

3 O cold, ungrateful heart 

That can from Jesus turn, 
When living fires of love 
Should on His altar burn. 

4 I live— and yet, not I, 

But Christ that lives in me; 

Who from the law of sin 

And death hath made »ie free. 

Hev. A. T. Pierson* 

No. 687. 

=— St. Thomas, s. m. 
No. 692. 

1 O Holy Spirit, come, 

And Jesus' love declare; 
Oh, tell us of our heavenly home, 
And guide us safely there. 

2 Our unbelief remove 

By Thine almighty breath; 
Oh, work the wondrous work of love. 
The mighty work of faith. 

3 Come with resistless power. 

Come with almighty grace, 
Come with the long-c.xpocted shower. 
And fall upon this place. 


No. 688. 

Timothy Dwight, D. D. 

1. I love Thy king - dom, 

Thy Church, 

Samuel Stanley. 

2. I love 

3. For her 


Lord, The 
Goill Her 
fall; For 


[if Thine a - bode, 
■alls be - fore Thee stand, 
er my prayersas - cend; 

deem-er sjivcd Willi His own pro-cioiis Mood. 

n;' Thino eye, .Viid grav-en on Thv hand. 

cares and toils bo given. Till toils iimi cares shiill end. 

.lest lie 
np - pi 

The Cliuirh 
Dear as the 
To her my 

jyond my highext Jny I 6 Sure oa Thy (iiitli shiill last, 

I prize her heavenly ways; To /i(.n hIihII bo given 

er Rweet commuiiii>n, Holenin Vuw» | Thi' brightest glories earth C4kii 1 

JifiX hxiuuB u( lovt] itiid ^iritiv:. 1 Aud brlgUlur blitstt oV Uivisvcvu 

No. 689. 

Isaac Watts. 

gonlston. ^ p. 

Dr. LowKLL Mason. 

1. Nnt all tho I.I.MH 

1. lint flirUt, tlif lieiiv 

;». My failli wuuld lay 

4. My 8uul luokB back 

-^ _. ^ „^ <s, ^ - I ^_ 

On Jew - Uh nl - turn Klaiii, 

TukM all mir Bill* a - way; 

On that ilt-ar lioa<! of Thine, 

Tiie bur - U(^u thuu iliilxt U-ar, 



C-iiul<J give tho K<>ilt - y con-acifiicv pi-ace. Or waali a - way tlm slain. 

A MIC - li - lli-e ut uu • liler imnio And rich - er bluu<l than lliry. 

While like a peu - i - tent I stand, An'l there cnn - fe«w my nin. 

Wliilo huug - iug ou tli'ac - emu . eU tree, .\nd known her jjiiilt was lln-io. 

•e?- : -^^--e J_ _ ~<--^^ f ri ^' 

No. 690. Tune— novt.sTON. s. m. 
J H iw n.pleniii are the wordx. 
And vet l.i tailh Imw plain, 
Vhii h Ji'nu^ uttertMl while on earth — 
" i'e tnuit b< horn again!" 
2 " }V must ht born againl" 
Fur iM> hath iJ.mI decreed ; 
Nor refcirniatioii will Hufflce — 
'Ti» li/t j>i«.r sinners need. 
8 " Ye must he horn again f" 

Anrl life in Christ luu.^t have ; 
In vain the M<inl may elitewhere go — 
'Tis He alone can save. 
4. " IV must he horn again!" 
Or never enter Inavcn ; 
Tirt only l)liHH|-wa.-ihed cine* are there. 
The runnoiucd and forgiven. 


No. 691. Tune— Boy LSTON. s. M. 

1 I,..r.|. Id-w and pity iix, 

.Slilneon u.^ with Thy fare: 
That th' earth Thy »av, mid nalionaall 
Blay know Thy savin;; giace. 

2 Let people prain.- The... Lord I 

Ii<t people all Thee pnii-i.- 1 

Oh, let the nntlonsHll In- ^lad, 

In SOUKS their voici-» raiw \ 

3 Thouit justly jH-ople judtse, 

On earth ruin nations all ; 
Let |»>op|e praise Thw, I.ord! let them 
I'raise Thee, Isitli Kr<'al and sntull t 

4 The earth her fruit xliall vi.|.|. 

Our(;."l shall M.-s-Iuk wi.d ; 

(io-l shall UN M«>N*: n shall Mini foar 

I'utu I'urth's utiu.iflt end. 

Psalm dj 

No. 692. 

Rev. Wm. Hammond. 

<$t. S^bomas. S. gt. 

G. F. Handel. 

1. A - wake, and sing tho song Of 

■i. .'^ing of His dy • ing love; Sing 

:{. Ye pil - griraa, on tho road To 

4. There shall each rap • tured tongue Hts 


and the Lnmli; 
ris - en jm 


Wake, ev - 'ry heart and cv ■ 
Sing liow He in - ter - cedes 
Ke - joice ye in tho Liinili 

And sweet - er voic - cs tuue 



'ry tongue. To praise the Sav . iour'o name. 

a - liovo For those whose sins He hore. 

of Go.!— In Christ, th'e - ter- nal King, 

the scuig Of 5Io - ses and the Lanih. 



2^ ^^=a— ^a=^g 

No. 693. 

, Tatb. 

(Christmas, cm.) 

G. F. Handbu 



WhileBhepherdswatchedtheiraooksDy night. All seat-ed on the ground. The au-gel 

2. "Fear not "said He,— for tuigbty dread Had seized their troubled mind, — "Glad tid-iugs 

3. "To you, in Da-vid's town, tliis day. Is born of Da - vid's line. The Sav-iour, 

4. "The heavenly babe you there shall find, To human view dis - played, All meau-ly 

i^Ek m ^ imi^m m 

of the Lord came down, And glo-ry shone a - round, And glo • ry shone a -round. 

of great joy I bring. To you and all man-kind. To you and all man-kind, 

who isChrist, fee Lord, And this shall be the sign; — And this shall be the sign;— 

wrapp'd in swathing baud8,Aud in a uian-ger laid, And in a man-ger laid." 


5 Thus spake the seraph — and forthwith 

Appeared a shining throng 
Of angels, praising God, who thua 
Addressed their joyful song :— 

6 " All glory be to God on high, 

And to the earth be peace ; 
Good-will henceforth from heaven to m«n 
Begin, and never cease 1" 

No. 894. Tune— AzMON. c. M. Key A. 
1 Salvation I O the joyful sound I 
What pleasure to our ears ; 
A sovereign balm for every wound 
A cordial for our fears. ' 
Z Salvation ! let the echo fly 
The spacious earth around, 
While all the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

3 Salvation I O Thou bloeding Lamb I 

To Thee the praise belongs: 

Salvation shall inspire our hearts. 

And dwell upon our tongues. 

Isaac H^atts. 

No. 695. Tune-MsAR. c. M. Key F. 

1 Spirit of truth, O let me know 

The love »f Christ to me ; 
Jta conquering, quickening power bestow. 
To set me wholly free. 

2 I long to know its di-ptli and height, 

To HI an itsb.iM.lihaud length; 
Drink in itsor.Mu of delight. 
And triumph ill ilsstreugth. 
9 U is Thine oITicb to reveal 

My Saviour's wond'rous love; 
Ob, deepen on my heart Tliy seal. 
And blens uin from alMive. 

4 Thy <iuiokening power to me impart. 

And be my Constniit Guide; 
With richer gladnexs fill my heart; 
Qe Jwus ^luriftod 

No. 696. Tune -Rathbun. No. 6p3. 

1 O my soul, bless thou Jehovah, 

And within me, bless His name; 
Bless .Tohovah, and forget not 
All His mercies to proclaim. 

2 Who forgives all thy transgressioas, 

Thy diseases all who heais; 
Who redeems thee from destruction. 
Who with thee so kindly deals. 

3 V'ho with tender mercies crowns thee. 

Who with good-things fills thy mouth. 
So that even like the eagle 
Thou hast been restored to youth. 

4 In H/3 righteousness, Jehovah 

Will deliver those distressed; 

He will execute just judgment 

In the cause of all oppressed. 



Psa!m 103, 

No. 697. Tune-\ViLMOT. 8s. 7s. No, 6;;, 

1 Jesus only, when the morning 

Ueams upon the path I tread ; 
Jesua only when ihedarkne.-y 
Gathers round my weary head, 

2 Jesus only, when the billows 

Cold and sul'eu o'er me roll; 
Jesus only, when the trumpet 

Rends the tomb and wakes the soul, 

3 Je.simoiily, when in judgment 

Boding fears my heart ap|>all: 
Jesus only, when the wretched 
On the rocks and mountains call. 

4 Jesus only, when adoring, 

Saints their crown before FTiin bring; 
Jesus only, 1 will, joyous, 
Thrrjugh eternal ages sing. 

No. 698. 

SirJoMM BowRiSG. 

Jn i^t Cross of Christ, 

(Rathucn. 8». 7».) 

iTKAiuui CemciT. 

I. In tlio cr.«s of Clirtat I Jtl- -ry, 

'^ VN'hru the «'<n« of liTo oVr-takn m>>, 

3. Wlii'iitlie Buu of MiMS U bi-ani- iiig 

4. Duueaiid bleM-ing, puiu aud pleaii- ar«. 

Tower- Inn 
U<>p<-a de- 
Liglit and 
By the 

'■ive and 
•ve up - 
-<«■ are 

.k„ of 
f«>eiB an 


All the light of Ba - creJ eto - ry, 
Nev - er shall tho cr<«H fur • Make lu- ; 
Friiui Ihu crinM the ra • diaiiietitri-aaiinK, 
Peace in thi'rt-, that kuowa no ut-an-ure. 


Gath • era round 
IxjI it Kr>>»* with 
Adda new lu« - Icr 
Jo* ti>al through all 

and Joy. 
the day. 
a ■ tide. 


No. 699. Tunc- 

8s. 7*. 

1 Wi. ail' v^ultin^c by the river, 

\S'e are watchiM)( by the Hhore, 
Ouly wtiitiuiffur the U>:ktnmn, 
Soon he'll cuiuo to bi-ur na u'er. 

3 Thouk'h the uiUt bauK u'er the river. 

And its billuwM loudly roar, 
Yet we bear the Bong of aUKeU, 

Wafted from the other ahure. 
9 And the bright celestial lity,— 

We have caught such radiant gleams 
Of its towers like dazzling sunlight. 

With its sweet and peaceful streams. 

4 IJe hiix rullicl for many a loved one. 

We liave wen them leave our side; 

With "ur Saviour we shall meet tlieiii 

When wo too, bavecrussed the tide. 

5 Whi'U we've |«.^sed the vale of nhudoWrt, 

Willi its dark and chilling tide. 
In that bright and glorious cily 
"We shall evermi>re ubi.le. 

^f,^SJ Mary P. Gri 

No. 700. Tune— Rath BUN. 8s 7s. 

1 ^viourl visit Thy plautation; 

Grant us. Lord, a gracious raiu ; 
All will come to desolation, 
Unlesti Thou returu aj^oiu. 

2 Keep no longer at a distance ; — 

Shine upon us from on high. 
Lest for want of Thine assistance, 
Every plant should droop and die. 

3 Let our mutual love be fervent, 

Mako us prevalent in prayers; 
Lot eai'h one, esteemed Thy 8er\-ant, 
Shun the world's enticing snares. 

I 4 Break the tempter's fatal power; 
Turn the stony heart to flesh ; 
And begin from this good hour. 
To revive Thy work afresh. 

ii*9. John Nrwto 

No. 701. Tune-RATHBUN. 8s. 7«. 

1 J<-niii, h.iil ! enthroned in glory 
There for ovor to abide ; 
.Ml the heavenly lioata adore The<^ 
.■vat>-.l at Thy Father's side. 
'I There forsiunere thou art pleading. 
There Thi>u diot our place prepare | 
Kver for us Interceding, 
i'ill in glory we api-ar. 

3 WoiKhip, honor, p.w.r and tdesslug 

Thou art worthy t.. re.. no: 
L-.uil.-st pi.iUe*, without .easing, 
.Mi-«titls for us to give 

4 Help, ye bright angelic spii Us t 

Uringyoursweft.-st,«t lays; 

Ib'lp t'> sing our Savl.iiir'H merlls — 

II. Ip t.) chant Immanu.-rH pialpe. 

Jifv. John Bukrwtll. 

No. 702.''""'-^;:,:,'.^^,^3. '' "*' 

1 Ji-^iis wept I th.wo tears are over 

lint His heart is still the same, 
Klii'iman, Friend, and Kl.ler Urotbei^ 

Is His everlasting name. 
Saviour, who can l.ive like Thee, 

Gracious Uno of Bethany. 

2 When the |>angs of trial s<-ize ua. 

When the waves of sorrow roll, 
1 will lay my head on Jesus, 

rillow of the troiiM.-.l s<juI. 
Surely, none can fe.l like The*,, 

Weeping One of Ik'thany. 

3 Jesus wept! and still in glory. 

He can mark each mourner's tears; 
Living to retrace the story 

Of the hearts He solaced here. 
Lord, when I am culled to die. 

Let me think of Bethany. 

4 Jesns wept! those tears of sorrow 

.\re a lejracy of love ; 
Yesterday, t.) day, t.i-iuorrow. 

He the same doth ever prove. 
Thou art all in all to me 

Living Une of Bethany. 

Sir EdtMrd Denn2 

No. 703. I Maiteb for % forb. 

40tn Psalm. 

( Dundee, c. m.) 

Amdro Hart's Ps^ttMk 


1. I wait - ed fur the Lord my God, And pa - tient - ly didj bear; 

2. He took me from a fear - ful pit, And from the mir - y clay, 

3. He put a new Bong in my mouth, Our God to mag . ni - fy; 

4. O bles3 - ed is the man whose trust Up - on the Lord re - lies; 

At length to me He did in - cliue My voice and cry to hear. 

And on a rock He set my feet, Ea - tab - lish - ing my way. 

Ma - ny shall see it, and shall fear. And on the Lord re - ly. 

Ra - spect - ing not the proud, nor such As turn a - side to lies. 

No. 704. Tune-WARD. l.m. No. 384. 

1 Jesus, ami shall it ever be, 

A niuital uian ashamed of Thee? 
Ashamed of Thee, whom angels praise. 
Whose glories sliiue thro' endless days? 

2 Ashanwd of Jesus I sooner far 
Let evening Mush to own a star; 
He slieils the beams of light divine 
O'er tliis benighted soul of mine. 

3 Ashamed of Jesus! that dear friend 
On whom my hopes of Leaven depeud I 

No. when I blush, be this my shame, 
Tliat I no more revere His Name. 

4 .\shanieii of .Tesus I yes, I may, 
When I've uo guilt to Wash away, 
No tears to wipe, no good to crave, 
No fear to quell, no soul to save. 

5 Till then, uor is my boasting vain, 
Till then I bo-ast a Saviour slain; 
And O, may this my glory be, 
That Christ is not ushametl uf Lae. 

Joieph Grifg, 

No. 705. 

Rev. John Nkwion. 

irlingtoit. Cgr. 

Thos. a Arnb. 

1. How sweet the name of Je - bus sounds In a be - liev - er's 

2. It makes tliewound-eJ epir - it whole. And calms tlio troub - led 

3. Dear Name, the Hock on which I build Mr Shield and Hid- ing 

4. Jo - 6US my Sliep-herd, Sav .iour,Frieud,My Proph - et. Priest, and 
5.1 would Thy bow ikI- less love pro-claim With ev - 'ry lleet - ing 

place ; 

^--1-, — \ — -K 1 J-, 

It soothes his sor - rows, luals his wounds. And drives a- way his fear. 

'Tis man - na to the bun - grv soul. And to the wea - ry, rest. 

My :.ev-er-fail - ing Tn as. uiv, lilled With bound-less Ktori>s of grace. 

My Lord, my Life, my Way, my Knd, Ac - cept the praise I jbrlng. 

So shall the mu - sic of Thy name, He . fresh my soul in deatli. 

£3. M.' M.a. ^. m ^ a. ^ -B. 4^ ^. f- 

No. 706. 

^abt, |esus, ^abtl 

1. Save, Je -itiin,!«m-! Tliy lileDtting now we crave; t\>r pv - 'ry aux- inuji 

'J. Save, Ji- - i>UK,Huvi'! Thy ban •ner o'er un wave, of love e - ler - iial 

3. >uve, Je - mm, Have! Thi>uconqueroro'erthpgnive,(;iveev-'ry fet - tered soul ro-leaso, 

4. Save, Je -Hiu,Have! AudTbuua- lone ittiult have Theglo-ry of ibe work ili-viua. 

GlO. C. STBBfelNi. 

sill- ner hero, 
suJ di-viue; 

Oh, let Thy m^r - ly now ap- pear, LorJ Je - mw, nave, lAird Je - kuk, mve. 

O Lonl, let each one bore be Thine, Lord Je - »u«, Kive, Lord Je - Miu, save. 

And to the troub- led, whisper " I'eaie." Lord Jo • sua, nave. Lord Je - Rua, gave. 

Yea, end. letupraiK -eti shall b« Thine 1 Lord Je - aus, luive. Lord Je • sus, save. 

No. 707. '"'"^-•^''5;!^%°'; ^-^ 

1 U for a fvith that will not shrink, 
Though preiwed by every foe. 
That will not tremble on the brink 
Of any earthly woc. 
Z That will iii't niiiriiiur or complain 
lleneath the cha-it'iiiii); r<>d. 
But. in the hour of grief or pain. 
Will lean upon its CJod ;— 

3 A faith that shines more bright and clear 

Whi'n tempests rage without; 
And when in danger knows no fear, 
lu darknitH feels iio doubt. 

4 Uml, give us surh a fuith as t!<<«. 

Ami then, whate'er inav coino, 
We'll tuHte e'en here the hallowed bliss 
Uf an eternal home. 

Kev. ly. U. Batkurtt. 

No. 708. 

K. J. T. Spitta. 

1. Ah, this heart is void and chill, 'Mid earth's nois-y throng-lng ; For my Fa-ther'« 
',2. Sinm the clo-rious day will dawn, Ileav'niy pleasures bring- ing ; Night will l>e ex- 

Wm. B. Bradbury. 

3 Oh, to be at home, and gain, 
All for which we're sighing. 
From all earthly want and {.uiu 
To U> swiftly flying.— 


4 IMessed hi>mel oh, blessed homo I 
There no more to sever ; 
Soon we'll meet around the tfarone 
Praiuiug Uod forever. 

No. 709. 

Isaac Watts. 

f amburg. f . P. 

Ad. by LowBtt Masoh. 

1. When I sui-vpy the won-droua cross On which the Piiuce of Clo-ry died, 

2. For -bid it, Lord, that I ehouldboast, Saye in the death of Christ my God: 

My richest gain I count but 

All the vain things that charm me most 

1, And pour contempt on all my pride, 
t, I Bac-ri-ficd them to Hia blood. 

3 See ! from His head. His hands, His feet. 
Sorrow and love flow mingled down I 
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet, 
Or thorns compose bo rich a crown? 

4 Were the whole realm of natur 

That we;e an ofteriug far too email : 
Love 80 amazing, so divine. 
Demands my soul, my life, my all. 

No. 710. 

Wm. Cowper. 

gotkmgfemn. f.D:. 

Dr. Lowell Mason. 

J. What vari-ous bin - dran . ces we meet, I u com- ing to tlie mer-cy-seatj 

2. Pray'r makesthedark-ened cloudswithdraw;Pray'rchmhstho lad - dor Ja-cob saw, 

3. Re - Btrain-ingpray'r, we cease to fightjPray'rmakestheChristian's ar -mor bright; 

^^3?rpz:|zg — m , -^=r:=^ir|=S=^r= |- b =1=:jp=jp:^g:?^^=J-|-5 — : gz 



Tet who that knows the worth of pray'r, But wish - es to be oft - cu there? 
fiivps ex - er - cise to faith and love, ISrings ev -'ry bles,s • i:ig from a - bove. 
And Sa - tan freni- bles when he Bees The weak- est saint • on liis knees. 

1. Faith is a liv - ing jKjw'er from heaven Which Rraspn the prom - iso Ood lijm.riv'n ; 

2. Faith finds in rhristwhat-e'er wo need To Bavti and strengthen, puidonnd feed; 
:J. Faith ti. tlio conseienco wliis-rM>rs peace; And bids themourn -pr'sBigh-ingcease; 
4. Such faith in us, O Cod, im - jJant, And to our prav'rs Thy fuv- or grant. 

55 MB (o tut. 

S« - I un-- ly fixiiJ <in <'liiUt a-loiie, 
8triiii^<ii IIU (;t<ii'e i*. J<>ya to share 
Uy fnitlilbo cliil-drtrrariKlitwfclaini, 
In JcKiM riiriM.TIiy 

•iog 8<Jii, 

A truHttli. 
HiscriMi, in bopo 
And call U|i - on 
Who our fi.utit 

U< oVrlhmwr 
IIU criiwu to wear, 
oiir Kiitlicr'n tiaoio. 
of hiiillh o.l"ii'>. 


No. 712. 

Re-. J. IIS h AWCBTT. 


H.G. Nacrli. 


1. Blwt l)o thn tie that MiiJs Our hcarTd In CIuTh - Ian lovp; 

2. Bo - foro our Fi» - tln-r's throne. Wo puur our ar - dmit pmycni; 

:j. Wo 

8hare our niu 



bur - lien 


4. nhon we a • Bun • Ucr part. It elves un iu • wunl uiiti; 

^3iB::i^-"?j-^^ life 

Oiir fi-.ini ur 'i"i 
Ami oft - '<- fn 
Itut we ohnll Mill 

r kin - drH mln<la In liko 

ir aiin« are nnn, 

rh oth - er flow* 

b" J<iiti''l In heart. 

Our Com 
The Bvra 


to tlint a- bov». 

fortu aii'l our cari>«. 

jia - lliij; - InR toai. 

to tiK-rt a - piin 


No. 713. Tune— BoYLSTON. s.M N0.689. 

1 l)ii| ClirlHt <MT sinners wi-cp. 

And Pliall our cliockH lie dry? 
Ixt IIikmIh of jicnitonlial grief 
Uur>t forth from cv.-ry eye. 

2 TJie Son of God In tears 

The woudering augeU 8«-e; 

Be thou aAtoninhed. O my eoull 
Ue shed thooo tears fur thc«. 
3 Ue wept that we •iil;:ht Weopt 
>^< h Fin deniundd a tear; 
In heaven alune iio din In fouinl. 
And tboro'a no v/eeping there. 

BfnJ, Deddon 

No. 714. 

Thomas Scott. 

^ 1. IT:i3 • ten, 8in . ner, 

2. II:us . til, BUT - cy 

3. \\.\» . ten. Bin • ner, 

4. lias • ten. Bin • tier. 

picnel's ^)nmit. 7s. 

Ignaj, Plryrl. 

to <io wine! Stay not for the mor-row's sun; 

to Im.plorel Stay not for the Dior- row's sun, 

to re - turni Stay not for the nior-row'.n siin^ 

to 1)6 ble«tl Stay not for tlie uior- row's sun, 

SH M. .(z. M. ^ jm.. M. S:. ,m- ~ 

Wis - doni. If yon (rtill de • ppise, ITard - er is it to bo won 

Le-st tliy sea - son should Ih» o'it Ere this eve-ninjr's stape is run. 

liest tliy lamp sliould foil to burn Ere sal • va - tioii'g work is done 

Lest p«r- di • tion thee ar - r<»t Ere the inor - row is be- gun. 

No. 715. 

Charles Wesley, 

Come, C^0u S^lmig^tg ^mg. 

, (Italian Hymn. 6s. 4s.) 

Felice Giardini. 



1. Come, Thou almight-y King, Help us Tby name to sing, Help us to praise: Fa-ther!all- 

2. Come, Thou in-carnate Word, Gird on Tliy might -y sword; Ourpray'rattend: Come,andThy 

3. Come, ho- ly Com- fort- er I Thy sacred wit - ness bear. In this glad hour: Thou,whoal- 

4. To the great One iu Three, The highest prais - es be, Heuce ever-more! Hissov'reigu 

^ JL Jt. J^ ^. JS. J. J I M. ^^ 

glo - ri-ou8. O'er all vie -to- ri - ous. Come, and reign o - ver us, An-cient of Days! 
peo-plebless. And give Thy word success: Spir - it of ho - li-ness! On us de-scend. 
might-y art. Now rule in ev-'ryheart, And ne'er from us de-part, Spir- it of pow'r! 
ma - jes- ty May we in glo • ry see, And to e - ter - ui - ty Love and a - dore. 
••-•-••— ^ M. M- .*- ' -m- ^ ^ -^ « m •-^- m "^ ■*• -^ ,« . 

liO* T16. Tune— Italian Hymn. Cs.hs. 

1 Sound, sound the truth abroad, 
Bear ye the word of God 

Through the wide world: 
Tell wliat our Lord has done, 
Tell how tlie day is won, 
And from His lofty throne 

Satan is hurled. 

2 Speed on the wings of love, 
Jesus, who reigns above, 

Bide us to fly ; 
They who His message bear 
Should neither doubt nor fear, 
He will their Friend appear. 

He vill be nigh. 
9 Ye, who forsaking all. 
At your liivod master's call, 

Comfi>rt8 resign : 
Soon will your work be done; 
goon will the prize be won ; 
Brighter than yonder sun 

Then shall ye shine. 

Thcs. Ktlly. 

XVO* 71T. Tune— Italian Hymn. 65.45. 

1 Rise, glorious ('omjueror, rise 
Into Thy native skies, — 

Assume Thy right ; 
And where in many a fold 
The clouds are backward rolled- 

Pass through those gates of gold, 
And reign in light I 

2 Victor o'er death and hell I 
Cherubic legions swell 

Thy radiant train : 
Praises all heaven inspire; 
Each angel sweeps his lyre. 
And waves his wings of fire,— 

Thou Lamb once slain! 

3 Enter, incarnate God! — 

No feet but Thine, have trod 

The serjient down 
Blow the full truD\petf , blowl 
Wider yon portals throw! 
Saviour triumphant — go, 

And take Thy crown I 

4 Lion of .ludah— Hail! 
Aud let Thy name prevail 

From age to age ; 
Lord of the rolling years! 
Claim for Thine own the sphere*, 
For Thou hast bought with tears 

Thy heritage. 
• And then was heard afar 
Star answering to star — 

" Lo! these have come 
F.dlowersof Him who gave 
His life tlieir livs to save; 
And now tlieir palrns they wave. 

Brought safely homi-." 

Matthne Bridges, 

No. 718. ilir Jfmtlj |:oohs up U Cfe«. 

Kav Palmer, D.D. (Olivet. 6s. 45.) Dr 

•^ 1. My failhlookHup toThee, Tlimi I,.iMilM,f ( 'al-v,, - 1 y, Sav. iour di- vine ! Nowhearmo 
2. IMny Tby riili grace inipait Strongth m my fnintltiK hckrt. My 7.eal inspire; \* thou ha."!! 
:<. Whilollfc« dnrk mnrel trr-nrt. .\lid griefsai iniild nu- HpreaiLIie Thou my <;i:id(<; Hiil <lntk?ie»« 
4. WhrnoiKl'i llfrnlrn. ■'>.it clri.niii.Whon .1.-i>lhs ooM. «nllon «trr»in SImlloer m.-roll. Ulest Saviouri 

Dr. LowBLL Masok. 

1^9 ^ti^t) looks np to 3tiet. 

ile I |>ray. Take alt my iniilt a- way, nli, let in.- tn.iu lliLs .lay iw wln.l - l> Tliiue. 
il fur niu. Oh. may liiv love to Tliff Pure.Wkrm.andotiaoieleii be A liv - iiiu tire! 

ile I |>ray. Take alt my iniilt a -way, 
(liHil for me, Oil, may my love to Tin 
turn to day. Wipe Borrow'u tears a- way. Nor let me ev-er stray Krom Tlieea-Biile 
tlieu, iu lo?e. Fear aod diHtriut n-muve; Oli, bt-ar iiu- sufe a-UiVe, A i-aiiHomed soul 


No. 719. Iteaur, gig 6ob to (Tfew. 

Sakak 1'. Adams. 

( Bkthanv. 

Dr. LowBLL Mason. 

H fj ^p^m^p j^^-p-fei- 

Near - IT, my God, to Tliee, Near - er to Tliee ; 
Ttio' like the wau-der-er. The euu gone down. 
There l-t the way B|>-|iear Ste|»i ni. -to heaven; 
Then with my wak-ingtho'U, Bright with Thy pnUM;, 
Or if, on j^iv - ful wing, C'leav- ing the oky. 

E'en though it be a cnxH 
Dark-nuna be o • Ter me, 
AU tliat Thuu«eud-eiit me. 
Out of my eio - ny grief*, 
Bun moori.uuil Btajn for - got. 

D.S.—Ntar- tr, my CoJ, to Thtr! 





Ueth • el 
I'p • ward 

eth me, 8till all uiy iion» Bhall l«— Near-er, uiy <j<id, to Thee I 

a Ktune, Yet in my dreaniM I'd In- Near-er, my <iud, to Thee ! 

■ cy given: An - geU to beck - un me Neur-er, my (iod, to Thee ! 

I'll raise; So by my woea to be Near-er, my tiod, to Thee! 

I Hy, Still ull my song shall lie Near-er, my (io*!, to Thee ! 


No. 720. 

F. F. Hammon 

J. FAWcrrr. 

Come lo Jesus Just Hofo. 

. Come to Je • sua. Cum* to Je 
!. He will (ave you, He will save 

1. Come to Je • sua. Cum* to Je • eus, Come to Je • euti Just now, 
'J. He will (ave you. He will save you. He will save you Just now. 


Je • 8U8, Come to 
gave you. He will 

Je - Hus Just 
you Just 


S He is able, etc. 
4 He to wUIiDg, Me. 

• H« wiQ hear yon, etc. 
7 H* wlU deauae you, at 

9 He'll forgive you, ete. 
U If you'll tnut Him, at*. 
U ■•wiUMwywt.atii 

No. 721. lesus, f ober 0f Pg ^orxl 

Charlss Weslkv. 

(Martyn. 7s. D,) 


, f.Je - sus, Luv - er of my soul, 
1 While tlie uear-er wa - terg roll, 

Simeon B. Marsh. 





Let me to Tliy bos 
While the temp- est still 

- - - :^_ 

Z>. C — Sa/e in - /o ihe ha - ven guide. Oh, re-ceive my soul at last. 

mv t>av- lour, 

Till the storm of life 


2 Other refuge have I none, 

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee : 
Leave, oh, leave ine not aloue, 

Still support anil comfort me. 
All my trust on Thee is stayed, 

All my help from Thee I bring; 
Cover my ilefeuceless bead 

With the shadow of Thy wing. 

3 Th.m, ft Christ, art all I want ; 

Moiv tliaii all iu Tliee 1 find: 
Rais.. the fallen, cheer the faint. 

Heal lheRrk,aiid lea.l the Mind. [ 
Just isThy Name, 

I amall' imri;i;lite.>iisiiess: 
Vile, and lull nf win I am, 

Thnu artful] cf truth and grace. 

4 Plentecius sirace with Thee is found— 

(Waee to cnverall luy sin : 
Let the healing streams abound : 

Make me, keep me, pure within. 
Thou of life the Fountain art; 

Freely let me take of Thee ; 
Sliririgtlion up within my heart, 

lliso to all eternity. 


No. 722. Tune— Martyn. 7s. D. 

1 Sinners, turn, why will ye die? 
God, your Maker, asks you — Why ? 
God, who did your being give. 
Made you with Himself to live; 
He the fatal cause demauds. 

Asks the work of His own hands, — 
Why, ye thankless creatures, why 
Will ye cross His love and die? 

2 Sinners, turn, why will ye die? 
God, your Saviour, asks you — Why? 
He who did your souls retrieve. 
Died Jiimself that ye might livet 
Will ye let Him die iu vain? 
Crucify your Lord again? 

Why, ye ransomed sinners, Wliy 
Will ye "light His grace, and die? 

3 Sinners, turn, why will ye die? 
God, the Spirit, asks you— wliy? 
He, who all your lives hath stmve. 
Urged you to embrace His love; 
Will ye not His grace receive? 
Will ye still refuse to live? 

Why, ye long-sought sinners! why 
Will ve grieve your Go<i, and die? 

Charlfs Wesley, 

Ira D. Sankky. 

%\\ for Pt. 

.. •! T>_. .:.».! 11.1 l: ;..l.; 1 „.-II...... ,. 1.. .1.... -^ 

1. Suff'i ingSaviour, with thorn crown, BruisMuud bleeding sinking down 

2. Je - sns. Saviour, pure andmild. Let me ev - er lie Thychild 

3. Fuinwouldl to Thee be brought, Bless-ed Lord for- bid it not; 

In the kingilf^i JT 

wea - rv worn, Fnint-inc, dving, crush'dnnd torn- 
thoughl be, Tliou (lidVt Huf- fer this forme— 
of Thy grace, (Jive Thy wand'ringchild a place, 

- All for me, yes, nil for 
All for me, yes, all for 
Uli, bless me, yes, e - veu 



No. 724. 

Anna H. Warnrr. 

Jwus Jobts 3I«I 

Wm. B. BRADBt'RV. 


1. Je - 8118 Idvcs nul tbia I kimw, For the Bi • Mo ti-Us nie m : Lit - no 

:2. Je - HUH fniui Hin tbroneoii liigli, ''ameiii - to tliia worltl to dii>; That I 

3. Ju- HUH h>ve« mel He who ilied Hravpn's (;ate ti> o-pcnwiilp' Ho wilt 

4. Je- sn»,take this heart of mine; Make it purp.aiiJ who! -Jy Thine: Thou hnst 

ones ti> Hini bo-Ion^; Thfjr arew<'ak, hut Ho Is dfroiig. 

iiiiglitfrom gin Ixi free, Bh-U au " 

wohU a- way luy viii. Let Ins lit -tlo chiMcuuin in. l* 

hh'<l aiiJ died for me, I will henceforth Uvo for Thco. ■' 

Bled auJ died up - on the tno." I ,. . i 

- - -J- ' . .. . - \ en, Je - BUS 111 

Ten, Je. 

loTcaninl Tes, Je-sus luTesmoI Tho Bi- l>le tells nin kuI 

- •*: ■*: :* -it -ffr. 


TkT^ »ync Tune— Italian Hymn. 

No. 725. No.7.5. 

1 r.lory to God on hifih ! 

Let heaven and earth reply, 
" Praise ye Hi.i namel '* 

His l.ive and Rracoadore, 

Who all our sorrows liore; 

Sine Inuil for evermore, 
" Worthy tho Lamb." 

2 While they around the throne 
Cheerfully join in one, 

Praisinp; His name — 
Ye who have felt His M<K>d, 
Sealinp y"iir peace with God, 
Sound liis clear name abroad, 

" Worthy the Lamb I " 

3 Join, all ye ransomed race, 
Our Lord and God to bless; 

Braise ye His name — 
In Him we will rejoice. 
And make a joyful noise, 
ShoutiDK with heart and voice, 

" Worthy the Lamb ! " 

S Soon must we change our place, 
Yet will we never cease 

Praising His name; 
To Him ew •engs we brinft 

Hail Him our (crncioiis King; 
And, through all apegeing, 
"Worthy the Lamb I" 

J. AlUn, alt. 

No. 726. (Tune, No. 19 ) 

1 My God I have found 
Tho thrice hlet«ed ground, 

Where life and where Joy, and true comfort 
Cho.— Hallelujah ! Thine the glory I 
Hallelujah I .\men I 
Hallelujah ! Thine the glory J 
Revive us again. 

2 Ti^ found in the blood 
Of Him who once stood 

My refuge and safety, my surety with God. 

3 He bore on the tree 
The sentence for me, 

Aad now both the surety and sinnorare free. 

4 And though here below 
'3Iid sorrow and woe. 

My place ia in heaven with Jesus, I know. 

5 And this I fhall find 
For such is his mind, 

" Hell Bot ba (n glory and leave me behind." 

Jltm./^n Gambold 

727. J^sus, f ober of Pg Siml. 

Ibfugk. 7s. D.) 

Jos. p. HoLiaooK. 


Je - sus, Lov - er of in y 
Otli-fr ref ugeliave I 
Thou, Christ, art all I 
Plenteous grace with Thee i 

III, Let me to Thybo-soni fly, While the ueat • or 
le, Hiiugsmy helplesssoul on Thee; Leave,oh, leave ni9 
Jt; Morethanall iu Thee I find: Raise the fall - en 
mid-Grace to cov - er allmyeiu: Let thelieal-ing 


wa • tera roll. While the tern - pest still is high ; Hide me, oh my Saviour hide. Till the • 

not a • lone Still sup- port and comfort me: All my trust on Thee is stayed, All my J 

cheer the faint Healthesick and lead the blind: .lust and ho- ly is Thy name, 1 am >- 

streams abound; Make me, keep me, pure with, in, Thou of life the Fountain art, Free-ly ■; 

past; Safe in - to the ha-ven guide, Oh, re-ceive my sou! at la«t 

stniui (if lif' is past; Safe in - to the ha-ven guide, Oh, re-ceive my sou! at la«t 
lii'lp finnilnpc I bring; ("ov-er my defenceless head With the shad-ow of Thy wing, 
all un ighteous-ness; A'ileaiidfull of siu I am, Thouart full of truth and grace, 
lot n.',; take of Thee; Spring Tliou tip within my heart. Rise to all e - ter - ni . ty. 

No. 728. 

Charles Weslkt. 

am. f . 

Danibl RsiU^ 


m ^^ =^^^: ^m^^^^^w^^ 

Ho. 729. 

E. Pehronbt. 

%\l Sail iht fotoer. 


1. All liiiil tlio power of Je - bus' uamol l.ft an - g«l» pron . trate full; 

2. Let ev - 'ry kiu - dred, ev . 'ry trilie, On lliis ti-r • ree . triul ball, 

3. Oh, that with you • tier sa • cdm] tlinmg We nt HU feet may fall; 

t>_: r -.1. *!.» -^, .1 Jt . J k...l ..^ Ill», I.....1 »r .11 • 

forth the roy • at di 
Him all mt^ - eo • ty 

We II joiu the ev - c-r - Lwt - 

m • dem, An.l vu,«u lilm L.>r.l of 
a§-crit>e, AnJ cniwii Him Ik'hI of 
iijg tf>ng, Aiul cniwD Him Lord of 


^f all. 
of all. 
Kf all. 

Brine forth the roy . al 
To Mini iill' lUiO - •'« 
W.'ll jo 

<li • a ■ dciii, An.1 
ly ii»-crilM', Anil 
ing«on»;, Ai " 

.wn Him I^inl of 

.»!. Him I-.r.l of 

■own Him l<oiil of 

rfO« 730. Tunc— Coronation. CM. 
1 f'T a tliniiHiinil toiiKiUfi to 8io|; 
My gnat Hfilpomc-r'a praise; 
The pl'Ti*-* of my Ci-A anil king. 
The trinuiphnof lli:4 j;rai-.-. 
8 My gracious Ma!<t<'r, and my God, 
Aiwixt me to pri'i laini,— 
To spread, tliro' all tlio earth abroad, 
The honors of Thy Name. 

J<tiii!« !— the Name Ihatchamin oor feaf% 

That liitlaour wirtowa cease; 
'Tin innhic- in the hiiiuer'a eani, 

•Ti« lir<-, and health, and peace. 

4 lie lin-akK the p<iwer of ranrelPd tin. 
Ho n»t« the pi iVnor free; 
HiHl>li»»l <an iinike the fonlmt ciMn; 
Uiit bl<M>d avail'd for me. 

Ck»riet l^nley. 

No. 731. 

Rev. J. S. B. MoNSBLu 


C. H. A. hiALAM. 

1. Ask ye what great thing I know Tliatde -ligliteand xtiraiiK 
'I. What iM falth'H fouu-ilatiunstrongl What a-wakcsmy li|>« to 
3. Who de - feats my fierc-est foes? Whocou-fiolesiuy sad-degtw 

HoT Whatlhe 
B<.ng?Ho vho 


ward I win? Whose the name I glo- ry in? Je- sua Christ, the Crn 

sin - fill load, Pur -chased forme peace with God, Je- siis Cliiist, the Cru 
faint-iug heart, Heal - ing all its Idd-deu smart? Je- bus Christ.the Cru 


4 Who is life in life tom«? 

Who til.- .{.• of death willbtl 
Wlio will place me on His rijrht 
With the countless hosts of light? 
J^POB Cbriat, tbe CrncifieO. 



6 This is that gtfal thing 1 
This deli^'hts ami etiisr.R- m>; 
Faith in Him whodit^l '.o save, 
Him who triumphed o'er the grsve^ 
Jeans Christ, tbe Crucified. 

No. 732. 

John Fawcett, D. D. 

J0rb, gismbs Wis, 

(Greenville. 8s. 7s. & 4.) 



-•- ■•- -•- 11 -^ -m- -m- ^Sr- 




11 V aiiiliieacoj 

Z> C — (3, re -fresh us, O re - fresh us, Trav-' ling thro' this ivil • der-ness. 


us each, Thy love pos - sess-iug, Ti 


|liggg =^5^ _-gg^g^E|p^i^^ 

2 Tlianks we give and adnratinn, 
K(ir Thy pospd's joyful .sound : 

May the fruits of Thy salvation 
In our hoiirt.s ami lives ahouud; 

Kver faithful, Kver faithful, 
To the truth may v.u be found. 

3 So, whene'er the Bip;nal's pivcn 
Us from earth to call away, 
Borne on angel's wings to heaven, 

Glad the Kunimous to ohey, 
May we over. May we ever 

Keigu with Clirist iu endless day I 

No. 733. 

Rev. William Cowper. 

S^Iycrt is i\ Jfountam. 


Dr, LowBLL Masom. 

,z:q— J=i^.T=:1<i=q: 


iu filled witli hlood, Drawn from Ir 

:t_l_t i?_, , 1_, ^— , , 1- 


Kin - norp plunged he- neath that flooil, Lose all theirguilt - y stains. 

■ 1_ 1_ 1 _!_-- W 1 1 




wo all their guilt - y Hti 

gililt - y Htainst. 

— I — •— t- 

all their guilt - y 


2 The dving thief rejoii'ed to see 

That f.iunlHin in his day, 
Anil there may I, though vile n^ he, 
\Vanh all my Hintt away. 

3 Dear flying Lainli, Thy precious blood 

Shall never loHn Its power, 
Till all the ranHomed church of Ooil 
B« MV<H^ tu aiu BO moral 

4 K'er sinre, hy faith I sjiw (he stream 
Thy tlowing wouihIh supply, 
Itedeeming love ha.M lieen my thomo, 
An.lshall he, till I <lio. 
.'■> Then in n iiolilor, swootor song, 
I'll sing Thy power to save, 
Whi'ii this ixMir lisping, stiimmerlnK toncn* 
Lies si lout iu tba grav*. 

No. 734. 


SJercn's Jrct. 

From D. F. E. An 

faitli I view my Sttv-iuiir ilv - inn, 
(Til ev - 'ry iia-tiuu Ho U cry- iiig, 

f Kid Chriot, wlu'ii I was »iii piir - r>ii - inn, 
( Aud did Ueuiialcb my Huiilfriiiu ru - iu, 

--*-— -r -f -r-.-g-- 




lie bidit tlio(;iiilt-y n<>vt draw ni-ur. 
Oil, yvH I Ho did duI - vu - tiuii \ix\\\% 

Iieut, U>-lievf, dis-inim tin-in f«'ur: 
iit my I'mpli - «•!, Frieiit uud Kinn 


Ilurk, bark wbat prtt.ciiniit won 
And uow my hap • py 0<>iil 


Mwr-ry's frw, 
Mer^y'a Xrv, 

MtT-cy'H frve. 
MiT-cy'B free. 

1 JrgiiH my weary m>»\ refreHlicti: 
Mercy 'n free, Mercy'g free. 
And every uiunient tMirist in prwiiias 

I'ntii me, Ciitu me; 
Niin« ran dertcriUi the bliiw I 
While tbruMKli tliii) wilderneHS 1 ruve. 
All ui:iy enjov the Saviour's l..v«. 
Merry 'a tree, Mercy 'a free. 

4 LoiiK a« I live, I'll Hlill Iw iTyiuR, 
Merry's free, Mercy's free. 
And tliia shall lie my theme when dying, 

Mercy's fn-e, Mercy's free. 
And wlien the vale of death I've nu<se<l, 
When lodged almve the stiirmyiilast, 
I'll sing wliile endless an<'s h'-'*!. 
Mercy's fn.-e, Mercy's free. 

No. 735. ''■""•^-'^i^: 


1 U for a heart to praise my Uod, 

A heart from siu set free; — 
A heart that always feels Thy blood, 
So freely shinl for me : — 

2 A lieart rosigne*!, suhmissive, meek, 

My great Redeemer's throne; 
Where only Christ is heard to speak, — 
Where Jesus reigns alone. 

3 for a lowly, contrite heart. 

Believing, true, and clean; 
Which neither life nor death call |>art 
From Ilim that dwells within : — 

4 A heart in every thought renewed, 

And full of lovo divine; 
Perfect, and rii<ht, and pure, and good, 
A Copy, Lord, ot Tbiue. 

CkarUt H^etity. 

No. 736. Tune— Hknuon. 71. No. 731, 
1 Wait, my S.1MI, upon the l^jnl, 
To ilis gnti'ious pnimiM* flee, 
Laving bolil u|Hm Ilis word 

|':"As thy days thy strength shall Iw." :| 
'2 If the Borrows of thy case, 
S-em ix-culiar slill to Thee, 
(io<i has pn)miH<-<l nee<lful grace 

|:"As thy days thy strength shall be." | 

3 Days ..f trial, days of grief 

In succession thou may'st see, 
This is still tliy sweet relief 

|:"As thy days thy strength shall be." :| 

4 R<"k of Ages, I'm s<'cure. 

With Thy promise full and free, 
Faithful, |»'.sitive, and sun^ — 

|:".\s thy days thy stiength shall l>e." | 

H'm. J-: Lloyd. 

No. 737. Tune— Hkndoi*. 7s. No. 731 

1 Come, my s<iiil, thy suit prepare, 

.lesus loves to answer prayer. 
He Himself has bill thee pray. 
Therefore will not say thee uay. 

2 Thou art coming to a King. 

Ijarge ]ietitions with thee hriug, 
For His grace ami (Kiwer are such, 
None can ever ask to(j much. 

3 With my burden I l>egin, 

Litrd, remove this load of sin ; 
Lef Thy IjIoimI for sinners spilt. 
Set my conscience free from fuilL 

4 Lord, I come to Thee for rest. 

Take possession of my breast. 
There Thy bloo.l-l.ought light maintain, 
Aud without a rival reign. 

Ji*v. J»km NtviUu. 

No. 738. 

S. F. Smith, D.D. 

CouniriT, Tis of ®^u. 

( Ambrica. 6s. 4S.) 

H. Caret. 

1. My coun-try, 'tis of thee, Sweet land of lib - er » ty, Of thee I sing; Laud where my 

2. My na-tivecountry,thee, Land of the no- ble free, Thy name I love; I love thy 

3. Let niusicswell the breeze, And ring from all the trees Sweet freedom's song; Let mor- tal 

4. Onr fa-theru'God.tothee, Au-thur of lib-er-ty. To Thee we sing; Long may our 


fa- thersdied Land of the pilgrim's pride, Fromev-'ry mountainside, Let free-dom ring. 
rocks and iills,Tliy woods and templed liill8,My heart with rapture thrills, Like that a-bove. 
tongues awake, Let all that breathe partake. Let rocks their silence break. The sound prolong, 
laud be briglit,\Vith freedom's ho- ly light, Protect us by Thy might, Great God, our King! 


Ko. 739. f ^e STorlr §Itss tIjM anb l^ecpt l^M. 

( Written for Mr. Moody's Schools at Northfield, Mass.) «J 

Num. 6:a4-26. Lucv Rider Mbvbr. S 

••- • -m- -m- -m- -^ -m- -m- ■»- -S- _ 

The Lord blesatbee.and keeptheel The Lord make hisfacesliiueup-on tbee, and be 4 

^ -m- 4^ • ••- ^ -(•- -^- • -•- -m- -*- s 

_4 N-J- 




gra-ciousun - to thee: Andbe gra-ciousun- to thee: The Lnitn lift up his • 

I? ^ ^- I 1 * *: :f: ^ Z' 1 

Slid give thee poo 

CouiiteniiMce, bia countenance up- 


lid give tlieo peace. 



GosPiiL Hymns, 1 to 6 complcte. 



Artoe. my «.>ul, »riee 

Behold, what lova 

Cuiue, pr.Hligal, conie!_ 

1 am nuw a child of (jud 

I know that my Redeemer.. 

In th« land of stranger* 

My Father i« rich 

O child of God 

Uiug the belli of heaven 

bulging a» we journey 

buns ol Go(i_ 


Arise, my soul, arise 

Ask ye what great thing 731 

Blessed assurance 304 

Christ fur me ! !♦' 

Kade. fade each earthly 647 

VuUy f«r«uaded 4* 

.le holds the key 3»9 

He knows i«l 

How do 1 know my sins 439 

1 know I love Thee 29* 

1 know not why 272 

1 know that my Kedeemer 263 

1 must walk thro" the valley.. ..341 

Jesus is mine 647 

Look untu Me_ 343 

Lord. I care not for richei _209 

Mine! "7 

My God, 1 have found 726 

My ho|w is built on 684 

My Jesus. I love Thee 886 

O hajipy day 843 

Rejoice in the Lord 278 

Safe in the arms of Jesus 6 

That will be Heaven 621 

The pearl of greatest 176 

This I know 242 

'Tis the promise of God.. 

1 Hallelujah! tis done » . Trinmpn bT-and-ky _ 

\ How sweet the joy 422 W. are children of a King 

! I am sweeping thro' the 668 We re marching to Ziun 

\ I gave My life for thee_ 600 When Hecometh 

' I hear Thy welcome voice 898 - Whoaoevor heareth" 

, " ■»6n'»>'»<» "• CHRIST A FRIEND 

I Jesus n mighty to wve 109 | 

git Come to the Saviour 



Just as I am 

My hope is built on ..... 
My soul will overcome . 
Not all the blood of bea. 
Nothing but the blood... 


,1^ I've found a friend in .S6T 

.JIO I ve found a Friend, oh 884 

ttO Jesus knows thy surrow 868 

.198 Jesus. Thy name I love 307 

O Christ, what burden* 39 

O who is this 32» 

On Calvary's brow 388 

Precious blood 208 

Rock of Ages 21 

Saved by the blood 140 

Saviuur, more than life to 893 

There is a fountain 73S 

There is a green hill 601 

When God the way 486 

When I survey the wondrous... 491 

Whiter than snow 82. 888 

Whoever receiveth the »8t 


Alas! and did >6." 

Christ has for sin 418 

Come to the Saviour 638 

Dare to be a Daniel ! 682 

Hear me. Messi-d Jesus 436 

Holy is the I»rd 467 

How do I know my sins 439 

I cannot toll how precioul .137 

Jesus loves even me. 18 

Jesus loves me 724 

Never shone a light so 432 

O, I am 60 happy "7 

[ O, list to the watchman _ 647 

Saviour, more than life... 
Sometimes I catch sweet. 
There is a Nam* I love.. 
What a friend we have... 




Verily, verily -132 Only for Thee 286 

When peace, like a river 673 Rjng the bell* of Heaven 622 

Wishing, hoping, knowing 46 

Alas! and did my 79 

Arise, my soul arise!.. 
Behold a fountain.. 

Saviour, like a shepherd 660 

Scatter seeds of kindness »t 

Sinfring all the time 186 

Sowing in the morning 609 

Standing by a purpose 682 

Take the name of Jesus 47 

Blessed be the fountain 361 ] The light of the world 626 

Come, every soul by sin 687 The sweet story of old 201 

1 of parity 611 I The whole world waa lort._ eS* 



Behold a Stranger 480 

Come, thou weary 267 

In the silent midnight 93 

Jesus Christ is pasting 620 

Jesus of Naiareth - 9 

Knocking, kniK;king 648 

Out on the desert, (eeking 813 

Seeking to save 39 

The ninety and nine 870 


A (Inner forgiven 44 

Bless me now •• 

Come, my soul! 7IT 

Fully persuaded 49 

I am coming 224 

I am coming to the cross 668 

I bring my sins to Thee 78 

I hear Thy welcome voice 898 

I stood outside the gaU 88 

Just as I am 682 

O, tender and sweet! 612 

Pass me not 88^ 

She only touched the hem 667 

Take me as I am! 226-238 

What shall I doT 117 


Alas! and did my _ 79 

Beneath the Cros* 31 

Bless me now ! 23 

From the Bethlehem mangbr ...488 
I am oominx to tb« onts. ..„.„_tM 

GOSPEL HYMNS, NOS. 1 tO 6 COMPLETE. — Continwd. 


In the cross ot Christ 698 

I've passed the Cross 238 

Jesus, keep me near 698 

" Man of Sorrows ■• 646 

Must Jesus bear the cross? 112 

Nearer the cross 320 

Near the cross 698 

On Calvary's brow 366 

Once for all 13 

Paradise 163 

Bejoice aud ue glad! 19 

The cross it standeth 400 

The gate ajar 12 

There's a royal banner 381 

When I survey 709 


Out on the mountain 466 

Saviour, like a Shepherd 660 

The Lord's my Shepherd 678 

The ninety and nine 670 


A little while 76 

Arise and shine 103 

Behoid, the bridegroom 81 

Christ is coming 606 

Christ returneth 661 

Crown Him ! 619 

Do you see the Hebrew 643 

He is coming 286 

How liappy are we 134 

I am Ho that liveth 360 

1 am waiting 232, 487 

I know not the hour 621 

It may be at morn 661 

Jesus is coming 234 

Look, ye saints 619 

On that bright and golden 338 

Our Lord is now rejected 611 

Our Saviour will descend 426 

Boon shall wo see the 644 

The crowning day 611 

The Lord is coming 449 

Thou art coming 162 

Till He come ! 266 

'Tis a true and faithful 427 

■Watchman, tell me 96. 

We shall reign 198 

Weary gleaner in the eeld 296 

When I shall wake 486 

When Jesus comes S7 

Will Jesus iMid us 669 


Afflictions, th.i' they seem SOS 

Alas! aud did my 808 

Ab I • wUiar «M 


Awake, my soul, to joyfuL 407 

Behold, how plain 622 

Christ for me 142 

Depth of mercy ! 57, 207 

1 am not skilled 510 

I heard the voice of Jesus 649 

I hear the Saviour say 588 

I looked to Jesus 333 

I love to tell the story 30 

I need Thee every hour 597 

I waited for the Lord 703 

I was once far away 382 

In Thy great loving 558 

Jesus, and shall it ever be 704 

Just as I am 682 

Just a word for Jesus 77 

Mine ! ,. 167 

My Jesus, I love Thee „686 

U, hear my cry 339 

Once I was dead in sin 686 

Repeat the story o'er 650 

So let our lips and lives 626 

Stand up, stand up 615 

Tell me more about Jesus 249 

Tell me the old, old story 28 

The half was never told 660 

The mistakes of my life 100 

The j.earl of greatest 176 

We're marching to Canaan 78 

We take the guilty 239 

Where are the nine ? 8 

Who is on the Lord's side 236 

Young men in Christ 602 


Alas! and did my 79 

Come, for the feast is spread 101 

Not all the blood of beasts 689 

Till Ue come! 266, 364 

'Tis midnight, and on Olive's. ..474 
When I survey the wondrous.. .491 


A sinner forgiven 44 

Amazing grace! how sweet 680 

Awake and sing the 692 

Be present at our table 3 

Come ye that love the Lord B67 

Grace, 'tis a charming sound ... 3B 

I heard the voice of Jesus 649 

Wo thank Thcc. Lord 4 


All-soeing. Crn.i.ius Ood 216 

HIcssed Saviour 476 

Christ for mo 142 

UoMT, LorU, to ThM...„...„.....S17 



Fade, fade, each earthly 647 

Fully persuaded 49 

I am coming to the cross 668 

I aiu Thine 672 

I belong to Jesus 464 

I bring my sins to Thee „ 73 

I bring to Thee 512 

I gave my life for Thee 600 

I wait for Thee 49C 

Jesus, I my cross have 263 

Jesus, my Lord 336 

Just as I am 682 

Lord, at Thy mercy -seat 516 

Lord Jesus. I long to be 82 

More holiness give me 59? 

More love to Thee 61 

My faith looks up 718 

My Jesus, as Thou wilt 372 

Nearer, my God 719 

Nearer the cross 320 

None of Self 149 

Not my own 203 

O cease, my wandering 376 

for a heart 736 

One day the Shepherd 434 

On!y for Thee 255 

O, to be nothing 48 

Out of my bondage 281 

Saviour, more than iif« 593 

Saviour! Thy dying love 691 

Search me. O Lord 480 

Something for Jesus 591 

Take me as I am 226 

Take my life and let 124 

Take time to be holy 448 

Thine, Jesus. Thine 120 

Thou, my everlasting 699 

True-hearted 618 

Wholly Thine 62 


Alor.g the river of time 264 

Eternity dawns 158 

Home of the soul 16 

O, the clanginffljcllB of time 603 

Pray, brethren, pray 691 

The sands of time. 67 


Can it bo right IBO 

Encamped along the hills 524 

Faith is a living power 711 

Fear not 314 

From the depths 661 

Have faith in Ood 370 

Hope on 418 

How do I know my sins 439 

1 iK'lievod in God's wonderful. 288 
1 cried to God 681 

GOSPEL HYMNS, Nos, 1 to 6 COMPLETE,— Continued, 


|4oDotuk 467 

IKdow not why Gods 272 

i left it all with Jesus 63 

I aeeil lliei; every hour 697 

My taith looWi up 718 

JUy faith still clings 176 

O child of God 276 

O.forafaith! 707 

O. I left it all with Jesus 206 

J spirit, oerwhelmed 88 

She only touched 667 

The hem of llis garment 667 

The Lord's my Shepherd 678 

•Tis the i.romise of God _ 6 

Verily, verily '. 132 

We are coming home 603 


B« ye strong in the Lord. 367 

Pear not 314 

Mow firm a foundation 613 

O brother, life's journey. 312 

Christian trav'ler 390 

Oh, weary pilgrim 381 

Rejoice in the Lord 278 

While shepherds watched 693 

You're starting, my boy 401 


At the feet of Jesus 76 

Beulah Land 608 

Blessed .Saviour 476 

Christ mc _. 142 

Close to Thee 699 

Come near me 129 

Fade, fade, each earthly 647 

He came to Bethany 240 

Uear Thou my pr-iyer 216 

1 am Thine. O Lord 672 

I need Thee every hour 697 

(o times of sorrow 493 

I've found a friend 684 

fesus is mine 647 

esus only 141 

"ioy in sorrow 70 

Mine ! 167 

More love to Thee 61 

More of Jesus 490 

My Jesus. I love Thee 686 

None but Christ can 196 

O daughter, take good 642 

O happy day 643 

O. how He loves 27 

O, I am so happy 147 

O I love to talk with 496 

O. sing of His mighty _ 34 

Sk word ef woida .^..^^.M* 


Only for Th«« ! 266 

Quiet. Lord, my 466 

Safe in the arms 6 

Saviour, more than life tu 693 

Sun of my soul 674 

Take the name of Jesus 47 

Thine, Jesus, Thine ! 120 

The valley of blessing. 104 

What a friend we have 683 


Beyond the light of. 630 

Beyond the smiling and. 602 

Blessed hope 136 

Gathering home 220 

Give me the wings 96 

In the Christian's home. 673 

Jesus, I>over of my toul. 727 

My heavenly borne 484 

Not now, but in the 633 

O, think of the home 64 

Safe in the arms 6 

Shall we gather 669 

Shall we meet beyond 108 

Sleep on, beloved 626 

There e a land that is 110 

There is a land of pure 16 

Wo shall meet by-andby 604 

We shall sleep, but not 94 

When peace, like a river 673 


Eternal life God's word 608 

Ue lives and loves .662 

How firm a foundiilioa 61S 


AH the way my 43 

Blessed Saviour _47B 

Brightly gleams our banner 186 

Dark is the night 68 

Down in the valley 664 

Father, take my hand .188 

Guide me. O Thou great 394 

Ue knows! 181 

He le.ideth me 637 

Hold Thou my hand 366 

I must walk thro' the 341 

Jesus. Saviour, pilot me. 366 

Lead, kindly Light 464 

Lead me on 237 

O I love to talk with 496 

Over Jordan 204 

Precious promise 36 

Saviour, leaa me 477 

Saviour, like a shepherd. 660 

Savioar, more than life 693 

TMm Tlxm m; hand..„.. 

The Lord's my shepherd CTC 

Thou, my everlasting B9t 

Through the valley IIJ 

Trav'ling to the better land 468 



A light upon the shore 128 

A little while 7« 

Deliveranco will come 236 

Gathering home 330 

I am now a child of God ...668 

I am waiting 318 

I'm a pilgrim 101 

Looking home 70S 

My days are gliding 666 

My latest sun is sinking 97 

O think of the home 04 

to be over yonder 40 

One sweetly solemn thought 108 

On Jordan's stormy banks _179 

The sands of tim» .868 

Twill not be long 348 

Waiting ! 368 

We are waiting by the .. tIS 


After the toil M8 

Beautiful valley of Eden 138 

Beyond the light of 630 

Beyond the smiling and the 603 

Blessed homeland 144 

Forever with Jesus 164 

Give me the wings of 88 

Hark, hark! my soul 398 

Home at last ! 99 

Home of the soul _ IB 

How oft our souls 499 

1 am far froe my hame 607 

I am waiting for .487 

I know not the hour 621 

In the Christian's home 878 

In the presence of the 40 

Is my name written there 309 

I've reached the land 608 

Jerusalem! my happy. int 

Meet me there S8f 

My heavenly home 484 

Not half has ever been 183 

Not now, but in 633 

O golden day 405 

O land of the blessed 319 

On that bright and golden. 388 

Onward, apward, home .369 

Over Jordan 304 

Press on „ 640 

Bise op and luMtea. ,..., SOO 


•kfc in tb« arnM 6 

Safe upon the heavenly 482 

3haU we gather 669 

Shall we meet „ 108 

Sitting by the gateway 389 

Some day we say 403 

Soon will come the 473 

Ten thousand times ISB 

That will be Heaven for 621 

The heavenly land 71 

The Lamb is the Light 133 

The Palace of the King. 114 

There's a beautiful Iand_ 6SB 

There's a land that is „110 

There is a calm 383 

There is a land of pure 146 

There is a land which 349 

There is a Paradise 4B3 

'Ti.' a goodly pleasant land 114 

'Tis only a little way 459 

To be there ! 143 

Waiting and watching 116 

We are going home 218 

We'll gather there in 250 

We're going home to-m»rrow... 17 

We're marching to Zion B67 

We shall meet 604 

We shall reach the summer 371 

What must it he to be there I...160 

When the mists have 411 

When we get home 182 

When we reach our „173 

When we gather at last 316 

Tea, we'll meet again. 437 

" Yet there is room" 642 


Come, Holy tpirit 462 

Come, Thou almighty 216 

Holy Ghost, with light 430 

Holy Spirit, faithful 31 

Holy Spirit, Teacher 443 

More to follow 22 

O Holy Spirit, come ! 887 

Revive Thy work B71 

Spirit of truth 69B 

t^tay. Thou insulted Spirit 728 

Take Thou my hand 436 

The Spirit and the Bride 409 

The Spirit. O sinner 29 

There shall be showers 31B 

We bow our knees 39B 

vVhcn the Comforter 08 

Would we be joyful 667 


Almost persuaded 069 

Are yon eorainc home? 184 

BeboM, • feuBtMB t7S 

Calling now 10 

Call them in! 72 

Child of sin and sorrow 241 

Come believing ! 246 

Come, come to Jesus 388 

Come, every soul! 687 

Come, for the feast 101 

Come home! Come home! _ 627 

'• Come now ! " saith. 668 

Come, prodigal, come ! 197 

Come to Jesus ! 378 

Come to the Saviour! 636 

Come unto Me 353 

Come, with thy sins 274 

Come, ye disconsolate ! 661 

Come, ye sinners, poor 670 

Expostulation Ill 

God calling yet 376 

Hasten, sinner, to be wise 714 

Have you any room for? 668 

Hear the blessed invitation 481 

In the land of strangers 337 

Jesus calls t!iee 1 122 

Jesus Christ is passing 620 

Jesus is tenderly calling 308 

Look unto Me 343 

O come to the merciful 509 

O come to the Saviour 56 

O do not let the w .d 656 

O list to the watchman 547 

O tender and sweet 612 

O tender beseechings 500 

O wand'ring souls S20 

O what will you do 373 

O wonderful words 276 

O word of words ! 644 

Only a step to Jesus 66 

Out of the ark 116 

Out on the desert 613 

Out on the mountain 456 

Over the line 612 

Return, O wanderer 478 

Sinners, Jesus will receive 331 

Sinners, turn ! 722 

Softly and U-nderly 324 

"Stretch forth thy hand" 632 

The Gospel bells 126 

The Gospel trumpet's 148 

The prodigal child 627 

There is life for a lonk...._ 630 

The valley of blessing 104 

The whole world was 626 

There's a;er at the 332 

The Spirit and tlie Bride 409 

Tho' your sins be as 049 

To-day the Saviour 630 

Troubled heart, thy God 006 

Turn thee, O lost one 479 

Wbar* if thy rofugar.... 


Wherever we may go 98* 

While Jesus whispers 410 

While life prolongs 684 

While we pray 428 

Whoever receiveth the 387 

Whosoever will 618 

Why do you linger 419 

Why do you wait 130 

Why not to-night? 604 

Yes, there is pardon 60 


Yet there is room ! 641 

As lives the flower. 47' 

Blessed assurance 304 

Cbrist for me! 142 

Come into His presence Oil 

Come sing, my soul _199 

Come, ye that love 867 

How happy are we! 134 

Hew sweet the joy 422 

I've found a joy 70 

I will sing the wondrous 406 

In the shadow of His 309 

Joy to the world 128 

Look up ! Look up ! 476 

My God. I have found 728 

My life flows on 244 

My soul is happy 223 

O child of God 27» 

O crown of rejoicing 91 

O happy day 643 

Lord ! my soul 607 

01 amso happy 147 

O praise the Lord. 31S 

weary pilgrim 361 

ilejoice! rejoice, believer 363 

Rejoice with me. 164 

Rejoice ! ye saints 431 

Ring the bells of heaven 622 

Sinping all the time 151 

Singing as we journey „ 23f 

Songs of gladness 303 

The pearl of greatest 176 

There is joy among 17* 


Awake, my smil, to 407 

Behold, what love 580 

•• For God so loved " 3i9 

God is love! 279. 671 

God loved the world 62S 

Have you on the Lord 23 

How sweet, <) Lord 620 

1 gave my life for 600 

I have heard of a Saviour's 74 

I know I loveTliee 294 

I love to tell tlie story 30 

It pMietb knowledK«. „MS 

GOSPEL HYMNS, Nos. 1 TO 6 COMPLETE. — Continued. 


Fre found a friend !_ 684 

estiB loves even me 18 

esus love«me 724 

esu8, the very thought 368 

esus. Thy name I love 307 

eaus wept 703 

Lrt u» aiof; of the love 311 

More love to thee «l 

Blore than tongue can 216 

MyRe.le«mer 877 

My JeBUB, I love Thee 686 

None but Christ can 196 

O how be loves: 27 

O sing of bis mighty 34 

Once I was dead in sin 686 

Bepeat the story 660 

Safe in the arms 6 

Saviour, more than life 693 

Something for Jesus 691 

Sometimes I catch sweet 397 

Songs of gladness 303 

Souls of men 336 

Spirit of truth 696 

Tell me the old, old story 28 

Thee will 1 love 669 

The half was never 660 

There is a name I love 360 

There is love 240 

There's a wideness in „ 621 

We have felt the love 472 

Wonderful lov«_ 607 


As I wandered 'round 344 

My country, 'tis of thee 738 

Standing by a purpose 662 

Well, wife, I've found 408 


Bringing in the sheaves 609 

Cast thy bread upon 646 

From Greenland's icy 41 

Gn work in my vineyard , 66 

Great Jehovah 626 

Hear the call 69 

Here am I «40 

Ho! reapers of life's 646 

Is thy cruse of comfort 616 

Jesus shall reign 64 

One more day's work _ 26 

Over the ocean wave 172 

Preach the gospel 444 

Beec\ie the perishing 692 

0«BetlUDg foi iUM Ml 


Sowing in the morning 609 

Speed away 644 

Throw out the Life-Line 441 

What shall the harvest be f 662 


Blest be the tic 712 

Glory be to the Father 191 

God be with you 340 

G"d bless you 614 

Now the day is over _362 

Saviour, again to Thy 412 

Saviour, brvathe an evening 168 

The Lord bless thee 739 

The Lord keep wateh_ 623 


After the tnil 446 

Ah, my heart! 26 

Art thou weary r 107 

Beautiful valley of Eden! 138 

"Come!" said Jesus' 683 

Come unto Me 383 

God's almighty arms 342 

How sweet, my Saviour 327 

I heard the voice of Jesus 649 

In the heavenly pastures 48S 

In the shadow of His 306 

In times of sorrow 493 

It is well with my soul 673 

My soul at last 420 

Near the Cross 698 

Now the day is over 312 

O day of rest 631 

O for the peace 76 

O troubled heart 330 

Peace: be still! 261 

Pressing on 170 

Sad and weary 224 

Saviour. a(;ain to Thy_ 412 

Some day we say 403 

There is a calm 383 

We'll work till Jesus 180 

When peace like a river 673 

Would we be joyful 667 


All hail the power 729^ 

All people that on earth 1 

Awake, and sing 692 

Awake, my .•icul. stretch !....677 

Awake, my soul, to joyful 407 

Bi our joyful song 162 


Come into His presence 611 

Come, praise the Lord 398 

Come, sing the gospel's 69 

Cnme. Thou almighty TIB 

Ci>me, Thou Fount of 683 

Come, ye that love B6T 

Conquering now 429 

Crown Him ! 619 

For God BO loved 329 

From all that dwell 67t 

Gloria Patn 19? 

Glory be to Jesus' name! 194 

Glory ever be to Jesus 382 

Glory to God on high! 725 

Hh lives aud loves 66tf 

His praises I will sing 41T 

Holy, holy, holy!_ 118 

Holy is the Lord 48T 

Uow sweet the name TOB 

I will praise the lyord 460 

I will sing of my Kedoomer 677 

I will sing the wondrous 406 

I'll Thee exalt 668 

Jesus, hail: enthroned 701 

Look, ye saints 619 

Majestic sweetneM 670 

My Redeemer 877 

My .Saviour's praises 268 

My song shall be of Jesus 66 

Never shune a light so 4>r 

O brethren, rise 43k 

O for a thousand tongues 780 

O my soul, bless 6(6 

O praise our Lord 663 

O praise the Lord 818 

O Saviour, precious ..630 

O thou, my souL 660 

O worship the King 443 

Praise God from whom 3 

Praise Him 271 

Praise, my soul, the 468 

Praise the Saviour 291 

Praise ye the Lord 20E 

Redeemed: redeemed! 269 

Revive us again 20 

Ride on: ride on in 426 

Sing unto the Lord 497 

Sound the high praises 168 

Take the name of Jesus 47 

The new song 33 

Thee will I love 669 

There is no name so „ 34t 

To Him who for our 261 

We praise Thee and bless 228 

We praise Thee. O God.. 20 

We praise Thee, we bless 461 

We worship Thee 211 

When mornini; gilds 637 

Wtium have I, Lord, in ....lit 

GOSPEL HYMNS, Nos. 1 to 6 COMPLETE. — Continued. 


Abide with me 317 

As I wandered 'round 344 

At even, ere the sun 604 

Ble8s me now 23 

Blest be the tie 712 

Blest Jesus, grant 619 

Come. Holy Spirit 462 

Jome, my soul, thy 737 

Jome, Thou almighty 716 

Jo you see the Hebrew 643 

iven me! 639 

father, take my hand ! 188 

r>om every stormy wind 685 j 

From f-he depths 561 

God is great 260 j 

Hear me, blessed Jesus 436 > 

Hear Thou my prayer! 216 

Hear us, O Saviour 416 

Hide me 440 

Ho. reapers in the 646 

How firm a foundation 613 

I am praying for you 689 

J have a Saviour 589 

I need Thee every hour 697 

In Thy great loving 668 

Jesus, I come 281 

Jejus, Lover of. 721 

Jesus, my Lord, to 335 

Jesus, Saviour, pilot 366 

Jesus, the very thought 368 

Lord, at Thy mercy-seat 516 

Lord, bless and pity 691 

Lord, dismiss us ! 732 

Lord, I hear of 639 

More holiness give me. 694 

My faith looks up 718 

My Jesus, as Thou wilt. 372 

My prayer 694 

My sin is great 176 

Nearer, my God 719 

O hear my cry 339 

O. revive us by Thy 233 

Parting hymn 189 

Pass me not B8B 

Pray, brethren, pray 601 

Hovire Thy work 671 

Rock of Ages 21 

Save, Jesus, save! 706 

Saviour, again to Thy 412 

Saviour, breathe an evening 168 

Saviour, visit Thy plantation. .700 

Search me, O Lord 480 

S«eot hour of prayer! 834 

There is a fountain 733 

There shall be showers 316 

'TiB the blessed hour of 896 

•Ti» the hallowed hour 621 

Ts Thw I lift; ..> ■•* 


We bow our knees 398 

We lift our songs 297 

What a Friend we have 583 

What various hindrances 710 

When morning lights 664 

Windows open toward 643 


Cling to the Bible 392 

Come! 664 

His word atower 92 

Jesus loves even me 18 

Mine! 157 

O, precious word 296 

O, wonderful word 345 

Once more we come 227 

Precious promise 36 

Sing them over again 579 

There is a stream 384 

Wait, my soul, upon 736 

We bow our knees 395 

Whosoever will 618 

Wonderful words of life 679 


Abide with me 317 

A mighty fortress 414 

Closer. Lord, to Thee 277 

Dark is the night 68 

From every stormy wind 685 

God be with you 340 

He will hide me 119 

Hide me 440 

Hide Thou me! 230 

Hiding in Thee 574 

His word a tower 92 

In the secret of His 363 

I will lift up my 639 

Jesus, Lover of my 727 

Jesus, Thnu Refuge 492 

Lead to the shadow 423 

My high tower 84 

My hope is built 654 

My soul at laat 420 

Nearer, my God 719 

O cease, my wandring 376 

O God. our help 313 

I O safe to the rock 674 

! O soul, tossed on the 270 

! O. to have no Christ 348 of Ages 21 

[ Safe in the arms 6 

Saviour, lead me 477 

The Crnns of Jesus 32 

The Lords our Rock 321 

The solid Rock ., 664 

I Xh^ wUJ I love 869 



We would see Jesns 600 

While Thou, O my God 490 


Afflictions, tho' they 32« 

Alas! and did my 79 

Bless me now! 23 

Depth of mercy 67, 610 

Have our hearts grown 391 

I am coming to the cross 658 

I am the Door 262 

I bring my sins 73 

I hear Thy welcome 596 

I looked to Jesus 333 

I stood outside the 85 

In Thy great loving 658 

Jesus, my Lord, to 225 

Just as I am 682 

O hear my cry 339 

Once more, my soul 257 

Out of my bondage 281 

Pass me not, 685 

Stay, Thou insulted Spirit 728 

Take me as I am 226 

The mistakes of my life 100 

There is joy among the 171 

To Thee I lift 563 

We take the guilty 239 

What shall I do 117 


Beautiful morning! 247 

Beyond the smiling and the 602 

Christ hath risen 627 

Halleluj.ih! Christ is 545 

Ilallehija..! He is risen 90 

I am He that liveth 350 

I shall be satisfied 690 

Jesus of Nazareth 9, 463 

Low in the grave He 323 

O the clanging bells 603 

On that bright and 338 

On the resurrection 368 

Our Saviour will 42C 

Rise, glorious Conqueror 717 

Soon will come the 47; 

Soul of mine , 690 

The glorious morning 644 

Wo shall sleep, but not 94 

When r shall wake 486 

Yes, well meet again. 43'/ 


A guilty soul 385 

Alas! and did my 306 

Aroaiing grace, how 680 

lUbsId, b*w plkin 62* 

OOBPEL HYMNS, Nos. 1 to 6 COMPLETE. — ChntinuecL 


Beneath the glorioua 41S 

Choose I must 40J 

Chriet hu for sin 413 

Come believing 246 

Come, every soul 887 

Come, sing the gospel's 89 

Doers of the word 227 

Fierce and wild 139 

Fix your eyes upon Jesus 14B 

Fresh from the throne 83 

God loved a world 377 

God loved the world 623 

Good news 167 

Grace, 'tis a charming sound... 35 

He that believeth 187 

Uo, every one that 178 

Uow solemn are the words 693 

Uow sweet the word 163 

I am coming to the 688 

I am the door 262 

1 hear the Saviour say 888 

1 htar the words 222 

I looked to Jesus 333 

I was once far away 382 

Is Jesus able tu redeem? 131 

It is finished! 189 

Jesus is mighty to save 109 

Jesus, my Saviour 280 

Jesus saves 421 

Ligl-t after darkness 81 

Like wand'nug sheep 369 

Lung in darkness 121 

Mercy's free 734 

My hope is built on 684 

My soul will overcome 210 

Neither do I condemn 881 

No other name 82 

Not all the blood 689 

Not what these hands 243 

Nothing but the blood 196 

O hear the joj-ful 648 

O who is this 322 

O wondrous name 310 

Once for all 13 

Our life is like 347 

PuU for the shore 81 

Salvation! oh, the joyful 694 

Saved by the blood 140 

She only touched 667 

Shine on, O Star of. 292 

Sinners, Jesus will 331 

Sin no more 447 

Some one will enter 309 

Sometimes a light 617 

Song of salvation 74 

Soul of mine 336 

Take me as I am „ 336 

The gate ajar_ 12 

Tbe gotp«l of Xbj giaoe^ 190 


The great Physiciaa 629 

The living God 628 

j The morning light is 616 

The prire is set before us 166 

The whole world 626 

I There is a fountain 733 

! There is life for a look 636 

I 'Tisa true and 427 

'Tis the promise of God 8 

We have heard the 284 

What shall I do? 117 

While shepherds watched 693 

^ Who came down 283 

I ■■ Whosoever hearetb ' 618 

I White as snow 38 

Wishing, hoping, knowing 46 

Would we be joyful 661 

Ye must be bom again 127 


I Ah, my heart! 28 

I An thou weary 1 107 

I Blessed hope! 13C 

i Come, ye disconsolate! 661 

Uid Christ o'er sinners weep ...713 

From every stormy wind 688 

; Go, bury thy sorrow 43 

Joy iu Sorrow 70 

Not now, my child ! 618 

1 Only a little while 221 

Only waiting. 232 

What shall I do? 117 


Alas! and did my 79 

Did Christ o'er sinners 713 

From the Bethlehem 488 

Uow sweet, O Lord 620 

I gave My life forthee. 600 

Man of Sorrows 646 

My Redeemer 677 

O Christ, what burdens! 39 

Suffering Saviour 723 

There is a green hill 601 

Thou didst leave Thy throne... 98 

'Tis midnight, and on 474 

To Him who for our siDS 261 

When I survey the 709 


Come home! Come home! 627 

Come, prodigal! 197 

Dare to be a Daniel! 662 

I BMd XUee every hour_ Mf 



Let the lower lights 46 

Long in darkness 121 

Rescue the perishing ! 69?. 

Ring the bells of heaven 622 

Sowing the seed 662 

Standing by a purpose 662 

The mistakes of my life _100 

The prodigal child 627 

Throw out the Life-Line 441 

What shall the harvest 66S 

Where is my wand'ring 631 

Yield not to temptation 882 


Come near me! 12t 

Christian, walk carefully S9S 

Faint, yet pursuing 177 

I Hiding in Thee 674 

! Hold fast till I come SS 

i I need Thee every hour BtT 

, I've found a friend in ,...367 

' My soul, be on thy guard! 676 

O, brother, life's journey 312 

I Singing all the time 186 

: Sweet hour of prayer 634 

I Tempted and tried ISt 

j Trust on! 212 

I What a friend 68S 

Yield nut tu temptation 882 

ure starting, my boy 401 


All the way iS 

Come, every soul by sin B8T 

Fear not 314 

Fully trusting 63 

He knows 181 

Hope on 418 

How firm a foundation 613 

How sweet, my Saviour 327 

I am coming to 688 

I am trusting Thee 166, 445 

Jesus, I will trust Thee 202 

Jesus knows thy sorrow 666 

Look away to Jesus 8C 

Not saved are we by 461 

Oh, soul tossed on. 270 

Once more, my soul 287 

Only trusting in my 163 

Onward go ! 214 

O praise the Lord 318 

Rejoice in the Lord 278 

Simply trusting 681 

The Lord will provide 7 

Thy will be done 229 

Trust on! 212 

GOSPEL HYMNS, Nos. 1 to 6 COMPLETE. — Concluded. 


Almost persuaded 569 

Along the River of Time 264 

Are you ready 290 

At the feast of Belshazsar 379 

Christian, walk carefully 398 

Cut it down' 128 

Eternity! 603 

God loved a world 623 

Hasten, sinner, to be wise 714 

Have you any room 568 

(n the silent midniglit 93 

I never knew you 1 231 

Jesus of Nazareth! 9 

Not far from the Kingdom 299 

Nothing but leaves 641 

O, do not let 65C 

O, list to the 547 

O, tender beseechings 505 

O, the clanging bells 603 

O, to have no Christ 348 

O, what wiU you do 373 

Out of the ark 115 

Say, are you ready ? 213 

Sinners, turn! why will 722 

Sound the alarm 1 246 

Sowing the seed 662 

What shall the harvest 662 

Where is thy refuge 185 

While life prolongs 684 

Why do you linger 419 

Why do you wait 130 

Why not to-night 656 

Yet there is room 642 

Yield not to temptation 582 


Am I a soldier 494 

Awake, my soul 301, 677 

Brightly beams our 45 

Brightly gleams 186 

Bringing in the sheaves 609 

Come, ye that love tlie 667 

Dare to be a Uuniel ! 662 

Fading away like the 534 

Fur, far away 293 

Gather them in 566 

Gird on the sword 438 

iiii, work in my vineyard 66 

Hark, the voice of Jesus! 640 

Have you sought fur the 636 

Uold the fort! 11 

llo, reapers of life's 646 

In the harvest-6eld 328 

la thy cruse of comfort 616 

Is your lamp burning 217 

Jeiu< bids US shine 386 


Laborers of Christ 374 

Light after darkness 193 

Lo! the day of God 69 

Must I go and empty 174 

Nothing but leaves 641 

Not now, my child 628 

O list to the voice 287 

O, what are you going to 106 

O, where are the reapers? 575 

One more day's work 26 

Only a beam of sunshine 300 

Only an armour-bearer 60 

Onward, Christian soldiers!... 88 

Onward go ! '. 214 

Onward, upward! 60 

Pass along the invitation 489 

Preach the gospel 444 

Press on, O pilgrim 540 

Rescue the perishing! 692 

Scatter seeds of kindness 86 

Sound, sound the truth 716 

Sowing in the morning 609 

Sowing the seed by 662 

Speed away 644 

Stand up 615 

The call of God 638 

The word of God is given 260 

Tell it out! 192 

There are lonely hearts 578 

There's a royal banner 381 

There's a work for each ^61 

Throw out the Life-Line 441 

To the work ! 576 

Weary gleaner in the 296 

We'll work till Jesus 130 

What shall the harvest 662 

Where hast thou 24 

While the days are going 678 

Work, for the night 14 

Work, for the time is...^ 636 

Young men in Christ 602 


Abide with me 317 

Alas! and did my 79, 306 

All hail the power 334 

All people that on earth 1 

Amazing grace 680 

Am I a soldier 494 

Arise and shine 103 

Arise, my soul 653 

Awake and sing 692 

Ulest be the tie! 712 

Closnr, l^rd, to Tliee 277 

Come. Uoly Spirit 4«a 


Come. Thou almighty 716 

Come, Thou Fount 633 

Come, ye disconsolate 661 

Depth of mercy 610 

Far from Thy sacred 669 

Glory be to the Father 614 

Guide me, O Thou 394 

Holy is the Lord 467 

How sweet, O Lord 620 

How sweet the name 706 

I hear Thy welcome 696 

I know that my Redeemer 298 

I love Thy kingdom 68& 

I nyed Thee every hour '97 

I wait for Thee 1.98 

I'll Thee exalt 566 

In the cross of Christ 698 

Jesus keep me near 698 

Jesus, Lover ot my soul 721 

Jesus, ipy Lord, to Thee 336 

"Jesus of Nazareth!" 463 

Jesus shall reign 624 

Joy to the world 606 

Just as I am 682 

Lord, I hear of showers 639 

Must Jesus bear the cross 112 

Nearer my God 719 

Now the day is over 362 

O day of rest and 631 

O for a thousand 730 

O God, our help 313 

O list to the voice 287 

O my soul, bless thou 696 

O Saviour, precious 629 

O thank the Lord 653 

O thou, my soul 655 

O, worship the King 442 

On that bright and 338 

Pass me not 686 

Praise the Saviour 291 

Rock of Ages 21 

Salvation, oh, the joyful 694 

Saviour, more than life 693 

Saviour, visit Thy plantation.. .700 

Sing them over again 679 

Songs of gladness 303 

Sweet hour of prayer ! 634 

The Lord's my shepherd 678 

There is a fountain 733 

There is a name 360 

There is a stream 384 

There 8h.ill be showers 316 

We worship Thee 211 

When I survey 491 

Whiter than snow 668 

Wonderful words of Ufe_ B7t 


Titles in Small Capitals ; First Lines in llomaa 

A Goilty «oul. by Ph»rl«*e» of.. .386 

A HoMK ON Hrcii - B30 

A Lic.iiT iro.N THE SHORr H3 

A I.iTTi.r. WniLC T6. 254 

-A Little While." and lie 254 

A lonK time I wandered 46 

A Miuuiv Fortress 414 

A ruler once came to Jo«u« 127 1 

A Shei.tkr I.N THE Time 321 \ 


A Sinner Like Me 382 

A SoLPiER or THE Cross 494 

Abipe Witu Me 317 

Abfnpanti.t Able to Save.. .387 

.Adrian. S. M.. 37« 

AffliL-tions, tho' they Bcem 326 i 

Atter 446 

After the toil and trouble 446 

Abira. S. M 374 

Ah, mt Ueart 26 

Ah, this heart is void and chill..70S 
Alas, and did my Saviour..79, 305 

All glory to Jesua be given 109 

All /or Me 723 

iLL Hail the Power 334, 729 

411 my doubts I give to Jesua... 63 
ALL People that on Earth.. 1 

\U-seeing, gracious Lord 216 

•Vll the Way Mt Satioi:r_... 42 

All to Christ I Owe 688 

Almost Persuaded 669 

Along the River or Time... .264 

Amaiing grace! how sweet 680 

America. 6s, 4s 738 

Am I a soldier of the Cross 494 

Antioch. C. M 606 

Are Tor toming Home 184 

Are you ready, are you ready. ..290 
AKIS9 AJ<D Sai^l^. 103 

KO. I 

Arise. Mt Son, Arise 663 


Art TMon Weart 107 

Ask yo what groat thing I know. 731 
As I wandered 'round the home. 344 

As lives the flower within 471 1 

As Pants the Hart 660 

At Even eretheScn was Set 604 

At the Cross 306 

At the feast of Belshaiiar 379 I 

Atthe FEETOr Jr.scs 76 ] 

ArTrMN' 263 

Awake and sing the song 692 ' 

AWAKE, Mv Son.! 301 

Awake, ray soul, stretch evcry..677 
Awake, my soul, to Joyful lars..407 
Awake my soul! to sound His. ..301 

Be our joyful song to-day 162 

Be present nt our table. Lord ... 3 

Be te Also Readt 290 

Be ye Strong in the Lord.. .367 

BEAUTircL Morning ! 247 

BEACTiruL River 669 

BEACTiruL Valley or Eden. 138 
Behold a Fountain deep and... .273 

Behold a Stranger. 460 

Behold Him ! 478 

Behold how plain the truth is. ..622 

Behold the Bridegroom 81 

Behold, what Love! 680 

Believe, and Keep on 288 

Belmont. C. M 678 

Beloved. Now are We 359 

Bemerton. C. M 313 

B«M&tb the cross of Jesua. 33 

Benc'.lh the glorious thr«i4». ..41l> 
BEyEE.niNGs or Jesi,. .. ...605 

Beside the well at noon-time. ..178 

Bethany. f.s. \b 719 

Bel-lah Land 60* 

Beyond tho light of setting 639 


Blessed A5si'Ranc£ 804 

Blessed be the Fopntain 361 

Blessed Home-LalND 144 

Blessed Hope 135 

Blessed hope that in Jesus 136 

Blessed River 8S 

Blessed Patiopb, Ever 475 

Bless Me Now_ 23 

Bless the I/ird 555 

Blest be the tie that binds _ 712 

Blest Jescs. Grant ds. 519 


Brightly beams our Father's 46 

Brightly Gleams ocr_ 186 

Bringing in the Sheaves 609 

Brother, art thou worn and 219 

BcT is that All? 397 

By faith I view my SaTioar_...73i 

Calling Now l<! 

Calling to Thee 486 

Call them in 72 

Calvary 365 

Can it be Right? 16C 

Carried by the Angels 389 

Casting all Your Care 327 

Cast thy Bread upon the 546 

qmu)qr si« AND s.Q^ow_..,Hi 







Fountain of purity opened 

Free from the law, oh happy.. 
Fresh from the throne of glor. 
From all that dwell below. ... 

Coronation. C. M 

cowpek. c m 

Christ for Me 

. 83 


Christ has for sin atonement... 

Cross and Crown. C M.... 


Christ hath risen ! hallelujah 


Crown Him 


From every stormy wind that 


Christ is Coming! 


Cut it Down 


From Greenland's icy 

From the Bethlehem manger- 


Christ is My Redeemer 


Christ is Risen 


Frora the depths do I invoke.. 


Christ I.iveih in Me 



From the riven rock there 


Christ my All 


Dare to be a Daniel 

Darkis the Night 

Deliverance will Come... 
Dennis. S. M. 

.. 68 

Fully Fersuaueu 


Christ Receiveth Sinful... 

Fully . .. 


Christ Retorneth 


Christ the Fod.ntain 

Christian, Walk Cakefulu 

Christmas. CM 

Deptb of Mercy 57, 207 


Did Christ oer sinners v.eep 

Doers of the Word 

Down in the valley with my.. 


Gathering Home 

Close to Thee 

Geer. cm 




Down life's dark vale we 

.. 37 
.. 2 

Gird on the Sword and 

Give me the Wings of Faith 


Come Believing ! 


.. 96 


Do you see the Hebrew captive..643 
Duke St. L. M 624 

Give Me Thine Heart!.... 
Gliding o'er life's fitful water 

Come, Come to Jescs 



Dundee. CM 


Come, every soul by sin 

Glory be to Jesus' Name.... 


Come; for the Feast is 


Glory be to the Father... 


Come, Great Deliverer.. 



Glorv ho to the Father 


Come, Holt Spirit 

Gloky Ever Be to Jksis.... 


Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly. 


ElTHAM. 7. D 


Glory, glory be to Jesus 


Come home, come home! 


Encamped along the hills of.. 


Glory to God on high 


Come into His presence with. 


F, life God's Word 


Glory to God, the Father. 


Come, my sou!, thy suit prepare. 737 



Go Bury thy Sokrow 

. 43 

Come near Me 


Eternity dawns on my vision. 
Evan. C M 


Go Work in Mr Vineyard 
Go Ye Into All the Wokle 
God Be With You 

. 56 


Come now, saith the Lord... 

Evening Prayer 



Even Me 

Every Day Will I Bless... 


God Bless You 

Come, Prodigal, Come 

God calling yet! shall I not... 


Come, said Jesus' sacred voice 




God is Calling Yet 


Come, sing.mysoul. and praise 


God is great and God is good... 


Come, sing the Gospels joyful 

. 69 

God is Love;— His mercy 


Come; Sinner, Come 



God is Love !— His word 


Come souls that are lomjini; for ,668 

God loved a world of sinners. 


Come, Thod Ai.migutv King 


Fade, fade each earthly joy... 


God loved the world of sinners 


Come, Thou Fount 


Fading away like the stars of 


Good News 




God's almighty arms are round 
God's Time Now 

Come to Jesus! Come Away 

Faith is a living power from... 


Come to Jesus, come to Jesus 


Faith is the Victory 



. 3 

CoMF, TO Jesus JUST now 


Far. far away in heathen 


Grace before Meals 


Come to the Fountain 


Far from Thy sacred courts.... 


Grace! "lis a charming sound. 

. 36 

>metothe Saviour 


Father, take my Hand 


Gruat Jehovah. Mighty Lord. 


>me to the Saviour, hear His 


Fear Not! 


Greentii.le. 8s. 7s 


Come Unto Me 


Fear Thou Not 

Federal. St. L. M 


Guide Me-O Thou great 


Come Unto Me. and Rest.... 



Fiorce and wild the storm is... 
fix YOUR Eyes UPON Jesus... 
Following Fully ( Chant).... 



Come, ye that love the Lord... 

Come with thy sins tottic 


Follow On 


MALiEHTjAn! Bless His 


Coming Home Tonight 


Forever with .Tesus there. 


Hallelujah! Christ IS Risen 


Coming To-dat 


For God so loved ! I) wondrous 


Hallelujah for the v'ross 


Qqo^uwiu^ uow vii (tm t«. 


Cos JebovjiH 1 AM Waiting. 


H»Uelvvi»U! U«ilelmah!, 




MO. ' 
BALLtLCJAB; Be IsRlSl*!... 90 

llALLrLrjAH I wiuT A 640 


IUmhlru. L. M 709 

IUpiy DiT »43 

IIakk! Hakk! Mr Sout! 393 

ll:irk ; th» voice of Jcaus 640 

lluteD, ainiier, to be wi«e 714 

HavkCiiikaoe. My Bov 401 

llAvic Faith i.n Uou 370 

lUreuur hearts ^ruwD cold 391 ] 

llivE rou AMT Rooii roB S68 

Usve you on the lA>rd U)liev«l f 23 

Have Yon SotuiiT? 636 | 

Hear Me, Blessed Jesus 436 

llEAK TUE Blessed 461 

H»:ak the Call 69 

llElK TlloU MY I'KAYEK 216 

llCAK Us. O Savioik! 416 

lluaryethe glad good uewafrum.lST 
llcaveoly Father, bleu me duw. 23 
IK'^veuly Kathor. we be<a«uh...lS9 

lltav>.uly Father, we Thy 233 

Hebhu.n. I,. M 6S4 

He Died ruRTuEE 606 | 

lie diea! Ilodiui! the lowly. ..360 

He came to Betui.ny 240 

He Uoi.di the Key 399 

He isC' 286 

He Knows 181 

He Leapctu Me 637 j 

lit) lives and lores, our SaTiour..6S2 < 

He that Believetu 187 ■ 

He will Mioe Me 119 

Helpless I come to Jesus' bloud..210 

Hendo.n. 7« 731 

Heue a» I, Se.>u Me 640 

HiUE Me 440 

Hide Thou Me 230 

HlOI.NG I.N TlIEK 674 ' 




Uol my comrades, sec the iignal. 11 

Uo, reapers in the whitened 650 

Uo! KEAi-Eitsur Life's 646 

Hold Fast till I Come 88 

Hold the Fort 11 

UOLD Tiiou my Ua.nd. 366 

Holt Ghost, with Light 430 

Holy, HoLV, Holy! Lord 118 

Holy is the Lord 4d7 

UoLvSPiRiT,FAlTnrCLGciDE. 31 
Holy Spirit. Teacher Tnop..443 

Home at last 99 

Home or the Sool 16 

Hope i)x 418 


How do I know myilni rarglT«B.4S9 

How Firm a Focnoation .61S 

How Happy are We 134 

How oft our souls are lifted ur_499 

How Shall we Escape? _ 371 

How soIpuio are the words 690 

How sweet, my Saviour, to 327 

Huw swee', O l^jrd, Thy Word 620 
Huwjweetlhejoy (bat fills wy. 423 
How sweet the oauio ot Jeaus...706 
Uuw SHcvl the word ul Christ. .163 

I iMCOMIJtO tl« 

I AM Cuai.NGTOTHE Cross 668 

I aw far frae uy hame 607 

I AM He that LnEiii 360 

I am uul skilled tu uuderilaod^OIO ' 
I am now a child of Uod 666 ' 


I am so glad that our Father in. 18 { 


1 AM THE Door 363 

I AM THE Wat 369 

I AM Tui.HE. OLoRD 672 ' 

I am trusting. Lord, ia The* 668 

I AM rHL'sTi.Nii Thee 166, 445 

I am waiting for the Ma.nter 487 

I am waiting for the muruiug...232 
I believed in Uod's wonderful. ..288 j 
I Belong TO JE.SUS 464 


I bring to Thee, U Master! Oil 

I CANNOT Tell how Frecioos .137 

I Cried to God 667 

I do not ask for earthly store. ..467 
I feel like singing all the tima...l&6 
I Gate My Life roR Thee... .600 
I have a Saviour, ne'8pleadinir..e(!9 

I have entered the Valley of. 104 

I have hoard of a land far away. 143 ' 

I have heard of a Saviour's 74 

I have read of a beautiful city. ..183 

I hear the Saviour say 688 

I Heard the Voice or Jesus.. .649 
I Hear the Words or Jkscs..223 
I Hear tht Weliome Voice..696 : 
I Know I Love Thee Better..294 
I know not the hour, when my ..631 i 

I know not what awaits me 181 

I know not why God's 272 

I Know that mt 263, 298 

I Know Whom I Have 272 

I Left it All with jESDs..e3, 206 

I Looked to Jesus 333 

I Love to '1'ell the Story 30 I 

I love to Uiiuk of the heavenly "1 ' 



I love thy Kingdom, Lord 68( 

I must walk thro' the valley 841 

I need Thee Every Hour 69t 

I Never knew You 231 

I saw a way-worn traveler 226 

I MALL BE Satisfied 690 

I stood OUTSIDE THE Gate 86 

I think when I re^d that sweet 201 


I WAIT roM TuEE, O Lord 498 

1 was once far away from the.. 38! 

I\Vill; 287 

1 will Lift up Mine (Chant). 639 ' 

1 WILL fAS.i Over You 456 

1 WILL Praise Tuee 460 

I will praise the Lord my 460 

I will sing of my Kudeomer 677 

I WILL Sing the Wondr.,is .406 
I will Slug vou a song of that... 16 

1 11 Thee exalt, my God 666 

III Standby You 139 

I'M A Pilgrim 100 

I'M Going Home 480 

IrGoDBE FOR Us 278 

If never the gaie of the sun 133 

Immanuel's Land 6T 

In Ueavenlt Pastures 46S 

In Jeius' Face 621 

In Me Ye shall have Peace .49S 
In my Father's house there it .164 
In Some way or other, the Lord . 1 

In the Christian's home in 6TS 

In the Cross or Cbkist 69S 

In the harvest-Beld there is 32S 

In the heavenly pastured fair ...463 
In the Hollow or His Hand 270 
In the hour when guilt assails .460 

In the land of strangers 337 

In the Presence ok the 40 

In the Secret or His 363 

In the Shadow of His Wings. 306 

In the Silent midnight 93 

In Thy cleft, O Rock of Ages .230 
In Thy great loving kindness 06S 
In times of sorrow. God is near..493 

In Zion's Rock abiding 84 

Is Jesus able to Redeem 7 131 

Is Mv Name written 209 

Is Thy Cruse of Comfort 616 

Is Your Lamp Burning' 217 

Italian Htmn. 6s. 48 716 

It's a bonnie, bonnie warl' 268 

It IS Finished 169 

It is finished; whataGospel !...462 

It is Well with My Sool 57S 

It may be at morn, when the. ..651 

It Passetu Knowledge 632 

I'VE Found a Friend 684 

I've found a friend in Jeaui SOT 


'fyt ftranti a joy lu iorrow TO I 

Vye fouod th» Pearl of greaffl8t..l7o 
I've learned to aing a glad new..4n 
I've reached the land of corn. ..608 
I'VE Passed laii: Ckoss 23S 

lEBPSAiEM, Mv Happy Home .380 

Jaiua, and sliall it ever be 704 

Ictus bida us shine with a 386 

Jesus calls Thee 122 

Jescl Christ is passi.ncs bt 620 

Jesl-8 Christ, our Savioor 283 

Ji8u8,graciou3 0ne,caUethnow.l22 
Jeaus hail I enthroned in glory. 701 

Jesus, I Come ..281 

Jesus, I come to Thee for \)ght.424 
Joiua, I my cross have taken. ..263 
jEsca, I WILL Trust Thee..._202 

Jesus is Calling 308 

Jesds is Coming 234 

jESUs IS Mighty to Save. 109 

Jesus is Mine 647 

Jesus is My Saviour 223 

Jesus if tenderly calling thee. ..308 
Jesus, keep me near the croS3..098 

Jesus Knows thy Sorrow 665 

Jesus, Lover of My Soul.721,727 

Jesus Loves Even Me 18 

Jesus Loves Me 724 

Jesus lores me, and I know I... 18 

Jesus loves me, this I know 724 

Jesus, my All 616 

JesuB, my Lord, to Thee.. .226, 336 

Jesus, my Saviour, to 280 

Jesus or Nazareth 9, 463 

Jesus Only 141 

Jesus, only Jescs 162 

Jesus only, when the morning.. .697 

Jesus Saves! 284 

Jesus Saves! O Blessed 421 

Jesus, Saviour, Phot Me! 366 

Jescs Shall Reign 64. 624 

Jesus, THE very Thought 368 

jMUi! Thou RefiiRe of the soul,.492 

l«»BS, Thy Name I Love 307 

iMua wept! those tears are 702 

IBWBLS. 638 

Jbwbtt. 6», D 372 

ior Cometh iNTHcMoRNiNa!..3ei 

Joy in Sorrow 70 

Jot ro the Would 126, 606 

Just as I am 682 

JosT A Word fo« Jksos 17 

tCxouKiaa. Kmoosibo, WHa..Mt 

Laba!?. 8. M 676 

Laborers or Christ, AaitB...374 

Labor On 328 

Lead, Kisdly LiGJf 454 

Lead ile On 237, 458 

Lead me. Saviour 477 

Lead to the shadow of the Rock.423 

Lenox. 63, 8s 653 

Let THE Lower Lights 45 

Let THE Saviour in 332 

Let us Crown Him„ 334 

Let US gither up the sunbeams.. 86 

j>Ef Ds Go Forth 638 

Let u? sing of the love of the.. .311 
Lift up, lift up thy voice with. ..103 

Light after Darkness 193 

Light in the darkness, sailor 51 

Like wandering sheep o'er 369 

Little Lights. 386 

Long in darkness we have 121 

Look Away to Jesus 80 

Look unto Me 343 

Look unto me, and be ye saved..238 
Look up! look up! ye weary. ..476 
Look, ye saints, the sight is... .619 

Looking Home 708 

Lord, at Thy mercy-seat 616 

Lord, bless and pity us 691 

Lord, Dismiss cs 732 

Lord, I care not for riches 209 

Lord, I hear of showers of 639 

LordJesuB, Ilongtobeperfectly.. 82 
Lord, my trust I repose in Thee..242 
Lo! the day of God is breaking . 69 

Loving Kindness. L. M 407 

Low in the grave He lay 323 

Lyte. 68. 4b 307 


Majestic sweetness sits 679 

Manoah. C. M 380 

"Man of Sorrows," what a 646 

Marttn. 7s. D 721 

Master, the tempest is raging.. .261 

Meet me Vhkre! 289 

Memories of Earth 173 

Mercy. Ts. 430 

Mercy's Free _ 734 

Mighty to Save 322 

Mine! 157 

Mine! what rays of glory 167 

Missionary Hymn. 7s, Cs, D.. 41 

Mission nv.«N 625 

More holineHS give me 694 

MohkLovktoTiike.OChbist. 61 
MOBB or JKSUS .....MO 

More THAN ToNGCt Oil* Tell.218 

More TO Follow 23 

Morning Lights 551 

Must I Go, and Empty- 1T4 

Must Jesus bear the Cross alona.112 


My Country, 'tis of Tuee 738 

My days are gliding swiftly by.SSB 
My Faith Looks up to Thee.718 

My Faith still Clings 176 

My Father is rich in houses 301 

My God and Father while 1 229 

My God and my All 49( 

My God, I have found 726 

My heart, that was heavy and.. 68 

My heavenly home is bright 484 

My High Tower 84 

My hope is built on nothing less.664 

My Jesus, as Thou Wilt 372 

My jEsi-s, I LOVE Thee 686 

My latest sun is sinking fast... 97 
My life flows on inendles3Song.244 

My Mother's Prayer .344 

My Offering 112 

My Prayer 694 

My Redeemer _ 67T 

My Saviour 810 

My Saviour's praises I will sing.261 

My Saviour Tells me so 489 

My sin is great, my strtngtb is.l7f 
My Song SHALL BE OF Jesus... 68 
My soul at last a rest hath fbund.420 

My soul be on thy guard 676 

My soul is happy all day long..22S 
My Soul will Overcome 210 


Narrow and Strait .418 

Near the Cross 698 

Nearer, my God, tc Thee..,. 719 

Nearer the Cross SSO 

Neither do I Condemn Thee.661 

Nettleton. 8s, 78 633i 

Never Shone a Light so 432' 

No Hope in Jesus 348 

Noother Name 62 

No works of law have we to 239 

None but Christ can 196 

None of Self and all or 149 

Not all the blood of beasts 688 

Not Far from the Kingdom..S99 

Not Half has Ever been 18S 

Nor MV Own 203 

Nut now, but in tba coming OSS 

Not now, my Child SS8 

Nut saved are we by trying 41] 

Hsn 'i'Ml, BUI 'i'MUaT..-...^....Ma 





Nothing either great or amaU...159 

Now jiut a wurd for Jesua. 7T 

Now THE Day is Oveb 36» 


C Blessed Word 608 

O, blias of the furibed 34 

O brethren, rise and sing 433 

O llBOTUER, LlEE'S Jccii.vEr..313 
OCe.SE, MT Rl.tU SOOL.376 

O CuiLD or God 276 

O Christ, in Thee my soul hath_196 
O Christ, what burdens bowed. 39 
%} Christian trav'ler, fear no.. .390 

O Lome to tbe Saviour 463 

O. cvme to the Saviour, believa. 66 

O Ckow.n or _. 91 

U daughter, lake good heed.._643 

U, do uut let the Word depart.. 66S 
O fur a faith that urillDotshrink.7eT 
O fur a heart to praise my God..736 
Ofora thousand tongues tosing.730 
O, for the peaie that Sowetb aa_ 76>Glorioi-sGospel.427 

O Glorious Folntai.s 416 

O God, OCR Help 313 

O golden day, O day of God_...405 

O happy day, that fix'd my 643 

O hear my cry, be gracious now.339 
O bear the joyful message. 648 

Holy Spirit, come. 687 

O, bow happy are we 134 

O, BOW He Loves 27 

O, I AM so UaFPT I.N JtSD3....147 

O, J left all with Jesus 206 

01 Love TO Tale WITH JE3D3.496 
O land of rest, for thee I sigh.. .180 

Land or tde Blessed.' 319 

list to the voice of the 287 

O list to the watchman cryiDg„647 
O Lord, my soul rejoiceth in ...607 

O Morning Land 403 

O my soul, bless thoa Jebovah„696 

O Paradise !. 406 

O Praise Him 662 

Opraise our Lord, where rich in. 662 
O praise the Lord with heart. ..318 

O Pheciods Word 296 

O, Revive 09 bt Tut WoRD.a33 

O KOCK OF Ages 410 

•nfctoUMliooktUti*. at* 

O SiTIOUK, Pkbctoos Ill, 6t« 

O, SiHGor HisMiGHTT Love. 34 

O soul in the far-away country_197 

Osoul, tossed on the billows 270 

O, Spirit, o'erwhelmed by thy _ 88 
O, tender and sweet was the.. ..612 
U tender beseechings of Jesus_606 

O thank the Lord, the Lord 963 

O, tbe bitt«r pain and sorrow.. .149 
O the clanging bells of Time ! .603 

O TUE Crown, tue Glokt- 296 

O, think of the boD. 1 wer there. 64 
O lUuu my soul, bleits God the..566 

O, T<1 BE Norui.NG 48 

O, TO BE OVKU YoNDr.u....40, 366 
O to have no Christ, noSavioar:.348 
O truubled heart, there if a..„..330 

O. turn ye. O, turn ye Ill 

U wauJ'riug suuld, why lunger_436 
O wandring souls, why will. ...326 
O weary pilgrim, lift your head. 351 

O WiiAT A Saviour. 404 

O w hat a Saviour, that He died. 133 

O what shall I do to b« 117.363 

O what will you dowithJesusr... 373 
O Where are thi: KKArEBs...676 

O "''• is this that Cometh 322 

O WowDEuruL WoHu; 346 

O wonderful words of the 276 

O Wo.NURons Land 470 

I OWO.VDKOIS Na)ie!_ 310 

j O word of words the sweetest.. .664 

OWoHsnip THE King 442 

I Old Hundred. L. M 1 

I Olives Brow. L. M _ 686 

Olivet. 6s, 48 718 

Once again the Gospel message. 246 

Once roR All 13 

Once I was dead in sin 686 

Once more.mysoul, thy Saviour 2S7 
Once more we come. God's word. 227 
On Calvary's brow my Saviour..366 
On Jordan's stormt Banks.. .179 
On that brightand golden mom. 338 
On the Resurrection m.irning...368 
One day the Shepherd passed. ..434 

One more Dat's Work 26 

One offer of salvation 62 

One 8WEETLT solemn 103 

One there is above all otners 27 

Onlt a Beam or Sunshine.. ..300 

Onlt a Little Wat 469 

Onlt a Little While. 221 

Onlt a Step to Jesu« 66 

Onlt an Ahmor Beareb. 60 

Only for Tuee 266 

Only Kememberec 634 

Omlv Tbd:it Him Oil 




Onlt Waitimo. „...3S» 

Only waiting till the shadows... 2&( 

Onwakd, Christian 17,366 

Onward Go 214 

O.nward! Upward! 60 


Our lamps are trimmed and 81 

Our life is like a stormy sea. .341 

Our Lord is now rejected 611 

Uur Master has taken His Itt 

OiH Ke»uge 4M 

OOR Saviour King. 6M 

Our Saviour will descend again.4H 

Our way is often rugged 3U 

Out or Darkness i.vto Ligbt.131 
Out of my bondage, sorrow and.381 

Out or the Ark 110 

Out on the desert, seeking. 613 

Out on tlie mountain, sad and_4&( 

Over Jordan _ 304 

OvtB THE Link 613 

Over the Occam Ways 171 

Paradise 163 

Pabdon, Peace, and Power. ..66T 

Parting Hymn 189 

Pass along the inviutioo 489 

Pass it On 481 

, Pass Me Not. 686 

Peace; be Still! 361 

Peace, Peace is Mini 343 

1 Pilot. 7s. 6 lines 366 

I Pleyel's Hymn. 7e 714 

Portuguese Hymn. Ms 613 

I Praise God from whom all 3 

Praise Him! Praise Him!.. ..371 
Praise, ht Soul, the King. ..468 

' Praise the Saviour 291 

Praise Ye the Lord. 206 

Prat, Brethren, Pray 601 

Preach the Gospel 444 

Precious Blood 2M 

I Precious Promise 34 

I Precious Saviour, may I l.''e...26I 

Press On. 64« 

Pressing Ok. IW 

Pull f«b tub Sbobb..^ ...... U 


jlKSEIirtlOK , tT« 

Redemption Qroonp 199 

Uefooe. 78, D TST 

Rejoice and be Glad 19 

Rejoice in the Lord ALWAy..318 
Rejoice in the Lord, O let His. ..278 
Rejoice, Rejoice, Believer..3S2 


Rejoice with Me_ 164 

tlEMEMBEBME 79, 663 

Repeat the story o'er and 3'er...660 

itErENTYE 391 

Kei'Ose. 78, 6 lines 466 

Rescue the 692 

Rest fob the Weaky 673 

Resokrection Morn 358 

Return, O Wanderer! 478 

Return, return, O wanderer 478 

Revive Thy Work 671 

Revive ds Again 20 

Ride on in Majesty 426 

Rideou! ride on in majesty ....426 
RiNO the Bells or Ueaven..622 
Rise, glorious ••nquerur, rise ...717 

Rise Up, and Hasten 200 

Rockingham. L.M 710 

Rock or Ages 81 

Boom roa Tbeb 98 

Sad and weary, lone and dreary. 224 

Safe Home in Port 364 

Safe IN THE Arms or Jesds... 6 
Safe upon the heavenly shore. ..482 

Salvation 69 

Salvation, O the Joyful auuDd..694 

Satisfied 486 

Sated Br the Blood 140 

Save, Jesus, Save! 706 

Saviour, Again 412 

Saviour, breathe an evening 168 

Saviour, lead me. lest I stray ...477 
Paviour, Like a Shepherd.. .660 

Saviour, More than LirE 693 

Savioi*. Thy dying love 691 

Saviour, visit Thy pluntation...700 

Say, are you Ready » 213 

Say, is your lamp burning, my .217 
Say, where if thy refuge, poor..l86 
Scatter Sef.ds of Kindness.. 86 

Search me, O Lord 480 

Seeking for Me 280 

Seeking TO Savf._ 89 

Sessions. L. M. 711 

Seyhuiir. 7« 67 

Shall we gather at the river r... 669 
Shall wk UhhtJ lOB 


Shall You? Shall If ...309 

She only touched the hem 667 

Shine on, O Star 292 

Shirland. S. M 688 

Should thedeath-angel knockftt.213 

Simply trusting every day 581 

Sing and Pray ! 158 

Sing them over again to me 579 

Sing unto the Lord 497 

Singing all the Time_ 156 

Singing as we Journey 235 

Si.NGiNG WITH Grace 517 

Sinners Jesus will receive 331 

Sinners, turn, why will ye die. ..722 

Sin no Mure 447 

Sitting by the gateway of a 389 

Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and 526 

Softly andTendehly 324 

So let our lips and lives 625 

Some day, we say, and turn 403 

Some one will enter the pearly..309 
Some Sweet Day, By a.nd By. 371 

Something for Jesus 591 

Sometimes a light surprises.... 617 

Sometimes I catch sweet 397 

Sometime we'll 533 

Song of Salvation 74 

Songs of Gladness 303 

Sons of God, beloved in Jesus.. .369 
Soon shall we see the glorious. 644 
Soon will come the setting sun. ..473 
Soul of mine, in earthly tcmple..590 
Souls of Men, why will YE..336 
Sound, sound the truth abroad..716 

Sound the Alarm: 246 

Sound the High Praises 169 

Sowing in the morning 609 

Sowing the seed by the 6G2 

Speed Away _ 644 

Spirit of truth, O let me know. ,695 

Staudiug by a purpose true 652 

Stand Up for Jesus 6x& 

Stand up! stand up for Jesus !„616 
Sta/, Thou insulted Spirit, stay. 728 

St. Agnes. C. M 368 

St. Peter. C. M SOI 

St. Thomas. S. M 692 

Stretch Forth Thy EIand 532 

Substitution 39 

Suffering Saviour, with thorn..723 

Sun of my Soul 674 

Sweet By-and-By 110 

Sweet Hour or Prayer 634 


Takk Me as I AM 226. 836 

Take Mv Life and i et..124. 663 
Take tha name of Jusus with... 41 



Taxe Thou mt Haud 486 

Take ""'me to be Holt 448 

Tell i. jCT _..192 

Tell me More about Jesus, ..249 
Tell me the Old, Old Story. 28 

Tempted and Tried 136 

Tenderly Calling 479 

Tenderly the Shepherd 89 

Ten Thousand Times .155 

That WILL be Heaven for Me. 621 

The Banner ofthe Cross 381 

The BEAuriFCL Landon 656 

The bluod has always preciou3..208 

The call of God is sounding 538 

The Child OF A King' 302 


The Cleansing Fountain 273 

The cross it standeth fast 400 

The C'lioss of Jesus 32 

The Crowning Day. 611 

The £ye of Faith 467 

The Gate AJAR FOR Me _ 12 

The Glorious Morning 644 

The Gospel Bells 126 

The Gospel Call 409 

The Gospel of Thy Grace. ..190 

The Gospel Trumpet s 148 

The Great Physician 629 

Tut Half was Never Told.. 660 

The Handwriting on the 319 

The Harbor Bell 347 

The Heavenly Canaan 146 

The Heavenly Land 71 

The Hem of His Garment 667 

The Holy Spirit 29 

The Uomeovhr There 64 

The Lamb is the Light 133 

The Land of Beulau 97 

The Light of the World 62S 

The Lily of the Valley 367 

Tlie living God, who by His 628 

The Lord Ble^s Thee and 739 

The Lord Keep Watch 623 

The Lord is Coming 449 

The Lord will Provide V 

The Lord's my Shepherd 67€ 

The Lord's our Rock, in Him. ..321 
The Love that Gave Jesus.. .311 
The love that Jesus had for me. 216 

The Many Mansions 499 

The Mistakes of mv Life. 100 

The Model Church 408 

The morning light is breaking, 616 

The New 33 

'I'liE Ninety and Nine 670 

The Palace orTUE„114. 268. 642 

The Pearl or (Jkeatest 176 

I The I'RMioLS Name 47 

I Tha i>riu in wl betura lu. lU 


TiiK rRomr.AtCnri.n. 627 

Tfk Prodioai/s Rf.tcb.n 326 

TlIK SANnSOf'TlMK ARE. ..67, ?53 

The Saviour's Face S20 

The SiiAnov or° the Kock 423 

The Saimsti Shore 668 

The Smitte.v Rdc-k IBl 

The Soi.tD Rock 684 

Vhe Spirit and the liride sny 409 

The Spirit, oh, sinner. 30 

The Sweetest Name 346 

The Sweet SroRv or Old 201 

The Vallev or Bles.sisg 104 

The way is dark, my Kather 188 

The wliole world waj lost in 626 

The Wondrous Cross 491 

The Wo.nprous Girr 38 

The word of G«d is given 250 

Thee WILL I Love 589 

There are lonely heart* to 878 

There is a Cai.ji 383 

There is /. Foo.ntai.v 733 

There is a Kate that standi ajar. 12 

There i* a Grie.n Uilu 601 

There i« a Lam. 16, 349 

There is a land of pure. 16, 146. 470 
There is a land which lies afar..349 

There ts a Name I I^ote 360 

There is a Tar \i>i3Eor Rest.453 

There is a Stream 384 

There is Joy amo.vgtiic 171 

There is Life for a Imiik 638 

There is love, true love 340 

There is no name so sweet on. .346 

There is .none Rh.hteous 388 

There'sa beautiful land on high. 688 

There's a land that is fairer 110 

There's a Light in the 113 

There's a royal banner ,'!iven...381 
There's a Stranger at the door..333 
There's A WiPENESs i.> God's. 641 
There's a Work tor Each. ..161 

There shall re Showers 318 

There were ninety and nine 870 

Thev Crucified IIim 488 

rhey dreamed not of danger 118 

Thet that be Wise 287 

I'liET that Wait upon the 880 

They're gathering homeward. ..220 

fiiiNE, Jesu.s. Thine 120 

Thine, most gracious Lord 62 

Tuif I Know 243 

This is the day of toil 170 

This loving Saviour 10 

Thou art Coming 182 ' 

Thou didst leave Thy throne... 98 
Thou, my everlasting portion. ..699 

Thou shalt be Saved 623 

XH4II4B XqqR Sl<(9e6>S q4.« I 

TnRoroH the Vallet Aitn...341 

Through the valley of the. 113 

Throw Out the Life-line.. ..441 

Tiiy Will be Done 229 

Till 11k Come 366, 364 

'Tis a goodly pleasant land 114 

"Tis a true and faithful saying .427 
'Tis known on earth, in heaven. 349 

Tis Midnight 474 

Tis only a littio vray on to my.459 

Tis TUE Blessed Uour of 896 

'Tis the hallowed bourafprsycr.831 

'Tis the promise of God, full 8 

To be There 143 

To-DATTHE Satiocb Calls.. .630 
To IIim who for our sins was.. .261 
To the hall of the feast came the. 44 

ToTui; Work ,876 I 

To Thee I Come .' 434 I 

To Thee I lift my soul, O Lord. 863 

TorLADV. 7s, 1)1 31 

Trav'ling to the better 337,488 

Triumph Br and Bt 166 

Troubled heart, thy God is 806 

True-Hearted, Whole- 818 

Trusting in the L,ord thy God..314 
Tru.sting Jesus, that is ALL..e81 

Trust On 313 

Turn thce,01u»t one, care-worn. 479 
Twill mot bb Lo»o 248 


Up Yo.ndeb 483 

TaRixa. C. M. D 16 

Verilt, Verilt 133 


Wait AffD Murmur Not 330 

Wait, my soul, upon the Lord..736 

Waiting 286 

Waiting and Watching 116 

Waiting at the Door. 487 

Waiting for the Promise... .398 

Wand'ring afar from the 8 

Ward. L. M 384 

Warwick. C. M 680 

Watchman. Tell Me 96 

We are children of a King 236 

We are coming home to Je8n8...803 
Wb 4,«e Going Home H% 


We are waiting by the river 699 

Weary gleaner in the field 296 

Weary gleaner, whence comest.. 34 

Webb. 7s. fis, D 61» 

Wo bow our knees unto the 398 

We hate Felt the Love oF..47a 

We have heard the joyful 384 

We Lift our Sonus to Tuee..297 
We Praise Tuee and Bles3..33( 

We praine Thee, O Go< f 3( 

We Praise Tuee, we Bless..48) 
We shall meet beyond the river_60f 
We shall Meet, Bt and By .601 

We shall reach the summer- 371. 

We shall Reign 198 

We shall Sleep, but not 94 

Wes|wak of the land of the 160 

We Take the Guilty 339 

We thank Thee. Lord, for this.. 4 

We Worship Thee 311 

We would See Jesus 600 

WtLt Gather there in 380 

Will Meet each other 478 

We'll Work till Jesus 180 

We're going home, no more to.. IT 

We're Going Home 17 

We're marching to Canaan 78 

We're Marching to Zion 867 

We're saved by the blood 140 

We've journeyed many a day. .133 

Weliome. Wanderer... 337 

Well, wife. I've fouad the 408 

What a Friend we IIate in„68» 

What a Gathering! 338 

What a Gospel ! 463 

What a Wonderful 413 

What can washanay my stain?. 198 
What! "K-iy my i-ins on Jesus". 38 

What means this eager 9 

What Must it be to be 160 

What SHALL I do to be 117 

What shall the Harvest.. ..661 
What tho' clouds are hovering..l41 
What vari'-us hindrances we. ..710 

What WILL you Do with 373 

When G<k1 the way of life 488 

When He cometh, when He 638 

When I shall wake in that fair.480 

When I survey the 491, 709 

When Jesus Comes 37 

When Jesus comes to reward. ..689 
When Morning Gilds the.. ..837 

When morning lights the 884 

When my final farewell to the..ll6 

When peace, like a river 673 

When the Comforter Came.. 88 
When the King in His beanty.331 
When the Lord from heaven.. .198 
Wesat IB6 MlTO «^*Te» ^.^M^ 


Whea the storms of life are 119 

When we gather at last over 316 

When we get Home 182 

When we reach our Father's.. .173 

Where ARE THE Nine? 8 

Wherehastthoc Gleaned?.. 24 
Wherbis my Bot To-night ?..631 
Where is my wandering boy. ..631 

Where is thy Refuge 186 

Wherever we may go, by night..286 

While foes are strong and 92 

While Jesus whispers to you 410 

While life prolongs its precious..684 
While Shepherds WATcnED..693 
While the Days are Going..578 

While Thou, O my God, art 495 

While we pray and while we. ..428 

White AS Snow 38 

Whiter than Snow 82, 558 

Who came down from heaven. ..283 

Whoever receiveth the 387 

Wboeter Will _ 326 


Whou.t Thine 62 

Whom have I, Lord, in heaven..l42 

Whosoever Calleth 548 

"Whosoever heare'h," shout.. .618 

Whosoever Will 618 

Whosoever Will may Come.,435 
Who is on the Lord's Side.. .236 

Who's on the Lord's Side 73 

Why do you linger? 419 

Why do Yod Wait? 130 

Why not Now 428 

Why not To-night? 656 

Will Jesus Find us 659 

WiLMOT. 88, 7s 671 

Windham. L. M 728 

Windows open Towards 643 

Wishing, Hoping, Knowing... 46 

With harps and with viols 33 

With His dear and loving care..204 

Wonderful Love 507 

WoNDERFfL Words or Life..579 



Work, for the Night is 14 

Work, for Time is Flying.. .636 
Would you lose your load of... ..146 
Would we be joyful in the 617 


Ye must be Born again IST 

Yes, there is Pardon for 66 

Yes, we'll meet again in the 437 

Yks, we'll Meet in the 437 

Yet There is Room 643 

Yield not to Temptation 082 

Y^ou're starting, my boy, on 401 

Young Men in Christ the.. .603 

ZiON. 88, 78 &, 4....